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File: 1578111963350.jpeg (52.35 KB, 680x367, TrollDolls.jpeg)

No. 70811

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No. 70815

>>70673 Kpop fans are predominantly female. Everything in Kpop is geared toward attracting girls or women to stan and spend money, most successful girl groups (Twice, BP, SNSD, Mamamoo) have a big female stanbase who are more loyal than fickle guy fans.

Men stan F1, basketball, hockey, soccer teams and sports stars like Federer Messi Nadal, they spend money on sportwear and game tickets instead of Kpop unless they have feminine interests.

No. 70816

File: 1578113393056.jpg (176.83 KB, 1000x750, rzlZFv9.jpg)

No. 70817

good choice lol

Anyway following from the last thread, I've been thinking… Yeri's invovlvement in Red Velvet seems to be based all on knowing X people in the industry and has ever since been pushing the theme of blantant networking. I wouldn't be suprised if she starts buying up rental properities soon. Even though she's not as popular she comes off like IU (fake innocent but knows shit and shadow people). Most idols try not to be in-your-face about it.

No. 70825

Sorn really made a song with Edward avila ….

No. 70828

File: 1578123014479.jpg (35.71 KB, 720x405, images.jpeg-18.jpg)

Continuing from the last thread
>I know I'm a bad person for saying this and thinking this but I find Alexa so fucking ugly I don't even understand how she got a career in kpop. She's a sweet girl and seems like a hard worker but I swear to god I never found anyone in kpop this ugly, she looks like the retarded and much more disproportionate twin sister of Jihyo. Her nose is weird, face shape, eye distance, she has very bad proportions, her neck is extremely thick and her shoulders are super wide and she's short and looks extremely short.
Damn you're right. She looks like a tranny to me.

No. 70831

>how in the hell does SHE have a cosmetic brand? do any of soshi even have one? all i recall is them being spokesmodels for a few brands, not straight up having their own brands other than jessica, which is what caused so much tension between her and the other members apparently, and the taetiseo perfume doesnt count because again, that wasnt their brand specifically it was just a collab.

Yeah it's weird as hell considering Jessica's situation. Wasn't it one of the reasons they kicked her out of SNSD? Yeri must be LSM's favorite since she's been handed everything on a silver platter.

No. 70832

wasn't she the one that messed up the peekabo song on produce 101? She seems to be a clout chaser like sorn>>70825

Speaking of sorn, looks like everyone forgot already about the black mask fiasco. Or maybe not, we'll see their next comback, if they get one.

Also I noticed no cube artists were at the end of the year award shows? Did something happen or …

No. 70833

Agreed. I find men who stan kpop (seriously, like being twitter stans, buying merch, etc and not just casual listeners) to be huge losers irl.

No. 70834

RV is on its last leg, that’s why

No. 70835

>wasn't she the one that messed up the peekabo song on produce 101?
It was Jang Gyuri

No. 70836

She's a chaebol kid iirc, and was one of the youngest trainees ever right? Who could she possibly know that LSM isn't already in bed with or at least have access to?

This doesn't seem smart, there's such a glut of celeb makeup lines out now, from the tiniest of ig micro influencers all the way up to Hollywood A/B-list rihanna, kesha, kardashians etc not to mention "kbeauty" exploding internationally lately. Yeah celebs have always done this but right now the market is so saturated, and idk how many palettes or kits parents really wanna plunk down for every year. Also seems so lazy, like theyre not even trying to brand her with anything fresh.

No. 70839

>>70831 Yeri is so fucking useless. I don’t even know why SM decided to add her in RV when she has nothing to offer. People are calling her a secret weapon just because she supposedly composed a song and is a song composer, which doesn’t mean she has any talent or visuals for petty kpop fans to rave about.

No. 70840

>most successful girl groups (Twice, BP, SNSD, Mamamoo) have a big female stanbase
Jesus Christ, what are you smoking? Get that into your thick skull, twicefag: girls and women don't like your unnies. It's only some weirdos on lc (lesbians?) and a few little girls on twitter who still haven't realized that twice is exclusively pandering to males and was solely created as neckbeard fapmaterial. There's zero reason for anybody without a dick to like them. Quit trying to make them into something that they're not.

No. 70841

Wow she's desperate

No. 70843

File: 1578127858168.jpg (37.7 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-19.jpg)

Indeed. She's not even the token visual member. Would have made more sense if it was irene or joy. Weren't they brand ambassadors for last year's etude house campaign though? Even her ad was the least appealing.

No. 70844

>>70843 At least Yeri can spit a few words and "rap" and have some lines in their songs, but Shuhua on the other hand…..is literally just a very replaceable dummy.

No. 70847

I think you're all overthinking this.
Her mother is a hairdresser (she said it in a few interviews or something) so she's not from a chaebol family I think, rv fans would have found out about it by now if she was.

Lee Soo Man just added her to RV because OT4 was considered too old on average so they needed a young member to attract pedo uncles because they drive up album and merch sales. Yeri was the best-looking out of the crop of trainees then so she was added for her age and "aegyo", simple as that

I actually think Wendy and Seulgi look the worst in these pictures. Seulgi doesn't have a "high fashion face" no matter how much her stans cow about it, and Wendy's eyebrows always look glued on for whatever reason

"Twice is lesbian" stan twitter is in shambles after 2 members have been caught dating men (and ugly ones at that).

No. 70848

Doesn’t high fashion love Asians with monolids kek

No. 70850

File: 1578130420491.jpeg (177.85 KB, 800x800, 04CF14E7-C56A-4655-B559-4A549C…)

Edward can’t do makeup much less sing kek

No. 70851

This really sends lmao the first 4-5 things were more than enough, then it just keeps going and going, fucking toppest topkek of the day

Is this chicky chaebol status too? (or equivalent)

>SM entertainment are going to release a new rookie group. SM who have been in charge of S.E.S The Grace, SNSD, Fx, Red Velvet will also be debuting a new girl group who will have its own uniqueness, visuals and music genre in KPOP
KEK nothing has been unique in kpop for literally years, and SM is one of the guiltiest, giving all his groups that glossy generic sound…it's like sonic plastic surgery, so fitting.

Waiting to hear yeri's cOnNeCtiOns, im totally willing to give her credit but even if she has relatives on every continent fully running the illuminati, i mean, LSM would def already be into that shit so what is she providing other than being a potential sponsor target, or worse…

No. 70852

It's apparently just a collab, this new brand is launching soon and she has two shades that she named or something

99% of idols are talentless anon, I don't get why we're wasting time on Yeri alone. She doesn't do all that much to generate milk, personally I find Joy the biggest wannabe out of the whole group. Her fans delude themselves into thinking she'll overtake Irene soon kek

But not with round faces, which she has. Her face just looks chubby no matter what

No. 70859

File: 1578137765790.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.1 KB, 546x540, untitled.jpg)

Another shitty op pic. Le sigh.(spoiler imgs like this)

No. 70860

High fashion loves monolids and high cheekbones, both of which Seulgi has. Her face is also kind of square shaped which again, is loved by high fashion because it looks more masculine and thus androgynous.
Joy has the mooniest face. I have a feeling she’s only the “most” popular because she was on wgm with that one kid. She comes off as so try hard to me, I can’t stand her.
Yeri looks old and young at the same time. Her lips look like beak. It’s hard to believe that this is all sm had to throw into RV.

No. 70861

Wtf pls learn to spoiler

No. 70862

I left it unspoilered on purpose, hole <3

No. 70863

No. 70865

File: 1578140645356.jpeg (90.37 KB, 674x411, 89A9AA48-243A-4D4D-9E48-6A5918…)

someone really needs to tell jimin to love himself lol

No. 70866

File: 1578141890667.jpg (215.45 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1578141893281.jpg)

I see, sorry, the article I quoted didn't state that she was just their muse.

>her lips look like beaks
Kek. It's a crime to let her be the face of lip products.

No. 70867

This is what happens when you're brainwashed to look like a girly teen boy with squeaky voice instead of becoming a normal man.
I can imagine Jimin actually becoming similar with that Oli London guy. Maybe Jimin will call for ps advice, lol.

No. 70868

It's funny how lots of onces don't give a fuck about momo dating an old man. Most of them are just happy that Sana wasn't the one with the dating scandal. Sana dating suho would have been soo funny. Seeing how onces lose their shit. Would like to know what's so special about sana. She sucks at everything and is the most untalented member beside dahyun and tzuyu. Her "shy girl" persona is also fake and shit.

No. 70869

She's the most sexual member.

No. 70870

And what exactly is so sexual about her?

No. 70871

She's always doing something a bit lewd and teasing, making men think she's a nympho. Last year people were all over her Mera cosplay fancams.

No. 70874

either he strives of being told “noo you’re already skinny enough” or he doesn’t give a shit about his young audience looking up to him and thinking thats normal/okay to want to lose weight when they already don’t weight a lot or he has no self awareness.

No. 70875

Agreed. With joys Camilla cabello collab and yeris makeup brand, I think they’re prepping solo careers and stuff for rvs disbandment. Wendy’s hospitalization is clearly what put them over the edge

No. 70876

Dude calm down. Twice are like SNSD, they have a big male fanbase but also a sizeable female one. You can objectively see that due to them being a girl group from a big 3 company. Otherwise they wouldn't be pushing this girl crush nonsense to appease their female fans.

No. 70877

Someone has an obvious hate boner for Sana. I’m not even a fan but saying she sucks at everything when she’s a decent dancer and performer (granted, she can’t sing for shit, which should be most important) is kind of extreme. Calm the fuck down. If you want to pick a member from Twice who positively sucks at everything, look at Dahyun or Tzuyu, two of the most useless “idols” in this entire industry.

No. 70878

RV are prob unable to tour with Wendy hurt and with new SM GG coming, RV may be on the backburner. Irene has CFs, Joy did dramas, Wendy/Seulgi will continue singing, Yeri has no clear path in music or acting and her parents are prob upset SM havent given her solo opportunities. She's pretty young so she can try anything but her visuals limit her future in showbiz.

Yeri is like Kara Heo Youngji or Tara Hwayoung situation being added last as an extra maknae and not having as much time to develop her solo fandom before the group's popularity dips.

No. 70879

Kek this is all purely the result of Wendy’s accident. The injuries are probably worse than delusional fans want to believe if they’re giving Yeri, of all members, a makeup brand in a last-ditch effort to increase her popularity. If Wendy destroyed her pelvis, she’ll never be able to perform again and RV will remain a 4-member group until they disband.

No. 70880

Yea, the last update I've heard is that she can only eat soft food. So I wouldn't be suprised of she's in the hospital for at least a year. Because she's going to look terrible when she comes out, no matter how mcuh styling they give her. Her parents better get ready to sue / fight her contract if they aren't already.

No. 70882

This right here is their future. They’ve lost their only other decent vocalist besides Seulgi. She’s going to have to carry the entire group now since the other three are beyond useless, and that can’t last. I smell disbandment. Besides they’ve been around since 2014, meaning their 7 years are almost up.

No. 70883

imo seulgi should go solo (although she really doesn't have any charisma or anything else interesting that will attract non-fans) and wendy can do more mature, slow songs and OSTs. These don't require dancing and it's what she seems to like more anyway.
I don't care about the rest, i just don't want joy to act and yeri should stop trying to be next IU with that nasally, irritating voice.

No. 70884

Isn’t he the skinniest of them all? Why aren’t his bandmates pointing it out?

No. 70885

The skinniest is obviously Jhope. Then Suga, V, maybe Jin. They are ectopmorphs. Jimin has an endomorph body type which is why he is insecure

No. 70886

>>70882 Sad that the other 4 girls couldn't cover Wendy's parts because they cant sing as well.

No. 70888

This is RV's best song imo (Bad Boy, Ice Cream Cake, Red Flavor etc just sound like Itzy, Twice, Momoland level viral ditties) because it shows them as grown women with relationship failings equal to men, it's a very IU kinda song and if IU sang it she'd win SOTY no question.

RV deserves a fair shot to win song awards, too bad they cant promote it at all as 5.

No. 70889

He has or had a eating disorder. Explaining people with eating disorders that they are skinny is like talking to a wall. I have a friend who also had an eating disorder and she's skinny but still tries to lose weight and eats less.

No. 70890

jesus christ literally white noise playback track. This is what happens when you have 1 strong vocalist in a small group.

No. 70892

RV are doomed without Wendy.Allegedly her recovery will take 6 months and even then who knows to what extent she'll be able to perform in a GG.

Don't get me wrong,RV are not a vocal powerhouse but Wendy's voice definitely hard-carries them.

No. 70893

Time for them to sing less demanding songs like twice's and bp's…

No. 70895

File: 1578158898187.gif (3.49 MB, 400x273, Sanalive.gif)

>her visuals
Nayeon has a career with an ugly incel chin and fucked up teeth and so do Jooe and Hwasa so I don't think Yeri's face will hold her back, especially since she fits Korean beauty standards more than Seulgi and Joy do (Joy has a huge horse mouth and Seulgi looks too androgynous at times). Her complete lack of talent and annoying personality is one thing but I've never found her ugly personally. I get you hate her but she's not some bridge troll

Because of shit like this

No. 70896

There is just something about Sana's mouth area which looks so unattractive. She also has a rap monster incel chin and jaw but she is able to pull it off better because she is a female.

No. 70897

I knew this shit would happen. The last time wendy was gone it was because her flight was delayed. It was an omen. They had to do playback because they knew no one could cover for her. I used to think Wendy does too much with the energy and dancing but without her it's just Seulgi and the 3 are very underwhelming that they drag her down.

No. 70898

I do feel bad for Wendy, her injuries will seriously mess with her career and SM/SBS don't really care since idols are just puppets to be discarded or replaced. This was a promising comeback for RV as well, I'm surprised SBS doesn't seem to be in any legal trouble with SM.

No. 70900

apparently she’s preparing to release a solo ep this year.i’m not surprised she’s getting one considering how hard she was pushed before red velvet’s debut & how she’s never had a controversy like the other members. that being said, although she’s the second best vocalist, i find her voice to be nasally especially when she’s hitting those high notes that they put in every kpop song even when the vocalist can’t hit them (see: jimincel)

No. 70903

Yes I don't like her and that's why I rant about her here. Do you think I come her to praise her? It's just getting on my nerves that onces overhype her that much. She sucks at singing and is a mediocre dancer. And people only seem to like her because she acts sexy. This isn't anything special or praiseworthy. Give me 2 minutes and I can name you 10 other female idols who act sexy and are more talented than her but aren't overhyped like her.

No. 70904

File: 1578161664892.jpeg (662.45 KB, 828x1430, 886C67AD-09E5-4743-B311-BD5FB8…)

the rest of the members did tell him he doesn’t need to lose weight

No. 70905

File: 1578161857386.jpg (206.63 KB, 540x539, confused-easter.jpg)


"I've got your slippers, your dinner, your desert & so much more"

…see, now this is a woman, not the toxic 3rd wave feminist fembot superstar singers of the west. The muslim shieks are right; western education is too, toxic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70906

now i want to know why Jungkook is obssesed with losing weight
Jungkook has been kinda ana these past two years with constant dieting

No. 70907

he should just get lipo at this point to melt all the fat in his body. he says this shit all the time, loses a drastic amount of weight, and then gains a good bit of it back. i don’t want to say he’s just an attention whore bc we all know body dysmorphia is rampant in kpop but i stanned bts in 2015 and he was still saying this stuff back then! he can afford a therapist, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer and yet still chooses to say this shit in front of millions of dumb teenagers who probably salivate at the idea of giving him compliments and probably don’t have the resources to tackle their body issues like he does.

No. 70908

it’s a cover of a destiny’s child song, not an original. but holy shit, i hate that edward guy. sorn’s job in clc is literally speaking english and attracting koreaboos like him. it’s kinda sad, but whatever pays the bills i guess.

No. 70909

jimin is a massive attention whore.
He does this shit for attention,because if he really was this pro-ana qween he would be losing weight instead of gaining weight

No. 70910

>>70895 Japanese idols are more aware of how to project sensuality because of how openly hypersexual Japanese society is (gravure, lolicon, soapland, hentai, ecchi, JAV porn are accessible to kids and teens). Momo talks in a hentai anime voice and Sana does a lot of aegyo. Most J-idols do gravure shoots in their teens and some AKB48 and Honey Popcorn idols even venture into porn so Sana and Momo are comparatively "tame".

No. 70911

i agree with the rest but im sure thats momos natural voice, anooying maybe but thats how she always sounds like

No. 70913

File: 1578163399892.jpeg (60.76 KB, 750x968, 3756C0D2-CA50-42D3-A3B4-6D54CF…)

So, it's been exposed that melon was doing chart manipulation on sbs. IU posted about it on her instagram. The TV caption said "i feel i know why they do sajaegi…[chart manipulation]" and IU said "please don't do it "

There's some twitter threads on it but keep in mind they were written by fans so grain of salt



Who do you guys think are guilty of cheating? Definitely all of those random indie singers. And i think sbs released this now to try to make themselves look better after what happened to Wendy

No. 70917

But they were never in the j-idol industry; they've only ever been kpop idols. This reads like a knetz post tbh

No. 70919

Fair. But you can really do this with anyone in Twice. Like Momo, who you mentioned, isn’t that good of a dancer, makes gross facial expressions while performing, and has one of the most nasally, worst voices in the industry, plus those horsey teeth. Obviously you’re allowed to rant about someone but you shouldn’t generalize “she sucks at everything” without expecting some pushback.

No. 70920

Didn't know this was the whiteknight thread

No. 70921

Literally says “don’t sperg or pick fights” up top. Learn to read, cunt

No. 70922

Nta but im sure that was the idol behavior they were the most familiar with until they moved to korea? Or maybe jyp makes them act like jpop idols to set them apart from the others or something.

No. 70923

They were big time koreaboos so idt they were interested in jpop, j-idols, and all that shit

>Or maybe jyp makes them act like jpop idols to set them apart from the others or something

This and because it's obviously what people expect japanese girls to be like (kek this thread is also proof of this)

No. 70925

tbh I don’t understand Japanese kboos…
Western weebs kinda I guess

No. 70926

This is literally the worst fucking song of the last decade holy shit can my ears be unraped please

No. 70927

File: 1578172056086.gif (1.71 MB, 268x370, 494f1638-4ae8-46bf-842b-fccf57…)

And how rich is this girl's parents for her to be allowed to join a girl group?

No. 70928

>>70917 Momo and Sana grew up in Japan, you don't have to be a Jpop idol to be exposed to hypersexuality, you just need to live in Japan for an extended time to see lolicon, hentai anime, vending machines selling used panties or sex toys, schoogirls doing paid dating with old men, etc and it influences the behavior of women.

No. 70929

Are there such thing as American canadaboo.

No. 70930

Canada doesn't have a distinct popular culture, unlike Japan, so it obviously wouldn't be as common

No. 70931

not rich enough to get her into a better agency, apparently.

No. 70932

Someone said “worst of 2019” in the General thread but worst of the decade is way more appropriate. Their music is shit-tier (vid related, more noise).
They have another song called “I’m So Pretty,” which makes me cringe because they are NOT a visual group in the slightest and it makes it look like they’re trying so hard.

No. 70933

Sounds like a fucking nightmare.

No. 70935

The background sounds like Dalla Dalla sometimes

No. 70936

File: 1578173884862.jpg (962.43 KB, 1916x1078, 20200104_233715.jpg)

What is this choreography??? Are they supposed to be a joke group or is any of this serious?

No. 70939


but Korea and japan are so similar….. kek western weebs probably like how different Japan is vs the west

No. 70940

They can't even stay in sync with.. whatever that is. And if in the MV everything looks so half-assed I wonder what their live performances are like then kek

No. 70942

I really don't get idols, what does he want to achieve? It's always idols with sexy bodies who are the most popular ones. While koreans have different standards than the west, they also don't like total ana-chans. Jimin gained popularity because he showed his abs, now Jk is the most popular thanks to his body and for female idols it's similar (e.g. Hani or Seolhyun would've never gotten this popular if it wasn't for their slightly curvier body). So why go for the opposite? Makes zero sense.

He always says he wants to lose weight but then never acts on it. Imo he seems content with being more muscular, maybe he's only saying that because the other members also always say that?

No. 70944

Why does Jimin want to be 110 lbs and not muscular… it’s a lot healthier too

No. 70949


I assume he loves the attention and the "uwu no my poor baby please eat well" comments that come with it.

Besides that,it's 2020 and no one gets praised for being ana chan anymore (at least when it comes to males in Korean industry).Even Koreans are thristing over muscles.

He seems to have lost brain cells over the years too.

No. 70951

He’s actually been like this for years, so either he’s been asking for attention for a while (which is doubtful, since he got way more attention for having abs than anything else), or has some low self-esteem/eating disorder. Everyone’s favorite ana-chan actually made a video about it.

No. 70952

yeah im thinking it was a sojung from ladies code kind of a situation, she was hurt and disfigured enough to where shes gonna need extensive time off/surgeries to heal and look normal again

No. 70953

this is why i dont quite have a good feeling about japanese idols joining korean groups in mass like the last couple of years
its bound to create some cultural clashing in how they project their sexuality

No. 70954

sistar was notorious for sajaegi rumors

No. 70955


Jimin is already too skinny and should go back toe debut era when he had muscles. Jungkook wanting to lose weight sucks too, but the kpop industry is a hot mess that proves no matter how rich you are, your mentality is fucked.

No. 70956


Pretty sure he's an attention seeker and has an ED.I think it might've started around Wings-era.

Usually people try to hide their ED's and it's uncommon for them to openly admit that they want to be skelly thin.Like why the hell would he say that >>70904 on a VLIVE while sitting with his members if it wasn't for attention?

No. 70958

fuck the skelly thin trend tbh
nothing wrong with being naturally healthy slim
but they shouldn’t be aiming to look like 11 year old boys kek

No. 70959

Yeah her natural voice sounds like typical jav girls', one of the reasons why they kept her in the group

No. 70960

File: 1578181100046.jpg (84.79 KB, 900x600, 813378332f7e4bfa81053624206bcd…)

boring. why do they all have the same aesthetic? arent korean tired of always watching the same kind of music video? i wish there was some variety

No. 70961

good lord that photoshop makes sana look 40

No. 70963

Say what you want about twice, Bts, exo, blackpink or whoever. This is objectively one of the worst idol groups

No. 70964

File: 1578182114052.jpg (41.82 KB, 400x600, ab9431e752e9de1a90737eadb7ff58…)

>but they shouldn’t be aiming to look like 11 year old boys kek
Whenever Jimincel's weight is at its lowest, he straight up looks like a preteen girl (even next to V who's also a slim dude).

No. 70965

Ngl I've kept 1 b side track of them on spotify because it was a good bubblegum pop but never looked into the group itself/their main tracks. Are they trying to be "anti mainstream" like orange caramel or dream catcher? Even momoland sounds good in comparison and that's saying something.

No. 70966

V is in front of Jimin. Anyway no one gives a fuck, can we stop talking about Jimin's weight (or just Jimin in general) every thread please ?

No. 70967

I dont think it's the indie artists though? They barely have enough money for promotion. Plus the general public actually prefers indie songs/artists compared to kpop groups.

No. 70968

The orange hair girl looks like she's wearing a very cheap wig lool

No. 70982

I know this isn’t the point but you managed to find photos were everyone looks horrible, kek. Jeongyeon and Chaeyeon look so uncanny valley and I dunno what the fuck is going on with Rosé and Mina

No. 70983

rose looks like shes morphing into sinb lmao

No. 70984

it's probably because he has a "fat face". It's no coincidence that he and Rose have the same face type and are both anachans.

No. 70986

File: 1578189651486.jpeg (122.63 KB, 680x645, looool.jpeg)

Update on the monsta x situation. Apparently the married woman that Shownu was sleeping with was the wife of U-kiss member Lee Kiseop, Yoona Jung. Kiseop the one who sent han seohee that message exposing them when the Wonho drama was going down.

No. 70989

is jimin's image just being petty and insecure?

No. 70990

i find it interesting that they never give nayeon or jennie blonde hair. it's like they don't want to take the risk of their visuals getting called ugly, but it's okay for dahyun and lisa to have every hair color in the rainbow…

No. 70991

File: 1578193981353.jpeg (892.49 KB, 1080x1620, 9C462571-C45B-48CD-99DB-303365…)

jennie wore a blonde wig once for promos kek

No. 70996

Holy shit - how are both u-kiss fans and monster x fans reacting to this do you know?

No. 70997

Mina doesnt look like herself here. For a sec I thought it was her cL0nE

No. 70999

So his wife cheated on him after they got married? They got married last august, I checked.

I dont think ukiss' fans care. He's left the group, plus he's became uglier and uglier as the years went by. He couldn't sing either.

No. 71003

They're going to need one soon anyway, since there's no chance in hell she's ever coming back

No. 71004

File: 1578197222151.jpg (12.96 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-24.jpg)

They had to alter the pic brightness to give her a decent blonde look. This is how she looked like behind the scene, so ugly.

No. 71005

File: 1578197245359.jpg (12.97 KB, 400x400, images.jpeg-23.jpg)


No. 71015

They were seeing each other up until september which was when the husband went to starship to complain about shownu so.. possibly? I think this adds support to shownus claims that he was unaware of her marriage seeing as though the wedding happened during the middle monsta x's world tour.

No. 71023

Am I the only one that finds these posts somewhat disgustingly racist ?

No. 71024

File: 1578202351738.jpg (112.19 KB, 618x900, ENXXXI-WsAYE68U.jpg)

Kpop Twitter is trying to 'expose' twitter.. AKA a completely anonymous, out of nowhere Twitter count made a huge thread about it. Haven't read all of it but this first part lines up with what we've talked about in previous threads re: Madam Shim. Genuinely can't be bothered to read through the whole thread, but here it is if anyone wants to see; https://twitter.com/iotmxc/status/1213110503591022598

No. 71025

>>71024 Aw Jesus expose Dispatch, not twitter. Oops

No. 71027

let it burn imo

No. 71029

>Ukiss fans

No. 71030

>>70986 Monsta X was already a nugu group to begin with, knowing cube, i wouldn’t be surprised if they plan to ditch them.

No. 71031

Mx is under starship

No. 71032

here to sperg about heechul even though no one else is talking about him and momo, sry

imo hes a total creep (15 year old sohee and 24yo heechul, anyone?) he obsesses about female idols a decade younger than him and snsd members exposed that he made gay rumours (kek at all the omg heechul oppa is totez gay people itt) to get closer to female idols

No. 71035

File: 1578214914171.jpg (179.17 KB, 1080x1350, 11ae8e407f4fb9d46cdb6a1704647c…)

Off topic, but E'dawn looked busted before, but not this level busted. He legit looks like a meth addicted tranny now.

No. 71036


She looks like a naked mole rat here

No. 71037

She has the talent but I think SM will try to give her that slow "classy sexy" R&B-type sound and that niche has already been oversaturated by the likes of Sunmi and Chungha so I doubt how well she'd do there. She has some public recognition but not near as much as someone like Jennie, for example, and I honestly don't think she'll fit into other genres - Wendy and even occasionally Joy did better than her on stage when it came to brighter "Red" concepts.

Unless SM is saving a really bomb, better than Bad Boy-type of song for her she might struggle to get off the ground with her solo because there's nothing new she can offer on her own

No. 71038

Where did you get this from? I don't see this pop up anywhere else?

At this point I thought only stuff like this would be scandalous in kpop-world, considering every dating-scandal nowadays gets swept under the rug.
But if not even this gets attention…>>71024

No. 71039

File: 1578219992760.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.73 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-26.jpg)

No. 71040

Right, they dont exist

No. 71042

I think this topic has been covered in the last thread. Plus I'm tired of twitter stans wking him itt

No. 71043

really? what's the point of keeping her around as a pseudo member rn then

No. 71044

lolcow is too weeb so this is what they think of japanese people kek

No. 71046

File: 1578225766591.jpg (8.61 KB, 300x100, 46.jpeg.jpg)

Those posts in a nutshell is this banner

No. 71050

your not the only one. sounds like bitter weebs
looks like nayeon's rat mother in this kek

No. 71051

>>71023 it's the truth about Japan's idol industry in general unfortunately, and Sana Mina and Momo don't have to release any gravure so compared to Sakura Miyawaki or other AKB48 or Honey Popcorn idols who do it like a rite of passage, Twice's Japan-line is very tame? Even if they talk in kawaii JAV voice.(this isn't a jpop thread)

No. 71053

im curious where and how he would have met this woman and not known she was involved with a senior idol though… i get not knowing they got married bc he was on tour when it happened, but not knowing they were previously in a relationship or engaged whatsoever? seems unlikely.

No. 71055

Tzuyu looking a little skelly on yesterday's performance

No. 71056

Speaking in detail about the different kinds of digital chart manipulation techniques, Tiger JK said, “The ‘pushing out’ type of sajaegi was the most shocking. It’s an attempt to weaken your rival singer’s results. When your rival singer releases a single, they drive up [the streams] for three other songs or ballads on that day in order to lower the ranking of your rival singer’s song.”

Wonder how many recent top Kpop acts engaged in sajaegi.

No. 71058

Oh fuck off already retarded newfag

No. 71059

Only true weebs would say it's racist to mention that the japanese idol industry and their openness when it comes to the sexualization of minors is messed up.

A lot of artists are panicking now lol Already denying, demanding apologies, disabling instagram comments,…
>RM thanked their fans ARMY, and reminisced about when BTS first debuted. He then spoke up about “sajaegi”, “There is one thing that I want to talk about too. We (BTS) are blessed with luck, and thanks to many people, we are able to say what we want to. However, there are also many artists who can’t do the same, and are making music sincerely in places that we can’t see. I hope that in 2020, their efforts and sincerity will not be in vain, and that they can reach out to the public fairly. I hope that things that have been done wrong in the 2010s can end with the 2010s ending.”
Oh really, when why do you never reign in your crazed fans? Why tf did you perform in a dictatorship?

No. 71061

She's a pretty unknown model from what I see. It's an open secret that in the modeling industry (everywhere in the world), side gigs as escorts aren't uncommon. So she could have met him when she was working as an escort.

No. 71063

Some anon called Sana the most "sexual member", why is it racist to point out how it's normalised in Japan for female minors and idols to get relentlessly sexualized? Recall the previous posts here of the fansign where fans can pay to lie in bed with a teen Jpop girl group? Or the under 12 girl idols dancing to EXID in front of crowds of older men or playing Twister with them? How is it racist to state facts that this is how it rolls in Japan, that they are very open-minded culturally compared to SK, without condoning them? Nobody is passing judgment even when it may be right to call it out because of how it affects young girls.(this isn't a jpop thread)

No. 71064

File: 1578232296677.jpg (14.04 KB, 520x165, park-kyung-sajaegi-tweet.jpg)


>Block B’s Park Kyung has been receiving much attention online for his bold statement about artists that manipulate the music charts for their benefit.

>On November 24, he posted a message onTwitter that read, “I wish I could manipulate the charts like group Vibe, Song Hayea, Lim Jae Hyun, Jeon Sang Keun, Jang Deok Chul, Hwang In Wook.”

>Park Kyung is not the only one openly talking about sajaegi though. Rapper DinDin, who recently released his first official album, posted on his Instagram, “The music chart is called ‘concrete’ because there is too much sajaegi going on. But I was somehow able to make it into the charts this time. I’ll probably be out on the charts soon.”He added that he wished to do music until there are no more machine manipulations.


I'm kinda surprised that a vibe member was mentioned there (yoon min soo). Vibe is a 1st gen vocal group and they have had loyal fans since forever, although not as many as idols fans but they will always have stable count of listeners unlike newer hiphop or indie artists. I guess competition is really harsh that even a senior group fell into desperation.

>In particular, group Vibe is a senior group compared to Block B, but Park Kyung does not seem to take that into mind when he posted the comment online.

No. 71065

I hope Dispatch, Channel A or some investigative journo pays off a sajaegi employee to come clean on the list of artists who did sajaegi.

No. 71066

As of today, nitpicking is now a bannable offense in the Kpop Critical threads. It adds nothing of substance to the discussion and lowers the quality of the threads.

Reminder that sperging over Jpop is also a bannable offense, we have a Jmusic thread here if you want to talk about it >>>/m/14863

No. 71067

What will we talk about if we can't nitpick Yuta's dorito chin, NCT's irrelevance, Junglebook's uggo tats, Chungha's filler face or Ratmon's tryhard wokeness now?

No. 71070

hilarious actually given that his group's international success is driven primarily by zombie streaming

No. 71071

That would be very interesting to see, no doubt some big names would be involved so the fallout would be hilarious kek


I know this is sarcasm but: Dispatch drama, fallout from Burning Sun/YG shadowpeople, Madame Shin, HanSohee, Wendy's broken bones/SM trajectory and the future of the industry, etc.
Basically: Whatever we were talking about before nitpicking became big here.

There used to be a wikipage where people would document the list of all possible groups in the Kpop industry, but it's probably dead and out of date. It would be interesting if it was complete and detailed to show how difficult it is for many groups that don't have the networking power and connections to get by and last long in the already small Korean market.

No. 71072

I knew it was suspicious that all of these nugu groups were charting higher than artists like taeyeon iu bts exo or twice. The gp love them (even though all their music is crap), so it was weird how there were random chaebols who make the same indie shit were charting above them. I have a feeling jyp used sagaeji for itzy too since their music is noise but they didn't seem to use it for twice or stray kids….

They cannot speak when bighit uses sajaegi for their brother group txt kek They get high on the charts from their fans skipping school and streaming with every device in the house. Otherwise, they would've disbanded back in 2016.

No. 71074

File: 1578236809088.jpg (1.28 MB, 1295x654, Screenshot (109)_LI.jpg)

I never thought of it that way but of course it makes sense: nugu artists literally can't afford to push their own songs (they also don't have enough fans who'd do that for them), it's companies themselves who push some random singer they're not associated with in any way, just to spite a rival company/group and nobody will ever know it was them. It also doesn't matter whether they have a comeback at the same time as their rival, because in the end all the industry and their fans care about are records ("First …" / "Most …").
And if it's SM and JYP artists who were especially targeted it makes me think that it could've been either YG (we've seen that BP can't even sell a couple hundred concert tickets) or back when BTS was less successful, Bighit.

No. 71075

File: 1578236818515.jpg (130.38 KB, 934x1401, L7HeCsS.jpg)

Source: Star News via Nate
Jihyo: "People who seem like attention seekers keep mumbling('웅앵웅') about it so I'm telling you, I was just feeling sick. I'm sorry. I'm sure you were having fun because you had something to attack me with. Too bad I couldn't do anything about feeling sick."

'웅앵웅' is a type of slang that stands for mumbling/muttering, not being coherent, usually used in arguments in a mocking manner.

1. [+3,551, -412] There's nothing wrong with '웅앵웅' itself but I do think it kind of ruins it for me when a celebrity I like uses it

2. [+3,475, -404] She has quite the temper ㅋㅋ

3. [+2,270, -254] Try to think of this by changing the genders. Imagine if BTS said something like "can the attention seekers please stop stomping around" ('쿵쾅' means to stomp around, usually used by anti-feminists to signify that 'fat jealous women' are stomping into the comments).

4. [+543, -63] Is it normal to call your fan an attention seeker? and accuse them of muttering?

5. [+536, -38] Judging by the article, it doesn't sound like a clarification, more like she was mocking people. She brought this upon yourself. Why is she doing this? Twice's image is already good without this stuff.

6. [+535, -51] ㅋㅋㅋ Just listen to that arrogance

7. [+488, -28] This ruins my image of her. Seems like she's made all the money she needs and is checked out.

8. [+423, -50] What's so wrong with people being curious about why she wasn't on stage??? Her reaction is so low class.. does she think she's above us all because she's a celebrity?? Twice seems super sensitive, and have a lot of scandals too… (yes, I agree that their stalker issue is in need of harsh punishment!!) It really puts into perspective how the previous generation idols were more professional…
9. [+360, -25] She should just express her hate instead of being pathetic by mocking them like this

11. [+278, -48] Yes, you do realize that 웅앵웅 is used by Megalia and Womad communities to put down men and soldiers, right? ^^ It's the same context as if a male celebrity used an Ilbe word.

12. [+252, -18] '웅앵웅' is not good for her image. It's a word that is most often connected with feminist communities… This clarification won't be good for her image this time.

13. [+230, -23] To those of you who don't understand the context of '웅앵웅', just imagine if a BTS member had used an Ilbe word

No. 71076

I think I like her now

No. 71078

>>71076 You like her because she calls Twice fancafe fans attention seekers for asking where she is? Lmao look at the upvotes, jeez Jihyo is dumb AF.

1. [+6,054, -1,746] First time seeing a girl group member use words like this to a worried fan wondering about why she wasn't on stage. And on a chatting app that fans have to pay for to be in, no less… why is she treating them like attention seekers?

2. [+3,909, -938] I never imagined she would ever say something like this.. I got goosebumps the moment I read it..

3. [+3,669, -907] If a male idol accused a fan of 'stomping around', would you call it a misunderstanding too? You wouldn't…

4. [+3,193, -736] Fine, I can give a pass on '웅애웅'… but calling your own fan an attention seeker? By someone who calls themselves the leader?

No. 71079

maybe bts haven't used that particular slang word but they (and countless other male idols) have demeaned women in their music, videos, interviews and even their actions (looking at v) so where do we go from here… good for her for doing that esp since a significant amount of twice fans seem to be creepy old men

No. 71080

good on her for not giving a fuck and saying what she wants. i'm pretty sure all her creepy incel fans who left are gonna be replaced by radfems so she wins in the end.

seems like knets forgot that bts had two albums where majority of the songs degraded women.

No. 71082

The second a female idol speaks for herself she's arrogant. You all see the writing on the wall already.
It just speaks larger to what I've been saying prior about Twice. They are going though a shift like SNSD. They cater to men in the beginning but they still have a sizeable female base that is slowly growing, taking over their uncle fanbase because they know the men will get bored since everyone ages and they don't like that (for their weird reasons), kicking them to the wayside inevitably and stanning younger groups. Female fans offer stability, no matter the gender of the group.

No. 71083

That's all it takes for you to like her? Saying one rude word? That doesn't make her brave or a feminist, she's still earning money by lipsyncing and shaking her titties on stage.

No. 71084

i'm not gonna stan her over this i just think it's better to have feminist stans than old men lmao. twice needs a shift from old fucks for stans to more women/not creepy men whether they shake their tits or not.

No. 71086

>twice needs a shift from old fucks for stans to more women/not creepy men whether they shake their tits or not.
They might need that but why should they get that or deserve that? lol Her acting rude doesn't magically make their music any less awful, there's no reason for anybody to listen to them - unless they're males who use them as their personal fap material.

No. 71087

Too bad an idol's job literally involves not throwing a bitchfit at fans whether they are incels or tween girls. She's unprofessional. If a customer service officer told you to fuck off and stop making their day worse, you'd congratulate them for having balls?

Maybe farmers here wanna see Twice be over and cheer on suicidal moves like that but if I were her groupmate I'd tell her to STFU if she wants to bitch.

No. 71088

I can kinda see it especially with all the dating scandals. it's hard to imagine them with a majority female fanbase in korea though

No. 71089

Why are you assuming the Twice fans that showed concern over where Jihyo were male instead of female?

No. 71090

To give some context: she was absent during MAMA, so naturally her fans asked what happened. She then wrote that stuff in her fancafe (fans need to pay to be allowed access) and while some men felt attacked by that word, thinking it's only used by feminists, it's actually a normal twitter slang nowadays, but of course older people don't know that.
So yeah, she was just rude to her fans. Sorry but no "feminist queen", she only made herself even more unpopular than she already was before.

No. 71091

>>71080 If someone said something rude to disrespect her, I would have given her the props for calling them out. But literally a fan asked her why she wasn’t present out of concern, and she thought that was the best possible answer? Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean that she can be rude to other people. People really be making everything about gender.

No. 71092

>out of concern
We all know fans' concerns are actually infantilizing and controlling. That's not actually nice.

Besides who gives a fuck except Twicefags ? She gives us some milk, enjoy

No. 71093

samefag but twice's fans are controlling; she has the right to call them out if she feels like it. they are annoying and disrespectful so it's fine that twice is coming back at them. not everything fans say are nice. this is better than sperging about stupid shit like haircuts and x idol's weight anyways

No. 71094

>>71092 Well, they make money off of these infantilizing fans. She wanted to sound badass but ended up losing the little fanbase she had. She was already a nugu member to begin with.

No. 71095

File: 1578242079901.jpg (52.63 KB, 906x383, BTS tags.JPG)

JYP would kick her out if that happened because radfem fans don't buy as much merch and albums as uncle fans do

BTS used to add Bigbang and 2PM tags to their videos, so that when anyone searched for those groups on YT they'd get BTS in the recommendations. Lately I've been seeing a lot of TXT popping up when I don't have any boygroups on my Youtube Kpop playlist as well, they're certainly fucking with the algorithms now

Article: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/10/netizens-get-in-a-heated-debate-after-discovering-big-bang-tags-in-btss-blood-sweat-tears-mv

No. 71098

So ? Doesn't mean they have all the rights. These fans are the worse. They think they're normal and being nice when in reality they're fucking psychos.

It was definitely a dumb move but it's refreshing to see.

No. 71099

[+909, -91] Everyone is saying that their relationship will be fine but you have to consider that Kim Heechul is at the end of his singing career and is a variety star now so his popularity won't be affected by dating. Momo, however, is still a famous idol singer. Dating will decrease her popularity and Momo will suffer bigger losses than him if they break up.

No. 71100

It's a new photo? Idk anon, i think he looks better than before

No. 71101


True that.
Are men in SK really so bad that Momo can't do any better than Heechul?

No. 71102

SK ? Most women I know date men bellow them because they're insecure.

No. 71103

>>71098 Idols are not rockstars, it's idiotic to think they are. Idols don't make a living by writing music and playing instruments, they earn money by playing up a fantasy image of being a friend, girlfriend, buddy to stans.

Being rude like Jihyo ruins that fantasy for fans who will just quit stanning. Same reason why nobody stans iljin school bullies. If Jihyo was good at writing or producing music she doesn't have to be an idol playing uo a manufactured image, she can be a rudeass solo artist who makes good songs. She has no musical talent so she has to keep her bitchy side under wraps as an idol.

No. 71104

Male idols who are Momo's age are all fuckbois who don't commit to serious relationships in their 20s because it affects their showbiz earnings as an idol? If Momo dates a non-idol it could turn out like Hara, where she gets blackmailed because of her fame.

In all the KB videos on YouTube Heechul has a ton of female fans who like how savage or flirty he is. Gross. Somehow I doubt he is serious about her.

No. 71107

south korean men are trying to say that blah blah blah is a feminazi word can they get anymore pathetic

No. 71109

Most men in this industry are fuckboys. That's not an excuse.

Media are brainwashing us since little to think that old farts are better for us. Hell no. Men are not less immature than us, they're just allowed to be.

No. 71110

File: 1578244791766.gif (3.52 MB, 508x640, ILoveAttention.gif)


Obviously the normal thing to do after tripping is to kneel and pose, and have another group member kneel. Vapid attention seekers.

No. 71111

This looks so fake as hell, how are they not embarassed…

No. 71112

Is that V's new method of stealing JK and Jin's thunder in photos?

No. 71113

File: 1578245187813.jpeg (341.89 KB, 1536x2048, 67C7D309-BBC9-4DB0-B6F8-219600…)

“Don’t ship us!”(cringe)

No. 71114

File: 1578245222456.jpeg (191.21 KB, 1074x882, 6CC1116A-0ED5-4F66-B2D7-51E085…)

No. 71115

Fuck off ratmies

No. 71117

calm down. no fangirling remember? a hate boner still having a boner. you are way to involved. sit back, relax and enjoy drama unfold.
>male idols are all fuckbois
some female ones too. a pink has a rep. smart girls.
i think heechul is serious about her, i mean…not as though he could get any better…ever (character compatibility aside). she is rich, famous and young enough to later be his nurse etc.
however, i would be surprised if a women like momo would settle for him. she can do way better -character wise at the very least.
stop watching so much tv.
look at the underdeveloped research about childrens diseases and illnesses stemming from mens part of the dna. at latest by 30 it starts going downhill.
the stuff is out there saying that older men are in no way better for procreation. rather the opposite.media is getting better at casting age appropriate actors. just dont watch those that dont.

please stop posting bts. he slipped, the cuddle. who cares. dont post irrelevant stuff like that.

No. 71118

>a pink are all fuckgirls
Give us the details anon, this is the first I've heard of this

No. 71119

This BTS member insulted fans for being shippers so I was calling out the hypocrisy and the attention seeking

No. 71121

This momo x heechul situation reminded me how of how fangirls are all garbage hypocrites.

They all roasted and hated on Moon heejun because he married a 26 year old woman when he was 39.

Yet they are all supportive of heechul who has a history of going after underage/minors and may have known Momo since she was a traine…..(ban evading ratmy)

No. 71122

And who knows about these researches exactly ? Nobody

Media are controlled by old men and they tell us the story they want to tell. I can turn off my tv, but you can't deny the influence media have on our behaviours. It seems to get better only bc more and more people can't stand these bullshit

No. 71123

I'm guessing you are the same retard from the previous thread who keeps on spamming about them.
No one cares.

That member was Taehyung. Taehyung replied to a post calling out a shipper.
Unlike you who said that it was jungkook in the previous thread LOL, when it was actually taehyung.

At least learn who is who before you act like a obsessed shipper.

No. 71124

If I were a shipper wouldn’t I know these things? Btw I have no idea who that was but it certainly wasn’t me. Either way you seem to know them better than I do

No. 71125

>garbage hypocrites
pretty much sums up the entire i-fandom, always being selective about who and what they want to "cancel"-nothing less expected from performative sjw-ism.
For heechul they think it's ok cause they know him from watching his ~savage~ clips from knowing bros, and they also think he's some feminist ally because he befriends almost every popular female idol, but the other dude is considered an ugly predator.

No. 71126

In the end all idols are the same (minus Seungri, he's even worse).
>Don't ask me why I was absent, you're so annoying! but also: Hey fans, plz buy my shit, I might be useless but semi-pretty?
>Shipping is gross, stop! but also: Laying on your bro is completely normal
They're only after your money, don't waste your time pitying them.

No. 71128

eeh, its been mentioned from a variety of sources. stalkers, industry people and acquaintances. its def not new news. the last i heard was from rich chinese girl who has industry access (cause money).she was posting on a forum. that thread has been deleted. she was spilling lots of stuff. pity.

No. 71130

Kpop is a business like any entertainment industry in the world who would have guessed?? and idols getting uncomfortable with their fans behavior from time to time also a big shocker!!!

No. 71133

…someone has never been to Japan I guess

No. 71143

File: 1578254526388.webm (1.87 MB, 480x480, blackpink.webm)

LMFAO so this clip of Rose and Jennie dancing MISERABLY out of sync and being general flops is going viral on instagram

it's from their latest Japan concert and apparently J-netz are furious lmaoooooo

Also ig blinks are SEETHING in the comment section… pathetic


No. 71146

That's weak. Can't they at least pretend that they care? If I would make 1% of the money they make I would put more effort in the performace. But they are spoiled rich girls and so don't give af.

No. 71147

Kek >>71143 why did they decide to become idols anyway?They never seem to give a fuck bout performing.

Their families are loaded,so it's not like they were desperate enough in hopes of money.

No. 71148

Jeeez even the background dancer is putting in more effort

No. 71149

Can’t they just become socialites already? So Jennie could thirst post and party in LA in peace

No. 71151

Because being and idol is a trend and all rich kids want to be idols. Look at itzy. The girls are below average in everything aside from dancing maybe and all debuted as idols. The last time idols debuted because of talent was 2nd gen and beginning of 3rd gen.

No. 71152

they just want the attention their rich parents never gave them

No. 71153

Their families should've invested in proper education instead.

Imagine coming from a rich family and being able to live a life of luxury and freedom yet still deciding to become an idol just to be someone's puppet.Sry but I really don't pity them.

No. 71154

File: 1578260713913.gif (7.65 MB, 480x480, 57F885AC-73EE-42E2-9E1C-70E6E5…)


gif’d it for when it gets deleted like the lazy jennie videos kek

No. 71156

Same. Imo it's just shitty that they take away the opportunities from poor idols to debut. Rich kids don't need to be idols but for poor idols it could be free from the poor lifestyle. And delusional idiots think that bp or itzy or the most twice members debuted because they have talent. I can bet my left arm that there were more talented idols they just weren't as rich as jennie or lia.

No. 71160

Truer words have never been spoken. Seriously, the quality of idols nowadays is appalling—Blonkpink, Twice, most rookie groups (especially TXT, milking Bighit’s name like no other), the list goes on. There’s been an obvious decrease in talent over the past years, only more obvious when you compare them to older-gen idols.

No. 71161

File: 1578264622059.jpeg (178.82 KB, 641x727, FF3D97AC-4062-454C-A3A9-AFFF56…)

I get that they’re deranged fans, but I don’t understand how some Ratmys are actually surprised whenever BTS does something simple, like…wow, someone on their team put THOUGHT into the stage design? They’re literally worshipping them over the weakest attempt at creativity I’ve ever seen

No. 71163

The low quality in idols is also the reason why the music is low quality. The itzy girls, bp and text can't sing for shit so the producers have to put lots of autotune and lots of effects in the songs so that no can hear their crappy vocals. Icy was the worst kpop song I ever heard in my life and the girls have so unbearable voices. I miss the times where idols could sing and weren't just a group of background dancers trying to sing.

No. 71165

That's an awful take lmao even groups with competent vocalists have shit music these days. Companies are aware that stupid kpoppies will eat up whatever shitty noise music they put out so that's what they give them. It doesn't need to be good to make a profit (and never did despite what you gen twoomers think. most of the music was shit back then too.)

Loona have some of the best kpop group music there is and none of them are particularly talented or "higher quality" than the other gen 4 idols.

No. 71166

Yeah but Loona have few great vocalists to carry the group (ex. Chuu, Heejin, Kimlip). It’d be stupid to make a 12 member group and no one was genuinely talented. They’re basically like Exo.

Anyways, nepotism is so fucking rampant in many entertainment industries so I’m not surprised Kpop is choosing rich members who’s parents can pay for basically everything and all the company has to do is give them a name. Those poor idols will have a very slim chance of making it because everything in the industry is about money and connections.

No. 71167

>Chuu, Heejin, Kimlip
>great vocalists
>comperable to exo
Found the orbit

No. 71168

being able to hold a note = great vocalist now it seems. as if that shouldn't be the bare minimum in all cases lmao

No. 71169

>wait… so they performed a song about Rome and put the Colosseum in the stage design… OMG

No. 71170

loona is a group carried primarily by music production and gimmicks. none of the girls are particularly talented in singing or dancing. their songs are pleasant to listen to, but orbit's delude themselves into thinking it's all the merit of the members and (((talent))), when really it's all just a combination of style over substance, decent producers, and money.

No. 71171

you can have great songs without vocalwank

No. 71178

>The standard trainee contract regulation that was enacted in September ensures that a trainee’s contract period does not exceed three years, making it easier for them to debut or move to another agency. In addition, the agency will be responsible for all expenses related to the trainee’s training and instruction. In exchange, trainees must faithfully take part in the training provided by the agency and must not engage in behavior that can be legally or socially problematic.


No. 71182

Will that work in practice though? hmmm

No. 71183

Lmao orbit while I don't agree with what that anon said either and see your point, the original argument was that idols of this generation are overall far less talented than idols of older generations, not about the quality of the music. Loona's an example of a group with very little talent and stage presence. Has nothing to do with being whatever the fuck a "gen twoomer" is.

No. 71184

I'm also >>71167

>the original argument was that idols of this generation are overall far less talented than idols of older generations, not about the quality of the music

…The anon I replied to said the quality of the music is worse now because idols are less talented, and neither of those things are true. You gen twoomers put early gens of kpop (specifically the 2nd gen) on a pedestal when nothing about them was actually any better than current gen. Take off the nostalgia goggles pls.

No. 71185

I still hate I Got A Boy/SM for causing all these shitty disjointed kpop songs.

Some older kpop is shit but SNSD/SHINee/2NE1 were easily more talented than Twice/BTS/Blackpink. Nepotism was less rampant too, every idol nowadays “coincidentally” has disturbingly rich parents

No. 71193

File: 1578277160992.jpg (309.1 KB, 540x810, Bzkg5Xb.jpg)

No. 71196

Name a single current gen group that can measure up to TVXQ or Shinee.

No. 71197

you can actually hear the difference between the backing track and their actual voice. no need for mr removed, it's all there. was never a cassie but this is pretty impressive.

No. 71199

literally. you don't even need to like second gen idols to hear and see the difference in vocals and dance. even second gen chaebols put in some effort.

No. 71200

wow i've never seen a kpop group where all the members actually look the same. except for the middle one in the front row i don't know how anyone would be able to tell them apart. also 12 members is way too many. i bet only 2 of them will know how to sing anyway.

No. 71202

The middle one if Im not wrong is this kid, he doesnt need plastic surgery because he can sing.

No. 71204

Puberty didn't work wonders so Yedam is debuting in a group because he's not attractive enough to go solo by Kpop standards (Lookist SK doesnt embrace Ed Sheeran level soloists looks-wise)

No. 71206

Amen, everyone in TVXQ sang. The assigned roles thing these days just draws attention to the fact that they are all at best mediocre. Now being 'main whatever' just means you're the least terrible at it.

No. 71208

TXT has no assigned roles, they all suck and are autoned as hell. BTS has at least decent rappers even if their vocals are weak.

No. 71210

Not really familiar with this guy but he's not particularly ugly–especially compared to the likes of K.Will and Daesung, who've managed to successfully release solo tracks in the past despite being less attractive. Guessing Korean beauty standards have become even harsher.

No. 71211

It's so hilarious to see people comparing western artists with kpop idols. More than half of these kpop idols wouldn't even be allowed to give audition with their non-existent amount of skills in the west. The only reason kpop idols are able to survive, is by selling themselves as this fantasy boyfriend and girlfriend to their fans. Scratch that shit, and they would barely survive at all.

No. 71212

I can agree that this goes for 97% of K-pop groups, but I'd say Mamamoo and BEG have managed to not rely on that girlfriend/boyfriend gimmick. To be fair, most of the members in each group can hold a note though.

No. 71214

Kek you literally took that moment to call Loona’s discography, specifically, “some of the best there is.” Is that not orbit behavior?
Also, since this is an interesting conversation, what popular groups from the current generation do you think are at par with groups of the past? Because I don’t see how you can make such an argument when most groups today are assembled just for looks or use their money to buy their way into the industry. Just look at every single rookie group that’s come out in the past few years.

No. 71216

File: 1578294810771.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1232, BCEC4DB5-FB42-4479-855F-85E6C4…)

Lisa has the least amount of ass I’ve ever seen yet they still make her twerk

No. 71218

late reply but they could've potentially met through friends. afaik kiseop was on the ulzzang scene during the same period wonho and jung da eun were which makes them all like a degree of separation away from each other so they're bound to have mutual friends/acquaintances.

No. 71220

You also sound like an older generation stan.

No. 71221

nta but you can be a fan of something and still have opinions grounded in reality and observation. i'd hope some of the fans itt are able to see outside of themselves, take off the stan googles, and look objectively at the groups they like.
i don't know how you expect anyone to take you seriously when your put loona on a pedestal, honestly.

No. 71222

Plenty of Western pop stars have no talent at all and yet they are more successful than any Korean artist will ever be.

No. 71224

>>71222 Most untalented singers in the western industry can at least compose half decent songs and build their career, and doesn't have to lip sync 90% of the time, unlike most k-idols.

No. 71225

I always thought that this part of the choreography is stupid

No. 71226

File: 1578301296618.jpg (66.11 KB, 550x958, unnamed.jpg)

idk about you guys but I was so shocked to learn Krystal was not "naturally skinny" unlike Jessica. It's pretty conserning knowing that she's been fainting on stage for all these years and her fans just saw it as a quirk she had jfc

No. 71227

>can at least compose half decent songs
Like Gomez, Cabello and Eilish, right?

No. 71228

>>71193 So grotty for Treasure concept, their shoes are dirty. YG really has no money left even for a photoshoot.

No. 71229

the chorus is also so blatantly offensive given they are attempting what seems to be a rain dance lmao… i guess korea barely cares about issues affecting black people i don't see why they would care about native americans.
hasn't it been over a year since their survival show? honestly yg artists deserve props for being able to have hits despite the woeful management that goes on in that company

No. 71230

beauty standards for idols are insane… i was surprised to see that people call joy fat but i'm glad she hasn't tried to slim down unnecessarily

No. 71231

Nta and yeah the first two are shitty but what's wrong with billie? she's good

No. 71232

File: 1578305552957.jpeg (321.78 KB, 1080x2340, 33FB75AA-AE25-45F4-AEF9-8ED8CE…)


No. 71233

Tvxq is an outlier but shinee was never that good and now that jonghyun is gone…

>Is that not orbit behavior?
No, actually. Everyone whos listened to it knows that, it's true.

No. 71234

rip in piss

No. 71235


There's been talk that her brother writes the songs and lets her take credit, but that's just rumours

It's so funny whenever any of the BP girls try to be sexy kek. Go ahead and make those hip pads rattle!

No. 71236

fans will be pissed but this is probably better for the guys individually; imagine being stuck in a shitty contract for 5 years and ppl hating you

No. 71238

Billie is musically clueless, her brother produces all her music.

No. 71239

It's extremely uncomfortable to watch… Nothing is sexy about Lisa. The outfit is also horrible. I don't know how can their fans hype this shit.

No. 71240

Same. I can't see how blinks think she looks good. She looks like an elbow gyrating on stage. Maybe it'd be different if she had some muscle or better dancing skills but she has neither

No. 71241

just compare Shinee's debut stage to that crappy TXT cover

No. 71242

yes, idols used to sing live, is that your point?

No. 71249

People were having such serious discussions regarding the sexualization of minors in kpop, but nobody seems to genuinely give a flying fuck about ITZY and it's underage members having to twerk in their choreos. Whatta surprise.

No. 71250

if you mean itt then there was a discussion just when they debuted

but yea there's a disturbing pattern with jyp and underaged girls, how long until he gets the "me too" treatment? at their age ITZY members probably don't even fully understand how sick their situation is. I'm surprised they're being exploited like this when their parents are all supposedly rich, do they just not care what their children are doing?

No. 71251

File: 1578319722834.jpeg (344.9 KB, 1536x2048, ENakDBYUUAE60SL.jpeg)


No. 71253

>>71250 The first time I watched their debut MV, I wtfed the whole way, even more so when I came to knew Yuna was literally just 15 for god fucking sake.

No. 71254

Lowkey why the store fake look better tho…..

No. 71255

File: 1578322191062.png (3.01 MB, 1440x2016, Capture _2020-01-06-22-43-12~2…)

Junglebook wants a nose ring like Han Ye Seul next, kek how transparent

No. 71257

Amazing. Now rats can finger themselves.

No. 71258

their mistake was not making it more expensive for retards to buy lmao
rip in piss
People were going crazy abour her, just because she was the youngest. It was pretty disturbing.
top kek

No. 71259

"Powiedzcie,że to kurwa żart"
lmao nope

No. 71263

File: 1578329970285.jpg (389.54 KB, 1440x2231, IMG_20200106_175652.jpg)


Uncle fans rejoice.

No. 71265

File: 1578332590556.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3072x3072, 582F8155-6CF8-4B91-BD8D-7BE97A…)

No. 71266

I can see how there's a demand for them to cb, since they've been around longer than txt but stiil, I would rather them disband than keep pleasuring the ped0s

No. 71267


when it comes out that he’s participated in serious pedo/rapey shit like all the other creeps in the kpop industry the same idiots in the comments will be screeching “we had no idea! he was so nice! you can never tell how a person really is!”

the oldest member of that group is what, 19? how long until he’s on a variety show talking about how he has an uwu cwush on yuna i wonder kek

No. 71268

File: 1578334200306.jpeg (72.77 KB, 1024x669, 1B31F8B1-4B54-4000-B67F-D76E91…)

JYP is a damn pedo. He’s been sexualizing his idols for 10+ years. Sohee and Hyuna were 14 in this picture and JYP still gave WG a sexy schoolgirl concept.

No. 71269

File: 1578335492183.png (699.29 KB, 1136x640, 2C6256EF-6BC2-490D-9CEA-7C47CD…)

this is a JYP special

No. 71273

I love how the comments refer to him as a 'dad' watching his kids with joy kek

Is Heechul a creep? Maybe, maybe not, but given the industry and the shit that blew up this past year, it wouldn't be a surprise if he was that and unfortunately much more.

No. 71275

>Just look at every single rookie group that’s come out in the past few years.
Pinkfantasy Yechan is pretty good, not sure if she counts since they are turbonugus.

No. 71276

She's an industry plant and has as much artistic integrity as Blackpink
I was watching that RV video someone posted and I think her body looks good. Talentless as she is, I'm glad she hasn't gone to the extremes.

No. 71277

There was this clip of Gfriend going to a fan's bedroom and joking about masturbation.

No. 71279

Ofc, they know. That's one of the reasons why they want to be idols. I find it utterly funny when people think they're innocent and shit. Heck, before them becoming ones, they were fetishizing their seniors.
Idk why many can't accept that once you hit puberty sexual desire becomes one of the main thing they dream about. So I wouldn't be surprised if some of them secretly like ahjussis perving after them.

No. 71281

can you link it?

No. 71283

No. 71284

File: 1578345077423.png (1.84 MB, 2048x1075, PicsArt_01-06-10.10.22.png)

jihyo wrote a letter apologizing to fans after she got backlash after her rude response to their concern the other day. thoughts?

No. 71286

She should have not made the apology. And ignored them, but JYP probably forced her. I also found out that the comment was made during a vlive event and she said it in a sarcastic matter / towards antis lurking. So it was basically taken out of context.

But it doesn't matter anyway, she's now seen as the "trouble maker" in the group when other idols (especially male) had said and done similar things / worse. Welp. Sucks to suck.

And now people are calling her a feminist for saying "mumbling around" in korean because apparently that's a Megalia /Korean radfem word. That's what made this a bigger deal than usual. Pathetic.

No. 71289

File: 1578348391480.jpg (533.29 KB, 1376x936, Untitled.jpg)


Twice PR in full force - Momo has also written one apologizing for dating a crusty old idol instead of a crusty old uncle fan

No. 71291

idols with uncle fans: company goes full PR mode to soothe their egos
idols with femcel fans: stans do the company's PR + propaganda for free

No. 71293

Tbh, if the downsides of your job taking over the upsides, than you should quit.
Basically what Mina does, I guess. Or is she by now promoting with the group again…? I lose track.

No. 71306

Why are lolfarmers trying to talk up femcel fans like that psycho sasaeng Jinnabit who turned on Sulli and started to follow Wonyoung? You realize theyre just as crazed or worse as the uncle fans right?

Femcel fans and sasaengs do 99% of the stalking and selling of classified info like flight details or home addresses and numbers. They cause car accidents (a few EXO members), hound out married idols to quit the group, hide in hotel rooms or sell compromising photos to Dispatch.

Truth is thst most female fans don't stan 1 girl group exclusively and will support any girl crush idols but the femcel ones are toxic as fuck, Jinnabit closed her fansite and acted like Sulli betrayed her for dating Choiza.

No. 71311

It's been brought up numerous times, along with jyp's creepiness and apparent immunity to criticism, and…actually, most of the topics regularly brought up here by newfags. If you're this unwilling to do a search and try to integrate, you can cool it with the fake outrage. Nobody's giving that itzy dance a pass, they even modified it after debut.

Is there a small grace period while we decide what exactly constitutes nitpicking within the culture of kpc? >>70865 & >>71055 & >>71113 are all quality posts because…well I would elaborate but we can't discuss facial expressions, angles or bodies right?

No. 71312

Samefag, is it against the rules to point out Yuqi's put on weight? It's relevant because of "we stan a thicc kween" culture on twitter, also this vid is worth watching for anyone who wants to see how right after Soyeon ends her rap with the "I'm a queen!" the camera guy zooms in tight on Chungha in the audience…topkek

No. 71315

File: 1578360801375.png (198.17 KB, 1198x1056, he said literally who.png)

I didn't know it was possible to make a group look like a bunch of nct rejects.
this doesn't even sound like she's addressing her dating because she's talking about something completely different lol
also Kiseop responded to the accusations on Twitter (the deleted tweet I think was the original accusation tweet)

No. 71316

random thought but i've recently been wondering why Blackpink is SO anorexic??? Like even compared to Twice, Itzy, Izone etc. they're skeletal and way skinnier than other idols

Also I get the vibe that Rose is super bitter and jealous of Jennie lol

No. 71317

Every thread wonders the same thing about bp’s anachanness

No. 71318

she had a right to be in a bitch mood, twice have been overworked and dealing with a lot of shit, she shouldn't have apologized for it

there's a point when even idols gotta drop the facade and get fucking fed up

No. 71319

File: 1578363775876.jpg (101.15 KB, 812x1024, 506bdec050fc80d8b5db585e78c332…)

she was pretty thin before so it's good that she gained weight.

No. 71320

rose is the most ignored member of blackpink and jennie gets treated like a queen so of course she is jealous. also rose has weird proportions (big head, long torso, long arms) that really accentuates her thinness.

No. 71323

imo jisoo is the most ignored. rose has that underdog/dark horse etc. image that still attracts fans so it only appears like she's ignored.

No. 71324

File: 1578364678017.jpg (62.38 KB, 480x571, LTPe01O.jpg)


Jihyo snapped, but she kinda chose to it's not like Tzuyu with the whole Taiwan flag issue.

The thing with being in a group is that if you throw a fit, it affects other members too. Jihyo has to grow up and deal with it better, everyone works in a team in real life, you don't get to earn millions at 20 years old without ignoring some jabs. I feel bad for the others because it's definitely a situation they don't want and can't control, just like Pentagon after Edawn left or Crayon Pop after Soyul quit.

Idol careers are shit yet pay well precisely because they rely on fickle public opinion, sell sex appeal as teens, and are doomed if any members leave or any scandal taints the opinion their teenage fans have of them. Inetz can rant 24/7 about minors dancing sexily or incel fans but most idols chose to become an idol and not an indie singer or actor because they wanna milk money by appealing sexually to such stans. Idols know the game.

No. 71326

out of all the twice members jihyo is the last one i'd expect to randomly go off on a fan like this. she always has seemed like the most try hard and overly friendly member of twice.

No. 71327

No she wasn't, amerifat. Geez all the weight sperging in here is the worst.

No. 71328

File: 1578367030365.gif (4.11 MB, 317x320, Cringe.gif)

>>71326 Tryhard? That's definitely Nayeon who acts like a doofus and aegyos by herself during fansigns to amuse fans. There's a famous Jihyo gif where she looks like she wants to hurl when a fan tries to link fingers, everyone in SK has seen it kek. Idols are one step above Disney/kid's channels TV hosts in SK, their main audience are tweens and teen boys and girls so they are expected to treat their fans with kids' gloves and not hurt their feefees. My own niece is a BP and Twice fan and copies their dances so the whole idea of JYP sexualising Itzy is silly if you realize even 9-10year olds watch Twice, Itzy, AOA etc and mimics their moves. The reason why companies dont want them to date is also because 10-21 year olds (70% of idol fandom) hate the idea of their idol not being a fantasy bf/gf until those tweens grow up and date themselves.

No. 71329

lol what do you mean "looks like she wants to hurl"? she keeps smiling the whole time i don't see any trace of disgust on her face.

No. 71331

>>71273 A Korean cultural quirk 101 Inetz don't get in why older male idol date younger idols is, in SK men who haven't served 2 years of military are seen as immature boys who aren't real marriage material.

Male idols and celebs put off military until age 30, but most men serve after high school and everyone in SK knows 2 years of army are a BIG relationship hurdle many couples break up over. Usually 19 year old high school couples break up when the guy goes to serve because they only meet during weekends. The girl gets lonely and has new suitors, or moves away to enter university and drifts apart. No woman thinks it's a good idea to seriously date a Korean guy who hasn't served his 2 years, because there'll come a time he's basically earning peanuts and unable to see you all week.

If you date a male celeb under 30 who hasn't served, you're taking a huge risk since you'll most likely breakup unless you marry before he conscripts like Taeyang or Sungmin, even then it's a big burden to see your bf once a week only.

Korean parents encourage their daughters to date men who have served because they're more stable and able to commit to a serious relationship without making his gf wait 2 years, all the teen couples around me who were deeply in love broke up when the man went to the army (they famously visit masseuse and escorts) while the girl goes off to study in college.

No. 71336

Samefag but the reason why army is hard for couples is distance (your posting may be near the NK border or with the navy and far from where your gf lives), danger (there's a risk invovled and Korean parents think a guy who hasn't served may get injured and dont want their daughter to marry someone who hasnt served) or moodiness (most guys find service super tough, isolating and get depressed whenever they have to go back after a weekend, my own brothers were like that and it's hard for gfs to deal with it).

No. 71337

File: 1578369479453.jpg (405.56 KB, 1364x2048, indianjihyoimnida.jpg)

Can you guys please do a search and try to integrate? And learn to sage? This is why the thread can't improve, every five days you're rehashing the same tired old shit

What makes you think people in South Korea care about Native Americans? You think Korean schoolchildren learn about the U.S. in history class?

Jihyo was slammed a few yrs ago for dressing as a Native American, like she's supposed to learn the entire history of every single country so as to never offend anyone as an idol? Sarcastic tinfoil: no wonder idols' performance abilities and stage presence have been going downhill so steadily since the start of 3rd gen, it's more important to fans that idols act and speak completely perfectly and inoffensively because that's more important to sjw snowflakes than actual, you know, entertainment (which is, first and foremost, your idol's actual job)

Obviously im exaggerating but it wouldn't surprise me if taking on the huge stress of managing fans' feelings and seeming "woke" have taken over actual singing and dancing as the most valuable idol traits. JYP himself speaks often about personality>talent and i get what he means…a ton of stuff fits under this category but today more than ever it is more important that idols be malleable for this social skills type training and be willing to learn to "play the game"

I don't care much for Jihyo or JYPE but I'm glad she didn't have to apologize for this, she meant no harm, it was Halloween and it's not her job to memorize the entire western world's agenda and ideology just to be a singer in an idol group(race derailing)

No. 71338

Similar to the anon that is always criticizing (G)I-dle for "ethnic hip" when musicians have borrowed sounds and instruments and styles from other cultures since forever yet did not get that kind of flack. Soyeon can be obnoxious, but that's different from being somehow offensive by being creatively inspired by other cultures.

No. 71339

You sound exactly like all the kpopfags who use "they're Korean, they don't know any better!" to excuse racist behavior from their faves. You realize Koreans have internet, right? And yes they do teach world history in Korean schools, if you can believe it. Just because Asians don't understand the detailed intricacies of racism like Americans do doesn't mean they're completely braindead. Parasite is the biggest Korean movie of all time and one of its minor themes is the rich family appropriating Native American culture for their own amusement, and how that mindset ties into class oppression. If 50 year old Bong Joon Ho understands why it's wrong to dress up as a Native American for fun, what's stopping 22 year old Jihyo or her manager or her stylist from educating themselves? I won't derail with any more race talk but tbh you sound even more dumb and whiny than the SJW snowflakes you're lamenting about.

No. 71340

You fags say this shit then turn around and ree about kpop being nothing but recycled western pop two seconds later. It's umu cultural appropriation until black people are the ones being stolen from, then its fine and niggers need to stop being touchy sjws.

No. 71344

>>71339 Americans have internet but many believe America is "spreading democracy" and not inflicting state terrorism on innocent civilians by bombing Korea (a country split apart by US vs USSR proxy wars), dropping Agent Orange or Napalm on Vietnam to stop the spread of communism, or Middle East for oil. Nevermind the US topplies Russian-allied elected leader and supports anti-democratic dictators like Park Chung Hee or Iran's Shah because they are US allies. Why is that?

Why can't Americans not sperg about spreading democracy (they just wanna take down Russia and bomb its allies) or cultural appropriation when their country does actual racist acts like interning Japanese Americans in concentration camps after Pearl Harbour or detaining non whites like Iranians or Mexicans at the border?

Nobody in Europe or Asia cares about blackface or cultural appropriation because it's a waste of time to be outraged by silly costumes. Maybe 1 person out of 100000 dances a raindance or wears a Red Indian costume, and nobody minds if they arent shitting on that culture ? When white people wear kimonos and geisha makeup, hanbok or cosplay Anime, is it cultural appropriation? Even if it is, most Asians and Europeans are not offended because their societies are not migrant heavy and there were never any native Americans in Europe or Asia who told people it hurt their feelings. How are they supposed to know?

Wanting foreigners to go online and copy American reactions to cultural appropriation is obnoxiously self important, why should the American way of behaving be the world standard? Because it's a big country? Should foreigners copy Chinese tourist behavior? The US should sort real problems like Native American poverty and racism instead of sperging over cultural appropriation.(derailing)

No. 71345

File: 1578375005597.jpg (87.74 KB, 550x681, 29409579177.jpg)

Does anyone realize that she went off on an anti that was harassing other members the day prior?
see >>71286 and https://twitter.com/KnetTranslate

It's been taken out of context. She wasn't doing it to a fan she was doing it because haters have been in previous member's streams trolling.

Everything has been taken out of context. It's not even that she was rude to a fan, there is nothing there other than the blahblahblah word = feminist bullshit

Netizenbuzz translating the bad comments to make it worse, as usual.

No. 71349

>>one of its minor themes is the rich family appropriating Native American culture for their own amusement, and how that mindset ties into class oppression

I didn't think much of that scene at all. Do enlightened Americans think it's cultural appropriation when they weeb out on anime or think California rolls are sushi, afterall the US nuclear bombed Japan and killed millions of innocents and military bases in Okinawa are deeply unpopular among locals who want their land back?

South Park parodied Pokemon and Family guy shat on Kpop, how come no one in SK cries cultural appropriation?

Is it cultural appropriation for US to talk about human rights, a concept that originated in Babylon aka modern Iraq while bombing the country to dust and killing hundred of thousands of innocents over nuclear weapons that don't exist?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 71350

>Tryhard? That's definitely Nayeon
Nayeon might be the most fan friendly. Sana is very popular but I think deep inside she thinks her fans are garbage. Mina and Jeongyeon look like they hate everything about being an idol.

No. 71351

>>71349 Did anyone ever call out that Family Guy episode for being racist? The amount of Asian stereotypes it it are way worse than cultural appropriation, it's straight up racist (Korea rhymes with gonorrhea, everything is nonsense, everyone eats dog and is emotionless with a psychopath haircut) but people are losing their shit over BP's raindance or Soyeon's makeup.(derailing)

No. 71352

Bigshit are fighting over the BTS trademark with a Samsung subsidiary. Wew.

No. 71354

File: 1578381905297.png (423.28 KB, 568x480, mmld.png)

MOMOLAND Daisy told KBS that 'Survival MOMOLAND' was rigged and she was told she was going to join the group before the final episode


No. 71356

File: 1578383225522.jpg (1.77 MB, 1333x2000, IMG_20200106_223525.jpg)

Wtf ..and I mean what the FUCK happened to Suga. He in by no means is fat or overweight at all, but his jaw shave has made his face look like a shapeless blob. I genuinely dont understand why he did this to himself. He straight up looks horrifying

No. 71358

explains how she got in with that face kek

No. 71359

You know people can fake smile right? See her body language instead, she doesn't even want to hold hands with him, she's obviously repulsed. Why are kpopfags so gullible?

No. 71366

Are the people on that article that triggered over alleged feminist terminology because they're mostly male fans afraid that their fantasy gfs might sympathize with evil feminists or what? I will never understand this outrage over being associated with feminism.

No. 71367

Those communities are female versions of Ilbe. Jun Hyosung was also criticised for using Ilbe slang before.

No. 71368

and to think all they really had to do to keep their little rigging secret is allow her to date her bf… kpop companies are beyond incompetent, i dont know why i keep getting surprised by their clownery

No. 71369

systematically enforced beauty standards are a helluva drug my friend

No. 71374




Jihyo's kerfuffle will pass. Hyosung got it worse for saying "Secret don't force democracy on esch other and respect individuality" 민주화시키지 않아요 because only dictatorship-loving Ilbe users refer to democratization as a negative occurrence.

No. 71381

File: 1578404002026.jpg (1.44 MB, 846x1269, hB6B988.jpg)

No. 71382

I'm proud she had the courage to come out like this.
Damn isn't Momoland under MNET? Fuck good luck on the lawsuit girl These networking companies are something else.
That's like being called an alt-righter for saying "soyboi" or a e-thot for saying "incel" Those terms are common now, so it's really not a big deal. Even worse that "blahblahblah" is too general to be even seen like that. It's not like she said a slur jfc. If radfems said "I hate cake" and Jihyo says in a conversation "I hate cake" you retards will say she's megalia.
Also, nice try saying those are female versions of "Ilbe".
For those that don't know "Ilbe" is Korean 4chan, so you can expect what kind of shit men say on there.
WOMAD/Megalia are feminist communities.
They are not the equivalent. I know lots of i-nets want to copy what faceless Korean-speaking avatars say but you have to think of why they are doing that. Ilbe posters have been caught before pretending to be women on sites like Naver to change the demographics on article. We see it here to in America (ie. reddit).
I hope, she's dealt with a lot of shit this past year form those same men implicating her being one of the idols involved in the Burning Sun sex exploitation ring, stalkers, etc. so I understand the stress she feels as a leader. And in the letter to her fans, she mentioned being on medication (referring to her mental health) so I wish her the best.

No. 71383

I wonder what upset her so much to actually talk about this…her company must've treated her like shit or something

No. 71384

Momoland Daisy reveals that MLD Entertainment prevented her from returning to promotions + asked her to pay 1.1 billion won when she requested to terminate her contract.

No. 71385

So the company asked all trainees to pay $60k to even participate in the show, and another $1m USD for Daisy to terminate the contract?

Jesus that's some STEEP debt at such a young age. They could have 5 Bboom Bbooms in a row and that probably still wouldn't be enough to pay it all back

No. 71386

Always had the feeling her company styled her to look as hideous as possible during promotions… guess I was right. She looks great here.

No. 71396

It's interesting that X1 has to disband while izone can stay. Seems like female fans are less forgiving than males.

>nose ring
"BTS baby cow"-enthusiasts would be overjoyed… Of course stans deny that, but it's much more likely that they were making fun of her.

>she was told she was going to join the group before the final episode
Lmao and why would they do that? She's neither talented nor beautiful, she obviously must've left out the part there her mommy and daddy bribed them to favor her over other girls.

No. 71397

agreed. i barely recognized her

vid related posted a few threads back, nayeon's fan friendly to all the fanboys until this foreign female fan showed up. i can see why they gave her weird looks tho, apart from momo and jihyo

No. 71398

It's easier for X1 members/agencies to pull out since they hadn't signed a contract with CJ Enm yet.

No. 71399

File: 1578417841404.png (271.9 KB, 601x344, 1562800507212.png)

>apart from Jihyo
Watch the other fanmeet video, kek

No. 71400

>>71399 She trained the longest in JYP and yet she isn't popular among Onces, Jihyo must feel bitter.

Plus nobody knows if she was forced to train by her parents.

No. 71401

kek, I watched it and now it seems to be the other way around. Just goes to show how much acting they do and how gullible their fans are.

No. 71402

I somewhat doubt he was making fun of her bc why mock someone for having a simple nose ring but be "friends" with tattooer rennis who had a much more extreme look?

No. 71403

>“Before I say anything else, first of all, I think I should mention that I’m very sorry to the fans. I still feel guilty about it. To be honest, I thought, can I really laugh and joke around here?”
Why is that breaking their heart? What kind of half assed apology is that? Other idols make handwritten letters, while he's out there getting praise for something so vague. Plus he didn't deny dating her either.

No. 71405

yea what exactly does he feel guilty about? that he had a girlfriend? that he got caught? that the fans got their panties in a twist about fake rumors and theyre just friends? he really couldnt have been more vague about what he was apologizing for. the way he said it makes it seem like hes apologizing for dating, which goes directly against the statement bighit released. this can literally be interpreted so many ways kek

No. 71407

meh, the fact that idols have to apologise for dating rumours in the first place is fucked up. he shouldn't be sorry for… just living his life? like a normal human being? if anything the fans should apologise to him because they were invading his privacy and harassing him for simply having a gf.

but that's kpop for you. the fans are so detached from reality they think this kind of shit is completely normal.

No. 71409

nta but agree 100%. its fucked up he even has to hide it let alone apologize, but if youre even gonna bring it up… why not make it absolutely clear wtf youre talking about? could have just as easily not brought it up at all and nobody would have mentioned it again because thats just how armys move.

No. 71412

>Seems like female fans are less forgiving than males.
There were way more x1 fans begging for them to stay than izone stans begging for izone to stay what are you talking about. The members of x1 wanted to disband as did their companies.

No. 71413

The whole Daisy thing is funny for me because… well what did she really expect? There’s no way they would let anyone compete without making some cash first, and even then the fact that they cut her for the group doesn’t seem to be that unfair. Assuming they saw she would do well or attract a certain audience, that’s all they needed and she had already paid to essentially debut.

She probably released the whole thing because of the way she was treated which is defensively shit and she must have some rich parents to not fear being sued.

No. 71414

File: 1578433163178.png (6.62 MB, 1242x2208, E89C3F2F-2C7A-40E0-B5DB-5DF50D…)

Remember when Dean used to look cute and not like a troon who didn’t shave(nitpick)

No. 71416

He had a lot of ps done before his debut (double eyelid surgery, nose job, etc). The "cute" version of him isn't even his real face

No. 71422

lol ummm what..? korea isn't this tiny uwu microcosm that has no idea about the outside world. they are taught world history. most people in europe still don't have sensitivity over native americans, its nothing to do with what we're learning in schools, its just ignorance.(stop race derailing)

No. 71427

File: 1578439013015.jpg (186.44 KB, 720x1129, ENtsTDdU4AIrBtI.jpg)

LOONA's Haseul was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. She's not a very popular member as far as I know but i'm wondering where this will lead the group, since their entire concept is the 12 of them.

No. 71428

samefag, here's the link for the translation:
https://twitter.com/orrery_nim/status/1214683614643769344(this is an imageboard)

No. 71429

insensitive tinfoil - this is partially an excuse to push # back even further and/or save money they would've had to spend on her individual teaser.

Mina's anxiety I understand but loona never do anything… Hmm…

No. 71433

Tbh the girl in the video is a sasaeng who follows them everywhere, I don't blame Jihyo for glancing at her like that kek

No. 71434

if i remember correctly, she was on an extended break last year after a death in the family. usually companies don’t give several month long breaks for that kind of stuff so maybe she was already dealing with that in the background? i think she got veneers while on that hiatus too, but i don’t think that requires a long period of bed rest lmao.

No. 71436

File: 1578452016338.jpg (96.14 KB, 634x635, UBvrdcc.jpg)

No. 71437

File: 1578452205505.jpg (72.58 KB, 634x519, Lx4sQ92.jpg)

No. 71438

File: 1578452632243.gif (868.95 KB, 500x210, Taemin.gif)

>>71436 Oli London's surgeons probs referred to a Taemin photo by mistake when cutting him up

No. 71439

Early thread pic nomination

No. 71440

Do you guys think he is really a nutjob or just doing this all for attention? Both maybe?

No. 71441

i’d guess body dysmorphia + narcissism considering his reality tv show stints and music career

No. 71442

File: 1578457730172.png (2.52 MB, 1029x2573, Oli.png)

>>71441 Is he rich, why do they let a crazy nutjob appear on TV?

No. 71443

Yeah, he’s had multiple surgery’s and wears designer clothes. He’s loaded probably. Doesn’t seem to have a job tho. Probably family’s money. I wonder if they’re proud of the way he’s spending his trust fund

No. 71446

I cant stand this psycho. I dont think anyone should give him attention tbh

No. 71452

Until 2018 he spent 💲100,000 for all the surgeries he had done. Pretty sure the guy is loaded. Most likely it's his parents' money.

No. 71464

It's good that they take that opportunity away. Rich idols can fall back on their rich families when things undoubtedly go wrong because being an idol is horrible, whereas poor idols seem much more likely to be forced to stay in the industry and do things that they don't want to.

No. 71465

File: 1578476408839.gif (517.62 KB, 278x245, 움짤2 (1).gif)

I just came across this and just, this is some next level cringy shit. blerg.

No. 71471

who is this

No. 71473

No. 71474

File: 1578481828314.jpeg (397.27 KB, 828x1087, 475FC7D8-D004-455C-9783-39FF94…)

rats are now attacking a chinese former exo member for daring to be offended when someone called him a bts member. and pointing out the fact that they weren’t near exo’s popularity back when he was in exo. lol.

racism towards asians is a-okay when it’s directed towards anyone who isn’t btshit.

No. 71475

Coming from an exol Tao honestly deserved to get shit on for that, he didn't have to be so rude about it. And I don't think that was racist.

Fuck that old creep ohmes and his ratmy cocksucking though.

No. 71476

I can't believe the retarded fans in the comments think sowon doesn't know the joke is about masturbation.

No. 71477

Nta, it's not racist but still a reason to get mad. You can't just walk up to any asian man and ask if he's a bts member. Maybe that's not the first time this has happened and that's why he additionally said that about their popularity? I think Tao is an irrelevant loser (he had no real success after he left) but I totally get his reaction.
Ratmys are just jumping at any tiny opportunity to scream oppression. And everybody on twitter saying that Exo only made it because of big 3 privilege, while Txt is a thing… It's been years since Bts was poor and didn't get awards, why can't they just be happy now? Will they still whine and act like underdogs in 10 years?

>He already left WTF is he so stuck on the past? Fcking rude,what if a bts member had said this on tv about exo? Exols were crying arrogance over bts not name dropping anyone but we have weird ass looking Tao talkn sht. The sooner everyone understands BTS is above level, the better.
Nearly 4000 people calling somebody "weird ass looking" while stanning Jimincel, Rat, Jhope and Bjlips lol

>Fuck that old creep ohmes and his ratmy cocksucking though.

?(this is an imageboard)

No. 71478

it's not the real oh_mes

No. 71484

File: 1578489069777.png (255.7 KB, 1440x1896, Capture _2020-01-08-21-08-20~2…)

>>You can't just walk up to any asian man and ask if he's a bts member. I think Tao is an irrelevant loser (he had no real success after he left) but I totally get his reaction.


If you understand Chinese and see the full video it's worse. Tao is gross.

He tells his manager to go approach the 3 girls to ask if they want a photo since they are looking his way, his manager asks and it's SO awkward since they don't know who Tao is at all and ask if he is BTS, then Tao gets super offended because of his massive ego.

No. 71487

File: 1578490402957.jpg (350.5 KB, 1080x1493, IMG_20200108_143226.jpg)

Oof, my bad I guess. I just hate it when anybody gives rats a reason to act up, they won't shut up about this incident for years.
But this also means that those girls weren't racist at all. They probably just thought that asking if he's bts was better than straight up telling that they don't know him.

It seems like knets are more mad about the fact that he's still calling himself an exo member.
>You sure liked it when you were living off Korea
>Why is he like that?;; meanwhile, why is he bringing up EXO? He left the group by himself
>Crazy bast*rd, he spent more time outside of EXO than in EXO during their promotion time

Btw does anybody know what exo said about bts (pic)?

No. 71491

Everything mentioned there is taken out of context . During a daesang speech, Lay said how generations change and “new” always pushes out the “old”(it was a proverb). For the Suho one, I remember that it was just banter on a variety show. They asked a child actress if she was an exo fan and she said she liked bts better so Suho replied smth like “well I’ve never seen your movie” . I think the show was Happy Together? And tbh I think the Tao thing is not a big deal, he’s always embarrassing himself. Chinese netizens are always making fun of him.

No. 71495

he wanted to hit on some white girls with his Kpop hype, but it was a major fail KEK

No. 71498

>>71475 Tao seems really pressed that he isn’t relevant anymore and probably regrets leaving EXO. At least he got some attention there. Nobody gives a shit about him anymore.

No. 71501

I hate both ratmys and exo-crazies but I remember seeing that clip and thinking wtf did he just get offended by a literal child?

She didn't even mean it in a mean way she just politely said she prefers bts and then his face all changed.
As a grown man he could've stopped himself from acting so petty and just be nice to the girl.
Maybe I'm just sensitive but I cringed and I couldn't see it as a cute banter.

No. 71510

Suho seems like he's got a stick up his ass 24/7, always taking everything way too seriously and fake smiling, even the other members say that he's just not funny at all. And as a result he's also the least popular kek
In general, all idols from wealthy families always act weird af

No. 71511

It is just banter femcels. They acted together in a movie and she prob said BTS because it's weird to fangirl your costar.

No. 71512

No. 71514

what is this meant to prove except that he made a joke to deflect from what could have been an awkward situation and then followed it up by saying he was close with v?

No. 71516

ratmys don't miss any chance to talk crap about eggso, that's the thing, and some people fall for it here kek

No. 71517

The biggest joke is that no one cares about either except secret stans. We do this song and dance every thread. When I see either bts/exo shit my eyes just glaze over and wait till they dissapear/mods ban them.

No. 71519

> JYP Entertainment has taken legal action against a man who has been stalking TWICE’s Nayeon.
can they deport him now kek(this is an imageboard)

No. 71525

they filed it. its not been approved. At the moment, they got nothing.
good milk
best milk, topkek. well done for posting anon
i second this!!

No. 71526

File: 1578514424595.jpeg (324.57 KB, 912x1255, CAA72751-2FC6-4B43-991E-437F73…)

Irene's looking real rough(nitpick)

No. 71531

She looks like j-hope.

No. 71532

File: 1578518638597.jpeg (29.15 KB, 210x240, DC6491E3-2EE8-497D-BBA3-B6D03D…)

eh i think it’s mostly the lighting, it washes her out. i know koreans love fair skin but bad lighting is bad lighting even if it makes you look whiter than spiderus. but we already know that irene is an older idol so it doesn’t surprise me if she has wrinkles and looks disheveled after years of restrictive eating and sleepless nights

No. 71534

The mods really using red text for this pick over the dozens of way more severe nitpicks? Come on.

Irene actually looks tired and gaunt. She should just do CFs full-time and fucking retire quietly. She's approaching her thirties and the idol life cannot be good for her well-being.

No. 71550

File: 1578530779047.png (2.27 MB, 1958x1252, orbits more like loonatics.png)

he only got attention in exo cuz of his resting bitch face and the 3 or 4 times SM made him do Wushu.
Tao is the poster child for the one thing most people in this thread hate: rich kids who only become idols to fuel their ego. Why he thought some randos who are bts fans would even remember that exo ever had chinese members, let alone who they were, once upon a time is beyond me.
sure, the girls were stupid for thinking he's in bts, but he's still the bigger idiot here.

about time honestly

(pic related) you really do find kpop stans in the worst of places (it's the sims 4 gallery)

No. 71552

File: 1578532206626.jpg (638.7 KB, 1419x917, Girls'_Generation_at_DMC_Festi…)

Did snsd have more female fans than Twice across Japan and Korea since the beginning? I've always felt like Twice never had that many female fans to begin with.
Sorry, OT

No. 71555

Am I the only one who's surprised at how far this has gone without them being able to get rid of him yet? Like at this point, he's met JYP, gotten official statements out of him, met some of the members out in public, gotten on a plane right behind them and threw his letters at them, and he's still going… When I first heard about this guy I laughed it off thinking there's no way he'd ever actually meet Nayeon or any other Twice member and yet here we are. It just makes me reflect on how poor both data and physical security must be that this random international fan can successfully terrorize his favorite idol just by having too much time and money on his hands.

No. 71556

It was more or less the same as Twice, now almost the entire remaining SNSD fanbase is female. Men get tired and move on to younger, fresher girls. Both Twice and SNSD have more female fans in Japan, from what I can tell anyway, the teenage girl fan demographic is strong there.

No. 71559


It's not a great pic, but she looks good any other time to me.

No. 71570

File: 1578544801451.gif (11.95 MB, 500x427, Jimincel.gif)

Here's a gif version lol

No. 71571

The way he snogs cardboard Jimin i doubt he only sleeps next to it

No. 71575

I worked at a girl's middle school in Korea last year. They didn't know who tf the Chinese members of EXO were. Also, Tao's always been arrogant as fuck. I'm not surprised he was pissed off here. He thought he was gonna get some clout with these girls but fell flat on his face lol.

No. 71576

So he married one specific cutout or just all Jimin cutouts in general cuz that one he’s holding is different from the one he kissed at the wedding lmao

No. 71578

Kpop fans have way too much money disposable, that’s the problem.

No. 71579

This is so weird….almost feel bad for jimin lol.
He's pretty relevant in China afaik. They all go back to China where they're treated like A-list celebrities for some reason and then they all become millionaires.
Must be nice to achieve that all without being able sing or even rap.
Same happened to the other Chinese members.

No. 71580

How does this group keep getting comebacks? They are the perfect example of koreans taste in girl groups lol all their chorus are so bad. They are constantly singing in such a high pitched tone ugh…

No. 71581

>>71571 Cardboard-phobic abuse


No. 71593

File: 1578588562636.jpeg (195.94 KB, 1125x1939, 3CB978F8-B24B-4B9C-A93D-DBAE3C…)


is anyone tired of bts trending all the dam time ??? when ever they do something, they really always flood everything???? even if i have the words muted and blocked ratmies always find a way to slip in like the cockroaches they are. god spare my sanity PLEASE

No. 71595

I literally deleted my twitter and 90% of the reason why (along with the fact twitter is mostly trash now) was because of the bts/kpop shit trending all the time and kpop stans. I know there's plenty of horrible and obnoxious fandoms on twitter but none are as unavoidable and in-your-face as much as kpop is.

No. 71596

don't like bts either but tbf i think they just released an album teaser

No. 71597

File: 1578590070110.jpg (109.87 KB, 828x1331, IMG_20200109_121355.jpg)

why is he so grotesque looking kek(nitpick)

No. 71598

If that electronic fart noise ends up in the song I will die laughing lol

No. 71599

File: 1578590406585.jpg (305.93 KB, 1438x1884, IMG_20200109_181447.jpg)


>However, what Jihyo said in the chatroom, with the words “attention-seeker” or “웅앵웅” (considered to be offensive to men), is the last straw that damaged not only her image but also TWICE’s reputation as well.

>And finally, what many people worried about has come true! In the past few days, on big Korea fansites as well as in TWICE’s galleries, many Korean fans have announced that they will leave the fandom after the serious scandal of Jihyo. Many fans even posted evidence that they supported TWICE in a variety of ways, from streaming music to buying goods and participating in official fanclub. Some have been fans since the group debuted but eventually decided to leave the fandom after this incident.

Must suck when majority of your fans are ilbe incels.

No. 71600

Same, you search for something and always end up on fancams because these cockroaches are spamming with keywords

No. 71601

I don't get what the words means and why there is so much drama. Can a Korean speaker explain ?

No. 71605

Same anon, their music is painfully outdated too and their choreos are so bad, they even dabbed in one of their songs it's so cringy there's no way they aren't self-aware of how bad their music is, imagine training for years only to end up on some turbo-nugu group, dancing to literal noise and pretending you are fine with it.

No. 71608

File: 1578594968165.png (182.72 KB, 478x279, ggk.png)

it looks even worth in their new comeback video

No. 71609


No. 71610

Let it go, dude. How many times do we have to read about this? Twice unclefans are a salty bunch and will propably crawl back as soon as Sana does some bait again. Jihyo was never a popular member anyways.

Yes, what will now go on for weeks until this album is released and god knows how many weeks after, befor Ratmys are crazy and have nothing to do…

No. 71615

honestly this looks closer to his original jawline than it has looked in months and now im even more confused

No. 71619

“웅앵웅” means "blahblahblah"/ mumbling around

Incels are mad because a general / neutral phrase like that is said often by Korean radfems and thus they call Jihyo a feminist/ man-hater whatever when Jihyo was saying it to haters lurking on her Vlive because they where harassing other members the day prior.
I'm not surprised context and nuance is lost on those kind of people.

No. 71620

It's not even offensive or anything, it literally just means "mumbling around". Apparently this term is used by Korean radfems, but it's not exclusive to them and has been integrated in common slang.

No. 71632

Sage your posts, it goes into the email field. Never came out and probably never will but the guy has faggot written all over him.

No. 71644

honestly thats not exclusive to just bts, its all kpop stans
if you go on twitter and click literally ANY trending topic, even regardless of where its trending, the posts are flooded with kpop fans posting fancams of idols and using trending hashtags despite it not being related at all to the post

its embarrassing and pathetic and i genuinely think people who say the majority of kpop fans re retarded or at least stunted mentally are absolutely correct

No. 71645

that new bts song was so bad not i was expecting much but still

No. 71646

File: 1578619262094.png (387.69 KB, 590x447, seungri.PNG)

His fans are still trying to say he's innocent… it's some of the first stuff that comes up when you search Seungri on Twitter. Pathetic. I hope he rots

No. 71647

i didn't know suga's voice was that annoying maybe because i've only ever heard it for a few seconds in bts songs

No. 71651

File: 1578622073612.gif (694.53 KB, 250x241, pig.gif)

Fans are really in state of mental illness. How can you defend a man like that?

No. 71652

This is honestly triggering to me. Kpop stans will cancel a member of Twice because they consider her a feminist, but a man can be as vulgar as possible, even be involved in sexual assaults, but that's okay??

No. 71653

Tbh I occasionally see pics of him where he actually looks like he has his old jawline and its confusing. I think ppl might be jumping to jaw-shave incorrectly, I'm not sure what has been making his face look like mush. Fillers?

No. 71656

blackpink’s new song for samsung kek. imagine being a fan and begging for new music and getting this. i thought rose was gaining some weight but it seems in this video she is still as skinny as ever. i don’t understand why she insists on keeping the blonde/orange hair. it must be incredibly damaged and i thought she looked so much better with darker hair

No. 71657

Rose looks like Wendy TF. Jennie seems so over it and can't even pretend for a video. Just go live your rich kid dream in LA or Paris and stop forcing this musical career, you're exhausting to look at.

No. 71662

whoever decided that jisoo should go second to last is cruel lmao. she looks like those tik toks of girls' moms trying to be hip and fun with their teenaged daughters.

No. 71668

This is what happens when your fanbase is composed of uncle fans and neckbeards.
Completely different fanbases. Angry Twice fans are incels

No. 71669

Anyone know how Big Bang is gonna perform at Coachella? I thought TOP was done with the industry, and Seungri should be done and locked up in a jail cell. They really gonna let his nasty ass up there on stage after he "retired"?

No. 71671

File: 1578639147333.jpg (147.75 KB, 1080x752, IMG_20200110_075144.jpg)

Anon, it's not koreans who defend seungri, it's ifans (ot5 comments get hundreds of upvotes on allkpop). The korean public has cancelled him ages ago but their law system sucks and that's why he's not in jail yet.
And I know that some will say this is racist but it's always mainly sea fans who still stick up for abusive trash. I'm sure that in a while seungri will start having fanmeets there, then maybe go to japan and then slowly try and crawl back to korea.

No. 71673

I doubt seungri is even allowed to leave the country right now? I'm thinking it's gd, taeyang and daesung. Maybe top if he needs the cash.

No. 71674

File: 1578640513241.jpg (295.11 KB, 1080x1625, IMG_20200110_081531.jpg)

No. 71675

Iirc weren't j-vip's supporting seungri when he was first exposed too?
I doubt any fans there find a problem with what he did so unfortunately he'll be able to continue his career in japan as soon as he can

No. 71680

Im fully aware of bts hysteria but this floored me. 6+ spots of twitter top 10 for a song that's been out less than a day? What are the requirements or algorithm or…? I'm no conspiracy person but now I kinda don't blame those VC people thinking there's some kind of illuminati brainwashing something or other happening with bts. Does any other brand have this much international power? Imagine any dictator throughout history having access to this mob insanity…spooky.

No. 71681

from what i understand, twitter actually has a special algorithm in place simply to keep the word 'bts' from trending daily. they literally broke twitter for one of the members birthday a couple months back. they can pretty much trend anything at any time, and of course a new release will get major hype as soon as it drops (as opposed to it gradually building) so im not sure what youre surprised about in that regard.

No. 71682

Anon, who but them even uses hashtags on twitter? Nobody does (unless something really big happens, e.g. a terror attack), so naturally ratmys and other kpoppies can constantly trend their idols' irrelevant asses.

No. 71683

Posting the video since, despite being discussed briefly, no one has linked it

This whole thing give me a cringe vibe. You can already tell that it’s not going to be as good as anything they’ve made in the past (this is an objective fact, whether you like their music or not) and you can tell in the video that they’ve already peaked…

I did like a lot of the aesthetic but not at all together. Especially the drawn on effects…very out of place. The lyrics were also really cringy and kind of ruined it for me. The autotune when he sang was…

Watching suga is the worst cause despite what sugafags say, he is absolutely one of the most artificial members. Btshit/bigshit play up the nostalgia factor way too much too, it’s hardly been 7 years

No. 71685

not sure what i was expecting when i clicked but it wasn't this omg… literally sounds like a meme or a joke song. maybe that's what they wanted so it goes viral.

idk why people don't talk about it but suga (rm too) is the most blatantly thirsty for western attention i.e. his insistence that they will get a grammy. i get that recognition on that level is something all artists dream of but… he is part of a kpop group that is an especially insidious case of taking advantage of teenagers both financially and int terms of their vulnerability. not only that but he and the other rappers barely participate in the actual creation process of the music and the other four barely seem musically inclined so how is it that he's an "idol reborn as an artist"?

No. 71687

The rapping sounds so gross, esp the English part in the beginning. Why does he sound like he has something in his mouth???(namefag)

No. 71688

I didn't mind it as much as other anons considering I haven't followed BTS in over a year already. At least it was less cringy than Idol or other flowery comebacks they've had (which was my mayor issue with them). But why did he change the way he raps? It seems like he's mumbling or forcing his voice really deep? Or did I forget how Suga sounds kek

No. 71689

No I noticed too, he sounds different from pre persona

No. 71690

Video and song gives me "We live in a society" vibes.

No. 71691

he had a weird lisp in boy with luv and some anons assumed it might be veneers.

No. 71693

File: 1578669979707.jpg (628.54 KB, 669x761, xyPZAMW.jpg)

http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2020/01/joo-jin-mos-hacked-cellphone-leaks.html OK this has real potential to blow up the Kpop industry. Samsung Galaxy users had their Katalks hacked and messages of actors in affairs were leaked and in the coming weeks there could be more milky exposes.

No. 71694

An idol got their milky Katalk hacked: On January 8, Dispatch reported that at least 10 celebrities have been hacked including Joo Jin Mo, two other actors, an idol, a director, and a famous chef. Dispatch stated, “A hacker who refers to him or herself as ‘Black Hacker’ hacked the cell phones of famous figures including celebrities through their cloud storage, stole their personal text messages, photos, and videos, and is threatening them by asking for money from 50 million won (approximately $42,600) up to more than 1 billion won (approximately $852,000).” Joo Jin Mo was threatened with text messages, while another actor was threatened with photos and texts. The idol and chef were threatened with photos, videos, and texts. When Joo Jin Mo did not pay, the hacker emailed text messages he exchanged with another actor to hundreds of media outlets. The idol is reported to have paid the hacker after being blackmailed.

No. 71695

>>71683 I get that he can't pronounce english that well but wjy make a song that has so much english in it? The intro sounds straight up retarded.

No. 71696


anyone got a link for the txts and pics?

No. 71698

which idol has a samsung? dont most use iphone?

No. 71700

File: 1578672600379.jpg (89.96 KB, 1000x563, MBEn8yf.jpg)

Dr. Phil is currently under some hot water for some comments he made regarding BTS's Jimin.

The popular TV personality invited obsessed fan Oli London on his show to discuss his obsession with looking like BTS's Jimin. A trailer for the episode was released earlier today. However, instead of concentrating on Oli London, many fans are focused on Dr. Phil after he made a few negative comments regarding Jimin. Dr. Phil stated, "And you have to know that the somebody else you're wanting to be is not really who that person appears to be. That’s a manufactured, marketed image."

No. 71701

>Samsung Galaxy users
so literally almost all of Korea LMAO can't wait for the milk to flow.
I want Dr. Phil to do a series just shitting on Kpop for views. You can't 'cancel' him kpoopies.

No. 71702

based dr phil
this reminds me of a comment that rich chinese girl made in the now deleted thread.
there is an actor who is considered a loner (i forgot name). reason is, he is not a sleazebag like most other actors and tells/warns others (tells newbies which actors are cheater and sleazebags).

No. 71704

All the eye contact with the camera puts me off for some reason, makes him seem arrogant maybe? Isnt his style usually more detached.
The thing with the crowds of cell phones is way too on the nose. Even blackpink's jisoo scene, where the phones are guns, showed a bit more thought went into it, that was really on the nose too but the way sugar's doing it here, it's like screaming "guys it's because im famous and people are always photographing me, get it? DO YOU GET IT?" like yeah man, calm down we know.

Did anyone scroll to the comments. "The fandom name is Leaf" seriously are we in a truman show type situation? At this point kpop is trolling US not the other way around. Are we really supposed to believe these ent companies don't have a single fluent (if not fully native!) English speaker who can advise on stuff like this?

No. 71706

I thought it was so much better than bwl, what’s the point though, you know the main tracks will be “catchy” like idol and bwl and they’ll look ridiculous… They should have kept the darker concepts throughout the years instead of trying to look like pastel nightmares.

No. 71707

who tf uses Samsung?

They are crazy, he just stated an obvious known fact. That's not even a criticism of Jimin

No. 71708

File: 1578675733592.jpg (108 KB, 970x647, IMG_20200110_175137.jpg)

I'm pleasantly surprised by the comments on allkpop, for once they react in a sane way…
Ratmys themselves always say that jin was told to act mature and that jhope is actually a serious/sad guy who is only acting happy and hyper for them - that is the definition of manufactured, you fools! He wasn't even calling jimincel plastic, he only said that the personality oli fell in love with is likely not his real one.

In general I find it disgusting how they talk about him (pic). He's extremely mentally ill and the kpop industry and the idols playing the part are absolutely at fault. Everybody always acts shocked when some fans get too obsessed, but that's exactly what companies and groups want them to be in order to make massive cash. If bts were normal singers who didn't completely brainwash millions of losers, when this guy would've never destroyed his body like that - and that's the only "crime" he commited, he hurt himself, so don't act as if jimin is suffering because of him.

No. 71710

Tbf this poor soul is seriously deranged so he would have found someone else to try and imitate if it wasn’t for Jimin. He said it himself he doesn’t want to he him, he wants to be someone else

No. 71715

Since when is saying that pop stars have a manufactured image controversial? I thought most of the kpop fanbase knew of the hilariously extreme faux-ness of it all anyway. Well whatever. At least he picked Jimin and not RM.

No. 71717

Farmers, this is it. Get your popcorn, twitter will be serving all weekend, I can barely contain my excitement

But did anyone hear the theory that this guy isn't actually obsessed with jimin or bts, he's just doing this for free plastic surgery and publicity? If you think of it like that he's actually pretty smart? It's not enough to merely insert yourself into the BTS world like celebs who have been attacked by fans for pretending to be into BTS for clout or whatever. This guy took it to such an extreme people are forced to pay attention

Pretty sure dr phil is 100% scripted too, all paid actors right?

No. 71718

well samsung is a korean company so i imagine a lot of people in korea

how is saying a kpop idol is manufactured a "drag

No. 71720

i can’t imagine fucking up your face that bad for attention. i mean i know nearly every kpop idol does the same, but he clearly is ill in the head. he provides good milk, but he seriously needs some mental health intervention

No. 71721

bts fans on twitter have always prided themselves that bts is not kpop and real! “they have real and meaningful songs! unlike other kpop groups!! they are trash and not real and deserve our hate.” that kinda of attitude. so yeah they will see it as a drag

No. 71722

The funniest thing is that he most likely meant "manufactured, marketed image" as in him appearing to the public all polished with the right makeup, styling etc., and there the ratmys thought he meant plastic surgery.

No. 71723

File: 1578685765559.jpg (1.3 MB, 6720x4480, 6qNXkkw.jpg)

>>he's just doing this for free plastic surgery

But Oli London looks like shit after all that PS. The clinics he visited needs to be boycotted, 1) He looks nothing like Jimin and more like Taemin 2) He's botched as fuck and his crepey skin texture makes him look 40 years old


No. 71725

Tons of idols have bad ps too, and keep getting ps even once firmly in the uncanny valley. Is it a psychological thing, where since you see your own self in the mirror every day you get used to it so you have no perspective anymore? Or maybe people with bad ps have no idea it's bad? And with idols specifically is it also the fact they're surrounded by people with ps so again, they lose that perspective. Plus SK is so into ps, to the point of being a status symbol, so maybe bad ps is considered better than no ps? Idk, some psych major please clarify what I'm trying to say, heh, I'm circling it but don't have the English vocabulary to say properly.

Tbh I've never actually used twitter myself I just read tweets that get linked on articles or whatever. And i thought people did use hashtags. I wonder about the algorithm thing because I imagine armys can just make up new, unpredictable ones to outsmart it?

No. 71728

all fandoms use hashtags, its not exclusive to armys whatsoever. every birthday, every comeback, every scandal, every demand for apology… everyone does it.

and they do get around the algorithm by trending whatever they want, i was just saying that the word "bts" itself would likely be trending multiple days a week due to the sheer amount of armys being active on twitter at any given moment, and thats what the algorithm prevents. twitter doesnt care about army or bts related tags trending, they care that a three letter word offsets their trending lists, statistics and suggested searches and thats what the algorithm is supposed to make up for

No. 71729


He's one of the worst examples of the outcome of ps. He would just scare away possible patients lol(this is an imageboard)

No. 71730

1) self esteem issues with can result in 2) body dysmorphia and 3) getting more and more ps can be a result of bad ps planning.
you want bigger lips, got em…but oh wuups, now they make my nose look big, ill go get my nose fixed. damn, now my cheekbones look weird etc.
getting ps isnt simple. if you i.e. get rhinoplasty for higher bridge you should be aware of how it ll effect the rest of the face + what the weight of the fillers on the bones can cause and over time the tissue will expand. if you get a reduction of bridge -what will happen with rest of now excess skin. if people dont consider that, they might get fine lines under their eyes and crows feet way earlier than they would have naturally.

and yeah, with idols being surrounded by others that look the same it must seem normal to them. but then you get people who have met/seen them irl and the comments (like a few threads back #42) are 'is even more plastic irl' etc.

a lot can be done with lighting, makeup and regular dermatologist visits without needing anything invasive such as fillers.

kek, are any idols ambassadors of this clinic?

No. 71731

I think the worst part is anyone giving this dude screen time and money to appear on tv/youtube episodes. He's so creepy

No. 71732

There is some research out there that says people, who get plastic surgery a lot, suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a disorder that won’t let you stop thinking about your flaws (short version lol). And therefore continuously seek out cosmetic surgery to fix their flaws. If they have something like plastic surgery (and money) to fix their “problems” and they suffer from BDD…that alone sounds like terrible disaster and will look like one probably.

No. 71733

He sounds like his tongue is on the roof of his mouth. His pronounciation is awful, idk why a group that promotes in the US so much doesn't bother trying to get better at English

No. 71740

Silence everybody the murican is discovering that there are other phone brands besides apple

No. 71741

Yeah general immaturity and cluelessness is always expected in this thread but this comment was a new low
Samsung is one of Korea's most well known tech exports and plenty of Americans use it…next let's argue about how many drive a Hyundai

Ok thanks, pls read the comment i was citing, someone said no one uses hash tags anymore and I'm pretty sure they do even though I don't use twitter myself

No. 71752

Did I miss something? How come I haven't heard of this up until just now? I'm surprised nobody on Twitter is trying to "cancel" him.

Anyway that is really disgusting. A nearly 30 year old grown man dating a 16 year old. Yuck. I wanna say I'm surprised but he's always given me a bad feeling.

No. 71754

ok, so he is a pedo.
(yes i know 16 year old doesnt make him necessarily by definition a pedo, shut up)
guys with self esteem issues want young girls as they are easily manipulated, are less likely to stand up for themselves and generally less likely to hurt their little fragile egos.
afaik kinda still common in asia. being in the entertainment industry on top of that….well. i honestly doubt the majority of idols are what would be considered emotionally healthyish individuals. I kinda bet majority will be like that. Just look at Heechul. Wasnt the sexual harassment issue with that Shinwha guy with a girl(/girls) like a decade or more younger? Bet he was surprised that things are changing and slowly women, even when 20s will stand up for themselves and not take crap.
So i guess safest for guys like that is barely legal…or not even legal at all. kek.
would be topmilk to know which idol has been dating whom. could easily be deducted from that which guys are the creeps.
good milk, thanks anon!

No. 71757

File: 1578703442081.jpg (54.07 KB, 474x1024, SKPwqjI.jpg)

No. 71758

Sorry in advance, because I know we're all tired of talking about Heechul. But am I the only one who doesn't think he looks young or attractive at all? Even the people in this thread have made comments about him dating Momo saying "oh if only heechul weren't good looking then people would have a problem with it" but in my opinion he's always looked old and unkempt? Especially next to Momo.

No. 71759

Heechul is a smoker who used to be Suju's flowerboy (i don't see the appeal), he aged accordingly to his lifestyle. He's fair and bigeyed which is what Koreans tend to value, but he looks like he overdid plastic surgery for some reason.

No. 71760

he has a doctor wife and has the nerve to speak of sex with other women. men truly are weak. hoping the idol doesn't pay the hacker off… imagine the milk.

No. 71761

i generally dont get the comments about how young someone looks. 40 year olds dont look like 28 year olds. the skin changes and its visible.
i think he looks late 30s, cheeks clearly are drooping. doesnt look like basset hound but he looks his age. sure, skin has been taken care of and maintained but still looks his age.

a lot of articles are there for hype. they are written to create hype. it works on people. want to push your employees? get newsoutlets to write about fake positive audience reactions towards them. just dont tell the gp that the reactions are fake. on top of that you get all those filters and lighting (and makeup) which make him look (imo) plasticy (even if maybe he isnt).

>especially next to momo

second this. their age difference is obvious. he looks like the uncle. (wouldnt be the case if they both were 10-15 years older)
but then i bet heechul would be trying to date whichever new hyped idol turned 17/18.

he stopped years ago cause of rising health issues (supposedly).

No. 71762

idol did pay hacker off. read the article. no milk, unfortunately. (i hope more phones get hacked, its topmilk)

No. 71763

What was the deleted post about?

No. 71764

Right after BP did the samsung ad too. That's just unfortunate

No. 71766

chris wu (ex exo) dating 16 year old japanese model.

No. 71767

i thought they were just doing a photo shoot together for the same brand. they're dating??

No. 71769

File: 1578714437472.jpeg (288.32 KB, 750x1078, C5B9E46C-D903-4943-B195-AD783F…)

I found these essays/articles to be pretty enlightening as to why people might want plastic surgery (not kpop-centric, but I still think it's pertinent):
Instagram face - https://www.newyorker.com/culture/decade-in-review/the-age-of-instagram-face
Incels wanting to become Chads - ihttps://www.thecut.com/2019/05/incel-plastic-surgery.html

Uploaded image is a reply I found on reddit about how plastic surgery when you're too young will fuck you up (2nd paragraph). Knowing all the idols that have had surgery in their early 20s and how poorly they're going to age makes my skin crawl. Also, side-note: sleeping with your eyes open is a well-known side effect from getting eye surgery, which aways makes me think that the idols who are known to sleep eyes open (usually shared to show that they're ~*so quirky*~) probably (definitely) have had their eyes done.

No. 71776

Dr Phil encouraged Oli to Love Himself yet Ratmies wanna hate Dr Phil for what he said about idols being manufactured. It's 150% true. Taeyeon, Baekhyun or Jimin have no choice if they wanna sing a shitcringe song like Gee or do a concept like Wolf(EXO hated it), execs decide and the idols memorize the song and dance and are forced to dye their hair according to the stylists' orders. Suga Jin and Jimin even bitched about their scalp ripping off.

No. 71778

its a fake rumor, from what i know

No. 71779


No. 71781

It's really hopeless with men. I'm always so stupid and think that these renowned actors who have clean images are reasonable men who appreciate intelligent women and shit but they always end up lusting after a 20-something year old (and often dumb-ish) idols like suzy.
I'm convinced now that if they marry older women with respectable jobs, that it's just to be a guaranteed a good image, while shit like this happens in secret.
Apparently cheating is rampant there so I'm not surprised but I really like jung woo sung so it's really disappointing.
I also hope they catch the hacker and the idol,one gets released too. He could be a second seungri and we would never know…

No. 71782

Reading actual testimonies from idols about their bodies breaking apart from everything makes me really anxious on how the idol landscape will look like in 10 years or even less. I can't see this shit being sustainable for much longer.

No. 71784

what are you talking about? sustainability in the kpop system? the one where idols get disposed of in 5-10 years once they get older? in who’s interest is to have idols who can perfom for years when the fans always jump on the new and younger ones ?? it can keep going specifically since it’s based on young kids they use up and throw away,there is no long-term thinking involved

No. 71785

I mean the entire industry. I think I expressed myself a bit clumsily but I was also referring to how idols cope with life after being tossed away. I know that theres always young and dumb kids killing to become idols and if someone refuses to do something, there'll be a whole line of people who will. Theres just something existentially dreadful about thinking how the biggest acts of today will be holding up after their careers have ended. You don't get your entire appearance fucked with and your personality rewritten without having a couple of major breakdowns after your usefullness expires.

No. 71786

>>71782 The entire kpop industry sustains itself by exploiting young children, and it will continue to do that and there will be hoards of people to support these "companies" who suck the life out of these young kids and make money out of. Depressing shit.

No. 71798

File: 1578753578237.jpeg (268.54 KB, 1100x2215, B6D74DDA-FD8F-4BAC-925E-E4EFE7…)

I wish stylists would make dawn look normal (like on idol school) and not on the cusp of Death 24/7. His face always bothered me and I wondered why he had weird fans; he looks like a fairly average korean guy with this makeup…

No. 71800

File: 1578756072991.png (14.44 KB, 705x102, loveurselfxD.png)

lmao comments like these, it's almost like their message is mostly empty platitudes. If they were serious about it the members would also actually be proactive and love themselves instead of always saying shit like >>70865

No. 71802

I guess our only reference point for now are 1st and 2nd gen idols and how they seem to be coping with the fact that they've 'expired' in the industry. It's heartening to see some ex-idols who seem to be okay with it and are aging pretty gracefully (ex. Jiyong from Sechskies or Kangta from HOT), but then there are other idols who seem to be going through a midlife crisis or something (Yoochun and Kang Sunghoon come to mind). The current idol market is incredibly oversaturated right now, so even though 1st and 2nd gen can be a reference point, it's still not exactly the same. I also wonder what's going to happen in 10 years when we suddenly have a shit ton of idols passed their prime. They can't all become actors or MCs or stay together forever like Shinhwa, so I guess its either they learn to reassimilate themselves back into society (as some idols have done) or they just have a mental breakdown over it because they can't cope (as others have done). Do we take bets on who is likely to pick option a or option b?

No. 71804

imagine how much less of a meth addict he'd look like if he died his hair black.

No. 71805

File: 1578767162329.jpg (12.28 KB, 236x354, 6e69c273ec33632f48f6fbb1295ef1…)

No. 71806

Does this dude have major depression? He never looks happy.

No. 71807

File: 1578769320245.jpg (489.87 KB, 1080x1511, 20200111_155913.jpg)

Hwasa really out there making cutesy vids with JJY buddy huh you in danger

No. 71808

>>71806 he has a resting bitch face and his smile isn't that attractive. i actually watched him and hyuna on knowing bros and he was normal there, just shy.. smiling and all

No. 71809

i do not understand when stylists make idols look terrible, isn’t it their job to not do that? i feel like they just follow trends without making sure it actually looks good on the idol

No. 71811

Didn't chanyeol get some shit for supporting zico's comeback? Has zico been uncancelled? Cause otherwise not a smart move from whasa

No. 71813

I wouldn't say he's uncancelled, but he's been more lowkey. chanyeol got some shit, but a lot of his fans also defended him that zico was "never proven guilty" and that "chanyeol would never support him if he's bad" as if those are valid arguments….

No. 71814

Back when i was into kpop i got really into mamamoo and iirc she said he was her ideal type and fans started shipping the two cause zico said he liked curvy women (but ended up with someone like seolhyun…of course guys like him wouldn't actually be into hwasa, hypocrites). I'm always scared for female idols who give the not-like-other-girls vibes and hang out with these hip-hop tryhards…i wish they'd stay away from them.

No. 71815

as if chanyeol’s bandmate wasn’t buddy buddy with seungri kek. these stans really be some “see no evil, hear no evil” bitches

No. 71818

JJM's wife is a doctor from a prestigious school and she married a pervert a decade older than her. Fame is a hell of an aphrodisiac for some women.

No. 71819

societal conditioning definitely doesn’t help either. we’ve already established that it’s an open secret that most korean men visit brothels, married or not. and yet sex work is illegal in korea and if a korean woman was caught engaging in sex work, or cheating, she’d essentially be exiled from society.

No. 71820

it's not like hwasa is curvy either. She's very petite, it's just her thighs that are thicker than the average for idol standards. Seolhyun got that too but she's taller so it might look leaner in pics.

No. 71821

plenty of knetz call seolhyun curvy for having a skinny pear shape body so maybe that's what he meant kek. most of these male idols wouldn't date hwasa anyways cause she's ugly for korean standards. And she's kind of stupid for hanging out with zico's clique. once one of them gets exposed, she's gonna be dragged down with them whether she did do illegal things or not.
such a shame that she settled for less than her worth. he's probably going to be living off of her once his fame fades

No. 71822

File: 1578778634189.jpeg (166.05 KB, 720x960, 609B6697-3F79-45CD-860E-523B52…)

this boy owns his fame to red eyeshadow and blush that make him look ~sick and a bad bleach job

No. 71824

Talking about Chanyeol, am I the only one who wouldn't be surprised if the idol who was hacked turns out to be him? I don't know, ever since I saw those pictures of him with the entire jail gang and then him promoting Zico…

No. 71825

File: 1578781922699.jpg (17.5 KB, 488x629, images.jpeg-33.jpg)

Wtf is this photo? Her face and hand pose makes her look so derp.

No. 71826

Actually it just crossed my mind as well since the boy had thousands of $$$ for an Ironman cosplay…
But it's kinda serious assumption.

No. 71827

highly likely since if he were exposed, exo would be done for plus he has the money to pay the blackmail… i'm not familiar with zico's crew so who else do you guys think it could be?

i hope that's not for a magazine shoot. she looks retarded and is trying too hard to be sensual. also peep the buck teeth veneers lol

No. 71832

>who else do you guys think it could be?
Any Bigbang member other than Seungri? Or Bts? Dbsk? When even the names of those actors were revealed but the idol's not, then he must be unbelievably rich and influential. Exo has been in so many scandals already, I don't think they're 'protected' like that anymore, nowadays it's only Bts who never get their shit leaked.

No. 71835


Idk why she insists on making that face for literally every CF.It makes her look downsy,not sexy at all.

No. 71837

Has to be an older generation idol like Yunho, Changmin, Junsu or Choi Siwon. Having 1 million USD to pay immediately without approaching their agency means they prob came from wealth or are top 1st/2nd gen idols.

Doubt it's BTS, EXO or any current gen idol because it was around 2013 and those idols were noobs who had managers monitoring them 24/7 down to diet and dance practice, in 2013 Chanyeol Suho etc simply wouldn't have the time to be fuckbois without arousing suspicions of EXO sasaengs, Dispatch or their manager. Usually male idols go haywire after their group goes on hiatus due to army, managers/sasaengs/paparazzi stops following 24/7 and they have tons of time and money to fuck around with hoes on the sly, see Yoochun, Se7en, TOP, Seungri, Kangta, Nam Tae Hyun, Kang Sung Hoon, Kim Hyun Joong etc.

BTS EXO Got7 etc will have these scandals once they go on full hiatus and members like Junglebook have too much time and too little resistance to the myriad of girls who wanna jump into their bed.

No. 71838

From NB:

Here is a rough translation of few important points out of Joo JinMo & Jang DongGun's conversation -

Basically they were sharing pictures of "hot girls" and the numbers, date and time to meet (numbers alluding to the girls' status as room salon girls), gross remarks on girls' body (use words like "this one's body is A+", "I can't wait to go 2 rounds today"), debate if the girls are from Japan or Korea, JDG has a clear preference for celebrity trainees because he asked "is she a trainee too?"
Funniest thing is one of the chat from JDG stated that he is scared of going to a party, though it's full of hot girls and he's the only guy there, because Seo In Young is there. Seo In Young is close to his wife so he got some guts to even try his luck with her around.
And in few chats, they also mentioned Jung WooSung and Lee JungJae (something like they basically live and "have fun" in a bar known to provide special services).

1st pic - discussing and sharing pic of a girl just returned from USA. JJM is going to have a home party and managed to get this girl to come for the party. Here he used words like "oh she wants to become a celeb TOO?" So Knet was shocked and there were comments suggesting couch casting since both are very influential.

Pic 2 - JDG admitted to knowing the girl in pic and recalled she has no manners. JJM first teased him on how did he met a 21yo and then replied that manners don't matter when "you got them into bed".

And the worst is JDG's wife was pregnant with the first kid in 2013 when these messages are sent. At the very least, JJM is still single when he did all that hook ups and prostitution.

Knetz think JDG's company and SM have some strong influence and manipulated the search engine. Instead of him being pushed to the chopping board, JJM is on the front page and his wife Dr Min's name is on Naver's top search for the whole day.

No. 71840

File: 1578792738119.jpg (48.51 KB, 863x222, allkpop.jpg)

same issue at allkpop.
where is allkpop registered?

No. 71844

allkpop is American but does a lot of non-user-submitted reporting out of Korea. Wouldn't be surprised if they were in the pocket of several korean entertainment companies.

No. 71845

Fucking hell, WHY
Hwasa of all people, ugh

No. 71859

damn, seo in young havent heard that name in awhile does she still perform as ~elly~

No. 71860

him and hyuna are so weird. they seem like a perfect match with their ugly fashion sense and fondness for looking like homeless drug addicts.

No. 71863

File: 1578816517377.png (44.22 KB, 804x178, Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 08.08…)

god what's wrong with this guy. it's one thing to be ugly but another to be a complete dick

No. 71865

All of these idols are taking anxiety breaks now.

No. 71866

Jfc I wonder if there underage girls too. It's very likely if they were trainees…disgusting

No. 71867

He said it in knowing bros

The purpose of knowing bros is to roast

No. 71869


No. 71870

File: 1578826586810.jpg (186.27 KB, 1000x1500, p4l2Fki.jpg)

https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2020/01/enter-talk-female-idols-fathers-alleged.html Wow if it really is Jungyeon, Twice are going down.(this is an imageboard)

No. 71871

Thank you for sharing this

No. 71872

What did he say? I'm not sure i want watch it

No. 71873

Nta but I watched half of it.
It's like a documentary or something and they're following this dude around, and he …just comments on how weird this dude is. Nothing interesting so far (as with all pewdiepie content) and I don't think he badmouthed bts or anything, he even said said that Jimin is "not a bad pick" at least.
He's really careful not to anger kpop fans lol.

No. 71874

File: 1578835704574.jpeg (78.17 KB, 840x750, D04E69DB-D863-4C5C-A8C3-989EE0…)

It can also be Lisa’s father?

No. 71875

>>71873 pewdiepie likes kpop as far as i know

No. 71876

if it's her dad, blackpink is over in korea/japan rip
thought he only 'liked kpop' for the lols and to attract stans to watch his videos

No. 71877

>>71876 idk he apparently went to concerts so thats a far gone meme

No. 71878


Stop ur hateboner. He is a fan of K-pop for a good while. He is a big fan of both BTS and G-Dragon. If he wanted to attract kboos to his channel he would have started making k-pop baits everyday.

No. 71879

It's a chef working in South Korea so it's not lisa's dad

This is something that happened last october. Idk how it got leaked/trending all of a sudden but apparently making assumptions about the perpetrator is banned from korean platforms.


>The father and owner chef of a female idol singer was accused of sexually assaulting a restaurant employee. Some mention Jung-yeon's father, a member of the famous idol group 'Twiss' as an accused chef, but the fact is not confirmed. However, dissemination of such indiscreet speculation may result in legal penalties, so be careful. 

No. 71880

why are you so defensive

No. 71881

> he loves kpop! otherwise he would talk everyday about how much he hates it!

he never promoted kpop as something he has an interest in.he went to a gdragon concert.not the same as “being a fan of kpop”

No. 71888

except lisa's stepdad lives in thailand presumably so why would korean police investigate him?

No. 71890

please dont misuse the word hateboner like that.
correct usage would apply to posts such as: >>71782
>makes me really anxious,… cant see this shit being sustainable for much longer

anon is clearly way too much involved in kpop

No. 71911

That reminds me of this 0:14

No. 71912

she's serving this with hip pads

No. 71913

File: 1578853975980.jpeg (50.14 KB, 735x490, EOGZC1bX0AEEsEs.jpeg)

No. 71914

File: 1578854285898.jpg (38.08 KB, 669x393, MiD8iOJ.jpg)

does anybody else think that jimin (aoa) is really weird looking?(nitpick)

No. 71915

File: 1578854414798.jpg (Spoiler Image,185.84 KB, 668x393, bIKTzEf.jpg)

nightmare fuel

No. 71917

what hate boner??? the first comment you quoted wasn't even me
why is it always the members with the flattest asses that do dances like that lmao

No. 71920

she looks like shes had a jaw shave, and possibly something done on her chin. if her chin was smaller + her face was wider she would look better imo.

she looks a bit like mira lol

No. 71922

>>71913 why are you posting old ass no context pics?

No. 71924


Kek, you guys could have just watched the video >>71869

He says "I admit, I was bitten by the kpop-bug for a while too" hinting at not being into to atm.

He also calls kpop manufactured, says all kpop stars have had plastic surgery and that BTS stans are insane.

No. 71926

File: 1578865564494.jpg (87.5 KB, 643x505, jino nct.jpg)

Anyone know what this is about?
I know that Jino has spilled tea in previous vids (was on SM and their use of sasaengs related to BTS).

No. 71927

File: 1578866033503.jpg (111.08 KB, 501x960, EOCpXuiX4AAv5JX.jpg)

maybe it has something to do with this? idk who the guy is but it seems like his internet activity comes down to criticizing kpop acts and producing music

No. 71928

File: 1578866112303.jpeg (119.06 KB, 501x960, 5CDDC186-3CA8-4997-B7EF-6AF62B…)


The only group he rly supports is bts honestly

No. 71929

It's probably someone in super junior they've pretty much all had something bad come out about them. Yunho doesn't have an iphone I'm pretty sure. And he's the most seemingly harmless. I'd genuinely be shocked, if he had a scandal. Anyone else, I wouldn't. Maybe they were going to expose Changnmin's girlfriend, but I'm also pretty sure he has an iphone, so idk.

No. 71930

i hope he posts that vid his twitter referred to.
yeah, he seems to mainly support bts. he has made plenty other vids giving props to other groups though.

No. 71932

>is a ratmy
>wants 'delusional people' to wake up
>says sm uses sasaeng against his precious hyungs
>no one but bts is ready for international success
>talks about others looking plastic while jhope, jimincel and co. exist
Lol why would you believe anything a blatant stan claims to know about his fav's enemy?

In kpop it's safe to say that if it applies to one group, then it applies to all other groups as well. There is no good agency, no group in which all members are talented, 'natural', body positive/woke and best friends with each other. No matter how much they claim to not be like the other groups, bts is exactly the same (but a billion times more overrated).

No. 71933

for entertainment/milk. just ignore the fangirling part.

>sm uses sasaengs

yeah, he isnt the only one that has said that. sm have a rep, bit like yg people partying the hardest.

No. 71934

File: 1578870076284.png (643.57 KB, 658x645, Screenshot_59.png)

No. 71935

It's not milk if some btsfag makes up shit to proof that everybody is inferior to bts…
This is what people comment:
>Just found that video & I gotta say I agree with evrthing you said and I get your frustration. I also get very annoyed when these cringy Kpop groups come to the US. They need to step up their game to follow BTS here otherwise these groups will kill Kpop’s chance in the US
Totally not just fandom talk… Bts good, others pretentious and cringy.
And when somebody replied to 'take note kpoppies' by saying that bts are kpop too, they come up with this
>Ooohh, racist. Saying everyone who sings in Korean, is kpop. If they're backed by a Korean company, kpop. Gatekeeping too. We aren't taking away their nationality - they just aren't kpop. Never have been, never were

Seventeen and nuest might be unknown in the west but in korea they're like number 3 and 4 (if bts is 1 and exo 2) in terms of popularity, so bighit really achieved complete monopoly status with this. I called it during those year end award shows, it was always big 3 and some smaller agencies, now everything is solely bighit, no more competition at all.
Yg destroyed themselves but I wouldn't be surprised if bighit had a hand in all of those twice scandals that keep happening lately. They're obviously very buddy buddy with dispatch (who constantly does shoots with bts instead of exposing their dirt like they do with other idols). Nct and itzy aren't popular enough, after exo, red velvet, twice and got7 retire jyp and sm will go down too.

No. 71936

File: 1578870995406.png (321.19 KB, 443x661, Screenshot_21.png)

Had a laugh at this

No. 71938

File: 1578872072146.png (38.13 KB, 875x173, Screenshot (112).png)

I correct myself: seventeen sold the 2nd most after bts, bighit literally bought their biggest rival. That's some cartel-tier shit.

No. 71939

File: 1578872305329.png (4.72 MB, 2048x2048, aamiiyynzgv31.png)

i just found this photo of lisa online, and i dont know why people find rose ugly when lisa looks completely plastic and weird. Pretty sure she is taking a lot of fillers.

i dont know how this chick even fooling people her face is legit when on google images every single photo of her face is not even the same

No. 71940

File: 1578873746549.jpg (207.02 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1578873646765.jpg)


I hope this doesn't count as nitpicking since I'm quoting an actual news


A group of netizens began to body shame her, claiming she had the body of an “elementary school kid“. The comments shot up to the “Most Liked Comments” section as other malicious haters jumped on to attack Jimin.

“Elementary schooler”

“Maybe it’s cause she’s a skeleton but I feel nothing from looking at her… Her body’s hard to look at that it’s not even worth getting judged”

“I hate her whiny voice when she raps. Her body’s like a 3rd grader’s too”

“How can a female idol look so unsexy in a swimsuit photo? She’s not cute and she’s not pretty”

“Is she really a celebrity?… She has no curves at all…”

“What is this elementary school kid doing with her kid’s swimsuit”

— K-Netizens

No. 71941

If the rumors are correct and Bighit acquires RBW, they’ll have Mamamoo who is the 4th biggest gg along with Gfriend who’s the 5th (I think?). This is a major tinfoil but if Twice has more scandals leaked to the press, Gfriend could pick up the cutesy uncle-fan spot that Twice is occupying.

No. 71942

she looked much better in her predebut pictures. should've just stopped at the nose job
there's so many idols that have the same body shape as her that get praised. what's with this change of heart??

No. 71943

It's not April fools yet wtf

No. 71945

Netizens aren't consistent and will change from shitting on a group to pretending that they loved them at the drop of a hat. BTS became laughingstock in the eyes of the Korean public to being the nation's darlings after gaining Western clout. Same with SNSD when they became more popular after their first couple of comebacks.

Taeyeon and IU have a similar body type of Jimin and would get praised for being thin.

No. 71948

bigshit so woke acquiring a group with a rapist in it

No. 71949

No. 71950

Anon pls elaborate, sounds potentially milky

No. 71951

Is this some odd jeonghan meme?

No. 71952

>>71948 anon is probs referring to when jeonghan grabbed his bandmate's dick on purpose while having a vlive(?)

No. 71953

lolwut. How does that make him a rapist? That's gross as fuck but nowhere near as serious as >>71948 implied.

No. 71954

I think they mean baekho. He was accused of sexual assault a couple years ago.

No. 71956

that would make more sense. i wasnt even aware nuest had such a scandal. probably because they dont have any western fans at all.

No. 71957

>Taeyeon and IU have a similar body type of Jimin and would get praised for being thin
but iu and taeyeon are talented and pretty and don't take weird photos of themselves for attention

No. 71959

i always thought she resembled an oompa loompa or something

No. 71961

Considering sales, nu'est is behind got7 and stray kids
I think you're being a little catastrophic. SM has been around since the dawn of kpop and they pratically invented the genre formula. Maybe they'll struggle a bit to adapt themselves to the 4th gen but ultimately they'll be ok. Same for JYP. Another thing is that Nu'Est has to enlist around the same time as bts since their youngest was born in 95.

Mte they're know pretending they don't dig the prepubescent anorexic body type kek

No. 71963

File: 1578890386323.jpeg (33.43 KB, 480x360, F2317421-8B35-48FD-9C8C-9D9BF5…)

korean people call her samuel l. jackson kek

No. 71965

It's not what you say or do but who you are…iu, taeyeon & co are pretty universally popular and loved, aoa jimin is not. Even if she looked identical to taeyeon and sang just like her she'd still be criticized…it's not always logical. Totally applies to post >>71939 too, Lisa is praised just for breathing bc she's popular and likable not because she's actually that beautiful. It's her vibe, clout, persona, all the nonphysical things that make up k idol popularity. Rose is pretty and has good style but insecure and can't carry that image so she gets shit on by netizens despite not really doing anything wrong (afaik? I don't follow bp)

Cmiiw but gfriend haven't been cute since their first few title tracks and even those were more innocent high school concept, not snsd "kissing you" with lollipops or shouting "oppa oppa" or whatever? But twice are maturing their concept too so i could see BH keeping gf around as like the senior gg with more mature image while they cook up a revamped twice 2.0 type project?

I'm kinda over all these 4- and 5-member girl crush type groups, i hope someone tries to come up with something fresh soon. Itzy isn't groundbreaking but i sure wondered why no one had done that before, it seems so obvious when I think of all those Disney channel teen girl singers I grew up with in the early 2000s like Hilary duff, Lindsay lohan etc.

No. 71967

File: 1578895621812.jpg (142.58 KB, 1007x639, grainy af.jpg)

Seriously don't know how blinks and YG can say that Lisa has never had plastic surgery or used fillers when she looks completely different from her predebut photos. She has a cute eye shape tho.

No. 71968

She's always given me a goblin-y vibe similar to that of Ying Tze (that Malay streamer). Like their jaw/chin size and the distance between their eyes are out of whack compared to the rest of their face.

Rosé gets played up as the underdog of the group so people cheer her on as the "ignored but super talented" one.

No. 71969

File: 1578896369931.png (304.47 KB, 898x795, ww.png)

well I doubt exo is going to be doing much anytime soon(if that wasn't already obvious). hopefully fans don't try and kick him out like that guy from super junior

No. 71970

File: 1578896914120.jpg (105.74 KB, 828x738, IMG_20200113_002833.jpg)


He might've implied that they have a baby on the way too

No. 71971

im really surprised at the amount of out of wedlock babies idols are having the last few years
will be interesting to see how people react

No. 71972

>ree out of wedlock babies
Um ok christfag

No. 71973

uh…we're talking about korea, a country that tries to pretend people dont have sex outside of marriage, and the entire idol industry literally revolves around idols being "untouched" and "available" for fans

way to misinterpret what i was implying

No. 71974

File: 1578897489100.jpg (47.56 KB, 500x336, chen.jpg)

well if it's the same girl he was allegedly dating before it seems like they've been together since at least 2015 but it could be someone entirely new. her getting pregnant makes it sound more like a "oops well now we have to get married" but good luck to them.

No. 71975

please not the korean society derailing again http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180307000327

No. 71976

we're talking about idols, who can barely even date without fans sending them death threats and leaking private information because their feefees get hurt

lgbt acceptance is rising too but its still not going to be a non scandalous issue if idols start doing it in mass

No. 71979

lmao that is so random and out of the blue. How are fans reacting to it? Do you know?

No. 71980

File: 1578898585373.png (211.94 KB, 714x542, 1039034.png)

babby confirm

No. 71981

Nta but all I'm seeing so far is 2 femcel fansites closing.

No. 71982

'IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM' is on its way to trending rn, with both 'jongdae' and 'chen' trending #1 and #2 worldwide, so you can probably infer how the fans are feeling

No. 71983

File: 1578899224128.jpeg (200.41 KB, 750x934, 37AD5432-1D4D-447D-B293-9370FE…)

Full translation

No. 71984

File: 1578899287575.jpeg (199.91 KB, 750x932, 252C8481-93F2-4F19-8EDA-476ECF…)

No. 71986

Wonder how korean fans reacted….

No. 71987

Chen is Exo's Jihyo, but even a hundred times less popular, so most don't give af what he does.
Telling him to leave, like fans did with certain members of other groups wouldn't make sense, simply because they need him for his voice.

I also thought that him being in a relationship was kind of an open secret? Was this leaked first and he reacted by admitting it via this letter, or did he himself just say this out of nowhere?
Never gonna happen, but I'd really like the other members to come clean as well about whether they're dating or not. They're so rich and already nearing their 30s, who cares anymore.

I always wonder how somebody like him or Changmin get to know and date non-celebrity women, like how can you know that they won't just use you for your money? It's probably right to assume that dating between idols and staff can happen and that's why bighit has mostly males employed.

No. 71988

>Chen is Exo's Jihyo
What. Chen isn't even the best vocal in Exo. Exo would still have one of the most solid vocal lines of a kpop boy group without him in it, he's not carrying them.

No. 71989

I've been wondering that too, how can these idols ever be sure that their non celeb friends genuinely care for them and aren't using them for money? People get married all the time for money ex. the whole Royal family issue right now where people are saying the Meghan girl had the prince wrapped around her finger until he fell hard into love. And now she has everything she's ever wanted plus the money. I know alot of people who would do the same for money, not even being close to in love with whoever they married. How do we know she's just not using the dude for money. It must suck being famous but idk Korea is a different society. Guess this confirms Exo is basically done as a group since he took the opportunity to get the girl knocked up.

No. 71990

File: 1578901041603.jpeg (219.13 KB, 1242x1098, 3F317D8E-5FA8-4E66-97ED-A448C6…)

No. 71991

Right, especially since dating non-celebrities almost never ends well for women (ex: Goo Hara)

I like DO's vocal tone better but I do think Chen is the best singer in terms of technical ability - though ultimately vocal talent is pretty unimportant in Kpop

>maturing their concept
Everyone is saying this and I don't understand why. Their songs are still as cutesy as ever, they just changed clothes from tennis skirts to LBDs.

No. 71992

I never noticed her face changes until seeing older photos next to current ones holy shit. Her face looks like those 40 year old white women who get fillers and botox, I'm not really sure how to describe it but she looks so skeletal in general, even her hands the bones are sticking out. And she's using fillers to keep her face from looking hollow but now her smile looks messed up.

No. 71993

Jihyo is the least popular in Twice and Chen is by far the least popular in Exo, so nobody cares that they're no longer single. What's so difficult to understand about this?
And if not him, who else is supposed to be the best vocalist in Exo? Baekhyun and Do are good too but he's still slightly above.

The only way I can see it work is if you're childhood friends and know each other since before you turned successful. Or if the partner is wealthy too.

No. 71995

I'm sure Chen and Changmin's GFs are wealthy as fuck or super accomplished, non-celebrity ≠ average Jane

No. 71998

Currently in SK and it's funny how irrelevant idols are in South Korea aside from BTS who is literally everywhere. Some fansite of V paid off a bunch of cafes near me to give out drink holders saying "Happy Birthday" with his face on them. Every shop here tries to have an ad of BTS to cater to their delusional fans I assume.

Irene is everywhere in ads and so is Suzy surprisingly. There is mostly lots of actors in ads, and the majority of 'idol' ads (aside from BTS) I've seen have been Itzy and Txt on Lotte ads across town. Cha Eun Woo is also in a couple of ads but he's handsome so I get it. Blackpink is also popular here in ads despite having like 10 shitty songs.

IU's music is literally everywhere unless you're in a restaurant or store where they blast k-pop. Foreigner populated areas like to play k-pop. The majority of young people don't care for kpop at all nor do they dress typically cute. College students are too busy studying all the damn time to really put a ton of effort into how they look.

Anyway, if you're a pretty white girl, people will love you here. I've been asked to be on a major tv network which was probably a coincidence as I was at their 'museum' and the producer saw me. They wanted "westerners" (prob just white people) and the Korean kids picked for the show were dressed to the fucking nines while we were kinda blandly dressed (not as fashionable). Point is, being pretty and white will give you attention and you don't really have to try too hard except maybe not looking like a total bum. BUT no one will talk to you about it unless they maybe know you. Men will stare but will never approach you. Some will be very obvious about filming you from afar, it's fucking weird. People might ask for pictures if the occasion is right (i.e, you're renting a Hanbok).

No. 71999

Same OP but they also play k-drama ballad music in bars here. Not all, but a few do and it's the weirdest vibe killer.

No. 72000

i remember when his dating scandals first surfaced back in 2016, most exols believed she's using him for her own personal gain after she leaked couple selfies with him after their supposed breakup(?)

No. 72006

Smells like a larp, especially the last paragraph.

No. 72009

How is your last paragraph remotely relevant to the thread? If you wanna brag about being a ~*white female*~ in Korea, go back to PULL or your koreaboo videos on YT..

No. 72010

Jealous kboo spotted. I'm not Angelina Danilova level but an average white girl trying to explain the presence of white people in korean popular culture. It's true that white people are treated well here.

Again, the last paragraph is meant to explain why white people are in kpop and shows. Plus a lot of people here are probably interested in visiting Korea. Forgive me for not posting a video of BTS to add to the thirty we have here already.

No. 72012

>>72009 you forgot her calling herself pretty kek

No. 72013

File: 1578907674514.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3508.JPG)

White anon in Korea again, I literally couldn't believe my eyes that auntie himself landed himself a solo sponsor deal. The rest of the members were probably booked.

Spoiler because he is terrifying.

No. 72014

Lmaoooo you are truly so bitter. God forbid I lie to myself about how I look and also downplay the importance of looks here. They like good looking westerners, you don't have to be Angelina Danilova level at all to get attention here, just decently pretty, being pale helps.

Why say that they like visibly ugly white people when they don't? Korean society is obv fatphobic anyways, you all should know that by now if you're a kboo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72015

All of them are working with Lemona, you’re both conceited and uninformed. Come back when you have something useful to say.

No. 72016

What kind of larpy kboo bullshit is this? You almost barely had me in the first half up until the last paragraph. People are asking you a nobody to be on a major tv network? Does that sound legit to you? How much you wanna bet that was asexual trafficking scam or sumn?

My only question is what was the point of that post? Most of that stuff is common knowledge. We already know bts is huge in Korea and that koreans dgaf about k-pop.

No. 72017

>>72014 omg eonnie if you're so pretty post a picture so we can ship you with an oppa <3333

No. 72018

Kpop played in Korea. Celebrities on ads. Truly groundbreaking information right here. Congrats on your 15 minutes of white fame.

No. 72019

>>72016 she wanted to brag, thats the point lmao

No. 72020

No I think anon refers to Nuest Baekho, he had a scandal/ rumour about molesting a girl during predebute school days…

No. 72021

What a loser. I can't wait for her to come back and shit up the thread with her lame attempts of defending herself

No. 72023

lmao nothing like a good ol' run of the mill shutgun wedding.

No. 72024

Lmao tf is this. Honestly no one cares in SK if you're white. When I went last year we just got the occasional old man asking about Theresa May LMAO.

I will say that Momolands Boom Boom was literally everywhere tho.

No. 72025

Babby's first trip to Korea

No. 72026

no condom no sex and shotgun wedding is currently treding in korean twitter. this proves how backwards their society is lmao imagine begging your idols rn to have vasectomy just because chen got someone pregnant and is now marrying her. pathetic fangirls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72027

that's honestly hilarious

No. 72028

yup that last paragraph was 100% larping. this is most likely a hamplanet ratmy who went to sk just for taehyung birthday events.

No. 72029

Lmao speaking of which, bunch of y'all be larping as kota's clone/gaijin model aesthetic and stick out like a sore thumb in gongdeokdong. Dye your hair in a less attention whorey drugstore blonde and see if anyone in the streets will look at you twice.

No. 72030

No. 72031

Apparently it’s not her he’s marrying

No. 72032

>[+2089, -149] Although I’m a fan of another group, I feel weird looking at the article. But if he were my singer, I would have collapsed
>[+743, -9] That blessing means she’s pregnant, right?
>[+536, -9] The fans are in shock.
>[+448, -12] She’s pregnant so he gets married
>[+365, -110] But I think Chen is really cool. There are many celebrities who are trash these days. Chen’s protecting his wife and child at the risk of being criticized. It’s so cool to be responsible.
>[+182, -14] I’m not a fan of EXO, but his responsible appearance seems to be something to be congratulated on.

Exofags claim that ratmys are posing as them and talk shit about him to make them look bad. I can definitely imagine ifans doing that, but what about koreans, is that a thing there too?
Feels like the opinions are divided, some are saying he's shit and that his fans have a right to feel betrayed while others say that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants and that fans are only jealous bitches.

Knowing whatever that is totally doesn't make you seem like as much of a kboo as the kboo you're responding to lol

No. 72033

File: 1578917235573.jpeg (272.74 KB, 1125x1080, A4FE106E-543D-49C5-899A-500BDB…)

It’s a bot but hiding/posing as ratmy or its actual ratmy just hiding behind a bot lol

No. 72034

K ratmys are worse about doing crap like that than the I ones and always have been

No. 72035

male fans posing as female fans to talk shit is common so i wouldn't be surprised if kratmys we're making rude comments and changing their layout to an exo one. from what i've seen on twitter eggs are spamming his name + nice words to clear the searches and sasaeng fansites are freaking out and closing

No. 72036

this is such bullshit no one pays attention to you in seoul, especially not white girls. if you’re black then maybe

No. 72037

>>72031 who said that?

No. 72038

A couple sasaengs, they said it’s someone he hasn’t even been so long with

No. 72039

>>72038 yikes

No. 72040

Well nobody really cares about Chen. So he can continue as before without much changing. I don’t really think they need saesangs to support them to survive anyways.

I am also ready to see him everywhere in twitter for a while.

No. 72041

People are saying how brave he is for coming out and saying that he is getting married. The guy knocked the girl up, did he have any other choice? Lmao.

No. 72042

There is one more option

No. 72043

File: 1578921452315.jpeg (254.72 KB, 828x718, 552739A4-706F-4F04-AF55-82AF5C…)

>Well nobody really cares about Chen. So he can continue as before without much changing.
nah lots of ppl want him to leave exo and think him promoting with them is “unfair”

No. 72044

i love when kpop stans say they are not crazy and obsessed!! then do this shit. they act like dictators over the lives of some strangers.

No. 72045

I wonder how many kpop idols secretly have kids now.

It's dumb they have to hide it.

No. 72046

I'm curious to know why exo-ls are so upset about Chen getting married but barely cared about Kai dating Jennie? Is marriage like the ultimate form of betrayal to kpop fans?

No. 72047

i think they didn’t care since it came right after hyuna and edawn,plus it sounds kind of fake and it’s nothing scandalous. also jennie seems to be well loved in korea,if it were about lisa i don’t think it would have been well received

No. 72048

Probably. And fans know that these relationships don't last long but marriage means..that's it.
But I've noticed that fans just hate these less popular members just for the sake of it. They just seem to be looking for something to get angry about, or maybe they think the future of exo will be in danger or something bs like that.

No. 72050

Finally nb translated korean comments
Most are from non-fans saying they('d) understand fans going crazy but many also congratulate him and say that at least he takes responsibility.
>[+678, -36] The sad thing about the timing is that he has to enlist soon so the woman is basically going to have to raise the kid herself for a while
>[+1,186, -17] Didn't he claim to be shocked at watching DO's kiss scene… Jongdae-ya, you're more shocking
>[+844, -28] I'm sorry but taking responsibility for a life you created is a definite thing, not something deserving of praise
>[+772, -87] I knew he had a girlfriend and it's fine that he wants to marry her but as a fan, I don't understand why you'd commit pre-marital pregnancy. Let me just laugh
>[+576, -57] As a fan of 7 years, I'm just shocked. I don't know about leaving the fandom yet or whatever but… what about the other members?..
>[+9,489, -200] He's "cool" for taking responsibility? Taking responsibility is not something cool, it's something definite! Anyway, I am surprised but congratulations.
>[+7,521, -517] Sure, that's great and all, but why would you not use protection knowing that you haven't even served in the army yet? What is this, Jongdae-ya… I'm actually worried for the woman right now. Imagine her situation… she's pregnant before getting married, her partner's an idol, he hasn't served yet, he has a ton of young fans… If he had any respect for his girlfriend at all, he wouldn't have planned to marry her in this manner. I'm glad he's taking responsibility but I hope that he's able to protect her and lead a happy life.
>[+1,922, -141] I support your happiness. Congratulations on your marriage as Kim Jongdae, the person you are before you are an EXO member.
>[+435, -9] Someone want to help my dongsaeng out…? She's a crying mess right now
>[+531, -113] I've supported and believed in him for the past 6 years but I cannot congratulate him on a pre-marital pregnancy. He will now be putting his team at risk by choosing to raise a baby and pursue his career at the same time.
>[+78, -7] No wonder he was sobbing at their concert and asking fans if they were going to stay with him forever, I was wondering what was going on it was because he was going to come out with this
>[+38, -0] Fans are claiming that he was honest with them but he announced it at the 7 month mark of her pregnancy
>[+1,035, -195] I'm shocked but… I support you!!!
>[+154, -5] I'd be pissed if I got a Chen card in their album… how can you fangirl over a baby daddy? It'd be so weird fangirling over someone else's husband
>[+149, -2] You guys pour your money into him so that he can use that money to buy a home and get married in and then you leave the fandom what a comedy
>[+119, -11] I couldn't fangirl for him imagine him using my money to raise his baby with, no thanks
>[+118, -16] Just leave EXO. Don't turn this group into a 'married man' group and just quietly leave. DO and Baekhyun can cover the singing, it's not like you have any big position that you cover. I'm not a personal fan of Chen so I don't care if he gets married or has a baby but it really makes me angry that he's affecting the group like this. I'm sure he didn't plan for this but how could he not be careful? He should've been more careful if he was considerate of the other members at all. Kai's dating scandal was practically aegyo compared to this.

Exactly, with Kai they hoped/knew that it wouldn't last.

No. 72051

wow…. I know getting married or anything serious before the man has served in the army is badly seen but damn.
I also don't understand how any of this will be "putting EXO at risk" ?? It's like they don't even get that it's the fans' actions that will affect exo and not Chen himself. If nobody cared about him getting married or having a baby then nothing will change for exo as a group.

No. 72052

I thought that less popular members had it easy when it comes to dating and stuff. He is getting so much shit, lord….and what do they mean by the group getting effected? They all seem done with a group career anyways, and more eager to start their solo careers. I don’t think either of the members give much shit.

No. 72053

They said they thought about leaving SM together and continuing as a group (because they might not make it on their own?)

Korean twitter trends right now
1. Shotgun marriage
2. No condom no sex
3. (The baby's) 7 months
4. Our Jongdae
5. Very shocked
7. Fans mental
8. Vasectomy kek
10. Marriage announcement
13. Cheering for Jongdae
16. Jongdae
17. Chen
18. Pregnancy wedding
19. Handwritten letter
Some are even worse, like "just leave" lol

At first it sounded good for him, but even ifans are pissed that he kept it hidden for 7 months and now obviously only gets married because of that.

No. 72055

>he announced it at the 7 month mark of her pregnancy
if you usually know about this stuff when the fetus is 3 months old… what about his recent solo release? maybe there's something about it in the lyrics?

No. 72056

The title track is called Beautiful Goodbye lol

No. 72057

>>72056 anon is talking about his second album I suppose, that gas the title track "Shall we

No. 72058

I find it weird that people expect Jongdae to tell the world he knocked the girl up before especially because the woman isn’t in the spotlight and it should have be her choice to do so. I think it’s a very private matter and not just his choice to do so. Maybe that’s just me lol The icky thing is that he’s going into the army soon so feel bad for the woman about that. I don’t think any woman wants to raise a baby by themselves.

No. 72059

I'm not very knowledgable about Exo, so for those who are saying no one cares because it's Chen (which I don't even agree with because just look at the drama that's unfolding right now), who are the most popular members that would essentially break up the group if they tried to do something like this? Like for BTS I know it's the maknae line and for Twice it's Nayeon and Sana but for Exo?

No. 72060

File: 1578928282301.png (11.86 KB, 601x109, condoms.png)

No. 72061

>Don't turn this group into a 'married man' group and just quietly leave
What's even a 'married man' group

No. 72063

File: 1578929069378.png (673.54 KB, 773x747, shotgun wedding.png)

That was fast.

No. 72064

Im pretty sure about Chanyeol and Baekhyun, probably DO (since his acting career is taking off might have more recognition among overall korean gp)

No. 72065

I'd say Baekhyun/Chanyeol>Sehun>Do>Xiumin>Kai>>>>>Suho/Chen but of course there's no way to say for sure.

Lmao it's getting better and better. I think he'll be forced to leave within the next couple days.

No. 72066

lol throwback to when exo talked about marriage or something with jyp and the whole female audience went crazy and screamed "nooo", and then the terrified look in exo's faces.
Kpop actively enables this behavior and every time something like that happens the comments all say how you shouldn't waste your money on them but we all know desperate, insecure teens won't stop…seriously, what do they think? that these grown ass men and women stay single for the rest of their lives just because they need to sell an illusion to their lonely fans?

No. 72067

File: 1578929669449.png (4.4 MB, 1125x2436, FFB62B79-0FDF-457A-A048-3D7CF3…)

this is from a few years ago (2016), ranking their popularity based off of magazine sales. i’m sure it’s changed a bit with scandals and enlistment. but some of the comments claimed that they didn’t buy their biases cover because they were sold out at their local store or because they thought another member looked better

No. 72069

Did she have another nose job? The tip is looking smaller and more defined than usual in this pic

No. 72070

just got confirmed it’s false info

No. 72071

the reaction to chen's whole situation just reveals again how, after all, it is really the korean fans, who throw the biggest hissy fit over situations like that

No. 72072

He really should have announced this earlier. Kpop idols are based on this imagined transparency that ruining it is bound to hurt the fandom at least a bit.

No. 72074

File: 1578931692188.jpeg (605.8 KB, 1125x1294, 68120822-51DC-4DF6-B115-58C4D8…)

Strange rumor.

No. 72075

Are they for real? Are they planning to just flip like that? Good lord.

No. 72076

Do u really think that? I think not.

No. 72077

Exo and Chen should be happy over the fact that entire Korea talks about them now, it shows that they're not as irrelevant as many claim/thought they are lol

Ratmys are probably overjoyed
>last year: downfall of YG
>last couple of months: continous Twice scandals
>yesterday: Bighit simply buys BTS's biggest competitor
>today: their arch enemy fucks up big time, might not recover

No. 72078

So is it true or possible that Chen’s fiancé’s IG is mihee.0405

No. 72079

Male idols really DO have it easier. There are a lot idols out there that have long-term gfs…and most of the fans know it…

No. 72080

i'm living in seoul right now and have been for the past six months. your little koreaboo white girl fantasy is super cute but so detached from reality that it's honestly almost sad. the only part that's half right is the people asking for pictures in hanbok. maybe try watching less I GOT ASKED OUT IN KOREA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?! story times?

No. 72081

they could've aborted or he could've left her. I feel like quiet a few male idols got a girl pregnant and pay child support so they stay quiet
probably a few sasaeng fan sites say they broke up

No. 72082

the females abort rather than keep it a secret

as for the males it could very well happen if they engage in a ton of prostitution/groupie fucking

No. 72083

Seems likely simply because she’s not showing in her recent pictures and I very much doubt she would have pre-planned it. There is a picture of some child though?

No. 72084

whats going on with all this crazy fan talk?can you believe people,even these kpop idols,actually want to marry and have kids,lay low and live life? all idols do is abort babies out of fear of dumb fans and run prostitution rings?

No. 72087

Love the fans and covering up their cry fest by saying they are worried for his wife because she's ~forced to be a mom and cant work properly~. She got knocked up by a rich idol and can appear on any of the 1000000 celebrity parent shows that are airing now to pimp put the kid and make even more money. I'm sure she'll be just fine kek.

And military service?! Get real, idols just sit at desks all day and come home like usual to eat dinner and sleep like ANY job. He's not going to be bunking in with thirty 20 year olds and doing normie training.

Im just sad it wasn't a bts member. I would pay to see them lose their shit if any of them knocked up a random girl after hiding from fans kek

No. 72088

SM denied that he married today, but not that she's already in her 7th month
>[+27, -4] EXO has seriously been on the decline after their hit with 'Growl' ㅋㅋㅋ they were on the top for a quick flash until Baekhyun came out with his dating scandal with Taeyeon, the Chinese members kept leaving, then Kai and Krystal and Jennie, and one last desperate attempt with Super M or whatever ㅋㅋ it seemed they were getting a roll going with variety shows on 'Knowing Bros' ㅋㅋ but now they're hit with this random shotgun wedding that will be the final nail in their coffin.
>[+560, -6] What an interesting way of getting married. "We're getting married!! (actually, it's today^_<)"
>[+67, -0] So he announced it on the day of his wedding and totally ruined the history and image that EXO has built over the past 8 years. He should know that there's nothing scarier than a fan who turns against you.
>[+65, -1] Apparently his girlfriend already posted pictures of their wedding on her account and then deleted it… Fans are pissed and releasing it all, so…
>[+52 -2] Either way, his career is over. I doubt his fans are going to send him gifts or anything anymore. Maybe he can bum a few gifts off the other members… He'll be forgotten, just like Super Junior's Sungmin…
He (or even Exo as a whole) is done for

No. 72089

idols involving in prostitution and drug scandals and crimes that have no remorse whatsoever: it's ok!!!! we support u oppa!!! uwu uwu uwu oppar did not do wrong, he is innocent!!!!


No. 72090

kek whats sad is that I still think baekyeon and kaistal were both sm's retarded attempts at covering up some more scandalous shit
neither of the couples seemed even slightly invested in one another

krystal and taeyeon are no for being miserable and acting disinterested in literally everything so its still funny to me that they chose those 2 to be in fake pr relationships

No. 72091

sorry i meant known* not no

No. 72092

Jesus, all the shotgun weddings in kpop. EXO stans are going on about how no birth control is foolproof (which is true) but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these shotgun weddings were caused by laziness.
I can kind of see Chen getting the boot and EXO going on without him. He’s not one of the more popular members and there’s still DO and Baekhyun for vocals.

No. 72094

he'll probably go solo and still make bank, to be honest. the gp doesn't care if you're a group full of druggies or a lolita supporter. beautiful goodbye was a hit by the korean public judging how it's been received until today. if it was fangirls alone he would've flopped, because no egg likes their ballad music especially something as boring as chens

No. 72095

that was his ex

No. 72096

okay tinfoil: the reason why chen and sm revealed this sooner because chanyeol was the idol who paid the hacker to not reveal the info in the katalk messages, which leads to his involvement in jung joon young's scandal. so sm thought sacrificing his lesser known idols was better than getting chanyeol and his pure oppar image exposed that would probably be the biggest scandal of the year.

shotgun marriages are nothing when one of your top idols are involved in a scandal that's going to ruin your whole company. also seungri's heading for prosecution so they're blocking that probably

feel free to tell me i'm a fucking dumbass though

No. 72097

their comments are funny because most of the international fans seem fine with it. i guess the only problem are korean fans?

No. 72098

maybe you're just ugly, anon

No. 72099

Talking about her, I know it is old but I got this popped up in my youtube recommendation and I swear I have never laughed harder in my life at how utterly talentless you can be and still have people hailing you as some beyonce level singer. Prepare your ears. 2:56 takes the cake.

No. 72100

But she's hot and a spoiled bitch. Every basic teen wants to be her.

No. 72101

File: 1578950573421.jpg (6.82 KB, 275x183, hwasa.jpg)

Her and hwasa need to stop doing that half-opened mouth thing, they don't have the mouth/lips for it to look seductive as with people who have fuller lips and defined cupid's bows so it looks weird, like they're disgusted or something. Jennie needs to stop spamming her insta with millions of selfies inspired by "baddies".

No. 72103

I like mamamoo a lot, and hwasa is actually my favorite out of the 4 of them but idk why they let her do her own makeup. her lips look upside down in that picture. either let my girl get fillers or take away her lipliner pls

No. 72104

File: 1578952986985.jpeg (457.4 KB, 1800x2303, B6D45D4D-4E43-407D-83C5-EAE583…)

Hwasa's features look a lot better when she highlights them with lighter less harsh makeup. I wish she'd go back to this kind of look

No. 72105

File: 1578953740336.jpg (86.93 KB, 800x600, jin.jpg)

so the latest stan twt drama is that… blinks are accusing BTS of promoting domestic abuse because Jin showed up in a new photoshoot where he had bruises smudged onto his face kek

also the usual charge of mIsoGynY


No. 72106

File: 1578953781236.jpg (70.33 KB, 715x1024, jin2.jpg)


more of the "problematic" photoshoot

No. 72107

out of the hundreds of idols, if you honestly think not one wants kids or to get married, you're a naive child.
i remember seeing blinks attempting to trend this awful performance a while ago. how come not a sing one of them good hear how bad this was kek
they need to stop over lining and just give her filler if they insist that she must have big lips. she looks like a clown and would look so much prettier with makeup that compliments her face

No. 72108


Blinks are definitely not the smartest fandom

No. 72109

lol does anyone remember when dispatch said that they were gonna leak something about an exo member being in a gay relationship, but then the then current south korean president got impeached and dispatch said that they weren't gonna release anything due to the political situation out of ~respect~ or whatever and they just never released anything about it

on that note, korean kpop/exo fans did not support that outing at all, they were pretty mature about it too.
said that it would ruin his career and how dispatch shouldn't out celebrities sexualities

No. 72111

I'm guessing it was Sehun, and yeah, apparently Dispatch has a rule in place now that they won't leak same sex relationships.

No. 72112

not to wk bts but how is a zombie apocalypse cosplay mysoginistic, meanwhile women promoting a song about a toxic relationship looking like domestic abuse victims is somehow not an issue whatsoever. radfem blonks need a reality check seriously.

No. 72113

no anon, I agree with you.
why do they keep saving molkayeol, he needs to fall

No. 72115

chanyeol is one of the more popular members and his chinese fans buys thousands of copies of albums + buys ads to promote exo in china and sea countries. it's free ads and exposure so they wouldn't want to lose that

No. 72116

blinks really going to gloss over how blackpink had an entire concept about "killing this love" and abusive/toxic relationships, at least thats what the woke fans tried to promote it as when promoting the woke queens all over social media. having pictures like that for the album with the girls looking beat up and vulnerable and crying really doesn't send off the We Are Killing This Love! vibe idk. seems almost reminiscent of the whole burning sun/yg scandal with pictures and videos of bruised and crying girls showing up in the chats. funny how yg gave them that concept in the midst of all of burning sun yet braindead fans think its about being empowering.

No. 72119

Damn i'm late
>kpop is irrelevant here
>proceeded to tell everything that contradicts your first statement
>im a pretty uwu white girl
>korean men secretly film me

No. 72120

They're afraid exo will get too comfortable and the other members will decide to get married one by one if their fans just gladly accept chen's decision kek

No. 72121

what's radfem about it?

No. 72124

>kota/gaijin model asthetic
Lmao someone needs to break it to these kboos that sk isn't as white-worshipping so that would never work that out there

No. 72125

File: 1578966668677.jpg (83.9 KB, 371x640, QoQ5xk6.jpg)

>>72120 Chen dated a few non celeb girls before, it was known among fans without problems. Fans are shocked that he is announcing a shotgun marriage so late tho, who knows if he really wants to marry. Paying her to give birth quietly as a single mom or abort is a HUGE scandal that will end his career like Kim HyunJoong. Knetz think Kai, Baekhyun are way more popular anyway.

No. 72126

has this been posted yet

>[+426, -9] The group would've just been over….

>[+308, -6] Me too, I feel like since it's Chen I'm just letting it slide, but if it was Baekhyun, I would've already left, and there are a lot of people like me

>[+289, -10] That's rightㅋㅋㅋ That's why it's a relief it wasn't a popular member

>[+130, -1] If it was Baekhyun, some fans would've already claim they will commit suicide and they would burn down their albums, rip open all their dolls and the earth would've been shaking now. Baekhyun would've then have to release an apology on his IG

>[+109,-1] Since it's Chen, people are going wild with the jokes on Twitter, but just picture this being Baekhyun or Suhoㅋㅋㅋㅋ No one would be able to joke around thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ngl i would love to see baekhyun's incel stans chimp out. them, chanyeols, and kyungsoos stans are the ones who want chen to leave the group.

No. 72130

>radfem blonks
cringe. are you a man or something?

No. 72133

acting like female empowerment means dancing in skimpy clothes while we kill this love and show off our war bruises

No. 72134

that's libfem, anon.

No. 72136

lots of FEMALE idols have done photoshoots and videos where they were dirtied and bruised up, including several zombie themed ones(t-ara and 4minute come to mind)
they didnt get shit because they didnt do it around a song literally seeming to be about domestic abuse

No. 72137

Holy shit stfu. They only give a fuck about your skin color if you’re black. I went to Japan with a black friend a few years ago (japan is similar enough to sk on this stuff) and they were actually taking pics/vids of her. It’s not a pleasant experience. It’s extremely uncomfortable and dehumanizing. Quit rping your kboo wet dream

No. 72138

but see, how does baek still have so many stans that would be offended if he knocked osmeone up, when he already allegedly dipped in taeyeons pool

No. 72141

Literally libshit of the highest order

No. 72142

Maybe they would rather it be taeyeon than some unknown girl that could have been the fan if they were lucky kek

No. 72143

That's why dating non celebrities is a huge risk. They most likely have ulterior motives behind approaching them. But Chen seemed to like them better as non celebrities it seems.

No. 72145

She's one of the rare few who looks better without makeup than with it, she has pretty strong features that don't need makeup to be brought out

They're just not good enough actresses to pull of the "tough survivors of a toxic relationship" vibe. No matter what they just look like scared little girls

No. 72147

You are so dumb for thinking radfems would defend bp's bruise-concept… either you just don't know shit about kpop fans and how the majority of them are sjw libfems or you just like to habitually use that as an insult.

No. 72152

At least Hwasa's more interesting to look at than those idols who start morphing into clones after too much ps.

She probably had some minor things done too but at least she doesn't give off this creepy robotic vibe like some do.

No. 72153

I'm pretty sure those "live" performances already have editing on their vocals anyway, especially if they're filmed by the company themselves

watch 3:03 onwards of this, she even has a backing track helping and shes off time and stops singing for parts. Having small decent vocal moments do not make a good performer

No. 72154

File: 1578997792690.png (36.05 KB, 728x249, Screenshot_1.png)

It's extreme cope to think the butthurt fans are muh white girls and not korean fans.

No. 72155

I honestly think most western Kpop stans are SEA who like the asian representation

most white girls aren’t into asian stuff(racebait)

No. 72156

Oh stop with this SEA thing. The person who wrote the stupid larp admitted to being a pretty uwu white girl, nayeon's stalker is a white dude, v's delusional ~girlfriend~ is also white, i can name a few other kboos but this is not my point. Race has nothing to do with being stupid. Just stop dragging SEA when it has nothing to do with the topic.

No. 72157

There was a Reddit post a while back that talked about autotune in 'live' performances and how Blackpink clearly used it.

Anyway, she's a horrible singer and it's clear she didn't train for it. I couldn't even tell what the song was for a bit and it says so right there in the title.

No. 72158

Rosé's screechy chimpmunk voice is terrible but Jennie's yelling is even worse.She has no sense of rhythm.
Why are people so far up her ass?I'm sure there are plenty of pretty and at least semi- talented idols out there.

No. 72159

>>72156 This anon has some serious issues with SEA people. They gotta drag SEA every chance possible, lmao.

No. 72160

they said nothing bad about SEA tho(samefagging)

No. 72161

jennie's masculine, throaty hollering is like a thousand donkey kicks to your eardrums

No. 72162

I've noticed how Jennie sometimes throws little humble brags out there, knowing fans will eat it up and make twitter threads about it ( I'm sure she googles herself like 100 times a day). She says things like ~I actually didn't get singing training~ And then all fans are like omg her vocals slay and they didn't even train her as a singer!!1 Or constantly implying that she helps with the writing..is that her way to cope with the undeserved popularity? I would think so but these videos of her singing and performing cover songs so confidently makes me think she thinks she's hot shit.
Even though back then I used to give every idol a chance, this girl and a few others have been so unlikable from the very beginning idk why. Almost all the other ones that I didn't like ended up being involved in some (bigger) controversy later so let's see…

No. 72163

Believe me, watch one of her vlives and you will have those feelings justified. Just watch her "crack" here around 8:17 when someone asked what her favorite colour was. The beginning is okay and then you get at the end ooof the entitlement.

No. 72164

Well considering her bland personality,she shouldn't be surprised that fans ask her the most boring and common questions

No. 72165

She's totally out of breath during the cover song.

No. 72167

Is it just me or is it quite obvious here that she's lipsyncing?Her mouth movements seem too exaggerated for some notes.

Also the backtrack of the guitar is quite obvious towards the end where she stops playing but keeps singing.It sounds the same as when she pretended to pluck it.

No. 72168

>>72162 Who other than her gave you bad vibes and ended up involved in some (bigger controversy)? Seungri? I'm quite curious to see if there are any other idols that clearly have a bad character.

No. 72169

>>72167 To be fair, I don't think she is. I think they just made sure the backtrack covers her actual voice so her terrible singing doesn't become obvious. If not, I do not understand why they would keep the 1:20 part in because it is clearly severely off pitch. Likewise to what the other anon mentioned earlier, I think she thinks she is a great singer, hence why at 1:20 she decides to showcase those great "vocals" she clearly didn't get any training for (which sweetheart, really? We can all tell). As for the guitar, yeah, she ain't playing that thing. At around 1:30 you can hear the supposed tap on the guitar but her hands are still moving the strings.

No. 72170

>>72153 Oh I don't doubt that for a second, YG did the same shit with 2NE1 and Big Bang if you watch what they posted on youtube. Though it becomes even more utterly pathetic if these are your "vocals" after they have been severely edited. Can you imagine how unsavable your voice must have been for it to still sound this bad after all that severe editing?

No. 72171

>>72170 not to wk but what do you mean? 2ne1 were decent singers except for dara

No. 72173

>>72171 Oh just that their "live" performances posted on youtube by YG were clearly edited. There is no way with the amount of dancing and movement they could still sound that stable and in pitch. That is not to say they were terrible singers, just that YG does edit the performances of all his groups in the videos he puts online of them. I guess you can compare it to Sketchbook where yes, the guests can definitely sing but it has clearly been edited.

No. 72174

Ooof that cover made me cringe.She forgot the lyrics and then even lip-synced some parts but it was super obvious because her voice is louder than the backing track.This ain't SK hunny lol

Apparently she trained for 6 years and for what?She even gets more lines (singing+rapping) in their songs than Rosé.
At first I could kinda see her going solo after BP disband,because she's popular and controversial enough but that lack of singing abilities and stage presence clearly proves otherwhise.

Speaking of lacking stage presence,is there a lazier gg than BP?At their recent concert in Osaka they just didn't bother doing their choreo and let the backup dancers do it instead,despite clearly lip-syncing yet again.

No. 72175

Example of good vocals but still with a clear edit thrown on top of it

No. 72176

To be honest, I don't think so. I mean, there is no energy, they don't dance and they can't even lipsynch correctly (looking at you Lisa at 1:15)(newfag)

No. 72177

A lot of male Korean celebrities tbh. seungri and TOP (gd too?) jung joon young, kangin (most of sj tbh..), Zico, p.o, mino, Kim hyung joong, baekhyun, chanyeol, Henry, V, RM …that's all I remember for now lol.
And I don't get that feeling with female idols but I get entitled, rude, two-faced vibes sometimes: Jennie, yeri, IU.
The thing they have in common is that their attitude is so obvious whereas other idols with shitty attitudes can hide it and fool others.
But I left kpop long time ago and I was a fan of only 1-3 groups so I'm just rambling here and obviously don't know any of these people, and the female idols- it's almost always an attitude thing and not fucking sex trafficking scandals.

No. 72178

Kpop has such a low standard anyway.Most idols don't even have to lift a finger and their fans are still satisfied with the bare minimum.

But it's kinda funny to see Blackpink not give a damn about neither singing nor dancing.They can't even properly pretend to try.I don't feel bad for their fans if they're stupid enough to throw money at that.

No. 72179

Our list is almost the same kek. Yeah, as untalented most female kpop idols are, I would still pick a bad attitude over sex trafficking every single time. I mean, it's not as if kpop is about actual talent anyways. I would add Suho to the list though. I sincerely would not be surprised if he is extremely sexist and homophobic (which then again, most kpop male idols of the older generations will most likely be) and I think he has a massive ego. The whole Minho having to call him hyung while Minho is technically speaking his sunbea and they are born in the same year and Suho is not an early born (so it doesn't even make sense by korean standards) really put a bad taste in my mouth. I also get bad vibes from Somi but more in the sense that likewise to Jennie, she has an inflated ego. I don't know when it changed because I found her okay in that sister thing (she was immature but that's okay given she was 15 ish or something at the time) but then i watched her on Knowing Brothers together with Akmu and god, she was insufferable to watch.

No. 72181

Yeah female idols are mostly not as bad as male ones,but I really lose any sort of empathy when they get exposed for being bullies,especially since they're often pretty nasty (T-ara scandal,Hyolin,Jennie and her fb scandal).No one is a saint and people talk shit and gossip about others all the time,but it takes a special kind of person to bully someone almost into suicide face to face.

No. 72182

>[+235, -5] Baekhyun has to be the one top here. He's the main vocal, full of talents, good on stage, connects with the fans the best and he also has the most "boyfriend pictures". He has an individual Youtube channel, an individual Twitter page and he plays well with the fans. His face also has that male friend vibes and he looks friendly. The muggles love him, he has nice proportions and has the best aegyo too. He smiles the most and he's a good humor, he's kind as well. He's the most popular
I don't think his voice is the secret to his popularity at all, it's because he does fanservice 24/7. If you want success as an idol you really need to give your all when it comes to social media, aegyo, etc. Chen coudln't even be arsed to have instagram, of course he's at the bottom.

>[+474, -9] I'll never understand the connection fans feel for their idols but I do know that idols abuse that connection to make more money for themselves than any other type of singer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's unfair to accuse fans who feel betrayed for "not being a real fan"
Might be an unpopular opinion, but I totally agree with this. People always see idols as victims and fans as the ones who are in the wrong but he and all those other male idols are grown men telling little girls that they love them, that they can't have boyfriends and as a result they spent all their money on them and you expect them to not get mad and simply accept that now he suddenly has a child? Try and see how much you will make as a basic married ballad singer.
If he cares about the other members even a tiny bit, then he should leave. Sungmin got married ages ago and nevertheless there's not a single Suju article without "Leave!" comments, and without a doubt that would happen to Exo as well.
I only feel bad for Suho, after the chinese members left he had the first appearance alone and now today too.

>[+382, -22] Do you even know your own members' birthdays? It was DO's birthday the day before, and it's Kai's birthday today. Did you really have to announce this right between then? The other members all check their SNS. You're the only one who doesn't look. Do you know that 'Kim Jongdae leave the group' is trending on the search rankings? Do you know that all your fanpages are closing down?

Seems like he truly hates the others lol

No. 72184

I used to feel bad for the way older kpop generations were treated because many became trainees in hopes of earning money for their families,but now you have all these rich kids buying themselves a spot in a group and milk their audience for more.But you reap what you sow.Good luck trying to explain to your fans that you're not the person they think you are and expecting sympathy lol.You'd think that their endless sasaeng encounters would've knocked some sense into them.(especially EXO)

They'd never have the balls to step up and refuse fanservice because they don't want to miss out on the lavish gifts and don't want their fan sites to turn on them and possibly expose them.

Just look at the crazy gifts Sehun is getting each birthday.They have more than enough money to live comfortably and are out here investing in real estate,yet they're too greedy to tell their fans to stop sending them shit.Meanwhile their fans are milking their parents for money or spending their paychecks just to get noticed.Idols know and they don't care.

No. 72185

File: 1579023786846.jpeg (191.52 KB, 950x1024, B5A286CC-A615-41A0-A884-BAA5B2…)

i will never understand fans giving idols lavish gifts. if they donate to a charity in their name (which some fans have done) i think that’s great and far more meaningful then giving a millionaire gucci clothing or putting up billboards in subway stations or times square (example in picture). it’s so stupid & i can imagine the advertising would annoy the shit out of anybody who isn’t a kpop fan. i live near manhattan and everytime i see a kpop idol’s birthday advertised in times square, it makes me want to gouge my eyes out (it’s also funny to me that kpop fans think times square is an incredible place when in reality it smells like piss and most new yorkers try to stay far away from it)

No. 72186

lol new yorkers must be so tired of seeing this shit..

No. 72187

Speaking of Jennie, I see the #JennieDeservesBetter on twitter. Anyone wan explain? The girl is a privileged spoiled brat, how the fuck she deserves better?

No. 72188

File: 1579026153388.png (296.89 KB, 844x458, KaiSpermSign.png)

Not sure if this was posted already

Are they officially over yet, or do they plan more comebacks?

No. 72190

Blinks are angry that some fanbase project wasn't allowed to wish her a Happy Birthday at their recent Samsung promo event, that's it. Apparently she also looked like she was going to cry over allegedly receiving hate comments in the live chat but that's probably just blinks covering for her RBF again

No. 72192

Blinks again making a lot of fuss over nothing.
Funny how they're prepared to defend Jennie and trend some hashtag related to her on twitter everytime yet they seem to give not even half a shit for the rest of the members.

No. 72193

File: 1579026780353.webm (174.33 KB, 320x320, SpoiledBrat.webm)

Damn all this for that? This is the video of her "on the verge of crying" lmaao. She was just just bored to death and annoyed.

No. 72195

Does anyone know if people really posted that many hate comments or was it just another thing made up or blown out of proportion by Blinks to trend BP,since they can't trend for talent or music?
They're acting as if BP are the first to scroll through some hate comments during a stream/promotion/whatever

No. 72196

I checked and no, most of the comments around the time of the above showed clip were already questioning what was wrong with J. Even they seemed to notice something was off.

No. 72197

I wonder if she does this for attention. She knows people claim she's depressed, why nourish this scenario? How bland must you be to think being bitchy or sad is a personality?

No. 72198

File: 1579029900407.jpeg (348.88 KB, 828x892, 5B194FC3-5385-4ED4-84A8-BC90CC…)

now retarded blonks are shitting on bp’s makeup artist for daring to use the filter every single person under the sun is using

No. 72199

answering to this to break the stupid blinkboner rant.
yeah they gonna tour again, starting end of this month continuing next. us and i think they added 2 shows in eu. prices went up though. no more 50bucks.

No. 72202

Lol she wants Krystal's ~cold and mysterious princess~ image so bad.

No. 72203

I love blink's hyprocisy."Stop bullying my poor uwu baby Jennie!!No wonder idols are so depressed!We should all preach more love and acceptance,you heartless twits!" but then they go and diss their makeup artist for no reason.

This fandom is just as much of a mess as BP and both deserve each other.

No. 72204

Exo fans are not little girls

No. 72205

this is what happens when you stan a nasty shitstain like jennie. you think being a bully and ~*sAsSy SaVaGe bitch*~ is cool and quirky and makes you interesting.

i’ve seen bp stans joking about her bullying rumors and acting like she was fully justified and cool for bullying someone, implying not only that they believe the rumors but that they think it’s something to strive for. jennie stans are by far the worst gg stans, the rest of the solo stans in bp are trash but nowhere near their level.

No. 72206

It would suck if it turns out that she really has anxiety or depression but then she should just take a break like many other idols did recently.

If it's really so bad that it starts receiving attention,then there's no need for her to be in public,since she doesn't even care to perform properly and hasn't been for over a year now.Delusional fans babying her won't fix this.

No. 72209

>>72206 I agree. While I find her work ethic absolutely appalling, if she is suffering mentally she should just stop. I also don't understand why either her mother or YG let her go on like this if she clearly can't handle it. Unless her mother is so obsessed with having her daughter in the spotlight 24/7 which I highly doubt given how J herself said she wanted to become an Idol, I don't understand why she doesn't pull her daughter out? The momentum of BP is already in decline and J is from what I gathered one of the if not the most popular member in SK. Her solo was bland af but it still managed to top the charts so its not as if she wouldn't be able to pull it off. As for YG, the fans would eat up anything so if they were to declare J was taking a leave due to mental issues, they would support her all the way. YG could follow up with their new GG, drop BP and have J return later as a soloist who will work on her networking with US celebs. They don't even have to disband BP, they could just let them fade into the background and just use the brand name to get them sponserships, CF's etc. Doesn't cost any money on production and sorry but at this point, none of the girls seem to actually care for the group. Rose could try out as a solo or sub-unit with Lisa for a while, Lisa could always return to Thailand and Jisoo can venture off into acting (not that she has the skills for it, but as long as she sticks to romcoms or something that doesn't require anything but looking pretty she should be fine).

No. 72210

>>72205 Blinks have really said that? Jesus, I knew they were delusional and shit but romanticizing and glorifying bullying? As someone who is fairly familiar with how koreans/asians bully this just makes me sick to my stomach. They do realize that asian bullying takes on a whole new level, right? They will literally ostracize you for the rest of your school life, physically assault you, steal your stuff and you're basically stuck with them 24/7 because school days are ridiculously long? Then again, they are the same people who do delusional shit like this so I really shouldn't be surprised

https://twitter.com/Dreamlo27038003/status/1066883002792271872 (sorry don't know how to get this as an image)

No. 72211

New Yorkers see much worse on the daily. I doubt anyone but kpop fans living in nyc even care about this , or notice it.

No. 72212

Because Jennie isn't mentally ill. She was perfectly fine when she was licking Rihanna and Jenner's crew ass or when she performed Solo the first times.

No. 72213

Just go ahead and scroll through some stan twitter if you dare lol.I remember seeing memes of Jennie rolling her eyes at the Beckham event with the caption "We love a sassy queen ugh step on me" or "She could bully me and I'd say thank you".The cringe.

The thing about Jennie is that it's not her supposed resting bitch face that makes her seem snobby but her attitude in general and I wouldn't be surprised at all if she has a history of being a bully.

She was linked to bullying rumours as early as 2012 (idk how to post the site but it's on netizenbuzz if anyone cares to read through it again).Mind you that they debuted in 2016.

No. 72214

Kek that's even more pathetic if their fans are fully grown women then. Imagine women in their 20s raging over their fantasy idol BF not choosing them

No. 72216

>>72213 Oh shit yeah I remember that mess. At the time most people did consider her singing meh and how she only had her looks going for her. Then that bullying rumor dropped and she was spammed with hate and criticism and YG hid her for a while. And then they debuted and boom, gone were those rumors and supposedly, they had been cleared up and had been made by some jealous reporter. Not that I have ever seen an official article of it, unlike with that one from the a pink member I think? For anyone who's interested:

No. 72217

K eggs are absolutely pathetic. Don't know if you've seen but they had a mental breakdown/anger tantrum when JYP dared to make the horrendous suggestion of their uwu sex beasts having gasp girlfriends. I swear it was the most pathetic thing EVER to watch, especially because I think this was the time that Kai and Jennie were dating and you could see him looking like, well f them

No. 72218

I only remember this one and that was funny as hell.It's from 2017 though.Jennie and Kai were dating in early 2019 I think.

No. 72219

Watching this reminds me that kpop concerts are really all just about seeing your idol in person, the performance is just another way to deliver them to the audience for money.

Idk I just don’t understand what I would be paying for if I watched lip syncing and dancing which is not as good/visible as in MVs or on music shows. If it were really ever about an idol’s talent or performance ability then watching HD fancams would provide a way better experience for free.

I know this is a pretty obvious observation, but this whole business is really just about fakery… disheartening how much Korean indie musicians struggle in the face of the idol machine.

No. 72220

the same thing can be said for lots of idols tbh(taeyeon, jonghuyum, mina both AOA and Twice, choa from aoa also but she actually had the balls to peace out and leave, as did others like sulli and some that are kinda no name idols) and i think it really just comes down to the love of money, and wanting to prove people wrong considering being an ido is actually not looked upon as a good career choice by the general korean public, and lots of idols have faced backlash from their own families for it even

No. 72222

File: 1579047192970.jpeg (20.11 KB, 399x399, EOQffOYU8AAH_B2.jpeg)

This is her "peak devastation" according to blonks.

No. 72224

Once people identified her as YG’s new trainee she was immediately accused of being a bully. Whoever accused her definitely went to school with her, I doubt it was some old Korean guy

No. 72226

did this chen drama conveniently bury those actors’ group chat scandal?

No. 72229

It kinda did

No. 72236

File: 1579057992987.jpg (76.47 KB, 720x405, E7jBPaT.jpg)

No. 72237

Most celebs are insecure attention whores, why are people surprised they were bullies in school? Tbh I don't think Jennie is this mean bitch people claim she is. I still remember how out of place and shy she looked in Kendall's halloween party; or how shaky she was when meeting Beckham and Rihanna.

No. 72238

Something does seem off about her sometimes but come on,what adult seriously makes that kind of face.No one besides toddlers pouts like that

No. 72239

>peak devastation
When the op said that, they most likely meant it about themself, not her. That's a kpopfag meme.

No. 72241

She might have been more reserved because they’re A list celebrities. Jennie would get her ass handed to her if she was rude to someone like Rihanna lol

No. 72242

>>72222 She seems really done with the idol life. She should just stick to being a model exclusively and leave the idol life once & for all. She really has been acting weird recently though.

No. 72248

Jennie seems happier whenever she's in the US.Wasn't she attending parties of the Jenners,Smiths and hanging around some other US celebs some time ago?She seemed all smiley there,same for their Coachella performance.It wasn't some spectacle but she had more stage presence there than she ever did in Korea.She even went back to half-assing when Blackpink got back from the US.

No. 72249

That's because she knows she's a nobody outside of Asia. She has to be nice to everyone more famous than her in the States if she ever wants to get anywhere inside that LA social circle.

Half the time I wish Kpop would drop the pretense of "valuing talent" and just let them dance around untrained like the AKB48 girls do. Jpop has its own mountain of issues but they're not even pretending that idols are talented kek

No. 72250

>>72237 I have to admit she is confusing. When I watched her in things like Solo diary, she seemed like a sweet, average korean girl. Nothing that raised my alarms. Watching the BP's v-lives, she seemed to be more introverted than the others but that is totally fine. Still nothing that would made me go, damn she is a bitch. However, when watching her vlives or the moment she starts talking in English, she oozes mean girl vibes and definitely reminds me of those stuck up bullies in school.

No. 72251

My god the delusion of K eggs is beyond control. These idiots really need to get a psychological evaluation because this just can't be normal. I laughed so hard at the fact that people not only understood her "feelings" but went as far as to say that they cried. It is utterly pathetic, my god.

https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2020/01/enter-talktheqoo-exo-chen-dump.html(this is an imageboard)

No. 72252

It's as if she made that face on purpose so that blonks would sympathize with her

She seems shy in many interviews

No. 72253

File: 1579074910109.jpg (109.05 KB, 480x1170, download.jpg)

When you link something, you should at least quote something from the link or attach a picture. Here I copied the first part of it, and yes it is pathetic.

You take responsibility over the person that you love,

but I'm sad that you're not taking responsibility over the person who loves you. 

I regret trying to grab onto what I should've let go. 

EXO is a group that will forever be my youth, but because of Jongdae, this image is gone. 

Were we only a business relationship?.. You didn't make a promise to us forever? 

I thought that if we had to set priorities, we should've followed those priorities and made so we understand each other, but right now, you actions are just showing that fans and you were just a business. That's why I'm so disappointed and my heart hurts even more Jongdae-yah. 

You were the "trustful Chen" and now your labels changed to "premarital pregnancy" and "kid's dad" etc. my heart just hurts so much, it just hurts. 

The road that we still have to walk together is still long, I don't want us to stop now, and you either. Did you want to walk on the way that the fans paved for you? You're too selfish Jongdae-yah. I knew you didn't want to do SNS. And you probably don't look at the comments on Youtube either. So there's not much ways we can communicate but I still tried to write something… The letter that you threw away. I've been crying for so many hours being confused, I was pitying myself. 

I loved you, but I think that I will love you in the future too. That's why Jongdae-yah just say "I'm sorry" once. I think this should be taking each other into consideration. 

I received an alarm and I was so happy thinking that it could've been the news of your solo concert but my hands started to tremble and my tears started to fall out as I dropped my phone. You probably didn't know how I felt right? 

Happy (t/n: no pronoun). Still be happy. 

No. 72255

She always plays up the aegyo.I'd feel bad if she's really struggling mentally but acting all fragile and looking sad in public without adressing anything makes her look like an attention seeker.Which she most likely is.People like her give mental ilLness such a negative stigma.She should act like the 24/25 year old woman that she is and get help if it's really that bad.

No. 72259

This is a special kind of autism holy shit

No. 72260

Imagine if she'd show at least half of the enthusiasm like she did here when she's performing with her other members.Her bad mood coincidentally never kicks in when she's performing solo.

No. 72262

File: 1579081748436.jpg (205.19 KB, 1080x1077, 5deuLCEj1ujm6r0.jpg)

>She should act like the 24/25 year old woman that she is
Jennie is the same age as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa, just imagine the backlash if they ever tried to act like a child just for sympathy points, people would rip them apart. Everybody just goes absolutely braindead when it comes to asians and aegyo, her being korean doesn't make this retarded behavior ok. Especially not since she aslo likes to act "sexy" at the same time. If a western celebrity did that, they'd be accused of pedobaiting and glorifying pedophilia. She speaks english, she knows exactly what she'd doing by dressing and posing like a child prostitute. And thanks to her fans we also know that she styles herself, so this is completley on her. She's so gross.

No. 72263

She doesn't even bother to fake it when she's with BP. What is she trying to proof exactly? That she's better off without BP? Why couldn't she just tell YG directly. It only makes her appear in a bad light, and then she blames people for criticizing her laziness when she brought it on herself.

No. 72264

Both rosé and lisa are younger than her but they always seem more mature to me, especially rosé. I am aware she once liked posts about her being discriminated by YG, but at least she's not having mental breakdowns on stages every once in a while like Jennie. Not a fan btw, just stating the obvious.

No. 72265

Ew what a desperate femcel.How do people become this delusional?Especially in a digital era where Kpop and idols have been exposed left and right for many years.

She's probably salty that people have taken an interest in Lisa and Rosé without being pushed by YG like she is.For all we know the other girls could also be going through shit (Lisa getting racist comments,the incident at the Thai restaurant a few weeks ago,Rosé being mocked for voicing support for Australia etc.) yet at least they try not to show it.Jennie is just a snowflake that can't stand not being in the spotlight.That's why she acts so meek when she's with the others.Since they at leats try to appear happy,Jennie ofc stands out.

No. 72266

>>72264 I honestly wouldn't be surprised that is the case because Jennie has been YG's little princess most likely the moment she became a trainee with mommy's money and connections whereas both Lisa and Rose had to grow up with no parents or family to fall back on. Especially for Lisa, I think her being Thai and thus most likely being discriminated against and barely seeing her parents and having to learn a completely new language did aid in her maturity.Jennie on the other hand is most likely used to getting anything she wants but now that she has to face the actual grown up world, she can't seem to handle it. She still faces barely any consequences given how much blinks baby her and with her company clearly still treating her with silk gloved. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she would've thrown a tantrum to mommy dearest for the fact that Lisa outshines her in both fans, following and social influence.

No. 72267

Jennie is the second most popular member isn’t she? Why would she need to attract attention when people are always shitting on her 24/7 anyways, unless she wants even more attention.

No. 72269

She has nothing that keeps people interested long enough.She's not a good singer,performer or dancer and isn't known for a good personality either,so endless CF's and controversies it is.If it weren't for those things people wouldn't even care for her.

No. 72270

You seriously think a 1 year age difference should be noticible?
You can shit on Jennie without kissing the others' non-existent asses.

Since everybody always argues about who the most popular members are, according to koreans it's this
>EXO - Baekhyun, Kai
>BTS - Jungkook, V + Jimin
>Twice - Nayeon, Sana
>NCT - Jaehyun, Taeyong + Mark
>+ Seventeen Mingyu

>1. [+341, -10]
They should've just debuted that way, the Chinese pigeons all flew away, and Chen is involved in premarital pregnangy and Xiumin is playing with Choi Sujin in front of the fans, EXO-M are just f*cked
The girl Xiumin is supposedly dating is SNSD Sooyoung's sister lol

No. 72271

i know this is not the point you’re trying to make but putting korean members in the chinese unit was always dumb to me. they were trying to appeal to the chinese public and as we all know by now, kpop companies always have harsher expectations on chinese members so it wouldn’t have been out of the question to find a chinese vocalist stronger than chen or at least his equal. and xiumin was always just there.

i’m guessing they were still trying to assert their ~*korean superiority*~ by not having a fully chinese sub-unit but again, it makes no sense when they already had exo-k. they could’ve just done what they’ve now done with wayv and have all non-korean members.

No. 72272

Why tf is bacon so popular? I always found him fake and obnoxious. And I thought sehun would be more popular than Kai? Can't wait for the fans to have another breakdown when they found out he's gay and is secretly in a long term relationship with some old ass man.

No. 72273

>I always found him fake and obnoxious

All kpop idols are fake and obnoxious. Baekhyun is popular because of his looks (like every popular idol is) and his voice. Not hard to see why.

No. 72274

I don't get how he's supposedly good looking.He looks like a smug 12-year-old and behaves like one.

No. 72275

I don't even think that koreans find him that handsome it's mostly because of fanservice and his funny personality. He acts all hyper like jhope and jin, but contrary to them it's actually working for him.

No. 72276

Chanyeol and Sehun have way more stans than Kai but Kai seems like the most well-known member.

Why would you think Sehun would be more popular though. He's useless.

Even though they don't have any Korean members, Wayv is known in China as a Kpop group who makes music in Chinese because they're from a Korean company. They're also flopping horribly and half their profits come from their one semi-relevant member. No point in not adding Korean members if they'd be associated with Kpop anyways.

No. 72278

but exo-m did do well in china before 3/4 of the chinese members jumped ship and that was ALL due to the chinese members. no one cared about chen and xiumin in china and because they were in the chinese unit and not the korean one, koreans didn't care for them either. even if exo-m were a kpop group in china, it was the chinese members who kept them afloat.

No. 72281

2:00 is some of the cringiest aegyo I've ever seen.

No. 72282

>>72281 Good lord even Momo's nikonikoneeh is less vomit-inducing than this shit. I don't know, call me a drama queen but the older that I get, the more disgusting this is becoming with the second. Its just borderline pedo-baiting.

No. 72283

Can't forget when YG made them do that lol.Try that in the west and you'll get side-eyed.They're in their 20's but cringier than some teenagers.

No. 72284

>>72274 He's got those puppy features that Koreans absolutely obsess over (aka park bogum and Suzy) so that's most likely it. Add in his fan pleasing personality, the fact that he can look quite "versatile" depending on the makeup end you've got yourself your perfect Korean version of "get yourself a man who can do both

No. 72285

jisoo holding back her disdain

No. 72286

lmao she was not having Jennie's pity party

No. 72289

“whereas both Lisa and Rose had to grow up with no parents or family to fall back on.”

lisa’s stepdad is a famous chef & rosé’s dad is a lawyer. they may not be as wealthy as jennie’s family, but they’re hardly like yunho or goo hara who were truly broke or had no family. wealthy trainees are the ones that debut nowadays. at least yg had the courtesy to pick girls that are somewhat easy on the eyes (unlike momoland’s agency). too bad he couldn’t pick more talented ones kek

No. 72292

Reading allkpop comments about Jennie gives me headache.
The reason they think she's depressed is because she did a pouting aegyo…? Plus I'm pretty sure that you can't "bully" a wealthy born school bully turned millionaire singer… Some strangers online writing stuff like them not digging the outfit she wore at the Chanel fashion show shouldn't bother her that much lol She's the definition of lazy, spoiled and privileged.

No. 72295

Reminder that bullies are cowards when they're put in front of someone "bigger" than them. Kendall, Beckham and Rihanna are all waaaay bigger celebrities, and outside of Korea Jennie is a nobody, so it makes sense that she'd act coy in front of them.

No. 72296

There you go,skip to about 1:23:29 and watch for a few seconds.

Basically Jennie's "devastation" came from her pouting because she tried to find an angle because they were about to take pictures.That's why they were looking at the screens,not because they were reading comments.

These idiot Blinks and even these dumb sites like AKP fell for it.But see.Nothing.She's fine.All of this fuss and hastags for nothing.

No. 72298

>>72289 Oh no, BP are ridiculously spoiled when compared to the older generation whose life/family was literally dependend on them making it. I was more referring to how, or at least for as far as I know, Lisa and Rose's families were far away overseas, and they couldn't just hop on a plane and see them immediately, whereas Jisoo and Jennie had their parents with them during their training time so in that sense, Lisa and Rose would have to rely more on themselves.

No. 72300

File: 1579103410650.jpg (101.55 KB, 560x620, 2020011514163724579_1.jpg)

I swear this whole human "gucci/chanel" is one big cringe fest. Yes, Kai has yet to look like a hobo but he still looks like he robbed his grandmother's closet and decided to just go for it. seriously, what is it with these "luxury brands" and looking so absolutely terrible????

No. 72301

dumb rich people will wear ugly shit as long as it allows everyone to know they are rich. plus asians are obsessed with luxury brands and the appearance of wealth so even middle class people try to buy luxury goods (or dupes), even if they don’t actually like the way it looks.

No. 72302

The present generation just takes on whoever that can pay them. I think I heard somewhere that Jennie's mom was associated with YG or something like that.

No. 72303

She's making a joke about her group's name, it's not that deep anon.

No. 72304

I wonder if he actually likes it or if he wishes he could just wear any other more normal brand. Saying that ugly overpriced piece of cloth suits your face the most is a backhanded compliment.
But at least Kai instead of V being selected got ratmies triggered lol

No. 72307

File: 1579107122364.jpeg (117.58 KB, 940x1244, EOStd0vU8AEUmrj.jpeg)


> [+192, -8] If Jaehyun's relationship scandal breaks out, NCT 127 will be on the brink of disbandment, so it's true that Jaehyun is the one top. While for Dream, it's Jaemin

>[+93, -2] Seriously if Jaehyun gets into a dating scandal, NCT's fandom will disappear in thin air ㅇㅇ

I wonder what would happen to nct if jaehyun ever gets into a dating scandal. He's really popular for being the handsomest member and having that "perfect boyfriend" image, and lot of k-nctzens are actually just jaehyun solo stans so if they left it would take out a huge chunk of the fandom.

No. 72308

Gucci is one of the worst examples when it comes to luxury brands, literally everything they put out is ugly and/or tacky. Funnily enough, even while shopping at more classy brands like Chanel, Dior or YSL, Asians always seem to go for the ugliest items.

No. 72310

Oh god the horde of Chinese tourists all wearing Chanel/Gucci and Prada and still managing to look like your stereotypical ayi and shushus. I guess it's because they're all new money and money simply can't buy class. But I also wonder, why can't they go for more classy brands indeed? (I personally find Chanel meh, Gucci is tacky, Prada is meh, Louis Vouitton is terrible, Dolce and Gabanna is a hit or miss) Same goes for kpop idols who are hailed for looking classy in "luxury clothes" and yet had I not known who they were nor that kpop idols always wear expensive clothes, they all look so extremely tacky and just sometimes downright ugly. Nobody excludes those "luxury" vibes they hail them for.

No. 72313

True, I don't deny her being a bully in the past. But let's not pretend Jennie is this major mean bitch when she's so insecure and plain. The proofs of her being a bitch is her being annoyed by Lisa and Rosé. I mean… who wouldn't? They're both insufferable and manage to do the impossible by having less personality than Jennie. I don't know why anons itt kiss Rosé and Lisa ass so much. Is it by pity?

Tacky borderline ugly IS Gucci's aesthetic. Not everyone like it but it's more interesting than grandma Chanel, Maria Grazia's Dior or Hedi Slimane's leftovers YSL.

No. 72316

>They're both insufferable and manage to do the impossible by having less personality than Jennie.
that may be true but they're also not known bullies infamous for their laziness and shitty attitudes.

all of bp deserve to be dragged but lbr, jennie is on another level.

No. 72318

Poor Rosé and Lisa… They work so hard! Lisa doing the same lazy swala twerking for 2 years and Rosé releasing one dreadful cover per year. On top of that they're bullied by mean Jennie! :(

No. 72321

Chungha was one of the very few idols i was rooting for because she was just minding her own business and seemed nice to people around her and all but now she did that challenge thing with golden-phone zico and it's disappointing but now people have a reason to hate her, whereas before it was just talks about her ps.
And about hwasa(and mamamoo, esp. solar)if you care so much about women being in control of their bodies you wouldn't associate yourself with a guy who is involved with rapists and sex traffickers…i knew the whole empowerment thing was performative crap and a way to justify her hyper sexual stages. Everything this girl does is so male-gazey; she's been like this since debut.

No. 72322

She clearly was going to cry, her eyes start to water and she kept pouting and flexing her face to stop from crying. She also kept squinting her eyes and kept moving them quickly and it's confrimed that antis spammed the tag with hate comments. You can hate Jennie but don't act obtuse. Anyone would be upset when the other's tags were fine but then you just get a shit ton of hate comments. Anyone who calls themselves an "anti" is deranged. I'll never forget how one tried to kill a kpop idol by putting glue in his drink.

No. 72324

Comon now. She was over it even before reading the messages. She always look like that when she has to do something she doesn't like. Also what hate comments?

No. 72325

how are you gonna compare jennie getting mean comments from 12 year olds to an idol almost dying from poisoning? she clearly looked bored out of her mind and on top of that the mx of the show said she was sick. jennie definitely gets hate and is affected by it (she's a try hard), however you and the blinks are over analyzing

No. 72326

In Blink's minds Jennie can do NOTHING wrong.

Lazy dancing? She sick
Looking bored? She sick
Not engaging properly? She sick

Jennie is literally known at this point to not be the most 'professional' of the members and that's that.

No. 72327

It sucks that there will always be antis who will go after idols,however Jennie's behavior is part of the reason why she also attracts antis.

No one gives her shit for things like weight,nationality,skin color or beauty,like other idols.It's mostly about her lack of work ethics that's been going on since 2018 and she has yet to address the reason for it or apologize.

Yes let's all baby a grown ass woman because she can't take some responsibility,improve and move on but let's not give a fuck about idols who are being harassed for things they have no control over.

Besides that,she still has more fans than antis anyway.

No. 72339

Normal koreans seem to find it just as hideous as we do
>1. [+1,058, -158] That outfit only gets a pass because it's by Gucci but if you honestly saw it hanging at some street market, you wouldn't think twice. What a bizarre look…
>2. [+1,040, -238] Meanwhile his ex-girlfriend is the 'Human Chanel'
>3. [+678, -165] Sure, Kai can pull it off somewhat, but this retro look better not start trending this spring. I won't be able to stand kids wearing this stuff around on the streets.

Tinfoil, but what if Jennie actually really likes Kai and therefore tries to emulate his ex's "ice princess" look?
I think it's safe to say that many of the newer generation idols were at some point fangirls wanting to join the industry to get closer to their favs.

No. 72343

File: 1579128799324.png (620.68 KB, 564x532, JennieBasic.png)

no kaifaggot not everybody is obsessed with your oppar. jennie is a basic bitch since forever

No. 72346

kai was not popular until like 2015 so definitely not you egg. she loves american celebs who are known to be cold and krystal's (fx) ice princess image was popular around the time she joined yg

No. 72348

Why so triggered samefag?
Exo was huge with teens when Jennie was a teen and those two met up (to fuck?), so is it really that farfetched to guess that she liked him? Not anymore than you "knowing" that she likes americans who are cold…
Some of the Twice girls also admitted to being fans, it's no big deal.

No. 72349

Stfu fangirl. You literally said Jennie behaves like a bitch to please Kai because she's obsessed with him… Seriously, are you ok?

No. 72350

I mean, your dear Jennie also has no problem with posing, acting and talking like a toddler to please pedo fans despite not really needing their money…that kind of seems more extreme to me, but go off I guess

No. 72351

BG fangirls are really embarrassing. Eat a piece of bread, calm down, and reread what you've typed.
Pedobait in Kpop and Jennies need for attention have been discussed.

No. 72352

Nta but all blackpinks fans are girls who are younger than the members

No. 72356

we are not the same person back to twitter you go exo fag. and you need to be 18 to be on this site.

No. 72358

>let me call you a boygroug stan while I defend my Jennie who'd never do such things!
Your immediate and extreme aggressiveness is not a good look when you try to make others believe that they are the crazed fans while you are mature and unbothered.

No. 72359

Take a look in the mirror weirdo

No. 72361

Don't forget to take your regularly scheduled break from shitflinging to stan The Boyz. Comeback in February.

No. 72362

No and every time I see you post about them I'm going to stream bwl good guy answer and jopping 10 times each

No. 72364

>>72351 Doesn't sound convincing when you sound like a gg fag.

No. 72366

This is such a weird and boring fight between two dumbasses that don’t want to admit they’re obsessed with these idols. Knock it off.

No. 72370

ugh anons itt can't stop crying pedobait. there's nothing wrong with a grown woman acting cute. stop being bitter. also just because jennie does "aegyo" for her fans and then acts sexy on stage doesn't mean she's promoting pedophilia lmao.

No. 72374

Kind of surprising that Sam Huang dude hasn't been outed and his picture hasn't made the rounds yet

No. 72375

No. 72376


No. 72378

Except usually normal grown women don't act like that for any reason whatsoever.Someone can be cute or have a cute personality or whatever but why would a grown woman need to act cute?That's what kids do.If it were such a common thing,then women all around the world would do it by nature but they don't.

No. 72381

The guy Jennie said she wanted to fuck in a post on her alleged facebook

No. 72383

Geez, if you can't see what pedobait in this picture is, pull your nose out of BPs butt and go educate yourself.

No. 72384

There’s no way these kids are older than 16 fucking ban this autism and go sperg on twitter instead, this was embarrassing to read

No. 72385

File: 1579169573221.gif (493.65 KB, 235x128, dis gon b gud.gif)


Korean EXO fans have sent a request to SM for them to kick out Chen and international EXO fans are angry as fuck and are trending on twt.

Nothing like a good internal fanwar.

No. 72386

This is a silly escalation, Chen is due to enlist in 2020 and will probably enlist ASAP like Sungmin after his wedding scandal and go on hiatus to appease everyone, then quit EXO. It's a total non issue.

No. 72387

>>72386 South Korean male citizens are required to enlist in the military by the age of 28. In 2020, these idols will have to serve their time in the military.

EXO’s Suho
Birthday: May 22, 1991

WINNER’s Jinwoo
Birthday: September 26, 1991

F.T. Island’s Jaejin
Birthday: December 17, 1991

Birthday: January 11, 1992

ZE:A’s Dongjun
Birthday: February 11, 1992

Birthday: February 26, 1992

BTOB’s Hyunsik
Birthday: March 7, 1992

Birthday: March 13, 1992

Birthday: March 17, 1992

B1A4’s Sandeul
Birthday: March 20, 1992

IN2IT’s Jiahn
Birthday: April 1, 1992

VIXX’s Ken
Birthday: April 6, 1992

Block B’s U-Kwon
Birthday: April 9, 1992

Birthday: April 17, 1992

HOTSHOT’s Junhyuk
Birthday: April 21, 1992

EXO’s Baekhyun
Birthday: May 6, 1992

MONSTA X’s Shownu
Birthday: June 18, 1992

K.A.R.D’s J. Seph
Birthday: June 21, 1992

IN2IT’s Yeontae
Birthday: July 6, 1992

Block B’s Park Kyung
Birthday: July 8, 1992

VROMANCE’s Chandong
Birthday: July 20, 1992

Birthday: August 21, 1992

Birthday: September 5, 1992

Block B's Zico
Birthday: September 14, 1992

EXO’s Chen
Birthday: September 21, 1992

N. Flying’s Seunghyub
Birthday: October 31, 1992

Teen Top’s C.A.P
Birthday: November 4, 1992

F.T. Island’s Minhwan
Birthday: November 11, 1992

100%’s Jonghwan
Birthday: November 23, 1992

EXO’s Chanyeol
Birthday: November 27, 1992

BTS’ Jin
Birthday: December 4, 1992

No. 72388

did you just list all their birthdays?…. is this some stan power move?

No. 72391

I would have slapped her instantly kek
More cringiness

No. 72394

No one kisses lisa's and rosé's asses here. Anons were just making fair comparisons between members but in the end, they're all equally shitty. Calm your hateboner. You're just embarrassing yourself.

No. 72395

In this case they probably asked her to do aegyo so I don't think she did it voluntarily but it's always embarrassing to see grown ass women acting like incapable little babies.
She got viral for crying like a little kid on running man because she was scared of that haunted house.
These privileged idols are so far from reality and those moments show you how much they were babied and spoon fed. Her case is even worse cause she doesn't have any siblings so imagine how much she was spoiled…

No. 72396

>>72395 Yeah this is something I really don't get about kpop and korea/japan in general (because for as far as I know, China doesn't do this shit). Forcing people to do aegyo. I mean, I get it as a joke (perhaps) and if someone is naturally cute, even then I find it cringy but it is doable. But forcing someone to do this when clearly, they don't want to and literally cancelling people for not wanting to do it, I just don't get it (there was that one female idol who literally got cancelled because she refused to do this shit)

No. 72397

>because for as far as I know, China doesn't do this shit
It's not specifically related to idols but look up sa jiao. Obnoxious "cuteness" is part of the expectation for women in China as well.

No. 72398

A fuck. I really hoped at least one east Asian country wouldn't infantalize their women like this, but I guess I should've seen it coming.

No. 72399

That's obviously taken from some article, anon.

No. 72400

撒娇is not really common in China, and not as bad as Korea but it is in Taiwan variety shows. But the whole neoteny obsession is East Asian mostly, I think. They get a kick out of coquettish behaviour just like how some burlesque dancers or Marilyn Monroe are seen as sexy.

No. 72401

File: 1579182573798.jpg (55.83 KB, 550x674, bgFlEm7.jpg)

This is a genius moneyspinning collab tbh, has any boyband ever collabbed with Starbucks, McDs or KFC? Ugh Bigshit commercialized everything from Jhope's horsefacedness(BT21 Kakao), Jungkook sticker tattoos, JK's mental illness (BTS World) to even V's Purple quip, what's next, RM's English lesson CDs? Lul


No. 72402


Not sure about the fast food chains you've mentioned but I know plenty have collabed with Burger King and Asian fast food chains and café*s

No. 72403

Ratmies getting offended that January Jones' reaction is basically how most Westerners see BTS.

No. 72404

The comments under the video are cringy as hell.I need eye bleach.

No. 72405

did john cena just say they're the first kpop band to have fans all over the world..ew

No. 72406

>>72403 I can remember seeing BTS on Norton Graham and they just looked so… unnatural? I don't really know how to describe it but there was something extremely superficial about their features. Though I never got that when I watched their other content so can someone explain? Plastic surgery and botox or something? And the fact that they were sitting next to westerners who most likely had not gotten PS to that extent?

No. 72407

File: 1579184730702.jpg (187.61 KB, 936x1406, download (3).jpg)

>>72321 I mean I like both Hwasa and Chungha because they seem chill and can actually somewhat carry a note but this is just something that made me go… the fuck? Why? Also agreeing with the anons regarding Hwasa's make up, I wish she would just stop doing her own makeup and let an actual MUA do it for her because she looks like a hot as mess. That look with the bright green hair and overpainted red lips made her look like an actual clown. And she can actually look somewhat decent if she just stopped with those stupid thin eyebrows, severe contouring which doesn't suit her features, proper eye make up and short, voluminous hair. She has a long face so she should compensate that with short hair to make it appear more balanced. I really don't get why she keeps on insisting using both make-up and hairstyles that do her absolutely no justice. She just looks so much better here. Hair that complements her face, soft make up and not those horrendous overlined lips.

No. 72408

James Corden and John Cena are legit shocked that the woman dared to admit she's not interested in BTS lol

No. 72409

Can't they just enlist or disband already because I'm sick of ratmies infesting every comment section.And can someone fill me in on Cena's fascination with BTS?Did he get paid for it or something?

And jfc what low iq sheep.Ratmies are a full ass kindergarden.BTS is just another generic kpop group and absolutely noting about them or their music is inspirational or revolutionary.

I never particularly cared for The Beatle's music but I'm still baffled when people claim that BTS are more influential than them or that RM is the Korean Gandhi or some shit.He can't even travel somewhere for 1 day without insisting on having Korean food.So cultured and open-minded.Bleh.

No. 72410

EXO-M has done a collab with KFC China but I don't know of any other similar collabs with int'l fast food/café chains. Even tho I dislike both BTS and Starbucks, I think that is smart from a business standpoint.

No. 72411

That cake looks delicious though. haha And i do think other kpop bands have done food brands. I know it's big in Japan to collab with pizza and KFC, so i figured it would be similar in Korea.

No. 72412

It's creepy and it will never stop being creepy, which is why girl bands are so popular with uncle fans.

No. 72414

File: 1579186367570.jpeg (20.43 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg)

I agree, though I think she could actually pull a decent look with long hair if she excludes the overlined lips and the under eye liner.

No. 72415

So gfriend just plagiarized a instrumental part in their song from some YouTuber.

And the kpop fans in the comments are telling him to not sue and to keep quiet and how this is no one's fault.

No. 72416

he probably likes bts for the reason that most western media outlets/celebs seem fixated on them which is the attention of their deranged fandom

No. 72418

Sucks that the Korean media doesn't do exposes or reports about gay idols because if that was the case then Sehun being banged by old ahjussis would probably be the biggest exo scandal not that no name-chen and his shotgun marriage.

We will never get the potential milk because Korean journalists apparently draw the line when it comes to being gay but are okay with exposing idols for everything else.

No. 72419

Are they seriously bashing a grown ass woman for not knowing a teens boysband? I hate kpop stan culture. John Cena is a tryhard so there is norhing to see here.

No. 72421

But he's not even mad. There's literally no reason to care and it doesn't affect the girls at all. I think kpop fans are too quick to get defensive.

No. 72422

I wonder what'll happen to all these famous gay idols once they disband. They can't all pretend forever? That would be horrible.

No. 72423

tbh korean media doesn't even really expose the straight idols so why the gays?

No. 72424

Sehun is rich enough to not care and live as he pleases? Most gay celens in Asia stay single and date whoever they want, some marry a beard but that's rare now since society is more accepting. He already dates men openly, he was openly affectionate with a chef he dated years ago.

No. 72425

>warning this a joke
the delusion

No. 72427

Jennie getting trolled bc she’s a lazy brat who gets away with it bc she’s rich and people think she’s pretty isn’t the same as Yunho almost dying… Fun fact he didn’t have it in him to charge her for it. Your ~sweet~ oppas would never…

No. 72428

As if any of those people who suddenly came out of their basements to defend her actually care about her or harassment in general.It's just another opportunity for them to act all woke.

I've seen so many "Jennie is not okay" videos trending again and it's always the same shit.People never did such things for Sulli,Hyuna,Hara etc. yet they act as if they're total mental health and social justice advocates.

It's funny when they try to ask people to just be "human".Lol wtf does that even mean.A lot of things are human nature-good and bad.Humanity didn't survive this long through hugs and kisses.Just idiots reiterating shit that's already been said somewhere else.

No. 72429

Unfortunately, don't be surprised if they do. SK is still an extremely homophobic country and coming out can literally get you erased from the family register (which is one of the worst thing to happen to you and your honour because you are literally being disowned). I think they will either stay single or do get married but have a partner to the side.

No. 72430

she should just quit being an idol if she’s so unhappy or at least go on hiatus or awhile

No. 72433

She loves fame and its lifestyle too much for that. It's crazy how blinks only care about Jennie when there is anachan Rosé liking depressing quotes and doing weird lives on insta.

No. 72435

All of these rich kids like Jennie desperately crave attention and for people to put them on a pedestal and admire them.The rich ones are typically always the useless ones who don't contribute any creativity or talent.At this point she's even more useless for the group than Jisoo and that says a lot.She just wanted the badass rapper image but can't rap for shit and is obviously very insecure.

Rich idols wouldn't even have to bother with earning money.Many of their parents are happy funding their lifestyles,even if they're already old enough to move out or they just incorporate them into family business or something like that.They're too much of attention seekers and chose the idol life instead.Besides that,nobody likes idols nor takes hem seriously.Not even the Korean GP.Why break your back during your teenage years,have people walk over you and potentially flopping or never debuting ,just to be forgotten about once you're in your late 20's?

No. 72437

File: 1579196123718.gif (1.41 MB, 270x480, grandma.gif)

Nobody is more useless than Jisoo

No. 72438

At least she can keep up with the performance and isn't out of sync or just walks off stage all bored during a mishap.

No. 72442

File: 1579197260068.gif (1.88 MB, 268x345, Jisoodance.gif)

Can keep up? She's fucking awkward. I know you are ready to say anything to drag her but Jisoo is awful

No. 72445

I never said Jisoo was good but Jennie can't even be bothered to put on a smile most of the time or at least lipsync properly.

No. 72446

Can Blink akgae stans please stop nitpicking? This isnt Blackpink Critical, Jisoo Critical or Jennie Critical, get your own thread.

No. 72447

File: 1579198724347.gif (2.86 MB, 480x270, jissou.gif)

Jennie has attitude problems nobody says otherwise. She can be ok tho and seems to keep people interested because even here Jennie's laziness is brought up x10000 times. Like ok we got it, next subject please.
Jisoo has 0% talent. People assume she will act after BP but have you seen her? She can't act to save her life.

No. 72448

>>72442 As untalented as Jisoo is in terms of singing and dancing, at least she is not as unprofessional as Jennie. Believe me, I hate untalented idols as much as you do (*coughsehuncough) but Jisoo is miles better than Jennie when it comes down to actually doing her job. Yes, she is stiffer than a piece of wood while dancing and can barely hold a note, but she still performs no matter what (aka coachella where apparently she had back problems) whereas Jennie is literally running around like a headless chicken when experiencing a wardrobe malfunction and constantly forgets her lines. Literally, the girl has never ever managed to rap her part of Ddu du Ddu du in English ONCE completely. She either drops the entire first or second verse every single time. Say what you want about Jisoo but at least the girl knows how to keep things somewhat professional.

No. 72449

>>72447 True but then again, when was actually being able to act a requirement for becoming an actor/actress? I mean, idols most of the time are terrible but have you seen their actual actors/actresses? My god, the sheer lack of talent people have in that country and still manage to succeed purely because they are "attractive" baffles me. I am not even fluent in korean and even I can tell that most of them are terribly stiff and unnatural. I think it really shows when they have to actual act aka do a sad, angry or frustrated scene. Because while they can somewhat do the handsome guy act or the pretty girl act, the moment they have to emote actual emotions, they become stiffer than cardboard.

No. 72450

being the sweet love interest requires no talent so that's probably what she's doing in terms of acting. being pretty is considered a talent unfortunately

No. 72452

>>72450 Yeah I really don't get what has changed that much the last generation for kpop standards to have dropped this drastically. I mean, not that kpop ever had good standards but at least the older generations could somewhat hold a note, look synchronized and not make me want to rip my earbuds out the moment they start hollering. The only group I can currently think of who can sing are Mamamoo but that's about it and I'm not even sure if I should count them in the fourth generation. I mean, I know JYP is shit at teaching his idols how to sing (aka twice) but Itzy managed to sound terrible on fucking audio. As in, completely off pitch on bloody audio. How do you manage to do that???? Is it because Kpop became infested with silver and golden spoons or something? And even so, how hard is it to find one kid who can actually sing a note or at least sound stable while singing?????

No. 72453

Jennie had good stage presence when they debuted but nowadays she seems even more disinterested than Irene.But who cares,really.BP have been going down for a while now and they are more known for modelling and controversies these days.They'll continue like this for the remaining 3 years of their contract and then they'll disband anway.

No. 72455

File: 1579200220454.jpg (6.44 KB, 212x238, jisoobottle.jpg)

I don't care about how professional she is when she is so fucking awful AND boring. This is entertainment, not a a 9-5 job. I haven't seen this girl deliver once! She can't even give us milk. Really useless.
Fans praise her "humor" (pic related)… Are we in 4th grade?

No. 72456

This 100%

No. 72458

>>72456 I don't know why but I find it especially true for actresses. Like, male actors do suck a lot as well but you can often tell because they have that stereotypical pretty boy face. However, for actresses, even the "top" ones, their acting is absolute shit. Like, drink every single time you see a korean actress do that whole fish lip and eye thing when shocked, or pouting, or just downright looking like a petulant lost little child. I find it especially annoying when they start to "cry" and you see like one tear rolling down their polished faces. It's utterly pathetic yet somewhat entertaining at the same time to think Koreans actually dare to be proud of it. With that being said, they do seem to pick actually talented people for their films so at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 72459

All of Blackpink are terrible in terms of entertainment though.That Knowing Bros episode was a snoozefest.Each have the personality and humour of a wet sock.

No. 72460

>>72459 Then again, most idols who are known for being "pretty" have the comedic presence of a houseplant so there's that. I mean, Tyuzu, Irene, Suzy (?), Yoona etc. All hailed as top beauties for idol standards and all have as much personality as a sea slug. I remember watching one video of Irene and goddam she was utterly boring to watch. Like, watching someone feed his pet stone boring to watch.

No. 72461

Time to bring back this classic aka the level on which most idols/actors are in terms of acting skills.

No. 72462

I guess as long as they're nice to look at,they don't have to worry about having personality or talent.Why would they?It's Kpop.Sometimes we forget how low the standards really are.

No. 72463

Lisa manages to be decent on stage, Jennie causes drama and Rose… well no comment. That's something lol

RV has a good group dynamic so Irene's lack of personality can have a pass imo.