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File: 1670077649353.jpg (170.53 KB, 500x649, dUMB nonny only.jpg)

No. 1431005

Previous thread >>>/ot/1423780

No. 1431017

First fatties

No. 1431020

Now I’m gonna kill my self cuz I wasn’t first

No. 1431031

How many shaynafags are men you think? So many of them tuning in to her live cams and analyzing her genitals to the tiniest detail is kinda sus

No. 1431032

File: 1670078842728.jpg (63.2 KB, 700x523, 618a325221cae_j7uudyk3u5u61__7…)

Can somenonny take me to south america so I can pet a capybara? Or at least look at them from a respectful distance.

No. 1431033

Let's go together nonna

No. 1431036

I think it’s mostly other sexworkers. Most of the nitpicking doesn’t read to me as male, unless you’re talking about their sperging about her vagina then that is weird. It used to be a bannable offense in her threads to nitpick so much but her threads now are 80% nitpicking

No. 1431037

They have ticks

No. 1431040

Shayna threads suck… male cows are much more entertaining and deserve the hate

No. 1431041

You ever owned guinea pigs? They're the little cousins of capys

No. 1431056

i remember when the zoo in my country was still legal they would let them run free, they are such kind creatures

No. 1431058

File: 1670080613414.jpeg (105.42 KB, 680x589, FAZ0MEvVcAk5lJX.jpeg)

No. 1431063

File: 1670081196767.jpg (107.78 KB, 680x661, E2-tHnrVUAADOBx.jpg)

what happened to the zoo?
I did know that, but no. A girl from the street I grew up in did have some though. They were pretty flighty.
thank you

No. 1431071

judgemental bitch

No. 1431075

Ok so for a while now the inside of my ears always get really itchy and sometimes when I scratch them they get crusty with fluid. Two days ago I scratched my ear a little too hard and it hurt. Then yesterday, I could feel pain in my ear and jaw. Today I don’t feel any pain in my ear but my ear feels kind of clogged? And there is so much fluid in there. Do I need to go to the hospital for this or will it go away on its own?

No. 1431079

No. 1431086

I kinda get this, been like this for years so maybe you should get it checked out, I just vibe with it but if you are worried get it checked out. Maybe you just need a cleaning.

No. 1431106

File: 1670084627750.jpg (28.92 KB, 665x574, XY.jpg)

One of the funniest things we learned in a sociology/psychology type class was how the most common predictor for if a kid will be shit at reading/text-comprehension is being male. I remembered it again this week after I was assigned to work in a group in class with only guys, and our first task was just reading through two pages of printed text and write down the professional terms they allude to. I asked them if I can flip the page, and they were like "WTF are you already done reading all of this???". Then I went through the paragraphs and told them which term it corresponded to in my opinion, and they went "wait, I already forgot what this was about, let me reread it", even though you could pretty much solve it by just looking for a few keywords. This is a fucking Master's program, and these fuckers can't even read

No. 1431110

No. 1431111

In HS I noticed a lot of the students who struggled with English class were males.

No. 1431112

Do you not have zoos? You can look at them from a really respectful distance there, I assume they're pretty common since they're easy to care for

No. 1431120


No. 1431122

Kek I think I'll vibe with it too. I don't have time to go to hospital right now. Maybe I'll make an appointment to get it checked out.. eventually.

No. 1431128

There was some research done into the reasons boys might be struggling with reading and language use, and there were some that theorize it's because the compulsory reading material selected just does not appeal to boys. Which is retarded, because in my county all of the literature selected for early classes are typical "boy novels" or war stories, and yet girls' scores are still significantly higher. Reminds me of all the bitching from Philip Zimbardo that school literally need special attention and different scoring for boys, because women outperform them and raise college/uni entrance scores so high, young men can't compete. Imagine for literal special ed treatment for the XY chromosome in a world they claim to have built

No. 1431129

My vision is so weird its starting to make me worried

No. 1431152

File: 1670086796904.png (68.58 KB, 822x848, firefox_HXIpKCKnqJ.png)

If any nonnies wanna do dumb text prompts, there's a new quite competent open AI chat bot.

It's especially funny to make it write poetry but you have to avoid profanities

No. 1431154

>women are naturally better at something
>males seethe and cope “it’s not fair!!!” to the point they literally want to change the system
lol loser dumb dumbs go lift a rock or something

No. 1431158

I'm not sure where yet, but I would love to visit Africa one day. Maybe Zambia, Nigeria or Tanzania The Lion King made me want to see Mount Kilimanjaro kek. So much natural beauty and I really want to try the food. It seems like there would be a lot to do.

No. 1431161

>Want to go to Tanzania to see Mount Kilimanjaro
I'm not even a hiker, wtf am I saying.

No. 1431177

Kilimanjaro can be climbed without any particular preparation! The biggest issue seems to be altitude sickness but otherwise you dont have to be some super trained hiker.

No. 1431202

A cat just spawned on my backyard hes very scrawny and thin but doesnt look hurt and keeps meowing i gave him water and a raw sausage(he didnt eat it), what do?

No. 1431211

Does it seem like it wants you to go somewhere? I know it sounds silly but it happened to me a few times a cat would lead me to her kittens.
Alternatively, maybe it's cold?

No. 1431220

Get a few cans of cheap wet food and feed him that instead Nona. Raw meat isn't every kitty's taste but it also isn't suitable for them unless prepared certain ways even raw.

No. 1431224

I only hate on fujos and yumejos when they shit on my favourite character and f/f ships

No. 1431234


No. 1431244

Happy Christmas season!!

No. 1431266

File: 1670094118013.jpeg (10.58 KB, 235x226, images.jpeg)

I was raised in a somewhat religious background, so when pre-teen me started getting confusie-woozy of having evil lustful thoughts (awakened when I saw a woman on on top of a man on TV)–I often prayed to God almighty for the sin of having normal teen hormones, I would pray shit like: "Oh God I'm so sorry for what I'll have to imagine today, I promise to You that this will be the last fantasy I'll be having blah blah blah." Whenever I thought about lewd shit, I'd be crying too also while doing it. Obviously my "last" was never actually my "last", so I prayed to God again for permission to fantasize then… well lather, rinse, repeat.

It's actually kinda funny now that I think about it.

Picrel unrelated.

No. 1431274

No. 1431279

The winter makes me feel so fucking pale. It's like the melanin is evaporating from my skin. Plus I have eyebags so I look extra sick. And I look yellow.

No. 1431280

my upper lip is mysteriously extremely swollen and I can't figure out why, so I told my mom and she is convinced I've been rubbing pollen and cat dander on my mouth

No. 1431283

Sun's Blood kek. The official translation is on Tapas.

No. 1431303

No. 1431319

I love ginger hair, wish I had it. Wouldn't look good with my skin tone, too bad I think it's the prettiest hair color.

No. 1431331

File: 1670096956026.jpg (97.81 KB, 526x630, 1485644157142.jpg)

cool, chill, doesn't gaf, probably laughing irl
tryhard, annoying, needs to calm down

No. 1431354

I always think of it's just brazilians sneakily doing the "kkkkk" laughter but adapted for integration purposes

No. 1431386

File: 1670100658280.jpg (56.6 KB, 680x556, 84a.jpg)

There is only one zoo in my country which still has them and it's an incredibly unethical and expensive city zoo which is really outdated and doesn't give the animals enough space, so I don't want to give them money. I don't know why exactly, but all the other zoos got rid of them during the pandemic. Some did cite lack of space, which is fair enough. I'd rather have the capys be comfy.

No. 1431562

An indie artist I listen to occasionally had this super cute boyfriend but left him for some gross gas station looking moid. Tbf her and her first scrote seemed like the high school codependent types but she shows off her new guy on her socials and he’s such a downgrade visually kek

No. 1431574

File: 1670111229680.jpeg (293.49 KB, 1170x2142, BF9ABCE1-87EE-4B30-9C12-E6E90D…)

Me as a fairy cow

No. 1431583

I have a weird crush on Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. I'm watching it right now and I really love it, probs my fave cartoon ever.

No. 1431585

my ex trooned out and is turned into a terminally online enby fakeboi and I can't stop kekking. Good riddance

No. 1431588

samefag but now that I think about it, everybody I used to know have either trooned out or will very soon by the looks of it. I guess this is my sign to surround myself with better people in the future.

No. 1431591

Sometimes I get the urge to create a secret alter ego on like tiktok or twitter and larp as the complete opposite of the person I am irl. I need to let out my unhinged cow behaviour without any of my friends or family seeing it and anonymous imageboards just aren't cutting it anymore.

No. 1431593

I remember years ago, I used to be mutuals with this girl who was in love with Beavis. I hope she's ok. You two should be friends.

No. 1431605

Ugh I'm pretty sure I might have a middle ear infection. My ear feels so clogged up and itchy. I used a q-tip to scratch it and a bunch of yellow stuff came out and my ear feels even more clogged. I'm just gonna leave it and hope it clears up in a few days.

No. 1431608

File: 1670113689897.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x500, 1600098624406.jpg)

whales can communicate up to 10,000 miles apart
how fucking fast was japan killing whales that they couldn't warn each other?
there used to be so many whales over there

No. 1431611

can anyone say 'comfy capy' 5 times fast

No. 1431642

I'm so scared of having diabetes that I don't even want to ask my doctor about it. I'm just going to get a blood test for iron and see if they catch something.

No. 1431644

Damn, drop me a link girl

No. 1431652

Do not go on cc rn you'll immediately get cancer bc there is a moid raid. The homepage itself is depraved shit. I wish the site wasn't so slow.

No. 1431661

File: 1670117078091.jpg (5.42 KB, 269x188, download.jpg)

I didn;t know where to put this. Is it a vent? Yes, but it's also not serious. Is it a confession? Yes, but I settled on here.
I genuinely feel jealously when nona's post cute/weird/perfect reaction images or images period with their posts.
The ones that eithe describe perfectly what they are saying, or don't but still are very cute and just fitting in a way. I feel like i'm very online but I never came do it. Even when I do find a cute imagine, I never feel it hits the same. My perfect lolcow post would be-
>Random image that fits
>interesting enough Nonnies go, "Wow whats the sauce on that picture"
but also-
>"And what you said was very enlightening, I will respond".
Just the perfect picture/post ratio. I just can never do it.

No. 1431662

buy a glucometer at a drug store and check your blood sugar
I've been diabetic for 20 years, getting your iron checked isn't going to set off any redflags for diabetes even if it's off

No. 1431676

What's a good place to shop for prints? I want to make my room cute. Is Etsy still good?

No. 1431677

Aw, nona, for whatever it's worth I think this pic is very cute. I sort of know what you mean, I'm awkward both irl and online and it feels embarrassing.

No. 1431681

Etsy is good, but I recommend looking for art that you like on Instagram (like the artist's professional insta) and follow the link to their own print shop. Idk it's just always felt more real and like I'm not potentially getting ripped off.

No. 1431720

I know what you mean. I have a reaction folder but I never know what image to use. I keep thinking "is this image seen as lame?" "does this convey what I'm saying?" "is this funny or is it try-hard?" etc.
I like using images in my posts because I think they just add something extra and sometimes it will make a post more eye catching so you get more replies but I never know what to use and I get more insecure which is embarrassing

No. 1431721

Ok, I will. Thank you anon.

No. 1431722

File: 1670119693145.jpg (25.63 KB, 480x480, 63677_XXX_v1.jpg)

>go to local world market, shopping for xmas gifts (store that sells imported foods and products)
>See picrel
>Remembers reading that dutch liquorice is the best
>Buys it, super excited to try. Splurged bc I wasn't going to shop for me
>Didnt read the part that says "double salt", only the part that says "classic"
>Expecting a delicious morsel
>Flavor is instead like pure salt mixed with the scent of ammonia hair dye, faint hint of liquorice
>literally inedible, have to spit it out
>Read that you need to suck on it to appreciate it, give it another try
>Literally inedible, had to spit it out
>Now I have a whole bag of these disgusting abominations
I want my money back

No. 1431723

I feel like there's a set amount of times you can cough in a row around other people. You can do it a few times, then you gotta hold it in.

No. 1431730

File: 1670120237880.jpg (128.35 KB, 640x853, eeec53f5d020af0327a81780aadade…)

It's the same with farts.

No. 1431775

Salmiak is very popular in northern Europe and Scandinavia but definitely an acquired taste if you're not familiar with it. Also I first read the cursive text on the bag as 'Bitch Licorice' kek

No. 1431783

thats just like, your opinion man.

No. 1431787

The real dumbass shit is that moids cannot shut the fuck up for two seconds without thinking theyre gods for existing. If you were truly a gift you wouldn’t be responsible for all whats wrong with the world and there wouldn’t be incels.

No. 1431792

File: 1670124098872.png (56.46 KB, 500x606, 1664601682048.png)

No. 1431793

File: 1670124215476.jpeg (75.52 KB, 750x1042, 3F4D231B-7823-470C-9068-ADF5BD…)

No. 1431799

File: 1670124711203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.27 KB, 976x549, bbl.jpg)

Brazilians will pay for what they've done to butts

No. 1431802

is the icon from that shota comic that omocat made ages ago?

No. 1431806


No. 1431810

No. 1431811

Its pretty boy from omocat but it didn’t have any nsfw about it so idk about that shota part.

No. 1431818

File: 1670126429003.png (161.11 KB, 460x304, 6e.png)

Gross males are raiding cc again with gore and scat. I just wanted to see if my thread got any new replies dammit.

No. 1431825

No. 1431827

thanks for the warning anon

No. 1431846

I visited the home page for the first time in ages and immediately saw a bunch of scat and wojak spam

No. 1431848

>raiding cc again
cc is 1/3 r9k moids all the time and 1/3 trannies, it isn't a raid if they are regular posters.

No. 1431853

I'm sorry nona but that's 100% an exaggeration, there's still a lot of women who post there from time to time and that's exactly the reason so many incels like to raid it there, they hate women. Of course there's probably a tranny or a male here and there, just like in any other female imageboard or in lolcow.

No. 1431856

I wonder which site is more popular? I only use lolcow unless it's down

No. 1431858

Obviously lolcow. Go on cc over a few hours and you'll see it's pretty slow (not necessarily a bad thing)

No. 1431893

this is the cutest kitten

No. 1431896

Looks like the jannies(?) have given up on deleting the posts last I checked. Such a shame, I really like reading the /x/ board from time to time

No. 1431898

Hmmmmmm I like men who are sweet personally but I don’t like men who are actually manipulative and only pretend to be sweet. Which is a lot of them, isn’t it!! Isn’t it amazing that two separate statements don’t have to be contradictory.

No. 1431901

nta I used to browse cc a lot but stopped because there was /pol/-tier and obvious moid posts that would not get deleted. those posts are increasing in frequency too. the place definitely has a moid and troon infestation sorry to say.

No. 1431914

It takes a hundred years but the moid posts eventually get deleted, the state of cc is laughable i think the Snail left and there's only one janitor.

No. 1431922

File: 1670136993426.png (1.23 MB, 1280x743, 1550622233074.png)

Nonnies I think I'm entering my DID era too. I just found a 3 year old text file with a huge massive tldr spergtext analysis of some fandomshit and I can neither remember writing it, nor does it sound like something I would write, but it's 100% confirmed written by me.
How should I name my autist alter?

No. 1431926

Sounds like a Kai or J to me

No. 1431954

realized my feet/toes are shaped like a goddamn triangle now because of tight shoes. i need toe spreaders for my stupid little feet

No. 1431997

I dunno what and I oop is supposed to convey and I’m afraid to ask.
The man hurts his pingis because he’s in drag and says that so why do people repeat it when not in the same or similar situations

No. 1432026

File: 1670153717871.jpg (45.28 KB, 480x480, 5f9185b73adbd04edcfeda2f05e4c7…)

Going to do the JLPT exam right now nonitas, wish me luck

No. 1432031

Good luck nonna very smart you’re picking up Japanese!

No. 1432035

name it after a male character that fakebois try to immitate, like 'dipper' or something

No. 1432036

File: 1670154369480.jpeg (106.04 KB, 900x671, 2B71E63E-2EE5-4F19-B4D8-B5C0B6…)

No. 1432038

Good luck, hope it goes very well!

No. 1432039

File: 1670154553143.jpg (45.02 KB, 700x700, priest.jpg)

I remember at some point nonnies thirsting over the priest from fleabag. I didn't get a good look at him until now. He looks like a beta Jack Nicholson or that guy from the 'knowing Better' YouTube channel

No. 1432079

Silly, it's not about looking at the stills, you gotta watch the show and see how he carries himself and how their dynamics are like, this is what makes him incredibly hot

No. 1432112

consider vr capybara

No. 1432126

Isn't that moriarty from BBC sherlock

No. 1432128

That's the same actor yes.

No. 1432129

File: 1670163573072.jpeg (25.24 KB, 639x480, images (5).jpeg)

Quite inferior to the priest from Derry Girls and I'm not even that into him either.

No. 1432132

File: 1670163746349.png (3.09 MB, 2667x2000, image.png)

My stupid sexy priest is Noah from Dark

No. 1432143

I already spend too much time playing with virtual capys. I'd never go back to reality if I'd have vr capys.

No. 1432190

File: 1670168977612.jpg (49.99 KB, 500x740, d967e1304414b3a8fa9d2e72ec3ce6…)

Thank you, anons! It was actually way harder than the last one (I also did the one in July, fell short of passing by 15 points), I don't think I'll pass. But it's always a learning experience.

No. 1432204

File: 1670170112854.gif (9.82 MB, 638x388, kek.gif)

Me when I post some dumb shit that i may get banned for but i'm giggling like a retard and post it anyway, because fuck the law, love the farmhands but I'm a free sprit. Then I don't get banned because even if dumb, I posted it in the correct thread and i'm not as bad ass or funny as i thought because nobody responds but thats okay because i'm still me.

No. 1432210

File: 1670170431059.jpg (88.09 KB, 800x600, HD-wallpaper-laughing-cat-grey…)

No. 1432215

File: 1670170775403.png (108.9 KB, 760x403, Based- A true story.PNG)

No. 1432223

whoa it's been a bit since i saw conductor cat

No. 1432228

Are you me

No. 1432232

i love looking at kiwis running, what a funny little animal

No. 1432239

I was startled awake by the sound of 2 loud knocks in the middle of the night lastnight. I put it down to hypnagogic hallucinations because I've had that a couple times before. Knocks being the most common one people get.

But I checked my phone as soon as it woke me. It's my birthday and it happened at the exact minute I was born. I want to beeeelieve..

No. 1432242

wapchan looks nice and comfortable but its even deadder than fujochan

No. 1432244

File: 1670173559508.png (435.92 KB, 862x360, truth.png)

>Be me
>burdened with the truth
>Conspriacy lover
>fanfic writer
Be You
>Girl Boss
>doesn't see what I see

No. 1432246

No. 1432251

Describing the censorship with regards to gendie things makes me insane, I wish I could go back in time and stay sane and happy

No. 1432253

ah to be a carefree girlboss

No. 1432255

File: 1670173900498.jpg (38.91 KB, 750x683, 520ed57d4212fadeb200c550ab782f…)

Staring at my phone waiting for any kind of message because I don't know if the second date went fine or not because I want to take it slow

No. 1432261

I legit feel like those who know, bare the burden of the worlds. The unknown. Those who do not aren't "Wrong" they just haven't seen it yet. I may be he he ha ha kek kek ke, on Lolcor but on lolcow I try to open the eyes to those who may not know.
In real life, I explain things very well to those who listen.

No. 1432264


No. 1432265

thought these were toasters ngl, get the ladybug

No. 1432269


No. 1432270

Only a few exams left and I'll have almost 2 months off but I'm soooooo tired of studying, I'm so fucking bored nonnies

No. 1432279

Is this Disney movie even worth watching? I've literally seen zero marketing for it and the character design is shit

No. 1432313

Honestly the color design is so gray-ish and ugly. It's supposed to be futuristic sci-fi but looks 10x worse than brightly colored movies like encanto

No. 1432325

File: 1670178293282.jpg (252.78 KB, 1200x1698, 32EEB9B4-A896-4A49-AB6A-259C0A…)

This necklace is an actual product for sale for 30 euro, wtf.

No. 1432327

necklace? that's just a string of yarn

No. 1432330

my cat can make me one for the price of a can of tuna

No. 1432332

It’s getting a normal amount of advertising where I live and when I saw the posters I thought it was a shitty third rate company movie. Even the poster, which is supposed to be eye catching, looks muddy and generic. They might have spent a lot of money on it but it doesn’t exactly show.

No. 1432333

ofc it's made by an eurofag

No. 1432347

File: 1670179059793.png (371.04 KB, 1597x357, armenia luvs windoze xp.png)

Armenia please explain

No. 1432351

WinXP was the best

No. 1432360

If the model looked like a junkie anachan (braless and wearing a boy's size 8 white crew neck tee with something edgy random [as opposed to goofy and/or silly random] written on it with sharpie) and the picture was taken with flash seemingly in a trap house it would do numbers on the edgy 90's heroin chic aesthetic side of tumblr

No. 1432366

Why is Armenia literally the only country on Earth that still mostly uses Windows XP? Not even Iran or Somalia or Pakistan or North Korea have less than 50% Windows 10 usage.

No. 1432488

WinXP is the best

No. 1432511

t. armenian

No. 1432548

Right thread? Idk. But I think I found the best way to deal with interpersonal conflicts. You have to write a list of pros and cons for everyone in your life, including yourself, and remember it during times of conflict, because nobody's perfect. For instance.

My sister:
>Healthy lifestyle as she deserves
>Has self respect
>Snart, insightful
>A hard worker

>a simp/people pleaser
>slightly internet addicted
>acts out
>not hateful
>can work hard
>healthy lifestyle
>speedy runner
>does pattern recognition

my best friend:
>scared of everything
>positive to the extent of ignoring problems
>very kind

This has greatly helped me not get annoyed and become more understanding of people and myself. I would recommend it, but maybe most of you reading it aren't autists and do not need to make such lists.

No. 1432579

I'm so sad I'll have to switch to something more recent from Windows 8.1.

No. 1432627

I have my very first bf and we're learning each other's bodies and stuff and yesterday I gave him my first handjob, he was lying on the bed and I was really into it and he was like 'noooo better stop now or I'm gonna make a mess here OH NOO' and I was like 'lol it can't be that bad chill', and then he came and the cum was literally everywhere, on our clothes, on the bedsheet, on the pillow, on the floor and in my shoes and on the mirror next to the bed. And we were like oh shit. And then we started to clean the cum together. I looked around I was like 'oh god this cum is everywhere' and he hugged me apologetically

No. 1432630

No. 1432631

i wish i could delete other people's posts

No. 1432639

File: 1670195197585.jpg (24.1 KB, 263x296, 1653851682002.jpg)

No. 1432644

Keeek what the fuck this is hilarious

No. 1432647

No. 1432651

should've rubbed it in his face and said, "No, this is why you don't do this, NO!"

No. 1432655

So what, you and your partner never cleaned the cum together? So where does the cum usually go?

No. 1432656

into the cup I use it for creamer in my coffee

No. 1432659

I sharted and farted upon this response

No. 1432662

Holy shit this post reminded me how one of the first things I talked to my moid of 3 years on Tinder was some freak on tumblr who put cum on their food (and coffee too iirc)

No. 1432663

haha shart n fart sounds like an american supermarket

No. 1432664

My dream is to meet a fat scrote, make him eat a diet of Hazelnuts and/or caramel, then test taste his cum everyday hoping I'll have a never ending supply of Creamer.

No. 1432665

File: 1670196318764.jpg (15.74 KB, 500x318, 1664500449162.jpg)

You have awakened something in me

No. 1432666

ENOUGH. all this cum talk is ruining my day

No. 1432667

Cum coagulates in higher than body temperature

No. 1432669

I want to start everyday with-
>Cup of dark coffee
>Two squirts of Coom
>Three spoonfuls of sugar
>a smile

No. 1432671

don't know what that means, just wanna dream my coffee and extra coomer

No. 1432672

File: 1670196545085.jpeg (70.94 KB, 500x556, 164468907.jpeg)

No. 1432673

legit think i'm memeing myself into another fetish, smh. This keeps happening.

No. 1432674

Good idea, next time I will put my cum dipped fingers in his mouth and I'm gonna post about his reaction

No. 1432675

Then say, "Do you like how this tastes or feels? So control yourself next time" and then walk away. It works.

No. 1432679

File: 1670196833197.jpg (46.26 KB, 1000x750, The-Real-Reason-Why-Coffee-Is-…)

It's coom spice latte season

No. 1432694

File: 1670197815532.jpg (17.35 KB, 316x239, 1644708062829.jpg)

>see roach on way to my room
>throw it an empty barrel of water Donkey kong style
>it fails
>rush to my room
>block all the entries
>wait until my mommy comes home and smashes it
god gave me feet to kick men in the balls and wear crocs not to step on disgusting sewer creatures, i hope my mom comes soon….

No. 1432695

File: 1670197885045.jpeg (68.03 KB, 333x500, 47E7C83D-4C2D-42F2-B0D3-238970…)

i’ve been watching the world cup through a critical fujo lens

No. 1432696

they have such nice legs, just apply the chinese anime AI and its perfect

No. 1432697

pics or it didnt happen

No. 1432699

File: 1670198161963.jpg (429.7 KB, 1080x1691, IMG_20221205_005539.jpg)

You're not the only one.

No. 1432706

The only valid way to watch it. Football players are very touchy touchy, you will be fed.

No. 1432707

Why, what's so hard to believe here, the amount of cum or embracing each other after cleaning cum together?

No. 1432708

stop it, you are going to call pakichan and shes going to start sperging about fujos being evil and disgusting for shipping two millionaire moids who dont even know what shipping is

No. 1432709

I watched this match and when they were switching polish players, one of them was like stretching before going in and touching his feet and the other polish guy have him a solid pat on his ass cheeks

No. 1432712

the amount of cum

No. 1432719

It seems it's current out of service for an upgrade unhappily

No. 1432720

File: 1670199023116.jpg (44.92 KB, 630x420, hanley.jpg)

men are so fucking gay

No. 1432722

File: 1670199064705.jpeg (32.94 KB, 405x480, 5446u.jpeg)

Please ignore that anons' request. If you listen to her I will immediately kill everyone itt and then myself. I will induce blindness if I have to.

No. 1432726

No. 1432727

I honestly find it hotter when they just hurt eachother while trying to get da ball.

No. 1432730

File: 1670199370038.jpeg (54.48 KB, 615x409, 96B636C0-B105-443B-B8BA-9351DA…)

No. 1432734

same, is like fanservice for me, i love watching men fight passionately while covered in swea- i mean i love watching men's sports they're interesting haha

No. 1432736

Watch rugby they have nice butts and tiny shorts and the camera often focuses on that.

No. 1432741

rugby men are so ugly though. I tried watching boxing a while a ago and despite there being a lot of man on man raw, bloody action it was gross because they were so incredibly ugly, they looked like human version of pitbulls.

No. 1432743

Someone make a thread about hot and gay men in sports please

No. 1432744

Don't look at their faces then. Just focus on the muscles.

No. 1432749

what muscles? they are just fat

No. 1432759

File: 1670200466494.jpeg (13 KB, 320x234, images (9).jpeg)

I googled a bit cause rugby us virtually nonexistent were I live, first was like "these look like normal muscular men", then this showed up. They look like they might have a heart attack soon.

No. 1432766

I bet they have some good creamer

No. 1432769

File: 1670201147720.jpg (42.3 KB, 600x337, 1bbca3519a7a4395a47e86a0bfdde9…)

OP's bf in 20 years

No. 1432770

their shirts are so tight sometimes it's crazy, I swear they're doing it just to look slutty

No. 1432776

File: 1670201498808.jpeg (141.98 KB, 1413x478, only the anime version not rea…)

this is a fetish I didn't know I had

No. 1432779

Based except for Win10 being second place. It should be Win7.

Pretty sure nonny meant boxing, not rugby scrotes

No. 1432783

Lotta scroteposting going on lately.

No. 1432786

how so? Point them out

No. 1432787

No. 1432788

Going to report you this is uncalled for

No. 1432789


No. 1432790

I notice it too nonny I don't wanna sound schizo though. The recent thing with the nonny posting her face and it immediately being put on 4chan is enough proof for me they still post here

No. 1432791

Apparently if you joke about cum you're a scrote

No. 1432792

The AI art thread on /m/ is making me laugh so much I love stupid shit like this

No. 1432793

some nonnies like >>1432790 have a point, however, it's like
>Anything someone says that I don't think a woman should say or joke about, is a dick haver
I don't like it. We can be funny and joke about coom. (If thats what she's talking about)

No. 1432794

I am happy that everyone who used it probably got all their data stolen by winnie the pooh, least that AI shills deserve

No. 1432795

I have my data stolen in return for much less, whatever.

No. 1432797

some people take things too seriously here, i cant believe someone was legit mad at some marvel cartoon not being realistic enough and autistic enough to keep responding to me despite me making fun of them for it

No. 1432798

why tf does every single person who posts about going to the psychward still have their phone and clothes?
was I fucking molested?

No. 1432799

what website is the anime ai thing? I tried to find one but it said it was done and under maitence

No. 1432802

File: 1670202525252.jpg (38.05 KB, 360x360, 51075ae9-2b9a-4945-950e-41a415…)

How drink is this gonna get me? IS it as strong as a four loko? It's 14%

No. 1432803

the really lax volentary psych wards have computer access so you can look up resources online, from my experience nyway

No. 1432806

Not OP but I wish all those posts were moved to /g/. I almost vomited again.

No. 1432808

it's not about realism you idiot is the exact opposite: she looks boring as hell. Also, multiple anons replying to you are not just a "samefag"

No. 1432810

sorry nona

No. 1432813

its just a cartoon, why do you care so much?

No. 1432814

i might just be a lightweight, but those drinks get me plastered

No. 1432816

The same way you care about visibly muscly women on pokemon cause your waifus apparently are more feminine or whatever, moid

No. 1432818

what the fuck are you talking about. Stop being a sperg and touch grass.

No. 1432835

All men should eat cum

No. 1432837

She-hulk is cool you're lame.

No. 1432842

NTA but it's annoying as fuck when you keep defending something from criticism even though they're right just because you, personally, like that thing. You can accept the criticism and continue liking things. Like "yeah she was made as a joke and for horny scrotes but I can't help liking her because I think she's still cool despite that so I will contonue to enjoy her". Doing this also means that you gotta accept that others prefer She-Hulk as an actual female version of Hulk where she's not just this sexy green woman but actually looks like a mutant.

No. 1432847

Ntayrt but it's just cartoons

No. 1432848

They should be neutered so that they can't coom at all. I will make cum illegal mark my words.

No. 1432850

You're seriously mad about people using some chinese or AI art website? Western sites and apps steal all of that and more. You should see all the data that Microsoft, Apple and Google steal from you with your "consent".

No. 1432853

I am just tired of post MCU fags trying to dictate what a character is and shouldnt be. You guys are insufferable and get mad when original fans want the original character and not some weird oc made to appeal to newfags(who always fail because newfags dont buy the comics). She isnt supposed to be super bulky anyways because she isnt supposed to be the one to one copy of hulk anyways.

No. 1432854

what is the name of the ai site nonnie? or anyone? i wanna use it

No. 1432859

File: 1670205743373.jpg (49.73 KB, 406x364, 1643607303132.jpg)

I found a creepy TiF who ships herself with Lisa Simpson

No. 1432860

File: 1670205951908.png (382.68 KB, 602x610, aspie and elsie fighting.png)

there's so much infighting on the weekends when will we get world peace

No. 1432861

Do you have a link or screenshot?

No. 1432862

The link is in the AI image thread on /m/

Weird how all of you complain that people take cartoons too seriously but you cry and whine all day when someone like a diffrent version of the same character, even though capeshit characters get alternative interpretations all the time depending on the writers and artists

No. 1432864

>caring about capeshit at all
Just become a weeb like a normal person

No. 1432865

File: 1670206357482.png (Spoiler Image, 844.99 KB, 1044x1209, 43c520aded2b0df5.png)

Tbrainrot on baraag(Warning its filled with loli). She got posted on 4chan and everyone was disgusted, you have to be into some fucky shit to scare even the lolishitter central

No. 1432869

The thing you newfags will never understand is that there is people that has been supporting a dying industry for decades, buying the comics, watching the cartoons, going to cons to meet the artists, being a fan of something before it was trendy and hip, yet they bend the knee to pander to the newfags and shit on the fans constantly by changing/ruining the character and turning everything into political propaganda. The worst part is that the newfags dont even end up buying the comics anyways, because they dont read the comics they just watch the capeshit and complain about shit they dont care about.
>even though capeshit characters get alternative interpretations all the time depending on the writers and artists
they still maintain the core and background of the character. Catwoman changed a lot through the years but most people dont care because they maintain the basic elements of it. Shehulk isnt supposed to be as strong and bulky as hulk, its part of her character.

No. 1432883

File: 1670208115397.jpg (292.65 KB, 1439x736, Screenshot_20221204_204013_Fir…)

It's not fair it's just not fair

No. 1432885

I thought both un-neutered dogs and cats get periods (well, not like human periods but bleeding) during heat.

No. 1432889

From what I've seen, not usually. It's more like "discharge". Sometimes it will have a pink tint, it's very rare that it's actually red.

No. 1432891

also if I was a cat I could just eat my period blood because i would be so flexible. double injustice.

No. 1432898

does she get off on the disgust?

No. 1432928

I will freely express my unhinged amusement in kekkkkkkkkkkks and there's nothing you can do about it looser

No. 1432931

Nobody gives a shit dumbass

No. 1432934

Yep. Humans and a couple other animals are the odd ones out. The vast majority of animals do not have periods.

Dogs will have blood in their discharge (a small amount) during estrus because the cells of the vaginal wall swell so rapidly from the hormonal changes that some capillaries will rupture.
Theoretically, this can happen to cats as well, but I've never seen it happen and if you're seeing blood in cats you should check for other disorders rather than assume it's part of their heat.

No. 1432939

Interesting, thanks anons.

No. 1432940

Nonnas, if you eat ranch you should make your own at home. Just a ranch seasoning packet, buttermilk, and mayo but It's so good.

No. 1432946

Favorite songs from fallout new vegas?
>im soooo blue
>i got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
fallout 3-
>anything goes
>i don't want to set the world on fire
>Maybe all of fallout 3 music to be honest

No. 1432954

That's not true, I give a shit about what she has to say.

No. 1432992

I joined an acquaintance's Splatoon room, we played one round and then saw she made a new room with a password. It shouldn't sting, but it does. Ouch.

No. 1433030

I don't know why I was this dumb as a child. But when I was growing up I thought Tyra Banks and RuPaul were the same person

No. 1433032

genuinely, how dare you

No. 1433033

File: 1670216246764.jpeg (63.65 KB, 646x611, 8D8AE6D0-5C3F-41C8-A5CE-42944D…)

No. 1433037

File: 1670216336234.jpeg (316.07 KB, 936x1248, 8BBAF893-8285-4352-B9C8-D6D7CC…)

Wanna make an elsie inspired coord like this kek

No. 1433038

big bara tiddies?

No. 1433044

File: 1670216578235.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, 7D2224B2-9E7A-4CE3-8928-411DDB…)

Of course nonnita only the best

No. 1433058

You are the golden child

No. 1433065

Go to sleep damn

No. 1433074

File: 1670219426372.gif (1.53 MB, 326x250, cute-bird-balancing-ball-8v9yl…)

No. 1433076

you are a virgin who has never been with a muscular man

No. 1433077

File: 1670219635626.gif (32.66 KB, 118x76, bearwalk.gif)

imma comin

No. 1433080

Do fat man tits upset your sensibilities or something

No. 1433083

WAT the FUCK this is cute dang

No. 1433108

you are right about one thing, its fat men that have moobs

No. 1433112

File: 1670223820098.png (25.88 KB, 742x463, 7nlvf5nm0gj81.png)

best of wishes on your future transition, cause this is near troon levels of brain rot

No. 1433113

Offering attention to “sex worker” threads is questionable on its own, moid or female

No. 1433118

>we're learning each other's bodies and stuff
I hate it when people say it like that

No. 1433119

File: 1670224597343.jpg (24.43 KB, 321x359, MSN.jpg)

Wow based, based. God I wish all my friends were on MSN. I hate my life. Have a good day nonnies.

No. 1433120

The most disgusting part about this is you wearing shoes on the bed

No. 1433122

no where does she say she was wearing shoes, or wearing them on the bed? read again

No. 1433128

>and in my shoes

No. 1433130

File: 1670225729560.gif (276.34 KB, 430x400, 03c.gif)

>put hamster on ground
>she immediately runs into my kitchen and inside of my fridge

No. 1433132

It says the cum got on her shoes nonna, not that her shoes were on the bed.

No. 1433134

File: 1670225916354.png (164 KB, 503x439, hamgrin.png)

>the hamster

No. 1433138

Kris wu was my chris brown when I found out what he was doing on the low. Now I get what chris brown pick mes are going through.

No. 1433218

File: 1670240986265.png (423.03 KB, 463x713, 61C456CD-BA9F-4209-8696-0BFB2D…)

My year of yeast and infection

No. 1433231

File: 1670242633268.jpg (68.63 KB, 720x712, EyTfw4UUcAETowI.jpg)

I was reading some old website lastnight with alien abduction stories on it. Stories of missing time. It was 8pm, I'm sitting up in bed reading it, nowhere near tired. Next thing I woke up at 7am with my laptop still sitting on my legs.

Okay its noon, its my day off. I'm going in for another read. If it happens again then aliens are for realsies.

No. 1433246

Honestly could you spoiler these? I agree but they’re disgusting and if i wanted to look at crass images like that I’d go to 4chan.

No. 1433255

>women joking about a homoerotic sport means they’re trannies
go outside you retard. your tranny obsession is concerning

No. 1433256

is this person a TIF yet ?

No. 1433257

File: 1670246223937.jpg (42.74 KB, 384x564, 1668331498515.jpg)

If you look at any random pictures of moids just touching and have intense gay thoughts, well that is proof that your suffering from brain rot, relax kyler

No. 1433269

Yeah you're so much more based than them for posting a misogynistic caricature, you go sis!

No. 1433271

File: 1670247454294.jpg (161.56 KB, 978x632, htfN44bUInjoqC.jpg)

It's kinda funny that Aaron Taylor Johnson played Vronsky, a character who has an affair with an older married woman and formed a deep passionate love for, I guess he took method acting too far

No. 1433274

what a sad depiction of a woman, only the degerated mind of a tranny would not only create such a caricature but also post it for other women to see, you're disturbed

No. 1433277

If you call “securing the bag and pretending you love an old hag for the career and security” method acting then yes he’s smart

No. 1433281

Weird how some anons insist that a man can't love a woman older than him. if men can love at all is debatable, of course

No. 1433283

File: 1670248263641.webm (2 MB, 540x960, 1611516951315.webm)

the reverse situation is sadly more comment and predatory though

No. 1433287

Kill yourself scrote

No. 1433290

File: 1670248445792.webm (1.99 MB, 576x1024, 1624314304154.webm)

I literally cannot comprehend why anyone would be proud of shit like vidrel and post it for the world to see

No. 1433291

If my dad ever did that I'd disown him in an instant.

No. 1433298

There is literally no way that he isn't thinking disgusting shit about his daughter. I cannot believe this.

No. 1433302

Shame on both the dad and step mom. Why the hell would you date someone twice your age WITH a child who is your age? Stuff like this makes me seethe. Only men do this kind of atrocity.

No. 1433303

IIRC it's a filter

No. 1433304

Maybe it's because it's such low quality but he doesn't look 43, maybe it's a troll video?

No. 1433309

are you gonna call her out? that's so rude.

No. 1433310

I love your childhood innocence, anon. I dislike them both (esp Tyra) so it's even more hilarious.

No. 1433324

Nah, I'm not going to bother. I can take a hint, I won't drop in on her anymore. There was a time I really wanted to be friends with her but I got over it. We're art mutuals and nothing more. Thanks for your reply anon.

No. 1433388

File: 1670254916491.jpg (59.23 KB, 560x564, 1648335477688.jpg)

my summer went from playing videogames and shitposting to taking care of a stray cat that wants to die on my lawn(wont let him)

No. 1433395

File: 1670255188588.gif (595.13 KB, 268x200, very sad pakichan.gif)

fujos are living rent free in your head pakichan

No. 1433407

File: 1670256123001.jpg (71.77 KB, 650x428, pomegranateSeeds-157565485-770…)

pomegranates are really good and juicy i like them

No. 1433414

She's ugly as fuck. There are way better looking older women and he chose that? Men truly are blind and settle for anything.

No. 1433416

But why do they somehow taste dry! same thing with cranberries, can't stand it.

No. 1433418

moid spotted

No. 1433419

Who gives a shit about men, you should be happy for her instead

No. 1433420

They don’t in glorious and fertile land produced ones in TURKEY.

No. 1433424

Nonnies will call this a moid but I've seen posts from pick me nonnies, whining about men's "Low standards" for women or laughing at some scrotes girlfriend because they think calling their girlfriend ugly is a "Own" against him.
A lot of women do think this way sadly and think scrotes "Deserve" better in "looks" because,
>Looks are all that matters
>Better looks means deserves more for some reason

No. 1433441

I had a couple of head trauma injuries when I was a kid, one when I was four resulting in stitches and another when I was nine resulting in a permanent bump on my forehead. I wonder if they're the reason why I'm so fucked up.

No. 1433459

I started playing project Sekai and now I have lost weight, coincidence? I think not

No. 1433467

File: 1670259497321.png (29.62 KB, 121x102, 1652863796219.png)

My mom is so childish, accidentally letf her outside(we live in a really nice zone it wasnt dangerous or anything) and since then she's giving me the cold shoulder like a pissed off toddler. Its gona take at least a week until she cools off. God, i hate her.

No. 1433472

leaving your mom outside by accident? how does that work? does she not have legs to walk inside on her own? I'm so confused

No. 1433476

i left the key on the keyhole because i was supposed to go out but backed out at the last minute and forgot the key was there. Its a really bad habit i got from her.

No. 1433477

Nah, nonnies just think "if he dates such an ugly woman, why didn't he just date my ugly self?" because he's pretty hot

No. 1433485

File: 1670260586604.png (972.81 KB, 845x842, clutchersans.png)

who is a fellow clutcher

No. 1433487

I'm gonna play devil's advocate here: some women may perceive this situation as rightfully "unfair" considering the fact that women are perma-pressured by society to look perfect just for scrotes to choose literally random people, imagine having to put on so many shit and follow so many standards just for a regular girl to have whatever thing you have with little to no work

No. 1433489

This is ugly

No. 1433495

>with litte to no work
you know nothing about her, she's probably funny, charismatic and secure. Unlike the person crying on an anon forum calling her ugly.

No. 1433498

File: 1670261125050.png (1.52 MB, 1024x1024, clutchin1.png)

All day I'm clutchin

No. 1433501


No. 1433504

This. She also groomed him.

No. 1433506

now i wish my boyfriend were more attractive so i could make attractive women seethe too just by existing with a boyfriend

No. 1433508

I wish i was high on nutmeg rn

No. 1433511

File: 1670261358475.jpeg (80.26 KB, 540x540, dd6ea2e935949ccfd3265b68816884…)

careful, a scrote is posting bait

No. 1433517

>groomed him.
you cant groom grown men

No. 1433520

Men don't give a shit about personality tho

No. 1433521

He was a high schooler. Fucking high schoolers in your 40’s is pathetic woman shit kek

No. 1433523

how old is he? holy shit he looks horrible if he's under 30, men truly age like shit

No. 1433524

I think he’s like early 30’s, they met when he was 17 and had a baby with her right after he turned 19

No. 1433525

so he's 19 there?! no fucking way lmao

No. 1433530

he was 18-19 wen he immigrated her first, they had their second child when he was 25

No. 1433531

legit thinking about starting a petition to offically call male breasts, "mitty's" or "Dirty Mittens"

No. 1433532

File: 1670262547066.jpg (939.17 KB, 3840x2160, 314451.jpg)

The only thing i like about christmas season is the free stuff, i am looking forward this years free Epic Games and CSP clippys as well as free currency/rewards in my crappy mobile games

No. 1433534

he still looks busted if thats him at 25

No. 1433536

kek same

No. 1433537

File: 1670262859902.jpg (13.4 KB, 563x564, b8545f6bb93f9a10d52809cf57475d…)

whats with all this moob talk recently??

No. 1433542

i just hate anything that males have that we have but it's not functional or cute. I fucking hate it

No. 1433543

just call them pecs like a Stacy would, you twitterfag

No. 1433550

nta but pecs sounds boring, it needs a fun name

No. 1433554

What the fuck did you just fucking say to about me, you little nonnie? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Nonnie Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on moid sites, and I have over 300 confirmed bans from various moid spaces/twitter. I am trained in online warfare and I'm the top shit talker on the entier uppercase Internet. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will milk you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on the farms, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the uppercase Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Nonnies/Farmers across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, Nona. The Power of my words that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dumb, nona. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kek at you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in keyboard kickboxxing, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Farmers Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the uppercase Internet/Lolcow and any other online places you communicate on, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit milk all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking done, Nonno.

No. 1433555

no, it doesnt. We were fine calling male body parts by their real name before twitterfags started forcing shit like ''man boobs'' ''boypussy'' and other gross shit

No. 1433556

File: 1670263776079.jpg (547.35 KB, 2034x2030, 1656791745489.jpg)

reminds me of picrel

No. 1433558

question? Why can't we have fun and say silly ass things? Did you genuinely think i was going to start a fucking petition to change the name of Male Breasts? How am I a twittefag because I made a joke?
Where is the fun anymore? Everything isn't connected to some underground network of Twitterfags trying to ruin lowcow with fucking stupid ass unfunny jokes. The real freaks are twitter right now seriuously wanting to call male breasts, "Daddy Dilkers" or some shit. I was simply being a dumb ass in the dumb ass thread. Maybe I should make a smartass shit thread.

No. 1433560

i wonder how many of those are TiFs

No. 1433561

for real. Sounds like how other imageboards got invaded by people saying those terms. I swear gen z have brain worms and encourage male trannies with this non sense.

No. 1433562

its the dumbass shit thread not the cringeass shit thread

No. 1433563

fuck off back to twitter(stop)

No. 1433566

what I said was fucking dumb and a joke, so it belongs here. Who the fuck are you to tell me whats dumb or not? The fact people genuinely are butt hurt over a silly comment over male breasts is really confusing me right now.

No. 1433570

Your post was too dumb even for the dumbass shit thread. Let that sink in.

No. 1433571

>Who the fuck are you to tell me whats dumb or not?
the dumbass queen herself and i exile you from my kingdom

No. 1433574

Your post was too dumb even for the dumbass shit thread. Let that sink in.

No. 1433578

i never used it

No. 1433585

you should learn how to stop responding when someone thinks you made a cringy post, we are anons here so its not so hard

No. 1433587

File: 1670264671560.jpg (124.48 KB, 708x1024, Fi4VexqVEAA5rvm.jpg)

Aw yeah, croatia beat japan in a KINO finale like with england

No. 1433589

Thats a different anon, not the one you guys are whining about (which is me)

No. 1433596

gives us uggo women hope that maybe we'll land an attractive man

No. 1433600

An ugly man dating an ugly woman oh nooo HOW DARE HE

No. 1433611

File: 1670265831537.jpeg (491.86 KB, 1170x1205, 326C4CA8-77EE-4E9D-B82E-E2EB57…)

One of my favorite things about Twitter making celebrities “accessible” is watching famous people have boomer moments on the internet

No. 1433613

File: 1670265868932.jpg (42.21 KB, 540x540, tumblr_3a244010927891a06d8ea91…)

I'd let him ruin my marriage

No. 1433614

I'm going to visit my family in the UK for christmas and am worried about how cold the house will be. I can't stand a cold house, but I know they'll be insulted if I give them money to heat the house. Last winter over there I was wearing my jacket indoors and complaining and they were claiming the house was at 20C. It's possible it's true, but right now my living room is 22C, I'm wearing a snoodie, pyjamas, fluffy socks AND a big fleece blanket and I'm cosy.

I felt homeless, and I just want to stay cosy without insulting anyone!

No. 1433615

Shoutout to cher's batshit tweets

No. 1433616

I want him so bad it’s not FAIR

No. 1433622

just buy one of those small blankets from walmart or like a cozy shaw or something

No. 1433624

I have the same problem, my bf's mother keeps her house at 20c all year long and never turns on the heat, sometimes in the winter it's colder in her house than outside kek. It sucks but it's also rude to complain about imo so I just bundle up in layers

No. 1433627

So frustrating knowing an ex "best" friend of an altcow and knowing insider information but not being able to say without cowtipping your childhood friend or outting yourself since the cows current friends constantly stalk your fb profile because they suspect you but can't call you out cause you're completely unknown online. Kaya's a fat lazy cunt. You don't need to be her ugly ex boyfriend to know that kek

No. 1433629

I'd be happy for this perfect stranger who wouldn't even spit on me if I were on fire if she started paying my rent, bills, and gave me a big fat allowance on top of that.

Bitch who is "we"?

No. 1433630

Just put on more layers, it’s not hard. I often wear a coat inside in the winter.

No. 1433631

Didn't she meet him the first time when he wasn't even 10 years old just yet? You could be hideous and a despicable human being and still trick naive, unsupervised children into thinking they can't do better than that.

No. 1433632

20 degrees celcius is room temperature though.. it shouldn't feel that cold. Are you maybe very thin or something?

Me and my housemates are keeping the temperature at 18,5 degrees because of the gas prices, I've been carrying around a hot water bottle pretty much whenever I'm home, works miracles.

No. 1433638

I don't get the point this post is trying to make.

No. 1433646

Yes, she did, but she ended up grooming him when he was 17 while working on a romance movie with him. She still was married and already with kids too. The whole situation is weird. No matter who does that, man or a woman, it's still wrong.

No. 1433650

agreed it's grooming and disgusting

No. 1433659

I am having some stomach bug right now and it’s fucked upppppp

No. 1433667

File: 1670269904910.gif (2.12 MB, 498x494, spongebob-patrick-star.gif)

me remembering all the times I've opened up to my current nigel about my mental illness or shit I've been through as a child and now that I'm healthier I cringe so fucking hard for ever wanting to tell a moid what has happened to me or what mental shit I deal with. (Especially now that I have a female wonderful best friend)

No. 1433672

Legit thought you were going to say that your breath was stinky while you talked to your Nigel based on the gif

No. 1433674

KEK nonny this made me laugh so hard. That's so left-field from what I was saying.

No. 1433675

kek same, I thought it was over but was pissing out my ass in the work toilets after lunch today. The random stomach pain fucking sucks though.

No. 1433677

Also, i'm happy for you that you have a friend to vent to now and you are happy

No. 1433683

A fucking advert came on about abusive relationships during the world Cup and my new boyfriend of a couple of months asked me if I've ever been in an abusive relationship and I was so caught off guard it was something I never wanted to share because I am a grown up now and have learnt and grown and so I said yes but I did not tell him I fell into a cycle which stayed with my childhood and had three boyfriends be abusive. Instead I told him one story about the most significant bf I feel comfortable sharing because we were once engaged so he'll find out eventually and it ended nearly a decade ago, but God. Fuck the TV for making me have that awkward conversation. And my bf asked me what's the deal with abusive relationships can't you just leave and you don't want to explain you acrually were in love and you do anything for love, but I haven't even talked about love with my bf so omg. Maybe I should have posted in the vent thread

No. 1433699

> my new boyfriend of a couple of months asked me if I've ever been in an abusive relationship
>and my bf asked me what's the deal with abusive relationships can't you just leave


No. 1433709

File: 1670271906186.jpg (106.92 KB, 736x788, 6b9d0fad06c25630242f724bd3cf29…)

Really holding myself so I don't buy this cute Yukata I saw online because I've gained a lot of weight and I know I won't fit.
Maybe I should get it as an incentive….

No. 1433712

File: 1670272032831.jpg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024, 20221130_233307.jpg)

I'm hungry but I won't be home for another 3 hours but I also don't want to spend money aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1433713

No. 1433718

How would it not fit? Aren't they mainly one size fits all? I've shared my yukatas with friends who are a much heavier weight than me and it fits both of us just fine.

No. 1433726

I am not a huge fan of ''gamification'' but my friends made me download a cute app where you have a penguin pet and make it grow, its very cute so far.

No. 1433734

File: 1670273757497.jpg (83.29 KB, 736x1039, b121129a1a5d3c8ad76b7428b6778a…)

>Wide hips
>Big butt
>Both of those get even bigger when I'm fatter so they don't go comfortably all the way around
>Since I need more fabric on those areas, the fabric gets shorter and goes wat above my ankles, looks stupid
>One size hanhaba obi doesn't fit comfortably, if at all
Can't be both tall and fat to wear a yukata, you gotta choose one. I have 3 yukata and unfortunately I don't fit them well now. But I'm working on it

No. 1433740

I'd like to wear one but I'd feel like a huge weeb and wouldn't have many places to wear it.

No. 1433747

File: 1670274161463.jpg (109.51 KB, 735x551, 9a51823db32e9654a7108c719440b9…)

It's harder to wear it outside or Japan indeed, but do you have japanese culture festivals in your country? We have a big one in mine, and I was working there and saw a lot of women wearing it. They were mostly japanese, but there were some non-japanese women as well. If you ever visit Japan in the summer, you can wear it anywhere. I'm particularly fond of wearing it for cute cafes.

No. 1433751

just get a large t sized yukata and use a towel like everyone else.

No. 1433754

Nope, not in the slightest since I live in the bumfucks of nowhere. The closest I can think of is an anime convention that happens in Washington but I don't really watch anime anymore so I feel like it'd be a bit of a waste.

No. 1433756

I think most people enjoy being in abusive relationships. Both men and women like people who treat them like trash. Their flight or fight instincts trick them into thinking they are in love.

No. 1433760

File: 1670276108400.jpg (102.55 KB, 450x1074, b04b1f9caa796ce5b764bdc528393d…)

I was actually thinking about sewing a new obi myself. I also have the L sized ones, btw. I'm 175cm
Fuck, now you're starting to convince me to actually buy the cute yukata. I don't have any dark colored ones yet, so…

If they have nice food, maybe it's worthy giving it a go. Yukatas are so cute, you'd definitely feel pretty wearing one!

No. 1433763

File: 1670276263513.jpg (12.04 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

>Eat these
>put extra walmart colby cheese on it
>don't have big pepperoni's
>Nuke it in a microwave
>2 mintues
>2 more mintues
>not done all the way but thats how I like it
>get a fork
>Go to room
>eat the pizza with the fork
>whole room smells like cheap pizza

No. 1433764

File: 1670276275297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.95 KB, 400x400, bad-taste-bears-jock-early.jpg)

The whole balenciaga thing lately reminded me of these bear ornaments that were semi popular in the uk a few years ago.

Warning extremely evil satantic bear

No. 1433767

File: 1670276533352.png (781.77 KB, 627x463, Capture.PNG)

I would like to try this though

No. 1433778

File: 1670277392958.jpg (286.21 KB, 1200x1200, 0_JS184637419.jpg)

there is something absolutely special about britpop boybands from the 2000s, when I was young I used to love playing all of my Mcfly CD's on my music player. I am just watching all of their music videos on YouTube and feel so nostalgic. american boybands could never. imagine having the Jonas brothers instead of busted? who actually sung the year 3000 first.

No. 1433780

Remember when busted sang about being horny for a teacher?

No. 1433784

are you trying to cancel busted anon kek, why is that controversial?

No. 1433789

I didn't say it was. I was a teen att and I just remember it was saucy lol
>So she may be 33
>But that doesn't bother me
>Her boyfriend's working out of town
>I find a reason to go 'round
Holy shit I'm now the teachers age

No. 1433791

but this didn't involve actual literal children in photoshoots

No. 1433794

kek I thought you were saying it as a negative thing

No. 1433795

they look like the average gopnik, how are britbongs so ugly

No. 1433798

File: 1670278210673.jpg (116.92 KB, 1024x576, _113182765_mcflymain.jpg)

anon, don't be too sad u didn't have bong boybands to enjoy when you were growing up

No. 1433799

There's only like three doctors at this small specialist place I have to go for multiple times a month for a specific issue and one of them is ridiculously beautifully ethereally handsome. Part of me is mad I got the fat ugly one but I can't even behave normally when the handsome one walks past me or says good afternoon so I don't think I could handle him being my actual doctor kek I can't even look him in the eye

No. 1433804

File: 1670278384124.png (161.31 KB, 1177x354, chavs or slavs.png)

reminds me of this one post in the "help me find" thread

No. 1433806

File: 1670278393587.jpg (574.4 KB, 2400x1437, Japan_band.jpg)

>don't be too sad u didn't have bong boybands to enjoy when you were growing up
thank god, i was too busy simping for superior 80s boybands and telling myself i was born in the wrong decade

No. 1433813

David Sylvian is a bong, so that is ok

No. 1433816

what happened to bongs they used to not look like they were inbreed.

No. 1433818

On average no, they didn't. They just used to promote the more fortunate looking ones.

No. 1433823

u still simp for a bong

No. 1433826

File: 1670278994770.png (283.17 KB, 480x354, 1643833613821.png)

>watching sleepaway camp
>scene were men were dressed in shortshorts and crop tops

No. 1433827

speaking of britpop. the uk has the most talented musical artists across the decades, rock bands and in general.

No. 1433828

eat shit and live anon!!

No. 1433832

because fewer and fewer males have the bodies to pull it off sadly

No. 1433834

these guys look even worse than the previous pic jesus christ

No. 1433836

Omg how nostalgic!

No. 1433840

seriously, josh from kiwifarms is the only hot brit alive.

No. 1433843

he's british?

No. 1433845

no anon kek

No. 1433846

No. 1433848

but don't bring it up because he goes on fucking rages about Brits, like he isn't one. It was shocking when i found out the truth but I guess you hate what you are.

No. 1433849

cant you tell from his thick accent and how every 5 seconds he sips tea?

No. 1433851

File: 1670280076881.png (21.74 KB, 1036x108, tea.PNG)

he's literally talking about returning to his tea drinking roots yesterday. He needs to stop hiding. He's a brit, surpised so many nonnies didn't know.

No. 1433853

File: 1670280217316.jpg (88.26 KB, 960x640, EWvHVp4WsAEZR8-.jpg)

>yerba mate
heck yes i want to hear Null sip Mate. Also i didnt know it was the most caffeinated.

No. 1433854

is null a chav

No. 1433857

is this a question? Have you heard him talk??

No. 1433859

Devasted but not surprised. Only britsh moids can be that demonic.

No. 1433862

File: 1670281115783.png (2.3 MB, 1280x1280, chav null.png)

took me a while but I found a real old picture of him. Don't be surpised if some moids come and try to defend him from his true British Beginnings smh. I don't know why it's such a big secret.

No. 1433866

don't try and palm him over to the bongs. he belongs to u

No. 1433867

I can't stop watching To Catch A Predator compilations on Youtube

No. 1433868

He is a Child of God and so he belongs to Everyone.

No. 1433874

I have a few clips of his accent coming through hold on

No. 1433876

I may join you nonnie

No. 1433877

I remember seeing a video of him stealing a bottle of lucozade from from tesco and shouting racist slurs at the employees whilst running away. A fucking menace.

No. 1433881

Why tf does someone need advice on ‘getting into’ tea. Just drink it retard

No. 1433882

I do not care for Chainsaw man but I read the second part out of boredom and I wish that the female mc had her own story and all the stupid coomer shit was taken out. like it was a standalone thing.

No. 1433885

it's all a cover. He deep throats teabags like every other brit. He needs to grow up and respect who he really is. Asshole

No. 1433895

File: 1670282602291.jpg (75.03 KB, 612x816, monster gym.jpg)

would you go

No. 1433897

is it a gay club?

No. 1433900

File: 1670282753452.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, boo-hug.gif)

would i?

No. 1433902

its a gym

No. 1433903

then no, I'm lazy but i'd point some people it's way

No. 1433908

but what if he's the instructor

No. 1433909

i only like real british fat men, not 2d monster british fat men. Sorry nonnie, but I'd 100% send my girls over to his gym

No. 1433911

wait wheres his britches?

No. 1433912

>i only like real british fat men
absolute shit taste

No. 1433928

I know

No. 1433939

File: 1670284514029.jpg (54.54 KB, 338x500, cipher-1539.jpg)

decided to pick up this mango before it looks peak westaboo

No. 1433940

I really miss ogling my coworker from my previous job. His body was perfect and his face and smile the cutest thing ever. I'm really looking forward to finding someone as attractive as him at my new job. It's so rare but I found eyecandy like him made my days better and less boring.

gee i miss him

No. 1433959

No. 1433970

File: 1670286512291.jpeg (59.16 KB, 456x472, 1DC02EF7-001C-48B5-8DBB-CA9D84…)

did anyone else want to dress like this in like 2013

No. 1433987

I still have sweaters similar to this and all my chains I still wear that shit. None of that era hair or shorts though, but I have some amazingly cringe sweaters.

No. 1433991

I like reading the jvlog /w/ posters arguments in /meta/ every day

No. 1433994

Frying chicken is fucking hard anons. I can't get the temperature of the oil right…

No. 1433995

I am hungry and there is nothing to eat

No. 1433996

Is this a joke just flying over my head or are you all being serious? He's talked all the time about how he's an American from Florida and how his mom still lives in the states.

No. 1433997


No. 1434002

>watching sleepaway camp
Based. A lot of men in the 80s were more active and eating better. Now a days, all men do is stream on twitch or play video games and dont move, so they're all ugly fatasses.

No. 1434014

It's a joke Nona you are correct about his lore

No. 1434015


No. 1434031

File: 1670291962242.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x1818, tumblr_nkrtm2NH7c1sdbgg3o1_128…)

breaking my diet to drink hot milk and oreos with the AC on because today was one of the tough ones

No. 1434037

File: 1670292988361.jpeg (46.85 KB, 600x588, 2D9D3833-3EF8-4DE7-996F-B34661…)

Living la dolce vita,
Life couldn’t get much sweeter
Don’t you give me a reason
That it’s not the right season

No. 1434044

I started taking antidepressants like 6 months ago and totally forgot about lolcow until just now kek. miss u crazy anons good to see the site never got shut down

No. 1434048

I don't know why I'm thinking of this because my OC days are long gone, but I don't believe in Mary Sues. Who says your OC can't be a demon cat princess fairy fox goddess animu girl with the most powerful magic in the world who everyone falls in love with named Sakura?

No. 1434051

i am going to riot the day blingee shut downs
very true nonny

No. 1434054

How old is he? He sounds retarded.

No. 1434058

oof, girl. that is rough stuff.

No. 1434065

I hate how people always whine about Mary Sues when nearly every popular anime has the same generic male protagonist with a giant harem of cute girls.

No. 1434071

File: 1670295284141.jpg (41.51 KB, 679x379, Tumblr_l_127474635578836.jpg)

Me sitting through 600 pages of a romance book that has 2016 tumblr-tier writing complete with preaching about gender and queer shit not constantly but just often enough to be irritating just because the book has actual femdom with a powerful warrior woman character and a fantasy setting

No. 1434080

time to start writting

No. 1434083

Oh trust me nona I am kek

No. 1434088

The new black panther is how a movie about strong females is done right

No. 1434092

I guess I'll have to take your word for it, because I'm sure not watching that.

No. 1434094

>disney shit
>''done right''
lmao nonna out there paying to consume propaganda

No. 1434095

I felt that way before I saw it but they really portrayed strong women without making it preachy and annoying and woke

No. 1434100

i love it because it makes men seethe. cope harder, your main actor died and the story follows the comics weirdos

No. 1434102

Nona, just watch josei. It'll save you a lot of grief. Don't give modern corporate Marvel or any western comic book franchise any credit for accidentally making good female characters.

No. 1434104

I dropped my phone in a pot of oil and I can't even use my oven because it smoked up inside. I immediately covered my phone in baking soda to soak up the oil and it's working fine right now but I have no idea if it will survive. Will it even be safe to use a charger?

This is like the cherry on top of the day from hell this has been.

No. 1434106

>Don't give modern corporate Marvel or any western comic book franchise any credit for accidentally making good female characters.

Why should I care? I can spend 6 dollars on a movie I’m not a broke bitch

No. 1434108

I guess I haven't heard anything about it because the guys I know who'd usually seethe over something like that are also the kind who wouldn't watch a movie with so many black people.

No. 1434112

does Stella get her groove back in this one?

No. 1434113

I want to hear more

No. 1434114

Hear more about what?

No. 1434117

details!! dropping your phone in a pot of oil is kind of unusual. does nona work in a kitchen? was she just trying to deep fry some comfort food? how is her oven "smoked up" and what does that have to do with anything else she wrote? what happened in the rest of her day that was bad?

No. 1434118

I've been planning on watching it. I feel like I will miss Chadwick though, but from what I've heard it was still good without him.

No. 1434129

Oh, I had a pot of oil set out from trying to fry food earlier. My phone was set on the stovetop (like an idiot, but nothing was hot) right next to the pot and as I was picking it up to move it, I dropped it into the pot. I guess my mind was just frazzled and I wasn't paying attention to how well I was gripping it. I should've put a lid on it, but I had to leave right after using it so I guess I forgot.
>how is her oven "smoked up" and what does that have to do with anything else she wrote?
It's just another bad thing that happened. I had the bottom half of my oven up to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) to make chicken and now it's filled with smoke. I guess it must be dirty, but I checked it before turning on the oven and it looked fine and it used it like 2 days ago no issue. Anyway, I'll just use the my top oven instead.
>what happened in the rest of her day that was bad?
I don't wanna talk about it.

No. 1434131

I was hoping no one would catch it kek

No. 1434133

ohhh, I'm so sorry! I hope something stupid here makes you laugh today

No. 1434142

File: 1670299685962.png (4.57 MB, 2048x2048, fujosisterswehavetrulywon.png)

Oh nonny…I FULLY understand.

No. 1434145

File: 1670299937135.png (109.78 KB, 271x285, pop music.png)

80s manga is great

No. 1434150

moar specifically these two in particular

No. 1434160

is that supposed to be a boy ?

No. 1434165

File: 1670300918687.jpg (207.93 KB, 1456x1170, 40-o.jpg)

I regret not reading 80s shojo before, i cant believe the female protagonists are actually interesting and have any resemblance of personality other than ''s-senpai noticed me uuguu''

No. 1434167

wait you actually beloved fujocoomer cope about shojo manga's ? shojo has always been based and have less sexist dynamics then masculine man seme and pseudofemale uke

No. 1434172

Everytime I see this gif I lose it

No. 1434175

File: 1670301275804.png (236.64 KB, 484x439, incest is wincest.png)

fuck off pakichan, you have an entire thread to sperg about fujos dont spam it here. Also this shojo manga has yaoi incest so seethe, best of both worlds.

No. 1434176

aren't they brothers ?

No. 1434177

..she literally just said that kek

No. 1434180

File: 1670301567191.png (805.66 KB, 913x863, pakichan when she spots yaoi o…)

No. 1434185

are these from the same manga ?

No. 1434187

File: 1670301922722.jpg (168.48 KB, 724x1000, cipher1000.jpg)

yeah, it's cipher

No. 1434188

is >>1434145 a girl or a boy ?

No. 1434189

No. 1434191

File: 1670302176558.jpg (225.22 KB, 1456x1170, 43-o.jpg)

a girl, dummy

No. 1434193

File: 1670302317500.jpg (498.99 KB, 1200x1220, tumblr_n7mm46YtXI1sksy0go1_128…)

a shame it never became an anime, its the most 80s and westaboo thing to ever grace earth and i would have loved to see the cute outfits in color

No. 1434196

Oh my god I always found the bt21 line characters really cute and had genuinely zero idea they were bts. My friend got me this little keyring thing and I pulled it out one time and this lady behind me said “army” and I did not understand it until now… I don’t know shit about k pop what the hell

No. 1434198

wait is this from the best english ova dub of all the time(apparently the mangeka was a huge westaboo and wanted english speakers to voice it first)

No. 1434199

Closest it got was the OVA. Tragic.

No. 1434200

yeah, lmao. Now that i think about it thats probably why it never became a full anime, the mangaka was probably too autistic and asked for fully licensed american pop music and english voices.

No. 1434209

Kek nonny

No. 1434211

Its interesting how a lot of female westaboos tend to really romanticze and over exaggerate the social acceptability of homosexuality in the west, I have noticed this a lot, historically its been the opposite case where the western world was the most negative towards homosexual relations of any type

No. 1434215

they arent homosexuals and even Anise sees it as super fucking weird

No. 1434229

File: 1670304982307.jpg (20.94 KB, 300x300, Thompson-twins-tom2.jpg)

>According to the author, Siva's (and by extension Cipher's) appearance is based on musicians Tom Bailey and Limahl.
I don't see it

No. 1434233

>turning in final due 11:59 at 11:55
oh yeah

No. 1434236

he has the anime hair irl

No. 1434252

I'm talking about the prominent jawline and big nose that the twins lack

No. 1434253

File: 1670307326255.jpg (67.73 KB, 640x640, limahl.JPG)

That’s crazy, I always though limahl was such an ugly creature. Nick beggs was always the cutest out of kajagoogoo.

No. 1434255

File: 1670307409937.png (373.07 KB, 221x1205, lmao.png)

can we consider the author an honorary nonny? she would def post in the ''unconventional men'' thread

No. 1434256

Bitch it’s manga

No. 1434258

File: 1670308075558.jpg (79.43 KB, 564x797, 01daf226057489d30edc462679cc90…)

again I don't fucking see it, rhe characters are all drawn in an incredibly generic Mukokuseki style that the setting didn't have to be in New York

No. 1434260

File: 1670308405750.jpg (162.45 KB, 1276x1827, tumblr_ovhbh2cFOX1veixy2o1_128…)

why are you so autistic about it? cant a japanese westaboo woman project her ugly western husbandos into her anime boys you dense cunt

No. 1434262

I just don't understand the headlogic that's all, is it willful ignorance or a joke

No. 1434263

sometimes i'll be talking to another anon offsite and just know she browses here. i can just tell.

No. 1434265

have you ever watched anime, are you being dense on purpose?

No. 1434266

Mom: Switch the n around in santa and you get satan.
Mom then spergs about satan and goats.
So what alcohol do you nonnies suggest for me?

No. 1434267

doubt it. most anons can't even get guesses here correct.

No. 1434268

i want to believe

No. 1434269

there are like 150 users here, so I doubt it anyone I know is even aware of lc

No. 1434271

File: 1670309579284.jpg (7.52 KB, 157x139, 15053.jpg)

Sick of this word.

No. 1434273

Babysitting some cats and they killed a roach. Is this why my disgusting family doesn't have roaches, cats play then kill them?

No. 1434275

i wish i had a cat i havent gone to a part of my house for three days because there is a roach there

No. 1434276

I would kill it for you if I could anon I fear nothing except wasps, centipede, and scorpion for bugs.

No. 1434283

I hate all ugly bugs they are proof satan does exist and wants to see us suffer for his own enjoyment

No. 1434291

File: 1670313833287.jpg (67.28 KB, 425x528, 236b08d953fe73d2f279001d90568d…)

>men were dressed in shortshorts and crop tops
instantly reminded me of the body improvement club

No. 1434330

File: 1670319964876.jpg (43.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's the 105th birthday of Finland, wish us a happy birthday! In Finnish you say "Paljon onnea" to congratulate someone which roughly translates to "A lot of luck (for you)", meaning to bless someone with good luck.

No. 1434331

I've been making animal crossing villagers in the sims 4 and it's amazing. Highly recommend.

No. 1434334

ilu finny anon and all your funny emotes

No. 1434340

well, paljon onnea !!! lots of love from asia finanon

No. 1434342

Paljon onnea!! I love finland I hope to visit one day

No. 1434385

File: 1670323299041.gif (5.69 MB, 480x361, dance.gif)

i am installing the sims 4. there goes my productive break, bye bitch! codex installer tune goes hard tho

No. 1434386

you gonna make animal crossing sims bb?

No. 1434394

i never played animal crossing so probably not. just want to make cool houses and decorate them. i wanna make a barbie inspired bachelorette apartment first! last time i played there weren't platforms yet and i am very excited about that

No. 1434403

that sounds fun too! make sure to get cool barbie style furniture and cute stuff! i recently spiraled out of control with mods and custom content and the like but there's no turning back! this is my life now!

No. 1434409

use the furniture islands theyre a lifesaver, i got all the sanrio stuff and decked out my island

No. 1434421

kek nonny i am so happy for you! and thank you, for now i'll see what i can do with just the stuff i have which is just all the dlcs lmao and build my collection slowly so i don't get overwhelmed
what is that? do you mean like kitchen islands furniture or something else?

No. 1434432

thru the multiplayer island code system there are people who make islands with all of the furniture available and bells/collectibles in the game and as much as possible. its great if u dont want to grind and just want to decorate

No. 1434434

ohh you're talking about animal crossing! i was talking about the sims and >>1434403 asked if i was going to make animal crossing inspired island in the sims

No. 1434437

You can tell a lot about a man just by his opinion on the kardashians. If he feels they are bimbos and hates them then he’s most likely a misogynist who is jealous or bitter towards women. If he talks about how attractive they are then he’s a coomer. If he seems indifferent then he’s most likely decent.

No. 1434445

Tried and tested, I have asked my safe males about the Kardashians and their reaction is basically "uhh idk"
I will of course, keep an eye on them though. But they do also agree Britney was silenced so they're good for now.

No. 1434449

I want mcdonalds fries and a small beer to eat it outside but I don't want to do it in bright daylight and we have no areas without people within where my fries won't be cold fuck me. I'm just going to get them tonight and eat them at the bus stop idgaf.

No. 1434450

Aging must be so much harder for women who have been stereotypical pretty their entire life. I was a dark skin, skinny black woman with natural hair and fucked teeth because of abuse so I got laughed at and called ugly up until my 30s when I gained weight and now I’m thick so people just sexualize me now(the tale of every almost every black American woman). I was never considered pretty and scrotes were not kind to me when I was young so I don’t really feel that panic about getting old because I can’t miss something I never had. I think this is how Karen’s are made, they are just women who used to be pretty but lost all their social power with age and just try to gain it back by being bitchy to McDonald’s employees.

No. 1434452

A creep at my workplace was flirting with me last year, I looked at his socials and he had posted a pic of Kim in a bikini with the caption of "This is what a REAL woman looks like!" Laughed my ass off at it

No. 1434455

well I hate them and consider them subhumans that should be sent to labor camps

No. 1434457

I saw a video on the clock app about this sort of thing- relating to conservative / trad women. Usually the attractive blonde hair blue eyed young girl/woman want to “win” and get their trad family but when she is middle-aged her moid finds something cuter and younger than her, and she gets angry and instead of blaming him externalities it on other women because the internalized misogyny goes deep. Hopefully this made sense

No. 1434460

No. 1434461

are you talking about one weird tiktok(that honestly came across as really pathetic tbh) it reminded me a nerd revenge fantasy hoping the jocks would be poor alcoholics and all the popular girls end up in abusive relationships

No. 1434462

I'm a lesbian and terrified of losing my looks and getting older because I've internalized the thought that in order to not be seen as the creepy predatory pedo dyke you need to be skinny, young and attractive. I hate how women are made to feel bad about aging no matter who they are.

No. 1434463

> I hate how women are made to feel bad about aging no matter who they are.

I don’t think it’s all women just the pretty ones. They start shaking in their boots once they hit 30.

No. 1434466

I think it was some woman speaking super like dramatically? I got the idea but it was presented very weird haha. She was putting down the trad/conservative woman

No. 1434468

I hate when I have to fart and i get bloated. Lactose intolerance

No. 1434478

I posted this in another thread, but I do think there should be some discrepancies between tardthots from conservative women, when I think of conservative women I think of women like my grandmother who have some outdated values and might consider them actively hateful, sometimes they just don't understand other's perspective, others I feel just might have some uncertainties of liberalism, so I can excuse conservative women
tardthots are different though, they don't belive in anything they say and easily could have been the "SJWs" they spout about if circumstances had been different

No. 1434482

I don’t think it’s just trad women worried about aging but pretty women in general. I cannot relate to their problems because I always paid for my own shit, scrotes have always been rude to me and they treated me worse when I was young because I couldn’t defend myself. Pretty women try to make it seem like aging is a problem for all women but it’s just a problem for them. Like when I see models, actresses etc complaining about ageism….bruh a person who looks like me wouldn’t have had a chance in those spaces in the first place.

No. 1434491

Sometimes I wish I could just live in the wilderness, shitting on the ground while imaginging myself toppling the united states government of America

No. 1434498

File: 1670331821166.gif (2.65 MB, 290x164, 1611277380761.gif)

I've been very sick for about a week and put an apple outside and asked some goddess to make me better but no big deal if you can't, just asking and today I haven't felt bad at all

No. 1434500

I had my dinner ready to go and no idea what to play on youtube while I eat. Clicked on any old thumbnail. Tiktok drama where a gay guy upset some women by saying some type of shit about a woman. Comments: umm.. this person identifies as a she/her now. Yeah they just changed their pronouns so you should address them correctly..

Gotcha. The fag is out of bad word jail becuase hes actually been a woman himself this whole time!! Well played kek

No. 1434512

I don't know what to think about this…

No. 1434526

>The question we're getting is "who is the woman?"
Well, the woman, obviously. All this obsession with gender fluidity is going full circle back to regular, sexist gender stereotypes associated with conservative circles

No. 1434528

why can't they just be a regular straight couple, you don't even have to call yourself femme or masculine either

No. 1434536

Not to weight sperg but Americans really have a weird view of what's healthy. In a random reddit thread a couple of women described being 150 pounds at 5'7" as gaunt. No wonder obesity is such an issue, people don't know what normal is anymore.

No. 1434537

I love being single and not dating or talking to scrotes. No scrote I’m obligated to fuck everyday, no unwanted touching constantly, no worries about rather I’m pretty or not, i don’t need to deal with a scrote crying because he didn’t get a blow job after a 20 dollar meal at dennys because I can go to dennys alone then go home and take a comfy nap,I can be as messy or clean as I want, no scrote to shit on my interests and hobbies, don’t have to deal with their boy mom parents. The list goes on and on.

No. 1434541

The fact that they're not trooning out is weirdly refreshing with how things are now. The part where it gets weird is him going from 'identifying as gay' to calling himself straight. Like you're not even bi?

No. 1434548

I wanted to flirt with a man recently but then remembered basically all the points you brought up and I thought better of it. My life is too cozy as a single woman.

No. 1434555

Same. The only scrotes I have annoying me are men in public who try to strike up conversation while I've earphones in. I'm in a more rural area than where I grew up and there's alot of singles here but I guess most aren't by choice. They think the train station is a great dating spot. I'm just dying to get home to my man free house at the end of my day.

No. 1434570

Paljon onnea!!

No. 1434581

Blessings to Finland

I had no idea that Finland is only 105 years old smh they should've taught me more than just the Habsburgers family tree in history class

No. 1434582

the tranny is back around I see

No. 1434591

I hate what geoguessr content has become, just annoying smug dudes saying ah yes this dirt is albanian in one second. How am I supposed to believe that, I can believe it if they spend even 10 seconds but they just do it immediately I don't trust these bitches, I just wish it was how it was. Seeing someone take time and explaining why thing think it is way more interesting than durr tree is finnish 1 second guess.

No. 1434598

File: 1670341016854.gif (4.87 MB, 540x390, 242e46526fc332f753fd4a679de080…)

God bless your amazing country

No. 1434600

I wish I was a kung fu nun.

No. 1434603

>one chance at life
>born with 2 shitty parents
The game was rigged from the start

No. 1434605

whose that

No. 1434606

ville valo

No. 1434618

I thought finns looked like the worst combination of whites and asians

No. 1434636

File: 1670343996556.gif (2.13 MB, 275x155, 1648256658511.gif)

I feel you nonnie

No. 1434656

One time a drunk customer called my dead grandma a hussy because she liked to paint her nails red. The conversation started off as me complimenting her acrylics. I don't know why I remembered this just now.

No. 1434662

I'm never complimenting another woman's nails again the last time I did I got a weird fucking response too. Like I was being insulting

No. 1434666

im gonna be real with you nonnie, i think the kris wu situation was levels worse than chris brown's

No. 1434667

In the last year I've had these lumps popping up on my ear cartiladge. Its looks like if you had a helix piercing and it got really irritated. Happens on both ears randomly. Alternates back and forth. Feels like theres a ball bearing under the skin. Bastard to try and sleep on.

Its called Winkler's disease tho.. Aint that a cute name for a disease?

No. 1434670

Literally saw someone on a random site posting about what I spilled about "Drake", I wondered if it was someone I know irl life or what, but the deleted it when I asked them about it. Maybe it was just someone who noticed as well

No. 1434692

why is lorde so cute nonnas

No. 1434698

File: 1670348000617.jpg (60.24 KB, 605x605, 1652865048394.jpg)

Today i will do something productive nonnies

No. 1434700

just learned that my mom is afraid of rabbits, still processing the fact

No. 1434708

how does she feel about baby bunnies

No. 1434712


No. 1434713

did you ask her why

No. 1434725

my mother literally screams when she see's even a tiny cat, she's unnaturally terrified of them cause one scratched her when she was a young

No. 1434736

well baby rabbits turn into adult rabbts, so not good in her eyes
she's just a scaredy cat animal hater - i personally theorize my mom's fear of all wild animals is due to her being a new yorker cause i keep hearing about how the wild animals up north, in general, act like gangsters and how they basically have no fear over anything like cars or people or dogs,etc
what a coincidence! my mom is scared of cats too, for an entirely different reason though - she just thinks that they're too smart and lowkey can see into people's souls

No. 1434751

I wish your moms safe vibes, I used to be scared of mosquitos because I used to get really bad reactions like fully swollen legs and shit, may no cats nor bunnies approach your moms nonas

No. 1434759

No. Fuck soccer.

No. 1434763

I've got scars on my chest from when a cat scratched me as a kid, but I still love them.

No. 1434764

File: 1670351985577.jpg (27.48 KB, 640x470, 3f1dnrb9qbx91.jpg)

5 more months till Eurovision.

No. 1434766

Let your mom be afraid of cats. She probably has trauma. cats carry diseases and so many cat lovers/owners dont want to admit that fact.

No. 1434772

why is MUH TRAUMA the answer for literally everything now

No. 1434775

It's just a reason some people act the way they do. Fears dont have to be rational and I would have more empathy for a woman who has them. I like spiders, but I can understand people who are deathly afraid of them. it's called empathy.

No. 1434778

File: 1670352782784.gif (703.71 KB, 500x381, yup.gif)

Saw two Aidens working at the grocery store today. One had split black and green dyed hair and the other had hair covering her face like an anime boy. Just too ez.

No. 1434794

Aidens are so easy to clock irl. they're always short, fat women.

No. 1434796

File: 1670353928563.png (385.98 KB, 1072x706, k.png)

No. 1434801

File: 1670354293814.png (201.71 KB, 980x406, nutcracker.png)

This is cracking me up. The TRUE AND HONEST Nutracker has NO ROMANCE and if you see otherwise it's ANTI NUTCRACKER BEHAVIOR!!

No. 1434802

File: 1670354394729.png (206.14 KB, 1866x570, male autism.png)

No. 1434805

failing birth rates, as it should be. One thing that makes me happy in this failing world.

No. 1434806

I always read the comments of this website. They are so stupid.

No. 1434811

A friend just told me I have the morning routine of a YouTuber bro, and I genuinely don't know how to respond to such a succinct insult. I can't hypebeast my way outta this one.

No. 1434812

I find people who have this opinion creepy. Imagine preferring death over life.

No. 1434816

then starts breeding cow.

No. 1434818

change begins with you.

No. 1434819

Not sure what you mean by "death over life", do you think I'm rooting for the excinction of humans? I'm looking at it from the perspective of overpopulation and increasing amounts of women having the option to choose alternatives to motherhood. Earth is (not) sustaining nearly triple as many humans it can sustain in harmony at very most, birth rates should be activelt failing.

No. 1434823

They need to fix their men and their shit sexist society first.

No. 1434825

This is the original 'Thank you, next' that Ariana Grande copied. I will not be taking disagreements for an answer.

No. 1434827

Found a pair of comfy leggings at the thrift store for like $5, but when I looked up the brand (Athleta) I saw they sell new for over $100?! I legit can't imagine paying $100 for something made to sweat or sleep in, even if I was rich. They're not THAT nice kek

No. 1434828

Same. people who think that way 'oh cant wait for the world to end, etc etc' should just kill themselves and be the change they want to be. I'm glad more women are waking up and not be parent trapped. People are dramatic for no reason

No. 1434831

do you have Y chromosome in you, just asking.
Men are the ones who seem to be obsessed with breeding due to the fact that they do almost none of the work when it comes to raising a child and neither do they suffer job loss due to having a child unlike women.
Just look at shitty 3rd world countries men forcing women to have children like cows and rabbits, even if they are dying from poverty they will still have 7-15 children. In fact the more she has the more she gets respect from men. Dont care about poverty, illness, education just keep breeding to make men happy,
Yeah korea has a very shitty work environment where people are expected to give their whole life to their jib, the justice system is also very bad because a man can kill his wife and he will only get a short sentence, cheating and men sleeping with prostitutes is also very normalized in south korea,
Why the hell should a woman be forced to give a baby in that kind of environment
why the fuck should a woman have a baby with a man who visits prostitute every week and if he decides to kill her than he is probably only getting like 2 short years.

No. 1434832

>people who think that way 'oh cant wait for the world to end.
literally no one said that,stop projecting due to the fact that no one wants your shitty genes and you never will be able to pass them on.

No. 1434833

Wow nice find. I love this one sweater I found too that's similar (3x expensive retail). I love clothes more when I feel like I got them for a bargain I feel clever haha

No. 1434834

Tbh the only reason why I haven't kmsed yet is because other people won't allow me, and I need a method that's 100% guaranteed to work.

No. 1434849

I'm 32 and just realise the pokemon move Facade which I first encountered either in 98 in red and blue or 2000 with gold and silver, is not pronounced Fa-Kaid, it is actually the French word facade that you know.

No. 1434850

Shit facade first appeared in gen 3 when I was 12. I hadn't learnt much French yet tbf. Still I've played pokemon ever since and have not put it together until just now.

No. 1434852

File: 1670358090140.jpg (218.31 KB, 914x914, THICC.jpg)

I am going to try to study nonnies, wish me luck

No. 1434856

No. 1434867

File: 1670359338848.jpeg (5.38 KB, 168x200, mindblown.jpeg)

No. 1434869

Damn, I could be listening to opera while doing yoga, or rubbing all the branding off my makeup with nail polish remover or drawing with crayon on my rented walls or hanging upside down off my couch or just lying on the damn floor spreadeagled but instead I'm sitting here on my technology listening to my tinnitus getting worse in 1 ear.

No. 1434873

Oh shit new Nutcracker lore just dropped

No. 1434897

I made ice tea and it sucks, i wonder if i did it wrong or if its supposed to taste this bad

No. 1434898

did you steep it for too long?

No. 1434902

exactly 5 minutes. Maybe my tea is bad, idk i expected it to taste so much better

No. 1434915

File: 1670362309415.png (1.62 MB, 1170x1122, hmmmmm.png)

I dont trust youtubers who take sponsors, their opinion inmediately becomes worthless to me

No. 1434924

I simply don't trust youtubers.

No. 1434936

Same, it’s annoying to me like sure I would take an opportunity to be a shill if I needed but I will also judge you for being a paid advertiser to some company you don’t care about. Also YouTubers who censor themselves unnecessarily just to avoid getting ads removed, I wish YouTube wasn’t so monetized because now it’s full of anyone making videos trying to get revenue from the lowest common denominator

No. 1434947

File: 1670363922346.jpg (202.76 KB, 800x600, 1649289938856.jpg)

99% of youtube sponsors are scams, too. It shows how little they care about their fans.
>raid shadow legend
shitty mobile F2P game scam
>Better help
>kamikoto knifes
>established titles
scam, you can watch region locked Netflix content with free appstore VPNs and they rat you out if you use it for pirating or anything useful
there is something fishy about this one but dunno what, they probably sell your information to advertisers or something

Thankfully the 3 autismos i still watch religiously dont like sponsors and the other one is very obviously just grifting and i find that funny. I miss when youtubers just had patreons, it was more honest and it didnt ruin the flow of the video. Scott the woz set the youtuber bar too high for me, are you telling me a guy who makes multiple 2 hour long specials each year is living fine just with ad money and a guy who just sits on his bed and read wikipedia pages need a trillion scammy sponsors to survive? nah, screw them

No. 1434980

Oh man! I actually stopped watching Ryan Hollinger because of this. He did this video and it was so censored. Words like kill and murder, etc. It was barely watchable. He's been a shill for raycon forever, but now this? Why do youtubers go this embarrassing route?

No. 1434981

File: 1670365206503.png (388.08 KB, 767x900, cat (2).png)

I make the best banana pudding on earth.

No. 1434984

you're concerned about honey selling your data (of course they do) but using free vpns is fine?

No. 1434985

Don't be shy drop the recipe

No. 1434989

i dont use free vpns tho, just used it as an example as to why those premium VPNs are scams

No. 1434993

you recognized in your post that the free ones report you for doing one of the primary things people get VPNs to do but you don't understand why people go for paid. i agree scrutiny on the biggest most advertised services tho.

No. 1434995

File: 1670365709608.jpg (3.91 MB, 3466x5000, ughmomthatsluchia.jpg)

My mom knows the difference between Nintendo and other consoles, but blonde twintailed animu girls are all Sailor Moon according to her.

No. 1434999

>you recognized in your post that the free ones report you for doing one of the primary things people get VPNs to do but you don't understand why people go for paid.
no? i said the paid ones do that. I remember that most expressVPN ads made the youtubers say a disclaimer of not doing illegal things with it.

No. 1435001

Well, share with the class, will you?

No. 1435003

Youtubers are not to be trusted, they are merely silly little jesters who are supposed to make me laugh and if they don't, they don't get my views.

No. 1435009

All the lights in my Christmas tree died n my Christmas cheer went down a lil. To remedy this imma get new lights, but for now it's hot chocolate time

No. 1435021

is that a goku

No. 1435034

It's Naruto actually

No. 1435043

I dont understand why pretty/average women become pickmes

No. 1435047

File: 1670367317163.jpg (273.89 KB, 1366x2048, The Very Best Banana Pudding E…)

I use the Magnolia Bakery's recipe, here you go.
The only difference that I make with mine is that I use chessman cookies since I think they're a little buttery and less sweet that nilla wafers. Make sure you use bananas that are a little green.

No. 1435057

my bad honey, mom asks when are you going to take a bath? you reek of BO

No. 1435062

>rat you out if you use it for pirating or anything useful
This true? I’ve used both for healthy amount of piracy, haven’t received any threats afaik

No. 1435075

I wish people would stop pre-emptively declaring people trans for really dumbass sexist gender marker reasons. He's growing his hair out? TRANS!! Like come on. Like long hair is a specifically woman thing. That's exactly the regressive bullshit that got us into this mess. A male is a male no matter how they present, same for females. It's so tiring desu

No. 1435082

zoomers are so incredibly insecure, its kinda insane considering the 00's and early 10's were all about ''a man can like pink too!''.

No. 1435083

File: 1670368693861.jpg (6.41 KB, 260x194, download.jpg)

Nobody told me the world was gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed…I was looking kind of dumb with my finger and my thumb, In the shape of an "L" on my forehead.
Well, the years start comin' and they don't stop comin', I Fed to the rules and I hit the ground runnin'.It made sense not to live for fun.My brain gets smart but my head gets dumb.
Not much to do, not much to see, So I don't want to take the backstreets. I'll never know if I don't go ,I'll never shine or grow.

No. 1435088

File: 1670368984751.png (167.94 KB, 320x285, 1660075989666.png)

dear lord, give me strenght to get up and take a shower

No. 1435115

I would actually pay to visit Saudi Arabia so I can stone a faggot to death. The tourism industry should catch on to this.

No. 1435119

Meatballs are surprisingly filling

No. 1435120

File: 1670370304813.png (241.93 KB, 656x360, Dimensional Merge look book.pn…)

The year is 2024 the dimensional merge has begun, this is what I'm wearing, I'm already putting my outfit together.
I'm ready to meet them. #DimensionalMerge2024

No. 1435121

File: 1670370375749.jpg (68.37 KB, 600x900, ed6fc2de40395ca513004c02f7d12e…)

Diana btfo all these other bitches in penmanship and in style those other hoes try too hard

No. 1435123

wassup with famous people having signatures that go blblblbldb

No. 1435125

Both Lizzies wrote like they were on crack, god bless the queens or whatever.

No. 1435127

File: 1670370670587.jpg (79.55 KB, 600x900, a76fd9043a0151519600c41f46e0cb…)

Hillary got that comic sans aura

No. 1435129

File: 1670370712842.jpg (74.88 KB, 1280x437, 1280px-Autograph_of_Elizabeth_…)

Elizabeth I's is the most interesting in my opinion

No. 1435130

Tbh I wish I could write like MLK. Hillary's is very cute.

No. 1435131

what finnish metal band is this

No. 1435136

john's the neatest one imo
her's looks like it would take at least 5 minutes to write kek

No. 1435140

samefag meant john hancock

No. 1435141

No. 1435150

Hancock’s is the prettiest, Hillary’s is the cutest, Truman’s is the most relatable.

No. 1435154

It's weird to think that at one point we (women) all had 6 million eggs in us at one point. Even 1 million would sound fucking insane. That's a lot of eggs.

No. 1435157

At one point we were bugs???

No. 1435165

File: 1670372604057.jpg (8.57 KB, 310x163, download (2).jpg)

No. 1435170

Decided to start watching Wednesdaf after some anons discussed it. I really how they managed to find the ugliest fucker on Earth to play Gomez. The man is literally the "fat, ugly bastard" meme come alive

No. 1435171

File: 1670372738946.png (201.23 KB, 302x232, Capture.PNG)

i want one or to be one so bad

No. 1435175

File: 1670372817732.jpg (5.68 KB, 275x183, download (3).jpg)

No. 1435183

File: 1670373039772.png (225.25 KB, 602x452, just one.png)

you can have five or six million eggs, or just ONE

No. 1435186

the cope is so real with every fan claiming "BUT IT'S HOW THE ORIGINAL GUY DREW GOMEZ!" so we're gonna act like catherine zeta jones would fuck this guy? nah.

No. 1435188

File: 1670373166378.jpg (23.62 KB, 480x288, fasacrhxkaayq83-collage-u37346…)

Tbf he was ugly in the original cartoon too

No. 1435190

then why did they give her bangs, its non comic accurate

No. 1435191

but the other characters don't resemble the original tho. so why only keep that design but not the others?

No. 1435193

why did kennedy put an i in his name??

No. 1435195

That bothers me too. I used to think Wednesday would look better with bangs but now that it actually happened I miss her forehead. Overall I think we already struck gold with the 90s movies cast and we'll never have another one that perfect again.

No. 1435197

thats a y nonna

No. 1435200

Nta, it says Kinnedy

No. 1435201

i see kynnidy

No. 1435202

she looks generic with bangs, like every e-girl ever. The big forehead made her look more creepy-cute.

No. 1435207

File: 1670373645329.jpg (18.15 KB, 300x306, firma-raton.jpg)

no signature ever could top this one to be honest

No. 1435208

i use to have so much fun here, like a week ago. I feel everything has been so slkow

No. 1435221

you are like the 100th nona to say that lol. I'm starting to feel bad for the actor (but not really because he's rich and retired and he did a terrible job acting in the show, like he didn't even try)

No. 1435230

File: 1670374766597.jpeg (13.87 KB, 400x225, image-074146.jpeg)

whenever me and another anon post at the same time it's like our hands are accidentally touching when we both try to grab the same item at the store

No. 1435233

ok ive decided. im going to start signing my name as a little cat or doggy

No. 1435236

File: 1670375021872.png (178.21 KB, 396x221, Capture.PNG)

once we trace the lines, we are connected in time

No. 1435237

did you have to fill it with the most disgusting color possible? it looks like a bunch of intestines now

No. 1435239

No. 1435240

okay every nonnie present, write your number.

No. 1435241

No. 1435242

No. 1435243

what for? uh 777

No. 1435244

No. 1435245

File: 1670375349472.gif (1.83 MB, 500x375, dance.gif)

listening to party in the USA

No. 1435249

File: 1670375387415.png (181.15 KB, 400x225, Capture.PNG)

No. 1435250

okay thanks about to play the latto

No. 1435251

cute raddish snail

No. 1435253


No. 1435297

File: 1670379114108.jpeg (367.52 KB, 828x626, 97CB9818-067F-4BB7-AB5D-14B1CE…)

These two don’t even look alike

No. 1435298

No. 1435303

Don't point out flaws in starbyface.. they gave me Karen fukunara so I want to believe

No. 1435313

I figure I kept getting sherry because there's like 0 actresses with straight brows similar to mine

No. 1435316

File: 1670381225922.jpg (75.41 KB, 796x647, david-corenswet-at-the-politic…)

Styling can really make or break a person. I was watching that Pearl movie, and the love interest isn't all that attractive irl.

No. 1435328

i wanna kiss each of his eyebags

No. 1435343

It pisses me off when store websites don't have an option to make sub-lists. I need to make a list inside my list!

No. 1435414

Kind of irritated that the only two boards I ever use on fujochan are getting taken down

No. 1435424

File: 1670385215605.jpg (54.67 KB, 734x696, fjfkdke.jpg)

ok ok ok To the nonnies that are borderline Alzheimer's patients like me!! I have a hack for you, I can't believe I haven't though of this before! If you keep on forgetting to do an errand or something pick a cute picture write the errand on your lock screen and BOOM you will never forget. Picrel in my creation, yes it's cringe but I am the author and so I gotta stand by my work, creative integrity is important JUST LIKE MEMORY INTEGRITY. We forgetful grandmas have to watch each other's backs!! AND our fronts!! I now HAVE toothpaste thank you reminder cat!!

No. 1435433

Brilliant omg

No. 1435434

This is like the second coming of Einstein

No. 1435476

File: 1670389131757.gif (95.59 KB, 220x220, 3d-digital-art.gif)

would you smooch?Yes or no

No. 1435486

File: 1670389803633.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.06 KB, 512x450, D4BEDBE1-F817-4E52-AAEF-223739…)

Same. I literally look like a little boy and starbyface will tell me I look like picrel. Should be called cute celebrities you look nothing like, feel bad dot com.

No. 1435489

File: 1670389954227.png (932.69 KB, 720x676, waterr.png)

Well so you guys I'm off to take a day long shit

No. 1435523

File: 1670391475700.jpg (1012.71 KB, 1439x1189, Screenshot_20221206_233658_Gal…)

Choose 3 for your squad.

No. 1435524

File: 1670391711113.png (496.33 KB, 479x359, Capture.PNG)

i only know three, but anyone down to play a game of connect 5 i'm in

No. 1435525

only need female che guverrea and joan of arc, maybe add in Aileen but honestly I need is female che guverrea on my side and I have won

No. 1435526

I usually get Natalie wood as my main main, but my most fatal flaw is once again flat, straight, unshapable caterpillar brows. a friend of mine or two said otherwise we look alike which is a huge compliment

I think I'm hideous personally but I'll take it

No. 1435529

why is the hairbun lady there twice

No. 1435534

File: 1670392415806.jpg (136.91 KB, 851x1321, fiona.jpg)

Joan Didion, Maddie from Euphoria, and Jodi Arias…it would just be funny to watch them all interact. Just add Fiona Apple and Tiffany Pollard (New York lol) and our squad would be complete

No. 1435536

File: 1670392495339.jpeg (579.25 KB, 797x652, CE353613-32C1-485A-8C93-7AF29B…)

mental illness

No. 1435537

no danni sanders??

No. 1435540

File: 1670392956424.gif (6.95 MB, 498x498, 74585678.gif)

this is it, this is the day I take my lazy ass to the gym!! You all have to hold me accountable, if I'm still in my office chair and haven't done shit an hour from now pls snipe me anons thank you in advance.

No. 1435544

File: 1670393152253.jpg (14.17 KB, 464x259, 27d2dcb39d8a78b1823ded1f4ee884…)

It's clear some of the time she was just stoned

No. 1435545

File: 1670393169922.jpg (549.1 KB, 1439x1189, 1670391475700.jpg)

If you ever remake this, please add harriet tubman because she shot a man. This was tough to pick, but i chose not to add too many crazy people, idk why i did Marilyn Monroe, i just think she would be kind.

No. 1435546

File: 1670393231558.png (1.04 MB, 1024x759, 1662120771440.png)

Left or Right ?

No. 1435549

File: 1670393333649.png (8.43 KB, 297x170, images.png)


No. 1435551

both remind me of Jeffree stars 100% ex straight boyfriend, so right if i must choose

No. 1435554

they are the same person

No. 1435555

File: 1670393725977.jpg (14.53 KB, 384x128, elizabethr.jpg)


No. 1435557

File: 1670393818191.jpg (80.35 KB, 500x304, 6a00df351e888f883401a511b9d294…)


No. 1435561

No. 1435562

Elizabeth II signature looks like absolute dogshit what the fuck

No. 1435565

both are ugly but left at least has hair on his head. right reminds me of that shitty maroon 5 singer

No. 1435568

again their the same person, Archie from Riverdale, he was made hereditary tribal chief of his father's village

No. 1435570

On the left he looks like Ronald McDonald some of you are so tasteless

No. 1435573

like i said, ugly on both sides. i just hate shaved cuts more. didn't this debate already happen in an old celebricows thread anyway?

No. 1435575

actually, no i'd rather fuck the real ronald tbh

No. 1435576

I think he looks masculine and hamsome on the right

No. 1435579

he the same exact headshape

No. 1435581

File: 1670395590587.png (370.71 KB, 489x685, proxy-image (5).png)

i don't like masculine looks

No. 1435582

And he looks masculine and hamsome on the right tf you want

No. 1435583

Disregarding, lesbian

No. 1435585

Some of you are still like “I only like soft bishi twinks and I loathe masculinity” like you’re still 17 years old but all the guys you date look like Joey Ramone

No. 1435586

there's a benis there, i just know it

No. 1435587

File: 1670395904619.png (134.63 KB, 317x317, __ronald_mcdonald_mcdonald_s_d…)

dropped pic

No. 1435591

its the exact same headshape just with a buzzcut and facial hair

No. 1435595

Bitch what does headshape have to do with literally anything you autist

That is Taylor swift in cosplay

No. 1435598

You keep on claiming the pic on the right is more "masculine" when its the exact same person, with the exact same skull, just with a buzzcut, a slight tan and facial hair

No. 1435600

File: 1670397081703.jpg (182.75 KB, 736x977, 1cd7a59bb123958759de9c2511da9c…)

I will go to frontier development offices and camp outside until they give me my fucking kiwi. Release an Oceania pack NOW. Kiwi, tree kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Quoll and long footed potoroo, pronto. Get me a kakapo, or else. Oh and plants, need more, Pohutukawa, Rata, Manuka etc. More mangrove trees. Let me cope with the fact that I should've studied biology or botany, but didn't risk it, because I'm slow at math. yeah I'm never getting a gf with this type of tism

No. 1435610

>That is Taylor swift in cosplay
i'm pretty sure ronald-kun is male nonny and he's at least 6 inches

No. 1435618

I will never stop loving the mix of feminine / masculine. Age has nothing to do with it, the masculine look bt itself is ugly as hell

No. 1435624

>he was made hereditary tribal chief of his father's village
lol what?

No. 1435628

It's not only underacted, but it really ruins his dynamic with Morticia too, just the casting choice by itself. Now you just feel sorry she's married to a decomposing fat guy, and any time he tries their romantic schtick it feels so fucking wrong

No. 1435629

File: 1670401346198.gif (986.42 KB, 400x310, spin.gif)

i'm trying to read this post again and still don't understand it. but i'm 26 and don't date anyone at all fwiw. i also just remembered men have fecal matter in their facial hair so now i have 2 reasons to hate beards/stubble/etc.

No. 1435630

File: 1670401410407.jpg (5.94 KB, 173x130, non-threatening boys.jpg)

There's nothing more masculine than balding or growing a testosterone gut, but you find very few women who are attracted to that

No. 1435646

>men have fecal matter in their facial hair
Anon what?!

No. 1435661

I see discussions about being comfortable to be farting in front of your gf/bf, like it's some huge inconvenience. Putting aside people that have gastrointensial problems, just how often do these people fart??? I haven't farted even in front of family ever, it never caused me any inconvenience or discomfort to the point I wanted to change our family dynamic to a "fart on me any time" rule. It's more common that men bring this up, so I assume they all eat absolute shit so they're constantly bloated

No. 1435664

File: 1670405614774.webm (5.37 MB, 360x640, KJ Apa bestowed chiefly title …)

its a hereditary position, it mostly symbolic and doesn't actually lead to any political power but he now has a responsibly of representing his people, some people theorized that he has to present a more masculine and adult image to the world, rather then be his goofy self

No. 1435670

File: 1670406574574.jpeg (54.57 KB, 567x612, FCA46675-07E2-44B3-B8F8-5D946E…)

I love this stock image cat he is so prolific

No. 1435672

Men will take anything ugly and call it masculine. That's what masculinity is. I don't trust the intention to abuse a power dynamic like that especially since men take ugly and beat women to death with it. I could care less about how money a guy has if he's an overbearing UGLY entitled twat

No. 1435674

what is with nonnies trying to infight in the draw room thread constantly. I tinfoil it’s bait because holy shit why are you getting mad over drawings of dogs

No. 1435675

These bardcore versions of songs make me cry and I don't know why, I'm retarded

No. 1435677

If you ever saw the art salt etc threads you would know art anons are huge nitpickers, so it's not a wonder infighting happens

No. 1435681

you can make a story from all the things he has been used for.
I must be retarded too, this gives me goosebumps.

No. 1435765

stop sending nudes

No. 1435766

No. 1435774

Sorry, wrong number

No. 1435776

Mr. J and Landlady I'm a 14 year old transmasc demisexual and I'm going in for sexual reassignment surgery tomorrow I'm so scared and excited and I just wanted to share! Here's a pic of my cat Bug!

No. 1435778

I wish people like that would leave her alone

No. 1435783

underage b&

No. 1435784

I feel like she knows she has to speak carefully with these things. Imagine a bunch of internet gendie dweebs trying to cancel a japanese woman because she doesn't get the complexities of western "gender" lmfao I know those tumblr retards would be heartbroken at a TERVEN Mr. J.

No. 1435789

File: 1670420473927.gif (260.24 KB, 220x131, tenor.gif)

did someone put it on the movieroom calendar yet

No. 1435790

What's this about?

No. 1435792

straycatj is a tumblr blog started by a japanese woman chronicling the life of a stray cat, Mr. J, who she ended up getting close to and adopting. She's referred to as Landlady on her straycatj blog (as in she's the landlady to Mr. J because he only ended up rooming with her as an adult cat whereas she's referred to as "mom" by her cat Kofuku because she got him as a kitten. Straycatj lore runs deep I suppose.) And the tumblr masses love her and her cats so naturally she gets a lot of messages from trannies.

No. 1435795

si, te quiero mucho ♡

No. 1435803

i bought a cake but it's so soft, I do not eat it I just stroke it mm, it is a swiss roll

No. 1435811

I hate the things people send her.
I still remember when someone tried to bring race into it because she calls J and Kofu "black and white brothers" because the cats are……mostly white and one is black.

That and the "The name Mr J triggers me because of the Joker" anon. Is she supposed to change her cat's name for you, idiot? It's ridiculous.

No. 1435814

Lately I've been feeling hopeless. I used to get up and out of bed at 6am and do a workout every morning, now I sleep in until 7am and only do some stretching and I'm late everyday for work.

But I remember that a few years ago I decided to just change and make myself do the things I wanted to do and I changed my life for the better. I have the power to do this, I have the power to make my life what I want it to be.

No. 1435819


No. 1435821

Napoleon and me both write N the same way

No. 1435823

MLK's is the prettiest. Can't read it for shit but it's pretty

No. 1435824

And every egg is as thick as a hair, too. We have 120 to 200 hairs per cm².

No. 1435826

File: 1670424603879.jpg (133.71 KB, 745x837, tfsdf.jpg)

How are moids dumb enough to believe these are the same person

No. 1435839

Just a thought but talking about childhood abuse or having a bad relationship with your parents with people who didn't go through the same is impossible.

No. 1435857

Would it be so impossible to have a subreddit as a backup lolcow? My last sort of haven was asheras garden, then kiwi farms was shut down so I feel they’re coming for all the potential backups.

I mean I’ve been thinking about it. If we made a subreddit that was some mundane topic and had our usual dumbass shit etc posts and didn’t upvote anything. And nothing direct mentioned about gender because it’d invite attacks but any male or trans would be shadowbanned and the the sub made private after some time. It would maybe change the culture a bit if an anonymous name was tied to several posts but i just really really REALLY don’t want to lose this community. It would seriously be a huge loss.

No. 1435862

I usually hate dwelling on my shit or discussing it much but even being that way.. I found that especially when dating people who come from happy healthy families, its this near constant reminder of how many levels of dysfunction were present in my own upbringing. New ones that I hadn't even registered before. They'll be innocently discussing childhood nostaligia and inside you're dying as they just unlocked a new level of 'oh shit another aspect of normal family life that I didn't know was a thing'

No. 1435864

I think it’s a good idea. What would we call it?

No. 1435868

Gen z are so trashy

No. 1435869

KF is up tho now? And when LC has been down CC has been used as a backup, even if it is full of men and trannies

No. 1435872

fatal flaw in your plan: I'm never gonna use reddit

No. 1435878

I just got off an IG thread about him and so many men were like 'B-BUT HE'S MEANT TO BE UGLY. DONT BE MAD. WOMEN WANTS TOO MUCH. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SEXUALIZED.'
fucking hell. It's such an insult to John astin and Raul Julia, who were both good amazing Gomez(es) in their own right. This ugly fat ass pisses me off.

No. 1435883

No, LC doesn't need more retarded normie attention that it already gets. Also Asherahs Garden wasn't taken down for the same reasons as KF I'm 99,9% sure so they aren't "coming for all the potential backups"

No. 1435888

File: 1670427397681.jpg (171.57 KB, 725x920, Addams_Family_main_cast_1964.j…)

Genz were a mistake. Anything made for them is inaccurate or hyper sexual. Wednesday is garbage and I hate that everyone keeps trying to shove that show down my throat because I really loved the 60s and 90s versions of Addam's family.

No. 1435894

Good morning nonnas. Why are there so many men posting today? Smells like unwashed balls in /g/. kill them all honestly. If they lurk here and still cant figure life out the need to end it.

No. 1435900

it hurts my soul because I grew up with Gomez being a passionate sexy Spanish man played by a Puerto Rican actor to… I know where they got the inspo from. The failed animated movie. But why take inspiration from films people hated?

No. 1435911

File: 1670428169196.jpg (49.3 KB, 506x680, 25e55afdfa1cbe2b6c09ac84dd3faa…)

Seriously, he and Morticia used to be couple goals but the current ugly dude? No, ew.

No. 1435918

I don’t know who this is but he makes being a coomer seem hot

No. 1435927

I hate a mother fucker who’s like “hey aren’t you lactose intolerant” while I’m trying to enjoy a little snack. Yes bitch I know I’m lactose intolerant did you think I fucking forgot? Do you think I’m so fucking stupid that I forgot my own body can’t handle milk? Do you think I bought this fucking shake by accident? Leave me the fuck alone you aren’t special and you aren’t helping like stay the fuck out of my business dumb fuck and let me hurt my stomach in peace

No. 1435929

File: 1670428819831.png (4.86 MB, 2253x2117, stacies.png)

i have no idea who these are so i am going to choose my own

No. 1435932

Imagine the scrote outrage if they gave the role of Morticia to a fat ugly actress. But women should just be fine with the male part of a romantic couple downgraded like this. Not watching this shit

No. 1435934

calm down i just wanted to know if i should go get my gas mask out of the car

No. 1435935

where's the bottom image from? looks cool.

No. 1435937

left looks like an anime boy, so left

No. 1435938

do scrotes even care about the addams family? casting luis guzman was probably meant to draw them in but i don't think it'll work.

No. 1435939

>I know where they got the inspo from

No. 1435940

ginger snaps

No. 1435941

she said in her post the shit animated movie.

No. 1435942


No. 1435945

I remember a year ago when 4chan incels were trying to convince me '''n-no women dont like pretty boys who wash their asses they want roided up testosteron monsters who smell of shit and piss mixed with sweat, thats what the society tells them to like''

No. 1435947

Who could blame them for thinking that since you just described the men most women are with but it’s even worse because they don’t work out

No. 1435949

nah they were seething about bts and other soft boy bands/characters. Cant even remember much of it just thinking ''wow, men would rather make up conspiracy theories than wash their ass''

No. 1435951

>boybands are super popular among women
>moids: n-no women don't actually like pretty boys
Why are they like this?

No. 1435957

Same reason why they swear women love bad boys–then harass men that actually do nontransactionally kind things for other people, especially women. They want to make what's the default among men cool and are hostile when women indicate anything besides it. They literally want to change the fabric of reality itself to cozily wrap itself around their egos.

No. 1435958

I like men like on the right but his hygiene has to be top notch

No. 1435959

>boybands are super popular among women
are they though? it's mostly teen girls who are into boybands from my experience

No. 1435961

are you from the past?

No. 1435962

does anyone have that news article from an actresses from the 1950's or 60's, complaining about being casted with ugly older men and just wants a love interest near her own age

No. 1435963

>n-no women dont like pretty boys
Pretty tends to rely on a degree of youthfulness still being there. Men can talk all day about wanting women at their 'peak age' but they somehow cant get their heads around women saying men have a peak age too. Even if we're way less extreme about how we voice it.

No. 1435965

are you calling me old?

No. 1435967

Nta but I was into boy bands in my teens and now at 23 that look is far from what I like in men

No. 1435970

Incels will say this and then go on to complain about how women are shallow and don’t want them for their looks. Being male is literally a mental illness

No. 1435971

kpop is extremely popular and even popular amongst 20yo women

No. 1435975

Those girls are not right in the head so I don’t know what point you’re trying to make

No. 1435977

so you like ugly korean men now?

No. 1435979

File: 1670431255976.jpg (491.83 KB, 1439x1189, 1670391475700.jpg)

Picked 4 because I'm a boss

No. 1435981

File: 1670431328836.png (300.64 KB, 1416x1399, survey.png)

early 20s is still pretty young, if we refer back to that survey they did on women vs men and what ages they're attracted to as time goes on, it showed women to be mostly attracted to their own age group, so those women are in the minority anyway. i think it's weird if you're over 25 and into that look

No. 1435982

I don’t like Korean men at all

No. 1435983

Apparently the inspiration is from the original comic strips. You wouldn't believe how many zoomers there are defending this casting choice because "you're just mad he's not conventionally attractive". I don't think previous movie incarnations were what you'd call conventionally attractive either, his sex appeal was his devotion and servitude to his wife. But that only works if he's normal and well-groomed.

No. 1435987

Clearly you’re terminally online and need to go outside and touch some grass

No. 1435995

Ofc the male can be disgustingly ugly and it's ok because oh so faithful to the original, but all women gotta be super hot, no faithfulness to the OG comics required

No. 1435996

> i think it's weird if you're over 25 and into that look
why? moids are attracted to pretty women through all their life. I hate when people here shame women sexuality, specially when its harmless in comparison to moids.

No. 1435998

anon, that's what we mean by boybands. not like nsync.

No. 1435999

makes me happy when women call out troons degeneracy

No. 1436004

John Astin and Raul Julia were conventionally more attractive than whatever this beast is she Gomez. I wouldnt want that thing slobering over me.

No. 1436006

wtf. Majority of people who like boybands are women. Are you retarded?

No. 1436008

File: 1670432309668.jpg (32.85 KB, 800x561, average-joe-smiling-13413414.j…)

Nah, it's not weird. I think it's weird to look at a man like this and feel anything but mild repulsion, especally as he gets wrinklier and balder.

No. 1436009

I think it's mostly because women are attracted to people equally mature to them, and we're also hyperself-aware about our social image, so it feels uncomfortable to be seen with someone that's visibly younger, while men are very non-apologetic and don't care about women as actual partners. A woman who's only 5 years her partners' senior is already called a cradle-robber

No. 1436013

she thinks we're talking about western boybands, not kpop kek.

No. 1436019

I thought that anon was pointing out a difference between teenage fans and adult women, that boybands are mostly liked by underage girls not adults

No. 1436021

> it showed women to be mostly attracted to their own age group
This might be because I'm living in a country where men really don't look after themselves or lead healthy lifestyles but if I were purely talking about attraction I'd say men my age aren't ideal. That younger men are more likely to do it for me looks wise. I still wouldn't date much younger because.. experience gap and different stages of life.

No. 1436025

You're retarded, we live in 2022. Women are attracted to prety boys, including kpop boy band members. It's an epidemic.

No. 1436026

Aren't both Western and kpop majority women though? Marketing boybands for women have been a thing since Nsync and BSB era. Even my mom's era for New Kidz on the block.
Fags only recently started caring about boybands openly because spicy straights love gay men.

No. 1436027

what a based time to be alive

No. 1436030

That's why I think "marry in your 20's" isn't a bad advice for those that want to get married, but the reasoning is usually bad. It's not because of "losing your eggs" or "all the good men are gone". A lot of the same men are on the market, except it's very hard to work up an attraction to men once they start >>1436008 awkwardly masking their baldness.

No. 1436031

Sounds like a you thing anon. It doesnt matter how when you present as someone easy to mould into femininity they see it as a weakness and pile on more criticism and limititation. No amount of social approval liberates you it becomes a tighter noose the deeper and deeper you go

No. 1436032

it sucks she's still using his pronouns

No. 1436037

you know if she didnt most people would click out of the video and disregard her video as just ''transphobic''

No. 1436038

I'm getting a kitten soon so I've been blowing A LOT of money on different kinds of scratching posts, toys and cat beds to make him feel like home and written a list on what I need to get him when he becomes a teen and I swear to god the little asshole is gonna definitely obsess over the boxes more than the shit I got him

No. 1436040

I think it's weird if you find anymore than 10% of men attractive. 90% of them are repulsiiiive. I would rather be single than complicate my life trying g to settle down with that I don't care how many times it's been said already, men aren't worth it

No. 1436041

congrats on the kitten, how are you going to name him?

No. 1436043

>if men can be weird and creepy so can we!! stop shaming muh sexuality!!
refer to >>1436019
show me the boyband women over the age of 25 are into then(malding over kpop)

No. 1436045

You think kpop isn't extremely popular?

No. 1436046

File: 1670433870767.jpg (207.83 KB, 634x929, climber.jpg)

Climber magazine (2000)

No. 1436047

Women being creepy is based actually

No. 1436049

File: 1670433955977.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1661234877576.png)

women cant be creepy because women dont rape/murder. Stop helding us to the standars of the sex that commits 99% of crimes

No. 1436050

seriously are you new to the internet? to life? kpop has been mainstream for years now, namely bts. teens aren't going to coachella, anon.

No. 1436051

hot, we need an athletics magazine thread

No. 1436052

No idea why you're so bitter anon, but let women like what they like. Especially if they are using their own hard earned money for it. Drink some tea.

No. 1436055

CLimbers have disgusting callused dry hands from all the chalk and it makes my skin crawl

No. 1436056

No. 1436057

What is weird and creepy about being into pretty guys over the age of 18?

No. 1436059

Sheltered much. Or a moid.

No. 1436060

i'm not bitter, is your world going to crumble because i think you're weird for liking botched kpop boys

No. 1436061

I'm convinced this person is a troll and I would stop responding.

No. 1436062


No. 1436064

probably kek, they got banned now.

No. 1436065

Paki-chan hates kpop?

No. 1436067

Hmm, that or a scrote.

No. 1436070

You can get around your female programming too anon
Better than living in the social cage you pretend offers you anything but trashtalking and rabid scrutiny no matter what you do
Society isn't your friend if your a woman and it never will be

No. 1436071

she hates everything that brings joy to women

No. 1436072

no, she only hates fujos and hiphop.

No. 1436073

Why do you think women who don’t like the twink look must like balding beer-bellied men as if those are the only two extremes?

No. 1436074

it's not that you think anyone's weird, you're denying that it's a thing. it's not 2013 anymore, your average kpop fan is not a spergy girl writing mpreg fanfics anymore.

No. 1436075

File: 1670434319605.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

>malding over kpop
So I was right! Thanks mod.

No. 1436079

I get what you mean. Men have a way of ruining everything though. The issue that I've seen time and again.. even couples who do marry/have kids while they're both in their twenties still and life is looking good for them.. men leave over the slightest thing. After all that commitment. They want to just start a new life rather than work on a marriage. So they hit up dating apps with their baggage (you must love kids, I have a one year old!) and their receding hairlines thinking they're going to have such an easy time bagging another woman like that.

Half the men my age looking to date have a marriage behind them already. Thrown away over some petty issue and they're surprised dating isn't easy with that track record to warn you away and a couple of kids in tow.

No. 1436080

It doesn't matter what he looks like, it sucks trying to live in the same house with one I'm just telling it the way it is okay oof

No. 1436081

You are either annoyed that we don't all want to fuck older men like you do, or you yourself are an old, balding scrote seething that your delusions are being broken in real time by actual women.
Some things are simply not attractive to the vast majority of women today. It's becoming less and less expected for us to settle, too. You will have to deal with this knowledge.

No. 1436082

No. 1436084

as someone who only likes twinks, all men who aren't twinks look like ugly beer gut redditors.

No. 1436085

I don't want to live carrying around a baby while he's your standard hetero moid buried in video games for hours doing virtually nothing this is my nightmare I would rather be single forever than find myself living that hell

No. 1436087

I know but still she could have found a middleground and just not refer to him in thirdperson

No. 1436090

its not the point of the video anyways

No. 1436092

Not that anon but even if you’re talking about shit like BTS, ask any woman who is not online 24/7 if she knows of them and/or finds them attractive. 9/10 times the answer will be no. You thinking the majority of women like twinks based on an annoying loud minority, on the internet of all places, is delusional.

No. 1436093

doesn't work anymore, even TRAs have caught on to this and do point out when someone refers to a troon as a "they" instead of "she" as "degendering" or even "misgendering", even only sticking with one pronouns for the sake of coherence when it comes to the she/he/they enbies now counts as "misgendering"

No. 1436094

my mom likes twinks and she's 52. She agrees with me that DiCaprio peaked in Titanic and it was downhill from there.

No. 1436098

Most twinks do age like milk to be fair, even more so than other men.

No. 1436100

no one was ever talking about the majority of women liking kpop, we were talking about the majority of kpop fans being women, not teens.

No. 1436101

I dont even bake but Japanese/Chinese/Korean baking videos are so comfy, they have such cute aesthetics in comparison to western baking channels

No. 1436102

doesn't really matter when other men were ugly from the get go.

No. 1436103

File: 1670435215804.png (638.96 KB, 602x912, 1141339-an-average-40-year-old…)

NTA but even if it's not BTS, it's men like Zayn Malik, Zac Efron (before he got bogged), Timothee Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, etc. I'm sorry, but 99% of women do not see pic related and think "Oh, he's very handsome! I'd gladly take this over a fitter, younger man with a full head of hair."

No. 1436104

Why is it either twinks or expired milk? Kek

No. 1436105

because men are only twinks or expired milk

No. 1436106

For me age doesn't matter in a guy as long as he's above 21. I spend hours doing a skin care routine, working out and doing my hair so I can keep my youthful appearance. I don't care if he's 21 or 40. The least a scrote can do is put in similar effort.

It's just so happens guys in their 20's care a bit more. Not like I'm going to date someone who's mentally immature.
Just tired of society telling me I'm supposed to be attracted to overweight men who don't wash their ass. But I only have high value if I'm snatched and perfectly groomed. I love being pretty don't get me wrong. But come on

Though to add anyone, man or woman look weird with excessive plastic surgery. I feel like my standards for men are low physically. Be well groomed and work out. But for most I'm asking for too much. Bull shit

No. 1436107

At first I wanted to name it Freya, but then I learned it turned out to actually be a male I was struggling for a long time with figuring something out until I one EXTREMELY drunken night decided on Geralt Speedwagon.
I usually don't care for naming your pets after whatever pop culture reference you're into at the moment since interests can be so fleeting, but this rolls off my tongue so good I can't help myself. He's also white so only Geralt works too.

No. 1436108

Because men are either twinks or expired milk.

No. 1436109

I don’t like this either.

Sorry to say but you just have shit taste in men if you like twinks

No. 1436111

>t. seething moid

No. 1436112

Whatever, just means more hot men for me!

No. 1436113

Chalamet and Holland are disgustingly skinny, twinky faces can be ok but skellies are gross. So are fatties but that goes without saying.

No. 1436115

as if ugly old men are anything but an epidemic, fuck them all for all i care

No. 1436116

Twinks are cute but they're not the only type of male that can be handsome. A muscular guy who doesn't look like he sniffs his own farts and browses tranny forums on his spare time is also attractive to me.

No. 1436117

When we post the handsome 25+ year old men, the same type of person who tries to argue that it's "weird" to like actually handsome men starts bitching that they're all twinks. They want us to like expired milk, and they refuse to post what we "should" be into, so I'm exposing the goods they're saying we should go for.

Post what you like. You either won't, it'll be another ugly old man and we can have a laugh at you, or you'll have to acquiesce that we were right about what kinds of men are attractive.

No. 1436118

probably because incels are far from pretty boys as they are all fat sweaty and ugly. actually.. Elliot Rodger was quite pretty.. like not ugly? and also what was the name of that Incel who has a pic of him with a coffee cup? he was really feminine and had nice lips sorry I think I saw him on an unconventional attractions thread iirc

No. 1436119

Sexy (fetish pandering) =/= beautiful. Hypersexed men aren’t beautiful, they’re just fetish pandering.

No. 1436120

> A muscular guy who doesn't look like he sniffs his own farts and browses tranny forums on his spare time

No. 1436121

Fat seething moid* Even with how annoying men are, have you ever seen a fit shreded man complain about those damn twinks? I don't think I have

No. 1436126

muscles are nasty.

No. 1436128

That's what confused me anon! How can 6-7 million oocytes/eggs have space inside of a fetus when they're big enough to see with the naked eye? There's no way ovaries can be big enough at that stage. I feel retarded because it just doesn't compute.

No. 1436130

yeah I prefer skinny guys to muscly gym scrotes

No. 1436135

They are pretty normal looking. Why in the hell is there constantly this war over attractive men though ??? Make up your mind do you like them or hate them

If I get stinkeye for being with a really attractive moid from another woman the first thing she'll say is oh my god he's ugly!!

Then why do you care at all ? If I'm not wrong it sounds like jealous??? As someone whose experienced this once or twice can I just say it's so damn confusing.

No. 1436136

good for you but why is it so hard to understand that not everyone does? let's all at least agree that fat balding moids are gross and leave it at that.

No. 1436141

File: 1670436212476.jpg (21.02 KB, 273x341, 1A.jpg)

I wasn't into this discussion but yes I do dislike kpoop

No. 1436142

Twinks are cute I never said they’re ugly. I just like men that make me want to fuck them and they don’t.

No. 1436143

anon I was just sharing my opinion kek

No. 1436144

File: 1670436296624.jpg (642.59 KB, 1673x2048, FUviqLoVIAAk5eK.jpg)

>try a perfume oil because it has good reviews on fragrantica and I liked another perfume from the same brand
>the main notes are meant to be caramel, vanilla and amber with some oud
>try it on
>it's mostly amber and oud
>some citrus notes
>Overall smells syrupy, but not sweet
>can't smell any of the promised caramel and vanilla
I hope it eventually smells nice on my skin. Might need one or two more tries

No. 1436147

I've noticed that too KEK. Attractive men never rage about women finding "twinks" attractive, because why would they be worried? They're winning. It's always ugly fat moids, or their sad pickmes pulling a "crabs in the bucket" move on other women because they feel stuck with said moids.

No. 1436150

>When we post the handsome 25+ year old men, the same type of person who tries to argue that it's "weird" to like actually handsome men starts bitching that they're all twinks. They want us to like expired milk

And I'm sick of hearing how supposedly ugly cute guys are over and over and over. I hear you loud and clear scrote. I have a hard time believing any of these women who "hate uggo twinks" are real.. either they're moids or excruciatingly insecure in their own attraction. Practically in the closet kek

No. 1436151

I agree, I think they're weirdly cute. The confidence of them both saying that they're still male/female is good.

They're both bisexual and don't seem to realize that but maybe they hadn't expected to find appealing masculinity/femininity in the opposite sex prior to meeting eachother.

No. 1436154

File: 1670436784351.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1652902139710.jpg)

t-today i will draw, i-i swaer

No. 1436158

Based. My sims 4 is lagging suddenly after being fine for months, so I'm trying to figure out why.

No. 1436160

Because a lot of them aren’t attracted to men. As a straight woman twinks are repulsively offensive. Looking cute is not enough to redeem them for me. Men have to look like they at least lift a finger and they fall short of even that.

No. 1436161

Please tell me you threw that mofo out. Your grandma was probably a baller.

No. 1436162

>imagine liking men you can't beat the shit out of

No. 1436168

>Because a lot of them aren’t attracted to men.
Them who?

No. 1436169

File: 1670437442723.gif (2.44 MB, 270x396, 1668139792742.gif)

you know twinks can be fit too, right?

No. 1436175

samefag, I’m talking more so than fat men (up to a point). At least with fat it tricks my eyes with the body mass and it’s easier to process.
So they get off to it? If I need the shit out of a moid beaten I’d rather just get another to do it for me. Or use a weapon
>one twink is fit
Most are skinnyfat

No. 1436177

I don't care whose right in this situation, but stop using terms made by pedophilic gay men

No. 1436179

the word pedophilic was made up by pedophilic gay men in ancient greece, anon. i do what i want.

No. 1436180

I used to know a girl with the surname Hussy. She'd leave the room and some scrote would just have to crack a joke about her name for the millionth time. It got old real fast.

No. 1436183

no, we straight women have appropiated twink from gay moids and i will not give up that, screw them

No. 1436184

Also also, if I’m compelled to hurt a guy that’s not a guy I would wanna be with to begin with

No. 1436186

you sound kinda trad, anon

No. 1436189

File: 1670438112550.png (2.75 MB, 2538x1156, twink.png)

>Most are skinnyfat
if this is skinnyfat to you then you are indeed a moid

No. 1436192

Get this man some knee pads.

No. 1436196

>you’re not a sadist so you must be a masochist!

No. 1436198

this retarded derail over twinks and calling them twinks instead of a more appropriate term like prettyboy or flower boy…..idk it gives moid energy.

No. 1436200

are you this same sperg >>1436177 ? people arent going to change their vocabulary to a barely known definition just because it hurts your feefees

No. 1436202

If you draw I'll draw too

No. 1436206

nope, just posted in this thread today kek, how pathetic. Keep on samefagging.

No. 1436207


No. 1436208

This is not your average twink, first row, pic number six is most representative.

No. 1436214

What a brave transman

No. 1436215

way to cherry pick the only image that fits your hyper autistic defnition of what a twink is

No. 1436221

In retrospect I lied, it’s actually lamer to go for a guy you can easily overpower. Where is the fun in that?

No. 1436222

That's just skinny, not skinnyfat

No. 1436223

you can't derail this thread it's about nothing.

No. 1436226

There are like three more kek
Also don’t lie, how many browsers and search engines did you search twinks on before settling on this one?

No. 1436227

File: 1670438925054.jpeg (30.96 KB, 450x253, gimpman2-450x253.jpeg)

Can't we all just agree that the ideal male is this gimp

No. 1436233

literally seething because you are wrong, kek

No. 1436236

no wtf, if i see that thing i am calling the police whats wrong with you

No. 1436237

disgusting degenerate

No. 1436241

nta but you just want to be faghag and used terms by gay moids

No. 1436242

this poster is a moid arent they……

No. 1436243

Honestly let woman be attracted to whatever. But I'm def on the side it isn't "creepy" for woman to have standards. What is shit is telling women they need to settle or who they should be attracted to. No one has shit taste, it's all objective. What is shit is trying to convince women that the ideal man is an unfit unattractive moid who looks like they live in the DM's of underaged discord users.

So many of you obviously post in the femdom thread in /g/
and gotta say, I love the "idgaf fight me" energy

No. 1436246

nta but guys it's a joke

No. 1436248

File: 1670439385100.png (2.73 MB, 2538x1156, 1670438112550.png)

is no one gonna comment on the fact that about half of the pics are clearly underage boys, like WTF

No. 1436251

I am not going to change my vocabulary just because some gay moid made it. Its useless, twink is already serving its purpose. No one know what flower boy means kek

No. 1436252

We were talking about the 'essex gimp' in the britbing thread earlier

No. 1436255

no, they are not?

No. 1436256

or maybe stop dictating how other women should behave or speak and not be pissy that they don't agree with you.
you give off insecure moid energy

No. 1436261

File: 1670439656304.png (176.92 KB, 2508x2308, 1641794173303.png)

Anyone know if this was ever made into a picrew/whatever is the equivalent of flash games now? I was reading old Elsie media thread it's so cute

No. 1436262

File: 1670439672551.png (232.21 KB, 595x320, 51b.png)

these are clearly underage boys

No. 1436266

how do you know? thinks are young looking, they just look like 18-20yos to me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1436267

File: 1670439754268.jpeg (61.82 KB, 577x433, F020BF5F-E19C-4A4A-8CA1-43FBFF…)

I’m ovulating from the right side!

No. 1436269

Why are there pinterest boards about twinks

No. 1436271

Twink stands for “teen, white, no kink.”

No. 1436272

be careful now the retard is going to acusse all three of us of being the same poster.
You do realize people can tell between a actual woman with standards and a male trying his hardest at imitating a woman here. The posts are so try-hard and performative that they look written by a male.

ALSO REMEMBER THE POSTER who made the ''kill all moids'' paragraph with a stacy picrel and later they got redtexted as a male, we really do have males larping here.
You dont want to use those terms because you are male or you are a faghag just like that poster said.
So instead of pretty boy or flower boy you rather call men ''twinks'' which is term typically used for adolescent underweight boys who get fucked by older gay men who are having a midlife crisis.
Most twinks are literally ugly and look like james charles.

No. 1436273

okay, this is clearly a moid troll
don't respond to him

No. 1436283

there's pinterest boards for aesthetic among us werewolf au inflation fanfic, you really think twinks would be exempt?

No. 1436285

>established titles, scam
I'm kinda surprised at how many tubers are outing this atm. I always thought it was obvious its a worthless gag gift.

No. 1436288

Yeah, those are definitely teens. Gross. Idk why nonnies/baiting moids have such a hard time grasping that women aren't a hive mind. Some women like "flower boys"/twinks. Some like muscular dudes. Others might like skinny fat/skinny fit. Sad pickmes fool themselves into thinking they like "dad bods". And sometimes, women might even like more than one type of male body type. Shocking I know.

The only ones who get mad are failsons and their handmaidens

No. 1436289

wait really ?
its not the fact there is a "twink" board, its the fact that term twink shows so many results of young children

No. 1436292

dont put flower boys in the dame category you retard. That just refers to men with pretty faces or a pretty aura. Has nothing to do with gay twinks.

No. 1436294

Why are you people arguing about gay men and gay vocabulary?

No. 1436297

ok then lets argue about something else.

No. 1436298


No. 1436299

One of you autists was screaming about not using Twink because a old perverted pedofag invented it. They suggested we use words like flower boys, go unleash your mental retardation on her.

No. 1436301

I think england should drop everything they are doing and get rid of these men.

No. 1436303

File: 1670440617578.jpg (141.04 KB, 900x900, dodo-bird-family.jpg)

Writing my letter to santa rn. I'm gonna ask him for a pet dodo. Wish me luck nonnies

No. 1436304

does anyone else think that they're actually so ugly that they're exempt from misogyny? i've always been GNC, had male friend groups, etc. but i've never been sexualized/objectified by them and they literally refer to me as "one of the boys." I know this sounds like cool girl bullshit but its been like this since I was a young child, it's not stemming from a conscious effort to gain male attention on my part, its just a result of my interests tending to skew male.

No. 1436305

Aren't they dead

No. 1436307

File: 1670440741733.jpeg (147.17 KB, 900x900, Cukv7BVWYAEvgcT.jpeg)

They've kinda embraced him, the essex one

No. 1436308

Santa is magic, duh. He can bring them back and give her one.

No. 1436310

Men are misogynistic to ugly women too

No. 1436313

I'll list a furby as my second option, just in case he has trouble getting it

No. 1436314

100% agree with this Stacy

it's shocking. they did everything they said they would. They're planting trees and technically you can change your name to lord or lady whenever you want. People who thought it was real are the same dumbasses who thought if they went to Ireland it actually meant something. I don't want to believe anyone is genuinely upset about established titles

a lot of people will laugh at you. But I hope next year we get news reports that scientists have cloned one of these doofus birds

No. 1436318

stop posting this nasty shit moid

No. 1436327

God that is disgusting. I used to jokingly use that term in high school to describe My type of guy but I definitely just meant cute boys my age without facial hair. Gay males are seriously the least ethical group on the planet i should have known.

No. 1436329

He's not a moid.. he's a living meme

No. 1436336

What does no kink mean?

No. 1436346

File: 1670441699256.png (363.05 KB, 500x588, ps2zwr1pvmi81.png)

I'm writing a Christmas letter too
but not to Santa.
I wanna unironically write a letter to Satan and ask for revenge to come down on everyone who S-assaulted me through the years. Physical or psychological harm. Both would be grand. No forgiveness
Even the minor ones like groping

No. 1436362

I don't practice witchcraft at all but one time I thought about putting a curse on someone who sexually harassed me, ended up not doing it but still hope one day I'll hear news that he got prostrate cancer or something. I would have needed graveyard dirt too, kinda inconvenient.

No. 1436363

wasn't there a case of a lesbian couple who had a gay male acquaintance suddenly get interested in them, trying to talk about LGBT solidarity only to discover that he molesting their son

No. 1436366

Gay men are a virus on this planet. I would never trust one with my kid.

No. 1436371

I hope we both have a very jolly Christmas and have excellent news
crossing my fingers

Most men are tbh. Just some bury their degeneracy because they're afraid to go to jail. That's it
Why I'm a bit biased. Yes woman can be creepy, but it's always higher with men no matter the sexuality.

No. 1436399

File: 1670443150898.jpeg (361.83 KB, 650x433, A4F9DFE4-EC17-4F94-834F-CE1364…)

I have an autistic obsession with “what’s in my bag” content. Pictures, videos, anything that doesn’t seem super commercial (I don’t typically like the celebrity ones that seem super sponsored, I prefer seeing real people’s every day items.) 1) can anyone relate or am I alone in this voyeuristic obsession with what people carry 2) where can I find content like this besides YouTube and Pinterest?

No. 1436401


No. 1436403

File: 1670443390491.jpg (492.52 KB, 1773x2048, 1669946482766833.jpg)

Who does this apply too ?

No. 1436411

I was thinking of a super innocuous subreddit name that nobody would have a strong enough interest in to look up, like Wendy houses or Phenacetin, an old painkiller from the 1800s. I don't like reddit but if we knew a little ahead of time before it shuts down it'd be a good easy base to regroup and find a proper new place.

I think I'll suggest it again if other ones do start to go down.

No. 1436412

That is the worst tote bag I've ever seen.

No. 1436414

I'm laughing at all the loop de loops she wanted to do. How many is enough?

No. 1436415

No advice on where you can find more unfortunately but I love this kind of things too, a little glimpse into someone else's life

No. 1436417

I can relate to this a lot. I got into it by looking for the perfect self-defence EDCs and now I'm into it on a very voyeuristic level. I watch vids on YouTube but I'm thinking about remaking a Pinterest account so I can make a board for all the fancy knives and other stuff I want.

No. 1436423

damn this is cute!

No. 1436424

File: 1670444177407.png (68.04 KB, 898x546, Phpbb_3.0_prosilver.png)

Why not a good old message forum like picrel? It can even be set to allow guest posters so no one has to make an account if she doesn't want to.

No. 1436425

I feel it's true. The socially successful people never had to build internet social skills. I texted with someone who was very suave in real life and he hit me with the ecks dee instead of a lol or laughing emoji. It came out of nowhere and I was like fuck me that's awful. Normies over tech are incredibly offputting, they're either outdated as mentioned above or they'll try phone you (???) instead of just messaging.

No. 1436435

I'm the same way tbh. I wish this website wasn't low-key swarming with scrotes and bitter weirdos, because I love looking at room tour/what's in my bag content. If I wasn't (rightfully) paranoid as hell I'd post pictures of my clean depression cave.

No. 1436436

I don't get it

No. 1436437

File: 1670444997507.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, at my fucking limit.png)

today has been exhausting and i can feel the mento illness demon inside my dumbass skull doing flips and shit. i'm gonna finish up the last of my chores, grab a shower, and get stoned like death in the bible.

No. 1436446

Eating cheetos dipped in ranch like a true American

No. 1436478

their faces are the problem more than their bodies
t. skelly enjoyer (but chalalala's jaw is weird to me)

No. 1436488

fellow skelly appreciator, why are we like this? how do i resolve the ethics of getting turned on when a guy is emaciated? i don't get it, is it because they're less intimidating that way? I don't like it because i want them to be healthy but the bonier they are the hornier i get, im a monster….

No. 1436495

I'm getting a jellyfish haircut and no ONE CAN STOP MEEE I'll look so cute HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVRYONE

No. 1436496

idk why exactly but i like how the bones feel. maybe there's the less intimidating factor too, vulnerability has an appeal

No. 1436529

What's your issue with phone calls? It's much more efficient than messaging back and forth.

No. 1436569

File: 1670451802469.jpg (137.34 KB, 1000x1500, tuscangarlicshrimp.jpg)

I want shrimp in a nice creamy sauce

No. 1436570

Samefag, with a squeeze of lemon juice over it. I'm so hungry.

No. 1436580

A lot of times people start calls for things that could've been communicated simply via message. Not urgent? Not something that needs my input? Could've been a text.

No. 1436593

File: 1670452924063.jpeg (52.79 KB, 700x474, sarah andersen.jpeg)

First person I thought of was Sarah Andersen, I was surprised by how cute she is IRL

No. 1436598

File: 1670453114970.jpeg (845.47 KB, 1333x2000, 91tbOr4tOYL.jpeg)

also Matthew Inman, the guy who made The Oatmeal

No. 1436606

Kek my mom does this, calling me in the middle of the day to ask me to buy her a Dr. Pepper after my shift ends (in six hours).

No. 1436617

Nonas, I might be a /k/fag… Something about weapons and war history really butters my biscuits and if I had the funds I would definitely collect ww1 paraphernalia

No. 1436634

Got surprised by how big my titties are today while doing my pre-shower check out, even though I look at them every day.

No. 1436636

File: 1670455274471.png (175.43 KB, 1090x764, 1670454476918.png)

So sick of fake foods

No. 1436646

something is happening

No. 1436648

Explain, this shit just brought chills down my spine. I'm alone in my room and I already feel spooked the fuck out, now have aniexty sweats. Whats happening?

No. 1436649

I have indigestion right now that’s what’s happening

No. 1436650

File: 1670456471926.gif (1003.43 KB, 321x252, DelectableJudiciousAmericanqua…)


No. 1436652

File: 1670456915311.gif (1.14 MB, 500x281, N50.gif)

I'm N Luv with a Nonnie
She Milkin' them cows, she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a Nonnie

No. 1436653

I made the shrimp with creamy sauce…it's delicious. Onion-y, garlic-y, cheesy, creamy, citrusy. Amazing. This shit could make me cum.

No. 1436655

recipe pls!

No. 1436657

>cook shrimp in butter/oil, garlic and salt
>in a seperate pan, mix together some heavy cream, mozzarella, parmesan, salt, pepper, garlic and onion
>combine shrimp and sauce
>squeeze lemon on top
I used dried onion and garlic powder cause I wanted something quick, but if you use fresh then just cook it with the shrimp.

No. 1436662

fuck, it sounds delicious, thank you nonny!

No. 1436680

>Cinnamon raisin Bagels
>Tomato Sauce(the kind with whole tomatos)
>Cheese (Colby jack is my fav but Mozzy is okay)
1. Toast Cinnamon raisin Bagels
2.Put tomato sauce on bagel
3. Put your cheese of choice on top of tomato sauce on the bagel
4. Put on pepperoni (three or four on each bagel)
5. Put in microwave until cheese is melted
6. enjoy

No. 1436682

I wonder what a theoretical farmer potluck would be like. What would you bring to one? I bet some nonnies would bring delicious food and others would bring the most rancid shit on the planet. There would not be a normal distribution of food quality it'd swing to either extreme kek. I'd bring a chocolate chip cookie cake though.

No. 1436684

I'm bringing my recipe >>1436680
Pizza on Cinnimon Raisin Bagels, it's very savory and sweet. I love it so much. I think I'd be a hit with the /ot/Nonnies more so then the /snow/ nonnas.
>/snow/- Spagetti
1. Hamburger meat (not fried but "broiled" if you will with just water, onions and peppers until brown)
2. Spagetti Noodles
3. Tomato Sauce (again the kind with the whole tomatos in it)
4. Colby Cheese
5. Sugar
Make spagetti how you normally make it but add cheese and a some sugar.

No. 1436692

File: 1670460239910.jpg (130.27 KB, 1440x1080, karjalanpiirakat-1.jpg)

I would bring these

No. 1436694

i fucking hate this

No. 1436695

what part exactly? It's a old family recipe

No. 1436701

I would bring southern mac and cheese or a banana pudding. Or perhaps a pecan pie. For the /g/ anons, I would try to bring some food that could lower their sex drive.

No. 1436705

some cheese.
that's it

No. 1436707

i would bring nothing for /pt/

No. 1436713

File: 1670461621556.jpeg (361.14 KB, 1900x1266, 8D01CA61-F20E-4204-865C-B36F26…)

Would make pork pozole and serve it with tostadas for my nonnitas

No. 1436718

This is why I love the Finns.

No. 1436745

I would bring my special pasta dish, my own recipe! Some people have described it as smelling like burnt rubber, burning circuits, an "old dead korean man" (i dunno why for that one), and farts. I eat it all the time and it is delicious. No, you may not know my recipe, because it is a secret.

No. 1436749

There's a rumor about obligatory month of military training for all men in my country, ofc they're whining and saying that boohoo women should do that too then and when I'm thinking about it, I unironically would like to go for a month of physical exercise camp with other girls; maybe I could finally make a friend or something? Like, i may be dumb but it legit has a potential of being fun

No. 1436755

i would bring one big cured sausage and we take turns having bites

No. 1436759

This and >>1436705 are the only correct answers

No. 1436766

I just watched a youtube video talking about the birth and death of the brony fandom and I had no idea there was so much history behind it, I almost wish I was still ignorant and saw them as a small group of basement dwelling moids. Based off the video bronies seem like all the worst aspects about anime otaku amplified to the max because at least most anime is actually aimed at obese hikkimoids

No. 1436776

I love you too, nona you'll get the extra crispy ones

No. 1436778

A roast beef, a chicken, a pizza

No. 1436821

Okay patrick

No. 1436824

I think Athena is a beautiful name for a daughter, but what if they end up being stupid as fuck

No. 1436859

i want a bone rattling containment thread, itd be so funny

No. 1436860

cinnamon bagel pizza sounds fucking grotesque and like some kind of struggle meal id never serve that to anyone and spaghetti with sugar sounds like some fatty slop

No. 1436861

isn't that basically >>>/g/255346

No. 1436873

i want a thread where we post pics of fatties or all the haes tiktokers

No. 1436875

You just reminded me of a guy I used to date who ate cinnamon raisin bagels with garlic cream cheese for breakfast every day

No. 1436877

Me in the kitchen cooking for my qt tardist nonitas. (I end up bringing something that looks inedible)

No. 1436892

You are aware that would attract the insane anachans like flies to honey, right? They'd shit up the entirety of lolcow. The haes tiktokers aren't even that funny, they're either retarded or just sad.

No. 1436923

Happy birthday to me~ happy birthday to me~ happy birthday to meeee ~

No. 1436928

well it's your genes to blame for anyway

No. 1436932

File: 1670477119707.jpg (110.58 KB, 736x920, b5c0b28a848e81813106d9a8629dac…)

If men can psyop us to rip our pubes out and get plastic in our chests, and can coom themselves into becoming AGP women larpers…. we have both the motivation and the possibility to psyop them so they start cooming and craving pic related

No. 1436935

File: 1670477290263.gif (6.96 KB, 470x48, for u.gif)

Happy birthday, nonners. ♥