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The site maintenance is completed but lingering issues are expected, please report any bugs here

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No. 46413

Announcements + info from Admin and Farmhands concerning the site. Please refer to this thread when asking any questions that have been already answered.
This is for easy access posts only, please keep discussion and complaints in the complaints and suggestions threads.

No. 46414

Farmhands feel free to delete if you feel this thread is redundant or unnecessary

No. 46415

File: 1665434078805.jpeg (354.89 KB, 778x909, E44C5D2C-1774-484A-BBE2-9D4854…)

Admin post about site updates and moderation

No. 46416

File: 1665434148920.jpeg (142.69 KB, 725x330, 03CA753A-C702-4C1F-8A3F-475608…)


Banners being added to new site (very important info yes)

No. 46417

File: 1665434304233.jpeg (230.14 KB, 730x490, BFA68626-2424-4607-9733-D450F0…)



No. 46418

File: 1665434388018.jpeg (408.15 KB, 728x872, DF47AF91-C404-471F-B22C-0B8860…)

No. 46419

File: 1665434482729.jpeg (695.13 KB, 731x1412, 9FAC950E-552B-4444-8CC5-122453…)


Reminder info

No. 46420

File: 1665434585651.jpeg (329.88 KB, 740x652, A918EDFD-DC5D-40BE-AEE1-8D7FE5…)


Site update and reminder

No. 46421

File: 1665434648489.jpeg (126.12 KB, 729x258, 9725AADD-713E-48F9-9912-615825…)


Suspicious posters causing rumors

No. 46423

It's nice to know that Shaymin keep working behind the scene. I hope the new code will be implemented soon.

Also, thanks nonny for the thread. It was a very good idea. I'm lurking a lot of different threads and boards (cause I'm autistic and have no life kek) but I never saw these posts so, yeah, it's nice.

No. 46425

File: 1665438393600.jpeg (181.72 KB, 792x772, D8CDDD28-786D-499B-AFE1-C0F0AA…)

I hope it's ok that I add an admin post to the thread - this was from like a month ago I think, apparently admin is also in contact with law enforcement regarding the cp spam and threats

No. 46427

I’m OP, I knew I was missing another one haha. Thank you! Also, if anyone has a link to this post please put it here in a reply

No. 46430

Good thread idea nonna

No. 46432

here's the link to the post

No. 46441

i like that admin referenced roe v. wade. at least we know she's on the right side of history and isn't a male panderer

No. 46680

Yeah great, another burger who doesn't know or care the rest of the world exists. She sounds full on twitter-sperg.
Never thought I'd miss the reign of the last admin but here we are lmao.
>thread for staff communications
>not started by staff
>zero contributions by staff
This is just embarrassing.

No. 46682

shut up, retard. you are embarrassing.

No. 47100

File: 1668032521461.jpeg (190.7 KB, 738x1380, 6517399D-5099-407D-9840-5FF362…)

Lolcor reprise edition

No. 47162

Why not make a telegram for updates?

No. 47302

The site is running so well. You sure showed them.

So, anybody got the latest obscure update from some random farmhand about recent outages?

No. 47304

what does the site running well have to do with my comment? dumb fuck.

No. 47318

You sure showed them, I bet you feel sooo good after calling them dumb. I bet you felt the intense need to feel smart, was it worth it?

No. 47330

>t. tayrt

No. 47346

"Showed them" is a ubiquitous phrase which would supercede the use of a pronoun such as she in this case of vernacular actually.

No. 47461

>t. didn't understand the implication

No. 50432

We have managed to find at least one new admin at this time. Some anons suggested multiple admins to split the workload so we're waiting to confirm another potential candidate.

- The nxdomain error has been fixed and was caused by issues with DNSSEC
- farmcow.lol will be mirrored back
- Post length has been increased

No. 50433

File: 1673872707476.png (368.91 KB, 547x540, 738BED1B-C8DE-4D5B-87CB-236FF3…)


No. 50435

I cannot fully express how happy I am right now. Like a second Christmas.

No. 50436

Thanks for fixing the site shaymin

No. 50437

thank you for at least fixing the mess, I hope to see what comes next

No. 50438

File: 1673874722853.gif (1.85 MB, 1280x1024, cat.gif)

Lolcow will live on nonnies!!

No. 50439

Thank you admin!

No. 50440

YEEEES! Good news!

No. 50441

Yey, thank you!!

No. 50442

Thanks shaymin

No. 50443

File: 1673880566582.jpg (41.91 KB, 640x640, 1625507711602.jpg)

i love u

No. 50444

omfg I haven’t checked lc and I’ve been using farmcow so when it loaded up and was flipped I was happy. Yay

No. 50445

So happy to read this today. Thank you!

No. 50447

may we have a name for this new admina

No. 50450

Porn or cp in snow didn’t stick around to see

No. 50451

two separate nofap thread, one on /snow/ and one /ot/, one has to go(I think /ot/ one

No. 50452

Kek, me too nonette. Glad lolcor is back !

No. 50455

Are you a single retard that constantly posts to /meta/ instead of whatever thread you were aiming for, or are the multiples of you?

No. 50457

oh shit, I thought this was on the bad comics thread

No. 50464

Admina and janinas

No. 50474

New Admin what cow do you like so we can give you a name? or what do you like in general.

No. 50475

Also will the new admin allow Shaynatourim for the shaytard we'd shaypereciate it.

No. 50476

I love your dedication shaytourim nonny. You won't stop fighting for the shaytorium's right to exist no matter how many times you get banned

No. 50477

What even is the Shaytorium though?

No. 50478

Can you PLEASE communicate properly? Please please please? Why is this in the middle of some random thread? Please make a locked one only admins can post in and pin it at least.

No. 50480

literally why can't you just post your retarded shit in the shay thread, there is no milk, she barely does anything, and you people will not stop posting about her anyway, it seems like posting edits and shit in her thread would give it more reason to exist at all

No. 50483


No. 50485

can we maybe get some information on what's been happening? almost no one is in the discord and it's scary waking up to a 522 error constantly

No. 50486

Seconding this

No. 50489

File: 1674062698172.jpg (60.55 KB, 1267x151, announcement.jpg)

No. 50490


No. 50491

Based Death Gripper Admin.

No. 50492

File: 1674063114001.gif (1.07 MB, 220x356, 8C194485-D806-43EF-B2FE-2BA9B0…)

>mfw lolcor prevails in the face of death

No. 50494

i like that we have a squadron of admin now. i hope in times of peril they can fuse to form a voltron lion

No. 50495

so incredibly based. I love your imagery. Based lolcor mecha

No. 50498

>3 admins
oh god this is a belated Christmas present, thank god


no one cares pedo tranny/elaine

No. 50500

samefag but my name suggestion would be admin blue, red and green

No. 50502

File: 1674066531076.jpg (52.58 KB, 626x626, cute-cow-robot-cartoon-vector-…)

Based. I laffed. Maybe instead of Voltron lion they'll form a mecha cow

No. 50503

People were only “circlejerking” because they’re both annoying and retarded and make themselves known here for attention

No. 50505

I'm not on the discord but how were the new admins verified as women? I'm hoping the verification was good cause the last thing we need are a gaggle of trannies ruining the site kek

No. 50506

I can't believe we did it without needing someones retarded brother to do the heavy lifting

No. 50507

You are likely responding to him kek.

No. 50508

that infight was insanely retarded in the literal sense. like i actually couldn't believe what i was reading. not to mention the anon who said she'd get her bf to do it, like wtf.

No. 50509

Is it stupid that I'm actually hopeful? Please pull through new admins and don't abandon us. Also please be actually women.

No. 50510

So we still have to deal with discord-only updates. This is lame.

No. 50511

Why the hell would they update on some different chat site? Post on LOLCORRR admins.

No. 50512

Read the chat nonnies…there are three admins who need to coordinate before posting.

No. 50513

I read it. I still think it's dumb that the site was down for like three days, and like usual the only update we get is through an anon posting a discord cap. This entire board is useless.

No. 50515

well you see it actually takes a lot of hard coding work hours upon hours on christmas to post on here with your admin hashcode so this could take another 3 days. maybe the site will go down again too who knows

No. 50516

But they could just post what they posted to discord. Even a screenshot like what anons are doing would be a good idea so we're not left in the dust

No. 50517

Because they hate the site and the people who use it. They let things go to shit, got mad and blamed everyone else for it and have been trolling us ever since. That's why we got the character 'Shaymin' - who could be more controversial as an admin than a goddamn shayfag.
Correction: one admin pretending to be a bunch of different people.

No. 50518

"Hi everyone, I'm the new admin. I'm just learning the ropes but I'll make a proper introduction soon!"
8 months of silence
Thank god we have a 'new' admin that is focussed on communicating … on discord. Because lord knows posting anything at all on the actual farm unless it has been through a review committee and a copy editor would be death.

No. 50519

Idk what you mean

No. 50520

Can't believe no-one recognises 'Jenny Death' kek. Poor lolcor.

No. 50521

I recognized her but idk why. Something in the old discord before it got privated and eventually nuked, right?

No. 50522

well say what you know then

No. 50523

They still don't seem to hate it more than you, blaine/elaine.

No. 50524

jesus christ you sound schizo as fuck take your meds

No. 50526

File: 1674074869248.jpg (677.25 KB, 2849x1899, RSFGCMUJ44I6ZA4PBT67NHGOHQ.jpg)


>they hate the site guys they are trolling us thats why they spend like 100+ dollars on a server to host the site

No. 50527

Smite VPN riddled trannies queen, you go<3

No. 50528

I hope to fucking god it just happens to be a death grips meme and not the same as the lipstick alley account crying about terfs.

No. 50531

File: 1674075705741.png (146.64 KB, 800x792, Screenshot_20230118-215309.png)

Dropped the screenshot.
It may just be a coincidence (hopefully). There's also a tranny wiki account with that name, commenting on a kiwifarms article page with "Agree with this change. At the very least, the site's focus on harassing trans and neurodivergent people needs to be somewhere in the lede"

No. 50533

hmmm does the typing style look similar? i can't tell. they both use capitalization but that's about as much as i can gather

No. 50536

tbf it's a death grips reference and they're not exactly unpopular so i don't doubt a lot of people would have that as their screen name

No. 50537

how many death grips fags called jenny death posting about lolcow kiwifarms and terfs do you know though

No. 50539

Retard spamming/w/

No. 50541

Jenny Death admin please tell us you're not a tranny apologist terf hater.

No. 50542

File: 1674077788658.jpg (25.2 KB, 1230x102, update.jpg)

No. 50543

elaine hands typed this

No. 50544

Jenny Death admin please tell us you're not a tranny apologist terf hater.

No. 50545

I doubt someone terf hating would wanna take over terf.farms. Hopefully.
Good to hear this. I have a lot of hope for the future of lolcow

No. 50552

Even to be a janny you have to show your (partially censored) id and hand

No. 50556

I'm sure that a tra would love to have control over a "terf" community.

No. 50557

This, tras are unhinged and if they can have control over a woman’s space they will try it

No. 50558

i get WHY this is done but… you guys are seriously showing your IDs? for lolcow?

No. 50561

Half of /m/ is filled with spam, seriously it's been up for hours now

No. 50562

There is a reason why we're always understaffed

No. 50563

>3 admins
Literally why.

No. 50564

Accurate. They're mods on basically every women's/lesbian space on the internet. The ones they're not controlling are always targeted with misinformation and cancel campaigns until they can get their grubby man hands on it.

No. 50565

Lolcow desperately needs more than one admin. With just shaymin she alone couldn't keep it from burning because she has a life outside of lolcow. Unless shaymin finds an admin who's willing to be online 24/7 there has to have multiple admins to share the workload

No. 50568

Literally just search her name on discord and you can see she's already talked shit about trannies. This is lolcow, why are some anons incapable of thinking of this stuff..

Anyway, I still don't have much hope for lolcow right now. I've tried to keep hope about the site for like 2 years, and it just seems to get worser and worser.

No. 50569

You think that we all use discord but we don't. And she could very well lie to fit in.

No. 50570

Yeah, she could lie so what was the point of asking her to confirm if she hates terfs or not?

No. 50571

Samefag, also I'm not assuming that everyone uses discord but if I was actually worried about an admin being a TRA I would at least make an account to check out what they've said.

No. 50572

Having too many cooks makes running anything very difficult. Especially if they can never get in touch with each other and one starts going over the heads of the rest of them in response. Happened in my guild on wow, idk how different it'll be compared to the running of a website but at least the plug hasn't been pulled.

No. 50573

It would probably be worse with an entire site, and if the discord message is anything to go off of then each admin has different responsibilities, meaning some have more power than others.

No. 50575

having 3 admins makes no sense. the admin is just the site owner who has code access and final say over rules etc. if there are 3 "admins" the ones who don't pay for or code the site are just glorified mods. literally useless.

No. 50578

tf is that icon?

No. 50580

Don't worry, there's still only one. The same one.

No. 50581


No. 50588

It doesn't help that the discord history only goes back to the point when admin resignated (since that's when the new discord was created). And since the old one was deleted, all we can do is hope that it's just a coincidence and trust that shaymin deep checked her successor(s).

No. 50590

Cp on snow

No. 50592

after hearing all these unhinged schizo posts im not surprised if nobody wants to run lc lol

No. 50593

Oldmin took more than 6 months to find a replacement and then it was a shayfag. Now we're apparently getting 3 new admins after less than a month of applications and shaymin apparently ignoring some people who offered to help. None of this makes sense.

No. 50607

The most important question here, in my objectively correct opinion, is which cows are the newmins' favorites.

No. 50614

No. 50622

I thought the same thing. I suppose Shaymin might've had a higher volume of admin applications since she gave a short deadline for when she would leave if they couldn't find a replacement, but this isn't the first site shut down scare, and like you said it took that admin 6 months to find a replacement, so I can't imagine that there were many applications anyway. And given her demonstrable inefficiency and lack of leadership skills I have my doubts that the replacements if it's not just her again will be any better, if not worse.

No. 50633

Keep in mind that was nearly 2 years ago though. Things change and more anons could be available now, plus we don't exactly know who applied, who oldmin rejected and why.

No. 50636

>shayfag (learning disability)

No. 50637

>Chad by comparison
>Competent by comparison
>Announces things on the site
>Somehow gets duped by even Elaine Miller
>Says as little as possible so she can't be held to responsibilities

No. 50638

>Chad by comparison
In what fucking way, shaymin actually has a life and isn't fat so it's the other way around.

No. 50640

Her rant about not being able to spend time with family and friends during the holidays and the fact that she's barely ever here kek.

No. 50641

>The word of someone who chronically makes excuses.
I think she's always here just rarely actually does staff work and I doubt I'm the only one who thinks this. That said I can't fault you for having an optimistic view.

No. 50643

Anybody who is a good fit for admin would've been around 2 years ago
Wouldn't want a newfag or twtard to handle the reins and completely obliterate all that is left of old lolcow
The fact that null actively engages with his user base at the very least makes him orders of magnitude more "chad" than Shaymin. Part of being an administrator for a gossip website is being able to handle the amount of work that it comes with and the fact that it will consume a large chunk of your time. All of this defending for Shaymin is nonsensical when Shaymin evidently had no idea what she was getting into and chickened out because she lacked the dedication and leadership skills necessary for the role (and patently demonstrates that neither did oldmin). That is one of the biggest reasons that it takes so long to find a proper admin, and why all of these site ownership transfers is ultimately harmful for the website—it causes instability over time.

No. 50644

nta but what makes you think this? i don't think i can agree with that, to me she really seems like she has a life or at least full time job, but maybe you know something i don't

No. 50645

You're not wrong I'm just peeved that anyone would call him a ""chad"" at all.

No. 50647

Hey, did a whole day of posts in the celebricows thread just vanish for anyone else? I've been in and out of there throughout the day and its definitely just gone??

No. 50648

>Anybody who is a good fit for admin would've been around 2 years ago
Like I said nonna, more anons could be available now than back then. Maybe there were anons who could have been suitable admin but didn't apply because of one reason or another. I actually remember some anons saying they had the skills but wouldn't be able to be admin because of things like work. Two years is a lot of time and things were looking a little more dire this time so I don't have a problem believing that the amount of applicants could change.

No. 50649

Haven't been using celebricows, but which posts? If you remember any I could check and see if they're there. You could also just be looking at the old thread.

No. 50650

Nvm I'm retarded, someone bumped the previous thread and I was too sleepy to make a distinction

No. 50652

jesus christ take your meds elaine, you're the only one who got that treatment by any admin, and it was oldmin, not shaymin

No. 50653

That's not elaine. it's not completely incoherent, it doesn't capitalize random words, it's not a wall of text and it doesn't say shaymin is a "character created by oldmin" or something similar claiming shaymin is fake. Just because someone said something you disagree with doesn't mean it's elaine.

No. 50654

Just fuck off.

No. 50655

Elaine still thinks Ines is the admin as an addon to this.

No. 50657

Elaine’s life journey is to expose oldmin or something, she came into the current discord a couple weeks ago and was insufferable and cringey. (Yes she was banned/kicked) She is probably itt making weird gayops about oldmin/Shaymin whatever and I wish we could hear from actual oldfags about what they think and that’s the frustrating part about it. But tbh I don’t think the whole oldmin thing even matters that much, since we knew she was a little “goofy” I just want to know how lc is being handled atm.

No. 50658

There have been oldfags in here and on CC giving their opinions. Unfortunately due to the anonymous nature of the sites and everyone's extremely annoying paranoia it all gets shoved to the side as "gayops". Seriously if I never have to read that word again I will die happy.
Or you'll have the newfags yelling at you about how you need to fuck off and how they just want their lolcor shayna.

No. 50659

>She's gotten too personal with cows and sperged for hours on discord.
kek don't tell me shaymin is sandwich

No. 50661

Worse, we had/have two staff that see themselves as on level as the cows. We had two farmhands left before this so the three admin excuse sure is convenient.

No. 50663

I believe it.

No. 50664

Well now you have to tell us more. I know oldmin was a cow and aggressive as shit, anyone like that in there? Is it still the same staff as it was under oldmin?

No. 50665

>I know oldmin was a cow and aggressive as shit, anyone like that in there?
Quite a few and besides that there were scrotes in there before the raid it felt completely separate from the culture here so I did not stick around and only have what's been shared to go off of. I lurked to try and figure out why the site was the way it was lately.
>Is it still the same staff as it was under oldmin?
No clue but I'm guessing others know far more than me.

No. 50667

Yes and those "oldfags" turned out to be the pedo tranny, elaine and some other extremely autistic imageboard admin. I don't care which one of those you are (probably the first like always, especially with the samefagging) but no one falls for your embarrassing shit. Which is why half of your posts on CC are now deleted. kys

No. 50668

I'm Elaine, Blaine AND an imageboard admin? And you're totally not Shaymin or anything. Where did the last one even come from? Sounds like you're not updating us on you and your cliques discord shenanigans again.

No. 50669

What is your issue? The rest of us have justified suspicions of someone who's been proven to fly off the handle.

No. 50670

The female admin of some dead imageboard who has a giant ED article offered to help but sperged out when shaymin refused.

No. 50671

Did you take too many drugs again to read properly?
Fingers crossed we will get more functional farmhands after the admin and software transfer is done, so your cringy samefagging and spam will be gone and you'll be left to join the 41%.

No. 50673

Well I've never heard of her and I'm neither Blaine nor Elaine and I've made posts that CC janis have deleted. They've said multiple times they delete anything that causes infights and I doubt any of them are involved enough with this sites drama to identify who is who. They seem annoyed more than anything. If you're not Shaymin then you're the annoying paranoid posters I was talking about.

No. 50674

This is really weird and I wonder who you think I am. Hope you're not fighting whoever it is too hard on Discord right now

No. 50675

anyone recognize the manga icon?

No. 50676

So we can have an epic deathmatch and drama meltdown when they disagree about something.

No. 50677

Does that look like shota to you too? I got a bad feeling about this.

No. 50678

kek you will never be a woman and you will never pass, not even on lolcow. You are unwanted on here or anywhere disgusting pedophile tranny.

No. 50679

Looks like literally any manga to me, are you samefagging again?

No. 50680

No. 50681

You're frankly unhinged and quoted two separate people. Get help.

No. 50682

Girl get off the thread we can all tell it's you again having a screeching meltdown at anyone who criticizes you. Fix the fucking website or watch some coding videos to save that rotting brain of yours so you can acquire some useful talents for once in your life

No. 50683

If you're going to keep samefagging maybe don't do it within minutes/seconds on a nearly dead board.

No. 50684

yeah that's what I'm wondering

not all manga are the same especially the ones trannies read

No. 50685

By that logic you would also be me, samefagging.

No. 50687

Then go into the discord and grab her profile picture and take a look at it.

No. 50688

>using discord
nah if someone else posts it here ill try tracking it down

No. 50690

Yeah, I feel like most anons have caught on by now except for the braindead lolcor crowd. I was skeptical on it (especially because I know the site IS being spammed by the tranny and Elaine) until the gigantic CC meltdown the other day. Now it's a bit hard to deny that it's just her accusing everyone who has legitimate concerns and criticisms

No. 50692

Have fun further talking to yourself tranny, but be sure to overdose on the drugs this time.

No. 50693

I haven’t done it but if you censor everything except the F it won’t reveal anything. But I also think that seems easy to fake… it’s not hard to get a female ID and pretend it’s you. Why not just do a video chat?? Most normal neets who can be a jannie have no social circle and a face reveal wouldn’t hurt then anyway (true for me at least lol)

No. 50694

I wish you and your gaggle of flaming retards actually had any intentions of modding the website so I could ask you to pull up post histories but here we are. Site as broken as your mind

No. 50695

Spoken like a true XY.

No. 50699

>until the gigantic CC meltdown the other day
Anyone got milk on this?

No. 50700

tl;dr someone posted screenshots of oldmin (I think) in the lolcow Discord sperging about Elaine and yelling at Hex who apparently modded the old lolcow server (accusing her of being a tranny as well, reminds of this right now doesn't it). Cue the massive spergfest about how everyone talking about it and giving context is Elaine or Blaine or both. All the replies were exactly like the ones in here right now. CC mods eventually deleted all the posts, including the accusatory posts which puts a hole in the whole "CC mods delete posts that are Blaine" theory.

No. 50701

There is none, it's probably the tranny talking to himself again, trying to deflect from the fact that his posts got nuked on CC several times and thinking everyone who recognizes him must be an admin. He's not even consistent on which admin it supposed to be kek.

No. 50702

You are so predictable that I addressed one of your tired points before you could even make it. Seriously, you are not as smart or convincing as you think you are. Give it up. Pretending that that meltdown never happened is another level of idiocy anyways as you can just go on the thread and see the posts that weren't deleted. Including one Discord screenshot.

No. 50704

File: 1674187741818.png (1.19 MB, 1225x2317, IMG_4208.png)

Not sure what one you're talking about specifically as they seem to be from the same day possibly said right after the other but I saved two screens.

No. 50705

File: 1674187770214.jpg (261.43 KB, 1242x1645, IMG_4210.jpg)


No. 50706

More like you are, since you turn out doing exactly what's expected. If I were an admin, you would be rangebanned by the second you posted cp already with your posts getting consistently nuked within minutes.
Nevermind the entire paragraph is just lies, your incomprehensible screenshot still stands, together with the "accusatory posts" you claim to have been deleted. The only thing that got deleted was your porn spam and your samefagging.

No. 50709

Thank you lol nice to have some anons who can vouch for the truth in all this mess

No. 50710

? There's still spam on the whole website right now. Clearly admins are as disinterested or unable to mod as you are. Parallels again! Also rangebanning isn't possible on Vichan, but you're either a retarded newfag or know that.

No. 50711

Bringing milk is what us farmers do, don't mention it.

No. 50712

samefag but I just read the rest of your aggressive ramblings and nevermind on the newfag part. You're obviously the same loon as the one who was posting on CC lol

No. 50713

I thought I was admin kek?

No. 50714

You are but for the sake of our lovely and completely not retarded argument I'm going along with your version of events but it's cute that you think that's a "gotcha" or something. Seriously how old are you?

No. 50717

do you ever feel like you've stared at the abyss (blaine) for so long that it has stared back and you now are acting exactly like blaine? admin you have to stop.. you're turning into the enemy

No. 50719

File: 1674189445725.png (90.7 KB, 189x330, ugly pedo groomer tranny.png)

>You are but for the sake of our lovely and completely not retarded argument I'm going along with your version of events but it's cute that you think that's a "gotcha" or something. Seriously how old are you?

No. 50721

ac clearly broke your brain

No. 50722

Milk on this?

No. 50723

Why do these screenshots keep getting posted as if they mean anything. Barely even any context.

No. 50725

they were obviously posted because someone had asked about the cc meltdown and someone explained what happened. cue you being a schizo again and denying all the happenings so someone provided the screenshots to prove that the argument did in fact take place. i know it's just you again trying to sow paranoia but i'm elaborating because farmers tend to be dumb as bricks and can't read a thread to get full context. anyone who reads this thread will realize you're a fucking nutcase who's bad at pretending to be different people though

No. 50726

But anons kept saying that was Oldmin so which is it, and why would Shaymin be posting from that account instead of her turtel one
..What the actual fuck are you talking about?

No. 50727

oh so you're one of the farmers who can't read a thread and doesn't understand context clues. amazing. take a scroll through here and you will have the answers to your question you lazy newfag

No. 50729

No there isn't. I'm talking about context for those actual screenshots, not context for why they were posted. Some anon just posted those in CC and the argument of Oldmin/Shaymin/Whoever with Hex and refused to release any other screenshots or add context.
What horrible thing are those pics supposed to prove? That someone who was with lolcow had beef with Elaine and a discord mod? I don't get it.

No. 50730

It's the schizo tranny thinking anyone understand his meth induced babble. He posted those screenshots on the crystal cafe bunker threads and nonnas didn't understand/care about it either.

No. 50734

That's how you can tell precisely who isn't in the private server and why more caps weren't posted

keep theorizing though

No. 50738

File: 1674197603222.jpeg (284.2 KB, 1242x622, 1673940729985.jpeg)

They did post a third screenshot that everyone ignored for some reason. The spamming accusations ramped up after that though so mods started deleting things.

No. 50739

Genuine question, why does it matter if shaymin does own the neocities? I don't understand why people were fixating on it. it doesn't change anything.

No. 50740

Does anyone care about that? I just care that we have seemingly unstable people involved with running the site.

No. 50741

File: 1674198085560.jpg (112.17 KB, 798x801, 1673945830989.jpg)

More from CC

No. 50742

There were two threads in the bunkers from the failed update a month ago full of speculation and tinfoils about whether the site belonged to her. I saw nobody explain why it mattered if it did belong to her

No. 50743

People like to gossip? It's the very nature of this site. If you don't want people to dissect the social media websites of the person who runs this place then you should write them an e-mail and explain how to be safe on the internet.

No. 50744

Nta but I think it's because it means she's oldmin. But I don't think it matters as long as the new admin(s) aren't just her switching accounts and pretending again. It shouldn't be this hard to maintain an anonymous imageboard without autistic drama. The Null spam is still slowing down the site for fuck's sake.

No. 50745

>as long as the new admin(s) aren't just her switching accounts and pretending again.
Based on the lack of any communication, aggressive spamming trying to make everyone paranoid and general inaction towards the site… I'm starting to think it still is her. Another anon upthread mentioned as well that it took 6 months before this but now there's suddenly 3? I don't buy the whole "because it was a dire situation more were willing" thing either. Nobody in their right mind would want to take on the task of this shitheap right now and many anons have said that their applications have been ignored.

No. 50746

>The Null spam is still slowing down
Wait till next week, watch it start up again and watch it not get removed.

No. 50747

Why though? How would an entry-level Ddos lock you out of the moderation tools? The first wave of the Josh bot spam hasn't even been deleted on /pt/ and I saw redtexts after that happened.

No. 50749

Anons were saying admin hadn't responded to their applications right after admin applications opened up though, and then she posted to say she hadn't checked her email yet. Has there actually been anyone who said they were ignored more recently?

No. 50750

No. 50751

That did not answer the question anon.

No. 50752

What is she? A child?

No. 50753

I feel like it's naive to hope that this isn't someone trolling farmers really hard but I still want to have a sliver of hope that it's just incompetence and if we give them enough time they'll fix the site. Can't even write that with a straight face. Poor lolcow..

No. 50754

If the code base of LC is that bad then it could cause mod.php to lag to the point that it's not functional. I'm not a programmer but a similar problem has occurred on other image boards.

No. 50755

That discord was not the lolcow discord though, and the anon who posted the screen caps never confirmed which discord it was. That admin username was also never seen before, neither in the old discord that got deleted a few days ago nor in the current LC discord.
I'm not saying it's 100% fake because it could be a third discord only staff knows about, but the fact of the matter is a regular user has no idea where these screenshots are from and whoever posted them didn't provide a proper source so they might as well be fake.
t.anon that keeps reposting announcements from discord

No. 50756

Maybe because there are new admins already so she doesn't feel the need to answer other emails

No. 50757

File: 1674201475770.gif (243.4 KB, 220x180, jensen-ackles-hot.gif)

No. 50758

I've only seen people on discord and one or two on cc saying that they haven't been replied to on discord. I don't have any screenshots of this so it's silly theorizing technically, but that anon did say that help was ignored. I think it's generally suspicious that only discord is accepted to apply with for something like mod positions. A large part of this userbase doesn't use it and the people in the lolcow server all don't actually read or care about the site.

No. 50759

Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was in one of the verified channels I didn't have access to and that it got deleted by the time I woke up. I do think they give enough insight though. I don't know if you were in the old lolcow server but Oldmin and Hex seemed close in there

No. 50760

you should go through all applicants before you pick an admin or a mod team. let alone 3 admins

No. 50764

>take on the task of this shitheap
Way to tell off yourself.

No. 50765

I'm referring to the fact that everything is broken and there's bot spams from crazy people.

No. 50766

If the bot spam happens every week at the same time then why would they pull up the website 5 minutes before it hits? And if they didn't know it would be hit at that time how did they trigger the bot to do it so quickly after the website went up?

No. 50767

File: 1674220656922.png (26.85 KB, 1049x325, 3223.png)

Can't say nobody tried to warn us I guess

No. 50768

Yeah, I don't even join the discord because I don't want my discord account put on some list by trannies and incels. It's not the neutral place you can just go to grab your news people claim it is.

No. 50782

what's so hard about bulk-deleting spam threads especially when they all have the same title?

No. 50787

Maybe the site software doesn't have a way to do it automatically. Imagine having to click 3-4 times for each thread.

No. 50789

This and it's generally accepted that the "discords" "IRC chats", whatever the fuck future admins use in the future, are full of weirdos that may as well have been found in the cesspools of 4chan. Both userbases are completely seperate from each other.

No. 50790

this is why we need nucow

No. 50792

On discord one of the staff members said there's an Admin meeting today. Maybe we'll finally see some kind of movement tomorrow…

No. 50795

3 to 4 clicks! Wow how difficult.

No. 50796

can u read

No. 50807

It must not, and it was probably posted by a VPN or something so they don't want to delete by IP.
I'm reporting stuff a page at a time on g and m and I think it's getting deleted, but this is going to take a while.

No. 50808

>and it was probably posted by a VPN or something so they don't want to delete by IP.
but they've deleted VPN posts by IP before, when [redacted] was around. idk why'd they stop now.

No. 50859

i hope the new admins actually clean up the site. too many newfags here who have never seen a hellweek. it's desperately needed.

No. 50873

We need a hellweek so bad. Hopefully now that we have more janinas and three (is it three?) admins something can be done. if only admins actually cared to communicate outside of groomcord.

No. 50875

I love janinas

No. 50877

also I think one of the adminas did say they were going to do introductions and stuff soon they’re just doing more stuff (????) idk we will see I guess

No. 50887

i refuse to use discord because it defeats the point of using an anon imageboard so i hope they post here more.

No. 50926

The whole "not having an admin title" thing isn't even an excuse because Shaymin should still be able to post using hers. Obviously late but I just had to point it out because it's another example of how bad the communication has been.

No. 50929

Pls God admins purge the twitterfags or make them integrate

No. 50972

Same, I can't take the zoomer shit anymore.

One more post about how you need to look like a Kardashian or your life will be shit so you need to get plastic surgery asap and I'm losing it.
Same with all the post that random insert "white"."I hate how white attractive people have it easier". Fuck off with your race brain worms.
Or all the posts that randomly append colonialism or imperialism to some statement. Those twitter dog whistles that signal membership of a group but are just retarded on their face.
Or calling anything and everything racist or misogyny (like making fun of retarded women) and if you challenge them to explain how the statement meets that bar they can't and they just call you racist or misogynist, like they learned on social media.

It's so tiresome.

No. 50989

Based. All their trendy hot takes belong in the trash, particularly the racebait. This is a female imageboard where we laugh at cows not engage in performative activism and label everything we don't agree with as "problematic". I'm tried of them crying in /meta/ to appeal to authority when they don't get their way too.

No. 51005

Sorry if late, but why has the new admins unintroduce themselves?

No. 51013

So do we just not have an admin right now? No new admin posts, and I don't even think Shaymin is in the discord anymore. What is taking so long?

No. 51014

I'm the new admin lol just joking you know I'm not an admin because I POST ON THE WEBSITE

No. 51015

I agree with your post but kinda ironic to redditspace while complaining about integration

No. 51017

kek not the 'reddit spacing' shit again.

No. 51019

Is this a fucking joke? I can't tell anymore with all the retards lately.

No. 51021

She didn't drop like 1 or 2 lines after every sentence I wouldn't exactly call that Reddit spacing

No. 51022

It's just mobile posting I also do this. The text looks all scrunched up and uncomfortable on mobile. Please no bully or at least call it phoneposting.

No. 51023

now that the last announcement was like a week ago and there still was almost no communication with farmers at all it's pretty hard to believe we have three new admins. the lack of communication is very reminiscent of shaymin

No. 51027

I wouldn't say they enable pedophilia. I think the new admins are just typical discord users. They've been putting more effort into managing the discord than the site they're supposed to manage, which as we've seen is not populated by actual anons but underage people and people who don't even use lolcow. We haven't seen one post from any admin about anything in either complaints or suggestions or announcements. Not one. Not having an admin tag doesn't excuse it, she could use the name field. Like it's ridiculous at this point, she cares more about the discord than lolcow! Is she the admin of lolcow or a discord server?

No. 51028

The anon seems to be baiting, but you're right.
The discord is full of teenage recovering anachans talking about sanrio which definitely makes one feel like they stumbled upon a teen discord on an accident, and that is kind of cringe but the "new staff" anon is talking about aren't even admins on site from what they claim, and the only active one is the discord admin, not any of the onsite admins.
It's ridiculous nothing is happening yet but these screenshots are just here to stir shit (enabling pedophilia? kek).

No. 51036

Wtf are you takiing about, they have removed the cp. kys and take your sub 50 IQ psyops with you tranny.

No. 51045

are you baiting? in the discord we report any males to the mods. Are you even in the discord at all? Yes they need to actually work on the site i agree but it sounds like you dont even know what you're talking about?

No. 51046

samefag and your posts sound retarded. The whole point of the VC is to keep men out so saying its full of men is retarded lol

No. 51053

>they have removed the cp
i thought they were locked out of moderation tools?

No. 51054

File: 1674501043502.gif (1.45 MB, 534x338, its-alll-so-tiresome-tired.gif)

Discordchans have to come in and deflect for their heckin based admin, only to raise more questions from the userbase…

No. 51056

Farmhands and admin are different roles, holy shit you're retarded.

No. 51057

how is this even a good reply? who even made a distinction? mod tools are mod tools regardless of your role. if a farmhand can get into the site and delete shit then the admin absolutely can as well. come up with something better, "regina"

No. 51058

>mod tools are mod tools regardless of your role
Maybe you should actually learn about the website you're spamming ugly tranny, instead of making even more obvious you don't "blend" kek.

No. 51059

it seems like it was a temp thing. (not defending the communication is still odd)

No. 51060

File: 1674506352060.jpg (177.77 KB, 1400x1400, MatPat_headshot.jpg)

lmao the tranny is in here every day fighting for his life

No. 51061

File: 1674506558467.png (1.03 MB, 801x928, a.png)

Nice deflecting there

No. 51064

File: 1674507375982.png (10.54 KB, 931x188, image (5).png)

hey! i used to be a farmhand, actually. pic attached as proof.
i know this site is not being run by someone with good intentions. the jig has been up a long time ago. i know this because i am very familiar with the mod tools and the administration panel. all of your explanations have been complete bullshit and deflecting everything with tranny has only worked because people on here are retarded, but you knew that.
pretending like you don't know who i mean with "regina" is funny too. it's the faggot who goes by "not that regina"/spookybones and has been pretending to be a woman in the discord server for almost 2 years now. both mods and admin let him get away with this, why? who knows.
you guys are shady as fuck and i don't know what the fuck the point of this is but please stop trying to bullshit me ok? it's annoying

No. 51065

this site sucks, be on the lookout for a newly built lolcow site by (hopefully) the end of next month. i don't expect these people to fix it. what kind of domain should i use instead of farm? cafe is kinda gay..

No. 51066

who are you and why can't no one talk to us farmers and tell us wtf is going on straight up? i feel like a divorce child all over again kek

No. 51067

because every time someone tries to tell you dumbasses what's going on you ree about schizo tranny and tinfoils like the mouthbreather newfags that you are. it's pointless

No. 51068

No. 51070

Blaine you fucking wish kek. Farmhands have different permissions than site owners/admins and from an example that was posted years ago, also different panels. Nevermind neither of the 3 new admins can do any of that when they don't even have admin rights. Nevermind that if you were an actual farmhand, or just an older farmer, you'd know the first person we think of when you say regina isn't some random cow you're obsessed with. kys

No. 51071

are you really going to keep this going? for what? i really need to know what the fuck you're trying to do with the website and why you keep up the weird psyop shit where you accuse everyone of being a tranny? is it just so you can have a hugbox because you're an obese opioid addicted loser who even KF hates so you need women to stroke your ego? btw you have obvious typing tells and you sound like a fucking scrote no matter how hard you try to convince everyone you're the wife to some meth addict with no teeth

No. 51072

>just more rambling about the random, no response to the pointed out mistakes
Ok tranny.

No. 51074


No. 51076

there are no mistakes to address. none of what you wrote in your post made any fucking sense kek. i have more screenshots of the lolcow mod panel as well, there's nothing to address because i know you're just being a lying psycho.
also blaine is very easy to spot >>51069 like here. he never even tries to hide the fact that it's him posting. our posts sound nothing alike. keep coping about being caught though

No. 51080

So you're a farmhand and don't know there's a difference between farmhand and admin permissions? You're a farmhand and don't know about our admin history? You're a farmhand and defending a cp posting tranny and don't know how often he got banned, redtexted and deleted for samefagging and defending himself in third person, just like you do now? You're a farmhand and think you can delete other people's posts without admin or farmhand permissions?
Absolutely kek, take your meds pedo tranny. You will never be a farmhand, you will never be a woman and you will never fit in here.

No. 51081

what discord? The current one?

No. 51083

you're such a sperg it's hilarious. fighting for your life in here! i said i'm an ex farmhand. there is absolutely 0 difference between what the admin panel looks like vs the farmhand panel. admins have a few extra options on the panel but that's about it.
let's go along with your delusional shit and pretend everything you say is true: why can't the admin just ask a farmhand for their login info and make a post? clearly farmhands are active and around, you yourself admitted this. what's stopping them from doing that? if an admin account is magically incapable of being used? i know the admin i modded under posted as a farmhand a couple of times.
also the admin history is ian, some random that was on for a couple of months, regina, sencha, oldmin, you and your retard friends.
you're funny i actually can't wait for what you come up with in response to this

No. 51085

why not elaborate on why „the jig is up“ and what bad intentions are? if you wanna whistleblow please actually tell us something instead of being this vague

No. 51087

i'm not whistleblowing anything and i'm not anyone you know or have ever spoken to so stop trying to fish for info you retard. you people are just very bad at not making this shit public. anyone with enough time and a brain can figure this out

No. 51088

Hex you are demented bitch and i am begging you to get a life, no one likes you in the verified server for a reason. @hex

No. 51090

>I-It's not me I'm just always around by the minute to say the accused posts aren't me
>starts seething si hard he spams again
At least you googled our admin history now.

Because he's just making shit up like always. That autistic phrase alone should tell you it's the tranny again.

No. 51094

i see the damage control has started. i'm also not hex. hex has never been a farmhand which you would know as super duper special oldfags who are totally not a bunch of faggots trolling. kys and choke on each others cocks you losers. everyone knows and you're dumb as fuck and will never be smarter than women. hope you cry about it tonight

No. 51101

yeah now i see you are definitely the tranny retard and not hex, considering you dont even know that hex was a past mod. Keep on spamming though, im sure that will make you feel better about your misérables life or the fact that you tried to solicit nudes from minors like the worthless pedo you are.

No. 51104

tfw retard faggot couldnt win the argument in a normal way so he resorts to spamming.
moids once again proving theyre genetic defects

No. 51107

she was a discord mod you dumb faggot

No. 51112

Same as always when anons clock him.

No. 51119

What the actual FUCK is this thread? There used to be facilities built just to remove and house patients like this away from society, and even then most of those patients didn’t exhibit this kind of deluded and anti social behavior. Who or what the fuck even raised you people? This fucking website isn’t your mental daycare. You either have too much time on your hands in which case you need to meet and make friends, or you’re genuinely sick and need to meet and make friends with doctors. It’s frightening to even think you people are out there. Fuck off

No. 51122

>What the actual FUCK is this thread?
An example of a damaged lowlife y chromosome. The good news is that he is statistically more likely to kill himself eventually.

No. 51126

No one knows all the names you keep sperging but I guess you're too autistic to notice. Which is why anons will always recognize you no matter how much you seethe, samefag and spam. So why don't you follow that train of thought? You will never amount to anything except being a terminally online autistic pedophile, so why not at least contribute to the 41%?

No. 51128

Kek. Just tell the tranny to take his meds but with genuine concern. Without fail, that seems to always piss him off.

No. 51133

This is all a radfem psyop to make us abort any male fetus.

No. 51134

His reason is mental illness and being a failmale.

kek this

No. 51135

File: 1674521730880.png (55.27 KB, 600x800, 1672798786651450.png)

>What the actual FUCK is this thread? There used to be facilities built just to remove and house patients like this away from society, and even then most of those patients didn’t exhibit this kind of deluded and anti social behavior. Who or what the fuck even raised you people? This fucking website isn’t your mental daycare. You either have too much time on your hands in which case you need to meet and make friends, or you’re genuinely sick and need to meet and make friends with doctors. It’s frightening to even think you people are out there. Fuck off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51136

File: 1674525048095.png (60.71 KB, 1023x485, lmao.png)

No. 51138

File: 1674525308724.png (87.86 KB, 1027x607, rofl.png)

No. 51140

have fun figuring out how i got those you dumb faggots. worst opsec in the world

No. 51141


No. 51142

i'm talking about them trying to hide this shit NOW but badly you stupid clout hungry tranny

No. 51143

Reeeeeeeeee I don't want clout for thissssssss

No. 51144

stop with the terminal autism and schizophrenia in this thread

No. 51147

this is an imageboard. post caps

No. 51151

I said that because I got banned for reddit spacing before and it wasn't worse than that. Did the rules change and reddit spacing to a certain degree is okay now? Or I guess some jannie might have been power tripping on me.

No. 51152

Reddit spacing is specing like every sentence. The post you complained about just used basic spacing for ease of readibility.

No. 51153

Reddit didn't invent basic text formatting.

No. 51154

stop being retarded it is well known that she wasn't a site mod so don't try blaming it on her

No. 51155

No. 51157

Yeah but that’s exactly what people don’t do on image boards where the posts are supposed to be kept short and don’t need breaking up into parts. I guess with an influx of new people these parts of board culture are lost. It’s whatever to me but don’t pretend it wasn’t a very harshly enforced rule a few years ago to never double space. Don’t reee at me I’m just saying what it used to be.

No. 51158

Tl;Dr loser

No. 51159

Ok tranny

No. 51160

File: 1674577061868.gif (2.27 MB, 356x200, dog-glasses-lazy-dog.gif)

we're not exactly the same as every other imageboard, though, because women read faster and more accurately than men. That's why we have thread OPs with some extensive text. anyway I don't really care. I sometimes hate being judged for spacing out some part of a post but in the end I just decide how important it is to me and weigh the risk of a temp ban. I'm a wordy bitch though, always have been. Still better than being Twitter asshole.

No. 51161

No, you are the scrote.

No. 51162

Wtf is going on? We have reddit spacing apologists now?

No. 51163

Maybe I'm just pessimistic but I feel like lolcow doesn't have long to last before it's just tumblr/twitter: the imageboard. I've noticed the Gaijin Gyaru thread is attracting a huge amount of unintegrated zoomers who don't care about board culture and yall themselves all over lolcow, and I feel like the downtimes and admin drama also scared off some of the better nonnies and now we're left with anons like this >>51158

No. 51164

Any actual woman would know I was being sarcastic. No you're right it's so negative here that I can't even try to figure out someone's view without it becoming an argument somehow.

No. 51165

Oshit sorry there's so many dumb infights that devolve into "scrote" I mistook your reply as serious. There's the zoomer problem of course, and I also think that there are some anons who jump threads for the sole purpose of stirring up infights. I've noticed that when there's a randomly angry reply that's just calling an anon a bitch out of the blue, I wait 20 minutes or so and there's another angry reply in a separate thread from what I assume is the same anon based on the typing style.

No. 51167

No worries at all. You're completely right and unfortunately it seems the more negative have been slowly allowed to be louder and louder over this last year.

No. 51274

Reading that thread makes me want to an hero. But I still have hope hellweek is going to make a difference, however misplaced that is.

No. 51279

It's just the moderation in the case of /w/. For some reason calves can openly whiteknight their cow there endlessly, display their newfaggotry freely and post in ultra twitter lingo without getting banned.

No. 51280

hopefully that will stop now that newmins are here

No. 51285

i hope admin seriously takes a look at the moderation in /w/, because some threads are completely ignored and in others the mod is so biased that posters are banned for literally nothing against the rules. Or someone reees about proof, proof is posted or reposted, and the proof-poster is banned for "derail" instead of the screeching anon who asked for it. I can't understand that. idk maybe the rules need to be updated a bit. It's more apparent when I'm reading a thread I haven't looked at in a long time, then it really stands out

No. 51315

yes, i know what you mean. and newfags have brought sjw topics to every single one of those threads. and they're always so hostile and alog other anons.

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