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File: 1654269897010.jpg (67.08 KB, 889x810, map.jpg)

No. 1209563

Previous Thread >>1081510
SwedenGate outrage edition

>Swedish people will dance the små grodorna around your starving body

>Dutch people will require their guest to Tikkie them
>Twitter thinks an Instagram map is a proper study

No. 1209565

kek that was quick

No. 1209566

great thread pic

No. 1209573

Green nonnies are based and I want to be your friend

No. 1209576

File: 1654270170401.png (98.01 KB, 598x678, Screenshot 14.png)

reposting from the last thread
I'm not swedish or even european, but I find it funny how so many wokies go on about "respecting other cultures" despite some of their frankly awful practices, but this rather minor cultural practice in northern europe is being shit upon by people whose are nation are abject failures, like my own Pakistani's and Egyptians, Tunisians and african countries, nations and people that have failed in every aspect of civilization and state building, but this is one thing that's somehow worth being proud of, its similar to the "bland white people food meme" like this one libfem is really praising saudi arabia cause they give food to guest occasionally, a nation with comically bad human rights abuse, that only allowed women to drive in 2019, death penalty for leaving Islam and functions on literal human slavery

No. 1209579

This is so sad kek
Isn't it basically xenophobia?

No. 1209592

its more of a cover up for a massive inferiority complex, a lot of white/western people really can't comprehend how aboustetly inferior we feel, cause we were so easily conquered and subjugated and we didn't win a fight for freedom, we didn't have a war of independence, it was pressure from the us and soviet union that led to our freedom, even know we are aware of much we suck and how it our own fault

No. 1209609

kek what's wrong with Tunisians? All I know is that Algerians and Moroccans don't like them and my mom told me they have a faggot accent.

No. 1209610

god these tweets are so embarassing.

No. 1209617

corruption, housing failure, massive amount of foreign debts and tariffs

No. 1209687

when my parents were young, they went to Tunisia. the men were SO pervy over there. my mum is blonde, blue-eyed and they all stared like she was some animal in a zoo. and she was too scared to literally go anywhere without my dad as when she went to this cornershop the man on the till lightly brushed his hand across hers. literally they said it was awful outside of the hotel. the men are creeps!! also i think of tunisian men as those that meet these lonely middle aged white women online and use them to send them money

No. 1209689

is it the new zoomer thing to hate sweden now?

No. 1209696

I explain it, its similar "white people make bland food" meme, the people have aboustetly nothing to be proud off, so any sort of weird cultural thing they can feel superior about they take

No. 1209704

File: 1654274451143.png (257.99 KB, 1200x1122, Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 17.39…)

not surprised that now race has been unnecessarily bought up and cried about as usual

No. 1209708

File: 1654274645266.png (149.12 KB, 1178x806, Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 17.44…)

No. 1209710

these people really should realize that the only reason Europe isn't dominating the entire world again is simply cause they choose not do, unlike the rest of the world they can actually enforce their will on the rest of the world, most non-european/american milataries are fairly glorified police forces and bored patrol, I'd say Serbia could conquer the entirety of the Middle East, its why Israel has beaten every Arab state everytime in last 80 years, our elders understand this fact, my father a major in the Army claims that America could have taken over Pakistan in 3 months if they wanted too

No. 1209711

Let them think it tbh, less refugees. It's time Europe stops taking in refugees from outside Europe, they come here shitting up our cultures and our cities, behaving like barbarians and we're expected to cater to them, while they'd never take in Europeans in the reverse situation. The birthrate in my country was at an all-time low in 2021 because there's extreme housing shortage but we're still allowing refugees in and they're getting priority. Over our own people trying to establish families and move out their parents' homes. I hate it so much.

No. 1209727

You have to realize richies are using the misogynistic male immigrants (majority of immigrants) as "peaceful soldiers". Pay for their food and housing and the misogynistic fucks will weaken the country until it can be taken over and corrupted to hell. They seethed so much when Poland only allowed family immigrants in and not the single male immigrants.

No. 1209730

Why is everyone sperging over some Swedish families eating dinner without their young uninvinted guests who are supposed to have dinner ready at their own place anyway? I think it's weird but some people take it way too seriously.

No. 1209735

Aren't the northern ones stingy bc it's colder there and food is more scarce?

No. 1209748

There must be some Russian and Turkish trolls that encourage the bizarre Swedengate thing. In my childhood, my friends were offered food and so were I when I visited them. But all the foreigners sperging about how awful Sweden is because a guy in the 90's werent invited to eat dinner, well you can stay where you are I don't feel like giving you köttbullar now.

No. 1209761

Political corruption is the main issue of Tunisia, it's deeply rooted and seems to worsen thanks to covid which further puts the country in absolute shite (no tourism, which is one of Tunisia's main revenue). It fucks up everything, French investors are trying to build an Asia x Tunisia import and export route, but the country is so corrupted that all of our investors are going "nevermind, fuck you guys"
Kek, had to sit through a spanish girl rant at work about how italian food sucked ass because "bland", did the same for french food as well. Never heard about her cooking btw, she's a fatass who orders fast food at work

No. 1209781

the second tweet sounds sarcastic

No. 1209789

Both are.

No. 1209797

File: 1654278122315.jpg (88.67 KB, 513x680, EZLpYNWXgAAKQ5I.jpg)


No. 1209801

what is it saying

No. 1209802

The problem with immigration is twofold : you have the young male immigrants that are useful if your country needs rebuilding. Those are supposed to stay for a few years, send money to their home country and go back there when they are not needed anymore. Then you have the immigrants that will then marry with and live among locals. Those are supposed to come to be assimilated/integrated, and should be expected to give a significant portion of their previous identity. The conflation of the two is what is causing the shitty situation we're in now, Europeans were too arrogant and thought that anybody, seeing the great way of life of Europeans, was simply going to accept their values with no societal pressure and give up their home countries' values painlessly. So we started letting the men stay forever or worse, bring their full families and live in parallel communities.

No. 1209808

Kek all I understand is that Macron and Merkel have lost 500 milliard euros and that something is going on in South Europe

No. 1209809

None of this is unique to Tunisia, there are a bunch of other African countries with the same issues.

No. 1209813

Kek the thread pic

No. 1209816

German nona here, true for Germany (I'm even from Northern Germany), you all can starve visiting us, kek. No, honestly, it's a generational thing. My grandparents (born in the late 1920s), would spoil you with food, you won't leave without having at least 10 cups of tea and 3 pieces of cake. My parents and my aunts (all early and late boomers) wouldn't even let you in their house and food, no way you would get any food and please, don't stain the carpet and don't use the toilet. If you would visit me or my brother (both millennials) and we would know about your visit, we would ask what you like and fill the fridge, if your visit isn't announced, we would share the food we have with you.

I won't get Poffertjes when I visit you? Now I'm sad, kek.

No. 1209823

>My grandparents (born in the late 1920s), would spoil you with food, you won't leave without having at least 10 cups of tea and 3 pieces of cake.
I'm getting flashbacks to visiting my Swedish grandma, she would feed you tons of different foods and snacks and thought that if you said "no thanks I'm so full now" you were just being too polite to tell her that you actually wanted more.

No. 1209826

File: 1654279350840.jpg (131.43 KB, 756x1110, FLAwILBWUAAIRm7.jpg)

can anons share some music recs from their country? i've already gotten deep into italian pop but i want to know more from different languages

No. 1209827

File: 1654279414724.jpg (88.54 KB, 1224x918, kanelbullar-2.jpg)

…most of it was homecooked and homebaked and delicious too. RIP dear grandma.

No. 1209829

Dutch sounds so nice, I love the huge amount of vowels in your language.

No. 1209831

I don't listen to local music very often but I do like this song, enjoy. It's not pop though, I think it's alt rock maybe?

No. 1209836

looks nice

No. 1209843

damn they sound so arrogant

No. 1209845

It's so funny to me, I thought inviting people for dinner or lunch was a universal thing. So in Sweden they don't happen at all or guests genuinely just sit and stare while the host family is eating or something kek?

No. 1209850

>vibing on this every summer

No. 1209881

nta but I like this a lot, thanks for posting

No. 1209885

You still think that shit is true after reading this thread?

No. 1209913

File: 1654282516296.jpg (1.06 MB, 3936x2624, britroyals.jpg)

Question: Why do the women in the British royal family wear silly hats but the men show off their balding hatless heads?

No. 1209917

The women are asserting dominance over their bald, inferior males.

No. 1209920

bc the brits have a thing for silly hats
though based Anne was wearing a military uniform instead

No. 1209924

Women wisely cover their faces from the UV light because they know sun exposure positively correlates with skin cancer. Men don't know shit and also don't care

No. 1209926

File: 1654282829408.jpg (269.6 KB, 940x1441, dominancehat.jpg)

Kek that could be true.

No. 1209928

It's about how all southern Europeans are lazy moochers trying to leach off of hard working northern Europeans and that no money should go to Southern Europe via EU. Not saying I agree with that, but that's the cover.
Here you go

No. 1209930

don't know what genre you like, for Germany I would recommend Die Ärzte, Oomph, Eisbrecher, Einstürzende Neubauten, Kraftwerk and Torfrock. If you hate yourself Modern Talking and Scooter.

No. 1209938

These guys sing in English but they are probably my favourite band from Ireland, despite the ridiculous name change recently (I actually refuse to call them gilla band lol the whole thing is so stupid). One of the most underrated noise rock bands ever imo (holding hands with jamie is a great album and I wish it got a lot more attention). Sorry if it's not your cup of tea nonna, I understand it's not for everyone.

No. 1209943

Hot wtf, I thought french was overrated on the sexy spectrum
Even though the tiny hats look quite silly, I wish hats in general would make a comeback in mainstream fashion. Good sun protection, and they can look nice when styled correctly

No. 1209949

File: 1654283778195.jpg (74.22 KB, 640x530, hatpin_c1bd5.jpg)

I agree. I also want hatpins to come back so we can stab annoying scrotes with them.

No. 1209950

File: 1654283791747.jpg (66.9 KB, 880x480, detective-pikachyu.jpg)

WTF is this libfem crap
middle aged woman twerking on top of historic artwork

this is disgusting softcore porn, not music, seriously wtf is wrong with you all

No. 1209951

>black woman in the video

No. 1209953

kek, exactly that. You say "no, thanks" to a cup of tea, the next one will be served right away and how can you be full after half a cake. I miss that, wish I could have more of those memories, still, it's one reason why I never would let a visitor not have some food, preferably homemade.

That looks nice. I definitely need to get the recipe book my grandma wrote, I want to recreate the very tasty stuff she made.

No. 1209954

>Where can I go, I can't go to Germany
>I can't go to Germany, they are so strict there
>Where can I go, I can't go to Chile
>I don't want to go to Chile, they are so scary there
>I don't want to live in Kuwait
>Because Kuwait that's too hot for me
>And as for America, that country doesn't really exist
>Where can I go, I can't go to Northern Ireland
>Not to Northern Ireland, everything will break there
>Where can I go, I can't go to China
>I'm not going to China, it's getting too busy for me
>I don't want to live in Scotland, because Scotland that's too wet for me
>And the U.S.S.S.R, that's just too far for me
>Where can I go, I can't go to Cuba
>I don't want to go to Cuba, that's too sweet for me
>Where can I go, I can't go to Poland, I'm not going to Poland, it's going too well there
>I don't want to live in Lapland, because Lapland that's too cold for me
>And I want to leave the Netherlands, 'Cause this is where I'm getting stuffy
>I doubted about Belgium, because everyone is smiling there
>I doubted about Belgium, because that language is so soft
>I was even in doubt, but I didn't take any chances
>I doubted about Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium
>middle aged woman twerking on top of historic artwork this is disgusting softcore porn, not music, seriously wtf is wrong with you all
She's 31, how is that middle aged? The entire song is about the obsession with big butts, BBL's and how she doesn't care that she has a small butt. Would you prefer her song "shut up and eat my pussy"?

No. 1209959

File: 1654284098640.png (341.5 KB, 530x738, Untitled.png)

the whole thing about sweden may be ridiculous and inaccurate, but shit like this is funny

No. 1209960

fat black woman in a wierdly sexulized depiction, also the massive pile of half naked bodies

No. 1209963

Based and historically accurate
Welcome to france faggot

No. 1209969

Here you get "Shut up and eat my pussy" (probably great for straight women, lots of shirtless men in the video)

No. 1209970

Lauren Southern/American moid certified moment

No. 1209971

what WAP should've been

No. 1209973

KEK this song


No. 1209975

File: 1654284470174.jpeg (790.13 KB, 1242x1670, 0305EF91-BCDE-45E4-9069-F27F24…)


No. 1209985

this whole sweden thing has basically turned into woke zoomers on Twitter using this as an excuse to cry racism and it is both annoying and funny

No. 1209987

gianni morandi anon here, thank you for the recs, i'll go check them out. here's something from me to you

No. 1209988

Thank you I'm learning some useful Dutch phrases here.

No. 1209989

File: 1654284799369.jpeg (476.87 KB, 1242x986, DD2A52B1-D792-4B27-B05A-515D6B…)

more seething about colonization, and for once it isn't aimed at british people who have nothing to do with the countries history. people just love to play the victim and seethe.

No. 1209993

File: 1654284966371.jpg (73.68 KB, 850x478, 3,c=0,h=478.bild.jpg)

Bilderbuch is a great one. Love their album Schick Schock a lot.

ahh yes, modern talking and schooter. My 3 am soundtrack.

No. 1209997

File: 1654285195253.png (130.8 KB, 823x745, E7B6A64E-249D-498E-9716-2684CE…)

have any of you dutch nonnies had any black face parties recently? kek

No. 1210000

yes eurononnies, the rumors are indeed true, we are whores.
eats watermelon while looking at you
teases crop while looking at you
forcefully lesbo kisses you
doesn't sweden have a crazy amount of immigrants and aren't they regarded as immigration el dorado because of how nice and inclusive they are

No. 1210002

Oh jesus fucking christ, some mom being fed up having to randomly feed extra kids unannounced has nothing to do with this shit and I say this as a sami woman kek

No. 1210006

Euros is it true that it is uncommon to have friends sleepover or to sleep over at someone else’s house? Or even just to invite someone over to your place? Let’s just say you are out having dinner with a friend and it’s getting late and they live far away, would you invite them to just stay at your house for the night?

No. 1210010

File: 1654285667203.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1199, Schermafbeelding 2020-08-12 om…)

Well they were mostly cancelled because of pandemic and all that. Some villages still do them, but most cities now do the "roetveeg piet" or some sort of variation. Every year there are protests again though and just general online bullshit.

No. 1210016

Not uncommon at all, I grew up on sleepovers
>it’s getting late and they live far away, would you invite them to just stay at your house for the night
Yes but my mom would have called their parents beforehands to make sure they're ok with them staying

No. 1210019

Quads kek, but yeah why is it so surprising to nonnas that Europe is very gay and very sexual? It has been that way since forever. Like nonnas constantly complaining that Eurovision is so gay, yes, what did you expect?

No. 1210020

all the men are weirdly ugly though, and it tires way too hard to be like an american rap vidoe, honestly vidrel does a better female gaze video while also being fun and non-degenerate
being against pseduo-porn and weird misogyny means I'm somehow a moid/pick-me now ?

No. 1210021

>all the men are weirdly ugly though
That's just what Dutch men look like kek

No. 1210024

Exactly, main Europe is gay and sexual as fuck, always has been and always will be

No. 1210026

wtf are you even on about
why are you so pressed

No. 1210030

Here's a lesbian from the 1920's singing about how men are stupid and don't appreciate women.

No. 1210031

I think that's cope, those men could be decent looking with better hair styles and some natural muscle on their bodies
historically not really, Europe was like most of the world, I guess it was a little more open but there were some societies in the americas and India that surpassed them
this is just a bad imitation of american decennary, shouldn't european sexuality follow more closely its pagan roots close if that was the case
I'm saying the music vid posted was really weird and was trying to imitate to dumbass american rap music vidoes

No. 1210032

Some quality Danish music for you all.

No. 1210040

okay now this is actually cool, I wish there was more music like this rather then the crap the other anons posted

No. 1210044

File: 1654286913207.png (255.86 KB, 528x327, mwah.png)

it's us (we be kissin)
Nice, does Eivør counts as Danish or is faroe islands a separate thing

No. 1210048

>Hannelore lives at Hall'schen Tor
>With a flower woman
>Hannlore sings revue in the choir
>You can't hear it
>But where se jing and where se stood
>Since the guys were out of control
>Especially in May
>And full of spring and love urge
>Write a mold on a couch
>The beautiful melody

>Hannelore, Hannelore

>Most beautiful child from the Hall'sches Tore
>Sweet, lovely creature
>With the most beautiful bobbed hair
>Nobody can tell
>Whether you are woman or man!
>Hannelore, Hannelore
>Most beautiful child from Hall'sches Tor

>Hannelore wears a tuxedo dress and a tie

>Wears a monocle at all times
>On ribbon of silk grosgrain
>She boxes, she foxes, she golfs, she tap-dances
>And just between us: She's kidding!
>Especially in May
>Someone entrusted it to me
>She has a bride and groom -
>But this just by the way

No. 1210050

Anti-rap tard is here I see. Thought she was american

No. 1210055

She probably isn't European, seems more like the type to idolize Europe and be upset that it's not the way she imagines it.

No. 1210060

for some reason wolfsheim popped up in my head. im not german, but my father listened to them a lot. They have both german and english songs

No. 1210064

Well I hope she enjoys this Swedish classic.

No. 1210067

god I love this song. But this one is my favourite of them

No. 1210069

Uuuurgh god, I wish a swede would refuse to serve me diner while playing vidrel full blast

No. 1210072

No. 1210073

to add: anyone here remembers two unlimited?

No. 1210079

I love this anon. Have this from me

No. 1210081

Average day in the Netherlands

No. 1210082

I know that western(and now eastern) europe lost all identity after the end of WW2. slowly and gradually the Americans with to turn it into another staless american copy, this isn't new information for me
kinda ironic of you think about it, that the communists helped preserve more of their nations original culture and heritage rather then the "free markets' of the west

also I'm "you know who" chan, the one whose mention starts arguments cause you make false claims about me

No. 1210092

Ignore the retard and thank Sweden for its service

No. 1210093

Danke, anon! Let's have some greek wine together.

No. 1210097

The funny thing about this is that I'm greek but I don't drink kek. I would drink some greek soda TM while u drink the wine nonnie

No. 1210098

No. 1210102

From the thumbnail it looked like Nicole Kidman in a moustache kek

No. 1210103

Oh, so pre WWII stuff is fine? Okay

No. 1210105

samefag just cause I comment against the religion of the arab pedophile doesn't mean I universally praise the west, I am well aware of the flaws of the west, including increasing degeneracy, degernacy that is sadly also spreading to the middle class scrotes to my nation is well, I know I'm not gonna change anyone's minds with this post but just cause one is against Islam and religious conservatism doesn't mean they are okay with seeing constant degernacy and I had hoped that the lc users were as disgusted at societal filth as I was
anyway here's my contribution to this thread(since there are Sikhs and Punjabi Muslims in Europe, this technically counts) but its genuinely one of my favorite songs/poems, would like hear your thoughts on it

No. 1210107

Greek wine is a thing??? Is it good kek

No. 1210109

خليك ليا يا بلادي، راني عليك نادي
أرضي، أرضي وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا
خليك ليا يا بلادي، راني عليك نادي
أرضي، أرضي وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا
قطعت البحور والزمان يدور والغربة قتالة
نبكي ونقول علاش عليا هاد الحالة
قطعت البحور والزمان يدور والغربة قتالة
نبكي ونقول علاش عليا هاد الحالة
بركاني نعاني، مليت وحداني، غريب وبراني، كي ندير أنا
تفكرت بلادي وعليك نادي، يسهل ربي ونغدا أنا
بركاني نعاني، مليت وحداني، غريب وبراني، كي ندير أنا
تفكرت بلادي وعليك نادي، يسهل ربي ونغدا أنا
خليك ليا يا بلادي، راني عليك نادي
أرضي وأرض وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا
خليك ليا يا بلادي، راني عليك نادي
أرضي وأرض وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا
يجي يوم وننسى الهموم، بلادي قمرة شعالة
نفرح، نغني، أنا نطير كي لحمامة
يجي يوم وننسى الهموم، بلادي قمرة شعالة
نفرح ونغني، أنا نطير كي لحمامة
بلادي، بلادي، نقولها ونادي، ما عنديش من غيرها أنا
وبراس ولادي، ما ننسى بلادي، يسهل ربي ونغدا أنا
بلادي، بلادي، نقولها ونادي، ما عنديش من غيرها أنا
وبراس ولادي، ما ننسى بلادي، يسهل ربي ونغدا أنا
خليك ليا يا بلادي وراني عليك نادي
أرضي وأرض وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا
خليك ليا يا بلادي، راني عليك نادي
أرضي وأرض وجدادي، فيها تربيت أنا

No. 1210110

This is the Eurofag thread, not the Pakithread

No. 1210112

Based taste nona, it's so satisfying when La Camilla slaps that moid at 1:09

No. 1210115

the text alone made me laugh

This song is a meme but very good example of balkan music

No. 1210129

File: 1654290115358.gif (1.56 MB, 498x415, dancing-cow-cow.gif)

All I want is dancing with you nonas ♥

No. 1210135

Thought you only wanted pre-WWII stuff

No. 1210137

Why are you polluting the eurofag thread ew

No. 1210141

you posted black people rapping and twerking, why can't someone, there are already sikhs and punjabi muslims in Europe, did you even listen to it, even though I'm not a Muslim anymore I still find the work of Bulleh Shah to be beautiful, that's how great the works of bulleh shah is
how about something more contemporary
this isn't the great "own" you think it is, all of these are from weimar germany, an era so decadent and filled with degernacy and pedophilia that people voted in the Nazis, like your not proving my claims wrong at all, in fact your confirming them by posting an era which was incredibly degenerate

No. 1210142

No I was too busy listening to this beauty

No. 1210144

How to say you're lesbophobic without outright saying you're lesbophobic

No. 1210149

>Prostitution rose in Berlin and elsewhere in the areas of Europe left ravaged by World War I. This means of survival for desperate women, and sometimes men, became normalized to a degree in the 1920s. Prostitution was frowned on by respectable Berliners, but it continued to the point of becoming entrenched in the city's underground economy and culture. First women with no other means of support turned to the trade, then youths of both genders.
>Crime in general developed in parallel with prostitution in the city, beginning as petty thefts and other crimes linked to the need to survive in the war's aftermath. Berlin eventually acquired a reputation as a hub of drug dealing (cocaine, heroin, tranquilizers) and the black market.
>there were other developments in Berlin culture that shocked many visitors to the city. Thrill-seekers came to the city in search of adventure, and booksellers sold many editions of guide books to Berlin's erotic night entertainment venues. There were an estimated 500 such establishments, that included a large number of homosexual venues for men and for women; sometimes transvestites of one or both genders were admitted, otherwise there were at least 5 known establishments that were exclusively for a transvestite clientele.[48] There were also several nudist venues. Berlin also had a museum of sexuality during the Weimar period, at Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sexology.[49] These were nearly all closed when the Nazi regime became a dictatorship in 1933.
this is the era and environment your celebrating, do you really think I'm wrong for being disgusted by it

No. 1210150

Share your best country lesbo songs nonnas

No. 1210153

Sorry can't hear you over the sound of my German bops

No. 1210155

Lesbians at a funeral

No. 1210156

No. 1210157


No. 1210161

Not a song but this town in the uk, called Hebden bridge is known as the greatest town in Europe and is the lesbian capital of the UK, It is said to have more lesbians per square foot than anywhere else in the country kek

No. 1210165

No. 1210167

Rita and Rolli are indeed my two favourite lesbians
Kek niice

No. 1210175

"Come and hold me" by Swedish lesbian Eva Dahlgren

No. 1210201

That was always something you planned beforehand, not just randomly staying over, maybe once we were teenagers during the summer random sleepovers would be more ok

No. 1210762

Good morning to my fellow eurofags I hope you have a nice day

No. 1210832

have a good day too

No. 1210863

What EU countries do you think will best be able to withstand climate change? Or will remain most liveable as the earth will further heat up coming decades?

No. 1210869

Greenland. About to finally live up to it's name.

No. 1210875

It would be planned weeks or months in advance. Doing anything spontaneous was nearly impossible.
Netherlands might ironically enough survive, due to having so much experience battling water and already being so paranoid.

No. 1210884

Wouldn't the entire country get flooded with the rise of sea level?

No. 1210887

No. 1210889

File: 1654340644749.jpg (56.25 KB, 1125x628, MV5BZ_.jpg)

I didn't know that Norway has one highest rates of gun ownership in the world, you can apparently get semi auto riffles too, what

No. 1210900

File: 1654341319747.png (572.56 KB, 1096x1240, 9A9EED7B-C0A3-4B7C-BD00-CB6B54…)

No. 1210905

I'm in the Netherlands and concerned about this. Well, perhaps not the entire country but at least the half of it that's already below sea level.. I don't think we can just endlessly make our dykes higher??

Depends what country you're talking about, we're with many vastly different cultures here anon.

No. 1210907

Sweden, Norway, Finland

No. 1210913

You can always make the dykes higher heb je een tientje voor de coffeeshop?, but making the dikes higher is going to be a difficult one kek. Nah it's not about just making the dikes higher, it's about finding creative solutions. If we can create entire provinces from sea and our ancestors decided to live in a fucking swamp on terpen in the first place, we will manage with this crisis too and find a way. We're used to it. If anything, other countries are begging for our help to manage rising sea levels.

No. 1210932

More importantly, were can I find this Leon mod?

No. 1210953

Seriously. My fav part about the whole discourse was arrogant retarded Americans explaining European history and writing huge thinkpieces about the topic kek

No. 1210974

la da dee da dee da da da
la dee da da la dee da dee da

No. 1210981

my love for sweden remains unfaltering

No. 1210990

File: 1654349542187.jpg (20.54 KB, 359x485, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

As a finn i love seeing Sweden get shat on by retards on twitter koska tärkeintä ei ole voitto vaan se että Ruotsi häviää kek but at the same time i'm feeling like we're next.

No. 1211015

File: 1654351382096.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

suomis are my fav aspies, I, the mongolian whiteknight, won't let a general anti-finn smearing campaign happen

No. 1211027

File: 1654352056418.gif (3.24 MB, 520x413, KAbaKu13Mwfs.gif)

Ireland in yellow, meanwhile Irish people are actually like pic related

No. 1211045

File: 1654353458226.gif (1.67 MB, 360x246, original.gif)

>Pakianon itt

No. 1211049

Aww ♥
You're "evil white privileged" nato-membership seekers too, so probably with that twitter logic.

No. 1211073

sweden is one of the countries at the front of questioning trans medicalization of kids, including making hormone blockers illegal, so i'm sure zoomers can find plenty of reasons to hate sweden lol

No. 1211111

Literally all of them. Climate change is a nothingburger, the only serious threat to life in Europe was the ice-age. We could absorb another 5 degress with no issue and it would just make our agriculture more efficient.
Russia and Scandinavia will almost certainly become better than ever before.

No. 1211125

Very untrue

No. 1211133

It's about as true as the doomsday predictions.

No. 1211205

I wish you were right but I've personally witnessed and experienced the changes in ecology because of climate change.

No. 1211217

You're out of your mind. 20 years ago it was snowing for two or three months straight in my city, now it's a miracle if there's snow for even one day. This winter it snowed twice: once for an hour only and everything melted as soon as it touches the ground, the other was on april 1st only and it was super intense. Don't get me started on summers.

No. 1211259

Isn't pollution honestly more of a worry. People can grow more resistant crops and wear sunscreen, but it's much harder to clean up plastics nuclear agriculture runoff and pharmaceutical pollution.
If anything retards will just make climate change worse by thinking they came up with a genius idea when in reality it'll just make it worse.

No. 1211269

Ah yes, sunscreen will save me from dehydratation whenever it's very dry and 35°C and will protect my appliances whenever there's thunder and flood because ever since there are regular heatwaves there's also thunder and crazy rain and wind on a regular basis too. Thank god for sunscreen! Maybe it'll even help me feel less hot whenever I go to a place with no AC, as in, almost every fucking where in my country.

No. 1211273

>Climate change is a nothingburger
Climate change is real, it just isn't caused by human activity. What's happening is perfectly natural. Look up solar cycles. We have left a solar maximum and are entering a solar minimum. Temperatures increase during a solar maximum and decline during a solar minimum. It's going to get colder, not warmer.

No. 1211279

no one gives a shit, stop samefagging and derailing

No. 1211292

If you don't give a shit, why are you replying to a post made 21 hours ago?

No. 1211300

>People can grow more resistant crops
Biodiversity is on the verge of collapsing, growing more resistant crops won't fix that. Once Biodiversity collapses, humanity will go with it because we won't be able to grow enough food anymore.

It's amazing how disconnected biodiversity and food is in people's minds. Earth can sustain about 2-3 billion of people. We're nearing 8 billion people, the human population will go through a large collapse this century unless we see miracle advancements in technology and global cooperation very soon.

No. 1211307

File: 1654367874846.jpg (392.91 KB, 1200x900, Mer_de_Glace_von_Montenvers_20…)

>East of France
>Heavy snow in winter since near the Alps
>You could ice skate on the frozen lakes
>Highest summer temp was 32°
>Zero snow since forever
>Lakes stopped freezing
>Highest summer temp is 40°
>Heat wave each year
>Mont Blanc looking like shit
>The Mer de Glace looks like picrel
As nonna mentioned >>1211273 people are saying we will hit a second Little Ice Age in the future because of climate change and tbh I can't wait, I cannot handle heat. Also human activity accelerates the process, which is a big issue for the flora/fauna

No. 1211309

>people are saying we will hit a second Little Ice Age in the future

God I hope I still get to experience some of it. I hate summers here in the city and I always dread June/July/August. It was so hot last year, that I constantly felt dizzy and lost a lot of weight due to loss of appetite. Doesn't help that apartments and houses don't have AC's where I live. I know that the cold can bring other issues, such as road accidents, power outages and other things but I can't bear this heat anymore. At least in winter you can drink/eat hot things and bundle up but this heat makes me want to rip my skin off.

No. 1211313

In previous ice ages, land ice covered large part of Europe..

No. 1211322

It was more than liveable, especially in Europe. We wouldn't get a similar little ice age, more like a fraction of it, thus the name "mini" ice age to describe upcoming ice age

No. 1211326

Really, because the sun has literally felt like a roasting laser these past few years.

No. 1211327

The cold better hurry up, fast.

No. 1211334

File: 1654369833510.jpg (100.48 KB, 600x762, e78004aad3896fc091679d371f22d2…)

Farmers during the summer of 2089

No. 1211335

The fuck is wrong with france?
I was having a blast during my trip in switzerland and italy for the past weeks, mind you i visited the infamous tourist trap milan and florence.
The moment i arrived in Nice, i saw people holding signs of sans travail, sans argent, traffic clowns and i was constantly followed and caught a pickpocket grabbing my bag. Following that i got mugged in fréjus gas station and the cherry on cake is the window breaking car theft in a crowded public parking space by the middle of the busy sunny day in aix-en-provence.
When i went to the police station, i wasn't the only person there. A local french lady was yelling, assaulting the commisariat's ikea furniture whilst my foreign ass is watching over with fear. That's when it fucking hits me that oh wait, this feels like detroit.

My anxiety was through the roof and I was sobbing and fucking slept with the frying pan next to me.

I booked it straight to switzerland and cancelled all my bookings in advance. What a shame. Provençal's medieval towns are so beautiful but my experience was cut short due to insane amount of fuckery happened to me in less than a week.

No. 1211345

>judges entire country
>can't even get 'provence' right
opinion discarded

No. 1211349

Can't tell if this is a bait post because it has so many stereotypical antics kekkk it's killing me.
>The moment i arrived in Nice
Here's your problem. It's a beautiful city, but don't go to Nice unless you wanna get C'est Pas Sorcier trucked™
For real though, south of france when you're socialy awkward sounds like hell, we're like southern Italians down there. You need to speak French in order to tell people to stfu and fuck off. Foreigners who love it tend to be super rich, fluent in French or both. I assume Nice is suffering from the same issue that my own Riviera town aka gentrification by richfags (often foreigners) and the town only caring about them and not us, thus the constant protest and such

No. 1211366

That's what I meant here >>1211217 but I'm not saying which city it is about specifically. I heard that they're putting fake snow in ski resorts now in the Alps, meanwhile in primary school when we had to go skiing during school trips I thought I was going to die of hypothermia before we even got into the bus to go to the ski resort. That change is visible with the naked eye, the people I know who moved there recently think a friend of mine and I are bullshitting them when we say we used to have so much snow that going to middle school in the morning was straight up dangerous because of the ice until they put a lot of salt on the streets to make it melt.

No. 1211367

nta but provençal is the adjective for Provence so she isn't wrong. Her grammar is wrong though, no need to say "provençal's"

No. 1211408

i know provençal is the adjective. she should have used he noun. still did't get it right
but i guess that's expecting too much from someone who gets all offended because a place has -gasp- homeless people within sight of tourists

No. 1211434

nta but everyone judges entire countries, it is so annoying. like people hate brits because of colonisation and now sweden for not giving guests food kek

No. 1211437

shit that sounds horrible, I'm sorry you had to go through

No. 1211457

Booked it to chamonix and the shop owners are so sweet and welcoming they gave me a free guanciale because they are about to close the shop to leave to sicily and funnily enough, every french people i talked about the incident is predicting paris, lyon or marseille.

No. 1211480

Nice is close enough to Marseille so… Jokes aside, I've never had issues in the French Riviera, except maybe for Marseille, kind of. In any big city if you use public transport or go to crowded places just keep your phone in your hand like your ready to use it, keep an eye on your handbag and keep you handbag closed and you should be fine. If you have a backpack, carry it on one shoulder so you look like you could be about to reach something inside of it at anytime and don't carry it on your bag in public transport not just because of pickpockets, but also because getting pushed around in crowded subways and trams is annoying. This doesn't apply to just France, obviously, this is a big city thing no matter the country and continent.

If you go to Lyon and take the subway, be careful in these train stations unless you actively want someone to still your smartphone: Guillotière, Perrache, Charpennes and Grange Blanche. If you ever go to Paris, do research on the visits you want to do before taking public transport because Châtelet is the worst subway station in this shithole of a country, it's a labyrinth unless you're not used to it. And if you have health issues that make taking stairs difficult just stick to the bus, unless you really want to be hospitalized soon after because they have almost no elevators and escalators in this city's subway stations for some reason.


How rich are you?

No. 1211482

sage for samefagging but I forgot to ask, did you try to go to Monaco for a day? You can take the bus for like 1.5€ at the old port in the morning, explore Monaco at your own pace and get the bus back to Nice later in the day. The trip is a bit long though, like maybe 45min or 1 hour just to go there but it's worth it imo. If you go to Monaco TAKE THE ELEVATORS FOR FREE, unless it's leg day and you want to climb that shit all day long.

No. 1211483

I would never understand how come someone pays hundreds or thousands to be in a shithole like the alps to live in towns of: 5000 people, 8000 people, 3000 people; or in villages with 300 people or 100 persons…

No. 1211485

It's for the prestige. I wonder what's the proportion of locals and rich tourists, including the ones who have a cabin they only use once a year.

No. 1211487


actually, i can tell you that, when i arrived a few months ago it was mostly natives with small minorities that are customary in france, like north africans and iberians. now that i am about to leave i am starting to see bunch of foreign cars, mostly from benelux, germany and switzerland. and might i say very nice cars

No. 1211491

>it was mostly natives with small minorities that are customary in france, like north africans and iberians.
It doesn't mean much though, because from my own school trips in these sort of villages most of the French people were part of the tourists I described. I noticed more French tourists than foreign tourists at the time, and the ones who had their cabins they barely live in were French people from other regions and way bigger cities.

No. 1211493

what´s even the appeal of a cabin? there is nothing to do over unless you are willing to make hour long rides back and forth into the nearest town in hopes there is something going on. spending the summer or late spring in a cabin doesn´t sound the best idea of a vacation

No. 1211502

t. never lived in an industrial city

No. 1211511

at lest in an industrial city you can get a job

No. 1211513

You just sleep, eat and showers there, and maybe watch tv and play uno with your family so you can ski whenever the ski resorts open in the morning. That's literally what the tourists do. These cabins are inside the small villages most of the time, they're crazy expensive.

nta but as I said, the people who own these cabins either go there only for a week of holidays per year or rent these places on airbnb.

No. 1211528

that seems like a fun time during the winter, i was working around here in the alps and renting a "gite". but i alredy got tired of this shitty routine of working, eating and sleeping with nothing to do and no company of value around me

No. 1211531

other euro anons with monarchies what are your thoughts/stance on it? i think people forget or even don’t know that sweden and denmark have a monarchy. like what is your opinion on your royal family? i saw an interview of the queen of denmark talking about queen elizabeth II

No. 1211539

I always laugh at how these regular ass people just let these inbred rich fucks just stay rich, fucking loot their shit and bring it back to whatever country it was originally stolen from.

No. 1211553

what do you mean "just let" kek, we don't really have a choice. what do you expect? us to get out pitchforks and torches or make a petition through godfundme?

No. 1211593

In NL we tried to elect a pharaoh and petitioned the government. It got enough signatures to talk to parliament, but was dismissed and not considered.

No. 1211600

Sorry that I'm late to the party, had to sleep and work, kek.
Are there no Austrian nonas here? You all forgot to mention Falco.

kek, that picture, today one of them would have trooned out.

Dutch men honestly look nice, they are tall and look clean, just cross the border an look at German men and you won't complain about Dutch men ever again, kek

oh, forgot them yesterday, they are quite nice

oh, would you accept me in Sweden, I won't eat your food, just enjoy your nature and listen to funny music.

No. 1211601

The ones who don't get nuked in WW3. Praying it doesn't happen, but then I don't want to die in the aftermath or from dehydration/heatstroke.

No. 1211610

Sports, sex, alcohol

No. 1211611

KEK, I'm an Amerifag but listening to you guys talk about heatstroke and dehydration makes us southwesterners giggle.

No. 1211619

I mean yeah, do something about it

No. 1211623

If you come with company
That stuff is poison

No. 1211632

iirc most houses and buildings in hot regions in the US have AC, right? Because that's absolutely not the case here. I never went to the American continent but spending a semester in Tokyo in the very hot weather while the AC was on almost everywhere was way more bearable than spending summers in my city because it's hot everywhere to the point where electric fans don't do shit.

No. 1211639

Samefagging, I looked it up on some official websites (one is Minnesota CBS, I guessing it's a newspaper?) and apparently in the South of the USA 95% of households have AC according to a 2015 survey. How are we supposed to take Amerifats seriously when they say stupid shit like 99% of the time? Of course you giggle, you don't risk heatstrokes as much as most of us do since you can cool down your rooms with more than an electric fan, stupid anon. Then again, this is the country that elected a retarded hollywood actor and a retarded reality tv show as their presidents, we shouldn't have high expectations from Americans.

No. 1211640

Average summer temp where I live is 38° (100-102 c) and I don't have AC, no one here does. It's super annoying, you have to just pray that the temp will go down during the night in order for you to sleep

No. 1211643

Make Ireland green in that threadpic istg

No. 1211644

and we giggle when we see how you open your windows (I'm sry, I don't laugh at you, I feel sorry, because our windows are just nice). No, honestly, at least in northern parts of Europe the homes are build to keep the warmth inside the building, so you don't have to waste energy to keep you home warm in the winter. We don't have AC in nearly 99% of our buildings and if it's warm outside, our flats keep the heat inside. Don't know if you ever had 38°C in your flat in the summer for more than two weeks, that's a nice thing and you won't sleep for days, because in the recent years the temperature wouldn't even drop significantly at night. So, yes, please giggle, after all we don't pollute the environment with ACs and make the climate change even worth.

38°C sounds horrible, where do you live, nona?

No. 1211648

File: 1654389525791.png (138.1 KB, 1089x871, noooo.png)

>list of countries by life expectancy
damn, maybe feeding ourselves on good saturated fats alongside serial smoking and serial drinking is in fact the key to a long life kek

No. 1211653

as my country isn't even visible in the excerpt of that chart, I will be moving to Norway next, hope to get at least 3 bonus years kek.

No. 1211685

Don't worry, you should laugh at her even more actually. I checked, it's 3am and I can't sleep because it's too hot but this afternoon temperatures will lower to 20°/25°C. Why? Because there's going to be a big thunderstorm and most likely a hailstorm on top of that. In early fucking june. This wasn't normal at all here 20 years ago but now it's business as usual. I'm hoping this summer will be like last year and it'll just rain non-stop, I'd rather have constant normal rain than this heat and receiving pieces of ice rocks and be electrocuted on the head on my way to work.

No. 1211705

same here, I'm in Northern Germany, don't know where you are, 3 am, trying to get some cool air inside to get the temperature down in my flat, still 22°C inside (neighbours below have their heating running…). We haven't had much rain in months, farmers are worried as everything is way too dry, still, the weather forecast tells how amazing it is, how nice the warm weather is and if you voice your concern you shall be happy that it's warm and not raining, kek, I hate warm weather and I love rain. Got a sunburn on my head today just from walking 20 minutes outside. I hope that it will be hot for one week and then raining 24/7, I can't stand heat and sun, it's making me depressed and I need some cool air to be able to sleep. Hope you will get normal rain and better temperatures and maybe find some sleep tonight.

No. 1211713

My suspicion is that it just comes down to their attitude to guns. Pro-gun people in the US have a really scary violent streak as in they are itching for the opportunity to murder somebody legally. Violence is something that is heavily celebrated in modern day culture in the US whether it be punching terfs or shooting a pregnant lady who broke into your house as she is no longer on your property and is far away now. At least in Switzerland, shooting is just a fun little activity to do on the weekend and your gun remains untouched for the rest of the time.

No. 1211717

maybe you should increase you sun exposure over time, i know that up north people are not as used to the sun but getting a sunburn in 20 minutes seems bad

No. 1211726

nta but I got a sunburn in 30 minutes last week even with spf because I must have missed a spot in my chest somehow, some bitches are just too light and too nordic. I do manage to just tan too, not that I do that on purpose, fucks up the skin

No. 1211732

AYRT, you guys don't get air conditioning!?
Oh my dear nona. It's sweet that you think everyone in the southwest lives in a house with A/C. I, for example, lived in a loft apartment (converted from a 100-year old warehouse, cool old building) with no A/C. The main part of the loft had A/Cs when we bought and installed 'em, but my little room had none. I roasted, anon. Roasted. At least you don't also live in a state that routinely gets forest fires. Hell, a spice warehouse in my area caught fire, it was so hot.

No. 1211733

AYRT, I did! My city had rolling blackouts a few summers back (thanks to shitty infrastructure), and we were left without power for quite a while. This was in the middle of yet another statewide fire. I know what you mean about praying the temp will go down. Sucks ass when it's too hot to even sleep.

No. 1211769

Why would it make sense for Nordic people to get sun burns when the sun is out 24/7 in the summer

No. 1211885

AC is way less common in europe. recent buildings have it but most places don't.
burgerfags like act all superior about withstanding heat but i'd like to see how ppl like >>1211611 would fare in a mediterranean summer without AC

No. 1211896

I managed to sleep. For 5 hours. What about you? I'm just gonna say I'm in a neighbour country, although I'm far away from Germany. I never have to worry about sunburn because I'm not white so while I'm very pale in the winter I tan very, very fast as soon as there's a little bit of sun. I already have a tan line on my feet from wearing dresses with sneakers, this shit is insane. I'm sure farmers (real ones I mean) from all over Europe are the same nowadays. I always pay attention to which fruits and veggies are in season because that's when they get cheaper and more delicious but the dates for some fruits are a bit different now because of climate change.

No. 1211904

>At least you don't also live in a state that routinely gets forest fires
Forest fires are happening more and more in my country. It's even worse in Spain iirc, they get forest fires very, very often. And even if you don't have AC in your room specifically you still have AC somewhere in your house. That's way more than most European places where there's no AC at all, whatsoever, and walls are built to keep warmth because of how harsh winters used to be.

No. 1211940

Other than Scandinavia maybe Ireland too?

No. 1211986

Everyone's saying northern countries, but mountainous regions could be fine too. The Alps and Carpathians are tall enough to remain cool

No. 1211996

I live in Toulouse and I rarely turn on the AC when I'm in my appartement. It's also so drying, slept at a friend's once who kept it on all night and the next morning my skin felt like parchement and my throat was super dry

No. 1212024

no AC either but i live on a busy street putain de banlieue. i'd maybe like to get a fan but last year's summer was so weird i never got around to buy one

No. 1212042

>Dutch men honestly look nice, they are tall and look clean
I'm not attracted to men, but because they have dainty fragile skeletons, toothpick arms and try to stay underweight beanpoles, I look like a hulking monster in comparison. On one hand nice that I mog them and they don't dare to harass or attack me, but I don't enjoy concern trolling, getting unsolicited comments and being asked whether I'm intersex. Just because the men here are afraid to gain muscle or eat properly in general to develop a more robust skeleton.

No. 1212078

Mountainous regions have extreme cold in the winter and extreme warmth in the summer. I know because i lived in plenty of those areas, and because i can give you the alps, in which i am currently, as an example

No. 1212085

you sound hot nonny
Dutch people are so tall, it's insane. Good for you

No. 1212091

I'd rather have dry skin than sleep just 4h like I just did from the heat. My skin is terrible anyway, it wouldn't be a big loss. C'est comment Toulouse l'été en général? J'hésite pour ma destination de vacances en juillet.

No. 1212092

Its kinda funny in a way, a lot of white people are built for strength and growing facial hair but never seen to bother with it, while in my third world country men are way shorter(like almost all of them are 5'7 ish) and can barely grow even a proper stubble let alone a full beard

No. 1212102

Its true kek, am Norwegian some families here used to do the same.

I think everyone here has a memory of being a small hungry child and waiting alone in a different room while the family you visited ate. I don't get it couldn't be me. Its not the norm anymore though I think too many found it tramatic and weird as fuck as a child and wouldn't want their kids friends to go though that.

No. 1212113

Paki-chan? But seriously, it's not everyone who's that tall in Europe. I've noticed German anf Dutch guys are way taller than Europeans guys from countried more in the South like France, Spain, Italy. As for facial hair, maybe it's more of a generational thing but I know a lot of men who keep their beard and take care of it at the barber's the exact same way they would get haircuts on a regular basis, it's a fashion thing more than anything else.

No. 1212131

I feel like Sweden became such a hip country to move to in the past few years. A lot of people in my friendgroups moved there. I also noticed some aspects of swedish culture like fika, lagom, flat hierarchy at the workplace, etc being being picked up and popularized by other cultures

No. 1212132

You must be a young zoomer, because I'm mid 20's and that used to be the norm.

No. 1212136

Go to Montpellier, it has very beautiful architecture and it has nice beaches

No. 1212138

Scandi/Swedish fashion and interior etc. have been popularized on the internet since the 10's or so. It being known as a good country to live in I'm sure helps too. If I ever wanted to leave my country (I don't) I'd pick somewhere in Scandinavia to move to too. Similiar(ish) culture and living standards and far fewer people.

No. 1212140

File: 1654422991775.jpg (170.05 KB, 683x1027, ezgif-5-562644ee7e.jpg)

I get that, but like I'm 5'6 1/2 myself and I'm telling you its an odd experience having majority of men being shorter then you, the only time I felt like most women feel was when I was in Germany where men were a lot taller then I was used to, like my older brother is considerably noticeably tall, to the point that most people almost always comment upon it, he's 5'10
white people don't realize how freakishly tall you are compared to the rest of the world
I think its just my daily experience of seeing awfully baldy grown half "beards" that look barely grown in pubic hair every goddam day, men in their 20's who have never shaved in their lives who like picrel is what I see on a daily basis, sp I now have a complex where I just want to see men that can actually grow beards

No. 1212142

File: 1654423064910.jpg (55.2 KB, 768x466, midsommar-suede-greta-thunberg…)

most euro countries already have a fika equivalent (gouter, tea time, merienda ect…)
Nordic country were already weirdly glamourized by a bunch of different people (from alt-right brainlets, hippies, metalheads, hiking communities) and I saw a huge rise of it after Midsommar came out

No. 1212143

for god's sake spoiler that attack on my eyeballs

No. 1212147

I'm pretty sure you've talked about "white people are freakish tall" and "I went to Germany" before. Are you even in Europe?

No. 1212153

I studied abroad for my masters
This is a nightmare for you, for me this is daily reality, I see faces so disgusting and inbred everyday, you can't even imagine the amount of deformed human beings I have seen in my life

No. 1212158

Why do they do that? Is it cultural/religious or is local media?

No. 1212163

File: 1654424263559.jpg (279.13 KB, 1079x1749, 1652629816402.jpg)

Its cause of Islam, Muhammad had a full beard that he never cut and encouraged his followers to grow beards as well, even though most people(with the exception of like 40% of ethnic groups here, of whom 90% are tribals) most people just don't have the genetics to grow facial hair

No. 1212165

You are from afghanistan? I figured you were Indian, maybe Pakistani. But even the few pakis i know are very trimmed

No. 1212170

I did decide to lean into strength based sports, insted of accepting the trying to meme every girl into turnen (gymnastics?) in skintight leotards meme, feels like that was a pedopsyop anyway. I'm much happier with combat sports, rowing, swimming, rugby, powerlifting etc. Instead of trying to be graceful. I used to do basketball, but I'm not actually THAT tall (at some point they just kept growing), just very sturdy frame and pretty easily gain muscle.

No. 1212172

File: 1654425114344.jpg (182.18 KB, 960x928, Major_ethnic_groups_of_Pakista…)

I'm not from Afghanistan, but like 20%% of my country is made up of Pashtuns(the majority ethnic group of afghanistan)
do you mind asking, why you think guys in your country as you said "men here are afraid to gain muscle or eat properly in general to develop a more robust skeleton" despite having pretty clear genetic advantages over other men, I mean just the height alone is noticeable why not embrace being big in muscles as well

No. 1212177

Can you fuck off please, you're not even in Europe and you keep turning the conversation to your ugly Islamic moids. Fuck off

No. 1212182

Be polite you sperg.

Because taking care of yourself is a lot of effort and many european man are simply lazy

No. 1212185

She did say "please"

No. 1212189

>why you think guys in your country as you said "men here are afraid to gain muscle or eat properly in general to develop a more robust skeleton" despite having pretty clear genetic advantages over other men, I mean just the height alone is noticeable why not embrace being big in muscles as well
Because that is too much effort and it's easier to call women at a healthy weight fat and meme them into lifelong anorexia until their metabolism is fucked. They think eating is too much effort and they don't like doing it, so they will just eat a couple cheese sandwiches per day and eat a pizza once a week and think that's "eating a lot". They look down upon meatheads and think they're overdoing it, because in their mind only abs count. So they try to stay as skinny and rail thin as possible, so they have a six pack without working for it. Which results in comically toothpick arms and chickenlegs, but they expect women to fawn over their abs kek. There is also a certain pride about eating the bare minimum, not taking care of themselves, but still being able to get a girlfriend who will feel insecure and starve herself in response. I've heard so many straight women who are a healthy weight talk about how they're afraid of crushing their boyfriend during sex, because of how underweight the men are. They look at me like I'm insane when I talk about gaining weight on purpose, even if it's muscle, the good kind of weight.

No. 1212191

>Muh islamic moids from my shithole country
>beards beards beards
>White people are so freakisingly tall and they don't even know it!!!
It's been the same shit for several threads now. There's multiple threads in /ot/ where she can sperg about her non-Euro moids and non-Euro country, the Eurofag thread is not it.

No. 1212197

I just thought about it. You know how people say the house system in HP is interesting or should have been written differently like they're fictional concepts? And how in Black Butler there's an arc where the MC goes to a prestigious public college in Victorian England and there are four houses, each with a prefect and a fag (not even making this up kek) and the mangaka said she was shocked that boarding schools in England worked that way when she did research prior to doing this arc because she thought it was only a Harry Potter thing? How are English schools now? For what I understand boarding schools used to be a big thing decades ago but there were a lot of scandals with sexual assaults, rapes by the teachers to the students, and extreme bullying between the students, so that generation of men were mostly traumatized, and nowadays you still have school uniforms but girls can choose between pants and skirts, and some boys during heatwaves asked to be allowed to wear shorts. Are boarding schools still a thing for rich kids? How are private schools like, I guess they're not majority Catholic school like here in France? What were your personal experiences? I was always jealous I couldn't get a school uniform, I wouldn't have been made fun of nearly as much because it would have hidden my poorfag status a bit better.

No. 1212205

THIS. Bad enough they invade my country, can they at least not invade my thread on lolcor

No. 1212209

huh really weird, I guess skinny men are still way better then skinny(I'm not gonna post a pic of the average men's physique here, its a horor that I believe no human deserves to see) I hope a cultural shift happens that encourages natural fitness
not even planning to go Europe(cause of the Muslims already there) my destination is California U.S.A, just a couple more months and I will be a burger

No. 1212215

It's weird seeing all the complaints of it being too hot in Europe. Where I am it's unusually cold and keeps raining. The temperature hasn't been above 20°C this year.

No. 1212218

I think there's already a shift happening, I saw a woman with some obvious muscles in a Basic-fit commercial recently, while when I first wanted to join a gym and considered Basic-fit, they point blank told me that women don't/aren't supposed to lift. I obviously didn't join Basic-fit then and picked an actual meathead/strongman gym, but if women are starting to be encouraged to gain muscle, then men are going to have to keep up too at some point. Can't meme women into being weak forever.

No. 1212223

Where are you?

No. 1212226

South West England.

No. 1212231

You guys are lucky tbh, despite constant rain sounding tiring, I'd honestly rather have it than temps superior to 30°, BLEH

No. 1212241

>my destination is California U.S.A, just a couple more months and I will be a burger
If you're the ex-muslim pakistani anon I have no idea if California is a good option (iirc your cousin lives there anyway) but you're right for some parts of Europe. Ex-colonizer countries have diasporas from their former colonies, including Muslim countries, and personally as one of these people and as an ex-muslim I feel like I don't have to hide it just from my family but from everyone in general. For example at work, in France, I have a few Muslim coworkers and since I'm obviously not white at all they all guessed I was also Muslim and they lowkey judge me for not fasting ramadan, and I have to avoid eating pork at lunch. It's beyond annoying, it was even worse at my previous call center job where there were a shit ton of Muslims, and even some white convert were shocked and lowkey disgusted that I didn't fast and didn't eat exclusively halal. Where are you moving to the US?

No. 1212251

Are you in southern Spain or something?

No. 1212252

I like warm temperatures around the 30º

No. 1212260

Its not like I have a choice, its not an ideal or planned moving situation, its working with the best options I have, even If I had a choice I don't I'd want to go Europe, leaving Islam is a considered a huge taboo and I'm sure that it can even lead to death, I have stories of cousins being beaten and sent to madrisas for becoming too "free" all this happening with in Europe
>Where are you moving to the US?
I'm forgetting the name rightnow, but it was somewhere near LA, I'm planning on living with my cousin and their family and I do various part time jobs and basically be their live in housekeeper/nanny for free, in exchange I get to live in the west, I'm essentially going to cut off my entire family over this

No. 1212262

No, french south west (Aquitaine)

No. 1212264

>30 is too hot and <20 is too cold.
23-25ish and occasionally a rainy or overcast day is perfect imo

No. 1212265

Stop entertaining paki-chan, she has no bussiness itt

No. 1212269

frog friends, why is it so that commerce closes so soon in your country?

No. 1212271

File: 1654428572199.jpg (955.08 KB, 1200x1622, Queen_Eleanor_(Frederick_Sandy…)

Oh cool, I know jackshit about that area except that Eleanor was from there.

No. 1212272

labor laws, local habits

No. 1212273

Nta but kek you don't have to go a Mediterranean country to experience 30+C° weather, I'm in Hungary and it's been around 30 degrees since early May. The weather has been nuts the past few years, sometimes we have scorching heat alternate with cold rainy weather

No. 1212274

Try Spain, where everything outside of big cities closes in the middle of the day for some hours

No. 1212275

wait what country is this about?

No. 1212277

I would also like to know kek. Idk what frog refers to

No. 1212278

I did hear from Slavs that there's an area there which is especially at risk of desertification. So I know about it, but whenever I think hot country I still first think of Mediterranean. Sorry.

No. 1212280

Netherlands? kikkerlandje

No. 1212284

I'd prefer to be called a frog rather than a cheesehead, I don't even like cheese.

No. 1212286

i assumed france because of frog legs. oops

No. 1212288

It was just a guess because we refer to our country as Frog country but you're probably right about anon meaning France now that you mention it

No. 1212289


Hopefully nobody took offense, it wasnt my intention at all

I know, it´s boring

No. 1212293

File: 1654429635789.jpeg (540.3 KB, 1242x802, C7E8F176-8809-4D13-B710-382FCD…)

frogs are the french kek
the english call them frogs, it also seemed like they called each other frogs too.

No. 1212294

I see, I'm not surprised, Muslims from my ethnicity aren't nearly as strict as Pakistanis. I wish you good luck.

Because fuck you that's why. You want to buy grocery after your long day of work at the office but you had to work overtime and public transport is having some issues because someone committed suicide at the busiest subway station again? Fuck you, it's 20h already, go the fuck home starving or order takeout. You have messed up shifts and your day of work is over at 23:00 but you were too busy or tired in the morning to buy stuff, go back home to put everything in the fridge, and go to work? Fuck you. You forgot to buy something at the supermarket and you only notice on a Sunday at noon and the supermarkets on Sundays are closed at 12:30? Fuck you. Some stores don't even accept payments with the tickets resto cards even when you just buy normal food and soft drinks just because. I wish we could have convenient stores like in Japan sometimes.

No. 1212308

File: 1654430645596.jpg (79.98 KB, 705x676, political_beans.jpg)

Frogs are cute and memey, cheese is stinky and tastes bad. I want to swap.

No. 1212315

french cheese is so good tho. I love brie on a slice of bread

No. 1212319

File: 1654431667948.jpg (166.01 KB, 817x883, cheese_hate.jpg)

My first memory is literally hating cheese, I'm never going to like it. Just smelling it is enough to make me feel sick. And then I'm being called a cheesehead. I'm probably born with my hatred for cheese, but I do actually like cilantro.

No. 1212321

did not like either the cheese nor the wine, the only thing i enjoyed about france was the landscape

No. 1212331

nonnie… this hurts to read

No. 1212345

Sorry that I hurt you

No. 1212348

File: 1654432737587.webm (2.46 MB, 1024x576, Square friend.webm)


No. 1212426

Strict labour laws mostly. People would rather close early than pay their employees overtime.
Shops in Paris tend to close a tad later than in the rest of the county but you won't see 24/7 ones.

No. 1212431

Yeah at best you'll have some small Monoprix, Auchan and Carrefour open on Sundays but only in the morning.

No. 1212436

Good for France.

No. 1212444

increasing sun exposure wouldn't work, I turn red immediately and then get a sunburn. And because my parents where shit and my skin got damaged very early and regular because of sunburns, I'm very prone to getting new moles and new moles mean risk of skin cancer, so, no thanks, I stay out of the sun and pale as I can be. Also, sun on my skin doesn't feel nice, some people might enjoy the feeling of burning up, I just hate it.

got around 6 hours and over night my flat got even warmer, don't know how that works. And yes, I do the same, no strawberries in the the middle of the winter or potatoes shipped over from Egypt, but the time really changed, some things are way earlier than ever before.

No. 1212471

I hate cilantro (aka soap in plant form) but I'm a cheese addict - wanna meet up and battle for death

No. 1212481

I'm big burly sporty anon, not sure it would be a fair fight.

No. 1212483

It's good until you can't even get a shitty part time job on the side while in uni because you have classes some saturdays so you're barely available when companies and stores are open and operating.

No. 1212596

That's only while you're in education tho. Once you're working you're reaping the benefits for many more years.

No. 1212599

It is. Our labour laws are fairly protective of employees. I don't know how much longer that'll last with Macron tho

No. 1212600


is it true that french woman earn 3000 euros after their 3rd baby (1000 each)?

No. 1212627

Yes but not being able to get a job until my very last year of master's fucked me over long term, I couldn't miss classes because of the crous. I planned on getting a job on the side to study abroad for a year and I couldn't because I wouldn't have been able to afford it even with the scholarships I would have been entitled to, I wanted any shitty job to put it on my resume to make it look ok for my eventual internship search and it didn't work so I had redo my last year just for that fucking internship in a field I don't like and I'm currently stuck in, and because I had to redo a year potential employers who checked my resume just thought I was a complete retard, and not that I was too poor to move out of my parents' place for an internship. I can still feel the gap between the people I went to uni with and me because of the loss of money, opportunities and time. I don't regret studying though, I'm earning as much or more now than my father was at the very end of his career at a shitty factory with decades of work at the same company.

No. 1212705

You couldn't work during vacations? Where I am it's pretty normal to work during vacations (summer or shorter ones during the rest of the year) even if you can't work during the school year.

No. 1212715

No, there was way too much competition I suppose because I looked for jobs and everyone told me I needed a car (bullshit, I live in a big city with great public transport) or that I didn't have enough experience yet. I know it was bullshit because when I managed to get my part time job I learned how to use the cash register in 5 minutes and I was ready to work. Temp agencies only wanted me to have interviews for full-time jobs that would have lasted until mid-october at best so it wasn't compatible with going back to uni in early september and again, I didn't want to have issues with the crous fuck them btw. All the people I studied with who had jobs were skipping classes whenever they wanted and got fake notes from their doctors or went back to their parents' places for summers to have more opportunities to get money.

No. 1212734

>working during vacations

No. 1212741

She meant the summer holidays, so july/august until classes start again.

No. 1212745

>during the summer she works
>the rest of the year she studies

yeah i got it, been there did that and almost went crazy. wouldn't recommend.

No. 1212752

Weird. I'd think employers would love to hire cheap minimum wage students.

Sorry for the confusion, those words use one and the same word in my language. I also meant during autumn, christmas and spring holidays though.

No. 1212756

I do that, a lot of people do that here. I'd also rather not but I have to in order to pay for my car (still cheaper than renting) and tuition.

No. 1212803

File: 1654451826861.jpg (3.16 MB, 2560x1440, norppa.jpg)

winter haters ruin this world you all piece of shits think that less snowing means a better world

fuck winter haters die from a heat stroke! winter is beautiful and snow is like a cleanser that takes away the old worries and wraps the earth in peaceful rest. but nooo it's cold so let all the animals depended on snow die because people cannot wear more clothes

No. 1212826

I thought so too, but it's more complicated than that. It depends on when students' classes ends and when they start again and it depends on each school/uni. The jobs I wasn't hired for that ended in mid-october suited other students who were starting class in october. Some students think they get to pick and choose when to go to work and prioritise their studied so many employers are wary of them and would rather hire full time young employees with a free schedule.

No. 1212845

Why? It's better than working and studying at the same time.

No. 1212853

i took the third route, took an year long break and moved away from my country to work and save enough money for my studies

No. 1212877

Hats off to you nona, that takes a lot more effort.

No. 1212939

fuck off sealfag. winter sux

No. 1213133

I love you, nona, I can't wait for it to be winter again and I hate every damn winter we don't have more than 2 days snow.

No. 1213139

Where are you meeting all these anorexic toothpick men? Most Dutch men I know are skinnyfat but it’s because of a sedentary lifestyle, not because they think muscles are ugly. If they could become more muscular without putting any effort in I’m sure most of them would. Any whining about muscles (not body builders but regular functional muscles) being ugly is probably sour grapes more than anything.
I’ve also never met a man who prided himself on eating very little. Women yes, absolutely, but never men. If anything they like to boast about eating whatever they want without getting fat (spoiler: they eventually do get fat).

No. 1213220

>not because they think muscles are ugly. If they could become more muscular without putting any effort in I’m sure most of them would. Any whining about muscles (not body builders but regular functional muscles) being ugly is probably sour grapes more than anything.
What do you mean with functional muscles? All muscles are functional afaik? Or do you mean from strength based training without a focus on hypertrophy? Or do you think all bodybuilders use steroids? Or do you think that steroids lead to muscles without strength? I'm confused. Muscles are muscles. It might be sour grapes, but I've never seen this behavior from men from other countries. They usually are more openly obsessed with muscles. I've seen nonnas in other threads talk about how men get upset that many women aren't into muscular men, even when the complaining man in question is skinnyfat himself.
>I’ve also never met a man who prided himself on eating very little.
Could it be that they were doing that to try to make me feel bad about my bulking portions?

No. 1213524

File: 1654492581362.jpg (140.25 KB, 900x600, normal_160105-26b.jpg)

no it doesn't.

No. 1213526

File: 1654492701308.jpg (161.61 KB, 1000x666, DSC_3843-1000x666.jpg)

and yes that is a winter rainbow

No. 1213527

File: 1654492780979.jpg (583.36 KB, 1802x1080, 3425637.jpg)

No. 1213611

Holy shit, you are so damn autistic i bet you're actually seal-chan

No. 1213632

>I’ve also never met a man who prided himself on eating very little
I've been in primarly masculine anorexia communities in the past and I guess around 30% pride themselves in eating very little while the others are very mindful of what they eat and work out like crazy

No. 1213679

sorry for ruining your day by posting pretty nature pictures

i can sense your bmi

No. 1213899

oh, that's looks so damn beautiful, can I move there, right now? Those pictures really helped to improve my mood, as summer is around and I get depressed with to much heat and sun, kek.

No. 1214297

i hate this uk vs other euro countries so much. i thought this site would be different. But I swear there are some twitterfags lurking who like to sperg about hating brits

No. 1214400

waaahwaaah I can't stand being rightly teased waaah
Even the french are less anal than you, you should be ashamed

No. 1214410

honestly, I don't hate you brits as your whole country has very different people and if possible, I will move there some day, so not everyone hates you, just don't know if my love is good enough, as it's coming from a German nona, kek

No. 1214430

>They said something that I didn’t like, they must be from twitter
Most nonnas were sharing their awful experiences with brit tourists, which I also experienced with my own two eyes. There’s also the nonnas criticizing the monarchy and the frogos memeing. If you’re offended by empiricism, testimonies and shitposts on an imageboard, I don’t really know what to tell you

No. 1215194

worst and best thing about your country

No. 1215527

File: 1654634916519.png (1.06 MB, 828x537, 9703B2E5-66B6-4D1A-8A12-0CE639…)

Any danish nonner wanna go out for lunch in copenhagen this weekend? Ill be touristing there

No. 1215529

yeah don't meet up with people from LC, that's not safe.

No. 1215541

the best thing about my country is me

No. 1215558

The worst and the best thing is me

No. 1215578

>best thing: nothing
>worst thing: everything

No. 1215588

I can't decide, but I think it's very common for people in my country to be mean to each other, random strangers are complete assholes to each other and family also screws you over almost all the time. You can comfortably insult people from other regions, towns, rural departures and provinces nearby because it's a stereotypically thing to do. People are just naturally mean spirited and we love to shit on our backwards coulture. Is it holding us back as a country? Yes. Would we become better as a society if we stopped doing this? Yes. Can we stop it? No, this is what you get of creating a country out of several kingdoms and regions but don't provide a federal union. And the worst thing about my country is the urbanization of the coasts.

No. 1215593

File: 1654637532321.jpg (562.59 KB, 2048x1536, 8493172491_74e2507a1b_k.jpg)

Mentioned this in another thread and on looking it up again I realised that it was only really the UK and Europe that were affected by this. The horse eating years.

How many horses did you eat? I'd a few.

No. 1215601

Already have and they were sweet

No. 1215602

File: 1654637947308.jpg (208.26 KB, 1280x1665, tumblr_p41t6avnHP1rwz0doo1_128…)

I'd eat a Shetland pony with kisses ♥

No. 1215939

One good meet-up doesn't make it safe or a good idea, use your brains.

No. 1215990

If you keep being afraid of everything life will pass you by in a flash

No. 1216053

If you keep meeting up with strangers from random websites your life will end in a flash

No. 1216258

They're going for lunch, so long as you stay in public and don't let them know where you live nothing bad will happen.

No. 1216413

File: 1654702898084.png (277.97 KB, 500x313, 1652463139659.png)

I wish I could meet up with euro nonas so we could drink eat and be merry, hate on troons and listen to great music together.

No. 1216432

Omg same nonny. I just want to get together and have a good time with likeminded people. Also, I want to cook delicious things for all of you. I love baking but I have no one to share things with.

No. 1216488

Anon this isn't about "everything you're afraid of in life" it's a realistic risk. I'm not telling you to stay inside and never set a step inside again or to never drive a car again because you could get into an accident or whatever. But you're on an anonymous imageboard that's hated among 4chan moids and trannies who love to post child porn and rape porn, it takes just 1 of them ill intended enough to pull something.

>nothing will happen in public
tell that to the girls and women who've been assaulted, raped or taken in public.

Meeting up with someone from an anon ib, especially LC, is just a retarded idea idk what else to tell you.

No. 1216497

> tell that to the girls and women who've been assaulted, raped or taken in public.
Oh fuck off with your inane fear mongering.

How many women have gotten raped because they had a coffee with another woman in a public cafe?

No. 1216500

same, but I won't bring food, I'm German, we don't share our food, just like the Swedes, kek. Well, I would bring some beer and good, classic German music, like Scooter, Modern Talking and hm, guess Blutengel, that's horrible enough. We will also listen to some German drinking songs, while we sit in a park on cow print blankets.

No. 1216515

File: 1654707987617.jpg (364.95 KB, 1600x1063, lc-fika.jpg)

Ayrt and I will bring plenty of Swedish fika for my dear nonas. We also must listen to old crazy eurovision songs.

No. 1216549

Burger here, can someone pill me on French comics and why they are so acclaimed? Where to start with them?

No. 1216553

This looks sooo good

>we don't share our food, just like the Swedes
KEK this joke will never grow old

gosh I remember this being big fucking news in my country but I never really…cared about it much personally? Like there are countries (Indonesia, China, Mexico) where they eat horsemeat just like any other meat, no need to freak out about it
Kek I love that sensationalist Daily Star headline

No. 1216558

File: 1654710126087.jpg (26.75 KB, 564x564, 68cc947a6b62024d0b76a780a81ffc…)

Krautnonnas, I need tips for dating German women. I think I should just give it a shot because they're the only ones liking me on apps. How do I go about this, any dos and don'ts?

No. 1216676

that looks nice and now I want to visit you and eat everything in your fridge, kek


horsemeat tastes good and is somehow healthier than beef or pork (as far as I know). It's sad that it's not very popular anymore. The horsemeat they used was from old racing horses, if I remember correctly and therefore the scandal.

send me that picture, I will date you, kek. I don't know, I'm not in the dating game, but being polite and not calling her a Nazi will work. It also really depends which part of Germany they are from, there is a huge difference between Eastern, Southern and Northern Germany and if you have the chance, I would prefer the Northern Germany women.

No. 1216816

File: 1654720207498.jpg (48.64 KB, 564x423, 0da9d559212bd3dc1bb833ea52e4dd…)

>send me that picture, I will date you, kek.
Getting random cute cat pics is one of the perks of dating me. What's your type? kek
>not calling her a Nazi will work
Yeah that would be stupid and cruel. With all the changes and effort, I think Germans are less likely to be nazi's than people from my own country at this point.
>It also really depends which part of Germany they are from, there is a huge difference between Eastern, Southern and Northern Germany and if you have the chance, I would prefer the Northern Germany women.
I'm in North Rhine-Westphalia at least once per month, sometimes every week, but I go to the north only maybe once a year. What would you say the differences are?

No. 1217505

We were gonna go to europa park this summer but i guess not… unless ?

No. 1217546

I was once prescribed a horse meat diet by my doctor (my blood count was bad), it was awesome.
I love horse meat steak tartar and regular horse meat steak. Horse meat sausages I don't like though, too aromatic.

No. 1217557

File: 1654768480127.jpeg (182.92 KB, 1200x797, 92380F12-88DF-4FC8-BA8E-ADBE32…)

I love shredded horse meat like picrel, it’s so smoky, but I can’t find it anywhere outside of Italy. It goes really well in salads or in sandwiches.

No. 1217628

this post gave me the confidence I needed to collapse this thread.

No. 1217659

that is fucked up. this is why i have never falted being a vegetarian since i was in primary school

No. 1217662

File: 1654777318036.jpg (104.88 KB, 556x505, victoria-sponge-cff9211.jpg)

i used to make victoria sponge cakes from scratch when i was younger, my grandad had cancer and died back in 2013 but just before he died, i would always make him one specially and my mum would cut it into pieces and feed it to him as he always loved it. i haven't made one since as i always associate it with him.

sorrry for sad story, what are your favourite cakes most associated with your country?

No. 1217663

yeh mettwurst with horse meat is the best

No. 1217696

Stfu pussy bitches it looks tasty as fuck I wish we had that here. Horse is amazing.

No. 1217861

Kek, my type is no one at the moment, a little done with humans in general. Still, sending cute cat pics is a very good relationship trait.
We have enough Nazis, it's just like a standard insult here, "You don't like troons, oh, you Nazi", stuff like that, it's somehow annoying, as soon as you disagree, they tell you that you are a Nazi.
North Rhine-Westphalia is a good place to look for dates as you aren't searching for men. They are mostly very honest and easy going there. Southern Germany is more christian than other parts of Germany and I find many people there, a little "Stock im Arsch" (they are too serious), if you visit rather rural areas they still have problems with people being gay or not going to church. Eastern Germany is very different, many people there are still very afraid of foreign people, I also hate their dialect (I'm sorry). It's nice to visit, still wouldn't recommend it to foreign people, especially if the skin colour might be darker, rural areas there are rather a no go. Northern Germany is, at least near the coast, a little bit uncommunicative, but often with a dark sense of humour. Most people just don't care for you as long as you don't bother them and I like that a lot. I like that calm nature of many people in the north, but I might be biased.
Hope you will have some nice dates, you can't do anything wrong trying it with a German woman.

No. 1217863

please tell me more about it and where I can buy it, do I need to move to Italy for it? Thanks for making me hungry.

No. 1217879

File: 1654789543735.jpg (873.35 KB, 2798x1944, DSC_0321.jpg)

Budapestbakelse. The cake has nothing to do with Budapest, it was created by a Swede who named it after his favorite city. It's absolutely delicious.

No. 1217918

It’s really dry, like think finely shredded beef jerky. it has a very strong smoky flavor, it’s not too salty though. Because it’s shredded so fine, like hair, it’s not chewy at all too, it kinda melts in your mouth. The smell is a bit strong though. I love eating it with couscous and chickpeas, I don’t know if it’s a normal combination or an insane one, but they go really well together imo!

No. 1218086

shut the fuck up!! eating a horse is fucked up and i can say that as i don't eat meat, would you also eat dog and cat meat?

No. 1218122

>Hungary’s capital
Not many know this but Midsommar was actually filmed in Hungary kek

No. 1218154

Yeah they're even wearing clothes from those parts of Europe instead of traditional swedish outfits.

No. 1218188

NTA I'm vegan and it's actually retarded to act like horse is so much worse or more fucked up than cow.

No. 1218204

Cmon nonnie, you know that’s a false equivalency. Eating a horse is most similar to eating other hooved livestock like cows, sheeps, pigs, and goats. People eat all of those things regularly. The only reason we don’t eat horses all the time is because in ye olden days even an old horse was more valuable than horse meat because it could still pull loads.

No. 1218321

File: 1654798631130.jpg (200.92 KB, 1272x764, buttercremetorte.jpg)

love you, nona. It sounds just like something I would like to eat. We have a bigger Italian food store in my city and I will ask them if they can get it, if not, might be time to visit Italy.

Buttercremetorte, my grandma made it over all these years, she even made it last year while being 90 herself and I love it. Picture isn't as beautiful as my grandma makes it, kek. Wish my mother wouldn't have been a narcissistic asshole, keeping us away from every other family members, and my relationship with my grandma would be better, so, sad story on my part, too. Hope you can make the victoria sponge cake one day again.

No. 1218325

i guess it is because horses are still classed and kept as pets right? they aren't classed as livestock?

No. 1218429

NTA but it's a very interesting cultural difference within something as small and culturally close as Europe. Eating dogs in any european country is unthinkable but it belongs to cultures completely different from any european one (afaik) then why it's so different with horses? It's like you say, in most countries they're considered "companion" animals, not livestock, so it's just perceived more morally wrong to eat them but then you have countries like Italy or (i think) Belgium, where it's just normal for them. I wonder why.

No. 1218470

I mean I’m pulling this out of my butt but I would guess that a majority of horses in the world are still livestock, not pets. And I don’t think the horses that were getting put in IKEA meatballs were ever pets.

No. 1218567

i understand the whole 'why is it different than eating a cow etc' but i don't eat meat at all, so that doesn't apply to me. i just think it is disgusting. but from my experience i see horses more as pets than livestock. but i guess different cultures/situations etc

No. 1218623

it's very different from country to country, while it's been quite normal in Germany to eat horse meat years ago, today it's rather rare and people will buy horse meat mostly for their dogs. In France and Switzerland it seems normal to eat horse, while in the USA it's prohibited to sell horse meat for human consumption, but they won't let you buy Kinder Überraschung as well, so I don't question anything about their food laws. There also seems to be a history between the catholic church and the ban of horse meat, as they thought it was pagan and not very christian to eat it, guess there is a lot of history concerning horse meat as food in the world.
The horses used for horse meat are produced like livestock, so they aren't pets at all and personally, I don't see any difference between the way we eat and treat cows, pigs or chicken and for me, a chicken would feel more like a pet than a horse.

No. 1219475

Eating horse in France isn't widespread at all even if it's possible to buy horsemeat. Maybe it's more of a regional thing.

No. 1219489

I had a classmate in primary school who lived on a farm and had a favorite calf. He treated it like his pet. Then one day he invited class for a school trip. His father thought it would be cool to slaughter the calf behind the kid's back, turn it into bitterballen and then served it to my class. I saw that the kid was obviously going through something traumatic. That was his friend on a plate. So I couldn't eat it.

No. 1219495

!!! What the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1219518

I think the father wanted to teach his son a lesson about getting attached to livestock destined for slaughter. Traumatizing and humiliating him in front of the entire class and having everyone eat his pet right in front of him is just grotesque though.

No. 1219523

Any other Irish farmers feel super weird having Shayna in such close proximity

No. 1219538

Yes I should have tried to see her while she was in Cork kek. Seeing her posing next to wildlife and castles is surreal.

No. 1219575

That's some horror movie shit, the father must have some kind of mental illness or personality disorder.

No. 1219615

i mean i have eaten pigs that i have known personally so yeah i think i could taste cat or a dog too if it was sanitary

deleted to edit: lol i didn't read the previous conversation

No. 1219616

i mean i agree that what the father did was extremely fucked up

No. 1219617

Actually, why do some people eat carnivorous animals, isn't it dangerous? I wouldn't want to have a prion disease but maybe I'm missing something here.

No. 1219619

Are they now a father and son serial killer duo?

No. 1219632

I think he just works at his father's farm and now slaughters cows and calves too. Farmers can be weirdly sociopathic like that, just to teach a lesson, because keeping emotional distance is important to last in the trade. My father told me that something similar happened to him when he liked a pony at my great grandfather's farm.

No. 1219640

Anyway, does anyone have recommendations of stuff i should buy in Denmark? Or danish stores to visit / food?
Aside from the famous chocolate milk of course.

No. 1219643

I'm sorry if this an offensive question but what's the difference between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

No. 1219652

The IRA.

No. 1219742

File: 1654867053167.png (386.49 KB, 1056x1056, irishsea-01.png)

northern ireland is part of the united kingdom, although it was originally irish. there's disputes over who it should belong to (ireland or the uk), because the people who currently live there are a mix between indigenous irish catholics, and anglo/scottish protestants from across the irish sea. the people who want NI to leave the UK are called republicans, and the people who want to stay are called loyalists.

No. 1219774

Northern Ireland is occupied by the English

No. 1220054


No. 1223706

tanxugueiras or barry brava (they both tried going to eurovision). ojete calor and ladilla rusa for satirical music. ginebras and cariño for girl only indie pop groups. mecano and hombres g for old music from the 90s/movida madrileña. aerolíneas federales for movida viguesa music. joaquín sabina for flamenco. c tangana and bad gyal for rap/trap, i personally prefer tangana, tho, he samples older songs, kinda like kanye but less schitzo

No. 1223709

worst: cayetanos
best: radfems make the most out of all feminists here

No. 1226635

I always hear from people who lived in England that they would never want to go back, why is that?

No. 1226751

south and eastern europe has so many based women. most of the radfems on tumblr are from eastern europe. I'm sick of living in cringe germany where every woman blindly aligns herself with retarded american wokie thought. We're definitely gonna be the next country to undergo trannification if german women stay this silent or mindlessly encouraging of their own demise

No. 1227023

Fellow spaniard how come I never see you around this farm? Are there only two of us?

No. 1227026

I used to live in the UK and honestly I would go back. But from my understanding, if you came from London it 100% makes sense since it's becoming increasingly expensive. I would say another major factor has to be the government, especially right now since it's a circus and the weather. It's always the weather. And the tiny houses. Other parts of the UK will also become expensive soon because of the influx of people from hong kong coming in and londoners moving north too.

No. 1244819

hello fellow anónima. i like to spend most of my time in other threads. i am afraid i do not know how many more anónimas there are

No. 1246420

This is a long shot but are there any Italianons from Naples? I'm planning on going there in October and I was wondering if there are any good antique markets or flea markets there, or if they've been ruined the way Florence and Rome's have been (by all the Indian guys selling cheap shit made in China).

No. 1247007

File: 1656651467033.jpeg (786.66 KB, 1170x1110, 896896E9-9938-4555-80DF-B73E21…)


No. 1247038

I saw this when I just woke up and wanted to post before I forgot, but the brief translation is that someone designed a gender neutral Swedish traditional suit/gown. It doesn’t represent any part of the country (the colours of the regular suits tend to vary depending on county) but “ties to the non-binary community”. It could just be an art piece but this excerpt make it sound like it’s an official thing.

No. 1264133

how are your countries doing, nonnas?

No. 1264140

Everythings on fire (literally)

No. 1264223

Kind of an odd question but I wanted to ask you Eurofags. Would you say that compared to other countries your country handles sexual assault cases that go to court well?

No. 1264341

No. Police won't give a shit, let alone anyone. In fact you end up being shamed for being a victim, so women end up being silent about it.

No. 1264500

I searched a friend's name who just moved to Sweden recently on a whim and found that there are a lot of online registers where tons of info about people is available (address, phone number, age, size of apartment/house). Is this legal? Do people consent to this or is this done automatically? Do you guys have online registers like this in your countries?

No. 1264503

Really badly, inflation's hitting hard and the government is introducing stupid regulations

No. 1264510

The police and courts don't care. If you're a white woman that gets raped or assaulted by a non-white male, the police will very rarely bother to do anything about it and if it does get to court, expect the rapist to get a weak sentence because rape is part of their culture and you're a fucking bigot.

No. 1264631

Holy shit I’ve never read such a stupid statement. They get shit sentences cause they’re males and justice is never fair to women, not because they’re non whites and that « it’s part of their culture ». At least try to hide your racism. And Idk in what world you live in but white moids get more protected than others.

No. 1264664

Blessed. By apricot gods.

No. 1264683

I live in France and was followed three different times by the same man, anytime he saw me he'd follow me basically. The third time, he followed me from my job to my city (30min in a bus, 20min walking) and i went to hide in a pharmacy and cried for help like a baby. He left, they advised me to go to the police.

I did, and they laughed in my face when i started crying and told me that they'd love to be followed home by a woman, i couldn't believe what i was hearing. They had his picture and i was able to identify him, i wanted to press charges so that he would never follow another woman again and they asked if i was sure, told me that it could ruin his life for such a little accident, hurrdurr poor moid, they were clearly annoyed that i wanted to press charges.

I did anyway, and i received a judgment i think 8 months later, turns out he was deemed too mentally ill to be responsible.

The worst thing is that my ex at the time told me that the police wanted to comfort me and lighten the mood when they said "i'd love to get followed by a woman", i hate this fucking scrote. Men were always right, anything a man did had a legitimate reason to it for this pig.

Anyway, i'm venting a bit, but yeah, my case isn't even anything too gross, i was thankfully not raped, but i know women have a hard time being believed in this country.

No. 1264693

I've stopped reading the news because all I got ever since the war started back in February is
>shit news about Russian/Ukrainian war
>gas prices going up
>extreme housing shortage not gonna stop any time soon
>more inflation
>food's gonna get even more expensive
>climate change
>even more inflation
>new record price for gas
>record for housing and rent prices broken again
and it made me the fuck depressed.

No. 1264699

are you from the US?

No. 1264776

I bet.

No. 1264793

They don't give a shit. There is an ongoing case where a man pressed charges against the catholic church, because a priest molested him when he was a kid. People blame him for ruing the poor priest's life who certainly didn't do anything wrong!! The church even sued him for "harrasment" for reporting it.
There's another case where a doctor threw acid on his wifes genitals. She gets called a whore all the time and is blamed for "ruining his life". Makes me want to vomit.
Az least the lady is doing better, she published the book recently and continues talking about her experience, wile helping other abuse survivors.
Police are corrupt pigs, just like those in the church.

No. 1264795

ameritards get out of the euro thread if you don't know what you're talking about at all. go apply your uwu racism logic in your own country

No. 1264807

Nta but I semi agree (as a mediterranean). Police are lazy fucks and they probably specifically love when rapists are brown because they can pretend to be worried about racism when in reality they just want an excuse to keep sitting on their butts and get payed for doing nothing. If the rapist was white they'd just pretend to do the bare minimum and then say "sorry we don't have enough proof" and victimblame to hell and back anyway.
Maybe courts are generally better in your country but in mine they suck both in being slow af and bad sentences. Few years ago we had a judge declaring a white dude innocent of trying to murder his wife with a bat because she had committed adultery.

You know your country better than me, though. Do white guys actually get sentenced over there? In mine people will blame even 14 yo girls of being "hoes" regardless of the culprit and nobody trusts the courts. Closest thing to racial stuff in my country is police/courts chickening out of gypsy on gypsy stuff/black ghettos because they're scared of being thrown stones at, but that doesn't involve white people.

No. 1265091

i literally can't cool my apartment down by opening my windows at night because bats fly around like insane maniacs right outside i fucking hate it here
and if anyone is thinking of saying they won't get in, that has happened to someone i know..

No. 1265096

File: 1658002515145.jpg (23.3 KB, 474x315, th-1886125553.jpg)

Can't you put these on your windows?

No. 1265129

it feels like it's dying, kek. They play with the idea of using halls with extra heating so the poor people won't have to use gas in the winter and freeze to death in their homes. Food prices are through the roof and politicians tell us that we have to sacrifice more and tighten the belt. Covid will be on the rise again around October and we all will have to stay at home again, while our "leaders" put more money in their pockets and don't change anything about their own behaviour. As soon as I can, I will be out of here.

judges sometimes give the advice that you don't take a sexual assault to the police, because if you can't prove that you didn't want it, there is a good chance you won't win the case. At the moment, we have a case of 11 young men (18 to 22) raping a 15 year old girl. Only one of the guys was in prison before the court date and they have evidence that those guys did it.

in my country the catholic church has their own courts, so there isn't much there can and will be done about all the horrible things they've done in the past (and still certainly do)

fly screen, like nona >>1265096 suggested, bats will detect that and won't fly against it, also protects you from mosquitoes and other things. And now, please tell me where you live, it sounds lovely

No. 1265322

Rofl you guys are delusional. I’m from France and this is how it goes in a country ran by Islamophobia and racism. You’re the ones sounding like Americafags thinking Europe is a country. Not everything is ran the same way and maybe in your country scrotes get treated the same way no matter their origins (which I doubt), but it’s not the same here.

No. 1265478

Why is that bad?

No. 1265523

Here's a recent example
>The report found that more than 1,000 girls had been abused over a 40 year period, and their abuse was ignored for decades due to "nervousness about race" in the belief that investigation against Asian men would inflame "racial tensions".

No. 1265535

My two friends were raped, one by a random gypsy, other by her abusive boyfriend and they both got laughed at at the police station. It sucks in czechia but maybe it's just the districts that they lived in, maybe in other towns policemen are better, who knows. But recently a politician got some rape accusations and people took it seriously and he wanted to kill himself for it lol.
fuck islam that brainwashing shit shouldn't exist anymore

No. 1265540

>fuck islam that brainwashing shit shouldn't exist anymore
Like a clockwork.

No. 1265543

Islamophobia in France would be the incorrect word, it's straight up racism. You're north African and atheist? You're still going to be discriminated against because people will assume you're Muslim just based on your race. I'm speaking from my own personal experience, I don't like Islam, I come from a Muslim family, and people who don't like me don't base that on a religion I don't even practice and talk about, they just don't like that I'm north African and they assume that north African = Muslim.

No. 1265548

yes so what? People shouldn't live their life according to some ancient pedofile but instead they should experience life for themselves any try to find the meaning of life without the influence of something designed to contol people to make them stupid and the moids violent. I will never respect a massive religion like this, it's manipulative trash

No. 1265552

"Secularism" is their excuse to discriminate against non-white people of any religious background. They'll say their disdain is because of secularism and then also discriminate against non-muslim people who moved there to live freely just because they don't look white enough.
All religions look down on women, though islam is the best in that regard out of all of them as it's believed heaven is under mothers' feet and rape and such are obviously haram. There's also talk about free-will and how kids don't have it which limits the excusing child rape that's very common amongst Christians, especially their popes and such.
You're acting like Christian western men don't rape women and kids or travel to poor countries to rape literal kids. They do.

No. 1265556

How can be he a pedophile when his wife was at least 14-15+? You can't marry before a girl before she's went through puberty and girls used to get it around those ages back then. So even though it's a very young age for today she still wasn't a child, westerners also used to marry around the same ages at that time so by that logic Christians would be pedos too.
Also it's so ironic to see you call Muslims pedos when all Christian men rape little boys the first chance they get.

No. 1265560

I was expecting for you to pull the christianty card but whataboutism doesn't apply. I hate all religions because they are historically proven evil. Heaven being under mothers feet is bullshit because there is nothing like this "heaven" in reality. Is just as trash as chritianity and it's full of excuses they make to do crimes in the name of their faith
Just because people did it in the past doesn't make it right. We know marriage takes a huge mental damage for such young girls and it was the same as it is today. People weren't more grown up in the past they just had to put up with more pain.

No. 1265567

>at least 14-15+
there are so many videos of moids saying marrying girls aged 10 and younger is ok because he did it too…doesn't matter what he actually did, the majority of people believe she was 6-9

No. 1265568

I hate that this thread always derails into religion and/or moids one way or another.

No. 1265570

I fucking hate that anytime another french nonna opens her mouth, it's always a fucking disgusting muslim or even if she's not muslin, she's a north african handmaiden who would die to defend her religion, absolutely insane how they're all brainwashed into defending their moids and culture. I can't stand them and their victimization, literally you can't -not- know a woman is north african, they have to cry about their shitty violent culture and how it's stigmatized.

I say that as a mixed north african myself. Fuck off with your derpy arguments.

No. 1265572

Thank you nonnie.

No. 1265573

If you're talking about me because of my post here >>1265543 I'd like to understand what makes you think I give a shit about Islam and Muslim men when I added that I don't even like the religion. I'm not going to type an encyclopedia to explain in how many ways Islam ruined my life directly and indirectly, just know that French people are just straight up racist and use Islam as a pretext to get away with it. Oh wait, you're mixed. We don't have the same life experience at all then. Stay in your lane.

No. 1265579

You know you can follow the principles of a religion without justifying pedophilia? With your "b-but they were already 14, that's how it was back then, they had their puberty anyway!" you sound like a fucking moid and in case you are, kill yourself.

No. 1265583

I'm not excusing it, retard. Everyone of every religion did it back in the day so it's not a Muslim thing but you'd die caping for Christian men who raped little boys in churches even this year because they fit your agenda. Why aren't you antisemitic and Christianphobic when they also did the same shit?
And Christian men also rape little boys and travel abroad to rape kids. So? Why are those two different? Even your church is a place little boys get violently raped in the name of religion.
Nice racism. I'm not african myself but I hate french because they're disgusting and racist to anyone who's not white. You further prove my point by exclusively talking about African women even though the topic was islam.

No. 1265586

I'm not excusing it as I said it'd obviously wrong and marrying at 14 isn't a rule in our religion so you're really not making sense, it was a common practice back in the day and everyone did it yet Christians who still rape little boys today try to call Muslims pedoes for doing something they also did back in the day.

No. 1265594

This will be my last post cause I won’t bother arguing with obviously non educated people.
I’m not Muslim, I come from a Muslim family. I have friends who are Arabs and/or Muslims aswell. I never said Islam is perfect because like any other religion, it can become an extreme pile of shit if used/followed for the wrong reasons. I’m a radfem, I will never stand by any moid or pick mes over the struggles of of women. You’re mixed so it doesn’t even surprise me to read something like that.
Anyway, saying that racism affect Arabs in France don’t mean I’m defending scrotes. It’s just a fact. Also being Muslim doesn’t mean you automatically come from North Africa.. but go off I guess.
Lastly, culture -//- religion. That’s one of biggest problem among Arabs is that they mix everything along with using Islam as a mean and a justification for w/e they choose when it’s not even supported by the religion itself. You think raping women, abusing children, terrorism, domestic violence, forcing the hijab and honorary killings are written in the Coran? It’s not, it’s fucking haram. Scrotes who do any of these things and call themselves Muslims are spoiler alert: not religious but degens. The problem like always is men and their deficient chromosome.
I invite nonies to not base their opinion on headlines, articles and viral tweets but use a bit of critical thinking.

No. 1265622

She's literally a dumb racist French bitch she won't listen to you. If she wasn't a blatant racist she wouldn't have used this opportunity to hate on random minorities but kept her hatred contained to Muslims only, she'll go hating on random Muslim people while staying quiet about Christian men raping and hurting women and taking their rights away, enslaving minorities, raping Asian women, etc.

No. 1265626

>raping asian women
let's not get delusional lol

No. 1265627

>omg i'm not muslim myself just my entire family and everyone i know is muslim and you guys are soooo wrong about islam! stop being racist white people rape all the time!
fucking hell just nuke every m*slim already

No. 1265631

Forcing the hijab is literally written into the Qu'ran. If a white scrote came up with the same concept you would call it misogynistic because it is….

You can't be a radical feminist and support hijab, the logic of it is NLOG filth rooted in tasking women to preserve male modesty and doesn't stand up to any kind of materialist analysis. According to UN sexual harassment data, women in niqabs in Egypt are sexually assaulted more than those who dress like 'western whores' (any actual feminist could've told anyone this from the beginning, but no). It's inherent victim-blaming and NLOG bullshit condensed into a modesty code.

I'm Indian and I agree with you. I'm tired of it too. I would never defend any of the fucked up shit from India or Hindu religion like these people reflexively fucking do everywhere even the radical feminist chan. You can attack the troons (as if their bullshit isnt just a subset of general misogyny plaguing women) and even write lengthy novels about how all gays are pedophiles, but dont touch those poor islamo-scrotes their religion is sooo enlightened u must be a racist white bitch if you dont like the original handmaiden religion!!!!!!

Also if islamo-scrotes are such victims who are sooo scrutinized how come groups of Pakistani, Bengali, Eritrean and Albanian men could rape and sex traffick thousands of white, Sikh/Hindu brown girls, black girls bussed in from random parts of the UK and even Muslim girls since 1972 in several towns of England? >>1265523
They arent Emmett Tills because of their religion. Fuck yourself.

How come India is always treated as a piece of barbaric pagan fascist shit by the same European media that demands complete insanity like 'bring Shamima back', a woman who was part of a group of insane people from Europe that tortured brown Yezidi and Christian women and children to death? I highly question the fucking logic of saying France is 'run by islamophobia' it sounds like when troons claim everything is transphobic.

>All religions look down on women, though islam is the best in that regard out of all of them as it's believed heaven is under mothers' feet and rape and such are obviously haram.

>Also it's so ironic to see you call Muslims pedos when all Christian men rape little boys the first chance they get.
Look at all the boys your scrotes raped in India, Ottoman Empire, Egypt etc. then get back to me. A boy brothel in Aleppo functioned for 450 years. In Egypt they only stopped importing Greek and Sudanese boys to rape and stopped Siwa from being pederastyville because the Britishers formulated the anti-sodomy law lmao

No. 1265634

Nonas post easy recipes from your countries please (meals or pastries), I'd like to try some new things but am not great at cooking/baking.

No. 1265637

Kek, the irony of calling women pick mes and then proceeding to defend Islam

No. 1265640

Kek nonna just ignore their sperg. I said what i said, and i stand by it. North african are the most racist too, just look at how they jump at my throat because i said i was mixed. I'm not a victim enough for them, although i also faced racism. They're completely insane and delusional, i mean look at one of them, she just said islam is the best religion for women KEK i can't this is the grossest cope i've ever seen.

Part of my family is north african, the other is white. The north african part is the most racist, victim minded, agressive, mysogynistic people you'll ever meet. As long as minorities cling to liberal progressist fantasies, they will remain blind to their culture's disease.

I mean, look. We're in a Euro thread and fucking muslims are talking about themselves. Fuck off, your religion doesn't belong in Europe, focus on getting rid of it in your shitholes and it'll become better for women.

Glad to see we're agreeing on that nonnita. Islam is a plague, we can't criticize it without them crying and yelling about racism. I encourage you to keep your voice, and know that sane north african women like me stand by you.

Cute. Let's talk about that instead, indeed.

No. 1265642

you're a queen and ily

No. 1265647

File: 1658064080554.jpg (40.68 KB, 355x355, 13168_p9bB3.jpg)

This is the easiest shit ever, my ex sucked at baking lmao but she made me this a couple times! There are different versions of blueberry pie but this is the easiest. We also add a pinch of cardamom to many of our pastries, it goes so well with blueberries especially! This recipe does not mention it though but you can add it if you like


No. 1265650

File: 1658064366174.jpg (151.93 KB, 1152x1536, MAKARONILAATIKKO-15-1152x1536.…)

Another piss easy and cheap one, macaroni casserole! It's one of my fave Finnish dishes. This recipe does not mention ANY spices but I always add a buillon cube, curry powder and whatever other spices I have on hand to it.


No. 1265655

White Christian men did rape asian women… Are you retarded and is that why you're unable to hate your white Christian overlords?

No. 1265656

>obsessively defending white Christian men
>Turns out to be indian
Lmaooo. That explains a lot. Why do all indians have a weird inferiority complex to whites and esp brits? British fucked your economy and you're still caping for their white men even though they wouldn't do anything to better your country's situation.

No. 1265658

you're the same type of gook that froths at the mouth of having a barely average white bf(racebait)

No. 1265659

> Forcing the hijab is literally written into the Qu'ran.
Please show which sura it says this. Not saying I don’t believe you, but you’re an Indian lol.

No. 1265660

If you're not from or currently living in Europe, kindly fuck off, please and thanks

No. 1265663

Thank you. I also have NA origins and I am baffled by the caping some of these girls do on here. Do they not see how shitty and backwards NA is? Why the fuck did their families emigrate then?

There is no real difference between mixed NA-French and full-NA because so many NA have pale skin and they have the same phenotype as Euros, it all depends on the individual parents and their skin color and randomness, so many NA families have a darker sibling for no reason. Also if you want to be super precise and educated, you shoudl start saying Berbers and not Arabs because NA are mostly arabized berbers kek they were so shocked when the genetic studies came out. My precious prophet lineage is no more lol

To put it simply, having NA origins in France is so common, it's funny to try to make it a particularity. Many of the so-called "racists again Arabs" and "islamophobes" in France have NA origins, don't forget Moussa Darmanin is a third-gen immigrant kek. If your point is that being poor will lead to shitty treatment then yeah you're right, but simply being from NA isn't. Look at how many deputees have NA origins, or even double-nationality, then point any other racist country where it's the case.

No. 1265671

File: 1658066217984.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, 1649164739125.jpg)

Let me guess, german?

No. 1265678

ooh I happen to have fresh blueberries straight from the garden, I'm gonna give this one a try!

this sounds good too.

Thanks anon!

No. 1265686

It's not. The mention of hijab goes as telling women to cover their necklace line(cleavage) with cloth, it doesn't mention hair or head, etc. Hijab is cultural for Muslims and although it's not forced upon us, banning it is disrespectful to our culture.
It's a classic indian that wants to be white so bad she shits on every other culture, indian men and women alike would kill to be white Christians. Also indian men are the most violent rapists even though majority of them aren't Muslims but believers of other made up religions so that's that…

No. 1265688

why the fuck are you shitting up the EUROPE thread with your muslim sperging? go make an allah worship thread you dog

No. 1265691

>You can't hate white men! You have to secretly want to fuck an ugly white man!
I can't tell if you're a butthurt white man or someone who's mentally ill. Anyways if your first reaction to me telling you white men raped and enslaved minorities is thinking I secretly wanna be fucked by a pig looking faggot, that says more about you. No minority woman wants to fuck a white man, that shit only happens in pickme and male dreams.

No. 1265694

Because I'm European and some brit-obsessed indian who obviously didn't know well enough was lying about the religion?

No. 1265697

>No minority woman wants to fuck a white man, that shit only happens in pickme and male dreams
these are levels of cope and delusion never seen before

No. 1265698

File: 1658067819434.jpg (210.3 KB, 940x550, 940x550.jpg)

Not my country but I miss potato pancakes from Latvia https://latvianeats.com/potato-pancakes/

No. 1265703

Girl if some minority says they hate white Christian men it doesn't mean they wanna fuck your shit stink pissy men. Your men don't even wash their asses or wash their hands after they use the bathroom, didn't use to shower regularly until 50 years ago and everywhere they went their disgusting scent would be rumored. Maybe some minorities in America or something try to date white men for the comfort but most women won't be like that so it's not that big of a gotcha.

No. 1265706

>Your men don't even wash their asses or wash their hands after they use the bathroom, didn't use to shower regularly until 50 years ago and everywhere they went their disgusting scent would be rumored
is this how brown people cope? stories of white peepoe not showering or washing their hands?

No. 1265707

>There is no real difference between mixed NA-French and full-NA because so many NA have pale skin and they have the same phenotype as Euros
You're face blind. See a doctor for that. And I don't think I can say I have many similarities with someone who's half NA, half French even in terms of culture or education. My family thinks marrying and having kids with White people makes you a race traitor and would beat me up as a kid if I was hanging out a bit too much with white male classmates just in case, I highly doubt that would have happened if I were mixed for very obvious reasons. I keep saying "north african" to talk about myself, you're confusing me and another anon who call us Arabs for some reason I don't even get, which is why I guess you quoted both our posts.

No. 1265716

I'm half asian half European but cute cope assuming everyone who's not worshipping white shit men are brown. Brown women are based if they really think like that though.

No. 1265719

Funny because caping for the likes of you or your evil demented scrotes did nothing for us either. I have a long memory and YOU fucked our lives for 1,000+ years and made Hindus pay 4x as much taxes as any Muslim landowner to make yourselves (not India) wealthy, did you forget?
And as far as sex pests and sex tourists in India go, plenty of them are rich Arabs, Indian Muslims and Pakistanis using their connections to rape and mutilate boys and girls. Entire areas of Mumbai were and are stimulated by this specific industry so miss me with the usual shit pretending your barbarians are victimized little angels in a sea of evil immoral pagans

You fuck off. I lived in Europe over half my life, I have as much right to talk here as one of you. The same Muslim boys (who were basically of any race, including white Albanian pigs) who used me as target practice, pulled at my hair and called me a 'kufr whore' and tutted at me to tell me to shut up because I'm a woman are absolute pieces of shit just as much as any white Christian scrote or Hindu man, at least I never experienced half the explicit misogynist behaviors from the latter two despite their racism and general backwardness respectively. They would act identically (probably much, much worse) in Saudi or UAE or India or Chechnya or anywhere else and you fucking know it, racism isn't an excuse.

Your culture is a pile of retrograde filth too darling. You are just seething Christian whites (who believe in the same retarded god anyway) beat you out in trying to subjugate everyone else without having to dress women in bags

>My family thinks marrying and having kids with White people makes you a race traitor and would beat me up as a kid if I was hanging out a bit too much with white male classmates just in case, I highly doubt that would have happened if I were mixed for very obvious reasons.
What a healthy 'culture'. Keep blaming this mixed girl tho

No. 1265722

>salt and pepper
A+ recipe for my broke student ass

No. 1265727

You're ruining this thread with your stupid infighting that hardly relates back to Europe, fuck off. No one wants your walls of text.

No. 1265732

Pay attention, I fully blame it on my parents and their religion. I said in a previous post I dislike Islam and I don't believe in that shit.

No. 1265733

>I'm half asian half European
wait so i was right, your whore "pick me" mother (in your own words) fucked and procreated with a white man and you're out here pretending asian women sooooo don't like stinky white men

No. 1265738

Please… post recipes… stop this..

No. 1265749

My mother and father are both half Asian lmao why are you such a weirdo? Why are you calling random women whore pickmes without any context? I really don't get why this weird thought that all asian and black wonen totally want white men comes from. Aside from woke brainwashed Americans that phenomenon doesn't exist irl.

No. 1265751

Can Europeans colonize their own damn thread or is the 40 degrees heat slowly killing them

No. 1265755

you literally called them pick me's yourself. so both of your grandparents were pick me's, if anyone is to believe your now obviously ridiculous shit that you're half asian on both sides and also european. just get the fuck out of the thread like you've been told 20 times and make your own Mentally Ill Hapa's thread or something.

No. 1265760

>Both your grandparents are pickmes!
Girl I'm laughing so hard lmaoo. We're mixed, it's not like any of my grandparents are %100 white or Asian, before you go deeper into my ancestors to call them whores please take your meds. You seethe this hard over a random woman saying white men are nasty, that's your issue. I don't think even a white man would be this butthurt.

No. 1265767

sorry you have intellectual retardation. let me bring you back to your own post: >>1265703
>Maybe some minorities in America or something try to date white men for the comfort but most women won't be like that
you called your own grandparents pick me's. making up some lame cope about how uhhh my line is actually diluted and mixed on top of the fact that you're claiming all of this happened in europe is just laughable. please share what country you're from so you can cement your bullshit even more. you don't know how to argue, silly insect.

No. 1265772

It's unironically always anons who aren't even in Europe and have no European heritage who come here to sperg and infight about their ugly muslim moids. Are you honestly that fucking insecure that you need to come into the Europe thread to write walls of text hour after hour time after time to prove something to us raaaacist Eurofags with our aaaaaawful white Christian moids?

No. 1265775

Bitch my grandparents were also mixed. Literally everyone in my country is mixed. American pickmes are brainwashed into thinking white men are not like the other men and that's why they still give them chances even though white Christians were the ones who recently took women's reproductive rights away in America. I'm not blaming those women because they've obviously been tricked.

No. 1265776

state the european country you are from where everyone is mixed. the thread will wait.

No. 1265778

Meanwhile the islam-haters were one indian and one north african woman. I guess india and north Africa are parts of Europe now.
I know all of you only think rivh European countries are white and asia consists of japan, china and korea so I'd rather not.

No. 1265779

lol state the country you lying bitch. i'm from a very small european country (i'm actually from europe unlike you) so don't worry, i know my geography. i also know there's no european country where everyone is mixed.

No. 1265780

Samefag, if it matters, I'm half georgian and half mongol with a few other ethnicities not worth mentioning.

No. 1265781

See >>1265780
Won't mention country as last times I did a lot of retards got butthurt about my country.

No. 1265782

georgia is BARELY even in europe and mongolia isn't even in europe at all. holy shit get out of the thread you retard.

No. 1265784

I'm not living in either of thode countries retard. I even mentioned I wouldn't bring up my country as I get berated for our past whenever I do.

No. 1265785

The USA thread doesn't have this problem. Everyone knows what counts as being a burger. But all these mentally ill Asians and Africans pour into the European thread and spout their shit as if any actual European dates and wants to read it.

No. 1265786

so you're not even from a real european country. got it. why are you in this thread again?

No. 1265787

…NTA but you do realize people from outside of Europe can move here?

No. 1265790

someone from outside of europe moving to a country that isn't even in europe… what's your point?

No. 1265791

I am? I won't mention it because I'm tired of retarded euros telling me I'm racist or cruel for my country's past. Anyways I'm done. I have no idea why me saying white men are shitty got you upset enough to call my grandparents whores
Maybe don't reply to indians who write paragraphs, northern africans who spout shit about how black Muslims are super evil racists, etc.

No. 1265794

Didn't that one anon mean she is from India but lives in Europe? I think you straight up just made up a lot of shit

No. 1265796

I didn't recently move there, my ancestors came from those countries hundreds of years ago. Though anon will do anything to defend white men and accuse me of being a nasty nasty asian so lol. She even called me a gook(?) at one point which I assume is a Twitter slur.

No. 1265797

Why are you talking shit about Africans and Indians when you're Mongolian and you also fall under Asian you shouldn't even be in the thread?

No. 1265799

File: 1658072382745.gif (334.31 KB, 238x179, 0c4.gif)

Tbh I'm not even European but have been watching this entire infight

No. 1265800

I'm not talking shit, I'm saying you're biased and only call out non-Europeans when it fits your narrative and they don't hail to superior smelly mentally ill whites. Both of those women were saying whites were better than them in one way or another so no one called them out but you're literally questioning my great grandparents and calling them whores

No. 1265801

so you're allegedly an asian/mongolian/georgian mutt from an unspecified country where EVERYONE IS MIXED and that country is also in europe and your grandparents migrated there hundreds of years ago, and you also love to cape for muslims. you are 100% european through and through!

No. 1265802

Kek can't blame you

No. 1265805

you literally called your own grandparents pick me's and now you're crying because the word whore was thrown around lol i see why you defend muslim men now. rules for thee but not for me.

No. 1265806

>Mutt! Whore! Pickme whore! Your mom is pickme whore! Your grandparents are whores!
>Gook desperate for white men!
Kek. Why don't you tell me why me complaining about white men got you so worked up?

No. 1265810

you called your own grandparents/parents/whatever you're claiming now pick me's lol. the seethe is surreal. next time don't claim asians that fuck white men are all pick me's when you're asian yourself you mongolian insectoid.

No. 1265812

Go back to India

No. 1265813

If your white nigel doesn't give you an award for fighting for his pride against ebil womenz for hours, you should dump his ass.

No. 1265815

Is she the Indian girl? If so I feel bad for what I said to her, Indians have been colonized and unfortunately brainwashed by British so hard they think being with someone white is the biggest achievement and anyone saying it's not is totally lying.

No. 1265816

that's fine. i'll stick with the smelly white boys of my own race and you stick with muslims that'll behead you eventually for being as loud opinionated and kinda dumb as you are. sounds good to me.

No. 1265818

>Meanwhile the islam-haters were one indian and one north african woman.

Yeah, forget about the part where i said i was mixed. I'm part french and live in France, i belong in this thread, dumbfuck.

>northern africans who spout shit about how black Muslims are super evil racists
Black muslims? Lmao where did you psychotic bitch see me talk about skin color? You so need to be a victim of racism, you start hallucinating.

>Both of those women were saying whites were better than them
Enough is enough, you crazy bunch. I left the thread when i saw the cute nonnie trying to bring the conversation back to recipes, i come back and you all are still sperging over this shit.

Now, leave the thread alone, seething muslims can go pray Allah and cut an innocent sheep's head off, or blow off a bomb in the face of disbelievers or something.

No. 1265819

File: 1658073151370.png (74.02 KB, 316x202, enough.png)

Can you retards stop responding already.

No. 1265821

Lmao with each post you sound more like a raging white boy.
Doesn't being african make you black? It's not about skin, it's about your race.

No. 1265823

i already embarrassed you 20 times itt and you want to keep going?

No. 1265825

File: 1658073443421.gif (123.92 KB, 200x200, 12932064075.gif)


No. 1265828

Randomly calling peoples parents whores and saying they're mutts/insects(lmao) isn't embarrassing for me but for you. If you believe it's embarrassing and socially acceptable, that just proves your autistic Neanderthal heritage.
You never told me why you felt the need to defend white men and from your reply I assume you don't even have an ok white boyfriend which would warrant your reaction.

No. 1265830

File: 1658073655280.jpg (68.22 KB, 900x900, FKyXbfBVQAEF5fB.jpg)

>spending this much time defending some shit that hurts women
Yep. Same as irl.
What recpies would you need, nonnie? Its going to be 36c here so I can suggest some dishes for the times when you are too exhausted to cook.

No. 1265833

you know you can't spin the narrative when the posts are right there, literally in plain writing, right? you know everyone can see how you managed to continuously lie about your heritage for 2 hours while accidentally calling your own ancestors pick me's, all because you wanted to defend muslim men so bad? don't ask me why i'd want to defend white men over muslim men you actual insect; the answer is very obvious.

No. 1265834

Meds are the sexiest men in Europe.

No. 1265836

File: 1658073914102.jpg (211.15 KB, 1024x1024, 116563_w1024h1024c1cx1116cy671…)

>Doesn't being african make you black?
Kek nope we aren't black nonna, north africans are a subgroup of caucasians. Racially very different than sub-saharan Africa.

Anyway, here's a classic french dish for you. Not very expensive to make and very filling as well. I do it often.


No. 1265838

Oh I didn't know, sorry about that.

No. 1265839

Just recipes from your own countries, like the nice anon >>1265634 suggested!

No. 1265848

Ahh I worked in a French bakery in my country, we made so many of these! And SO. MANY. CROISSANTS.

No. 1265850

File: 1658074472825.jpg (67.07 KB, 640x400, quiche-lorraine-legere.jpg)

It's ok, just a misunderstanding then. Let's move on.

Here is another classic french recipe, quiche lorraine. Shallots aren't typical but it seems good, why not.


Deleted my post and reposted it because i forgot the link like a dumbass. Cool! You liked it?

No. 1265852

>Kek nope we aren't black nonna, north africans are a subgroup of caucasians. Racially very different than sub-saharan Africa.

"Caucasian" =/= white, there are literally black people and arabs who are considered caucasian. Moroccans and other North Africans are definitely considered "black" by most people, since they look black.

No. 1265855

Nta but stop. Why are some anons super race obsessed today?

No. 1265857

No. 1265861

File: 1658075019331.jpg (122.99 KB, 860x1003, smargastarta-D14I0437.jpg)

Lmao no worries nona. Yes I did, I love all kinds of savoury pies like that. They are traditional in parties here too, I wonder if they are all originally variations of quiches.

Speaking about party food, a sandwich cake is a staple at least in Sweden and Finland. It looks like bizarre 80's food but is delicious https://dobbernationloves.com/food-drink/swedish-sandwich-cake-smorgastarta/

No. 1265866

File: 1658075233504.jpg (168.66 KB, 720x1080, risotto-nero-linsfood-squid-in…)

Black risotto if you're feeling fancy. Ideally you would use cuttlefish, but that's hard to find in a lot of countries, you can use squid instead. The squid ink has a umami flavour and overall the taste of the risotto is more umami than briny. Love from Croatia

No. 1265869

Wait, I'm black now?

No. 1265880

be black, baby! be black!

No. 1265881

Smörgåstårta is disgusting and I will proudly die on this hill

No. 1265895

I can see how it would seem weird, but to me it actually looks good. I love anything with bread. I'll try it someday!

No. 1265915

Is it like.. an oversized sandwhich with salad toppings?

No. 1265927

File: 1658078222563.jpg (37.2 KB, 586x344, voileipäkakku.JPG)

Yes, kind of? The fillings are more "wet", and you moisten the bread with beef/fish broth. Kind of like you do a cake with sugar water.

No. 1265929

are those capers or peas? it looks really delicious

No. 1265932

Peas I think, I've never personally had those in the cake, but you can put whatever you like in it!

No. 1266009

> Indians have been colonized and unfortunately brainwashed by British so hard
The fact people cry and seethe about colonisation now is both retarded and hilarious. People act like it only happened a couple of years ago

No. 1266044

that other anon had such a good point about the american thread vs the euro thread. you can tell how many muslims have invaded europe in comparison to america by the sheer amount of muslim defending in the europe thread, when there's absolutely none of that in the american thread.

No. 1266047

>sheer amount
Two anons? kek You'd be surprised how few people it takes to derail a thread especially if one of them is part of our residents spergs.

No. 1266055

PLEASE. DO NOT. start this again. For fucks sake.

No. 1266057

Americans don't have to deal with muslim men in the same way that Euros do. If a muslim scrotes tried the same shit in America they would end up being shot.

No. 1266058

Just report that anon for derail. I'm %99 sure it's one of the derailers and she's trying ro start something again.

No. 1266069

File: 1658086333878.jpg (121.56 KB, 375x560, kysla-sosovicova_0223.jpg)

Alright! I like a simple lentil soup. Its my favorite soup at the moment and its cheap to make, and barely requires any effort.
Its just lentils with sour cream, bay leaf, salt and garlic. People also like adding potatoes there for some reason (and some other random stuff), but i don't think they should.

No. 1266075

That sounds delightful nonnie!

No. 1266081

Y’allqaeda vs Al Qaeda.

No. 1266082

File: 1658087173824.jpeg (169.37 KB, 550x700, 0A0B0C6D-E767-4DAB-B890-479CFA…)

Anyone else love the combo of apple and cheese together?? It just tastes so nostalgic and i love sweet and savoury combinations

No. 1266099

Never tried that but i will it could go well wirh goatcheese. Once i didn't have any bread but i had gulash so i ate an apple instead of bread with the gulash and it was nice.

No. 1266103

Never tried it because I'm iffy about mixing fruit with savoury things but which cheeses would you recommend?

No. 1266202

wow, never heard of that before but it sounds absolutely scrumptious. i was just craving goat cheese with honey earlier. what country are you from if you dont mind me asking?

No. 1266286

Not a eurofag but canadianfag and I have to say this is one of my favorite foods. My family is from the east coast and said that it was very common to eat apples/cheese together or jam/cheese. Here on the west coast, not as much, my classmates gave me weird looks. Curious.

No. 1266310

baked brie with apple slices and honey is amazing.

No. 1267572

File: 1658183153668.jpg (194.67 KB, 960x641, most-beautiful-landscapes-in-e…)

I think about moving to another country in the near future, so I'm wondering, if you could move to any country in Europe (including countries not in the EU and language wouldn't be a problem), which country would you choose and why? Can also be your own country if you like living there. I just need inspiration where to spend my holidays next and if I have to learn a new language for the future.

No. 1267615

Somewhere around southern german, swiss or austrian mountains because the scenery is breathtaking and the villages usually are comfy, not crowded and pretty. Or italy because the culture seems nice and fun from what I know.

No. 1267636

Switzerland is the best country in Europe and they know it, good luck getting residency.

No. 1267651

I really like the alps and northern France. Never been to scandi but I’d like to.

No. 1268130

File: 1658232849558.jpg (25.33 KB, 640x386, file-20200803-24-1joftq5.jpg)

Nonnie s, do you think EU will face lockdown again after summer ends? Would the "another" new variant force us to stay home?

No. 1268134

England or Ireland, because of the gothic mansions and the weather kek. We have constant heatwaves where I am and I almost passed out while going to work, I just cannot handle it

No. 1268164

I don't see it happening, at this point there's no way people would comply

No. 1268236

I’ve never been to Luxembourg but I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

No. 1268244

for Germany, yes, I see a lockdown around Oktober/November and another three hundred mandatory vaccine doses for everyone if you want to go to work again, so you can pay taxes and the politicians can give themselves a pay rise again. Yes, I'm an optimist, kek.

No. 1268334

I would love to move to Finland. Really beautiful, the type of weather I like, great food. Learning Finnish sounds like hell though

No. 1268379

I don't think we'll stay at home but we'll 100% have facemasks in shops and traffic again ugh

No. 1268440

I love the Finnish language but i can’t roll my r.

No. 1268785

I've lived in Finland and learned enough Finnish to get by. In my experience Finnish people are decent at English, even the older generations, but they tend to be shy about it. However no matter how bad my Finnish was, I always felt encouraged and welcomed when I tried. They seem very aware of how hard it is to learn and are happy that you're trying. If you live in one of the bigger cities you will have no problem using English, though.

No. 1269471

i'd also love moving to finland, nonna. for me, it would either be finland or iceland
>>1268440 lol nonna i pity you. thankfully, my native language has a very strong r sound

No. 1269517

Probably Sweden because even through climate change I think it won't get too hot there, good living standards and it's in the EU. I'm already an EU citizen and don't want to lose my citizenship to a non-EU country because my country doesn't allow attaining dual citizenship in adult life. If EU citizenship wasn't a concern, Norway. If climate change wasn't a concern, Denmark because that's the closest in terms of living standards, climate and culture to my country.

I heard Finnish is at least as difficult as Japanese, who would've thought?

No. 1269525

Japanese is one of the easiest languages if you don't take learning alphabet under consideration

No. 1269563

File: 1658325292919.jpg (62.15 KB, 474x759, th-2506324566.jpg)

It is not for an adult native English speaker. And
>if you don't take learning alphabet under consideration
but Kanji is an essential part of learning Japanese so that's meaningless

No. 1269567

Sorry, being ESL I forgot to consider native english speakers have difficulty with everything lmao.
Anyway grammar and pronounciation are extremely easy, this chart is insane to put it in the same category as Chinese where you have alphabet difficulty too, but also grammar and all the intricate nuances of pronounciation that can change entire meaning of words.

No. 1269597

Why did these two posts get banned for racebait? Racebait against asians or blacks never get banned but whenever you mention whites aging badly, bam banned.

No. 1269598

File: 1658327593880.jpg (52.46 KB, 540x722, perustulo.jpg)

As a Finn I feel kinda flattered that you see spurdoland in a positive light and I don't wanna make this sound like I hate you (srsly ily anons), but I'm afraid that as a consequence of the climate change making Southern Europe incompatible with life too many people will move here thanks to EU citizenship and shit up this whole place. I like Finland precisely because there are so few people.

No. 1269621

I've been thinking a lot about this. I'm living in Switzerland but it's my dream to go back to Sweden, where I went to uni for a bit.

Because I don't like the beaurocracy and (comparatively) conservative mindsets here, native English immigrants are insufferable, everyone (natives and immigrants) is so money focused and even though I have some friends I've never vibed with a Swiss person in the 3 years I've been here. I can't count the amount of times I've been chatting with someone and they seem stable, then they come out with a 180 opinion, like being pro life or some other very conservative opinion (and it's not ever a based opinion like anti sex work) and I'm drowning trying to exit the conversation gracefully. Climate's also too hot and I detest having lightning every evening in the summer.

But then because I was living a student life in Sweden, maybe the cute student rituals protected me from the realities of life there. I loved how people enjoyed going into the forest, and I know the Swiss enjoy nature too but I feel like in Switzerland it's more a hard rocky hike with "look at the view!" at the end and in Sweden it's like picking mushrooms and sniffing moss or whatever.

Generally I also think German is ugly AF and learned more Swedish in the 10 months I was there than German the 3 years here. But then again here I've gone up socioeconomically, I'm now solid middle class bohemian and I can clothes shop for exactly what I like and buy food from the farmers market and use olaplex.

No. 1269631

>I forgot to consider native english speakers have difficulty with everything lmao.
I am not a native English speaker either but my native language is Germanic just like English and this list >>1269563 is more or less the same for speakers of my native language. It has nothing to do with "Native English speakers are soooo baaaaad at eveeeryyyything" but with adults having a more difficult time learning a language that's very different from their own, that's just a brain-thing. A native Japanese speaker has a tough time learning English too.

No. 1269778

I want to say Iceland but I know the dark winters would affect me in a bad way mentally. Southern Sweden would be a second choice.

No. 1270312

File: 1658353334636.jpg (34.72 KB, 712x626, 1631479248762.jpg)

I usually find it cringe when people show off their countries in their gaming profiles, but today I met a person from my (relatively small) country on the enemy team and it made my day
Got accused of speaking in cipher when I used text chat to signal that I'm from the same country haha

No. 1270329

Northern Italy. Cram me right into the mountainside.

No. 1270335

> I can clothes shop for exactly what I like and buy food from the farmers market and use olaplex.
I’d call this upper middle class.

No. 1270344

what's the work culture like in your countries re employment and recruiting? i'm in italy and can't get a job to save my life. like i can't even work in fast food because i don't have connections, plus i was told i give off bad vibes to potential employers because i don't behave "like girls my age" (i'm in my 20s). i know i'm too serious and unfeminine, but i don't know how to change that, so i want to flee the country asap. really curious to know what it's like where you guys live.

No. 1270350

Not even a library job?

No. 1270352

It's your turn for your country to be ruined by immigrants sorry nonie

No. 1270377

would love that as a bookworm kek.
local governments take care of libraries and they give the job to people who are supposed to be on welfare afaik? idk what kind of list they use with rankings based on how many children you have, disabilities, past experience etc. i will ask people how they got in.

No. 1270903

I actually find Finland boring and seeing people romanticise other countries without spending a long time there make me feel embarrassed. My school had connections with finnish govt so we had to learn finnish since our elementary school (Jouluppuki song lives rent free in my head), I would travel as an exchange student there and also travel just to shop for some Moomin goods, along with staring at some basic "touristy" stuff. Dont get me wrong, Finland is not the worst place but it is an extremely boring one, which i still respect. And its interesting how you guys are telling that even old people know English, when in my case it wasn't true, a lot of mid-aged and elderly people that I met didn't speak English at all. I see Finland as a small place where the only people who would move there would be some old grandparents that happen to have finnish roots.
the last time I was there I saw a tranny in aliexpress seifuku, I am sorry for Finnanons. I am glad finnthread exists because it made me realise a lot of stuff.

No. 1271161

>Probably Sweden because even through climate change I think it won't get too hot there
I sure as hell hope so, we currently have to shower our moose so they survive the heatwave.

No. 1271176

Nta but poor things

No. 1271191

I lived in Finland for 8 years and it being extremely boring is the main reason I enjoyed it. That of course comes from the fact that when you don't speak the language properly, it's easier to not get caught up in news, in strangers' conversations or stuff in general, but I like how introverted finnish people are and how most of the time you're just left alone. My experience was still that older generations speak english well, but I think that might just come down to different experiences. I sincerely hope Finland gets to stay a boring country for years to come.

No. 1271192

File: 1658414484287.jpg (159.84 KB, 618x999, 16027509285_9ff8af91e7_b.jpg)

Anons who live in Nordic countries, how bad do the winters get?

No. 1271201

In the south it varies a lot. Some winters are horrible because the snow melts right away and you have to wander through slop and mud with horribly slippery ice underneath. If you're lucky you get a whole month or two with white snow and lovely weather. For proper winters, move closer to or above the arctic circle. Winters are long, dark and freezing, but in return you get proper snow and it's actually much easier to layer up for that kind of cold than the wet kind of cold you get in the south.

No. 1271207

Depends on how far north you live. In northern Sweden and Norway, there is barely any daylight in winter and tons of snow. While in southern parts like Denmark you get more hours of daylight and more rainy days.

No. 1271213

Seconding >>1271201 i'm planning to move north permanently because every winter spent in the dark, muddy, slushy beton hellhole that is our capitol makes me wanna kms. I love it when it's -20 with clean white snow and I get to put on my warmest clothes and just enjoy the february sunset (at 2 o'clock in the afternoon kek).

No. 1271220

I'm the same. Where I live it can easily get down to -30. I inherited a giant fur coat from my aunt which I got tailored to fit me, and I feel so fashionable and practical during winters now. Visiting family in the capitol during winter is horrible because my coat is too warm and I feel like I can never dress predictably with the constant shift between rain, slop and snow.

No. 1271248

My country’s language is in category one but the vast majority of expats I know barely even attempt to learn our language and are perfectly content to exclusively speak English for five years to a decade. Their excuse is always that the language is too hard to learn.

No. 1271295

Look that's the type of people who deserve to be shamed. I hate it when people continuesly depend on the people of their host country to talk English to them, especially coming from entitled native English speakers.

No. 1271472

I am a burger but I recently found a Russian grocery store near me. Are there any Russiafags (or slavfags in general) who can recommend tasty things for me to try from it? Pics or visual descriptions would be helpful because most things in there are only written in Cyrillic script.

No. 1271489

File: 1658429289061.jpeg (229.64 KB, 1000x668, image-asset.jpeg)

I'm the nona asking about where in Europe you would move to and wanted to thank you all for your answers. Reading this made me realise what I need for the future and I guess, I will go north, kek. Switzerland isn't my type of country (hate their accent, I'm so sorry), Southern Germany is done, never again and I think not much sunlight, a lot of rain, few people and snow will be right for me. Not Finland, won't be able to learn the language, but maybe Norway, Scotland, Ireland or Wales.

yesterday it's been 40°C where I live, I died a little bit. What you both describe sounds beautiful, I miss snow so much. Everything above 20°C is just too much and I won't wear winter clothes until -5°C. Everyone around me complains that it's too cold as soon as it's below 15°C, can't stand their whining anymore.

No. 1271494

I lived in Finland for a while, in a way it's heaven for introverts but in another way it's really, really difficult to make friends unless you're born and raised there. Eventually I moved to Scotland where I've been very happy.

No. 1271513

Not correct at all nona, check your facts!! I'm born and raised here and it's impossible to make friends as a native either lmaoo

No. 1271522

File: 1658431205314.jpg (166.04 KB, 1200x630, kpelmenifried21.jpg)

Not Russian, but try pelmeni (пельмени), they are my favourite food in this whole damn earth. Absolutely heavenly when fried, but good boiled too or in soups etc. I eat them with soy sauce, smetana (sour cream, similar to creme fraiche) and chopped fried onions or shallots. I also add blue cheese but that's just my personal prefence since I love that with every food kek. Sauces like sweet&sour or bbq fit nicely too. They come frozen in big bags.

No. 1271528

was just crawling my way to say the same, nyymiseni

No. 1271532

No. 1271582

File: 1658435570506.jpeg (56.5 KB, 510x517, 344BD20D-CA61-4A73-B492-CF72C4…)

For cooking id suggest buckwheat!
Drink called Tarhun / Тархун, its a light soda made out of grass!
Syrok/сырок is an awesome snack, its a cottage cheese (usually it has a taste of vanilla, condensed
milk or fruits) thats glazed in chocolate.
Also nut-shaped cookies with boiled condensed milk inside are great.
Generally our condensed milk is awesome and we are obsessed with it.
Meat-wise id recommend getting "Doctor's sausage/Doktorskaya kolabasa".
As for salty snacks, i recommend getting "salty bread sticks"? I am not too sure if theres a name for it in english but they look like picrel.

No. 1271602

File: 1658436229017.png (414.15 KB, 750x485, file1619712335.png)

Kek sorry, i got too excited so I didnt fully read your message, been missing my country's food a lot. Cyrillic makes it a lot easier, you can google to check the pictures!
>Гречневая каша / гречка / buckwheat
>Тархун / Tarhun
>Сырок / сырок / cottage cheese glazed in chocolate
>Сгущённое молоко / condensed milk
>Орешки / nuts (idk how exactly they would call these nut cookies…)
>Сухарики / dried bread snack (it sounds weird but its actually good and has various tastes)
>Докторская Колбаса / Doctors Sausage
>Конфеты Мишка Косолапый
>Пряники / пряник
>Конфеты Золотой Ключик
>Конфеты Белочка
>Конфеты рак / раковые шейки
>Конфеты Вдохновение
If there's any chance they sell Alpen Gold chocolate I 100% advice to get it!

No. 1271651

I'm using this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.translator&hl=de&gl=US for languages I can't read and write. Might be helpful in your search for tasty food.

No. 1272452

I'm sorry, nonna, but Alpen Gold is awful chocolate. It's made mostly of cheap palm oil and it shows + flavoured ones,like oreo, are overly sweet. I strongly don't recommend. Even Alenka is more edible and tastier.

No. 1272460

I actually dont like Alenka and it tasted cheap to me, weirdly enough. I haven't been to my country in 4 years so I have no idea whatever they did to their food now. Sorry to hear that.

No. 1272463

>Doctor's sausage
Oh reminds me of this video of a grandma telling about her memories about the sausage, so cute

No. 1272499

Southern Finland: 6 months quite dark and cold, 1-2 months of snow (still quite dark). Seasonal depression is a thing here, you may need a special lamp for your brain to adjust.
Coldness has it's local standards everywhere. -20 is cold here, -10 normal winter weather.

No. 1272580

That sounds terrible ngl. I've always envied Finland for how few people live there despite how large the country is but that little light and cold wouldn't be worth the trade-off to me.

No. 1272584

Kek. Wouldn't surprise me if most of the users on lolcow are lonely, finnish nonnas. I love you all.

No. 1272603

File: 1658504983150.png (962.36 KB, 1096x849, russian snacks.png)

bit late but if you're going for several trips here are all the snacks i recommend.
RotFront is a really old candy from the soviet union, it's made from soy but its taste is quite comparable to very sweet peanut butter. Do NOT get the half-chocolate ones, those are gross.
Mishka V Lesu is just a chocolate wafer candy but they're strangely addicting for a reason i can't explain (plus the wrapper art is cute)
What anon recommended here >>1271582 - the nut shaped cookies - are a top-tier snack, plus syrki are def worth trying, you can get so many kinds, but i like Свитлогорье syrki the best (not pictured here, oops). The plain ones with chocolate covering are my favorite, they're the ones with a silver-red-yellow wrapper.
Finally, a savory snack that tastes great with beer but will make you regret eating it in one sitting like i do - braided smoked cheese, not sure which type of cheese it is but I suspect it's georgian Suluguni. Sorta like string cheese, but, well, smoked.
Have fun trying out russian food! Not all of it is bad, promise.

No. 1272609

In my village there's a Polish supermarket, this conversation about the Russian supermarket has left me wondering if there's anything good to get from the Polish supermarket as well? Or would it be weird going there as a non-Polish person?

That smoked cheese looks really fucking tasty

No. 1272669

On the other hand, there's plenty of light on other half of the year. During the peak weeks of summer the night takes only one hour or two even in the southern side of Finland.

No. 1272680

File: 1658507872287.jpeg (296.64 KB, 1124x852, DCCA5716-B0AE-4959-9B16-E3570B…)

they probably have chakchak/чак чак, it’s a sugary sweet fried dough treat that’s really bad for you but absolutely delicious.
пирожное картошка or “potato cakes” are nice too.
медовик/honey cake (don’t buy the ones in shady plastic boxes, ew)
plain ice cream is god tier, пломбир/лакомка, anything like that.
lastly, grab any cow themed candy you see!

the local polish store here sells similar food to the russian ones, and people of all kinds of nationalities go there. they sell some good syrki sticks, cookies and pierogi/dumplings. i don’t have specific recs but you should def try it.

No. 1272745

Has the prices increased a lot in your country too? How are you dealing with it? I wanted to buy some cake today but then I was like fuck it, not with those insane prices.

No. 1272751

Yes. It's honestly making me anxious how every year i seem to be poorer and poorer. Everything is so expensive, gas, electricity, groceries…

No. 1272785

Yeah. I work in a bakery and people are so shocked of our prices. The corporate just keeps upping the prices, and then wondering why people will not buy our products. And I work in a higher end store too, where people have money

No. 1272800

File: 1658512994887.jpg (182.88 KB, 1500x1028, 71pQzWT2otL._SL1500_.jpg)

Not Russian but I ordered some Russian goods online and I'm a big fan of the packaged Russian gingerbreads in picrel. The fruit filling ones (blue package) taste like tootsie pop.
Gingerbread is more dry and dense and as far as I know doesn't use molasses, usually honey instead. So it's really different from what you'd consider gingerbread in the states but still tasty and good with tea.

No. 1272802

Yep.. inflation is everywhere. They always insist everything leads back to the Ukrainian war (various Russian fuels + Ukrainian wheat) but I'm not fully buying it anymore.

Fortunately I'm not much of a consumer to begin with but as a student it's been increasingly tough to make ends meet. I'm working more than I honestly can afford to to pay for sky high rent + food, it's been compromising my studies.

No. 1272833

same in Germany, the butter I normally buy went from 2,49 € to 3,29 € in the last 3 months. Best thing is normal sunflower oil, at the start of the year 1l was around 1 €, now it's between 3 and 5 €. I don't recognise most changes that much, because I mainly buy organic stuff (I'm poor, that is my only luxury) and there the price only increased a little bit, but according to the news prices for food overall increased around 13 %. Worse will be the increasing cost for gas, some tenants already got letters that they should heat less coming winter so they won't have to go into debt if they can't pay their next bill.

honestly, I don't buy it either, you can't tell me that some things have to cost 50% more if they are produced around the corner, without any direct influence from Russia or Ukraine. I guess the retailers saw a chance and took it.

No. 1273656

Yes, especially food and energy. Prices for some smaller things at the grocery store have practically doubled.

You made me check some prices and it’s the same here, sunflower oil is now €3,99 but organic sunflower oil is €4,05. Same for a lot of other stuff with organic equivalents. Weird.

No. 1273901

File: 1658566165340.png (1.65 MB, 1071x823, venäjänamut.png)

That cheese thing sounds so good…Also russian sweets have the cutest wrappings as in picrel, I always end up saving them.

>пирожное картошка or “potato cakes” are nice too
I love these so much but they are surprisingly obscure here (Finland) compared to how my grandma always talked about them. She would buy some from a local bakery after work in the 50s and share them with her friends. She had a recipe for them but said they are hard to make - she used to bake almost every day but she made these maybe once or twice when I was little. When I visited St. Petersburg for the first time in 2014 I unlocked these memories because I ended up eating these lol. sorry for sperging


No. 1273942

You know what's the worst? Even if the war would cease today and everything started re-bullding tomorrow and Russian gas started flowing freely again and Ukraine would become produce lots of sunflower oil and wheat again, even if all that would happen, a lot of these prices will never drop to what they were pre-war. We're stuck to these prices at minimum, especially in the food department.

Crazy to think gasoline dropped to an all-time low (€1,35/l iirc) just 2 years ago during corona and now I'm paying well over €2,- even after reduced taxes

No. 1273951

File: 1658573287530.gif (115.56 KB, 220x220, why.gif)

I don't buy into that because my country had its food and insurance prices increase 2 times before the war started during the same year, and now they increased it 2 more times too. I am really tired of everything now tbh, my hair shampoo alone went from 3eur to 9eur now and I can barely afford groceries in a store. I am not sure what to do about it anymore. Time to starve or find some powdered drinks as a food replacement I guess.

No. 1273954

Today is less hot in my city than the rest of the week, I'm so glad, I can finally open windows and feel a fresh breeze in my apartment. I'm going to do some housework and groceries because apparently it'll get worse tomorrow or on Monday.

No. 1273957

Yup. It was the same with covid, when poor little mega corporations were FORCED to up their prices due to the pandemic. And then make record profits lol.

No. 1273959

9 euro for shampoo holy fuck. If you really need to save some money, you can make DIY shampoo for free from saponine containing plants like soapwort if it grows in your area. https://www.practicalfrugality.com/soapwort-shampoo-and-soap/

No. 1273962

File: 1658574598654.jpg (60.46 KB, 761x960, tumblr_och9qzYWMV1rwqkifo1_128…)

Ive been struggling a lot with the increased prices for food, especially meat and wheat products. I was born poor and as a child i always dreamt of adulthood where i would be able to finally afford things. I guess the fuck not now kek

No. 1273965

File: 1658574904055.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, 1651670043905.jpg)

>as a child i always dreamt of adulthood where i would be able to finally afford things.
I feel your pain sis.
I thought I was finally financially somewhat okay and now this.

No. 1273967

It's not just the prices, the quality, quantity and ingredients got shittier and cheaper too, hence why I don't buy the "it's inflation, so production will be more expensive, we can't help it lul" either

No. 1273984

that's the thing I find interesting, organic food didn't get increased in prices like the rest and now it's nearly as expensive to buy regular stuff compared to organic things. Hope most people won't realise that and keep on buying normal things, I can't spend more on food as I already do.

I think it will happen like you wrote, they won't return to the former prices if everything will be back to normal, maybe a drop of 0,10 € for some products, but prices will stay way above what we paid last year.

9€? Wow, maybe you can find it online and get it shipped from another country? Shampoo holds up for years being stored, so you could get some stock and that would be cheaper than buying in your country.

I fear Monday, 34°C again, my flat is still at 27°C from the past days and I can't stand the heat anymore, hope it will be autumn soon.

No. 1273987

File: 1658576469030.gif (2.43 MB, 500x379, 6yf.gif)

Good for you nonna, it's 42 Celsius where I am and I want to zip my skin off. I have no A/C

No. 1273992

>organic food didn't get increased in prices
I know fertilizers have gone up in price, as Russia is a huge exporter of those/their ingredients. Maybe organic food doesn't use same fertilizers? idk

No. 1273999

Organic farming uses things like compost made from food waste and manure.

No. 1274027

File: 1658578200206.jpg (5.95 KB, 244x169, 1539194679156.jpg)

Gotta stay strong. Things will stabilize hopefully in the future…

No. 1274095

that might be one of the reasons, another reason might be that retailers already have a higher profit margin on organic food in my country than on normal food products and so they don't/won't increase the prices right now.

nta, but, damn, I feel your pain. We had 40°C last week, way too hot for the city I live in and of course no AC and our flats/houses are build to keep the heat inside for the cold seasons. Hope summer will pass soon and temperatures will be back to bearable where you live.

No. 1274105

What's the current state of the Ukrainian war? I haven't followed it in a while because all the various analysis and predictions were messing with my head. Is it looking like it's going to be drawn out for a long time?

No. 1274108

Are you in Spain? I don't think we've reached that in France just yet.

No. 1274243

They're going to keep rising the scam prices until people say fuck you no. Best is to start using stuff like soap nuts, and alcohol instead of gas for cars (yes there is a way, prohibition happened bc of it).

No. 1274244

Seems like it may. I try to not follow it too closely either because there's nothing more I can do except what I've done already; but things are not getting better, I would even say it's worse now since it's the same going on continuously for so long - constant reports of war crimes committed by russian soldiers, more infrastructure and fields destroyed for the sake of being destroyed, bombings of civilian locations and so on. The longer it goes the less people care unfortunately, so everything that was an unimaginable horror that would make headlines in February/March is barely reaching global media now. I believe it was french president that recently even said that Ukraine should give Russia what it wants so situation calms down, which is ridiculous and once again, such statement would create so much anger in media in the beginning of the war and now barely anyone noticed it. Serious sources don't make any assumptions on how the things will go, but looking at it I worry that what's happening now is exactly what Russia wants, they go slowly, continue doing the same - not escalating or deescalating - so it stops being report worthy and Ukraine eventually will be worn out enough to be conquered, most likely only partially, and then in few years Russia will do the same thing again, hoping to continue the cycle until they take Ukraine whole, with everyone else just passively watching it.
And yeah, I don't know what could anyone else possibly do, but it's depressing.

No. 1275220

They increased and keep on increasing.
I'm dealing with it by just not trying to let it get to me. Nowadays I spend money only on food and bills, with the occasional "treat yourself" item monthly, like a lip balm, maybe a new clothing item or something similar.
ngl it does make me anxious when the yogurt I used to buy at the beginning of the year now costs 35% more and some food stuff even DOUBLED in price, it's fucking insane

No. 1275414

living in europe is nice, but i just don’t vibe with it. i can’t see myself living here my entire life. i think i was supposed to be born in america, live in a shitty trailer park, drive unnecessarily long distances to get anywhere and shop at walmart, and instead i’m stuck in this snotty town.

No. 1275417

Get a mobility scooter to take to the grocery store and become trans-american.

No. 1275438

I'm sure you can find plenty of isolated cheap neighbourhoods to emulate the vibe in europe

No. 1275471

The walnut shaped cookies looks so yummy. Do you know where I could order some online? (I'm from baguette land)

No. 1275755

Im gonna move to sweden

No. 1275794

Snälla lär dig svenska då, för många utlänningar skiter i det och förväntar sig att man pratar engelska med dom.

No. 1275799

Godspeed, anon. Stay out of Malmö.

No. 1275825

Swedish looks so different from other Germanic languages. Like why is it that I can look at German or Norwegian and get an idea of what it says but with Swedish ???? no clue

No. 1276345

Yes, plus there's shrinkflation. I stopped buying my favourite pasta sauce because not only they upped their price, but they made their packaging significantly smaller. So now one package is too small for me to cook with, and two are too much, very inconvenient. I see the shelves are now always full of it, while it used to be pretty popular. This new size is just not desired by the market at all. They should have just upped the price more, this was idiotic. Hint: the serving size should always be an integer number, retards

No. 1276351

Nta but Ikr? I took some lessons in Swedish after learning German and English, and it was literally nothing like any of those languages. The pronounciation is especially mysterious to me

No. 1276354

Yes, it's pretty bad. I'm thinking of counteracting it by buying things in big bulks before the prices get even worse. I also stopped buying fruit juices and thinking about giving up chocolate too

No. 1276372

What’s wrong with Malmö?

No. 1276379

Good luck nonna! I have friends living there and they said the quality of life is really high and they love living there. When are you gonna move? Do you already have a job secured there? And which city are you going to be moving to?

No. 1276413

Criminal immigrant gangs.

No. 1276418

In countries like Switzerland with multiple national languages, how do people learn them all? Do kids at school genuinely learn that much, and if so, how?

No. 1276536

File: 1658753547923.jpg (59.72 KB, 816x432, 61523603-kolinda-grabar-kitaro…)

feeling like shit just want her back for the memes

No. 1276729

>Swedish looks so different from other Germanic languages
but norwegian and swedish are practically the same languages, i have had conversations with norwegian speakers by speaking swedish while they speak norwegian

No. 1276896

That only goes for the spoken, written it's very different. Also it depends where in sweden and where in norway someone is from.
t. norwegian

No. 1276897

I've met a few Swiss people and no, it's very rare for a person to speak every national language. It depends a lot on what region of Switzerland you're talking about but most people speak primarily their native language, English, and then study a third language to some degree. But very few of the German speakers are totally fluent in French or vice versa, unless it's a person who moved to a different region or something.

No. 1276900

You just reminded me of how much I want to go back to croatia and get drunk on the beach

No. 1277994

I dont know if anyone else saw the news from germany but i thought it was disgusting
since prostituiton and brothels are legal they have access to the job seekers register so they offer young unemployed women work
if the women turn it down they have their job seekers allowance taken away for turning down work
can any german nonnies confirm if this is really the case and if so how on earth did germany become so dystopian

No. 1278014

German nona here, it's not true, you can turn such offers down and are not forced to take them. The job they offer you has to be reasonable, you only have to take it if you are physically, mentally and emotionally capable of fulfilling that job (for example, an ex-alcoholic can't be forced to work in a brewery) and prostitution is one thing that you can't be forced to. There are some people working at the jobcenter that are assholes and make it appear that you aren't allowed to turn any job offer down, but it's not true, you can sue them for something like that.
There was a case of a woman from Bulgaria living in Berlin leaving her work as self-employed prostitute and therefore she needed to get unemployment benefits, the jobcenter didn't want to extend her application for it, as they also said that her right of residence was only connect to being self-employed and that's why she couldn't get further unemployment benefits, but the court said that prostitution is generally an unreasonable activity and they have no rights to take her unemployment benefits away.

That's one of the articles I found about it (sry, it's German) https://rsw.beck.de/aktuell/daily/meldung/detail/sg-berlin-sgb-ii-leistungen-fuer-bulgarin-nach-aufgabe-selbststaendiger-prostitution

No. 1278799

From what I read the case was from 2002, when it was still new with the unemployment system and not every case was regulated by law. You can turn down jobs (in the past it was regulated that if you turn several jobs down without a good reason, then they would cut a part but this takking a part away was also removed). Like the person said before me there was another reason in this case, she was already a prostitute and self-employed with no permanent residence

No. 1278803

I know a person from the German speaking part in Switzerland and they learned as the first foreign language French and learned English in 7th grade

No. 1278821

File: 1658916258426.jpg (13.6 KB, 371x110, etewr.jpg)

>That only goes for the spoken, written it's very different
no it isn't. norwegians and swedes are just delusional about how different your languages are, holy shit

No. 1279012

How do you anons pronounce Adidas?

No. 1279256


No. 1279387

Same, as a bong, but americans say it weird

No. 1279955

i would say it like >>1279256
but i have heard people say Uh-deed-us

No. 1280751

it's a-di-das

No. 1281689

OP picture makes me irrationally angry, fuck generalizing burgers and burger cultural imperialism. Poland is known for it's hospitability and when people show up just for a while we instantly give them drinks and food.

No. 1281790

right i think most european countries are hospitable to guests the same

No. 1281872

What do burgers have to do with op pic.

I thought that pic was about fat vs thin but hospatility makes more sense

No. 1281873

ok I spelled that wrong but you know what I meant

No. 1282043

File: 1659109687731.jpg (119.9 KB, 768x1024, fdskf;kf.jpg)

I'm sorry but if you come to eastern europe and you don't get served the best treats that the hosts have been saving up specifically for this occasion, then you DEFINITELY aren't in eastern europe. I don't care to be lumped in with the weirdo scandinavians and their emotional constipation.

If there isn't a doily in sight, sus.

No. 1283023

Are doilies still a thing in Eastern Europe nowadays? My grandma’s house was covered in them and I’ve always liked them but they’re very much Not Done here now.
My family threw all of them in the trash when my grandma died because they figured nobody would ever want them and I’m still pissed off about that. She made most of them herself.

No. 1283330

I'm not from eastern europe, but my grandma also has those and I hope my parents won't throw them away when she dies, like they threw away everything my other grandparents and my brother owned… gosh, wish I could trade my parents for something else. I get how pissed you feel, nona>>1283023

No. 1283335

>I'm not from eastern europe, but my grandma also has those
Same here. My parents threw them all out when she passed. You can find loads of them at charity shops though. I wish I would've asked my grandma to teach me how to crochet because recently I stumbled upon a crochet project I wanna try but I have no idea how to crochet.

No. 1283355

doilies are british from the victorian era. grandmas here have them too.

No. 1283585

it's just not the same to buy new stuff if you could inherit it from your family. My parents just have the idea of an empty, dead house, without memories and stuff, everything into the bin, no need to keep it. Maybe it's a generation thing, I don't know. I also never learned how to sew, crochet or knit living at home, even though my grandma can do all of that, my mother just hated it and thought it was useless, so I wasn't allowed to learn it. Fun fact, today I'm a dressmaker and can sew, crocheting and knitting is next on my list, it's never to late to learn new things.

No. 1284256

My grandma has them still and we have some stored from cleaning my other grandma's boyfriend's house, he collected a lot of things like that. My parents didn't threw it away because they see it's valuable but it doesn't go with modern furniture so there's not much use for it.

No. 1284266

>it's just not the same to buy new stuff if you could inherit it from your family.
Genuinely curious, what would you do with all that stuff though had you kept it? Like would you unironically decorate your home with doilies and other memorabilia or would it disappear in the attic?

My mother still was taught sewing and crocheting in elementary school because those where ~ladies' crafts~ girls had to learn. Just the thought of it and the fact that wasn't even that long ago pisses me off, so I'm not exactly mourning the fact these skills aren't widely taught anymore today. On the other hand, old time skills and knowledge no longer being passed on is a loss. I just can't shed the sexist connotation of being taught sewing, crocheting, knitting etc. as a woman.

No. 1284317

Knitting was original a fisherman thing. They use to knit intricate designs and compete. It wasn’t until later it became a “woman’s work” because she was at home and made the rest of the clothes normally.

No. 1284332

A-di-das (i like from imp)

No. 1284334

How old is your mom approximately? My grandmothers went to “housekeeping school” where they essentially learned how to be good housewives and nothing else, but by the time my mother (now mid 60’s) went to school that was no longer a thing. I suspect my maternal grandma felt the same way you do about “ladies’ crafts” because she never taught my mother any of it. My father wasn’t taught it either because he’s a man so neither of them really knew how to cook, care for and wash clothes or sew on a button. When I was born they figured out the bare minimum to keep me alive and somewhat presentable, but nothing beyond that. We don’t learn housekeeping stuff in school in my country because it’s assumed you learn it from your parents, so I was in trouble until the internet came around. I think learning this stuff at school should be an option for kids like me, for both sexes. Knitting and crochet aren’t as necessary as cooking and sewing but they’re still useful skills, imo. We’re taught how to work with clay, wood and metal so why not textiles? Because those are too girly?

No. 1284402

I would use some things to decorate, some I would store, there isn't a lot of history in my family, as everything goes in the trash as soon as my mother gets it into her hands and therefore I would love to have a choice what to do with the items. Hope there is still something left, as I don't have contact with my mother anymore and therefore can't have contact with my grandma.

Sewing also was a craft for men, it only later developed into something mostly women do, as it's something you can pay women way less than men, so why should men do it? My mother didn't have feminist reason to not teach me any of it, she just didn't teach me anything at all, kek, similar to nonas >>1284334 experience (my parents are the same age range). And school is also useless, everything I know about cooking and daily survival stuff I had to learn by myself.

No. 1284407

Late reply but it was nice to know you're around

No. 1284591


No. 1284623

>get served the best treats that the hosts have been saving up specifically for this occasion
So, fika basically?

No. 1285927

eastern europeans are starting drama with each other again..

No. 1286424

No. 1286641

serbia and "kosovo"

No. 1286659

No. 1286662

It's Balkans anon

No. 1286696

Serbs always had it that way, it's delayed until September, so for now, it's a nothingburger.

No. 1286892

balkans are eastern europe

No. 1286898

Lmao, no they're not

No. 1286991

southeastern europe is still eastern europe. is spain not western europe because it's southwestern?

No. 1287005

I learned sewing in school and I am in my late 20s. The boys did too. We had housekeeping, cooking but also workshop and welding classes for both genders.

No. 1287034

Nta but do you consider Belgium part of Northern Europe because it's in Northwestern Europe then?

No. 1287049

Wait what happened

No. 1287128

As every part of Europe blends together on the borders, Balkans blend with EE BUT ultimately there's a cultural and ethnic difference between both, why do you think the very name "Balkans" exist? The very conflict this conversation started from is Serbia / Kosovo, historically in conflict literally named "Balkan Wars", not "Eastern European wars", why are we even arguing about middle school tier knowledge

No. 1290533

Вместо того, чтобы продолжать спрашивать, говори сразу, что тебе нужно. Тут толком русскоговорящих нет.

No. 1290604

NTA but they will probably consider Belgium as western europe and only consider it north european, if you are supposed to part europe into noth and south

Also, ignore this russian speaker, they also mess around in another thread

No. 1290612

Are borders in the Balkans going to be closed because of this Balkan war tomfoolery? I have matters I need to attend to there.

No. 1290622

So is Bosnia & Herzegovina going to war again or what exactly is going on? The scarce few articles I could find on it are behind paywalls.

No. 1290652

>former yugoSLAVia fighting again
>one side propped up by russians
>totally irrelevant to EE

No. 1290657

no, just western europe. it's not northern or southern enough to be emphasized as such.

No. 1290704

It does lead back to the Ukrainian war but also Covid (supply crisis first happened here). Depending on how reliant your country is on importing then inflation will increase much more.
My country is really reliant on importing because we’re idiots and the cost of everything keeps increasing.

No. 1291924

I made the Latvian potato pancakes someone recommended a while ago! It really was easy to make, I think I'll have to make them thinner next time though. (Also surprisingly filling??)

Also while searching for that recipe through google I accidently found this recipe for apple pancakes so I'm gonna try that next http://globaltableadventure.com/recipe/latvias-apple-pancakes/

No. 1291946

For all the Spanish nonnas here, theres a petition going around against the new trans laws in the medical field, the twitter acc is @SanitariasFem

No. 1297919

File: 1660213328250.gif (190.5 KB, 498x268, anime-shocked.gif)

Nonnies, are you ready for the energy price increase? I would like some tips on how to survive this inflation when I pay health insurance and mortage. The worst part is how the doctors always tell me to gtfo to private ones, and their vists are a lot more expensive than the regular ones. Everything is getting increased in price even more here, internet too… I want to throw out all of the lightbulbs and have a meltdown. If i buy 3 food items it already equals 7EUR (despite me always buying products on sale / or about to expire ones) and I don't live alone. I am a complete noob to adult life and I don't want to fuck myself over…

No. 1297939

>Nonnies, are you ready for the energy price increase?
Fuck no. The newspapers are all blithely reporting on how we're going into a recession/depression, energy prices will triple again, wondering how I will afford anything really.

No. 1297946

I'm watching the gas price slowly drop every day and hoping it's a good sign but I'm probably deluding myself here…
In general you can manage and overanalyze your budget however you want but you're clearly conscious already if you're so mindful in your grocery shopping; and sometimes there's just a wall where you can't squeeze out any more. You can try looking up "efficient" meals and plan your groceries around that (something like - you buy chicken, make a broth for a few days, eat vegetables and meat as another meal, there are plenty guides for this kind of thing on youtube), but that's still minimal saving.

No. 1297972

I hate living with my parents, especially at my age, but it helps me save money given how prices increase for everything these days. I'll try to get my own apartment as soon as my boss tells me where our now office will be located, but I'm worried about budgeting because of all of this. I have a lot of money saved but still.

No. 1297973

File: 1660218900430.png (132.38 KB, 798x786, 28a57bfd5aa0a7249011baca58799c…)

Why is the nordic model just so much better?

No. 1297978

Jfc. Jag orkar inte mer.

No. 1297982

The culprits went to jail? It's not mentioned in that screenshot. Something's telling me that's not the case but I hope I'm wrong.

No. 1298001

Honestly I don't want to become as racist as my mother, but holy shit with shit like this no wonder people vote for SD. I will never vote for them myself, but I'm starting to understand why people with only a surface level understanding of what the party stand for do it.

No. 1298108

I'm full on "racist" towards muslim scrotes now. This is how they treat the women of the countries that help them.

No. 1298131

that isn’t racism at all, importing rape-apes from any region of the world is a hate crime against the women residing in said country. I’m from a Muslim nation and I literally don’t care when western women say this because I know the men we’re dealing with, don’t let them gaslight you into silence. It’s not “muh brown people” you have a problem with, it’s the influx of men.
As if we didn’t have enough predators already, we started accepting MILLIONS of ‘refugees’ coming from Syria and Afghanistan, and guess what? It’s all fucking males. I wish we could help the women being held captive by the al qaeda, living with less dignity than cockroaches, not even able to leave their own house without putting a body bag on- but no, we won’t. We will instead import rapists and woman-killers from all around the globe. They won’t work, they will take photos of women’s assess and post it on Instagram all day long and gang up on us. Then when we say anything, we’re “anti-immigration..” No the hell I’m not! I’m as liberal as one gets. I could even let the unfortunate women reside in my own home if I had the extra space and money.. The whole world is against us.
If you’re wondering I’m from western Turkey but I don’t consider myself a eurofag, I just wanted to say this after seeing your post while browsing.
Also, what the fuck is a man running away from? They start the wars and abandon us when shit hits the fan. The sharia law forbids them absolutely nothing, they can slaughter women like cattle, marry 15 wives, rape little girls and get away with it. The only thing they can’t do is drink beer on beaches maybe and that’s not a human right anyway. Absolutely despicable.. I would recommend women worldwide arm themselves.

No. 1298762

>It’s not “muh brown people” you have a problem with, it’s the influx of men.

Literally this, there's never been a single problem with female refugees or female Muslim migrants.

No. 1298990

Is there still a heatwave in Europe or is it contained to specific areas now?

No. 1299179

It was okay over the past 2 weeks in my country, but next week it's gonna be hot as hell again.

No. 1299276

File: 1660303490927.jpg (169.36 KB, 1200x800, AESCHVZ6W5MTLCYKGVEGLKA6XI.jpg)

retards in my country also scream racism because the majority wants muslim refugees out while letting ukrainians live in their own homes for months.

even little children can already see that one party is all weird looking men, while the other is crying mothers, grannies and kids.
in my small town is a group of ukrainian teen girls (actual teens) who came here all on their own with literally nothing, their moms stayed back with their dads, of course everybody wants to help them.
and it's been a couple months already since ukrainians came and what crimes did happen so far? literally none. meanwhile male refugees changed all crime statistics.

No. 1299764

File: 1660327153934.png (692.99 KB, 875x837, odra.png)

So… the second biggest river in Poland got polluted with mercury like 2 weeks ago and our government ignored it… This is terrifying. All the animals that inhabited, fish, beavers, etc are dead. The water will leak and contaminate crops. People will be getting poisoned with mercury. It will take decades for the ecosystem to recover. I hate this governemnt, I want to fucking a-log, nonas. This is a disaster. I hate this country so much

No. 1299799

At least they don’t support trannies in your country

No. 1299808

nonnies, please tell me this is a joke

No. 1299811

does anyone why there was a mercury leak, was it something similar to those oil spillages.

No. 1299815

It’s the infighting troon report and ignore

No. 1299822

We know nothing so far, most likely some retards at a factory dumped their trash there. Our government did not acknowledge this shit (it was noticed by fishermen and they got people's attention to it) until Germany started investigating because the river is also at their border. I think it's likely that they were covering for someone because wtf?

No. 1299848

If you have a gas stove, I'd recommend getting some cast iron cookware. Where it conducts heat much better than other metals, it saves money because you need to use much less gas.

No. 1299862

and it reached Germany already and no one warned anyone. According to German news it might be because of an accident at a toilet paper factory in Breslau in July. This makes me so angry, we already have a drought that is a huge problem and now a poisoned river

No. 1299902

File: 1660334375692.png (1.09 MB, 1356x767, japan ukraine.png)

No. 1299907

My whole apartment relies on electricity, but thank you nonnie.

No. 1299908

solar power, do you have a balcony?

No. 1299912

nta but how sheltered are you lmao

No. 1299913

sheltered? I literally lived off grid for two years and used solar power. learn the meaning of words lmao

No. 1299914

File: 1660335037621.jpg (52.59 KB, 736x981, db6309d0ff465f8ae0943b37f2de4e…)

Check into petroleum ovens in your area. Else, if you use one room mostly, have you considered building yourself a kotatsu of sorts? Don't necessarily need a heat source under it. Just a thick blanket. Still traps your body heat and you can sleep there too if it's comfy enough.
Also picrel for emergencies. Just keep pets away and make sure you use good candles or keep the room ventilated.

No. 1299916

>Nonnies, are you ready to throw some molotovs at rich politician's cars?
Yes, very

No. 1299926

Nta. There's plenty of cheap balcony solar options in europe at the moment. A new austrian company just started too. While you might no longer be able to feed back into the system— a few countries or areas are no longer buying— heat your flat over the day, it's healthier and easier to sleep cold anyway. This winter I'll move into basically two rooms only again. Old ass house and the ones I can reliably and cheaply heat without electricity. You adapt, nonnie.

No. 1299939

I doubt nonna can shake out 600+ Euros for solar panels out of her sleeves.

No. 1299957

That did sound super shitty I apologise. It's all just fucked.. Warm jumpers, those candle pot heaters, stick to one room..

No. 1299961

we could form a European nonnies group, start in one country and move around, destroying politician's cars until they resign and we can lead Europe to a better future.

nta, but many people don't even have more than 1 room to live in, there is no possibility to move around in many flats. If you don't have money in the first place it's way harder to adapt, I'm lucky that I don't mind the cold, but I couldn't afford solar panels for electricity. Also many flats don't heat with electricity in my country, so I would be out of luck. I know, you mean well, but we are mostly all fucked and being poor makes it much harder to get through the coming years with the rising costs for food, transport and things like electricity and gas. Maybe we should all move in together and keep each other warm, grow our own food and put some rich people an bicycles so they can produce electricity for us, kek.

No. 1299964

It's absolutely awful. It's been happening for so long and only now people in lower silesia got an alert not to fish or swim in the river. Two weeks is more than enough time for those chemicals to spread.

On a lighter note, it's kind of comforting to see so many Polish anons on the website. Wish we had Polish equivalent of lc but I know it'd get overtaken by Polish moids. kocham was polskie anonki pozdrawiam i życzę wam szczęśćia i zdrowia

No. 1300487

We have a Polish thread on /int/
As a pesceterian, oh no oh fuck fuck fuck

No. 1300950

File: 1660385268276.jpg (41.93 KB, 563x566, 8f903d1e10c1ced62c8eb9e0787713…)

No. 1300960

It's as dead as can be, even as a person who was really into having a polish thread I ended up forgetting to visit /int, not to mention there's no way any incoming polish nonnas will never be aware it exists so it's bound to perish. I could create some proper polish thread on /ot/ following the example of Dutch one (and if jannies are still against, take my temp ban since I'm going on vacation anyway), but ever since I've stopped using fb I'm no longer up to date with polish cows (gossip groups there a goldmine) so not how could I start it nicely.
It's hard to not be worried about it especially reading it's some very specific kind of mercury that is more poisonous than the one found in thermometers… but then again, people are reporting seeing others still swim in the waters, and most of the Oder is not looking like fishapocalypse yet so I really want to remain hopeful here, even if it's grasping at straws.
Btw saw a government job offer for a water quality inspector job; requirements: higher education, driving licence, knowledge on environmental laws, good management of high stress environment; and pay? The equivalent of 570 eur; which would barely be enough to rent a flat in a big city but literally nothing else. This country is doomed if important government jobs are like this.

No. 1301323

well, some people are stupid and would even swim in the waters if there would be an official warning, some would even eat the dead fish. Frankfurt an der Oder seems to have prohibited to swim or fish there. They fear that it might reach the Baltic Sea and it's not 100% sure what's really inside the water. I still hope that it will be solved quickly and without long lasting consequences.

No. 1302591

File: 1660495484010.png (232.13 KB, 448x360, 1532116194698.png)

>are you ready for the energy price increase?
lol hell no, I'm an idiot and renewed my old electric rate schedule (??) where the price is tied to the market price of electricity. It's good if the market price of electricity starts to fall or stays low but in this case it's the worst possible deal and it can't be terminated for two years

No. 1304051

File: 1660595951777.jpg (26.81 KB, 400x336, 1456796082937.jpg)

>1 Euro = 1 Dollar now

No. 1304183

I never understood this X currency is losing or gaining worth thing. Is this bad for us or bad for them?

No. 1305309

Quick question for my fellow European nonnies. How do you feel about cigarette smoking in your country? Are there many young/old people smoking, is it allowed to smoke everywhere, Is smoking frowned upon and expensive or are people shouting at non-smokers that it's their freedom and you aren't allowed to complain. Just need to know which country to move to, I'm so done to be around cigarette smoke 24/7 and not being able to let my window open unattended without suffocating in second hand smoke. And I know the statistics, but they say that in my country there are less people smoking, but honestly, I see them everywhere and can't even go into a store without having to walk through 2 or more people blocking the entrance while smoking.

No. 1305318

You want your currency to increase in value relative to other currencies. A cheaper euro means American imports to Europe (materials, goods, services) will cost you more.

No. 1305321

Bad for us because the euro is becoming less valuable, therefore you need to pay more euros to get a foreign currency in exchange.

Anyway it's still the Euro, we won't get a Venezuelan situation here.

Smoking is barbaric and gross.

No. 1305344

not a euro but do smokers also toss cigarette butts on the ground as if they're somehow not littering?

No. 1305378

Yes of course. They also throw it out of the window when driving even though they've got ashtrays in their cars.

No. 1305406

that's just it, I hate smoking so much that I will loudly curse if someone lights a cigarette near me, but it's so common in my country that I'm doing this every day multible times while being outside and you don't have any rights as someone who doesn't smoke. Therefore I need a new country with nicer humans.

here we have trash bins at every bus stop, even with a special place to put the cigarettes, 90% of the people throw them on the ground like it's not a big problem for the environment.

No. 1305986

I dont feel like detailing where I am but we have a smoking ban at places like restaurants, schools, offices, public spaces like hospitals etc. and cigarettes aren't allowed to be on display at stores. Soon you won't be able to purchase cigarettes online or at the supermarket anymore either. The government is pretty actively discouraging smoking so it's mostly die-hard smokers left. Not saying you'll never meet smokers here but they're not a nuisance on every corner on the street.

No. 1306008

I think this is the case for every EU country, with EU regulations. There's still plenty of smokers at least in every place I worked at but they're sticking to their designated smoking areas.
In my country it's been 12 years now since it was banned and I still remember from the time before that you'd enter a pub of some sort and it would just be like entering nicotine cloud. It feels completely surreal that people were able to live like this.

No. 1306169

(Inside) smoking areas aren't allowed here either.

No. 1306172

baltic nona here
i've been using Tavegyl as a substitute for sleeping pills because the lines to get to a single psychiatrist visit are astonishingly long
do any of you have any suggestions for over the counter medicine or herbal remedy stuff i could get to help me sleep better? i need 10 Tavegyl pills to just feel a bit sleepy, so i'm looking for something that'll be more cost effective.
thank you!

No. 1306524

I meant designated smoking areas outside, because it's not allowed to just smoke anywhere you want.

No. 1306531

that sounds nice, I will find your country, kek. I use public transport and at least at every bus stop I will find 3 people smoking, sometimes they even smoke inside the tube station (which isn't allowed, but "freedom"). They also smoke in the outside areas of restaurants, in front of every store, just everywhere you have to wait or get through.

in my country advertising for cigarettes is sill allowed and won't be banned so soon. And sure, you aren't allowed to smoke inside anymore (except it's a "smokers club") but still, there are no areas outside that will protect you. I just feel like they don't do shit and they will never discourage people to smoke, as our politicians get a lot of money out of it.

not baltic, but I use stuff with melatonin, it helps to get tired, not with sleeping through so much, but it's okay from the price, I don't need to go to a doctor. Only other thing that helps, and yes, it sounds funny, is mashed potatos with milk or cream and nutmeg, I get so tired after eating that.

No. 1306813

File: 1660789853076.jpg (265.38 KB, 700x700, 8e52108d9987be091fc0e3a5bc83.j…)

Your situation may be different, but: I sometimes have insomnia due to nerves/anxiety, so valerian helps. But I take drops, not pill/tablet forms 'cause drops seem to be more effective. Sorry, I don't know where you're from but I like these the best (especially because I refuse to buy Russian and my country stopped Russian imports anyhow).

No. 1308944

File: 1660940325189.jpg (572.28 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20220819-185039_Sam…)

Did anyone else find this scandal hilarious in a medieval way? Like we have male prime ministers all over the world laundering money, having sex with minors, doing God knows what else and the world just shrugs it off, but when a female prime minister gasps has a drink on the weekend and hangs out with her friends, she is clearly unfit to be a PM!! Kek gimme a break

No. 1308946

God forbid a woman does anything.

The prime minister in my country has been seen drunk and out partying several times. There's usually a bit of backlash, but he's always defended with comments about how he's a grown ass man and "everyone drinks so fuck you". I'm not surprised at all that they will use any chance to put down the one seemingly human and down to earth prime minister out there just because she's a woman.

No. 1308978

She also got close to Olavi uusivirta, he was a cutie back in the day. We have had a ton of male politicians from ministers to presidents partying around, passing out in public, showing up all battered up to official events after drinking. It's almost like Sanna gets all this shit mainly due to her being an attractive young woman. she has gotten very skinny though, I worry. Imagine having her job, shit must stressful as hell

No. 1309005

Melatonin? At lower doses it's considered a supplement not a medicine so you can get it at the drugstore or online, but I don't know if that's also the case where you are. Try herbal remedies before melatonin though because you can easily get reliant on it.

No. 1309740

Recently I'm getting more and more scared. Politicians seemingly make a new decision that fucks us up even more every day, it feels like this will never stop until a good portion of the population is genuinely poor. My neighbors are a completely normal family yet already had to skip traveling to their parents, in order to be able to afford heating their house in winter.
Combine that with added restrictions if covid get's worse again in fall, I do think that there's gonna be lots of protests. But those never change anything either.

No. 1309742

The trkish president “acquired” 128 billion dollars from the state bank lol. But god forbid women have fun

No. 1309759

yes it's the dumbest shit

No. 1309806

It makes me want to go full Wuornos not gonna lie, it's not even funny because this happens with her almost biweekly now and when it's not about her very modest partying, it's about her wearing "inappropriate" clothing (skinny pants or a shirt with a neckline considered too deep) or routinely nitpicking her private life. She's being degraded in magazines for being a young woman in power, this time her friend posted the videos to her private instagram account and they got leaked, then after misogynists and Russian cyber warfare trolls pushed the narrative that she's actually high on drugs at that party every (even supposedly respectable) media outlet ran with it with no fact checking. It's an embarrassment, there's no way it would've ever happened if she was a man.

No. 1310151

exactly that, politicians in my country are out there, drinking beer all the time, not remembering stuff, mumbling incoherent shit and no one would dare to ask them to show a drug test. It makes me angry, she is young, she is doing (what I have read so far) good work, let her have some time off (do they know, you can have fun and dance without drugs) and stop commenting on her clothes. I agree with you, would she be a middle aged man, there wouldn't be any problems, but she is young, attractive and a woman, so she can't do anything right and she has to be criticised for everything. If I could, I would trade her for our "leader" right now, shall Finnland get a boring, corrupt white man, who is so absent, that no one will remember him in any history books.

No. 1310205

Women cant do anything without being scrutinized. It's insane. I hate men

No. 1313083

Sanna Marin’s drug test was negative so now they’ve pivoted to screeching because she danced with a man she’s not married to. I don’t remember a more blatantly manufactured 'scandal'.

No. 1313102

There IS a problem with female Muslims. They are agents of propagation of the Muslim culture just like their moids, and they enable them in their disgusting subhuman behavior. They jump at you if you criticize them because they feel like their culture is attacked, they are submissive to their God and their scrotes.

They are not running around causing chaos, that's for sure, they're women after all. I completely get the distinction you all want to make between them and their men, but truth is, they are problematic too.

Muslim invasion is the biggest issue the West has to face, for our safety.

No. 1313169

File: 1661260547466.jpeg (52.59 KB, 829x470, 61C0F342-73A3-491D-8572-3321DC…)

Speaking of islamism in Europe, remember when the EU and the Council of Europe somehow thought that this insane hijab-promoting PSA campaign was a good idea?

No. 1313225

How the fuck is that diversity? When all women wear the hijab correctly they all look like palette swaps of each other because only the only thing that can potentially be unique in weird ugly ass robes and hijabs are the colors.

No. 1313231

If only the religion that forces women to wear hijabs also respected their choice not to wear them and didn't kill them if they refused to! But no no no ~respecting the hijab~ is more important. Gag. Importing muslim immigrants is an endagerment to our European values, it all starts with "acceptance" like this.

No. 1313274

Yup. They think they're being progressive but really all they are doing is allowing them to slowly eat away at our cultural and societal advancements, muslims are NOT and CANNOT BE progressive regardless of whatever they want to tell you, so if you play the "progressive" game with them, you lose, and they eat you.

In my country there's already many places full of muslims and guess how our acceptance for them translates in those spaces? Well, men dominate the space, muslim women are hiding behind religious clothes like slaves, they all speak in their native language in the street, streets are DIRTY AS HELL, and non-muslim women like myself feel endangered just walking around, especially in summer. Our tolerance for them just made them import their subhuman way of life. It should be the other way around: you want to come live in Europe and escape your shithole country? I'm all for it, i'm half brown myself, but act like an european then.

No. 1313276

Girls who free themselves at school and take off their hijab get beaten by their family. Imagine seeing this ad after being forced into it all your life. "Respect".

No. 1313278

This. They're like boymoms on crack. There was a story in one of the news stories that fuck with you threads about a Swedish girl who was raped by Muslim boys, he got a slap on the wrist. When he saw her at the bus stop, he and his brothers beat her. She saw his mom approach and thought she would stop them, but she began kicking her too.

No. 1313325

I held a course once where some of the participants were muslim women. They spent the breaks discussing how to make sure their kids didn't intergrate too much with our country's society and exhchanged advice on how to keep them home from school. One woman mourned that her son was getting so good at learning the language he now could talk to his teachers and classmates, as she had hoped she could keep him from it to better make sure he didn't get any non-muslim friends. She was adviced to fully remove the kid from school and have him do chores with her in the house instead until he was at least 14. It was insane how causal they were about making sure their children never questioned their culture or religion.

No. 1313328

need to take english lessons what an easy language hmmmMMMMmm

No. 1313354

At their core, every muslim no matter what they say, deeply hate non-muslims. We're filthy dogs to them. Muslims all over the world are united under the "ummah" (a word which roughly translates to community, but implies more to it since it's a religious concept), and anyone outside of the community is a "kafir". We can't live as equals with them because they will never see us as equals.

That's why it's so funny when they cry about racism when we tell it like it is, the west has tried its best to accept them, but THEY don't accept the west, and never will.

No. 1313392

Everytime I see a little girl walking in 30 degree weather covered from head to toe I get so angry. Specially when their brothers are walking next to them in Tshirts and shorts. Idk how normies got brainwashed into accepting this.

No. 1313466

they're also saying that because it was a piss test it doesn't count that she should take a drug test that uses her hair. it's fucking insane kill scrotes(A-logging)

No. 1313602

I also think it’s insane how much they push their way of life on Europeans, and how little Europeans (mainly western ones) resist. Muslim scrote experiences blogpost incoming.

I’m from Eastern Europe and I went to school with a Chechen scrote who started demanding that the school gives him a bathroom to do full ritual ablutions and change class times for all students so he can pray at specific hours. This was like 2014 so he probably got radicalized by ISIS propaganda kek. The principal told him that all Muslims she knows just wash their hands, and prayer times are irrelevant as the Mecca is in a different timezone anyway. He seethed for a while but never made these requests again.

Then I went to Finland with people from mostly Western Europe on a volunteering trip. One of the participants was a Sudanese scrote who claimed to be a Muslim (while drinking alcohol excessively, being a degen porn addict who loved talking about his dozens of fetishes and his multiple one night stands). At the same time he said that in accordance with Islamic law he wanted to have 4 wives and that he really regretted that it’s illegal in Finland. He said that a common workaround for Muslim immigrant scrotes in the West is to marry one woman and keep the rest as 'girlfriends'. He was really proud of gaming the system that way. Nobody ever criticized this, they just thought it was funny or even endearing. One night he got piss drunk and started groping every woman in sight, one girl started crying because she had previous experiences with sexual abuse. Nobody wanted to report this.

On the same trip I met a bunch of Somalis. Every Somali moid had to have a t-shirt with a huge GUCCI or HUGO BOSS logo, meanwhile the women wore rags. They made a huge mess in the dining room every day and we were told that every room needs to be closed, because the Somalis steal everything they get their hands on, even shit like a half-empty bottle of dishwasher liquid or whatever. One guy told me that he lied about coming straight from Somalia so he could get refugee status in Finland, when in reality he left Somalia for South Africa years before, but dropped out of university there so he decided to go to Europe. He brought his wife and uncles there. On another occasion some other Somali moids, who have lived in Finland since the 90s, have physically kept my French friends from getting in the lake to swim 'because there were men swimming there and in their culture men don’t swim with women'. The French girls were so brainwashed that they just complied and went away, after all they didn’t want to be culturally insensitive.

Before I actually found out how arrogant Muslims are I believed diversity propaganda that 'they are just like us and integrate well'. Now I think Western Europe is doomed and I feel bad for the women who live there. Not to mention that pro-Muslim propaganda (which is probably funded by the Muslim Brotherhood) is getting imported to Eastern Europe as well and now being pro-Islam and 'refugees welcome' is an obligatory part of liberal beliefs.

No. 1313962

Those aren't really examples of the society giving in to their retarded requests though. I went to school in Finland with a lot of muslims and they didn't have special prayer times or their own bathroom, they prayed under the stairs in a secluded corner at recess if they wanted to.

Though I agree that their shitty behaviour is often swept under the rug bc the wealthy middle class doesn't have to deal with it thanks to segregation. There are some areas where over 60% of kids have some other mother tongue than Finnish and thus won't learn it automatically in the neighbourhood and school. It'sthe result of shitty housing politics but nobody cares as long as the rich people can buy an apartment from the expensive part of town where there's only equally wealthy non-immigrants.

No. 1314160

I think it's about brown people.
Nobody had these complaints about Bosnian Muslim refugees when they escaped to western Europe during the 90s wars.

No. 1314164

so why are Albanian Muslims in the present day also disliked?

No. 1314165

NTAYRT but I feel the same way about Chechens

No. 1314171

Nta but chechens and muslims are the worst. They are terrifying, selfish, and aggressive.

No. 1314172

Bosnian muslims seem a lot more mild although I might be wrong because most bosnian towns I visited were not ones with a muslim majority. You don't see women walking around with burqas.

Albanians seem more hardcore speaking from personal experience, all albanian families in my country that I've met were pretty religious. If a woman happened to marry an albanian scrote from the day she got married you'd rarely see her outside. A common occurrence. Haven't experienced the same with bosnians.

No. 1314178

Because, while Bosnian Muslims are Muslim, they're mostly secular with normal families and opinions, at least as much as it's possible for people raised in a wartorn shithole in Eastern Europe. My female classmates from Bosnian Muslim families were normal girls who did sports, had boyfriends and careers, didn't cover their hair, wore normal clothes and didn't chimp out over Balkan politics.
Albanian Muslims that I've met tend to have a billion kids and be way more aggressive and culturally backwards compared to a Western European. Not saying that they're all like that, but I've noticed this tendency and living around them in a very immigrant-heavy city and neighborhood has only reinforced this view.

No. 1314195

it is so upsetting. i feel so much pity for muslim women and so much hatred for the moids

No. 1314332

I used to feel bad for those women who walk around fully covered until one day one of them spat at me and yelled at my on the streets for wearing a short summer dress. They are just as misogynistic and ass-backwards as their moids.

No. 1314352

It has to do with the way they’re raised though. Their men are so evil and misogynistic that it’s unreal, could you imagine being indoctrinated into that sort of environment?

No. 1314427

could you imagine getting spat on by an evil bitch and everyone making excuses for it

No. 1314462

File: 1661352478101.jpeg (54.12 KB, 640x291, BDFE3838-BC02-413E-8CAD-964D50…)

I have zero problems with 'brown people' who are secular or practice their religion the way Western lite-Christians do, stop seeing racism where there’s none. It’s not their skin colour, it’s their culture. Syrians, Iranians and many Arabs objectively aren’t even 'brown' anyway, stop bringing American race concepts to Europe.

Bosnians and Albanians have had their religion tempered by the Communist government, this might be the only upside of Communism. Bosnian women wore these creepy veils you can see in picrel, but the Yugoslavian government outlawed them and they don’t wear these rags anymore. Of course now there’s intense promotion of hijabs and niqabs to all of Europe’s Muslims.

No. 1314471

exactly, no excuse for that

No. 1314506

The issue is that even when taken out of that environment they are still misogynistic and toxic. They see western women walking around like normal and don't think "Huh, that is pretty neat that women here get that much freedom, I feel lucky that my children will grow up in a different place than me and my daughters won't be treated the same way I was" instead they think "Look at these western sluts walking around half naked trying to seduce our men!!!"

They don't integrate into the new culture they find themselves in. They have no interest in changing their ways. They have learned nothing from having to flee their country. They don't appreciate us for taking them in either, they fucking hate us and think we are below them because we don't follow their religion.

No. 1314532

File: 1661356312098.jpeg (494.21 KB, 1000x1001, 0954B91D-C838-4B8A-A9CF-174F9D…)

anyway, post your favourite folk costume from your country

No. 1314549

It's definitely not about being brown, firstly like another nonna pointed out many people from the middle east aren't even brown. But it's really the muslim culture, because middle eastern christians aren't like that AT ALL. Take armenians for instance, you don't hear shit about their moids throwing acids on women, women being slaves, etc. They can actually integrate really well in the west and are chill people, as religious as they are. Islam is just the worst poison there is.

No. 1314551

being a misogynistic isn't something you're born with, regardless of what anons think, even men have to learn it.

No. 1314572

already have a thread for that


No. 1314623

Ok, but how does that make it better? They are still misogynistic and don't want to change or integrate. I don't care why they are the way they are, they should honestly stay in their misogynistic countries if they enjoy it so much.

No. 1314915

Have your electricity prices gone up? Mine went up like 5x

No. 1314944

oh no i was agreeing. these women choose to be like that. it's not like they have no choice. plenty of us grit our teeth ar stupid misogynistic traditional things without actually believing and acting on it.

No. 1315812

>It's the result of shitty housing politics but nobody cares as long as the rich people can buy an apartment from the expensive part of town where there's only equally wealthy non-immigrants.

you hit the nail on the head I wish people would fucking grasp this

No. 1324636

I'm watching gogglebox on E4, why didn't English anons tell me about this garbage? It's addictive.

No. 1327600

The man who killed the TIF who stood up for the lesbians he was calling 'lesbian whores' was, of course, a rejected asylum seeker. Judging by the name Nuradi and the fact that he was a Russian citizen he was probably a Chechen. After the Oslo shooting and this I wonder if leftists are still going to defend immigration from Muslim countries.

No. 1327605

Chenchens are terrible. They are full of aggression.

No. 1327610

I fucked a Chechen once. I do reccomend it.

No. 1327620

Of course they are. Terfs are already blamed for what happened.

No. 1327644

my electricity is currently at £4k per year and due to go up next month and in january. it's gonna be a cold winter

No. 1327657

yeah, mine rised over 30%. I am a student and if I lived alone, I would have not been able to afford this. I feel for everyone, who can't afford this

No. 1328650

I just moved to the UK (yes, I know). Which phone providers should I look into?

No. 1328662

if you're like me and use a cheap old phone just for internet access, I have an iD Mobile sim plan for £6 per month (I pay £5 because I signed up like 6 years ago) with 4GB data. it's enough for using google maps and spotify which is basically all I need. if you want a plan with a phone though I hope someone else can help!
the moneysupermarket site is great for comparing contracts/deals when looking for this sort of thing, I recommend using that.
welcome to the UK anon, invest in a sturdy umbrella if you don't like getting soaked in rain

No. 1328668

>I have an iD Mobile sim plan for £6 per month (I pay £5 because I signed up like 6 years ago) with 4GB data.
This seems perfect for me! I'll also check out moneysupermarket - thanks anon!
>welcome to the UK anon, invest in a sturdy umbrella if you don't like getting soaked in rain
Good advice, my hair frizzes like crazy.

No. 1329006

welcome nona! people are often very negative about it, but it is not all how it is made out to be! i hope people are kind to you! where have you moved from?

No. 1329043

Is it true that companies offer shittier quality products in Eastrn European countries? Like if you went to a Zara or a McDonald's in the UK vs Romania, the quality of the same clothes/food in Romania would be poorer

No. 1329046

How would that make sense for clothes, it's all mass produced.

No. 1329080

Clothes no, food yes.

No. 1329134

I always thought UK products had much more sugar kind of like American food

No. 1329235

I don't know if this is a thing still but about 30-20 years ago it was common for factories in Poland to receive branded toiletry containers (e.g. Palmolive shampoo), fill it with the cheapest formulation of soap on hand and distribute those in Eastern Europe. I wouldn't expect this to still be standard but I haven't lived there in a while

No. 1330487

File: 1662606977880.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x936, D1BFC819-B9C5-4DB2-9187-25CEB1…)

As a swedeburger I’m so fucking sick of people immigrating here, every single lot of you international fucks. Americans, Germans, Kebabs, Britfags. y’all come here with your loud asses, never learn our language and cry why Swedes are cold or why xyz is hard. We’re a retarded country with our own retarded problems, so fuck off and let us have our dumb ikea meatball haven in peace.

No. 1330509

No. Fuck you hergen dergen retards.

No. 1330524

hergen dergen land is closed go to Denmark instead

No. 1330525

That's it I'm moving to Sweden and I will not use my indoor voice ever again.

No. 1330539

No. Seethe.

No. 1330554

There's a sugar tax in the UK right now though.

No. 1330728

The only thing that has achieved is either raised prices or sugar replaced with sweetener. UK sweets are still digustingly over-sweetened (imo) and they barely ever use fruit in desserts, it's all chocolate, caramel, and sugar.

No. 1330769

What does that even mean?
As long as you speak loudly på svenska.

No. 1330804

I guess you could keep talking about immigrants and security until int libs start hating on Sweden but you'll get a bunch tradtards instead

No. 1330844

i guess every country has a problem about it's positive reputation. I remember everybone was talking about how Sweden is the best country to live ever, so everybody wants to move in and ruin it for Swedes unintetntionally.
In here they say it's soooooo cheap… for foreigners. Glad y'all enjoy all the cheap things that basic czech can't ever buy.

No. 1330854

File: 1662639661259.jpg (149.14 KB, 612x918, piirakka.jpg)

As a finn I agree with you. Can't stand those "international skilled workers" who come here to work in tech and expect people to kiss their feet then complain
>boohoo Finnish is too difficult
>someone didn't speak English to me this is discrimination
>too cold
>locals are weird and unfriendly
>taxes too high but let me exploit the social security system by putting my kids to public daycare
They make zero effort to integrate but usually get off the hook because they have a well-paid job and speak English.

No. 1330864

Dating in the Netherlands is impossible. Most women aged 23-32 I know are single and unironically can’t find a date. Most men are monsters and usually either gay (so many gay guys) or date some Asian or vaguely brown girl or something. There are men who aren’t complete garbage but they’re always taken by the absolute dumbest, most stereotypically “Stacy” women.
I think everyone in the Dutch thread is single too. Fucking bizarre. How’s the rest of Europe? Particularly interested in Germans and Scandis because you guys seem similar to us.

No. 1330868

By the way, the men I’m describing are the opposite of those dumb girls. Extremely eloquent, kind, cultured, responsible guys. But they want to bang bimbos anyway.

No. 1330869

you can say that about any country though. i am a britfag and we get polish and eastern europeans and south asians whatever come here and refuse to learn the language. my sister is a primary teacher and has experienced kids with lazy parents not speaking english so their kids struggle at school. everyone should stay in their own countries if you don't want to learn the language. this is not just your countries problem anon

No. 1330904

File: 1662642147582.jpg (58.62 KB, 550x413, photo0jpg.jpg)

I made Lohikeitto for dinner yesterday and it was scrumptious!
But I could only find dried dill in my country, so it wasn't as good ad the one I had in Finland.

No. 1330910

I worked in very central of Helsinki for a while the sheer amount of whiny, english speaking tech guys was ridiculous. They would also whine loudly, as if most people didn't understand them. One time this dude actually walked out because someone did the whole "what can I get ya" in finnish instead of magically knowing he didn't know any?

No. 1330912

Dill is such foodporn!! It makes life better and everyone should grow it

No. 1330914

I would eat that

No. 1330915

I am sorry for you nonny. I learned finnish in my HS for two years and had a lot of fun finding mail-pals back then. I used to travel to Finland a lot when i lived nearby to buy some candies with my family, and the last time I traveled to Helsinki I saw an American tranny in a mall wearing pink seifuku off aliexpress.

No. 1330918

The whiny American men isn't just for tech… they are all just like that.

No. 1330925

I know one was Canadian because he wouldn't shut the fuck about it and while he wasn't whiny, he was just SO GODDAMN LOUD. Why are the tech guys either the ones they drag out to make the company look good, they dress ok and are clean, but are loud as shit vs the absolute turbo autistist, like you really had to import those in?

No. 1330929


this describes German men as well. Also they're misogynistic, so there's no point really

No. 1332109

I love dill. Cucumber-yoghurt-dill is a great refreshing summer salad (which Bulgarians call a cold soup lol, how is that a soup). Also I always make risi e bisi with lots of dill, it goes great with both peas and rice.

No. 1332137

Dill is fucking foul blargh there's always a dill sauce with salmon here I hate it

No. 1332216

I have a horrible sweet tooth so I actually like british sweets. To me it's still better than american sweets by a long shot. All the sugar tax really did was stop people from getting a coke with their tesco meal deal.

No. 1332325

What the fuck did you say, bitch?

No. 1334633

Yes. In Slovakia we have lower quality versions of the same products in groccery stores than in the neighbourhood country, Austria. There have been many tests to prove this.

No. 1334649

Do you want fruits in desserts though? Sugar ruins the nutritional benefits of fruit anyway.

And we have Turkish people who've lived here for generations but refuse to learn the language, even young people sometimes don't speak a word of our language because they isolate themselves so much. And Polish immigrants who come to work here and steal shit on the country side and take their money and stolen goods back to Poland in the winter. Oh and don't get me started on rich international students who steal housing from national students when there's already an extreme shortage of affordable housing for students (and anyone). Your problem isn't unique to Sweden. I'm of the opinion that the EU in general should severely limit it's immigrant policies anyway. Can't do jackshit about the Polish because they're already in the EU ofc but at least it'd be good to stop the stream of valueless moids from shit countries shitting up our countries. They're literally slowly degrading our countries with them.

No. 1334678

File: 1662836873911.png (4.08 MB, 1125x2436, ECA92399-C503-45F9-8285-FF72FA…)

The dill discussion reminded me of this abomination a Latvian pizza chain offers lmao https://www.lulu.lv/en/pizza/summer-pizza

No. 1334681

I'd eat that after smoking a joint

No. 1334682

File: 1662837148884.jpg (75.26 KB, 1200x800, Eton-mess.jpg)

there are lots of traditional british puddings (desserts) with fruit. like eton mess and triffle. none of the classic vintage british puddings are chocolately.

No. 1334691

File: 1662837346598.jpg (86.38 KB, 640x414, 46b8ec_81b1ab5441104bd49064af6…)

british sweets are the best. i still have an old sweet shop in my town. i remember being young and asking for 70p worth of 'xx' sweets. in a little paper bag. like rhubarb and custards or pear drops

No. 1334705

I would simply pick off the pickles and chow down. I’m sure there’s an anon here who would be willing to eat my pickles I don’t want? I find whenever I pick pickles off of food there’s always some freak on hand who will gobble them up for you.

No. 1334710

i love gherkins!! i will eat your pickles anon

No. 1334997

yes I do, I use fruits to reduce/remove sugar from a dessert. you don't need both
yes there are however what the public is generally consuming is supermarket stuff, not vintage puddings. I'm amazed Cadbury and galaxy type of chocolates are so popular, they're sickeningly sweet. you might find those puddings at a restaurant but I've not seen them at any cafes and I don't really expect the average brit to do home baking tbh.
wonder if it's the sweet shop that's more british than the sweets, doesn't basically everywhere have hard boiled sweets? I used to get those types growing up in eastern europe but I don't recall having this type of large sweet shop or section, just market stalls at best

No. 1335413

No. 1335414

>I don't really expect the average brit to do home baking tbh.
Yeah this is true. All we do is eat spaghetti hoops in front of Jeremy Kyle and scratch our arses. None of us have ever baked a cake in our lives.

No. 1335419

I went to college in your country, and my landlady would bake a delicious fluffy cake every day for us foreign students. Sweet cake, even sweeter lady

No. 1335420

File: 1662882595667.jpg (49.55 KB, 615x409, Colin-the-Caterpillar-cake.jpg)

> traditional british puddings (desserts)
This bad boy

No. 1335437

File: 1662883937904.png (408.13 KB, 812x768, image_2022-09-11_031341527.png)

No. 1335450

I know that, but can you tell me why you guys don't put curtains in your living rooms? It's weird walking down a residential street and seeing what everyones watching

No. 1335479

As a kid I always wanted to eat him. He looks like a gummy worm. A gummy wirm with some sugary liquid inside, because of the art the ant kids made of him. Sort of like a bubbaloo. I am sorry but i am burger

No. 1335511

I have no idea what you're talking about, everywhere I've ever lived in the UK people have used both curtains and net curtains so other people can't see inside their homes.

No. 1335588

File: 1662896777593.jpg (138.32 KB, 1008x630, 10756384_paul-hollywood-mary-b…)

don't generalise anon. we have this iconic show
the best birthday cake, colin the caterpillar

No. 1335590

> wonder if it's the sweet shop that's more british than the sweets
nope sorry, alot of iconic sweets were invented in the victorian era.

No. 1335592

they are just not closed during the day kek

No. 1335900

I’ve never been in a curtainless living room in my entire life, and I’ve been in some real shitholes. You literally have the weirdest perception of the English, like I’d be ok if you just called us ugly degenerates and washed your hands of it but you come out with stuff like
>the English never put fruit in pudding
>the English never bake or cook for themselves
>the English don’t put curtains in the living room
>the English put carpet in the bathroom
It just isn’t true and it’s bizarre and I wonder how you came to the conclusion in the first place.

No. 1336038

same anon, it is because it is such a bandwagon to hate the english kek, we are all just colonisers

No. 1336687

Any Swedefags here? What are your feelings aboit the elections?

No. 1336695

It's bait-a-brit time!
Enjoy it while it lasts, soon we will be back to our regular bait-a-burger programming

No. 1336730

I can guarantee the majority of anti bong posters are Scottish and Irish no one else cares that much about us.

No. 1336770

I would also eat him. He looks like he’s full of an edible green jelly that oozes out when you bite into his sweet rubbery hide. He looks like he’s just the right amount of sweet and the right amount of sour. I wonder if he’s coated in a dusting of Citric acid? His red bits are raspberry flavoured, green bits are lime flavoured, yellow bits are lemon flavoured.

No. 1336811

I love bullying the brits because I'm a teaboo but I'm tsundere.

No. 1339609

scooter is the best german band there is. only bangers, not a single song falls flat. please love yourself and listen to scooter nonnies! i would relentlessly fuck h.p. baxxter too but that's just me

No. 1340629

File: 1663241575620.jpg (84.6 KB, 297x400, 430x400x1_cgrpkk1e9_hotovo-102…)

Can i just ask German Nonnas if you still have this flour in Kaufland? The orange one. They stopped selling it in czechia and my yeast is addicted to it, i'm running out my last bag and am afraid the shit flours will kill my yeast.

No. 1340641

myslovitz is just polish radiohead

No. 1340699

Seconding, scooter is love scooter is life. I even went to a live show

No. 1341057

I think I've seen it

No. 1341140

I don’t hate the bongs, but I hate that they (and the French&friends) colonized the world and now Europeans can’t just exist without being called mean racist hecking colonizers

No. 1341770

but that's a fault of the retards who call you that because they didn't educate themselves that we're not all the same. I always tell them they're undeducated and it shut them up every time so far.

No. 1341957

Irishfags, are the tensions as bad as social media makes it out to be between the Irish and the britbongs? I know there’s centuries of atrocities the Brits committed but in day to day life when Irish people and brits interact are things fine? Like on an interpersonal level?

No. 1341977

Anyone here absolutely dreading winter?

Last winter my mum said we can't afford much heating. I woke up in the cold, wishing to stay warm in the covers, worked in the cold, and came back to do online school in the cold. it was the most depressing period for years. even if you wear jumpers, your face gets cold, your fingers too. actually also does anyone know how to stay worm?

No. 1341985

I start living with a hot bottle tucked inside my sweater.

No. 1342014

Good. Hundreds of thousands live in each others countries. Lots of intermarriage and children. Twitter is not real life. LC attracts its fair share of weirdos too, so you might get some silly answers. On LC I've seen support for IRA atrocities and desire for future conflict kek. Not a common view. Though that could be Americans larping again…

No. 1342146

It doesn't get super cold here (usually doesn't freeze when the sun's up) so I don't have input for super cold climates, but I like thermal clothing (pretty cheap) and a hot water bag (also affordable)

No. 1342789

people who live in flats must be pretty happy, when i lived in a flat i didn't use heating at all. All the flats around me heated my place. Now i live in a house i'm just planning to wear a lot of layers and bake a lot. Owen heats the room nicely. Even cooking on gas heats pretty well.

No. 1342847

yeah im in the same situation as you, since gas prices are getting so high we try not to use to much heating. Also our house is not totally insulated, next year in the summer we will try to insulate it completely

No. 1342928

i live in a flat and it's already below 20°c in here, definitely manageable but normally i would turn on the heater. this winter i'll try to heat as little as possible because i can't possibly pay the bill with these gas prices but i'm afraid it's gonna be 15°c in here as soon as temperatures go below 5°c outside. definitely gonna buy a new thick blankie, a hot water bag and some candles. fuck the government for leaving us completely alone with this hellish inflation.

No. 1346161

i remember a while ago a swedish anon was saying how they hate how foriegners come and live in sweden and refuse to speak the language (idk if it was definitely a swede) I'm a bong and my sister is a nursery teacher and she has a few eastern euro kids, and one romanian kid does not speak English at all, the parents don't either, at least not to the kids. and I just pity these poor kids with such lazy parents refusing to integrate and speak the language and just send their poor kids to school to struggle. there are also polish ones too who can only speak a few words.

No. 1346169

it is mainly zoomers online, i see more American zoomers who love to cry colonisers everytime a bong is mentioned talk about how awfully the bongs treated the Irish and how Ireland must be celebrating the queen dying rather than actual Irish people etc. i think it is due to government and stuff. not hating the people of each places.

No. 1346170

Question. I never got why England is called bongland here? Shouldn't the Netherlands be called that?

No. 1346173

because of the bong noise big ben makes I think kek

No. 1346175

it's not even a thing that really comes up irl unless the person you're speaking to is some faggot who has curdled their brain through twitter. the most you'll hear of it is a bit of banter from your pals or something. nobody actually goes on like retards on here and twitter do, and the people that do act like that irl are the ones with no friends to speak of.

No. 1346177

kek really? That was not what I expected.

No. 1346183

it is also likely the person talking about it is not even english or irish and like you say, someone who educates themselves through twitter

No. 1346184

File: 1663765358762.jpg (24.37 KB, 536x280, OIzkRvdGOhpUoNuNizOzxVLGGlXnWw…)

It originates from this

No. 1346239

idk but they're very passionate (aka retarded) when it comes to football and rugby. Annoying as fuck.

No. 1346244

Kids pick up a new language really quickly when they're immersed in it. You don't have to feel bad for the kids, they'll speak English on the level of their peers in a matter of months when they're going to school full time. The parents on the otherhand should integrate wtf.

No. 1346684

how are the parents even in England then. What kind of jobs?

No. 1346810

Factory work/production lines, cleaning, fruit picking, basic labour stuff

No. 1354088

File: 1664274952671.jpeg (111.26 KB, 764x1024, 58ED6AE1-45FD-4E05-9A28-F0596B…)

So how are Italian anons feeling about the election?

No. 1354159

sorry not italian but jesus fucking christ

No. 1354270

not a good precedent for abortion rights in europe i'm sure. soon we'll have to fight for them again too, just like in poland, US, hungary etc.

No. 1354292

Not italian but I wish these "EU critical" retards would live up to their word and stop grabbing EU money then. I mean, I don't like EU myself, but it's fucking jarring to know that my money is being given to countries with an anti EU sentiment that doesn't consist of getting the hell out of EU but rather taking all the money and throwing a fit like a 5-yo when asked to take some responsibility.

No. 1354299

Also why do they always have to be the biggest retards who desperately want to roll back women's rights like 50 years and the only reason they (claim they) won't is because of that EU sugar daddy money?

No. 1354313

your country gets the money back from doing business in those countries retard. maybe the sugar daddy could stop pushing the trans agenda and sex work bullshit down everyone's throats.

No. 1354315

At this point if you're not making anime renditions of yourself as a part of your campaigning, are you actually a politician?

No. 1354323

It's hard getting abortions in Italy anyways.

No. 1354365

Damn I'd really love to see these precious EU bucks because afaik the people aren't getting any. They're going to limit our heat usage this winter and they already limited water usage for a while this summer. Meloni's not very EU critical though.

That's what I don't get. Everyone's acting like she's the one limiting abortion rights but they were already like this and they're not going to change.

No. 1354696

File: 1664308535146.jpg (4.65 KB, 208x240, kuumotus.jpg)

>the nord stream sabotage could be seen as a military aggression against sweden

No. 1354835

That text really comes out butchered looking on mobile but yeah, these bitches are blowing even more shit up huh

No. 1355200

What business? Like buying shitty tomatoes picked by the same immigrants that Meloni and her friends apparently want to kick out of Italy? Nah, Southern Europe is shit Europe and we don't need you guys.

No. 1355246

File: 1664345878825.gif (531.24 KB, 500x375, octo2.gif)

Going to Germany for a few days (will be around and in Munich), what should I expect at the moment? Anything interesting to see?
Also I am worried with the current events if there will be any heat in hotels at all (heard too many weird stories).

No. 1355260

Same thing was in Poland. There was abortion in the case of rape (had to be proven in court before the 6th week) and life-threating health issues with the fetus or the mother but proving rape took too long and the fetus/mother had to be 100% on their deathbeds because doctors didn't want to get sued. I had a friend in primary school who got pregnant and her mother had to beg few clinics for an abortion. The whole total abortion ban is there just to strengthen the party's conservative electorate and get more loyal voters.

No. 1355280

The rise of all the conservatoid retards in politics all around Europe blackpills the fuck out of me not gonna lie, at least my country Finland is still ran by a feminist government but for how long until we start slipping into the same regressive freefall. Godspeed Italy and Poland anons

No. 1355305

really depresses me. the whole world is on this fast-track to regressive, psychotic conservatism…

No. 1355329

Abortions aren't illegal in Hungary, even if we're known for being a conservative shithole. They did add a needless requirement of the mother signing the final decision only after she was forced to listen to the heartbeat of the embryo.

No. 1355330

>requirement of the mother signing the final decision only after she was forced to listen to the heartbeat of the embryo.
God that's next level petty.

No. 1355342

that was the exact thing (fake heartbeat) texas and other conservative shitholes were demanding, before they were completely outlawed.

No. 1355347

On the upside, here in the Netherlands they recently did away with the required waiting period of 5 days before getting an abortion because it was seen as belittling to women, it got through with a large majority of votes in favour of abolishing it. They're also trying to get a new law through that allows family doctors to provide abortion pills instead of just abortion clinics to make it more accesible. We're not going backwards everywhere (for now) but I feel for anons in more conservative countries.

No. 1355355

It feels like Meloni's already backtracking on a few things (not the abortions though). I don't mind her plans for the economy but I don't like that she's christian and basing some of her decisions off of that. She's not an extremist nutjob, but she's not the best either.

No. 1355357

why should there be no heat at all? Depending on the location it could be that heaters don't work (most of the day) because it is too early to heat but I doubt a hotel would let you be cold. Also, the discussion in Germany is mostly about keeping the temperature to 19 degrees in public buildings so don't worry

No. 1355359

how long do you all think she will be in power until (probably) Italians have to vote again?

No. 1355454

ayrt and that's what i meant. it's a disgusting practice which comes right before disallowing abortions alltogether

No. 1355993

NTA but I give her two years.

No. 1356002

The government falls quite easily in Italy, part of the right just needs to turn on her.

No. 1358233

As a Polish anon I’m planning to move to Finland in a few years to escape my shit government. Hope Finland stays normal.

No. 1366561

>it's paki anon again

No. 1366570

oh fuck off will you

No. 1366655

When was the last time Kiyv anon gave us an update? Is h
she doing ok? Are other Ukranian anons doing ok too?

No. 1367081

File: 1665171614476.jpg (30.94 KB, 408x473, IMG_3504.jpg)

No. 1367095

But for real, I think media are just trying to gloss it over until we'll start feeling the consequences the hardest. There's no way to bullshit blame this on Russia kek.

No. 1367100

Honestly this. There were so many fuck ups the moment COVID started, and now this, and govts keep blaming everything on anything but their own idiocy. I am tired. Thanks to the current inflation (which has been going on ever since the last year) i can barely afford food. Hooray.

No. 1367110

…so how is it? Was it the usa?

No. 1367122

File: 1665174317910.png (55.66 KB, 811x542, pipes.png)

It was sabotage. They say Russia is the only one who might have benefited from this. Russians deny they have anything to do with it.