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No. 1139601

anons are so fucking lazy these days

previous thread:

No. 1139604

Lord, help me. Why do I find ugly, drug addicted men attractive? Like every single dude that’s ever been on that show Intervention. I wouldn’t actually date one, and I don’t fuck with drugs myself.

No. 1139605

File: 1650335228558.gif (1.73 MB, 220x223, 66582A18-687F-42BA-AF45-C907C0…)

i would love to be an offline bitch but i have no personality outside being online. I dislike being online but there is nothing outside my online presence. I am so lonely and boring and I genuinely don’t enjoy being alive

No. 1139608

Don't know if this is the right thread to post in…so sorry about that. Just wanted to get some things off my chest. I had a plan to kill myself over the weekend. It was a surefire plan to die…spent hours going back and forth driving between two different (US) states just to do it. I settled for a place, and I was so terrified but had no other choice. As soon as I was about to do it, my friend texted me asking if I was okay because I hadn't talked to him for a few days. I told him I wasn't doing well and he called me and I broke down and told him everything. He convinced me to live. I don't know what I would do without him. The fact that he was there for me when no one else was means so much. One day I want to visit him…he is only a few hours away by car, but I never got to visit him due to abusive family and I'm trying to get away. Or maybe he can visit me. I don't know what is going to happen and I'm terrified for my future, or lack thereof. I am so terrified of every day. I hate waking up every day but I am trying and I'm so scared. I am scared that I will never escape from my abusive situation and that my family will ruin my life even more and sabotage me. This sounds so stupid but as I was driving around for hours yesterday I thought of this woman in this Discord server I'm in. She would post a lot about how she's homeless and disabled, her mother abandoned her, needed a feeding tube, ended up in jail for a night for being on the streets. Then her cousin days later came on to say that she took her own life. I know it doesn't seem real but this woman had posted a lot of her stories and a lot of details…so I don't know. But in those moments I thought of that woman and was just bawling while driving. I wish I could have helped her. I've always wanted to work in human services but I do not have a degree in it, and in America, it's expensive and I already have student loan debt. The fact that I live in a place without free healthcare, too, makes me want to die. I just don't know what to do or what is going to happen. I am glad my friend is around…but I'm still terrified. I'm in my late 20's and my life has been utterly wasted due to control and abuse from parents/family. I have a job but don't know how long that will last…and even then I live in a high cost of living area. Even then, my family still knows where I live and work. But I would rather end up homeless than ever go back to them. But they won't allow that, because it will make them look bad. It's all about making them look good and putting on a facade. I'm scared I will never get out. I'm contacting domestic abuse resources but I doubt they will help. I think I will have to leave the country at some point but don't know how except to study for a master's for a career I strongly dislike and then I will also accumulate even more debt. And even then, there is no guarantee I will get a job in the country. Every day is just pain and suffering, with flashbacks of trauma and abuse constantly. And they're still here. They still text and call every day and know where I am. I don't know what to do.

No. 1139610

I recently found out my bf doesn't wash/rinse his penis after pissing. The only reason why I found out was because we just moved in together usually when we have sex we shower together first but living together there will obviously be spontaneous sex. Everything in our relationship is good so far so I feel like this is too minuscule to dump over but shit like this is exactly why I don't give blowjobs unless it's a serious LTR. We've been dating for a year now. Jesus fuck why do scrotes have to be taught everything.

No. 1139613

I think you are truly as bad as the man if you allow this. I’m no longer defending you, if you bed with these scrotes you have to be as awful as him, you suck

No. 1139617

Not saying it isn’t gross, but that’s actually typical. I don’t think anyone expects them to wash their duck after peeing kek

No. 1139619

Do you wash your pussy after you piss, nonnie? Do you do it every time? Because I sure af don’t. That’s bizarre behaviour. Either get used to a lil dried pee or ask him to rinse his dick before you suck it. Sex is gross, get used to it

No. 1139622

you can’t be a real person you are not a real human being stop pretending you are you aren’t you can’t actually be for real

No. 1139623

What do you suggest I do anon I'm honestly fucking baffled right now. Teach (cringing at having to use this word) or dump? I might have to humiliate him instead of bringing it up nicely because its something I'm so conscious of in dating
I know it's common unfortunately which is why I don't give BJs unless I really know the guy
>Do you wash your pussy after you piss
Yes you nasty lazy bitch it doesn't take more than 5 seconds

No. 1139624

Do you have any hobbies, any form of exercise or any passions in general? The more you experience outside of the Internet, the more you have to talk to other people about. Just ease into it by going to some free classes or meet-ups and stuff.

No. 1139625

2/10, made me reply

No. 1139626

File: 1650337902801.jpeg (42.91 KB, 600x399, 4AFF6B3B-F50F-4636-B85E-30090F…)

Had a great interview for a room in the city I’m moving to in two weeks, met all the housemates and they were perfect, the house was so cute and the room was a great price only ten minutes from my new job. They basically told me I was sure to get it after our video call yesterday, told me they wouldn’t even be considering anyone else and it was up to me to confirm that I was ready to take the room later tonight. I was so excited and literally watching the clock at work waiting until it’d been a whole day so I could tell them I was set on the room, and then I get a text from the head tenant saying that a good friend of the group suddenly needed a room so they’re giving it to her instead. I understand but I’m so fucking pissed, room hunting is already a nightmare in this city and every other interview I’ve had the tenants have been fucking borings husks and I just want to move into a place where the tenants get along and do things together so I don’t have to start making friends from scratch. I might just pull from my savings and rent a studio at this point because I’m so sick of dancing around other people. Why can’t I just have one thing go right for me one time. I hope your good mutual friend never pays the rent on time, you pricks.

No. 1139628

Stop being a freak. Washing after a piss or shit is neuroticism. Washing before sex is based and normal. Any normal man will just do it with you because they know they are getting sex. I don't want to taste stale piss or sweat

No. 1139629

>Yes you nasty lazy bitch it doesn't take more than 5 seconds
nta but how do you wash it when you have to use a public restroom?

No. 1139630

This past weekend I met a guy at a bar and we talked for a while, got along well. Before I left he asked for my number and specifically said would it be too forward of me to ask for your number. This would lead me to believe he’s interested in me. Despite this, I haven’t heard from him except for him texting me later that night to say it was nice to meet me (which I replied and agreed). I’m just so sick of men doing this shit. Why are you going to act like you’re interested in me and ask for my number if you aren’t going to use it? And then in makes me spiral thinking well, he only talked to me bc he felt bad that my friends were all talking to guys and I didn’t have anyone to talk to. So he only talked to me out of pity. I hate how I obsessively overthink these things. But like why would he ask for my number if he isn’t going to text me!!!!!! I hate men

No. 1139631

Are you ESL and confusing washing with wiping? Or are you talking about using a bidet? If neither, please explain to us filthy bitches how you wash your pussy in 5 seconds cause I wanna be a clean goddess too.

No. 1139633

washing = bidet ofc

No. 1139636

why is dating as a lesbian so fucking hard omg
>dating apps are filled with troons
>most women who talk about how “soooo gay teehee” they are are bisexuals who only pursue men
>i have a crush on a close female friend but don’t want to ruin our friendship; literal autism means it’s impossible for me to tell if she likes me or is just being kind
>there are barely any butch lesbians anymore they’re usually some gendie or flavor of transmasc they/them and even assume i am one too

No. 1139637

On the off chance this isn't bait, what about when you have sex all of a sudden? You'd slurp up his piss covered dick?
I don't use public bathrooms.
Yeah I meant a bidet. I see why this might have confused some people but in my language the word is literally washing.

No. 1139644

I can't use flushable baby wipes to clean my ass after I shit anymore because they clog the toilet. I feel so disgusting every time I poop now. I can only use toilet paper.

No. 1139645

Wet the TP nonna

No. 1139647

as many terminally online people are, i am gat and very unfit. Also very socially awkward & anxious. On top of all that I have a thick ugly accent. I should push myself to go the gym more, but that takes like, an hour a day at most. For the rest of the day I’m a loser girlblogger again

No. 1139659

NTA, but I wish I had a bidet. Instead I quickly use the showerhead.
I've talked to friends about this before and I swear things were easier before dating apps got popular, even in rural areas. Now nobody is dating due to "grass is greener" syndrome, having to wade through agp's, practically straight women and polycules.

No. 1139662

Use toilet paper and then a baby wipe when you're clean enough that the wipe can go into a bin

No. 1139672

I really wish that Ethan Ralph nigger would die already

No. 1139677

Looking at todays MVs is seriously depressing. I look at them and think about how some of them would've been considered legitimate porn just 20, 30 years ago, and now you have girls as young as 11 imitating them, seeing them as their idols.

No. 1139697

buy a bidet attachment, they're like $20

No. 1139699

mvs 20 years ago were pretty sexual. you guys don't remember 20 yrs ago. not defending todays mvs because they're very sexual but unless you're talking about tween pop it was pretty sexual if hip hop or most adult geared pop

No. 1139708

i had a relationship with the cousin of a blist actress, the gf of a alist guy that gets posted often in the celebs thread and he was honestly my soulmate but I was being stupid so every time I listen to this band he put me on(now) or see the alist guy posted I wanna cry. I never see the actress except for a show I love but I just avoid it now. We didn’t even get to have sex, which would’ve been amazing, and I regret not pursuing it so much. Neither of us have social media so I’m fucked

No. 1139710

The more I think about my friends the more hollow they seem.

No. 1139711

Men don't even use tp after pissing so that's still pretty bad.

No. 1139712

Eh I’m starting to thinking that peoples obsession with being “interesting” is capitalistic narcissistic brain rot. Friends should get along with each other because you share hobbies, opinions and life experiences. I certainly don’t feel the need for my friends to constantly “entertain” me or stimulate me mentally like some kind of show monkey.

No. 1139718

It's not even 8 am and the kids outside are already screaming like hell. Shut up little demons!!!

No. 1139720

friend chose to tell their sibling (who I know and have hung out with) a fairly embarrassing secret about me and when I confronted them said "well in my defense you told me without shame, and I'd probably do it again so maybe just keep it to yourself next time" like, blaming me for trusting them with the secret basically

No. 1139721

Of all the men I've dated, only one did that. He also sat down to pee.
He was almost perfect honestly, as much as scrotes can be. He also washed his hands.

No. 1139722

You're right that fiends are not show monkeys, but what's with the random Maoism at the start

No. 1139731

nta but not maoism

No. 1139735

I have a crush on my boyfriend's best friend aaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

No. 1139769

That would no longer be my friend if I where you.

No. 1139786

If you blame everything including your hiccups on capitalism, I'll call you a maoist

No. 1139798

I want to kill someone and write a manifesto and then kill myself. I have nothing in my life, I've been abused my entire life. I've been mocked and harassed and taken advantage of. I have nothing in my life and my efforts have never paid off. I have no money, no property, no love ETC. Most people are evil and deserve death either way especially after seeing what they've done to me. Society is so immoral and full of narcissists. I wish never ending suffering and death upon all of you. Everyone is a monster and responsible for the atrocities of the world. The world is fucking unfair that murder if you actually look at the state of the world murder is not even immoral. Just writing a manifesto and killing with cold blood I want to butcher someone, to make them suffer I want them to suffer as much as I did(stop)

No. 1139802

you know that the current socio economical organization affects our life and values and everything

No. 1139804

not the answer, romania. why do you want to make someone potentially innocent suffer anyways? there are ways out of your mess.

No. 1139806

>Society is so immoral and full of narcissists
And you’re one of them, romaniachan. Just kys and leave everybody else out of it.

No. 1139808

ok mao

No. 1139811

Do you still plan on sticking with the date set out to murder that you mentioned in that other murder post (May 12th or something?)

No. 1139813

i don't think she's that immoral, just really mentally ill and fucked up. narcissistic, maybe, but a lot of her sense of morality is actually pretty spot on and she has decent values, except for when she loses her shit on other women for (alleged) bullying that she doesn't substantiate, and then obviously this murder shit. i really hope she drops this murder shit because i think she has potential and obviously it goes against everything decent she claims she stands for

No. 1139814

Not a Maoist, but technically you could blame your hiccups on capitalism if you live in the US or something like that and your hiccups are caused by a medical issue you can't get fixed due to the cost. When I was a child I had chronic hiccups related to recurrent pneumonia. They would keep me up at night, so I had to get meds to suppress the hiccups until it cleared up. I can imagine not everyone can afford that.

No. 1139818

nobody is innocent. We are all contributing to the chaos and suffering of the world and in this race we are all competing against each other and people only care about their individual gain. Even your bestest friend is willing to step on you and crush you if it is for their own gain. We are all responsible for all the suffering in the world, for all the rapings, for all the killings, your indifference. Everyone's indifference is destroying the world and money hungry narcissists are taking over the planet. If you were hurt or victimized nobody cares, everyone pushes you aside, you become a laughing stock, your suffering becomes the reason of your harassment. Nobody offers you help. Humans are monstrous beings that shouldn't exist. Society is inherently immoral and humans are evil. Humans and society is basically about hurting others and manipulating them for your own gain, about stepping on others to dominate them and make yourself feel better. It's all about power hierarchies and abuse. Someone that murders is not a criminal, people are murdered by states in MASSE innocent children have their entire life decided because of poverty and abuse and nobody helps and everyone in the modern world is a murderer, a criminal. That is allowing for chaos in this world at the expense of their own well being. You are all criminals. Lying criminals. The industries you contribute to, your jobs, the fact that you choose to stand with your hands in your pockets and let the world burn at the expense of your own well being that is criminal in itself. There is no sense to this world. Others have nothing and are born into having nothing while others have everything.

yea society made me this way.

No. 1139820

I don't wanna goooo, I shoulda cancelled yesterday, now people are counting on me
I think I'll dissapoint them just this once

No. 1139823

Um, the "murder shit" is highly immoral.

No. 1139827

there are some people who are truly loyal in this world, though there are not many, no. in all honesty, many times i have wanted to reach out and help you in whatever way i could (including monetarily), but you are extremely fickle and unstable. you're not wrong with much of what you say, and i understand your cynicism. i'm not sure exactly what you've gone through because i can't parse through what is real and perhaps what is hyperbolic, but what you say is mostly true. it is a shit and evil world, but not everyone is deserving of harm and hurt. you should also stop with your obsession with people like kaczynski and shit, i don't think that kind of crap helps you and i do think it influences you. the thing about people is recognizing that people are kind of only good to a certain degree and utilizing their particular decency in like, one specific field or issue or purpose, and creating a circle of people who are varied in their decency. i don't know how to explain it to you but it's very difficult to find, especially given your views, someone who is 100% good or decent or what you'll believe to be truly good. it's just the way the world is, unfortunately people are disappointing and are only good to a certain degree. murdering people or harming others isn't the answer though and won't relieve you of your pain or do anything even remotely constructive. i'm sure you've been through much suffering and trauma can be life-long and it's a highly personalized and individualized issue, but you're still very young and can make much potential headway even without professional intervention (therapy). why don't you take your meds?
yes, i already said that. she only spergs about murder every so often though. i don't know if it's a core component of her personality or beliefs, probably just her acting out and going through it. i would like to think that overall it's uncharacteristic of her and just a result of her mental illness and frustration.

No. 1139829

Wanting to kill someone and then yourself is not “being spot on about morality” you know you can call out white feminism and the west without wanting to be a fucking murderer and molesting children right? Or are you just as stupid and narcissistic as her?

No. 1139830

>in this race we are all competing against each other
There are people who want to drop out of this race just as much as you do
>and people only care about their individual gain
Most do due to capitalist/Calvinist (origin of capitalist morality is Calvinism) socialization, but again not everyone
> Even your bestest friend is willing to step on you and crush you if it is for their own gain
Depends, not everyone wants to take part in the rat race, many want to drop out of society. You're not the only one with these feelings. If you weren't so hostile, you seem like a person I could be friends with, because we're interested in a lot of similar things and have similar opinions. You're screaming into the void and barely anyone is taking you seriously anymore here, which probably makes you say even more unhinged things like wanting to murder people. I get where the feelings come from and you're right, everyone contributes to this shit show in their own way, but many people really don't want to and they don't deserve to be killed.

No. 1139831

I don’t know how you can live with yourself tbh. Not only did you molest children but you brought scrotes to lolcow. You say you want us all dead but you expect us all to brigade some Ukrainian camwhore who you’re jealous of. Just kys. Stop blaming where you are because there are plenty of Romanians who just get on with it. All of your problems are self inflicted and you made yourself this way.

No. 1139833

if you read her other posts, she's correct about a fair number of things. again, i don't think the murder thing is necessarily part of her beliefs, just her being mentally ill and unmedicated, retarded, frustrated, etc. i don't think it's fair to blame a child who is molested for re-enacting their abuse on other kids. that's not even uncommon and is a well documented pattern for children who are sexually abused. it happened to me by another child who was sexually abused by her parent and i don't blame her. it's not a conscious thing or a sexually motivated thing for children who are sexually abused.

No. 1139836

So what if she’s “correct”, she says the most benign crap that everyone already knows. I’ve never seen her say anything I haven’t heard before in a more articulate and less self obsessed way. She’s just a narcissist who uses her imagined trauma to bully others and I guarantee she’s a piece of work to be around IRL. She wants the entire world to be a never ending pity party just for her and when she sees someone in a worse position than herself she has absolutely no empathy for them. She has no appreciation that other people have it worse and makes everything about herself. If you have any respect for her you’re a chump, I’m sorry, you’re like one of those spineless retards that can be easily taken in by anyone with strong opinions and personality.

No. 1139837

You should kill yourself too for defending a kiddy diddler just because she screams “white feminism bad!” You’re a fucking retard.

No. 1139840

>You should kill yourself too for defending a kiddy diddler just because she screams “white feminism bad!” You’re a fucking retard.
i don't agree with her "white feminism bad" takes btw. and it's not defending a "kiddy diddler". sexually abused children re-enact abuse on other kids. you're acting like she molests children as an adult. she re-enacted abuse on other kids, again, a phenomenon that is not unheard of at all whatsoever. if you can't have a measured discussion based on the real life effects of abuse, and about a serious issue, stop with your shitty "contributions".

No. 1139841

This guy told me he loved me, asked if I was ashamed of him, and ignored me within 12 hours. I'm confused as fuck. The problem is that we're both self-loathing so both of us think the same of each other. God, I hate sad boys.

No. 1139842

i think she does have empathy for people in shitty positions, it's what informs a lot of her positions ideologically, she's just a super mentally ill sperg that has sour grapes occasionally but it isn't like it can't be warranted. i will defend pakichan at times on that basis as well.

No. 1139848

unfortunately, given the way most "sad boys" are he's probably mindlessly jerking off and fucking off, living life, while being "so sad" and "self loathing". men are just rarely sad in the ways we are

No. 1139849

Why are you guys still enabling her? Attacking or defending her will only harm her and make her spiral deeper into her delusional state. You should get a job, romanianon, the social advantages and having something to do so you won't overthink would be way more beneficial for you. I understand how you feel and feel similar sometimes but wallowing in your your sorrow won't fix anything.

No. 1139850

I didn't bring scrotes to lolcow. I never actually did anything bad. You made all the shit up about me although I have said multiple times it is not true. You demonized me like everyone does whenever I go. I was a child and I was being molested too. What about me? What about me being molested and living in a horrible environment where there was an epidemic of rape and I was 8 years old. You are blaming me for all the atrocities that I have endured in my life like everyone else does because most humans are sociopathic monsters that don't understand circumstances and are literally going to blame an 8 year old child for living in a fucked up environment and replicating behaviors. The scrote shit is also a lie. I put myself in danger to remove steven from here. I literally met him in the friend finder thread and he pretended to be a woman. I want to stab you to death stupid bitch. This is what I have encountered my entire life, evilness from people. Nobody understood me for a second and all the empathy I have recieved was fake. How can I not turn evil if everything I am fed by the world is poison. Humans are fucking evil and if you are born poor and extremely abused you are basically programmed to fail, yet society makes it seem like you have a choice over your reality when you don't. There's no choice, no free will, you are just living faith with no power to change anything. You are demonizing me like everyone in my life. All the people like you that I have encountered have pushed me to turn into a murderer. You are blaming me for being raped as a 8 year old child yet you have probably never gone through the misfortunes Inhave gone through and you're probably constantly expecting empathy when you are incapable of offering empathy to others that have it worse than you do.

Life is nothing but a lie and you cannot go against faith. I have been hurt, demonized, left to rot my entire life and if after all this poison society has fed me I go insane and stab someone. After the humiliation, the cruelty I have faced from everyone with no external stability I will stab someone I will be seen as a demon, as a murderer. Someone evil. But was I truly evil? You will see me on TV, on true crime shows on YouTube and everyone's reaction would be that I am evil. Someone that didn't deserve to be born in the first place. But then the same people will turn around and worship people like Elon Musk which are the true evil. Because of them millions die yet they are seen as national heroes. Your heroes are fake and society is filled with fakeness and atrocities and ironically those who contribute the most to atrocity are seen as heroes.

Everything I have faced in my life is evil. Evil from almost everyone, just continous blame, fake empathy, lack of empathy. I look at others and see them have relatively normal lives and realize that I didn't choose this and they didn't choose that. That all in life is merely by chance and that often times those with resources are evil, wicked, unempathetic. Million of children are abused and die and die in war because of how badly we are organized as a society, yet if I killed someone all negative attention would be drawn on me when all the evil criminals you see as idols, those that have indirectly contributed to my bad mental state. We are all guilty for the atrocities of our society. Everything said about me on here is a lie, a literal lie that contributes to my homicidal tendencies. Everything people have said about me was a lie. I want to murder for what everyone has done to me including you. If I met you I would stab you to death for the lies you have said about me. You know nothing about me. I want to kill because I have too much empathy. I cry daily at how evil the world is. I cry at those in bad situations that have no help. You're all hypocritical liars and our system is build in such way to push those abused or in bad socio economical situation to self suicide and addictions. If you contribute to this system and lie to yourself that your job has meaning you are a offender. You are contributing to a sick system that kills millions.

No. 1139853

not defending her/you but yeah she didn't bring the scrote here. he was already here.

No. 1139856


It's never too late to go for it nona, it's better to just get it out because if you don't you'll always think of the what if

Even if you'd try to stay friends it sounds like it would hurt you, so no loss in trying again. If social media is a no go maybe you can reach out to him in places he visits often - not explicitly stalk him but go more often and shoot your shot if it's meant to be

No. 1139862

She is literally a different age every time she tells that made up and embellished story. You’re a retard if you have any respect for her at all. I suspect you’re just her white knighting yourself since everybody else got bored of her shit months ago.
>abused kids re enact abuse
Will you say that about some 14 yr old boy molesting his younger sister? No you won’t. Not all abused kids turn into fucking monsters like that.

No. 1139863

Just kill yourself. You will never be happy so why bother living?

No. 1139864


romanianon makes all of us lurkers look bad, I have met my fair share of basket cases but none like that

It's so annoying that we're shat on by pretty much all European countries thanks to the gypsy association and our own historical autism but it's not like we're unhinged like that


If you really want to butcher something, at least butcher a lamb for Easter, the fact that people still reply to you is proof that deep down not everyone is against you.

No. 1139865

I will never recieve empathy or love only misunderstanding and false accusations. I am doomed to be continously abused while I cried out all the water in my body for others and nobody cried for me. Nobody gives a fuck. I am just a tool to them and if I talk about my issues or thoughts I must be hurt since it is no longer about them. Humans are criminals. All of them, society needs a restructuring from the bottom. In this world murder is only justified when the narcissistic money hoarders are seen as heroes and idols when because of their narcissism and Grenadines the world is collapsing millions are dying because of people like them but they are seen as success stories, yet they have not truly worked a day in their life because they were born to be millionaires, billionaires. You're born into your life then society creates the illusion of choice because if you realized you have never made a choice in your life you'd go insane. Nothing you do is a choice it is just a result of a millions of factors that can be dated as back as 1000 years ago in your family tree. In this society only narcissists climb to the top but they dont even climb there they are already there.

Nothing in my life at all, no rewards, only cruelty from people. This is all I see everywhere I go cruelty. Murder is only justified in this hell hole. Go insane. Stab and murder with cold blood like the hundreds of people that have hurt you, like how life has hurt you. Take it all out. Spill out what others have done to you. Nobody cares about you. Nobody is ever willing to help you. If you were victimized you will continue to be victimized by society. Only those born in already good positions do well in life and are respected. But you are not that person. You were born to be raped, to be beaten, to be humiliated, to have things that you've never done be placed on you when you are sincere. To have sociopathic narcissists lie about you and hurt youz but you are not manipulative enough to hurt others like they do in society. When you hurt you hurt with honesty, by stabbing, by killing, while others kill with their words, will others kill by manipulation and then they present themselves as the most moral of society and gain respect

No. 1139866


Cancelling plans is just being a girlboss sometimes.

I have a friend that sometimes straight up goes 'I don't want to' and she's an inspiration to us all ngl

No. 1139868

Yes that’s why you should kill yourself. Do it today. You’ve failed at everything else in your life so make good on this one thing. Just for once don’t be fucking useless and do what you say you’re going to do. Kill yourself.(infighting)

No. 1139869

Stop attacking her so she can cry even more. Just ignore her.

No. 1139871

Also samefag I don’t even read more than 1/3 of your posts and neither does anyone else. We don’t care because they’re all the same. Stop typing into the void and kill yourself.

No. 1139873

fucking stop. your a-loggy shit is even more annoying than her walls of text.

No. 1139874

Relax, no-one thinks romanianon is representative of Romanians in general. Or representative of any other group for that matter.

No. 1139875

Once she finally kills herself you won’t have to put up with either. Let’s encourage her to get on with it already.

No. 1139876

no, i won't encourage that. that's horrible and she's clearly mentally ill. you are cruel and awful. if you're not a moid, you just suck.

No. 1139877

I will take others with me because I wanted to live so badly. I wanted to live the most but society and people have stood in front of my will to live. Humans are evil. All of them. No exceptions. They deserve me to take them with me and humanity should fucking end since it is atrocious. Millions die or are worked against their will for your products for your stupid shit. Society is all about narcissism and exploiting others. There's nobody good. Nobody moral.

No I will kill others and link it to lolcow. For the past 3 years I have been harassed endlessly by people on the internet because people are evil. Everyone and everything has pushed me to murder and suicide. No help, no love, just hatred.

No, I will only kill myself after I brutally murder you. You are useless. You work a shit job that hurts others. You exploit others, but like the average narcissistic human you live under the fake impression you are doing good things. Even with this post you are proving me that all my intuitions About humanity are true. Millions are dying right now in Africa, all over the world. Our products are built on slave labour and you worship all the insane and stupid narcissists that rule the world or are part of the system.

You know I won't kill myself but I will use everything everyone has done to me including the women on lolcow that have harassed me to suicide for years to give me power to commit murder. I will murder today because of everything everyone has done to.me

No. 1139879

You wouldn't be able to kill other people and shouldn't either way. I'm someone who thinks people can stop living if they want to but it seems like you don't want to do that, if you killed yourself it'd be just to spite people and that's why you shouldn't do that. You have no social life, no family, no love life so your suicide would be forgotten easily.
Just try and live your life how you want instead of suicidebaiting on a forum 24/7.

No. 1139880

I was raped, sexuallt trafficked, never had family, live and have lived my entire life in poverty, have never had a chance, have been harassed by others my entire life. Being called a whore people acting like I was evil when I never have done anything evil. I have been pushed to murder and suicide slowly by hundreds of people both directly and indirectly and by the sick system that I live in. Guess what? If I murder and kill myself I will also be the one blamed and hundreds of narcissistic grifters will use my story to make money on YouTube they will exploit me while nobody helped me when I was alive.

If I kill myself I will surely make sure to take others with me. I wanted to live really badly but I was not given the opportunity to. Why should I allow others? If they didn't allow me. If society didn't allow me to live.

No. 1139884

I hate when people give this weird bitch attention and reply to her posts because it clogs up the thread. Can we not just ignore her lol it's really not that hard

No. 1139893

Done, I cancelled. I'll be like your friend. Imma own this day.

No. 1139896

File: 1650359941554.jpeg (38.47 KB, 355x355, 1C13466C-2CE6-48E1-A75B-4AE1C1…)

Is Romanianon going through her Joker arc?

No. 1139897

I adore the thread pic, what is it from?

No. 1139898

it’s from The Love Witch

No. 1139899

The Love Witch.
It’s a visually stunning film that I wish I liked more.

No. 1139903

It's not funny to make fun of her. She's going through a lot, let her vent. I hope she feels better soon and moves on from all the shit that happened, and is happening to her.

And if it's bait, best to leave it.

No. 1139906

Boo hoo i don’t care, she does this every fucking week and i’m supposed to feel bad for someone who wants to kill people? She needs to get a journal and get off this site she claims is soooo mean to her

No. 1139908

thinking of the person that scammed me while i was psychotic. this fucker was from an already rich family, living in the center of the city, using fear to get money out of me. i was alone and afraid they would do something to me if i didn't pay for the bullshit they asked. i hope this fucker has the worst life ever. i wish he loses everything he loves. how fucking low of somebody to scam and steal from their foreign flatmate who is working multiple jobs to the brink of insanity to make a living. i am probably not even realizing all of the shit he did. disgusting moid should get all diseases on this planet.
also what is so fucking difficult about helping a hallucinating person? just google what to do, and tell a social worker, text the person so they can see it later, and call or text their friends and family. clearly if i had enough sanity to still make it to work and do the full shifts i would have went to the doctor after enough people told me i am not well.
nobody gives a fuck until you're dead if you are ill. fuck this fucked up, trash society.

No. 1139910

Why is it still snowing

No. 1139912

I'm so unironically clapped. Getting better at makeup isn't going to make my jaw appear more feminine, my eyes more even, my nose smaller. And it's not even something I can improve by losing weight because I'm skinny it's just my ugly mug

No. 1139913

She doesn't though, that's anger talking, coming from being misunderstood and treated like shit. You ever get so angry after something unfair that you imagine slapping the person who did it? Now it's just like that, except with more anger towards more people.

No. 1139914

I hate when someone expects me to know what's going on. I don't!

No. 1139934

blogpost &no1curr but you actually remind me a lot of my mother. she lived a somewhat similar life to you romanianon. born in third world country ( which we still live in ) just a decade after french occupation, on a village in the mountaisn to a family that abused her relentlessly to the point where three of her siblings died. then was sent to a large city ( i.e dangerous people en masse ) extremely far away from her home to live a better life only to get diseased immediately losing all of her hair due to pimple growth on the scalp that she got shaved off with a razorblade regularly by the woman she lived with. was raped and molested and beaten yet again this time by people she didnt know as a child, then caught tuberculosis as a teenager and stayed in the hospital that also cared for felons and mentally deranged people for months if not years eating nothing ( because we are a poorfag country ). she abused cats too. never killed them, but spun them by the tail or threw them off of heights like a psychopath. never went to school and never learned how to read or write in her youth, so she never had any real jobs outside of factory work.
and then she met the nicest man she could have ever possibly met all the way from asia who taught her how to read and sent her to a special school for adults. when she grew older abused ( hitting severely ) every child that came into her care including her sister which she kept around for years until she got married and had my older sibling and i, and lets herself abuse her sisters' children when they come into her care even for few days as well.
she never sold herself though, and would never, but i bet if she were born around the time you were she would have been crying on the internet to everyone too the same way you are

No. 1139937

Why’s every thread filled with politisperging or walls of text today

No. 1139948

Holy shit am I tired of lesbian fetishism from males, and I'm not even a lesbian or bi woman. I have this really unfunny dude in a wider social group that tries pushing that every woman is bi and makes inappropriate sexual pairings of REAL LIFE PEOPLE HE KNOWS. One girl told me she had a hilariously bad album art cover with nude women and I asked her to show me, and of course he butts in "so I guess you're not straight after all, you should just admit it". Our country has basically fuck all for dealing with sexual harassment unless you work at a big multinational company that has to follow higher HR standards.

No. 1139966

A couple years ago I noticed I wasn't crying as easily or as often as I used to. I've had depression from a young age and it was always too easy to end up tearing up over even small shit. I thought I was mellowing out with age and getting over my depression (after 2 decades, bout time) but then I've been spending every spare moment that I possibly can in my bed.

I function, I get what I need to get done, done. But as soon as my responsiblities are met it's me hiding away in bed. I've been telling myself I'm practically depression free now but I'm really not. It's morphed into a less intense version. Less tears, more hiding from the world. I kind of get what people mean when they talk about numb-sadness instead of just outright feeling-it-hard type sadness. This is still better than the shit I felt before but I was fooling myself if I thought this was a major turnaround.

No. 1139973

at least pick someone good like a politician or a pedophile or something

No. 1140008

File: 1650368842709.jpeg (51.36 KB, 491x452, 2D714987-1FC3-4F31-A982-EC09DE…)

everytime i start this birth control pack i get acid reflux so bad that for like a week after stopping the pill i'm nauseated, my throat hurts, there's like a weird anxiety lump in my throat, when i swallow i can hear it attempting to go down my throat. i never have acid reflux other than when i take birth control and i have fucking awfully painful heavy periods.

and anytime i research it i only see girls talking about getting symptoms after like weeks or months, why does this shit happen to me immediately!

No. 1140026

I hate how misogyny is normalized among men part of a minority (moc, gay/bi men, etc).
Fuck all of them. They should all die.
Especially gay and bi men. Theyre so obsessed with women

No. 1140032

i actually WANT to be a streamer with a coomer fanbase!!! i’m coming to terms with it gdi!!!

No. 1140038

Remember that a want for attention isn’t best had with a literal coomer fanbase. The people in a normal fanbase will adore you and some male fans will break away to make a coomer subfanbase anyway. A complete coomer fanbase is hatred and ironic stanning with a minority of adoring male fans.

No. 1140044

men who watch female streamers are all coomers anyway lol. there is no difference between "adoring fan" and "coomer" kek i hope your boyfriend doesn't watch anyone….

No. 1140045

if you have a cute voice, become a vtuber and milk scrotes for all they got.

No. 1140047

my voice is more sexy than cute unfortunately. i think those moids only want high pitched uwu voices

No. 1140049

sexy voices work good too, don't give up hope. And truth be told, if I had to pick one, I'd pick the moids into adult women

No. 1140054

I hate that there's this artist in my groupchat that is clearly very talented at rendering and studying color techniques, but always ruins their art with a wonky style. All the faces look the same and have a "gesugao" look that come across as retarded.

No. 1140067

I suppose I meant a mixed sex audience where ‘normal fanbase’ just meant women/kids/neutral anonymous posters that could be men but aren’t emboldened to be nasty. I was also thinking more of YouTube than actual Twitch streaming. Basically not being known explicitly as a “men’s online personality” is better/safer, even if you do want ‘simps’.

No. 1140071

This. Coomers seem to loathe the women they watch.

No. 1140075

Scrotes have shit tier taste, what else is new? Please voice audiobooks or something too.

No. 1140076

Men hate women they lust after

No. 1140089

I hate that coworker I hate that coworker I HATE THAT COWORKER. I want to strangle her sometimes, she is such a control freak. She’s quitting the job in 3 weeks BUT IT CANT COME SOON ENOUGH. Having trouble holding back my anger when she complains and nitpicks every little thing that I do.

No. 1140103

Nta but they really do. I've crushed on celebs who were obviously unattainable, I've crushed on people irl who were basically unattainable too… I've never turned bitter and ended up hating someone for simply being attractive yet unattainable. I enjoy the fantasy and that's it.

All that faux rejection that they feel fucks them up after a while.

No. 1140108

I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown and idk why or what the problem is so I can’t ask for help, like how is anyone going to help me? What kind of support do I need?? Idk???
Like I kinda feel like there are so much pressure on how I’m expected to be or who I’m supposed to be but on the same time there isn’t any actual pressure put on me, but the moment anyone pushes me even slightly right now it feels like a part of me is breaking apart on the inside. I don’t know why. I don’t know what this sensation is based on. I find it increasingly hard to accentuate what is going on with me.

No. 1140116

>women on lolcow who harass me to suicide
Unsuccessfully, unfortunately. Can’t wait until you finally have the balls to do it.

No. 1140117

How is giving them away not an option?? Put it in a box and leave it on the curb for someone to take, don't be weird.

No. 1140120

That's retarded. Give the shit away and stop being retarded.

No. 1140122

idk what started all of this suicide talk as tldr all these walls of text but as much as i hate suicide baiting and stuff but encouraging others to go through with it or straight up telling them to do it is also fucked up

No. 1140125

donate the stuff, and stop being retarded and childish. you must be 18 to post here

No. 1140133

Same, I don't like when someone makes it clear that they want to die and other anons give them advice on how to kill themselves (like finding drugs or the best method). I remember a couple months ago some anons were talking about joining sites that encourage/support suicide.

No. 1140142

Agree. Just ignore if you dislike the posts, it takes nothing.

No. 1140156

So do it who cares, spare us the theatrics

No. 1140159

>Spare the theatrics
This is a vent thread and I'm venting about wanting to destroy something that was once precious to me
You don't call the suicidal anons theatrical do you?

No. 1140161

why don't you just throw it out? I find decluttering relaxing and cathartic. I like scrolling r/neckbeardnests to hype myself up to get rig of clutter

No. 1140162

You asked for advice, everyone tells you the same thing.

No. 1140164

I mean this in the harshest way possible, you're a loser and I think you're lame.

No. 1140168

nta but it is a bit theatrical, do you have a tumblr? you kinda remind me of those girls like jess woods

No. 1140169

No, because you took poor care of them and now you want to destroy your shit like some ape brained idiot.

No. 1140171

File: 1650381821365.jpg (21.2 KB, 600x405, BptVE1JIEAAA3dT.jpg)

I need to learn how to be more assertive and aggressive when talking to moids in public. I tend to automatically go into super autist scripted kind "oh sorry sorry" mode because it's all I've ever known and I feel like moids assume I am a weakling because I'm very small and just visibly look like a loner.
I also can't tell if I'm just being paranoid but I feel like there's going to be a sudden shift in the atmosphere of the gym I go to - it was always quite welcoming to beginners and older people so you never really felt overwhelmed but now I'm starting to see a lot of new people here who are quite impolite, don't put their weights away and many of the moids look like the type to come up and mansplain an exercise to me even though I didn't ask for it. Unfortunately I can't get to any other gym right now but I hope this doesn't get any worse, I really cannot handle a change in the atmosphere of that place because I'm an anxiety-ridden autist and I enjoy carving out my own semi-private space to work out and learn things on my own.

I want to have some sort of assertive "go away I don't need your help" attitude but I just cannot help physically looking like a weird nervous person. I avoid eye contact without noticing, I have to force myself to talk in my natural deep voice when talking to moids or else it goes high-pitched because I get anxious, and I'm not even significantly muscular or in shape yet so I can't even look physically professional or intimidating. I have my headphones and that's it, but I'm honestly anxious if they were to take away the small independent workout spaces because it means I would have to be around a bunch of sweaty grunting moids. I guess I will have to get over it at some point but it will be one hell of a mountain to climb when the gym is rarely ever absent of moids or people in general.

No. 1140172

I don't know why everyone is so angry at these posts, but I think you should just try to remove the bugs from the frame and bury them. Give them back to the earth or whatever (unless you have them covered in some kind of preservative, then it's probably not a good idea).

No. 1140173

isn't that what you wanted to do?

No. 1140175

Samefag, but also is there no way that you would be able to just put the pieces inside something else so you get to keep it and you can protect it? Like some kind of glass over it.

No. 1140177

Good choice deleting your stupidity

No. 1140180

File: 1650381968121.jpg (12.96 KB, 728x455, death-grips-music-album-covers…)

I think its so funny whenever artists paint and draw themselves a lot more flattering than they actually look like. Yeah i am being a bitch, but some of the people i go to class with are really reaching catfish levels with their self portrait. The whole point of the project is to be able to paint what you see without bias. This specific guy made himself look like he has a jaw chiseled by God himself while painting a small dainty nose with those squinty eyes. This dude has no chin and has a real potato nose. His face looks like its melting and its honestly a crime i have to ever look at him. He's my personal cow, but id be lying if he also wasnt so annoying that i wish hed disappear. He is your average know-it-all while thinking knowing useless information about guns is a unique hobby. He believes if he was "wider"(?) he could be in the military instead of these waste of time art classes. Meanwhile in the same breath he wants to draw concept art for video games because it is his dream job. He isnt really into anime, but he thinks games should be more diverse and have more furry characters. In a way he debates that furries arent sexual, but also thinks sexual furry art is real art that everybody should learn to appreciate rather than be disgusted at. He thinks of himself as an art prodigy because he has a decent following on DA…for drawing furry and mlp fetish art which he had no shame in sharing with the class on the first day. He never does any of the assignments correctly and refuses to apply the techniques learned in class because "its an attack on his style". Whenever i see him in class he has to insert his opinion about everything. There is always one male who does this and it is the worst having to pay for these classes just for some faggot to debate the professor about fucking everything. Like please shut the fuck up. He thinks he's gona make it when his art is really mediocre. I know guys like him are a dime in a dozen online, but when you meet one offline its so bizarre to see it all play out.

No. 1140182

I'm not an entomologist

No. 1140183

They're pretty, keep them or send them to me

No. 1140184

Hostile for no reason.

No. 1140185

I met a guy on tinder and I was shocked. He didn't slap my ass or choke me, bite me, kiss horribly, try to convince me to have sex, he was immediately hard and ready to go I didn't have to blow him for 10 minutes to even get him semi hard. He's most likely going to ghost me because who could find me attractive but it was nice to find out that some men can be gentle.

No. 1140187

He found you attractive. Stop telling yourself otherwise.

No. 1140189

>I didn't have to blow him for 10 minutes to even get him semi hard
Why is this a thing even with mid-twenties dudes???

No. 1140191

Probably too much porn?

No. 1140192

Oooh you need some more attention, here, have this.

No. 1140194

I think you're right, when I made the frames I was young and stupid and didn't know shit. I could just get rid of the frames and put them in a box

No. 1140195

What do you mean "who could find me attractrive?", you just said he got hard really fast? Doesn't that mean he found you attractive and you made him horny?

No. 1140198

Sorry your suicide bait vents don't give you enough attention anon. Stop projecting.

No. 1140200

Not me, nonnie, happy to be alive today, just rustlin' your jimmies on purpose.

No. 1140205

It’s always so fucking telling when a guy you used to crush after in high school comes out of the wood work to you, dms you everyday. Keeps flirting with you, eventually starts repeating everyday he’s looking for a girlfriend for his girlfriend and when you don’t take the bait he just fuck off and you never hear from him ever again. Like damn. You sought me out after high school just to see if I’d fuck your dog of a gf??? What the honest to god fuck is wrong with you. Mostly I hate myself for indulging in it thinking he’d like me for me before I knew he had a gf and he was just being a sicko faking being interested in me. I’m just so lonely and attention starved I sent pics. Now he has pictures of me, he fucked off after I wasn’t interested it fucking his gf while he watched and I feel like a dirty whore for even wistfully thinking he came out of the blue to flirt with me specifically.

No. 1140212

File: 1650383069362.jpeg (323.75 KB, 750x735, 9F8A6645-092C-490A-8FFC-C976AE…)

The scrote hate here makes no sense. I don’t like men but I feel like there are much deeper reasons why anons don’t like men rather than the reality that men as an entire group are the most babied and defended sex on this planet. It’s always the ones who say “kill all men!” but also talk about how they suck their boyfriend’s piss-covered dick and decide to move in with them despite knowing how such a thing could be a huge turn-off. I think you forgot that it isn’t just a platitude to air your heterosexual dissatisfactions with men and in secret you want “the right orderly man” out of the pig slop to whisk you away into the sunset, it’s not a transitory coping phase when your dating life is mediocre, it’s should be a defense against the mainstream control that men will always have with gender discourse. I’m so fucking tired of seeing women trying to justify their sexual degeneracy and obsession with men behind KAM. I’m tired of people thinking this is a TERF website when 90% of you would die on a cross for a man who’s beard smells like cheese whizz and rather group together to tear down women. You’ve always had associations with men, always made your decisions based on getting a man, always surrounded your attraction towards men, how are you different towards a liberal feminist that makes it her life’s mission to center men in her life and her beliefs?Maybe you really are just a bitter bitch. There’s an advantage of giving neither love or hate towards men, they never gave a shit about you or your feelings so why not reciprocate that exact same feeling? The feeling of apathy is freedom.

No. 1140214

No. 1140215

I'm gay and alone and afraid to be myself.

No. 1140216

Nowhere else on the internet can you criticize men without getting dogpiled or censored. Ofc anons vent here.

No. 1140218

File: 1650383372163.jpeg (128.59 KB, 1080x1080, Lonely Banana Man Practical Pl…)

Me 2 can we gay and alone together

No. 1140219

OH SHIT, it's almost as if every woman alive has lived her entire life being indoctrinated to feel a certain way about herself and men and that takes a lot of work and self reflection, decades worth, to undo! WOAH, it's as if half the population is male and they are literally unavoidable! WOWIE ZOWIE, its almost as though it's totally fucking natural for women to still be attracted to men despite having a distaste for their stupid monkey brains! OMG anons stop complaining because you are just not based enough to really get it and until you cut yourself off completely, from birth, you will never be this fucking based

No. 1140220

Your boyfriend smells like peepee, go be a good little boy mommy girlfriend and dribble up that cock piss with toilet paper or something kek
I know for a fact you didn’t even read my vent anon.

No. 1140221

FUVKING KEK you made me think of my ex drawing themselves and their fake boy girlfriend as this chibi thin uwu characters when they’re both fucking far as and look like they both have Down’s syndrome. Not one fat roll or double chin was seen lol.

No. 1140223

"I'm so much better than other women, women who even so much as think about men can't even reach me"

No. 1140224

Men deserve to be hated. They make everyone miserable and cause almost all problems in this world. They don't deserve love and deserve to live in a state of constant self loathing.

But you do have some kind of point, I've seen way too many women with long term boyfriends and husbands live in denial of the fact that they will never be able to live up to the terf queen life style they admire so much because they are too whipped on dick and the fantasy of romance, some even go as far to view men as friends and allow themselves to be vulnerable with men. They need to be honest with themselves and stop ruining it for the women who are actually about that life.

No. 1140225

File: 1650383761370.jpg (150.7 KB, 640x912, 1612996251471.jpg)

They hated anon because she spoke the truth

No. 1140227

> “how can you say bingbong and then go dingdong!?”
This type of post is so dumb. You have no idea who’s posting what. If nasty shit gets dogpilled, why would you attribute those one off comments to everyone?

No. 1140228

How can you be attracted to someone who is actively trying to oppress you and restrict your freedom? It’s no longer indoctrination if women actively give up their lives for the praise and attention of men. There are hundreds if not thousands of women who neglect their relationships with daughters, mothers, nieces, aunts, and female friends in order to promote their patriarchal beliefs and uphold their male relatives and associates. You actually think women are just faultless robots who don’t have free will or a mind of their own? You think that the patriarchy still exists only through the efforts of men? LMAO most women will never like women and are motivated by their own selfishness and competitiveness. Even older women are that way, they compete on the basis of still being attractive and worthy to society despite them because a broken bag of grumpy bones, their seething jealousy towards younger women and people is based on desirability towards men and their open-mindedness.

No. 1140230

I hate scrotes because scrotes gave me vaginismus. I hate scrotes because they assaulted me for almost 3 years in a relationship. I I scrotes because they took and took from me and never gave anything back. I hate scrotes because they abuse women every day simply for just being women. I hate scrotes because they are entitled, manipulative and will find any way to make a situation about themselves. I hate scrotes because they are the root cause of women's suffering both today and throughout history.

Stop telling us we have to be apathetic to this shit, if you don't like it you can go elsewhere. We are allowed to hate them, this is the only online space we can declare our hatred for men's atrocities without pickmes and redditors acting like men's feelings are even remotely comparable to the shit they have put women through.

No. 1140233

You gotta show all the other women how much better you are than them. Don't lift other women up, only shame them. Right my based terf sister????? You totally get it.

No. 1140235

I really could've done with my mom not dying so young. Like I would love a living mother right now.

No. 1140237

>pussy hat obsession
>”where have all the good men gone”
Forgive me if this is sarcasm, but this is too weakly incelish for my eyes today.

No. 1140240

Why is everything a competition to you? Why can't we criticize aspects of our socialization and culture? Have you been competing with other women over men for so long that you can't see anything else? All anon basically said is we don't actually need to put up with men's bullshit. No one's perfect, yeah, but at the end of the day, at the very least women in the west have the agency to ditch scrotes. They won't, and for some, the whole hating men thing really is just a part-time cope to deal with not having a bf or being mad at their current bf. That's just life kek

No. 1140241

Feeling way too spicy.

No. 1140242

KEK I knew you didn’t have the balls to do it. You’re nothing but an attention seeking brat desperate for validation and angry at the world for your own mistakes. You’re like a fucking tranny. Kill yourself.

No. 1140243

Kek the fucking comic anon, so true. Reminds me of twitterfag activists who hate white men but are also dating one. One thing about incels is that they absolutely got that right, bunch of dick hungry hypocrites

No. 1140246

It was drawn by a literal (self-proclaimed) pick-me having a rare lucid moment, I was being facetious (though I think OP has a point)

No. 1140247

I'm competing? You're the ones literally lording your amazing and totally based apathy at us like every woman here is some dick-worshipping idiot. How about get over yourself?

No. 1140248

I've been a vtuber for a few years now. Every couple of days, maybe weeks, another indie male vtuber is outed for being a grooming sexpest piece of shit. Someone tweeted that male vtubers need to stop(being grooming sexpests), and of course, males being males, this means that every single retard with a low effort vroid or png needs to rise up and #notallmen and 'dude enough misandry!!!'. I'm so sick of these males and the women that enable them. Why can't they just kill themselves?

No. 1140250

File: 1650384493752.jpeg (111.63 KB, 736x920, 76B60C2E-F6B0-40CD-988E-8B626D…)

>“Fuck. You. I love me a huge oversized manchild with hair and piss-covered drawls. I think it’s actually heccin wholesome and you’re being judgmental towards women!” Yes I hate women like you, I do hate you. If you get talk or fuck men you are as bad as men.

No. 1140251

What did I lord over anyone? I never even brought up my relations or called anyone a "dick-worshiping idiot" (sounds like something you called yourself in your own head), I just don't have meltdowns when someone points out inconvenient truths. Get help, do some breathing exercises, color a coloring book or something lmao

No. 1140255

>most women hate each other
>women are selfish and competitive
>older women hate younger women
>”men and their OPEN MINDEDNESS”
You’re a fountain of incel rhetoric and lack the self awareness to hide it. Seethe that the alternative of ‘brotherhood’ is irreparably fractured and the best men can do is spread mental illness. Leave women alone.

No. 1140256

File: 1650384609143.jpg (41.28 KB, 587x265, 1649698470690.jpg)

I want to pick animal crossing up again and remodel my entire village but the fact that it takes until tomorrow to move even one house makes me just want to abandon the game forever

No. 1140257

File: 1650384615559.jpg (988.91 KB, 1246x1500, 1646443422614.jpg)

>how are you different towards a liberal feminist that makes it her life’s mission to center men in her life and her beliefs?Maybe you really are just a bitter bitch. There’s an advantage of giving neither love or hate towards men, they never gave a shit about you or your feelings so why not reciprocate that exact same feeling? The feeling of apathy is freedom.

How are you going to defend this, retard? Equating us to liberal feminists because we hate men for either personal, societal or a mix of different reasons doesn't make us "bitter" it makes us very well within our right to safely rage about what they've done to us in a space that doesn't constantly cater to and serve men.
This anon is fucking retarded for assuming men have apathy towards women, too. If men were so apathetic they'd stop trying to interfere with reproductive rights, they'd stop trying to control our bodies and brains via the media, they'd stop interfering with women's spaces and pretending to be women. That doesn't sound like apathy to me, does it? Men seethe and rage over women ignoring them or simply not sucking up to them, they have always despised and hated us and tried to stop us succeeding at every opportunity, but now we're the bitter bitches for responding with anger? Again, retarded.

No. 1140259

The anon realized it's a bad look to say "Because it's fucking biological you idiot" and deleted so fast, but she's still raging so hard kek

No. 1140260

Time travel bitch

No. 1140261

In my country there's been all sorts of historical sex abuse cases coming to light decades later, kids sports coaches, priests, gym teachers, leaders of kids camping groups. They always know what professions to get into to get access. Now it's streamers.

No. 1140262

They might not even actually hate men but saying anything negative towards males as a whole can get you labeled as a man hater.

No. 1140263

time travel forwards and back

No. 1140265

There you go again, shitting on another woman
>sounds like something you called yourself in your own head
So classy, you love women.

No. 1140268

I live in a tropical country so it's hot for most of the year (except for 3-4 months when it gets really fucking cold). So I usually like wearing skirts but the problem is, I'm at college everyday and NOT ONE GIRL there wears anything except pants. I don't think we have a dress code but I guess no one wants to wear skirts or shorts to tempt the men as our moms put it. I want to be able to wear my fucking skirts out but I can't and I never go out with people either so I can't wear my cute clothes anywhere. I know I sound so annoying because this isn't even a genuine problem to have but I hate hearing shit like I'm tempting men by showing my legs. I hope all men die. And I hate my stupid third world country that doesn't let me wear skirts gets annihilated

No. 1140271

samefag but what the fuck am I saying. I mean I hate my country and I hope it gets annihilated

No. 1140272

Did an older woman spit in your cereal or something? Take that vent back to r/purplepilldebates, you'll have your updoots.

No. 1140274

Same fag and I had to learn the hard way to never say anything negative about men in public. Not even to female friends.

No. 1140276

File: 1650385074322.gif (1.02 MB, 220x220, tty.gif)

>we us libfems blahblahblah i post a pic of decapitated man
Not reading all that shit since I already know it'll be full of rage and strawmanning. I said what I said, anons are not a hivemind, I believe the OP is correct in a lot of what she's saying. The misandry is 100% performative for some posters, and that's how it'll always be, it's reality. The fact that some people felt so attacked just makes it all the more clear she wasn't lying. Nice painting though

No. 1140278

How did I shit on you? Actually, you've been shitting on women all thread, so this just gets funnier and funnier

No. 1140279

You and the anons who apparently agree with you only care about one thing and that's looking better than other women. You want to seem logical and level headed, but the truth it you're up your own ass. You compare yourself to other women while yelling "no u" and then you pat yourself on the back.

No. 1140281

This, if you truly hate men and don't interact with them willingly then you're okay, but some here are truly hypocrites that only hurt the movement and add death weight

No. 1140282

NTA, but the projection is real. You're the only one making comparisons, and only you can answer why.

No. 1140283

Most of the time they don't hate men but you must understand saying anything about men can get you labeled as a terf or man hater.

No. 1140285

Okay I'm convinced you haven't read a single fucking post or are completely lacking in self awareness. How do you even function? Have fun with your fake apathy.

No. 1140289

I thought you guys were better than this, but seeing these reactions…well, maybe anon is onto something. Dating musty, low value scrotes while simultaneously "hating" them must be miserable

No. 1140291

Will there ever be a day when you're not shitting on other women and calling it based man-hating feminism (except for the days when Nigel cleans his shit streaks for once)?

No. 1140292

Will there ever be day you stop shitting on other women who express their negative views of men as fake terfs? You just want to seem intellectually superior, you don't give a shit about other women.

No. 1140293

Pointing out the fucked up traits most men have doesn't mean I hate men

No. 1140295

Then this post is not about you

No. 1140297

How does expressing negative views of men make someone a "fake terf"? All you do is make things up and sperg at everyone, it's bizarre

No. 1140298

she deleted her post kek

No. 1140299

You're not even on the same fucking planet anymore, learn to read.

No. 1140300

Mods need to ban the rabid twitfag going on about how women should fuck men fuck men fuck men

No. 1140301

You've been on a different planet from the start. No one here disagrees with man hate, and no one's trying to be "superior" on this anonymous imageboard

No. 1140303

>LMAO most women will never like women and are motivated by their own selfishness and competitiveness. Even older women are that way, they compete on the basis of still being attractive and worthy to society despite them because a broken bag of grumpy bones, their seething jealousy towards younger women and people is based on desirability towards men and their open-mindedness.

No. 1140304

File: 1650386024502.png (7.32 KB, 818x85, bio.png)

>Fuck. You.

No. 1140305

It is about me because I've been called a man hater before and I don't. People think holding men accountable for anything means thay you hate them and are a hypocrite for fucking them. Not all men are shit just most.

No. 1140306

What funny about this exactly? Saying that it's a biological function to be attracted to males?

No. 1140307

Is this your first day on Lolcow? Do you think I'm the anon who posted that? Let me ask again: How did I shit on you? Try reading the posts again, I'm sure after a while you'll figure out who's who.
But yeah, speaking of, there are pick-mes of all ages and generations. It sucks. Good thing all women aren't like that, though. How is this news? Next thing you know, you'll be informing us that the term "pick-me" is ackchually misogynistic and anyone who says it should get banned lol.

No. 1140308

Same fag and men say all kind of outrages shit about women like its casual but no one tells them they can't fuck women.

No. 1140314

File: 1650386436293.png (24.12 KB, 804x534, shlap.png)

>tfw biologically cursed to give neckbeards coochie

No. 1140315

i think the problem is that those type of anons tend to have a seriously shitty taste on men, contradicting their complains, but bully other women for less

No. 1140317

what did she post? I'm curious

No. 1140318

Wow, nice art project.

No. 1140319

It's a meme you dip

No. 1140320

Great job 10/10 I like the line work

No. 1140321

Glad the tits aren't competing with yours or anything nonners

No. 1140322

Do you have a speed paint available of this?

No. 1140325

Yeah, link in bio

No. 1140326

I'm gonna get some prints for Christmas

No. 1140327

In situations when women get screwed over in dating the blame is always placed on her some how. This is probably why so many women feel like shit if they can get a bf or try to make shitty relationships work because she subconsciously knows she's going to get blamed for it

No. 1140328

These girls went towards racists and kiwis willingly, don't defend them

No. 1140331

No. 1140332

File: 1650387039985.jpg (28.71 KB, 640x320, landscape-1439387599-fat-basta…)

But anon, it's biological

No. 1140333

Wow, that's actually a great price. I hope the shipping doesn't fuck me

No. 1140334

File: 1650387062869.gif (805.88 KB, 295x252, disappointment.gif)

No. 1140335

I hate men, women and all mammals. Get on my level

No. 1140336

It makes exceptions

No. 1140337

It's kind of hard to find good men when most of them are shit. Maybe if more straight women actually shamed them we could get more fuckable men.

No. 1140340

All mammals??? Even cats??

No. 1140341

I want to be find a work from home job so bad. I just cant go back out there after leaving my last retail job. I'm mentally done.

No. 1140342

It's always funny scrotes complaining about me being a gold digger when I have more money than most of them.

No. 1140343

I hate fungi. Just die already disgusting spore spreader corpseeaters

No. 1140344

Two posts that definitely deserve beatings and a-logging

No. 1140345

File: 1650387541536.jpg (78.26 KB, 1200x1200, 4647374.jpg)

Why would cats make an exception? They're overrated pets anyway.

No. 1140346

I love birds and cats with the same intensity

No. 1140347

File: 1650387722214.jpeg (97.58 KB, 700x746, 1644950169256.jpeg)

My new medication gave me hives, again. I just wanna get better aaaaa

No. 1140350

Someone quickly add this to the caps thread, make it a copypasta even

No. 1140358

Is sexuality not biological or can someone educate me wtf is funny because this has went completely over my head.

No. 1140359

i took my cat for his annual check-up and the vet says he's perfectly healthy. a week later i board him for a few days while I'm out of town and he comes home with a UTI. i give him his expensive UTI medicine and he's fine. yesterday I took him back for his follow-up, and now they say actually!!! he has pee crystals!!! he can only be cured with expensive cat food!!! WTF!!! MY CAT WAS FINE BEFORE! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM! AM I BEING SCAMMED?

No. 1140361

That’s the reason I had to rant about anons, it is truly so performative because if they were to reveal their true feelings towards their attraction towards men they would immediately get banned, it’s all conformity. Why do you think that anons here don’t give the slightest fuck about racism and act blind to it? They’re going to be called a twitterfag or woketard. Once you realize this entire website is dominated by the mass opinion of white European women and East Asian women with a superiority complex and undiagnosed autism it makes so much sense. They make fun of LSA, they make fun of any space that manages to expand their perspective of the world beyond getting cummies from looking at anime men and complaining about work and their shitty family. Anons really don’t make it hard to see kiwifarms as more entertaining and free place

No. 1140363

When anon said it’s biological she thinks it’s essential that EVERY woman should be attracted to men. Tl;dr she’s a covert homophobic tradfag

No. 1140365

File: 1650388375569.png (544.68 KB, 640x936, biscuit_dough_handsman.png)


No. 1140370

Where does all of this even come from?

No. 1140371

Wdym anon

No. 1140372

? Saying sexuality is biological doesn't mean she's saying lesbians don't exist, it means that heterosexual women are attracted to men based on biology as an explanation why she can't just not be attracted to men. You need to twist that into something that wasn't there get offended.

No. 1140373

Based Queen.

No. 1140374

That's it exactly

No. 1140377

Go back to Twitter. This isn’t the place to twist people’s words around into something you can get offended by.

No. 1140378

Just because someone's biologically attracted to men doesn't mean they have to pick the worst of the worst men, or chimp out when anyone even suggests that they not obsess over male validation/dick so much while still coming here to RP as man haters when the umpteenth low value scrote they dated predictably disappoints them. That's how I see it, anyway

No. 1140379

"Just pick better men!"

Men pretend to be good people to get pussy all the time.

No. 1140381

I didn't even delete because I was embarrassed by what I said, I deleted because sometimes I get wrapped up in conversations I don't mean to and I get too heated. I'm embarrassed by my engagement and how I'm reacting, not by my comment about attraction. Which >>1140372 interpreted exactly as I meant it.

No. 1140382

Lots of things are biological, doesn’t mean they should be exempt from introspection. Just because it occurs in nature doesn’t make it right or valid, guess that’s her answer for loving nasty cock though

No. 1140386

File: 1650389154783.jpg (67.44 KB, 750x870, 20211025_190357.jpg)

I am currently at the hospital for a sleep study and the electrodes and the fucking paste are so scratchy scratchy haaaaaaaaahahaa

No. 1140387


wear your skirts nona, at most you can get some biker shorts underneath or one of those lady boxers to cover it

No. 1140388

I think some women really do egg on crusty ass men, they’re so afraid of being alone and independent human beings who aren’t on a rat wheel chasing their primitive desires. Almost like you can voluntarily be single, stop having sex with men, sex isn’t even real

No. 1140389

Why do you insist that I must love "nasty cock"? Why do you think it's okay to say that about me?

No. 1140391

>shit no one said for $400
When you go to KiwiFarms or /r9k/ for bf material as an adult woman, and you literally have an entire board right here warning you of all the red flags that scrotes show and what to rightfully be skeptical of, you can't claim that he was actually a total master manipulator so you didn't even notice that he was a racist/sexist piece of shit living in his mother's basement

No. 1140392

A woman can complain about men and vent frustrations, and even say KAM, and still interact with and date men. That doesn't mean they are some poser trying to hoard in on your cool club, they're just venting frustrations.

No. 1140393

>still interact and date with men

Again why would you actively date someone who upsets you constantly and oppresses you? Just say you love opening your legs and ever since then you can’t close it anymore. No better than male porn-addicts looking for the next high

No. 1140394

Why can't we shame men into becoming what we want instead of playing indifferent and avoiding them? Men shamed us into being decent partners.

No. 1140395

I hate myself, I hate myself, I can’t fucking do this, I can’t fucking handle an SP I will never make it through clinicals. What the fuck is wrong with me. I can’t even speak without sperging out. Fucking hell I want to be someone else so badly. I have nothing to offer to this vocation but bad things. I hate myself so fucking much. I want to switch bodies with a classmate. If I believed in reincarnation I would kill myself

No. 1140396

Personally, I'm married to the second guy I ever dated and he treats me extremely well. Which you'll just call a larp, I'm sure.

No. 1140397

Biological is more akin to something that is controlled by biological processes rather than a conscious decision/something we can change without changing out biology, it doesn't really equate to natural/normal in this context.
Biological doesn't mean something is right or valid.

No. 1140400

>also goes on 4chan to find themselves a husband/boyfriend unironically

they are their own self-fulfilling prophecy, how much longer can we blame the incompetence of men when it’s sometimes women herding/enabling them

No. 1140401

I hate my body and my face so much that I literally cant stand to look at myself in the mirror and I have started having trouble being intimate with my boyfriend because I can't stop thinking about how disgusting my body is.

No. 1140402

I think I forgot how to interact with people. I've never been super talkative in the first place but in the last year and a half for obvious reasons I have interacted with waay less people and now even if I know that my bf is in the apartment with me I feel like I'm under review and act like a sped.

The only time I feel like myself is when I know he's not inside or is sleeping / I'm outside walking in an empty road and don't have to talk anybody.

If it was just him or guys it'd be one thing but I ran into a couple friends lately and every time I tense up and act fucking preppy and saccharine and I only notice by the time I finish the interaction.

I wish I could just be normal and keep in touch with people without having to put on a mask and pretend I'm more energetic than I actually am.

No. 1140403

You can do whatever you want. It's just hypocritical and even self-destructive to claim one thing vehemently and then completely contradict yourself, and other women are allowed to point it out

No. 1140404

I've never met a guy on 4chan but all the men I've met on dating sites and real life have been garbage too

No. 1140406

Because you should be ashamed of yourself like STAND UP and stop loving nasty cock. Don’t listen to the retards from /g/ convincing you to give ugly men a chance

No. 1140407

Not all men are ugly though

No. 1140408

It's venting, though. Just like complaining about capitalism or saying you want to kill so-and-so because they did such-and-such to you. Someone angrily venting isn't the same as pretending to something they aren't.

No. 1140412


I feel you anon, it's rough going. The only thing I could say has helped me was to try and see why I feel the way I feel and see if it's not some expectation imposed on me by others.

I've always hated my body for being fat even when I wasn't because I have a narc mom that always told me I'm fat because I weigh more than her (she's pretty petite so low bar to clear)

No. 1140413

Yeah but why? Just why date, interact, expend your energy for one? So what if it’s biology, you don’t give the oppressor any fuel, you derive them of it.

No. 1140415

I don't even go on /g/

No. 1140417

Med student here and I feel you anon, imposter syndrome is a bitch.
Anxiety and depression medication has helped me so may be worth a try if you haven't tried it already.

No. 1140418

Because women shouldn't have to be deprived of love because most men are shit. If women could speak out against men's behavior a lot would changed. You can't do that without being accused of being ugly or a man hater. This place is the only place you can say anything about men.

No. 1140424

File: 1650390173857.gif (1.42 MB, 356x200, 1D38E042-B26C-46C6-95C0-55D7CB…)

You don’t even have the guts to kill yourself, let alone someone else you useless cunt. You can’t even camwhore successfully. All you can do is fiddle children and suicide bait.

No. 1140427

omg is the anon who replied to you romanianon??? KEK SHES HAVING A TANTRUM

No. 1140430

Aww nonny. It’s unfortunate that so many people feel it, I’m glad those things have helped you. It sux but I’ve been doing therapy for years and am already on medication so I think I’m at the end of the line. I guess I could ask for a dose increase but idk, what does that really do but numb you out? This feeling doesn’t stare me in the face constantly but every OSCE makes me want to die. A whole year of feeling like this every day, with real patients, and think I might actually commit suicide. Some people just aren’t meant for this world I guess

No. 1140431

>you work a shit job that hurts others
You are literally a camwhore. You pander to depraved moids for a living. That’s the impact you’ve had on the world. Just end this miserable nightmare for yourself already. We all fucking hate worthless suicide baiters like you.

No. 1140432

I’m probably going to make a /snow/ thread about you if I’m even smart enough to do so. I’m not your evul discord scrote Steven, or the anon who’s laughing at your alogging. I think it’s about due time you stop being an attention whore posting your sob stories everywhere that everyone is tired of at this point. Now you’re threatening to murder people and trying to convince people that you are “normal now”? Yeah fucking right, you are a lolcow that’s slowly ripening kek

No. 1140433

>dogpiling her 9 hours later
Getting too obvious

No. 1140434

Steven no one cares, stop following her around. You are about as worthless and horrible as her

No. 1140437

My dog recently had surgery and I'm staying with him at my parents since someone's with him this way even when I'm back to school and work. But holy shit my dad is a fucking terrible caregiver and he won't fucking listen to me. The only thing we've been told is to pick him up supporting his ass at all times, and he fucking YOINKs the dog up under his front legs. I've warned him nicely first, then was a bit angrier next time and I screamed at him when I saw him doing it again 10 minutes ago, and now I'm the bitch apparently and he won't "help". I can carry the dog out to pee without a problem, all he needs to do is to give him his morning medication.

No. 1140438

I was finally feeling financially stable, managed to save a decent chunk of cash, not enough to be meaningful but enough to make me feel good and stable. Now my dog has a mystery lump that's most likely a mast cell tumor that will cost 1000$ to remove and may come back. I love this dog an unhealthy amount and now I feel like this is the beginning of the end for him. He's 8 years old and will only get less healthy as time goes on. And Now I'm poor. I'm so angry and sad.

No. 1140439

>Because women shouldn't have to be deprived of love
You aren't going to find love at 4chan and kiwifarms, not that men are capable of love anyway

No. 1140440

i'm sorry anon, that is so frustrating, i hope your dog recovers well

No. 1140441

>4chan and kiwi

I've never dated a men at these places. The men at work and the ones in real life are garbage too.

No. 1140443

Did they all have piss on their dicks too, serious question

No. 1140451

Wow ur dad sucks. I hope ur dog recovers soon so he won't have to deal with him anymore.

No. 1140456

Could someone explain to me why so many anons are OBSESSED with romanianon? Lately it feels like every time an anon mentions experiencing SA or bitterness towards SW anons just go wild with accusing them of being romanianon. It's creepy af

No. 1140461

Yeah I'm also doing the therapy thing which does slowly seem to be generally improving my mental health but I've been doing therapy for like 10 years so it's a fucking slooow incremental improvement.
I'm on a TCA antidepressant (tried quite a few different ones till I got one that stops me from crying super easily so that's helpful).
I'm also on extended release beta blockers which I didn't start until med school and have known a few different people who have used them during med school and they do really seem to help on those super high stress days such as OSCEs.
I take pregabalin and have had my dose upped since starting med school which helps with the general anxious worked up state of mind I can get in whilst in uni.
I also get a PRN diazepam script to help with panic attacks.
Sometimes I get prescribed sedative antihistamines as well to help with sleeping in the run up to exams too.
I don't know if any of these meds might be helpful to you but yeah, it fucking sucks trying to manage mental health difficulties whilst in med school.

I'm so sorry you are feeling so shitty, does your med school have like a medical school welfare/support team that you could speak to? Mines has actually been quite helpful and understanding though not sure if that's a universal experience.
Also there's no shame in taking time out to focus on your mental health, especially if you are feeling even remotely close to suicidal. I've had to take time off placements and make it up in the summer or postpone exams/osces and the med school are generally super understanding.
I had a serious attempt before I started med school so I can relate to how you are feeling.
Please don't sacrifice your wellbeing/life for med school, it's not worth it.
So many people sacrifice way too much for this degree, fortunately due to me being an older student whos already tried to kill themselves in the past, I think I have gotten better at knowing where to draw the line and asking for help but I still struggle with feeling like I'm not "meant" to be a doctor if getting the degree is so difficult for me.
Sorry for writing a fucking essay, just thought I would share my experience in case it's of any use to you.
I hope things improve for you soon and good luck with your exams/osces!

No. 1140462

File: 1650392692814.jpg (27.85 KB, 623x437, FLUabmsXsAEkmOd.jpg)

'ate rape
'ate child brides
'ate thousans of years of kidnappin, forced marriage, groomin, brainwashin
'ate male violence
'ate porn addiction and ed
'ate being treated like a maid 1 second after entering a relationship

luv muscles
luv penis
luv cute, wanted babies
luv male ass
luv seeing half naked men work and cook for you
Hating what they do and still being attracted to their looks is how a lot of us were born into the world anyway. Our moms couldn't, didn't want to, or didn't have the resources to abort and most won't give away or even kill their hated baby after bonding. Simple biology, simple as.
All that said I wish women would stop fucking having kids with guys they met 4 months ago, or you get stuck with a verbally abusive male for 30 years bc "NOOO YOU CANT DIVORCE WHAT ABOUT YOUR REPUTATION A MAN NEEDS TO SEE HIS KIDS HE INSULTS EVERY DAY BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN LIKE YOUR PEDOPHILE FATHER MARRYING YOUR 13YO MOTHER" and create depressed neets like me. Bitch unless you're lucky you'll be 40 with 6+ kids, Disney mom on facebook waiting on your ring that's never coming. Do you know how extremely lucky you are if you are together for 3 years, have 2 kids in that time, he doesn't leave but turns out to be a family man, he ACTUALLY PROPOSES AND MARRIES YOU WITHIN A YEAR, and has a great relationship with your family? (Even though you'll be a jobless housewife for the next 5 years) Use condoms, BC, abort the goblin parasite, abort the male parasite and live for yourself PLEASE. Be like the female praying mantis.

No. 1140469

idk, I was accused of being her once or twice and it's funny to me. she lives rent free in so many nonas heads but I forget she exists till she's brought up again

No. 1140472

I honestly dont know but it's boring and annoying as fuck when they all flock to whenever she posts. If we could just all collectively forget about her and ignore her dumb shit this site would be a much more peaceful place

No. 1140476

maybe it's because she constantly shits up threads (like upthread), on top of samefagging? lmao

No. 1140477

I hate having to keep a bank account in another country because the banks of my country are useless and my country’s currency is basically worse than just keeping some Monopoly money in my wallet.
This shit is so stressful, I wish I was dead and that I could be reborn as a cool animal in the middle of the jungle. I don’t want to deal with this shit.
It’s just so fucking unfair, the politicians of my country, known criminals who sell drugs and shit, and literally anyone else can go to the USA and create their own bank accounts with trillions of stolen dollars and shit, they buy whole neighborhoods and build shit, and what does the government of the USA does? nothing what does the bank does knowing all of this shit? nothing.
I try to create my bank account with the little money I have to keep it safe because my country’s banking system is unreliable as fuck, and what does the bank does? Make me feel like the bank will shut down my account on a whim just because, like it has happened to a bunch of people that I know in my city, all I do is buy food from time to time and pay you the fucking banking fees you ask me to pay for.
I’m just so sick of this uncertainty, of this feeling that I can’t do a thing with my account because whatever I do can be a reason for them to shut down my account, I just want to be able to forget my pin and ask for it without feeling like I will get in trouble for doing so.
I can’t even open a second account on another bank because they, well, honestly reasonably, don’t trust anyone from other countries, but now I’m just extremely stressed and feeling miserable because I can’t afford to lose this account, even if I went to another country it would be an extreme hassle.
Like in Spain, you can create your account after jumping through a bunch of hoops, but it’s a bitch to keep and extremely expensive, it’s just not worth the money after all.
I wish these communist pigs could just fucking get sick of stealing the country’s money and fucking everything up so they could just run away to the ebil capitalist places they have their money stored at, maybe then things will get better for a few years until the cycle repeats, but hell, this shit has been going on for too long.
And I’m just hopeless, what am I going to do? Stay here and wait for my bank account to get fucked? Run away to another country and live a miserable life like a bunch of people that I know?
Sure, you can eat 2 times a day in Spain with 2 euros, but is that really life? Doing the dishes forever, throwing my education down the drain with not even a silver of hope for ever working on what I want, living from paycheck to paycheck to pay for rent and shit.
It’s just so tiresome, I hate this so much, I feel extremely hopeless, nobody wants the people of my country, and it’s reasonable, but hell, I don’t know, I hate being so uptight and thinking I should aspire for more.
I don’t mind doing the dishes and living from paycheck to paycheck, but I want to be able to live my life and not be constantly working for someone for the rest of my life, I want to have my own business or something, having to work for someone forever sounds tiresome.

No. 1140479

I gotta fix my mess

No. 1140480

I used to try and talk some sense into her when she'd come crashing in, as did other nonas, and it never changes. I do feel bad for her situation and her, even if she is annoying. I don't really have it in me to despise anyone with the intensity of a thousand suns over the internet who's never done me direct harm, and everyone should follow that principle

No. 1140491

i fucking hate all the expats in this fucking city. they take away all the nice apartments, they refuse to learn the language, they constantly force everything and everyone to be bilingual to accommodate them. you look for reviews for doctor's offices on google and 90% of them are some jason from the us or pedro from brazil crying because the meanie front desk lady who's like 60 years old doesn't speak english. because it's soooo hard for poor jason who works as a fucking doctor or IT guy to learn sentences like "hi my name is x and my appointment is at y." no, they expect everyone to speak perfect english and to cater to them at all times. they are constantly playing the victim card and demand that the entire fucking city bends over backwards to accommodate them. then they go on fucking reddit - ofc the city's sub is in english because there are so many expats in this shit city that they would feel excluded at the sight of the native language, wahhhh - and complain that they can't find an apartment because they don't speak german and that nobody wants to rent to someone that can't even write a simple introduction in german because that means you won't even be able to communicate with them when a remotely complex issue arises. it's so frustrating. i'm seriously getting racist against expats who won't even make an effort to integrate.

No. 1140496

It's not always like this and neither am I

No. 1140528

People who cant be bothered to learn super basic spanish but bitch about older people not knowing english are always trash imo.

No. 1140537

>mom adds thing to grocery list
>both me and my older brother really like it
>she buys it consecutively for the next few years
>brother suddenly says he doesn't like it anymore
>"oh i guess that means i don't need to buy it anymore"
>"??? mom i still like it, keep getting it"
>she somehow 'forgets' to buy it for the last month despite buying it every trip in the past
I wouldn't wish being born in a sonmom family on my worst enemy. I'm literally not a person.

No. 1140539

I've been through this exact same feeling anon. Try speaking more slowly and allow for empty spaces in conversations. When a conversation starts, think 'my goal in this conversation is to just listen' and see what happens. The goal of the conversation will no longer be about how performative or happy you can make yourself out to be but rather to listen and then respond in a way that feels more aligned to your authentic self.

Sorry if this is a dumbass reply, I've gone through this exact same thing so I wanted to let you know you're not alone

No. 1140540

This made me so fucking angry

No. 1140545

Whenever scrotes go on and on about how girls have tons of guys texting them I wonder what's wrong with me because I can't even get one guy to text me regularly

No. 1140549

There's nothing wrong about hating "expats" (entitled rich immigrants), don't worry. This isn't common where I live, but if it was, I wouldn't hesitate to tell them to learn some fucking Spanish if they plan to live here because they are just immigrants and nothing special.
And speaking of "expats", sexpats are the worst. They're so fucking disgusting I wish all the sexpats in the world would drop dead.

No. 1140552

same, i don't even have a single friend, let alone men interested in me

No. 1140553

Moids dont know shit lol

No. 1140556

I fucking hate sexpats and the fat white retards who ran around telling lazy gross white guys "ooo if you go to this country you'll get slammed with pussy! you can go up to any girl on the street and they'll beg for sex". Retards who took this meme seriously came my country and get themselves banned from bars and have their ass kicked because they literally think they're entitled to foreign women because someone on the internet said so, they shit up countries and traumatize women for the sake of their dick

it's not just with asian countries either, it's been happening a lot to slav and african countries

No. 1140557

my ex was a dumbass who use to backfoot me and claimed all kinds of bizarro stuff like the average college girl has a boyfriend and 4 sugar daddies and that "he knows what girls like to do when they go out with their friends". it's 100% projection since these men who act paranoid ALWAYS have hoes in different zip codes and are sexting/flirting with tons of women online daily

No. 1140561

Had a similar ex. Yet it was him entertaining so many girls in his dms while I was firmly rejecting other mens advances. They say that shit to compensate for the fact they're the ones messaging everyone cause life revolves around them and everyone is disposable.

No. 1140565

I hate that if I go to a shop in the capital, I can't just expect that they'll speak the actual national language behind the cash register. Nooo they'll look at you like you're retarded. Fuck me for not automatically speaking English outside of the Anglosphere.

No. 1140567

Men are the most insecure and jealous of other men. But because they fear being beaten by a superior man, they have to project onto women. Status/ego shapes their entire lives.

No. 1140568

I'm a way it was more annoying that my ex was chasing anyone while dating me when he was coked out or his withdrawals were making him attention seek for dopamine idk a mess, but if he even was just fixated on another woman at least I could know what the fuck it is that would satisfy him or what my blame was. Idk these are things I've thought

No. 1140587

I can't take any teasing at all, whatsoever. It's because I was systematically bullied my entire youth. Everyone can just think I'm a joyless asshole, I really don't care. I didn't have the strength and power to stand up for myself back then so now I overcompensate. No, you can't fucking tease me. I don't do it to others, either. If you don't like it you don't have to talk to me and I won't miss you

No. 1140603

Based. I fucking hate being laughed at against my will and it makes me want to attack people.

No. 1140605

Ive been a neet since 2019 i feel so depressed and useless please tell me itll get better nonnies. How do i reintegrate dociety? Im 22 and i feel so fucking useless compared to others around my age. I have no idea what i want to do or how ill end up.

No. 1140616

You are still super young anon, start by simply going outside and leaving the house for a few hours at a time. Once you start to feel more comfortable just walking around or sitting at a park or whatever, start applying to part time jobs and go from there. Baby steps anon. Take it one day at a time. I believe in you!

No. 1140626

Damn well you should wear a pin or something. I razz on people about harmless things, usually to signal that there’s no need to be formal and you don’t have to walk on eggshells around me. But of course I wouldn’t tease you if I knew you hate it that much.

No. 1140627

you are super young, I'm 27 and still haven't figured out what I want to do, not a neet though

if you want to get a job I suggest looking for something temporary because they're more likely to hire you with no experience and there is less pressure

No. 1140631

Your life sounds really hard poor you with a roof over your head despite contributing absolutely nothing to anyone

No. 1140638

Free reply here

No. 1140671

In High school, I remember I was in 7th period waiting for the bell to ring, i was "Thick" then, like big hips, barely any stomach and small breasts. This girl who never said A WORD to me was like, "her pussy loose" and she pointed at me, I glanced and glanced away. She then said that, "you can tell she's been fucking because you don't naturally get that thick, look she got a gap, that means somebody been up in there"
And the girl she was talking too, just laughed awkwardly like, "that's so random"
All I could think was, "I don't even have a fucking thigh gap.". I've been called all kinds of shit by girls in high school because of my shape, Butter face, thick but ugly and even worse shit by men.
But never had I had a random person blurt that shit out and not even stop when they know I can hear.

It always bothered me, when people talked shit about me where I can hear, it's like they are silently punking you. Like you don't matter.
But, I guess it's like Lolcow you know?

No. 1140672

not silently punking you but I hope you know what I mean

No. 1140678

go back to your cagie and seethe there

No. 1140679

Every time I have an exam the day before instead of studying like I should I lose my mind and start drawing porn of my husbando. It's happening again dammit I could have learned something instead
Wtf that's just evil

No. 1140683

Those pick-mes definitely get treated like shit by moids and now they seethe at every woman with your body type. So feel smug about that.

No. 1140684

damn sis are you ok?

No. 1140685

ma'am this is a vent thread

No. 1140694

File: 1650406836462.jpeg (87 KB, 933x699, 1590836689836.jpeg)

>tfw watching a friend of mine with terrible money habits make an enormous and stupid financial decision but can't speak up about how dumb a idea it is without being a huge bitch

No. 1140700

Yeah, another time I remember I was in my 8th period class (it was like 10th grade) it was art class, and I was printing out a paper. This boy was sitting with this girl and he was like, "the printer is over there next to that ugly bitch". I guess he was trying to impress the girl because he'd NEVER said anything to me.
Another time a boy I sat next too, was talking to me and he started "grading" the girls in the class, he then told me, "You are a 4, you know you a 4 right?" over and over, until I was like, "yeah, whatever".
People felt because I had a nice body (a big butt, with no waist) that I felt like I was…pretty or had this huge amount of confidence when I didn't.
I've been told all the times I'm ugly back then, that my body was all boys wanted. I was told this by girls and boys. When I embraced that for the postitive attention, I still didn't walk around with my head high or like I was a bad bitch.
I was very quiet, shy, I did my dirty quietly with seniors.
But people always felt the need to Humble me. It's to the point where now that I no longer have that shape I often wonder, "before all i had was a nice body and ugly face, now all I have is a ugly face, who will want me now?"

I know it's shit thinking but i remember so much of the negative comments i've gotten in high school. Now that i'm fat they echo in my mind even more. Thats why I feel so much guilt being on here talking shit. Even if it is towards people like Shay or troons.

No. 1140703

Just lose weight and take good care of your hair and skin, I’m sure your face is at worst average. Come on, lolcow is much more fun when you aren’t miserable and guilty about high school retards.

No. 1140711

I know, I know…I just let shit stick with me and just wanted to vent. My skin is shit, I have hyperpigmentation and I've fell off my diet, but i'll get back on. I'll be okay.

No. 1140717

File: 1650408557741.jpg (97.61 KB, 1080x1350, HQPJ-IdZNd89eBukI5qZAsg8pY4hs0…)

That's it. I want to become a bit ripped. I want to have slightly defined abs and thigh muscles. I want to scare skinny ass and obese men. I want to make the gym bros jealous. I want to lose weight and never have any doctors blame any health problems on the fact that i'm too chubby or too thin. I want to be able to beat up that fucking chick that i can't stand and that sent treats towards me. I want to have defined muscles before the end of the year or at least lose that fucking weight and get a fit routine.

Picrel this fucking girl is a bit more than my body goal and also bi brain awooga mamma

No. 1140719

Are you up for juicing because the girl you posted does not look natty

No. 1140728

File: 1650409499057.png (994.96 KB, 638x1137, 34290438328754.png)

Nta I know people lie and all but she's repeatedly said she doesn't juice and I believe it. She's really not that big, it's a flattering pose, and her before/afters show a reasonable amount of time between gains.

No. 1140730

If I were your dumbass friend, I'd want to know. Her feelings might be hurt but it's better to speak up imo

No. 1140733

I’m sorry, are you implying that this woman is just ‘a little bit’ ripped? Huge kek if true

No. 1140735

Idk who this girl is, but does anyone know how she manages to be ripped but still have a cute face? All of the super fit gymbrosephines I know get "runner's face", (I'm assuming from fat/collagen loss?) and their skin looks leathery and wrinkly.

No. 1140736

She dopes. I know cause I did too

No. 1140737

All the pics you linked do look a lot more natural and proportionate but that pic op linked def does not with the vascularity and how lean her abs are despite the size of her thighs.
I don't think the original pic is a realistic body goal because she's either hitting the juice or its editing/lighting/posing and not how she actually looks.
I would be interested to know where in the timeline does the pic op posted fall, surely after 2019? She coulda hit the juice after those pics

No. 1140741

You answered your own question. Cardiofags get runners face and they tend to develop orthorexia and eat like shit but believe it's healthy.

No. 1140742

I think I might have to give one of my cats to a better home because of his chewing habit. It's becoming a really big problem trying to police him all the time, I play with him and give him attention but he keeps trying to put things in his mouth because he knows I'll react. I craft for a living and once he snuck into my craft room which he is banned from and ate a wad of tape which cost us 3000 dollars in surgery to help the poor guy get it out. He deserves someone with more time and patience, honestly. I work from home but my job requires me to be in that craft room majority of the day, with him outside causing any mischief he can and I'm worried about his safety. If we take away one thing he fucks with, he finds a new thing, he's so determined. I love him more than anything and that's why I need to find him a home with a single person who has a clean, tidy, minimalist home hopefully, someone who has raised cats before. I don't think I'm fit to be this babies mom.

No. 1140748

Could you child proof your home to prevent him from getting into things he shouldn't?
Is he still a young cat, and is he castrated? When they are younger and intact they can be a lot more destructive.
Also if its a boredom attention thing, perhaps getting him a playmate could help?
Have you been to the vets to see if he has anxiety or some sort of weird pica issue?
Hope you don't have to give up your cat OP that sucks.

No. 1140750

stfu incel

No. 1140764

I was not thick but I have big boobs and I’m ugly face ive had girls randomly tell me their boyfriend's were “‘more into asses” or that my boobs would be saggy when I was like 30 and then the scrotes with their “put a bag over the head” comments . Thankfully I’m not in high school anymore so unwarranted body comments are lesser. I do get told I look pregnant by my MIL and that sucks but she is quite chubby herself. Just consider the source

No. 1140769

File: 1650412897482.gif (1.44 MB, 540x302, punchl.gif)

is it still abuse if every kid your age got beaten too? why am i the only one that turned out so retarded and mentally crippled, christ i am so weak. i feel like child physical abuse in a first world country is way worse than in mine, because you have to be a special kind of evil to beat your kid/commit a crime whereas in the third world its culture, its expected, even recommended.
why couldnt i have just turned out normal ? i dont even hate my parents just myself really because clearly everybody else is doing fine while they went through similar or perhaps even worse abuse meanwhile i cant even execute any function in a regular manner. i honestly feel like maybe i wasnt beaten enough even though i am vehemently against beating children. was it abuse even?

No. 1140775

i really don’t know what I’m doing career wise. I am pursuing a Psychology degree cause i failed at IT and business but i am 100% aware it’s an useless degree. I just don’t know what to fuck to do. I feel so lost. I am a sophomore atm maybe I should switch my major but idk what. I want to kill myself

No. 1140776

File: 1650413362963.jpg (117.23 KB, 750x963, aaec12affbb02f7ddbd86750492b82…)

I'm 27 and a 21 year old has been having a crush on me for almost a year now. We work at the same place, he's quite shy but nice, we went for a dinner once and I think he treated it like a date because later my female coworker told me he was very excited about the dinner and he told all his friends about it, he was proud he's going out with "THAT girl". I'm quite awkward and socially stunted, never dated anyone, no one knwos my actual age and I think this guy also assumes I'm around his age. But that doesn't matter, that dinner we had a few months ago just made me realize that I'm not romantically or sexually interested in him. He's very respectful and nice and never pushed me for another meet up, although through his behavior and the look in his eyese I can see he's still crushing on me. But I'm just not into him, and it's not just about the age difference. Despite my total lack of experience with men, I'm not interested in experiments and if I had to lose my virginity with someone it would have to be a man I know that I could settle with, and it would have to be a man who's somewhat equal to me, and who also wants to settle, who's not into smoking weed and partying, who has his own savings like I do, an apartment would be nice too. Just any kind of "capital" we can together work with. On top of that, I'm simply not that physically attracted to this guy, since he still looks more like a boy rather than a man. I don't even have a place irl when I can vent about my fears. All the nice men around my age are taken, I feel like I missed my time NEETing my youth away in front of a PC. Now when I finally started going outside and working like a normal person, the only men that are available are divorced 40-50 year olds and 20 year old boys who are interested in me probably only because they're deceived by my youthful appearance. Fuck I just want a cute 27-30 year old ready to settle and have a comfy home together. My female coworker just rented an apartment with her bf and she's telling me about all the cute cutlery she bought and I'm so jealous, I wish I could have my very own place with someone god damn it…

No. 1140786

>because clearly everybody else is doing fine
Kek don't fall for it, every and i mean every fucking person i knew that got abused and """turned out normal"""" ended up being an absolute train-wreck and deeply mentally ill, they just make huge efforts to hide it, we are talking secrets like mental illnesses, criminality, pedophilia, drug addiction, weird ass fetishes, etc
>i honestly feel like maybe i wasn't beaten enough
I need you to understand the extent of the abuse you endured, cause the only reason you believe you deserve worse is cause your parents willingly pulverized your self-esteem, you deserve better, every kid does, please know your worth and remember these countries are fucked to the core for a reason: nobody here knows love, t. fellow thirdie doublepost for typo, sorry

No. 1140806

I think it's funny that people try to call themselves "expats" even if they have kids in their new country and don't plan on moving back. I call myself an immigrant because that's what I am.

No. 1140814

I've been an expat for years now and I agree. Most of them are entitled fucks. And guess what, you get off a bit easier because you're in Germany and in "nice" cities they behave better. If you want to see them acting like pieces of shit, you need to go to a developing country. Holy shit do I hate being amongst them. (i generally don't btw, I can't stand their racist shit). And yes then they go to the city reddit and bitch and moan about the dumbest shit.
The worst of the lot are the ones that (when in a developing country) they act like they are kings and queens just because they have a nice apt and their kids go to an int'l school. Bitch , if it wasn't for your job paying for these stuff you wouldn't be able to afford it in your own country so sit the fuck down.
Ahhh I can talk about this shit for hours.

No. 1140828

Not to be tfw no bf but tfw no bf. I want to feel a man's loving touch but there are none that I like. I only met one in my life that I liked. And I wouldn't let a man touch me until I knew he is the one for me. And I am not sure if men are capable of love anyway

No. 1140829

I've tried in the past but have only gotten aggressive pushback from her (of the "oh, you question my decision, do you WANT me to suffer?" kind). She is very, very stubborn and I really hope this purchase doesn't come to bite her in the ass…. but I won't hold my breath.

No. 1140832

There's so many lonely people out there but no one wants to admit they're lonely bc it makes them seem like a loser. I'm in the same boat but I'm to shy to meet new ppl I just want to have people I'm already comfortable around

No. 1140834

I'm so lonely. I hate that I've been one of those "my only friend is my s/o" type of people for so many years, but I used to be really mentally unstable and I haven't been single in almost a decade now so I really have no idea how to talk to people anymore, especially other women. I feel like I post this same exact vent every few months. I don't know what to do anymore.

No. 1140838

>I've been one of those "my only friend is my s/o" type of people
How does this work? like, how do girls who barely know how to maintain a conversation/are autistic as fuck/too socially anxious have boyfriends? that makes zero sense for me, wouldn't that be like having a friend but even more draining?

No. 1140842

Nta but most people can tolerate more annoying and autistic behaviors from people just to not feel alone/& and or if they're fucking… Whereas if your friend is being an ass that day you Just wouldn't hang out with them and not lose that. Just my 2 cents

No. 1140845

Im autistic and very socially anxious and i have a bf because hes just as autistic. Its a lot harder to make friends. I dont understand why you think having a boyfriend would somehow solve mental illnesses

No. 1140854

Im ayrt/op and I think it stems from the fact that I always felt comfortable talking to men because I’m not intimidated by them or value (?) their opinion the same as I would a woman’s.. and naturally some of those interactions ended up in a relationship. My mother would accuse me of being gay whenever she thought I was too “attached/obsessed” with a female friend (she wasn’t 100% wrong) so I became afraid of befriending women I guess

No. 1140855

because a man would keep an retarded autistic gf just for free pussy. It is how it is

No. 1140856

Nta but I think she meant like “how did they even wind up with boyfriends in the first place” not “having a bf should mean you’re not mentally ill anymore.”

No. 1140857

Moids are easy.

No. 1140862

>I want to be able to beat up that fucking chick that i can't stand and that sent treats towards me

Am I missing something here, if someone sent treats towards me I would love them kek

No. 1140864

nayrt but she probably meant "threats"

No. 1140867

Oh. Sorry, I’m high.

No. 1140886

ily anon i'm sending virtual treats your way (real treats and not threats)

No. 1140975

Anons, I need to get something off my chest. I am very close to my father, but I feel bad because I can't help but get freaked out sometimes.
1st instance: when I was 6, my dad used to call me bald pussy because I (obviously) had no pubic hair. I would go to the shower and he would jokingly refer to my "bald pussy".
2nd instance: I'm 9 and sleeping in bed with him. I wake up with him grabbing my chest with his eyes closed. I freak out and get up. Later he tells everyone laughing, saying he though it was my mom sleeping with him and that he found it weird since it was "lacking something".
3rd instance: This occured multiple times, he keeps saying since I was a teenager that if he were younger he would totally date me.
4th instance: He keeps telling me I have to show off my body to the guy I like and insinuate about wanting sex and fucking in the streets.
5th instance: I had a pair of surgical gloves inside my college backpack and I went to show him the front pocket zipper was broken and he pulled it out partially made a surprised face and said "Oh my god, condoms?!" as a joke.
I just don't know what to think. I only talked about this with one stranger in the internet. The time he grabbed my chest while I was sleeping when I was 9 still haunts me.

No. 1140977

Doesn't necessarily seem like abuse or make him a BAD scummy person, the most concerning thing is him talking about dating you tbh.

No. 1140979

Also two more things I remembered.
6th: When I'm watching TV and a sex scene comes up he stands between me and the TV and yells turn it off, turn it off. I am 23.
7th: I was watching a Mad Men episode in which they visit a brothel and a topless woman appears and he was watching too and told me laughing: Do you think she will grab her tits and shake them?
If someone can share advice, similar experiences, or simply rate these instances in a creepy scale I would like that a lot, because I'm laying in my bed at 2am wondering if my father abused me.

No. 1140987

What kind of world you live in where someone making sexual comments about a child's genitals doesn't make them a bad person?

No. 1140990

Either repress, seek help, or kill him. Your call.
Pedophile detected.

No. 1141000

Don't worry anon. He IS a bad scummy person. When my sister was 15 she came out as a lesbian and he beat her up so bad she couldn't go to school for 1 month until all the bruising went away and so people wouldn't find out what happened.
The question is: does my experience add even more to the tally?

No. 1141001

Your dad is a massive creep. Look up covert sexual abuse. Please don't gaslight yourself into thinking any of this is normal.

Here, for your instances:
1. No father should EVER comment on his child's genitals unless it is for a medical reason/emergency or an explanation. But at age 6, commenting on yours? Even just saying "pussy"? Completely messed up.
2. The chest grabbing could've been an accident like he said, but if it was he should've just apologized for touching you. It crossed the line when he said it was "lacking something". He thought he was being funny but that type of sexual humor is not okay with your 9 year old DAUGHTER.
3. This could go either way: either an awkwardly phrased "compliment" or he's going full Trump. The fact that he said it multiple times makes it full Trump.
4. This is just plain gross scrote behavior and completely inappropriate to say to your child.
5. This one is more innocent, but still - uncomfortable with all the past instances. I can see this situation being not creepy with a different dynamic.
6. Watching sex scenes can be kinda awkward if someone else sees them and maybe it was just a reaction to that, but physically blocking it is very weird. Like he wants to "preserve" your innocence.
7. This one makes the prior instance even weirder. Again, maybe a bad joke or quip but just awkward with all the prior stuff.

At best, your dad didn't understand boundaries and what type of joking is appropriate with his daughter. At worst, your dad is a creep who was potentially grooming you for further abuse.

Nonna, I'm sorry you experienced this. I would gently suggest to see a female therapist who can guide you through your experiences and feelings.

No. 1141007

From your experiences and the anecdote about your sister it seems like he has very little regard or empathy for the people around him. I don't blame you for being shaken up by it, that is not how you treat a child.

No. 1141010

Is your sister okay now?

No. 1141011

The condom one doesn't seem that bad imo, but all the other ones are really fucking weird and concerning

No. 1141012

What the fuck is this response?

No. 1141017

That one was the creepiest one

No. 1141022

How so? I think him calling her bald pussy and touching her is way weirder. I didn't even know pussy was slang for vagina until I was like 13. The one of him saying he'd date her if she was younger seems way more fucked up too.

No. 1141026

The other ones are straight up messed up. The surprised face he made sounds really creepy.

No. 1141030

I am out of seizure meds. My insurance thinks I already picked up my anticonvulsant meds but I haven’t and now I have to fight with my insurance company to get them to fill it at the right fucking pharmacy. I’m gonna feel like fucking shit in the morning and might have to call off work on the most suspicious day to call off work. I hate this.

No. 1141044

I'm working on launching my online shops while doing interviews for regular companies. My mother doesn't know about my business plans and she calls me like 5x times a day to give me unsolicited career advice and where to send my applications and to ask about how my interviews went. I just want to be left alone to work on my things, dammit. And the stress from the interviews is not helping either and eats up time

No. 1141048

File: 1650433082053.gif (476.78 KB, 500x381, 5CE00708-5ABD-45AB-9B69-17DA86…)

I will never see the same love and support that ugly men get. You will never see a thread about a woman like there is for the paul dano and adam driver. Ugly men are appreciated and given a second chance but if you’re an average or ugly woman like me, you just simply fade away, there is no chance of redemption or depth when it comes to people looking at your appearance, you just serve no value to people, women begin to pity you for your looks because you are no longer perceived as a threat, you’re virtually nothing. It feels like being a phantom in your own body I constantly want to disconnect from it. I feel some sort of understanding and empathy for troons, your material body is your own prison and the fact that you have to tolerate what you never asked to be is tragic.

No. 1141051

Also I'm just nervous about actually getting a job because that's not going to leave any time for me to work on my businesses, which I eventually want to do full time

No. 1141053

Anon post proof that you're ugly or shut the fuck up. Maybe there isn't "Ugly woman you'd fuck" thread because most people here don't find most women ugly. And we aren't so inclined to make objectifying threads about women like for those men.
Stop basing your worth around how many people proposing sex to you. Post your selfie on 4chan and ask if they'll pump and dump you if it means so much. You're pathetic.

No. 1141061

imagine completely falling in love with a woman, sharing your soul with her, being completely into the relationship, everything is great…then you find out she's deep into marvel shit and is sad you aren't into that crap at all.
how disappointing.
this is half a joke but she really is sad I'm not into marvel shit which is a bit annoying.

No. 1141062

You realise this is the vent thread right? You might not agree with her but just let her vent. You don't have to be so fucking hostile towards someone who considers themselves ugly, if anything it just makes you look pathetic

No. 1141063

Who is her favorite superhero? If it's Captain America then she's based.

No. 1141066

Unironically touch grass. Most women are average, that’s what average means. And yet we aren’t loveless femcels with no position or recognition in the world. Sure “average” for women is much higher than “average” for men, goes for much more than just looks. Take comfort in knowing that for every one ugly FAMOUS man farmers thirst over on here, 100 ugly men IRL will actually die alone. Whereas ugly women fare much better, they still have friends, family and husbands. If you’re starting to relate to trannies, who on top of being disgusting to look at have repulsive personalities that isolate them from normal people, you need to reassess if your average face is actually the problem.

No. 1141067

It's not a safe space thread. Especially when she's saying c.c tier femcel shit like women all see each as threats based on looks. And how you can't exist as a person unless you're lusted after like those gosh darn Stacys.

No. 1141070

Why are you so mad.

No. 1141072

I can't remember but I know it isn't captain America

No. 1141073

Distressing. He is by far the best, most fleshed out superhero by far. Who else could she like? Don't tell me… Spiderman…?

No. 1141077

I feel like I'm Amanda from Saw. I hate being a bpd sped.

No. 1141097

Just got home from the ER. The Doctor told me I have a stretched right something on my heart. She said it's either overcompensating for untreated asthma or heart failure. I'm home now with oxygen tanks. I have to set up an ultrasound on my heart tomorrow so they can find out.
I don't know how to process this. Every little twinge in my body I feel I'm about to die. But it could just be asthma? I feel so lost. I've banned myself from googling it anymore. I've spent so long so scared about aging and now I feel so fucking stupid.

No. 1141102

Panic attacks as soon as i wake up, gah damn i cant catch a break huh?

No. 1141110

You do realize sometimes women have faulty views on life and end up seeing other women as a threat? Right?

No. 1141113

so incredibly wrong captain america is the worst he’s useless

No. 1141117

Anon average or ugly women look way better than even handsome men in my opinion. Most of those girls can also be quite cute with the right grooming if you really want to enhance your looks but as long as you're not being discriminated against because of your looks, I don't think you need to think so hard about them.
I also was seen as a non threat by other girls when we were 14-15 but that logic and competing for male attention largely goes away when you're an adult. Sure some women still think they need to compete with other women but those types end up alone because of their retarded views anyways.

No. 1141120

Same. The only time a scrote ever texted me, I later found out he had yellow fever and was texting almost every asian woman in class. I was completely naive, depressed, and friendless and thought he wanted to be my friend. He stopped pretending to be my friend when he found someone.

No. 1141126

Doing a job interview soon, after sleeping like shit and feeling like a truck went over me

No. 1141130

also I just realized after checking the email that I didn't have to dress up and do my makeup because it's just going to be a phone interview, not a Zoom one

No. 1141140

Was there ever a point where you just realized your boyfriend didn’t even like you? Like they hated your guts and was plotting on your downfall? And like they were just taking out all of their hideousness out on you. Like he has friends but does he act this disgusting around them and only occasionally nice around me? And when they insult you about something you’ve said you were already insecure enough about already. Why are men literally so mean?
live in bf made a joke that I have huge nippies

No. 1141143

So you made a small dick joke right? Dump him soon

No. 1141144

That's a boyenemy, not a boyfriend

No. 1141146

I hate my mother so much, she put me through so much pain after neglecting me all my life. I wish i could cut her off

No. 1141148

Big nipples aren't ugly, tiny fake ones are. He's probably pornsick since he thought it'd be fine to bring it up like that. I'd say tell him how you feel and if he does something similar again, dump him.

No. 1141150

File: 1650444101050.jpg (34.36 KB, 655x527, 02f (1).jpg)

After dealing with hundreds of threads of codegarch bragging, and seeing my codegarch friends do fuck all and make twice the money I make, I decided to retrain in CompSci.

I really hope it's not all bullshit, I wanna make that money and have an ez life. I'm working two jobs and balancing extramural study to make this all work, averaging twelve hour days every day but the weekend because I have a mortgage.

t. drunk after 12 hours of work and study.

I just wanna not be broke anymore.

No. 1141151

Idk what you’re saying but I root for you

No. 1141152

l when my sister rants on about being an empath after leaving me for dead at the age of 16 in an abusive home after making the situation worse and not at least helping me survive lol (i mean she has the right to, but don’t fill my sheltered adolescent mind with agendas at least leave me alone to process it) i told her how i feel about her and i told her i felt abandoned, she responded by saying that she knows, she thinks she’s an “empath” lol… i don’t think its empathy, big sis… i think it’s crippling guilt and i hope it eats at you like the consequences of your action ate at me

No. 1141164

Is he disgusted by them? If he's only teasing then you should probably do as >>1141148
says or find a bf that doesn't mind big nips/areolas.

No. 1141169

File: 1650446717004.gif (2.13 MB, 480x266, giphy.gif)

>they hated your guts and was plotting on your downfall
Anon it sounds like you're dating an actual psychopath

No. 1141170

being smart and pretty never helped me, if anything they made my life worse. Life is not about being smart and pretty, life is about being manipulative and being born in a good socio-economical situation

No. 1141171

I want others to suffer just like I did. Life is inherently unfair, if I kill someone I am just following how life is like. I'm just obeying to the system because life is unfair and I just add more unfairness. I just follow what it is.

No. 1141172

I cannot manipulate others, others always step on me. I've been abused my entire life and I have given more than I have recieved. I want to kill someone and I want to stab them hundreds of times and see them suffer and die and ask me for mercy, it will only be my metaphorical suffering. What others have done to me, I will do it to them.

No. 1141173

I hate being constipated so fucking much. Haven't had a shit in a week.

No. 1141174

All this nipple talk reminds me of a boyfriend I had who had comically tiny nipples. His buddies teased him for it but I didn't.
Then we picked up a baby cat from the street. Got home, he took off his shirt because it was hot, and the kitty immediately went for his nipples to suckle. I lost it. Laughed and teased him they look just like momma cat's. He wasn't mad, he was too weirded out by the cat violating him lol

No. 1141176

Damn, you back at it again already romaniachan?

No. 1141178

kill yourself you stupid waste of air and space. You're as worthless as I am, you're just lying to yourself like all normies.

No. 1141179

What will it take for you to just fucking ignore the posts? Omg.

No. 1141187

I suddenly kind of feel ambivalent towards troonz now, seeing them repeatedly send huge amounts of death threats and violence towards 'transmeds'(aka trannies that have dysphoria instead of 'euphoria') really makes the whole thing look self-cannabilising and pathetic like pro-ana forums. I support the sad ones cutting off their appendages because their life will never improve and I support the frog-genders and catgirls mutilating their shit because there's a chance of them dying from surgical complications and I want to be able to visually identity undesirables irl. I will report back if a troid pisses me off and I'm actively extremely genderphobic again.

No. 1141203

PLEASE shut the fuck up and stop replying to this. Just ignore.

No. 1141205

Do you not have a bin next to you? Wtf

No. 1141209

Not to defend whatever is happening but MANY women seen each others as threat especially women in their 20s because the patriarchy conditioned them to behave like that. Most women are male identified and thats why its hard to find long lasting female friendships with women who wont prioritize males. Hopefully less women get out of that mindset and realize moids aint shit

No. 1141211

Try coffee anon. It always makes me shit especially if you add milk (can use soy milk too) and coffee. Or raisins!

No. 1141213

It’s the vent thread. Why are anons so aggressive and rude?

No. 1141214

i swear this is the most hostile thread, anons can be so unnessicarily rude and mean. just let people vent without your snarky replies

No. 1141216

She is. She is now 30 and lives with her girlfriend of seven years.

No. 1141223

File: 1650452312842.jpeg (173.86 KB, 850x580, 2EAE10CB-38E8-4323-9F53-E0A120…)

anon i know how you feel… if my brother doesnt like something it is banned from our house even if i like it, if i dont like something and he does i have to put up with it. he got to have not one but two in the house even though i have an allergy that makes it hard for me to breathe and gives me hives so i have to lock myself in my room.
blogpost: when i was 15 she was planning to make me move out, when he was 23 and still to this day she has breakdowns whenever he even mentions moving out to the point where he had to call the police on her one time. i dont hate my brother because it isnt his fault and he never asked for this, just WTF is going on with my mother ? i remember being 6 years old and crying in the living room telling her that if she didnt like me then why has she kept me around all this time, and that she should just have given me away so she could have my brother all she wanted. she literally laughed at me and told me to get my hands away from the hoodie on the sofa we were sat in ( i was gripping it with anger ) because i would "ruin it". i still have this fight with her just about every month since.

No. 1141226

you have no idea how deeply this resonated with me.. i feel this so deep within my gut

No. 1141230

ur very cool

No. 1141232

Why do recreational drug users / heavy drug users act like saying “no” to any of it is like some harrowing impossible decision? The ones who say “it’s a disease not a choice” are 99.9999% of the time ones who did in fact make a choice and like to use 0.0001% of people as a cope for their retarded decisions. Druggies are the fucking worst and the world truly would be better without them.

No. 1141237

A lot feel they’re entitled to Narcan now too and it’s just so bizarre. They want other people to carry around something to revive them in case whatever they take is laced… um okay maybe stop taking whatever? You say that and it’s RHEEEEEEE HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO STOP USING THIS STREET DRUG I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REAL USE FOR! Or it’s DON’T use it because “my high will go away”. Hate that this shit is so prevalent now especially along scrotes that then get insecure women hooked.

No. 1141247

Maybe you just have shitty friends? Ive been friends with (admittedly only recreational) users for years and they were very chill when I said no. All but one never questioned why I said no or offered to me again, the one guy was just curious and didn't pressure me at all. Probably just surprised I was willing to hang out with them without using myself, and wanted to know why.
I think the people who pressure you are the same as the compulsive drinkers who try talk you into "just one, come on, you'll sober up before driving home!" where you saying no activates their own guilt and baggage.
Yes I wish hard drugs were wiped from the earth too.

No. 1141254

I think you read the post wrong, she is not saying that they cannot take no for an answer when offering other people drugs, she says they are unable to say no to drugs themselves

No. 1141259

Oh. See this is why I don't need drugs. I'm dumb enough already

No. 1141263

Lol I’m not talking about friends or pressure put on me to take drugs. This is just a general observation I’ve made online and real life outside of my friend group of people who choose to do drugs and then act like their actions do not have consequences because of whatever excuse they have of not saying no.

No. 1141289

Idk I used to smoke weed, but I decided to quit again because I read it can cause you to wake up during surgery and fuck that. I have to say "no" a lot, but the consequences are scary enough that it's easy. Meanwhile I have family and friends who act like it's super difficult to quit and who always have some sort of excuse. Or they blame their alcoholism and drug addictions on me being annoying kek

No. 1141303

I have this weird feeling where i feel like my 15 year old self (the true pre-trauma me basically. not necessarily an age thing) woke up last year and everything that has happened since then is fake and not real and i’m like in shock and in disbelief, like i can’t relate to that person i’ve been the past couple of years and don’t understand her. It’s creating this disconnect and really taking its toll on my life.

No. 1141313

I'm not sure what's wrong with my hands and apparently none of the local specialists know what to do, but they're turning into fists and I can't unclench 3 fingers on both hands. Now it's quickly affecting my feet and I have been walking so fucked up because of it that it actually changed the pads on the bottom of my feet. I'm calling my doctor again but I know they're just gonna keep throwing pain pills at me, which doesn't help? All I can think about is "wow, what will this look like in ten years?" fuck me. Stupid fucking covid bumping everything back by like, years. Because of covid, my occupational therapist cancelled every appointment for over six months so I don't have fucking anything except pain pills, which I won't take. The pain isn't as bad as the immobility is, so why would I numb myself to the pain and continue to grind down my joints through improper movement? I am so pissed it feels like my chest could pop.
As I was typing this, they picked up so I'm getting an appointment for the 26th with "anybody", which is apparently the first available slot they have at all. My blood iron is at 3 and I just started my period yesterday, I cannot describe to you how I feel physically. It's like punching in a dream. This felt so good to type out while on hold with them. Thank you for this thread

No. 1141318

File: 1650459476166.jpeg (92.18 KB, 643x859, 7B9E778D-71C9-4D7D-A1FC-A367A1…)

wtf is wrong with my fucking mom. she keeps berating me for my eating habits because according to her not eating red meat -> anorexia osteoporosis bone cancer so she starts swearing at me and bringing up my "cunt" in public so i tell her if she doesnt stop swearing then i will leave so i did. so then she calls me and i answer and i hear what i thought to be muffled crying and im like what is going on. no answer. so i ask again and again still no answer. for the next 15 minutes i hear scotch noises, a man talking, furniture being moved and the floor and what i thought to be whimpering again. so of course i freak out and start recording jt just in case because what if she got kidnapped and murdered and i am the only witness. so i begin to have a panic attack and think of what to do if my hypothesis is right by this point i had already walked 4 kilometers so i think to myself if i should go back and see if it was just her phone that was stolen and if ii should text my sibling or i dont know but i was frantically brainstorming ideas on what to do in this situation freaking out and crying because i have no other way to reach her. well after 10 minutes she casually says hello and then gets angry at me again as if its my fault. turns out she was at home the whole time while i was freaking out thinking she was dead or getting hurt. what the fuck. what kind of psychopathic behavior is this. i am seriously in shock right now.

No. 1141321

samefag btw this happened not even 5minutes ago i just have no one else i can tell since she is the only person i talk to

No. 1141333

JFC anon, I have no advice (except obvious "move out, limit contact" if possible) but this is seriously messed up

No. 1141334

This is a hard way to learn what butt-dialing is kek

No. 1141345

People really just be making everything into an aesthetic now, huh?

No. 1141346

no she definitely meant to call me. she used to do stuff of this sort ( scaring people into thinking she is in danger ) to my father before she cared about mobile phones. like she used to show him that she carried a broken piece of glass and leave the house and things like that for hours and then casually come back. i suppose now that he went back to his home country she cant do that to him anymore
thank you nona for reading my post and caring

No. 1141350

Wow, I love their motivation but hate their look.

No. 1141352

I read this as butt dilating kek

No. 1141354

Your mom is a bpd nightmare!

No. 1141358

Kek they are really running out of ideas, also the way this woman tilts her head is so annoying. I hate the concept of "aesthetics" it's so consoomer, it's like buying a personality. Just buy things you like and do things you want to do but nooooo that's not marketable on instagram

No. 1141364

It’s almost like there’s a competition to see who can come up with the most oddly specific and obscure aesthetic these days. If that’s the case then I’m going to be the trendsetter for my own new aesthetic: dumpy English mum dropping her kids off at Platform 9 3/4.

No. 1141370

File: 1650462847690.png (666.09 KB, 922x653, my hecking chungus vaccine.png)

I find it so funny (or maybe tinfoil-ish so let me put my hat on) how I'm still constantly bombarded with news about covid and vaccines via my phone all the fucking time despite me being completely uncaring towards any news about it. I'm not anti-vax but I haven't got the vaccine because I don't want to risk it interfering with a genetic health condition I have, and whenever I tell people this they think I'm just bullshitting or making it more dramatic than it needs to be. There is like a sense of superiority over me from people who are happy to get their 56th covid booster and they never shut the fuck up about how I just need to get it anyway and give it a try.

No fucking thank you, I'm glad you are vaccinated but I am not risking it given that I know people with my same health condition that have suffered an attack for weeks after getting it. I also work from home and wear a mask to stuff like supermarkets anyway so I have no idea why they are picking on ME to lecture vs someone who thinks shit like vaccines make you an autistic lizard.
It's exhausting, my boyfriend's parents are like this and they don't understand how fucking patronizing they are. I literally just zone out whenever they start going on about it now, I'm not sure what made people think they can just lecture you unwarranted about how THEY want to dictate your health and the choices you make but it's annoying as fuck.
They also believe this shit every time a newspaper comes out with, "the NEW covid variant Delta Omega Cock'N'Balls 3.0 Variant is THREE times as deadly as Omicron!!!" like please just use your fucking brain and stop believing everything newspapers/the media tells you and then getting yourself scared because you haven't got your 57th booster yet.

Stop projecting that fear on to me because it's never going to work and I simply don't care, stop fucking talking about it to me and asking if I'm vaccinated yet when I've already explained why I won't be. I fucking hate old people, you could literally recall an entire novel's worth of reasons why you can't or won't do xyz and they are just too self-absorbed to comprehend any viewpoint beyond their own. These are also the same people who were completely compliant and saw absolutely no issue with the government fucking us over in lockdowns and witnessing skyrocketing suicide rates from people being stuck indoors for months like it was nothing.

No. 1141383

File: 1650463318492.jpg (65.09 KB, 519x650, australian-summer-aesthetic-pa…)

This video just makes me wish I was rich… Having a coastal sun-filled house is my dream that'll possibly never come true.
I can't even get into any aesthetics because I don't have money for buying random expensive shit. I'm not poor by any means, I'd say middle class, but I just envy first-worlders so much. The cost of living here in my second-world country is rising but the salaries aren't. It's fucking madness.
I go to Germany and buy things for the same price as here even though the people there earn extremely much more. Normal middle class people here can't afford to buy anything a bit more expensive they really want without having to meticulously plan.
I wish I could live in a sunny, coastal country near the sea, it's literally my dream but the first time I can manage to move there will be in my early thirties in 6 or so years. I'm gonna be all shrivelled up and aged from the stress before I get to actually live. I need the sun so much, I get so depressed in this shitty weather. And with these sceptical, cynical and sarcastic people that live here.
I wish I was born to wealthy parents so much. I could buy nice clothes every season, live in a house and not a crappy flat, eat better and have time for exercise, travel the world. My ex's family was very wealthy and he and his brother lived on such an easy mode. My family isn't poor but rich people are another category. Like a different world.

No. 1141387

It’s such a weird flip from the “vaccines exist to protect vulnerable people who can’t be vaccinated” pre-covid narrative which is… the only one that makes sense imo. Now the vulnerable people should risk it anyways to… protect others who are already vaccinated? My father has a heart condition and he’s still being pushed super hard to get the vaccine even though it’s more likely to kill him than covid at this point, from people who are fully vaccinated and have no health conditions. It’s weird. It makes me fucking angry because it’s like they’re telling him that his life matters less than their own.

No. 1141391

I'm someone who got three vacancies and I don't understand why people are forcing you to get it? Having a genetic condition that could be triggered by it just means it's stupid as fuck for you to get even one vaccine. Don't listen to them, anon. Research about it and make your own choice. If people ask just bring up how it could be dangerous for you and how your doctor told you not to get it.

No. 1141402

I’m so stupid lmao.. I made a joke about killing my friend- I was talking about being a heart surgeon, then I was like jk I’m going to squeeze ur heart till it bursts.. now ig she got uncomfortable so now she won’t reply to my texts.. Uggh fuck I’m so stupid I hate myself

No. 1141404

Lol surely she’s not mad, it’s just a silly thing you said.

No. 1141417

i tried compsci and it made me suicidal, hope
It goes better for you nonnie

No. 1141432

This or Americans foaming at the mouth about how toddlers need to be triple vaccinated even though they're at no risk for it or denying natural immunity when it's only ever vaccinated people who get covid more than once and people who insist on going out partying, shopping, traveling, etc and then going on to sperg about someone on their Bahama cruise wasn't vaccinated or didn't wear a mask like kek if you're deathly scared of COVID you shouldn't be traveling in the first place. Imagine traveling and expecting the entire world to cater to your stupid little fear of something that's a cold for 99% of people

Oh and the amount of people claiming to be immunocompromised is annoying af too. It's like these people believe we all just forgot how the world existed pre COVID and not once have any of these people been this deathly scared during other disease outbreaks

No. 1141433

It's certain types of immunocompromised people who can't have certain vaccines because they can actually get ill from them not old guys with heart conditions, not all the types of covid vaccines are linked to myocarditis either so what you are saying just doesn't make sense

No. 1141437

It's not smart to get an experimental vaccine in the first place and they don't even bother doing any sort of testing to see if the person is at risk of blood clots, myocarditis, etc. It's also quite risky to those who do lots of cardio but no1curr if you're at no risk of COVID or that every single doctor has been admitting the vaccine doesn't stop or even lower transmission or catching COVID and then falling for the ClOgGeD hOsPiTaLs narrative even though somehow these clogged hospitals have all this time to make stupid tiktoks, fire nurses, CNAs, etc for any reason under the rug. People who foam at the mouth about how zero propaganda/fear porn exists are even worse since they'll sperg about the death rate and when you bring up a lot of doctors and others are admitting the death rate is overexaggerated, they just ignore you

It's funny what's happening to the "listen to doctors" crowd when the doctors don't pedal fear porn

No. 1141450

Back to your quarantine zone faggots. This here is for depression and crying.

No. 1141464

I wonder if they forgot about their containment thread? I keep seeing COVID posts around.

No. 1141467

File: 1650468286791.jpeg (150.65 KB, 847x630, DC87B254-417E-4AA5-9AA6-C6DD51…)

No new celebricows thread yet so lemme post here. I hope the people of Hawaii find a way to murder this fucking cunt. >>1140805
They should just get him really really drunk until he passes out, spike him with some Xanax to speed things up and then quietly smother him. Or just strangle him with a belt, pull his pants down and make out it was auto erotic asphyxiation. He’s such a fucking train wreck nobody would question it. Just inject him with fentanyl. Kill him. Nobody is on their side and they will do anything to enable this piece of shit rich cunt to keep terrorising those poor people and I can’t stand it.(a-logging)

No. 1141468

I don’t think she stopped replying bc of your joke, your joke was very normal i think

No. 1141469

The last post in that thread was from 3 months ago dude I'm not risking a necro ban

No. 1141471

File: 1650468403303.jpg (8.03 KB, 225x225, mern.jpg)

the closer i get to the finishing line the worse i feel
my head is constantly cold and heavy for the last few months, my study is shit, i'm blocked in the fucking thesis and just keep going out of habit or stupidity or stubborneness
the work is going pretty chill and quiet, few hours, a team that is both easygoing and knowledgeable, but holy shit, the fucking pure DREAD that i feel when i get up in the morning is unreal
i don't want fun or relaxing in bed or food or walks in nature or media, i just want oblivion

No. 1141472

They did do testing just not studies that lasted multiple years due to the time necessity.
I work in healthcare and we def did have full hospitals in UK, even as recent as a couple of months ago.
Anyway this discussion should really be in the covid thread or maybe the tinfoil thread.

No. 1141477

Yeah for mRNA in different forms, they didn't do years of testing on how COVID mRNA would effect an extremely wide variety of population. Pfizer's trial was a shit show and caused over 1k deaths, modernas ingredients were exposed a lot of the ingredients had drugs in it that involved lawsuits due to bloodclots. It would've been so much safer and actually effective if they used traditional vaccine technology. I also have no respect for people using their own toddlers as lab rats for the vaccines

No. 1141478

shut the fuck up antivax fags

No. 1141483

File: 1650469471790.jpg (51.32 KB, 805x665, IMG_20220116_235346.jpg)

This you?

No. 1141487

The girl in this meme is cute does anyone have her socials?

No. 1141488

I think I'm pushing away the only friend I have in this city, but that isn't at all what I'm trying to do. I just feel that if we spoke more and arranged to meet more it would involve spending money that I currently don't have, plus I already owe her a bit of money from the last time we went out and I lost my card, so until I can pay her back it would feel weird meeting up. She knows of the situation though and told me she understands and that she's not in a rush for me to pay her back, but because I feel so guilty about it I would just feel awkward having to meet up with her in person. Idk anons I hate owing people money it makes me feel like scum so now it seems like I'm avoiding her but really I'm just waiting until it's settled then we can do stuff together again

No. 1141490

Yes, for the first time in history, you have anti vaxxers who are vaccinated and support other vaccines kek

No. 1141494

File: 1650469855809.gif (97.25 KB, 400x306, 2Dul.gif)

t-that's me nonnie…i got my lolcor-delta vaccine today…

No. 1141495

I can't believe there's seriously people still being in denial over the obvious vaxx marketing bullshit. I guess the only response really is to cover your ears then.

No. 1141498

And vaccinated antivaxxers, doctor antivaxxers, etc etc. Wild days lmao

No. 1141501

i finally got accepted into university and while i am happy and in shock still, i do feel a little sad sometimes because i wish i could go back to when i was 20 and show myself that i didn’t need to bend over backwards for people to be happy.

i don’t really know how to express what i feel. i have been through so much and my life changed dramatically in less than a year when i finally cut off toxic family members, prioritized my needs, started working on myself, even started praying again. and even though i feel joy at being free, i also feel regret that me at 20-25 was stuck in this toxic cycle of being used and abused by people. it’s shocking looking back at all the mofos in my life who came along and just wrecked havoc for no reason, all the jackasses who spun fairytales in my face and yet nothing came of it. maybe this is hard to understand if you’ve never experienced it, but god does it make me angry. i was so vulnerable back then, grieving from a lot of personal loss, dealing with an eating disorder and depression, dropping out of high school and then going back to get my associate’s. people literally took advantage of me and made my mental health even worse and knew it as well. i remember family members would talk shit to my face, the few “friends” who would latch onto me would start trying to control me and use me because of my family’s wealth, hell i even had a few professors in college tell me i was worthless and should drop out even though i was getting good grades and had gotten two academic awards. i honestly don’t know how i survived. i am turning 27 in may and i just pray to god that i can enjoy the rest of my 20’s and make the most of this time i have on this earth. the world really changed for me when i stopped looking for validation in others, and sometimes i think the universe was trying to wake me up to that. i have no idea why i would let people hurt me, i was literally like a dog going back to my own vomit. i had zero self esteem and zero self love and thought i deserved less than and was often told this, too. i gave away so much of my own self for literal crumbs, and i hate that i let that happen.

i am just glad it’s over, but fuck man if i don’t wish i could have back those years i wasted being miserable, controlled, and used. i know not everyone is like this, but there are way too many people in this world who will take advantage of others when they’re struggling and it’s honestly disgusting. i’ve seen some real dark aspects of human nature in my time, and i am not going to lie when i say i really don’t like humans because of it. people can really be disgusting, cruel monsters and think it’s ok because you “deserved it”. it really does feel somedays like i walked through hell and back, but at least i survived. thank god!

No. 1141503

File: 1650470122061.gif (913.84 KB, 220x164, awoooga-awooga.gif)

That's you? Hot damn, nonnie! AWOOGA!

No. 1141504

Or maybe some people just get annoyed at how covid posters derail and infight when there is an entire containment thread for that.

No. 1141508

Then mods will ban you for necroing a thread kek

No. 1141512

That's only a rule in the cow boards and afaik it's fine if you're bumping to post something new.

No. 1141526

Every single time someone's bumped the coof thread in the past month it gets buried instantly

No. 1141527

So basically
>I don't waaaaannaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1141529

So just post more?

No. 1141544

necro isn't a thing in /ot/

No. 1141547

The only men that ask if I'm single are fatherly figures or younger men who I won't consider to date. Older men always tell me to just go to bars alone, but no. They say I need to get acquainted with the bar staff but that seems sad to me. I'm nearly 32 is it my time to be a bar regular constantly on the prowl. Fs.

No. 1141562

It's emotional incest anon

No. 1141590

my friend has been thinking about getting top surgery for about a year and now it seems like she's going through with it. i'm really worried, i don't think this is the best choice for her and i think she's being enabled by therapists and by all of our friends, including me, because i know if i say anything thats not 100% approving and enthusiastic i'll be fucking cancelled by everyone i know and lose all my friends. i don't know how this shit has spiralled out of control so quickly.

No. 1141596

Join social hobby groups and befriend more colleagues. If anything, I think 32 is too old to be wary of younger men?

No. 1141597

Thinking about going full separatist. Fuck men.

No. 1141606

File: 1650475468036.jpeg (193.36 KB, 1075x840, 271A21D7-3B2E-4F68-ABC2-795A86…)

>Rent increase per year: 10%
>Food, gas, etc increase per year: 5+%
>Pay increase per year for first 1-3 years: 6%
>Pay increase per year after working 4-6 years: 3%
>Pay increase per year after working 7-10 years: 1.5%
>When you’re hired you’re not paid enough to afford a 1-bedroom apartment

This is idiot math right here. No wonder my workplace is strewn with the ghosts of people who pay their dues and then bug out as soon as possible.

No. 1141607

I hate this weird relationship with my mom. I hugged my mom today, she pushed me away and said she felt uncomfortable with 'all my junk' touching her, she always did this whenever my boobs accidentally touched her while we hugged or something, so I'd learnt to hug without my boobs touching her but since I had been away, I kind of forgot about this. Like, what is the big deal? I don't even think about/notice it when I hug people. All while we literally have been sleeping besides each other and she cuddles up to me at night. I don't know what's her problem. I don't know what's my problem. I feel like I am overthinking all of this so bad and my brain will explode. I just feel dirty.

No. 1141613

I'm feeling kind of bitter. I found out a friend who blocked me because I called her out for being an asshole made up with her best friend who completely agreed with me and then cut her off too. So now they are friends again and I'm still blocked despite her being completely misunderstanding of me. I called her out yes, but I also wanted to fully talk it out with her and forgive her for hurting not just me but for the others as well. We had so many common interests and I loved talking to her. Shit sucks I guess. I'll get over it but it still stings.

No. 1141616

I hope my voice doesn't carry when I talk I think I've damaged my hearing over the years by using music to drown out everything. I vented at work about work and idk sometimes some of the people seem like cunts

No. 1141625

None of this sounds normal nonny, maybe I'm the weird one but just reading this made me uncomfortable

No. 1141645

i work in a job where i regularly see people's passports and travel documents. today a mom sent me her daughter's new passport so we could update her information. i checked the profile using the client number and only found a son, so i asked her and she sent me this long ass navelgazing essay about her pornsick coomer son discovering his true self. of course he also chose some disgusting name that sounds very little girl like. i wish i could have said something to my coworkers since we love talking about dumb clients but i can't just out myself as a terf.

No. 1141695

File: 1650482337837.png (171.11 KB, 637x309, hurts just a little bit.PNG)

So demoralized by the culture of dating. I have done all the bullshit of having male friends, putting myself out there, joining groups, talking to friends of friends. None of it leads to dating or romantic prospects. The amount of men that aren't taken and actually looking for a date is shrinking. Even when there are plenty of real life options available, men always hunt for pussy on tinder or go for drunk girls. I haven't used online dating and probably never will again because I realized I have nothing to gain from it, while men gain everything: easy sex, no commitment, discretion, convenience. I don't want to market myself online like a cattle. People look over a brief description (if that) and a few pictures to decide whether they want to interact or not. Or, more likely, if they want to fuck you or not. I know people do this unconsciously IRL too, people can seize you up and have initial attraction, but it makes dating so shallow to reduce all points of contact to just initial attraction.

The only time in my life I had a friend turn into something more was the best relationship I ever had, even though it was short lived and ended horribly. I miss the feeling of being friends with someone and have it turn into something over time, slowly, not rushing to get in each other's pants. I long for the type of romance that starts with subtlety. An accidental brushing of hands. Suddenly becoming flustered at the thought of hanging out alone. Finally getting the nerve to hold their hand.

No. 1141697

When I found out the definition of pickme I felt kind of embarrassed because most of my interests and hobbies are male-dominated ones. Even ones with a lot of crossover like art, I can't get into the female sjw social club outside of real niche ideas like terfdom. But I'm not pursuing these things because I want moid attention or anything, I don't even have male friends anymore. But I hate that I can't help but think other women are boring as shit sometimes. Maybe I'm just a contrarian bitch or something.

No. 1141699

Hook up/porn culture has kind of made it harder for women to have real relationships. Most men are waiting to become rich so they can get an instathot and they have plenty of women willing to have no strings attached sex until they find their dream girl or get so old they have to settle

No. 1141702

I'm glad someone understands, i literally would make the exact decisions she made. I'm not that BPD anymore, but old me would 100% do everything she chose. It's not even a serious film, but I cried out of empathy in the third one because I feel like it's so evil, I'd fuck up exactly in the way she does. I feel like my relationship to my boyfriend is/was similar to how she views Kramer and it's amazing because I really am free from so much of my BPD behavior now because of my boyfriend. He forgave me so many times for my behavior and he never stopped believing in me. I'd probably still be a crazy alcoholic if it weren't for him. I've even gotten to the point where I don't depend on him as much anymore. But just imagining all the things Amanda felt really triggers me because fuck, I'd absolutely rather kill someone that feel second to someone else or betrayed (emphasis on feel, not that it necessarily is reality).

No. 1141705

Shitting on your period has to be top 5 worst human experiences

No. 1141713

Sometimes I feel like I shit more than I bleed, and I'm a heavy bleeder.

No. 1141723

>roommate who is one of my few irl friends keeps making jokes about me being not having friends
this shouldnt bother me as much as it does but i attempted suicide in college over how alienated i felt and still struggle with those feelings. when the lease ends im moving into the woods and giving up on human interaction

No. 1141725

Mine are huge as fuck this is one of my worst nightmares

No. 1141726

What the fuck, that's so mean. I had a friend who would do similar things, at least they apologized afterwards and then stopped doing it as much. I hope you won't have to deal with anything like that again

No. 1141730

I have a cut right in the corner of my mouth that refuses to heal and its making me crazy

No. 1141737

File: 1650486028641.jpg (16.8 KB, 400x400, d00b8a9c26ff4eb78d88ac1557e809…)

>tfw my retarded parasocial crush is never going to love me.
I'm so uninterested in men I know irl, they're all shit. It sucks knowing I'll never find anyone that perfectly matches the idealized version I made up in my head of this particular internet moid. I think I damaged my brain by thinking about him too much and lost the ability to feel attraction to real people.

No. 1141738

File: 1650486047698.png (871.46 KB, 699x641, imsosad.PNG)

where do i begin fucking christ. so a couple weeks ago my professor was not answering emails for DAYS it had been multiple days without a response to anyone in our class. I was not the only one who was being ignored. She usually responded quickly so I thought something was wrong. I emailed the head of her department and I CC'd her in it so she would know. The head of the department emailed me back within 30 minuets and within minutes of his reply SHE EMAILED ME BACK. but she was incredibly aggressive and rude. She refused to answer my question about our homework and told me to think harder. She then started emailing everyone else back in the class and refused to answer their questions as well. I know this because we have a class group chat and people were sharing screenshots. I emailed her and apologized and she told me to not go to her head of department again and since then she has been cordial over email.
So fast forward to today, I am a newbie in my school's research lab. I was talking to the other people in it and that professor got brought up. I told my story about what happened and how I felt horrible for bothering her because I didn't know what else to do at the moment. And this girl in my class said "Ohhh I was wondering if that was you, I was with that professor when that happened and she…" and this girl trailed off and I was like yeah I assume she was annoyed. This girl was then telling me how she was very annoyed and complaining about me specifically and shit talking me (she did not tell me what she said though so thats good).
I know I am overreacting but now I want to drop out of my research lab because of this. This girl has heard my professor extensively shit talk me and complain about me. I also will have to interact with this professor at some point in the future due to the work my research lab requires and I am dreading it because she very clearly does not like me due to this.
I am also so upset that she would shit talk me so extensively that this random girl KNOWS MY NAME because of this. I honestly do not know what to do. I am just upset

No. 1141741


No. 1141744

File: 1650486565034.png (51.51 KB, 275x240, 1608353136309.png)

Do you even understand that looks don't only impact how much scrotes want to fuck/validate you right? People don't give a fuck about you (yes even family/friends), nitpick over every mistake, your sexuality treated as a joke/threat, people have much less patience, passed over even if you have the skills, bc people are brainrotted from staring at pretty women in media since day 1.

No. 1141748

Could it be angular cheilitis?

No. 1141752

Men will fuck anything. I think people don't want to believe this, but it's true. People have to interact with uglies all the time. Many people, contrary to popular belief, actually do have a separation between Instagram and reality and they don't expect people irl to look like they do on IG. It's a fantasy. If you are hot, it's not the same as if a perfect, curated photo of you exists on Instagram. It's different.

No. 1141753

File: 1650486902870.jpg (35.57 KB, 415x624, cat339.jpg)

fuck her anon, the whole department probably hates her though, people like that always have a reputation, so don't worry too much about it and lay low until she finds another victim
>I know I am overreacting but now I want to drop out of my research lab because of this
Please don't ! Now that would be the real mistake ! Good luck nonnie, the fact that you went ahead and tried to find a solution when everyone in your class was just waiting is a great quality and it's a shame that it got you in trouble

No. 1141754

File: 1650487012888.jpg (42.2 KB, 540x540, aaaaa.jpg)

I love light pink, baby blue, and white…but fuck if it isn't hard to not hate them now. I hate how I made a character with these colors long before the troonening and now I know if I share her anywhere she'll just get labeled as trans. Why can't I like pastel colors without some faggot coming out of the woodwork to transwash everything?

No. 1141755

Nta, honestly going outside could cure so much of our neuroses. But it's true that ugly people (especially women) are treated worse, I've observed it and I'm pretty sure there are studies that support this. However, it's not like they are automatically societal outcasts but it definitely makes life harder.

No. 1141759

Are you the same obtuse retard from the plastic surgery thread?

No. 1141762

HR told me today that I was taking a lot of bathroom breaks and that I should "stick close to break time". She claims, "People were concerned and told your supervisor." And asked me if I needed to see the nurse at our workplace or get medical help. I'm so fucking livid. Is it a fucking crime to drink a lot of water and not have a gullbladder so everything goes right through me? Like how the fuck can they even comment about my bathroom usage.

Then after I tell my coworkers about this insane shit HR is telling me, someone tells me my supervisor was asking them if I had a UTI. How the fuck is that even appropriate? THEN someone tells me it was the fucking guy I've been working with who narced on me and he was saying he didn't like doing my part of the work the fucking 2 to 3 minutes I go to the bathroom. I fucking use the bathroom faster than anyone else I just use it more often, some of these dudes take daily 30 minute bathroom breaks and leave others to do their work yet I'm getting in trouble? This fucking little 19 year old can't handle doing a tiny bit more work and instead of asking me about my bathroom situation he fucking brings HR in. I've worked here almost 4 years and nobody has cared or cares at all about my bathroom usage because I'm fast and do my work. Should I just not drink water while I stand on my fucking feet for 10 hours doing manual work? Should I piss my pants? Get fucked.

No. 1141763

I know it's hard to belive but some women are ugly enough that it automatically puts people off, and no matter the social skills or charm will make up for it. Things like cross eyes, severe asymmetry, small tier deformities like that can't be overcome. This isn't bpd bitch sperging, even when I put effort into my looks and have social graces ppl treat me like shit.
I never said anything about wanting mens attention or to fuck but go off.

No. 1141769

I'm constantly inspired by everything and I fucking hate it. There's no chance I'll ever have the skill or motivation to actually realize any of it, so what is even the purpose?

No. 1141772

Yeah, she likes to assume every women who gets surgery is a man-obssesed pickme, let's see if she dares to unleash her retardation here too

No. 1141774

>I know it's hard to belive but some women are ugly enough that it automatically puts people off, and no matter the social skills or charm will make up for it. Things like cross eyes, severe asymmetry, small tier deformities like that can't be overcome. This isn't bpd bitch sperging, even when I put effort into my looks and have social graces ppl treat me like shit.
I know nonny I hope it's clear that's what I was acknowledging. I really feel for you I hope that there are still enough people who are kind. No one deserves that and it kinda makes me hate humanity. Maybe it can function as a way to single out who is least shallow and therefore the best people to be friends with

No. 1141778

If they have proof you would somehow magically work better whilst ruining your bladder and holding it in, absolutely getting utis whilst doing so, they should show it or shut the fuck up. What the fuck, that's so messed up nona, it's almost like women have to go to the bathroom more as it is but if you wanna feel better and stay hydrated at that, that's wrong apparently too. Fuming for you, I truly am, fucking clown world.

No. 1141780

I have a friend group I'm kind of involved in after literal years of not talking to anyone, but I'm too scared of rejection to really be active in it. I'm just talking when spoken to and in that case conversations go over well enough and those people are all really fun to hang out with. But there's only one person who's actively trying to get me involved, the rest is neutral and just doesn't mind me being there.
They have all known each other for years and are very close, sometimes I sit with one half of the group and it feels like regular conversation, but then someone else appears and suddenly I'm shut out because they talk about things I don't know anything about. They make plans together in the group chat and I only join in when someone explicitly asks me if I would want to. I know I'm being a burden and a weirdo and that it seems like I don't want to be around them, but I'm too scared that they'll get annoyed with me and will start to talk behind my back and avoid me.
One time they wanted to go see a movie together, I was asked and said yes. Later when ordering tickets it was one too little and I just assumed they forgot about me and only asked to be polite but didn't care about me enough to remember. I thought that if I say anything it'll be awkward because they actually didn't want me there and if I say it now I'm forcing my way in. In the end it was resolved because someone recounted, but that single message with the wrong number already made me spiral.
I don't know why that one person has seemingly taken an interest in me, I thought it was a prank first but it's been a few weeks and we joke a lot and I like spending time with her. I'm being unfair to her kindness and efforts by never initiating, but when I see her having fun with her friends I feel so useless. I'm okay to be around for a while, but her other friends are much closer to her and she doesn't need me for anything, so there should be no room for me. I know everyone worries about not fitting in, but I can't remember a single time in my life where I had someone who wanted to be around me more than with others. Even in my middle school years when I was louder and would go out of my way to approach people and make friends. I feel stupid for writing so much about my non-issues, but I have no one to talk to and I feel so painfully lonely. There's something off about me and everyone can tell and stays away. I don't think I'll ever find someone I can connect to

No. 1141789

I checked just now and it doesn't look like it, but thank you anon!

No. 1141792

You don't need some special skill, nonnie, motivation is all that you need. The trick is to start small. If you've been inspired to draw, start with just a mark on the page, a simple doodle. And don't let skill stop you. Anyone can develop a skill, at their own pace, and every experience including "failures" are extremely valuable. Create for the sake of creating, not to please some hypothetical critic in your mind. I think you can do it. I can do it, and I'm a fucking loser!

No. 1141799

If you don’t have a gall bladder you have a medical need to pee more. Could your doctor write you a note? I think legally it might fall under disability protection and you require proper accommodation.

No. 1141800

Also in burgerland it’s illegal for management to ask what you’re sick with. Asking if you have a UTI is a violation of that and is 100% illegal here. That’s fucked up nonni. I’m very sorry.

No. 1141810

I was gonna say, when I had a prolonged bladder thing, I was able to just hand my supervisor a doctor's note because I would just pee maybe once an hour for like 30 seconds, no big deal but would've been weird if I was healthy. Anon literally cannot help it, hope her snitch gets split ends and brittle nails.

No. 1141813

That's so fucked anon. Keep drinking and pissing as much as you want in work, honestly would be hilarious if you bought one of those 1 gallon water containers that encourage you to drink water and look your coworker dead in the eye when he catches you taking a sip.

No. 1141814

don't let them win. this shit is a fad and will be seen as cult even if it never fully goes away

No. 1141828

I really don’t wanna do shit career wise and I sure as hell don’t wanna work a minimum wage soul sucking job. Sometimes I literally consider being a stripper. I’m thinking about making YouTube a career but idk I’m shy and uncharismatic, maaaaan

No. 1141831

For sure, I'm just saying the average person isn't attractive so it's not as big a deal as many anons on here make it out to be. I agree it does affect how people treat you to an extent, but it's not the end all be all.
No, I didn't even comment on that thread. I'm not even saying being ugly doesn't affect life at all, I'm just saying that most people aren't attractive and most people do not expect everyone to look like an IG model.
I was going off of this part:
>Do you even understand that looks don't only impact how much scrotes want to fuck/validate you right?
I disagree with this to an extent and I voiced my opinion. I wasn't saying anything about you personally.

No. 1141832

Ily but go outside anon that's where things happen and lifelong skills are made

No. 1141834

It's very likely to be cheilitis, an opportunistic infection caused by the Candida that lives in all of our skins. Use a topical antifungal by day and a repairing cream at night.

No. 1141835

Samefag, how about a career in the trades or, like, an electrician? Things that pay you to train and you can start as a beginner and feel safe that you will have a job for a long time with your qualifications (no need to go to college or get a fancy degree to make good money and do relatively easy work)

No. 1141838

NTA, but isn't trade extremely uncommon for women? Even moreso than STEM jobs. Not saying that's a reason to avoid it but it can be a concern

No. 1141839

Nta but have any nonas been trained as electricians? I'm considering it and would like some inside scoop.

No. 1141844

File: 1650491764358.jpeg (55.96 KB, 749x651, C1D1C30D-86F9-4817-9FCE-F0A0A0…)

my libfem ex best friend and i started talking again this year. it’s been nice but she recently recommended me a lip filler doctor via text message and idk what to do now. i love the way i look but my lips are on the smaller side, not paper cut thin and they’re not an insecurity of mine, but they’re not very plump either and that’s what’s in right now for women. i don’t think she meant it in a catty, backhanded way. i do know her pretty well (we met in school seven years ago) and she has aspergers. maybe i’m wrong but i remember reading somewhere that autistic people are more indirect and aren’t really prone to being passive aggressive, i could probably phrase that better but yeah. she said they’re only $580…ONLY! no thanks! when i texted back i didn’t respond at all to the lip filler thing, but i’m afraid our friendship won’t work out bc i discovered radical feminism while we weren’t friends and i’m terrified burning the bridge by saying the wrong thing, which is the primary reason i don’t have other friends. should i speak bluntly and hope that whoever i’m talking to agrees and wants to be friends? or am i better off keeping my mouth shut to avoid starting any drama, even though i know it’s manipulative behavior? idk anymore. a little worried that i’ll be forever friendless.

No. 1141847

Anon, what the fuck? Did they check levels of anything? Namely like magnesium, calcium and potassium levels? Tetany isn't normal.

No. 1141855

Ayrt, it is uncommon but not as much as you'd think, at least in Europe. I wasn't thinking about this when I posted that, but my mother is an engineer and started out on large construction sites, most of my jobs have been scrote heavy too. It's alright, you face worse sexism as a front of house server if I'm honest

No. 1141857

ive been seeing this guy casually and it's been nice to see a guy who seems stable even if just for fun cos my exes have been so terrible to interact with but my friend just found his profile on tinder and it's him, verified, but like 8 years younger on the age lol

i sent him the screenshots and he showed me his current tinder with his correct age and i told him straight up i obviously dont care if he's on tinder but it'd be weird if he had another account to net younger girls. it doesnt seem like something he'd care enough to do at all but maybe i let my guard down on men and should just ghost him

he said he has no idea how or why and to report it but now i'm like did i somehow find another fucked up dude lol. idk if something like that is possible but it's confusing me i just wanted some safe side dick.

No. 1141858

Samefag everyone just take that last ending remark a general statement not a rule, I vote anon does any job where she doesn't have to serve and please men directly (with a smile!) Fuck that

No. 1141861

>Option one: It's his second profile for younger girls, this is likely. Ew.
>Option two: It's someone using his account with a different age, like a catfish, I know a scrote that does this using his friends photos. This isn't a pass for him, just a consideration in case you were going to flip your shit on him.

Nonnies vote now! Winner announced after the weather at 9

No. 1141864

On the thousands of occasions I have ever vaguely wondered whether a scrote is lying or not, they have never once not been lying. In fact it's usually been worse than I assumed. Option one all the way.

No. 1141867

No.1 is a classic tactic for undesirable males

No. 1141876

File: 1650495538670.png (89.27 KB, 480x360, raw.png)

after years of being an autistic neet I finally got a real job and now I not only physically struggle to be around people but also talk to them because I feel like we have nothing in common? They tell each other some anecdotes from their lives, which I don't have, I only have traumas. They talk about friends, family, partners etc. which I also don't have. They talk about cars and traffic regulations and renting apartments which I don't know anything about. But the worst thing is, even when I can finally say something, like someone brings something I have some knowledge about, I seem to just not be able to recall certain informations I would be able to remember if I was alone? I feel so fucking stupid. I watched so many documentaries on various topics, movies, I read books and publications, but I'm just not able to talk about it irl besides a few words? Like today we were talking about simulation theory, genesis of life and what's considered life and I brougut up the fact that certain scientists consider crystals to be life forms but I wasn't able to elaborate on it except a few words, even though I just read about it. I hate it so much. I just feel so overwhelmed when someone talks to me, my brain is like bombarded by hundreds of different stimuli and thoughts and it just doesn't work right. When I was 16-19 I was able to truly info dump people, having discussions with my teachers I could just talk non stop and remember everything I read perfectly and counter their arguments etc. Then I've been a neet for years, I'm even too ashamed to admit for how many, and during that time the only person I've spoken to was my mom, and after she left there was no one. And now I'm fucking stupid and unable to speak in complex sentences. I also have problems with memory. I'm pretty sure I lost some IQ points. I can't even train with my coworkers since it's so hard to find a topic we can talk about and even when it happens I get this void in my head

No. 1141877

I guess there's no way that it was an old account that he either lost the password to or forgot about? I don't know how Tinder works.

No. 1141881

>scientists consider crystals to be life forms
Pls elaborate

No. 1141893

File: 1650497920102.jpg (150.58 KB, 1080x1066, tumblr_9c989af68230eec629e93ad…)

Trust me, autistic women can 100% be passive aggressive/catty just like anyone else. she still probably didn't mean it in a cruel way, but whatever her intentions please don't let it affect your view of yourself. It can be hard keeping up friendships with people who disagree with you strongly but don't know it yet, I feel like that's something everyone with less common views has to decide for themselves at some point. You deserve companionship for your mental wellbeing, but it might not be helping you much if you feel like you can't be yourself. Maybe keep things good with her but avoid getting in too deep, so you can be friendly with people like her but have closer friendships with people you can be more genuine with? Not every person in your life needs to know all of your opinions. Over time if she gets to know you again and really likes you as a person maybe you can reveal more of your true feelings and she will stick around. I think in general it makes more sense to talk about more controversial opinions (doesn't have to be extreme but anything where there could be disagreement) once you are past casual friendship. anyway I hope it all works out for you!
t. neet who isn't extremely social, take this all with a grain of salt

No. 1141902

If you’ve shared this insecurity with her, then it makes sense for an autistic person to do what she did. If you didn’t, then it’s strange and you need to tell her you’re uninterested and she needs to stop being retarded. She also might be just projecting insecurities regarding body image issues onto you; after all, how did she know where to do that doc’s link, unless she was looking for something similar herself? And how did she find such a “deal”? Neurotic insecure behavior like this is deeply mimetic and it spreads like contagion, and even if you steel yourself against it there is a big chance that you will eventually internalize some of it the same way you inevitably catch flees through exposure. Telling her that you find this behavior retarded is imperative for your well-being, your energy, and your social battery.

No. 1141906

Depending on where you work, a lot of niche topics that go into heavy detail are going to likely go right over their heads anyway.

No. 1141909

File: 1650500161216.jpg (34.47 KB, 432x432, 033.jpg)

>any space that manages to expand their perspective of the world
Also kiwifarms is filled with moids.

No. 1141911

Samefag, I’m >>1141902, and:
> should i speak bluntly and hope that whoever i’m talking to agrees and wants to be friends? or am i better off keeping my mouth shut to avoid starting any drama, even though i know it’s manipulative behavior? idk anymore. a little worried that i’ll be forever friendless.
I think you should speak up. I went through a friendless phase where I parroted cyber-schizophrenic gender-and-woke-speak because I wanted to keep friends. It’s not…”conformist”, or retarded, or “feminine” (like some retards might argue), or fake, it’s just real life: self-censure is extremely important for social cohesion. In fact I’d argue that a healthy amount of atomization is necessary in a society where you can speak your mind. However, while it’s well and sane to this with surface-level friends and coworkers, I think you should be honest with your friend especially if she outright asks your opinion. The point is that no matter how retarded your opinion is, is she’s really your friend, she’ll know you have her back and won’t take it personally. The connection will run deeper than retarded arguments. I was in the same place as you for a while: I live in a very homophobic place, and I’ve had a female friend ask me what I think of pronouns. I told her it’s stupid and schizophrenic and imported from the US. It’s incoherent against our material reality and inherently incompatible within our social and political context, since it was quite stripped it from its native context.l and propped awkwardly in another one. It’s a LARP, and it depends on external validation and constant affirming feedback, as all LARPS do. She listened, waited, and then asked me to refer to her using he/him. I immediately agreed. Your friendship should transcend opinions. Especially if you want people to stick around, then you have to pretend not to see and not to hear a lot of stuff. People of militant natures won’t be able to ignore so easily, and so relationships won’t be easy for them. I think it’s also important to remember that friendships are more fragile than family ties because lack of blood tie; you can choose not to see that person again because they’re a libfem, but your BLM or whatever sister is a lot harder to cut off, especially when you grew up together and your able to see past the retardation. The weakness of the base upon which people tend to build friendships on don’t aid in seeing past the retardation.

No. 1141915

i'm an autist and my line of thinking is, she's so happy with how her lips look now and thinks she got a great deal/doctor she just wants to share it with a friend. esp if you ever talked about lip fillers, lips or cosmetic procedures before.

No. 1141917

File: 1650501052658.jpg (803.34 KB, 1607x1684, FQzOqPtXIAgFNMW.jpg)

i wish there was an active imageboard for women that was just as diverse (for better or for worse) as 4chan is. i do understand that there are many splinters (choachan, fujochan, crystal.cafe, etc.) but i just want one large centralized place with a ton of women discussing everything from modern politics to obscure rpg maker games to even weird coomer shit. this will never ever happen though, probably because most women are socialized into using facebook or twitter or whatever.

No. 1141919

seriosuly, just…libfems and terfs and lescels all on one large anonymous platform. if only i could hit a button and make this reality

No. 1141920

nta but isn't it bothersome having to lie all the time? how do you not snap or get upset? especially if someone has fucked up opinions

No. 1141921

thank you so much for being supportive. I had a good cry about it and after reading this I feel a lot better. I love you so much

No. 1141922

the reason it won’t happen is because within a day itd be raided by moids or filled with larping trannies and scrotes

No. 1141924

That’d be nice but realistically a website that big will attract so much more unwanted attention from undesirable sorts. If you think it’s bad now when moids raid us. Moderation and self-regulated culture only works when site is small.

No. 1141926

File: 1650502208712.jpeg (24.87 KB, 386x361, 6A1057C6-57C4-4E40-A582-69555C…)

we can make it possible, nonnas… we just have to keep quiet and make sure our site doesnt get noticed by scrotes

No. 1141928

this isn't anything anyone wants to hear but i'd almost be okay with this so long as it didn't turn into handmaiden/incel central. you (generally, outside of /tttt/) don't get banned for saying "trannies should kill themselves" on 4chan; fem4chan would be the same way.
also: no moids crying about how no woman will fuck them.

No. 1141937

I still think moids would pose a huge problem for the site. Normally spaces that are largely dominated me women tend to have a "cosy" feel as the moids would put it. Even if the anons here are wierdos sometimes, overall, lolcow is nowhere near as abrasive and angry as 4chan is. Moids do not understand how their innate line of thought or manner of communication is the reason why their spaces are so toxic. All they will do is infect the site with the same bullshit.

I personally think for the site to work a hard stance on banning anyone who shows moid behaviours or straight up admits to being a moid should be banned.

No. 1141939

I don’t lie all the time. I keep to myself while around people I don’t know well, which is around 80 percent of people. Friends I am honest with. They can take it or leave it, but at the end of the day they know the stuff that makes our friendship (hopefully). It’s more like….apathy? I’m uninterested in joining fruitless discussions. Especially with strangers, where there isn’t anything to bet on. Sometimes it’s fun to join because it can be really energizing, but if it’s not fun for me then I just don’t care.

No. 1141940

I had to do a one-on-one zoom with a moid and he would not stop talking over me the entire time. Normally I only work with other women so I forgot how annoying men are

No. 1141941

Yeah I agree with you anon, but there’s nothing stopping them from continuously ban evading and coming back to shit up the site, the days where a website like that could’ve been possible are long gone, I wish we could use that AI the woman used to let only biological women into her app but for image boards.

No. 1141944

Its so sad that my mom is like 55 and still crying about men not wanting her and being dusty dirt balls who only want sex. You would have thought by now she would have figured this out lol

No. 1141956

I know it's a common thing for abused siblings to stay either very close or never get close because of the whole survival being the main thing, not bonding. I am just so angry whenever I try to express some form of attempt at wanting to see my sister, I love her kids and they love me but it's just fucking painful to try be around my sister. We both clearly remind each other of shit times and we do not know each other at all, not even as kids, the only thing we share is trauma and different shit coping skills. My mom made a joke today about me acting like a kitten who is scared and angry at everyone, then eats from a hand only to start hissing again, like is that funny to her? That I am so messed up in the head that I feel like I'm incapable of any form of closeness besides a few friends who know not to push me too much or not to mention when I'm being affectionate because I do be getting self conscious over it and wanna run away. Goddamn families, anons, they are a mess.

No. 1141959

>I personally think for the site to work a hard stance on banning anyone who shows moid behaviours
This would backfire so, so fast

No. 1141961

this vaccine has truly brought out the narcissism in insecure people, that's why

No. 1141962

File: 1650506458241.jpg (10.22 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

A long while ago I came here to vent about how when I was 12 my mum made me pretend to be adopted (complete with lessons on how I should look sad when I talk about my fictional dead parents) for three weeks when we were meeting her "friend" for the first time, supposedly because she thought this friend would hurt me if she knew I was my mum's bio kid.

I finally confronted her about it properly and it's weird. I don't feel like I have any closure. All her answers sound like bullshit and I don't know if it's because I've tried for years to find a reason, so now I'm too stubborn to accept the reality, or she's lying to me.

Either way, I'm realising that she, a married woman in her 40s, used her own child to help her gaslight a 26 year old for three weeks, minimum. I have no idea if she was lying to her before she introduced me and even though she's my mum and I love her and I want to see the best in her, I can't ethically justify what she did. It was fucked up. It was really, really fucked up to do that to me and that friend and I've spent nearly 15 years telling myself it wasn't and I feel like I'm getting mindfucked. My dad was an outright abusive shitheel and I coped because at least I still had a good mother. Do I still have that? Are either of my parents good people? Did either of them actually love me?

No. 1141964

I am so sorry but what on earth could ever be a sensible reason for a lie like that? How fucked up

No. 1141965

My mum is the same age but totally represses all emotions with alcohol to the point she pisses herself regularly and even shits herself on occasion and drink drives like everyday and steals alcohol from supermarkets.
I'm like bitch you're almost 60 are you ever gonna get a grip

No. 1141969

sorry girls but he is just straight fug.

No. 1141970

yes, 3 in response to continually mutating strains is the same as 79. cut the drama.

No. 1141971

Not to be a bitch but why are you hosting a 420 hangout if we can't smoke in your house? Actually I will be a bitch this is retarded.

No. 1141975

I want to personally smash every boomer's tv with a baseball bat. Get a fucking hobby

No. 1141980

lmao, your friend is weird as hell. why can't you smoke at a 420 celebration? is she worried about her landlord or just being a puritan?

No. 1141981

When him being arrested AGAIN in Hawaii happened, this one dumb bitch on twt kept trying to correct his pronouns and normal people were like wtf he threw a chair at a woman.

No. 1141983

Never been ashamed of my race but sometimes I really hate being a kid to immigrants.
I’m overall very grateful I grew up a lot better compared to a bunch of first gens I grew up with but it wears on you, especially as a woman and especially when your parents and family are traditional.

No. 1141989

That's the thing, I don't know what she could say to justify it. After that event I genuinely thought lying like that was normal and used to lash out at the very few people I told about it who tried to make me see how fucked up it was because I thought they were making my mother look bad.

Deep down I think I know there's no reason that's going to be good enough, I just desperately want there to be so I can keep thinking my mother is a good person. (sorry to sperg ramble on your reply, anon friend, i hope you have a lovely day)

No. 1141991

I'm at a hangout in the basement of some guy's parent's house. I didn't know we were even coming here, I was told there was going to be a really cool 420 hangout and we show up at this ugly motherfucker's house where we aren't allowed to smoke weed. This hangout is 4/6 men and another one is coming so you just know it's fucking miserable. Should I ask my friend to drive me home or just peace in an uber since he let me down so badly. I'm mad kek.

No. 1141993

File: 1650509017782.gif (1003.32 KB, 404x347, 1649625773826.gif)

Samefag I could be working on a paper right now UGH

No. 1141994

peace out in an uber, just say fuck it and leave, don't demand him to drive you home, it's already going to be awkward and annoying

No. 1142004

I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable nonna, I just don't know how to navigate this. I can't confront her about this and if I tell someone about it they'll say it's just a minor thing let it go but it's so many of these instances of.. I don't know, and if I detail them I will look crazy for obsessing over it so much. I really just want to make sense of everything, I feel like I really am the weird person here

No. 1142008

my mom has somehow convinced herself that I’m manipulating my high schooler sister (i’m in college) which is so funny cause like . My sister and i are very distant and rarely ever talk about shit.

No. 1142015

This does sound irrational on your mom's part, no one healthy really thinks about that when giving a platonic hug. You're not overthinking, she probably has some kind of mental roadblock. Are there any other signs that she's uncomfortable around other women?

No. 1142021

Totally normal anon, you don’t hate your race, you hate your situation probably. Think of it that way

No. 1142026

File: 1650512500005.png (22.75 KB, 600x600, 881.png)

how do you know when a scrote likes you? i don't care too much about him and we're just friends, we go to different unis but sometimes hang out because they're near. lately he only texts me about how other girls flatter him and i don't know what does he means by that. what the fuck im supposed to say or react, because i won't get jealous for shit. he's like an autistic fuckboy and i can only understand severely autistic men

No. 1142027

started building confidence for myself the last year and just looked at a candid video of myself and my face is so fucked up. eyes are uneven from surgery i got when i was younger, nose is fucking wide and flat from side, and teeth are all crooked and crowded.
booking orthodontist and plastic surgery consultations tomorrow.

No. 1142029

same situation here nonnie. I live my parents but the way they see things do not match my vision and it will cause major problems soon. My dad already started the I want grandkids bullshit (i don’t want to have kids like ever) and even if I do get married it won’t be someone the same ethnicity as me lol sexist ass culture no thanks

No. 1142030

If a man is talking to you at all it's probably because he likes you or at least wants sex.

No. 1142031

My 20+ year old sisters are fighting again because one of them slept with the other's boyfriend. This has happened before. Wtf is wrong with them?

No. 1142035

No, she is just uncomfortable with me, she's not like this with my sister. Or well, I don't think she is uncomfortable with me, if she was she wouldn't be kissing me so often, even on my neck, hands or my back sometimes to the point I feel uncomfortable with it. So her getting weirded by the feel of my chest is even odd, I feel like but she has always disliked my breasts and she's told me so too many times. Maybe I did something wrong?

No. 1142041

I don't hate my race, I just hate my parents culture. They are too lazy to properly enforce anything, but I'm appalled at how many of their life altering choices like getting married and having children was more out of following expectations. I asked my dad why he had children once and he was literally speechless. My mother straight up said it's because you are supposed. Every other day she is mad that we are not perfect brainless pets that obey her every command and i can see how they resent the fact that we are people who can make our own choices.

My parents literally had a life plan created for me and honestly, because I was very naive I went along with it a little bit but I literally ruined my life listening to any advice they have to give. My life has improved significantly by lying to them and doing what ever I want. I hope my mum seethes because her delusion of me getting married and being a normie will never come true. Instead I will be a cat mother in princess dresses.

No. 1142053

Haven't felt like this for a long time. I feel like everyone hates me. I feel like everyone thinks I'm weird. I'm sick of taking care of shit

No. 1142054

you will never be japanese, i dont believe any of the shit lies you tell me to try to appeal to me, you are far too old and ugly and untalented to be a JPOP SUGOI KAWAII AIDORU, all of your interests are surface level and never go further than an aesthetic, i will never date you, i will never love you, you are not a based 4chan incel but a girl, you are a mentally ill adult woman who cant seem to move on from being a retarded 15 year old, you are nothing like me and stop sending me your lewds because i dont want them and it's gross. and no. you dont look like a 9 year old. you look like a grown woman squeezed into clothes meant for a little girl.

No. 1142055

Yeesh sounds like that girl has baggage

No. 1142064

It’s annoying when newfags are taken aback by words like sperg, fag, tranny, etc. and will try to infight with other anons
“chill with the twansphobia uwu” or “that’s albeistt!”
It’s annoying and these retards need to integrate or just ignore it. People are going to talk different and have no filter on an anonymous forum, get over it. I’ve seen a few threads getting derailed because some newfag gets triggered. Most anons don’t even talk this way irl so they shouldn’t get so worked up about it. And why care so much and yell at anons for not liking troons? That’s stupid.
I just want to laugh at the cows without someone that wandered in from Twitter telling me and other anons to “not be mean or transphobic” (looking at you alt thread).

No. 1142068

yes i know but i feel like he's testing me for something and i barely know him. other moids aren't that complicated and make their intentions clear by simping, they don't talk about other women and how much they flatter them.
anyways im going to ignore it because i find him cute (for a scrote) and feel like i need sex

No. 1142074

Based and true. Some of those types are lurking this place and chimp out when this shit is called out, but it must be said

No. 1142076

He is not that complicated girl, he's probably trying to tell you how he's so popular with the ladies or whatever lame shit dudes do. Good luck though

No. 1142077

Stop saying lewds, please…. that word gives me the heebies.

No. 1142082

I can’t do this 1.5L water a day thing I just CANT KEEP PAUSING TO GO PEE THIS OFTEN

No. 1142085

I hate when first worlders use the term "treat like human beinggs" for petty things. The last time I read it, the person was saying "You guys don't treat fat people like humans" in some long rant about fatphobia. How are you not being treated like a human? Because other people in your social circle say that being fat is unhealthy? Stop this shit.
People are being enslaved, abused, falsely imprisoned and trafficked right now. They're the ones who aren't being treated like humans. What you mean to say is "I'm not being treated nicely". Say that, because that's what's actually going on. You're just like the freaks who go on about how everything is "literally killing trans women". I hate hyperbolic woke speak. It's not just overdramatic, it's outright self-centered and manipulative

No. 1142087

File: 1650518903126.jpeg (289.83 KB, 1214x1214, CC61A5D0-3B72-4049-86F5-D429CF…)

why the fuck do beautiful women do this to themselves

No. 1142088

I thought Bella Thorne got more work done and died her hair wtf

No. 1142089

Tell him man whores are gross and women like virgins to get him riled up kek

No. 1142109

I'm ok with this. Makes the rest of us average women look slightly better in comparison.

No. 1142118

File: 1650524515504.jpeg (7.57 KB, 194x259, images (5).jpeg)

Lately I've been looking… Different. When I look into the mirror, I feel like I look really aged. I don't really have wrinkles or any particular sign of aging I could pinpoint. Maybe my cheeks are sunken? How the hell do I combat that? I drink a lot of water, don't eat that badly. Is it just the stress?
I'm in my late twenties, few months ago I looked still younger than my actual age but I feel like over a week or two I changed into a middle aged lady.
Or maybe I'm dysphoric or something. I'm actually ashamed to meed my friends because they usually hype my looks up and I just look so old now. I am afraid to meet tinder dates because I feel like the photos taken just a few months ago look different.

No. 1142135

I haven't saw my nephew in nearly two years and I wish his parents weren't so estranged so our side could get to see him. I was just looking at photos from the last time he stayed with us and he is such a cute well mannered little boy. I took some really cute ones and took him out to a dinosaur museum and a farm and he reminds me of my brother and I when we were growing up. I want to know what has interests are these days. Miss him

No. 1142137

It sounds like you're just tired and that lack of energy is coming across, especially where you can't pinpoint any specific problem.
Definitely look at your routine and think of ways you could get more and more comfortable sleep, and maybe try and eat more high fat and high protein food to get a bit of an energy boost.

No. 1142138

The withdrawing from people part is definitely an innapropriate reaction whether you look any different or not. I'd focus on that issue.
Maybe you're stressed and need a break.

No. 1142153

My moms dead so I don't like looking back on negatives but my god it's like she went out of her way at times to try and instill physical insecurities in me. Looking back she was a depressed housewife. She was overweight, had health problems and my dad would make fat jokes about her at the dinner table. I sympathise. Her life wasn't what you would want your life to amount to.. especially if you were going to then also die relatively young from cancer. I wish she had done more with her limited years. I wish she would've had a better life and better husband.

Still it fucks me up that while dealing with her own depleted confidence.. she nitpicked my appearance at times and tried to instill this interest in looks in me at an early age. She didn't even represent that life herself so why? I didn't have an interest. Why push it? To this day I'm low effort and kind of butch leaning. In a way I almost wonder if my rejection of certain female standards was push back against pressure that was applied to me too young. I could've gone in the other direction and nitpicked myself endlessly though.. that's what bothers me about the way she spoke to me.

No. 1142157

We're similar, anon but I went the other way and got plastic surgery because I was tired of her picking up the flaw. The surgery heals and she tells me it still doesn't look good and that she's "scared I'll get another surgery" even though it was her who pushed me to get the first one and then told me the result was so bad I should consider once more. She passed away shortly after but I wish she had died before she made me get the surgery.

No. 1142160

i hate men. i'm tired of being made uncomfortable. i want them to leave me alone.

No. 1142162

That is so fucked up…

No. 1142167

Blood flows out of my vagina leaving me thirsty thirsty thirsty
Need ever more water this shit's unquenchable

No. 1142169

huh, i experience the same. why do our periods make us so fucking thirsty? i have a light flow so it's not literally that all this water is coming out of my vagina, it's like you say, unquenchable regardless

No. 1142172

Personally I have a heavy flow, my period lasts just 2 days and I lose a lot of blood at once so I need to replenish the liquids lost. If I don't I'll get lightheaded and dizzy.

No. 1142178

Few days ago I got an email from a sex store I bought from before. If you spend a certain amount and enter in a code you get a free bullet… alright then. I made sure to enter the code and see that it was accepted. My order just showed up and there's no freebie. I don't own a vibe, the toy I bought doesn't vibrate and I had put myself in the mood for vibes because I was already anticipating it happening sometime today. I feel teased lol

No. 1142181

Well you feel wrong. You should feel tricked.

No. 1142185

You're right. I let my feelings affect my judgement. I'll delete my strongly worded draft email titled 'clit teasing bastards'

No. 1142206

Yesterday I felt so many negative emotions and just cried for hours and I really wanted to vent to someone and let it out somehow, but there isn't anyone like that in my life. Today I feel like that was a silly and stupid thought, I feel okay now and having shared that stuff would have made it impossible to talk to that person normally again. I don't think my feelings could really matter to anyone if I'm so easily over it anyway. My "friend" group doesn't outright leave me out of things, but I don't know how to involve myself or get closer to anyone. I feel out of place often when I'm anywhere around them and then I feel stupid for thinking that way when I'm the one not making an effort. I wish it could be easier

No. 1142224

File: 1650543848976.gif (539.25 KB, 434x248, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I finally found a psychiatrist that is listening to me and trying to find the problem and suggest treatments
The light at the end of the tunnel is discernible

No. 1142225

Went to a friend’s house to share a joint and got so high I felt really nauseous, so she had to drive me home and I puked my guts out as soon as I got back. Anyway, I am very embarrassed that happened but I have to see her in class today… every time I smoke I never have a good time, so maybe weed just isn’t for me or something.

No. 1142227

>It's not just overdramatic, it's outright self-centered and manipulative
Yep, absolutely. The whole point for them is to browbeat people into accepting their ideology. All those stupid posts and infographics are pure manipulation.

No. 1142229

File: 1650544951239.gif (2.67 MB, 438x251, murderdeathdying.gif)

It feels like a ritual at this point to sit in my car for a couple of minutes to mentally prepare myself/think about quitting my job before the start of my shift. I hate working so much, me going on vacation for my birthday to see some friends out of state only made me hate working more as it got closer to ending.

I hope my personal projects work out in the end so I can fuck off from here and do what I'm actually passionate about.

No. 1142232

Aw, I'm happy for you nonna! Wishing you the best of luck!

No. 1142240

I'm feeling weird I feel exhausted but not sleepy and my heart is beating fast because I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a boyfriend who would dress up as my husbando for me and take me and also I should have sent an email long ago and I didn't and I'm dreading it so bad and I know it has to be done better sooner than later but I keep pushing it away to later. I want to sleep with a man so bad but I want to be in a committed relationship with him first but I seriously don't think two people can ever truly understand each other and that scares me

No. 1142246

For years now I've had these day long episodes where I'll get hit with sudden fatigue that's unexplained and my muscles will ache all over. It hits me quick and takes the rest of the day to lift. The first handful of times this happened I was fully convinced I was coming down with the flu. The aches felt just like that. This was pre-covid and then during covid I would test here and there because it's hard to tell what the hell is up with me.

Fast forward years into this, I'm having an episode of it right now and at no point have I ever mentioned this to a doc before because I don't want to end up a munchie or someone who talks about their invisible illness and chronic fatigue all the time. I've known someone who made that her whole personality and it's dumb but I want to ride this out in denial as long as I can. I refuse to end up like that even if I'm being honest about what I'm experiencing.

No. 1142254

Girl I get not wanting to be a munchie but please get checked for lupus and MS. This shit ain't normal.
Whether an illness becomes your identity and personality is up to you. It's not mandatory to idpol it up, some people keep cancer offline, not sure why you're letting this hold you back.

No. 1142258

I am full of grief today. I wish I could step back, cry, and do something comforting. But I have to work. I have to repress all my tears and all my rage and be productive today, tomorrow, the next day, so on and so forth. I am so sorry. Did I do something wrong? Was I a bad person? I don't know why I'm apologizing. But I'm so sorry. Today, I surrender.

No. 1142260

Take a mental health day nonnie, work can suck it

No. 1142273

Hang in there nonny. There will come a time when you can rest.

No. 1142278

>invite guest into house
>sees computers
>wow anon you've got custom self built computers, you're husband must be so talented!

Fuck off with this "only men can do computers" shit. I built them myself because my husband can't even install a RAM stick.

No. 1142307

File: 1650553050273.png (33.62 KB, 157x256, img.png)

Why am I such a negative person? Why does negativity follow me constantly? When do I get to be satisfied? I want to be happy and content with where I am in life. I want so much. I just wait and wait and wait and hope things improve, but they never do. I wish I knew what my problem was so I could fix it.

No. 1142310

I waited too long, because I was afraid of being seen as a munchie too after being dismissed by my GP and now they will have to cut out several parts of my intestines. I would get pain attacks which would cause me to fall to the floor suddenly, unexplained weightloss, throwing up lots of bile and it was dismissed as 'anxiety'. I believed my GP or at least didn't push it as to not be labeled a hypochondriac or a munchie, now I'm sort of fucked. I don't even have any social media and I avoid talking to people, because I feel like my mere existence is an annoyance or burden.

No. 1142318

Rewiring yourself to become less negative is a lot easier said than done, but not impossible. I highly recommend reading "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck" by Mark Mason. There are other books that give the same points but I just happened to read this book and it really helped me rewire my thinking process, and I still catch myself using a lot of things I read in this book on a regular basis.

> When do I get to be satisfied? I want to be happy and content with where I am in life. I want so much. I just wait and wait and wait and hope things improve, but they never do.

One big point in this book that really hit me is that Mason says to not strive for happiness, because you will never reach it. You will always move the goalpost for what makes you happy. Something that is much easier to start with is to figure out what bullshit you're willing to deal with and live with and make your life at least tolerable. You will have a much easier time deciding what bullshit you are willing to deal with in life than what makes you happy. Be that cutting people out of your life, changing jobs, etc. Of course these things aren't easier either, but they are a step forward.

You have more power than you think to change your life and shape it to what you want it to be. I hope you'll get there one day nona.

No. 1142321

Nyart, but why aren't you allowed to be a burden when you're sick? I couldn't think of a better excuse or time. Practically people like looking after other people so they can emotionally fellate themselves and don't like other people to suffer while you need some support to not be emotionally sufferring: thus no need to interrupt the symbiotic relationship. My friend similarly got their colon surgically removed after an accident and I had to stop everything  to look after them. I never thought that it was annoying or desired to go back and minmax my life because my selfish cripple friend to encripple themselves

No. 1142332

File: 1650556018430.jpeg (152.58 KB, 436x490, 06F5894F-9245-40DD-9306-B56268…)

i’m still in love with my ex-bf and fantasize about having sex with him almost every day. does it ever get any better nonnas

No. 1142334

Why do anons even bother responding to moid bait

No. 1142341

Reminder to everyone that it is best to ignore and report bait posts.

No. 1142342

It really does get better. I was feeling exactly like you are now until very recently. I wish I could give you advice on how to speed up the process, but it really just felt like I woke up one day and truly realised that we would never be together again. It's over, and that means I can start moving towards the future I want. Remember why it didn't work out, and think about what you want instead of that. It'll be ok.

No. 1142346

File: 1650557153144.jpg (45.09 KB, 635x583, FB_IMG_1631137569786.jpg)

I'm fucking tired of feeling like I'm being prioritized last. My boyfriend wanted to watch Top Boy and I've never seen it before so I said hey we can watch it together that would be nice - nope, he wants to smoke and watch it on his own and said something about he's already started. Ok kek.
I go up to the spare room to give him a candle for the room and he was playing a game talking to someone, I said hey where do you want me to put this? He visibly saw me speaking and waiting for an answer and didn't fucking say anything before lifting up his headset and being like "I'm busy right now babe I cant pause the game" no one is asking you to pause the game you fucking retard, is it so hard for you to just speak to me and not act like I don't exist as soon as you come home from work? I seriously feel like I'm a last resort except I'm not even being considered at all. He will get me food and that's pretty much it. I get painful cramps on the first day of my period and tbh I don't think its unreasonable of me to expect to be pampered a bit on that ONE day, he will go and get me a snack but whenever I ask him for some physical touch like scratching or rubbing my back he just doesn't fucking do it, or does it lazily for 2 minutes. It's like he feeds me like I'm his prized pig and then expects me to just be happy with that. I honestly wish I could move out, there hasn't been any real connection for months but I can't even fucking live on my own because of how expensive it is and I have no home or parents to go back to. I am literally stuck, I'm considering opening a savings account now. I feel so fucking ignored.

No. 1142352

Accidentally spill water on his game systems. Bonus points if you do it in front of him so it really looks accidental. Ruin the system in a way that looks like nothing happened, like sliding pins into any open part of it or dumping the vacuum bag into the fan. I don't have any good, helpful advice but I want to see his stupid game ruined for being such an ass to you, kek

No. 1142353

You deserve so much better than that anon. Your bf should be bending over backwards for you instead of acting like you two are in a middle school relationship. If he can't give you what you need, then he isn't needed, drop his ass. I say this in a way that isn't to brag, but rather to give you some hope, my husband does whatever the fuck I say when I say it and that's what you deserve to have too.

No. 1142354

Samefag your picrel is killing me kek

No. 1142358

I added a nonny from the friend finder thread on lolcow a week ago or so. Shes very suicidal and im worried she killed herself. Nonny if youre reading this please do not harm yourself. Im always there for you and im worried about you. Please dont leave

No. 1142366

>like rubbing my back he just doesn't fucking do it, or does it lazily for 2 minutes. It's like he feeds me like I'm his prized pig and then expects me to just be happy with that. I honestly wish I could move out, there hasn't been any real connection for months but I can't even fucking live on my own because of how expensive it is and I have no home or parents to go back to.
I was in this position like 5 years ago. Asking for affection would get an eye roll from him or he'd suddenly need to pay attention to a phone game. When men start acting like cuddling or affection are a burden that's the end imo. Never again will I beg for small acts of affection from a man I'm regularly giving sex to. It's beyond insulting to look back on. I saved up in secret and got out probably 2 years later than ideal but I did it. In the process of doing that we had fights because of money seeming short.. he got so petty it only cemented my plan to get the fuck out at the first chance.

Hope you find a way soon. Not everyone has family to fall back on so when you're in that situation it really does feel like being trapped by circumstance.

No. 1142367

Maybe better in the reddit hate thread but it happens IRL too and I just need to hold my tongue or i'll be labelled a no good low down misandrist.

There was some reddit post on how ukranian women are talking about being raped by Russian soldiers and every comment was some riff of "why do PEOPLE do these terrible things in war?" That the Commanding officer must know what the SOLDIERS are doing, they're so, like they're sooooooo careful I can SEE it in the way they type that they won't say men, they won't say men commit atrocious sexual violence when there's no consequence. They'll say "PEOPLE can go to really dark places when there are no rules". No no no NO no, did women imprison those women/girls as young as 14 in a basement and continuously rape them? Was it women who got 9 of them pregnant?

Nah because you can't say that the vast majority of men are subhuman who are barely held within the constraints of civilised society, that would be so sexist of me! It's not like this hasn't been seen time and time again during warfare.

For that particular post I want to make an account just to comment "men*" under each and every post like that, not that it'd do any good.

No. 1142373

Anon I fucking hate your boyfriend based on this. If I were in your position I'd mentally break up with him and just treat him like a roommate while I save up to move tbh

No. 1142374

You’ve made me want to look into making a bot to comment *men for us. Hmmmm…

No. 1142378

Fuck him. Whether you stay or not. Who gives a shit about him? Stop talking to him. Stop doing shit for him. Get you some heating patches from the pharmacy if you can for your period. Chamomile and mugwort for cramps if Advil isn’t your thing. Hot showers and lots of blankets and hot tea can help release feel good chemicals like a hug. Take a walk, stretch, read a book and fuck him. Who the fuck is he to you? Sounds like a npc on some retard later quest. So treat like one. He can clean up his act and put effort in and talk to you or he can cease to exist. Because would you want to stay with him if he stays like this? And does he make you happy? Doesn’t sound like it. You’re not a dog to feed once or twice a day. Fuck that Npc. He’s more useless than a spouse in fable 2. At least they compliment you.

No. 1142380

>funny nerdy coworker who likes some of my very niche interests
>also whines about potter woman evil, wears a binder (it looks very obvious) and has asexy and enby pride stickers on her phone

i hate it.

No. 1142383

I already avoided interacting with people prior to all of this. I would have to start new relationships to interrupt them. Even when I'm not ill I feel like a burden. I only interact with family, coworkers, feminist activists and people at the gym (before I got ill), besides my one friend who I talk to everyday but doesn't live in the same country as I do. She already visited me recently to bring me a care package though, which was very sweet. I want to give her one asap too. I don't want to be an attention-seeker or someone who inserts themselves into people their lives. My past is so dramatic it could be a soap opera, so I feel like I'd be a cow if I would let people know of my existence. I'm a very stubborn, spergy and opiniated person, I don't get along easily with others.

No. 1142384

Peak her slowly. Idk how, I don't know how to do most things.

No. 1142385

File: 1650559431040.jpg (7.62 MB, 3508x2109, Adolf_Hirémy-Hirschl_-_Die_See…)

I guess I'm your twin nonna. I always gravitate towards melancholic and sad stuff and I easily slip into self-hate and hopelessness. I also seek out sad materials in music and movies, but the funny thing is, I haven't noticed it until people started pointing it out. For instance, I set picrel as my desktop wallpaper recently because I loved the colors and when my friend was at my place and noticed it she immediately went 'That looks super depressing' and I realized I didn't even notice it…? Like yeah, it's about death but it somehow didn't register in me as a depressing thing. Same with music, someone noted how I always seem to listen to sad music.

I think the problem is not necessarily that we tend to be negative but that we passively wait for others to cheer us up. I think it's a skill called either self-soothing or emotional self-regulation. Were you raised by helicopter parents by any chance? I have a theory that overinvolved parents who don't let their kids overcome obstacles by themselves create kids like us (I was raised by a single mother with narcissistic tendencies)

No. 1142386

Every time I get up to casually look out the windows, I always make eye contact with someone who just happens to be looking up into my third-storey window. This time I looked out and made direct eye contact with my brother as he was leaving in a car and I feel so creepy, kek. Like to him, it probably looked so weird. Usually it's just someone walking their dog or something. I think because when I stand in this window, it blocks a decent amount of light onto the street making people look up to see what changed, and I always feel so weird for it. But bitch, that's my window. That's my visual connection to the outside world

No. 1142387

Nona consider distancing yourself or breaking up. Being the last priority in a realtionship will definitely wear you down over time and you don't deserve that.

No. 1142388

I'm so damn horny all the time… or not even horny just thinking about sex 24/7, i'm such a coomer. Worst part is i hate my body and i dont think i would even want to have sex irl unless i was someone different…

No. 1142389

I totally get you anon, I'm also a pervert who is thinking about sex all the time and I feel so disgusting for having the same libido as a man. But there's nothing wrong with us, that's just how we are. I'm sure your body is gorgeous and any person would be lucky to be in bed with you!

No. 1142390

I remember watching a news clip on YouTube a while back. A 20something year old woman performed oral on a kid of only 15. It was being legally pursued but whatever word they refer to as isn't rape seeing as it's an oral act.. my god men were losing their minds because they wanted to hear the words 'this woman is a rapist' so fucking bad.

They cling to gender any time they find a rare female abuser and concentrate on it hard, try to use the harshest language they can possibly stretch it to trying to level our the playing field..Good luck with that. Then with male rapists… they remove their gender and say vague shit like 'gosh what kind of a person would do that'

No. 1142392

Yeah. I had the revelation 5 years ago when I went to a modern museum with an exhibition centered around war. There was a lot of art centred around violence done to women and weaker men, lot of interviews of the horrors. I realised that all of this is men's doing, I realised just how evil to the core men can be. I remember I said something much milder to my then-bf, something like 'how can men commit these atrocities? I can't comprehend it' and I remember he called me sexist in a fight we had that day.
But I think it actually was the thing that woke me up and made me sexist, or just planted the seeds of actual misandry. I don't hate all men but I doubt all men now.

No. 1142393

i (gently) told her that idgaf that jkr is supposedly evil but she could never reply because then our boss burst in with some news. i feel like you can't peak binder wearing tra women very easily.

No. 1142395

File: 1650560209222.jpeg (387.8 KB, 828x825, FA696314-4187-43B9-9F62-AAD552…)

No. 1142396

It would also by definition not be rape. It would be sexual assault. Only men can be rapists and they can die mad about it or cut off their filthy penis.

No. 1142397

That was on FDS and it reminded me of your post anon

No. 1142398

I used to be like you, then out of nowhere my libido disappeared. I haven't masturbated for like 8 months and I never feel horny anymore.

No. 1142406

I really want to kms.I feel so gross and uncomfortable all the time.

No. 1142409

Got like, a ton of eye floaters suddenly. The last time this happened I wasted time on two eye exams at two different places, including a specialist, and they just called me old. It's super noticeable, though. Sucks that I know 100% they will just tell me the same thing again so either I will worry and not go or worry, go, and get told I'm old

No. 1142410

Men are the only ones who rape. Men are the only ones who hurt in war. Men get hurt in war, but the ones creating such atrocities and violence are men. This is insane to even think that somehow saying people will mess the statistics. Fuck, i hate men so much.

No. 1142413

File: 1650561374388.jpg (40.41 KB, 500x500, 1624980282396.jpg)

Every birthday my mom tells me how happy she was to finally have a girl but I know that's subconscious code for her being happy she finally got a helping hand to help pick up after my older brothers. Her intentions are nice but it hurts. I wish she actually showed me how happy she was about my existence. And the original fact doesn't matter anymore since my sister was born and became the treasured youngest. I was literally born to catch Ls.

No. 1142428

I'm very much an adult but being told to "calm down" when my voice was warbling because I'm in a serious rough patch sent me into a full crying meltdown fml I feel pathetic

No. 1142433

Fuck people who say "just calm down", totally lacking in empathy. You're not pathetic anon, you're a human being.

No. 1142442

Seconding and it’s always by dumbasses who think their anger or whatever isn’t an emotion.

No. 1142444

The reason they don't care about other men's pain and just think of it as a "score" against "the feminists" is pretty simple. Men are inherently more disposable, so a life of pointless violence and suffering is normal to them. I don't think most of them can even help it. Every cell in the male body anticipates being destroyed or eaten in some way. If they won't be the victim, their job is to either relentlessly protect whoever or whatever they've attached to, or victimize someone else to cement their place as "strong". When they fail at that, they're in a bad emotional spot. That kind of existence is completely alien to women, because we're actually not lying or virtue signalling when we decry violence. They can't fathom that, though, they just think of it as another unga bunga moid contest, except the fight is about numbers/news stories instead of who can hit each other over the head the hardest. I feel like most men have to actively be taught to be empathetic and caring, and while a few are successful cases, for a lot of them, the whole thing will just never really stick

No. 1142446

I wish i had money for therapy right now, i need help ASAP… i feel like i’ve been stuck for months now

No. 1142447

thank you nonny <3
ha, I never thought of it that way. To elaborate it was my mom who said it to me, and she has belittled me for having emotions going way back. Because of that I always associate my emotions with being a personal failing. I never had the perspective to realize her being short with me stems from her emotions kek. I love my mom and realize she isn't a perfect person but man has she warped my personality.

No. 1142449

If you live in a western country there is almost definitely an organization in a city nearby offering free or low cost therapy, you just need to dig a little. Since it's free, there will be a wait time, maybe a couple months, but better late than never. Waiting is better than wishing.

No. 1142455

I returned to college after dropping out once and once again I picked the wrong fucking degree. I'm trying my best but teaching quality is so poor in this new college I'm practically teaching myself this entire year and I'm paying directly out of my own pocket so this hurts even more. Would it look bad on paper (for future jobs) if I drop out after completing this year, work for a few years to save money, then re-enter college for a third motherfucking time for a new course? I'm 23 right now and its so humiliating that all my peers have graduated and my mom tells me about younger family friends being successful but I'm trying to not fall into a dark hole again.

No. 1142457

College is always "teaching yourself". I'm in med and most people don't even attend classes but study from the notes. I know a few people like you who kept changing majors and they never end up happy because their expectations are unrealistic.

No. 1142461

Very recently got broken up with and I feel so lonely. I have so many things I wish I could say about my ex, but I know I should let it go. I want to make some friends but I'm at an age where it's weird for me to hang out with people older or younger than me. I don't mind online friends, but the people I've met are super dry and don't want to talk after day one. Feeling really lost

No. 1142462

I’m sorry nonni. It’s sucks when it’s your mom. My mom sounds similar. Her irritation and anger are just as emotional. They’re just considered “good” logic and not emotions because anger is masculine and it makes it “non emotional and logical” while crying and being hurt is considered “weak and feminine”. I think there’s a lot of self hating women who have internalized that and push themselves to react the way your mom does so she’s not the weak link who gets targeted. Her parents probably did it to her, but emotions aren’t logical. You’re not a robot and yours are just as valid as anyone else’s. There isn’t an emotion that you need to feel guilty for and it’s how we process those emotions that define us. I’d rather hang out personally with someone who cries rather than lashes out when upset. I hope your day gets better.

No. 1142464

So are you saying my idea is pointless and looks bad to employers

No. 1142467

The scrotes in my hobby based group chat have been frothing at the mouth all day because of the Johnny Depp trial and going on how domestic abuse is bad and we should totally support victims guys but we can't forget about the poor men because male victims don't get believed blah blah blah.
So I asked them where was all this smoke for domestic violence victims when the rates of violence against women went up during the pandemic, did they not matter as much because they're women? And so far the chat has been silent for twenty minutes.
Cry harder moids.

No. 1142468

File: 1650565007003.gif (27.33 KB, 220x178, 75DA2233-E61F-493A-9806-8B1B4F…)

Thank you nonny I really took your words to heart. I am having a better day already.

No. 1142471

Why don't you just transfer instead? You'll push your graduation even further if you keep taking breaks.

No. 1142476

Since I'm teaching myself most of the content, there's 1 module that I'm not entirely confident I'll pass. I'm still studying but it's hard. At my college you don't get the credits if you fail even 1 module, so transferring will only become an option after I get my results at the end of summer. By that point the only institutions left will probably be ones with similar teaching quality as the one I'm in nows

No. 1142477

Based. Depp fantszied about doing worse and probably did stuff to amber, he's not a poor "uwu victim".

No. 1142480

I was in an abusive relationship myself (got out before the pandemic, thank fuck) and when there was audio clips going around of amber talking her crazy shit to him.. ngl it was all very same-ish and triggering to me being freshly out of something similar. She was the one who sounded like the ex I had to excape to a shelter over. BUT I was half the size of my man and had no fucking income to get away. No friends to confide to. What in the hell made depp feel stuck? He could leave any time she started her bpd sounding shit. He had security staff! Just walk out the door man, get a hotel, go to your other properties. He wasn't trapped like alot of regular old housewives and gfs are by circumstances. Then he went loony and started talking about chopping her up… I lost my last bit of empathy.

No. 1142483

Spare us the retarded evolutionary psychology pseudoscience please. This isn't a Jordan Peterson video's comment section. Men are overwhelmingly like that because of culture. There is a biological element when it comes to those at the extreme of the statistics of violent temper and low IQ, but these will always exist and make up a small number of the male population. It is overwhelmingly culture for 90% of them.

No. 1142484

>wtf made Johnny depp stay?
The fact that she was hot and young so he didn't care because she didn't really pose any danger. Your situation is different because you stayed cause you had to, you had nowhere to go and no one to confide to, he did because he wanted a young hot woman and didn't care if she was a bpd until she went full crazy on him.

No. 1142487

What was the post you replied to? It's gone.

No. 1142490

>victim blaming
How cruel and loathsome. Thinking that rich people don't get abused is so moronic I can not even.

No. 1142491

Something about men being hardwired to abuse or protect women by sacrificing their lives to protect us from abusers. The usual nonsense.

No. 1142498

He sat through the crazy rants and just thought about how good the make up sex would be after. All the while taping her rants to later use against her. Aboose

No. 1142533

it's not that he's rich it's a combination of everything, he has resources to leave and can easily restrain a woman who was much smaller than him. He's milking the abuse 100%

No. 1142534

Death to moids

No. 1142535

You are literally victim blaming, I can't help you if you are not seeing this. Someone being stronger than their abuser doesn't mean they can't be abused, I can't believe I am having this conversation.

No. 1142536

I just want to cry. Nothing is getting better. Nothing will ever get better. I want to go back and start over

No. 1142538

I just logged into an old storage account of mine I don't use anymore because I learned there was a breach some years ago, wanted to clean things up to be safe. I looked at the past sessions and for some reason there was one from 2 years ago from the area a past abusive narc ex lives. We dated like 7 years ago. He's one of those 4chan terminally online loser types and is unstable so I'm afraid that he saved stuff and is going to use it against me somehow. Wouldn't put it past him to still not be over things after 7 yeras. There was a shared folder we had but it seemed to imply that the device was connected to my main account. No memory of sharing my log in info with him but knowing my over-trusting and forgetful dumbass I might have.
It's too late now of course but I got rid of everything and changed all the info and deleted all the devices but I'm still fucking scared.

No. 1142542

I caught it and I think they were saying that men who have don't have enough of a challange in their life by having to protect the weak around them.. will turn to attacking the weak instead because it's hardwored in them. Something like that.

No. 1142543

Do you know where you are? go to literally every other social media outlet that has been coddling him like he's a retarded child who doesn't know how consequences work. Women always get victim blamed when they're abused but god forbid it ever happen to men

No. 1142544


thank you for the help nonnas - I'm going to open my personal savings account this weekend after I get paid. Not that I'm blaming myself for anything here, but I need to learn to seperate myself from this stuff too - I feel ignored and last in the list priority-wise, but you know what? That's not my fucking problem. He can be a roommate for all I care, it's no skin off my back. I still work, pay my share of the bills and I exercise regularly to keep me sane. I think I'm starting to come round and realise how honestly pathetic it is for me to expect so much from a man that clearly doesn't feel like giving anything in return unless he's having a rare "good" day where he treats me like more than a roommate.

He's not entirely void of affection or romance but it's just not even remotely at the level that I want in a man anymore and I'm tired of trying to signal for affection I should be getting by default. I don't want to feel like his cool girl housemate who just sleeps next to him every night, I'm just going to focus on myself and try and make things better for me financially no matter how long that may take.

No. 1142545

What a poor victim, threatening to burn her alive. He is a druggie nutjob and she is too. They are both asshole abusers, I don't see a victim there. You obviously really don't know what average addicts' relationships look like.

No. 1142551

He literally said he wanted to burn her alive and rape the corpse. She shit in their bed and bit him. Which one is abusive? Stop skimping for abusive men.

No. 1142552

Acting like a retarded scrote doesn't get back at scrote anon, it just makes you look like one.

No. 1142554

She literally cut off his finger

I didn't say he was a nice guy. I said he was abused, as he was.

No. 1142556

>hurting a man's finger means he can now want to burn and rape you
You're the one who sounds like a scrote. Go back to reddit or some other male website defending abusive men and blaming the gfs for men's actions. A mentally unstable woman hurting a man a little doesn't mean he can now think it's valid to want to burn her.

No. 1142564

She was also abused. Stop victim blaming her.

No. 1142570

You're not a dumbass for trusting him, but just keep in mind you've done all you can do and that's okay. Just for some reassurance, I doubt he will and if something were to happen, you wouldn't be in the wrong. It's more likely people will shit on him for being a weirdo honestly.

No. 1142572

Isn't it funny how before he claimed it was a drunken accident he did to himself and now a bizarre story about how a bottle of vodka being thrown at him somehow severed his finger? That makes no sense. You don't lose your finger from having bottles thrown at you unless your skin is made of literal paper

No. 1142573

thank you. it just hurts so much, and i know that i’ll probably get over him eventually, but damn, is it hard

No. 1142574

Anon thinks stinky depp will fuck her if she defends him hard enough, the woman doesn't matter because she probably jealous of amber heard.

No. 1142575

I have to stop going to the MTF or FTM boards, I can feel what little attraction I experienced to humans slipping away.

No. 1142583

A once trapped abuse victim who had to flee to a womens shelter asks herself why anyone with the oppurtunity to easily leave would stay instead.. Your repsonse is to call HER 'loathsome' while crying about a fucking man. Smarten up anon.

No. 1142601

File: 1650569880210.jpg (133.72 KB, 800x1128, __rosa_and_bettie_pokemon_and_…)

The amount of despair and stress I have been bottling up over the past 4 months (not to mention years) turned me into a shut-in that doesn't know how to talk about her feelings. Instead, I am coping with life by devoting myself to a fictional character (not picrelated). I feel terrible over how I cannot properly explain the way I feel to my partner, because I spent my whole childhood being a caretaker, nanny and a slave combined, which gave me a 'i cant feel sad right now nor can I complain, I need to take care of my little brothers instead' mechanism.
I miss drawing for fun, I miss doing things for fun. I am a streamer who does all of her work alone, spending sleepless nights drawing. I am so exhausted of everything. I wish I could hit a reset button on my negative feelings. I cant even get money off twitch or Paypal anymore. Worse than that is I haven't seen my family in so long and with politics I don't think I will see them for another year (it has been almost 4 years, I was scared of visiting them because of COVID, their health is terrible). Partner's parents and elderly like me yet his sister is still trying to turn people against me for no reason, she groomed their little sibling into that. Why cant things be normal

No. 1142615

My mother isn't a good person. She literally only cares about herself and will throw anyone under the bus as soon as she gets pissy over some minor discussion. I literally payed the bills and managed her shit (because she refused to do it out of laziness) but of course I'm her disappoimtment. Never gave a flying fuck about my problems and mental health or even just my life in general, to this day I can't talk to her about anything slightly serious because she WILL yell at me for something. She never taught me anything but felt good when she berated me for not being able to do anything. She would spit in my face if that gave her the (male) attention she craves so much. She doesn't give a shit about me but drools all over my father and older brother, I hate that she's so patient and docile with them even if they insult her and call her a whore, meanwhile I never dared to call her such things. I don't understand. I'm tired of pretending that her bpd/autistic/pickme behaviour didn't fuck with my mental health and ability to reach out to others. I'm tired of her screaming like an animal over everything. I'm so jealous of people who have a decent relationship with their mothers. Fuck.

No. 1142621

Thank you anon I really needed to hear that right now. My heart's been pounding for like an hour over this.

No. 1142630

I understand you nonnie, I hope you can separate yourself from her soon and live the life you deserve.
>I'm so jealous of people who have a decent relationship with their mothers
Fucking same. What you said about male validation or attention is so true, too. My mom didn't even defend my brother, her own son, when her boyfriend randomly yelled at him from across the street when he was literally just minding his own business - like straight up screaming at him for no reason. Her boyfriend isn't even allowed to see his own grandchildren so he's clearly fucked up but she still turns the other way because he gives her attention and she gets money and holidays. I hate mothers like this, they don't deserve to be mothers at all. I'm sorry yours is a nightmare too.

No. 1142650

Had my ovary taken out and it’s been months since i masturbated, so I thought to ask this male doctor who was filling in for my usual doctor about how it should be safe for me to masturbate and orgasm by now. Tell me why this ugly ass man told me “not all women can orgasm during sex”, just went on how not all women can orgasm. I told him I’ve never had that issue and never once did I mention having sex and he got fucking weird, I have no fucking idea wtf happened today but it annoyed me. Why the fuck did I have to listen 5 minutes about some straight sex bullshit, I’m a lesbian who just wants the all clear to have fun for fucks sake, apparently I can but was it that fucking hard to say?

No. 1142651

I went no contact with my mother for 3 years now and it made my life better. I know it's easy to blame yourself for going no-contact, but my grandma always tells me that ''sometimes it's better to love someone from a distance''. I still love my mother, but I will never allow anyone to treat me the way I was treated.

No. 1142654

>just went on how not all women can orgasm
My condolences to his wife.

No. 1142655

Male doctors love to hear themselves talk and info dump and talk over female patients, whether it's relevant or not. Sorry you had to deal with that and I hope youre recovering ok from surgery

No. 1142656

Because the ugly man has never made a woman orgasm and the topic makes him sperg to feel better, and you "ruined" it.

No. 1142657

My exact fucking thoughts, anon. When I told him I never said anything about having sex and so on, he got beet red and I am so grateful to have female doctors as my regular doctors.

No. 1142658

I hope you're doing better now. I'm a med student but I think male doctors are utterly useless for most stuff. They don't care about female patients nearly as much as they care about men and I've even heard them joke about doctors who raped pregnant patients. Please go to another doctor, preferably a woman, you trust so that you can make sure you're ok. Some female doctors can also be ignorant but never to the point of their male counterparts.

No. 1142662

I absolutely refuse to see a male doctor. Ever. I hope you see a female doctor because male doctors have worthless and invalid opinions, especially about sex.

No. 1142664

No. 1142668

Imagine studying female reproductive system for years and still somehow end up being a failure in bed. There's no hope for men.

No. 1142672

My usual dr was in emergency surgery and usually it would’ve been rescheduled but I was already there for other stuff as well so they figured he could do it but yes, never again. Maybe it was also because he was foreign and from a more conservative country but jesus christ male doctors are either stupid or autistic. I even have it on my charts that I would rather avoid male staff (there’s so little men in this hospital that it’s completely doable) but I just wanted to get it all done one visit. I’m completely fine though, I am gonna leave him an honest review though, he did not listen to me at all but thank god it was more of a almost final check up thing. It also kinda free form says that I am someone who doesn’t have sex with men, I don’t want kids, no need to mention about fertility and so on so it was just a waste of time for both us, goddamn five whole minutes.

No. 1142674

Reporting abuse that happened to me as a kid never went anywhere but it's nice to know that no one wants anything to do with him anymore and his family publically disowned him (on FB lol)

No. 1142675

male gynos are literally zero help. If you have something serious like pcos or endo they'll take like 5 minutes to diagnose you and throw you on birth control with no further testing or even talking about diet or lifestyle. It wasn't until I had a female doctor who explained to me different options other than just going on birth control and then loading yourself up with hormones when you do decide to get pregnant and ofc it's never you who decides if you're ready for kids it's them who needs to decide when you have kids

No. 1142679

Damn that largest nervous system in the human body really exists just to not work half the time? Dumbass
Men should be forced to carry around a plant for the oxygen they waste on a regular basis.

No. 1142681

Amen, I’ve only gone to male ones twice, both because they were covering for my female one. I have pretty bad endo, well fucking clearly, they took my stuff out and maybe gonna take some more stuff out but my female doctors, which are all of them besides anesthesiologists, are fucking angels. I always feel so bad for women who aren’t able to go to nice female gynecologists, that’s where we are at our most vulnerable in my opinion.

No. 1142690

People think I'm funny or amusing when I suffer.

No. 1142693

File: 1650573990585.jpg (17 KB, 400x400, faec328aed1938c7df313343ee44b8…)

I've been going through a streak of bad luck lately. I am always trying to convince myself that this will pass soon, and that by like next year I'll be closer to the life of my dreams that I am currently trying to work towards. But sometimes I just feel so hopeless. I know it's mostly copium. I should be glad that at least my life is better than like 80% of the global female population, but still sometimes I just feel so tired, angry, empty. I know I am not entitled to what I want, but this feeling of things never going my way is also so daunting.

No. 1142720

When a man t
Yells he should have his mouth clamped with a hot iron. I don't fucking pay taxes in a civilized society to listen to chimps screeching in private and public spaces.

No. 1142724

File: 1650577032871.png (406.23 KB, 730x761, fg.png)

No. 1142729

You realize my post is like…right here >>1142444, right? I reposted it to add more. Why would you lie, by the way? I never said they do any of that shit to "protect us from the abusers" or "protect the weak", they are the abusers and that's why they don't care. They "protect" whatever they've attached themselves to, to the point of abusing others to take resources. It's not noble or good, stop having knee-jerk reactions whenever your Nigel copes aren't fed into

No. 1142743

What a fucking attention whore. Of course he wasn't abused and claimed all his male BPD injuries were amber hurting him. It wouldn't surprise me if all of the "abuse" was her just reacting to his psycho tendencies

No. 1142746

>muh culture cope
Yeah, every fucking culture. Funny how that works, with men globally overrepresenting violent crime/abuse in every part of the world. Even in a "safe" country like Japan, men can't be in public transport with women because they sexually assault women in crowded spaces. Why the fuck would I listen to Jordan Peterson? Are you retarded?
If the "It's just their culture" argument had significant, large-scale merit, trannies 100% would just assimilate themselves into "female" culture, and those cases of bathroom assault, violent crime, inceloid "cotton ceiling" discourse and other scrote behaviors would be non-existent. But there's a chance you actually do believe that, so let me rest

No. 1142761

Nonnas I've finally realised how tired I am of being patronised and bullied by my family. For some reason today was the last straw, even though I'm an adult and have been treated like this my whole life. I've been having toothache (wisdom teeth) for a few days and its been really bothering me. I was in the kitchen making a drink and my mum asked to look at the gum to see if it was red, so I pulled back my lip to show her and she just poked it hard with her finger, and when I yelped out in pain she looked at my face and just burst out laughing at me. Suddenly I feel this crushing feeling as I'm standing standing in the middle of the room with my hand on my jaw and my whole family standing around me laughing at me with tears rolling down my face and I have no idea why I've let them treat me like this. I wish I was brave and could stand up for myself. I wish I wasn't the only girl in my family, because I know thats why they treat me this way. I wish my parents were kind to me like they're kind to my brothers. Nothing I do will make them see me how they see my brothers.

No. 1142764

yeah and fast but you gotta help yourself out. cut off all forms of contact etc.

No. 1142769

File: 1650581072687.png (794.24 KB, 912x1006, why.PNG)

I'm so fucking done with this world. This is what the troons on twitter are celebrating, a real woman being harassed over nothing.


No. 1142773

Really looking out for other marginalized women IE a woman of color huh?
Fuck troons, the idea that they have it the worst compared to actual vulnerable groups makes me sick, it’s just men making up their own problems as per usual.

No. 1142774

I finally worked up the courage to go back to therapy only to have my appointments changed last minute or booked without being told. Now I've straight up been ghosted. Cool.

No. 1142775

This post is so long, you don't have to read it because it's stupid high schooler tier whining but once I started I couldn't help but write it all down; I feel so bad that I never dared to show the guy I liked in high school that I liked him because I'm pretty sure he liked me too, he was sitting behind me one day and he said to his friend that I'm really adorable, as if I couldn't hear them, and when it was my birthday he asked me if he could hug me oh man that was nice, and when I said every day when I get home from school I can't help but take a nap for an hour and he said he does the same thing and we're soulmates, and when there was some kind of art contest on valentine's day he said I should draw him, and when we were at some diner the placemats had I love you written in various languages and he was sitting next to me and reading them out loud to me, and also when it was my birthday I got a helium filled balloon, he and one other guy (who I know liked me) were toying with the balloon tugging its string non stop and I couldn't help but feel like it was some ridicolous subconscious way to assert dominance over a part of me. And when we met once after high school he asked if I had met anyone. I miss him he was the only guy I ever liked. The only thing I didn't like was when an older girl came from germany on erasmus he kept commenting to me how pretty she was and how he couldn't stop staring at her, but I don't know if he really liked her or if he wanted to make me jealous because he was still doing the stuff I wrote above. I miss him, he was so charming and funny and he liked to talk about interesting stuff with me, and he had such long eyelashes and cute wavy hair, he was handsome whether it was very short or longer, and his laughter was so nice, who knows if I will ever meet someone I find so lovable ever again and I know if I met him now I would just be cold to him again because I can't help it.

No. 1142776

>men celebrating women being threatened and told to shut up
Not surprising. They will always center themselves, even when they claim to be women

No. 1142777

Of course troons would hate a beautiful, smart woman of color. Fucking pathetic, hope she has a good support system.

No. 1142779

This is so sweet anon, I had a pretty similar experience even down to the erasmus thing haha but what makes it better for me is to think how it might have been a disaster to date or try to. Now we both have these cinematic the one that kinda got away stories, hold onto that anon.

No. 1142788

Don't know if this is the right thread to post in…so sorry about that. Just wanted to get some things off my chest. I have honestly had a very difficult life (severely abusive family, chronic health issues). I had a plan to kill myself over the weekend. It was a surefire plan to die…spent hours going back and forth driving between two different (US) states just to do it. I settled for a place, and I was so terrified but had no other choice. As soon as I was about to do it, my friend texted me asking if I was okay because I hadn't talked to him for a few days. I told him I wasn't doing well and he called me and I broke down and told him everything. He convinced me to live. I don't know what I would do without him. The fact that he was there for me when no one else was means so much. One day I want to visit him…he is only a few hours away by car, but I never got to visit him due to abusive family and I'm trying to get away. Or maybe he can visit me. I don't know what is going to happen and I'm terrified for my future, or lack thereof. I am so terrified of every day. I hate waking up every day but I am trying and I'm so scared. I am scared that I will never escape from my abusive situation and that my family will ruin my life even more and sabotage me. This sounds so stupid but as I was driving around for hours yesterday I thought of this woman in this Discord server I'm in. She would post a lot about how she's homeless and disabled, her mother abandoned her, needed a feeding tube, ended up in jail for a night for being on the streets. Then her cousin days later came on to say that she took her own life. I know it doesn't seem real but this woman had posted a lot of her stories and a lot of details…so I don't know. But in those moments I thought of that woman and was just bawling while driving. I wish I could have helped her. I've always wanted to work in human services but I do not have a degree in it, and in America, it's expensive and I already have student loan debt. The fact that I live in a place without free healthcare, too, makes me want to die. I just don't know what to do or what is going to happen. I am glad my friend is around…but I'm still terrified. I'm in my late 20's and my life has been utterly wasted due to control and abuse from parents/family. I have a job but don't know how long that will last…and even then I live in a high cost of living area. Even then, my family still knows where I live and work. But I would rather end up homeless than ever go back to them. But they won't allow that, because it will make them look bad. It's all about making them look good and putting on a facade. I'm scared I will never get out. I'm contacting domestic abuse resources but I doubt they will help. I think I will have to leave the country at some point but don't know how except to study for a master's for a career I strongly dislike and then I will also accumulate even more debt. And even then, there is no guarantee I will get a job in the country. Or to teach ESL abroad. I am contracted to teach in Hong Kong in August but I don't even know if I should go. Every day is just pain and suffering and fear, with flashbacks of trauma and abuse constantly. And they're still here. They still text and call every day and know where I am. I don't know what to do. I talked to a therapist today who said she could work with me, but need to confirm that she even takes my insurance.

No. 1142791

You're right, thank you, I know men tend to turn out to be awful when you least expect it, and even if they don't, having a boyfriend is such a chore which I have no time for. Let's focus on that kek

No. 1142799

I'm trying to delete accounts I no longer use and it's been a fucking nightmare for some sites. Trying to delete my HBOMax and Hulu accounts because the shit never worked and they just won't do it. Because I'm a California resident they want me to go through another site and give them my fucking ID?? HELL NO! I just want my fucking accounts deleted cunts.

No. 1142802


No. 1142822

File: 1650587429871.jpeg (32.01 KB, 600x400, 1613676560391.jpeg)

It's annoying to have people around me telling me how brave I am for going through an illness and now something chronical ass well, how the fuck was it brave that I am so ashamed of being sick that I ghosted practically everyone. It's not brave to not want people to see you weak and sick, it's embarrassing. I wish there would have been support groups when this started but covid fucked stuff up, I was so tired and now I don't think I can ever let anyone see me weak like that, besides like, my mom. It sucks knowing no one can get in anymore, dramatic but true shit.

No. 1142823

>ass well
i made my own self laugh, nonnies

No. 1142827

File: 1650587897536.png (683.26 KB, 720x908, Screenshot_20220421-193545.png)

What the hell is going on with inflation? This is a fucked up rental in a small hillbilly town in Western united states, 3-6 hours away from any sort of major city. Are people actually paying these ridiculous prices or are these just overly enthusiastic landlords?

No. 1142829

it's not inflation, it's just landlords and homeowners taking advantage of the ridiculously "hot" housing market. it's not inflation though. the housing market hasn't gone up in line with inflation, it has gone up by like 18-20% per year.

No. 1142830

Babes, I am so happy you're still here with us, I know it must be so hard to still be here. I think you should go do the teaching gig, you'll get distance and meet new people, if not anything else, at least it's something new I presume? You should also contact those services you mentioned, don't let yourself talk out of things like that, your head is clearly not kind to you so it doesn't think you should do these things, like you don't deserve it or they wouldn't listen to you. Anon, I just wanna give you a hug, it won't solve your issues, trauma is a bitch, your family sounds deranged but you didn't deserve any of the bullshit, it's wrong that you still have to deal with the bullshit but you are strong as fuck, anon. I hope you get that therapy, you get away from sick family and you'll find peace in this life.

No. 1142831

Nonnie it may not be much, but I'm glad you're here. You will one day be free from your family, good things take time and even if it feels like it will never come, it always does. If you want to do human service work, hotlines are always looking for volunteers (at least in the uk), they might ask if you've had mental health problems, most times they don't take you on for your safety if so. I hope the domestic abuse people help you, they definitely should do so or at least look into it. I don't think you have to study for a certain job in another country just to live there, I'm not sure about the whole process but definitely look into it! Take up the Hong Kong offer, it may allow you to take a break from what you have going on and even if it's just for a little while you'll feel better. I hope you can get all the help you can, things can feel hopeless but they never are, I am sending you all my love and prayers may things get better for you.

No. 1142832

i'm about to graduate from college and have been stress eating and buying like fucking crazy. poor family so i've been on financial aid and haven't needed to work the entire time so i didn't. i have 0 experience and 0 references. it feels like i fucked myself.

No. 1142843

english men are socially stunted and emotionally constipated to a degree they can't possibly comprehend. all men are emotionally stunted and interpersonally retarded but it's soooo bad when compared to american or canadian men.

No. 1142846

I agree, English men are their own special form of autistic and have literally zero self awareness. They also have the absolute worst humor too. At least the young millennial and gen z ones. Don't even get me started on their main character syndrome, especially when it comes to their dating life

No. 1142852

Thank you anons. I truly appreciate the kind words. I may be too much of a coward to go to HK right now…but I am definitely thinking about it, and considering it, daily. Thank you both for the thoughts and prayers. Lolcow has its flaws, but it has helped me a lot over the years as a safe place to vent and to bond with other anons.

No. 1142853

thank you! they literally read as autistic in comparison to american or canadian men (granted, they're no prize either, but at least they emote on some normal level and communicate). it's fucking insane. they 100% act autistic and have 0 ability to communicate or emote. what the fuck is this. how do they not examine men from other cultures and see how weird they are? for fuck's sake, it's not like england doesn't have entertainment from america that they're bathed in, or other cultures that english men are exposed to, yet they don't see how bizarre they are? women need to stop fucking english men because this has to be why they think this is at all any way acceptable.

No. 1142856

Glad if it made you feel any better, even if it was just slightly. Really do consider hk, but only if you think you can handle it, but I think it would be a nice change of scenery. We're a of bitches here but I wouldn't want any anon here to be in pain, you'll be in my thoughts anon, be sure to eat and drink enough!

No. 1142858

File: 1650590754773.jpeg (657.67 KB, 1448x2048, EkNi787XkAAIY7G.jpeg)

I typed a big post but I sounded stupid and ungrateful so I deleted everything. I'm feeling like a terrible human being lately. It's disappointing to realize I'll never be the idealization I had for myself. I'm too lazy for that, I don't have what's needed to chase the things I want. Repeating the same shit and patterns everyday its easier. I really have set myself for a life of misery and regret. I have no hope in myself and I can't even just end it. Also I'm trying to quit alcohol so numbing myself with booze either. So I'm here completely sober hating my life and hating myself because I really should be grateful for everything and stop complaining like a little bitch. My life isn't even bad, it's just not what I wanted.

No. 1142882

File: 1650593149188.jpeg (75.21 KB, 720x721, 1575305016834.jpeg)

I'm feeling uncharacteristically salty over a much younger friend hitting a big life milestone that it'll be years before I touch. I'm taking comfort in the fact that unlike her, I've got my mental health.

No. 1142902

There are times where I regret not going into a creative profession that I would enjoy instead, like singing. I was pretty good at choral singing and got some awards for it. Without going into too much detail, I went into what is considered a public service job instead and got a degree pertaining to that, because I knew that it would be a "realistic" career. I thought, hobbies should stay hobbies. However, I have grown to hate my job and lost the passion for it.
I try not to be too hard on myself, because I'm literally in the middle of nowhere with no opportunities, and at the time I could not move anywhere else. And it's ridiculous to expect someone at 17 to make a decision on what they want to do for the rest of their life and quickly pick a major.
I just feel so stuck where I am at, career-wise and in life. I feel like I wasted time in college. I'm ranting, I just really hate the position I am at. I can't afford quitting and making a career-switch right now and that sucks.

No. 1142910

Don't feel too bad, there are many creatives full of talent who go all and end up nowhere. You didn't make a bad choice.

No. 1142911

it's possible. i had 0 experience, 0 references (used my ex and mother's friends), and i still managed to get a job. i thought no one would hire me either, and it took some time, but i did get a job that uses my college degree. a degree is something that will help a lot, and you can just explain that you were very focused on school and your studies (whether that's true or not).

No. 1142913

I officially redact this post.

No. 1142918

Why the fuck are men incapable of apologizing holy shit

No. 1142919

Kek what happened

No. 1142925

the butterfly effect of some dumb bitch calling me fat and ugly at 12 leading to me getting attached to a narc scrote i know doesn't love me

No. 1142926

mirroring my feelings right at this moment. i feel you so hard. they're so fucking prideful when they have nothing to be prideful about. it could be the smallest, most inconsequential thing and it would mean so much to us for them to just simply apologize and acknowledge our feelings and they just refuse to. it must be out of satisfaction of knowing they are withhholding an apology we want. just suck it up and apologize you sackless, bitchtitted piece of shit

No. 1142930

Woke up today feeling so deeply and profoundly unloveable. I can't imagine anyone outside of my family ever being able to love me and the idea of it almost disgusts me. I feel as if anyone who could have feelings for me must be degrading themselves. I have no idea why I feel like this, but sometimes I just have periods where I feel like the most undesirable person on the face of the earth. And not just in a romantic attraction sense (although that definitely plays a part), but just generally. I have a friend who I think is super sweet and I love hanging out with her, but very rarely after talking with her I end up feeling so disgusted with myself when I compare myself to her (I would never tell her this obviously). It's happened with a few other friends in the past too. Sucks because I have been working on my self-esteem and then occasionally I get hit with these feelings and it's as if I can see the truth and I should stop deluding myself into thinking that anyone could actually be drawn to me.

No. 1142940

File: 1650597590607.gif (977.03 KB, 500x208, gonegirl.gif)

It's because emotional connection requires work, and it's work they aren't willing to do. I've heard countless stories from women who put in the work of breaking down their emotions and their partner's emotions during an argument but when it's time for the man to do the same, he fails entirely. I dated a guy who claimed he didn't have any emotions to work through, but it was a lazy excuse. Fuck men who don't apologize when they are clearly in the wrong.

No. 1142944

Just want someone to sperg about SQL code intricates with.

No. 1142946

let's join our knowledge tables based on the many-to-many sperg fields nona

No. 1142949

find someone better

No. 1142951

The same reason they can't do anything else. They actually can, they just don't want to. They know their gf/spouse/friend/whoever is just gonna let them get away with it anyway so why bother putting in the effort?

No. 1142954

Genuine apologies require sacrificing your ego just a tiny bit and is incorrectly assumed by most men to be submission, not a mark of character and maturity

No. 1142956

They put their pride and egos before everything. They literally don't care, even though some pick-mes honestly believe you can just "teach them" and it's only a cultural thing.

No. 1142967

How is that your friend? You take comfort that the mental health of your friend is worse than yours? Why not be happy for them? Wtf?
Jealous friends are really crazy. Hope she ditches your insecure ass

No. 1142971

thanks anon, i haven't genuinely dated in a while, i'm talking exclusively about my ex that i just got into an argument with while trying to simply talk about our former issues. i'm not with the dude
too true. they expect us to expend ENDLESS emotional labor on them while they do fuck all, if not damage us to no end. i still think a lot of it is ego/pride based though. laziness is a HUGE factor though. you never hear about men evaluating and re-evaluating what went wrong and where, and how to fix it. they're just not capable of being friends, much less partners. my male friends are so much more introspective and self aware than my ex or former partners, it's actually insane.

No. 1142997

File: 1650605874236.jpg (34.69 KB, 640x623, 1617333534161.jpg)

>my position got turned down today at a job interview all because I ride the bus instead of throwing myself into debt by getting a car where I don't know for certain I can pay back
Even worse is that I arrive at the place 45 min early because of my bus route. I explained this to them and those cunts still told me "nope pls go into financial ruin by purchasing a 3k pound hunk of metal :)))".

No. 1142999

File: 1650605897707.png (19.98 KB, 181x192, 1551694801134.png)

Why is it the fucking nastiest and creepiest looking guys that just go out the door, thinking "yeah today I will pretend that talking to a random stranger on the street I deem fuckable is a normal and good idea."

No. 1143001

Just tell them you have one, like they're not gonna spy on you in the parking lot right?

No. 1143010

That’s so heinous on many levels. I hope you find somewhere better that isn’t run by morons, good luck in your job search.

No. 1143015

I know this feel anon, same shit happened to me and the worst part is that the job paid like 8 bucks an hour.

No. 1143016

Thanks fren. But there's been an expectation of people owning cars everywhere. Even fucking retail part times are demanding me to get a car.
I swear no other country does this, and bus transportation is considered normal. Maybe the Antifa guys are up to something with Amerifat being a capitalistic shithole.

No. 1143019

Instead of guiding her… why are you even referring to her as your friend even? kill yourself, seriously

No. 1143028

File: 1650607760796.jpg (23.72 KB, 366x328, meme-angry-funny-Favim.com-605…)

I just want to look at pictures of pretty looking men but for every nice picture I keep getting posts like
>Why there are only conventionaly beautiful male models??? Where are the fat male models???
>There should be more trans male or nb models, please reblog my pictures!!!
Shut up, shut up, let me hornypost in peace. That's my blog and I choose what to do with it.

No. 1143034

block these bitches and do what you want. i hate control fraks with an agenda trying to police what others create or post

No. 1143035

I finally met a guy who's handsome, considerate, funny, treats me to nice things all this good stuff but he has a really tiny dick. I've always been like "size doesn't matter" but at both extremes it kinda does, I've also been with guys who were just way too big. He's good with his hands though and gets me off every time so I shouldn't complain but man I wish he had an average dick. At least he's not ashamed or embarrassed about it which is actually really hot in itself but it's just that I'd love to have satisfying piv sex with him as well.

No. 1143045

If it helps you find peace somehow, my bf has a massive dick but cant stop himself from cooming within like a minute or less of being inside me. Hands and Tongue it be

No. 1143059

getting so fucking tired of people whining about "karens" when male karens are so much worse, like the one I met earlier.

I'm a delivery person at a pizza place. I got back from a delivery and put the hotbag (the bags we put the pizzas in) back on the rack. I saw this guy standing at the counter, he looked over at me and I looked back at him, he didn't say anything, I didn't offer to help him or anything because I thought someone was already helping him. I thought my coworker was standing at the counter helping him, I guess I just imagined it, or maybe he was doing something else up there Idk. also, a lot of times customers will buy food then just stand around and wait for it, so like 99% of the time when customers are standing around they don't need help anyway.

in between deliveries we're supposed to find stuff to do, like cleaning, most of which is in the back of the store. so I walked to the back of the store and realized I needed to pee, and walked up front again (the bathroom is upfront, our store is really small) the guy was gone at first but came storming back in before I made it to the bathroom. he came up to me and was like "WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE??!!!?" I said my manager's name and he was like GET THEM UP HERE. he was visibly angry.

I went back and found the manager and told her there was an angry customer up front. she came up to the front with her daughter who is also a manager. the guy was livid and was like SHE (me) WALKED RIGHT PAST ME. DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. THEN WALKED TO THE BACK AND DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. then he pointed to my coworker and was like AND HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING EITHER. HE JUST STOOD THERE WASHING HIS HANDS. because how dare someone in food service wash their hands I guess.

the managers were trying to talk to him but he kept yelling over them. oh yeah and he was a big dude, like I am 5'10 and he had a couple inches on me, he was not rail thin either. he just stood there yelling at us and being like "WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE?????" I tried to defend myself but the managers and him were all talking over each other. he was like "THE ASIAN GUY WAS THE ONLY ONE DOING ANYTHING" because I have an asian coworker (he was the one I thought I saw at the front counter). then the younger manager was like "ummm you don't have to call him an asian guy, that's rude" then the guy was like "OH YOU LIBERAL SHIT". honestly I don't think calling the asian guy asian was rude, but holy shit this guy.

the thing that pisses me off is how he didn't bother to get my attention when I walked past him yet acted like it was my fault. like yeah I guess I should have noticed that he needed help but is it really THAT HARD to just say "excuse me miss can I place an order". if you had crippling social anxiety I'd get it but this guy had absolutely no problem coming in and yelling at us, cussing at us and being borderline aggressive but asking to place an order was too hard apparently.

No. 1143066

So sorry you have to deal with pricks. I'll never understand those people that will stress themselves out over a pizza or similar innane shit. What a joyless existence.

No. 1143088

The fact that he said nothing to you initially.. that's on him. I'm just quiet and awkward so I'm the type to need help but I'll just stand there waiting to be noticed. That in itself is a lil retarded but damn you don't get to be like that and then suddenly flip out. Speak up or don't. It's like he set out to test your mind reading abilities and you failed that 'totally fair expectation' wtf

No. 1143091

Is it a normal expectation to have a man propose in the first year? Got out of a shit relationship where it didn't happen for years (I myself wasn't in a hurry for it, which should tell you everything). I don't know when you should be getting a proposal or the scrote is playing around

No. 1143102

I wouldn't say in the first year, but in the 1.5 - 5 years range for people over 25 who are in a long term relationship. If they don't within then, I just see it as them admitting that they think they are settling and waiting to leave when a better option comes along. The only time this isn't true is when they are poor and saving money (though really they should have enough saved for a ring at least within 5 years if there hasn't been any big costly events like medical bills or fires).

No. 1143103

Male "Karens" need a fucking distinct name so they can rightfully replace the "lolol karens" meme. When I was working customer service in retail they were definitely the most intimidating and aggressive of them all. Sure a nasty older female customer was bitchy and whiny but these men were legitimately frightening a lot of the times, especially as a smaller woman. Like what if this dude grabs me or slaps me across the face? You never know with scrotes.

No. 1143106

I've seen "Darren" or "Daren" as a male version of Karen, but I don't know how popular it is.

No. 1143108

I thought it was Kevin. Kevin does sound like a jerk. Darren sounds like just some guy.

No. 1143110

I got proposed to at around the one year mark. We were under 25 so I expected a long engagement but I said yes. Then my mom got news that she was going to be dead within the year and my guy suggested we throw a wedding together quick to have her there. I felt like I had no time to process anything. 2 years into the marriage he took his stuff out of the home while I was out and he texted me.. we had a text break up and he refused to talk to me about the lease I was left with. I was 25 and already separated.

All that to say, I think a year is too soon unless you're going to have a long engagement. Other anon said that a ring doesn't always mean much.. to some men a whole wedding doesn't mean much. If I could go back I'd be less flattered by his displays of commitment and I'd look at the timeline. It was happening too fast to be genuine and meaningful. It was all lust and butterflies and was impulsive.

No. 1143122

It’s frustrating being completely retarded when it comes to volume measurements when you’re looking for a new backpack. Your numbers tell me nothing, just straight up tell me how many apples will fit in there and I’ll have a better idea. Preferably also which kind of apples too

No. 1143129

File: 1650621072093.gif (1.03 MB, 498x280, 7D98A971-CDD5-4BC8-9FAB-5A422F…)

HUGE sperg incoming.

i hate more than anything fake fans and posers but now its become more grief than anger really. its so retarded i know but when you see people that made fun of you or would make fun of you not even just a year ago get into your special interest because its "cool" now and different and edgy with the addition of being of course, cute ETC. i know i shouldnt be sad because its not like i know who these people are or i can see into past potential realities wherein i get made fun of and therefore am made a victim so now i am just crying for nothing. its just infuriating when people act like they've been fans forever when you know they havent even worse when there is proof, and seeing them act like they know everything about your interest when they clearly dont and sound so new bringing up the stalest stuff acting like its a new discovery or funny ETC because it is to them since they havent been here long.
and i am even angrier because its all egirls and perverts pretending to be into it for some reason so now not only am i afraid of looking like a poser even though i have endless proof to back myself up but i look like an egirl whore !!!!! and this isnt something i made up because i recently got accused of this. i somewhat understand why scrotes were so mad at NLOG call of duty playing gamrgurlz back in the day now. UGHHHHH. and guys being into music aimed at women like lana and mitski or something to get some and such but that is a total Other thing.
this is entirely too pathetic i just want to cry i know i shouldnt care because i know what i am and this is retarded and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but i cant help feeling just so upset.

sorry for the autism but i actually am autistic so this might be why i care so much

No. 1143131

You're right and you should say it. Same shit has happened to me. Fuck people like that, seriously. Just take solace in the knowledge that you're 1000 lightyears ahead of them. All they can do is mock, then copy. The same people are here, complaining about how this is a "TERF site" but give them some time and they'll be cannibalizing this place

No. 1143133

>calling random women egirl whores
>thinking men are right to discriminate against women in male oriented hobbies
>having a crying shitfit because some people are interested in your special interest
Kek. Why are autistic NLOGs so hilarious?

No. 1143136

NTA, but the ones doing this are e-girl whores kek. The exact type who get screeched about in the zoomer hate threads and on /snow/. They hop from "basic" to "gamer girl" to "big tiddy goth gf" to "y2k queen" etc, whatever might get them the most popularity. Essentially, they LARP as stereotypes of existing subcultures to get attention, disrespect people who're actually interested in those things, lower the quality of the community with shit takes/reposted garbage, artificially drive up the prices of what should be affordable secondhand items and vintage pieces, and act as clones. Nothing about them is organic, they worsen any community they touch, and their "interest" is temporary at best
If you're any kind of person with unique tastes or hobbies (especially ones that have been decried or stigmatized in "mainstream" spheres), you know exactly what that anon is talking about, and it's very annoying. Gatekeeping is good

No. 1143137

File: 1650622297782.jpg (21.06 KB, 275x144, 1647566062507.jpg)

Every girl i like ends up a heterosexual pickme nlog pretending to be gay for male attention OR they troon out and become T4T. Lolcow fooled me into thinking all lesbians would be based terf manhaters. Are we a minority sisters?

No. 1143140

i didnt call random women egirls, i specifically said "egirls and perverts" the perverts being men. the "egirl whore" part is something i was accused of and not me calling women whores, sorry that wasnt clear
and i dont think men were right to be cruel to women in male oriented hobby spaces i know they still are today which is why i said i only somewhat understand.
as for the egirl part, its literally true. they are girls on the internet. i never insinuated that being an egirl is a bad thing anyway, but i dont want to come off that way myself.
this anon got it precisely like i meant. thank you i couldnt have said it better myself

No. 1143141

As in, Lolcow culture will also be co-opted by annoying e-girls. I've already seen examples of it happening, and I don't think it'll slow down

No. 1143142

Why do you care about proving yourself to people who you think are shitty anyway?
Gatekeeping is good, but the mainstream gaming community has always been runover by misogynistic racist scrotes and you honestly have to be some high level NLOG to even feel like anything really is lost. I've not seen these issues in xx-only gaming communities, because the fake gamergirl or NLOG stuff mainly happens in scrote infested places. This might be different with other hobbies which weren't already so male dominated, but I don't even get how some ever managed to get into multiplayer games during the 'go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich you whore' era.
Yes, do you like gnc women?

No. 1143143


No. 1143144

I realized what you meant right after I posted that lol

No. 1143146

File: 1650623565866.jpeg (249.57 KB, 615x469, 86A5D9B5-2BEA-4F8D-AC50-EF74CF…)

thank you for understanding anon sorry i didnt see your reply. it totally sucks when this happens but i just have to remember that it doesnt really matter except for it does to me but to a normal person
>Why do you care about proving yourself to people who you think are shitty anyway?
you're right i shouldnt and i didnt up until a guy accused me of being not only an egirl but also a whore so i got worried that that is how people are seeing me now. i know i am not that and it shouldnt bother me but it does i dont know how i can help it.
also i only brought up the gaming thing as a clear example i dont know anything about that realm really

No. 1143148

People suck and are misogynistic and will potentially see you as a whore no matter what you do. There's no point to spending much mental energy on trying to avoid that, because misogynists always will come up with something new to accuse women of. I know it's easier said than done and the only thing which helped me give less of a fuck is getting older and having more experiences.

No. 1143150

I have a 'terf gf' and didn't try that hard, depends on the country. Come to Australia and fuck I guess

No. 1143153

The guy I liked at work and who I thought liked me has a girlfriend. Literally every decent man is taken.

No. 1143160

What did he do to give you the vibe he liked you?

No. 1143161

Idk, take our breaks together, a lot of eye contact, a lot of staring at each other, him going out of his way to help me even though we have different roles.

No. 1143162

Relatable. I'm sorry nonna

No. 1143163

I'm sorry I misunderstood, anon.
Men in relationships flirt with women very often. He wasn't a good person if he was giving you mixed signals behind his gfs back so…

No. 1143169

i want to melt onto my bed, I want to become one with it

No. 1143177

the worst thing is that they claim to be truly interested in those things when it is clearly a facade and if you try standing up against it you will be labeled as jealous or hater

No. 1143181

File: 1650629791040.jpg (75.47 KB, 527x720, 1522222031789.jpg)

The problem is that internet culture empowers and expects women to be bimbos while gnawing some videogame™ controller in her mouth and nothing else.
Twitch is the patient zero of this shit getting out of hand. All of the top women streamers on that site are thots- now it wouldn't be a problem if it ended there, but the other women who just want to play and discuss their favorite vidya are given expectations to show cleavage.
Now men do the exact same thing where they don't talk about videogames in a fucking VIDEO GAME website. But they aren't expected to be whores.

No. 1143183

why is working so hard? I don't want to do this shit and I wasn't born in a fortunate enough situation to pursue my dreams. I want to write and make art, not work some wagecuck job. I don't want to be an ewhore or an internet moid panderer either not to mention my brain is too fucked up to work a regular job. I will just bounce from homelessness to despair continously not being able to secure my basic needs or meet my true potential in any form. I am just wasting away in an unjust world with everything out of my control. Why was I cursed? To just live a life in which the thought of death is more satisfying than life itself.

No. 1143199

The unwillingness of people to think critically nowadays is stunning. I thought my friend was gonna peak because she admitted to having what she calls "problematic thoughts" but when I suggested they may be worth exploring she said that they aren't and that repression of questioning thoughts is the only way, and that we need to go along with what the mainstream says and trust the experts instead of forming our own biases. For fucks sake. It's just cliche what they say now

No. 1143237

Samefag, another day of being ignored by him. He is giving me the silent treatment because I made him sleep downstairs because he lost his mouth guard as he grinds his teeth at night and it interrupts my sleep really bad. I don't feel sorry for him at all, he should be responsible for his shit and I haven't even tried to speak to him, I just woke up and went to the gym and now I'll be maybe cleaning up or playing the Sims. I'm going to keep up distancing myself from him, he doesn't and has never deserved my time, love and physical affection for a long time.

I thought about this today and realised how true it was for my situation: "It's not that he never shows me he loves me, but that I even have to ask for it in the first place. That's the problem."

I honestly feel quite peaceful and not upset nor tempted to even speak to him. I can't really believe this is how it's going after almost 4 years together but whatever, if he wants me he can make the effort, I'm not bothering anymore.

No. 1143256

you shouldn't be speaking or interacting with him at all. you've suffered enough by putting up with this idiot as a girlfriend already.

No. 1143281

Just had a scrote sperg out on me on discord because I kept "logging out" whenever he started typing so he called me a narcissist and had a meltdown when I told him I understood and that he could stop talking to me if I upset him so greatly. Barked at me to "change mt behavior" when I haven't even spoke to this schmo for more than two days.
Heaven forbid I work 14 hours a day and don't stay glued to my phone app just to talk to entitled schizo scrotes requiring constant mommy attention lest women like myself are narcissists for it.
Still don't understand why he couldn't just type something for me to respond to when I could instead of whining and bitching at me for closing the DM window as I went about my day.
Had to block him cause he wouldn't stop tough guy crying and sperging out.
Scrotes work against their own interests constantly.

No. 1143287

getting free shit from a male is kind of based tbh

No. 1143294

avoidance is a hell of a drug. literally nothing on the planet is more addictive than dropping a prior responsibility. im falling back into old habits.

No. 1143303

This can be boiled down to
>I am angry because someone receives more attention than me for having a superficial liking of hobbies that I take more seriously and I would rather blame that person for my lack of attention than criticize the system and culture for fostering attention seeking behaviors.

If you had higher adult responsibilities whores in video game hobbies wouldn't even concern you.

No. 1143309

>Everything is about attention
It's not good to project, you know?

No. 1143314

I put a clean earring into one of the earring holes I rarely use and the bitch decides to piss clear fluid out like someone is paying her for it, nasty

No. 1143315

Nitpicking her vent like this is more retarded than anything she said.

No. 1143329

Hey if being salty at women who get more attention than you helps your process, then just ignore it.

No. 1143349

Lmao he was literally flirting-not-flirting with you while in a relationship. You didged a bullet.

No. 1143350

File: 1650644080073.jpg (113.43 KB, 1280x960, MEH.jpg)

I want to push my best friend's boyfriend off a very steep cliff

No. 1143354

stop caring about what moids think, you know you are a knowledgeable fan of whatever it is you're into and you don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

No. 1143358

>helps your process
What process?

No. 1143363

i ran out of klonopin and can't get my prescription refilled for another week so i'm going to be going through terrible withdrawls. anyone have any advice? might just find some on the street to hold me over. idk if anyone knows how bad those withdrawls are, they make me want to fucking die and i go through psychotic episodes

No. 1143364

Of coping that the whores get more attention than you for being less passionate about your special interest.

No. 1143366

relatable though i've stopped hating him as much since she finally decided she likes having other friends again
this is why i just bought plain titanium jewelry for everything but my first lobes
isn't that dangerous? my mom is on it and has seized when she's forgotten a dose, although she does take it for epilepsy

No. 1143367

Idk why you're responding to anons as if they're the og poster.. but ok.

No. 1143369

AYRT i already said i dont even like video games and dont play any i just used that as a clear example. neither do i like attention i just hate fake fans thats all… i should have used another example. do you think car mechanics or alternative music fans of both sexes look down on posers and newbies severely because they get more attention? i genuinely dont understand where you got that from and this isnt a sarcastic statement so im sorry if it comes off that way

No. 1143372

This. Nowadays there are a lot if unaware pickmes shitting on women who get more attention because they feel entitled to and think so highly of male attention.

No. 1143374

I don't know why anons were defending the og post as if their own personal stake was in the game when I only quoted the op… so yeah.

No. 1143375

yep, but they can't prescribe more because it's a benzo. unfortunately i might have to find it on the sgtreet

No. 1143380

No. 1143381

>rising secondhand prices

God, don’t even get me started on that shit. Even niches like lolita had the dress prices go for ridiculous amounts. It’s even hard to find stuff from niche animes because of all the “anime core” tards buying up merch. It’s hell I tell you, this isn’t about being an NLOG but about genuine problems communities face when the thing they like enters the mainstream

Look what happened to animal crossing.

No. 1143384

>do you think car mechanics or alternative music fans of both sexes look down on posers and newbies severely because they get more attention?
Yes they do, but generally speaking these hobbies are dominated by men so when men are angry at other men for being poseurs their insults aren't typically gendered based on the excess of attention they receive from the opposite sex.
I guess this would be akin to a male calling another male a "fuckboy whore" for women paying attention to him for buying a pre-modded car that he didn't even build himself, but it would still come off as pathetic and jealous. And regardless, men are lauded for sexual attention. It's only when women receive sexual attention that suddenly it's a bad thing and we should feel bad for when men give it to us.

No. 1143385

It's because there's a ton of newfag NLOGs who put women down just because they're jealous of the attention they get. There's been a few anons here lately who literally seethe when another woman gets any sort of attention, they're not autistic they're narcissistic.

No. 1143388

I didn't defend anyone when I said you're 'more' retarded. That implies both of you are.

No. 1143389

Thanks for clarifying, but I didn't ask and do not care lol.

No. 1143391

This is why we used to have the 'just let people vent' rule. Some have personal reasons why a vent just hits a nerve with them and you'll never hear the end of it.

No. 1143392

I don't have an appetite to eat the past few days on top of feeling stressed for no obvious reason. I also had to help my father who can't move much the past few days and while I try to be as helpful as I can, he keeps being a narc and complain and it makes my lack of appetite worse.

No. 1143397

It also helps to not get defensive and respond to anons who you think are purposefully misunderstanding your vent, not that it's what happened here.

No. 1143401

I hate being stuck. Just gonna start bullshitting.

No. 1143404

If they didn’t shit up communities so much no one would care about them. I don’t know why anons are so quick to scream NLOG when this issue affects a lot of communities these days.
I can’t blame them for wanting to weed the undesirables out either, it helps keep things under control. Everyday I’m thankful LC bans troons/males.

No. 1143408

>I guess this would be akin to a male calling another male a "fuckboy whore" for women paying attention to him for buying a pre-modded car that he didn't even build himself, but it would still come off as pathetic and jealous.
AYRT i see i never thought about it that way… thank you for the new perspective i felt it was because they make a mockery out of their craft/interest because thats how i feel altjough like i said in my post its entirely retarded and pathetic and i dont think i am in the right i just needed to vent i know it isnt and it shouldnt be that serious. again i am not angry at anyone here i am just actually medically autistic so my tone might not translate as i want it to so im sorry about that

No. 1143410

thought not felt* sorry last addition i am going to stop shitting up the thread now

No. 1143418

They don’t call him a fuck boy whore but they do call them gay which basically is the same thing.

No. 1143430

My grandma died. That was actually the first thing I heard when I woke up, my dad telling me that she has died. She was my last remaining grandparent and I loved her a lot. I have no idea of how she died, but she was pretty old already and her health was deteriorating (the last time I visited her, she had to stay in bed for like a week of the 2 weeks I stayed there due to a fall). I was gonna visit her in her birthday (February), but I didn't because my mom feared the new covid variant, because she didn't live in the same state as me and my parents, so it's a long trip to get there. So the last I said to her was that I was gonna visit her, but I never did. I know it's no one's fault and we were just trying to be cautious, but I feel so bad. I am still in shock, the tears comes in waves. I am trying not to think about it until we get to her state. My aunt lived with her and was her main caretaker, I can't even imagine how she is feeling. Also my mom. I don't know. I feel kinda lost, seems like these stuff never gets easier. I love you, grandma.

No. 1143436

Men don't care about being called fags by jellies if they are legitimately straight and swimming in puss.
Women being called whores for not even being actual whores destroys reputations and gives men further justification to treat us like shit.

No. 1143439

I'm so sorry for your loss, anon

No. 1143467

Im gonna be honest, in middle school and high school i made fun of things i liked to shift it away from me. So you really never know. Plus no one well enough into theit adulthood would care enough to pose. Also people change their opinions

No. 1143472

I'm really sorry anon. Please don't feel guilty, it's great she had a family member to care for her and be there in her last moments. Heal on your own time.

No. 1143484

i fucking hate modern environmentalism. it's 99% virtue signaling garbage. the consumer has very little affect on the issues, which are still caused by big, thriving industry. recycling is a meme started by plastic companies to get free materials to resell to the public. paper, while more biodegradable is more harmful to produce and has less sustainable than paper lobbyists let on. and the climate change we're experiencing is an effect from 100s of years of fucking up the environment, not just recently and is not reversible via the methods we're using. mcdonald's stocking paper straws isn't going to do shit. recycling isn't going to do shit. and the things that will help are being ignored due to people being satisfied with asspats for using reusable shopping bags.

No. 1143485

File: 1650651046471.jpg (128.98 KB, 800x655, Goodbye and Welcome by Minitre…)

I'm so sorry for your loss anon, try not to let any guilt swallow you. You and your grandma had a lot of wonderful moments together and you should cherish those memories. Sending you lots of love.

No. 1143486


No. 1143490

I can't get over how mentally ill I was a few years ago, I am literally the complete opposite of who I used to be in such a short amount of time. Honestly though, I still feel like she is lurking just beneath the skin and if I give in to some unhealthy urge, I'll go right back to the self-destructive person I was before, and it kind of scares me. That my calm self is really a facade and I've not gotten better at all. Any nonna here get what I mean?

No. 1143492

File: 1650651192140.png (164.39 KB, 361x363, 1608037263525.png)

Same. This is one of the reasons why gatekeeping hobbies is great. I'm sick of seeing people being like "oh I like this game/franchise so much" and they actually never played the game or watched the series they're talking about. I'm sick of seeing retarded normies complaining about JKR queerbaiting because she hinted that Dumbledore was sticking his dick in crazy (male) in his youth in the last HP book and confirmed a little bit later in an interview because they only watched the movies once a very long time ago and have no media literacy whatsoever. I hate retards saying they love video games soooo much but they legit never heard of Final Fantasy or Zelda of all thing because they're actually only into Fifa. I hate when people initiate a conversation about a show and act like they're expert but when you want to talk about the latest episode with them in that same conversation they're acting like you're a sperg instead of someone who just happens to like the new episode a lot because they don't even remember the characters' names to begin with. I'm not autistic unlike you but I was made fun of for stupid shit long ago and I remember being treated like a totally deranged weirdo for telling my coworkers I watched Scary Movie during Halloween on Netflix with friends like it was a super elaborate and strange thing to do.

No. 1143508

I think the term “triggered” is retarded but all this Johnny Depp/Amber Heard makes me feel so on edge. The whole thing just makes me think of my junkie parents and my dad who was extremely abusive verbally and physically to my mom. In turn my mom was reactive to say the least whenever he would start yelling at her. There was an instance where my mom was in the drivers seat and my dad was in the passengers seat and they started getting into an argument while they were in a parking lot. It escalated to the point that my mom was screaming at him to get out of the car and take himself home. My dad just played retard and was basically like “hurrdurrr no make me” while my mom was getting more and more hysterical begging him to just get out of the car. My dad started going into tard rage and was now out of his seat and crouched over to my moms seat and screaming at her to shut up or he’ll make her. My mom started hitting and kicking at him and he eventually got out of the car and went to a friends house. My dad NEVER let this situation go and he and his friend took tons of pictures of my dads “injuries” (a scratch on his arm and a bruise on his shoulder) as proof that SHE was abusing him and had dumped him on the side of the road. He showed these pictures to all his friends and his side of the family. Everyone was on his side and my mom was forever demonized by them as an ebil abuser. It makes me so fucking mad when people push the “mutual abuse” bs when I bet 99% of the times it’s the scrote who is THE abuser and the woman defending herself.

No. 1143510

I hate how you think I'm that stupid. Your obvious lies insult my intelligence.

No. 1143514

My little pony nonny have you heard of Legends of Equestria? It's a pony online game, I would just log in and hop around or teleport and prance around enjoying my simple pony life, I didn't even care that the game is 9% finished I loved being a pony, my favorite was being an earth pony and jumping to hard to get places and my friendswould be like, how did you get there!?

No. 1143516

brits are the closest you can get to a third world attitude in a first world country, they act like retarded desi men talking to western girls but have access to the internet and social norms and have zero reason to act the way they do outside of having zero self awareness

No. 1143524

Why the fuck does waking up everyday have to involve an impending sense of doom and a desire to die. I’m literally so fucking tired

No. 1143531

File: 1650652853337.jpeg (682.61 KB, 750x1184, jasminekennedie.jpeg)

A row of HSTS drag queens

i wonder if these drag queens use the fact that straight women being in their gay spaces and bioqueens appropriating their drag culture, demanding and guilttripping the community into allowing biowomen to do drag and be on drag race as justification of them using the womens bathroom?

you know, this has prompted me into thinking maybe i should’ve been more vocal against straight women in gay male spaces. gays want to be feral and wild with their partners and they feel uncomfortable expressing it around women, probably afraid of exposing their degeneracy. sure women go to gay bars to escape from being hit on men but why were lesbian bars not an option for them? being hit on by lesbians shouldn’t be that bad relative to what they are used to with men? with their patronage lesbian bars wouldn’t be dead and closing up and it gives the impression that women wanting female-only spaces a gag, only a small amount of lesbians and or traumatised women do.

straight women are the cause of the problems that we currently have idc

No. 1143538

you aren’t actually talking about ponies are you nonnie?

No. 1143540

Straight women are offended by lesbians because they think lesbians are trying to turn them gay. They think they have kinship with gay men because they can talk about hot guys and clothes, even though most gay men hate women. There's no excuse for it really.

No. 1143549

This always happens after i open up them old holes, no matter what material, it’s just annoying and i keep messing with them.

No. 1143554

>>1143531 it's a way to see it. For most gays seeing women of any kind is an huge turnoff. Now they can't even talk about drugs and degenerate stuff without a courple faghags gushing in the backroom.
Also i think that un a deeper level it's a narcissistic wound for them, because one of the biggest fag fantasies is to "turn straight men" especially for HSTS. Now drag went mainstream and there aren't rows and rows of normie straight men waiting to be fucked by drag queens, just their annoying gfs streaming "yaaaass queen", this is not justification for gay misogyny i'm just trying to understand from where it comes.

No. 1143563

I have just realized that it’s been 6 years since i’ve been living in an abusive home. Is it even worth getting out at this point. For the first half of my life they were just neglectful, dismissive and forget i even exist, but once i turned 16 i became a punching bag for my older brother, became a paranoid stuttering incoherent mess after and my older sister took advantage of me and still is on my ass today, my parents are watching it burn and not letting me out of my home. I tried desperately to make use of my skills and make money to leave since 2019 but it’s not working and my heart is getting weaker and weaker with the constant abuse i endure from all of them. I feel like a bird in a cage… i feel so angry. I just want to die at this point. Most of my most significant years were wasted anyway

No. 1143567

I think you should be proud of yourself anon. I do understand the feeling, when I look back at myself from just a few years ago I mostly feel embarassed, disturbed and sad. But the fact that you understand you weren't in a mentally healthy place makes me believe you have learned lessons from those times and have the presence of mind to continually choose better for yourself now. When I get a vague itch to do something stupid these days I can mostly laugh at myself and think "Been there, done that" and rest easy knowing I truly love and prefer the life I've cultivated over all the shit I put myself through before. It's not a facade, it's growth.

No. 1143569

Seriously, how do people do this? I can't force myself to talk to normies even thoguht I actually really want, I go outside with them during breaks even though I'm the only person who doesn't smoke, which already makes it awkward, and they have those inside jokes and play on words and topics I don't know anything about because I was an inexperienced neet for most of my life. It's so hard, it's observing other people through a glass wall and not being able to communicate with them and now it's too late, I already sat with them, I can't talk but leaving without a word is also cringe, why can't I be normal?

No. 1143571

I couldn't give a shit about gay men feeling "invaded" because of women. Men violate women's spaces (straight and lesbian) constantly, it's good that the opposite is happening, especially to faggots who have fun imitating and mocking women in grotesque manners. The poor gays can't talk about their degeneracy because of evil women being present, oh boo fucking hoo.
That said I don't understand the obsession over these drug addicted std ridden faggots dressing up.

No. 1143579

File: 1650655005066.png (58.29 KB, 521x222, 1650379262420-screen-shot-2022…)

Google now has the world's most advanced woman hating AI in the world.


No. 1143580

>Most of my most significant years were wasted anyway
Anon you probably aren't even 30 yet, please. You have an entire life to explore and enjoy ahead of you. I know it's cliche, but things really can get better. Can you look up shelters in your area and at least talk to them to see what options you may have? I know an abusive family isn't the same as partner violence but they may still have resources for you. Don't give up on yourself. If anger is all you have right now then use it to spite those assholes and survive and thrive.

No. 1143587

File: 1650655309260.gif (748.23 KB, 244x180, the-devil-wears-prada-meryl-st…)

>vice news criticizing it

No. 1143591

No i live in a shithole and they keep me locked up my only outlet is school. I can’t get a job and even if i do they’ll probably take all my means of transportation. I’m trying so so hard to make money online and its not working out. When i say most significant years i mean development and socialization, i know i’m still young but i feel broken with too much baggage to function