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No. 75708

Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?


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No. 75719

how do you guys feel about fiesta by izone? the prechorus is nice but the rest is kinda shit imo.

No. 75721

Hated the chorus too. Also they are one of the only groups nowadays with the most high pitched fake girly voices ever. I feel a lot of groups lately are using their own voices more and I'm sooo glad because I don't hate girly concepts but I do hate the fake sweet voice a lot of asian women use.

No. 75722

Spaceship, which I guess is their b side, sounds disappointing. It seems like a twice or gfriend knock off

No. 75724


I actually liked it a lot more than I was expecting, but I think it was mixed poorly similar to Vampire

No. 75726

Do you guys think taeyong could succeed as a solo artist when sm finally gives up on nct?

No. 75731

he seems to be doing that shouting to the mic thing u see people bashing other idols for (ex: jennie)

to answer your question: no

No. 75732

no sm rapper could except maybe sehun in china since he has a massive fanbase of braindead consoomers. no one takes sm's rappers seriously and for good reason: every single one of them is shit. he could try to milk his existing fans dry and social climb in japan but it wouldn't get him very far.

No. 75733

>social climb in japan
With his past negative comments about japanese people? Idk about that…

No. 75734

what negative comments about japanese people…? anyways, that didnt stop bts from getting popular there. he'd do better there than in korea.

No. 75735

Ofc they are not enlisting together. That would be the dumbest business decision ever, specially now that BH is going public. You don't send your cashcows to hiatus for over a year kek They dont give two shits about the family image, it's mostly fans projecting since they're not even close behind cameras, there's maybe 2 or 3 genuine friendships among them but thats it.

Besides, probably not their last album before Jin enlists either, since 91 liners like Suho havent enlisted so far and people thought they were due last year. It seems like they have until the day they turn 29 and not until their 28th birthday as people were interpreting before.

No. 75737

But won’t he be 29 by next December? He’s 28 now.

Also I think it would be a smart move actually cause they can take a break all together this way and when they all come back the company will market their comeback as an epic one. The fans will try their best to make sure that they’ll get good numbers, for the first album at least, just because “haters” will be egging them on for over a year. I’m sure they can release unseen footage in the meantime and sell it in dvds, plus solo projects they will have already worked on like those mixtapes that their fans keep asking for…

No. 75738

It's by regular international age and he was born in Dec 92.

The company would struggle for over a year and there's no guarantee the hype would still be there after that to make up for the losses. Some other group would probably fill the void. Plus, they would piss off the soon to be shareholders who only care abt dividends.

No. 75739

>to make up for the losses
Big Hit is going to buy PLEDIS probably. Wasn't Seventeen added to Weverse?

No. 75740

I see, I’m confused about the age thing always.

It would be risky to send them around the same time, that’s for sure, but I could see it working out and receiving positive press, even in the west. They’re brothers, they can’t be separated, blah blah how sweet… I think it could work.

No. 75743

Not sure this would be good for the younger ones (Jk, JM).
There's a reason why they extented the age limit until when one has to enlist.
No dude under 26 should go if he doesn't have to. Also the members as individuals will probably release stuff anyway.
Jin is the least liked member as well.

No. 75746

Normally in Korean culture you respect your hyungs but the mankae line seems to bully Jin l

I remember when Jungkook pushed Jin off the stairs once kek

No. 75750

Yes that's also an important argument. If they all enlisted together they'd be wasting the younger ones prime time. The closer you're to your 30s the least desirable and relatable you look to a younger audience and BTS k-fans are children and pre-teens in the majority.

No. 75755

With the way bighit has always marketed bts, as ot7, do you think any of them can stand on their own?? As in a solo career?? If any of them did have a solo, can it at least be par upto bts?

No. 75756

I think Jimin is capable of having a successful solo career. Even though he is a shit singer, he's the most popular member or one of I'm not sure. I want to say Jungkook too but Idk how bts fans feel about him anymore.

Really don't know about the rest but I can say with certainty Jin will be jobless after Bts.

No. 75759

They don't need to, they're like the richest idols on earth

But of course they could. They will always have some ratmys to lap up whatever they piss out.

No. 75766

I actually went to this concert and I enjoyed this performance the most, more than Mark's solo

No. 75767

Jin probably gonna fade slowly into obscurity, be guest at some variety shows. Not sure he has enough quality in a sense that he can get an own show like Heechul as a host. He has the least talent musically and in dancing…even V is better but nobody cares as long as he looks pretty and serves face in US talk shows lmao

No. 75776

any funny stuff you witnessed that you d like to share?

No. 75777

please share everything from sperm concert

No. 75780

New dreamcatcher MV

No. 75781

So do you think he could be a strong solo artist?

No. 75782

This title track sounds kinda tacky and tryhard but at least the other songs on the album are fresh n funky

No. 75786

Different anon but I personally think he can, although I'm not sure how he stands with the Korean public because of his past scandals, so definitely not a good option for him right now. I do know the idol he looks up to is U-Know, so I imagine him doing something similar, maybe collaborating with other artists more than solo.

I liked "Long Flight" personally, it was a bit forgettable but nice and I like his singing voice in contrast with his deeper rap. I personally only dislike his freestyle dance lol but he's still one of my favorite idols and I get why he's seen as one of the most charismatic ones on stage. I'm always drawn to him or Mark.

Dreamcatcher is one of those groups I personally don't listen to but I feel their comebacks are really good. It's hard to top Deja Vu honestly, it was such a great dramatic song lol. I'm not really feeling the rap in this one.

No. 75787

I kind of hate this song but the earworm they gave me by using "Für Elise" is commendable lol also who the hell stills says YOLO?

No. 75790

I happen to really like this song. I think it’s fun and the video is cool.

No. 75791

So many mid-tier girl groups are coming back at the same time. Weki Meki is having theirs in like 2 days

No. 75793

Nctzens are all deaf and tasteless I swear. All these little post 2015 noise music boy group stans are.

No. 75794

I get not liking NCT but do you second gen anons even like anything? I feel you're the ones constantly angry and shitting on everything. I'm genuinely interested in knowing what groups you actually follow nowadays. And if you hate everything why even stick around lol

No. 75795

Sorry but even asking that just shows you don't know what this board is for. However, I somehow kind of enjoy some of RV's god awful songs, also Loona's, I have no idea why, they always sound like 4 songs mixed on top of each other.

No. 75796

This isn’t too bad. I like it.
I much prefer their song Girl Friend over Bouncy. Bouncy makes me feel a little angry for some reason.
This song is now stuck in my head, but yeah the yolo part was pretty cringe.

No. 75800

Shit on NCT all you want I wasn't asking because I wanted to argue. I know that the board is open to everything, I've been here since #4. I was just curious because I feel most music nowadays in kpop has that "noisy" sound. I mean even LOONA's last song was like that. RV has better vocals for sure.

I won't argue that second gen idols had better vocals, but I think there was a lot of shit too. I also feel a lot of second gen fans hate boy groups, like the dude from KPOP4LIFE. He likes soo many songs that I feel if a boy group released it he would absolutely hate it.

No. 75801

Also talking about reactors, I can't believe this idiot that everyone hails on youtube like "best kpop reactor" liked that terrible Nature song lol. How??

No. 75802

I'm not a 2nd gen fag at ALL lmaoo just saying Nct 127 sucks ass and both mark and taeyong's solos are hot garbage. Many of the other boy groups of this gen suck too. All their fans have the absolute worst takes, like they've never listened to anything else.

No. 75804

Jungkook is the best singer, technically, and he's a good dancer. But for some reason I can't really see him as a solo artist because he's just so fucking bland.

No. 75805

Does anyone have any news on if the coronavirus is affecting any Kpop groups schedules or comebacks?

No. 75806

I think Got7 had to cancelled one of their concert or something

No. 75807

Some idols have had to reschedule fanmeets hosted outside SK

No. 75808

I definitely think there is solo potential, but only for Jungkook, Jimin and MAYBE Jhope. Jungkook is obviously the most skilled member. Jimin is the most popular . Jhope and released a few things and managed to do pretty well.
Their fan base doesn’t care enough about RM to support his solo efforts so I’m not sure what will happen .
Jin has expressed wanting to act YEARS ago, but I’ve never heard of him taking it on??? Taehyung had one acting gig and it was a shit show. If anything Jin has no potential for a solo. Taehyung doesn’t rly either imo.

No. 75809

I think none of them could handle the pressure as solo artists,except for maybe the rap-line.

Jin is to BTS what Jisoo is to BP,conventionally attractive and just tagging along because he didn't make it into acting.I doubt that he'd seriously be interested in solo work.And V just seems to be completely over being an idol sometimes.He seems more into art and photography.

Junkook and Jimin are deeply insecure and they'd absolutely crumble under any criticism.Jk always cries even at the smallest fuck-up and so does Jimin who also seems to have issues with body image.There's no doubt in my mind that they (imo) are the least suitable for solo work because of that.I imagine that BH would constantly pressure them to meet their standards too.BH doesn't care about their (mental) health judging by what they showed in their documentary and how they exploited Jimin's ED.

No. 75810

Yea i just can't be bothered to listen to any boy groups or even look for any new groups at all, i sometimes see the occasional youtube rec of rv or something and listen to it. For total OT I think once you grow up, you just can't be bothered ft. Everything is so done, the idols start to look just fake in most ways and you feel silly for even investing a few minutes of your time into them. I see some 25+ yo people on twitter gushing about some new bias biweekly and it just almost saddens me to be that into something so pointless.

No. 75811

tbh of all the rappers i feel like suga would do better than jhope. can't stand the guy and i think he's arrogant as fuck but his collaborations seem to have been received well in korea and he has good connections in the music industry now

No. 75817

deja vu was truly their best comeback, seeing the comeback stages is still magical to this day.

No. 75818

i dont care about bts but i watched their solo stuff since they have been discussed here for a while now.
jhope is BY FAR the one with the most potential and talent.
maybe check online with what other people are saying, preferably westerners that have worked with him when in the states. put your personal dislike aside. hateboners will just do you a disservice.

No. 75820

agree, I feel like jhope will be successful in the West. His solo songs seem to be influenced by western culture and music.

No. 75821

When I saw BTS live J-Hope was by far the most talented one. Suga was good on stage as well. The other five…well.

No. 75822

Agree.RM is too much of a tryhard to succeed.I also feel like his work is less memorable than J-Hope's or Suga's.

No. 75823

Jungkook is conventionally hot in real life, needs a backbone though to make it in the industry.

No. 75824

yeah chicken noodle soup would smash… oh wait
agree, he needs someone who actually cares about his interests rather than just about him as a part of bts.

No. 75825


A lot of people came with their families and they seemed like 2nd/late 2nd gen fans of shinee/exo. The mom beside me was screaming her top off for Kai.
Mark's solo started off nervous and I think it was because some of his childhood friends he hadn’t seen in years were there.
I got distracted during Baekhyun’s solo but from what I remember he didn’t sing very well, I liked the r&b song he performed though
Lucas’s solo was hard to get through
Kai's "Confession" I like the beat but not his flow or the lyrics. He did a lot of thirst trap stuff that got the kids screaming and it was a bit cringe
Ten is an excellent dancer, but I didn't like the song choice. I think it was his own song but he wasn't singing so idk what that was about.
There was a performance where they all threw frisbees into the crowd and I thought that was hilarious.
I personally enjoyed Baby Don’t Stop, No Manners, and GTA (Taeyong's) the most
I think he can be a strong solo artist. During his solo he held the entire stage pretty well by himself and I actually had a thought about how I wouldn’t mind if the rest of the concert was just him. He had the most energy/enthusiasm throughout, the others seemed tired.
Trying to refresh my memory here but I don't remember much of the other performances just the ones I mentioned. And most of the songs I only heard for the first time at the concert.
Greetings and goodbyes where they stop and talk to the audience were a bit awkward but understandable because half of them don't speak English

No. 75826

That other superm anon from a few threads back said she thought ten was really good and that his performances were one of the best. What'd you think of him?

No. 75827


I like Ten he’s unique and I think he should get more opportunities. He seemed shy af but during performance he danced well and with actual substance tbh. Could be that he already had experience in the industry before Kpop

No. 75829

Jesus. Yeah like I said earlier, nctzens are all deaf and tasteless.

No. 75830


I've been a casual listener for 11 years and I'm deep into many other genres to make a fair judgement that half of the music genuinely isn't as terrible you think it is lmao. In the greater scheme k-pop is just pure fun entertainment and I think SM groups are perfectly that

No. 75834

Has anyone here ever been to one of 127's concert's? And if you have what are your thoughts on the performances and the member's abilities?

No. 75841

not yet but soon.

No. 75843

he'll be like the liam payne of bts

No. 75846

Seventeen cancelled their Europe tour but because of the virus but they're still going to Dubai which is the same month of the Europe tour so now euro carats are mad because Pledis is letting them go to Dubai and still go to Japan for a whole month due to their new japan album. And Japan is the second most infected country so now carats think that Pledis is doing this for the money because of how popular they are in Japan. Also they just cancelled a fansign.

No. 75858

Honestly. He rly doesn’t add anything to the group, he’s just conventionally attractive I guess. I remember when he would do regular live-streams and their fans would ask for other members constantly.

No. 75861

They always do this. Even when V is doing them they’re like, where’s JK? Where’s Jimin? I don’t see the point, do they think he’s gonna go and get them?

No. 75869

An anon went like 9 months ago to one. I remember them talking about it and found their post fairly quickly, she game some insight on how it went.


No. 75892


This reminds me of the time when armies were highly upset because Jhope was doing a live stream and people were ignoring him and kept asking for Jimin so he went out, got Jimin,gave him the phone and just left without a word lmao.

No. 75914

damn, that's really sad but i still laughed

No. 75918

Meh. I like that song. Music taste is subjective. What makes a good reactor for me is someone that’s able to articulate what they like and dislike about a piece of music. I really only check out Classical Musicians React even though I often disagree with their music preferences because it’s interesting to hear them explain the song from a music theory standpoint and discuss notes, chords, keys, instrumentation, timbre, vocal technique, texture, and production.

No. 75919

V will go into modeling/fashion/acting.
Jimin and Jungkook will become solo idols.
Hope and RM will tread water as rappers.
Suga will be fine, he’ll probably rap and devote more time to music production. He has hella industry connections too.
Jin will mostly disappear, maybe get a variety gig or something.

No. 75921

I think Suga will definitely do more collab work with other artists and work more in editing/production. He'll be fine. Actually, they'll be fine money wise. I wish i could be a millionaire before 30.

No. 75923

Remember that Jin owns a restaurant with his brother.

No. 75924

Jin comes from money and owns a restaurant, he probably has other endeavours too so I see him peacing out of stardom, he's not very passionate abt it anyways
Rapline will be fine at least as producers
Taehyung will def go into acting, he's friends with Choi Wooshik and other hyped actor so he has the connections
Jimin and Jungkook in theory have good prospects as solo acts but in reality they're a hot mess so there is that

No. 75925

why do we have a discussion about what bts will do after bts starts losing relevance or who will go solo every single thread. who fucking cares.

No. 75926

Jimin and jungkook cant have breakdowns as solo artists

No. 75928

Enough posters seem to care.

No. 75930

this song is really catchy though. most of my favorite kpop songs are these quirky girl group songs.

No. 75931

File: 1582089715464.jpg (194.58 KB, 1200x1173, 2SvL3RV.jpg)

Jennie is apparently dating the photographer she worked in London, Hugo Comte. Seen on date at Engawa Restaurant in London with none of her managers or friends with them.

No. 75932

That pic is a mess, sauce?

No. 75934

File: 1582093297095.jpg (130.55 KB, 868x1200, hDDCFQM.jpg)

Not sure who took this pic of Jennie and some other Korean actresses at some museum, but it's possible she was followed the entire day

No. 75935

>implying it isnt the same 3 ratmys bringing it up over and over again

No. 75936

So she went to a public date in an Asian restaurant where people are more likely to recognize her? Attention whore

No. 75937

I wouldn't necessarily call her an attention whore because she did try to hide her identity by sitting in the seat that has her back to the other people in the restaurant and her face being concealed from outside looking in. But it pretty stupid of her to not choose a place that has more privacy.

No. 75938

She posted pics with the bald dude on Vday, they're 100% recognizable. She already been caught she knows better. But bitch can't live without drama and attention.

No. 75939

For some reason Jennie and her "BFF" Chahee have this strange phobia of them not wanting people know that they travel overseas together. Chahee always deletes ig posts that proves her and Jennie are together. Kind of interesting she was ditched so Jennie can have alone time with this guy.

No. 75940

Chill your femcel tits, anon.

No. 75941

That flop group ACE apparently has a member who lost a fansite and the fansite turned feral and called him fat and said he’s dating. Sounds pretty juicy but their international fan base is flipping out and trying to clear the twit tags. Why can’t kpop fans just enjoy some good drama???

No. 75942

Wtf is ACE bye

No. 75943

I just get the impression that she doesn’t give af anymore lol

No. 75944

File: 1582100538066.jpg (112.32 KB, 720x757, 6RGMw4c.jpg)

I know this is Bella Hadid in this pic and she is known for taking photos like this all the time but she is somewhat close to to the same photographer. Makes you wonder if this guy is trying to get close to Jennie just so he can get her comfortable enough to request her to strip down in a future photoshoot.

No. 75945

has it ever occurred to you pull virgins that they are just friends or it's related to their work?

No. 75946

So going on private dinner dates >>75931 without her managers counts as work-related activities now? Why didn't her supposed BFF that flew to London with Jennie come to dinner with her? I guess she didn't want to feel like third-wheel.

No. 75947

Ok jenniechans, I was responding with the hypothesis what OP says is correct. This doesn’t change the fact that Jennie is an attention whore. She’s the only one of her groupe constantly involved in scandals and rumors. The other members too have dinners, boyfriends but they’re genuinely try to hide it.

No. 75950

You being an angry femcel does not me a jenniechan make, anon. Quite lame of you.

No. 75951

What incelism have to do with all that? Anything to defend the poor anxious Jennie when SHE puts herself in those situations. She has no respect for her bandmates and only care about herself.

No. 75952

uh, who cares? are we korean netizens now? who gives a shit if jennie wants to date some bald photographer or go out to restaurants? why does it offend you so much that she isn’t meticulously covering her tracks?

No. 75954

You missed the point. I don’t really cares about she does and I love me some drama. However being so careless express a lack of consideration for her bandmates and a love for attention. Not only she’s awfully bad on stage but she also has dating/rudeness/nepotism scandals/rumors. Jenniechans use anxiety, depression and what else to make her an innocent victim. The reality is she no better than those talentless Instagram social climbers.

No. 75956

Well I like ACE so I'm interested. Which member? I didn't find any info at first glance. Any info on what happened besides he's dating? Or proof.

No. 75957

not their own concert but an SMtownone and they were pretty decent imo, especially Taeyong, he might look weird and all but his stage presence is there

No. 75959

new mini nct mv
I think they have nice voices but damn it's unfortunate how busted they are

No. 75961

File: 1582116695784.jpeg (186.74 KB, 1075x1410, ERIGXe9UUAEbVGL.jpeg)

Dating and fat accusations were abt Sehyoon. Ex-fan also accused Byeongkwan and Sehyoon of gaming with someone ~problematic~ and saying disgusting things. idk if there's proof bc everyone's being hush-hush and passing around a private google doc lol

Their company finally made a statement– apparently said fan was following one of the members of ACE around and it was caught on CCTV?

No. 75965

I read something about super-glue on a car but I have no idea what that is about.
Is there any way to get into the google doc?

No. 75966

isn't V's acting god awful, though? at least that's what I heard

No. 75970

He is awful. I watched a drama with him and he was absolutely dreadful..

No. 75971

He doesn’t have to talk much with a face like his, they can just have him in the shots existing

No. 75972

What the fuck is going on in this font size, is this a shitpost

No. 75976

it's not the official release, it's a shitty translation

No. 75977

Oops that video was taken down

No. 75980

sorry if this is old, but what do you guys think about this song?

No. 75983

I like it, in general I prefer Wayv to NCT. They don't have Taeil's annoying voice, Mark's ugly face and Taeyong's tryhard persona.

No. 75985


Yeah, I personally liked this song its pretty catchy. i dont care for any of ncts songs

No. 75986

late but gotta admit he looks to be doing really well in those vids, better than the rest of sperm. so yeah, id say he has a good shot at solo stardom.

i wont tag those ridiculous posts hating on her. she is famous so everyone wants to get with her. she sleeps around a lot. good for her and it will never be you. nothing new here. you are just making yourself look pathetic by trying to put that 'bitch' down. if she delivers milk, great. if not, stop your whining and get a life.

No. 75987

>Taeil's annoying voice
I thought I was the only one who thought this. Like he can obviously sing, but I don't like his voice.

No. 75988

File: 1582132639097.jpeg (110.47 KB, 1000x667, 1582124882-bbb881f3-dff9-480f-…)

SM's new girl group, though only technically.

of coursed theres a couple of underaged ones, what a shock

No. 75991

This, Boom, and Love Me Now are my favorites so far.

I never really pay attention to a lot of boy groups, but I’ll looking into this group more. This is a pretty nice song.

No. 75992

File: 1582133789641.png (235.2 KB, 1120x377, feJhhie.PNG)

Not gonna lie I actually enjoyed this song.

No. 75994

>I’ll looking into this group more
so you know nct but not the chinese nct subunit?

something about his face reminds me of jimin. never found him attractive, don't like his voice at all either. wayv may have the weakest vocal line I've seen from an sm group.

No. 76002

File: 1582140927648.jpg (225.67 KB, 960x1200, 1582136674864.jpg)

Anon from earlier makes me wish this thread really was full of 2ng hags who hate this shitshow and are just here to shit on it. Instead, we have a thread full of zoomer nctzens who can hardly hide their bias and their shit taste.
Can't even picture anyone older than 19 sincerely enjoying any 3rd gen groups. Pic related, middle school fangirls are the type I imagine being invested in these boys.

No. 76004

i picture the chunky white kboo girls with bad dye jobs you see in every picture from nct concerts

No. 76006

He'll be general manager then.

No. 76009

Looks hella boring and housewifey. they're ready to give us some crafts or baking tutorial lol

No. 76010

Yeah but I didn’t really care to listen to their music.

No. 76011

sounds milky. pics and stories please

No. 76012

>of coursed theres a couple of underaged ones, what a shock
I mean, this isn't porn or lewd in any way and most sm gg stans tend to be other teenage girls. It's really not a big deal imo.

No. 76013

Don't have any just search for nctzen on tiktok and I'm sure you'll find some

No. 76023

File: 1582149905312.jpg (48.93 KB, 510x510, Capture.JPG)

The first girl is Takeuchi Miyu? So I guess she did get that nosejob! Ngl she looks much better now so it was for the best

No. 76024

Kek @ the one trainee named Haram….hopefully Mystic doesn't decide to promote in Muslim countries

No. 76025

One of them is born in 2005. jfc, why cant they stop debuting super underaged idols

No. 76026

this is the better looking nose? really?
what was it like before?

No. 76027

I’m pretty sure that’s the old picture and the group photos they were replying to was her post ps picture

No. 76028


I really don't understand why they can't pick CUTE or pretty Japanese idols for their groups. Like.. Sana and Mina seem to be the best Japan has to offer for K-pop at this point.

No. 76030

they keep the cute and pretty ones in japan

No. 76031

Where in bc j-idols are fug

No. 76033

Maybe there aren't enough cute and pretty girls to choose from there? Especially not pretty enough to compete with k-idols

No. 76034

I didn't even recognize her at first, I fucking knew any Korean agency would make her get plastic surgery. Love how musical talent alone isn't enough, which she actually has.

No. 76035

It’s more frustrating that a lot of the girls can’t just have musical talent, they also have to look the part. They get shit on for getting plastic surgery and if they aren’t conventionally attractive they’ll get called uggo until they do and then get shit on for it anyways. I remember Umji(?) from gfriend and Namjoo from Apink had this issue especially.

No. 76036

and there it is

kpop fans inferiority/superiority complex towards japanese ppl really does show up every other thread lmao
still mad that japan has an actual fashion industry and 2nd biggest music industry in the world w/out shoving it down americans throats, huh kpoppie?

No. 76037

on that note, japanese kpop idols are the stupidest fucks
they would literally have more fame in their home country and make way more money if they became singers in japan, but then again probably not cuz the japanese idol industry is pretty niche and unpopular with the general public so theyd actually have to be talented in order to have a career

No. 76038

How do you know it's not just photoshop?

No. 76039

the reason they're always ugly is because the only japanese girls who want to become kpop idols instead of jpop idols are koreaboos. also sana and mina got plastic surgery.

No. 76040

i feel like its not even that

they're literally just jpop rejects and see kpop as their only other option short of JAV

No. 76042

the words are too ugly for me to enjoy the song. korean is much prettier. i feel the same way when kpop groups make japanese versions of their songs. it will never sound as good as the original.

No. 76043

Jpop idols are even uglier that japanese kpop idols, I'd go as far as to say with no exceptions.

No. 76044

TT japanese version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TT korean version

No. 76055

Sana and Momo have obvious plastic surgery. Their eye corners have been cut to death and Momo is full of cheek filler. Mina on the other hand has 0 differences in her old pics compared to now. Anons who think she has had ps can they point it out because I can’t see it at all?

No. 76057

File: 1582177632088.jpg (127.71 KB, 1080x1080, 5f9fe12debe9128eb3c0f079b81384…)

she got a nose job

No. 76058

Looks like everglow's new song was plagiarized on top of all the bought views lmao

No. 76059

File: 1582179740790.jpg (149.46 KB, 1080x1674, IMG_20200220_001700.jpg)

I know no1curr what knetz think but I lol'd. I had no idea everglow was from fucking Yuehua, a chinese company. Explains a lot tbh (no racebait xx)

No. 76062

File: 1582183164664.jpg (216.65 KB, 677x833, IMG_20200220_120818.jpg)

Chen's post in the lysn app. Again it was not received well by most Korean fans.

No. 76063

File: 1582183262656.jpg (104.47 KB, 720x420, IMG_20200220_120852.jpg)

No. 76064

clearly noone care kexols thoughts because sm just released a statement confirming there would be no changes to the member line up

and also that the group is basically kill now that everyone's eenlisting and all they're going to do from here on out is sub units, sperm, and solos.

No. 76065

File: 1582188855125.jpg (29.77 KB, 347x793, 4ddd53d9b7b6d8f7b72bf6a03b7fb8…)

different lighting

No. 76066

There were dozens of jpop idols on Produce 48, Sakura and Jurina are top idols in Japan.

No. 76067

I see. But the no of kexols who are against Chen is a big deal though. That sorry excuse of exols that protested in front of sm was not the only one. I hope sm doesn't back out from their decision.

No. 76068

Is this Seulgi? She really just looks like any average Korean girl right

No. 76070

if the group isn't even going to be promoting as a group anymore then it isn't

No. 76071

This MV and name song are so cringey…

No. 76073

File: 1582198438542.jpg (322.6 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20200219_000510.jpg)

I think my husbando constantly spamming his group's Twitter with his weird fucking pseudo-fetish art is what's going to finally make me drop kpop.

No. 76077

Anon, you should’ve stopped the second you called the fag from THE BOYZ your husband <3

No. 76078

I see moon sua got the works from dr kim. Good for her to finally debut tho, 10 years in YG must mean she really wanted it.

No. 76080

I'm his beard, actually.

No. 76104

File: 1582213893438.png (442.52 KB, 596x569, _19 Josh1994 on Twitter.png)

Nayeon's stalker is planning to go back to Korea already.

No. 76112

File: 1582217783529.jpg (53.29 KB, 818x409, original-3489-1572983536-2.jpg)


Speaking of deranged, Korean fans are trying to kill A.C.E. with superglue. I have no idea who this is but apparently its a group thats getting semi popular nowadays.


No. 76115

the twitter fandom has been imploding from growing pains the past few months, it's been great to witness

No. 76131

File: 1582226233421.jpg (17.07 KB, 500x480, fart.jpg)

Unfunny. I am not sorry about this,

No. 76132

This is so comically bad, it’s been said a couple of threads ago that this entire stalker thingy seems staged and I believe it

No. 76134

im starting to think he's a borat tier troll tbh, look at his tweets from the last few days

No. 76143

Hyolyn has been flexing with dance practice videos with live singing.

No. 76145

isnt this the THIRD time everglow has been exposed for plagiarizing? Why have they been not cancelled yet by the kpop community?
I just find it ironic that momoland got cancelled because one of their song sounded similar but here we have everglow plagiarizing every song in existence and still receiving love from hypocritical kpop stan twt.

No. 76155

File: 1582238310730.jpg (5.54 MB, 2000x2198, 47.jpg)

I hope you're not judging all j-idols by produce48 girls.

No. 76158

File: 1582239124786.png (359.65 KB, 898x804, ZOcNHeM.png)

because momoland plagiarized a popular song and got a hit song with it. while everglow isn't that well known.

No. 76162

No. 76163

i had hopes for this comeback, but oh god, the autotune
i really hope the bad quality of the recording is distorting the audio, otherwise this is gonna be a mess

No. 76165

This pisses me off so much as a fan of the Wings and You Never Walk Alone albums. They're alone real charm is they can sing well (well, Jungkook can) – Why autotune? Why now? it's the reason why i dropped out of kpop back in 2011 because every band did autotune and sounded like Cher in Do you believe

No. 76166

hyolyn is one of the most talented idols but she's ugly with bullying rumors and shitty songs.

No. 76167

Is this even music?

No. 76172

I also like this one because it has 90s r&b boyband vibes

Btw which of their voices is your favorite? (question goes to anyone who listens to their music ofc)

No. 76174

Sounds like idol and not today had a baby

No. 76175

y'know, I constantly hear people hate on idol and I feel so alone in my opinion that not today is a massive piece of shit. like, the first time I heard it I was physically cringing

No. 76176

The only version of Idol that is valid is the one in the teaser. I still don't know why bighit didn't release that onen lmao. Anyway I agree that Not Today is hot garbage and in some parts they all looked washed out for some reason.

No. 76177

not today isn’t that good but I feel people like it because it’s a hype song like fire

No. 76179


Taeil. He has a very r&b type voice

No. 76191

If SM wants to push NCT 127 then why don't they give them the songs that they give the Chinese group instead? They always treat the Chinese artists under their label like shit (I suspect it will be the same for WayV eventually if it isn't the case now) yet the only listenable songs I've heard from an NCT unit are WayV and that NCT Dream song "My First My Last" or w/e.

No. 76192

Are those the only 2 songs you've heard from nct units other than 127 because Wayvs music isn't good either. Having slightly less shit music than 127 isn't much of an achievement. Nct U and dream have good music, better sales, and deserve to be pushed over the other 2 but they get no push at all.

No. 76194

File: 1582267079389.jpeg (99.69 KB, 838x1066, 35F18B82-EC2C-4D49-80E6-5C67B1…)

Jesus what did they do to her. It looks like they merged her with Jessi

No. 76196

I don't think NCT Dream had a popular concept. Plus SM seems to like pushing whatever song has their golden scammer in it. NCT Dream had the 'cute' thing going for a while but now they're trying to go along with the older (dare I say 'sexy') concept that has been popular for years.
The sexy concept for BGs has become such a 'safe' choice. I'm tired of the same sexy concepts over and over. It's also just so fucking cringey to see girls thirsting over idols bc most if not all 3rd gen idols are not sexy. The only sexy concepts that have been done well have had muscular, masculine men who could sell it (2PM Taecyeon). To the anons here who think otherwise, stop flicking your bean to your bias's veiny ana arms and highly edited fansite photos. Go outside, get a boyfriend. Get a therapist. (Joking…kind of)

Am I the only one hoping for some sort of reverse? I kinda wish the flowerboy concept would be popular. I linked a video of 'flowerboy' 1st gen idols for reference, it's kind of cute even if you hate the song. I like the baggy clothes but that's prob just nostalgia.
And no, I'm not saying 30 year old idols should do this but it's a FAR better option for the underage ones (aged below 22 when it might become cringe) to do more age appropriate concepts instead of being sexualized.

No. 76197

>I don't think NCT Dream had a popular concept.
Yes they do what the fuck? They're more relevant than 127 and have been since debut, they're who I was talking about when I said they have better sales. I don't think 127 has ever outsold their 2018 mini album let alone their new one.

No. 76201

A female participant Angie in the above popular Mexican reality show said she is a fan of bts and got all the support from Mexican armies through voting to win the show. The funniest thing is this girl blundered by saying RM is ugly and now Mexican armies are cancelling her out.

No. 76204

She ain't wrong though, fun skimmed milk

No. 76205

flowerboys looked human back then
now they try to look like botched anime characters with weird colored hair

No. 76206

can't decide what is worse bwl or this fake deep shit

No. 76209

who’s idea was it for jimin and jungkook to flash their nipples?

No. 76210

why did they use so much autotune? it ruined the whole song.

this is basically like not today 2.0

No. 76211

File: 1582278158663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.98 KB, 1188x607, ERSdJnoUwAIEnpa.jpeg)

Why is it called kinetic manifesto film?

No. 76212

because they're pretentious

No. 76213

holy shit lol
V for visual everyone kek

No. 76214

Wow I genuinely didn't like this

No. 76215

I think this might be their worst comeback

No. 76216

> I think this might be their worst comeback

I’ve been thinking this on their every comeback for the past 3 yrs

No. 76217

I am wondering when their MV views will stop breaking records/growing with every release. Surely ARMYs are gonna slow down once they get disappointed by every release

No. 76218

everything past spring day went south

No. 76219

Did Wendy really get fucked up that bad? It's been months.

No. 76222

I keep hoping and I keep getting disappointed…

No. 76223

Fucked up is an understatement I’m surprised she isn’t dead tbh

No. 76224


Wow. There was really nothing remarkable or creative about this at all, and none of them even sound like themselves.

No. 76225

She'd be out for months even with a fraction of her injuries and that's her being lucky.

No. 76226

The quality of their songs and videos has been going downhill since Spring Day, like another anon said. everything since then has been a letdown

Why did they promote this as a hardcore album? The single is BWL tier.

No. 76227

Probably the same person who decided they should pander to foot fetishists this era

No. 76228

This is so shit. The autotune kills any chance of it being listen-able.
Also, jimincel looks so fucking ugly with that greasy mop on his head.

No. 76229

Has anyone checked out the sidetracks in the new BTS album? Anything good?

No. 76230

Why is it so fucking long? The song just sucks ass. I may had given it a chance if it didn't have so much autotune, but still would had cringed because of jimin and V's voices, can they stop trying to sing so high??

I don't dislike autotune, I really liked it in EVERGLOW'S Bon bon chocolat for example, but it sounds really bad in this one and it just makes it seem like they can't sing/rap anymore.

No. 76231

Also oof JK's high note around 3:11 lol it was more robotic than human. That much auto tone doesn't match with a performance video, it just looks weird. Like Baekhyun doing the weird robot voice in Obsession…

The lives are going to be so bad because of it lol

No. 76232

If they keep doing high notes without proper technique they will get vocal nodes

No. 76233

The song is so underwhelming.It's all over the place and not even a gets-stuck-in-your-head-kinda-bad.

No. 76234

Jungkook is usually okay for BTS standards in live vocals but I really doubt he can sing that high note properly in live performances. I bet they will make him lipsync it

No. 76235

I guess that's the reason why they went so heavy on the autotune on this album.BH must've realised they can't sing for shit.Jk is the best out of them,no doubt,but it's not like the bar is set high in terms of that and he's far from one of the best when it comes to other idols.

No. 76237

they all kinda need to cut it their hair or style/care for it better… weird how they all started growing their hair out after jungkook cut his

No. 76238

Honestly they’re better than ON but that’s not saying much

No. 76239

(What is a 'kinetic manifesto'? I don't understand it.)

No. 76240

I'm sorry but who is this?

No. 76241

Haven't listened to the full album but I quite liked "We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal" and "My Time". There's still so much autotune is barely bearable and the album it's honestly boring like not a single b-side has really stuck in my mind yet.

No. 76242

Their hair reminds me more of kai from txt than jks long hair tbh. Maybe they’re trying to make things about txt more popular for when the company eventually relies on them.

No. 76243


No. 76245

Do you guys think that she got something done or is it just ps?She looks like a gangnam unnie here.

No. 76246

Why are you so triggered by people liking a different type than you? Not everyone’s into the muscular masculine look. Chill.

No. 76247

I doubt it, it's probably photoshopped. You can't really suspect something like that unless it's a candid photo or during a live.

My feed is already full of BTS reactions labeling this song "best ever" lol I get so frustrated with the obvious pandering to ARMY.

No. 76248

File: 1582295363598.jpg (20.64 KB, 623x140, akp.jpg)

These fans are delulu.You can be a fan of someone but still say that a cb is mediocre or even subpar yet look at them praising it like it's the best thing that they've put out.Ridiculous.

No. 76249

jimin’s seriously ugly now. the bloated filler face combined with the skinny fat body is so unappealing. there’s no saving his face at this point but he could at least build up some muscle like jk.

No. 76253

he’s busted but still sexy

No. 76254

it may be the ratmy in me, but i liked the song better than bwl. The dancing's pretty good, even tho the title and unexpected dance break is somewhat cringy lmao.

No. 76255

pick one, anon

No. 76256

hot garbage


genuinely like it
black swan

okay i guess
zero o'clock
wab the eternal
louder than bombs

boring af
my time

can't even remember what it sounds like
inner child

suga should quit rapping

that's it I'm done with this group

No. 76257

shadow and ego are the best tracks

No. 76258


Now that you mention it,Black Swan does sound better than the rest of the songs on the album.And I hated it when it first came out but ON is even worse.

No. 76259

Clean your ears

No. 76260

okay. but they are. 90% of the album is boring generic mush. shadow and ego have soul and personality.

No. 76261

Why are they late to every trend?Trap has been done for so many years now and it doesn't even suit them.

No. 76263

yeah i like this one more than bwl as well. the choreography was nice

No. 76264

Unironically Shadow might be the best song on this trashfire album and it's a solo ugh

No. 76265

and this shows that it's time for bts to disband lol.

No. 76266

this is irrelevant anyway since enlistment is around the corner… but i disagree. i think they just need to rethink their songwriting choices. looking at the credits for this album, the songs that work the best have much shorter production/songwriting credits. i think there’s an issue of too many cooks in the kitchen on a lot of their tracks. it makes them generic and unfocused

No. 76267

kind of agree but the auto tune is too much. and it doesn't even get close to other solo stuff suga has done. now im dreading his next mixtape

No. 76268

i actually don’t mind the autotune on shadow, it’s a rare example of bighit using the autotune correctly (as a stylistic choice) rather than just slathering it in excess over the entire song.

No. 76275

i feel this. i used to be a major bts stan and i really enjoy there old music, but out of their recent releases, rm’s newest mixtape is probably my favourite because you can tell it was only produced and written by a few people. it was also very concise and ‘tight’ . bts’ new music as a group is very meh which is disappointing

No. 76278

This is kind of random but I just wanted to complain somewhere. I used to follow this reactor because I liked his NCT Superhuman reaction, but he's acting lately like such a fucking retard I just had to unsubscribe.

He pauses the song every 2 seconds and talks like the most generic twitter kpop fangirl. Also he has the MOST punchable face in all of his thumbnails.

Yeah I know "all reactors suck" etc but I like some of them.

No. 76279

File: 1582305314039.jpg (138.11 KB, 402x636, 845695.jpg)

some stans on twitter are not happy about bts new album packaging, especially the photobook. It's made with really thin paper and it kinda comes apart immediately ?
Here's the link to the video, the replies are hilarious because apparently not liking subpar merch is being ungrateful.

As an ex army, I have 2 of their albums and it was always good quality so idk what the fuck was bighit thinking.

I've listened to the album and it's so forgettable ugh I already don't remember half of the songs and I really can't stand jimin and jk's perpetual high grating autotuned voices

No. 76280

Big hit is really retarded to have picked ON as the title, although Americans are retarded too so some might eat this up too if they listen to it enough times on the radio, just like Boy with Luv.

Black Swan shoulda been the title. It's westernized BTS done right. It has the trendy trap/emo soundcloud beat to it with the pretentious BTS storyline. ON is just a generic lil shit.

The Sia version is mixed horribly too, it adds nothing. Managed to be worse than Halsey's collab.

The rest of the cd is really uneventful, besides the tracks that were already featured in Persona. Congrats to Big Hit for hitting a new low. Sucks to only get to know them past their peak tbh

No. 76281

I have the CD and I can confirm the packaging is just utter shit. The paper is newspaper paper, I got a group photocard (Normally I wouldn't complain but it was just a picture from the "photobook", talk about cheap), the photobook isn't even a proper photobook, and yes it does come apart inmediately. BigHit really dropped the ball here.
Even the Wings album had better packaging and that's saying something.

Oh well, at least I enjoyed the CD…

No. 76283

album arrived this morning, can confirm, the paper and the printing is… 'i could make that at home' tier. it's not even bound with anything, like staples or whatever

No. 76284

Do any of yall have theories as to why so many fans force or delude themselves into liking an ugly AND untalented member bc… it doesn’t make sense to me?

Ex: I like everyone in Loona except for Vivi. She doesn’t do much in the group and she can’t even sit there and look pretty cause she looks like a toe. Yet so many orbits defend her for lack of lines when there are far more decent members who don’t get shit either.

If I were to bring up other examples it’d be Gfriend’s Umji and Bts’ Jin.

No. 76285

samefag, but the poster is fucked also, i was under the assumption that it'd arrive in a tube packaging, like any poster (even like with previous albums) but no, folded and in the album. that's like getting a poster from a magazine or w/e

No. 76286

They can see themselves more in that idol while the "perfect" ones are too unreachable for them. Also I think a lot of people like to root for the underdog in spite of their lack of talent. Or maybe that untalented member is funny/likable in shows, etc.

Another thing is I think a lot of kpop fans like to mother the idols because of how the media portrays them as cute and innocent. Hence why they baby the ones that are outside of the spotlight the most.

No. 76287

idek if i want to attempt listening to this album. im so glad i saw bts live at their peak (which is and will forever be WINGS era) then i unstanned after dna era bc i just knew they were going to the gutter.

No. 76291

what’s the point of giving the other bts members fake tattoos for the aesthetic but jungkook has to cover up his real ones

No. 76293

Bts descent is triggering me tbqh it reminds me of when i stanned coldplay in their alternative era and then they suddenly turned into tacky colorful pop band… like…

No. 76295

Just read this is supposed to be jenny wHAT THE FUCK, how

No. 76296

I knew instantly it was her, why are people so shocked by the picture? Bigger lips? they look the same in other photos I've seen. It's clearly an editorial one so there's so degree of editing, but I don't get the nitpick.

No. 76298

I thought it was someone from loona or something, i've scrolled past it 2 times before i read who it was and was surprised. Don't take that so personally, anon.

No. 76299

File: 1582311949506.jpg (38.92 KB, 584x285, album.JPG)

No. 76300

File: 1582312138182.jpg (171.52 KB, 1242x1129, b6224f54f81461dfc0121f6655a723…)

Yeah I was just confused because a couple of anons noticed something different and I didn't. I initially read the post wrong and though someone was shocked because another idol looked like Jennie, not the other way around lol

Talking about Gangnam unnie, you should see the girl from ANS. I can't believe she's 19 and already has so much ps, considering idols change their appearance so much during their career I'm afraid for her. She's really at the limit because she still looks pretty albeit fake, but it could go overboard fast.

No. 76301

i cant get over armys claiming its for "sustainability" when a couple months ago they were praising how txt's albums are really high quality and nobody had a care in the world about the environment then. bh could care less about global warming, theyre just scamming yall cause they know youd pay for dog shit if it had a pic of jimins face on it cmon…

No. 76303

fucking kek

listened to the new bts title for 30 seconds but couldnt be bothered to continue and dont give enough shits about them to listen to the album

No. 76306

I know they are not for real? "From an artist perspective.." give me a break. It was cheaply made what's so hard to admit?

No. 76307

Pretentious/artistic way of saying dance film

No. 76308

File: 1582318206607.jpeg (210.55 KB, 750x1083, 07E95115-ADC0-48CB-9B89-202462…)

I’m so confused because first they talk shit about how western artists don’t know how to make physical albums and now they’re pulling out every excuse in the book for the bullshit they were sold for $40+ . Obviously you wouldn’t buy it if you don’t like the music, but you don’t want a shit product either .

No. 76309

Why are western artists even brought up? Kpop albums are specifically marketed for their photobooks and photocards, not the CD that barely anybody uses anymore. Why can armys actually be critical of BH/BTS for once?

No. 76310

People are having a mental breakdown bc apparently the sales number are not that good top kek kpoppies are really imbecile for thinking they're doing somehing by buying tons of copies of the album. Locals are not gonna suddenly curr for their music just bc they're #1 in sales, they're just filling label executives pockets. Get a life and just stream like normal people ffs

No. 76311

if they were paying for just the album then the price wouldnt have mysteriously and coincidentally gone up as the photobook sized up. do they think paper, printing materials, production costs, photoshoot costs, clothing, props etc are funded from nothing? you pay for everything thats included and as a customer youre allowed to complain if youve been charged more for lower quality. im sure mr. new-pair-of-airpods-every-month wont die if people make valid complaints about something they spent their or their parens hard earned money on only to get some newspaper.

No. 76313

i just listened to all those nct track videos and i am surprised that i liked 5 of them, that's a new record. usually i only like 1 or 2 songs from an nct album.

No. 76315

congrats. I won't be listening to any of them as nct are ugly.

No. 76316

the song isn't as boring and lifeless as boy with luv but it's not so annoying that i can't listen to it like IDOL so it's like fake love tier which isn't a compliment

No. 76317

i am disappointed and unsurprised.

pleasantly surprised to see sienna lalau though.

No. 76318

terrible photoshop. she looks like she is wearing circle lenses in one eye.

No. 76319

Nta but how very lookist of you

No. 76321

im laughing so hard over this song best song on the album lmao

No. 76323

wow a song where suga's flow isn't slurry and unintelligible??

No. 76324

File: 1582324196798.jpg (15.84 KB, 480x297, lmao.jpg)

>using the term lookist unironically
you simp for ugly untalented males who will never fuck you KEK

No. 76326

SM can still give them decent songs

No. 76327

Surprisingly loved this

No. 76328

I just fucked realized “WINGS” era is almost 4 years old wtf

seems like bts got worst as they got more famous

No. 76332

BTS War of Hormone just popped into my recommended….

It’s fucking jarring how they went from making the fuckboy anthem to uwu depressed genderfluid flowerboy gay persona

No. 76333

What’s with all the gun shots in bts’ song ugh! What happened to their unicef campaign #ENDviolence ?

I remember a lot of army were criticizing BLACKPINK for their kill this love concept photos with scrapes and bruises for “promoting domestic violence” but I guess it’s okay when bts put machine gun shots in their songs

No. 76334

they’ve been doing this since their debut though . because their concept is being bulletproof . it’s not exactly a new thing they’ve started doing

No. 76336

this is a dance video right? don’t we have to suffer through ratmy creaming their pants next week again? i hope bts just as much as big hit realize they were just coicidentally in the right place at the right time to get this deluded fanbase they’re milking with sub par everything. they can’t dance, sing, rap, and worst of all, not the most ideal idols either

No. 76337

He's good but his voice is really loud and hurts my ears. I'd say favorite voices are jaehyun's, doyoung's, and sometimes yuta's.

No. 76338

None of these personas are real anyway.

No. 76339

I think NCT having the distinctive "experimental" sound is their biggest curse. Some of their songs are really nice, but they just get lost in the sea of similar-sounding dull songs.
Besides, there is no change in concept from one release to another, so all songs sound like they could be on one record. For example, 'Love me now' is too similar to their pre-debut track 'Switch', and 'Day Dream' sounds exactly like it is from 'Regular' era. I feel like SM could put much more effort into NCT's concepts music-wise.
And ugh, I just can't with their rap-line's tracks… Who told this kids they can rap? They both are cringe personified and I can't believe their fans don't get embarassed when they see these try-hards.

No. 76341

BTS picked the worse time to comeback. Nobody is going to gather publicly in the next few weeks in SK.

Travel to and from Korea is definitely going to be banned due to the Coronavirus, they have 40-50 cases a day and now it is up to 142 new cases today. It is mostly in Daegu now but spreading to the rest of Korea, I'm surprised SK govt has not banned all public gatherings like concert events and fanmeets or closed schools yet. China Hongkong n Taiwan closed schools despite fewer cases because they were near to Wuhan. My country has 1/4 of their cases and already stopped public events. Korea's govt is very incompetent at dealing with viruses, during H1N1 and MERS they had very high numbers of cases despite the virus originating from abroad.

I wonder how it is going to affect BTS promos and other Kpop concert schedules.

No. 76342

The autotune ruins it for me too. It's so disappointing. why even use it

No. 76343

Now i'm nervous, which is sad because both the Winter and seasons greeting packages were really, really nice quality. Hell, even prsona : map of soul is. Are they cutting costs??

No. 76344


Because big hit is retarded

No idea, but Wings was absolutely their best era. All BH is doing is promoting bts over and over with no quality or substance. I'm gonna be disappointed when my album arrives now

No. 76345

2015-16 BTS was the their peak honestly

Wings, HYYH had very good songs and felt more real kek I can’t believe I’m saying that

Honestly I would prefer INU, RUN, BST over IDOL, BWL , ON anyday

No. 76346

Korea is so small I’m surprised it isn’t worse

No. 76347

wow shes already qri tier, thats sad

No. 76348

korea has stopped any unnecessary school gatherings such as orientations or graduations and the school start date has been pushed back by two weeks to allow any students from china to be quarantined. it’s also bannied travel from the wuhan area of china and is quarantining pretty much everyone who has travelled to china. korean people are mainly avoiding public gatherings on their own accord and popular areas such as myeongdong and hongdae in seoul are a lot less busy than usual. plus all major department stores are doing regular sanitations and are running temperature checks

No. 76349

Ofc those 3 are better. With the exception of idol – which was a tailored order made by big hit to western producers – those other 2 are justin bieber/jonas brothers/whatever rejected songs.
They should give up already on being palatable to the middle american. They're never going to be mainstream solely on the base of singing in korean, muricans barely can stand spanish songs ffs. They're wasting their 2 last years of being NBG with less than mediocre work.

No. 76350

Is it just me or does this seem like a rejected demo for The Weeknd's new album?

No. 76351

Kek are you on drugs with all due respect?? What's The Weeknd about it? Sounds more like second tier pop girl

No. 76352

I would lmfao if they went back to SK and then were later refused entry in the US for their tour

No. 76353

Every time i see a pic of bts these days they look so bad, i feel bad for them. Jungkook is the worst, i feel like something but be going on/the stress has caught up to him because he looks sick.

No. 76354

I know that some of the anons here are hard of hearing (NCT fans) so I've linked a song in a similar key and vibe. It does sound like The Weeknd.

No. 76355

Yeah cause nobody knows The Weeknd's literal biggest & breakout hit. It sounds nothing alike. There's a mf marching band in bts' song. Go home you're drunk anon

No. 76356

he has corona virus

No. 76358

>>76339 For real. Even though the members are pretty ugly as shit, if SM gave them decent songs they wouldn't be that bad of a group. Currently their songs make them look like clowns. (Except maybe a few of them).

No. 76364

the end has begun anons. bwl made over 70 million views within the first 24 hours, this new song is at 42 million falling behind idol.

armys are getting tired of the constant letdown.

No. 76365

i honestly dont even understand why they wanted to break the record with this video when its not even the official mv? like save your energy for that at least since you care so much about numbers. 90M for what is essentially a dance video is dumb and unrealistic and all it did was make them all tired of streaming and listening to the song itself which means the official mv will likely do even worse. i dont mind seeing them shoot themselves in the foot though.

No. 76367

That and the gay ass name

“Kinetic Manifesto” tf lololol

No. 76368

it had less unique listeners on melon in the first 24hrs than idol did too, apparently the excuses are that its not korean gp friendly and the corona virus

No. 76369

do they really hope to get a grammy nomination with that album…?

No. 76372

sad thing is yes LMAO they aint getting shit with that trash ass album. Nothing about it is coordinated or tells a coherent story.

No. 76375

lol kpop mv views keep declining each month. im betting the kpop craze will officially die out by 2022. it isnt even the hot topic for korea rn thanks to parasite and koreans are already accustomed to koreaboo tourists and thousands of international students at korean unis (most of whom are fetishizing kfags as well). hopefully korean cinema (one of the only good things to come out of that country lmao) will become more mainstream than kpop and kdramas in the future

No. 76376

this is not the official mv. it will be released next friday. i’m not saying it will break a new record, but maybe why this has lesser views. hilariously, jimin fans are streaming only his song on yt

No. 76377

I mean, they've been flying back and forth from korea to LA , back to korea and then NY and vice versa. it's gotta be taking a toll. they all look mentally and physically exhausted. And to promote their new album for what?

No. 76378

I'm looking forward to seeing good korean movies and the end of kpop in 2022 tbh. I dont think bts will last much longer and BH knows it.

No. 76384

i wonder what kind of video bighit will come up with to make up for this mediocre song so it can break a record
i've checked out the sia version, her voice is so out of place in the song

No. 76391

>>76194 Well, she doesn't really give a shit anyways. She has her mother backing her up or else the shit she pulls all the time would have gotten her kicked out of the group long ago.

No. 76392

File: 1582378791447.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.67 KB, 640x927, ccc.jpg)

Tf is this?

No. 76393

At first I was like what’s wrong with the picture. Then I read the caption. Depraved behaviour.

No. 76395

Yeah same I just deleted my initial comment because afterwards I read the caption like…what the actual fuck? How do they think of these things.

No. 76396

I’m more surprised about the fact that J-hope is the one inspiring these comments. V is right there and that’s the penis you want to choke on?

No. 76399

Ive noticed how much kpop stans have gotten openly horny and crazy how much they are sounding more like sex-deprived, horny 4channers then I realIzed they both are pretty much the same thing

No. 76400

It’s cause they have more western fans now

No. 76401

>>76399 Korean Fans = Extremely conservative and critical.
Western Fans = Extremely over the top horny shits, sexualizing anything on site.

Dunno which one is worse.

No. 76402

Did you guys hear about SMNBG and SM’s plan to replace Exo w them?
Apparently NCT stans are butthurt about it and keep saying how Nct dream will be the members of the new BG separate from Nct lol. The delululu mess I see on twitter.

No. 76403

Forgot to add that the oldest is rumored to be a 01 liner from what I see on korean twitter. Most of them are leagues better than NCT in terms of talent so IG Nct will be the Suju of this generation. Spoon fed nct stans will get a huge reality check

No. 76406

I doubt anything good is coming out of SM anytime soon. They've been taken over by nepotism and the only requirement for debuting under them is to be a filthy rich kid.

No. 76407

At least some western fans can critique though. A lot of korean fans think some kpop bands must be protected and treat them like children. i dunno which is worse tbh

No. 76408

I wish they would go back to the story they had during Wings and HYYH era. At least that was semi interesting. Maybe Jin will actually start acting once bts disbands

No. 76415

kdramas were ok back when actual actors were in them, in the mid 2000s they started putting kpop idols in everything which was the problem

uee, sohee and yoona especially just came in with their low tier acting skills and shit on the entire genre and getting rewarded for it that it didnt even matter anymore

No. 76422

these are some very strange stats anon

No. 76425


It's a mediocre cb but I still have hope for the 28th.
What I dislike about the album is that Seokjin's solo recycled several old songs, Jungkook's solo was much more inferior compared to Euphoria and at last- the song "Friends"…the concept is gaybaiting if that's a word…and Jimin and Taehyung hugging after that interview in America seemed so forced…
They are trying to make money off the shippers again, I feel so sorry for Jimin.

No. 76427

(Same commentor)

Bts' recent fanservice is just way too forced…it used to be entertaining (kissing wow so funny), now it's become this huge mess that I'm scared that it will affect the boys.

I used to be delulu and think that Jimin and Jungkook were genuinely dating. I reached that conclusion after all the intimacy, kissing and lap sitting, that they displayed during Love Yourself tour…I am beginning to realise that Jimin and Taehyung are now doing the same except even more forced…it will break my heart to learn that the boys are being instructed fanservice.

No. 76428

>i feel so sorry for Jimin
Pretty sure Jimin doesn’t care. He actually loves queerbaiting and looking like he lusts for every member/anyone. Don’t be a delusional Jimin stan.
This album reeks of trying hard to get that western validation, it’s pathetic.

No. 76432

BTS' fanservice is the kind where you see them doing certain things comfortably but they start to cringe and get in to no homo mode when it gets too gay, like holding hands for serious. All that physical intimacy is for the cameras anon. If they were actually dating they wouldn't be comfortable doing these things on camera

No. 76433


Yes, I see that side of him sometimes. But I just really hope it's just the company instructing some of the really ridiculous things…his "bigender" tattoo, the way he'll be the only one NOT wearing a suit when everyone else is.

I am done with the fluffy cardigans and glittery makeup…

No. 76434

To me it’s not a gay song at all, it’s cheesy and it belongs in a Kdrama. If they wanted to make it gay they would have included JK, he’s every delulus favourite.

No. 76436


I'm the ex-delulu anon.
Anyway I have the same habits of reading into body lanaguage (like an obsessive idiot) and I'm already getting vibes that Bighit is trying to replace Jungkook with Taehyung as the gay delulu favourite…

No. 76437


I became friends with a classmate and they started behaving like that

No. 76438

If that’s true it’s not gonna work, with Jimin especially. V sometimes looks at JK intently I feel but with Jimin he seems like there’s zero chemistry

No. 76439

sage goes in the email field jsyk

No. 76441

>his "bigender" tattoo

No. 76442

No. 76443

Jimincel stan, if we have to be honest here then shouldnt we feel sorry for jungkook and taehyung instead?
Jimin-cel loves fanservice because that is the only thing he is good at, he is shit at singing, jhope is better at dancing, and v/jk are better looking than him so the only thing jimincel can claim is his fanservice and thats why he does it so much.

When bts were in saudi arabia,they were forbidden to do gay fanservice there yet jimin still kept on chasing after Jk/v, with jk flinching with fear and avoiding him and V looking sick yet jimin still keept on pushing it…..so…

No. 76444

Do you guys think BTS is promoting so much in the US to avoid coronavirus

No. 76445

I thought that too, waiting to see if they will actually cancel concerts since the situation will probably only worsen (at least in asia)

No. 76446

honestly with all the tattoo girl drama they are probably trying to avoid ANY dating rumors abt jungkook, even when its the delulu shipping ones to keep him out of the spotlight

i dont think fan service is a chore at all for jimin since hes naturally affectionate and vmin is the least controversial ship among the great jungkook/jimin/v twilight style love triangle because jikook/vkook delulus can interpret it as "bffs just messing around

No. 76447

I'm not using Twitter anymore, but I would like to know the stans reactions. Did they really like the album? Or are they afraid to express their sincere opinions about it and be seen as a fake army?

No. 76448

This stuff is usually booked months in advance, I highly doubt it.
They may have to cancel their concert in Seoul in April though.

No. 76451

as a 'ratmy' myself i see more people ranting about streams than the actual music

imo its better than MOTS: persona but i prefer black swan to ON and had different expectations for the album based on black swan

bighit did a bad job with making clear that their pretentious ass kinetic manifesto is an official MV so a lot of IG and facebook fans are not streaming and waiting for the MV on the 28th

on is more my taste than boy with luv but i worry about jks vocal cords on tour trying to hit all those high notes without autotune

also solo stans are on a roll this cb

overall reception seems to be positive but confused

No. 76452

not on twitter but on tumblr, they've been praising it, haven't seen a single person say anything negative
what a surprise

No. 76453

kinda OT but if they're going to make jungkook sing the high notes from his bridge of "on" every day for months while on tour he's going to ruin his voice and i honestly like it so that would be a shame

No. 76454

Cause it’s better than their previous one I reckon.
And indeed vmin is the least controversial ship, hence the silly song.
I also think Jimin likes the clothes he wears. Tbh he’s the only one with some sense of style, I often want what he wears.

No. 76455

Which current SM idols are filthy rich?

No. 76456

That's funny, cause the lyrics of jk's solo song suggest that he had to give up a relationship for his job.

Everyone who still thinks jimincel is a gay butterfly is a delulu. His song is the ultimate fuckboy hymn. Really surprised i don't hear anyone complain about how sexual this song is.

No. 76457

Cause fans love his sensual side.

Jk was rumored to have a gf actually, about 2 years ago.

No. 76458

Who are they? Are there any foreigners or is it all korean members this time?

No. 76459

looked up the lyrics to that song and wtf they are actually running a cult lmao

No. 76460

can you link any videos/images?

No. 76461

File: 1582406475766.png (28.01 KB, 411x183, Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 21.20…)

No. 76464

fr i really like the sound of 'filter' but the lyrics are so off i can't stand it

No. 76466

File: 1582411034987.png (14.68 KB, 588x123, organic.png)

This argument would make sense if they were talking about disposable products, but this is a photo album…people are supposed to keep it. And "organic" doesn't mean the paper it has to be the lowest quality you can print on. Why can't they just say they're disappointed? Any disagreement or bad thing you say is dispelled by ARMYs moving the goal post or making some shite up, when will this fandom collapse in on itself?

No. 76467

Same. It was one of the few songs I like at first listen, but then I read the translation and… Yikes lmao I remembered that not being able to understand the lyrics of foreign pop music is the best.

No. 76468

at least 4 nct members, wendy and yeri, current tvxq members, snsd minus yuri taeyeon and yoona, krystal, and some others i cant think of

No. 76469

a member of suju (siwon i think?), suho from EXO, chenle from NCT are ones that spring to mind

No. 76474

and what about shit ton of plastic? if it's not recyclable, does paper even matter

No. 76475

Yangyang from WayV is a son of a CEO and is apparently a millionaire. Hendery and Ten are also very rich

No. 76476

File: 1582415875388.jpeg (86.81 KB, 1024x712, BAB4ABC9-C33B-4170-9B7A-4B34AA…)

They really want to not be categorized as a kpop group, huh. No wonder most ratmies are pretentious little shits, they’re full of themselves. From what i understand of their songs’ lyrics they know the unhealthy impact they have on their fans and encourage them to keep looking at them like that and now in interviews they talk about creating their own genre… sit your ass down.

No. 76477

Ten is rich? I know Winwin is, his parents paid his way into an expensive uni.

No. 76483

The school where ten studied alone cost 25k a year only in tuition.
Johnny family also seems well-off someone leaked info about his family.
Jaehyun family is also is a doctor and I think his mom was a fashion designer.
Winwin family went to pick him up at the airport in a Porsche cayenne.
Yangyang has a pictures with sport cars and wearing luxury clothing since predebut.
Hendery family is also well of.
In general in kpop foreigners are usually well-off.
Wendy school cost 45k pretty expensive.

Also most Idols nowadays come from wealthy families, it's not like those tvxq/suju members who where poor or sunmi. Maybe korean people are becoming more wealthy tbh I really don't know if it's true.

No. 76485

Big Hit's queerbaiting isn't anything new but using the name of a guy who has history with self-harming for a suicidal character is pretty disgusting

No. 76487

I used to be obsessed about the HYYH story, I even read the book released last year.
Using their real names for their characters wasn't a good choice. Each character has a sad storyline, specially Jungkook and Yoongi. They both try to kill themselves several times and Jin tries to stop them. The webtoon is pretty graphic, I was horrified. Imagine reading a comic where you are a character and you try to kill yourself in this comic so many times, in a pretty ugly way.

No. 76491

I didn't know that about jaehyun's family but I always assumed they were rich.

What about taeyong, mark, yuta, and taeil? I've never heard anything about their family's wealth status's

No. 76492

not trying to be rude or edgy but i genuinely think you might be on the spectrum, utahchan.

No. 76494

all of snsd is pretty well off now, but the ones who already came from super rich families were jessica, sooyoung and sunny
tiffany was basically disowned/cut off from her family so she got none of whatever they had
sooyoungs family took her in financially

No. 76497


>…it will break my heart to learn that the boys are being instructed fanservice.

Jesus you sound retarded. Of course is fanservice!!!!!

No. 76499


Why did Tiffany get disowned?

No. 76500

If BTS is not kpop then why the hell they promote their new songs on KPOP MUSIC SHOWS?

No. 76501

God Suga seems to be the only one with a brain

No. 76502

Her parents didnt want her to become an idol. Her mom killed herself not long before she left to go to Korea and there was a lot of resentment from her father for it. Her father was a super shady person and was involved with Korean mob type people too.

No. 76503

Same anon as >>76491 but I forgot to include Jungwoo and Haechan. I've never heard anything about their families either

No. 76504

i thought her mother died when she was 11 and she didn't leave for korea until she was 15/16

No. 76506

i think suga is just the least fake of all the bts members

No. 76508

Her mom died when she was 12/13 Korean age and went went on her first SM audition at 14/15 and they signed her but she had already been attempting to audition because she was obsessed with BoA and Rain and had already met him lol, and she actually obtained an invote from SM specifically after having already sent in a video of her school performances. She was very vocal about how her family basically treated her like a black sheep, because she wanted to embrace Korea and Korean culture, and her love for Kpop while her father wanted her to be American and focus on school like her siblings.

"She was invited to audition at the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System, where she auditioned with Christina Aguilera's song "The Voice Within", and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles at age 15."

"Tiffany is the youngest of three siblings. Her older sister studied anthropology at Berkeley. For much of her early career when approached with the topic of mothers or family, Tiffany would often refer to her father or both parents; on a radio broadcast she stated that she missed her mother who was far away and she had not seen her in some time. However, in late 2009 she said for the first time in public that her mother had already died.[8] She later said that her mother had died two years before she herself became a trainee, and that she is somewhat distant with her father, all of her immediate family living overseas.[9]

No. 76509

More on her father, she hasnt spoken to him in several years in general, but he has been doing weird shit/sending weird people to attempt to extort her for years. She admitted these things last year when the debt extortion started getting more extreme. She admitted she was scared he was going to have people coming after the group members. It was never followed up on so no one knows exactly what he is involved in as far as I know, but it sounds super scary. Even though she is back in America, she still keeps her distance from him. Its pretty sad and fucked up.

No. 76510

so none of her family was supportive of her being an idol but she did it anyway and was in the most influencial kpop girl group wow. even after she was basically shunned from korea for her snapchat scandal she hasn't given up on being a singer. wish i had that kind of dedication.

No. 76511

Yeah but shes not the only idol that it has happened to. Several idols have similar backgrounds. We could probably have a whole thread on idol family milk, because some family members of idols are bigger cows than the idols tehmselves.

No. 76513

Do you know about what happened with yoona and her mom? I have heard that there was an issue between them. Is it true or just a rumour?

No. 76514


Her mother offed herself before she became a teenager and her dad still harasses her. Damn, it's not easy to come out of a childhood like that. Good for her that she's still working

No. 76518

Leeteuk's father killed himself and his parents (Leeteuk's grandparents) in a murder-suicide, I think that one takes the cake

She left when Yoona was very young, and rumours say that it was because she was a mail-order SEA bride, which is where the speculation of Yoona being half-Vietnamese comes from

No. 76519

yoona doesn't look sea at all though…i have a hard time believing that rumor

No. 76520

A lot of idols apparently are secretly biracial so I wouldn’t be shocked if that was true

No. 76522

if a kpop idol was half anything other than east asian i'd be obvious

No. 76524

nayrt but
There are a lot of idols who look secretly mixed. Yugyeom of GOT7 being one of the big ones that comes to mind.

No. 76525

were SNSD the last SM group to have a lot of tragic members as well as members from rich families? I know Yunho had periods where his family were homeless and slept in train stations, I remember an old variety clip where he gave tips to people sleeping rough like that. Jaejoong left his home when he was 14/15 to move to the city himself and donated blood just to get the free food you get after it, and he had the whole story of being adopted without the correct paperwork and his birth father outing the fact publicly. so many idols being privately educated and so rich might mean they’re less dedicated since they have a backup plan at any moment, but at least it makes cases of the terrible treatment of TVXQ when they were teenagers less common. fans can cry and create Twitter hashtags every time someone doesn’t get a solo or their outfit isn’t the best but at least it’s bigger news and there are more consequences if a video comes out of a group being yelled at or hit by staff members. it’s probably good if a family have at least a little bit of power against a huge company

No. 76526

File: 1582449591699.jpg (32.06 KB, 400x400, yoona-doppelganger.jpg)

yoona literally has a malaysian doppelganger and a suspiciously missing mom in a country that constantly takes in south east asian mail order brides, she's obviously half sea(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76527

there are people from sea who "look east asian" and east asians who "look sea". the whole thing is so arbitrary it's almost like race is a social construct

No. 76528

File: 1582451293811.jpeg (30.87 KB, 500x264, 1301F594-56EF-4849-BD4D-29C3D8…)

No, Yoona had tons of plastic surgery. Her pre-debut face is very South Korean

No. 76530

Anon people from different ethnicities can look alike….

Doesn’t Obama have an Indonesian doppelgänger?

No. 76532

some hapas looks completely East Asian

Just ask r/hapas

No. 76534

File: 1582456870766.jpeg (20.41 KB, 668x393, images - 2020-02-23T051846.923…)

There's people like hangyul from x1 (Well he is adopted idk about his bio parents) and jihyo who looks suspicious.

No. 76535

I've always thought KARA's Gyuri was mixed somehow

No. 76536

Stop the race tinfoiling.

No. 76542

File: 1582463845479.png (102.7 KB, 314x241, jw.PNG)

I feel like his face has changed somehow but I can't put my finger on it…

No. 76543

nctfag here and from much speculation lol im pretty sure taeyong, haechan, mark, arent rich. but the majority of nct definitely is. nct’s been pretty good about not having much family info leaked, i guess it’s a byproduct of them all being trainees from a pretty young age. there arent even pictures of their siblings out there. doyoung, johnny, jaehyun, jeno, jaemin, are all well off for sure, all of wayv is LOADED (theres a twitter post going around about how none of them know how to boil ramen). no real info on taeil or jungwoo either?

No. 76545

>all of wayv is LOADED
Even Xiaojun?

No. 76546

these nct guys really be obsessed with plastic surgery.

No. 76547

File: 1582466688792.jpg (170.21 KB, 499x1774, tgs15tmp.jpg)

Yeah I agree with you. Im >>76508 and have never heard that Yoona is possibly half South East Asian. I do know that her parents divorced when she was too little to remember much of anything. But she has never really talked about it and its not public knowledge. That rumor sounds straight out of some random Allkpop or Soompi forum lol. I definitely believe that there are biracial idols that dont discuss it, but Yoona has a very Korean profile and looks like an average Korean girl. At least she did back in the day, but like a lot of idols has softened her features with plastic surgery, which is her prerogative of course. Her "doppelganger" only slightly resembles her current look/features.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76548

Okay I need a second opinion on this. I don't follow Kai but what happened to his face? I can't exactly explain why, but to me it looks like he got punched in the right eye or something. Plastic surgery gone wrong? Idk but it's quite sad that he messed so much with his face. He was handsome enough so I don't get it.

No. 76549

She actually looks a lot better here with her normal jaw and nose….i dont understand why she made them smaller.
all sm idols are obssesed with plastic surgery

No. 76550

are itzy like even relevant? Like i barely see them mentioned anywhere.

No. 76551

xiaojun's dad is a semi famous tv persona, isnt he?

probably yes.

No. 76553

I think there's a lot of artificial hype around them like there is for Loona. I see fancams and occasional articles but I don't think anyone genuinely cares about their activities or music. Does JYP even promote them?

No. 76554

Fuck I can't believe it's her I'm so happy. She fucking deserves it. I love "my type". I hope she releases more citypop songs.

No. 76555

maybe it's the lighting/makeup but he looks older like taeil now…

>all sm idols are obssesed with plastic surgery
i think it's mostly the company who pushes them to do it tho

No. 76556

File: 1582469950130.jpg (27.2 KB, 450x676, ERVCXzZXYAIg8CK.jpg)

ateez looks even worse

No. 76557

definitely. idols like irene, yoona (after the first jaw shave), jaejoong, sulli, suho, sehun, etc. already fit into the standard for beauty so there was no reason to get anything/more done.

No. 76558

>all of wayv is LOADED
I thought Lucas was upper middle class at most. Then again, middle class in Hong Kong already sorta = rich. He got dragged by cfans of all people for not being as rich as the other members or going to a ghetto public school or something like that.

Xiaojun is a survival show reject so I assume he is

No. 76559

File: 1582473287718.jpg (27.88 KB, 480x480, dustpanruler.jpg)

>ghetto public school
Lol I remembered this

No. 76560

damn skin whitening really changes you

No. 76562

File: 1582474610178.jpg (212.65 KB, 958x958, 1581434439723.jpg)

its how many of them will age. plastic surgery is complicated. doing one thing can affect other things in the face.
also doing ps young can have unforeseen results when older.
pic related(spot the other plastic surgery guys next to jj): jj is in his early 30s. no idea what he has had done, but clearly he had and its very visible now.
on top of that the lifestyle might not be the healthiest. staying up non stop for schedules and partying with groupies, drinking etc.
heechul is what? 37? his face is noticeably sagging and it doesnt look as though he had a lot done. he never looked as (filler)bloated in younger pics as i.e. taemin.
taemin is 27(?) and the signs of aging are already hitting him now (and the past year).
on the bright side:they are rich and can easily afford good plastic surgeons for a face lift (10-15k) (or thread lift, lots cheaper)

No. 76564

Samefag but I decided that Jaehyun's voice is my ultimate favorite. His technique could use some improvement but his deep voice is lovely and baritones are so rare in kpop.

No. 76565

That's not lucas, thats a random Philippino kid.

No. 76566

File: 1582482652538.jpg (40.28 KB, 600x600, Kim-JaeJoong-pictures-NYLON-JA…)

jaejoong only really messes with his nose and jaw now so he's avoided looking really uncanny the way a lot of eye surgeries can leave you looking, but from a lot of angles he definitely looks worse than he would without the work. his nose was sort of hooked and crooked the last time i really kept up with him but its been really straight and sort of round for at least 5 years now, and his jaw looked fine after the predebut work. it's probably a way to get away from the harsher image he had and look younger, but he's been one bad surgery away from scary for a long time. every new piece of work he gets is just a coin toss between looking a bit different or completely messed up

No. 76567

File: 1582483312957.jpg (25.48 KB, 500x369, jjplastic.jpg)

he had double eyelid surgery early on.

No. 76568

he did, i just mean i don’t think he had it redone to get them deeper or anything which is when they start to look really strange. i don’t know if he had his corners cut or anything which is another of the surgeries that looks really obvious if it’s done badly

No. 76569

Here's what I have

Jungwoo no idea, I haven't see nobody saying he is rich or anything like that, but he went to a technical high school and majored in mechanical engineering, doesn't seems like a thing for rich kids tbh.

Yuta dad works building houses, yuta himself worked in 4 convenience stores and in a flower shop as part time jobs.

Taeyong probably also too in the lower income scale in NCT since before smrookies he got tricked by Jaehyun and Johnny to take off his shoes before entering to the plane because he has never been in one before, he and his sister payed vacations to his parents overseas since they have never been outside of Korea, he also worked part time and of course his scamming antics. But his parents house has a backyard and he is from Seoul, and one of his cousins has a ig where she posts pictures of her travels but could be her own money idk.

Taeil dad is a taxi driver it seems and Taeil actually managed to enter to a very competitive college hanyang university with competition of 407:1, his sister is or was studying in a very good college too.

Mark dad is a pastor, he lived in Vancouver, is rumored that his brother passed YG modeling audition but it's been long time since I read that.

I have no idea about haechan family but haven't heard nobody saying he was from a rich family.

No. 76576

Pretty sure his face is just not symmetric that’s why one side looks off, if that’s what you meant. Normal. But he has small work here and there mostly fillers I am guessing which is why his face either looks bloated or gives that fresh out of bed look.

No. 76577

Holy shit dude why are you so fucked up, fabricating a story about her mother killing herself after Tiffany joined SM? Beyond retardation at this point kek.

No. 76582

Why do so many asians get this stupid surgery instead of embracing the monolids.

No. 76584

I wonder what the dynamics are between these members and the loaded ones

> Taeil actually managed to enter to a very competitive college hanyang university with competition of 407:1

Why the fuck did he give up an opportunity like this to become an idol?

No. 76585

He looks like JB(Got7) in the before pic.

No. 76586


To be fair his old eyelids looked super uneven

No. 76589

it was trendy back then. now monolids are in. im hoping for triangles by 2025, see how many go for those….

No. 76590

why is she so weird, i want her height tho

No. 76591

She's just acting cute for cameras. It's what idols do

No. 76592

lolwut I've found the reverse to be the case. The Japanese idol industry is gross but there are plenty of cute and pretty J-pop idols.

Mina looks like Sana in the first pic.

Have you heard of something called Eurocentric beauty standards, anon? People have been making fun of Asians for having monolids for year and now you're implying it's their fault for not embracing them more? Come on.

No. 76599

Double eyelids aren’t a Eurocentric beauty standard though. Asians don’t follow white people standards….. there have always been East Asians who’ve had double lids and most seas have it. It’s a standard that Asians have created for themselves and it’s always existed for centuries along with having pale skin.

No. 76600

Well when a race like whites have all those features you want naturally there is bound to be some white worship

it’s not hard to understand

No. 76602

mark has to be rich because i find him to be so boring and don't understand why he's pushed the most by sm

No. 76603

their debut was a hit but their comeback after that kind of flopped so who knows what'll happen to them. i'm predicting a miss a/f(x) situation though. their concept being unconventional for a girl group and also their faces not being conventionally pretty are going against them.

No. 76604

I stg Jaejoong gives off sexually abused, subsequently misogynistic vibes.

No. 76605

Pretty sure Asians don’t want big hooked white people noses or protruding brow bones…

No. 76606

I’m might get banned for racebait at this point but fuck it

White people on average don’t really have huge hook noses or caveman brows ( more of a Middle East/ jew thing)
but do fit Korean beauty standards more than the average korean

No. 76607

I don’t get the same rich boy vibe from Mark that I get from the WayV boys

No. 76608

Do you know what the average white person looks like? I’m pretty sure the korean beauty standard is to look like an neotenous anime character, not a Neanderthal(racebait)

No. 76609

File: 1582516925580.jpeg (160.43 KB, 777x806, 9C5FCD55-530A-4C3C-9E28-65D217…)

I’ve heard about this woman being the ideal beauty in korea

and of course Koreans aren’t trying to look like cavemen they’re going for a ideal that are more common in white people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76610

samefag here let’s end the race discussion before mods spaz

No. 76611

wow she reminds me a lot of nancy from momoland

No. 76612

try harder

No. 76615

Because his dream was to become a singer, and SM was one of the big 3 companies whose prestige matched that of his university's.

No. 76617

I'm pretty sure you heard about that on lolcow. lmfao

No. 76622

>White people on average don’t really have huge hook noses or caveman brows
>Middle East/ jew thing desuuuu
That cope lmao

No. 76623

Whenever I’ve seen WayV they do give off a kind of “rich boys playing around” vibe.

Also, can anyone speak on their popularity in China? It’s hard to gauge whether they’re actually successful or if it’s just leftover NCT fans

No. 76624

>Also, can anyone speak on their popularity in China?
as a group they have no popularity in china. after a year of activity and much more promotion than the average chinese group their last album barely managed to touch 50k sales. ten has a massive fanbase in thailand though and lucas has some relevancy in china because he was on the main cast of a popular variety show. they keep the group afloat.

No. 76626

How are Itzy not conventionally pretty..?

No. 76627

File: 1582548053961.png (86.04 KB, 774x310, jaejoongqa.png)

he did have a way older girlfriend when he was a really young teenager, 13/14 and a 19/20 year old. This is from a translated Q&A blog post from 2002 when he was 16. Also, if any member of TVXQ was getting pimped out by SM it was obviously him. I think if all of TVXQ left SM in 2009 there would maybe be more info on how shady the company was in the 2000s because it's always felt weird to me

No. 76630

chaeryoung ruins it all to be honest. She isnt conventionally pretty and then there's yuna, who shocked me when she was chosen as the visual (yea yea, its bcos of ~muh koreann beauty standurrds~ but she just looks so off, resembling the joker sometimes). she and lia have the same thing going on, which is looking weird when they start to smile. Ryujin imo looks pretty but bland and yeji also seems to be one of the pretty ones, but has an interesting face.

Chaeryoung shouldnt have been in itzy. She takes away all the "visuals" the whole group has left.

No. 76635

File: 1582561016380.jpeg (64.8 KB, 609x960, AC38ED93-0AAE-4834-8CED-71D012…)

Chaeryeong is way easier to look at than Yeji and Yuna, Idg why she is getting shitted on. Sure her makeup and hairstyling is shit most of the time but her face is so clean looking you wouldn’t get tired of it unlike Yuna who is an eyesore most of the time and looks like Han Yeseuls age nowadays.
https://twitter.com/archiveitzy/status/1224209587961847810 Chaeryeong isn’t conventionally pretty or super model esque but it doesn’t mean she is ugly or anything, quite nice looking IMO, the fugly one in Itzy is Yeji.

No. 76636

Phaha, the whole preview is of them laughing(cuz that's all they can do) and screaming Eh-oh. But what else could have been expected from a shitty group like them.

No. 76637

SM’s new boygroup is gonna overpower Txt and Ateez so much lol.
Hope SM doesn’t fuck them up like they did to their top boy groups, Hot, TVXQ and Exo. Lee Sooman recently had overseas business to promote the new BG and GG they’re probs gonna be sibling groups

No. 76639

They don’t speak English, so they can’t communicate. That’s probably why they didn’t do it all this time. All US shows are cringey as hell anyway lol

No. 76640

Like any Kpop agency,Bighit expects the west to just welcome them with open arms and kiss their feet.Haven't they been trying to break into the western market for 3 years now?Yet Bighit couldn't be arsed to give them English lessons.It's alsways RM talking some meaningless jibberish and the rest just looking like deer caught in the headlights in the back or shouting random words without being able to form a proper sentence.

Even highschoolers can do better.

No. 76644

Thar's what I meant. Just hire a freaking translator instead. RM is already struggling and his English is getting worse with time. They look like a complete joke. Heck, this reminds me of my school days when I was terrible at languages and all I did was laugh like them. But they have the option of getting a translator and they don't. What do they even want to demonstrate with that? You can't even have a simple conversation with them.

No. 76645

I think they usually do but isn’t this particular segment supposed to be super casual? I think it would look weird with a translator. They simply shouldn’t have done it imo, but then again who knows, Americans might find them entertaining. Their standards are super low.

No. 76646

I'm no expert but don't they just sing in the Carpool Karaoke segment? Why would they need a translation if all they're going to do is singing?

No. 76647

Nah, I’ve only watched the 1D one back in the day but it’s not a singing session, it’s like a casual, “fun” interview

No. 76650

Having a translator will ruin the group "dynamic" the fans love. They should just learn english but I've this feeling the majority of them don't care about the general western public, they just want critical acclaim and to keep their fanbase. The fans don't care if their english answers are shitty, anyways.

No. 76652

bts doesnt and will never learn english because they dont need to, they already became millionaires without being able to form a basic conversation in english. why would they bother?

theyve been going to america from the very beginning of their career and not one of them showed any effort to improve

No. 76653

well ateez are nugus and txt even though they're from bighit they're extremely bland so…not gonna be hard to overpower

No. 76654

Fuck I totally forget what old interview this was from, but they were going around having DBSK talk about their first kisses and I remember he said his first kiss was when he was in sixth grade and a girl from middle school confessed to him and then forcibly kissed him. The MCs were laughing and complimenting him like that was a good thing, but you could tell that it wasn't a great memory for him. Anyway, I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg and that your vibes are probably right anon.

No. 76655

File: 1582577125259.jpg (75.96 KB, 1200x630, jjsaeseng.jpg)


also this:


>“There were many fans who broke into my bedroom… In the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, on top of me…“ adding, "There are so many things they did to me that can’t be said on TV"


>…a sasaeng had snuck up on him during a leisurely break at a sauna and snapped a photo of him while he was asleep. The sasaeng then posted it online, even bragging that she kissed him while he was sleeping.

No. 76658

>bighit did a bad job with making clear that their pretentious ass kinetic manifesto is an official MV so a lot of IG and facebook fans are not streaming and waiting for the MV on the 28th

Just shows how little their fans care about streaming every video/song the group releases if anything.

No. 76659

that was from their Come To Play episode, he starts talking about it from 4:37 in this clip. Right after that Yunho tells his own story where the roles are reversed and Jaejoong points out that it’s creepy when it’s not a flower boy idol doing it. His reaction at 6:50 when the guy says he’s envious is pretty telling too

No. 76660

Twice signed to an American label…

No. 76661

File: 1582582356629.jpeg (224.9 KB, 750x1022, 1F747014-3BB7-4FAD-92BC-299C16…)

Forgot pic

No. 76663

I wonder if Americans are getting sick of all these kpop groups promoting there yet.

No. 76665

Of all groups, twice really wont have actual American appeal outside of people that already like Koop. The trend is for “girl power” groups that are seen as diverse and empowering to girls, I just don’t know if twice are what the mainstream pop market wants

No. 76667

Yeah Twice has that cute/ageyo/kawaii concept that the west would find weird, its a very asian/weeb taste

so it might be jarring for westerners to see grown women act like kids….

No. 76668

They've changed their concept for a girl crush almost a year ago, where have you been

No. 76669

Wait at least till they take off their masks… lmao SM stans are really something else

No. 76671

Please no more murica. tell me it was somewhere else

No. 76672

File: 1582592366999.jpeg (193.24 KB, 828x1472, 3C8804E8-2F29-475B-84D6-64993C…)

rose with them linebacker shoulders

No. 76673

>He got dragged by cfans of all people for not being as rich as the other members or going to a ghetto public school or something like that
What the fuck goes on chinese people's mind for them to complain about this shit? Aren't them communists?

No. 76674

>what are shoulder pads

No. 76675

They're like top runners for most materialistic ppl in the world, all their pop media is entrenched in worth = money/status, living in a bubble is a helluva drug

No. 76676

Probably what >>76675 said. All idols who aren't from 1% families are generally looked down upon there despite mainland China being the biggest shithole in Asia.

No. 76679

File: 1582603618261.jpeg (82.85 KB, 1242x769, ERjMXJuU4AU-83k.jpeg)

This made me laugh waaay too hard

No. 76681

yuna's weird looking. i don't think yeji is ugly, she's just an off brand seulgi and she does look older than she actually is which is unfortunate. chaeryeong is cute though. can't say the same for her sister.

No. 76683

they can't sing AND their songs will be in broken english…yeah this is a dumb idea.

No. 76685

File: 1582607517194.jpg (34.75 KB, 1433x608, IMG_20200224_230945.jpg)

>People who have a SK passport that will enter UK will be quarantined for 14 days

Sk going on lockdown

No. 76691

File: 1582609866124.jpg (141.55 KB, 654x835, ola.jpg)

Nah for some reason Romeo and Juliet 1968 was a huge deal over there. Even today you see idols compared to Olivia Hussey.

I think it's in general the asian culture to have an "ideal" to target.

No. 76692

File: 1582610079924.jpg (103.18 KB, 1118x755, nizi.jpg)

Is anyone watching the Nizi project?

I dunno if its the culture or just the people themselves but these girls are focused like a laser beam. What I've K-Pop industry imploded all of a sudden? Would they just sudoku?

No. 76694

They bear 0 resemblance lmfao

No. 76695

They’re trainees tho, not yet celebs or official ones.
Plus the fact that they’re 100 times better looking with half their face covered than Txt and Ateez do says a lot. Atleast they’re heads are proportionate w their body lmfao

No. 76698

>for some reason Romeo and Juliet 1968 was a huge deal over there
Juliet was ultra feminine doe eyed lolita who showed nude in that movie, that’s literally why. Jailbait thirst hasn’t changed, right down to the establishment of retarded ideals.

No. 76699

I was intrigued to see the process of "ON" and straight off the bat on 1:17 starts the cringy, pretentious bts ass kissing. How much were they payed to say these? cant even bring myself to watch the whole thing because they drone about "bts made us love ourselves hurr" every 10 seconds.

No. 76700

The fuck, they look just alike tho.

No. 76701

File: 1582624751098.jpeg (110.28 KB, 864x1296, D26CEB7B-6130-4DDA-952C-8133BA…)

Without stage lights and idol makeup she is fugly tho
She has a resemblance to a snake now that they gave her upturned eyebrows, she was orett6 with straight ones.
She legit looks like Park Sodam.

No. 76703

They're still singing in aegyo voices about oppas, wearing darker clothes won't change that fact. Fancy and Feel Special doesn't erase their entire discography from 2015

Also none of them speak anything close to English

No. 76704

yeah, i cant see them being successful…but who knows, maybe their us company is very good. gonna be interesting. i think they missed their window of opportunity. shoulda done this move 5-3 years ago.

No. 76706

my fav part was how some of them selected a story to be socially acceptable. first kiss at 20? my ass.

No. 76708

They basically recreated the music video but with painfully obvious lip synced vocals.

No. 76710

republic is a good comapny at promotion (look at how rihanna, zendaya, ariana grande, and drake are promoted) but twice is still not a good fit for the american gp. they still sing like kindergarteners and can barely speak english. jyp should've learned from wonder girls (even they had a better concept to promote successfully in america)

No. 76711

You know that Zendaya isn’t being promoted by Reoublic but her acting agents, and a Rihanna has her management team in Roc Nation behind her not Republic.

No. 76712


There’s a lot of other talented individuals with republic.

It’s the same label as Taylor swift, Ariana grande, DNCE, Lorde, chainsmokers, Psy, Drake, DJ Khalid, and Post Malone to name a handful.

Very surprised that this is the record the deal was made with. I wonder if twice will try changing anything to appeal to the American audiences and if so, what specifically.

No. 76715

well, it seems like a last ditch effort to prolong their run.
i wouldnt be surprised if the dating rumors keep accumulating from now on and their incel lewding (older) male fanbase will dry up, hence the try for western market which cares less about dating.
i totally agree with the "they have 0 appeal to western market" comments.
main audience is usually teenagers cause they are the malleable with some money soft target. the girls dont have the talents, looks or age to appeal to them (imo). + they would need a 180 turn from current concept.
isnt dreamcatcher currently kinda the thing (in gg) for western female kpop listeners?

No. 76716

The performance was boring af but they sang live with very low music and then it was mixed with the actual track.They did more than one take so it looks bad because the words don't match their mouths. Maybe I'm tripping but I did hear them sing under the track

No. 76717

It's been 7 fucking years and they still cant speak English. I'm not expecting them to be professionals, but it's so obnoxious to want to 'break out' into the US music scene without a grasp of the basic knowledge of English as a language. It's so lazy and screams of 'cater to me.'

No. 76720

I don’t get why people are so irked by the English thing. Just read subtitles. I agree from a business perspective it’d be preferable for them to be conversational in English, but that would require a conscious effort on the company’s part. It’s difficult to learn a new language as an adult, let alone learning a new language on top of an idol’s schedule.

No. 76721

I'm not one of those "if you're in America speak American" type people but why would they keep trying to promote in a country without even attempting to learn the language? From an outside perspective it just makes them look bad and hinders their presence in interviews or American Talk shows because half of them look like a deer caught in headlights and the other half look like they can't even be bothered with anything non-korean. It makes them look bad too. Plus imo it's a bit disrespectful. That is my opinion though so pls no bully.

No. 76722

And to add on they even had that show American hustle a while back and did multiple concerts in the Usa and you're telling me they can still barely speak English… Oh man.

No. 76723

Western kpop girl group fans love blackpink, followed by Everglow and G-Idle. Itzy has a similar concept, and has members that speak English so idk why JYP chose to push a 9 member group doing cutesy concepts with not a single member conversational in English.

No. 76724

File: 1582645479766.jpg (257.54 KB, 720x1016, 20200225_153449.jpg)

Lmaoo seems like bts are flopping

No. 76725

Why are they so obsessed with numbers? they're already rich and i hate having to see 'PLEASE REMEMBER TO STREAM AND BUY X SONG HERE' over and over.

It's boring to watch an interview and only see one member talking (broken english.) It's embarrassing too for them to not know anything after so many years

>they can't even be bothered with anything non-korean. It makes them look bad too. Plus imo it's a bit disrespectful. That is my opinion though so pls no bully.

I agree

No. 76726

idgi their overall sales are lower than boy with luv? or their sales for oen of the singles?
they probably don't have time to learn english to be fair but even so i think it's a deliberate choice so they can continue pretending that them being promoted in the west is organic rather than the result of a co ordinated pr campaign and so they can stick to their "authentic musicians who will never compromise by recording in english" narrative

No. 76727

So 2.000 sales more than bwl isn’t enough? What is enough for them? And I’m referring to the fans

No. 76728

I’m starting to think the same. Makes them look more authentic.

No. 76730

File: 1582648595834.png (224.49 KB, 1071x1511, Screenshot_20200225-121630~2.p…)

Armys are mad at this review from Pitchfork. They are even trying to cancel a big account for saying they don't dislike the review.
Because the reviews have been too positive they were hoping Pitchfork would give them a good score as well.
As someone who's following the group for some time and was quite disappointed with the album, I agree with everything. Armys just can't say the reviewer didn't do any research on the group, because the guy clearly did. The reviewer mentions BTS' story, the lyrics of the songs and even acknowledges the rappers as some of the best from Korea.


>Except the members of BTS maintain that there’s still a beating heart at the core of the machine. Authenticity is part of their appeal, and they use vaguely philosophical, Jungian blueprints to make music about being true to one’s self. 7, which follows (and includes much of) the 2019 mini-album Persona, is part memoir, part fan service, part amateur psych eval. Though the music is flattened enough to appeal to just about everyone, it can still tap into something enchanting, but the glimpses of personality are fleeting.

>If the most personal is indeed the most creative, then 7 could have benefitted from a bit more personality. V has been open about how “scary” it is to be stalked by fans and Suga has rapped about depression before, but that kind of candor and complication doesn’t factor much into this, their album about the dark side of the psyche and the BTS journey. They could’ve gone deeper and used this psychoanalytic framework to say more about the joys and terrors of all-consuming celebrity—about what it does to the soul. Much has been made of BTS’ autonomy as creators, but their album feels like a brand activation, the latest petition for everyone to like and subscribe.

No. 76733

because they identify their self worth with it, despite the fact its only costing them valuable time and money.
>On the spectrum of transitional, autobiographical pop, it’s closer to Bieber’s flavorless Changes than Ariana Grande’s vibrant thank u, next.
rather than any kpop artist or group i would be inclined to stan the author, Sheldon Pearce.
thanks for this anon!

No. 76734

I agree with that review though. As a fan since the wings era oh, there was something very lackluster and all over the place about this album. Just because somebody is a fan of BTS, they don't have to like every single content they released and they are allowed to be critical of it. I dislike the fact that fans act as if you cannot be critical of their work.

No. 76735

I appreciate this person giving their honest opinion. It's what we need in the BTS fandom.

No. 76736

Man this is cringy.I appreciate it when idols open up about struggles,especially because they have the courage to expose themselves to ruthless comments because of that BUT BTS is at a point where it just doesn't seem genuine anymore.

Struggle is basically their brand and selling tactic at this point.

No. 76737

Big hit should have kept the original idea of releasing MOTS Shadow and MOTS separately.

No. 76738

Everyone in NCT was so good-looking back then with their masks on so I wouldn't expect much

No. 76739

it doesn't sound lip synced tho, you can even hear jungkook above the track because he ended the high note earlier, i thought he was going to lip sync that bridge

No. 76740

I agree. I'm in the minority here and I actually enjoyed the CD but the whole thing feels rushed especially if we take into account the poor packaging. I feel that it could have could have been better, especially if this is their last release before they start enlisting. All in all the CD feels a bit disjointed compared to the LY or HYYH series.

No. 76742

I don’t personally think it makes them seem disrespectful or entitled. I think they’re trying but it’s hard to do and they have to split their time between so many different schedules and activities. Plus they don’t live in the US so they don’t have full immersion. Unless the company makes a serious push and requires them to devote more time to learning English it’s not gonna happen. I agree it’s stupid on BigHit’s behalf but maybe they think it’s more worthwhile for them to spend the time doing other things, idk.

No. 76743

This is a good review. It’s actually so much less insulting than all the fluff pieces pandering to their fanbase because it actually judges them as if they were serious artists.

No. 76744

I don't know what ratmys expected from pitchfork. The album sucked but pitchfork is always critical, if anything this is a lighter sentence and score than they could've given the album by far, way better western albums have been scored a 6 by their site, I think they're being soft and don't want ratmys to tear them a new one

No. 76745

They seem to only want to get complimented and babied, and when somebody has something to criticize they have the audacity to scoff as if they insulted royals or something.
They should recognize they got fame because of their spamming fans not because of their “talent”.

No. 76746

Lel, most of Nct members were promoted years in the public with their faces recognized I don’t get what you’re trying to achieve.
Not the same situation.

No. 76750

Wtf is JYP thinking. The ONLY possible way this could work is they cull the members heavily for American promotion and get them studying English pronto. Unpopular opinion, but Twice's cutesy concepts might work. Not their regular "Oppa I'm such a shy moron" concept, but kind of an ironic? cute concept. Like a saccharine J-pop vibe, but they're self aware of it? They might become a meme. I'm only suggesting this, because it would stand out next to Blackpink and other american bad bitch pop acts. But none of Twice members are witty enough or fluent enough to make it work, so it would fail regardless.

No. 76752

why is that plastic attention seeker jimin not wearing any fucking shoes. disgusting(Nitpicking)

No. 76754

Lol, anon. It seems like you have a secret crush on Jimin. It’s okay, we’re not kpop critical anymore. You can admit it.

No. 76756

lmaoo yeah I can see how you came to that conclusion. but unfortunately no, I just really despise him but most importantly im disgusted by feet

No. 76758

>followed by everglow
I've seen more western fromis_9 fans than everglow fans

No. 76759

Omg yes his english keeps getting worse at every cb despite travelling there more often??? Or maybe it's just that he's been having to give more elaborate/complex answer and this shows that he's not that at that level of fluency just yet. Anyways it kind of gives me secondhand embarrassment.

Lmao it was obviously not live singing, it's just a prerecorded track that is a tad different from the original to sound more authentic

No. 76762

Ia with this review. They should stop saying that this is the album that most represents them as artists in interviews cause it's mediocre. People won't be checking on you if you tell that this is your best. Spin the narrative to something less pretentious and start working on the next cb bc this one was just a letdown.

No. 76763

do you have any videos of RM english now

No. 76773

File: 1582682216470.jpg (112.06 KB, 800x800, oZgnFuH.jpg)

Wtf they just finished their first tour and are already announcing the second one

No. 76776

i never understood why kpop fans care so much about sales and views etc. that shouldn't be a concern for fans. you should just enjoy the content you're being given by your favorite artist.

No. 76780

Thats every major pop fandom tho. Swifties are unhinged and so were 1d fans, beyhive, navy, little monsters back in their heyday

No. 76781

I agree anon - if you're marketing and trying to sell a product in another country wouldn't it help to learn a bit of the language so you can sell more of it? Plus it would improve their image a bit and connect audiences and the general public to them, I mean the k-pop industry is all about making a false sense of connection and relationship to the fans so they feel closer to the band and buy their products so why can't they do it in America by speaking English? They're always going on about wanting to succeed and break records in the US right? Not to mention it makes them look rude since they all just sit there stupidly doing and saying nothing staring into space during interviews lmao, it's just very awkward and embarrassing. How do you expect people to connect and relate to you if you barely speak at all and don't understand what other people are saying? It just doesn't make sense

No. 76788

>just sit there stupidly doing and saying nothing staring into space during interviews
This is literally how idols behave in 95% of kpop interviews in the US (other than the ones who were born in an English speaking country). Plenty of foreign idols learn Korean in a relatively short amount of time and try to communicate in it despite not being fluent, so it’s not like it’s impossible for BTS to AT LEAST try to start a normal conversation in English and not just screech autistically at everything the interviewers say. Not only is it disrespectful, but it’s awkward as hell because it’s obvious they are insecure about their lack of language skills (which they don’t even try to improve).

No. 76789

File: 1582702193976.jpg (111.96 KB, 1080x1270, Everglow empty seats.jpg)

If Everglow have so many Western fans why can't they sell out a 1200-seat theatre (blue in pic attached are sold seats)

No. 76792

so tbh i dont fully understand this narrative you guys are painting here. could bts do better in english interviews? yes. should they have improved more by now? absolutely. but lets not act like they literally never speak english or flat out refuse to do so. i watched that fallon interview the other day, all of them answered a question in english at least once, with notably j-hope and jungkook speaking way more than they usually do with zero assistance. in my opinion its noticeable improvement to even last year, let alone 2017 when they first began promoting. scripted or not it shows effort in my opinion and i see very little of this pretentiousness anons are going on about, especially in comparison to other kpop groups who behave largely the same. i do hope theyd all stop yelling so much though, its annoying. and rm's english is definitely overhyped.

just my personal observation.

No. 76793

Can we talk about the best looking 4th gen boy groups in kpop? I'm not talking just three members but like a general attractiveness overall. Maybe one/two slightly unattractive members to be fair. I know I'm asking a lot (and kidding myself) by asserting this: DO NOT be biased, please. I am asking this question as a 2nd gen fan who has no attachment to 4th gen kpop what you all think is the best looking group. Not how beautiful your bias or your bias group is. Let the music not matter for a second (because let's be real, most kpop nowadays is trash anyways).
I did some research and so far I think The Boyz is the best looking 4th gen group. Fuck, I really tried to find another so I could list two but there were none that even came close to The Boyz (which ain't too hard unlike coming close to 2PM or smth). I Never heard of them rlly on here aside from one anon, so I assume they're nugu af. I know there's one anon who is obsessed with them in here–in anticipation of that anon, pls do not spam this thread with stuff on The Boyz.
I also think Got7 is pretty attractive across most members so they get a mention too, though I think they might fall under 3rd gen.

Before you respond:
- A group with 3-4 members can be mentioned but I'm not gonna think too much of it because it's easier to meet the 'visual' group standards when you have so few members compared to other groups.
- No NCT, BTS, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Astro (averaging Eunwoo's looks w everyone else's still does not count), and any other obviously not overall-attractive groups.

No. 76795

okay yeah im not biased cause their songs are boring af, but I agree on The Boyz. none of them seems too plastic which is the most important to me, however they're all kinda flowerish. I find them the most attractive as a group overall.. to the point where it's kinda hard to tell them apart.

No. 76797

Samefag, when it comes to 4th gen I think CIX are pretty cute. Again, none of them is too plastic and are actually easy to tell apart cause they all have different kinds of attractiveness to them which I appreciate.

No. 76801

Agree about cix but I got frustrated because they are barely exposed. In a bigger company they would do so much better

No. 76802

SO basically from me skipping the video, I saw that only 2 of their songs were played with them screaming, or should I call it an attempt to sing/rap. And the same old story of how RM learned English through Friends. The others were only laughing and Jin even said "Let's just laugh since we don't understand anything". Even they realize it but nah, they want get a translator.

No. 76803

the way jimin rolled his eyes when they asked them what their favourite english word was kek. I think some members are making a real effort to learn english like jk but the others just don’t care about it.

No. 76804

BTS gets away with not bothering to study English because
1) the US wants/needs to be woke but of course still prefers a white-lite model minority like S.Koreans (who are tidy/obedient like everybody's darling Japan and similarily nationalistic as Americans themselves) over any other poc
2) Americans think learning a language is a near impossible thing to do - while the rest of the world knows that something doesn't add up when very young people claim to have been trying for 7 years and no progress is yet to be seen…

No. 76805

i agree with you, i don’t know why people here act like they just “screech autistically” in response to interview questions. even the members that can’t speak english make an attempt to say something in english in most of the interviews. but it seems like some people here are just the inverse of delulu fans where they’ll fixate on a false narrative if it’s what they want to believe.

No. 76806

learning a new language is obviously not impossible but to reach a point where you’re comfortable being conversant in that language on national tv takes serious dedication. it took me around 4-5 years of intensive daily study of my second language to get to a point where i felt comfortable in conversation and not worried about being misunderstood or coming across wrong. and i had time to devote to that, i wasn’t on an idol’s schedule. bighit should have taught them english before debut but they were never really intended to ascend to the top of the western market the way they did.

No. 76808

Other groups have done it though - GOT7 and Monsta X improved their English by leaps and bounds between last year and this year. Kihyun mentioned communicating daily with English-speaking friends and American tutors, even IM improved a lot since his English was only somewhat better than RM's.

I'm not saying BTS should be forced into improving, but it isn't as difficult to get to a basic conversational level if you do even a little practice everyday.

No. 76809

Jinyoung said he learned english while got7 are on tour and practiced it in interviews

No. 76810

File: 1582718704631.jpg (89.51 KB, 234x233, IMG_20200226_120632.jpg)

This looks painful

No. 76811

jungkook’s english has improved a lot if you watch the jimmy fallon interview.

No. 76812

who is this lol

No. 76813

They were the 7th boy group ranked on December brand ranking though, they’re not unknown by Korean fans it’s just that they’re known as “Bae Jinyoung’s group”.

No. 76814


How has mark not had a breakdown yet he’s been non-stop for years now

No. 76816

>How has mark not had a breakdown yet he’s been non-stop for years now
He's a hardworking guy but I wonder when he'll finally snap

No. 76820

Yeah they're super new, give them time anon. Also, I agree CIX is cute but you can't really call them "natural" lol Jinyoung is the most ken doll idol I've seen so far. Dude is too pretty.

I miss Mark in NCT Dream but it's good he has one less group to worry about lol. Any news on what will happen to Dream?

No. 76821

All carpool karaokes are like this. They all sang, Jk even did his high notes, but I found it disrespectful that when asked about meeting Post Malone, Suga said "he smoked too many cigarettes" but idk

No. 76823

File: 1582722399845.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1500x2393, 597F8722-CB35-43E2-B95D-21DA16…)

Why are Txt fans comparing this person to Jonghyun so much?
At best he looks like Leeteuk, and is nowhere near the talent Jonghyun had during his debut years.

No. 76825

I can kiind of see what they mean but yeah VERY little. Doesn't looks like Leeteuk either. God why are TXT so creepy looking? or they have the most unfortunate photos ever?

Also I wrote Leeteuk wrong initially and it wanted to autocorrect to Lettuce lol

No. 76826

i don’t think post malone is going to be too distraught over that.

No. 76827

I vaguely remember some time last year there was some info released on new trainees SM will debut in their NCT groups. As far as I can tell, everyone will graduate as planned, and they’ll add a couple new trainees with Jisung and Chenle at some point soon

No. 76828

is jin always this moody lol?

also they really rely on jungkook for live vocals wow. i know it's just karaoke and they aren't trying their hardest but the rest are so mediocre at singing

No. 76829

File: 1582723211530.jpeg (88.39 KB, 650x488, 30B12828-F49D-46DA-A19B-96B173…)

The thing is they can say that shit all they like, but it’s that they’re convinced he’s some angel sent down by Jonghyun or a reincarnation of him (sure that’s how reincarnation works) . I am like 90 percent sure majority of their fans are 8 year olds, or just mentally disturbed.
Then they had the audacity to mock Shinee’s performance of their debut song which was arguably ten times better considering it was live compared to Txt..
They still wonder to this day why Shawols hate them when they even stole their Aqua blue color.
The top is Shinee’s emblem and light stick and then the bottom is Txt.
Might as well name Txt “Twinkle” while they’re at it stealing Shinee’s image.

No. 76831

you can’t “steal” an extremely common color like that lol. shinee didn’t invent aqua blue. that’s like claiming anyone that puts out a song with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure is stealing. just stupid.

No. 76832

damn they are cute ngl
they seem so clueless while rm and corden are talking

No. 76833

Well, then you're a slow learner. Normal people can hold a conversation after weekly english lessons in high school (and most kids are only half-assing those). Ratmon also managed to do it, why does the rest of bts need so many additional years? Making millions should be good enough of a motivation to sit their asses down and do something.

Everybody always says that, but there's the proof? In every interview his only sitting there, smiling like a dumb preteen and occasionally shouting a word.

But imagine if somebody said bts shouldn't eat that much kimchi cause they smell…

No. 76834

wow this thread is trash now

No. 76835

i’m not a slow learner lol. you probably overestimate your own language abilities if you think a few weekly lessons make you capable of having a conversation more in depth than ordering food or asking for directions or introducing yourself.

> Everybody always says that, but there's the proof? In every interview his only sitting there, smiling like a dumb preteen and occasionally shouting a word.

literally just watch the fallon interview. he speaks pretty well.

> But imagine if somebody said bts shouldn't eat that much kimchi cause they smell…

well that would probably have some racist connotations. post malone isn’t going to get his panties in a twist over suga saying he smokes a lot lol, no need to be offended on his behalf. it was a joke.

it’s not kpop critical anymore, you’re not required to mindlessly hate-jerk.

No. 76836

It’s obvious what BH’s intentions were when they first clashed with Tiffany’s (Snsd) fandom name, even the Korean writing was idenctical which isn’t common to spell “Young Ones” in that form (Young-Won, meant to sound like Yeongwoni) , But the emblem (Shinee’s star) and Aqua Blue color is not a coincidence. Not complaining, but it’s not a coincident that they love to clash with other fandoms. Then again Bts got famous from media playing off of Exo and even clashed with the same lightstick color which was rare, only HOT had white as a fandom color before.

No. 76837

okay so what do you think they stand to gain from intentionally clashing with other fandoms? from a business perspective how does this make sense? or do you think it’s more likely that most kpop fans are oversensitive and overly defensive of their favorite groups?

No. 76838

Please shut the fuck up oh my god

No. 76840

I'm surprised everyone said V and Jimin are most likely to argue, I thought they were the closest friends

No. 76841

closest friends are probably the most likely to argue. same reason you shouldn’t room with your best friend in college. emotional distance forces you to act more polite

No. 76842

I mean you're having a conversation with me right now, so I'd say hs was enough (and I certainly wasn't the best in my class lol)
You probably don't even realize just how many lc users are esl (and the vast majority didn't have the privilege of getting extra english lessons like bts).

>literally just watch the fallon interview.

Which video? There are so many and I'm definitely not going through all of them.

No. 76845

high school is four years of daily lessons at a time when your biggest focus in life is your studies. not to mention there’s a big difference between reading and writing and speaking off the cuff. you have time to compose your thoughts and revise any mistakes… it’s not the same as trying to hold a conversation on national tv without mispronouncing anything, saying the wrong thing, conveying the wrong tone, etc. i studied french for 8 years in school… after 2 years i felt pretty comfortable with reading/writing but it wasn’t until 4-5 years in that i felt comfortable enough to have a conversation without embarrassing myself. bts does try to speak english on american shows but they revert to korean when they’re trying to explain something with a little more depth.

he talks for awhile at 5:18

No. 76846

Are all of you guys seriously new to KPOP, has everybody forgotten how BH spammed articles with fake upvotes and like 5 comments about how Bts is rising as Exo’s rival since 2014, or how they had other KPOP groups in their tags, clashed with BB’s concept when they released Run (Sober of BB), they constantly dragged Exo and faked their identities on community forums like Jjuk Bang and DC gallery, BH adding fuel to the fire that Bts is a rising threat against Exo in 2015.
No feedback, nothing.
They copied Exo’s jacket shooting, said they were honored after being accused of copying Exo, copied Exo’s album crest logo weeks after it had came out.
I was an Army during all of this, i frequented Twitter. Believe me when I say BH is shit, they threw fans letters right in front of them, there were abuse allegations.
Do you think they don’t have the guts to do media play lol.

No. 76848

no i’ve been into kpop since 2011 so i’m more than familiar with how kpop fans love to make a huge deal out of absolutely nothing and stir up controversy where it doesn’t exist

No. 76850

No. 76853

ot but which solo of "7" is your favorite guys? i'm curious, filter seems to be the most succesful but i genuinely didn't even finish listening to it

No. 76854

so these examples are stupid. oh wow they both took a picture in front of a van… how is that plagiarism? how is that antagonizing other groups? they had a vaguely similar mv concept so that’s stealing? this is the sort of brainrot that makes kpop fandoms so cancerous. kpop is already an extremely copyist and derivative genre so to try to pinpoint something like the same lightstick color as an example of “stealing” is just laughable.

No. 76855

This is also the KPOP critical tho why are you pissing yourself

No. 76856

inner child. i dont like bts at all and I genuinely like it the best from the whole album. I didn't even know its V at first

No. 76857

ego > shadow > filter > moon > inner child > my time

i like everything moon and above. i like jimin’s voice a lot but i can understand why someone wouldn’t like filter, it does sound grating on the ears at times. overall the mixing and production of the album is atrocious

No. 76858

Lol you’re acting as if I’m just nitpicking one picture that happened to be similar, the whole photo album was a direct copy of Shinee’s photo album. There’s no mere coincidence if you have 7 photos identical to someone else photo shoot.
During the same time frame, they got accused of copying Bigbang, Shinee, Exo, Block B and various of nugu idols etc.
You’d think there was a problem with Bts and not everybody else just “happened” to collide with their concept.

No. 76859

shadow is the best song in the album

No. 76861

Agree, sounds like a song from a western artist. But that might be why Kpop lovers don’t like it that much.

No. 76863

I liked Ego, Louder than Bombs, My time and Inner Child. I think ON could have been better if it wasn't so noisy.

No. 76864

deletes black swan, my time, inner child, ON, 00:00, eternal wow, great album!

No. 76865

They absolutely struggled in the first few years. it's what drew me to bts in the first time, but now we're fast forwarding to 2020 and honestly, they are all rich as hell before the age of 30. Own their own apartments/condos and the only real struggle is schedule shit that they dont even HAVE to do at this point. So yes, it def seems really ingenuine. I guess, i can say they can be open about depression? but what else are they even struggling with at this point?

No. 76866

mot7s feels rushed. I'm so glad i'm not the only one who thinks this, though i know we're the minority. I hop this flop is the last we'll see of this very poor song writing

No. 76867

Haha you deleted some of my favourite songs.

No. 76868

i don't know about disrespectful but definitely hypocritical since suga is a smoker himself…also how would he know PM smoked too much if suga wasn't there for a smoke break with him? people don't smoke inside venues in America (considering most of the times they met Post Malone at awards shows or backstage)

No. 76870

I have a question for those following BTS. How do fans feel about the fact that V is wearing a sullen look on his face all the time now? I don't know if he's actually more cheerful on some platforms such as V Live since I don't watch all of BTS's content. In all the photos and videos I've seen recently I just noticed that he looks like he can't be bothered all the time, he hardly ever talks or smiles and I'm not sure how that's flying with the fans.

No. 76872

i think he just has resting bitch face tbh. he's the most active member on weverse so i don't think he can hate being an idol that much or he wouldn't bother with all the fan interaction

No. 76873

File: 1582732487424.png (3.3 MB, 1334x750, 93B30AB7-1326-4224-80FB-854AC3…)

idk, i’ve noticed that too. to be fair he’s seemed pretty upbeat in their most recent promotions, like joking around and smiling more. but during awards season he seemed pretty checked out. might just be fatigue or a depressive mood. it also seems like he’s been staying up extremely late/can’t sleep.

No. 76878

I'm a fan of all members but v. Sometimes about him seems really disingenuous, and it seems as if he can't be bothered with fans or anyone but himself. I watched the car pool karaoke with James Corden and everyone seemed to be having a good time but V. it seems by the end of 2019 he has checked out of being an idol and the band itself mentally.

No. 76880

he does bother with the fans though. he's the one who interacts with them the most.

No. 76882

Yeah, V and Jin are the ones who interact the most with the fans. The one who doesn't bother at all is Jungkook.

No. 76883

If I was a fan I'd prefer somebody who is smiling and talkative during shows, interviews, etc over somebody who tweets/posts a lot. The latter seems just forced, like "Yeah quickly gotta upload some shit to please those bitches". Being friendly in front of the camera is a lot less easy to fake than just writing cheesy stuff online and therefore those people are also likely more genuine.
If we take a look at american celebs, the ones with less of an online presence are also usually the more normal, down to earth or at least less problematic ones.

No. 76884

He doesn’t just randomly post stuff though, he plays games with the fans online till the early morning. He invites them to play with him, but it’s on the Korean side only so I guess you haven’t heard

No. 76886

Is he cheerful when he interacts with the fans though? Or is he just kind of ignoring them and doing his own thing while letting them watch like a lot of idols do?

No. 76887

i used to feel the same, he felt colder than the rest and the trad farm boy vibes from him would put me off.
after looking more into their content i feel like he's probably become somewhat more openminded as he started to travel the world. i expected him to be very religious but they've mentioned that he doesn't have daith, i was surprised

No. 76888

Yes and he speaks with them too. Sometimes they record him. He once spoke with a girls mother too for a bit.
I’m surprised myself because he comes across as a very distant person.

No. 76889

I can’t blame JK for keeping his distance when his own fans still treat him like he’s tainted…

No. 76890

Jungkook just doesn't go online. But he is always mentioning them on interviews, wrote a letter for them on that show they have (Idk if it was run or bon voyage), interacts with them the most during the award shows. He even got the ugliest tattoo ever for them, I'd say he gets a pass

No. 76891

the guy cursed himself for life by getting "army" tattooed on his hand, give him a break

No. 76892

yeah i get why he doesn't post much. what i find is odd is that jimin's almost as inactive as jk is now.

No. 76893

literally just saw a post on insta about him, the caption said something like "he's good at everything" and the comments were full of armys making lists of the stuff he was not good at (and some delulus saying he's "not good with girls")? i mean ofc he isnt good at everything but they really have the worst fans in all senses

No. 76894

RM keeps with this Friends bs when he's been an exchange student in NZ lmao as was Jin in Australia but he managed to not learn much

No. 76896

This is a nugu group but on this variety they let them go on dates. Although at the end we got that it's just a test if they're good idol boyfriend material. If we erase this part and just show more groups interact normally with other gender, the fans will be less rabid. And maybe even the delulu shipping will be reduced.

No. 76897


I don't give a fuck about fandom colors, but SM's former creative director Min Heejin did move to Big Hit around 1-2 years ago. She pretty much created Shinee and f(x) concepts and visuals from scratch…it's not a stretch to assume Big Hit poached her to do the same things that she did for SM groups

Also, a few years ago, the director of some BTS MV was chosen by Bang PD after he saw that director's work on Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake video. So Big Hit is most definitely watching SM a bit more closely

No. 76899

Aka redoing his own SM copycat and becoming the richest company. This just proves SM has the best ideas in the industry so Bang just copies them while playing the "We were nobodies" game. As if…
It's so funny to see how their fans fall for this obvious scam game. But that's not m y problem. I just pity all those who will wake up one day and see through but all their money and time were invested into BigHit's pockets while they'll just be left contemplating the lies they used to believe.

No. 76902

It was in fact Lee Sooman who came up with the concept of F(c) and a SHINee, he and Kenzie did most of their songs (out of directors and producers in Sm). Min Heejin started out with being a minor part in the visual aspect in SM, such as album covers, jacket photo shoots before she ended up being creative director with much more control which ended in disaster and LSM opted to get her out. Only good coming from her after getting that position was the Why album. Other than that it was a huge mess.
It’s a misconception to say that she came up with the idea of this eccentric concept That F(Shinee) had when LSM was the mastermind behind it, he gets way too little credit.
People credit Heejin for Pink Tape and various Shinee eras but…
All she did was follow what they told until she finally got her position among directors and introduced to us the worst era of SM artists.
Lucky one, I just Wanna Dance, Firetruck, Seventh Sense, Free Somebody etc… all so lackluster.

No. 76903

Throwback when BH ceo said he wanted to recreate his own TVXQ.
The SM blueprint wow. I don’t know what will be off BH after Bts declines

No. 76906

Fantano reviewed BTS’s latest album and gave it a 5, lower than Pitchfork

No. 76909

It was hella underwhelming and bloated

No. 76914

That's the score I would give too. I think I genuinely like just 50% of it. Maybe less. Most songs don't have replay value, that's why they're not doing great on spotify. Also not even in Korea. On is #3 on melon daily chart behind Zico and IU. They still havent got a Perfect All Kill either.

No. 76915

Armies in this thread, what's the truth about bts' newest album sales? Some Anon upthread posted a pic about someone talking about the sales are low and to not let big accounts fool you, but when I look I keep seeing people saying that it's basically doing really well and surpassed their last album. I even saw a Forbes article about this being the highest selling global album or something.

No. 76917

not an army but boy group stans in general rely on group orders and stream like bots so the album probably flopped at first and progressively gotten better as orders went out. big accounts in general inflate numbers so i wouldn't be shocked if bts accounts did the same as well. also forbes is up their ass for the ad revenue of army clicks

No. 76918

I think it’s actually doing well, better than their previous one, but I don’t know if this is good enough.

No. 76919

The thread's been trash for a while but "damn they are cute ngl" = we've officially jumped the shark. Such a seemingly innocent comment, such a tiny little statement, so small but says so much. Ouch. It was nice knowing you all, catch ya on the flippity flip! RIP

No. 76920

According to studies it takes about 2 years of studies to be able to have the skills to speak about daily things in a second language, and it takes 5 years to reach actual fluency. You would have to be in a very specific environment to be able to speak more than one language fluently in a short time, but a lot of people don't realize that.

It really does, like why did it take them a whole year to release that… They should have focused a bit more on the quality both of the songs and the freaking photo album since this might be one of the last albums they release where they can all tour together

V's been pretty goofy and active compare to others on Weverse like others say, so I think he might be fine. Just his face I guess

No. 76921

I think the numbers are true. Didn't they had like 4 million just in pre-orders? And it's the highest selling of the year for now. Bang PD just keeps gaining money, he might become a billionaire this year, I seriously hate that dude. Also, I lost the original post, sorry that I don't post pics but some fans, months ago, did edits of BTS with black wings and everything like in their concept pictures. Is it too much of a reach to say that BigHit is stalking fans and copying their ideas? Not that wings are a super original concept and they've covered that years ago but the edit was literally the same as their pictures

No. 76922

language ayrt, thanks for the information. i think that other anon and i may have been speaking past each other re: being able to hold a conversation. 2 years sounds right for being able to communicate basic things but like you said it definitely takes more study and more immersion to be able to make jokes, talk about the creative process, talk about your hopes and ambitions, and describe the artistic qualities of something, etc. basically the skills necessary for a good interview.

No. 76925

Fuck what's going on? Is this a BTS thread?

No. 76926

Right…..this thread is getting boring

No. 76927

He can give Green Day's new album a 0 but this a 5, he must be scared of ratmys to not rip them a new one

No. 76928

File: 1582769714431.jpg (57.64 KB, 750x625, tumblr_pmowazBT9I1w0tpl5_1280.…)

so was Olivia Hye named that because she resembles Olivia Hussey?

No. 76939

They had a comeback less than a week ago, of course there's still things to discuss about it. You're free to bring up any other topic you'd like.

No. 76940

Yes, and Yuna from ITZY's English name is Hussey derived from Olivia Hussey as well

No. 76941

After bighit asked fans to fill out that survey about depression or whatever I wouldn't even put this past them.

No. 76945

the secondhand embarrassment lol

No. 76947

Forget Blackpink is that Cardi B or a body double with a mask in that thumbnail??

No. 76948

File: 1582775213726.png (292.38 KB, 494x397, cardib.png)

No. 76949

File: 1582776575953.jpg (16.61 KB, 591x206, lpL00Z2.jpg)


Btw this Doja Cat tweet is so based lol

No. 76952

Damn she must be dropping an album soon or dumb cuz…She definitely does not strike me as the type to even listen or know anything about kpop infact she looks like if she saw bts she'd make a coronavirus joke

No. 76953

No. 76957

Bc white ppl just won’t ever give up an opportunity to remind others that the world revolves around them

No. 76958

How does this company still have female trainees wanting to debut?

No. 76962

>Even the actress in the pic doesn't look like this anymore
no shit she's 68, you lunatic
>For fuck sakes white people really lost sight of how they look after East Asia become more prominent globally
what are you even talking about

No. 76963

So BI has apparently tested negative for drugs and may be innocent?
Sorry if this formats weirdly, my phone is being a bit of a pain.

“ On February 27, a representative from the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Department confirmed with media outlet 'Sports World', "B.I has tested negative in his illegal drug use evaluation. The Gyeonggi police carried out meticulous evaluations by sending B.I's hair follicles to the National Forensics Department, and the results concluded that no illegal drug substances were found."
The representative continued, "B.I's illegal drug use and dealing case has now come to a wraps, and police will be forwarding the case over to prosecution soon."
Back in September of last year, former iKON member B.I participated in a 14-hour long police questioning session where he was investigated for an acquaintance 'A's accusations from 2016. Afterward, B.I admitted to portions of 'A's accusations, resulting in the police labeling B.I as an official 'suspect' and questioning him additionally over a course of 7 investigative sessions.
Back in 2016, 'A' was arrested for charges of illegal drug usage and dealings, where she provided police with evidence of B.I requesting to purchase illegal drugs. However, 'A' has since adjusted her statements, claiming that after discussing drug dealings via text messages, they never met up for B.I to receive the package. Due to 'A's statements, it's likely that police have concluded B.I innocent in his illegal drug dealing charges.
Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing case.’


No. 76964

Anon is saying East Asian culture is becoming popular and white people seem to want to insert themselves into it however they can

No. 76965

File: 1582785570159.jpg (61.15 KB, 720x824, IMG_20200227_120606.jpg)

YG is gonna debut new girl group during the second half of this year. Black Pink is doomed!


No. 76966

we know, >>76953 already posted.

No. 76968

File: 1582787537630.gif (1.68 MB, 268x160, tumblr_nijarwMTsX1rnigreo3_400…)

Either they're talking shit to keep investors interested, or BP pissed off YG's petty ass, or somebody is getting out of that contract

No. 76969

Nobody cared much about Rose and Jisoo to begin with, Lisa is "only" SEA and his little princess Jennie successfully managed to drive away any korean fans because she showed again and again what a massive bitch she is. And contrary to western fans, Koreans don't think that being a rude, entitled, spoiled and perpetually late cunt is being a "strong queen!".
His next group needs to be advertised with "prettier than 2ne1 - and nicer than BP" lol

No. 76970

so they kicked him out of the group knowing he tested negative in 2016 just to save face? pathetic company

No. 76971

i don't think yg can make a girl group that doesn't have a girl crush concept so they'll just be 2ne1 3.0

No. 76973

lmao blackpink stans are going to throw a fit.

No. 76974

File: 1582795628337.png (735.88 KB, 500x790, hjk.PNG)

It's probably the best for Blackpink though at this point, rosés legs look genuinely terrifying.

No. 76975

im guessing lisa is gonna leave and blackpink disbands in 2021
she lost so much weight that her head looks like a mask… they need ygngg to take their spot soon.

No. 76976

she looks fine, hamchan. especially next to all those models. in her recent pics she looks like she's gained a few to me.

No. 76978

Her shaking around her little toothpick legs looks spooky yet funny.

No. 76979

Why she dance like a 40 year old church mom

No. 76981

I think there’s some anon here who keeps trying to racebait about how white people are evil and ugly and whatnot. I’ve always thought people who have to categorically insist that an entire race of people are ugly are just pathetically insecure.

No. 76987

why do people talk about yg (the man) as if he's still part of the company

No. 76988

Idk… maybe cuz bp are really popular all around the world? Maybe that’s it? Young girls wanting to be famous (crazy concept, ik)

No. 76991

No. 76993

It’s so weird that people might actually like it lol

No. 76995

So that Communist Manifesto shit wasn't the official video?…huh.

No. 76998

I haven't kept up with them, but I find the biblical imagery so random.
Also Taehyung is starting to look older, he should ditch the bowl cute and flowerboy aesthetic already.

No. 76999

ON's choreography is so underwhelming. seems like they cut out the dance break.

No. 77000

communist manifesto? huh?

No. 77002

im sorry but with a face like this he can do what he wants

No. 77003

I don't get the hype on V's visuals? Like he's a cute guy but I don't find him that out of the norm or interesting looking. I can understand visuals like Taeyong because he has an unusual face. even if some people find him ugly in here.

No. 77004

File: 1582827056598.jpeg (29.56 KB, 679x280, 37EF632E-5866-4E4B-901D-A5B8C6…)

it’s subjective so i get it, but imo there’s nothing ordinary about his looks. i’d say he’s probably in the 98th percentile for male attractiveness. although he’s been looking slightly rougher lately (probably due to drinking)

No. 77005

This comeback is really like a blockbuster. Too much production, no substance.

No. 77006

Smoking you mean? Where are you getting drinking from?

No. 77007

Drinking culture is normal in Korea so i think anon meant that.

No. 77008

File: 1582827981923.gif (2.66 MB, 320x240, 556465486.gif)

>Communist Manifesto
anon I snorted

No. 77010

File: 1582832533247.png (382.64 KB, 553x536, 97FNNFELLLZ.png)

I don't mean it in a negative way, it's just that he lost some babyfat and has a nice jaw (imo) so the long fluffy hair is starting to look weird.

No. 77011

Why all of them sound so horrible. They just scream, no good vocals at all. This group will be even worse than BP.

No. 77012

is this gonna be like 2ne1 where YG stops taking Blackpinks phonecalls?

No. 77014

Omfg lol the first cover sounds literally like this one

No. 77015

What in the evangelical hell is this. They're all out trying to convert us into christianity topkek

No. 77018


Twas but a joke anon. Bts released the first video for their song 'on' and it was titled 'Kinetic Manifesto'

No. 77020

what's the point of this new group? they're not even cute or talented

No. 77021

Idk seems pretty cool to me. Actually, it’s interesting how bts haven’t all gotten too lazy, fat and old to perform complex choreos even tho their fans would still eat up everything they serve, that’s kinda interesting

No. 77022

>loosing baby fat
Try again loser

No. 77023

I love how everyone in the comments is acting so scared over bp even tho anachans have stayed on top since debut up until now

No. 77024

Honestly JK is eating the rest of the members up in looks and skills

No. 77025

Neither are BP but that hasn't stopped them.

No. 77026

When your main group is selling really well why not start hyping up new one to secure the future of the company?

No. 77027

File: 1582840487416.jpg (246.98 KB, 1000x1778, unnamed.jpg)

Absolutely nothing about his face is above average, I'm sorry for you, you must be surrounded by literal monsters.

>ratmys: they're such precious sensitive baby bois who must be protected from all meanies
>also ratmys: let's praise them for still working at the old age of 25
Must be nice knowing that stupid fangirls would literally kiss your mediocre millionaire ass for simply breathing.

No. 77028

Praising the intense choreography = praising breathing? Get your head out of your asshole PLEASE

On the other hand, the lipsyncing was actually really noticeable esp during the rap parts, it’s funny cuz they’ve even recorded the heavy breathing and stuff to make it more believable haha

No. 77029

Because pretty much any group they will release will get all the BP fans. It's unlikely the two groups will ever go head to head and in reality, BP is still getting paid a ton to basically be models.

If you want guaranteed success you may as well take the risk and try to debut with YG.

No. 77032

BP are babes, let's not fool ourselves. One of the most beautiful GG out there and we can actually tell who's who.

No. 77035

May not be your style, but in the picture you posted I find him attractive. I like his facial features.

No. 77036

I think Jennie and Lisa are attractive and unique looking but I don’t personally like Roses face or proportions. And Jisoo is a bit plain. I think Twice has much prettier members.

No. 77037

File: 1582842147122.jpg (391.39 KB, 260x360, LYh9n8B.jpg)

Why do boy groups dance like this now? They all throw around their limbs like they've got no bones

No. 77038

Where are you guys from? I’d love to come to this place where men like V are considered average.

No. 77039

Yeah Rosé is meh with her enormous head but Twice is plain as fuck. Tzyzu, the most beautiful member, has like 0 drawing power. They're like sex dolls

No. 77046

having oily skin doesnt make his features average
YG new gg seems like a total bust after failing to manage either of their boygroups and whoring bp out to fashionweek frontrows.
the amount of solostans is to be expected with the way theyre promoted

No. 77048

File: 1582843356247.jpg (259.42 KB, 1080x838, 20200227_234144.jpg)

No. 77049

Honestly a ton of idols look botched, including your faves.

No. 77050

First off am I bugging or the song doesnt even match the video? I read the subs and nowhere am I getting Christianity or Asian Noah and the ark. And isn't the MOTS albums about self love anyway? Bts fans in this thread please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 77051

File: 1582844982959.png (520.44 KB, 479x577, rose.png)

this post on her instagram was 1 day ago. i don't know if she edits her pictures to make her legs skinnier than they are though

No. 77052

v is attractive. you're like those anons who say irene is ugly because she has bad skin or because she's a hag. it's just blind hatred.

No. 77054

I will agree that he used to be average, however in recent years their faces have changed so much that they no longer are attractive. That and under normal lights/camera you can see just how much foundation they cake on which isn't attractive.

Anyway, can you all move past the whole 'he's attractive how dare you say otherwise' thing?

No. 77055

>Calling oppar 'average' is blind hatred!
Can underage posters kindly fuck off?

No. 77057

File: 1582847556827.jpeg (63.4 KB, 698x698, 2067FAD0-6AC0-427D-A719-3A7C49…)

you might not personally be attracted to him but acting like he’s not above average is kind of insane, anon. i’ve probably never seen a man this good-looking irl

No. 77059

File: 1582848160818.png (344.24 KB, 464x351, 1572329946326.png)

what is going on in here?

No. 77060

File: 1582848648125.jpeg (167.38 KB, 1200x1799, ERWws2sU0AEmnPC.jpeg)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No. 77061

we’re discussing kpop


No. 77064

He’s a beauty but cold as hell, like a doll. He’s too beautiful and it’s off-putting imo.

No. 77065

>Too beautiful

Choose one anon

No. 77066


No. 77067

I wonder if tae is too beautiful anon is the same anon who would spam photos of his huge ass forehead back when this was still the critical thread just because they were so thirsty to get to talk about him

No. 77068

Honestly I don't know what is going on with all those people who post things of the faves just for the sake of having people taking about them, there's clearly a lot of army and blink in this thread, same goes for the people who are so pressed about idols that they check everything they release at that point better call yourself a fan.
Being obsessed with everything do with celebrities is just plain dumb. I'm not talking about just checking once in a while situation of course.

No. 77069

Probably is.

This thread is so…Talking about bts is so boring I swear y'all need to just rename this shit "Bts General" because every thread they are the center of discussion. I get they just had a comeback but the anons sperging about how beautiful V is is unnecessary and tired. People posting irrelevant nitpicky nonsense is tired too. Like we get is Jimin has a ugly asf and is Skelly. Same goes for blackpink fans. It's the same stuff everyday.

Sage for obv reasons but I had to get it off my chest.

No. 77071

Have you seen her in videos? Her legs and arms look even thinner

No. 77076

Is Wendy still MIA?

No. 77077

I kind of agree that the mv doesn't match the song that much. I think I would have preferred for them to go with something more like the style they had on the dance break without the hoods. I didn't really get that much of a religious vibe from it though. I saw what you say, but I just feel like they r trying to be artsy or something
I don't think I will bother watching it again though

No. 77078

endless metashitting is the most tiresome part of this general. if you’re bored of a topic, don’t engage with it and post about other things you’d prefer to talk about.

and not saying you did this because you didn’t, but other posts whining about ratmys and people talking about their faves don’t really have a place here anymore. this is kpg, not kpop critical. it says right at the top of the thread
> This thread is no longer just the critical thread. So stop bitching if someone starts fangirling. This is now the general kpop thread as well, not your personal safespace

No. 77080

this might be the best kpop song lmao "lemme freeze you

No. 77081

The chorus is irritating as hell. I also can't not think of the movie Ice Age. I did see their stage and they looked good but I can't get past the chorus. Also too much rapping.

No. 77082

Personally I haven’t done that haha. I said he was pretty even when it was the critical thread and people would agree. I mean some people are good looking, that doesn’t mean they’re worthy or talented.

No. 77083

File: 1582860683460.png (335.12 KB, 908x2408, 2020.02.27.weverse.png)

BigHit officially released a statement canceling the 4 Seoul concerts that they were gonna have this April. It was only a matter of time, but still.

I wonder how many more they will have to cancel with countries banning flights from SK and what not? I am kind of somewhat annoyed that they added how many concert goers they expected to have. Was that really necessary?

No. 77084

>its not kpop critical
weren't the two threads MERGED aka we can say whatever we want kek?
bts look like botched trannies, please cure your mental illness soon

No. 77085

omg when did hitomi lose so much weight?

No. 77086

The anon talked about mindless hate which is just as autistic as fangirling. Saying a celebrity is botched in 2020 means nothing, everyone knows they are pretty much required to undergo frequent cosmetic procedures because attractiveness is one of their main selling points (doesn’t matter if you think they’re fug, the rest of the world doesn’t and buys products with their faces on them). You’re no better than the “V is a Greek God” anons.

No. 77087

You think other concerts could get cancelled too? Why, is USA affected by the virus?

No. 77088

didnt ask

No. 77095

His nose is weird and makes him look cross eyed. He’s no where near the 98th percentile, that’s just your yellow fever talking.

No. 77097

File: 1582875333911.jpg (56.77 KB, 640x640, 80820760_813362119133190_34427…)

>posts whining about ratmys and people talking about their faves don’t really have a place here anymore. this is kpg, not kpop critical. it says right at the top of the thread
>This thread is no longer just the critical thread. So stop bitching if someone starts fangirling. This is now the general kpop thread as well, not your personal safespace
>not your personal safespace
Same goes for you. Also, if you're so keen on quoting, don't leave out the 2nd part
>At the same time don't get butthurt if the other farmers doesn't have the same opinion you do.
We can call your Oppars fug as much as we want too. Better than 98 percent my ass, do you live in bridge troll nation? Without money all of you'd call them incels. Rightfully lol
But despite their millions they still manage to look gross…

No. 77098

>Without money all of you'd call them incels. Rightfully lol
Parroting shitty male talking point, cringe.

No one care that you can't handle other people finding them attractive, stop sperging.

No. 77100

File: 1582878661302.jpg (42.63 KB, 750x972, d9f55c01d46722e0b47f8a588c42bf…)

>not thinking that this specimen is "in the 98th percentile for male attractiveness" means you're a jelly man
Sexist twinks with awful skin who already started balding as teens usually aren't really seen as peek handsome by anyone, you know…

No. 77102

cmon their skin isn't that bad lol
i see worse everyday most people dont have perfect skin

No. 77103

She’s been discharged from hospital and is doing outpatient treatment. She’ll probably still be out for months considering her injuries.

No. 77104

Most people arent't millionaires who are worshipped like gods either.

No. 77105

the “critical” people itt seem much more delusional and mentally ill than the “fangirls.” ranting about how v and jungkook are hideous plastic abominations that no one could ever possibly find attractive because they had a pimple once in 2015 and the only way you could like them is if you have terminal yellow fever is retarded and detached from reality.

i wondered about this when they announced an additional date. why would you sell tickets for an extra show when you’re about to cancel the seoul concerts and the virus is about to hit the US? i think it’s almost certain the american dates will get cancelled. i can’t imagine they’re going to allow huge gatherings of people in stadiums from april to june.

No. 77110

Using a filtered picture like that of someone to make him look bad is just as desperate as using a photoshopped picture to prove that he's handsome, you are sad

No. 77112

File: 1582894856620.gif (1.91 MB, 500x270, 4e63aa49743bc9276bb97b588eb0d3…)

No. 77115

You can say whatever you feel like but people have the right to disagree with you, it’s that simple. No reason to get mad or defensive.
They wouldn’t be as popular as they are nor would they be considered as attractive if they weren’t famous, but that’s the case with like 90% of celebs.
Personally I don’t mind it if a guy isn’t perfect or has flawless skin and most girls I know don’t care either. A good body and a relatively handsome face will get you a long way.

No. 77116

So people in the US are also scared now and canceling events? In my country the virus just arrived and people are going crazy

No. 77121

Man, that kid is seriously scarily skinny. Does Yg have an infatuation with the anorexia type?

No. 77122

Holy shit that is fucking gross

No. 77123

File: 1582898982986.jpeg (51.89 KB, 720x466, 89164B27-33C9-4ED5-8D75-2F5D27…)

Above average Korean males are Kang Dongwon, Wonbin, Jang Donggun, Jung Woosung, Go Soo, Jo Insung and Lee Dongwook.
V has hella stage makeup, is like 5’9, and has idol styling. Take away all that and give him a average job. He would just be a nice looking Korean male at best.

No. 77124

File: 1582899246909.jpeg (38.96 KB, 720x720, EOaFi6NWkAAt-5z.jpeg)

That gif is from 2014, I think he was 17 at that time. His skin is looking better lately.

No. 77125

File: 1582899314232.jpg (28.83 KB, 600x485, kang-dong-won1.jpg)

Are you older or something? I don't know who this dude is, but I wouldn't call him above average in any country of the world.

No. 77126

Lol he looks like ten

No. 77128

File: 1582899779783.jpeg (29.58 KB, 480x285, 8BFB248D-FB5C-4A13-82CE-D805FF…)

Kang Dongwon is still the most famous movie actor in Korea, what do you mean “are you old” lmfao.
His features are indeed rare to see in a Korean though, he looks like he is Chinese imo.
Here’s a picture from his university days.
You won’t see a Korean man with a face and height like that everyday.

Basically Cha Eunwoo of his days.

No. 77129

no events have been cancelled yet but it’s pretty much inevitable that coronavirus is going to hit the US pretty hard in the very near future. plus they might ban flights from people in SK which would obviously prohibit bts or other kpop stars from coming here to do tours. in their cancellation for the seoul tour they mentioned having difficulty getting staff across borders.

No. 77130

you can’t just say take away being 5’9 and he’d be less attractive… duh but that’s his natural height. sure women would find him less attractive if he were a manlet but then he’d be a different person so it’s not a relevant point of contention.
also even without stage makeup and styling he’d still be above average in basically every country. where do you guys live that you can go outside and 4 out of 10 guys you encounter are better looking than v?

No. 77131

I doubt anyone cares but apparently The Rose is disbanding

No. 77132

v stan just accept some people don't find your bias attractive and move on already

No. 77133

File: 1582900494470.jpeg (56.2 KB, 480x643, 48D1DBC1-E3C3-4A9F-933E-AB12F6…)

Pure madness luv, you lot have to be out of your mind to call V above average but this man isn’t … get OUT

No. 77134

i don’t even personally find v the most attractive in bts. i just find it utterly retarded when this general starts sperging out about how ugly certain idols are. like whenever twice is brought up and some people feel the need to claim that if dahyun went to their school she would have been mercilessly bullied for her looks. it feels like people projecting their own body dysmorphic disorder outwards

No. 77135

I'm confused. Just because he's tall and skinny? He looks really weird in the face in that pic.

No. 77136

File: 1582900775676.jpeg (30.86 KB, 436x268, CDE4370D-6427-46E0-AFFB-684BAB…)

Do you lot go out at all? Like are you surronded by fuglies all the time?
There’s tens of cute looking Asian guys I’ve met, Afghani, Filipino, Vietnamese etc. I’d say compare makeup less V to them and they’d stomp on him. Like …. Y’all are gassing him up cause he is a celebrity.
Minho literally stomped on him when they were in Hwarang together

No. 77138

this guy is also above average for the general population of men but i don’t really find him that handsome and definitely not more handsome than v.

v is mogging minho here though. i’ve never thought minho was that goodlooking to begin with anyway. but also he’s still above average for males. again, where do you live that most men look equally as or more attractive than these people?

No. 77139

Would u rather him look 15 in the face like V does? topkek

No. 77140

>where do you guys live that you can go outside and 4 out of 10 guys you encounter are better looking than v?
not on the internet that's for damn sure
possible bait aside, some of yall anons need to get off your high horses about what celebrities yall find attractive. They're not going to notice you for you continued stanning. Why do you need others to validate your feelings.
i know another anon already answred you but don't forget, she broke/fractured her hip, she's gonna be gone for most, if not the whole year recovering.

No. 77141

I think they’re both attractive but Minho is manlier. Then again I think Lee Minho is the epitome of attractiveness so what do I know lol

No. 77142

What are you even trying to do? You can't debate attraction away.

No. 77143

How hard is it to believe that there are men better looking than V. Literally just go out
But I live in Europe, tons of good looking Asian dudes. Mostly Filipino or Afghani. South East or West Asian.

No. 77144

I see. I hope people will refrain from buying flights. Korea fans are upset cause bighit allowed ticketing three days ago and I have to say I agree with them, why cancel it three days later?

No. 77146

Well it’s subjective. To me JK is better looking than V so it goes to show you.

No. 77147

Nobody is debating attraction away, it’s just he isn’t above average in anyway. He’s just a handsome dude, not every good looking guy needs to be above average.
I do admit he is nice to look at though.

No. 77148

To me by definition good looking is above average though. Average is so and so looking, in my eyes, and anyone that looks good is automatically above that. I think that’s the definition of above average anyway? Like average people aren’t good looking, they’re just average haha.

No. 77149

I'd agree if we were talking about Cha Eunwoo, because that guy is undoubtedly very handsome no matter what your standards are, but V… he's seriously painfully mediocre compared with Eunwoo.

No. 77150

to me someone being handsome is already above average. if a guy is handsome then he’s better looking than most men. so i don’t follow this line of thinking.

i’m confused because they added an additional rose bowl date in the midst of all this. why do that unless they’re confident that they’re going to tour in the US? but from my perspective i just don’t see the tour happening here at all. no way will coronavirus have miraculously resolved itself before the tour dates begin.

No. 77151

Eh…. ok… lol.

No. 77152

well i find v better looking than eunwoo… but they’re still both way above average. are we not comparing these guys to the general population? are we just comparing them to other celebrities?

No. 77153

eunwoo looks like a lizard
dont get the hype
hes not ugly but v looks much more natural than guys like taeyong and eunwoo and his darker skin makes him better looking imo

No. 77154

File: 1582901926452.jpeg (137 KB, 960x1200, F887B2EE-414A-482D-AC93-1978F9…)

So if a staff member is infected, that means there is a high chance of Chungha getting infected as well? And everybody overseas they were in contact with, airplane people etc.
Now I’m not mad she got yelled at during FW for spreading corona lmfao… wtf.

No. 77155

You're entitled to your own tastes, but personally I find Taehyung more attractive than that dude.

No. 77156

Then you’re just biased lol.
Get out of your bubble if you think V >>>>>>>> everybody else. Some of y’all need to get laid for real.

No. 77157

File: 1582902202393.jpeg (116.9 KB, 602x1050, 0ED194D5-0721-42D7-905A-049AF5…)

The gag is, Cha Eunwoo is natural and V got work done :9
But I agree he be looking really weird nowadays, like almost constipated.
He needs to get back to how he used to look like, most preferably like during Gangnam Beuaty.
He looked fugly in his new Netflix series, he doesn’t fit the hanbok.(:9)

No. 77158

what is this argument lol, only virgins would find v attractive? by most idol standards he’s more tall/tan/masculine-looking, it’s really not that weird. also everyone is biased because attraction is subjective

idk much about this situation but you can remain asymptomatic for weeks and still spread the infection to other people during that time. so i wouldn’t blame someone for unknowingly spreading it. they might not have had any idea they were sick. the woman in california who tested positive hadn’t even traveled overseas and no one knows where she got it

No. 77159

>My k-pop boy is prettier than your k-pop boy
No wonder these threads are shit

No. 77160

You guys can find even Jimin more attractive than him lol that's not the point. I'm talking about quantifiable standards. You can't argue that Eunwoo is taller, and has a much smaller face size, wider shoulders, and much better proportions overall. He's also completely natural, so there's that.

No. 77161

File: 1582902433508.jpeg (87.12 KB, 600x846, 7FA8B536-ADB0-482A-9A6E-00B5D2…)

maybe he got some minor work done but i don’t think v looks like he’s had plastic surgery tbh. what do you think he did?

No. 77162

File: 1582902460963.jpg (26.29 KB, 758x379, eunwoo-1-758x379.jpg)

Of course I'm biased, attraction is subjective, so…
This guys is not ugly, but he looks really scrawny and the lower part of his face is very small in a bad way, he looks weak.

No. 77163

V is not masculine cause he got a tan.
Wonder what that makes me as a dark skinned woman lololol.
He looks like a twink, that’s why some of y’all need to get laid for realz.
Not hating but he looks like a kid next to some people. Masculine guys in KPOP would be TOP, Taecyeon etc.
But like you and some other anons said everybody has their own taste but let’s not act as if he is oh so masculine and above average in looks. Beauty is subjective but he definitely isn’t more good looking than Cha Eunwoo. I don’t even like the dude and I admit he is far more good looking that my faves.

No. 77164

The staff member probably got infected by a local person that didn’t know they had the virus.
There’s a lot of cases in Italy right now.

No. 77165

Personally I don’t really find masculine guys that attractive, I’ve always had a thing for twinks. Compared to my beloved Timothee, V looks a bit rough dare I say?
Attraction is super subjective, that’s what this conversation proves.
The Astro guy is objectively handsome though, come on anons.

No. 77167

File: 1582903101902.jpeg (67.67 KB, 560x731, ED0A5A78-079B-495B-AD6A-01EA7E…)

i don’t think his tan skin is what makes him look more masculine. he has a broader frame, stronger jawline, more prominent brow ridge, thicker eyebrows, etc. than most male idols who look more fem. just compare him to jimin, jin, jungkook… all of whom look a lot more feminine. v gets styled feminine cause that’s the look they go for these days but if he were styled the way 2pm was i wouldn’t say he looks like a feminine twink

what’s scary to think about is how many people are walking around right now carrying the virus without any idea

No. 77169

That’s exactly what Italian scientists just said, it was around for a while.
Nobody is safe, no country.

No. 77170

Moving on…
Am I the only one who is noticing that this dude from Ateez whole gimmick is to be Jimin 2.0? IMO it’s scary.
But Jimin himself used to imitate Youngjae from BAP so… history repeats itself lol.

No. 77172

Whoops forgot to attach YT link.

No. 77173

Kek, are they just following the same formula as BP? With the foreign dancer/rapper and the Jisoo clone…

No. 77174

why not? BP was just following the formula of 2NE1, but prettier

No. 77175

Every agency does that with atleast one group.
Maybe except SM but now that I think about it TVXQ was a carbon copy of Hot.. yeah.

No. 77176

lol @ jimin trying to not sing because he knows he sounds awful without autotune

No. 77177

So J Hope really is the only one with an once of talent here, uh?

No. 77178

two members are chinese…so they're going to lose those members eventually.

No. 77179

i don't think cha eunwoo is ugly but his face is really plain, like the male yoona. so i don't get the hype.

No. 77180

File: 1582906989421.jpeg (218.37 KB, 1365x1365, 20F3D677-E1C7-416A-B2A9-51DD86…)

i saw a ratmy call this buff… i feel like they have forgotten what actual muscular men look like

No. 77181

They all sound like shit tho esp V. Why does his voice always sound like a mix between an old, severely dehydrated man and someone who got a bag of dicks lodged in their throat.

Oh wtf his arm mirrors that of a underweight 12 yr old child.

No. 77182

I care. If I understood well, their company still hasn't paid them three years after debuting. What a shame, I really like their music.

No. 77183

Some of you have forgotten what a slim person looks like lol. My arms are smaller than his and I’m perfectly healthy. He’s not buff of course but then again his fans also see him as tall I bet.

No. 77184

>My arms are smaller than his
No1curr praying mantis chan

No. 77185

I wasn’t saying his arms were super small or anything my point is just that he isn’t buff. no one in bts is yet I see ratmies hyping them up like they’re all really muscular

No. 77186

are they really disbanding? it just sounds like they are trying to leave their company

No. 77188

Why do they want them to be buff anyways? And Jimin wants to be small, do they even listen to them?

No. 77191


i thought jungkook and rm were pretty muscular? jk especially. also jimin used to be but i don’t think that look really suited him. he’s better off being a skinny twink

No. 77192

Well they want to terminate their contract since apparently J&Star violated it, but the company denies their allegations. I guess they will have to take legal action.


No. 77193

normally I'm quite lenient on what I consider decent singing in kpop but these…these are seriously bad. WTF is YG Ent. doing? Also does anyone know what's happened with the actual YG?

No. 77194

File: 1582910210168.jpg (19.69 KB, 480x480, kim-taehyung-no-makeup-1.jpg)

>Now I’m not mad she got yelled at during FW for spreading corona lmfao

He looks nothing like his old self, he slowly but surely got every single feature and his entire face shape redone.

So many ratmyfags here calling a twink like him tall, manly or even broad really makes me think you must be underage. Only little girls get excited because of the tiniest hint of muscle definition. He's always styled super feminine and looks like a little kid (with the face of an aunt) next to other korean men.

No. 77195

File: 1582910325148.jpeg (61.92 KB, 696x522, 1575130853_735_BTSs-V-Couldnt-…)

Imagine thinking the one on the right is what grown men are supposed to look like. Everything about him and the rest of bts looks weird.

No. 77196

i wonder if idols with ed are high risk

No. 77197

Anyone can get delusional sometimes but armies calling him more attractive than Eunwoo is straight up mental illness

No. 77198


yeah yeah, the only people that disagree with your subjective assessment of one man’s attractiveness are underage virgins. personally i would prefer to live in a world where men are a bit prettier but hey, that’s me.

No. 77200

File: 1582911283644.jpg (Spoiler Image,316.7 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_02-28-12.34.30.jpg)

Let's end this discussion once and for all. The left is supposed to be the average Korean male face. The right is V with no make up on. What is the consensus anons?

No. 77202

v mogging. i don’t think that’s without makeup though? it looks like he has eye makeup on. also i strongly prefer him with black hair…. basically all koreans look better with black hair.

No. 77203

Obviously the anons weren’t comparing him to the average Korean male.
More like comparing his looks to other celebrities.

No. 77204

no, the first anon that hopped on the v is average train said this:
> Absolutely nothing about his face is above average, I'm sorry for you, you must be surrounded by literal monsters.
implying that people you’re surrounded by in everyday life are better looking.

No. 77205

Why are the rookies nowadays getting away with having horrible vocals and lip syncing.
Remember when Exo got shit on but they had the strongest vocals among rookies at the time along with Bap and Btob.

No. 77206

because no one really cares about vocals that much in kpop. nor should they

No. 77207

There's something so off about the way his cheeks/the general area around and below his eyes look.

No. 77208

I wish… I live in the west though and men here let themselves go very early on. Maybe other anons who say this are Asian?

No. 77209

File: 1582913007161.jpeg (37.84 KB, 430x332, 15933028-6A34-419E-889E-B7C718…)

Throwback to this picture

No. 77210

File: 1582913330350.jpg (61.54 KB, 460x640, EBtep6NXoAAsSMe.jpg)

he's been overfilled, his face is more angular naturally but koreans are so insistent on wanting baby faces that they've made his face fucking round despite him not particularly gaining weight (also peep his 5head)

No. 77214

i mean his head only looks big because hes leaning forward but nice nitpick

No. 77215

Who cares, he’s fuckable and that’s all that counts.
Kylie Jenner is plastic as hell but nobody cares.

No. 77216

what are we supposed to take from this?

No. 77220

He ugly is what anon meant

No. 77222

he looks the best out of everyone in that picture though

No. 77225

It’s beyond delusion at this point

No. 77227

…it’s a fairly normal picture of him caught mid-expression.

No. 77229

Why do you people care about which idol makes whom wet?
She wants his dick, end of story.

No. 77230

nice trips but you must be baiting

No. 77231

Stfu with your V obsession.

No. 77232

What the fuck is happening. Take the fucking spam to THE SPAM THREAD.

No. 77238

File: 1582916909074.jpg (83.59 KB, 800x1200, f4c676aeb00da32b226012f0ef01a6…)


V's face looks angular when he tilts his head down or more square/round
when he is looking up. the pic from 2014 his chin looks square

No. 77239

File: 1582917068821.jpg (71.25 KB, 484x860, BTS-V-Accidental-Selfie.jpg)


pic from 2017 where his face looks angular.

he is not constantly getting ps to make his jaw angular or square

No. 77241

He's had obvious ear pinning and some fillers from time to time.

idk about his nose, it seems smaller in album photos nowadays but it could b photoshop.

No. 77242

i wish the critical was taken out of this thread because the only reason we're stuck still talking about how attractive v is is because the antis in this thread keep sperging

No. 77244

this former gg idol cheska from loen was dishing all kind of tea on how she was bullied by her team and the company forcing her to get ps to debut, guilt tripping her to sign a contract when underage

also how idols get competitive over the smallest stuff.

really long thread

No. 77247

JHope and Jungkook, we been knew

No. 77248

File: 1582918491013.jpeg (227.77 KB, 2000x1333, 0000046086_001_201806210831379…)


i think nowadays he usually wears his hair over the top part of his ears so they look smaller

No. 77249

File: 1582918531377.jpg (890.83 KB, 1000x1500, 42bb9adb-e583-4372-91dc-be0f00…)

v not fugly. case closed.
can we move on already

No. 77251

Exo got shit on because of that for a fairly long time (until ~2014/2015) but now with BTS and Twice being the top groups korean kpop fans can't really talk about that anymore lol I guess they just accept that nowadays everybody is useless.

>nor should they
If an idol is ugly one shouldn't say it, if they had ps it's completely normal and a-okay, and if they can't sing for shit one also shouldn't care? How do you suggest we decide who gets to be an idol then?

Your general thread was literally dead before admin made the wonderful decision of merging them…

No. 77253

File: 1582920878157.jpg (54.91 KB, 668x393, twice1.jpg)

Aside from that cursed V argument…
I predict Twice will disband in a couple years, due to a their concept having a short lifespan and members wilding out. Who has the potential as a solo?

No. 77254

Literally no one. Just like I see BP as four models that happen to be in a group, I can only see Twice as nine. Maybe Nayeon because she's popular and is a lead vocal so she could defense herself

No. 77256

yeah no one comes to mind
some of them probably have a shot at variety because they seem likable but im not familiar enough to point out one person

No. 77258

maybe nayeon but the rest definitely won't make it as soloists. i doubt any of them will try either.

No. 77259

we don’t decide who gets to be an idol. and no one is saying you can’t criticize people for having shitty voices or vocal technique, but kpop is not a genre where vocal talent actually matters much at all.

No. 77263

visuals is all that matters in kpop. you have the personality of cardboard and be the most famous idol. you can sing tone deaf and be the most famous idol. your songs can be absolute garbage and be the most famous idol. you just have to be pretty/handsome that's the one requirement for success.

No. 77264

Sana could thirst trap a bit longer and get those easy $$. I hope she isn't dumb enough to have a dating scandal

No. 77265

Ugh, not to nostalgiafag but I feel like it wasn't like this in the past. Idol groups are so boring now and I feel like before you could have ugly/average idols in groups who you still rooted for because they were talented or at least likable. Now it all seems like style over substance and it clearly shows when all groups (especially boy groups) look and sound literally the same.

Sorry that was unrelated to your point, but I had to sperg after being shown 4 different idol groups by my roommate and seeing them all go for that dark/sexy/dance concept and have weird small white puffy faces. I know it's always been looks over talent but now it just seems incredibly more so.

No. 77266

idk, 2ne1 couldn’t really sing. t-ara couldn’t really sing. kara couldn’t really sing. groups like snsd that have legit vocal chops (among some members…) seem to be the exception not the rule. i do miss the amount of variety in concepts and styling though.

No. 77268

i think we can move on faster if we stop talking about it period. its okay if someone else thinks he's ugly v wont read this thread lmao
jihyo jeongyeon and nayeon will have the most 'success' with solo work since they are the only ones with any form of technique while singing but they'd all flop quickly. sana and momo could possibly do gravure work but momo is dating so thats out the window. and tzuyu could gain a personality and act as the cute ditsy love interest.

No. 77269

I don't understand why would you get so defensive and worked up on an anonymous imageboard. Just why. It's like you build your whole self-esteem on V's visuals

No. 77271

I kind of disagree because groups with somewhat "ugly" members like bts and bigbang/2ne1 mamamoo still end up being the most successful/"legendary"
exo was one of the last visual groups that has talent but sm been screwing them over for nct

i think the biggest problem is companies valuing quantity over quality and churning out new groups every year

This doesnt give them time to build an actual solid image and convince fans of their distinct personalities and 'it factor' since every group serves as a quick cash cow before making room for the next one.

The best way to attract kpoppies without putting to much effort into substance is by sending all their little ducklings to get botched before debut
the only thing ive been seeing recently is stans gushing about their nugu groups with "no visual holes" under pictures of bloated 17 yr olds with the same waxy skin and botox grins.
they will all age terribly and disband before they get to powerful to make demands.

No. 77272

You can see this place is filled with newfags.

No. 77281

Can we just separate KPG and the critical.

No. 77286

No. 77288

r u being serious

No. 77290

he actually does

No. 77295

This kinda reminds me of what Stellar went through to a certain degree.

I didn't watch all of it yet but really everything I heard her say and what I read in the thread is not surprising. This is another reason why I don't really resonate with kpop no more anyway.

Maybe Nayeon and I'm only saying that because shes real popular for some reason right?


>Now it all seems like style over substance and it clearly shows when all groups (especially boy groups) look and sound literally the same.

You're absolutely right. There's no flavor nowadays. It's all the same nonsense.

No. 77296

>idk, 2ne1 couldn’t really sing. t-ara couldn’t really sing. kara couldn’t really sing. groups like snsd that have legit vocal chops (among some members…) seem to be the exception not the rule.
But members of those groups back then still had some kind of individual success, they were much more known to the general public than the members of nowadays groups, also because of variety shows like you mentioned. Maybe instagram/youtube/vlive as an easy way to promote stopped companies from trying to push their idols on tv. I remember seeing an old snsd interview and they said they had to come up with a new "talent" every single week, so that later they seemed more interesting and memorable to the viewers. Of course the images were fake, but at least everybody was given some kind of role or "personality" to make them stand out.

>i think the biggest problem is companies valuing quantity over quality and churning out new groups every year
This is pretty obvious. If you take dbsk for example, they matched so well, in looks, even height, everybody had a slightly different voice but they harmonized well, there was clearly put in a lot of time and effort to find and train them. God knows through how many trainees they went to find the "perfect" combination. Bad example, but Bigbang and especially GD was also an instant success. They choose the right debut song and everything else matched too.
Now you just have companies throwing in an odd number of members and copying already known concepts of other groups. Especially for gg they're getting more and more low effort because they think that uncle fans will buy shit no matter what, instead of trying to grant their idols somewhat longterm success.

No. 77297

Unrelated to BH but I'm pretty sure the "magic" of SM groups is all based upon Yoo Young-jin's songs. It's too bad that they've phased YYJ out in recent years bc Kenzie is responsible for pieces of garbage like Wolf, Obsession, RBB, etc.
Her English name should have been Sidney for Sid the Sloth.
The youngest member with the green hair looks like Wooseok. It's uncanny that they're from the same company, even moreso since he's far too young to have had plastic surgery.
I'm an old 2NE1 fan and unfortunately I think these trainees' vocals are more impressive than 3/4 of 2NE1's raw vocals (only Minzy coulg sing well by 2014), and 4/4 of BlackPink. Maybe you're new but YG has no regard for vocal technique and wants ~style~ with dangerous technique which is why Park Bom's voice deteriorated to shit.
Having visited Korea, V is good looking and unique by what I saw of the general populace of men there. However, he's not that great of a ~visual~ for a celebrity. He's just in the most famous group atm which is why he's so hyped; there's a dozen of nugu boy groups with a dude that's more attractive of any of the members of BTS. Same with Twice or Blackpink compared to other GGs.
The only exception I'd make is the PD groups because they have a variety of kids to choose from different agencies, and the audience generally chooses the best looking ones to debut. For instance, I think Izone is shit but Jang Wonyoung has freakishly perfect looks and the hype around her beauty is something I understand (but she's actually half Taiwanese, lmfao).

No. 77298

it's interesting how twice went 3 years with no scandals and in 2019 they had 5…and they changed their concept that got them popular in the first place. and now they're apparently going to start international promotion? jyp really knows how to burn out and ruin a group.

No. 77299

File: 1582932148070.jpg (57.96 KB, 500x614, naver_com_20140320_222747.jpg)

It's crazy how much naturally better looking idols were back in the late 90s. Nowadays a face like this is only in dramas; I have to blame it on the market becoming oversaturated and plastic surgery becoming more advanced.

No. 77300

Is Astro a successful group in Korea? You guys got me into Eunwoo lol

No. 77303

this is what the mods wanted, let them deal with it.
isn't this like the 3rd group jyp has tried to send overseas and failed? Not that Twice has failed yet, but I don't really them getting too big internationally…
how much money are they pulling in (above and under the table) to keep funding this mess

No. 77304

File: 1582932870173.jpg (51.35 KB, 600x900, 9616fe9e758dae5160ab351cabc677…)

Wonyoung might be super pretty but debuting somebody so young is just wrong. She's still gonna be attractive (likely much more so) once she's an adult.
Speaking of izone, to me they're probably the most mismatched group ever, they look so weird together, especially Wonyoung and that one tiny japanese girl stand out way too much. There's no way people who look so different could ever suit the same concept.

They're totally unsuccessful. But if you like Eunwoo you can try and watch his awful acting in dramas lol

No. 77306

Ah yes, he’s an actor supposedly. So they don’t perform live?

No. 77307

Is it me or they're even worst that usual? Jimin, V and Jin parts were just comical and even RM sounded off(this is an imageboard, embed youtube)

No. 77309

File: 1582934117060.jpg (70.87 KB, 683x960, 1582104806_781_ASTRO’s-Cha-Eun…)

They sold 120k copies of their last album so they're not that nugu. Doesn't NCT 127 sell less?

No. 77312

It's over, this thread is literally nothing but sperging about boys, I'm just lurking but haven't posted because there's no point anymore, kpop critical is a husk now, this is just another kpop general, you can see how entire discussions have been about x boy looking "ugly" vs "not ugly" and what's masculine and not. There's no point anymore.

No. 77314

He’s stunning. Thank you girls for mentioning him again and again haha

No. 77315

why the hell can none you guys use the yt field? goddamn newfags.

No. 77316

i honestly think corona is going to bring the industry to a near halt for at least the first half of the year

No. 77319

god I hope so

No. 77324

On the topic of twice, mina looked so stiff in this fancam from last week. i wonder why she didnt just leave the group and brush up her skills for a japanese solo debut when their contract ends. theres no point in wasting her time being there if shes going to be stiff, be miserable, and lipsync
its not even the fact that they're newfags, they're just retarded. when i was new i used my common sense and put the youtube link next the word….youtube (crazy concept guys, i know)

No. 77325

Where is the influx of new people even coming from? Did some link this thread somewhere?

No. 77326

They were really off. I wonder if their age difference is doing something to their group dynamics regarding their music and performances. This comeback, Jungkook seems to be the only one that's serious about it, along with J-Hope. Maybe it's a reach but it seems they aren't in the same page, the oldest ones (and V) seem to be over with being idols but Jimin and especially Jungkook are on their "prime" so their situations are really different. Also I totally think that BigHit will send all of them to the military, or maybe let the youngest ones out.

No. 77327

Then why is Jimin not doing his best? I think the virus might be messing with their heads. They’re losing money and fans with how they handled the Seoul cancellations. Maybe they’re worried about their families too.
But you made a good point about JK wanting to do his best cause he wants to stay in the industry.

No. 77329

wasn't mina always a stiff dancer and looked miserable though? she really doesn't seem the type to become an idol in the first place. i'm surprised she even came back to twice.

No. 77330

Out of all the members Mina seems the least likely to be able to be successful out of twice. She's just not talented or charismatic and she's just lucky to be one of the more attractive girls in a pretty unfortunate looking group. She probably sees twice as her only option, I'm just surprised jyp hasn't kicked her out yet.

No. 77338

So far the US is not very affected by the virus, but travel to South Korea is currently on a Level 3 warning: only go if you must, re-think travel plans. Basically, they are kind of trying to close the door on Korea like some other countries are doing. If, and only if, that were to happen, before the concert date it would be kind of hard for them to get over here with their huge Korean crew and at least not face any sort of repercussion for it. Or at least that is what I think, honestly idk~ The thing is, before this announcement some people were saying "oh, they are just going to postpone the concert, they wouldn't cancel it!" but they did cancel it. I feel like anything could happen at this point

No. 77344

They were dumb to come back to korea to do irrelevant music shows. IU doesnt subject herself to this bafoonery, they should follow that.
Now they'll have to be at least quarantined before re-entering in the US. They might lose 14 working days for it. Dumb dumb dumb.

No. 77346

Yeah they don’t need music shows anymore
they’re BTSpop lol jk

No. 77348

Bts are not IU, they are a shitty boy group with autistic 12 year old fangirls

No. 77350

I listened to got7’s b-side tracks for the 1st time and i was pretty surprised, they’re good. I like pray, moon u, page, teenager. These are way better than that lame ass Eclipse

No. 77351

And IU is still kpop no matter how hard she pushes for the coffeeshop ~artiste~ image. retarded fandom name and lightstick included in her idol packaging.
Neither BTS nor IU needs to promo on evening cable tv music shows to make bank tho. There are more profitable and efficient ways of catering to BTS' middle schoolers fans. That's just a fact.

No. 77352

This is very good tea and I'm sure this is the reality for 99% of idol companies, however I'll be waiting for Jessica's thinly-disguised autobiography because SM is so secretive and the Big 3 pretty much run Kpop so it'd be fascinating to know more about them instead of some nugu idol from a struggling company - of course they're gonna have a shitty time if they sign to a company that is strapped for cash

No. 77355

Ok ratmy

No. 77357

Yes, Got7's b-side tracks are really good. I never understood the hate around their music.

No. 77361

you don’t have to be a ratmy to understand objectively that bts is the biggest group and they’re not dependent on music shows for promotion.

No. 77362

It’s not about needing it for the Korean public, it’s about pleasing their fans. They’re furious and they think their membership was a ripoff. If they weren’t gonna promote at all, I don’t think they’d keep their Korean fan base in the long run. Besides, I think they were planning on doing to the concerts originally in Korea, that’s why they allowed ticketing earlier this week.

No. 77366

Now why do I get the feeling you heavily contributed to the day long infight about Vs mug

No. 77367

Lmao but their fanbases are totally different. IU's fans do not crave for gaybaiting interactions so obviously they do not care about classical kpop promotions.

No. 77368

Ofc it's about pleasing their fans, that's why anon said there are more efficient ways to do so; fans weren't even allowed into those music shows because of the virus. The hateboner makes some of you clinically retarded.
The shows were due in April and the situation is SK has been a shitstorm for a while. Big Hit money hunger ass also shouldn't have opened ticketing this week only to cancel it a couple days after.
They shouldn't have opened ticketing or should've waited until late march to see if the outbreak is stabilized.

No. 77369

What ways exactly? If they weren’t gonna come back at all, when their USA shows don’t start for two months, Kfans would be too upset to handle and I don’t think they wanna lose their most obsessed fan base. It’s a matter of principle for them to promote in Korea, even if the shows are without an audience.
Also, I’m concerned that USA might decide to cancel all massive events in the future for preventative reasons. That’s what European countries are doing now, even though the number of cases is very low in most of them.
So either way, they can’t know for sure what’s gonna happen within those two months.

No. 77371

They have multiple platforms to let their inner faggot out and showcase to fans. That's how they afforded not attending variety shows.
They probably just keep doing because there is some sort of quid pro quo scenario with the broadcasts, not because of fear of backlash from fans.

No. 77372

That’s why they go in the first place, but that’s the way it has been for years.
Staying in USA for months would be like saying “sorry, it’s too dangerous for us but you guys and our families can perish”. It’s not a good image.

No. 77375

I think their mistake was having one comeback instead of two like it was originally planned. Now they wouldn’t be in this situation, they put all their eggs in one basket. What if one of them was injured during comeback period? Better to have two of them.

No. 77377

agreed. this is a full length album that they're promoting yet their korean promotions are basically finished after tomorrow bc of the corona virus

No. 77379

Are the shows not gonna continue anymore, even despite the no audience policy? Maybe it was too risky even for the staff.

No. 77381

Idk at this point. This era is a mess and the songs are weak af maybe it's better be done with it already.
It's just more embarrassing that they're wasting colossal US promo on it tho. Not sure if they'll have the same opportunity in the future.

No. 77382

What do you mean wasting? If the ratings were good they can have their at their shows again. Plus who told you they will have better material in the future lol

No. 77383

>They probably just keep doing because there is some sort of quid pro quo scenario with the broadcasts

Ding ding ding. MBC banned all big hit idols after bts chose New Year Rocking Eve over their gayo kek

No. 77386

Apparently there was already bad blood, that’s why bighit didn’t send their other artists to music core in these past months. Does anyone know why?

No. 77387

It's a waste cuz aint them converting anybody into fans or making anyone buy their music with that shitty material. They're never repeating carpool karaoke or having another fallon special episode so it's a shame that they got this chance with their worst album in years.
You're right that they might actually not come up with anything better in the future tho, they just could at least try kek

No. 77388

You really think persona was better? It was cringey as hell

No. 77391

I never said that kek the era as a whole stinks
But BWL was a better title bc the song is at least catchy. They also had that Ed Sheeran song which I personally hate with all my guts but know objectively that it's more radio friendly. They should've done a full eng version of it tho but they keep up with this faux korean pride.

No. 77396

Finally listened to the whole album and they fr need to go back to the sound and lyrics of their first albums + wings and be a "hip hop" group again, they should stop with the idea of being their fans' boyfriends and saviours it's cringy and boring for the general public

No. 77397

but koreans didn't like their earlier music so why would they go back

No. 77402

Seems that youtube deleted shit tone Of views Of bts on mv

No. 77403

I wonder if a top idol might get exposed for being in a cult, currently the news in Korea is just talking about the Shincheonji lol. They’re batshit crazy, most cults in Korea are Christian ones and they usually call Jesus the son of satan, engage in sex between members and the higher ups in the cult etc.
Also laughing at idols and actors donating all of a sudden when people question why they weren’t.

No. 77404

Why u spamming my dude

No. 77405

Oh didn't know that but Wings was a hit over there didn't they win their first important awards with that album?

No. 77407

Koreans like blood sweat and tears and spring day

No. 77409

i thought you were talking about their debut hip hop stuff not wings

No. 77415

Their first success was I Need U, which was emo but not preachy. Blood Sweat and Tears was kinda along the same lines as was Spring Day so I guess the Korean public likes music like that

Sound aside, the songs have to be catchy above all else - Fire was pure noise and still did well because people could dance to it. BWL is also pretty easy listening. This CB has no song that could draw casual audiences in, especially not casual Western audiences despite being packed with Western producers

No. 77418

I don’t know, I think on is much catchier and less stupid than bwl. Also I might be the only one that finds spring day a juvenile song. I originally thought it was one of their first.
To me mic drop was the catchier one and fake love was good too.

No. 77428

I know I'm late and this is an unpopular opinion but I like BTS's new comeback, 'ON'. I agree that there was too much autotune, but I still like the song overall. I have not listened to the full album yet, but I only liked 1 bside on Persona so I don't have high hopes.

No. 77430

Didn't JYP was in a cult too? What happened with those rumors?

No. 77433

I feel bad shitting on looks but I was checking out this new boy group (they kind of suck) and I was stunned that the dude at 0:39 is an idol. I mean maybe he's super talented and is good that he has no ps but I was shocked anyway lol I'm so used to the flowery dudes nowadays.

No. 77435

Lol the whiny ass "Mamaaa" in the chorus is awful. Which one is worse Ice Age or this one? lol

No. 77443

File: 1583021505282.jpeg (76.27 KB, 900x600, AF418B67-AD12-4FE3-9916-BC812E…)

He's a dancer and apparently a DJ? The company at least seems aware of his lack of looks as most of his photos have him in hats. Convenient.

No. 77463

Atleast he doesn’t look like he is struggling with being on stage, the rest of members sure did.
Watched them live on Kbs Music Bank this morning and the rest of the members facial expressions were terrible.

No. 77465

File: 1583070739186.jpg (100.33 KB, 720x939, IMG_20200301_191448.jpg)

Vixx Hongbin have landed himself into the hot water. Apparently he had a live stream where he was drunk and started shitting on SHINee's Everybody, insulted Red velvets Red flavour calling it too "idolish" , made a dig at Exo's wolf and said Infinites Be mine choreography was bad and would have beaten their choreography. Someone is gonna see himself out the door soon. I wonder how their company is gonna damage control this mess.


No. 77466

i didn't hear about the rest of the things, but the shinee thing was valid. love shinee, but the clip he watched was a shitty mashup a fan made of everybody and a digimon opening. it sounded like two loud songs playing at the same time because that's exactly what it was.

No. 77467

samefag; the red velvet song is a fan remix too.
maybe part of him just wanted to nuke his idol career and get tf out. but now he won't be able to do much without like 7 separate fandoms going after him.

No. 77469

Of course. But he still committed a blunder by revealing that. There was also another two hour live stream with his half baked apology too. Will be interesting see how all of this will turnout.

No. 77471

Wtf kpop fans love cancelling people over the dumbest shit and then they wonder why they commit suicide.
Dude said nothing bad, its not like he personally insulted them or something like that.
He just said that he didn't like the choreography/fanmade mashup of some songs.
Kpop fans please calm your tits.

No. 77473

Did anyone unironically like Wolf?

No. 77474

No,Its one of their worst songs ever made. I think even exo is embaressed of wolf…..its just a bad song even when it comes to kpop-idol music

No. 77479

Bruh, why are kpop fans so sensitive?

No. 77480

Everytime I hear wolf I just think of the demo which is 8 million times worse and the fact that they said "wolf" in the demo but "olf" in the final production.

No. 77485

>I predict Twice will disband in a couple years, due to a their concept having a short lifespan and members wilding out. Who has the potential as a solo?

2nd gen showed that if you don't have acting career or successful music solos before the group's disbandment you're done for. Recognizable people, in their 20s, from well known groups with hits up and disappeared.

No. 77496

This isn't even that bad. What's surprising is that this doesn't happen to more idols. Getting drunk, and live streaming that is. He just made fun of some dumb songs. Nothing to leave Vixx over imo. I really wish idols had more opportunity to speak more freely. And show more of their actual personality. If that were the case this wouldn't be a "big" deal. Very few idols are actually perfect sweet baby angels.

No. 77497

i love it because it's hilarious. it is awful

No. 77499

>@BTS_twt is now officially the fastest group since the Beatles (in1966-1968) to generate four #1 albums in the Billboard 200
I bet they're already tired of each other just like the Beatles back then lmao

No. 77500

I know I am tired. Their fans must be exhausted, constantly working for those records.

No. 77511

no matter what you might say about them, i believe their chemistry is real no matter the amount of fan service that plays into it.
People being convinced that they secretly hate each other sound almost as delulu as hardcore shippers.
And i dont mean you specifically.
Ratmy out.

No. 77512

You're the delusional one anon, they probably see themself as just coworkers nowadays

No. 77513

Exactly but coworkers don’t have to hate each other lol. Most people don’t hate their coworkers, just their bosses.

No. 77517

Are they really that popular or are the fans just loud and buy multiple copies of each album? I’m so sick of the hype

No. 77518

Considering it's proven they have organised pushes to buy multiples and some fans crowd fund money amongst themselves? No brainier. The ATL concert still had reg priced seats available for a couple of days after they went on sale. Yeah, they might be popular but it's either winding down or the fanbase went broke with CD sales.

No. 77520

A US stadium tour with multiple dates was very ambitious, they did better than I personally expected.

No. 77524

live nation ceo said a billion ppl hit their website the day tickets went on sale. Even with people using multiple devices thats insane
Also youtube did delete a huge amount of views for 'on'
(10 mil views in the first hour and then 35 mil in the next 22 hrs should make everyone wonder, they went from 48mil to 43mil right in front of my eyes) but im only a humble armybot so what do i know

>>i know you guys love to complain about the ratmys on this thread but its y'all that bring them up every single day. More ppl on here that complain about the hype than ppl actually hyping them.

on another note i wonder how the industry is dealing with the corona crisis internally, like if an idol gets infected irrational fans will be furious and blame the company lol

No. 77531

Uh at every job I’ve had I definitely had coworkers I hated

No. 77534

You know YouTube deletes bot views, right? Not just for BTS but other people as well? I thought army wanted organic Kings or w/e?

They did good. Hate em but meh. Def didn't sell out as quick in ATL some others, tho.

No. 77535

Kpopfags have no idea how youtube works, what else is new?

No. 77537

If I liked most of my coworkers and boss I would consider it a dream job tbh lol

No. 77541

>live nation ceo said a billion ppl hit their website the day tickets went on sale. Even with people using multiple devices thats insane
How fucking gullible are you, honestly? Use a little common sense, mediaplay is usually ridiculous but claiming 1/7th of the world tried to buy BTS tickets… lmao that is next level bullshit.

Every popular idol group has loud fans who buy multiple copies of an album, the playing field is even and comparisons between groups are usually accurate (barring certain sales gimmicks). It's an accurate measure of fandom buying power if not the exact number of fans. "Popularity" can be a pretty meaningless metric because it's like, what's better - 1,000,000 people loving a song and streaming it for a few cents each, and getting good CF deals as a result? Or 100,000 people loving a group and spending big money on concert tickets and merch, for years and years? Different types of celebs will go for different forms of success because it's all about money in the end.

No. 77551

Most kpop numbers are exaggerated and are a result of mass buying and streaming. Groups like TVXQ (in the past) and BTS (now) break a bunch of records which make them sound super big in the west and stuff but in reality no1curr for kpop outside of Asia and it’ll never be able to become a big part of our mainstream pop culture. BTS are selling out the biggest stadiums out there but can anyone other than their obsessive stans name a single song they’ve come out with? Lmao.

No. 77558

>100,000 people loving a group and spending big money on concert tickets and merch, for years and years?
In earlier days fans had to be really invested to support their favs. Dbsk's fanclub had close to a million members - which might sound quite little compared to the 20+ million followers that many nowadays idols get, but clicking the follow button on insta or twitter doesn't mean shit. Those fans might like or watch or even stream their stuff but other than that maybe never spend a single dollar on that group.
Rock bands sell shit these days, barely get any views or followers but they're still able to perform in front of 10000s of concert goers when they're in their 60s, kpop groups won't be able to do that. They also won't be making bank with beauty commercials once they're older. Having a good core fanbase and taking care of them, making sure they stay with you is the most important thing for an artist.

No. 77559

Agreed anon. Iron Maiden haven't put out new music in ages but still play huge arenas to this day, I doubt BTS will have that kind of longevity - even TVXQ is beginning to fade out

No. 77564

You obviously haven't seems Sowon's legs. Her's are deathly skinny.

No. 77592

Why won’t Bts donate?
Out of all the big groups, they’re the only one who hasn’t.
I thought their bag was “hella thick”, but can’t donate to their fellow countrymen.
If y’all can brag about your money, atleast donate some

No. 77594

>even TVXQ is beginning to fade out
TVXQ are going to be able to play concerts in Japan for at least a few decades to come. Maybe not always dome tours, maybe Korea will forget about them entirely, but the concert going culture in Japan is so strong they likely will never struggle to get a profitable audience.

They really struck gold with Japan though, it's a unique market and not every group can rely on that. Some other SM boy groups might be able to, and Bigbang if they ever decide to tour there again, but for other idol groups it's harder to say. BTS's western fanbase will not have longevity because it's just not the culture here, kids will grow up or move onto the next big thing.

No. 77596

Suga did

No. 77597

After hundreds of comments asking why he didn’t donate to his own home town he did.
Bet you half of these stars wouldn’t donate had netizens not put so much pressure on them.

No. 77598

It's not like V didn't get comments either and we haven't heard anything from him. I'm sure some did it for image reasons, but I am also sure many have asked to be kept anonymous. We really do not know who didn't actually donate, unless they said they didn't.

No. 77600

File: 1583182659747.png (15.96 KB, 629x154, ghdghgfjfjhj.PNG)

No. 77602

'On' reaches #4 on the billboard hot100 chart and is now the highest charting kpop song of all time(keep this shit on twitter; its pathetic)

No. 77605

He was the first to donate actually. Army just followed him.

No. 77606

thats literally what i said. keywords: inspired fans to donate.

No. 77609

We all agree to say that Red Velvet is the best 3rd gen girl group, right?

No. 77612

i don't know who is we but no

No. 77624

I think Red Velvet has the most interesting discography, and the members have their unique charms (Wendy can sing, Irene is pretty, Joy is good on variety, Seulgi can dance, Yeri can be funny) but if you look at them as a group:

Mamamoo is better at singing
Gfriend/Twice are better at dancing
The only good 3rd gen girl group rapper is LE but almost all of them are better than Irene and Yeri

No. 77626

File: 1583198642575.png (413.08 KB, 599x605, Untitled.png)

who thought uploading these photos to the internet for millions of people to see was a good idea? he looks like a drunk aunt

are their fans blind or just pitying the ugly bastards at this point?
source: https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1234402089154957319

No. 77629

I call it residual attraction. He was cute back in the day and his fans still haven’t gotten over him. If they were to see him now for the first time though, they wouldn’t find him attractive.

No. 77632

File: 1583201022797.jpg (94.52 KB, 711x711, yuri.jpg)

I was just watching random group stuff interview comebacks when izone shows up , wtf happened to yuri? It looks like someone broke her nose.

No. 77633

File: 1583201535204.jpg (177.19 KB, 842x737, mina.jpg)

No. 77635

Why is he doing that weird open mouth look
Also he looks 14 here

No. 77641

red velvet is my favorite kpop group so i agree. people prefer twice because they have more personality and blackpink because they have better visuals, but red velvet has the best music of the 3rd gen imo and all the members have likeable personalities. also i like never knowing what kind of song they're gonna come out with because they always do something different.

No. 77642

I'd maybe believe a billion clicks due to people refreshing pages, and clicking thru each screen as part of the checkout process…and I imagine many clicks from bloggers, news outlets etc keeping tabs on how many tix are being sold in what sections or whatever, so they can report on what's available to their readers? But no, 1/7 of the world's population did not access livenation on one day lmao.

This is literally the only place on the internet where it's safe to talk critically about kpop (at least without paragraphs and paragraphs of explanation, justification and "I don't mean to be negative or offend anyone BUT…" qualifiers, which get sooo tiring to read) You are free to access literally any one of those sites, but you have to come in here and derail the thread with this spergy fangirl nonsense? Mods, please do something.

No. 77644


If I had to choose, it'd be RV for sure. Their dancing isn't great, but their songs are better than most GGs.

And I actually don't hate Izone. They're much more entertaining to me than Twice and BP. They perform better than the latter two imo.

No. 77645

yeah but in this situation it's different. idols are constantly competing with each other for fame. that's not a normal co worker relationship.

No. 77646

File: 1583204026765.jpg (207.36 KB, 900x1199, whiteman2_1568430583.jpg)

>>77626 did he get surgery to look like the guy who got surgery to look like him? love it when people appreciate their fans!

No. 77648

File: 1583204218897.jpg (56.09 KB, 500x500, 47583678_368612010624881_91666…)

Sowon is naturally thin, you can tell based on her proportions, height, head size etc. Her face/body are so unusual for SK it's pretty obvious why she got to be an idol w almost zero dance/vocal talent

Do some reading on the kibbe body system or similar..Rose has obviously forced her weight well under her set point, that's why she looks so unnatural. Predebut pic attached (tho I don't think anyone needs this photo to understand what I'm saying…it should be obvious unless you're 12 yrs old)

Also, slightly o/t and nobody asked but I agree with whoever said a while back they believe sowon and tzuyu both are taller than what's officially reported. Boy idol heights are skewed a bit high and girl idols skew a bit low but with these two it's really obvious to me?

No. 77649

I doubt this is true. Mina is the only Japanese member who hasn’t had any controversy regarding being Japanese.

On a related note, I feel like Japanese members of kpop groups must feel at least a little weird about the Korea-Japan relationship. I wonder if any of them have ever gotten hate from a group member.

No. 77650

rose looks so good in that picture. i wish she would dye her hair black again too. the blonde just makes her look weird imo.

No. 77654

RV is considered the SK Legendary group, only idol girl group to be invited to NK since Baby VOX.

Not exactly sure what makes Red Velvet special.

No. 77660

She looked so much better back then.. she truly looks like a lollipop these days with her bubblehead..

No. 77663

because irene is an original visual

No. 77666

File: 1583232719606.jpg (189.53 KB, 798x1199, 08dbe3a2b5f6a9db2171313a3d1f9e…)

In regards to mr removed videos they win over Twice and BP. Mamamoo might be better vocally but they're entire shtick is so different that you can't even really compare them. And none of the other, newer groups are really successful.

Kek I'm waiting for somebody to finally say this aloud, they totally resemble each other

All of them look cute here (although Lisa is quite skinny already), natural simply always wins. Also proves the theory that companies' favourites are always allowed to keep their hair dark while other members are forced into shitty hair colours.
I do believe that many female idols are a lot taller than they state. Sowon easily looks 5'10 (and also like those girls who are just naturally awfully skelly…no idea why they'd find that cute). Tzuyu also looks a lot larger, she even seems broader and heavier bonewise (e.g. her hips), I bet she has a hard time staying thin. Her body is more "western" than Somi's, she just looks like a bigger girl.

No. 77667

How tall do you guys think tzuyu is? 5’8-9?

No. 77668

File: 1583234711723.jpeg (162.12 KB, 960x563, 010EB4D7-17B9-4071-9373-13C9BF…)

oh the irony

No. 77672

most female idols are tiny, tzuyu probably isn't taller than her listed bright.

No. 77673

File: 1583241644778.png (111.61 KB, 1440x778, Screenshot_2020-03-03-08-14-14…)

The top comment from an article that talked about Hara's brother
How? They're all fucking dead. You don't feel anything when you're dead.

No. 77675

At first I was as confused as you, but I think they mean it in a christian "I hope you finally have happiness in paradise" way

No. 77683

Are we allowed to talk about Kpop reactors, because there’s this closeted white boy that shows up as a recommended video every time I watch anything kpop adjacent, and he’s now become a casual hate follow. Because he’s a massive koreaboo, he gets hype from Koreans. He posted about how he wants to go to Korea in April and all his Korean commenters were telling him not to bc of Coronavirus and he was just brushing them off… sorry for the blogpost.

No. 77687

Kick It teaser

No. 77688

somewhat gives me firetruck vibes, im excited. I really hope to like this one..

No. 77690


i'm sure everyone's sick of the "ree nct ugly" posts by now but god why does this sm group have worse visuals than stray kids
anyway this concept would have suited ten and lucas so well

No. 77691

I'm excited too, I loved the opening and Taeyong looks sooo good. I don't care what any anon says, he's hot as hell.

No. 77692

at least include a link to his channel

No. 77693

Pretty sure this is him. Anon said closeted white gay

No. 77695

I thought this was Jisoo

No. 77696

What's even more tiring imo is all the Lucas sperging that goes on in these threads.

No. 77697

Not him, the guy I’m talking about is the great value version of this dude.

No. 77698

No. 77700

I remembered reading this name before and turns out there was a pann article translated about him. Korean girls' ideal type really seems to be gay men, the comments calling him handsome underneath his videos get 1000s of likes.
>Most of foreigner who react to kpop just do it so they can get subscribers and some quick cash
>I searched up his Instagram and his selcas are no joke
>He's just reacting in an oba way so he can get some quick cash. That's why I never watch foreigners' reaction videos
>Looks like a lot of people went to follow him after seeing this post. He made an Insta story about it, so cute

I wonder if all these hated koreaboos actually really are as obsessed with Korea as they pretend to. Making cash by somewhat fitting their beauty standards (example: random asmr video getting flooded with korean comments because "handsome boy!") or reacting to videos by kissing idol ass is just too easy.

No. 77705

They legit look way better than Stray Kids, albeit not so good looking for an SM group.
But 7\9 in Stray Kids are below 174 cm, dont do that to NCT lol. Theyre annoying to look at but not that ugly to be considered worse looking than SKZ.

No. 77706

This is just their shitty excuse to never take responsibility for bullying

No. 77708

Just rewatched Reply 1988, didnt know the old man LSM was a singer.

No. 77709

now that the ugliest member of stray kids is gone they looks match at the very least

No. 77710

And the context of this screenshot is … ?

No. 77711

He’s clearly joking

No. 77714

>his selcas are no joke
ot but what's the point of using the korean word selca when we've been saying selfie for more than 10 years now. and the "visuals are no joke" shit is embarrassing too like why do native english speakers use cringy korean slang lmao

No. 77715

Those sites are simply always translating korean comments as closely as possible? No big deal. It only gets cringe if kboos copy that way of speech.

Nct are plastic, mediocre and underage looking but Stray Kids are shockingly ugly. Same for Ateez (that guy somebody keeps spamming…)
Thinking about it, there's hardly any group or male idol in general who's really attractive.

No. 77716

Oh yes I also know of this guy I saw some of his videos and he started going into the cringe "dying my hair/wearing earrings" phase that most reactors go through. He acts like he's in love with Lisa (like almost every other male reactor) but I really doubt he's straight. He's kind of cute in his older videos, but he has such an awkward aura about him that's so off putting. Like I have this feeling he's into some weird shit.

They just hype things up so much unnecessarily, same as the Deacs guy I shared previously.

No. 77717

File: 1583259193244.png (1.38 MB, 1363x952, pleasstop2.png)

I need to share this evolution of a reactor