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File: 1579554864245.png (116.63 KB, 275x237, 1579282820272.png)

No. 72907

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick idols. If you are new, please make sure you read: https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

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No. 72910

After performing for a dictator they now collab with the fandom of a pedo. Go woke kings!

No. 72911


>tHeY WeNt tO SaUdI aRaBiA fOr tHe FaNs.

I don't understand why they still have the woke image.

No. 72914

File: 1579556975471.jpg (28.61 KB, 400x711, cat.jpg)

So bts as thread pic again… we couldn't escape it for long I guess

Eh, no Kpop group has a "woke" image.
Also yes MJ was obviously a pedo but the man was a musical legend. The fake woke shit is annoying.

No. 72915

>they now collab with the fandom of a pedo
You mean ratmys, not bts. Your sentence is weirdly constructed and made me think at first it was an official thing.
Standoms always do this sort of cringy shit, like ‘joining force to stream and make our faves happy’. Not news worthy.

No. 72916

Im not going to share much information because someone here may find out my identity and doxx me.
But jimin was not only with those white girls in paris.
He was also in paris with a korean girl and he was in hawaii with that same korean girl.
Thats all i can say for now.(ban evasion)

No. 72917

pics or it didn't happen

No. 72918

Anon pls provide even a crumb of evidence. A crumb.

Yeah me neither. I think the "wokiest" thing they have done was spoke at the U.n but even that was not to clean consider the United Nations is a hot piece of garbage. Plus their speech wasn't even good.

No. 72920

Ill try my best guys to be able to find a way to leak that which doesn't compromise me.
Ill either be leaking a photo or video the next week.
If there is no leak after 7 days just know that i gave up.

Btw i forgot to add that he was also with her during the Seoul Trip.(ban evasion)

No. 72921

got anymore infos?
doesnt have to be jimin

No. 72922

NTA but ratmon is rude as hell to fans and frequents escorts as a surprise to absolutely no one.

No. 72923

this is critical, not fangirling thread.
feel free to dish more!

No. 72924

File: 1579560960313.png (956.34 KB, 739x766, Capture.PNG)

Is this what you were thinking about anon?

No. 72926

the anon >>72922 IS NOT ME

these are my only posts

And i WILL NOT be replying in this thread for a week until im able to safely post the leak.

And NO i dont have any info about the other members except for tel numbers.

Not exactly.(this is the same autistic ratmy who has been ban evading for months now)

No. 72927

As far as I know there was no Korean girl in Paris since those white girls only mentioned Jimin and his friend so no one is gonna believe you without pictures

No. 72928

totally needless to say that. leave anon alone. either we will hear back or not.

No. 72929

I may be misunderstanding the situation but the korean girl could be their stylist. I know she’s close with jimin

No. 72930

hearsayis cringe and lame as fuck, hope you and the retards entertaining this catch a ban. ridiculous

No. 72931

Anon I wish you well and good luck. Hopefully in a week we'll get some milk

Have you thought of using a VPN?

No. 72934

exactly, they probably spend too much time on the sasaeng tag on instagram

No. 72935

File: 1579564940837.jpg (30.47 KB, 400x533, tumblr_8d4d8ab43066309fd212665…)

Had the misfortune of seeing a picture of Yeonho from VeriVery today

No. 72936

looks like yuta

No. 72937

File: 1579565267632.jpg (191.92 KB, 1358x2048, 242f595dc587275534bc0ff0ab3dee…)

Hope they buy him some braces.(samefag)

No. 72938

Posters like show up every once and while and spill no tea…

No. 72939

spoiler shit like this
every new thread like clockwork. they need to be up banned at this point it's annoying bait

No. 72940

>>72938 That's why a BTS thread pic is dumb, that shit attracts Ratmy trolls to the thread like flies.

They literally can't stop themselves going mad when their oppas get criticised.

No. 72942

File: 1579567432421.jpg (72 KB, 610x952, pLVRDtP.jpg)

What happened to Hani, she used to look unrecognizable from her Up&Down self already, now she looks like a Gangnam Unnie with a fivehead.

No. 72943

that's HANI???? You're lying….she looks unrecognizable

No. 72944

She looks like Mina kek. Also she’s a notorious yo-yoer, and it’s showing. All those months of inactivity haven’t been kind to her

No. 72949

she really fucked herself up with the v-line jaw and chin implant. she also has a six-head and needs to stick to the bangs

No. 72950

How are the anons itt so slow that some of you actually bought that. I hate it here.

No. 72953

a bts thread pic again…

No. 72955

she was never cute

its funny because she got so popular out of nowhere for gyrating her crotch on stage and getting "chased by a bee", then everybody regretted hyping her up less than a few months later because shes annoying af and you just randomly see her being trotted out for a random show or event every once in awhile

No. 72958

This isn't the idol spam thread dummy

No. 72966

File: 1579600201029.jpg (28.22 KB, 363x502, wMVJTgV.jpg)

>>72949 V has a sixhead complex which he hides with headbands a lot kek

No. 72967

File: 1579600362418.jpg (1.89 MB, 268x300, 6z9iEC0.jpg)

>>72966 Sei from Weki Meki as well. Any other bangs disguisers? Too bad there is no PS to make foreheads smaller lmao

No. 72968

I mean I guess they could get a hair transplant?

No. 72969

This shit has been posted 100 times before. Fuck off ratmy.

No. 72970

>>72966 He outgrew headbands, now he styles his hair like an emo alpaca to look sophisticated but it's really to hide his sixhead

No. 72972

its not?

No. 72973

File: 1579604882901.jpg (88.75 KB, 600x400, hairline_lowering_surgery_fore…)

it is a thing though

No. 72974

If I remember correctly, Hyolyn has had something done to her forehead to make it smaller, probably a hair transplant

No. 72976

>>72942 She just had to go and ruin her face. She looked decent enough and now look at her.

No. 72984

It's a shame these aesthetic videos went nowhere since nct ended up a flop. It looks like they were really trying to do something a dream/reality concept, and tbh I liked them.

Was gonna post this in kpg but it's locked now

No. 72985

File: 1579624991238.jpg (58.26 KB, 894x331, IMG.jpg)

Not cool. Just because some anon in the last thread wanted that?

No. 72986

that's a big yikes. guess anons here will have to bully out the pic spammers and hardcore stans so the threads don't turn into even more shit if that's even possible

No. 72990

For fucks sake this will end badly, the stans will just sperg out whenever someone talks shit

No. 72991

I got to meet him a kcon last year and he doesn't look like that AT ALL up close.

No. 72992

Yup. That's it with the 'critical' thread. They can't even control the not-so-obvious stans here so imagine a merged thread…they're all gonna come out of the woodworks…

No. 72993

Good fucking luck to us, anon. This was the only place i could safely shit on idols and stans, muh safe space.

No. 72994

It begins…

No. 72995

best tactic to kill off both threads

No. 72997


This decision isn't because of any one anon, it has been on the table for months. It would be nice to cut back on the amount of Kpop threads polluting /m/ and there is no longer any point in keeping this thread separate from the general.

No. 72998

Well it's a terrible decision that's going to lead to tons of quarrels between kpop stans and critical shitposters. Was that considered?

No. 72999

No. 73000

some of these girls look more like lana, the russian kpop idol, than actual korean people. no racebait tho. just like…how do you transform your face so much that you literally don’t look anything like your biological family.

No. 73001

for me its the blue eye contacts that ruin the look

No. 73002

I promise you we don't care. Those kpop stans and critical shitposters are and have always been the exact same people. You of all kpop spergs should be aware of that.

Please take any further complaints to >>>/meta/

No. 73003

This group is so weird, why do they keep adding members every comeback? Next comeback there will be another new girl going by the end of the mv.

No. 73004

Song is okay. Nothing remarkable, but at least there isn't any cringy shit like a forced girl crush concept. Hopefully they aren't going for a rotational group idea (when has that ever worked?), though if >>73003 is right that they're hinting at adding another member then I wonder if that's the plan.

Also, a possible solution for anons who are unhappy with the thread merge- maybe make a kpc discord? It would take away the anonymous aspect, but at least you'll have your own place and it'll be easier to ban stans.

No. 73005

female version of nct: add new members and people still don’t give a shit about them B)(B))

No. 73006

the same people post on both of the threads and kpg's been dead for a year now. stans won't affect the quality of this thread. why is everyone being so dramatic over a kpop thread kek

No. 73007

File: 1579636947212.jpeg (111.01 KB, 540x809, lisa.jpeg)

Lisa without bangs. But they still hid her big ass forehead.

No. 73008

yay now that this is merged I can post pics of my favorite idols feet

No. 73009

You already did fag. I remember someone posting BTS feets

No. 73010

it's kinda early to think about but will next thread be kpg 47 or kpg [insert number the original general thread would be]?
this song is surprisingly not as bad as i expected it to be based off the thumbnail. if any stans have predebut/presurgery pics please share cause they don't even look korean like other anons said
just a couple more years of filler and she'll be heading down the park bom route.

No. 73013

Wasn't nitpicking banned in the last thread? And yet the majority of this thread so far is nitpicks.

No. 73014

She looks pretty without bangs. But she is still terrible at rapping.

No. 73016

something about this pic looks off to me. but I might just prefer her with bangs instead.
I feel like thats common with unpopular groups especially ones from unknown companies. they constantly have members being added just for a bunch of them to leave when the group remains unpopular. sometimes you'll see the same people bouncing between nugu groups for years.

No. 73017

All celebrities get fillers though. Park Bom got half of her face cut off, her lips turned into overinflated monstrosities, among other things, so I don’t think she’ll end up like her.

No. 73018

the revolving door of members is probably some girls realizing their company is shit and not worth the coin flip to see if they can be successful or not

No. 73019

File: 1579647720813.jpeg (456.72 KB, 1000x1550, 4153CFC5-9E09-41E2-A7DB-BA06FE…)

do you guys think wendy is racist and anti-black?

this discourse is old i know but i’m interested to know what anons here think since it’s so taboo to bring up elsewhere. i’m especially interested to know what black anons think.(global rule 7)

No. 73020

look it up in past threads then, the internet is free and waiting for you to use it

No. 73023

File: 1579650856328.jpg (57.88 KB, 769x1019, rockstar_blackhoodie_769x1019.…)

I don't condone bullying but parents would be smart not to get this for their kid, they're just asking to get their asses kicked

Thank you. People please google, better yet think of something, anything new to discuss, i don't even like wendy but this is so old and has been discussed 5935284 times. And unless you think every instance of so called "cultural appropriation" hair = all k idols are inherently and permanently racist, it's pretty clear Wendy was just going with the flow to be entertaining on that variety show, I don't think it's proof she's a horrible racist garbage person, also SK doesn't care about your nuanced western views on this stuff, american/european point of view is not the only point of view, other cultures have other priorities, you don't get to dictate how every human on earth thinks or feels

No. 73025

File: 1579651368279.png (2.21 MB, 1125x2436, 3998717E-A679-4949-AD48-A2EE08…)

speaking of wendy, the police are apparently investigating sbs after her fall. i don’t know if anything is gonna come from it since we all know they could pay off the cops but public sentiment against sbs was bad and it’s a public broadcast company

No. 73026

i can honestly say at first i thoght she was racist but i think i was more so hurt that someone i really thought was talented and rooted for just saw me and people that look like me as stereotypes and ngl it hurt. But after awhile i started listening to red velvet again because their music is really good to me and i always admired wendys strong vocals. Also since reading critical and seeing what others thought about her and how much her weight fluctuates. I couldnt help but feel bad for her because i relate to her. She seems like a normal awkward quirky girl who ust so happens to be famous. IDk man im high as shit and seeing how far she fell and how she literally couldve died i realized how stupid short life is.

No. 73027

File: 1579652637759.jpg (165.25 KB, 500x1493, 0001413202_001_202001191811041…)

No just stupid, and her report card of getting straight As tell me nothing. She her focus was music, not science, so she is braindead like the rest of k-idols, they do shit becuase they think it's cool / interesting, but there are honestly those who are racist for sure. She's just not one of them.
I know you mean well and inb4 people shit on you but please don't feel bad about her, she and kpop idols don't give 2 shits about anyone but themselves. They might pretend actually care, but at the end of the day, they ultimately don't and do it for money. Take it from me, you will have better peace of mind if you treat every little thing they do is shit.


Anyone else curious about Han So Hee's mental health. Yea she comes off as a "boss bitch" but I wonder what goes on behind the scenes.

No. 73032

Not racist but probably biased or prejudiced. It's funny that people want westerners to accept Korean culture and customs and stans usually call out Americans for being culturally unaware, for example thinking that boy groups are inherently gay it girly, but it's okay for Koreans to say ignorant shit because "uwu their culture" I already know my opinion isn't popular plus it's stale milk, but this is my opinion, and I don't want to get banned for race-baiting.

No. 73036

I think I know the reason now why Koreans prefer boring, soft music and it’s because of coffee shops. There are some good songs in the genre but the genre is so popular that anything remotely slow and sad goes to the top of the charts (I’m exaggerating but still). Given that Koreans drink the most coffee and have an excessive amount of coffee shops, it’s probably natural that a lot of them are familiarized with the songs that they’d play at a coffee shop. Also the ballad genre goes pretty far back in Korean history I believe but I’m not sure how relevant that is.
This is totally a random question but does anyone else have thoughts on this? I know it’s the kpop crit thread but a lot of Koreans are critical of kpop yet anyway.

No. 73037

Koreans are so adamant about skincare yet drink too much coffee and alcohol kek

No. 73038

>>72985 That was the worst fucking thing possible that they could have done. Now the stans are going to come here and make a fucking racket.

No. 73047

File: 1579693181024.jpg (199.6 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20200122_123143.jpg)

actually the best explanation for why koreans tend to prefer ballads and 'bland' music is this - pic related 1/2

No. 73048

File: 1579693202292.jpg (394.22 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20200122_123729.jpg)


No. 73050

How can you showcase the Han if you lack Technic?? Singers that are technically superior can sing any type of songs.

No. 73051

What kpop artist/song today would be considered the most Han though? Just to get an idea of it.

No. 73052

probably chen's beautiful goodbye

No. 73054

>>73047 Koreans love gugak like pansori because it expresses hann aka bitterness (a Japanese colonial era concept of suffering), but you rarely find performers who are good. Song Sohee is known as a national treasure because she is 97-liner folk music performer. She's definitely a different level to most idols or ballad singers.

No. 73056

>>73054 Kpop and idol music don't really express hann lol

No. 73058

Song Ga In is also popular right now after winning a Trot contest, she was the only decent sounding live singer at the KBS Gayo kek. She started in pansori and her voice is great in expressing hann so she sounds better singing pansori imo (fuck trot). And So Hyang.

No. 73060

i think they prefer the usage of music as a vessel to express emotion rather than brag about your vocal ability. you can express han with less technical skill through instrumentation and lyricism but technical skill wont always mean your voice and message deliver the feeling of han. this doesnt mean excellent technique is undesirable or bad. its just a cultural preference.

arirang is probably the best example of what koreans think of when they think of han.

No. 73063

RIP in pieces /KPC/. You were a shitshow most of the time, but we had some good milk.

No. 73064

Koreans needs more hype songs

No. 73066

Chen is collaborating with Dynamic Duo.

No. 73067

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+353, -22] He's totally ignoring his fans… What an attitude on him. Gives me goosebumps.

2. [+271, -16] Is he even thinking right now..

3. [+188, -28] If you're an idol, the least you can do is wear a condom ㅡㅡ

4. [+30, -4] Great, he can join as Dynamic Duo's newest member

5. [+28, -1] Wow, he's sure living comfortably ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's always the people who cause the mess who never actually deal with it ㅋㅋㅋ what a clueless idiot ㅋㅋ

6. [+26, -0] Even if his wedding announcement was sudden, the way he's handling the aftermath is going to make even trusted fans get suspicious… All he left was one ambiguous letter and there are rampant rumors everywhere. Wouldn't it be better for him to come out with a follow up statement? A collab like this is only negatively affecting his collab partners too.

7. [+25, -0] Well he wants to keep making money

8. [+21, -0] Wow…. amazing how he's just ignoring everything

9. [+14, -0] He basically threw his fans into the trash can

10. [+13, -3] That's quite the thick skin on him…


No. 73068

Reminds me of enka and Chinese folk music

No. 73069

Chen shouldn't be forced to give up music just being femcels are foaming at the mouth. How disgusting and entitled. They don't own his life or his body. They never even had a chance with him anyway.

No. 73070

>>73060 You can find IU or BTS versions of Arirang but So Hyang sings it best

No. 73071

the perfect example of historical context, emotional composition and great vocal technique working in sync to convey han

No. 73077

It's been less than 24 hours and most posts are already from korea worshippers…sad

No. 73078

And it's not like he knocked up some hooker or a one night stand. He got his longtime girlfriend pregnant and decided to do the right thing by marrying her. He's 27 years old, not 17. It's really weird to expect him to remain celibate for life

No. 73080

I posted a lot of those pansori videos to diss Kpop, which sounds like ass because they literally jump around while trying to sing.

No. 73082

>>73078 Doubt SM gives a shit, EXO has lost so many members already. Chen is gonna enlist and then return as a solo artist like Sungmin who is still under SM, is a YouTuber these days and goes by the name of "Liu" kek. Chen could do a reverse Sungmin and drop the fake Chinese moniker and revert to JD.

SM are so big one of the advantages is their artists can get into dating or bullying scandals like Sulli, Taeyong, Chen, Siwon, Sungmin etc and the company will just shield them and let them do what they want because they have so many revenue streams. Whereas a smaller company like Cube Entertainment kicked out Edawn and Hyuna because they depend heavily on Pentagon's success. I also want a BTS member to get into a huge scandal to see if Bigshit will shield them like SM.

No. 73086

unless it was on the level or burning sun I don't see why bighit wouldn't shield them. does bighit have any good money makers other than bts yet?

No. 73087

File: 1579714332137.png (412.92 KB, 622x557, Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 17.32…)

aren't they tired of just being a sideshow

No. 73088

i can already see the 'drama' when they end up being just backup dancers

No. 73089

They recently bought PLEDIS and they also have GFriend but they're nugus in SK I think.

No. 73090

i also don't get how they can all perform since only one of them is actually featured on the song and there are allegedly so many other performers for this performance anyway. if true seems like they were just desperate to be the first kpop group to perform at the grammys

No. 73091

>>73087 Kek they are gonna be performing RM's cringy Old Town Road remix with the other remixes instead of their own songs?

>>73089 Bigshit haven't acquired Pledis. It was rumored. Anyway they should've acquired RBW & Mamamoo who actually have US expansion potential rather than Gfriend, but Bang PD let his close personal relationship with Source Music CEO cloud his professional judgment which shows you he isn't good CEO material.

No. 73092


The good majority of people are also sick of the song. This is cheap in general, and a cheap way for the Grammy's to get international viewing figures (or be streamed I guess) because 'uwu look at my boyfreinds!'

No. 73093

>>73092 it's pissing off Ratmies = good milk. Good milk is never cheap my friend

No. 73094

Oh they're actually mad about this or are we simply expecting them to be? I don't disagree with the milk tho, just a normally cheap move for the Grammys or any show promoting BTS

No. 73095

They’re being so petty. They should be glad because that’s the best they could possibly get, but they refuse to show any signs of humility. They want to boycott them cause “BTS are too good for the Grammys anyway!” Like get a grip.

No. 73096

How popular is seventeen in general? I thought they were stagnating especially since they haven't had anything close to a hit song since like 2017. but their physicals sale pretty much doubled in 2019. some stans say it's because they got a lot of chinese fans but it still seems like a weird jump.
I'm surprised they went for source music over rbw but tbf source music only has one group and gfriend are kinda of past their prime when it comes to digital sales.

No. 73097

i've already seen their saltiness, complaining that bts wont get their own stage, and how grammies are just using them yada yadda

No. 73098

i don't get why they ever thought bts would get their own stage when they couldn't even get nominated lol

No. 73102

>>73096 it wasn't a surprise since So Sungjin is close to Bang PD and Eunha and SinB were Bigshit trainees, but yeah, Gfriend are past it once they grow too old for girly concepts because they can't really sing well. Mamamoo is the kind of group that can last as long as the girls don't fall out since they are womanly, vocally decent and their Grrl Power discography has international appeal, it's just not marketed internationally well enough by RBW but their song themes and grown up styling have more Western appeal than typical Kpop output.

Someone like Hwasa who's tan, curvy with single lids would be considered better looking by both sexes in Western markets than IU or Suzy lmao, whereas in SK Mamamoo are considered visually inferior not matter how well they sing

No. 73103

File: 1579716927094.png (25.18 KB, 511x90, Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 18.14…)

not them feigning offense over things the guy tweeted as a dumb teenager while continuing to pretend their racist misogynist money grubbing favs are perfect

No. 73107

>Someone like Hwasa who's tan, curvy with single lids would be considered better looking in Western Markets than IU or Suzy lmao
No she wouldn't, she's ugly regardless of social standards or whatever, quit coping. Just say she's talented and fuck off, that's what should matter.

No. 73108

>>73107 what if people don't find Hwasa ugly tho? She appeared on Hyena on the Keyboard and I Live Alone makeupless, and won KBS and MBC entertainment excellence awards (i think KBS gave her a prize for like a 2 episode appearance because her song with Loco was a hit).

No. 73109

lil nas is islamophobic and bts and their company got in bed with the crown family of an islamic dictatorship, theres a good joke in there somewhere i just know it

No. 73110

>>73109 BTS hold concerts all over the world, just because they performed in China doesn't mean they back the CCP dictatorship, nor does performing in Brazil and US mean they support Bolsanaro or Trump, dumbfuck

No. 73112

i agree that ordinarily performing in a country doesn't mean you support that government, but they were invited there by the govt specifically, likely in an attempt to bolster geopolitical relations as well as sa's image. there have also recently been influencers who have been called out for doing pr for sa https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/23/shameless-influencers-face-backlash-for-promoting-saudi-arabia-music-festival

No. 73114

thank you, this was exactly my point. also can yall both learn to sage thanks

No. 73116

you don’t know a lot about saudi arabia otherwise you wouldn’t spew shit like this trying to sound woke

No. 73117

kek, fucking SEA fans. the western world doesn’t give a shit about venerating islam. it’s not a cancellable offense

No. 73120

Hi stan-chan sorry ur thread got locked

No. 73121

>>73116 I've got Saudi friends and I've been to Jedda. Red Velvet performed in North Korea and I'd say KSA are bad but not worse than North Korea. It doesn't mean SM or South Korea support Kim Jong Un's regime, it is just a chance for cultural exchange to show North Koreans what South Korean culture is like and hopefully trigger their interest in better bilateral ties. Kpop and Kdrama is very superficial but pop culture breaks down barriers and North Koreans are known to consume Kpop on the sly to get to know what the world outside NK is like. It could lead to a revolution someday yknow?

Same thing as Saudi Arabia, isolating them and denying them cultural exchange doesn't break down barriers. If Kpop can liberalise conservative attitudes and lead to more open-minded world views in KSA for the future generations, then BTS performing in KSA is worth it.

No matter how bad a country's government is, it doesn't help the country's people improve their worldview and understand the world outside their oppressive environment by excluding them from cultural exchanges.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73123

tell that to the $8 billion economic cooperation deal president moon (big bts fan, coincidentally) closed with SA just this summer. the money goes to the crown.

No. 73124

KSA is definitely worse than NK, but putting that aside the situation isn’t comparable. North and South Korea were the same country not that long ago and a lot of Koreans still hope for reunification. They share a language, history, & culture and those sorts of cultural exchanges are necessary to help prevent the situation from escalating into full-blown war. AFAIK South Korea and Saudi Arabia are not perpetually on the brink of war.

No. 73125

lol this is the most retarded take lmao

go back to twitter dumbass

No. 73126

File: 1579719777844.jpeg (59.77 KB, 275x265, 1575388779834.jpeg)

It begins, anons

No. 73127

>If Kpop can liberalise conservative attitudes and lead to more open-minded world views in KSA for the future generations, then BTS performing in KSA is worth it.
I hope it’s just a stupid troll because that’s a concerning take.

No. 73128

you heard it here first folks, kpop is going to save the world!

No. 73129

>>KSA is definitely worse than NK,

Lmao so how many people are starving and do millions die in mass famines in Saudi Arabia? You realize North Korea is a failed economy where entire families are forced into gulags if 1 person pisses off the regime and there's no internet connection with the outside world or freedom to leave the country because North Korea rarely issues passports? Saudi's per capita GDP is around USD$56K and North Korea is USD$1.7K, there's no jobs, no food, no material comfort and lots of forced labour and torture.

I'm not saying KSA is perfect especially in terms of women's rights and religious freedom but most North Koreans aren't even securely on the lowest tier of Maslow's hierachy of needs.

I once watched a NK TV propaganda feature of a Pyongyang family living in a high rise apartment, it was obviously staged to show how good life in NK is to the outside world. The giveaway? The family's son saw a banana in the ktichen and didn't know how to peel it.

No. 73130

I really hope you are 12. Otherwise you have awful lot to do to understand how politics and the world overall works.
Your precious kpop boys won't change anything. They are cashcows at best and a way to shut down the complaining general public because the government is so woke and even invite a sinful kpop group.

No. 73131

Let’s not start to compare the plague and the cholera. Both are trash.

No. 73133

yea i really cant believe we're here debating which exploitative oppressive dictatorship is worse lol

No. 73135

>>Otherwise you have awful lot to do to understand how politics and the world overall works.

Nobody is saying BTS aren't cashcows. I'm saying they and other Kpop bands are useful political tools for SK's government to build bilateral ties with Saudi, NK, US etc etc, which is why RV, BTS, EXO get roped in to shake hands with the Trumps, sing in KSA and take photos with Kim Jong Un. Those country's ideologies may be undesirable but their money and desire to buy SK exports is not to Koreans. What on earth do you think the point of KPop and Hallyu is? It's a soft power tool supported by the SK cultural ministry to boost Korean exports of food, makeup, tech industries.

Grow up and understand how politics and the world works eh? Some idiots here genuinely think Saudi Arabia, a country where obesity is rampant, is worse than North Korea, a country where literally only 1 person is fat and everyone else is skin and bones due to the lack of food security.

No. 73136

Ebin centrist take.

No. 73137

Saudi Arabia and North Korea have had to endure drastically different material and historical circumstances. One is an extremely rich country with an abundance of natural resources allied to the world’s largest superpower, the other is a fledgling country with an inarable rocky landscape whose infrastructure was bombed into oblivion in the 20th century and is cut off from international trade and under constant threat from the world’s largest superpower. Which country do you think struggles more to feed its populace?

No. 73139

saudi arabia is literally bombing & starving yemenis you dumb fuck. they are a human rights disaster, and the bottom line is no musician should perform there and be allowed to turn a profit. red velvet likely performed for free in nk. bts performed in a massive stadium as part of their tour.

jesus christ this merger was the worst thing to happen.

No. 73140

>>Which country do you think struggles more to feed its populace?

What kind of a question is that? I already said NK is worse, do you think you know better than me lol.

Saudi was not always rich, they found oil in the 1930s and went from 3rd world to developing undemocratic oil state. I don't think they are truly 1st world having been there.

>>the other is a fledgling country with an inarable rocky landscape whose infrastructure was bombed into oblivion in the 20th century and is cut off from international trade and under constant threat from the world’s largest superpower.

Why do you not mention NK's oppressive communist dictatorship as if NK's difficult circumstances was all down to the Korean war and the US? China left communism behind why can't NK? Vietnam and SK were bombed to oblivion too.

All of Kim Jong Il's policies utterly failed and starved millions to death in the 1990s. North Korea has trillion dollars worth of natural mineral reserves, when the Korean War ended it was universally acknowledged that North Korea got better geographical territories richer in natural resources and South Korea actually didn't develop as fast as the North initially. North Korea fucked up badly and still continue fucking up because successive Kim regimes have zero economic nous. See the linked video.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73142

>>73139 aren't NK threatening to fire nukes at Japan and South Korea/Seoul everytime they don't get their way? As I said, nobody is defending Saudi ideology, it's undesirable but their money is not, how many countries are unwilling to sell them shit for Saudi cash? America, Britain, France, China, etc etc all do it. Why is SK having bilateral ties or trade with Saudi worse than what other countries do? Do you expect SK to turn down Saudi trade? Do you expect BTS to turn down being government puppets when they accept the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit?

I'm not even a Ratmy I love it when BTS and Bigshit fuck up with shady shit lol

No. 73144

Do you know nothing of what Saudi has been doing to Yemen since 2015? You're such an ignorant moron, why don't you take a break from kpop and your asia obsession?

No. 73145

>>73144 Anon, do you also hate the US? I hope so because what Saudi are doing to Yemen, the US have done to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria Vietnam, Korea, Japan etc etc by bombing innocent civilians to smithereens. They arw evil, we get it.

NK is also evil, but it's even more inept and unstable. They are threatening to nuke SK or sell nukes to terror groups and Iran. NK starved millions to death by sheer ineptitude, female NK refugees willingly sell themselves to human traffickers to be smuggled to China for free and sold as brides to Chinese farmers. Until that's a thing in Saudi Arabia, shut up about it being worse. At least Saudis have enough to eat and can get passports to leave the country.

No. 73147

Well if North Korea ever nukes South Korea we will all be forced to take a break from Kpop. Kek

No. 73148

I don't think lolfarmers here realize that without a passport you basically are stateless and can't enter another country legally.

No. 73149

I take a special interest in North Korea and generally the one thing wrong with what you said (as explained by other anons) is that cultural exchanges are really helpful in improving relations between North Korea (assuming they don’t feel like nuking the world for the day) and building towards a potential reunification. It’s not “we support this regime” it’s “we support our country” sort of thing.

Also, wasn’t BTS UNICEF thing funded by Saudis? Massive lol. Korea and Kpop also wouldn’t be on the priority list for a “cultural exchange” thing either.

No. 73150

Who even thought the merger was a good idea, the two threads little rally have opposing opinions. It’s never going to work because people can hardly keep to not bashing SEA fans around here.

Isn’t there an idol picture spam thread or something? Those two should be merged together.

No. 73151

? Not condoning the behavior but blacks, whites, east asians, and arabs have all been shitted on endlessly in these terrible threads. Why do you keep singling out SEAs being the only ones? Just report it and move on.

No. 73152

The incels are fighting the incels….. what a great way to mark the end of KPC.

No. 73154

bts actually donated proceeds from their tour merch or something to yemen which adds an extra layer of irony to this whole situation.

No. 73155

Everyone's gonna get banned for infighting over two doomed countries and plastic men.

Myötist ebin

No. 73156

at this point we dont even need external milk. plenty created within this thread.

No. 73159

Because this thread in particular had or has an issue with constantly being negative towards SEA fans or idols. It’s sort of ironic because Korea seems to have the same issue yet we constantly bash them for being so behind on certain issues.

No. 73160

I actually have family from Saudi Arabia and 1) it sucks there, and if you’re not a member of the 1%, you’re living a nightmare fueled by capitalism.
2) I have a 12 year old female relative living there so I asked her if she went to the bts concert, and she told me that the only people who went were “Pakistani girls who aren’t allowed to talk to boys”.

Sage bc no one asked

No. 73162

If anything, kpop will be the same thing in the likes of Saudi - little girls covertly believing these idols are somehow in a relationship with them and putting them on the very same pedestal as Koreans do.

No. 73163

Thread merge was a huge mistake

No. 73164

Enough derailing over which countries are shit and why. This is a thread to discuss kpop, not politics.

Those who are consistent racebaiters are subject to a permanent ban from /m/.

No. 73165

Seventeen is one of the top selling boy groups and Woozi, their producer is one of the top money earning producers in Korea right now. They sold out their US tour and the two Chinese members are brand ambassadors.

No. 73166

Gfriend hasn't made comeback for a year after being acquired by bighit.

No. 73167

They're coming back next month and the presales are already the highest they've ever had, guess the move to Bigshit is working out so far.

No. 73168

Kpop general should be merged with idol spam, not Kpop Critical

No. 73172

Sage your shit autist

No. 73174

File: 1579745353779.jpg (258.39 KB, 1200x610, unnamed.jpg)

Is it just me or is Sana looking kind of artificial…

No. 73179

so is nitpicking allowed again after kpg died?

No. 73185

Lisa and her creepy wide closed mouth smile. Who smiles like that?(nitpicking)

No. 73191

If the mods are gonna force a merge they should at least let us have this…

No. 73193

>>73087 Knetz response to BTS being a Lil Nas sideshow

1. [+292, -3] It’s a collaboration, but it’s not easy to be a performer. I heard it was the first time in Asia, right? They went to the Grammy last year and they said they didn’t know when it was going to happen, but they wanted to do it, whether it was the performer or the winner ㅠㅠCongratulations. Next year, let’s win and perform alone!

2. [+216, -6] Of course, I appreciate the joint performance with Lil Nas X, but many people feel sad about why they don’t give BTS the solo stage and use only the popularity and fame of BTS. Of course, we want to congratulate ARMY because they know how hard it’s for them and BTS… BTS could have done better, but the discrimination really held them back.

6. [+22, -0] Last year’s awarder, this year’s performer, next year’s winner.

So obvious Bigshit and BTS are prob performing in hopes that if they play nice, Grammys will award them next year for MOTS7.

No. 73194

Even if bts would win next year, they wouldn't have all the members there correct? As if they'd ever fucking win but that'd be another ratmy spergfest.

No. 73196


Out of all nitpicks this is the most confusing kek

No. 73197

Only one of them has to enlist by December and I suppose they could postpone it for a couple of months if it is for a Grammys performance. But it’s not their main vocalist either way.

No. 73200

I'm confused as well kek
Shouldn't the original poster get banned too because >>73007 has no content whatsoever and will definitely get nitpicking as responses

No. 73203

Wouldn't they need better music for that?

No. 73206

File: 1579761565161.jpg (361.24 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20200123_073853.jpg)

No. 73207

It's almost like i said "as if", anon.

No. 73211

You can have that on twitter though.

No. 73218

Article: After the 'Gayo Daejun' accident, Wendy is still hospitalized a month later
Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+1,002, -12] Were they lazy with the stage set up just because it was a one time event? And how are they going to compensate her monetarily and for the mental strain they've put her through? She'll continue to have to suffer with this trauma. Wendy, find strength.

2. [+769, -10] Wendy, recover healthy and strong!!

3. [+622, -9] Now she can't even promote because of those sh*tty staff members

4. [+28, -0] She injured her pelvis, so… that's going to hurt when she gets older or when it's raining ㅠ sigh, this young kid has a lot of suffering ahead of her. I doubt she'll even be compensated for it properly.

5. [+27, -0] She'll likely have trauma but what about the post injury symptoms

6. [+22, -0] Anyone who's broken a bone will know how this feels ㅠ the aftereffects of a bone injury lasts long ㅠ especially if it's her pelvis…

7. [+22, -0] Seems like SBS not only has to pay for all of her treatments but also pay up a compensation fee~!

8. [+18, -0] It's not like she broke an arm, she broke her pelvis and wrist… Most women suffer injuries to those areas after childbirth and childrearing and yet she's already injured them ㅠㅠ

9. [+18, -1] She's so severely injured that I don't think she'll be back for any promos the first half of the year..

10. [+14, -0] A pelvic fracture… sigh, you'll suffer for life if you injure anywhere near the middle of your body like your hips ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ injuring any part of your pelvis causes you to limp when you walk

No. 73220

sick of yall treating this thread like its reddit. no1curr about knetz's mundane takes on old news.

No. 73221

seriously, why do they keep coming back?

No. 73222

yeah those comments aren't even interesting/do not contain new info

No. 73234

They make sm a lot of money. I think they are very popular in South America.

No. 73238

File: 1579802695215.jpeg (43.01 KB, 388x509, B6F48F4E-71F5-464D-9C97-6BBBAF…)

bts needs to stop going for the long hair look it doesn’t work for any of them lol(nitpicking)

No. 73264

We can't even talk shit, what's the point of this thread?

No. 73265

File: 1579826460226.jpeg (150.93 KB, 749x1084, BF341BF0-D150-44CC-A21C-943297…)

Yeri accidentally shading bts is so funny.

No. 73266

No. 73269

How is she "shading" them? I think she means she is envious of them because they could take a pic with ariana. I know some of you are trying to come up with a topic but stop trying so hard.

No. 73272

it seems like they have a comeback every few months and for what reason? their music is trash and even if they are popular in south america they can't be making that much money for sm.

No. 73273

Sj is probably the most corny group ever
All their songs would be meme tier if they debuted in the 3rd/4th gen

No. 73312

File: 1579873597020.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.23 KB, 281x500, 20191218_024222.thumb.jpg.5c3b…)

i just saw this and im in absolute shock. i thought he looked bad with the excessive snow app filters but jesus christ this man needs help. hes like 30 years old too. can i be banned for nitpicking if the whole thing is objectively horrifying?

viewer discretion is advised.

No. 73313

Who is this?

No. 73314


Who tf is that?! Nightmare fuel

No. 73316

he's been posted time to time from last threads. still nightmare fuel.

A lot of anons wanted to get rid of the kpop threads and they did the one thing to make it definite. just get the stans and critical anons in one thread, could be that it'll be dead soon.

No. 73317

kim jion from a nobody group n.tic

No. 73318

File: 1579878287850.jpg (1.57 MB, 2000x2000, tk1z0n9i42h11.jpg)

his before and after is fun

No. 73319

and those afters are edited to hell and back. >>73312 is the real after apparently

No. 73320

And those befores are already after PS…

No. 73321

…I thought it was going to be a picture of utah

Yeah I remember seeing his edited pics here. Surprised to see his unedited face is just as scary

No. 73347

Ah the Jaejoong skinwalker. Can't believe some company actually acquired and let this monstrosity debuted.

No. 73357

The embarrassment on this one… Just shows you how dumb some kpop "fans" are. One of them even made the heart with her hand and later was fake explaining who he was to another woman, lol. Pathetic.

No. 73359

Oh, and to add the dumb ratmies from the comments:
"He looks like jhope not jungkook."
For most of them, Asians can only look similar to one of the 7 members of BTShit. Cuz that's all they know. Racist without realizing it.

No. 73362

File: 1579906257012.jpg (57.61 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20200124-224810_You…)

The comments made me suicidal. Kpop was a mistake.

No. 73363


is everyone insane?

No. 73364

honestly even at 12 I knew saying shit like this was wrong, so I have no explanation here..

No. 73368

File: 1579924123578.jpg (132.05 KB, 715x867, 9198471894738975198.jpg)

ratmies crying because they seriously thought their oppars wouldn't be treated as backup dancers/ puppets on stage to the point that they made a trending hashtag #btsdeservesbetter


These retards don't realize the average non-kpop obsessed American doesn't give a shit about them and are sick and tired of seeing them on tv. Thanks for giving the Grammy's views retarded rats kek, simple marketing and they always fall for it

No. 73369

Didn't the Grammys just get exposed for racism and sexual exploitation? Like with proof that is verified? I thought BTS hated all white people and were ~woke~ ? Their fans are absurd cause they swear up and down that BTS is above the west but them loose their mind the moment the west throws them a bone just admit you want western validation no matter what and go. Woke was a term that meant something so friggin important and now it's just a PR buzzword.

No. 73370


1. [+515, -13] I clicked the article without expecting much of a change so I'm surprised at how much he's actually lost ㅎㅎ

2. [+446, -13] Wow, that is actually amazing

3. [+390, -14] He does look a lot slimmer seeing him in a two shot with Kyuhyun like this, amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+34, -1] This is the first time he's actually looked like he lost weight, amazing

5. [+27, -2] But why does he always look the same on TV?

6. [+26, -9] His pictures all photoshopped, he looked the same on 'Knowing Bros'

7. [+26, -2] The problem is whether he's able to maintain it

8. [+20, -0] Hopefully he takes care of himself and doesn't go back

9. [+18, -2] He looks a lot more handsome~ proves that the best plastic surgery is diet!!!

10. [+13, -0] Wow, that's a lot of weight he lost. It's amazing as long as he doesn't yoyo.

11. [+10, -2] His face looks like it's melting off in unedited photos though

12. [+9, -0] Huk, he definitely looks like he lost a lot compared to his last set of pictures ㅋㅋㅋ-

No. 73371

Shindong looks like a different person every time I see him….

No. 73372

The fact he lost that much weight that fast means he's going to balloon back up even faster.

No. 73373

Imageboard, anon.

No. 73374

exactly this. knowing korea I doubt he's dieting healthily

No. 73388

I've left this thread ever since the merging thing but at this point it's better to close this abomination of a thread all together. I barely see any saged posts which is because a bunch of stans who didn't even know what in imageboard was or is have hijacked this thread and spam it with shit discussed years ago or post every netizen comment released…some of you know way too much to even be a casual fan.
This is no better than allkpop or onehallyu…

No. 73396

>I've left this thread ever since the merging thing
so… 2 days ago?

Oldfag wannabe minimods look even dumber when they sperg about sage on the non drama boards. Agree that the anon who keeps spamming netibuzz needs to fuck off though.

No. 73426

>some of you know way too much to even be a casual fan
literally no one but kpop stans would participate in this thread, there's no way to discuss the genre (even the negative aspects of it) if you don't know anything about it

No. 73432

it's worse now bc their woke kings who don't talk about wars or whatever aren't dropping out when loads of big names are bc of the controversy around the grammys but they're that desperate to even be on stage during a performance

No. 73438

The real question is why are Super Junior still in the news. I'm pissed off every time I see those has-been old guys.

No. 73441

File: 1579992241713.jpeg (205.28 KB, 1080x2007, 99E249F8-16AD-472D-BA5F-A90BEF…)

wtf is wrong with ratmies

No. 73443

being an army is the most widespread disease ever

millions have been affected all over the world

No. 73444

I wonder why SM insists on promoting them. They never missed a year for comebacks since 2005, whether it's for their main group or subunits.

No. 73446

Making fun of a real ongoing disease is not funny

No. 73450

Not a disease, an epidemic. Fuck ratmies, don’t take this shit so lightly.

No. 73451

This is quit fun actually? You guys make a big deal out of nothing just to talk about your faves.

No. 73452

This is hilarious.

No. 73455

Lol the west takes bts as seriously as the yodeling kid and that makes me laugh

No. 73458

What ever happened to nayeons stalker? Did he give up? Haven’t heard about him in a while

No. 73459

File: 1580022401924.jpg (63.8 KB, 861x466, EPId3_2WkAAz9Y8.jpg)

Nah, he's still at it. Leaked chaeyoungs phone number today.

No. 73460

File: 1580022648391.png (640.16 KB, 750x550, SEApink.png)

Alright boys, time for me to sperg about a Blackpink theory I have.

We all know that army's are retarded, and that most BG stans fall under two categories:

(1) Dumb preteen girls looking for an outlet for the hormonal urges they're getting from puberty
(2) 40+ noona aunties who are starved for sexual attachment

but if you really think about it, the main reason (I suspect) people have for stanning BP could almost be MORE pathetic in nature:

I hypothesize that most of the rabid stans BP has are girls who are desperately trying to live vicariously through Blackpink.

As in, they're unremarkable girls at the bottom of the social hierarchy who hate almost everything about themselves, so they project themselves onto the Blackpink idols so they can pretend they aren't fat and ugly IRL. It's almost a coping mechanism.

This also explains why Blackpink gained like 90% of their relvancy from Southeast Asia. Because most other big K-pop girl groups don't have jungle-Asian members, lil' Corazon from the Phillipines can't fantasize about being Irene as rabidly and easily as she can about BP. It's all about how easily they can project themselves.

Don't even get me started on hijabi fans from Indonesia.

Anyways, these fans can soothe both their personal insecurities as well as any ethnic inferiority complexes they might have with copes like "well… muh Lisa is SEA too and she's ~beautiful~ so I don't have to feel bad about myself!!!!!"

in short, YGE is just farming copes for profit. big brain strats.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73461


samefag but this ALSO explains why the cancer that is the TAEKOOK ship is so fucking popular.

Because Junglebook is basically the default male k-idol for normies, and Lisa basically represents every desperate SEA femcel. They think of her as a stand-in for themselves so they flick the bean to the thought of jungkook and lisa (and by extension, themselves) together.

tl;dr they wanna fantasize about themselves fucking famous korean boys

No. 73462

File: 1580023394830.jpg (162.09 KB, 940x804, chaeyoung.jpg)

she got pissed

No. 73463

File: 1580023602999.png (52.79 KB, 898x408, ytg 1.png)

at first I thought maybe her message might've finally made him realize they don't like him but there's really no hope for him

No. 73464

I feel like army have been so much worse lately. The brand recognition thing is one of the more frustrating things. Jimin has maintained #1 and now it's a brag cause he did nothing (despite a comeback and that project being announced). BTS always seems to be doing something or promoting themselves. When G-Dragon came back at #2 immediately it was rigged cause "He did nothing".

The underdog stories are getting old, too. When you're #1 for that long you're not an underdog.

No. 73465

I think when they say he did “nothing” what they really mean is he hasn’t been active on social media. taehyung was very active this month but he was only 4th.

No. 73466

At this point Twice should just disband lol. This guy and his other 4chan ilk arent going to stop until they're dead. The girls are going to have to live in fear forever now. And still no legal action has actually been taken? Sounds like the lawsuit was just a front jyp put on to try to scare this guy and the 4chan guy away and it did absolutely nothing. He showed up at Nayeons house a couple of days ago. Only a bullet can stop these freaks.

No. 73469

I guess, in SK it is the same as in most countries in the world: as long as your stalker does "nothing" violent, you can't do anything about it. It's infuriating. How many people have stalker-issues around the world and feel helpless, because they can''t do anything against it.
Twice is a pedo-show, but no one deserves this kind of psychological terror.
This Josh-guy is clearly a psychopath.

No. 73473

File: 1580031723289.jpg (116.7 KB, 720x384, 20200126_113909.jpg)

This dude is a delusional narcissist and it's infuriating. I hope he gets his ass kicked

No. 73475

Saying "It's not fair" while he leaked her phone number kek. I also noticed this guy wrote in google translated informal korean, as if talking to his friend kek. Stupid asshole.

No. 73478

File: 1580039325968.jpg (252.06 KB, 946x2048, EPMT4-OUYAArZCD.jpeg.jpg)

No. 73479

Why the hell is jyp posting updates about this guy's antics on their official accounts

Schizo dude needs to hurry up and kill himself

No. 73485

File: 1580049250823.png (33.28 KB, 1084x304, 1580048805965.png)

wait… so that retard from /mu/ wasn't larping?

No. 73486

samefag, a few weeks ago Mina's stalker posted a picture saying it was Chaeyoung's profile pic, and he bought the number from a sasaeng, i think. of course nobody believed him, but it's crazy how he actually managed to find Mina's house. fucking incels.

i have the pic but i don't think i should post it

No. 73489

That’s not the first time a number is leaking. The problem is staff selling these informations.
Post it we don’t care!

No. 73491

File: 1580052110303.jpg (Spoiler Image,663.36 KB, 1080x2220, 1578429161636.jpg)


and apparently this's recorded when the stalker was talking to japanese police:

i'm not completely sure if it's real tho

No. 73493

where did you find this? Im thirsty for news

No. 73495

Lmaooo what in the fuck is this new nct song

No. 73496

NTA but Mina's stalker browses /mu/ on 4chan

No. 73497

yep, this is all from /mu/. there's some good stuff there, you just gotta ignore the autistic feet/pit posts

No. 73498

Oh ok. There are too many threads and they all spamm retarted dahyun

No. 73499

they're literally not gonna do shit because there is NO precedent or procedure to deal with rich foreigners in korea

they wont even deport his ass and thats probably the only thing they COULD do
there are loopholes to everything in their country if you are not a korean citizen, the rules pretty much dont apply to you until you actually kill someone

and unfortunately there have been a lot of cases of american soldiers doing horrible shit while in korea(killing or raping prostitutes etc) and even a lot of them have gotten off scot free because theres no procedure to deal with a foreigner who commits a crime
much less random weirdos obsessed with kpop kek

korea better do something about the laws

No. 73500

File: 1580057099081.png (50.43 KB, 900x492, lol.png)

now he's running back to germany

No. 73501

Oh god I'm scared for the girls. I can only imagine how fcking paranoid they're gonna live their lives now

No. 73502

im sure he and his twin will be back

No. 73503

File: 1580057249841.jpg (75 KB, 656x749, ezgif-2-553dc3e6eab8.jpg)

First time hearing about mina's stalker so i searched about it and found this


Apparently he was caught by the police in japan for stalking mina's house and this is what he said in defense:

>Was this really necessary, Mina? You could have just said “no” and I would have left. You’re scared of me? Am I a monster to you? — From the alleged stalker’s post on 4chan

As if people could trust psychopaths

>Scarily, the 4chan user insisted he’s done nothing wrong. And while his final posts say he’s done with Mina after the incident, fans are worried that he will sell Mina’s information to others who may try to stalk her. Allegedly, he has already leaked pictures of where she lives

>Another 4chan user also said it’s possible that the stalker put a GPS tracker on Mina’s father’s car. If all this information is true, it’s clear that this stalker is very dangerous and poses a significant threat to TWICE’s safety, as well as the safety of their families.

>Naturally, ONCEs are scared for Mina’s safety. However, they’re also worried about her mental condition. Mina is still currently on hiatus from TWICE activities as she recovers from severe anxiety. Since a stalking incident would make anyone anxious, fans are concerned that this will be a major setback for Mina just as she was starting to ease back into her passion.

No. 73504

This is because he leaked Chaeyoung's phone number and is getting attacked for it, right? Or is there something else I'm missing?

No. 73505

hes just plotting his next plan of action

someone whos obviously as psychologically damaged and crazy as he is isnt going to just give up on an obsession until they are physically and forcefully removed from the situation

No. 73507

Meh they're copying csvc's concept by bringing back 90s visuals/aesthetics (this was made in 2019). When you take a look at the comments, koreans are praising the oldies concept. The nct one looks so ugly though, seems like they edited that in windows xp movie maker kek.

No. 73508

he probably just paid someone for her address. it's sad how bold some of these nutcases are
he says it's because people are threatening his friends and family. tbh I do think he's leaving at least for now. but I find it hard to believe he suddenly came to his senses. maybe his family told him to stop fucking around after waking up to angry emails from stans
the idea of a group with a throwback concept is cute. too bad they rarely get popular

No. 73510

he's so retarded. afaik he's not rich like josh, so it's not like he's just a bored trust fund kid. he genuinely thinks he has a chance.

he went back on friday i think


i actually really enjoyed this. thanks for posting

No. 73511

Kek if you like rainbow note then you might like oui oui too. Yeah too bad since their music are so much better than mainstream kpop.

(Since kpg has died then i can post this here so pls don't ree over this)

No. 73513

Lol I noticed a lot of artists (from all over the world) are doing 90s vibes songs these days

No. 73514

Honestly, I'm surprised that he didn't get threats earlier considering his last stunt involved literally cornering Twice on an airplane.

No. 73515

File: 1580061033491.jpg (474.08 KB, 1080x1868, IMG_20200126_204430.jpg)

He's been planning this for months. He started posting about finding Mina way before pic related, but I can't believe he actually found her house.

No. 73516

I hope none of the girls from Twice get raped like that poor jpop idol from I think last year. People keep making jokes about this and keep saying "lol disband" as if these girls somehow deserve to stalked/raped/ thrown into hiding just because JYP had them pander to neckbeards. It reminds me of when SNSD used to get death threats and Tiffany was told she's the reason why her mother killed herself. It's literally pop music why are people so angry.

No. 73517

I feel bad for them but i also think this is part of a bigger issue of idol culture.
They are literally marketing idols to deranged mentally ill retards who cant actually hold real relationships, knowing the fans are going to become obsessed with idols and start developing relationships in their head with the idols.
The entirety of kpop is one big fever dream marketed towards obsessive mentally ill people and it needs to die but its not going to happen anytime soon and its really unfortunate.
The suicides dont matter to the ceos and companies, the attempted kidnappings, the terroristic threats, the mental illness idols develop, the eating disorders, the injuries and general bad health, the inability to have sex and relationships like a normal consenting adult human for fear of "fan" retribution.
Its a clusterfuck and i think people tend to find humor in the absolute absurdity and acceptance of all this shit as normal
Like….these people are idols.NONE OF WHAT YOU SEE IS REAL. They're all actors. So seeing the real human side of these things should be a wake up call but people are retarded, and thats why we enjoy discussing it. I dont think anyone here wants any of the idols to get raped or live in fear. Its really unfortunate.

No. 73524

This isn't particular to Kpop, there are many examples: Kendall Jenner having a stalker in her house several times, 2 ex-inmates planning to torture Justin Bieber, Selena Quintanilla MURDERED by her fansite…etc. Obsessive fans come with celebrity. It's celebs job to capture our attention and sometimes it works too well. Generally on people with depression, social anxiety and body image issues that desperately need to run away from themselves.
That's a risk the celebs take and I honestly don't feel bad for them. WK are doing the most over some incel when Mina has infinitely more chances to be raped/harassed by her own social circle than by her stalker

No. 73525

Of course but its another level. Most Western celebrities are free to express themselves, smoke weed or even just cigarettes, have sex, and actually have their own true personalities rather than having them assigned to them. There are exceptions to the rule, but idol culture in Japan and Korea is a whole other level of insane.

No. 73526

>> Selena Quintanilla MURDERED by her fansite
When the kpop jargon jumps out. It was the 90s.

I feel like there has to be SOME level of manipulation to soothe the worries of females going into entertainment. Or maybe they are just that hungry for the fame/notoriety/whatever it is because it’s definitely not money.

No. 73527

File: 1580069246728.jpg (41.76 KB, 500x420, Fj51Rmf.jpg)

Also, the laws somewhere like America are very different than in Korea. In Korea you cant really get restraining orders against random people. The law is more concerned about drugs and gambling, or making "false allegations" online than they are actual legitimate threats of bodily harm against idols. Saesangs wouldnt be able to exist if they actually cared that much. The idols information wouldnt be so easily obtained and sold. These stalker guys are PAYING saesangs for information. The saesangs are never held accountable because they have money. They have addresses and personal information of the idols including their families. They know their entire schedules. They literally find out when an idols parents are going to an event not even kpop related, they know their places of work, they go to the siblings schools and find out their schedules. Believe me, its a whole other level. And the companies ENCOURAGE it. Its very different than one insane individual stalking celebrities in the west. Its the ENTIRE fanbase that has this same entitled mentality and constant need of access, spending thousands and thousands of dollars to vote for music shows. Thousands to get all their personal info. To get their flight schedules. To learn their favorite foods not because they just think its cool to know their favorite foods, but so they can literally stake out locations that sell those foods just in case the idol comes by. Its really crazy and not comparable much at all to specific isolated western incidents.

No. 73529

>actually have their own true personalities
TOP KEK. Do you know 1D, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez or even Beyoncé…? Western celebs are also extremely manufactured. There are less taboos but it doesn't mean they're free. You're never free when money is involved.
Look at Selena Gomez, still pretending to be sick to hide her serious alcohol and coke(+meth?) problems. Look at Zac Efron still pretending to be straight even though people found dildos and shitty condoms in his trash.

Ok about the law, but:
>Its very different than one insane individual stalking celebrities in the west.
You think that Justin Bieber or 1D didn't had a entitled fanbase? It's not just one insane stalker. There are many Western celebs with obsessive fans. Idol culture stimulates that but it's not unique.
Not to mention some western celebs are easier to stalk because overexposed. When I was closely following Bella Hadid on SM, I was able to find her address via papshots.

No. 73530

>it was the 90s

Nta but Christina Grimmie was literally shot dead by a fan in 2016

No. 73534

Why tho? Their comments are completely basic and obvious – anon is either very young or very dumb – but that's not against the rules is it? i figured someone would just say so, or they'd be ignored

I feel like statements like this will make it worse, they can't give him this kind of public attention. But I'm no expert on deranged stalkers so someone with a psychology or int'l law background please enlighten me

No. 73535

Really highlights the difference in foreigner laws in Japan and Korea.

Japan would have deported his ass no matter how rich he is by now.

>Mina's stalker caught by Japanese police
you see.
And holy shit it's a creep from 4chan and most likely from /kgp/ on /mu/

No. 73538

And Yunho was poisoned 10 years before that. These people are fucked, and have on sense of boundaries.

No. 73541

File: 1580078910182.jpeg (71.11 KB, 1113x847, 3E5B2E8B-3AA8-4815-8ACB-F12F24…)

Is it nitpicking to wonder why Utah was the only one with hair like this???

No. 73543

I think he's going for the anime look.. but it looks VERY bad with his plastic face

No. 73544

not our brother thread… that means we're due for one next

place your bets on which anon will develop into a full blown stalker and get arrested first - yutachan, sugachan, xuxichan, the ban evading ratmy who has a vendetta against jennie, or that anon who obsessively spams jimin pics in here

No. 73547

Forget the hair, he's literally the ugliest kpop idol I've ever seen. Letting japanese guys into kpop was a mistake kek. I can't understand why he's in the group, he hardly has fans and most nctzens don't like him and find him hideous. Imo it's one of the weirdest things sm has ever done.
Also he's a litral jumpscare in this video >>73495

No. 73548


No. 73549

File: 1580083416943.jpg (1.01 MB, 2718x2718, Kris-Who?.jpg)

Off topic but does anyone have milk on Kris Wu? He's completely irrelevant yet I see him in many fashion related events for years now. Seriously what does he do?

No. 73550

he’s popular in china and had a deal with burberry. fashion brands have been trying to get into the chinese market bc they have a high interest in luxury brands and that’s why kris wu, who seems irrelevant to us, gets invited to all these fashion shows and hangs out with bella hadid.

No. 73551

He's popular in China? Then why he's such a tryharh? He always has some random gigs he seems to have paid for.
IDK looks like smoke and mirrors to me.

No. 73557

Yes, his , Jackson’s and Luhan’s posters are literally everywhere in China. They’re extremely popular. BUT no one cares as much about Jackson’s and Kris’ music.

No. 73560

>I can't understand why he's in the group, he hardly has fans and most nctzens don't like him and find him hideous.
isn't that most of nct?

honestly, all of them are pretty weird. how can someone not get tired of posting the same dude's face over and over again.

No. 73561

File: 1580094978098.jpeg (279.98 KB, 923x726, 01388082-4B79-4C44-A221-6E0806…)

bts’ grammy performance was tragic lol

No. 73562

Why tragic?
I can't bring myself to watch it, I'm cringing just from the image.

No. 73563

it just seemed so low effort and pointless like why did they bother? some of the members didn’t even get out of their seats. watch it anon it’s funny

No. 73565

what the hell lol

No. 73568

Lmao can't believe they're still delusional enough to think that they'll get a grammy one day.What a circus.

No. 73569

Why do Ratmies demand a solo stage at the Grammys for BTS when it's obvious only Song of The Year nominees get to perform a song? If they wanna get nominated, they gotta do way better than Boy w Luv.

No. 73570


V looks dead inside. I'm sure he will the first one to crack.

No. 73572

Suga is looking like his old skinny self I see, couldn’t find him in the video at first

No. 73573

>isn't that most of nct?
No way, that's just him

No. 73577

It was a combination of racebait and stupidity, and prolly a ban evading poster

No. 73578

File: 1580111663045.webm (1.69 MB, 480x270, XLTet7GP6eeeobAK.webm)

This is actually the most entertaining thing bts has done in a while kek

No. 73579

The salt lol.
Ratmy's should just accept that idols will always be props.

No. 73580

you made me kek a lot by calling him a jumpscare, cause he literally spooked me when I was watching it.. sm really did a gamble by debuting him, but I guess he was the only japanese trainee at the time

No. 73581

Damn I didn't even recognise him at first.
Did he f around with his face again?He wasn't even too bad looking pre-debut.He looked like an average joe but not atrocious like others.

No. 73582

File: 1580115654549.jpg (360.42 KB, 896x1363, IMG_20200127_095517.jpg)

The idol spam thread is hilarious, that's supposed to be attractive?? lol These girls' standards are so low, being a korean or even just east asian man in the current year must be awesome.

I'd be pissed too if I was the background dancer of a younger kid whom I probably look down on (pretty sure he does).
The way Lil Nas X and them "dance" is so cringy anyway, they're not drunk, they're not in a club, yet that's their best moves? Wow, much talent, they'd deserve so much more airtime /s

No. 73583

Korean age hierarchy is whack af he’s not even that much older

No. 73584

I'm wheezing and Ratmon's dollar-store-80s-badass outfit…

No. 73585

Yup, thats why NCT flopped and they're trying again by putting the individuals who didn't in a new group (Sperm).

No. 73586

Bella Hadid has become Jocelyn Wildenstein holy shit. She looks 40 at 24-25.

Shit like Papillon and whatever garbage Kris releases shouldn't be cared about anyway kek

For all their crowing about "Korean pride" and saying they'll never pander to Western audiences etc etc, they sure do grovel a lot just for any and every crumb of Western attention. If I was a foreign act selling out football stadiums I wouldn't agree to be reduced to a cheap sideshow attraction for a 5-minute performance - someone like Arashi or Rammstein would never do something like this, for example. BTS/BigHit's desperation to be big in the West is so pathetic.

No. 73587

File: 1580118099034.jpg (25.73 KB, 186x309, 20200127_164203.jpg)

This dude right here is more attractive than all of bts combined

No. 73588

V is attractive though, just cold

No. 73589


Yeah I’ll agree there. he’s genuinely attractive - I’ll give him that.

I just want to know why the bts stylists insist on giving Yoongi piss yellow blonde hair. Like I know it’s not unique to bts, but you’d think they’d do better since it’s the Grammys they’ve been eager to attend.

No. 73590

did they actually attend after parties this time?

No. 73591

Doubt it lol

No. 73592

why are they all so viscerally annoying. jk i can excuse bc he's young and dumb but the others have to realise how cringe they are.
this guy is 25 years old at the grammys talking about how he purples his fans omg(this is an imageboard)

No. 73593

File: 1580120527682.webm (3.97 MB, 480x270, lRny22WzM3Z4_6UT-1.webm)

Attach it bruh

Why is he acting like a 14 yo school bully
So much cringiness

No. 73595

They say what the fans want to hear, they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not idiots, they’re just doing their job lol

No. 73596

They can't speak English and most singers there probably already think they're fucking weird with their ARMY/Purple you shit. They're not going to be able to make any meaningful connections anyway so what's the point

No. 73598

File: 1580123193340.jpg (35.38 KB, 548x250, grammy.JPG)

Why would them being grammy voters mean they should be nominated? Why are ratmys so stupid?

No. 73599

you would think that they would pick up on the fact that the tweet they quoted states that there's 20,000 voting members means that not all 20,000 members can be grammy nominated artists… but they are armys. extremely excited for them to be over by this time next year

No. 73600

Jk is a 22 year old man stop babying him

No. 73601

File: 1580124224590.jpg (170.38 KB, 1280x960, 1.jpg)

Somebody please tell them that this is not how smiling works or is supposed to look like…rat and jhope are absolutely frightening

No. 73602

This makes Asians look bad

No. 73603

Everything about them is so boring, that’s why they tolerate them in the west. They’re blunt and they almost blend in at this point.

No. 73605

this is the worst thing in this thread so far oh my god the CRINGE

No. 73607

This interview is a total cringefest.

- V looking like someone pissed in his cornflakes/shat on his kimchi

- Nobody understanding basic questions like "what are you listening to"

- Jin looks good but once he speaks he just sounds like a dweeb.

No. 73608

>jin looks good
no, no he doesn't. please get a reality check.

No. 73609

Jin is the 3rd ugliest member are you out of your mind. He looks like a downsy dear in the headlights. Always has such a stupid look on his face.

No. 73610


comments like this make kpop critical seem delusional… he does look a bit downsy but he’s still pretty attractive. you guys act like every single idol looks like some type of hideous gremlin.

No. 73612

I dont think every idol is ugly, I even think Jimin looks pretty good sometimes. But Jin, Ratmon, and Jhope are ugly, and I think you're delusional if you genuinely find any of them attractive.

No. 73614

i find jimin attractive too (more attractive than jin), but he’s objectively much more busted than jin. jin just looks like a normal conventionally handsome guy to me. i don’t understand why these threads fixate on normal-looking idols and act like they’re monstrous uggos.

No. 73615

He’s not ugly but he’s not alluring at all, I don’t know why. Jimin doesn’t do it for me but I’d understand why someone would wanna hatefuck him. V looks like a soulless doll, JK seems nice but boring and the rest are below par.

No. 73616

Ariana Grande fans got mad at him for rigging charts IIRC

No. 73617

No, anon, he's doing ok, noone cares

No. 73619

File: 1580133434698.jpeg (28.31 KB, 584x594, EPSSAlrUUAAMGav.jpeg)

Nta but now I'm confused because he looked alright in their vlive from today. Maybe it was mostly the hair making him look so freaky

No. 73620


Can you guys stop discussing bts' uggos visuals. No one cares and it's overdone at this point.

No. 73621

how is that an ok look

No. 73624

feel free to contribute something rather than whining about people talking about bts like every 10th post does.

No. 73626

No he doesn't look alright and it's obvious that some people here are just pretending to hate an idol so that they can keep talking about him/her. Gross.

No. 73627

I did contribute on one of those bts posts but none of those stupid debate about whether a member is ~attractive~ or not

No. 73628

You're not wrong but I was comparing it to how he looked in that mv. I probably should've said "not as horrifying".

No. 73629

nct is just really ugly in general. i always thought SM cared a lot about their idols’ looks but i guess not.

No. 73630

Jaehyun isn't ugly

No. 73631

yeah, there are a couple members that look good but in general they’re an ugly group.

No. 73632

but, he is? he looks like his face is melting plastic, but ok

No. 73633

Top kek this anon trying to come out as the reasonable one saying that fcking jimincel of all people is the attractive one. Go back to tumblr to write your mermaid erotica

No. 73634

File: 1580134586263.jpg (48 KB, 1080x1080, 731f2c231cec4b3d5f3a76687c2b47…)

his eye bags are way too deep and make him look creepy.. plus when he smiles you can easily notice he's full of filler

No. 73636

File: 1580134854845.jpeg (21.61 KB, 340x443, 391055E7-B5D6-4E16-AB33-8EB0EF…)

Straight up looks like felipe the screwdriver

No. 73639

he reminds me of the pillsbury doughboy

dont see the appeal.

No. 73642

File: 1580135322597.jpg (202.29 KB, 828x1104, 1580086629-2.jpg)

BLINKS demand '#AdidasTreatJisooBetter' after she appears much less than the other members


BLINKs want justice for Jisoo.

Adidas revealed new photos featuring the BLACKPINK girls, and BLINKs were disappointed to see that Jisoo had a disproportionately small appearance in the new set. While the other girls had 2-3 solo photos, Jisoo only had one, and did not even appear on the website while the other girls did. Fans also noted that she was barely in the new campaign CF.

In anger, fans have been trending '#AdidasTreatJisooBetter' and demanding an explanation why, especially since this is not the first time that fans saw Jisoo being treated unequally by the brand.

No. 73643

Compared to other companies (BH, JYPE), SM cares a lot about idols' looks. Some nct members aren't very talented and were clearly chosen for their faces, Taeyong and Lucas for example.

He can look good sometimes, it depends on the angle and his expression. He does look his best on candids tho, retouched pics make him look very bland (not saying this one is retouched, just a general observation).

No. 73647

I don’t get why BTS fans say Jin is one of the ugly ones. Maybe because he’s useless? Idk but he and V are the most handsome. Jungcook is average at best and Jimin is horrible. You guys watched too many BTS content and are biased.

No. 73648

I'm not a bts fan at all, faggot. The only time I hear about them is in this thread. Jin is fucking ugly.

No. 73652

he's plain at best. useless and looks like tweetybird with those horrible lip fillers.

jimin literally looks deformed and has the same fugly lips. somehow, he's popular bcos of the way he acts and to most fans, all korean men look the same and are attractive either way.

the only conventionally attractive ones are v and jungkook. but v's ~dead inside~ persona's uber cringy and jungkook only looks good/decent once in a while.

No. 73662

File: 1580147569017.jpg (116.02 KB, 595x548, IMG_20200127_125130.jpg)

>taeyong chosen for his face
Are you sure about that?

No. 73663

File: 1580147633765.jpg (177.42 KB, 669x1376, IMG_20200127_185105.jpg)

Seems like Shindong really lost weight this time.
According to comments he gets 100 million won (85.000$) if he succeeds but would have to pay a 50 million won penalty if he gained it back again, that's definitely some major motivation lol

No. 73666

fuck I wish they paid me to lose weight. idol privilege

No. 73668

I still cant believe this fat sack of shit is considered an idol. Men really play life on easy mode

No. 73669

File: 1580149991452.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.2 KB, 750x747, 5DD3C832-18E0-4F49-AE24-034DE8…)

His old face was sm’s style tho and that’s the only reason they trained him to be the center

No. 73672

How is it possible they make every single interview in the U.s so awkward and cringey? They sound and act like retards.

Any anons know if they act like this when they do interviews in korea?

No. 73674

Maybe you missed it but this is no longer just critical.

No. 73676

File: 1580153336760.png (1.39 MB, 944x1744, sddddddddddddd.png)

So Lenzopiano (their new co-ceo) just pushed Jungkook away from a photo and blocked him while Lenzopiano went to take pictures with the other members instead.

And there is a mini twitter war going on because of it.

No. 73678

This guy looks pathetic though, nobody cares about seeing him in a picture.

No. 73679

vid related, they seem to act less cringy in korean music award interviews (the benefit of speaking their native language and being in their home country.) idk if they act retarded in US interviews to pander to fans (besides Ratmon's stupid blaccent kek)

nta but most interviews in korean tv shows that have idols in it are cringy as well. They always do the, you know, 'repeating of everysingle "funny" thing/scene' an idol says/does. makes it almost unbearable to watch.

No. 73680

is there a vid of that

No. 73681

>They always do the, you know, 'repeating of everysingle "funny" thing/scene' an idol says/does. makes it almost unbearable to watch.

holy fuck, thank you. this makes most korean tv content absolutely insufferable. i can’t even stand to watch variety shows even for groups i genuinely like and care about for this reason. something mildly funny happens — better replay it five times with sound effects and cute animations on the screen, constantly cutting to a different person on screen for a different reaction. ha ha do you get it now, you stupid fuck??? it’s a joke!!! don’t you get it!!! we will bash you over the head with this until it tickles your funny bone!!! jesus. it feels like they’re editing content for an actual toddler. weird because i’ve seen a lot of korean movies with genuinely funny wry humor. i guess kpop/tv audiences are just served the shitty patronizing content.

No. 73683

stop crying for nothing jungkock rats

To be fair, every Kpop artists interview in the US is awkward because they're not real artists

No. 73684

File: 1580159232365.jpg (303.47 KB, 1080x1504, IMG_20200127_220250.jpg)

There'a no video of anybody pushing him but that guy is clearly standing completely in front of him. https://mobile.twitter.com/butterfIiesjoy/status/1221600913233608705
Jkfags should be happy, for once nobody can say that he's favored over the others lol
The whole thing is simply korea's fucked up age hierarchy at it's finest. None of the other members care about him, they could've easily stepped aside a little but nope, too busy posing.

Those comments are talking about ratmon, sounds like this wasn't the first time this happened…? And are they calling him rat too? lol

No. 73686

He could walk a couple of steps to the side and stand on the end

No. 73687

Huh, interesting. When did this co-ceo come to the picture? I have a feeling that JK is being secluded from the group lately. Scandal after scandal, forcing him to cover the tattoos while other members can flaunt theirs (JM). News articles attacking him almost daily. Doesn't even have a part in their new song.
Either he has a very bad luck lately, or someone is orchestrating all of this for him to leave.

Am I reading too much into this?


No. 73688

File: 1580161340554.jpg (256.88 KB, 1080x1081, IMG_20200127_223756.jpg)

I've been saying this for ages, it was only a matter of time until the olders got too jealous of the popularity of the youngers. No group will ever be family, even all of them being friends is unrealistic, especially not if there's such a huge difference in popularity.
The video quality is bad, but while no main camera was on them they jump in a circle/dance together while jk stands awkwardly next to them, pretty obvious that none of them can stand him.

But of course there's always also the possibility that he's the one at fault, maybe he's an ass and therefore the others decided to stick together.

No. 73692

Can you please stop sucking Jung's cock for 2sec?

No. 73695

Not a jungkook fag but this isn't just the critical thread anymore, it's a general thread now.

No. 73696

why would they want him pushed out of the group? they would lose fans if he left and it would totally rupture their ot7 shtick. i think you guys read too much into things

No. 73698

feel free to call me a "jkfag" but this isnt the first time that he stepped back and was more quiet during an award show. doesnt really seem like that big of a deal, maybe he just wasnt up to acting like a clown that day. his solo stans like to read into shit sometimes.

No. 73699


I absolutely don't believe their "family" act. I'm more surprised that even the fandom is divided, there are the solo stans and then there are those who want him out.


Maybe not leave, but to dim his popularity. Like you said, he's the most stanned member out of everyone in the group. If they kicked him out, they lose most of their fans. So instead, they keep him in the group but slowly drain his energy and act as if he isn't there.

No. 73702

Dang, he looked better back then and a little like Takeshi Kaneshiro–although the stare is a little creepy. K-pop clown makeup and fillers really fucked him over.

No. 73703

It’s not the rest of bts’ fault that Jungkook has baby dick energy.. they don’t need to coddle him and always make sure there’s room. He is 22 and should be able to make room for himself in pics or even move to an empty space on the side but he’s too much of a sub for that

No. 73704

anon… is this your fetish perchance

No. 73705

its gonna be utahchan, she's already back >>73541

No. 73706

love that this is a BTS nitpick/cocksuck thread once more, burn this pointless shit to the ground

No. 73708

Latest milk on Kris is that He, an almost 30 year old man is dating a 16 year old Japanese model named Mitsuki Kimura

No. 73709

File: 1580179521080.jpeg (127.62 KB, 1024x682, exo.jpeg)

she looks like his lil sis, disgusting

No. 73710

jungkook is the most boring bts member. while the others are uglier and less talented than him he has the personality of cardboard. even jungkook's voice is boring and has no uniqueness to it.

No. 73711

What a disgusting piece of shit. A fucking whole weirdo I’m so disgusted. Who approved this!? Why is this allowed to happen!?

No. 73712

Is this normal in China? There was another Chinese singer who was like 25 and fell in love with a 12 year old and everyone just let it happen. Gross as fuck.

No. 73713

"Latest milk" is a rumor from November that has completely died out by now. Kris is ugly and boring now and that's it.

No. 73714

Damn I searched about this guy and they're now married. Fuck pedos

No. 73718

File: 1580190465420.jpg (62.48 KB, 448x600, images.jpeg-19.jpg)

I think it is
Jay chou was 31 shen he started dating Hannah Quinlivan (16/17 yo at that time) and now they are married

No. 73719

Mitsuki Kimura is Japanese #1 idol SMAP Takuya Kimura's daughter. Kris Wu isn't dating her and she isn't some poor nobody like Hannah Quinlivan who wants to marry up, she is Takuya Kimura's daughter. Zero chance they are dating, she starred in his MV and they are friendly but what dumb 16 year old would end their career before it started by getting a dating scandal? Her parents are both celebs so she's not a noob. Japanese entertainment industry is ruthless about dating scandals more than Kpop.

Knetz dissed her catwalk a while ago and called her out for using her parents to get into modelling. She's Japan's Lily Depp/ Kaia Gerber


No. 73720

File: 1580191961879.gif (4.08 MB, 250x312, LawfulThoughtfulLemming-size_r…)

>>73719 learn to post the gif anon

The scandal for Knetz isn't that she's dating Kris Wu, but that she's a runway model kek she's clearly being groomed for celebrity by her parents hence the Kris Wu collab.

1. Her proportions….

2. What?????

3. All other things aside, she's too short

4. Her expressions are… uh….;

5. Yeah just a golden spoon model

6. She doesn't have good proportions compared to other models… I'm jealous that her parents are so well-off…

8. Even Gigi, Kendall and Bella aren't this bad

9. Her tall is she?

10. Just why…

No. 73721

File: 1580194375479.jpg (92.45 KB, 720x506, IMG_20200128_121219.jpg)

Ratmies are getting funnier now. Trisha Paytas has tweeted she loves namjoon and ratmies have found a genius way of protecting their precious little uwu boys from the likes of her. How?? By saying that is Exo kai. Ratmies are beyond saving now.

No. 73722

she looks like a child playing catwalk in her mom's clothes and heels after watching Next Top Model. Honestly emberassing for her and whoever she walked for.

No. 73723

Some of you are thirsty as fuck for him, no other explanation for the shit we read here.

No. 73726

They act like she doesn't have eyes and won't be able to tell the difference between Kai and RM

No. 73727

To be fair, it's Trisha Paytas.

No. 73729

File: 1580202558629.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2672, Capture _2020-01-28-17-07-24.p…)

No. 73731

File: 1580203484749.jpg (99.97 KB, 720x532, IMG_20200128_121303.jpg)

Here's another one.

No. 73732

Lol, BTS 'fame' in the West is already falling.

No. 73733

They're doing this so bts won't gain new fans because they don't want more competition for ticketing.

No. 73735


can someone please explain to me why ratmies have this huge vendetta against literally just kai and not anybody else in exo??

No. 73736


So I found and watched the whole entire performance and I don't understand why armies are upset? Bts participated in the performance. They weren't just there to be there. They sung and dance. It's Lil Nas X's song and Rapmonster only had a small feature on one versions of Old Town Road..so what did they expect? I'm confused.


(An unedited video of the performance isn't on YouTube)

No. 73737

File: 1580205422873.jpeg (48.18 KB, 438x557, 0ABD391D-0F89-4821-ABA7-A52414…)

Because he’s part of jimin’s yaoi harem

No. 73738

so he's the only member they know?

No. 73740

i think it's the fact that they're friends and also he is acknowledged to be a good dancer like jimin (have nothing against the guy but his dancing always seems so stiff to me so idgi). it's weird that they call his problematic and a bad influence when jimin literally said a racial slur in his own language

No. 73741

which racial slur?

No. 73742

kkamdoongie which is a derogatory term for black people

No. 73744

Trisha's likely just trolling, there's no way she actually has interest in scrawny underage looking twinks.

Jealousy because unlike bts he actually has abs. Many ratmies call him slutty, say that their boys don't need to show skin for attention, but they also love to either mistake him for jk or downright shoop one of their faces onto his body.

>he is acknowledged to be a good dancer
This and all of the other exo members would be considered hideous in the west, so they're no threat (not saying that bts are any less ugly)

No. 73745

Nta but here is Jimin calling Jungkook a "kkamdoongie". Its at the 0:07 mark.

Ignore whatever the translator wrote on the bottom. Its basically the Korean equivalent to the n-word.

No. 73746

>This and all of the other exo members would be considered hideous in the west
Suho wouldnt

No. 73747

I don't think he is a bad dancer. He just dances hard Everytime. That where that stiffness comes from. And also he has a ballet background and maybe that too.
Exo is way better looking than BTS anyways. It's just hilarious that ratmies call Kai some derogatory terms and just after that salivate and wet their panties when any of their bts oppars flash their tummies.

No. 73748

Kai and suho got the most votes. But why? What makes them attractive to these people?

No. 73749

Itzy's English interviews are the worst I've ever seen. Their introductions are so cringy, especially Yuna's and Yeji's(I think that's her name).
I couldn't go beyond the 6th min because they never answer properly to any of the questions. This is sooo bad.

No. 73754

Don't think so. the n-word is american specific and comes from a history of slavery. It's more like "cracker" or whatever, a supposedly derogatory word but carries way less weight because no slaves.

No. 73755

I think for them it's about looking the least asian. That's why half-korean idols are so popular for international fans (Vernon, Woosung, blah blah)

No. 73756

kek how can you mess up a scripted interview. at 4:40 yuna(i think) answers the wrong question, and the interviewer and another member try to correct her. what a boring mess

No. 73758

I think the best translation is something like "blackie" or an analogy for asians "oriental". The word wasn't originally derogatory, but now unquestionably is because of context, however still missing some pretty fucking key elements that makes the n-word the n-word rather than any other rude word.

No. 73759

why were they made to do an interview in entirely in english instead of having an interpreter… that would have made it less awkward ot watch

No. 73761

I thought it means "tan" person in the context

No. 73762

Ratmy do we really have to argue about this again

No. 73763

Oppa is racist and a colorist, what a shock.

No. 73768

File: 1580229432375.jpg (26.77 KB, 563x168, grammy.JPG)

Yeah,it's like they've never seen the grammys. These kind of collabs always happen, where BIG artists show up for a bit in someone elses performance. Ratmys are somehow convinced this is disrespect to bts, when they should be grateful to be on the stage at all.

No. 73772

Ratmies are embarrassing themselves and they don't even realize it kek

No. 73774

No. 73775

Roasila performed at the grammys because she has legit rising popularity in the US unlike bts

No. 73778

All of the bts members are jealous of each other and as time goes by it becomes more obvious.

When that paldingk account still existed they posted a video of jimin being jealous over taehyung, someone complimented taehuyng and jimin was mad that he was not the one complimented so he stared at taehyung with venom and glared at him that taehyung noticed and stopped laughing and started looking at the floor……these are also the same two who call each other ''soulmates''

But yeah i have noticed that the members do have the biggest vendetta when it comes too Jungkook its like they cant stand him anymore especially rat monster

No. 73779

I think the hyung line in general is probably jealous of the maknae line bc of the difference in popularity

No. 73787

Jfc that's embarassing.When will they understand that no one in the west will spoil them with a 30+ minute special stage.Compared to many western artists at the Grammys BTS are nobodies.

No. 73789

How long do we have to wait to see a confirmed dating scandal of one of the bts members? Especially from the maknae line. Wanna see how many ratmies who follows bts just for their music stays in the fandom after that

No. 73790

They dont care and will pretend to be shocked if the news become official as if they did not know.
Jimin is dating and it seems like saesangs dont care.(ban evasion)

No. 73791

lol how do you know that he's dating

No. 73793

wasn't it rumoured in 2018 he was dating nayeon or is that not true

No. 73794

nigga no.
why would nayeon date his ugly ass

No. 73796

Look at what happened with Jungkook and the tattoo girl. They're too popular to have a proper dating scandal. Reminds me of GD and Kiko

No. 73797

Jungkook got one

No. 73798

We need a proper one, with a confirmed relationship with a pretty girl, preferably someone famous. How else are we gonna get real drama? And Jimin I think is the one that most fans will lose it over, so I want it to be him.

No. 73800

I'm legit KO, this was way too funny. Jesus they need some proper PR training

Yeah, everyone knows one song from Rosalia even if they don't know her name, while NOBODY HAS HEARD A BTS SONG. The only known kpop songs are old: Gangnam Style, I'm the Best (thanks microsoft), Bubble Pop and Fantastic Baby (thanks Rupaul)

No. 73803

Old as hell so sage but all the recent fromis_9 drama brought me back to this kekeke I love terrible performances like this

No. 73806

Plus rosalia is bringing something new and unique with her flamenco infused music, whereas kpop is just generic outdated pop music in korean. It's obvious what most people would have more interest in.

No. 73810

File: 1580246748179.jpeg (233.65 KB, 828x698, 43F3A675-256F-41E4-9465-820CC7…)

ratmys are braindead. their dying rat screeches? best vocals in kpop? really?

No. 73811

Meh… Who can tell the difference between Rosalia, Natti Natasha, Anitta or Becky G? Not me.
Kpop, while being a knock off, does bring something. Mostly aesthetically but still. There is something unique otherwise we wouldn't like it. Kitsch has its charm.

I don't think BTS will make it in the US though. Idol was good, imo, it had the "WTF ASIA" cliché thing and was catchy. However, BTS overall lack "swag" and character. They're too plain and insecure to be respected by the industry. A group like BigBang would have a chance, I mean Gdragon is still the reference for non kpop fans >20years old.

No. 73812

this is so funny in light of their grammys performance in which jimin was autotuned to hell bc they knew he would not be able to reproduce anything that would be classified as singing. on a tangential note it is odd that they had jimin of all people "sing" the chorus of old town road that night. makes me believe the people that think jk is being sidelined bc they don't want him to get too big so they're pushing jimin instead

No. 73813

except rosalia doesn't make reggaeton like the other artists you listed and she certainly doesn't make anything cookie cutter. do you listen to music other than kpop or what?

No. 73814

Lmao what is Con Altura then? I'm a casual listener of this type of music anyway so no need to be conceited.

sorry for /derailing

No. 73816

bruh who the fuck is rosalia

No. 73817

They’re correct about raplines though

No. 73818

well jm is the most popular member in korea so it makes sense that the company would push him

No. 73819

very OT but Rosalía also makes flamenco-inspired pop, her new single is completely different to con altura

No. 73822

File: 1580250397676.jpeg (468.38 KB, 2048x1536, EPYqzdHUwAAXOnV.jpeg)

Ugly motherfuckers. And V.

No. 73823

jimin is fucking scary

No. 73824

I cringe everytime I see Jimin. He's really that busted.

No. 73825

File: 1580251193215.png (637.07 KB, 501x883, jm.png)

agreed. jimin is going to age so badly

No. 73828

Well I mean taking laxatives and starving yourself will do that to you

No. 73831

Skinny legend

No. 73833

comparing rosalia's malamente to some becky g shit LMAO

No. 73834

File: 1580254903768.jpeg (560.69 KB, 1350x1029, F1213B17-2E47-49A0-8E47-B9514C…)

dear god,, i felt physical pain seeing the last tweet

No. 73837

Is it weird that I find JK akgaes very entertaining? I don't know, I just like reading their shit, I think they're funny. They have this conspiracy they believe that BTS and Bigshit aren't treating him well and doing him justice. While Jimbofags are just more annoying than funny

No. 73840

I think they're funny too but I feel like all of those kinds of fans think their bias is constantly being mistreated lol. it's like even when their bias is rich and famous they still have to be facing some sort of struggle so they look like the underdog

No. 73841

i have a theory that they avoid Jungkook cause he smells really bad

remember a couple threads ago when a someone posted a screenshot of jungkook saying he didn’t need body wash during an bon voyage

also the fact that this boy eats tuna all the time to bulk up up and we know that smells like shit

No. 73842

hul so now we have an anon with a fetish for small-dicked submissive jungkook and now we have an anon with a fetish for stinky jungkook

very cool guys keep it up

No. 73843

V also looks like shit. Can't ratmies and v faggots share their shit somewhere else. No one here gives a damn about your talentless oppas.

No. 73845

Nah junglebook isn’t my cup of tea I was just making a guess on why he’s getting ignored

No. 73846

This thread is merged with the general thread now so no. I'm neither a rat nor a V fag but I do have human eyes.

No. 73847

I wonder if that's why he was always talking about fabric softeners, perfumes and soap

No. 73848

What he needs to do is scrub his armpits, balls, and ass

No. 73849

For real, these rats are about to spray all the thread

No. 73850


No. 73851

personally i think the other members are freezing him out because he masturbates into their underwear
no this is not a fetish of mine

No. 73852

nah jungkook probably jacks off prone style
In his own underwear

he probably smells like chlorine all the the time

No. 73853

File: 1580261418941.png (643.52 KB, 984x1290, crybaby.png)

Why can't he just shut the fuck up? Why feel the need to whine when it's MOMO who has everything to lsoe?

No. 73856

File: 1580263362570.png (100.27 KB, 275x261, 1579149524209.png)


No. 73857

Kekeke… as in kek… one of the commmon phrases on imageboards, newfag…

No. 73859

Kekeke is how Koreans laugh (when written and translated into roman letters). Kek is some World of Warcraft meme. The other anon was calling you a koreaboo.

No. 73862

Agreed, jk's voice is unremarkable but he can actually sing unlike jimin.
Yeah, I find bts rapline much more tolerable than a lot of other kpop rappers. But jesus, the vocal line is not good. Most kpop singers are not that great but there are some pretty good ones out there. Bts can barely carry a tune.
Con Altura was a departure from her usual flamenco pop style (I think it was her first foray into reggaeton, I could be wrong.) Most of her music sounds nothing like Becky G, etc.

No. 73863

File: 1580268187510.jpg (77.75 KB, 697x424, reason.JPG)

Wow, reasonable human beings in the kpop fandom? A miracle

No. 73865

The redditors are chill it’s Stan twitter that’s cancer and unfortunately they outnumber them

No. 73868

File: 1580269920078.jpg (29.93 KB, 659x190, tea.JPG)

samefag. this person nailed it, ratmys are so entitled

No. 73869

i went into this super junior video expecting to enjoy some good trashy kpop music and it was actually…not that bad

No. 73870

I feel like the last Elf alive sometimes and uh…idk it's got boomer energy. My bias Sungmin isn't even in this so it can go in the trash lol

No. 73871

Unpopular opinion

Kpop guys should try sporting some facial hair

Maybe they wouldn’t get called little boys then

No. 73872

Disagree but only because they got no jaws

No. 73874

? Some of them have gone unshavened but they end up looking seedy or like boys going through puberty.

No. 73877

Maybe once the current fad is over but for now we're stuck with the faggy flower boy bullshit. I've said it before & I'll say it again, the only hot kpop guys are/were TOP, taeyang and jackson. And jackson is borderline these days, after some anons 5+ threads ago pointed out he's getting fillers & getting plasticky now. Ugh rest in piece Wang.

No. 73878

I know beauty is real subjective but I can't help but think second gen idols looked way better than all these 3rd gen (boy) groups now. Which is funny to me because lookism is a huge thing in kpop but they just be…off putting or just straight up ugly as shit.

Then to matters worse this flower boy concept so many groups do make these dudes look even weirder because it doesn't fit them for their appearance.

No. 73879

They’re trying to look like anime guys

No. 73880

I was thinking about that the other day. Like what 3rd gen group looks like 2pm? It's like they aren't allowed to look like Rain or other 1st/2nd gen idols (unless they get ps to and then it looks awful) and they have to just be uwu soff yaoi uke bait boys instead. Like I don't mind feminine/flower boy themes it's just everyone, especially bts, does them poorly. 2nd gen kpop was good at making everyone kinda be spice girl-ish I guess? Like one was the athletic one who came off mean but was sweet i.e Kiryu Kazuma and then another was the real soft and smart type is Yuki from Fruits Basket and etc. The Japanese manga/media tropes were played out better with the second generation and then got lost past 2013. I'm talking strictly personas clearly not so much who they actually are as people.

No. 73881

they’re too busy with the “woke af” persona

No. 73882

File: 1580277146010.jpg (179.34 KB, 720x842, IMG_20200129_112009.jpg)

Apparently Aileen took a pic with Chris brown and which put her in some hot water with Chris Brown's colourful history. When she saw the backlash, she backtracked on her caption and edited out the above apology.

No. 73883


No. 73884

Chris Brown's woman beating crackhead ass has no business calling anyone a cornball. People should read the police report of what he did to Rihanna cause the media made it sound like a slap when that girl could've died if he kept going.

No. 73885

I am just wondering how didn't she know about Chris history if she grew up listening to his songs? And she was still in America when it happened. The news was everywhere.

No. 73886

I believe her if she's mainly referring to his other misdeeds outside of beating Rihanna–since they're really only well-known to people who closely follow entertainment news.

Anyway, didn't Jimin say he's a huge fan of Chris Brown once? Wonder what woke ratmys have to say about that.

No. 73888


Did she acknowledge him calling her a cornball?

IIRC A lot of other idols have said they like Chris Brown and other problematic artists. Usually most fans just disregarded it. I assume it went the same with armies.

No. 73889

lmao you should go on r/bangtan. that's where the pretentious older armys tend to be based

No. 73890

What kind of gay shit did they make my boy donghae wear. They need to stop being so embarrassing and retire already jesus

Lmao I'm dead, that's funny as hell. Though she is being corny. Like yeah he's a pos woman beater but damn did he put out some jams growing up. And some of his newer stuff is pretty good still. Admit it and stop trying to edit your shit a billion times to appease your fans.

No. 73891

this is oficially the worst kpop interview id ever seen
my 8 yr old mentally handicapped brother could give better answers and speak more coherently, jfc theyve been touring all around the globe for a few years now and still cant communincate in some basic english
not to mention the autistic facial expressions and weird body movements. total fucking cringefest

No. 73893

File: 1580285553879.png (26.06 KB, 866x160, e46e217d93bca4a8ebc64feaeb686a…)

apparently she knew and is lying lmao. she's honestly embarrassing.

in defense of SM's stylist, SJ is such an old group they get a lot of random input, especially in what to wear. so if you see donghae or eunhyuk wear something awful, it's probably their own choice.

No. 73894

File: 1580285740651.png (60.62 KB, 932x486, 8c86ead9cf46cf84b0b96e030ee425…)

In other news, BI wrote all the songs for the new Ikon album.
I guess the remaining members aren't good enough to write at least 3 songs on their own, like the stans said they are kek

No. 73895

the feet fetishists are gonna love this

No. 73896

well, it sounds better without the insane amount of autotune i have to admit. like this is listenable imo. whatever they have on their mics is just fine, there was really no need to add more.

No. 73897

File: 1580286943488.png (181.25 KB, 1080x831, EPbN5PRU4AAvlOI.png)

Literally every single one of them look like a fool.

No. 73900

I still find this song extremely boring and.. very american in a way. it feels pretentious to me. everything about bts does tho, maybe that's why I can't stand them

No. 73901

They don’t look that bad tbh

The all black look is fine

No. 73903

yea like i said… listenable. this is the highest praise it can get.

No. 73904

Wow they are even dryer than blackpink

No. 73905

I agree with you I got that pretentious feeling from it as well.

No. 73907

I'm guessing they want to portray itzy as a smart group kek

No. 73908

File: 1580289930563.jpg (165.12 KB, 720x1003, IMG_20200129_145437.jpg)

Wonder whether this will be even more cringier than Ellen.

No. 73909

Can't believe they're still doing stuff. Thought this was going to be another one of Sm's forgotten projects like "S.M the Ballad" or Super Junior T

No. 73911

I still remember when those girls desperately joined idol girls (many are leftover trainees) but the final group flopped so hard kek

No. 73912

Big bang basically has no shame kek. They would suit the western industry.

No. 73913

Interesting that Jhope says he don’t care if he messes up a dance move

meanwhile v and jin have had a legit heated argument about it once and jk and jimin have had breakdowns over slight mistakes apparently

jhope seems to be the chillest and most stable out of all of them

No. 73914

You forgot to mention taecyeon

No. 73915

Superm isn't really SM's group, it's Capitol's

No. 73916

How come ryeowook still looks youthful while the rest aged badly, even siwon? Kek. There are some good b tracks in their album but i usually just add them into my playlist without even looking at the titles, just good songs to listen but not to remember.

No. 73919

Nta but chill spermfag, they're still SM artists. Anon was just having a flashback of SM's other forgotten projects.

No. 73920

God I really hope this year will be the downfall of bts

No. 73921

Kek is kek, anon.

No. 73922

every time I check this thread I hope there will be news of a BTS scandal… the hype around them is just so tiring

No. 73923

File: 1580296994602.jpg (126.65 KB, 720x730, IMG_20200129_164927.jpg)

Kexols are still going at it. Wonder what will make them finally stop kek

1. [+1,998, -171] Who would fangirl for a married idol with a baby of his own? It's obvious his fans don't want it so it's amazing that he's still hanging on like this…

4. [+106, -21] Fans have known about his girlfriend for years now. They're not acting like this simply because he's getting married. The public loves making fans out to look like they're crazy obsessed with these idols and in a delusional relationship with them but if that was true, then they would've been up in arms when they found out about his girlfriend in the first place years ago. They knew it all and still supported him. It wasn't until he decided to marry her after getting her pregnant that they're pissed ㅋㅋ Sure, marry her if you want, but do it after you leave the group. EXO was never a group in the minds of fans with an image of a 'married-dol'.

9. [+47, -9] Fans are not doing this because he's getting married so get your facts straight before you hate on us. He should've taken his relationship with her public from the start. Instead, he hid her pregnancy, hid plans of rtheir marriage, and put out a solo and attended all the year-end concerts, acting like he had nothing but his fans left. Then he dropped a bomb. Does he not realize that fans are there to buy into an idol's youthful energy? Their talent? Their youth? None of that fits the image of a married man with a kid. If he got her pregnant and decided on marriage, then he needs to give up position in the group. It's unfair that he gets to disrespect the other members and stay for the money.

No. 73924

apparently chen stans reported it for illegal parking and it was gone after not so long lol

No. 73927

It's pathetic how they're trying to explain themselves

No. 73928

They should just keep silent and it would come naturally like it did with sungmin

No. 73929

a lot of us do, it's annoying to see such an average group being so overhyped, besides, their fans are cancerous

No. 73930


>While he does apologize and acknowledge that his actions must have bothered her, he goes on to state multiple times that he hopes he can talk to her about it in the future.

>Ultimately, it seems that Josh may only have returned to Germany because he knew he was under threat of the law. If he still wants to talk to Nayeon, there’s no guarantee that he won’t return to South Korea in the future if he believes he can get away with it. Unfortunately, there’s also nothing stopping him from stalking Nayeon during one of TWICE’s many overseas schedules.

No. 73931

The pic is now deleted lol
Should have done it sooner

No. 73932

wtf. i couldnt stand the psychotic look in his eyes

No. 73933


Jhopes “hope” personality may be fake but he seems the happiest

No. 73934

? it’s fine. obviously most of them can’t speak english so there will be communication difficulties but you act like they were behaving like total spergs which they weren’t. you guys invent the most nonexistent things to nitpick

No. 73936

They won't lose popularity for a while, unless a major scandal breaks out that western fans would be bothered by too. Don't hold your hopes up.

No. 73937

>but you act like they were behaving like total spergs
bc they were
what 25-30 year olds behave like that? (although your standards of whats normal have probably been shattered by the kpop community)
im not nitpicking kek, i didnt even mention how ugly they look (which they do) im just telling the truth

No. 73938

act like what? they were just sitting there answering questions. jk and jimin didn’t even say or do anything. it was a pretty normal interview.

No. 73939

You know their feet were black as hell after that. Blegh

Also looks like they switched the line distribution for jk? Unless that person who made the line distribution video was super wrong lol

Although the choreography isn’t bad (in fact, it’s fairly good?) from a kpop perspective, it’s very obviously different from western choreography that makes me cringe. I would like it if it were on a korean music awards show or melon/mama but it being on western TV is just… yikes

No. 73940

>Their talent? Their youth? None of that fits the image of a married man with a kid.
Are they implying that once you get married, you lose all semblance of musical talent? Because that's just ridiculous.
This situation with the persistence of the "fans" reminded me though, are Monsta X fans still trying to get Wonho back or have they given up on him?

No. 73941

>Are they implying that once you get married, you lose all semblance of musical talent?
obviously not?? everyone knows idols don't have musical talent. their only purpose is to please thirsty teenage girls.

No. 73942

This, something about them that proves they are fake-woke (secret footage of them being racists/bigots) or obviously something like burning sun.
A gf scandal might bother Western fans but they won’t immediately leave them over it.

No. 73943

Serious question

How do 25-30 year olds behave? I’m not trying to be mean or anything kek

No. 73944

most of the people i know around that age arent retarted and can sit in their chair like a normal person while their bandmate is speaking instead of behaving like a 12 year old with adhd
i dont understand how you cant see it? maybe its their culture lol but i know plenty of korean celebs (not idols) who actually bother to prepare for interviews and think of interesting things to say instead of… whatever bts are doing whenever they are asked to participate in an interview

No. 73945

but they were just sitting in their chairs like normal people most of the time… at one point jin jumps up to make a joke but that’s it. you’re trying so hard to find something to criticize lol

No. 73947

reading yall sperg, i had to watch.. and yeah they're acting normal-ish? im even surprised by how much english they can spit out

one thing tho, they are SO UGLY and plastic. I cannot believe girls think they look good. jhope and jimin look like gangnam unnies. im actually shocked.

No. 73948

>you’re trying so hard to find something to criticize lol
but im not. i literally just expressed my opinion and shared a video. why are you so pressed that i think theyre not acting their age?

No. 73949

i just don’t see how they’re not acting their age. all of the awkwardness comes from the language barrier and their fans screaming after everything they say. other than that they’re just behaving like normal interview subjects. if you’re in your 20s do you have to sit completely rigid and not make a single facial expression or joke to act your age?

No. 73950


No. 73951

i know jimin is busted but i still find him attractive. i am at peace

No. 73952

> if you’re in your 20s do you have to sit completely rigid and not make a single facial expression or joke to act your age?
kek never said so. but ive yet to come across an interview where bts would be willing to actually discuss the process of them making music or preparing an album instead of them half assing their answers (or not understanding whats being asked in the first place). ALL they ever do when theyre on air is joke around and make stupid facial expressions

No. 73953

File: 1580309142300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,34.32 KB, 522x1036, 5E4A1A2C-99D6-4ECC-9973-B7A314…)

I don’t get it but then again I find this attractive

No. 73954

Nobody takes boybands seriously though. I was an 1D fan and everytime they tried to get serious during an interview they’d get ignored or teased.

No. 73955

but again this is due to the language barrier. it’s hard to describe art or the creative process in a language you’re not fluent in. but they’re not acting spergy overall (v just a teensy bit but he’s always autistic). they did fine, more members than just namjoon got to speak and they were intelligible. hope has a good personality and that came through. it’s a basic 4 minute late night show interview, it’s not going to be extremely deep or probing.

No. 73956

A kpop prediction predicted that a bts and red velvet member are dating. The bts member started with J.

No. 73957

>language barrier
its been like 5 years since their first international breakthrough, their company is always talking about how theyre going after the international (mainly english speaking) market yet they dont bother to learn some english? idk, those are just my personal views, but id be ashamed if i were them.
but i come from a country where its expected of most people to speak at least 2 to 3 languages, maybe thats why i find it weird

No. 73958

How can you predict people dating? A reveal you mean?

No. 73959

Man just spill the tea…

No. 73960

There is no tea, prediction accounts aren't fucking real. good lord.

No. 73961

irene and jin

No. 73963

As if

No. 73967

They're pop idols, not actors

No. 73969

kpop predictions accounts are either complete crackheads pulling shit straight out their asses or they're buying info off sasaengs.

No. 73970

the scandal would have to be something homophobic or especially transphobic. bts stans would explain away racism but not the other stuff.

No. 73971

>implying anyone cares about troons IRL
you legit have it all backwards

No. 73976

File: 1580321162840.png (Spoiler Image,152.45 KB, 331x337, IMG_20200129_125819.png)

I don't think he was ever handsome but he does look a lot worse now. And it's obvious how relient he is on makeup when you see his bare face

No. 73977

I was thinking it would have to be something burning sun-tier but seungri still has his die-hard fans…
I don't think there will be a massive downfall but I can see them fade into a SJ type of limbo after everyone has been enlisted, releasing music for their really core audience despite the general public thinking they're has-beens.
TBH the oldest ones will have no chance when the younger ones are enlisted, their best chance would be to all go together (and it would feed into their whole "we love performing together we could never do this without eachother" narrative).

No. 73978


nah the colour coded/line distribution stuff is always inaccurate as fuck because the creators rush to pump it out as soon as the songs drop to cash in on that sweet sweet "first!" clout

i think those are jungkooks original lines, their production team just butchered whatever was pleasant and recognizable about his voice to the point that people literally thought he wasnt even in the song kek

No. 73979

File: 1580323581131.jpeg (463.43 KB, 1536x1131, 904FBB05-335C-48E0-89FF-258961…)

Just had to share this cover pic for an itzy interview video - are veneers the latest kpop trend?

No. 73980

dang why they got racial slurs for black people in every language. Sheesh

No. 73981

ITZY has to be hands down the ugliest idol group. At least Mamamoo are just ugly, everyone in ITZY looks legit imbred or missing chromosomes on top of being ugly.

No. 73982

WTF they're all cute, you Asians are weird

No. 73984

It's weird that Itzy are being soft-marketed to the west. I mean they're a better choice than Twice, but I don't think the members are fluent in English (?) and their songs got a disney channel sound.

No. 73987

the whole country literally glorifies being ghost white idk why youre surprised that they have negative stereotypes against darker complexions. ion even think its necessarily about black people, just that any shade above #01 porcelain is undesirable and bad bc pale = rich culturally.

No. 73988

File: 1580331226663.jpeg (179.24 KB, 800x1200, A21DFECD-D48F-435D-BB71-50401D…)

the cover of jessica’s novel made me lol

No. 73989

File: 1580331371030.gif (1.68 MB, 268x205, F65E2671-D525-49B3-BC5E-B9D326…)

Is jikook becoming a reality?

No. 73990

this looks like an early 2010s preteen/teen girl book cover

it’s also looks like it would be sold at a middle school book fair

No. 73991

1. this gif is old
2. go back to wattpad

No. 73992

kindly go away

No. 73993

This looks like a cover for a wattpad story. I'm…wow. Did anybody read the book? Is it milky?

You have to have serious brain damage if you think jikook or any of that gay pandering bts does is real.

No. 73995

File: 1580332270655.jpeg (22.8 KB, 495x495, C67E9514-CA69-4F31-8577-099C6F…)

Yeah bts shippers are mentally ill and should be avoided like the black plague
but jimin is too thicc for his own good sometimes….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73997

File: 1580333207644.png (153.55 KB, 1375x554, 56745.png)

you missed the part where its about a "fictional" girl group with 9 members

No. 73998

so funny, this really reads like a fanfic

No. 74000

yuna looks like one of those creepy stuffed animals at the dentist with every single one of their teeth hanging out

No. 74002

File: 1580334953116.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1668x1659, 1DD7187A-394D-4D1B-AA1D-5D3EE7…)

How did this girl get into Iz*One again?

No. 74003

saw her from the front page and think she's cute

No. 74007

I also think she's cute

No. 74009

Oh god please that girl in yellow kills me.

Idol School is a fucking mess.

Also, any updates on SM's new girl group? People are saying they will debut this year.

No. 74010

izone was rigged, remember? payola


No. 74011

You both have yellow fever.

No. 74012

I get that her face isn't considered pretty at all by western standards but I still think she's cute. I didn't say model pretty or anything just cute like regular kid cute.

No. 74013

she isn't

No. 74014

She looks like an average Asian girl

No. 74015

It is sooo obvious the BTS part was not live and they were singing over pre-recorded vocals.
They need to stop with the really obvious autotune in their pre-recorded vocals.

No. 74016

Twice needs to learn to ignore this dude. They keep addressing him directly somehow expecting him to understand when he wants attention and is therefore getting attention.

No. 74017

They’re justifiably angry. I think telling them to “just ignore it” and take all of his crazy shit silently is part of the problem.

No. 74018

Their company should be dealing with him, and not them. Which already seems to be the case anyway.
Look at him like a child or a dog. He wants attention so does some fucked up shit, by acknowledging that (even in an angry manner) they're giving him the attention he craves and he therefore continues because he legit thinks these girls care about him and what he does.

No. 74022

Irene can literally date a politician/chaebol, why the FUCK would she date him lmao
Stop the gay predicting shit and fuck off

No. 74023

someone let me know when this book en-mass ends up in the 5 cent bargain bin at Half-Priced Books

No. 74024

I'm gonna admit I watched some of those analysis videos on YouTube when I was bored at work. Some moments gave me weird vibes but most of them are just fan service. Maybe they are really close friends and that's all.

No. 74025


Kys. Also: learn to sage your countless retard posts

No. 74027

i'm sure free pdf/epub copies will be available soon kek

No. 74029

This actually is way better than all of their 2019 releases.

No. 74031

Again, I don’t think us not being in that situation can dictate to them how to deal with it. Most of them are ignoring, Chaeyoung had her number leaked. I think it’s unfair to just expect a stressed out 20 year old to deal with these things perfectly. She’s probably not satisfied with how he company is handling it .

No. 74035

JYP is still clueless about what will work in the west, he thinks that Itzy not wearing tennis skirts is enough to give them a Western push

Lord this is so trite

None yet SM is busy pushing NCT's flop asses for now

I just feel sorry for Twice, JYP marketed them to appeal to men like this and now they're suffering for it

No. 74037

File: 1580367026041.jpg (113.41 KB, 900x600, ezgif-2-75a1679b0a52.jpg)

Why is JYP so bad at managing their senior artists? They are acting as if they only have itzy and twice.


Wonder Girls members Yubin and Hyerin have left their agency JYP Entertainment.

Their departure was confirmed by the agency in a statement released to south Korean media, which explained their contracts had expired.

After ‘in-depth discussions over the past few months’ it was ‘mutually’ agreed that they would part ways with JYP.

The agency noted the impact Wonder Girls had had on the music scene in America with their hit Nobody charting at 76 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2009.

‘Their contributions toward developing the K-pop industry that was barren and paving the path towards overseas advancement for many junior artists will be remembered forever,’ JYP Entertainment said.

‘We have been honored and thankful to work together with these great artists.

‘All results achieved together with Yubin and Hyerim became the foundation for JYP’s growth and blooming.

No. 74038

Jyp really did Wonder girls dirty smh

No. 74041

i heard that they would debut in march but considering blackpink and itzy might comebcak at that time they may debut later. but nct is their top priority (+ their new hoy group will debut soon) so who knows

No. 74042

>>just feel sorry for Twice, JYP marketed them to appeal to men like this and now they're suffering for it

Between going full "Grrl Power" like Mamamoo and not being the top GG and having only modest sales despite obviously being the only group where everyone has singing chops, or earning megabucks by playing up male stans' fantasies like Twice, which would you choose?

Most girls would prefer to be part of Twice sadly, because even my own nieces don't really like Mamamoo songs. Grrl Power concepts are a total failure in countries like Japan.

I wonder what concept Gfriend will comeback with, since they are another group which stuck with prissy concepts that appeal to men, mostly.

No. 74043

Is that also the reason why snsd was losing their relevancy when they stopped being fully pedobait/men oriented?

No. 74044

You're the minority who thinks that, they're all pretty objectively ugly

No. 74045

I don't think SNSD were ever pedobait, they always had songs like Into The New World and Run Devil Run.

Twice def try to appeal kids and tweens whereas Mamamoo does sexier womanly concepts. The problem is a girl group cannot rely on a primary adult female stan fanbase because they won't spend on GGs as much as boybands like BTS or EXO. So girl groups are forced to dumb down like Twice or RV (Likey, TT, Dumb Dumb, Ice Cream Cake) to appeal to tween girls and children. Adult women mostly stan boygroups.

No. 74046

>>74045 Gfriend are definitely undergoing a concept change their comeback is called Crossroads

No. 74050

Adult women don’t stan boygroups especially beta twink ones

No. 74051

Yes they do, just like how adult men stan girl groups only adult female kpop fans are even more common than them in korea. That's stray kids' whole fanbase.

No. 74052

>>74050 those look like adult women

No. 74053

i thought they peaked at i got a boy? thats not pedo bait at all. their cuter concepts never reached twice level though
say that to the exols who thought they could have a chance with chen kek

No. 74055

anecdotally the only bts fans i know irl are some of my coworkers, adult women in their 40s

No. 74056

File: 1580383914858.gif (3.15 MB, 490x276, 010.gif)

Polish morning show spotlighted that dumb most handsome list and asked old people on the street about Jungkook winning

No. 74057

File: 1580383968430.gif (3.71 MB, 500x272, 13.gif)

No. 74058

>>74057 LOL old fogey has no problem with BTS looking effeminate, but cows are a no-no. Don't girls wear earrings too?

No. 74059

sorry but who cares what old polish people think about jungkook’s looks… i certainly don’t form my opinion and then think oh no what would an old racist polish person think of this?

No. 74060

Ah yes the good old "they look like women", I've never heard that before
>Cows have earrings too
Girls wear earrings too

No. 74061

They just fired the street reporter and issued an apology

No. 74062

yeah that is a weird criticism to make. i get it when people say it about septum piercings but it hasn’t been socially unacceptable for men to have ear piercings in a long time.

No. 74063

The station (TVN) made an official statement and apologised for insensitive and quite xenophobic content. Imo Poles should apologised for being closed minded conservatives that thinks through gender roles but whatever.

No. 74064

My bad then. I always thought that Gee and Oh! were pedobait in particular. However they never fully gave pedobait vibes.

No. 74065

this trend of western (mostly white) guys pissing their pants over kpop boys being ~sooo~ gay-looking and effeminate is pretty funny and sad. it’s just bieber 2.0. not every guy needs to look like a kpop flower boy but teenage girls and a subset of adult women have always liked that look so it’s not going away. most of the guys making these criticisms are ugly unhygienic dumpy losers anyway. it’s funny that their masculinity is so threatened by a couple asian twinks.

No. 74066

Normal adult women you mean. There are many abnormal ones, you know.

No. 74067

Those big round earrings that male idols wear look like cows' earrings i think

No. 74068

People can have different opinions, quit mucking up the thread with this stupid back and fourth talk

No. 74069

The only bts fans I know irl are my teen sister, her friends and my 3rd grader students… With what kind of weirdos do you work with?

No. 74070

they’re not really weird, they’re pretty normal sociable women. i only know they like bts cause they have bts lanyards and occasionally post about them on facebook. it’s not 2012 anymore, it’s not ONLY autists and social rejects that like k-pop.

No. 74071

Sounds like you're also one of those totally normal women in their 40s who post about a fucking boy group on facebook…

No. 74072

I don’t know about the west but in Asia boygroups have tons of adult fans. Some look 50+, no joke.

No. 74073

I have a 28 yo female friend with a masters degree in chemistry who calls TXT her babies and is a ratmy, so yeah not only social rejects like kpop these days. I wouldn't call those adult women totally normal though.

No. 74074

anon… they’re one of the most popular bands in the world. not every single person that likes them is going to be some type of mouthbreathing freak. stop being so uptight. a lot of you seem way too concerned with what’s cool to normies. did you never get over high school social dynamics?

No. 74075

You're only proving my point. Your super intelligent friend sounds like a pedo.

No. 74077

my mom really likes billie eilish. what do you guys think, is she a lesbian pedophile?

No. 74079

That's not apples to apples dumbass

No. 74084

lmao, is that really taeyong? if so, the circle lenses really do help a lot.

No. 74087

File: 1580392139180.png (586.97 KB, 720x1080, 276.png)

>Takes the most unfortunate photos and passes them off as the absolute truth.
Can you stop this shit?

No. 74088

It's a reality check, same with the Greek tv "incident". People outside Asia don't find any of these translucent twink attractive.
Kpop fans think the ENTIRE WORLD wants to fuck their oppa (including you Jungfags and Lucasfags itt!!)… They feel personnaly attacked when reality hits, it's hilarious.

No. 74089

This sounds like the same boring power ballads they've had throughout their career? They just wear slightly different clothing but the sound is the exact same shit

>their cuter concepts never reached twice level though
Gee is saccharine as fuck and it's what launched them into superstardom. Wonder Girls' Tell Me wasn't as cute as Gee/Oh/Genie

No. 74091

They'll credit him but they won't pay him because his contract was terminated.

BI has no financial claim to any music he made under YG because according to the law of Korea, BI's drug use violated his contract and this his contributions to Ikon became YG's intellectual property. Legally, BI is entitled to nothing.

YG is only crediting him for participating on the album because fans will recognize him. This is YG trying to get out in front of a potential problem. Ultimately they decided to use BI's part in the music because:

1. They can
2. It's free
3. It saves them the time of re-producing an already finished product

No. 74094

Those airbrushed fansite photos of yours are even farther from the truth though

No. 74095

He looks like a goddamn insect.

No. 74096

File: 1580395476839.png (399.79 KB, 598x573, 1580070736-untitled.png)

No. 74098

he looks like a creepy anime character.

No. 74099

No one cares about these. It’s an old, dead meme from unoriginal tryhard trolls. It happens every time someone famous dies now.

No. 74100

File: 1580396476368.png (213.4 KB, 656x634, 72.png)

>even farther from the truth though
No, they're not.
You can watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLI3eHQuVcQ and see that Taeyong looks great without any photoshop.
Samefag, calm down. I don't understand why people here don't feel as much love for Taeyong as I do. He is literally the best of the best.

No. 74102

Photoshopped or not, he's a bully, and that's the only thing he and his group will be remembered for

No. 74103

Thanks anon, I’ve always thought he looked like a cockroach
When I realized he was the rookie who did the rap parts in “Be Natural” I finally understood I’ve always hated his ass

No. 74104

File: 1580399059253.png (458 KB, 1194x1031, 8.png)

>he's a bully
He was a bully. I don't care about his identity, but in his defense, I can say that he apologized, as you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwBkVNGGI14
And I don't see anything wrong with being a bully. I'm not moralfag.

No. 74105

Sage your pointless shit and learn to use the yt field, your oppa is a pug looking, low hairlined uggo

No. 74111

I have relatives from Poland. Not going to generalize a whole country but my uncle is pretty homophobic and they prefer women to be feminine and men to look like hunks. I’m not even surprised they disrespect them. Dislike the guy or not, those remarks aren’t ok in my book.

No. 74112

Suuure… in France i know people would laugh at you for liking boys band/kpop in general but they’d generally will mock the groups for the obvious chirurgical operations that changed their face, not because they don’t look like your typical western chad. East europeans are generally homophobic and macho, just like mediteraneans.

No. 74114


right? i don’t see why any of us should care what a bunch of old socially conservative poles think about bts’ looks. it’s not in any way relevant to my life and it’s not really reflective of the way most westerners think.

No. 74118

Not that anon but your comment was pretty extreme. They look like normal Asian girls at the very least. Does looking at 99% of the population trigger you or something?

No. 74119

>>74112 Most European people find the idea of boybands members with the same bowl style haircut in different shades cheesy, creepy and puppetlike.

No. 74121

TWICE is a group who fall short on a lot of things but damn, ITZY somehow manages to be even worse in every regard. The main vocal isn’t even good enough as a lead vocal, little-to-no stage presence, shit-tier Kidz Bop songs, dry personalities…goddamn. Looking forward to see the mess that’ll be the next generation of nepotism idols.

No. 74123

Used to feel bad for J-hope since he’s consistently been the least popular member and gets shit on for his looks all the time. Now that BTS is uber-popular, I can see that he really got the best end of the deal. Not getting as much attention means that all of the craziest and most dedicated stans won’t be there scrutinizing every single action closely. Most of the fans don’t expect as much from him because he doesn’t appeal to their unobtainable boyfriend fantasies as much. He still gets $$$ from being a financially successful group though.

No. 74126

>>74123 Nobody stans Jhope because everyone lowkey thinks he's gay. He also seems corny.

Doubt Jhope "doesn't care" when he fucks up his moves, he says that but he clearly cares most that members knows the choreography since he's the main dancer.

Jin is the one who lucked out most imo. He trained the least predebut, doesn't have many stans, main responsibility is to pose and call himself handsome Ew. Plus his quarrel with V is OBVIOUSLY staged for drama like everything else in Kpop.

No. 74128

>Nobody stans Jhope because everyone lowkey thinks he's gay
No, it's because he's a fucking ugly manlet

No. 74129

File: 1580411652431.jpeg (26.47 KB, 256x400, EC523712-0F27-47BB-AC15-BB9A6D…)

The luckiest is bang pd and his cool haircut and shades

No. 74130

It’s not because he’s gay kek
JK/V/JM stans also think they’re secretly gay and have orgies with each other
Jikook and Vkook vids have millions of views ffs

No. 74132

I highly doubt anyone in BTS is gay. I’m not saying that as someone who doesn’t want my precious oppars being attracted to men or whatever. With J-hope I just don’t get the same vibes as say SHINee’s Key or NCT’s Ten. Could be wrong though.

No. 74134

The most gay shipped are the most popular tho wtf
Jin wasnt the least trained either that's jimincel

No. 74137


The salt is real. Your oppas are fug, people who don't have yellow fever,unlike y'all, know they're ugly twinks, get over it and sage your shit for christ's sake.

No. 74139

Most of them don't really think they're gay. They like the fantasies because they can think of their oppars in a sexual way without having to imagine them with a pretty girl which they would find threatening. Also if they're gay then they won't be fucking pretty girls in their spare time which is what the fans after really scared of. Guarantee most fans would be mad or just stop find another boy to obsess over if they really were gay.

No. 74145

jhope isn't gay. no one in bts is. jhope acts flamboyant for attention since nobody cares about him.

No. 74146

idk anon jimin still seems like a faggot to me

No. 74147

Artist != idol. Nobody accuses Zico fans of being pedos.

No. 74148

…Isn't zico like 30?

No. 74152

failed analogy

No. 74153

File: 1580434324830.png (463.79 KB, 956x896, 1580413384-screen-shot-2020-01…)

I feel like Twice is internally exploding and we're only in January. Who else wants to bet at least one member officially leaves before the year is over?

No. 74156

These feminist youtubers are telling women to boycott the idol industry because of its misogyny. Their remarks are interesting. Like how idols sing songs written and produced by males, about being independent and badass and shit like that, but wearing sexy clothes to appeal to men. Also the bad influence they have on girls, because girls are 90% of idol fans. And they're talking only about girl groups.

No. 74162


I don't get what there is to be bad about. He didn't say anything insulting. Twice are kind of prissy

No. 74163

He’s definitely straight considering how much female attention he wants but yeah he’s still a faggot kek

No. 74164

they all just seem over it tbh and i dont blame them
i still dont believe heechul and momo are even really together but let me keep my tinfoil theories to a minimum in this thread
the truth will come out eventually

No. 74165

Just tell us. You don’t think he’s gay do you?

No. 74167

Interesting video that I'd like to see more of in these threads. Seems appropriate for the pinkpill thread as well.

No. 74169

I don't think Mina is ever coming back, it really just seems like she had no idea what she was getting herself into and is trying to nope her way out of it without being seen as some evil traitor. Her fans have always been the uwu coddle the pwecious ballerina baby penguin types so the mental illness stuff is just feeding into it further.

No. 74170

the majority of twice seem to be regretting joining the group tbh
with the exception of apink and snsd, i dont ever recall seeing a female kpop group facing such extreme security and stalking incidents

No. 74172

Hey at least she’s rich or I hope she is

No. 74173

Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like this is the first reaction to KPOP from a western perspective…..

At first the men just seem feminine because of the makeup (yes western celebs wear makeup but generally only to cover up skin imperfections or in a rock/punk way), long hair, fashion, behavior, skinny bodies and asian stereotypes about men aren’t the best to say the least in terms of masculinity

No. 74184

please no don't drag the feminism stuff in here too, just keep it where it belongs.

No. 74191

Yes it's very common. It's rare if you find any of them masculine because 99% are so damn effeminate with all the shitty ps they get.

The yellow fever is strong in here now and it's very telling.

No. 74198

if you show a picture of any male idol to an average westerner, most of them would only point out how feminine they look. they'd burst out laughing if someone told them jungkook was named the sexiest man in the world. the only people who think idols look perfectly fine with the way they are styled are stans who've already been brainwashed. even the average korean doesn't take idols seriously and thinks they look fake and plastic (but that's just how it is with celebrities in every country). stans can preach all they want about jennie or taeyeon or whoever the fuck being named "the princess of korea" or some shit but in reality no1curr. natural looking actors, sportsmen and women are more relevant and respected in the real world. they're considered more attractive too

No. 74199

This whole “these people are more attractive than these other people because …” arguments are annoying already

No. 74203

yeah momo looked like she was about to cry or pretending like she was about to cry. lol why are her and heechul acting like victims when everybody supports their weird 13 year age gap relationship in the first place? they're acting like this is some career ending dating scandal. like nobody is bothered.

No. 74204

This. My mom legit thought Jimin was a girl.

No. 74205

It's different for the female idols though. A Jennie or a Bae Suzy will be considered very pretty here in the West. Not Megan Fox material but still cute.

No. 74209

Oh please. I’ll take discussion over stuff like this any day of the week over more posts about BTS members being fugly or how skinny Blackpink look.

No. 74211

yeah I'm sure you would. but you need to keep it in the containment board because this ain't the place for it.

No. 74220

Asian women are stereotyped as cute and submissive so they probably would be.

No. 74222

File: 1580507415037.jpg (585.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200131-134346_Chr…)

In case anyone still cares, Seungri was finally formally charged in his role for prostitution in the Burning Sun scandal.

Article basically recaps the scandal, SK's molka issue they had way before this, and questions the country's treatment of idols and women in general.


No. 74223

File: 1580507772044.jpg (80.6 KB, 496x664, 2020020101000024100139411.jpg)

BTS for kids, lol.

No. 74224

What good causes besides that fake uwu luv urself shit

No. 74227

He’s the same size as most girls too

No. 74229

I'm surprised if he will actually serve any time.

No. 74230

File: 1580525705147.jpeg (404.85 KB, 750x963, 988E02DF-ADB3-424C-B13D-DE5B03…)

that's actually really funny because this was posted literally three days ago as well

No. 74235

Mediterraneans are homophobic?

I’ve always thought they were more accepting considering how gay their history was kek I’ve also seen Jojo Part 5 Vento aureoles and that was super gay

No. 74236

Maybe not straight up homophobic (like let's say Russians) but they are old-fashioned in the sense that the man is the breadwinner and has to be a manly man.

No. 74239


I guess Jimincel isn’t a hot commodity there kek

No. 74240

New Loona cb sounds like the same noisy, generic garbage every untalented girl crush gg likes to put out these days. There's also something really funny about them releasing a mainstream Itzy rip-off with lyrics and an MV supposedly themed around "breaking free from the established constructs of the world and openly expressing oneself.

No. 74242

Literally none of the songs were good wtf

No. 74243

Everything sounds repetitive. Even their thousands of teaser images too ffs

No. 74244

“LoOna iS so DiffErenT”

“STaN LooNa StaN tAlENt”(iNteGratE)

No. 74246

How long are we going to use the "old fashioned" argument to excuse close minded bigots? Serious question.

No. 74250

Literally every single song sounds decent and is an upgrade from their last two albums. You fags seriously need to do something about the sand in your cunts.

No. 74252

How long you fags are going to pretend to be woke because you like translucent twinks? Same twinks that are more racist and homophobic than Mediterraneans.

No. 74253

didnt loona come before itzy with their self love kidsbop noise? some of these songs are better than their last album, but the bar is low though

No. 74258

Save some of that salt for my fries. Why are you so pressed that a few random nobodies don't like their album? Taste is subjective and my taste ain't that garbage. Lmao stay mad.

No. 74259

>my taste ain't that garbage
If you really thought that was bad then it yeah, kinda is. Your dated clapbacks aren't helping convince me otherwise.

No. 74262

I really don't know why you're so mad. I personally think the songs are bad. That's it. Nobody is coming at you for liking them. Take the stick out your ass and relax.

No. 74263

Lol I like the B side tracks but So What is awful. I couldn’t even recognize any of their voices and I played that preview like 5 times. Why is it so hard for you to believe that some orbits won’t like the song? We’re all accustomed to an entirely different sound and the fanbase is generally older than the target audience for Itzy-esque songs. A polarized reaction should be expected.

No. 74264

You realize there are boygroups in their 30s? Most of their fans are adult women…

No. 74266

File: 1580576750210.jpeg (22.89 KB, 309x330, 8857092E-A6DC-4A2B-8BD1-184761…)

Nct dream are 17-19 but most of their fans are in their 20s

No. 74267

Eh, I think tracks 3 and 4 are okay albeit a little bit forgettable. Should have gone with one of those to promote instead of whatever that Itzy reject mess was.

No. 74269

They first were fan when they were young. Doesn't really count.
Also where tf do you live people, having grown ass co-workers staning BTS and showing it.

No. 74278

File: 1580594235421.jpeg (122.47 KB, 732x1024, 7C3C72D4-DC7D-4726-8463-8C5F1E…)

Imagine finding this 110 pound plastic man attractive(nitpick)

No. 74279

File: 1580596774653.jpg (118.26 KB, 422x750, fire era jimin.jpg)

I think Jimin looked pretty cute until 2016. He looked cute and just a bit "manly", and he had the "aegyo" charm but it didn't look forced.
But to be honest all BTS members look like shit now, because they're tired.

No. 74288


Can't you guys take the thinly disguised bts shilling to onehallyu?

No. 74289

The kpg thread got merged with the critical one remember?

No. 74292

File: 1580600220299.jpeg (118.78 KB, 2028x750, A4BC90C3-4310-434E-B90A-90F1D8…)

Kek @ Jungkook wearing combat boots in the Height order pic

No. 74293

jesus who approved this book? did she use a ghost writer?

No. 74294

It was rigged and hitomi was one of the few top ranking j trainees.

No. 74295

The only thing keeping her in the group is her being tied to akb. she wouldve never made it as an independent trainee.

No. 74297

they're following svt's oty concert concept, but it's better than that cutesy stuff they did in their early years.

No. 74298

I don't understand how me liking the way she looks suddenly means I have yellow fever? She's cute and that's it. You people act like every idol out there makes you gag and vomit all over yourself.

No. 74300

she just doesn't fit sk beauty standards and she's always given me yumi king vibes.

No. 74305

Very low effort content. Those "family" pics are boring, there's nothing interesting about them.

No. 74308

Din’t worry. Some of the anons here thinn that anyone who doesn’t look exactly like some manhwa character is the same as a bridge troll.

No. 74310

Shouldn't Suga be in front of Jimin? He looks shorter than Jimin in the picture.

No. 74311

he IS actually shorter than jimin so he should be the first one but nearly every position in that pic is wrong and makes no sense so there's also that

No. 74312

They probably fought about it and Suga pulled the Hyung card

No. 74315


all those men and not one are either tall or attractive.

No. 74316

not to be a fag rn but
>"not tall"
>one of them is 1,83cm aka 6'0

No. 74317


allegedly. lmao

No. 74322

I think they're probably the same height but suga has terrible posture

No. 74328

Imagine caring what others find attractive. Some of us here are acting like teenage girls finding faggy looking boyband members cute is some kind of a new crazy phenomenon.

No. 74333

I couldn't care less about what straight girls find attractive. if they like feminine men, then so be it.
what irritates me however is how his stans deny that his face is botched and full of fillers and call him a natural beauty. not to speak about the few jhope fans I've seen.. they truly believe his nose is natural.

No. 74336

That’s how being a Stan works. They are obsessed with their “idol” and value emotions over facts. That happens with people who become hardcore fans of a celebrity. Most of them will grow out of it, some won’t. Like I said, it’s not a new phenomenon. Backstreet Boys, 1D, BTS… history likes to repeat itself.

No. 74339

Somehow he's always shilled as tall despite him clearly being a lot shorter than Rat, Jin and V. He's probably the same height as Jimin yet always makes fun of the his height.
Also, who is the poor dude one the left? He looks like a toddler and a granny at the same time lol

No. 74340

File: 1580650761470.png (477.82 KB, 594x588, Screenshot 2020-02-02 at 13.39…)

bts cementing their status as an international joke >>>

No. 74346

He’s V’s height actually, officially at least

No. 74347

File: 1580652851355.jpg (56.03 KB, 851x530, IMG_20200202_150752.jpg)

jungkook is definitely taller than jimin, pic related. i actually think hes in the correct place in the lineup, theyre all wearing shoes with thick soles and possibly inserts anyway so his boots dont really boost him that much comparatively.

dude on the far left is lee hyun, hes a soloist under bighit.

can you elaborate? why does working with logic make them look like a joke, im out of the loop here i guess

No. 74349

This sounds terrible. Also his plastic face ruined the vid.


No. 74350

>can you elaborate? why does working with logic make them look like a joke, im out of the loop here i guess
Logic is considered a joke of a rapper, especially after his last album. All his punchlines are “DID U KNOW IM BIRACIAL??????”

No. 74351

Are they going to ruin every song with that horrible autotune?
Autotune won't give you that Grammy, dudes

No. 74353

I liked the song actually, wasn’t even watching the video though

No. 74354

The new bts song is so terrible.

No. 74355

didnt know that, thanks!

No. 74356

I might be wrong but I think he has the coveted "proportions" that SK thinks make him seem tall? So he's not being shilled as such, so much as he's actually perceived as taller than he is

Anyway can someone explain this pic, what is it from/for and who are the non bts guys? Is this from the new album or…?

No. 74358

Big hit family pictures.

No. 74359

its bighits anniversary or something, and as the other anon said this is a "family" photoshoot meant to commemorate the occasion or whatever. the non-bts guys are txt and lee hyun, the two other acts signed to bighit.

No. 74364

he's on that suicide hotline song with alessia cara if you've heard that so i guess he has a similar approach to mental health as bts

No. 74365

File: 1580670894469.jpg (69.25 KB, 640x640, ff.jpg)

aight guys let's be honest here

do you think that Blackpink would be as popular as they currently are if Lisa wasn't in the group? I really think that 60% of their strength comes from their Southeast Asian (yuck) fanbase lmao

it's like half of their stans only follow them cuz they wanna project themselves into Lisa so bad. "Ohhhh I might have an ugly SEAmonkey nose, and I might smell bad and have manshoulders, but I can feel beautiful too cuz Lisa looks the exact same way!!!!!(racebait)

No. 74367

nice racebaiting, but lisa is objectively attractive and wider, flatter noses can look beautiful and harmonious on certain faces

No. 74368

>Southeast Asian (yuck)

Fuck off.

No. 74369

wtf did i just read??

No. 74370


bruh lmao keep coping.

>lisa is objectively attractive

blackpinkfag spotted. yes, anorexia is SOOOO hot! I wanna fuck a skelly girl so bad uwu

btw she only looks the way she does after 100 gallons of skin bleach and a nose job, too. sorry to burst your bubble pal

No. 74371

File: 1580677112124.png (124.48 KB, 250x321, anorex.png)


now that we're on the topic of blackpink's anorexia, it's ironic how blinks and armies hate each other so much when Rose from BP and BTS Jimin are literally the same person (in a bad way)

>both of them are anorexic retards with BMIs under 15

>both of them are constantly fuming with jealousy. Rose constantly being bitchy to Jennie and liking shady posts on instagram + jimin's general pettiness

>both of them sing like dying whales and can't hold notes for shit with all their voicecracks

>both dye their hair that obnoxious cheap orange

>both are the worst singers of their respective groups

>both had obvious eyelid surgery and disgusting jaw shaves literally everyone can see happened

>both the ugliest, most busted members of their respective groups

Rose = Jimin confirmed?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 74374

Is this a Shane Dawson conspiracy theory?

No. 74376

Can you elaborate? I google image searched, then watched a trailer for the tour that had a bunch of clips and I dont get what you mean

Both of these posts are so OTT and many of us have been banned for far, far less so…I'm confused, to say the least. Can we have a refresher on the new rules? I can't be the only one scared off from posting here because the standards are inconsistent and I can't predict which behavior will set off which minimods on which days

No. 74382

you people are a joke

No. 74383

bruh that’s EXACTLY who i thought of when i saw the lineup for the first time

No. 74385

jimin eyelid surgery??

No. 74386

>>74292 the last one in the line is pretty cute

No. 74387

People are saying you have yellow fever because she's completely average. She just looks like any random, normal asian girl, wouldn't be genuinely considered cute to anyone who isn't a weeb.

No. 74389

cmon anon can still find her cute if she’s average

fucking hell koreaboos and weeaboos have been given such a bad rap that anyone even remotely interested in east asian culture is stereotyped as having yellow fever

No. 74391

are you a giraffe or something? i don't get why some girls are so obsessed with tall guys.

i liked it too tbh. from the comments, it seems like only the spanish speakers are into it. maybe jhop should join super junior

No. 74392

It’s biological

women feel more protected by taller men

No. 74394

no we just know what is considered a visual and hitomi isnt a visual.

No. 74396

Ok weeb/kboomer

No. 74397


Is this what this thread has come to???? Just piling on anyone who doesn’t think an idol with average looks doesn’t look like Quasimodo or Gollum??? People are allowed to have different opinions, this three is for discussing, you’re not bringing any new points to the discussion.

No. 74400

Literally no one involved in this conversation even called her ugly, autismo. You sound super insecure, like this hit a nerve and reeing at people for rightfully calling you a yellow fever fag isn't adding anything to le discussion either just fyi. Calm down.

Koreaboos are shit but weebs truly are and always will be thee most batshit

No. 74401

why are we even having this discussion. >>74002 is not cute. if you think she is cute chances are you do in fact have yellow fever no matter how deep in denial about it you may be. case closed.

No. 74402

Y'all remember that anon who said he would come back in a week to spill some milk about Jimin dating someone? What ever happened with that? I have no doubt in my mind that anon was bullshitting us though.

No. 74403

I never said she was cute, that anon wasn’t me. All I’m saying is that finding someone attractive doesn’t make you a koreaboo jfc. People have different standards. Different strokes for different folks. I find ugly ass white men attractive, does that mean I have white fever??????????

No. 74404

I never believed them, any bts news would probably break on twitter before here tbh

No. 74405

wasn't that anon just the turbo sperg ratmy who kept ban evading trying to bait? their posts got redtexted with that

No. 74409

it was a ban evading ratmy that wanted to bait people. petition to stop using bts in the thread thumbnail/image so the annoying rats can leave

No. 74410

Jimin apparently has a woman in his friend group, that’s all there is to it. No reason to believe she’s his girlfriend but you know how people are, they think their precious idol is irresistible and all women wanna jump on his dick.

No. 74412

still can't believe lisa used to look like this. the transformation is shocking.

No. 74413

this jhope song is wayy better than black swan and that god awful suga song.

No. 74416

Have there been any cases of kpop idols getting very sick and cured, or not cured and dying of diseases?

No. 74417

Have there been any cases where you newfags learn to sage? There have been a few ana idols who supposedly recovered, heechul got into a car accident due to sasaengs back in the day, there has to be a lot more but i am old and forgetful.

No. 74420

>>74417 nta but honestly it's not that serious

I can't really recall anybody dying from a disease but..I remember Luna had like a problem with her kidneys or something back in 2015 or 2016 and got sick and had to go to the hospital IIRC. Same with Victoria. Yunho had his drink mixed with glue by a saseang and got sick and almost died. Also sage your post by writing sage in the email bar so anons don't sperg out on you (if you dont already know this)

No. 74421

it means you need to learn how to love yourself, sister.

No. 74425

I don't understand. Why should I sage?

No. 74426

You sage when you contribute no new information.

>>74416 this post doesn't contribute new info

No. 74427

Thank you.

No. 74433

You're severely autistic just stop posting all together. Lurk for 2 years firts.

No. 74434

Actually there was an idol who died of an illness back in the day. In the 90s, there was a group called NRG and one of their members got a viral infection and died when he was 19 if I recall. Pretty sad. Also I think a former member of 100% (irrelevant group under TOP Media) died of cardiac arrest a few years ago.

No. 74436

Can you elaborate instead of posting random twitter screenshots?

No. 74437

What kind of person would invite others to rape someone? Disgusting as always

No. 74438

Anon please elaborate or gtfo honestly

No. 74439

File: 1580755761624.jpeg (58.54 KB, 527x832, 1580680737-2314ca46-c6df-4bc4-…)

armies are praising the rat for getting "bulked up", but it literally makes his face look even more weirdly proportioned and weird
at least when he was thin his playdoh/egg face wasnt THIS noticeable

No. 74442

Well, everyone who had hopes for Everglow should be disappointed with this. Seems like they fell into the trap a lot of groups do where they just make the same song over and over again. This is just Adios 2.

No. 74444

File: 1580757844235.jpg (93.39 KB, 750x937, 80ebb7be510ea90a929d6114f5374c…)

Eeeeuuuhgghhh, I hate this thing in Korea, where male celebrities beef up, but still keep the gross flowerboy face styling. They look like that meme image of the pigtailed little girl with muscles.

No. 74445

What he’s supposed to do with his face?Glue pubic hair to make a beard? He’s just too big, this kind of body doesn’t suit everyone.

No. 74446

Why would anyone have faith in everglow and their bootleg blackpink concepts?

No. 74447

Thank you for the elaboration. As for the whole ordeal…all I can say it wtf is wrong with armies?

No. 74448

this is so uncanny it looks like an edit

No. 74449

Lmao all the editing they did on his body looks so stupid. What kind of moron thinks magazine covers are legit?

No. 74454

Lmaooo.. Wait who even is that?>>74444

No. 74460

hongseok from pentagon

No. 74464

File: 1580768579588.jpg (70.97 KB, 600x600, Cm7ZxneUcAEW-BT.jpg)

OT but his brother dated Rosé's sister… they all fuck within the same circle

No. 74467

Song’s that bad if you’re into louder tracks. I can see this group turning into one of those “[Popular member] & the rest of them” types groups though. Is their company still buying ads and manipulating YouTube views?

No. 74475

File: 1580777008041.jpeg (40.98 KB, 721x721, EP1ksRtXkAAUyNm.jpeg)

Is this more up your alley anon?

No. 74478

File: 1580778184700.jpeg (44 KB, 460x690, F1F7830D-C2DE-4466-A91D-625E9F…)

These covers are NOTORIOUS for using photoshop to bulk the men up, the same way women’s magazines make women thinner. Yeah they probably didn’t shoop his face much which resulted in mega bagel boy looks. Remember when they shopped Nickhun’s belly button out?

No. 74479

Lmao looks like cr1tikal

No. 74480

3/10 on the moist meter

No. 74484

Nobody posted Gfriend's comeback yet? Basically sounds like an anime soundtrack, very Jpopish.

No. 74485

Most of their discog does…that's their whole thing, musically. But this song is hardly the most anime sounding, esp compared to the early singles..? Im no expert tho.

Still hoping to hear from the anon who said this was Seventeen's world tour concept, if anyone can elaborate, thanks

No. 74487

Kek big hit basically making the gal pals version of run/i need you. Even the corny ass shot in which the visual member is shedding one single tear drop lol shameless

No. 74488

File: 1580795699846.png (382.75 KB, 1101x619, everglow.png)

I hope this isn't going to be their new sound. now there's a bunch of fighting over yuehua blatantly trying to push one member. ngl I'm surprised that they aren't pushing the "talentless visual" but it feels a bit early for this much imbalance. hopefully she actually gets some popularity from it or it'll just turn into another taeyong situation

No. 74493

How about no, you little piece of shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 74494

File: 1580810626563.jpg (131.96 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20200204_200346.jpg)

Nightmare fuel

No. 74496

File: 1580814044691.png (417.11 KB, 396x484, Untitled.png)

No. 74497

You spooked me, anon, don't do it again

No. 74498

the video doesn't match the song at all..

No. 74499

When will SuperM release new songs?

No. 74500

Hopefully never. My ears havent recovered since the last abomination that was "Jopping

No. 74501

April I think

No. 74502

File: 1580820044728.png (26.33 KB, 301x205, kek.png)

No. 74512

I didn't find anything on Google. Why do you think that?

No. 74514

Not saying they copied seventeen but their mv concept really resembles a few of the scenes during the oty concert. I wonder if they used the same director…

No. 74515

Said they were having a comeback in spring and they have concerts in Seoul and Macau in April that aren't a part of their current tour.

No. 74516

File: 1580831465862.jpg (126.58 KB, 682x1024, ko0zBM8TYMo.jpg)

I have no words.

No. 74518

Lmao is his nose…crooked?

No. 74525

File: 1580833594451.png (1.42 MB, 1040x673, 1580833005890.png)

I don't know. All I know is that Taemin is the ugliest in SuperM. Why was he taken at all? Baekhyun is too old and his face is swollen with fat, Mark looks like any ordinary Korean, there is nothing attractive about him. Imho group should consist of Lucas, Taeyong, Ten, and Kai with Taeyong as the leader and main visual.

No. 74527

What are you talking about. It's obvious why he's in it - he's popular, same with Baekhyun. It's all about that. Taeyong looks like alien and is talentless like Lucas.

No. 74528

Sperm is meant to be a supergroup they can’t have only nct members

No. 74529

File: 1580834705473.png (656.78 KB, 596x563, Untitled.png)

The thing is, I don't understand why this shit is popular. He has the disproportionate face of a Russian drunk woman. And this is Korea, where beauty is valued above all else. Just look at this picture.
>only nct members
I added Kai.
But they could still add anyone other than Taemin. Hyungwon, for example. He's pretty cute. He deserves more adoration than Taemin.

No. 74531

File: 1580834902033.png (695.75 KB, 719x926, 122.png)

>Taeyong looks like alien
Fucking agree. It was always fun to see his unusual face and the large distance between eyes.

No. 74532

Hyungwon? In a group that’s named after sm? Lmao if capitol wanted a supergroup of sm male artists taemin + some exo members + nct was their only option. Unless there’s a suju member who would’ve fit the group lol

No. 74533

File: 1580835401330.jpeg (203.19 KB, 750x512, 3FB831AB-345C-43D5-B418-A0859A…)


you can see really clearly which of his teeth are veneers here. what a waste of perfectly normal teeth

No. 74536

File: 1580836236903.png (3.22 MB, 2202x1480, Untitled-1.png)

>In a group that’s named after sm?
Meh. I completely forgot that. But in any case, Hyungwon is still better.

No. 74539

How can you tell? Whats the difference between veneers and normal teeth?

No. 74541

idk about veneers but I can clearly tell by his uneven bite that he's had braces done but only on his bottom teeth. I don't get why he decided not to get the full set?

No. 74546

File: 1580841224823.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.45 KB, 750x512, 770D5B70-0C34-4529-AA67-5DF5BC…)


the colour, the front four on his top row of teeth are way whiter compared to the back ones. i darkened it so you can see what i mean, spoilered because it’s kind of cursed. hopefully they’re just covers over his actual teeth and he didn’t shave his teeth down to points, but this is the same idiot who let his agency shave his entire jaw away so who knows lol

No. 74548

Onda is the talentless visual right? Its weird to me how EU gets so little lines considering she is supposed to be the leader. Mia just has the sort of voice that i dont like though which is why i didnt really enjoy their previous tracks.

No. 74549

I know it might be hard to believe but some idols are popular for being talented

No. 74550

I was talking about Yiren though tbf I don't know if she's completely talentless. but she's was the member with the most exposure from produce 48

No. 74551

Yiren is the talentless visual, Onda is the talentless filler member.

No. 74553

She's trained in traditional Chinese dance iirc, but that's not really a kpop relevant "talent".

No. 74555

Im slowly realizing that traditional chinese dance is the kpop equivalent of a psychology or political science major. The only perk it comes with is getting to use the ability to do an aerial as a substitute for having a personality in variety. Then all the idols who trained in it end up being shit at every other form of dance with no other abilities to offer.

No. 74556

Oh come on hyungwon is just as ugly as taemin.

No. 74557

Oh i see, so Yiren is the WinWin of Everglow. Don't tell me useless Shuhua is a "chinese dancer" too lol

No. 74558

In the defense of all the non-visual members you mentioned, I like their voices better than the visuals, so I think they have the right to be there. If a group was only full of good looking but otherwise completely untalented people you'd be coming after them for their bad songs and dancing.

No. 74559

this! quite often they will have done the incisors and maybe canines done. im sure i have seen pics where even the molars (or premolars) where way too white but might have been lighting.
if its a stuck on veneer cover(composite veneers?), it will damage the teeth when they need to be removed and replaced. either way teeth will be damaged.

No. 74560

All their songs really sound the same. It's a shame, they have an interesting concept.

No. 74564

How does it sound like Fingertip or even Navillera?

No. 74565

Men like Hyungwon are very popular with Korean women apparently. To me, he's like a bts V type visual in that I don't really get the hype.

No. 74576

File: 1580869130541.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, DD528BCC-EB98-4AFB-884D-DE5D29…)

A daily reminder that thousands of girls masturbate on it.

No. 74577

>says that while using the most unattractive picture of the person they're talking about to make a point

No. 74579

File: 1580870146506.png (1.18 MB, 875x1280, Untitled.png)

Okay. There is my favorite photo and Taemin looks fucking good on it.

No. 74580

Why not just post this thing on the idol spam?

No. 74583

File: 1580872617993.png (539.55 KB, 588x590, Untitled.png)

Because we have a conversion in this thread?

No. 74586

File: 1580874298084.jpg (266.33 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20200120_020802.jpg)

hyungwon can be pretty cute but he also looks so fucking wrong. hes also clearly mentally ill

No. 74587

I don't know much about monstax, what do you mean hes clearly mentally ill?

No. 74588


https://www.instiz.net/pt/6592547 (dont "ree this is an image board" at me)
>Lee Soo Man (From SM) directly participated in the production of LOONA's latest album {#]
>This is the first time he has done this for a non-SM artist/group

What the fuck did he mean by this? Is loona joining SM? Is this good or bad for them…?(Imageboard )

No. 74589

This could mean a lot of exposure. As for how good the song will be…I can’t say.

No. 74590

File: 1580879329734.png (407.27 KB, 464x445, Untitled.png)

Why won't SM do a scar removal surgery for Taeyong? It looks terrible. Does anyone know how he got it?

No. 74591

Was I supposed to post a screencap of that article thats 100% in korean? Idgi

No. 74592

And I bet you will be the first one to listen the new realease and then come crying here saying how disgusting and pathetic it is.

No. 74593

File: 1580882903210.jpg (335.96 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200205-010845_Chr…)

Here is the reason why he has that scar

No. 74594

You sound so jealous of taemin.

No. 74597

Maybe the merge was a mistake after all. We're going rock bottom.

No. 74599

How did this happen?

No. 74600

Oh! poor you.

No. 74602

Don’t they pull out teeth and replace em with new ones for veneers? Do they stay in their mouths or are they like dentures cos if they’re like dentures I don’t understand why so many kpop idols would go through with it.

No. 74606

File: 1580888207308.jpeg (884.16 KB, 1242x1552, F054E7FD-127D-4C69-B9EB-2E4E57…)

the exo stans itt were getting heated when someone said loona were basically a female exo, now look kek

anyways, this thread really is dying. the kpop milk is drying up so when do you anons think we’ll get a big scandal cos tbh i dont see one coming. everything in this industry is too tightly knit.

No. 74607

even when there are scandals and drama most of this thread ignores it in favour of nitpicking bts' teeth or whatever so….

No. 74610

I really hope a scandal involving bts is coming soon..
Anons were wondering what kind of scandal will destroy armies the most, and since we know drugs, prostitution and rape won't stop crazies I think our best bet is on bullying inside the group. Most armies love that whole shtick they have about being brothers for life or whatever, a scandal about two of the most popular members being bullies towards each other may do it.

No. 74613

The teeth get drilled so there’s a rough surface, veneers then get stuck to the teeth. Your teeth aren’t removed but they get fucked.

No. 74614

>>74610 lol this thread is filled with pathetic comments obsessing over everything BTS does and then hoping for a scandal. Bet you guys are just jealous/obsessive Ratmies hoping for fanfic-level scandals because you find your normie BTS oppars boring.

Stop with all of the "I cant wait for a BTS scandal" comments, and start your own BTS thread. It's kinda like hearing losers wanting the popular girl in school to fuck up.

No. 74617

Is there a Discord version of this place here?

No. 74618

it sounds like diet itzy with a SM filter over it minus the sm level vocals I guess. I'm not surprised they're going for a more mainstream sound but I doubt they're gonna get more attention for sounding like an itzy copycat especially since itzy is still ~fresh~.
they already merged most of the kpop related threads. I doubt they'd allow a bts thread even if someone tried to make one

No. 74619

File: 1580895431840.png (426.47 KB, 535x520, 47894564.png)

Kpop fans were a mistake.

No. 74624

What are you talking about, of course I want milk from the biggest kpop group.. this is what this site is for.

No. 74625

This shit is so fucking cringe.

No. 74626

No. 74628

File: 1580905285255.jpeg (30.35 KB, 480x640, images (21).jpeg)

why the fuck do stans think that kpop idols who stand next to pride flags means those kpop idols support those rights? are they really brain dead? idols obviously dont give two shits about them and probably thinks its nothing more but a colorful striped flag.

pic related imagine seeing these weird flags you know nothing about at your concert or smth

jfc other stans are even worse. standing next to pride flags="omg!!1! they must b fuckin each othurr!!"

No. 74629

He's probably going to do to loona what SM did to Infinite in 2012 - buy out the company and tank the group slowly

No. 74636

I mean I think the anon is kinda right. Ever since the merge this thread is the shittiest it's ever been - even though this thread was on a sharp decline from jump.

No. 74645

I mean, being a fan of someone doesn't mean you have to be attracted to them

No. 74647

Lmao I remember an nct concert recap video was once taken down and reuploaded to edit out a sign that said "lesbians love doyoung

No. 74648

that sums it all up kek
delusional stans be delusional, a homophobic culture be homophobic

No. 74650

constantly spacing, he acts twitchy and shaky alot, sleeps until 5 pm, mentioned how he gets irrationally angry at the members over small things, he honestly seems like he migbt have a developmental disorder

No. 74652

you know that mood disorders and personality disorders aren't developmental disorders, and they have similar symptoms?

No. 74653

I am obsessed with Taemin

No. 74655

hitchhiker's helped produce competent songs in SM's catalogue, his own stuff however is nightmarish and clunky

No. 74666

File: 1580934711218.jpg (1.06 MB, 4608x3072, rs_4608x3072-181216191754-Gett…)

Twice have the absolute worst styling of the top girl groups. Everything they wear is so tacky and cheap looking. I know their neet fans don't care about nice outfits, but JYP should really be trying to attract a female fandom to bolster Twice when they inevitably lose steam.

No. 74667

He's an entertainer. Mix stress, disturbed sleep pattern, drugs like MDMA but especially coke and you get this.

No. 74673

Jyp is so lazy with all his groups. They don’t get trained properly so they can’t sing. Their songs are low quality. Their outfits are low quality. Everything about twice feels cheap like they’re rookies under some small company but they’re under one of the big 3…it doesn’t make any sense.

No. 74688

File: 1580943513816.jpg (190.5 KB, 1080x1346, EP7JUXVVUAI8hLA.jpg)

oh my GD what a flattering pair of pants you're wearing

No. 74690

Hes only 31 but looks about 50.

No. 74691

sounds depressive to me

No. 74704

Despite all of them being legal adults now they still look cartoonish when they try to dress less childish; Jihyo still looks matronly though kek

No. 74705

which group do you think has good outfits (I assume at award shows) that attract female fans? Don't get me wrong, I'm just curious.

No. 74708

BP probably. I also liked SNSD.

No. 74715

File: 1580991457855.jpg (461.32 KB, 1364x1983, 7580e2d16cddf662d362001384d260…)

Does anyone feel that Jaehyun looks like a businessman?

No. 74717

He looks ugly

No. 74720

File: 1580995647486.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.61 KB, 225x225, potato.jpeg)

No. 74724

File: 1581005628311.jpg (81.09 KB, 614x1107, 3a282bc3f630804e4aab79e5f612b4…)

Can we talk about this shit?

No. 74729

Talk about what? I'm lost..

No. 74733

That's some really bad airbrushing. It only made him look worse

lmao that looks just like him

No. 74734

Can't you see? She's awfully fat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 74735

Try harder next time

No. 74736

Terrible bait. Try again next year.

No. 74737

I would like Jaehyun more if he didn't exude such an arrogant egotistical vibe. The fans and the other members really hype up his looks and it seems to be going to his head…

No. 74738

this anon must be a Rose stan.

No. 74739

He gives me spoiled immature manchild vibes, and his ego is the cherry on top

No. 74755

bitch, where

No. 74761

Is this recent? She gained weight?

No. 74764


Momo and Jeongyeon look dead in the eyes.

No. 74769

No. 74776

Eh she looks the same,although she'd benefit from building some muscle.

No. 74779

File: 1581060493245.jpg (96.44 KB, 550x758, LiYVkun.jpg)

Itzy look painfully underaverage

No. 74780

Even Yuna looks like a dumb chihuahua, not very pretty. And it's cringe as fuck how they are forced to use English when only Lia is passable. Budget Blackpink

No. 74782

Lol Gfriend joined Bighit, they now look like Gangfriend

IDK it's like they're reusing old BTS grungy badass concepts circa 2015

No. 74784

File: 1581063741927.jpg (86.77 KB, 1280x720, SiPrNGT.jpg)

They're to Twice what SuJu was compared to TVXQ

No. 74789


The song sounds like an anime opening lol. Kinda bland…

No. 74790

File: 1581084098062.jpg (39.34 KB, 706x286, par.JPG)

No. 74791

getting so sick of people trying to suggest bts is anything other than a product designed to milk as much money out of teen girls as possible… what is similar about the two except that they are korean? there is nothing thought provoking about boy with luv

No. 74793

What a retarded take. Bong Joon-ho has been making excellent movies for years (Memories of Murder is one of my personal favourites) and already had a name in film circles as a great filmmaker. He didn't force anyone to respect him, that just happened.

BTS is a product and Bong Joon-ho is an artist, simple as that

No. 74794

File: 1581084835639.jpg (40.96 KB, 718x407, Capture.JPG)

I swear Ryujin did something to her face, she used to look much cuter during her Mixnine days

No. 74795

Does anyone got all the leaked photocards from bts new album?

No. 74796

armys will cry racism about everything except this actual instance of racism where an acclaimed director and a pop group are compared solely on the basis that they are of the same ethnic origin. how demeaning

No. 74800

They were leaked already? Wew

No. 74802

What's up with this obsession of calling these young girls ugly? Honestly Twice is not better at all.

No. 74805

File: 1581106696555.png (315.53 KB, 517x298, btsleak2.png)

I mean… this makes up for a good laugh. Or nightmarefuel, depends on how you look at it.

No. 74815

Is this your subtle hit back on admins who ban link-only posting anons bc "this is an imageboard" ? Would it kill you people to say what you mean rather than send us on a scavenger hunt? Ditto the "can we talk about this shit" anon above, like girl I hate Jennie too but there's nothing obviously wrong about that photo, if there is then please tell us, we can't read your mind.

What is there to leak? They're photos, there's nothing special or proprietary about them. Why do fans even bother when there are unlimited pics of idols online?

No. 74816

Did ten stans really fake a death just to get his attention? Wtf lmao

No. 74818

File: 1581113565565.jpg (258.85 KB, 1006x759, IMG_20200207_230541.jpg)

Look at how haggard foreigner Somi looks in comparison to pure korean girls…/s
>Foreigners look prettiest in middle school and then begin to age hard in their twenties
Delusional pedos

No. 74819

File: 1581114633582.jpg (487.78 KB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20200208-003023_Twi…)

Kinda related, but some fucked up Twice stan faked her own death to get them to notice her fanart

No. 74824

Jimin looks like he’s using the baby filter

No. 74829

Might as well stan an entirely fictional anime character considering how they look nothing like their real selves on these PCs

No. 74833

>>74818 Itzy look average AF and Somi looks older than idols her age, doesn't have to be untrue.

Somi prob left JYP to go solo because she didn't want to be bogged down in Itzy with Ryujin and Chaeryoung, she would have fit better visually if she debuted after Sixteen in Twice as the maknae.

No. 74834

File: 1581122206231.jpg (59.96 KB, 500x667, EsYOih1.jpg)

No. 74839

somi only looks older than her age when she western styling.

No. 74845

It's just fake love era all over again I guess. They keep recycling their previous concepts and their stans think it's some deep analysis on their career or something but it's just bighit being lazy because at this point literally anything they make is gonna sell.

No. 74850

>>74839 Not true, with the same styling Somi looked older than most of Twice during Sixteen and whenever she met them after. If she was in Twice it wouldn't be obvious she's the maknae, it'll be like a maknae on top situation like BTS. She was close to Twice and in Itzy (uglier girls) she'll overshadow the other girls so I don't think she fit in.

Somi going solo isn't a bad thing, she has more freedom to make it overseas (singing/acting) because Koreans dislike mature looking idols but Westerners like faces like Lauren Tsai plus Somi has a Westerner type body.

No. 74862

File: 1581148547624.png (486.73 KB, 472x713, jimincel.png)

this. I think some ratmys forget what bts actually look like lol.

No. 74866

you know what, the oli london guy does actually look like him

No. 74877

File: 1581169900799.gif (3.14 MB, 268x402, tumblr_c74b97d7dba872d1e4a2c36…)

Chungha looks so weird in motion

No. 74880

File: 1581173378731.jpg (144.1 KB, 600x899, aUSdHpO.jpg)

>>74877 She's super plastic compared to her P101 days and bursting with filler in her nose, lips and cheeks despite being 22. IDK why she wants to look like Kylie Jenner.

No. 74881

File: 1581173828085.jpg (38.36 KB, 399x393, 3PXE7AZ.jpg)

That's Chungha's predebut face at a JYP audition years ago so she literally became a different person during p101 already

No. 74890

Somi looks like a very basic white girl. She doesn't even have the Asian look Westerns are looking for in Kpop.

No. 74892

she should've stopped at pd101. now she looks like a blow up doll

No. 74893

She's turning into Bom.

No. 74898

Are they going for another girl crush concept? They tried that with Fingertip and lost nearly their entire male fanbase.
Guess they have no choice now that Bigshit swallowed them up. That sucks.
Becuase Idols are fake and to make a dramatic thriller that's a blockbuster hit you need more than retarded uwu looks. And actors who can fucking act. It's not hard.
>Getting mad at cherrypicked comments from Nate on Netizenbuzz
not wrong
It's her fucking jaw shave, She should have never gotten one.

No. 74901

actually good song for a change

No. 74902

File: 1581194819636.jpg (167.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1579446098916.jpg)

recognize minGtion? pops up in many kpop artists discography. see insta
anyone got background info on him?

No. 74908

So What is their worst track easily. It's just noise, I'd even say it's worse than Dalla Dalla and Icy. What the fuck were they thinking…
I kinda liked Loona before, but now that Jaden jumped out of the ship I guess their level is gonna drop more and more.
Kpop was always trash but until 2 years ago I was always adding a song or another to my playlist once in a while. Now I can't remember the last good song, it's all garbage. I don't even know why I keep insisting.

No. 74909

File: 1581202078865.jpg (88.24 KB, 553x597, EQPa_AjUwAAe3Hi.jpg)

Tiffany is starting to look like a sex doll. She's pretty though. CL on the other hand, I totally feel awful for. She's still feeling pressured to go out to these events despite being depressed and having gained so much weight. Cant be easy for her. Now with T.O.PS anti Korea posts, I just feel the push for Western interaction and promotion is going to be the last nail in the coffin for kpop. All the big groups are trying to make it internationally as much, if not more than they are in Korea, but theres no way they can sustain on international markets alone. Unless they focus on SouthEast Asia and Japan maybe. But I feel they're all going to eventually be struggling and trying to mingle in random American events just to be seen, like CL, Tiffany and Big Bang have been doing for awhile now. SuperM and BTS are trying so hard yet all it beings is controversy and complaints from their fans literally everytime they do something because Westerners for the most part, dont care about glorified idol groups.

No. 74910

brings, not beings*

No. 74911

Yesterday I got an urban decay ad on youtube with CL in it, on a completely random video, I was so surprised, did anyone else know about this? Is it part of promo for new music or…? I have a hard time believing she wasn't forced into it, her weight is really high, please don't ban me for nitpicking I'm just making an observation and it makes the ad really suspect to me, like she was def contractually obligated and didn't want to do it.

No. 74912

Im the anon who made the post you replied to and I agree with you. I dont know if its as much of a contractual obligation as it is her feeling she owes these people in the American fashion/beauty industry because a huge part of her image for the last few years has been really pushed by these designers in the Western markets, and without them she'd be back in Korea trying to appeal to a country that literally no longer accepts or wants her because of her company and her label mates. America is really a last resort for some of these idols, especially her and Tiffany.

No. 74918

>Now with T.O.PS anti Korea posts, I just feel the push for Western interaction and promotion is going to be the last nail in the coffin for kpop.
Is TOP actually considering a career in the West? I know he said “retire in Korea” specifically, but idk what makes him think he’s gonna work in the west. His visuals are actually my fav in kpop but his English is terrible, he hates being famous, and he has a shitty personality. I think he should retire from music and stick to chasing the ~intellectual artiste~ image.
> Kpop was always trash but until 2 years ago I was always adding a song or another to my playlist once in a while. Now I can't remember the last good song, it's all garbage. I don't even know why I keep insisting.
Literally all of us itt. I haven’t regularly listened to or enjoyed kpop since like 2016 but can’t stop following translation blogs and industry news.

No. 74919

Unless he's giving up his life of fame, I took it to mean that he was just going to focus on other places instead of Korea. He and G Dragon have both infamously dated lots of Japanese girls so I wouldnt be surprised if they try in Japan instead of the US. But Big Bang has a lot of the same connections in the west that CL has. So he could very well try to mingle in the same circle she is in right now.

No. 74921

Oh that’s right, I didn’t consider the Japanese and Chinese markets. I think a member of BB who could do well (has done well??) in the West is Taeyang, but he probably doesn’t wanna go too far for too long from Korea with a wife now.

No. 74927

how is this 41 year old man releasing better music than most idol groups. had no idea who this even was until i googled him.

No. 74928

chungha is successful female soloist which is rare. she's a great performer and has a nice personality. she speaks fluent english too. she has everything going for her and yet botching her face seems to be her hobby. i just don't get it.

No. 74929

i just realized who somi reminds me of. it's that one white girl from fifth harmony.

No. 74931

I feel bad for CL because she could have made it, hanging out with all these celebs and social climbers… That was her timing but YG screw her over. She will never be relevant again.

No. 74932

yeah when i first listened to kpop it was the first time i thought a song was an insult to music itself.

No. 74933

Taeyong is so cringy and awkward. Was he always like this. I felt this even when I watched their Ellen interview. The way he screamed "mom I am on Ellen". Oh God!

No. 74935

File: 1581224634072.gif (9.29 MB, 840x468, download.gif)

why does she act like this

No. 74936

File: 1581224725112.jpg (361.57 KB, 1200x1800, download.jpg)

heres my nomination for next thread picture kek

No. 74938

Sperm interactions are always so fucking fake, it's obvious they want to die and don't want to be there because they're flops and are self-aware of it, why does their company keep on promoting them and parading them around as if they aren't one of the biggest failures in the entire kpop industry?

No. 74941

Dahun is disgusting. Her and Sana are the worst

No. 74942

yeah…for most part. But I kind of like mark and Kai interactions, a little cheesy but feels genuine at least for me.

No. 74944

Same. I thought it was similar to mark's and yuta's interactions from the nct one which I also found genuine…I guess that's mark lol. He's a decent kid

No. 74948

why is that?? I don't follow twice.

No. 74949

So What is just a pop song, stop using the word "noise" for everything.

No. 74950

Why are people acting like TOPs bad reputation is only because of smoking a joint? No?

There's YG & Seungri association - organized crime/police corruption. Notorious ex/drug dealer constantly in the media. Fucking around military service, before and after the scandal, one of few things that netizens will hold against male celebrities. TOP in a wheelchair reminded Koreans of chaebols in legal trouble showing up to court in wheelchairs stereotype. What used to be seen as quirky behavior now is viewed as severe mental illness on public display making him an easy target.

No. 74952

The term “noise” is used when a song has a bunch of random mismatched sounds and parts (extra points if they’re loud and blaring) strung together so it doesn’t sound like a coherent song. This is common in kpop because they’re selling idols rather than music and don’t have to worry about music quality.
Anons ITT other than me don’t care about oldfag idols so nobody’s aware of what a cow TOP is.

No. 74953

People seem to use the term "noise" for everything that's slightly more abrasive than Ed Sheeran.

No. 74954

Anything slightly edm - “what is this fucking noise?”

No. 74963

i'm sure there are good edm music out there but so what just isn't one of them

No. 74971

The way he repeats the words in English… he is so creepy and looks like shit now, looks like a 50yo white dude that kidnaps little kids

No. 74976

Yes, could anyone tell us a little more about TOP ? I don't know shit about him aside from his drug scandal.

Btw, since we're talking about BigBang, didn't Taeyang get married before he enlisted ? And if yes, did it cause a scandal like Exo Chen's marriage ?

No. 74977

Nta but im interested in some TOP milk too. I only know that he was mega fat as a kid and trained super hard to lose the weight for debut, and that he overdosed a couple of years back. I always thought he was ~unproblematic~ or whatever other than that.
As for Taeyang, I think Big Bang had so many dating scandals already, that by the time he got married nobody really cared. Big Bangs star has been fading immensely for years because the drug stuff is considered even worse that prostitution and sex scandals. As a whole, the group has been known for fucking prostis and picking up girls in Japan and staying in hotels with them for long periods of time. So marriage was the least of their worries. It seemed fans were leaving in droves until Seungri started getting investigated, then the rats all came out of the woods to defend him.

No. 74978

File: 1581273895058.gif (3.88 MB, 620x533, 307FCA5F-87F2-46B6-ADE2-B15EF9…)

JYP’s new Japanese girl group is airing its reality show Rn and all the pedo male gg stans are talking about this poor 14 year old Eurasian girl. It’s a shame bc she has the skills but her age and race will pigeonhole her into JYP’s favorite “sexy foreign jailbait” role. I’m already seeing disgusting comments about her.

No. 74980

all these little biracial girls in k/j pop look the same and its clear they literally only appeal to pedoshits
i would barely be able to tell you the difference if the girls from chocolat, nancy, somi, shannon, this girl etc, and hell, even some other girls that arent mixed at all but seem to really appeal because they LOOK half white, like Suzy, yulhee, heejin etc

most of them all play up underaged/ddlg aesthetics because thats literally their place in kpop and its disgusting

it also makes me so concerned due to the amount of "child models" in korea that get famous mostly online, because they are half white

No. 74988

>JYP’s new Japanese girl group
This is a really bad idea and makes me feel uneasy. It's going to bring out a lot of racists and pedos

>all these little biracial girls in k/j pop look the same and its clear they literally only appeal to pedoshits
Too true

No. 74989

Jyp as a person and as a company got rich of the exploitation of young girls until those girls reached their late 20's and then they get pushed to the back.

Its all the same thing with jyp.
They either have a girl group where one or more members is underage and they only give them two
schoolgirl fetish,jailbait.(twice wonder girls)
2. I'm not like the other girls I'm so different,concepts that are too mature for the underage members (itzy,miss a)

No. 74990

File: 1581279320455.jpeg (Spoiler Image,657.97 KB, 828x1126, EA0DE230-BBBF-48D3-B94F-DE4796…)

He was my ult for years (am anon from >>74918) but stopped liking him when the Han Seo Hee scandal hit.

IIRC There isn’t much milk about him in the early years and glory days of BB except for a blind item that was basically confirmed about him attempting suicide after Shin Min Ah broke up with him. (Found it http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2014/11/blind-item-of-male-idol-and-actress.html?m=1 ) he also wore a jacket with the WW2 Japanese imperialist flag at a performance once but I’m pretty sure that’s the stylists mistake.

There’s tons of milk in the HSH scandal but everyone already knows about it. Same with him taking off work time in the military at an already easy volunteer position due to ‘panic attacks’ without a doctors note.

These days, take one glance at his Instagram and you’ll see he’s obviously not mentally stable. He posted pictures of pig buttholes (WARNING, that’s my spoilered photo) and lots of pretentious surrealist art before the HSH scandal, but afterwards it got 10x even weirder. He spends a lot of time with American artists like Mark Grotjahn even though his English sucks. He posted a picture of him hanging out with an onlyfans ethot weed_slut_420 a couple months ago and the fandom didn’t even freak out.

Fellow BB fags let me know if I’m missing anything… the dating rumors with Asia Chow were generally unmilky other than her being laughably out of his league.

No. 74992

I don't follow BB, can someone recap the thing with HSH? They fucked, he ghosted her, she got mad and then exposed him for a having a small dick and smoking weed?

No. 74994

File: 1581288432819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.1 KB, 828x1570, FCB26E55-CE21-4D2C-8DBA-9607E8…)

I don’t think she got ghosted because she said he was still trying to iMessage her even after she exposed him and didn’t want to talk to him anymore (lol.) She also never said he had a small dick, fans lied about that.
I think what pushed her to expose him is just that she got reported smoking weed and didn’t want to unrightfully go down alone when he was there too. They were throwing major jabs at each other during the court days though, so it’s definitely possible there’s more to it.
Every so often HSH will upload a pic on IG with ominous captions like “don’t come back. I’m sick of hearing about you. I’ve heard you've been calling me a snake around town. I have so much more to expose about you and YG.” She wasn’t lying about having more stuff on YG because she ended up exposing that ikon member.
I do know through reliable fandom gossip that TOP was a stoner before meeting HSH. It’s not totally unlikely he’s the one who introduced to her or at least brought it to her apartment that day.
Read pic related (spoilered for size) for a laugh about TOP’s late night fuckboy texts exposed by Dispatch.

No. 74995

File: 1581291421372.png (107.91 KB, 540x404, 54562156.png)

>young girl getting into a perverted industry
Where are her parents?

No. 74996

File: 1581292087458.png (226.6 KB, 545x613, Untitled.png)

yg trademarked lisa's legal name

link: https://twitter.com/ThePopHub/status/1226563424798347271

No. 75002

So they're setting up a clothing brand in her name to make up for Blackpink not getting any new releases and shit? Lol wow. She was obviously the best choice for this as she has the most brainless solo stans.

No. 75006

>Btw, since we're talking about BigBang, didn't Taeyang get married before he enlisted ? And if yes, did it cause a scandal like Exo Chen's marriage ?

apples and oranges. taeyang and hyorin were a known couple for years, like way back when she was in his solo MV. GD used to talk about them in public interviews like their matchmaker or something. also…i don't believe BB ever marketed themselves as strongly as boyfriend types as other boygroups like exo or BTS to cause a similar fallout. even when GD was being paired heavily with Kiko Mizuhara, I don't think people cared.
Chen's "issue" is that apparently it was a "known" in within the creepy obsessive fan circle that there was a girl, but that's not public information. and then add whatever else crazy fangirl rationalizations they can come up with.
but mostly incomparable situation that deserves a similar outcome: no one should really care

No. 75009

lord forgive me but he looks like onision kek

No. 75025

A trademark owned by YG, so she can't leave and release clothes under her own name label without getting sued. Recall what they did to CL ugh.

No. 75040

They sound terrible! Poor band behind them having to keep on playing the instruments while listening to BP's chaotic "singing".

No. 75048

File: 1581353622784.jpg (71.93 KB, 540x806, 0001153131_003_202002092101075…)

so the useless member of crayon pop that had no fans is knocked up and doing a shotgun wedding too lmao
crayon pop really was an anti idol group
shame they imploded


No. 75049

anti-kpop group? how?

No. 75052

their concept was ~rebellious school girls~ or iljins for awhile, though i think they kind of abandoned that once barbarbar took off and they went semi viral for doing that weird tracksuit thing and that was all they did for the rest of their career until the twins did that pedobait concept

No. 75056

This is sixteen all over again. Jyp still wants that somi addition.

No. 75057

jfc another shotgun wedding? What is this? two already in 2020?

No. 75058

Hidinginmyroom things

No. 75061

What the actual fuck. this is some deranged shit.

Who the hell finds this type of behavior cute? it's so childish and gross

No. 75073

Wow rose looks really skelly.
Kinda jealous tbh…

No. 75078

File: 1581368729888.jpg (24.27 KB, 586x145, par.JPG)

No. 75082

Whoever said visuals in kpop are allowed to keep the dark hair more often and non-visuals are given diff or wacky hair colours because they "need more work" to stand out… I'm really seeing it with Everglow rn. lol

(Although I think all the girls are cute.)

No. 75083

Back to myproana with you

Rose should gain weight To balance out her big ass head honestly she looks like a human bobble head

No. 75085

File: 1581373814956.webm (2.98 MB, 784x454, TWICE - Sana.webm)

Dahyun because she acts childish to attract fanboys.
Sana because she likes teasing to attract fanboys.

No. 75089

Lmao the few blinks acknowledging Rosé's illness are making ship videos out of it. Also how can they ship Rosé with Jennie when they obviously hate each other?

No. 75108

File: 1581389970298.jpg (176.71 KB, 718x659, 20200210_215806.jpg)

The amount of bots Everglow company uses is ridiculous. More than 60 million views in only one week?

No. 75114

LMFAOOO does anybody know what there popularity is actually like in Korea and/or Overseas?

No. 75115

So they're really copying BP hum?

No. 75116

Those are views BTS didn’t get until Love Yourself era lmfao

No. 75125

Watching them try to interact on stage is top tier cringe

No. 75130

Can’t they shut the fuck up already? They always try to associate themselves and their idols with successful artists who are more or less taken seriously in their professional field. The only thing bts and him have in common is their nationality. One is a pop product trying too hard to appeal to the west as a music artist, the other was recognized for his art without a push and by minding his own business.

No. 75133

you would never catch rat or suga calling the grammys local

No. 75143

File: 1581430176174.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1200x1600, 8DE2837F-266B-4278-BD62-2D4AF9…)

Imagine thinking this looks good

No. 75144

they always had terrible music but I see they're getting terrible styling now too

No. 75157

File: 1581432520145.jpeg (28.54 KB, 480x720, 9746BD60-81CD-4C27-A2C4-40639E…)

GOD this is so tasteless, I can’t imagine grown ass people coming up with these concept images

No. 75160

didn't they already do this like 3 years ago smh

No. 75162

It's all connected to their old album aka 'Wings' and it's getting so fucking tiring at this point, especially how they're still trying to link everything to that album that was years ago (that album came out in fucking 2016) even though that era is already over and forgotten by so many people and new fans aren't probably even aware of its existence. They should focus more on better and newer album concepts and not to sound like a broken record with how many times they keep recycling that entire "love yourself" and fake wokeness thing over and over.

I can already perfectly imagine Armys tripping over themselves to find some stupid theories over this.

No. 75166

Photo's giving me 2010 SHINee Ring Ding Dong vibes. Even has the water and everything I'm crying rn lmaoo

No. 75168

Love how they're trying to make this whole "love yourself" thing their motto yet none of them can apply it to their own lives.

Who are they trying to kid with this shit? If you're so tired of the limelight, then get out of it. It's not like they are in need of money now.They should've disbanded back in 2018 when they contemplated it.They've increasingly become super cringy.

No. 75175

File: 1581449542845.jpeg (153.08 KB, 828x351, D893CBA3-E40F-4BFF-9C49-79AAED…)