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File: 1629524459691.jpg (167.26 KB, 1280x1130, tumblr_nl2bwmbewb1tlg5gvo1_128…)

No. 25695

After a few months of badly orchestrated infiltration attempts to take over the site, I have decided to no longer accept google form applications. Applications for moderation roles will remain open for the time being. If anyone is interested in taking on full responsibility of the site then the best way to contact me would be email or discord (link is by the listed boards).
I have some potential canidates but I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket. The reality is that if no replacement is found by the end of the year, I will inevitably be forced to pull the plug like PULL or settle for a less than ideal replacement to maintain the pastures. To make the transition easier I have decided to provide detailed documentation of all server infrastructure.

What's Changing?

  • admin role has reduced technical requirements with optional support in the early transitional months
  • I am no longer funding the server bill - if you're interested in donating to keep the site afloat then you can email or shoot me a message on discord for the link - monthly server cost is listed at the page
  • apply as the next Administrator by providing a detailed email explaining your interest and qualifications, discord works too

No. 25698

Why is admin retiring though?

No. 25699

No normal woman with a life and hobbies and job is going to ever want to pay for and administrate this site.

No. 25700

>admin role has reduced technical requirements
That's going to be a shitshow

No. 25701

Yeah sorry but no one is going to want to administer this shithole website. It’s full of CP and gore.

No. 25705

Rip because I genuinely enjoy the cow side of lc and making fun of internet personalities, which I feel crystal cafe doesn’t provide. Unless I’m wrong

No. 25708

this, basically. the site is a shadow of its former self anyhow, no great loss.
i hope null steals the site through a BP proxy, would be hilarious to see this place run by an honest to god TERF

No. 25709

If it goes this route, I hope there is an admin that wants to continue the lolcow side of things. The /ot/ and /g/ boards offer things/community you can get lots of places and require more server, more mods, more oversight. There are very few places to discuss lolcows and I for one would love to visit a lolcow site without all the personal crap. It would be easier for future admin too.

No. 25711

shut the fuck up moid spammer

No. 25713

nah bb lolcow is gonna go down rip but its a long time coming. the site is garbage

No. 25714

why are you on it then

No. 25715

They probably have a thread about them, nobody who believes a site is garbage would actively participate in one and want it removed. That’s my only theory anyway.

No. 25716

Hope we get a new Admin and they will allow GC discussion and manhate threads. Otherwise, well it was fun while it lasted I guess.

No. 25717

most of the lolcows can be migrated over to kf in the beauty parlor. /ot/ and /g/ can go to cc (they could use it). there's nothing unique here apart from nitpicking vendetta threads which should have gone on pull

No. 25718

This. Who even are those people? If the site is so bad and you think it should go down, don’t come here and curse it. Just stop coming lol.
>i hope null steals the site through a BP proxy, would be hilarious to see this place run by an honest to god TERF
What the fuck is this? I hate the amount of ghetto KF scrotes that still infest this place, they’re like cockroaches, especially that last poster who said we should go to KF's "Beauty Parlor" like it's not run by literal trannies.
Anyway, I hope someone does come along to take the reins of the site. I think it’s possible. LC has survived this long with a long line of different admins, after all. There must be some autist capable enough.

No. 25719

>we should go to KF's "Beauty Parlor" like it's not run by literal trannies
because they allow all the gc posts here, right? kf is one of the terfiest sites around

No. 25720

>Terfiest site around
>Overflooding with retard moids posting their right-wing manifestos


No. 25721

have you ever even been on the site anon?

No. 25722

No, come on anons, don't be like this. We got to keep lolcow running, this is OUR space. A space for women to vent and express ourselves freely without being shutdown and our thoughts and opinions oppressed. This place is important. It's the one place on the internet a lot of women can find comfort in. It's familiar and comfortable and it's iconic. Women having their own space is important.

lolcow must go on.

No. 25723

Don't think I will make a KF account, but I already read about some cows there and their tranny thread is way better so I guess I'm just gonna resign myself from not posting my hot takes on the internet anymore and just lurk. Probably for the best. If Null wanted to re-make this place tho I would probably use it, as long as he's not directly involved and scrotes continue to get the boot. It would be nice to have a TERFy imageboard, since this place is very cucked in that regard.

No. 25724

NTA, but I have, and she's right.

No. 25725

I agree with you, but who is going to take it? I am not a fan of current Admin but I still empathize with the fact that it is a shitty and thankless job and since she can't really profit off it it's also a money-drain. Only insane people manage sites like this for more than a few years before getting burnout.

No. 25726

I only browse lolcow for the threads dedicated to drama but I second this.

No. 25727

I joined it back when babydash drama was fresh and stayed for ot/g/m/ part, agree w you anon.

No. 25728

after moot stepped down from 4c the site underwent some serious changes that resulted in it actually being profitable to run. of course as a result the site got a lot worse but a shitty lolcow might be better than no lolcow
>segregate NSFW content to a separate site
>run a few skeevy ads at the top and bottom of every page, get paid a lot more for the ones on the sfw site
>moderate less aggressively to encourage new posters + increase ad revenue
>4chan gold a real thing and not a meme
it'd be a lot easier to convince someone to put actual effort into this site if it at least was not a financial drain for them

No. 25729

Allow advertising on the site or encourage users to contribute and donate whatever amount is possible for them? How do other sites similar to this continue to run, what strategies do they employ? Maybe it's time to make it profitable so it's an attractive little prospect for someone to want to run it. And that individual could possibly end up a damn rich bitch with that ad revenue.

No. 25730

4chan is funded by the Feds, I don't think we'll be so lucky since TERFs are not yet considered a terrorist organization. If Admin put ads on the site the angry trannies who post gore and cp will immediately report and get that shut down. Places like this are hard to monetize. There should be merch like on KF. I would buy some lolcow.farm merch.

No. 25731

Right-wing kooks hating trannies only because of their association with LGB isn't "terfy", anon. It's just regular bigotry and homophobia.

If admin offers a way to donate anonymously (such as through patreon since paypal lets you see your billing details) I'd be willing to help foot the server bill. I wish I had the time to help out more because I really don't want to see the site go.

No. 25732

I mean its not a secret, null used to send all banned users from kf over here. he said he stopped but clearly we're still getting refugees.
I think LC can bounce back too theres just a lot of people frothing at the mouth over this, seems like someone really wants our domain name… hmmm…

so in summary:

No. 25733

keep telling yourself i’m a scrote, you dullard. pure cope. sperging about moids and scrotes in every thread is what killed this place. uncaring jannies and the utter indifference to the CP did the rest.

bet that there are more natal women posting on KF at this very second than there ever are here. you can have this place. seethe, cope, and dilate, fren. ywnbaw!

No. 25734

there are a lot of female KF users that are terfs and null leaves them alone. there's also an off-topic/beauty parlor section that could substitute for /g and /m. most of the male autism on KF stays confined within its own threads

No. 25735

So, an online store where lolcow souvenirs/ merch is produced by the arty anons and run by the business skilled anons, combining all our strengths to make it work.
Put a design forward for the lolcow mascot, the farmhand and make her design into cute plushies, print on t-shirts, backpacks etc as well as other things that could be designed and made and sell on the e-store for profit to keep lolcow running.

No. 25736

I'd be down with donating as well. I think more anons than we might think would be willing to.

No. 25737

I'd rather die than let that faggot null see any of my user details or function under the immense autism that is the KF userbase. Kiwifarms shills fuck off right now.

No. 25738

Definitely possible, but we'd need an Admin to organize all of this and current Admin has mentally checked out long ago. It'd take a woman who is equally autistic and dedicated as Null is to KF. Idk if she exists but I hope so.

No. 25739

Admin should accept crypto

No. 25740

Honestly I don't think the average user even follows meta or considers the server costs money. I think putting a donation button/request in the header wouldn't be unreasonable for new admin, if anyone comes along. I want to say it was more advertised for a while in the past like that but my memory is foggy, so idfk how that turned out back then.

I don't really understand this " pull the plug" thing, though. Wouldn't it make more sense to just risk the shit new admin? Like even if everything goes up in flames, what's the difference if the alternative is deletion anyway?

No. 25741

File: 1629573501635.png (431.49 KB, 640x359, imagen_2021-08-21_141822.png)

So true. Let's keep it going!

No. 25742

I can't imagine any decent artsy anon would actually be willing to potentially risk their own brand, let alone spending all the time on it.
Also I'd rather have Null have my shitty account info then some neets having my entire damn name and address

No. 25743

most people are just tourists, maybe admin could just put an announcement explaining everything at the top of every board?

No. 25744

I don't view KF as an option because it's a forum with accounts. I post on LC because it's an anonymous image board.

No. 25745

There's plenty artsy anons around who make great art of lolcows just for shits and giggles.

No. 25746

what about the person who runs choachan? an anon from lolcow made an entirely separate kpop imageboard after kpop discussion was banned from lolcow and then crystal cafe. it seems to be running pretty well and the admin takes decent care of the site

No. 25747

i would

No. 25748

Maybe administrator should be a shared role between two or three people. Each one takes the responsibility of running this site part time so the work is equally split. Personally I have nothing going on in my life right now really but I don't code nor am I knowledgeable in any way relating to programming, coding, running a site like this.

No. 25749

I would do designs and produce ideas and possibilities for potential merch/ souvenirs also.

No. 25750

most people on KF are shitposters and you're practically anonymous on there if you use a burner email to create your account on there

No. 25751

admin, set this up!!!

No. 25752

This, I agree with other anons who said that a patreon or so should exits. I would even donate a bit more so admin gets a bit of pocket money for this. Could def help with the financial aspect!

Maybe we should make lc nft's kek

No. 25753


Agreed 100%. It isn't the same when everything is attached to a username. People act differently, chase after stupid stickers. I love that we are all anon here, except for a few spergs that can't help identify themselves in their autism. I read KF before LC, but I'll never join.

No. 25754

kf's culture is totally different tho. It's overrun by edgy scrotes, /pol/tards and trannies.

i hope to god lc doesn't die, there are so few women-only spaces that don't cater to troons
I wish there was a patreon or crowdfund or something

No. 25755

lolcow is the matriarch, Queen, mother of imageboards. Don't let her die.

No. 25756

No normal woman with a life and hobbies and job even knows that the farms/imageboards exist.

No. 25757

I don't know why you fuckers think this, gossip is the most basic bitch hobby one can have. Lolcow is a normie board.

No. 25758

lolcow is the facebook of altchans

No. 25759


No. 25760

what other chans/altchans are there? most of the general lc userbase wont want to migrate there

No. 25761

Moids cannot be TERFs. Stop LARPing as a radfem.

No. 25763

Anons bitching about garbage this site has become and how much of a loser you have to be to apply for admin are still going to be here when it survives. Don’t act like you won’t, lol

No. 25764

And we have such a unique community of anons that are intelligent and so talented at lolcow fan art. I would hate for that to be lost and the users scatter because the site disbands.

No. 25765

Could a subscription service like gumroad help support the server costs? The /r/drama refugee website is using it, so I assume they're more lenient than Patreon.
yeah, running a gossip site like this is pretty much only possible if you're a NEET or otherwise don't have to worry about finding employment. You can't monetize via ads, a huge proportion of the userbase is batshit insane, and the featured individuals are going to lob lawsuits at you and otherwise try to ruin your life. On top of that, there's the endless gore/CP spam and a large proportion of the users are going to hate you when you enforce the rules/make new rules to prevent the site from going to shit. I don't blame admin for throwing up her hands and I'm not surprised that it's been hard to find a new one. You basically have to be a Cluster B NEET or self-employed terminally-online techbro with incredibly thick skin to run a place like this for a long period of time.
>i hope null steals the site
log off forever
you'd be surprised

No. 25766

Null would probably create threads for people with info from their post history. We can't have that.

No. 25768

File: 1629578095201.jpeg (179.03 KB, 949x761, 4pa2qh.jpeg)

I'd definitely buy LC merch, especially if there was a way whoever ran the store wouldn't see my name/address.

No. 25769

Fuck off Null

No. 25770

This is a good idea, I mean, an artist can always change their style to make it unrecognizable for retards, use a separate e-mail and some pseudonym like “milktan”.
If I knew how to art I would honestly do it, and like, you don’t really need to do a super complex design either, hell, I would buy a t-shirt that just said “lolcow.farm” redtexted.

No. 25771

I'm sure there are rich nonnies around who can donate a generous sum…
richfags, pls save us

No. 25773

File: 1629578794141.png (51.18 KB, 1485x238, 4309894082384.png)

No. 25776

>after the failure of 9chan
kek. nobody wants him to host lc anyways, a lot of the userbase seems normie adjacent in that I can't see a majority of anons wanting to migrate to a new board or even knowing where to migrate when the site shuts down.

No. 25777

Understandable. 9chan has pedos freaking out about him not allowing 3D loli or whatever they wanted so they spammed it relentlessly with CP and I am sure that would happen to any imageboard Null touches. If people know he is the Admin they would try to take it down no matter what the content is just like they do with KF and everything else he owns. I think he is right about the tranny problem, it will take a very dedicated person to keep dealing with repeated angry tranny spammers.

No. 25779

Tbh any techy anon would risk committing career suicide if someone ever found out they run a "terf" and gossip forum.

Sad, but trannies have a lot of power in the tech industry, I don't see someone with a job and required skills committing to that.

No. 25780

I hate this shit so much.

No. 25781

what about NEETs?

No. 25782

if by chance this site does seriously shut down, does anyone have any alternatives? i don’t want to be in a male-dominated space if possible. this is the most comfortable i’ve felt on an site…

No. 25783

>I am no longer funding the server bill - if you're interested in donating to keep the site afloat then you can email or shoot me a message on discord for the link - monthly server cost is listed at the page
Just an idea: since not everyone checks /meta/ or /ot/ (this thread was linked there, btw), you could put on top of every board how much is needed for the server bill with an email/donation link, then update the amount daily.
Good luck on choosing the next admin.

No. 25784

beauty parlor on kiwifarms for /snow/ and /pt/, crystal cafe for the others. Though honestly there's no replacing lolcow. This site is so unique and special it would be a shame if it were to die

No. 25785

For cow conversation: Kiwi Farms
For women's space: Crystal Cafe

That's it. Anything else and there is no audience.

No. 25786

Agreed, like Wikipedia does.
Hell, make it even easier, create a Patreon account or something.
I'd pledge a monthly contribution.

No. 25787

This is the patreon link, I'm not sure why it's not being used anymore

No. 25788

What about /w/? Sadge

No. 25789

People use /w/?

No. 25790

A non-westerner could conceivably get away with it. We should bully one of the Paki farmers into learning how to code.
Admin should slap a picture of jimbo wales on it for laughs

No. 25791

Not even LC uses /w/

No. 25792

Is there a specific date in mind when the site will be taken down?

No. 25793

some of the cows have threads on kiwifarms. If you're there for jfashion stuff there's /cgl/, most of the drama talked about in those threads starts there anyways. If this place does end up dying the cows not on KF yet could have threads made for them
i dunno nonny manaknight and pixielocks are pretty entertaining

No. 25794

i like pixielocks and venus threads, also watching mikan butthurt on social media is fun but i dont post in these threads

No. 25796

crystal.cafe is sadly full of LARPers, trannies and Discord e-daters.

No. 25797

Weeb cows are entertaining but sadly /w/ is a forgotten board.

No. 25798

Anon how can they ship things to you if they can't see your address

No. 25799

What about something like red bubble? Not sure if the sellers see the address

No. 25800

yeah but if there's a mass migration of active lc posters it would be enough to significantly change board culture, maybe even enough to chase away the scrotes and pickmes

No. 25801

File: 1629582318478.gif (259.03 KB, 486x580, 14573-11skxn0.gif)

How much upkeep does this site actually need? Pay for server and domain, regularly dispose of moids, what else is there?

No. 25802

Thirding this

No. 25803

it's forgotten cause nearly all the cows there are boring as fuck and the only people posting are pulltards

No. 25804

He's absolutely faking his concern over women not having imageboards. I don't trust this moid's crocodile tears for a second after all he's done to try and hijack this site.

No. 25805

File: 1629584440742.png (321.55 KB, 477x392, EJEvpgVXkAIAFFf.png)

If want to keep this place for at least a little while longer, we need a good way to collect funds like >>25765 suggested

No. 25806

I'd be down to chip in a few dollars and I'm sure (and I see) I'm not the only farmer who would do it.

No. 25807

Sounds bad and retarded

No. 25808

No. 25809

apparently by the end of the year

No. 25810

sounds like a lot of people in >>>/ot/888183 want to just move to crystal cafe and take over

No. 25811

It's not the same thing. A part of being on an anonymous imageboard is that you cannot create an online persona by having an alias and identifiable post history (but some people still find a way to attention whore, I'm looking at you komaedafag.)

No. 25812

i would definitely be down to donate.. i don’t want to see this place go away. i wish i had coding knowledge or something so i could apply to admin but sadly i do not

No. 25813

I would too, nothing major but at least something because this place has kept me even kind of sane

No. 25814

set up the anonymous donation link already, admin. a lot of us aren’t broke neets.

No. 25815

honestly i feel like most of us are employed and not teenagers. i know i would donate for sure £100 a month for at the LEAST over the space of a few months

No. 25816

Give me the OF link you broke bitch. I love this site.

No. 25817

this is a good idea!
i'd definitely buy a cute plushie if it meant i could support LC

No. 25818

>some moderators once supported the idea
Your sloppy seconds don't count Josh

No. 25819

You can get the donation link by emailing admin via the address on the 'Rules' page!

No. 25821

i’m not emailing anyone but i do see there’s a donation button now

No. 25822

What's this site written in?

No. 25823

i think the ko-fi link only shows up on /meta. it'll probably get more traffic if the admin puts it on all boards since a smaller amount of the userbase checks /meta

No. 25824

Since the admin lives in europe or something she could consider committing identity fraud and getting disability checks, i know it sounds stupid but I actually do it

No. 25825

Idk how things work in Europe, but this sounds like a TERRIBLE idea anon

No. 25826


Second/third/whatevering put ads on the site. You could just stick them at the bottom below the next page buttons, who even looks that far down

No. 25827

i dont think ads is a bad idea either, 8kun runs ads

No. 25828

Is the current admin the owner?

No. 25830

File: 1629597367560.png (17.48 KB, 536x333, yay.png)

Good news!

Agreed. Or maybe admin could leave it in all boards until the next goal.
I really don't wanna see this place go…

Eh, 8kun is maintained by the feds.

No. 25831

File: 1629597674138.jpg (10.26 MB, 506x380, ADgMJYI.jpg)

Donor here, I’m not sure what you mean by “message me here but” these are some CSS themes that I request: Decay and mold, Fallout (video game series), Left Behind (book series), Graveyard, Microbiology, war

No. 25832

based donanon

No. 25833

i donated too… sperm mushroom theme when?

No. 25834

No. 25835

If you don't want to message or email just generate a color palette and upload it here. I'll look into setting up brave rewards for passive BAT income. I see confusion over who owns the site or whether or not I plan to retain ownership, I'm trying to give up ownership and responsibility.

No. 25836

I didnt donate but can there finally be a dirt & worm theme. Why not if the site is ending

No. 25837

File: 1629598650504.jpg (16.57 KB, 1146x215, gbwSzlq.jpg)

No. 25838

Okay so to keep this place up and running, there's monthly bills? Or is it yearly or every 3 or so months? And how much does it cost?

I'll recap our funding options:


>lolcow gift shop/ souvenir/ merch e-store

I'd be down to making t-shirts for lolcow on my t-shirt e-store and donating the profits here. I may not even take a cut for myself cause it'd be fun for me to make this stuff and i'd be honoured to contribute to a womens' cause, maintaining a space for women.
I'd actually love to see a whole clothing line designed based on and inspired by lolcow and the lolcow mascot, with the collection showcased on the catwalk, becoming a fashionable thing. That would be so awesome. Anyway, chin up and hold your head high Queens, don't let your crown fall. lolcow will live on.

No. 25843

So does this mean there will be no Lolcow Awards this year?

No. 25844


No. 25845

Kinda cringe but lolcow is so unknown I feel like no one would get the reference anyway

No. 25846

File: 1629603343634.png (2.09 KB, 57x37, lol.PNG)

same, and a pin/sticker of this guy

No. 25847

one of you bitches give us a light lavender colored theme preferably cool-toned please and thanks

No. 25848

Idk if we'll ever get a merch store, but board-tan or cow plushies, keychains, pins, or stickers would be cute.

No. 25849

Not gonna donate money until a new admin is in place but I can make body pillows of board tan

No. 25850

Threw some money at the Kofi. Hope all goes well - for both the site and yourself, admin

No. 25855

File: 1629611213673.jpg (17.74 KB, 620x478, 1589081727069.jpg)

Fuck admin-sama for all the shit we give you, you're still one of us. If this is really the end, then I just want you - all of you - to know that it's been an honor shitposting/lurking with you. Even the spergier anons like pitbullchans, borzoi anons, driverfags, fas sperges, 32-inch waist chans, komaeda-chan, bpdfags, you name it. Oldfags from the /cgl/ to Stamina Rose days, if you've stuck around this long, then that extends to you as well. except all you pull refugees and newfags, kindly neck yourselves

I hope nothing for the best, for all of you, out in the greater pastures. We're gonna make it ladies.

No. 25856

File: 1629612167963.jpeg (97.38 KB, 519x960, E4A7AF50-2DD4-4499-9D1E-E1070E…)

Well, just in case the site goes to hell, and tbh, I don’t think I will post often because of the CP, I will miss you all, nonnies, it was nice shitposting, hornyposting and sperging with you all, I will even miss anti-fujo-chan, borzoi-chan and gangrape-chan. Even Finnanon, it was interesting seeing her stuff even if I still think it was all a Larp.
Also, komaeda-chan, your spergs are amazing, I hope I can be as autistic as you are about my husbandos in the future, probably at some random imageboard that isn’t cc because the layout is cancer to me.
And manifiesto-chan from the tranny threads, I love you, please marry me, I will send you the ring by mail, let’s have a polycule with KikomiArtist and that nonnie that drew my husbando Marinyo, we could write an illustrated novel about our OCs donut steel.
I wish we could have our own discord or something that doesn’t have autistic retards invading it.

No. 25857

File: 1629613097022.jpg (18.55 KB, 500x500, 1bc6b421cbcb5452811e932c84bcb6…)


I haven't been here as long as a lot of you, but the few months that I've been around have been great.

It's a lot of fun signposting and being autistic hand-in-hand with all of you. I want to thank those of you who made the /pt/ and /snow/ threads fun for me, and those of you who have accommodated me and given me a place to feel at home away from social media.

I'll be heartbroken if we have to shut down the farms, but if its shit down, then thank you for everything.

No. 25858

I actually think a donation link in the header would absolutely work. I used to use a forum that had 200 max posters and maybe 100 regulars and it's still alive now due to donations alone. People are very invested in their corners of the internet.
Donations plus maybe some merch from artanons would mean this site stays alive.

No. 25859

fyi admin, I am unable to click the kofi link at the bottom, a plaintext link at the top might work better since the kofi embed is clunky.

No. 25860

Anyone who’s donating to this absolute retard of an admin has no fucking shame. I will literally not censor my opinion here because no one bothers to censor theirs but this is 2021. Get a job. Don’t come whining to your user base for fucking tip offs because you can’t be bothered to get a proper job. I’d like to talk a little bit about data confidentiality. When a certain user’s posts were outted it should have been a massive red flag to everyone who uses this site. This user may have been a disgusting cow, but she used this site all the same. The reason people flock to KF is because under no circumstances does Null ever reveal user’s posts/identities or IP addresses. Current Admin has absolutely sperged out this year and obliterated any respect I had left for her. I think the pinnacle of retardation had to be banning certain political discussion threads, accusing a TEENAGER of doxing her, revealing multiple user posts and lastly, begging on her knees for donations. This site used to be fun, but certain things made me want to never use the site again, I’m not even sure why I’m typing this out other than the fact I’d like to save you all from crazy Mexican Admin Chan deciding to reveal all your bank details or waste your money. This comment will probably be banned because apparently anything TERF chan doesn’t like should be censored. Ironic. I don’t think you realise that maybe this image board anonymises you to other anons, but Admin chan over here is probably stealing the entirety of your data. If you donate to this bitch you’re a fucking retard and should kys. I also thought it would be fun to mention the autistic lolcow farm discord server and the fact admin chan is banning random users from 2019 or older because she freaked out on schizo paranoia mode. I’m probably going to be accused of being a cow or a KF scrote for saying this. I think the fact Admin chan can’t afford this site is evident they are clearly someone completely unemployable. If you’re an adult literally living in the United States of America, you have absolutely no excuse for unemployment. Especially as admin would have some level of computer skills to run this site. cc was always a better forum as unlike this site it actually has a non IQ stunted moderation team. Sorry not sorry.

No. 25862

Dude, take your meds. If you really don't like Admin or TERFs or whatever, you can just go back to KF.

No. 25863

In all honesty, I’m more concerned for you ladies than anything else. I loved this site but I cannot think of a single reason why donating to this woman is a good idea. In all honesty, she’s probably a troon.

No. 25864

No. 25865

People are donating because they like the site, not because they love admin, we’re getting a new one at the end of the year anyway so why are you sperging this hard?

No. 25866

File: 1629620944656.png (589.27 KB, 1508x1816, lolcow.org.png)

Just found out that Admin not only advertises lolcow.org as an alternative to Kiwifarms, she actually has an account there and is using it to seethepost about Null saying he doesn't want to take over the site anyways. Why aren't you posting about that here, Admin? Maybe because users wouldn't appreciate you doxing the discord ID of a former moderator here and literally sicking scrotes on her to harass her?

In case you don't know, lolcow.org is a site that is made by scrotes who were banned from Kiwifarms for threatening to kill people and getting visits from the FBI, turbospergs and literal Nazis who got banned for sperging out in Articles&Happenings about the (((JEWS))) for days on end, sexpests and of course trannies. Curious that our Admin would make an account there. They also have in the past discussed taking over lolcow.farm and are active posters in /snow/'s Kiwifarms thread and shit up the site with their unsaged scrotery. Admin is looking for a replacement and not only is she advertising and posting on lolcow.org, but she seems to bond with them over their common hatred for Jewsh. So how long until we get a scrote-admin from there to take over this place? Anything to get back at that dang darn Kiwifarms, right Admin?

No. 25867

Null comes here to shit-talk the admin all the time, what's wrong if the admin goes to kf to shit-talk him back? Is she supposed to just sit back and be ok with all the bs that null spews?

No. 25868

Take your meds.

No. 25869

File: 1629622392544.png (11.77 KB, 471x144, Catbox.png)

I agree with other anons suggesting a little shop for LC. It's not a chan, but that's what Catbox has.

No. 25870

null is fat and I would not have sex with him

No. 25871

>You thinking Null, who humored an actual rapist of disabled elderly relatives, is superior to admin-chan because…muh I don't like mexicans

Yeah not gonna trust anything you have to say.

No. 25872

Wtf are you talking about? Banning political derails, outing cows, and revealing the post history of people who deceive the farms has been a thing since day one. None of those things started with current admin and most people enjoy the reveals/not having threads constantly derailed with political infighting.

No. 25873

How do you know that? It might shock you, but not everyone who has issues with how Admin runs the site is Null. She is literally going to a site that is worse than KF (check out the scrote tism over there for yourself why don't you) just to a-lawg Null AND former moderators for this place. Wow, can't imagine why some users might have an issue with her.

No. 25874

Honestly out of all the things you could call Null she chose to go with fat cause that is "the worst thing a person can be", Anachan Admin confirmed kek. Not like we didn't know already since the leaked chatlogs of her talking about how she doesn't have a period anymore and her anachan pics.

No. 25875

>former moderators for this place
Nta, but what are you even talking about? The screenshot says it was one of Josh's mods

No. 25876

So which cow is this?

No. 25877

Tesco (the poster in the screenshot she posted and also the discord ID) is a former moderator for lolcow.farm. Dynastia (that she is citing as Null's wingman) has never been a moderator on KF to my knowledge.

No. 25878


No. 25880

I didn't say they were admins, I said Tesco was a farmhand HERE on lolcow.farm a long time ago. She says so herself in the screenshot Admin posted to lolcow.org >>25866

No. 25881

pretty sure this is a reference about Null's crush on the previous admin

No. 25882

Tesco has never been an admin, she was a farmhand. Current Admin hates her for having a KF account and talking about lolcow.farm on there. Idk about any involvement between Tesco and Null other than current Admin has hateboners for both of them

No. 25883

aryt but I meant Dynastia

No. 25884

Why are people getting hung up on that? Literally the least important thing in all this is some post Dynastia made on lolcow.farm THREE YEARS AGO. Dynastia is a troll, has never been an admin or a mod and has no relevance to this situation other than for some reason Admin brought it up 3 years later cause she is desperately reaching out to some scrotes who hate Null as much as she does. The real issue here is that she is

1. posting on a site full of degenerate scrotes instead of here
2. trying to expose former moderators to said scrotes to get them harassed and
3. might actually give the site over to her newfound scrote-friends.

Are you not seeing any issues with this?

No. 25885

Which site is it?

No. 25886

a kiwi splinter called lolcow.org but it can't be any worse than kiwifarms and it's pretty dead

No. 25887

>A space for women to vent and express ourselves freely without being shutdown and our thoughts and opinions oppressed.
Kek if only this was true, nice try anon.

No. 25888

Mfw I have been enjoying this site since 2017 just to talk shit about cows and don’t even care about the community boards/politics/gender debates

No. 25889

File: 1629637638056.png (224.8 KB, 366x592, 1607222087296.png)

For some reason Tesco and Dynastia make admin-chan seethe since a majority of the posts they make in that thread are just criticisms toward her run as admin or making fun of the more autistic anons here. ot but kek at the tranny that got outed for posting here in the dumpster fire that was the kf thread. double kek at admin going to kf splinter that's for all the users that're too autistic for kiwifarms
>might actually give the site over to her newfound scrote friends
as funny as that would be, I doubt admin even cares enough to do something that petty. she checked out awhile ago in case the terf sperging didn't clue you in, plus the kiwi scrotes on their splinter site can barely even run their site. pic related is the artistic "skill" of their admin who is an autistic middle-aged scrote with an extensive history of trying to befriend and support lolcows.

No. 25890

File: 1629638082812.png (22.47 KB, 596x229, pixy.png)

samefag but, some of the cows he's interacted with are Raven Sparks, the queen herself, and even Chris Chan.

Oh, and he made his own rosechu medallion because he's that obsessed with chris lol.

No. 25891

Kengle was the one who owned Onionfarms. The owner of lolcow.org is someone else, but it's the same scrotes from Onionfarms using it. They moved from Onionfarms to lolcow.org cause Kengle is insane.

No. 25892

I hope this doesn't come off as mini modding, but it's not productive to start pointing fingers and bringing up Josh. We should be discussing ways to continue Lolcow Farms, preferably ways that aren't just migrating to CC since CC are notorious for banning people to make sure their user base is tiny and go out of their way to trip users into permanent bans. Ripping on the current admin doesn't help either.

What we should be doing is finding anons who can code, have time, and are willing to treat Lolcow as a passion project. We don't need to have just the one admin because clearly having 1 admin isn't enough. It should be split among maybe two or three, and I'm willing to bet at least 50 regular Lolcow users are capable of this role

No. 25893

Why would anons want to migrate to CC anyway? Lolcow is notorious for laughing at internet personalities and having cow threads, which CC does not provide.

No. 25894

Hi everyone, I make a lot of cute handmade things. If some business-minded anons can sell or buy my neetwares, I'm happy to see all profits go to maintaining the site. A future lolcow with slightly more income to devote to getting rid of the CP is worth my time. I don't have a business brand to protect, and have some unique items. If someone makes a thread related to that, I'll post my discord link and we can talk. Shouldn't take too long to organize and other anons ITT are willing. Unsaged because I want whoever needs to see this to see it!

No. 25895

Samefag but I meant this in the sense of a tiny drag-down merch store or something, not a separate site that would cost more. It's a decent idea to incorporate a small additional income stream for the future admin and mods

No. 25897

Because people in the /ot/ thread are already discussing whether of not CC is an option for us to migrate to if LCF does actually get shut down

You and the anons offering to do this are angels

No. 25898

i would be interested in helping with the coding/scalability of the site but i don't think i could take over fully, for reasons including dealing with cp that gets through whatever program lolcow uses to filter it + legal issues that could come from that and running a gossip site since i'm american. honestly i only use the ot/g/m boards, i dont know if i would be a good fit overall. tfw no 3rd world tech nonnie to the rescue

No. 25899

Admin is a turbo autist. That's just a known fact. You would have to be to willingly take on LC. The next Admin, God willing such a future, will also be a turbo autist. Not all turbo autists are admins, but all admins are turbo autists.

No. 25900

it's not cringe then, it's based. unlike the kiwifarms merch. imagine associating with THAT

No. 25901

Kek I actually like it.

No. 25902

KF merch is just drawings of dogs and kiwis, nobody would ever associate that with the forum unless they already know about it. I think some of the designs are pretty cute. We could have something similar but with cows and farmers.

No. 25903

Managing an online store is a shitton of work, not to mention dealing with getting the items made and shipping them out/responding to customer emails, this is a terrible idea. Having designs on a print on demand site (like redbubble) might not be bad though. The profit margins are lower, but its 0 work on the shopowners part and the only one with the customer info is the site itself.

No. 25904

I joined here so long ago and this became my safe space. Feels like the only one where you can be who you are and talk shit. The fact that it's also one of thw only forums online that is majority runned by women and actual women not kissing tranny ass speaks volumes. I'll donate what i can. I love this site so much, even with all it's problems.

No. 25905

Deadass, people talking shit about lolcow are saying it like there's a better option, most sites and social media are worse, at least here i won't get cancelled by trannies.

No. 25906

not admin or anachan but null is fat and his eyes are too far apart, i would not have sex with him

No. 25907

so what exactly would taking over entail then? work and money wise

No. 25908

File: 1629660613943.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

I would

No. 25909

When I google him it says a bunch of disgusting things about him being a pedophile, is that true?

No. 25910

Nice try, null.

No. 25911

love yourself. or kys if kiwifarmer

No. 25912

I have absolutely no idea why my old discord ID, or a screenshot of me saying I used to be a farmhand is at all relevant to her complaining about Josh.

I was a janny under the second admin, and was given mod after a while, and then the third admin took over and I was a mod under her, until she decided to get her own team of mods to start fresh. I have never been a mod on KF.

Current admin has had an issue with me before she ever became admin, I'm sure she remembers the discord messages she'd send with pictures from my facebook attached, and vague threats to doxx me, for literally no reason (because I had never interacted with her before that). Not surprised, but yeah, confusing.

Thanks Ingenue!

No. 25913

i'm nauseated

No. 25914

Imagine Null sweating in the tropical heat of the Philippines in nothing but his underwear while furiously coding an image board in Laravel and PHP.

No. 25915

va va voom

No. 25916

You could finance lolcow by selling feet pics to him nonna

No. 25917

I'd be willing to handle moderation recruitment/training/have no issue with removal of cp/gore/what-have-you. I have a stable income but a flexible schedule that provides infinite neet-tier hours; been a 4chan user since WT snacks was active and I came here from CGL.

I used to assist in businesses that sold illegal goods online and thus am familiar with setting up website hosting with crypto and fake identification, so I don't think LC has to tie back to anyone.

I have, however, 0 technical/coding skills. Let's team up, anon.

No. 25918

(ntayrt)I have coding knowledge however it’d probably only help for the themes (CSS, HTML, brief bits of PHP). I’ve made themes for image boards in the past so I’d be happy to lend a hand.

No. 25919

I tried to send him an e-mail once and he only sent me back a clip of Nick Fuentes saying "no e-girls". So I doubt it.

No. 25920

Ah yes. Announce to everyone that you’re a criminal. Scrote.

No. 25921

They're probably talking about weed shops.

No. 25922

who cares, this isn't reddit

No. 25923

you gotta love a girlboss

No. 25924

A shop is a terrible idea, it is a shit ton of work in itself to handle an online shop and it is not compatible with the anon part that sets this site apart from other similar sites. If a patreon is possible to make anon im certain it will not be hard to break even, as a long time user i wouldnt mind sharing cost. Would be sad to see the site go of money is the issue.

No. 25925

I love this site and I'm sad. If lc goes down, will there ever be another place I can post my true thoughts and opinions with other women doing the same, free from scrote interference? I have some reservations about donating as I'm sure a lot of you do, but I'm sad to see it go nonetheless.

No. 25926

Literally CC

No. 25927

File: 1629684196534.jpeg (447.89 KB, 1270x2257, 3AD9FC02-5863-49E6-83D5-A5A2DC…)

Important ko-fi anonymity info for anyone who’s thinking about donating. I basically doxxed myself by donating, so make sure to make/use a paypal business account!

No. 25928

A print on demand shop would work. Admin doesn't have to ship anything or prepare anything or get anyone's personal info, because a third party handles all of that. Shit tends to be overpriced since the seller cut is so small, but you don't have to worry about your anonymity.

No. 25929

Print on demand could definitely be a viable option for a small fundraiser. When I've dealt with those services before, the cost per item on a digital printed t-shirt was like $18 USD. If the sale price was set at $33, just 20 people buying shirts would pay for about 2 months of server costs, which is pretty good. There are other advantages too, like everyone getting to choose their own shirt size and the anonymity factor.

No. 25931

Him and Brittney Venti would make a cute wide-eyed couple.

No. 25932

Normally I would suggest a bullet between the eyes, but with a brain that small you'd probably miss the shot. Buy a rope, tie a noose, and take a short hop off of a chair. That is, if you aren't too fat for even that tiny bit of physical exertion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25933

Also the rest of you should kill yourselves for being women. The internet is a place for men, nobody cares what you have to say.

No. 25934

Cool thanks bait-chan

No. 25935

No. 25936

File: 1629691429194.png (138.07 KB, 403x300, 77f40d30-e3f9-4dd2-b140-514222…)

No. 25937

Male suicides are high but not high enough. Fulfill your purpose in life and contribute to it you expendable, non essential, worthless, retarded, defective XY chromosone scrote. End your life. No one will miss you or notice you're gone. You're stupid and ugly and you're unlovable. Kek so biologically fragile and that ego lol such a pitiful creature. Absolutely worthless and expendable.
You should be thrown into a grinder. And your flesh should be used for cheap low value dog food.
God scrotes cannot kill themselves soon enough.

No. 25938

Cope defective Y-chromosoid.

No. 25939

I am not a criminal nor do I see what part of what I said implicates I'm a scrote. I can only assume you're attempting to bait, but I am ultimately apathetic to feedback that serves no useful purpose.

No. 25940

Wait are you that femcel Tesco who the Lookism/Incel Abode admin bragged about buying nudes from back in the day?

No. 25941

Why you here then? Retard

No. 25942

Calm down you psychopath lol

No. 25943

File: 1629708654942.png (246.53 KB, 2074x718, 1627310511896.png)

Yes, she is apparently famously "easy" and sends her nudes to anyone. Someone posted this in the KF thread.

No. 25945

>"you should try to hook up with her"
>"she must be EASY"
calm down La Cucaracha.

No. 25946

She is kinda famous for being easy and crazy in those circles. And well, if it is her, then I do have more questions….

Is it true you e-dated Josh and he dumped you for sending him pics of you gouging wounds into your body because he didn't respond fast enough to you?

No. 25947

She sent her tits to Null, what else would you consider "easy"? He makes it sound like you just need to whisper her name and she will show up with her tits in your inbox. Wonder what gave him that impression? Maybe because.. she hands her nudes out like candy?

No. 25948

>those are the people who wanted to take over the website
Jfc thanks for protecting us so far admin

No. 25949

Was this around the time Null was fucking that one fatty mod that the userbase hated?

No. 25950

Why do lolcow mods want to fuck Null so badly? You guys are nasty.

No. 25951

No, no, it wasn't a lolcow mod I meant that one KF mod who only got it because Null was fucking her. She ended up being a goth fatty-chan with blue hair I think? But, if Tesco sending nudes to Null is true then fucking kek. Admin may be an ana-chan who hates terfs and white women but, at least she isn't throwing her nudes around to fucking Null of all people.

No. 25952

File: 1629720359677.jpeg (104.83 KB, 828x167, F9B0A334-CA9B-4806-9133-DBA3C5…)

Oh OK that makes more sense. Is this article true though?

No. 25953


That sounds like Tescos description, incels used to come on lolcow to post her nudes on the regular and clown her. That is how I know of this affair and her sending nudes to the lookism/Incel abode admin.

No. 25954

can confirm i saw her buttplug on /pt/ once when she pissed off yet another incel.

No. 25955

kek nonna nooo

No. 25956

Josh you are fat and I would not have sex with you

No. 25957

Josh you are fat, bug-eyed and I would not have sex with you

No. 25959

File: 1629724213540.jpg (237.96 KB, 1080x1350, 1596737991208.jpg)

I just remembered the mod went by emspex. Are tesco and empsex the same person or just fatties who look like each other?

No. 25960

No. 25961

Null left 8chan because the new site software he wrote was so bad it was unusable.

No. 25962

Tesco was never a mod on the Kiwifarms, she was a mod here. The girl in the pic you posted is apparently Empspex, but she lives in Finnland so I doubt she ever fucked Null.

No. 25963

The poster you are replying to is not Null, it's Elaine, who has a thread here >>>/snow/1191408

No. 25964

File: 1629725102109.jpeg (121.56 KB, 827x632, 2DFCE35E-14CE-4A47-853A-2870E0…)

>crazy Mexican Admin Chan

No. 25965

Seems like Null is trying the divide and conquer tactic in his quest to own lolcow.farm.

No. 25966

>I don't want anything to do with lolcow.farm
>He wants to own lolcow.farm!
Schizo beaner lol

No. 25967

How new are you? Null has been attempting to gain control of LC for years.

No. 25968

not the anon you're answering to but it's well known that null has been trying to get the ownership of lolcow for a long time, maybe at least since 3 admins ago if not more

No. 25969

The theory that she is mexican or whatever has existed for a long time and wasn't created by Null. It stems from some old discord screenshots where Admin complains about the white women on this website not appreciating her because she is "poor and brown" while she thinks that most of the userbase is "rich and white".

No. 25970

That rings a bell, was that posted on a thread here? or on KF?

No. 25971

IIRC she was referring to the admin of CC and middle class white farmers that were insulting her and crying oppression because she closed /2X/. It's in the old meta threads.

No. 25972

Both. It has been posted in pretty much every /meta/ complaint thread over and over again. Such as here >>23253

No. 25973

Confirmed for lurking here. Null, you are fat, bug-eyed and none of us would have sex with you. Go away.

No. 25974

I'm the anon above, in that case I will emend my post: Elaine you are retarded and Josh will not have sex with you

No. 25975

Does he want to fuck the admin or something because the only one obsessed here is that white fat fuck who can't even keep his users in check.

No. 25976


No. 25977

Null and admin-sama are just being tsundere for each other. They both relate to the fact that their respective userbases flip flop between hating and loving them. Along with the fact that despite claiming they don't give a shit about each other, clearly lurk both sites. Hell, they've both even had their userbases collectively lose their shit over them. With Admin, it was the terfchans and with null, it was the /pol/fags except null outed one of them to the feds lol

No. 25978

>except null outed one of them to the feds lol
If you're going to post shooting threats, use a VPN.

No. 25980

Null has a lot more asskissers and people giving him money, I wonder if Admin is a little bit bitter about that. But then again he is also way more involved with his site. When is the last time we got any updates, improvements or anything fun at all happened? I'm sure Admin could get donations if she organized merch runs or literally anything at all. The truth is she has given up on this place long ago and is only holding on to it out of spite. The only new things we get are passive aggressive banners on top of each page and her whining about how hard it is to do the minimum amount of upkeep like deleting CP or hiring new mods.

No. 25981

No. 25982

theres a huge donation button on your page retard open your eyes

No. 25983

I'm sorry you're mentally challenged anon, must be hard dealing with thoughts like this.

No. 25984

don't justify it, it's cow behavior

No. 25985

>t. admin

No. 25986

Honestly if this site went down it would be a huge loss IMO. I can’t imagine the type of discussions on /ot or /g being replicated anywhere else on online without moids interjecting with their stupid shit, handwringing from sjw normies, or having to tolerate an adjacent alttard/trad tard user base and their retarded spergouts about muh birth rate and other stupid shit I could care less about (kiwifarms). I’m not saying those discussions have some kind of great cultural merit but I appreciate for examplebeing able to read a recovering NEET thread that actually reflects my experience vs a bunch of scrotes talking about how vidya and Internet porn ruined their life.

No. 25987

>When is the last time we got any updates, improvements or anything fun at all happened?
Two months ago when she outed creepshow.

No. 25988

can the admin replace the red text "kiwifarms migrants feel free to check out…" at the top with the donation link for the site?

No. 25989

No, we must continue to advertise it to spite NULL (evil)

No. 25990

could the admin at least add it to the top of the site then? the donation link would get more traction then.
someone should also make a thread on archival tools (they have one on kiwifarms but it's geared towards forums)

No. 25992

IMO bragging about never having been DDOSed is more cringe, cause that is completely out of her control and might actually encourage trannies to DDOS the site. I doubt Admin-chan knows how to mitigate an attack, so idk why she is tempting fate my advertising it to proudly.

No. 25993

Shady coffee buying service is not an appropriate way to send donations to someone.

No. 25994

but let me guess bitcoins are

No. 25995

Rich anon in /ot/ already donated $1k kek

No. 25996

Unironically yes. Bitcoin is also skyrocketing right now.

Finally the rich whuite women pay reparations to our poor brown admin.

No. 25997

Oh great, so nobody needs to donate now. Crisis resolved. Thanks for letting us know.

No. 25998

Yep, you can read it here: >>>/ot/888672
Goal was reached pretty quickly

No. 26000

>If the site is so bad and you think it should go down, don’t come here and curse it. Just stop coming lol.
You are the embodiment of a crying wojak with a mask. Seethe harder, people can voice criticisms here, else this whole pisshole wouldn't exist.

No. 26001

"waaaah I hate lolcow I hope it shuts down you roasties" is not criticism.

No. 26003

>Null has a lot more asskissers and people giving him money, I wonder if Admin is a little bit bitter about that.
Null is an attention whore who grew a cult of personality by injecting himself into the center of any remotely notable happening. One of the benefits of lolcow is that there isn't a histrionic tard at the helm; the more hands-off approach is nice.

No. 26004

The downside of an uninvolved admin is that this all looks like woe-is-me bullshit from someone who just wants money without any work.

No. 26005

>someone who just wants money without any work.
Why would she bother funding the site costs herself when she’s permanently leaving? Since she doesn’t care about the continuity of the site as much things rely on anons to fund it while she finds a replacement

No. 26007

If making money off of lolcow (lol) were her main priority, she probably would have made at least a half-assed effort to monetize it in the past, or at least get some paypigs to fund the server costs.

No. 26008

All admin has to do is charge null for her anachan secrets. A simple 100$ to help that obese fatty lose some weight. We get our server running, admin gets to make a white devil suffer, and null not only gets a skelly-kun body but bragging rights against ethan ralph. It's a win-win in my book.

No. 26009

Where is the anachan stuff coming from?

No. 26010

File: 1629768824500.gif (714.81 KB, 498x262, mean-girls-damian.gif)

Admin has been paying the server bill for years without asking for handouts you retarded kiwifag.

No. 26011

NTA but she has actually asked for support several times in the past 2 years, just not from farmers iirc but from other admin/mods.

No. 26012

there's 2 million visitors to the site, what if it was opened to smaller advertisers less likely to freak out about the content, or place them on relevant boards? I.e dropped-ship kawaii e-girl gamer cat mousepad bullshit on /ot/ and otome games on /m/. maybe it could cover server costs, modest stipend to CP patrol janitors, or functionality upgrades?

No. 26013

>there's 2 million visitors to the site,
no fucking way, it feels like the same 10 people on every board

No. 26014

Yeah, very much. It's been dying off for a few years and now it's a ghost town compared to what it was.

No. 26015

Null left 8chan because his imageboard software didn't work and he got in a super autistic disagreement between someone even stupider than he is (copypaste) and a a literal boomer (jim watkins) over licensing. That article looks like it was written by some british guy who really hates him for hosting evidence that the british dude creeped on people on a forum back in the 2000s

Nobody involved is sane

No. 26017

Wow. Someone even made a fake linkedin for null writing a bunch of weird shit. Someone really hates his guts, kek.

No. 26018

No. 26019

>believing current admin will actually leave
this brown bitch will hold on to lolcow until the end

No. 26020

File: 1629794003875.jpeg (189.61 KB, 828x440, 9A216FA8-CCF1-4D6C-A7A6-4452CF…)

No. 26021

No. 26022

>I wonder if Admin is a little bit bitter about that. But then again he is also way more involved with his site.
Why would Admin be bitter for not having a target painted on her back?
His orbiters sperging all over the internet and being an attention whore online rendered him infamous, unemployable and made him persecuted by psychos online and IRL.

No. 26023

Why is this now a thread about Null?

No. 26025

Don’t ask for proof then sperg about old news kek

No. 26026

Because some anons think he’s a good candidate for lolcow admin. Yikes.

No. 26027

More like 1-2k unique visitors a day, there isn't that much interest from the wider world to follow a bunch of cows and commentate on them. I use lolcow because I was actually already following several cows that appear here before finding the site, but it's a very small window into a tiny part of the internet and will always be niche interest.

No. 26031

Our glorious 2% hispanic queen checked out mentally ages ago. I'm genuinely surprised she hasn't just dumped it and walked away.
Because he has always wanted to take over this place and tried every thing he could think of. He'll keep trying until the bitter end.
Still better than the gc-pp cult that want this as a hugbox. Already have troon obsessives with multiple threads shitting the place up and attracting gore / cp / whatever retaliation. Imagine femcel vs incel wars taking over because these cunts can't find anywhere else on the web to go.

No. 26032

>tried every thing he could think of
Such as

No. 26033

Oh my god these newfag kiwifags are fucking annoying. No one is going to spoonfeed you, scrote.

No. 26034

>can't name a single thing

No. 26035

>Still better than the gc-pp "cult"
2/10, try a bit harder and ease on the projection

No. 26036

arent you bored of wking null on here constantly tesco? he doesnt wanna fuck you

No. 26037

I'm not the one that wrote the original post. Just tired of you moids being fucking lazy (as usual).

No. 26038

He said here >>25773 that he doesn't want lolcow.farm cause he doesn't want to run an imageboard ever again, so why have there been like 100 posts about Null since? Instead maybe we should start looking into where to go from here. I don't think sperging out about Null or the current Admin will save the site.

No. 26040

File: 1629812998686.jpeg (377.77 KB, 1214x1466, 22A60A63-A840-4712-BC5E-F96BC9…)

I want to address a few things in this thread as a random lurker. The fact this has turned into a bashing Null, Tesco, elaine and Dyn is absolutely retarded. Maybe you guys haven’t realised but not EVERYONE posting on this thread that has a different opinion is either a KF user or a Cow. Imagine being schizo paranoid enough to believe that. I personally find it disgusting that this thread has turned into somehow pinning the blame on other people and bashing a list of people who have nothing to do with this. To everyone saying that if we hate the admin we should leave the site, what’s your opinion on Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk? You use their services too. The admin doesn’t have to be liked for us to like the site. Pinning the blame on the same 4 people is just typical of this place becoming a bloodbath and more and more deluded. For anyone who wants to know, the site costs are not $1000. And I have no idea what admin needed donations for as she updated this domain in July, therefore paying all her Cloudflare bills already. Don’t be autistic.

No. 26041

server bills are monthly and she never claimed them to be 1k. someone was just kind enough to donate 1k. domain =/= server

No. 26042

Still trying too hard

No. 26043

Sorry but posting site costs, isn't new information or any revelation, retard.

Admin set a small goal, she didn't ask for thousands, anons voluntarily gave it. Also she said it's for running the site in the future, as she will no longer be paying for it out of her own pocket, or expecting future admin to do so. (So whether she paid it already doesn't matter) Additionally, the anon that gave her $1000 or whatever said she gave it under the stipulation that admin also use some of that money to do something nice for herself. You really thought you did something huh?

No. 26044

Are you stupid? The servers come with her hosting provider and Cloudflare along with reverse proxies. It’s a package. And it costs around 5k. Also, admin publicly stated that now costs for next year were also covered. This is bullshit as she paid her Cloudflare bill in July, there are records of this payment. Do not dismiss what I’m saying. If you all wanna be subjects of fraud that’s fine by me.

No. 26045

how odd considering previous mods have stated helping out with monthly server costs. yet its now a 5k package? okay

No. 26046

Monetisation of a site that uploads non consensual data is illegal.

No. 26047

I don’t make the rules, go on the Cloudflare website, lazy Nonnie.

No. 26048

if you're gonna accuse someone of fraud you should provide hard proof. lazy yourself

No. 26049

Your absolute seething about anons donating to keep lolcow alive is beautiful, go on.

No. 26050

It’s a one time package purchase for when you initially buy the server retard. There’s still monthly costs especially when you add more volume to get more storage

No. 26051

>tfw when you can’t spell. Lolcow is dead. It died in 2019

No. 26052

the reality is that things are not looking good. sure, we could probably pool servers costs if we did all this fundraising but, what good is it if we can barely get people to apply as jannies, and now we're supposed get a new admin by the end of the year? I hate being a doomer but, we're most likely gonna go the way of pull where we all scatter to wind. some will congregate to discord, others will go to kiwifarms, and some might give crystal cafe some traffic either way, I don't think this site really will last by the end of the year unless we get some turbo autists to take up the helm. the best we can do now, is archive as many threads as we can, and enjoy what little time we have left.

No. 26053

What happened to pull anyway? I never used that site and all I know is that it shut down.

No. 26054

Did you just learn that word? Or are you actually literally retarded?

No. 26055

>all I know is that it shut down
You just answered your own question

No. 26059

>The fact this has turned into a bashing Null, Tesco, elaine and Dyn is absolutely retarded.
bitch this is a gossip site, what did you expect? sorry that your internet friends aren't off-limits here I guess

No. 26060

I hope we get multiple admins, not sure how that would work but I can’t stand the thought of one autist having too much power, especially after such a retarded year

No. 26061

Taliban/Isis shit in Vent thread, reported it

No. 26062

He’s the same autist in the complaint thread. Here is the post you mentioned: >>>/ot/890944

No. 26063

some tripfag is spamming, saw this in lj thread too

No. 26064

All over /w/ too. Wtf

No. 26077

Get a job

No. 26082

you could have at least checked it for typos lmao
>proudly minor’s data and publishes it
mfw moids can’t even troll properly

No. 26083

this isn't a scrote it's just elaine being a schizophrenic again

No. 26087

what does nazism have to do with killing men…?
these are so poorly done it's actually comical. i also like how it looks like they were made using instagram stories.

No. 26090

admin is a minority, retard

No. 26097

Once payday arrives, I'm gonna donate an ever larger sum just for you, desperate moid.

No. 26098

Tinfoil: clever farmer is trolling to enrage people into donating more to keep LC afloat

Doing God's work…

No. 26099

do you think a farmer (female) would be that autistic to spam shit like that for an hour or so just because someone made them upset? Not likely!

That's that scrotey, rapey behavior.

No. 26101

>WKing null and trying to push him as a valid choice for an admin
Beyond pathetic


No. 26102

Whoever posted those screens didn't give any context but why is everyone assuming those are confirmed real because if you're in the discord server you can see it doesn't match any admin or mod accounts there
I've noticed an increase in tripfagging and avatarfagging but people have already complained about this anon so

No. 26104

it was in a mod-only DM iirc. it was allegedly an ex janny that dropped the screenshots in the first place. either way it doesn’t really matter now since someone anonymously donated her a thousand dollars lol

No. 26105

so i'm confused, did tesco fuck null or have nudes from incels? does the current admin dislike tesco? was the site being modded by nullfuckers? i'm very confused, someone with lore explain

No. 26106

Rumors around the moid circles she frequents say that she did send Null nudes but he wasn’t interested. She used to be a mod here a few admins ago according to her kiwifarm posts

No. 26107

is that why she is constantly sperging on kiwifarms' lolcow.farm thread about how much this place sucks (when she clearly still reads it and posts here because otherwise how would she be so up to date on whats going on with the forum?)

it makes me uncomfortable when the admins/cow-documenters become cows themselves. real isabella janke vibes.

No. 26108

Imagine how busted you have to be to get rejected by Null. He's fat and ugly and I would not have sex with him.

No. 26109

File: 1629867136613.png (490.91 KB, 2174x1422, rentfree.png)

I wasn't sure if she was really a moderator but a veteran janitor actually recognized her from mod drama dating back over 4 years ago.
>I have absolutely no idea why my old discord ID, or a screenshot of me saying I used to be a farmhand
Thanks for making this easier, I'll only address you once.
>Current admin has had an issue with me before she ever became admin, I'm sure she remembers the discord messages she'd send with pictures from my facebook attached, and vague threats to doxx me, for literally no reason (because I had never interacted with her before that). Not surprised, but yeah, confusing.
What's really confusing is how you're going to sit here and feign ignorance about the rumors you make about staff and the site. I don't care about whatever grudge you have against any former mods or whatever farmer hurt your feelings, why are you feeding Null misinformation? I really got to know what pissed you off so badly that you're willing to serve a मोटी फूहड़ bottom feeding bitch like Josh
What did you mean by having insider info from the guy who created Asherah's Garden? Is he from kiwifarms too? I've been dying to hear about how the scrote that created AG supposedly has insider info. When Null speaks of his ambassadors he's really talking about some pickme ex-farmhand who has a bitter taste in her mouth.
In case I actually have to spell it out:
>there are/has never been troons/scrotes on my staff and if anyone would like to present proof then the floor is all yours
>No, "Ian" does not run the site
I am amazed that in light of recent developments, Null hasn't acknowledged this tinfoil. Surely if I had a gay male to run things for me, because a woman couldn't possibly manage, I wouldn't be stepping down.
>when there are no donations server costs come from either my pocket's or a member of staff's
Meaning I have paid for at least a grand in server costs over the duration of my administration, and that included memory upgrades.
>I didn't make fun of her eyebrows
Whoever made fun of her eyebrows please DM this chick an apology already.
I guess for someone who really doesn't care about this site, you're really willing to invest a good amount of time setting up splinter honeypots, or at least willing to lie about it. It's been entertaining seeing tescoreadymeal and Null act like they don't know each other in our thread. A cautionary tale indeed. But hey, I'm totally just a a paranoid beaner who hates white people. My dislike for Null couldn't possibly be because he spreads rumors to spread distrust within the community.

No. 26110

lmao this is from the discord that was made when Admin closed the MtF thread and threatened to delete it once again and a bunch of people made a discord in revolt to still have a place to talk about trannies. You are really a fucking crazy bitch if you joined that discord just to take screenshots of what people were saying about you. How much of a paranoid control freak are you? You're just proving that everything said about you is correct. You seethe about Null because you have paranoid delusions that he is trying to steal the site from you: just don't give it to him. You have constant diarrhea over being called a tranny: just don't fucking read about it. You stalk Kiwifarms and discords where you think there are people talking about you and screenshot everything and even go so far as to post on lolcow.org where they just laughed at you. You are a lolcow.

No. 26111

mirin admin producing more spaghetti in a single post than Italy has all year.

No. 26112

I'm so paranoid and delusional, that's why Null's buddies feed misinformation to GC anons. At least change up the post instead of copy pasting, at least use a different handle. Deny it all you want, cope as you will.

No. 26113

I can't believe the beaner capcoded this schizophrenic diatribe.

No. 26114

Idk if you were there for the 9chan shit, but I 100% believe Null when he says he never wants to run an imageboard ever again cause it was a huge fucking disaster and spammed with CP way more than here. And even if he wanted the site, so what? I am sure there are a lot of troons and men who would want to get their hands on it, who the fuck cares? It's in your control and I really don't understand what you are hoping to accomplish by "exposing" these "plots" that are really just people talking about your fucking erratic behavior. They have a thread about lolcow.farm on KF, guess what they are gonna talk about in it? They are gonna talk about what is going on on lolcow.farm. Don't read the thread and save yourself a pair of panties.

No. 26115

samefag but if you are planning to step back from the site just step back. Stop seething and just stop engaging. Nobody will remember you just like they don't remember the other admins. Unless of course you are determined to become a lolcow, then keep going I guess.

No. 26116

You run a drama site. People /are/ out to get you. Deal w it tbh

No. 26117

I don't think null wants the site but he's not above trying to mess with farmers.

No. 26118

What is he gonna do? What has he done? He's discussing the site on his own thread. Just don't read it.

No. 26119

So was asherahs garden confirmed run by scrotes trying to harvest IPS
kys scrote

No. 26120

ntayrt but that drama is from last year but the discord caps are new

No. 26121

No they are not. They are from January.

No. 26122

it's new milk, you sped. where else have those caps been posted? the date doesn't matter.

the pedo's always been pissy the lolcow.farm url was "taken" from him. this has been known for years.

No. 26123

Do you really think that lolcow.farm has more value than kiwifarms.net at this point in time?

No. 26124

They haven't been posted anywhere because there were only like 10 people in that discord. I know because I was one of them and it was made for the sole reason that Admin closed the MtF thread and threatened to ban all GC discussion, so a bunch of GC anons who were fed up with how censored the discussion on here was made a discord to talk about trannies and yes, there was also a bunch of shit-talking about how Admin handles the site because everyone was pretty pissed about her constant seething about GC anons. The fact that she joined this discord and got voice verified just so she could take screenshots of what people were saying about her is the real milk here. Maybe she even made the discord herself to try to bait GC into doxing themselves and to gather shit on them. I wouldn't put it past her at this point. It speaks volumes of how paranoid she is and how much she needs to control discussion and gather "info" on anyone she thinks is against her. You don't think she tries to look up who people who criticize her are and digs through their post history? Of course she does. She isn't any better than Null in any way, maybe that's why he lives rent free in her head.

No. 26125

This is old milk though. Admin exposed the Asherah's admin as a self-hating scrote months ago.

No. 26126

He wanted the domain >>26122 because of lolcow LLC
anons doxxed him with whois records because the retard had his name registered
in the screenshot she says that AG admin gave insider info but he was doxxed immediately so this doesn't make sense to me

No. 26127

yeah he was literally doxxed like the day of

No. 26128

That'd make sense if the Kiwi Farms wasn't already well known and established. What lolcow related domain is used besides lolcow.email? Doesn't make sense.

No. 26129

Honestly, maybe this site is destined to just fucking die. I really don't understand how this thread has gone from "hey let's work together to keep the site, here are some things we could do" to discussing whether or not Null wants the site (who cares), old drama from people who haven't been mods on here for years, Admin trying to expose her own users and just general retardation about other sites that are NOT LOLCOW.FARM.

None of it is productive. You can brag all you want about how much better your site is than Kiwifarms, but in the end we can't even keep an Admin, can't agree on what discussion should be allowed on the site and it's just constant infighting and trying to expose each other. Maybe this is why there are so few websites for women only. You're all being embarassing.

No. 26130

Well that's what he said in the KF thread OP make what you will of his posts in manure when he would self post

No. 26131

He was driven by the same core motivations that drive all of his failed ventures: attention and validation
>Maybe this is why there are so few websites for women only.
At least try to blend in next time.

No. 26132

Yeah the constant "EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS A SCROTE SCROTE SCROTE!" also contributes to this site being a fucking shitshow, thanks for reminding me.

No. 26133

someone redtext Null’s name already

No. 26134

File: 1629872444295.gif (35.81 KB, 220x293, puppet-awkward.gif)

>this is why women can't have their own spaces
Why is nobody talking about Null's recent post where he acts like he dindunuthin

No. 26136

I didn't call anyone a beaner. But keep proving my point about this site being just constant infighting and namecalling.


Yeah, damn. What a statement that could only come from someone with cockandballs. There couldn't possibly be a woman on earth who could notice the trend of female-dominated websites being just constant screeching at each other. Maybe stop letting scrotes live rentfree in your head.

No. 26137

>trend of female-dominated websites being just constant screeching at each other
yeah as opposed to male sites like kf or 4chan where everyone is calm and level headed and constantly engaged in intellectual conversation. Go back

No. 26138

I don't see people on KF constantly accusing each other of being "foids", so yeah. It is definitely an issue with this place in particular.

No. 26139

anonymity makes people paranoid, it’s not that deep or a gender issue

No. 26140

>Maybe this is why there are so few websites for women only.
Yes it's totally not because the deep and rampant misogyny on every other imageboard. Stop baiting

No. 26141

>everyone thinks I'm male because I act like a raging retard
Sounds like a you problem

No. 26142

Lol, nice comparison, did you forget that kiwifags dox each other?

No. 26143

The KF has a very upfront policy of pseudonymity and that people are responsible for their own privacy.

Lolcow pretends you're anonymous.

No. 26144

You can say that about anything when it comes to the tremendous amount of steps it takes to truly be anon on the net
the only secure data is no data

No. 26145

why are you even here if you love kf so much

No. 26146

1. Use a VPN.
2. Don't tell people who you are.

Same rules apply to Lolcow. If you don't use a VPN and post information about yourself, the admin can dox you. She just pretends she can't or wont.

No. 26147

>she pretends she won't
ok schizo

No. 26148

File: 1629878522931.png (202.19 KB, 1504x455, m98789998778.PNG)

The same reason they would go into gender critical servers when they think this way

No. 26149

It doesn't have to do anything with your point, which is that KF users' behavior is better than farmers'. But ok, we're justifying doxing now.

No. 26150

>we aren't all like that
Is it bad that I just assume that all female KF users are probably nlogs?

No. 26151

She already has lol

No. 26152

>there is a problem on this site
>actually they don't have this particular problem

You got some serious brainworms. I am sick of discussing this. I just wanted to get back on topic and talk about THIS place and what we can do about the issues HERE. But you literally can not talk about anything other than Null, scrotes and Kiwifarms. And that's why this place is gonna go to shit. You're a total schizo.

No. 26153

Then why did you even bring up KF? Also, farmers didn't even mention Null or Kiwifarms in the first place, this post >>25860 is what started this

No. 26154

I didn't. You did.
>yeah as opposed to male sites like kf
I criticized an issue this place had and instead of discussing it you immediately went into "BUT KIWIFAAAAARMS! You must go back to Kiwifarms if you don't like this place!"

No. 26155

….Who's you? I wasn't the ayrt.

No. 26156

Ok, scrote.

No. 26157

You're the one who brought up KF you fucking retard, and stop yelling

No. 26158

This is not a 1-on-1 conversation mong

No. 26159

You said that female sites in particular are full of infighting, I gave an example to point out that other sites are as well. Also go back

No. 26160

I don't give a fuck, between me and them they brought it up first. Don't you dare to fucking lie.

No. 26161

Regardless of which anon mentioned KF, it's honestly not that big of a deal if an anon calls you a scrote. I don't think it's even severe enough where it's "ruining the site" like you so claim. Admin already made a rule that's against reporting someone based on assuming they're a man (rule 6 of the /ot/ section). It's not that big of a deal and yet you're here wasting energy sperging about it kek.

No. 26162

are you looking at IPs or something to obtain this information or are you just having a mental breakdown

No. 26163

>the guy I'm getting this from was the guy who started AG
>kiwifags going into the 2X splinter discord, and trying to use anon's dissatisfaction with the decision to shill for their fat ugly manchild siteadmin
>all those kiwifags now trying to gaslight admin
All this is proving is that kiwifarmers should be permabanned on a 3-strike-policy and that moids really can't ever be trusted.

Anyway, admin could you list the requirements for the position? What do you think about arranging several admins for several fields of activity? Anons on /ot/ have been talking about it.

No. 26164

It absolutely matters because they accused ME of something THEY did. Why don't you have the same energy for a blatant fucking liar.

No. 26165

>You can brag all you want about how much better YOUR site is than Kiwifarms
>in the end WE can't even keep an Admin
Kek so what now? Try harder next time.

No. 26166

You're totally right. In fact I think that probably Null is right now making all of these posts using several VPNs to argue with himself, it's just a trick to make it seem like women on here are unhinged schizophrenics that are obsessed with Kiwifarms! I mean, who else would want to talk about Kiwifarms for 500 posts straight in a completely unrelated thread? If I was you I would look out, a Kiwifarmer might be in your room right now trying to steal your snacks. Admin should also check around all corners if Null might be hiding there trying to cyberbully her irl to give him the site.

No. 26167

File: 1629884106819.png (425.47 KB, 600x600, tin_foil_cat_cat_1.png)

The more I think about this, I think that I might be the only real poster on here who is not a Kiwifarmer or a scrote… you're all trying to drive me fucking insane! GO AWAY! GO BACK TO KIWIFARMS!

No. 26168

So you admit that you look like an unhinged schizo?

No. 26169

I don't want to have sex with you, KF scrote! I won't! Never!

No. 26170

File: 1629884504790.png (273.67 KB, 378x474, tinfoil.png)

Aha, so you are upset about a thread being derailed by constant schizoposting about Kiwifarms and scrote? In fact that can only mean that you have been FOUND OUT! You scrote! Only a scrote would ever disagree with any one of my posts and you have shown your ballsack to everyone with this! Exposed!

No. 26171

Thanks for proving my point. Now go back and take your meds.

No. 26172

File: 1629884573897.jpg (78.51 KB, 958x959, 34wahrfnoh401.jpg)

That's right, it is me. A Kiwifarmer. We are right now laughing about you and your Admin in a secret discord where we discuss the downfall of this site through secret plans of infiltration. You will never stop us!

No. 26173

File: 1629884701996.jpg (77.03 KB, 940x960, 1626892981590.jpg)

You will never win! Evil Kiwifarms scrote! I will defeat you by calling you out! Everyone knows a scrote secret weakness is to point out his cockandballs and laugh at him!


No. 26174

File: 1629885217008.png (1.06 MB, 866x870, nooooo.png)


No. 26175

This tescoreadymeal is a total lolcow. She either needs her own thread at this point or we need to start discussing her in the KF thread. You can tell she has been manically refreshing this thread all day as well, shitting it up with her defending Null and smearing lolcow. I have to wonder if the posts about her nudes and being a fat goth are true, but considering how much she is sperging about anachans I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fat.

No. 26176


I believe it is I who made fun out of her eyebrows back in the day. I barely lurk these days but got linked this thread.

First of all Tesco, I am sorry for your eyebrows. If I had known five years ago that making fun out of them would result in this much salt, I would have still done it because you clearly need someone to question your judgement. So here I am again, to question your judgement as to why you're still hung up on minor drama from circa 2016. It's been five years, let it go.

However, if your eyebrows are still that messed up- you are lucky that the 2007 emo girl aesthetic seems to be coming back to style. Unfortunately for you though, they are messed up for even a 2007 emo girl. Please reshape them.

With love, your favorite piggu, Oats

No. 26177

File: 1629886864785.png (484.25 KB, 840x560, asdkhgsadjg.png)

Fear not frends. After I have vanquished the scrotes I have now flewn over to Eastern Europe and I will find that dang darn Null to put an end to him too!

No. 26178

I know it’s too soon to say but do you think the site will survive?

No. 26179

File: 1629887397250.png (1.19 MB, 1200x630, awdawd.png)

No. 26180

File: 1629887687871.png (824.5 KB, 840x560, sfasjfhsudfh.png)

Don't worry, I have google translate on my phone and I will find him!

No. 26181

File: 1629888305042.png (559.24 KB, 1000x667, found_him.png)

He was hiding in the countryside!

No. 26182

File: 1629888491980.png (579.35 KB, 1000x667, defeated.png)

Alright guys. Null will definitely not succeed stealing the site now.

No. 26183

File: 1629888876299.png (Spoiler Image,620.99 KB, 1000x667, asdsgdg.png)

I have claimed the source of his power and will destroy it. He can't hurt you anymore.

No. 26184

Holly shit, I love you anon!

No. 26185

File: 1629890663320.jpg (27.7 KB, 720x436, 1610489290493.jpg)

No. 26186

Thankyou anon.

No. 26187

I’m mostly sad to see that /m/ might disappear. I discovered so many new books, media, and the few discussions there were so fun and warm. /g/ was okay and /ot/ gone will be the hole in my heart lol. Some threads on this board were absolute gems and some were trash. But the female-only atmo was cool.
>aside from the obvious LARPers
Cc is kind of awkward and juvenile, but I’ll get used it I guess!

No. 26188

What did her eyebrows look like and is she fat. Asking because she sounds insane and I’m morbidly curious.

No. 26189

Nah, CC is shit. The admin doesn't know what she's doing and it's overrun by moids. I do think lolcow has less moids. Losing the non-milk boards would be sad for me.

No. 26190

I really don't think CC is a good replacement. The cow side of lolcow filters scrotes and trannies from the non cow side, Lolcow has a better admin and mods, is more active, etc. There is no other site like this one. I want an image board to talk to women, CC doesn't cut it since there are too many trannies and almost everything on there gets posted on R9k by some seething scrote.

No. 26191

Exactly. For some reason crystal cafe is really high up on the scrotes radars. They always say to go back to crystal cafe but rarely if ever mention lolcow. I like that

No. 26192

CC users act like it's their first day on an image board, they're more concerned with not offending other women than making their point. Lolcow users are seasoned and not fragile compared to them which is why I never went back after finding this place

No. 26196

No. 26197

>What do you think about arranging several admins for several fields of activity? Anons on /ot/ have been talking about it.
That isn't a problem, I've been suggesting this as well I just haven't been able to implement the idea.
Recommended technical skills:
>comfortable with linux CLI, group and user management, networking knowledge
>familiarity with the server stack (nodejs mongoDB)
>familiarity with HTML and CSS (this could be delegated to another person)
Having previous experience in community management is the next best thing when it comes to moderation.

No. 26198

I love you so much anon. Thanks for making every KF scrote in this thread simultaneously mald

No. 26199

How do you guys know cc is full of trannies/scrotes? I've been there only a few times since it's dead and boring compared to lolcow

No. 26200

I think it's mostly a vibes thing, which means that it could either be moids/trannies or women who are too into r9k culture. Some moids have mentioned posting on cc in /lgbt/, and I've seen some slip ups ("you women" type stuff) but male comments eventually get removed by mods so it's hard to point to anything definitive.

No. 26201

CC and LC both have similar issues. Why can't we just all get along?

No. 26202

They literally admitted to it in a poll that a vast number of the very small CC userbase are moids/trannies/femboys larping as women. They regularly get thinly veiled fetish threads (" hey, do you anons think a 5'10 strong woman could beat up a 5'5 120lbs man?") and on top of that the admins if CC keep the userbase small on purpose by banning pretty regular users since a small userbase is easy to manage

No. 26203

The rate of trannies/moids between LC and CC are probably very similar, but since CC has a much, much smaller user base, you notice it a lot more.

No. 26205

Can we donate BAT? I'm poor but I accumulated some basic attention tokens on brave.

No. 26206

This is a fantastic idea actually. If Admin could get more users to use Brave and donate their Bat to lolcow.farm she could get a pretty large chunk of the server bill paid for.

No. 26207

I just checked the kofi and it seems like a year of server cost has already been covered, but I would like to donate my poor-girl BATs to the site the same

No. 26208

Not getting along is a bigger issue than everything else listed. You don't solve it by telling people to "just get along".

No. 26209

If you're poor dont donate to lolcow. at least donate to charity or sponsor an african child if you're going to do that. Will minimize the karmic effects of posting here

No. 26210

No. You won't stop me nonnie.

No. 26211

No. 26212

File: 1629923398515.png (731.41 KB, 1920x1080, image.png)

m8 lolcow is
>a gossip site
>an imageboard
>a place where people talk at each other on the internet
and you're sperging out over a single thread having some light metadrama? are you new to the internet?

No. 26214

Elaine, was it ever possible for you to just turn off your computer? Touch grass? Anything?

Anyways, to ensure the longevity of the site I would like to agree with and suggest some new things:

What was the name of that site we used as a alt for this site when it went down a couple years ago? It had a blue layout and we could see eachother type in real time? I liked that site and we could always use that as a alternative when this site doesn't make it? I just don't remember the service…

A campaign for lolcow merch would be a good idea. We could do themes or just seasonal merch with cute cows!

No. 26215

Lmao nonnies, the amount of BAT I want to donate doesn't amount to much and this is really what basic attention tokens were created for, supporting a site you like using a currency you accumulated passively while browsing. You are making it sound as if I wanted to give the admin my last piece of bread and onion. Love you tho

No. 26216

Oh no how dare I state my opinion. Go back to your hug box.

No. 26217

For the reasons others said and there is literally a moid raid going on in the site as I type this. I rarely ever see lolcow screenshots being posted on R9k, but I see CC screenshots posted there.

No. 26219

Crystal cafe’s discord server was shut down because cuckquean moderators allowed their scrote boyfriends in the server to spy on and save pictures of other members.

No. 26220

wtf? good to know

No. 26221

Tempcow. It wasn't blue, it was more like a cream colored layout. I also don't think that'd work since Admin would still have to foot the bill for keeping it up.

No. 26222

Sorry it was so long ago that I don't remember too much other than the real time typing.

No. 26224

Posting to the queen herself? That was years ago.

No. 26227

Just using Brave and donating the BAT you automatically earn when you enable ads doesn't take money out of your own pocket. I have been using the BAT I earn to tip creators for like 2 years now.

No. 26230

anon it sounds more like tescoreadymeal from kf than elaine. that weirdo is obsessed with adminchan

No. 26235

petition to keep all the boards, lolcow just won't be the same without /ot/ or /m/

No. 26238

can you explain a little more? I'd like to know how to do that

No. 26239

I love /m/ so much! It is my lil comfy place to see what anons are into and perfect for music and vidya game discussion. It needs to stay! All boards have their right to exits.

No. 26240

Snow should go because it’s useless. PT is advanced snow anyway. W is pretty boring too.

No. 26241

I disagree. I greatly enjoy reading about some of the minor cows posted there that aren’t nuclear enough for /pt/

No. 26242

Snow is the best board

No. 26243

Even if it's a lot slower than /snow/ and both could just be one thing, I really like /pt/ being curated like it is and separate from the busier board. It feels right for the more serious, sometimes historic cows to be in a smaller and more easily accessible catalog.

No. 26244

what? /snow/ is like the most active board on the site..

No. 26245

Snow is garbage. 99% of the cows were revenge threads, are of idiot zoomers who momentarily fucked up, or they are just copy threads from PT/KF.

No. 26246

anyone dying to have /snow/ removed i'm just going to assume has their own thread they would love to be nuked

No. 26247

Heavy assumption , please prove with evidence, thanks nonnie

No. 26248

No. 26249

this whole debate over which board stays/goes is pointless since it's not like admin is picking and choosing specific ones, she's getting rid of the whole site.

No. 26250

Agreed. Removing any board is retarded anyways. Just don't use the board if you don't like it. It doesn't affect the site negatively in any way to have a board that some posters think is "pointless" while others are having fun on it.

No. 26251

Lmao you dumb ugly feminist cunts really can't do anything without men. Seeing something so many foids use potentially having to close due to funding and infighting brings me much joy. Enjoy your shitehole being closed down biofoids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26252

File: 1630155174325.jpeg (390.62 KB, 1284x2450, 96B718FC-3F4C-421D-A6ED-6EC45A…)

Admin never provided server infrastructure as she is autistic so I have instead :)

(Elaine Gertler Miller)

No. 26254

Are you that bug eyed little troglodyte tranny from the femboys thread? You know, the fat one? The one who live-streamed their pathetic suicide attempt? you will never be a woman. You are repulsive to behold. Of course scrotes will do anything to keep the only source of social interaction they have alive. Most of us have irl friends and a boyfriend/girlfriend, something you will never experience. Can’t wait until you get arrested for all the cp and extreme porn you post here

No. 26255

Cope. I hate neofoids just as much.

No. 26256

File: 1630161062936.jpg (13.13 KB, 200x171, XYchromosome.jpg)

No. 26257

Try not to shoot up a mall while you're seething over our existence, incel.

No. 26258

>implying he won't kill himself first

No. 26259

inshallah sister

No. 26260

Admin more likely to shoot up a mall lol

No. 26263

Wait… can I have a link to the shitshow you referenced? lmao

No. 26265

You could, except I’m not even sure if it really happened as i described because when I go on this site I’m either high, drunk or taking a dump

No. 26266

Anon is talking about the troon from 4chan's /lgbt/ board who spammed the mtf thread with gore and spergouts. Let's not give him any more attention.

No. 26280

Are you him? If so, we will give you as much attention as we like you fucking cockroach. You exist for our entertainment.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26281

Think for a second and take your meds.

No. 26283

Giving him attention is what results in spam in the first place, and seeing gore/cp everywhere isn't really entertaining.

No. 26284

His days are numbered anyway. They will nick him eventually it doesn’t matter how well he encrypts. All pedos get nicked eventually. He’s just digging himself a deeper grave with every cp image he posts. Stop living in fear. Report the fucking images.

No. 26286

cp in /ot/

No. 26287

can someone reply to this when its gone?

No. 26288

No. 26289

nta but thank you anon

No. 26290

Donated! Thanks so much for keeping this site going, admin. Despite the shitheads, I truly enjoy this place. Thank you!!!

No. 26302

So… Is anyone adequate turning in admin applications now, or did we just throw some money at this once and everyone promptly forgot about it?

No. 26303

On discord they said lolcow.farm is being replaced with a regular php forum and articles for SEO, and the admin wants to start providing a subscription called "lolcow gold" that allows you to add redtext to any post you want. Plus there's gonna be a merch store. It sounds neat

No. 26305

>regular php forum
so… we're kiwifarms now?

No. 26307

that sounds concerning. even worse if it's gonna have some karmawhoring system, it'll just turn into PULL

No. 26309

Screencaps? unless this is just a joke. Why would admin even do all of this when she's about to leave

No. 26310

top kek

No. 26311

Kek shut up

No. 26312

There were some crazy ideas thrown around during that discussion but I was on board with whoever it was that said there should be a way to mark posts helpful / not helpful. Here's to lolcow.forum

No. 26313

I ran out of idiot hats for you gals.

No. 26315

ngl I'd rather this site die than become PULL 3.0/a zombie of what it once was. just like fucking PULL

No. 26318

These people are trolling don’t be such stupid faggots lol

No. 26447

Any updates on how the admin application are going? I'm tired of everyone sperging about bidding lolcow farewell, but I'm afraid the girls may be right since there is zero news

No. 26453

No one wants to apply for this cp ridden broken ass piece of shit website. Go get a real job scrote

No. 26457

nta but calm down

No. 26460

Losing your patience, Elaine?

No. 26461

It's Anonymous to you, creepy stalker-chan.

No. 26464

I don't think it's gonna happen. Here's why:

A good admin will need to be very familiar and dedicated to the site (ie, a regular, long-time user). Admin apps have been open for like, idk almost a year or something now (?) and still nothing, even though all regular users have been made aware of the opening and urgency. Thus, we can safely assume none of the regular, long time users are interested/capable, and since those are basically the only people who would pass the application, we're fucked, unfortunately. But hey, chalk that up to us being well adjusted enough as a majority to lack the type of autistic hyperfixation and lack of a life needed to maintain a website like this (no offense admin-chan). I think we've been witnessing an anomaly in internet history up to this point, and I've been happy to have been a part of it's brief blip of existence.

No. 26466

Honestly I see how you may be right, especially with what happened to Asherah's Garden. This is fucking heartbreaking. I wish we could move on to CC, but the random bans don't make it seem like a good option.
IDK how will I manage to archive all the quality threads, especially since spoiler images don't save automatically on archive.is

No. 26478

There's the possibility of multiple people having different admin tasks, so the ones with the time for community decisions and the ones with the coding knowledge could share the burden. Either way, the bills are paid for almost a whole other year. I also wonder what the farmhand's opinions are on taking over.

No. 26484

File: 1631552288592.jpg (101.34 KB, 549x800, funasshi-anger-scale.jpg)

Girls am I going to have to teach myself code to save this space? I don't want to lose it but also I'm not equipped with all knowledge needed right now. I don't want to leave the farms. I love my cows and my friends. We've seen and been through so much.

No. 26517

I began to have fantasies of becoming very powerful and stopping everyone from having sex. I wanted to take their sex away from them, just like they took it away from me. I saw sex as an evil and barbaric act, all because I was unable to have it. This was the major turning point. My anger made me stronger inside. This was when I formed my ideas that sex should be outlawed. It is the only way to make the world a fair and just place. If I can’t have it, I will destroy it. That’s the conclusion I came to, right then and there.(autism)

No. 26536

The bans don't happen anymore, afaik it was just a system thing they had to fix

No. 26537

in that case I we can move to cc, unless someone has a better idea

No. 26538

Probably best

No. 26539

No it isn't. The culture isn't the same and there's no gossip boards. The best option is finding a new admin who is just as passionate about lolcow as the many autists lurking here, but still somewhat stable enough to not jinx it.

No. 26540

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been extremely busy. I am waiting to hear back from a few people about their offers but things should be paid for up until then. Most of my focus has been on reworking the catalog.

No. 26543

Since the suggestions and complaint thread is full, can you please move the celebricows thread back to /snow/ to stop the derailment and focus on specific drama rather than goldfish tier discussions about the MET gala and billie? Sick of it

No. 26544

considering what happened the last time it was moved there, that won't stop shit lol. tbh the met gala discussion was fun compared to the usual autism in those threads until the face line sperging started

No. 26545

Ye, also some of the comments about their outfits were funny. Then of course there's always that one anon that has to ruin it.

No. 26546

>considering what happened the last time it was moved there, that won't stop shit lol.
yep, it just encourages the autism to spill out into the rest of /snow/ and then nobody sages so "billie eilish has saggy tits!1" is at the top of the board every 5 seconds.

No. 26549

Can we get a new complaints/suggestions thread please. Not sure if regular posters are allowed to make them so I'll leave it up to mods.

No. 26550

Thanks for the update, that is a bit reassuring to hear.

No. 26551

>The best option is finding a new admin who is just as passionate about lolcow as the many autists lurking here, but still somewhat stable enough to not jinx it.
of course, but what if there is no new admin? I don't want the farmer vommunitu to disappear. Even if I butt heads with some of you, I love this place.

No. 26552

she literally just said she was in contact regarding offers >>26540

No. 26557

Please consider updating the rules.
The rules for /ot/ reference non-existent pinkpill threads, you've now added unsaged nitpicking as an offence, and infighting is no more highly penalized if it is saged.

No. 26558

New complaints/suggestions thread over here, nona: >>26555

No. 26561

Sorry, didn't see that.

No. 26571

I can read. What about "if" you don't understand? But thanks, I'm laughing at my retarded typos. Love my lolcow vommunity

No. 26591

aye, new banner message

No. 26595

damn that’s a shame, ngl but i’ll miss this site.

No. 26598

I'm looking forward to the catalog update, thanks for working on that.

No. 26599

I don’t want lolcow to leave. I will miss this site. I’ve had so many great laughs and have peaked while reading the MTF thread

No. 26602

Skid-chan. Check my other tab. You better do something about the garbage you host or I’ll drop a txt file about your site’s skiddie and illegal data ethics.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26603

do it, pussy

No. 26604

The only person you’re hurting is yourself. Don’t let your data be breached.

No. 26605

Stop larping, Elaine.

No. 26606

Still name fagging? It’s not just one person after this site anymore :))

No. 26607

okay so there is no txt file. got it.

No. 26608

There is no data retard. It's an anonymous website. The only data Admin could have is IP addresses and post history.

No. 26609

Not if you had cookies enabled.

No. 26610

You're so damn embarrassing. I don't understand how someone can be triggered for months over a website (yet still being so thirsty for attenion on it) and yet STILL be so illiterate to the most basic imageboard habits.

No. 26611

I’m not like the other skids after you Ms Admin. I do intend to tell your place of work that you’re using their computers to post and run this site. For such a l33t hax0r you didn’t mask your location very well! :P

No. 26612

Oh please don’t give me this larp. The amount of cope is incomprehensible. I intend to leak 100 users of this site, the admin’s places of work, education, age, name and where she posts from. I intend to report all data obtained to ICANN. The fact you regard this place as an image board is offensive to image boards in general.

No. 26613

>Oh please don’t give me this larp. The amount of cope is incomprehensible
This is some lolcow AI shit

No. 26614

Sure Elaine.

No. 26615

No, it's just one giant retard.

No. 26616

literally kys lol. Can’t even comprehend the fact that data theft paired with identity theft and CP being spammed may be something that more people than one chick have a problem with.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26617

I think you should learn how websites work.

No. 26618

No. 26619

meds. now.

No. 26620

Ok Admin. Totally not selfposting. Totally not paranoid at every turn and suffering with severe mental health disorders.

No. 26621

Stop being Admin’s personal army or I’ll just thread her right now. The more you guys defend, the more tempted I am to upload what I have straight to other websites.

No. 26622

And CP and gore being spammed isn’t embarrassing? Ok. Great morals Retard.farm

No. 26623

just shut up and do it already, jesus christ

No. 26624

So it was you spamming CP and gore?

No. 26625

>with severe mental health disorders
The irony kek. Listen, it neither takes admin knowledge, nor a comsci degree, nor ebin haxxor skills to know that cookies are a factor on here, considering we have the very cool function that unfinished posts can be saved. And it also doesn't take a 3 digit IQ to understand the most basic imageboard slang after 5+ months of boring falseflagging here.

No. 26626

December 31st. Doxbin, YouTube, 4chan. All data obtained will be leaked. If there’s a new admin, the site will go under full attack to find her, and I will absolutely make sure she is arrested & it is filmed and uploaded everywhere.

No. 26627

samefagging schizochan, just post whatever nonsense you have to kiwifarms already so they can give you your shitty stickers.

No. 26628

There are no terms and agreements regarding cookie usage. That means people’s tab’s are being spied on and saved for Mexican Admin’s future ‘outings’ of cows. The userbase did not consent to this which makes it a data protection violation. In Admin’s country, there is no section230. Good luck to her I guess. And all you retards defending her, are just stupid as she sits here collecting your tabs every single time you post. Cringe. The simpery

No. 26629

You already uploaded your haxxor skills there. I'm just a regular poster and even I know you didn't even get the location right kek.

No. 26630

It's not about where admin lives, it's about where the site is hosted you dumb fuck. Do you think admin hosts the site in her basement?

No. 26631

I never even stated the location and now apparently I have it wrong? HAHA OK

No. 26632

You fucking retard. The site is hosted where the owner lives, it just is redirected to America via Cloudflare’s reverse proxies, however, the origin IP (the IP admin used to set up the site before purchasing CF to hide it) is where it’s posted. If you cover an orange in tissues, it’s still an orange.

No. 26633


No. 26634

Yes, the random you posted after one search on the website you named is no even in the right continent. Again, something every retard who has been here long enough would know. But hey, it's a step up from thinking Null owns lolcow.

No. 26635

that's what i got from it

No. 26636

I’ve never revealed the current owner of this site kek. Also. No one thinks Null hosts LCF. Null has a brain cell and wouldn’t allow streams of Spamming CP & Gore to go down on an image board.

No. 26637

No. I’m not autistic enough to spam CP and gore, nor do I want such content on my devices

No. 26638

Sure Elaine. You're getting real boring now, so good luck kek.

No. 26639

Is this the same retard that tried to claim Regina was still admin of this site and then posted a fake dox of her?

No. 26640

Namefagging. At least get my name right skid.

No. 26641

Yes it is.

No. 26642

Regina had previous involvement but not a single one of us thinks she still owns the site.

No. 26643

>admin is a Mexican hacker who hosts lolcow.farm in her basement while using reverse proxies to protect the site from cows, scrotes and troons
admin sound based as fuck

>Null has a brain cell and wouldn’t allow streams of Spamming CP & Gore to go down on an image board.
So that's why Null worked for 8chan and hosted and image board that allowed hebephilia?

No. 26644

Admin isn’t based. She’s a schizophrenic dating a basic bitch. Her only personality trait is being in a minority and even then, it’s a stretch.

No. 26645

> So that's why Null worked for 8chan and hosted and image board that allowed hebephilia?
Null literally isn’t involved in 8chan for the very reason that it allows such content. He’s made multiple statements talking about exactly why he no longer wants to run image boards.

No. 26646

what are your personality traits besides being obsessive?

No. 26647

Exposing skids :P

No. 26648

okay, cool. you should lay low and stop posting here until then, you know, for opsec reasons.

No. 26649

File: 1631920936330.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.35 KB, 500x374, s-l500.jpg)

go back to kiwifarms fucking mongoloid retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26650

It’s endearing you care about my Opsec, I don’t, I care about the safety of young women, but I think it’s more fun for admin to know she’s probably eternally cursed and headed for hell and has to live with that fact forever considering she’s allowed this shithole to stay up.

No. 26651

Guess we all know who the gore poster is now!

No. 26652

kill yourself retarded scrote I know you IP and I'm in front of your door I will cut off your dick and feed it to the dogs

No. 26653

>i can't read sarcasm

No. 26654

>can’t spell.

No. 26655

retarded schizoo poster moid go back to kiwi cunt

No. 26656

Nah, it's just a schizo retard that wants Null's shotacon loving dick in her mouth.

No. 26657

No. 26658

No. 26659

retarded schizo trip fagggg cut off his cock I'm an epic haccckerrr I am hacking your pcc tripfag anon look besides you someone is there ready to cut off your cockk dont go out your room im in the hallway waiting to cut off your cock your mom is dead

No. 26660


No. 26661

you are shidding and pissing your panties right now your cock is so ugly and your face looks like shit you're so ugly at least cover up your webcam retard and take a shower ugly moid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26662

>has a hateboner for admin but is willing to bat for null who tried to shill his own imageboard to us as an alternative for lolcow when he ultimately had to cull it because he can't manage his own userbase of alt right schizos and pedos.

No. 26663

File: 1631922251019.jpeg (5.52 KB, 281x179, images (7).jpeg)

nooo the lolcow radfems bullied me oh noooooo they didn't believe I am epic haxxer from kiwifarms and they hacked my webcam and saw my ugly scrote pimply face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26664

>has a hateboner for admin but is willing to bat for null who tried to shill his own imageboard to us as an alternative for lolcow when he ultimately had to cull it because he can't manage his own userbase of alt right schizos and pedos.

We’re talking about lolcow here, not KWF. Let’s not go off topic Minnie

No. 26665

No. 26666

>whines about how lolcow is an embarrassment of an imageboard
>unironically a phoneposter

No. 26667

>whines about how lolcow is an embarrassment of an imageboard
>unironically a phoneposter


No. 26668

Imagine unironically simping ana admin

No. 26669

Now everything it out in the open why don’t we talk about personal vendettas? I’d love to expose every thread about people located in Admin’s area. Let’s see if you all can recognise her writing style!

No. 26670

chrischan, momokun and shayna live in my cul-de-sac

No. 26671

Hex lives in my basement(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26673

I'll give it… maybe 3 or 4 hours until the triggered anon starts posting cp. Not that I'm egging them on but that's just the chain of events that tend to happen.

No. 26675

It's Elaine, at worst she will just start replying to herself again.

No. 26676

File: 1631926977457.jpeg (137.89 KB, 1186x492, 8F7CD0CB-9C86-428B-9D86-29D137…)

No. 26677

wow. this is how the admin of the site treats us.

No. 26678

No one believed me but I have receipts of her bullying users too

No. 26679

wow I can't believe this very real extremely authentic screenshot

No. 26680

Ok totally not Admin

No. 26681


No. 26682

No. 26683

Farmers btfo, how will we ever recover.

No. 26684

this sounds ironic or sarcastic even out of context

No. 26685

Ironic shooting threats.
It’s almost as if you can just totally get away with federal crimes by saying “Uwu it was just ironic”

No. 26686

Next she's gonna post the april fools post.

No. 26688

people are pointing guns at me via reaction image in /ot/ on a daily basis. should i alert the authorities about them too?

No. 26689

File: 1631927672823.jpg (44.92 KB, 421x547, 1470784456205.jpg)

oh my god, even if this is real, you retards believe this is a genuine threat i'm going to scream.

No. 26690

It’s a shame they don’t just shoot you

No. 26691

File: 1631927842903.jpg (53.03 KB, 540x585, 0b3ef6af-370b-4644-932f-f047fd…)

i'm going to shoot you

No. 26692

stop with the threats i’m cryeing and throwing up rn

No. 26693


No. 26694

in your dreams, nerd

No. 26695

File: 1631928028925.gif (479.61 KB, 480x356, giphy.gif)

No. 26696

>posts on lolcow.farm unironically

No. 26697

You want to be hardcore so badly kek. Anyways, stop shitting where you eat.

No. 26698

how do you have all this sooper secret intel on admin but can’t even tell when two separate people are responding to you?

No. 26699

I’d like everyone to know that I cum daily to having a thread on this website. The Stockholm syndrome is really aligning my chakras in all the right places… I just can’t take it. At first I wanted it gone but now I realise I can cum from the pain. Thank you LCF.

No. 26700

No one cares.

No. 26702


No. 26703


No. 26704


No. 26705


No. 26706


No. 26707

fucking hell. this is embarrassing elaine.

No. 26708

Name fagging, lurk moar newfag

No. 26709

No. 26712

Some of you truly take this imageboard way too seriously. I don't know, touch some grass, masturbate or whatever. Don't get too emotionally involved with an anonymous board, it's bad for your hearts, nonitas

No. 26714


No. 26715

If you put me I may have to put your university admin. I may have to make a little phone call :P

No. 26716

Out *

No. 26717

Admin you know you’re cornered lol. If you hand over the site I’ll ring your university & your very strict family. If you shut it down you’ll live with the curse that I’ll always be watching you till the very day you die. But hey, at least you won’t be in a jail ce

No. 26718

Maybe I should tell your uni what you post from their computers ! I’ve done my research. I also have several students who have tipped me off at your school. Good luck, take the risk and out me. Do it Bitch.

No. 26719

Someone's really happy senpai finally noticed her.

No. 26720

If you put me.

No. 26721

Admins I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment but this is a really serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Can we ban the use of the words “touch grass”? I know we are a pro free speech site but this should be an exception. We mustn’t allow such evil to infest our site.

No. 26722

Hi everyone. Kiara here. Considering this site has turned to complete garbage, I’m bringing Gossip Girl to you. My site will contain a live chat option, and a filtering captcha code that prevents spam and cp. All threads will be reviewed by our moderation team before uploaded to avoid accidental posting of children or undeserving cows. We also will be doing regular events such as a live movie night. We will have a /pol/ section specifically for politics. We aim to be a female only site however we also aim to not cause animosity with men or competitor sites. Please consider joining a place which has your best interests at heart. We also have a terms and conditions, and will not obtain any data From posters including IP addresses.(AnonSec)

No. 26723

>We aim to be a female only site however we also aim to not cause animosity with men or competitor sites.
so don't talk bad about the uwu trannies? pass.

No. 26724

> so don't talk bad about the uwu trannies? pass.
We said we were female only, not anti censorship ;)

No. 26725

Sure Elaine.

No. 26726

I mean pro censorship lol. Sorry about the typo. But all conversations will be allowed to take place including one regarding trannies although I’d rather not make it a key focus of the site. I want to create a more fun , cohesive and interactive community rather than seething anons and terrible moderation.

No. 26727

This site was destroyed a long time ago by the current moderation team. Lost all its culture, move to greener pastures

No. 26728

someone 5150 this crazy bitch already

No. 26729

You know what she may be crazy but the site sounds like a shout.(sockpuppet)

No. 26730

Adding a pol section would be disastrous and would flood the site instantly with 4chan polfags, who will then shoo away any farmers and make the whole site another one of their sausageparty shitholes. And leaving only the staff team to decide what cow is "undeserving" and "deserving" will likely end in a shitshow too. I also don't think it's possible to install a good captcha without obtaining any data.
Movie nights with livechats sound great though. Maybe we should organize a thread for it on /ot/ once a week.

No words should be a bannable offense, but I agree that the very obvious twitterfags who keep using it for every 3rd post are starting to get insufferable.

No. 26731

I tried to check out your website but my antivirus prevented me from doing so claiming it's dangerous. What's up with that.

No. 26732

> I tried to check out your website but my antivirus prevented me from doing so claiming it's dangerous. What's up with that.
Like I said the site is under construction so sorry girls but it won’t be up until the end of October, I’m just posting about it here so you can make a mental bookmark for when it’s ready to be launched.(AnonSec)

No. 26733

> Adding a pol section would be disastrous and would flood the site instantly with 4chan polfags, who will then shoo away any farmers and make the whole site another one of their sausageparty shitholes. And leaving only the staff team to decide what cow is "undeserving" and "deserving" will likely end in a shitshow too. I also don't think it's possible to install a good captcha without obtaining any data.
Movie nights with livechats sound great though. Maybe we should organize a thread for it on /ot/ once a week.
Considering we’ve had multiple political meltdowns here anyway, there may as well be a heavily moderated pol section. It’s autistic to have had so many political breakdowns over pink pill threads. May as well stick it all in one place considering right now it’s all in /ot/ or /g/ anyway.
I know you wouldn’t like the idea of staff moderating threads but we would try not to get too involved. The main reason as to why threads would be vetted would be to avoid letting high school cat fights shit up the site or minors getting posted accidentally. It wouldn’t be as censored and would mainly just be there to cut the current crap of having to report tonnes of threads or scrotes in threads.
When I stated we wouldn’t obtain data, I meant we wouldn’t store it. We would not use IPs, or cookies against any of our posters, cows or not. This ensures ultimate anonymity of our userbase. It’s important if people use our site they know that it is as anonymous as it’s presented.
I’m glad you like the movie nights & live chat ideas though, thanks for your input .

No. 26734

How about a wordfilter that changes it to touch ass

No. 26735

No,the main reason you want vetted threads is so no one can make another one on you, despite yours being barely active anyway. Just post your suggestions in the suggestion thread elaine, we know you won't leave anyway and the movie idea is a good one.

No. 26736

> No,the main reason you want vetted threads is so no one can make another one on you, despite yours being barely active anyway. Just post your suggestions in the suggestion thread elaine, we know you won't leave anyway and the movie idea is a good one.

The vetted threads thing isn’t just about one person or thread. It’s to also decrease the amount of vendetta posting and minor posting. The age limit should be 18+.
Movie nights should be fun, but they should be hosted live with a chat box so people can make fun commentaries.

No. 26738

Ok ladies which one of you humored this tard in such a way they're still here posting

No. 26739

sounds like shit

No. 26740


Convenient you're opening a new site just as Laur was outed for having a grabify IPlogger on lillees website. Posting it here hoping to nab some IPs Elaine?

No. 26741

> Convenient you're opening a new site just as Laur was outed for having a grabify IPlogger on lillees website. Posting it here hoping to nab some IPs Elaine?
Anyone who isn’t retarded should know you can get NOTHING from an IP but rough regional location. However, if anyone was intelligent enough, they’d do what this site did and embed cookies that log all the tabs you have open on your browser.

No. 26748

Yes I like this idea.

No. 26749

This megatard can have my full dox if it means they'll gtfo. I can't tell if they really believe anyone gives a flying fuck about the shit they spew, or if this is sincerely the only inkling of attention they can gainer. I'm leaning heavily towards the latter being the most likely, though.

No. 26750

It's funny to entertain her, so I keep at it even if it's not elaine. Sorry but I'm bored

No. 26751

>they’d do what this site did and embed cookies that log all the tabs you have open on your browser.
Does this site actually do that? Why, exactly?

No. 26752

i cant believe people even bring kf up as a replacemenf. ITS NOT ANONYMOUS

i hope someone steps up. thank you for everything admin-sama, you were a great admin. my only beef with you was banning gc threads, but you took great care of the site and took care of the downtime/posting issues

No. 26753

No, our profi hacker just finally learned how bans work on lolcow.farm.

No. 26768

Not only that but I just don’t trust using KF overall. So many law enforncement places have their eye on KF, I’m not getting on 500 different watch lists to post about momokun.

If the site does need to close down I wish it could be put in read-only or something. One thing that sucked about the death of PULL was years of archived receipts gone.

No. 26789

Bored of Admin’s “outings”
She lives in Montreal and posts from her university which I will state if you all hype me up enough, a data reveal without the hype is never interesting!

No. 26790

the gag is nobody actually gives a fuck about you

No. 26791

unironically kill yourself

No. 26792

Someone on reddit archived Pull and shared it.

Pretty sure she's wrong anyway (again).

No. 26793

File: 1632094427067.jpg (200.3 KB, 1080x939, IMG_20210919_183319.jpg)

Ok Elaine. You already blew your load on Twitter.

No. 26794

lmao wtf is 911 going to do?

No. 26795

people get tired of admins shit. If she can dish the dirt on others, her dox being shared won’t be a problem for her. Sorry not sorry. Get fucked, you’re here forever.(AnonSec)

No. 26796

I thought you said she lived in Mexico or something

No. 26797

Idk this account is pretending to be American while dripping britbong slang and spellings constantly. Probably thinks 911 works in Canada too

No. 26799

Lmao yeah, doesn't even know here in Canada we call sorry until a Mounty shows up by moose led snow sleigh. What a sped.

No. 26800

Who are all these people she's tagging?

No. 26801

File: 1632095369036.png (875.05 KB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-19_06-09-22_PM.p…)

From lillees thread.
Renee is a callout and boolissa is one of laurs socks

No. 26838

Hang yourself you dumb moralfaggot

No. 26845


you’ve been at this for 6 months. How are you still so inept at integrating and board culture, Elaine?

No. 26846

Literally who cares. This is just making admin seem like way more of a functional, normal human being than I expected her to be. Good on her for going to school for something useful.

No. 26851

>This is just making admin seem like way more of a functional, normal human being than I expected her to be.
kek same. honestly this whole situation has made me like admin more than i did before actually.

No. 26853

Same, I mostly lurk but have been around forever. Whatever scepticism I had for admin is gone lol, based admin. Fuck you Elaine, get help.

No. 26855

>you don’t know how bad things really are.

No. 26857

oh no, she locked onto a new random target

No. 26859

This tumblr account doesn't even exist. Who even is this? Elaine, you have to start giving context

No. 26860

Sorry. That’s Ines, hence “ness.txt”
It was her whole tumblr she got rid of this morning after being outed. It was archived somewhere but I can’t find it right now.

No. 26861

Samefag, nvm I found the blog. You still need to give context though.
And learn how to tag correctly dumbass

No. 26862

> You still need to give context though.
Sorry kek. But anyway, there’s a lot more juice from the blog , please archive as I can’t find my copy. I have several screenshots though, probably the best ones were her cryptic mental health messages and suicide idealisation. I’ve posted the one which directly mentions her university as this will be useful to prove I’m not larping. If you reverse image search that title it should lead you to a McGill university study.

No. 26863

>please archive
…no? Why would anyone waste their time doing that. No one here cares except for you.

No. 26864

No. 26865

>please archive as I can’t find my copy

you are genuinely retarded

No. 26872

Just post the link

No. 26873

Tell us all about your crush on Admin-san, Elaine.

No. 26876

Who is Elaine and why is discussion of her taking over meta?

No. 26877

It might be the same person who was posting gore and CP for months. Nobody knew who Elaine was until she started hanging around the lolcow discord server pretending to be a hacker. Checked out her thread and I guess she was originally a flake adjacent to Lillie Jean drama but now she's trying to get her thread taken down by posting and spamming. She also has a thread on kiwifarms and Null emailed her parents.

No. 26878

Pinned thread on snow, btw.

No. 26879

On a woeful night in May I cautiously opened my discord. Trembling as my fingers hovered over the keys, I typed out my message. “I want my thread deleted”

I was shocked to be treated with a simple “No” for I am, the one and only, AnonSecxy.

I persisted and persisted as the seasons changed, Lillee Jean’s DMCA strikes increased, Diane Awesome Laser changed reading glasses and blossom fell from the trees as if coming from the azure sky.

And then I realised. There would be one way to achieve the ultimate deletion.
I smiled mischievously as I calculated my move.

Ines not only became my nemesis, but my forbidden lover across the Interwebz of the dark cesspit of Lolcow.farms

For months we spoke about many things, Ines told me of her plans to skoot up Mcgill university, her plans to decimate Null & Kiwi Farms once and for all, and most importantly, her plans to erase all men & troons from Planet Earth.

I couldn’t possibly agree to such heinous activities despite my love and adoration of based, damaged and blackpilled admin-chan. Unfortunately I couldn’t suppress the urge in my fingertips to tell the lovely farmers in my local field everything I knew about my forbidden lover, after all, she had failed to clear my reputation, she was meant to love me. I’d been lied to.

No. 26880

seek professional help sis

No. 26881

Uwu only for you nonnie

No. 26882


No. 26883

Wasn't admin and her farmhand friends supposed to all live in Japan, or was that the group of banhappy admin or a purposeful misinformation? Kek

No. 26884

See, this is the thing. Ines tends to claim this as it fits into the site’s anime weeb Uwu mean girl vibe.

Admin has immigrated from the Middle East to Canada with her family, presumably a long time ago.

I can’t remember the precise country but I’m sure I could find it.

Her family are extremely religious from the looks of things & Ines would be, metaphorically if not physically, ‘hung, drawn & quartered’ over disrespecting Allah and gossiping about his people on a website.

Oh well. I guess this is where we’re at huh

No. 26885

>I can't remember the precise country
Lmfao you just forgot, huh?

No. 26886

> Lmfao you just forgot, huh?
Is that illegal or something? Pretty sure it’s Yemen or somewhere close.

No. 26887

are you reporting admin to the taliban, Elaine?

No. 26888

Yes! Their women have been ever so disloyal, how dare they shitpost anywhere but our websites?

No. 26889

Yeah, it's so fucked up how they just let you physically draw and quarter people in Canada. But it's the only way to keep the moose fed.

No. 26890

Imagine Null, Joshua fucking Moon, seeing you as such a spanner that he decides to snitch you out to your parents. Like not even taking time to poke fun at you he just tells on you

No. 26891

No. 26892

more likely european

No. 26893

No. A lot of her farmhands are European or have European heritage. Apart from Hex, she lives in Texas and drives a jeep. Graduated from UT Austin in 2017

No. 26894

Actually, I heard on the discord a few months ago that admin was a Mexican-Russian. It checks out with the timezones if she actually lives in russia tbh. I think Elaine should polish her fine hacking skills a bit.

No. 26895

> Actually, I heard on the discord a few months ago that admin was a Mexican-Russian. It checks out with the timezones if she actually lives in russia tbh. I think Elaine should polish her fine hacking skills a bit.

The only reason people believe she is Mexican is down to the fact she shared a photo of her arm once for verification and people came to the conclusion she was Mexican due to her skin colour.

She’s not Russian or Mexican. If she is stating that she is, it’s for Opsec purposes. She’s told everyone to choose a Townhall time in reference to London time zone, which is just evident that her time zones are randomly orchestrated for Opsec purposes.

She doesn’t live in Russia.

No. 26896

again, we absolutely do not care

No. 26897

>which is just evident that her time zones are randomly orchestrated for Opsec purposes.
Oh, Elaine..

No. 26898

>admin is Mexican-Russian
That's hot.

No. 26900

>admin usually schedules townhalls in gmt timezones
>anon comes to the logical conclusion that admin is probably located somewhere in europe, and another chimes in that on discord she mentioned being mexican-russian
But, no the more obvious conclusion is that admin is min-maxing in a Canadian Bunker with her terabytes of CP and gore.

Null and Admin already have a tsundere romance going on, Elaine-san. Stop trying to shoehorn your way into the plot through this shitty rival arc.

No. 26901

Therapy just ain't gonna do it for you. You need a CAT scan.

No. 26902

wait a second, don't tell me that the one and only joshua moon is admin's white liberal gf?

No. 26903

we're getting into m knight shama llama twist territory now!

No. 26904

If that's the case, I can't wait for the part where we find out everybody involved is someone's alternate personality

No. 26905

God, I'm sorry. I wanted other farmers to confirm if my shit memory is right or wrong about the Japan thing, not any information (real or fake) about the current admin.
>Null and Admin already have a tsundere romance going on, Elaine-san. Stop trying to shoehorn your way into the plot through this shitty rival arc.
>we're getting into m knight shama llama twist territory now!
>I can't wait for the part where we find out everybody involved is someone's alternate personality
I have keked so hard at you guys

No. 26909

File: 1632252257572.jpeg (368.3 KB, 1284x1618, A54993C2-5D82-4FD1-B1A9-D584A8…)

Hmm censored for mentioning Admin by name despite the fact multiple people here have mentioned Nicole, Null, Elaine, Tesco, Lillee, Laur constantly.
Based hypocritical namefagging rules.(Based hypocritical namefagging rules.)

No. 26911

That's still not what namefagging means. God you're retarded. Namefagging means YOU'RE using a name instead of being Anonymous.


When are you gonna post anything that ties that tumblr to admin?

No. 26912

“Ness” . Txt

No. 26913

Direct mention of site.

Also. In case anyone was wondering, I was only able to find her because as stated previously, I have been talking to her personally.

No. 26914

So are the other 58 notes on that post also admin?

No. 26915

>ness = admin's 'real name'
>that means nessie = admin's 'real name'
wow… i can't believe admin-chan is the loch ness monster…

No. 26919

File: 1632253320611.png (889.57 KB, 900x955, admin.png)

No. 26921

Admin is a lesbian Mexican muslim that lives in Canada called Ness? This just keeps getting weirder.

No. 26923

I keep getting rudely censored. She’s not Mexican. She’s lesbian, Muslim, ness is a nickname. Lives in Montreal

No. 26924

so she's mexican and muslim. got it.

No. 26925

she has never been Mexican lol wtf

No. 26926

why do you keep saying she's mexican? we know.

No. 26927

No. 26928

File: 1632254695296.jpg (18.87 KB, 852x480, 4.jpg)

Mexican?! More like NESS-XICANa

No. 26929

Underrated post.(Elaine)

No. 26930

Next these doxx autists are going to claim that Admin is actually princess Diana reincarnated and then they start nitpicking her nose and dress

No. 26931

I see the kid's tactics worked for once. More people are talking about admin's identity (which nobody ever cared about) than the kid herself.(Elaine)

No. 26932

This level of delusion is concerning

No. 26933

None of your tactics are working Elaine. No one’s truly talking about admin, we’re laughing at the over the top caricature you’ve created for evil muslim lesbian admin-san. Showing a NYC IP address, attempting to throw the Trueman’s under the bus won’t work either.

No. 26934

we're literally making fun of you, retard.

No. 26935

Ah yes, this is a website where paranoics rule. And feel smug about their paranoia.

No. 26936

Elaine is a super haxxxor but doesn't even know how to hack someone LMAO

No. 26937

I never said this comment. If you’re going to out me, don’t hold me responsible for comments I’ve never said. Retards. - Actually Elaine.

No. 26938

File: 1632262985968.jpeg (307.88 KB, 1284x1743, 5AAE44EF-B638-4FC9-9847-1C21A0…)

Sorry Ines, I did this all for $1000. Thanks for the Gucci I guess, at least now I can stop buying fakes.

No. 26939

why did she put muslim as ethnicity then kek

No. 26940


No. 26942


No. 26943

that has to be the ugliest way to combine those words. Mexislim is definitely the stacy alternative, it sounds like a low calorie cocktail mix

No. 26944

Is this that other pseudohacker boomer from twitter? You should all team up with Lola Bohemia

No. 26945


I can't wait for your outing. Records of all the gore you posted. All the shit you posted about lillee and Laur. It's going to be glorious when she turns her Sauron eye on you.

No. 26947

Pull has been closed for months.

No. 26948

Of course, that 5000 donated to the site was simply Null-kun's reparations to his caramel sweetheart. Too bad for our romeo, Admin-san was busy laughing at Elaine's schizoposts to notice.

No. 26949

When did null donate 5000?(elaine)

No. 26950

Good job on trying to get me banned because of your lack of reading comprehension and paranoia.
She baited you to focus on admin instead of herself, you took the bait, and then blamed me for pointing it out.
I thought you'd take the cue but I severely overestimated you.

No. 26951

No we're still not focusing on admin. We're focusing on Elaine's stupidity.

No. 26952

she acts like there are farmers frantically trying to find admin's info now as if anyone ever gave a fuck

No. 26953

Sure. You could have replied that before you reported me. The truth is you were too far up your own ass to notice my point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26954

Oh, gimme a break. Very funny har har

No. 27084

If you think pt is "advanced snow" than you haven't seen snow.
Snow is ~mostly~ the tard wrangling board, I don't know why anyone would advocate for its removal.

No. 27085

Looks more like scrote schizoid posting to me or a fed/informant, same thing kek. Maybe I've just seen so much of it it all looks alike.

Anyway, hope Admin found the help she needed.

No. 27086

This board is a pile of shit, stacked mile-high.
Inept mods and admins.

Why don't you just shut it all down instead of e-begging.

No. 27089

hope the site stays just out of spite of your annoying ass

No. 27090

Holy shit. You guys are dumb, this is not "female-only" imageboard. %67 of Lolcow.farm is trannies or kiwi farmers, seriously just take a look at threads and posts. Does these posts seems female to you??(male)

No. 27092

No. 27144

I am retarded, sorry. Will the upcoming townhall be held on discord or cytube?

No. 27150

i just wanna have the townhall at the local applebees. the server is kinda cute and i want apps

No. 27182

Admin, any updates please?

No. 27219

Ines 👩🏽‍💻✨👀 is 😎 in 👉 a 😉 jail 🏢 cell 📞 she 💖 can’t 😪 answer ☎️ this ☝️ right 🔌 now ⚠️ :((

No. 27223

at least fucking sage your autism Elaine

No. 27224

She's still struggling to Google the definition of "a-logging", do you really think she can figure out how to sage? I think she's legitimately developmentally delayed and I already feel like saying that is insulting to the average learning disabled person.

No. 27225

Hey super-hacker, how come Ines' dead man's switch didn't go off when she got arrested?

No. 27226

Send me to the timeline where this is all real, but the deadman switch just does a mass post reveal and hands over all the evidence of Elaine's cp-gore posts to her wranglers.

No. 27227

I think accusing someone of spamming gore and cp is extremely dangerous. I doubt the person responsible is even a woman

No. 27228

Fuck off, Elaine.

No. 27229


No. 27231

why the fuck are yo spamming this? I feel like I'm missing a joke

No. 27267


No. 27269


No. 27338

Hey anons, I’ve been avoiding /meta/ for a while because of the newfag autism here but can anyone sane tell me what’s going on. If we don’t find a new admin until 2022 (cause that’s when admin-sama is leaving right?), will lolcow shut down? Even though we’ve donated money? Is it looking pretty bleak right now?

No. 27339

It's filled with CP all the time now. Give it to Null.

No. 27343

just read the thread and go to the townhall???

No. 27348

you wish it was but i've never seen it, shut up tranny

No. 27349

It's really not. I browse LC very frequently and rarely see CP. Sure that's not never but "all the time" is a far stretch.

No. 27354

yeah and it's usually (in my timezone) at like ungodly hours of the night. Gore spam is here and there, but anons make it sound like the entire board is filled with it. When it's really only like 1 or 2 images posted in a thread that you can just report and hide until mods deal with it.

No. 27355

it's just kiwifags trying to falseflag

No. 27357

I'm convinced it's a combination of /tttt/ trannies, elaine, and scrotes who just wanna stir up trouble but, because of how niche this place is, it's not as bad as it could be. When a board is flooded with so much cp and gore, it renders the entire board unusable, then I'll join in with the others anons screeching about how this place gets regularly flooded with it

No. 27358

just shut this shithole down for good

No. 27361

You can stop visiting any time, Elaine

No. 27363

You remember that old moderator, Hex? Hex is a troon from Texas. Not very based of Admin-chan :/

No. 27364

where's your proof anon. we're just supposed to believe you ?

No. 27365

Dat retarded as fuck bait. But by all means keep entertaining us with your hard on for admin!

No. 27366

Null should neck himself

No. 27371

nah, then ethan ralph wouldnt have anyone to tard rage against. maybe rekieta. but he gets under peoples skin and each day a new lolcow is born

No. 27377

youre confusing it with some other troon mod who got found out and kicked

No. 27381

Skinny legend Admines-chan is not gonna fuck you, Elaine.

No. 27518

no one asked nor cared

No. 27519

Admin, since it's nearly November now. Any update on this?

No. 27520

guessing the final outcome is gonna be announced at the townhall

No. 27521

Let me update you all as admin is incompetent again. She thinks she’s found a new admin who is basically an anorexic troon. For some reason this site has a long history with hating troons and anorexics yet employing them as Trannies, I mean Jannies.

She has a backup who I’m guessing is a friend of hers or something.

In short, not a single one of them know how to mitigate an attack on a discord server so I wouldn’t hold your breath. :P

No. 27522

It's literally 5 am in the UK and this is what you're up doing, Elaine?

No. 27523

This doesn’t sound like Elaine, probably some scrote(samefag, sockpuppet)

No. 27525

did you…. really just reply to yourself? The mental illness is unreal.

No. 27526

nobody gave a fuck about the discord server, elaine. have you found anyone at mcgill to pay $1k for info on our slender tan lesbian admin yet?

No. 27529

>who is basically an anorexic troon
Admin isn't hiring you, Elaine

No. 27530

>attack on a discord server
That's an interesting way to refer to using a built in report feature

No. 27534

Elaine I recommend begging harder on social media for people to do your work for you since you are not capable of doing anything aside from looking at discord profiles for "doxxing" material and bragging for months on end.

No. 27543

she just wants to make herself sound like a 1337 hacker

No. 27578

File: 1634364064271.jpeg (15.34 KB, 345x333, gfd.jpeg)

we get more updates from elaine herself than admin about this dump. its actually a little sad.

No. 27581

File: 1634402657205.png (10.43 KB, 476x358, ECD90F5F-0E44-4981-A13F-9C80D5…)

Noooo the whore farmerino can’t be heckin’ borked. Where will my sisters and cisters go now? :( this is worse than that time Han killed a tauntaun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 27582

Admin has been trying to peace out for a while. If you have the required skills, apply for admin and start gloriously interacting with your userbase (me).

No. 27583

Since you all appreciate the updates, here are some.
Admin has found a replacement who is some ana-chan troon looking self harmer in another country to take over the boards, if the person necks themselves before the handover, she has a backup who’s probably one of her LGBTQIAHAJIEIUXISIWIUSHWJQMAOAOIZJ+ friends.

Admin is extremely paranoid, drowning in exam stress, but fails to comment on her dox because she is aware of the Streisand affect and knows better then to make it worse, unlike some people.

The daily visitor total to this site is less than 200 unique visitors, with less than 100 regularly active users although these figures are often distorted on centralised site traffic websites due to the fact that those websites count clicking on different boards as unique clicks.

The majority of “doxxed” users who were on the discord channel, were actually some of the site’s most frequent users, which makes sense because, why join a chat for a site you aren’t active on, right?

Matrix is still a mess, it’s flimsily hosted on a single Cloudflare IP, and seems to have an affiliation to a company known as Digicert. If the server was attacked, it would only take a low grade skid to buy an online DDOS tool to rape the server of its infrastructure and cause glitches leading to booting out users automatically, for example.

This site isn’t hosted with Cloudflare, it’s with Abelohost. Cloudflare provide the DDOS protection though, and Namecheap helped with domain related thingies.

Abelohost are rumoured to be shutting down soon because no one uses them but this site and various other cesspits, and Cloudflare seem to be tightening up their policies following the recent Anon-ib & ugotposted drama. (Two similar sites to this one, that got closed down by Dutch authorities). The US government is considering revoking section230.

Running this site costs an average of $5,000 a year, and each time it gets DDOSed, it costs money. Even with an attempted DDOS that caused no problems, Cloudflare charge around $30 just for mitigating it.

This site is non functional, 2/5 of the servers that host it are broken, hence leading to the error messages you all get when you attempt to go to different boards of the site. Although, refreshing your browser usually fixes this.

The cp & gore spams are not being done by a real person, they are being done by a bot, this has happened to many other images boards, i.e. 4chan, 8chan, etc…
Blaming and trying to find the person or people who set up the bot is a futile and redundant endeavour considering it could be anyone on the internet, as well as the fact that seething about it, won’t actually stop it from happening.

Now, onto the tea.

There’s inner drama with the admin vs farmhands because she keeps pissing off the moderation team by censoring them, and getting angry when they won’t be her personal army.

Recently, on the matrix server, admin accuses random users “AnonPariah” and “Goldfarmer” of being Elaine, one of these users proceeds to send facial verification to the admin to prove otherwise, and nothing was said after that, and an apology to the wrongly accused users was absent.

The site has been neglected, with little done about the various rule breaking in multiple threads, a-logging, race baiting, revenge porn and defamation, blah blah blah.

The refusal to let go of this site and allow the userbase to move onto greener pastures has lead to this site slowly becoming more and more of a shithole. It’s a slow and excruciatingly embarrassing death, I doubt a new admin can fix this garbage as it would not only cost thousands of dollars, but more time than any non-NEET has, and at least a degree in programming, but I suppose if I had hosted a site for 2/3 years, I’d be nostalgic and sad to let it go too. Props to admin for the tenacity. I’d neck myself if I ran this place.

No. 27584

Sorry if you expect me to read that

No. 27585

what an autistic spergout by elaine
like calm down retard

No. 27586

I didn't read all of this, I'm so sorry but nothing you're saying is anything "interesting". It's all obvious stuff, as if it's not hard to get website data. holy shit please stop trying so hard it's embarrassing. Your shit would be more interesting if it contained actual information that mattered to us.

No. 27587

Elaine was ready to post this as soon as the site came back up, damn

No. 27588

lmao how fucking long were you sat there writing this shit? embarrassing.

No. 27589

You're the kind of person who has to sperg until they pass out because if you were to lay in silence self reflecting you'd kill yourself over the embarrassment of your actions, aren't you?

No. 27590

AO3 fanfic where Elaine fucks admin when?

No. 27591

She's probably been ruminating over an updated version of her schizo lore for a week, then vomited all of that when the site came back.

No. 27595

Creating an Instagram account to pay for information on gay muslim college students didn’t work out? I’m shocked, Elaine.

No. 27596

She doesnt have the money for therapy what makes you think she has it for a reward for a fictional person? LOL

No. 27598

File: 1634495305866.jpg (69.97 KB, 1080x420, IMG_20211017_202654.jpg)

Someone's mad the epic discord haxxoring didn't last for longer than a few days.

No. 27599

File: 1634495498257.jpg (78.57 KB, 1080x512, IMG_20211017_203053.jpg)

*and probably also about getting banned once again

No. 27600

File: 1634499399852.png (183.01 KB, 630x539, 06c.png)

i mean, most of this is probably tin foil but its more than admin has fed us so..

No. 27601

all of it is tinfoil or made up kek
idk why anons can’t just wait for the townhall

No. 27602

So why is townhall the only time she can speak about stuff other than Elaine?

No. 27603

i’m not saying it is but my best guess is that all these questions will be best addressed during a time when admin can respond in a live forum

No. 27605

Nothing stated was tinfoil or larp. Admin announced a potential new admin in the matrix server in front of everyone, I’m sure other users saw it too.

As for all the facts and statistics regarding Cloudflare, you can literally look these up for yourself. I’m not google. If you think it’s tinfoil, why don’t you do some of your own research?

I don’t think you realise how ridiculously dead this site is. If not for the Elaine/Kiwi Farms/Men/Null/Shayna hate boners, there would be no activity.

A new admin won’t save this place. It’s just going to honestly become more and more dysfunctional until either the farmhands & admin give up, hosting providers drop the site, the police invade the site, a cow sues the site, the site is spammed with cp & gore, or KF takes over the site.

No. 27607

okay then where’s the admin dox? last i checked elaine was trying to pay $1k to randoms on instagram for information other than a tan, muslim lesbian named ines.

No. 27608

Dude no one cares about her dox. It’s impossible to know if it was even correct or not, as neither side would admit it either way.

No. 27609

Elaine posted her tumblr, but that's about it. Not even a doxx.

No. 27610

I lowkey want to see one of them respond with some accidental wrong information to see if Elaine would really pay up

No. 27611

>or KF takes over the site

No. 27612

lick some more boot anon im sure it tastes so good

No. 27613

i was just pulling one random thing out of that long ass post since it’s all supposedly true kek

No. 27614

how is it boot licking to tell people to curb their autism until the townhall

No. 27615

The anon you replied to is Elaine. She apparently learned how to sage and stopped quoting the first post.
There's no dox, she's just repeating the same spiel like a broken record while expecting other people do the work for her.

No. 27616

imagine if she put this much effort into literally anything else in her life

No. 27619

>If not for the Elaine/Kiwi Farms/Men/Null/Shayna hate boners, there would be no activity.
Sure Elaine

No. 27622

>Nothing stated was tinfoil or larp. Admin announced a potential new admin in the matrix server in front of everyone, I’m sure other users saw it too.

>As for all the facts and statistics regarding Cloudflare, you can literally look these up for yourself.

Besides that anon, no one else thinks this is a tinfoil. You know why? Because we said already that this information isn't new or interesting. It's already been said. You're trying to present facts to us like you did extensive research when you didn't. Just used Google and word of mouth, which is retarded and reveals that you know nothing, Elaine.

No. 27626

Elaine participates in image boards like a true normie.

No. 27627

She acts like a tech illiterate boomer, it's wild

No. 27628

I came from 4chan to laugh at you. Women can’t be based. After reading the autism above & in the technical issue thread, holy fuck. Firstly, how is the site owner every minority ever? Gay, Muslim & mentally retarded, not to mention, a woman. This is a direct cause of a lack of redpilling, and being rejected by men.
Give women a website and all they can do is reeeeee at each other, look worse than the girls they post about and somehow think that feminism can be based.
You’re just SJWs who don’t like men KEK
By the way, big cringe at ‘SCrOte’ and ‘NoNniE
This whole site is literally a kike and a sandnigger arguing indirectly over an image board. What is this shit?
Y’all need some dick. That’s all that can save you now. Kill yourselves faggots, and no, I’m not from /r9k/, I’m from /pol/.

No. 27629

Nice larp dialogue

No. 27630

>big cringe
okay lol

No. 27631

I came fwom 4chan to waugh at you. Women can’t be based. Aftew weading the autism abuv & in the technyicaw issue thwead, howy fuck. Fiwstwy, how is the site ownyew evewy minyowity evew? Gay, Muswim & mentawwy wetawded, nyot to mention, a woman. This is a diwect cause of a wack of wedpiwwing, and being wejected by men.
Give women a website and aww they can do is weeeeee at each othew, wook wowse than the giwws they post about and somehow think that feminyism can be based.
You’we just SJWs who don’t wike men KEK
By the way, big cwinge at ‘SCwOte’ and ‘NyoNnyiE’
This whowe site is witewawwy a kike and a sandnyiggew awguing indiwectwy uvw an image boawd. What is this shit?
Y’aww nyeed some dick. That’s aww that can save you nyow. Kiww youwsewves faggots, and nyo, I’m nyot fwom /w9k/, I’m fwom /pow/.

No. 27632

I came from 4chan to laugh at you. Women can’t be based. After reading the autism above & in the technical issue thread, holy fuck. Firstly, how is the site owner every minority ever? Gay, Muslim & mentally retarded, not to mention, a woman. This is a direct cause of a lack of redpilling, and being rejected by men.
Give women a website and all they can do is reeeeee at each other, look worse than the girls they post about and somehow think that feminism can be based.
You’re just SJWs who don’t like men KEK
By the way, big cringe at ‘SCrOte’ and ‘NoNniE
This whole site is literally a kike and a sandnigger arguing indirectly over an image board. What is this shit?
Y’all need some dick. That’s all that can save you now. Kill yourselves faggots, and no, I’m not from /r9k/, I’m from /pol/.

No. 27633

I came from 4chan to laugh😅😅 at you. Women can’t be based. After reading 📗 the autism above🆙 & in the technical issue⚠️ thread, holy fuck. Firstly, how is the site owner every minority ever? Gay, Muslim & mentally retarded, not to mention, 🅰️a🅰️🅰️ woman👙. This is a🅰️ direct cause of a 🅰️ lack of redpilling, and 🍯being🍯 rejected by men👨.
Give 👘women👘 🅰️a🅰️🅰️ website and all they can do is reeeeee at each other, 👀look 👀 worse📉 than the girls👵 they 🏣post🏣🏣 about and somehow think🤔 that feminism can be based.
You’re just SJWs who don’t 😻like😻 men👞 KEK
By the ↕️way ↕️, big cringe at ‘SCrOte’ and ‘NoNniE
This whole site is literally 🅰️a 🅰️ kike and a 🅰️🅰️ sandnigger arguing indirectly over an image board. What is this 💩shit💩?
Y’all need some dick. That’s all that can save 🔖🔖 you now. Kill yourselves faggots, and no❎, I’m not from /r9k/, I’m from /pol/.

No. 27634

I don't understand moid… Pretty much this is the text I see:

Myself come originate 4chan to laugh upon you are. Woman can’t be based. After the reading autism above & the on technical issue thread, holy fuck. Firstly, with a method the is site owner each minority ever? gay, muslim & mentally retarded, don't to mentioned, that womans. That is that direct caused for that have empty of for redpilling, and being rejected by man.
given woman that website and everyone those with able to will is reeeeee upon every other, see worse the than girls those post around and somehow intelligent this feminism with able to be based.
you’re only sjws that person don’t appreciation man kek
the by way, more than cringe upon ‘scrote’ and ‘nonnie
that all of site is literally that kike and that sandnigger arguing indirectly over an image board. To what is that shit?
y’all needed a several dick. That’s everyone this with able to saved you are a currently. Kill yourselves faggots, and don't, i’m don't originate /r9k/, i’m originate /pol/

No. 27638

Fixed it for you!

Greetings fellow farmers, I escaped from 4chan to laugh with you cause I mean, Men can’t be based! After loling at the delightful and charming posts above & in the technical issue thread, holy gosh my sides. Firstly, how is the site owner the most amazing woman ever? A Lesbian, culturally diverse and well educated as well (not to mention, a beautiful woman). This is a direct cause of rejecting red-pilling, and rejecting a male dominated society.
Give women a website and you'd better believe that they will lol to each other, look lovelier than the girls they post about and certainly agree that feminism is based as all gosh darn get out!
We’re lovely Farmers who don’t like being treated as inferiors by men KEK!
By the way, big lols at ‘SCrOte’ and ‘NoNniE’ those are based!
This whole site is literally an Anon and an another Anon having some well deserved lols indirectly over an image board. When did this world become so awesome?
Y'all certainly don't need any dickhead men treating you badly that’s for dang sure. Three cheers for our lovely lesbian admin and the rest of you beautiful farmers! Oh and no, I’m not from /r9k/ or from /pol/ because I mean OMG lame am I right? I'm a Farmer true blue and to the bitter end!

No. 27639


Sorry meant to tag this post not the one after that the original "Based God" one just to avoid confusion. Realized I'd tagged the one after it after the half hour delete thing expired. Sorry all!

No. 27641

Go do something retarded so we can laugh at you, Lainey. This copypasta samefagging shit is not entertaining.

No. 27642

I'm ntayrt but I'm the person that did it last night and I'm not elaine but I was pretty drunk and recognized it was not funny a little too late.

No. 27643

Lmao same. I should really set up a bot on here or cc to gaslight these fat trannies into destroying themselves.

No. 27646

Oh gosh sorry I did do:
>>27638 and >>27639
Was trying to parody the original copypasta and turn it into something positive is all. Sorry no offense was meant honestly.

No. 27689

If you sent me a theme request on discord then I lost your request since my account was deleted. Just make sure to make a request in this thread to make sure I don't forget.

Dirtworm anon, did you want a overlay in the theme?

No. 27693

Shut up kek(Elaine)

No. 27705

No. 27706

Stupid bitch

No. 27707


ok elaine

No. 27708

Projecting this hard must be physically exhausting for you, Elaine. I'd say 'mentally exhausting' but you've made it evident no brain activity actually occurs in your head.

No. 27709


No. 27710

Ines can choose whether this gets posted all over 4chan , KF and Onion sites

No. 27713

File: 1635101834781.jpeg (126.39 KB, 1284x1197, 5AA47B7B-40F3-42EE-A898-633B9D…)

No. 27714


ok elaine

No. 27716

Not a single person here gives a fuck lmao

No. 27717

Posting and doxxing some poor random innocent girl doesn't make you any better, Elaine. I bet this girl doesn't even know you're posting her pics.

No. 27718

who is this?

No. 27719

File: 1635110913103.jpeg (149.87 KB, 1284x675, C2B5F0A9-FF42-4C6B-B160-213C8E…)

No. 27720

File: 1635111518135.png (68.17 KB, 1182x282, Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 23.34…)

So she made a fake acc for her fake dox, this is a new low. I looked that user up and they never existed. The only interaction this username has ever had is a tweet from Elaine 17 hours ago. Not to mention that it's a retarded concept; of course the real admin would not only tag lolcow but also her university in an account with her full legal name and selfies? I don't understand what goes on in her mind to make fake evidence to justify a dox she knows is fake. She should claim DID when she inevitably gets sued.

No. 27721

File: 1635111702125.png (459.36 KB, 1284x2778, 09251431-A7A4-49C5-AAE1-7C3604…)

Nonnie it does appear to be a real account. It was also followed by that Victor guy(Elaine)

No. 27722

This has got to be one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. Imagine being mentally ill enough to create a false persona that you then dox in the hope you look less mentally ill in front of a group of image board and forum users that are probably mentally ill themselves.

No. 27723

aka Elaine you took screenshots of a fake account and then disabled it. This is ridiculous even for you. Seek help

No. 27724

If it was real, there would be replies to old tweets of hers and there would be a cached profile on Google. There is nothing. The account was clearly just repurposed for quick screenshots and then deactivated.

No. 27725

File: 1635111860296.jpeg (123.97 KB, 1186x2208, EEB84538-16C4-4E27-A78C-2326BC…)

Why is this “random” Ines girl friends with a farmhand that was in the original discord server on her real Steam account if the dox is wrong? Retards.(Elaine)

No. 27726

proof this is a farmhand?

No. 27727

She’s also in the matrix server…
No idea if she was a farmhand on the site but was definitely a moderator on the lolcow discord. She even mentioned being a mod on the matrix server too in the lolcow server.

No. 27729

File: 1635112296931.png (2.35 MB, 1284x2778, E287836E-DC98-4DAA-8050-DA60D7…)

No. 27730

File: 1635112792508.png (376.9 KB, 804x796, Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 23.54…)

>3 different Ineses
>follow request pending

No. 27731

They are all the same person. Ines also has like 5 Instagram accounts

No. 27732

File: 1635113759342.jpg (30.01 KB, 582x419, interesting.jpg)

>account created in late september
>nothing cached
>this schizolore has been going for exactly two months
>suddenly there's "proof"
>instead of taking screencaps, gloats on twitter
>suddenly the "proof" is gone
>comes here to gloat anyway
Reminder that this dumbass created an account on instagram to "fish" for information about this McGill Ines, offering a 1k reward… but now, apparently, she was sitting on Admines' info all along.
Her autism knows no bounds.

>she's friends with a farmhand
>no wait, that girl isn't a farmhand
>she's actually a discord mod (source: trust me bro)

>3 different ines
Elaine, you gotta pick one.

No. 27733

“Pick me choose me Admin Sama”(Elaine)

No. 27734

No. 27735

Literally kys
There’s enough supporting evidence for everything she’s saying.(Elaine)

No. 27736

the second and third Ines look nothing alike
who is "Victor"

No. 27737

They are all the same person. I’m sorry that to you they don’t look alike? Cope? Like what am I meant to say. Victor Zhong is the software developer who basically bankrolls her site.(Elaine )

No. 27738

No need to talk in 3rd person.

No. 27739

>They are all the same person. I’m sorry that to you they don’t look alike?
Everytime I think you can't possibly be any dumber, you prove us wrong. Bravo Elaine

No. 27740

File: 1635115344369.gif (743.95 KB, 200x200, split.gif)

Take your meds. It's almost midnight.
Don't wanna stay up manicposting all night, do we?

No. 27741

Elaine please turn off your computer. This is embarrassing please

No. 27742

Even if, hypothetically, the pics of the random woman posted ITT really was admin, what is this supposed to prove? That admin is kinda cute?

No. 27743

I didn't want to say it… but yeah I expected admin to be a greasy-haired, doritos crusted pimple face not this cute vixen!! assuming it IS admin. Good for her for running the site and being fit, dressing amazingly and girlbossing

No. 27744

>Victor Zhong
Is this guy really Chinese and is he single?

No. 27745

When he isn’t being fucked by Ines with a strap on I guess.

Although Ines seems to be secretly dating this freak called Liannie

So I guess shoot your shot nonnie

No. 27746


ok elaine, gonna be hate reading at 430 in the morning again?

No. 27747

i still don’t get the point of any of this. you are aware doxxes aren’t even interesting if the subject isn’t interesting, right? some random lesbian student living in canada is not worth doxxing.
you on the other hand, elaine, are utterly batshit and i can totally see why null went out of his way to try to reach out to your parents. it’s not too late to seek mental help.

No. 27748

You didn't tell me if he was Chinese or not, elaine!

No. 27749

She did, dummy.

When he isn't being fucked by Lesbian admin, he's Chinese. Damn, can't you read?

No. 27750

No. 27751

I guess my IQ isn't high enough to understand this elite haxxor…

No. 27754

If we know this shit is fucked, can we at least archive it?

No. 27755

Ok Elaine

No. 27756

>all the proof needed
>not even similar pfps
damn you do know achilles is a word other people know of and use right

No. 27758

Why kiwiturds and 420chin troons are trying to attack lolcow.farm owner?
She's right about girls rights (and many other things)

No. 27759

> I’m sorry that to you they don’t look alike

Ines must have had the same appearance altering surgeries as Ana L Beads.

No. 27760

He's obviously the DID alter of her lesbian liberal gf who is slim, unless Elaine decided to retcon her out of the story

No. 27761

> secretly dating this freak called Liannie


Keep dreaming, Elaine

No. 27763

omg bobby you've cracked the code

No. 27766

Tinfoil that Null created Elaine after searching the word "homunculi" on YouTube, and she is actually his secret weapon that he has deployed in an effort to take down Lolcow. However, this plan is doomed to fail, because you need semen to make a homunculus and Null can only sire tards, now we have Elaine

No. 27769

File: 1635235175883.jpeg (152.37 KB, 581x749, how to create an Elaine.jpeg)

I believe it.

No. 27771

not going to read through off topic sperging, is lolcow being saved and if not, is anyone migrating to an alternative?

No. 27781

I don't necessarily agree with it, but I've heard people say it!

No. 27782

>how to create an Elaine.jpeg
My fucking sides

No. 27792

If lolcow does die, then a lot of anons are moving to Crystal Cafe. It's another smaller female centric anon board. It already has an overlapping userbase so it makes sense that it be the second home

No. 27793

I'd rather just stop using imageboards than go to that tranny pool.

No. 27794

Was one heck of run anyways farmers, good on you.

No. 27795

There's like 20 people there, we can easily move in and take over and it was originally built on /ot/ anyway.

No. 27796

it's not a tranny pool, we have tervens

No. 27798

>it's not a tranny pool
lmao nta but come on let's be real here

No. 27810

Who cares what the userbase is like? We’ll influence them and show them the way!

No. 27811

So is lolcow dying

No. 27817


No. 27818

There gonna be a higher suicide rate

No. 27824


No. 27825

I’m hungry

No. 27826

Me too. I'm craving noodles.

No. 27827

Should I get up and eat a roast beef sandwhich

No. 27828

Damn I can't look at those things without thinking about vaginas. But yeah, do it if you didn't already. I'm gonna get myself a snack rn

No. 27829

Girl why would you say that. Ttyl(emoji)

No. 27840

im excited for this site to end :)(don't use emotes)

No. 27841

Me too nonnie. It’s a dead horse, may as well move to greener pastures

No. 27843

samesies, people here are mean!

No. 27844

where did you bitches come from

No. 27845

ive been here longer than you

No. 27846

Everyone is just so mean no wonder everyone left this site

No. 27847

I mean it's a gossip imageboard, that's expected and part of the reason why this site even exists.

No. 27848

Obviously but some users go on another level and are mentally unstable and worse than the people they talk about

No. 27849

File: 1635488871103.png (21.42 KB, 300x226, 874337964337.png)

Tell us more about how anonymous hurt your feelings.

No. 27850

I’ve never offended but nice meme it’s been overused on here many times

No. 27851

Null and Elaine are disgusting sociopathic monsters. I’d rather see this site go down than either of them take it over.

No. 27852

based schizo theory

No. 27854

I'm not really convinced Elaine would even understand how to do anything with the site, you could hand it over to her and the worst that would happen is that it'd go down when the host stopped getting payment. She's slow

No. 27856

considering it took her 2 months to figure out how to sage and not respond directly to the OP every time she replied to a post, you’re probably right

No. 27863

when is the townhall?

No. 27864

November 14th

No. 27865

How does the town hall work?

No. 27866

like a live chat i think

No. 27867

If we chat I’m gonna say pig butt and you say the same

No. 27868

No. 27869

Can I join in

No. 27870

Yes ham butt cult

No. 27871


No. 27872

can’t believe we have so many newfags to the point that they don’t even know what a townhall is. sad really.

No. 27874

literally SOOOO effin' quirky and random!!

No. 27881

File: 1635623291528.jpeg (61.86 KB, 560x410, 02512E58-372E-4486-8C13-8E7E1D…)

The absolute state

No. 27914

Men are taking over this site

No. 27952

>taking over
lmao please

No. 27953

They'll try to crawl in once admin and mods lose interest/not able to pay in maintaining it, and then claim they "took down the female only image board after months of valiant wins". Or some shit. The same pattern throughout history, scavengers and liars.

No. 27955

Take your meds pls.

No. 27962

Read a history book.

No. 27963

Holy shit lmao you are such a sperg

No. 27965

youd be a fool to think that genderspecials and men arent posting here regularly

No. 27971

Where did all the donation money go

No. 27972

server bills

No. 27976

admin bought a lamborghini

No. 27977

File: 1635872087876.jpg (71.12 KB, 600x600, MKSX2028-YELLOW_600x.jpg)

pictured: admin's $1400 lambo

No. 27979

Damn I'm jelly

No. 27981

wow, not in pink? is admin-chan secretly some kind of scrote or something?

No. 27983

I think we should donate more so she can get a lolcow decal sticker

No. 27984

Spent on the criminal defense lawyer against Elaine's harrowing lolsuit

No. 28003

Admin, any actual update? (From someone who is not a shizo or Elaine, but actually Admin, thanks!)

No. 28004

Apparently we’re closing in 23 minutes. It was lovely to shitpost with you all

No. 28005

Are you serious??? I’m here crying and shaking!! Lolcow is my life

No. 28006

so long and goodnight nonnies

No. 28007

No. 28008

I’m bored and hungry

No. 28009

I've found 2-3 different potential groups who have expressed a willingness to take on the mantle but I'm still finishing up the front-end. Either way you guys should have a sysadmin covered. I'll probably announce the townhall date by the end of this Friday.

No. 28010

Read it as 23rd of December and almost got a heart attack

No. 28019

This is going to be a disaster.

No. 28021

Thank you for your hard work admin! I’m so glad lolcow won’t shut down

No. 28023

Thanks admin mwah

No. 28024

No. 28025

Because the front end is such a work of art kek. You whores should focus on family, because this website business clearly isn’t for you.

No. 28026

Here's your attention, now fuck off

No. 28027

Thank you nonnie. Isn’t is nice to give something back when you have spent so much time taking dick? :)

No. 28029

File: 1636203555251.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2094, 534F3378-7224-4E96-AEBB-D8D511…)

No. 28030

File: 1636221984518.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.6 KB, 480x548, 1635079903193.jpg)


No. 28053

File: 1636397801454.jpg (79.23 KB, 1440x1080, 193962092_232010438685943_6347…)

No. 28057

Best of luck on your future endeavors Admin. Hope you find the right turbo-autist for this place.

No. 28058

Inevitable (as long as they keep up the slurs and transphobia they'll be fine). Most oldfags are 35+ at this point like myself and don't have time to shitpost all day. I think you either "grow out of it" or end up visiting very sparingly. I come here every so often for nostalgic/sentimental reasons. Had some fun times here. Farmers have a rare kind of autism.

No. 28060

File: 1636438199182.jpg (41.94 KB, 798x386, You pee sitting down too.jpg)

>this website business clearly isn’t for you.

No. 28063

>You pee sitting down too.jpg
Fucking kek

No. 28065

I don’t think integration has a direct correlation with being an oldfag. I’m in my early 20s and I’ve been here for 5 years. Not an oldfag since I didn’t come from the cgl days but I’m aware of all the rules, the lore and culture of the farms etc. That’s because the farmers back then (and the farmhands I guess) did a good job of calling out newfags. I do think mini modding is beneficial. When you were new you got told to lurk moar or get banned. So that’s what you did. Nowadays that’s not the case at all. Newfags post and farmers take the bait and argue. Back in the day the newfags would be told to simply lurk moar and get a hefty ban. As farmers (and farmhands + admin) we’ve just failed to spread the culture on all boards. It’s not about oldfags getting old.

No. 28068

Mini nodding isn't banned anyone though

No. 28072

to trying what are say you?

No. 28126

Anyone know what the official town hall time is? Where do we go to attend?

No. 28131

just get it over with and shut this shitshow down.

life goes on.

No. 28135

just leave, retard

No. 28288

If we really do lose this site (hopefully not) how many of you would move to crystal.cafe? Obviously it's missing the gossip side of LC but another issue is the questionable userbase which is also quite small so things move slowly. However I think in a worst case scenario it may be the only option, so if enough of us moved there could it be improved?

No. 28291

I’m wondering the same thing

No. 28293

It's in the banner message.

No. 28296

We’re not losing it and cc is cancer.

No. 28297

Let it go, this site has been going downhill for a while let’s move onto greener pastures.

No. 28298

you first

No. 28320

Absolutely fucking not. CC is full of trannies.

No. 28341

The fucking leave. Some of clearly want to stay, if you dont like it then just go literally anywhere else. Nobody is keeping you here but yourself

I'd go to CC. That's already my plan for if lolcow does end up closing

No. 28345

I intend to browse and post more in CC if LC an hero, but if it's still so quiet that all I see is obvious maleposting, I will just abandon it after a while I guess. so you bitches better be there please

No. 28346

I really don't have any plans because I don't think LC will close at the moment.

No. 28545

No. 28813

Happy new year, nonnies. So whats going to happen to lolcow for 2022?

No. 40366

There’s a donate button on the first page now maybe we will get an update soon

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