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No. 39880

Old Thread: >>1850

Let's continue to discuss everything vidya game related.

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games

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Overwatch Thread: >>1641

No. 39887

File: 1562893466740.jpg (95.46 KB, 735x642, whatwomenwant.jpg)

I try not to get my hopes up, but if From Software ever blesses us with Bloodborne Part 2, I'll spontaneously produce enough milk to nourish every orphaned baby on Earth. We need more cool-ass female hunters in this world, and less GRRM.

No. 39889

I don't really think they would make Bloodborne 2 (sadly) But I fucking love bloodborne. They've made the old hunters dlc at least but I don't know what else there is left to the story. Perhaps continuing the ending choice where you become the new great one?

No. 39890

I’m tentatively hopeful that Elden Ring will be good but god why the fuck did they get him on board? I hope he’s only there to give guidance on the Nordic themes and not as a full on writer because I’ve grown to like Dark Souls’ style of storytelling. I don’t want some convoluted plot shit or character drama getting in the way of my sweet, lonely dark fantasy atmosphere.
Tbh my dream would be a game like DS’s setting but with more allowance in multiplayer without turning a game into MMO stat grind/gear trade cancer. Still no chat - I just want to gesture around with strangers to find things to kill together then the ability to sit down in chairs and eat with them afterwards. Maximum comfy.

Also I’m trying to craft a 1/12 cloak like Eileen’s to go on my dolls, it’s only at the drawing board right now but I’m planning to articulate it with wire and use feathers from… somewhere.

No. 39892

I'm picturing it being like Dark Souls where they just made sequels with a very similar storyline but with different settings and (mostly) different characters. From could just make the same game over and over again from here on out and I'd keep buying/playing it, because the Soulsborne formula is perfection for me.
>I don’t want some convoluted plot shit or character drama getting in the way of my sweet, lonely dark fantasy atmosphere.

No. 39894

I love Apex so much and every loser boy I talk to online hates it which makes it better because that means I'll never have to play with them

No. 39898

Besides the Soulsborne stuff, I want to play a Dynasty Warriors game because I never got into fantasy China. But I don’t know anything about the games, only that there’s like 10+ of them and it’s husbando central. which one should I start with?

No. 39923

My backlog is so long. I have more or less 40 games I barely touched iirc and many of them are JRPG. I'm planning on playing most of them this summer during the holidays, wish me good luck. Is anyone else trying to deal with this too?

No. 39930


Yess, same here! In the past months I got many games for a good deal, so now I have so many games I still want to play or wait to be finished but I'm just way to slow with playing through that I feel like I will never make it.

No. 39940

File: 1562933483266.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1536x801, cuties.png)

Anyone else really enjoying Shadowbringers?
This scene was really cute and I unironically ship them. Does this make me a furry?

No. 39960

File: 1562950741739.png (43.96 KB, 1000x562, cof_2015-03-03_15-24-34-852.pn…)

I've recently replayed Cry of Fear and it made me hungry for more games where you get to explore cities alone, perferably by night.

Any recommendations?
They don't have to have combat

No. 40042

File: 1562992427497.png (280.51 KB, 620x468, oddly.png)

Got a Switch for my birthday. Playing Pokemon Let's Go right now. I'm grinding for a perfect stats Oddish, so I can call her Goddish. I love it so much.

No. 40210

File: 1563107961141.jpeg (28.71 KB, 500x280, images (17).jpeg)

Shadowbringers is great
You are a furry tho

No. 40224

Are you me anon?! I also just got a Switch for my birthday and I've been addicted to Let's Go Eevee. When the games first came out I thought it was a stupid cash grab and looked like a boring kiddy hand-holding game yet here I am now, totally sucked in. It's a really cute game and I love being able to ride the bigger pokemon like Arcanine.

No. 40258

File: 1563130641698.gif (2.56 MB, 500x281, tumblr_psvb6p5gFC1r96o5c_500.g…)

I am so stocked to see my fave tragic love story play out in gorgeous graphics that I have decided to replay FFVII. I am at Gongaga already and I am relieved to find out this game is not as hard as I remembered, which is good as I don't really enjoy the random encounters. I goddamn love the plot and all the characters.
It's a really smart decision to drop Compilation and make it non-canon to the remake (hope they will not screw it up, but since Square has admitted that the Compilation was a cash grab due to a merge with Enix, I am being relucantly optimistic).

No. 40336

I'm excited too. I don't really cry when I play video games but I have a feeling certain scenes are gonna be an exception in the remake.

No. 40387

Lmao, I'll take it. Nice pic of best boy.

No. 40389

File: 1563194703732.jpg (49.59 KB, 877x713, g5NvjdX3lLb2McPqDoWyWPVll8k4Hi…)

I have Let's Go Pikachu. Let me know if you want to trade or something.

No. 40410


ffvii is my favorite game of all time and i'm genuinely shocked but also ecstatic that they are doing the original more than justice.

No. 40422

Judging by the new trailer and various quotes and hearsay, I think we will get to spend a lot of quality time with Aerith before her time comes. Everyone and their mother knows she is gonna get murdered by Sephiroth, so they cannot just shock us that it happens. SquareEnix is gonna try their best to make people love her so that their hearts are as broken as Cloud's once it happens.
Looking forward to crying my eyes out.

I wonder how will they deal with her death since it was surprisingly nongraphic in the original. You can't avoid some amount of blood now due to how realistic the graphics are. I hope it will not ruin the mood of the scene.

No. 40647

File: 1563370659777.jpeg (78.26 KB, 1280x694, C9B998CF-446E-4EC4-82D6-2E311B…)

Has anyone played Catherine?

No. 40764

File: 1563456080223.jpg (996.06 KB, 1920x1080, Preview-Code-Vein-01.jpg)

I'm excited to play Code Vein. It basically looks like if Phantasy Star Online tried to go the Dark Souls route. I hope it turns out to live up to my expectations.

No. 40768

catherine is my hands down favourite game ever, besides alice madness returns. I'm so excited for Full Body it's going to be amazingggg. anon if you haven't played it try and get your hands on Catherine: Full Body when it drops, I think it's september?

No. 40786

That’s where my question was headed! Thank you, I’m def gonna buy full body when it comes out. I’ve necer really played a puzzle game like it though so my only concern is maybe it won’t appeal to me as much as I think.

No. 40796

File: 1563480803151.png (155.6 KB, 800x450, yup.png)

Anyone got some recs (PC/3DS/NSW) for someone like me? I'm the most casual player ever, I mostly enjoy Pokemon and Animal Crossing esque games. I'm shit at games that require mechanics and my last crack was Stardew Valley.

No. 40821

any recs for iphone games? i'm playing animal crossing but getting bored of it. i love the kairosoft games and cookie run as well.

No. 40837


Yomawari Night Alone, Ni No Kuni 2(pc)

No. 40843

Hey I love Stardew valley too and a lot of people recommend I play Harvest moon (haven't yet though).
Also there's Graveyard Keeper wich is like SV but not as good I heard.

No. 40889

Yomawari is so good!

No. 40913

Already got Yomawari, I'm a fucking coward but it looks really interesting! Thanks anon.
I tried the last HM but anon… It's REALLY UGLY looking so I deadass stopped playing, so as a reverse rec I'd say you should maybe try older ones with PC emus? A friend told me My time at Portia (PC) is a pretty fun farm sim so maybe you should give it a shot.

No. 40923

Older Harvest Moon games are loads better. Friends of Mineral down is a great one! A Wonderful Life is really good too, you and the other characters actually age throughout the game which is bittersweet. The cows are the cutest too.

No. 40929


so cute, so spoopy, i love it!

No. 40968

File: 1563622178337.jpg (71.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Mass effect is my religion. I have no shame.

No. 40969

Same! I am still not losing hope for another ME game, especially after Anthem's massive flop.

No. 40973

Does ME have a casual/easy option? I played DA so I assume the story is just as good but I fucking suck at shooters.

No. 40974

File: 1563631596590.bmp (7.91 MB, 1920x1080, sosfomt-in-development-3-15626…)

The newer Harvest Moon installments are not by the original publisher Marvelous Entertainment, but by Natsume who used to localize them. In the West, Harvest Moon now goes by the name "Story of Seasons". If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing and cute farming game, you should try the Story of Seasons games for the DS. They were all really well done with nice designs. Natsume still releases games under the name of "Harvest Moon", but they indeed are looking very, very bad.

There will also be a remake of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the Switch soon! I am really excited for it and I will get the Switch just for this and Animal Crossing.

No. 40977

File: 1563634713970.jpg (88.42 KB, 682x334, 1WOHss_5024734d5efb43fb4a57b86…)

Excited yet nervous for release cause I ain't shit when it comes to scares.

Anyone else tentatively waiting?

No. 40980

I still think about Mass Effect and how much I love the universe. I try to get into other sci-fi media and always find myself comparing it to ME.

I'm not optimistic, lol. I'm bitter they segued all of Bioware's best people into Anthem and left Andromedia with the scraps. They could easily remake ME1 and make it an AU or something if they want an easy redemption, but I'm sure they could screw that up, too.

ME3 has a casual option, can't remember if ME2 does but I'm pretty sure its Easy is manageable for people inexperienced with shooters. Unfortunately, ME1 fighting is a clunky mess regardless of the difficulty.

No. 40985

anyone have any good recs for PS4/switch games? i just finished persona 5 and nier: automata and i want something with a good story & characters to get into.

No. 40997

File: 1563654173491.jpg (38.97 KB, 620x350, 740full-garrus-vakarian.jpg)

I got into Mass Effect a few years ago and i remember it being one of my favorite sci fi games ever made. Something about it felt so vast, without being boring. There were so many species and places to go. I loved all the lore, as well as the aliens you meet along the way. I had such a blast and i really think about going back to replaying the first 3 games (the only ones that exist.)

No. 40998

File: 1563654299257.jpg (76.57 KB, 768x433, red_dead_redemption_2_-_public…)

My favorite game on PS4 right now is Red Dead Redemption 2. You don't even have to play the first game because this one is a prequel, so it's extra good. I really fell in love with the world and characters, despite never giving a shit about Western wild west stuff before hand. it's REALLY GOOD!

No. 41001

I bought this a little after it came out and couldn't get into it because of the slow start, should I just stick it out?

No. 41018

File: 1563673449369.jpg (199.84 KB, 1400x1400, Judgment_gif_1544213951.jpg)

I've been playing Judgment / Judge Eyes lately. Compared to the Yakuza games, which this game takes place in the same city, Judgment is more slower paced and I like that a lot. I played the demo months ago and it was long as hell. Took like 3 hours to complete. I really like the change of pace, because I've had multiple instances in the Yakuza games where I felt rushed going from story point to story point, they made it seem like I had no time to wind down and relax.

No. 41021

>slow start
You're in a giant snow storm and discover an enemy ridden cabin in the first 10 mins. I would say yes. Never thought it had a slow start at all, but it's absolutely worth playing the story all the way through.

No. 41023

File: 1563680259399.jpg (69.13 KB, 564x564, 0ab6217b2bf6e40b5f6dc6ce6a4b2d…)

Same, no shame here either. Liara best girl. And Andromeda wasn't bad, honestly, it wasn't a masterpiece but it didn't deserve all the hate. I do wish we'd gotten more of a First Contact experience, the introduction to the Angara felt v cheap

I can't fucking wait until it comes out on PC, I'm legit considering buying a console just for this

No. 41160

File: 1563838235226.jpg (183.93 KB, 1200x800, 343244.jpg)

Did anyone here play Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Thoughts?
Kassandra is so hot.

No. 41166

File: 1563841631071.jpg (579.34 KB, 1000x563, metro-2033-redux.jpg)

I'm hooked on the Metro series at the moment. I bought Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light in the Steam sale, then later got Exodus for my PS4. I love survival horror and post apocalyptic stuff so this is right up my street. 2033 can be a little slow in places, and there were a bunch of glitches, but it was still so enjoyable to play.

Is it worth playing? I've played most Assassin's Creed titles before this, but for some reason I've hesitated to get Odyssey.

No. 41168

Played the first/original game and the puzzles are so fun!! difficult, but still doable. I had a blast and can't wait for full body. I dont even mind the trap character, Rin

No. 41198

kek I guess you're right, it's not very slow at all, and I did get past that part. I guess I'm just not a fan of the playstyle, and that's what made it feel slow to me? Also I don't usually play very narrative-heavy games at all so I'm not used to it. If I get the time I'll have to give it another shot.

No. 41213

It's the best one since Black Flag.

No. 41273


All Assasin´s Creed feel like the same game to me. If you´ve played any you know what to expect to a T but you´ll probably like it if you like the historic setting.

No. 41292

Recommending RDR to someone who's only played JRPGs?
Rockstar is good at writing characters, but I just hate how basically the whole main story is you playing as the bad guys.
And how there is no way to avoid a horribly depressing ending.

No. 41471

File: 1564068176112.jpg (29.41 KB, 680x418, tsumtsum.JPG)

I'm neither a disney fan nor I'm interested in the "tsum tsum festival game" BUT the special Switch edition that will be sadly only available in japan is cute as fuck. Finally a eye cancer free color scheme.


No. 41480

What's the best JRPG to play to dip my toes into the genre? I always avoided JRPGs since they never really appealed to me and looked pretty boring, but people always hype them up and I want to give at least one game a fair chance since the closest I've come to playing a JRPG is Pokemon, lmao. Dragon Quest XI looks cool and I like the graphics but I'm not sure if it would be good for a complete beginner to the genre. The Persona games also interest me especially with how much praise they get but they kind of overwhelm me and again, not sure if it's the best choice for a newbie. I just don't want something grindy that feels like a chore instead of fun.
I have a PS4, PC, 3DS, and Switch, although right now I only have access to the last two. What do you anons think? Any recommendations or tips for a newcomer to the genre?

No. 41485

File: 1564075214926.png (4.22 KB, 968x500, qfs8hnwdfw201.png)

If you don't mind GBA graphics, play Mother 3. It's not the most typical, but it's fucking great and doesn't have enemy battles out of nowhere (you see the enemies on the screen and can avoid them).
You don't need to play the previous parts of the series to get the story and enjoy it, though there are some brief references. You can google them after you finish the game.

Avoid spoilers like plague!

No. 41489

Persona 5 is amazing. Im pretty new to JRPGs too but loved persona. Playing the previous games isn’t necessary, though I’m sure there’s references I missed. You can’t do everything your first play through either so it’s actually fun to play a second time.
I’ve also played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and enjoyed it, despite not usually liking open world games and preferring turn based combat. Just be warned, it’s centered around that whole “big tiddy anime girl” shit lmao the story is decent otherwise.
Kingdom hearts is good too but the story is a mess. Like I played 1 and 2, but still don’t understand shit in 3 because apparently all the side games count as ~vital story~.

No. 41503

File: 1564082793527.jpg (216.9 KB, 1280x720, ss_200b468aaa011d8bf606e418314…)

this might have been touched upon in the previous thread, does anyone have comfy game recommendations? i'm trying to find something new to play while i wait for the new animal crossing. pic related, replaying va11-hall-a now and i forgot how relaxing and cozy it is to just hear characters vent and watch the world go by

No. 41504

stardew valley, slime rancher, islanders and also there's a similar game to valhalla coming out called coffee talk, there's a demo on steam currently

No. 41507

It depends on how much time your ready to play a game to complete it. Pokemon is good because it's easy and not too long but there are so many things you can do that you can potentially spend hundreds of hours. Final Fantasy is a famous series, the most popular ones are the PS1 games but FF6 is also very popular. They're not "too" long to complete from what I've been told, bu then again I only played FF1 to FF4 so far. Fans always fight each other on whether the recent games are good or trash. I played Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates and liked both, but they're more like tactical RPGs and Fates as several routes, including one that's way more difficult than the others (Conquest). Once I get around the GBA games I'll tell you if they're good or not for beginners.

I like the SMT franchise a lot, I would say Persona 3 to 5 are good for beginners and not too difficlt once you get used to the gameplay. For the main series I'd say SMT4 on the 3DS is one of my favorite games ever and it's also a good entry point to get into SMT but it's pretty hard, especially at the beginning, and it's long, it took me a bit more than 70h to complete my first playthrough. Overall SMT is like Pokemon because almost all the enemies you face can become a playable character so you can customize your party as you wish. Again about P5 since one anon recommended it, the game is long. I never played a Dragon Quest game, a friend said the series is great but not why they're great.

No. 41508

File: 1564085664453.jpg (130.35 KB, 950x1082, 1563771464713.jpg)

are any of you guys excited for the new fire emblem? i want to play the blue lions route first…

No. 41511

SMT Strange Journey and The World Ends With You

No. 41512

Ugh I want more news about Elden Ring to come out, the silence bores me. I really hope that’s just a working title too because it sounds too generic, like Lord of the Rings and The Elder Scrolls, two huge franchises in pop culture, had yet another grim and gritty fantasy baby. I like fantasy, I don’t want this to turn out bad but the trailer gave me weird vibes about the tone of the game.

FromSoft also declined a documentary with NoClip which is really disappointing because I want to know more about them and their practices but I guess they want to be secretive.

Wtf I’ve never heard of this but it looks very cool. Reminds me of PC98 games from what I’ve seen of those (too young, but the graphics and UI have this certain look that fascinates me).

No. 41520

I want to play it but I would have to borrow my sibling's switch and I have too many unfinished games to beat first

No. 41521


SMT 3 Nocturne pissed me off so much lol. The mood of it is so good, even when it feels empty it kinda works for the eerie atmosphere, the gameplay is also fun but you are right about those games being hard and grindy, i never actually beat it, got frustated.

I never got into persona but would love to play 5 if it ever gets ported to PC.

No. 41524

SMT4 only took me 45hrs, like 8 of which I spent fusing. I don't get how so many people had trouble with that game, I thought it was really easy. I never had to grind.

Maybe try the 3DS etrian odyssey games and persona Q? they're easy, the mapping is fun, the characters are cute, and there's a good bit of fujo pandering in pQ if you're into that. I'd recommend playing either etrian odyssey untold: the millennium girl or persona Q first.

No. 41573

I haven't played Strange Journey yet despite having the original game for months but I've been told by many people that it's a masterpiece but not beginner friendly. Not sure I'd recommend it to her if that true.

I couldn't play Nocturne all that much when I bought it a few years ago because my PS2 was broken and scratched all my games, but I'll play it very soon. If it gets too grindy for me I'll just skip the non-mandatory parts like the labyrinth (?) and the real/bonus final boss, I have so many games to beat. Anyway I loved it from what I played.

>SMT4 only took me 45hrs
I feel like I could have done that but I spent like one third of my time doing almost all the side-quests, including getting the black card, fusing demons and trying to unlock the neutral route. I redid the Kenji fight way too many times but I was locked in the law route no matter what so I'm sure I spent even more time than that on my first playthrough. I'm still salty I never managed to unlock the neutral route because I hated killing Isabeau but right now I'm about to beat the final boss of SMT4 Apocalypse so I don't really feel like going back to SMT4 now.

>I never had to grind.

Me neither, and I'm sure nobody really needed to from what I've seen. Naraku was really hard at first imo but once I reached Tokyo the game because really easy.

No. 41574

I can't stand the Fire Emblem battle system. The only TRPG's I've ever beaten were the FF Tactics Advanced games.

I wish I'd known beforehand that the infamous Matador is the third boss. I got stuck, realized I had to grind and redo my entire party and never got back to it.

No. 41575

JRPGs fall under an incredibly large umbrella. I would suggest Kingdom Hearts or Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
Dealing with tedious and complicated menus popping up every now and then are also something I don't like, but Vagrant Story was interesting enough for me, although you probably wouldn't want to play it until you're way more into JRPGS.
I'm also not a big fan of turn-based RPGs, but a few of them like Yokai Watch are entertaining enough for me to push that aside.
Some other JRPGs I also liked are Secret of Mana, Phantasy Star Online, and Chrono Trigger.

No. 41619

File: 1564150538553.png (2.24 MB, 2560x1440, DA5AE7FA-7E08-4DE4-862B-FA0A82…)

The 3DS version is easier, I think it’s called Redux.

I got stuck for a while in the stage for Hikawa’s boss fight because I had to grind a bit for some stronger abilities. The game needs a HD port so bad, some people have been able to get it to look incredible on emulator with the right settings

No. 41622

File: 1564151909311.jpg (21.14 KB, 500x260, 1470004126620.jpg)

I bought the original Strange Journey for the NDS before Redux was announced, I'd feel stupid if I bought almost the same game without playing the one I already have. I'll see how it goes once I actually play it, I'm about to finish SMT4 Apocalypse and after that I'll play SMT Nocturne. The final boss in SMT4A is seriously pissing me off because of its second phase and the RNG that's always working against me. Satan and the last dungeon were piss easy, I don't get it.

No. 41803

File: 1564274406245.jpg (963.13 KB, 1440x1080, image1.jpg)

I'm late to the party but I played Rakuen recently, goddamn did I cry in the club. Love the soundtrack! Not to mention made by a one-woman team!
Kinda whack that this didn't get nearly as much deserved attention.

No. 41807

File: 1564283223841.jpg (79.74 KB, 624x480, screen2.jpg)

Anyone else loves aveyond franchise, it is absolute my fav games. Rich stories, beautiful graphics. 2 part is my favorite, I hate that in past years in all this type rpgs they mushed all the people, created dwarfs out of them.

No. 41809

Can you tell me more about this game cuz I’m intrigued and need something new in my life

No. 41813

It's a story-rich puzzle game for the most part! It's a refreshing depart from usual rpg maker games because there is no combat! It has comedy, feels, and spooky. I especially love the way I can tell it was written by a woman and made with so much love. It's unfortunate that some people may think that makes it boring. About 12 hrs of game play. It's an experience and I honestly feel bad for those who refuse to give this genre a chance.

No. 41814

this seems really sweet anon, I'm gonna have to check it out.

No. 41841

File: 1564312428106.jpg (439.01 KB, 1500x1370, fe15.jpg)

I hate it when people shit on some games in a series because "it's bad because there's (actually optional) fanservice, you play as a self insert and you can date some of the characters!", then praise other games in the same franchise because "the art is pretty, the music is pretty and the story is good" when these games are actually not that much better in these aspects and the gameplay and level design are so much worse than the games that supposedly have too much fanservice. You'd think they were reviewing visual novels but no.

When you talk about things you dislike in games with the exact same people such as excessive DLCs, loot boxes and similar practices, different versions or routes of the same game in different cartridges or the fact that some games are released a year later outside of Japan because of botched localisations, or games you can only really play online for no valid reason they don't say anything because it turns out they don't even play video games, they just watch playthroughs on youtube. Yes it's about pic related but not only. I'm glad I bought a brand new copy for only 25€ because it's disappointing so far and people wouldn't stop praising this game and its shitty boring maps literally just because there's less fanservice than the previous games.

No. 41842

All the Fire emblem games as if recently especially are male pandering shit though. They were never good enough to be praised on such a high level to begin with.

No. 41862

Anyone who argues that recent Fire Emblem is good, are full of bullshit and are probably some neckbeard dude.

No. 41912

Ooh yes it sounds right up my alley, thank you! I’m definitely gonna check it out

No. 41960

I've been playing FE Three Houses all the weekend and while I don't fully understand the teaching system, the whole castle thing turned out to be more fun than I expected. There's also more options for lesbian romance. The story is a bit darker specially after the timeskip and it's way more believable than Fates drama. At least the Blue Lions route has some fucked up shit.
So far the only thing I regret is not having enough time to keep playing.

No. 42014

dudes I'm obsessed with Atlus, playing persona 5 as we speak and it's so pretty and so so fun wtf yes
been stinging for them to drop catherine: full body so this is amazing in the meantime, so glad I gave it a go. the art is fucking cool

No. 43905

I really wish Destiny was actually a single player RPG. The music, art style, and lore are so good.
But I'll waste time grinding during events all the same.

No. 44202

I bought Pokemon Ultra Moon as soon as it got released because I thought it would be a sequel just like Pokemon BW2, I didn't have enough free time to play it or anything else for months, but I just beat the first trial today and barely anything changed. I feel dumb, I just learned that it's basically just a third version and there are only a few new side quests.

No. 44332


Hard to answer but really for me is either Earthbound, Final Fantasy 9 (and X) or Chronno Triggered.

Dragon Quest is kinda the default jrpg franchise, it features all the stereotypes of the genre and always stays the same when it comes to themes and setting so is very newcomer friendly.

Jarpig is a genre i played a ton but i have actually beaten very few games. I was insane about them growing up in the psx era but looking back, most were not that great. I think if you want to know what the hype for the genre was about just play any classic Final Fantasy game. ( I kinda don't like them after X but loved them all from 6 to X)


I never understood Visual Novels, they feel so low effort and boring to me, i would just rather read a manga. And what is even up with that guy´s hands?

No. 44336

Visual novels are better than manga because their usually voiced and have choices and multiple endings to explore. Also color.
But I guess if your not the type who can self insert it's not as interesting.

No. 44480

I want to play P5 so bad but at this point I might as well wait for Royal, so… 2020.

No. 44797

File: 1565951320978.gif (208.61 KB, 500x375, a3938c7683dddeb2652da2a708337f…)

has anyone here ever played any of the Aveyond series? I'm in the process of completing the first one cos I never finished it when I was young but apparently the sequels are much better

No. 44798

damn that's so weird I just came here to find Aveyond fans lol I can't believe it got so many sequels

No. 44876

File: 1566005985088.gif (1.32 MB, 480x270, 09827184687bdf5e011e6b294a7828…)

Any anons picked up Ion Fury? The game looks pretty neat. I might splurge on it when I get paid next week.

No. 45513

File: 1566480972720.jpg (41.59 KB, 400x240, tumblr_o1hq3hS8U91qkujmco1_400…)

I really enjoy games where you can pick your gender and your name, even if they don't have a lot of customization. I find them kind of feminist, as they don't usually change your interactions with the story or characters based on your gender (aside from minor things). That's because it would be a pain in the ass for programmers to do so lol. Consequently, the games usually end up being neutral on your gender and NPCs don't say sexist shit or judge your actions.

Any recommendations? I'll give mine:

— Games with customization I've enjoyed:
+ Pokémon franchise [Nintendo].
+ Rune Factory 4 (you only choose your gender and name) [Nintendo 3DS/Switch].
+ Animal Crossing franchise [Nintendo].
+ Stardew Valley [PC].
+ The Sims 3 [PC].
+ Fantasy Life [Nintendo 3DS].
+ Final Fantasy Chronicles: Echoes of Time (sequel, you only choose your race, gender and name)[Nintendo DS]
+ The Urbz [Nintendo].
+ Age of Wonders III (don't know about the prequels, but you can customize your avatar, the game is nice and cheap on instant gaming but I haven't played a lot) [PC].

— Games with customization that I've played but bored me/weren't appealing:
- God Eater franchise (didn't appeal to me, too much weebness but eh, you can find good discounts on instant gaming right now)[PC/Playstation/other platforms].
- Dragon Quest IX [Nintendo DS].
- Harvest Moon franchise [Nintendo].
- MMORPGS (I liked Aura Kingdom and Maplestory 2, but I always end up quitting these types of games) [PC/Android].
- Staxel (bought it when it had a huge discount on instan gaming, haven't really played it lol) [PC].

— Games with customization that I haven't played yet:
. Fire Emblem franchise (I would like to play the newest games, but they cost tons of money and I'm not paying that for something I don't know if I would enjoy) [Nintendo].
. Monster Hunter Stories (cheaper on Android, I may buy it in the future) [Nintendo/Android].
. Assasin's Creed Odyssey (I already have the game) [Playstation].
. Secrets of Grindea (waiting for it to be finished) [PC].
. My Time at Portia (waiting for a good discount) [PC].

I don't remember more games. It would be nice to hear your recommendations, anons, any videogame genre is welcome as long as you can choose the gender and name of your character!

No. 45520

If you have a 3DS you can get a demo to try FE Awakening a little. Fates' gameplay is similar but a bit more balanced because in FE Awakening some classes are way to OP compared to others. Three Houses' gameplay is different and there's no demo as far as I know unfortunately and while you can't customize the main characters in FE Echoes because they're remakes of FE2 there's a male main character and a female main character. I don't think I can recommend FE Echoes to anyone though, I found it boring at best and annoying most of the time because of the witches and the cantor maps. I also never played any Monster Hunter except a demo on the 3DS, I have no idea how different each game is but you should try demos and see how you feel it. I like some of the games you already cited, I think maybe you should try Sword of Mana and Magical Starsign if you like JRPGs. There's also Persona 3 Portable, both main characters are different so you have different dialogues with the female MC but I liked her a lot. There are other games where the main character is a woman but you can't customize her so not sure if that counts.

Anyway this reminds me of an old article in a Minnie Mag (before it became Witch Mag) from the early 2000 I think, it was saying that video games weren't just for boys and they can be fun and it cited a bunch of recommendations with female protagonists, playable characters and cute characters in general like Resident Evil, Street Fighters, Pokemon Red/Blue because of the cute pokemon and the female NPCs/trainers, Final Fantasy, the legend of Zelda, etc. This is making me feel nostalgic.

No. 45528

So i am playing Chronno Trigger for the first time and after all the years of hearing the game being hyped as one of the best jarpigs ever i gotta say, it does hold up, its great. (I left it just entering the sky city)

I really like the female characters in it, yeah sure, i can nitpick that two of them have "kiss" "charm" allure" in their skill list but they are over all cute and strong and Lucca is smart and the best, they are not just cosmetic but really good party members in battle. and also i kinda want a Froggy plushie now.

No. 45539

The Elder Scroll series, and a lot of other western RPG's have customizable protags.
Destiny and Warframe, if you like shooters.

No. 45560

i would def try out awakening as the other anon said. stay away from fates, the story is really, really bad, and i can only tell you that should you really like how awakening plays MAYBE consider conquest for the gameplay, but sure as hell don't buy it for the story. awakening has more customization as well. there's also new mystery of the emblem (FE12) with a character you can name and change, but maybe it's not the best starting point. same for echoes, but it doesn't have customization.

No. 45566

Second for the Elder Scrolls series. I’ve only played Skyrim but I know the rest treats your protagonist similarly. They are also very mod friendly so you can customise everything about your character (read: not be ugly, lol). You can be gay and marry another female character and no one ever comments on it but that’s mostly because there’s 0 dialogue about marriage outside of the quest for it rather than worldbuilding.

There is also the Dark Souls series, "gender has no bearing on ability", it says in the menus. No male gaze shit or that fantasy crap where women are mistreated because it’s "realistic and gritty" to make it "dark". They’re a solid trilogy of games with online aspects but nothing like an MMO.

If you didnt like Harvest Moon, what’s different about it vs Stardew Valley?

No. 45571

I'm going to tag in on the Elder Scrolls suggestions! Also, Fallout is a fantastic game to get lost into and the newest one has excellent character creation. Also, if you haven't started playing Sims 4 at all, check it out! I would suggest pirating though because some of the stuff packs suck.

No. 45573

File: 1566523147062.jpg (126.67 KB, 960x544, psn-a.jpg)

Phantasy Star Online is good! It's an MMORPG, the first game isn't online anymore, but there's fan servers that are still pretty active to this day. The second game is still alive and well after 7-ish years of release, even officially coming out to release in English in 2020.

If you have a PSVita, I highly recommend playing Phantasy Star Nova, it uses the same engine as PSO2, but completely available to play without internet connection. It also has it's own fan translation, which is fairly easy to patch if you already have your Vita homebrewed.
I honestly like Nova a bit more than the Online 2 counterpart, which is what it's heavily based off of. The first reason is, because it's offline. The second reason is because this series features a lot of women as leaders. The main ship that's being piloted has a female captain. Also, you can customize how your camp area looks. If you want all women running the shops, go for it, a lot of the women have great buffs compared to the men if you want them to tag along with you during your quest.

No. 45599

I just built my first PC, and all the stuff I ended up buying is so cute together!! I originally wanted the pink razer collection, but upon seeing it in the store, i saw its so…magenta.. and ugly… so i went with the mercury collection for the keyboard! All my pieces are black and white and it's absolutely perfect to me. Are there any PC games you guys are really into right now? :) I need to start buying them!

No. 45606

Go buy Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen ASAP

No. 45629


Thank you so so much for all your suggestions!!! I'm going to check them out now that I have your opinions backing them up.

I think I liked more Stardew Valley because it had the mod option and RPG elements, which make the game more similar to the Rune Factory series, I don't know. Thanks for your recommendations btw!!

No. 45646

based anon. I love Dragon's Dogma. I have bought the game a total of 4 times for different platforms. It's so fun.

No. 45650

File: 1566583319857.jpg (180.55 KB, 1463x794, ffviii.jpg)

Since FF VIII Remastered is announced for 3rd septembre:

Who is going to buy it???

No. 45653

me. some of my earliest memories are of this game lol (it came out when I was a baby). I can't wait to play it when the weather starts getting shitty omg it's gonna be maximum comfy.

No. 45686

I havent played it since beating it in 1998 or 99, so it's gonna be a wild ride to play it again. I'm really looking forward to it.

No. 45757

FFVIII was the second game I ever owned by myself, so it´s super special to me.
Not sure if I can wait for the shitty weather to start, but it will be awesome nevertheless.

I kinda hoped for a remake, tbh. But the remaster is fine, too.

I played it a few years ago again when it was on Steam for sale. And it was as awesome as the first playthrough on PSX.

No. 45855

File: 1566701654235.jpg (40.84 KB, 314x445, sims.jpg)

any of you ever play the sims urbz? there isn't much to do in this game after a certain point, but I played it as a kid and I have sooo much nostalgia from it.

No. 45858

Yeah I played it, but I didn’t really like it since there wasn’t much to do. I got it as a Christmas gift one year haha.

No. 46016

If anything if anon will like Awakening she should play FE Fates Birthright because of how similar it is since you can do some level grinding if needed and the story is just as straight forward. Conquest is great but it's more challenging.

Basically if you care about story a lot Fates isn't all that great, especially with the shitty Americanized localisation. But if she cares more about gameplay she may like Fates just as much as, or more than Awakening. Both are good and similar enough tbh. We'll just pretend Revelation and its shitty maps and underleveled characters doesn't exist.

No. 46017

I played the Urbz on the GBA long ago when I borrowed it from a friend and I liked it but never finished it. I was always stuck at the same part of the game but I don't remember what it was at all.

No. 46242

File: 1566917378815.jpg (54.49 KB, 800x686, 1l.jpg)

Just finished Bully again but this time on the PS4. Still one of my favorite games of all time! Honestly, if you can help it get the Scholarship Edition. PS4 version is kinda crap with crunchy audio and some serious frame rate issues. Now There's been an influx of Bully 2 rumors i'm cautiously optimistic lol.

No. 46244

I played a lot of the Sims games (PC, GBA, DS, etc.) and I loved Urbz lol. Also played Bustin' Out for a while, but we only had 2 copies between the 4 of us so I spent less time playing that one. Urbz was my shit. I loved Det. Dan D. Man so much lmao. Just a few months ago I watched a little bit of someone playing it on YouTube for nostalgia

No. 46268

File: 1566925366715.gif (1.56 MB, 160x250, 225352524.gif)

I love Bully, def one of my faves as well. It's super comfy and somehow gets that mid-2000s USA vibe across really strongly. I might have to redownload and play it now lol.

No. 46272

Unpopular opinion (maybe?) but Bully is Rockstar's BEST game besides the Red dead series. GTA felt too male pandering and Bully was an overly fun game, despite the pointless controversy non gamers gave it.

No. 46280


I played through the game like 4 times, i have never actually beaten it. I don't even remember the furthest i got or what the story even was, and i lost the save (i was emulating that time.)

Its a problem i have with long jrpgs, i love them but always end up dropping them as soon as my attention goes somewhere else when i am in like the second half of the game.

I hope the remaster adds a skip button to summon animations. They were beautiful , yes, but its annoying after a while.

No. 46281

Is anyone playing/planning on playing classic WoW?
My boyfriend has convinced me to try, because I’ve never had a real MMO experience before lol.

No. 46282

I played it so many times despite not being into Sims. In fact, I was thinking about it over the past few months and really want to make a simple game of my own that would be similar to it (decorating your own home, themed areas, reputation, etc.)

It was an easy-peasy game but it was something I played to relax. It was a comfy experience.

No. 46336

I am! It's mostly oldfags nostalgia and I mean I'm enjoying it so far but god damn I miss a lot of the conveniences! Everything takes forever and only fun to play with at least 2 frens imo

No. 46350

File: 1566988719697.jpg (199.13 KB, 890x606, bayonetta.jpg)

got bayonetta that i wanted to play for years in the playstore's summer sales for less than five euros but i havent got around to play it yet.i havent really spoilered myself on the plot and hopefully it's going to be decent enough despite it being over the top and ridiculously sexualised

No. 46352

anon, Bayonetta is incredible. 10/10 gameplay, so don't worry about the spoilers. It's crazy fun.

I finally started BotW. It's the perfect early morning game. Gameplay feels totally natural.

No. 46353

this is really good to hear.thank you anon

No. 46381

Is Bayonetta hard to play though? It seems like it relies heavily on button combos and I'm the worst at that. If I can win by butonmashing it's fine for me, but fighting-style button inputs are the worst.
The game seems fun and interesting and Bayonetta is super hot (don't judge me pls) but I don't want to buy it if I am unable to play.

Or, really, I am willing to train/learn and git gud finally. Does it have a proper learning curve or am I just trown into it with everything at once?

Sorry I am a casual, I'm ok at aiming/precision and shit, but the more buttons I have the more I freak the fuck out.

No. 46390

Just play on easy/normal anon. You'll get through them just fine. Score is based on how much damage taken as well as damage dealt but it doesn't matter to get bad scores if you're just trying to get through the story!

No. 46483

What do anons think about the new Yakuza game? It's now turn based combat. I'm still excited.

No. 46515


excited as hell. I only started playing Yakuza 0 so I'm a newbie to the franchise but I already am in love with it. Wish I could find the other games where I'm from but sadly there isn't any video games stores available in the area and the closest (which isn't) is by boat to another place.

No. 46527

Going from action beat em up to turn based is super stupid.
But whatever, I only played Kiwami because it was free on PS plus.

No. 46529

MC(?) looks like one from the online yakuza game! I wonder if it's a continuation of his story?

No. 46530

File: 1567106503611.jpg (11.17 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

forgot the pic sry

No. 46534

File: 1567109701525.png (887.27 KB, 687x643, old kasuga.PNG)

Yes that's him! Yakuza Online is supposed to tell some backstory with what happened before he got sent to jail. Not sure if this one will give you a summary of what was on Yakuza Online, probably so since you can't play the game overseas unless you know some Japanese.
Also, I'm glad Ichiban got a new look since the first time we were introduced to him.

No. 46603

File: 1567127882896.jpg (32.33 KB, 768x432, Yakuza-0-768x432.jpg)

Yakuza 0 was my first Yakuza game and i got massively addicted!! it's gonna be a wild ride, anon. Have fun

No. 46604

I'm worried about the turn base as well. the free movement combat in Yakuza 0 is what made me love the game so much.

No. 46669

I have a guess they realized their new engine didn't work the way they planned, even though I did enjoy the way they cleaned it up in Judgment it still has some issues with frames and probably will continue using it for that series, so they decided to completely switch up the gameplay for the next Yakuza. Probably saw how well the Clan Creator minigame was.

No. 46821

I just got into the Sims 4 and I can’t wait to mod the shit out of it to make all my characters look just right, I’m kissing goodbye to all my other hobbies for like a month now. Anyone in here who can point me to must have mods?

No. 46826

No. 46845


thank you! to be honest, yakuza 0 is the first game I got invested into after purchasing my ps4 and other games with it. I realized to sometimes stray away from the objectives and enjoy the feel of the game and its mini stories (tbh I only realized this like yesterday when school got harder and harder along with my extra curricular activities and instead going straight to the plot. I just walked around Karamucho fighting anyone for money and just invest whatever business is up for selling.)

I'm still afraid of the mini-games and fighting those hulk like asshole with millions of money with them because I'm still not used to the console. So yeah, I'm still new to console gaming or gaming general tbh. The only games I've spent were hack pokemon games you could download on the phone and other mobile games, even mobile moba)

No. 46891

It is R*'s best game. I'm still hoping that they'll make a sequel.

No. 46938

Very funny. Not planning to micromanage the sex lives of a whole household but one or two features from WW look interesting. Any quality of life mods?

rn I’m browsing but the sheer amount of CC is overwhelming, it’s so not like modding Skyrim where everyone recommends the same several overhauls/tools. I’m sticking to new skins or ones to replace the original texture but I’ve already passed over like a dozen replacers that look more or less the same but with fancy names and I’m just ?????

No. 47242

File: 1567438965828.jpg (190.91 KB, 817x1222, jennette-mccurdy-nintendo-shoo…)

Hey anons, going to invest in a Sky3DS+ cart in a few days. Know any reliable sources?
What are your personal Top 5 3DS titles?
I love Style Savvy, Animal Crossing, Yokai Watch, Pokemon, and Samurai Warriors.
Also, is it worth the time to region unlock my 3DS?

No. 47647

When will Minecraft finally fuck off?

I browse Youtube in private mode and nearly all of my recommended videos are Minecraft related with some dumbass doing a stupid face in the thumbnail. I don't even watch anything about video games let alone anything related to Minecraft.

Oh and fuck WoW too.

No. 47699

This is a thread for appreciating video games, not bitching about them.
Why do you even care about the recommendations if you're not logged in anyway. Just ignore them.

No. 47772

File: 1567586387467.jpg (3.32 MB, 1497x5600, 3DS recommandations.jpg)

I could recommend SMT games if you like RPGs, which are mostly remakes and two very good original games, Fire Emblem and Ace Attorney.

You said you like Pokemon, and SMT is sort of similar, it's a JRPG series you can "recruit" enemies in your party whenever you want and just customize your party in general. SMT games that are remakes are:
>devil survivor overclocked
>devil survivor 2 record breaker (both are tactical RPGs)
>SMT strange journey redux
>soul hackers (this one was a game from the 90s and it's a bit dated but still enjoyable, but I haven't finished it yet)
>persona q and persona q 2, they're based on the Etrian Odyssey games
And then you have SMT4 and its sequel SMT4 Apocalypse, they're some of my favorite video games. If you're American SMT games tend to be on sales on the e-shop pretty often from what I've been told. If you're European like me don't even bother trying to buy physical copies.

About Fire Emblem, you have Awakening which is easy and a nice 1st game to get into the series. Then you have Fates which is divided in 3 routes you have to buy separately unless you somehow find the special edition of the game. Birthright plays like Awakening, Conquest is harder because the maps are different or are the same but with more difficult objectives and different playable characters and there are restrictions so you can't level grind, like the first games of the series. Then you have Revelation, which is DLC only, have gimmicky maps and have no balance whatsover, think of it as a "fanservice" golden route where nobody dies and everyone is happy. FE Echoes is a remake of FE2 and you'll either love it or dislike it. I didn't like it at all personally. If you want to play FE Fates I recommend you just play Birthright and Conquest, forget about Revelation unless you really want to play online (not worth it.) Don't listen to anyone bitching about FE Fates having a bad story because they'll pretend that Awakening, Echoes or even other games have a better story which is wrong (except maybe for the new Switch game.) Don't play FE for the story, play it for the gameplay.

As for Ace Attorney you should be able to get the whole series on the 3DS now iirc. It's very tory focused so play in that order
>AA Phoenix Wright
>AA Justice for All
>AA Trials and Tribulation (they're in the same trilogy, and basically it's the main story written by Shu Takumi)
>Apollo Justice
>AA Dual Destinies
>AA Spirit of Justice
Try to avoid spoilers as much as you can if possible. I have the first four games on the DS and only AA5 and AA6 on the 3DS. I think you can also get the trilogy on steam but I think it's more convenient to have everything on the same platform.

I haven't played Bravely Default or Bravely Second yet, but friends have and they enjoyed both a lot. Same thing for Radiant Historia. Other games I liked were shorter Nintendo games like Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Super Mario Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, etc. I'm looking forward to playing Zelda games, Metroid 2, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus and then I'll be able to talk about these games too.

No. 47797

File: 1567605439713.jpg (81.36 KB, 933x602, direct.JPG)

Nintendo direct is today!

>Tune in 9/4 at 3pm PT for a #NintendoDirect featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused on 2019 #NintendoSwitch games, including #PokemonSwordShield and #LuigisMansion 3.


I hope fore more info or sneak peaks from Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Bayonetta 3 trailer.

No. 47798

Super informative list Anon. Thank you! I have played the PS2 SMT games so I'll definitely check those out as well. Ace Attorney, didn't know there were so many lol.

No. 47825

It really be like that. Classic would be fucking boring without close friends

No. 47852


We got more info on Animal Crossing, new things to see and how cool the nature looks like! But no bayo ….

No. 47855

File: 1567638909721.png (Spoiler Image, 456.64 KB, 1422x792, Sans.PNG)

Animal Crossing looks promising!
This reveal caught me off guard though

No. 47917

is the new animals going to have cooking finally? it definitely looks like a cute and comfy minecraft. seeing the decorations on the animals doors and the cute rustling leaves made me super excited!

No. 47927

Animal Crossing Trailer for anyone who missed it! I'm so HYPE!

No. 47929

File: 1567695988584.jpg (22.38 KB, 366x286, shrooms.JPG)


One thing that I like to add: What the fuck are those giant mushrooms? I thought that I was way too tired to watch the direct in the middle of the night but checking it now again I really saw those gigantic shrooms. I like to now what's the deal is. I haven't played all AC games, so I wonder if they were already part of a game?

No. 47930

there were mushrooms, but nothing of this magnitude

No. 47971

I’m starting to think there definitely won’t be a museum any more, it doesn’t really make sense in this desert island setting. Maybe it could be reborn as a research centre?

No. 48388

their fur looks so soft! <3

However, I'm worried about how they didn't focus at all on the characters. I hope the developers have spent enough time to develop proper friendship and flesh out the characters more.

No. 48517

I hope Syn Sophia announces about Style Savvy soon. The most recent game was tons better than the previous one. Imagine a fully fledged console version of this series.

No. 48581

File: 1568001427979.jpg (19.46 KB, 540x304, spyro.jpg)

I just got the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Best forty bucks I ever spent. I had the original three games like fifteen years ago and I managed to 100% the games, but I lost them.

Even if you know nothing about Spyro, these are fantastic games. The music and art is really great, too.

No. 48582

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D, A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, Tri Force Heroes, Ace Attorney.

No. 48728

I'm still argueing with myself if I buy it or not. The teaser looked awesome and I remembered a lot of figures from the games. Purely nostalgia.
But I´m so unsure if it is worth 40 bucks when it is that similar to the original games.

No. 48914

File: 1568110870017.jpg (127.15 KB, 1025x579, Screenshot_20190910-111948_Pok…)

Hi, anyone playing pokemon go still? I'm really good at sending gifts, swear!

No. 49109

I just cheked the new FF7 trailer.

What do you think? To me it looks similar to FFXV which is not a bad thing, it looks pretty but i kinda liked the turn based combat better than the broken action based system of XV that they seem to be going with. I would most certainly be playing it when it comes out, but kinda want to replay the original before it comes out.

No. 49191

File: 1568247967076.png (777.54 KB, 1251x1080, 20190912_032608.png)

I'm not worried about the battle system in the least because everyone who's played the demo was blown away by how great it is. They also mentioned how surprisingly good the dialogue sounds. The English voice work in this trailer sounded rough as hell, but I have faith that it'll sound better in-game. Overall, everything looks amazing. I don't even mind this new SOLDIER dude and those dumb ghosts lmao. I understand they need to pad it out so we can stay in Midgar longer. The original is one of my favorite games of all time, so I bought the 350-dollar 1st Class CE even though I've never been a preorderfag. I've waited so long for this.

Cloud's hair doesn't totally defy gravity and I love it.

No. 49202


The dialogs and character banter were amazing on XV. If it anywhere near as good that alone would be a selling point for this one. The big problem in Xv to me was the plot and the bland dungeons. This time we know thats covered because its FF7 we are talking about here.

Resident Evil 2 hyped me for remakes. It can really be amazing and i want this to meet everyone's expectations so maybe they do one of FFVI, that classic aesthetic with current gen polish would be so good.

No. 49216

lol I got so hyped when I saw the Squats Minigame and then got even more hyped when I saw TIFA PULLUPS MINIGAME!! Also it's nice to hear some sass from Aerith in that brief clip of her and Rude.

No. 49262

Gungrave got another sequel. God bless Japan.

No. 49279

>They also mentioned how surprisingly good the dialogue sounds
Good, because the trailer didn't show it. Part of me thinks it's unnecessary to do a remake of this old game, part of me look forward to explore that world again in a new way that couldn't be done in 1997. God Don Corneo is going to be mega cringe though.

No. 49357


It is crazy to remember that the original game came out so long ago, maybe because the characters are so present and remembered still to this day, FF7 became franchise of its own within the FF franchise.

It makes sense that the Square Enix is giving them new life so they can milk the crap out of the IP for more years to come like they have done all the 00s, but that also means they need to step up and make a really good game that meets the expectations. I think a remake was inevitable, i don't get very salty about them because worst case scenario the remake is not as good but we still have the original game with some added mainstream relevance, best case scenario the remake is great and worth it so any way is all good.

No. 49582

Yakuza 7 looks great. I can't wait to play all these minigames. It looks like they're packing a LOT into it compared to Yakuza 6, which was lacking hardcore. The turn-based gameplay looks pretty fun and it definitely shows the developers are having fun with it as well. Yakuza is finally fun again.

Fucking YES! My boyfriend showed me the first Gungrave and I got hooked. I can't believe how short the game was.

I think Reno looks hot now, in a I-used-to-be-a-Gackt-fan kind of way.

No. 49806

File: 1568517447910.jpg (337.38 KB, 1920x1080, spellbound-screenshot-stairs.j…)

Does anyone know if any good witch games exist? I am too cheap to pay for The Sims 4 but I really really love the concept of their new witchcraft expansion. Still waiting on Witchbrook to maybe never come out…

No. 49848

File: 1568539231211.jpg (8.9 KB, 142x380, Reno-artwork.jpg)

TBH I wish he had a slightly more ugly and sleazy look like in his original design. It would look cooler if not everyone looked like Gackt, it's been 20 years of JRPG Gackt designs.

No. 49864

>The Sims 4

Nigga wat?

No. 49900

File: 1568560403611.png (305.67 KB, 660x431, stardew_witchhouse.png)

while i wait for Witchbrook to never come out in my lifetime, i usually play Stardew Valley with visual mods to make everything look witchy. it's amazing!

No. 49930

Aww wow this is so cute! Just had to say it lol

No. 50134

>I am too cheap to pay for The Sims 4
look up fitgirl repacks or games4theworld. EA are greedy, lazy bitches. Don't give them your money.

No. 50135

This game looks fucking cute, wew. I'm definitely going to check it out.

No. 50156

just want to chime in, if you do download the sims from fitgirl, or really any other torrent, use a vpn! or risk getting a few dmca take down notices. ea seems to actively watch sims files.

No. 50371

File: 1568688264285.gif (1.82 MB, 498x372, tenor (4).gif)

Kind of witchy, but Magicians Quest for DS! It's a magical version of Animal Crossing.

No. 50382

Does anyone play dead by daylight? I'm trying to become a pro-killer but the 1st person camera fucks me up

No. 51223

Can confirm, I've gotten a DMCA notice after downloading the Sims a few months ago even though the game came out a few years ago. EA is super stingy. SoftEtherVPN is always good and free.

No. 52358

File: 1569504471818.jpg (63.78 KB, 600x600, D4vk-umWwAAXv3u.jpg)

Has anyone else played Little Misfortune yet? It's great.
I liked Fran Bow, so I had high hopes for this, and it did not disappoint. I wasn't too into some of the gross-out humor, though and I wish there was more than one ending, and more stuff to play around with in general, considering all the choices. Plus, the fact that there seems to be no real way to "die", "get caught" or otherwise lose in this game, no matter what, kind of sucks the urgency out of the scary bits. Plus, I noticed at least one continuity error and a visual glitch in one part. It almost feels sort of unfinished, but otherwise? Lovely. I loved the overall message of hope, it was refreshing and very heartwarming.

No. 52362

File: 1569505152388.jpeg (45.04 KB, 1280x718, untitled-goose-game-1185824-12…)

Anyone else having a honking good time being an horrible goose?

No. 52385

Hell yeah. This game was so fun. Had a great time causing chaos as a goose. Very relaxing.

No. 53037

Is anyone going to play Code Vein? I don't know much about it but I heard you can customise your character and it's basically an anime Souls-like which is right up my ally, I wanna know if it lives up to the hype

No. 53057

There's a demo up so you can try it out.
It really seems just like Dark Souls with an anime coat of paint and some edgy story.

No. 53069


Nta but when i read that i automatically discard. The souls-like meme is a dead horse.

No. 53077

I honestly thought I'd like it, but after playing the demo, I really don't anymore. I seriously thought it would play more like Phantasy Star Online 2 or something, but it's so heavy feeling. Maybe it was just my expectations that ruined it for me.

No. 53287

Demo’s console only, I’m PCfag. Upon watching some videos the feel is more like DmC more than anything.
Visually I’m getting the obvious JRPG vibe but besides the stamina bar they do have an analogue to Estus flasks.
I’m gonna wait until I can try it cracked.

No. 53392

Dmc is fast crazy action, this is definitely more slow parry/dodge Dark Souls.

No. 53445

I'm playing it! More than halfway through and enjoying it a lot. Been doing most of it co-op with my fiance (some bosses I've done solo) and he loves it too. We're both big Soulsborne fans so it was a safe bet in getting it. I'm not into anime all that much personally but the story and characters are still able to hold my interest. The combat is not slow like Dark Souls, I would say it is more like Bloodborne in that regard. It took inspiration from Dark Souls for some things but is very much its own game with its own strengths and weaknesses.

No. 53486

File: 1570017891773.png (261.5 KB, 500x549, 1569915394919.png)

I'm playing FE3H and after a few weeks not playing it whatsoever because I was too busy I reached the timeskip, and thank god the monastery section is less time-consuming now. It's still annoying though and while I'm doing the blue lions route, I want to go with the black eagles route next. Problem is, there are so many cutscenes, the support scenes are so long, the monastery part is long and repetitive and the first 11 chapters are the same no matter the route so I'm wondering if I'll get burned out. Has anyone here completed several routes in a row?

At least with Fates you could do whatever you wanted between two maps quickly and without restrictions like the action points, I wish it was a bit more like that in 3H.

No. 53522

File: 1570034589689.png (1.4 MB, 1038x1200, 89ED638B-0E16-4E1C-AD6E-214C30…)

I’m on my third play though now, and I hate how much of a time sink the stupid monastery is. I love FE and I’m having a lot of fun with the different classes and supports, but the pre-time skip section is just draining because there’s very little variation.

If you’re going to go Black Eagles next, make a separate save in the February month of the game because BE splits off to two separate post time skip stories so you don’t have to redo the first 11 months over.

I really feel like they could have just compressed the Monstary into the barracks like in PoR but made the whole explorable map because of Koei being involved

No. 53530

Are you talking about the part where you choose between the black eagles route and the church route? If that's the case I'll do that, redoing the same 11 chapters with the exact same characters and cutscenes sounds like a pain in the ass.

>I really feel like they could have just compressed the Monstary into the barracks like in PoR

I'm a filthy casual who only played Awakening, Fates and (unfortunately) Echoes so far, not sure how it's like but I'm guessing it's probably more like the "my castle" feature in Fates? I don't think having such a huge explorable zone for the monastery was a good idea, doing everything I need to do each time takes at the very least an hour and more than half of that time is spent running back and forth to give items to the characters, it's boring. That's only impressive and fun the first few times you explore it. At least the maps are good and unlocking the paralogues isn't as annoying as in Awakening and Fates, especially in Conquest.

No. 53532

>At least the maps are good
lol. I still loved the game though.

No. 53573

File: 1570059466490.jpg (938.72 KB, 1080x1870, FoMT Marriage Candidates.jpg)

So what does everyone think of the Friends of Mineral Town remake, and how do you feel about the redesigns?

They added two new marriage candidates(bottom center of the pic) Brandon and Jennifer.

Personally I'm not too much a fan of some of the redesign choices, particularly Doc and Karen. Karen now looks like Freya from Grand Bazzar and with Doc, they somehow managed to make him look even MORE generic. Really unsure how to feel about Ricks's new hot redesign as well. Probably gonna go after Brandon, and maybe Cliff again for nostalgia.

By the way apparently they brought back the "best friend" system(from DS Cute), so you'll be able to marry any candidate regardless of your gender selection.

Who're you interested in?

No. 53576

File: 1570059709022.jpg (68.54 KB, 672x337, fomt secret marriage candidate…)

Also forgot, here are the redesigns of the secret marriage candidates.

That Kappa….

No. 53635

I'll rephrase it: they're not pure torture like the maps in Echoes and I'm having fun with them. Maybe Celica's maps traumatized me.

No. 53636

I'm really not that hyped for the remake… it just feels so lazy. But, I mean, it's nothing new for them, they did plenty of remakes in the past. Still, I'd rather have a whole new game. MFoMT is just so nostalgic and cute to me, the design just screams early 2000's so I'm a little sceptical. Might just be me being some kind of lore-beard purity fag.

Also the redesigns are kinda boring. What happened to Cliff? And Won is way too kawiwi animu, wtf

No. 53688

I am very excited for the remake, although I was really hoping for a new Story of Seasons game for console. I loved the DS titles, but I am really longing for different graphics (like, actually seeing something, everything on the DS is so small lol) and the return of older gameplay mechanics like proper mines. However, I am also very ready for this nostalgia trip to Mineral Town and I like what I have seen so far, especially the video trailers. Without movement, the game looks a tad bit too much like a mobile title imho, but I think it’s bearable when playing. And nothing can be as ugly as the Harvest Moon games Natsume recently released.

The redesigns are okay. It would be nice if it would be a bit closer to the old designs, but I guess they changed their artists and this is more up to date. However, on that collage they all look kind of the same – bland and happy, which is the thing I disliked about the newer SoS installments. The characters just lack personality and are really generic. This shows in the redesigns. Popuri always was my wife in the games, but she can be really annoying; on her picture she just looks innocent and sweet. Same with Ann who looks less tomboyish and kind of boring. I understand your comment on Karen, but at least she has some kind of facial expression that goes beyond ":D".

No. 54724

kai…what have they done to you…

No. 54787

File: 1570486936905.jpeg (116.26 KB, 1196x668, A3B1FBEB-79C9-4F80-BACB-C8A35A…)

i'm enjoying fire emblem: three houses a lot. i've played 200+ hours and i really wish i had people to gush to about it.

however i hate 'fanon' interpretations of certain characters.

>leonie is my best girl

>everyone hates her because she wants to 'fuck your dad'
>this is genuinely everyone's one complaint about her
>they obviously don't look at any of her other supports or play her paralogue
>meanwhile everyone loves cyril and thinks he's a cute uwu boi who gets a glo up
>he's far more guilty about having a one-sided admiration for an older character ie rhea but gets treated completely different

is it because leonie is a girl? she's so great and i don't mean to be a sperg about people disliking her but their reasons are legit just stupid.

at least the online stats show more people dislike cyril after getting to know him lol. maybe people are just more vocal about disliking leonie than him.

No. 54862

File: 1570517450990.jpg (61.57 KB, 1200x811, mame-logo.jpg)

anyone grew up playing retro games on MAME?
i haven't played anything in a while but i find myself going back into looking for those old and sometimes obscure games i used to play there

No. 54906

Yesss! I had mame32. I remember some games in particular, especially a volleyball one that I spent hours in.

No. 54909

I noticed in general the main girls get hate for something men would do and get zero hate for. Characters like Dimitri are 100 percent worse but he gets no hate from fandom because he's a dude. I feel your pain, anon. I wish we could gush together.

No. 54995

File: 1570564741724.jpg (39.33 KB, 500x375, EFcUySFWsAADS45.jpg)

I always love the animal crossing series because its such a wonderful and comforting game. Whenever life is rough or things didnt go my way i usually turn on my 2dsxl and play it, the interaction between you and the villagers are always wholesome and funny, it made my day a bit brighter no matter how dark the skies are at the time and remind me that better days are coming.

No. 55071

recently reset my town in new leaf after abandoning it for a good year and I am very happy I did that as I'm having so much fun just fishing and trying to crossbreed my flowers etc! did accidentally sell my perfect apple tho lol

No. 55416

Glad you're having fun anon! Sorry abt your perfect apple though, be careful next time ~~

No. 55444

File: 1570647754197.png (2.84 MB, 950x1303, CI16_3DS_FantasyLife_E3_image9…)

I've been playing Fantasy Life for 3DS for a while now. It's so fun with how much you can do!
Yesterday, I spent a good 3 hours just doing carpentry, blacksmith, and tailoring shit.
I also love the humor in the story's writing, Butterfly is the best character.
I'm considering buying the DLC soon. I think I'm halfway done with the story.
I hope they make a sequel to the series for Switch or something. I know they have a mobile game, but it requires too much data and constant connection. I played it for a while and half of the time I get kicked off the server because my WiFi signal's too weak and probably the fact I'm not located near Japan.

No. 55543

I didn't even know this was a thing!! I really need some more wholesome games in my life, like harvest moon, animal crossing and now this! thank you, anon

No. 55547

You're gonna love it! It's like skyrim for kids, kek. On my first play-through I had 120 hours, iirc. I could've had even more, it's so fun.
Also the way you can customize your character is the cutest thing! And they have sooo many cute clothes!

No. 58287

File: 1571417896835.jpg (390.29 KB, 1320x1080, NINTEN.jpg)

Well, wish me luck anons but by the end of next year im gonna save up and buy myself a nintendo switch with some of my favorite games. If it ended up not happening, well at least i tried lol.

No. 58360

File: 1571471880339.png (237.97 KB, 512x512, 1571098328660.png)

Am I the only person who's not really that sympathetic to Edelgard? I'm playing her route rn, and the writers worked overtime to make Rhea look bad and to make Edelgard look good. Except I don't really see how Rhea is the bad guy for creating a world where dragons and humans could live peacefully. Rhea only fights in self-defense when others attack her. Rhea isn't responsible for humans creating a twisted aristocracy centered around crests. I don't want to fight Rhea.

Also, I think it's funny how Edelgard says she wants to create a world where crests don't matter, but doesn't hesitate to turn random citizens into demonic beasts in other routes. Not having Byleth around isn't a good enough reason for her actions, sorry. The only peasant she talks to is Dorothea, who praises her endlessly. Edelgard doesn't even think about offering public education to commoners UNLESS she marries Ferdinand. And her idea of a meritocracy is giving her friends from high school the best governmental positions. Ferdinand and Bernadetta still get to keep their land and titles.

And I've heard Edelgard doesn't even fight TWSID, so what's the point?

I'm overthinking this. But I just don't understand why Edelgard is so popular. People act like she's so revolutionary, like she totally destroys the status quo… but she doesn't. Nothing changes.

No. 58363

I'm playing with the Blue Lions so from what I can tell she's popular because of how the game was marketed (like she was the super important heroine, like Lucina and Azura) and because people don't think too hard about the actual story and its implications (kind of how people complained about Xander being a dumbass in Conquest when though his reasons for acting lile he does is perfectly justified.) I'm going to do the Black Eagles route next, I'll see if she's a developed villain or an actually morally ambiguous character lile some people say but it looks like she fits the 1st description more since she's a copypasta of Rudolph/Walhart/Arvis.

No. 58364

I wanna buy one too I have the money.

Good luck with buying it

No. 58369

No, I feel the exact same way.
I feel like a huge majority of the fandom complains about how Edelgard doesn't deserve all the "hate" she gets but I've literally never seen any of this so-called hate, just people defending her.
Also see a lot of people saying that if Edelgard was male people would be more sympathetic to her (his?) character, but honestly I disagree. I've seen way more people criticizing Dimitri over Edelgard. I'm all for calling gamer scrotes out but nobody's attacking her for being female, they're all defending her cause she's a cute waifu, like come on.

I think she's an interesting character but you're right, she's not revolutionary at all and basically nothing changes in her route in the end, all she did was fuck shit up and cause needless death. IMO she's hugely overrated by the fandom. The other two house leaders have more compelling stories.

No. 58378

Totally agree with you anon. One of the criticisms people like to put against Rhea is that "she executed people!!" Yeah those who tried to kill her like… she's pretty insane, but the only war she ever waged was against the ONE (not even an entire country, just one guy) who had killed her mother, sounds pretty fair to me tbh.
BE just feels incomplete to me? Edelgard was allied with twsitd and Hubert aids them in that one paralogue yet they just kinda forgot about them? BE even has less chapters than the other routes so I don't understand why they couldn't do like they did for GD. It says they beat twsits (seriously fuck whoever decided to give them such a long name) in one of the endings though, maybe the hubert/edelgard one.

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