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File: 1517205185564.jpg (85.17 KB, 750x500, munchiememe.jpg)

No. 484900

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/470812

Recent Cows:
(yes there are A LOT; IG unless otherwise stated)

bendywarrior (tumblr)
chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness / ChloesVaccineInjuryJourney (facebook)
chronically_carmel / queerzebra (tumblr)
diagnose rheuma (facebook)
ellsbattle / Ella Arden Grace (Facebook)
gorgeous_gatorade_princess / unicorn.spoonie
medicaljourneyofem (previously sickgalwithadog)
mytitus2journey (Munchie Mom Extrodinaire)
nerdkidanddoge (pawsandlove on YouTube)
outrageously_helpful_orion (jaquie's friend)
shelbiepaulley / beepaulley

Active Cows with Their Own Threads:
kelly.ronahan / me_and_the_mr [ >>>/snow/436521
chronically_jaquie [ >>>/snow/477337
What Is A "Spoonie"?

People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The Spoonie Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?

From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 484904

File: 1517205272709.jpg (79.85 KB, 960x720, munch.jpg)

No. 484905

File: 1517205291011.jpg (137.39 KB, 728x546, munch2.jpg)

No. 484907

New additions to the ever growing list based on who was discussed last time/known munchies:

medicaljourneyofem (previously sickgalwithadog)
mytitus2journey (Munchie Mom Extrodinaire)
nerdkidanddoge (pawsandlove on YouTube)

If I missed any, sorry! I tried to get as many as were discussed as I could!

No. 484987

File: 1517210397383.jpeg (535.57 KB, 1936x1936, C7B98EEA-051D-452F-8C45-98240C…)

I have no words.

Katiwithoutthee, everyone!

No. 485005

Chronicallysophie is barely 15, doesn’t know what she’s doing. I was a stupid bitchy dick when i was 15 too. It’s right to talk about about her on here. All 15 year olds are munchie equivalent of whatever they’re into.
Sickgalwithadog is on long duration medical leave as a minor which requires approval from the federal government with paperwork filled out by multiple doctors and signed by your schools officials. There is no way she could have fudged that one. I get assholey when i feel like shit too.

No. 485015


Sophie is not included due to her age.

No. 485020

Jesus fuck, dare I ask, what is the caption with this?

No. 485021

Yes she's on long duration leave, but she was discussed extensively in the last thread because of her OTT/Munchiness.

Sophie isn't on the list because of her age.

I just included who was discussed last time.

No. 485027

1. You don't have to put a subject.
2. You need to sage posts that don't contribute new content by putting "sage" in the email field.

I suggest reading the rules so you don't get banned.

No. 485037

im the one who messaged sickgirlwithadog sent her screenshots after she apologized to me. I went off Zoloft once and withdraw got so damn bad i called my wife a bitch. She cleaned up her act. edited munchie posts and apologized. Zoloft withdraw is real bad.

No. 485040

If someone is behaving like this in a hospital, I'd say they're well enough to go home and be treated there or as an outpatient. Silly little prick.

No. 485043

That's called cowtipping and it's against the rules.

No. 485052

Sorry haven’t commented on this thread in awhile. ^agree. I scrolled on her page and seen she’s got a breast tumor, she wasn’t talking about whatever the fuck lipo thing is called. Bonus points: found actual scar pics and a post about how her cord tethered again kinda high which straight explains why she’s having new symptoms now.

No. 485059


Include the number of the post to which you are replying.

No. 485073

I agree
She apologized to me and fixed her posts. Don’t see a reason to keep her. Invalidates the rest of the arguments on here. If someone looks her up and sees she’s actual sick unlike most of the munchies and is acting like a fairly decent human.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 485079

This board is for over the top people as well as munchies. Just because she cleaned up her act doesn’t mean she isn’t OTT

No. 485081

File: 1517217301793.jpg (171.21 KB, 271x410, crps.jpg)

Gynecologist diagnosed Endo a year ago and now she's getting her first MRI for it. So her diagnosis is still not confirmed, which is really odd.
She insists on getting a tilt table test, because she thinks having a heart rate of 120 while laying down for >20 minutes is a sign of POTS.

Last year in september she wrote that she has a neuroma on her wrist and that she has to get surgery for it. She had an appointment for an MRI and never went to it, so now she inisists that the lump(wrist) could be anyything and that her doctors think it's CRPS. She was supposed to get her nerves measured, but it doesn't seem like she got the test? She isn't taking any meds for nervepain, so I doubt her diagnosis.
She keeps changing her bio and now it mentions HMS instead of hEDS. In her posts she tags EDS, but she also tags cancer which she doesn't have.

Somehow it seems like she keeps skipping appointments in order to stay sick.

No. 485100

Saged Not new content but important. Two Instagram accounts are sending sickgalwithadog screenshots of everything said about her here. Also sent links to 4, that she knows of, of her school friends she had screen shot proof. This is targeted harassment and against the rules. Doesn’t even seem too OTT If she’s got A spinalcord that just tethered at L3 it would make sense that she’s developing all these neurological issues and pretty fast. Newly tethered cords don’t have a good prognosis. this month hospitalized for anaphylactic shock for four days (unlike for a “line infection” ? haha lol) u don’t get inpatient for a reaction thru the Er if ur faking. I believe the surgery is happening. That tumor ultrasound(?) looks legit. Doesn’t seem that she’s too OTT with her posts considering. Seems to have cleaned up munchie act associated with the Zoloft topic. In any case, someone (2?) has broken rules and is sending her everything said here. That’s targeted harassment of a minor, and her friends who are also minors (names and usernames redacted since some of them are <16 and posting users and names of friends is banned). Not sure the protocol here.

No. 485106

Staaaahp your WK bullshit. No1curr. She is baby Jaq, and it's totally possible to have real minor medical issues and also Munchausen's, not to mention being OTT, attention seeking and self obsessed. She's another obvious Cluster B.

And she's well within the age range for the site.

So shut the fuck up.

No. 485108

Hardly OTT if she has all these conditions explaining her symptoms. that’s cowtipping. If 4 or more other minors are being sent links than i think her stuff needs to be removed. That’s genuine illegal harassment of minors. Don’t want this forum
To be take down.

No. 485112

I mean she’s what 17 and her full name has already been published here. Against the rules. People sending her screen shots. Against the rules. Sending her friends links. against the rules. talking about munchies is one thing. Targeted harassment is another thing all together.

No. 485113

She has a service dog she doesn't need. A spoonie account full of posed "muh illness" photos. Pathetic obsession with being a sick kid, like Jonzie. She's literally months away from adulthood. You either know her in real life or you are her.

No. 485117

You should know that coming into the thread where you're being discussed means embarrassing yourself more.

No. 485125

File: 1517224487940.png (374.84 KB, 494x524, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 23.1…)

Did anyone else notice that that Zarala account ("warrior box") gave out Aubrey's address to anyone who wanted it via their picture?

Aub's been busy with the perks of being extra sick this year. She's also hopped onto the blanket train that Jaquie loves so much!

No. 485128

Yikes anyone’s hear about how Amanda got a binkeez blanket? Lied on the application ?

No. 485129


Considering her new IG is "medicaljourneyofem" then I suspect she's still OTT

No. 485131

Aha yeah binkeez for comfort took down the photo and her story on their page?

No. 485132


do share, anon?

No. 485135

Yeah apparently she put down a bunch of conditions she doesn’t have? someone told the charity tho and she got busted

No. 485137

Anyone see Katiwithoutthee new photos? How is she balancing on the top of a couch while she’s inpatient?much less if she needs a wheelchair

No. 485138


kek! Which Amanda is this? chronically, or Jaq's skinwalker?

No. 485144

That woman has never needed to be inpatient in her life. She has to be one of the top ten fakes in the whole USA.

No. 485166

First and final warning to not discuss minors on the board.

No. 485206

Janiece from TheRawLife posted HER OWN address in her IG bio.

No. 485215

File: 1517238763987.jpg (195.6 KB, 619x843, FullSizeRender 20.jpg)

It looks like Kat (the not-actually-sick half of unicorn.spoonie) has hit a dead end with trying to be physically unwell and is moving onto mental illness. DID, anyone?

No. 485241

File: 1517241907785.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 8DABBDFA-3736-4EB4-A636-718319…)

Why… when did she start needing ensure drinks?!?

No. 485245


duh, everyone knows you can't be ill without drinking supplement drinks

No. 485248


This WK anon >>485112 >>485037 admitted to cowtipping in the last thread, too. I have reported them multiple times.

No. 485252

I agree, her symptoms make no sense, and she does things that are impossible with EDS, plus she doesn’t seem to have systemic involvement, just generalized hypermobility. She’s also a huge bitch who yells at people for asking questions and continuously plays the poor little sick girl victim. Don’t what’s up with all the white knights all of s sudden, but they need to gtfo.

No. 485260

Does she realise how rare DID actually is? What an idiot. Good luck to her trying to fake that…

No. 485261

Top kek. That’s awesome. I have the feeling her story is starting to unravel a bit, look at all the people that are commenting on her vlogs about how low her feed rate is. And her last name is Winkie kek. No wonder she goes by her middle name on social media.

No. 485269


It's Amanda who lied on the blanket application.

But Aubrey is also getting some more scrutiny.

No. 485274


If I were marrying someone called Winkie I'd keep my maiden name!

No. 485275

File: 1517243789202.png (157.33 KB, 750x1334, 56E43B02-C646-4362-9943-95FB9C…)

The CF world is blowing up! A girl getting a ton social media attention was called out and caught to be lying about CF and was catfishing the world. http://lungstoryshort.com/podcasts/2018/1/24/episode-6-the-ultimate-catfish

No. 485284


Maybe she is conflating dissociation with DID? Typical ignorant munchie move.

No. 485285


Anything documented on who the girl was? What IDs she used?

No. 485288

A munchie can't have run of the mill dissociation! Gotta have super severe DID!

No. 485294

File: 1517245106214.png (779.44 KB, 750x1334, AC461AAA-1FF5-4870-899C-B088F7…)

This is the instagram ID she was using.

No. 485295

Sorry I meant Twitter not Instagram.

No. 485299

To me this is hope that others claiming chronic illnesses will start to be questioned and proven to be lying! I hope one day to see some of the munchies on this board blasted all over the news.

No. 485304


It's only newsworthy if they've actually defrauded charities etc. Which is why Eli was in the news for faking cancer, but Luke (Hypermobileguy) wasn't.

No. 485358

File: 1517249529221.png (593.48 KB, 750x1334, 3F2E5421-F7CA-4499-931B-6D2AD7…)

Uh maybe because people know you’re a damn munchie?!

No. 485372

Is this some sort of “medical art?”

No. 485374


Reminds me of the "hospital glam" woman

No. 485429

oh my god what a whiny 5 year old mentality.

No. 485472

I’m sure Aubrey lied as well. Especially since she has none of the conditions that she claims. She’s a bulimic with a benign tumor that was removed.

No. 485476

Being sooo sick with the flu but miraculous quick recovery guys so she's off for her angiogram! Tjank god for all her super healthy smoothies!

No. 485477

The spoonies that apply for free stuff always seem super suspicious to me, especially for things like the blanket and beanies and stuffed animals. It just seems like more infantalizing themselves, and taking advantage of programs obviously set up for children. They’re adults dropping serious cash on unnecessary medical treatment and equipment, but need to apply for a free blanket to help them feel better? It’s just weird, like go to the store and buy yourself a damn blanket. They just want them to show off; look at me, I’m soooo sick I got a special blankie to take to the hospital with me.

No. 485478

File: 1517255176985.png (904.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-144308.png)

No. 485479

File: 1517255232909.png (756.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-144311.png)

with pictures

No. 485481

Oh that’s definitely someone who’s got the super serious flu. She can’t even lie well at all.

No. 485483

File: 1517255353828.png (3.96 MB, 750x1334, 7EDD6AAA-DF14-47AD-A22C-16F9D0…)

Lol lung infection… crock of shit

No. 485484

Sure, Jan. A blend of juice cured your flu. And she looks way too fucking happy to be going for a medical test, especially after she had a “possible blood infection” (no) a day and a half ago. She’s really a piece of work.

No. 485487

God I can’t wait for her super special test to be totally normal.

No. 485490

So she’s got a cold with a cough? Okay sure. Got to have the dramatic selfie as well. I can’t wait until cold and flu season is over, it makes normally annoying munchies totally insufferable.

No. 485504

File: 1517256028108.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-145809.png)

Well well..how long will her Tpn and picc days be behind her? She's gotta be sooper special with something kek

No. 485517


Well no one can prove she doesn't have neurolyme…. since it's "undetectable" kek

No. 485528


If she actually has the flu then no way should she be off to the hospital for a non-emergency scan! That's dangerous to the public.

No. 485530


Brave Soul Blankets seems to LOVE the high profile munchies!

No. 485535


I bet she's not happy at all. She LOVED those "strong illness warrior" selfies involving flexing her bicep while hooked up to TPN. No wonder it bled through…

No. 485539

Well, good thing she doesn't have it then. Did they take cultures? I'm guessing not. Her fever would've been higher and she would be sicker if she actually had the flu. She probably has just a cold, which can cause a mild fever.

No. 485542


But that doesn't sound serious at all, anon! Aubrey can't have anything that couldn't come with multiple complications!

Kek, I love the implication of this, that she went to the ER for a damn cold!

No. 485571

File: 1517257882227.png (260.34 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4102.PNG)

Oh Kati McFarland you're such a piece of shit.

No. 485572

File: 1517257899519.png (233.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4103.PNG)

No. 485581


If you're going to barge into the congress in your wheelchair and resist arrest, then maybe don't whine when there are consequences??

No. 485634


Aubrey is taking colloidal silver? Oh please let her skin turn silver. kek

Brave Soul Blankets go for $80 on etsy so I guess you can buy them, but you have to apply or be nominated to get them for free? It's a nice idea I guess but giving out blankets to people that don't need them seems like a waste of time and resources.

No. 485703


No. 485743

Dom is in a quandary. She needs GI testing, but her Adsense payments have been cut in half, and she would rather not spend her savings on testing just in case they need the money for something else.


No. 485745


If someone NEEDS a medical test, they will pay for it.

No. 485760

Screenshots, anon. This is an imageboard.

No. 485761

Don't forget that you can hear her son in the background half crying and she doesn't even acknowledge him.

No. 485762

Fucking Christ. She's seriously setting him up for failure.

No. 485764

Remember when Nicole swore up and down how keeping her NG during therapy would keep her out of hospital and more focused.

I’m literally just looking at this 20 something year old girl who literally identifies her fucking stuffed rabbit as her best friend and I just laugh and laugh and thank god she doesn’t live in my country.

Sage for bitching

No. 485771


Ugh, she lives in my one.
But at least I don't have Aubrey kek

No. 485773


Check the post, bitchy anon. It's a video.

No. 485776


I believe it actually can turn your skin blue. But I imagine it takes chronic exposure over a long period of time. Too bad, because it would be amazing to see.

No. 485789


Yeah, I think colloidal silver can create a greyish, bluish, silverish cast to the skin and yes, I think you have to take a lot of it before that happens, but it's still funny to imagine. kek

No. 485795

Sickgalwithadog should be take off due to breaches to the rules. ie sending screen shots/links to her and her family/friends. Don’t think it’s right.

No. 485796

Are you incapable of screenshotting the video you linked? Learn how to imageboard before you start calling people bitches. Don't just post links without even describing what it is.

No. 485808

Can you prove it was farmers who sent screenshots…? If not, sucks for her and maybe she should lock down her IG if she doesn't want people talking about her.

No. 485809


What is the point of screenshotting a video when the audio is the milk? Who wants or needs to see her face again?

No. 485811


This WK anon admitted it in the previous thread, too.


No. 485817

It's only been a few days since her ER visit right? Did they even give her an RX for this flu? (Like tamaflu and that's a week of meds)
It gives me some hope they pulled that picc and sent her happy little butt home!
However if she had the flu should would not be allowed to have any special tests unless it was extremely important to get done asap or emergency (which she'd be in hospital)
Specially an angiogram….thats invasive and can be high risk depending.
Not to mention the IR/Cath lab wouldn't allow her in the procedure room because of the flu being so contagious..her being on that table would not only expose the people working on her but contaminate the entire room making others sick. 9 times out of 10 these rooms have all the materials out in the room along the walls..not ok to do when contagious!

Someone mentioned the flu shot in the other thread that went unanswered (I think.)
The flu shot is not working well this year because of the mutation of the virus..which is part of why it's been so bad this year. Many who got the shot still got the flu anyway.

No. 485818


How does being tipped make a cow ineligible for milking?

No. 485819


As far as I know she has not actually seen a doctor to diagnose this lung infection. She said in a video her doctor THINKS it’s another infection. She also got diagnosed with a concussion over the phone, had multiple dislocations during the fall that caused the concussion and she had a seizure because of the concussion. But no actual doctors appts after to get checked as far as I know

No. 485820

Sounds like you need to read the usage rules, specifically number 3.

Most of us don't want to watch her shit and don't want to give any of these people views.

No. 485823

Ohh, I must have missed that. Yeah being tipped still doesn't mean anything.

And I thought we could discuss people 16 and up?

No. 485841


In my post I paraphrased what she said in her video.

A screenshot does not capture what she says. I would still have to paraphrase what she said.

No. 485845

Embed videos and pictures next time. Everything needs to be embedded. People can and will report your posts.

No. 485851


Yes. And farmhand >>485823 doesn't seem to realize that Emily is 17 despite referring to a post that states she is 17.

No. 485852


This board does not support embedding Instagram videos.

No. 485858


Have you been mini-modding me after incorrect assuming that I had posted a link to a Youtube video?

No. 485866


Can you clarify? Different anon here. I was going to post a screen recording of the video so that she wouldn’t get the views. Is that not allowed?

No. 485880

No, I can read and see it says Instagram. You're being super agressive though when you really didn't state what the hell you linked too. You could've at least said "it's a video" or something. I won't follow what appears to be a random link. That was all I was trying to say but felt it was falling on deaf ears so here we are.

Are you done trying to get me to fight with you yet?

No. 485886


This board only supports embedding Youtube videos.

Instagram does not monetise content. A cow receives nothing for views.

No. 485887

You can do that as far as I know.

I think they were saying they linked only because they technically couldn't embed an IG video, not that it's not against the rules.

No. 485929

No. 485934

File: 1517269651178.jpg (357.87 KB, 1002x771, domscreenshot.jpg)


Goodness gracious. Different anon, but here's a useless screencap of the video in question that has absolutely no info or context.

Also, reading the posted url containing "instagram.com" is not exactly a "random link" because we know Dom makes videos and posts them on Instagram.

No. 485947


This. My use of the word "support" is in a technical context. There is no field for embedding videos from platforms outside of Youtube.

Usage rule #3 does not address video content on platforms outside of Youtube and does not address video content on Instagram. The rule was probably written prior to Instagram allowing video clips and the advent of story videos.

No. 485972


I agree with you. It does not specify what to do with Instagram videos or Snapchats and the like.

I did figure out how to capture the video, but I do not want to put it on my YouTube channel. Do we have to go get some anonymous YouTube account to post captured Instagram and Snapchats?

No. 485978

Same fag, but the first half of that last post was directed at >>485947 not >>455880.

No. 486000

1. No one can run tube feeds 24 hours a day, you have to be disconnected to set it up, take showers, take meds, switch bags, etc. Plus, I know we see her off of it sometimes.

2. 40 ml/hr for 23 hours a day is still only 1,380 calories, much less than a woman her age needs, especially since she’s somewhat active, doing yoga and shit.

So she’s still totally full of bullshit. Must be that “neuro lyme” affecting her brain kek. But she’s so dumb, she can’t even lie realistically.

No. 486016


She claims she turned down Yale grad school, which isn't necessarily a measure of her intelligence, but it makes her snakier to me because I think she is partly legitimately dumb and party putting on an act of being stupider than she really is and I think that's even worse. She always acts like she can't remember basic words (brain fog) but then remembers all kind of stupid medical jargon. She's full of shit any way you look at it.

No. 486022

Now did she actually turn it down, or did she just say she did? Because she says a lot of things, and very few of them are true.

No. 486024

Wasn't Dom begging for money at the beginning of the month? Then she bought $100's worth of reptiles. Then she went on vacation. Now she's worried about how she's going to pay for her healthcare? I'm sorry, but it seems like she might just have to live with her poor decision making. It's called being an adult.

No. 486025


If you were considering capturing and reposting the video because you do not want to violate rule #3: the rule cannot be applied to Instagram videos and should be rewritten.

Anons post links to Instagram videos all the time with a summary of what was said without being mini-modded. A screenshot is useful only if the video contains visual milk.

No. 486027


On Facebook she was begging for gigs for her Phototgraphy business to "put food on the table."

No. 486033

I'm sure within the next few days she's going to make a video of being harassed about being a wheelchair. Or maybe she'll faint out of the magic wheelchair! Of course, once she's perfectly positioned the camera.

No. 486044


In her previous video she talks about how much her hands, arms, and shoulders hurt after wheeling herself around the aquarium and zoo all weekend. She also hurt her hand by attempting to stop her chair from rolling down a ramp. She doesn't have gloves yet. But she didn't pass out!


No. 486074

Even if she’s being OTT i really don’t think stuff should be posted about her if a farmers sending her and friends/family harassment. If not for her, then this community. That is harassment on Reddit, and this forum could get take down. A farmer already admitted to sending screenshots.

No. 486083

hasnt it already been reported? Can we shut the fuck up about it?

No. 486086


Her educational aspirations are up for debate I would think. kek Too bad pants on fire isn't a diagnosis…


I agree that the rule should be rewritten because it's a pain in the ass to capture the video, export it, and post it semi-anonymously on YouTube since there is no other way to post video here.

I also agree that a random screenshot of a person's face and/or Instagram post does not contribute any milk and is pointless.

No. 486090


That's bullshit. If you have a concussion, you go to hospital. Multiple dislocations? hospital. Seizure when not epileptic? Hospital. She's full of shit.

No. 486093

i like this forum but harassment and bringing other people into it is fucked up

No. 486110

There’s only one person who admitted to that, they should be banned. Everyone else here plays by the rules, lets not let one moronic farmer ruin the fun for everyone else.

No. 486114

It depends on the formula too..ig it's a higher or lower calories formula..in her case I wouldn't be surprised if it's simply the lowest calories formula she could find. (I'm not familiar with Kate farms)
It could also be that her Drs take into account her oral intake..i mean if her weight is relatively stable and labs decent enough her fees rate isn't really top priority to her drs..its shocking that anyone put her on home TPN..when she was in the hospital were they even giving her anything IV that would indicate poor nutrition/intolerance of tube feeds?

No. 486123

File: 1517275426034.jpg (637.72 KB, 2172x3862, 20180129_192252.jpg)

No. 486127


They were finally banned this morning after I (and I assume others) reported their posts in both threads several times.

No. 486128

File: 1517275548005.jpg (531.91 KB, 2896x2896, 20180129_192427.jpg)

No. 486152

Probably just hemorrhoids kek.

No. 486159

File: 1517276623044.png (466.39 KB, 1536x2048, 2522DAD8-65EB-4FAD-9CB8-B5F95B…)

I think she said she was on the 1.5, which is what I used to calculate. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on the less calorically dense 1.0 now, in which case she’d be getting a lot less calories. And those are the only two options, so she can’t go higher.

No. 486164


Or she's been juicing beets.

No. 486168

Super special hemorrhoids, for sure kek. Unless she claims she has eds now (very common in hEDS, surprisingly none of the munchies mention their chronic hemorrhoids)

No. 486170

It’s Dani, I doubt she eats vegetables. They don’t fit in the ice cream and Chinese food GP diet she’s on.

No. 486177

‘People think I’m lying so I’m going to post about my eating disorder to prove I don’t have one’. Dumb munchie logic right there.

No. 486185

File: 1517276981037.png (53.34 KB, 756x617, wtftea.png)

Here is Rural Teacake, everyone.


And also has a true old school blog about at least 2 in the trifecta of munchie bullshit: EDS and gastro.


Normally I would give it a pass, but her latest video is her spending a week in hospice for… no clear reason. And as you can tell by the screenshot, she has numerous things planned that make no sense, such as replacing her urinary system. And she wants a service dog for her EDS.

No. 486186

Haha i sent @sickgalwithadog /@medicalfilesofem screen shots too! I hope she kills her self! Gonna keep sending her everything that’s said about her, and to all 20 of her personal friends i could find aahahahah(No.)

No. 486194

Definitely a munchie. She’s in the uk, so if she has to fundraise £22k for a wheelchair, she doesn’t need one. And being bed-bound is very, very, very uncommon in eds for non-munchies.

No. 486204

Never say you hope someone kills themselves! That is horrible and is not what we stand for. We want people to live healthy lives and stop exploiting people but never be suicidal. Suicide is not a fucking joke.

No. 486205

Ok troll.

No. 486209

Have fun with your permanent ban. Where are the farmhands?

No. 486211

Just report and ignore.

No. 486214


this seems self-posty to me.

No. 486218


£22k! What's the wheelchair made of? Unicorn horn??

No. 486219

Yeah I was thinking that, too. She knows she can’t get the website taken down, so she’s trying to get herself banned as a topic. Just keep reporting.

No. 486223

She doesn't know the name of the website. Must be a friend.

No. 486224

This is getting out of hand

No. 486225

File: 1517277563610.png (556.08 KB, 928x532, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 01.5…)


her Insta wasn't hard to find.

Though it's worth noting, self-trained assistance dogs are generally NOT A THING in the UK. They will not be recognised outside of the person's own home.

No. 486226

Kek she needs someone to move her? That’s the opposite of eds, too much movement or the wrong kind of movement is the problem. Sounds just like an attention whore.

No. 486229

I’m sure someone’s told her.

No. 486232


EDS can cause fatigue, which makes moving difficult… I don't doubt she's got it, but I think she's quite OTT. A 22 thousand pound wheelchair!!

No. 486233

She looks too old to being doing this shit. Mental illness for sure, severe.

No. 486235

But not impossible to the point of needing someone to move you. You get tired, not quadriplegic.

No. 486236

There’s no why she wouldn’t be defending herself if someone had. Have you seen her responses to the littlest of things? She doesn’t have that self control

No. 486238

File: 1517277780178.jpeg (574.87 KB, 1125x1512, 31371CF2-13FC-400E-8E3E-20D14F…)

Here we go with a munchie YouTuber using their channels to get free shit. This girl gets an average of 1-2k views. It’s not like her 130k subs really matter. There are plenty of channels that could get more views on a smaller channel.

Also, wtf with the dreads??? Can’t wait to see her rediculous ass sporting those in her big ass wheelchair with her stressed out service dog, crying baby, and irritated husband. This is going to be great!

No. 486240

Yeah way too dumb not to fuck up and show herself. Still shouldn’t be getting harassed with her friends

No. 486245


To the point of needing someone to help you get dressed, from room to room etc.

past that, is like HMG levels of magic EDS.

No. 486248


OMG that's embarrassing to read. Why would she not send a PM to the shop owner instead?

No. 486253


Because she seriously thinks she is amazing. Unfornatley too many people are suckers for it.

No. 486268

Also, teal dreads on a pale white girl? Ew.

No. 486271

Is be surprised if it was even hemroids..
It's Dani.
She knows that because she just had a surgery pretty much any issue she complains about will be answered with "go to the ER "
She hasn't complained about constipation or diahrrea which would be a part of a hemmroid issue..and it's pretty common to be constipated after surgery and that would cause more pain too..and she has been complaining about pain a bit more (mainly because she is getting less sympathy and attention from the surgery)
She had done this many times over the years..shes the cow who cried vomiting and shitting blood.
It gave her her only hospitalization a few years ago even though she's just so so sick! She went into the er saying she was vomiting and shitting blood and argued to be admitted despite her lab work not showing any blood loss. They did an upper GI the next morning which came back normal of course. She said she had to fight to stay.
Blood is usually one of 2 colors..black or red.
Red is a surface bleed basically..like from hemroids or a tear near the outside. Black is from the inside.

No. 486272

File: 1517278918248.jpg (287.4 KB, 1440x1669, Screenshot_20180129-201744.jpg)

Her reply is just ridiculous..
Do you think she even when to the Er?
She had nothing on her FB about this which is unlike her.
>>486271 (same poster..it wouldn't let me attach the photo.)

No. 486297


Dreads! She will look so stupid. But how kind of her to offer her YouTube services. That fame from the ice cream shop has really gone to her post-concussion head. kek

No. 486312

You know what I was thinking that these munchies need to do. Be a juice plus pyramid scheme salesman. They'd all be perfect for it. Just lying about how it cures cancer or some shit and sign up thousands of people. At least they would have money and stop living off the government and gofundme. They already take all the vitamins in it. Kek. Sage for being irrelevant

No. 486316

Stupid medicalfilesofem just sent her all the new screenshots on here! I agree she should die(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 486318

Hope she does! Send her friends links guys!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 486330

Medicalfilesofem is actually really nice. Stop shitting around with her! She doesn’t deserve death threats

No. 486332


Is she going to braid them in herself with her EDS joints while holding her arms above her head for hours in defiance of her POTS?

I hope the Elle Darby Effect catches up with her and the rest of the munchies.

No. 486335

texting their personal number is way too far

No. 486340

I think these trolls are trying to get Emily banned as a discussion topic. Kek.

No. 486344


No one said anything about "texting their personal number".



No. 486345

(Thanks mods. You guys are the best and don't get the recognition you all deserve.)

No. 486348

Someone did text one of Emily's friends personal number.

No. 486350

1. I think some people need a rules remediation class.
2. How did they even get that number if they didn't know them personally beforehand?

No. 486353

A private account had the number apparently.

No. 486356

That's really sus…

No. 486357

A friend from her old school is getting texts with links to here and caption “see no one likes her she should just die” this too fucking far

No. 486362


Where are you getting this information?

No. 486363

I'm in contact with mods. We're trying to get this sorted out. Contacting cows and their friends is NOT okay people. This is a place to discuss what the munchies and OTT people are doing. We don't wish harm on them, in fact we wish the opposite, we wish they would get the help they need, not want.

No. 486369

Also this is the second time an anon has called her by an incorrect name…Which makes me think it's on purpose to make them seem ignorant. This leads me to believe it's either Emily or someone she knows doing this.

No. 486380

Hello. I am a friend of Emily who got links here. Listen you people can have an forum about whatever, i don’t give a damn shit. But whoever the fucking hell decided to message my friend who tried to commit suicide in December with links leading to messages containing “kill yourself” y’all are sick fuckers thanks for fucking up a month of progress. You fuckers made her relapse with self harm. She’s safe now her family will be watching her all night and then psych in the morning, if any of you fucking heartless monsters care. I don’t give a fucking shit what this damn forum is, you better fucking stop harassing us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 486384

It was medicalfilesofem and like 4 other versions for a while. She’s clearly been trying to get people away from her. Her account is on private too now.

No. 486385

I'm truly sorry this happened. It's in the rules of the website not to contact the people we discuss, but someone obviously had malicious intent and went beyond that.

This board isn't meant to bully people into submission, nor is it meant to be a place to bash people without reason.

There was absolutely NO reason for someone to reach out to Emily's friends/Emily- especially not with the intent of disturbing someone's mental health.

I can't apologize for the horrible person who decided their sick pleasure was worth contacting the friend, but I can apologize on behalf of the rest of the farmers here who follow the rules.

No. 486388

Good hope everyone she loves dies(samefagging)

No. 486401

I am sorry on behalf of whoever did this please know that we do not want to cause anyone to inflict harm upon themselves.

No. 486404

File: 1517284245318.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 2368468F-6D0A-4478-BE14-24D709…)

She’s got a cane y’all!

No. 486419


I'm sorry, that's simply not true. I know people personally who have had to fundraise for chairs because they can walk a few steps in their house (aided or unaided). Wheelchair services is very hit and miss depending on area and wait times are often long that many can't afford to wait. Hence fundraisers.

Not everyone who needs help actually gets it.

And the munchies tar the rest of us with a bad name.. typical.

Sage for OT.

Anyway, chronically.amanda had a live stream the other day where she was caught out by others on a lie. She was telling them her PCP gave her a Beighton score of 7/9. Then later said she scored a 6/9 but that she'd scored herself. No screen grabs obviously.

No. 486428

Amanda is full of shit. She probably isn’t hypermobile at all. If she was she’d probably be posting it all over her IG to prove herself

No. 486433

Feel free to have a look at the pathetic self posting.

No. 486439

The person posting these keeps creating instagram accounts for the soul purpose of doing this.


No. 486463

Why tf does she have a cane? The orthopedist said her joints are fine.

No. 486473

Because she’s mental. I bet she doesn’t even know how to use it properly

No. 486479

She probably stole it from her poor grandma considering its covered in ugly grandma flowers.

No. 486485

Nobody wants Emily alive any way. U all said yourself that she’s wasting doctors time. Better off(still self posting it seems)

No. 486555

im annoyed with you blocking me. dont make me delete ur subreddit(ban evasion)

No. 486596

File: 1517294221875.png (1.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180130-002108.png)

In one of her recent vlogs she talks about how she would be charged 50$ to be let back into her appointment if she doesn't have her keys and after a certain time.
Is it just me or does that seem super wrong for an apartment (regardless if it's section 8 or low income or regular)?
A long time ago she explained her boyfriend never stayed over because she wasn't allowed to have company after certain hours and not over night even for visits which remained her excuse for her boyfriend never being over..which is also weird.
She often talks about going to the community room where she Meets her friends everyday (that she only recently started talking about because of this site)
Is it possible she's actually living in a halfway house or some other type of mildly assisted/government aided/life coach type
The video is rough..she sounds extremely whiny and has terrible acting for attention.

No. 486669

so emily basically posted death threats against herself?

No. 486693


Wow, that’s fucked up. It sounds like she really does need psych help.

No. 486735

What…a ..shit…show..

No. 486752

File: 1517315699987.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-073201.png)

After a long night and forgetting her tubing I hope everything goes well for our sooper sick princess today! You know how hard it is with a moogle illness! Wtaf??

No. 486802

File: 1517323354670.png (992.95 KB, 1080x1675, 20180130_083939.png)

SDP posted a video last night showing how super high her heart rate gets, it got into the 150's which from my understanding is nothing with POTS.

No. 486803

The way her pulse ox did it is weird, it like slowly climbed to 120 then started beeping and showing 140, 150. Then the video cuts off.

No. 486815

File: 1517325097423.png (1.62 MB, 640x1136, DD2433C5-637D-4A58-8B43-20FF69…)

What does she mean she forgot it? It’s literally hooked up to the pump. And she’s setting things up on the bathroom counter? I get that it’s a hotel room, but still, that’s disgusting. Apparently she’s decided she needs to try harder to get an infection.

No. 486816

I bet she was exercising off camera. POTs is a quick increase, and then a slow decline back to a more normal rate. A gradual increase is more indicative of exercising.

No. 486817

I'm not sure, if that was the case her starting would be much higher. But she could easily be dehydrating or using drugs.

No. 486821

Do people not understand that tachycardia is based on your age and gender. So to be dangerously tachy in your 20s it has to be in the upper 160s. My doctor has shown me the chart. These girls all cry wolf over tachycardia and they are not in any freaking danger! Maybe if they went to the gym every once in awhile they'd realize people try to get there heart rate up on purpose! Who would have ever thought that humans actually exercise and strengthen their hearts. The reason these girls go up so high is because they never do anything but sit on their asses so their heart rate jumps when the move. But I've never seen anyone post a seriously dangerous blackout/pass out HR. Munchies post a pic when its in the 180s and then I'll believe you…


No. 486822


kek, called it

No. 486823


because it's not enough to SAY you're sick, you have to have the accessory to prove it.

Good luck in marching band with that cane, kek

No. 486824

Yes, exactly. There's a service dog handler (under age so name won't be said) who suddenly has physical disabilities. He has a cane and is getting smart crutches. It's not enough to say you feel bad, you have to have a mobility aid to show it.

No. 486835

People very rarely get sudden physical disabilities. It’s a pretty big red flag for munchies.

No. 486837

I think his problem is dizziness and weakness, if smart crutches fix that he's for sure a munchie.

No. 486841

That’s great. Nothing like using something that takes way more energy and oxygen to help with dizziness and weakness kek

No. 486842

File: 1517327503497.png (255.88 KB, 333x636, amy.png)

Amy posted her lung function tests, which aren't 20% like she claims

No. 486848

The answer is 74%. In case anyone didn't know how to read it. FEV1 is what all doctors look at and is what they considered your lung function. 74% is just slightly below normal people and not concerning at all. Under 40% are the ones who struggle to breath so she is NO WHERE near that. Probably just has asthma.

Sage for medfagging but I think I'm just being informative

No. 486880

File: 1517330852286.jpg (515.31 KB, 788x2089, Screenshot_20180130-104137.jpg)

So unless she got from a shitty place (honestly wouldn't surprise me) one of the reptiles she got is around $200 on it's own, that's not including the $200 tank. If she really needed the tests she could apply for financial assistance through the hospital, especially since her husband apparently works at the Dollar tree and "her YouTube revenue was cut in half". Doctors offices/hospitals have financial assistance for people that need testing but can't afford it/don't have insurance. My money is on that she knows the tests won't show anything.

No. 486884

Kek a muggle is a hary potter term for non magical person so she’s basically referring to as chronic illness ppl as magical wizards or witches that are some how more special than non magic folk

Basically an ott reference meaning “oh I have the common cold, I’m
Chronic though so I should only be seceptable to sepsis or an angry pancreas

No. 486939


Someone had posted a picture of the special tank she bought and said it was $200. One of the geckos cost $100 and the other one was $75. She also bought a ton of crickets, not sure how much those cost. Then she bought all the hides and stuff needed for the tank. She also upgraded one if the beardies cage and it looks like the same kind of $200 tank.

They also went to Atlanta and stayed in a hotel, ate out several times I’m sure and went to the Atlanta aquarium and the Atlanta zoo. Easily a $500-600 trip.

She fucking knows she doesn’t have insurance. This money should have been going to either pay for insurance (she could have paid to be on Chase's insurance but she didn’t want to spend that much) or to go in a savings account for medical use. Shs compulsively spends. She can’t help herself.

No. 486940


whereas mental illness or PTSD would, you think, be the best reason to have a service dog. They're very calming and grounding.

No. 486942


The GI doctor she wants to see visits the clinic she is going to. In her video yesterday she mentioned that she could pay for the testing on a 6-month plan.


And the albino frog.

No. 486970


But if a munchie knows a medical test will reveal they aren't as sick as they claim they will come up with any reason not to have the test done

I am not sure her husband still works at the Dollar Tree - someone on here said that based on a facebook profile but when I looked he had two profiles and I think he had some sort of restaurant job following the dollar tree job.

No. 486994


That was helpful medfagging, anon

No. 487038


I can see there being a charge if she had to call someone to let her into her apartment if she doesn't have her keys - lots of apartments have a charge to be let back in after hours (since presumably they have to pay someone to let you in). Is she saying she has to pay to get into her apartment after hours or just if she loses her keys?
Apartments usually have rules about having guests stay past a certain length of time but that length of time usually involves weeks not anything that would prevent regular overnight visits. Not to mention that unless your guest is super disruptive to other residents it is unlikely that anyone would notice and/or inform the management. And it would prevent her from going to his place. Just another million excuses she uses to tell herself that her sucky relationship doesn't suck.
She showed the community room in one of the videos (I haven't watched the last few). It was basically a room with old crappy furniture where people can leave books and puzzles. Might have once been a selling feature for the place but it clearly doesn't get much use. I think the only reason she is posting about the community room is because she gets a lot of flack here for not ever leaving her apartment or interacting with other humans besides her parents and doctors. When it was first brought up she moved from the bedroom to a chair in the living room - but it was still just her sitting in the apartment. So now she adds the community room to the mix - which still doesn't involve her leaving the building and likely doesn't cause much interaction with others.
Everything she does is thought out to address things that are mentioned here.

No. 487044

* it would not prevent her from staying at his place not it would prevent her

No. 487067


SRO (Single Resident/Room Occupancy) hotels usually have strict guest policies for both long term tenants and short term guests. Guests must sign in and in some cases leave their IDs at the desk and cannot stay overnight or overnight guests are allowed only a few nights per month.

No. 487080


She got the albino frog for free supposedly

No. 487087


It’s common knowledge from their conversations in YouTube videos that he works at Publix

No. 487103

File: 1517341865967.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, B31EAFA2-2D0D-41E1-813A-C7EEFA…)

It’s sad she calls herself a musician but doesn’t even know how to properly blow into her flute to keep a note in the right key, or so it sounds fluid.

And you can absolutely tell she doesn’t have the attention span for music. She keeps stopping and fucking up. The person she’s trying to duet with is completely annoyed with her. Definitely no surprise she didn’t make regionals. I’m actually more surprised by the fact that she through she actually had a shot.

No. 487128

The service dog is for mental illness, but that's not enough for this kid. Now he needs to be chronically ill (he says he meets the dx criteria for pots) and physically disabled to get more attention.

No. 487262

Kek thanks Anon! She's special allright!

No. 487293

File: 1517350633109.png (10.5 MB, 1242x2208, 1A7E0AF8-4444-4762-90E6-056916…)

Awe, Ana-Aubs doesn’t want some body fat…

No. 487307

That’s what ana chans say when they’re secretly happy people notice that they’re thin. Except Aubrey is just average, she just happens to live in the us where we have an exorbitant amount of obese people. She also decided to take a selfie and mention that, though, which is suuuper attention whore-y. I hope her test comes back totally normal and the doctor refuses to diagnosis her with things she doesn’t have.

No. 487319

File: 1517352030468.jpg (841.68 KB, 810x2072, Screenshot_20180130-162216.jpg)

SDP is dying her hair. What do you bet those teal dreads were for her soon to be teal hair? She's stressed about money for testing, so her solution is to spend money to dye her hair

No. 487349


Riiiiight! Because a person who passes out every 5 minutes (her words) would have energy to do their own hair.

I couldn’t even give my dog a bath today and ended up having to take her to a groomer, which I don’t have money for, but I also physically can’t do it.

This chick is totally full of shit

No. 487355

File: 1517353275334.jpeg (627.77 KB, 3117x3117, 53FA8A70-7AE1-4B7D-82FF-41FB31…)


I would also like to point out that she got her nails professionally done. So she is proving she is a compulsive liar with the “need money to put food on the table” or she is even more irresponsible than I thought.

Although selfishly it m glad I don’t gave to look at those gnarly stubs anymore.

No. 487377

File: 1517354252381.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 2D0A5B9F-8FC1-4A62-875B-0E56E9…)

It was sooper rough coloring at school all day today

No. 487395

Sdp is also using a shit tonight of wella brand which is quality salon expensive.

No. 487426

File: 1517356287948.jpg (548.89 KB, 1063x1721, Screenshot_20180130-175023.jpg)

Looks like she went to Sally's. She's going to fry her hair if she's not careful

No. 487438

I can't tell what Volume the bleach and developer are, but why in the hell does she have what looks to be yellow dye? I cannot wait to see the disaster this becomes.

No. 487471

File: 1517358938070.png (851.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-193351.png)

Here's the color. Honey beige

No. 487472


has he had (to your knowledge) a tilt table test? Because that's the diagnostic criteria kek

No. 487476

File: 1517359128134.png (926.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-193657.png)

As a salonfag. Lemme say this bitches hair is going to turn pink . shes using a pale yellow toner? Boo boo what is you doing sdp?

No. 487477


In North America loads of kids take music class but don't necessarily have to be good at it? That's my memory of high school anyway.

Maybe if she stopped looking at her phone (to see if anyone was watching live) and looked at the music instead she'd have played better kek

No. 487478

Little bit of hair fagging here…
She's gonna have to lift her hair from what looks like a level 4/5 (dark brown) to a 10 to even get that pinkish color.

And to go to a level 10 at home without any purple toner…Her hairs is going to be baby chick yellow and squash orange and she's gonna try to bleach it more and it's just gonna fall out. Kek.

No. 487482


kek she has YouTube videos now, tryin to be the next Jaquie (but she's sooo dumb it's painful). Also no one wants to watch colouring in if it's not done in time lapse…

No. 487483

True. I didn't think she was that dark. Either way…I wonder what the outcome will be. Thats a whole lot of bleach

No. 487484

Nope, he hasn't.

No. 487485


As someone whose first home bleach job took them from dark brown to Tang orange…. I look forward to seeing the results of this kek

My money's on her crying on livestream,. then justifying the cost of getting it professionally fixed.

No. 487492


More hair fagging…I have managed to strip/bleach my hair from dishwater blonde to do a great many different shades, but you have to be SO careful. It can be done, but there's a reason you leave that up to the pros (and even they won't get it right sometimes).

But hey, if her hair all does fall out, she can blame it on her health or on finding out she's allergic to the chemicals or whatever other thing she can cook up. Maybe she really should team up with Aubrey. They can color each other's hair and hang out it in the sauna and pass out to their hearts' contents.

No. 487504

No, but he gets dizzy! And his heart races!

While a ttt isn't quite needed for dx, you could have some cardiac work up and a poor mans ttt for diagnosis. But he hasn't even had that.

No. 487512


A poor man's TTT could show orthostatic intolerance, but that's pretty run of the mill.

Is it too rude if I ask if this guy is trans? It's just all the male spoonies/SD handlers seem to be…

No. 487522

File: 1517362947824.jpg (724.09 KB, 1071x3346, Screenshot_20180130-193604.jpg)

So..this is the result of her serious er visit her pcp recommended.
In the previous post she makes it sound like she may be bleeding with her choice of wording (of course)
Here she drops the BS and replies with what the er did the last time she cried wolf..i still wonder if she even went and even called her pcp for that matter.
She ends this with saying it's happened a few times since..bht she just went in yesterday..and someone with the GP at the severity she tries to portray would not have had several bowel movements in 24hrs..
She changed her name too..more shots to follow.

No. 487525

File: 1517363120801.jpg (1.4 MB, 1073x3459, Screenshot_20180130-194307.jpg)

Because her solid budgeting has been questioned on here and the target on others spending on here.

No. 487526

File: 1517363209836.jpg (504.5 KB, 2896x2896, 20180130_194401.jpg)

Brave warrior
Her different accounts and use of them have also been talked about recently on here recently.

No. 487528


No. 487537

It's not my place to say, but I think he is?

No. 487543

I find it disturbing she is using IV flushes for Jtube medications..BIG NO NO..and sorry Aubrey but the average time spent flat after an angio is 4 hours..a plug will make that much shorter but it's related to more than just her size…its fairly common to not do the plug on females..
ugh shes average weight anyway!
I guess she went to Houston for the amigo? I don't understand that because it's totally do able locally..i can see her going to Houston Methodist for big things and big surgeries but not for a routinely done cardio test..

No. 487556


Red blood in stool/on paper is more often than not haemorroids or anal fissures. Especially if the person experiencing it is on opioids or iron tablets…

No. 487557


I didn't mean that in a "let's kek at the trans guy" way btw. It's just a weird correlation that ALL the male munchies are FTM so far (all 2 of them or something anyway).

No. 487559


Maybe her local cardiologist didn't think it was worthwhile.

No. 487560

I wonder what she blacked out? It's a matter of public record so I'm sure what she's hiding can be easily found

No. 487569


I’m honestly laughing my fucking ass off!! This is going to be awesome!! And can’t wait to see her dreads. It will seal the deal for her white trash look.

No. 487599

She's not even in Houston; she's in Fort Worth. Which is a perfectly fine place, but I don't know any reason you would go there - from Austin- for medical care. Unless you're a doctor-shopping munchie, that is.

No. 487620

Oh wow..thats terrible if she's in ft worth..so that means she is seeing Drs in Austin(home) Houston(cardio posts from a bit ago for some type of test) and dallas/ft worth(cardio for angio/test)..how the hell is she getting away with that?? Surely one of these cardiologists would connect that together..it would be really hard to just hide that fact (her medical record) from them.
This is beyond OTT and hits very low with so many people not having easy access to their medical needs.
I really hope I'm confusing cows here
Also when you travel for medical care/appt. These hospitals have special housing so you don't pay out of pocket hotel fees unless you choose to do so and insurance will help and work with you but thats only if you're actually sick and you actually have to travel for care. (In other words If you can get it locally youre not getting a special free ride to travel being covered )

No. 487625

She’s putting saline flushes down her j tube? Sounds like someone is butt-purging. Saline is salt water, salt water directly into your intestines is the same as giving yourself an enema. You will get horrible diarrhea. Which would then affect your blood pressure, electrolytes, and possibly heart function, if you induced enough diarrhea. IV flushes in a tube is a mistake most people only make once, unless you’re doing it on purpose.

No. 487626

I know you have to have a doctor write you a recommendation stating that being in close proximity to the hospital is vital for a patients recovery. And even these doctors know that her hospital trips are 100% voluntary. She would not qualify.

No. 487629

Housing is usually for people who have to go out of town, and is more often for pediatrics. Aubrey is choosing to see another doctor because she didn’t like what the others have said, so I doubt she’d be able to get it covered. It is Aubrey, though, so I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised, since the rules don’t seem to apply to her.

No. 487636

No, well she might be..its Aubrey.
She is using empty IV
Flush syringes to use for her Jtube medications.

No. 487661


It is very plausible that Aubrey being Aubrey is butt purging. She's already mentioned in a video that I believe was posted in the last thread talking about how excited she was to receive an enema kit in the mail and how she feels like a new person when she has one - even stopped filming, went and supposedly did it - and came back to let us know how it went. (Since she only uses three different adjectives, it was either amazing, awesome, or great.)

No. 487666


Enemas are not recommended for anything except serious constipation. Could she be subscribing to some woo like Gerson Therapy on top?

No. 487693

File: 1517373541028.jpeg (113.45 KB, 1115x585, 12D157D4-D9AA-4288-9CB6-9A0365…)


It looks splotchy. Lol. She is such a fake. There is no way that someone as ill as she claims she is could hold her arms above her head long enough to bleach her head. I way

No. 487696

If this doesn't scream I'm mentally ill I don't know what does.

No. 487709

Did…Did she just dump the bleach on her hair?
Oh honey NO! Your roots are gonna develop faster and lighter and just…oh no.

No. 487710

She was supposed to show the whole process, here it is for hours after the terrible splotchy video and nothing. She probably rinsed it out to find a horrid mess, now she's not going to show it.

No. 487715

File: 1517374902819.jpg (57.04 KB, 640x480, Gz8AuW7.jpg)

calling it right now, it's gonna look like this when it's done. what a nightmare. she's gonna have to spend more on a salon getting color correction than she would have spent just having it lightened professionally

assuming she even goes to a salon at all, and doesn't just fry all her hair off trying to fix it at home. top kek.

No. 487717

She also didn't remove the dye already in her hair. I'm pretty sure she already had dye in there.

I can't wait to see this cheeto hair.

No. 487740

Agreed! For someone with such severe POTS that she can’t walk, she can dye her hair and wash it herself with her arms up and odd hair dying angles. Not buying it!

No. 487742

File: 1517376338100.jpeg (885.51 KB, 3117x3117, 0C5DCD0B-BB19-42C6-9EEF-EFD979…)


This is just four of the looks she has had in the past six months from oldest to newest

No. 487743


She lightened it and then applied toner. After she applied the toner she realised that she needed to pick-up Chase from work, so she left the house with the toner in under the cap and said she would rinse it out in 40 minutes when she returned. She was obviously very nervous.


No. 487745


And is she going to braid in the extensions herself with her EDS joints while holding her arms above her head for 6+ hours?

No. 487750


And she didn't learn from her mistakes?

No. 487752

No, you're right, she's been all over. Attached pic is her post from 11/23 when she had the procedure wherein they found her neuroendocrine tumor, and she tagged it at Baylor St. Luke's in Houston. Then she was at Dell in Austin to get her tumor removed (she tagged a bazillion posts). I believe she's been to this Ft. Worth doc in the past. IIRC it's the "lyme literate MD," but I'd have to go back and look at some old posts to be sure.

No. 487753

File: 1517376942543.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x3181, Screenshot_20171201-124733.jpg)

No. 487780

No non-munchie is that excited for a medical procedure. Her biggest shit-eating grin selfies are at hospitals, especially during procedures and tests, or if she’s showing off some new medical toy.

No. 487818

File: 1517380092536.jpeg (491.07 KB, 2078x2078, 971530D0-7E20-4EAC-93F0-F2298F…)

New munchie found of course flaming EDS!
This is her EDS…. ??‍♀️ She’s not even able to touch her palms to the floor , she’s grabbing her skin with all her might, and her pinky doesn’t go past 90 degrees yet in her post says she’s an 8/9 on the beighton scale!!!

No. 487820

File: 1517380232964.jpeg (275.66 KB, 750x1106, 9F7C997F-6662-4680-A4A3-37737F…)

*claiming EDS
Here’s the post

No. 487825


LMFAO. That’s Kimber and she is Doms sponsor.

No. 487827


Ummmmm where is the hyper extension of the knee? This is a normal knee joint.

No. 487829


No. 487961


Those are some stubby little fingers for EDS, also her last pinky joint doesn't bend when she's applying pressure. Even people with benign hypermobility can do that.

No. 487964


& sorry, but it's BULLSHIT that EDS makes someone susceptible to Lyme or MS, or ME/CFS. Chronic fatigue, yes. Fibro, yes. The others, she's overdramatising. I guess she's doing her "research" on Instagram kek

No. 488010

Yep, this munchies is delusional

No. 488016

File: 1517404593765.png (1.36 MB, 800x1060, Screenshot_2018-01-31-05-09-00…)


The result.

Dom appears to be manic again. She was up all night posting pics and video clips in bed with Chase asleep next to her.

No. 488017


Oh Dani and her budgets.
Says she made the budget and is going to stick to it and then starts listing all the additional things she will have to get - gas, oil change, payment for car parts, food, household items (which she plans to do with her remaining $94).
She only gets $76 in food stamps and doesn't budget for any additional food. That means that she is anticipating on being able to feed herself for less than $3 a day. (Who wants to bet that the smoothies she plans to live on for the next few months are full of non-GP friendly items like fruit).
Clearly she has her priorities set with this budget- no planning for extra essentials, like food and household supplies, but budgets almost $100 dollars to save for not one but 2 subscription boxes and towards the useless brave soul blanket (she convinced her mom to nominate her but she is saving to buy one in case she doesn't get selected - because of course you need to have the latest munchie trends). And towards a camera despite the fact that she has 0 chance of making it as a vlogger (and its not the camera quality that makes her vlogs bad - she has no concept of camera angles and lighting and she has no content).

So can we expect that this month she won't purchase any self-care items - like manicures, extra books, dollar store finds

No. 488092

Look, guys, unless SDP is doing something milky that is actually munchie, please fucking limit how much exposure you give her. I'm sick of this thread getting clogged with half a dozen photos of an attention whore with dyed hair.

Make another thread for her cluster B personality if that's what you're going to focus on, it seems like lolcow has plenty of threads on similar people. Unless it has something directly to do with how she's malingering, don't give her more coverage by going on about her hair/child/whatever. Keep it on topic.

No. 488099

He is. And he only started getting POTS problems, weakness, these problems AFTER starting testosterone. If I was his doctor, I would say it's time to take him off the T.

No. 488107


Does CBD oil do that to you? I thought it was supposed to calm you. She got her package of CBD products from her sponsor yesterday.

No. 488109

Didn't Julian also get sicker after starting Testosterone? I'm not saying he's faking, but it would be something to look into with people getting sicker after starting hormone treatments.

It would make sense though. A lot of conditions worsen with puberty because of the hormones, so if you already went through it once and add different hormones…

No. 488110

Nah, CBD is supposed to calm you down.

No. 488113

Interesting. Factitious disorder is almost exlusively a women's disease, and the often accompanying cluster B personality disorders are also FAR more common in females. It's often assumed that hormones play a large part in it, but if this pattern we seem to detect here is real, I'd say it's more to do with either early hormonal exposure (quite possibly as early as in utero) and/or upbringing.

As a cis woman, I'm always a bit jealous that one of the things most FTM's experience when starting T is more energy and more confidence. If T does that to you, we as women are at a disadvantage. That he started having (more) symptoms after starting it, is quite intriguing.

No. 488115

Julian as in Jaq's (ex) friend? Is he trans? Or taking T for other reasons? Or is it another Julian you're refering to?

No. 488118

Yeah, Jaq's ex friend. Just scroll back on his insta. I had no idea until I went back in his insta.

No. 488122

There are a handful of cismen on the POTS Facebook groups, but overall it's women who get it. I'm not saying this to discount any cismen who have it, but it seems women get the worse end of the spectrum when it comes to POTS.

No. 488124

Would never have guessed that. Guess that's a compliment. Also, most trans people identify clearly as being trans in their bio (I think? That I've seen anyway). He probably wants to be 'just a guy', which frankly is quite understandable.

It is interesting however because of what I said before in >>488113 (not saying he has FD, though I think he used to be a bit OTT). Plus, not many cis men out there claiming or even having POTS, I guess.

I'd say T would give most EDSers an advantage over cis women. Most doctors and researchers seem to think the reason that (H)EDS is more often diagnosed in women - even though the inheritage pattern means men and women have an equal change of inheriting it - has to do with the fact that
1. certain hormones released during the menstrual cycle make tissues more lax
2. men have more muscle mass so can compensate better for having lax joints
3. men tend to have a higher collagen synthesis

I don't know about 3, but T would certainly help with the first two.

No. 488125

Sorry, that reaction was to the first part of my post here >>488124. I removed it to add the last part because I didn't want to samefag. And now I did. Oops. Just to clear up any confusion it might cause.

No. 488131

You're good! You added some good info!

No. 488138

Oh, and there's the munchies of course, who are overwhelmingly more female. Plus the fact that hypermobility is definitely more common in women plus more often do the kinds of sports (like gymnastics) where flexibility is encouraged, and benign hypermobility is often lumped in with HEDS.

But those are misdiagnoses. Even in patients who had a good and extensive workup by a specialist in connective tissue disorders, HEDS is more often diagnosed in females, for the reasons stated above.

No. 488157

Except we're talking about her being manic, and how someone with POTS would not be holding their arms up like that? It is milk, if you're interested in taking about someone else, post about them.

Learn to sage

No. 488158

True hEDS is equally represented in both females and males, as it’s an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern (also why someone with hEDS have to have a parent with it). I also think women are more likely to be doing diagnosed because of the reasons the previous anon stated, and also because there’s the stereotype that men are stronger and more resilient, and more tolerant of pain, which isn’t true, but they are less likely to want to admit there’s a problem and seek medical attention (women are more okay admitting they don’t feel good, they’re now open to that vulnerability). They also tend to do more muscle-building exercise, which greatly helps EDS and POTS.

No. 488169


The weird thing is, I know more MTF trans folk with EDS, because oestrogen increases joint laxity. Assuming FTM trans ppl would have no worsening of symptoms although I'm not sure what the side effects of T are aside from second (male) puberty involving lots of BO and acne.

No. 488295


Her ability to engage in activities such as multi-process hair coloring proves her munchiness.

No. 488305

I asked admin why this thread is on auto-sage (likely due to the rampant self-posting two days ago). Still awaiting a reply.


No. 488340

Yes - on so many levels. Not only was she able to do the multi-step process on her own she was also able to just drop what she was doing and go pick up her husband from work. For someone who claims they have recently been passing out multiple times a day its a wonder that she would be able to take the time to engage in an arm intensive process (that I assume involves a bit of sitting/standing) with chemicals and then just be able to drop everything to drive and get her husband. As its been said before - should she even be driving if she is passing out so frequently?
She claims she doesn't have the money for medical tests/appointments but she goes and blows all her money on pets and hair products.
Is her dog by her side the entire time she is doing this to "alert" her if she is about to faint. I would hope he wasn't so close to the chemicals. Not to mention she probably doesn't need him to alert at home since she has the kind of illness that only causes you to faint when there are witnesses and perfect camera angles.

Is she one of the munchies that claims she is sensitive to certain smells/cleaning products? I would just assume that someone who claims to have all of her issues would also have problems with prolonged exposure to chemicals.

No. 488361


She coughed twice when she said, "I've got through the bleaching process." But she did not mention the odors affecting her adversely. I don't know if she has talked about having chemical sensitivity; she doesn't have any respiratory illnesses.

Her hair coloring involved her applying the bleach, allowing it to process for probably 20 minutes, rinsing it, then applying the toner and rinsing it after she drove to pick up Chase.

No. 488380


This proves she isn’t as sick as she says she is. There is no way she would be able to physically go through applying bleach evenly from root to tip, then washing and then applying the toner evenly, all without fainting.

No. 488384

Most people with just one of conditions (say even PTSD) often struggle to shower more than a couple of times a week. She just optionally washed her hair 2 or 3 times in one day alongside multiple other activities and I guarantee you that unless she is reading here we will she no evidence of 'payback' over the next few days where she stays at home and does absolutely nothing worth vlogging or editing.

No. 488407

So testosterone could play a part in not only dampening true EDS, but making other conditions show up/be mimicked? Fascinating! I would love to see some research on this.

No. 488415

File: 1517428005163.jpeg (549.42 KB, 1242x1997, 1DA3234F-342E-4C17-AC60-FB7D65…)

Good news! Aubs has “evidence of MALS”!
Totally good news that she might be having surgery! Now she can get that tube taken out!

No. 488432

Who wants to bet she'll keep that tube because of her super severe GP but she'll use that operation (if she even qualifies for it!) to eat more of the stuff she can't keep herself from? She can quell any critique on her eating habits with "I'm so glad I can eat this now because I had surgery for my MALS! It's amazing!" and still have that tube because "Unfortunately, I still have GP so I can't get to my nutritional needs with oral intake only".

No. 488434

So does she actually have MALS or not? Unless she has surgery, we’ll never know (even if she does have surgery, we still won’t), because it’s Aubrey and she’s not exactly know for reporting the truth. She also claims GP, so you know that tube’s not going anywhere, even though it’s impossible that she actually depends on it. And look how disgustingly happy she for a new diagnosis and possibly another surgery.

No. 488436

Kek we had exactly the same thought. She doesn’t get rid of symptoms and diagnoses, she just adds more to her collection.

No. 488453

File: 1517429535570.jpeg (434.7 KB, 1125x1717, 6619300E-3221-43A5-8AD8-B6AEDC…)


Nope, she is out today. And looking more put together than I have in weeks. Must be nice to have the sooper speshel kind of POTS where you can can do exhausting tasks and still bounce back like this.

No. 488463


I'm curious, since EDS affects women more often, how it affects pregnancy. It seems like it would cause all sorts of extra issues during pregnancy, putting additional strain on joints and tissues, but might give you some help during the actual birth. I'm wondering because Dom has never mentioned having a difficult pregnancy, which it seems she would have had, even if she wasn't diagnosed at the time. Not to mention how POTS would interact also.

No. 488469

If you have it mildly, you can have a totally normal pregnancy. But you also would have very few symptoms, and maybe not know you even had EDS. But most women who have moderate to severe EDS, to the point where they have symptoms that significantly impact their lives, can have excessive miscarriages, uterine prolapse, cervical problems, and I’m sure there’s more. Obviously some people are more impacted that others, since people with EDS go on to have children, some of which also have EDS. But they usually have some sort of complications at some point in pregnancy or birth.

No. 488480

Generally it doesn't cause too many problems (otherwise as a genetic condition it wouldn't still exist).
Things that are relevant is that symptoms worsen, more likely to get hip dislocations, may need bed rest, if you have a tear/episiotomy needs to be silk stitches not disolvable as the disolving ones with disolve before the wound is healed (same for general EDS suturing).
Usually births are consultant led, not midwife led (in the UK and Europe doctors are rarely involved with a natural delivery).

CAN be more likely to need a stitch in your cervix to keep the baby 'in'.

Then with the baby it is common for babes born with EDS to have hip dysplasia and be a bit floppier but still have a good startle reflex. Can be more likely to have a sacral dimple that may or may not mean tethered cord.

No. 488481


Thanks, I appreciate your response. I would think Dom would try to use a difficult pregnancy as proof of her super bad EDS. You'd think it would have caused some kind of issue, especially since she seems to have such a small frame.

No. 488482

Oh yeh and post-birth the mother more likely to have prolapses of all kinds.

No. 488540

File: 1517433387471.jpeg (504.36 KB, 3117x3117, 0ED29461-ABAD-441C-A9AC-805631…)

Sorry, just need to point out that she is all over with the hashtags #WhyAmISoBASIC and #imbasic and I have to say…girl…you are basic as FUCK! What the hell is she doing? She shaved lines into her eyebrows!!!


No. 488559

i have like 5+ of those kinds of people in my groupchat… they're so annoying. it's always a one-up thing with them.

No. 488563

File: 1517434780616.png (826.34 KB, 673x1145, Screenshot_2018-01-31-13-28-37…)


He has been on T for 19 months.

If hormones affect the severity of his symptoms, I would hope he would be forthcoming with that info considering his self-appointed status as an advocate for his illnesses.

No. 488565


Thanks anon, i didn't know that about sacral dimples/EDS link - always wondered why I had a "pointless second butthole".

No. 488566

lel "spamforspam" "commentforcomment"
someone's thirsty.

No. 488570

File: 1517435132630.png (771.03 KB, 800x887, Screenshot_2018-01-31-13-41-11…)

Nothing says mania like unnecessary shopping sprees, excessive selfies, and driving without a seatbelt after being awake all night.

No. 488571

Yup generally it doesn't mean anything. If the baby is floppier than average, especially in the legs then it gets checked. But if all normal baby check reflexes are fine and there isn't a family history of spinal issues and doesn't present any problems then basically not a thing.

Post on certain spoonie/EDS boards though and you'll be told you have a tethered cord!

No. 488576


or spina bifida kek

No. 488577


What if the "spina bifida" cow just assumes she has SB because of her tethered cord?

No. 488579

it said SB on her medical records she posted so i'm guessing that's valid?

No. 488581

Well yes, but I literally know all of this because my mum has spina bifida and I have a sacral dimple. It means nothing.
ALSO having good nutirition and folic acid in pregnancy removes basically all genetic risk of spina bifida. Whereas diet in pregnancy has no impact on passing on EDS.

No. 488585

She's fucking fishing. MALS can show up in completely asymptomatic people, that's why it is a controversial diagnosis. Despite the testing, it's still a diagnosis of exclusion in most cases as far as I know.

With all of her claimed illnesses that could also cause similar issues I don't think a doctor would blame it on celiac compression. She didn't have sudden drastic weight loss that's typical is actual MALS or anything else.

No. 488591

File: 1517436455446.jpeg (251.71 KB, 1125x1456, 8B25591D-B9BA-45AC-AFC0-74F154…)

I bet she will say she wasn’t sticking her ass out, it’s her EDS

No. 488613

And she can still eat. She’s maintained her weight for months (even added some muscle, it looks like), while getting barely enough calories through her tube to keep an infant alive. People with MALS that’s severe enough to require surgery cannot physically eat.

No. 488642


She posted eight pics of seven outfits for her followers to rate. Max is nowhere to be seen in the dressing room with her.

Someone commented, "have you passed out at all while trying on these clothes? it seems really exhausting"

She has all the time in the world for vlogs of shopping and eating fastfood, but she devotes the bare minimum to her sponsored/partnered content which she was humble bragging about being a lucrative venture.

Her video of the CBD products was far from professional with non-stop disruptions from her cat and kid and poor video quality, she doesn't actually review them, and she misspelled the company's website in the description.

She was so excited to be given a pre-release of 'Adele and Everything After' to review, but she didn't promote her review or the movie itself to Instagram or Facebook.

No. 488643

Jumping in on the Aubrey/MALS convo. Wasn't she already told she doesn't have it? I think it was in a vlog, and I really can't stomach them, but I thought an MD actually shut her down on that recently.

No. 488644

File: 1517438791013.jpg (801.47 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20180131-163521.jpg)

For someone who doesn't have the money for tests she sure is buying a lot of clothes. She's so manic, at this point it looks like rapid cycling.

How is she able to stand and try on that many clothes? Shouldn't get EDS and POTS be acting up? She posted all of those within 15 minutes.

No. 488647

File: 1517439009095.jpg (239.51 KB, 1046x1134, 20180131_164932.jpg)

Sure Jan.

No. 488650

You can really tell how orange her hair is in the dressing room pictures.

No. 488666


There is no way. I need new jeans and finally forced myself out to the store the other day. I tried on 3 pairs the other night and couldn’t do anymore because I was exhausted. Where the fuck does she get all this energy???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 488692

File: 1517441357067.jpg (495.43 KB, 1076x2160, Screenshot_20180131-172139.jpg)

Riiight…gotta fill up slowly on low calorie/no calorie "fluids" instead of nutritional drinks.
And she supposedly just went to the er where they gave her the obligatory bag of fluid and zofran
and protonix for her "internal bleeding" and sent her home with the same normal lab work she went in with, and has never been kept for dehydration (that she would have if she was actually not eating and throwing up so much) or even kept her in ER for more than a single bag of saline (she's a miracle) but she's totally struggling to drink.

No. 488693

So she was up all night and had the energy to go out? Her fatigue alone should have made her POTS symptoms worse. Then factor in shopping and “passing out” from trying on clothes, but she is fine. She is so phony. After passing out, the life is sucked out of you.

No. 488697

Also her comment is fishing!
It's ridiculous how these guys seem to follow each other and have a domino effect on each other with illnesses or problems or pretty much anything as right now fishing seems to be a trend.

No. 488706

File: 1517441813240.jpg (961.77 KB, 1079x3811, Screenshot_20180131-172303.jpg)

Not much to say about her therapy topic this week other than her therapy has been again talked about on here recently so of course she's now onto that..
Her initial caption however is golden.
Her surgery high is definetly gone..this posted before the previous photo, but I won't be surprised if she goes back to the ER for pain dehydration and malnutrition with her boyfriend by her side.

No. 488707


Don't underestimate the energy of bipolar mania.

No. 488712


This might be why she's travelled to a different city to see a doctor about it.

No. 488714


top keks to this commenter

No. 488717


no kidding! I don't try stuff on in-store any more, I have to go places with a good returns policy!

Also it's really weird she doesn't have Max with her especially considering she's doing something that anyone with noticeable EDS or POTS would find tiring and difficult.

No. 488727

File: 1517442796632.jpeg (195.63 KB, 750x408, 9056A00E-2EFF-4EE7-AB53-364596…)

is no one going to talk about this? this shit is freaking creepy. she took a picture of her sLEEPING HUSBAND. she’s psycho.

No. 488729

Hide your profile picture next time.

No. 488731


idk, I "sleepbomb" my husband for fun sometimes because he falls asleep on me while watching films a lot… though in context this is weird, and that face… it's like she's reading here and playing up

No. 488732

did i not delete it? i forgot to crop it the first time so i reposted the picture(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 488742


hmmm…how old are you? doing this kinda stuff isn't strange(ban evasion)

No. 488787


I mentioned it in >>488016 but didn't want to clog the board. She took a video whispering to her cat in bed and was overly amused by his normal cat behavior.

She is high on mania. Everything is more fun than fun! She sees the world through renewed eyes! Too much is not enough! She has so many thoughts and ideas and projects. "I'm gonna buy one no two no three new pets and let's drive to Atlanta on the spur of the moment and I have to dye my hair now because I suddenly want blond and teal dreads so Max and I can match and I'm so funny and attractive just look at my funny faces I can't post just one pic they're all so funny and everyone wants to see me trying on clothes I can't really afford but I'll figure that out later because I am queen of the world!"

Sage for bipolarfagging. It takes one to know one.

No. 488835


Well hopefully a conversation with her therapist about the site would lead to them discussing what is being said here, why she feels the need to seek approval from anons, a look a how she portrays herself, and her use of social media (if she truly wanted to stop appearing on here she would make all her social media private and be very careful about who she lets see it - this includes the vlogs - its fine to make a video diary but you don't need to share it with the world).
Although I wouldn't be surprised if her therapist just lets her ramble about how she is being "bullied".

Its sad how much she responds to what is posted on here and how much her attempts to defend herself really only end up backfiring even more.
I posted about how her smoothies were likely not GP friendly and now she is doing "research" on GP friendly smoothies. She has been "researching" GP friendly foods for months now and still seems to have no clue. In the past people have specifically spelled it out for her. I don't have GP and it took me a 5 minute google search to find the dos and donts of a GP diet. She does nothing all day - you think she would put a little more effort into her "research" if it was something that would make her feel better (but of course she doesn't actually want to get better because then she would have no excuse for why her life is the way it is)

No. 488836

File: 1517448023296.png (345.47 KB, 528x535, Screenshot_2018-01-31-17-12-28…)

In a rapid run-on sentence Dom tells everyone who is questioning her ability to go shopping with her illnesses to FUCK OFF.


Minutes later in the next video she is singing along in the truck. "LOOOOVE THIS SONG"

Someone comments that an ashier blonde would flatter her and she responds, "i may bleach it again tonight. My hair is still hella healthy"

And of course everyone must see what she bought.

This is textbook mania.

No. 488854

is she… on drugs??

No. 488856

File: 1517448526361.png (807.23 KB, 935x599, wtfmolly7.png)

Molly alarms and confuses me. Take out her colon because it causes her pain? Still has months old poop in there?

Now, I'm not a butt expert, but don't they have stuff like enemas or other procedures to help deal with impaction? I'm just really confused as to how removal of her colon for what she has said is chronic constipation is a thing that is often done.

No. 488860


wtf???? that is disgusting and also they're just going to take out her gallbladder while they're in there??? how is a real doctor allowing this

No. 488863


Acute bipolar mania is a bigger, better, and longer high than any drug.

No. 488883

Aubrey was initially told they didn't see any evidence of MALS and she cried. Then the doctor said he maybe saw compression and she was "feeling a lot better."

No. 488885

Boo-fucking-hoo. You should be glad when you aren't diagnosed with something new. She makes me sick.

No. 488888


and her doctor said she had to have a certain percentage of compression or he wouldn't do the surgery but don't worry because she's already found doctors who will do surgery based on "symptoms."

No. 488895

It baffles me how/why her family let's her do this to herself and even more baffling that they are doing nothing to get her the mental support and treatment she needs..its like they don't care about her or at least enough to step in and help protect
She's a ticking time bomb..shes never going to be satisfied (seriously feel her ultimate goal is hospice to prove how sick she is without even fully understanding what that actually means for her body and her family)
She's going to keep manipulating for a self given weird goal she will never hit and end up killing herself by accident or as result of her munchie-ness(developing serious and life threatening real medical illness from side effects of treatments for conditions she doesn't really have)
It concerns me more about the family and how they will cope having not stepped in and basically just watch het slowly kill herself like an alcoholic..just different addictions..

No. 488924


Wooooow. I like how she's aggressively symptom and doctor shopping to justify her anorexia.

Also "too thin" for a femoral artery plug, like that in combination with how much she can't eat. Hopefully the surgeon she is seeing wn't do an unnecessary surgery on her, it's just going to keep feeding into her munchie behavior.

No. 488937

Sadly she clearly doesn't have a problem shopping for what she wants..to the point of going to 3 different large medical centers in 3 different cities..if she's willing to openly go to those measures it's frankly a matter of time before she goes over a state border..which will go 1 of 2 ways..itll be an easier way to make up her story to them and not share her medical records and get away with picking up where she left off on her munchie-collection scheme or because of the refusal they will start from scratch including a closer focus on her mental health.

No. 488942

She'll most likely have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation because anorexia and any other illnesses need to be excluded.

I don't think getting this operation is going to be as easy as she thinks it's going to be. Hopefully she won't be a candidate for open surgery. If she has it, it isn't going to help her.

No. 488944

She's going out of state to treat her rare cancer.

No. 488945

This is not medically accurate at all. I wonder if she’s an ana chan who fucked up her body with laxatives to the point of destroying her colon. She certainly fits the profile of munchie-to-hide-an-ed, and I know at least a couple people that have done that, and first got ileostomies, and then colonostomies later.

No. 488949

But is she really? She’s supposedly had cancer for months now, with no follow up treatment or even testing. And she’s not actually gone out of state to see this supposed doctor. Everything else pretty much has been lie, so I find it pretty hard to believe now.

No. 488955

So she “maybe” has a little bit of MALS? And just the test made her feel better? She’s obviously totally fine physically, because just the test wouldn’t do anything. She’s just plain bat-shit crazy.

No. 488958

Even her tongue is fucking psycho. Before I enlarged it, I thought she had a mini hot dog sticking out of her mouth. Good lord she needs some mental intervention.

No. 488971

Something like 10 to 20 percent has some degree of compression but only 1% actually has the extreme postprandial pain and weight loss associated with MALS. She's a thin woman who has lost some weight so it probably showed something, but I highly doubt it's causing her any issues.

No. 488980

She’s thin, but she’s no where near starving. She can eat, so even if she has MALS, it’s not causing her problems.

No. 488983

And she can drink big carbonated 0 calorie drinks. People who need that surgery are down to consuming a few sips at a time if they're not totally dependent on a tube.

No. 488996

If she can drink carbonated drinks and huge glasses of juiced fruits and vegetables, she shouldn’t have a tube at all. Even if she couldn’t actually eat (and we know she does), she would be fine on a liquid diet at the very least. I do not understand these doctors that jump right into putting surgical tubes in patients with no evidence they need them.

No. 489012

MALS is also more common in thinner women who are on bed rest or basically minimal mobility for whatever reason..its not uncommon for anorexics to have MALS but guess what?! In those cases with weight gain and taking part in physical therapy can lessen the compression with that alone and become asymptomatic if they were even displaying symptoms before..which is a thin line for recovering anorexics due to GI symptoms with all that going on like with GP and IBS.
And again very few with MALS actually have symptoms and with everything Aubrey is lying about she would have to find an idiot of a dr to do surgery on a very skeptical maybe.
Wouldn't her nerve block that found her super special "cancer" give them a yes or no on hthis MALS BS? Or was that when they shut her down with the mals shit the first time?
That was considered an exploratory procedure if I recall proper..while they were "in there" for the block he looked around at her "other organs just because" and found the tumor.
So wouldn't that be a more accurate test for finding MALS than an angio?
I hope they look at the full picture before this chick does her body some serious harm.

No. 489022

File: 1517459210208.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 86AB0957-6B85-43E7-975A-4A6C00…)

Is this real??

No. 489023

This is possible..in the worst cases lax abuse has lead to this down the road.
I had a RN once who told me as a cultural thing her mother gave them daily laxatives and she ended up septic from a destroyed colon and had to have it removed.
Sort of makes you wonder why some EDers go down the GP/MALS/EDS/POTS route where they fight to get taken seriously and do everything possible to get new toys.

No. 489027

this might make a good banner lol

No. 489031


And now she is worried about talking to her therapist about this site because her talking to the therapist about it was mentioned here.

Dani - since we know you are reading this - talk to your therapist about this site - but try to use it to open up a conversation about why you are continually brought up on this site.

No. 489038

File: 1517460183673.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, FD89356A-E075-48DB-B244-5D0AFE…)

When you get hot in Arizona….

No. 489050


medfagging from a non medical professional. From what I understand, sometimes with impaction, a person's intestines can twist or flip and they may have to surgically move it back into place and in doing so may have to take out part of the colon. I have no idea if that's what's happening here with Molly, but it also seems like that's a last resort.

Side note, I think that's the first time I've ever seen her with her eyes open. I looked at her IG and she always looks like she's squinting.

No. 489071

File: 1517463047381.jpg (575.68 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20180131-232805.jpg)

1/3 so fucking manic. Her hair is awful, my money is on her pulling a 2007 Britney.

No. 489072

File: 1517463081914.jpg (459.95 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20180131-232746.jpg)


No. 489075

File: 1517463107526.jpg (380.58 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20180131-232828.jpg)


No. 489077

File: 1517463398123.png (202.7 KB, 640x1136, E629CFC7-F3B9-441B-A5B3-F88B4F…)

Kek it’s literally in the 80s there during the day, and no one has air conditioners on yet, since it’s still January. And it looks like she’s got some sort of sweatshirt/jacket on kek

No. 489080

Kek these cows don’t realize how much their hands give them away. Her last finger joint isn’t hyperextended at all, which is pretty much impossible to avoid in eds. Not to mention holding her arms up to do that shitty dye job.

No. 489131

>>Now, I'm not a butt expert, but don't they have stuff like enemas or other procedures to help deal with impaction?
It is done sometimes. I know a patient who had it done. Same problem, basically. And if her constipation was so bad it lead her doctors to create an ileostomy, you'd be FAR beyond enemas, laxatives and even colonic irrigation (like with the peristeen set or similar, which entails much more fluid and gets much higher into the colon than a normal enema).

BUT: if she has EDS, I'd think twice before having the colon removed. Even if it causes you pain. EDS greatly increases the risk of prolapse of the pelvic organs, and removing the colon would make more room for the bladder and uterus. In a way, the colon can function partially to support the other organs in the pelvic region. That patient I know? That's how I found out about that. Plus it's major surgery with a far greater risk of bleeding than there is with creating a (loop?) ileostomy. With EDS, I'd weight the pros and cons VERY carefully if I were her and/or her doctor. (Unless of course she doesn't have EDS.)

No. 489133

>>She'll most likely have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation because anorexia and any other illnesses need to be excluded.
God I hope so. Not even for the milk, but for her sake. She's one of the most obvious ED munchies here. And that's saying a lot.

No. 489135


The records that have been deleted >>483541?

No. 489155

File: 1517480679475.jpeg (462.77 KB, 1125x2026, 58D1FD1D-43D0-4DBD-97F3-E0DA90…)

What a rare find! I’ve stumbled across a self admitted munchie, who explicitly states in her caption her desire for her self inflicted lung injury to be unstable! She wishes to be operated on and “generally be worse”! Ha!

No. 489157

What to you all think of Cheyanne Perry (hospitalprncss on instagram)? I don't think she's a munchie but unfortunately because of the abundance of OTT insta munchies I tend to be a little suspicious of anyone with the EDS/MCAS/GP/POTS combo

No. 489158

File: 1517481043182.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 477.48 KB, 1123x2006, 29006C8F-D33F-4CF1-AE43-48FD2D…)

They took away her staple gun that she wanted to use for self harm, “How dare they?!”

No. 489159

File: 1517481226597.jpeg (574.92 KB, 1125x2058, 4D07FA2C-63D2-4A46-A822-2472D9…)

so after the hospital staff take away her staple gun (which she intended to use on herself) she PHONED THE POLICE saying she had been robbed! But all of a sudden remembered her hospital packet had a staple!! Which she embedded into her knee, and then promptly posted a smiling photo to Instagram to share her “accomplishment”

No. 489160

File: 1517481471294.jpeg (493.33 KB, 1125x2041, 1F4C2167-D7A7-4250-810E-8CCC29…)

Oh, a plot twist! A week after embedding a staple into her knee, it’s since gotten “infected and pussy”. You think she’s be happy right? She wanted to be worse. No, our darling declares if they don’t take them out tomorrow, she’ll go in there and dig for them herself!

No. 489161

File: 1517481657129.jpeg (523.17 KB, 1125x2027, 91DA4838-804E-4184-96F9-9A70D8…)

The mean old doctors refuse to do anything about the 20 something staples in her infected knee, so “Instead I’m going to infect my wound more! I don’t know how I’ll do it yet, but I will!”

No. 489164

File: 1517481964877.jpeg (498.09 KB, 1125x2036, D1C1E991-5291-43D3-B34A-83BC89…)

Remeber when she said she wishes her stable lungs were worse? She wishes they would be operated on? Well they had “emergency surgery” to remove her staples because she had gone septic. She wants to do it again but “could lose her leg”. Thought you wanted to actually be Ill, darling? Was it not what you’d expected?

No. 489165

File: 1517482383513.jpeg (539.19 KB, 1125x2052, 501464CC-B196-4DDE-92C4-9C305B…)

She is ranting on about a new girl on the ward who “came in with back pain moaning like a whiney little bitch”. Has she forgotten that she is the one who threw herself off a second story balcony LOL. Says she wants to “give her spoilt ass a wake up call” because she “screams so much” but our darling must have forgotten that she self embedded STAPLES into her knee and forced them to be infected, because her back injury wasn’t serious enough for her. Is this for real?

No. 489168

File: 1517482855465.jpeg (608.9 KB, 1125x2044, AA0E6835-0F26-4ABD-96A0-EF1123…)

So an “RMN” whatever the fuck that is threw this bitch at a wall WUT? They IM’ed her and now all is good. Um What the f is up with hospitals in London? HOW is there no lawsuit?

No. 489173

File: 1517483561135.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2036, C1B074CA-E685-4AE6-B81C-D87F2B…)

No words. Just… wow

No. 489177

File: 1517484490825.jpeg (653.12 KB, 1125x2059, CED30EA9-72E1-47C2-9601-A65881…)

so every time she is hears the word discharge, she’s “happy” because she doesn’t need to be there. But come discharge and she threatens shit like this and they still tell her to go home and she immediately finds a ledge to jump off, forcing her to section her. She’s really fucked up her legs and spine now and I think it’s so funny because she can’t move either of her legs at all, and has a history of behavior like this. So what do they do? Place her in a trolley in the hall of A&E! HA can’t even give her a proper MRI to see the extent of damage. Now if this were to say, happen in the US, you would not be on a trolley playing on your phone taking selfies. That’s all I’m going to say. Does the NHS realize how easy it is for their patients to kill themselves? In psych units here, they take EVERYTHING. Can’t even have certain bras if they have more than one strap. Have to use styrofoam cups and patients there in the PICU (which by the way stands for PSYCHIATRIC intensive care unit) have access to China cups, cell phones, cell phone charger, staple guns… how? One time, in Inpatient, I gained access to a pencil eraser, which is forbidden. I was put on 1:1 and isolation for 4 days. This chick ligatures and 2 days later she has unescorted leaves. What the fuck

No. 489185

She is clearly mentally ill (and doesn't deny that given her #) this is basically an extreme form of self-harm…I don't think it is at all MBI??! I think this would be more suited to another board.

No. 489206

From my limited experience of being detained in a hospital under the MHA, PICU is just a normal ward, not a specified psychiatric hospital where it would be like you described. However the only way she could have gotten hold of a mug (not a China cup kek) is if she brought it in herself (unlikely) or requested a cup of tea from the ward round, which is more likely and would have meant she had to be behaving normally for a reasonable period of time… ie not about to try and slash her jugular with pottery. If she was that level of acting crazy she would have been sectioned, which is different to being held under MHA as it’s ordered by the courts, then she would indeed be in a specific mental hospital, not a normal hospital on the PICU.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense!

No. 489211

Being sectioned and under the MHA is the same thing! She is held under section 3 of the mental health act.
PICU- Psychiatric intensive care unit in this case. It is a psychiatric ward with a higher staff: patient ratio. Different PICU's have different levels of restriction in regards to mugs etc. I'm sure they weren't worried she was actually going to slash her jugular I think they were worried she was going to pull her line out.

No. 489279

I work in an NHS psychiatric unit, the most likely reason one of her 2:1's is male despite her care plan specifying females will be because she's violent and aggressive and has at least on one occasion attacked her female support staff.

No. 489288

An RMN is a Registered Mental Health Nurse. The reason there's no lawsuit is because her version of events is a lie.

No. 489295

It also really could just be staffing levels. Her having 2 females might mean that there are only males avalible on that shift to the rest of the ward. Meaning other patients who appropriately seek help on the ward might struggle because they would only be able to approach men.

No. 489297

She reminds me of a client I knew who had BPD/PTSD and behaved this way. After half a dozen suicide attempts, she jumped again, and broke her back much like this Steph girl. Unfortunately she lost the use of both her legs and is wheelchair bound for the rest of her life now. At least it makes it harder for her to assault her nurses now. Last I heard she was pretty much living in the hospital- it was proving difficult to find supported or residential living for someone like herself.

No. 489300

Yeah, also true. Or the female staff members were needed for personal care. There's a number of reasons this selfish little girl hasn't considered.

No. 489305

TBH I don't think she is selfish I think she is just really fucking ill. Doesn't mean she is nice to work with but you've got to be pretty fucked up to want to destroy your body that much.
Honestly I don't think she belongs on this board. It isn't muchausens by internet addiction. It is someone who is severely mentally ill sharing their self-harm online. Which I'm sure there is probably a board for.

No. 489315

Can you link directly to this Steph girls Instagram? I've been searching but can't seem to directly find it.

No. 489320

Yeah, she doesn't have cancer. They tested for cancer and probably removed part of her pancreas just in case (if the surgery even happened at all and wasn't just a biopsy). But she probably had the same problem her brother had, caught it super early due to her munchie behavior, and the diagnoses she listed as proof were diagnoses they were investigating, not actual diagnoses.

I've looked into Aubrey a lot because she did some work in Africa and I respect people who contribute their time to assist other countries, but it's sad to me that all of it was probably self-centered and for attention. I want to like her, I really do, but she appears to be super self-centered. Why can't a life-long symptom stay as it is? Is it getting worse? If not, SUCK IT UP.

Why is a diagnosis so important? If someone has a chronic condition that has been investigated by a doctor and doesn't appear to be life threatening, just take medication to ease the symptoms and move on with life!!! We all have crappy situations that cause pain and we get over it, whether it be chronic migraines, chronic bowel issues, etc. Just treat it and have a life outside of the issues. Be an adult.

sage for rant

No. 489330

Oh my gosh it would make a FANTASTIC banner. Hopefully a farmhand sees this.

No. 489346

She’s been told she doesn’t have EDS, just hypermobility. So her internal organs should be fine. But removing a colon in any one for constipation should truly be the last resort, and in her case, I don’t think it was. It seems to be something she jumped to immediately and very willingly.

No. 489353

She was told hypermobility spectrum disorder, which is also a connective tissue disorder. "just hypermobility" would be benign joint hypermobility.

No. 489375

No. 489379

The two aren't mutually exclusive. You can be severely mentally ill and not be selfish. I don't think her being mentally ill gives her an excuse to not get posted - by definition everyone on this thread is mentally ill. Especially as she posts about it, in detail, online, and bad mouths the very people trying to support, heal and help her.

Some people in this world are just horrible people. Neurotypical people, mentally ill, learning disabled - you get nice ones and you get nasty ones. Just because you have a MI or LD doesn't make it okay.

No. 489459


Make a banner and submit it.


No. 489463

Thanks, anon. Will do.

No. 489557

File: 1517514866488.jpeg (703.96 KB, 1865x2632, E443D8C9-645D-492C-9E08-4AFDF2…)

Those darn herbs and that darn neurolyme!
Was so sick She had to hurry up and take a pic of the back of the ambo! Sooper serious convulsions were happening but of course not when the pic needed to be taken

No. 489559

File: 1517514869034.png (870.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5643.PNG)

Aubrey has been out of the hospital for more than 24 hours, so it's time to drug herself to get back in!

No. 489567

Yes, would love to know how she took this pic while blind and twitching.

No. 489573


She seems to be picking up speed as she is sliding down that hill.
She is looking more and more mentally unstable - going out of her way to get more surgeries, "mixing up" her herbs, etc… I wouldn't be surprised if the herbal mix-up was not accidental. I don't really doubt that she knows what she should and shouldn't take and purposefully took just enough of something that would cause alarm (but not enough to really cause damage). Although if she tries this trick too many times someone might finally get suspicious and start to question her mental health.
I am not expert on the pancreas but isn't pancreatitis an inflammation of the pancreas? I would expect bloodwork to show inflammation of the pancreas for a while (as part of the healing process) after someone had surgery to remove some of it. I think she just keeps throwing the pancreatitis around so that she can make people thing there is a reason to be alarmed about her "cancer".

No. 489616

Hope that worked

No. 489617

File: 1517517192673.gif (185.26 KB, 300x100, lolcowtherapy.gif)

It didn't so this one will do…


No. 489631

Drama cow strikes again. She’s munching at ridiculous levels now. Brain fog is never bad enough to mix up meds, even if you actually have a chronic illness. And she’s in an ambulance, “poisoned”, and unable to function, yet was aware enough to take pictures.

No. 489655

People are usually admitted for pancreatitis, and they’re also in too much pain to selfie and post, and vlog.

No. 489669

Yes, pancreatitis is no joke. It's extremely painful. My boss had it and was basically MIA for almost 6 months. He did NOT have pancreatic cancer. There is no way she has true pancreatitis in my opinion.

No. 489670

Lol I love how it’s “lung infection” but not specified. She could have gone with bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, etc., but I guess lung infection sounds better?

No. 489690

Yeah, absolutely no way. They would have admitted her.

No. 489747

File: 1517522522609.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 3BF8B7AD-8D63-4853-8D48-56FCD7…)

Ummmmm didn’t we already know she had pancreatitis considering she had surgery on it and it’s literally expected to have elevated levels of inflammation in that area… from the surgery and her tumors…. like wtf?

No. 489776


That's not how munchies work though. New diagnoses = more attention.

No. 489783

File: 1517524314402.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5644.PNG)

This is such bullshit. I highly, highly doubt they were going to admit her. More lies, more attention seeking.

"Look how strong I am! I can handle my problems at home even though I'm sooo sick and my doctor said I needed to stay".


No. 489815

As someone who has been held under the MHA it clearly isn’t the same as being sectioned. The MHA is upheld by law but it isn’t an individual court order. I was held for less than 24 hours and let go without any further action. That would not happen with sectioning, as being sectioned is the courts deciding you are a danger to yourself and/or others and basically imprisoning you in hospital.

/sage for blogging but come on

No. 489818

Samefag but I agree with this. All OT aside she is clearly unwell and not a MBI case. I don’t think she belongs here.

No. 489839


Um you are wrong. Being “sectioned” is a colloquial term used for when a person with a mental illness is detained for a fixed period of time. Some are court ordered compulsory admissions. There are very short holding sections of the MHA but also s2 (28 days for assessment) and s3 (up to 6 months for further assessment but mainly ttreatment) which is what most people refer to when they talk about being sectioned. You need an approved doctor, an approved mental health professional and another doctor.

No. 489844

Can someone explain what "herbal protocols" are? Oh no she overdosed on oregano…

No. 489849

No I’m not wrong, I just misunderstood what it actually meant. Considering that I’ve been told by actual MHP that I haven’t been sectioned, it’s not much of a colloquial understanding. But whatever this is past relevant now, so l’ll shut up! Thanks anon.

No. 489885

Pancreatitis is not something you deal with at home. And getting admitted or not is very rarely a choice, unless the patient is demanding to stay, and there’s something they can realistically bill insurance for. She also looks like she’s in no pain at all, which is the opposite of pancreatitis. If anything, her pancreas is a tiny bit inflamed, but no real pancreatitis. She’s such a liar and drama queen, and way too happy when describing how “sick” she is.

No. 489926


They probably told Aubry she has some mild inflammation, which is not unusual for her post-op status. Technically they would code this as pancreatitis, I'm guessing, anons help me out. So she sees pancreatitis on her discharge sheet and can't wait to share the news.

No. 489983


From what I can tell she said her blood work showed signs of pancreatitis not that she herself was displaying symptoms - which is why I suspect that this pancreatitis is just residual healing from the surgery (I am not an expert in this but I would expect there to be some residual inflammation while the body heals - even after any outward symptoms disappear).

No. 490045

I didn't even get all the way through this, but Aubrey claims that the reason her "flu" went away so fast was because her Lyme friend suggested she make some celery, pineapple, etc. concoction. Great plan. How many thousands of lives could have been saved by this amazing cure? The doctor said Tamiflu only shortens the flu by 12 hours and it has too many side effects for her snowflake condition, so she drank some juice and she's all better now.

No. 490076

I can't watch Aubrey she gets under my skin. But they always but anyone with cancer or that's immunosupressed on tamiflu if you test positive for flu. Otherwise it could rage through your body very quickly. It's not much help for healthy people but it is for people with no immune system. So that is a fuck ton of bullshit for her to claim she is too good for an antiviral pill! She's sending a dangerous message to others who test positive for the flu.

No. 490089

She never had the flu, she never even had a fever. A lot of what she says is just bold-faced lies at this point.

No. 490107


Agree with both of you about Aubrey. And these are the kind of lies that get dangerous, especially if younger people are watching this. There are kids and adults dying of flu and she's putting out this stupid information like it's no biggie. And "only 12 hours" is a long time for someone with a bad case of flu - it can do a lot of damage in that time. She's completely full of BS.

saged for being pissed off at lies and misinformation

No. 490356

Some people don’t know what the flu feels like because they’ve never had it. I’ve had it once in my life and never again. You can’t stand, bathe yourself, do anything. She’s confusing a cold with the flu. She has a cold.

No. 490427

Sage your shit.

It's even more alarming when you step back and think of Aubrey's life. She has a background of traveling and volunteering, her husband is clearly gifted and is able to support both of them, she has a stable home life and three loyal dogs, she's upper middle class, pretty, and seemed to have a tight group of friends. Why would you throw all of that away for a life of tubes and hospital beds? She had a life most would easily envy. I almost understand munchies who have no friends (looking for community) or a poor family life, but she's baffling.

It's just a glorified ED, but even then, why not just settle for being a normal skelly?

No. 490447


from my experience in NHS psych units, how much they take away depends on your behaviour. New patients will not be allowed ANYTHING that could possibly be used to hurt themselves with. Though I saw a lot of uh…. "creative" self harm.

This girl inserting things into her wound to induce infection though, that's a whole other level of crazy.

No. 490463


because of the sweet, sweet attention that being sick and brave gives you, apparently

No. 490464

File: 1517583233798.jpg (493.81 KB, 1271x1898, IMG_3640.jpg)

"The doctor will know what's best for me"
…and if he doesn't give the results she wants, the doctor will be "mean" and "not the right doctor for me".

No. 490466

File: 1517583263494.jpg (507.31 KB, 1267x1514, IMG_3644.jpg)

Chronically.Ams is just anachan all over now. She's not even trying to hide it.

No. 490504

For sure. If you’re on a feeding tube, there’s no excuse to be underweight with your ribs sticking out. I doubt she’s got gi issues other than being anorexic.

No. 490507

I think it’s awesome that she is pushing towards something (becoming CPR certified.) However, something medical isn’t the best hobby for a munchie. CPR is hard work physically and for someone with POTS it probably wouldn’t be a task easily completed.

No. 490512

Except she doesn’t seem to actually have POTS. She was diagnosed by her non-doctor (who said she’s vaccine-injured, which is something that’s never been proven as a possibility), she’s never actually been seen by an actual neurologist or cardiologist. She’s able to do marching band, which would be pretty much impossible with POTS. But munchies should still not be involved in anything medical, it just feeds their addiction.

No. 490624

According to her account she saw an cardiologist yesterday and her POTS diagnosis was confirmed

No. 490630


Did they do a TTT or the "poor man's" version? The latter can indicate POTS but isn't a gold standard test.

No. 490631


She doesn't say it's a hobby, she wants to be an instructor as a career. LOTS of munchies want medical-related careers.

No. 490633

Also I think she has claimed EDS too and CPR breaks the patient's ribs generally, if you actually have EDS you likely get injured yourself, even healthy people in emergencies get injured because you HAVE TO HELP and the adrenalin you get makes you able to do it without feeling the pain yourself.

No. 490651

File: 1517593986811.jpeg (268.69 KB, 750x1152, 79EE71BB-A589-458C-A545-76C3EE…)

Lol she officially calls herself a YouTuber.. but doesn’t understand that… you’re not a youtuber if no one actually watches what you make..

No. 490654

This can’t be for real. As the anon commented this would never fly in the US. If they have a tie in the neck part of their hoodie we take it and this chick has a stapler and china? Ffs!

No. 490655

She also thinks you buy software in a shop kek. Probably thinks it comes on CD-ROM too!

No. 490657


I wonder if she was in a general ward when she had access to these things (for her physical injuries).

No. 490659

File: 1517594652241.jpg (469.03 KB, 1277x1914, IMG_3641.jpg)

Holy shit, MyBreakspearVacation is getting a port!
While also kinda misunderstanding the concept.

No. 490660

I was just about to say that - you don't need to go to a store to buy video editing programs.
Not to mention that it isn't the editing that makes her videos unwatchable - all the editing software in the world won't make up for her terrible angles, poor lighting (especially since she knows nothing about editing) and more importantly - she has no content! She doesn't do anything all day, there are no interesting "characters" in her life - nobody wants to watch her drone on about her medical problems in her grating voice and nobody cares what preteen books she is reading. There are plenty of free editing programs out there - she might want to wait until she has more than a couple of viewers (most of whom likely "hate-watch" her videos).

Not to mention that just days ago she posted about her budget and how she wasn't going to spend any more money. Her IG story has her asking if anyone wants to see her shopping haul and now she is trying to buy video editing software - she couldn't even make it a full day in the shortest month of the year to stick to her budget.
She is doing lots of polls on her IG - probably because she is desperate for some type of interaction.
She claims she blocked this site on her phone. I wonder if she ever talked to her therapist about it.

No. 490661

somebody check out bandaidknees on twitter. has a service dog without needing one, lies about crps, and is basically in love with how sick they are.

also keeps saying they're bedridden when they aren't.

No. 490663


I posted her last year but for being OTT. How do you know she's faking CRPS?

I hate it when people use "bedbound" etc when they've only had to be in bed a day or two.

No. 490684


And despite her saying that she has blocked this site on her phone - she is still reading it. Just minutes after there is a post about her lack of content she posts a story asking what videos she should make for her youtube.
She could make all the videos she wants - there are tons of people trying to "make it" as youtubers and very few succeed. She has nothing that makes her stand out and little that would appeal to a viewer. Her only hobby/activity seems to be reading and the primary audience for the books she reads is much younger. Younger viewers are only going to want to watch an older youtuber if there is some sort of "cool" factor. Nobody looks at Dani and thinks "hey I want to be like her".
With all the time and energy she is focusing on her "youtube career" you would think she would be able to handle at least a simple job (or some type of volunteering).

No. 490689

Maybe if she got rid of the shit all over her face first (ie the piercings) and tried looking her age for once… I mean clearly she’s gotta be in her 30’s, she looks anything but youthful. Her sense of style is unfortunately atrocious. She tries so hard to dress and look younger and it just looks ridiculous. She needs a makeover and a voiceover .

If she included all the people she always mentions… like her “friends” and supposed “boyfriend” in her videos and did something other than complain about her stomach, she might get more than a hate view.

No. 490714

Screenshots holy shit. This is a IMAGEboard. You can't expect people to look into things for you. Do cow research and THEN post them.

No. 490751

File: 1517599758153.png (224.1 KB, 640x1136, FD2AB634-A3BD-476D-AC9D-E7A8C1…)

Interesting how she’s saying she can handle not eating and taking pain meds at home. Almost like she’s giving an excuse to not eat….

No. 490756


frankly amazed she's not spinning this ovarian cyst into a "tumor"

No. 490759

I’m sure she’s just setting it up for that. Wasn’t she there for poisoning herself with her meds? And all of a sudden she’s got pancreatitis and an ovarian cyst, even though she had zero symptoms of either before arriving to the ER. Both cause extreme pain and usually vomiting, yet she was fine until her supposed medication mishap. I doubt she has either of those, and is just making shit up.

No. 490768

File: 1517600700486.jpg (176.03 KB, 1080x1314, 27785405_1910288232334369_5964…)

Aubrey continues to post self promotion in Service Dog groups to get asspats from people who are genuinely sick

No. 490771

File: 1517600990699.png (812.92 KB, 884x878, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.49…)

Aubrey bragging to sick people part 2, this time convincing other OTT or munchies POTSies that they definitely needs SDs too

No. 490773


lemme guess, she has one of those magical dogs that alerts to absolutely everything….?

No. 490775

File: 1517601460302.jpg (598 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_7198.jpg)


ophelia claims to have full-body crps, but i've known people with crps. a BREEZE can be excruciating, let alone clothing. it can be hard to bear fabric touching your skin and ophelia wears jeans and running shoes/doc martens on a regular basis. not to mention the DOG ON THEIR LAP in this picture. also doesn't have any of the discolouration/swelling that you need for a crps diagnosis. doctors said they had fibromyalgia, and they have been taking it in and out of their bio ever since and instead claiming it's "severe full-body crps".

also posts about/always says they're bedridden and too sick to finish high school, then promptly goes on a trip to disneyland and participates in daily service dog classes that anybody would be hard-pressed to do, let alone a "bedbound" person.

No. 490777

Yep. Aubrey claims natural alerts to POTS, epilepsy, and other "bad health episodes."

No. 490779

File: 1517601812323.jpg (208.87 KB, 640x825, img_17532.jpg)


also claims crps is fatal and keeps saying they have kidney pain, demanding tests/scans and getting angry when told everything is fine.

No. 490796


she's had pancreatitis (or some pancreatic issues) for ages, which is why they looked there and found the tumor.

No. 490798


that's hilarious since she doesn't actually have epilepsy. Remember her long EEG "couldn't detect seizures because they're too deep in my brain".

No. 490799


surely "full body CRPS" can't be a thing, because of the "regional" part…. sounds like she just wants to be too special for a fibro dx.

No. 490801


The only reason it's fatal is because sufferers literally kill themselves to stop the pain. But those sufferers aren't sitting on the floor, wearing tight clothing, and having dogs on their laps.

No. 490841

I'm pretty certain she has a history of functional cysts on her ovaries if I'm remembering correctly.

No. 490958


Yesss finally someone else who picked up on this. She used to have an IG where she was a LOT smaller and active constantly. Always out on her own two feed and had a dx of arthritis in her knees.

Then one day she wiped her IG and started down the munchie hole, along with Twitter. Went from walking (sometimes with a crutch) and having arthritis to suddenly having CRPS and in a powerchair.

No. 490971

Dom posted the video filmed last week when she picked up her wheelchair.

On the drive to her date night with Chase (wear your fucking seatbelts!) she says that she mentioned to her doctor that people accuse her of faking her syncope. Her doctor reassured her that she has POTS and that POTS can manifest differently in different people.

No. 490973

File: 1517613373347.png (264.3 KB, 800x615, Screenshot_2018-02-02-14-51-55…)

No. 490975

Why is it that munchies think they can have all these illnesses without the symptoms that everyone gets? Are there really that many shitty doctors out there?

No. 491031


The misinformation that she is spreading is infuriating.

At no point in that article does Aubrey explain how her (very beautiful) Bowie 'saves her life'.

She explicitly says that because she gets auras, Bowie doesn't need to alert her to seizures (alsl; she says seizure disorder, not Epilepsy. Interesting side note).

The closest she gets to explaining how the dog literally saves her very life, each and every day, is by warning her about her POTS symptoms, where she then lays down until her BP and heart rate stabilises.

Aubrey must be the only person on the planet with POTS who can't feel their heart beating out of their chest and their BP bottoming out.

Sage and sorry for blogging but as someone with severe POTS, I can tell you now that you don't need a Dog to tell you about the symptoms.

At what point is Aubrey's life threatened every single day by POTS? Potentially hitting her head? Sure, that's always a risk. No one else with POTS would ever say though that their very life is at risk of ending each and everyday.

Saged for venting about misinformation and bullshkt.

No. 491081

File: 1517621012652.png (3.84 MB, 1536x2048, 8317010B-0148-4079-9D66-D4913D…)

POTS so bad she’s in the sauna kek

No. 491084

File: 1517621153980.png (3.62 MB, 1536x2048, E8682F00-41A8-4A27-ADB4-A6EBEA…)

And showing off her tube that’s quite discolored, probably from purging through it (since formula doesn’t cause that kind of change). Gotta show off that port access, too, so we don’t forget she’s sick.

No. 491117

Aubrey needs Chapstick, stat. Tired of looking at this bitch’s crusty ass lips doing thumbs up all the time. Every time I check her IG I know what to expect. Why not post something else? A food pic, sunset, pic of her hubbie? What a boring life. She’s a drain on society at this point, why not strive to contribute something?

No. 491118

So malnourished too, even though she's sporting a healthily toned six-pack

No. 491132

Full body CRPS claims have been running rampant over the years. I’ve seen it constantly. And of course they all wear full clothing, jewelry, blankets on their limbs with no issues. Totally legit. Not to mention not a single one has even one visible physical symptom. No swelling, no atrophy, no color change, nothing. Sounds legit. What a joke. And these ~CRPS specialists~ that diagnose them all as full body, just to get them in for ketamine infusions to make a fuck ton of money makes me nauseous.

No. 491136

Also, I remember it used to be pretty rare for someone with CRPS to experience spreading from the original limb. Now? Every single person seems to have spreading to every part of their body, and organs too of course.

No. 491198

POTS patients can't even take hot showers without lower extremities turning purple from blood pooling, so this is just……. facepalms into oblivion

No. 491259

PLUS a lot of POTS patients have issues with sweating. So while some could stand to be in a sauna because they'll sweat to regulate temperature, others barely sweat and will quickly overheat. It's usually the latter, but are you a sooper speshul POTSie Aubs?

No. 491280

File: 1517631051272.png (119.41 KB, 2294x204, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.0…)

Don't know if anyone else saw this comment on Aubrey's vlog from 2/1

How many times does it have to be scientifically proven that the "harmful" ingredients in vaccines are present in such small quantities that it literally doesn't matter? oWo but the evil austisms and mercury and baby dna

Even the sick people should get the flu vaccine because its a dead version of the virus. There's only a handful of people who can't get the vaccine, and if you aren't one of those, you should get the vaccine.

Just because it isn't effective for some people this year doesn't mean it won't work for you.

(sage for vaccine rant from someone who benefits from herd immunity and is really hoping to not get the flu)

No. 491322

I don’t want to get into a whole vaccine versus non-vaccine issue. Aubrey is not immune compromised with or without the flu shot. She runs to the ER non-stop which on a good day is ground zero for germs. Right now it’s ate up with the flu. Supposedly she had the flu, but cured herself with pineapple juice and carrots and whatever non-sense crap she drank. Someone immune compromised would be ate up with flu and not cured with magic juice.

No. 491323

File: 1517633735833.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 41503165-F3A1-4827-8B7B-4D93E0…)

Can anyone figure out what could possibly be so life threatening , what could possibly be causing her health to be declining so quickly? 😂😂😂 when she literally has nothing wrong with her other than crock of shit diagnoses from a fake ass doctor of osteopathic medicine. What a joke. Good god.

No. 491332

I have a feeling her mom means psychologically, but she’s taking it as her physical illnesses that weren’t even diagnosed by a real doctor and are supposedly caused by vaccine injury, which is proven to not be a thing.

No. 491340

File: 1517634926259.jpeg (408.2 KB, 2078x2078, DE8A33F9-7226-4FBC-8530-D96383…)

Yea deteriorating from the mass amounts of cheese she consumed with her breakfast this morning. Two large gluten free tortillas with a generous portion of scrambled eggs and like half a block of cheese. She surely doesn’t look like someone whose deteriorating whatsoever. Mentally, absolutely… physically not even a little. She’s deconditioned if anything from being a little overweight and not getting in enough exercise from making excuses about her “health conditions”

No. 491360

>Wants to get autism

No. 491364

Oh no! She is deteriorating so quickly! Good thing she is CPR certified, she may have to use it on herself (bad joke!)

I think her mom is concerned that mentally she is so obsessed with “being sick” when she is not. She can do the CPR classes, marching band, and so on and doesn’t seem to be inconvenienced by her so called sicknesses. She seems more like a confused teen with out a strong identify and saw people online getting attention for being sick and latched on.

No. 491378


Yeah I think her mom is probably more concerned that she is deteriorating mentally and that her need to be sick is spinning out of control (and maybe her mom is worried that if these doctors keep telling her nothing is wrong with her that she will end up hurting herself so that something is wrong with her).
It wasn't too long ago that her mother was overheard on her livestream telling her that she needed to stop looking for diagnoses (I don't understand why her mother plays into her delusions by taking her to so many doctors).
She clearly has mental health issues and probably has for a while (I think she has mentioned seeing a counsellor at school rather frequently). I think it doesn't help that her boyfriend has some legitimate chronic illnesses and I think her search for a diagnosis escalated after she started dating him (her IG only goes back to October so I don't know her past history - based on his IG, which is grossly named lovesamanda4112, they have been dating for 7 months). Its almost like she she feels she needs a bunch of diagnoses so that they have a common bond and will be in love forever or that they have some fantasy of becoming a chronic illness warrior couple - forget Aubrey and Jaquie who may have husbands but they are healthy - lets one-up them by having both individuals in the partnership be sick!

I didn't screenshot it but before her cardiology appointment she put in her story that her mom wanted to cancel the appointment because the mom couldn't walk (sounds like the mom might have broken her foot recently). But Amanda nicely informed her mother that they could still go because they have a wheelchair she could use. If her mother was truly concerned about Amanda's physical health she wouldn't have wanted to reschedule the appointment. But Amanda is too selfish to consider her mother's physical problems so she dragged her to the appointment (the whole I feel bad I am causing my mother emotional suffering is just a pity plea - "look at me I am so sick that my parents fear for my life".

No. 491379

She also looks like she’s gained weight recently, which makes sense since she’s eating crap, being fairly inactive, and suffering from depression (emotional eating). She’s looking for illnesses that aren’t there compulsively.

No. 491392

She was eating an entire can of peaches in her live the other night and called that “healthy”. A REAL peach is healthy… an entire can of sliced peaches Smothered in syrup and sugar and preservatives… not healthy. She’s only fooling herself.
But notice how she’s completely forgotten about her reactive hypoglycemia because she so focused on her POTS now? We never hear about that obsession anymore!!!!

No. 491403

File: 1517642222846.jpeg (552.38 KB, 2078x1386, 08E310AD-B4C9-42A7-87A3-39F6A6…)

Kek she’s stretching so hard for diagnoses she added KP on there! Dead.
And she has to ask if she should do a RARE diseases challenge.. like any of her diagnoses are remotely rare.. considering she doesn’t even have any .

No. 491406

I was watching an episode of Snapped and this woman would poison herself with small amounts of rat poison to remain sick in the hospital, she must have been a munchie.

No. 491419


What the hell is a rare disease challenge?

No. 491421

I think it’s a photo challenge

No. 491435

I'm so lost in my rage for Aubrey and the humor in Dani that I missed something. Was Amanda officially diagnosed with POTS? By a real doctor?
And Jesus Christ Amanda go get some Amlactin at the drug store. Your KP prescription.

No. 491440

No, she was only diagnosed by poor mans TTT by her shitty DO, and just saw a real cardiologist yesterday who is supposedly going to be doing an echo and a 24hr holter

No. 491443

Rare disease challenge?
For what rare disease?

No. 491444

Exactly, get some Amlactin, it works! Who lists kp in all seriousness? Next it'll be hang nails and pink eye hashtags.

No. 491448

Just thought I'd say how nasty I think it is that anyone on my Insta would post such nasty things about me. Yes I self harm by inserting staples into my knee because I was raped then sexually abused over a period of 5 months, if I'm scarred no one will want to touch me again. I jumped off a ledge and broke my back because I was begging for help before I took my own life. I have complex PTSD and have daily flashback, nightmares, intrusive thoughts the lot. I cope by hurting myself and if I feel the injury isn't severe enough I feel like I deserve the pain because of the abuse. I deserve to suffer. I also complain about staples I've inserted not being removed because after I've done it I regret it when the flashback stops. You guys have no clue on my history or past and this is nastiness. Unfollow my Insta if you dont like it but Insta is the only place I can post what I truly want and how I reallt feel. Just remember what you say about someone can be the last thing the ever see sometimes!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491482

Anon, I spit coffee when I read your comment about Aubrey overdosing on oregano. I thought you were being hyperbolic. But I just watched the video and she totally did.

It must have been scary and serious because she said her vision was affected and she was in and out of consciousness in the ambulance so much so that she made sure they put the dogs [that didn't try to bite] in the house and posted an Instagram photo of her feet riding in the ambulance.

Her husband must be secretly seething. Engineering grad programs are intense in the US and most grad students are expected to put in a lot of face time on campus, in labs, their offices, etc. He's already away a lot and extra hospital runs have to be stressful.

Tube exchange soon, her full body scan is back on/insurance approved, possible MALS surgery, Denver specialist…it never ends…

No. 491512

I just went to the comment section of Aubreys video about the sauna, expecting to see a lot of critical comments regarding her POTS and heat sensitivity. What I found was nothing. I don't get it. Did she remove a bunch of comments? Or are her followers all really stupid? Didn't she post only a week or so ago she had to do her 'Lyme detox bath' or whatever luke warm instead of hot because of her POTS? How are people not questioning this?

No. 491592

An echo is a good idea, but it won’t show anything. Most POTS patients have healthy hearts. The halter monitor is easily manipulated. They clearly tell you to not consume caffeine and so on. She will probably see that her hr isn’t high and worry she isn’t “symptomatic” that day (being as she doesn’t have it) and fudge the results. Even then when I had mine done, it was listed as a normal test despite having really high hr results. The docs often don’t look for that specifically but rather abnormal rhythms. You have have a fast rate but rhymically be fine. Have we actually seen proof of her having a diagnosis or just her saying it? I am not buying it. I think she wants attention.

No. 491681


funny how unconsciousness and vision problems aren't listed in OD symptoms here


No. 491691

File: 1517675267006.jpeg (105.46 KB, 676x615, 79B67080-CCEF-4712-9FAB-23CFC7…)

This tweet sums up everyone in this thread.

No. 491716


You can have caffeine during holter monitors (most of the times) if you write in down in your little journal. That way they can see if the caffeine causes issues too.

No. 491724

I was told no caffeine for mine. It could be different based upon the test site administering the test.

No. 491736

Neither of those things are part of autonomic testing. It sounds like the cardiologist knows she doesn’t have POTS, but is humoring her by doing two easy tests.

No. 491741

Yup this is the attitude of a munchie. Real chronic illness sucks, and usually is without any so-called ‘perks’. There is rarely, if ever, free shit involved, and having chronic illness is quite expensive, plus already dealing with all the downsides of being sick. Munchies don’t want to be sick, they just want all the attention and whatever charity and pity gifts they can wrangle.

No. 491747

You really don't get 'free shit' for being disabled. You might get state support but it is a fraction of what you could earn if you're an able individual! Plus with all that 'free money' you can't get in half the cool places anyway because access is poor! :')

No. 491759

File: 1517679033568.png (1.41 MB, 1514x1136, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.2…)

Aubs is getting another surgery. MALS Surgery. Hooray. I really hope this will fix her stomach issues so she can get rid of the tube (but then she can't purge).

No. 491763

She’s way too fucking happy about getting surgery. And as much as that tube needs to go, it won’t, because she’s going to keep claiming gastroparesis, even though we all know she’s perfectly capable of eating. She’s fully addicted to being a munchie, and after her MALS surgery, she’ll start looking for what she can talk a doctor into next.

No. 491769


She’s been angling for more surgery. She had gallbladder surgery too. I think she’s the worst munchie because she actually gets all the toys and surgery.

No. 491822

File: 1517683938157.jpeg (253.85 KB, 750x1124, 62551FD8-BCF6-4854-879E-D865C7…)

This girl @stephteenysmith claims to have every single mental illness you can think of. She is the biggest attention seeker on instagram by far. She posts details of all her ‘incidents’ straight after it’s happened. She posts pictures of her ‘ligaturing’ pictures of her self harm, pictures of A&E staff and police officers to ‘prove’ to people that she is indeed at the hospital. She boasts about her being restrained and she clearly loves it. She is the most vile and sickest person here, and she wants to be like this, it’s mind baffling. There is NOTHING wrong with this girl, yet she is adamant that she is ‘mentally ill’ as she states In almost every post.

No. 491837

File: 1517684603279.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, EB21F34A-4506-4C6B-B792-3778D3…)

this is instagram’s finest @amentalbitch. She seems to threaten suicide to get her into hospital which is her main goal and aspiration in life. If she doesn’t get what she wants she will manipulate people into getting it, and posts every single detail of her life on Instagram. She seems to be excited that she now has a new ‘plan’ to get someone’s attention, as you can see by the picture on her story with the caption she looks pretty gassed but at the same time also very pathetic. I feel embarrassed for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491843

You're clearly a newfag and just vendetta posting. Likley having seen the steph ptsd posts given you're posting UK girls with similar MH conditions and who aren't usually discussed on here.


No. 491905

So it's not ok to discuss any mental health patient at all so neither of the stephs should be here when they are genuinely ill

No. 491910

You people know nothing about mental health

No. 492138

File: 1517702983208.png (186.38 KB, 750x1195, IMG_2634.PNG)

nerdkidanddoge got her feeding tube… doesn't straight out say it but makes sure it's visible in picture

No. 492155


an echo is more for EDS surely (is she still convinced she has it?)

No. 492167

There are a few heart issues that can be prominent in hEDS, but many people with hEDS don't have those, rather they have POTS and their hearts are seemingly fine structurally.

Kek, she seems so damn lonely posting on her story all the time.

No. 492168

An echo is just to make sure the heart is structurally fine.

No. 492173


There are perks to using a wheelchair, if walking is agony without one. She's being so crass though, I guess faking pain pays.

No. 492188

For EDS,yeah an echo is good, but it can’t tell you anything about POTS.

No. 492212

File: 1517706784769.png (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 1536x2048, AAC5BD2B-814E-42D1-BAF8-1AE30A…)


No. 492213

File: 1517706798822.png (38.73 KB, 750x240, IMG_5646.PNG)

Top kek for whoever commented this on Aubrey's latest sauna picture. She keeps her port accessed while she's in the sauna too, which I'm sure is great for keeping her dressing in-tact and keeping her line sterile

No. 492214

File: 1517706814289.png (448.17 KB, 1536x2048, 525FD06D-153C-4136-A15B-5D5675…)

Here’s the caption

No. 492215

File: 1517706893220.png (4.63 MB, 1536x2048, 03560D5B-EB13-4E70-89AC-A5CB19…)

This is under “Highlights” kek

No. 492218

Does anyone else wonder if she’s not actually having surgery, and is just looking for an excuse to start eating again? She’ll post about having the surgery, maybe use some old hospital/procedure pics, then go back to eating. Except she’ll still have her tube, for “venting”, so she can purge.

No. 492221

File: 1517707066599.png (Spoiler Image, 3.14 MB, 1536x2048, AF030C0F-1AC7-49E3-8A30-0257E7…)

No. 492225

Because that's what sick people worry about. Hairy armpits that NO ONE can see.

No. 492227

File: 1517707230941.png (654.94 KB, 1536x2048, AEDDBE69-8D34-4CC0-8E13-1E5279…)

This. cow. She’s got a spot for medical devices, yet there’s nothing there. Me thinks she’s plotting something.

No. 492230

Also if you're looking at the motility doctor I think you are in the other tab he's amazing. None of these munchies would ever get passed him, that's for sure.

No. 492260

she probably thinks that pulse ox and blood pressure as well as blood sugar counts are in that

No. 492265

File: 1517708946100.jpeg (574.54 KB, 2078x2078, F723BE9C-4B52-473F-B16D-821958…)

The only chronic illnesses I see for Amanda are future illnesses… obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and more exercise intolerance due to more weight gain and unhealthy eating. Between the blocks of cheese from th breakfast the other day, the entire can of peaches, this monstrosity of food, and this family member who can clearly be used to predict the future.. this is the only decline that her mothers should be worried about.

No. 492300

She probably didn’t go see him then kek. Or she went, got told she was fine, and it was back to the doctor shopping.

No. 492304

family doesn't always dictate how a child will end up, but she's already shown she has poor eating habits and is overweight. She's short too, so her bmi is 26-28. She's told her weight and height before so it's pretty accurate.

No. 492311

Yes it’s true, family doesn’t ALWAYS dictate, but it’s a pretty decent predictor.
She follows her family’s habits clearly.

No. 492367

suddenly every munchie has MALS that's ruining their life all of a sudden when they run out of things to munch about. i follow two people with CIPO who have less problems than the munchies/spoonies claiming MALS suddenly

No. 492383

No easy gastric emptying studies to get past to get that sweet, sweet feeding tube.

No. 492492

I wonder if any of them will actually improve and gain weight right after surgery. It's an immediate improvement and most people can eat normally a few days after surgery even if they were down to a few bites at a time.

No. 492573

File: 1517742950719.png (1011.71 KB, 1334x750, IMG_0169.PNG)

So this is Aubrey's face upon learning that she has MALS.and can pursue another major abdominal surgery. She literally looks like she's won the lottery.


She got her J tube based on Gastroparesis, but has now said that she believes the MALS surgery is the answer to things, as she has pain straight after eating a few bites, which is MALS apparently. But many people wirh Gastroparesis get the same thing.

She also said to someone on her Instagram that based on her GES, gastroparesis isn't causing these issues/symptoms. Did she ever go into what her GES results actually were?

If they weren't enough to cause severe pain on eating (safe for blogging but I have Gp nowhere near needing a feeding tube and I get severe pain on eating a few bites), then why was she given the J tube?

Her timeline is starting to fail to add up. Gets a J tube for Gastroparesis. Now 'diagnosed' with MALS. Getting MALS surgery because it will help her to eat again. Yet MALS surgery doesn't treat Gastroparesis. She's snookered herself.

Also, what surgeon in their right mind would even look at operating when she already has a J tube, had recent partial ressection of her pancreas for a 'neuroendocrine tumour', supposedly has ongoing pancreatitis.

But is fine for what is considered a pretty siignfiicant surgery, particularly for someone who is supposedly chronically ill?

No. 492576

File: 1517743588082.png (Spoiler Image, 72.58 KB, 627x538, IMG_0170.PNG)

I wonder if Aubrey is reading here…

She said that she has been asked a lot how she can use her sauna with POTS, and therefore is answering it in the next vlog.

Apart from this one, not a single person has asked on Instagram how she can use the sauna, nor any comments on her Youtube.

The only people who have been asking how she can use it are those of us here.

No. 492673

File: 1517760819755.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2438, Screenshot_20180204-110727.png)

anyone know anything about @ellaszebra? I saw her commenting on another spoonies Instagram saying she was jeluos of her saline infusions and pain meds. She has a self bought cane and wheelchair, frequently asked people to send her there braces and even has a gofuckme.

No. 492687

Body Dysorphic Disorder OR PTSD?! Because they are differential diagnoses…

No. 492692

The pasta in that pic kills me! When you click on the pic it says it is gluten and dairy free because that prevents flare ups. She is full of it! Carbs and heavy meals are some of the worst things you eat if you have POTS. It is hard for the body to digest heavy/carb laden meals. It will cause symptoms and is one thing they tell you to avoid.

No. 492701

Is it a US thing to say you’re excited about a dr appt or is it a munchie thing? Even if it’s a surgery that will cure you, it’s still fucking weird.

No. 492729

I think it is a munchie thing.
Though I've known people look forward to psychological therapy if they are doing good work in it/ making progress and the same with occupational and physio therapy they can be frustrating to do but rewarding. I've known people be excited to walk unaided post surgery for the first time etc.
Basically if it is something that gives you independence then I think it is normal to look forward to, even with trepidation.
Even with surgery that leads to independence I've only known people 'look forward to' it if they are in immense pain and the surgery is going to relieve that pain. But with a large side dose of 'fuck I'm having surgery'.

No. 492737

File: 1517764865410.jpeg (537.86 KB, 1242x2003, 377995F9-2A35-4CE5-947E-F5AB8B…)

She says she has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, so yeah…We TOTALLY believe you.

No. 492738

She is both a lion and a zebra. No wonder her body image is fucked up, the lion inside her will eat that zebra for sure!

No. 492886

File: 1517773657892.png (221.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180204-192420.png)

EeveeEmmy uploaded a vid on her vlog channel a few days ago talking about how depressed she is 'I can't even remember the last time I played video games, whinge!'

Today she took the vid down, and this appears on her twitter. Guess she didn't get all the sympathy she wanted.

It's been pretty apparent for a while now that she only puts up approved comments but did someone question her chronic fatigue, her mystery leg pain or her equally mysterious mental health issues?

No. 492927

I’m always immediately suspicious if they’ve got their gofuckme in their profile. Chronic illness is expensive, sure, but begging for cash straight up is weird. Most people who are actually sick don’t beg for money unless they have no other choice, and not just because they want more toys.

No. 492931

Is saying that other people diagnosing her is good or bad? Because munchies seem to feel both ways at all times. Other people are right when it’s something they want to hear, otherwise it’s the whole “my doctors know what’s best for me” thing.

No. 492940

File: 1517778004371.png (3.13 MB, 1536x2048, 2730FAFF-E919-4FE2-868F-AB1052…)

Oh good, she’s got a P.O. box for people to send her more free shit. For someone so sick (kek) she’s sure got a ton of energy all the time.

No. 492941

File: 1517778026708.png (555.65 KB, 1536x2048, 29BFB165-47CE-4802-BE8B-FDB968…)

No. 492944

File: 1517778074813.png (245.59 KB, 1536x2048, 5093991B-0AC2-426D-A47E-7FBC5B…)

And she’s not as special as she thought she was. So glad people still get to watch her fake service dog tho!!

No. 492966

So apparently Bowie the Magical Dog can sense Aubrey's POTS from the outside of the Sauna. That means her dog can detect changes through a sealed glass door. It's a freaking miracle guys.

No. 492970


She tweeted after that saying someone had called her a parasite so I'm guessing she was confronted with some hard truths.

I mean she's in a wheelchair because of leg pain even though she was fine a couple of months ago, she has never even explained why she was so quick to go from walking just fine to buying the chair so people will naturally ask/speculate

She has really shown how fragile/sensitive she is to criticism if she bitches on twitter and rips videos down. She got plenty of those useless sympathy comments under that vid but one negative comment and she flips.

No. 492984


Aubrey loves it when people give her stuff. Reminder that last year, she got more than $20k for Lyme treatment. Wonder if that paid for the sauna. https://www.gofundme.com/help-aubrey-get-lifesaving-medicine/

No. 493055

For those keeping up, Angie/skagra is in full blown panic mode because people have caught on to her bullshit: She has increased her donation target to $100,000 (?!?) and her abuse/stalking claims are flying in every direction. A post from a youth worker has revealed that she's mostly performing her illness so she's doubling down as if people can't read.


No. 493070


I thought she might have been shooting herself in the foot there. She wants surgery because of the attention it brings, but if it fixes her "MALS", then she'll have no reason for the feeding tube surely?

No. 493084


> "other undiagnosed chronic illness"


No. 493085

I’m sure her GP will “flare up” right after surgery kek. She’s not getting rid of it that easy.

No. 493089


Most people with a gofundme will have explained the set goal for it like a particular treatment which they've been quoted for, or a wheelchair with a specific price tag.

No. 493091


she said that??

No. 493092


I think her MIL paid for the sauna

No. 493095


That's what makes zero sense!
"The surgery will mean I can eat without pain!"
But she still apparently needs tube feeding?? So why does it matter if she can't eat much?

No. 493097


Can you share the youth worker's post?

No. 493101

File: 1517785675594.jpg (184.38 KB, 1434x455, aurelia.jpg)

Not surprised at all

No. 493112

In her latest vlog she did.

No. 493140


kek that's so ridiculous I thought the anon who wrote it was being sarcastic!

I'm sorry, but if you have to have lukewarm baths due to heat intolerance, then there's no way you can deal with a sauna. Obviously Aubrey can deal with the sauna, so she's bullshitting about heat intolerance.

No. 493165

File: 1517789465324.png (437.85 KB, 1536x2048, 73EFC832-7348-4DE5-900F-3F58F9…)

Hmm. Maybe someone isn’t as sick as they claim… (kek we all know that she’s not)

No. 493174


wait til she realises this. Her next big vlog will be "MY NEW SAUNA NEARLY KILLED ME".

First oregano, now infrared kek

No. 493242

File: 1517792824112.png (246.35 KB, 750x1210, IMG_0171.PNG)

How the eff can you be watching the Super Bowl and rip your j tube out?

Please tell me she didn't do this so that can can get her button. Tube fags help me out, how easy is it to rip a j tube out? Is it really that easy?

Photo 1 of 2

No. 493243

File: 1517792850874.png (246.5 KB, 750x1234, IMG_0172.PNG)

Photo 2 of 2

No. 493253

Not a tubefag but I have a feeling it was less "it accidentally got ripped out, idk how!" And more "I took advantage of the hubbub and confusion to fall/tangle/trip on my toobz so it looks like an accident". Added bonus = all those people there to watch SportsBall are now there to see her woes!

No. 493257

Meant to add these thoughts with the photo. Saged for non milk.

It's a very common theme for munchies to have a medical crises whenever the attention isn't on them/holidays/they have people over. Aubrey is particularly known for this.

She has been talking it up for a while now how her video with Bowie for Animal Planet would be played during the Super Bowl. She was so excited, she organised to have people over to watch the Super Bowl with them, and then the news…it's not getting played.

She's angry, embarrassed. So what happens? Somehow, her surgically implanted GJ tube gets ripped out. It's a big emergency, all the attention is on her

On top of that she didn't get the cute button she was meant to get, and only got another dangler much to her disappointment.

Aubrey is spiralling quicker than all the other munchies combined. It's like watching a train wreck, she's gaining momentum and suddenly things are going to fall apart. She seems increasingly desperate since announcing Tom will no longer be in the vlogs. She's really upped the ante, and it seems to be a response to potential relationship problems or simply not having all the attention she wants, and with every rejection she's really turning things up.

No. 493284

her misspelling of "catheter" is baffling for someone who loves their toys so much. really Aubrey? She can't be that damn stupid?

No. 493288


Yeah - Aubrey like many munchies like to have a crisis when there is anything that takes attention away from them. Probably a combination of not being able to stand having the attention on anyone other than themselves and also wanting the extra pity that comes along with being able to say "woe is me - I am so sick I can't even enjoy a simple holiday/activity".
Aubrey made sure to have some hospital visits when family members were having babies.
Aubrey is also probably embarrassed that her story isn't being shown on television after she promoted it quite a bit and probably invited people over to watch. If she has a medical crisis she hopes to draw attention away from the fact that her story isn't being aired (and as much as she can pretend its because the producers felt that her story was too important to cut short she knows its because her story wasn't deemed important/special enough to be shown.

I do wonder if she is having relationship trouble that is causing this escalation. Her husband wanting out of the vlogs may be a sign that he no longer wants to put up with her craziness (after all there is no end in sight - she is constantly searching for the next diagnosis and toy). She may be mistakingly hoping that by escalating her medical drama he will feel bad and stick around.

No. 493313

i wonder how the er staff there must feel seeing here there week after week. she really is having 'emergencies' more and more often.

and i agree with other anons. she must have had people over just for her special on animal planet, only for that to fail, so that was a nice ploy for the attention and love she wanted

No. 493322

A gj tube is ridiculously hard accidentally to pull out, if it’s possible at all. Those balloons that hold them in are the size of a medium-to-large size gum ball or marble. She probably deflated the balloon and yanked it out, just like her NJ tube. Not to mention that pulling out a gj without deflating it would be ridiculously painful (like pass out level) if you could even get the force to do it in the first place, and if it would even be possible to get it through all the layers of stomach, muscle, fat, and skin. I’ll be honest, I’ve never, ever heard of anyone accidentally pulling out a gj tube, except very young children (and even then, it happens more with G tubes, not GJs like she’s got). And they can’t just put a button in a gj like she has, those have to be ordered per patient as they need your specific stoma to balloon length measurement, which has to be done with a special tool while you have no tube in.

No. 493329

Why in the world do they need to admit her? Hospitals carry long gj tubes, for emergencies they just put those in, especially since that’s what she had in before. Although it looks like they just have a catheter in there, which doesn’t make any sense at all. But yeah, she definitely did it herself. You can pull and pull on those tubes without them coming out (they’re made that way on purpose), but you’re going to stop because of the pain before you do any damage at all. I wonder if they’re admitting her because they know she did it to herself, and they want to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t hurt herself more.

No. 493333

I hope the hospital has a note in her file that acknowledges her crazy munchieness. This stunt is one of the crazier things she’s done.

No. 493337


She may have pushed things too far this time. If it's not this time, it will be one of the next. She's drawing way too much attention to herself. The hospital/emergency department/doctors are going to be seriously suspicious.

I do actually have concerns of her self harming. First the 'accident' with the oregano herbals, now pullling out an entire GJ tube, within the space of a few days. Her desperation is becoming blatantly obvious.

She might get lucky this time, but if she continues at the rate that she is, she is going to draw a lotttt of attention to herself, but not the type that she wants. She's not being careful enough to keep getting away with this.

No. 493341

Not to mention that for adults they’re usually 45 inches long (114 cm for you non-us farmers). That’s not just a quick pull, that’s a long, continuous pull. She definitely deflated the balloon (way easy to do), and pulled it out. I bet she didn’t realize how gross it was going to be though, which does make me laugh.

No. 493344

Family is over focused on something other than me? Pulls out tube.

No. 493352


Wow, she looks "incredibly disappointed" to be in the hospital again. What a fuckng dramatic pose. I'd be incredibly embarassed asking someone to take my photograph in the ER and then posing like that!

No. 493358


Like the other anon who replied to this post, I feel they've admitted her because they worry if they send her home then she'll end up doing something worse. They almost certainly know she's documenting everything medical on social media, and that she's very enthusiastic about tubes/toys/procedures. I hope they've ordered a psych consult.

No. 493360

File: 1517798446682.jpeg (204.53 KB, 750x787, 0F6EF36B-A008-45A3-8FD7-4C931E…)

No. 493362


I think she's lying about her Animal Planet segment being "too important" to edit. Producers edit the shit out of news and media segments, to get the best content. I think she's spinning it this way to save face - she probably just didn't make the cut for their TV spot. (Too manic when talking about her illness? or just full of shit? Or probably just unlucky)

No. 493363

Thought she could make the superbowl all about her - couldn't - pulls out tube

The overly posed dramatic photos really irk me - trying to play it off like someone is photographing a real moment of her pain. But that photo is completely posed with her shirt tucked up to expose the bandage/catheter, hand placed to ensure the blood pressure cuff and pulse ox are visible, eyes closed and hand up to make it look like she is distressed. I am just surprised the shirt isn't also pulled down to get the port in the shot. This photo is not a spontaneous real life shot like she pretends - it was carefully planned.

No. 493372

File: 1517799201055.png (4.54 MB, 750x1334, 0D236C00-C05F-4A29-B5AF-B825BC…)

Unicorn.spoonie is doing the Rare Disease Challenge and is, yet again, claiming all kinds of shit she doesn’t have.

No. 493374

File: 1517799258745.png (4.95 MB, 750x1334, 887EFDDD-B4C3-4D82-8C62-182D5B…)

No. 493375

The producers may have just told her that as a nice way of letting her down. They have tons of ways to edit content to produce a good story. The problem is that they looked at the video they got and realized they didn't have what they needed to make a great story worthy of playing during a special event. But you don't want to tell a person that their story wasn't good enough to make the cut (especially not a sick person) so you tell the person that their story was just too important to edit into the time slot and that you will air the full story later. I would guess that those kinds of things don't cost a ton to film so I wouldn't be surprised if they filmed several people and picked the ones they thought would be best received.
That being said she is too smart to not realize her story didn't make the cut. And she embarrassed herself by promoting it a lot. So she will just push the same line they gave her.
(And I wouldn't be surprised if Animal Planet did a little more research into her post filming just to make sure they were promoting someone that wouldn't result in any negative feedback - and while they probably didn't dig deep I wouldn't be surprised if a search on her came up with some red flags).

No. 493376

File: 1517799435151.jpeg (443.96 KB, 1047x3157, E0D28BD9-8DC0-4A32-9FCD-803427…)

Right!!! Because this looks totally safe for someone who passes out constantly and has POTS and EDS. She also has SI joints she says pop out of the joint all the time. I guess she forgets this stuff when she is showing off for the camera.

I love that two people have already called her out.

No. 493389


kek, she's never mentioned CRPS? And being diagnosed at a young age doesn't make fibromyalgia a rare disease

No. 493391


again, zero previous mention of post-concussion syndrome or dermatillomania

She's one of the wannabe-munchies who I really hope grows up and quickly. She's LUCKY she doesn't have the resources or attention to escalate.

No. 493393

File: 1517800262033.jpeg (625.26 KB, 3117x3117, 842A8F1C-002E-4641-BC8D-DA40F0…)

Is it me or does she look high as fuck?

And I’m not sure if it’s the hair color or the puffy eyes, but she actually looks like she has gained some weight in the face.

No. 493394

File: 1517800279143.png (1.21 MB, 1536x2048, CD20A533-19C0-418E-AA69-5FB16B…)

Diagnosed with sooper bad POTS? Better take a hot bath! Munchies as a whole are just dumb.

No. 493395

Yeah, her checks look a lot more filled out. Must be one of those GP gainers kek

No. 493396


she looks like she isn't sleeping

No. 493397


note she had to poll her followers on whether or not to take a fucking bath

No. 493398

I wonder if they didn’t put in a new tube to just wait and sew up her stoma. Maybe they’re perfectly aware she doesn’t need the tube, and have been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of it.

No. 493401

Kek yeah I saw that. She’s really a piece of work.

No. 493406


She's spiralling so quickly into "Chronic Illness Warrior" from being absolutely fine. It's giddying.

No. 493425


Could be. She has been very manic lately so it wouldn’t surprise me if she isn’t sleeping. But she looks loopy too.

No. 493438


I definitely sleep less when I'm manic, which only makes it worse.

Things to look out for - reckless spending, starting big projects or planning grandiose ones, hyperbole, irritability and argumentativeness.

No. 493448

File: 1517802805792.jpeg (226.08 KB, 1536x1675, 18188AA8-328C-48F9-965C-DA47D8…)

This is her story of how it happened, and it’s bullshit. First off, why isn’t the extra tubing in the backpack? That’s like rule number one to keep anything from happening. But honestly, anyone who’s had a feeding tube will tell you that if something’s pulling on it, your first and immediate instinct is to grab your stomach and the tube to take the pressure off. And also, those tube are in there good enough that a dog getting tangled would not be enough to pull it out, unless the balloon was deflated first, or if you let the dog keep pulling. But let’s be honest, if it was actually ripped out, she’d still be bleeding, and she’s not. That bandage is perfectly clean and white. (And they probably put the catheter in because interventional radiology isn’t in on the weekends, and even if they are there, it’s just a 7-5 department). They still probably kept her to watch her, though, because there’s nothing preventing her going home and coming back in the morning.

No. 493455


yeah, that didn't happen

I don't have a feeding tube, but from seeing people on IG with them (munchies or not), the backpack is always kept right next to the person and there's very little slack tubing. Also her story blames the dog - the well behaved super trained service dog? Surely not!

No. 493464


The wonder dog who can do no wrong and can magically alert to a large variety of made up illnesses and was supposed to get her a spot on national television has now caused her to require hospitalization on a special occasion. Maybe its not Aubrey but the dog that is embarrassed it won't be on television.

No. 493472



No. 493476


It was probably one of her other dogs, maybe the one that tried to bite the ambulance dude. Btw, I’d be mortified in my pet tried to do this and be taking them to the vet and getting an animal behaviourist in STAT.

At this point I think Aubrey is seriously self harming. She’s pushed it too far. Her husband seems to be smart and hard working, what is he doing with her?! She’s lazy and a munchie. He spends his time off work and studying driving her to hospital appointments or sitting with her in hospital. Get out while you can, Tom.

No. 493478


You forgot to mention that he can detect a high heart rate from through a glass door. Super dog!

No. 493479


Did I miss the dog trying to bite the paramedic?? Wow that's not good ownership. No matter if the dog is well behaved r even a service dog, dogs should be put in another room before medics come just in case they get defensive or wander over and interrupt treatment.

No. 493483


It wasn’t Bowie who tried to bite the paramedic. It was one of the other two. She mentioned it in the vlog where she went to the ER for her “accidental” oregano overdose.

No. 493484

No. 493490


I just can't stand to watch her. I get my Aubrey updates from Instagram and here.

No. 493491


I looked up oregano overdosing. It doesn't cause loss of vision.

No. 493496

You know what does cause a loss of vision? A munchie saying that’s what happened. She lost her vision, yet was able to take a perfectly centered photo from inside the ambulance.

No. 493499


ambulance photos in general. IDK about her, but whenever I've been in an ambulance, it's because I'm very ill.

No. 493509

I was curious as to just how many emergency room trips and hospital admissions Aubrey has had lately, I thought a couple months provides a good snapshot and documents her increasing spiral, so from 1st December 2017 to today, here's a timeline of said trips/admissions.

December 1st 2017- Admitted to Hospital. Went due to pain and being unable to eat, unable to tolerate tube feeds. Diagnosed with Cancer.

December 6th- Discharged from hospital, able to 'take bites of food'.

December 15th: Has frustrating day, gets upset.

December 16th: Emergency Room Visit. CT done.

Says she was told to attend ER 'yesterday evening' aka night of frustration/upset. Havjng 'issues with feeding tube' and told it could be in the 'wrong place': Didn't attend when initially told as she 'hates' the ER. If you can wait…it's not an emergency. Is discharged after a CT scan of tube.

December 19th: Spends most the day in the E.R. Says she will update on details tomorrow. Another very emotional/'low mood video.

December 20th-Goes to Emergency room. It's not clear if this is ANOTHER emergency room trip or the one from the day before. Again 'not tolerating feeds'. Given new medicine to try as last 'outpatient' option.

-Brother in law and sister have a new baby

December 23rd- Feeding Tube Change. Very disappointed and upset that they didn't have her button.

December 25th- January 10th
Admitted to Hospital. Partial seizures, dry retching, bad pain.

December 28th- Starts TPN. Massively excited.

December 30th- Gets PICC line. Again greatly excited.

January 4th- Pancreatectomy (Tumour removal surgery)

January 9th- Colonoscopy

January 10th- Discharged

January 20th- Announces Tom no longer in videos.

January 21st- Very upset, crying video, 'frustrated'.

January 23rd- Has a bad appointment after travelling a long way for a short appointment to be told she didn't have the right scans to confirm/go ahead with treating MALS, needs an angiogram. Very upset.

January 25t- Insurance denies PET scan.

January 28th- Goes to Emergency. Has a bug. They remove her PICC line, aka no more TPN. Sent home.

January 31st: has angiogram

February 2nd- Overdoses on oregano. Goes to emergency room in ambulance. Sent home.

February 3rd- Gets feeding tube exchange. Electing a button, very excited. Does not get button. Very upset. Elated to learn she has MALS.

Announces that her video of her and Bowie talking about her illness is 'too important' and therefore will NOT be shown during the super bowl, which she has been talking up dir some time.

February 5th- Emergency room trip, admitted overnight to hospital.
'dog rips out entire GJ dangler tube' whilst they have people over for the super bowl. States this wouldn't have happened if they had given her her button like they were supposed to.

So in summary, you have

2 hospital admissions making up 22 days in total

8 emergency room visits

2 Feeding Tube Exchanges

1 Major surgery

1 angiogram

Multiple CT's

Starts and finishes TPN,

1 PICC line given and removed,

1 Colonoscopy, 1 Angiogram

All in the space of exactly two months

And each and every time either Aubrey vlogs about being frustrated/upset, or the attention is on other people (new babies in the family, Christmas etc), you can guarantee she will have a medical emergency. Interesting thing to keep an eye out for.

No. 493512


"States this wouldn't have happened if they had given her her button like they were supposed to."

Oh shit. This is almost certainly a factor. Not in why it got ripped out, but why that's the medical emergency she manufactured in response to the Animal Planet no show.

No. 493514

Excellent work anon! I'm half tempted to look back at her entire 2017. (I'm the anon who basically went to the beginning of her instagram to investigate last thread)

No. 493520


Yeah if she states that it wouldn't have happened if she was given a button like they were supposed to then it definitely wasn't a coincidence.
For whatever reason the doctor's aren't prioritizing the switch to a button (I don't watch her vlogs so I don't know if she provides more details - she says they didn't have the button but who knows if they really were planning to switch it to a button or if they were just planning to change the tube in general). She is basically throwing a temper tantrum and pulling out the tube in hopes of forcing them to give her what she wants. If they replace her tube with another dangler, I wouldn't be surprised if its not too long before it "accidentally" gets ripped out again. She is going to keep pulling that thing out until she gets that button.

She is basically a toddler who was told they can't drink out of the special sparkle cup when their juice is already in a perfectly good regular cup and now they are going to throw a fit and break all the regular cups until the only option left is the sparkle cup.

No. 493523

Which makes things even stranger. So you take money from strangers to pay your expensive medical bills but then a family member chooses to buy you a fucking sauna instead of just giving you money. WTF?

No. 493525

So it appears she’s been sent home? She’s drinking her “chicken broth and flu tablets” on striped pillows?
Idk maybe it’s different in America?

No. 493529

File: 1517808079806.jpg (599.01 KB, 1078x1697, Screenshot_20180204-232054.jpg)

It's probably a lack of sleep from mania. It wouldn't surprise me if she's high too, but she's admitted recently to not sleeping.

I think she's looking like she's gained a little bit too. Could be all the eating out they've been doing. This pizza sure doesn't look GP friendly.

No. 493531


No - she is still at the hospital. She may have just brought a pillow or something from home. The video is dark but you can see the hospital bed railing and other hospital wall items.
Although the chicken broth and crushed pill combination seems weird. I have worked in several medical settings and never seen crushed pills placed in chicken broth. I have seen crushed pills put in applesauce, pudding, or some similar puree-consistency but I have never seen it dumped in a liquid (much less chicken broth). And nurses typically observe medications being taken (so likely not in the dark being self filmed) since they aren't supposed to just leave the meds with the patient. Makes me wonder if these are meds she has brought from home or another special "herbal protocol" - because if all else fails in munchie land puzzle the doctors by taking medications they don't know you are taking.

No. 493533


Why is she even crushing the pills in the first place? She can swallow no problem.

No. 493537

File: 1517808396953.png (54.3 KB, 750x440, IMG_0214.PNG)

You're a hero if you can do that. Literally just doing from December to today was bad enough. I am still genuinely shocked each and every time I see how A) truly elated she is when there's something wrong and B) how truly despondent she is when she doesn't get the medical things she wants or is doing well. Getting TPN and PICC lines for example all earned their own vlogs and countless Instagram posts, but when they were removed she didn't post about it, and a lot of people still don't realise she's not doing TPN.

Here's the Instagram screenshot re the tube wouldn't have happened if she had a button comment.

No. 493538

I'm on it, I might miss a few things, but I'm focusing on the big things!

No. 493559

File: 1517809514562.jpeg (289.93 KB, 1125x1036, 248102A2-99F7-4C7A-814C-EB3A7E…)

She only has a limited amount of money to spend on medical bills each month, but PLENTY of money to spend on anything and everything her heart desires. Because that makes total sense right?

No. 493560

Ah I see. And yeah agreed. I work in a nursing home and it’s always custard or yoghurt

No. 493575

Except that if she had a button, it still would have come out (if things actually happened as she claimed they did, which we know is a load of bullshit; she pulled it out herself). If you’re actively feeding with a button tube, the extension is attached, making it the same as a long tube. The extensions even lock in, to prevent them being pulled out of the button and getting formula/whatever all over the place. So if her dog caught the tubing, it would have pulled it exactly the same. She’s not only a liar but a manipulative cunt who thinks she can get her way. Hopefully they know how full of shit she it, and close up her stoma and send her home with no tube at all.

No. 493578

Also, she claims to feed 24/7. In that case, she doesn’t need a button, because she’d always have the extension in. The whole point of a button tube is that it’s smaller when you’re not feeding (or “venting”). And when the extension’s in the button, it’s exactly the same as her normal long tube. There’s absolutely no need for her to switch, except to show it off.

No. 493580

Not as good, and I might have missed some stuff, but you can definitely see where she started going downhill faster.

Feb 1, 2017- Starts new "IV Protocol" (she really loves that 'P' word)
Feb 7 - Port surgery
(Nothing really major in March)
April 17- At the hospital for an echo
April 26- Finds out she "has to be admitted for 5 days for an EEG"
April 30- Says she "just wants to go home"
May 2- Is "hoping to be discharged tomorrow" Her EEG hasn't shown any seizures
May 3- Home
May 14- In ER with "severe stomach problems", they do a CT
May 15- Home from ER
May 17- New GI doctor laughs in her face when she tells him about her Lyme and its treatment, tells him she's lost 25lbs in 2 months
May 23- Back in ER with GI issues
May 26- Starts new Vitamin IV (states she's only eating 600-700 calories a day)
June 16- Gastric Emptying Study
June 19- New Dysautonomia doc makes her do another tilt table, diagnoses her with peripheral nerve damage in her feet, is convinced her POTS is caused by a genetic disorder
June 26- Endoscopy
July 27- Goes for a HIDA test (hepatobiliary scan- It's used to capture images of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and small intestine)
Still July 27- They do the wrong nuclear medicine test (to see if she needs her gallbladder removed) and now she has to wait 48 hours
July 28- Barium test, supposed to be getting an NJ tube (but hospital might not have dairy/gluten/soy free formula) because she's going on 5 days without eating
July 29- Still in hospital, gets NJ tube
July 30- Home, shouts out Kate Farms for the nutrition
August 18- Was napping and "yanked out her ENTIRE NJ tube"
Sept 6- Draws her own blood
Sept 17- Gets glucometer because she's been having irregular blood sugar levels
Sept 19- Gallbladder removal surgery
Sept 26- In ER on "orders from her primary care doctor because her body is in starvation mode" gets admitted while awaiting tube surgery
Sept 29- GJ Tube surgery
Sept 30- Home
Oct 10- ER with feeding tube trouble
Oct 14- ER because port stopped flushing and she had redness and pain at the site
Oct 20- Dangler tube replaced with button
Nov 4- Travels 4 hours to specialist, gets CT scan
Nov 16- Sleep test to see if she has narcolepsy
Nov 17- ER for Port issues again, going to start iron infusions soon
Nov 22- Getting Celiac Plexus Block (this is when they discover tumor)
Nov 24- In ER on her surgeon's orders, lots of pain, find out it's pancreatitis and is admitted
Nov 25- posts about how her Celiac Plexus Block relieving her MALS pain (hasn't been diagnosed?)
Nov 27- Home
Nov 30- Back in ER and being admitted

3 Admissions (Pre-Long December) - 14 days
7 ER Visits- 3 GI issues, 2 Port issues, 1 Feeding Tube issue, 1 Pain issue
5 Surgeries/Procedures
10 Diagnostic tests

No. 493587


she already has a button then?

No. 493590

She had one, I wonder what happened to it?

No. 493592

How did she get diagnosed with nerve damage so quickly? That kind takes skin biopsies and weeks for the lab to process it. Oh, wait, it’s because she made that up.

No. 493595

And the fact that she’s having ‘crises’ more frequently doesn’t fit the pattern of normal chronic illness, only a munchie. If someone who actually has POTS and GP starts tube feeding and iv fluids, they should be more active and in the er and hospital less, not more. Neither of those things are progressive (GP can be, but she’s already claiming the worst possible symptoms, and has a feeding tube and was on TPN, so she can’t progress to anything worse). Yet she’s doing less and running to the hospital more, and now is obviously manufacturing crises. What’s she going to do next? Because there’s not much left in her current “disease” track.

No. 493604


Move on to faking a cancer that isn't suspiciously easily removed and that actually requires treatment?

No. 493606


Go back to her original story but claim that her Lyme is now terminal.

(sorry, samefag)

No. 493614

File: 1517813926373.jpeg (97.61 KB, 640x1136, 53E7F223-7CA5-4D00-9F44-03E1DF…)

I know it was brought up earlier, but this picture. Wtf?? This is not normal at all. And why can’t she just swallow the pills?

No. 493617

File: 1517814253734.jpeg (131.01 KB, 633x961, 0DC5C5BC-B348-453C-BB89-18EEBE…)

Most of the comments are the usual disgusting fawning over her and this horrible, unfortunate thing gnat has happened to her (that she did to herself, since it’s pretty much impossible it was an accident), but there’s a couple that are definitely questioning her. Wonder how long they’ll be up.

No. 493618

File: 1517814284607.jpeg (126.9 KB, 630x848, ADF20749-EB3E-4847-BC4D-055DB7…)

No. 493638

File: 1517817999864.png (33.83 KB, 746x231, IMG_0218.PNG)

One thing that continues to grind my gears is that she is so open about EVERY single aspect of her illness, we all know the specifics of every illness, every diagnosis, every treatment.

And yet with the Cancer? She's never said what type it is. Saying 'pancreatic neuroendoccrine tumour' is just like saying 'Leukaemia' or 'Lymphoma'. What type? Acute Myeloid? Burkitts Lymphoma? There are many different types of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours, they are all vastly different disease processes.

She has received so many gifts, donations in her honour etc thanks to her Cancer, but hasn't actually told anyone what type it is. Why is she so open about everything else (well not everything as we know lol) but not CANCER?

Looks like someone else has the same thoughts

She really has an obligation to be transparent about this at the very least.

No. 493668

That's what I thought. I really, REALLY hope the reason they admitted her is because they wanted a bit more time to observe her and to order a psych consult. Not because of the milk it would provide, but simply for Aubrey's sake.

No. 493709

I just noticed: not only did they put in a catheter, but they also connected a urine drainage bag to it. WHY would they do that? That doesn't make sense. If anything, it just makes it so there's more to get caught behind her IV pole or whatever piece of hospital equipment she likes to pose with.

No. 493737

Why would you post such an ugly photo of yourself?!

No. 493777

Yeah that’s super odd, I was wondering that as well. It doesn’t make any sense, unless she told them she needs continuous gastric draining (rare, even in real GP). The catheter most likely only goes into her stomach (where a gj stoma is), and it’s the only reason I can think of for having a bag attached.

No. 493778

Kek it’s a screen grab from a video she posted in her story. It just turned out to be awful. What I don’t understand is why you’d mix your meds with chicken broth, I’ve never, ever heard of that.

No. 493782

It is very odd. Everyone I’ve know with cancer, as well as other people on social media, are always super specific about the kind of cancer they have, because they sort themselves out that way. And we see and hear literally every other detail about her “illnesses”, except this. I would expect her to be all over the place talking about her “rare cancer”, yet nothing. And she’s recently jumped back on the whole neuro Lyme train, which I thought she’d abandoned in lieu of going the “cancer” route. And now pulling out her feeding tube? None of what she’s doing makes any sense other than a severe deterioration in her mental health.

No. 493786

Yeah, but she doesn't. I mean, she doesn't normally. Plus, if she would, it would be even more useless to have a button vs a 'dangler' type tube. If she has extension attached 24/7 it doesn't make a difference.

Plus, she can't run feeds so any calories she is getting would have to be oral. If she is draining everything out she won't get anything. And I got the impression they're not exactly indulging her every wish right now, so why would they give her a bag to drain if she normally doesn't even drain much? I seem to remember she doesn't even have Farrell bags because her insurance doesn't provide them, or whatever? That would imply her doctor doesn't prescribe them, right? I dunno, it's just odd. But then again, this whole situation is odd. If she wasn't in agony and is not bleeding her stoma didn't tear so she couldn't have pulled the tube out with the balloon inflated.

I really think she took it too far this time. One can only hope..

Maybe they don't know yet? Assuming for the moment the tumor was there and was malignant, she is awaiting a special gallium scan for other NE tumors. As I understand it, NE tumors DO show up on a normal scan without gallium, but gallium helps in finding the smaller tumors. She supposedly went to a geneticist (or is going to? I'm not sure) to be tested for MEN because her brother had a NET as well. Maybe further specification depends on this test?

(Btw: Aubrey doesn't have Neurolyme, she is claiming chronic Lyme. Neurolyme is an actual thing, chronic Lyme isn't.)

No. 493801

And I guarantee that if they didn’t have her button Friday, they won’t have it today. It takes a while (at least 3-4 days normally) to get those after they’ve been ordered. But yeah, there’s absolutely no point in giving her one, especially if she’s pulling tubes out. Maybe they’ll run another GES study on her that she can’t fuck with in any way, and they’ll see she doesn’t need a tube.

No. 493802

File: 1517843802928.jpg (279.57 KB, 1653x1353, inc06Bj.jpg)

Top comment on Aubreys vlog, in the middle of some o so supporting comments how she is so unlucky to have this happen to her.. poor Aubs, can't catch a break, can she? Awww.

I wonder how long this comment will be up. Does she have a history of removing critical comments? Or does she just 'defend' herself against all those mean people?

No. 493805

I was just going to ask wouldn't a button come out, too, if the whole thing happened like described, and you've answered that question.

But, if no one has the button in Austin, is her special hospital going to magic one up?

sage but my brain can't decipher the logic here.

No. 493806

That would actually be a good plan. Especially as she is having surgery for her MALS, so she should be a lot better after that.

What IS the obsession with button type tubes, anyway? EVERYONE on IG seems to have one, and I understand they are a lot more expensive and less common than normal ('dangler') type tubes are? They all seem obsessed and are counting days if they have a dangler tube until they 'finally' can be exhanged into a button. Aubrey practically begged her doctors to change her tube on multiple occasions, even while she was in hospital because she was supposedly starving, on TPN and just diagnosed with cancer which you'd think would change her priorities a bit.

No. 493807

They did two separate biopsies from her tumor (according to her, let’s pretend that’s true), which is usually more than enough to type a tumor. The stage maybe can’t be determined (if it was cancer, which at this point is highly unlikely) without a full scan, but they should know the type of tumor from the pathologist. In other words, it’s super suspicious that she hasn’t said exactly what kind it is (and also how long it’s been between her “diagnosis” and just scheduling a scan, she hasn’t even had it yet).

No. 493808

No matter what hospital it is, they still have to order it. No hospital carries those buttons, because there are so many possible sizes. There are different diameters, and each diameter option has many stoma legth options that are specific to the half centimeter. So a doctor has to first write an order for one, and then the hospital has to order it, and finally when they get it in and insurance has approved the “procedure” for the switch (it barely counts as a procedure, it takes maybe five to ten minutes and is totally painless), they’ll call you to schedule an appointment. If she thinks she can just show up and get a button, she’s out of luck.

No. 493813

So basically, if she did this because she wanted a button so badly, she has screwed herself over? One would presume they won't plan another exchange if she just had one just because she prefers a button, or would they? I'd say if they give her a new tube, she'll have to wait until that one is actually in for however long those can be used before they plan another exchange, right? At least that would make the most sense, not to do a procedure that's not needed. But of course with munchies, you never know.

No. 493814

Thanks, I thought it would have to be ordered, but there is a world that some of us are not allowed to enter where banana bag trees are ready for easy picking.

I have been watching this crazy train for about a year, but that's not very long in reality. I know that Aubrey started vlogging after Mary Frey and Jaquie did, and I know Jaquie watches Mary. Mary watches others but doesn't quite seem to care what other people are doing.

So…part of me is wondering if the "button tube" fad was started, in part, by Mary? Then Jaquie and Aubrey got theirs so everyone needs one?

Mary goes to a children's hospital and buttons are typically placed in children. So, Mary received a button right away (no temporary dangler for her) because that's what her hospital does and they probably have a bunch in stock because babies-adults get tubes there (just like adult-sized hospitals have danglers on hand).

And since Mary showed off her cute button, Aubrey and Jaquie needed the button?

Although someone, somewhere (this thread even) said that the dangler is softer and more comfortable?


No. 493816

I don't know about anyone else's insurance company, but if someone gets a new dangler today, an exchange for a button seems like it would be off the table until it's time to change it out again?

No. 493822

The timelines are stunning.

In terms of my own insurance, $200 copay per ER visit unless you are admitted: 15 total ER visits - 5 admissions = 10 ER visits x 200= $2,000.

Typically state of Texas graduate student insurance is fairly good, but not that good. And Tom's grad student stipend is probably $18,000-24,000 for the 9 months of the school year.

But awesome timeline. Thanks for doing that.

sage to state admiration of timeline

No. 493830

So glad someone called her out. Others have said it but I'll add that I've never seen a tube come out more than a few centimetres accidentally - but I have seen two children physically pull theirs out.

No. 493843

File: 1517846997703.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, CBE1CFD4-552C-40A1-AF57-86F5B7…)

Angling for that tube again.. speaking of tubes. She just “can’t tolerate anything!” the only thing that helps is the heating pad…
Which I find so strange becase heat has never helped my gp, but whatever..

We pretty much saw this coming. From the start.wants the pacemaker, gets it, still complaining of the same issues with no improvement.

Sage for mentioning self

No. 493859


Yep, exactly.

She first announced she had cancer on November 30. They removed it and booked a scan. It’s been over 2 months. She may have had a tumor, ok let’s pretend we all believe it was malignant. It was removed and that’s the end. It’s common to have malignant tumors removed and not more treatment. That isn’t cancer.

No. 493912

Malignant = cancer, regardless if more treatment is necessary after clean resection or not.

No. 493972


Fair enough, I worded badly but she’s making it out like it’s worse and she needs treatment.

I know a few people who’ve had malignant tumors removed and they don’t go around saying “I have cancer”.

No. 493976

Aubrey is totally copying Mary Frey. Mary shows her port without a needle and 2 days later, our Aubrey does the same. Then she sings that fucking awful “I ain’t got no needle in my chest” song.

No. 494018

She’s said it before but has said that’s the fry life or something now she just says it to her “audience” like shes actually Mary. I half expected her to refer to the port as a lego like Mary too.

No. 494079


You're right - Jaquie started pushing for the "buh-in" once Mary got her one.

I don't understand why a grownass woman is treated in a children's hospital, but that's just the tip of the baffling US medical system for this EU-anon.

No. 494082


Same. Friends with malignant moles etc, say "I had skin cancer". They don't continue to call themselves a fucking "cancer warrior". I guess faking chemo was a step too far for Aubrey ,but she wouldn' t have been the first to do it and get massively called out on it. (Especially as she tags her hospitals in her IG pictures.)

No. 494085


Both Jaq and Aubrey copy Mary, arguably the most successful illness vlogger. Buttons, service dogs, devoted partners, "God is great", KATE FARMS FEED ONLY…. except they don't have the actual life limiting illnesses so their glee at life is somewhat more obnoxious.

No. 494086

It started a while ago, before Mary Frey. She definitely added to it’s popularity amongst munchies and spoonies though. Actually sick people get them to not have to have them super obvious all the time, because very, very few people need 24 hour feeds (which is unrealistic anyways). It’s easier to hide a button under your shirt than a long tube, and there’s also nothing to tape down. But they’re not mandatory or even necessary, a tube’s a tube whether it’s a button or not. The munchie crowd also likes them because they can use those little tube pads, but those are just pretty much reusable gauze, and most adults don’t get cutesy little ones like munchies like to show off (long tubes have bumpers, those little rubbery discs on the outside, and tube pads are too bulky normally to go under them).

No. 494097


I think the button tube desire for a few munchies may be partially due to Mary.
Its also partly due to the fact that they do a lot of their medical research on Instagram and other social media platforms. If they follow tubie/supertubie hashtags then they are getting a lot of their information from parents of kids with feeding tubes. It is very common for kids to be given a button because most don't require 24 hour feeds and they are at a higher risk for pulling their tubes out (either intentionally or because being children they are more likely to get it snagged on something). Parents sometimes get excited when the child can switch from a dangler to a button because it lessens the chance that it will get caught and come out. Plus the button looks "cuter" and you can decorate it with tubie pads.

No. 494098

File: 1517860787004.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5653.PNG)

Got her new tube, but not with a heavy dose of drama!

No. 494110


Tubie pads are a consolation for a child who otherwise hates their feeding tube. Sadly they're now becoming an accessory for munchies, once again using things aimed at sick CHILDREN.

No. 494113


> "I'm a fighter, I'm willing to rip my own feeding tube out just to get attention"

No. 494115


and JFC Aubrey! If your BP is low then of course they won't give you more pain medication! Of course, I guess ol' Aubs would have preferred more painkillers and a genuine medical emergency to add to her roster.

No. 494118

What I genuinely don't understand about Dani is that she's complaining smoothies are triggering her GP now but aren't smoothies full of citrus and that mixed with Hcl in your stomach doesn't go well? Like I've seen people have really bad heartburn from smoothies nevermind GP?!

No. 494122

Good lord, what a fucking baby. Getting a stoma stretched is painful, but not that bad, and an adult can easily handle it without flipping out. And it’s not an operating table, it’s just table in radiology. She took a simple procedure and turned it into a crisis, as usual. I bet the doctor and nurses wanted to slap her.

No. 494129

“I’m a fighter but I can’t even handle the smallest amount of pain, and I throw tantrums like a toddler” kek she’s a fucking cunt, that’s what she is.

No. 494144


Not all smoothies are full of citrus (my personal fave is majority banana-based), and if you have GP then fruit skins should be avoided too so you have to use peeled fruits.

No. 494146

Regarding the button that now both Jaquie and Aubrey have had trouble getting and I think both have had to leave tube changes because the button wasn't in stock, why don't these GIs just say, "This is the type of tube we use in this practice." Full stop. End of discussion.

Want a kid tube? Go to a kid GI or children's hospital where buttons are the type of tube they use in THOSE practices.

None of these GIs can "just say no."

No. 494153

More that she now complains that she can't tolerate smoothies at all after having previously been able to tolerate them well. She complained about a wide variety of things not working for her in the past - including smoothies. But she has to make it look like she is getting so much worse so all the sudden she is claiming she can't tolerate them.
She thinks because she uses frozen fruit its completely fine - but we all know she isn't great at following a GP diet.

And her budget looks like it has completely gone to crap - she claims she saved by only buying one set of cups for her magic bullet and putting off one of her subscription boxes - but since then she has bought a fish and tank, coloring book (adult one because we commented on her kiddy book here before), something else I can't remember. And wants to buy video editing software. Plus she is bidding on e-bay for hello kitty stuffed animals - because an adult with limited funds needs stuffed animals. Plus she is buying stuff (2 of the same ugly hat in different colors) on some app. She has plenty of clothes - you can see them piled up all over her apartment. Seriously if she wants to work on packing for her "big move" she should start by throwing out the garbage all over her apartment.

No. 494201

That’s what happens when patients are given too much control over their own care. The whole point of going to a doctor is for them to tell you what’s best, not for you to demand what you want. Those girls shouldn’t have tubes in the first place, let alone be trying to get whatever tube they want.

No. 494206

She can tolerate them fine, and food, too. She’s just pissed she didn’t get a tube, and is trying to munchie her way into one.

No. 494218

File: 1517864746576.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2156, Screenshot_20180205-160429.png)

@spoonie.esh recently self bought a wheelchair that she suddenly needs full time…

No. 494297

She's a huge cunt and definitely deserves any ounce of pain she gets! No normal person who needs a tube is going to pull the damn thing out on purpose and those who actually believe her stories are just as fucking stupid!

No. 494298

Kek what were these munchies doing before their chairs that they do suddenly need all the time? We’re they crawling around?

No. 494299

File: 1517868884766.png (700.21 KB, 800x1017, Screenshot_2018-02-05-13-42-42…)

A follow-up to her pulse ox dipping into the 80s over the weekend after getting her new toy, an oximeter.


Being manic is being high.

Her pattern of posts, not to mention their content, in the last two weeks reveal her mania. She posted four photos of her pizza order including a photo of the boxes. A dozen photos showing off a new outfit that gives her self-confidence. She finds everything about herself and her life so incredibly fascinating; surely everyone else does, too!

She recognises that she has insomnia, but she hasn't inquired as to what is causing the insomnia. Likewise, she recognises her depressive episodes, but she attributes them to her POTS and EDS. She doesn't recognise her mood swings as being caused by their own illness which is typical of people with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

No. 494301

File: 1517868940221.png (606.49 KB, 800x732, Screenshot_2018-02-05-13-41-57…)

Several people have commented that her feet look normal.

No. 494330

Proof that she's using it all the time and needs to be on here?

No. 494350

Kek those aren’t pots feet all. Why do munchies post photos that incriminate themselves?

No. 494363

Oh for the love of - those are the palest POTS feet I have ever seen. And if she was truly feeling that awful, she would put on the compression socks even if they were covered in Max's shit.

No. 494364


All I’m looking at are some fugly feet. That’s just some “poppy” veins, no blood pooling at all, not even some blotchiness

No. 494366


Exactly! I have seen her wearing compression socks once since she got them. We see her without them over and over. If her POTS was that bad, she would be wearing them more often.

No. 494427

File: 1517874711951.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2177, Screenshot_20180205-160752.png)

Not only does she have a self bought wheelchair and cane… now she wants you to buy her a walker!!

No. 494434

File: 1517875265098.png (278.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5661.PNG)

There are LOTS of comments on Aubrey's vlog from today critical of her latest stunt

No. 494440

Not to mention that she was a gigantic brat about getting a new tube put in.

No. 494446

File: 1517875793159.png (5.03 MB, 1536x2048, 65A65FE0-AE11-4EE9-9E59-03CEE5…)

She did get her scan though (or at least said she did, there’s no actual proof she got one)

No. 494448

That poor girl does not give her husband a break. C'mon at least let him enjoy a couple of hours at home watching a football game even! Wow.

No. 494451

File: 1517875901178.png (4.92 MB, 1536x2048, 373BA77F-7C04-45E4-BA7B-68779D…)

Who wears a cap for a feeding tube change? Only a huge munchie is who.

No. 494454

She looks so fucking smug in this picture.

No. 494457

They do this procedure regularly on people who are not sedated, including children. Yet she has to behave like it’s an inconvenience and terrible thing for her, when she’s the one who freaking pulled out her tube in the first place.

No. 494458

Lol I love she needs this to go out on her birthday…. I’m struggling to think of anywhere you could go with a walker that you couldn’t with a wheelchair?

No. 494463

File: 1517876187872.png (3.75 MB, 1536x2048, 0DCFFFD8-3B92-4145-82CF-6D6EBE…)

This is part of her scan “proof”. What a special snowflake.

No. 494471

Between dani and Nicole I don't know who is more desperate for a feeding tube. They don't even realise what jokes they make themselves look.

No. 494479

Why would an emt be called in to do an iv at a hospital or clinic? There is literally no reason that would ever happen. And there’s no pictures of her scan, I’m really, really doubting she actually got one.

No. 494482

Medfag here:
Also for children, if the button dies become dislodged, school nurses, parents, etc, are trained to replace them, at home or school, and it's not an emergency. They just pop a new one in and go back to class, or life. They literally just keep a stock in the kid's bag, put some lube on it and bingo, back in service. No extraneous measures.

No. 494490

File: 1517877274644.png (335.84 KB, 1056x1598, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 7.33…)

OHMIGOD Guys! Angie is gonna DIE if she doesn't get money!! She can't even get water!

Kek, how someone can consistently have crisis after crisis is sickening.

No. 494491

File: 1517877310884.png (118.4 KB, 1074x644, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 7.32…)

Also, note the bullshit definition of CRPS. If you're gonna claim it, at least do your fucking research.

No. 494494


Yes for a g-tube but I thought a j-tube or g-j tube can't just be replaced at home. Granted even then parents are usually taught to place a temporary g-tube so that the stoma doesn't close until a doctor can be seen.

No. 494504


Jaquie literally courted a company rep for her GJ tube. She name checked them so much they sent her fucking FLOWERS when she had the unnecessary surgery to install it.

Aubrey, we await your move.

No. 494505


ffs, just get your bf to take you out in the wheelchair you don't need!

No. 494507


her doctor is absolutely correct but of course, she's not happy with the response so posts her doc's details on Instagram. Jesus.

No. 494512

No. 494514


I was wondering this. When a nurse has issues getting a vein with me, they call a senior nurse, or a doctor. Not a paramedic who doesn't work at the hospital???

No. 494527

She needs to take pain medication or she COULD get pain in her spine? Not BECAUSE she gets pain in her spine?

I can't decide whether Angie or Katiwithoutthee offers the worst arguments: Angie, I'm gonna die without a paid carer to bring me water/I'm bedbound but my house might get dirty so I need a paid cleaner or Kati, I got assaulted while traveling but didn't tell anyone, and yet/I can travel only because I'm never alone (so how were you assaulted?) /I'm experiencing periodic partial paralysis.

Gah, she's so lucky that doesn't affect her Instagram photographing hand. And that the money used for flying to protests and giant beers could not possibly be used for necessities because it's not for those things?

Hmmm, Kati's feeding tube was yanked out last week, too. A trend?

No. 494533


Did anyone post about Kati's feeding tube? If not… share?

No. 494548

So I can't bring myself to watch the entire video but I skipped through to the ER part and the transcript is too good to not share so I'll post it here for anyone else who can't/won't watch her video.

'Verbatim. 'And we get back here (ER). So frustrating. The nurse comes in and I'm just being like a champ holding my feeding tube in my open stoma trying to stay calm and the first question she asked me "do you smoke marijuana?". I'm like 'what how, how on earth could that be the first thing your mind comes to?'. Like I've been here a million times and I know the questions that you have to ask. There are three of them and they are like 'have you tried to kill yourself?' Things like that, and I was like 'I know that is not one of your questions' and I'm like 'second of all, can we address this issue that's going on right now?' sighs, rolls eyes, flicks hair 'it was so frustrating'.

Interesting side note: She then says that 'because of the pancreatitis' she had 'just taken pain medicine' prior to the tube incident. What a coincidence! She also isn't meant to be taking pain medicine because he' wants her off it for the MALS surgery. That makes no sense but anyway.

The reason they put the Catheter bag in is because there was 'massive amounts of intestinal stuff coming out'.

Also I really wish transcribing the many existential sighs of Tom would do them justice. Imagine a broken man willing his lungs to expel the hate and frustration of a thousand suns.

No. 494549

Yeah I have definitely heard of anaesthetists being called. Very very occasionally they use ultrasound to guide it.. but a paramedic…?

No. 494555

File: 1517880462064.jpg (679.48 KB, 2048x2048, 99370F67-5BB0-41C3-9D33-8E545C…)

And it looks like Aubrey may have pushed things too far this time. 1 of 2.

No. 494557


Maybe stoned people are more prone to accidents that outrageous?

Also "I'm just being like a champ" WELL DONE ADULT HUMAN. You didn't bawl your eyes out when you had to go the hospital to get the attention you wanted by pulling your tube out!

Can someone please make a Tom sighing compilation Or at least point me to a timestamp so I can view one?

No. 494558

File: 1517880633027.jpg (710.89 KB, 2048x2048, 32DABE80-04C1-401D-8F66-5B26D5…)

2 of 2. Sorry for crap layout.

No. 494569

File: 1517881466996.png (51.67 KB, 523x750, IMG_0266.PNG)


I don't have brochure anons skills but check out 7:24 for the best one, and then 11:10 and 11:17

No. 494575


Her stoma isn’t in her intestines, it’s in her stomach. It’s impossible that “intestinal stuff” was coming out.

Well, she made up for it today, throwing a tantrum while they put a new tube in her like a fucking infant.
Her followers are finally getting smart (a few of them at least). It’s so obvious that she’s lying, she definitely took it too far past believable this time.

No. 494577

He’s definitely rethinking his life choices right now kek

No. 494578

File: 1517881760433.png (69.45 KB, 661x726, MUHRAYCISM.png)

Angie's white knights are reaching harder than ever now.

No. 494580

Brochure anon here…I think my new project will be a Tom collage.

No. 494582

File: 1517881985894.png (2.58 MB, 2408x1272, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.49…)

I can literally hear "Wake Me Up- Evanescence" playing in the background…Poor Tom.

No. 494586


I really picture you waking up in the middle of the night and saying 'my brochure senses are tingling'.

No. 494588

Not to mention you could hear Tom sighing so loudly in the background like he’s so over it,

First they drive all the way the extra distance - still no change and then this his perfect normal night ruined and he becomes a taxi driver again

Someone a while back posted and said they had been on one of her family’s pages or had seen a post that was discussing the family’s stress around her diagnosing herself to soon etc, does anyone have that milk? I feel that could be the final nail in the munchie coughing kek for puns

I’m pretty sure that was Aubrey anon spoke about does anyone remember that?

No. 494597

Agreed. The poor guy looks like shit (not meaning to be rude, that comes from a place of sympathy). Carer fatigue is a bitch, and I imagine your loved one fabricating or exaggerating illness, 2 jobs and a PhD doesn’t exactly help that!

No. 494602

Nah, the Munchie Alarm goes off in my BrochureCave. Lol.

No. 494606

Especially since she’s not working, yet runs multiple, thriving social media accounts that she updates every day, does her “art” to sell, and goes to a million doctor’s appointments. Even if she was legitimately sick (she’s not), she could for sure work at least part time. Maybe he’d still have to work while doing his PhD, but he could at least quit one of those jobs. She’s not only a manipulative liar and general cunt, she’s incredibly selfish as well.

No. 494618

Not even a hint of redness and no swollen ankles/toes…. is she for real?

No. 494625

It's funny how her elbow bends normally in this photo. Isn't she gunning for EDS between bouts of GP and sooper serious cancer? Because an EDSer would typically bend their elbow backward for this position

No. 494629

Do we know where he is doing his PhD? They're in Austin but he's not in the University of Texas directory, which would include all PhD students.

No. 494630

That poor dude when she’s talking and goes “and now…” and he says “now we’re watching the Super Bowl” and she pans over to him and he just looks so over it/exhausted. Like geez as if you haven’t been a pain enough, let the guy watch the football in peace at least!

No. 494636

It's called shit lol

No. 494644


The only thing she can really milk is her supposed health problems, as her vlogs in general are incredibly dull.

How many videos does one need to make of going to the same shops, eating the same plain vegan food, playing the same games and being pushed around in a wheelchair with a facemask on while acting like a child so her husband buys her everything she wants?

No. 494661

I agree dull. I’m calling it, one of the next melodramatic medical emergencies will be an infrared sauna mishap kek anyone else want to throw in a guess?

No. 494663

Kek she’s going to burn herself on her ~not hot~ infrared sauna that I’m pretty sure still uses heat (any sauna fags out there??)

No. 494668

I’m guessing a line infection, she’s obviously desperate for one. She’ll fuck with her port until she gets an infection, then let it go to sepsis. She clearly wants it, and at this point I wouldn’t say she doesn’t deserve it (but one she’d recover from, I’m not totally heartless).

No. 494681


Yeah I think she is going to aim for some type of infection. She has gotten so seemingly unstable at the moment that I would be surprised if she does something (purposely gets her line infected or secretly takes something that she knows will make her sick - so there will be a new medical mystery). I think she is realizing that her medical b.s. is starting to drive people away - including her husband. But she mistakenly thinks that if she just gets sicker she will get the support back. Especially because once you have dug yourself into a hole so deep it gets harder and harder to climb back out. She can't just wake up tomorrow and be like "its a miracle I'm fine!".
Part of me wonders if the husband wants out of the videos because being in the videos makes it a lot harder to leave. I would imagine its harder for some of these social media munchie's significant others to leave because they have built up enough of a "fan base" that if the s.o. wants to leave they end up looking like a heartless jerk for leaving their poor sick spouse. (Not to mention that if Aubrey's husband is working on his phd then he isn't going to want his name splashed over her crap where future employers could see - even if it doesn't reflect on him what employer is going to want to hire someone they know will constantly be called away for family medical emergencies).

No. 494712


He finally got to watch the Superbowl! …. albeit in the hospital.

No. 494717

It's VERY common for the nurse in the ER to ask if you do street drugs, or if you wish to harm yourself when they do your intake. Aubrey's just getting dramatic over it. They could also be asking her since she's a frequent flyer looking for pain medication.

No. 494718

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 494724


This reminds me, I watched her latest video and she said, “…so I picked up my feeding tube off the ground and stuck it back in”.

Are you fucking kidding me? Who picks something off the ground and shoves it into their body?? It doesn’t take a genius to know that would be really fucking stupid.

Then a couple minutes later she said “the tube I stuck back in myself was dirty”. Seriously, who the fuck does that? Oh! I know who!!! I munchie who is desperate for complications and more procedures!!

No. 494739

Yeah, that’s in their panel of questions, along with “do you feel safe in your home?” There’s nothing unusual about it at all, although they did seem to emphasize it a bit more for her, which, given the situation, was totally understandable.

No. 494742

It was mentioned on here that other spoonies did that. But they rinsed theirs off first. A feeding tube isn’t sterile like a central line, but you still don’t want to stick dirty shit in there. It reminds of lots of MBP cases, where parents put stuff down their child’s tube to make them sick. That’s also something I could see Aubrey doing, if she hasn’t already.

No. 494747

File: 1517891514332.jpeg (605.95 KB, 689x4800, E419CBDC-E60E-45D7-BCD6-20AAA5…)

You guys, her feet turn dark red ok? She just chose to post a picture of her feet looking fine. But her doctor said it’s her blood pooling (although I doubt her doc has ever witnessed it). Her doc is going off what Dom tells her, so I’m sure she has over exaggerated or flat out lied about her symptoms.

But you guys, she’s not in the mood to be questioned ok? She’s been feeling like shit for a couple of days. Let’s all just ignore the fact she is full of shit because she doesn’t feel good.


No. 494753

Wrong again, Dom. With POTS your feet are either just red or kind of purplish. But hey, I’m sure whatever you read and copied from the internet’s correct!

Top kek.

No. 494759

File: 1517892204478.png (386.01 KB, 640x1136, 023DF306-0BE2-44C5-8ACA-3B98A2…)

Wait, why is someone with a PhD treating her?? Doctors are MDs. PhDs have doctorates, but are not medical doctors who have gone through medical school and are board-certified. They have doctorates in things like psychology or English or physics (etc.). If you’re being treated by a PhD for a medical problem, there’s a HUGE issue going on.

No. 494763

File: 1517892511863.jpeg (147.53 KB, 631x914, D54A5E68-293F-4C94-A242-20704B…)

Her “doctor” can’t prescribe her shit! Unless she’s wrong about the PhD, and said doc is actually an MD. She is dumb enough to not know the difference between the two.

No. 494766

File: 1517892646974.png (89.52 KB, 526x692, Screenshot_2018-02-05-20-47-46…)


Or her doctor asked her leading questions against diagnostic protocol.


[pic related]

What qualifies her as a specialist?

No. 494770

Kek at least she’s an actual doctor and Dom’s just dumb. But yeah, I don’t see anything that qualifies her as a dysautonomia specialist. She’s neither listed as a neurologist or cardiologist, which are the two main specialists that diagnosis and treat pots. Wonder if she’s the doc the clinic pans off the not-actually-sick patients on to, because Dom doesn’t seem to have pots at all.

No. 494777


I think she's just too dumb to know the difference.

No. 494819

File: 1517896538366.jpg (388.31 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20180205-235257.jpg)

This was posted on Aubreys temp. Tube drama picture with no replies.
Am I missing something??

No. 494820

File: 1517896815450.jpeg (551.84 KB, 1125x914, F24193AA-4D78-4E52-AECD-D24B99…)

Ok, so I haven’t been able to stop laughing!!

So, THIS happened!!!! She bleached her hair, AGAIN, and it all started falling out. So what did she do? She took kitchen shears to her hair!!! Can we say BRITNEY??? She still plans on putting the dreads in.

I’m working on uploading a couple clips from the live that she deleted. She made some awesome comments about people who “look healthy”. She also decided to point out that a woman who was parked in the handicap spot she wanted to use was black instead of just saying she had an attitude

No. 494822

File: 1517897101533.jpeg (607.16 KB, 3117x3117, 7AF220F9-4F00-40D7-AA27-9989DD…)


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

No. 494825

She is an adult..she can easily go to the er by herself..no reason for the poor s.o to get dragged in from something so minor..specially with company over.
If she were so sick she would be able to get help for people to come in instead of making an extremely over stretched hubby do this shit.
Shaving the pits was the absolute bottom for me. Wtf..no reason she couldn't do that or just not since she was so sick in the hospital..a body is a body the hospital doesn't care..trust me that is one of the nicer things they see on a body.
Hair is natural..suck it up.
The poor guy.(sprry..still raging on that)

I'm deeply concerned for Aubrey and her family at this point.
When this blows up in her face it's going to be a total disaster.
I fear for her life as most of her munching at this point is more a form of self harm and personality disorder than anything. I worry she will panic when caught and take it a step further and end up attempting suicide.
I don't think it will be completely intentional but a cry for help since she has dug herself SO incredibly deep into this mess she won't be able to surface from it and attempt or sectioned before she has a chance she's got years of treatment and inpatient ahead of her from that point.
It's also a fear she will accidentally kill herself by munching..lile If she goes for a line infection..so much she can do that would be it for her.
It's frightening.
I really hope this is the end (or very close to it) before she puts herself and her family through much more than anyone can handle.
I hate watching her spiral like this and not being able to do anything.
Remaining hopeful Tom is getting ready to put his fucking foot down and give princess a reality check and proper treatment and then gets himself taken care of.

No. 494832

>>486802 pots is diagnosed by a heart rate 30 beats higher than resting heart rate OR a heart reat of 120 + apon 10 ,min of standing . thats not normal to have a heart rate of 150…..

No. 494838

File: 1517898994687.jpeg (83 KB, 380x676, 3DCFBA68-9F81-4CC8-BB32-4F3AC3…)

Can we just take a moment and look at how malnourished and starving to death Aubrey is!?! Gosh that tube is just so necessary and life saving! Look at those starving little legs.. twigs even.. looks like she can barely stand up! Gosh anazimg how someone can survive with so little muscle!!!!! 😂 NOT

No. 494855

But anon, she's a WARRIOR. She may look okay on the outside but she's starving inside. She's so sick inside. That healthy looking body is just her warrior armour.
I hate this bitch. I'd like to back hand her. I wish her husband would just break and tell her he's not taking anymore of her shit. Or maybe he has, and she's done drastic things to keep him chained up. Who fucking knows with her. She's a predator and a manipulator. She needs some fucking mental help. We all know no one has suggested it or she'd be whining in a vlog that no one believes how sick she is.

No. 494858

I couldn't agree more.

She said repeatedly in the latest video/ER video how there is a risk of infection as she put her dirty tube off the ground back into her stoma. It was probably three or so times at least, so I've got no doubt the next thing will be an infection there.

She didn't get her button though, I can't even begin to imagine how peeved she is about that. Just another dangler.

I'm genuinely concerned for her wellbeing at this stage, all jokes and so forth aside. She truly can't stop, and is escalating in both frequency and effort/severity of things.

It's sad because she is highly intelligent and has a hell of a lot of potential. Also what happened to her studying? She needed to make a huge deal about what she goes through in order to be able to go to class. And she went like…once? She couldn't just enjoy it, she had to go on and on about behind the scenes and everything it takes for her to be there. I imagine she would be quite socially immature/underdeveloped around her peers.

No. 494859

File: 1517902002310.jpeg (10.54 KB, 264x248, toe.jpeg)

No. 494860

File: 1517902084439.jpeg (633.41 KB, 750x1121, 1C1DCCD7-A5BB-41EA-9D63-1CA4AD…)

She did get a button

No. 494861


Ignore me, she's claiming she did get a button.

No. 494863

agreed he needs 2 leave her ass i hate her fake stupid attitude and her frog face smile makes me wanna smack her, she needs to go to a psych ward

No. 494870

So the GI at the other hospital in far north Austin, who is ordering all sizes of buttons and plans to handle her case personally and then once they know her size, stock three buttons just for her for future tube changes, is going to learn that despite his above-and-beyond efforts, she already received her button and does not need one of his?

Just another reason why these GIs need to say, "We special order buttons only for sumo wrestlers who can't risk a dangler getting trapped under an opponent during a match. As for everyone else, you get what you get and you better go somewhere else to throw your fit."

No. 494871

And one more thing with my rage about Aubrey: last year my brother went through chemotherapy for testicular and lung cancer. When he found out he had cancer, he fucking CRIED HIS ASS OFF. He had to have one of his testicles removed. YOU DON'T GET EXCITED. I know cancer is all different, but her lies about tests and why they aren't doing surgeries at certain times is fucking bullshit. Think about it: if you had cancer, would you just be like "oh well. It'll happen when it happens." No you fucking don't. You want answers, you want them now, and you don't stop until you find them.
Okay my blood is boiling. I'm done.

No. 494872

Sometimes with genetic illnesses adults go to a children's hospital because they have been with the same team of docs since childhood. In my case it's because the doc at children's is the only one within 150 miles who has ever treated patients with my rare disease, and he happens to be located there.

Sage for mini blog

No. 494925

She is saying about herself that she's being "like a champ". She also calls herself "inspirational" and "a tough cookie" and other things like that. That's just not something you say about yourself. Well, not if you're a normal person, that is.

For some reason, I only just realized how incredible recent her tube change was when she was supposed to get a button but didn't. That was TWO DAYS before she 'accidentally' pulled out her tube. I hope hospital staff sees this too. If they know how obsessed she is to get that cutesy button (and she asked for it many times, so they should know at this point) it really should raise red flags when she is frustrated about not getting her button (which doesn't make much sense in the first place, especially if she is on feeds 24/7 like she says because it functions exactly the same) and comes in only two days later, basically forcing their hand. They SHOULD know what she is doing here, right?

No. 494954

This hospital probably doesn't know about the MALS surgery and would give her pain control if they think she actually needs it.
She won't tell her MALS surgeon any of that and he will think she's been taking proper protocols for the surgery.

No. 495048

incoming manic happy post

No. 495066

This is fucking beautiful. Well done anonymous. Well done.

No. 495075

Kids don't do meth

No. 495078

File: 1517931020680.jpg (137.39 KB, 720x991, _20180206_162903.JPG)

It's feeding tube awareness week so get ready for a whole bunch of super tubies.

Why, why would you post a picture like this?

No. 495079

File: 1517931249171.jpg (176.98 KB, 720x966, _20180206_163339.JPG)

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a while.

No. 495177

File: 1517937428580.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 7B01B19C-E795-4F9B-B281-CE3459…)

..maybe I’m being cruel, but my school days always went till 2-3pm. Considering she doesn’t get there until 8 I can’t imagine a three hour school day being that bad. This shit drives me nuts.

No. 495193


What does meth have to do with anything?

No. 495276


I am guessing that she absolutely hates school. She probably dreads going and can't wait to get out of there.
I doubt she has any friends at school. She has been held back so any friends she may have had are no longer in her classes. She doesn't really have any hobbies in common with her classmates (because the majority of teens aren't into diagnosis collecting). Physically she is overweight, uses a walker (and once again most teens would consider her rollator something that their grandmother might use), and there is no denying that her eyes make her look different. And while I haven't followed her recently, the posts on her old account suggested that she was really quite the pain in the butt at school - constantly complaining and accusing people of not helping her. As a result, I doubt any of the teachers really like her either. I imagine she is an easy target for bullying - even if people don't make fun of her to her face, I imagine they talk about her behind her back. I would feel sorry for her but it is also possible to have a chronic illness and not be a jerk to everyone about it.

No. 495278

File: 1517942110115.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1963, B20F6706-FA68-4DFF-88BC-EAD904…)

No. 495289


A little confused by this. MCAD seems to be something they test for in newborns and it develops during infancy. Why would she just now be getting this diagnosis at 18? Also, are MCAD and MCAS linked?

No. 495293


Nevermind, looks like there is more than one MCAD?

No. 495303

File: 1517943175325.jpg (858.62 KB, 803x2347, Screenshot_20180206-123541.jpg)

That's not Platinum, that's yellow. In the comments people are saying she pulled a Britney, and saying she looks like Tinkerbell.

No. 495313

Medfag here. MCAD describes all types of mast cell disorders. This has so many types, including MCAS. All she was tested for was mastocytosis (high tryptase). Like you said, that's tested for in infancy and somewhat routinely. She doesn't have masto so they just gave her an MCAD dx? If she doesn't have masto just slap her with an MCAS dx.

No. 495351

She claims she was diagnosed, but I’ve never seen her with hives or a rash or any other symptoms. These munchies claim lots of things, with very little proof. She could have just as easily googled it and posted this.

No. 495352

Gross, why does she think anyone wants to see that? And where’s the awareness? It just looks like a cow being an attention whore to me.

No. 495435

File: 1517950294363.png (107.27 KB, 747x724, IMG_0279.PNG)

Oh for the love of canine tube-pulling out missiles, I've seen it all now.

I can't bring myself to actually watch the video, but it's not an 'operating table'. The screaming I don't doubt for a second however.

I really think the medical staff are massively suspicious about how her 'tube' came out. She said in the ER video when it first got ripped out by dog missile that she didn't think the nurse really gave her enough pain relief as it didn't do anything. Yes, sadly, a shirt of silaudid onto the floor does happen with some staff fed up with some patients antics.

Seems here they wanted to potentially make sure she isn't tempted to do this again in a hurry. Also has she posted any photographic evidence of her button? Or just claiming it?

No. 495438

*shot of dialudid I should say not shirt of Silaudid although I feel like that could make a great saying. 'I saved my tube from being pulled out by the shirt of my Silaudid'.

Saged for bullshit.

No. 495460

its so hard to believe her at this point. she is throwing out jonzie level fishing lines so who knows what actually happened when she went to the hospital. so few photos were posted in comparison to some of her other visits it appears.

No. 495461

File: 1517951489162.png (2.08 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0280.PNG)


Okay I decided to bte the bullet a minute later, I'm halfway through today's video. No real milk.!

But this is the first time I've ever seen a aubrey (or indeed any of these munchies) in genuine pain. She is very clearly very genuinely uncomfortable, and it's kinda sad (In the 'that's a train wreck' way) in a way to see her get such a dose of reality.

She said her BP was 80/50 and says 'but like…it's not that low' in a really desperate way because she wants pain meds, and they won't give them to her.

Saged and sorry for medfaggung here but I do feel it provides relevant perspective to Aubrey's claim.

what's protocol in the U.S for those parameters? Here in Aus, we have MET (medical emergency team) alerts which go over the speakers, designed around vital paramaters. The idea is to intervene early and reduce the need for a whole code blue (cardiac arrest) ie stop the shitstorm before it happens.

With Dysautonomia and POTS patients are, if well managed during an admission, are given altered MET criteria so they aren't triggering constant METs with their BP and heart rate. But with a BP of 80/50 they would absolutely be hitting you up with IV fluids, especially if you've just had a procedure. ESPECIALLY if you have a port and do your own damn saline infusions at home.

No they wouldn't give you pain meds, as obviously analgesia will lower it further, but they would be doing something to address the issue. But with Aubrey they are just denying her pain meds. It just doesn't add up.

The BP of course is based on what she's saying, she hasn't shown it on the monitors yet.

Saged for medfagging

No. 495463

File: 1517951543939.jpg (107.8 KB, 1387x1136, jflKlL4.jpg)

Aubreys face right after the 'most painful feeding tube exchange in her life' where she was in excruxiating pain. So why is she smirking, you ask? Well, this is right after she said the words "so at least I got a button".

Apparently, that's even more important than pain or possible damage to her stoma from ripping her tube out. The fact that she got her button. Well, look at her. She is SO happy. (And for the anon who asked, yes, she did post proof of her button - she showed it in her vlog.)

No. 495472

File: 1517951779404.png (Spoiler Image, 444.37 KB, 701x496, aub5.png)

bless you

the button

No. 495478


Continued. Last five minutes of Aubrey's vlog today.

Her BP finally came up, without any treatment. Amazing feat for someone with 'severe POTS'. They could give her IV pain meds but then she would have to wait half an hour which would make her late for her pet scan, and she tried arguing with them saying 'I was in here a few days ago for pancreatitis (ummm wasn't that a chance finding, not what she actually presented for?), and they gave it to me right as I left' or something to that effect. I don't think she realises what sort of impression that would have given the medical staff, but I guarantee that was discussed in the tea room after.

Anyway, her BP was so bad they had the 'ER supervisor' come over and tell her she can't have analgesia. Such a severe BP that she needs an 'ER supervisor' but they don't treat the BP. Another ridiculous claim.

The most cringey part is where she says 'but I trudged (or trenched? Couldn't quite hear) through the pain to get to this PET scan' and paints herself as a Cancer Hero.

And like anon said, yes she got her button and indeed shows it in the video but the one screenshot I refuse to share is that, simply because I won't give her the satisfaction of another person seeing her precious button.

No. 495495

This is a good point all of these munchies must think the discourse about the patients end when they leave the room nurses are specially trained to identify drug seeking or strange behavior with incoming patients especially the er (this is my American experience) because that is where the frequent flyers are. Many ppl in the us will go straight to the er if they don’t have insurance, or they don’t want to wait to schedule an appointment like our munchies here. Although ppl abuse the system here it’s not super easy if the staff is well trained and experienced and I think thats what Aubrey is realizing.

The nurses discuss everything about the patient including behaviors and what lead up to them coming! They take this all into account and in the end the could be flagged in there system already tbh as drug seeking especially with the amount of visits but always claiming pain meds..

No. 495510

Andddd Aubrey is having open surgery for her MALS,despite the fact that laprscopic surgery is generally considered best practice. Especially if you have someone who already has significant history of abdo surgery, increased risk of scar tissue, poor healing etc. It's horrifying how these munchies seek out doctors who won't use conservative management.

No. 495528

File: 1517954900389.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-170319.png)

We all know what you told her. It's been what? 2 days since you "broke out" and last had asspats?

No. 495532


Yes, we have hospital emergency alerts that go over the PA. However, I do not know what the
parameters are for calling a code before a Code Blue. By the time the code is called, someone (a nurse, etc.) would already be beginning CPR.

Regarding trudged/trenched, am I the only person who thinks her stupid routine is put on? It's easy just to dismiss her as an idiot, but I think it's an act and that's another manipulative behavior. And then she blames it on brain fog (tally another symptom point for poor Aubrey!)…

sage for mini-blog - they ask EVERYONE those questions including the elderly. Yes, it can be tiresome, but it's the hospital rules. There is also a thing called triage - and that means that they obviously didn't see Aubrey bleeding out on the floor so yes, they have the time to ask those questions. And I agree with you, staff are pretty good at spotting narcotic shoppers.

That aside, in that video when she complains, I think we see more of her real bitchy personality than the poor Aubrey "I'm such a tough cookie" shtick she's always putting out there.

Sage again for question asking and yes, I've read all the threads here, but I can't keep all the munchie details straight (must be my brain fog, lol). What is the story with Aubrey's parents? She mentions her Dad being around, but not her mom. Her Dad isn't even from Texas though I thought so did he move down there with her?

I bring all that up because I think she is lacking an army of enablers which is why she has to be the one to call herself a tough cookie, a warrior, a champion, etc. Her idol Mary Frey has a built in cheerleading squad with her husband alone, never mind her parents.

No. 495551

File: 1517956146565.jpeg (140.84 KB, 1242x1395, 123299D5-FE09-4DA4-BD00-A04CAA…)

If she has bad enough joint hypermobility to be in a wheelchair, you’d think she’d avoid doing stuff like this which would easily dislocate a shoulder.

No. 495557

No. 495559

No. 495562

mastosytosis is NOT a disease that develops during infancy , puberty or mutating diseases can cause this. mastosytosis means increased mast cells, mcas and mastosytosis are managed the same.

No. 495563

No. 495578

this seems borderline vendetta to me. Not everyone with bad joints have shoulder issues. there's nothing milky about someone in a wheelchair having a bit of fun, find some real milk instead of shit like this

saged for rage

No. 495589


She was posted about >>494218 there earlier in this thread.
I didn't think the way I phrased it was particularly mean in any way, rather I would think that someone claiming extreme hypermobility would avoid things like this which put their joints at risk?

No. 495623

Yes, they absolutely would. And plenty of people with hypermobile joints avoid wheelchairs although, because it’s easier to just walk less and rest more than risk self-propelling a wheelchair.

No. 495674


Literally all her stories are her complaining about school, studying and homework. We get it, we've all been there. She's acting like she's got the worst workload of any teenager.

Luckily for her she doesn't have to deal with an actual chronic illness at the same time kek

No. 495677


I don't doubt she was in pain when they put the tube back in, but tbh it's her own damn fault for ripping it out to get what she wanted!

No. 495685

File: 1517966847618.jpeg (691.69 KB, 1865x2632, 52274E6C-B7FF-479B-8B77-3797E1…)

That darn rapid declining health!!
And look at all those bruises!! So many You can barely see them kek

No. 495695


Oh man, invisible bruises are the most serious bruises!

No. 495708

That button is way too small for her. Someone’s gained weight since their original measuring.

No. 495710


kek @ logging out of instagram. That some really thirst drama queening there. I'm not on instagram 24/7 but I don't think I've ever logged out and if you do, do you no longer receive notifications? The only time I've ever had to log back in was when I've had to replace my phone.

No. 495725

All she does is complain and she literally bought her wheelchair herself, she’s very OTT if not completely faking.

No. 495726

What kind of scan was it? I though she said gallium scan, which is no longer commonly used for cancer. A gallium scan just looks for rapidly growing cells, which can come from a variety of things, like benign tumors, inflammation, and infection. It cannot actually diagnosis cancer. A PET scan is the gold standard for looking for cancer, and is totally different than a gallium scan. Also, a PET scan is done before cancer treatment is started, not months after. Sounds like someone had a benign tumor and begged her way into a scan to try to play the cancer kid card.

No. 495735

File: 1517969181265.png (256.47 KB, 750x1208, IMG_0293.PNG)

I knew it wouldn't be long until Aubrey got a barbie car. She has never mentioned issues with walking, But now needs a wheelchair. Incredible

No. 495742

She has no reason to need one, none of her “illnesses” (if she was actually sick) cause mobility issues. She was doing yoga in the hospital not that long ago. I’m sure she asked for one, or she’s lying (again) and is just buying one herself.

No. 495746

I'll bite. Whiteknighting right now. I've been on here quite a while. I think you're starting to just look for random fucking people now Shes sick. She put her fucking arm in the air. Big whoop. She doesn't munch. In before Hi spoonie.esh. now kiss my ass and find a real munchie bitch.>>495551

No. 495747

A bunch of damn newfags who can't tell milk from legitimate chronic illness I swear.

No. 495751

Oh this just makes me rage. She has a magical service dog to tell her when she's going to faint, why does she need a wheelchair?

At this rate she's going to quickly overtake Jaquie's position as the OTT Munchie Queen.

No. 495758

File: 1517970569366.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-212546.png)

Look who's back in the ER. So predictable

No. 495759


If you're claiming EDS, you shouldn't attempt a self propelled wheelchair without an assessment by physiotherapy or OT. Even relatively stable shoulder joints can come out of place with that extra pressure.

No. 495760


She didn't have any cancer treatment. She's stated that with her kind of tumor, it just needs to be removed. Though she's dangling the "I could still have more tumors" card.

No. 495763

File: 1517970795190.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-213019.png)

Called that! Smh No way she got a infection unless it was on purpose being out of hospital so short! Course we gotta do more tests and maybe put in the red tube she wanted so bad

No. 495766


Really? Because everyone's body is the same right? What's your degree in again besides Instagram spoonie? You sound like the damn munchie here.

No. 495772

I dont have EDS I could do that all day long. Relatively stable joints.

No. 495774


Lol you sound like Jaquie "Not everybody is the same" (so I can do these really OTT things despite listing diagnoses)

Shoulders are one of the most unstable joints in anyone - let alone someone with a connective tissue disorder. It's well known that using mobility aids without any input from professionals can cause more problems than they help.

(Source: having EDS and my physiotherapist telling me this)

No. 495778

Your milk was a picture of her in a wheelchair with her hand up, dancing with her mom. And she's a munchie. She complains about school because she's in pain (whiteknighting like fuck, ban me idgaf, the girl is sick) that's your milk? What the hell. Do you even lolcow?

No. 495779

Why not lurk a little longer, white knitting is to be avoided. munch your way back to your insta

No. 495781

Because say she's faking that's fine. That's what your going with???? Her hand up in the air newfags? Your milk is sour

No. 495785

Right after you bitch


No. 495792

I don’t think you should have saged this, the type of the scan if not the common cancer scan could reveal that the reason for getting it in the drs eyes is to look for more lesions like her brother had…. we speculated if she really had cancerous tumors or no cancerous lesions like her brother maybe this test is another give away that she hasn’t had tumors all along and that’s why she also hasn’t had and tx or even talk of cancer grade suze etc she never answers those questions!

No. 495800

Stop double posting and clogging the feed with your wining, and wk, you outed yourself >>495746
by insta which is also against the rules and now your disrupting the milk.

Your not convincing anyone of anything by calling out newfags, your the newcomer by the tone of your posts and content. Now please your intellect is embarrassing can we get back to the milk?

No. 495805

Post real milk instead of stupid shit. Dumb cunt

No. 495811

File: 1517972390748.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-215835.png)

She has a new diagnosis… again?

No. 495817

Girls you're both pretty . Now can we get back to the goods?

No. 495819

This was posted earlier.

No. 495820

Already posted >>495278

No. 495822

Top kek.

But agreed.

No. 495825


No. 495826


Same reason Dom needed one. Because they have sopwe spechel illnesses and dogs who don’t actually alert.

No. 495834

File: 1517972754093.png (240.92 KB, 640x1136, EB2D837C-96AC-4712-A8AD-050DE9…)

Not a medfag, but according to the NET cancers website, these are the scans done to look for cancerous tumors. Gallium isn’t listed on there at all. 1/3

No. 495837

File: 1517972815616.png (243.67 KB, 640x1136, 542E81F7-6F80-4863-8BA3-FAEFF5…)

No. 495839

File: 1517972869034.png (196.22 KB, 640x1136, E33FEE4B-2E14-47C9-85D2-32AF4E…)

No. 495847

Good work anons! It’s looking to be that she definitely never had cancer too much just isint making sense, the amount of time between the surgery, lack of treatment, lack of immediate intervention and information about the cancer I mean this is her end all be all diagnosis and she still half asses it? Could that be Bc she doesn’t have the diagnosis to back it up?

Even though the pots diagnosis and most others had manipulated tests (ed dehydration) she at least got a diagnosis, but to me I feel like maybe she never really got word about the cancer being malignant so she thought she could tread lightly and still get ass pats and maybe throw in cancer warrior which I know think says gastroparesis warrior in the bio,

No. 495848

File: 1517973173848.png (240.91 KB, 1246x1292, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.1…)

Suuuure Aubrey, looking for those NETs…

No. 495853

File: 1517973418972.png (147.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0363.PNG)


Actually, if you look at this. Not white knighting for Aubrey. It sure as hell isnt urgent as she was initially rejected for the scan, and it's been so delayed since her surgery.

Full link here . https://www.carcinoid.org/2017/04/06/gallium-68-petct-scanning-neuroendocrine-tumors-information-locations/

No. 495861

I'm no science fag, but it looks like we posted two different isotopes. Mine says Gallium 67 and yours says Gallium 68…Wonder what the difference is?

No. 495862

I saw that, but keep in mind that’s a patient-advocacy website, and those scans for NETs are rare enough to need a website to figure out who does them. Doesn’t sound like a standard, proven testing method to me. I may be wrong, but also, her insurance denied a scan more than once, which I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t do if she actually had cancer.

No. 495863

Before test it says gain a referral if she got a referral from her dr maybe they would have allowed it originally but as anon said she was not approved for first and applied again, is this Bc she’s just demanding the scan without a referral is this why they may have denied it with first ask

No. 495872

Yeah I'm not sure, this one is outside my scope of practice. And absolutely re it being from a patient advocacy network. Seems Interesting really.

I wonder if they said it was malignant too soon, or 'it looks malignant' then pathology revealed something else and she couldn't backtrack. She's never said the type of NET that it is which is just completely weird. It's like telling everyone you have leukaemia. But not saying what type.

No. 495885


Maybe they said "may be malignant" because her "I have cancer" vlog came basically the day after the mass was removed.

No. 495887

The time frame is the most suspicious to me. A cancer diagnosis, surgery, scans, and additional treatments usually happen in a matter of weeks or even days. Not months and months. Even skin cancer is typically dealt with within a week or two, And the lack of specificity, too. There are a bunch of different kinds of NET cancers. And the insurance denials, and the fact that in the meantime she’s approved for MALS surgery. Wouldn’t they check for more cancer before doing surgery for something that would, at best, let her eat, even though she also claims GP and already has a feeding tube? It just seems like her healthcare priorities are severely skewed for someone with cancer.

No. 495890

My guess is that as soon as she heard “tumor”, she started running with the whole cancer thing, before they told her that she had a benign tumor.

No. 495892

It depends on the type of insurance.
But even with a company that doesn't require referrals sometimes more extensive treatments require it sue to the costs and making sure that the patient has already approached the other options first. Insurance isn't going to pay for what they don't have to.
If a dr wanted
the scan done for cancer treatment/precaution and the patient has had cancer, risky tumors, etc this patient would get the scan because of they have more cancer or dangerous tumors they don't detect because they didn't do a scan insurance is going to have to pay A LOT more.
So basically yea..rhis scan isn't that important for Aubrey to have which is why it's been denied.
I'm positive she brought it up. Maybe her brother had something and it's very easy for cows to pull the victim card and express life altering fear for possibility of an exaggerated illness.
It seems like several different options were on the table for Aubrey here.
She is probably hoping the scan will show anything wrong as she has run very low on munchie options at this point. She's not a priority..with any of her claimed and real illnesses.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was not a tumor but scar tissue or a cyst or something and is being vague on her "cancer" because she's only using the info she remembers from her brothers issue with it.
Sick brother=attention care and love
Jealous sister, feels left out, isolated, underlying mental illness
Munchausem Syndrome.

No. 495900

@sincerely.esh is actually one of the most munchie accounts I’ve ever seen why are you all wking and trying to defend her? All she does is fucking complain and lurk for new diagnoses. she bought herself the wheelchair and now acts like she can’t function without it. Deconditioned much? The person who posted the picture of her had no milk on her and didn’t use a very good picture to try to plea their case that she is a munchie, but do some lurking through her account and you’ll find that she is in fact very OTT and much munchie.

sage for rage

No. 495902

she calls asymmetric pelvis a diagnosis. >>495900

No. 495906

Also, actually having cancer is the holy grail of munchies. Aubrey having cancer would be the equivalent of any of us winning the lottery. If she wasn’t already a munchie, she’d be more believable. But she was already faking at least POTS and definitely GP (possibly the chronic Lyme, too, if it’s actually a thing, and if she actually has it). And having a brother with the same tumor, but his is benign? The odds that it was a cancerous tumor are just too astronomical. Is it technically possible? Sure. But is is probable? Hell no, not in the least.

No. 495907

She also randomly brought up a “super painful” ovarian cyst recently, but that seemed to be very quickly forgotten.

No. 495912

well if she is a personal cow of yours, provide the millk. links, images, video. reasons why other farmers should gain an interest to look into her.
this isnt a personal army, no one is going to do it for you
>look yourself

thats how you sound either vendetta-chan or self posty

No. 495914

Ah! I knew she was familiar! No longer is she sincerely.esh. Looks like she overhauled her account on January 20th. Changed her name, deleted all her posts, etc etc.

New account name is spoonie.esh

No. 495920


I trust no one with the word spoonie or chronically in their IG name to be not a munchie these days.

No. 495922

From her blog:
"am foverever not done convincing my doctors they need to look further into my case"
"while irritating my doctors like a mad one"

Convincing your doctors they need to look further into your case means your doctor is clueless or there's nothing for them to look into.

No. 495928

File: 1517977146968.jpeg (218.68 KB, 750x1179, 9B7DE18C-5FA1-4E65-955E-E18F0A…)

I’m guessing most of these are psych meds?

No. 495946

And warrior vitamins/OTC meds and empty/old rx bottles.
She has something for pain, supposedly 2 different migraine meds, motility med, multiple nausea meds, probably a sleep pill and a couple of pysch meds. She is bipolar.
She cracks me up sometimes.
She whines about not holding anything down often despite her GES being manageable/self induced and no problem with puree/liquids..yet they still have her on pills!
When someone gets that bad with medications due to a real illness they change the forms and routine of the medications!

No. 495968

Those meds would easily fit in one pill case. If she needs more than twice a day, get one that has enough little boxes per day. She’s just being super extra.

No. 495969

Yeah they all seem to be munchies or at least very OTT.

No. 496007

File: 1517981332482.jpg (194.82 KB, 720x1069, _20180207_062646.JPG)

The hashtag is being used by parents of kids with a feeding tube and then of course the munchies/ott adults. The difference is quite hilarious.

No. 496033

She's trying to get more attention as her super serious dive into being an YouTube star only gets minimal veiws, most of which are probably preteens (since that seems to be where her mental abilities function best..obsession with kid stuff..stuffies, dress up, colouring childrens books (til recent. She bought a big girl one) lack of well management with adult responsibilities, preteen/young adult books childlike voice etc. One of her vids are even called "I did adult stuff today"
She's 30 or 31)
And hate views.
She's not been a big topic here with Aubreys spiral into destruction taking priority.
Gah I wish she would get her head out of her ass and grow up. She could be a functioning part of society and that would help her so so much..but she just wants to munch and play victim.

No. 496034


kek do I spy Jaquie's skinwalker shilling for Kate Farms?

No. 496062

File: 1517982407024.png (434.71 KB, 1079x1196, 20180207_004519.png)

Looks like our special snowflake updated her bio. Do you think she gets tips from baby Josie?

No. 496069

File: 1517982685499.jpg (335.09 KB, 1074x1211, Screenshot_20180206-234823.jpg)

Dom from SDP looks so bad. The eye bags, the awful haircut, she looks strung out on something.

No. 496093

File: 1517983258597.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180207-005905.png)

Of course the nurse said take your gown off for pain relief and probably even take posed photos to share for asspats too

No. 496152


Oh gross, no one wants to see her nasty tube site

No. 496194


Until I scrolled down I thought the nasty bit would be her lips. They look like they've been sewn together.

No. 496225


She deleted a video from earlier saying that she was in really bad shape. Her Hr was jumping to 140 anytime she stood up and Max was making her stay seated. She mentioned that her toddler was doing pretty good with taking care of himself and listening to her so she didn’t have to get up. I’m guessing she started getting hate, or one of her fans mentioned it might not paint her in a good light.

Someone seriously needs to get involved here. 1. If she is by chance as sick as she says she is, she is putting her child’s life in danger everyday she is home alone with him. 2. With her manic behavior, and possibly substances, she is neglecting him at some level.

No. 496232


Strung out on mania.

Looks like another sleepless night for her.

She's on another tear about fake service dogs and people bringing pets into stores. She posted several photos from offending accounts. When the comments got heated she posted this clip telling off the haters.


In another video tonight she tests Max's ability to resist french fries.

The fast food and snacks are a constant with her family. She gave Liam candy to quiet him in two different videos in the last week.

No. 496238


Yeah, that's sketchy. A toddler can't take care of itself.

No. 496248


Considering how agitated she is (even in her video with Max), she may crash and burn from her mania very soon. Hopefully she is not the type to lash out with the ensuing negative emotions and exhaustion. If the pendulum of her moods swings into another depression, will she sleep excessively and be unable to care for him?

No. 496270

File: 1517990009837.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180207-014841.png)

Note the time stamp..she posted this an hour after the picture of her meds were posted about here

No. 496283

File: 1517991158811.jpeg (693.45 KB, 3117x3117, 1318FB06-D426-406B-8E9B-094172…)


I love that she calls people out on the ID thing, but she legit did the same fucking thing with her first “service dog” (https://streamable.com/ew56h). That poor thing she washed after 3 months, and rehomed after she fell on it and she says the dog screamed when she came close after that. It was a tiny chiweenie.

Then she points out that it’s a federal offense to fake a service dog. But with Max, her current service dog, she took him out to a restaurant and at least two stores on the way home from the fucking shelter she adopted him from. He has been going everywhere with her ever since. https://streamable.com/uhrln

No. 496395

So GP, SMAS, and MALS? Pretty sure no one has all three kek.

No. 496398

File: 1518006148218.jpeg (670.85 KB, 744x1105, D6B34F54-6FBC-4A8E-9AD7-460932…)

Dani no pathetically desperate for attention right now. She has barely been mentioned here with several more “successful” munchies, like Aubrey and Dom, spiraling out of control. Hence the rash of posts that she knows will get herself back on here.
Seriously - I can’t handle my smoothies anymore so I am going to try sugar wafers. People online have been “worried” that I am not getting enough calories because all I like to do is drink tea and water all day. Sugar wagers have like no nutritional value and aren’t really that many calories to begin with. What ever happened to eating soup? All the comments tell her she is stupid for trying it.
As much as she says she hates being posted on here she secretly loves it because she thinks it’s a sign that someone cares about her.

No. 496411


She has anorexia and probably has delayed gastric emptying due to that. It’s all bull, these ana chans!

No. 496445

File: 1518012262915.png (248.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180207-080253.png)

This chick can't just have a conversation without cussing.

No. 496446

File: 1518012314546.png (239.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180207-080304.png)

You read that guys "making her a shit ton of money!!! Thousands!!" Oh yeah but she can't pay medical bills.

No. 496450

She is right. Dogs have off days and can be distracted by random things. Which is why her saying she can drive because she has a dog that warns her 15 minutes in advance is BS. Like she says: dogs aren't robots. They have off days. You can't rely on their alerts to save you and other peoples life if you pass out or suffer from your post concussion random absence-like attacks where you suddenly aren't aware of what's happening around you.

No. 496460

Shes starting to get to that really agitated peak of mania it seems.

No. 496462

Just curious: was she ever diagnosed with bipolar disorder (type I or II)?

No. 496466

File: 1518014956068.jpg (219.93 KB, 2048x2048, FB_IMG_1518014146520.jpg)

Can we talk about Liz J Porter?
Apparently suffering from cancer but posts pics in their insta like pic related, it doesn't look like she's suffering cervical cancer at stage whatever. You wouldn't feel like doing that if you were so sick. Sets up a gofundme to be treated specially in Europe, getting other people to pay her treatment when she could get it free on the health service or fund it herself with her large family who aren't poor btw just pinchpennies. Two of her brothers were also involved in killing people; One ran over a pedestrian and drove on, a hit and run and the other attempted to kill someone through the tampering of a piece of equipment but it didn't actually work as planned.

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/lizs-fight-against-cervical-cancer
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/liz.j.porter/

No. 496471

File: 1518015639331.jpg (377.07 KB, 1702x1169, GtEVSVC.jpg)

I don't think she could get this kind of treatment on the NHS, though. I think she forgot to mention in her