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No. 1359356

Vent away.
Previous thread >>>/ot/1351685

No. 1359385

File: 1664613652216.jpg (52.4 KB, 738x738, 00f9ea007dcd6fb7c7d25e6b164a08…)

I got period blood on my bath robe, and I ran out of hydrogen peroxide. I know I can just regularly wash it but it just won't get the stain out like hydrogen peroxide.

My flow is also heavier than usual. Hate this shit.

No. 1359388

You could. Just wash it with hands using soap in cold water. It will take longer but it is possible.

No. 1359389

I despise living with obese people. They always want to have the place freezing cold because their fat sweaty bodies run hot. They stink partially because it's so easy for yeast to accumulate on their body. When you live with an obese person the toilet looks like a war zone 24/7. Constantly eating, digesting, and pooping. I hate always having to tighten the toilet seat after a fat fucker sat on it and nearly tore it off the hinges trying to wipe their lard ass. Never let an obese person ride in your car because they will ruin your seats, completely flattening them and leaving behind an ass stink you can't get out. I would never want to drive my obese roommates car because the seat smells like poop. They flatten furniture. Eat all your food. They are such disgusting pests to live with.

No. 1359401

I hate growing up and realizing how much damage my mother made to myself and how much of a piece of shit she is, literally what's the point of complaining to your depressed teenage daughter about money, as if i could have done anything to help when i was 16. Also why does she needs to call me fat everyday? I swear she only sees me as a punchingbag, because she's waaay different with other people. God i fucking hate her why do both of my parents and my whole family has to be so shit, i hate having no one to rely on. I cant wait until she dies i wanna change my name, move out the country and never see my family again.

No. 1359420

Idk why I'm even writing this, since nothing can be done about it, but I suppose this is less embarrassing than actually telling to someone irl. I'm trying to accept that after the last of my family dies, I'll be left completely alone, a weird old maid. The wgtow radfem part of me is at odds with the romantic inside of me, and I just feel sad. If I were to find a bf or whatever, that would only mean accepting bottom of the barrel trash. And that trash would think itself settling for me instead, and would cheat at first opportunity. I used to think this was just me, but I now realize that most women settle for the first guy that comes their way, without bothering to vet through, unless he's showing a big red banner of a flag. I guess being alone is just too scary for some.

No. 1359423

I was watching a deathfat cow lately and she was describing the side effects of taking a weight loss drug. Omg this is tmi guys but I'm so constipated from it! I only shit once a day now! Sooo constipated. Kek

No. 1359428

It’s really frustrating that I basically have to play my boyfriend’s body like a bop-it for him to finish. Like ok not only do I have to ride him, I also have to… dominate him! Touch his [redacted]! Fondle his [redacted]! Let him smell my [redacted]! All while talking dirty. I do this for him and it’s both emotionally and physically draining for me.

Last night I asked for something extremely simple, I just wanted to be kissed and squeezed and for him to do the work, no dirty talk, and he couldn’t get off. It made me so mad that me loving him and wanting him to just have sex with me normally wasn’t enough to turn him on. I’m so sad… I just gave up, gave him the silent treatment and went to sleep.

I guess I always thought pornsickness/mental illness led men to be aggressive, domineering, demanding, and into idk anal and bondage and stuff. But I have an inkling that this is just pornsickness or something similar with a different coat of paint, where he can only get off in a very specific way. Also he has mom issues so that might explain it. Still, what do I even do????? I love him so much but I just want simple sex where he’s putting in as much effort to initiate as I am, no complexities, not always so fetishy. I don’t even know how to talk to him about it. I want to be felt just as wanted as I try to make him feel, but instead I feel like a robot rotating the same 6 things that I know make him finish because it takes him FOREVER, all because I love him.

WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ON TOP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE especially because I’M more of a submissive and I have been going out of my way to learn to make him feel good PUT IN SOME FUCKING EFFORT AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!! AAAAaa!!!!!!!

No. 1359431

I understand how you feel anon. They're disgusting and ruin things for everyone all the time. Like damn just stay fat or chubby in a normal way.

No. 1359433

>I don’t even know how to talk to him about it
Sis how are you gonna have an adult relationship with someone you supposedly love if you can't even tell him to stop fucking watching porn and start thinking of you instead of himself? Because you are absolutely correct, porn is what's causing him to be so lazy and picky in bed. I mean, you love him so much you're jumping through hoops to make him happy. Doesn't he love you enough to do the same for you?

No. 1359438

Thanks nonna, the thing is he has been considerate with me because I have a hard time having sex/being intimate at all so he never pushes anything and our sex is really infrequent, and we have conversations about that—I’m going to therapy for it, past childhood abuse, multiple rapes, grooming, yadda yadda. But I think those conversations are easier to have because like, they’re centered on it being my fault. I’m the one who has the issues, I’m the one who isn’t in the mood, etc.

I do love him, I’m wondering if trying to have a conversation about it is going to open up a complete floodgate of him being mad and upset because this time he’s the one with the issues. And it’s not like “well nonna if he’d get mad about that leave his ass” because I’m simply afraid of that possibility, not certain of it, being a battered woman who’s used to being mistreated in much worse ways by much worse men. When you’ve been through really terrible things, idk like abuse, constant rape, I was even trafficked briefly, and someone is finally (mostly) kind to you, admittedly you can get complacent and have a huge fear that the one person who is kind to you will leave you for being too fucked up.

I guess I’ll just say “it’s really tiring for me to be the one in control all the time, and I wanted to feel wanted during sex the way I make you feel wanted” or something simple like that and see what happens.

No. 1359470

The body positivity movement failed young girls miserably. I was talking to a friend of mine who was overweight in early teens and she told me something I never really picked up on- the body posi movement heavily emphasises that everyone is sexy. "Fat but I can steal your man", "chubby but I can still dress slutty", and waves of overweight people posting lingerie pics for empowerment. Did it really never occur to a single person at that time that the people who really needed body posi the worst was… people in the age demographic where they can be bullied into suicide by their peers at school? What the fuck was "I'm fat but I'm a valid whore who can dress as a 50s pin up" ever supposed to do for the people who actually needed it? And its wild because their argument would always be "well when I was a young teenager-" ok lemme stop you right there. If your aim was to help young people why did you base it around sexualising being fat? They never cared about doing good for the world, they cared about moid pandering

No. 1359472

It's sad that little thought is given to health and general wellbeing, just as long as "hey lots of guys are into thickness so I'm good" Underneath all the bullshit it's really not much better than the 90s super slim trend. And I think that skinny trend is due to come back around soon anyway. We'll just flip flop back and forth and pretty much always be catering to mens fickle tastes at the cost of our own wellbeing.

No. 1359483

That's another thing that bothers me. I'm only reflecting on this stuff now, but the super skinny trend is also about being hot and sexy. "I'm skinny so I can dress slutty", "I'm skinny so I can do pin up", blah blah, it's the exact same thing, it's always about making sure women know that they can moid pander and find value in that. I hate it. They pick out vulnerable self conscious girls and tell them they're sexy. It's like a weird version of grooming no matter what end of the spectrum they're on. Hiking groups for middle aged women are probably the only genuinely body positive groups to exist I swear to god

No. 1359490

God, I absolutely loathed my body as a teenager. Recently I've looked back at photos and my jaw hit the floor. Why was I so cruel to myself?? There was nothing wrong with me, all the perceived issues were nonexistent. Now at 28 and a bitboverweight I love myself exponentially more than I did at that age. I love myself enough to lose the weight and get healthy. Breaks my heart that the body positivity movement was abused and hijacked. So many young girls (and women) deserve better.

No. 1359492

My mom invited my stalker's mother over to eat, whats wrong with her

No. 1359501

>Hiking groups for middle aged women are probably the only genuinely body positive groups to exist I swear to god
God bless the hikers.

No. 1359509

A lot of my friend group’s relationships started out as rebounds that turned into long term things so I hoped that would happen to me with my crush but it didn’t and now I’m in love with him while he got cold feet.

No. 1359512

Men are really just okay with getting pee in their pants every time they go because they're too retarded to sit down and dab it off when they're done. They'd rather it dribble onto themselves every single fucking time just because sitting is bad? Then they don't wash their hands because they think they didn't touch anything. What a joke.
Men bitch and whine about how women can't drive when they can't not piss themselves. If I had a man who got pee all over the toilet like some guys do I would make him crouch on the ground to clean it.

Have you ladies ever cleaned a public restroom? Men's rooms are covered in piss. It's on the walls, the floors, the dividers between urinals, etc. If you ever use a gender-neutral single person bathroom look at the ground in front of the toilet for dried piss and consider how pathetic men are. Then wash the bottoms of your shoes after you go.

Maybe start complaining to employees too. Tell them some guy got piss everywhere and it needs to be clean. It's not women doing this and it isn't always children, then it wouldn't be there literally every day I worked as a custodian for multiple buildings. Men are used to their restrooms being disgusting. We don't need to let it slide.

No. 1359515

I have done a lot of stuff. I have gotten my degree, I have acquired a lovable scrote, I have brought a house. I am so empty inside. I am wanted in my field of work, I have a good job and stuff, people call me daily offering other jobs. But that is too much. I am overwhelmed daily. I have autism and my way to cope is obsessing over warhammer and writing fanfics and running dnd which people pay me for so it has stopped being a hobby, it is all a job now. I cant do it anymore. How do people cope? How can anyone be content? I am not content with life. I want to run away and just live in a hut.

No. 1359517

I do remember the first times I've seen this "body positivity" phrase online a decade ago it was meant to say that people shouldn't negatively judge you over your body in general as long as your healthy, and it wasn't just about fat people. Then landwhales quickly started posting nonstop about H&M being bigots for not having their sizes and about how they're empowered by crop tops. I got fed up with it once I started seeing more and more of them being clearly unhealthy yet crying about how their doctors told them that they need to lose weight to not have fucked up joints anymore. And this whole thing about being sexy made it even harder to take seriously, it was obviously done by insecure people projecting their personal issues on others.

>And I think that skinny trend is due to come back around soon anyway.
It has already started I think.

No. 1359518

>people in the age demographic where they can be bullied into suicide by their peers at school?
Yeah uh.. fat girls in school were definitely bullied to the point of suicide and not everything about ~body positivity~ used to be about being a whore but go off, cause it's not like being skinny with a washboard abdomen wasn't pornified as fuck back in the 90s and 2000s.
Pickmes are bound to hijack anything, and don't worry, most fat moids still walk around thinking they're entitled to models anyway.

No. 1359524

>being clearly unhealthy yet crying about how their doctors told them that they need to lose weight to not have fucked up joints anymore

Anon. Women died BECAUSE their doctors refused to believe that their symptoms of serious medical issues were separate from their weight. Women were outraged, and still are, because we are not listened to by medical professionals who want to steamroll over what we report about our bodies because of their prejudices–BMI aside–because we are women and must be hysterical/ignorant of what we are talking about. Obese women wanting to force docs to write "HEALTHY" down on their charts is one thing, but yeah, obese women absolutely should reserve the right to be pissed as hell if a serious medical problem was ignored bc their doctors were convinced the problem would disappear with weight loss.

No. 1359525

The amount of times I've heard men share this oh so cool anecdote
>omg I went down on a girl years ago and she didn't smell the best. Can you believe that. I don't even know if I can be bothered eating pussy anymore since that happened that one time. I mean yeah it was a spontaneous one night stand after a long night of drinking and partying but dam why wasnt she fresh
Wow genitals smelt less than fresh one time. You poor thing. I can see why this is a story you feel the need to share
Also men
> drip dry their dicks at best, thats treated as the normal standard, can't decide whether they want to steal and sniff underwear or whether our genitals need to be totally sterile at all times, obsessed with eating assholes.

No. 1359530

and yet they'll tell you the women's bathroom is worse. why do they think they never touch anything? I thought they at least held their dick to aim.

No. 1359533

While I was vomiting I think I pulled a back muscle and it hurts so much to walk or sit. Is this what it feels like to be old?

No. 1359539

is it pain from lower back into one of your thighs/legs? That's a sciatica and yes, welcome to aging it started in my mid 20s for me

No. 1359540

File: 1664632414186.jpeg (156.67 KB, 1127x1440, 16C59485-7CBD-42DC-97D9-3C1279…)

Server I'm in with a bunch of my close friends has this one guy posting pics of himself everyday in women's clothing and he only does it to fish for compliments. At the beginning I didn't mind it but now it's every fucking day he posts himself in this short skirt and thigh highs with fucking fingerless gloves on. I think everyone except this one troon (who I'm pretty sure has been using a voice modulator to sound more feminine lately) has been ignoring them, but I still hate getting notifications about it.

No. 1359541

Shut the fuck up, fatass women who don't want to take responsibility for their own actions when they have competent doctors isn't comparable to women with real health issues being denied proper care. I specifically talked about joints here for a reason, I have friends who fully acknowledge that being morbidly obese is fucking up their knees, feet and backs. I've known a lot of women who had their actual health problems denied by doctors including my own mother because of munchies and fat patients taking up resources and making some doctors doubt their next patients more and I can guarantee you it's unrelated to the obese patients you're talking about.

No. 1359542

File: 1664632670063.jpg (57.89 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Its focused pain on this part of my back above the booty. Doesn't extend anywhere else though. I was dry heaving and straining to vomit though which was pretty dumb of me to not have some self control despite being sick.

No. 1359545

Yes, it's the pain from doing so much force vomiting. Hope you feel better anon, you're going to feel it for a few hours after. Take a nap please.

No. 1359550

Specifically WRT to joints too, patients need to be under a certain weight before they can get orthopedic surgery. That applies to men and women. Blog but I worked in PT/ortho clinic and even our surgeon needed to lose weight before he could get his own knee replacement. It’s a surgical risk and a recovery risk.

On the flip side doctors and pharma do just fucking hate women point blank. Every woman should expect to be ignored and overlooked by a doctor at some point in their life no matter their health. Sometimes it’s deadly - like the bloating from ovarian/uterine cancer, or the brain/pituitary tumors that are written off with a referral to a psych.

No. 1359551

NTA but women have been denied care for actual issues not related to their weight (like enometriosis) due to them being fat

No. 1359558

I'm not talking about normal fat women here, I'm talking about very obese women who complain about specific health issues that are 100% caused by their weight. Again, I know that fat and even chubby women are treated like shit by incompetent doctors sometimes but this is a separate issue from what I'm describing.

>On the flip side doctors and pharma do just fucking hate women point blank
I know that from my own experience and from what I've seen with friends and family. I know I've be relatively lucky because my health issues are taken seriously but that's because my GP is a woman who's specialized in gynecology. But everytime she needs to be replaced I always have to deal with retards, including a woman who tried to convince me, a virgin, that I wasn't actually vomiting because I was sick but because I pregnant. That doesn't contradict what I said though.

No. 1359562

File: 1664633717555.jpg (584.08 KB, 2325x2325, 42c3116c201cc7a96cbdb657284948…)

Thank you kind nona..have a nice day.

No. 1359563

Please refer your blind ass to >>1359483 where I said
>the super skinny trend is also about being hot and sexy. "I'm skinny so I can dress slutty", "I'm skinny so I can do pin up", blah blah, it's the exact same thing, it's always about making sure women know that they can moid pander and find value in that. I hate it. They pick out vulnerable self conscious girls and tell them they're sexy
Instead of getting your knickers in a twist. The point of this was not to attack fat or skinny, it was to point out that body positivity is infuriatingly sex obsessed when the people who need it most are literally too young

No. 1359617

I hate waking up with anxiety in the morning. I've always had a slight issue with this but now it's getting to the point where it annoys me. I always think about my past relationship and how I feel I'm still in it no matter how much time passes.
I dont think I'll ever be able to cope without something having a beginning and a definite end. I have to find closure for myself and it is so hard. She stopped talking to me and seeing me suddenly and we were together almost an entire decade. She's keeping me on the back burner, I know she is with other women, what is wrong with her and me? I'm a stable person who takes care of themselves, is independent, is straight edge and they left me for a person in another relationship, yet claims to not love her, this other woman is messy. Do people just love drama when they're bored? Do people not like commitment or stability? I have unconditional love for another person and they do not deserve it and I'm filled with great shame that I know it is the wrong thing to continue loving her despite everything she has done to me.

No. 1359619

File: 1664638412406.jpg (64.36 KB, 629x856, bc003fe559b8d6911f6ce2375a1584…)

I like working where I am at (mostly), but sometimes it just dawns on me how capitalism is wasteful and evil. Like yeah, we have tons of baked sweets lined up, a lot of these don't even sell by the end of the expiration date. Then the supplier comes and trade the old one for a new one. Where do the old ones go? Trash, most likely. Not even mentioning the ones that turn bad on the shelves, so we just trash them. I am currently eating some "expired" packaged lunch that one of the suppliers always leave for the employees when he brings the new ones, but these are the exception.
Today one older homeless lady came in asking for food and we'll, I'm powerless. My boss said no, and I know she's not evil, she just doesn't want to make it a habit. Then one of our clients bought a baked sweet for her, but then she wanted to change for another one. My boss said no again and she started to make a scene, there was this whole commotion involving my boss, my coworker and the lady. It left such a bad taste in my mouth. Like, I kinda understand all sides, no one is at fault but this stupid world that leaves people hungry and homeless, and other people have to fight with nail and teeth to not become homeless and hungry. I hate it all.

No. 1359640

I admit it. I'm the female version of a dirty neckbeard. I do live in filth and I don't care as long as my bills are paid and I can read my BL manga/play otome games during my down time in peace. It's funny that men think they want a woman who is similar to them, who are "cool," yet when they date me, they suddenly expect me to do the stuff "women should do." KEK No. Basically, I pull the same things on them that I've heard men typically do to their wives/girlfriends. I'll help clean, you just have to ask or tell me what to do. If you don't, I'll do nothing. I walk by messes without even thinking about picking it up. I don't see dirty laundry. It's honestly funny how much this pisses off every male I've ever lived with. Because surprise, surprise: they don't fucking clean the house either. They'd rather sit and complain about me not doing it, while continuing to live in the mess that surrounds us. Luckily, I don't care and I like to think I'm doing a favor to my fellow women out there by keeping at least one disgusting male in squalor that another woman won't have to clean.

No. 1359644

every time i get a refill on my Xanax prescription i’m tempted to pour the entire bottle into my mouth and die. 60 mg with a few shots would be enough to kill me if i managed to do so without anyone finding me quickly. i don’t hate living and don’t actually want to die though, i just hate the way the world works and i hate most men, so it never feels worth it.

No. 1359656

I used to work in a grocery store and the amount of food we threw in the garbage made me want to kms. I worked in deli and did like the in-store fresh salads and fruit/veggie trays and shit and literally none of it sold but we also couldn't reduce output because 'even if none of them sell the shelves need to always look full'. Sometimes I'd get shifts in produce and any fruit that was bruised or damaged (but still perfectly fucking edible) went directly in the trash. On average I would fill three 32-gallon bins with good, edible food every day and throw it in the dumpster. While half my coworkers were stuck using the food bank due to low wages/hours. Taking a bruised fruit or something to lunch instead of throwing it in the trash was automatic dismissal, literally the ultimate sin and was treated more harshly than moids sexually harassing their teenage coworkers.

No. 1359659

>Shut the fuck up
No I will not and facts do not care about your feelings.
A shame that fat women advocating for themselves threatens you in some fashion, but it is true. Medical weight bias is a real and documented fact especially among the "competent" moid doctors who you are stanning for so hard.
>I specifically talked about joints here for a reason
There's a broader range of issues that overweight women are misdiagnosed about like say, oh, cancer. Another anon mentioned endo.
I didn't say you were wrong about the joints, I just hope you're not that dense to believe that is the only issue out there.
>known a lot of women who had their actual health problems denied by doctors including my own mother because of munchies and fat patients taking up resources and making some doctors doubt their next patients
"Lack of resources dedicated to medicine in some of the most wealthy countries in the world and my competent doctors carrying their biases between patients is most definitely the fault of fat women!"
Whatever you say.

No. 1359670

>Fact is being fat is unhealthy
It depends. Like you said, there's a difference between a woman who is moderately overweight versus 400 pound women.
>A sure sign of mental and physical weakness
Not always. It's 100% a sign that someone doesn't burn as many calories as they consume.
>no actual person who's confident is attracted to that
Speak for yourself, plenty of confident people can look past the bodily flaws of people and decide for themselves if that individual is worthy of love and respect.

You seem like a small person–and don't mistake that for a compliment.
Is weight bias not real anon? Pray tell.

No. 1359671

I'm so fucking tired of anons giving assholes who clearly don't integrate on purpose attention. It's outrageously retarded at this point.

No. 1359695

As ex-fat kid I agree. I still feel disgusted by "you can be hot in every weight", this is such a blatant lie and so unnecessary.

No. 1359707

The problem is that misinformation gets spread around easily when idiots cannot tell that you are just joking. I'm glad we could clear the air anon.

No. 1359709

> being fat is unhealthy
Debatable. Being fatty with bmi 30-35 is as dangerous as being skelly with bmi 18. Fatties with bmi 20-25 are the helthiest.

No. 1359712

It's quite telling how it's body positivity that got big, not body neutrality, can't delude yourself into believing you're conventionally attracive with that nor can money be earned with it.

No. 1359719

File: 1664642640228.gif (2.65 MB, 304x200, confusion.gif)

>bmi 18
>bmi 20-25
Are you high? Or do you not know what these numbers mean?

No. 1359722

Love that, keep on going messy stacy

No. 1359730

Can we swap? I am empty inside too but poor, alone and unemployed. How can you have everything and be so ungrateful?

No. 1359734

i'm sick of this push for 2 factor authentification. i don't want to give you miserable fuckers my phone number, and didn't give it in the first place, why the fuck would giving it now be proving anything except me being a complete retard?

No. 1359737

It sounds like if he needs these specific things to get off he has some paraphilias. If you're going to look for therapy he should as well for that. Even if you have sex infrequently he should be trying to move past his own shit to help you. I struggle to have sex regularly with my husband for similar reasons (and I prefer kinky sex) but having vanilla sex with him as helped me immensely. Maybe try to explain to him how important it is to you to have an intimate moment with a man you trust and love that's simple, soft and loving. Maybe it could change a lot for you and your healing from sexual trauma is far more important than his need to be a played with like a bop it to cum.

No. 1359759

sounds like breaking up is the only real option because sex preferences like this do not change and men do not give a fuck to cater to the woman in their lives. if you haven't read or listened to trans widows experiences, that's what it's like being with these kind of paraphiliac men who make their female partners act like sex dispensers and ignore their needs and desires completely, sex losing any real intimacy or enjoyment. I'm not saying he's destined to troon out, but as a well-known example of this kind of behavior. You might love him but over time this shit strains and kills a relationship. Included podcast episode of a trans widow whose husband was similar and his behavior escalated.
>Also he has mom issues so that might explain it.
I'd run for the hills with this alone.

No. 1359761

i'm full of hate and spite and i can't get out of this state. current situation is shitty and like retards do i started to wish i was born in different generation. general dissatisfaction with my life fuels all of this more and more and i just can't stop

No. 1359793

Call me ungrateful, idc. But I hate it when my parents buy me gifts. They never put any kind of thought into them at all, they just buy things that THEY like and never anything i am interested in. Now I am stuck with a sweatshirt that has a neck area that looks awful on my short neck and I never want to wear it because it looks so ugly. It's even designer too and I hate most designer shit.

No. 1359808

Nice humblebrag. Wish I had your "problem"

No. 1359818

Have you had traumatic experiences in your life? Are you in denial of them? I know a girl who is also doing very well on paper but cannot appreciate them fully because she has not taken the time to look back and reflect on where her issues actually stem from. Someone can have everything in the world and still me a miserable fuck if they don’t do some deep self reflection. Find a therapist so you can learn to appreciate the good things you do have.

No. 1359820

>coworkers have covid
>mom just tested positive for covid
If I get covid I can miss a week of work and classes, or if I don’t catch it I get to go on a trip to a city. covid sounds like the better of the two

No. 1359825

I don't think you sounds ungrateful my family has always just bought me what they want me to have because they have no interest in getting to know what I like or they don't want to "contribute" to things they hate that I like.It makes me sad when they do shit like that kek like you don't even actually care about getting me something to make me happy.

No. 1359879

Thank you for the replies, I do not appreciate what I have and I have become jaded by my life. This was not a humble brag, life in a corporate world is the worst hell and I wish that everyone reading this post looks for a more humane form of sustenance. Yes I do have much trauma but it does not matter when you are just a cog in a machine.

No. 1359891

File: 1664647556740.jpg (6.97 KB, 209x251, Pikachu.jpg)

Met up with a classmate today and just realized I had eye boogers the whole time. I WASHED MY FACE THIS MORNING.

No. 1359917

I really wish that porn would go back to something people were ashamed of partaking in. I’m thinking when porn/xxx movies were being shown at adult movie theaters and moids would go watch them incognito. When men were more scared of being seen as perverted for going to said movies and owning naughty magazines. If you try to tell someone now that porn is awful and cringe to partake in they just lose their minds and assume you’re some Uber religious right winger and get accused of being sex negative.

No. 1359920

Not gonna lie, even though I'm not for that lifestyle, you are based in your own right.

No. 1359925

>no lunch meat left, can't make sandwhich
>no money left to buy lunch
>all i had for lunch today was a fucking yogurt and an apple
>no gas
>can't buy gas bc no money
I love living and being alive I definitely don't want to fucking KILL MYSELF hahahaha no way no how!! I love the global pandemic and the oncoming recession amd the fucked up inflation amd the threat of nuclear warfare hahahaha isn't life beautiful isn't it all just WORTH LIVING FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT.

No. 1359928

Me too, nona. Me too.

No. 1359936

I hate dating while being mentally ill and having trauma. I can’t fully relate to normies and so many of them are scared off by all the shit I’ve gone through while people who can relate usually are super dysfunctional because they haven’t put any work in. On the surface it looks like my relationship broke down because he just doesn’t like me that much but I feel like it’s really the opposite. I hate this so much and I miss him but I can’t take it anymore. I want someone who understands me on a deep level like he did but can actually show up for me.

No. 1359951

It fucking sucks. A lot of my shittier relationships were me giving and them taking, but I’ve had two where it was actually the opposite and they imploded so hard. I really loved both of them so much and they supported me and loved me, but when I tried to do the same for them they would shut me out. It hurts so bad because they would love me so deeply but I felt like if I returned it they would run away. I’m so tired of this

No. 1359963

I got a busy train back from a city the other day. it was like a stampede to get seats. I got a window seat and a fat lady sat next to me. I was trying to eat my bag of magic stars and couldn't open my arms/elbows wide enough to put my hand in the bag and had to open it like a t-rex. I swear fatties should be charged extra. fat people that take public transport should be ashamed.

No. 1359973

>Do people just love drama when they're bored? Do people not like commitment or stability
Yes, some people just have deep rooted issues within themselves that makes them unable to form a healthy, loving relationship. There are some people who just take, take, and take and are never fully satisfied. Sounds like your ex has problems of her own she needs to solve before she hurts another person again. Why do you have unconditional love for her? You need to recognize your worth too, anon.

No. 1359974

You sound vile.

No. 1359979

What are they supposed to do? Pull rickshaws for anachans while hating themselves into their own eating disorders?

No. 1359980

I love this kek

No. 1359982

File: 1664651210619.jpg (328.43 KB, 2048x1574, Dz2nQuqX0AUKt2o.jpg)

>went to a work trip
>every food in grocery stores as x2 cheaper than in my own country despite A LOT higher salary
>the amount of food i got for 16eur is a lot while if i paid the same money i would have bought only 4 food items in my country
i am so tired. prices keep getting increased off everything and we have always had economical problems there, but i feel like there is no way i can ignore this kind of stuff anymore. i wish i could have had more money by just buying less food and even that wouldn't help me. its so damn dumb, i hate it.

No. 1359984

what country?

No. 1359988

I have two black hairs growing on my right tit next to my nipple. Why is that a thing. I have no other "weird" hair on my body, also my body hair is pretty fair and thin, and then there's this thick black shit. They grow back every time I remove them

No. 1359990


No. 1359995

this girl in my class group chat is crying to us about how she got a 0 on her discussion assignment and people were like why?! and she says the professor thinks the plagiarized just 2 sentences, it's so unfair!!! so i decided to fact check her in case our prof really is being unfair. i put her discussion in a plagiarism checker and she did indeed copy paste 4 sentences from an article lmfao. everyone in the group chat is giving her sympathy and bashing our professor and i want to expose her so bad but don't want to seem like an asshole l o l i'm so tempted though. people like this kind of infuriate me, like the discussion was so easy and u knew it was 20% of our grade

No. 1360015

Just get a job already romanianon, then you can afford meds and getting out of your shithole.

No. 1360047

If I see another street river from lawn sprinklers or some asshole washing their car I am going to ree and then cry. I live in a desert, we don't need this.

No. 1360064

I do that too. I'm a slob most of the time and only work because I have to and to get fujobucks.

No. 1360069

File: 1664655856289.jpg (34.33 KB, 473x369, 1614827704657.jpg)

Today I wore pants 6 sizes smaller than last year and felt so proud and happy for myself but I am surrounded by traumatised individuals who would flip their shit if I were to mention stuff like that to them, no matter how happy I was so I wasn't able to tell anyone today. Had to get it out, not sure if it's more a confession but it's also mind blowing how no one is staring at my fat ass anymore the same way they did before, I am still way chubby and possibly even flabby but that's what you get.

No. 1360072

shes back! i was wondering how long it would take

No. 1360085

I love my ex so much, it makes me want to kill myself that I've hurt her so bad

No. 1360086

File: 1664656602671.jpg (66.7 KB, 563x509, 98d0d24508179d5d1c9d8f9e68d670…)

I'm sick of feeling so lonely. This couple around my age just moved in right next to me and I can hear them talk and laugh and stuff and it just felt like a punch to my chest. I'm glad that others are happy, don't get me wrong but I've been lonely for so long, despite putting myself "out there". It hurts so bad.

No. 1360087

Can't stop dreaming about my ex. I fucking hate how much of a grip he has on me still after all these years. I just want to erase him from my mind forever. Fuck him and his happy perfect life while I'm suffering

No. 1360092

Well done nonna, health and mental strength are the best virtues to have

No. 1360095

I like that image. Also, congratulations! Even if you can not tell others, you were able to share it with us. You enjoy your happiness.

No. 1360100

Some days I feel broken because I don't really care or want a relationship. I had one, was engaged and it was on the healthier side. But I figured out that I'm way off better single and I can't imagine "jumping through hoops" so to speak for a new partner. Or having the energy to give a damn tbh.

Since I'm almost 30 I'm surrounded by couples/engaged/married people with and without kids everywhere and it makes me feel like I'm behind even if I don't want any of this. Guess if I had more money or my own place I'd give 50% less of a shit about it.

No. 1360103

thank you, I am happy to be able to even yell about it here, nonas! I even wore something I have never ever been able to and I felt so good and normal amongst other people, even if I was doing a grocery store run

No. 1360117

File: 1664658174724.jpg (15.58 KB, 256x275, 1663121490191.jpg)

90% sure I have PCOS but I'm not sure what to do because my insurance is so fucked up. Sigh.

No. 1360129

I hope so too nonna. <3

No. 1360131

>Guess if I had more money or my own place I'd give 50% less of a shit about it.
You would not only care less, but potentially be even more actively opposed to the idea. I have my own place and can't see the point of a serious relationship because he couldn't fit in my apartment and I'd never want to leave so I could move in with him, but I'm over 30 so that'd be the expectation. And since I have money/assets, I'd hate to ever get married because your money becomes 'our money' and I could lose some of it in case of a divorce, or if he had bad habits with money. Men are a financial liability and disturb the peace, I can't do it.

That said it doesn't really help you shake the stigma of being long term single. People are gonna judge no matter what your circumstances are, you need thick skin and to know exactly what you want, and refuse to compromise on that regardless of what other people think.

No. 1360150

I'm currently desperately looking for a job that will pay me well enough to be able to break up and move away from my boyfriend. I've always lived with family, roommates and for the last few years him. Being single and having a space to myself sounds so nice. The pandemic fucked me over and I have to rely on combining my finances with someone else to keep a roof over my head. It's like every company in my country stopped hiring for full time positions or just want to keep you for 6 months before they toss you out again. I'm so tired of not having my own life. Pray I get to join you two soon in a life of solitude, because having a partner who makes you feel lonely even when he's there all the time sucks.

No. 1360159

My 40 year old ‘boyfriend’ just woke up. It’s 2:30pm on the where I live. His reason was that he was depressed this morning so he went back to sleep. Now keep in mind he loves to sleep in on Saturdays if he’s not depressed and will still sleep past noon. He works a normal 9-5 job, M-F. Am I crazy for thinking this is inappropriate after a certain age?

No. 1360160

What do i need to learn nonny

No. 1360188

Oh nonny, sorry. You are mistaking me with some other slavi-chan (?). I never saw anyone from Slovakia here and its my first time mentioning the country, i thought you called me a slavi-chan to generalize. I hope your message will reach out to the right one.

No. 1360221

File: 1664661774143.jpg (397.81 KB, 1536x2048, 1619032836565.jpg)

i'm pushing everyone away again, except this time i don't want to come back. i feel bad but it's not like my company is worthwhile anyway, so they'll be fine. they deserve better and i'm too tired to deal with anything anymore.

No. 1360237

my brother sits on his ass all day, refuses to contribute any money to the household, demands that my mom buys him alcohol/skincare products/everything else, and is just a huge selfish asshole in general. he tells my mom that she's a washed up loser almost every day and she just smiles and nods to avoid a fight. yet he gets fawned over and constantly worried about, asked if he's eating enough, babied like a manchild and more. i'm no angel but i actually try to be nice, am constantly forced to mediate screaming physical fights, take care of my own shit, and clean the house. but there's always anger and dismal directed towards me, especially from my female relatives. literally last night i saw my grandma cheerfully tell my brother goodnight and to sleep well, while i was silently washing dishes in the kitchen and cleaning up dinner (as i do every night). she turned her head and sped walked by me to avoid saying anything. i despise how males are infantilized and treated like delicate children for their whole fucking lives

No. 1360239

I like your plushy anon. I hope you feel better. What other plushies do you have

No. 1360275

This is childish but it got to me today, I for whatever reason am still ig mutuals with an ex friend and seeing her in a big birthday party, with a seemingly loving partner and friends just got to me. She was a fucking menace when I was friends with her, did drugs, abused her prescriptions and was so off the rails her ex gf got a restraining order against her, she made everyone uncomfortable and worried out of our minds back then. During the pandemic, we grew the fuck apart because I got cancer, could not really leave my place, all I did was go to my appointments and treatments and she carried on her bullshit, and it was for the best because she was a piece of shit. Maybe she has turned her life around, how the fuck do I know, but it just stung to see her at this nice bday party for her as I think about how I haven't been able to see anyone really because risky, it's not her fault, not even mine but damn that shit hurted!! I was the stupid mom friend, tried to get her to quit, brought her to her therapy shits and she gets to have a nice bday party, with her gf, she still somehow has friends and I lost most of mine because I wasn't able to hang and people find cancer uncomfortable. I get it, I am in therapy for it, I get that, but I am free to be a baby about it and say shit isn't fair lol

No. 1360276

I completely fumbled a job interview by not finishing the coding challenge on time. I had like 2 weeks but I was so nervous about it that I only opened it once and didn't get even halfway. I haven't even looked at anything programming related for like 3 months now and I felt that I wouldn't even remember anything anymore and that made me anxious so I put it off so much, and when I finally started it I was immediately wanted to stop even thinking about it. I'm so ashamed, holy shit. I'm such a fucking failure.

No. 1360289

Why? Does isolation actually make you feel better? Depressed fags need to start realizing that “pushing away” self-pity shit is self-harm and shouldn’t just give in to it.

No. 1360291

Fucking hell. This is why girls need to be pampered and boys given the boot to the army or some shit.

No. 1360296

Look on the bright side, nona. Everything on instagram/whatever social media is staged to look nice and appealing. For all you know, she could still be having a tough time behind the scenes.

No. 1360298

does anyone else get chills and literally want to shit after seeing something for example, your ex back on dating apps? i feel like shit

No. 1360303

When you start spiraling downward you become annoying to be around, you don't have the energy to be sociable or funny or whatever with your friends. So you have to distance yourself from them or feel e>>1360289ven worse knowing you're just embarrassing yourself sitting glumly around them, and draining all of their positive energy.

No. 1360306

have you considered using that genius iq into realizing the revolutionary concept that mental illnesses consume every aspect of your life and the more serious it gets, the harder it is to “not give into it”. you sound like an emotionally retarded scrote

No. 1360328

Yeah I know, like logically I do know that but you know, after years of never seeing anyone, just knowing she is getting to hang with friends just pisses me off to be honest. Not that her suffering would make me feel any better either, I am just being a baby for a bit, but you're right.

No. 1360332

File: 1664666808467.png (43.58 KB, 1543x275, third date.png)

What is the solution to retarded scrotes?

No. 1360341

stop giving them any attention any amount of empathy dont hook up with them dont give up sex soon . Or death

No. 1360344

None. Become a celibate.

No. 1360357

Seriously questioning if I should ask my old manager or the old manager who liked my work for the job back. It's been a whole month of apply to jobs every day and only getting acceptance from jobs that dont pay well enough or being ghosted after the interview. I'm sick of interviewing too. Tell me why the hell should I get dressed well, put on make up, print the job listing, drive there, try to be upbeat with some knowledge on the company, legitimately already did that work before so experienced, get grilled still, go home, get a rejection email or nothing later. I'm so sick of this. I repeat these steps 2-5x a week. I left my old work thinking I'll get the same job but better place and instead I cant even make it past the bots who filter resumes. To an extent I wouldnt even care if I worked a ton of hours at a job in the pay range I need so that I could get overtime but of course asking for full time they only do 36-42 hours not 50. Probably cut off so that they never have to pay overtime of course.

No. 1360363

I've done the whole 9 yards for interviews where the chucklefucks who were interviewing me hadn't even read my resume beforehand. Employers are trash; steal company property and lie about your hours.

No. 1360370

Yeah that feels way too common. All of them even printed my resume I'm case I didnt bring it. One of my recent interviews asked if "I never met a quota" when none of my job types have quotas. If she had read my resume she would understand that.

No. 1360373

File: 1664669286035.png (578.84 KB, 700x807, 1647654534351.png)

I have a yeast infection and it's very uncomfortable

No. 1360401

You should be more concerned about having a 40 year old geriatric online boyfriend in the first place instead

No. 1360458

Oh sorry, I wasn’t clear on this part but he’s not an online boyfriend. He lives 20 minutes away so I’m more concerned with him wasting the one full day we have off together.

No. 1360470

You should be more concerned about having a 40 year old geriatric boyfriend at all kek. Why can't he date women his own age

No. 1360474

hang on, you're wondering why a 40 year old man who dates young women is acting immature and not his age? am i reading that right? I'm just gonna stare at you real long and hard and maybe you'll get what I'm trying to say.

No. 1360478

File: 1664673319167.jpg (48 KB, 828x828, beast.jpg)

Another day of being awake at 2am because I'm too anxious to sleep. Fuck my GP for saying I can't go on any anxiety or sleeping meds I wish her an eternity of sleepless nights with a racing heart and endless horrible thoughts

No. 1360480

I wish I could have been the best version of myself when I've met my ex and maybe then she wouldn't have been my ex. I think about her moving on and it's so painful. One day, she will find someone good for her and she'll talk about all her past relationships she's had with them. She'll talk about how disappointed, sad, and hurt she was over me but it won't matter anymore because she's finally found the perfect someone to spend the rest of her life with. Because this person will never hurt her and will make her happy in a way I've never made her. They'll form a deep and loving connection with each other, and she'll be so excited to finally have a future to look forward to because she won't be alone anymore. It's as if she finally found someone that she's been waiting for her entire life. That someone not being me really hurts.

No. 1360483

How old are you?

No. 1360491

Every time I talk to my friend it feels like we're always testing each other… or we're both trying to act as normal as possible… maybe it's just me projecting because I'm definitely trying to act normal when I talk to her. Why can't I be normal. I feel like an alien in human skin

No. 1360505

File: 1664674124370.jpeg (756.52 KB, 1550x1300, 6867880.jpeg)

thank you anon, i will try to be patient and see how i feel in the coming weeks.
thanks, it's not mine but here is another cute plush pic for you.
i'm hope you never have to know what this feels like, anon.

No. 1360512

No you stupid fuck, I'm a chronically depressive who understands that isolation void very well. I've just learned to get my head out of my ass. If you keep blocking out people because of low self-worth issues, which feeds into the cycle of depression, you're the one who should step the fuck up, help yourself stop that kind of behavior and make effort to maintain a support system. But I get it, it's just easier to mope, to self flagellate, to be addicted to feeling bad.
When I imagine pulling away from depression, it's not about going to parties, doing fun stuff or being an entertaining monkey to the public. I'm specifically talking about the type of depressed friends who cut all contacts with everyone for weeks, meanwhile lamenting their existence online. The type who rejects every attempt of connection, who passive-aggressively wants help but won't get over themselves to reach back, the type who cries about "wahhh everyone is better off without me" but they are completely blind to the way they make their own support system feel unworthy and not enough. That's the real reason you're sapping joy out of people, it's not because you're not a happy go lucky bundle of sunshine. At some point, you're doing that shit to yourself.

No. 1360513

Don’t make any rash decisions when you know you’re feeling the urge. Trust me, it will only make things worse in the long run. Feel better nonna.

No. 1360521

Early 30’s. We’ve only been dating a few months and of course at first things were good. Seemed to actually have his shit together. Then after two months the mask slipped off and I’m seeing the real person. We fought this afternoon when he woke up and I ended things as I was so done with it. I have to focus on myself and my training - I’m 5 weeks out from a fitness competition.

No. 1360533

Good luck on the competition! I wouldn’t waste time on old men again nonna

No. 1360541

File: 1664676180541.jpg (104.23 KB, 1080x1454, FbBR-zPaMAUrhSr.jpg)

Last semester of undergrad and god one of my classes is just awful. Lots of busy work that doesn't really help learn the material and my professor just breezes through PowerPoints with no substance to them (mostly pictures). Midterms are coming up and I can already feel I'm going to contribute to the fat curve that will be slapped on it.

No. 1360542

It’s insane to me how the average female experience is being hit on by someone whether a stranger or someone you know. I’m 23 now and not a single moment in my entire life has anyone shown interest in me. I’m non-existent to men. I can confirm to those of you who are full beings (debatable) in men’s eyes that ugly women like me aren’t even acknowledged as people. I’m like dust in the air that they might sometimes have to address because of work or replying to me chipping into a conversation. I’ve grown used to it now but during high school and college it used to keep me up, why can’t I be liked the way most women are? I’m doomed hetero so I want to be desired by someone I find cute. Not saying I want to be harassed but small flirting wouldn’t kill someone. I hate that women still treat ugly men nicely but men can get away with hating ugly women

No. 1360550

aonn there are only 2 options:
>men use you and lie to you in order to get pussy
>men ignore you and leave you alone bc they don't find you fuckable

men don't truly "love" pretty women as people, they just want to get their dicks wet and will sometimes pretend to see her as human in order to get her to put out. Pretty women can attest to this. Personally I think this is even more demoralizing and fucked up than being ignored. The point is men are incapable to perceiving women as people and it is best to avoid them altogether.

No. 1360552

Uh, men also hit on women they don't even think are attractive, but seem likely to put out. And sometimes they don't even hit on attractive women because they give strong "fuck off" vibes. It may not seem like it, but being ignored by men is a blessing. Most of them aren't even human.

No. 1360558

Eh, I think it's dismissive to say it's just always more fucked up (and also gives lowkey vibes you're one of those that likes framing pretty girls as being the real underdogs–a sentiment I've seen exploding with rising beauty standards). If you were right about it always being more fucked up, then so many girls and women wouldn't obsessively strive to be prettier and the halo effect wouldn't exist. I'm not trying to be victim blamey here, but there is a reason why so many try achieving these standards–sometimes, there is palpable social benefit. This isn't always a good thing. It can backfire. However, plenty of unattractive or average girls and women get shallow sexual attention and are lied to, lead on, etc. It's just the effort men are willing to expend tends to be lower. They openly talk about ugly women being "easier" in between talking about them like pieces of meat.

No. 1360563

take off your tinfoil hat, i'm just saying in my opinion it's better to be able see things for what they are rather than be lied to and taken advantage of when both land at the same result– realizing men don't see you as human. Pretty girls get sucked into the traps and thoroughly chewed up and spat out before they realize this, which I'm saying is sad. As an uggo I'm grateful I never had to go through any of that to see men for what they are.
>If you were right about it always being more fucked up, then so many girls and women wouldn't obsessively strive to be prettier
what you're misunderstanding is that there's a difference between "what women think reality is" and "reality". Women strive so hard to be pretty because they've been sold the lie that prettiness is the key to getting love and respect from men, not realizing that love and respect from men is impossible.

No. 1360569

Nope. Nobody's taking my tinfoil.
I agree mostly, it is all a lie. I disagree that being pretty is objectively worse or leads to more fucked up situations. Unless I'm misunderstanding? I just think being completely ignored is extremely rare, even for "uggos" We're lucky we weren't considered easy or whatever. It took a very long time and I'm finally starting to feel relieved that I never touched a man. It's painful to hear about what women experienced and I was absolutely naive enough to say yes to any boy that would have asked me out back then.

No. 1360572

These replies are so weird and dismissive

No. 1360578

Eh, at least you don't have to deal with unwanted attention. I used to be ignored in my teenage years, now I get hit on pretty often, but it's only by old moids or bottom of the barrel scrotes that I wouldn't look twice at and it's even worse feeling. Average guys my age at college still think they're hot shit so they treat me like air and eventually wake up when they realize the hot girl they've been lusting for won't fuck them, no matter how much money they spend on her. Sometimes I miss being invisible to moids altogether.

No. 1360593

I don't think that's most of what got her demonized? I think Depp was a psycho, had connections, and had an agenda - alongside Adam Waldman - to tear her to pieces publicly. I think she would have still been a public enemy if she had aged like radioactive oatmeal. Similar happens to ugly women that are in the public eye, famous, and/or powerful, it's just much rarer because most female celebrities are attractive. A lot of beautiful women are beloved and there - aside from misogynists - aren't really much people going on about manipulativeness, it's just easy for people to turn sour about it because it's a form of people trying to suppress women that have a chance to actually gain public/social power or go against the status quo…or just plain old schadenfreude.
I think you're right in terms of normal, everyday people tho? Usually unattractive women are invisible. However, I was beaten up, asked when I'd shoot up the school, considered creepy, etc., so I didn't really have the relief of being invisible and I wish I just looked interestingly normal sometime. It's a weakness.

No. 1360600

File: 1664680314802.jpg (47.79 KB, 872x663, FMis7cyXIAI7eDY.jpg)

every time I start to feel fine and even good something exceptionally trivial happens that seems to bump my mood down a couple notches and then I start spiraling into feeling like crap again for the night so I always have to remind myself of how many times before I thought it was the end of the world when something happened but seeing as I'm right here right now I turned out fine in the end anyways but it doesn't stop me from thinking "what if this time is really the last straw" sigh I don't even know. I'm in the middle of switching between meds right now so maybe that has something to do with it but I still feel poopy nonetheless and I wish I wasn't such a loner sometimes but I never want to do anything about that either. I just want to have fun forever and ever and I like being by myself but it gets tiring sometimes

No. 1360604

File: 1664680455208.jpeg (100.28 KB, 976x1091, 1658966795218.jpeg)

>mom puts my skirt in the washer
>she leaves it in my room to dry because we don't own a dryer and she puts the skirt RIGHT ON TOP OF MY PS3 FOR SOME REASON
i'm so livid i feel like i'm gonna pass out. surely she knew putting a large wet cloth on top of an aging electronic device would be a bad idea? did she do it on purpose or is she just fucking retarded?

No. 1360623

File: 1664681653897.jpg (160.83 KB, 1200x900, charlottecrosby.jpg)

not sure where else to post this but the state of some british huns/chav women and the total addiction to fillers and botox is so fucking sad. picrel is only 32

No. 1360628

Almost all the girls on Geordie Shore completely botched their faces and bodies, it's depressing as hell. But I'm not surprised, no doubt the men on the series + public scrutiny destroyed their self esteem, plus their only real way to make money now is shilling exercise programs on instagram so ofc they got BBLs.

But yeah Charlotte makes me particularly sad, she was such a character.

No. 1360633

File: 1664683843269.jpg (17.79 KB, 275x155, 1648516636299.jpg)

Not all attractive girls and women get this treatment though–which you actually suggested yourself? You even admit her particular phenotype is coded as devilish, and yet conflate it with all beauty in general so…ok? It's almost like you're so close to also referring to the fact Amber Heard looked in that sharp, beautiful way (and was middle-aged so she probably isn't a 10/10 to that many men–let's be honest here) and acted very forthright, stood up for herself, and seemed intelligent…yet then turn around and make extremely sweeping statements about all beautiful women for some reason even though you clarified there's different kinds of beauty or different situations. For example you referred to retarded beautiful women being treated well which…ok? It's almost like you know the problem isn't just beauty but having that much social leverage and then clearly defying the status quo. Plus, it's almost like you use misogynists and women with internalized misogyny as the cornerstone of how to talk about these subjects.
Please step back and maaaaybe pull in the reins a bit because you're giving some vibes you like martyring certain kinds of beautiful women.

No. 1360640

You know it's a tangent but it drives me crazy that women are considered spinsters if they're unmarried by 30, but you know why women end up unmarried by 30? Their previous boyfriends waste their fucking time. 2 years on this asshole, 2 years on that one, 1 year on that one, 8 months on that one, and 6+ months in between each for dating trying to find someone. Well the shit adds up.

No. 1360642

i feel like her before pic wouldn't even be ugly if she didn't have those pencil-thin grandma eyebrows. Ladies stop plucking your damned eyebrows into an anime line. It just makes you look like you pay for groceries with a check.
I'm very interested to see what these plastic surgery addicts look like in 20 years.

No. 1360646

>36 is middle aged

No. 1360647

I still wish we had a bimbofication cows/plastic surgery addict cows thread so badly

No. 1360652

You do know that's, like, half the average life expectancy? And that being middle-aged isn't a bad thing–degenerate male opinions aside?

No. 1360655

i know we hate reddit but there are subs like instagramreality that do a good job of milk provision

No. 1360656

I started wearing a new glasses prescription today, and ever since I took them off I've been having the worst headache. It might be the lights from my computer and ceiling light or something. I don't even know where my pain meds are.

No. 1360661

Thanks ladies. I have a lot of self respect so I don’t tolerate certain things anymore. Biggest red flags were how he kept saying how he wanted someone to take care of him - like a mother to do everything for him and refused to go back to therapy after missing an appointment. I did the marriage thing in my late 20’s and my ex was a raging alcoholic who I supported while he got sober. Asshole cheated on me with an AA friend.

No. 1360667

Men always love to blame it on evil feminist career women intentionally and arrogantly delaying marriage until they're too old and unfuckable for anyone to want them… in reality most young women are romantics and, lbr, dumb enough to marry most of the men they've ever dated if those men were willing. I know when I was a dumbass 19 year old I would have said yes if my shitty bf proposed, someone I'd never consider at 30. It's always men who put it off until later in life and want to sow their wild oats when they're young. They get married because they think it's time to get married (aka when they get too old to attract young women), not because they meet the love of their life.

No. 1360682

File: 1664687077514.png (159.65 KB, 1624x970, god dammit nonnie.png)

Goddammit who used the Opera Gx VPN and posted this shit now I gotta reset the VPN setting. Also, love yourself.

No. 1360686

my dumb young ass would have married both of shitty ex's. i wonder if men ever do anything but project. young women want to get married, young men want to screw around. women eventually get tired of waiting on men to grow the fuck up. then we end up 30 and unmarried because the men our age were rolling in their own filth and playing video games for 10 years, and they spin around and blame us for it, while demandng to marry an 18 year old. of course no 18 year old will ever want a malding 30+ year old man but that's besides the point.

i think the only reason men in the past ever got married was social expectations to be married by age 25 or whatever. now a 25 year old guy is indistinguishable from a teenager except for the stench. guys let themselves go to seed.

No. 1360687

Samefag, I'm an idiot. It's not the glasses that are giving me a headache. It's straining my vag which I've been getting headaches from for years so I'm not sure why I thought it would be different this time.

No. 1360695

Straining your what

No. 1360696

I won't repeat myself.

No. 1360703

Kekk why would this even result in a ban? Its even unspecified

No. 1360707

how do you strain your vag and how is that related to your head

No. 1360711

File: 1664688426932.jpeg (28.22 KB, 225x225, CE175D13-3F6F-45BC-8785-A6BD3D…)

I booted up the sims 3 for the first time in many years of not playing sims. Made a new sim and put her in a house. As a kid the starting period of a sims life sucked because they were too poor to afford anything good, but this time I was immediately aware that my sim had a much better life than I do now. Her house is way bigger than my apartment, nicer, and is on a big plot of land. She makes more money than me at her level-1 job and works way fewer hours. She even gets to have a cat, which I can’t. I played it for a bit before turning it off and now I’m just laying here like picrel.
My whole life I was told to work hard and do well so you can go to a good college so you can get a good job so you can have a good life. So I did 20 years of school, got a bachelor’s and graduate degree, landed a job few people are able to get into. Here I am and it’s just… nothing. Even ignoring the money/home thing, there’s nothing I can find to give my life color. I try to be mindful and at peace and to have appreciation for everything I can, like the ability to get a cookie at the bakery sometimes or having a nice-smelling bar of soap in my shower. But still, each one of those things is just a desperate tiny foothold. None of it gives me more than a few fleeting moments of pleasure in an otherwise bleary existence. And sure, it’s always been like that, but at least in school I could tell myself a mantra of “if I keep pushing now then things will be better eventually.” And here I am, at the eventually. Is this the life I worked so hard for? I just can’t stop asking myself why? Why did I keep trying? Why do I continue to try? There’s no longer any milestone I can stick my finger on and say “I just have to keep suffering until here, and then things’ll get better.” This is that life.
Sorry this went off the rails.

No. 1360712

I'm not going to explain at this current moment because its a long story It's not actually, I'm just too embarrassed to talk about it in full detail and my head still hurts, but I'm sure you can figure out how to strain your vagina (well, vagina and butt I guess. The crotch in general) if you think about it.

No. 1360713

>at moid infested hang out
>only came because of a girl and her boyfriend because they're cool
>they leave early
>left with one moid friend and a bunch of retarded moids idk well
>want to leave but they left first
>retarded anxiety won't let me leave too soon after them
>retarded anxiety is making me go crazy staying here
I'm high right now and everyone's watching a stupid sketch show. I want Taco Bell. Fuck. I gotta LEAVE. But my fucking anxiety. Every time they laugh it makes me sick I fucking hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them.

No. 1360719

File: 1664688677523.jpg (112.2 KB, 1080x1078, tumblr_833d84ba588bd56df3041fd…)

I should stop reading the news altogether despite me needing to keep reading in order to stay alert. I can't believe even safe places of mine are overtaken by at least 2 idiots who end up doing the dystopian spreg. And instead of seeing things in grey, they see everything in black and white and they link shit like CNN as their sources and generalize the fuck out of people.
I am so tired, i just want it all to be over. I really want to a-log, already had enough of being mistreated, already had enough of sitting around quielty, i just want to have DAMN FUN and ENJOY MY TIME at least online. Fuck you. All i wanted was to have a space where i discuss one of my hobbies, but i guess i should have known its a shithole because they have a 'totez gay' ftm.

No. 1360721

File: 1664688742405.jpg (30.45 KB, 254x275, 1658342454290.jpg)

It's dumb precisely because it's apart of a system meant to manipulate and bully women into choosing to self-sacrifice and overcompensate on behalf of a man/their family in spite of usually failing to find a true partner in a man…because most men don't actually like women nor want a partnership with one, but want to possess one. Societies across the world have benefited from this because it means many women will basically be working multiple jobs she'll get 0 credit over because the pay is supposedly just being able to keep a relationship. Hell, the idea that men just hate older women if taken at face value just makes mens' love look like shit, kek. So many boomers have come forward saying just this–that they married their awkward high school sweetheart and he ends up leaving her for younger.
How this is so blatantly transparent yet normies play dumb about it never ceases to amaze me–and no you don't have to hate men to understand the above.

No. 1360722


No. 1360737

This is why FDS made some points. A man should prove himself to be absolutely perfect from the start before a woman wastes more of her time on him.

No. 1360746

I feel like I was raped but I also feel like it doesn't count since I technically wanted it due to being groomed. He started when I had just turned 13 and he was about to turn 21, I already had traumatic shit in my past so I was "into bdsm" we met up and he did really violent sexual things to me when I was 15. I just feel like it doesn't count, I could have not gone into that motel, I could have just never messaged him back, but I did it.
I always thought I was so mature but I found my old accounts from around that age and I was so fucking obviously a kid. I was pretty isolated from other teens my age and it was so obvious I was stunted.
Aside from that stuff he was nice sometimes though, he probably spent over 10k on me, he cried when I "broke up" with him. I don't know. It makes me feel like I was the villain and not him. It seemed like he did actually love me but how could you do that to someone you loved? And how could you love kid and one who was so very developmentally stunted at that. I think he regrets what he did I don't know if I count as a victim or not. I feel like I was the one in the wrong for seducing a grown man at such a young age.

No. 1360750

My mom's a fucking jerk who should have never had kids cause she herself is a kid who never healed and has made every pain and suffering I've endured about her and only dealt with my issues by mocking me and calling me selfish. She's honestly just a nasty person who has rarely ever shown me true love and people don't view her the way I view her cause she's been through shit in life and that somehow makes her a good person? About to blow my brains out thinking about the issues she's given me.

No. 1360758

File: 1664691245946.jpeg (17.84 KB, 350x350, 7CFAA561-2727-4485-8F9D-467FBE…)

i hate this bug infested hell so much. i hate this country and each time i am made to come back i grow more hateful towards it. i hate it so much i cry every day that i spend here. i hate my life and i hate everything. ive never been here for more than a month before and even then when i only had that much time to spend here i spent it all counting down every day until i could get back home.
this isnt "my country" it will never be "my country" i didnt grow up here and i will never in a million years willingly step foot in this country. its not my fault one of my parents is from here its not my fault that i look like the people that are from here its not my fucking fault stop calling it "my country". i hate being mixed race so much for this reason but thats not the point of this post.
i feel so depressed but i cant even have one moment for myself because i have to kill and swat away one million bugs constantly on me not to mention the rats that keep me up at night with their squeaking.
i mean how would you like it if you were sent to some country you are completely unfamiliar with and have to spend months in a village in the middle of nowhere with none of the food you once knew available to you at any distance despite the slew of markets due to the fact that your country is two continents away. i seriously cant be grateful for something imposed on me like this when i said time and time again that i HATE it here and i was completely unhappy last time i went and this isnt even a vacation im here for "legal paperwork" that to this day a month later i have not seen a hint of that since i left my country.
i went from a working class poorfag with ways to get around it to live comfortably to an even poorer poorfag in some place am unfamiliar with in any way and on more than that never liked.
the people here never even just counted me as one of their own because i look like an average person from their country and not a fair skinned hafu OMG EXOTIC beauty, and they always treated me like shit for being GNC which isnt to say that the other half hasnt but it was definitely way worse and in my face. it wasnt even children my age it was adults. constantly whenever i made an appearance. i made myself forget the language out of spite and hatred.
everytime i watch content regarding my country i cry. i spend every day here crying because of my miserable life. i cant even forget about it by going outside and enjoying the beautiful outdoors because there are none. althpugh this is a village it doesnt look like what you imagine all gorgeous and scenic, its just dirty gray brown and cement filled, the skies are permanently gray due to pollution and people had to wear masks even ebfore covid due to said pollution. im not even eating anymore barely half a meal a day because everything ive ever known is either nonexistent or in some plastic wrapper or otherwise fake and chemical and no im not a crunchy whatever hippie vegan but come on at least apples? nowhere to be found. in this retarded village anyway.
i am just so tired i am so sick i am so homesick. i never wanted to come here not once in my life. i just want to go back home. i hate this. no matter what anyone says i will always hate it. its not objectively bad maybe this is a life somebody would prefer but personally i get more suicidal each day i spend here. it was never my choice to be here. i am so miserable i just want to go home already but i cant. get me out of here god, please…

No. 1360766

why tf are you there? are you being trafficked or something?

No. 1360767

you were groomed and raped kids cant give consent. especially considering the violent aspect. he wanted a preteen and he was willing to shell out to keep you quiet so he wouldnt go to jail, lose his career, and probably his family being disappointed in him. sorry that happened to you anon i hope you find someone now as an adult who cares for you as you. its a shit world out there.

No. 1360768

File: 1664692268405.gif (478.64 KB, 400x300, 776948693_380143.gif)

I feel so alienated from everyone, all the ''normal'' people dont share my hobbies/interests/life experience so, while i can casually talk with them, its hard to build strong connections with them, and the weirdos online that do share similarities with me are all weird politisperg genderspecials. I just feel like i cant be honest with anyone anymore, i feel doomed to be alone and alienated for the rest of my life and while i normally wouldn't care, i hate that you are FORCED to be part of society when i just want to move and grow my own food and life off fishing and what not.

No. 1360778

Close I guess, but no.

No. 1360782

Pooped too hard?

No. 1360785

You were groomed and taken advantage of by an older man. I experienced something similar to you and I too have problems using the word rape due to how the situation played out, so I understand the doubt and frustration. But it was rape. You weren't old enough to consent. However, if you can't manage to make yourself use that word about the situation, the best thing you can do for yourself is at least to admit that none of it was your fault. You could have flirted and been seductive and pursued him aggressively, and it still wouldn't have been your fault. It's his responsibility as the adult to ignore and deny you. Yes, he was 21 and guys that age are fucking morons, but he was "smart" enough to manipulate and groom you to keep you silent. Not to mention that the guy who groomed and took advantage of me was in his 40s, so this is not even an age thing, just men being shit thing.

No. 1360786

No and yes. the childbirth guess was close enough so don't worry about it.
My headache is almost gone and I'm going to go lay back down to finish it off. I wish I could find my fucking pain medicine.

No. 1360787

File: 1664693223166.jpg (32.9 KB, 700x933, Tumblr_l_929080648434957.jpg)

my BPDchan "close" friend seemingly split on me Monday after I didn't react exactly how she wanted in regards to her being in the path of the recent US Florida hurricane. the way she didn't give me any form of grace or understanding just bc I didn't freak out and fawn over her (bc I knew she was safe) makes me angry. she called me a bad person after I apologized for upsetting her. I miss her, plus feels like such a waste of energy the way I thought for so long we were close, maybe even best, friends. on the other hand, her hypocrisy and lack of care for me makes me think I should stop being mopey and start trying to move on from it all. it's embarrassing but it's affected my day to day activities and caused me intense depression.

No. 1360791

how did you know she was safe?

No. 1360792

painful sex?

No. 1360797

im here because of my parents who have paid a ticket for me and told me it was for important legal paperwork and documentation since technically i am (half) from the country i am in right now but only ethnically due to my father. i cant just leave on my own, im a jobless poorfag freshly out of highschool. even if i had a job surely i could not have saved up for a plane ticket back. all i can do is suffer here. i cant even pass the time with friends because i have none, even if i did most of my awake hours are their sleeping/work/busy/otherwise not free hours thanks to the timezone, so i wouldnt have a way to communicate with them anyway. not only am i suffering in poverty this time in a different continent but i also have to do it all alone, which is why i came to this thread to vent
sorry for being so negative but i cannot put this in a lighter way or look at the bright side this time as hard as i try. if any of this sounds pssive aggressive it wasnt my intention, im sorry. i dont know how to express myself correctly

No. 1360798

This whole situation sounds so sketchy and weird. Are you in contact with your parents? Who are you staying with?

No. 1360808

I guess I didn't, I just assumed. she sent me vids of her in her house (gated community east of Tampa) with pets and told me she didn't plan on evacuating. I can totally understand being scared bc I've had a weather phobia all my life but she told me "I thought I was gonna die before you replied", which…

No. 1360810

reminds me of the time my mom "helped" me by "cleaning" my plastic retainer with boiling fucking water lmao. Sorry about your PS3, anon.

No. 1360812

Are you sure things are legit? Like this situation sounds really strange to me. I'd talk to a 3rd person to see if what your parents make you do even checks out.

No. 1360830

File: 1664699102996.png (1.16 MB, 824x928, 1611938830855.png)

i wish i had a best friend. my only "best friend" was my childhood friend and she got a new best friend in college. she went to college as soon as she graduated hs, i took several years to get to college, was a recluse, had/have several mental disorders and stopped talking to everyone i knew irl
the girl i'm talking about, the girl who was my best friend, despite her mom dying in front of her at a young age, was more mentally stable than i ever was my entire life. i was exposed to my parents horrible relationship my entire life. i had and still have a love hate relationship with my parents. my dad has severe ocd and paranoia. he would involve me in his arguments with my mom. he would tell me she's cheating on him. he would plant these horrible seeds in my mind about my mother. he made me hate my mom. he made me paranoid. he made me so, so, so paranoid. as an adult in a relationship now, every single day i am reminded of the damage he dealt to my brain. i know i cannot escape what has been done to my mind, it is so engrained in everything i think, do, and say. i'm constantly fearful, fearful about things with no bearing in reality because of the damage he has done. i cannot truly be free of the turmoil from paranoia because it was reinforced in my mind again, and again, and again, and again, for years on end. i started out talking about how i wished i had a best friend. but it all led back to this, because i know that the damage done is all because of the things i experienced in childhood. it's just so unfortunate.
i wish i could escape my own insane thoughts. i understand why my dad ended up the way he did. his mom was his everything, and she died when he was young. he was 20. he never recovered, he already struggled with severe ocd but his mom dying made it a billion times worse. he was unmedicated my entire childhood. actually, he took meds for maybe 6 months when i was 5 years old but then stopped because he got brain zaps when he couldn't get his prescription for a few days. and the meds actually helped his symptoms. but his paranoia made him not go back on the meds ever again. man, it's unfair. it's just unfair. i wish i had a best friend…i wish i could go back in time and tell my dad just how much the things he exposed me to would have effected me later on…i don't think he really knows. that's another sad part about it all. sorry. i wish i had someone to talk to about this, to cry about it to, because really sometimes it hurts in a way i cannot describe. my dad wasn't the only part that messed with me, but my halfsister leaving our house when i was 5 years old (to escape being exposed to my parents and the shit my dad put my mom through) made me feel even more abandoned, i had nothing, nothing at all, noone. there are times i want to tell my sister how much it broke me to lose her. she went to live with her dad. to get away from my dad…and her and i cannot be more different.
yeah it's just really heartbreaking, maybe i should stop feeling sorry for myself. but every so often i just mourn for myself. i let my thoughts get so out of control and i cannot help but cry because damn, it's like, did i ever have a chance? i think my life could have played out a billion times over and i would've ended up the exact same way. what a sad thing to think about. haha

pic unrelated just a pic that brings a smile to my stupid little face

No. 1360874

I'm on a bus, 3 hour long ride, and I have the great luck of sitting right next to a extremely sweaty scrote who keeps spreading out of his seat into my personal space. Can't scrotes fucking shower once in a while?
I fucking hate how men think they're entitled to larger space than us. Every time he started manspreading into me I crossed my feet over my knee (it's a comfortable way to sit while reading anyway) and basically stepped into him, slowly pushed my heel into his leg and pushed his leg away. He got the hint when I've done it for like the fourth time. I have every right to have my feet there because it's literally my half of the seat. It's a great way to push manspreaders away tho because they'll just move if they don't want to have my dirty feet in their knees.
Just fucking buy two seets if one is not enough for you.
I wish there could be sex and smell requirements for entering a bus.

No. 1360879

>I wish there could be sex and smell requirements for entering a bus.

That's why I'd honestly like public transport segregated by sex. I know, people will say that it won't help with equality and whatever but I'd love to be able to hop into a train or bus and not having to worry about noisy, smelly scrotes who harass you, especially late at night or super early in the morning when I'm on my way to work.

No. 1360897

File: 1664705005913.jpg (335.48 KB, 791x640, Screenshot_20221002_201837.jpg)

Stop scrolling. Tranny is posting CP again.

No. 1360905

very ottessa moshfegh of u

No. 1360913

> if she was ugly people would have had more sympathy towards her or were more average.

are you a fucking idiot? people hate ugly women more than anything. they would’ve argued that she “WISHES JOHNNY LIKED HER!” or that she was lying because she was “rejected !!!111” or something retarded like that. She wouldn’t have ever been believed the first time she came out about his abuse.

i was definitely ugly in my teen years, chubby with a lot of acne. Men didn’t just ignore me, they were terrible to me. taunting. They avoid you in spaces like they’re afraid someone will associate you two as being together. The moment i got thin and cleared my face up, i was suddenly a human being to them. it fucked me up, and i didn’t feel comfortable befriending men at all after that realization.

No. 1360915

Figure out how to get into contact with an embassy of your real country (assuming you’re not a citizen of this place?) because your parents got you a one way ticket on purpose. they’re trying to keep you there.

my know so many people whose parents have done that. my first cousin got stuck in the middle east by her parents telling her she had to do “paperwork,” same with another friend of mine whose parents got her a one way ticket to cambodia on the premise of paperwork. it’s a very common tactic.

No. 1360928

I think it's weird to eat on the train

No. 1360931

I pass by my local church every Sunday and they usually have people with charity buckets outside collecting. A few years ago my country finally voted that we have access to abortions for the first time. The public voted it in. Within weeks one of the 'charities' outside was collecting money to somehow try and fight against the thing we just voted in. They shook their buckets of money in my face and I could've exploded at them but didn't. All older men. The same people who had spent months harassing young women to try and change your vote or to quiz you on deeply personal details on your life. Street harassment.

I'm still pisssed that the church gave them a slot and not.. an actual charity. I've noticed since then that none of these collections are for proper charitable causes like kids, animals, real poverty. They collect money for free clubs that the over 60s frequent. Themselves. I hate the church crowd. I hate how transparent they are in only thinking of themselves.

No. 1360936

File: 1664708994417.jpg (23.76 KB, 832x555, how-to-hug-a-cat-on-national-h…)

Nona, I hope you find a purpose or something that brings you joy in your life.

No. 1360939

show her the entirity of the MtF thread

No. 1360942

Samefag, 52 collections a year. I'm 5 years into having these buckets being shook in my face as I pass. I've yet to see kids, animals, the homeless or disabled pop up once. Its all about funding free social clubs (for one specific age group) or pushing beliefs that trample on the wants or needs of the majority of voters. They litter the street and are pushy. What a waste of an opportunity to do something that'll make any real difference. The needy… They don't come up. Ever.

No. 1360957

File: 1664711950099.jpg (36.81 KB, 563x456, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)

I've got something wrong with my back crossing my fingers it isn't a herniated disk right at the start of the month I have a shit tonne of things to do, I had a meeting on Monday I now can't attend because I have to go to hospital instead, I spent the entire past week calling around to sort out switching my medication after I had a nervous breakdown, I have to start on Halloween prep and my Family is coming to stay for a week next week but I can barely walk or bend over so I can't clean the house or go shopping for food plus I'm breaking out, getting stress rashes and barely any sleep due to all of this shit can't wait to been seen by a doctor looking like a corpse dumped at the side of the road

If there is any kind of god it is absolutely torturing me for some bullshit or maybe my fucking bloodline is cursed

No. 1360961

File: 1664712213259.jpg (288.54 KB, 1197x1280, 056-2qaXdGSpWL4.jpg)

Nonnies, I must preface this by the fact that have schizophrenia.

Sometimes I feel like there's a swarm of bugs roiling inside me. And they buzz and they buzz shutting out and silencing my thoughts.
They tell me I am never going to be good enough. That I will forever remain and untalented ugly worthless schizo with my dead-end job and friends who always turn around to stab me in the back and never care about my feelings.
It's absolutely disgusting. I want to cut myself open sometimes just to pick the vermin one by one, but it feels endless, like television static, like if I take them all out there would only be a thin layer of dead skin left that was holding the mass of insects together.
On most days I passively want to die, on some - actively, but yesterday I caught myself thinking about having another grippy socks vacation despite me saying many times before that mental hospitals in this country are worse than prison or death or even hell.
The bugs are buzzing again and I don't know what to do.
I take my meds and try to distract myself, but nothing helps fully or for long. I hate it here.

No. 1360967

if i can ask anon do loud movies or songs help in anyway? im guessing loud headphones wont do anything because its your brain. do you have people you can text dumb shit to? i support you posting in dumbass or weekend meetup even if its meme images to ease something

No. 1360972

Some very specific songs help somewhat, but not much. Mostly anything with a cozy light feel, but then again, I can't concentrate on anything, so I am not enjoying the music at all. I just sit and stare at a screen.
Movies don't really help since I can't concentrate and it feels like a huge waste watching something and not getting a single word out of it.

And talking to friends… Well, there's a reason I said they don't care about my feelings. The bugs are kind of a bit right on that. I am kind of pissed with all of my friends because they chose to hang out with my ex instead of me.
That feels absolutely awful, when one of your friends says "sorry, I can't hang out with you" and you go to their ig stories and there's drunk selfies with a person who sent you to a psychiatric institution.
Mostly I feel like I feel awful because of that. Because like, they still smile at me and appear concerned, but then they go and do this behind my back. I am probably very petty and childish though.

No. 1360977

I just had to flush our toilet 5 times until all the fucking shit and shitload of tissue paper my THIRTY-ONE year old brother left in there for the umpteenth time. And I fucking WISH I could say he’s a useless neet loser which is why he’s like this…no… this faggot is a fully functioning outgoing member of society and still cant wash between his ass or FLUSH THE FUCKING TOILET. EVER. The sole and key factor in pinkpilling me is this subhuman piece of shit.

No. 1360980

i think its pretty normal i hear that from almost everyone i know. that people dont show up to hang out (even planned ones) but theres proof they left off with someone else they dislike. im sorry anon i would let you spam my phone with text or discord, i should make an anon one to just text dumb shit with other anons. heres a soft playlist i dont know if it will be too boring.

No. 1360986

Sex is disgusting. Masturbation is disgusting.

No. 1360990

File: 1664714556793.jpeg (24.42 KB, 533x534, 7D43E91D-CCE0-408D-9D4D-A36DD8…)

I’m sorry if I come off as immature I just feel lonely. My “friends” completely ignore me and forget about me unless my stream is doing well. They have all the time in the world to hang out with other friends, post screenshots of their convos with others, and add me into their stupid close friends circle on Twitter just to ignore my comment and respond to everyone else’s. Yet when my stream has 60-100 viewers they suddenly acknowledge me and start coming out the woods. They’ll comment on my stuff or like my post. They will go into my chat on high viewer days “omg I knew her since high school!” “Hehe I was her league friend back in the day!” “We had a class together btw!!” Or sometimes “I STREAM too btw! I’ll see you later nonna I’m going to STREAM now!” The worst part is that this is multiple people doing this and not just one. Is there something so severely wrong with me that NONE of them wanna hang out with me unless they feel like they might get a little recognition? Because they won’t get followers or anything from me, I’m not even popular enough to influence people to follow them. It feels so embarrassing. And since I’m already venting about it I had one friend make fun of me and laugh at me a few months ago in a voice call when my viewers weren’t as high. He told me I should give up since it’s obvious my stream isn’t going to get anywhere. I left the voice call without responding and I’m never going to talk to him again. I never cared about my stream getting big since it’s a hobby and I do it for fun but I hope it does get big so I can ignore everyone back.

No. 1360993

Nona, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I hope you can make better friends because these people seem like the absolute worst.

No. 1360995

File: 1664714982316.jpg (162 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1360921510-2048x20…)

Not only do I have my period and already feeling like shit because of it, I also do not have warm water since yesterday and the heater isn't working as well. Landlord said he will fix it but nothing happened yet. Had to take a ice cold shower after working out yesterday and wew that wasn't fun. On top of that it's also cold outside, so it's cold wherever I go and it annoys me so much reee.

Reminds me of when I had to live with my bro and he always ended up shitting all over the toilette seat but never bothered to clean it up. My mum always said that he is already "doing his best to be as clean as possible". Absolutely vile.

No. 1360996

NEVER work with someone you're dating because if they fuck up, you're the one they're going to go to to complain about them. The fact that my partner is ALWAYS late (despite being able to somehow drop me off on time and she starts half an hour later than I do?) and has a bad attitude when it comes to working. I'm in a different department so I'm not directly above her in rank, but I'm absolutely fucking tired of being treated like her special needs nurse. She's a grown ass woman, if she's late three days in a row, write her up? Don't come to me over it. I've bitched and complained to her REPEATEDLY about her being late for work to the point that I don't even bother. But God forbid she's early for whenever something she WANTS to do. At this point, I don't care if she gets fired. I'm only paying for my half of the rent and bills. The moment she's unable because of no income because she was fired, I'm going to have her move back into mommy and daddy's house where she can act like a child in her bunkbed bedroom. Not my fucking problem.

No. 1361002

Nonny, ive got the exact same problem, but my viewership is a lot less. My "friends" remember me only when one of my works blows up, or when I have a peak viewership, or if they NEED something from me because they became a streamer too. It breaks my heart seeing myself being so obviously used that I ended up seeing my viewers and chat as friends instead, which is honestly a lot worse. After all, building a parasocial relationship with your viewers is a terrible thing, but they really are the only people who make me keep going.
The person who bullied you is a terrible asshole, no one deserves such unsupportive people around. I hope things will get better for you nonny and you will find good friends.

No. 1361009

File: 1664716310425.jpg (25.92 KB, 552x626, 1643838096513.jpg)

i feel kind of suicidal. like, i know im not the "prettiest". in fact, im average at best (hair and makeup done by the salon) but what happened just really wants me to hang myself.
i went to the ER yesterday for a pilonidal cyst (i didnt know it was one when i entered the ER, i just had this pain between my buttocks) and when the doctor checked me out he said "thats quite normal for females designated male at birth with mediterranean hair growth" like really dude? youre a fucking doc and youve seen tons of women! and you think im male? like yes im ugly but i still have a normal female body like what the fuck…

No. 1361021

they sound awful, i left a group who was the same only caring about whoever had the highest view count or someone they could leech art, video editing, music, 3d rig, 3d making off of. all i wanted to do was talk to people and share art or 3d work. since i didnt stream or use SM uploading no one gave a shit. they ended up kicking me for not fitting in. the group collapsed and all their viewers died because their 5-15 viewers were themselves. i hope you make it big enough for side income or full income anon!

No. 1361023

super tiny insignificant vent, but I can't stand it when people say "bruh". I work with kids and all day long i have to listen to 10 y/o boys going "bruuuuhhh" at everything, stfu

No. 1361024

my mom did the same thing lmao

No. 1361026

A lot of people tell me I look pretty, sometimes people on a street will go up to me and tell me I look nice but when someone takes my photo I'm legit hideous. I just don't get if I like have a strong 'aura' and project looking better than I actually am because in photos I'm lumpy and misshapen, my eyes are quite different in size, have bigger nose and so on. When I smile with teeth I look like a goblin. I sometimes look good in selfies or mirror shots but once I'm not the one holding the phone it's bad bad. I'm always avoiding being photographed. I don't get how this discrepancy happens and I genuinely have no idea how I actually look. I used to be an ugly nerdy teen and I'm not sure if now my clothes and hair now fool people. I know it doesn't actually matter a whole lot but it's just not feeling good to not know how to see myself in my head. I wonder if this is something a lot of people feel?

No. 1361027

File: 1664717513821.png (1.31 MB, 1055x635, feesh4u.png)

I'll go fishing with you nonnie, and we can laugh about normies and spergs while catching the big ones

No. 1361030

File: 1664717855399.gif (2.77 MB, 250x250, Tumblr_l_1026633230418192.gif)

Sorry if this sounds stupid nonnies but yesterday was the last night of a temporary job that I was working at and I finished later than expected so I rushed out and forgot to saygoodbye to everyone who worked with me and now I feel really guilty about it. I know that the others probably didn't notice and that I'm never going to see them again but I still feel bad because they were really nice to me even though I'm an autist who can't talk to others and always messes up tasks. I just feel like a horrible person and I don't have any way to contact them so I can't even apologise and say goodbye that way and I'm so scared that they think I'm rude or that I didn't really like them just because of last night.

No. 1361032

File: 1664717891158.jpg (105.96 KB, 1136x984, rats hug.jpg)

nonna, what i wouldnt do to get a terf fishing and camping fren i swear ily

No. 1361034

Nothing can give your life color? Family, friends, hobbies, consooming, videogames, media, books, travelling to nearby towns/villages, cooking, baking, exercise, volunteering? Can't you move up in your job? And if you can't, why stay there and waste time?

No. 1361041

>However, I was beaten up, asked when I'd shoot up the school, considered creepy, etc.,
I noticed in high school that no one cares if a girl is ugly as long as she appears normie, has friend and a personality. No one would gossip about the objectively unattractive girl who acted normal, but the totally average shy, lonely girl got torn to shreds.

No. 1361043

I could have wrote this.

No. 1361051

i resonate with this post. Have you tried writting, then reading it out loud? I started making youtube vids to help me with that, i wonder if my years of isolation made me become so retarded.

No. 1361074

Eh why feel self conscious about “looking unknowledgeable” or whatever. Assholes who take pride in being know-it-all already assume everyone else is retarded. Nice people who share your special interest will be excited by your passion and give you time to speak to get your words right.

No. 1361082

I got to thinking about growing up and what the fuck was all of that. I don't remember that much but from what I do remember it was just fucking weird. Don't know how else to describe it. My mom has always gotten mad at me in the same way for some reason. Even as a really, really little kid. She'd get mad and sometimes get pissed when I asked her how to do things or she'd ask me to things I'd never done before (like sweep the floor or cook food) and then get pissed that my eight year old self couldn't hold a broom!!!! What the fuck you idiot you don't know how to fucking sweep!!!!! What are you, stupid???? Now that I'm older, she's the fucking idiot more often than not. I have to inform her of shit like twice a day because she doesn't know. I remember getting into the habit of biting myself to hurt myself so she wouldn't be mad anymore. I explicitly remember that thought popping into my head at like 5 years old. Just bite your fingers really hard and she'll have to stop yelling because you're hurt. I did that a few times.
She'd get pissed because of the most retarded fucking things too. As a kid, I was obsessed with learning new things and I would spend hours just reading things online. Once I was reading and I found out that Mac stood for Macintosh, which I thought was really interesting because I hadn't known that. I remember asking her if she knew what Mac stood for so I could kidsplain Macintosh to her and she said that it stood for Macintosh and then I went something like "oh", kind if disappointed that I couldn't be the one to inform her of what it stood for and then she gets fucking PISSED and says something like "I'm not fucking stupid you know", which looking back on is funny because she is stupid. Like jesus, imagine having a crisis of confidence because some stupid kid was disappointed she couldn't tell you something because you already knew about it.
I also remember having a bad dream and wanting to go to my mom for comfort after waking up, so I walked into the kitchen still crying and ready for a hug and then she looks at me and gets fucking pissed. She's fucking pissed at some little kid crying because of a bad dream and she just doesn't give a fuck. I had to have been like 5 or 4. And then I think she yelled at me for being bad or some retarded shit like that, because my toddler self was upset at a bad dream.
I also remember having a low blood sugar one time (I'm diabetic and was still really young at the time) and I was sitting on the toilet (can't remember why) and she was there and she gave me a juice box and I think I asked her if I could have a snack too or something and the fucking bitch says something like "I would kill you before I let you eat food in my bathroom" you fucking bitch I'm SIX. AND I HAVE A LOW BLOOD SUGAR. CAN YOU STOP YOUR RETARDED SUPERIORITY FLEXING FOR A FUCKING SECOND.
I also remember her threatening at least three times a fucking week that she would leave and take my sister with her and I could live with my dad and we could be filthy pigs together. She'd say this stupid shit allllllllllllll the fucking time as a kid. For years. And then she has the fucking GALL to get upset when I tell her later on that I think she loves my sister more than me. Yes, you fucking stupid bitch. Of fucking course I would think that you fucking retard.
Quite honestly she was a fucking cunt to deal with as a little kid. And then she'll tell me fun stories of my older brothers and sisters when they were little kids and it's like wow you bitch, sounds like it was fun the first four times. Why the fuck did you decide to have me and then be a huge fucking unstable nightmare bitch mother to me. Like is it me specifically? Because I don't know, she'd always tell me I'm just like my brothers (when I was "good") or tell me I'm just like my oldest sister ("bad") but it's like, either way you sound like you treated them better than how you treated my ass growing up so if I'm so much like your other kids why were you so fucking crazy.

No. 1361092

File: 1664722502196.jpeg (82.23 KB, 700x933, 2523A768-27F2-4DB8-B937-90E25A…)

I wish I could hug you, Nona. This post made me cry and go get my daughter from her crib for a cuddle. I’m so sorry your mom was horrible and didn’t give you what you needed and deserved as an innocent child through absolutely no fault of your own. Your mom sounds like she deserves a good slap.

No. 1361098

File: 1664722599632.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, 1629579236946.jpg)

My father took the last two pieces of my favorite bread and ate half of each, and then left it on the table until it dried stone hard. He could've taken just one and eat that one entirely. One of those pieces was the butt, the part I like the most. I'm sad.

No. 1361101

I spend hours eating up every bit of info I can find on certain subjects but then to other people I appear like someone who has no real interests. I feel like a tist. My interests are all solo and don't translate into being able to have a conversation with others.

No. 1361105

File: 1664723063083.jpg (137.11 KB, 626x643, IMG_1888-1.jpg)

I have emotionally abusive parents too; I'm sorry nonna. Several things you mentioned stand out as textbook examples of gaslighting. You might find pic rel helpful in putting a lot of this stuff into context

No. 1361106

Nonna, you're not going to guess it. The childbirth one was close enough.

No. 1361107

that's abusive. not gonna nitpick tho but where was your other parent doing during all of this?

No. 1361109

Im sorry nona, what kind of bread was it?

No. 1361170

I feel this so badly. I'm entering my early 30s and still living in a tiny studio apartment. I can't even afford a 1 bd. I don't know how I can ever afford to buy a place, either. My nigel is taking forever on a decision to live together, marry etc. I don't want to push him too hard but actually to live in reasonable comfort now it takes 2 incomes and I'm tired of struggling and paying more for less. It's absurd how expensive everything is and how little I get paid, and I have a non-shitty job. It used to be people working my job could afford a good life. Now I have more in common with a burger flipper than with a home owner. Wages have been stagnant for 30 years, while cost of living has never stopped increasing astronomically. It makes me so angry that I work so hard and get so little for it compared to the previous generations.

Apples are expensive. Fucking apples. Some nonna called 36 middle age, and in 6 years I will only MAYBE just started being a homeowner. people are now stuck renting shitty apartments like a college student until fucking middle age. This is insane. Boomers need to fucking die and stop strangling the younger generations. Every time I think of it I'm overwhelmed with hatred. It's like the powers that be are trying to press us back into serfdom and grinding poverty so they can larp as a baron from the 1400s.

No. 1361177

My nigel has horrific depression and (naturally) refuses to do anything about it. I am struggling so bad with it I want to die. All i could think about yesterday was how goid it would be if my car crashed and killed me instantly.

Then, I hate myself even more because who tf would kill themselves over a moid? Falling in love sucks. I won't be doing this again.

No. 1361189

what i hate about church collections is that the priests only "work" part time hours, and their biggest "work" day is sunday. can't they get a job and use that money for church purposes if they're truly committed to god? it seems like they get a leisurely life to do nothing all week and then hold a chat on sunday. the priest doesn't even read except for 15 minutes, the rest is volunteers reading or singing. any of those charities are bullshit, the people asking for money should just go do day labor, they'd make much more than a few pennies.

there is one church near me that is demolishing its own building to put a 5+1 apartment building with the church in the bottom commercial space, and it is going to be affordable housing. this is the only thing i've seen a church do that i really approve of because it took self-sacrifice. (well, maybe. their church building was ugly and old enough to be falling apart, so maybe they get something out of a new building, too.) I think every urban church that isn't an architectural landmark should do this. what people need is affordable housing and why are there so many churches occupying prime real estate with a 1 story single purpose building.

charity shouldn't be just shaking a bucket, they should follow this example and go out and work hard to improve the city.

No. 1361194

i was on the bus yesterday and some ten year olds were saying things like "dead ass". children should not be allowed on the internet, not even to browse, until they're 18. kids are annoying enough without them immitating tiktok.
i wish tiktok and twitter did not exist.

No. 1361215

File: 1664728015382.gif (2.51 MB, 362x640, come-here.gif)

Thank you nona, this made me happy to know that a post ranting about my shitty childhood moments made a baby get cuddles from her mama ♥ much love to you and your baby anonita.
Thank you for the recommendation anon! I kind of want to ask if I might be blowing these moments out of proportion? Because there was a lot of strife between me and my mom (really my mom with me and my dad) growing up, when I was really young. But there were also moments where she'd be the best mom ever. I do love her. But sometimes I get hung up on those bad moments and it makes me think that maybe I was just a sensitive child. I do have to say though that my relationships with people tend to get rocky at a certain point and I struggle with people in general so I can't help but feel like those bad moments deeply impacted me.
How do her actions sound like gaslighting? I know there is something wrong with me and I want to fix it and heal it and become a normal, well-adjusted person but I'm hesitant to read any book because I'm scared I might not even relate to it, kind of goofy but yeah.
Once again thank you for the recommendation!

No. 1361220

File: 1664728506047.jpg (68.79 KB, 900x506, Fd7bwOUWABQHwnG.jpeg.jpg)

Absolute pissbaby of a guy is calling me toxic because I (and everyone else playing pokemon go) is posting memes about how shitty they dressed up Blanche for FASHION WEEK. God imagine being that bleak that you get upset when a community has fun and posts memes

No. 1361226

they really followed the sjw 'u-uh its a non-binary character' tactics. honestly, no wonder, their community manager (!!) is literally a tranny. i am happy i stopped playing it right when the game started showing too obvious 'please throw as much money as you can at us' signs, and the fact how they never fixed some bugs for 1.5 year… I am glad my girl Candela still looks as amazing as ever. The old PokeGo times were super fun.

No. 1361233

aww shit am I on the nonbinary team?

No. 1361246

Yes babe I'm sorry, you can always buy the item to switch teams in the shop

No. 1361251

I live with my monster in laws because they offered us free rent in exchange for helping around the house because they're very old, and they know we want to save for a house so this sounded like the best option at the time. (lived in a high rent city previously). Turns out this was a horrible decision on my part. His parents seemed like normal, maybe a little church crazy, boomers at first. They actually are extremely hateful and spiteful people. His mom is jealous of me and talks shit about me to him anytime I'm not around. His dad ogles my boobs without even trying to hide it and talks like a pervert about every woman he ever sees. Mom must be jealous of this behavior too, but does nothing to stop it and likely blames me which is why she treats me like trash. Keeps trying to convert me to Catholicism, literally SAYS the words "I will convert you." Hateful to any person who isn't exactly like them and pbsessed with watching Fox News and tucker carlson. The news is literally blaring throughout the house 24/7. I have the option to move to another state and live with my best friend again, and pay her rent. It would be cheap rent and I would still be able to save for a house, just a little slower. I'm so conflicted because I don't want to leave him alone with these horrible people who have guilt tripped him into taking care of them. Worst of it all, honestly, is they make me pay for all the groceries which is fine, but then they won't let me choose what groceries to buy because they will only eat certain foods. They only eat meatloaf, hamburger, and sausages. I have gained so much weight since living here and I feel so trapped. Yes of course I can start family fights over not eating their food but I'm already so stressed out at work all the time that adding literally fighting them about buying myself a fucking salad is not something I wanna add to the list. They act like I offended them so personally if I say anything about how unhealthy their eating habits are. God I want out of here so bad but I don't want to leave my man, hes genuinely so sweet and kind hearted. But this family life is trash and a fucking wreck.

No. 1361252

MY BOY LOOKS LIKE SHIT. I WAS LIKE WTF IS THAT when I first saw it. This is the shit that I had to download? To take up more storage? Disgusting.

No. 1361256

actual pixiv users using AI (stable diffusion) to generate realistic CP. im gonna be sick

No. 1361262

Oh my god the amount of receipts I now have would de-platform several people permanently. Men are genuinely evil and the lengths they will go to and the people they will drag into their obsession with voyeuring the trauma and pain of women with mental illness is insane. It’s a kind of disgusting entirely unjustifiable. I could not imagine getting off on exploiting women like that. I genuinely cannot.

No. 1361265

They all look bad, but Blanche is the worst. She just looks like she's 5 and can't dress herself so she threw on her dads clothes (purposely not using they/them as she is clearly meant to be a woman)

No. 1361267

File: 1664729834120.png (714.48 KB, 680x680, 60f.png)

Crush them nonnie

No. 1361268

Do it nona, ruin them, burn them to the ground

No. 1361270

>unironically saying pissbaby

No. 1361274

It's too late for me nonna.. I can feel my pronouns shifting and my dress sense deteriorating

No. 1361275

Are you actually retarded

No. 1361277

Tell us who it is please or hint towards who they might be possibly be, I hate ominous shit like this

No. 1361279

Wait I didnt know blanche was a chick, I assumed woman but then someone told me dude so I figured pretty boy, and now I'm back to square one. Thank you anon I only play like 1-3 times a week at this point.

No. 1361281

I've been seeing people have this "ugly girls are actually treated the same as normies" thing for a while used to deflate the experiences of certain girls. Or, "B-but actually, looks don't matter for girls!" Seriously, what even is that? Maybe this is a sign of the tiktok culture setting in where people have to justify the increasingly insane cult around beauty–by pretending there isn't massive amounts of girls and women not being marginalized by it or have a harder time feeling ok in their skin. Just World Fallacy.
You have to ignore millions of experiences like >>1360913 being singled out for her looks and who got treated substantially better when she started looking better.

No. 1361282

Nonny, you shall do that, but i recommend
>dont post anything under your most actively-used username
>archive EVERYTHING because that's what people love to forget, if you got website links.
don't try gaining fame off drama clout too. goodluck.
This is f2p mobile games for you nonny, and Niantic is the worst mobage company.

No. 1361310

maybe I was and I do feel sorry about it but I also feel slightly resentful that she seemingly ended our friendship over it. I'm not sure if I should reach out or not. she hasn't replied as of a few days ago when I texted and asked if she and fam were ok

No. 1361313

I'm just sharing what I experienced in school, which was almost a decade ago. Average girl who didn't hang out with anyone was regarded as a creepy weirdo and people would nitpick her looks all the time.

No. 1361314

File: 1664731298898.jpg (58.77 KB, 750x750, wtf.jpg)

I feel you here anons, truly.
The only way I became a homeowner was due to the good graces of my ex's parents giving us some money so we could outbid other people for a home during the pandemic, and we still had to drain our life savings.
Now our relationship is dissolved and the house has to go for sale. At 31 years old, I will probably never be able to afford another house in the near future again. Too much debt. My parents are worthless humans and have never helped me besides letting me move back home temporarily in my mid-20s while ridiculing me for failure and treating me like I should be their grateful house mammy. A part of me always feels the need to be "partnered" out of shelter survival as it's the only realistic way I can afford to rent or mortgage anything.
When I could tell the relationship with my ex wasn't working out (typical irresponsible/lazy moid shit) I had a moment of panic not because I thought I'd never find love again, but because I knew the clusterfuck that laid ahead as I struggle to rebuild a living situation.
Right before I broke up with my ex, I worked 60-70 hour weeks between two jobs for several months trying to lower as much debt as I could only to barely make a dent.

Waking up everyday just to feel another daily grind only to have the minimums is absolutely exhausting when even two decades ago my work and money could easily land someone a comfortable middle class life.
>mfw looking at the hovel my single mother bought and had her parents help fix up after she had me bought for $21k in the 90s and is now over $100k for the SAME mess with no upgrades whatsoever

No. 1361315

It's the [redacted], ignore it

No. 1361341

People don't realize how insane it is. The only reason I save is because I don't pay rent as my boyfriend's parents are graciously letting me live there. I just pay for the household groceries (around $300-$400 a month). I'm lucky to get an inheritance from my grandmother which can be the start of a down payment for my eventual house. My boyfriend just got a job finally, so we are hoping to just lay low and save for a house for a few years. It's rough and even so we have it easy compared to others.

No. 1361362

I'm sad that a lot of hiking trails near me are adding parking fees. I know they want to control the amount of visitors since they increased a lot during the pandemic and it's working on filtering me out. I loved walking in those parks but I can't pay the permit each time.

No. 1361393

File: 1664734089927.jpeg (110.08 KB, 1024x576, 1643384234866.jpeg)

I hate myself. I'm getting way too old to have the issues I do still–a jaw/dental deformity that gives me a speech disability (I went to speech therapy for 10 years back in grade school–I have regressed to maybe the speaking skills of a little kid in recent years again and other than the most militant, short sentences, I haven't really had a conversation in many months) and makes it extremely painful to talk, a few health conditions that basically make me feel fucked up all the time…
…that I am still desperately trying to get treated and apparently I can't really afford it because the treatments for everything would be almost 100000$, including the reconstructive surgeries. I am extremely repulsive on the inside and out and it's like my body knows it.
I wish could just hit the "never was born" button and my existence could be erased.

Right now I am selling stuff online but I'm growing more demoralized even though I have so much to sell and I've made quite a bit, and it's very comfortable for me (between researching, reconditioning certain things, sourcing, and doing customer service) though I realize it was probably cope to even lean into it. Maybe I'm destined to be homeless. I barely am able to even do the work even when I am enjoying it, I am usually on the verge of fainting.
I want to kill myself so bad but I need to wait until I don't have to worry about my mom or my old childhood best friend hearing about it anymore. Sigh. For so long I coped and thought things could be better but I realize they won't. I saw someone I used to love at the store a while back and I couldn't even look her in the eye while before I was so expressive and happy around her. What type of life is this? I really don't want it anymore.
Picrel unrelated, it just calms me down to look at it.

No. 1361427

File: 1664735825757.jpg (17.99 KB, 259x259, 1661811742813.jpg)

Nonnas let's all just form a commune far away from all the political psycho bullshit moids pull. I want to spend the rest of my days calmly, spend them farming and gardening and creating and learning and loving and helping other women out, strengthen our bonds. Even if we start out poor, it would be safer than anywhere else. Like nuns , but without the useless religion. It's mostly men who need it anyway, because they can't just naturally behave like actual humans without some kind of punishment (hell etc) if they don't.

No. 1361432

i just want to hurt myself again so badly but i know i won't do it, it's been four years since i did it and i know the shame would eat me up if i relapsed. but everything feels like it's collapsing and i just want some relief, i just want anything to take me out of my head

No. 1361451

Fear of looking less competent can cause anxiety around speech and communication in general.

No. 1361471

this is a hell of a post. similar, i was once renting a shitty room from some woman and she was vicious and evil to me because her bf found me attractive, probably because i'm polite, have basic manners, and am not fat, unlike the rude sow i was renting from. i never even looked at him because not my type, but this woman turned into an absolute monster because she was so envious. her behavior ruined her relationship by the end and i moved out because i couldn't take her shit anymore. it was only like 3 months and it was nonstop drama from her.

also boomers really do eat like that. god i hope they all die of heart attacks soon. idk why people are unreasonable and mean over things that don't affect them. like i'm pretty sure the bible doesn't say "go forth and be a bitter, envious asshole to everyone." that woman is not going to heaven.

No. 1361500

File: 1664739731269.jpg (32.01 KB, 500x333, fc82f53d3f382cfeafae5af803bb60…)

I wish I could get into cosplay. I want to have fun and meet friends (even though i bet even EU cosplayer community is a dramafest)
>I am a poorfag
>I hate makeup so i am not too experienced in it other than using a base
>I can't even sew
>My vision is really blurry without glasses
>The characters I want to cosplay have complex designs so everything I like costs 150$ and more on AliExpress
>No idea how i would take care of the wigs
>Still can't find a job
>Not into wanting to have photosets with someone else, would rather just spam pictures of myself with my own camera work
>My 'fandom' is still niche around the english community that i even saw only 2 cosplayers on a con, but it's okay
>Already got online presence with no IRL pictures, wouldnt want to show my irl face to my 'fans'

No. 1361507

>be me

No. 1361517

I cosplayed kind of shittily a few years ago and was surprised by how many people asked me for pics. Then I found out bad cosplay compilations are a thing and now I'm paranoid they were just making fun of me. I say you should cosplay do a masked character if you are paranoid of being recognized. I had fun

No. 1361528

I'm hungry all the time, I'm going insane because of hunger

No. 1361549

File: 1664742977387.jpg (10.79 KB, 275x206, 882191.jpg)

My ex broke up with me, moved away, immediately got a better job, better housing situation with his friends, just basically turned his life around in the space of a couple months while I'm just stuck here at the same shit job. I don't think he even thinks about me anymore whereas I think about him all fucking day. The resentment is killing me. I know the best way to move on is to make positive changes in my life, and the best way to do that is to stop obsessing over him, but I can't stop hurting myself by checking his social media. It's not even real fucking life it's just socials and he hasn't even really posted so I'm scraping at crumbs, swinging at fucking ghosts just to convince myself I lost. WHY.

No. 1361556

Please just block social media already. Like, literally just delete it. That you know what's going on with him to begin with is a huge mistake.

No. 1361561

Fuck normies. My normie housemate invited his girl to stay overnight and now they they are talking and gigglinng and they were eafimg together. Ok I am jealous because I am an undesirable autistic potato which wants boyfriend to participate in these normie rituals too but can't

No. 1361565

I can’t believe Robbie Jade Law gave the money she won RIGHTFULLY to that tard because he was such a sore loser. “Muh statistics” “muh analytics” do not restrict yourself to seething, brother - consider coping as well

No. 1361571

That retard intimidated her on and off cam so she could give the money back and she did. What a cuck.

No. 1361572

I hate how I simply can't eat leftovers in this house. I gotta wait an hour because I live with a wannabe celebrity chef who wants to make good food worse. Like damn man, the food is already done. Wtf is taking you an hour to make it worse?

No. 1361589

File: 1664745307881.jpg (594.02 KB, 1000x1000, 89687915_p11.jpg)

Seeing neopronouns being discussed in my own slavic language where it's IMPOSSIBLE to construct something like that pisses me off.

No. 1361594

For a year and a half I've been secretly crushing on my coworker who's in a relationship. I tried so many times to force myself to be attracted to someone else but it didn't work, I went to a coupe of dates but I could only think about that person. What do I do? Change jobs? Fuck

No. 1361596

Imagine him in situations where he is gross and a jerk.

No. 1361603

I feel like I have the worst fucking luck that keep setting me back from achieving my goals, and also makes me look like a basket case to other people. It's so demoralizing

No. 1361624

Have they ever reciprocated the crush back or why do you like them so much in the first place?

No. 1361630

File: 1664750815341.gif (3.59 MB, 480x368, 005a21e46.gif)


No. 1361643

File: 1664751734712.jpg (95.53 KB, 865x1195, 1664642699560.jpg)

I can't find a job anywhere. I don't the skills for anything more than retail. I can't go back to school because I can't afford school. I can't get a loan because I flunked out. I'm stuck in loser category forever.

No. 1361647

Sign up to a recruitment agency there's probably loads of things you can do you don't realise. Make it someone else's job to get you employed lol

No. 1361658

I'm probably going to get fired from my shitty retail job for calling out too much and I'm actually happy, oddly enough. My managers treat me like shit because I'm not somebody who enjoys scamming people into applying for predatory credit cards, and they also get offended when I prioritize my education as a full-time college student kek. "Can you come in at 8 tomorrow morning?" No, bitch, I have labs.

No. 1361660

Actually agree with the other anon and I probably will too. I think theres like 3 of us on here looking for jobs with no luck. I had an agency find me a $17 job before. Just read reviews on the company before going in for an interview.

No. 1361677

I third the agency, they can sometimes help you get specific training for things.

No. 1361684

I woke up feeling good today but then as the day went on I started to become irritable, mentally exhausted, and filled with existential dread that I will die alone. Can't I just have one day where I don't feel like shit.

No. 1361706

>they also get offended when I prioritize my education as a full-time college student

this was so true. Like I'm only here for the pocket money, my real calling is elsewhere

No. 1361716

I'm scared my alcoholism is giving me brain damage. it's like I can't speak normally anymore

No. 1361724

Whenever I have to do math It makes me want to kill myself because it reminds me of how much of an utterly hopeless and stunted retard I am. I'm only good at writing and reading, nothing else academically so I plan to do something in those fields like Library Sciences but I have a math course and I don't know how I am going to pass this, my arithmetic skills are that of an elementary schooler and even then lesser than that. I can't even die because then my parents would be stuck with paying my tuition. I'm tired and so scared, I just wanted to be a librarian damn it, why do colleges force you to take classes that aren't even related to what I want to do, for more money? Of course not, that'd totally be so wrong and totally not what it truly going on.
I'm so exhausted, whenever someone tells me something like "Hee hee not everyone is good at math so don't worry tee hee!" I want to shriek.

No. 1361726

Recently had a significant health scare, had to wear a holter monitor for 3 days, have my blood taken, etc. I have some significant rare conditions that run in my family that I’ve had to monitor my whole life so I try to take things in stride but wearing a boxy fucking monitor with adhesive I’m allergic to sucks ass. I was venting to one of my closest friends and she seemed very sympathetic… but not even a minute after she sent me a consoling message began to text me thinking it was her boyfriend. Immediately talked about my health issues, how she thought I was lying about it being due to an actual medical condition I have and thought it must be “the vax” causing chest issues and I must be “quadruple vaxxed” and that was why. She was in the midst of typing out more before I cut her off. Basically ended the conversation/friendship by saying I was really hurt and I needed time to process what she had just done.

On one hand I was wheezing with laughter because it was just so fucking absurd to have someone switch in the span of a few moments but on the other, I feel significantly hurt. If she was willing to immediately talk abt my personal health issues, what else have I told her that’s been shared around? Idk I guess I thought this type of shit ended in high school BUT whatever.

No. 1361739

File: 1664760096644.png (62.62 KB, 434x411, 1531592634890.png)

my asshole keeps bleeding
not like a little when you wipe too much, that's always happened to me
I mean I'm wearing a panty-liner right now because it will not stop bleeding
I really, really just want to kill myself
I know the doctor is going to want me to get another endoscopy after fingering my asshole and calling the fucking intern over to take a peak between my spread cheeks
why does it have to be so fucking humiliating
you can't even get government money for your asshole bleeding
they just stick a bunch of stuff up your ass and then tell you to eat more fiber. oh you have diarrhea a lot? okay eat less fiber. oh that doesn't help either? better get the camera back up there again. still no answer? well. go home.

No. 1361752

it goes away if u lay off. u probably know that just saying i feel mega tarded if i drink the way i am prone to doing for longer than like 3 weeks but after 1-2 weeks just moderating it gets so much better

No. 1361755

May your butthole find peace.

No. 1361756

I'm sorry anon, I've been bleeding out of my belly button on and off and the doctors haven't been helpful either. It's been over a year now. I hope your butthole stops bleeding or you at least find a doctor who knows what to do. Luv ya

No. 1361757

I know what's going on with him because we remained in contact before he moved, and I'm just making up in my head that his life is so much better now because I hate myself. You're right though, I'm going to try to stop checking up on him. I just want to be myself again.

No. 1361761

i start my new job at the hospital tomorrow and i hope i do not make any work enemies but hearing about the field in general i am not optimistic about that. in my current state i simply am ready to go off in a spectacular fashion. i am full of rage and not in a gay way. i worry that i may snap and start a fight. why cant women get out their anger with eachother by slapping eachother around for a little bit i think that would be productive. no major injuries u know. if dudes piss eachother off enough, they just have a lil gay ass fight. im sick of passive aggression. i want normal aggression.

No. 1361764

File: 1664761526057.jpeg (69.28 KB, 372x354, 3D4B40FA-B032-457B-AB42-017E57…)

Are you lactose intolerant? I’ve had hard stool and constipation all my life until I removed dairy from my diet. Also I recommend using a bidget or just hop in the shower after using the bathroom. I hope your butt feels better soon.

No. 1361816

>bf is literally always sick
>tell him it's because he's renting a room in a house full of mold
>the house is so disgusting and mildew-ridden i felt nauseous within 5 minutes of walking in there so we always go to mine, not his
>he shrugs his shoulders and keeps living there
>6 months later
>he's literally always sick and it's getting worse
>only time he wasn't sick was when we were on trip away from his mold-ridden shitty rental
>he finally believes me
hope he actually takes action and moves to a better place but who knows. idk why he doesn't just listen to me and do as i say. i think men would literally die without women around to tell them what to do. i told him to sue the landlord but i doubt he will because he also never went to the doctor like i told him to so he has no records of the illness. what kind of a dumbass pays money to live in a place full of mold. for the same price he could get his own (small) place that isn't full of mold and disgusting housemates.

No. 1361825

Found a lump on my dogs back tonight and I’m so fucking worried. Going to get him an appointment this week but I feel like puking. He’s my best friend and I haven’t been spending enough time with him lately (I’ve been home with him ofc, I’ve just been working on the computer a lot instead of playing w him.) genuinely want to fucking die if anything happens to him

No. 1361826

my cat has a million lumps and the vet says he's fine, just lumpy. He's been lumping for like 6 years and he's fine. It's probably jus a lipoma or something.

No. 1361828

That’s good to know, thank you anon. I hope to god that’s all it is

No. 1361830

you should just let him die. you can't want more for others than they want for themselves

No. 1361835

kek i love this place

No. 1361854

I know someone else said this as well but lumps are pretty common for cats and dogs, I took in this homeless cat a couple years ago and he had a huge lump on his neck, it was so gross and had veins running through it and a few hairs growing in the center of it. I took him to the vet expecting them to tell me it's cancer but they tested it and said it's just a non cancerous growth and it's fairly common. They removed it and he's totally fine now, and the lump never returned. Feel better Nona and I'm sure he'll be fine, lumps are usually a later symptom of cancer in animals so you probably would have seen symptoms a long time ago if it were something serious.

No. 1361866

Thank you nona, he hasn’t been sick at all so I’m really hopeful that it’s nothing. Genuinely always thought a lump was almost always bad so I feel a lot calmer now

No. 1361869

I hate Indian men, so much they should go fuck off and stop existing for once. They all look like Dream but mid and uglier

No. 1361878

File: 1664770738251.png (176.66 KB, 340x360, FeEOfE8VQAEKcuN.png)

this is so annoying but my sister refuses to stop interacting with a twitch streamer moid +10 her senior while he uses her for free art and sex (gross typing that out)Not to mention her pickme ass friend who gets used by this moid for sex, letting his other scrotes fuck her because he has no respect for her. My sister, having 0 fucking confidence and no standards, is so very easily influenced and started mimicking there behavior. of course neither of these people give a single shit about her so she's constantly crying to me and venting, I attempt to tell her, that she needs to remove these two from her life and look for better friends. doesn't listen to me. she started doing his twitch emotes for free after literally not drawing for 4-6 months. the other day, after crying bout being used by him and then in the proceeding days she told me this half-assed "compliment" he did comparing her to a pokemon ball. I said nothing to her after that. no one in the family even likes these people, so at this point she's being reeled into these people for BDP reasons, or whatever. I seriously want to tell her that I can only care so much, because clearly everyone but her seems to see where she's heading.

No. 1361879

prolly a brown moid

No. 1361880

Can you find a tutor or seek out some academic support program from your school?

No. 1361881

it is a brown moid kek

No. 1361883

File: 1664770942393.jpeg (21.33 KB, 768x431, AA12wiMH.jpeg)

>t. looks like picrel

No. 1361885

I drank too much last night and I’ve been hungover all fucking day. My stomach is on fire and I’m so nauseated, I hate that I did this to myself

No. 1361886

I hate this feeling of anxiety waiting for my ex's decision whether she'll give me another chance or cut me off for good. I don't even know what our relationship will look like now if she decides with the former but I'm determined to make it so much better than last time. If she doesn't at least I'll finally have closure and I know I have to be prepared for it but moving on from her is still so difficult to think about.

No. 1361889

Whatever the outcome is, you’ll be okay anon, I promise.

No. 1361904

People who are like “you have to be terminally online to know what terminally online means” are retarded. You are being called terminally online because you have zero home training and treat people like shit, your pineal gland is calcified with sludge and your attitude makes you ugly as sin. You are terminally online because you view things through this tiny black and white scope and treat people like GTA pedestrians. Also you care about Dream.

No. 1361911

I'm in a similar situation also anon and it's so, so not fun. crossing my fingers for you two, or for whatever the least hurtful thing is for you going forward

No. 1361916

File: 1664776051185.jpg (108.66 KB, 1080x1080, 91465805_1508978202604273_3282…)

I really don't like black people but I have nobody to talk to about it. They're all so smelly and unhygienic, and I live in a place where they're literally everywhere. They also tend to look at you in creepy/rapey ways. :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1361917


No. 1361918

File: 1664776188740.png (208.61 KB, 300x250, 1616194544197.png)

Anyone else struggle with not feeling like their emotions and personality are real? I'll be sad or crying sometimes and even if no one is around to see it, I feel like I'm faking being sad. I often feel like I'm playing pretend all the time and that I am not 'me', if that makes sense. I sometimes get this anxiety like people are going to realize I'm not really real, that I'm just a pretender.

No. 1361919

No. 1361920

i feel this but also just that i'm always living in a videogame or the truman show where everything feels entirely fake. i think it's just part of derealization. it feels awful all of the time, like a nightmare you can't wake from. it's so uncomfortable all of the time.

No. 1361921

anon you're mentally ill

No. 1361922

No. 1361923

No. 1361925

>people are responding to the most obvious bait
ah here we go lol

No. 1361926

I have a potato PC and lots of unfinished homework but I'm too retarded to start it

No. 1361927

Ur one of them arent u…

No. 1361952

File: 1664780732832.gif (3.54 MB, 385x232, 2345678765432.gif)

No. 1361983

got drunk about 6 hours ago, woke up and drank water and ate a banana. head still spinning and mildly nauseous.

would you try to throw up to feel better? or should I stick it out since I ate a banana and the drinking happened a while ago

No. 1361986

Nta but most people live up to their 80s and 90s so wouldn't half their life be in their 40s?

No. 1361994

update: didnt get a choice on the matter, luckily made it to the toilet on time

being a lightweight and drinking after 2 years of sobriety literally has me fucked up from 2 little mixed drinks. I honestly hate drinking idk why I tried it again

No. 1362037

It's my first day of college ever, I don't know what room I'm supposed to be in since I came late and missed my bus so I'm sitting here crying in a bathroom that smells like shit because I was walking around for half an hour looking like a retard before throwing in the towel. I don't know who to ask or where to go and I'm thinking of just going home.

No. 1362040

Do you have a facebook account? No idea how college and uni works in other countries and I'm assuming you're American (correct me if I'm wrong), but if it's like 10 years ago when I started uni there should be some FB groups made by students for students to post this sort of info and send each notes taken during classes and lectures. I've been fucked over this way too and I wish I've been told that earlier. Good luck.

No. 1362041

Please find one of the offices and tell them you need help finding your classes. Let's stumble through the first day so that the next can be better.

No. 1362048

coworker is such an annoying complainer. when theres stuff to do he bitches about how nobody else does it, but when everyone else does it he bitches about how theres nothing to do. like shut the fuck up you shit talker.

No. 1362052

I hate how whenever I vent to someone about my woes and reasons of being stressed out, people always respond with 'Everyone else feels this way too' and its variations. Okay, so I get upset about everyday things but how should knowing that everyone else feels this way make me feel better? And literally evrryone I talk to responds to me this way, it makes me want to not tell anyone anything

No. 1362063

day 1 of pixies thread being invaded by retards and im already tired. compared to some other cows like shay her thread has always been comfy, aside from the odd underage fan thatd stumble across us and post a few unsaged wks before getting put out to pasture. but yeah rn it's unbearable and i swear it's made me paranoid of innocent anons being undercover schizoposters trying to stir up drama or kiwifags

No. 1362068

I've in the past dated guys that called themselves "underachievers", like the typical type to think they're a genius just not trying, usually guys in academia/public roles that failed to stand out in any way. Then I met a "working man's man" type guy, and while his grammar and spelling were atrocious, he felt real and didn't lack common sense. But turns out Hallmark sexy contruction worker tropes are a lie. This guy is seriously more condescending than the arrogant woke type guys and poor language skills also mean shit text comprehension. Like this man will not understand half the shit I say, but instead of asking for clarification, he basically just skips past those parts of the conversation, and communication gets really confusing. He says "I'm crazy hilarious" when I say nothing comical, but doesn't get any of my references. So basically choosing between spoiled "underachievers" and "can-do, self-made" working class guys is like choosing between vomit and shit.

No. 1362073

he probably feels entitled bc he managed to get with someone way out of his league honestly. like he clearly doesnt understand your references so he's just like haha you're so funny, scrotes do not know how to deal with intelligent women i stg. good luck anyway anon hope you find someone who actually values you and isn't a pos

No. 1362074

It is genuinely appalling to me that men will see all your attempts thwarting wanting anything to actually do with them and they’ll still see it as some opportune pass. Like you’re supposed to trust them at all in spite of the fact that you CLEARLY have put up very strong personal boundaries. Why the fuck would I trust you! Why the fuck would I try anything with you! Oh my god

No. 1362075

It feels like people in beauty industry in western europe have intellectual disabalities, memory losses and reading comprehension problems. First it was this not very expensive clinic. They didn't check online questionnaire and didn't ask why half of my face is white at consultation. Ok, my bad, should have told, don't trust internet and texts, people here don't understand information unless told with voice directly to the face letter by letter. Got pissed, cut myself from despair, but ok, coped. My bad. Still waiting for the refund. Second time, another clinic, a bit more expensive overall and three or more times more expensive procedure, wrote everything in details in the email, got a call, told the same information from the email in the call, all were fine. Scheduled an appointment at very inconvenient for me hour because weekends are very busy, cancelled all plans. Got a call at the day of the appointment that they don't actually do this procedure at this zone. Holy shit I am so mad now.

No. 1362078

i hate that both my parents are so useless and unskilled, my dad is a chainsmoker ex butcher that lost his business 4 times and is now a taxi driver and my mom is an OCD pickme that likes to larp as a tradwife but doesn't know how to cook andw she does the result is revolting because she's stubborn and doesn't have patience and is unwilling to just to what the tutorial lady says, its so obvious she's jealous that her boyfriend food is much better and i often joke that he's the wife of the relationship(moid joke, i know, i just like to make her mad). I wish i had parents that could pass down their skills to me.

No. 1362079

Like the other anon said, you're out of his league and he knows it. Never date down.

No. 1362084

These were 2 different clinics. Now I am looking for the specialists, not for the clinics. I'll go to another city if needed. I hope third time a charm. Otherwise, I'll buy a plane ticket to my shithole homeland and do everything there.

No. 1362104

No. 1362118

File: 1664797491321.png (654.69 KB, 547x501, 1624451613625.png)

>omg anon have you considered that you might be trans too?
I'm ~gnc~ (just barely, if you can even call it that), not retarded. The fact that I'm getting this told by someone who says she feels visceral disgust and distress over getting called a woman or a she makes this statement just all the more hurtful. Woman is not a dirty word, if anything you're the dirty one for trying to convince others that it is, I hope in a few years you're able to look back onto this and feel deep, piercing regret.

No. 1362120


No. 1362123

genderautists are so annoying i have an enby friend thats been tryin to convince me i am genderfluid because i dare to use skirts AND pants, wow!. These people are more pushy than my weird catholic babysitter that was ''concerned'' i had a male penguin in club penguin.

No. 1362124

I wish I lived in a big city and not this shit tiny town that's just a road and some houses around it. There's nowhere to go and since I work full time I can't travel 2 hours to the nearest city, it's just too time consuming. Wish I wasn't too poor to actually move.

No. 1362125

File: 1664798421404.gif (272.03 KB, 200x151, 200w.gif)

I've never driven because I have seizures that aren't under control. I live alone and I'm hours away from family because of property pricing. I'm happy enough in a way. I'm suited to the solitary life but then when the grey days and non stop rain kicks in.. its alot. I don't struggle with low moods as much as a used (and I reeally used to suffer with that) to but this time of year kinda tests that. I'm hoping my depression doesn't kick in these next 3/4 months. I just want to be able to go for walks or not get soaked everyday getting to work.

I'm legit one of those people who can now manage muh mentalz just as long as I get a daily walk in. Which is cool but if I cant..

No. 1362131

I managed to find it myself after stumbling around for a bit so I missed my first class. Thank you guys so so much for trying to help me. I'm really sensitive so just reading your responses is going to make me cry some more. Hugs and kisses to you both

No. 1362132

That's the part that hurts my feeling about all this trans and nonbinary stuff, the grouping of women into masculine categories based off physical appearance or aesthetics. I keep seeing women get double mastectomies or put binders on and be like "masculine presenting!" and it's like a stab to my a-cupped tittied heart. I didn't choose to have small boobs, broad shoulders, man hands, and no hips. I'm still feminine and love being a woman but now I get lumped into the nonbinary category automatically just cause I look masculine and don't wear makeup. I'm so tired of seeing my features on nonbinary woman or trans men getting called masculine, I try not to let it get to me but damn it does hurt my confidence a bit.

No. 1362139

File: 1664801020454.jpeg (201.45 KB, 1138x1042, 02789F69-1E54-46DA-978D-8FF036…)

My favorite manga/anime/series ever is getting a new anime and while I'm super excited, the closer and closer to release I'm getting worried. I'm not even worried if it's shit or not, I'm more worried about the fan base it'll attract. I don't want to see discourse or some kids saying it's "problematic," I don't wanna be recommended "Lum being an underrated queen for x amount of minutes" videos, I don't wanna see oldfags seething every week because it's not a 1:1 remake of the original anime.
There were already Jojo fans being shitheads about it when it was announced because David Pro is working on it.
At the very least I'll get new art and actually good porn of my husbando.
picrel I guess

No. 1362146

File: 1664801686655.jpeg (65.05 KB, 461x375, 6974D46F-BFA1-4D56-9EA2-542847…)

Anita Mann bad

No. 1362147

Diff anon but it took me years to get comfortable with being my butch leaning self. Not that I'm even 'that' butch. I'd alot of pressure from family growing up to present a certain way. I've a naturally very deep voice and I keep my hair short despite people constant opinions on how pretty long hair would look on me. If it weren't for my bust I would be paranoid about coming off as a genderspecial. A few years ago I lost my mom to breast cancer and there was a period of time where I was waiting to get tested for the breast cancer gene.. which would possibly lead to me getting a preventative double mastectomy. In the end I don't have it but its depressing that women can't just have certain traits anymore without people wanting to lump you in with the ftms and nbs. Or wanting to recruit you if you tick a couple boxes for them. If I needed that mastectomy I would've been ok with it and with not getting a reconstruction done but I hate the association it has now with trans people more so than women who have reasons to have it done too. Its like women are being erased as soon as they're not super feminine looking. Not uber femme.. you must be a man or something else!

I love women with a hint of androgyny going on but you can't tell anymore who is butch or gnc and who is some third gender. The worst part is when they can't let other women just be gnc women. Apart from on here I don't share my opinons on gender shit, people can do their own thing even if I think its misguided but.. why do they feel the need to recruit or push others to question their gender too? That's the part that bothers me. They talk about respecting peoples identities but don't want to respect women who are just gnc women? Its backwards that we're at this point. Women can't vary from a very set type of presentation without being hounded about whether we're really women.

No. 1362150

I understand. I can't stand zoomer weebs either. I should give it a try because I never watched or read Urusei Yatsura and I loved the Ranma 1/2 anime in middle school, it seems to be the same type of comedy/romcom.

No. 1362154

I'd recommend the manga in that case. The anime is good, but it's definitely more "male" for lack of a better word.
Also read the new translation, the older one punches up the script and then devolves into shitty scans.

No. 1362163

File: 1664804493005.gif (331.8 KB, 763x527, c83e89cf4929769f08c4edc4a416de…)

just wait until zoomies start calling lum problematic for harrassing ataru. I hope that kimagure NEVER gets a remake i will go postal if weebs start drawing coomery thicc madoka drawings or tifs start claiming her as some weird troon bullshit

No. 1362167

Yeah it really is weird to see the change over the years, every time I see a woman online that has the aesthetic of a tomboy they have "they/them" pronouns now. It's sad it's like women are being taught that being a woman means "presenting" as one which is just basically old stereotypes of women. I can't even imagine what it's like for women who have to get double mastectomies for medical reasons now, as if it weren't difficult enough to cope with before now there's the added assumption by everyone else that it's just "top surgery" to appear more masculine. I fucking hate that small boobs are even associated with masculinity in the first place. I think the reason the nonbinary types seem to try to "recruit" others is because of the narrative that woman and man are genders not sexes and gender is on a sliding scale, so the "gender" of woman is just hyper femininity and the "gender" of man is hyper masculinity. So then they see everyone else through this weird filter as well, so a non feminine woman is now a different gender in their mind. Whenever they describe it it sounds so sexist to me I don't understand how everyone else isn't seeing it for what it is; sexist stereotypes.

I used to be really insecure about looking somewhat masculine so in my late teens/early twenties I used to wear feminine clothes with floral prints and push up bras to double the size of my boobs, I'd also wear makeup everyday and try as hard as I could to appear very feminine. Over the past few years I stopped wearing push up bras and opted for more comfortable clothes like sports bras and t-shirts, stopped wearing makeup and kept my hair tied back. At first I felt really comfortable dressing how I wanted and not having to bother with makeup and uncomfortable clothes. But the change in treatment I started getting made me so insecure, it's just gotten worse pretty much since the big trans ideological boom during covid. My own therapist of 5 years has recently started using gender neutral terms for words like "mankind" or "manpower" and referring to me in gender neutral terms as well. I guess out of assumption that I'm trying to start transition or "present" as nonbinary or something. I hope this gender stuff ends soon but it's probably not even hit it's peak yet.

No. 1362176

File: 1664805502161.gif (1.18 MB, 320x200, 2A8D90AD-C9CB-4BFA-B3AE-0AFA0F…)

I’m 20 and I’m still confused about my sexuality. I’ve been reading up on personal blogs and feminist theories and I agree with them on certain aspects. Sometimes I have to reevaluate myself and think that maybe to some degree my sexuality is dictated by the culture around me, I could not envision another childhood where I wasn’t inundated by penises, pornography, unsupervised viewings of explicit adult content that only featured heterosexual “sex” which is just teetering on to the abuse of women. I feel like my sexuality is in a between realm that’s forbidden by lesbians and diehard sapphics who believe in the biological immutability of their sexuality and if you are too late to figuring out that innate hallmark, you’re a “polilez” and only pretending. If you live in the current reality of world, you have no choice but to be a heterosexual woman to gain status and appreciation in this male-ran world, but even with that comes with extra grueling steps at the expense of our own health and individuality. I’m just so confused and this is the least of my worries

No. 1362177

Tfw you genuinely believe you're ugly, can't stand to look at yourself in the mirror, have constant negative self-talks, but strangers you meet call you pretty. Somehow my brain is like "meh, thanks" then goes back to negative self-talk.

No. 1362180

File: 1664805636553.jpeg (593.99 KB, 828x869, DF072641-9483-4D05-81DF-6F5135…)

I just want a bf and to be happy this sucks.

No. 1362182

My mom accuses me of being drunk whenever I show any emotion she doesn’t like. Mind everyone I’m in my mid-twenties, had my first drink at 22, and only experimented with alcohol during lockdown (which she did not witness). Think it’s time to cut her off. It’s going to hurt but I don’t think it’ll hurt more that what she has done to me over the last two years.

No. 1362186

It's so annoying when people constantly try to give you advice, no matter if you're telling them about something good that happened or you're just making a neutral statement about something. The worst part is when they're too stupid to give meaningful advice, so they are just getting off on the idea of being useful without putting any meaningful thought and effort. You're not the problem solver you think you are, and talking to you is just tedious and boring.

No. 1362204

I really don't give a shit about all these dream face reveal. Why is my twitter feed so full of this shit? I don't even know what the fuck kind of content he's creating but I just know all moids who play video games whether for entertainment or an audience are fucking useless.

No. 1362209

There unironically teenagers who care about minecraft on here and it makes me SICK. I had never even heard about this stupid retard before.

No. 1362214

Minecraft makes you sick? Bet you never played any icky video game ever too, right?

No. 1362222

I hate it when the company I buy my dog's food from ships using a 3rd party instead of Fedex. Retards always, always fuck up the delivery order by misdelivering it. The company always sends me another box without charging me again which is nice but I know each time I tell them it got misdelivered they don't want to send me another $200 box of food for free again. I'm not scamming you! I just need food for my dog and you keep scamming yourselves by trusting 3rd parties to deliver the food! I hate Fedex normally, but they always leave the box in the building like they're supposed to and for whatever reason that's too much of an ask for 3rd party delivery men to do.

No. 1362226

I get depressed every time I think about the amount of money YouTube personalities make who get at least a couple of million views on a single video alone. $30,000. THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is how much they can make with a single video alone. THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND. I can feed myself, pay rent, and basically sustain myself for a year with just that much alone. WHAT THE FUCK. What the fuck am I doing with my life while other people got so fucking lucky that they're now set for the rest of their life???

No. 1362233

I don’t mind games in general, I just think it’s silly to make a big deal about a fucking face reveal in a community that’s aimed at 4 year old boys. Why so many nonnas are part of this community and care about this stuff just confuses me.

No. 1362236

It's aimed at young twenties nowadays but I still agree with you lol

No. 1362240

If it's any consolation anon, their world can come crashing down on them at any point and they are constantly at the mercy of YT/Google's policies. Not to mention they are often careless with their money and have to pour thousands of dollars back into their videos. I feel you though, that amount is almost twice as much as what I make annually.

No. 1362251

File: 1664810251478.jpeg (449.46 KB, 1365x2048, 1661818731618.jpeg)

Anyone else a former waldorf student here?
I feel like waldorf has permanently tainted me. Even though I left ages ago I'm still influenced by it. When I interact with people I can tell there's something distinctly different between me and them and they sense it too. I left waldorf in grade 10 and went to a public school and the transition was like moving to a new country which speaks a different language. I was so out of my depth and still am. I don't feel like I've aged mentally a single day since I left waldorf. In my head I'm still throwing eurythmy rods and knitting.

No. 1362259

File: 1664810490864.jpg (162.38 KB, 958x796, kidwithrodonhisheadvibin.jpg)

Damn and I thought my private christian school upbringing was weird. Were you well-prepared education wise at least? It feels very culty and I'm sorry you were raised in that I know that I wish I had been in public school..

No. 1362260

Sometimes I'll see some really cool art that appears to be an original design completely unrelated to Minecraft but it's some Dream SMP character shit and it's so baffling

No. 1362261

>encourage motor skills
yet somehow the kid still has extreme forward head posture/nerd neck and looks miserable

No. 1362265

Because people want to feel like they are a part of something. Self control doesn’t exist anymore, you’re supposed to have negative thoughts at the forefront of your mind to vomit onto everybody at whim.

No. 1362268

If you don't mind talking about it, what was wrong with Waldorf education? I only went to (good) public schools and was poor growing up so never went to private schools.

No. 1362271

I can understand this. Sometimes I worry if I'm really just dead inside. It's as if I'm an NPC realizing they're stuck in a video game and any emotions I feel are scripted and my actions pre-determined.

No. 1362272

Just came out of a job interview. It was awful. How did I even get any of my other jobs, Jesus christ. I suck so bad. I think they could tell how nervous and terrified I was and I hope that counts in my favor but hoooooly shit, I knew NOTHING.

No. 1362278

Nta but google rudolf steiner, the founder. He was insane.

No. 1362279

File: 1664811575983.jpg (96.71 KB, 1024x768, 1660071300703.jpg)

Waldorf actually does teach you well, not just about gnomes but education wise. I think it's more due to the small classroom sizes and the fact that you have the same one teacher through every year though. It was pretty culty. Everyone knew each other and their sister by name. It was an inside joke in the school that if you left waldorf to go to a public school you'd inevitably come back after a year and the joke was proved true time and time again. We had a bunch of rituals like morning verse, saying blessings before snack + lunch (it wasn't necessarily religious though), the saint michael play, christmas and spring fair, the rose ceremony, santa lucia, advent and the advent circle, a bunch of other yearly events. Call it stockholm syndrome or whatever if you will but waldorf was genuinely the best years of my life and I find myself wising I was 13 again. Everyone in the class was like your family and you had known them since kindergarten and seen them practically every day since. I'm 23 now and I still have regular dreams about my classmates and teacher. I talked to two of my classmates and one of them was having the exact same integration problems I am. I feel completely left behind to normal people in every way. Even though I loved waldorf I wish I had a normal upbringing so I could be like everybody else.

No. 1362284

In which way do you feel different to people who had a standard education?

No. 1362286

File: 1664812209309.jpeg (17.6 KB, 471x312, 1538035301916.jpeg)

found out my crush is reciprocated, he walked me home from a night out and kissed me goodbye at the door, we got each others' number but he's barely texted me and i feel like i'm going insane. dude is a boomer with tech so i'm trying not to read into it and it's been like a day but i hate this crushes suck i hate feeling literally lovesick

No. 1362291


No. 1362292

Hello newfriend, leave email, subject and name blank. Have a good time.

No. 1362293

nonny you sound very sweet but please protect your email and do not fill in the name and subject field. you can delete posts within 10 minutes if you want to fix that now

No. 1362294

You appear to be helpful so read the rules and delete your posts.

No. 1362295

I feel bad for you and you seem nice, so I'm just going to say that you should delete these posts and read our guide on posting, and our rules

No. 1362296

got it!

No. 1362297

This is why I just never put myself out there. 10 foot walls up keeping me safe.

No. 1362298

File: 1664812451703.png (367.96 KB, 680x510, 7pr5spo0uu781.png)

The most prominent way is computers and the things that come with it. Before I moved to the public school I never even heard the word meme, I didn't even know how to copy and paste, I had to be guided step by step every time I used a school computer and to this day computers are still alien to me and I feel a slight sense of fear when I pick mine up. Hearing people quote memes made me feel left out like they knew inside jokes that I didn't. At first I thought the memes they were quoting they made up themselves. I had to make a video for a school project and mine was basic with zero editing. When I saw the class' I was literally stunned by how they used sound effects and green screen stuff. I had no idea doing things like that was even possible. I got my first phone at 17 and I never brought it to school or used it outside the house. I think I internalized the "no electronics at school" rule to the point where I feel unease when I bring my phone outside. There are a lot of other points but I have to leave for a orthodontist appointment in 5 mins.

No. 1362299

Was with a guy last night and I wanted to be a bit kinky so he’s like a super awkward mood and couldn’t get it up because nerves (sure ol) so I’m masturbating and I’m like “tell me somthing dirty”

Instead he praises me and compliments me.

Dull. Okay so I’m like “give me a non-con fantasy” he just sorta sits in silence and I’m like”…today???” And he goes all “I don’t know what to say without it being vulgar”

DUDE. I AM -ASKING- YOU TO BE VULGAR. I want it. I wanted some dirty little fantasy to help me get off since he wasn’t going to and it’s like how are you THIS useless? It took me over an hour and a half to get off because he didn’t want to offend me. Even though I’m asking him.

I’m giving him PERMISSION like lol I wonder if he were more into it if I acted disgusted with it or if he did it on his own accord but it’s like now that I -want- it it’s suddenly not something he wants to do even though I know men have all sorts of non-con fantasies. Go fucking figure.

No. 1362300

Thanks nonna. I have got the hang of it.

No. 1362301

If you are the older one, confiscate the device. My brother almost got groomed on this gaming discord group before I intervened.

No. 1362302

File: 1664812742216.jpg (38.23 KB, 500x420, 1663866249683.jpg)

godspeed nonnikins, have fun

No. 1362304

Leave while you still can, newfriend.

No. 1362305

I have a leg deformity that makes it painful to walk, so I get where you are coming from.
I suggest talking to your mother and childhood friend, as they surely care about you.
You mentioned fainting at times, so you should probably get your Vitamin B12 and Hemoglobin checked.
For the speech problems, please attempt to rejoin a speech therapy class. It will do wonders.
It seems like you have a gig going on, and I am sure that your business will boom once your physical condition is improved.
I used to be a shut-in loser, but have a high-paying job now. If I can do it, then you can definitely do so too!
Hang in there, nonnie. I am sure that you can do wonders.
Reposted because I am a newfag who did something retarded.

No. 1362306

He sounds so pathetic and unsexy. You know you are allowed to just bow out in the middle of it right? You can just say sorry I'm not feeling it and end it

No. 1362307

Nah, this place seems cosy. All of you are very kind too :)

No. 1362308

not to whiteknight a moid but that's probably a good sign that he was weirded out kek

No. 1362309

>non-con fantasy
Anon why would you take one of the few okayish moids and try to ruin him like that?

No. 1362311

Sorry anon but you were the weird one there, not him

No. 1362312

I feel as if my career is consuming my life and not in a meaningful or fulfilling way. It gives me money to do and buy the things I want to do and buy but doing them doesn’t feel like it fills back up what work takes from me. Most of the time I just end up playing video games in my free time because I’m exhausted, and that definitely doesn’t reinvigorate the way that more constructive hobbies like gardening or baking would. I almost want to start a family out of fucking boredom and general lack of fulfillment. Plus I would get 5 months of PTO. Not a “great” reason to have kids but nearly 400000 babies are born a day for worse reasons, so.

No. 1362314

And don't use smileys. Geez anon. Whatever are you going to do next?

No. 1362317

>a bit kinky
>randomly ask him tell you rapist shit

No. 1362319

i feel she deserves to have a little smiley, as a treat

No. 1362322

File: 1664813798483.png (112.73 KB, 414x414, dog.png)

Well, I tried to warn ya.

No. 1362327

Wether anyone believes in witchcraft or not I think that just knowing the person's intent and that they'd physically use items thinking of you to try to force you to feel a certain way is psycho and tells a lot about the other person. I found out my exgf is doing love spells on me with my photos and everything through a mutual friend who went into thier room on 'accident' because we assumed she had a drinking problem and needed an intervention. There were lots of bottles but in the corner in the room was an altar with my photos and God knows what else. I feel like I got involved with someone who I shouldn't have ever gotten involved with and they can't let me go. They were the one who initiated 'space' because they cheated and felt guilty. This is just a mess and now I wear a rosary around my neck even though I don't necessarily believe it completely but I'm paranoid now.

No. 1362331

File: 1664814434844.jpeg (Spoiler Image,284.31 KB, 828x974, B016B66C-C8BC-4C98-A321-EFE5CB…)

I love my family but I can’t stand living with them because they are messy and I’m tired of cleaning up after grown adults

No. 1362334

Take an egg and rub it on your body. Imagine she has a red cord connecting you too. The red cord is unraveling from you and twisting around the egg. Once you “feel” like you have it all off of you. Break that shit in a toilet and flush them away.
You can also keep iron close by if she’s using folk or fey based spellcraft or flip your undergarments inside out if it’s just a hex and imagine it turning around.
Love spells are shit anon. She can’t make you love her. Even if you believe in it all she’s going to do is pull “your strings” and be a pain in the ass like an intrusive thought. Just like an intrusive thought tell it to go away and mean it.

No. 1362336

Don’t judge me but I couldn’t help myself and went on a long rant on Reddot about surrogacy being womb trafficking and people are highly offended. Trannies mad because they don’t have wombs? Or wokies are offended because muh rich people are entitled to women’s bodies..?

No. 1362340

File: 1664814780776.jpg (210.49 KB, 600x589, 3iwhfnqqgsr11.jpg)

>accidentally dyed my manicure with turmeric

No. 1362348

Based nonnie! hope the inevitable butthurt reddit mod overreach ban is worth it

No. 1362349

Genuinely just insane to me how some of the most evil and exploitive people get off on voyeuring people who are very clearly not well. Like I am way past that point. Just condescending and miserable and hateful regardless of whether people want to change or get better. I hate some of the bitches in snow so much now btw and that’s definitely personal growth. Explicitly remorseful for any sort of vitriol I spewed when I was miserable in psychosis because nobody deserves to have that sort of mental illness projected onto them but seeing perfectly sound people doing it pisses me off. Peak pathetic. I’m so disgusted.

No. 1362350

Many such cases. I hope you can figure out how to remove it anon.

No. 1362351

Because I’m a SA survivor sometimes rapey shit in a safe roleplay scenario is a good way to explore my feelings and shit. Idk Google it. It’s totally normal. CNC is a valid kink.

No. 1362352

You know damn well she’s just going to have to look like a teletubby this week

No. 1362354

Ah just typical Reddit pretending that "consent" to something is the end-all to any issue instead of approaching the subject with any kind of nuance or perspective.

By not just accepting that women "consent" to being human incubators and fucking off, you are simultaneously making
>wombless moids in dresses feel empty
>infertile couples feel morally compromised
>willing fetus hotels feel called out in a system they enable
How dare you question the powers that be and make people uncomfortable with matters that they thought were ok, anon.

No. 1362355

>rape kink is valid
Girl do you know where you are?

No. 1362357

Well then you should understand not to spring that on someone without talking about it with them first. You're wrong for it either way.

No. 1362358

This might be bait, but…
Explore your feelings of what? Wanting to violently castrate rapists?

No. 1362359

Yeah I think it’s your brains way of trying to reclaim it or whatever or process it into something safe and consensual, as opposed to having a genuine desire for it. Only men believe that woman truly crave actual rape.

No. 1362361

>Don’t judge me but I couldn’t help myself and went on a long rant on Reddot about surrogacy being womb trafficking and people are highly offended
How dare you think women are not baby making machines, and their bodies objects to be bought and sold

No. 1362362

I’m on the internet, where the fuck are you?

No. 1362363

>reddit is offended by surrogacy criticism
>reddit used to hate when people insist on breeding instead of adopting

is this some sort of intentional shift to protect the upper class? "NO these elites are not HARVESTING a poor womans womb!!" my ass

No. 1362364

Scrote hands scrawled this screed

No. 1362365

whatever asshole decided most of these companies would follow the same coded job apply which makes you input basic info, then upload a resume, then STILL require you fill out every single thing from your old jobs, needs to be fucking shot. no exceptions at all. all you need is (name), (town name), number of manager, times of work. you dont need exact address, all roles performed, and why i left fuck off. it could take 15mins to fill in 1 application not counting the other 8+ to get done wtf. its so retarded how applying directly gets way more acceptance than spamming your resume on one site.

No. 1362366

No. 1362367

nta, yes that

No. 1362368

Only we did. Lmao. Y’all act like I sprung it up on him. Text wise he’s more than willing to indulge me and sext weird shit I’m into but irl he suddenly acts like a different person. God. It took us a year to even start having sex because of my issues lmao. I just wanted to vent he didn’t sexually indulge me irl as opposed to texting.

No. 1362369

So what happened anon? Did you end up finishing yourself off while he sat there with an empty head and limpdick?
Honestly if he didn't want CNC/rape shit I understand why but I personally don't like submissive men. They're all capable of being a little dominant, at least they are when they're trying to get something they want.

No. 1362370

agree, wanna add that you should refuse to give you SSN to a potential employer until after they hire you, and when they do ask them if they keep it on record and why.

Abercrombie and Fitch had a retarded data breech which revealed tons of APPLICANTS (not just employees) names, addresses, SSNs that they for some reason held for years

No. 1362371

Hard agree. I see people say things about how they manifested something that was like, a perfectly normal coincidence or course of nature that happens to anyone and try to claim it as their doing to harm someone. If you are the one doing the evil and projecting out horrible awful shit it will absolutely hit you back with consequence regardless of whatever special power to hurt people you think you have. A kind of unhinged reserved for the most histrionic.

No. 1362373

You're very new and also need therapy for your sexual issues.
So men can only either be subs or be into acting like rapists?

No. 1362374

Because in this setting I control what’s going on. I tell him yes or no if he does or says something I don’t like. Sometimes I can’t even kiss him because of my history. We’ve known each other for 4 years and I only now started accepting kisses from him. And we only started having sex in January of this year. Idk maybe because he’s a SA survivor too and it makes him feel awkward but then why would he agree to do somthing risqué and then get cold feet. He has every right too of course just… BUH. And I agree with the other anon I should have stopped when it wasn’t going where I wanted. And he had the option to bow out too. It’s just we’re both stubborn and horny but also mentally fucked. Lol

No. 1362375

>So men can only either be subs or be into acting like rapists?
Is that what my post actually said?

No. 1362376

Nta but;
>So men can only either be subs or be into acting like rapists?
Unironically yes.

No. 1362377

I always feel disappointed when I see other lesbian women treat gay moids as equal to us

No. 1362378

don't feel bad nonnie, redditors are literally retarded. once i spent a long time trying to explain how allowing pedophiles to have child sex dolls wouldn't make them less likely to attack real children, going into how catharsis theory was folk psychology, how studies had shown that masturbation to stimuli could cause fetishes to worsen/develop new fetishes all together (rather than making fetishes weaken), how exposure to pornography for men made them more likely to believe myths about rape, literally citing my sources for all of this and explaining why there was absolutely no scientific reason to think that giving a pedo a lifelike fake child would somehow make them LESS of a pedo. the moid i was arguing with ignored everything i said in his response, saying it would only be proof if i could find a study where they gave pedophiles child sex dolls and measured whether they attacked a child or not. i tried to explain how that study could never exist because of ethics committees and he said that then there was no proof on either side. men are dumb as bricks anyway and redditors are a whole new level. the combo of pornsickness and internet pseudo-intellectualism is deadly.

No. 1362380

I fucking hate you for making me feel sympathy for a scrote

No. 1362381

The newfaggotry is off the charts today. It makes me wonder if the anons are genuine or posting things like emojis, emails, and redtexted words to bait.

No. 1362382

Asking someone to tell you non-con shit is not being "a bit" kinky, nonna. I'm not surprised a guy would be all into that via text and then lose his gusto irl because they're all talk and no play, but why would you indulge a guy in that kind of stuff anyway? Get better fantasies.

No. 1362384

>we’re both stubborn and horny but also mentally fucked.
Unironically please get help before having more sex, both of you. What you're doing isn't healthy and this is what trauma therapy is intended to help.

No. 1362385

Checked the post history of one guy, he has like 200-300+ downvotes for every other post kek

Some people called him a pedo after one post but he deleted it so I cannot read the full post. So I’m not sure if he’s trantran but def has Pedo vibes. Also, he says shit like “if women don’t want to be sexually harassed they shouldn’t be in male dominated spaces” ..we can add rapy to the equation I guess?

I used to think anons are overreaching calling every scrote a pedo tranny but I can tell there is a reason.. disgusting.

No. 1362386

>he’s a SA survivor
OK this gotta be fake. Otherwise I hope he breaks up with you asap and that you both get therapy

No. 1362387

I hate everything about this post and your bf is clearly not interested in rape larp. The fact that you would want to coerce him into that when he’s SA is crazy nah I don’t believe this is real

No. 1362388


No. 1362389

Shall I type you’ll never have a womb and get banned kek

No. 1362391

You are so in denial and assume that because you’re mentally fucked out now that it’s innate rather than taking a step back and realizing you can change these patterns. Stop trying to wave off how unhappy you are with ironic detachment, no one is falling for it anymore.

No. 1362392


No. 1362393

Unrelated but I don't get how surrogacy is a thing for infertile couples when there's literally millions of orphans who would love to be adopted and taken care of by a loving family. Do most people just care about muh bloodline that much even in this day and age?

No. 1362395

holy fuck thank you anon one of my fears is id stolen. some company reached out to me in text over a vague job at a location with no business name and expected me to fork over all my info (not ss) and im just not even going to respond. so annoying theres all these fake job listings from sketchy companies.

No. 1362397

Yes in fact it's all most white girls care about they will put down other women to get the proper white man.

No. 1362398

File: 1664816285816.jpg (22.06 KB, 363x421, q7orxfr1yej21.jpg)

Made a chickpea chana masala for lunch and it just wasn't that good fam. It's just ok.
I used fresh ingredients for everything besides the canned chickpeas and diced tomatoes. I'm kinda disappointed..

No. 1362401

Because muh narcissism nonnie, they want the perfect baby angel, a spitting image of his daddy, I wanna give my Nigel the child he deserves!!!

Saw the video of a gay couple choosing a surrogate mother like they’re picking a furniture from IKEA. It’s not good for my mental health for sure.

No. 1362402

I am getting therapy and this is healthy for me to do with him because he’s submissive and actually understands SA trauma considering he has it.. any other guy wanted sex with me immediately. He waited fucking YEARS for me to say okay let’s do it. He has non-con fantasies too just we’re both not on the same wave length mentally. Also it’s not like CNC is the only thing we do. Just the other night left me a little MEH sexually and I wanted to vent. Good lord lol.

No. 1362404

If i don't get this chicken mc spicy sandwich deluxe meal i am going to let the world feel my WRATH!

No. 1362405

No. 1362406

To be cheated on regularly after 35

No. 1362407

My stomach hurts and I have a test in an hour and the newfaggotry today smells bad

No. 1362408

Unfortunately, many do. Usually people with the worst genes are the loudest about muh legacy!! too.

No. 1362409

35 seems a bit old to me nonna, unless they got married at age 33

No. 1362410

anon never underestimate the male ego that his shit genetics just has to be brought into the world. cant be another mans kid it has to be his. also the amount of rich women who are willing to acknowledge pregnancy is a shitty body changing event but dont care for a lower (considered less valuable) woman to do it.

No. 1362411

Not recognizing this as being just the most bait dumped in a steady build up is the newfaggotry here nonna.

No. 1362412

The big issue here is actually the limp dicking. Why were you w/ him in the first place?

No. 1362414

Idk I just made up a number kek

I’m not age shaming women but it’s truth that men cheat especially after a couple kids and the attractive yt women is not in her twenties anymore because moids think they forever deserve younger women. Yes their Nigels too.

No. 1362416

She is dating a tranny and she doesn't even know it, smh

No. 1362417


No. 1362419


Why does it have to be non-con for it to be kinky? You probably weirded him out lol

No. 1362421

I wouldn't want someone else's mentally ill baby as a consolation prize either. I know too many people were adopted and are actually insane to consider adopting a kid older than like.. 1 or 2.

No. 1362423

Yep especially Nigels
They’ll show their colors one day

No. 1362424

Seriously. I don't ever want kids but I'd never see someone as bad because they don't want somebody's leftover baby. I'm against surrogacy at the same time

No. 1362426

I know we were just dunking on white men but I feel the need to point out that despite making up 14% of the population, black moids do 88% of the cheating.

No. 1362428

File: 1664817071504.jpeg (20.8 KB, 275x196, DD00A46B-5B66-4BE7-AF70-659FF3…)

I wish more people were open to self reflection and change I wish more people were okay with realizing that many things in life and not timed ‘right’ I wish people realized that wallowing and isolating themselves is the exact opposite of what they want a lot of the time I wish the people I cared about could see how amazing they are and deserve the world and that they’re self sabotaging they’re not inherently bad

No. 1362429

Speak for yourself nonny I’m dunking on all men kek
I don’t discriminate

No. 1362430

I mean half the time men who cheat are happy to do so with someone, older, fatter or uglier than their partner anyway. Its not even about upgrading. Its opportunity.

No. 1362431

This and I'm tired of ~adoption~ being the placeholder of what should rightfully be an abortion by default.
The demographic of women putting babies up for adoption tend to have behavioral problems or substance abuse issues which doesn't bode for their unfortunate offspring.
Reddit will trip over itself making sure people adopt from the "right" dog breeders so you don't wind up with a poorly bred dog with temperament issues, yet think it's fine that young couples should have to jump through the bazillion hoops for the privilege of cucking themselves with the adoption of a primo crack baby. Fuck that. Just fucking abort and save everyone the trouble.

No. 1362435


Yeah, I truly hate that argument. People are allowed to want to have kids that are biologically related to them, you know. A lot of adopted kids are violent and dangerous and need way more resources than the average foster parent/adoptive parent has access too to work through their trauma. And the risk goes up the older they get. Hence why everyone will adopt a baby but once the kid hits like 10, they're likely to stay in group homes and shit until they age out.

No. 1362436

I don't know how my only friend for the last 3 years has been a giant fucking party killer of a nerd.

No. 1362438

File: 1664817661722.jpeg (26.56 KB, 400x301, ugly fat shrew that was cheate…)

This is the correct answer.

There is no amount of attractiveness and interest you can possess that will dissuade a reckless man from pursuing apples when he gets bored with your peach. Men cheat literally just for the opportunity to have someone new, it's hardcoded in them.

No. 1362440

Finally, some nonnies with sense who have lived in the real world. Once dealt with an adopted moid who paid his foster mother back by molesting her daughters. What will they say to those real risks? Don't have kids period?

No. 1362443

File: 1664817995454.jpg (53.65 KB, 1041x502, wtf ew.jpg)

>bf snarks that today is national boyfriend day
>I have literally never heard of this
>go on yt to look up 'national boyfriend day' videos
>pretty simpettes setting up incredible and thoughtful dates for their fuggo men like picrel

Oh dear.

No. 1362444

It's 4 am and I need to be up by 7 but I feel so horrible tonight and one of the reasons is that I've realised how truly fucked my alcohol intake has been for ages. I don't want to tell doctors/therapists because I don't want to be completely sober or go to some alcoholics thing I just want to have a healthier relationship. I realised I was fucked was when I had a friend over (all my friends live hours from me) who I thought drank the same amount and even he was surprised by how much I could drink. I've had a sudden realisation to how much I can truly drink now and not feel drunk. I want to go back to when I didn't feel the urge to drink as a cope which turned into wanting to drink every night. I had no friends or family here so it's so hard to find ways to distract myself, even with my job

I just poured some I had down the sink and it literally made me cry I feel so pathetic. Start of early covid and lockdowns I decided I was going to "taste different wines" to see what ones I like and hate and honestly I wish I never had that idea. Giving myself two weeks to start

No. 1362453

True. What I meant is some women feel invincible in their twenties, because they’re still young, relatively healthy and inexperienced. But once they birth children the husbands show their true face especially if the poor woman ends up having a traumatic birth and needs about half a year for recovery. Moids will cheat and start having tantrums. If they get sick it’s over

No. 1362455

File: 1664818538711.jpg (332.86 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20210718-105305_Ins…)

Anon, that is a really hard thing to do and I hope you can feel even a little proud of yourself. Look into local or online peer sobriety support groups. They won't all be abstinence-based and maybe that's what you need right now. Rooting for you.

No. 1362458

File: 1664818762757.png (1.13 MB, 1366x768, 1649995424986.png)

i know it's in part me seething at my difficult group project for uni (not coming together that well) but my mom is starting to get on my nerves. i have told her numerous times that i am busy this semester, but she insists on calling me and stopping by my apartment in ultra sad mother mode like i'm killing her by not wanting to listen to her talk about literally nothing for an hour/haggle me to go out to eat and such.

even if i'm not working constantly on school stuff, i get mentally exhausted and don't want to interact with anyone period. if i spend five hours cracking my head on tough work and want to zone out for another four then that is MY business. i shouldn't be guilted for not wanting to interact with you. this is so evil of me but it's not my fault you don't have any friends to hang with; i don't have any either, but i'm not like, bothering other people about it.

leave me be to suffer in peace woman goddamn

No. 1362461

File: 1664818990681.jpg (22.57 KB, 255x222, 1589925168647.jpg)

Hard relate probably but I charged a bunch of work-related things to my corporate Amex card. Mfw now they want the receipts for everything. While I did get receipts for the major purchases, the small ones like for gas or a $11 incidental I did not save.
Should I just come clean and tell the truth about how I don't have these but will remember for next time, make an excuse (they did not have printer paper etc.), or attempt to forge a bunch of receipts so they add up?

No. 1362468

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,
ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, date a mf who limpdicks on you, especially if it's in the beginning of a sexual relationship. Doesn't matter how hot or engaging he is. It's going to start happening on the regular, bet your ass on it. There's only one thing worse than sexual frustration, and it's dismissive humiliation.

No. 1362473

Nonnie he’s probs a porn addict. It leads to serious limp dickskit.
If you’re determined to mingle with dicks, at least go for one’s who are happy to see you. You deserve happy, excited dicks nonnie

No. 1362479

I tried on a really nice cream turtleneck with a tan houndstooth skirt today from a mid range brand that has quite nice silhouettes usually and something felt off. I was like "hmm." for ages wondering what was wrong, what I should size up or down or if it's the colour and realised it's because i'm now fat kek. It would've looked so much nicer with a flatter stomach and more defined waist. Like a normal persons size, not super skinny. I'm so used to really utilitarian and comfy clothing that it takes me by surprise when I try wear form fitting stuff.

I'm half laughing about it but also really put out because now I have to work hard to get back what I didn't even notice I lost.

No. 1362486

File: 1664821308815.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.65 KB, 480x270, faggot.jpg)

My friend was sperging about how she hates herself for actually being attracted to Dream so I felt compelled to look him up and I swear it's not the contrarian in me but when I saw him the first thought that popped into my head was 'holy SHIT this guy is a groomer. That's a sexual abuse allegation case just waiting to happen!'. I'm legit not joking this is one of the most hideous scrotes I've ever seen, I hate his fucking face. Rapist looking ass vidya playing clown. Bet he's got a lot of shit he's hiding.

No. 1362488

I was saving a voicemail from my grandma where she sang happy birthday to me then said to call her back and now it's gone. Very sure I didn't delete it. When I look online there is no recourse for this with my phone model pixel 3axl. Just fuck me I guess. I will never hear her voice again. I don't even care. I'm crying though

No. 1362496

My coworker is a raging misogynist and I need to work closely with him. He's a charming conversationalist and cooperative coworker but I hate his fucking guts so much, here's a list because we're not in the kind of country that this would get him in trouble
- male coworkers are men and female coworkers are girls, I actually went off about this today
- talking about how most married men cheat at some point because "they've been having the same meal for 15 years and want something different"
- that male managers hire young pretty women to be around them and why wouldn't they, he certainly would
- also he'd love to be the manager for a bunch of women because they're more likely to do as they're told

The thing with some of this stuff is that he's not wrong and it's because men are fucking scum. But either way I just hope he's seriously hurt somehow some day.

No. 1362497

Ewww so sorry to hear that nonna
These type of dudes exist everywhere sadly. This one is not smart and manipulative enough to hide his true self

No. 1362498

I thought Dream was supposed to be a really fat kid.

No. 1362499

Snitch on his ass if he does anything wrong wrt to the job first chance you get.

No. 1362500

He's wearing some badly matched foundation

No. 1362503

oh nona I'm so sorry, this happened to me too - I was saving a vm from my grandma and it got deleted even though I had it saved. sending love to you.

No. 1362508

once kf leaked his face he cried and sperged that it wasn't him then worked overtime to lose the weight

No. 1362509

This is really sad. Is there anything that your phone carrier could possibly do to recover it?

No. 1362510

He looks super autistic.

No. 1362513

Please let me know own your country and carrier, most voice-mail inboxes only mark for deletion. It may be recoverable

No. 1362519

File: 1664822824815.jpg (396.25 KB, 1418x1397, Screenshot_20221003_134539.jpg)

If it's been less than 24 hours, give them a call, explain it's your mom paying for your line. The rep may be sympathetic and not ask for your mom. Even if they do, Let her get mad and try to recover it.

No. 1362543

When your tinnitus goes eeeeeeeeee and you think about it for more than 3 seconds and it gets significantly louder because it's all psychological like that and you remember that there's no cure and you'll literally never know silence again so you sit there on the couch, that high pitched sound drowning out any other noise.

Sure, you can become acclimated to it by literally forgetting about it, but it also gets worse when your neck is under strain or you've clenched your teeth or you're stressed or you've taken ibuprofen or NSAIDS or maybe too much caffeine, or you have a headache or it's going to rain or literally fucking anything, so you need to watch out for all that while also trying to take the idea of your condition lightly because if you focus on it, yes, it gets worse.

It's honestly unlike anything else in terms of chronic conditions, and even the tinnitus community isn't any help because it's all doom and gloom and you should never go to a club or concert again and it'll definitely get worse either way and it's mainly new people seeking out this community asking, begging for a cure of any kind, alternative medicine, whatever it takes, and the people more experienced with tinnitus just try to forget about it, because right now the only solution is therapy to cope.

No. 1362558

Ha, I did the same on reddit and I got downvoted to hell. Women's bodies are not for charity or for buying.

No. 1362564

idk why people are surprised lol he looks exactly like you'd imagine based off his internet persona (i.e shit.) also facially he reminds me of null for some reason

No. 1362569

autism sucks nonnies. I can't go anywhere without earplugs. usually it's no problem but I get weird stares from time to time, especially when I adjust them. it ain't much but it's enough to make my mind race.

No. 1362577

I just ordered a bunch of black clothing. I'm going to wear whatever I want from now on. I've gotten so tired of waking up every day trying to figure out a cute outfit to wear, thinking about colors and textures, the cut bla bla bla. I'm wearing all black idgaf. It's the clothing I would've worn if I was the last person on earth just chilling. I'm tired of seeking validation from others by wearing dumb fucking clothing. If someone likes me they will like me for ME. I'm black on the inside and I have no personality, that's what I'm going to deliver to you humanoids.

No. 1362580

File: 1664826296216.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.3 KB, 880x495, 7f81999c-fb64-446d-8bd3-3a2cac…)

idk who this guy is but he looks extremely normal. There's a bunch of people sperging about his looks and it's a nothing burger.
Idk, this is what the average moid looks like where I come from so he seems pretty normal.

No. 1362583

I don't get why people are attacking this Minecraft streamer. Did he do/say anything problematic or what?

No. 1362584

Because he's an ugly moid.

No. 1362589

tbf hes had some controversies. mostly he just deserves the hate for acting all aloof on twitter/defending his absolutely insane fanbase every time they attacked his fellow mc youtubers

No. 1362599

Bet he showed his face to finally meet up with underage fans and lure them to the back like bands do with their fans.

No. 1362601

Most children up for adoption are crack babies, deformed/special needs, the wrong race, or have some other issue. I checked a few state's adoption sites for funsies.
Another issue is also that child behavior is mostly set in stone by 2 years. It sounds weird but even that young, kids already have certain habits and behavior patterns. for example if the caregiver actually goes in to coddle the baby whenever it cries at night, that actually wakes the baby up for real because most of the sounds people think need action are just normal sleep noises. so then the baby gets used to waking up in the middle of the night. adopting a baby that's been raised like that will make your life hell. it can take years to get them out of that habit. and that's just one small example. so really if you want a baby you don't want someone else's castoffs becuase they're probably already ruined by stupid parents smoking crack while pregnant or instilling horrific habits in the kids. and that's just babies–imagine the bad habits instilled in an 8 year old who has lived either in abusive homes or shitty foster cares his entire life. it sounds mean but it's true. there have been people who have been murdered by the children they adopted because their minds were already fucked from shitty living situations and you can't fix them.

No. 1362604

I've worked in AP departments. do not forge anything, you will get fired for it. just be honest with them.

No. 1362606

Oh is this an autism thing? I get headaches and all worked up hearing the conversations on public transport or in a busy place and putting earplugs in immediately calms my nervous system down. I fucked hated that my ex would look at me like a freak and roll his eyes when I did.

No. 1362609

Look up reactive attachment disorder girly. There are tons of adoptive parents horror stories about it. Adopting a baby pretty much guarantees having a severely mentally ill child.

No. 1362620

im probably taking obvious bait but but you're talking out your ass rn. at the end of the day most people will choose having their own kids over adoption, unfortunately, but acting like adopting a baby is setting yourself up to be raising a future crackhead or something is fucked up. also you act like people don't have their own genetic offspring who they raised perfectly still turn out to be psychopaths because, surprise, we can't control every facet of the children we create. im sure there ARE adoption horror stories out there but like its really disingenuous to pretend that every adoption case ends up like that

No. 1362625

It will either happen on the regular or the sex will just stop. He'll see sex as work and start jerking off instead. Happened to me.

No. 1362628

He's attractive compared to other faceless groomerino streamers like Cryaotic and CH. Not that that is saying much.

No. 1362630

>for example if the caregiver actually goes in to coddle the baby whenever it cries at night, that actually wakes the baby up for real because most of the sounds people think need action are just normal sleep noises
NTA but how do you tell the difference between normal and serious cries? They sound the same to me.

No. 1362635

When I see someone young, successful, happy and in love get cancer and pass away I always wish it could be me instead. My death would be far less significant, it wouldn't impact that many people at all. Tragedies always happen to good people.

No. 1362649

File: 1664829531709.jpg (42.44 KB, 748x711, 1644220715708.jpg)

I fucking despise moids who barge into women-dominated fandoms, hobbies, or interests in general, and behave like they're better than everyone else. There's this absolute waste of oxygen on a place I visit, majority of the users there are obviously women, but this bald fucker is always shitting on others and their taste. He doesn't even watch enough shit. He just watch shitty movies made by equally shitty moids and believes that makes him some kind of intellectual who's always digging out precious diamonds while the rest of us are nibbling on coal. To make it worse, some pickmes consider him the god of comedy, the messiah for those 'suffering from their generic taste' and constantly kiss his ass. You can't even fucking call him out without his army of minions treating you like a sensitive bitch who can't take a 'joke' (haha '14yo girls watch rom-coms to stare at the abs of actors twice their age' how funny, not creepy at all coming from a balding haggot with wife and kids). He literally shits in their mouth, claim it's a joke, and they actually buy that. Moids shouldn't be allowed to speak at all or to even exist.

No. 1362652

I know it's super dumb but I am spending a few days at an ex-FWB's place and nothing will happen. He told me he was back with his ex in the middle of the trip. I wish he didn't tell me and that we had sex instead, I wanted it so much it's embarassing. Everything is ok and we're having some good wholesome fun but still… I've been reading too much LC, deluding myself into thinking all men want sex all the time and that sex was to be expected, and now I feel unwanted and undesirable.

No. 1362653

Can "he who must not be named" die already? Just put him down like a possum pissing itself, now he's posting his feet pics in Jill's thread.

No. 1362654

File: 1664829637857.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.82 KB, 1125x1134, 6f139e7228ad772f4734ed3898967a…)

Kek I looked it up and his former fat face looks like the distant cousin of Dan Scheider. Maybe nona is onto something

No. 1362671

>I've been reading too much LC, deluding myself into thinking all men want sex all the time and that sex was to be expected, and now I feel unwanted and undesirable.
I feel like an incel because I was told that shit as a kid and I expected men to be at my beck and call if I was their gf. It doesn't work that way. I'm considered attractive (it gets me attention in public, people tell me so who aren't related to me, etc.) but I've always felt upset that I want sex so much and the type of men I'm attracted to aren't so much that way. It's made me very bitter. Imo if men were worth anything they'd realize it's their job to be fuck machines and validation dispensers.

No. 1362676

what is your post even accomplishing. "nooo that's mean to say so i refuse to believe it's true." you asked a question and I answered. if you want it verified look it up.

No. 1362683

No matter what I want to buy, all the markets are flooded in cheap chinese made goods. it's like i live in hell. the secondhand markets are fucked. and even if you buy new, there will be 10 different shell companies selling the same item out of the same factory in china, and hilariously the price is all over the place so just paying more doesn't guarantee you won't get shitty chinesium goods. it's so frustrating.

No. 1362684

Crazy how all fat people look identical and then when they lose the weight you realize there was an actual person with personal features hiding under all that.

No. 1362686

File: 1664831427248.jpg (138.93 KB, 500x500, 1664494152601.jpg)

>Have weekly Webdev class
>1 of 3 women, am true beginner
>Ones at my desk are on their phones most of the time or doing classwork while professor teaches
>No one answers his questions 99% of the time
>Only woman 1 week, feel the need to speak up to assert my place
>Gradual change as questions start getting guesses and answers, actual convo from a few
>Get recommended a program and make jokes with me
>Can tell professor is more happy
Knowledge really is power huh

No. 1362695

This 1000%, the advent of online shopping is sending the quality of all consumer goods into a black hole. “As long as it looks good in the thumbnail picture…”

No. 1362699

Good for you but now focus on actually doing it for yourself and not impressing males in your class

No. 1362702

i am going to be crippled and mentally ill until the day i die and things are never going to get much better than this for me and it's disingenuous bullshit every time someone says that it's not going to be this bad forever because it literally is going to be this bad forever because i cannot just stop being disabled and suicidal. i go to therapy (physical and psychological) and the most they've done is reduce some physical pain and make me more tolerable to be around, respectively.

i have thought about killing myself every day since i was ten years old, i don't think that other options are available to me and even if i make it a little longer that's always going to be the conclusion. i'm so tired of being alive just so like five total other people aren't sad. i love my dad and my boyfriend and my roommate and i don't want to hurt them, but people kill themselves all the time and eventually everyone is okay again. i just want to be allowed to be selfish for once. all i want is to not be here anymore. i started grad school and thought that it would give me some meaning or sense of purpose but it has just made me stressed out and aware of how fucking stupid and worthless i am in comparison to everyone around me.

i'm sorry for being a downer nonas. i'm just at the end of my rope and i don't know how to keep doing this when every day i wake up and wish that i hadn't. i take my meds, i talk to my therapist, but nothing fixes it because i don't think it's just a chemical imbalance, i think there's something wrong with me on a very fundamental level that cannot be fixed because of everything that has happened in my life. no matter how recovered you are from your trauma it still haunts you, it's just supposed to hurt less. i cannot keep being haunted. i am too tired and i have not been given any real reason to keep going other than "pls don't i'll be sad if you die"

No. 1362704

I guess it is good to dispel the myth that men want sex all the time and that they have no self control or standards or even human feelings - they do, they just want to be able to claim to be both horndogs and uwu sensitive souls depending on the situation - but it does suck to be on the receiving end of a frank no.

No. 1362709


Congrats on the placement

No. 1362711

I am seriously starting to fucking HATE this guy. We're friends and he's my only friend in town atm. He knows a lot of cool people too. But holy shit. Everything about him gets on my fucking nerves. We're hanging out more often now because I'm also his only friend in town. I hate this fucking prick. He's not even a prick, he's very nice but he is honestly almost genuinely retarded, like he's that stupid. He go on the longest, most pointless spergs you've ever heard but if I start talking it's always "what? I don't know who/what/where that is" like every five seconds. Don't try to be funny because he'll try to be funny too but he's just fucking not. At all. He tries but he's so unfunny that it is genuinely aggravating. He doesn't get shit like 90% of the time. You say something clever or sarcastic and he takes like ten seconds before he's like "do you mean…?/are you talking about…?/etc" like holy fuck you retard, you are going to college to become a fucking teacher and you're this retarded? He's like totally unable to use context clues, totally unable to glean information. He's constantly asking fucking questions. I cannot stand this stupid fucking retard anymore I fucking hate listening to him sperg.
I also hate when he shares stories because EVERY SINGLE FUCKING STORY, NO EXAGGERATION AT ALL, IS JUST SOME FUCKING BORING MUNDANE EVERYDAY SHIT. He starts off every story like there's going to be something funny happening at the end but then he gets to the end and IT IS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS something like "and then after they gave me the wrong order… I went back up to the counter and asked them to remake it!". Just the most fucking boring shit you have ever fucking heard. Not joking, every story is like that. He literally just infodumps his fucking week every time we hang out and it's always so. Fucking. Boring. Fucking cannot stand him I'm going fucking insane.

No. 1362712

File: 1664832402895.jpeg (50.24 KB, 720x669, FD56B9B9-C691-48BB-BBBA-502602…)

Still texting my ex good morning and good night even though he doesn’t respond god I’m so fucking pathetic but I love him and miss him so much I hate this I wish he would block me to save me from this misery

No. 1362715

He's not trolling he's genuinely that retarded. Everybody ignores him in the group chat because everybody in the friend group knows he's fucking retarded and they're tired of his Sonic spergs.

No. 1362719

Kek how the first thought was I spoke up for male attention. Moid on the brain

No. 1362732

if he knows a lot of cool people why not try to be friends with them instead?

No. 1362736

I'ts because your in your post you speak how you are happy about being better than other two women, feel the need to assert your place and only thing you listed as your accomplishment is that you got that man to make jokes with you and gives you special treatment. I'm sure you didn't go there and don't learn to get picked but the way you wrote that post has an awfully pickme vibe to it

No. 1362751

picreal is literally me

No. 1362753

Why didn't he believe you

No. 1362755

lmao nonna are you from vnzla? i recognize this phenotype from miles

No. 1362765

same let's go let's get crazy

No. 1362767

>>I've been reading too much LC, deluding myself into thinking all men want sex all the time and that sex was to be expected, and now I feel unwanted and undesirable.
this isn't really a LC thing, men wanting nothing but sex is a true stereotype they themselves pushed. we wouldnt believe this about them if they hadnt outright said it for decades. but i understand feeling that way, it happens to me too. im a virgin and want to have sex but the moids i go on dates with will sometimes not even attempt to kiss me. its so weird because sometimes there's second or third dates and still nothing happens. it's either a dozen dates that waste your time and go nowhere or inviting you to go back to their place on the first date when you just met and still don't feel safe. it's so fucking annoying.

No. 1362769

idgi. where's the power

No. 1362787

Being picked over other women, which isn't power, it's being a slut(tranny)

No. 1362788

How does every single girl get a boyfriend. It's not even that I want one that bad, but when even ugly, unemployed, mentally ill, suicidal, fat, balding, shut-in, autistic, lazy-eyed and even straight up physically deformed women talk about having exes and/or current relationships I'm like wow okay. So there's definitely something wrong with me if I haven't been picked. Am I seriously that bottom of the barrel, I know I'm not hot but I feel like I'm normal and I've seen way uglier women get guys. Sorry for the pickme moment but it's just frustrating atp. And I do get some male attention, but I don't like any of them. I just don't understand how every other woman is lucky enough to find a guy theyre attracted to who is attracted to them back when it seems so impossible for me. At most I'll have the chance to settle with some ugly man I have nothing in common with who doesn't treat me too much like shit.

No. 1362789

Look at the comment I wrote above yours, ask the men you like out, don't wait for them.

No. 1362794

I don't have skin thick enough to face rejection, plus men know that the societal standard is that they ask you out. If a guy hasn't made a move on me is most likely because he doesn't like me. Maybe I'm being too much of a doomer but I feel like making the first move as a woman when you're not smoking hot just means you're gonna end up with a guy who doesn't like you but is willing to use you for free pussy because it's not often that a girl offers herself just like that.

No. 1362799

Most of the attractive or intelligent or anything resembling 'badass' women I know have to ask men out because at the end of the day they fear rejection just as much as you so they go after who they think is easy, not exactly who looks the best. Believe me or don't, that's just my experience.

No. 1362805

>telling a woman to ask a scrote out just so he thinks he is the price and get to reject her
rookie move

No. 1362806

File: 1664837975468.png (12.55 KB, 200x202, thumb_you-cant-bait-me-for-i-a…)

>>1362805(Tranny spammer)

No. 1362808

the fuck? i'm not baiting i'm literally talking from personal experience

No. 1362811

As was I so I called yours bait as I said mine was my own experience in my posts whereas you generalized saying it was a rookie mistake, my bad but you should work on phrasing to properly convey what you mean instead of rushing out the quickest post possible.(XY)

No. 1362816

I hate how fucking Smart Dolls and their coom-centric clothing has invaded everything related to bjds. I'm just so fucking tired of waifu shit, egirls, and everything related to that. I can't comprehend paying $500 for the Great Value brand Dollfie Dream, and even the women owners buy cum clothes.

No. 1362818

Okay? my post still doesn't qualify as bait tf i'm just opposing your opinion. Scrotes have the biggest egos you shouldn't ask them out first they never respect women who chase them like that, its literally the perfect way to embarrass yourself and there's a reason why women never ask out first

No. 1362819

Not saying this isn't true, but most women both irl and online don't do anything to get boyfriends. When they try to advice you they'll tell you you have to do this and that, but when you ask them how they met their boyfriend the guys always randomly flock to them. Even extremely antisocial mentally ill shut-ins with no social circle are always somehow in a relationship. Even if I wanted to try, I don't see myself getting over it if I get rejected. I don't think we all fear rejection equally either, not having experienced romance as an adult does a lot of damage to your self-esteem. I'd love to be a badass woman who asks men out (actually I kinda wouldn't because they don't deserve the ego stroke) but I'm not like that, I can't just pull confidence I lost long ago out of my ass.

No. 1362822

Question anon, what was the path towards getting that career like, if you don't mind telling us? How bad did your neetdom get?

And yeah, I'll check up on my vitals again. I found out I have several nutrient issues last time (mostly ones that make 0 sense; i.e., zinc…because I eat massive amounts of high-zinc food…vitamin D even though I constantly supplement…etc) so I wouldn't be surprised if there's more. Also, my conditions are sucky but they shouldn't completely disable me once I get them under control.
I just have periods where I completely breakdown about my current situation - I feel ok now - and I don't know how to make myself more resilient. Also, I don't want to let down my mother - she has even more problems than me imo - but I will force myself to reach out to my friend. I don't know why I am being so scared and reluctant…she's so loving and accepting.

No. 1362825

I don't get what your problem is, I knew exactly what that anon meant even with those only two words she typed lmao

No. 1362829

Holy shit anon I hate it too. I want to go to more BJD meetups and stuff at cons but for some reason everything near me has just been smartdoll hell. Don't even get me started on Danny Choo's retarded behavior. I think some of the smartdoll girl faces are already kinda sped looking but as someone who only collects boy bjds I think the smartdoll boys are a special kind of ugly kek.

No. 1362834

I have PMS fatigue and a mountain of shit I need to get done. I was doing so well just a few days ago. Now I just want to lie in bed.

No. 1362839

File: 1664840236377.png (771.87 KB, 584x587, bjd.PNG)

Are these picrel? I fell out of BJD collecting years ago but damn I feel you guys, these feel so different than what I'd consider "the usual" dollfie look; I guess one can paint and stylize them differently but even with anime face stylization they have more of a western doll look somehow?

No. 1362844

File: 1664840731041.jpg (255.99 KB, 1678x724, troon living space.jpg)

I went on femalelivingspace and it's full of trannies. no matter what the site, if it's intended for women, troons will invade it. please god can we have global troon genocide

No. 1362848

I'm so sick of woke princesses patrolling the use of allegedly AAVE & Gay Lingo when shit like "they ate", "serve cunt", and "be fuckin forreal" are force fed to me in every other social media post or customer interaction. sorry, they are no longer special words. I will half-ironically mumble the wild slang I have to hear every day as long as it's not a slur

No. 1362849

It's so frustrating because the only thing we can do is terf out and remind them that no, not every woman is a braindead doormat that's gonna let them destroy women's rights and dickride their limp shenis. But if you do that you either get censored and banned at best or doxxed, sent rape threats and even physically assaulted at worst. It's so fucking scary, we can't do shit. There's really no hope, they'll even fucking rape babies and the only thing that comes out of it is the "female" pedophile statistics going up. Clown world.

No. 1362852

File: 1664841467392.jpeg (29.67 KB, 559x549, images (14).jpeg)

I'm a fucking brazilian. That's it. Is there any country that isn't full of trannies or alt-right fundies?

No. 1362855

My country, too underdeveloped for those fancy "trans rights" and queer bullshit

No. 1362856


black queer, say whatever the fuck you want #but slurs## It's really only annoying and cringe when companies do it or you use the words in the wrong context anyway

No. 1362857

The face sculpts are hideous and the creator is a pedo narc scammer. I frown on women who buy these things.

No. 1362859

Got the last place at some quiz thing and my asshole teacher threw my name on the big screen and said "anon got last place, round of applause for trying!" and I wanted to die. It was just like high school when other girls called me stupid and congratulated me on my low grades. Went back home crying and almost hit my car and the guy flipped me off. How can I stop being stupid

No. 1362864

Thank god we still have pinterest.

I still use den of angels and it seems that seems to be one of the few places that moids into bjd shit have not invaded. This is an unpopular opinion, but i'd rather support smart dolls over dollfie dream just because they make dark skin tones if I had a gun to my head to choose. I hate both brands for having same face syndrome anyways. Imo the fact that they don't just do 2 skin tones like dollfie is really where they make their money because non-white/non-asian women will buy them. Thankfully i prefer bjds with long skinny limbs rather than the classic anime aesthetic ones and those type of dolls get tons of skin tones including natural ones.

No. 1362868

are you american anon? i would report that prof. i shouldve reported a prof i was helping take notes for because he would spam my inbox if i was late or didnt show up when we were allowed a couple days each semester. it escalated to him randomly calling me out in class loudly "are you paying attention anona!?!" i was so confused, because i was working full time with full time school,so i was tired but just sitting there taking notes as normal with my phone fully in my bag while a group of friends were always whispering about their latest drama or straight up watching videos behind me. i quit his class and notes.

No. 1362871

Just found out there's a good chance I have bone disease, I can't know for sure for a month so I'm trying not to think too hard about it but I have a fear of anything to do with bones so I'm extremely anxious

No. 1362874

There wasn't much of this queer bullshit offline here, but in these elections, mid-to-upper class woke fucktards voted for tranny candidates and almost all leftist politicians here panders to them. I don't want Bolsonaro to be elected again, but hell, if Lula wins i fear this shithole will be either like Venezuela or "Cuckanadá-but-poor-as-fuck". With several pro-Bolsonaro candidates in Congress as well, it's certain that we will not have the abortion rights anytime soon either.

No. 1362878

I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices how they have taken over. I don't understand how this brand can cost so much, deliver such a mediocre product, yet it has taken over in a way even Resin Soul and big Obitsu couldn't.
And these are better kitted out than most. Most are dressed like they were dressed by a troon. The nicest thing I can say is that at least they come pre-painted and with eyes and a wig, so they don't get put through the wringer with garbage craft products from Dollar Tree.

No. 1362897

Post proof or fake

No. 1362902

dahmer is so bad and evan peters sucks at acting, it's like watching a horror movie where joe pera is the villain. ya hay dere doncha know.

No. 1362903

No, I'm not. He's one of those "cool" teachers so I doubt it would amount to anything.
To be completely honest (now that I've cooled off) I'm only like this because it's a class full of men (stem major). It was a class full of men and I lost. I feel so defeated, I'm a highly competitive person and to think that even bug eyed males perfomed better than me makes me want to kill myself.
I hate every day that I'm going to class but I have to suck it up. It's my only option left. I'm also working 6 hours a day (from home, but still) so I got to take my studies more seriously.
Sorry that happened to you. I feel like every job should have an emotional intelligence test.

No. 1362906

What is it with troons and that fucking shark? Why do they all have one?

No. 1362910

I can't even fucking enjoy certain shows or interests that relate to my ex without being reminded of her. Like, there's a new show that came out today which was basically MY THING, MY SPECIAL INTEREST and we would have watched it when we were still together but then seeing her tweet about it and talk about it got me spiraling. Like fuck! I just feel so left out. I didn't even watch it yet in case she'll decide to want me back but then she went and watch it without me despite knowing how I'll love this show. I know it's stupid and childish for me to feel this way, and I want to say "FUCK HER", it's like I still deserve her attention when I shouldn't and I just feel like an entitled incel. I'm fucking sad and pathetic and I have no friends and I don't deserve any love. Why the fuck do I still check her socials knowing how much damage it will cause me? Do I just love to suffer? Do I like feeling like I just got stabbed in the fucking chest? Am I masochist? I must be with how I fucked things up with us. My self-loathing is part of the reason why we didn't work out. Anyway, I deleted the app and I won't be checking on her again.

No. 1362913

Men are just not fucking able to befriend a woman and don't let them lie to you if they deny it. Every fucking man I tried to be friends with wanted to date me. And the guys who are already taken are not interested in being friends. You can only be friends with guys before puberty.

No. 1362915

I got the shark from IKEA like in 2010, those sharks are knock offs the shape isn’t as long and proportionate, their sharks are stubby and ugly

No. 1362918

Gays make especially terrible friends to women. GBF sitcoms aren’t real.

No. 1362920

yeah, as an uggo i've had lots of female friends but never a male one, even when i was open to it. For moids, anything to do with women is either a step towards getting laid, or not worth the effort.

No. 1362921

Same feeling of smug and upset when I see down syndrome copycats of the Toys R Us jumbo caterpillar

No. 1362924

Lmao Audition Online headass

No. 1362929

File: 1664849504255.jpg (17.54 KB, 400x400, kkitty.jpg)

my face was finally clear and healing dark spots from the summer. then my dumbass made bacon which is high in fat and now i have 2 cystic acne bumps within 24 hrs. this will take at least 4-6 weeks to fully go away. i really cant eat anything high in fat that will give me tons of white heads or cystic acne bumps. mayo, bacon, half a bar of chocolate, peanut, walnut, maybe even coconut all fuck me up for weeks. i didnt have acne as a teen and when i did it healed really quickly. it would cost so much to go to a derm. it wont be covered under the shitty state insurance i have. yet we have troons of both kinds getting unneeded shit for free. like fuck you im forever stuck as a woman who will always be judged on my competence at a job as well as my looks there is no escaping it. sure i can usually cover the acne decently well but all i want is actual clear skin without a bump on my jaw that hurts when i move my mouth. sorry tired of it anons. some of the methods i probably wouldnt even do because the single time i tried birth control to manage my periods and acne i was absolutely nuts. i bled the entire time with a ton of other awful side effects. my dumbass shouldve learned coding so there is no face to face worrying. instead i have 2 interviews tomorrow where im going to hurt my skin a bit more by putting skin colored cream over it.

No. 1362930

Ew don’t talk to me tranny

No. 1362934

i have two separate issues i want to rant about

my mom needs to stop fucking calling me and pretending i am her therapist. today she called to uninvite me to dinner tomorrow because her and my dad had a huge fight and she started talking about how he would hit her when i was young (which was traumatizing for me to witness too, so i had to relive that). i feel so frustrated because whenever i tell her that she is a victim and needs to leave like i have been since i was a young child able to grasp the concept of divorce, she starts caping for this worthless abuser who emotionally and physically abuses her, and makes excuses for him sexually abusing me (i vented a couple days ago about this somewhere upthread.) what the fuck else am i supposed to say other than i hate him and wish she would leave? i even told her as my bf and i begin to search for houses in the coming months that if she wants us to get a mother-in-law suite or whatever it's called (extension to a house where one partner's mother lives) that i would take care of her forever if it means she would be safe but she refuses. i just want to protect my mom even though she minimizes my abuse and trauma because all i want is for her to love me back (my therapist keeps telling me to stop seeking her love out but i cannot stop, i'm like that little robot from the movie ai: artificial intelligence)

on a somewhat related note, why are men so retarded at making a plan? my bf has said and keeps saying he wants to be married around august/september of next year, so we can buy a house, a decision i am on board with because it's stupid to buy a house without legal protections that marriage brings and i just love him a lot and think he is my partner for life. i made a joke about getting engaged for christmas and he was like
>that's a bit soon isn't it?
dumbass, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SET THE TIMELINE! we're planning a very small wedding but does he think it doesn't take MONTHS to set a date and book a venue and send invitations and choose a dress and get it altered and book a photographer etc. etc. ? i also just want to enjoy being engaged for a short while as well. once i explained this all to him he said he still wants to stick to the timeline, it just feels like it's coming up quickly. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? that an entire wedding just appears out of thin air? it's very minor thing, just had to scream it into the void.

No. 1362984

my boyfriend's brother is the worst and i hope he falls in a ravine fuckin smells like a dying hospice patient's asshole and he wears his overpriced gEeKcOrE shirts until they stand upright from grime and then buys new ones and the worst part is he actually thinks he's a likable person while he ACKSHUALLYS every teen girl he creeps on online because he wants some impressionable waif to instill his shitty recycled taste onto fuckin get outta here go to kalamazoo go to pluto go to the 17th layer of hell just go

No. 1362987

File: 1664852319359.jpg (29.59 KB, 640x480, 7c6d309e11a69bd2d0786fcf74a407…)

I've been keeping a distance from my brother for years because of his mental illness, addictions and constant sympathy baiting or sometimes straight up suicide baiting. It's hard because my parents won't cut him off. Even worse because I'm living with them currently. I don't want to hear about him. I don't want to see him drag everyone else around him down to his level of misery.

I really fucking hate stupid BPD moids and I just want them all to go the fuck away.

No. 1362990

I’m sorry anon, I’m going through the exact same thing with my brother and it’s a shit feeling. I hope things get better and you can eventually cut him off for good. Take care of yourself

No. 1362995

Bless you anon. I wish you all the best.

No. 1363007

are you me? I'm in that exact same situation. I wish my parents would realize they can't do this forever, but I don't think they ever will. I can see my brother literally ruining their lives for the rest of their time on earth and they love him too much to ever stop giving into him. Sometimes I wish he would just die so they could be free.

No. 1363021

that's awful. sorry nonna

No. 1363024

File: 1664854954266.jpeg (4.59 MB, 4032x3024, 83747563-3D03-4823-BB75-D2FEC0…)

I really hate the anxiety I have before sleep and I spin out on the idea I am not a good person or absolutely terrible and people put up with me.
Fuck my lifeeeeeeee tomorrow i have to put on a show and pretend 2 be social and engaging. Then I will be around MORE people and workout and avoid interacting with dumb males who think the gym is the spot to flirt. Then I will continue this cycle of screaming into the void AHHHHHHHHHH

No. 1363030

Fuck Nonnie, I'm sorry your going through that. I know what it's like trying to convince your mom to leave her shit husband. Honestly, it doesn't sound like there's anything else you can do. You can't make people help themselves, unfortunately.

No. 1363033

I'm so tired of hearing my parents make excuses for this shitty scrote whom they have befriended. He's a terrible male who sees his daughters as extensions of himself, thief, and grifter. I wish they'd open their eyes. I hate how shitty men are worshipped like sacred cows.

No. 1363035

i just wanna fight one particular moid from my masters cohort who is still pissed that i told him i do not want to be his friend.

No. 1363042

File: 1664856995665.png (1.97 MB, 1492x1778, 1657733171358.png)

It's been 10 days and i'm here to happy vent that this was LITERALLY the case. So silly

No. 1363044

I hate how angry men get when you reject them in any way. How big is your cohort? Small or large? Sorry you have to be near him at all. Wish I could come and help you kick his ass.

No. 1363064

How are us 30 year old (give or take a few years) autists supposed to find a gf. I'm so tired of being alone.

No. 1363068


No. 1363079

No. 1363080

The fact that you took that answer seriously

No. 1363086

Currycels are the worst! I don’t see why brown women support these fuckers. Wtf is black pill anyways? So backwards even white incels aren’t this condescending

No. 1363088

I feel like so much of the internet is that way now.
It was always where I'd felt comfortable growing up, but now I'm old and I want nothing to do with children. They're impossible to avoid though and I feel so lost these days.
I wonder how many adults I bothered 10+ years ago lmao

No. 1363090

had a job interview today for a part time position, at university. this shit is getting too easy for me, idk why i used to be so nervous over job interviews—there’s really an easy formula to acing all of them. esp when you know what these ppl want to hear.

No. 1363094

Not to hijack your vent but this reminded me that reading the lesbian thread and seeing 30+ lonely lesbians with little sexual/dating experience is making me fear being alone for the rest of my life. Just another thing to add on to the regret pile for having lost my ex. Not even asking for much, I just want someone to spend the rest of my life with. I honestly don't even know how to answer your question, nona, because the last relationship I had just happened by happenstance. So I guess we just have to be lucky.

No. 1363102

It’s literally a meme.

No. 1363107

The internet is really fostering some of the most casually terrible behavior as “funny” and it’s always stuff that would get you labeled as literally abusive irl. People will literally just erase the entire lived experiences of other people and pretend to do so “as a bit”. It’s not a bit, you are an ugly person with a horrible attitude but you are condescending and genuinely delude yourself into thinking you’re a vigilante prophet or something. It’s in every online community. Just living to be horrible all of the time, literally no personal growth whatsoever, just revolving entirely around treating people like shit. Zero home training, zero character development, zero acknowledgement of your own faults while obsessively documenting everyone else’s. Like it’s becoming comically retarded almost.

No. 1363119

This could so easily be me too. I'm really scared.
Good luck nonas…

No. 1363120

You’re gay shut ins you should be on top of this come on

No. 1363129

I just had an elbow-brush with not one but two elder lesbians didn’t I? How is the valley of the shadow of death lately?

No. 1363134

I just turned 29 and have never dated anyone lol
Is it over for me

No. 1363142

"I like you but I would never do anything to ruin your relationship" … bitch, as if you could?? my boyfriend is obsessed with me, but good job completely ruining your friendship with him! Annoying jealousy-fueled drama, please go pay attention to your own fiance, damn.

No. 1363143

Girl if you’re 30 why do you talk like you’re at death’s door. Cut that shit out you’re so young.

No. 1363144

I love you nonas, thank you for helping me feel a little better.

Why the fuck do women do this to other women?

No. 1363158

everything has to be sexual with men every single fucking thing, they really don't see women as people do they?

No. 1363161

my fishes passed back to back today. nobody wants to hear me cry because "theyre just fish." i wish i could cope with pet death, but i guess i'll no longer get them since it destroys me when they die.
just need to get rid of this massive fucking aquarium i guess. i miss them nonas. it hurt me the same way losing my first cat did. fuck people who think fish are expendable.

No. 1363184

i expected the autism thread to discuss coping mechanisms and actual autism but it's just full of weird tiktok larp and people complaining about how they have no friends. like speaking as an autistic woman who was diagnosed as a child- have you considered that you are the problem. i have autistic and neurotypical friends and we understand and try to work around each other. if nobody likes you then you're probably just annoying or self-centered as fuck. not caring about relationships is one thing and is honestly fine, but if you moan about how you can't make friends because you're so special and unique and how everybody else is shallow, then reconsider yourself. they seriously sound like this autistic moid who used to be in my friend circles. i remember he'd always bitch about other people to me and i'd always think, i have the same diagnoses as you. why are you so incompetent and selfish while i try my best to improve myself. we're not friends anymore

No. 1363194

good bait nonnie

No. 1363200

Nta but how is this bait?

No. 1363243

It's hard when any pet dies, wish people understood it more that it's not just cats and dogs. Think on how you've provided them with best life possible; and I know it's hard to imagine now, but since you loved them so much, and already have such a big aquarium, you could give a great life to other fish too, life they wouldn't be able to get otherwise most likely since so many people don't take care of fish and other aquarium/terrarium animals properly. But it's understandable if you can't.
Could you tell what kind of fish you had?

No. 1363315

>I am not a good person or absolutely terrible and people put up with me. Fuck my lifeeeeeeee tomorrow i have to put on a show and pretend 2 be social and engaging.
What could you have possibly done that makes you think this?

No. 1363321

Nonnas im about to have a breakdown. I got hit with around $200 in university fees and its my own fault for not reading things properly. Im going to have to cancel a trip ive been planning for months and my hair appointment and go on a total no buy till next year. I already spent so much money this month and last and bought concert tickets to treat myself for my birthday and now i regret it all. My clothes are falling apart and I wanted to replace some essentials and i literally just spilled coffee over my keyboard. I want to die i am so stupid.

No. 1363326

Quinta Brunson reminds me of my eldest sister who is a teacher to kindergarteners. I've never been close to my family due to trauma and age gaps I'm 24 and my oldest sibling is 40. I haven't thought about it in forever and I don't know why but I love her so much. I fucking hate her husband I can't believe I'm crying right now. I can't believe I let him take her from me. I love my niece and nephew but I fucking hate him. I still see glimpses of her personality I love when we do spend time together but he completely wrecked her. She's the only one who ever tried to watch horror movies with me. The only one who cared when I said I was depressed and her husband said it was attention seeking. The only one who addressed me trying to hang myself around Christmas when I was still a teenager. She convinced her husband to take me to a store she knew sold comic books and video games so I could have fun. She bought me one of my favorite Japanese horror movies on DVD that night without judgement. I love her so much and she deserves so much better. I want you guys to hate him too so imagine cheating on your wife for eight years through five miscarriages then treating her like she's dramatic when you get caught after your first child. Imagine continuing to cheat past your second. I fucking want to kill him and I hate that I love people who love him. Absolute piece of fucking shit. I haven't told her in forever that I love her but I'm going to let her know today she is my one and only favorite older sibling and I appreciate her so so much.

No. 1363332

It’s been a few years already, but I’m still bitter and upset about what a waste of time and money my wedding was. My closest friends, who had promised to come, all dipped out for one reason or another (all valid, but still). Ended up inviting a bunch of acquaintances to fill empty seats (required by the venue) and ending up with no bridesmaids. Photographer came tied with the venue, and the photos all came out over exposed and shitty. Paid for a fancy book of barely visible images of a bunch of people I don’t know or care about. Not to mention, I look like I’m holding in a fart in every image because I’m so uncomfortable. The makeup artist gave me super thick, unblended eyeliner because she wasn’t used to my eye shape. And the cake tasted shitty! I didn’t get to eat any of the other food either, since the entire affair was run with military efficiency and over in a few hours. I should have just went back to my home country and done the entire thing myself for a quarter of the price.

Every time I remember this shit it makes me want to either cry or cringe kek. None of you bitches should ever waste money on a wedding. Just splash out on some good food, alcohol, and a scenic AirBnb for your friends and then hire a photographer.

No. 1363368

I'm lazy and cheap as fuck, if I ever get married (fucking lol) I'll sign the papers at the town hall in sweatpants and maybe go to a nice restaurant after that. My little sister wanted a fancy wedding in a castle before her ex bf/fiance broke up with her the day before they were supposed to move to a new apartment together and I'll never tell her but she dodged a bullet imo.

No. 1363370

My stomach is gurgling and in pain and I know it was because of that old water bottle I drank in my room last night but I was so freaking thirsty and it was too late to make noise and go downstairs for water

No. 1363390

>None of you bitches should ever waste money on a wedding. Just splash out on some good food, alcohol, and a scenic AirBnb for your friends and then hire a photographer.
Pretty sure there was a study which confirmed that people are less likely to divorce if they do what you suggest instead of have a wedding. So you're right.

No. 1363393

I've been listening to Tender by Blur on repeat losing my fucking mind just angry and bitter as fuck. Is love the greatest thing we have? I will never find out. Can't stop listening to it though, it feels so removed from me. Fuck you Damon Albarn.

No. 1363396

Can this pain end already? Haven't I suffered enough? Lord if you are really out there give me a break. I need a break so bad. I'm so tired of living like this. I'm sick of it all.

No. 1363398

I really hate that for you anon. The guests are one thing, but it's a shame that you couldn't be comfortable and enjoy delicious food on the "happiest day of your life." Then to add insult to injury, to not even have some decent photos you like to memorialize it.
Tbh one of my friends had her rich daddy fund her wedding ($50k+ for venue alone) that I was a bridesmaid for. I remember the drama and her bridezilla moments because she was stressed. It's weird because she doesn't even talk to two of the women from her bridal party anymore bc she wasn't that close to them and just wanted bodies for her wedding–one of them was an abject piece of shit to me during wedding prep, but she didn't believe me until she found out this woman talked massive shit behind her back years later lol. Then eating garbage catering in some stupid proto-american "castle." I don't even remember the cake. Her dress was expensive and a big deal but I don't remember a detail about it. In fact, I don't even think she would enjoy her wedding photos today as she's suffering from heavy self-esteem issues lately, I know I looked awkward af in them.

I remember cute, but relatively inexpensive gestures, like sparklers and handfasting. The wedding favor (a cheap but fancy looking aliexpress keychain bottle opener I still use lol). The bachlorette party was super fun.
Basically all the inexpensive, organic parts about the wedding were actually the best. The forced and expensive parts of the wedding were absolute drudgery.

No. 1363401

Look at the brightside, we can focus on bettering ourselves hitting the gym, travel and being free for much longer. By the time we find someone we'll be perfectly equipped to be in a healthy relationship? Or so I hope. Anyways, look at at all of us there is enough to form a support group of khv.

No. 1363402

Wedding is nothing but a money-sucking scam. Sorry you learned that a hard way.

No. 1363440

I had a tiny wedding years ago. We were already engaged when I found out one of my parents was dying so we arranged a very small wedding at short notice to have her present. It was cheap seeing as it was the absolute bare minimum attending it. I didn't care about anything other than my mom being there and having those last pics of her. I was chill about the details and wanted nothing fancy. It was a bittersweet day. And a shame that the marriage only lasted 2 years lol. I got the shock of my life when mr perfect had a total personality change overnight and just fucked off. Obviously I kinda wish I just hadn't married at all but I'm thankful we didn't go into debt over it or drag hundreds of people along to the big day. That would've stung that much more.

I felt like a bit of a failure afterwards but I've since seen couples where their wedding debt outlasts the marriage. They spent more time planning the wedding and getting the details perfect.. than they spent actually being married afterwards.

No. 1363449

File: 1664895439470.jpeg (169.85 KB, 1170x523, 796DC9F6-44AB-454F-A8DD-890CC8…)

idk but this shit really makes me so annoyed. it’s amazing how no one has a problem with e-begging.
this person literally e-begs every month. get a fucking JOB and work. this is also a tumblr phenomenon that ended up on twitter too.

No. 1363451

Most of the time its pretty chill. But every now and then we'll get started with this "actually autism makes you based and the neurotypicals are all retarded and need to change how they act" speil.

No. 1363459

File: 1664896164383.jpeg (53.54 KB, 680x673, 1649629852960.jpeg)

My Russian coworker and her little crew who kinda refuse to sew or pack shit for the Ukrainians were reprimanded in some way yesterday when I wasn't there, but today the final boss lady of them got on my nerves.
>I never got free blankets of sheets when I came to this country
>Yeah, you came here because you wanted to and these people because they don't wanna be killed by russians, maybe that's why
I am 99% sure she will throw my lunch out of the fridge but worth it, she has been quiet since morning now.

No. 1363461

I'm so sorry anon, I've had and lost fish and I loved them just as much as I love my cats. I also got rid of mine years ago, and now that there's most likely gonna be a lot of power outages, I am almost kinda glad I don't have to fear for my fish.

No. 1363471

>some of the most casually terrible behavior as “funny”
so tiktok devious licks et cetera. social media has been terrible for public morality. now you have selfie-spots where women line around a block to take a photo with trendy food and then throw it away, everyone jumping into consoomerism so the internet thinks they are rich, accelerated trend-hopping and fast fashion which is an ecological nightmare, scrote shit like andy taint and PUA, funko pops and gaming addiction being turned into a competition, onlyfans and casual pornography, and generally just feeding into narcissism and entitlement. i feel like 5 years ago the trends were leaning to DIY, upcycling, minimalism, buy-nothing, but now tiktok and instagram have plunged society into a consoomer madness cycle. they turned interior decorating into fast fashion. we have furniture being churned out with less durability than ikea so instagrammers can change their decor every other month. the scrote equivalent is those lifted oversized trucks which are even worse for the environment AND they kill people, or i guess shooter copycats. recently the trend has been grocery store shootings.

the unabomber was right.

No. 1363478

what is with scrotes and getting "cold feet" and bailing last minute on women they've been with for literally years. that scrote should be hanged by his nostrils.
same though, fuck weddings. if you have $30k for a giant party give it to me for a down payment.

No. 1363479

I left twitter years ago but I remember seeing the same people ask for rent money every month, month after month. Att I was living in shitty apartment shares with strangers because that's all I could afford. A room, a shared bathroom with scrotes. I hated it but what can you do. Meanwhile they're renting a whole nice ass apartment to themself, tweeting out pics of dumb shit they bought as 'self care' and relying on strangers to make up the difference between their income and their bills.

One woman in particular announced that she'd renewed her lease and tweeted out her usual casual begfest to cover that month. She freaked out when someone asked her why she'd renew a lease she couldn't afford, instead of downsizing
> I have to live alone because I have anxiety, I have to live in an expensive city because my mentalz say so, I have to have multiple pets and hoard toys because depression

No. 1363485

e-beggers are scum. back on tumblr i used to unfollow anyone posting or reposting e-begging. get a fucking job. i've been poor as shit and never begged.
a lot of the beggers are troons now becuase they refuse to get jobs and want to play video games all day, but also want to consoom girl clothes and booba figs. guess their onlyfans didn't work out lol no one wants to look at a rot pocket. like that keffals creature with the fart porn that didn't work out, so he turned to scamming money from the children he was grooming on discord. if you have 100 incels each giving you $20 a month and no rent to pay because you live in your mother's basement it's a sweet gig for someone with no greater aspiration in life than playing video games until they die.

No. 1363487

I’m on a group chat for people attending a concert, everyone is happy and hyping themselves up so I too post my band themed tattoo and some random ass moid commented “one of the letters is fading lol maybe time for a touch up” and this is so stupid but I want to strangle him

No. 1363493

this took me back in time where I'd scroll past so many e-begging posts on tumblr for buying binders. I was a teenager myself but even then I found it alarming that so many girls were so desparate to be 'male' that they would beg for money for those things. haven't seen the word 'binder' in years, it's straight to surgery now.

No. 1363495

Tell him to shut up nonnie

No. 1363512

I have a friend who cannot have roommates because of actual mental health issues after being stalked and robbed as a kid/teen multiple times by two separate schizo crackheads and she doesn't whine nearly as much.

No. 1363519

They’re either just going with the motions for years or have a lot of issues themselves. They always blame the woman though instead of looking at themselves. If you spent this long with her is married life really THAT scary? You obviously wanted to do it at one point so why chicken out now? It’s dipshit logic.

No. 1363534

may he get astroworlded

No. 1363536

File: 1664899870247.png (34.76 KB, 643x193, Screenshot 2022-10-04 180631.p…)

Did you know that RAD can happen just by changing primary care providers often, or by not paying enough attention to the baby? And this happens while they are infants. Unfortunately, kids in the system usually go through this. The chances of you raising a kid with deep issues is very high and it is irresponsible to try to pretend it isn't. That's why you end up having people who 'return' the kids and why they never get better. They're told they're normal, and just need love, but the truth is they need special care that the average person can't always provide. Hell, most people don't know that they can have these issues.
Yes your own bio kids can also turn into psychos, but there's more legal and emotional commitment to help them and you know their history.
RAD kids are not actual psychopaths, they are just messed up and need help.

No. 1363544

I think it wound me up so much because I have my own mentalz that make living with strangers pretty stressful too. I relate to that bit but I've either had to make do with shares for a while or I found tiny affordable studios before eventually getting a proper place. I don't even know how someone can sign an expensive ass lease solo when their proof of income doesn't match. It was all pretty sus.

No. 1363647

love how it’s
the fact it’s not just one lazy ass person but two people who just refuse to work. ridiculous. no sympathy for e beggers. even less for the troon ones.

No. 1363677

File: 1664904992767.gif (693.18 KB, 480x362, source-2316075383.gif)

I finally managed to escape neetdom and start at university again but it's hard. It's too hard. I'm scared that I have to drop out again I'm really passionate at what I study but I still find everything so hard. I'm struggling so much and whenever I ask anyone in my class if they too find it difficult they just say that they did at the beginning but now they have gotten the hang of it.
I'm scared I don't want to drop out. I want this education so badly but I just can't

No. 1363682

I just keep thinking about the years ahead and if theyll be worth it. Never wouldve thought my life would drop to the shit status it has within 5 years much less whatever the next 5-10 years will bring. Working a bunch of shitty jobs barely making it through rent and my bills, rationing food for cost. Apartments at 1400-3000 here and you cant get a whole house without the massive down payment. Money to move out of this state and attempt on a limb being able to make enough for their rent too. It really makes me consider spending the last of my savings then killing myself. The amount of money I saved doesnt mean shit anymore with the cost of living rising. Might as well go out with a bang. The one thing stopping me was always not doing what I wanted yet but if they're out of the way that's kind of it. It feels so doomer to say but I'm so tired of trying to do everything right then still having some shit luck that screws me.

No. 1363697

You should rethink your aversion to "hard". It's okay for things to be hard, and struggling is the way you learn the most. It's mentally uncomfortable but you should embrace the challenge rather than be demoralized by it.

No. 1363718

Killing yourself now because you're worried about the future—which is just an abstraction and literally doesn't exist and will not be how you anticipate it to be—must be peak insanity.
You're struggling because you're powerless. You can't afford anything, presumably don't have the skills for a decent job, etc. The solution is to become more powerful. You can do that by moving to a cheaper place (I don't believe you when you say it's not an option) or by becoming more skilled (maybe this would involved the acquisition of debt). Otherwise, unless you get pretty lucky, you'll perpetually have this struggle.

No. 1363733

File: 1664906817144.gif (2.57 MB, 275x202, 1664106722303.gif)

I'm abortion anon from last vent >>1357280.
Called and made my appointment for Saturday, was quoted $400 for the pill treatment. They gave me a financial help line to call to see if I "qualified" for a $200 financial help sponsor. Well I didn't qualify because I have the audacity to work 40 hour weeks to afford my rent–which I cannot afford if I gotta spend $400 this weekend.

This whole situation is such hot garbage. Should I start lying in order to "qualify" for these assistance programs?
Also I know when Roe v. Wade was initially overturned I heard of a bunch of online resources cropping up that would ship abortion pills and such for a much lower rate. Not sure if that's still a thing but maybe I should roll dice and just do that instead? Granted they won't say no based on face value questions about my wage and household size.
Tbh all of this is really exhausting and upsetting and the pregnancy (or perhaps it's silent depression?) have left me with no physical or mental energy. I'm tired. Bf said he will pay for half but honestly I'd rather him not, I don't need a man holding something financially over my head. It bothers me that it might come to that. But in the least, he will be in charge of contraceptives from this point forward.

No. 1363738

Wtf take that money from your bf dumbass. Refusing money when it means not being able to afford rent is just retarded, especially when your bf is just as responsible. He's not holding financially something above your head, he's paying for the half he alone is responsible for.

No. 1363740

>diagnosed as a child

hey retard, you think that might have something to do with why you’re well-adjusted? when you spend your whole life feeling like a fucking alien with no diagnosis and thus no tangible reason for you to feel the way that you feel it fucks you up. god you really must be a sperg if you can’t comprehend that bring provided with resources from an early age allowed you an infinitely easier life than the women who have been told their whole lives that there must be something wrong with them on a personal, fundamental level if they struggle to build and maintain relationships or experience any other symptom of autism that we are then taught to mask. lmao no wonder you got diagnosed as a kid if you’re this dense and lacking in empathy

No. 1363743


Girl if you don't take that fuckin money and get an abortion. You didn't get pregnant by yourself. If he tries to hold it over your head remind him of that. Also, if you feel that way you probably shouldn't be dating or sexually active cuz…

No. 1363745

I'm not stupid anon, I know how men really think behind the performance and lip service of them doing the right thing. He is absolutely half responsible.
Still, society can also do its part and not be shitty to overprice abortions for working class women in the first place. It would still be less of a financial hit for me to only pay $100 split versus $200.

No. 1363747


Don't be stupid, most of the kids that are up for adoption have special needs and more mental trauma than the average adoptive parent is ready to handle. The risk goes up the older they get. Yo have to be in a fucked up position in life to be put up for adoption, and they often don't have enough access to therapy and mental health to adjust. And I'm talking about the neurotypical ones without physical handicaps rn.

No. 1363748

I hate that trannies getting ffs and other plastic surgeries means we kinda have to be on the lookout and doubt whether women with more "masculine" features are secretly moids. It makes me a bit insecure because I'm sure I must also have some features that could be considered slightly masculine and would get me roasted. But I also don't want women to stop trying to clock trannies cause most of the time they're right. Plus they deserve to know they only "pass" with moids because theyre too retarded and misogynistic to even know what a woman looks like; they just recognize long hair, tits and make up. It just makes me sad we even have to be on the lookout for women who might be trannies and risk offending real women. I know some terfs think troons should be allowed to transition as long as they stay out of women's spaces, but imo they shouldn't be allowed to get all these fucking surgeries and hrt at all. Before they had access to all this shit no one questioned whether masculine-looking women were women, you could easily tell.
I remember a female asmr youtuber I watched constantly got asked if she was a tranny and she had to answer with so much grace lest she gets canceled, but if I was her I'd be so mad I think I would've terfed out.

No. 1363750

My apartment is ice cold. I have to wear 2 jumpers and socks, hot water bottle and a blanket to feel warm. I don't get it, when I go to my mom's apartment it's very warm. I can lay on the sofa with a t-shirt and shorts. What irks me is that I pay like double the rent for half the size. It's supposed to be a "luxury" apartment. Yeah, but it's like having your furniture on the street. Idk how I will survive winter. The heating costs a lot too, but there's no heat?? Floors are ice cold.

No. 1363752

File: 1664907783486.jpeg (22.81 KB, 236x236, D08AD223-6C1F-429D-9EF2-68B6B3…)

Sent my ex a forgiveness text after not talking for two weeks. Did it kinda for him but mostly for me to move on. All I said was that I didn’t hate him and that I’m glad he was honest with me. I am still hurt and feel like he broke up for the wrong reasons but I could not really function leaving everything how we did. He texted me back thanking me and saying that he had been thinking a lot about what happened, and said he hoped we could be okay. We talked for a bit and decided to have a more in depth discussion in the future. I feel less all consumed by anxiety but now I feel like I’m in limbo as to what will happen. I want to be with him so bad but my trust is so broken that if he called me up right now and begged for me back I’d say no. But honestly if he’s willing to put in the work I’d be open to it. Even though he doesn’t deserve it.
Problem is I downloaded Tinder while we weren’t speaking. I ended up matching with a fairly attractive guy and he’s very interesting to talk to. After I talked to my Ex for a bit new guy asked me out. I haven’t responded. I don’t know what to do now.

No. 1363757

I have the same issue, and it's because my apt is small but has an entire wall of windows. sucks all the heat right out. i'm going insane right now trying to prepare for winter so i'm not freezing cold like i was last year.
Do we have any type of thread about interior design/living space? I looked and dont see any.

No. 1363765

>And I do get some male attention, but I don't like any of them.
>I just don't understand how every other woman is lucky enough to find a guy theyre attracted to
why do you assume these women are wildly attracted to the men they're with and not settling or have low standards too. there are women on lolcor posting they're not even attracted to their husbands but still care about them, what do you think the chances of normie women not putting up with unbelievable amounts of bullshit?

No. 1363769

troons never pass, a woman that looks masculine looks nothing like a troon stop getting insecure over what moids will think of you

No. 1363770

you could try heat insulating/blocking curtains, put them up using command hooks with curtain rods.

No. 1363772

An ex of mine is very tall for a woman and would get clocked as a transwoman even years ago.
I saw her talking about it happening again the other day and even though she acted like she was cool with it I know it bothers her a lot when it happens.
I hate to love the schadenfreude kek

No. 1363775

samefagging to clarify
In general I am sorry that any woman has to deal with this shit
But she did me dirty so I have to laugh about it

No. 1363777

>every other woman is lucky enough to find a guy theyre attracted to who is attracted to them back
That's where you're making a mistake in your train of thought. A lot of people, straight women especially because there's lots more ugly men than ugly women, settle because they simply don't want to be alone and/or need a parner to start a family. Be glad you don't feel the need to settle and are fine to be alone if you can't find someone you genuinely like.

No. 1363791

I love my boyfriend and he wants to buy me a bag from Coach since he sees how my current bag doesn't hold all my shit, but I feel like I'm too ratty for Coach which is funny because I think Coach is pretty cringe ngl. I actually like overstuffing my cute bag I bought from a thrift store that is ugly y2k. I don't know what to do, lol.

No. 1363801

Honestly considering most relationships I see and hear about, I don't feel like I'm missing much by being single. But I'm not KHV, I'm somewhat single by choice. I feel like "older" people who get together generally have better and healthier relationships, which seems to be reflected in separation statistics? You probably actually have a better shot at a healthy relationship at 30+ in comparison to younger people. Less risk of growing apart too, because you've already done a lot of growing.

No. 1363802

Do what it takes to get to a cheaper city. I did, and I've met a bunch of other people from all over the country in the new city. I thought it would be a boring small town, but the people are from everywhere.

No. 1363810

>I remember a female asmr youtuber I watched constantly got asked if she was a tranny and she had to answer with so much grace lest she gets canceled

No. 1363820

File: 1664911343269.jpg (181.65 KB, 1588x2084, il_1588xN.4003724674_e36v.jpg)

I love old coach bags, maybe have him get one of those? even if you are ratty like you say (don't be so hard on yourself!!) old coach goes with everything because it has a neutral design. I only wear their 80s crossbody bags because I found one in a goodwill for $7 and it lasted like 12 years even with me beating the hell out of it so I picked up a few more and now I have a lifetime supply.

they're expensive now in good condition but it's worth it. there are even big saddlebags like picrel if you like to carry a lot

new coach looks cringe to me and the hardware is so cheap it's shocking

No. 1363826

I'm fucking upset at my ex for trying to have fun and make new friends during our separation. It's like she's moved on from me while I'm still stuck on her. The next time we talk, I have to try very hard not to insult her or get mad at her. In the past I would have lashed out and let my emotions get the best of me but I want to prove to myself that I've grown even if she doesn't believe it.

No. 1363834

I was meant to go to a gig tomorrow but now i can't bc i'm sick with a cold/cough. Fumin tbh

No. 1363841

Every day I’m amazed at how many tech illiterate people there are. Google is free

No. 1363847

>use their real names instead of nicknames
>put all their information to the public
>never try to fact check
>post pictures of themselves on public places
zoomers are so retarded no wonder there is a troon epidemic, they are beyond retarded and vulnerable

No. 1363850

I'm feeling like Junji Itos grease boy rn, the slightest pressure to my cheeks makes me involuntarily reenact the the sister scene solo, and I wish I was joking but I barely am. I'm trying to cope by telling myself if they're cracking that easily, everything from deep down is coming up to the surface and my skin is just coughing up the last junk left there, but I doubt this is how any of it works at all.

No. 1363852

File: 1664912586389.gif (2.69 MB, 498x370, spongebob-stink.gif)

I feel like such a bitch but my roommate and best friend has such bad hygiene it actually irritates me. Like I have to constantly remind her to take showers and at least put deodorant on like you're an adult why do you need someone to tell you that you stink for you to wash your smelly pits? We live in a hot ass climate too, and our A/C in our car is broke and yet she continues to wear long sleeves and hoodies which makes it so much worse. Her mom would get on to her about it as well but in a much meaner way so even if I'm nice about it she gets kind of moody. Sigh, I don't even know what to do at this point cause it seems like reminding her does nothing, and I shouldn't even have to do that anyways!

No. 1363864

that is one of the things I'm adding. door snakes and rugs too.

No. 1363865

File: 1664913058647.webm (2.59 MB, 640x640, 1653672589423.webm)

Finally reached a sponsor who was willing to help me by $150. The lady was so much kinder too.
Thank you nonnies for manifesting that.

No. 1363880

Good!! That must be a big relief. I hope getting the abortion won't take too much of a toll on you.

No. 1363886

I miss someone to share my art with. I miss someone who will share their art and stories with me and talk excitedly about their plans for their characters. I miss someone who's characters I can draw interacting with mine and us both laughing about it. Text based roleplaying where we create a story together just for the fun of it. I feel so lonely with my art right now. Drawing used to be a shared experience for the most part between me and my online friends. Going from that to being alone and just getting a few bot likes on my art here and there feels empty. I don't want to be a popular artist or have many people like my art. I just want one or two friends to interact and have fun with.

No. 1363889

i once made a joke about not liking vegetables and my bf now actually thinks i'm a picky eater who never eats vegetables. i'm actually pissed off. meanwhile his diet is literally canned soup, chicken breast, cheerios, and instant oatmeal packets. my diet this week was/will be salad, beef stew, homemade curry, bagels, homemade oatmeal, and scrambled eggs. he literally sat there and argued with me that i "never eat vegetables" despite him always being over my house and seeing my fridge full of produce and homemade food. because i made one joke one time. the more i think about it the more angry i get. sometimes i think he has a learning disability or something because he's always autistically misinterpreting things like this, or doesn't make obvious connections to what people are talking about. they could be having a discussion about [__] and he'll think you mean some random fucking thing no one has said a word about the entire day, rather than thinking you mean the thing that fits into the context of the discussion. i'm not sure how to phrase it but he's always doing things like this. he's not stupid so i don't think he's actually mentally retarded but he comes off as being mentally retarded sometimes.

nonnas what is wrong with my nigel? is he just a dumb asshole, or does he have the 'tism?

No. 1363894

it is truly insane also how well that anti pirating marketing worked on a generation of kids—no one knows how to torrent anymore. I’m technically a zoomer but everyone i know my age is shocked whenever i say i illegally download things

No. 1363896

Are you dating my ex by chance? This sounds exactly like him, kek. He made fun of me for being a picky eater, but he literally just ate the same defrosted soup, plain oatmeal or chicken with broccoli every day while declining the curries and stews I made because "muh fitness". I'm not picky, I just didn't want his bland ass food since I enjoy cooking. He would also completely misinterpret the stuff I was talking about and focus entirely on the wrong part of the conversation. He admitted that he thought he was autistic, though, and would blame every single complaint I had about his poor conversation and listening skills on that.

No. 1363904

Take a photo of your fridge or be annoying and send him photos of your salads and call him a bitch.

No. 1363909

Saw my ex at uni today and I dont know what to feel. We didn't speak and didn't even look at each other, it was really cold and a bit heartbreaking. Now I just want to cry my heart out sometimes and sometimes it's fine. I don't know if that was good. I don't want him back but I still want to be with him. I guess I'm slowly getting over him but that's sad too.

No. 1363911

people who complain about le picky eaters are never not annoying tbh

No. 1363936

I might lose my family dog soon and I feel sad and numb at the same time. I just want him to be comfortable.

No. 1363970

At this point I'm not even managing getting pissed at my dad anymore, just scared lol

No. 1363977

Maybe it's better I don't get involved in a radfem group anyways. I am probably too asocial to get involved and I don't care enough about certain issues anyways. Kind of feels like I will never have a female friend I can be really open with though.

No. 1363991

I hate doing any kind of redecoration, building furniture or fixing shit with men. I visited my friend and her partner recently after they had just moved into a new apartment and I helped her put some tables and furniture together. We were laughing and having a good time while figuring stuff out, and she confessed to me that she asked me over because her boyfriend "always gets so angry at me for no reason when we do this". I have the same experience with my ex. He had so much fucking shit in his apartment, and when I once came over to help him move things around, he kept snapping and barking at me for not pushing/pulling right and overall just having a shitty attitude to the very thing he decided he wanted to do. I know this stuff can be annoying. I've been pissy about putting together furniture as well, but I'd never take it out on my partner, friend or anyone who's there to help me. At least my friend's boyfriend decided before I left to pay some of his friends to come over and put the rest of their stuff in place while they were at work, since he overheard her talking about how stressful his anger was to her.

No. 1363992

since when did it become such a bad thing to want or need someone in our lives? why is finding someone to spend my days with so hard? I understand the "work on yourself", "focus on yourself" mentality but I don't understand why it became the norm. Like it's almost a bad thing to not want that all the time. I'm relatively happy with myself, I don't want to fill the void with multiple jobs, hobbies, etc. I want to love someone.

I don't understand why everyone became so lonely.

No. 1363999

I feel the same. But I never open myself up to other people. Admitting loneliness is admitting vulnerability, no one wants to do that

No. 1364006

Sad and scared that I have to have kids. My husband is the oldest child and only son of his family so he’s not encouraged to, but required to have children. I can’t make myself infertile, or else my husband will leave me, and I can’t tell him that I don’t want to have any, or else he’ll remind me that I don’t have a choice, and I just don’t want to keep living. I don’t have anywhere to go.

No. 1364007

Same anon. I've been trying to meet someone for over a year, and I've allowed myself to be pretty vulnerable. But there must be something wrong with me because I always end up falling for the emotionally unavailable that seem OK on only focusing on their shit and not leaving a single space for me. At least I've been taking a break and will no longer settle for people that don't want a relationship from the start, learned my lesson…

But that still doesn't explain why it became so hard. At least I was true to myself and didn't try to act aloof or compete with the other person. But that does allow for people to walk all over you.

Even if I know I didn't do anything wrong, feeling rejected this way has made me feel like such a pathetic mess…

No. 1364009

You're setting yourself up for misery like this, anon. You and your husband are simply not compatible due to this fatal flaw, and quite frankly this is something you should have taken into consideration before you got married. I'm sorry anon, I wish it was easier for you, but I don't think you should have kids if you don't want them.

No. 1364025

I guess that's true, but I feel like saying most women are settling would be a cope. I know a lot of them do settle for sure, but others do seem genuinely happy. Either way, I envy that they can even get something out of settling at all. I mean, if they didn't they'd choose to be alone. But even when I try to lower my standards and be with a guy I'm not into I get no enjoyment out of it, not even the validation of someone being attracted to me. I just feel really stupid that I waited so long and refused to settle for whatever unattractive guys that asked me out thinking I might find someone worth my time in the end even if it was later in life and now I'm pathetic and alone and I'll have to end up settling anyways. And it's so awkward trying to join the hook up culture dating scene when you're a virgin that's too old to be a virgin. It's not like I even care about my first time being "special" anymore but I can't treat sex as casually as everyone else either. At least not the first time.

No. 1364027

My new job dumped me unexpectedly after two months and I’m freaking the fuck out. I left a solid job I’d been at 3 years and now I’m unemployed. If I end up having to work retail bc of this I’m cracking some skulls.

No. 1364028

It’s not a cope, it’s backed by surveys. Many women appear happy but deal with a lot more stress than they let on. A lot of women aren’t even ok with porn either but pretend to be, and most men watch it

No. 1364034

There’s nothing wrong with it. People have such an all or nothing mentality when it comes to relationships and think that they can’t put in the effort to be individuals while still relying on others. Self improvement doesn’t come by just simply being alone, people actually have to put in the self reflection and mental energy whether or not they’re involved with someone. People use work, school, hobbies, media and all other kinds of shit to outrun their problems but then push away connections with real people that might actually be able to help them.

No. 1364035

It's crazy to me. People are really out there spending hundreds on streaming subscriptions, I haven't paid for tv movies or music since I was a teenager, plus I never have to worry that something is gonna be removed for whatever reason. My stuff is permanently on my hard drive and I'll rewatch 30 Rock and IASIP episodes with blackface in them all I want.

I can't complain though, as long as they pay for streaming they take their foot off our necks for piracy.

No. 1364036

thanks anon, nice to hear I'm not the only one. I see so much value in letting someone into my life and relying on them, them relying on me, etc. I'm so tired of people just focusing on themselves. Everyone is so self-absorbed nowadays.

No. 1364045

I was looking forward to play ow2 after work, then I come home and it's broken and I waited 3 hours with server errors just to get kicked out in the end… why do I even try, I should have just gone to sleep

No. 1364051

I wish this too. My art improved so much with a community.

No. 1364057

>You can do that by moving to a cheaper place (I don't believe you when you say it's not an option)
Nta but no, it’s near impossible to rent a place below 1400$ in some places. Have you been living under a rock?

No. 1364070

i have a horrible painful abscess in my armpit, this is the first time i've gotten anything like this. it's been a week of constant burning pain and limited motion of my arm. i can't even sleep until i'm so exhausted that i forget the pain. i'm on two kinds of antibiotics and i just feel so weak tired and dizzy. my mental health was already plummeting before this happened and now i really just feel like giving up on everything. i don't want to eat i don't want to do my schoolwork i just want to lay in bed all day but i have midterms soon and an essay to write. i can't bring myself to care about college anymore like i can't even feed myself

No. 1364072

You made me miss the friend group I made in DeviantArt where we would regularly share each other's works. That was the only time in my life where I actually felt like I was in a close circle of friends. Seems like people our age would be busy doing their own thing nowadays and won't have much time for art anymore.

No. 1364073

Ntayrt, if it makes you feel better an older millennial male told me I was terrible for pirating things. He tried to make a huge moral issue over it. He's the biggest consoomer I know. Side note: I've pirating things since I first got on the internet. My brother showed me how to get music and from there I figured out the rest. Kek

No. 1364074

You’re really right. It is a huge discrepancy, but I just really, really love my husband. He is legitimately the ground that I walk on and the air that I breathe, and I’ve communicated this fear to him. He’s been very understanding, and he said we don’t have to try having any kids for a long time (at least another decade) and we both agreed that that sounds good. I’m open to my mind changing, I’ve known plenty of women who claimed they didn’t want any children until they found out that they were pregnant and were being given the opportunity to welcome this into their life; but I’d really rather go into conception/procreation with an intention to reproduce. I don’t want to just happen upon it or fall into it and go along with it, I want to truly desire the process.

I don’t think my fear lies within motherhood…it’s mostly my fear of an unhealthy pregnancy, and the effect it would have on the life I’d bring into the world. Like…I feel like you can always see on someone’s face when the placenta they were cooked in was cloudy or shitty. And I don’t want my kid to suffer like that. I guess it’s just about the passage of time and how my kind changes with it, at this point. Thank you for your response nona. It brings me a lot of comfort to talk with people about this who won’t judge me.

No. 1364079

I saw my cellulite today with the worst lighting possible and I want to kms. I'm running 4-5 km two times per week and I do home exercises but I have no weights. I'm too broke right now to afford a gym. This legit ruined my day, I look like a fucking orange.

No. 1364082

Why didn’t they lance it? I had a golf ball sized abscess in my armpit and if they hadn’t lanced it they wouldn’t have known it was MRSA. Hurt like a bitch when they drained it but after the pressure was relieved it hurt a lot less.

No. 1364085

Agree with the other anon this is going to end up terribly. The sub breakingmom exists for a reason.

No. 1364092

i notice scrotes refuse to put in time and effort to make their place look nice. and even if they do it's some godawful scrote shit like gamer lights for their GAYMING REEG that makes the house look like a trashy dump. women will handsew basket covers and pillowcases, upcycle 2ndhand furniture, watch 20 videos in 3 different languages to learn how to hack and max and upgrade all their stuff. moids will just paste LED lights behind their desk and call it a day. scrotes are absolute slobs and always like ugly shit, especially if it's painted an ugly color or is gaudy as all getout. the only men who have any sense of aesthetic are the gays like Lonefox. and when you call scrotes out on it they're like, "lol women are mad at how littleit takes to make us happy" and then they spend 10 hours doomscrolling and asking internet strangers why they are so depressed. it's like they enjoy being miserable from their own laziness and lack of effort. and they want their gf to live like that too, because when a scrote sees how much effort women naturally put into making their home comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, they feel attacked and threatened, so they lash out. either they get angry it's being "done wrong" or "too feminine" or lash out that it's a "waste of money" while they buy another takeout pizza and new vidya gayme. i have never seen a normal heterosexual scrote put effort into making his living space appealing. never. unless he was trying to fuck a girl that weekend. the concept of improving your own life is unfathomable for a scrote. only women make effort to improve themselves. men just lay down and die because putting in effort is somehow losing their nuts and MANHOOD.

it's enough of a struggle to convince a scrote to keep his living space clean in the most basic way. let alone that making it look good will improve his daily life and happiness. scrotes respond to suggestions of improvement being possible with fear and anger.

No. 1364094

idk, when i went to the urgent care they told me they couldn't lance it because it hadn't come to a head and it was still too hard. they said to take antibiotics and then come back or go see a specialist a week later if it hadn't started shrinking. idk what to do, i never cry because of physical pain but this has me bawling like a baby

No. 1364096

lol i get these every other month because my armpit skin hates electrolysis. i just keep cotton bandage pads soaked in witch hazel on it for a few days, and lance it when i see a whitehead. squeeze the gook out and witch hazel it to death then apply heal salve. antibiotics won't do shit.

No. 1364107

I never knew of that subreddit before and holy fucking shit! I know that there are billions of drug addicted mothers but…posting it on reddit for all to see?

No. 1364113

gave it a browse. it isn't all drug addicts, just people with massive fucking ISSUES. these kids are screwed. people really do put it all out there on reddit. and then you go to comment on anything else and some creep spends 20 minutes reading your entire comment history. i can't stand that site.

No. 1364133

File: 1664933631300.jpg (56.36 KB, 825x759, 15208643.jpg)

i cried so much in the shower that i almost forgot to wash myself

No. 1364138

20 yrs or so and i would never get to the demanding amount of your time and attention that any adhd (that you made the mistake of having a relationship with)require from. it's like dealing with an overgrown toddler 24/7, they maybe can pretend but truly they don't respect your personal space or time. It's exausting. It's just not worth having any kind of relationship with an adhd, no matter what.

No. 1364144

Softlygaloshes, idk if its still up but she used to get asked that so much that she had to put it in her faq.

No. 1364168

File: 1664936644473.jpg (39.07 KB, 850x400, 4298b673e4e82fe34c560d187faef0…)

why the hell is this man the air you breathe when he wants to FORCE you to be his broodmare? wtf anon??? this is insanity. he sounds like a horrible person.

No. 1364171

what is wrong with people? that girl just seems like a normal girl, nothing even remotely masculine about her.

No. 1364179

The way you described it sounds like MRSA. Are you running a fever? If you can, get an appointment with your primary doctor asap so they can help you. I'm sorry you're suffering, I had one on the inside of my thigh in high school, it was so painful I couldn't walk.

No. 1364180

Also ask your instructors for an extension on your essay, the urgent care center will probably issue a note if they need proof.

No. 1364184

>he's very understanding, he told me i don't have to start pumping out babies for him and his family for a little while longer
anon i am not trying to be mean to you but I don't think you grasp how wrong this is. In your initial post you even said that if you said no he would tell you that you don't have a choice. I am dumping a 5 buckets of cold water on you right now, get the fuck out of there.

No. 1364186

I just don't know how else I can make myself feel better, no matter how much I try. It's like certain things will never escape my mind.

No. 1364192

File: 1664938858482.jpeg (131.06 KB, 750x486, E0A27E74-4267-46D1-B50D-B44396…)

I'm bipolar and going through a mixed episode which sucks. Why do I simultaneously feel like I'm the best bitch to walk this earth while also wanting to kill myself?

No. 1364193

hell yeah isoponds

No. 1364198

ahh i really hope it's not, but i am going to make an appt with my primary doc for the end of the week just in case. i'm not running a fever but i do feel weird and confused but i think it might just be the antibiotics and painkillers. thank u so much for your replies nona i've been feeling so clueless and alone about this

No. 1364199

I’m probably just gonna kill myself instead. I wish my parents hadn’t been selfish enough to think that their genetics were so special that they needed to be forcibly passed on into me just so that I could end my life over this.

No. 1364201

hell ye isopods!

No. 1364203

you need to drink some juice or something and take a nap. There is no reason to kill yourself over a moid, that would be ridiculously lame. Take some time to mourn privately and then start looking for a job if you don't already have one. That's the first step. You don't have to pack your bags and leave tomorrow. just start subtly steering in another direction.

No. 1364207

It’s ok if my previous posts didn’t provide enough context, but this isn’t simply a moid, unfortunately. We’ve been together since we were teenagers and married for upwards of 6 years, so even if I do get a job and am able to access a home for myself and a career and a future separate from him; will it even be worth living? I will legitimately never be able to love anyone else ever again. I know nobody asked to hear about this, but fuck it it’s the vent thread, I don’t care if it sounds pathetic to the people of this website but after you’ve spent almost half of your life seeing and spending your time with and getting used to the same person, especially after you’ve taken a commitment or a vow that you’ll remain together until death do you part; it becomes very incomprehensible to imagine a life without them. I know that ir becomes more common everyday to hear about some new scrote cheating on his wife or girlfriend, but my husband doesn’t have the attention span to dedicate the time to finding another woman who’s fit his extremely specific standards so succinctly kek. He is the type of man to pour all of his attention into one woman, namely because he doesn’t have a relationship with his mother. So for another woman to leave him, especially because of his own actions, would just be a trauma repeating itself.
tl;dr it sounds simple to just “pack up and leave” but when you have a complex relationship with someone that you don’t want to leave and you really would like to spend the rest of your life with that simply isn’t an option

No. 1364209

how old are you?

No. 1364214

I’m 27 he’s 28 we’ve been together since 15 I know that that isn’t exactly half of our lives but you probably understand what I mean.
It was something with his dad that made her leave when he was little, it absolutely wasn’t anything of his doing.

No. 1364215

>why are you suicidal over an incredibly stressful marital crisis? just sip some juicy wuicy!
Some of you are so unabashedly autistic

No. 1364219

>that simply isn’t an option
Well it's not simple (and no one said it would be) but it is an option.
> for another woman to leave him, especially because of his own actions, would just be a trauma repeating itself.
You do realize how this is entirely his fault and problem though, right? You are not obligated to provide him children. The fact that you not agreeing to have children and parting ways would make him sad is just an unfortunate but logical conclusion to your own differences in life goals.

I would not be half as harsh on him if he and his parents didn't act like he was entitled to children from you. It's one thing to not share the same goals– it's another to force your own goals (goals that involve only your wife's body, by the way) onto your wife, KNOWING that she doesn't want to. That is selfish. I know you don't want to think of him that way, but that's the truth.

It also seems like you think your circumstances are unique. I'm here to tell you they very much are not. This isn't to minimize the issue, it's just to point out that this is a systemic problem that is set up to be difficult to escape (luckily for you, only emotionally). The fact that it is "complex" is the problem– men get you to emotionally bond with them, you think the experience is mutual, then you find out he doesn't actually care about what you want because at the end of the day he feels entitled to your body. History of womankind in a nutshell here.

It's only "incomprehensible" to imagine a life without him because it's been too long since you tried it. You are 27. When you're middle aged this will have been just one of your many phases in life.

are you saying juice would hurt this situation? maybe i just fucking love juice but I struggle to see how juice wouldn't help at least a little. Or a beverage of anon's choosing. Or she can just drink water and have nothing to distract her from the crushing agony of life, if that's what you're suggesting.

No. 1364222

was talking to a guy I went to a couple of dates with, I stopped it because he told me he was not interested in anything besides something casual. I commented a story of his on ig and we started talking for a bit, asked him how he was and he sent me like three audios talking about his life. I got a bit bitchy and told him the privilege of me caring was over lol unless he gave a shit about my life also. In retrospect I feel guilty because I'm usually very pasive and I don't know if he was too self centered when we saw each other, but honestly… why should I care if we're not even friends? I'm open to a friendship but guys usually only talk about themselves, that's why I kind of went off on him. He obviously told me I was too intense and went to bed leaving me on read kek.

I guess it WAS bitchy. I'm not saying it was OK but I honestly really want to be a bit crazy and not care. Why always the guilttt

No. 1364223

this is definitely a battle with myself and accepting someone thinking I suck. Why do I care so much ugh…

No. 1364227

Whenever you want to kill yourself the urge is so strong that it, in the moment, overrides your innate survival instincts and the love you feel for your family. ‘You just need to drink juice and take a nap’ is incredibly useless and patronizing. like at least encourage the person to take the steps to take care of themselves until hopefully the wave comes down, not double down with “WHATS WRONG WITH JUICE!?!”

Anon doesn’t have a migraine, she’s considering dying. Come on.

No. 1364232

No sympathy for the scrote, be as bitchy as you want, but you're not doing yourself any favours by getting mad. You see it as being mean, he sees it as proof of how into him you are and how butthurt you are that he didn't want a relationship with you. Better to just ignore him, it's more likely to piss him off and you get to keep your dignity.

No. 1364237

omg, you are such a sperg.
>at least encourage the person to take the steps to take care of themselves until hopefully the wave comes down
WTF do you think drinking a cup of juice and taking a nap is for if not exactly that?????
Do I really have to explain the mechanics of the juice-nap combo to you? I will do so since you don't seem ton believe me: wanting to kill yourself is exactly the time you need to go drink juice and take a nap because if you are napping you cannot kill yourself and the juice is to give you a dopamine hit before you conk out. Then when you wake up you usually don't feel like actively killing yourself, which is the goal of de-escalation.

Are you the same retard who was arguing with anons about how they were replying to the schizochan a couple weeks ago? If so, you need to go get a degree in psychology so you can funnel your micromanaging into monetary gain, because all this is doing is make me need to drink some juice and take a nap.

No. 1364243

Man just trying to get free emotional labor without even giving you a friendship in return, you did the right thing

No. 1364245

Ahh.. I really hate waking up and living day to day without any feeling. Honestly, I don’t know how to explain this properly. I just don’t feel happy, or sad right now. I should’ve felt happy earlier today, but I didn’t feel anything at all. It’s not helping that the things that used to make me happy are getting boring to do, and I’m losing interest in. Everything is just blank. I should feel frustrated, but it’s like my feelings are locked behind something, and I should be feeling them, but I just don’t.

No. 1364246

I know my circumstances aren’t unique, it’s just the fact that these circumstances usually end in divorce is what’s making me want to just not continue kek. It’s not that big of a deal I guarantee my family will get over it quickly but really I’d rather be dead than a divorcee.

No. 1364247

>Are you saying juice would hurt the situation?

No. 1364248

>It’s not that big of a deal
>I’d rather be dead than a divorcee
??? Do you come rom a country that looks down on divorced women or something?

No. 1364251

Do you happen to be on antidepressants at all? I flatlined like this while on SSRIs once and honestly it was way more damaging than being sad all the time. Kinda cringe but I had a period where I forced myself to watch really sad content just to make myself cry again. Definitely would look into therapy if you aren’t doing it right now but doing emotional exercises might help you feel a bit more again.

No. 1364252

same, once when i was like 15 i tried lexapro and had that happen to me. it's the WORST.

No. 1364258

I fell for a guy lovebombing me. Yep. Nothing but compliments the first few months in and then breadcrumbs.

He said he'd come over tonight and ditched me at the last minute. I'm just so disappointed and feel stupid for believing in the fairytale he sold me. Why would he call me gorgeous and perfect one day and then want nothing to do with me the next?

What's wrong with me?

No. 1364260

nothings wrong with you for expecting normal human behavior, you just have to learn that moids typically aren't capable of it

No. 1364263

Nothing, this guy is a cunt and you deserve better. I’m sorry he did that to you though.

No. 1364265

"only want something casual" is scrote speak for he wants sex with none of the responsibilities of a gf/wife. pisses me off that no scrote had this entitlement prior to the boomers destroying public morality. sometimes i think the catholics are right and sex before marriage should be illegal, because now you just have scrotes fucking around until they're 45 trying to chase tail, then ending up a malding loser with no one in his life, all so he could have sex 3 times.

if a scrote isn't married by age 30 he should be taken out back and shot.

No. 1364268

>"only want something casual" is scrote speak for he wants sex with none of the responsibilities of a gf/wife
Not to defend a moid but yeah? That’s what that means kek

No. 1364270

i really hate being an american sometimes. i can’t dress nice without people asking what’s the occasion, or literally, what uniform are you wearing? yesterday some bum on the train asked if i attended a catholic school nearby.
i hate it. any other part of the world i’m wearing normal clothes but here i look alien if i’m not wearing jeans and a hoodie.

so sick of it

No. 1364283

>catholics are right and sex before marriage should be illegal
Okay go ahead and send me to prison, I'll just have even more sex before marriage.

No. 1364291

Nope, I just have no desire to repeat generational traumas

No. 1364292

Classic case of moid wanting the girl to provide emotional labour without providing anything in return, you did the right thing by shutting him up.

No. 1364293

NTA, but i kind of agree on sex before marriage being outlawed, but it's never going to happen. As long as you don't come back playing the victim when a moids does moid things to you idaf. I guess my unpopular opinion is that I think so lowly of moids that I get shocked that other women are actually willing to put themselves in such vulnerable situations with them and expect me to help them in some ways when what's done is done, i'd love to tell them to stop fucking moids, but it's not like they would listen, so I just pretend I feel sorry for them. The worst part is most of you ladies don't even cum or anything. It's mental illness to me.

No. 1364296

i fucking hate my body. went jogging in the yestermorning, couldn't do a mile, and was so exhausted i sleept the whole fucking day away. i hate being so sleepy all the time, and the shit people say to do to fix it only make it worse.

No. 1364298

>I think sex before marriage should be outlawed
Honestly I think we don’t even need to be having sex period like there are so many people

No. 1364306

I'm also always tired because of medical reasons, now I'm starting to fall asleep at work without even noticing. I can't do shit either about that, although walking long distances helps me a little. You're seeing a doctor for that?

No. 1364307

>As long as you don't come back playing the victim when a moids does moid things to you idaf.
I said I would just have more sex in prison. Can you guess why? What kind of environment is that? It's like parents sending their daughter to an all girls catholic school for being a lesbian, bit of an empty threat.

No. 1364312

moids still moid it up within marriages. waiting for a certain amount of time before fucking them never stopped that

No. 1364315

great, so your solution is to advocate for women to get into marriages with unknown men quicker (by law), that they can't afford to get out of or be able to escape for numerous reasons. this is retarded as fuck.

No. 1364322

File: 1664950209482.jpg (38.98 KB, 492x310, prison.jpg)

Oh no, please don't send me to a room which looks better than my apartment, where I don't have to pay heating bills, where I can take free hobby classes, have a free gym, a PS5, free dental care and have a female-only environment. I totally won't be able to have more premarital lesbian sex than before. The horror, don't do that to me, no, stop.

No. 1364329

You sound like those crazy muslims who force women to undergo a virginity test at the gynecologist to allow her to get married, you have lost your minds.

No. 1364404

I kinda envy my dad's time when he was a conscript, my counter's military is rather lax and so my dad and older brother description of conscript life was him hanging out with his friends, watching movies on tv, driving a tank and a lot of PT exercise, the way they described it was mostly kinda mundane, like University life but replace learning with exercise and military drills

No. 1364405

File: 1664956902720.jpg (52.37 KB, 736x799, 64560ebe94394361f45dc270cc8331…)

Mom has been getting invested in celebrity gossip and it's far more unbearable than what I imagined. Every day during eating hours, she plays at full volume Youtube shorts of the same annoying dramawhore male. His voice is awful, so many awkward pauses between phrases and his attempts of humor make me want to kill myself.
>And then! These pictures reveal! How Shitamber Heard! Was walking around this mall! Trully worthy of talking! For a whole minute! Inserts SpongeBob meme clip
I can't stand this anymore. Now mom is using those trashy memes on random conversations, like calling the neighbor's dog a "Crystal generation pet" for being scared of fireworks or bringing up "Forced diversity" on the Matilda Reboot. I want to scape the bs of the Internet but now I'm forced to hear it even while I'm trying to eat.

No. 1364406

File: 1664957221295.jpg (37.47 KB, 300x300, p7440_p_v8_aa.jpg)

It's like looking in a mirror isn't it anon? You hate what you may become one day, your own mother, out of touch with her memes and cows. Listening to unfunny men repeat the same jokes they made when she was younger.

No. 1364410

>You hate what you may become one day, your own mother, out of touch with her memes and cows

No. 1364417

Depression has hit me so bad I don't know how I'll recover. Literally every moment that I'm awake is best described as "survival", just gathering enough strength to do the dishes or take a shower is a struggle. I work full time but remotely so I don't have any human contact, my coworkers don't see me wandering around in pajamas all day trying to desperately get work done but brain fog just making me stare at the screen and do nothing. I'm always anxious, I overanalyze every social interaction that I have, I beat myself up over the smallest mistakes like they were life ruining, I cause myself physical harm with compulsive tics because I have to fight the need to cut since I haven't done it in almost 10 years and don't want to return to it. I consider myself a failed and unlovable person, always the one people don't want to spend time with, just overall a bother and an annoyance. I have nothing to offer to people besides being exploited for personal gain. I can't afford therapy and I don't have the mental energy to jump through the million hoops of qualifying for public healthcare so I don't get help. I hate living like this so much but I don't want to kill myself, I just want to isolate and find peace in order to rebuild myself.

No. 1364418

File: 1664957975988.jpg (39.26 KB, 600x362, angelseggyoutube.jpg)

Man I'm fucking up… goal was to lose ALOT of weight but I've gone back to binging on alcohol and food a lot more the past 2 months to "forget". I never drank alcohol before this and already have issues with binging, I haven't left my room for anything but beer, have been up til' late hours and haven't stuck to any physically active or hygienic routine since. Worst is I have lied to close people that "life is looking up" then heavily disappointing them when they figure out it isn't. Not expecting pity, I deserve this shit as it is my fault but it hits hard when all at once. Ah fuck I am weak, old habits die hard…
I really need to get back on track. As much as losing loved ones hurts, it does make me feel an urge to get my shit together, too bad it took THIS to get that fire burning. God I am a dumbass.

No. 1364423

>like calling the neighbor's dog a "Crystal generation pet" for being scared of fireworks
what a retard. also I'd say the equivalent in english is "snowflake"

No. 1364428

File: 1664959034820.jpeg (207.15 KB, 729x1000, 1CF39FAC-EAE5-49C0-9BA0-C983E6…)

I hate living in America. Can’t get medical assistance because I make too much money, yet I feel like I live paycheck to paycheck. I have scary, painful lumps in my breasts that feel like they’re attached to my chest wall or something. Insurance from my job still hasn’t kicked in yet, so I would have to pay 100% of the costs for a mammogram. I haven’t called around yet, but I’m expecting it to be quite expensive. Even worse, I’ve had these things for like a year and a half. That’s how long I’ve been trying to ignore it and hope it isn’t cancer. They do seem to fluctuate at least. I keep telling myself it must be cycle related since they do go away, but when they come back in new places, it freaks me out all over again. I wish I had the money/time/job skills to get the fuck out of here. I know people European countries probably don’t want Americans to come in, anyway. Plus there’s the war so close. Idk. I’m just afraid right now.

No. 1364435

I think I should put my dog to sleep soon. I hate this.

No. 1364437

Can you just make sure the lumps are just fibroadenoma and not cancerous tumors? Because the difference is supposedly obvious just by touching and my GP just touched my breast and correctly guessed that I have a huge fibroadenoma and not cancer last year. She's specialized kn gynecology so that helped. It got confirmed at the hospital but just seeing your GP or a gynecologist without necessarily getting a biopsy or ultrasound or mammogram could help. Fibroadenomas are harmless, mine just hurts when I'm on my period but that's it. I really hope it's just that for you as well.

No. 1364444

I’ve seen that condition on Google, but it says that those are movable and it doesn’t really seem like what I have is. Too deep for me to tell, perhaps. They’re on the “outside” of my breasts as well. Close to my armpits and one kind of in the middle near my sternum.

No. 1364449

V specific and personal rant, been rotting in me for years and I can't go into details but I feel like I'll explode if i don't say it out loud somewhere. There's a certain tech adjacent company that is globally revered. I know a lot of people from there and they think of themselves as rockstars, and often are treated like so even if they have nothing to show for it personally; any professional contact with them is always without fail degrading as everyone there feels you should be thankful they're even talking to you. I'm sick of seeing everyone kiss their ass all the time, recently I thought that maaaybe they've been knocked off their high horse but no, everyone is back to worship. It's insufferable

No. 1364451

Anon, if every woman had your courage to be honest in such moment, the world would be a better place. You shouldn't feel bad, you're an inspiration. Female socialization expect us to always be kind and understanding and shut up every time there's something mean to say, no matter how justified would that be. You went against it, and you were right to do it.

No. 1364463

I am in the last year of med school in eastern*ish europe and I hate how they make us sit through lectures we can't miss. It's hours and hours of wasted time every day for me because my learning style is different. They make us sit through hour and a half of constant talking with no break, after that there's like 15 minutes and again 90 minutes of sitting still and listening. I can't hold my concentration for this long, I need short breaks more often and auditory learning is the worst for me. Just listening to a very slow-talking lecturers is a waste of time for me because I legit can't concentrate and just space out towards the end even if I try to write stuff down and it gives me nothing. Before I realised my learning style is different I thought I was really dumb and a bad student and was fighting hard for the first three years. Now I know I just need to go home to read out loud, quiz myself, draw and write out the stuff I need to learn and watch quick videos with graphics that help with the topic, usually 25/5 or 50/10 pomodoro timing it and my grades went from Cs when I was trying to learn mostly using the lectures to straight As. We have all the materials from the lectures provided to us online. I get 8 hours of sleep a day and I'm just slacking during lectures and leave the earliest I can or not go at all if someone will sign me in and my grades are much better but still feel like this wastes my time. I wish the attendance wasn't required for non-practical lectures. I'm sure people who like this kind of learning would still attend and people like me who learn differently would have more time to study. Like I get why it's like this but it's so tiring to me.

No. 1364467

>I have no weights
use two water bottles anon

No. 1364473

>you're seeing a doctor for that?
years ago, when i started falling asleep whenever and wherever. there's nothing wrong with my body, and got told to drink more coffee (i hate doctors so fucking much).
weirldy, i also find that long walks (and yoga) are the only exercise that i can do without starting yawning immediatelly.

No. 1364478

File: 1664963852895.jpeg (23.47 KB, 275x202, 2333244.jpeg)

I meet really nice guy. Talking with him feels amazing and all that shit. But he send me selfie, he looks like retired grandpa. Well,
chances are he's really bad at taking selfies as most men are really bad at taking them. I meet guy in the past who also send ugly pics but looked hot irl.
Today really good looking guy smiled at me, sigh why can't I get good looking guy?
They either look like grandpa (in their 20s-30s), wear clothes in grandpa style or send shit selfies.
I would love to have a gf too but it feels like impossible dream at this point.
I would need to meet people irl as it's easier to get better looking person but idk where I should go to meet them especially that I'm fucking autist.
Online you only find desperate guys that already hit the wall.

No. 1364480

>got told to drink more coffee (i hate doctors so fucking much).
Please tell me you're joking. In my case I had a growth hormone deficiency until I was done with growing up, puberty, etc. and even if I'm done with my treatment I need more vitamin D to be less tired every winter. It's not working on me at all but look it up in case this could work for you.

No. 1364482

Just do something else, something more productive. During my lectures I did foreign language words anki decks, read books or played old pokemon games on my phone. I even had a semester where I had a small string bracelet business and I managed to braid 1 or 2 in one day at uni. Lectures are not for learning (that's something you do at home before and after the lecture) but for clearing complex topics.

No. 1364489

As if not getting sex makes men act better. Look at fucking incels. And as if Catholic men are any better than atheist ones. I live in an atheist country who doesn't put any ~purity~ emphasis on dating and sex and next to us is a very Catholic country. Guess which country's women have more freedom, better politic stance, rights and representation and more equality with men? Of course it's not the religious nutjobs who believe sex makes women spoiled, ban abortion and believe in no sex before marriage. Of course wild casual sex is dumb but putting so much emphasis on purity and acting like sex is something men take from women harms us hard.

No. 1364495

Czech and Slovak?

No. 1364496

This year we don't know the lecture's theme beforehand so we can't even prepare before it. And usually the themes are not in order of what's provided online so we never know what to study for that day. It's dumb.
But bracelet business sounds amazing tbh kek

No. 1364497

The Catholic country I'm taking about is Poland

No. 1364499

My doctor said that the wound on my arm nearly goes to the bone and that if I don’t get surgery my wound won’t close and I’ll end up in hospital from an infection. I said I didn’t want to go. The nurse kept fucking touching me and calling me the wrong name. Stop touching my fucking leg. The leg that doesn’t work properly anymore because of the last time you arseholes sent me to hospital. I’ll take my chances, hope I die.

No. 1364500

go to a different hospital holy shit anon

No. 1364514

After nearly 2 years off and on being on a dating app, and over a dozen failed dates, I give up.

It's also pretty funny the vast majority of them won't even bring themselves to say "you look nice" when they meet you on dates. One just wanted to sit in his car, order fast food, and play fantasy football on his phone the whole time. And they were all "decent men" so I can't imagine what the actual losers would act like.

No. 1364521

What you did was based as fuck and more women should be inspired to do the same, I always see girls just giving their time of the day listening to the bitching of some moid who couldn't return the favor if his life depended on it. Just recently a friend had a scrote dump his entire dramatic life story on her just because they're mutuals on social media. Men really living their lives thinking that every woman that ever talked to them is somehow indebted to be their emotional dumpsters but god forbid if he was supposed to have a crumb of empathy for her. Read up on unpaid emotional labour.

No. 1364542

>in some places
Which do are not included in the "cheaper places" that I was suggesting.

No. 1364555

And some people literally cannot just pick up and leave for these cheaper places, you dope. If someone needs specialized medical care or relies on some service offered in Expensive place that don’t exist in Cheaper place, what are they to do? Get your head out of your ass

No. 1364556

My grades in high school weren't good enough to go to college for history, I can only get a degree to become a history teacher and I'd rather neck myself. I don't hate the degree I'm doing now but it's just not for me. Too technical, the few subjects that aren't technical I'm doing fine in but the ones that are are such a headache. I hope I can find something more for me next year (or mid year enrollment, though that seems like hell).

No. 1364588

This is meta but does not belong in /meta so bear with me lol LC is made out to be this extremely toxic and hateful site but it's honestly so much better than any of the main socials. I made a TikTok account for the first time on Friday and the shit that is pushed there is so much more harmful than things posted here. Sure we have retards and there are a few threads that are overran with them (like fellow fat e-whores taking over Shayna's thread) but overall this site isn't that bad.

No. 1364591

Sounds like you've never understood what studying history meant lol

No. 1364598

I fucking hate having to work. I hate having to get up early and I hate having to go there and then having to do those shitty things I hate for 9 hours that I don't want to do just to survive in this world. I wish I didn't have to work because working sucks. I wish I didn't exist because then I wouldn't have to go to work every day.

No. 1364617

I was just about to come here and vent about being unemployed and having no money. I also hate working with a burning passion and at this point I can't afford to eat either, so I might as well hope to fade away in the near future and not have to deal with either side of this miserable coin. God, the pandemic really fucked us over beyond how fucked things were already.

No. 1364622

Can you find any work with a history degree though if not a teacher?

No. 1364625

Not really. Anon needs to look into archiving and shit instead.

No. 1364629

I've been crying all morning. I have to put my dog to sleep, there's no other answer. But I think of our final moments together… Getting into the car knowing she won't be coming home with me. Seeing her on that metal table as I tell her goodbye and I love her. Picking up her body to take to the cemetery. Burying her knowing that I will never ever ever see my sweet baby girl ever again. It sucks. I feel so selfish, I want to back out. It's so much more easier to just do everything she needs to do, for as long as she needs be to do it. But then I feel awful because I know it's not right to keep her here. I am upset and sad no matter what. I'm scared to say goodbye to her.

What does she think of me? Was I a good owner? Does she forgive me for all the times I ignored her when we were growing up? Does she know how much I love her, how much I miss her every moment she isn't with me? Does she love me back?

This fucking sucks. I have to talk to my parents about it too, because she's technically always been the family dog. I know they'll resist, then I'll have to deal with being chastised because I know I'm going to cry again explaining why we have to do this. It's hard on me to make this decision, you know. I don't want to do this. In an ideal world, she would've passed on in her sleep, in the comfort of our home. But she is old and her body is failing her. I know I can't keep her with me anymore. We had a very good run. 18 years. That's so much more than I ever thought I'd have with her. I knew this moment was coming from the very first moment I picked her up from that pet store, but I still can't stop crying.

I don't want to say goodbye nonas. I wanted to be with her forever, I wanted to always be by her side.

No. 1364630



No. 1364634

I'm sorry nonna. I'm going through this same thing with my family dog right now. Hope things get better for you

No. 1364637

Sounds like you really loved her Nonna, we can't always be perfect and our pets are forgiving of that too. You sound compassionate and warm, I think you did wonderful. I'm sorry you're going through this. Much love.

No. 1364685

had to put my childhood dog down a few months ago. only solace was that we were able to get a vet to come to our home and put him down with all of my family there.
he hated the vet so much i insisted on having someone come to our house to do it, otherwise i knew he would’ve been traumatized in his last moments if we had to get him into a car and then into the vets office.
you must stay focused on the positives in their lives. my dog had such a great life full of love and i’m sure yours does too

No. 1364694

This is very superficial and some anons like to scream to find actual problems so I will preface this with: I have actual scary issues I life as well, jog on.
It's weird sliding into the city life after years of being back in the more rural area, I used to dress up and do my hair and makeup, like it was very much looks over comfort and it usually was kinda uncomfortable but I felt I looked hip and cool kek. Now I just do mascara, sometimes some more elaborate eye looks and usually just brow gel unless I do something heavier on the eyes, I wear mask to work and on the train so no point in lipstick. I dress kinda butch, and very comfortably nowadays, and I keep looking at the people still doing what I used to do and I feel kinda jealous but also relieved, also thankful because it's nice to see people looking nice I guess. Idk, it's just funny to think just how grossed out the past me would have been to see me going around in a huge jacket to stay warm instead of trying to survive in multiple shitty layers and more revealing yet nice looking clothes just to fit into the aesthetic I had in my head at the time.

No. 1364696

Thank you nonas. I couldn't stop crying at work and one of my coworkers came in to check on me and it means a lot that she understood how much my dog means to me. My boss has let me take off work last minute to stay with her when she was sick before, so it's comforting to know I can take some time off to grieve (or at least work from home).

My vet has told me before that I would know when it's time. I don't know if this is time, and it feels robotic to suddenly have decided it this morning. She still eats very well and is alert, so it feels wrong to put her to sleep. But I know she is uncomfortable and in pain, and her body is failing her. I wonder how much longer she could be with me, but close to 18 years is long enough. No matter how much longer she could live, gone are the days of us chasing each other around, playing in the blankets, and arguing with each other. All I can do now is pet her and cuddle her and hope to remember the feeling of her fur and the warmth of her tiny little body forever. The finiteness of it all is what gets me. She is here one day, and then the next she is not.

I got all of her aftercare stuff set up a few years ago when we first thought we were gonna lose her. I'm glad I did because it's one less thing for me to worry about. I wanted a comfortable place for her to rest for all of eternity. I'm sad it couldn't be my home, but I wanted a permanent place that I could always go back to, even if I decided to move house or leave the country. I'm also not a religious person, but I've started to pray, asking that wherever she goes, she'll be well taken care of. I hope there is a heaven, even if just for our pets.

When I see nonas post about having to put their pets to sleep or them just passing away suddenly, I always try to extend kindness to them. Thank you nonas for doing the same for me, it really means a lot to me. I love you all.

No. 1364703

I’m just going to go back to being an Ana Chan . I really can’t do being bigger than 115, I tried it and everything I put on looks like shit and I’m over my family pointing out that I’m big and need to be smaller. Even my dad who use to complain about me being too skinny is saying I need to loose weight.

No. 1364704

Probably not, I wrote this frustrated at school lmao. Perhaps looking through old archives or something, but it's very likely you end up a teacher if I study it. I'm doing a law degree now which will land you a job anywhere you set foot but I'm not sure how enjoyable it would be. Really I just want to do what I enjoy and I'm a bit frustrated with some subjects because I just don't understand them, no matter how much I read, keep up with the homework and attend the lectures. Only things I would enjoy are degrees like (art) history, anthropology and other degrees that will leave you with no job and thousands of debt. Sucks for me I guess, at least I don't hate my degree I'm doing now.

No. 1364746

Anon, pretty much the only job out there that directly ties into history degrees is history teaching (and that’s super super competitive at a collegiate level). Most people who get history degrees go into totally unrelated fields.

No. 1364754

My mom too. Obsessed with Facebook/Youtube shorts and Instagram reels, checks the news 5 times a day. Never really learns or really dives into any topics, just the most surface shit. Started calling everyone a "snowflake" just because she saw some other boomer write it on FB and thought it sounded tough or something.

Maybe I can't say much because I love reading about the cows here. But I just cringe at my 50 year old mom following 20 year old Instagram babes and obsessing over their advice and whatever they have to say.

No. 1364805

>sitting in study area in university building revising for a test
>headphones on, laptop and a shitton of paper out, clearly focused and busy
>some random pakistani moidlet at least four years my junior comes up into my personal space
>not only that but he puts his goddamn hand on the table and says "hey" then mumbles something incomprehensible
>yank off one ear of Ralph Vaughan Williams: Music for Maeterlinck's symbolist drama, "The Death of Tintagiles" and go "wHAT" like a hard-of-hearing grandma
>he repeats himself, less confidently this time:
>"you're really, really pretty"
>i am dressed like a homeless skater, i have a week's worth of dark circles, and i am currently glaring at him
>stare at him in unblinking incomprehension then blurt out "that's great, i'm tryna study" and wave him off like the noxious fly he is
>he mumbles something else, probably "you didn't have to be such a fucking bitch about it" and slinks off, defeated
>i go back to revising

what the actual fuck is wrong with moids
>inb4 ChIlL iT's JuSt A cOmPlImEnT
he could have picked literally any other person who wasn't actively working to go bother and being female in public isn't an invitation for clumsy pickup lines

No. 1364808

Damn I wish I had the same bravery as you. Pakistani moids are the worst and so aggressive, whenever they bother me I panic and have trouble getting away from them. Even just trying to politely decline conversation and quietly slink away is like an invitation to them to try harder.

No. 1364810

Well done, nonna. It might even have been that he didn't think you were pretty, but just trying for some dumb prank in front of his friends. Better to dismiss them than become part of his tiktok compilation.

No. 1364813


No. 1364814

My friend's friend is depressed because he got dumped and I'm kek'ing so hard. Dude is a 21 year old and was dating a 17-year-old girl (they started dating when he was 20), yet he complained about her acting like a kid. Turns out she was cheating on him for like 4 months. Good on her, good on her. Too bad I cannot make fun of him with my friend, but it is what he gets for being a creep.

No. 1364827

What is with this shit anyway? I think someone did this to me in 8th grade. I had some guys bully me for my leg hair and I think I was still considered ugly at the time. A moid I had never even seen before came up to me after lunch and asked me to be be his girlfriend. My response was “…. No????” And he just said oh ok and walked back to his friends who all busted out laughing hysterically. I was confused about that for years. Like where is the joke I don’t get it? Totally anticlimactic

No. 1364852

Sorry nonna, that was probably a dare. I can tell you by experience guys do that with unpopular girls

No. 1364855

Unrelated, but this reminds me of the year my annoying bald moid gym teacher would make fun of my leg hair in front of the whole class. He couldn't get over the fact that I still wouldn't shave after all the bullying. Like a month later some other girls stopped shaving too which made me feel better. I love girl solidarity.

No. 1364863

I got in the car the other day and the radio auto played to some jackasses on a twenty minute no shit spiel whinning over women not shaving and how hard they work is it so hard for women to shave? Kek the more they seize the more I give less of a shit. Men are defective.

No. 1364874

Samefag from this post here

I talked more with my husband and we had another discussion where he admitted to me that he’s scared of us having a child/multiple children for several reasons, the biggest being he’s scared that I’m gonna experience some kind of post-partum trauma with him or his family that’ll cause me to leave, the way his mother did. Like I said I don’t want to be the cause of generational traumas repeating themselves, he also doesn’t want to be forced to experience something like that again or force our newborn child to assimilate to life motherlessly. So, we’re making progress, thankfully! We went from “we can just hold this off for another decade or so” to “We can hold this off until we’re mentally equipped for the circumstances”.

Thank you for all your help, nonnies. I apologize if I sounded egregious or stressed kek

No. 1364906

File: 1664991960182.gif (8.27 MB, 498x498, sad-cat-cat.gif)

What is wrong with gym teachers?
I got into accident after which I couldn't work out for the 2 remaining years of high school (otherwise I would start throwing up, that happened because of head trauma). I barely survived this fucking motorcycle (of course a man ran me over in a place where no one should drive). I always brought long essays about a certain type of sport to the teacher in order to get marks, and on my last year, for sime reason he started just calling me "disabled" instead of my name. Just yelling "disabled" if he needs something from me, etc. I felt so disrespected and I still don't understand why he started doing that, because I was nothing but a calm, quiet kid who never had a beef with any of the teachers.

No. 1364912

I wish I had a friend like you growing up. I was pressured into shaving by my mom and sisters as a teen. They annoyed me with reminding me how gross I was for not shaving everyday so eventually I caved and did. When I decided to start shaving my legs I asked one of my older sisters where I should shave and she straight up said "everywhere" gee thanks for the fucking help. I'm only doing it bc you told me I looked gross in the first place.

No. 1364918

>and on my last year, for sime reason he started just calling me "disabled" instead of my name. Just yelling "disabled" if he needs something from me,

Im sorry i laughed because its so baffling.

No. 1364925

Yeah i understand that in English it sounds funny, but in my language the situation is an obvious insult. Maybe he really was trying to joke around but he is a complete imbecile for joking like that.

No. 1364944

my high school gym teacher came drunk to school almost all the time, he'd slurringly mispronounce most students' names during roll call then pass out until the bell rang. or not even then he'd wake up, sometimes his students had to wake him up to do the roll call.

No. 1364958

I want to draw parent characters hanging out with their kids because I miss my parents who passed. I hate that I thought it was cringy my dad held my hand walking across the street then he died a year later.

No. 1364972

File: 1664995550836.png (123.23 KB, 600x654, 7CA51B2E-C6BF-4BD0-8E7A-25123B…)

Got witch hunted for being a radfem today and not liking shitty trans HCs online, normally I wouldn’t give a shit but lately my emotions have been out of control so I almost started crying
I’m at the point where I’m crying over annoying handmaidens and not being able to find fucking socks gulls, truly working with batshit insane co workers is making me go insane (sucks because the other one is really nice).
Lolcow.farm really is the number one thing along with shopping that cheers me up.

No. 1364993

File: 1664996205802.jpg (8.7 KB, 320x320, xngzpjtyyhmz.jpg)


No. 1365013

So me and my male coworker got assigned tasks with deadlines, but last week he couldn't complete those tasks because something on his work laptop was not working so I took on work for two people to meet the deadline.

This week he finally managed to make his laptop work and finished one easy task and literally got praised for it.

Meanwhile my work update (along with managing to meet the deadline even though work was for two people not one) was just met with "Aha, ok".

Fuck this moid world

No. 1365016

File: 1664997463924.jpg (Spoiler Image,166.39 KB, 1198x722, adsd.jpg)

When I was a kid ('00s) they aired TV commercials for these disgusting pissing baby toys for girl.
Anyone who buys this shit for her child is retarded.
It's not a present it's a chore.

No. 1365018

kek nonna I wanted one so bad but my mom was unfortunately not retarded

No. 1365022

File: 1664998159998.jpg (54.54 KB, 600x500, 1647480565798.jpg)

i just wanna live in the woods, the unabomber was right. i refuse to be a slave, i refuse to be controlled by robots, i refuse to be some moids slave and i refuse to pay taxes to pedophiles

No. 1365026


No. 1365027

At my school there was a kids and babies home ec class. Their final or midterm was some advanced version of this where the baby would scream, cry, piss, and eat water or milk. They had to take it with them to their classes and if they treated it bad there was some form of grade the baby bot would give which told the teacher if they took care of it well. Great way to scare teens out of sex while ruining (usually) a teen girls social life for a week.

No. 1365034

You could get dolls that shat too. Someone in my class had one and it got infested with bugs because the food mixture that you feed it just went rotten inside it.

No. 1365037

Hate when that happens to my baby

No. 1365039

i am glad i never liked dolls

No. 1365045

I am so close to quitting my fucking job.

I just spent over an hour talking to a man with an obvious personality disorder who wanted to blame everyone else for his fucking problems.

I thought he was asking me a genuine question - why would someone recommend a psychiatric hospital to me? and I began to explain and he just cut me off. He was asking a rhetorical question, he wanted to whine about how people are unequipped to deal with his serious emotional issues. He doesn't think a team of professionals should help him, he thinks "a true friend" should help him. Obviously, he can't even be a friend to anyone else, because he's too busy expecting everyone in his life to do emotional labor for him.

Insecure fucking loser. He mansplained kerosene to me. Why? Because he asked where he could find help with purchasing heating fuel. I didn't ask "oh, what's kerosene?" I said "I believe kerosene's more expensive".

Fucking loser. Stop blaming women for your problems and understand it's YOUR fault you're in this position. I am so close to giving my two weeks. Meanwhile my coworkers are like "wow it's so busy why is it so busy?" because I've been trapped on a fucking phone call with a loser who needs more help than I can provide.

My job is pointless and I fucking hate it. Emotional labor for moids.

No. 1365053

File: 1664999820859.jpg (142.17 KB, 927x637, 576.jpg)

Reminder to buy proper toys for your (future) daughter so she doesn't end up a retard who can't rotate a 3D cube in her mind.

No. 1365057

im happy kf is accessible again bc i missed kevins thread but god going back for the first time in months to catch up on milk really drives home how annoying the average kiwi farmer is lmao. when theres no milk its just page after page of wanky essays trying to make themselves sound intellectual and their constant unfunny attempts at humour. they're like an edgier version of reddit, it gets old real quick

No. 1365060

I'm getting married next week and my parents were just here to drop off some things for my party. I was excited to show them the new stuff we got for the house! And the changes we've made in general. My dad said some things about getting cold feet and that they could whisk me away from my fiancé if I needed. I laughed it off but because I'm retarded I am now focused on it and freaking myself out

No. 1365062


you put it into perfect words, anon. same

No. 1365063

I liked bratz and barbies but i always hated these dolls because babies are ugly and i can't really give them a fun badass back story like i could with dolls. I would ne lying if didn't get strange kick out of making the babies piss. Please don't judge me.

No. 1365069

I ordered some stuff from the Joann's website, because the nearest store is like 20 miles away. USPS lost my first order, I got a refund weeks later. I ordered again, it came today and they screwed up several things, and their site is bugging out so I can't even complain. I also had to get a bunch of 90 day refunds on AliExpress, and then the packages arrived at day 95 and I feel like a shithead. I'm so tired of fighting.

No. 1365075

Now what I do is that I just read the highlighted posts to not waste time reading useless posts. I'm catching up with deathfat threads thanks to that right now.

No. 1365085

File: 1665000498150.png (1.24 MB, 772x865, baby-born.PNG)

I had a picrel when I was something like 7, idk, at the time it seemed fun to do these adult things, being like my mom was with my baby sister. I don't think it's that weird.

No. 1365086

Same. Even the BP threads that are exclusively lady-posting like the MBI thread end up pretty tedious. The highlight function is a gift.

No. 1365096

I wish I could go back in time to 2020, do the bloody exam, get a job, move. but no, I was a coward and couldn't ask for a sick day off. then it snowballed, couldn't get a passing grade year after year, which resulted in me not being able to get my licence and get a job. I have to work shitty jobs with illiterate people who treat me like shit even though i'm overqualified for the job and the only thing standing between be becoming their boss and working alongside them is one fucking undergraduate level exam. None of them know my education level, they don't care, why would they. One old bitch said to someone I was helping that I didn't know anything, when I know everything. I haven't been able to move out, they denied my paygrade, great, right after my potential boyfriend got sick of me because i lied about graduating and my job, it's all so exhausting. One fucking exam is ruining my life. i'm cursed or something.

No. 1365099

I wish my friend would just FUCKING DUMP HIM PLEASE…. The sooner you do it, the happier you'll be and more stable and more independent. Please.

No. 1365103

Same. I desperately wanted an American Girl doll, and then I got it and realized they just ripped me off and it was a shitty baby doll all along.

No. 1365117

File: 1665002185770.jpg (41.94 KB, 500x375, s-l500.jpg)

american girl dolls do fuckin suck lmao. i ruined mine like every other doll because they were so boring to play with. slightly related, the american girl minature rooms are fucking awesome, dollhouse rooms with electricity and lamps and reversable surfaces, shit was so cool, i kept mine in mint condition because i thought it was so neat and cute. i miss my little dollhouse complex a lot now tbh

No. 1365137

Why do so many scrotes have issues with getting their dicks hard?

No. 1365146

porn and jerking off daily with a grip of steel.