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File: 1534918936853.png (202.93 KB, 631x711, 30E39C84-880B-40BE-BB99-A67C93…)

No. 6362

Use this thread to make new OC art for your favorite cows.
We want to encourage more OC content to the site without disturbing threads and annoying anons.
Be civil, don’t derail, spam low effort OC, or start arguments.
If you want to do redlines or redraws go to:

Board tan is also very encouraged.
[Thread pic taken from >>3810 ]

No. 6363

Okay, but it won’t look like the one above. Nobody really agreed about that

No. 6364

This website is too trash for a mascot. This is supposed to be a gossip place but you can’t even be so civil in this stupid threads, nitpick, and fight about little petty things and be petty. Sometimes I even thing that random mods are chosen and people don’t really know if they’re good enough. The mods here are very on their high horse and biased.

No. 6365

File: 1534919604374.jpg (218.4 KB, 1500x1080, G0HL80A.jpg)

>Being this much of a newfag on this site to know about board tan

No. 6366


For proof that it is the official mascot.

No. 6368

she's way too happy in this pic. She needs to be bitter, just like the people browsing this site

No. 6369

does she look happy to you? she looks a bit nuts riding the cow.

No. 6372

She looks like a deranged sadist riding the buckin' cow and taking it for what its got.
I imagine that's the expression most farmers have when major milk is dropped.

No. 6846

File: 1539252173463.png (Spoiler Image, 201.96 KB, 618x683, itputsthelotiononitsskin.png)

oops didn't know this thread existed. BRown fanart
nsfw for some poorly drawn dicks

No. 6860

this thread needs to go in /ot/ because like, >>6846 this is great but nobody will ever see it here in fuckin meta (fanart of cows is not 'meta')

No. 6863

I also got a ban for posting that in this thread for some reason.

No. 6867

because it's the wrong thread for it. this is ONLY for art of our board mascot, not random animals.

No. 6869

>>Use this thread to make new OC art for your favorite cows.
>>Board tan is also very encouraged.
u sure m8?

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