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No. 23160

Any more TELF meltdowns will be banned. You too belle anon, not everyone is a WK.

No. 23161

What is a TELF?

No. 23162

Trans exclusionary liberal feminists, like the majority of the delusional self proclaimed "radical feminists" using the site.

No. 23163

File: 1622325181305.png (827.37 KB, 1864x1752, moids.png)

I have an actual complaint about closing the Kiwifarms thread in /snow/. It attracts Kiwifarms scrotes who were banned from Kiwifarms to this site. It has been happening over and over again in the previous Kiwifarms thread, which is why it is in autosage mode. But some retard decided to make a new one and my complaint to close it has not been listened to.

Picrel is a guy called SIGSEV shitting up the site with his unfunny copypastas, a part of the reason he has been banned of KF is because of this type of behavior.
The banned KF scrotes have made their own site to shitpost on (not gonna mention it), but they are also watching this place and trying to stir up shit by posting bait and causing infights.

No. 23164

File: 1622325358008.png (46.02 KB, 1494x246, nitto.png)

Here is a post by one of their members talking about the current spam in the MtF thread so you know the scrotes are definitely watching and probably engaging in egging on the crazy troon further.

Please don't give them their own thread cause they will spread their scrote autism all over the site and not stay contained in the KF thread.

No. 23165

The thread has been autosaged, and although it's one of the worst thread OPs the thread will stay because kiwifarms has problems and is running on borrowed time. That poster has already been banned >>23163

No. 23166

The only people posting in it are autistic males who are too fucking spergy to even stay on the Kiwifarms. If anything actually happens at Kiwifarms we can still make a thread about it, you are just giving them a reason to come to this place and they will go into other threads as well and you know they know how to ban-evade.

But it's your site, I think it is a mistake to keep the thread.

No. 23167

File: 1622327391490.jpeg (626.9 KB, 1097x1165, E36DBE9D-0BEC-4F5D-8FD5-A9DEDF…)

kek what does this even mean? Im sorry admin but you sound retarded as fuck creating new acronyms to cover all the users that “TERF” doesn’t cover lol. This site’s really entering its death throes now ladies

No. 23168

Chill out and stop getting offended by labels when your identity is suppose to be anonymous.

No. 23169

nta but nobody's offended kek the labels are just cringey

No. 23170

And you're probably the same anon who said "90% of lolcow are radfems". No one wants you here. Deal with it.

No. 23172

File: 1622329152670.jpg (262.32 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20210529-155715_Sam…)

I'm tired of seeing this thread bumped. Autosage it or nuke it. These spergs bump and complain about WKs as much as the Bellefags. They probably are tbh.


No. 23173

File: 1622330288826.jpeg (291.78 KB, 682x519, 20200827060852_5f473c42c2bf74d…)

Radfems are too morally pure for imageboards.

No. 23175

Admin please post a vocaroo, I need voice verification. Thank you.

No. 23177

She's not male, she's just a retarded and mentally unstable handmaiden lol. What happened to the admin applications, did nobody good enough apply and that's why she still can't retire…?(Handmaiden)

No. 23178

wtf admin this is extraordinarily based

No. 23179

Lmao admin, who the fuck will understand that?
Just go with terf, anons don't mind it.

No. 23180

I've seen people using it on /ot/ as a joke because most of the gc anons are liberals

No. 23181

Because it's not just the terfs, just TELFs crying because their beautiful site is being "ruined" by the radfems.

No. 23182

That’s obviously not what she means, she’s talking about the delusion of the posters here who call themselves and consider themselves radfems.

No. 23183

It's most likely a reference to how so many "radfems" on this site aren't actually radfems but peaked libfems who had enough of tranny bullshit and want to vent out their pent up troon hate but still have very libfem tier ideals compared to legitimate radfems.

No. 23184

based admin

No. 23186

>kiwifarms has problems and is running on borrowed time
What do you mean by that? Do you think it will close down soon and they will migrate here?

No. 23187

File: 1622336212133.png (256.71 KB, 1079x730, embarassing.png)

No. 23188

I hope that's what admin-chan means because that would be unbelievably based.

No. 23189

Did the gore stop yet? Is the problem actually fixed or is this just how it's going to be from now on? I don't know why I'm even asking since I can vividly recall previous jannies admitting they struggled with having to remove cp and gore from other threads in the past. What will it take to even try to make the issue stop?? How many jannies are going to have to sign up and quit before you decide that the ability to spam these things in itself is the problem? What are the steps you're currently taking aside from blaming your userbase?? Close the thread if you want, but after that what are you going to do when it happens to the next thread? Can you be transparent even once

No. 23190

File: 1622337342712.png (1.13 MB, 780x778, 1606352429730.png)

Nobody cares, trannies are the ones whose identity is so insecure that they throw a tantrum whenever anyone says they're male.

No. 23191

Kek this needs to be made into a site banner.

No. 23192

This is hilarious because that guy throws a major shitfit on kiwifarms if you make even a slight joke at his expense. Hes a lolcow in the making.

No. 23194

Gives me a giggle every time I see it but how does the Chuck's thread in /pt/ keep getting bumped despite being locked

No. 23195

Just here for the butthurt obsessing from the gc crowd, not disappointed.

No. 23196

No. 23197


No. 23200

Done here >>23198
also, not the one who created the OC image

No. 23202


No. 23203

there's gore on the front page, I don't know what board it is in but I went on the front page and saw a dead lady. I panicked and clicked off, i'm sorry
Beware anons.

No. 23204

gore in mtf thread

No. 23205

wait the MTF thread is back?

No. 23206

reporting wks in nicoleeeveedavis thread in /w doesn’t do anything. It’s ruining the quality of the thread potentially having nicole and her friends constantly defend her every time milk is brought up. not even disagreeing either, blatant whiteknighting about her skinwalking or doing anything milky. there is enough evidence that nicole lurks in her own thread yet the wk ban evades constantly

No. 23207

No surprise

No. 23208

You guys keep bumping that thread. Thank god if it gets locked.

No. 23210

There are too many insufferable anons but Nicole is a milky cow, hide the thread if you hate it that much.

No. 23213

Admin, could you ban vpns like 4chan to avoid spam, cp and gore posters?

No. 23216

This won't make anything better or easier you hotheaded tard.

No. 23218

Current admin has always hated radfems and the GC crowd, don't delude yourself into thinking she made up TELF because they are not "true radfems". She hates "SJWs" and radfems cause she thinks we are all spoiled white women who look down on her as a brown woman. There's plenty of evidence of that.

No. 23220

Where are we on those admin applications? This is getting embarrassing.

No. 23221

not that i don’t believe you, but i keep seeing people saying this but i haven’t actually seen any proof anywhere. where is it? on the discord or in a thread on here?

No. 23222

it was in discord and it’s been reposted like 100 times. go find it.

No. 23223

File: 1622382863319.png (474.82 KB, 668x668, 1585420324295.png)

Thanks for the warning, I'll keep on avoiding this site for few more days.
Advice for the anons who are staying:
>download an extension that swaps every picture in the page with something else (I use Ncage on Chrome, it swaps every picture with one of Nicolas Cage)
>turn it on before browsing lolcow
>don't hover on pictures, don't click on pictures, otherwise the Cage censorship will go off
>report suspicious posts (ie: an empty post only containing a picture, a more obvious post containing a picture and some word salad or copypasta)
>check the replies to decide if it's safe or not before opening the picture, if there's none, don't risk it
Godspeed. Sending strength to the farmhands too, hope anyone who's dealing with the removal of those posts is at least desensitised to gore. Hopefully the incel will remove himself from this planet soon.

No. 23224

There is no evidence. These retards keep hanging on to a couple of screenshots that might or might not be doctored from years ago for their dear lives.

No. 23225

Just read the past complaint threads and you will find plenty of evidence of this.

>the screenshots are totally doctored and fabricated!


No. 23226

I didn't say that they were, just that they could be and everyone is eating it up at face value.

No. 23228

And if you use Firefox just download the Image Block addon. No need to have a Nicolas Cage overdose.

No. 23230

This site isn't some radfem, TERF safe haven. This is lolcow. Its never been some radicalized man hating space just because men aren't allowed

No. 23231

debatable but that’s not what this thread is for

No. 23232

What's the point of having a femboy thread when it's the same posters and shitty takes as the MtF thread?

No. 23233

I'm doubling down on the request to ban vpns, whether it's implemented by this admin or the next one. That will get rid of the wojack sperg and raids, as well as banevading spergs. Other than that, anons please just use common sense and ignore stupid posts/bait, don't give the scrotes any satisfaction of le evil terf site cannibalizing itself

No. 23234

On the subject: What ever happened to the practice of just deleting super obvious bait/raid posts? It's been repeated for years now but the best policy is to delete. That way no farmers will have the opportunity to misunderstand and reply. The reason why anyone does that shit to begin with is because they know it will be seen and will bother someone in the userbase. They don't care about being redtexted and banned because they will evade. The best way to deal with this kind of person is to not give them a platform.

Worked really well with getting rid of robot posters a few years back.

No. 23235

This could be said for like half the threads on the website at this point

No. 23236

i've seen several of them get deleted, just not consistently

No. 23237

Seriously I don't see how MTF threads are worse than for example celebricows thread (imo worst threads on lolcow). How is femboy thread worse than lefthots or tradthots where there's also a lot of dumb takes and sperging?
I didn't think this before but it's really starting to feel like shitting on and nitpicking women is allowed but doing it to men crosses some line here.

No. 23238

What don't you guys understand about how that thread alone brings in non-farmers and these unintegrated idiots can't stay in the containment thread? It's been spelled out for you several times.

No. 23239

Yikes. When are we getting a new admin? Garbage.

No. 23240

The celebrity thread got moved to /ot/ exactly because the sperging and nitpicking looks couldn't be contained, and you can look how it suffered for it once the reigns of the /snow/ board were removed. The MtF thread is supposed to be about milk that troons post online and not personal takes on gender.

No. 23241

It's not much of a drama and discussion about the antics of certain cows when they completely go on other tangents and, you're right, turn it into another man hate thread general.

No. 23242

The femboy drama is mostly about them sperging out about not being "like the other troons" cause they think they are different for calling themselves femboys instead of women when they are pretty much the same thing. But they get their own thread cause they are a slightly different breed of crazy.

No. 23243

Thank you anon, I hope the admin has a sense of humour and will add it!

No. 23245

So does the Kiwifarms thread and Admin said she won't get rid of it. So that's not an argument apparently.

No. 23246

I think Mikan's thread is stupid and cringy, you know what I do? I HIDE the thread, it's not that hard anons.

No. 23247

Right? A sad state indeed.

No. 23250

Because people would either like to participate except anons aren't posting milk and instead turn it into a general hate thread/vendetta thread which clearly the Mikan thread is. You can tell which anons are posting in other threads on /w/ too, so their retarded takes don't stay contained. Or maybe because the spergs posting in the thread can't even do the bare minimum of saging and anons are tired of seeing a free-for-all nitpicking thread bumped constantly. You don't think anons aren't going to report it instead of hiding it?

No. 23251

Going to /w/ at all was your first mistake. The absolute worst board. I can't even feel sympathy for you when you willingly expose yourself to that.

No. 23252

reposted where, you megatard? that’s literally specifically what i asked.

No. 23253

File: 1622398511391.png (244.93 KB, 2392x1444, modleaks.png)

Re-posting it for you and probably getting banned for it, but here you go.

These are leaks from the mod discord. Ingenue is the current admin.

No. 23254

More troon chimping in snow right now. VPN ban now please?

No. 23255

Isn't there some kind of system that detects when the same gore images get spammed?

No. 23256


I've been having real problems using the catalog on multiple boards but it's mostly happening on snow, every thread I click on it redirects me to a diffrent one plus it's usally redirecting me to Shaynas thread or the vent thread?

I've cleared my browser cache and it's still happening, so is it the site?

No. 23257

I imagine they’ll want someone to code that for them. Kek

damn no gossip site/servers free of shite admins/mods.

No. 23258

You're better off posting this in the technical difficulties thread.

No. 23259

To be fair, no sane people really take up modding internet forums for free day in and day out. Some bitterness and instability should be expected, as Null is to KF and whatnot.

No. 23260

If we had an admin that could actually code then yeah, something could be implemented.

No. 23261

It's the site telling you that it's time to post that Shaynas pussy is ugly and she has ass boils for the 4 millionth time.
Yeah but many threads pull in non-regulars. In fact I'd say most threads do because the moment you pick a new target, they and their friends come spilling in. If any topic is interesting show up. If someone is big and people are curious about them, randoms come spilling in to hate or defend. Every thread has this.
You are correct. Kiki spammed gore but the threads about her, her sister,and her foes all stayed until they died peacefully in their sleep. Male thread though, we are under fucking attack!!! Close it omg!!

Also, I think it's interesting how any time any of us ask about the actual topic at hand (which is the gore spamming problem) we completely get ignored and then when someone chimps out about either side about what thread should stay or go THEN we get a reply basically telling us all to shut up lol.

Like what are you dooooooooooooooooing???? I'm starting to think there is a solution but they're just not taking it because they're so fed up with users here for just using the damn site. Which if it's that, just give the site to someone else. No need to act holier-than-thou in the OP and then scurry off giggling with some deranged expression.

No. 23263

Calm down

No. 23264

You're saying that but just under my post someone posted cp which thankfully has already been removed. It's actually very important that the main topic is addressed and worked on unless you'd like to see it next time too.

No. 23265

this is the most autistic thing i've seen all weekend congrats

No. 23267

Yeah, I think 4chan detects that through image hashes. But I sincerely doubt admin cares enough to put a good chunk of work into the website anymore, especially when anons are constantly shitting on her in these threads.

No. 23269

I agree with this.

She can't complain about being shit on when she constantly posts passive-aggressive shit like in the OP of this thread. She hates the userbase and it shines through in every post and ever since the discord mod chat was leaked a lot of people don't think too highly of her. Especially after it was revealed that Ian, former admin and gay scrote, is still involved with the back-end of the site cause she can't deal with it herself.

No. 23270

You guys tinfoil the weirdest shit.

No. 23271

Try giving the catalogue a few seconds to load fully before clicking, I'll sometimes get the wrong thread if I click too fast, maybe that's your issue too.

>It's the site telling you that it's time to post that Shaynas pussy is ugly and she has ass boils for the 4 millionth time.

No. 23272

Get over it.

No. 23273

File: 1622402659885.png (193.45 KB, 1272x629, rumors.png)

It's not tinfoil, it's all leaked info from former moderators.

No. 23275

File: 1622402936954.png (54.15 KB, 1234x526, Sin título.png)

This anon is right

If she can't complain on the vent thread or here on meta, then, why don't you just make a gc thread and done?

No. 23276

You're still taking this as fact from a random kiwi poster? Kek I bet you take the under cover mod discord "leaks" as fact too

No. 23278

We are not allowed to have a GC thread, but also not allowed to talk about GC issues anywhere else on this site. Cause Admin said so.

No. 23279

Nta, but I believe them
Do I have to remind you admin gave a star to someone who said "I hate radfems"?
I feel like we're this close _ to people letting trannies run wild into this site. We already have so much baiting and raid shit. Mods probably love trannies.

No. 23280

Yes I do believe that this person is a former moderator and old fag, since I read all of their posts and they know a whole lot about the history of the site, shit that you can't make up at the top of your head.

You don't have to believe it, nobody is forcing you.

No. 23281

You guys are so pressed and weird. Admin is nice. Been in a few town halls when hardly any one else turned up. I don't understand why anons need to make a bogeyman out of Admin, we've had several different ones over the years and the culture never changes because of Admin just with user base and outside trends in the world dictating the slang and speak you see. You can't gatekeep lolcow forever and when the site hands over to a new Admin what the fuck will you all moan about then? Go on a mad hunt to try and dox the new one, like who fucking cares. If you like to post her you're going to keep doing that regardless of who's in charge of maintaining the site.

No. 23282

Not even true, a lot of radfems use this website and radical feminist tumblr, there has been instances of people talking about it before

No. 23283

>the culture never changes because of Admin just with user base and outside trends
Admin and a few others are the ones trying to stop the natural evolution of this site.

No. 23284

>Admin is nice
Dang do you like liking boots this much?
If admin is so nice, then why do actions speak louder than words?

>You can't gatekeep lolcow forever

Gatekeeping on what? Because we don't want stupid disgusting unstable trannies and scrotes running wild on here? Gatekeeping them is a good thing. Why do you hate women? Why do we have to give them our space? Can't they be the ones to fuck off to 4chan, kiwifarms, reddit and twitter? They have those spaces aaaall for themselves. It's like you're the one gatekeeping things because you want to give this site to trannies and scrotes.

>Admin and a few others are the ones trying to stop the natural evolution of this site.
Exactly. This site is naturally a terfy site, a radfem site, a site for women only, for all kinds of biological women. We love, appreciate, and need lolcow. They literally hate "femcels".

No. 23285

They literally aren't. You annoying cunts won't stop shitting up threads complaining about the same shite when you've been told to report and ignore. If your sensibilities are so disturbed by seeing the shit posted how do you feel about the mods that see every single one posted, just fucking chill out and stop giving the scrotes that are raiding any type of fucking attention. You cunts are more annoying imo because even tho I post here every fucking day I manage to miss all the shit but I never and repeat never miss all you annoying cunts moaning every fucking day and being like oh! This is just so embarrassing!! It's just so embarrassing! Like fuck up. Whys it embarrassing unless you fucking make your identity as a lolcow farm poster get a fucking life

No. 23286

No. 23287

You just believe some random user was old admin? Lol Anyone can claim that

No. 23288

She very clearly hates radfems, she doesn't allow GC discussion or a manhate thread even tho a large portion of the site wants to have that back. She literally made the site worse in every way because of her own personal biases against women who she perceives to be more priviledged than her.

The culture has very clearly changed in that with the current year troonery and anti-feminist sentiment in our society a lot of women feel pushed more towards TERF ideas, since this website is mostly made up of female posters a lot of us wish to have a place to talk about these very real issues that are becoming more and more important. Admin is literally the only thing standing in the way of that because she wants to get rid of GC discussion completely, which very much goes against what the userbase wants.

If she leaves maybe we can finally have those threads back and not have to bend over backwards to not step on troons feelings.

No. 23289

Discussion is allowed dickhead people are getting banned for derails and infighting which has always been against the rules. I've never been banned for hating trannies but I also don't post like a dick

No. 23290

Sorry about your lack of reading comprehension, anonita.

No. 23291

Where? Where is GC discussion allowed? Because we are being told again and again that it is not welcome in the MtF thread and we can't have our own thread for it.

No. 23293

The site overall isn't radfem just because you feel there are lots of different anons in 3 threads specifically. You guys samefag a while hell of a lot.

No. 23294

Yes and we’re not allowed to have any threads related to race or talk about our experiences with it anywhere else on the site, you aren’t entitled to have a thread about something. That being said, you essentially do have a gc thread, multiple, considering that’s all the mtf, ftm, breadtube, and femboy threads are used for and gc does get posted elsewhere on the site it pretty much every cow or /ot/ thread. Essentially the entire userbase of /ot/ is just gc spergs and every other post on that board is gc/pp related.

No. 23295

Gender critical discussion pretty much happens in most off topic threads because lolcow is a forum of women and shock horror we discuss what it's like being deemed second class in society and how fucking mental it is that trannies exist. We just don't have a pink pill thread or man hate one because of all the infighting and spastics that can't integrate or have normals discussion.

No. 23296

Because the MTF thread is for SNOWFLAKES and people keep trying to have GENERAL GC DISCUSSIONS. There are plenty of gc discussions, you obviously aren't on /ot/ enough. There are always gc discussions going.

No. 23297

I didn't even say that, are you the same anon that can't read as >>23287?

No. 23298

Are you completely retarded? Because obviously >>23275 this anon in /ot/ just got banned for GC discussion. Try making a GC thread and see what happens you donut.

No. 23299

Wishing an entire board is radfem and filled with TERFs isn't going to make that true, anon. Thats not what most of the userbase is just because that's the majority of anons you stick to interacting with. Not to mention how anons have pointed out exactly what everyone hates about you guys, you don't keep to your containment thread. Trying to derail other threads with you GC biases isnt suddenly making the entire board a TERF playground. You guys are retarded as hell.

No. 23300

There is no containment thread.

No. 23301

>you annoying cunts
ok scrote(Hi scrote)

No. 23302

I knew you'd bring that up. It's because they were sperging here and tried to take it over there, plus the vent thread is NOT FOR META GC DISCUSSION, ITS FOR VENTING. Complaints go in meta, end of discussion.

No. 23303

Mods have said to keep tranny talk in the MtF and Fakeboi threads. You guys don't.

No. 23304

Calm down.

No. 23305

>there are no raids
What is all the gore posting and scrote threads then
>get a fucking life
right back at cha

No. 23306

Ah blo blo blo

No. 23307

>MtF thread is not for GC discussion, go to /OT/!
>/OT/ is not for GC discussion, go to your containment thread!

You are honestly so fucking dumb.

Admin refuses to give us a GC thread and then at the same time is upset when people talk about GC issues elsewhere. You just can't fucking win, because it is obvious that Admin doesn't want TERFs on her website.

No. 23308

Because a lot of farmers are radfems, radfem and gender critical opinions pop up naturally

Honestly, if trannies want their own drama site, there's the new 8kun or whatever and they have a whooole board for scrote drama. Why do we have to accomodate trannies and scrotes? Just accept that this website isn't for you. Stop trying to push the narrative that radfems are the ones ruining things. You and your dumb complaining is. Go back to kiwifarms. This is so pathetic.

Lmao no arguments left? You lost

No. 23309

Scroll up nerd you can do some more reading where these anons (>>23295 >>23294 >>23289) point out GC discussion is allowed in most threads there's just not a specific thread for it because it creates a situation where undesirables come to the board and annoy everyone.

No. 23310

Did you reply to the wrong post? I agree with you.

No. 23311

Nah you're the retarded one. If you can't understand why someone would be banned in the vent thread on /ot/ for bitching about meta that belongs in meta, you need to get the shit out from between your ears.

There are plenty of gc discussions that happen in /ot/, you just refuse to settle with knowing that. Take a break, your seething is super annoying and whiny. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the anon that got banned in vent thread actually.

No. 23312

Argument? You're just upset that you're a dick and every question you've asked has been answered tenfold.

No. 23313


Nta, then why did this anon
get a "not a gc thread" red marker?
If mods were less asleep all the time they would ban all other discussions too

No. 23314

>you're upset that you're a dick
Yeah no arguments left huh

No. 23315

>ah blo blo why does my posting style keep getting me banned, tranny mods!!!

No. 23317

Can any of the totally real and valid women here who think radfems are so annoying explain to me what exactly is annoying about "GC sperging"?

Cause I'd really like to know what kind of woman is bothered by feminist discussion that excludes transexuals.

No. 23318

Do you think there are like two groups of people in the world, radfems and trannys, and no one else? I don’t get how much of an echo chamber you have to be in for it to be this unfathomable for you that people on a gossip site don’t want to read retarded terf discourse recycled from 2014 in every thread for years on end. I don’t get how it’s not a simple thing to people to understand that this degree of derailing on any topic would and should be banned and why there has to be this much “debate” over it.

No. 23319

It's just the same cunts samefagging and personally you're a suspect too.

No. 23320

You're just giving space to larping scrotes to try and prove they're female and answering you
We know you are retarded no need to prove it bro
And I don't even know what anon you think I am kek

No. 23321

What exactly bothers you about terf discourse? Cause most of it I read is just people saying men are not women and women are not men and also that sexwork is no work. What bothers you about people saying these things?

No. 23322

>it's just the same cunts samefagging
ok scrote, and you aren't samefagging at all right

No. 23323

The wee dick

No. 23324

More like the tranny movement is so high right now that trannies are everywhere and on a site as terfy as this they get so triggered that they wanna claim it for themselves

No. 23325

Don't think you understand what samefagging means

No. 23326

Because it's clear that that anon moved from meta to vent just to continue the argument about whether or not radfem shit should be allowed on the site. That anon's responses were all to posts specifically about how /meta/ sucks and people were complaining about gc.

I'm not sure how many times this needs to be said: they went into vent thread to have meta gc/radfem discussion. Vent isn't a GC thread but nothing they said had to do with personal venting, it was all meta gc stuff. So maybe a poor choice of words but the way I read it was "don't bring that bs here, this is not the right thread for it"

No. 23327

they were actually replying to a different anon who was sperging out in the Vent thread about the evil TERFs in /meta/ but that anon didn't get red-texted

No. 23329

Yes. There are a lot of types of people in this farm.
Gender critical people
Libfems that hate trannies
Scrotes larping as female
Trannies seething
Girls that know this world is dehumanizing towards them
Fujoshis that are only into 2D men
Girlfriends that get mad at their boyfriends and wonder why are all men the same
Lesbians being loving to one another
And people like you who complain

No. 23330

Nah the red texts aren't even consistent, why can't she vent in peace? she should had gotten a (meta) red text, not a (not a gc thread) red text then

No. 23331

I enjoy how nobody can answer what actually bothers them about radfem discussions, cause I think we all know the answer.

No. 23333

File: 1622405413174.png (1.67 MB, 2000x2177, mv8oebovje941.png)


>Picrel is a guy called SIGSEV

>Kiwifarms scrotes who were banned

It couldn't possibly be someone who's not him and has no connection to the Kiwi Farms whatsoever that posted that post, right? It couldn't be that someone got so enamoured with said post, they posted it on the copypasta thread for a laugh, right?

You all act like pic related, holy shit. You millennials really need to get lives, let alone jobs and hobbies LMFAO.

No. 23334

>You annoying cunts won't stop shitting up threads complaining about the same shite when you've been told to report and ignore.
Tell that to the sperg who started this whole discussion again in the first place, when they could just report rule breaking "gcsperging" and hide the mtf thread. At this point anons just immediately get hyper defensive because they knew the same baiting shtick from 1+ years ago successfully got 3 threads and a whole board closed and calling out obvious troons and men banned, yet they never once get painted as the infighter or shitstirrer or get redtexted or shat on by the mods and jannies themselves or get their samefagging revealed or get warned to not sperg out in the OP. The blame is always on the radfems who aren't even fucking radfems.
I fully understand the frustration of the staff team, but I also understand anons feeling unfairly treated.

No. 23335

>Why are /meta/ posters the worst on the site? Idk why I keep voluntarily reading that shit and submitting myself to torture. It's so fucking cringe. People will just argue for days and weeks about shit they don't like instead of moving on. Who is so invested in lolcow.farm that they just infight for hours and hours and hours about muh GC and muh MTF thread and aboo boo bad radfems out to destroy the site. MY PURE GOSSIP BOARD EXPERIENCE IS BEING DESTROYED OH NOoooOOoooOooO where WILL I GO TO TALK ABOUT SHAYNA'S VAGINA. Fuckers. No one cares. People have real life problems. I hate you all.

This is what they were responding to. I'm not sure what this has to do with evil TERFs in /meta/ besides the "muh gc" and "muh mtf" comment. They're simply complaining about the infighting here. And making it PERSONAL. (Hence all the I statements)

No. 23336

>people on a gossip site don’t want to read retarded terf discourse
and who could these be? trannies, scrotes and cows themselves?
>same cunts
And you aren't the same dick complaining all the time right, no, totally another new set of balls complaining

No. 23337

Omg.. Get a life lol

No. 23338

We know exactly why it bothers them like you said. Twitterfags, troons and scrotes. All of them.

No. 23339

Honestly we should also BAN the people who complain about radfems, ban the scrotoids who just are like "m-muh farm is n-not for radfems y-you c-cunts"

No. 23340

I'm leaving the thread but sorry to all the cunts that get offended by the word cunt. Sorry for being Irish. I was at the giants causeway earlier and now I'm sitting outside with a 7 skinner joint. Maybe some of you should have went outside today. Dickheads cunts, you're all the same.

No. 23341


Hey now, I for one am one of those people on a gossip site who love to read retarded TERF nonsense written by men pretending to be women. It's a breath of fresh air from reading about the men pretending to be slutty, no limits women on Reddit if I do say so myself.

I urge all "TERFs" to continue posting their nonsense.


>Get a life

Nah, that would require work, and millennials hate work. I can't blame them. Getting handed trophies just for showing up - man, what a racket.

Millennials treat life like everything should be handed to them.

>I need a job, you have an opening, hire me! What do you mean I'm not qualified? I need a job, you have an opening!

>You're single, I have the required genitalia, let's fuck! What do you mean I'm not attractive to you? But I have the genitalia you like!
>This franchise appeals to people other than me. It needs to pander exclusively to my interests. What do you mean that's not right? And what do you mean I haven't financially supported the last few franchises that've pandered to me?
>We have to stop climate change. But what do you mean I have to make sacrifices and stop living the way I do?
>Zoomers are fucking awful. What do you mean I'm projecting my own flaws onto them just like we complained boomers did to us? I deserve to be able to not have to face my mistakes and errors!



Imagine being this irrationally angry over a random site online you can ignore.

No. 23342

So why didn't they get red-texted? THey did exactly what you accused the other anon of, they took the /meta/ sperging to /ot/

No. 23343


>Maybe some of you should have went outside today.

We don't need millennials to go outside. We were having so much fun without all the mass shootings/van attacks going on.

No. 23344

I don't like people using the word "twitterfag" against the fun girlies that post komaeda and shit. I only think of a twitterfag when I see people defending troons and hating on gc discussions. Like, if they're so annoyed by gc talk, go back to twitter? where they all get asspats for sucking tranny dick

No. 23345

>copying my "Nah" to make it seem like you are me
Nah bro
no 1 curr go to sleep irishfag

No. 23346

bait harder, banned Kiwimoid

No. 23347

I'm a millennial, born 1990 and I bet I could knock the shit out of you. Peace!

No. 23348

Don't bother replying to him it's the same scrote that keeps ban-evading.

No. 23349

Who the fuck literally asked, who the fuck cares
leave and don't come back autist, you sound exactly like the type of moid that uses 4chan as their personal blogpost, no one cares if you have an unwashed irish ass, your opinion is less than warranted, mate.

No. 23350

They vented about /meta/ being shit, the other anons started their tinhat-foiling about anyone disliking certain unintegrated anons being scrotes and trying to take their problems with admin over there.

No. 23351

I don't know exactly why, but my guess when would how they said "I hate you all" and "I don't know why I subject myself"
It just seems more like a personal venting rather than blatantly complaining about the site itself, which does belong in /meta/. idk idk nonny.

No. 23352

Who bets that once this motherfucker >>23340 goes to sleep no more actual discussion about hating on radfems will happen because he's the same larping scrote who samefags kek

No. 23353

They knew it would start a discussion again, they are the one who started it. Literally baiting people into replying to it to get banned. The absolute state of the moderators on this site.

No. 23354

I agree. Tbh I feel like komaedafags and girly posters are from tumblr. The LSA anons and "gurl" anons I feel safe from twitter, as well as the sex workers and Stacy larpers

No. 23355

No. 23356

100% agree, and I preffer these girls to the annoying scrotes saying LOL YOU CAN'T KEEP LOLCOW FOR YOURSELF FOREVER like come on.

No. 23357

>Admin refuses to give us a GC thread
Probably because when we actually had a GC thread you all didn't contain your fucking sperging there. If you knew how to integrate we wouldn't be having this problem. Just because trannies live rent free in your head doesn't mean that everyone else wants to constantly sperg about them too. Even the driverfags are less annoying.

No. 23358


>where they all get asspats for sucking tranny dick

Imagine being this obsessed with a literal less than %00000.1 percent of the population.


Bait harder? Why? You took it anyway. Also, the fact you have to keep resorting to "Kiwimoid" is so touching. Keep on pretending you're a woman, dude. Not like it shows in how you speak. I'm sure if I keep posting, you'll eventually call me a kike or a nigger like your generation usually does.


Who the fuck cares? Then why did you bother responding?


That'd require actually leaving the house, millennialoid. But then you'd be risking boomer lives if you did, so no go.


TBQH, I didn't even know I was banned at any point. But hey, if the admin would like to ban me, I wouldn't care. You'll probably assume just about anyone is me or some shit anyway, and it's not really a big loss to me. Unlike you, I wouldn't feel triggered by my loss of access to a rinky dink gossip forum lol.

Heh, ban-evading. LOL. Unwarranted self-importance is such a staple among the millennialoid generation.

No. 23360

Ok cool? who asked, what a dumb derail. Exactly what a scrote would do and post on 4chan to finish their dumb ass statements.

No. 23361

Think the scrotes yourself and above ya dickhead

No. 23362


>I enjoy how nobody can answer what actually bothers them about radfem discussions

I just wish they'd just come out and admit they're men pretending to be radfems in the hopes they can screencap their own posts and run back to /pol/ or /r9k/ and confirm their own need to be incels 'cause dude, women, like, hate us, or something.

No. 23363

Give me one fucking example of "GC sperging" that keeps being mentioned here that is so annoying to the rest of the site. Cause so far nobody could even give me an example of that that is or why it bothers you.

No. 23364

>Who the fuck cares? Then why did you bother responding?
Why do you keep posting then?
it's so painfully obvious it's just the same poster baiting lmao, down to the weird reddit spacing.
>less than %00000.1 percent of the population.
Tell that to twitter, tranner
also, why so pressed about millenials? literally who mentioned that shit lmao take your meds please

No. 23365

No, they should be able to make reasonable suggestions. But not the same shitty bait starting with "nuke board/thread I don't like" that, as soon as someone bites, escalates into "x posters are like this! no one likes you here!!! This website is not for you!!" tier obvious infighting that never gets punished or even acknowledged for some fucking reason.

No. 23366

No arguments left so you have to resort to gore. You lose. Unstable ass moid.

No. 23367

*I feel are from Twitter

No. 23368

it's the dumb moids who sperg out here constantly cause daddy Null kicked them off his moidsite, you can tell it's them cause they don't believe anyone on the internet could be a woman.

Also post gore cause they are disgusting moids.

No. 23369

>No, they should be able to make reasonable suggestions.
So you want scrotes on a women-only website? No thanks. They're the ones who act retarded always. Can't contain their dumb xy genes dictating them to act unreasonable and violent. Just look at the scrote who posted gore just now.

No. 23370

Like I said

8kun has a whoooole drama board for scrotes only
I've seen it before

Why can't they fuck off there and instead have to come and shit on this website
8kun is literally the place for that kind of moid

No. 23371

They have 4chan, they have Kiwifarms, they have their weird Kiwifarms enclave, they have twitter, they have 100 of other imageboards dedicated to them and their porn addictions. Literally the entire internet caters to moids and their delusions. But they want to post here because they know this place has women posters and they are fascinated by a female community, trying to learn how to "pass better" and probably some are getting off on reading scrote-hate. They will literally never stop trying to insert themselves into female spaces and trying to control them. Until all the women leave cause we don't want to be surrounded by scrotes and go somewhere else, only for them to do it again in the new place.

Women can't have shit without trannies and scrotes wanting to be involved in it.

No. 23372

Admin: why is it wrong to being a telf? I hate troons. Reasonable people hate troons and their agenda. Normal people don't buy tranny shit. Why do we collectively have to bend over to shit like that that comes from twitter? don't we hate twitter here? Seriously, why would anyone just go along their cow behaivor delusions of "teehee im such a girlie nyanya", aren't we supposed to gatekeep the farm from said cows?

No. 23373

because TERFs are white and rich and she is poor and brown, that is literally what she believes

No. 23374

>They have 4chan, they have Kiwifarms, they have their weird Kiwifarms enclave, they have twitter, they have 100 of other imageboards dedicated to them and their porn addictions. Literally the entire internet caters to moids and their delusions.

Fucking this, exactly. Damn exactly.

And now that the irishfag went to sleep, no one else is complaining about radfems lmao. Like this anon said

Exactly, they couldn't give an answer, they just want us to bend over for them because they can't tolerate radfem discourse and want the farm for themselves. But they will continue complaining, and complaining, and complaining, and then gaslighting everyone and pinning it onto us. And then they will say we're the problem, and bait, and bait, and bait harder and complain on meta and admin will talke in account their shitty poop-stained opinions because she dislikes radfems as well.

No. 23375

Well I'm brown and mexican and I'm a terf because troons are disgusting, so why is she even complaining

also, jesus christ. It's so obvious who in here is a scrote baiting. Now the baiting has subdued because the self important asshole went to sleep lmao

No. 23376

Don't try and scapegoat me you faggot, I reported your gore straight away and was high enough to not take it in. Seethe elsewhere. Its already known the homeless lad from the mtf thread is the cunt that spams shit and his mates. He's fucking homeless he's got all the fucking time in the world if he's not sucking cock for food.

No. 23377

Hell no. I was just saying that anons should be able to voice complaints about moderation, if there's too much blogging or untreated actual derailing or actual rule breaking or if there's the kind of human trash you just mentioned begging for attention again. Normal complaints without the baiting and shit stirring.

No. 23378

Why do you keep repeating this “no one can give an example” thing when people have listed many examples. Go in the tradthots, mtf, ftm, leftcows, breadtube, femboy, shoe0nhead thread and you will see constant gc sperging. Go into any /ot/ thread and you see it.

No. 23379

I'm not the one posting gore retard

No. 23380

>pinning your gore on me, a radfem
Ok troon

No. 23381

You suffer reading comprehension either way if you can bother to follow the thread cute hot Irishfag (me) isn't a lad or wanting to ban radfems or any other shite. I take part in GC discussion but I also know how to make relevant posts.

No. 23382

>examples given
>want to be a sex worker in peace
>want to be a troon in peace
>want to be a scrotaloid in peace
>want to hate on women in peace

Are those your legitimate excuses?

No. 23383

You keep calling GC discussion sperging but you can't even define it. What bothers you about radfem discourse? Does it trigger you when someone says that men can't be women?

No. 23384

Didn't you go to sleep?
chill down with that self importance bitch

No. 23385

I've been saying it, you bleed into other threads and boards and can't stay contained.

No. 23386

It's not even fucking 10pm on a bank holiday

No. 23387

you're literally avatarfagging

No. 23388

Yeah but you can't actually say what exactly radfems are saying that you don't like.

No. 23389

>I think some of the anons posting gc shit are annoying
Yeah, I don't get why anons call militant GC spergs annoying…

No. 23390

and do you think we care
go and do as you promised here

No. 23391

What are you talking about? No one has said anything like that, people are talking about the constant derailing that seems to be allowed for them in multiple threads. In a cow thread I don’t want to read “discussion” about any topic other than the cow.

No. 23392

I saw someone get a (presumably) week long ban in ot telling someone they seemed to exhibit internalized misogyny. the ban was for GC sperging lol

No. 23393

Oh does derailing annoying you

No. 23394

But people who hate on gc discussion literally do act like that.

No. 23395

How do you “presume” the ban was a week long? Did they tell you it was in your autistic discord server?

No. 23396

Most times the gc comments are warranted and not even a derail. This site is widely gc except for the people who complain, like you.

No. 23397

>I think some of the anons posting gc shit are annoying
This isn't the vent thread, this isthr complaints and suggestions thread. If people are baiting for infights like this, they will get a response.

No. 23398

Anons come here to ask for specific spergs to get timed-out or the MtF thread to get cleaned up, and you get the same response.

No. 23399

if they're annoying to you then just ignore their posts and continue scrolling down to read more drama or whatever. Literally not that deep, easy as moving your mouse as you eat hot cheetos staring at a screen, why even get mad for nothing?

unless you are a troon and gc comments do get to you personally

No. 23400

This is what the report function is for and not what's actually happening in this or any recent threads, as you can see by scrolling up.

No. 23401

verbatim from the last complaints thread via admin:
> This thread is not for:
> - "can you ban this anon?"
> Use the report system and don't waste our time.

No. 23402

But it does work wonders. I've some some derails go for days with reports seemingly ignored and if you make a note of it, suddenly there's obvious mod activity. I don't know how you get to decide that's not a real complaint.

No. 23403

I am confused about this one, what? I have never seen anyone say this. This honestly just sounds like you are one of the banned Kiwifarms moids cause nobody else here gives a shit about him, yet he is constantly present in your mind.

No. 23405

There were constant accusations of people being kiwi agents in this very shitshow, how does this come out of left field?

No. 23406

Is it that difficult to comprehend that sometimes people just want to talk about shit other than trannies?

No. 23408

is it difficult to comprehend that you can literally do this

No. 23409

Because there were anon.

No. 23411

why is it when male-centric boards make fun of trannies it's just normal boi stuff but when a woman-centric board does it suddenly it's a political statement?

Do you really think a bunch of users here are second-wave feminists that are coordinating an attack against a random imageboard? Or is it more likely that the OG userbase of this board are depressed millennials that think idpol went too far so now they bitch about it anonymously online to pass the time.

I feel like most of the "radfem bad" posts come from zoomers who discovered this shit via PULL dying/ the onision threads. We haven't even had pinkpill/fds/radfem threads for months but everytime I come to meta some retard is in here bitching about them kek

anyway admin remains retarded. don't cut yourself over it.

No. 23412

>anyway admin remains retarded. don't cut yourself over it.
Finally something we all can agree upon kek (jk)

No. 23414

No one here cares if you're bothered by tranny talk. What is up with all of these victims here crying over not being able to have the site be 100% in their favor?

No. 23415

Lol first you fags were denying that the sperging even exists and now you're arguing that you should be allowed to derail every fucking thread anyway.

No. 23416

That is literally what the anons who are mad they can't freely have gc discussions are doing. Two sides of the same coin.

No. 23417

No one was denying there are spergs.

No. 23418

I honestly hope you guys are troons because if you're actually women then this level of brainwashing is embarrassing. Not even as a retarded zoomer literal shoeonhead viewer redditor did I cape this hard for trannies (and I caped pretty fucking hard). I started browsing lolcow before peaking and I did think "ew terfs" but I never came here to bitch and moan about it because I'm not an entitled retard who thinks everyone needs to cater to my feelings. Go back to twitter

No. 23419

You must have dementia.

No. 23420

agreed, it is absolutely embarrassing.

No. 23421

Not the case actually. Anons want to GC talk, they don't want to force everyone else to have GC talk.

Forcing a group of people to not do something is not the same thing as wanting to do something but being forced to not be able to.

No. 23423

They don't want anyone to speak in favor of trans people here though. Their immediate response is "go elsewhere. no one wants you here" or getting banned for bait. How is the logic "you have other places to be in support of trans people" a justifiable reason to not allow anons to do it here too? Both sides refuse to let the other side exist here. Anons say this isn't a radfem site but that's only because they can't openly admit to not being radfem because they'll get told to fuck off.

No. 23424

GC isn't banned from the site only the thread is, learn to contain your autism.

No. 23425

I know you're not talking to me because I'm not a GC sperg. Reply to the right people, hun.

No. 23426

I guess I never saw it this way.
>They don't want anyone to speak in favor of trans people here though.

However, if they had a board they would be able to talk about it as much as they want. But other anons don't want them to have their own board aka "go to asherhera garden" or however you spell that.

No. 23427

Men aren't suppose to post on lc. If a trans wants to post as a woman that's fine if they can integrate. They can't police other posters for having opinions. The discussion isn't banned, just there is no dedicated thread because the autism can never be contained. Accept the state of this board and if you don't like it feel free to post elsewhere

No. 23428

Lmao you can speak in favor of whoever the fuck you want. If the majority of the userbase disagrees with you that's just the way it is, deal with it. What delusional ecochambers are you used to that you can't accept this?

No. 23429

samefag but you can tell that gc anons are women because none of us have started sperging about frozen peaches yet kek

No. 23430

You two just contradicted each other. My point is there shouldn't be a need for "post on x site instead" because it should be possible to passively support trans people without infighting as well gc discussions without infighting on here.

This normally results in getting labeled as bait. Obviously idk anyone else's post history though, so maybe that is the case in some instances.

No. 23431

Lolcow is a place to chill, not to be on your best dworkin-pilled behavior. It's not that serious. Not that I identify as radfem, though I agree with most of their takes I imagine it's the same for the radfem-identifying anons. Bet they cannot stop themself from shitposting, we are all anon here and most posts are considered as separate entities.

No. 23434

People will infight for any reason, it's in the nature of the site.

>Lolcow is a place to chill,
It's a drama/gossip imageboard.

No. 23436

I meant /ot/ and /g/. But you kinda proved my point. If we are here to talk shit about cows, there is no need for anyone to analyze how systematic opression of women affected them. I imagine that even radfems cannot be serious all the time and maybe sometimes - gasp! - they may want to talk shit about some idiot.

No. 23437

So you're saying that your main problem is that they won't cater to tranny delusions? Kek pick up your mask from the floor anon. We won't entertain mentally ill people racefaking either so troons aren't exempt

No. 23438

Again, LC is a female site and GC will be dotted throughout the off topic boards because women share the universal experience of being seen as lesser in society and it will be a natural discourse. No one cares if a tranny is going to get offended reading the real thoughts of women.

No. 23439

Literally not a single person has been “caping for trannies” people are complaining about threads being derailed. You people are so mentally ill. Do you think the fact that racebait gets banned is “caping for white supremacists”?

No. 23440

It isn’t “dotted throughout the off topic boards” it’s constantly posted in every /ot/ thread and constantly brought up in cow threads.

No. 23441

I agree with you though IDK what it has to do with Admin judging users for not being real radfems

No. 23442

If it was derailing then it would be banned worthy but if its relevant and contextual it's not. You're just going to have to get over it.

No. 23443

It was a fucking joke.

No. 23444

The anti GC anons are very agressive and the GC anons seem pretty normal. That's what I'm reading.

No. 23445

Because you won't stay in your MtF thread and post your biases in other threads. It's /ot/, but no one needs your two cents about trannies in threads that have nothing to do with them. Even /ot/ threads have subjects that don't need radfem derailing.

No. 23446

Just open the GC thread back up and start handing out bans to everyone who spergs outside of the containment zone to force them to integrate. Seems fair to me.

No. 23447

You guys have been given so many chances for what feels like the past 2 years. Keep it locked, mods.

No. 23448

Mtf thread isn't a containment thread for GC, it's a thread to make fun of mtf cows. GC is a banned thread. GC discourse happens throughout the site. >>23446 just get over it. Majority of women do not like trannies, western women are already getting the abominations shoved in their female only spaces IRL. Just another fucking failure of society we have to keep our mouths shut about, so forgive us if on our little board in cyberspace that is a dedicated female space we moan about men and trannies in relevant ways. Maybe if you all left us alone we wouldn't speak about you

No. 23449

I don't even like trannies but it's really funny how you gleaned that from my one post. You're mentally ill and have a persecution complex up the ass if you think that everybody who isn't equally as obsessed with trannies as you are is somewhow working against you.

No. 23450

Literally no one but trannies are obsessed with trannies. They barely get discussed at length in /ot, usually just a passing comment, unless in the celebricows thread but it was big news that Juno turned into a man and what an ugly man etc.

No. 23451

Samefag. Guess there's been discourse in the pride thread but again it's all relevant to the thread topics. Honestly, best advice I can offer is to get over it

No. 23452

“Most women” also don’t want to talk about nothing but trannies 24/7, that’s not the point of this website or why people come here. Again with the usual mentally ill conspiracy that everyone who doesn’t have your exact same perspective is a tranny. It shouldn’t even be a source of debate. There’s no valid reason why this group of spergs should just be given continuous special treatment to derail every thread and if it’s something the admin doesn’t care about and intends to just continue to allow why even bother keeping up with this “lolcow doesn’t pander to your ideology” and “the mtf thread is for cows” charade. Just make it a radfem site because it practically is at this point.

No. 23453

I haven't called anyone a tranny I've never called myself a radfem. You're literally debating points that no one but yourself has brought up.

No. 23454

>Just another fucking failure of society we have to keep our mouths shut about, so forgive us if on our little board in cyberspace that is a dedicated female space we moan about men and trannies in relevant ways. Maybe if you all left us alone we wouldn't speak about you


No. 23455

You as in the plural for men and trannies and I meant that in the context of the real world. Men harassing women. Trannies inserting their self's into women only spaces. They spend a lot of time bothering women so don't act fucking confused when on a female messageboard we talk about being in the receiving end of women hate.

No. 23456

There's nothing on this site worthy of being taken seriously.

No. 23457

Don’t act stupid, that makes no sense and it’s very obvious when you meant. You wouldn’t have used “you” if you didn’t believe the people complaining about the derailing weren’t trannies.

No. 23458

Mod question….

Why did mods let the most absolute woman-hating rape photos and gore photos be spammed for HOURS a few days back yet people get banned in a thread like Shayna (snow) for bringing up her zombie boob or talking about how much better her animals would be if animal services visited her.

It's just crazy that nonthreatening simple things will get you WEEKS long (excessive much??) bans from threads like that but woman-hating actual rape and gore photos can be posted for hours in the mtf thread

No. 23459

You got me I think you're a bit gay tranny with a small dick which gives you a massive chip on your shoulder. Ironic ain't it?

No. 23460

admin please nuke this site. please I'm begging you

No. 23461

Ignoring spam is a valid tactic for moderating image boards. Constantly banning and deleting spam just encourages a spammer to spam more. It some situations it's better to not give them the reaction they're looking for and let them get bored while wasting their time.

No. 23462

You're deluded but you can keep trying to re-write the history of this site. It is not a radfem website, and many of the users calling themselves radfems are going through a phase. Sorry to break it to you but there is more to being a radical feminist than hating on trannies and shaming camgirls. It also doesn't involve making racially charged memes of me, or spamming threads in a tantrum.
I don't have anything against actual radfems and I don't dislike all GC posters. They're not all unhinged and they don't all vomit their manifestos in every MtF thread.
I want to understand the reasoning behind this. So this person may or may not have had previous involvement with the site, but they provided no specific details about under who or how many years ago. What does this have to do with the current staff? Let me entertain the theory that the original admin is still involved, and I totally can't code. Wouldn't there actually be site improvements by now if you really believed this?
Oh wait, that isn't what the post says, but it differs from Nulls pathetic running theory from the exact same source. He actually made an announcement the same day of these "leaks" and changed a few details, spouting that the old admin is running the site as proof of women's inferiority. All I'll say is that these totally legitimate sources should really refrain from using the same handles everywhere, and these sources should refrain from proudly flaunting their relationship to Null because it's absolutely embarrassing. It's totally not suspicious to proudly proclaim your dm'ing null right before you both make posts in the same thread.

I really don't care what the majority of imageboard users think of me, I think that's the point of the sysadmin / administrator gig. There will be improvements to the ban system and banning specific images from ever being posted again, it isn't AI though. However, whether or not you want to believe the rumors I'm reiterating that I'm the only one doing all the technical work. It's difficult to find qualified women to help out, I got maybe 3 other farmers helping out with the other server. That's it. I really do wish there was some mysterious fag watching over all of us and doing all the work but it's not the case. I've been paying the majority of the server bill out of pocket and the server has already been upgraded twice in the past 2 years alone. I do appreciate the donations we've received in the past and the help of some staff who also chipped in, so I cannot say that I've paid all of the bills. All I wish for is for the site to thrive, whether or not it's in my hands. Trust me when I say that there's already been an attempt to infiltrate the site from at least one adjacent community.

No. 23463

Ly girlie

No. 23464

>Why did mods let the most absolute woman-hating rape photos and gore photos be spammed for HOURS a few days back yet people get banned in a thread like Shayna (snow) for bringing up her zombie boob or talking about how much better her animals would be if animal services visited her.

How many retards like you will it take to understand that different mods mod different boards and that a mod on one board might not be able to moderate another board? Gore and cp for the most part are mostly posted on /meta/ and /pt/, you will rarely see gore being posted in /snow/. Know why? Because the sicko is aware that their posts are less likely to be removed quickly if they post it on /pt/ or /meta/. That's why they also rarely seem to post it on /ot/.
Did you even see that cp was posted here just a few hours ago? No because it was deleted quickly enough because apparently /meta/ mods are around. But other times they aren't around. Even if mods from /snow/ know about the cp/gore they can't do anything without the right perms.

No. 23465

Not a good look to talk about "speaking in favor of trans people" right as the site is being spammed with pictures of dead women and CP by a group of troons. And disliking them doesn't necessarily mean being a radfem, either.

No. 23466


No. 23468

Thank you admin for laying it out

I'm gender critical but even when I was at the height of my trans anger phase (it's a common feeling I think for women who peak) I could see that this site is being filled up with pp/gc topics. At the time out of frustration with troons, I was happy about that, but it quickly got overwhelming. If I'm in /ot/ trying to read unrelated threads, it's annoying to keep running into the same shit I read elsewhere multiple times. And I get it, I usually agree with the points, but please can we take our minds off it sometimes? This site isn't radblr, it gets annoying even though I agree because I'm just trying to chill, not get angry all the time about troons or men. You can sperg all you like on radblr, and I think it's fine to discuss here but right now it's a mess. When anons keep bringing it up in unrelated conversations it makes us look bad, too, like they really do live in our heads rent free. I enjoy the mtf thread but lately it has been filled with derailing, even when I agree with the points or find them interesting: you know it's not milk. I agree that a lot of you aren't radfems, your motivator is being angry at troons, which is 100% the understandable reaction I had too but dude stop taking yourself and this site so seriously. If someone even makes a joke they get replies taking it seriously or calling them a scrote for anything. I get it. I've reported anons who were likely scrotes but it's way out of hand when anons pull that card on someone for the littlest reasons. You may not like how other women think or behave here sometimes, I often don't, but stop assuming we're all scrotes it's actually its own kind of restricting to assume all women think the same. I know you want us all to agree, but remember this is a gossip imageboard filled with strangers. Most of us are against troons so stop freaking out thinking if we're not radfems then we must be TRAs, it's not so black and white. And being gender critical is not the only quality of a radfem. AND some farmers will disagree, there's no rule saying we all have to share beliefs.

Also I know how horrible it is to see gore, but when some of us complain we seem to forget that the mods are the ones who have to assess all of it. I'm positive they hate it even more than we do. It just sounds unhinged when people in /meta/ act like mods totally don't care about gore posting. They aren't paid and are understaffed so I can imagine how sometimes it takes a while to be spotted and removed by them

I know it sounds like boot licking but trust me we all have complaints for the site. I'm trying to say chill a little, everyone isn't out to get us. I don't see why we can't be a little more civil to save everyone the headache as well.

No. 23469

File: 1622420136831.jpg (140.05 KB, 1053x933, 1608665973164~2.jpg)

Can we have the snowflakes back like in picrel circa Dec 2020?

No. 23470

she added some banners

No. 23471

NO. please jesus god no i'm getting itchy already

No. 23472

>Wouldn't there actually be site improvements by now if you really believed this?
Not related to the gc/radfem/previous mod stuff, but why hasn't there been site improvements?
The snowflakes were kind of annoying after a while, tbh.

No. 23473

please no

No. 23474

Troon haters are getting just as bad as troons. Literally can’t use they/them anywhere in normal language without getting a cunt upset.

No. 23475

Irish cunt anon is back. Weren't you outside with you face buried in grass? go back

No. 23477

I don’t get it. Why not just let the TERFs be? Literally why is it such a huge problem if anons don’t like trannies?
>They derail every thread
Where? Can you post specific examples? It should be really easy to do this if it’s true. The closest thing I’ve seen is what’s going on here, ie someone spergs about hating radfems and then the struggle begins. Or someone mentions that they think trannies are gross offhandedly. If the latter keeps happening and it bothers you, maybe you just need to accept that a lot of farmers just don’t like trannies and ignore it instead of starting a fight. You don’t even need to be a radfem to dislike them. Admin literally called them TELFs, kek.
>It attracts scrotes to the site
This site will naturally attract scrotes because it’s for women only. I know some people who post this specific take actually want that rule removed too, so I’ll move on.
>They make it seem like Lolcow is a radfem site
Why would you care about an anon board’s “reputation”? Were you hoping for it to be seen as “normal” one day? That won’t ever happen, and it shouldn’t. Women come here to talk about how ugly, fat, stupid, and fake other women are. It can already be classed as a “woman hate” site if you know which threads to take evidence from. If trans women are women, why make exceptions for them? Their general thread and overall bitching about them belongs here for the same reasons tradthots, lefthots, IG and Twitter e-girls, etc have threads and anons on /ot/ talk about disliking pick-mes.
If we can talk about how hideous a woman like Shayna’s pussy is, why can’t we talk about another (biologically male) woman’s ballsack pussy lips?

No. 23478

Do you people not even read the thread when you make these posts? All those questions have been answered multiple times itt.

No. 23479

Anons have said examples too. They just repeat like Trumptards do because saying "where's the proof" enough will make them believe no one has answered these

No. 23481

File: 1622432382410.jpg (188.21 KB, 901x1075, cover1.jpg)

Literally this could all be solved if pink pill/man hate threads would come back. Just add more rules in the threads and try to encourage more people to become mods if you really feel like you need the leverage admin-chan.
the biggest issue that we don't have any place to dispel our manifesto autism and the mtf thread doesn't encourage, which is fair.

No. 23482

Yeah I saw that happen too. Pronoun policing should be against the rules from either side.

Sometimes I think things are attributed to radfems but there's some tells that make me think it's just /pol/-tier male homophobia using GC as a trojan horse. If /pol/ terms were red texted it'd be really easy to spot the difference (not an actual suggestion).

No. 23483

No it wouldn’t, it would be solved by just permabanning manifesto spergs and repeated derailers.

No. 23484

? Why would they make you itchy?? You're cute in an unusual way lmao idk why that cracks me up. Anyway though lets not have them back yeah
I think a lot of this discourse is unfairly centered around "radfems" tbh. As others have said, you don't HAVE to be a radfem or GC person overall to dislike trannies. The reality is most people (both genders!) don't like how aggressive the whole trans thing is being pushed lately. It's not even just a women thing, men cant stand it either. but they'll never be as loud because FtM's mostly leave them alone whereas MtF's stalk women every place they go desperate to fit in or fuck. So regardless of what your political stance is, as a biological women in todays world its completely natural to have such a strong aversion to them. You know?

Think a lot of this keeps revolving around "well them with their political takes!!" Women just want men/trannies to leave them alone. In all languages, in all countries all over the world this is what women all have in common. So yes, from time to time women here will gripe about men. Because they're sick of it and know that the rest of us will understand which is the perk of a womens site. Once you remove that perk though, then its the same as any other scrote site where we're told to shut up and go back to the kitchen. I think all this anger about "GC seeping into all other topics" is silly because of course women will slap down annoying man-favoring shit. Just like men do to women-favoring shit. The only difference is men high five each other and women + men tell women to shut up when they go to do it. To stop talking about gender altogether removes the need for the site to be women only to begin with.

Anyway none of this matters-when do we get the lolcowfarm patch that patches out the gore/cp posting? What does it take to get that? How does 4chan do it on their blueboards, it's just all jannies too?

No. 23485

No one is talking about that, stop trying to politicise it into something it isn’t. People just don’t want threads to be derailed and want basic rules enforced equally. I don’t get why this is so controversial and warrants all this weird conspiracy theories and manifesto length posts desperately trying to frame being asked to not constantly derail threads as some Literal Attack On Women’s Rights.

No. 23486

then we get more moids and gore though

No. 23487

Wtf so avoiding any subject that upsets moids is the answer in your opinion? This really is a pussy imageboard.

No. 23489

>you can keep trying to re-write the history of this site. It is not a radfem website
Just because its not historically a radfem website doesn't mean that it hasn't evolved to have a large userbase of GC women, radfems and overall trans-exclusionary ideologies. You can't dictate the userbase, you tried your hardest by taking away the GC thread and trying to silence GC discussion as much as possible by making it "off-topic" in the MtF thread and in /OT/.

>there is more to being a radical feminist than hating on trannies and shaming camgirls. It also doesn't involve making racially charged memes of me

What memes? YOU are the one being criticized for being racist cause you think we are all rich white women based on some dumb statistic from years ago. I didn't know someone who so desperately wants to silence GC discussion is the authority on what GC discussion is supposed to be about.

>Let me entertain the theory that the original admin is still involved, and I totally can't code. Wouldn't there actually be site improvements by now if you really believed this?

But you DON'T CODE ANYTHING! The most you do is give us new banners and dancing snowflakes. You leave up old site announcements for months and you have failed to put a stop to CP and gore spam for years. You don't do anything, the site still looks like something out of 2004. You can't even include several images in one post like almost all other imageboards allow.

>Null Null Null Null

Nobody brought up Null, I don't know why you're so obsessed with him trying to secretly plan something to usurp you just because he keeps tabs on what is happening on here and posts about it on his own site, who gives a shit?

>All I'll say is that these totally legitimate sources should really refrain from using the same handles everywhere, and these sources should refrain from proudly flaunting their relationship to Null because it's absolutely embarrassing. It's totally not suspicious to proudly proclaim your dm'ing null right before you both make posts in the same thread.

I honestly have no idea what this is even in reference to but you seem to know the person who is posting the leaks, so you confirm that they are a former moderator and know what's going on, hm?

>I really don't care what the majority of imageboard users think of me

You clearly do and you have complained many times about how much it stresses you out. But you do not take any advice, you actively go against what the majority of the userbase wants and you try to control discussion on the site that you personally don't like by banning topics and threads. Don't be surprised if people don't appreciate you for it.

No. 23490

Based post, anon.
The only "GC sperging" outside of the MtF and FtM thread I have seen recently is in celebricows, but it is topical because Ellen Page just trooned out. You moved the thread to /ot/ instead of /snow/ against everyones wishes, so now you will get more spergery in it and we get blamed for it.

Literally nobody has explained yet what their issue is with radfem posters other than this vague "you don't contain your sperging to the containment thread that doesn't exist." If someone mentions off-hand that they don't like trannies or if someone doesn't respect a troons pronouns, why does it bother you that much? Honestly it's because you're either twitter-tards, Aidens or Hons yourself. Any rational woman who is not a handmaiden agrees with at least with the TE part of TERF. Otherwise you will in a while when a disgusting troon enters your own sphere.

Honestly how can you still say "troons aren't that bad, you just have a persecution complex" when they have literally been spamming gore of dead women in the MtF thread for DAYS just because women dare to make fun of them?

No. 23491

Non-contribution but this is based

No. 23492

File: 1622452292637.png (111.73 KB, 993x1034, quotationmarkradfems.png)

This thread is my favorite

No. 23493

One of the few posters not really interested in the GC shit, and would actually like to bring up a suggestion for /w/ and /snow/ to be merged BUT, with a legacy board in it's place. Cows that have drama spanning from the early 2000s to present day can be posted, that way they won't be lost in the merger, plus it can serve as a neat archive for some of the site's funnier moments.

No. 23494

This post describes the demographic here perfectly, at least in this humble anon's opinion. I completely align with your sentiments and I'm surprised I've never expressed this myself, nor seen it posted by others.

No. 23495

Why do you want to merge it? /w/ is perfect to keep the weebs away from the normal people.

If anything we should have more boards. For example one for GC discussion and move the MtF and FtM thread there.

No. 23496

Sums it up completely. GC spergs are like vegan spergs. They constantly want everyone to witness all the horrible things x does, constantly preach to the choir and act like we need constant reminders of the patriarchal system to not accidentally start eating meat (girldick). Not every gc person spergs and not every vegan spergs, but those who are annoyed by the sperging (including non-sperging GC'ers), are always accused of being part of 'them' and against 'us'.

No. 23497

>why is it when male-centric boards make fun of trannies it's just normal boi stuff but when a woman-centric board does it suddenly it's a political statement?
This is like an off-site meta statement now, but tranny sperging on 4chan is still frowned upon outside of the shithole containment boards. People will randomly bring up trannies whenever there's a masc female character or a trap or accuse people of being trannies, and they're told to fuck off back to /pol/, /lgbt/ or twitter, and stop obsessing over girldick.
Anons here will tell you to hide the threads you'd be interested in, but get mad when they get told that if they think someone's a LARP-er, then don't engage them and start calling people scrotes left and right.

No. 23498

>you're breaking the rules, can you stop that?
May I remind you with what this "meltdown" actually started with?
It started with infighting, just like you and the anon above making spergy fanart of admin did for almost two fucking threads now. Stop trying to play the "normal person who did nothing wrong" when all you do is provocate and somehow never get punished for it.

No. 23499

>For example one for GC discussion and move the MtF and FtM thread there.
Do you have the memory of gold fish or something? Admin did make a board for gender critical and pink pill discussion. It didn't work as a containment because radfems and gc anons either couldn't work out how to access a hidden board or saw it as justification for sperging harder on other boards. That's why Asherah's Garden was made as a dedicated radfem image board.

No. 23500

What's a legacy board? A hidden board like manure?

No. 23501

isn't /pt/ a legacy cow board? Or am I hallucinating that?

No. 23502

This isn't true at all, lmao. Go on 4chan right now, any board that's for discussion instead of image dumping.
Use a cat girl as a reaction image casually. At least one person will call you a tranny, and if you try the "Go back to /pol/ or /lgbt/", they'll tell you to dilate. Try it now if you don't believe me. Stop spreading false narratives.

No. 23504

LC is not one thing or the other. It's only the autists who can't understand.

No. 23505

>tranny sperging on 4chan is still frowned upon outside of the shithole containment boards.
kek no it's not? it's trannies who get told dilate and sneed and ywnbaw the second they identify themselves. You're crazy if you think the tranny sperging on here is worse than on 4chan
>hide threads you might be interested in
and why exactly does twanzphobia make threads sooo unbearable to you? Since you use 4chan and are definitely a woman you should be used to ignoring violent misogyny all the time. Why don't you do the same here? Did you also write the 4chan mods asking them to ban misogyny because it dErAiLs threads you want to read? Or does transphobia affect you in a way that misogyny doesn't?

No. 23506

What? They tell trannies to go back to /lgbt/, not /pol/tards. Both groups are annoying when they bring troonism into everything, can you not comprehend that?
I never said it was worse, I said male spaces do not just automatically accept derailing and consider it non-political. The rest I won't even address, take your meds.

No. 23508

There is also raging misogyny on here that nobody ever complains about. And racism that nobody ever complains about. And homophobia that nobody ever complains about.

The only thing that is constantly complained about is transphobia in the form of "le evil GC spergs". Wow I wonder why.

No. 23509

>it's trannies who get told dilate and sneed and ywnbaw the second they identify themselves.
Because it shuts down discussion. No one wants to discuss tranny issues, regardless of if it's positive or negative. Most people want to discuss a board's subject matter.

>and why exactly does twanzphobia make threads sooo unbearable to you?
Because it's fucking boring. The exact same shit has been repeated for years. Posters here agree that troons are abominations that will never be women. Posters here agree that they shouldn't be allowed in women's spaces because they are all sick perverts. It doesn't need to be said because everyone already agrees.

No. 23510

>non political
depends. Just calling elliot page a woman or saying nonbinary isn't real or that agps are creepy etc aren't political opinions, they're just factual observations that most people irl would agree with regardless of political ideology. Whole essays about gender identity and radical feminism are political and often annoying, i agree.
Anyway I'll take my ban but literally everyone here can tell you're male
good thing that the rules of the site aren't based on what you think is boring or needs to be said

No. 23511

What you said:
>People will randomly bring up trannies whenever there's a masc female character or a trap or accuse people of being trannies, and they're told to fuck off back to /pol/, /lgbt/ or twitter, and stop obsessing over girldick.
That's definitely not "They tell trannies to go back to /lgbt/". Don’t try and backtrack.

No. 23512

>good thing that the rules of the site aren't based on what you think is boring or needs to be said
Global Rule 6
>Do not derail or disrupt discussion.
/pt/, /snow/ and /w/ Rule 7
>The following contribute nothing, even globally.
>Repetitive comments
/ot/, /g/ and /m/ Rule 2
>Infighting is highly penalized and discouraged here.

No. 23513

No one actually got banned of saying Ellen Pge is an anorexic FtM or saying trannies are cringe. People do get banned when they go to ban evade in the vent thread or write a "I'm so worried about girls today, since so many autistic women[…]" maniphestos as a non-sequitur into the unpopular opinions thread when it's in the OP to stop saying the same (GC) shit over and over, it's not unpopular, and it just leads to a wall of condolances and trite discussion. It's not even like anti-natalism or sex industry discussion which usually gets forcibly stopped because it leads to infighting, even though it's at least not as stale, but most people agree that troons will never be women.
>ad scrotum argument
How original

No. 23516

>Because it's fucking boring.
That's your opinion. Personally I find the threads that just post camwhores porn and dissect it and criticize every inch of her body boring, but I know that other people find it interesting. I don't come to /meta/ to consistently ask about getting it banned because "it spreads misogyny across the site and they also criticize other women's bodies in /OT/ and talk about how a celebritiy cow is fat!

This site is not a hivemind and differnt people care about different things. If you are a scrote then you probably just don't see trannies as threatening because they are not threatening YOU. Ofc it is boring to you that they want to go into women's bathrooms and harass little girls for tampons because you're not personally affected by it. If you're a woman then I guess just wait a couple of years until you realize that you will be expected to completely cater to these men in dresses in your everyday life and run the risk of getting fired from your job for accidentally misgendering a totally real and valid 6'5 womxn. Come back to me when that happens to you.

Sorry that women's issues are boring to you, but you're on a site for women. There are literally a million sites where nobody talks about trannies ever cause it is a banned subject.

No. 23517

I've been here before admin probably knew what this site was and I hate trannies

No. 23518

exactly this, thank you

No. 23519

>you disagree with me so therefore you must be a man
Every time. It's the weakest argument possible and it's just another misogynistic tactic to stop women from speaking. Men have preconceived notions about women are allowed to think and say, just like you.

>This site is not a hivemind and differnt people care about different things

Which is exactly why people are asking for a limit on GC discussion, not for it to be banned. Not everyone wants the site to be purely about nitpicking some camwhore's asshole for nth time, just as no one wants the site to be nothing but GC discussion. I don't get why this is hard to understand.

No. 23521

Camwhore nitpicking stays in those threads though.

No. 23523

No reading comprehension. Every single time. I gave two options in my reply "If you are a man then…" and "If you are a woman then…" The two genders you know, the only ones there are.

No. 23524

(You)s when?

No. 23525

How to get more fujo posters on this board?

No. 23526

NTA but no it doesn't. And we all know body nitpicking in general is carried over in all threads where a female body is being posted and discussed. Period.

No. 23529

nah it bleeds over into /g/ sometimes and the celebricows thread

No. 23530

File: 1622475366370.jpg (395.5 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20210531-083232_Sam…)

All they do is derail and complain about how ugly they think Belle is and complains if someone doesn't agree and starts samefagging. Can we nuke this anon already? This retarded nitpicking isn't milk, but everyone is a whiteknight if you disagree with them, right?

>You too belle anon, not everyone is a WK.


No. 23531

When a celebricow is doing thot onlyfan or catfish photo traps on insta, of course itll leak. Its on topic.

No. 23532

If you mean the sex work thread, I don't even get who that's for. When I glimpsed inside it was all infighting, sometimes someone blogging about wanting to start camming, some actual sex workers trying to justify it with figures, but mostly just anons shitting on them fortunately. But I assume most actual onlyfans-anons avoid /ot/ and any cow thread where they can't nitpick more successful camgirls.

No. 23533

So basically… things you don't like (GC sperging) ALWAYS off topic and must be contained!

Thinks you like (nitpicking women's bodies) is totally on topic and should be allowed everywhere!

Sound logic, anon! We really should enforce the rules based on what people find boring and don't like! Please ban all subjects I don't personally want to read about!

No. 23534

i was thinking more of the "women shilled as attractive" thread but that's more for celebrities (and random nobody IG models too apparently) than camgirls

No. 23535

I don't think I've ever posted in belle's thread, I made one post in the "women shilled as attractive" thread agreeing that she's ugly for more than just her looks, and got accused of being a samefagging WK. it definitely bleeds over into other threads and they don't even make any sense, they accuse you of WKing for Belle when you call her ugly

No. 23537

>Please ban all subjects I don't personally want to read about!
This is really all it boils down to. They act like they're concerned about anons breaking the rules but it's clear as day to everyone else that they have a problem with troonsphobia specifically. Sometimes the mask slips like in >>23509

No. 23538

What you posted is another GC sperg that is not relevant to the current discussion.

>If you're a woman then I guess just wait a couple of years until you realize that you will be expected to completely cater to these men in dresses in your everyday life and run the risk of getting fired from your job for accidentally misgendering a totally real and valid 6'5 womxn. Come back to me when that happens to you.

How is this relevant in any way? Derailing threads with GC shitposting on an image board is not going to protect anyone or do anything in real life.

>you don't want troons living rent free in your head? You don't want to talk about troons all day every day? Then you must love troons.

No. 23539

>You don't want to talk about troons all day every day?
NTA but you realize the core point of a thread is to ignore what some people post and post your own stuff right? This is what I'm saying, why are you trying to force other people not to talk about stuff while acting like you are being forced to join in on the conversation? Start a new convo in the same thread ffs

No. 23540

You’re aware this board was created for gossip and mocking an autistic woman, right? FFS the gendercrit sperging isn’t that offensive but treating a gossip board like its some sacred safe haven for ~*all women oppressed by patriarchy*~ is fucking embarrassing.

No. 23541

You people are so stupid I feel like you have to be being wilfully obtuse. They don’t “have a problem with transphobia specifically”. Gc sperging is being brought up specifically because there is a problem with derailing about that particular topic across the board. If there was an equivalent amount of derailing about some other topic anons would (and have, many times, which you would know if you weren’t a complete newfag) complained about that too. No one is out to get you. People don’t care about the topic of derailing, it’s annoying regardless of what it is.

No. 23542

>women wanting their own spaces where they can talk about topics that are banned everywhere else to protect men's feelings is so CRINGE

No. 23543

? The core point of a thread is to ignore the posts… literally what are you talking about. The point of the thread is to talk about the topic of the thread. We’re all forced not to talk about stuff, the site has basic rules, go somewhere else if you don’t like them.

No. 23544

>banned everywhere
You can go to ovarit, spinster, kiwifarms, tumblr, there are radfem communities on twitter, Crystal.cafe etc. But you know that because people have listed these examples a million times. Also this has nothing to do with lolcow. This is a gossip site, even if their genuinely was nowhere it wouldn’t be relevant? Why is it out job to provide the gc safe space?

No. 23545

>banned everywhere else
There are huge GC and radfem communities on tumblr and twitter, and websites like Spinster and Ovarit where you can sperg about troons all day everyday. Stop pushing this narrative just because you feel entitled to disregard the rules and derail threads.

No. 23546

You know what I'm saying you raggedy bitch. The point of a thread is that you don't need to directly reply to the people around you. Within a thread, you can post your own shit and start your own conversation. You don't need to continue the conversation going on around you. Shit for brains. You can easily ignore GC stuff.

No. 23547

why is it our job to be a tranny safe space? Being "gender critical" is the default for 99.9% of the world

No. 23548

samefag but gc derailing is already banned and gets redtexted regularly so what's your problem exactly? someone saying that the word "chestfeeding" is retarded in unpopular opinions is not gc derailing. Get over yourself

No. 23549

I don’t think it is. And I have seen literally zero people asking for that. People are just asking for mods to do something about derailing.

>Being "gender critical" is the default for 99.9% of the world

Okay? I don’t get why you people keep saying this like anyone has disagreed.

No. 23550

It’s also not an unpopular opinion. According to your own words!

No. 23552

It is in some circles many farmers are in. Is it so hard to just ignore completely harmless posts you don't like?

No. 23553

Feels confirmed at this point that the MtF fags bring in more gore and CP than other threads.

No. 23554

File: 1622480360729.jpg (703.4 KB, 949x2176, Screenshot_20210531-095910_Sam…)

This sped is a certain kind of samefag when called out.

No. 23555

question, why don't mods just delete shit threads? like when obvious retards come to the site and make stupid threads, for example someone on pt made an ellen page thread when she posted her mutilated chest and they immediately got banned. why not just delete those threads? they just shit up the place. sorry if this has been talked about before!

No. 23556

Gore spam in the MTF thread again, please fix

No. 23557

Came here to say this

No. 23558

Of course it's in the MtF thread .

No. 23561

not enough mods and also constant vpn switching makes it hard to stop them. id suggest an image blocker for now

No. 23564

i mean would you wanna be a mod for a big site like this?? i doubt it, very few people do thus making a very short supply of active mods who clean up shit stains messes.
it sucks but its just how it is right now, hopefully with summer coming up more people will be free and we will get more active mods

No. 23565

I highly doubt it's a scrote at this point tbh. Just some mad femcel that they can't get their MtF as a free-for-all, rules exempt. Personally gore doesn't bother me, a lot of other anons might feel the same (very tame compared to actual raid posters, probably because she can't stomach saving the photos to upload). Tbh, all signs point to angry farmer. If it was scrotes, CP would be posted too like every other raid when they always post both.

No. 23566

He gets off to it, the best is really to just report and ignore his(and the other's) existence.


No. 23568

i dunno the fact its been mainly in the mtf thread makes me think its some scrote
like i said if it bothers you i would suggest getting a chrome extension for an image blocker. there isn't much else you can do atm

No. 23569

Samefag, but that also includes baiting and falseflagging here.

No. 23571

They removed the other gore photo in here about an hour and a half ago after reports. Calm down. No one is this assmad about it, but a few anons. Most of us have brains and know mods probably won't see it right away. For fucks sake, they might be in the shower.

No. 23572

IP isn't an indication of where someone lives. You sound extremely retarded.

No. 23573

To me it's obvious it's a scrote. They just want the thread closed, and seeing how many mods are there, seems like the easiest solution. I agree it looks very tame, even compared to the first day

No. 23574

I came here to say I'm hoping it's him falseflagging a fight with himselves and not actual anons when it was asked continously to not engage in flamewars with him and there's a big red bold text asking people not to do it.

No. 23575

This is bait right? You can't be this retarded? We know exactly who it is, where have you been for the past week? https://archive.is/RKUyl

No. 23578

Yes it's bait. Nobody is that retarded.

No. 23579

File: 1622488523489.jpg (302.13 KB, 988x1144, aawvEoI.jpg)

Should you not be worrying about those ugly cuts on your wrist first and foremost instead of what other peoples political beliefs are? Especially on a heavily female oriented site, you dumb retarded faggot?

No. 23580

Gore is gone btw!

No. 23582

I swear there is one anon that wants to get banned really bad

No. 23583

we're being raided again

No. 23584

File: 1622490636289.png (59.03 KB, 856x374, drawfag.png)

No time to delete gore, but they got time to ban people for drawing cows?

I don't get it, I thought that was pretty hilarious.

No. 23585

You fucking retard, see here: >>23464

No. 23586

the MtF thread is in /snow/, so is the Shoe0nhead thread.

No. 23587

Mods probably looked at the reports to help them locate the gore spam. It's not that deep.

No. 23588

You have no idea how this site works do you? Brainlette

No. 23589

Literally only you and the other meta anon if they're not also you only think GC is plaguing the board and ruining all topics. If you think anons are posting something off topic of derailing you can report the post you know? If an anon has a better grasp of English and can make a contextual and relevant comment regarding a tranny you can try rubbing your 3 brain cells together and see if you can successfully change the subject. Otherwise shut your boring as tf up kthanks

No. 23590

The unpopular opinion thread is for posting unpopular opinions. You said 99% of the population agree with you so why keep spamming takes everyone already agrees with for validation and ass pats.

No. 23591

??? Anon said that some mods are only assigned to one board so they can't delete things in other boards. I pointed out that the Shoe0nHead thread is located on the same board as the MtF thread that is being raided by gore. So their point that "THEY CANT DELETE THE GORE CAUSE ITS IN ANOTHER BOARD BUT THEY CAN DELETE FANART OF SHOE!" is mute because it's on the same fucking board.

No. 23592

What you got, rocks for brains?

No. 23593

As I said it's an unpopular opinion in some social circles, especially lgbt ones, many farmers are gay or bi so they might experience it as an unpopular opinion. Why the fuck do you care so much

No. 23595

I've noticed a lot of wk/sperging isnt really dealt with in sh0es thread until it gets severe so maybe either admin is a fan or its the mention of radfem. Or both, who knows at this point.

No. 23596

Not agreeing with someone isn't whiteknighting.

No. 23597

Anon wasn't speaking of a specific list just in general.

No. 23598

That's what anons complain as being whiteknighting though every single time

No. 23601

Never! Stupid function only good for attention whores and trolls.
Pls don't implement

No. 23602

Actually that would be awesome too implement

No. 23603

this would help with cross-posters trying to stir up trouble and false-flagging using screenshots

No. 23604

Yeah, 'cause that helped 4chan a lot when you easily edit it out…

No. 23605

>/pt/ a legacy cow board
Seems more like a board for active cows that have more interesting milk than just "is fat, ugly, and says stupid shit on twitter". Though the current state of both boards is honestly pretty shit in terms of active and interesting cows.

I'd move cows like the queen, lori, kiki, and even gimpgirl to the "legacy" board. The legacy board would be kinda like /manure/ only not hidden and anons could post their own threads on it, I'd imagine it more like a hybrid of nostalgia posts and in keeping up with any web 1.0 cows who've lasted to this day. Whereas /pt/ is more for active cows that constantly produce milk and /snow/ is more for minor e-celebs and such who act stupid and say stupid things but not to levels of say, sperg-chan in her prime.

Sorry if I ended up describing the function of /pt/ I just thought it'd be a neat idea.

No. 23606

I didn’t realise fan art was banned but it should be. Its almost always extremely autistic and the person who made it comes off way more cowish than whatever cow they’re trying to depict and shoe’s thread seems to attract a disproportionate amount of it.

No. 23607

>active cows that have more interesting milk than just "is fat, ugly, and says stupid shit on twitter"
you must never visit momokun's thread

No. 23608

>you must never visit momokun's thread
No I don't for exactly that reason. If I could, I would demote her ass to /snow/ in a heartbeat.

No. 23609

Lmao never change /meta/. Every single post here:

>I-if you hate men so much why do you talk about them? Y-youre just like me heh. Btw, you should make lolcow dot farm a board for incels like me to make unfunny personal army vendettaposts about instathots who ignored my DMs

>I hate assjew feminists, now would anyone p-please turn this place into a cumswap hugbox where every set of balls is gently cradled and revered? I want the content to be more scrote-friendly

>Can you ban the terfs please? No, I can't fuck off back to kiwifarms because I only dare to demand trannycoddling from women. Men will just tell me to 41%, you know? Now let me crytype another whiny paragraph about how mean you are to men

>Muh anonymous vietnamese cave painting forum reputation! We can't have people think that a website created to discuss some costhot's pointy elbows doesn't care about my pet issue!

>I am one of the things lolcow makes fun of and I don't like it! Please ban making fun of this thing at once!

Go back to your choice of: reddit, twitter, KF, PULL, lookism dot com. Done.

No. 23610

How many times are you paranoid spergs going to make these identical posts about how everyone who says something you don’t like is a man or tranny or from kiwifarms. Plus, like all the other identical comments to yours, none of what you wrote is even remotely close what people were actually complaining about. People are free to make complaints about the site in /meta/, that’s the point of the thread. No matter how many of these posts you make whining about it and trying to dismiss anything you don’t like as being from scrotes or telling people to go back to Reddit if they don’t want to read derailing in every thread is going to stop people.

No. 23611

My question is, how can you be a female on the internet and not be a radfem or radfem-aligned? Do you not see men on the internet? Wtf are you even doing?

No. 23612

>You're whining, I'm complaining!

>Tailor the content of this trolling website to my liking immediately or my private Twitter with 59 followers will hear of this!

Thanks, forgot to add these kek

No. 23613

An anon in /ot/ was once having a meltdown over how her worldview was ruined after being exposed to radfem ideals and how horrible men truly are and how she wanted to go back to the time when she wasn't aware of any of this. It's painful to realize that men or the society at large don't really give a shit about you so it's better to pretend that women who do speak up are just being fussy stupid blue haired feminists who should ease up a little.

>Muh anonymous vietnamese cave painting forum reputation! We can't have people think that a website created to discuss some costhot's pointy elbows doesn't care about my pet issue!

No. 23614

You are not bringing up any actual criticisms of the site. People should be able to complain about what they want in the complaints thread without random spergs trying to have a debate about feminism with them or accusing them of being trannys any time they read something they don’t like.

No. 23615

You just sound like you don’t know what radical feminism is. Radical feminism isn’t just interchangeable with “hating men”, someone could very easily see how men are and come to a different conclusion of the reasons/solutions etc. Radical feminism is a specific ideology which none of you actually seem to know anything about.

No. 23616

File: 1622585633171.png (714.15 KB, 600x740, d6c.png)

ily based anon

No. 23617

None of those places are anonymous or imageboards.
> kiwifarms
The same place where there was an incel complaining about not getting laid and that women only want successful men in their MtF thread like 2 days ago…sure.

No. 23618

Crystal.cafe is an anonymous imageboard and has multiple threads related to this but even if what you’re saying was true so what? What does that have to do with people talking about the problem with derailing threads here? Do you think even if what you were saying was actually true you should just be given free reign to have the rules not apply to you or something, and if no then why do you keep bringing this up as if we’re supposed to care or do something about it.

No. 23619

And you sound like a man trying to mansplain radical feminism. It's pretty hard not to pipeline from seeing how men act when they're anonymous to becoming pinkpilled and eventually radical feminist. Maybe they aren't full-fledged no-makeup wearing radfems but not everyone is so autistic to make a checklist of what is and isn't a radfem aside from belief in the core beliefs.
If I have to rephrase my question for your liking then: how can you be a female on the internet and not become disillusioned with men (i.e, pinkpilled)?
Kek if none of us woke up to it how many of us would have gone along with obvious predatory moids and gotten raped or had our heads chopped off? I'd rather be miserably aware of my status as a second class citizen than missing and presumed dead.

No. 23620

I never said anything about the rules, I just wanted to make fun of your suggestions because you're bullshitting so hard kek.
> crystal cafe
Troons are all over that site, please tell me you aren't this stupid. Are you new or something?(Samefagging)

No. 23621

>And you sound like a man trying to mansplain radical feminism.
>muh everyone I don't like is a man
Keep coping for the fact that your only exposure to radical feminist theory is lolcow and defunct r/GenderCritical posts.

No. 23623

Alrighty, conveniently deflecting anon who didn't bother to respond to my restated question

No. 23624

Because I wasn't the anon you were replying to, dumbass.

No. 23625

>400 posts
>tfw complaints thread is all sperging

No. 23626

And your post added absolutely nothing of value.

No. 23627

File: 1622591845960.jpg (21.35 KB, 350x350, IMG_20210602_005750.jpg)

No. 23628

No one is stopping you from complaining. You can't stop people from commenting on it though.

Zoomer newfags unironically believe that you can control the general sentiment on an anonymous forum. Given that your whining, I mean complaints are mainly with the userbase, the non-retard option is to go to a place where the userbase is more like you. It really is that simple.

Do you know why the scrote haters are here and not on 4chan? Because they're not retarded and they understand that they shouldn't be in a place where "/v/- NOT VIDYA" used to have containment "misogyny threads" that did jack shit go stop /v/irgins from raging about wemins literally every 5 posts in every other thread. The idea that we should take your proselytizing seriously instead of embracing scrotehate as part of the culture and telling you to kys/dilate is peak newfaggotry. What do you think big bro 4chan would do if farmers tried minimodding misogyny there?

I can give you examples of posts where obvious moids whine, I mean LEGITIMATELY COMPLAIN about the girls being mean to them, as if the situation isn't reversed in 99.9% of other imageboards. As per usual, all the bubonic faggots whining about SJWs "taking over" lolcow are doing what SJWs do - ordering people to radically change the culture of their online corner because it'll totally happen if they stomp their feet enough.(Move on )

No. 23629

We get it, you came here from 4chan but don't even want to bother to read the rules and learn how to integrate.

No. 23630

Everyone came here from /cgl/ years ago, pullfag.(Ban evasion)

No. 23631

>muh pull
Cope, seethe, dilate etc.

No. 23632

you're right and jannettas are retarded

No. 23633

>Also I know how horrible it is to see gore, but when some of us complain we seem to forget that the mods are the ones who have to assess all of it. I'm positive they hate it even more than we do.
Previous jannie here who had to deal with the gore and had a meltdown over it. Can confirm, the gore I had to remove (which I did so quick it wasnt reported) was accompanied by misogynistic text which was either done by a tranny or a scrote larping as a tranny (and to some people here, thats the same thing). I will say this peaked me, I used to think GC anons were OTT but now I have sympathy with them.

The only criticism was when I was a janny and suggested if the non cow boards were causing so much trouble delete them and just keep this site discussion of lolcows, and was proudly told by the owner that this site is all about "free speech" and that would be "stifling" it. This was after deleting and banning the pinkpill thread and banning certain other things being discussed. I'm all for the owner doing what they want with the site, but that statement in conjunction with those actions just made me laugh.

No. 23634

Pinkpill being not only banned but deleted is really sus. Tons of bait threads stay up even if the OP gets banned.

No. 23635

kek. The thread isn't actually deleted, you both are just fucking bozos.

No. 23636

NTA, I used to call myself a radfem, but realized most modern radfems are just libfems with rad aesthetics or conservafems trying to larp as radfems. Guess that's what happens when giants like Dworkin fell to reformism/allying with conservatives, now everyone does it. Nobody wonders if this is just another one of one of her bad takes, like calling lesbians nazi's for not putting up with polilez bs. Older, still alive radfems are just purple tankies ever since 'the Tyranny of structurelessness' came out. If I want to argue over theory or get sperged at, I'd go to radblr, Ovarit or one of the many discord servers. Sometimes I just want to laugh at trannies, without having to read spergy pseudotheory rants or multiple 'if you don't join in with our spergy liberal culture war, you're a troon/scrote' posts in a row.
It's also laughable that ya'll genuinely seem to think that getting troons to post gore on a Mongolian basket weaving forum is 'true activism', bc you feel you need to preach to the choir a little more. There are women out there protesting outside of abortion clinics to scare away conservatives posting gore irl and then you got 'radfems' wanting women to witness gore online and allying with those same conservatives irl 'to own the troons'.
This is more a vent than a complaint, so it's understandable if I receive a ban for this. The culture war ruined imageboards (further) and this stuff is just the culture war, but make it for women.

No. 23637

This annoys me, because for men, not liking trannies isn’t the culture war. It’s just Tuesday. But when it’s us, it’s a whole fucking thing with endless infighting and a movement that must be stomped out before it dominates the world or whatever. It’s like women aren’t allowed to have opinions that Twitter hasn’t co-signed.
Why can’t we make fun of Buffalo Bills and tell them to fuck off from our spaces and have that be normalized without libfem/radfem shit? Why does it have to be a big deal? Why is it a radical move to reject mentally ill males? Most of them are no different from incels, so why is it taboo to dislike them? Activism for what? FOH, most of us still have to pay for menstrual products while condoms are free in some places.
You don’t need to be a radfem who’s read 10000 Andrea Dworkin writings to say “Chopping off your cock won’t make you a woman”. Manifesto anons should start blogs and podcasts so anons who are interested can keep up, and I’m sick of the interlopers coming here to complain about anything anti-troon being posted. Love how mocking other women for having imperfect tits is fine, but god forbid we have a giggle at the ugly man in a dress who harasses lesbians.

No. 23638

Can someone explain to me what makes a thread suddenly auto-saged to be locked again a few hours later? Recent examples include the Tess/Canyon saga and just now the Erin thread. Someone will post a milky thing that usually isn't milk and it gets unlocked right away, and then it's like somebody goes "oops" and its saved again.

No. 23639

this. You'll never see anyone contact the mods of kf or 4chan asking that transphobia be formally banned because it derails threads, wonder why

No. 23640

File: 1622627651600.png (119.05 KB, 1829x784, whereisthemilk.png)

No one's against transphobia, people are against treating LC like it's your radblr blog. This isn't event "transphobia" per se since it's from that femboys thread that I think it actually mainly /lgbt/ tourists vendetta posting their own boardmembers.

No. 23642

I'm not interested in literally every thread, so even if they're worse than absolute shit quality, I won't be aware of everything, and I don't even go near /pt/ for this reason. All derailing should be banned, are you saying it should be left alone?
Also anon was talking specifically about people being tranny-huggers, when that's just a blatant lie.

No. 23643

Wassup Big gay, if posts are breaking the rules by derailing you can report them otherwise stfu

No. 23644

Imo that's on topic (literally every single post doesn't need to be milk, discussion is allowed, that's why sage exists) but regardless, derailing is already banned so report those anons and move on, if mods don't ban them then they also don't consider it derailing and you need to get over it

No. 23645

I do report them, I just brought an example, because anons will sometimes I saw someone say it doesn't leak outside in the past.
Discussion pertaining to milk. Not "hey, I've been thinking, and why do they hate terfs". But at this point this discussion did the same circle 80 times, so it's probably useless to debate in good faith.

No. 23646

lmao I knew they would come for the femboy thread next, since it is another thread talking about male cows and needs to be silenced

Curious how every time a thread from lolcow is posted to /lgbt/ suddenly you have a bunch of people in meta complaining that it needs to be removed from the site.

Literally discussing femboys saying "we are just feminine men and not degenerates, everyone who criticizes us is a manly TERF". It is as on topic as you can get. There is also a shit ton of milk being posted every day.

Literally you are only whining because the on-topic discussion is twansphobic.

No. 23647

uh yeah because the guys posted in that thread actually tweet about how they hate women all the time? Did you even read it?

No. 23648

File: 1622643400609.png (256.9 KB, 1890x840, angry_tranny.png)

This poster is also whining about the same post on /lgbt/ right now. Literally just an angry tranny trying to get threads talking about them taken down. Good job moderators for banning a woman to please a man.(BE-Take your ban and go )

No. 23649

They see shit like this and still choose to believe we don't have a blatant tranny problem. They're in the threads, and here in /meta/ screaming for them to be locked and deleted.

No. 23652

Is there a reason why there's a new admin application? Is the current admin just done? What's going on?

No. 23654

the current admin has been mentally checked out since well before covid unfortunately

No. 23655

For all the anons sperging GC crap doesn't spread and they want examples:

KT thread in snow, some tardo going on that KTs blatant schizophrenia is the same as scrotes and samefagging "based" tier replies to themselves.

No. 23656

There's no such thing as just banning all VPNs across the board. VPN companies constantly lease new IP ranges or they'd be absolutely useless, and anyone can make their own VPN which then wouldn't be known to this system. The only reason it seems to "work" on 4chan is because they have so many users that every conceivable VPN has already been used by a bannedposter by the time you try to do the same thing, not because they can somehow automatically ban all VPNs. You already can't post here with a lot of common VPNs. It'll continue being a game of whack-a-mole. Either way, it might reduce the CP, but not the gore. It's not like they're afraid of spamming that with their actual IP.

I saw and reported this too, absolutely ridiculous.

No. 23657

How is it 'spreading' from other thread? You realize you'll still have manhating anons even if you ban any thread because you have people with all kind of opinions on here. It's an all female board, if course there will always be scrote sperging, just the way you have roastie sperging on every single male space.

No. 23658

The only way to stop this is to ban talk about men and delete all posts that talk about men or transwomen. Then just us real and honest girls can enjoy this place together in harmony UwU desu

No. 23659

Can farmers stop making threads closer to the 1100th post instead of the 1200? So annoying see new threads made for slower ones so soon. Why are two twitter hate threads active?

No. 23661

Who fucking cares anymore just block posts that you find breaking the rules, this is not a difficult concept!

No. 23662

I was going to ask if you actually read the part where replying to the thread resulted in a ban and the topic was banned from this site but its apparent you're a fucking idiot who's here to show your whole ass so I wont stop you anon.

No. 23664

there's this comrade autogynephilia cow who periodically spergs in the tranny sideshow threads because 1) the way people make fun of trannies is hurting his soft scrotal skin and 2) what people believe about incels is feminist libel. according to him, the only correct way to make fun of trannies is some milquetoast "lol autistic tranny" comment here and there, you can't observe anything about their dumb moid nature because it's femimist muh sand tree. VERY similar to what we see here.

the best part is that 9 times out of 10 he gets told to fuck himself. when scrotefarms is better at dismissing whining incels than (apparently) a "personal radblr blog" kek

No. 23665

File: 1622671360736.png (79.9 KB, 496x761, thumbnail.png)

I was given a permaban and no reason was given. It didn't even indicate what post I was banned for. I sent an e-mail like a week ago and I got no response, so I guess I have to ban evade and post here.

If the ban wasn't an accident, I would like to know what the hell I was banned for. I've been posting here for five years.

No. 23666

Do you have a dynamic IP?

No. 23667

Why is 99% of this complaint thread about being transgender? It’s sad if that’s what you talk about all day

No. 23668

samefag, I’m seriously trying to find a post in this thread that isn’t about radical feminism or trannies, jfc

No. 23669

If you're asking how I'm posting, I'm just on my phone using mobile data. I don't want to ban evade otherwise. I really have no idea what I would've been banned for.

No. 23670

It also happened to me a while ago, it seems like it occurs randomly. I suggest writing an appeal about how it's a mistake and it'll get fixed since that's what I also did.

No. 23671

I already do this. But part of the discussion in meta on whether GC sperging is an issue or not is if it's causing frequent derailing in unrelated threads. If you've been following, there's multiple posters saying they don't see it and asking for examples. I've provided one I came across as it's happening.

Feel free to take your own advice in regards to my own post though.

No. 23672

This is untrue. I'm one of many anons who have actively lurked this site since /cgl/. It was never like this previously, and this same issue has been dealt with and discussed on other topics that get out of hand derailing (racebaiting, blog posting, armchairing, ana-chans, munchies, so on so forth).

I personally don't believe the mtf thread should be removed and I don't care if there's a GC thread because I simply won't view it. That still doesn't mean there is not an issue that needs to be addressed or brought to attention with people sperging off topic. I don't care if 4chan has roastie sperging, I find that just as annoying there and if 4chan had the same board culture as lolcow I'd be onboard for people being punished for OT roastie sperging there too.

Not sure why it's so difficult for you to pull your head out of your ass for .5 seconds and recognize a world exists outside of your personal battles and perspectives and other people live in it, kek.

No. 23673


No. 23674

Gore is getting posted in /snow/

No. 23676

That's sad that you have no life to where you post gore on different threads. I pray you get help.

This was in the mtf thread by the way for those who do not know where these images are being posted.

No. 23677

nta but if off-topicness is the main issue then why not complain about all the other hundreds of off-topic spergy posts? why only this one?

No. 23678

Gores being posted in this very thread.

No. 23679

because it's an asshurt tranny/pickme who literally admits that s/he's only here and not on 4chan because only lolcow permits whining and minimodding. the pp or tranny "derailing" in 99% of cases happens in threads that have something to do with gender, like the tradthots one, or a cow saying something gender related. god fucking forbid people respond with something gender related! you gotta take it like a good girl or (gasp) a moid will post (gasp) gore that he would post anyway!

here's a real suggestion: if you're gonna delete pinkpill threads and thus further enable anons to spam pinkpill elsewhere, just make a containment thread for all the scrote sympathizing cockmongs so they can wah wah muh men there.

No. 23681

Hot take: Let’s not make a new Erin thread once the current one gets locked. The last thread got locked and the majority of anons agreed there shouldn’t be a new thread because of the infighting and cowtipping. Surprise surprise! A new thread was made and there’s endless cowtipping, infighting, and tinfoil, even when the cow isn’t active. Time to move on. Our precious cow Erin is hardly a cow anymore. The only things keeping her threads alive at this point are the never-ending infighting/cowtipping shitshows. This is just sad.

No. 23682

In the past when they get out of hand, I have. I don't think other problems are non existent, this is just the current prominent topic at hand and one I've seen ramp up largely in all the threads I read. I hardly think the existence of other issues negates discussion of this one: this concept of one evil canceling out another being used on repeat is a really weak defense.

Are my only posts on this subject or in the past few meta threads, for the record.

I am not sure why a select few posters here cannot seem to understand the concept of gray areas or variety of topics. The black/white thinking on this issue is very unproductive regardless of which side someone takes, if they take any.

I have stated my piece, why I made my initial post and then explained it. If anything I'm starting to think the lady doth protest too much and weird posters like this >>23679 are trolls trying to create discourse.

No. 23683

You're wanting to police topics across all areas of the board. If anons can make a comment in a contextual and relevant way then there's no issue. As you said this board has people with differing opinions and perspectives. People that hold certain opinions might reference them more than other users regardless of containment threads etc. If there's a comment you think is derailing the current discussion just report it and if it's warranted the user will get a ban or whatever.

No. 23684

You clearly didn't read any of the discussion leading up to this post.

No. 23685

Hot take: fuck off, Erin.

No. 23686

Sounds like you've been banned so many times, you're perma-banned. You should insufferable.

No. 23687

File: 1622699845390.png (89.12 KB, 537x857, the fuq.PNG)

HAHAHA the jannies in /snow/ have got to be legit retarded. Bitch leaves 4 pictures of gore up in MtF (which I reported all of them hours ago) but then redtexts some farmer's post. The gore has been up for hours. You can't see it because I covered the image but if you get there before retarded janny does then you'll see it as well.
Are the jannies the trannies themselves or are you all just actually this incompetent?

No. 23688

refresh the thread retard the gore's been gone for hours

No. 23689

Anon, is this really blurry as hell because you stitched 2 screenshots together in order to try to prove a fake claim?

No. 23690

NTA, but why do people like you add unnecessary comments on other people’s ban-related questions? It could’ve easily been a mistake, or someone in the same range as anon was a shitposter (this happens a lot). What does your post add to the thread, and who exactly is it helping?
Are you just addicted to infighting, and banking on the hope that the mods won’t ban you for it as long as you’re technically defending them? You should actually be permabanned for this type of shit, it’s a cancer on /meta/.

No. 23691

I get way more random bans when I use mobile so I wouldn't be surprised if anon just got a cycled IP ban

No. 23692

The mods are retards and handing on perma-bans to people who spam using VPN IPs. So if you are using a VPN you will randomly be unable to post because that IP has been banned before, sometimes like 3 years ago but they never clear out old bans so some VPN ranges are just unusable forever because of some asshole years ago.

No. 23693

I did, but I haven't got an email back yet. How long did it take for you to get a response when you did it?

I got a few 24 hour bans back when I was a newfag, but nothing recent. The hell's your problem?

I'm using data currently, but the ban was issued to my home wifi IP.

No. 23694

It wasn't a VPN or a mobile data IP, though. It was the regular IP associated with my router.

No. 23695

The same thing happened to me about a year ago, except I got called a “ban evading scrote” attached to a comment I didn’t even make (which was obviously a scrote comment) I had never used a vpn at that point. I messaged admin and it took them like 3 days to get back to me but I was eventually unbanned.

No. 23696

I never really got a response back on my email and after 2 weeks I decided to write it in the appeal section (which comes up on the page where it says you've been banned) and it was removed immediately. Good luck to you!

No. 23699

File: 1622723392401.jpeg (110.41 KB, 828x399, 1D3E5321-C07B-4F0F-82F6-1926D8…)

I got temp banned for posting a non shooped image of Nicole davis in her thread, I didn’t touch it and I even posted an imgur video and link of her tweet where she posted it herself, it’s not my fault she has a fucked up lip so it looks edited.
“Don’t edit photos of cows”

No. 23702

pretty obvious Nicole's wk who lives in the thread mass reported you

No. 23703

Didn't mods say months ago that VPNs aren't usable here for this very reason? If you're using your data and can't even use the IP on a different device, I'm more inclined to believe that you deserved the ban and just like other anons, pretend uwu what happen. It's so annoying.

No. 23704

Wasn't your image also off topic and just another shitpost like that whole thread is where anons do and have posted badly edited photos or can't stop posting old photos and complaining how a filter is milk? Filters aren't milk. You just have a retarded vendetta and complaining that every part is a whiteknight is retarded. No one is complimenting her in the thread. Anons are calling out your tinfoiling and vague posting, just too get away with your weird fanarts and obsessions about "this filter this filter this filter".

No. 23705

You’re crying vendetta when all I did was say she only posted 2 times in a month on her new OF and her subscribes are complaining it’s a scam, to which I attached a recent OF video of hers, how the fuck is that vendetta?

No. 23706

File: 1622737891601.jpeg (358.4 KB, 828x834, 6BE7FD76-70B7-4275-9352-4291F9…)

Also show me where I said she’s using filters? I don’t give a shit, are you mad because I said weirdlips.png?
Why are you blatantly ignoring the paragraph where I mention she’s charging $15 a month for 2 posts and nitpicking the picture I attached + retardedly accusing me of editing it mysef?

No. 23708

Replies. Capping off portions of the thread doesn't make your obvious constant filters = milk posts less annoying to see bumping the thread in /w/ constantly.

No. 23709

Didn't you guys come here to complain? No one came here to complain about your posts. You're the one throwing a tantrum that you got in trouble for shitposting and tinfoiling and not learning how to use an imageboard, again. Also don't mods constantly say to stop complaining about whiteknighting in every part your don't agree with? Learn what whiteknighting is. It's not refuting tinfoil. Asking for more proof than just conjecture isn't whiteknighting. If you're this upset about no one believing tinfoil, admit your vendetta.

No. 23710

I got a temp ban because mod thought I edited her picture to make her lips look like that, when they naturally look like that in all her posts

No. 23711

yeah no shit im capping off a portion of the thread because i’m talking about my post in particular, I’m not responsible for every retarded anon that likes to nitpick her filters. Hide her thread jfc

No. 23712

forgot to add how stupid your rant on wk is when nowhere did I mention any whiteknighting and I’m not this anon >>23702 so take your beef with them

No. 23713

Starting to get used to the typing style of this person, it's very obviously the same person falsely reporting posts in that thread, and accusing that anon of posting edits when it was a screenshot from a video which they also posted.
The only sperg here is you, wk.

No. 23714

If you're going to samefag about your vendetta, get better with switch IPs. The fact a mod called you out on this months ago is still hilarious to me.

No. 23715

Oof you’re more retarded than I thought, you seriously think I’m the same anon as >>23713
what are you actually trying to infight about? Like what’s your point? Months ago?? Elaborate because there is another anon from the Nicole thread and you keep lumping us in as the same anon like a bitter hag

No. 23716

Yet when the one ban is up for the vendetta poster, that's when multiple vendetta posts drop. Theres o reason to argue about "well wk anon is there too!!" Yeah, every time you bump the thread or post, of course someone is going to call you out. Mods have even called you out, multiple times, and said that continued vendetta posting and nitpicking would result in the thread being locked.

No. 23717

You stupidly accused me of vendetta posting because I critiqued her inactivity on onlyfans and as I mentioned, idgaf about her filters so once again take your beef with people who do. you sound salty as shit and a retard going “epic fail!1 you didn’t change your IP” while talking to two different anons

No. 23718

Its also based off of unconfirmed "subscribers" from a leaked content site. Is that her sub count, 2 people? How about 12? Wishing it's "everyone says" won't make it true. So yeah, it's vendetta posting because its posting misleading information for some reason with loose strings attached.

No. 23719

File: 1622741870171.jpeg (405.86 KB, 828x1213, 83F4D59A-35C9-4A75-BFA5-286D50…)

A leaked content site can’t exist without confirmed “subscribers” to leak shit, stay salty nitpicking my milk but there are definitely more than two out there upset with her barely posting while paying 15 bucks

No. 23720

Anon, wtf is wrong with you? You're just proving your vendetta. No one said leaks don't come from subscribers. I said the statement that all her fans are upset because a few people said it on a leaked site, is hardly a 1% even of her sub count, you know that, right? Calm down. You got a 24hr ban and you're freaking out this bad.

No. 23721

Continue twisting my words anon when all I said is that her subscribers are complaining, please.
Now I’m showing you more than just a leaked site where people are contacting her directly and since that has 3 likes I can only assume ~4+ more subscribers~ are upset

No. 23722

No, they said that about using LC with a Tor browser. VPNs still work unless someone got perma banned on the specific IP you're trying. It happens a few times and isn't all too rare.

No. 23723

I didn't even know people got permabanned from lolcow. What do you even have to do to get permabanned?

No. 23724

The once I encountered were usual scote-tier posts, asking for nudes, outright stating you're male, some weird "hi cow" kiwifarm thread infighting from years ago, etc.

No. 23725

Do you know what a VPN is? You share IPs with other users who use the same VPN service and if they got a specific IP banned on this site then you can't use it either. It happens to me all the time when posting randomly through VPN that I get ban messages from posts someone else made in lieke 2017.

No. 23726

I have gotten one that said "I want to rape and murder as many women as I possibly can" or something like that several times before, can't remember what country it was, but it's usually something along those lines.

I get that those people deserve perma bans but they should be cleared out after like a couple of years, especially when made from a VPN and not a static IP cause you KNOW other people use VPNs too and it just permanently blocks that IP for everyone.

No. 23727

Uhh idk how about gore and child pornography??

No. 23728

I have no dog in this race but if farmers are gonna start getting banned for posting retarded shooped pics of cows then there's gotta be a lot more bans enforced elsewhere for the same offense.
Moo's thread is basically 'post the selfie of the fattie and laugh', for instance. Her thread is basically non-drama updates about her stupid life it might as well be one of her pseudo socials.

No. 23729

Literally nothing in my case.

No. 23730

The egirls photoshop the fuck out of themself, so that thread will go down like a burning plane with bans

No. 23731

It was a retarded ban to begin with because all I did was screenshot a video from the cow’s OF talking about her laziness with her OF content, I come to meta to complain about the ban because I didn’t edit shit and an angry sperg keeps calling me a vendetta fag for digging up milk on her.
>>23720 apparently backing up my claims is now vendetta
Who is this sperg and where did they come from?
“Stop complaining about whiteknighting!1”
“Stop vendetta posting!1”
“Stop samefagging!1 Nice try with different IPs!1”
I didn’t do any of those

No. 23732

It's called no contribution and anons refer to Moo getting surgeries. There not as much nitpicking as this Nicole thread. The whole thread is complaining about how she uses filters and tinfoiling now about cheating with no proof to back it up, so now they moved on to "emotionally cheated". Lol pathetic

No. 23733

Can we just lock the Erin Painter thread and don’t make a new one once it’s locked until there’s milk again. Every other post is redtexted for stupid shit when they have a valid point, there’s no milk and there hasn’t been for months now. All the thread consists of is infighting and tinfoil galore

No. 23734

Stfu no one cares

No. 23736

I’ve found the farmers/admin to be nitpicky and inconsistent with what they perms/ban for tbh. Who knows anymore.

No. 23737

Nobody is mentioning her filters except you,
>Cheating tinfoil
Gee idk maybe because the timeline doesn’t add up and they were still interacting with each other long after he got back together with her boyfriend? That’s not tinfoil, anon

No. 23738

permaban takes a lot

No. 23739

Holy kek great job at the creepshow reveal.

No. 23741

Admin-san are there anymore self posters? Please. I beg for more.

No. 23742

Just continuously, repeatedly being annoying will do it. Repeated infights, repeated derailing, spam, racebait, cowtipping, repeated ban evading, doxxing, being unnecessarily abusive to other users on a regular basis, posting gore etc etc. Basically if admin thinks you’re enough of a pain in the ass, then you will get permabanned eventually and forced into the upside down world.

No. 23744

Perma-bans for VPNs don't make sense. The person will just switch to a different IP and that permabanned IP is taken out of the rotation forever, for everyone. Permabans only make sense for static IPs.

No. 23745

I really doubt this tradition will ever die, nonna.

Let us remember such self posting legends as Kiki Ostrenga, Mystery, Raven Sparks, and many more.

No. 23746

I think at this point it'd be better to just drop the 1100th system warning so newfags/illiterate-nonnies don't panic and start new threads. The final warning is good enough.

No. 23747

>"taken out of rotation" what do you mean? An anon can request admin via email to undo it if it's genuinely a VPN.

No. 23748

I am not gonna write an e-mail every time I encounter a banned IP while using a VPN. Rather the perma-bans of VPNs should just be cleared out after a couple of years.

No. 23749

I'm almost certain I've encountered year-length bans with the ban reason being "scrote" so they're not exactly permabanning everything

No. 23750

Oops,I replied to the wrong anon

I'm almost certain I've encountered year-length bans with the ban reason being "scrote" so they're not exactly permabanning everything

No. 23753

does that really need it’s own townhall?

No. 23754

Autosage this fucking thread. I'm tired of seeing this bumped on /w/ because vendetta posters can't sage to save a life.


No. 23755

They do get cleared out which is why I'm calling bullshit on your uwu perma-banned but whyyyy. You were permabanned. Stop bitching to pretend you didn't do shit.

No. 23757

>controversial topic?
where? all i see is one anon complaining about "unspoiled nudity" which when i went to go see what they were talking about i couldn't even find. maybe stop clutching your pearls and hide the threads, it's not that deep.

No. 23758

Might as well autosage it like the onion threads had to be for a few months.

No. 23760

Telling anons who like participating in the threads to hide the threads because other anons can't control their derailing, unsaging, nitpicking, and using the thread as a photo archive as opposed to an actual image discussion board, isn't the anon coming to meta's problem. Yeah, autosage it. Every time an anon comes in here to complain about "nooooo no autosage!!" is very obvious they are shotposters from that thread.

No. 23761

i frankly couldn't care less if it's autosaged. just seems random as i hadn't seen any other discourse around it in a long time.

No. 23762

Every thread on W and Snow should be autosaged with that logic. Hide the fucking thread already instead of crying about it in meta every fucking month.

No. 23763

Actually, just lock it. 2 threads of nitpicking and trying to blame someone else's drama on Nicole doesn't mean she has milk. Starting an OF isn't milk either. It's constant nitpicking. She can go back to the costhot thread where anons will tell these posters to stfu like they do about Bep.

No. 23764

No, because not all threads are like that. When there is significant rule breaking like the onion thread was, moo thread was, it gets autosaged. You're being dramatic for what? What's going to happen if its auto'd? Kek

No. 23765

I feel like any of those threads could just be made on /ot/ though, which is already a slow board

No. 23766

There a moid bait posting a femdom discord server in /pt/. Its probably full of bitter /lgbt/ blokes

No. 23767

as much as you wish it weren’t true, nicole moving in with a pedophile is milk, same way mikan collabing with yunnyan the pedo is milk.
if you’re the idiot who sperged about how being associates with a creep doesn’t make you a bad person then stfu

No. 23768

it’s even funnier when nicole used to shade sex workers saying it isn’t dignified and saying she makes an honest living and loves herself with her clothes on, to now posting intentional nip slips and naked videos on OF. homegirl also said she won’t be posting nudes a week before actually doing exactly that
also the only reason people would constantly discuss her use of filters is because she had a history of denying it and getting her friend to defend her and say she looks exactly the same irl
also it’s milky for a cow to say they haven’t been posting on a service subscribers pay for because she had a “busy month” when she only works 3 days a week at a card shop at the rest of the time she’s posting about playing video games, raising butterflies she found in the wild and spending over 2 hours dusting her animu figures. that’s not a busy month she’s just a lazy cow who doesn’t want to stick to a commitment.

inb4 “VENDETTTAAAAAAA” I follow multiple threads on w and if this were any other cow this type of milk wouldn’t be met with such defense.
hide the thread moron

No. 23769

Lil Bo Weep thread is in desperate need for some moderation. The retards that have gathered in there is unbearable.

No. 23772

Every thot has said that and people call out vendettas constantly. You must also be the Bep one too then. No one believes your lukewarm, wish it were milk, milk.

No. 23773

if anything the nicole wks encourage people to dig up milk by insisting she's never done anything bad and wrong

No. 23774

who cares what other thots are doing? the things i listed in >>23768 and >>23767 are still reasonable milk, but I’m starting to think you just don’t want people making fun of Nicole on a gossip forum

No. 23775

Mods have called out the topic multiple times as vendetta and have even said it. Don't pretend every post is milk.

No. 23776

If you think she’s a milkless cow hide the thread, but you’re still ignoring what I wrote in >>23768 and >>23767
the thread does have vendetta posters like many other costhots but it’s still funny you’re ignoring the fresh milk in front of your eyes

No. 23777

Lock the Erin Painter thread.(ban evading sperg)

No. 23778

that thread is full of red text bans and it’s all your doing, get a grip and log off. i don’t see any vendetta there, it’s just anons discussing a cow in her own thread, and you bringing attention to her thread in meta is just going to make even more anons who haven’t heard of her go and contribute. gj

No. 23779

This same shit had been happening in /meta/ since mentions of her first thread in costhot. I don't really find her that interesting but I've followed the threads purely for her entourage of spergs that appear at any mention of her. The first thread image was an in home about this very phenomena.

No. 23780

Is there a way to permanently ban this retard? Painfully obvious who it is, even the smallest discussion of erin leads to 50 posts by them begging for the thread to be locked bc “uwu she’s not milky anymur u bullies!!”

No. 23781

agree, not saying there aren’t retarded erin posters but the sperg trying to get the thread locked now is 100x more annoying

No. 23782

Creepshow milk is so fresh and tasty, thank u admin, thank u mods

No. 23783

so much progress look at how healthy the site is :)

No. 23784

File: 1622895564049.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 371.99 KB, 1147x1800, F136044C-71D5-4AE5-9EA0-3EE44F…)

yep. it’s hilarious nonnie thinks we’re trying to pass off her creating an OF as milk, when that’s not it at all. it’s the hundred claims that she won’t be doing it for money or showing nudity and tries to pass her OF account as a place for wholesome cute cosplay lewds when that’s not it at ALL. at least most thotties admit to being thots, but she’s extremely defensive

No. 23785

is the scrote still in the habit of posting g0re every day or whatever? miss seeing the mtf thread on the front page of /snow rip

No. 23786

Came here to ask the same thing. Is the gore raid over?

No. 23787

Go back to your thread. This isn't the nicole thread.

No. 23788

Not as long as that thread exists.

No. 23789

Gee, if only the autist sperg would stop asking to lock the thread in meta while also claiming no milk

No. 23790

You're using this thread as an extension of your /w/ thread posts. Anons coming here to complain is on topic.

No. 23791

how many goddamn fashion and music threads do we need, truly?

No. 23795

As many as there are horny and weeb threads.

No. 23798

imagine the audacity, you apply to run basically an autism mill a twitter shithole of unintegrated users, then bitch about server costs and time spent with upkeep. your basement level of skill with coding got you no where. at what point in your career could you brag that you kept lolcow.farm afloat because you didnt even do that. ive been thru every change of admin and by far youre the worst with an attitude to boot. idc about cp or gore like where do you get off with this big fuckin attitude? this was of your own choosing and i doubt your ability to choose another admin proper to clean this up. lets be real the first two years are spent fixing previous mistakes but to think that someone fucked up more than temp cow?? goddamn youre one dumb bitch

No. 23799

Admins have said multiple times this thread is not for
> - "Can you lock this thread because I don't personally like it?"
Use the fucking hide thread feature. If the thread violates a global or board rule then use the report system.

No. 23800

Fashion and music are so diverse that multiple threads are necessary imo

No. 23801

I agree with this, and honestly on boards like /g/ and /m/ a few extra threads doesn't really seem like a huge deal

No. 23802

Can we split /m/ into a weeb board and a non weeb board?

No. 23804

Agreed, new weeb would be nice

No. 23805

Sorry I'm high

No. 23806

They literally posted an almost 1 for 1 in here for no reason but as an extension post from that thread. Can you not read? I said nothing about reporting. This is meta, not a repost thread because anons are baiting users.

No. 23808

lots of gore in mtf thread

No. 23809

So dumb that guys get so triggered to do this every day now lol I got to home page and just thought “oh of course”

No. 23810

Log off. The only autist I see is >>23763 >>23772 >>23775 repeatedly asking for it because they refuse to take it inside /w

No. 23811

>haha so triggered over gore
Yes, believe it or not, sane people don't like looking at corpses randomly

No. 23813

I was referring to the people who constantly brigade the thread now to post gore, not users here who have to see it.

No. 23814

You guys don't need to post your autistic 'milk' in meta. Keep it in your thread.

No. 23815

Can asking for a pro ED/self harm/ etc. thread be a bannable offense? Skellychan came back to ask in /pt/ after everybody in /meta/ told her to fuck off a few months back. Anachans already have their containment thread in /snow/, though I think it'd be pretty funny to have a honey pot thread in /ot/ where any anon that posts in the "ED Support Thread" gets permabanned. With a special ban message that reads:

No. 23816

If I create a new thread for MM, will it be properly moderated? Not like the last time.
Several accounts are giving milk about Manson and Lindsay, and I am dying to kek about it with anons.

No. 23819

You mfs critiquing the milk in meta is what causes anons to bring it here, and honestly she’s a more interesting cow than nitpicking mikan’s nose, venus angelic’s looks for the thousand time, or kelly edens calves having shitty makeup.
It’s not autistic milk for a cow to mention a hundred times that they’re not going to be charging money or showing nudity and then doing that, you’re just salty about something. Log off x2

No. 23820

why do people get banned for emoticons like :/ or :^) or :u when the redtexts always say "emoji"? dumb. scrotechan boards have used goofy emoticons for over a decade now.

No. 23822

This isn't a scrotechan board tho

No. 23825

:^) pernus

No. 23826

Anon, calm down. You're making this a big deal for no reason. All I said was that meta isn't the place to post your milk because this isn't the nicole thread. I dint understand why you're going on about Mikan either. I said nothing about nitpicking or Mikan. Get some help for your autistic vendetta. There was no reason to post >>23784 here.

No. 23827

gonna need some cleanup in the creepshow thread. its infested with twitterfags.

No. 23828

Learn2read, I’m comparing her to other cows in costhot threads I follow and saying she’s more milky than them, replying with milk isn’t vendetta, also it’s clear now you’re this anon >>23720

No. 23829

Why? Just use the weeb board or take it to /ot/ it's meant to be a niche board not a 4ch clone.

No. 23830

Sorry to ask but is there no mtf thread now? I swear I've looked for it but I really can't find it

No. 23832

CTRL+F in catalog

No. 23833

An anon posted saying to so bumping and you come in here posting as is this were the nicole thread. Get fucking help. No one likes you guys.

No. 23834

Hopefully not

No. 23835

how big are your fingers?

No. 23838

Ban Genshin Impact discussion outside of their containment thread.

No. 23839

why what did they do

No. 23840

it's like adam driver. they pop up in every /ot/ and /m/ thread to shit it up

No. 23841

i've only seen them in the shitposting thread, shipping thread and husbando related threads, neither became derailed over it, unless there's something else i'm missing, their posts don't seem any different from people posting other games/series/characters they like.

No. 23842

>tfw no celebricows #26

No. 23843

Who's the namefag in the Creepshow Art thread, and why're they allowed to post? Or am I being retarded and 'Amy' is multiple anons posting with the name 'Amy' because it's an in-thread joke or something.

No. 23844

It's an in-thread joke. She was exposed for self-posting, and went 'it wasn't me it was Amy!'. So were all Amy now.

No. 23846

CP in /w/

No. 23847

cp even here, nice one mods

No. 23848

Jesus fucking Christ this site is a nightmare

No. 23850

File: 1623067876413.jpeg (119.37 KB, 700x700, 70D78C71-6195-4F20-8409-FD2A76…)

No. 23853

Don't tell me mods are asleep.

No. 23854

File: 1623068001383.jpeg (65.96 KB, 1000x642, D1CE2E44-7CCE-4F3A-9C00-010809…)

No. 23856

What the fuck is this site? Is a retard really risking jail time just to be edgy?

No. 23857

>To report online child sexual exploitation, use the electronic Cyber Tip Line (www.cybertipline.com) or call 1-800-843-5678.

Report him.

No. 23858

Theres a mod I’m guessing who removed all the CP in w, why can’t they do the same for meta???

No. 23859

What the fuck is wrong with this retarded website, get your shit together admin for fucks sake.

No. 23860

Because jannys don't have universal power over all of the boards, only farmhands do

No. 23861

I haven't been on this site for a while and the first thing I come back to is more cp drama. The mods are retarded, they are quick to ban and redtext newfags and other retarded posts, but leave up cp for like 20mins

No. 23862

It's almost as if the disgusting no-life scrote who wants to upset people waits until an optimal time when mods are away to post his disgusting shit, wild
Sure is too bad that there aren't like ten people in each global timezone who want to mod this site for free

No. 23863

There absolutely should be at least one person moderating this site at any given time to prevent shit like that from happening. If smaller websites can do it, this site can do it too.

No. 23864

Reminder to report CP before complaining about it. If you don't report it, the mods have to manually look for it in the recent posts tab instead of being able to just delete it from the report queue.

No. 23865

Well then there's not going to be a lolcow because there's aren't enough mods to do that, obviously
Like fucking obviously if there were enough people to stop this from happening, it would be done, wouldn't it? What, you think admin is in favor of cp? What's your thought process here? Fuck off god damn, yes I fucking mad

No. 23866

It's the same pics being spammed so can't they be blocked?

No. 23867

Reminder to send a tip to FBI and here >>23857 (assuming he's American)
Hope farmhands are also tipping, since they can actually see more info on the scrote. Best turn of events, he kills himself before the police arrives

No. 23869

He uses multiple VPNs and it's actually most likely two different people
farmhands are absolutely reporting it, but who knows what country he/they're in and whether or not the fbi is watching him already or if they even care
read the thread

No. 23870

I just think it's hilarious that everyone blames admin or mods and gets aggressive towards them for this stuff like they're the ones personally posting it.

Imagine you were a mod for a certain timezone that the cp was posted in. Imagine you have to go take a shit and grab a snack and it takes you 20 minutes. Anything can happen as soon as you walk away and when you get back it's been up for 20 minutes. I work a full time job and get more leniency than you stupid simpletons lend to the mods here, holy shit. I'm also curious why some of you haven't put in an application to become a farmhand since you hate the site so much, is it because you… don't have that much time or energy to focus on modding? I mod a different website and in taking a 10 minute break, 20 different people can break the rules and that's "10 minutes of retarded shit being kept up". And yeah I feel pretty bad that it's happened but it's literally impossible to predict and I'm not going to have my eyes glued to a screen for the entire time.

Some of you all really need to think a bit more critically sometimes with your 2-cent pea brains.

No. 23871

>read the thread
They either can't read or don't want to, you know this. They would rather not think farther than they can breathe because it's too much work for them and they enjoy being dramatic rather than using just a little rational thinking. But that's how fearmongering works. I also find it a bit weird that it's always like 10 people saying "jesus this site is awful" "wtf is wrong with admin!?! can we get a new one?!" every time this happens. It's such convenient timing that a large amount of people come here to say those exact things after cp is posted. Look back at other meta threads. Everytime cp is posted, it's the same phrases being spoken and repeated. (I'm not speaking specifically where people are reporting cp but the people that get vitriolic towards admin/farmhands). They always pretend like they don't know why mods aren't always around and they always say null should take over or we need to replace admin.


No. 23872

It’s interesting their hatred seems to be more towards the admins than the scrote posting the vile shit

No. 23873

Either apply to be a janny yourselves, pony up some cash to pay someone else to do it or go hang out on Facebook instead. Nobody wants to spend their time wading through CP and gore reports but they're doing it for you for free in their own time. How entitled and thankless can you be?!

No. 23874

tbh this is the part that's weirdest to me

No. 23875

>farmhands are absolutely reporting it
Did they say this? I may have missed it.

No. 23876

idk maybe check the other meta threads instead of expecting spoonfeeding.

No. 23877

nta so I don't know where they said it, but you would have to be pretty fuckin dumb to not report cp being posted on your website, I feel safe in assuming they do
Although I would like a reference if someone has one

No. 23878

Been mentioned in other threads by farmhands and admin it gets reported.

No. 23879

They contact the local police even if he is not American.

No. 23880

File: 1623078866531.jpeg (129.95 KB, 828x417, 8BEB5AA5-2413-4A5C-A51B-4C2D51…)

This you? Stop ban evading you piece of shit lol

No. 23881

I mean, can't specific images be blocked?

No. 23882

If they could, then why the fuck wouldn't they be, anon?

No. 23883

Wouldn't that require either admin to download the cp so that the software used to detect same images would know? Either that or admin would have to keep that cp stored somewhere, which is really not ideal, even if 4chan pedo mods do.

No. 23884

Okay but isn’t that just going to encourage the troll to bring in different kinds of CP? He had more than one which makes me think he probably has a folder ready to spam of one is banned

No. 23885

I hear you, I just read that it was something 4chan was able to do.
Hope the current situation can be solved in some way. All the best to the mods who have to deal with this shit.

No. 23887

I honestly think it's a farmer posting.

No. 23888

A lot of posts would get false flagged and that's a needless amount of work for those agencies when some photos are probably cow photos being added to the bunch because AI systems like that can't just look at a photo and determine the accurate age of a face. There isn't a set look for an age anyway in the face. Some people smoke, some drink, others use sunblock or had work done. You have 60 year olds looking 30 in some countries and some 20 and 30 year olds looking like they are still in high school. That's just inefficient.

No. 23889

If you want the problem solved, apply as a farmhand and expand the coverage. It's unrealistic to expect the current farmhands to be on alert all the time. They do have other things to do irl.

No. 23890

I thought so too, the photo that was spammed was one I've seen on here before. and it was just that one picture

No. 23891

Probably a moid who is blended in well and is now trying to become a part of staff or be the new admin. Or it's an anon who got banned from the site and is trying to be get back at the mods by being edgy due to chronic retardation. Or I'm just an autist and it's just a moid being a moid.

No. 23893

Nah, its clearly a farmer. The same one(s) that keep antagonizing the mods and admin. There is enough proof to suggest it from the way spergs go overboard in meta when farmhands won't bend over backwards for their threads.

No. 23894

I think you could be right. I've noticed one sperg recently that lurks some of the more argumentative threads and keeps ban evading to post dumb memes and even dumber quips. They really seem to have a stick up their ass about the admins, maybe it really is a farmer

No. 23895

Classic TERF femcel.

No. 23896

No? Why would you even allude to that? Don't just blame TERFs because you have a vendetta. I really doubt they would post cp to get at mods.

It's gotta be a kiwifag or a scrote, maybe a troon that wants the site taken down.

No. 23897

It's likely a moid that has problem with "terfs".

No. 23898

>terfs are posting cp
The absolute state of lolcow

No. 23899

I doubt it's an actual farmer having those theories, but rather someone who wants more infighting.

No. 23900

Kek so bothered

No. 23901

Twitterfags are really starting to overrun /snow/ and it’s painfully obvious and honestly so irritating. They shit up every single thread.

No. 23902

can mods pls delete all the new fag threads? Especially on /pt/ it’s shitting up the catalog
I know y’all don’t delete threads but fr if they are just newfags being retarded can’t the threads just go???
sorry if this is a stupid complaint I was just curious

No. 23903

Admin already said she's working on a solution to ban certain images from being posted, here >>23462

Also, the cp spam started after the time the kf thread was made, just saying.

No. 23904

not sure why this is such a mystery when the gore/CP spam directly segued off a raid from 4chan's /mtfg/, prominently coming from someone who has been doxxed and noted as a gore spammer and discord child predator years ago.

No. 23905

OT but I wish admins could reveal more cows that self-post, like Shannon/Creepshow. I know it’s a difficult thing to detect/trace though, it’s just annoying the amount of cows that selfpost in their thread and get away with it for years.

No. 23907

agree but i think it's too late, sadly.

No. 23908

seconding this
they’re not actual content, any more than ad spam would be

No. 23909

What’s your thought process? There are enough people and if you’re going to be mad, be mad at the person posting fucking CP on a site that lets it sit on the front page for 40 minutes, not someone giving a very simple solution.

No. 23910

NTA but
>be mad at the people posting
>that let it sit on the front page
these are two different people

>the front page


No. 23912

I think Eve’s thread should get put on autosage, we always have the same schizo-chan fighting with herself and saying that there’s this group of people stalking the cow when I still haven’t seen the first farmer’s screenshot with any sort of actual milk in quite a long time already.
I swear most of the posts are either the cow herself trying to stir some shit so she can get attention or this weird ass whiteknight who is trying to protect m’lady by bumping the already milkless thread.
It’s obnoxious at this point.

No. 23913

dw anon I got you >>>/ot/825059

No. 23914


This was my first time ever posting in a meta thread, and I rarely post on lolcow overall. Maybe it's incorrect to blame admin, but from where I'm standing as a mega lurker, I see a management team who has absolutely no handling of the board culture and as a result, angry mtfs are posting CP to 'piss off the terf website!!!'

No. 23915


Btw the separate cp thread in meta's OP was "what's a TELF?' so don't tell me that it's not a disgusting sperging troon

No. 23916

Do you need a reading comprehension course? That’s not what I wrote. I wrote be mad at the people posting CP and the site that left it up for 40 minutes. And yeah front page don’t be daft.

No. 23917

>name field
Bitch you need reading comprehension and a new pair of glasses.

No. 23918

It's almost impossible for something to remain on the front page for 10 minutes, let alone 40.

No. 23919

Eve who? And which board?

No. 23920

the creepshow thread is an absolute shitfest. Constantly bumping the thread with unsaged autism and reddit spacing blog posts.

No. 23921

Thank you!

No. 23922

>reddit spacing
this is honestly the new bane of my existence here

No. 23923

yep. saw an anon telling others to integrate while they space out every sentence. the irony.

No. 23924

samefagging but can mods pls do something about all the new fag threads being made?! like just delete them pls they offer no substance, i feel like everytime i come on lolcow there is some newfag thread being banned and it shits up the catalog, just delete them

No. 23925

>plebbit posting
That's been an issue for a long time now, along with anons doing the fucking "/s". If anything, unintegrated twitterfags are worse, they either mistake every board for /ot/ (not saging any of their non-contributing posts, "what do you guys think?"), moralfag about laughing at a cow or turn laughing at cows into some moralfagging crusade, and refuse to screenshot anything.

No. 23926


I second this.

No. 23927

Reddit spacing should be as verboten as emoji usage, especially double spacing. It always seems to be the lowest IQ posters doing it.

No. 23928

would it be worth it to apply as a janny if I don't know much at all about administration or any of the tech stuff? I'm NEETy and really want to be able to get rid of gore/whatever when the moids pop in

No. 23929

Mod and janitor roles don't require anything other than basic computer literacy.

No. 23930

I'd say it's worth it. And hey, you can acquire some great experience to put to use in other sites further down the line. If you can handle lolcow then I honestly think you can handle anything

No. 23931

anon above you seems oblivious
pretty sure there's an overlap, from what I've noticed. You're right though, they really don't screenshot anything either. A lot of threads are just "THIS" responses or "lol". It's constant verbal diarrhea that reads like a reactionary thread.

No. 23932

Why are you farmers so angry about extra spacing? I just realised that I've done it my entire imageboard posting life, before I knew Reddit existed. Sorry I guess.

No. 23933

it's part of the integration aspect. it makes people stand out in the same way that shitty twitterspeak and avatarfagging does.

No. 23934

It's a function in certain mobile phones too when you use punctuation. Anons are paranoid and think it's the same anon too. It's hilarious. Idiots don't even know basic functions on modern mobile keyboards.

No. 23936

You're the retard here. We're not talking about punctuation spacing.










Users use double spacing, which isn't necessary here (but is necessary on reddit) and is what is considered "reddit spacing". Holy shit lurkmoar, newfag.

No. 23937

File: 1623176225508.jpeg (329.12 KB, 1201x1800, C971F082-D944-4294-9D44-8697C2…)

Genuine question, how hard would it be for admin to confirm these are all Nicole? I’m sick of her shitting up the thread with her constant ban evading, her posts were getting red texts bans before her thread even existed and she was just briefly discussed in the costhot thread, the writing style is very similar to hers and they got another ban as recently as an hour ago. This shit has been going on for a year.
If it truly is her she’s actually retarded to think what she’s doing will help. The whole reason her thread even existed was because of her/a “scrote” seething at the mention of her.

No. 23938

Nicole's defenders never heard of the barbra streisand effect

No. 23939

That wasn't me, retard. I barely even post on this site.
It's called banter, sweetie.

No. 23940

is gore allowed if it's spoilered? I don't think so so I am mentioning here, there is gore behind a spoiler in the deerhoof thread in snow

No. 23941

Exactly lmfao. I would like to believe she’s not that dumb to continue for a year but she has a history of lurking on 4chan and any site that mentions her name (she would post images on FB bragging about people talking about her on various sites).

No. 23942

File: 1623187155898.png (116.54 KB, 880x986, ban.png)

I didn't know criticizing men for being homophobic, misogynistic pieces of shit is banned if they have dark skin.

Fuck you.

No. 23947

nobody cares about fags and your post is blatant racebait
>muh white people
gimme a break anon

No. 23948

That's literally the documentary tho. It's made by a homophobic, closeted black man and the entire thing is about how white people have been trying to keep black men down by turning them gay and the LGBT movement is a white supremacist conspiracy.

>nobody cares about fags

So homophobia is allowed but criticizing a black man for being homophobic isn't? Nothing I said was racist.

No. 23949

The deerhoof thread is a mess. Pretty sure it’s getting bumped by the same maniac.

No. 23951

File: 1623190617893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.62 KB, 720x1280, 167728958_4208255402518573_422…)


No. 23952

File: 1623191524887.jpg (497.74 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20210608-182323_Chr…)

Can admins clean up the influx of newfags threads clogging up the front page of /pt/. Is this even possible? Yall ban the person but leave the thread up.

No. 23953

Your ban appeal was accepted but tread carefully with the discussion. That goes for everyone. /pol/ anons will get banned.
Some janitors can't delete threads so that's probably the reason. Thanks for letting us know.

No. 23955

Encourages them to attention whore more.

No. 23958

Trying to report the non saging retards in the creepshow thread, but its honestly hopeless. Every other post is a derail or a tinfoil.

No. 23959

An article was just released today. Don't waste your time reporting.

No. 23960

So much infighting, the newfags are autistic for ruining what was once a great thread

No. 23961

I swear to God exposing creepshow for self posting was a bad move. There are newfag retards coming in because of YouTube drama channels mentioning lolcow. The sheer amount of autism being posted in /pt/ and /snow/ wasn't worth the milk

No. 23962

>wasn't worth the milk
It was though.

No. 23964

I think it was worth the milk and this will pass but holy fuck they're so annoying and they're spreading everywhere.

No. 23966

Can someone shut up all the anachans in /celeb/

No. 23969

Nah, it was definitely worth it. And it's not like this is the first time this shit has happened. Joy Sparkles, MM / the celeb thread, pedojared and hoelly, TND. There's been heaps. It passes.
And it has been great watching Shamu burning down her brand and making mistake after mistake in the aftermath.

No. 23971

you that same anon in the thread trying to force that cringe nickname?

No. 23973

No, it wasn't. We're already low on staff as it is, now we have to deal with this mass influx of tumblrinas, twitterfags, and normies who as stated before, refuse to integrate. I don't mind her being outed for self-posting, all attention whoring self posters deserve to get dragged, but pinning her thread feels unnecessary. Especially since she's just some literal who, that hadn't even posted anything particularly funny and just like Joy, only shilled her yt while pretending to be a "farmer"

No. 23974

The picture that started the anachans off is the most obvious body check ever from a clearly underweight woman. How is the way she is deliberately jutting her collar bones out not a dead giveaway? All the little ana crack heads in any body check ever do that same pose

Or, you could just look at her and see the obvious

No. 23975

Because an anon with a retarded take, trolling, or saying something along the lines of what a cow says can lead to anons infighting about how they aren't said cow Mods can check my IP. or anons shitting up a thread with retarded tinfoils about how a cow is not only lurking but posting in said thread.

No. 23976

it looks like a generic pose to me tbh, i've seen people with other body types do it. isn't body checking like squeezing your arms and shit?

No. 23977

Body checking is more often than not posed pictures. Squeezing and stuff is part of it, but if you've seen people who body check online for attention you'll instantly clock it on people who are being more covert about it. It's the small details that give it away

No. 23978

Bodychecks in this context are selfies where the person is doing awkward poses to highlight how skinny they are. Bending forward, flexing neck, holding arms in a way that bones jut out more, sucking in excessively etc.. You can google bodycheck ed to get a clearer picture.

No. 23979

did some googling and most of the results are spoops showing their stomach or lifting their shirt, and random hockey players

No. 23980

I never said anything about the validity of the content but everyone yelling at each other saying "fatty u mad lol" is unnecessary derailing, the kind that turns the celeb thread to an even steadier pile of shit than normal

No. 23981

Please redtext the word "based". It's scrote tier levels of non-engagement.

No. 23982

This. It reeks of underage newfag.

No. 23983

it's been used here for years though

No. 23984

No. 23985

this but make it pink and sparkly so its gay to say based

No. 23986

Not based. Honestly, it's one of those imageboard culture things that I wouldn't mind staying, especially since I think the occasional times an anon uses it or the "Hello, based department?" meme is pretty funny but, that's just me.

No. 23987

Is the H3 thread fucked up for anyone else? Like posts are missing and the format is all weird

No. 23988

I don't care about the word per se and yes, the memes are funny.
But newfags having nothing to contribute except from stupid takes like "kek", "based", "lmfao xd" is quite obnoxious.
LC isn't a livechat.

No. 23989

Can someone pls make an artbreeder thread?

No. 23990

Ayrt. Oh, I agree but, that's more of an integration issue than it is the word itself. There's nothing that can really be done about that unless we have another hellweek to ward off the influx of newfags and tourists who mistake this site for twitter or a chatroom.

No. 23991

Having this problem but with celebricow thread

No. 23992

Lol just realised I hade sage posts hidden >>23987

No. 23993

An autist bumped the Nicole thread in /w/ more than 12 times just to infight. I reported it since it started over an hour ago but not seeing farmhand handing out any bans

Shittiest thread ever

No. 23994

Reading through it, the anon is pointing out where vendetta posters are posting misleading information and where timestamps are hidden because anons are trying to make claims about Nicole that aren't true or are over exaggerated. You can't complain about anons calling out incorrect info. That's your fault for posting fake news essentially.

No. 23995

What does my post have to do with that? I’m complaining about them bumping the thread 12 times? It’s mostly from a newfag. Nicole’s thread doesn’t deserve to be at the top of /w/ without any recent milk

No. 23996

Weren't you guys complaining about anons complaining about bumping the vendetta posts too? You don't get to pick and choose what you get away with when you're called out.

No. 23997

Dustin Daily posted her lolcow thread on his yt, so you guys are going to get a lot of newfags for a while

No. 23998

>time stamps are hidden
The drama posted yesterday was recent and the time stamps weren't hidden though

No. 23999

Referring to the tattoo posts.

No. 24000

File: 1623353719481.jpg (85.37 KB, 789x507, two.JPG)

newfag anon made two threads

No. 24001

Honestly the thread description seems ok, sometimes there’s a delay whenever you’re trying to create a new thread so it posts without you knowing so you try to make another one and it just results in duplicates.

No. 24002

kek, anon is mad because no one is enabling their autistic obsession with gossiping about lolcows by interacting with them. based anons!

No. 24003

once again i am samefagging
mods pls delete the new fag threads made by retards on /pt/ & /snow/
all they do is shit up the catalog they do not need to be archived just delete them pls theyre getting so annoying

No. 24004

Lol they don't delete threads, anon. They're going to be there forever. Just like the threads and posts made by moids. It's just how it is.

No. 24005

Thread OP here, loading took forever and then I got some gateway error and it had doubleposted. I deleted the duplicate thread as soon as I saw.

No. 24007

Fembo thread is being derailed by schizos talking about how all male fetuses should be aborted

No. 24008

There's way too many anons not sageing their posts and making stupid threads lately, it's really annoying.

No. 24010

The amount of autism here is strong. Anons were sperging when comparisons with Nicole and Leda were made, at least photos were provided from the first thread and proof of her shooping her own pictures when non-sageing anon denied it

Keep in mind the same anon(s) kept posting about Nicole’s stalker copying her tattoos without providing images or proof whatever except their word, when it’s an image board. When asked for proof they just stayed silent. It doesn’t work like that, I wasn’t around for the first thread so I have no vendetta against this girl but I’m allowed to complain in meta if a retard bumps the thread over 13 times without any images to back up what they’re saying.

I hope there doesn’t become a third thread, Nicole’s thread (and most threads in /w/ for that matter) attract the most autists and it’s not worth it

No. 24011

We discovered brandon was the cause of those before and after shots. No1currs, anon.

No. 24012

It's on the first thread that addi copied her. Don't come here and bitch about going out of your way not to go through the old thread and then complain that it's not in the new thread. It's all been hashed out already.

No. 24013

File: 1623377017496.jpg (6.67 KB, 225x224, Luigi.jpg)

>mfw I have to be rude because some of you newfags don't know how to behave

No. 24014

She said she was going to get the same tattoos but don’t call me a lazy anon just because you don’t have proof that she actually followed through with it, I looked on her page and none of her tats resemble Nicole’s lmao

No. 24017

You don’t matter lmfao, I’m just in meta to complain about the sperg who doesn’t know how to sage or use an imageboard
Also don’t try to pass off every single shoop as his, >>>/w/155373 isn’t his

No. 24019

File: 1623377970766.jpeg (97.56 KB, 828x477, 8DF166B5-86E5-4FCC-92B9-B28CFE…)

Thanks to the farmhand who banned the non-sageing autist, they probably do this shit in dozens of other threads

No. 24021

You guys don't usually sage either. Plenty of nitpicking posts and derailing tinfoil on the other side too. You're all annoying and this girl isn't anymore milky than other costhots.

No. 24022

Nooo it’s you again, saying “you guys” and blaming one anon for every retard to every exist in the Nicole thread
I for one sage my posts unless it’s milk like >>23784
I can smell you seething because you seem to have a hate boner for that thread yet at the same time you can’t look away. Get a job, anon

No. 24023

File: 1623393827971.jpeg (187.71 KB, 828x512, 18659449-C428-427F-A390-D4FFB8…)

Half the anons in creepshow art are garbage because they didn’t even read the OP this time, where it blatantly says

- Don't post petty insults and nitpicks ("she fat xD"), stick to discussing the drama.

Oh boy can’t wait for hundreds of red texts by the time the thread is full

No. 24024

I'm grouping you with the anons complaining about the unsaging when the vendetta posters do it too. Stop being so paranoid. Sorry I didn't say "you anons"? This is the same nitpicking done in the thread and if you're going to bump a thread, stop being so mad when anons do their own digging to participate. There's so much that is obvious to point out as false narritives, so being mad someone like the unsaged anon's posts, were doing it, is you and other anons, faults. You don't get to pick who gets to say what in a thread, so be ready when people call out bullshit and doing so isn't whiteknighting either.

No. 24025

It’s not nitpicking, the ethot who was so anti-sex work saying it’s undignified started selling her nudes
I have never once said you’re whiteknighting, but you’re free to bring your autism to a locked thread

No. 24027

What is going to happen with the Nicole thread, now it's locked? I had the impression non of the anons knew how to set up a new thread and now nobody can post anymore.

No. 24028

I'm waiting for a new thread to be made, or I'll make it if nobody else does, I'm not an expert on Nicole but I find her threads amusing.

No. 24029

The new thread is just a bunch of self important anons who think blogposting their take on the drama is milk worthy.

No. 24030

Hellweek when

No. 24031

I hope it's soon. These bastards think this site is Twitter 2.0.

No. 24033

Hell week soon please. I suddenly understand what the anons said about extra spacing, god they're everywhere now.

No. 24034

I've been here since 2016 and I use "extra spacing" because I don't like posting a wall of text. Some people just like to separate their paragraphs, this whole redditspacing sperging is just absolutely fucking retarded

No. 24035

Same, but


I saw

this kinda


No. 24036


It's really more like they post a reply and then press enter

Then they post another sentence and press enter again

Press enter one more time so they can reply to another person


Yeah I agree with what you said, just showing another example

No. 24037

I’m waiting for her to have new milk before considering making another thread tbh

No. 24038

As in oh no she posted new nudes and its real milk because she said she wouldn't but now she does? The site isn't an archive base. Go make a discord for that.

No. 24039

I saw that. reeeeee I just want them all gone.

No. 24040

You really like to dumb down her milk huh? You left out the part where she says sex work is undignified and she makes an honest living loving herself with her clothes on lol
>Multiple videos dancing with her hands off the wheel and recording snapchats showing off items in her car while driving the speed limit, all while telling people she would never touch her phone while driving and anyone who does that is an idiot, gets into car accidents while mysteriously leaving out what causes it too
>Illegally giving out injections as a pharm tech because her mom is the boss and she never went to med school, got the job at 18 directly after graduating high school with no higher education, while also claiming she’s helping people because she works in the medical field and rejected modelling opportunities because she’s a selfless person

The milk is her being a massive hypocrite anon, the reason her first thread was created was the anon seething at the mention of her and when being spoonfed milk while also pretending they don’t see it. You’re probably the same sperg who spent over a year trying to get her thread locked just because you don’t like people discussing her

No. 24041

>some people just like to separate their paragraphs
no one reads this shit. it's an image board. anons shouldn't be writing fucking paragraphs.
go back to twitter

No. 24042

Idk where else to post this, and I’m scared I’ll make a shit thread bc I don’t make threads, but I feel like someone experienced should make a new Sabrina Nellie thread? Also where do thread requests usually go? I’m sorry I’m retarded

No. 24043

i read them tbh. this site is for discussion too.

No. 24044

>no one reads this shit. it's an image board. anons shouldn't be writing fucking paragraphs
i could shout this from the mountaintops

No. 24045

>where do thread requests usually go?
there's a thread pinned to the top of /pt/ for that

No. 24047

when admins say it’s an imageboard they mean to provide visual proof of the milk you’re talking about, not you being too lazy to read more than a few sentences

anyways most images if provided with proof/milk still consist of paragraphs

No. 24048

>not you being too lazy to read more than a few sentences
Imageboards are used to communicate as much information as possible between users in a clear and concise manner without clogging it down with text. This is not reddit, this is not twitter, and this is not kiwifarms. No one wants to read your autistic monologue.
>anyways most images if provided with proof/milk still consist of paragraphs
No, they don't. If you are writing actual paragraphs, you are either blogposting or tinfoiling, both of which are against the rules.

No. 24050

So, are you planning on bringing that up every chance you get in order to pass off new nudes as milk? No1currs after you said it the first time, but basing everything she does in porn now and trying to desperately connect it to something said, then she changed her mind, is autistic as fuck. Yeah, she said no and now she shows herself. Cool. And? What more do you want out of that conversation? That's not milky enough to expand upon when you just keep parroting yourself, adding fake context to anything you can in order to feign milk, and tinfoiling without actual proof like the cheating thing just because anons don't think guys and girls can hang out alone without fucking. Your thread is bad and that's why anons have been pointing out all the fake posts and anons will keep doing it as long as you post ambiguous storylines that are easy to disprove. Everyone knows the anons in there have an vendetta, mods have also called it out. Go back to the costhot where other anons will say the same thing.(quit sperging about Nicole)

No. 24051

File: 1623447728205.jpeg (14.72 KB, 399x117, A31BBC70-73D8-4620-A536-2933E8…)

No. 24054

Don't bump threads then get mad when anons want to participate, but have to go through the trouble of calling out vendetta bullshit in order to actually get the truth about a cow. Hiding a thread doesn't change the wrong information posts.

No. 24055

her ex friend chase confirmed her cheating though
still haven’t heard your opinion on her illegally injecting people at her mom’s pharmacy with no education past high school

No. 24056

Regarding the creepshowart outting, are admins able to see if Shannon is currently posting from a new IP/VPN? I don’t want to hi cow, but given her penchant for “this person is creepshow 2.0/creepshow but somehow worse/no better than creepshow” some of the anons in her latest thread are sounding a lot like her.

No. 24057

I've never seen anyone this dedicated to hating a thread lol

No. 24058

They’ve been doing it for over a year lmao. As soon as anyone points out legitimate milk they grasp for straws and go “but but one vendetta chan in the thread made tinfoil milk and and she never cheated!! Porn isn’t milk! The cow is doing something illegal and injecting people without a medical license??!? Fake context!”
It’s reaally not that deep. We’re all just here to point at the cow and laugh, but they are attempting to make it a cringe gossip forum war of vendettas vs whiteknights

No. 24059

He said he heard that, not that he had proof and it was true. Also contacting him to get milk, what do you want him to say to a stranger? Why are anons contacting people related to the cow?

No. 24060

File: 1623461858000.jpeg (98.76 KB, 639x1002, 149870FC-ED4A-43D9-A6D9-0010E8…)

He heard that because he’s bestfriends with Nicole’s ex, if you have a problem with anons interacting with people who don’t even communicate with the cow anymore then report it, but as of now I don’t see a ban on that post
2. You still didn’t answer my question about Nicole illegally giving injections to patients without a license (relevant pic)

No. 24061

i don't know or care who this is, but why is the complaints/suggestions thread being shit up with all this?

No. 24062

Can you stop responding to the obvious wk bait and make a new fucking thread for nicole already?

No. 24063

File: 1623465232206.jpeg (454.95 KB, 828x991, 7EFB65C2-910D-47BC-8C2A-26DF0E…)

Can admins just purge every single Reddit newfag in Shannon’s thread who decides to write paragraph upon paragraph of their personal opinion?

No. 24066

I made the thread, hope it’s not too shitty lmao

No. 24067

File: 1623484431485.png (39.61 KB, 1458x481, dontletyourpostslooklikethis.P…)

Here's an actual in-thread example of redditposting in action.
Do half the posters in pixielock's thread have autism or are they just pull refugees?

No. 24068

Seriously, after reading the thread I assumed it was one anon but there seem to be multiple obsessed with double spacing and blogposting. Jfc

No. 24069

File: 1623498817715.jpeg (217.03 KB, 562x586, 72ABF230-D159-4638-87B2-1E8BB6…)

can you please ban the unhinged racebaiting /pol/fag in the scandinavia thread? i've reported several times and he's still going

No. 24070

I really hope there are a good portion of farmhands now. Because, as milky as the creepshow outing was, there are now commentary channels name-dropping the lolcow link on half-a-million views videos.

No. 24071

File: 1623513885123.png (33.54 KB, 916x561, shit.png)

This is the entire thread. Twitterfags making non contributing posts, not saging, and reddit spacing.

No. 24072

Some scrote is posting in /2X/

No. 24073

the utter newfaggotry is seeping into the rest of the threads in /snow/ too unfortunately

No. 24074

File: 1623517764561.png (3.52 KB, 396x99, retard.png)

and then you have retards like this who try too hard to integrate and don't even sage their own shit. Just perma ban these people, honestly. I appreciate the farmhands for banning some of newfags, but they either come back, or new ones enter the thread.

No. 24075

If this is on a non o/g/m board, your complaint is fine. But not all unsaged posts are newfags, esp. on o/g/m

No. 24076

samefag but don't call me a newfag for not doing ot. I'm lazy and also kinda driving

No. 24077

It was in the creepshow thread, I know why they didn't sage, probably because the thread is pinned so anons don't really see a point but, that doesn't change the fact that the thread is infected with reddit/twitterfags.

No. 24078

The whole thread should be autosaged

No. 24079

Is that why the site has been flooded with newfriends making threads about ~problematic~ randos?

No. 24080

Ban the anon in /ot/ who writes LMAO in every post they make

No. 24082

So much nitpicking about double spacing. People really getting triggered over that, out of everything? Autism is off the charts.

No. 24083

>so much
calm down, it was only me and another sperg
I honestly wouldn't go full autismo if the newfags wouldn't fuck up the other threads too

No. 24084

>so much nitpicking about spacing
Relax, redditor. People are mainly pissed about the lack of integration, reddit spacing just happens to be a trait that a lot of unintegrated twitterfags share, but that seemed to have went over your head.

No. 24085

No one is really bothered by the double spacing, it's just something that makes the newfaggotry obvious. Newfags should be banned for not integrating, simple as that.

No. 24086

File: 1623533766547.jpeg (569.56 KB, 828x1223, 1DA692B0-539B-487A-A393-B0EF56…)

This troll has been posting the same picture in different boards (first meta, now w) and although his threads keep getting deleted he manages to do it some more.

Can you just permanently ban this retard? Or if he’s ban-evading then rip. It’s just annoying to see this uggo at the top of every board when I check lc

No. 24088

You honestly think mods aren't permabanning this guy? Of course he's ban evading

No. 24089

Can someone please explain why the moderating for the MtF thread is so much stricter than say, the Frenemies or the Corpse threads? Is there a specific janny assigned to the MtF thread? Each of these threads are in /snow/ and fall under the same rules. I would expect jannies to be stricter about the Frenemies thread because it’s more active than the MtF thread, mostly due to drama atm but also probably due to the fact that anons aren’t redtexted every couple of posts which makes the thread’s atmosphere noticeably more easygoing.
I’m not trying to snitch on the Frenemies thread so please don’t make any changes. I really love that it doesn’t seem like anons are walking on eggshells. But the presence of blogposting, derailing, nitpicking, even medfagging with zero redtexts and thus little to no mentions of bans/jannies. The amount of speculation occurring within the thread is healthy imo, including medfagging for Trisha’s BPD and schizophrenia which are both relevant as fuck just like trannies’ narcissism and AGP. In the Frenemies thread a few scrote posters and newfags have gotten redtexted but that’s pretty much it. Then you have the MtF thread which is held to a much higher standard where anons who are arguably contributing the most are the ones getting redtexted and banned.
You call anons within the MtF thread paranoid but the difference in moderation between the two threads is staggering. Call me crazy but do jannies and the admin want the MtF thread to die? I feel like this struggle between the farmers of the MtF thread and the jannies is at least partly because you never address us in full. Please just tell us of the moderating process for the MtF thread vs the others. I’ve contributed to the MtF thread for at least over a year now and have created numerous milk compilations for the most recent threads. But the way it stands all of my bans are pretty much for stuff within that thread (“derailing” or outright unjustified bans that I have to appeal) which would fly in nearly any other thread on this site. I liked providing milk but I think I’m going to give up posting there at this point. Are you happy? At least just be transparent and answer this question—what is with the double standards? Do you have separate jannies assigned to the MtF thread or…? And do the jannies actually hate this thread? The ban messages (not redtexts, actual bans) from jannies in that thread are always so salty relative to any ban I’ve gotten from the rest of the site. It would probably be better if you put someone in there who doesn’t have such a huge conflict of interest? Just answer these questions pls, I’m legit about to make a KF account.

No. 24090

btw there's been a full frontal naked pic of shayna unspoiled in her thread for 8 hours

No. 24091

>I’m legit about to make a KF account.
it's much worse there, friend

No. 24092

Probably because mods have to keep a really close eye on Mtf thread (aka keeping the page open and refreshing constantly) as opposed to the other threads.

No. 24093

File: 1623545449765.png (99.92 KB, 516x327, lol.png)

Where are these people coming from…? It can't just be from Twitter.

No. 24094

File: 1623545905051.png (24.66 KB, 950x222, creepshow.png)

Youtube. Everyone is referencing lolcow in their videos of the recent creepshow drama. The entire thread is blogposting/tinfoil garbage.

No. 24095

File: 1623546127843.jpg (65.21 KB, 640x960, sigh.jpg)

I just want us to be left alone…

No. 24096

File: 1623546228696.png (61.98 KB, 1488x176, ...png)

There's a retard "hi cowing" >>1254064

No. 24098

In the Youtuber General #8 thread.

No. 24099

Anon you can always copy the link of a post, >>>/snow/1254064 so you can quote a post from a different board

No. 24100

File: 1623547311190.jpg (39.94 KB, 600x424, boop.jpg)

Thank you.

No. 24101

Oh of course it’s worse but do I really have a choice? At least the white supremacist smegmoid moderation team won’t ban me every other day for just for posting within the thread. I’ve had to appeal two bans in the last 2 weeks that were mistakes on the janny’s part bc whoever is moderating is banning like a schizo.

No. 24103

Ohhhhh that explains the true crime derailers in the Onion thread. One of those chicks that puts drag makeup on while talking about murders must have mentioned Onion, or else the fandoms just overlap.

No. 24104

The moderation of the site has always been incredibly unbalanced and awful. Some threads like MtF have always been watched like a hawk (yet for some reason gore stays up for hours) meanwhile some other threads are left completely unmoderated and the spergs run wild. I have given up on the MtF thread here, I just read the tranny sideshow thread on KF. I like the femboy thread tho cause they are pretty much the same level of hilarious as tranners and the Frenemies thread is great too so I will stay for those.

It's very obvious tho that radfems are not welcome on the site anymore by admin and moderation.

>it's much worse there, frien
it's really not. Granted I only lurk and don't have an account, but it seems users there mostly seem to patrol each other and if you post is dumb you get dumb stickers and move on. It definitely doesn't have as many rules as here where you get banned for dissenting against the general opinion of the site.

No. 24105

>"Ban this person who disagrees with me! REEEE!"
She's right about Sweden as well.

No. 24106

>using their reddit-tier upvote downvote systen as a general show of quality.
Fucking kek. I'd argue we have better moderation though that's not saying much considering entire threads on kf get derailed by pathetic moids spending pages upon pages either blogposting about their lives or giving everyone their unwanted political manifesto with kf mods doing fuck all about it, along with it being the norm that users drop reddit-tier paragraphs trying to larp about their knowledge on subjects they know jack shit about. I know a lot of our radfem/gc anons are still pissed about the way admin's been treating them but come the fuck on, just because kf let's you shit on trannies doesn't automatically negate the fact that a majority of the userbase, and null, are edgy autsitc women-hating neets who like to larp as the last bastion of "muh freeze peach". Along with it's female users being troons, handmaidens, insecure landwhales/anachans, or equally autistic as their male counterparts.

No. 24107

I can tell that they are avid reddit users as well
And then proceed to write about their retarded tinfoil or blogpost.

No. 24108

there is an influx of retards fighting in the cam girl thread.

No. 24109

>no you can't talk about GC on lolcow.farm, fuck off radfems you ruin everything!
Ok we'll go somewhere else then where the discussion we want to have is allowed
>NOOOO how dare you go somewhere else?! Don't you know that this is the only good website on the internet? What about evil Null the literal child rapist?!

Sorry but their thread on tranners is a lot more entertaining. Yeah people sperg out in it sometimes but if you're a person who's not a total autist you can just.. you know, scroll past it. The ability to include multiple images in a post is also a huge bonus that this place doesn't have. And some people like to actually engage in discussions and aren't afraid to read more than 10 words of text.

Doesn't mean I won't still come here for other threads, it's not like you have to pick a team, you can use multiple websites.

No. 24110

nta but if you can stomach KF, more power to you. i found it insufferable years ago and would much rather deal with LC’s brand of autism.

No. 24111

Anon I think you were born under a rock because the main reason why the MtF thread is getting more moderation is because it was spammed with gore and offensive imagery by a particular individual that shouldn’t be named (because we don’t titillate male egos here). It was locked for a few hours or maybe a few days to reduce spam and was unlocked with tight moderation, it isn’t because there’s bias among the jannies or something.

No. 24112

File: 1623601332090.png (10.78 KB, 1083x129, why.png)

can we ban anons who coddle newfags by responding to them and telling them how to sage. They are perfectly capable of lurking long enough to read the rules that admin referenced. Let the newfags get banned for not integrating.

No. 24113

It was a misogynist scrote shitting up the thread, it wasn't a matter of different opinions.

No. 24114

Just want to thank the farmhands monitoring and banning all the newfags in the creepshow thread, god bless

No. 24115

File: 1623612266337.png (10.16 KB, 638x157, newfriends.png)

god help us

No. 24118

hopefully the novelty wears off for them fairly quickly and they leave

No. 24119

as long as they think they have "cows" to discuss, the novelty will never wear off.

No. 24120

There’s a lot of blogging and derailing in the fakeboi thread. The last thread was one of the worst I’ve ever seen here and it seems to be carrying over to the new one.

No. 24121

you’re right, i’m just trying to convince myself it’ll improve at this point

No. 24122

yeah this site just needs a purging, which most likely won't happen. I think the most frustrating aspect is the blogposting and non contributing posts that clog up threads.

No. 24123

MtF thread has ALWAYS been tightly moderated, way before gore was being spammed. Maybe you're the one "born under a rock", newfag.

No. 24124

KEK. Fucking newfags.

No. 24125

It doesn’t seem tightly moderated at all, if anything it seems like the rules of /snow/ dont even apply there. Barely any of the posts even stick to the thread topic and there isn’t much redtext. The first frenemies thread has a similar amount of redtext to the mtf one. At least the frenemies thread is actually talking about cows whereas the mtf one is just being used as a gc general thread or a thread where people dump random, contextless selfies from Reddit of some irrelevant ugly tranny and call that “milk”. I think spergs in that thread just think any moderation at all is them being targeted.
>But the presence of blogposting, derailing, nitpicking, even medfagging with zero redtexts and thus little to no mentions of bans/jannies.
This is as, if not more, true for the mtf thread. Also why would there be mentions of bans/jannies in the thread? I know spergs in the mtf thread do that but you’re not supposed to and it’s not suspicious if people aren’t posting derailing about their bans or sperging about jannies in a thread?

No. 24126

i blame this anon for foretelling the steep decline in the shayna thread

No. 24127

File: 1623627940008.gif (86.15 KB, 640x326, 1618428735922.gif)

>newfags treating the csa thread as if it was reddit or twitter quote replies

No. 24128

holy shit mods can you guys pls delete all the new fag threads on pt literally pt has just become a new fag breeding ground its insane

No. 24129




No. 24130

File: 1623628582105.png (24.13 KB, 892x294, spaces.png)

No. 24131

Mods don't seem to have an issue with the double spacing, so can you guys stop filling up meta with screenshots and just posting them? Just report them. I don't know why anons keep using meta as a thread extension.

No. 24132

File: 1623650173743.png (71.18 KB, 1088x431, g.png)

The "near max posts" message seems useless at this point since no one actually understands it and will keep making new threads anyway

No. 24133

There’s a raid or something happening in leftcows, there’s been a bunch of unsaged sperging for hours

No. 24134

>tfw /ot/ anons were whining about lolcow users being too mean
If being an asshole means shooing off newfags, then I'm all for it. Admin-sama, if you're reading this, I would like to suggest you redirect newfags who get banned to our "sister site" ala post-pull shutdown. Or make a sitewide announcement along the lines of, "for all of our newfriends who seek a site that is much more inclusive and twitter friendly, please visit our sister site!"

No. 24135

Not all bans are redtexted because mods are retards.
>Oh no people are having discussions about a topic that they all feel strongly about and are not just constantly posting milk without talking about it ever

No. 24136

>Oh no my secret club doesn't need any new members! You don't want your site's userbase to grow now, do you amin?
This gatekeeping is really cringe and tiresome.

No. 24137

I know, the original post doesn’t seem to get that though. Imo any other thread consistently that off topic would have simply been locked or banned by now. No one expects milk all the time but pretty much none of the posts in that thread are milk. And no one cares how passionately you feel about whatever you’re derailing about, it’s still off topic. The rules are the same regardless of what the topic is. There’s nothing to seethe over.

No. 24138

I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I agree. Just ban them, hopefully most will learn to integrate and if not they’ll just get bored in a couple of weeks when this is old news.

No. 24139

Gatekeeping is good. How will the site benefit with teenagers being the new userbase anyway?

No. 24140

cheers for the staunch work lately farmhands/admins, there's been a fucktonne of redtexting in specific places lately but it's been truly needed. your time and effort is appreciated.
while I'm at it, hope all anons have a wonderful day/night. been super sweet and helpful on /ot/ lately, thank you all.

No. 24141

Having few users is still better than having low quality users.

No. 24142

Ok but our current situation is that we have both few users and a lot of low quality users. Bringing in some new users who are willing to integrate would be good.

No. 24143

I mean, they said fag later in the post. Seems like they were being patronising or maybe they're so new they don't know what the original term was.

No. 24144

>implying the twitter and youtube comment channel watching newfags are any better than the current userbase

No. 24145

Yes because we are our own kind of autism.

No. 24146

you're entitled to your own wrong opinion

No. 24147

Seethe twitterfag, nobody wants this to become another PULL where people unironically blogpost about their gender identities and accuse a cow of ableism or white supremacy because they ate a hamburger in Japan.

No. 24148

I think anons need to be honest with themselves, like realistically you know damn well plenty of farmers use social media and watch normie YouTube videos. At this point most thread topics are based on twitter personalities or youtubers. If they can learn to integrate and adapt to the culture here than who cares.

No. 24149

It just seems like a bit of an over reaction to act like that’s what’s happening based off increased traffic for a couple of weeks due to specific drama that will be old news soon and most newfags will lose interest in anyway. We’ve had newfags flood threads many times before (Onision, Dasha, Marilyn Manson, Belle etc) and it never significantly changes the board culture bc all those things you listed are banned anyway. Relax.

No. 24150

but they aren't integrating, even with our understaffed farmhand giving warnings left and right.

No. 24151

The reason they aren’t integrating is because they don’t give the slightest shit about this site, its rules, the culture at all, they’re only here out of curiosity and because of the Amy drama created by Creepshow. They shouldn’t even be called newfags because at least newfags acknowledge that you need to use jargon and lingo to fit in around here despite them tucking up multiple times. They are just lurkers who post.

No. 24152

>Unironically wanting this site to become another PULL

No. 24153

Wait kek I'm >>24145 I read your post wrong. I'm sorry. I didn't sleep when I read that.

No. 24155

Would it be possible to put the Deerhoof thread on autosage? I feel like the milk is minimal and the only one who uses it regularly is some insane stalker who keeps ban evading and bumping it to the first page with his ramblings.

No. 24156

Kek it's fine, I agree with you.

Yeah, but they're still farmers who are familiar with imageboards. If too many newfags who know nothing about imageboards (and the tism surrounding it) and dislike or don't give a shit about the culture of it, migrate all at once, it kills the atmosphere, the old userbase leaves and the website becomes just like the ones the newfags originally came from.
In short, I don't want lolcow to go down the way /cgl/ did.

No. 24157

Scat in /pt/

No. 24159

I also came here to suggest this

No. 24160

I appreciate how well the leftcows thread is moderated. It attracts so many raids and they always get banned and redtexted really quick.

No. 24163

I’m the OP of the original complaint; I used to agree with you. Hell sometimes I fucking hate KF and its autistic alt right userbase. But Ovarit doesn’t have a tranny cow thread and it’s impossible to contribute in the MtF thread without being banned. I got banned for a WEEK with the explanation “:)”, I didn’t even reply to bait. This is my second ban in like a month that had no reasoning behind it. Whoever moderates the MtF thread is purposefully trying to make the site unusable for those of us who contribute the most to that thread. Look at the redtexts and compare it to the Frenemies threads which are full of blogposting, derailing, medfagging, etc. The janny team can laugh at me for being a schizo but I strongly recommend admin herself looks into whoever is banning everyone in that thread if it isn’t her herself. I’ve tried to be rational about it but that janny’s redtexts are over the top and the bans are constantly having to be appealed bc he’s got some issue against the farmers in that thread. I highly recommend hiring someone else because the person keeps giving me bans that I have to appeal since they make no fucking sense/aren’t justified.
The redtexting in Frenemies is mostly for obvious newfags just fyi. The redtexting in the MtF thread is for farmers, many of whom are just discussing the milk. i know some of it is justified but a good portion of it is reaching.
Btw banning gore isn’t the same thing as banning farmers who converse about the milk. It’s gotten worse in the last year.
Ofc I understand this which is why I ask WHY does the janny in the MtF need to redtext and make their presence so obvious when banning “derailing”/“blogposting”/etc. then? For those of us who contribute to MtF we already know that the janny is there because we’re being banned over and over.

Also I feel like you all are assuming that the reasons I’ve been banned are justified. Half of them are not, I frequently have to appeal because like I said, the janny is a schizo and is banning for zero fucking reason but simply to ban anons.

No. 24165

are you sperging this much in other threads or just /meta/?

No. 24167

Can farmhand lock or delete that autistic vendetta thread on /snow/? and ban the newfags who keep bumping it while you're at it pretty please

No. 24168

You're obviously ban evading since we can't see any record of these ":)" bans or any ban for that matter. Plenty of anons contribute to the MtF just fine without derailing or blogposting, but nothing is stopping you from leaving if you want to go on ovarit or kiwifarms.

No. 24169

This is not a complaint but more of a suggestion. I don't know much about creepshow other than she was outed as posting here, but it seems like that has led to a few new threads being made on different YouTubers involved with her in some way. But a lot of discussion about them is still related to creepshow and their stance on or relationship with her. If it's clogging up the creepshow thread then could they possibly be merged into one creepshow-adjacent flakes thread so that it's easier to read and keep track of the milk? Sorry I may be retarded but keeping track of 3-4 threads to follow the same drama can get confusing.

No. 24170

the d'oreo thread is full of retarded nitpicking and little to no milk there's no need to keep track of it

No. 24172

If her flakes are milkless and the threads are gonna die anyway I'll just hide them. Thanks nonna.

No. 24173

>one of the most hated threads on the site because it's just one big REEEEEE and spills out regularly
>muh contributions aren't valued!
If you 'frequently have to appeal' what were probably justified bans, then maybe there's a message in that for you.

This is actually a decent suggestion. The threads were a reaction to the crapshow thread getting clogged but they aren't really self-sustaining (yet)

Anyhow, speaking of Shannon, there's a bpd fag on a rampage of wking and blogging and such. Please put them out of our misery.

No. 24174

The whole creepshow thread is blogging right now.

No. 24177

Seconding this. Please. Just burn the sinners.

No. 24178

Please ban the autist in the oreo thread.

No. 24179

on second thought nuke the whole thread

No. 24180

Snow is full of newfags everywhere, needs some iron fist nodding imo

No. 24181

kill all newfags

No. 24182

Fatass DeOrio’s friends are spamming his thread, some janitor assistance is required

No. 24183

Farmhands it’s time to wake up

No. 24185

Indeed, I emailed 3 days ago to the main lolcow email and 2 days ago to the admin to try and appeal this ban after I fucked up the appeal. I only noticed it was a week-long ban after sending a shitty message @ tranny janny for the appeal. I thought worse case scenario I'd just email to try and get it fixed but I still have no response from the emails. I get it, you all don't get paid for moderating.
But since you're here do you mind looking at this post >>>/snow/1250185 and telling me how a week long ban is justified? I didn't respond to bait. At worst a ban for that could fall under "hi cow" or a general rule 1 ban which would at most be 3 days.

No. 24186

I haven't checked my emails today, but I haven't seen anything about a ban appeal. However, upon inspecting your previous bans it's obvious that you have a history of blogging and armchairing in the MtF thread when it's been established that the MtF thread is a cow thread and not a GC/ /ot/ thread. You had two bans in the past week leading up to your one week ban, apparently for infighting and responding to scrotes in the MtF thread and then again for emoticon use.

No. 24187

I forwarded it to you again. But just so we're clear an emoticon is worth a 7-day ban? Jfc.

No. 24188

i’m going to venture to say it’s more the consistent autism and rule-breaking as a whole

No. 24189

Could all the dead tranny cow threads be merged with the MtF thread, y'know like your Jessica Yanivs, Digitroons, Sophie Labelles, Aggys etc. I think it'd spice up the general's discussion a bit and help mitigate the constant
>reddit tranny does x and that makes me laugh/angry
posts. Plus,said threads could be revived if anons become interested in the cow again.

No. 24190

sorry if this is a dumb thing to ask but I mostly phonepost/browse and the leftcows thread in /snow/ is the only thread that when I open it, a lot of replies are not there or are spaced far apart. it's not like that on desktop but like I said I don't use computer much. not really an issue but is anyone else having the same problem or know what it could be? been like this for about two whole days now.

No. 24192

Use a different browser for those threads. Worked for me.
Would it be possible for a janitor to delete the sperg posts instead of just giving bans? The thread is quite unreadable like this. But I get if it's too much trouble.

No. 24194

File: 1623741961456.jpg (92.05 KB, 540x960, Showsagedposts.jpg)

You have saged posts hidden, to unhide them click "show saged posts" just below the reply box, see pic

No. 24195

oh nona you're an angel, thank you. I didn't hide saged posts on purpose so didn't even think that was the issue but you were right

No. 24196

File: 1623764770174.jpeg (64.87 KB, 1080x683, 7381A8DA-C738-46AF-A8E2-14912D…)

Why do people keep posting just random discord logs of them talking to a tranny, or pictures of trannys they see on dating apps in the mtf thread? Should that not go in the personal cow thread if it even needs to be posted at all? How is that remotely milky and how are these literal who’s cows? Its extremely weird and reminds me of picrel

No. 24197

File: 1623766032032.png (11.93 KB, 1282x141, screenshot.png)

Huh, I had no idea posting a wojak was against the rules.
That's alright, but posting a picture once is not "spamming".

No. 24198

Why do you newfags always come to meta just to our yourselves as newfags?

No. 24199

fek, *out

No. 24201

Been here since 2015, try again. Why do you come to meta just to try to instigate infights?

No. 24202

File: 1623769919700.png (470.54 KB, 1280x990, lol.png)

I mean it's treading heavily on this site right now. So yall are going to be flooded with newfags for awhile now.

No. 24203

if you've been here "since 2015" you'd know why it was redtexted as "wojak spammer" and shouldn't need spoodfeeding or coddling.

No. 24204

Why? That's basically how all general threads work. Artist salt general is mostly just twitter posts of dumbass shit artists say or do and when someone gets milky enough they graduate into their own thread. Like creepshow art, holly brown, jay and her cronies etc. The "general" threads are meant for one-off deals and minor flakes that post stupid crap every now and then but not enough to uphold their own thread.

No. 24205

I was questioning the "spammer" part more. And in any case I didn't ask anything from you, minimod.

No. 24206

again, you'd know why it was labeled "spammer" if you weren't such a newfag.

No. 24211

Could one solution for the issue of nonintegrated visitors be some kind of header text at the top of the page to direct them to the rules?
Like that big redirect link that was up when PULL shut down kek

Making everything very obvious for them might be the easiest way through this

No. 24212

I don't know if this is possible but what if farmhand hands out longer bans for newfaggotry? a day or two for not saging or going ot etc. It would drive away some newfags and make the ones who want to stay Integrate better.

No. 24213

I was going to suggest the same thing. We clearly cant get them to fuck off and I guess it's not the worst thing to encourage active users to join in. They let adapt to the site if they really want to, we just have to actually attempt to show them how to integrate instead of calling them faggots

No. 24214

lmao same

No. 24215

Dunno how feasible this would be, but a suggestion for helping clean up spam or otherwise objectionable content would be to identify (manually or otherwise) quality posters or people who send consistent quality reports, and if a threshold of said posters report a post it could either be boosted to the top of the moderation queue or hidden until a farmhand can review it.

No. 24216

hellweek when?

No. 24217

Requesting hellweek because of the invasion from the creepshow reveal. Youtubers are making videos about it with millions of views, lots of newfags shitting up threads

No. 24218

I also came to request hellweek

No. 24220

That's not how a forum like this works unfortunately, but if you're consistently sending quality reports please consider applying to be a janitor.

No. 24221

How have you missed that we're in the middle of this lot of mods flouncing? Why the fuck would they decide to add a shitload of work to their schedule when they don't even want to be here anymore?
Just ride it out like we do every summer.

No. 24222

what the fuck are you talking about? i replied to the thread correctly you fat fucking moron.

No. 24223

no you retard

No. 24224

Didn't realize they announced it like a wine mom "taking a break" from facebook. Maybe we don't obsessively read every /meta post but still don't want the board culture getting fucked up? This is clearly the worst summer yet.

No. 24225

NTA but they literally reopened admin AND farmhand applications. kinda indicates what's going on here, doesn't take obsessive /meta/ checking to know that

No. 24226

Because they're Gc spergs. They think a tranner existing makes them a lolcow. That's why they got booted off, because they could not figure out for their own sake as to why everyone else here considered them special in the head. I liked MTF thread, until it again became gc sperg circlejerk.

No. 24227

not this again

No. 24228

No. 24229

I mostly lurk the MTF thread but it's still fun for me to read. And for a lot of other people too. Discord logs are retarded but the dating app pictures/captions are usually pretty funny. Just ignore it if it isn't fun for you, I ignore celebricows, camgirl, etc threads because I don't like them. Easy.

No. 24230

>don't want the board culture getting fucked up

nigga it has been for years now

No. 24231

Where are you from?

No. 24232

It doesn’t matter if it’s funny or not. It’s just not the point of the thread or website, and wouldn’t be allowed in literally any other threads. Why do you spergs always say “just ignore it” when people point out a perfectly reasonable issue with the thread? Should we get rid of all the rules for every other thread and let people just post whatever spergy/derailing/off topic/blog posts they want and “just ignore” the posts or this a special privilege you think only GC anons should have for some reason? Why is even the idea of following basic site rules seen as some attack. No one cares if you saw a tranny on an app. It’s not milky and doesn’t meet the requirements for /snow/, your personally finding it funny means nothing. I don’t get why people act like being expected to talk about actual cows, in a cow thread, on lolcow, is some huge affront you need to come here and fight against?

No. 24233

the trans community is one of the milkiest of them all. I am guessing your opinions come as somebody who likes trans people, but could you at least let us laugh at them in peace? i don't see how making fun of them is any different from lauging at the proana people or infinifats. What exactly about them makes them off limits? Why can't you ignore the thread, especially since mods have put rules in place that all our sperging stays there?

No. 24234

Thanks for proving the anons point. Nobody is disagreeing that trannies bring milk but I sure as hell don't see anyone posting on actual cows like Kevin Gibes.

No. 24236

The ftm thread is as bad, maybe even worse. Literally 90% of the thread is just constant derailing about off topic things, blog posting and autistic fan art. There is practically no discussion of any cows at all.
Jfc do you have some kind of actual intellectual disability or something?
>the trans community is one of the milkiest of them all.
Then post some milk? That’s literally all anyone is saying. The delusions of persecution you all have is insane.

No. 24238

Uh instagrammers you hate has the exact same stuff. Cosplay cringe too. Camgirls. Infinifats, proana thread. And more. Maybe you're a bit biased because there's a load of threads of people just posting milky funny screenshots of people.

No. 24239

There are a ton of threads where people completely ignore the rules and sperg out all the fucking time. The camwhore threads, Momokun and Shayna almost never have any milk other than "she is fat and ugly". Yet I never see anyone complain about those threads. It's always the MtF thread that gets people booty-bothered, it's not that far fetched to assume it's because trannies are the people who complain THE MOST out of any group and have gone through tremendous efforts on literally every single other website to get negative discussion about them banned.

Just hide the thread, I hide like 60% of the threads in /snow/ for the reason that they constantly get bumped by unsaging cows selfposting.

No. 24240

>oh, what's that? you don't want to read my blog on thoughts about trannies in the mtf cow thread? You must like trannies!
Every time.

>you expect me to follow the rules? that's because you're a troon who wants to take away my free speech!
Here we go again.

No. 24241

I think mods should delete this post, there’s a global rule “Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy” and also “Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.” I think it’s very weird for people to be posting pics of the children of just random Reddit users here, and replies speculating this random child is going to kill themselves. How is this drama? What’s remotely milky about this? What makes this person a cow? Why don’t these posts in mtf ever get called out as vendetta? Why are people using lolcow as reddit 2 to just repost reddit posts with no milk? Like just go on reddit if that’s what you want? These posts aren’t interesting or relevant. Why is nothing ever actually be done about them? It would probably encourage people to post some actual cows if mods were harsher on these reddit spergs clogging up the thread.

No. 24242

Jesus fuck I love how you ignore anons' point and parrot the 'omg you called me a tranny' shit. Maybe don't react at all if that's all you have to say?

No. 24243

She’s right and anon didn’t make any actual points to for her to ignore. It’s extremely autistic that even after over a year of it being banned these spergs still have been unable to stop immediately defaulting to “hi troon” at the even just being expected to follow the same basic rules as everyone else, why shouldn’t she point that out?

No. 24244

Lol you’ve “never see anyone complain” about Shayna’s thread? Like come on. It’s always just the exact same irrelevant paranoia and tinfoiling about things no one even said in the first place. Asking people to not post about their random tinder matches and focus on actual cows isn’t anywhere near getting “negative discussion about them banned”?! I truly don’t get what’s even remotely controversial about it or why the people in the mtf thread would even have a problem with that. Why is it so important discussion stays focussed on literal who reddit/discord users instead of actual cows that people complaining about it warrants these retarded conspiracies, it’s a completely normal request and it’s more suspicious and out of the norm that people would take issue with it, like do you just not know what this website is for? And if you notice a problem in another thread, no one is stopping you posting about it in /meta/. The fact that issues also exist in other threads is something no one would disagree with and has literally zero relevance to anything. That being said, the reality is that there is no other thread where people are frequently (or ever) posting dating app screenshots, news articles about politics, and discord logs. Even in boring cows like Shayna, or other shit threads like instagrammers you hate/cosplay cringe, it doesn’t happen. It’s just a fact that the extent of the problems in the mtf thread are unique to that thread.

No. 24245

This. I was even the anon who suggested dead tranny cows threads be posted to the thread to spice up discussion and was told "what's point?". Even the shit hole that is the youtube, twitch, and ana-chan generals have at least a few cows they regularly discuss.
>inb4 radfem/gc anons reee about everyone persecuting them/not wanting their thread
No one's saying that, anons just want a wider variety of milk that isn't just
>omg tranny-kun does thing everyone look and laugh
I want something like digitroon getting into a fight ethan fucking ralph, jessica yaniv's family getting arrested, sophie labelle getting caught for being a furry pedophile and other funny shenanigans like that. Gross plebbitors trying to larp as women, while funny, isn't the only thing troons get up to.

No. 24246

Wow is the thread ever this rational- hard agree anons there are so many cows we could be discussing but it feels like some people would rather post the same things with their manifestos

No. 24247

>nobody ever complains about the camwhore, momokun, and shayna threads
Top fucking kek. everyone that isn't a /cgl/fag or camwhore themselves shits on those threads constantly. Even /ot/ has shit on those threads for their blatant selfposts and general lack of milk.

No. 24248

How about you collect some milk to post in the MtF thread then instead of whining in /meta/ EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

No other thread is whined about this much. Not a single one.

No. 24249

Then post them. Contribute to the thread. Stop waiting for anons to post shit you want to talk about. It's not hard.

No. 24250

yeah there was literally someone complaining about shayna’s thread in this current complaints thread kek

No. 24251

Because they want the thread closed and everyone in it banned (aka the same scheme that already worked with the 3 other now closed threads), not actually contribute or use the report system.

No. 24252

>wanting to see actual milk in a cow thread means that you want the thread banned

No. 24253

The invitation to apply is at the top of every page, guide dog-chan. It has been for ages.

Sophie Labelle should be able to power an entire thread by itself. Why are they like this in that thread? It's such a trainwreck.

No. 24254

It's the same as with the leftcows thread and people getting so fed up about only Red Scare, Aimee, and Jack getting posted. Anons need to post the milk they want to see in the world if threads aren't already discussing the cows they want to read/talk about.

No. 24255

File: 1623950726156.jpeg (24.39 KB, 700x395, habib-rizieq-santap-nasi-mandi…)

we should just implement sharia law to /snow/

No. 24256

We're being attacked by China. Or more precisely, a gif of Xi Jinping taking his shirt off, please ban his ass:

No. 24257

Read this thread and all the ones before that, newfag. Trannies whining that the "GC spergs" all need to be banned and the MtF thread needs to be locked has been going on FOREVER.

No. 24258

That's not what was said. Stop being paranoid for fucks sake.

No. 24259

If you don't like the milk, then post the ones you like. If you don't actually do anything to combat the problem, it's just useless whining which leads me to believe your goals are something else.

No. 24260

>If you don't like the milk, then post the ones you like. If you don't actually do anything to combat the problem, it's just useless whining which leads me to believe your goals are something else.

No. 24261

What’s with the retarded “comfort character”thread? Might as well also create a Kinnie and Stan thread.

No. 24263

Who cares? hide it. I did and I've been none the wiser.

No. 24264

i'm gonna guess it's creepshow migrants

No. 24265

It’s redundant and attracts even more retards, there’s already a bunch of threads for everyone to post about the characters they like, it’s not that difficult to make a post with a picture of Batman squatting and saying
>this is my comfort character uwu
It doesn’t need a whole thread.

No. 24267

What about this thread triggers you? And the hornyposting thread etc. does not? Just hide it.

No. 24268

I know this is a complaints threat but I wanted to give the mods and jannies kudos for the moderation they are doing in the creepshow art thread. Just wanted you to know we really do notice when you do good. Keep it up!

No. 24269

I agree.i don't see any point in this thread where "your favourite character" thread already exists.
There are even husbando/waifu threads and "characters that are similar to you" one. Comfort character thread is useless.

No. 24271

I came to quickly mention the same thing, there has been a noticable increase of the speed of cleaning up that thread and the others that newfags have spilled over to, and when they're presumably still looking for farmhands and an admin, that's commendable. Also the constant addition of new banners nowadays is great too

No. 24272

>j-just hide the thread if it bothers you
Retards like you said the same shit about k pop threads, and look where they're at now, banished to crystal cafe because twitterfags couldn't behave themselves. Summer is here and thanks to creepshow and her band of literal whos we're dealing with an infestation of twitterfags who can't intergrate. Letting shit like that stay up, and the equally retarded anons who reply to thread unironically only gives them the wrong idea. Admin should just delete the thread and remind newfags that there are appropriate threads to take their husbando/waifufagging.

No. 24273

Don't direct your anger at me you raggedy bitch. We can't do anything about it, fuck off and die.

No. 24274

Not any of those anons but you really should reflect on the fact that you get this worked up over an animu character thread. I don't even know what that has to do with twitterfags. By that logic admin should ban any thread someone doesn't like with the same excuse. Grow up and hide it.

No. 24275

nta but "comfort character" is exclusively a twitter term. literally no one else says that when they like a character.

No. 24276

>defending comfort characters
>grow up

No. 24277

Who shat on your waifu, anon? It’s okay to post about it on Twitter.

No. 24278

This doesn't work on me, because as I said, I hid the thread and literally have never thought about it until you guys started crying because a big mean anon made a thread on here that bothered your autism

No. 24279

>Don't direct your anger at me you raggedy bitch. We can't do anything about it, fuck off and die.
That was kind of unhinged for someone unbothered though.

No. 24280

I'm unbothered by the thread. It's a little insulting to be called a retard and blamed for something we (people that suggest hiding a thread) have no control over, so yeah, I'm gonna respond with the same energy if not a little more. If you aren't used to that, maybe you should leave lolcow

No. 24281

samefag, but I don't want to keep derailing. You can keep crying about threads on the site but maybe you guys should direct your autistic frustration towards admin and not the anons giving reasonable suggestions for how to soothe your autism

No. 24282

you sound way more autistic than the other anon kek

No. 24283

>It's a little insulting to be called a retard
>If you aren't used to that, maybe you should leave lolcow

No. 24284

File: 1624027781597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.74 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1617728060738.jpg)


No. 24285

File: 1624028549715.jpg (257.21 KB, 1200x798, 1511124313952.jpg)

>they made a thread i do not like oh my god

No. 24286

My heart goes out to all the jannies who've had to endure all the unsaged autism in /snow/ <3

No. 24287

>insult user
>user insults back
>"oh my god!!! you are so bothered!! by something completely unrelated to the original point in which you said you were unbothered by!
like i said…

No. 24288

fucking kek

No. 24289

>enjoying scrote post

No. 24290

File: 1624041477940.png (10.21 KB, 201x251, download.png)

I know theres a lot of newfags right now who don't know how to sage, but your fucking jannies are going off the rails.

No. 24291

what'd you get banned for, nonny?

No. 24292

I am just seeing a shit ton of bans for derailing that are just normal discussion. This whole "no discussions about any topics can ever happen" mindset that is being enforced on this site is really painfully unenjoyable and anti-fun. Just make it so people can only post images and no text anymore if you are so hellbent on having ONLY THE PUREST STREAM OF FLOWING MILK ALL THE TIME! DO NOT EVER TALK ABOUT WHAT IS BEING SHOWN IN THE PICTURE!

fucking cringe the moderation of this place is fucking ass

No. 24293

File: 1624042047543.jpeg (1.61 MB, 4131x1711, 459fcab5-cdb3-4129-b8b7-1e3b8e…)

No. 24294

I disagree, I’m actually so glad for the increase in moderation happening. None of the derailing bans I’ve seen seemed unfair. It doesn’t have to be milk necessarily but it should at least be on topic.

No. 24295

I think jannies got triggerhappy after the influx of Twitter and Youtube morons, I saw quite a few Youtube commenters praising lolcow in recent days so we can assume the userbase just doubled.

No. 24296

Wait… you guys come here to have fun?

No. 24297

eh, I thought some of the 'derailing' bans on MtF were a bit silly

No. 24298

tbf i think it's needed. I'm seeing so many newfags and clearly underage users talking about the dumbest unrelated shit just because one person mentions something slightly related to what's being talked about. the ones that got banned for derailing seem to also have been dumb enough not to sage

on another topic, i just wish there was an age confirmation on this site and that users had to input their age, and if they put anything under 18 their ip is permabanned.

No. 24299

samefag but permabanned for how ever many days until they turn 18 based on the bday they put

No. 24300

File: 1624042392937.jpg (63.46 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8…)

No. 24301

I mentioned this elsewhere, but someone posted about this on tiktok a couple of days ago and it got over 80k likes (you can assume double, maybe triple the amount of people have seen it) and the girl explicitly mentioned lolcow (pronounced it el oh el cow though, kek)

No. 24303

You know what, you're right. I'm not having any fucking fun anymore in this place. It's just so fucking dumb how many eggshells you have to step on because the mods are fucking retards who can't tell apart newfags and people who are just having an interesting discussion about the thread topic. I'm going to KF.

No. 24304

Tons of kids lie about their age so that probably won't work. I've even seen a few anons admit to posting on lc when they used to be underage and that they didn't get banned for it since they never revealed their age at that time.

No. 24305

That thread has needed increased moderation for a long time. Theres only 3 recent bans for derailing which are either tinfoiling about that intersex article or complaining about the mods both of which are off topic

No. 24306

I wasn't expecting it so yes.

No. 24307

What’s this website?

No. 24308

I really don’t find it remotely hard to not get banned or feel like I’m “walking on eggshells”. If you genuinely do then you’re doing lc a favour by leaving (which you unfortunately probably won’t actually do).

No. 24309

File: 1624042977774.png (211.39 KB, 512x400, nothing to say.png)


No. 24310

why else would you come to this site other than to watch anons fight with each other over men and e-thots

No. 24311

>cannot click "hide" for a thread or avoid a whole ass board
>calls other anons retarded

No. 24312

you're retarded

No. 24313

Shouldn't the historical crushes thread be moved to /g/? Feels more fitting, they are not characters.
I also think the husbando hornyposting should be moved to /m/, but it's not a big deal

No. 24314

My question about the creepshow drama in the dumbass questions thread got redtexted as "newfag". I've been here since 2016. I asked for a summary cayse I didn't want to read hundreds and hundreds of posts about some literalwho.

No. 24315

File: 1624049208212.png (668.95 KB, 2048x1483, Screenshot_20210618-154534.png)

samefag. Did I just get grouped in with the idiot below me who didn't even know how to reply? I only made that first one

No. 24317

where was this? If it was in the csa thread then you deserved it

No. 24318

This was in the Dumbass Questions thread in /ot/ lmao exactly where it should be

No. 24319

Then yeah, mod probably nabbed ya.

No. 24320

Damn, well at least you and I know I'm innocent - I can find comfort in that kek

No. 24321

>samefag. Did I just get grouped in with the idiot below me who didn't even know how to reply? I only made that first one

No. 24322

I kind of think that Deerhoof thread should be locked, it's just that weirdo posting weird shit.

No. 24323

I was just confused/worried, not mad, but alright

No. 24324

Yeah I just caught a ban for saying I was excited to watch Shaynas visit because it will be dramatic. I saged my post, it’s not anything out of the ordinary for normal discussion on these threads. Scratching my head over here.

No. 24325

ehh, the post was pretty autistic
>can't waaaiiit
>my body is ready

No. 24326


There have been changes to moderation as well as the increase in ban lengths to deter unintegrated newfags. You're free to appeal bans you feel are undeserved, I actually accept most ban appeals by default.

No. 24327

That's blogposting, anon. It has nothing to do with increased moderation. We don't care how excited you are

No. 24328

Why? What’s the point of even bothering banning people if you’re just going to accept almost all ban appeals?

No. 24329

File: 1624053878932.png (1.1 MB, 1440x1664, sus.png)

Ok so isn't this a janny overstepping the boundaries to be scouring the post history of MfF posters to try and figure out how unhappy and insecure they are? How would they know who was posting where unless they were a farmhand?

Some people only use one board and don't use /ot at all, so it's a suspicious leap to suggesting /ot posts are by the same anons in the MtF thread, and suggests they have been reading post histories in some weird vendetta.

No. 24330

Most people who appeal bans aren't newfags or scrotes, if it's a regular who learned their lesson I don't see the problem.
This is clearly bait.

No. 24331

It just seems like people would be more likely to “learn their lesson” if there was actually some kind of consequence for it. It feels a little pointless for people to waste their time making reports and for the mods to spend time going through them all and issue bans if they mean nothing anyway. Should we only be reporting scrotes and newfags?

No. 24332

with all due respect, are you retarded?

No. 24333

idk even the language of girls/women is suspicious since people posted ITT are known for calling themselves girls well into their 40s, and the reference to how fat and ugly posters are uwu is in line with those same ageing trans women usually complaining jealously about cis women. I wouldn't be surprised if this was tranny janny on a different ip/device.

No. 24334

i've never in my life seen a more retarded individual than you right now oh my god

you've never heard sayings like "the people that do xyz are the same people that turn around and do yzx" do you really think people that say that phrase know the history of whoever they're talking about? I'm actually shocked right now

No. 24335

Some weirdo is posting loli shit in snow

No. 24338

hes posting it everywhere