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File: 1518139827234.jpg (26.76 KB, 397x418, YkeMNPh.jpg)

No. 5086

I've been discussing some potential changes with my fellow staff members and would like to make some bigger changes to lolcow. I'll also reintroduce regular townhalls, approximately once a month. They will take place on an independent chat platform, you will not have to use our Discord server for it.

The townhall chat has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 18th, at 6 PM EST. Announcements and chat links will be posted on lolcow, tempcow and discord half an hour before we start.

I'd like to get as much input as I can, but if you can't make it, there will be a summary on lolcow afterwards.

No. 5088

February 10th is saturday

No. 5090

File: 1518184444964.jpg (53.95 KB, 600x600, cow-facepalm-udderly-dissappoi…)

Thank you. In that case I mean the 11th.

No. 5091

The announcement still says the 10th.

No. 5095

File: 1518289184442.png (15.86 KB, 540x105, announcement.png)

Is anyone else experiencing this? It should show up correctly.

No. 5096

Hey, for us newfags who might like to participate - how does one access this magical chat server, will there be a link posted?

No. 5101

Can’t you read? They said they will be linking it a half hour before it starts.

No. 5103

I'm GMT timezi and feeling unwell so I'm heading to bed, bummed I'll miss it. I hope there will be a way to catch up tomorrow. There's some stuff I wanted to bring up but I'm sure it'll be addressed.

No. 5104

the OP says a summary will be provided, and nobody cares about your bedtime. Jesus fuck.

No. 5105

If there's anything you want to be discussed, just post it in here and we'll bring it up.

Everyone please read the original post before you ask questions that are answered in it.

No. 5106

Due to a scheduling issue, the townhall chat has been rescheduled for next Sunday 2/18 at 6 PM EST.

No. 5109

Not that anon, but I'm hoping you'll address the Momo thread issues: the real reason why it was moved, tell us where are the magical widespread lolcow watermarked images are on Twitter, and the different treatment the Kiki threads and Momo threads receive (since the former has a whole lot more nitpicking and a lot less milk but still allowed to stay in pt and there's less moderating), etc.

No. 5110

this. there seems to be a board-wide bias against momo threads.

No. 5115

>>5109 Yes, this. Anons were doing their part and working to make the threads better. We were promised answers with no delivery other than vagueness from farmhands. If admin has time to post this townhall, there is time to address why the Momokun thread was (unrightfully) moved with no explanation other than leaked photos no one else ever saw. Give us the explanation I believe farmers deserve to have.

No. 5116

are you just the same sandy anon running up and down pissy at admin about momokun? fuckin get a grip on yourself

No. 5117

Having the same name "Anonymous" doesn't mean they're all the same person. Seriously is it that hard to believe that more than one person can share the same opinion?

No. 5118

File: 1518609752810.jpg (17.46 KB, 240x240, 1450282872879.jpg)

wow. never would have thought.

just a little concerned townhall will be filled with nothing but angry momo anons screaming about watermarked images. not all of us are interested in moo.surely there are legitimate other concerns and such that anons would like to approach

No. 5122

what happened in moos thread IS a legitimate concern, or do you not care about frivolous moderation?

No. 5124

you could stop sperging and actually save it for the townhall

No. 5131

Hahaha her own time zone? She reads all of this because now she is posting in her blog. I think her doc notes are fine. i think its her address and numbers covered over. Remember that none of this is unheard of. 'me thinks" purposefully miss useing of language

No. 5133

I'd like to open up temp discussion once again. I think it's way wack. People are running around attention whoring, cow tipping, sperging, giving greg/taylor views and linking their videos directly, hiding milk from main, adopting a weird anti main lc mentality etc.

I personally think they're killing Onisions topic.

No. 5134

I hope temp gets removed permanently

No. 5136

Yeah me too. I think disabling temp proved them killing the initial topic. Suddenly the thread is lively again, with neatly organized transcripts.

No. 5137

same, because I'm spiteful and old and proud of it as long as it makes the newfags cry

No. 5138

I will not be attending town hall due to work. My questions/topics:

-What happened to the Momokun thread? Why was it move from /snow/ to /pt/ back to /snow/ again?
-Proposal to define board oriented terms like "cow tipping", "infighting" etc. and adding them to the posting guide or rules.
-Is there any consideration on mitigating reposts?
-Apparently images with watermarks were distributed through Twitter etc. from the Momokun thread. We asked where and when these images were leaked..One farmhand post said that they put a stop to it quick enough so that's why they didn't appear to us. Another said "Photos with lolcow watermarks could have been spread on twitter and other social media, photos were definitely watermarked here. That is a fact." Which one is it? This seems ridiculous. If the moderation team plans on taking action on certain "issues", I feel they need to prove it. This is just as important as tagging self posts from cows who post on here.
-Proposal that moderation team posts or creates a subpage on site updates. The removal of sage from /pt/ was confusing, especially since the Moo thread was moved back to /snow/.

No. 5139

I agree. I originally thought it was a neat idea but it just diverts potential milk away from here. I'd rather just be without lolcow if the site is down, and deal with the chance milk isn't instantly archived during downtimes.

The only negative I can see is an influx of retards being forced to return from temp, so mods would have to be ready to ban until they conform. (I'd say reconform but I don't think most temp regulars ever adjusted to board culture to begin with).

In that sense, I'm torn between it being a containment chamber or not. But the attention whoring cowtipping will likely simmer down if they don't have an audience/echo chamber for it. Keeping tempcow for those people feels like moot reviving r9k for the incels: a mistake. I know I won't be able to attend any townhalls so hopefully this can still be relayed by one of us.

No. 5140

one of my biggest complaints, is that you guys don't really seem to take your roles seriously, ffs this whole saging nonsense? Seriously, this could've all been if avoided if you just properly stated what should and shouldn't be saged and ban/delete posts/users that didn't fucking fall in line with it, instead of pull some grade school shit "c'mon guys that's not what we're supposed to do!"
now everyone's terrified of going the way of the anisa and momo threads (autosage for life, and being dumped to snow)
I'm having serious doubts you guys know what direction you feel this community should be going

No. 5141

I definitely feel rules and punishment should be more actively and publicly relayed. For everything, not just the momocunt incident. It'd help reign in newfags who don't lurk before posting. Lots of people learn better by reading other people's mistakes too, and will be spiteful or angry if they're continually punished without understanding why. Perhaps the mods give more detailed reasoning with the bans, but of the few times I've been warned or banned I often don't even remember or know what it was for. Or once, for example, I was banned for infighting. I knew better and deserved it, but the only reason I even knew which post(s) I'd been banned for was because I'd commented literally nothing else for weeks. I could go back and see the (user was put out to pasture). A newfag or someone with many posts needs more information than that. I don't mean a paragraph I get mods gave lives and are volunteers, but a link back to the offending posts would make sense? Or even just a generic copy+paste clarifying the broken rules.

Community enforcement is banned as it becomes minimodding, so unspoken rules get iffy. It also makes it hard to understand if a mod is in the wrong, which is something we should be able to easily define and understand so their mistakes can be corrected and their farmhanding better by result.

I'm sure the staff have talked a lot amongst themselves about these things but I'd like to hear their perspectives too, what they're dealing with and what isn't working etc. That way the community can be more understanding or even offer potential solutions admin can then consider if desired. You never know what you haven't thought of or what angle could be approached…

No. 5142


I agree, it was cool at first but now it's flooded with newfags who take things way too far. It's steadily getting worse.

No. 5143

After appealing a ban successfully can admin please fix it quicker? Its been 5 days and still not been sorted out. Also, when cows appear on their own thread can they be outed as the person of interest like kiwifarms does?

No. 5144

I'd like it if self-posting cows would get outed more and I'm sure more have done it then the ones who were named and shamed. However I like the idea of giving them just enough rope (anonymity) to hang themselves.

No. 5145

It would cut down on infighting and the guess who bs. Its entertaining to a degree, but ends up derailing. I reckon more milk would be shared if the POI is is outed.

No. 5146

i funny thought is to highlight their posts but have it not shown to them so they don't realise

No. 5147

Selfposting has always been outed if it's reported and the reports are valid. Maybe you're just tinfoiling too hard or there's not enough proof yet.

No. 5148

Except No? That's not true at all. In fact, for a long time with original admin the only way to have your identity revealed was by doing things like threatening the site/admin or trying to trick farmhands into shit. We've even been told in the past cows wouldn't be automatically outed just for self posting.

There's threads too like mira's or shiena's where their self posting is well known, blatant and in endless supply but they are not outed (despite more or less outing themselves via their own tard tendencies).

What lolcow have you been visiting?

No. 5149

Where are the answers from townhall compiled?

No. 5150


This, as far as I've known the only times a cow was outed for selfposting was when they made the thread themselves or being Kiki

No. 5151

Talking about yourself in third person gets you outed. I can think of a whole bunch of people who were, even if it's not with a banner graphic like Kiki.

- Mira posting hasn't been marked, but confirmed during Townhalls
- same as above for Titanic Sinclair
- TheJosh
- Angel the munchie
- half a dozen people in Patreonfag thread

Too lazy to dig deeper but that's just off the top of my head from the last year.
Maybe Shiena wasn't outed because nobody outside of a few vendettafags actually care. Either way, if you want someone outed, you gotta make staff aware, but they probably won't bother for a random nobody whose thread is dead anyway.

No. 5152

File: 1519093227180.png (254.06 KB, 571x275, ruined.png)

May we please get some real answers regarding the Momokun thread? The question of Moo was completely brushed aside during the townhall. Why is Moo still in /snow/ when she's producing way more milk than people like Raven or Vicky? We usually get to vote on cow placement during townhalls and that didn't happen this time.

No. 5153

Admin did reply, she just said she wanted to go over her planned subjects first. FFS, it's like you all don't want to listen unless it's what you want to hear. Momokun thread is in /snow/ because farmers can't stop nitpicking and cowtipping. /pt/ is for legendary cows. Lying costhots like Momo are a dime a dozen. Who cares where the thread is, you're all just making way to autosage by sperging this hard.

No. 5154

Townhalls haven't been a regular thing since OG Admin, so I have no idea why you believe thread placement is up to Townhall vote.

No. 5155

>legendary cows
Pick one. She did one milky thing and the udder's been completely dry since. Behaviour's also been completely fine for several threads, vs Kiki and Vicky's which are constantly full of nitpicking and stale trash. Onion thread also constantly has cowtipping, like with that Olive Garden video, and no one cares.
Because that's exactly how Luna and Moo both got promoted to /pt/ in the first place. They were voted in. I was there. Why even bother having a townhall if nothing's properly addressed?

No. 5156

>/pt/ is for legendary cows.
Then shouldn't Dakota be in /pt/ instead of /snow/?

No. 5157

Missed Townhall and would also like to see a summary of what was discussed/decided if one has been compiled, like >>5149.

Something I want to voice in general: It bothers me that fucktardery in threads can sometimes end up getting topics banned across the board. I don't understand the purpose of that. In fact, it seems a perfect opportunity for those who want certain topics banned to shitpost in order to make it happen.
I feel 90% of our issues could be fixed with more consistent and transparent moderation.
If people don't sage or are infighting or whatever else, ban them with a reason why posted (always redtext, not just sometimes). Some threads are moderated more than others and it doesn't seem to be proportionate to the popularity of the topics. Too much moderation happens behind the scenes and if no reasons are posted, it doesn't help the farm learn from experience and thus improve.

No. 5158


Agreed re. transparency. In the meeting admin stated that many posts which incur bans do not get flagged with red text. How are anons to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others if they are not flagged? Or in the case of infighting, bans appear to be unfair if only one party is flagged.

No. 5159

>can't stop nitpicking and cowtipping
so why does the onion threads have a disclaimer against these acts?

No. 5160

i’m still trying to figure out where this even happened
was it the shitty art that was posted and went absolutely no where and was never seen off lolcow? the photoshops that also went absolutely no where?

No. 5162

>We demand admin point out the post numbers where, when and by whom the cowtipping happened aswell as a written statement why her thread was unrightfully moved to /snow/ including admin's analysis of the amount of milk in the other /pt/ threads this decision was based on, as we deserve to know in accordance with section 9-13 of tbe Lolcow constitution.
This is what you sound like.

Cosplaycows were never my thing and I've never read a Momo thread but all you spergs making this about your pet cow make me root for her thread to rot in /snow/ on autosage forever.

No. 5163

>many posts which incur bans do not get flagged with red text.

what the actual fuck is this self-defeating bullshit?

No. 5164

>it's not my thing so I don't want it on /pt/
You know you can just hide threads you don't like, right? The point isn't to sperg, the point is that the Moo thread seems to be moderated a lot more strictly than any other thread on this board and was dumped in /snow/ after going back to /pt/ for several threads for a reason that's beginning to sound more and more like Admin just doesn't care about this cow so people who like to see the milk she provides don't matter.

No. 5166


grow up. it doesnt matter what fucking board her thread is on. you still have a place to sperg about her weight, receipts and bad photoshop jobs. stop being an ungrateful toddler

No. 5167

How the fuck is this suggestion in any way self-defeating? You make no sense.

Some posts in here are way OTT on the hostility. This is a place to raise issues, is it not? Farmers should not be jumped on for asking for clarify from staff. I think redtext on all bans would show consistency, transparency and help to demonstrate clear rules to the community and let newfags/lurkers others learn by seeing what is okay and not.

No. 5168

I missed the town hall, but did anyone address that vendetta-fag in the moomoo threads who calls herself "Anakin-kun"? Because she's treating Lolcow like her personal army and (imo) instigating most of the cow tipping because she wants to get back at Moomoo for being bullied in fucking high school.


Her and the other vendetta-fags who are fucking up the Moomoo threads, like that art-stealing anon and the anons like this >>/snow/501167 and >>/snow/501197 are clearly either not used to chans or forgoing chan culture in order to moral fag or ruin Moo's life. That's not the point of this site. I come to Moomooo threads for the cgl circa 2008 feel, and seeing idiots like that posting every thread (and having other idiots agree with them) risks fucking up our milk supply.

Moo is Moo. She provides her own milk at least once a week, and she's already on the descend of her popularity. There's no reason any of these anons should be doing any more than observing, and I think that needs to be emphasized for the newfags that come here from all the dumbasses who mention lolcow on twitter of all places. That's probably where we're getting all these tumblr-tier posters.

No. 5169

My linking was wrong, but they're:

Anakin's sperg out.

To me, the fact that anons even suggested this is the issue since we don't now how many petty twitter followers are lurking and they might actually do it. And where did they get that idea and image? Here.

Momo's threads have attracted a lot of non-channers to Lolcow with no experience with chan culture and it shows. This is probably why Momo threads are in snow, as damage control.

No. 5172


Do anons generally agree that if you do not like a particular thread you can ignore or hide it?

Then why did anons vote over 4 to 1 in favor of shutting down the munchie threads?

No. 5173

And why were some people unable to vote? It also doesn’t seem fair to vote to on something that affects a lot of people during a very-specifically-timed meeting that I’m sure conflicted with time zones/work schedules/other commitments. Some people here have lives outside the internet.

No. 5174

I was also unable to vote. Would appreciate a poll that is available for more than <hour.

No. 5175

Please don't shut down these threads. I feel like we're finally seeing some shit w/ the Chronically Jaquie thread. And it's literally the only thread I bother with anymore. I have a feeling there are others out there like me, who would cease to give traffic to lolcowfarm if these threads were killed.

Also, I've been lurking for 6 months and only just started posting the other day. I've worked in tech and been frequenting message boards and chat boards since the mid-90s… and this site is NOT naturally easy to navigate, IMO. Getting angry with people all the time for not being savvy enough to get it right away is a big problem. And then just yelling at them to learn how to sage is not helpful.

If anything, make the site easier for new users before you just delete all of the boards that you deem troublesome. This is probably a big reason WHY they are troublesome. Another easy fix: put "NO BLOGGING" in any reply fields. Very simple UI reminder!

No. 5176

Yeah I'm not sure why the decision wasn't to just move the thread if the issue is that it clogs up the main thread. I think most anons would be happy with this compromise.

No. 5177

I found lolcow because of the munchie threads, and stayed here for the munchie threads. I think the threads bring a much larger audience in. I am hopeful a solution can be reached so the threads can remain. I look forward to reading them and contributing on occasion.

No. 5178

I do not want the munchie threads to be shut down, as they bring to light the milk that people need to see, but also have solid rules in place that prevent doxxing and discussion of underage cows, which is needed. Other sites do not appear to have this.

I would be happy to apply to be a farmhand to help mitigate the derailing and the vendettas.

No. 5179

Same. I really really do not want the munchie threads to go. I've seen a lot of rule breaking in other threads, I legit don't think it's that much worse in munchies. Please just scroll by if you hate it.

No. 5181

I definitely would hate to see the munchie threads, specifically Chronically Jacquie, go. Jacquie’s thread is how I found lolcow, and it is the only thread I read regularly. I don’t know what the solution is, but I don’t think getting rid of a lively thread is the answer. I hope not, anyway.

No. 5184

During the meeting, the primary criticism was that the munchie threads are full of sick people calling out other sick people seemingly in a hypocritical contest of one-upmanship.

Many threads in /snow/ and /pt/ have their own subculture within the greater board culture by virtue of the subject or topic and its subculture (eg. anons living in Japan calling out weebs, former drug addict anons calling out Luna), and anons write posts drawing from their own experiences within those subcultures.

Medfagging and, to a certain degree, blogposting have their places in the context of exposing munchie lies. Some threads in /ot/ welcome blogposting as integral to discussing the topic or exist solely for the purposes of blogposting. If blogposting is the issue, perhaps the solution is to move the munchie threads to /ot/?

Additionally, "blogposting" versus "medfagging" needs to be defined. Blogposts have been flagged as medfagging, while anons in the thread use medfagging to describe posts made by people who are medical providers or medical students.

Moving the threads to /ot/ would also be the solution if the reason so many anons dislike seeing the munchie threads in /snow/ is that function of the threads has expanded beyond simply calling out munchies. These threads are the only active online documentation of MBI behavior. Also, these threads provide a safe, anonymous space for former followers who have been negatively affected by the munchies' behavior. Their behavior damages the emotional and physical health of their followers by causing them to doubt their own illnesses and treatments. Their misrepresentation of the illnesses they do not have influences health care providers, insurance companies, and charities and skews statistics and research of rare illnesses.

Finally, other cows exhibit munchie behavior as a symptom of their personality disorders. The boards will suffer overall without the munchie threads to explain MBI.

No. 5185

So why are boards calling out fake trans boys and cosplayers on YouTube better?? Really, I’d love an explanation.

No. 5186

Same anon, whoops, totally misread that. So same question for everyone that can’t just scroll past the munchie thread, we do that for your equally unimportant threads.

No. 5187

File: 1519176834049.png (1.45 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180220-192515.png)

Danis new vlog has so much milk..i skipped around watching and didn't make it to when she talks about her temple appt..but she no doubt is exaggerating and manipulating them just to be able to say "emergency appt" online.
At least twice she talks about her exercise and then does this sush sign and says "don't tell my therapist."
The second time is this screen shot and she expresses this more. Like she could have just asked lolcow to talk about her with how subtle this was.
She's pacing her apartment for the start of the video.
Her exercise restriction went out the window. She's claimed restriction since she was in treatment as most are but took it further so she could appear like she really did damage from her anorexia. I bet she is regretting malingering the restricition now that she wants to exercise to loose weight so she can try to get that tube.
Fingers crossed they do morr motility testing and hopefully get them done without her knowing days-weeks ahead. It would be amazing if they did them the day of the appointment. .one can hope lol.
She talks about her courses again. I'm going to die if she thinks it's state recognized and useable for anything more than personal knowledge (more like more knowledge to fake a little more accurate)

No. 5188

Definitely agree that people have an opportunity to shitpost in order to squash a thread. Way back when aminyan and other singing weebs were relevant an aminyan wk kept instigating fighting and instead of banning them the thread got put on autosage to die.
That's what I don't understand for the momo threads. Is it just too much of an effort to ban people like the keychain anon and anakin anons with redtext to warn? Shit even that anon that sperged the fuck out over the marmar nickname should've been banned right away but the entire thread got in trouble for it. Those anons stand out like sore thumbs and constantly post so it should be easy to pinpoint.

No. 5189

I agree with others who are saying more clear rules and more transparent mod communication/reasons for banning would help a lot with the issues going on in the munchie threads. I don’t think shutting down the threads is the answer, and I also agree that a decision like that should be given more consideration than a short poll during a town hall that not everyone was able to attend. From what I understand, this isn’t the first time certain topics/threads have become problematic. Nuking popular threads doesn’t seem to be a viable long term solution and will eventually drain traffic away from the site. Clarifying the rules and providing more transparent moderation (clear reasons for bans, always showing red text when banning, etc) would truly help. I think a lot of the people causing the problems just don’t understand and would be willing to fall in line if they knew what was expected. Those who don’t conform even after changes like that deserve to be banned, not entire topics.

No. 5190

Deleting a board because some people don’t like it and because the admins don’t like moderating it is opening a huge can of worms. People will figure out they can get whatever boards they want deleted, simply by posting enough off topic and breaking other rules.

No. 5191

>>5187 so sorry. Wrong thread won't let me delete

No. 5192

I got a ban of unknown length (longer than 24 hrs, not permabanned) for what one farmhand perceived as against the rules discussion of a minor - even though the person was 17, perfectly within the rules, and self posting copiously to try and get discussion of herself banned. I get that it's generally bad form to discuss bans but when the admins are banning shit that does not break the rules, what are you meant to do? I wasn't redtexted so there was no indication that my posts led to a temp ban.

Seems to me that modding of the munchie threads has been incredibly inconsistent and needs a lot of clarifying. Farmhands keep mixing up medfagging and blogging, where the former is sometimes useful and annoying when it's extra, and the latter usually just as shitty as in other threads.

Put us in OT if you want.

No. 5196

nice reading comprehension, anon.
note that I highlighted what is happening, rather than your suggestion? if you read what I wrote, you'd see I was agreeing with you that not red-texting all bans is … self-defeating bullshit.

No. 5198


>>5158 is not the same anon as >>5167.

I am >>5158.

Nice assuming that I posted >>5167, anon.

No. 5199

Sooo, where's the results of town hall? Where are they compiled??

No. 5200

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there. I appreciate the hard work mods do and all but why are so many people butt hurt about threads they don't like? I get some people go a bit overboard with the blogging but most of them at least sage.

Seriously if you don't like a thread just hide it. I highly doubt medfags are invading /ot/ or /g/. This isn't about board culture, some of you are taking this shit a bit personal.

No. 5201

By saying that I meant that I've been through many town halls and its always just people bitching about threads they don't like, but rarely do they ever demonstrate why they are bad for the boards. Maybe the ana-chan thread was a cause for concern but other than that???

At some point just get over it. It just feels like nitpicking. Arguing over whether this thread belongs here or there or whatever, it's gotten ridiculous.

No. 5203


Critics of the munchie threads said that they are no better than the anachan threads were, and that they need to be shut down just as the anachan thread was.

The issue may be that admin and mods are being overwhelmed by reports of blogposting, and shutting down the threads is an easy way to deal with it. If this is the case, they should be upfront. The pressure on mods would be alleviated if all posts which incur bans are flagged to demonstrate what is not acceptable so that all anons can learn from the bans.

No. 5204

But the concern with ana-chan threads was essentially with ana-chan themselves polluting the boards, I don't see any such concern with medfags who keep to themselves.
It just feels like some anons expect this place to be like their curated FB feed or something. I don't "get" many threads but I just ignore them.

No. 5205


I recall one of the critiques being, "The anons calling out munchies are just munchies themselves." Such an indictment of the entire thread could only be made out of ignorance of the thread's subculture which includes shutting down the very few munchies in our midst; munchies are afraid to be called out by us. In that regard we are able to do a fairly good job of self-modding with practically no infighting.

Some critics lumped the Kelly thread in with the munchie threads which is now grossly inaccurate for obvious reasons.

No. 5208

medfags ruin the munchie threads by telling each other it's okay to blog, never mind the board culture. the pearl-clutching in here is a testament to how hug-boxy the munchie threads have become. I just hope the general thread can keep a good standard so it can stay. we don't all want to hide the threads, some of us want the thread quality back. fair enough that some turn up for a special interest, but it's rude not to follow the greater board culture.

No. 5211

Yes, please give us something we can work with. Be transparent so we can learn from our own mistakes and those of others.

One of the complaints I've heard is that people in those threads are not integrated in imageboard culture very well. That might be true, but culture is never a fixed state. It changes with the people. New people will find the threads like they are now, and will integrate to the culture there is now. I don't think you can blame us for having a bit of our own subculture; that simply comes with the territory. I imagine every thread has it to some degree.

If however we are taking things too far and rules are being broken, PLEASE just tell us. Redtext posts that are over the line, issue warnings, tell us WHY certain postings are against the rules. It's not that we don't WANT to follow the rules, it's simply that we don't always know how to interpret them because the moderating is not very transparent.

So if you have to move us, do so. Enforce rules, issue warnings, and explain what is going wrong. If people don't want to follow the rules, then by all means, ban them. But if it's simply a question of not interpreting them right, then help us understand them. If this places too much strain on the mods, I'm sure some of us would be happy to lend a hand. We can make this work. But please don't shut us down simply because some people don't like newfags or because a few people are misbehaving.

No. 5212

I have a few questions re: the locking of Jaquies thread:

1. Is this decision final?
2. Is Jaquie a banned subject board-wide, i.e. can we post about her in the general munchie thread, or is it allowed to move this thread/open a new thread about her in OT?
3. If the thread is definitively being closed down, can we get a few days so we can at least use the thread to see if e.g. we can organise ourselves somewhere else?

No. 5213

So now that Jaquie is locked, do we move her to the Munchie thread? Or are you killing that too? Do you want us to go to KiwiFarms, because a lot of people preferred lolcow to KF?

Are we just supposed to let her win and continue to lie out of her ass with no place to call her out?

Can we move her board to OT?

Tell us what you want us to do! Many people who contribute to that board weren’t even at the Towbhall to vote!

No. 5214

Unfortunately munchie threads are filled with self posting and blogging (medfagging) and this behavior has not improved in the slightest. An extreme case of this would be kelly. It's counterproductive to give a group of attention seekers the attention they want. They are the nu-anachans.
As of right now yes, this was decided at last sundays townhall with a poll.
> Is Jaquie a banned subject board-wide, i.e. can we post about her in the general munchie thread, or is it allowed to move this thread/open a new thread about her in OT?
You can post about her in the general munchie thread for now but once that thread fills up then there will be no more munchie threads board wide. Not even in /ot/
>3. If the thread is definitively being closed down, can we get a few days so we can at least use the thread to see if e.g. we can organise ourselves somewhere else?
You can go ahead and do that in munchie general.
There was a townhall announcement put up for the past two weeks. Anyone could have had the chance to put in their vote.

Once the munchie general thread in /snow/ fills up, there will be no more munchie threads on here whatsoever.

No. 5215

So now the fact that we petition to keep the thread open is a sign that it shouldn't be? We aren't allowed to like a thread that we've been posting in for months now?

Also, I don't think people have ever told each other that it's okay to blog. Some people have been saying that blogging-by-comparison, to a certain extent can have a place in these kinds of threads. Or that it's sometimes hard to strike the right balance, e.g. when you know something a munchie claims is bullshit, only because you have the disorder they are claiming.

As I've said in >>5211, the moderating is simply not always clear. When people have been banned for a certain post but the post is still up and not redtexted, no one will know that this kind of posting will get you banned. So if you're trying to integrate into the culture, you can't. Even if you've been lurking for weeks or even months. Because you assume that the postings you read are part of that culture, without ever knowing that a ban was issued for the posts you are reading. It's not that we don't want to adhere to board culture, it's just that you can't grasp the culture if there's no clarity about what is or is not acceptable.

No. 5216

How were people supposed to know that there was going to be a vote to specifically target the Munchie boards?

We knew it was a possible topic, not a for sure do-or-die thing.

So are we just supposed to make our own website kek?

No. 5217

I love watching Queen Munch fall, but y’all have got to chill. It’s the internet. None of you know each other, there’s no getting together to reorganize. Everyone found their way here, everyone can find their way someone else. Start looking, start lurking, start posting. If you want a munchie call out site, make a munchie call out site.

Jaquie sucks but this isn’t life or death.

No. 5218

>sometimes hard to strike the right balance, e.g. when you know something a munchie claims is bullshit, only because you have the disorder they are claiming.
Yeah, writing 2 paragraphs about it is in fact blogging and it falls under the category of medfagging.
examples of banworthy posts

No. 5219

But I just wish someone this was somewhere in the rules. I was banned recently for what I now believe was too long a post. Though I didn't understand it at the time. Because the rules don't state anything about post length, I always assumed that blogposting merely meant sharing too much from personal experience and discussing things (about yourself or your perspective) that simply aren't relevant. Because that is what the rules say.

I really believe if the moderating would be more transparant, the majority of anons frequenting the Jaquie thread WILL adapt. I just feel like that we were never given that chance.

True, of course. But it's just easier to find each other if there's a place to communicate. I really thought that we would get at least some kind of notice that it would soon be closed.

We can of course use the munchie threads to see e.g. if there's enough interest to start our own board, but I think that would be quite annoying to read for others. Couldn't you just open the thread up for e.g. 72 more hours? What's the harm in that?

(BTW, yes, if I had known there would be a vote about these threads I might have turned up if the timing wasn't too crazy with time zones etc.)

No. 5220

Moderation and Admins have explained over and over that not all bans can be public because often times, repeat offenses lead to a ban and by marking all violations of that user, anonymity would be compromised.

If your own experience is the only way you can explain why a Munchie's symptoms are bullshit, then that's anecdotal and not a valid source. It's your word against theirs. There is so much selfposting in these threads that they're basically an extension of the Munchie community itself - baseless slinging of buzzwords and diagnoses with zero proof.

Just make your own forum on any free provider. Maybe without anonymity it'll work out better.

No. 5221

I want to say that I know that being moderators is a difficult job, and I commend you guys for doing your best. I just wanted to give you guys a few pointers that may help in the future.

>Yeah, writing 2 paragraphs about it is in fact blogging and it falls under the category of medfagging.

I understand where you guys are coming from. But, the main reason you guys are being bitched at is because of the lack of transparency. I want to look at the definition of blogposting that is on the rules page.

>3.1 Do not blogpost. Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.

Nowhere, in the above statement, does it imply or explicitly state that typing 2 paragraphs or more is considered blogposting. If length is an issue, this should have been placed in the rules so there is no confusion.

I wanted to give some advice for this. Have you guys ever considered imposing character limits for posts? This could help deter people from blog posting and make people think about the quality of their post before posting it.

Again, I'm only saying this to help and there is no intention for disrespect. I think you guys are doing a great job. I know all too well how difficult moderating a page could be. Please keep up the good work and strive to improve on transparency, please.

No. 5222

Yep, it's unfortunate because a lot of the medfagging posts do relate to how the cow in question is lying. If it's a paragraph long post, I get it, but there are circumstances where I've seen a post that is only a couple sentences get a ban because it was noted as medfagging even though it was talking about something a cow specifically mentioned.

I get it, though, because the final nail in the coffin hit just last night when someone who did have a personal vendetta against Jaquie showed up and then the entire thread derailed.

I respect the decision. Thank you, mods, for everything you do.

No. 5223

Ugh people kissing Farmhand ass… it's so obvious an effort to try to get threads back. No, the farmhands suck balls for doing what they did. This is some dumb lame bullshit. F you people. Don't know how to properly run a site in the first place and then shut it down like this. So stupid. Gonna result in such a huge loss of site traffic. Meanwhile, Jaq's subs are rapidly increasing on YT. Blah whatever. Bye lolcow. Byeeeeeeeee.

No. 5224

We shouldn't have to spoonfeed you guys and tell you constantly what you're doing is wrong. There is an info page and a rule page that takes 5 minutes to read.

There was a time I marked every blog in red text and it did not change one thing. These were 3 day bans minimum, the same people went on to blogging AGAIN.
There is no justification for all the self-posting in the threads and just other munchies using the threads to shit talk each other.

(This is a different Farmhand just so you know)

No. 5225

This whole discussion over the rules and the munchie threads just shows how shit the newfags that came with these threads are at integrating into chan culture.
All I can hear is
>waah waah why am I not allowed to use lolcow as my personal blog and group therapy
Before you try to throw over rules just because you don't like them lurk more.
Tbh I don't care if people leave the board just because the munchie threads are closing down, there's other sites for you and having a certain thread is not a fucking right.
Sage for ranting

No. 5226

File: 1519237068913.png (47.62 KB, 794x250, Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 10.17…)

No. 5229


Seriously and that's why I didn't even bother attending town hall this time , it's always just a big circle jerk.
But whatever it's not my website, I just think the munchie thread was harmless.

No. 5230

The rule against blogposting is NOT universal. There are many threads in OT that exist solely for blogposting.

No. 5231


>There is so much selfposting in these threads that they're basically an extension of the Munchie community itself

You have a poor understanding of what a munchie is.

Additionally, critics of the threads are conflating blogposting with medfagging. Anons in the thread use medfagging to describe posts made by people who are medical providers or medical students. When the rule is taken at face value, medfagging is allowed.(samefagging)

No. 5232

Please tell me you are smarter than this. Do you even know what /ot/ means?
Off Topic
It is not a board for drama.

No. 5233

>Suddenly the thread is lively again, with neatly organized transcripts.

Except it isn't. Since temp's been down we have been missing summaries from both Sam's and Onion's streams.

Sam's fundraiser video can be posted but not discussed.

People can make jokes and not get banned while others will get banned for making jokes.

Some shitpost pictures are allowed and others are not.

If temp is permanently removed fine, but if users are banned because they are discussing and making fun of these morons then eventually people wont't bring any new milk at all.

No. 5234

So thins means temp will be back up? Just belete the god damned thing, please. ;_;

No. 5238

What a ridiculous decision, those threads brought the thread a lot of traffic to the site. Considering the admins were bitching in that very same hall meeting about hosting servers and costs, this is counterproductive. I probably won't be returning to the site anymore, it's just a bunch of over moderating, bitching at each other. The munchie threads actually had a valid place by exposing Internet fraud and deception, shame on the mods and lolcow.

No. 5243

Admin runs the site as a volunteer and, up til now, pays for it themselves. They also have to manage a team of volunteers to moderate the boards.

Idk why traffic keeps coming up as though it is a blessing to admin in some way. As the nitpicky arguments in comments above prove (it's technically not blogging! / technically not a rule!) you all seem to be collectively unaware of how much extra work you bring to the volunteers here. Arguments are still being made for why blogging in munchie threads has more value than anywhere else on the board.

I was unhappy when original admin locked the Aly threads, but I had to accept the majority wanted it gone because of the effects those thread communities were having on the board. Now look where we are, she's back on the site after a long break.

Time to put your grown-up pants on about this. I elected not to cast a vote, but others did and you have to listen to them.

No. 5244

i for one am sick of this 'admin is a volunteer so therefore they have ultimate control' shit. what your saying makes no sense.

No. 5245


Yes, I am well aware of what "OT" stands for. I suggested that the munchie threads be moved to OT because blogposting is acceptable there.

>It is not a board for drama.

Are you describing the munchie threads as drama? I am genuinely asking sans snark.

No. 5246

She's the administrator. It's her site. She could nuke it all and you wouldn't have any right to cry either. You're being a terrible guest. Accept that your threads aren't welcome anymore and move on.

It's traffic that isn't desired. Raids bring traffic to the site too, but just like Munchie threads, they bring an audience that doesn't want or know how to play by the rules.

The more you people post in here, the more blatantly obvious it is that you have no idea what this site is actually about. You're really better off making your own site. I hope Farmhands stop responding to you. These threads are not a right.

No. 5248

That poses the real question here.
Do you enjoy the munchie threads for the milk OR do you enjoy the munchie threads because of the blogging?
You're seriously going to say you just realized /snow/ is a drama board?
Admins decision is final and the majority of farmers agree.

No. 5249

i'm not even upset about those threads i just think that it's stupid. also it's not 'her site' she got control of it from someone else.

No. 5250

that makes it admin's site lolol

No. 5251

admin just banned the munchie threads because she is too lazy to do her own job :^) the poll was bullshit anyways. why wasn't discussed the possible closing of the momo thread then? or the onision thread? both bring up ""unwanted people"" (aka; too popular for admins comfort)

>her site, her rules. you should be grateful

how is this not an echo chamber for admin's asslickers under the false premise of "chan uniformity"? its only her site and she is the only and true goddess, but only untill she needs your shekels :^)

wake up sheeple

No. 5252

>admin is a volunteer so therefore they have ultimate control
Is not what I said at all. My comment was about traffic, and how sending more traffic to the site - which some are claiming is a benefit here in these comments - is not really bringing anything. It's just more work. Especially if the type of traffic is labor-intensive users, in moderation terms.

No. 5253

and the bargaining continues. anything for a blog, eh? but it can't be about chronic illness directly, otherwise you'd all be in ot doing that already. it has to be under the guise of bringing someone else down.

No. 5255

moo thread has issues but it's not anywhere on the level of munchie threads and not in a good way
munchie thread is complete garbage and I wouldn't ever compare it to the moo thread no matter how much nitpicking it has. At least moo threads aren't 80% blogging

No. 5259

For fuck's sake, obviously this is not just admin's decision since people voted to remove them. Fuck those people btw.

But this is admin's website so they can do whatever they want, it's pointless to bitch and ass kiss when we're clearly not wanted here. I'll still visit because I enjoy other threads here, just not as much. I'm just salty because sure, many anons weren't integrating well but they were keeping to themselves and mostly learned to sage their BS. It's just the anachan drama all over again, or the "does this belong in /pt/ or /snow/?" thing that was always ridiculous to me. Like following a certain cow makes you more special.

That being said, mods are fags. Why was the person who posted a link to kiwifarms banned when you literally suggested that we go there and regroup elsewhere?

No. 5261

You can just hide the damn thread if you don't like it. No one cares about moo

No. 5262


Why are they mutually exclusive? The blogposting (by people with the illnesses) and medfagging (by medical providers) puts the milk into perspective and provides knowledge with which to identify munchies.

>You're seriously going to say you just realized /snow/ is a drama board?

That is not what I said.

There is drama on every board. Several threads on OT regularly exhibit infighting and ad hominem attacks, the likes of which do not occur on the munchie threads.

>Admins decision is final and the majority of farmers agree.

I was in the townhall chat from the beginning but I did not get to vote because the link scrolled by too fast. IIRC the vote was 27 to 6 but there were around 80 farmers in attendance. The number of farmers who voted was not even the majority of the anons who attended. If my figures are wildly incorrect, please post applicable screenshots of the chat in the interest of full disclosure.


>people voted to remove them

See above.

No. 5263

Look I agree with you, but this place has always had purists that think anything other than the Ostrengas and weebs are unworthy of being discussed, and they've always been the loudest.

No. 5264

because that user necro'd a jaqi thread here
when they already posted the links in the current munchie general thread

No. 5265

Well thank you for answering, that makes more sense. Contextually though they probably had a good reason to do it due to google results and such.

No. 5266

>no1curr about moo
50 Moo threads would suggest otherwise.

No. 5267

my god, this thread has been a shitshow from the start. look at how the first posts are already asking exactly what was stated in the OP and tell me lolcow doesn't have a problem with morons flooding the site. I'm all for abolishing these threads that have been run over by noobs who clutch at their pearls when asked to integrate. once you idiots have disappeared, the threads will probably come back for the users who CAN follow the rules.

No. 5269

Kiwi's welcoming them with open arms now… how little do they know.

No. 5270

I hope they'll enjoy malware and bitcoin mining and getting thoroughly doxed by Null's lackeys, kek

No. 5272

gentle souls

No. 5273

That's a horroble idea. Mods, please never move them to /ot/. I don't want a bunch of retards to shit up that board, I like that board ówò It's one of the only reasons why I still come on here.

Those threads and the users in them would probably fit in better on PULL or something, losing them would be losing nothing of value.

No. 5274

>There is drama on every board. Several threads on OT regularly exhibit infighting and ad hominem attacks, the likes of which do not occur on the munchie threads.

You idiot don't even understand what drama means in this context. Some threads are drama threads as in: they are gossip threads that are meant for discussion of dramatic online personalities. This is what is considered 'drama' on this site. /ot/ is not for these threads, it's merely for socializing and discussing interests, opinions and experiences, aka everything that is not allowed in the drama threads/boards (/pt/ and /snow/). You think 'drama' is people not getting along. But that's not 'drama' that is interesting to users who come to follow online personalities, it's just a side effect of having intense conversations (and in an anonymous internet environment to boot).

What you're talking about may be annoying and 'dramatic', but it's not gossip about known personalities, which is what 'drama' means on here. You're trying to get a thread moved that doesn't belong in that section, just so you can have an easier time breaking rules… instead of simply looking for a different site, any site, to have your blogging and commentary.

It's hilarious because KF is probably rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of a brand-new wave of incredibly naive, internet-illiterate idiots flooding their boards to be messed with. A new era of humiliation is upon them, new meat with zero sense or sensibility is the best thing that could happen to KiwiFarms.

No. 5276

Kind of glad the Munchaüsen threads are going, even though they used to be the ones I was most interested in - but they're not even about factitious disorder anymore. There's a lot of morbidly fascinating individuals with FD and MBP out there who do fucked up things to themselves or their children, and yet the whole thread currently is concentrated solely on Aubrey and on a couple of teenagers pretending to have EDS and how they post on IG talking about their symptoms, presumably contributed by other teens who are salty that person gets more attention than them. But if you try to post a person who actually has FD, who self injures in disturbing ways, actually puts up milky pictures, and bitches about their support staff, everyone starts crying and saying it's not fair to post them because they're actually ill…well yeah, they are ill, that's why it's interesting, they're an actual munchie.

No. 5278


Thank you for explaining the context of "drama". You could have done so without name-calling and snark; I did ask in earnestness.

As for your assumption that I want to "have an easier time breaking the rules", I personally have never posted about my illnesses in the munchie threads. But I have learned a lot from anons who do.

I hate to see the threads ousted from LC because I prefer the culture of this site over that of the others for the reasons you alluded to in the case of KF and the cliquey atmospheres of GG and PULL.

No. 5281

Reposting my comment from the munchies thread here in case it helps:

>Have any of you thought of just creating a Subreddit? You can have your own rules about posting there, your own space. Be your own admins, ban people who give you trouble. The only rule is you have to blank out names on social media screencaps (that is Reddit-wide and admins are presently enforcing it).

No. 5283

Did the admins add a robot.txt recently? I used to monitor threads using change detection but I got a bunch of messages today saying it had been blocked.

Is there any other way to monitor threads by email or notifications?

No. 5284

Sorry, just realised this is the wrong thread and too late to delete. Please ignore!

No. 5286


What would be the point of going to reddit? Blanking out the names renders the whole thing pointless.

No. 5287

How about 8chan? Making your own board seems like the best solution https://8ch.net/create.php

No. 5289

Okay, then tell other people to start using it or make a different one just for munchie shit and not live posting. Or make some threads for the separate munchies idk.

No. 5454

From new rules:

>3.6 If your comment doesn't add anything new to the conversation, sage it.

>3.6a Sage has been removed from /pt/ and may be removed from other boards in the future. In /pt/, do not write "sage" in any post fields (including the post body) and do not call out others for not sageing.

Just one quick comment. I think sage is very useful and we should not opt to remove it. Per example, it can be used to explain a minor detail without bumping the entire thread.

I think we should opt for it to be used properly and only forbid it to be used for wild derailing. Btw I'm fine with it being gone from pt, but would just not like to get rid of it entirely - especially not because newfags are too dense to understand anything, ever.

No. 5459

is KF good? I might check it out if it's decent

No. 5466

sage will not be removed from /snow/ or any others boards aside from /pt/. No worries anon, it won't be removed entirely.

No. 5541

anons here make KF look like the big boogie monster but its really not bad. just like lolcow, adapt to board culture and youre fine. just petty gossip and hanging out

No. 5553

>Live-stream threads for younow streams will be welcomed once again in /pt/, but users are expected to post a summary in the main thread.

So farmhands will close the thread, but not open it back up again for 8 hours even tho Plainey already streamed? Farmhands, what's up?

No. 5554

I don't even understand what's so bad about liveposting their streams. It's literally as on topic as you can get. The ban on posting about their streams is what killed the /pt/ thread and drove people to tempcow instead. Moderation is actively killing this thread and I don't understand the purpose.

No. 5555

It feels like farmhands/admin are basically tired of the Onion drama and the current lack of milk is a perfect time for them to "reinforce all of the rules".

No. 5632

imo the farmhands are just straight-up out of control.
you guys need to nuke the team and cut your losses now like admin-sama did after the oneesan drama got too messy to handle. your janitors are drunk on power. this isn't hellweek. there's no need to ban an IP from all boards for making a single post in response to another person who's 'derailing' (and has been for multiple posts) by sperging out about their personal beliefs. ban the repeat offender, not the person who took the bait for a single post. and if you're a janitor, check with someone who can see the IPs before you jump to the conclusion that it's all the work of the same poster–and take every report with a grain of salt, because i remember seeing a bunch that were just immature anons who couldn't handle another person who disagreed with them and would claim it was 'derailing' to contest their opinions. i'm saying this as someone who has been around since lolcow's initial stages and was on staff before admin-sama ditched. your reputation is going downhill rapidly because the people who take care of the site are behaving like overzealous arbitrators when all they should be doing is correcting the behavior of posters who are actually repeat offenders.

No. 5633

I'm not sure what post this is in response to but we are trained to do exactly what you're describing. Sometimes it may appear that a few bans are different posters. If you were penalized for something like that feel free to appeal. Sometimes we may also issue "warnings" to communicate with users.
Again, I completely agree that users shouldn't be banned for rule violations they aren't repeat offenders of.

No. 5667

Male face fagging in OT.

Are all mods asleep?

No. 5668

Watch out robot posts since someone made a thread about lolcow on r9k so watch out shitposts

No. 5669

I have been reporting posts because of infight, newfaggs,nitpicking and especially vlog posting on the Taylor Nicole Dean threads for a long time and I just haven't seen a farmhand do something
I feel like your forget about it (even tho is relatively active)
What can we do about?
Newfaggs feel the need to defend topics like nitpick and vlog posting because they said is "related to TND"
So the thread at this point is mostly that

No. 5671

Yeah, there's also a poster that is obviously samefagging every other post.

No. 5672

Maybe this is extreme, but can we start banning anons who engage robots in the male hate thread and in general? It's embarrassing how many farmers take the bait so easy.

No. 5675

i think the manhate thread should be nuked.

No. 5680


But remember, anon, in the townhall chat Admin said that not all posts found in violation of the rules would be marked with red text. Whether your reports achieved anything is not for you to know.

Nevermind he fact that if all of the comments were marked we wouldn't be complaining that farmhands are ignoring our reports.

No. 5684


I frequent there but haven’t noticed that. How can you tell?

No. 5686

Not >>5671 but you can look out for typing quirks, grammatical errors, emoticons and repeated phrases/ideas/themes in their comments.

No. 5877


please please please do something about this faggot replying to every single thread with this. also fuck people who reply to onision threads from one month ago in general.

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