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No. 1268940

discuss what you personally think is changing this website, for the good or worse.
no racebait/infighting/honesty allowed.(shit thread, full of bait and trannies)

No. 1268944

The admins dipped and let this place go to shit

No. 1268951

>no honesty allowed

No. 1268961

File: 1658279023272.png (43.93 KB, 254x252, 1472562022739.png)

I'm gonna find whoever shooped flames on this cow and teach them a lesson

No. 1268963

We severely need hellweeks back.

No. 1268971

I don't think the userbase has gotten much worse. The retards are still in the designated retard threads/boards. But the absolute state of the moderation is completely laughable. Users have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Mods STILL haven't explained the Bunker from five months ago.Scrotes will be spamming porn for five hours while mods are doing nothing.

Get moderation help. Open up janny submissions. Actually meaningfully vet those who apply. Even if you only get three people, that's three more people to help run the eyesight.

No. 1268975

Samefag but also is there no way to get rid of the CP spam bot plaguing /m/? So disgusting having to see that

No. 1268994

They can't open up applications without an admin who checks them.

No. 1268998

I think there are more newfags in the past year or two larping as oldfags and calling everyone a twitterfag or a moid over normal female benign-to-deranged posts and I think there are more underage users who just got their first boyfie. I also suspect underage users because the level of autism on ot is through the roof, you can’t even make jokes anymore it flies right over them.

Unpopular opinion but I think the racebait rules have become too tight. I’ve seen people get banned for basic anti-racism as a “race baiting” and we can’t even discuss or ask questions that might be slightly inflammatory just by accident. I would like to be able to discuss as there is a diverse group here and everywhere else online will burn you at the stake if you have an opinion or question they deem less than perfect.

/g has definitely gotten more retarded and I think that’s board is a big draw for underage, pickmes, and trannies. Wish we could just abolish it at this point because they seep into ot.

No. 1269003

This is why we need a fucking captcha

No. 1269006

>the racebait rules have become too tight
The second you loosen them, you get pol moids like the one currently in the confessions thread hiding their usual reeing about race mixing and black people behind bad larping.

No. 1269008

For me is pretty simple: the bella janke threads happened. Kiwifarms & Lolcow always shared a common userbase i know but openly allowing kiwiscrotes/trannies to come here and post was a fatal mistake. You have to be retarded to thought that they would diligently leave this site alone once the raid was over.Especially kiwitrannies who are infamous even in trannie circles for being insufferable and not like the other trannies (i think all those werid HSTS in /snow/ & /g/ who "want to lean female socialization" come from there). Lack of moderation is the main cause sure, but the bella threads + creepshow art didn't help at all.

No. 1269012

Racebait rules are the only thing that stops the total collapse of this site.

No. 1269013

Is there a way to just hide all images?

No. 1269024

Meant to say “honesty is allowed”, sowwy grammar nazi

No. 1269032

Not being a grammar Nazi, I was just confused on why honesty wouldn't be allowed. I didn't realize it was a typo.

No. 1269035

The biggest thing is just the lack of modding, honestly.

No. 1269044

I was confused too

No. 1269073

I was also wondering if the self-hating black anon from an hour or so ago was a LARP

No. 1269115

File: 1658292628127.jpg (33.5 KB, 800x800, plush-kiiroitori-cow-style-new…)

I miss the 2018-2019 lolcow. Back when the cows were actually milky and GNC and other threads were allowed. Sure, there still were some infights here and there, but the moderation team was always there for you, and lc just felt a lot more like what it was supposed to be. I still wonder where did these old anons go when the admin decided to lock all of the discussions, there was this garden board but it was too dead and then it closed.

No. 1269141

I stopped being around, that's what

No. 1269169

Nobody wants to mod and can you blame them? Dumpster fire

No. 1269188

infighting and 13 year olds who don't understand jokes

No. 1269213

Banning anyone who isn't a cis woman and allowing terfs to monopolize lolcow ruined this site for real. This also relates to racebait since the vast majority of transphobes are also racists.(global rule #4)

No. 1269215

No. 1269216

go dilate you ugly freak

No. 1269220

Anyway lolcow should have stayed a gossip/cow ONLY site, the non-cow boards have brought nothing valuable to this site.

No. 1269222

Well, it's true though. The trans threads on /snow/ are full of /pol/ baiters. If right-wing racists are your only allies maybe you are doing something wrong.

No. 1269225

right like all trannies aren’t ex /pol/tards or self admitted white supremacists/conservatives kek

No. 1269226

What's this? A white tranny and/or self-proclaimed leftist weaponizing non-white people for their shitty argument for what, the second time in a short period on /ot/? Must be a day ending in y

No. 1269234

If your only allies are as mentally ill as you are or too terrified to speak up about the fact that you're disgusting (despite so many of you ending up being sex offenders and pedos) because you behave like unhinged retards, maybe you're doing something wrong.

No. 1269246

I don't know where you got "all", those are a very tiny minority of trans people. So what if some of them USED to be right-wingers, people change. Even TERFs can change.

No. 1269247

"So many" men of color are violent yet that does not justify racism.

No. 1269249

File: 1658304004859.png (465.45 KB, 500x373, 1656189238690.png)

No. 1269253

Can you explain why should a black woman trust a former neonazi who says he’s now one of theirs because he swears up and down he’s changed and now goes by she/it. How is it possible for a male to completely undo decades of male socialization and benefiting from the patriarchy and why should a woman allow herself to be vulnerable around a male who claims to understand her but is merely dressing as his sexist idea of what women are like.

No. 1269256

I know it's hard for TERFs to understand but people do change, for better or for worse.

No. 1269257

/pol/fags don't give a shit about women's rights. Them hating trannies for the wrong reasons doesn't mean that they're "TERF allies". It's not our fault that moids come here and take over specific threads shitting them up with irrelevant race shit.
>So what if some of them USED to be right-wingers
You're right, not all of them are /pol/fags. All of them are porn-addicted misogynists though.
Race is different than sex. It doesn't matter the race, it's always men who are the most violent by far, and the vast majority of sex offenders are male across all races, and that includes trannies.

No. 1269258

File: 1658304423989.jpg (44.87 KB, 436x394, 1641559461878.jpg)

No. 1269259

So you can’t explain, alright.
Rachel Dolezal might be a great woman, she’s done a lot for the black community. It doesn’t change she’s a white woman from white parents who dresses as a stereotype of ‘black’ and black people are within their rights to want nothing to do with her or share her spaces, no matter how much she curls her hair or tans her skin.

No. 1269261

Black people have higher violence stats because of poverty rates, unequal opportunities and systematic oppression. Males aren’t oppressed for being male. Black males actually heavily oppress black women, and both white and black men of all socioeconomic classes rape and torture little babygirls, your comparison is shit.

No. 1269262

That's even worse, if literally no one else across the political spectrum likes you then you REALLY are doing something wrong.
Notto disu shitto agen.

No. 1269265

i've met a lot of terfs and none of them were racist, woman sees a woman, not a color. On the other hand what i see coming from troons posts is racism against black women and see that almost every day. I like that there is a lot of gender critical women here, a monopol as you say, at least we have SOME place to be. Troons are everywhere, on every website, in every community, stop being selfish and leave us ONE place we can terf in peace.

No. 1269266

There are plenty of studies confirming that transgender identities have a biological basis but none confirming transracial identities. Try harder.

No. 1269267

lmaoooo ah yes, because women's rights have always been sooo popular

Being hated by men of all political stances is the biggest indication your feminism is actually useful and beneficial to women, but I guess you wouldn't understand that when you're here caping for men who think they get to dictate what womanhood is.

No. 1269269

>woman sees a woman, not a color
This is so wrong I cannot even say anything but just laugh.
>leave us ONE place we can terf in peace
You sound just like the /pol/ users "leave us ONE place we can hate non-whites in peace"

No. 1269270


Why are you invalidating trans racial identities? If someone feels such strong dysphoria that they want to transition, who are you to invalidate them? How are they hurting you?

Oh so now sex and race aren’t comparable? I used to argue this and felt like a fool when I double checked and saw that all brain sex studies were disproven. If you argue this among trans circles you’ll get called a truscum and bioessentialist anyway.

No. 1269272

you are beyond retarded if you think the autistic racists on /pol/ are comparable to terfs kek

No. 1269273

File: 1658305392583.jpg (105.42 KB, 800x650, 1628717682468.jpg)

>when a tranny visits LC

No. 1269274

it's wrong to you exactly because you don't understand it and you never can. If i see a woman getting harrased or hurt i'll always help her no matter her race or religion because she's female and i know deep inside we are similar and we are connected though our experiences. A troon looks at her evalues her priviledge, says to himself that he has it worse anyway because he can only tink about himself like all men.

No. 1269275

How new are you

No. 1269276

Ask me how I know you're white

No. 1269277

File: 1658305553166.jpeg (420.83 KB, 1242x1666, 7F95D156-FBCA-4ED7-9B17-C9F980…)

According to stats (since I know you love them), and trans day of remembrance’s numbers, white trans people in America and UK (exactly 0 murders last year) are among the safest populations.

Mind boggling that you’re comparing people like Chris chan to the oppression of black people. Male privilege doesn’t go away when they wear panties. The average trans identified male can answer to his fellow male’s kicks and punches just fine.

No. 1269278

>if literally no one else across the political spectrum likes you
Rightoids don't "like" radical feminists. They just see TERFs hating on trannies and think it's based but they completely ignore the "feminist" part, because again, they don't give a shit about women's needs or opinions. Aside from the tranny hate, their opinions on all feminists are peak misogyny.
Also, they're not the only group aside from TERFs that despises troons or doesn't agree with trans ideology. Like the entitled American male you are, you're forgetting that most people outside Western liberal first world countries think transgenderism is bullshit to some degree, and their political values hardly influence that (unless they're Americanized liberals).
Also "gender dysphoria" in males is literally caused in no small part by porn addiction. Therefore most if not all male trannies are porn addicts. You can't debate this because your have no proof of the opposite yet anyone can see by observing any tranny's behavior that troons are obsessed with sex and porn, and a pornified, fetishized version of femininity. If that's not porn addiction I don't know what it is.
Go back to your shithole site.

No. 1269280

Almost posted this, kek.

No. 1269281

>woman sees a woman, not a color.
I wish. I've seen plenty 'radfems' who consider non-white women beneath them. But they always seem to be the trad radfem types so I don't really consider them anything radfem, just gc. The current worst problems are tradtards, imo, and having no moderation or info about whatever even is happening behind the scenes.

No. 1269282

Too new to understand that the y-chromofilth isn't fucking welcome.

No. 1269284

I guarantee the Brazil tranny prostitute they love to espouse also pales in comparison to just how many women are murdered in Brazil. Trannies are so coddled.

No. 1269285

Scrotumoids ruin everything, even when they turn said scrotum inside out

No. 1269298

The difference is that troons make up an issue to be oppressed by. Black people cannot identify out of being black and oppressed for it. Their oppression is real. Gays and lesbians can't identify out of their sexuality, they can't help being attracted exclusively to the same sex even when they try their hardest to repress it; their oppression is real. Women cannot identify out of having a female body, even post-op "trans men" aren't taken as seriously as actual men (with extremely rare exceptions). Women's oppression is real.
Trans people can easily stop identifying as something they're not and all that "oppression for being trans" will be gone. They may still be oppressed for other things but you can't opt out of those, unlike transgenderism. But of course you'll respond under the assumption that transgenderism is real: it's not. It's a mix of different causes such as bad self-esteem, sexual trauma, traditional gender roles, porn addiction, autism, a desire to be unique or belong to a group, internalized homophobia, internalized misogyny (in women) or being an incel (in men). Liking girly things does not make a man a woman, neither does being an autogynephile. It's a mental illness that shouldn't be treated with "gender-affirming" methods and enabling delusional troons, but by treating the actual, underlying causes for that strong desire to be the opposite sex. But of course that's not as profitable so the ridiculous idea that you're actually a member of the opposite sex because you have low self-esteem and dont perfectly fit into arbitrary gender stereotypes, and that you need to waste thousands in surgery and hormones to "be yourself", gets shoved down our throats as fact.

No. 1269299

Is that OP gif real, I am very close to putting a sadface emoji here

No. 1269304

Oh you might be right, the cow might not be so calm if it was real

No. 1269306

Exepct that none of them got on an actual deradicalization process. "change" means something deep,is not as simple to slap a wig and an ugly dress and alas new me that has nothing to do with the old me that used to post about white genocide on /Pol/. Hell this is something that even reddit trannies can point out, the incel to transbian pipeline doesn't really mean a true change of mindset. You're a prime example of why even after all the mainstream campaign the tranny movement can't truly took off: deciveness & self centerism. Because the incel talk doesn't affect you directly that means it doesn't matter. After all life is all what directly affect you, isn't it trannie? And deciveness because you and your whole movement insists as soon as a trannie is out of the closet that means it's absolved for all their sins and you know? Life doesn't work like that. A change of name doesn't mean that the old person never existed for better or worse. People can still tell the person you "were" because you never became anything different actually. You're the same person as ever just with poorly applied lipstick and maybe some temperament changes for hormone misuse. Life isn't a vidya where you can start a new game with no impact whatsoever, and pretending that its like that is dishonest with others. We can tell. Also you can't just police all people's thoughts to "secure" that the old you is dead, neither language or thoughts work like that. People won't perceive you as the way you like all the time, not because you're a trannie but because no one gets perceived as the way they want all the time. Is not about "just being nice" either, language is inherently incomplete, You don't even have a complete control of what you're saying but i don't want to add lacanian ramblings here. All of this added to the inherent autism that most troons have is off-putting enough that most normies have one or two GC talking points without realizing it. Also, the complete lack self awareness. You're not welcome here. The harder you try the less welcome you're.

No. 1269308

There are plenty of things to criticize about radfems but troons always point the dumbest things ever kek. The things that a constant validation of your options makes you do.

No. 1269311

>right-wingers support radical feminists you guys!!
>Being hated by men of all political stances is the biggest indication your feminism is actually useful and beneficial to women
best post

No. 1269314

men are terrible at pretending to be women we’ve established that, they can’t keep their misogyny quiet for a second and can’t stand to see someone disagree with them, for once I am glad they are outing themselves because I would hate to unknowingly interact with scrotes

No. 1269315

The thing about these open trannies posting here, is that no one would have a problem with them (1) if they posted like a normal lc poster and would not stand out. But no, they have to post their REEEE TERFS and retarded /tttt/ wojaks, and even if they don't they often sound like a blatant tranny anyway (see: the "gurls love gurls" thread on /g/). Which is fucking funny, not being able to pass even in anonymous text form. Why can't you just blend in, since you so "girl brained" and all? It's not like shit talking men and trannies should hurt you, trannies hate each other anyway, and you are totally not a male so why are you upset about man hating? Kekkk

(1) no problem as in not knowing you are a tranny and therefore treating you as a woman like everyone else

(fucked up my formatting lol)

No. 1269318

Yeah same, idk if I sounded like I WANT undercover trannies here (I do not thank you very much), but it's so funny they can't pretend to be one even in an anonymous image board. But they are tooootally such women teehee

No. 1269319

The tranny doesn't realize that the TIM population perfectly reflects the normal male population: there are the incels, the white supremacist "femboys", the liberal "communist" LARPer trannies, etc

Seriously, where the fuck are all these troons coming from lately?

No. 1269320

Kiwifarms and 4chan, and adjacent leftist/tranny image boards. So many tell they browse MtF general to see if they get posted, or selfpost themselves

No. 1269321

Those aren't radfems, they're white whales whose only good attribute in men's eyes is being white so they put down women of color. They're like %0,1 of white women but they're so fucking loud and love to infiltrate radfem spaces because they think radfem ideology excuses their racism.

No. 1269326

Femcels (you know who you are), twitterfags. Other than that, the board is outdated and lost its purpose tbh. Kids, neets and adults don’t intermix in a community.
The spammers are honestly not worth the mention I’m talking about actual users.

No. 1269328

Their interests are so stereotypically male, I've never seen one be into female-only hobbies (unless it fuels their cross-dressing fetish, like gothic lolita).
Trannies can't go 2 minutes without talking about their gross fetishes online, but it's totally not a fetish guys!! Those studies that say a 1% difference in your brain means that you're 100% the opposite sex are totally legit and definitely weren't made to justify the trans medical industry!

No. 1269333

I sometimes wonder if tranny agenda is forced upon men so the mentally ill and autistic can sterilize themselves in an "ethical" way. The countries trannyism is popular(ex. America) are the same countries who purposefully drive other countries into wars to decrease population of those they do not approve.
Either way, I hope more deranged white men transition and then kill themselves. I believe hardcore right-wing misogynistic racists(aka trannies) offing themselves will be good for American women, especially black or Asian ones those men would've targeted as their victims.

No. 1269336

erin painter in 2019 was the creme de la creme

No. 1269347

True, the cherry on top is that troons are like every other autistic men, the only difference is that they shamelessy live for the coom. Like ok agp autismo n°2465178358 your experience is totally unique and the world just doesn't get it and the most evil thing that someone can do is to tell you aren't an anime teenage girl.

No. 1269350

That one brain study everyone always quotes was done on dead HSTS prostitutes who were on estrogen for decades iirc. Homosexual mens brains are closer to straight womans brains anyway afaik so idk what it proved

No. 1269354

I have a hard time believing this

No. 1269401

File: 1658315507972.png (163.65 KB, 679x383, 1653068784403.png)

very good, cry harder defected xy chromosomoid

No. 1269405

samefag but kek of course this /meta/ sperg turned out to be a tranny

No. 1269413

The study is a bit old, idk has it been debunked either. They were looking if being homosexual is biological or not. Though I know there are also studies showing there are really no differences between male and female brains. It's also impossible to study foolproof, since socialization also plays a huge part and cannot be eliminated


Yeah this is true too

No. 1269433

quit your job kaitlyn tiffany

No. 1269462


No. 1269530

This. Creepshartgate was the tipping point and the Bella Janke threads just destroyed what was left of ye olde lolcow.

No. 1269606

I feel like some bone rattling nest must have been crushed because they are infesting online spaces in strange amounts

No. 1269611

farmers respond to bait in this thread sums it up, kek. way too much infighting. i loved the bunker and kaitlyn tiffany threads, and they weren't the only reason, but i think they did encourage change in site culture. also maybe the retarded shitpost thread but i was always biased against against it

No. 1269612

I agree. So many skellies infest threads in /w/, /snow/, /g/ and /ot/. There was skellies arguing they look like vs models just yesterday and how every woman needs to starve herself to look hot. I'm sure they're from tiktok and Twitter because proana skellies aren't THIS retarded.

No. 1269616

I agree. I like the cow boards because it's so, I don't know, selfless. The opposite of self-absorbed. Everyone there is talking about a person that is not them. It's fun.

No. 1269618

Sometimes the /snow/ posters get out of the board and infect /ot/. Their obnoxious behavior is confused with newfag bait because it’s clear none of them especially the shaynafags like t go outside lmao

No. 1269628

i agree.

No. 1269635

I feel like people who complain about the state of this site now don't realize how incredibly nitpicky this site was 7 years ago. It was actually worse in that regard than it is now. Now you have nitpicks in certain threads for sure, but it isn't spread over every single cow thread. That was a time when a girl who made simple edits to herself in ig while not disclosing that was considered milky. The anafags were also worse if you can believe that. The only thing that is worse now than then in terms of shallow nitpicky shit is how any woman with shoulders runs the risk of being compared to a tranny.

No. 1269657

i disagree. that shit was considered milky because the internet was so different back then. social media wasn't the huge monolith it is now. and i feel like really milky cows came from those times because they were usually just people doing that stuff in private or for attention from people who aren't even looking. now everyone online is doing shit for attention and it homogenizes into the same shit. we won't have a pt or asherbee or dakota situation ever again. we're no longer in a world where being famous online means spamming 1mil friend requests on myspace, or where you can stumble upon some literally who's cringy DA and find their unhinged blogposts. everyone cosplays, everyone shoops, everyone thinks their a super cool influencer who everyone loves and adores. everything is boring.

No. 1269660

>lolcow should have stayed a gossip board, it contributed nothing to the site

Except for being an image board where women can talk about virtually anything without it being related to lolcows? Rightfully shut the fuck up, the boards might be just as cancerous as the gossip ones but they do contribute some meaningful discussion and enjoyment. Kiwifarms is a GOSSIP lolcow website for fuck sakes and even it has off-topic boards to visit, you’re just mad no one wants to center themselves like an unhinged maniac nitpicking the very chin crust off your favorite lolcow you love to alog off of. I hate oldfags, so clouded by the /cgl/ era and thinking the cow boards hasn’t degraded itself to nitpicking/infighting/internalized misogyny.

No. 1269662

That's not even an oldfag, nonnie. I won't explain how I know, because newfags who found this place through Twitter/tranny discords/"leftist streamer" communities like to lie about being oldfags. It's better to let them embarrass themselves kek

No. 1269671

Yeah, a whole amount of zero studies confirm this bs lol

No. 1269674

I came to lolcow around age 23 and I'm in my 30s now, so I'm more chill these days and I think other farmers that have been here like me have also chilled out. I will call out newfags sometimes but not much. I will encourage sisterly affection with other anons and only be harsh towards those that are beyond annoying.

No. 1269675

this board and all the topics that come from here are the problem. cow boards are much better, even the men who post on cow boards weren't posting disgusting CP, you and the type of annoying user who thinks this site is a place carved out for women to be free from men ruined the site.

No. 1269679

>even the men who post on cow boards weren't posting disgusting CP
What makes the tranny so eager to lie? Is it an affliction?

No. 1269684

I kinda wanna contest that post but the risk of engaging a dumb scrote just seems too high

No. 1269697

>that shit was considered milky because the internet was so different back then.
Yes, that's what I'm saying. Nitpicks were more common over silly mundane shit for this reason. I kind of don't mind it and I wish people were allowed to discuss and bitch about comparatively minute cows compared to the terrible ones we deal with now.

No. 1269704

>you and the type of annoying user who thinks this site is a place carved out for women to be free from men ruined the site

I’m sorry but WHAT??? Kek. Male opinion discarded, please go die in a war immediately.

holy fuck you were right, thanks for the warning! don’t know why these people can’t be fucked to read the rules that explicitly say that “no men are allowed”. even with the delays of the new admin appearance I heavily doubt shaymin would even revert that rule. if they didn’t get this was a woman-only website just by the anons in here telling them to shut their “life-saving” dripping necrotic holes up and go away then i don’t know what will kek

No. 1269712

Please, it’s blogposts galore in there. A bunch of self-righteous wine mom sounding spergs.

No. 1269718

It is kinda sus how their distaste is towards the boards being female centric and how that's somehow an excuse for deranged pedophile authoritarians to come here and be deranged pedophile authoritarians

No. 1269724

LC helped me when I was at my lowest and I can thank Pink Pill and GC for helping form my opinions but there are times when it goes too far. The amount of infighting it can cause makes /ot/ unusable at times. This isn't a problem confined to LC, everywhere on the internet has become more politically extreme. The issues that LC currently has are more of sign of the times than anything that the admin and farmhands are doing wrong. All other image boards have turned into politically charged hell holes and even social media sites are divided into political factions.

No. 1269733

this is the exact kind of toxic behavior i am talking about. i was here long before /ot/ was like this, when you had containment threads. the lack of men on the site had nothing to do with the desire to have an open forum for women. period.

No. 1269737

Shitty mods after the first admin, newfags who are under 21 years old discovering this place on tiktok and pinterest (as other anons have pointed out), and mods not banning males but will autistically ban femanons here for posting a smiley or heart emoticon which was never an issue in the first years of this site.

No. 1269740

So you think that gossiping about women isn't toxic, but misandry is toxic behaviour…HMMMM

No. 1269747

>calling males men
Hm indeed.

No. 1269748

it's not toxic to other users. just because previous admins were kind to you guys doesn't mean you didn't ruin the feel of the site. if you hate sharing it with the people it was originally intended for, women shitting on cringy women, maybe you should leave.

No. 1269751

i'm not male, no matter how much better you feel thinking i am. the site wasn't like this 3 years ago and it's been going downhill since then, and this shit is the reason why. men were only banned for being nuisances in cow threads if you're too new to know that, it's not my fault.

No. 1269753

wdym heart emoji, that one isn't even against the rules.

No. 1269756

If you think hating on moids is toxic, maybe this site isn't for you.

No. 1269759

Based. Anyone shitting on /ot/ is insane. What other place can I talk about random or niche things anonymously with similar minded women?

No. 1269760

>you should be more accepting and inclusive of fetishitic men who want to shit on real women

No. 1269761

File: 1658337621619.jpg (40.5 KB, 960x724, 678b99313h0098e8145780.jpg)

>complaining about off topic boards
>while being on an off topic board

No. 1269769

>word salad and getting this upset over two words
definitely male. also men have been banned for the last 7 years so you can stop spreading misinformation and leave your newfag projecting to yourself. ian banned men constantly for saying
>hurrr durr male here xd
i'm not even the anon you were responding to

No. 1269774

Yeah, they should go back to /w/ if they hate /ot/ so much.

No. 1269776

Stop replying to male, you mental faggots.

No. 1269777

the mindset you retards have is toxic. no one can have conversations or different opinions or make you uncomfortable or you dismiss it as maleposting. you're just twitterfags with a different coat of paint. i wasn't even initially against manhate threads when they were called that, but it used to be 10% of /ot/ rather than the bulk of it. i'm sick of posters like you who think anyone against you is a man/tranny and that all of us need to have the exact same opinions.

No. 1269780

kek the anti-/ot/ anon immediately went back to crying on /meta/ again

No. 1269783

are you stupid? i'm talking about the manhate shit, not when males were banned. i never said i didn't want them banned, but they weren't banned so the site could be a female speaking platform. they were banned for convenience.

No. 1269784

Wasn't that anon revealed to be a tranny? Please just report and ignore those sperg posts.

No. 1269786

Anons don't reply to the male. If you do I'll report all of you so you'll get muted for hours.

No. 1269788

Agreed. The false scrote accusations cause so much infighting and are utterly facile. LC is an image board where women should be able to express themselves and not get thought policed by men, instead we have underage twitterfags deciding what opinions women can and can't have. It's the same shit with the same result.

No. 1269789

File: 1658338210580.jpeg (87.34 KB, 1046x764, 2EFE9406-6217-4174-BAAE-22BA24…)

just ignore them nonny, they’re about as female as double D

No. 1269793

this is exactly what i'm trying to say, but anons are too dense to realize that. dismissing people's opinions like that is male/twitterfag/redditor behavior anyway. it's fucking annoying and needs to go.

No. 1269798

you’re just wrong and your opinion is retarded. don’t hate the game just join it

No. 1269800

You unironically tried to blame CP spam on women. Chop your cock into pieces, this is your last resort

No. 1269803

Infighting is one of the biggest issues, I agree. I am guilty of doing it before but I’ve been trying to just let things go because it’s really not worth getting your heart rate up just to argue with some anonymous lolcow user. I wish the mods would crack down on it more. In the Jill thread nonnies spend two days arguing over how bad it is when a car hits a deer. It’s just stupid at this point.

No. 1269804

It's also extremely regressive and misogynistic because it's basically enforcing traditional gender expectations. Women are only allowed to think certain thoughts and have traditionally female interests. It's honestly weird.

No. 1269805

are you fucking confused? learn to read.

No. 1269807

Stop replying to the male, retards.

No. 1269809

This is true. Even when I’m leaving what I feel is an innocuous comment on any site now, I’m always nervous someone is going to find something to sperg about. People just looking for fights these days over every little thing.

No. 1269812

You're right anon, they thrive off this shit

No. 1269815

a lot of pp anons actually have a lot of internalized misogyny. that's why they are so judgemental against other women who they feel are aligned with men, instead of feeling sympathy they shit on them. they have created a stereotype of women that you have to fit into.

No. 1269816

Where are you seeing this groupthink bullshit anyway nonnie? The only opinions I see get resistance here are pretty retarded and moid-y: anything pro-sex work, pro-DDLG, pro-pornography, pro-"trad" values…those are all, sorry to say, pretty moid opinions to have. If people argue with you about those type of opinions here on /ot/ than either stay away or argue back. You can't expect to say whatever you want and have it go unchallenged, you know. Having a conversation or an argument on the internet, whatever, it is a give and take. It sounds like you're mad anyone dared to call you a moid but who cares? If you aren't, you aren't. Some anon calling you one won't make you grow a dick and a beard.

No. 1269820

I agree but it's a moid who baits semi-regularly about controversial stuff and gets butthurt when anons tell him his larp is falling apart so he won't get it. We get plenty of baity posts praising sex work and I remember one saying it's better than working at McDonald's, that's obviously males baiting because no woman would think getting less than average pay for being raped at the risk of stds is better than preparing fastfood. Just ignore that anon.

No. 1269821

nta but tranny/male accusations are happening more and more because of the types of new posters that use the site. they're twitterfags co-opting PP and GV rhetoric to shut down other's opinions. i don't understand why you or others feel the need to defend that kind of stuff if you're not the one doing it, it's clearly not directed at you.

No. 1269825

Can you post or talk about specific examples of what you're talking about? I personally haven't seen that, just weird anti-woman opinions getting dismissed for sounding moidish

No. 1269826

>Where are you seeing this groupthink bullshit anyway
literally >>1269820 is doing it.
>>1269804 isn't saying anything that could be construed as male but here we are.

No. 1269830

Look, I'd usually agree that anons are trigger happy to call other males for dumb reasons, but the case at hand is someone blaming CP spam on boards filled with innocuous threads such as things I learned today and sanic telling your luck.

No. 1269833

if we didn’t have any sort of groupthink this website would be shit. 4chan has a general groupthink towards women and see where it landed them? we need some form of uniformed attitude/opinion about something so the entire site doesn’t collapse. doesn’t mean you can’t agree but I heavily doubt you’re a woman, you need to leave and stop concern trolling

No. 1269839

this conversation chain is a pretty good example. i have more but often times you will see stuff like that get labeled as moidposting because the person doesn't like the opinion. it's like twitterfags calling everyone nazi/racist.

No. 1269842

no one is talking about that, sit down.

No. 1269844

the people responding to your initial post are calling you a moid now…i think you have some examples.

No. 1269847

Did you respond to the right person? We do have a general agreement on this site on most things, like all the shit I listed, most anons are anti that. There is a general consensus here but we're not a complete hivemind. I don't see many moid accusations flying anywhere they don't belong, except for I guess just now, directed at me kek.

No. 1269855

This. They keep losing arguments because they say things straight out of scrote screeds and tranny trash fires, then get angry when anons think they sound like men. It's as if they want us to pretend we don't have males constantly shilling and baiting here. Why the fuck wouldn't we be on high alert?
Quick one: If your opinions are 1:1 with a bunch of males on Reddit, Twitter, 4chan, etc, question them and think about what about these thoughts would make women (who are pro-women) go against them. Think critically about your viewpoints and address them with sense and our common interest as women in your brain, not anger or indignation because how dare they disagree with m'moid. If you are a woman, you should be able to do this and discuss your viewpoints rationally, even if you don't come to a full consensus with other anons. Moids and trannies are incapable of understanding or respecting women's viewpoints unless they want to or have the potential to fuck them. They just say the same bullshit like an NPC every time, then start insulting women for disagreeing. If that's what you do, stop crying when you get called a moid, because you are functioning like one

No. 1269861

anon is confusing groupthink/echochamber shit with board culture. i think that there are way more tranny/moid accusations than there have been towards opinions that are not actually identifiable as male opinions. things like defending trannies or pedos is different than than what a lot of these posters are "calling out" i was called a male earlier for saying that many posters here have internalized misogyny. that's not a male opinion, men aren't going to talk about things like that. it's insane.

No. 1269866

because a lot of anons do

No. 1269878

you are part of the problem. no one is talking about people having actual male opinions, we are talking about when anons with simply differing opinions are talked down and insulted with whatever group insult is trendy or acceptable. it happens all over the internet, it's not just exclusive to lolcow. moid/tranny is being reduced to the same kind of insult as racist/terf/nazi on twitter and it's being used by the same kind of people.

No. 1269879

Anons in this thread have spent an hour hysterically screaming moid at another anon because she posted an opinion they didn't like. LC has changed and that's ok, no site stays the same forever but the constant infighting is something that doesn't need to exist. It achieves nothing. If you genuinely suspect that a poster is a moid, report them. I do this all the time, sometimes I'm right and the poster gets redtexted for it, sometimes I'm wrong and nothing happens or the poster gets banned for another reason. It's killing /ot/ and turning it into a 4chan tier dumpster fire of constant infighting.

But who decides what is male opinion?
>They just say the same bullshit like an NPC every time, then start insulting women for disagreeing. If that's what you do, stop crying when you get called a moid, because you are functioning like one
Holy fucking shit, the lack of self awareness is beyond my comprehension.

No. 1269887

with men around you never relax

No. 1269888

well i am not a male for saying that, and the anons calling me a male for that are a problem. accusations of maleposting are becoming synonymous with "poster i don't like". it's just annoying ad-hom. if you want to defend a point actually do it rather than dismissing it in a way you feel is justified.

No. 1269891

those kind of anons aren't the ones we want on the board.

No. 1269893

It derails conversations and shits up threads with endless post chains about inane bullshit and as other people said it works to reinforce gender roles.
There are literally billions of women with retarded opinions on this planet, that doesn't make them men.

No. 1269895

Who is "no one", and who is "we"? You? You've said this same "umm no one is saying that sweety" shit to multiple people, and you don't seem to get it. Anon mentioned exactly what she's talking about (pro-porn, trad BS, sex work nonsense), and I'm addressing the same things.
You also still haven't given any examples of "simply differing opinions" besides insisting it's in this thread over and over again (the same thread we literally have a confirmed tranny posting bullshit in), so it seems like we're never going to pin down exactly "what" you're talking about

No. 1269902

you're still justifying bad behavior. minorities turn into majority if you don't gatekeep. that's the entire point of imageboards. if you can't sus out maleposting that's on you, not the one posting.

No. 1269905

do you know how to actually have a conversation? i gave an example from earlier that you chose to ignore. you can't see it because it doesn't bother you.

No. 1269908

what a sad way to live

No. 1269909

The downfall and cannibalism of lolcor is truly fascinating

No. 1269910

is this a real question? the admin changed to a new one (or something), and in the before times the intense moderation of threads (like MtF for example) is partly what made them readable, I hate to say it kek its not all userbase

No. 1269911

The point is, what are you accomplishing by yelling "moid" at everything you don't like?
You cannot know whether it's a guy. You cannot do anything about it if it is one.
If someone says dumb shit then ignore it or respond to it, insisting on wild guesses about the poster's identity is harmful to the community as a whole.

No. 1269916

What example? Actually link it instead of just sperging. You're asking me if I know how to have a conversation, but you're randomly expecting everyone to be on the same page with you?

No. 1269918

if you were paying attention then you'd know. you're the one asking me to prove my case to you but you can't even follow the replies.

No. 1269920

> anons are often right with their suspicions more than they are wrong
How can you possibly know that?

No. 1269922

Now I know you lying about being an oldfag all you have to do is look at the older threads and there are males posting unabashed

No. 1269924

>posters should have to prove they are actually women
misogynistic echochamber shit.

No. 1269926

>insisting on wild guesses about the poster's identity is harmful to the community as a whole.
It isn't, though. If it sounds like a scrote, it will be called a scrote, that simple. I've been called a scrote before (not even because of an opinion, but because I was abrasive), and it was annoying, yeah, but also, you get the fuck over it because we do have scrotes constantly shitting up the place

No. 1269928

So you don't know how to have a conversation, you don't have any proof to back up what you're insisting on, and you also don't know how replies work in a thread. Thank you, goodbye, stop trying to derail the thread

No. 1269929

during certain eras maybe. but the male admin banned maleposting, it was worse when shoe's simp was admin but so was everything else.

No. 1269930

Yeah when I'm having a conversation and some retard calls some other retard a scrote and for the next 3 hours 90% of the posts are about this I need to get over being annoyed by this because it's clearly working so well at driving scrotes away.

No. 1269932

no, this isn't something you "get over" i will not get over internalized misogyny from anons who want me to be some sweet empathetic flower.

No. 1269937

go find my post or shut up. you guys sound like #notallmen males with how you're arguing.

No. 1269938

Males get banned or reveal themselves when they get mad. A male anon said he'd rather be a whore than work minwage which was what got him out, another said kids are whores if they get pregnant and shouldn't be able to get abortion, when he got called out he kept asking if anons wanted pictures of his cervix and wrote fetish porn about how his bf does stuff to him w speculum.

No. 1269942

??? I'm still rude as fuck, nothing's actually changed much. I'm just not bitching about it because I understand the reasoning, and I'm not a retarded 12 year old who thinks the whole site must bow to me. I'd rather anons be a little over the top in making males feel as unwelcome as possible than for them to constantly kowtow like good little handmaidens and give everyone the benefit of the doubt up until they outright start posting their dick. In the latter case, we might as well be on fucking Reddit on r/Xchromosomes or whatever it's called affirming gender identities. Go find another site, seriously

No. 1269943

There's no such thing as toxic femininity, sweety, you WILL clutch those peals and you WILL nag anyone who performs gender insufficiently!

No. 1269946

honestly saying you'd rather be a whore than a work min wage is libfem shit also. but again we are talking about things that aren't as egregious.

No. 1269948

> A male anon said he'd rather be a whore than work minwage which was what got him out
I've seen several sex workers say literally that, and I try to avoid them like a plague, so that sentiment must be pretty common with those women.

No. 1269949

there is no rational reasoning. if your reasoning is anons jump the gun then you're still wrong.

No. 1269952

>muh toxic femininity
Kekk, the moids in this thread are finally going dicks out now

No. 1269955

You need to go back

No. 1269957

The issue is he was Larping as a volunteer who helped sex workers and wrote graphic information about the how they got raoed every day before he said that. He wasn't an innocent libfem who thought sexwork was omlyfans or a sex worker that was coping.

No. 1269958

i think that highlights the real issue here, anons can't accept that women have shit opinions. it's like someone in /meta/ said that she thought posters were scrotes for not displaying enough empathy. i post here because it's the only place i don't need to display empathy. i am constantly having to perform gender conformative shit in real life as a woman, i should be able to not be talked down by someone who thinks i am being a meany or some dumb shit.

No. 1269961

right but he gave himself away a different way than a libfem would. the sentiment itself isn't moid shit, it's how they act and accusations of moid shit despite no evidence otherwise are annoying.

No. 1269967

i guess you need spoonfeeding >>1268899

No. 1269968

I see, thanks for providing context.

Yeah, I also don't like all the fake "I love you" and what not in response to random posts begging for attention, like if anything is probably a tranny post it's those begging for hugs kek.
But if you criticize it you get hit with demented straw men like if you think fake dishonest affection is cringe you must obviously want everyone to insult each other all the time, it can't be that you are utterly sick of treacly dishonesty IRL and don't want to see it online all the time too.

No. 1269969

Empathy to what, though?

No. 1269973

We already have 1 regular tranny, one Indian incel and other porn/bait/cp poster males. You can't blame anons for doubting the validity of baity-malebrained takes.

No. 1269975

Do you not understand how you're justifying bullying anyone who doesn't perform oppressive gender roles to a sufficient degree?? Do you want this site to become some kind of tranny dungeon where everyone is some sort of bimbo larper?

No. 1269976

are you dense? no one cares about the insult itself, it's how it's used. the sentiment behind it is the same as when twitterfags do it to shut down tranny hate or anti libfem shit.

No. 1269981

so we should be so scared of men that we resort to claiming everyone is a man?

No. 1269983

>it's rare that anons are incorrect
LMFAO. The only people on this website that have any way of knowing if a poster is really a moid are the farmhands because they can view post history. If a poster is only posting moid opinions across multiple threads, then it's a moid. If a poster has an unpopular opinion but has posts over the site with no indication of being male, then it's actual woman. You as a ordinary poster do not have access to this information and can not make a judgement on a single post. As always the best thing to do, is report and ignore. Getting banned and needing to find a new IP is far more of a moid deterrent, than successfully causing infighting and derailing. If a male comes here and wants to cause chaos and disruption, you're giving them exactly what they want.

No. 1269985

you can't actually know this.

No. 1269991

Do you not understand how you're justifying bullying anyone who doesn't perform oppressive gender roles to a sufficient degree?? Do you want this site to become some kind of tranny dungeon where everyone is some sort of bimbo larper?


That's fine, but if I go to the things I hate thread and say it's cringe, I get a bunch of people in my hair sperging at me with weirdly dishonest arguments which seem aligned with the "everyone I don't like is a man" crowd in that they're not really engaging with what is actually said and seem way to invested.

No. 1269994

Yeah I really love nonas sometimes.

No. 1270003

NTA and not sure what they said, but
>feeling bullied because you said something one time online and some people incorrectly thought you were a guy because of it
Don't be so fucking fragile

No. 1270006

it's still an example, stop moving goalposts.

No. 1270007

the only people who are fragile are the ones defending this shit.

No. 1270011

The post I replied to never mentioned moids intentionally outing themselves. They claimed the anons are right more than they are wrong which clearly isn't true. Obviously a poster admitting to being a moid doesn't require vague guess work.

No. 1270017

Nah, you had a meltdown and kept trying to call it "internalized misogyny" when it really isn't. You're too fucking dramatic about something so small

No. 1270018

The celebricow/celebrity gossip threads. God I don't fucking care about that normie shit.

No. 1270020

There are examples of incorrect moid accusations in this thread.

No. 1270025

Trannyhands also asked if anons wanted to see her cervix and told stories about how her bf fucked her with a speculum. Totally not a male…

No. 1270032

you guys are fucking stupid.

No. 1270040

but those are conveniently not real or legit examples!

No. 1270041

Post cervixpic, malee

No. 1270049

And then calling that husband "bf" and saying he starves himself for him, lol. Even trannys imaginary relationships require him starving himself for a man who's still too disgusted to touch him.

No. 1270057

you're so pathetic you can't even handle being called out.

No. 1270060

her point went completely over your head lmao
>don't act fucking surprised and act like it's everyone else's fault when there's literally 0 ability beyond how you type and what you say, for people to get an idea of who you are.
right. you have no ability to tell who it is behind an anonymous post. so stop fucking trying.

No. 1270066

this. anons will justify tinfoiling everyone is male just so they can feel better about letting the site be run by male fear.

No. 1270077

Kek I was mocking how the trannyhands asked if we wanted cervix pictures, relax.

No. 1270136

Then who was phone??

No. 1270280

We need captchas and to permaban moids, trannies, anyone who posts cp and gore, the site should be blank for them.
I don't care if trannies try to integrate or lurk, this is not their space, fuck off.

No. 1270412

what the fuck are you even talking about, theres a confirmed tranny in this very thread (and meta) crying about "male accusations"

No. 1270413

No. 1270717

nooo poor cow thats cruel!!!

No. 1270718

>We need captchas
What about the ESL adhd autismo retard-chans that cant read shit?

No. 1270752

Nta but isn’t that also the point?

No. 1270767

It's to stop those very retards from posting

No. 1271051

I think many zoomers just have poor literacy and social skills from growing up on Youtube and Twitter - everyone jumps to these big extremes and it feels like there's a lot of paranoid reading in their replies. Aside from that, the trans threads have a lot of newfags because GC discussion is shut down almost everywhere else but they integrate poorly, and the leftcow thread also brought a lot of obvious Twitter and Reddit users. Hellweek and moderation would help, but I also think the times they are a-changin' and there's no fixing it.

No. 1271053

I think they are permabanned, but they use VPNs so the bans don't do shit. LC does not even bad free VPNs.

No. 1271055


Also, don't get me wrong, I use a VPN too but at least banning the free ones would help with the most low effort spammers

No. 1271321

Cutting down on the infighting would really help a lot but it seems like mods just don't give a single shit nowadays.

No. 1271449

you have the entirety of reddit to hugbox you, sorry you can't practice your larp on girlchan.

No. 1271458

it's literally him or his friends raiding.

No. 1271459

he's samefagging

No. 1271471

Yeah that’s the pathetic thing talking to itself anon. Just ignore him

No. 1271658

I wish the lipstick alley and redditor female dating strategy anons would leave. They're the worst posters, start the most fights, post the worst conspiracy theories, bitch the most, and are batshit crazy.

No. 1271663

Fuck I agree, I wasn't gonna say it because I didn't want to start infighting but God they're annoying. Haven't been using lolcow as much lately so I didn't know if they were still here.

No. 1271667

>infighting is ruining this site!
>creates more threads to infight in

No. 1271692

You can usually tell they come from those places because they try so hard to be a top Stacy bitch but fail because everyone here is equally retarded and anonymous

No. 1271721

I can tell tell an a user is a lipstick alley user posts because I lurk it years ago, but idk, i can't tell if it is a redditor.

No. 1271725

I really don't mind the scrote accusations, even if it is a woman most of the accusations have been from moid opinions, and we'd just be getting rid of another handmaiden and pickme newfag who came from reddit or whatever, I don't want this place to be infested with moids or people with objectively shit opinions about women and allowing that would ruin this site, and when I see nonnies accused of being a scrote over something silly I normally see people shitting on the accuser. Idk but without the manhating and somewhat paranoid behaviour this place will become infested, even if those accusations can have its downsides, and once again women can have differing opinions but allowing handmaidens and pickme's would create an accepting place for moids and there is always like a 70 percent chance the user is a male anyway

Also this site needs more mods, and nonnies need to stop responding to bait

No. 1271726

samefag, but that being said, i left that site because it suffers from the same power levelling all the other non-anonymous sites suffer from as well as being filled with the most rampant pick-meishia blm-chans that I have ever seen in my life. I can't stand them. I also found it wierd when people would gossip about celebrities, be it small and funny jab, there would always be this one angry poster who would swoop in and be like "omg shut the fuck up mind your own business" like they aren't on a gossip site.

No. 1271730

>waa waa let me accuse dissenting anons of being scrotes so the site doesn't get infected with le pickmes and moids!!
It's already infested dumbass, your paranoic infighting isn't worth shit anymore

No. 1271735

kek cry harder tranny

No. 1271740

The site got too big and zoomers, Twitterfags took over, it was inevitable.

No. 1271743

When you say dissenting opinions I only mean opinions such as pro-tranny and other moid opinions, not small shit like having a masculine hobby, also what exactly do you think would prevent moids in the site? because back in the day when we didn't do that this place was completely filled with males and pickme's and despite the raids this place is a lot better then it used to be.

No. 1271744

Based. Most of the time it's for being retarded or dismissing shit like womens issues (such as sexual violence, etc) as nothing.

No. 1271747

I will admit that the amount of males coming here is getting a lot worse, and I think it's just the popularity of this site it's getting mentioned a lot more outside the site, idk what to do about that other then getting more mods, but saying we shouldn't be accusing males of having the most male possible opinions is just giving up on the site basically, as much as it has it's downsides we need to do this more then ever

No. 1271755

Would you feel better with gender neutral insults?

No. 1271805

I would be highly offended if I was called a scrote, who in the fuck would want to be a fucking violent, porn sick, male pattern baldness at 19 bastard with a cheese smelling organ flapping in between their legs? It’s the greatest insult. You don’t actually have to be scrote to be called one when anons call you a scrote they’re practically saying that you have gone as low and retarded as a man usually does.

No. 1271813

A lot of anons who get called scrotes habitually literally reason like scrotes and try to defend them, so I don't really feel sorry when the accusation is thrown at them. You can literally insult certain kinds of scrotes, and have them derail an entire thread because how dare you.

No. 1271821

Then don't be retarded

No. 1271973

this is the kind of annoying shit people are complaining about. scrote accusations breed fear on the board.

No. 1271985

Yeah but pretending to be shit tier at scrote spotting isn't going to help it just shits up the board. Moids don't care about the color of our period blood, formula vs breastfeeding, what diapers we use on babies, cheap makeup vs expensive makeup or anything else of the ridiculous things I've seen people throw moid accusations around here on. It's funny because anons who actually do sound like moids don't get called out (like the racebaiter who keeps insisting white people can't be racist)

No. 1271993

This example of scrote accusation isn't even an accusation tho.

No. 1271996

The best way to solve the issue is to make scrote accusations bannable and have anons who genuinely, down to earth, think the other poster is a scrote just report it - but that's the thing "scrote" simply just became something the anon disagrees with because anons who genuinely believe that a scrote is posting would report and not give into the bait. It's especially terrible when anons accuse struggling women of being scrotes like the times the anons went batshit on the anon who got beat into a miscarriage by her boyfriend claiming she's a scrote just larping abuse fantasies. It also feels like actual scrotes use scrote accusations to integrate and get women to shut up about male abuse

No. 1272085

I pointed that out and he responded something weird to me, I think he has really bad autism or even schitzoid tendencies. The whole talking to himself is fucking weird. There was a similar tranny in Ready to Glares thread, probably some other threads too. Is it just one mentally ill cross dressing man or several?

No. 1272136

Nta but that example was to show how nonnies are silencing themselves because they are afraid of being called a scrote, which is what anon was talking about.
>Scrote accusations breed fear on the board

No. 1272395

Why would it "breed fear" if you aren't a moid?

No. 1272414

No. 1272431

Source? You made it up? Or YOU are the tranny just wanting to stir shit up

No. 1272432

Maybe WE all are trannies? Kekek.

No. 1272449

>just report it
The retards hysterically screeching scrote don't report it because they know they're talking to another woman. They use it as a censorship tactic to enforce their own beliefs on the site.

No. 1272453

By following the conversation? lmao

No. 1272457

I report it everytime and ever since admin fucked off it barely gets redtexted or removed. Hence why you have troons like the one itt posting freely on meta.

No. 1272459

Fuck off with your concern trolling you disgusting malformed y chromosomoid.

No. 1272467

If you report suspected moids then obviously my post wasn't aimed at you. I report anyone I suspect of having a Y chromosome. Even if the mods don't react, report and ignore is better than engaging with them. They come here for female attention and disrupt discussion, so the best course action is report and ignore.

This site is in such a terrible state and it's because newfags don't understand "don't feed the troll" is equally applicable to moids. The more interaction and attention the moid gets, the more it's going to come back. LC doesn't need a police force of newfags that got banned from reddit, tumblr and twitter for posting vaguely GC opinions. It needs self moderation, common sense and restraint.

Please explain what is male about that post?

No. 1272471

The intend and almost identical post to the confirmed tranny.

No. 1272472

>reporting moids makes me a tranny
Once again you are proving that it's not about a poster having a Y chromosome it's about opinions that you don't like.

No. 1272523

So those
>>1272449 were both your posts lmao. You really aren't being slick.

No. 1272528

Is your IQ so low that reading comprehension is beyond your intellectual capabilities?

This anon says >>1272457
>I report it everytime and ever since admin fucked off it barely gets redtexted or removed

I said >>1272467
>I report anyone I suspect of having a Y chromosome.

This post >>1272471 then accuses me of being a troon because I said to report moids.

No. 1272574

>This post >>1272471 then accuses me of being a troon because I said to report moids.
It answered to the question what made the other 10 hour old post male. So if all of those responses are to you, the initial hour old post and the response to it is both you samefagging kek.

No. 1272727

Calm down anon the mods would never ban you or anyone else for calling them a scrote/tranny.

No. 1272729

File: 1658509942104.jpeg (463.71 KB, 666x675, A2D862D4-60E1-4724-B906-C71D03…)

>because they know they’re talking to another woman LIKE ME OF COURSE

No. 1272860

"this is a scrote" is the "op is a fag" of lolcow. Just embrace the board culture, moids.

t. not a moid

No. 1272861

no it's not. it's not even board culture. twitterfags use it to be dismissive. even anons using it to "call out scrotes" need to be banned for interacting with them. no one should be called a scrote because no one should be responding to posters they think are men.

No. 1272871

The amount of retards recently responding to moid baiters is staggering. Not even the "wrong opinion, you're a scrote!!" but the obvious ones like "why do you whores x" moid

No. 1272872

ok moid

No. 1272873

Unironically this. Posters who interact with moids need bans, end of story. If you think you're talking to a scrote, report and move on. All that happens when you interact with them is derailing.

No. 1272876

yes exactly. responding to bait should be a bannable offense anyway. especially since this board has so many people just blatantly baiting. all the "hi scrote/x-anon" posters are either taking bait or trying to rile unhinged anons up.

No. 1272880

It makes me wonder if the posters calling other anons scrotes and troons are moids and trannies themselves. If someone wanted to shut down discussion, throwing around baseless accusations is the quickest way to derail a thread.

No. 1272883

This is some high level falseflagging.

>no one should point out the rat in the room, just ignore it and hope one of the two traps in the entire room catches it
Lmao I'm begging you to dilate

No. 1272886

this is exactly what the meta tranny also said kek

No. 1272891

But no one has been banned for being a tranny on /meta/.

No. 1272892

infighting and derailing are bannable offenses, anon. talking to men who post here just gives them attention and makes them more likely to come back for attention.

No. 1272900

then I propose an alternative solution: every lolcow poster must be required to signal their man hate convincingly to avoid being banned for moidry. Old 4chan, particularly /b/ and /v/, had a similar etiquette with women.

Moidposters will be forced to trigger themselves or clench their bussies through all the man hate to fit in, which will either send them back to kiwiddit where they belong, or keep them seething in silence.

No. 1272902

don't bother responding to those kind of posts they think it's a gotcha. the implication that wanting less infighting means you're male is nonsensical.

No. 1272903

And not calling them out makes it more likely they get comfortable and think they can stay here spreading their garbage. And as you can see in the redtext of this very thread, it does bother them that we call them out.
But I agree that anything beyond a short dismissive reply or a "don't bother engaging, this is a scrote", like actually having discussions with them like the "why are you whores moid"(assuming he wasn't talking to himself) threads, should be discouraged.

No. 1272906

or we could just stop responding to moids until they get banned? the issue is lack of mods and our dead admin, but taking bait isn't going to solve anything.

No. 1272907

Yes they have, plenty of times. Why would you say that without visiting meta?

No. 1272913

I think they would just hide their shitty opinions and racebaiting with calling other men moids/scrotes.

No. 1272914

the redtexting is for us, so we know not to respond. they want any kind of attention not giving them attention is what pisses them off. they come here for any reaction. if you saw their stupid posts on other sites, you'd see they post any reply and act like it's a triumph. ignoring them is what gets them to leave.

No. 1272918

I am talking about the redtexted tranny complaining about being called out kek. And I actually visited r9k archives a while ago and found a post of a moid also complaining about it.

No. 1272920

If scrote accusations were accurate then it wouldn't be a problem. They're not accurate and it's just become a low effort insult to instigate infighting and derailing.

Link the post. The only tranny that's been banned on /meta/ recently was the one that was shitting up a thread on /snow/ not /ot/.

No. 1272924

I'm %90 sure there are at least three m*le regulars. The amount of times I got called whore, narcissist or other weird insults for saying I disliked a type of man/ didn't enable a man has increased so much. Retarded jannies won't even ban obvious males and newfags keep replying so the amount of male posters keep increasing.

No. 1272925

my main issue with some of you is that you think that you can somehow prevent men from posting at all. if you're looking for that, go to a voice verified discord. there's positives and negatives to anonymous posting and that's just reality. some posters may be men and while that sucks, there's nothing we can do about it. and no, i'm not saying that men should be allowed here, but outside of obvious maleposting, there's no way to tell and accusing any anon of being a man isn't going to keep men from trying to blend in.

No. 1272926

They're accurate though. Wasn't trannyhands male? And the currycel? And the trannyposter? Sorry if you get called male because you can't integrate and act like a retard but pointing out males and ignoring them is something anons SHOULD DO!

No. 1272928

this is the real issue. we need more mods and jannies.

No. 1272930

Go back to 4chan.

No. 1272931

There's false moid accusations in this thread.

No. 1272932

Then why not ignore them and go back on topic why is everyone continuing the derail
inb4 >>you made me reply
Which I’ve seen. Not attacking you. The moid accusations wouldn’t go anywhere if other anons didn’t jump in and there are a lot of moids sometimes. Case and point were being raided as we type.

No. 1272935

Exactly these retards don’t wash their ass and then are suprised their shit stinks.

No. 1272936

I got banned for saying x race of male was unattractive to me but the janny ignored the male poster wiring about his ideal woman right above me even though I reported. I don't know why they're so dumb but like, it's an obvious issue how they're oblivious to maleposters and think normal anons are the ones that write about milfs.

No. 1272939

Go back to twitter/tumblr/reddit. That's the reality of anonymous posting. You don't know who you are actually talking to because it's anonymous. If you can't deal with it then anonymous websites aren't for you.

No. 1272940

you're conflating calling anons men with them actually being men, and ignoring the fact that it's a newfag argument as well. there are many times it's thrown around as an insult and just because sometimes it was correct doesn't discount the fact that it's just used as an insult.

No. 1272942

sounds like something a male would say…for any autists, I AM JOKING

No. 1272943

Didn't that tranny make ot posts writing how he wanted to be a woman and how suicidal he is just a few days ago?

No. 1272947

If you can't deal with being called male, go back to your safespace retard. You must have shit tier ideologies if you keep getting called male so much you have a ragefit, kek.

No. 1272948

The male who makes a post calling us whores every other weekend admitted he lives in the Belle and Twitch threads, and /g/.

No. 1272950

NTA Glad we can all agree being a man is an insult, why is everyone so obsessed with what others are posting? You can’t control them. Just post what you want. Don’t derail for the moid accusations and the Twitter babies using it incorrectly will stop getting their validation and go cry offline.

No. 1272951

If I see bait, I'll call it out and let anons know so they won't respond. If you keep getting called male, read rules and lurk for a while. You can't integrate.

No. 1272952

This. Seriously why would anyone but trannies campaign for bans over nonnas calling out scrotes?

No. 1272954

This is a dumb joke if you have to explain it.

No. 1272955

learn to read, it's the sad reality of imageboards. that's why we've had so many male mods and admins get outted over the years. it's impossible to tell at first sometimes until they slip up, but that's not any anon's fault, it's just the nature of anonymous posting.

No. 1272956

do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? if it's bait, it should be obvious enough not to call it out.

No. 1272958

I added that bc of all the complaints of anons starting fights over every little thing

No. 1272960

Anons still fall for baits very often. Why are you so butt hurt over males being called out? Does it offend you that you can no longer call random anons whores and act like a male?
I'm %95 sure this is the man that had a ragefit when I posted that I didn't like x type of man. He kept posting about how all women secretly want x type of men(that he is) on multiple instances and attacked jews for white women not wanting him . Retard.

No. 1272961

>why do people hate annoying infighting and derailing?
do you realize how dumb that sounds, if they are men, they're going to get banned regardless of whether anons call them out for being men or not. it's becoming obvious that anons like you, calling out men, just like seeing them sperg out about it. i don't want them posting here or getting attention.

No. 1272962

You're the one who wants a safe space by insisting on censoring other women and enforcing sterotypical gender roles by calling anyone you disagree with a male.

No. 1272964

anons literally reply to "male here" posts, your point is moot. you're just attracting attention to the male by calling them out, all it does is draw attention to them and attacks anons who blatantly respond to them.

No. 1272968

>Does it offend you that you can no longer call random anons whores and act like a male?
So you admit that you care about censoring people, not about the actual men who post.

No. 1272971

Then just ignore it if it isn't correct. I've been called newfag at least 4 times despite being on lolcow since its creation yet you don't see me crying and seething over it and spamming on meta that calling out newfags should be banned.

No. 1272972

bta but i guess that's a yes

No. 1272973

I don't call everyone male, though I did call out the three men I listed above so… Seriously if you keep getting called male, learn to integrate pr fuck off to Crystal Cafe

No. 1272975

maleposters out themselves because they are men they don't need to be "called out". it's not a warning to anyone, it just causes the thread to get derailed. some anons refuse to ignore maleposting and fight to the death with them for some reason. why encourage that?

No. 1272976

>normal women get joy from calling women whores and acting misogynistic
Get help.

No. 1272977

Yes, we want a safe space from men and troons.

No. 1272978

why don't you just ignore the posts you don't like then?

No. 1272981

>it’s not you following the rules and posting what you think, it’s you not posting what I want!!! So I can ree and derail like it’s not the same thing.
It’s not censoring to disagree or insult someone. Banning them from speaking because you personally don’t like it is. Go back to ovarit or Reddit or where ever the fuck fit.

No. 1272983

You realize we don’t label post we don’t like as moids only right? If that’s your take you’re really thin skinned.

No. 1272986

if you're not doing it then you're not the problem. some anons do that to cause infighting and if you don't believe that, i can't help you. people have done so ITT.

No. 1272988

Because imageboards is for discussion and when I disagree with a point, I will respond with why. It is also an imageboard for women and not moids/trannys. And yes, I ignore accusations that don't apply.

No. 1272991

I very rarely get accused of being a male. I hate seeing every thread on /ot/ turn into a flaming dumpster fire because a few mentally ill twitter rejects can't control their paranoia.

Have you ever been to /pt/ or /snow/?

It's never going to happen because this site is an anonymous image board. The only way to block anyone from posting is to have accounts. That's just how image boards work.

No. 1272992

That's good tho. You can be a moid on lolcow, you just have to hate yourself and enjoy being degraded. You also can be a pickme Becky on lolcow, you'll just have to be the butt of every joke. If you're willing to seethe in silence and choke back penile whiteknighting, you're welcome here. All is right with the world.

No. 1272993

This gaslighting shit again

No. 1272994

Why can't some of you get it through your head that there is clearly an influx of twitterfags using moid and scrote to insult anons? If you think that everyone who says a post is a moid has a legitimate reason, something is wrong with you. Why is it hard to believe that newfags use it to bait and derail and other users use it to bait newfags. It's obviously used for no reason in many instances.

No. 1272995

You just know that poster is an edgy redditor from how much she fights for her rights to be misogynistic in the guise of free speech, LOL. Redditor-chan, fucking get on a diet and go out for once if some moid accusation online made you have a breakdown so hard you posted tens of time in this thread.

No. 1272996

No, I don't want any moids and their gene defected matter here.

No. 1272998

We are ignoring it. At this point you reeing at them is just as annoying and keeping them here. Post on topic in the threads and ignore the clout chasers anon.

No. 1272999

Fit like you fit in the community. Missed a word but nice to know you’re that sensitive.

No. 1273000

>says we can't detect men and reporting/accusing suspicious misogynistic anons is literally sexism
>we had a bunch of male mods anyways
>you can't do anything about males so give up
>waah waah why did you falsely accuse me when I was trying to defend poor old menz and their rights

No. 1273001

anon's can't deal with that reality though. i get that people are triggered by the past mods being outted as men, but this is just how anonymous posting works. maleposting is a specific thing, not just "posts anons don't like so they assume they're men" but they can't deal with the idea that the poster doesn't have the same views as them so they resort to adhom.

No. 1273002

It probably doesn't help that the tranny also claims people who call him moids are twitterfags.

No. 1273004

I wholeheartedly agree, but that's just not gonna happen. Their nature is to be seething beta orbiters, just like their degenerate sperm are.

In order to ban men, you only need to debase any pro-male sentiment, from anyone. They will either out or remove themselves from being unable to contain the seething, or integrate and eventually internalize hating themselves. The end result is less moids, and the ones left are well behaved.

No. 1273007

Well the entire site has an uptick in those users. Drama boards have had tons of random sjw/libfem aligned threads made and tons of tranny defenders reeing about terfs recently. We've also had an uptick in annoying moid posters. The site is just full of shit across the board. Ignore facts simply because someone abused an excuse isn't a good reason.

No. 1273009

That anon is just butthurt she got called out for her misogyny so she now says it's sexist for us to be suspicious of misogynistic and nasty anons. She's the one that's derailing even though she keeps making up scenerios of anons derailing with male accusations.
>The end result is less moids, and the ones left are well behaved
Nta but i sincerely hope you stop being a pickme and thinking men who come here on a female website to annoy women could ever be well-behaved. The men were outed for posting fetish shit in lesbian thread, making lesbian/bi anons fight, posting illegal porn, doxxing anons(x-country-chan), posting porn and cp etc.

No. 1273010

Throwing false accusations at people and encouraging others to do it is a (poor) attempt at silencing opinions you don't like. It's what you want.

No. 1273011

Samefag but my point is that dismissing anons pointing out that some new posters may be abusing certain terminology doesn't mean it's not happening.

No. 1273013

File: 1658520595225.png (255.24 KB, 700x700, 1651354043137.png)

It's the tranny again nonnas. I'm glad he's mad.

No. 1273016

You really need to understand that things aren't black and white.

No. 1273018

Accusing anyone of being a moid without an observable reason is paranoia. In this thread I've been called a moid, been told to fuck off to ovarit and told to fuck off to crystal cafe. So I'm a man, a redfem from ovarit and a women from crystal cafe. That's schizophrenic because it's completely illogical.

You're arguing with more than one anon but you can't see it because you don't understand anonymous posting.

No. 1273021

>Because imageboards is for discussion and when I disagree with a point, I will respond with why.
"You're a moid" is not an argument

No. 1273023

There are two genders, male and female. One is allowed onsite while the other isn't. It is black and white. I'd rather have an anon with dickgore folder browse this site than the most "well-behaved" male because the male would obviously be more likely to try and doxx anons and send illegal porn than the most psycho anons.

No. 1273027

Inshallah him, currycel, tiktokcel and all male anons end up being genetic deadends. Nothing more painful to a m*le than seeing his failure.

No. 1273030

Well good that you can simply ignore it then, if it doesn't apply.

No. 1273032

Lmao go back to radblr. Nobody likes you here.

No. 1273034

Normal anons don't get THIS upset over being called male… Hm…

No. 1273035

not realizing who you're talking to is par for the course when it comes to imageboards. it's just how it works. it sucks if men post, but anons saying they're men isn't what gets them banned, it's how they respond to arguments and out themselves later.

No. 1273036

inshallah nonna, I'm counting the days to their suicide

No. 1273038

Ik a lot of the tards infighting are zoomers whose autism has been tailored to twitter and reddit culture, so they get really offended and can't not respond to posts in unpopular opinions or vent without displaying their asses. If you're someone who has recently argued about pitbulls or raged about someone else's vent, my advice is to lurk more and in the event that something offends you enough that you have to reply, at least make your response funny.

No. 1273039

>guaranteed butthurt moid reply

Told ya, it works.

No. 1273043

Idk what's going on here, but the thing about anons flinging around random insults and assuming everyone is the same is true

No. 1273045

Now we've gone from "male" to "samefag" I see. It's not like more than one person can disagree with you.

No. 1273046

I wonder how many anons here that hardcore defend the male posters would be mocked by their looks if the incels they spend hours defending saw them irl.
Like girl, stop. You're defending the same men who doxx anons and literally leak the information of a previous sexworker because she broke up with him.
Same men that post illegal abuse material before they're that starved for attention.
Same men that give anons advice to stay in abusive relationships in /g/ or spend hours in /w/ nitpicking 10/10 girls because they won't fuck them.
You should ask yourself why you're desperate enough to defend these men.

No. 1273047

anons think they can prevent men from using the site and getting responses by playing detective and being disruptive. there's a difference between gatekeeping and being annoying.

No. 1273048

Yup, spot on.

No. 1273050

So it's retards from non-anonymous forums with clout and updoots? Shocking.

No. 1273053

who is defending men?

No. 1273056

kek, this.

No. 1273060

I prefer any radfem over xy monstrosities and those who cape for them.

No. 1273061

that doesn't stop people from engaging. why do you think it does? show me any instance of that. we have threads started by clearly identified males that anons will respond to.

No. 1273062

See >>1273004
>The end result is less moids, and the ones left are well behaved.
>the ones left behind
This anon keeps saying there should be some men and we shouldn't try to ban them all, she(?) has been saying the same thing over and over and saying there have been previous male mods so we should leave if we don't want maleposters.

No. 1273063

No one is defending men. Anons are pointing out that it's impossible to stop them from posting here because LC is an anonymous image board. All you need to post on this site is an unbanned IP. There are thousands and thousands of unbanned IPs. What you're suggesting is unrealistic because of how IPs work. Some posters have dynamic IPs or use VPNs. Indiscriminately banning IPs would block genuine posters from using the site.

No. 1273064

that's not what she's saying, she's pointing out that men hiding themselves here is an unfortunate inevitably. that's why the rule is not to announce that you're a man, not "don't act male". there are anons like romanianon who act male, but continue to post here because that's not what's bannable because it's impossible to determine.

No. 1273067

This is an imageboard, if you don't want people to reply, write a journal.

No. 1273069

Yeah but there's hope anon. They can assimilate.

No. 1273071

this doesn't invalidate what i said at all.

No. 1273077

That's not how imageboards work. You simply can't identify specific posters, and trying to just disturbs the thread.

No. 1273078

Can you link to the thread where this happened?

No. 1273081

the argument is that moid accusations are annoying not offensive or anything. fully banning men is trying to do the impossible.

No. 1273082

Unironically anachans and lack of moderation. The actual amount of boards that constantly devolve into spastocs screaming and crying and purging and shitting because someone has to make an argument about weight that nobody asked for is insane. What is the point of checking into lolcow if most things are just the same arguments again and again? If we had moderators who actually fucking tried and properly banned people for derailing like that then things would improve significantly

No. 1273083

They would out themselves anyway, and if they don't, you will just assume they're women. It's a false sense of security, nothing more.

No. 1273084

No one defends those men you're just insufferable. You're also the same kind of people who complain that anons on /pt/ and /snow/ are too mean.

No. 1273088

this. no one is defending men period. pointing out the obvious isn't defending anyone. some anons just get triggered by the fact that we can't successfully ban men because this is an anonymous site. policing posts is not a valid solution because it shits up threads and just lets men take over the site by making anons try to sus out their posts. i personally could care less about any poster here who isn't being annoying, and 99% of the time scrotes can't integrate, but if they're not being annoying they could be men and i wouldn't know.

No. 1273090

>some anons just get triggered by the fact that we can't successfully ban men
Yes, and that rightfully? kys troon you can't even pass here with your bullshit

No. 1273091

if you need to be sure of who you're responding to, lolcow isn't for you. what's so hard to grasp? men have successfully tricked us time and time again and while that sucks it's not something we can prevent. it's logic, nothing more.

No. 1273092

Multiple anons have now explained why it is impossible to ban anyone permanently from an image board, yet somehow only that anon is a troon? This site will never be completely free from men because of what it is. There's nothing anyone can do about it, not admin, not farmhands, not ordinary posters. You either deal with it or you go to a site that has strict user accounts.

No. 1273094

You know who lolcow isn't for? Disgusting trannies trying badly to hide their retardation while keeping up their typing quirks.

No. 1273096

i'm a troon for being here for 7 years and having to deal with much more annoying things on the site than "possibly responding to a moid". it's definitely a new and younger userbase that has such a huge problem with it. just because this imageboard is for women doesn't mean the things that make it an imageboard disappear, it's just how it is.

No. 1273097

4chan is a larger site with stricter posting controls and ten times the janitors and moderators that LC has. 4chan still can not prevent ban evaders from posting. So somehow a small site with a few mods has to do what 4chan can't? It's never going to happen.

No. 1273098

good thing that i'm not a tranny then, isn't it. i'm just not phased by this shit. integrate and calm down.

No. 1273100

Yk, I wonder if we have underage posters because otherwise I can't explain the immaturity and sensitivity of these people.

No. 1273102

>It's impossible to actually ban men, unfortunately, but I disagree with derailing threads to call them out.
>You're a tranny!!
The absolute state.

No. 1273103

probably, it's summer after all. underage anons are most likely to be more upset about mundane shit like accidentally replying to moids. zoomers act like the smallest things are the end of the world. if you step in dog shit, sure it's upsetting, but you clean off your shoe and move on.

No. 1273104

>fellow women just accept moids, there's nothing you can do against it anyway
>yes, actually you must be a newfag to have an issue with moids posting
>yes I completely agree, totally not me
kek the troon is mad

No. 1273105

This thread is retard central

No. 1273106

It makes sense. These people don't understand how image boards work and have unrealistic expectations of other posters and the mods. They probably don't even realise that the original userbase was from /cgl/ or why the site was created.

No. 1273110

let me guess, everything was better when this was a r9k infested drama website and ot should be nuked?

No. 1273112

File: 1658523909825.png (336.66 KB, 512x497, 469.png)

No. 1273114

go back

No. 1273115

it's still an r9k infested drama site, kek.

No. 1273116

Not as badly though.

No. 1273117

it's worse than it has been in years because the mods and nuadmin fucked off.

No. 1273118

Another pointless straw man argument. I never said the site was better back in 2015.

No. 1273122

i'm honestly just tired of arguing. the userbase is so bad now, it's a lost cause. they don't know how to deal with raids, they can't accept the dangers of posting anonymously and pointing that out means you're a troon. i've never been called a male until now because these children can't have a level headed discussion about reality. they have the same habits of shutting down discussion as sjws, they're just using lolcow relevant lingo to "cancel" users and be dismissive. and anons who are falling for it are either the same or naive.

No. 1273123

It's worse but not as bad as in the beginning when they posted without an issue. Now they mostly just seethe about not being welcome here.

No. 1273125

He literally sounds like an out of touch 50 year pretentious man.

No. 1273127

It means anon is an ugly femcel that'd die without male attention and the idea of banning men offend her so hard because she knows this is the only place she can get validation from bottom of the barrel men(aka "well-behaved" in her words) since her ugly face would ruin it for her irl.

No. 1273129

>well behaved males
if they're well behaved, you will just think they are women, that's the point.

No. 1273131

Because he is, you can literally spot his samefagging by him repeating certain words and sentences over and over again.

No. 1273133

Do you know what that means?

No. 1273134

>men have successfully tricked us time and tim-
You. Not us, retard. A lot of anons point male posters very easily and stop replying.

No. 1273137

We won't, well behaved men still don't behave like women and their vents/interests/judgement are still inherently and obviously male. The currycel can be wellbehaved since he didn't post porn or doxx anyone but he still keeps positing his ugly face and writing about his fantasies of having white women. If you really think it's hard to tell men from women, you should go out and socialize more.

No. 1273139

Here's a man hate thread from 2015
In the entire thread there was only one scrote accusation and both posters laughed it off.

No. 1273141

Nope, you're still a man.

No. 1273143

that's not being well behaved. men could integrate on the site and you'd have no way of knowing because everyone is anonymous. if you know, they didn't integrate. stop trying to argue against that simply because it upsets you too much to think about.

No. 1273145

Troon would be shocked even men don't accept men, kek. Troons hate cis straight men, "straight" men murder rape troons, x race men kill y race and y race kill x and so on. On the daily men are the biggest threat to other men. Men hate men more than any other group.

No. 1273147

Same anon. One accusation in like 6years. Maybe the new users should check their sexism if they don’t want to be mistaken for men.

No. 1273151

So by your logic, men would husbandopost over ugly men(ever seen a gay dude like uggos?), write concerned rants about their family members in an upset tone(rather than male autistic rage?), complain about their bfs without calling him bastard/whore(like men do irl and online?), etc? Do you like… Ever go outside? Did you ever have male friends? Men and women are just different and although normie men are fine, they should stick to Instagram. Any man on an imageboard is already a ruined male who will inshallah dissappear soon.

I understand trannies are autistic so it's hard to grasp female vs male socialization but it's just scientific facts that men and women are… Different in every single aspect.

No. 1273154

those are multiple arguments from multiple anons. i don't care about "muh gender roles" shit, i just don't like threads being distrupted by useless derailing when posters interact with moids.

No. 1273156

I am aware that there are retarded pickmes (and that farmers, for some reason, are debating the merits of keeping them around for being women instead of reminding them that their half of the rent is due).

No. 1273158

This is some tranny "male and female" brain logic right here.

No. 1273161

off topic but who tf is the currycel? kek he’s probably here because a good majority of anons on this website are white women

No. 1273163

When I see a male/malemind post I warn anons and report. It %99 ends up getting redtexted, the %1 chance janny didnt believe just by one post, it gets redtexted in the mext comments when the male admits its identity. Males are very obvious and I think someone would need to be hardcore autistic/neet to be unable to tell them apart. Even the most deranged anons usually can't be accused of being male unless they're also being sexist.

No. 1273164

Male and female brain exists lol. It's not tranny shit, if you're xx you got female brain, xy and male. You cant have female brain with xx or the other way around.

No. 1273166

Nta but Did You Know Despite Being Only 49% Of The Population, Men Are..

No. 1273167

I'm literally not defending moids. I'm saying that it's more effective to mock any scrotal rhetoric than derail threads guessing who's male or a misguided tradwhore on an anonymous lithuanian basketweaving forum. It literally doesn't matter if some cumgarglers here are women, you're retarded if you think their cumgargling doesn't invite men.

No. 1273168

anons were literally defending what i was talking about upthread. >>1273070 this kind of shit is stupid and gives anons a false sense of security.

the issue goes back to what i said before, anons who come here just for the lack of men rage when the anonymity of an imageboard can't guarantee that men won't post.

No. 1273170

That anon is aware CC is now only trannies, the trannies are now moving here since they can't jack off to the fantasy of talking to other women because everyone there is obviously male/autistic beyond belief. At least the users in the boards that trannies use.

No. 1273172

What kind of tranny rhetoric is this?

No. 1273173

I'm the post that anon said tranny shit and I'm %99 percent of the anon you're replying to is the board tranny. That's why he got so mad at the idea of having an unchangeable male brain and said it's tranny logic even though trannies think bio gender and brain are unrelated.

No. 1273177

the fact that you're so concerned about whether or not you're responding to men is concerning. it matches up with what >>1273170 is saying.

No. 1273180

I had a maleposter racebait and call me whore for tens of posts but he still didn't get noticed, lmao. He kept saying how his race of men were superior and anyone saying otherwise was a liar, obviously a man coping but it sometimes goes unnoticed if board isn't active.

No. 1273181

File: 1658525930276.jpg (73.33 KB, 500x669, 08ebedf699e751e4066eb4316618d9…)

You're probably right and I hate it. When one of the soyack moids were raiding, I looked at the archives of various 4chan boards and was surprised how often lolcow gets mentioned or even linked now. It used to be like maybe 5 times a month 2 years ago, now it's almost everyday.

No. 1273184

On the bright side, those men will off themselves soon and most likely won't have the courage to harass a woman irl.

No. 1273185

Basically this, being moidbrained isn't only limited to being a tradcuck or pro-sex work or whatever scrote narrative is being repeated, but also arguing in this fashion in general. I see so many genuinely female 4chan migrates who have sucked in everything they know from an environment where being as aggressive and edgy as possible is encouraged and the louder and more unhinged you sound the more likely you're able to win an argument as the goal is to grind down your opponent, not to exchange viewpoints and opinions. That's why they go straight for the throat with personal insults like "you're the reason why this happens, people like you cause so and so, you are just like such and such". It's how moids fight, just angry monkeys hitting each other with sticks while the oldfag Manifesto anons on this site would type elaborate essays bringing you to your knees with sole logic and reason.

No. 1273186

I mean that's probably a tranny but trannies are jokes so like…

No. 1273187

you're so obsessed with talking to real women and getting off like anon said.

No. 1273188

stop fucking falseflagging

No. 1273190

>akschually YOU'RE the tranny for calling out trannies and men and not wanting them here
nta but kys

No. 1273192

Calling out men would work if there was greater accuracy in knowing who was male. As this thread has shown the loudest anons clearly have no idea how to actually spot a moid because anyone they disagree with = scrote. This is an entire thread of infighting and only one person has been banned for being a tranny. Either no one arguing in this thread currently is male or no one is reporting anyone for being a moid because it's being used as an insult to try a censor other women.


It isn't working. There are more men than ever coming to this site. Don't feed the troll, don't engage with the scrote, don't reply to the spammer. It's the oldest form of self moderation there is and that's because it works.

No. 1273193

This is some aggressive moid behavior if i've ever seen it…

No. 1273196

Go back

No. 1273199

most of the anons who post here aren't from imageboards. these are probably the same people who try to bump threads to hide CP from the top of the board as if every poster scrolls the board to find threads, despite that just derailing threads without CP.

No. 1273201

If people sound like moids, it's on them. Show me posts where anons use it as an insult, I'll wait.

No. 1273202

Dear anons ignore the tranny/baiter and report it. No one should give it attention.

No. 1273204

If it worked, men wouldn't be coming here.

No. 1273205

It's clearly a troon handing out a poor mental gymnastic gotcha. They just can't contain themselves.

No. 1273206

show proof that it works.

No. 1273209

>believing the creatures backing it up are real women
Fucking kek anon.

No. 1273210

this. thank you. men come here for attention. if they were here just to talk, they wouldn't be easily identifiable.(and some probably aren't)

No. 1273214

>and almost everyone who complains about being called a moid is a male identified pickme or a man
Pretty much this. I've even gotten accused of being an FBI agent cause I said some tinfoil seemed schizo but I didn't have a huge meltdown because I'm not an fbi agent. Only men cry about getting called out, real women can essily prove they're female and get their ban lifted but men cant.

No. 1273215

There should be less men in accordance to the female population on earth. Every human society on this planet knows most men are major liabilities. Asylums have shut down, there’s no major wars to send them off to, they refuse to build shit and die while doing it. We have no idea what to do with the excess of men, all they do is play video games, take up space, and browse 4chan.

No. 1273217

If calling out really doesn't work, how come CC is trannyfarms but we aren't? And why don't trannies and males stay at CC where they won't be called out?

No. 1273220

report and ignore them, calling them out is what they want.

No. 1273222

…c.c allows trannies to post they don't consider them men, that's why.

No. 1273224

No. Mods do not redtext scrote posts so they just look like an “accepted” post. And the more sus posts get left up without anyone publicly shaming them will only embolden such sentiments. Your pathetic attempt at manipulation is transparent as fuck.

No. 1273225

then the issue is still that we need more mods, i don't support anon vigilantism.

No. 1273232

File: 1658527120697.gif (239.38 KB, 220x185, 364934E4-E101-45E4-9214-639C5D…)

love seeing my own thread getting traction, love it

No. 1273233

Kek didn't he e-date anons on discord? How is that lowkey?

No. 1273234

>don't support anon vigilantism
Go away. You’re seething that women have a strong culture of self policing opposing to scrotes who will just turn a blind eyes because it’s “someone else’s” business. The strict code here is the only thing keeping this place from becoming c.c

No. 1273235

there are anons on here who have said multiple times that they actively seek out men to date on the 4chan boards. don’t be surprised if they constantly keep giving a moid attention, they secretly want his nasty dick

No. 1273236

Anon is just tossing out retarded examples because she doesn't actually have any. Reporting posts is the only interaction that we should be having with moids. We need more mods and a better admin.

No. 1273239

If all men are evil and unredeemable, then why do you guys date/fuck them? Srs question.

No. 1273241

ruining threads to call out moids isn't "board culture".

No. 1273245

I don’t give a fuck what’s “board culture”. Women being hyper vigilant against outsiders IS GOOD. I don’t give a fuck if some anons catch stray bullets. It’s a good price to pay. If you’re constantly getting called a man, you’re the problem and need to fuck off.

No. 1273246

Well, they used to get redtexted but not as much anymore ever since admin left. I wonder if they even get banned now, unless very very obvious ones that don't even try to larp. But yeah, I agree with you about that "anon".


No. 1273247

Can't help what you're attracted to

No. 1273248

I will answer after you kill yourself

No. 1273250

This is the sad truth. We have unironic "femcels" who keep fighting for male attention. I've even seen many anons reply to the "why aren't you whores this cute" male and tell him how ugly the girls he posts are and how much better they look. One of those femcel anons admitted to being a previous camgirl(?)

No. 1273251

sexual orientation

No. 1273254

previous admin stopped redtexting as much because it was drawing attention to the post and anons who just can't stop replying will interact with it. the thing that's upsetting me the most is that anons assume anyone interacting with moids is doing it accidentally, which is untrue. we have tons of posters that will always reply to verified scrotes.

No. 1273256

Enjoy your dopamine nonner

No. 1273258

I'm interested in how lolcow is evolving. There are many aspects in which I'd say it's worse, like on the cow boards for example, there are mostly zoomers and weird vendetta hoes who get all giddy off of being keyboard villains and it's embarrassing to see. But the solidarity in g and ot is really quite beautiful if you are able to ignore the undesirables.

Overall best imageboard site imo for the off topic boards

No. 1273259

do you realize how stupid you sound. this isn't some life or death situation. we find out, ban and move on. i get that you don't have any excitement in your life but this stuff isn't the end of the world.

No. 1273261

Not all are evil, they can't pass as female but normie men might make good partners and you can't blame straight women for being straight. I've had good relationships with both men and women, it just depends on who you choose. Though men who come here are obviously low value failmales(I mean they watch porn like hardcore addicts and harass women here as a hobby what do you expect?) and they're, although not evil, pathetic and lowly. Thankfully failmales won't breed and their heritage will die out.

No. 1273262

File: 1658527966436.jpg (36.04 KB, 513x499, dog.jpg)

because I need a moid slave for life you retard

No. 1273263

Trannyhands was weird, multiple anons got banned for reporting/sharing the picture before the male got banned.

No. 1273267

Do you guys think that there are any trannies or men that are mods?

No. 1273268

I suspected it was a woman in an abusive relationship for a while, the farmhands may have thought the same.

No. 1273272

Replying to males whether it's to warn anons, bait them into outing themselves or simply to troll them is a bannable offense. Anyone advocating interacting with moids in ANY WAY, is part of the problem.

No. 1273273

There are no mods, kek.

No. 1273274

For real, he still revealed himself to post here a few days ago too. I wouldn't be surprised if he's also in this thread, judging by how triggered he was about being called what he is I generally hate the "benefit of doubt, women can be racist/sexist too!" shit that some farmhands (and oldmin) used to have around the time the pp/gc threads got closed. I swear this only further encouraged them like you said.

That's a pretty bad reason though. Now anons respond and are vulnerable to moids even though they might be banned and not redtexted.

No. 1273275

Being this black and white is sus. Because not every post is instantly obvious. This just sounds like you want shit takes to go unpunished and uncontested because you know we can’t always rely on jannies swift actions. We’re not stupid.

No. 1273276

>vulnerable to moids

No. 1273278

If you don't like the rules, go elsewhere.

No. 1273279

>vulnerable to moids
Get a fucking grip. This is an anonymous website, no one is vulnerable to anything but seeing words they don't like on a screen.

No. 1273280

Asking anons if they wanted cervix pictures and ban evading to keep asking anons if they want nudes made me think it couldn't be female. Like how are you even thinking of cervix? It's probably some moid with abortion fetish and that's why he hyperfixated on weird stuff like that.

No. 1273281

There are plenty of women who are mentally unstable and are willing to show off their nudes. Reminds me of that one anon in the discord awhile back who kept showing herself semi-naked in a bikini even though no one really cared

No. 1273282

What? I was referring to recent threads on /g/ and the confessions threads were nonnas were responding seriously and pouring their heart out to larping moid threads and posts.

No. 1273283

Or use a vpn like anyone with a braincell.

No. 1273284

you're just proving why the site will never be free of men.

No. 1273286

Yeah. No women is saying cervix pics anon

No. 1273287

Pussy pics aren't the same as "cervix pics" lol. That anon kept talking about abortion, birth, raped children and cervix etc.

No. 1273288

and? sometimes that will happen, get over it or go to reddit or something where you can view post history.

No. 1273290

Whens the last time you had a bf?

No. 1273291

What the fuck are you talking about, are you mad I don't like nonnas explaining their awful experiences to deranged xys?

No. 1273293

It could have been underage and not understood what cervix actually means. The fact that the mods didn't pounce on it as a moid straight away seems off. Maybe there was something in their post history, nobody knows either way.

No. 1273294

get a grip, seriously.

No. 1273296

File: 1658529133439.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651602344273.jpeg)

No. 1273300

This is an anonymous website. Even if a male were to read an anon's post, there's zero consequence because the site is anonymous and the post can not be attributed to anyone's real life identity.

No. 1273302

Do you seriously not get the concept of not wanting males here jerking off to the bad experiences of others?

No. 1273303

the anons getting so upset at the idea that they could possibly respond to men are absolutely new and not used to imageboards. men are a nuisance so they aren't allowed to post here, it has nothing to do with getting triggering by men posting.

No. 1273305

by that logic we shouldn't ever post anything because men can lurk the site.

No. 1273308

Are you talking about romanianon??

No. 1273310

This is actually fearmongering shit. I can't believe some of you. I hate moids as much as the rest of you but if they post, just report and brush it off. You sound underage.

No. 1273312

Ah, you're responding to yourself again. Nevermind then, go dilate you abomination. The point was that redtexting moids can stop anons from responding with unwanted stories in contrary to just nt redtexting it. But of course you wouldn't understand.

No. 1273313

Try again.

No. 1273314

saying "vulnerable anons" makes you sound nuts, it's not that deep.

No. 1273318

>called out

No. 1273320

newfags are so thin skinned these days.

No. 1273324

Nope, sge's right. It should also be called out for the very reason she named. Cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 1273327

>i'd rather a few retarded women get banned than males smug that moderation is lax because "muh women are disgusting too, let them speak!!"
Same tbh. Some female anond also deserve to be banned if they constantly rely or interact with the male on discord or date him even.

No. 1273329

>believing mods exist and will ban an anon for disliking male posters
>believing anon doesn't have a vpn

No. 1273330

File: 1658530396240.jpg (47.82 KB, 584x448, cowboy.jpg)

around males
watch yourselves

No. 1273335

some indian moid who kept self-posting and throwing a fit in the attractive men thread on /g/. sometimes he posts in other /g/ threads too about wanting russian women

No. 1273336

Were they banned for man hate or were they banned for derailing a thread with man hate?

No. 1273341

I think lolcow would be better if people learned what "censor" means

No. 1273413

Men identify themselves so much it's unreal, most people who have been around for a longer time can clock their posts immediately but because you get banned for crying moid there isn't much you can do to prevent newfags from arguing with them except report and hope for the best. But because mods never redtext or remove their posts they get to stay up. Anons in a specific thread I follow have gotten apt at identifying the male to the point he's not even attempting to hide that it's him so he repeats the same autistic arguments and insults over and over.

No. 1273420

I never got banned for saying there's a moid itt without quoting the moid directly.
Femcels would agree with oldmin because they get super scared of their regular male posters getting banned or bullied off. If any anon seriously thinks these males are well-behaved, they should just discuss discord handles and e-date those incels themselves. Everyone wins.

No. 1273428

The Lolcow Discord used to be full of actual scrotes/incels

No. 1273431

kek is it the genshin thread

No. 1273439

Isn't the discord still a mess? A ton of minicows oversharing, no one in their right mind would use discord of an anonymous image board aside from men and some bored women who want attention a bit too much.
Doesn't it have voice verification now?

No. 1273457

Daily reminder that you wouldn't be in this situation if you shunned the "too much man hate here" and "I'm not a scrote!!" reddit nuthuggers. Called it months ago, lmfao.

No. 1273653

The sad thing here is that even with all the shit going on here its still not as bad as /cgl/. The coomers have firmly set up shop over there.

No. 1273655

Is this really a bad thing? I'm glad we aren't as bad as cgl yet. Rip to it though, it became completely unbrowsable.

No. 1273670

File: 1658550007488.gif (360.09 KB, 383x286, die.gif)

I don't understand the point of them if there are several boards dedicated to coom
I fucking hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1273692

I don't use that board, what happened? I used to use /toy/ though and now every thread is filled with tranny coom fantasies, is it similar in /cgl/?

No. 1273693

>tit thread
>ass thread
>thicc leg thread
>thin leg thread
>heels thread
>feet thread
>costhot makes selfpost thread for herself
>i want to fuck x cosplayer thread
>tiktok thirst trap thread
and these are constantly active

No. 1273694

Tf how are those related to /cgl/? Disgusting. Same tier as weirdos wanting to fuck plushies and baby dolls on /toy/

No. 1273708

Don’t forget that one moid who keeps posting tik tok webms of underage cosplayers

No. 1273715

There were also blatant bait threads that sat on there for half a year. Also what the hell happened to all the tripfags and namefags that used to post there?

No. 1273717

how could i forget…

No. 1273730

Anyone crying that anons accurately spot moids is retarded. Just a few days ago an anon was called a moid in the baby thread for preferring disposable diapers

Anyone crying "they'd rather a few women get called moids than let moids slip!!" is also retarded. None of you are calling out actual signs of moids everyone is just throwing moid accusations over anyone that has a different opinion even if it's nothing similar to what a scrote would say. A lot of you just want validation from crying "moid" to win infights regardless of if the anon said anything close to anything moid-like.

The worst ones was the period on lolcow where women were venting about abuse they face to be bombarded with moid accusations because an anon convinced everyone that women getting abused were troons with abuse fantasies. This one actually effected too since I was one of the anons and I've seen a few other anons coming here about their abuse get accused of being moids. I ended up not leaving or getting help for years because I was convinced "I was just an attention whore larping fucked up fantasies" and would just be wasting everyone's time getting help. I'm only recently getting help but it's still hard knowing rh first people I came too immediately started villianizing me. Either way you really have to think deeply about the type of site we will build if we just start banning everyone at every "scrote" accusation they receive - scrote paranoia has driven some of you to insanity to the point where you'd rather tell abuse victims they're evil LARPers out of fear a moid would get attention here than to simply report and ignore if you truly, bet on your life it was a moid

I also believe site verification would help but this is also a site that bans namefagging while keeping the name bar up so who knows

No. 1273734

>getting this triggered over being called a moid

Perhaps imageboards aren't for you.

No. 1273736

Farmers need to apply to become janitors for /cgl/ to fix this mess. 4chan opens mod applications periodically

No. 1273740

No I got "triggered" because I was called a moid when asking for advice on how to leave my abusive boyfriend years ago just for anons to come in and hardcore try to justify moid accusations and say stuff like "well you probably deserved it" rather than ever ever admitting some people use moid accusations wrongfully. People are allowed to have opinions and honestly? If you can't deal with people showing emotions then imageboards aren't for you either

No. 1273741

I can deal with that. I also get called a moid all the time.

The environment here is absolutely not hostile enough towards moids.

No. 1273742

>Is this really a bad thing?
It would be nice to have convos about cons and cosplay instead of sifting through all the coomer and bait posts. Even con threads are filled with thirsty ass dudes who just want to fuck anything with a hole (including trannies/traps) while at the con.

No. 1273746

Shitting up unrelated places with coom shit is part of coomer excitement. It's why wherever you go on the internet, you will never not experience men talking about their fetid cock flaps and whatever sewage they squeeze out of them. That's why it's important to keep this degenerate shit out of here.

No. 1273747

File: 1658556653979.jpg (41.04 KB, 500x505, nu2aq7XJfX1uyibxso1_500.jpg)

As someone who has lurked imageboards since 2008, I thought the reigning rule about participating in discussion is having thick skin and not taking things personally, due to the anonymous nature of posting. Therefore, all this concern about being labelled a moid is puzzling to me. Is this upsetting people because it's a new trend on lolcow that wasn't there before? Admittedly I have only frequented here for about 2 years so my knowledge of this place isn't exactly comprehensive. pic unrel

No. 1273750

It's upsetting to moids and beckies who don't understand that this is not reddit.

No. 1273753

It's almost non existent that someone would complain their partner is abusive (or talk about abusive behaviour without acknowledging it's abusive) and get anything but support and care from anons. Tough love at the absolute worst. I have no idea what your post said but you must have expressed yourself very oddly or poorly to get a negative reaction. Even if moid accusations can get overzealous and paranoidd, there is no way someone going
>anons I want to leave my abusive bf, please help
would get a response like 'fuck off moid'. It just doesn't happen, and whatever bizarro shit went down when you posted is not a representation of how anons communicate normally.

No. 1273756

It's not so much about being called a moid, it's more about the people who do it. They're these thin skinned/paranoid/SJW types of people.

No. 1273758

Inb4 it's just a becky making shit up because moid hate triggers her and she wants to hate on cows without encountering it, but for some reason won't fuck off to kiwifarms because that place hates women proudly and complete unprompted. Many such cases in /meta/. They helped to turn this website into what it is today.

No. 1273760

Not everyone can, it stopped me from getting help for years, it fucks me up even more seeing anons jump through hoops to deny the fact that plenty of anons here cry scrote unjustifiably. If throwing abused women looking for help under the bus under the means of "no scrotes kek" is worth it to you then you should really get your morals in line. This is exactly what I mean by no end of moid accusations, it's no longer pickmes or women being stupid it's people going batshit paranoid and literally letting moids win. You really think moids aren't sitting around laughing at us tearing each other apart and pushing down women who need help under the guise of no moids? This is exactly what moids want.

Want to be hostile towards moids? Great then get better at moid spotting and stop allowing anons to do exactly what moids want. I'd rather women have a nice environment that they can talk to if that means some moids will get through than to have us almost kill each other just to keep out moids

No. 1273763

This was years ago. Anons defended a pro loli anon back then too kek. Anons were fucking awful back in the day and you really have no room to claim what anons were like. We doxxed teen cows ffs

No. 1273765

Yeah, they're the thin skinned ones. That's why the one whining about being called a word is you.

No. 1273768

Anon why would you ask for advice on lolcow? I'm sorry but most people here don't care about giving advice and the ones who do give bad advice (because they're autistic).

No. 1273770

You literally need to fuck off to Twitter or something. Cow behavior.

No. 1273772

damn you’re like a chihuahua barking over and over again never shutting up about man hate and us calling each other scrotes. anons using the word scrote is like 4chan/kiwifarm fags calling each other “soy” or some shit, it’s a meaningless buzzword used as a negative connotation. if you use scrote reasoning or bait/troll by using faulty scrote logic, you will be called a scrote. you don’t actually have to be one, you just give off vibes of one. this is an anonymous image board and always will be unless you’re like trannyhands or the /g/ retards who keep posting their stupid faces and asking for advice, you won’t know who’s who until it’s too late or they’re redtexted. you will never be able to control who does or who posts, that’s why we have jannies, that’s why there’s rules, and that’s why there’s a culture in place to shame other people. shame isn’t always negative, it is to stop behavior like yours from ruining the entire experience of the board. unlearn the newfag ways my friend, and you shall be set free from your autism

No. 1273784


You're getting shat on for this but I agree, and I sense that a lot of radfem-adjacent people are ex-sjws, but the problem is that they still carry that basic frame of thought with them even though they claim not to. Sucks the fun out of everything in the end.

No. 1273788

For someone trying to keep out moids you sure as fuck act like one. If "soy" was a meaningless buzzword none of you would be sitting here shitting yourselves trying to get everyone banned for being a scrote nor would any of you say things like "I'd rather women get punished than to let moids be here"

No. 1273793

Her need to reiterate and italicize newfag like she’s spitting a racial slur

No. 1273794

God I hate them so much. It just isn’t worth engaging. They want to think you’re a scrote because you’re not pissing and crying about some washed up celebrity? Let them.

No. 1273797

>us calling each other scrotes. anons using the word scrote is like 4chan/kiwifarm fags calling each other “soy” or some shit, it’s a meaningless buzzword
Who says? You?

No. 1273798

Moderation is dogshit these days, but radfem nonnies are based and helped me a lot

No. 1273800

Nobody was pissing and crying. There were like three posts about empathy. There will always be anons with differing stances than you, some of them involve having a modicum of compassion. Doesn’t make them newfags just because they don’t want to seethe with you about how we shouldn’t care about cerebriry white wimminz or whatever. Been here since lolcows inception and you insipid bitches get clowned for a reason.

No. 1273803

>having a modicum of compassion
You should kill yourself and I mean that without a hint of irony.(a-logging)

No. 1273805

You don’t scare me faggot nobody even likes you here

No. 1273809

Have fun with your parasocial relationships you parasitic piece of toxic waste. I bet you shit up every space you’re in IRL like a tranny because you can’t keep your obnoxious spergery to yourself. Kill yourself.

No. 1273810

I don’t give a fuck about Britney Spears but keep trying to sound like an autistic moid, I’m sure it’s going great for you

No. 1273812

cgl is a dead board thanks to cons being out for two years and cosplayers moving onto other platforms like insta, reddit and twitter to post their content. The spirit of the old congoing cgl can be found on facebook.

No. 1273813

So true and they’re too retarded and sensitive to have any sort of discussion or debate, go into narc rage when they’re disagreed with and try to silence people/ get them banned. It’s pathetic behaviour.

No. 1273815

Why wont you shut the fuck up and let other anons not care then? Why are you autistically screaming at people for their thoughts on a washed up pig of a celebrity? You’re behaving like a loopy faggot. Go cry about it on YouTube Chris Crocker.

No. 1273820

I don’t expect autistic women to know nuance, specifically the new userbase. I don’t expect lolcow to be funny or interesting anymore. They call us scrotes for talking impartially and pepper every stupid sentence with uwu nonnita nonners my love I wish I could kiss uwu and get assblasted when you don’t talk like that as well. Not talking like a minor or a tumblrtard doesn’t mean I’m a scrote or one of the nasty, edgefag aloggers either. Everything has to be black or white for them.

No. 1273822

I made one post about it. I know you think you’re Queen Of Edge or whatever but nobody cares as much as you evidently do kek. Ankle biter.

No. 1273825

celebricow posters, as seen ITT. tbh i think they're worse than the kpop crit posters

No. 1273826

Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you here.

No. 1273828

You’re trying too hard now, go stim

No. 1273830

I like how you go from “have some compassion uwu!” To “I don’t give a shit haha I’m so cool and composed” if that where true you wouldn’t be creaming your pants over your superior sense of compassion for fucking BRITNEY SPEARS of all people in the first place would you? Retard.

No. 1273832

>They call us scrotes for talking impartially and pepper every stupid sentence with uwu nonnita nonners my love I wish I could kiss uwu and get assblasted when you don’t talk like that as well

No. 1273833

You’re still going kek please continue you’re sperging so hard

No. 1273835

>superior sense of compassion
You are genuinely assmad over this. Maybe you’d prefer lipstick ally, queen.

No. 1273836

There's literally nothing of interest to read here anymore because all of the genuine and interesting people probably got intimidated by the dogpiling for not being epically wholesome and in 10000% agreement at all times. This is even more true for OT, it honestly feels like I'm looking at twitter when I scroll here.

No. 1273838

>we hate scrotes because they have no empathy and abuse women
>What do you mean we shouldn't abuse women and we should have empathy? We should be able to call you a scrote for that

No. 1273840

I’m sorry but you’re a newfag. That shit was happening a lot a few months ago before anons shut it down. Anons would be called a scrote for talking about their abuse or their relationships. I saw one anon called a scrote because she was talking about her vaginismus.

No. 1273841

I made one post and I wasn’t even the celebricows sperg but I think she’s using me as a punching bag because she wants it to be one single entity against her just ruining her lulcow experience

No. 1273842

We aren’t abusing Britney Spears just because we don’t give a fuck about her you dribbling cretin.

No. 1273846

Idk this anon appears to really, really care she’s shrieking so loud

No. 1273848

You people always do this.
>You get assblasted about something
>people tell you to fuck off and they don’t care
>”haha why are you assblasted?”

No. 1273849

I pointed that out recently as well. You can tell they’re zoomers that have swarmed and attempted to force a complete overhaul and regularly attempt to manipulate everyone else into posting like them. They’re incapable of replying to anything without OTT lovebombing or a shitty “WELL AKSHUALI”

No. 1273851

Are you schizophrenic per chance

No. 1273854

Damn straight and any minor disagreement is immediately escalated into a very strange clapback peacock dance for an imaginary audience. I hope that someday this place can really become a forum where we can all exhange ideas and do a funny again, because it's so rare to find places where women can speak freely amongst eachother.

No. 1273855

>why are you so disingenuous and dishonest?
>haha you’re schizophrenic!!!!
You’re like a scrote. All you care about is getting the last word and you don’t seem to care how pathetic you look in the process.

No. 1273858

Take your meds

No. 1273860

File: 1658561713291.jpeg (91.37 KB, 509x319, 0D022892-4510-4754-8F0E-4782AB…)

Another response. Can you believe this level of projection?
>take your meds!!!
What compelling thing are you gonna say next, get help? Touch grass?

No. 1273864

FINALLY, someone who isn't a fucking redditor.

No. 1273865

Everyone just leave for a couple of days. All the squabbling in every single thread is the exact same right now and whoever is conducting the raid is absolutely cooming in satisfaction. Someone in some thread said some faggot sent his minions here to fuck it up because of trannies or some dumb shit. The only solution is to take the content that makes this website great, ie normal farmers' contributions, and cut it off until they get bored and leave. Sorry to say nonnas.

No. 1273867

Take your meds.

No. 1273868

No. 1273870

Supposedly it's full of trannies. I rarely go there because the vibe is weird and it's too slow.

No. 1273872

I didn't read your shitfit but if you bully pregnant women for not being willing to wash shit out of clothing diapers and tell them they single-handedly ruin the environment by using disposable diapers, people will assume you're male. Anyone who has a baby knows washable diapers are not hygienic and you need to spend hours even to wash the shit out.

No. 1273874

File: 1658562382610.jpg (28.95 KB, 424x424, 8e4438640d15d0b357e796-lq.jpg)

I'm technically a newfag, came here a little over a year ago with the creepshowart drama, It took some time but I got used to it, this space was unlike I had ever seen anything before and I loved it immediately

No. 1273876

No. 1273881

Those no-life beckies who go to /meta/ and other threads to cry to mods about how evil /ot/ should be closed down every time they see malehate/get called male for being misogynistic should unironically get laid.
All of those beckies either have no bf even though they really want one or have such shit bfs that the anons malehate reminds them of their "nigel" and drives them wild. That obvious desperation is also why they act like pickmes (saw one putting down the tiktok girls "why aren't you whore this cute"fag posted and telling him how beautiful she herself was, trying to talk to the incel who continued mocking her).

They literally try to flirt with incel-chans here. Seriously girls, get a normie man instead of dicord e-dating a man you met here or trying to fight with other anons for the approval of these incels. Even if they were allowed to post freely like beckies wished, they still wouldn't give a crumb of attention to the average beckies and resort to posting their fave tiktok girls.

No. 1273883

Males, maleminded uggos and trannyposters should go there. You wouldn't ever get accused male there (which is why a bunch of retards are crying itt) because userbase is %70 male and pickmes here who are now raging about how they can't be openly misogynistic and call every anon whore will love it there because they can do that there - with their fellow misogynistic incel and trannies.

Seriously anons who get hardcore triggered every time they get called male/retard/etc. can go to Crystal cafe.

No. 1273885

Are you the anon that said she didn't shower and made her feet/pits smell bad to keep men in her workplace from harassing her? That's the only abused woman that got called male afaik, probably because someone posted a scent fetish post one hour or so before her smelly post.

No. 1273886

>A poster on an anonymous internet gossip board calling you a man caused you "not to get help for years"
>Calling a retard a scrote is "almost killing each other"
Listen to yourself. Absolutely ridiculous. This avoidant drama queen shit is why you're not getting help, not some site online that you can close the tabs on at any time.

No. 1273892

Wb anons who cry male anytime they disagree with someone? Why are some of you so assmad that someone states the fact anons cry "moid" here for stupid reasons? It's fine to be called a moid but the issue is anons claiming that other anons never do that and that if they did you probably deserved it and then trying to get people banned over it

No. 1273893

It was multiple anons. I also got hate here years ago around the same time for being against lolicons. you also need to understand what a hyperbole is. Obviously I don't think any of you are actually killing each other.

I've seen it happen multiple times. That anon, the anon who was beat into a miscarriage by her bf, the anon who stripped to find the money to leave her abusive bf. I mentioned my ex would starve me and hurt me if I ate in private and anons accused me of being a scrote because "the story just doesn't make sense, you sound like a scrote with an anorexic fetish". If there's anything I wish of lolcow it's that if you see a poster venting about abuse and you think it's a moid just leave them alone. If you're right then the moid just doesn't get the attention they wanted. If you're wrong then you possibly traumatized someone looking for help from abuse
>Inb4 haha stupid bitches getting traumatized from a website
It doesn't matter where people go, whether they go to a social worker or a rando at a gas station, if this is how you react to someone possibly dealing with abuse you're a piece of shit regardless of where it's at. Why can't any of you admit this?

No. 1273902

So an anon called you male and you decided not to get help? If this is real log off and don't use social media for your own good. It's actually not a good idea at all to say something online if a trolls response can hurt you irl, instead try to ask for advice from someone you trust irl.
Anon I'm sorry that happened to you but please don't share sensitive information with strangers online, I've seen an anon get mocked for being raped and like… It's an anonymous imageboard, we will have mentally ill people who love shitting on already traumatized anons so the best is just not to share such stuff online.
I also got accused of lying about my experience with childhood sexual assault because anons disagreed with me but I just ignored them cause some random edgy attention-addicted Becky femcel not believing me isn't gonna change anything.

You know the ones who called you ana fetishist were probably fatties who spent 7/24 in anachan thread or ED websites and had their judgment all messed up because of their neetdom.

No. 1273903

>I also got hate here years ago around the same time for being against lolicons.
I legitimately do not believe this ever happening, or at least not this ever being conducted by female posters.

No. 1273904

The issue isn't anons complaining here, retarded snowflake. They always take it to meta and cry about how fagg/ot/s bullied them hardcore and how /ot/ should be closed so male aligned anons can freely post their misogynistic bullshit.
Also if you get banned for being male, it's not the anons fault because janny is the one who bans users based on their judgment. I believe you're ban evading, if you already got banned maybe find another website or even go to kiwifarms so you can freely be misogynistic and autistic without ever getting called out.

No. 1273906

I think that anon is talking about years ago and there used to be a ton of men and of curse 4channer femcels openly posting back then. That's why anon might have gotten attacked for hating loli. Either way anons who keep saying we should keep well-behaved scrotes should check older threads and see what happened when men were more accepted to post.

No. 1273909

Being dogpilled over not liking lolicon? Doubt. The site’s stance against scrotes means anything degenerate-y that’s popular among them will get hated on as well. Whenever people are exposed as proship or not thinking loli is pedophilia they get eaten alive. (rad leaning proships hmu)

No. 1273911

That anon's core problem seems to be taking everything at face value. There was an anon wishing death on another anon and calling her a whore because she posted about being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Of fucking course those people are either unempathetic scrotes baiting or bitterly mentally ill femcels who despise other women because they externalize their own self hate, not the average poster on lolcow. Yet people who experience this cite this singular poster as an example of how the general nature of the site is. I've been called a whiteknighting male for thinking that people go overboard with terminal stage a-logging for Venus Angelic and Belle Delphine and I'm not having mental breakdowns over it because I know it was a samefagging sperg mad that someone gave them a reality check regarding their autistic rage over groomed e-girls.

Generally speaking leaving your mental health and judgement of your current shitty situation at the hands of some random anonymous posters online is a bad, bad idea. That's why the anons living in genuinely abusive and sensitive situations would be better off asking for help on Reddit (yeah yeah I know) or a similar forum that tracks user post history to offer some kind of credibility to them. Now you can never know what kind of a sad excuse of a micropenis scrote is trolling you amidst himjerking off to spree killers.

No. 1273913

>(rad leaning proships hmu)
I've never met a single person like this. Kinda based

No. 1273915

I agree with you, but
Enough with the attempts to force this to exist, kek

No. 1273917

Femcels in this context aren't "genderbent incels" mad that they're not getting laid, they're the kind of extremely robotbrained unhinged pickmes who would kill their mothers just to get a crumb of male validation and other women are a threat to them that needs to be eliminated at any cost.

No. 1273919

I agree with you that anon takes it too seriously. I wrote about my experience, I got called male when I told about my childhood trauma by some bitter femcel too and like, it's best to ignore it.
I also had an anon call my grandma a whore because I said I didn't find a type of men attractive which probably was a male but if not, a mental femcel who would kill for a bf.

Bella(and other sexworker threads too) thread is such a fucking mess. I believe %90 posters are ED-ridden femcels, fellow sexworkers and some males who post weirdly sexual pictures of her, they're also the ones comparing her to a child. It's best to report those retards and go on with your day, they're not worth interacting with.

I also believe the ana-chan migration made this website worse. Any cow thread is full of nitpicking average or attractive women's bodies by wannachans and the wannachans are usually the ones who have moid aligned views. You can see them calling postpartum women whales for not running to the gym five hours after birth while they post in their own thread detailing how obese they themselves are. I wish anons bullied them more so they wouldn't be able to post as freely.

No. 1273920

Yeah this is the right definition. I've actually seen an anon writing about how she cared more about her male friends' worries than any women's because she didn't think women's worries were serious and like I asked her if she ever talked to her mom or supported her through hard times, surely anon would've cared about her mother even if she didn't like women. But of course she said she didn't, she then said her mother was the only one who listened to her when her male friends ignored her vents but she still thought her connection to her male friends were more valid than her literal mother.
And btw this same anon called women whores for caring about their bfs while she literally put random men who don't even care about her above her own mother.

No. 1273922

Came to say same thing. Utter bullshit. We’ve been raided.

No. 1273928

We had ana-chans here from start to finish, it actually used to be much worse, especially the nitpicking of looks.
>You can see them calling postpartum women whales for not running to the gym five hours after birth
If you're talking about the reddit thread, that was a moid.

No. 1273929

>batshit paranoid
We are being raided and mentioned on their website several times a week, maybe you're being called a moid because you try to downplay this so hard.

No. 1273931

> I also got hate here years ago around the same time for being against lolicons
Yeah nevermind this is absolute bullshit that you're spewing to be manipulative.

No. 1273933

File: 1658570854527.jpg (224.24 KB, 1920x1080, vlc_CH7vPCgzne.jpg)

>a lot of weaboo cows became vtubers
>can't discuss their drama because people are too scared of schizo moid spammers

No. 1273937

>I ended up not leaving or getting help for years because I was convinced "I was just an attention whore larping fucked up fantasies"
Wtf are you saying, you yourself should know whether you're larping or not regardless of what farmers think of you.

No. 1273938

I think that's one of the local schizos like paki-chan

No. 1273941

I wonder who that anon is. Sounding even more deranged than romania and paki

No. 1273943

Then leave.

No. 1273947

Isn't there some weeb cows general on ot or w?
are you talking about shurelia? I think she is alright, personally find Lily a lot more cowish than her over the years but she has a strong WK fanbase from what I know.

No. 1273950

I was thinking in general, I know that austrian chick became the phoenix vtuber and then there was nyanners too

No. 1273952

I've been there for 3 years, it was nice a while a go, now it's SO SLOW. Raiding is constant also. But hey, if someone doesn't like it just don't go there, there's no need to shit talk about CC, so many farmers do it and it's so unnecessary. I want to post more there because the /img/ and /x/ boards are useful, but too slow. I've found way more pickmes and aggressive posters on lolcow than there.

No. 1273955

Austrian chick is still a cow on her own, I wonder if people took screencaps of the time when she spent her night arguing with someone on Twitter during DoKomi times. Sadly her fanbase is the most parasocial one because her whole content is based on the same stuff she pulled in the past, if you remember, just under animu avatar and without suicide threats if people won't pay her a ticket to Nihongo, etc. I was surprised she got in because I still remember how she publically talked shit about other girls on Twitter to make herself superior while doing the same crap, but apparently they didn't bother background checking because he applied there IRL.

No. 1273968

This sounds like an actual male. Imagine having so little empathy for abused women because you would rather defend calling women scrotes on an anonymous website. It's completely unhinged.

No. 1273974

No, I'm asking what you are saying because it literally does not make sense.

No. 1273977

It does because I've seen it happen several times. A woman posts about her abuse and another anon calls her a scrote. The levels of mental illness involved in such a conclusion is something I can't understand. I can't even understand why certain anons will defend calling other women moids to the death when it's clear that it has no positive benefit and instead harms the site. You are now attempting to defend attacking women that are victims of abuse. It's sick and extremely scrote like.

No. 1273979

No, I am asking how you don't know if you yourself are larping or not, to the point you supposedly don't seek help because you're not sure if you're larping or not?

No. 1273980

I'm a different anon. You can't even tell when you're talking to another person.

No. 1273981

Sure you are

No. 1273983

I've never seen that, not even once.

No. 1273990

I'm not going to say that doesn't happen because I'm not here 24/7 since the dawn of time, but I feel like that should be a small minority of cases and anons are usually supportive. If anything I feel (possibly) undeserved scrote accusations happen more with controversial but inane topics like yaoi, kpop guys or femdom.

No. 1273993

Why are some anons here taking it super personally when a randon anon calls them male or retarded? Stop shitting up the thread because some anon called you male seven months ago.

No. 1274005

File: 1658577148482.png (277.07 KB, 507x369, 5B1CDF0E-692A-400A-8202-C36B21…)

People calling everyone a moid is annoying but not as annoying as people who shit themselves over being called a moid and won’t shut up about it. getting called a doodoo head and crying to the teacher tier maturity.

No. 1274008

They derail threads because they're butthurt some anon said they sound like a male and then go to /meta/ to cry to mods because they don't like /ot/ users like… They do it once a day at least, they should just not browse /ot/ if it makes them this mad.

No. 1274010

It shuts down discussion like for instance disagree about a show with me fine but don't call me a scrote and announce that you reported me because it's not your taste. It's not like it was porny either. There are some tards on /m/ that keep doing this

No. 1274013

I distinctly remember seeing it when an anon posted about her mother being creepy and vaguely sexual towards her. Most anons were supportive and gave her genuine advice but there was a few who didn't believe it and accused her of being a scrote. It was probably in the vent thread about six months ago.

When it gets to the point that even abused women are being called moids, it's gone too far. Who the fuck reads a post about abuse and automatically thinks it's a man? That's either paranoia to the point of mental illness or it's an actual male. The fact that there are posters who defend this is beyond my comprehension. The ability to cause infighting and insulting other women is more important to them than the welfare of abused women. At this point I find it difficult to believe that they aren't men or troons.

No. 1274014

It's nice to read actual discussions between anons with different opinions sometimes and when someone just starts going "scrote scrote scrote" it shuts down actual conversation, especially in /m/

No. 1274017

Forgot I wasn't on crystal castle for a moment.

Tbh tho the paranoia about moidposting is reminiscent of places like r9k being paranoid about the eternal tranny lurking behind every poster

No. 1274019

>the paranoia about moidposting is reminiscent of places like r9k being paranoid about the eternal tranny
Which is to say it's a similar sort of retardation/mental illness

No. 1274022

/m/ is a total newfag infested shithole after it died

No. 1274026

Pretty sure most, if not all of this is just one troon making shit up, responding to itself, concern trolling and posting retarded gotchas whenever someone questions him.


No. 1274032

You're right, it's never gonna be the same.

No. 1274033

I am all for the culture of self policing but I noticed some anons getting unreasonably riled up over posts. Like someone said in the Jill thread how she probably hit a deer with her car because of her stoner brain and slow reactions- cue to a huge derailment and arguing. Same with the shayna threads how some get personally invested, and the cowtippers and a-loggers. And the oddly angry anons when you want to post about a new cow.

No. 1274034

I agree but he'll off himself soon so it's a waste of energy to get upset about his retardation.
Those males and trannies already ruined CC and they can no longer have fun doing their shitty larps there because even to their slow minds, it's so obvious the userbase is full of men, no longer fun for them because of that, they're now moving here because of that. We should keep bullying them.

No. 1274035

So you're from r9k, got it.

No. 1274037

Did you just call me a scrote!!?!?!? (Cue twenty seven back and forth angry replies and two hand pics)

No. 1274041

My autism extends to many corners of the internet

No. 1274044

/ot/ wasn't the first board, if anything drama was the focus of this site and everything else is a little addition, but it seems like some people just want to blog their whole life on here or seek online friendships

No. 1274048

Yeah, I agree with you! I just think that people who go “okay, moid”, “pretty sure this is a scrote” are beyond help stupid if they think women having opinions make them trannies in disguise, and it is frustrating not being able to have a conversation without being shut down. Fighting them accomplishes nothing, they will not be convinced by an anonymous post saying “I’m a girl, actually” so fueling the never ending back and forth just shits up the thread.

No. 1274049

>reading comprehension level: 0
You are on a fucking gossip site and cirticizing the drama boards.

No. 1274054

When was the last time you had a bf? You should get a bf, then you wouldn't feel the need to get so heartbrokem because some incels get called out. R9k males are also worthless and I can't believe you spent time there willingly.

No. 1274058

>handpic is either severely obese or skelly to the point of deformity
>anons make fun of their hand
>autistic femcel gets even more mad.

No. 1274068

Then why aren't you reporting those posts for samefagging or being a troon?

No. 1274072

I thought the point is to report and ignore and not give troons or scrotes attention?

No. 1274075

Don't reply to it. Also the Troon keeps ban evading and using vpns so it's not like mods could easily tell who it is or if it's really samefagging or not since he'd most likely to switching ips often.

No. 1274079

>Troon keeps ban evading and using vpns
How do you this? How do you know it's not multiple anons?

No. 1274082

>there's no need to shit talk about CC, so many farmers do it and it's so unnecessary.
Why is shittalking it unnecessary when it's full of trannies

No. 1274086

Anyway, trannyhands is such a creepy name, like a serial killer's alias.

No. 1274094

I came up with it.
The male aligned anons come from there and when you trash it they feel called out. They're accepting men here too(saying well-behaved men can stay, calling out men is misogynistic against anons etc) as if that won't turn this website to cc in a few months.
Because the resident namefags keep coming back after getting banned, I won't list all but trannycel is one of them and he always admits to his identity each time because he comes for the attention.

No. 1274098

>too(saying well-behaved men can stay
I'm fairly certain that was a moid, I had already been wondering for a while when they were gonna use such tactics.

No. 1274117

File: 1658583484976.gif (763.81 KB, 400x300, A9B02FC8-C470-497E-85EF-D62590…)

Based newfag enjoy your stay and if you want to preserve any sanity or self-esteem you have left avoid most of the threads in /snow/ never go into shayna’s thread because it’s 99% fan edits and 1% actual constructive milk, never step foot in the ED one, best ones right now are the western cartoon one and the trans ones, MtF thread is a bit better. /m/ is fine, watch out for the genshit scrote constantly whining about fujos in the genshin thread and the occasional disgusting CP that’s never deleted on the board, /g/ is mostly active in the husbando/male attractiveness/sexuality-related/advice threads, don’t use friend finder because scrotes use it to find women to harass or e-date, /ot/ threads to avoid like sweet death is this one, unpopular opinions, vent thread if you don’t want to become more depressed than you are, celebricows, things you hate, tinfoil thread, and dumbass shit thread is the general chatroom for the rest of the board. contrary to the retarded mods, you are allowed to use the “forbidden” <3 but for some reason that triggers them. Also DO NOT POST K-POP OR /g/‘s favorite ugly men of the year YOU WILL GET BANNED FOR HAVING FUN. also if you see a scrote bait thread either ignore it or spam it. also it’s very easy to be misunderstood/misinterpreted by your words or attempts at humor so read the rules and lurk more before you’re dogpiled on

No. 1274127

Because he literally repeats the same statements almost verbatim in his posts with the same words.

No. 1274135

File: 1658586651563.png (7.23 KB, 515x165, 142825.png)

It's like /meta/ doesn't exist. Mods made this picrel for a reason ♥

No. 1274168

nta and it's funny you say that, it's been a long time since I followed any /snow/ thread that aren't the mtf and ftm ones too. I think the last time I actively followed cows here was when there was that video about James Charles by Tati and Projared being outed as a cheater by his now ex-wife in the same week.

No. 1274196

You JUST missed the opening period for jannies over there. Those fetish threads need to be purged.

No. 1274221

i dont get how this is a tranny, I've seen several of these posts get attacked on /ot/ myself and it's not "concern trolling" to be aware of it. i dont see how anything anon said is really tranny adjacent, wouldn't a tranny encourage shitting on abused woman for laughs out of jealousy? is it so hard to believe that some women don't like to be called a moid for telling an anonymous outlet about their abuse, liking anime, for having sex toys, for enjoying x y and z? Its not like the anon said not to report anons for sounding male, so nothing really aligns with a pro-tranny stance (unless you think not wanting to be called a moid is proof, but who wants to be called a subhuman larper kek, ofc that will irritate any woman unless you're a "cool girl")
several seperate anons have complained about derailing moid accusations over different boards and threads, so which is it? some women collectively fed up or an omnipresent moid? is it a single moid is making all the complaints about derails and board quality to falseflag us into being nicer, or is a moid falseflagging and derailing excessively by calling other women moid (something the moids have admitted to) and women are now complaining about this behavior? and then the women are being called moids because they find the random policing autistic and annoying. i am growing more suspicious of the behavior from derailing moid-accusers in general.

No. 1274229

go dilate, no one cares

No. 1274233

i just wish anons weren't so aggro.

No. 1274239

I hate this shit so much because anons will call someone a moid over the most benign, mildly stated shit but then when an obvious moid comes in with his absolute vitriol entitled coombrain every motherfuck in the thread wanna jump on his dick either arguing with/taking him seriously like he’s a woman or try to dunk on him with their pathetic little quips.

No. 1274248

Yeah, I don’t see it either, but 2/3 of current posts that show even the smallest hint of personality, dissent or being open for discussion will mean getting a ‘kys scrote’ or ‘go dilate”. Even mentioning this will get you a “shut up moid”. Discussion in this website has become pointless, it’s a shame.

No. 1274272

fucking this.

No. 1274276

literally only you got this so far kek. Keep seething, your samefagging and writing walls of text in third person is hilarious

No. 1274348

Calm down Miss Edgy, what anon wrote is perfectly raisonnable.
You know you don't have to call everyone a troon/moid/pickme to integrate?
Fucking newfag.

No. 1274392

How many anons do you think you're talking to?

No. 1274421

You guys have made fun of dramaboards users before and said you're sooo above us and the boards.

No. 1274422

NTA but it's not worth it to give that tard, or any tard, replies. You'll never convince them of something so obvious as there being multiple people that disagree with them.
We really should get used to not replying to infighting schizos, retards, baiters, tryhard newfags and potential or confirmed moids.

No. 1274430

It changed a lot since gc/pp anons migrated there. We have more gc talk and less trannies.

No. 1274447

File: 1658601362178.jpg (391.19 KB, 1080x1578, cc.jpg)

No. 1274453

What SJW admin? I'm not sure there's an admin at all

No. 1274454

>hyper-american talk about “anti-racism”

I swear they don’t teach history in these countries because these fucking brain dead retards think any pushback against racism is solely an American thing. Ffs nearly every European country rushed to colonize Africa for decades, I’m genuinely so confused as to what they think the world was like it boggles my mind how these people refuse to grow out of their 2016 anti-sjw phase.

No. 1274455

One of the admins was a TRA sjw, i remember that.

No. 1274456

Huh, Shaynadmin is a Sjw? I thought she was too absent to show even any of her personality tbh

No. 1274457

The one I'm talking to now.

No. 1274458

Trying way too hard

No. 1274461

erry bitch on this website need to learn to let things go and go outside a bit every now and again

No. 1274462

I agree, there's nothing wrong with not being a /pol/-adjacent pickme who thinks racism is hilarious and based because it gets her attention from worthless, sociopathic 4chan scrotes.

That poster said they left in 2017 so it's probably not a recent admin they're talking about.

No. 1274464

Oh, I either wasn't around for that or she(?) did a terrible job keeping our transphobia at bay for me to notice.
Reminds me of some discord moids I know who are fixated on american liberals while not being american themselves nor having any knowledge about the rest of the world

No. 1274467

Does this refer to >>1269265?
Sounds like a buttmad moid.

No. 1274468

Probably because it always focuses on issues that are American. Sure there's issues with racism in Europe but they are very different to what happened in America. Most European countries ended slavery long before the US. Britain abolished slavery in the British Empire in 1833 for example. There were never Jim Crow style segregation laws in most European countries and the vast majority of Europeans that didn't migrate to colonies never owned or even come into contact with slaves. Countries like Britain and France had laws that considered anyone who stepped on the their soil to be a free man because of anti-slavery laws that had existed since the end of feudalism.

No. 1274473

I'm sure that poster wouldn't have a problem with non-American anti-racist talk.

No. 1274476

scramble of africa never existed where they owe millions of dollars in reparations and resources they continuously derived the continent of because europe was a desolate land with no resources, opioid wars never happened, the british colonization and long-term effect of this colonization on india never existed, south africa and apartheid never happened, columbus never happened, hong kong never happened, rhodeshia never happened, Alexander the Great never happened
holocaust never happened, armenian genocide never happened, fascism never happened. where do you think these problems come from? out of your ass or some shit? none of these “ideas” are even strictly american and even if they were it does not take away from its validity or necessity for certain groups of people to achieve liberation. now we have a bunch of fat, ugly retarded anons who are still trying to appease /pol/fags who don’t understand this because ignorance is bliss

No. 1274479

This is the "what happened to lolcow" thread.

No. 1274480

I always see europoors winging about america. Letting an entire country live rent-free in your mind because you’re being told your asses have been way just as exploitative and prejudice kek. Enjoy your high taxes and fake socialism

No. 1274485

ok, then take it to the europe thread

No. 1274488

go away and stop minimodding

No. 1274489

For fuck sake. I never claimed that Europe didn't have a problem with racism. I said the issues are very different from America and gave examples of why they are different.

No. 1274491

Enjoy your school shootings and morbidly obese people

No. 1274493

NTA but you and the anti-/ot/ posters do the same thing, but at least the non-drama board users left the boards they didn't like instead of staying there just to complain 24/7.

No. 1274495

No. 1274500

As bad as things are at least we aren't CC, but still jealous of their cute design.

No. 1274501

File: 1658604532399.png (14.04 KB, 579x536, 97EDB379-5E87-44AF-8FDF-219E23…)

bet your whole face is built like an inbred pug kek(infighting/ derailing)

No. 1274506

Hahah what? Humor me, what else do you think I’ve written? I wanna laugh.

No. 1274508

Literally just visited for the first time in years and I agree, jfc. Such a shame considering cc was originally made by farmers.

No. 1274579

What the hell is this thread, jannys please lock it, its attracts copious amount of scrotes and bait.

No. 1274580

File: 1658608667158.jpeg (469.77 KB, 750x634, 8291237C-F085-4A9D-B98B-B0A5F7…)

Anons don’t interact, just wait for the mods to ban them or report.

No. 1274585

File: 1658608880391.jpeg (440.25 KB, 750x1027, C9B7F1E6-F913-4227-8372-239054…)

They are a confirmed MtF attention whore from KF that has spent days trying to derail this thread and other ones to get them locked, criticizing the justified “man hate” on the boards when this site clearly is not made for them, and is mentally unwell. Since the mods can’t do their fucking jobs or can’t be bothered to care anymore, don’t interact. If you feel like it’s definitely a tranny, trust your gut feeling and don’t feed it.

No. 1274592

Every time. I will literally never stop shitting on KF, Null, and every single retarded /pol/tard moid, tranny and pickme/tardthot who insists "KF is not that bad!!!" and/or tries to defend Null.

No. 1274602

>the sigils
Trannies leave the left hand path alone.

No. 1274648

File: 1658610903203.jpg (16.7 KB, 500x365, s-l1600.jpg)

I like that the thread is also an example of the shit state of the site
>get told not to infight
>"what if i don't care about britney spears you retard?"
>get told not to involve race
>you retarded americans caring about race reeeee
>don't reply to bait
>responds to every single tranny post

also i think anons want to get into arguments to prove their right or because it entertains them, constant derailing and infighting it's what ruins the site
That and the lack of moderation + never banning retarded samefagging anons, i genuinely think if you constantly sperg in different threads you should be permabanned
acussing anyone who you disagree with of being a tranny/moid it's the fucking same as "hi cow"ing

No. 1274663

God I wish I were you. All I ever see are moid accusations. All it takes is a somewhat unclear comment and they're rushing to label you.

No. 1274720

i never get any, i just find them annoying.

No. 1274738

File: 1658615097561.jpeg (67.58 KB, 1000x625, 8376431D-EA62-4427-8625-9FD7DD…)

don't know, don't Care
t. coping

No. 1274848

I also have only had one in seven years but it seems to come up in /ot/ threads a lot more over the last year/several months. It isn't even the accusations that are the worst part, it's how much threads derail and for how long after

No. 1275223

I hate kiwicels and kiwitrannies. Whenever an anon posts a super retarded take, they always say the came from kiwifarms.
There was even a retarded pickme in /g/ who said she met and married a incel-aligned man who she met ONLY on kiwifarms. Who the fuck would marry a man they met on a website dedicated to stalking an autistic dude who raped his mother? Those anons are probably the ones who get butthurt at the scrote accusations because they want their dear kiwicels to migrate here.

No. 1275231

Because they're moids
I haven't caught a single one lmao

No. 1275232

How exactly is gossiping about tards on here any better than gossiping about tards on Kiwifarms? I always thought this rivalry is fucking stupid since both websites are about gossiping about e-celebs and there is a lot of user overlap. Why do people treat it like a sport where you have to pick a team to root for?

No. 1275233

Because kiwifarms has an absolutely retarded userbase obsessed with doxxing, being nazis, being pedophiles and coming up with the most retarded takes possible while thinking they've said something profound. All of this is because it's filled with males - which is, sadly, happening to lolcow too.

But if you can't tell the difference between lolcow and kiwifarms you're definitely a scrote

No. 1275236

lol ok. Must be really stressful to be so pressed and paranoid all day long that you can't even enjoy shitposting on the internet cause scrotes are hiding around every corner.

No. 1275238

If it's not a scrote but it's probably a pickme that discord dates one of those incels, lol. I've seen kiwicels bully a 30 year old woman that was venting about how she wanted to get married but couldn't get a man, all of them told her she was a whore and that it was the time to pay back(though she never said anything about sleeping around), that she had hit the wall and would die alone, etc. And they fucking wrote literal paragraphs worth of incel fanfiction.

They're turboautist incels who spend 24/7 online mocking bigger autists to feel better about themselves. Ironically a lot of them have been exposed for cow behavior themselves because they can't help but overshare and namefag.

No. 1275241

go dilate you freak

No. 1275274

Kiwifarms is full of retarded troons and coomer scrotes trying to farm for reactions with their braindead jokes. Also endless medfagging and textwall posts.

No. 1275284

There are retarded troons and coomers on here as well, have you seen the husbando/femdom threads? Plus not to mention the unconventional male attractions thread where anons constantly thirst over serial killers and dead nazis. This isn't exactly a place for sane and stable individuals.

No. 1275302

Are you >>1274229? Be original.

No. 1275309

>let me mansplain to you your own place fellow women
kek the y just can't hide itself, case closed

No. 1275328

God you're annoying

No. 1275340

No. 1275350

File: 1658669057059.png (115.1 KB, 927x732, A9C6C1E9-6D5D-4F2E-BE66-E7C4E1…)

Kek keep seething

No. 1275361

>posting soyjaks

No. 1275363

No offense, but half of this site's problems would be solved if you people didn't reply to bait so fucking often

No. 1275380

There may be scrotes, but at least they can't have their penis out in the open here. Tbh I'd rather have some deranged women thirsting for nazis over any "based kiwi semper fi" autism. Also if you're saying that scrotes are making nazi thirst posts in the unconventional attractions thread in order to "troll" us or something, let me just kek because that's some major i was only pretending to be retarded tier shit.

No. 1275421

File: 1658675092706.jpg (92.44 KB, 1063x769, 1619463623259.jpg)

you're cringe and look like pic related

No. 1275457

There is a reason men have brought troons on to society. They are men, and men believe if they think or say something it must be true. Like trannies, men identify as correct, while being as correct/whatever they see themselves as as much as a tranny is the gender they are pretending to be, as in not at all.

No. 1275474

So one of KF's pet trannies was shitting all over the place some hours ago and now we have someone arguing the virtues of KF itt?

No. 1275509

the endless scrote-witchhunts really ruin most of the good threads. I'd honestly rather read comments that sound scrotey once in a while than posts upon posts of anons calling each other scrotes over and over again. Often times it's not even scrote posting, just people going against the hivemind narrative and calling other posters scrote is used as the be-all end-all argument instead of actually arguing against the post itself.

No. 1275516

Those moobs are honestly impressive

No. 1275518


No. 1275519

being paranoid about scrotes isn't good for the site period. i saw an anon asking about menstruation discharge and she was accused of being a moid by some idiot who assumed everyone's discharge is the same. we're just eating our own at this point. being too worried about whether or not an anon is a woman or perverted male is harmful to the site. how is that uncensored discussion for us?

No. 1275531

File: 1658683159538.jpg (233.82 KB, 1080x783, IMG_20220724_190911.jpg)

No matter the current situation of lolcow, I'm glad we're making moids seethe so hard by merely calling them out and rejecting them, that they falseflag in this thread and on meta, spam this website begging for replies, start talking to themselves if no one replies, and spam nikado trash in their mental breakdowns.

Pic very related, it's the same namefag/meta tranny from yesterday (aka the one above) pulling the same shit on crystal cafe.

No. 1275560

File: 1658684894212.jpg (306.9 KB, 1074x1514, Screenshot_2022-07-24-02-25-49…)

Here's some of the rest from yesterday and his falseflagging. It turned out to be him, but his replies got deleted along with all his other spam.
Pic related is responding to https://crystal.cafe/meta/res/5610.html#6242

No. 1275563

No. 1275659

You have it right. Calling out obvious moids who spam and don't try to hide it is one thing, those raiding scrotes need to be reported en masse and never come back. But sperging out at anons for asking questions about their own bodies or liking a form of media or holding an opinion an anon deems scrotey just creates a ton of low quality posts and ruins threads. It's sad that anons who think they are protecting lolcow!!1 are actually just making it worse, but maybe I am giving them too much credit by assuming they actually think they are replying to scrotes. Those anons probably actually just think it's some 4D chess move to call every woman who isn't exactly 1:1 like them a scrote and get other anons to dogpile them so the dissenting women won't come back and their echo chamber will be preserved.

No. 1275695

go dilate already

No. 1275718

You're really not owning scrotes by having them live rent free in your head and you're not contributing to this site in a valuable way by calling everyone you don't like a scrote and posting "dilate" 10x in a thread. If you think someone is a male, quietly report them instead of derailing, retard.

No. 1275748

File: 1658694067268.jpg (82.88 KB, 1080x408, 1658606851936.jpg)

go dilate you freak

No. 1275874

It's either a moid, a tranny or a someone with untreated mental illness. For this entire thread anons have tried to explain how image boards work and provide reasons why calling another women a scrote isn't helpful. They're either doing it intentionally to cause infighting (tranny/moid) or they actually believe that they need to defend lolcow from males and the infighting and false accusations, even towards abuse victims is worth it (mental illness).

No. 1276220

Oh, how I missed you nona!

No. 1276248

This whole scrote seething is extremely retarded. Like, ignore it? It's like the cyber bullying meme. The only ones who complain about getting called scrote are troons aka scrotes, scrotes, or underage posters. If you get called scrote, just ignore it and who gives a fuck. If you get called scrote a lot, you must be noticeably retarded to other anons. Why go 'nooo, you can't call me that, don't be mean' on an imageboard? Just ignore it.

No. 1276307

Trannyhands is physically incapable of letting things go

No. 1276311

You don't understand because you're a scrote.("hi scrote")

No. 1276335

The rules are to actually ignore scrotes and just report them quietly. You're not supposed to go around calling people scrotes and starting infights.

No. 1276710

It reminds the tranny he has a Y anon. He wants to an hero over it. It’s why he can’t stop. He can’t go outside because people will just do it to his mentally ill ass.

No. 1276975

Who else has been called a man by the UH tranny?

No. 1277012

File: 1658780683439.jpeg (85.12 KB, 604x225, 1523EFC5-A6C2-480A-A0C0-10837D…)

It’s like the mods have completely gave up.

No. 1277027

File: 1658781525556.jpeg (251.81 KB, 750x938, 04BB4344-AAFE-4E4F-928C-49FB50…)

Kek trannies/moids are so predictable

No. 1277028

Anachans/weight sperging clogging up threads and people not really being able to identify a lolcow/milky situations

No. 1277030

Theres just not enough mods and scrotes and trannies are able to run amok in threads for days on end. Retarded unsaged infights among lurkers and newfags also don't get intervened

No. 1277120

So wait, the Nikado fucking faggot is also a tranny? Holy shit, this has some layers.

No. 1278291

I’m bored the most action ot got today is people arguing about chocolate bars ffs dont tell me to get a hobby let me wallow in my addiction

No. 1278344

seeing which posts get deleted by the jannies makes it pretty obvious, along with general troon defending and spamming a thread for hours

No. 1278371

Can you shut the fuck up for like 2 seconds

No. 1278374

All this soyjack stuff is gibberish to me.

No. 1278376

I wish it would just get out of here already. It’s such a headache to even read through, and it seems to be just vendetta posting from Bryce involved.

No. 1278378

No he can’t, don’t respond to him. He’s whiteknighting himself in other threads. Spamming himself in mtf too. He’s mad that literally no gives a single shit about his fake internet drama because we’re actual adult women scrolling for shits and giggled in between having a life anon.

No. 1278381

Let me summarize. NTA. Mentally ill man in dress constantly wks himself and says rules should be changed for him. Beefing with mentally ill Russian man who’s been spamming us. No actual farmers give a single shit as we should.

No. 1278386

All troons deserve a bullet to the head

No. 1278391

>do you know where you are

No. 1278394

Then shut up already kek

No. 1278395

I think what happened to lolcow is it's just me and two other posters and they're both trannies or something, and I'm dead and this is hell?

No. 1278402

here we fucking go again. like clockwork.

No. 1278408


No. 1278640


No. 1278879

It feels like the new majority really just want this to be a fresh outlet for them to flex how virtuous they are, completely forgetting what this imageboard was made for and trying to shelter /ot/ like it’s some sort of safe haven. Bizarre.

No. 1278886

File: 1658920457236.png (362.04 KB, 836x646, 591aa19d1910581.png)

>implying i don't love my nonnies

No. 1278888

>things that didn’t happen
You new bitches are genuinely full of worms with your embarrassing, sanctimonious tone-policing

No. 1278893

Yeah, crazy how women are kind to eachother sometimes.

No. 1278894

Ive been on this site since 2014 there was way more shit flinging and infighting and nitpicking then. I feel like everyone who are like "omg what happen to lolcow!!!" must be newfagggy as hell.

No. 1278937

Of course, I can never truly know/love anons, and might hate them if I met them irl, but in that moment, I feel a small affection and connection to them, so I express it

No. 1278939


No. 1278943

It's not actual irl love nona. It's just a nice and supportive thing to say. I say it to women on LC because we already have a few things in common and it's nice to say nice things. You can find it cringe but I honestly don't even know why someone would say ily on an anonymous image board to be fake.

No. 1278950

I love you, dirty delete-chan

No. 1278963

File: 1658925499989.gif (491.88 KB, 366x232, be4929e788d25c6465fac7c24faf97…)


No. 1278987

same and agreed

No. 1281153

This retarded paranoia about schizotroon or whatever other namedfags is ruining every conversation shut the fuck up stop accusing everyone of being moid!

No. 1281167

when you make posts like this it makes you stick out even more.

No. 1281184

Things that don’t make you a moid:
>owning anime figures
>using the word “sexism”
>using the term nonna
>misspelling the term nonna
>being annoyed by the derailing of every thread
>having retarded opinion

No. 1301593

Give it a week and come back.

No. 1301604

File: 1660416703724.jpg (73.19 KB, 638x900, based.jpg)

Men ruin everything, and I'm hoping them trooning out increases the male death toll
Is CC still getting spammed by CP and troons too?

No. 1301609

It's clear you're the troon. Again, people have made lists about what you type like and you STILL don't blend. You're that retarded because you are and always will be a scrote.

No. 1301616


Your stupid male brain cannot comprehend how to blend for the life of you and everyone can see it, and even then you spam your retarded cringey anime pictures and type like some pseudointellectual hipster about the same topics over and over

No. 1301627

>no honesty allowed
what is the point even

No. 1301632

Also I think we need to start planning troon exterminations. The government and the people of the world are gonna keep “agreeing” with it if they continually think it’s the right thing to do, and they’re not going to learn that it’s wrong until people are sat up at home in front of their TV’s watching news stories about how many troons were stoned to death in each city that day and femcel groups destroying 5G towers.

You either take matters into your own hands or your hands get tied.

No. 1301634

you still type with a hyphen and adding chan because you're genuinely a retard

No. 1301641

I’m gonna, you’ll know it was me when you see it kek

No. 1301646

you keep getting triggered and replying to me troon

No. 1301950

I feel so sorry for that cow. Is it okay???

No. 1305057

I've been on lolcow since 2015 and have read through many of the oldest threads over the years; lolcow's always been a petty shithole, but that's been a major part of the charm even as the different migration waves changed the ways in which it was shit. For a long time it felt like one of the few remaining places where you could be an asshole and get into slapfights and come away feeling like you had fun rather than feeling angry/like your way of life or belief system is being threatened.

I am worried about lolcow today and think that it may have attracted an audience that ime is the hardest infestation to get rid of - paranoids. A lot of the worst posting is /pol/-type accusatory behavior towards what they suspect to be scrotes and troons and sometimes even bizarre conspiracy theories that other anons just take at face value. It's not the scrote/tranny accusations that are problems in and of themselves; bullying obvious scrotes off the platform is a good thing but a lot of anons seem to be having too much fun playing troon hunter and alienating sincere users e.g. >>1273730. In totality it just feels like a bunch of schizos from ovarit and twitter migrated here and started intermingling with 4chan scrotes roleplaying as women. It coincides with the rise of '''''trad''''''' and qanon-adjacent posting too, which leads me to suspect that a lot of it really is disingenuous and we're being laughed at and taken for a ride by actual misogynist scrotes and handmaidens (see >>1273164).

It's just exhausting too; the old waves of infighting over shit like pronouns and nasolabial folds were annoying but low-stakes and cozy, at least in retrospect; the current landscape of infighting feels like the same angry hysterics that have swept through every major social media platform but about MtFs instead of whatever other interchangeable moral panic.

tl;dr bland [social issue] hysteria has swept lolcow and is ruining its unique culture

No. 1305070

Just letting you know that you're posting in a thread that got spammed with the same argument and "y-you're just paranoid" gaslighting (with some of the earlier ones not being deleted because mods unfortunately gave him the benefit of doubt) and io and behold, it turned out to be an insane pedophile tranny crying about us clocking him.

No. 1305071

Ah fuck, nevermind, it is that same tranny.

No. 1305073

I am just checking this thread again after a while and are all the deleted posts his? lol

No. 1305075

Yes and unfortunately not all of them were deleted because he only started sperging out 1-2 days after spamming and samefagging in this thread about how we should stop calling out moids and how it should be bannable and farmhands didn't take it serious soon enough.

No. 1305079

Way to illustrate my point. The fact that there's a crazy troon shitting up lolcow doesn't invalidate the concern that paranoids are also shitting up the site by angrily accusing people of being scrotes and troons for literally no reason. The irony is that a substantial portion of the people engaging in this behavior are scrotes themselves, given that they use language and images peeled right off of /pol/ and there's been a sharp uptick in scrote-flavored tinfoiling that suspiciously goes unchallenged. If you genuinely think that every post from someone who has a problem with lolcow's increasing paranoia is the work of a single troon then you might want to visit your local psychiatrist. Feel free to report this post and see what happens in the meantime.

No. 1305080

cry harder moid, you will never "blend" kek

No. 1305092

I agree with you also the troon has acussed other anons of being troons or scrotes multiple times thats literally his tactic.

And yeah there is a lot pol tier racebaiting and throwing sexist slurs at anons lately, I hope we get more moderators soon.

No. 1305094

They sound nothing like the moid troon though.

No. 1305096

Umm he was more literate than I thought, I'm used to not understanding a single word he says.

No. 1305098


I'm willing to bet that this anon is the troon trying badly to deflect

No. 1305102

Nta but I love how I didn't even have to read the anons post to spot a false moid flagging kek. I can smell your unhingeyness through the screen

No. 1305107

I had the displeasure of reading his posts, which due to his autism are really recognizable once you read too many of them.
>lolcow was so nice before radfems/gc came and told me to fuck off!
>calling everyone who calls him out and/or his samefagging paranoid, schizo, hysteric, panic and similar gaslighting shit
>bringing up /pol/ out of nowhere as if he isn't solely the one spamming lolcow with black people getting murdered and posting pepe shit while at it
>scrotes are fine if they aren't obvious
>quoting his own posts (the one about how we're actually calling out abused women, not larping troons!!, something he even dared to bring up with his namefagging attached)
>actually you're the scrote for calling me out
>actually you're from tumblr/twitter for calling me out
>actually you're the misoginist for telling me I'm not a woman and never will be
>shitting up lolcow

etc etc, I'm glad he's still malding.

No. 1305119

I could see it. Shit up lolcow with false moid and troon accusations so when an anon has a reasonable concern about someone being a troon he can just pull the "see these crazy bitches always call people troons!!"

No. 1305127

That's literally what the one you quoted does.

No. 1305165

Well, now I'm hoping that is true and that it's the troon and not anons being retarded enough to be like "Someone once called me a scrote because I prefer oranges to apples, so I'll call out these anons accusing an egregious inflammatory poster of being a moid, even tho that's not relevant to the current situation"

No. 1305191

I agree completely. There's something subversive and connately misogynistic about it. It's been proven time and time again that the best way to deal with scrotes is to report and ignore, yet these retards insist on doing it when all it does is either alienate actual women or if it is a moid, it encourages them to post more. It reeks of troons trying to destroy the site.

No. 1305376

Kek he's at it with the pathetic samefagging again, can someone post the full pasta?

No. 1305431

>I bet you'll accept a little pedophilia over an annoying tranny
nta but your post clearly screams insanity

No. 1305434

Fr. Reminds me of those anons who support attacking women for being abused under the guise of "well I'd rather a few women get hurt than to have trannies run free here"

No. 1305435

That was the troon’s post. He WKs himself, aka the stupid abbreviation that sounds like someone having a stroke

No. 1305446

You were never abused, neither are you a woman, blaine.

No. 1305481

No one agrees with you and I'm new to this discussion. Stop acting psychotic for 5 seconds

No. 1305483

No. 1305588

samefagging troon

No. 1305601

File: 1660701143985.png (182.03 KB, 1254x1127, Denzel_Crocker_Stock_Image.png)

>Troons troons troons!!!!
>Women don't even exist here except for meee

No. 1305629

If I were a scrote who wanted to derail or manipulate lolcow's userbase rn I'd sow paranoia by accusing anons who disagree with me of being scrotes/troons. You can try the same thing on /pol/ right now by accusing people in a thread with ideological schisms of being jews or glowies and it causes infighting immediately.
That's because not everyone who thinks that the people accusing randos of being troons, let alone accusing randos of being one(1) single troon are being ridiculous is a troon

No. 1305647

If I were a scrote, I would samefag and claim everyone who doesn't want me here and recognizes my writing style is paranoid while I keep responding to myself and the few anons who can't recognize me yet.

No. 1305654

No. 1305663

thanks for proving the point

No. 1305665

You have to find samples with 50+ words nitwit, or you could learn how to use use an academic stylometry tool if you're really invested in hunting down all the phantom troon's posts.

No. 1305711

Kek you're fucking psychotic. I'm one of the anons you claim are samefagging and I'm not even the anon you're replying to or the other anons

No. 1305715

Right? Less than one percent of the population, and an even smaller, unknown website, somehow constantly being raided by troons? Claiming the spam is a single troon is even more ridiculous and foaming at the mouth at anyone who agrees the scrote paranoia is ridiculous and exactly what they want. I use to take scrote accusations seriously here but thanks to unhinged-chan everytime I see an anon freak out about how another anon is a troon I almost always knows it's going to be something normal or even sane

No. 1305727

>Less than one percent of the population, and an even smaller, unknown website, somehow constantly being raided by troons?
To be fair, trannies are disproportionately common on 4chan and therefore significantly more likely to find out about and be enraged by a tiny imageboard of terfs.

No. 1305731

>Claiming the spam is a single troon is even more ridiculous
NTA but the troon has admitted to it himself before and has been redtexted and banned by the mods multiple times. There were also self-identified troons in the lolita thread in /w/ before.
>it's going to be something normal or even sane
Most of the time it's really strange or misogynist opinions though like being against abortion or downplaying how often rapists get away with crimes, etc.

No. 1305753

There is one troon that is constantly trying to post on this site. It's fairly obvious and I report it every time I see it. This however does not justify calling random anons scrotes because the tranny is easily distinguished from an actual women even in text form.

No. 1305762

It's not random anons and a good chunk of his deleted posts are ones were nonnas accidentally talked to him in normal threads (and them him complaining about it in meta because "he was just being helpful and nice!!" kek).
Also, you're responding to said troon.

No. 1305775

>NTA but the troon has admitted to it himself before and has been redtexted and banned by the mods multiple times.
That troon is objectively shitting up the site, but that doesn't mean that everyone who has a problem with the liberal troon/scrote accusations that troon. iirc the infamous transpiracy schizo has been posting on lolcow and to some of the posters ITT he would blend in just by virtue of the fact that he's one of the people accusing randos of being troons.
>Most of the time it's really strange or misogynist opinions though like being against abortion or downplaying how often rapists get away with crimes, etc.
You're right in that most of the time it's warranted, but like some of the other posters here I've noticed people getting accused after sharing an innocuous opinion or pouring their heart out about something that happened to them, and a lot of posts from people who are 99.999% likely to be misogynistic scrotes or handmaidens, e.g. the increasing number of homophobic conspiracy theorists, are left unchallenged. If the admin and farmhands wanted to put effort into fixing the site they could identify which topics are luring troons and scrotes and lock/ban them or create bait threads every so often and ban everyone who participates, but that's probably not going to happen
This is super autismo. Thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranner is one thing; thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is one single troon is deranged.

No. 1305787

You have been single handedly spamming lolcow for the past 2 fucking weeks blaine.

No. 1305793

Then wait for the mods to take care of it if you think it's a troon or even just ignore it. Giving the supposed troons attention and then ripping at every poster you disagree with is exactly what they want. Youre giving into their demands

No. 1305795

No. 1305796

Nta but you're the one who sounds like Blaine now. You're giving a bad name to users who want to call out actual troons

No. 1305799

He already said what he wants, which is for him to get ignored and tolerated.

No. 1305801

There was a bunch of falseflagged troon posts. I got banned as a troon for pointing out one of /ot/ rules are is that you can't just report posts as moids because not everyone who disagrees with you is a man. Even told mods to back trace my IP and post history and nothing happened. Even offered to post hand, birth certificate, even my actual vagina and tits ffs and even if I did the sperges shitting themselves about how 90% of posts here are trannies would just be like "oh that's embarrassing, just don't take troon accusations seriously hehe" after making it their life goal to bounty hunt troons religiously on this site

No. 1305805

Absolute bullshit. In fact, I remember you trying to pull this on meta and then getting those posts mass deleted too kek. Cope, seethe and dilate, you will never be accepted here and anons will always call you and other men out.

No. 1305810

I mean, that's ridiculous but please don't send your birth certificate or vag to people on the internet anon…
Wait, so you're accusing every single person who points out that the troon/scrote paranoia is getting out of hand of being a tranny who has an extremely distinct writing style with distinct grammatical errors and who is more than willing to identify who they are according to your screenshots?

No. 1305811

you’re crypt keeper hands right?

No. 1305812

I never posted in meta. Do you have any proof at that anything I said was remotely troon-like other than pointing out false flagging is insane? And what do you want me to post that would be good enough proof I'm female? I have obviously female tits, ass, vagina, records of breastfeeding and giving birth. I can even post myself pumping milk if you needed me to kek. What could I possibly do that would prove to you im female so you can stop screaming your head off?

No. 1305813

Not even close. All my features are obviously female. I'm like 4'9 and skinny so my hands could never be that large.

No. 1305814

I pointed out what the troon wants.

No. 1305815

Yup, I remember you also larping as breastfeeding mother in one of the most active threads and having those posts deleted too. ywnbaw

No. 1305816

Anyone who refuses to report and ignore needs to be banned at this point.

No. 1305817

Are you the person accusing everyone ITT of being a single troon?

No. 1305818

No, I'm only accusing you and there's also more anons itt who did.

No. 1305819

I don’t know why people don’t get to just not touch the radioactive moid.

No. 1305820

Can you read retard? I said if I posted myself pumping milk would that be enough proof for you to stop crying bloody murder over larping?

No. 1305821

I'm sorry for all the times I was racist.

No. 1305822

This only works if moderation is frequent.

No. 1305825

Oh, so you are the one who thinks that everyone who you disagree with is the scrote who has an extremely distinct writing style and not only has no reservations with admitting that he is that scrote but namefags as such.

No. 1305831

>has no reservations with admitting that he is that scrote
Kek you even struggled to call yourself by the correct pronouns in your samefagging.

No. 1305834

Nope, mental gymnastics the anon is willing to play to cry troon is insane. they'll claim you probably just have implants or have tranny tits and took supplements to produce milk (even though that doesn't work). If you post your vag they'll claim you got the surgery even tho neovaginas look nothing like actual vaginas, if you have a c section scar they'll probably just say it's makeup or some stupid shit

No. 1305848

Still waiting on a response. What would you like to see that would prove to you im not a tranny?

No. 1305859

This is trannyhands

No. 1305866

>p-please reply to me
kek, d to the i to the l-a-t-e

No. 1305871

File: 1660722555887.png (119.6 KB, 800x411, Screenshot_20220817-094017.png)

>actually you are the troon for calling me out!
>you're giving women a bad name for calling me out!
Your larps suck, pic very related, it's from one of your first methed out, deleted spams.

No. 1305888

Not me kek
>Begs for a way to prove I'm not a troon
>You're a tranny reeeee
What do you want?

No. 1305889

If you don't fuck off x I will expose your shit >

No. 1305910

This can't be a real person right? No one is stupid enough to type "troon" on repeat after being offered proof?

No. 1306011

I’m sick of this fucking thread. Do you all just come here to argue with the tranny?

No. 1306024

Not every woman in here is a terf. I am a woman with a uterus and I am not a terf. I don't usually advertise it on here because I'd just get called a scrote, a troon or a handmaiden. Which is fine I've made my peace with it, but to think everyone here is a terf is just delusional. And thinking every nona who's not 100% a terf is the Dreaded Troon is insane.
I think the person samefagging itt is psychochan. At least I hope most nonas are sane enough to know not everyone with an opinion they dislike is a troon or a man.

No. 1306040

No women is a terf you retard. Terf is a slur for a women that knows a scrote in a dress is a scrote. You also weren’t talking to just one person. Maybe go take care of your fucking kids instead of declaring shock you’re not a slur. If being called a moid hurts you this much maybe there’s something you need to look at in your behavior. For the love god just stop, your totally real female breast and vagina post are 10/10 more annoying. Stop labeling other posters as one person or namefagging them. You’re part of what’s wrong with the site. Grow a thicker skin or get the fuck off the Internet.

No. 1306045

Just scrolling past but
>terf is a slur
Anon pls. Why are we in an time where people just call any mean or insulting word a slur.

No. 1306046

If terf isn’t a slur then neither is tranny.

No. 1306048

Reposted, but I never said it was so I'm not sure what that has to do with my post.

No. 1306051

you're trying way too hard, go dilate

No. 1306059

File: 1660743452432.png (104.31 KB, 991x768, 6451CBA8-9197-4BA4-9A31-37D61C…)

It’s not any different than calling an “uppity women” a bitch or a whore. It’s primary used only against women a disenfranchised group and we didn’t label ourselves. If you’re labeled a terf. You lose your job. Your friends. You’re hated for being a women who disagrees with a man just like that “cunt”.

No. 1306060

File: 1660743490449.jpeg (183.28 KB, 1465x1302, D3E249EE-ECA1-487A-A24C-465611…)

No. 1306064

File: 1660743594620.jpeg (78.07 KB, 750x687, 42FC30F2-2D50-40B9-B4DE-CA1C98…)

We get rape and murder threats. We get assaulted at events for being women with public opinions.

No. 1306067

The behavior of the more insane rad"fems" on here, ovarit, and twitter have caused me to step back from engaging with tranny shit tbh. Not that I do or will ever think males can become women but the movement has been coopted by unhinged weirdos like the anon who thinks everyone is the same troon or barely-covert misogynists who are happy to partner with people who want women back in the kitchen if it means owning the trannies.

No. 1306084

this is just stuff that women go through, it's not anything specific to being called a terf

No. 1306090

Bitch, cunt and whore are all sex based slurs. Terf is used the same way. It’s a hate speech based insult against a disempowered group meant to intimidate, demean and insult. It’s to write you off as no good angry vile woman.

No. 1306114

Ayrt, I am not the person offering to post my tits and vag and birth certificate lmao, I'm not that stupid. This is the first time I posted in this thread. Being called a moid is no skin off my back, it's just annoying. I come here to gossip and talk about different topics with other women, not to get into arguments with psychos who think everyone they disagree with is the same troon.
And sorry for using the bad word, I'm not a radfem them. Hope that makes you feel better.

No. 1306130

Then we feel the same and thank you for owning up to that. The tranny has called me a moid in deleted posts tbh. This need to talk about how annoying it is, instead of just posting in the threads you want to be is part of the problem. People don’t get he’s the one aggressively attacking other women, the ones that keep whinning about it are literally giving him what he wants. You don’t need to post a vag or hand because a retard troon calling you a moid or anonymous set of text pixels shouldn’t destroy your view of yourself. Let’s just all post memes and recipes and shit. I’m just tired both the
>>BUT I’m not a moid
Is annoying and so is
>>well you’re a moid.

No. 1306150

I'm glad radfem anons bother you and I'm glad anons seeing through your bad larping triggeres you endlessly. You will never be a woman.

No. 1306155

>anonymous set of text pixels shouldn’t destroy your view of yourself
It doesn't if you're a woman.

No. 1306199

I love how the moid literally admitted to giving into the moid witch hunt to give anons schizophrenia and you're doing nothing but proving him right. Scream "moid" and "tranny" mindlessly for the past 12 hours to everyone who dare replies to you, and then crying moid even harder when anons offer a way to prove they're biological female but get blown off because it would ruin "moid" sperging. Thanks for entertaining the troon you fucking dumbass

No. 1306206

That makes zero sense, do you even pay attention to most cows?

No. 1306208

Imagine being offended for being called moid lol

No. 1306213

If being called a moid doesn't matter then why would someone make it their life purpose to hunt our trannies on lolcow and spewing out insane paranoia like a psych patient? Obviously it matters and is important to certain anons. Talk about backpedaling

No. 1306234

Hate to break it to you, but by fraternizing with terfs on a terf website… you’re a terf

No. 1306238

Maybe zoomers on twitter would think that way, but in reality it's my actual opinions, socia media posts and irl behavior that would make me a terf or not and adults realize that. I don't have to treat radfems like leppers to disagree with them.

No. 1306239

I wish you a very nice peaking.

No. 1306243

LC is not a terf website just because it allowed GC/Terf opinions.

No. 1306247

Nta but that's not how it works anon. This isn't a terf website but also some of us don't even consider ourselves feminists. I personally don't even though I support it.

No. 1306252

Sorry you didn’t make the terf label you don’t get to define it. You will be labeled terf just the same. And admins ban male trannies, that’s pure terfism

No. 1306254

>I personally don't
>though I support it
feminist in denial tbh. if you're truly not one then you wouldn't support it.

No. 1306255

Says anon who hasn't made the label either.

No. 1306258

>witch hunting
>no, you're the scrote!!
another one for the bingo

It's because it applies, in fact he's so mad he's been samefagging half of this thread about it.

No. 1306259

Having thoughts and opinions doesn't make me a feminist. I'm not going to call myself one when I'm not doing any actual activism. And you don't have to break the green text up when it's all in one sentence.

No. 1306265

Let me say it again for you but in simple steps. The rules of the website say no men. TERFs do not believe transwomen are women. Transwomen get banned. Calling males who identify as women males is bioessentialism. Oopsie, you’re on a terf website!

No. 1306267

i broke the sentence up on purpose to show how contradicting it looked

No. 1306274

Because terf is a slur. It’s not a label. You can’t label yourself a terf.

No. 1306275

Kek their brain might explode anon.

No. 1306276

Are you retarded? Thinking trannies aren't women doesn't automatically make you a radical feminist! There's more to (trans exlusive) radical feminism than thinking men can't be women, holy shit.

No. 1306282

Girl, the people who popularized the terf label don’t know what radical feminism is, most self described radfems don’t even know what radical feminism is. You’re a terf, cry about it. Or go ahead and tell your employers and transwomen friends that you hang out on lolcow. By the way, if you assume that scrotes on 4chan are racist and misogynist then you’re a hypocrite, and the bar is even lower for you being a terf because 4chan doesn’t even have a rule enforcing those!

No. 1306287

What's going on here, are you guys simultaneously arguing that terf is a slur and that anon shouldn't reject it? Where is this meant to get?

No. 1306289

>tell your transwomen friends that you hang out on lolcow
Are you lost? Who here has TIM friends?

No. 1306290

It's not contradicting. I already explained it but I feel like it also wasn't that hard to understand without the explanation.

No. 1306293

No brainlet, there’s more than one person in this thread. One is mad about the label terf calling it a slur. I am making fun of the retards talking about terfs and tranny hate like everyone but themselves doesn’t view them as the exact same scum as the anons they’re feeling high and mighty over.

No. 1306296

>racism spam and cp posts have been happening in the same time this thread gets bumped with whining about being called a troon
inshallah he joins the 41% soon

No. 1306299

Kek you guys really are autistic as fuck. Yes, anon, that is the point I am making. You either don’t have tranny friends because you’re a terf, or you don’t tell them you’re on lolcow because everyone knows that makes you a terf.

No. 1306304

A radical feminist and a TERF aren’t interchangeable. No true radical feminist call themselves a TERF unless it’s to mock trannies and ridiculousness. A TERF is literally any women who disagrees with a dude in a dress anon.

No. 1306313

You are agreeing with me kek

No. 1306335

Well, shit for brains, anon was just explaining why she doesn't call herself a feminist and by extend couldn't be a terf, that you took it as "feeling superior" to other anons is just you being emotional.

No. 1306344

Tell me how the post I originally responded to is saying anything about radical feminism when all it talks about is trannies and terf >>1306024

No. 1306347

Samefag because for some reason I can’t delete, like I said before the label terf has nothing to do with radical feminism, men, right wingers, and liberals get called terfs

No. 1306349

Well "everyone" is fucking stupid then. Gossiping about cows and talking about tv shows, recipes and gardening on here doesn't make one a terf or whatever you want to call it. I don't usually engage with this stuff because I know I wont change anybody's mind on here and, again, that's not why I come on this site.
I mentionned it itt because it's one of the reasons anons get called moids and trannies when in reality there are plenty of women (that you would agree are women) who don't have the same beliefs you do. I'm gonna go back to my usual threads and continue to not mention it now.

No. 1306403

Yeah everyone is stupid. Terf is literally only a pro-male trans agenda dog whistle that has nothing to do with any other political view. This is obvious because even if you interpret terf literally it makes no sense. Radical feminists that get called terfs aren’t trans exclusionary, they are male exclusionary and want to abolish gender roles, both of which are already covered with “radical feminist”.

No. 1306512

File: 1660766980723.gif (6.34 MB, 640x522, bait-tom-hardy.gif)

jesus all of this thread is just full of baits, like what the hell is this post kek >>1306403

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