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No. 1060419

A thread for discussing everything tech-related!
What's a good budget laptop for graphic design? Are smartwatches worth it? How can you tell if your company phone is being monitored? Is Mark Zuckerberg actually a robot? You'll find your answers here! or not

No. 1060474

I wish I could delete my facebook account completely but my friends want to only use messenger and nothing else to communicate in group, and some of them are abroad now. It's annoying because we used Line before I was basically forced to make a facebook account for university, that shit worked the same way as messenger on smartphone, but my friend pretended it was less convenient that fucking fb of all things. I hate this shit so much. For now I only deactivated my fb account to be able to use the messenger app.

I also made an instagram account not long before it got bought by fb, since I used the same email address for both fb and instagram I kept having the same shitty recommended accounts. As soon as I deactivated my fb account my recommendations were a bit more relevant. My recommendation page is always a complete mess, I have no idea how a company that invasive can recommend me completely inaccurate shit I never gave a shit about.

No. 1060494


No. 1060501

Algorithms… probably "curated" by the AI equivalent of a 20-something unemployed neckbeard in their parents' basement.

Deleted all my Facebook & social media accounts a few years ago. No regrets.

No. 1060505

Same! 3 years in and i dont regret it at all

No. 1060514

I am such loser, i have no idea about gaming culture but i want to surprise my sister with a laptop for her bday/ christmas gift (family funded). She plays wow, dark souls, ahh shit some shooter multiplayer, and bioshock. I understand its a lot to walk through with someone who is tech illiterate, but can someone point me in the right direction? How would you pick hard drive sizes? Or memory space? Better laptop brands?

No. 1060518

Anyone know how to delete a FB account that requires identification I can't provide? It's a sort of throwaway account with an identity that doesn't exist and I wanna get rid of it, but they won't let me sign in without providing an ID card. Is it feasible to like photoshop a fake ID?

No. 1060533

File: 1644528408082.png (191.45 KB, 500x281, 1474738035753.png)

I wish I could also do that. Aside from fb, which I deactivated but didn't delete (yet?) I have a twitter account I use only to look for gay fanart of some video games I like, the instagram account I talked about that I also consider deleting because I barely use it anyway, and… fucking linkedin, which I can't get rid of now because I work in HR. I made an instagram account because I wanted to start posting pretty pictures as soon as I got my second smartphone but it's really not convenient at all. I have one post of a summer trip that always looked completely fucked up. Half of the pictures of that post don't even appear, instead it says "Couldn't load image. Tap to retry" and tapping doesn't do shit. It resizes pictures into a blurry mess too, which is the exact opposite of what you'd want for an image based website/app.

Aside from that I used to use tumblr on a regular basis since 2011 but deleted my first account in 2016 when fandoms turned to shit, and remade two accounts later that I also deleted because I didn't find anyone to follow. Not social media either but I had a wordpress blog and deleted my account as well not long ago because I abandoned my blog and decided to start a journal instead.

No idea how that works, but I though fb automatically deleted accounts with fake names and nicknames? If that's still the case maybe you can make fb realize somehow that you used a fake identity? Either way, good luck.

No. 1060544

I've been wondering is digital/streaming the final music format or will we ever create a new physical format like vinyl, cassette, CD, etc.

No. 1060587

this is extremely weird and specific, but i always imagine the future to be like in this cassia & ky YA book series, where they like ban all books, movies and songs and then select a handful of books, movies and songs that people are allowed to enjoy. so they only have 100 songs and 100 movies and 100 books. i doubt it's going to happen but i always imagine the future to be like that kek.

also i remember in the scythe series, people have jobs only for their enjoyment so they do research on stuff that is already known just to be busy and then re-discover stuff that's already in databases. i'm too old for YA books now but i always like dystopian/utopian future settings and small details like that. scary how some of the ideas from the ugly/pretty/special series came true with social media, filters and instagram and shit.

No. 1060614

Are the thick thinkpads actually worth it? I want to sell off my macbook pro for one and run linux on it and save the extra money since I'm about to graduate from uni soon. My macbook pro is overkill for my needs since I mostly use my computer to watch videos and read.

No. 1060667

Sounds like she doesn't play the latest and most demanding games, so a lower end computer should be good.

This is good resource for what can be considered bad, good and great. It even includes builds for specific games: https://www.logicalincrements.com/

Its focused on building your own desktop, so it includes cases, fans, power supplies, etc that you won't need to worry about. The other stuff is pretty much the same for a laptop except the graphics card where they make specialised but weaker models (since normal graphics cards are physically way too big for a laptop).

I would stick to a 1080p screen since more pixels require a lot more processing power. 60hz is a good enough refresh rate on the screen. In terms of memory you'll want about 8GB but more is always better. For storage you'll be able to get better value from a hard drive (HDD) instead of a solid state drive (SSD). I'd say something like 500GB is a decent level of storage. A lot of computers these days come with both SSD and HDD which is totally fine.

CPUs and graphics cards I'm not so sure about since its been a while since I've actually bought a new computer, but you can always just google the name of the CPU/graphics card and then include "benchmark" to see how it compares to others.

The other thing to consider is getting a prebuilt desktop. It is cheaper and upgrading is simpler compared to an equivalent laptop.

Here's an example of a laptop that would be more than capable of the games she plays: https://www.newegg.com/global/uk-en/aluminum-black-msi-gf-series-gf75-thin-10scsr-641-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834155802.

No. 1060699

File: 1644535384596.jpeg (293.6 KB, 828x828, 5F0BE5CE-16F5-4D34-BF39-85F238…)

I really really appreciate the info and for the clear explanation! Thank you so much. This is the best resource, i will look into it
Ps i made this silly thing 4 u

No. 1060720

Another gift idea would be a year's subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC. Its kinda like Netflix for games, except you still have to install them. Microsoft are going in hard with it so there will be lots of big releases on it as well as smaller indie games.


No. 1062432

So I want to get a thing mostly for drawing and watching movies and I'm thinking about getting either an older Surface Pro (4, 5, 6) or an older iPad (8th gen), but I'm not sure which.

I heard that the Surface Pro is reliable and I like the way you can position the screen but I heard not really good things about the pen. Regarding the iPad, I just…I never had an Apple device before, I've always wanted one and I would love to try Procreate but since I'm sort of broke and would only be able to get an older model (and not even a Pro), I'm not sure if it's worth it (also it's sort of stupid to get an Apple product just for the sake of having one, isn't it?).

Could you guys help me to decide?

No. 1062443

Correction: from iPads, I would be able to afford a 9th gen also

No. 1062505

I bought an ipad 6th gen a few years ago and it’s been serving me really well, procreate is fun and I’ve been drawing much more often since I got it. You don’t need an ipad pro for drawing or movies, except if you do 3000 layer paintings.

No. 1063852

Thank you for your input!! I'll get the iPad then, very excited

No. 1065800

File: 1645580747572.jpeg (513.47 KB, 828x940, 9C86058D-BC22-4538-9F09-98D44B…)

I found this on how to make Windows 10 run faster (aka forcing Cortana and shit to not run in the background) and on my very old laptop my disk went from 100% to fucking 7%

No. 1065804

Is that good or bad?

Anyone know how to clean up your PC to make it run better? I have a shitlist of programs on there but I don't know what is actually useful to me. I just want to clear out my whole computer and make it easier to run

No. 1068986

File: 1645756432164.jpeg (97.93 KB, 1100x651, 4F9C0E52-9D04-48BB-B11A-42EB0D…)

anyone have any input about Shadow Tech? Looks like you "rent" a high grade computer and then use your own laptop to mirror the screen. I'm not tech savvy, but it seems like a good idea?

No. 1069026

Is upgrading to windows 11 a good idea?

No. 1069056

You probably need really good internet for it to work. And maybe privacy concerns.
I really don't like the idea of cloud streaming actual games and programs. Tv is disposable, but I want to own some things.

No. 1069427

You do own the games. It looks like you just rent a quality computer? (Most cloud servers for gaming require you to rent the games/ buy from company store. This one is a whole computer.) Idk, i want to play the new Elden Ring, but i dont have enough space on my mac to do bootcamp. Theres options to do an external ssd, but this seams to allow me to screen the computer monitor to my phone/tablet/tv/laptop.
I could also get back into video editing too… idk I'm mulling it over. Could work as a temp solution while I save up for a proper pc. My mac is too old, and apparently one of the models with the fixed ssd internally.

No. 1070429

It's very good.

No. 1070440

I tried Stadia and it was very cool and worked great, the only issue was the game library sucks. I think cloud streaming is the future, but I still prefer my steam library and beefy PC

No. 1070488

I have a laptop that is not a gaming laptop but can play some games, I played through spyro and alice madness returns pretty well (although during alice sometimes it would randomly minimize the window for some reason, and a few times it froze and I had to reboot it) it also seems to run skyrim okay. that being said it struggles with some games, like I was trying to play DAI and sometimes it just lags really bad and makes me not want to play it. not to mention I only have 256gb of space and many games are like 40+ gigs and I'm already running out of space.

I bought a nintendo switch last year as a birthday gift to myself, and I've played it a lot and I like it, but most of the games I want to play (like dragon age, shadow of mordor, fable and others) aren't on there.

ngl, I really want to buy a steam deck, even though I know it would probably be better just to save up for longer and buy a better gaming laptop because I'm not crazy about playing those games on a small screen anyway. but at the same time, it would be so convenient, and much cheaper than a good gaming laptop. I used to play all my games on xbox but I can't have a tv right now because of reasons I won't go into.

No. 1070966

What's a good period tracker app that doesn't requires being online to use it and that doesn't sell my data? I basically just need something simple to predict when I'll have my period next time and to give accurate dates to doctors in case anything happens.

No. 1070972

idk if they sell your data but i use this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.period.tracker.lite&hl=en&gl=US i never use it outside of checking when it's supposed to be due when i feel off and then hitting the period started/ended button. you can also enable notifications so you get a push notification 1/2/3 days before your estimated start date.

No. 1070981

Go on the Fdroid appstore, apps there are FOSS (free and open source) and don't suck up your personal data. Choose one that are updated recently. I always use Fdroid alternatives for anything that doesn't need a specific plateform. These apps will often let you export your data super easily too.

No. 1071173

I'll look that up. I found this list, it could be interesting for some anons:https://www.consumerreports.org/health-privacy/what-your-period-tracker-app-knows-about-you-a8701683935/

I'm European so I guess I should worry too much about the way companies handle my data but I don't want to have issues with creating new accounts for new services and being bombarded with ads all the time. The reason why I asked for recs is because I got a new phone months ago but the app I used before that has been discontinued and it was fairly simple and didn't have too many features that clutter the app and that I don't use, the name is Selene, the icon has a cat on it.

No. 1071234

I guess I shouldn't worry too much I mean, my bad.

No. 1075622

I’m going insane at work rn, any of you fine lasses familiar with ServiceNow?

No. 1075741

i use the same app as anon >>1070972 and it's pretty simple and easy to use.i dont remember if you are REQUIRED to use an email,but it's useful in case your period history gets lost due to whatever happens to your phone so you have it backed up.i havent received anything annoying from this app

No. 1080981

File: 1646290984267.png (16.13 KB, 228x221, glitch.png)

has anyone run into this issue? i don't think it's a graphics card thing since it's only happening inside chrome. images will randomly glitch out like this. not sure if i want to fix it that bad since it's kinda cool. picrel is supposed to be an ukranian flag.

No. 1081023

that does look cool nonna. i recommend doing a backup asap though

No. 1081101

Yeah chrome has some weird problem with displaying images lately.

No. 1081534

As a European, if I decide to delete permanently my FB account and Instagram account then FB (or Meta, whatever) would be forced to completely delete almost all the data they obtained from me, right? Because iirc they can keep the data of former users after they've deleted their accounts as long as they're not residing in a country where the GDPR is applied but I never see any concrete or specific examples online on how that works exactly besides people telling you very general info on what FB does with your data (as in, they sell them to third parties but we all know that already). I'm gonna admit I'm too lazy to check this on the FB terms of use page because it's very long and some of the wording can be ambiguous on purpose.

I checked the CNIL website (French website to inform the general public about your rights online and the use of your personal data) and they tend to simplify explanations to be as accessible as possible for everyone, including zoomer kids and teenagers who use their smartphones since they were 6 years old and boomers who use FB to just stay in touch with all their family in one place without checking their privacy settings.

No. 1081546

I somehow managed to forget the most important words here, I want to know if they would delete my data from their servers.

No. 1094234

File: 1647015402689.jpeg (21.06 KB, 241x221, CE037F39-8736-490E-92C0-D56045…)

Ok nonnies I’m planning on getting a MacBook. I’m using a laptop right now that i want to upgrade. What MacBook do you use and would you recommend it? I’m not looking into getting the newest model as I’m new to macs

No. 1094246

I’m using a 13 inch MacBook Air 2019. It’s shit at multitasking. If I’m browsing Chrome while listening to a Zoom lecture, my Mac starts overheating and lagging. The constant overheating even from simple tasks is annoying. I used to have a 2013 Retina MacBook Pro and never had any of these problems. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, I’d definitely recommend going with the Pro version. They last a realllly long time and are worth their money.

No. 1094257

I have strong feelings about this. The best one is the 2021 MacBook Pro, the one without the touch bar and all that crap. This is said to be the spiritual successor to the 2015 MacBook Pro, which prior to the 2021 model was often said to be the most perfect MacBook ever made. I got my first MacBook Pro (a 2012 model) in 2013. I got my second one (a hand-me-down 2015 model) in 2019. I couldn’t bear to buy one of the new ones, which lacked the features I wanted and had lots of extra features I hated. It was a good good day for me when the 2021 Pro was announced. I had honestly been thinking I might be forced to switch to a PC when my 2015 died.

So anyway, first place is the 2021 Pro, second place is the 2015 Pro.

No. 1094368

Thank you for your answers nonas. I was actually eyeing a MacBook pro 15 kek unfortunately I’m surrounded my ‘apple haters’ so i can’t get any good advice.

No. 1095126

Has anyone thought about doing some digital decluttering? I've been looking through my emails these past few days to see if I should get rid of some emails and I'm always hesitating with emails I get after buying something. I throw paper receipts I don't need as soon as I can but for for some reason I always go "we never know" or "just in case" with emails so I keep them.

I don't think you can play most video games or visual novels on macbooks? I'd like to know for myself, my laptop is working just fine but I'd like to anticipate anything.

No. 1095281

What is a good free antivirus for free?

No. 1095321

File: 1647100843363.jpeg (88.53 KB, 1200x800, 2656B300-859B-4AA0-A22E-6B81EB…)

Oops, made a tech thread in /m/ because I didn’t know this one existed. Oh, well, it’s deleted now. Anyway, I need a new phone. I don’t want another iPhone. There are a lot of androids out there with way better specs, from what I can see. However, then why does Apple top every “best phone of 2022” list? Is it paid promotion? They’re objectively NOT the best…right?

No. 1095357

Not very techy here, but having owned both, I'm also baffled by this phenomenon. It must be paid promotions. The iphone is all hype. It's the pretty magical advertising and sleek appearance that makes people drool and shell out the big buxx. My android devices have lasted longer, crashed less, and cost less.

No. 1095402

> My android devices have lasted longer, crashed less, and cost less.
This! I owned only android up until I traded in my S7 for an iPhone 12. My Samsung lasted years, but this iPhone feels like it’s on its last leg even though it’s only a year old. It’s extremely slow and has so many random technical problems that happen occasionally. Stuff that’s not even fixable and super annoying.

No. 1095428

I want to know this too. I just got a new laptop.

No. 1095450

10000% sure that iPhones get 1st places on lists because they are status symbols and are overhyped

No. 1096043

I have the phone on the very right of this picture. It's the "mini" version so I'm guessing the camera is slightly less good than for the og version but it's still a very good camera. It's not too expensive, and I have the 128go version in pink.

Problem is, if you don't check you settings for some apps you'll get ads everywhere (I got ads on the music app because I didnt' know I could turn it off) and you can't deactivate bloatware which is really fucking annoying because I could do that with my previous phone and it freed a lot of space so I thought that was possible on all phone. The logos are ugly but you can get themes for free if you want. I regret getting that one just for the bloatware and because it's too big for my hands, even if the camera is really good. I'd recommend it if you don't have a ton of money to spend on a phone but you want a recent model. I wonder how long my phone will last.

Actually I've been starting to think about maybe getting an iphone next time, depending on how their products will evolve, but their prices are really off-putting.

No. 1096050

Apple products turn laggy when new products are released. My old ass ipad from 2014 that I forgot about still worked completely fine when I turned it on many years later, was quick, no issues, until I turned on the wifi then I started lagging like hell and crashing.

Scam company.

No. 1096052

>Scam company.
They really are. I always had problems with their computers too, so I stopped buying them. People need to stop buying apple shit until they make actually good products that last.

No. 1096067

File: 1647164502420.jpg (54.46 KB, 700x525, y6t8127w3xt61.jpg)

Anons, do you know any nice screen tablets that you can carry around? I know iPad is incredibly popular but I know nothing about Apple other than that their phones are crap, but art-comm had its moment of obsession with iPads.
The problem is that my health doesn't let me spend me enough time in front of a computer, I can't sit for a long time and all I've got is my huge Wacom Pro. There are way too many iPads out there and I just want to know what are the ones that are good for art and whether they are worth buying.

No. 1096075

I use an iPad 6th generation which i’ve had for years now and still works great, they’re pretty affordable now too

No. 1096080

File: 1647165562148.jpg (628.9 KB, 1600x1600, LD0005919773_1.jpg)

>Apple products turn laggy when new products are released.
That's what I fear the most, I'm eyeing the Ipad Air with the pen for drawing, but I want it to last minimum 5 years. Does anybody have experience with Samsmung's tablet, and does it have the same problem of gradual lagging to tempt you to upgrade?

No. 1096084

FOSS AV for windows, Linux and Mac.

No. 1096085

i have an eleven year old idevice that works like a charm. it really depends on how you maintain it, manage storage, device temperature, clean browser and everything.

No. 1096089

my ps4 stopped turning on out of nowhere? I've cleaned the ports, tried different outlets for the power chord, everything I can think of.
there was a storm the day before I noticed but nothing else had any issues, my house is grounded and I have surge protectors. I don't want to sell it for parts cause I use that shit all day every day if I'm not at work so it fucken sucks to not have. the internet is being fucky here too (ausfag) atm so I'm hankering to fix it if any nonas have any tips. been googling but nothing is helping. pray for this sinner now amen

No. 1096093

Is playing on an external ssd fine as in will it cause problems with gameplay?
On my laptop’s website it says that the storage is up to 1tb, does it mean storage offered by the website or the storage the laptop can handle.

Sorry for the dumb questions but I’m really not tech savvy

No. 1096094

Storage offered from the company*

No. 1096096

Just make sure you get an iPad that uses the Apple Pencil.
The first gen pencil will obviously be cheaper so go for models that support it.
I’m not sure how you’ll be using the iPad if you can’t sit up or stand up, you can draw why lying down but wouldn’t that strain some muscles?

No. 1096102

File: 1647168411023.png (80.26 KB, 1366x768, this pc.png)

Playing a game from an external SSD should be fine. If you're using USB 2.0 to connect the drive you will probably see performance issues because it's a lot slower than the internal SATA connection. If you're using USB 3.0 or above you won't notice a difference because it's either about the same or faster.

>does it mean storage offered by the website or the storage the laptop can handle

"up to" would imply that the website offers options up to 1 TB. You can check how much storage your laptop actually has by opening a folder and clicking on "My Computer" or "This PC" depending on your windows version in the left panel. Your drive will be called something like "Local Disk (C:)"

No. 1096131

What are some messaging apps I could use to replace messenger that don't have privacy issues and that don't have superfluous shit like status, stories, etc.? I already have a line account but not all my friends want to migrate back there, whatsapp is an abomination, discord is annoying and is full of features I don't use, and on top of that when I used to have an account I'd never receive emails like when I notify them that I forgot my password because they accidentally blocked(?) my email address, etc.

No. 1096172

I like using telegram because you can upload your own sticker packs on there bots for free as well as customizing interface. it's not paywalled at all and my irl/online friends integrated weren't lost integrating.

No. 1096185

Whatsapp is the norm in the majority of countries. Discord isn't bad, if you're going to use to socialise with irl friends then it becomes like every other app with extra features, just don't join other servers if you just want to interact with irl friends. Telegram is a good option.
The tricky with with messaging apps is that your friends also need to use it, none of the apps will mean anything if no one uses it except for you.

No. 1096280

Yes, buy a thinkpad

No. 1096285

I've been told it's kind of similar to Signal, but Telegram has a bad reputation because of big group conversations linked to far right and terrorism cases in several countries including mine, would you say you have a preference for one or the other, or you're only really familiar with Telegram?

I hate Whatsapp and any app that will automatically add your phone's contacts. I've used Line a lot before and you can just delete the people you don't want to talk to from your list of contact on Line, but I've used Whatsapp before because of my family abroad and when I noticed it automatically added my managers and some coworkers from back then because of their phone numbers I tried to delete them from Whatsapp but it was impossible on purpose. I also have a visceral hatred of the "stories" icons automatically showing up at the top of my screen when I'm on the page showing the conversations I have, it's not something anyone I know ever used, it's a waste of space. Same deal with Discord and the features that I don't use, I'd rather have a more minimalist app that won't shove stupid, invasive features down my throat.

By the way, the reason why I'm thinking about moving from messenger to another app is because one of my friend and I have issues with notifications and messages only appearing whenever they want. Does anyone else have that issue? I've missed entire conversations not just because I don't get notifications on my phone, but also because when I opened the app to directly check if I got new messages there were only old messages. And then at some point, hours later or the next day, I get bombarded with notifications from back then. It's annoying.

No. 1097689

I haven't used Signal, but I heard the main difference is that all chats are encrypted by default, whereas Telegram has a designated secret chat. You should try both to test which one is more convenient, but you would not go wrong with Signal either.

No. 1097906

two questions!

1st: today my laptop made that usb unplug noise, blackscreened for a second, then came back. what happened?

2nd: how do i stop my smart tv/fire stick from going to screensaver mode? i went into settings and selected "never" but then it goes to black after a few minutes when i pause something on prime. when i watch something on netflix, it goes to screensaver mode after a few minutes. i just want to be able to hit pause and come back to my episode after taking a shower for 20 minutes or something without having to wait for my tv to come back. it's especially annoying because when i watch something on netflix, the screensaver mode kicks me out of netflix and then i have to start up netflix again.

No. 1098107

The only Apple device I would go for over android is an ipad, since I have yet to see a really good for it on android.

For phones, android is always a better value. If you're looking for a rec, you should check out Google Pixel. I suspect that they're artificially lowering their prices right now to secure a bigger market share, but for now they are offering really great phones for a great price. I have a 4a, and it's super fast, with a great camera and plenty of storage.

No. 1100265

Has anyone ever seen ELK-BLEDOM on their bluetooth devices list? This keeps appearing in my house. I searched and apparently it's for controlling LED strips or security cameras which I don't have. Some people also claim it's a hidden camera which worries me.

No. 1100532

I read that if you think there's a hidden camera you can turn off the lights at night and look around the room through your phone's camera app to see any infrared light. This only works if the hidden camera is night vision though. You might have to use the selfie cam because the regular camera on some phones blocks infrared. You can test it by pointing a tv remote control at your phone camera and pushing a button on it bc they use infrared

No. 1100677

Can you trust your workplace when they tell you that they don't monitor your work phones? Or that they only monitor apps that are work-related?

No. 1100909

absolutely never trust anything your workplace says about respecting your privacy.

No. 1100933

bump, gore

No. 1100943

is your workplace subject to change i.e. employees, location, payroll, schedules? if yes then so are their rules on privay thus, no, you should not trust them with your private info past the required information necessary to work

No. 1100949

Nta but that's a really good point

No. 1104121

Finally going to switch from a life long iPhone user to an Android! Anything I should know before it comes?
I know I'll probably emulate DS games on it other than that I'm not sure, I just know Androids overall have more freedom.

No. 1104312

>Anything I should know before it comes?
I recommend downloading apps from F-Droid instead of Google Play, since they have less/no trackers

No. 1104771

Why do F1 F2 F3 etc. key shortcuts in programs not work for me? For example, F2 in excel should open edit mode for me but it doesn't, it makes my screen less bright. I mean there's a sun on that key under the F2 text but that's not what I want it to do when I'm in Excel. F5 doesn't refresh my webbrowser, it turns on the lights of my keyboard etc. So I guess some keys have double functions but how can I get it to do what I want?

No. 1104774

if i was you id get a new keyboard however try searching remap key bindings (insert keyboard name and number here)

No. 1104775

File: 1647786994985.png (98.25 KB, 373x135, 1IiAl.png)

Do you have a "Fn" (Function) key? On my laptop you need to hold that key down as you press the F1, F2, etc. key.

No. 1104780

Also, since it's relevant and I finally ended up learning this: in Windows menus, there will often be one letter underlined. If you hit Shift + the applicable letter, it will select that menu item. This might be retard-level common knowledge tho idk kek

No. 1104782

Oh that's it! I had no idea that's what that key does, thanks a lot!

Well turns out it's the Fn key but thanks for responding!

No. 1105850

Are there any alternatives to the F-Droid appstore? I'm still lookijg for a couple of apps I couldn't find in there.

No. 1105869

If you're annoyed by that (which I was growing up and playing MS), you can switch it in your system's bios so that FN is switched to primary stuff.

No. 1107561

Nonas, are the airpods pro worth the money or should I just get regular airpods?

No. 1112214

File: 1648322264918.gif (44.2 KB, 132x189, 92671ED7-EB11-4A8D-BEA8-D29132…)

I’m getting bored of iOS and my iPhone XR’s mediocre camera, but I’m overwhelmed by the Android options
Can any anon here please recommend me a wallet friendly Android with a good camera and decent speakers? I don’t use my phone much, just want something that won’t require an upgrade in a year or two, and I don’t care about gaming on it or 200fps performance or whatever. Also, I’m from Europe
Been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy A52s, but I’m not fully convinced

I tried a Mi 9 Lite when it came out and liked it a lot, but the ads and being asked to hand over all of my data just to use stuff like the gallery app turned me off. I guess if those are my only option I can figure out a way to circumvent it

No. 1115688

If you want a cheap Android this is a good site for comparing them: https://www.kimovil.com/en/

Its focused on the European market but you should be able to get any of the phones to anywhere.

No. 1117718

Does anyone know a music player lets me have multiple libraries? I want a library for my electronic music, another for my classical, etc. I don't like just having playlists.

No. 1117769

For what platform? PC? Android? iOS? Mac? If you’re using PC/Laptop, MusicBee can sort by genre and further subgenres (https://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?topic=35266.0)

No. 1117770

I recently switched from iPhone 11 to Galaxy S10 and it's my perfect phone tbh. It's only around £200-£300, very good camera and decent speakers but I normally use headphones.

No. 1119229

I hate how (most?) tech support articles are written by an AI with made-up facts, and they get to stay up because of how many distracting ads they use while personal blogs that are actually informative about niche tech topics vanish. Text generation was a mistake.

No. 1120134

Completely agreed. This shit is 20x greater a cancer than wikihow articles were.
This is compounded with the fact that a lot of people that would've written blogposts had they been born 10 years earlier are instead making YouTube videos about whatever issues they have, since many people view it as the best way to monetize their knowledge. They have their uses, but generally, videos are such a bad format for storing and retrieving information.
It's actually insane how much more difficult it is to just google shit compared to just 5 years ago.

No. 1121245


No. 1121252

Not sure if that's the right thread, but if I want to learn to code programs that scrap website contents (like images, texts and other data), what programming language should I learn?

I know gallery-dl, youtube-dl etc exist, but they don't always add he websites I want to mass-download from.

No. 1121286

>scrap website contents (like images, texts and other data)
people use wget for that. it’s a command line tool, not a programming language. once you learn how to parse wget queries you’ll be able to scrap most websites with no problem

No. 1121374

I did vaguely read about wget before, but quickly discarded it because I don't have Linux (and couldn't get it to run on a virtual machine either). I will look further into it now, thank you nonna!

No. 1121444

Do you already know any programming languages? I know you can scrape websites with Python and Java.

No. 1121560

Thank you sm nonnas! This helps a lot

No. 1121677

I'd prefer Node.js (JavaScript) with Cheerio over Java for web scraping.

No. 1123761

can you play steam games with an external hard drive? it's probably not ideal, but I'm just wondering if it can be done

I don't have a desktop, it's not an option for me right now. I was saving up to buy a new gaming laptop, even though my current laptop runs most games just fine, it just has limited space

No. 1123793

Yes you can, granted it's much smoother if you're playing something like visual novels

No. 1123830

File: 1649117076779.jpg (29.83 KB, 320x287, angel bunny.jpg)

i should probably use the stupid questions thread for this but since my question is related to tech i figured i might ask here instead
technologically illiterate nonnie here, if i jailbreak my nintendo 3ds ( and i dont know how ) install homebrew(?), will i lose all my data ? as in, does that entail a factory reset ? im really sorry for this probably very retarded question but i read somewhere that it did a long time ago and i just want to make sure.
thank you in advance…

No. 1123838

File: 1649117991700.jpg (80.77 KB, 640x759, mt7ntsjv1es51.jpg)

https://3ds.hacks.guide/ go to this site and go through the tutorial a few times before starting on hacking your 3ds so that you have a sense of what is happening when you finally do it. I have done this two times before and went well thanks to the guide and you should always save your current data in a separate folder just in case. I also recommend on looking at 3dspiracy and 3dshacks at reddit as multiple users has done it with that guide. Let me know how it goes for you I can show you where you can get games and stuff later

No. 1130133

File: 1649602480046.jpg (130.86 KB, 800x1200, C87gkVIVwAAVC1o.jpg)

I want to have a better setup for drawing and not sure what to do. Currently I have one monitor and a plain drawing tablet that doesn't have a display. Here are my options that I'm considering:

>Buying another monitor. The problem with this would be that my desktop PC has only one hdmi port (to which my current monitor is attached to). The other port is DVI and afaik, the quality would be much worse. I know that hdmi-dvi cables exist but heard that they are often unreliable and don't work)

>Buying a tablet with a screen instead (is it worth buying one that's specifically for drawing, or would an iPad Pro be sufficient? Also, I read some opinions somewhere that tablets with screens are especially bad for your neck/back, is this true?)

>Buy a laptop and use it with the tablet and the monitor I already have (I had a laptop which I recently sold, and I was actually pleased with this setup, but the laptop was old and really struggled with Photoshop)


No. 1130143

File: 1649603129287.jpeg (287.96 KB, 1600x1600, ADF29AD2-F24A-4920-90C3-642F2A…)

Buying a tablet with a screen and using it the same as you’ve been using the tablet without a screen will be bad for your back. If you want a tablet with a screen you need to use it on a table like picrel. the really big screen tablets often come with stands to function like this table on their own. Otherwise stick with the non-screen tablet, the worst part about them is the learning curve and it sounds like you’re already over that.

No. 1130149

What ports do you have on your monitor? And what model is your GPU?

No. 1130156

The current monitor that I use? Hdmi and VGA. The GPU is Radeon R5 230 (which supposedly supports 2 monitors)

No. 1130167

Thanks for your input! Yeah I figured that a tablet with a screen should be used differently

No. 1130170

File: 1649604528355.jpg (268.48 KB, 1102x730, 2611-front.jpg)

Buy a cheap workstation card for around $30 and a second monitor.
This is an AMD FirePro W4100, it has double the VRAM and is considerably more powerful than what you have now. It has four mini display ports on the back which can be used to connect up to four monitors. Mini display port can be connected to HDMI, DVI, VGA and full size display port by using the correct cable. Display port has backwards compatibility with DVI and VGA so this won't cause an issue.

No. 1130194

Thank you!! This seems like the best idea

No. 1132515

How can I disable my webcam? Is that possible? I'm on windows. My laptop has a killswitch but it's exactly in the place where I hold it when I move it around so it tends to turn on accidently. I'm scared about being spied on by google or some shit so I'd rather have it disabled permanently.

No. 1132524

I just put a sticker or a bent piece of paper on it to cover it

No. 1132526

File: 1649786312306.png (162.71 KB, 1164x536, Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 18.58…)

I use these, so if you do need your webcam, you can just slide it across to uncover it

No. 1132528

Three dollars for that piece of plastic? Just pin a clothespin over the camera

No. 1132529

My Nigel gave me one of these, and my dad gave me bluetack to put over the front camera on my phone when I was visiting him, paranoid moids

No. 1132531

Samefag, this post wasn't worth leaving unsaged even in /ot/, oops

No. 1132533

it is worth it, it is a 3 pack, it lasts so so long and just slides across and blends in with my screen and doesn't look ugly anon. but I guess you could use a clothespin…

No. 1132534

Clothespins are freakin epic

No. 1132540

The tax ministry gave them to me for free to try to get me to work for them. Only useful thing they've ever given to me.

No. 1132543

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question but is that Lauren Tsai in your pic?

No. 1132577

I could put a sticker over it I guess but I don't really wanna have to peel it off and find a new one on the occasion I have to use my cam. It's not often but meh
Oh cool I didn't know that's a thing. Now I wish that came build in with my laptop instead of that dumb killswitch. Thanks!

No. 1132600

No. 1132604

What specifications do I need to look for in a laptop for it to run Photoshop smoothly?

No. 1133054

File: 1649830708422.jpg (9.54 KB, 256x256, b1ae779730fe7c3ae8a884aa32dca1…)

Can someone pls teach me how to dox paedophiles? is leaking IPs really that hard? I'm on my last hair here

No. 1133386

what torrent sites and torrent clients do you use or rec? i have always used utorrent, but i read somewhere not too, i have also used piratebay forever and a few others but just wondered which ones you anons use. oh i have a vpn!!

No. 1133505

I use uTorrent too, I personally never had any problems with it. And for torrent sites I use rarbg, 1337x or Yify

No. 1133592

No. 1133758

File: 1649885090544.jpg (108.92 KB, 890x314, litecoin miner.jpg)

The litecoin miner is usually why people have issues with uTorrent. Personally I use Deluge, and I like it well enough.

No. 1133823

I switched to libretorrent a few months ago and I really like it.

No. 1138139

File: 1650212028788.png (129.93 KB, 801x325, hdmiconvertervstwotooneconvert…)

i have two vga monitors and my laptop has one hdmi port and one vga port. is it better to get a hdmi>vga converter or one of those two female/one male vga converters? what will be better quality/performace-wise?

No. 1138278

I keep trying to switch to Linux, but for some reason I can't seem to boot it on my computer, even though I've done it before in other desktops. It's sad because I love using Linux, but I'm too much of a techlet to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

No. 1141166

if you're trying for 2 different screens then the hdmi to vga. If you just want one screen on two monitors then the vga splitter.

No. 1141842

ooh is that what the vga splitter does? i already got the hdmi to vga so dodged a bullet there huh!

No. 1163624

Is there any way around websites blocking adblocker usage without disabling the adblocker?

No. 1163630

Depends there's tampermonkey add-ons to get past most types "anti-adblock killer" is one, if you're specifically talking about some streaming services e.g. SBS tv where you can't continue streaming the video without watching the embedded ads (server side advertisement embedded). No, pirate the media

No. 1164355

Best browser extensions? My top ones are

>Bypass Paywalls

>Google Translate
>Reader View (read articles without distracting banners/ads/etc)

No. 1164359

Chrome Capture, GIF and Screen Saver is one I use constantly for memes, it's really user friendly

No. 1164418

File: 1651695312269.gif (1.51 KB, 32x32, 7885EA7D-412D-4216-B793-679359…)

I’ve been using a small iPad Pro to draw but I’m kind of interested in buying a Cintiq. There are always a lot of the DTK2200 22HD models being listed on eBay, but I was wondering if they are worth it or are they getting dated compared to new models? I read that Cintiq is only making 25” and 27” sizes now.

No. 1164561

thanks for the recommendations, bypass paywalls, of course there would be an extension for it, sweet! here's some of my faves
>google dictionary (by google)
great for esl anons, double click on a word anywhere and little message thing pops up with a definition, pronounciation. if it doesn't exist then you get a search the web button, really useful!
>Hover Zoom
seen too many tranny abominations thanks to it, but you can disable it per website
makes the scroll bar nice and thin
>Humble New Tab Page
simple but highly customizable new tab page. you can put any image as the background, customize the text color, size, selection roundness. background can be a gif too which is really neat
cool, downloaded!

No. 1166250

File: 1651776709401.jpg (227.52 KB, 1440x1080, Acer_AL1716s_monitor_930152093…)

Can old LCD monitors be used for a dual monitor setup? Or should I buy a new one? I'm broke at the moment, that's why I'm considering buying a cheap-as-dirt retro one. Would the resolution difference be jarring if the old monitor would have 1280x1024 resolution? I need it for drawing and the setup would be that I would draw on my current monitor and would use the old one for reference pictures

No. 1166287

I should add that I'm also considering LED monitors since they are in the same price range

No. 1166343

In my experience cintiqs are really solid and well built, I know of artists still using their 13hd and those came out in 2013, so age shouldn’t be much of an issue

No. 1170847

i say go for it but look for a nicer brand. i have the exact setup you're curious about and also use it for drawing. the small screen can get a bit cramped with the interface (not sure if you wanted to draw on it, wasn't super clear). anyways i bought a lenovo monitor and it has nice colors, contrast and great viewing angles too, for only about 15 bucks. it's actually nicer than my old 1920 x1080 monitor, which i will replace in the future and keep the square one.

No. 1172421

Recently I've been experimenting with different text-to-speech software to create my own audiobooks. It's crazy how much better and advanced the female TTS voices are compared to males.

No. 1175044

I had a thinkpad and I honestly hated it. Chunky and heavy with a garbage touchpad and keyboard. The supposedly good models are like a decade old by now.

I'd consider a framework laptop if you're into that repairability/upgradability stuff. https://frame.work/

>Bypass Paywalls
Apparently that comes with google analytics bundled, the clean version removes it.
Chrome: https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean
Firefox: https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-firefox-clean
Adblocker filters: https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-clean-filters
>Google Translate
Unless you need whole pages translated in-line I'd just use a bookmarklet: https://www.toptal.com/developers/hastebin/azibanujiq.js

I use
Lastpass, but without a history of security scandals
solves google captchas
>Random User-Agent
>Dark Reader
Dark mode for websites. Firefox still doesn't have a native solution for this ffs
Redirects youtube, twitter, reddit, tiktok etc. to lighter and more privacy-friendly alternative front ends https://github.com/mendel5/alternative-front-ends
Better maintained than Decentralyes
I have userscipts for
>Lolcow & crystal.cafe in-line catalog search (bit slow and doesn't search thread subjects)
>4chan captcha solver
>4chan X
>AO3: Fic's Style, Blacklist, Bookmarks
>ao3 crossover savior

No. 1179959

File: 1652463428899.png (344.36 KB, 523x344, Screenshot 2022-05-13 193624.p…)

Halp. I connected a second monitor to my PC and now my first one stopped working.

>Problem 1:

Monitor1 (Acer) has VGA and HDMI ports. It always did this weird thing where…if I connected an HDMI cable only, it wouldn't detect it at all, only if I connected a VGA also, and then it'd autoselect HDMI. So when booting up the PC, it would always did this choosing game of 'detecting VGA' and 'Detecting HDMI' and it'd then go for the Hdmi.

Monitor2 (the new one, a Dell) that I have just connected has VGA and DVI ports and it works fine with the VGA, but the PC now doesn't recognize Monitor1, since it only has the Hdmi connected. I'm planning to go and buy a DVI cable and use the VGA cable with Monitor2 (the PC has only 1 VGA port) but I guess I'm just worried what if that doesn't work because let's the new monitor doesn't love it. What other choices do I have? VGA - HDMI adapters don't work at all apparently because VGA is analog and HDMI is digital.

>Problem 2

Even though I set the brightness of the new monitor to literally 0, it's still superbright. It's as if it didn't detect at all me changing the brightness. It's literally the same brightness be it a 1 or a 100

No. 1179985

I should add that it's not the cable either, I tried two different HDMI cables with the Acer monitor and it just says 'No Signal' for both of them

No. 1180017

Also, not sure if this is important, but the resolution of both monitors is 1920x1080

No. 1180066

Okay I solved it…? I feel really stupid but the PC had actually two HDMI ports, one in the upper part of the PC and in the lower part of the PC. The one in the upper part is not working, only the lower one does

No. 1180873

I assume you initially plugged your monitor into the motherboard slot, which may be turned off automatically if a graphics card (which I assume is behind the the lower one) is detected.

Dunno about the brightness, are you changing it on the monitor itself, or via some software on your computer? Does it change at all, and it just still looks too bright on low, or does it stay the same regardless of what you set?

No. 1191461

I want to become a software engineer and I was wondering which laptops are good to make shit running in the background and using virtual machines.

People keep recommending me Macbooks but I've been kinda paranoid on Apple recently. Any other suggestion?

No. 1191705

I've always used androids but after researching privacy and security it seems the iphone is by far the most private and secure common brand of smartphone. Pretty sure that's what I'll get for my next phone with that in mind although I'll have to do more research.

No. 1191757

Doesn't matter, especially since you are only starting out. use whatever you prefer.

No. 1191758

I am not an infosec nonny, but I have friends and colleagues who are. none of them uses an iPhone. Take that as you will.

No. 1191980

This is a lie from very good propaganda and marketing. iPhones have the most exploits of any modern smartphone and can be overtaken remotely in seconds without you ever knowing. Apple fanboys are on the same tier as Tesla fanboys.
See >>1191758

No. 1192577

reminder that apple products cannot play webms lol

No. 1200002

a nonnie from meta has a work-around
>Download the app VLC (it's orange) Then download the webm. I download through safari, tap on the file, hit the corner button, then view with VLC.

No. 1204264

My does it go to a "print pictures" pop up when I double click on a downloaded image? What the hell suddenly changed overnight that it decides to do this to me? The microsoft file opener apps are so shitty

No. 1204313

Nothing that will help you but I really hate Microsoft OS and everything related to Outlook. I use it at work and it’s such a chore to download/search/edit/do anything with files. I’m not a dummy with computers, I just remember how much easier it used to be

No. 1205744

My mom's laptop is very slow and quite old but she doesn't want to replace it. Is there an operating system she can put on it that will make it quicker? It's on windows 10 rn. She only uses it a couple times a week to play solitaire and e-mail/do finances.

No. 1206909

iphones are so stylish tho, idk why it feels so right. I don't use any other apple product.

No. 1209086

linux mint xfce (the most lightweight that i know of).

No. 1209103

I'm looking into switching to a screen tablet but don't want to fully commit and drop money on a Cintiq. Does anyone here have experience with Huion or those chinese tablet brands in general? I was looking at Huion Kamvas 16 (2021) since it's getting some pretty positive reviews online but I'm worried about possibly missing some super obvious flaw. Obviously not expecting it to match Wacom in terms of quality, but also don't want to go straight for the expensive option before I even know if I prefer it over screenless.

No. 1210965

Any recs for a tiny laptop or a dedicated digital word processor/diary?

No. 1214112

Do apps like VSCO, Snow etc. lower the photo quality?

No. 1215997

My laptop's charger needs to be replaced, it's working but it's visibly damaged and you can see at some point the inner cables and blue liquid. My laptop is an ASUS, should I get an ASUS charger or any brand name charger that's compatible with my laptop's model?

No. 1216003

I recommend ImageGlass as an alternative for pics.

No. 1216232

How do I prevent Outlook constantly resetting its view by itself?

No. 1249900

Is there any way I can get rid of the YouTube app on my android phone?

No. 1250017

I have recently wiped my hard drive and had to reinstall every program. I'd like apps such as discord to automatically launch on my second monitor instead of my main one,like it did before I reset everything. How can I make it do that?

No. 1250340

File: 1656909859983.png (336.3 KB, 616x336, confused.png)

A random number texted me with an obvious spam link along with a strawberry emoji right after it. I didn't click it, but I did block the number and delete the message. Am I screwed? Do I reset everything?

No. 1250342

No. A lot of time it's just cold calling or they bought your data from someone so they can get your phone number to try and sell/scam you.

No. 1250345

With SNOW, yes, but I guess it depends on what you do exactly.

No. 1250346

Thank you, nona.

No. 1253022

File: 1657130282076.png (157.2 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2022-07-06 20-…)

I've been using Linux Ubuntu for awhile now. Since a month or so ago, every time I put my laptop into "suspension" mode, when I open it up there's a 50/50 chance this will happen at the bottom.
What could be the reason? Could it be my shell, app theme and extensions not working together?

No. 1254096

File: 1657223929602.png (20.53 KB, 452x201, noooooooooooo.png)

This evening I started getting this error when trying to open literally any image file on my computer on both my SSD and external hard drive. All the other file types work fine though.

No. 1254097

Actually opening them with Paint works fine, but opening the Windows 10 Photos app by double clicking the files returns this error.

No. 1254104

Is windows photo viewer still assigned as your default viewer?

No. 1254105

Yeah, turns out it's a problem with the default Win10 Photos app. Any alternative recommendations?

No. 1254110

I’d start by running some antiviral software. Then try reassigning it in the setting menu. You can also try right clicking the image and seeing if you can tell it to open with the app. Did you update your pc or did it just start randomly? There’s some other stuff we can try after that to find and fix the problem.

No. 1254118

File: 1657224986306.png (16.25 KB, 763x353, windoze upd8s.PNG)

I just started an antivirus scan. The last Windows update I got was on 18.06 but I also have this optional update. Would it help?

No. 1254122

Fixed it: Settings -> Apps -> Microsoft Photos -> Advanced Options -> Terminate -> Repair -> Reset
Now it works fine just like before.

No. 1254126

Can you still get malware and the like from simply opening a mail, but not clicking on anything? I wanna open the mails I get from my dead uncle in South Canada who wants me to inherit google if I just send him those last needed pesky 0.00004238 bitcoin, but not at the cost of my six year old laptop.

No. 1259863

File: 1657645320992.png (979.8 KB, 687x350, 1280.png)

Nonnas, I actually raged about this today as well and found a solution:

- Use Ublock Origin (browser extension)
- In the Extension (settings) options, in Filters, paste this:

twitter.com# #div[role='dialog']
twitter.com# #[id$='PromoSlot']
twitter.com# #html->body:style(overflow:visible !important;)
twitter.com# #html:style(overflow:visible !important;)

(Remove spaces between the #'s, the formatting interprets consecutive hash symbols as spoiler tag)

Bim bam bom, fuck you Twitter, problem solved permanently!

No. 1260417

I am fucking stuck in this startup loop and I've tried everythjng, even the reset option and still back to the same fucking blue screen every time. pls anyone know wtf to do?

No. 1261950

I'm worried my ISP is going to cut me off for uploading too much. Even though I have an "unlimited plan" they can still terminate you for excessive use. I wish I knew the exact limit per month.

No. 1262875

File: 1657840964084.jpeg (74.59 KB, 660x550, D20ozOT.jpeg)

How easy would it be for me to learn SQL if the only coding I know is HTML/CSS from fucking around in website layouts? Also, does being a woman make it easier or harder to break into the industry? I've heard conflicting things.

No. 1262974

Database work is filled with sexism. You’ll have a hard time making a lot of money. Sql is very analytical so if you’re good at that you can probably do it.

No. 1263064

Lovely. Do you have a recommendation for a better paying/less sexist part of the industry?

No. 1263081

Work remote. You won’t be able to avoid the sexism regardless.

No. 1263082

Is there a way to screenshot things on the mobile apps of netflix and hbo max? Using an android device. I just sometimes see scenes I'd like to use as reference for drawing/etc but of course they have it to where the screenshot just comes out as a black screen

No. 1263098

Anything that requires specialization is going to be easier to climb into more money. You end up with a toolkit that’s hard to replace and you can get a comfortable amount of money in database work either SQL or Admin to start and build from there. With SQL either go towards visualizations and tableau or if you’re less of a people person focus on combining SQL with something like Python or another form of automation. Most people never go beyond the basics. Shoot for remote jobs and don’t feel bad about leaving for another position after two to three years if you’re someone that wants to make more than comfortable money. Most IT related jobs are focused on getting new people in, not keeping the people they have. They already have you why do they need to pay you more?
If you’re looking for side money. Hide your sex and offer freelance SQL work on GitHub once you have enough skill. Sorry nonnie. Just being honest, hopefully it gives you a better idea?

No. 1263115

Thank you so much, anons. You’ve given me some excellent ideas. Fuck scrotes and their sexism, obviously, but I’ve had to work around it all my life, so oh well. Guess we’ll never be able to have it all.

No. 1263219

(i hope this is the right thread for this)

anyone here uses note taking apps for windows (evernote, onenote, notion, etc)?
I was a big evernote fan (free legacy version with endless notes and notebooks, fast and simple to use, monthly limit for notes but no overall account limit), but their new version is slow and buggy as fuck (i hate electron with a passion). i want to change for another app, even if i have to pay (once, not subscription), but all of them have the same problems that evernote now has (shitty block formatting, buggy interface, low limit for notes/books, even with "premium").
the most similar thing to what i want is Joplin, but they don't offer cloud backup and that was one of my needs. i don't care much about privacy/data breach because i use evernote for normie work/study shit.

No. 1268261

File: 1658245568185.jpg (9.69 KB, 225x225, such is life.jpg)

>delete my YouTube account a while back
>still visiting the site every day
Why are there no other options yet?

No. 1268326

I use Joplin with Dropbox. You can also use it with OneDrive.

No. 1268386

Hey queen what’s important to know is that we use these quick refresh/divert sites for reasons other than just ‘entertainment’ sometimes, we’re trying to push away stress, loneliness, emptiness- or we’re just addicted. So you first need to address why you’re using it. And then, practice going without. Forgive your slip ups, cultivate self awareness, find things to do that don’t require a phone. I would meditate if I were you. I cannot meditate as whenever I try to do it the spiders start crawling under my skin again. But meditation has so many benefits. Anyway I can see you want to get better and that’s a great start. Good luck queen.

No. 1270842

Are the torrent files on archive.org downloading from the website or are actual people seeding them?

No. 1270882

theres nebula too

No. 1273729

Are there any anons here that are actually programmers

No. 1273988

I'm not sure if you're looking to browse less in general or to browse as much but not support YouTube, but this could work for both. It did for me (somewhat) and it could be a good first step. I started using YouTube front ends like FreeTube, Piped and Invidious and they eventually curbed my urge to constantly watch videos. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe it makes the experience more boring to me. Perhaps in my mind I'm free from that terrible place because I don't see it mentioned anywhere and it does something to my brain. I also have a browser extension called Privacy Redirect that redirects video links (among others) to a front end automatically so I don't even have to see YouTube, ever. Another step is to get LeechBlock and just block it altogether, although it's too easy to remove a site from the block list if you really want to visit. Still looking for a more hardcore solution to that.

No. 1274020

If you grew up with the internet it's just a habit at this point you didn't have other alternatives.
If you want to limit coming to this website then download an extension that limit which websites you spend time on. The general advice is to pick up a hobby, read books, go to the gym/take regular walks, go out with friends, take a class on something etc

No. 1276514

File: 1658751684215.jpg (11.13 KB, 1184x740, apple-evolution-thumbnail.jpg)

I'm doing a UX course and want to learn how to use Sketch but I don't have a Mac and tbh it's the only thing I'd use it for if I had one. What's the lowest priced Macbook that can still run Sketch without a problem?

No. 1276521

File: 1658751967700.jpg (42.62 KB, 768x768, scraft_artisan_keycaps_1624335…)

Anyone like mechanical keyboards? I've got this gengar keycap from s-craft coming some time in December and it's pretty

No. 1276525

Is that the cute little thing from the vent thread?

No. 1276529

File: 1658752377536.jpg (192.8 KB, 2048x1365, x7lliwn7rwq41.jpg)

It's the same pokemon yeah

No. 1276541

It's a cute pokemon and a cute keycap, didn't know those things existed.

No. 1276552

Oh my god that's so cute! I just have boring black pudding caps, maybe I should add some cool ones like that too. I used to have a really cute ombre pink to blue keycap set, but it was for US keyboards and I use a Nordic layout, so all the special characters were wrong, it was hell kekk

No. 1276697

You can run Mac OS in a virtual machine like VMware or Virtual Box. It's not as simple as running Linux or another version windows in a VM but it doesn't cost anything.

No. 1277466

File: 1658816450536.jpg (57.74 KB, 601x451, Screenshot 2022-07-25 232121.j…)

Does anyone have any recommendations for around-the-neck bluetooth earbuds with the ability to connect each bud to different sources?

No. 1277509

I guarantee you no one does

No. 1277563

No. 1278585

That's sick. Good choice, anon.

No. 1287620

File: 1659516051834.gif (734.34 KB, 600x494, annoyed-throw-phone.gif)

>bought a phone in 2019
>its already dying
What the fuck samsung?? Is it on purpose? My previous phone lasted me 6 years. Is there any new phone thats worth getting now, or should i try sticking to some old models? All i really do on my phone is take pictures and edit them, playing rhythm games every once in awhile.

No. 1290707

File: 1659708939938.jpg (36.49 KB, 1000x562, iCFuC5FQvgRxz7BhCPNxQc-1200-80…)

Does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3? Do you like it? Any drawbacks?

No. 1290709

Kawaii consoom youtubers are memeing me to desire it I want the cute lilac device

No. 1290719

I have it!! It was given to me as a New Year present and I love it, the only drawback for me personally is that samsung doesn't want to expand functions of some standard apps for those to work with flip, but it's a minor problem. And yeah, there is a line in the middle, but when you use the phone you don't see it (or at least I don't), I also like to bend upper half a bit while using it, I feel like a mean girl from 00s romcom kek.

No. 1290796

The original one was iridescent, I wish they still were!
Thanks nonnas! I think I might get one. Is it too big to use with one (small) hand? I'm not concerned about the fold line tbh.

No. 1290797

File: 1659714814045.jpg (143.77 KB, 736x548, 34a8fd99dfea7b6d9747e2e7434eca…)

i really want a flip phone like picrel, the only ones available rn are for old people and theyre ugly as sin. I dont want to rely that much on technology anymore so i feel like getting one is the best option, but i have a lot of friends on social media i feel bad about losing contact
ill hopefully buy one in a few years

No. 1290799

Also kek @ feeling like Kim Possible or whatever while using it folded at 90°, I thought the same thing

No. 1290807

You know you could just log onto social media on your laptop or pc

No. 1290892

I think it depends, I can't flip it with one hand, but it's okay for scrolling, though if I'm walking I still prefer using two hands
kek I'm just autistic like that

No. 1290947

File: 1659725627379.jpg (49.75 KB, 640x480, 640px-703shf3.jpg)

I am somebody who still uses a old school mobile phone (never owned a smart phone lol) and it's possible to stay in touch with your friend because as >>1290807 mentioned, I use my laptop for that. It's possible, so get your cute flip phone, anon!

No. 1293216

what vpn do u nonnies use?

No. 1300067

File: 1660343103273.gif (29.69 KB, 145x179, 1621921714396.gif)

Are these type phones worth it? I want to still be able to Google in emergencies and have safety apps especially in this school shooter age of Murica. I don't care about social media, insta is a drain and I can use my laptop for most things. I want to stop bookmarking websites I visit once months later and saving images/memes too

No. 1300070

They don't have internet

No. 1300460

Get a cheap smartphone on your local eBay or Craigslist for Maps/Google/SM, everywhere has free wifi nowadays.. most places. Just keep it off to discourage phone use and keep your flip as your primary.

No. 1300869

Should I clean out my existing email and try and get all of my accounts in order, or set up a new email and start from scratch? A bunch of my older passwords have been revealed in data breaches and every time I remember I get a sense of dread that I’m about to have my email/icloud hack. Basically what’s the best way to resecure my email/online identity after being very reckless with using my email to sign up to things over the past ten years?

No. 1300872

New email, aliases, password manager and 2FA

No. 1300971

File: 1660385743484.jpg (23.56 KB, 704x728, eer.jpg)

@ Jannies

No. 1300982

bump JANNIES WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1301042

Can't you just have your smartphone and not install social media apps? There's even apps that will help you block other apps if you're inclined to use them.

No. 1301175

Where can you find sites that tell you your passwords been breached? I know of have you beenpwned

No. 1301194

NTA, but is it a good idea to try and forward every single one of my past e-mails to my new address, then delete them all and abandon the account? I would switch my accounts on other sites to the new address, too.

No. 1301365

Maybe anon feels like she'd be easily tempted to download them anyway and to remove restrictions when the urge to go online is coming back. I'm also considering getting a simple feature phone someday. Not now, but once I'll need less access to apps like google maps.

No. 1301397

People don't even use parental control and that shit is free, not sure how an app or feature you need to pay will appeal to the people who would need it the most.

No. 1301423

I feel like boomers would buy them for themselves but parents wouldn't get them for their kids even though kids and teenagers would greatly benefit from that.

No. 1302009

File: 1660441836670.jpeg (7.97 KB, 258x196, download (1).jpeg)

I want to do this so bad but I don't want to risk fucking it up

No. 1302023

File: 1660442933665.png (47.75 KB, 266x330, 445713299@2x.png)

Try not to strip the screws. I used a low quality screw driver and I messed it up.

No. 1302116

Oh I love this, I miss the orange and yellows

No. 1302460

Not gonna lie recasing a switch lite and replacing the joystick was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm also kinda retarded.

No. 1302513

I did my joycons and it wasn't hard, just time consuming, make sure you don't lose the springs from the L and R buttons (sometimes they go flying when you remove them), most annoying part was cramming everything back into the shell properly

No. 1305457

File: 1660689815532.jpg (339.03 KB, 1920x1080, piece of shit for vapid cunts.…)

same here and rn i am desperately looking for a new phone
i got a samsung s7 and it worked awesome all the way and i only changed it to samsung s9 because the s7 had a lil crack on the screen and it drove me mad
it's been less 3 years and this stupid piece of shit barely works
spotify app keeps crashing every 30 mins, system ui randomly fucking dies, screenshots barely work, if there's any heat outside it stops functioning and drops to 1fps, apps close on themselves when in background though it didn't do this before
and you know what's the worst of the worst? i want a samsung note, the stupid phone with the pen
but the last note phone with a pen and AN EARPLUG HOLE is as good as samsung s9 in specs.

the fuck am i supposed to do? i want a normal, not GIANT (like samsung a52 and etc) size phone, that has a pen (samsung note) and a fucking headphone jack.. oh, and maybe, just maybe, no fucking bixby button. why the shit did they remove bixby button AND the earplug jack? WHAT MADE THEM DO THIS? why copy THE ABSOLUTE WORST of the iphone downgrades?
fucking awesome; let me spend even more money on an adapter so i can overheat the single charging hole by using it twice as hard.
fucking look at picrel. what the fuck is wrong with the chinese billionaire company samsung? WHO wanted this?

No. 1308939

How bad is the data collection on the Tiktok desktop site compared to the app?

No. 1330640

5 month old post i know
nonnie i've been declutteeing for years keeping all my emails at a minimum.
my advice is to send receipts into the archive box or create a folder for them specifically

No. 1330654

File: 1662618618595.jpg (103.64 KB, 728x410, GalaxyS10-Global-launch_thumb7…)

nonny i HATE everything that has to do with bixby. the button is plain stupid. (the model that I own is S10)
>if there's any heat outside it stops functioning and drops to 1fps
The same is happening to mine too. i am really at a loss on which phone to buy now. not like i can afford a new one at the moment, maybe next year. i even unironically thought of getting an iPhone but i bet it has the same issues too. i cant believe my phone is 3 (!) years old and it barely works. i had phones that lasted at least 5 years in the past.

No. 1333571

File: 1662764137493.jpeg (156.41 KB, 828x537, 163B50FD-4FC1-4B19-9922-5928A2…)

No. 1333573

File: 1662764192045.jpeg (398.18 KB, 828x1093, 5860FA4B-D32C-4FB5-92DE-6698FC…)

No. 1333574

File: 1662764223778.png (23.98 KB, 786x238, F868DB2F-C1D3-4C75-8AF1-D66CEF…)

No. 1334136

You could look into getting a Sony phone. I've had my current Xperia compact for six years and it's still perfectly functional and in good condition. The only problem it has is that my banking app lags slightly when I start it up. I don't handle it with kid gloves either, it's been mauled by toddlers, used in the rain and I take it trail running through mud so I can listen to spotify.

No. 1336645

File: 1662974912256.jpg (32.73 KB, 800x800, ImgW.jpg)

Can anyone recommend good in-ear headphones (wireless or not, doesn't matter) that i could use on a PC? My head keeps having pressure and headaches because of my headset i am sick of it. I thought of getting Sony True Wireless WF-C500 but the reviews are not looking good.

No. 1336678

Don't get those nona, I got them cause a friend recommended them but the sound quality is subpar and the mic is so quiet and I'm having connection issues after half a year…

No. 1336727

File: 1662982066654.jpg (5.4 KB, 211x239, 9k=.jpg)

I've been using Sony WI-C400's for a year or so and I really like them. They sit around your neck and have a long battery life. I think there are newer versions, if that's important to you.

No. 1339198

reposting from stupid questions
Is it true that if the touchpad on your laptop is slightly raised (mostly near the buttons) that means the battery is swollen and could potentially catch on fire? Mine is HP and I've only had it for 3 years if that helps.
If it is true then what can I do to to prevent it in the meantime? I can't go to a repair shop now.

No. 1339287

Open up the back and take a look, laptop batteries are removable so if it is swollen just take it out until you can replace it

No. 1339293

If you can't open it then you should make sure the heat vents have space around them for air to flow, clean out keys and stuff so that it dosent have to work so hard and is less likely to damage it further

No. 1339296

File: 1663154775141.png (987.92 KB, 1024x683, Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 05-24…)

I've decided to upgrade from a 60 to 65% keyboard. I've been using a tofu60 layout up until now, but I've been finding it doesn't have enough keys immediately accessible. I've also got a pretty cool keycap set and I'd like to use more of it.

Should look similar to pic rel once it's built, but with KBDfans Tofu65 parts inside

No. 1348448

Does anyone have recommendations for mp3 players? Preferably with a decent amount of storage (my current music folder stands at >16GB) and bluetooth capability. Also- is it worth switching from Windows to Linux? Microsoft has been pissing me off lately, but I'm not a techfag so I'm not sure how feasible it would be.

No. 1348451

Samefag, sorry. More detail on the MP3 thing- A lot of the more "modern" ones have wayy too many features for me (and are way too expensive). I really just want something with a good amount of storage that plays music and does little else. Doesn't have to have earth-shattering audio quality, just not shitty. Trying to replace my phone with it.

No. 1348454

>Also- is it worth switching from Windows to Linux?
It is, imo. More secure, private, consumes less resources

No. 1348468

sorry for necro, but if you're on windows you can use cygwin! you just install it and can get wget package installed during setup. windows wget is utterly broken and not even updated, but it works perfectly with cygwin

if you have patience, an ipod classic with flash storage mod and if you hate itunes, rockbox installed. look for 5th to 7th gen classics, you can shove even 1tb of storage into these. if you can score one for decent price it's totally worth it, but be careful since there are lot of scalpers out there.

No. 1350871

The battery isn't removable, but yes there is space for the vents I think, I sit the laptop on one of those hard mini-desk things.

Another stupid question, how many more months could I use it before it spontaneously combusts? Sorry all those videos of laptops catching on fire and blowing up are freaking me out tbh and google isn't giving any answers. I have to wait until December at least before getting a new laptop. Also noticed that the top of the lid is slightly split but idk if that's battery related. Other than that and the raised touchpad buttons (and some slight dent dimple thing near it that appeared out of nowhere?) it seems to be fine for now.

No. 1350899

>is it worth switching from windows to linux
as a fellow non techfag who switched to ubuntu, it's not too difficult but it can be frustrating at times. At the bare minimum you'll need to know how to use command line and how to google any errors you'll inevitably get. The sky's the limit in terms of customization but generally nothing ~just works~ like on windows. I'm having a lot of fun with my laptop running linux but I kept my desktop windows because getting some games to run on linux is a pain lol.

No. 1355416

Why did some of the old downloaded photos on my phone (Samsung Galaxy A51) get corrupted after renaming? The problem photos were all downloaded before May 2021 and I can rename any file that was downloaded after May 1st 2021 just fine.

No. 1358195

File: 1664525164094.jpeg (106.67 KB, 1170x1181, FdYoMAqUcAAvrEM.jpeg)

Any nonnies paying attention to AI? I don't really myself, but in the last couple of days I noticed both pic rel and the pictures of AI-generated art going around.

Something a lot of people don't know is that mainstream newspapers write their content for readers assumed to be at a fourth or fifth grade level of reading. (Yes people are that stupid.) But what does this mean if AI can coherently generate essays for grade students? I'm scarred nonnies

No. 1358199

File: 1664525306090.png (282.55 KB, 607x526, 1664508067528145.png)

Meant to bump actually

No. 1358291

It's not just soulless, she's looking in two different directions at the same time in a way that's subtle enough to miss it.

No. 1358295

ai shit just gets content from internet databases using the same tags that you input. anything made by ai is plagiarized. ai art is photobashing. it's just blending pre-existing stuff together.

No. 1358297

File: 1664533761902.png (467.61 KB, 597x676, FdDuf5kX0AEAHff.png)

Also this

No. 1358371

It’s grabbing random shit off the net and putting it together. At some point it will fail to rephrase or make an idea it’s own and this man will get in huge fucking trouble for cheating and will want to play victim. This shit will have them pull your degree.

No. 1381852

File: 1666367669517.gif (8.46 MB, 300x224, c.gif)

Am I safe if I cancelled a virus that tried to download?

No. 1381890

Sorry for spreading it

No. 1382040

Is anyone here into programming? Have you made any hobby programs recently? I want to get back into programming for fun but have no idea what to do. Are there any communities around this? Like creative coding?

No. 1382213

I also want to know the answer to this!

No. 1382221

https://www.frontendmentor.io/ Is a nice site. This question might have better reach in the oldweb thread, though. A lot of programming types in there

No. 1382222

you are in so much danger nonnie

No. 1382228

I think it depends what type it is, some "stupider" ones require you to open them where as others are pretty snappy and quick to infect unknowingly

No. 1382839

File: 1666436639986.gif (8.29 MB, 400x400, w.gif)

Nooo don't say that..
I think this one is retarded because I scanned my computer multiple times and even checked for the file that tried to download and I haven't seen anything fishy. Or maybe I'm the retarded one for believing I'm safe. Should I reset it anyway?

No. 1382944

Lol it's fine. But if you're very paranoid just reset it.

No. 1383022

I'm in the market for a new phone, but I haven't kept up with them in a while so I'm out of the loop. What are some good midrange phone options currently? I'm open to Chinese phones, but only if the build quality is decent. The Pixel 7 looks nice but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much.

No. 1383147

Pixel 6 is fine.

No. 1383854

can a phone charge by itself when turned off? i forgot to plug one of my phones to charge so it turned itself off because of low battery and when i plugged it to charge at the very least many hours, maybe even a day or two later now it turned on and showed ~40% battery, is that normal?

No. 1393382

a wallpaper?

No. 1393384

icon customization? if the characters are meant to be icons cause that's what this is i think

No. 1393387

It can potentially recalculate the amount of battery if turning off the phone killed hungry processes/apps. It's not really charging though, the battery level is only a prediction based off current and recent usage.

No. 1396128

I have a broken key and I want to re-route the function to another key that does work. How do I do that? Windows doesn't seem to let me do it for this particular key, is there any program I can use? I can't quite figure it out.

No. 1398336

z-library domain got seized by ICE in the US. I'm so sad, hopefully it comes back soon.

No. 1398349

there was a big thread on /lit/ about it. Our autistic friends will make sure our digital library of alexandria is always available.

The US government spends tax dollars to actively prevent people from reading books.

No. 1398360

Doesn't libgen source from the same database as zlibrary does/did?

No. 1405169

File: 1668177709014.gif (1.96 MB, 500x295, 1663717485119.gif)

ESL here, sorry if I use some dated words. My smartphone broke almost 2 months ago. I didn't have my pics/documents/videos/etc in a SD card. The phone is still not 100% dead, but the screen is. I can charge it and it makes some sounds and the buttons light up some time. When I plug it to my PC it doesn't appear an icon like it's connected, but a modem-like generic icon with my phone's name below. And when I click on it it shows an empty folder. I click on it with the right button and select ''import images and videos'' but PC says there's nothing. Is there something I can do? Will someone be able to do something if I go to a tech shop? Thanks, I hope I'm not in the wrong thread for this

No. 1405171

Is there no way for me to use a classic blackberry since it shut down in Jan of this year?

No. 1406174

File: 1668241695910.jpeg (165.19 KB, 1600x1200, 025E838B-29C8-4144-8435-0E5DEA…)

what are the cons of downgrading to windows xp ? i fucking hate windows 10 as im sure many of you also do and honestly anything minimalist flat and soulless which all corporate web design is right now, so i want to go back to good old windows xp, but i heard some people discourage it, is there any real reason why besides being slow ? like everything is bound to slow down anyway idgaf, the programs that come with windows 10 are absolute ass in comparison with xp and some arent even available and i had to get from archive.org. what are the real downsides besides slowness ?

No. 1406177

No security updates

No. 1406180

Plenty of bloatware you can just delete with no issue, I would also suggest simply getting visual mods since the aesthetic aspect seems to be your biggest gripe. You don’t have to stick to the default look of your operating system. You can also hop over to Linux if you really wanna hand tailor your experience on a user level.

No. 1406189

nta. I've considered trying Linux but it can't run various software I need for uni. What are some visual mods for windows? I only know and use rainmeter.

No. 1406200

I don't think the speed would be an issue, it's more about whether you could run anything modern on it. Unless that software you need for uni is from the 90s / early 00s chances are winxp wont manage. You'd have to downgrade everything which is a pain in the ass.
I dont rice my windows anymore as I'm quite content with only a transparent taskbar with rainmeter and custom icons but few years back deviantart had a big windows customization community so I'd look there. Here is a basic tutorial I quickly googled https://www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/Guide-To-Installing-Windows-10-Themes-708835586

No. 1406204

>when I click on it it shows an empty folder
That's because the phone is in charge mode. You have to specifically select file transfer on the phone to import files.
You could try using adb and booting into recovery mode but I'm pretty sure you would have to had usb debugging enabled on your phone. It's disabled by default so unless you remember playing with this before this option is off. In the tech shop they could try with an usb hub. I think it works without the debugging tools so they could connect a monitor and a mouse and control it that way.

No. 1406210

samefag but forgot i wanted also mention running a virtual machine with winxp to give it a try before committing

No. 1406215

WinXP is a 32-bit operating system. That means that it can only run 32-bit programs and use 4GB of RAM. If you want to go back to an earlier version of windows, win7 is still viable as a daily operating system.

No. 1406230

Can confirm, I can do everything online as normal on my win7 pc. It's very much the last currently supported old os though, and you need to make sure you don't update software or install automatic updates or things will stop working. My other win10 pc works about the same but with odd keyboard/mouse errors.
The latest browsers all work fine on win7.
Installing old versions of programs from years ago will usually work on win7, the new versions will give you a blank screen or not work properly, but most programs have old releases to download which support win7.
Plus plus the old versions are often better since programs just keep adding useless features to get people to upgrade.
Interestingly the web version of spotify, instagram and Twitter on opera is superior to the app versions, better usability and less ads.
It feels like apps and os are just getting worse, the older stuff all works much better as long as the pc you're using is powerful, laptops will struggle.

No. 1410905

What is less intensive to run, a machine with dual boot or vm?

No. 1410926

Dual boot because when running a VM you need to have enough CPU power and RAM for both the host OS and the VM OS. It does also depend on what the host OS is. Linux has far lower system requirements than windows.

No. 1410950

File: 1668592841100.gif (386 B, 135x11, tumblr_mbeckd0qKr1roozkr540.gi…)

Hey anons. My friend got doxxed (she is one of the weeb content creators) and is getting threatend to pay 1k dollars on paypal otherwise they would leak her childhood pics and other stuff. I want to help her figure out her internet safety. I never had a problem with my safety online as I know to not connect same e-mail to every service i use, dont connect nicknames, whatever, etc. The 'threatning' guy asks for PayPal and i assume that u can even find his PayPal adress too.
Any tips? I want to tell her to wipe out the rest of her stuff and check the amount of accounts she has w similar names/nicknames and double-auth. Poor girl, i am just not too sure what to do.

No. 1411098

Lock down all her accounts. Make her an email not attached to her name or real phone. Maybe proton. It’s easy. Use it in place of her regular email. Remove her name from any accounts it’s on.
US has a law that says people have a right to be forgotten if you have the time call those background companies the ones that will give you peoples name and addresses and cite it if she is or the company is American and demand her information is removed.
Put two factor on her accounts with something like a Google voice number, so it’s more secure but not attached again to her name and number.
Password manager. No repeating passwords
Is her doxx for sell on the dark web yet? Or is she just being threatened?

No. 1411102

You can also report them to PayPal and the FBI’s online crimes division. PayPal will likely kill their account.

No. 1411192

Nta, but that law is in the EU, not the US

No. 1411215

You’re right. It was early.

No. 1411250

Well she definitely should not send the guy money, there's nothing to stop him from releasing her stuff once he gets it. However since it's a PayPal, that's a big sign of him being an amateur + he can easily be tracked by it so she can report the address. Assuming he showed her proof he actually does have her dox I guess the horse is kind of out of the barn now but the two most important things are not to reuse usernames/emails and not to let even small details drop (birthday, college major, whatever, anything that can narrow down who she is) and to lock down her accounts, deactivate any socials that aren't essential to business and possibly wipe everything from those. Sorry this happened its a hugely shitty thing for this creep to do especially the blackmail but if she can get authorities to listen she's got him dead to rights for that if he shared his PayPal. It might even be possible to dox him back with that depending on how stupid he is with his personal security.

No. 1415351

Hi, I'm looking for an RSS feed reader for Android that 1) works offline (doesn't require account) and 2) has folders

No. 1421717

File: 1669435931399.jpeg (89.57 KB, 675x725, 90B5777A-A8E5-42C2-9648-495758…)

To the anons who have a Steam Deck or have used one, is it overhyped or is it worth the money?
I miss PC gaming so much, but I’m traveling a few times next year and I know a PC will be a pain in the ass to ship or travel with, plus I find handhelds more comfortable (and somehow cute) in general.
I don’t mind not getting 4K maximum quality graphics or 120fps, I’ve survived years with toaster laptops that barely got to 30fps on mid-low settings lol, so anything that isn’t like 480p quality and +30fps is more than good enough for me
Asking here cause Reddit is a Steam ass-kissing circlejerk
I’ll appreciate any opinions, thanks!

No. 1421747

I didn't get a steam deck but an Ayaneo. I think it's portability and the fact that is serves as a very easily portable pc is great. Runs better than my laptop but my laptop was pretty cheap kek. The thing with handheld pc portable consoles is that they are expensive so leaving it behind on accident would be bad or could be robbed.

No. 1421775

I'm at my wits' end. Can someone help me find a laptop? It'll be mainly for browsing and drawing.
><$1300 budget
>Preferably has W10 installed
>Decent build quality, nothing too heavy
>Decent display
Any ideas? Or have any of you bought a laptop that came with W11 and you were able to successfully downgrade? At this point I don't mind getting something secondhand.

Chances are, unless you use a virtual machine to run it, you won't be able to install it. Companies are desperate to try and lock you into whatever OS is current, whether its a prebuilt computer or one you made yourself. For example: I recently bought a new laptop that came with Windows 11 installed, and I went to downgrade to W10 as the latter fits my needs better. It essentially bricked; it's becoming more common for companies to use their own drivers instead of generic ones and shit won't work even if you manually download them and install them yourself. My touchpad stopped working and would not work no matter what I did. I tried reinstalling W11 and that's not working either, so my old option now is to return it.

On my old desktop computer, I tried installing W7 but it would only work with W10. None of the workarounds that were available at the time did anything. It's beyond frustrating. We as consumers should be allowed to make our own decisions with what we put on our devices.

No. 1421789

Installing Linux might get your existing laptop working again as most distros come with the necessary drivers.
You can use Rufus to make a bootable USB drive
If you've never used Linux before Mint is good easy to use distro

No. 1421967

Feeder by NoNonsenseApps. It has tags that work just like folders.

No. 1421971

do any of you use a keyboard case for your ipad? i have an ipad air 4th gen i want to use more

No. 1422034

Thanks nona! I’ll take a look at the Aya Neo too and see which one’s for me. Thankfully
I’ve never had anything like that happen, but I’ll still be careful, thanks again!

No. 1422151

Too late, I've already returned it. I don't have the time to tinker around with Linux stuff anymore. Besides, if the company didn't have working drivers for W10 then I doubt they would have working drivers for Linux distros. It's so upsetting.

No. 1424198

i filled the battery well of my tofu65 case with sorbothane, and put 2mm of the stuff along the bottom too. i also replaced the rubber feet with sorbothane hemispheres, which is a nice vibration barrier between the keyboard and my desk. both dampened any "ping" noise i could take the plate foam out, so the sound profile is quite pronounced and unmuted now.

i can still hear a slight metallic sound if i listen closely (it's almost imperceptible), so i'm going to install an o-ring mod in the future and use nylon screws to mount the pcb to the case

No. 1424216

>both dampened any "ping" noise i could take the plate foam out
dampened any "ping" noise enough*

No. 1424240

File: 1669630983694.jpg (600.06 KB, 2121x1414, iStock-827572452.jpg)

Nonnas, I am looking for a new phone.
My needs are
>I am an artfag and I want to try drawing on a phone 'on the go' with a pencil, probably sounds ridicilous
>Good camera as I run a tiny blog
>I want to be able to buy cute phone cases (yes, that is dumb)
>Optional: I like playing japanese mobile games (usually rythm ones or gachas) and some of them require pure APK-install or something other than the Google Play store. I was looking at iPhones but i have never had one, but it creeps me out how 'limiting' it is

No. 1424559

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. It works well for all those things.

Also do art, photo, emulating and game, apk based install, etc and I like it for all that. Cute cases available readily depending on where you look. I also use a clear case and just make my own inserts.

Samsung Galaxy hasn't let me down yet and I've had several. I appreciate how much file exploration you can do with it as well.

No. 1424574

As an artfag, should I get an all in one PC or should I get a desktop unit with RAM and shit I can switch out if I wanted? I like the look and space an all in one offers but idk

No. 1424882

Desktop unit. Lasts longer, can be repaired. All in 1 computers are like all in 1 printer/scanner/copiers imo. Might last but if one thing goes to shit you can expect issues with the rest.

This isn't 100% but a tried and true desktop PC will treat you well and a fairly nice one isn't too hard to pull together. Got a 2019 model just before 2020 with a fairly large monitor, keyboard n mouse, good specs for gaming and art for around $400 all told.

Shop around, do referb if you feel good about it.

No. 1426357

Why do HP laptops always break down so easily? Worst brand I've ever dealt with, shouldn't have ever gave them another chance

No. 1427867

I'm getting a new laptop soon and since my current one is super bulky I thought I'd get a thinner one, but all of them only have usb-c, is it worth it to get a skinnier one or get a bigger one and not have to use adapters?

No. 1428283

Bought my mother a lenovo tab m10 about 7 months ago and it already runs like complete crap. Mostly just apps taking forever to load and start up. She only uses the youtube app and plays a couple small games. I checked her apps and it's not bloated with games or anything, plenty of storage, very few things running at a time. I don't really use tablets, so what could I do to help sort it out? I normally factory reset her tablets every couple of years but I want to keep that as a last resort since it's not been that long for it to be running so poorly.

No. 1467941

File: 1673283158631.jpg (78.93 KB, 720x720, zflip3_carousel_colorcombokv_m…)

Does anyone own a Galaxy Z Flip? I currently have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and it's gigantic, so swapping to something a bit more compact that essentially functions the same would be nice. I've heard that the older Flips have problems with the hinge wearing down, but is this the case with the newer ones? I think the design is super cute, but I haven't really looked around for alternatives.

No. 1486104

File: 1675113009487.png (96.51 KB, 1000x563, will this work.png)

I have this old monitor that I hooked up to my laptop with a VGA to HDMI converter. Now I got a new monitor, and I wanna use both at the same time, but there aren't two HDMI ports, but there is a usb-c port. Will it work if I connect the already converted VGA to HDMI, to another converter, HDMI to usb-c?

No. 1486377

Hi tech anons, can one of you please think of making some twinky gay porn deepfakes of men? I am watching men laughing at female streamers who are crying about having tons of fake porn videos and I truly believe the deepfake thing will only be taken seriously if we start using it to degrade men (getting railed and “destroyed” in gay porn, straight porn won’t work lol). Can some anons with tech backgrounds please help advance this? I am fucking begging you.

No. 1486387

You should ask gay men to do it, they probably already are. Go to datalounge or something. Women don't want to watch that stuff man

No. 1486401

This is from kind of long ago but my parents LOVE theirs, and taking pics is fun bc you can do it folded

No. 1486439

File: 1675135051123.jpg (125.89 KB, 829x740, Screenshot 2023-01-30 221730.j…)

I have the z flip 4 and I love it so much. I have a case with a ring on it and I carry it around like a little purse. I used to have a Note and I wanted something smaller.

No. 1486444

Good idea, I don’t want to watch it either but I truly don’t think the issue will be taken seriously until men are victimized so

No. 1486638

They probably wouldn't even feel victimized and it would just turn into some new fetish for them after watching it, especially the type of men you mentioned

No. 1490681

Can macfags point me to a free adblocker for safari, I use Adblocker Pro for iOS just fine but idk what to use for Mac specifically because apparently it throttles download speed to sub 100kbps? t. Windows user my whole life so I don't know

No. 1497952

File: 1676230403649.png (347.71 KB, 600x400, win11.png)

Has anyone tried windows 11 yet? Wondering if it's worth it to switch over now. I saw a short comparison between 10 and 11 and it looks like a dumbed down/phone-ified windows OS, yuck. Though the rounded corners do look nice, I admit.

No. 1498145

I miss my Blackberry Key2 every day

No. 1498149

kpop girlies are already on it. i've seen so much poorly shooped porn of kpop boys + weird audio clips snatched from actual porn

No. 1498153

I have it on my laptop. I can't say anything feels different performance wise, but i definitely had to get used to the windows button being in a different place.

No. 1498335

is that real? that's mac os from 2010

No. 1498353

I think it's ugly. I switched to linux after win 11 was announced lol

No. 1501910

I wish I could switch to Linux but I have to run non-Linux software for uni, sucks

Every windows upgrade is a downgrade as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1501956

There's a setting to move the windows button back to the left corner, which is what I did. You can make a lot of the new layout look like the old one.

No. 1505094

My laptop needs to go for repair. It's still fully functional etc. and I don't trust employees. What do I do to prevent snooping? I already thought of deleting my browser histories, disconnecting my cloud and logging out accounts. Anything else?

No. 1505148

File: 1676928401619.png (18.21 KB, 147x178, puter.png)

How the fuck do I fix this problem? My computer won't show the thumbnails for images. I tried messing with the settings and still nothing.

No. 1505219

If these are desktop shortcuts it could be because the images were moved to a different folder. If not idk

No. 1505238

Back up your entire hard drive to an external disc then factory reset. Thats what I'd do. Or learn to fix it on your own

No. 1505246

>fully functional
What kind of repairs, anon? Like hardware repairs?

I agree with this anon's message

No. 1505255

>I wish I could switch to Linux but I have to run non-Linux software for uni, sucks
You can still use linux without getting rid of windows

You can look into dual boot linux. If you're confident enough to install linux along side your Windows PC that is.
I have this set up on my laptop and highly recommend it since I mostly run linux but could easily just boot into windows when I need to.

If that doesn't sound appealing, you could also run linux with just a USB. Look up "Live USB With Persistent Storage". There are tons of guides out there that are really easy to follow. You also don't have to worry abt messing with your windows partition if you go this route.

No. 1505261

File: 1676942708399.png (31 KB, 378x475, Disable-thumbnails.png)

What settings? Is it only happening to your image files?
Did you maybe enable "Always show icons, never thumbnails"?
Here a link related to that: https://www.howtogeek.com/681992/how-to-disable-file-thumbnails-on-windows-10

Have you installed any new photo application that might have messed with your thumbnails?

Maybe try clearing your thumbnail cache so the thumbnails can be recreated? (If it wasn't the first thing)

No. 1507178

File: 1677166167778.jpeg (82.04 KB, 749x812, 07C67FC6-8ACA-40E1-A689-AC0315…)

Hi ladies, please help as I am pretty much tech illiterate. I want to make the switch from my dying laptop to a desk computer but I'm not too sure which to buy since there are so many options and features, the abundance of options makes me overwhelmed so any of you nonna can pick a computer for me and I'll take it
My main usage is really simple: work and browsing (and yes my shitty 2015 macbook air couldn't even handle that)

No. 1507271

If all you need is MS Office and web browsing the best bang for your buck is going to be a second hand office PC. Anything made in the last five years will be enough, just make sure that it has at least 16GB of RAM. That may seem high but software is getting more bloated and it saves you paying for upgrades in the future. A SSD (Solid State Disk) is something you should also consider as it's much faster than a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and reduces boot times significantly.

You can find them on eBay for around $100-200. If you live in a city it's worth looking around for office clearances as you would be able to get a PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor and other office furniture for cheap.

No. 1507580

Do any nonnas have experience with Google Pixels please? My iPhone X finally bit the dust today and I'm honestly done with Apple. I'm really attracted to the price point and features of the Google Pixel 7 (especially the camera for taking pics of my cat kek).

No. 1507601

I went from samsung to google pixel and never looked back. My cat is the only thing I take pics of so I like it for that kek

No. 1507604

Wow, really? Because I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy S23 too and I'm honestly torn. Glad to hear the Pixel is good for cat pics though kek

No. 1515530

So I was searching how to get the free version of some software (cold turkey blocker) and I came across this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/shn7y2/how_to_get_paid_version_of_cold_turkey_blocker/ except the guide is removed. The link to the script that apparantly needs to be ran is still up in the comments, anyone have an idea how to use it?

No. 1515559

Idk but if you want to block sites you can use the hosts file (free)

No. 1517809

Does imgur work for anyone? I can access it but can't upload photos.

No. 1517830

This is a Python script. Search for tutorials on how to run a Python script, and you should be able to figure it out.

No. 1521458

File: 1678587626502.png (311.95 KB, 408x680, Foe1RuKXwAIiGpw.png)

I am stopping here to make an incredibly long and convoluted post to remind you ladies that if you use an iPhone to switch to something else immediately. There exists entire communities on the dark web that make a lot of creepypastas look less frightening, and not in a way that's entertaining or fun. There is currently a hidden epidemic of stalking via smartphones that has been touched on before but it's becoming so hidden and rampant with little sign of regulation. There is going to reach a time in the next few years when it comes to light just how easy it is to basically horrifically stalk anyone you want via their cellphones and a lot of unknowing victims are going to be psychologically destroyed and ruined. These people will stalk victims 24/7 for YEARS and you could be one without ever knowing. Right now on the dark web hacking communities there are entire microcommunities dedicated to trading, buying, and selling a clone of primarily women and children's most intimate moments as captured through their phones, iPhone probably being the most easy to basically launch in an emulator and screen mirror remotely without the victim ever knowing. If you remember the fappening, this is like that only far worse. It does not matter if you have anything in sync to icloud or not. Your iPhone has four microphones in it, and all it takes is your general location for a hacker to pick through devices if they really, genuinely want to. It can be done remotely without your password or icloud ID. I know people say they are uncomfortable with how closely thr government can monitor your phones, but they're the least of your worries. There are hundreds of advertisements for this service for as little as $300 if you go looking in the right places on dark, and you can even Google something like "hack iPhone remotely" and firms of hackers will advertise it on the clearnet for like $1500–which is still a very small price to pay to have someone's entire life in your hands. This includes listening to all your microphones at all times, see through your camera, and watch your every move on screen in real time. When the phone is turned off, it isnt actually off and is instead in an advanced form of sleep mode. Factory resetting your phone will not remove the malicious code as it is parsed and programmed to reinstall itself. Whole entire microcommunities currently exist that voyeur devices and have carefully vetted groupchats dedicated to treated their victims like livestock.

Previously on this forum, a user has made several posts venting about how she was being stalked via this method and that the stalkers used Twitter accounts with thousands upon thousands of tweets referencing her life in randomized, botlike, cruel and malicious fashions to mock her for their own amusement. She even went on to mention that these people were extremely manipulative and crafty and would likely make fake posts discrediting her for sharing their Twitter accounts on lolcow, and they did. They fabricated a schizophrenic persona to make nonsensical shitposts on lolcow that repeatedly responded to her posts with inflammatory remarks and made schizoid wordsalad to derail. They even had one of their friends use a faux falsetto voice and upload a vocaroo claiming to be a woman who is also a victim of stalking when multiple anons came forward saying it sounded like a man mocking victims–scary and manipulative lengths to go to in order to create a fake narrative to protect yourself. This happened between August and October of last year. The names of the accounts are @jessi_rihanna @poopyskittles and @drsweety303. They are spearheads in a small group of genuine, legitimate stalkers that spend all of their time online, and some of the people on twitter that interact with them and also partake in this fucked up activity are accounts with six figure followings that have online personas revolving around social justice– all the while they are part of a tight-knit internet clique that has spent several years utilizing this dark web service to mock, make memes about, and discuss extremely intimate and grotesque moments captured via this stalking method. They have given her the codename "Avalyn" to discuss her in their discord servers and have created an entire community from literally stalking this woman. They have shared a video they recorded through her front camera. If you are part of Twitter user _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n's community or server and have heard of this Avalyn figure, please know that this person who constantly shares stories about her has quite literally carried out abuse and hacked/dehumanized her closely for several years with their sociopathic friends that sell this kind of content for a living. This person is a skilled liar and will say whatever it takes to make themselves look like a victim in any situation where they are the aggressor. Any excuse they make about using this Avalyn codename is a lie to protect themselves because the kind of legal trouble they can get in for this is serious. Any excuse made when confronted is a fabrication.

Bodily functions, sexual activities, what porn you watch– anything you do in front of your smartphone can be captured and edited in any way these people please as well. They can overlap anything they want and create any sort of role play material they want to profit from these dark web communities. It is a growing business with no signs of regulation. I am aware this sounds more like a /nosleep post than any fact-based PSA, but it is unfortunately the truth. Just as there are entire close, tight-lipped communities dedicated to the farming and distribution of cp on the dark web, there is also a growing community revolved entirely around this sort of severely explotive and violating voyeurism. I am okay with this post being interpreted as a schizoid rambling as long as the message reaches a few women. Like many warnings in the past that were ignored or dismissed as far-fetched or insane only to be fully realized as truth years later, the archival existence of it is currently enough for me. Please be safe, please be careful about your devices and what you do in front of them, and be extremely careful about the kind of people you choose to interact with online. Several of these Twitter personalities are beyond the point of having humanity all while harping on about standing with women and caring about abuse victims. And for the love of god, stay away from chanesque male communities or cults of personality in general–these people are coy and secretive for a reason.

Here is just one example of the sort of programs utilized to remotely access any cellphone in real-time. https://svmp.github.io/

No. 1521465

I have said this several times on here but the development of tech will only hurt women.
It sucks because society as it stands now is build around smartphones it's hard to do anything without smartphone since you are expected to be in touch witl people 24/7 these days otherwise you can risk losing your job or friends. it's also important to mention that sovmany men in tech are perverts it wouldn't sureprised me if making society depend on smartphones was their plan from thebeginning so they could stalk women.
I'm hearing rumors about more and more people replacing their smartphones with old phones. I doubt it but I hope it's true. Makinf society less tech depended is the only hope women got. I'm not a conspiracy theories but government can't do shit against these type of stalkers they can make laws and such but these type of twisted minds always finds a way around it

No. 1521482

The problem is that there would be mass hysteria if people found out how trivial and simple it is to do this–giants like Apple would absolutely crush anyone who tried to go public with this into the ground. That's why you see so many YouTube techbros act so paranoid about phones and anonymity–they see men and scenarios like this constantly but know they can't do or say anything about it without potentially getting sued and murked by Apple or endlessly harassed into silence by these soulless dark web psychos. The pandemic amplified it and turned it into an entirely different beast. It's super scary, and the scariest part for me is how addicted these people are to doing it and how they genuinely feel entitled to ownership of women through this method and victimblame. Like there are popular Twitter personalities right now that are receiving attention and accolades when they are the most pathetic bottom-feeding freaks that do nothing but rip into women and treat them like property behind closed doors.

No. 1521500

File: 1678590428606.jpg (159.93 KB, 720x1320, Screenshot_20230311-220318_Duc…)

Just reminding you that this is still a prevalent and profitable thing only now its fully evolved to streaming your entire smartphone and the sights and sounds around it 24 hours a day. This can go on for years without you having any indication.

No. 1521511

if you haven't managed to get it working i suggest you use LeechBlock instead: https://www.proginosko.com/leechblock
it's an open source alternative that's free to use

No. 1521516

I'm scared, nonny. What should we do to not be victims of this shit? Any tips that you use yourself?

No. 1521521

you have to treat everything as if you are being watched. all the stuff people treat as being paranoid is for a good reason. keep your phone outbox private areas, get phone cases that block cameras, don't let webcams be plugged in or keep covered. disable microphones, use closed circuit cameras instead of something like ring (which amazon gives the video to any authority that asks anyway, and uses video to advance ai detection). don't use cloud anything. don't save anything to "the cloud". dont download anything you aren't 100 % of what it is, check the hash beforehand that it matches the official download.

No. 1521530

Thanks you very much, nonna. Is there any chance that i'm being watched even if my notebook's webcam doesn't have its little light turned on?

No. 1521536

it is possible, there are ways to turn it off if you have access to the computer. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/6758/can-webcams-be-turned-on-without-the-indicator-light

No. 1521537

If your iphone/android battery is dead, do you think those services can still be active and useful?

No. 1521574

I've suspected this ever since I learned about the existence of the pegasus software, there's probably less expensive programs than it to hack phones. Pegasus is the program used by wealthy folks and governments to spy. Apple has exploits like any other phone even when not jailbroken, you just don't think it does because the OS is considered safer. I'm here to say it's not.

I suspect I've been stalked on and off or was stalked at some point remotely with the way my phone was behaving, even after I've gotten the battery replaced. The only way you're really able to tell if something like pegasus is installed is to jailbreak the phone and use a separate program on a computer to survey and scan its files… otherwise, you're kind of SOL. It's actually a terrifying thought but I just go on like normal and pretend my life is fine, like who would have reason to stalk me, but I really do think with the way things would trigger on my phone and some of the eerie coincidences in my life that I was being tracked by some ghoul. It seems to have stopped recently. Watch your upper left hand location badge and the upper right hand camera light to see if they randomly trigger. I don't want to spook anyone with this but I've heard too many stories now of phone monitoring becoming a real possibility and not just a figment of our imaginations.

No. 1521584

it should also be noted that even if you do all of these things, you can still be a victim of this. Be mindful of the women and children around you and their tech habits. The only way to put a wrench in even a single cog of this issue is to raise awareness to the reality of it. Any device is at risk, it does not matter if you use cloud services or not.

No. 1521586

Technically, yes. The main chip in an iPhone can access all of its data even without a battery attached at all. It was developed that way in China.

No. 1521588

my life has been trumina show for a long while now

No. 1521590

Not to scare you, but there are plenty of these methods that don't even utilize extra battery life and run entirely invisible, they also don't trigger your camera or mic notif, they are entirely ghostlike and extract every bit of your phone in real time, whether off or on or Sim card in or out. Judging by draining battery and cam or mic triggers, it sounds like a malicious app was installed on your phone whether in person or through some sort of phishing link, or one of your apps had Chinese Spyware. That said it very easily could have been anyone. This really is a hidden epidemic.

There are plenty of unknowing victims to this insanely perverse cruelty. You don't have to fit any sort of archetype or be interesting in any way, these people are so far removed from being able to treat women like human beings that it means nothing to them to throw as many lines out as possible and hope men on dark find interest in any particular stream so they can farm whatever measly bitcoin they gain from treating you like a piece of property.

No. 1521593

obviously this is utilized by terminally online stalkers who aren't famous people or notorious or well known, but do you think anyone who's famous uses this method to entrap their victims? i have heard a lot about celebrity men and revenge porn and wonder if they may use a similar method to this to keep women quiet. it probably is the case, but you've shone more light on the subject.

No. 1521595

Something I don't understand is how there aren't more micro celebrities being fucked over with spyware. Like you'd think there would be a lot of money to be made stalking female twitch streamers, but you really only hear about deepfakes. I'd expect some kind of leak of weird recordings of them by now since they're surrounded by technology, you'd be able to pick up on a lot of stuff.

No. 1521602

i assume audio recordings are harder to reproduce and to create than video deepfakes. intonation and vocalization would probably need a lot more samples to string together a decent audio clip, whereas deepfake visuals wouldn't need as much video footage to train the algorithm. people pronounce words differently or don't always say them with the same intonation or pace, it would take a lot of work to reproduce a fake audio recording of someone's voice and a very strong a.i i'm assuming a lot of these perverts don't have. even those vocoded a.i pop covers don't sound convincing yet. voice a.i has awhile to go.

i do know that when it comes to celebrity stalking cases, infamous sex cultist chris d'elia subscribed to a female streamer or onlyfans creator and he supposedly blackmailed her by hacking several of her accounts, and cyberstalking her. she took out a temporary restraining order on him, but no idea how it panned out. he had several victims and harassed and propositioned several girls, including underage or barely legal ones.

No. 1521609

well since this is a tinfoil thread now the reason you're hearing about deepfakes so much lately and seeing fearmnonger posts like this is because every rich person who fucked kids on Epstein's island is trying to spread the popular opinion that deepfakes could be made of anyone for any reason so when their pedo sextape gets released there is public doubt of it's authenticity.

No. 1521619

Just to be sure I suggest you cover the camera

No. 1521639

Yes. Pretty much any possible method you can think of, it has been used for. That's arguably the most intimate way you can voyeur someone and it's almost trivial to do so in most cases, unless it's someone high profile and risky. A regular person is for all intent and purposes the perfect victim, and because it's a space that's under the surface, it's getting ignored and brushed aside. I think the worst part is knowing how many men keep quiet about it and partake in this without any guilty conscience–in some cases its used solely for bullying purposes even. It's very similar to the underground network of men who share hidden camera content of their daughters or young relatives from their homes–heavily vetted, extremely manipulative and tense atmosphere to prevent people from notifying victims, etc.

No. 1521643

They are, anon. Thats the issue. It's moved very quietly. Because the distributors and peddlers of this content are all men getting bitcoin, it's traded just as quietly as cp because the extraction of this content is a felony and technically a sex crime–influencers and wealthy people have the resources to pursue and hire investigators to find these people, so you're not going to see this stuff on clear. This isn't the kind of stuff you just stumble upon on baby's first tor crawl. There is a whole system in place for this and anyone who contributes to it or allows it to happen under their nose is fucking scum. Some people trade this shit like Pokémon cards.

No. 1521657

Thanks nona. I want to say I believe everything you've said.

If hypothetically, a normal woman attracted a stalker, and he was a figure who was powerful and public facing, like an actor, politician, sizable celebrity… would he be encouraged to leak her information or continue to act covertly, especially if the woman caught onto him and would retaliate to any leaks by alleging his involvement? If the figure felt threatened, would he be obliged to escalate his torment beyond remote surveillance and harm his victims real life? Or is that risk, especially if he's a public figure, too great?

No. 1521673

File: 1678609240955.jpg (86.47 KB, 720x715, Screenshot_20230312-035921_Duc…)

People who engage in these creepy hobbies rely entirely on the ridiculous gangstalking movement and general naivete to keep them under the radar. Per example, this accounts entirety is an obsessive collective of stalking content–when I type this, it sounds like I'm having a psychiatric break or am experiencing schizophrenic delusions about a random bot account, but thats what they hide behind. It sounds too crazy and as a result isnt palatable to the uninformed. The account is a nod and dogwhistle to taunt the victim.
These two tweets are a glaring teaser into what the person behind this account does–I dont think you could see a more obvious reference to the fact that 85% of the accounts tweets are direct associations to the audio content from the devices they stalk, since the accounts creation. As in this loser genuinely listens to women through their smartphones and has made an entire directory to boast to their online friends. If you have a twitter mutual with a six figure following interacting with this account, chances are they know it was created with the objective of bullying. I think the most sickening part is seeing those people praise and interact with this account while knowingly being a part of the generally abusive things they've done to women solely to voyeur and spy into their private lives. People like this are truly void of a soul. I would be wary of "popular" accounts like this that have zero ties to a real human being and consists entirely of word salad and misogynistic dog whistles. This person is a terminally online psycho that does not care who they hurt, exploit, or drag into their histrionic theater. They are so manipulative and dedicated to keeping their grift up that even if presented with irrefutable evidence they would make some faux-casual statements about pizzagate schizos and pray people eat their shit up enough to think its not true–nevermind the fact that theyre extremely guarded about their identity and theres virtually no ties to a real individal even though theres almost 30k followers. As has been previously stated, these individuals would fabricate ANYTHING to protect their grift. There are tons of accounts like this, they just don't garner the same amount of popularity. Women are being failed completely and regarded as livestock and exploitation fodder. This 'person' filters through 24 hours a day worth of women's intimate private life without consent and takes soundbites from it to formulate retarded or insulting tweets made specially for the victim and other voyeurs. Sounds like schizobabble but unfortunately this is exactly where we are online right now. Covid really turned certain brands of terminally online people into monsters and makes them believe they are allowed to harm whomever they want without consequence.

No. 1521675

Regular women who are victim to this sort of stalking are generally purposely taunted and bullied into killing themselves.

No. 1521745

So the gist is the perpetrator playing games by using your own thoughts and actions against you in the form of babble and codified messages he knows you can understand, but they come across as nonsense to anyone else.

Well this is absolutely warped and not surprising at all.

If the woman doesn't off herself and they become disengaged, aware of and threatens the perpetrator, do they move on after a certain amount of time?

Thank you for sharing and explaining.

No. 1521783

NAYRT but they get worse, they push harder and harder to get a reaction. When vague hints don't do it they bring up more information. Local places the person frequents, the food they like to order, their families and pets, where they're from, where they work. It might jump straight to an 'I know where you live' sort of threat but normally it's like >>1521673 but more coherent. These people thrive on feeling like God, they get a kick out of making others uncomfortable and knowing they're invisible (which they're not, but they've convinced themselves that they are) makes them feel even more powerful. That's why they do this whole song and dance in the first place.

No. 1521856

I have a stalker who operated less aggressively and frequently than them but used similar tactics indicating he knew my location and browsed my phone, watched my socials and chat logs. Would often communicate his taunts in ambiguous referential ways, to make me feel like I was crazy. To other people as you said, his messages felt mundane or pointless, to me they were clear. He latched onto me for insulting and criticizing him. I wonder if he's still there.

Since I stopped using public social media to circumvent the hateful interaction from what i believed was his accounts, it's been quieter. I watch my phone space, notifications and battery drainage like clockwork.

He might not be one of them, but he definitely takes pages from their playbook. The amount of psychological horror I feel drove me back into a burrow of regression and self destruction, socially alienating and dissociating. It destroyed the fabric of my life as I knew it. I thought his end goal was suicide, or institutionalizing me, but he seems to have stopped after driving me off public social media. I'll say that, give it a month, a few months, maybe I end up dead or wounded or arrested.

I know exactly who he is, and people are too scared to expose him. Without a doubt in my mind he's done this to others, especially other women. He's already known to be a physical, psychological and sexual abuser to women in real life, but he's in everyone's good graces in spite. There is not enough sympathy. tried my best to warn and encourage others to come out, thats what I got fucking targeted for. The masses would prefer to be apathetic, the wrath their support will incur. The demon has a halo of protection around him for reasons I still can't comprehend. All my life I've been disbelieved, gaslighted, abused, I've had physically worse things happen to me, but nothing hurts more than my life right now. The idea of someone having your internet anonymity, your phone, part of your daily life, your intimate messages and chat logs, your background noise, your pictures. Every ounce of your communication belonging to your stalker, the grandest violation of your autonomy.

No. 1521898

You described it perfectly. Whenever the victim expresses any sort of distress as well, they mock it and find a way to warp the venting into some sort of morally offensive attack on them and not what it is–thus justifying to themselves and their knowing audience why they are allegedly stalking her. Anything to push their target over the edge, in their minds it will wipe their hands clean of the monstrous things they've done for entertainment and btc. It's gone on for three years with this particular victim–note that the @jessi_rihanna account posted a single "A" on Twitter after being mentioned in these posts as a nod to the character they try to emulate on pretty little liars. These are not normal people and they've created their own pack mentality where they convince themselves irreparably harming and abusing women like this is fine, and they hide behind the guise of vague pseudo-ironic botposting when everything they say is an ode to their unnatural and cruel obsession with a single woman. It should also be noted that any time a victim becomes more vocal or shows interest in standing up for themselves, they search for more ways to punish or degrade her as a threat in hopes it will silence her. Having someone's entire life in your hands like this is not normal and anyone who partakes in it absolutely deserves to be registered as a sex offender.

I'm sorry that this happened to you, and I believe that sometimes the most wounding part is the people who dont comprehend the reality of this issue and see actual, definitive abuse as a paranoid delusion. It sounds crazy when you are not aware of how easy it is to do this–and these men are spending a lot more time browsing these dark web spaces and immersing themselves in this kind of community where women are regarded as though they dont deserve personal autonomy. By the way, if you haven't already I would recommend switching to another phone that is entirely unconnected to your previous phone or accounts, and completely scrub the system of your computer or laptop clean as well. If you need photos from your phone put them on a standard USB and although tempting, avoid putting them directly on any personal devices. Make an album or scrapbook and have it printed, but don't risk reinfection. Again, the software reinstalls itself regardless of mobile wipes and they use the audio as a keylogger to listen to what you type or write so they can extract new passwords or emails so they can reinfect easily. It truly is a degrading weapon readily available

No. 1521900

I'm not denying that stalking happens (it happened to me too but my situation was a bit different), however. The @jessi_rihanna account looks like a bot, if it's not an AI writing those it's a schizo person. I don't know what to believe.

No. 1521921

I don't really have the resources to redownload and reformat everything right now or the money to afford new devices, I am likely getting a new phone for a grad gift in May. I will ditch my laptop for a new one after I get a steady paying job post-grad.

Details may only come out after he dies, and I accept how hard it is to push out victims of someone who has money, notoriety, and power. My only safeguard is with his laziness, his cowardice and image to fret about he'll probably never attack me in real life or even waste his money on a fixer. Even if I reset my life and my devices completely, the fear will residually haunt me.

The only reason I'm probably still alive is that I didn't shut up. If I had known from the start what it would do to me I never would've gotten involved. All I ever did was criticize him, I was never malicious or cruel, but he has this irrational, seething hatred of critics and women. Make his critic a woman and his head explodes. A war on the mind is still a war, and it wore me down. I ain't perfect, but I was never the one who held the power.

I have to laugh even though it's no laughing matter, it's just so absurd and sad. We're so parasitically attached to our devices. Sure I'm a terminally online loser, a little trollish, but how much more of a terminally online loser is the man twice my age who did this? I just have to guffaw, a rich and powerful man who is thought of as a nice guy is secretly just as much of a basement dwelling incel as your average channer. Primitive scrote behavior doesn't know class or caste. Men, especially at a higher crust of society, savor battering those they perceive as irrational or weak. They deserve five times the suffering they heap upon others. I wish there was a way to vindicate the spread and stop it, especially all I've gone through in life. Exposing one male isn't going to expose them all, but one case at a time maybe, people will tolerate it less and less. We can only hope.

No. 1521935

It's meant to look that way. This isn't a "satanic pedophile elite Clinton psyop symbology" delusion, it's exactly as >>1521783 described it. It's a careful stylistic choice.

No. 1521945

I understand. Its hard being a regular person effected by this–its truly a disgusting power imbalance. The lack of public knowledge about how vulnerable such personal devices are is going to hurt a lot of people in the future. I would just recommend to be mindful of where you store your phone and keep it far away from you when you do anything personal or intimate for awhile. I believe you wholly because this is the perfect temptation for abusers now–they don't have to do much or go out of their way to track your every breath and move.

To elaborate anon, the archetypal basement dwelling fat old man isn't the only kind of person who utilizes these resources by any stretch. A lot of young people are interested in this kind of thing, mainly young men. It's very popular among a certain type of stan twitter user. They have entire signal group chats dedicated to what they can steal through hacking, whether it be private photos, videos, or music links from obscure influencers or musicians. I know this kind of cruelty is hard to comprehend but it does not make it any less true. It looks like nonsense to you because it is only meant to make sense to the victim and the perpetrators group.

No. 1521946

I'm sorry you've been through that. Sadly pointing out that someone (men specifically) is bad almost never works. You need to be just as awful and insane as they are to get a tiny bit of protection from them. use their tactics against them, really put your heart into crushing their sanity just like they want to crush yours. And if you have a life it's hard to find time to do that. The plus side is that their god complex is so immense that any little thing pushes them over the edge, and that's when things go to shit for them.

No. 1521949

This is really terrible advice and situationally doesn't make any sense at all, I'm sorry. In fact the advice you are giving is more likely to make anon look unreasonable and psychologically unstable to people and push her further into isolation or make her an even easier target. What a strange thing to say. It doesn't matter if the kind of men who do this are easily triggered–are you trying to get her killed or stalked in a more aggressive way? That attitude would only garner more attention

No. 1522001

Oh I retaliated, but I obviously was never going to win, so I am leaving my own tactical crap behind for the sake of my health and sanity knowing it was only furthering my pain. I don't know if he still has tabs on my phone, I treat life like he does. It's actually very easy to use language and tactics if you know how to manipulate an argument, in the case of dealing with someone who's a public or powerful figure, if you know filthy things about their reputation that endanger it, you just keep dredging up what they've actually done and things you believe they've done. Point out their pattern of behavior and use evocative language.

They can send as many bots as they'd like after you for it, downvote, bury, insult, encourage you to delete with personal attacks, suppress, actually delete you, but a handful of people will spread it and connect the dots. Create your own disease to counteract theirs. With luck, maybe the disease will infect enough people and he will be exposed, but I'm not holding my breath. Because people would rather uphold the sickly cadaver and ignore him as he continues to rot than throw him to the wolves until it's necessary. I mean, that's what happened to weinstein, too. The thing that threw weinstein out with the trash wasn't people stepping up and being righteous, it was the fact that the amount of whispers and accusations became so overwhelming that it could no longer be ignored. And no matter how much suppression he put out, he couldn't stop it.

I did as much as I could within my limited scope of influence, and in the end I played dirty, which is what encouraged me to disengage.

Not everyone who's willing to listen thinks I'm schizo. I've been very lucky to have stuck around for so long as there were many points where I considered either completely going belly up, killing myself, doing something grossly drastic, but I am fortunate to have people who kept me clinging to the bit of sanity I had.

No. 1522532

My thoughts:
Androids/Samsungs are more prone to spyware than Apple products. With Apple's stuff, there's no way to have access to hardware outside the IOS unless a user purposefully jailbreaks their phone. Apple doesn't want anyone to have jailbroken access to their phone because it voids their own spyware and makes them liable to be sued up the ass by users who got conned from what they downloaded off-Apple Store. With Android, would-be hackers has access to Android source code (though distributors like Samsung do not make their code open-source) which would make jailbreaking simpler since hackers understand the turf, so to say. If spyware doesn't work through hardware/off-loaded OS, it's only possible through compromised applications within IOS/Android. A phone factory-reset would delete all of it. Software spyware is more common than hardware/off-loaded OS because hackers are script kiddies who don't understand how hacking works. They automate scripts to remotely access Internet of Things (smart fridges, smart TVs, smart cars, webcams, etc) that are configured with default settings. They don't bother trying any thing else because a lot of people just use defaults. If someone targets you specifically, get a restraining order or equivalent in your country if possible. I know that's not always possible/best solution but there are always humans involved in harassment. An army of bots all are because of one person. They can and should be arrested if they make your life miserable.
Putting stickers on webcams is a good start but also turn off Bluetooth and NFC and set your WiFi password to something that is easy to remember but contains no words found in the dictionary. Those are the only three ways someone can remotely connect to your device unless you're running some VM setup or connect via a VPN, then often some other "host" is involved. If Apple is lying, for example, that shutting down Bluetooth and NFC on your phones disables the hardware, and they actually keep it running because of their spyware… If one story comes out about a man remotely accessing a woman's/girl's Iphone after it was "turned off," they'd be sued up the ass, accused of making it easier for moids to have access to CSAM, and women/girls the world over would not buy their products. All hackers exploit. Without an exploit, they have no power. I'm more concerned with what's published on social media these days than a "hacker" moid on some power trip. Because then they'd have to be both smart and retarded to be obsessed over someone while also being good enough with technology to be elevated beyond a simple script kiddie. Apologies if this is common knowledge.

No. 1522534

Brings some clarity to it but I still know spyware like Pegasus can compromise iPhones that aren't jailbroken through crafty exploits.

No. 1522554

On the topic of Android, Google Play has terrible quality control and is its own baby and bathwater, so be weary of permissions you give to apps downloaded on there. Even if it's well known and trusted. Applies to Apple's stuff too. Without permissions, apps cannot access Camera, Contacts, etc.
On the cybersecurity side of things:
Spyware does not make a phone run slower I think. What it does is make networking slower because it uses bandwidth to send data which should be local (lock-screen passwords, clipboard, keystokes) to a network. If you want to be sure no funny business is happening…
1) Get a packet analyzer. On desktops one I know is Wireshark, but I don't know how analyzing solely mobile phone connections could be analyzed by an average person. There must be some way… Then the packet analyzer would be a mobile application (equivalent to a desktop program.) If it doesn't exist now it should exist real soon.
2) Look at what IP addresses your phone connects to when there's no other applications running. There should be some Apple/Samsung/what have you IP addresses your phone's connecting to in that state because spyware, but if your phone's compromised there should be some strange traffic even on idle. By adding a lot of whitelist to benign reports, you should be able to significantly cull the reports to only what may interest you, such as one's specific to internal webcams.
3) Run these IP addresses through [virustotal .com] [abuseipdb .com] [talosintelligence .com] [metadefender.opswat .com] [ipinfo .io] or [ipwhois .io] (abuseipdb is the best one in this list imo.) These won't tell you if the IP address belongs to an obsessed moid in his crack shack but if it's used in phishing attempts, used by vpns, a known port scanner, used to compromise websites, etc, than it will tell you that because these websites are all used by businesses to identify malicious IPs. If an IP your phone's connecting to a lot on idle/doing basic productivity isn't used for malware, nor is it connected to Apple/Samsung/what have you's proprietary spyare, it may be some incel-tier moid who wants to exploit women. This vid goes into more detail on what spyware connections look like. Many ISPs now though don't give its users their own IPv4 addresses and instead gives them only ones through their ISP. Then you won't have access to the moid's specific IP address but will know his ISP, which may be useful? This also doesn't tell you if your phone is compromised or not per say, as some "normal" spyware connections are incredibly sketchy as is (third parties who have a deal with Apple to make money from their user's data, etc,) but packet analyzers are what a tech support person will probably use when they hear spyware's involved.

Seriously? Pegasus sounds like a pain in the ass. My cybersecurity classes have yet to cover mobile phone spyware so I assumed it was less serious, but it's only less serious for businesses. Many cybersecurity people are only educated on what compromises businesses, very concerning…

No. 1522701

>Many ISPs now though don't give its users their own IPv4 addresses and instead gives them only ones through their ISP
nona wtf are you talking about, you are talking out of your ass, don't say things unless you actually understand what you're talking about

No. 1522767

I was talking about Carrier-grade NAT. Verizon implements it, as well as other ISPs.

No. 1522960

You don't need anything except the general location of a cellphone to use a series of attacks that allow you full remote access just like Pegasus. A little patience and the proper programs are all you need.

You aren't going to learn about this kind of software in class because the reality of it would cause hysteria. It's used for stalking and sexual exploitation and degradation, they don't want lawsuits or any potential harm to the apple fortune.

No. 1525540

bumping psa

No. 1525552

Factory resetting your phone only works to remove basic spyware or app-based Spyware and does nothing to combat these popular remote hacks. Apple is lying out of their ass and relying on the fact that the software is basically invisible to keep selling their products that have very little actual security or protection. Your phone can be fully remotely controlled using a "simple" kernel attack, and resetting your phone to factory default does nothing to protect you as the malware is designed to reinstall itself immediately upon reset. You are reinfecting your device on a loop. Technology is moving to quickly and as a result, people with perverse intentions are living a dream right now. Thousands of women and children have their devices infected with the same software as Pegasus right now and have no idea, men as well of course but its the principle that its being used for stalking and exploitation. Pegasus and all its other similar exploits are not actually expensive or difficult at all to execute, but Apple desperately needs people to believe so to avoid mass chaos and lawsuits. Voyeurs are currently on cloud nine. The things these people are willing to do in order to stalk women would make your stomach churn.

No. 1525658

is there anyway to track back a voyeur if you don't know his info? does the software leave any traces of an ip or location? probably no way to see the source of where the spyware is coming from if you have no tech expertise or way to locate it on your phone in the first place, but let's say if I could find it, would you be able to find his ip

No. 1526094

File: 1679077197983.jpg (78.28 KB, 1205x721, 1898.jpg)

I decided to go through my list of passwords to delete most of my accounts because I'm going internet-free for a while. It has ever account I've made on every shitty little website that forced me to make an account if I wanted to use their service/buy something from them.
Holy fucking shit is it stressful when every other website makes you jump through hoops just to delete an account, I've had to write so many emails and I don't know if they'll even comply or basically tell me to go fuck myself(fuck sephora btw)
To make things more complicated I didn't write down the specific email for my accounts(because I was paranoid someone would look through my password box irl kek) so if on some websites I have to try my 5+ email accounts and if none of them work I have no idea if the account was deleted due to inactivity or if my info is still on there.

I regret ever shopping online.

No. 1526327

Being unable to delete accounts is the worst. I've heard in Europe all companies hosted there have to comply with Right to be Forgotten laws but in burgerland there is no such thing unless it's of someone under the age of 13. Thanks for warning us about Sephora anon.

No. 1526330

meant EU, not all of Europe*

No. 1526364

File: 1679098134894.png (121.66 KB, 715x402, pompompshome.png)

No. 1526368

The Sanrio mascot?

No. 1526378

This excerpt is from Wikipedia since they explain what happened pretty well:
"On November 13, 2021, a hacker compromised the FBI's external email system, sending thousands of spam emails warning of a fake cyberattack by cybersecurity researcher and CEO of Night Lion Security and Shadowbyte Vinny Troia, who is falsely labeled in the emails as being a part of The Dark Overlord hacking group by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The emails were sent to addresses taken from the American Registry for Internet Numbers database and it was reported that the hacker used the FBI's public-facing email system which made the emails appear legitimate. The campaign was likely done in an attempt to defame Troia. The hacker "Pompompurin" later claimed responsibility for the hack."
I believe they did other cybersecurity attacks before this, but I don't know what those entailed. This video explains how badly the FBI's website for internal use was secured (passwords were in plain text among other things). They went by Pompompurin on Twitter. Not surprised the burgers got him eventually.

No. 1526414

All internet packets have a source IP address, and every activity on the internet is packaged in packets. It's not guaranteed the IP address belongs to a voyeur, but one will be there if you use a packet analyzer to look at your internet traffic.

Also about Pegasus: It's only used by governments or people with millions lying around because NSO Group makes money through selling it. They wouldn't sell it to a rando who doesn't have that sort of money. I'm not worried about it and anons are much, much more at risk for spyware that can be wiped by a phone factory reset, which is good practice occasionally anyway as there's a lot of useless junk on phones that builds up over time. Also security breaches from hackers who exploit weaknesses in large companies like Amazon that you likely have a membership/account associated with, so have multiple emails, passwords and a password log (whether through password managers or a physical notebook you keep in drawer). Delete accounts you no longer use anymore ala >>1526094 too. It's time consuming but useful if it gives peace of mind.
This github kit https://github.com/mvt-project/mvt contains what Amnesty International put out after it was revealed Pegasus existed in large scope and effected thousands of Iphones and Androids, especially since it was roaming around WhatsApp for a while. It's in the best interest of both Amenesty International and Apple that this kit actually works as best it can correctly identify spyware of Pegasus's level because nations and corporations use it around the world. A good phone repair business will likely have someone competent enough to properly use the kit if an anon here pay their rates, which is a pain but should leave no doubt about whether Pegasus was ever/is there or not.

No. 1526422

No. We are talking about an entire black market epidemic right now where women are being regarded as cattle and obsessive, desensitized males are buying their whole lives for a generally meager fee. This kind of code is currently being used to predate thousands of unknowing women, children, and obviously men too but the motive varies and the general (and scary) explanation as to why they pick victim is simply because they can. During the era of the fappening, there were also scores of average women whose private pictures were stolen as well. Any man (or woman I suppose- women with bpd can be just as nasty) that knows how to navigate forums on the dark web can pay a thousand dollars or less in btc to a shut-in that views you as nothing more than an object to sell and suddenly have access to every single private, intimate aspect of your life. There is no way to know this software is on your phone without jailbreaking and scanning every packet and input/output from your device in a program to look for where the info is being forwarded to. Even then, you won't know who it's being sent to. It's genuinely horrifying and the kind of people currently pedaling this method of stalking appear pretty normal from the outside and often have tons of social justice avocation on their main accounts. A lot of the people who utilize and build these exploits also work in clearnet as security and OSINT pretending to fight and protect people from what they've created and use personally. It's true evil, I don't even know how else to describe it.

No. 1526433

>Im not worried about it and anons are much, much more at risk for spyware that can be wiped by a phone factory reset
That thing about Pegasus only being used by govt is a lie to cover Apple's ass. PEGASUS is a pre-existing exploit repackaged as uktra-sophisticated Super Sekret Spy agent 007 haxx3rs gear. There are dozens of ways to remotely do the exact same thing that Pegasus does, and it doesn't require thousands of dollars or govt ties. Thousands of women's entire lives are currently being sold and streamed privately. Every single aspect of these women's lives are immortalized and passed around to strangers who view women as objects of entertainment and a source of income. The only comparison that I can draw for you is that you know cp exists on the dark web, but because you aren't a predator you could never imagine the full horrifying scale of it–its the same with hacking smartphones remotely. You say you aren't worried, but it's because you don't know what really exists right now. All women should be worried.

No. 1526452

I accidentally set my laptop on fire and it was so easy.. why are they allowed on airplanes?

No. 1526459

Wtf how? I often get paranoid about this happening to mine someday

No. 1526467

I was changing my battery, and I guess I must have poked something with the my little screwdriver because it started to sizzle and within 3 mins was fully on fire
I am retarded, yes, but imagine if someone had malicious intentions?

No. 1526554

>time consuming
>me no know how to run this shit
>well it seems to come with instructions
>reads again
>…time consuming

I will take a glimpse of it on a day that I'm free
my stalker is not a normie moid by the way in case you haven't figured that out

No. 1530166

File: 1679456122863.jpg (23.88 KB, 640x480, 34-220-743-10.jpg)

I just bought an old, used and small Windows XP laptop. I'm so happy lolcow is a lightweight website. Load time is relatively quick (aside from the catalog) and no elements fail to load. Good on you lolcow!
Picrel is the ASUS Eee PC I got. The burgundy color's wonderful and the hinge mechanism makes the screen wobble less than my daily laptop. The touchpad has bumps on it which is better than having it completely flat, personally. I wish laptops released these days had more options when it came to styling rather than them all being black/grey/white or full RGB rectangles. I wouldn't mind sacrificing some thinness for curved designs.

No. 1530172

can you post some more links on this subject?

No. 1530221

>I just bought an old, used and small Windows XP laptop.
But why?

No. 1530247

Wow this was my first laptop I ever got when I was I believe 15-16 for my bday. You took me back! I ended up breaking it cuz I was listening to kpop in the shower and the songs weren’t hitting so I kept wetting the keys with my fingers. Wow this was like in 2010. FUCCCK IM OLD

No. 1530719

File: 1679520923254.png (63.56 KB, 830x650, Pony7.png)

I'm same anon as >>1530166. Happy to see I'm not the only person who once relied on this thing. I had this laptop at around 8-9 as a hand-me-down from my mother. One day I dropped the laptop on its side with the charger in the charging slot, that broke apart the plastic in the charge connector. I managed to read the data off the hard-drive years later and it was strange seeing what I used the laptop for (Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, MLP pony generators, etc.) The laptop can't do much these days but it's cute in a way my productivity laptop isn't, and its been enjoyable so far >>1530221 using it for basic internet browsing and word processing.
Technology makes everyone feel old, sadly. Even at my age I can't imagine not seeing any use in a PC/Mac compared to Chromebooks/Mobile devices yet plenty just use the latter. It's a misconception that young people are tech savvy, many of my classmates only knew their way around their phones and had no idea how desktops worked. If you were to look at computers made in the 70s you'd feel less old technology wise kek.

No. 1530730

Any tech anons familiar with the Wayback Machine in Internet Archive? Is it possible to get back pictures that weren't saved in the machine? Maybe the file is compressed somewhere? Is it completely impossible?

No. 1530890

It wouldn't be worth pursuing.

No. 1531480

Should I pick a laptop with 32gb RAM or is 16gb RAM enough? For gaming and keeping a million tabs open while browsing

No. 1531548

if you have the money you should always invest in more ram imo

No. 1531593

Why not? Please elaborate if you can

No. 1531842

I have 32GB in one of my desktops. It used to be enough RAM for anything and I originally had that much RAM because I wanted to use Photoshop and other content creation software. These days most of it gets eaten by web browsing so I would recommend getting the 32GB if cost isn't an issue. Having more RAM also helps computers stay performant as they age, my desktop is 10 years old and still handles everything I want it to do, so paying more now will save money in the future because you won't have to upgrade to a newer laptop for a few years.

No. 1538523

File: 1680361966440.png (9.34 KB, 473x365, 475.png)

why won't this thing go away, i restarted a thousand times already

No. 1538618

If you’re not sure, you could always buy a laptop with upgradeable RAM slots. But I’d go with 32 GB if it won’t break the ban for you. Web browsers eat memory like nobody’s business.

Are there any good sites to keep up with technology news? I watch Linus tech tips on YouTube every now and then but I prefer text.

No. 1538835

File: 1680387160247.png (310.01 KB, 1267x2048, Screenshot_20230401-170748.png)

what a world we are witnessing


>The Worldcoin project is initiating an open and permissionless identity protocol called World ID. It empowers individuals to verify their humanness online while maintaining their anonymity through zero-knowledge proofs. Advancements in AI make it difficult to distinguish between AI and humans on the internet, highlighting a need for authentic human recognition and verification. To help address this, individuals can receive a future-proof unique human credential through a secure biometric device in a privacy-preserving manner. Importantly, this enables a path to AI-funded non-state UBI and the equitable global distribution of digital currencies. The project's early contributors have developed initial versions of a hardware device, a mobile client, and a deployment mechanism—all of which will gradually become decentralized. World ID will ultimately enable the protocol to be governed by the people, ensuring that the protocol benefits everyone.

No. 1539038

i wish a solar storm would fry all the electronics on earth but unfortunately thats not really how they work, sigh.

No. 1540174

Not sure where else to ask but does anyone use Motion Array? There's one template I want to use but I'm debating if the subscription is worth it long-term.

No. 1553062

If public wi-fi safe if you use a VPN? There's so many claims about VPN I'm not sure what to believe.

No. 1553237

File: 1681831329301.webm (4.03 MB, 720x1280, chinese cbdc board of social c…)

>In China, CBDC is linked to your Digital ID.
>If you go jaywalking, the facial recognition system will immediately display your face on a public board of shame, before automatically deducting your fine from your digital wallet.
similar link:

No. 1555546

what is a good tool for downloading youtube videos? I tried some different sites that downloads videos but they all become shit quality

No. 1555551

If the description is too complicated for you, you can also look up tutorials on youtube. It's a really neat tool, you can even download data like comments with it.

No. 1555559

This is exactly what they rolled out on the uyghurs area before they went full technocratic hellhole on them. One woman escaped and said right before she left, it got to the point where you would subconciously hold your face in an impassive expression because showing emotion would be picked up by the cameras and could trigger a visit to their house from an agent to check for "ideological disease". Scary, glad I don't live there.

No. 1555815

what is a good tool for bulk downloading twitter accounts pics and vidoes? I used to use ripme but its not working anymore.

No. 1557176

File: 1682202757005.jpeg (80.05 KB, 828x998, FuQQEWaXgBc9ime.jpeg)

if you use chrome make sure you update, some zero day exploits were discovered

No. 1557242

>Zero day exploits
Am retarded, what's this?

No. 1557244

A zero day is just techbabble for an exploit that has no update/patch. For instance with ios, all exploits that can be used currently are zero day exploits.

No. 1558971

Anon..I'm the one who posted that vocaroo and another victim of stalking. Don't just discredit people because they're taking attention from your story. This happens to probably hundreds of people but what I'm interested in is how to sue apple over this.
When you accuse another person claiming the same thing of being a stalker instead of relating to it, it makes you sounds aggro and crazy. Just be aware of that.

No. 1558973

You might find this vice documentary interesting because once you mentioned the social justice angle I realized a lot of these motherfuckers use the excuse of "oh they're white racists" or "they're rich anyway" to steal from innocent people. Might also be similar people stalking other people for "fun"

No. 1558997

Yeah. They will scrape at any possibly angle in attempt to socially justify what they do to anyone beginning to show opposition or questioning of their actions. They have a lot to lose, so if they feel their target isn't doing 'enough', they will absolutely fabricate whatever necessary to feel they have strength in numbers. I mean genuinely degrading, disgusting, unfathomable stuff. It isnt even the archetypal basement dweller per se (although there are certainly tons of them involved), a lot of these people are zoomers and young millennials desperate for btc. As you can imagine, there isn't a single justifiable reason to listen to the audio and watch the recording coming from a woman or child's phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, often for years at a time. These are people with stan twitter accounts in signal and telegram groupchats discussing what porn girls are allegedly watching, their bathroom habits, etc. Completely detached from reality and wholly convinced women are their property to voyeur.

No. 1559001

File: 1682402530560.jpg (43.38 KB, 720x412, Screenshot_20230425-015156_Duc…)

Same anon, reiterating to all of you that several of these weird, hypersexual misogynoir word salad humor accounts on twitter with zero trace of an identity attached to them are not just bots, they're directories of referential material to taunt their victim. It really is just a bunch of creepy terminally online losers trying very hard to live out their Black Mirror power fantasy. The account attached is used with the sole purpose of humiliating their victim and trying to roundabout reference various random aspects of her life, conversations, actions, insecurities etc. obscurely. There is a ton of fluff mixed in for plausible deniability. This account contains years of attempted degradation, with intimate life details shoehorned in that were never shared online by the victim. It sounds like a creepypasta but this is just the sociopathic internet culture we are in. Fuck twitter and fuck people who protect, encourage, and foster this environment online. There are a few women who do this too btw, although far more men. You may start to notice more creepy obscure accounts like this, plenty are innocent and linked to real people having fun but there are dozens that are not. Creepy shit like this is generally a hallmark. (1/2)

No. 1559003

File: 1682402781749.jpg (43.77 KB, 720x554, Screenshot_20230425-015219_Duc…)

Mind you this account and a few others are on a very focused campaign of trying to make their victims commit suicide. This phenomenon is going to eventually end up in a case study I believe. The internet is so vast and it makes these people feel protected. (2/2)

No. 1559010

This was happening to me before on my hand me down iPhone, thankfully (?) I have an android now but I think they hacked into my internet too. My wifi network, perhaps my newest laptop too. What a goddamm can of worms

No. 1559012

I don't advise for anyone unwell or with a history of debilitating paranoia to get too wrapped up in it. If you believe this has happened to you in the past or is currently happening to you, the best thing to do is avoid technology as often as possible or when viable. I do not encourage women to seek out signs of this if they haven't already felt strongly about something being wrong. I do strongly suggest all women take preventative measures and avoid talking to moids online, avoid male imageboards, keep your cameras covered on all devices when not in use, and don't have your cellphones glued to you in any intimate context when you can avoid it. They really are just pocket voyeurs.

No. 1559014

This is so creepy wtf. This post does feel like it's directed at someone in particular. I feel bad for the victim.

No. 1559266

not even going to lie i'm an already paranoid person in general and this scared the absolute shit out of me but thank you for posting about it anyways. i've been meaning to detach myself from my smartphones and move off grid and this has motivated me to finally throw them out as soon as possible. i don't need to be able to access the internet constantly in the first place it adds no benefit to my life

No. 1563265

File: 1682850029153.png (6.06 KB, 330x466, Screenshot 2.png)

New to Dicord, can someone explain how to accesses "direct messages" no matter how much I click on it and can't seem to access on it.

No. 1563267

When you click on the Discord logo on the upper left corner you open the column on the right of your image (which you censored), all of those are your private conversations with individual people (DMs)

No. 1564159

No. 1564163

I've wondered about this too until I realize the notification is for that Discord nitro 1 month free message. Click on that and it will go away

No. 1564173

Omfg are you serious? Nta but I was wondering about that. They did the same shit making my profile pic sparkle, getting me excited for nothing. I will never buy Nitro, a thousand times no! Thanks for the help nona.

No. 1564718

If I want to code programs to efficiently mass-save websites or specific website contents, what language should I start learning? Python?

No. 1564830

Python is good for webscraping and probably add something like js as well into the mix, you’re essentially looking to write archive scripts.

No. 1564888

Thank you!!

No. 1568231

File: 1683261299449.jpg (14.77 KB, 720x224, Screenshot_20230505-000651_Gal…)

Hello, I and a couple other people have posted about our experiences with modern cyberstalking and how scary and invasive it is in the recent years several times on lc. I and another anon have mentioned about our experiences with the accounts @drsweety303 and @poopyskittles on Twitter and how they are in fact harmful accounts documenting stalking and harassment rather than edgy coolgirl ai bots. I am going to reiterate that when you are being targeted by an obsessive and mentally ill k3wl haxxer they do not care how many devices you throw out or how often you avoid the internet - they will pour their time and resources into showing they have full control over you. Changing devices and getting burners will do nothing to aid you because they have your location and lockdown and if they have money they will often pay to have nearby PIs physically stalk you as well. Never underestimate the terminally online males obsession and ability to desire harming others.

I am bringing this up again just to casually document that my activity online is always watched closely regardless of my security habits being perfect and all my devices barebones and locked down. This is easy for people who dedicate their entire lives for cyberstalking. I may have mentioned in the past that these accounts even reference benign posts I make on lolcow. @poopyskittles claims to identify as a transgender woman on this burner account which no one that orbits them can confirm because they are totally anonymous accounts with no person tied to them or claiming credit for them, and trusting the word of someone who stalks women for a living would be stupid. I made the above joke on lc yesterday in the twitter hate thread in reference to mtf who commit heinous crimes like rape and murder getting their identities respected after acts of brutality while ftms dont because its a funny double standard. Several hours later, @poopyskittles used the verbiage in a tweet directly referencing my post. It is an uncommon phrase and has no context to it.

It is documented once here that @Drsweety303 has done it as well to a post I made also a bit afterward

This isnt particularly interesting but I would prefer to discourage them from this psychotic and calculated loser behavior in any way I currently can. It's infuriating to have legal obligation to not mention their identities or the Twitter personalities they are associated with for the time being, but it is nice to leave little breadcrumbs here for now that will be useful in the future when they are exposed. For the last 3 years they have loitered lolcow and have used posts here dating back to 2019 for inspiration in their tweets and I only just now thought about recording it here.
How they have managed to convince anyone online that they're cool and not the nasty freaks they are is beyond me.

/pt1 of 2(take your meds nona and see a therapist)

No. 1568235

File: 1683261484518.jpg (32.54 KB, 720x488, Screenshot_20230505-000724_Gal…)

Pt 2 / 2

No. 1568502

meds, now

No. 1568882

I understand how this appears if you are unaware of what is currently going on in hacker-based tor communities, but unfortunately it is the truth. The one good thing about the truth is that even when someone doesn't believe it, it objectively remains true. Victims who get justice often have to wait years for it, and only then do ostracizers apologize. I have no delusions of grandeur, I am simply a victim of cyber-obsession by terminally online sociopaths. I understand why you replied this tho kek.

No. 1583508

File: 1684693942969.png (551.57 KB, 733x853, micron china.png)

>"The review found that Micron's products have serious network security risks, which pose significant security risks to China's critical information infrastructure supply chain, affecting China's national security," the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said in a statement.

>Micron said it had received the CAC's notice of conclusion of its review of the company's products sold in China, and "look forward to continuing to engage in discussions with Chinese authorities".

>The CAC neither provided details on what risks it had found nor what Micron products would be affected.

chip war now chip war now

No. 1584203

If you want to do this for the coding aspect, I concur with the other nona that Python is the language to start with. If you just want tools that are able to do this, I suggest checking Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit for all sorts of scraping and archival tools

No. 1584216

File: 1684762726032.png (62.23 KB, 900x978, mpngs.png)

is it worth it to jailbreak my Nintendo switch if I only want to add a video player so I can watch movies? I have jailbreaked consoles before but it's consoles that are no longer being supported because I don't want to risk bricking

No. 1584249

just get a cheap tablet or install vlc on your phone? do you really need to be watching things on your switch specifically?

No. 1584261

my switch's screen is bigger than my phones and I have a 10+ hours so I thought it would be nice to watch some movies on a bigger screen

No. 1588605

it'll get wiped in a few years.

No. 1589511

My laptop has come slow pretty much overnight but especially watching streams makes my browser freeze a lot. But then I can also run CAD software and 1-2 adobe programs and it's mostly fine, what's going on? Is there anything I can do besides the standard "delete files and use CCleaner"?

No. 1589520

Have you tried switching browsers and/or using extensions to block stuff like ads and scripts?

No. 1589525

I already use extensions to block ads but I'll give switching browsers a shot, thanks

No. 1590764

For the love of God, please help. I know this will sound deranged but I use both lolcow and /vg/, and I've recently installed Kiwi Browser so that I may use extentions on my android phone. For some ungodly reason, I can't seem to load the captcha on /vg/ when on Kiwi Browser. I've tried disabling and enabling my extensions and the privacy options but nothing seems to work. The captcha just will not load. Can any tech-savy nonnies please help me with this? Search engine spelunking is failing me.

No. 1590782

Never used Kiwi browser but if you only want extensions you can try Firefox. Maybe it will load the captchas?

No. 1590800

I had this happen; try deleting your browser history, you might have like 1gb of history saved that's slowing your browser

No. 1597902

What are your experiences with Linux? I wanted to look into it because modern Windows annoys the shit out of me. I do hope Linux is normie friendly. I can't write code or troubleshoot, but I would make the switch if that means I will never get any unprompted updates or bloatware ever again.

No. 1597924

Ubuntu is the most user friendly, IMO. The problem with linux is the difficulty of troubleshooting. Most functional problems are easy to solve in windows, just download whatever component you need and use the GUI to configure it. In linux, you often need to jump into the terminal and run specific commands yourself when something goes wrong. It can be annoying. I have linux on a laptop I use for browsing the internet away from home, but my desktop is windows.

No. 1597929

You can also try Linux Mint, I've heard good things about that distro in terms of user friendliness
>I can't write code or troubleshoot
You can use Linux as an opportunity to learn how to troubleshoot! A lot of it is just knowing what to Google search at first. Once you start to see patterns in things, it becomes way easier to figure out what might be going wrong

No. 1599078

I second the Linux Mint rec. I also suggest using flatpaks when installing programs, they take up a bit more space but they automatically install the dependencies the program needs.

No. 1605003

Anyone know of an Instagram privacy frontend site like how Biblogram used to be?

No. 1605040

I'd normally (as much as I hate it) resort to Reddit but due to the protests I can't access any answered questions

has anyone here bought a third party windows key before? any legit sites? I'm building my own PC and I really don't want to hand over 130$ on top of everything else

No. 1605210

No. 1605351

Hate to admit it but I bought a $2 win10 key ages ago. It expired after a couple of months, so wouldn't recommend

No. 1605354

I bought one for $10 five years back. I was really skeptical about it at first and still am but the key is still going strong kek. Just listen to this >>1605210 nonna, it's not worth paying any money for windows

No. 1605356


No. 1609792

File: 1686991472432.png (286.22 KB, 2016x1130, fairy type.png)

Anyone else here who like keyboards? A keycap set I saw last time and really liked (but missed) is on round two pre-orders right now but I have no keyboards I could use it for that would fit them. But they're so cute! Arrrghhh!! I can't make buying this force me into buying another keyboard, these things are expensive enough as they are.

No. 1610091

File: 1687024346320.jpg (182.27 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20230617_105049.jpg)

I don't know who the fuck keeps trying to access my email (outlook) but it's pissing me off and I have 2FA enabled as well (email + phone).
Some of the IP addresses used:

Annoying as FUCK. I think it's one person using multiple VPNs. And my address is my (firstname+lastname) so I'm thinking it's someone I pissed off? I almost fell victim to a scam once so maybe that? Just fuck off already lmao.

No. 1610096

Might be on some sort of database leak and got unlucky

No. 1610102

Aw heck I never considered that nona, thank you.

No. 1610113

i'm interested in getting into gaming / upgrading my setup (i just play minecraft on my macbook at the moment). are there any nonas with advice on where to start for purchasing/building a lowkey gaming setup? i'm a very casual gamer so nothing insane is needed, i just wanna play games like red dead online, minecraft, fortnite etc. thank you!

No. 1610668

I've used sites like https://www.logicalincrements.com/ before, maybe it will be useful?

No. 1610882

File: 1687100135811.png (2.73 MB, 2364x1330, 3707a8978338d21f027d64ffe0df21…)

That happens to me with every keycap, I've learned to stop yearning for them because I don't want to make the piles of keyboards I have any bigger lmao
My dream is to have some fancy split keyboard like an Ergodox or just something wild like picrel

No. 1610975

duckduckgo often gets recommended as an alternative to google but I feel like it also sucks at giving you the results you want. It doesn't show advertisements to be fair but I still feel like you need to word your question in a very specific way in order to find the answer you want. Or maybe I just word my questions weirdly idk but I feel like 15 years ago I could just search any question on any search engine and I would get an answer. The question are usually just stuff like "in what episode does this character show up" so not even complicated stuff. Maybe it's just a reflection on how the internet has change and moved away from forumsites which usually discussed things like these. Now I just get results for imbd and sites that links streaming services when I search for questions like this

No. 1611070

File: 1687112606376.jpg (70.72 KB, 800x414, dactyl.jpg)

Damn I never thought I'd find another based ergo yearner/user on here! I've been thirsting over the angry miao hatsu but I personally dislike angry miao as a company so I'm totally saving that insane price tag the hatsu has. I just really want a metal CNC'd version of the dactyl manuform (picrel). For now I'm picking up a soffle which will probably end up meeting all my needs, time to give up on the hobby and embrace one final ergo. But maybe I'll go as far as to 3D print and build the dactyl, or get that sexy as fuck moonlander

also I can't imagine ever daily driving your picrel what the fuck

No. 1611106

That looks delicious. I could never own that because my brain wants to eat it.

No. 1611123

File: 1687115766037.jpeg (74.18 KB, 750x729, 1685400181961.jpeg)

Oh kekekekekek this one was actually about me oh well. except i really deserved it i think, but i don't think i do anymore so im throwing my phone away now

No. 1611141

No. 1611147

No. 1611161

Theyre lying to troll and discredit anon for speaking out about abuse, it started yesterday when this was posted in vent thread >>1610390 They want a reaction, ignore them.

No. 1611162

Work out your budget and then look at the recommended system requirements for the games you want to play. You want a computer that exceeds those system requirements for longevity reasons. None of the games you want to play need a high powered gaming rig, so something like a Ryzen 5 5600 or the Intel equivalent will be perfectly adequate. For the GPU decide if you want AMD or Nvidia. AMD matches Nvidia in rasterization for less money but the ray tracing performance is much worse if that matters to you. Always read tech reviews or watch reviews on youtube before buying anything.

You can use PC part picker to help select components
Here's an example build for under $1000

For how to build a PC, there's instructional videos on youtube.

No. 1613156

File: 1687288927466.jpg (56.61 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20230621_003954_Gma…)

Hope it's the correct thread because I have no idea where else to ask this. Tech nonnas, should I be worried about receiving picrel from an unknown account in some foreign language? Idk if it's some common spam or my email got leaked/hacked, I checked it on haveibeenpwned and it says my email haven't been breached or pasted, but I'm still worried because I'm a total noob when it comes to all this stuff. I absolutely don't know this person and didn't open any of the pics/links, I created this email just recently for my laptop and haven't used it for any social media accounts either. Please help if you can nonnies, my dumbass is freaking out over this here.

No. 1613398

HaveIBeenPwned doesn't cover that many cases.
Here are the criteria from their website: https://haveibeenpwned.com/FAQs
>Has the impacted service publicly acknowledged the breach?
>Does the data in the breach turn up in a Google search (i.e. it's just copied from another source)?
>Is the structure of the data consistent with what you'd expect to see in a breach?
>Have the attackers provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate the attack vector?
>Do the attackers have a track record of either reliably releasing breaches or falsifying them?
In short, many breaches aren't included in HaveIBeenPwned. Your email could also have been straight-up sold by a scummy company.
PDFs can contain viruses that trigger upon opening the file in a PDF reader (including readers embedded in your web browser) https://www.sentinelone.com/blog/malicious-pdfs-revealing-techniques-behind-attacks/
It can also be phishing https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/phishing-trends-with-pdf-files/
Either way, don't open the attachments and you should be fine.

Schizo has been having an episode all over this thread starting here >>1521458, as well as the vent threads. She seems to think she's being gangstalked.

>"Here is just one example of the sort of programs utilized to remotely access any cellphone in real-time."

>Links to a github repo meant for creating a fresh virtual smartphone and securely connecting to it
I can't believe nobody called her out for this.

She doesn't provide any proof for her claims, and she frequently refers to herself as if she's a different anon. I wouldn't be surprised if both that anon and the anon that replied to you are her, especially since she has a penchant for posting those cutsey, crystal-cafe-y sorts of pictures and bringing attention to her previous posts.

>inb4 she claims i know this because i used SVMP to remote into her device

No. 1613521

I got an uptick in spam emails from job seeking, property buying, signing up to online stores/email lists. They all sell your data and there doesn't have to be a breach for your email to be available out there. Sometimes emails are just generated based on available data or simply guessed, maybe someone has your email @yahoo or whatever. Just don't open them, report/mark as spam, and delete. Your email filters should update eventually and you'll stop seeing them.

No. 1613890

File: 1687375423934.jpeg (87.42 KB, 1004x1339, Fs5L4QiXgAI_a_E.jpeg)

Thank you so much nonnas!

No. 1614072

It's not that anon, you're just an asshole.

No. 1614271

06/21/23 (Wed) 04:51:30 PM
06/21/23 (Wed) 05:01:10 PM

Look, if you really believe you are being cyberstalked and posted about on Twitter, stop making yourself so easy to track and stop being terminally online. You are basically avatarfagging at this point. IF (and that's a big if) these Twitter accounts are actually posting vague cryptic messages based on your lolcow posts in an effort to get you to kill yourself, stop making it so obvious which posters are you.

No. 1615320

nta but I saw the whole schizo'ing out earlier in the thread and my first reaction was 'what the fuck' and I checked the link linked and it was just like what the other anon said and I got really confused kek. The twitter account is strange and scary I agree but if you ARE being stalked, stop using all of your infected devices and stop being on the radar for awhile

No. 1617127

Nonas if I have a budget of like 200 euros is it better to buy a new smartphone in that range (like some xiaomi or samsung one) or should I get an older gen/refurbished iphone? I really want a phone that has nice smooth performance and an okay camera, and for general stuff like navigation and bank apps and so on

No. 1617139

Get a Samsung, that's what I use and they have a good camera.
Also I think a new phone is better than an older phone, because the OS is up to date. An older OS has security problems.

No. 1617233

Really? The reviews for most samsung phones in that price range were often complaining about the cameras

No. 1617255

refurbished is pretty great imho. just don't get a model thta is TOO old so you can still do software upgrades

No. 1617264

That isn't how you get rid of a real stalker, anon. That doesn't actually work if a group of autists is genuinely obsessed with you.

No. 1617279

I have a xiaomi that was about 220 euro on sale and it became buggy and laggy like under 6 months in. Like it'll just randomly freak out and behave as if I'm rapidly touching on things or freeze.

No. 1617327

It would be helpful if anon dropped the dossier she teased. People would be more included to believe her and help out if she provided proof.

No. 1617578

I assume there is a reason. Nothing that was said is unbelievable in any capacity if you're actually knowledgeable about the real capabilities of technology, it's only a matter of time. Victims of abuse generally aren't afforded the luxuries of compulsion as audiences often think they are.

No. 1617683

Newly switched to Linux and got a new mini PC to boot, I'm running Zorin. Mostly want to use my computer for browsing and emulating games. I think the most heavy game I'd be playing is Sims 4. I just want to know if any anons have had pretty good success playing games and if anyone else uses Zorin, too.

No. 1618921

It's surprisingly easy to disappear online, if you keep getting found out you're probably letting yourself get found out

No. 1619687

>bank apps
Don't use a phone for any of that.

No. 1619691

File: 1687974014297.png (9.48 KB, 995x156, ddg.png)

Bing + Yandex

Google is so trash these days (and censored). DuckDuckGo is censored too.

No. 1619695

No. 1619768

any IT worker nonas here? can my manager or HR access my slack DMs?

No. 1619872

Any work password you have can be recovered by IT and access to your account given to HR but unless there's some really strong reason to look through your communications, it would not be shared. Never heard of such thing actually happening though, accessing the employee's mail happens sometimes, with slack I can't really imagine justification strong enough.

No. 1619873

Look up your local laws about this, many places require such actions to be agreed upon by both parties or it's straight up just illegal. Also check your employment contract and whether it mentions your employee having the rights to do so.

No. 1619917

oh, man I just trying to search Duck Duck Go for article about TIMs that had murdered people and only two came up, which was better than google that had 0 on the first page. The rest was about TIMs who got murdered or people talking about murdered TIMs. I didn't know it had been pozzed. Thanks for the recs.

No. 1620411

No. 1622588

>trusting that your chinese-made iPhone is impermeable remotely and that exploits like Pegasus are uber-complicated science fiction only accessible to the mega rich
>chips in iPhones in China were literally designed so that they can extract all data from your phone even when there's no battery in it
>claiming any anon who mentions this is schizo because Google university claims muh apple products are a fortress that require irl access or a fortune to Pentwater

No. 1622590

Penetrate repeatedly autocorrects to Pentwater, sorry*

No. 1624724

No. 1626638

What do nonnas think of Facebook's Threads app? I'm optimistic that it'll fill a niche for people wanting an app in between Instagram and Twitter functionality and user-base wise, but tying down to Instagram seems dumb. At least that makes it obvious to anyone that it's connected to Facebook's whole infrastructure.

No. 1626910

All smartphones have hundreds of exploits and many of them allow complete remote access to everything in and around your phone. Your iPhone has four microphones inside. There have been scores of articles alluding to this and essentially proving that your cellphones, your most personal possession that can access all your info and hears your every intimate detail, can easily be accessed remotely. If entire countries threaten it, then a hacker can easily do it and advertise the services for a fee. Go dumb before shit hits the fan.

No. 1626997

I don't use anything made by Meta, it's really bad for privacy. There's already a decent alternative to Twitter (Mastodon)

No. 1627266

I think it's funny to watch the drama unfold. There's not much reason to care otherwise.

No. 1627768

I bought a used laptop on ebay, and I think it's a prototype. The bios says it's a Genuine intel 0000.

No. 1627781

>animal crossing community: IMPOSSIBLE
I don't know why this is fucking hilarious to me

No. 1627792

Louis Rossmann is so based. I'm glad he knows what he's talking about and he really cares for his employees.

No. 1872823

File: 1706704182660.jpg (1.8 MB, 3864x2584, 1000016886.jpg)

ANOÑAS PLEASE. I need a new laptop, what should I get?

No. 1872836

File: 1706707741251.jpg (56.84 KB, 750x750, 1000016900.jpg)

nvm the decision has been made

No. 1872840

what are you getting?

No. 1872841

which one? happy for you. i dont know laptops

No. 1883955

Any, just put Linux on it. Windows is cancer.
I use Zorin too!!! I'm getting pretty frustrated with it, frankly. (Yeah I know I recommended it above. Web browsing is fine, and I like the free apps.) Wine is no substitute for Windows. Have you got your game to run?

No. 1883969

Hi anon! Unfortunately no current phone will satisfy all your needs.
1. iPhone SE 2022. I got this because it's small and I wanted to try out Apple. It runs better but has no headphone jack or pen.

2. iPhone SE 2016. It's smaller, and has a headphone jack! No pen, and it's pretty old. I can't really recommend it.

3. Motorola. Still has a headphone jack. Some models have pens. Not small. This is probably your best option tbh.

No. 1887131

File: 1707850820671.png (73.85 KB, 512x512, soulseek.png)

Im completely tech illiterate and can anyone explain how P2P programs like soulseeks actually works? if i download a song from soulseek, then the song will only download when the uploader is online, correct? Can I download music from there without having to share music? Can other soulseek users see files on my computer?

No. 1887137

Songs will only download if someone is online. Some users will only share if you also share but you shouldn't have a problem finding files these days. I don't think users are as anal about the sharing thing these days but that's just my own experience when I was re-downloading files on a new laptop with no files to share. Users will only see the files that you have specifically set to share through Soulseek.

No. 1895769

File: 1708488518613.png (55.17 KB, 1041x307, untitled.png)

nitter is dead, girls. with all the frontend alternatives for reddit/instagram getting shut down recently i've lost hope that the modern internet won't be a desolate wasteland with login walls on every website. fuck you if you don't have 384297 social media accounts to look at fanart i guess. glad lc is still alive and kicking in current era when people are happy to give their phone numbers and address to corpos so they can post memes

No. 1895870

I've given up hope and started using burner sites with temp emails for burners because that's the only way I'm bypassing these bs firewalls

No. 1897334

File: 1708602481178.png (183.33 KB, 540x405, jTJFCik.png)

Don't give up, there are still some great resources left and being made, as long as eastern europeans, south-asians and south-americans have the internet we'll find a way to get around singing up or pay for movies and tv, the only thing that will stop us is if all our nations get fascist or communist governments that ban the general internet. (Then there's probably not much we can do)

No. 1901179

late but you're my hero today, thanks for those links. long live international pirates and programmers fighting for privacy

No. 1913079

FUCK google search
FUCK sign in to view
FUCK QR codes
FUCK “related to your search”
FUCK apps
FUCK streaming
FUCK apple for removing 3.5 mm

No. 1913317

You missed
FUCK discord

No. 1913884

Please feel free to add your own

No. 1913916

FUCK “people you may know”
(I do know them and I haven’t added them for a reason, leave me aloooooone)

No. 1913941

FUCK "asking you to add your contacts"

No. 1960047

I know we have some Linuxfags here, sell me on it? Windows 11 is driving me insane.

No. 1960050

Windows 10 as it is is starting to piss me off too I've also started considering Linux

No. 1960051

The only thing that turns me off is trying to play games/Photoshop so I’m thinking of running it on a separate drive.

No. 1960131

I use ubuntu and it's okay, I still vastly prefer windows 10 though

No. 1960286

The best thing to do is make a live USB stick of Linux Mint and try it. You can boot into Linux without installing it to see if you like it. If you do then want to install Linux you can wipe your windows partition and exclusively use Linux or have a windows partition and a Linux partition for when you need Windows programs.

Personally I use Arch with Windows in a VM with a GPU pass through. While this is ideal, you need two GPUs and it's not easy to set up. You also need to make sure that your motherboard, CPU and both GPUs are compatible.

Before you start using Linux you will need to decide on your desktop environment. If you're currently using windows I would recommend KDE. It's a popular, well supported DE that will be more familiar for windows users.

Starter distros
Linux Mint
Pop! OS

How to make a bootable Linux USB drive in windows

No. 1963575

File: 1713118715929.jpg (22.87 KB, 735x438, 1000018345.jpg)

so without my knowledge, my dad "upgraded" my PC(I just asked him to get someone to change the casing) and the C drive was wiped, now I had bookmarks I had saved for years now, is there literally anything I can do get them back?

No. 1963645

There is actually. There are a lot of data recovery tools you should try before using that drive any more. Disk Drill is a popular one but maybe look into leddit for more reccs. As long as the files weren't overwritten with something else they are able to be restored!

No. 1963663

alright I'll try but I can't use [spoiler]My IP is permanently banned and I can't make new accounts.

No. 1963664

Depending on what search program you used you usually can recover using the email account to sign back in the PC.

No. 1963668

I have never logged onto the PC with an actual account, the only thing I have is twitter.

No. 1963758

File: 1713127031154.jpg (440.77 KB, 2560x2000, rip-billy.jpg)

it is free as in freedom and just better overall
i like linux mint as a beginner distro too

No. 1963861

File: 1713129904568.png (735.19 KB, 1000x1000, 0xtJKDg.png)

update, so I never told my dad what had happened because I didn't want to seem ungrateful. but my dad noticed my sadness and I eventually opened up to him about the situation. He explained that the he asked the guy to copy C-hard-drive, which saved all my files and bookmarks, so yeah.

No. 1963925

File: 1713132705294.jpg (132.88 KB, 1024x768, 1.jpg)

I'm buying a new PSU and looking them up I found that many of the budget ones I'm considering are said to be "bad". I'm looking for a 700~W PSU to pair with a RX 7600. Any anons here have experience with these "E tier" PSUs? Are they really that much of a disaster? I'm not sure about the legitimacy of these lists.

No. 1963948

you don't have to get the platinum-rated ultra premium Corsair ones that redditors like to shill but you really, really don't want to cheap out on your PSU. there's a fire hazard risk (that's a bit overstated imo) but more importantly it can easily fry your PC. My first power supply was the cheapest possible from some noname brand, worked ok for a while but then a random power surge made it smoke a bit and my motherboard was fried. Never had that happen with the EVGA one I use now

No. 1973520

File: 1713687085659.png (271.84 KB, 1600x1591, mint.png)

Nonnies, I need help with a webcam problem on Linux. I'm on Linux Mint Cinnamon, I installed it last month on a new Dell laptop. It doesn't detect my built in webcam, I already enabled it in BIOS settings.

I tried looking for solutions online but I'm a total Linux newbie and didn't really understand what was being said lol (It took me three days to even install Linux on my laptop).

No. 1973602

File: 1713691264812.jpg (809.51 KB, 4835x3223, PSU.jpg)

Tier lists aren't necessarily about price. There are expensive PSUs that are E tier and there are inexpensive PSUs that are A tier. PSU tiers come down to quality of design and manufacturing. To complicate it further very few of the companies that sell PSUs actually make or design them. All PSUs are manufactured by a limited number of OEMs and each OEM has their own platforms.

From looking at reviews here's two decent PSUs that are under $100
Corsair RM750x - rated A tier by Cultists Network
Review: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-rm750x-2021-power-supply-review
Thermaltake Toughpower GF A3 750w - rated B tier by Cultists Network
Review: https://www.anandtech.com/show/21073/the-thermaltake-toughpower-gf-a3-750w-psu-review/4

What software are you using to access the webcam? If it's a very new laptop, it may be a case of needing to update the drivers through the software manager.

No. 1974179

is there any sort of program, that can allow me to "archive" my bookmarks, likes and even who I follow on twitter?

No. 1974317

gallery-dl can be used to save pics from Twitter if that's what you're looking to save
I've only used this to download account posts and not likes so I'm not 100% it'll work for your use case though

No. 2034434

My macbook air backlight keeps randomly shutting off when I’m using it. I’ll open up my computer, enter the password, make it to my home screen and then my screen will turn black. Anyone know any way I can fix this?

No. 2051055

Did anyone hear about the recent Microsoft spying scandal?

No. 2051311

The one about the built-in AI taking screenshots of everything on your screen every few seconds? It's insane to me. Thsi world gets worse and worse. I used to have a big passion for tech but now I'm slowly turning into a fucking luddite. I hate AI, it's evil. Fuck microsoft.

No. 2067148

FUCK google search x2

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