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No. 1468532

>no racebait or bait of any kind.
>report and ignore bait instead of replying like a idiot.

Previous thread >>>/ot/1461678

No. 1468811

People who die/get complications from plastic surgery deserve the same amount of sympathy as people with eating disorders. It's not random how most people with EDs are women, there's an extreme pressure to look good. People don't go under the knife for funsies, they usually do so out of self hatred, trauma, insecurity. They're the same thing. Yet women who suffer after PS get laughed at and mocked, even by other women.

>inb4 nooo people with EDs are smol traumatized gurls and people who get PS are evil instagram-faced narcissists!!!

No. 1468835

Dogma is the natural enemy of creativity

No. 1468838

I don't mind the influx of Tiktok tards once in a while. It exposes them to concepts that their sheltered lives can't otherwise handle, like trannies being vile, or the word 'retard' being uncensored. They fuck off to go cry from their DID being triggered by Jill after a while anyway.
>inb4 someone points out that these retards bring unwanted attention to the site and irritate everyone, yes it's annoying but lolcow has peaked many people and stopped many more from becoming ewhores

No. 1468839

Shouldn't be an unpopular opinion, but sadly it is

No. 1468847

Eating disorders can happen to anyone regardless of social class or financial success.
Plastic surgery mishaps really only happen to a niche category of the financially well-off who simply choose not to allocate any of that funding to their mental wellness in spite of having access to the resources and knowhow. It's definitely more of a choice and unlike a mental disorder, would be 100% preventable if the party who operates on them would tell them "No." Many plastic "surgeons" are really just glorified butchers and give off many red flags, but vanity addicts just don't care.
When regulated, these privileged people just fly to a third world or cheap asian country to get their fixes. It's rich people making poor choices and suffering the consequences.

No. 1468852

A huge amount of people who have plastic surgery get loans to do it or save up for years.
>the financially well-off who simply choose not to allocate any of that funding to their mental wellness in spite of having access to the resources and knowhow
How about the binge eaters/bulimics who spend $40 a day on food? Or steal to feed their food addiction? Are they greedy, bad people?

No. 1468869

Newfags are necessary to keep the site healthy and active, the only thing I want from them is to lurk more and integrate which is as a concept is kind of fading out in popularity online. Although people have been saying this since the eternal september in 1993 so I'm afraid I just sound like a disgruntled old lady

No. 1469191

psychiatry is a pseudoscience with most of the field being made up of unreplicable studies and phony practicioners. with how my private information has been treated in the past i am better off telling a priest i killed somebody and hope they don't alert the police. the ones that just push pills out of the door make me sick to my stomach i had one man prescribe me antidepressants before even meeting me and i had no written history of depression only a recent attempt. and mental ilness is mostly a product of it's time before it was women being people and homosexuality being cured with lobotomy today its trannies and drugs with a million side effects pushed on every teen who gets their arm scratched a little. in 50 maybe less years we will have new standards and look back at this in horror i know and pray.

No. 1469196

nyart but given that there are so many different eating disorders and things that lead to them I don't see why you'd compare the two.

No. 1469208

Only three things cause mental disorders.
1. Trauma, you suffer and your mind copes
2. Genetics, you can physically inherit trauma
3. Lack of basic needs, if you don't reach your hierarchy of needs you will suffer

Fix that and fix the problem, but most will never get it treated at all

No. 1469257

I knew women who had plastic surgery and women who have EDs. In my experience anachans have been way worse than bddfags, you don't see a girl with rhino go around thinking about she's superior because of her nose job but anachans I knew thought they were better because they starved themselves and other women were "pigs"

No. 1469279

how do you fix the problem of genetics tho?

No. 1469472

that's fact, not opinion. for govt approval in the US, a drug company only has to produce 2 studies demonstrating clinical efficacy but they can run the studies as many times as they want. if a drug is trialed 100 times and only 2 studies give a positive result, the drug gets approved, even though any idiot intuitively understands that a 2% rate of clinical efficacy is most likely due to random chance.

No. 1469484

Idg how women get cheated on and tricked by men because they all literally act the exact same. They are just the same dude in different fonts for the most part. I never understood women who claim to have never seen any red flags because I’ve started to date again and all the men say the same shit and act the same way. It’s kind of boring tbh.

No. 1470670

I don't understand how people (especially women) trust the internet so much they basically doxx themselves by putting their fullnames and cities.
And I hate how it's encouraged to do so, with facebook banning anyone who doesn't have a real name (and requiring you to send them your ID) and Instagram having a "Name and last name" option.
I know it's useless because you can easily crack the email of someone, but I stay away from social media that basically puts your info in the hands of retarded moids and pickme girls who are ready to doxx you if you say something about them.
Zoomers trust the internet so much, I also cringe at every full name on tiktok like…that's not necessary, why are you doing that

No. 1470752

Caviar is awful. But then again I dislike any type of fish eggs.

No. 1470764

yup, gen z literally just doesn't think about the consequences of oversharing personal info. i'm 21 and i remember people i went to highschool with using their full names as their instagram handles and putting their school in their bio. we all received the same internet safety classes that specifically said not to do that, so i assume they just didn't take it seriously enough kek. also teenage girls (particularly on tiktok) sharing intimate details of their trauma and mental illness attached to a video of their whole face. it's a really bad idea and idk why younger people don't realize that/don't care

No. 1470766

agree anon the texture makes me feel sick. it also looks disgusting, it's hard to believe that fish eggs of all things became a symbol of wealth and status but there you go.

No. 1470769

because facebook and other sites that force you to do that make people think it's safe. even google wants you to use your real name and phone number to post on youtube.

No. 1470838

Abusers deliberately search for specific traits on their victims. Have said this, I wish women who tend to fall in these circles would stop projecting their personal mental health problems onto other women, by saying "everyone could get manipulated into an abusive relationship" they're glossing over the fact they personally suffer from traumas that make them specifically vulnerable to these types, and that not every women is inherently unhealthy enough to be drawn to these situations in the first place

No. 1470867

Do you happen to have NPD?

No. 1470876

People say scrotes wants calm, sweet, virginal and nice women but tbh I really don’t think scrotes are attracted to women like that

No. 1470888

That's what they want to come home to. Every scrotes "type" is about 3-4 different women he can have on rotation. There is no miss perfect he'll be satisfied with.

No. 1470892

No. 1471071

i agree, empathy and understanding should come alongside an acknowledgment that there is something about a woman who finds herself repeatedly ignoring red flags. It's empowering to let women know that this is something they can work on and they aren't destined to experience this thing over and over. But people hear that and think i'm being a monster - no, i just want women to love themselves and spot these degens sooner. It's a hard truth though so i get peoples knee jerk reaction to this line of thinking.

No. 1471274

I don’t feel bad for most white women complaining about not being the beauty standard because most of them would be if they werent fat. Come back and cry when you’re on the same boat as a lot of poc women who are in shape etc and still considered unattractive.

No. 1471298

I was this when I was younger and men hated me. When I started having sex frequently and became bitchier, held men accountable, etc that's when they liked me the most. What men like and what men say they like are two different things usually, even if they act like they're going to die on that hill

No. 1471354

This is just a fact. Men love borderline abusive women because they know they ain't shit. This is why pick mes never prosper with any man. In the eyes of a man, if you love him you're just as shit as he is and why would he want that?

No. 1471395

Showering at night is superior to showering in the morning because you get into your sheets clean and fresh instead of dirty from the day.
If you're gross when you wake up, you have to change the temperature of your room or your diet.

No. 1471401

Night showering is objectively superior but morning showers do so much to set my mood and prepare me for the day, plus I'm so tired at night it's a challenge just to brush my teeth and wash my face. Wish I was a night showerer.

No. 1471405

I agree with the showering one. Nothing better than getting out of a shower and slipping into freshly washed sheets. I say just shower twice a day though, morning showers wake me up.

No. 1471420

The no attention from male peers in middle school and high school to being a pump and dump girl as an adult pipe line is a real thing

No. 1471459

yes and this is why i fully support same sex education for girls. the less male disruption while kids are still growing and trying to find their place in the world the better

No. 1471468

True. It happens when young girls are in school and they get called ugly or unwanted by men and see their peers getting attention but then they enter college age to adult hood and become “hook up girls” because they don’t really know how to handle this new attention from men

No. 1471472

Same sex education is the norm where I am from and it 100% leads to this exact situation too. If anything I think it makes it worse.

No. 1471474

Nta but it’s probably because girls who got asked out a lot/were considered pretty by their peers in middle school and high school understand early on how bullshit male attention is and have higher standards. But girls who never really got told they were pretty and guys didn’t really like them usually ended up the girls guys pumped and dumped in college because they are so thrilled someone finds them pretty.

No. 1471475

i mean yeah, as long as women are being socialised with moids after high school (or even in friendship groups outside of school) you can't stop this kind of behaviour. im the ayrt and i can only speak for myself, but going to an all girls high school definitely placed less pressure on me to feel like i had to change myself in any way to get male attention. i was miserable in other ways lmao, but one thing i didnt have to worry about was boys, and im grateful for that.

it was kind of a shock, actually, coming from a same sex environment where we were only interacting with at most a few male teachers, to having to interact with guys my own age and quickly realising just how shitty they were

No. 1471714

20% of women who support men trooning out do so because they secretly believe HRT will make men less ugly. This is especially true of the few actual women who willingly date MtFs.

No. 1471790

I went from unwanted girl to unwanted woman, I feel like I give off bad vibes.

No. 1471796

It's real because society keeps pressuring women into getting into romantic relationships. The ugly women men don't want to be seen with end up being fuckbuddies or hook ups.

No. 1471807

Lmao, I don't agree with you but I almost wish I could buy into this cope myself, just to make it more bearable to live in a world full of ugly men.

No. 1471835

This but replace ugly with "become nicer and will do more chores"

No. 1471838

File: 1673627491122.jpg (45.46 KB, 400x500, tumblr_e61a95a8d4a5018ac069653…)

I will admit it, because everyone in the celebricow thread fawns over her so I feel its unpopular. I think Anya Taylor-Joy is unattractive. I genuinely don't understand how anyone can find her pretty but different tastes and all that. She just looks like a little kid in the face so I find it off-putting. Some nonnie said she looks like grimes and I see it. Like a mix of grimes and michael jackson unironically.
pic unrel Milla has been my girlcrush since I was a little girl and saw her in the fifth element.

No. 1471846

Her face looks really neotentic/infantile tbh, its sus that those traits are what makes nonas cream their pants. there are actually ethereal/alien looking celebrity women out there that dont look like someone surgically attached the death mask of a young child to their face permanently. also mila is ridiculously gorgeous

No. 1471862

That's me with most female celebrities, anons will fawn over them and I'll think that she's just some woman, it's usually with the conventionnally feminine ones. Love Milla too, too bad she's not a very good actress and she's stuck doing these shitty action movies.

No. 1471927

Idk I want to agree but I also feel bad for the women who look naturally infantile, is everyone interested in them suspicious? Not trying to argue just need clarification or something
Yeah usually it's easy to ignore but Anya is one I don't get at all.
Based anons who also appreciate Milla, thank you.

No. 1471931

They are, just not passionately and not long term.

No. 1471940

I don't think Gwen Stefani's recent statements are that crazy or offensive. She's just a turbo weeb and can't express herself well. She obviously didn't mean she's ethnically Japanese.

No. 1471946

Nah, she has a history of saying racially insensitive things. She sported a bindi back in the 90s. People dont forget. also, she's 53? (i believe) so she's too old for this shit. she's just a privileged white bitch who is now married to a country singer, but she's always been problematic af.

No. 1471947

Oli London did it first. Claiming he was Korean was all I could think tbh.

No. 1471956

File: 1673634949543.png (36.36 KB, 741x160, allure.png)

Have you read the interview? It's obvious she wasn't trying to say she's transrace kek, she just connects with some of the cultural aspects. It wasn't a literal statement.

No. 1471957

Everyone was wearing bindis at that time it's not that deep. Zoomers are fucking annoying

No. 1471958

NTA but it's not just zoomers clowning her, stop being delusional.

No. 1471965

I'm sure this >>1471946 person bringing up her age and saying she's privileged and pRobLeMatic is not older than 20.

No. 1471971

She's pretty much like a 90s version of Ariana Grande when it comes to these things, and we can all agree Ariana "Japanese BBQ tattoo on my hand" is cringe, so why not some of Gwen's behaviors? I feel like some anons are only defending her because of her age and their own childhood nostalgia. I grew up with her music too, but she's too old to be saying this sort of thing. It's not the end of the world, but it's still embarrassing. That's it.

No. 1471977

File: 1673635731365.jpg (109.51 KB, 1200x800, bape-101-3.jpg)

Nta and I agree that it's embarrassing, I just find it a little silly that people would describe that behavior as "problematic af".
It's goofy, but put in the context of lates 90s/early 2000s where the Japanese did the same with american music and fashion and it stops being so out of place.

No. 1471998

I agree! Bedsheets stay clean much longer when you only sleep on them while you're clean.

No. 1472134

I prefer night showering because I feel fresh af when I get into bed, but I take afternoon showers after work more often now a days.

No. 1472139

Most fans of gwen are in their 30s now. Do you realize how long ago she was doing this shit? No doubt was a big childhood icon to a lot of women, but Gwen did a lot of shit that made people side eye her and this was the last straw for a lot of people. She is in her 50s. This kind of behavior is embarrassing af.

No. 1472140

I'm 34, and I collected her cds in the 90s. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a zoomer. Makes even less sense because she should know better. I dont personally know any zoomers who like No doubt or Gwen, only people my age.

No. 1472164

She didn’t say anything wrong in that pic you responded to

No. 1472226

I hate pageant competitions. Besides the fact they are fixed and political, I saw the miss universe contestants and they literally all look exactly the same. The same plastic surgery and the same makeup. It doesn't even celebrate diverse beauty anymore, it's a plastic contest for nepo kids.

Reality tv is becoming nepotism too, and all people do is praise these people for being rich and having access to things, and criticize the poor people for being ugly, mentally unstable and not having access to things. They hate them for trying to make money and love people who never had to work for money. And they only watch this scripted shit because they need drama in their lives to distract from how much they hate themselves.

And social media is just to get attention and validation to fight their low self esteem.

No. 1472232

There is no law that people have to act how you think older people should act. You're creating a problem out of nothing because you are bored and empty inside. "omg cringe" What's cringe is how much time you spend whining about this person who doesn't even know who you are and never will, out living their lives.

No. 1472233

nta but do you live under a rock?

No. 1472275

It's not about the pic, you should find and skim the full article.

No. 1472290

I don’t believe any straight woman who says she likes fwb and casual sex unless the people she’s hooking up with are orbiters who want to date her

No. 1472298

I also wish we would do away with pageants all together. Even when people try adding "inclusivity" to it, it just turns into virtue signalling and pretending as if it isn't all a narcissistic parade

No. 1472302

Yea I found it and I think it was kinda dumb but the hate she’s getting is even more retarded. Cultural appropriation isn’t real.

No. 1472314

I've never had a problem with using an electric stove. Can't relate to everyone saying it sucks.

No. 1472322

Where did this gas stove thing come from? I’m suddenly seeing it be mentioned everywhere; what happened?

No. 1472335

US government wanted to ban them from new residences due possible link to asthma. It became this huge issue/conversation seemingly overnight and they already reversed their plans.

No. 1472378

ah ok thanks nona!

No. 1472530

File: 1673661644480.jpeg (84.19 KB, 640x1420, A758711D-746F-4960-A1CC-C65B02…)

I think “brewery culture” has made parents WAY too comfortable with taking their kids to bars. Last time I went to a brewery, I met up with friends for a board game night on a Wednesday evening, and around 9pm during a crazy round of a game, my friend was losing and laughed, “Oh, no!! Oh, fuck!!” Then we heard a loud exaggerated GASP from behind us, and there was a couple sitting at a table with FOUR kids, including a baby, a toddler, and 2 older kids around age 6 or 7. I mean come on, I know parents deserve to have social lives too, but what are you doing with your little kids out at 9 pm on a weeknight anyway? At a brewery that doesn’t even serve food! It’s a loud place with drunk people, you’re bound to hear people swearing.

No. 1472531

i have a gas stove and it fucking sucks ass, i burned myself several times ebcause the gas bottles up and it explodes out of nowhere

No. 1472541

Yeah that's infuriating. You'd think they'd at least be the kind of parents who don't care about swesring around kids.
I remember going to a 24hr pancake restaurant at 3am once, dusty as, and seething about the fact there were crying children there.

No. 1472563

thats one thing that makes me irrationally angry: seeing parents out late (11pm onwards) carting their tired looking kids around. who the fuck brings their kids to a pancake restaurant at 3am? i get that in some instances it cant be helped but like… let your children be asleep at a normal time ffs, theyre not accessories you can drag around and also you'll just end up pissing everyone else off when your kids inevitably get tired and complain that they want to go home

No. 1472582

Jesus why didn't they hire babysitters instead of dragging their kids to places they're too young to be in

No. 1472617

I was a pump and dump from high school to like shortly after graduation. I was also the firstborn so instead of giving me the talk about safe sex my religious nutter parents thought calling me a whore would be better

No. 1472681

If men didn't try to hook up with you ever it's not because you're ugly because they literally admit to sleeping with women they found seriously unattractive.

No. 1472720

Unpopular opinion but unironically calling something "cringe" gives me visceral images of teenagers embarrassed to be seen with their parents out in public. Whenever I see it used here I unfairly assuming the anon is underage kek

No. 1472723

Samefag just adding "problematic af" in the same vein

No. 1472725

CRINGEEE guitar riff

No. 1472736

Roasted green tea > green tea
My new favorite tea

No. 1472739

Game of Thrones has always been trash with shit writing and shit characters, and I mean both the tv show and books. I don't understand how normies could put in on a pedestal for so long. Now they jerk off to another porn drama with baby politics and cgi dragons. Pure cringe. I genuinely despise anyone who's a fan of this shit.

No. 1472751

based and true.

No. 1472758

I’d agree if mental illness was just depression and anxiety. People like you forget about schizophrenics, bipolars and so on. I’ve seen totally crazy hallucinating people become themselves again after their first schizophrenic episode when they were helped by medication. I’ve also seen manic people spending all their money, running around naked and so on get helped too. But I’ve even seen depressed people who turned themselves in because they stopped eating and moving get better again. Honestly I don’t think people who were never in a psychiatric hospital working with people with actual serious illnesses understand what psychiatry is. There also is factual evidence of how meds work and why they help what’s broken in brain (that’s causing hallucinations, extreme paranoia) and you can learn that if you open a textbook. Seriously not trying to be condescending but it isn’t psychology, psychiatry has factual evidence behind it if you take time to learn.

No. 1472764

I can’t stand these attempts to normalize mental illness given that mentally ill males abuse and kill women at an extremely high rate.
Also whenever someone whines about evil psychiatrists it’s clear that they’re just a mentally ill coping and seething.

No. 1472779

File: 1673689221664.png (125.78 KB, 265x257, 1470202011359.png)

School is terrible. It teaches kids to act like robots and normal behavior is punished. You're not even safe in school. If it weren't for school I wouldn't have been mercilessly bullied for having a physical health issue that made me look a bit smaller than everyone else, I wouldn't have to deal with issues when peeing to this day from being forced to hold it in until recess, I wouldn't have horrible anxiety from getting my period to this day from the many times I had to walk all over high school with massive blood stains on my clothes because again, recess, I wouldn't have had to deal with racism at 6 years old from fucking teachers themselves, I wouldn't have had to spend my university years adjusting to normal social interactions because of retarded hierarchy between teachers and students, etc. I would have turned into a normal, well-adjusted normie. I wouldn't have been forced to learn the most useless shit ever and go back home at 6pm everyday while not even having enough free time to do my homework and do anything else on the side. Same deal with friends of mine who went through equally retarded shit. Being forced to have completely useless classes like music classes, art classes, "technology" classes sports classes is a huge waste of time and energy. And for some reason the creepiest, borderline pedophilic teachers are almost always sports teachers. Don't even get me started on shit like teachers being dangerous themselves, bullying kids themselves, or endangering them, years ago one of them forced kids in a high school very close to my place to ski in a forbidden, dangerous area and they all died from an avalanche… except the sports teacher! Why? Because you're told to always blindly listen to teachers no matter what. And teachers telling kids that good grades mean they'll have a good job and a good salary until they're 18 years old should be beaten to death publicly. School is a scam and the few positive aspects of it are so badly implemented it's laughable.

That's what they want in theory but not in practice.

No. 1472787

I think she looks diseased, her eyes are so far apart that she looks like she has a mental disablity.

No. 1472790

Nta but yeah I'm not denying meds can help schizos. But in my case, I will never trust the industry again after pumping me with all kinds of drugs since I was 12 and nothing ever helping me for my autism, depression and anxiety kek. Therapy didn't work either. They weren't even able to properly diagnose me despite knowing me since I was 11 and suggesting, besides depression and anxiety, that I had RAD and schizotypal personality disorder and all kinds of shit, only in my mid 20s I was diagnosed with autism. So yeah, fuck them, I wasted years on therapy and money on meds that never worked

No. 1472806

>Cultural appropriation isn’t real.
Sorry but this is a retarded take nonny

No. 1472808

There's no reason for people to abuse Ozempic to lose weight. All these influencers should just adopt self-control and suppress their appetite. If not that, there's low or zero-cal versions of almost everything.

No. 1472812

Its not that women ignore red flags even when men give them off. It's that they either grew up with those type of men and think it's normal behavior, they're groomed into ignoring them, or everyone just convinces the woman his cheating/abuse was her fault anyway and she needs to take responsibility. All until last minute then people blame her again for being with an abusive man. there's only extremely rare circumstances where women did actually ignore major red flags and had the means to leave but it's extremely misogynistic how people assume it's always the womans fault and redirect attention off the man to shame woman

Reminds me of when social repose wanted to direct attention off of his cheating to blame Jaclyn for ignoring his red flags,so if you do this - good job giving abusive scrotes exactly what they want

No. 1472830

ok autist

No. 1472833

>whenever someone whines about evil psychiatrists it’s clear that they’re just a mentally ill coping and seething.
this is true but how else am i gonna cope when the only solution this shit society offers for being a fucking lunatic is psychiatry, when psychiatry is the exact thing that fucked me up in the first place?

No. 1472838

Can relate I think I fucked up my pee due to holding it in for class switching. A few teachers would offer extra credit bathroom passes and me who was dumb wanted easy points so I'd hold it in for an hour until my tiny 4 minute class switch. I'm lucky to have avoided bullying from teachers until college but I saw it. Had one friend get flack from our p.e teacher. Another one who got shit from the art teacher just for us talking during free time which was total bullshit. If there's one thing that pissed me off it's how school needed you to be walking, busing, or bicycling at 6am for school at 7-8am, end at 3-4pm, and be stuck doing homework until 6-10pm. Then it's just bed time. Your whole youth is basically wasted filling out paper with small in between holidays that only matter if your family has money. Now the kids all have to use tech just to do their work they can't opt out of. I remember sitting in class while the sun was shining all beautiful which I couldn't even enjoy. Now I'm not a kid, never will be again but most of it's just a blur of sitting on my ass in a room staring at the white board or projection. Did more engaging things in college which were memorable than my elementary-high school trying to get amazing district scores by shoving tests down our throat.

No. 1472845

Sage should be disabled on all off-topic boards.

No. 1472848

Ayrt and I find myself decently attractive and I don't really care about being desirable to moids, I'm just surprised I don't really get hit on given how many women complain about it. I've noticed that nerdy men tend to be scared by me because I'm assertive and kinda authoritative, I guess predators are deterred from trying to do anything with me because of that.

No. 1472850

Psychiatry is fucked and the fact it's basically expected for everyone to take SSRIs is ridiculous. They don't even bother offering further testing or anything or solving roots of issues instead of just junking you up on meds. Mental illness being normalized is good to an extent. We shouldn't go lynch people who show any sort of sign of mental illness, this doesn't apply to moids though since usually moids are the worst and can't even handle minor depression or insecurity without abusing everyone around them. In the normal world men are coddled unfortunately and it would be impossible to discuss how mentally ill men vs mentally ill women differ without people crying

No. 1472984

>Mental illness being normalized is good to an extent.

It's absolutely not because it encourages wallowing in self-pity and discourages responsibility for your own behavior.

No. 1472999

people constantly using "idk i'm mentally ill" as an excuse to everything, it's getting so annoying. we need to un-normalize this shit right now.

No. 1473007

i fele like there should be lebels to
like redtext for every annoying/scrotes/aggressive/rule breaking
and maybe a softer color like "Teal" or "Pink" for just semi bans where the beautiful jannies want to tell you to stop but don't want to ban you

No. 1473019

you could lurk and integrate or even just listen to minimods when they correct your behavior, don't try to make more work for jannies

No. 1473029

? I've been here for years, I been here since the Suzy threads were hot. It wasn't even an suggestion just an thought

No. 1473031

Agreed. Acknowledgement of mental illness should only encourage the individual to figure out how their brain is functioning and to learn what they can do to not feel like shit. It requires actual time and patience, but people need to stop being so lazy and enabling.

No. 1473078

having a child is a casual cruelty. you're creating a life that has no choice but to live and accept its mortality, and one day die. all for the selfish desire to have something to raise as your own.
i don't blame people for having children but i do think we can all accept its 100% a selfish decision

No. 1473081

I totally agree with you. Natalists will just throw "lol go out and touch the grass" arguments at you. All parents commit a postponed murder.

No. 1473084

Even crueller nowadays imo

No. 1473106

it's interesting actually: ive definitely noticed a trend with gen z being more critical of pregnancy and the cultural norms behind having children, but equally ive seen absolutely bizarre discourse about how telling poor people not to have kids is abliest, classist etc. its like we take one step forward and two steps back.

and i follow a vegan youtuber who talks in depth about animal ethics and overall has very good arguments, but then she treats antinatalism like this bizarre misanthropic fringe movement? despite the fact that veganism and antinatalism both share a lot of the same underlying principles. and she has 3 kids lmao

absolutely. i can't imagine what it would be like to be born today and grow up in the following decades, seeing things get progressively worse and worse

No. 1473109

For antinatalist vegans I recommend Benedictines the vegan, he's blackpilled as fuck, some of his videos are just bragging but there are also some with good analysis and argumentation

No. 1473112

I think you forgot to add "to an extent". You forgot when mental illness was not normal women would be locked up in institutions where they'd get raped and abused. There's a healthy way to go about things

No. 1473114

time to take meds

No. 1473126

nta but there's a difference between mental illness being normalized and acknowledged. normalized is not the one we want because it's the other extreme. most people wanting to normalize mental illness want to not have them treated.

No. 1473130

Lizard brain defending procreation and the material world moment

No. 1473133

>b-bu muh biological impulse!! people will have kids whether you like it or n-not its nature!!

No. 1473134

I've also seen some zoomers being borderline neotrads when it comes to pregnancy stuff, like believing 24 is too late to start having children.

No. 1473161

i love you guys

thanks nonny, im going to check him out properly when i get a chance! you're right that he seems very hlackpilled but im still interested to hear his takes. i think sometimes you need to have a healthy degree of pessimism to be able to discuss these things realistically

i honestly wonder where this mindset comes from, it's seems so anachronistic. im sure smarter people than me have analysed the social trends behind neoconservative and the resurgence of traditional values but it's really sad seeing 19, 20 year old women talk about wanting to marry and have a large family in their early 20s

No. 1473169

Toilet seat covers in public bathrooms are a waste of resources. How does a toilet seat cover at all protect your asscheeks from anything? If there’s piss on the toilet seat putting a shitty thin piece of tissuepaper over it isn’t going to do anything to help.

No. 1473181


No. 1473218

Anons can't seem to think in anything else but black and white. Obviously mental illness being used as excuses to be shitty shouldn't be allowed but there needs to be a better system for mental illness, creating a stigma against it will just make a slippery slope and anons who romanticize the 50s being shameful towards mentally don't understand what they're actually talking about

No. 1473231

I use like 4 toilet sheets before I sit down kek idc that I'm wasting it, I'm taking no chances

No. 1473250

Being a man seems so peaceful. No real thoughts just coom and hungry. It’s almost like being a insect. I’d be so happy with a brain like that.

No. 1473261

they delude themselves with war and end up getting killed in the name of their countries and their honour, or else they take the land and lives of OTHER men lest they have their own taken. idk if thats so peaceful

No. 1473266


No. 1473274

Yeah sometimes i wish i didn't have to worry about most men wanting to molest me. I'd be okay knowing the only thing other men want from me is my money or possessions because it's something you can always get back, but you can't unmolest yourself once it happens. Men have is easy because everybody coddles them to the point they don't have to try and rationalize anything. They're just there, thoughtless. Even in relationships they don't have to try that hard or let alone be considerate for their girlfriend because she will excuse everything a man says. The only problems men have are the ones they make themselves like it's just peaceful otherwise.

No. 1473277

The coom doesn't make their lives peaceful, deep down they're aware of their inherent lack of value outside canon fodder/manual labour, and the fact that their genes are up to us to judge as worthy or not. Women can live without moids just fine, men cannot cope and constantly, desperately seek female company knowing the lack of it is a dire insult. Seems stressful.

No. 1473292

>i criticise psychiatry
>ree anon take your meds critique of psychiatry is just mentally ills seething and coping
tell me it's just social control of the undesireables without telling me it's social control of the undesireables.
Irl too getting called schitzophrenic for noticing how the world works and when i turn out to be right people gleefully forget how i warned them whatever

No. 1473319

Such a wide variety of people have BPD that I'm beginning to believe it's bullshit.

No. 1473320

Psychiatry and mental health has indeed been used to punish those out of line aka moid centric government control as we’ve seen in the past with women being admitted for basic unhappy/unruly aka disobedient of husband behaviour for minor things and not full blown dangerous behaviour.

No. 1473321

BPD is modern female hysteria. That's why only women have that diagnosis. Why actually give any support to women who clearly needs help when you can just give them a fancy diagnosis and then call it a day

No. 1473322

It's one of the most commonly self diagnosed "cool" mental illnesses after autism, super popular with troons who think it makes their lives look like an anime character's. Unless someone has a professional diagnosis you should assume it's bullshit

No. 1473323

I saw male teachers body shaming twelve year old girls, was forced to read classic books full of pedo content, got told underage girls are the ones at fault in age gap relationship , etc. Schools was my mysandrist awakening.

No. 1473324

my personal, non-psychologist opinion is that a lot of women with symptoms that result from trauma are misdiagnosed with bpd because of their symptoms. the symptoms of past trauma can be treated, but diagnosing someone with a personality disorder can make it seem like it's just how they are, and they can never be "fixed" because they have inherent personality flaws. again, i'm not a psychologist so please do correct me if i'm talking out of my ass here, but that's just what i've noticed

No. 1473338

It's extremely over-diagnosed for women. You can look up articles about it. Also I had a therapist recommend I go to a psychiatrist to get myself diagnosed with it, felt offended as fuck kek I stopped seeing that therapist. Not that I think people who have it are necessarily bad, just that there's nothing to indicate I would have it. Therapists see a woman who has gone through trauma and just dismiss it as BPD aka non-compliant patient

No. 1473363

It's not and many people working in the field have long since discovered that it isn't. Someone with BPD is simply someone who has dealt with trauma, most often in childhood. I know some retard is gonna reply to this with "not everyone with bpd has trauma" but how do you even measure what trauma is so please don't start. The only reason they're resistant to getting rid of the diagnosis is because they have actually found that certain therapy methods that were designed for BPD patients work very well for them and removing the diagnosis would remove a lot of those options for people who need them.

No. 1473369

When I was younger I was "typically BPD" (17-20) and I can see how that would be the diagnosis I was given. However, as an adult looking back, all signs of trauma were ignored, and they were never explored. My home environment was never taken seriously bc there was an assumption that I "took it the wrong way", or that I have a distorted perception of events, which further gaslights traumatised women into having less of a voice. The more I insisted, the less I was taken seriously. All that to say I now don't meet the criteria for it, and I still have yet to get any trauma therapy. Often times, BPD treatment goes as far as stopping self injurious behaviours and crisis, it rarely explores the reasons why a woman (and a young woman at that) would behave in this way in the first place. But it's long, expensive and extensive to tackle trauma and DBT is "cost effective" which has seemingly translated to no self harm = no more BPD.

No. 1473374

How exactly can BPD be defined, though? Is it just a set of behaviors that can stop or start at any time? An actual brain malformation? How come so many people diagnowsed with BPD act and think in different ways?

No. 1473379

It is just a broad set of behaviors yes. Hence the name borderline. It's behaviors that overlap with many other disorders/are on the "borderline" of them. Most of the time therapists will slap the diagnosis on any woman who self harms because therapists are largely hacks with outdated knowledge.

No. 1473418

First they thought my mother was schizophrenic and later they slapped the BPD label on her, but there's no point to just DBT if nobody bothers to deal with her underlying trauma or make sure she's in a safe environment. The only thing they've ever done is either put her on heavy ass meds (without putting her in rehab for alcoholism first), assume responsibility would magically fix her or that becoming a mother would've fixed her.
In general the way they treated her is to me a symbol for how people have tried to cover up the horrible shit that happened to kids in the 60's and 70's as part of the whole being more "open minded" stuff. She didn't even know what her family did to her wasn't okay until she was fucking 40 and it weren't the mental health professionals actually helping her figure that out.

No. 1473477

Being frigid is not real and it was invented by moids to deflect the blame on being bad at sex.

No. 1473486

If a man calls a woman he's had sex with 'frigid' then he's legit just admitting he coerced a reluctant woman into having sex she neither wanted nor enjoyed. And if he's calling a woman he hasn't had sex with frigid, then he's bitter she doesn't want him and he can die mad about it.

No. 1473508

I really don't understand moids, they're obsessed with "whores" and hate sexually active women yet they cannot even interact with a uninterested woman without calling her "frigid" and stuck-up, what the fuck do they want?

No. 1473515


No. 1473530

How many first world males end up going to war and get killed there though?

No. 1473532

It's not just that, the term was used to promote the whole "hoe era/dick appointment" thing that girls and women have fallen for.
Minor blogpost, but I was teased in school in the late 2000s and called frigid because I was shy and fearful of boys my age. They give you that label when you're a girl who doesn't look or act like the women they see in porn aka a hypersexual and readily available cool girl.
The catch is, if you actually stop being "frigid" they will just call you a slut after they've got what they wanted. I don't think it's about being bad at sex, I think it's a very manipulative tactic to shame us for being naturally wary around males and then shaming us when we feel pressured to conform to pornsick standards.

No. 1473533

They want a mommy teenage virgin schoolgirl innocent slutty modest whore

No. 1473567

File: 1673793517124.jpg (15.13 KB, 273x320, 1669914713142201.jpg)

Women get trafficked, sex trafficked, get abused and murdered daily, are victims of domestic abuse, are forced into unwanted pregnancies, forced into arranged marriages, are denied basic human rights, are mutilated thanks to FGM, are called whores and denied opportunities simply because they exist. I'm so fucking angry at the way women are treated, it shatters my heart and whenever I see statistics my heart sinks. What my unpopular opinion is that all of it seems to get ignored. I don't want it to come off as bait, I'm being genuine, but all this troon bullshit, lesbian erasure, female representation on some shit blockbuster movie etc. feels so performative. I've worked with abused women and the stories they have to tell, jfc. I don't want people to focus on some irrelevant 'problems' while real women, in real time, are being trafficked to some brothels in urban Amsterdam to be raped daily. All of this performative radfem bullshit feels like… well, bullshit. I just can't wrap my head around why one would focus on some random drag queens 'erasing' women when places like Australia have seen a massive increase in FGM. Again, I swear to God I'm not baiting (or a troon for that matter), I'm just genuinely upset that people focus on such small things instead of paying attention to actual, horrific things that women have to suffer through. Take FIFA for example, why weren't the moids that attended it crucified and publicly shamed? Qatar is a country that blames women for rape, and even jails them for that. How is that level of misogyny allowed and not condoned left and right? Why aren't stories of female trafficking survivors taught in schools? Why aren't people taught about FGM? Honestly the only big-scale problem that I can think of that's being properly addressed are incels. Even then, there could be so much more done.
I'm not expecting anything to improve in this department, I really don't. I'm just so fucking mad that all of these issues are seemingly unimportant to the general public. Instead we get fear mongering about some faggots, what the actual hell. I've done some volunteering to help disadvantaged women and women that have been exploited in horrific ways and the fact that no one seems to give a shit just infuriates me. I don't want to hear about this or that politicians love affair, I don't care about the new it couple in Hollywood, I don't care that some sportsman got kicked out of his team. I want real, wide-spread conversation about massive issues that women face. I want statistics being taught at schools, I want women who survived to be heard, I want real action to do SOMETHING, honestly ANYTHING to at the very least spread the word and information.

Sorry for the long rant but I'm fuming, women deserve so much more and the way they're treated is utterly horrific. I'm just so mad and I know there's nothing I can do to realistically change anything aside from helping individuals.

No. 1473570

the work you do for fellow nonnies is enough. do not be so hard on yourself nonny. being a woman in a woman hating society is tough.andrew tate being popular is testament to how vapid moids are , i caught my brother watching him and it made me mad to no end .hes autistic so i know he can be fooled easily . fuck moids , fuck moids like andrew

No. 1473573

Menstrual cup fanatics are more annoying than rabid vegans

No. 1473574

Ageed lol

No. 1473614

The way some ppl reacted to the whole "new lolcow" fiasco was genuinely unhinged imo. I get that it was annoying, communicated terribly and not many people asked for it, but the dramatics were ridiculous. I voiced this at the time and got "we're autistic what do you expect" sentiments which is low-key rich as general sentiments of women with autism are literal angels circulate this site. I like it here too but jfc, it was an eye-opening watch.

No. 1473615

Shatmin was wrong and solely responsible for that whole thing and she knows it.

No. 1473618

>As general sentiments of women with autism are literal angels
Where? They get shat on all the time just like bpdfags

No. 1473620

the autism thing on imageboards has always been annoying to me. I always saw it as simple ironic joking referencing how cows who originated on imageboards often happen to be autistic but I think some people take it seriously and use it to death.

No. 1473624

What? It's because half the people who use imageboards are genuinely autistic.

No. 1473628

I feel like half of any super-frequent internet users are on the spectrum somewhere. Except maybe for instagram, like no way those twitter users are anything but complete autists, seeing how they are.

No. 1473646

It feels like a large chunk of online is miserable people, self included talking about other miserable people and nobody is really talking in good faith anymore. Everyone is just pointing up or down at those who are more miserable or seem more miserable then them.
The least miserable people seem to be those who just don't care and live life unapologetically. I do admire SOME cows for just being them. I understand a lot of it is just is not having shame.
But sometimes I think thats a nice quality to have. I've always thought to much.

No. 1473909

tbh i think there are way more people on image boards who wish that they were autistic but actually they just have no/bad personalities and everyone they meet dislikes them for good reasons, and they cope by pretending they're autistic because autism can't be cured by hard work and they are allergic to hard work.

No. 1474230

people (especially "sex workers" who complain about sexualizing school girls and maids and anime are just trying to pretend their coomershit is somehow not as bad as the rest of it. it's all stupid pick me crap regardless.

No. 1474255

I feel you sis. Women are a uniquely oppressed class and it's completely normalized because our lives are deeply, inextricably linked with our oppressors and our connection with them is glorified as the ultimate joy in a woman's life. Men benefit more on a personal level from subjugating women than they do other groups and they absolutely cannot let us realize how bad it is. Men don't even realize it themselves, they've convinced themselves they're victims and women are the cruel, evil ones. It's horrific.

No. 1474291

File: 1673852914872.png (1.73 MB, 1218x637, AE792393-008D-4520-B124-CB579B…)

I think online criticism of creators like picrel is really bitter and spergy and just autismos getting angry that other autismos are actually able to use their autism for something instead of just bitching on Reddit all day.

No. 1474296

You can tell it was made in a fit of autismo rage because the image doesn't make any sense if you try to understand who made what. I tried to figure out the first row for 4 minutes.

No. 1474313

File: 1673855863166.jpeg (92.98 KB, 340x372, D5CFE37B-F784-4795-9C56-AEB39C…)

I know this gonna get me killed but having a cat is like being in an abusive relationship. I would know because I’ve been abused since I was a toddler.
I recently acquired a kitten that was meowing outside my window during a cold winter storm and I let him in. I’ve been taking care of him feeding him fancy cat food, cleaning his litter box after every usage, playing with him, and giving him affection when he asks for it and I’m baffled because in return I get bitten and scratched. From my understanding it’s playful bites and paw swattings. Like if I stop petting him he claws at me to coax me back to petting him. He bites me in my sleep, he knocks stuff over constantly, and puts himself in precarious situations I have to quickly rescue him from or he’ll get hurt.
Despite all that I still love him a lot. He falls asleep on me and I don’t wanna move because he looks so peaceful. Every time he’s curious about what I’m eating I let him sniff. When I go to the bathroom he starts meowing at the door and swatting his paw underneath the door because he misses me.
I don’t expect him to love me back or anything but this whole dynamic is so familiar lmao I bend over backwards for him for a scrap of affection.

No. 1474327

It's a kitten so maybe he will grow out of it, my puppy used to be like that too

No. 1474352

Kittens like to chew on things because they're teething and it's something they grow out of. For scratching, every time he scratches you, stop giving him attention when he does it and he will learn that it's not a good thing to do.

No. 1474411

There shouldn't be that many fashion brands, everything looks exactly the same from shapes to materials, what a waste of resources.

No. 1474413

Your bad for getting a male kitten

No. 1474425

File: 1673874305416.jpg (13.43 KB, 201x251, Download.jpg)

Brussel sprouts taste best boiled. You don't need to marinade and char the fuck out of them, it makes them chewy and doesn't even improve the taste all that much. They have the best texture when boiled or steamed and taste perfectly fine.

No. 1474426

I prefer them roasted, but I don't get the hate they get, it's like one of those cartoon food like spinach that are supposedly gross but are actually pretty good.

No. 1474435

Guy who made villainous kinda qt tho…

No. 1474436

They're so good boiled with a side of tomato soup. I'm going to eat some today. Happy to see Brussel sprout love.

No. 1474438

I will literally never understand people who get cats and just think this is acceptable or normal. Is it? The same people who let their cats climb on their kitchen counters/table and meow at 5am non stop.

No. 1474455

my cats died a few weeks ago but i can't even begin to tell you how much it bothered and embarrassed me too to have them meow during sleeping hours there was seriously nothing i could do to calm them down. all i could do is pray my neighbors didn't call the cops on me and hope they can forgive me. i loved them a lot i could never hate them as they are only animals but that was probably the one thing irritated me most about them. and don't worry, i never even let them in the kitchen.

No. 1474460

Most people who have cats kind of know you can’t really stop them from being bad. They kind of just do what they want and you can’t really train them like dogs lol

No. 1474486

You can train them to stop this but it will take a lot of patience. A month of consistent training for the former, a year minimum for the later.

No. 1474490

He's my irl husbando, he's very energetic, quirky and interacts a lot with his fanbase

No. 1474553

nta You have to use cat logic and work with them. Why do they want to be on the kitchen counters? Maybe they like watching you cook? Okay so give them a place they can sit so they can watch you while you're in the kitchen. Cat is scratching your couch? That's because you're there often and he wants to mark where you are. Getting a scratching post in a different corner in the room doesn't dissuade them, it would have to be in the same area as where the scratching happens. There are no bad cats really, just misunderstood. People either expect them to act like dogs or like Sims animals or even humans (acting like cats create elaborate revenge plans). Cat is causing a ruckus at night? You need a play-eat-sleep rhythm for them and depending on the type they might need way more exercise than expected. Cat bites while playing? Do you let them play with your hands? Teaches bad habits. Do they have enough other toys? Are they teething?
As long as the cat is using normal cat logic, it's usually the human who needs training, not the cat. They're not being bad, they're being cats or they're traumatized or have (mental) health issues. If they aren't using normal cat logic, they're either traumatized and need help for that or haven't been enough around other cats and were probably not in their litter long enough to learn how to "cat" properly. Which they can still learn from older cats later.

No. 1474575

t. Jackson Galaxy

No. 1474723

people (usually men) who kill themselves destroying the lives of people who love them in the process deserve to go to hell especially those who know their bodies will be discovered by their family

No. 1474728

This is one of the reasons suicide was considered a sin, actually. Back then, men still killed themselves at much higher numbers than women, often trying to avoid punishment or shame after commiting crimes. It was considered a shameful act because it inherently implied the person did it to avoid getting caught for something horrible

No. 1474751

I agree nonnie. I think the biggest reason why it's ignored it means we have to hold all men accountable. All these nasty things that happen to women is their fault, even the so called good ones and nigels contribute to this in their own little way with their constant deflection and porn consumption. All those other things like lesbian erasure, troonery will resolve itself imo and the reason why radfems focus on it so much is probably because it feels like such an easy victory. The conversation about how men constantly destroy women's lives constantly gets flipped around to "not all" and even a lot of so called radfems feel the need to bat their the men in their lives when you say ALL. For the way moids treat women and assign them as role as 2nd class citizen in this world, they deserve nothing short of an eternity of pain and suffering. I used to not really be into seperationalism because i thought it was unviable but at this point i feel like the only solution is to push for separation between men and women by any means possible. Women cannot hope to live freely and safely if they have to share a world with their biggest oppressor and defilers.

I agree. It doesn't matter what they do, they contribute to the desecration of the female image and they deserve to be shamed for it. I don't get why they desperately want to join the cool girl feminism club so much, their treachery to women surpasses any trad thot or any slut shaming conservative woman.

Males with victim complexes are the most purest forms of evil sharing the earth.

No. 1474754

Well-paid hunky man-hating himbo is the only valid form of boy to have in your life

No. 1474761

In terms of normies clothes you are right. The seemingly stale and repetitive aesthetic of fast fashion has much to do with a lot of clothes being made in the same factory with only the labels on the clothes being different. Fast fashion is more focused on copying trends usually set by high fashion or niche fashion brands that often do have a very distinct identity and style as cheaply and as quick as possible. as a result, they never really make any staple pieces or have any items that would make you think of them since that it would not be economical considering trends came and go and they do no have time to waste on being creative.

No. 1474796

nta I think the reason radfems focus on it has to do with the fact that if the legal definition of "woman" is changed, it could mean losing quite a lot of theoretical protections the law is supposed to provide and what the second wave fought for (in the west). Once it's changed, that isn't going to randomly resolve. I think this should start a conversation though about how flimsy those protections really are in the first place if they can be that easily taken away. If your idea of feminism completely hinges on passing legislation, then yeah, there's fuckall you can do until the legal definition of "woman" is secured. Many don't want to go the volunteering route nor want to look for solutions outside of the state apparatus and maybe at most consider joining a NGO which lobbies for legislation. Some of the troon shit is also a barrier to speaking about important topics like fgm, because I can imagine that TRA's consider the term "female genitals" to be transphobic. I think a lot of people overly focus on the troonshit and it's often used as an excuse to do nothing, but it can genuinely be a barrier.

No. 1474858

>> treachery to women surpasses any trad thot
A women giving birth to a baby with half a skull because of pro life pushes would like a word with you or how about the ten year old who had to leave the state for her abortion. This take is bad.

No. 1474922

File: 1674061133393.png (829.8 KB, 645x783, baptism.png)

You to have be baptized in a river for it to be baptism. You and your shitty little indoor inground pools aren't cutting it.

No. 1474926

Cigarettes smell good, depending on the brand.

No. 1474928

Masturbation doesn't feel that good. The sensation of feeling horny is better than masturbation.

No. 1474931

i agree but i'm also fucking weird and don't get off by masturbating. i usually listen to music that gets me more aroused and look at pictures of someone i'm attracted to and vividly imagine being intimate with them and it does the job. maybe i'll get into a position where i can better imagine having sex with them or something but i don't actually touch myself, it distracts me. i've only had an orgasm while masturbating maybe two or three times.

No. 1474946

but the indoor pool had cool mosaic and I was wrapped in a towel by a woman while she was standing in front of the angel mosaic and we had cool lesbian undertones and wanted to become nuns together.

No. 1474951

File: 1674064421824.jpeg (44.68 KB, 500x368, FFA91ACC-2DDC-4A4B-8E61-DF9886…)

I wish hair styles like the left would make a come back

No. 1474957

He's too old for that shit

No. 1474977

rip young Leo was so freakin cute. He was my high school crush.

No. 1474980

That's absolutely incredible and blessed, but you still haven't been baptized.

No. 1475009

Modern male hairstyles is so dreadful, but leo's biggest issue is that he is a fatty.

No. 1475036

File: 1674071130641.jpg (115.24 KB, 1080x974, this shit is annoying.jpg)

glad that the internet has moved on from the introvert vs extrovert dichotomy. Especially since people would completely mischaracterise and misunderstand extroverts/extroversion as only comprising of people who love extremely large social gatherings with complete strangers where topics of discussion remain solely on small talk. Most people just called themselves introverts because they heard introverts were smarter somewhere or they struggled to make friends and convinced themselves it was by choice

No. 1475038

Same, never watched Titanic or Romeo and Juliet for the plot

No. 1475064

Society is always trying to "fix" introverts tho, it is annoying

No. 1476417

Wait till you learn about mbti kek, they just changed labels.

No. 1476436

I’d like to be a pretty girl but I feel like pretty girls get their time wasted more by scrotes while they make it clear to ugly or average women that they just want sex

No. 1476677

Buccal fat removal only works for overweight people. Most thin or average weight people already have decently sculpted faces, so taking the fat they have out makes them look ghoulish and ill. Fatter people typically have very round faces, so removing some facial fat can give them a more sculpted look.

No. 1476706

File: 1674134131598.jpg (69.12 KB, 1284x1271, 326312469_917714729397074_8392…)

i hate introverts.
do you have fewer friends because youre more picky or is it more likely because those few people are your only option because youre insufferable

No. 1476710

We get it

No. 1476711

Everyone always says that things get better and that you can break free from your struggles and whatnot if you keep working on yourself but I truly believe that life just doesn't work that way for a lot of people. I hate this shitty platitude honestly. I recently saw an article about an artist here who killed herself and the comments are full of "If only she had done xyz" even though it was known that she struggled with severe depression for decades and child abuse. It's sad that she died in such a way but I'm glad she doesn't have to feel pain anymore.

No. 1476732

Nah, because people like you jump at any chance to judge and criticize but are hollow and without any personality.

No. 1476733

I’m sorry you need to interact with a room full of people to feel like you exist.
The closer you are to someone the closer your values have to align.

No. 1476737

I guess I'm an introvert because I definitely get tired having to socialize too much and prefer being alone, but I hate it when introverts brag about being introverts and pretend they're oh so deep and pure unlike those loud and pesky and dumb extroverts. That's just a sad cope.

No. 1476743

Pic related isn’t an introvert. It’s extrovert with social struggles who probably puts on a persona to be liked so they find socializing tiring. Introverts don’t feel a need to brag for validation. It’s a cool “identity” for shallow validation seekers like being edgy or quirky.

No. 1476781

Ngl I’ve wiped my ass with it when there was no tp in the stall so it serves an additional function

No. 1476786

This anon was the type to walk up to you and snarkily ask why you are so quiet during class

No. 1476789

> Introverts don’t feel a need to brag for validation.
some do, kek why do you want to act like introverts are special or better. yes we all get annoyed at our extroverted counterparts and wish they understood us and it's easy to make snide remarks but you can't actually believe them lmao

No. 1476793

My apparently unpop opinion is that Introvert/extroverts aren't a thing and lockdown has proved that

>Most people like human interaction in some form.

>Most people become exhausted by social pressure and need time to unwind.
Therefore no one is strictly introverted or extroverted but a mix of both people are playing side picking retardism when they call themselves extroverts/introverts solely.

A extrovert can have social anxiety and become nervous around others and an introvert can have an insatiable need for attention and validation from others.

No. 1476796

most people who use these kinds of labels are retarded to begin with. especially people who call themselves empaths. 99% of people calling themselves empaths are insane narcs.

No. 1476800

Yes. It’s a generalization that’s only original purpose was to be able to easily communicate to others your preferred relationships and communication levels. Their descriptors. Not identities. People like to change to fit words not realizing the words were made to describe and fit people. Most introverts are just on the spectrum and sensitive in my exp.

No. 1476801

Mental illnesses shouldn't have been normalized to that extent. Now if you say you don't want to have anything to do with a diagnosed schizo or an autist because they're objectively dangerous you'll be called ableist. Fuck you, if I ever have an autistic child who smears poop on walls and has meltdowns twice a day as a form of communication I'll either kill it or kill myself. And my schizophrenic cousin tried to kill his first wife before receiving a diagnosis (she escaped, thankfully) and he barely takes his meds, there's no way I'd marry a genetic dead end like this.

No. 1476881

people who use goodreads to read and/or write commentary on "serious" literature are really stupid and probably retarded. it should only be used for airport novels, YA and fantasyshit. and i don't think you can use a 5-star rating system on stuff like the odyssey as if it were a freaking avengers movie.

No. 1476893

I don't know where you got that impression of lockdown, all I saw were introverts talking about how their lives didn't change much or that they were loving WFH so they don't have to see people in the office, and they were confused about why there was so much fuss about being isolated from extroverts. It almost got to the point of gloating, saying that as an introvert myself.

But yeah like >>1476800 said, it's a descriptor and a reasonably useful one. I call myself an introvert so people understand that I don't actually hate their guts if I don't want to hang out or chat all the time.

No. 1476912

Damn and here's me not even sitting on them because ew germs

No. 1476980

File: 1674159775693.jpg (334.24 KB, 1200x1800, Alexa_Demie.jpg)

this bitch ugly. i never watched euphoria and heard about there being a ~twans~ character and legit thought this was who they were talking about

No. 1476983

You're entitled to your opinion but she's so gorgeous to me.

No. 1477004

I don’t think the hate mindy kaling gets for loving white men is fair. Poc men can thirst after white and light skin women but when we do it it’s problem. Idgi.

No. 1477019

I don’t think 18-21 year olds falling fat 15-17 year olds is pedophilia. This group all look like kids to me.

No. 1477040

I don't get why people say "omg I hate stoners and people that make their whole personality smoking weed" it sounds like something people just repeat mindlessly. I've never met a stoner that was pushy about it and with vapes now they are less stinkier than ever. Cig smokers are worse they fucking reek even after they come in from their smoke breaks

No. 1477042

I always hated this and im glad it’s turning around. It’s always like
>me, an INTROVERT: Calm, classy, composed. Supreme intelligence, connected with all flora and fauna. I am ascended, quiet, and delicate. I must be protected at all costs.

>extroverts: Literal trash. Just, absolute garbage. Boorish, beastly creatures who never stop screaming and slinging their own feces. DISGUSTING.

No. 1477048

there's a difference between people who smoke weed and stoners, even people who smoke habitually every day. clearly the people who you're talking about aren't stoners. i had a stoner friend before.
>smoked morning to night
>always offered weed and would act weird when you rejected it
>would vehemently claim any and all criticism of weed was propaganda including valid criticisms of needing more studies for vapes and high concentrations
>drove high and claimed he had more awareness high
>denied the existence of psychological addiction to weed
>denied that weed could cause bad trips
>brought up weed when no one was mentioning it
>talked constantly about how much happier he was high
there's more but i can't think of it.

No. 1477142

That's exactly how it is though

No. 1477151

kek for real

No. 1477154

I fucking hate stoners. You must be lucky because they’re the most insufferable pricks on the planet. They act as if they’re enlightened or galaxy brain for being addicted to the nasty shit. If you dare suggest their relationship is unhealthy they’ll try to gotcha you with muh it’s not physically addictive shit. They will harangue you to do weed and get a sick satisfaction from trying to break the boundaries of people who aren’t interested. If you don’t cave they get supremely offended and talk down to you. They always try to make themselves sound functional but when you actually hang around them you realize they don’t even own a cutting board or a knife and all the hobbies they said they do are something they tried once like 5 years ago. And their cupboard is full of candy and they eat just cinnamon bread for breakfast.

No. 1477185

I don't find stand-up comedy funny at all.

No. 1477229

File: 1674184885628.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.19 KB, 1332x2000, ooooo.jpg)

Crushing on fictional men > real men.
You basically have to get very lucky to get into a long relationship that enriches your life and doesn't end poorly without having to self-deceive somehow, most dating women really just chase after the exception and end up with questionable men.
Most risk-benefit analysis favors husbandofagging. The #1 potential issue is being socially out of touch with people which is often a natural consequence of having neet-type hobbies and priorities, but grow beyond that and you'll be powerful. disclaimer: no I don't have a husbando and I wish I did kek.

No. 1477236

kek who hurt u queen? That's so specific omg

No. 1477245

Not wearing makeup as a woman is superior.
I find myself more attracted and in awe of women who don't wear makeup to fancy events like weddings. The confidence is gorgeous and they look beautiful just the way they are. All of us do.

No. 1477254

The only thing that was specific to one person was the cinnamon bread kek

No. 1477278

NTA but if you hang around stoners enough you realize this is the absolute truth

No. 1477362

as a stoner i'd say everything about this is spot on except for the forcing other people to try part, because real stoners will be hogging their stash like goblins. and if they ever split anything with someone else there will always be an argument kek.

No. 1477471

File: 1674229620209.jpg (266.43 KB, 1080x1080, ad72dd44249e80a1a39a105f5fe6a8…)

weed is very addictive i say this as a stoner lol. I have tried to quit many times but one bad day will have me going back. I honestly wish weed was still illegal (well maybe not illegal i dont think people should go to jail for using it) but i just miss when it was harder to get. Now with dispensaries you can literally order weed online and have it delivered to your door. INsted of having to network in order to find a guy who knows a guy who deals weed, going to the sketchy side of town to get your goods. It made it so much easier for me to take breaks when it was impacting my life. But now that it is so easily accessible its so much harder. It sucks knowing your addicted to something but not being able to stop it. Im just glad its weed and not alcohol though. But both are terrible in their own ways for long term use. My brothers are stoners and have told me that they want to stop smoking because it really does make you lazy and unproductive. And you start to get addicted to that feeling. I get why stoners are so defensive though because you dont want to believe you are addicted to something its terrifying.

No. 1477498

I truly believe the United States has reached a tipping point and is in crisis mode, and our infrastructure is unable to handle the load of mass immigration at this point. We can't address the housing demand, and no longer have the money or resources to help everyone, as much as I wish we did. It's happening in Canada, it's happening here, and there's nothing anyone can do about it without being accused of racism, no matter the background of the people moving in.

No. 1477530

Purely my limited experience but every stoner I've known has had this faux 'I'm so laid back' facade when in reality they're the first one to lose their shit with you over the smallest thing or to freak out over any lil bump in their life that requires them to sit up and function for a bit. I think alot of highly strung people use it as a cope and then conveniently forget that they still have their same old uptight or stressed out personality going on underneath it all.
> I'm the most laid back person that I know!
No you're not. You're just drunk or high right now and you're forgetting how you act as soon as you're not drunk or high

No. 1477639

File: 1674242696080.jpg (54.54 KB, 714x732, 3929838393.jpg)

Hamnonnie was funny only when the post were sporadic and not too often, don't know why everyone was so mad at her kek

No. 1477642

baby he cooking Heron

No. 1477653

File: 1674244105606.jpg (26.77 KB, 600x400, Grey-Heron-A41-Michael-Finn-60…)

No. 1477664

That was some of the more more clever shitposting. I thought it was cute and funny. I get that it wasn't a shitposting thread but cmon, it's lolcow. I think we can handle a little bit of hee hees and ha has every once in a while. #Justice4Hamnon

No. 1477782

i sincerely hope all ham-chan haters are having a terrible day today

No. 1477863

i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

No. 1477864

Just gotta hope and pray all the people in the government die in a big fireball.

No. 1478030

I like some modern design when it comes to interior design and like minimalism to an extent. Pretty sure the latter came from being in my mom's hoarder house until she passed.

No. 1478119

is it really that unpopular? I thought minimalism was trending. I like it too. "You will own nothing and you will be happy" makes moids angry, makes me enjoy it even more.

No. 1478160

it's ironic you say this considering minimalism is used mostly to shame women for having hobbies or interest in collecting things.

No. 1478171

I guess it could be used for that but I've personally had more moids complain about the fact that I hate clutter. I've seen more moids into collecting too. The autistic male with hundreds of nerd cards, figurines and comic books is a stereotype for a reason. Moids don't seem to talk bad about consoomerism until it's about makeup and feminine things honestly.

No. 1478179

that's your personal experience, but it's definitely used to shame women into not having interests. especially in japan. shit like konmari methods are extremely anti women, and minimalism being so anti-women is why so many female driven countercultures are maximalist.

No. 1478219

nta but this is my first time ever hearing something like this do you have any readings about it? I'm not into minimalism but many women I know who are still have hobbies they just use minimalism to organise their hobby stuff better and only get hobby items that they need instead of impulse buying

No. 1478221

Unless you're already fat, you cannot get longer hands, legs, a cinched waist or a defined clavicle just by doing exercises, those things are literally genetic and anyone telling you otherwise is lying

No. 1478227

Konmari method is not minimalism though, it's more anti hoarding and anti consumerism.

No. 1478312

if either of you speak japanese i can send you some articles but other than that not really. konmari is intrinsically minimalist because minimalism has heavy anti-hoarding aspects.

No. 1478341

I don't speak japanese so it wouldnt be much use for me. But this is fascinating anon I genuinely didnt know that this was a discussion that is going on in japan

No. 1478357

honestly we wouldn't be where we are if people in our gubermint would stop fighting over useless, retarded bullshit, like how many babies women have, the black family that happened to move next door to them, or getting butthurt because god forbid you teach your fucking sheltered ass suburban kids a little history that isn't watered down pig slop. however my tinfoil hat side doesn't believe this is all down to just incompetence or schadenfreude. exploiting lack of resources by the powerful is another way of maintaining power. if you're too busy worried about things like where your next meal is going to come from, or whether or not your landlord might increase your rent from $1500 to $3000 with no recourse, you don't have time to worry about what tptb are doing since you're so busy just attempting to keep afloat (if that).

spoilering 'cause astrology fagging but the united states' pluto return is really kicking us in the ass and it's entertaining watching this an amerifat living in europe

No. 1478415

File: 1674319885368.jpeg (732.41 KB, 1284x1522, 0BFEAA33-A9E6-41FF-9907-50C205…)

I can’t help but laugh at women who complain about the issues they get being pretty but at the same time they put 3lbs of makeup on, wear tight clothes etc. if being pretty is so bad for you then why don’t you just stop? It’s not hard to be average or ugly

No. 1478424

Therapy is a scam

No. 1478429

I can't prove it but I feel like anons asking for advice for their lesbian relationship or roommates are often actually asking about a situation involving their moid but just replacing moid with girlfriend or roommate will allow anons to give their actual input

No. 1478431

Men who hate dogs, cats or any other animal should die.

No. 1478436

That's what you get for meddling in other countries' affairs. Americans complain about immigration as if their government is not to blame for these people being forced to leave their nation.

No. 1478455

I can feel for women who are born naturally very striking and who get a sea of shitty men who pretend their interest in them is any deeper than that. A combo of natural beauty and a shletered/naive upbringing can lead to those downsides.

This woman just looks like someone who grew up ugly and has gone out of her way to invest in beauty though.

No. 1478456

Meat eaters are more obnoxious than vegans

No. 1478460

>shitty men who pretend their interest in them is any deeper than that
This isn't an experience that only attractive women go through, though. Actually, it's even worse for unattractive women because men really don't want to have anything but sex with them, meanwhile a lot of men are willing to commit to pretty women.

No. 1478463

My unpopular opinion is that the pretty woman vs ugly woman debate is annoying and retarded.

No. 1478465

I don't want to humblebrag but this is my reality and reality for people I know. When you have natural beauty and you're tired of it you don't want to go out get lip fillers or put on 5 lbs of makeup, you want to hide yourself when you go out to avoid harassment or being dragged into drama. I also feel like when you're beautiful you just look "overdressed" if you wear anything other than lounge clothes and it makes you feel out of place, if you have a nice body on top of it people also accuse you of dressing slutty and you can't control it whatsoever, this is a punch in the face for women who wear obvious waist trainers or push up bra/inserts too and then complain about how people accuse them of dressing slutty

No. 1478473

Idk if it's an unpopular opinion, but possibly gross to all the penis hating anons in here. I love cuddling with the bf in bed and feeling his dick living it's own life. Was a little sad at first that it's not always sexually motivated, but I'm all the same very fascinated by the constant ebb and flow of the D.

No. 1478490

I agree with this especially when you weren't considered cute in school because you were too much of a loser, but then suddenly everyone wanted you outside of school settings etc. Did this happen to anyone else?

No. 1478492

as if you have vast amounts of land left in the US. try England of the rest of Europe if you want to the see where immigration really is at its breaking point.

No. 1478512

File: 1674328708152.png (219.27 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20230106-123228-097…)

No. 1478548

>feeling his dick living it's own life
What does that mean? Asking as a virgin, I'm guessing you're talking about boners?

No. 1478560

It's me

Yea like if we are spooning and he's falling asleep it'll grow a little bit and twitch suddenly, then chill out a little while later, just doing its own thing

No. 1478564

File: 1674332400903.jpg (36.04 KB, 513x499, dog.jpg)

I like lightly punching my boyfriends dick and then make fun of him for getting hard


No. 1478569

based nonita

No. 1478590

idk I like dick too even though I don't get any. They're just so funny and weird and I like how they bounce around. If dicks made cartoon sound effects when you tugged on them I'd be the biggest slut in the world

No. 1478596

This post is surreal

No. 1478598

>If dicks made cartoon sound effects when you tugged on them I'd be the biggest slut in the world

No. 1478614

Happened all the time to me until I went to college and being the smart responsible girl and people cared more about facial appearance and proportions instead of whoever was the most blonde with the biggest tits

No. 1478760

I don't trust men who want children, especially if they are very enthusiastic about it.

No. 1478827

kek this is weird, some dudes are genuinely paternal. But I do agree and feel that way about men who will talk unprompted about how they "LOVE children" and purposely go into jobs to work around kids, like pediatricians and male teachers. The ones who get really defensive about "Not all men who are good with kids are creepy!" are even more of a red flag to me, he doth protest too much

No. 1478862

I believe this. One time I posted a question along the lines of "How should I have handled this disagreement with my ex?", but it was actually about my current bf. I just wanted to avoid the inevitable "dump him" responses.

No. 1478870

Holy shit I have kids and male pediatricians give me the fucking creeps.it also depends on context, when I met my husband when he spoke about future children it was all about playing ball, playing vidya, baking, board games, etc. Moids that are fixated on creepy stuff like cuddles and whatnot are red flags. Also any moid that has a gender preference for their kids is a red flag, even straight moids who demand male children since they usually have complexes against women and will instil self hatred in their daughters or turn their sons into misogynists

No. 1478896

Monty Oum was never talented in any capacity. Dead Fantasy is proof of this

No. 1478899

Fuck you, Pet Sounds, the actual song, was gonna be used in a James Bond movie, AND IT SOUNDS PERFECT FOR THAT.

No. 1479165

pls post the links

No. 1479168

all i’m reading is that Ameritards have it wayyyy too good

No. 1479174

>people in high school only cared about blonde hair and big boobs
>people in college only cared about facial symmetry and bodily proportions
So nothing really changed, then. Just one prison to the next

No. 1479181

Steven universe went to shit the exact moment Garnet was revealed to be a fusion, after that, everything else was a fucking mess

No. 1479193

can't believe i'm talking about steven universe again but yeah. i'm so disappointed in the whole cluster thing, it felt so anticlimactic, and the diamonds including the pink reveal, ugh. the delivery was the worst way they could have gone about it. but i did like the episode with garnet's backstory and the amethyst centered episodes. and the one where rose is being an oblivious cunt

No. 1479196

lol wtf makes you think that. i’m generally regarded as beautiful and my ex was with me for 4 years and refused to commit. it’s no easier for us i’m afraid

No. 1479198

I hate them to. Becoming ugly is easy. If they want to stop their suffering there are tonns of options for them but no, they prefer to cry and whine uwu I am so pretty I have hard life uwu.

No. 1479212

I don’t even buy it when the naturally pretty women complain because as soon as they get older and get less attention they are bitching about it

No. 1479264

The anons in /g/ with a feeder and fat male fetish are trolls and the anons who post serial killers, joshua moon, andrew tate, etc in the unconventional male attractions thread are also trolls. My opinion will never change.
Also the josh spam was never funny, just retarded, annoying, and gay. Then they ended up inspiring the retarded schizo pedo tranny to spam the catalog.

No. 1479275

The troon always hated josh and was always in the kiwifarms thread, Josh's fat ass being talked about him postitively didn't start the fire, the fire was burning already. Plus Josh has so many enemies, no one NEEDS to inspire some retarded troon/person with a thread to call him a pedophile and spam everywhere they can, to ruin a female site they hate PLUS speard hate about a fat man they also hate.

No. 1479281

? This is the first time I commented in this thread today, retard stop thinking you know more then you know.

No. 1479284

You are retarded and I hope you step on a tack, I really fucking hate nonnies who swear they know every single fucking anon on this site. Go row a boat

No. 1479469

File: 1674417166184.jpeg (46.19 KB, 668x374, A49F22E0-0891-4C90-8C2C-A2ADA8…)

Harry Potter is a pathetic badly written excuse of a book and it polluted kids literature with its mediocre plotline and stupid rip off from folklore. Fans are brainlets even more so those who praise Rowling for being an open TERF. She’s a rich asshole doesn’t care about you all she cares about is getting her name circulating, she doesn’t even care about her fans or about her works yet you all suck on her because she’s a ~ free speech woman ~. If it was a moid you’d be saying how much you hate him.
And no, I don’t hate her because of her TERF views or what not, I hate how much Harry Potter is shilled everywhere and how much of blind imbeciles the fans are.

No. 1479472

File: 1674417369197.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, nick-young-confused-face-300x2…)

No. 1479480

>polluted kids literature
anon theres an abundance of poor quality childrens literature you can go after that is actually bad. harry potter isnt perfect but for a childrens series its pretty well-written. reminds me of this guy i knew who always complained about jk ripping off earthsea lmao. me personally i dont think that taking elements from fantasy and folklore and streamlining them to make them more accessible to a modern childrens audience is ripping anything off: i havent read the percy jackson books either but noone accuses that guy of appropriating greek culture or whatever. its fine. the books are fine.

No. 1479482

It's bait don't reply

No. 1479484

I think it's weird to be this incensed over the writing in a children's book. Do you also get mad that the teletubbies isn't ground breaking fine art?

No. 1479485

I think it's super weird too considering another big series aimed at children and teens was IT. There was a literal child orgy scene where they all lost their virginity to the only girl of the group in the books. Somehow Stephen King gets away with that and still gets ton of support, but JK naming her characters like SpongeBob names is absolutely plain targeted misogyny.

No. 1479486

>using a troon meme

No. 1479502

addicts and poor people shouldn’t have children and can and will never be good or consistent parents while actively addicted

No. 1479535

Last time I tell you about any imageboard Sophia you ungrateful piece of shit. Email Senna again. Fucking do it

No. 1479552

Reminder that watching the destruction of lgbt rights would ultimately destroy troons and faggots.
Lesbians can love without having to marry, marriage sucks anyways.

No. 1479559

Either you're baiting or you're retarded. There's more to marriage than loving someone.

No. 1479562

Ya heard me, marriage sucks. Partnership is the way.

No. 1479575

When your partner dies, her family will come and clean out your house. They will take everything of value and leave you with trash. And if the car or house is only in her name? You're fucked, doesn't matter how long you've lived there together or that you both paid the down payment and mortgage. That's theirs now. I never want to be married, but I won't let it happen to me again so to the aisle I'll march.

No. 1479580

Not only that, but in some countries married couples are a different (cheaper) tax category.

No. 1479585

Hell yeah, call her ass out, she sounds like a cunt

No. 1479587

Bubble milk tea in a can just tastes like body wash runoff.

No. 1479589

accurate but i still love that shit

No. 1479594

…what? Where does that happen

No. 1479595

File: 1674432985020.jpg (23.3 KB, 345x496, gungadinlaugh.jpg)

Ayrt KEK awww I love you too. You should be happy there's another damn Beach Boys fan on this whole accursed site

No. 1479655

Where do you live that this DOESN'T happen? Does your roommate inherit everything you own if you die and not your legal family?

No. 1479843

As a scandifag we always get told we're sooo socially awkward, introverted and reserved, and it's getting on my nerves because it's always some loud ass foreigner who comes in, not speaking the language, breaking all the local social rules without knowing or caring, while making everyone uncomfortable, and local people can't call them out because of the language barrier. Bitch you're the only one making the whole interaction awkward. We were all doing perfectly fine before you got here.

No. 1480146

I really hate post-GG reddit and I miss the diversity reddit had. Now the opinions I see remind me too much of tumblr.

No. 1480148

The pendulum will never swing back. People constantly use words and phrases that tumblr popularised. It's used worldwide and not just in the US. The woke/overly PC hellscape will never go away it will just get worse over time.

No. 1480157

Tax evasion is based. Fuck having to send your hard earned income to moids

No. 1480158

Only if it's by normal people, not millionaires/rich people.

No. 1480163

Me who runs an illegal restaurant so I don't have to pay taxes and over reports my own tax refund so I get more money

No. 1480252

File: 1674526410168.gif (794.44 KB, 220x124, 1665437134818.gif)

we don't owe it to anyone to be nice to them, including children. people expect everyone to be kind to children and spout the idea they are individuals and people, but for some reason they also must be shielded from anything negative. people will literally hate you for no reason, and the idea of forcing everyone who are also individuals and people to follow the same mindset seems kinda weird. you're allowed to have personal opinions except when it comes to kids. this is silly and makes no sense if we're seeing everyone as individuals. some people just genuinely hate things including kids, thats reality and trying to browbeat people into another opinion because "think of the children!" doesn't help in the long run. humans are complex creatures with their own motivations, but for some reason if you dont like kids you must put aside your own feelings and comfort for them even though they aren't your own. it just makes no sense to me when the idea of "we are individuals who don't owe the world a goddamn thing!" is conditional.

No. 1480259

I hate Chris Chan but he had the right idea with the Attraction Sign. That's goddamn genius despite the sheer autism of it.

No. 1480262

But it didn't work

No. 1480265

You’re an idiot. Being shitty to kids only creates more shitty people overall. You’d know that if you thought outside of yourself for half a second, Galaxy-brain.

No. 1480267

If it was done as a community event I think it would.

No. 1480269

You can just choose not to interact with kids nonnie, you're an adult and no one's stopping you

No. 1480273

I do, I'm not openly nasty to them or anything and they should be free to live their lives but the idea that everyone else should be accomodating seems odd.
I'm not saying people should be shitty to children, just that the idea that children are the exception seems weird when people also spew the idea of "you dont owe anyone anything!"

No. 1480278

But it's not the case that everyone must accommodate kids since it seems that no one has forced you to be around them or anything else. The idea seems to live more in your head than reality.

No. 1480283

you do have to be around them though. i still have to grocery shop, get on a plane, go to the bank, go to the mall. it is reality and saying "just avoid them" doesn't make sense. for some reason the point is being missed, why does society (american specifically) say be selfish but have caveats when it comes to kids. this is the question i have, why are kids the exception. not out of anger or hatred, but a genuine question.

No. 1480288

You have to be around people of every other age category in those places as well. Unless they're being loud and fussy it's remarkably easy to just ignore the tiny humans as they go about their lives. You just sound like you've read too much r/childfree and assume random parents will make you share your Switch with their messy kids. Can you give an example of what you mean by selfish because I can't think of anything I can refuse to an adult that I can't also refuse to a child.

No. 1480293

i don't understand sexual attraction to anime characters. i can sorta find them cute sometimes (like, in the way that animals are cute) but not attractive whatsoever. i don't judge the husbandoposters on here though, it's less of a pain/less dangerous than interacting with real men, but just not my cup of tea. (also i realize that this is not an unpopular opinion outside of the internet/spaces where anime/manga/ect are discussed often kek)

No. 1480294

I get your point, I think, like if I'm at my family's home and there's a bunch of kids/babies, I shouldn't be a substitute nanny just because I'm a woman, or just because I'm a family member, sure, if one of the children get hurt or sick I can just report it to the mom/dad/aunt/uncle, but I shouldn't be the one who takes the responsibility of taking care of the kid because it's literally not mine and not my responsibility, since I don't really know that kid/baby that deeply as the mom or dad, I could actually be fucking up something instead of helping.
But there's also the thing that if you were to see a lost kid, for example, it's better to help the kid because they can't protect themselves, and yeah, that means being as neutral or kind as possible because it's probably a new experience, it's scary, and overall very shitty for the kid.
And even then I just avoid them most of the times so I can make sure I can find an authority before dealing with the kid on my own, because I'm sure I would be defensive and such if I saw anyone approaching my hypothetical child.

No. 1480295

i dont feel like you've gone outside enough, because my experiences have been the opposite as well as a lot of people i know, but maybe the kids in my area are more badly behaved. i dont use reddit kek, and there are people who will literally be at a doctors office and ask you to share your phone with their kid because they're throwing a tantrum that they dont have one (yes a personal anecdote).
>Can you give an example of what you mean by selfish because I can't think of anything I can refuse to an adult that I can't also refuse to a child.
the idea of not owing anyone anything which is a big thing being pushed right now (see the "villain era" trend) is inherently seen as selfish because you're only focusing on yourself. this is seen as good and a step forward in society, but it all stops when children come into the picture. refusing a child that isnt your own something makes every adult in the vicinity immediately get in their feelings. im mostly talking in circles though, i do appreciate others opinions and thoughts on the matter because it shows the nuances of topics like these

No. 1480497

Not a Scandi but I hate Mediterranean tourists (especially Spanish and Italians) because they are super loud, take a lot of space and make zero effort to communicate in anything other than their mother tongue. There are some tourists like the Japanese who suck at English but at least they know the basic phrases to communicate, Italians just try to brute force literally every interaction in italian.

No. 1480505

same. i'm going to be honest and say that i pretended to like an anime character in middle school because my social circle was all that type of anime fan. i can't grasp it myself because as far as i can see it's a drawing made by a human, like i can feel what the artist is basically trying to protray but only through that lense and not the character as its own person. i realize now that it's my personal lack of 2d imagination but while i don't read fanfiction when i have tried it made me feel nothing because i know it didn't happen. such a boomer thing of me to say kek i can have a discussion about what ifs and such and i do have those thoughts myself obviously i'm not a robot but i can't really consume fanart and view fanmade things as anything close to the real deal. and like i said above everything they're drawings to me first and foremost. no judgement to husbandposters as well even if i don't understand i respect it

No. 1480531

Let's be honest attraction to fictional characters is primarily an autistic thing. Husbandofagging is a very natural thing to me and I'm put off by real men.

No. 1480551

Men do mature slower than women. For example there is a difference in maturity between a 18 year old and a 30 year old woman but there isn’t really a difference in men. I’m 30 but I’m so different from myself even 3 years ago but my older brother is 35 and the same person he was at 19. Men stay childish up until they are in their 50s when they look back at the mess they made of their life and by then it’s too late for any changes to really matter. That’s why it’s so funny when women are going on about older men being more mature. Men never mature.

No. 1480732

second ayrt and i have autism and i still can't understand it but it is a spectrum after all. i'm also put off by real men, in person and famous ones on a screen

No. 1480772

This is down to female and male socialization rather than something that happens naturally though. Men are often coddled and allowed to stay childish well into adulthood.

No. 1481243

Every song sung by a woman and a man sounds better or would have sounded better when sung by two women or two men.

No. 1481373

This is literally it, men also typically don't get relationship shit shoved down their throat or get told being single is the worse thing that could happen to you. If moids wanted to fuck around, put off education, etc their entire lives no one would say anything but women are expected to be married, with kids and a high end job by their 30s

No. 1481392

When people’s toe nails are long enough that there’s the white part i automatically see them as disgusting and lose a lot of respect. Like they are reduced to rats to me. I can’t bare to look at it. I have ditched groups when someone was wearing open toe shoes. One time in bed my ex boyfriend’s toenail scraped my leg and I had to leave the room I wanted to barf

No. 1481410

I agree with this but I'm like this with fingernails too. A man with long nails is mentally unwell

No. 1481469

I don't think having long hair is inherently impractical, tying them up is usually enough not to be bothered by them.

No. 1481477

Not preforming femininity can be dangerous to your life as a poc woman. There have been times when I’ve dressed more boyish and was mistaken for a guy and scrotes would try to start shit with me thinking I’m a black boy. So now I dress super fem and don’t have any problems like that. Sometimes dressing super girly etc isn’t really to please scrotes but it’s for protection.

No. 1481490

How would they think you're a man? Did you kind of cover your face or is it the usual male face blindness?

No. 1481494

Idk there have been plenty of times men have mistaken me for a small dude they can fuck with when I’m wearing baggy clothes or my hair is really short. I’d rather be cat called and sexualized than get my ass beat.

No. 1481510

you sound insane. Plenty of androgynous women get mistaken for men, but most people with eyesight can tell by a woman's actions that she is a women. You'd really rather be sexually harassed than be mistaken for a dude? get help.

No. 1481524

If the option us catcalling or getting beat up I know what I would choose

No. 1481535

Are you retarded?

No. 1481572

I agree, but I wouldn't call this a race thing although scrotes are rougher on (black) scrotes, only because black women with big hips, thighs, breasts and "soft" features are shit out of luck if they ever want to pass as men in the first place. Unless you're already andro-leaning or kind of masc, any attempt to be GNC won't get you read as a man. Maybe a butch lesbian (and then you'll face scrotes' lesbophobia).

No. 1481614

Nta, I remember seeing a video of a black gnc woman being sir'ed by a cashier, even though she has a pretty obvious chest. People don't actually analyze or look that hard, they just see the "male uniform" and go "oh that's a man". If people aren't aware of butch lesbians really being a thing or don't expect coming across them, they're not going to jump to that conclusion. How else do you think btw that women in the past could live entire lives as men with nobody being the wiser? People don't expect it, so they don't look for it.
So yeah, I don't have much faith that your average hooligan looking up to beat a black boy, is going to be more discerning than a random cashier.

No. 1481636

Anon I'm with you, I'm replying to this >>1481510 anon

No. 1481639

>are you insane

Nope when I was a thinner woman with no hair and didn’t give a shit about fashion there were men who definitely thought I was a black guy and definitely tried to fuck with me lol now I make it super obvious I’m a woman because men act like they can’t tell the difference between a Tom boy and a man if it’s a poc woman.

No. 1481644

what kind of “girly” clothes do you wear? show example pics

No. 1481647

File: 1674679214976.jpeg (360.98 KB, 1639x2048, 4B8898EF-8C10-4D06-8A8D-C5E337…)

Just basic bitch clothes nothing extreme. I definitely used to just put on whatever and on top of that I didn’t have hair so I’d get clocked as a man all the time. Even though I didn’t look like a man at all imo I was a 5’5 95lbs girls so I’m assuming people are just slow.

No. 1481673

People who get a lot of plastic surgery and injections only look good when they are young. People say it’s preventative but it’s not.

No. 1481675

Women look way better with wider shoulders than with narrow ones. Narrow shoulders make people look so weak.

No. 1481677

I got "Sir! You dropped your hat!" once when I was walking out of a grocery store. Granted, my hair was short and I was dressed in warm, baggy clothes as it was winter.

No. 1481802

Agree with this.

No. 1481973

The new Velma show isn’t that bad. People talking about “they changed the characters’ personalities!” like, what personalities? Did nobody watch the original series? They barely had any. Almost every new iteration has changed the characters, who cares.

No. 1481984

I think they all had distinct personalities, maybe except velma of all characters lmao. I do think their personalities are pretty basic though so i kind of agree. I think it's awful regardless of the scooby doo branding, watching the show nothing about it registers as scooby doo anyways, but this is an unpopular opinions thread anyways so you are valid <3

No. 1481992

Obviously you cannot speak on what they go through from experience so let's not judge them. Not every women sees random cat calling as a huge threat regardless of the situation, some have different priorities.

No. 1482553

File: 1674752767567.jpg (658.27 KB, 2045x2045, 1661371322676.jpg)

honestly I hope transracialism becomes a thing, not cause I believe in it but cause it genuinely has more ground to stand on then transgenderism and even enby shit

No. 1482559

People who talk about how much they volunteer are annoying. Nobody gives a shit

No. 1482563

>Did nobody watch the original series? They barely had any personality
Velma is a shy, nerdy and intelligent girl. Shaggy is clumsy and kinda a dumbass, Freddy is the leader and is obsessed with monsters, Daphne is the stylish rich girl

No. 1482566

What social roles do blacks play? Not to defend troons but that would be the excuse, they're transitioning social roles so the author has assumed something about African Americans and it glows.

No. 1482576

Women should not have "social roles" in modern societies either, that argument is pure shit and as reactionary as troon ideologia itself

No. 1482581

You are privileged if troons are the biggest challenge you face as a woman. Obviously, women should not let TIM's invasion of women's spaces escalate to finally address it, but this is the least of the problems that the average woman has to deal with in her day-to-day.

No. 1482626

Representation does matter in regards to helping womens self esteem. The only people who will argue that it doesn’t matter is straight scrotes and women who already see a lot of people in the media who look like them.

No. 1482630

It's so annoying how moids and pickmes blow off misogyny by claiming it's actually another attribute on why people are shitting on the woman (especially if she's black, gay, or another oppressed group) but will bring up the Norah Vincent case as to why men are oppressed but leave out the fact she was hated on and isolated because she was mistaken for a gay man which was extremely controversial in the day, not because she ~realized how hard men have it~. Their ideas are just whatever makes women feel the worse at the time

No. 1482824

not to be an anachan but a handful of almonds is a snack. its deffo not a meal but it's satiating for a snack i'd say. try eating an actual handful of almonds, or maybe half almonds half raisins. in my country we eat those before exams for "concentration" and "increased intelligence" kek

No. 1482830

I will never use a bidet

No. 1482861

I like manlets

No. 1482869

Same, they're cute and less visually "threatening" if that makes sense, i don't like extreme height differences. I wish they weren't so mentally ill

No. 1482872

Trail mix is a god tier snack for a reason.

No. 1482877

Me too, since I’m a dwarf myself. I’m 155cm / 5’05, my first bf was 200cm / 6’56 and I hated how that fucker put everything on the top shelf rrreee. Sex was more difficult too

No. 1482907

Most of that stuff like Velma being shy or Daphne being rich was never brought up in the original show, it was all added in newer adaptions that fleshed out the characters.

No. 1482933

Me too. I like having their face closer to mine all the time. Makes me feel more connected.

No. 1482987

I hate tall men for various reasons and I'm taller than average, I kinda like when the like is the same height as me of barely shorter.

No. 1483108

>so the author has assumed something about African Americans and it glows.
Well yeah, the same way troons assume so many things about women. You could very well list all the stereotypes about African Americans and claim that you relate to them (or their culture, or style) to justify your transition. Of course it would be offensive and a big generalization, but that's exactly what troons are doing when they claim to be women because they like cooking, spinning in skirts or have a "female brain" (yikes).

No. 1483454

I don't get the idea that men support trannies more than women do. I think the loudest voices that support trannies are male but I think the average person who supports them is female. I think my take makes more sense because women tend to be more liberal/progressive than men on most things.

No. 1483465

Women have historically been more conservative than men. Woman’s Suffrage, in America, only came about because they were pissed that blacks could vote and they couldn’t.

No. 1483473

I physically like it. I have fond memories of my first bf, stood at a whopping 5"4. But I feel like over the years alot of short men have gone psycho because of the chip they have on their shoulder. Shame.

No. 1483483

I admit I'm not an expert in history, so I can't refute what you said. I am only speaking from what I've seen in the last 20 years. Like in that time polls have shown that women are more accepting of LGBT/gay rights.

No. 1483488

Foreign propaganda into America -> echo chamber and not wanting to be the odd one out -> America being cultural hegemony -> global troon acceptance -> more divide in the West

No. 1483500

Are you from Twitter

No. 1483541

And the source was your own delusions.
Next you’ll tell us equal pay was a white women pysop movement for the same reason.

No. 1483570

Don’t really care about pit bulls eating babies, I just hope both teams have fun.

No. 1483590

Yeah women are like the faces of social reform. The movement would have no legs if it wasn’t for women

No. 1483600

File: 1674847336345.jpeg (151.22 KB, 1280x720, B629AEC1-0362-49F2-B006-43B911…)

This show still sucks but the extreme hate for it is retarted and specifically because they race bended the main characters. Reminds me of Ghostbusters 2016.

No. 1483617

Well, it was clearly a marketing tactic to sell to those chronically online wokeoid SJW twitter slacktivists.

No. 1483640

You're right. A lot of libfems took up for trannies from a compassionate angle (and because at the end of the day, they'll do what men say). A lot of women also love gay male validation/friendship, so they assumed that all trannies are just an extension of their "fun sassy" gay male friend. After trannies successfully glommed onto feminism, men got the memo that they could get one over on women by uplifting their bros in skirts (or by trooning out themselves to live out porn fantasies).
The transgender stuff wouldn't have made it in the way we're currently seeing if it wasn't for liberal feminists falling for the bullshit again and again, misusing that one Simone De Beauvoir quote lol. If it was just men, we'd probably only see the medical industry pushing it, and the social progression would've been much slower. Men, on their own, are too homophobic and obsessed with hierarchy and beating the shit out of eachother to publicly tolerate anything that could be perceived as "faggotry" en masse. They'd rather keep their shit a secret while taking the opportunity to persecute men who don't hide it as well (or at all).
All the autistic flag shit, the "just be kind" angle, imaginary gender fixation ("I'm feeling so gender today"), degeneration of mass media and common language ("people with uteruses") and social justice angles are due to upper class or upper middle class women who view themselves as feminists thinking they were just helping their gay friends. There's no way most of them could have ever known about AGP rapists and all the other shit we're seeing now, so I don't really blame them, but it is what it is.

No. 1483653

Nta anon but this is actually true lol Suffragists felt it was unfair that black men could vote and white women couldnt. They didn’t particularly care that all women could vote but they were mad that white men let black men vote before them.

No. 1483658

>While the women's suffrage movement had its roots in the anti-slavery movement, early suffragist leaders including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony would later split off from their alliance with abolitionists. They were outraged that, under the 15th amendment, Black men would get the vote while white women were still denied.

>Decades later, when the 19th amendment was up for debate, Southern politicians especially seethed over the prospect of enfranchising millions of African American women, just as the 15th amendment had enfranchised Black men — by law if not by practice.

>In the face of racist opposition, white suffragists betrayed the Black women who had also long fought for the right to vote, says Elaine Weiss, author of The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote.

>"We have to acknowledge," Weiss says, "that [white suffragists] used as one of their politically expedient arguments, 'You know, there are more white women who will be voting than Black women. So don't worry. White supremacy is not going to be endangered.'"

>Along with African Americans, other groups who continued to be excluded from the vote included Asian American immigrants, who were long ineligible for naturalized citizenship on account of race, and only won the vote starting in 1943.

No. 1483659

I heard the writing was also extremely poor too. What did she expect for race bending a 50 year old franchise though? Should have just done something entirely new.

No. 1483660

To answer the question we fought for the right to vote starting in the 1840’s. It wasn’t until the 1870’s black men were given the right to vote. We didn’t start fighting for the right to vote because black men voted.

No. 1483661

Thank you. White women love to pretend they aren't part of the problem either. It's so easy to ignore minority women issues when it doesnt affect you, but white women have proven time and time again to betray their own sex.

No. 1483664

Even today all white feminists care about is themselves. Which is why I ignore them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1483666

Samefag but black women were at the voting conferences in 1850.
Sojourner Truth gave her speech in 1851 at the women’s voting convention and npr is a shitty right leaning source.

No. 1483670

You're kind of glossing over the part where you tried to appeal to racist white scrotes and trod all over non-white women though.
>In 1918, leading suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt framed the argument this way in a letter to North Carolina Congressman Edwin Webb, trying to persuade him to vote yes on the 19th amendment:

>[The] present condition in the South makes sovereigns of some negro men, while all white women are their subjects. These are sad but solemn truths. If you want white supremacy, why not have it constitutionally, honorably? The Federal Amendment offers the way.

Imagine having black (and Asian, and Latina) women fight with you for the right to vote, just to fuck them over and ignore them to appeal to misogynistic men.

Okay, then here's history.com saying it

>During the AERA’s founding convention, Black suffragist Frances Ellen Watkins Harper addressed how this framing was unhelpful for her and other Black women. “[Harriet Tubman], whose courage and bravery won a recognition from our army and from every Black man in the land, is excluded from every thoroughfare of travel,” Harper said. “Talk of giving women the ballot-box? Go on.”

>After only three years, the AERA dissolved over heated fights about whether to support the 15th Amendment, with which Black men won the right to vote. (In the South, this victory would be short-lived.) At a pivotal convention in May 1869, Douglass argued that the AERA should support the amendment while continuing to fight for women’s suffrage. Stanton not only disagreed, she gave an address filed with racist stereotypes about the male immigrants and formerly enslaved men whom the amendment would enfranchise.

>“Think of Patrick and Sambo and Hans and Yung Tung, who do not know the difference between a monarchy and a republic, who cannot read the Declaration of Independence or Webster’s spelling book, making laws for…Susan B. Anthony,” she said at the convention. “[The amendment] creates an antagonism everywhere between educated, refined women and the lower orders of men, especially in the South.”

>Both Anthony and Stanton died more than a decade before the 19th Amendment passed. And although their work was instrumental in making that passage possible, they did not work to prioritize making voting rights accessible to all women. In 1920, Black women in the south and many Latinas in the southwest were still barred from voting because of racist voting restrictions. And when they tried to reach out to the main suffrage organizations at the time, they were ignored.

>“They say basically, ‘Help us, we still can’t vote,’” Tetrault explains. “And those organizations basically say, ‘That’s a race question, it doesn’t concern us.’”

No. 1483672

I am absolutely certain that there was racism amongst suffragettes, however I feel like no one critically examines these claims. Who wrote these things about the suffragettes and what agenda might they have in portraying them as awfully as possible? I don’t think that being mad that black people could vote but no women is necessarily racist. Noticing that women as a whole are viewed as even lesser than people who were literally treated as property doesn’t mean that you think you deserve to be viewed as human while they don’t.

No. 1483677

Sure, but why is it okay to throw women who aren't white under the bus?
>I don’t think that being mad that black people could vote but no women is necessarily racist
By "no women", you mean "white women", anon. They deliberately blocked non-white women. They also used racist language and stereotypes in their language to further push themselves and lock out women who weren't white, in spite of starting the whole movement in tandem with all women. That is fucked.

No. 1483681

I agree with you they fucked them over and are racist. My point was never that they weren’t. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. I was disagreeing that white women only fought over the right to vote because black men got it in the states. Which was said above and is in fact wrong. We started fighting for the right to vote in 1841 and complicated conversations like historical racism and social change aren’t benefited by broad, incorrect statements that just increase current tension. This isn’t Twitter and white women tweets won’t get you mass likes.

No. 1483683

File: 1674850898590.png (250.65 KB, 294x474, 11.png)

I don't get this logic, the suffragists were a vast active umbrella movement in the Anglosphere, they didn't have united policy on other issues
some were Christian republicans, some were socialists and some were racist rightwingers and ended up joining the fascist or right parties of their own nations
an example would be Mary Sophia Allen, who was a lesbian suffragette who also joined the British Fascist party, she personally met Francisco Franco, Mussolini and Hitler(whom she admired greatly) also had a pathological hatred against Jews

No. 1483684

I'm not the anon you were replying to, accusing everyone who points out difficult things of being "from twitter" and "wanting mass likes" won't get you anywhere.

No. 1483686

This is about America, the suffragists being described there were the same ones who pretended to stand with women of different races just to turn their back on them for their own gain.

No. 1483690

some did some support non-white women and some considered them subhuman, there wasn't central planning comity

No. 1483692

Nta, but I thought it was common knowledge that at least some of the sufragettes (even some of the famous ones) were racist. It's literally a movement from the early 1900s, not sure why it would be so hard to believe that they could've been racist even to other women kek.

No. 1483694

Did you actually read my post? This isn't about "some" kek.

No. 1483698

hell many were eugenicists who thought other white women were unworthy of reproducing

No. 1483699

>> Women have historically been more conservative than men. Woman’s Suffrage, in America, only came about because they were pissed that blacks could vote and they couldn’t
Let me repeat for you. While women started to fight for the right to vote in 1841. Black men got the right to vote in 1870. Your poor reading comprehension is really something. This comment is factually incorrect. I’m sorry you’re too stupid to understand.

No. 1483701

>This isn’t Twitter and white women tweets won’t get you mass likes.
Nta but I hate weak responses like this whenever an anon says something you don't like. It's not wrong or twitterfag-ish to acknowledge how white women can or have fucked over other women. Anons of all races talk about how women of all races can act against women or be pick-mes. You can't just suddenly start yelling "twitterfag!" when it's about white people.

No. 1483703

>doesn't know how to greentext
>weird condescending tone
NTA, you sound suspiciously like that one lesbian-obsessed 30+ year old tranny from the Grimes thread.

No. 1483704

File: 1674851678583.png (340.34 KB, 610x562, 249e80a1a39a105.png)

okay I swear this isn't racebait but anyone else agree this is really weird ? Note I don't think this is part of some grand anti-white conspiracy rather its a national level of virtue signaling that should frankly be acknowledged, like the non-white populations of those countries are very tiny, having a black woman to represent the UK or the Netherlands is not representative of those nations. Also it's funny that only western countries are doing this. You don't see Nigeria or Cameroon having a white woman as the one representing them

No. 1483708

Who cares, beauty pageants are archaic and retarded anyways

No. 1483711

I'm not the anon who said that. Maybe I could have responded to a different post but my post was more generally about anons believing the sufragettes couldn't have been racist.

No. 1483712

File: 1674851914088.png (1.3 MB, 1024x683, 16546102428872.png)

>Also it's funny that only western countries are doing this. You don't see Nigeria or Cameroon having a white woman as the one representing them
I'd like to show you Miss Haiti 2022 lmao

No. 1483720

File: 1674852500303.jpg (66.32 KB, 456x640, Angélique François.jpg)

nta but this is Miss Haiti 2022 though and all previous Miss Haiti's have also been black

No. 1483721

>okay I swear this isn't racebait
But it is. Don't lie, you want to sperg about non-white women getting attention.

>Note I don't think this is part of some grand anti-white conspiracy

Well thats a relief that you're not a complete drooling, knuckle dragging /pol/ moid of a retard, just a normie insecure retard.

>rather its a national level of virtue signaling that should frankly be acknowledged

Nah, it's stupid and clearly virtue signalling but who cares, you're giving this more power than it deserves.

Also this isn't an unpopular opinion the entire internet thinks this is stupid and most are vehemently racist moids who sperg about this dumb shit. The other anon is right, you bizarrely sperging about the race of less represented women instead of how fucked up beauty pageants are in general is the real problem that 'should frankly be acknowledged'.

Regardless, I do hope that you are aware that you must be at least 18 to post on this website, it's the only excuse I can think of for such a dumbshit post.

No. 1483724

Not on topic I just want to say Misses Great Britain looks so amazing (I find the brows very british though kek).

On topic in the non white countries i've seen a lot of the lightest skinned women with the most eurocentric features winning these contests. But then I don't keep track of all the competitions so what do I know.

No. 1483725

File: 1674852817342.png (854.66 KB, 730x450, Screen-Shot-2022-06-08-at-10.p…)

Seems like she was the delegate for another large international beauty pageant (Miss Global). Doesn't negate the point being made either way though.

No. 1483726

I genuinely can't tell if she's white or one of those really scary women who bleach their skin

No. 1483731

File: 1674853125872.png (664.05 KB, 577x751, vs2.png)

She's white, this is her without the heavy makeup and indoors.

No. 1483737

File: 1674853563627.png (563.77 KB, 997x716, 52x.png)

>On topic in the non white countries i've seen a lot of the lightest skinned women with the most eurocentric features winning these contests.
This kek. It's a common thing.

No. 1483744

Do you honestly think only white people live in those regions? Cant stand people like you. Reminds of the lady in waiting for just resigned for being a racist bitch and asking a black woman organization where she was really from, when she was born and raised in Britain.

No. 1483748

File: 1674854054239.png (485.95 KB, 995x907, missj.png)

Samefag, but here's another example for you if you really think it's just western countries.

No. 1483753

I don't think it's weird. At least it's not weird for the UK, idk about the other 3. In the UK and Ireland the "divide" between black and white people isn't as strong or obsessed over like in a lot of countries. I'm not explaining this very well because I'm not sure how to articulate it properly but the UK just sees black people as British people instead of this seperate thing. Maybe it's different in Italy or the Netherlands, but it certainly isn't weird in France

No. 1483760

>not racebait
>using some tradthot's tweet

No. 1483782

Priyanka Yoshikawa's mother is Japanese, and her father is Bengali Indian, meaning she is biracial (two races). She was voted Miss Japan.

No. 1483784

This is the literal opposite of my country, 99% are brown yet the whitest, most european looking are "representing" us pfft

No. 1483788

She's half Japanese…

No. 1483789

Sorry for deleting, the thing that got me confused was because Indians and Japanese are both asian. So is anyone with parents from two different countries considered biracial?

No. 1483793

Biracial is two races, not two nationalities.

No. 1483799

And at least 2 out of the 4 women in this post >>1483704 being complained about are half white, of the nationality of their country. No switching up now, kek.

No. 1483807

If I ever have kids I’m never going to let them go to sleepovers. All the people I know who have been sexually assaulted and bullied at sleepovers is enough for me to never want anything to do with them. I always thought my friends growing up who had anti-sleepover parents were so strict but I get it now.

No. 1483949

I think people would take womens ageism more seriously if women would actually speak out against it when they are young. I mean no shit you’re going to talk about the problems of men wanting younger women when the groomers don’t want you anymore. Of course you’re going to talk about other aspects of aging when you’re older. And I say this as a woman in her 30s, if we always wait until we are older to speak out about these issues people are just going to ignore it and claim we are jealous.

No. 1484006

okay but those are still native ethnic groups in that country

No. 1484061

Probably because they seem exotic.

No. 1484068

File: 1674884161148.jpg (26.94 KB, 336x336, FOEtIrPWUAQ0Ehw.jpg)

I'm against arbitrary beauty standards but I think both men and women should shave their armpits(armpit hair will always be disgusting) and be allowed to wear concealer and foundation at most

No. 1484074

Armpits stink if you don't shave them and I'd prefer not to use underarm religiously as it's full of alcohol and the idea behind magnesium based ones are absurd.

Obviously there's no avoiding deodorant when exercising but imo shaving the armpit is one of the best preventions for accumulated stank that both men and women should undertake for this reason. Of course moids won't though. Armpit hair is gross because it accumulates stink, not the hair by itself.

No. 1484075

Finally someone else who thinks pit hair is disgusting regardless of it being a man or woman.

No. 1484078

Just use a good bar soap and exfoliate your armpitss every so often and they won't stink.

No. 1484094

yes exactly!

No. 1484106

Weird, I feel like my armpits only stink when they're shaved. I hate how gross sweat feels when they're hairless too.

No. 1484118

No. 1484135

not any of the other anons but kek I don't use deodorant even when exercising. Smelling like sweat when exercising is normal and people should just shower after, not pile chemicals in their pits. Antiperspirants especially are unhealthy. I just shave mine with a safety razor because it's easier to wash. Without hair sweat can be washed off with just water as sweat is watersoluable, but with hair that's soaked in the sweat you have to use soap every time which can be unhealthy for skin if you're showering multiple times a day that day.

No. 1484154

Body odor is influenced by genetics, some people need deodorant more than others. Consider yourself lucky.

No. 1484168

If you wash yourself everyday you won’t smell.
>Without hair sweat can be washed off with just water
Nice try, you still need soap.

No. 1484206

NTA, but so were some of the women the OP was seething about. What is your point?

No. 1484247

File: 1674913860155.png (46.37 KB, 580x770, square-enix-tones-down-its-too…)

All male video game characters should look this way or similar.

No. 1484254

are you saying those women are from the native ethnic groups of Netherlands, England and France ? also It's not that anyone is saying these women aren't beautiful, its just that its pointless virtual signaling by officials to seem progressive

No. 1484260

Now you get a taste of what it’s like to have people who look nothing like you represent you and take spots from you in the media. Boo hoo. You get a tiny taste of what poc women deal with on a larger scale and it doesn’t feel good. Get over it.

No. 1484263

I'm not even white and that's not what anyone here is trying to say, can you admit that its just pointless virtue signaling that's insulting in a way, cause they refuse to view these minority groups as regular citizens and "help them" by essentially coddling them

No. 1484265

>wahhhh it’s virtues signaling
Why should anyone care though? For decades white women have been put in roles intended for poc women, poc women have had to deal with mixed women and racially ambiguous women representing them and it didn’t matter then why should I care now. I should care because it’s white women being replaced?

No. 1484267

Google their names and look up where their parents are from. Being biracial doesn't negate either ethnicity or where you're from, take your one drop rule bullshit and go.

No. 1484271

Samefag but you assume it’s virtue signaling because you subconsciously don’t think a non white woman could be picked over a white woman unless it’s for pity. White women have been picked to represent countries where the majority of people don’t look like them. Do you think it was a pity pick?no because you think it makes sense for a white woman to be chosen. It’s kind of like people who bitch about black people getting into Ivy League universities, they can’t fathom that they got there because of intelligence and hard work they just whine that they got picked because they are black and everyone felt bad.

No. 1484272

Agreed, they're no different from men seething whenever women have anything and insisting it's all just "the agenda" (but thinking it makes sense and feminists are just bitter losers who can't accept women simply aren't good enough whenever men have anything). Just petty jealousy and chauvinism.

No. 1484274

literally no one is denying that these women are beautiful or that's there's some grand anti-white conspiracy behind this, but you are being willfully obtuse if you think that out of the vast majority of the population these women were chosen simply out of chance

No. 1484277

Again why should we care though? No one was complaining when white women got chosen to represent countries where they aren’t the majority or when they take roles from poc women in the media. Should we care now because it happening to white people?

No. 1484279

So were all the mixed race women who are chosen for Miss Universe Philippines chosen out of chance? If it's such a big deal, why are you in support of/indifferent to it when it's one race, but when it's another, you start crying about virtue signalling? Why is it only a problem when it happens in white countries, but it's just to be seen as "normal" when it's others? Gtfo

No. 1484281

>No one was complaining when white women got chosen to represent countries where they aren’t the majority or when they take roles from poc women
when was this ?

No. 1484282

Anywhere in latin america?

No. 1484283

For example look at how many movie roles where the characters are supposed to be poc women but they hire white women but now that white characters are being race bent now everyone has a problem with it. Also, no one has a problem when white people are picked for things because they are white, why is it a problem if a black women is picked because she’s black? Sure, she might have been picked because she’s black and they want to seem more woke, so what? It’s not different from white women being picked for shit only because they are white.

No. 1484284

And Haiti kek

No. 1484286

there are way too twittertards here

No. 1484287

>If you don't accept my hypocrisy and give me asspats, you're from twitter reeeeee
Next you'll say that not supporting trannies makes us twitterfag "feminazis" after you get a racist bf and he troons out lol

No. 1484293

I swear to god these people live in a bubble which's only concept of someone who isn't racist is a terminally online SJW twitter addict. No way they interact with non-white people irl.

No. 1484299

I've noticed that no armpit hair sweat and armpit hair sweat smell different, armpit hair sweat is way worse than hairless. If any anons want to do a little field project I would recommend trying this out kek.
I do have a vivid memory of playing hide and seek at my friends' house as a kid and her aunt visited while we were playing. The whole house smelt of armpit hair sweat, and really strongly. I don't know how in the fuck that was possible, the house was like 300m^2. Every time someone on the internet says they don't wear deodorant, I just assume they smell like her.

No. 1484310

File: 1674919244183.jpg (88.25 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_2023-01-28-16-18-15…)

women who fuck men and live with them generally look older and more tired and I believe it's because scrotes literally suck the life energy out of them. meanwhile I'm a virgo with literally zero interaction with males, not even in my family, and people still assume I'm in high school because of my virgin retard socially and sexually stunted vibe, I have a young face but I believe it's much more than that, it's about your energy and how you carry yourself. I don't know a lot of people who are like me, but the women I know of who also never engaged with men in any way also look extremely young for their age and give this certain vibe.

No. 1484318

We get it, you're eternally young while everyone around you is aging like milk, ok

No. 1484321

Aging good is more about genetics or having money. I don’t have a man because most scrotes repluse me and vice Versa but I’m still aging like a milk that’s been left out in the sun on a hot summers day because I’m poor and have terrible genes.

No. 1484327

I can believe it. The two years I was with my male partner, I've experienced more stress due to the relationship (on top of my other life responsibilities) and having to perform the emotional labour all the time. Scrotes constantly demand attention by doing attention seeking behaviours and that will really suck the energy out of you. Now I feel more free and relaxed now that I'm single again.

No. 1484328

This is just not true in my experience. I’ve been waxing my armpits for years, but I definitely notice that (without deodorant) my pits smell worse when they’re hairless compared to when I don’t wax for a while. With deodorant it makes almost no difference. Having moderate body hair shouldn’t matter as long as you wash yourself properly, the only way I could see it making a difference is if you don’t wash or you have literal Sasquatch levels of body hair. I still prefer my pits waxed, I don’t like the hair, but the smell difference is fairly negligible. It’s weird to me that it’s always brought up as a hygiene issue while women are still encouraged to have long hair, shouldn’t we all be bald if hair is so stinky? Most women don’t wash their hair every day either.

No. 1484335

>I believe it's because scrotes literally suck the life energy out of them
Wasn't therea recent study proving that on average mariage ages women faster or makes them less happy and men tend to be happier than if they're single? Seems like it's not just a belief but a fact. I don't have all the details though so look it up if you're curious.

No. 1484338

I’m jealous of male friendships because you can be yourself as a man and still have tons of friends who accept you. I’ve met some weird ass men who still go to parties and have tons of friends, if a woman was like that she would be a social out cast.

No. 1484342

I hate old women who are very strict and mean with young girls for dumb reasons such as not liking the way they dress or not liking the way they talk to them. And I swear they have such a nasty glare and expect you to be extremely respectful to them. I have so much trauma from cranky old teachers and bitter and jealous female relatives. Instead of supporting young girls who might be insecure about certain things or struggle with womanhood, they kick them down and treat them with contempt

No. 1484344

No, you do not. You only need soap to wash off oil and dirt, not sweat. You should care about what actual dermatologists say, it's their specialty.

No. 1484349

Okay stinky-chan.

No. 1484357

File: 1674923462402.jpeg (173.37 KB, 1500x1125, 94E45067-B8BC-4CF5-BB75-0E0554…)

Ice spice is a great example of light skin privilege in the black community
>can’t rap
>mediocre songs
>not extremely pretty but she’s just very light with pink undertones and black scrotes are going wild for it

I mean she’s cute and all but I’m tired of a new light skin rapper that pops up every few months and everyone has to eat their ass

No. 1484366

I sorta agree, I've often been told I look 5 years younger than my age and I've never dated, I think a relationship would bring me so much unnecessary stress, but genetics are still the main factor imo.

No. 1484368

I don't know her at all but this woman is white, right? Why are you talking about her being light skinned if she's just white?

No. 1484369

She claims she’s not white. She claims that she’s Dominican and black.

No. 1484370

File: 1674924415810.jpg (164.74 KB, 1080x1168, Ice-Spice-mobile.jpg)

Nta but she's not white kek she's a lightskinned biracial woman.

No. 1484373

She's like Saweetie nonnies gonna come in like
>male rappers can be wack blah blah
But the state of the female rap community is basically based on looks/being relatable when you are biracial, you can not really be a good rapper. However MTS and other monoracial black women have to deal with all these standards and have to not only look good, but sound good, can't have a style have to constantly change etc.
Ice spice is taking Saweetie's spot except she's slightly better then saweetie

No. 1484376

And this is why a take baths every month in bleach

No. 1484383

The light skin rapper that they were trying to push for a minute was coi leray. I wonder if ice spice will last. Ice spice will most likely be successful because she’s thick and not skinny like coi leray.

No. 1484389

I don't sweat unless I run for at least 30 minutes straight kek. Sounds like you're a fatty-chan if you're stinky just for not using soap every time you sweat a little

No. 1484390

I'm legit darker than her and I'm pale for someone of my ethnicity… I legit don't get it. Reminds me of a friend of mine who's lightskinned, has very light colored hair naturally and has green eyes telling me she's not mixed… right before telling me all 4 of her grandparents are mixed.

No. 1484397

yeah she doesn't have the face of a white woman, she's just lightskinned and the ginger wig makes her look more pale

No. 1484400

Wdym you don't get it? Black people come in all sorts of shades. She's also biracial. She's not 100% white. Nobody in America is going to look at her and say she's 100% Caucasian.

No. 1484403

NTA but no one's going to say she's 100% black either. Mixed is mixed.

No. 1484404

No one is arguing that she's 100% black, that anon "doesn't get" why she wouldn't just be called white (because she's not white).

No. 1484414

File: 1674928338904.jpg (40.05 KB, 540x540, gOrqTVCterIFDynvFFL5s_k9WBo8ON…)

The first season of The Walking Dead game had a better story than The Last of Us. Also, Joel seems kinda generic and I'm not sure why people like him so much.

No. 1484416

i won't ever understand why she sticks with this hair or how people still find her very attractive with it, she's pretty but the hair colour always makes me laugh

No. 1484422

it makes her stand out, tbh it's a good branding tactic. nobody has this little orphan annie ginger shit going on, and nobody will dare to. and now if they try, everyone will say they're copying Ice Spice.

No. 1484424

Have you ever set foot in an actual African country? If that singer is mixed then fine but she must have like one Black grandma at most then. She shouldn't be called Black imo.

No. 1484428

I agree anon. She’s about as black as cardi b.

No. 1484435

Nta but she's American so no shit she doesn't look like someone from Africa. Some full/mostly black people from America don't look like people from Africa.

No. 1484439

Her father is a black man. In america people do not give a shit if you are not a first generation african, if you're mixed race you will be categorized as "POC" or black if one parent is african american. Anyway she lives in america and so the retarded american race logic applies to her.

No. 1484443

Tbh most African-American people in 2023 don't consider biracial people black, but it's forced in media by black moids and some racists anyway kek

No. 1484453

Yeah, in fact a lot of black people (self included) consider mixxed/biracial people biracial or mixxed. In some cases like Obama people will call a biracial person what they look like more. Which is what happens the most. However this is something that's not as cut and dry as people on lolcow make it. I never see people call biracial people with white parent "white" (Obama for example) but go to any person who has a black parent/grandparent regardless of what they look like or how "black" they are, black. Like nobody calls Halsey black instead she's called white/biracial (even if technically she's mixxed and is more white), though Obamas daughters are called black even if they have a white grandparent and half white dad. It's weird to me how anyone with a drop if black must be considered black to some instead of whatever else they are. How that makes sense

No. 1484465

People in america treat men who "look" like women like they're actual women, it's no surprise that a country as autistic as that would call someone who looks black but is actually mixed black and someone who looks white but is actually mixed white. All social issues in america are based on how you look to the majority of ameritards.

No. 1484466

What I love about walking dead season 1 is how real the characters are. What an amazing game seriously. I hate season 2, I hate that Kenny had to be shown to be an asshole in the most retarded way. That lady pretending the baby died, she could've actually killed the baby dummy. She deserved to be beat by someone for that retarded fucking move. Then I hate how they got rid of Christa. I wonder if some politics behind the scene happened. She was prefers, clem ends up taking care of a baby anyway, the women they replaced her with even looked similar to Christa. I wonder If something happened and they had to get rid of christa but still wanted the "clem cares for a baby" plot

No. 1484495

>I don't sweat unless I run for at least 30 minutes straight kek
Do you live in a tundra?

No. 1484546

So you're really in this thread trying to argue that hair makes you smelly but not using soap doesn't? kek

No. 1484597

If it’s the hair that makes you smelly and not the sweat, then you should shave your head bald. According to you it would make your life easier as you would just have to run water over your head instead of washing with soap and you would smell way better.

No. 1484598

nta but armpit hair is supposed to capture sweat.

No. 1484602

But anon moids don't want to fuck bald women!!

No. 1484637

No. 1484639

I think it's weird as fuck and virtue signaling and the nonas pearl-clutching about your post are lying to themselves

No. 1484649

>armpits stink if you dont shave
my stink if I do, so I guess I'll just keep not shaving and being unapologetic about it. Oh fucking well.

No. 1484652

Just have an all female friend circle. wtf.

No. 1484655

The entire baby plot pissed me off so much. Like I literally didn't care about half the characters in Season 2. Season 1 was amazing and I have replayed it three times and still cry when I have to make the decision to kill or not kill Lee at the end. It's actually heart breaking Clem is such a good character in season 1 of the game. It was a surprise masterpiece imo of a game.

No. 1484660

Easier said than done tho, specially nowadays

No. 1484662

That's fair, and I agree.. It's harder to make friends unless you have specifically rad fems or terfs. So many women are brainwashed into thinking they need men and need to perform societal norms.

No. 1484726

false. shaved pits reek and require excessive deodorant which just gets all caked in the bumpy stubbly pit folds and looks absolutely disgusting. and a neatly trimmed pit looks way better than a 5 o clock shadow having pit with skin all discolored from the trauma of constant shaving and unnatural friction. maybe you're just stinky…

No. 1484752

So I'm certainly no advocate for beating children as a solution to raising them but more and more people seem to be afraid of disciplining their kid. There are so many kids that don't know to keep their hands to themselves or when to use their inside voices. I mean, I know children all throughout history were always misbehaving, but modern kids have such fried attention spans from phones and will literally be shrieking if their parent takes their device away from them. It's honestly not the kid's fault but the retard parents but man it's hard to even be near them in the store.
Anecdotally, what started this was I saw a woman letting her boy climb into the bottom rack of other people's shopping carts. What the hell? She was watching him do it to this old man's cart. I thought they knew the man but I guess not.
I know people are afraid of traumatizing their children if they do something wrong and I get that but if it comes between traumatizing my child or letting them act like a buffoon maybe trauma's not that bad idk.

No. 1484765

File: 1674963586419.jpg (22.73 KB, 660x433, Genomic_Imprinting.jpg)

The bone marrow to make sperm thing that some radfems sperg about is as unscientific womb transplants
first off those cells in that rat experiment weren't fully sperm cells, they lacked fertilization function (was not performed in this paper), and the Stra8+ BMCs into germ cells with retinoic acid treatment (the method used for rats) besides not, unless they make massive advances in the field. the sperm cells created aren't new telomeres which means that they will be the age of the person they took them from genetically, so the children will have a drastically shorter lifespan(if it was possible in the first place)

No. 1484770

It won't happen but to a retardfag like myself it sounds much more doable than a womb transplant into a man.

No. 1484780

again by that where its possible, we will be at scientific level where we can probably cure cancer or change people's very genetics

No. 1484784

>Maybe trauma is not that bad
I was with you but this wording is atrocious

No. 1484787

Kek, I know you're right.

No. 1484792

Is this a joke? Not only racism is also a thing among women of color, but the countries where minorities (racial, religious, etc.) are treated best (I'm not saying it's perfect at all) are Western countries. And these countries reek of white guilt. People in other countries wouldn't put up with this shit even if they are "POC" (e.g. in Asian or African countries - I wish people would go there sometimes and see how it's done). Now of course if you look at Western women in the 1800s/1900s with today's American standards, they are racists. But the same can be said of any country at that time. It's almost amusing to me how even after putting themselves down all the freaking time, white women are still accused of "betraying their own sex" or whatever more than any other demographic. Hope they learn their lesson one day.

No. 1484854

File: 1674975761098.jpg (70.89 KB, 680x940, 2d21aa1b3ce748a024788ab169d259…)

I'm south asian and what your saying isn't untrue, an actress who likes Simone Ashley would never have a role in any major or minor bollywood or tollywood film or tv series

No. 1484958

>Not only racism is also a thing among women of color, but the countries where minorities (racial, religious, etc.) are treated best (I'm not saying it's perfect at all) are Western countries
It really depends on the minorities and on the countries.

No. 1484983

File: 1674996890041.jpg (72.13 KB, 1280x720, jjjjjjj.jpg)

Clone High was never a funny show. The idea is funny but they wanted to make a teendrama parody so the history stuff and jokes takes the backseat. The teendrama jokes aren't even that funny. I kinda suspect that the writers weren't that into history because I have seen hardcore history nerds make historical figures from different periods and locations interact with each other and it has been genuinely fun but in Clone High you kinda forget that they are historical figures
>inb4 they are not the historical figures only clones of them
then why even have the history angle might as well just have been ocs

No. 1484986

its the american hetali-WAIIIIIT

No. 1484987

Autists make horrible parents & friends. They are inherently emotionally abusive & neglectful.

No. 1485106

how is one experiment "as unscientific" as the other when one produced living offspring and the other didn't? we may be at the early stages of working with primordial artifical cells and autofertilization but there is tangibly observable success compared to shoving a half dead rat's pregnant uterus in a male rat to produce stillborn babies. seems disingenuous.

No. 1485121

File: 1675012119941.jpg (107.19 KB, 981x1172, FnoMSWeWAAAU40X.jpg)

I'm so sick of thots. It's not misogyny to tell women to wear normal clothes and stop sexualizing themselves if they don't want to be sexualized. There's another viral video of a woman at gym wearing minimum clothes while complaining about males "creeping" on her just because some random guy took a quick look at her. These women are so narcissistic and I'm sick of modern feminism being nothing more than some thot defense club. They already live on the ultimate easy mode with scrotes giving them money for breathing, they don't need any sympathy, tell them to fuck off and grow the fuck up.

No. 1485126

Women don't deserve to be creeped on by men no matter what they are wearing. Not saying current fashion trends aren't porny but jfc. Stop consuming MRA rhetoric.

No. 1485127

All women who have sex with men are sellouts and thoths anyway, doesn't matter what they wear

No. 1485134

>They already live on the ultimate easy mode with scrotes giving them money for breathing
MRA moid reasoning. Most of them are barely scraping by and aren't making any money because men dont actually want to give money to women and they nickel and dime the thots left and right. asking their sugar babies for discounts. if men dont want to accidentally end up on some girl's tiktok for looking at her then maybe they should simply stay home to protect themselves, the gym isn't a safe space for them to be.

No. 1485138

If you expose a bodypart in public you are saying it's okay for others to look at it. Women shouldn't be treated like stupid children who can never take responsibility for anything. Men are capable of working out in t-shirts and boxy shorts, why do women NEED to wear as close to nothing as possible? If gyms allowed it, these thots would be turning up in thongs and you know it. The men in those videos aren't even doing anything weird, literally just happen to look at the woman for few seconds while walking by.

Being able to make any money by just looking pretty is easy mode by definition.

No. 1485146

I don’t like gym TikTok but you sound like an incel. My unpopular opinion is that all of the terminally online “ugly” women who think beautiful women are somehow immune to being oppressed and stupid as fuck.

No. 1485150

kek cope harder. men get jobs handed to them for nothing, they barely qualify, dont do any work and arent valuable for anything at all and yet they get defended, protected, promoted. they don't have to spend money on their appearances, they spend less money on their families, they're given a pass on all their free time so they don't have to do any labor in their homes, they barely contribute to daily household needs. men get money just for existing and they have more to spend on themselves. also the idea that men will pay women just to hang out with them is a complete myth lmao they always want sex and coddling and mothering and they will whine and beg for your pity so that they can pay you a fraction of what they know they owe you. if you are a woman i feel bad for you, that you have internalized this messaging so completely.

No. 1485152

I love how men run around molesting children and at least most men have abused a woman before and has pedophilic tendencies but women's worse sins are working out in workout clothes

No. 1485153

Moid bait or one of the autistic women from the vent thread reeeing about how attractive foids are the most elevated class in the entire world reeeeeee. Maybe women should all wear niqabs if men are going to be creepy just from the sight of a shoulder or a leg. Or maybe all men deserve to die in a male genocide if they can't be trusted to control themselves. Actually we should do that last one IRL.

No. 1485157

Kek this so much. I knew a worthless moid who's gf pays all the bills, cooks, cleans, etc. He was literally too stupid and working around this dude was possible because he would always somehow fuck up the most simplest thing and even if you foolproof it he would find a way to fuck it up. He watched porn and cheated on his GF all day and STILL got offered high paying position after high paying position, even when he was too stupid to show up or fill out paperwork, was unemployed for 3 years straight in his 20s. No college degree or anything either. I've never seen this for women, we have to be on top of our game if we want to get decent jobs. It's also weird and creepy to assume any pretty woman you see if just having tons of simps give her money because I have literally never met a single woman like this irl and I've met some of the most beautiful women imaginable

No. 1485161

I love how there are a bunch of videos of men actually being creeps towards women in gyms, but the one vid where they're not goes viral and everyone wants to act like men are never creepy and a woman would never have a reason to believe they are.

No. 1485187

File: 1675015228165.jpg (234.23 KB, 736x1015, 1980s-Workout-Gear.jpg)

>Exposing a body part
If you truly think wearing picrel outfit is on the same page as public indecency idk what to tell you. The issue is that 1; workout clothes made for women are generally more exposing in general, it's hard as fuck to find tops that aren't cropped anymore either, of course women are going to think it's normal to wear since it's what's pandered to them. 2; women do exercises that require very little clothes such as pilates or yoga, sure you can do workouts in baggy shirts or something but there's often way too much movement and the extra fabric gets in the way and messes you up.

Either way you sound like a moid who simply just hates women and digs for shit to hate us over or some skinnyfat seething because other women look good in workout clothes and you don't which would explain why your main problem is "they ummm get creeped on so I hate them"

No. 1485195


My company VP
>frat bro who happened to enter the company as a director right out of college because the CEO is a evangelical Christian and he played up his "god-fearing" talking points. Slacks off and bought a Nintendo switch for his office. Spends days in useless meetings, usually over expensive food. Comes to me when it's time to do an actual cost analysis or it's time to sort out taxes. Defers any hard decision to outside consultants that he pays and primarily chooses based on if they pass a vibe check and are bros.

Women in my company including myself
>can work for the company for 5 years and not get recognized for anything meanwhile new dork/stooge #3 gets congratulated publicly for impregnating his wife or for selling a mediocre amount that you're supposed to do anyway in sales.
>have actually evidence of saving the company over 700k, took over leadership in projects when random guys jump ship to another company (even after management gives them crazy bonuses to retain them), have saved the company from certain embarrassment from both governments officials visiting and from spotting blank pages in multi million dollar contract proposals where someone typed "pls copy paste your part here Jared" and was one minute away from sending it to the client like that.
>have organized every single new connection with clients via tradeshows and good networking, yet the company doesn't reward them to go out there; the company sends bros to go out to the nice cities to mingle with them and stay in nice hotels and barely hide the fact that they're partying (and they come back with no leads anyway and blame the economy).

Inb4 leave. This is corporate America, it's the same shit all over. I do have my department in a chokehold rn since I'm the only one who can and wants to keep my department running so I'm going to demand 150k salary soon (which will probably get me a reputation as a bitch by Mr VP).

No. 1485202

exactly. MRAs are all neets with no world experience so they don't understand this and they don't go through any suffering to challenge their views. not like they would notice women working hard if they even did have the opportunity because men are lazy on a genetic level.

No. 1485214

Who said it, a LC "radfem" or an incel

No. 1485215

Nice bait. I do wonder why a site with an userbase as LC's would love to defend this type of women to such extents, most would throw every anon under the bus if male approval was on the line they really don't give a single shit about other women, you guys really need to choose better your fights

No. 1485221

File: 1675017088386.jpg (230.86 KB, 2000x2541, 1641421466573.jpg)

kys damaged xy chromosomoid, if I ever see you expose your arms I will do the same like you abominations, stalk after you, call you a slut, kill you and then say you deserve it for flaunting yourself like that

No. 1485227

File: 1675017427408.png (Spoiler Image,196.02 KB, 1134x224, thotsandthoths.PNG)

I don't know anon. if sex with moids could turn me into a bird-headed scribe god, I might consider it

No. 1485247

Not unpopular on a site like this but I firmly believe that all autistic men should be collectively castrated.

No. 1485252

you do realize that post was probably made by a man, yet you just couldnt resist attacking ugly women. Hypocritical cunt.

No. 1485256

Just because you only defend the women who share your exact same views and lifestyle doesn't mean that other women are like that. And nobody even cares about what that one tiktoker thinks of LC users lmao, it's just that the whole "women live life on easy mode and get money simply for existing" thing is incredibly retarded and obviously untrue. How can you possibly be so upset by women wearing revealing clothes at the gym that you would use MRA and incels arguments, that's the real question. What these men think of women is ten times worse than what these mean Stacys think of other women.

No. 1485258

There was this autistic man we were forced to interact with at work, everyone looked at me like i had 3 eyes every time i tried to stop him from interrupting our work process, i wasn't even being mean
This, imagine calling out a moid for being misogynistic while shitting on other group of women unprovoked at the same time, fucking kek. Its always about those "ugly bitches" being totally jealous of the 10/10 attractive "thots" or whatever, high school shit

No. 1485259

You can be a tradthoth without a man and that's why it's empowering unlike being a tradthot.

No. 1485261

File: 1675019748470.jpg (12.35 KB, 250x216, b78277473bdb1adb1a08e630fbbd93…)

Rope yourself. Kek i'm literally a femcel myself but it's literally always a (((moids))) faults no matter what, assuming you aren't a LARPing scrote to begin with anyway.

No. 1485267

Call yourself a femcel as much as you want but can you not racebait?

No. 1485268

Don't care about the moid crying about women he's retarded but
>Just because you only defend the women who share your exact same views and lifestyle doesn't mean that other women are like that
Good luck with that kek, you guys never learn. At least stick to women who will have your back, i would feel like shit if i had to defend pickmes working actively against what i defend over and over, they will embarrass you at some point and you know it

No. 1485274

Go back to twitter.
inb4 ((())), femcel, rope

No. 1485280

More women should harass men, actually.

No. 1485282

that attitude is why pickmes stay pickmes tho. they don't feel like other women have their back (and ig in your case they're right) so they keep flocking to moids because at least society lies to them and says that moids will protect and cherish them or whatever retarded propaganda trad is spewing these days. do whatever you want but if all women behaved like you no one would be around to convert the pickmes when they eventually fall hard enough to break their delusion.

No. 1485283

Moids who hit on women at the gym at the pathetic ones. Wearing a sports bra and work out pants is not sexualizing yourself. wtf

No. 1485287

Fr. OP is a woman hating pick me who would throw women until the bus for men and seethe other women are getting 'attention' when they don't even want it. Men do the bare minimum and get a standing ovation. Father of the year brushes his little girl's hair once, when the mother is running around picking her up from school, cleaning, cooking and do majority else. Men truly live life on easy mode. Even a fat man is the most pathetic because they are allowed a heavier calories intake and don't have to work out nearly as much to get muscles/lose fat.

No. 1485288

I don't use twitter, no idea why man hating is considered twittoid behavior now

No. 1485290

They should just be taken out back and shot. Men dont understand normal social cues and body language and autistic men are worse.

No. 1485292

I don't mean that I'm gonna defend every single pickme and their dumb arguments/choices, I'm just saying that I'm not gonna ignore or agree with misogynistic and retarded takes just because they are directed towards women I disagree with. E.g. even though I don't wear revealing clothes, I know that they aren't the reason why rapists/creeps are a thing, men will rape/assault women no matter their outfit, so I'm not going to shit on these women for no reason.

No. 1485299

Your post made me realise I should cut ties with an artist friend.

No. 1485300


No. 1485308

>man hating is considered twittoid
It isn´t. It's the way you use triple parentheses and certain terminology. It's more of a 4chanish behaviour then twitter but both have users that are equally substandard, one edging further away from the line.

No. 1485336

File: 1675025444707.jpg (174.34 KB, 1272x757, fdfxcxzcdf.jpg)

No. 1485339

File: 1675025542662.png (117.36 KB, 1588x223, jism.png)

autistic men > normal men. I have one of my own, and he's devoted to me like a dog to its owner.

No. 1485340

I bet you two stink and act like theater kids out in public.

No. 1485343

File: 1675025861241.jpg (239.2 KB, 1440x810, Gwen.jpg)

Gwen's design is good. She is a doll that became human and her design shows that. Unless you're stupid and don't know that lolita fashion and hair drills are associated with dolls.

No. 1485346

Not to mention that obsession is seriously dangerous in men and we know all male autists can get violent and rapey. Just because he obeys anon now doesn't mean he isn't a danger to her. He's like a Pitbull, he'll snap one day for no reason.

No. 1485351

Autistic men are so hot when they have no ego, they know that you're the best thing to ever happen to them and act like it every waking second. Normie men can't compare to such a perfect specimen.
They're even worse than normie moids when they have even a shard of hubris though. Anything beyond earned confidence in their special skill (and sometimes even that) turns them into vile failed humans for which there is no hope of escape.

No. 1485359

Female on male harassment doesn't exist because moids feel flattered when women flirt with them

No. 1485364

He's obsessive about hygiene and exercise. He just couldn't find anyone else willing to deal with his tism. Like once we went to a concert, I suddenly couldn't find him, he was overwhelmed and had left without me out of panic. Also, he's rich but women never found out about that because they weren't willing to get to know him better after they found out about his autistic behavior.

Exactly this, if you get a good one they have self awareness and know just about no one's willing to deal with their sensory shit and suddenly needing to be completely alone for a week straight. Mine will sometimes say "please don't look at me today okay?" because he needs a break from being looked at kek. He knows its retarded and thinks I'm a literal angel for even bothering with him.

No. 1485369

Kek i feel for you nonna. Autistic men were a fucking mistake, don't get me wrong here all men are but autistic men evoke a very specific, primal rage in me. Every single autistic man i've met is a complete fucking creep with no social skills because scrotists are relentlessly coddled while autistic women learn social skills and how to fit into society, more than likely at the cost of our individuality. They all get special passes to act like complete spergazoids but god forbid a female autist do something slightly not socially acceptable kek. Male autists grow into one of the following: Rapist, tranny, leech living off disability, or all of the above.

No. 1485374

File: 1675027211851.jpeg (16.25 KB, 275x183, 3A3BB6FE-0854-46D8-9066-E76485…)

I know a zoomer girl who literally go out in white crop top, like sports bra, and spandex shorts and be like “oh the pigs”
I mean… either don’t make their lives easier by doing what they like or just own it and be chill about unnecessary males gazing, who the fuck cares

No. 1485378

>Mine will sometimes say "please don't look at me today okay?"
i don't care how unpopular of an opinion this is that is cute asf nonnie. i hope you and your bf have many happy years together

No. 1485379

Tranny alert. Fuck off you retarded moid.

No. 1485385

File: 1675027619734.jpeg (599.64 KB, 1920x2560, Image-3-scaled.jpeg)

Somewhat agree. Like there's no need to wear pic rel to the gym. Shorts that have scrunch pattern so it goes literally between your asscheeks, and those shapes under the butt that makes it look lifted and even more emphasized. It's like wearing a padded push up bra and complaining that people look at your cleavage.

No. 1485394

We can create it, anon. If I was slightly more deranged and had any particular scrotes I wanted to interact with negatively, I'd pretend to be a man and relentlessly send abusive messages.

No. 1485397

Imagine if we put all this energy worrying about what women wear to the gym into actually working out.

No. 1485398

You're just not ugly enough.

No. 1485401

NTA but

No. 1485420

NTA but you anons know damn well they know the men are looking because of their outfits/bodies. They're enjoying the attention and flexing their desirability in a socially acceptable way. It's superstraight culture.

No. 1485438

Tangent and this probably isn’t unpopular on LC specifically but men can’t handle when a woman has basic standards and act like you’re a demanding controller when you try and have difficult conversations with them. Most younger couples who are either long term or married already have immature moids and doormat wives and then act shocked when the first real life challenge they have to face together tears them apart.

No. 1485501

File: 1675035868759.jpeg (298.7 KB, 1117x1191, R (4).jpeg)

The prequels were better than the original trilogy, even if the dialogue is cringe.

No. 1485504

Only reason I stayed as long as I did on reddit was because of this.

No. 1485505

You have good taste nonnie.

No. 1485508

Don't even try it, they will defend them retards 'til they die, ironic, if a cow pulled the same bullshit they would call it what it is: narcissism and public indecency, in fact, going out with barely any clothes/hoe outfits its prime cow behavior and cringe as hell

No. 1485509

I really don't want to entertain the obvious scrote who started this discussion but this is probably comfortable regarding sweat.

No. 1485510

File: 1675036837866.jpeg (3.55 MB, 2700x1840, 1653079197065.jpeg)

Yes, I will defend any woman over mra scrotes. Problem?

No. 1485511

Thank you, you too have fantastic taste in films. What I liked the most in the prequels was that we got to see Anakin turn to the dark side and the reasoning why he did it instead of the generic poor chosen one who gets to train under the best and defeat the bad guy which turned out to be his father which some might say was never done before when the Original star wars film got released but it really isn't.

No. 1485514

Who is talking about men? I wasn't, I just dislike sexualization and I think its pathetic to dress so uncomfortably, dressing like that is humiliating and men are never expected to show so much

No. 1485517

Blue eye privilege is definitely a thing.

No. 1485519

File: 1675037822688.jpeg (72.33 KB, 602x752, main-qimg-932f237ab47bd7e60d2d…)

Yeah, the privilege of being terrifying.

No. 1485521

That was my favourite part as well. Instead of the whole genetic turning evil for no reason, Anakin struggled with temptation and acted out of desperation to save Pademe. It gave more depth to Darth Vadar.

Also lets not forget the "I hate sand," line.

No. 1485522

Agreed. My green eyes scare people because green eyes are associated with witches. It's kinda fun tbh.

No. 1485525

it's mostly the mra talking points that anons are criticizing anyway. also, have you ever been to a gym? women are certainly not the only ones "flexing their bodies", the only difference is that they don't obsess over it and criticize men for it. the women wearing these yoga pants are not worse than the men wearing tank tops so tiny that you can see their nipples + tight short shorts.

No. 1485529

I wonder if it is a regional thing. In my country green eyes are seen as gorgeous, especially on women
Agree, my nigel eyes are blue and look soulless

No. 1485538

Could be, I grew up in a Christian and superstitious part of Canada. There's a fear of witches and the supernatural.

No. 1485540

Men wearing revealing clothing is not promoted or humiliating

No. 1485553

>he needs a break from being looked at kek.
Fuck. Am I an autist?

No. 1485557

Brown eyes coping and seething. Imagine being this obsessed with eye color. Good to know that if I see any of you in public, I'll literally live rent free in your heads

No. 1485573

To be honest, it's interesting how eye colour effects people and their opinions.

No. 1485627

Having light eyes makes an ugly person 10x more ugly and makes an attractive person increasingly more attractive for the fact that they draw you in so you end up scrutinizing every aspect of their face more than you would with somebody with dark eyes.

No. 1485653

i thought the argument was that women do it for attention, so i'm just saying that men do the exact same thing. if anything the fact that they do it unprompted (no promotion/social pressure) is even worse. not sure why men showing off their nipples and bulge would be less humiliated/mocked than women in yoga pants but who cares if these people humiliate themselves anyway, doesn't make mra takes true.

No. 1485689

I think it's weird to expect social media influencers to be "transparent" and disclose details about their financial status and resources. Unless their gearing their content specifically towards poorer people then it really doesn't matter. At this point you should be automatically expecting anyone who is an "influencer" to have money.

Another social media opinion, I think people who tell themselves or other people that couples on social media are secretly miserable and unhappy are kind of sad. I think in general people need to stop being so emotionally invested in the lives of internet strangers. If any of that stuff controls how you feel about your own life or makes you feel bad then you need to log off.

No. 1485704

Getting yelled at by parents for being lazy / underachieving / not doing chores / making bad decisions is not abuse. Most chronically online people who complain about their families are lazy ungrateful fucks.

No. 1485705

it really depends on the intensity and whether or not it's true. getting yelled at, despite trying your heart out, can do a number to your psyche.

No. 1485707

Azumanga Daioh isn't funny at all.

No. 1485709

NTA but I have green eyes and I agree, although it usually exclusively happens in white communities. I've seen so many people who would've been horribly hideous get considered attractive if they have those demonic blue eyes

No. 1485712

>Sexualizes women for wearing workout gear in the gym
>Then continues to complain about said sexualization you did to them
I literally can't kek. Next thing you know you'll be seething about women wearing bikinis to the pool

No. 1485714

I got sexually harassed in the gym wearing sweatpants, hair that hasn't been brushed in days, a flattening sports bra and shirt that was several sizes too big kek. It's weirdly enough one of my most uncomfortable outfits but I wear it to avoid sexualization. On top of that when I do wear it moids will assume I'm jealous if a woman next to me is wearing something more revealing (what is their weird obsession with assuming every woman is jealous?) Or that I have an unattractive body if I'm trying to hide it. You'll never win and everyone is just unhappy with women's existence it feels like so you might as well just wear whatever the hell you want

No. 1485739

I'm not even the original poster, and I wasn't talking about regular gym clothes

No. 1485747

What is your definition of a sexual gym outfit then?

No. 1485755

It's not abuse but getting yelled at for the dumbest shit is exhausting, especially when it's the only way mu mom communicates. Even when she asked us to do any chore she always said in a very condescending tone, no idea if she realized it but she can't speak normally.

No. 1485850

I agree anon. Funny how people change opinions on this every thread. I don’t understand how one can expose themselves on purpose and then complain about the fact that their body is on display. I don’t wear low cuts because what purpose do low cuts have other than showing off my boobs? What purpose do clothes that are designed to show off your body have other than to show off your body? Pls if you dress for the male gaze don’t complain males are gazing. That’s just delusional and the notion of wearing almost no clothes is something girl bossy is libfem as hell.

No. 1485916

My mother and some relatives have blue eyes, and aside from the compliments, it does nothing for your life, even when in my country light colored eyes are rarer than in America.

No. 1485923

I don’t think saying “if he really loved you, he wouldn’t have done x” helps anyone. I’m already thinking that aren’t I? There’s already a disconnect, and that’s why it hurts so much, I don’t understand and I don’t think he loved me. I start feeling dumb, crazy, and question my perception of reality.

Reframing it as “he did love me, he was just selfish” helped me move on. The former is a lose-lose explanation, I’m hurt and he’s not because he never cared. How does that help anyone? That’s not what I wanted, anyway. The latter is a win-win explanation, I get the peace of mind that he did love me, and am reassured I’m not the one who’s hurt the most out of the two because if he loved me then that means he’s the one that has to live with the knowledge that he messed up and the reason we had a fallout. He got in a relationship with me despite knowing he would not make me happy because he loved me too much to not be selfish. And it makes sense because men are notorious for only thinking about what benefits them. They don’t care if they’re harming someone because love to them is what makes them feel good. They love instant gratification, they don’t think about long-term consequences.

No. 1485928

I feel this. I think a person can love someone and still do fucked up things to them because of their own personal issues. But that doesn’t mean that person deserves to be in a relationship or be automatically forgiven. Love just isn’t enough.

No. 1485929

Wearing a niqab is the height of radical feminism.

No. 1485936

i feel you anon and it's definitely possible for people (especially men imho) to love selfishly and do things that will hurt the person they love, especially when they take that person for granted or have their own issues like >>1485928 perfectly said. just because it ended badly doesn't mean your ex never loved you, otherwise most relationships wouldn't make any sense.

this lmao.

No. 1485942

seethe more. radical feminism women are going to be married, rich and taken care of by their children.

liberal feminists are going to be 60, in their butt scrunchie leggings, still streaming to slave-helmet-cells so they can eat, pussy literally falling apart from 40+ years of "freedom", all alone and now looking in the mirror, praying to god.

was it worth it, dummy?

No. 1485945

>covering myself because of moids
Suicide is unironically more appealing

No. 1485946

File: 1675099599266.jpeg (108.16 KB, 500x499, 59B162B3-8B6D-43F1-9103-C694A7…)

No. 1485947

This, there is no reason for men to show their arms unless they want me to cut them off.

No. 1485948

You're a tranny.

No. 1485949

I think people say that because they don’t understand men and overestimate them

No. 1485950

kek you're so shit at larping, kys male

No. 1485951


No. 1485952

dunno how likely these are but you'll definitely have roped by then

No. 1485960

Then why aren’t men running around in spandex and with wedgies? This shit is ridiculous lol. If you don’t want to sweat then just don’t workout

No. 1485979

I wish it was the norm for (attractive) scrotes to wear uncomfortably tight and revealing clothes so you could see their balls and dick line while they work out. Maybe even tight man ass kek. And the fatties have to wear a potato sack until they get fit. I mean it'd probably look ridiculous but so do the ass crack crinkle leggings

No. 1485984

They run around completely topless instead.

No. 1485988

Me too. But I think sexualizing scrotes is long overdue and they would hate it, which is based. Giving men what they want on the other hand is cringe

No. 1485989

I’ve never seen a man topless at my gym. Ever

No. 1485990

I like to make moids uncomfortable by casually objectifying men. Not them, but fictional men or celebrities. They get all quiet and it's funny

No. 1485992

Honestly who am I kidding. In reality they would love it if the tables turned and they started getting ogled and groped by women

No. 1485997

So that must mean it never happens! Ever! Good job anon you figured it all out. Anons are just lying.
No but seriously I see the most disgusting fat pigs going topless any time it's slightly warm. Consider yourself lucky.

No. 1486001

File: 1675104145733.jpg (1.35 MB, 3017x2209, men-sports.jpg)

uhh many men do wear tight clothes to the gym, for biking and for running though. women's clothing is usually made to show off the butt more (while men usually show their arms/torso), but spandex is definitely used for sportswear for both sexes, it's not "ridiculous" lmao.

No. 1486003

Lucky you kek. Not just in the gym either. I hope you're out there yelling at every moid to cover up in summer.

No. 1486005

Just make endless gay jokes then, accusing them of wanting to attract other men.

No. 1486021

they would love it if it was done to them personally, seeing other men get attention over them hurts their egos. which is why we should make every male character ever have a huge visible dick bulge and giant muscles, just like they make every female character have giant tits and ass. make them be forced to see overly sexualized men every day

No. 1486026

You’d think men would like to be objectified by women but they don’t. Most of them do not want women to find them attractive because it’s too consensual. If a guy is very cute or good looking you’ll see that he actually finds the attention he gets for his appearance annoying. Kind of like how they really want sex but they don’t want the woman to consent to it too easily. Men are weird and complicated and their thinking doesn’t make much sense.

No. 1486028

this is unpopular in woke spaces but idk about normal people, but i think poly people only get into multiple relationships because they're ugly and aren't actually that attracted to their partners, because they can all only date other ugly people like themselves. And the lack of attraction makes them detached enough to want to search out people they're more attracted to. But they like each other enough as friends that they don't mind still being together and getting sex out of it. Or why else are they all so far below average looking?

No. 1486029

NTA but yeah I think the difference is how women's gym shorts will be like, smaller and more revealing than underwear and they suction cup to each ass cheek and the labia rofl. Bike shorts or less crazy non-naked-looking spandex gym shorts are definitely the best pants for the gym though bc baggy shorts or sweats are terrible for squats and deadlifts. Wearing baggy pants for those is just asking for your ass crack to eat your pants like pacman and it looks ridiculous.

No. 1486032

Spandex up ass cracks looks ridiculous is what I meant
My gym is usually freezing though. Of course I see men topless during the summer outside

No. 1486033

I fully agree with this and I loudly say it whenever poly people come up in conversation and everyone agrees kek. Poly people all look like they reek and they have to cope with not having one attractive partner by having 10 insanely ugly ones. They're the type to brag online about their "10 girlfriends" and it's a collection of the world's most unfortunate looking individuals ever spawned.

No. 1486034

File: 1675107240257.jpg (103.61 KB, 980x552, 131011163253-polyamory-07-hori…)

this is 100% correct

No. 1486039

KEK I saw this on the front page and immediately guessed it's some crusty ass polycule

No. 1486054

Because it's not the gym clothes pandered towards men? It's not like these women go out of their way to dress slutty, most athletic clothes for women is made this way and it's hard finding "modest" gym clothes, especially in the bottoms

No. 1486061

Nta and I just got here but this is such a retarded excuse. I have a gazillion non-sexy non-tight shorts that are great for working out. Literally just walk into Walmart or Target (Or whatever other country equivalent)

No. 1486065

Yeah tbh, what's stopping more women from just buying the same shorts meant for men, but in smaller sizes? It's the gym, not a fashion show.

No. 1486068

It took me all of 60 seconds to visit the adidas website and find normal pants fit for a workout. There’s an entire section devoted to pants specifically. They’re not hard to find lmao

No. 1486081

If I went out naked, I'd still hold scrotes responsible for not looking at me.

No. 1486112

I don't get how feminists can be mad at women who wear revealing clothing. You know the state of feminism in America is in fucking shambles, yeah? Liberal and choice feminism is the feminist "norm" here, yeah? Society is always pushing for women to dress more revealing and to wear tighter clothes. That's the norm. It's like some radfems think that EVERY normie women KNOWS this is misogynist but LOVES misogyny and would LOVE to be harrassed by moids. It's like they don't realize that this is just normal. And they'll go like "well why can't they just wear REGULAR CLOTHES", like… you understand that this is all SOCIAL CONDITIONING and you're GENUINELY SURPRISED that normie women are…. socially conditioned…. like? Women are groomed from birth to accept this all as normal. This is THE NORM. You understand that because this is "normal" that many normie women aren't just going to realize that this is misogyny just out of the blue, right? They are told that you should dress in the way that men find attractive because most normie women are straight and these normie women aren't going to be like "you know what! I love being alone and I'm going to give up all moids because it's not worth it!" They will not think this because they are normie straight women that do want to engage in romantic relationships with moids because sexuality and romance is normal. To be like "you stupid normie straight women are idiots if you don't give up males and stop doing things society deems as normal you're just aiding misogyny" is not going to change anyone's mind. I understand that being a radfem can be miserable and upsetting when looking at society but you can't just tell normie women to go straight to separatism and wearing men's clothing (Inb4 anyone clowns on me for this, go talk to some actual normie women in real life and you will see what I mean). Like sure, you can act like all women who don't read feminist theory are evil bitches who want to be subjugated and mistreated forever but maybe you should take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
If you really want to change the minds of the women around you, you have to ease them into the idea of radical feminism. You can't just tell them to stop wearing makeup RIGHT NOW or else they'll burn in the depths of antifeminist hell for all of eternity because many normie women actually like makeup and they like fashion and they like men. Not just "they put up with it" but they LIKE it because that is what they are told is acceptable and that is what they are groomed to like. It doesn't occur to them that it is misogynist.

No. 1486117

If your child is all those things because of mental disorders like autism and depression it's kinda your fault they've became like this tho. Children don't "owe" their parents anything so they don't have to be "grateful" anyway.

No. 1486118

Anon please this is embarrassing, is not hard to find normal gym clothes, stop making excuses for trashy individuals

No. 1486127

>I don't get how feminists can be mad at women who wear revealing clothing.
Good that one itt is very obviously a larping moid trying to hind behind libfem insults the same way they hide behind woke culture to shit in women.

No. 1486133

Yeah when I was a kid I wanted to be a hoochie when I grew up, and you know what? I dressed skimpy as a teenager and I thought I just looked cool and I looked "hot" because I felt like I was supposed to. Now I dress like a bum and i ringe whenever I see girls that are like 14 dressing how I used to. I know they don't know any better, and with tiktok pushing bimbo shit it's only gonna get worse. Things are only gonna get really bad before they ever get good.

No. 1486134

I think you might be overexaggerating things a little bit.

No. 1486136

I exclusively wear baggy pants and tees to the gym and I found them easily, they're usually cheaper than high quality workout leggings as well.

Honestly I think women dressing in revealing clothing at the gym usually are doing so because they are either very self-conscious about their image and hate the thought of looking "frumpy" in public, or because they just really like their body and want to see themselves in the mirror. Some might do it for comfort but I find that hard to understand if only because I hate wearing tight-fitting clothing when I'm sweating kek but maybe I'm autistic. Either way it's a very small number of women that are actually trying to draw male attention at the gym. That being said I think some people will overreact to male attention at the gym, I've seen plenty of videos where a woman catches a "creep" and he's just looking at her or walking past her. I don't think there's anything wrong with looking at attractive people especially if you can tell they worked hard on their body. It's like if I had a car I worked really hard on, I'm not going to drive it around covered in a tarp, I'm gonna show it off, and if other people admire it that's okay. Any kind of verbal and physical harassment is unacceptable, that goes without saying, but looking is not harassment in my opinion.

No. 1486137

File: 1675116493989.jpg (76.24 KB, 778x902, Profile_-_Jasmine.jpg)

Just look at how girl characters dress in children's media.

No. 1486138

Aren’t you doing more of a disservice to them by pretending like they have no agency? Basically you’re saying they’re dumb. Personally I don’t think they are. I MYSELF used to dress slutty, just because I liked my body looking nice. These women cannot admit to themselves or anyone that how they dress has anything to do with looks, and only about how it feels. “It”s too hot out” “these are better for working out” etc etc that’s the main issue and I think if they were doing it for themselves they’d have less of an issue admitting it. They’re not, they know it, and that’s the main issue imo

No. 1486139

The problem with your argument is that you're being too generous in thinking that the people criticizing women for dressing "revealing" are worried about them or entertaining feminist ideals in any capacity.

No. 1486141

Not everyone is a burger, christ. In a lot of countries wearing trashy clothes is just trashy and not a norm.

No. 1486143

Feminists understand women get hated for EVERYTHING in America. People get so fucking triggered just by women existing around them, people even take creepshots of women just for the sake of nitpicking their body. There's so many more issues to focus on than clothes

No. 1486144

Right, when the stares got uncomfortable for me that’s when I just stopped showing off. Like, I was not surprised but the solution was simple

No. 1486145

And now I just literally dress slutty to feel myself at home lmao, I sound like a tranny but it’s true. That phase lasted not more than a year

No. 1486146

This. I'm tired of the way some anons essentially equate adult women to literal children. It's like the same libfem nonsense but repackaged, they both almost want women to remain helpless and void of any/all accountability, except libfems think that's empowering, while some anons here think it's wrong to take issue because they think the average woman has terminal baby-brain.
It's not even like this is a feminist hill to die on, we're in the unpopular opinions thread and talk about random, silly things all the time. It's not an attack on women to point out some clothes are heavily sexualized.

No. 1486149

nta but she's not saying they have no agency, rather normie women are more likely to just stick to the status quo, whether they think critically about it or not. a lot of anons on the site like to pretend that society doesn't effect them, or that it shouldn't effect any woman. and that all women who are contributing to patriarchal aspects of society are doing so knowingly. a lot of women actually do believe libfem values are taking back womanhood and women's sexuality, and that's not because they secretly believe it's misogynistic or something, but because if you look at it from a more narrow lens it's different enough from misogyny to seem that way. some women will never ever get it, and many are satisfied with how their basic lives are. follow trends, buy what they're sold, be critical of things that are targeted to them. tons of people live their lives like that and will never think about anything more. it doesn't mean they're stupid or have no agency, they just are comfortable following what they're given.

No. 1486150

I had a liberal “feminist” tell me I deserved being molested as a child simply for saying women should dress more modestly because at our age we should know better about men already

No. 1486151

tonight at the gym, I saw a young girl, maybe 12-14 years old in long pants, a long black collard shirt with a long black sleeve top underneath and I felt so proud of her. It's actually rare these days to see literal 12 year olds wearing non-revealing clothes. She's obviously being raised by parents probably a good father who knows his own species are rabid degenerates and want to shield her from the state of modern males and don't want their child to objectified by rape apes in the gym. I honestly don't give a shit about some OF bitch crying about being hit on in the gym whilst wearing provocative, half naked attire. They know what they are doing. They are seeking attention and promotion. You don't wanna be looked at in real life but are okay with thousands looking at you online? ROFL.

This new generation is fucking retarded and i'm 25 years old.

No. 1486153

If moids want to objectify a 12 year old theyre going to do it no matter what she's wearing retard, videos of kids eating ice cream have pedos commenting sick shit on them. Also what does the father have to do with this?

No. 1486154

I'm with the anons who agree on modesty, but any woman knows dressing modestly won't stop men from creeping. I dress in literal garbage bags at the gym and still get creeped on. Men can be responsible for their actions

No. 1486155

“Yasss stick it to men by showing them your tits qween girlboss” is only empowering if you wanted to pander to men to begin with but needed some reason to not make it seem like that’s what it is, sure

No. 1486156

This is so moid like and gross.

No. 1486157

I'm the anon who wrote >>1486112
And you're the only anon that gets it top kek.

No. 1486158

This is true but I see dressing modestly like a first line of defense. You should still carry pepper spray, taser, knife, but it decreases the likelihood you’ll have to use them

No. 1486159

Okay, so why is it wrong for posters here to think that's dumb?

No. 1486161

Even before I started thinking critically about anything I was able to arrive at “uncomfortable >because stares> because body part showing> cover it” as a solution

No. 1486162

Ayrt, how is it dumb.

No. 1486163

File: 1675118241662.jpg (84.31 KB, 1092x1200, cocksucker.jpg)

I hate every single one of you talking about modesty, because there is no way you are somewhere that is 30°C and more than 60% of humidity.

No. 1486164

I live in Florida, I’m only outside most of the time for 3 minutes max, from my car to whatever air conditioned building. If I can manage, you probably can too

No. 1486165

It's not misogynistic to see it as wrong/dumb for people to follow the status quo without ever questioning a single thing.

No. 1486166

No that doesn't sound realistic at all. And an AC? Do I look rich to you?

No. 1486167

It's retarded to hold it against normie women though kek you're just fighting imaginary battles at that point.

No. 1486168

Guarantee I live in a hotter country than you. Even ladies selling stuff outside all day don't think they need to dress in yasss queen slay gear.

No. 1486169

right, but then you couple it with the fact that we're not supposed to give into men sexualizing us as an excuse to covrr up. anti slut shaming, anti victim blaming and pro female autonomy would dictate that you as a woman should be able to wear what you want and that men are wrong for viewing it sexually, not that women are contributing to the sexualization of the female form. couple that with the push of sexualized trends, the normie woman feels like she's doing what's right by dressing in a way she wants that also happens to be sexual.

No. 1486170

Anon, who's holding it against them or fighting any battle? All anyone is doing is posting on lolcor, why get angry about it? No one should talk about anything unless they're in fight mode?

No. 1486172

imagine flexing that you never get fresh air or go on walks

No. 1486173

>If ever woman around you isn't dressed in IG gear, you live in an Islamic shithole!! The true, free nature of women is to dress for the male gaze, that's just what's comforting to us uwu
Real libfem hours

No. 1486174

Post annual avarage temperature. Or don't, it's not like it'll make me feel any less warm here.

No. 1486175

The conversation is about american women. You know that trends are different in every country? Yes? In america everything is overly sexualized. Jesus christ use your fucking brain cells and realize we are not talking about you.

No. 1486177

I lived in a fucking shithole country where we had no ac. We had fans though. If I managed then, so can you wherever you are, doubt it’s any hotter than that place is.

No. 1486178

>most of the time
Do you even know what reading is?

No. 1486181

Why are you pretending there are no normal women's clothes in America? Do you go outside?

No. 1486182

again, you're not listening. they're aren't necessarily not questioning it, they just don't want to rock the boat if you will. think about it. the average day of a normie woman is waking up, going to work, getting food, walking their dog, doing cardio, browsing insta, watching netflix. they're not doing actively assuming they're not thinking critically, it's just not the answer you want. most people do live in a society. that's what's easy, that's why when you're critical of society people say you're "woke" as in woke up, or make matrix references. the norm is going with the flow, whatever that flow is.

No. 1486183

Nobody is saying the true nature of women is dressing for the male gaze you fucking schizo, just that it is THE FUCKING NORM. Why? Because the world is RUN BY MEN.

No. 1486184

Not going to doxx myself, but the point is, there are ways to stay cool.

No. 1486185

> anti slut shaming, anti victim blaming and pro female autonomy would dictate that you as a woman should be able to wear what you want and that men are wrong for viewing it sexually, not that women are contributing to the sexualization of the female form.
You’re straight up asking for a miracle at that point, literally going against nature itself. Men are apes and are WIRED to find any bit of skin on women arousing. Ffs

No. 1486187

You're literally deranged, dirty deleting and bashing people left and right for not buying into your weird "We all live in Miss Bimbo, and don't you dare say anything about it" LARP. Take a break lol.

No. 1486188

nta but this sounds like you're taking autonomy from women.

No. 1486189

There are no fans on the streets.

No. 1486190

it's not what i'm asking for, i am just saying that libfems truly believe that and so it's hard to think critically about it when you already believe you are.

No. 1486191

>they're not thinking critically
Yes, and it's not wrong for anons to dislike that. It's not wrong for any group of people to dislike the way society encourages people not to think critically. In fact, thinking that sort of thing is dumb just encourages more of us to not fall back into that line of living.
So, what is the problem? Aren't anons allowed to do that?

No. 1486192

The anons itt don't get this because they assume every single woman knows exactly how every facet of society is to objectify and subjugate women just automatically. Everyone's like "stop treating women like babies!!!" But they are overestimating the critical thinking skills of people in general if they truly think that it is just the simplest thing in the world for a normie straight american woman, who live RELATIVELY privileged lives compared to women in other countries, to just give up everything they are being told and sold on their own. It's like they don't actually talk to women irl. The same logic used to "peak" TRAs should be used to introduce normie women to radical feminism.

No. 1486194

>Don't criticize society because we live in a society
I don't think this thread is for "peaking normie women", it's just anons posting their thoughts and opinions.

No. 1486195

anons can think it's dumb, but it's stupid to hold people accountable for just living their lives when that's all people are meant to do.

No. 1486196

Ok actually we had fans on our streets lmao

No. 1486197

well the issue is that saying women aren't likely to be critical is babying them according to some anons when it's just a fact. normies aren't critical in general, no one is saying whether they should be or not, just stating a fact.

No. 1486198

Oh my fucking god, way to miss the point so entirely. You think a normie woman with normie woman friends is going to become a radfem overnight? To give up male validation, something they have been groomed into seeking out, because it's sexist? You truly expect them to come to that conclusion on their own? You do know normie women don't use lolcow, right?
I'm saying that it is retarded to say that normie women actually love to be ogled and harrassed and molested and creeped on because they don't? They're sold a bunch of bullshit and they follow that bullshit because it's the norm.
And I am allowed to share my opinion and disagree with others. People are not understanding that women aren't actually asking to be raped just because they wear sports bras.

No. 1486200

my unpopular opinion is that anons on the site sometimes confuse facts for opinions simply because they don't want those facts to be facts. ie this entire fucking conversation.

No. 1486201

I think women's lives are more varied than some people here make it out to be. You don't need to be a radfem or browse Lolcow to not dress a certain way, do certain things, etc, or vice versa.

No. 1486202

i'm >>1486188 and didn't mean to respond to you, hit your post accidentally because of the deleting and weird site loading issues. meant to respond to >>1486185

No. 1486204

Ayrt, sorry for sperging at ypu then kek thanks for clearing that up! I agree with you.

No. 1486205

>People are not understanding that women aren't actually asking to be raped
Who said this?

No. 1486207

Knowing thinks they’re asking to be raped, I do think they’re asking to be ogled though.
How do you peak normie women then and make them arrive at my “uncomfortable> because stares> because body part showing>cover it” which everyone conveniently ignored was my solution as a NORMIE, and did not make me think society would collapse and take women’s rights away all of a sudden just because I refused to partake in my own sexualization anymore? Oh right, because women are brainwashed to seek out male validation too. So what’s so wrong with hating women that pretend that’s not what they’re doing and make a show out of getting what they wanted. My gosh

No. 1486208

some anons will attack you for certain things though. i think the way some new users are radfem or believe they are radfem is actually harmful to the site(and women in general) than they were a few years ago. i personally don't think anons or women in general should be attacked for doing basic things that may attract male gaze, especially when they're basing it on generalizations. take the gym clothes conversation if i'm more comfortable in tight clothes should i not wear them just incase it's male gazey? what about accounting for men who have fetishes for baggy clothes? it's grasping at straws to complain about that stuff and assuming everyone does something for the same reason is stupid.

No. 1486209

Right, nobody. All we said is they’re asking to be ogled. The reading comprehension of some of you is subpar

No. 1486210

i guarantee if you're using an imageboard you were never a normie.

No. 1486214

You sound incredibly autistic. If you want to peak normie women, TALK TO THEM. They will not be using any extra critical thinking skills because they are normies. This is not infantilization, normies in general do not think critically of anything. Unless of course you'd rather stay on lolcow than go out and interact with IRL normie women!

No. 1486215

> what about accounting for men who have fetishes for baggy clothes?
Lol there’s way less of those, if at all (seriously never heard of that), the odds of finding at the gym also is probably null

No. 1486216

Some of you sound like you think women are solely responsible for the way that men as a whole treat them.

No. 1486218

Their whole thing is they have black and white thinking, and they think everyone else does too. So anons saying
>A lot of women wear things for the male gaze (something we all understand is normal and pervasive and socially ingrained). Some of them pretend they don't know why men are looking at them, while also filming themselves as they complain, posting thirst traps in the same clothes and selling nudes on OF (meaning they know what's going on). That's pretty cringe, yeah?
>Women are LITERALLY asking to be RAPED by wearing SLUTTY CLOTHES all the time they are so STUPID unlike us totally based RADFEMS
And their reaction is "Omg so you don't realize we all live in a society?? You're all so fucking dumb ugh, you are literally victim blaming right now, blah blah islamic niqab". Just extreme jumps. We all know that patriarchy encourages certain things, choices don't exist in vacuums. That doesn't mean we can't roll our eyes at some things or talk about how it can be hypocritical or self-contradictory.

No. 1486221

but its not that difficult to understand that wearing revealing clothing will get you looks and attention in public not even from men but from people that wondering why someone would wear that outside. Tell me one reason why a woman would go outside half naked that isn't to do with hot temperature. Literally WHY. These clothes are used for ATTENTION. If you do not want attention why do you wear revealing clothes? spaz out and get triggered cos a human looks at you in real life? is it cos you can't charge like o OF? LOL.

No. 1486224

I'll presume this is sarcasm.

No. 1486226

I’d have more respect for those women if they just owned it
> Some of them pretend they don't know why men are looking at them, while also filming themselves as they complain, posting thirst traps in the same clothes and selling nudes on OF
This did actually happen? Because if so sounds like fetish-y content made for their consumers. Men love circlejerking so seeing live footage or whatever of normie men gawking is approval they crave. Like “oh they also find her attractive, nice”. Men that pay for content especially are cucks like that

No. 1486227

You are right anon. But i feel like it's important to understand that men have been nasty perverts from the beginning of time and they have little to no regard about the comfort of women. Imo, this is where feminism in general fails. Everyone is just waiting around for men to stop behaving in ways that clearly come natural. They also have very low empathy with women in general. That being said, i wish the angle was more that we need to make more spaces for women free of moids. Obviously we can't change or kill all men, but we can sure as hell try our best to get the hell away from them or try to deter their attention. Moids themselves constantly tell women they are willing to rape them if they dress slutty and women's fashion also happens to be incredibly slutty nowadays and a lot of fitness trends are catered to the notion that women will be walking around half naked. I don't agree with the og anon, but i cannot ignore her either.

No. 1486228

We actually had fans on our streets, because of a lot of street vendors. You totally win though, cockbreath

No. 1486229

Women are not sold revealing clothing nowadays with any mention of it being "for males" or "for male attention" no company is going to say "dress like this and you'll get men to hound you!" They do not say that. Men are not mentioned at all. It is just pushed as being "fashionable" and "trendy". That's all it'll be sold as. Americans as a whole are pretty dumb. Normie americans do not think twice about these things. Sure, maybe a normie woman appreciates it when an attractive man flirts with them, but they are not dressing specifically to "entice" men, not at the fucking gym unless they have exceptionally low self-esteem and self-worth. They are dressing like that because it is sold as "cute" and "trendy" and "fashionable".

No. 1486230

Yeah, you're right. There were at least two woman who went viral on TikTok and Twitter for just that. I think they just did it for controversy/replies on top of pleasing their fanbase, and it worked. There were scrotes seething at them, and libfems trying to defend them (even when it was obvious these women were gaming the system and/or advertising). Both of them probably got a shitton of OF simps from the whole debacle.

No. 1486232

This. We need more women's only gyms. I'm not sure why that's not a big part of the discussion, but I'm trying not to assume the worst.

No. 1486233

You’re peak delusional if you think women aren’t trying to look good and dress revealing for male attention. And that clothes aren’t sold with the notion of looking good to attract men. I’d say it’s even worse than it used to be with the pornification of everything because zoomers grew up on porn. Like you’re living in alternative universe or something.

No. 1486235

Much of the problems of unwanted male attention comes from living in poor areas filled with stupider people with less impulse control. Stop living in poor areas and 80% of the problem of men being annoying goes away. Who is it catcalling and stopping people on the street? It's some unemployed person or some day laborer every single time, it's always the underclass.

People just dance around the class issue and focus on clothing so much, literally just realize the problem is you're poor and you need to move away from poor people.

No. 1486236

Exactly, I don't understand why that anon is trying so hard to dance around something as basic as the majority of heterosexual women wanting to be seen as attracive by heterosexual men.

No. 1486237

This is bad unsaged trolling and you should feel bad.

No. 1486239

NTA but no one needs to sage on /ot/, newfag

No. 1486240

I know normie women. I have normie woman friends. I have never once heard them say anything like "I wear this because guys love checking me out when I wear it". Not once. Normie women do like to get male attention, this isn't some "normie women love the patriarchy and want all feminist to kill themselves" thing, they want this male attention because that's what they have been groomed into wanting and because they are straight women, and you generally do like to receive attention from attractive members of the sex you're attracted to. I don't doubt that there are normie women who do have male attention at the forefront of their minds, but to many women this is not even a passing thought. They dress like that because they want to be trendy and they want clothes that are deemed cute or attractive.

All I am saying is that many normie women are not explicitly going out of their way to appeal to men. That is just what society tells them to do, that is what they see the women around them do, that is what they see the women on tv do, so in a lot of cases it becomes a "monkey see monkey do" situation where they don't really question WHY they do it, they just do it because all the women around them do it and that's all they have known. Not all women are able to actually take a thoughtful look at the society around them.

No. 1486241

What's with these retards telling people to sage in ot? I had one the other day

No. 1486242

I was about to say that the "yasss queen objectify yourself" thinking is dangerous, idealistic and would get you trafficked in my shithole and that everyone sane will tell you to not wear uncomfortable clothes that could attract harassers but we are talking about muricans so of course in their little world shit works different i guess

No. 1486243

You can’t just move if you’re poor. Such an unnecessary comment.

No. 1486245

No one’s gonna say that outright, nonnie. Are you autistic and don’t understand social norms?

No. 1486248

Newfags who got scolded for not saging milk gradually make their way out of cow boards and try to act clever here

No. 1486249

Girl if you want to infight take it to the disagreements only thread. Also nobody itt is advocating for women to dress like the onlyfans whores you seem so autistically obsessed with.

No. 1486250

Nobody needs to sage, but it is a polite thing to do when you are posting stupid things. Don't bump threads that don't need to be bumped.

No. 1486252

I'm not even the same anon dumbass

No. 1486253

You can be honest. They are trying to get men to think they are sexy at the very least. I've spoken to normie women who have straight up admitted it. I doubt most normie women have positive views of feminists anyways, especially when they go around telling them that their vapid behaviour is wrong. That being said, we can make it clear that none of them have the intention of getting raped, not that it needs to be mentioned.

No. 1486254

Are you autistic? I am literally describing social norms in my post. Social norms are not something that are at the forefront of your mind unless you are autistic. You don't think "oh jeez oh gosh I HAVE to look at them in the eye when I speak to them oh jeez oh gosh" you don't (if you aren't autistic) because it's just expected of you to look people in the eyes as you speak to them. Much like how society expects young women to dress in tighter, more revealing clothes.

No. 1486257

this is really funny if you imagine David Attenborough saying it

No. 1486259

On one hand, you sound like a disgusting bourgeois, on the other, indeed?

No. 1486260

I think the main problem is that women are told to dress a way but society doesn't tell them how men actually perceive them, which is dangerous. For women, a skirt and a crop top are just trendy clothes, they may feel sexy but the intention is not to get harassed

No. 1486266

the term "ai" being contributing to people not understanding what "ai" is, which is generation software. it's basically just reverse recognition software that uses a database to make the image based on the facial/body/grammar/whatever recognition it's programmed with. it's not "creating" anything. just frankensteining images together and averaging out shapes that it's programmed to recognize. anyone saying it's actually ai or creates something is stupid and doesn't understand programming.

No. 1486267

Sure, but a few outings in “slutty” clothing should be enough to understand how men perceive them. Unless you’re saying average normie women also have goldfish memory

No. 1486268

Unpopular opinon: Women who dress sexy absloutely know what they are doing. If you are wearing tiny tight shorts, you have to be literally braindead not to understand that moids will most likely be looking at you or act wild. I really hate this notion that all women are these feeble brainless vessels that don't understand the world around them. A lot of women are very willing to risk their safety and dignity just for moid attention. They don't need to be defended.

No. 1486269

It’s never AI. It’s alway Machine learning with a marketing spin. Fuck the marketing spin

No. 1486270

extreme gore below do not scroll

No. 1486274

This, holy shit lmao

No. 1486285

1. Maybe they actually don't notice men staring (out with friends, live in a small town, etc)
2. Maybe they've had bad experiences with men but do not equate the reasoning to be how they're dressed (men will harrass and assault women no matter how they dress or look)
4. Maybe they understand it but also realize that when they stop putting effort into looking conventionally attractive, everyone, not just men, ignores them or treat them coldly or rudely
You misconstrue "not thinking critically" with infantilizing or assuming they're retarded. It's not assuming them to be retarded if every normie person is already kind of retarded and just goes along with the status quo. You're overestimating the critical thinking skills of normie women*

*normie women being straight women who don't read feminist theory or browse anonymous imageboards

No. 1486295

Yeah, it was a little harsh I suppose, but it's the truth.

I think that's why in wealthy areas housewives are more confident to go out running in firm fitting revealing gear. They'll get male attention but it's manageable, safer form of male attention. But in the areas with state housing, some feeble brained Chris Chan type will come out and just try to start a conversation over and over again.

But that's literally how humans create with imagination. Scholastic Philosophers 1,000 years ago clicked on that there's nothing truly original that humans can create, it's all just a combination of things they've perceived through their life. Like a unicorn is just a combination of horse and horn.

No. 1486296

There are so many bad/misinformed takes about AI and insane fearmongering going around that it's become pointless to try and correct misonceptions. Somehow, it seems to be people who don't know how it works that are the most staunch in their claims about it, and they place so much emotion into the subject that it's better to just leave them be and let them learn on their own. They'll believe what they feel safest believing.

No. 1486299

It's not that I don't know, it's that I want them to die.

No. 1486312

Kinda agree. I was dancing to songs like My Humps and Don't Cha as a kid and wanted to dress like the women in the videos because I thought they were cool and popular. I was in no way thinking of enticing disgusting males. But if I was allowed to dress like that back then I wouldn't even be aware of that reality, that I'd be looked at in a sexual way.

As a grown woman, maybe its still possible to have a bit of the unintentional ignorance that happens when you see a cute outfit, but you do know the effect it has, just might underestimate the extent. It's kind of like people having bad eyebrows for years and later they ask why no one told them they looked fucked. You get blind to how you come across. Knowing some of those women who dress sexy every day everywhere, they really think everyday women dress hideous and depressing. They don't think something can look good unless it's revealing and everything looks frumpy to them.

No. 1486313

I guess women who wear pyjama pants actually just want moids to oogle at them, since there can't possibly be any other reason to wear them.

No. 1486324

File: 1675124706262.jpeg (42.17 KB, 275x274, 1650405097542.jpeg)

We wouldn't have to talk about men oogling us for showing any kind of skin if we just started mass genociding them.

No. 1486325

File: 1675124721498.jpeg (56.57 KB, 580x580, m_5a8a725f9d20f090ffe258a5.jpe…)

My pyjamas pants look like picrel, i would freeze otherwise

No. 1486326

Ok? Others don't.

No. 1486329

I'm just saying damn

No. 1486333

Based Jodi appreciater.

No. 1486335

We shouldn't have to censor our style just because moids are subhuman. The issue isn't women dressing how they want, it's fucking moids barely leaving the animal stage of evolution.

No. 1486337

Nta but don't most people's pajama pants look like that? Like loose fitting soft pants or sweatpants. They're not like, defining and sexy. I personally wear soft furry pants, but I also wear shorts to bed cause I get hot.

No. 1486341

>but I also wear shorts to bed cause I get hot.
uh oh, sounds like you want male attention nonna

No. 1486343

Yeah I have no idea what that anon is on about kek like what are these sexy pj bottoms? Also you’re wearing them in your own home so anon is missing the point anyway

No. 1486344

No. 1486346

File: 1675125615634.png (461.65 KB, 475x600, AD14398A-3EEB-4CED-AAF5-5BE24E…)


No. 1486349

I saw that typo nonny.

No. 1486351

>Also you’re wearing them in your own home
Nice excuse, we all know you want men to oogle you through the windows or else you would cover up your legs down to the ankles you whore. Don't forget your socks too.

you can keep it

No. 1486359

I think most of the self-diagnosed autistic community online are just rude and faking autism in order to avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour.

No. 1486366

i hope you know that this picture was shooped anon. she never wore a shirt saying that. siq troll though

No. 1486368

I dont think I ever liked that 70s show it was just something I watched while bored after school since we didnt have cable.

No. 1486371

omg she's just like marie antoinette

No. 1486393

You're right, but there's like one anon or two who seethe about AI and use Lolcow as a dumping ground for it. They don't make sense.

No. 1486400

that's the AI sperg, anon.

No. 1486404

How is it exactly like what humans do when you said yourself that people shape things trough the perception. "AI" art is a mishmash of thousands of images online, there's no experience or personal taste or thought or story or emotion behind it. Ai defenders are idiots

No. 1486407

that's not what i mean, i don't care about the legitimacy of the art or something. i meant that it's not a proper ai, which has a specific definition. calling generation software ai means you can call any software an ai. ai implies something much more complex and i think calling something so simple an ai is almost offensive.

No. 1486426

My oils professor is a fine artist who studied under Frank Covino for her masters degree and she uses Midjourney to generate images which she paints in oils. She says she can go through thousand of images before she gets even one that’s half-decent. The AI doesn’t know shit about art, it’s up to her - a literal artist by profession - to select images that are interesting, thought-provoking, all the things that art are by definition.

No. 1486453

Damn, some of you would fit nicely in the tradthot/pick me threads. Congrats on not wearing revealing clothing, this is probably the case for the majority of anons here, the real question is why do you feel compelled to demean the women who do while making excuses for men? A lot of educated men are perfectly capable of not chimping out whenever they see a woman in a revealing outfit. If you think it's in men's nature to make women uncomfortable and ogle at them, then why even fight things like sexism, rape, paraphilias? It's in their ""nature"" too. We should probably all stay home and live under sharia law to protect ourselves from men's nature. Oh wait, in the countries where women do live like this, they have it even worse. I agree that Western society is definitely too sexualized and pornified but blaming 20yo women who wear yoga pants for it and only expecting them to change is retarded.
Also, you can accuse women of dressing a certain way for male validation but in turn they will accuse you of putting women down for male validation and it is true that there are plenty of men who would praise you for covering yourself and insulting those who don't. I understand challenging women on their lack of critical thinking and pointing it out when they embarrass themselves, but I can't fathom talking about them like a coombrained religious moid would. Just why?

No. 1486471

>why do you feel compelled to demean the women who do while making excuses for men
Because 90% of those posts are made by a larping moid.

No. 1486474

>calling generation software ai means you can call any software an ai.

AI doesn't really have a specific definition, AI gets defined as "what humans can do but computers can't", and as soon as a computer becomes good at something, that's removed from being a sign of intelligence.

Automation doesn't typically affect the top tier of talent in a given industry. There's still tailors making custom clothes and still woodcarvers making luxury products, even if there is thousands of automated clothing factories and thousands of milling machines carving wood down to certain products. You can even find the odd blacksmith making specific metal products.

People that say that the top tier artists are better than automated art are sort of missing the point. This stuff will be used by your average D&D nerd wanting to make a custom character, or a poster promoting a new product. Concept art can be streamlined by churning out thousands and selecting the best. It's pretty much the printing press for the creative process, it definitely speeds it all up.

No. 1486477

this is not even close to correct. are you a man?

No. 1486478

Well done for being stupid enough to think moids will suddenly turn in the perfect little gentlemen someday after millenias of degeneracy that is still on going.
I hate to break it to you but not a single damn thing has been accomplished in that department. If a moid wants to rape or molest somebody, they will do it no matter what laws tell them not to. They will never stop sexualising the things women do, wear what you want and accept they will wank to you regardless if you wear a burqa or a g string. As long as moids keep breathing, you will always have the same problems with them. Stop being stupid.

No. 1486479

File: 1675139891080.jpg (117.8 KB, 850x940, EXtuZY5U8AAc7Kh.jpg)

regarding omegaversefags, I just fail to understand the cognitive dissonance of eroticizing extreme male violence against women as long as the victim is referred to as a "boy" and with "he/him" pronouns

No. 1486484

Omegaverse is the silliest shit ever. It is also pretty sexist if you stop and think about it but just the thought that a male omega has a coochie in his bunghole THAT HE ALSO POOPS FROM LIKE A CLOACA and then has to shit the baby out… that is so funny. Terminally online tumblr fujos are nuts. Imagine being a doctor and you have to deliver the baby of a male omega. Dude just has his shithole aimed straight for your eye.

No. 1486485

How about you fix your reading comprehension before posting? This is embarrassing.

No. 1486486

We can all agree on that, the problem is that you and a lot of anons actually believe they will ever evolve. You just have to deal with it.

No. 1486534

NTA but this is such a weak response

No. 1486544

I'm tired how coomerish literature and entertainment have become and how easily accessible they are to kids. Many of those "YA" and "BookToks books" are fucking spice and smuts a.k.a porn. In some creative communities I'm in, it's like everyone and their pet cockroaches are writing smut (and they act like they're doing something empowering and subversive, despite some of them write the usual toxic formulas).
>>1486479 Omegaverse just disgust me for whatever reason. IDK it somewhat feels troon-adjacent. Omegaversefag are also equal or worse than the most batshit fujo.

No. 1486589

your average mxm smut/mpreg fic is usually just some aiden on the other side of the screen wanting to write fanfic for their 2 favourite male anime characters. i don't think they would ever stop to think about the inherent misogyny of making an omega the weak/breedable one - youre right that its cognitive dissonance but these are people writing a/b/o fics. not an ounce of thought goes into that shit i guarantee you.
i think there's a case to be made that the women writing straight a/b/o fiction should absolutely know better, though. omega buttbabies in mxm are one thing, but seeing women out there writing glorified abuse fics where the alphas get free reign to treat the omega women like human trashbags… its deeply unpleasant

No. 1486593

Sure anon, and that's why you would totally choose Afghanistan (or any other shithole country) to live in over a Western country (or any country where women have rights and men are a tiny bit educated), because it's totally the same everywhere and progress doesn't exist. Have some decency, there are girls married off at 10, excised, killed because they didn't cover their heads and more out there. No one expects men to become "perfect little gentlemen", but if you really think that democracy, education and harsh repression of crimes do nothing, you are retarded. Go take a walk in yoga pants in a Western country, then somewhere in the Middle East and see for yourself.

No. 1486596

males dont even have hips wide enough for this shit. also what in the hell is it talking about with miscarry due to sex? women have sex while pregnant it doesn't magically cause a miscarriage or induced birth what the fuck.

No. 1486600

But even men censor their clothes. All humans censor their clothes so that they don’t look trashy. When you see a trashy dressed moid, slutty dressed gay moid or like a shirtless jacked straight moid, he will get stares from women and head-shakes from men too. Do you also think they’re only dressed like that accidentally? And not because they are getting off on the attention? I don’t get why some of you guys are acting as if women are more braindead than moids and don’t realise what they’re doing. Just admit you don’t have any class and get over it instead of these mental gymnastics.

No. 1486601

This, there is no way they are ALL autistic.

No. 1486605

Most "ADHD" is just a cope for stupidity. Intelligence is like the one thing we discriminate against openly now, so it makes sense people insecure about their intelligence disguise their intellectual inability through a disorder that conspicuously explains all their short fallings. Oh and what's this? Amphetamines just so happens to squeeze out a marginally higher grade? Then it's a magic cure for this vague disorder.

I bet you if we reverted back to feudal times and we were all working on farms, nobody would complain about their ADHD and inability to pay attention.

No. 1486609

I do think human beings are inherently superior to all other animals.

No. 1486614

No, no one gives a shit when moids show muscles or wear deep cut shirts with their chests showing. And why would they, they don't have to censor themselves in fear of getting harassed, raped or killed by the opposite gender because unlike moids, we aren't apes.

No. 1486615

I don't think we're superior, I think we're not some special beings and we're still part of the food chain which is why I don't get vegans at all. If I need to eat meat to be physically healthy I will eat meat, I don't think a bear or a lion would give a fuck about my personal feelings before killing and eating me so why should I care about a cow's or a salmon's feelings then? But I'm sure some people would interpret it as me thinking humans are superior now that you posted this.

No. 1486616

>If a moid wants to rape or molest somebody, they will do it no matter what laws tell them not to.
Yes, and he certainly won't care about how you're dressed. The only times I got sexually assaulted I was dressed like a 16 year old boy in wide pants and a big hoodie, many other women will tell the same story.

No. 1486619

We are special beings, though. We are literally the only animal capable of complex thought. Human beings are a race of super braniacs from a dog's perspective. And even that, jokingly saying "from a dog's perspective", we're the only animal capable of looking from the point of view of another. And even saying that you think we're not special beings is funny because we're the only animals capable of coming to that conclusion, no other animal is capable of thinking that.

I just really like humans and I think we're really cool and I love how people never really seem to change even after thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Not the bad parts but just regular human behaviors and quirks and stuff. Like humans always have had to clean themselves and feed themselves, etc. I'm high right now and I'm rambling kek but yes humans are really cool.

No. 1486621

Are you living on the planet earth because shirtless moids definitely get stares too when dressed trashy

No. 1486624

No. 1486625

I think we are quite awesome. I understand we often commit mistakes cause we are still just animals too but is actually impressive the way we conceptualize shit that literally doesn't exist and make it real, we can take several objects and turn them into a new one, we know almost everything about ourselves and other species, a handful of humans can create an intricate, interconnected society out of the blue. We understand the why, how and when, we can be the illness as well as the cure. I think we are quite the miracle.

No. 1486628

Yes and it doesn't even have to be stupidity imo but simply a lack of efforts. People who "self-diag" adhd, autism or depression do it because it's a convenient excuse for literally anything. The truth is that most people struggle and go through shit but not all of them expect others to treat them differently because of their personal issues.


>If I need to eat meat to be physically healthy
There are studies that show that you don't need meat to be healthy. And the difference between you and the lion is that you are aware that there are alternatives, and you are aware of the horror that is industrial farming (for animals which are sentient and feel pain). inb4 vegan jokes, I'm not but I think that their arguments make total sense for people who care about animals. Of course if you don't it doesn't and it's fine but idk why so many people want to "debunk" veganism or whatever instead of just moving on with their lives.

No. 1486629

>There are studies that show that you don't need meat to be healthy.

Schizo but the reason governments come down hard on meat, especially red meat, is because it's expensive. And if they admitted the truth, that we are healthiest with a 50%+ meat diet, then suddenly they'd be in trouble as poor people can't afford to eat that much meat. All the pensions, welfare and minimum wages would have to go up to suit.

Try a mostly meat diet and see how you feel. For me personally it just solved my weight issues entirely, I still eat root vegetables but cutting most grains out of my diet did wonders.

No. 1486631

other species are highly intelligent though. being human blinds us to the complexities of other species, because we can only see ourselves and our own 'superiority'. but humans got here where we are today because conditions on earth have allowed us to flourish, while our early competitors e.g neanderthals were threatened and died out. our position here is perilous, i dont think for a second we can as a species afford the kind of pride to call ourselves superior . humans are literally in the process of ruining our one and only planet for fucks sake

>And if they admitted the truth, that we are healthiest with a 50%+ meat diet, then suddenly they'd be in trouble as poor people can't afford to eat that much meat.
[citation needed]

No. 1486632

I am ashamed to admit that I have tried a mostly meat diet during my ana-chan days, yes you lose a lot of weight because you are exclusively eating proteins but it doesn't mean it's healthy long-term, especially red meat which has been shown to increase certain health risks. I don't agree that governments come down hard on meat, in my experience they actually promote it as well as dairy products (in schools, on TV etc).

No. 1486635

You're assuming things about my health right now. The more I ate meat the better my health became by far. No way I could stick to just eating eggs or tofu as a substitute and go back to how I was before.

No. 1486637

Yesss ♥ humans are dope. We're basically wizards being able to construct concepts and ideas and objects in our mind and make them reality kekkkk. I love humans. I constantly think to myself that whatever struggles I am facing or whatever I happen to be doing has already been experienced and has already been done by countless people in the past before me and it honestly warms my heart to think that I'm doing what those humans did and that I am human just like them.

No. 1486639

>other species are highly intelligent though
I'm very interested in other species developing their intelligence, and even then, I think its quite delusional to even imply that there's someone at our level, to be quite honest
>but humans got here where we are today because conditions on earth have allowed us to flourish while our early competitors e.g neanderthals were threatened and died out
That's a way of totally diminishing our efforts and survival abilities, like shit "just happened" and that was not the case at all

No. 1486642

i don't think its delusional. sure it might be implausible that there's a species out there that's more intelligent than us, but again we use our own human metrics of intelligence. how would we know? i also think its interesting to consider that many intelligent species that we know of e.g dolphins might be able to surpass our human intelligence, if only they were put under the right circumstances to do so.
and i definitely don't want to diminish humanities ability to adapt and survive. its something i admire. i just think that, as with all evolution, early humans were at the time the best suited to their conditions, and thus able to adapt and eventually thrive. who is to say that if the dinosaurs hadn't been wiped out, we wouldn't today be seeing societies of sentient and cultured dinosaur descendants instead of our current human ones?
anyway nonna i don't want to fight with you, it's nice to see optimism about humanity tbh

No. 1486646

No. 1486671

Anons who claim to be able to identify posters by their writing styles are schizos. Some of them could probably get an actual schizophrenia diagnosis.

No. 1486672

>you don't need meat to be healthy
I feel much better and have more energy when I eat meat though. The best is to eat meat or fish at lunch and some vegetables and salad for dinner. I genuinely think I'd ruin my health on a vegan diet
Humans are highly intelligent, but also extremely nasty and greedy. It's ironic because we came so far and survived thanks to our ancestors who cared for their fellow tribe members and protected each other, but somehow we ended up with a system based on selfishness and the only way to win is by backstabbing and manipulating other people. I feel like we aren't meant to live in such a big society and would fare better in smaller groups where everyone can take care of each other. But at this point that's never gonna happen unless we kill all the rich overlords

No. 1486673

>And the difference between you and the lion is that you are aware that there are alternatives
What a horrible pick, for the lion there are no alternatives

No. 1486674

Cats literally die without meat kek

No. 1486678

Cats can't kill me unless I'm severely allergic, I talked about lions and bears because just getting slightly bitch slapped by one could kill me.

No. 1486680

I think your view is extreme and unfair. Thinking we are all just a waste of space is an absolute disservice to all the humans (mostly women) who did and are doing their best to ensure good thrives every day, I will not let you define them by the rapists and criminals

No. 1486683

me when i just turned 13 years old

No. 1486684

File: 1675166908104.jpeg (37.84 KB, 400x400, 1633979523814.jpeg)

>you don't need meat to be healthy
While this can be true, the level of nutritional understanding required is beyond the vast majority of people. Not only does it require knowledge of nutrition, it also takes an immense amount of effort and it's not cost effective. Not eating meat is a luxury afforded to rich westerners that can rely on imported ingredients and is not plausible for anyone who doesn't live in a developed consumer economy.


pic rel

No. 1486687

>deranged vegan appears
>edgy posting about le humanity ensues
Every time

No. 1486701

>regardless if you wear a burqa or a g string. As long as moids keep breathing, you will always have the same problems with them.

No. 1486703

nona is right,moids dont care what the victim is wearing, is your brain so rotten you cant understand that?

No. 1486705

People hate the truth. Humans are very selfish and evil beings willing to stomp on others all for the sake of a life of excess. Look around you, the minerals in your electronics, clothes and many luxuries that you buy is done in the blood of humans so other Humans can continue to have insane increasing profit margins. We have still not been able to find peace with each other or solve the fact that most humans in this world starve to death just so a small minority can live in excess.

No. 1486707

can't they just write rule63

No. 1486709

Did i say i thought that? My point was that provocative clothes bring attention and there's nothing you can do about it. I think it's futile to think moids are capable of seeing women not as sex objects when they have proven time and time again that this is the case. I feel like people are going so hard to deflect moid degeneracy so they don't have to take action or deal with reality.

No. 1486718

It's badly worded but I meant that humans are aware that there are alternatives for them. Obviously there are no alternatives for other animals let alone carnivores. I picked the lion because it was the example used by the other anon.

>Not eating meat is a luxury
Idk meat is generally considered expensive, although its price has decreased greatly due to industrial farming (but so has the "quality" of the meat), and people don't realize that a few decades ago it was inconceivable to eat meat for lunch and dinner every day. Veganism aside, some people definitely over-consume it. Things like beans, lentils, etc. are cheaper than meat, tofu is also much cheaper in some Asian countries. But yes, I agree that it takes effort (although it's crazy how much alternatives have developed recently) and that people need to be more careful with their diet if they are vegetarian/vegan (but tbh most people have a very basic understanding of nutrition and have deficiencies even if they eat meat).

No. 1486719

How was what I said moidlike? Shit bait

No. 1486720

Nona no one is talking about fucking assault or rape, just that clothes designed to look sexy, show off chest or butt or whatever do get moids staring. Because the clothes are literally designed for that. Use common sense

No. 1486721

You’re like two hops away from it and men will use what you’re saying to ask what she was wearing because they do not care. They will look anyway.

No. 1486733

No. 1486737

That’s not a counter argument.

No. 1486738

Nta but you're literally caping for them and keep ignoring the root of the problem (moids) to shit on women.

No. 1486740

>Not eating meat is a luxury afforded to rich westerners that can rely on imported ingredients and is not plausible for anyone who doesn't live in a developed consumer economy.
Hard agree

No. 1486741

You speak the truth anon. And nothing we do will ever make a difference because one day we will be long extinct anyway. A blip in time. It'll be like we were never here.

No. 1486742

She wants to morality police in a way that makes her feel safe. Acknowledging the real issue would destroy her illusion of control and fake holier than though attitude. If it’s true oppression you can’t just Nlog or bad bitch your way out. Men will put all of us together and that means she could get attacked or sexualized and admitting that almost every single man sexualizes her or thinks less of her would destroy her flimsy fake confidence. Pretend it’s the other women’s fault and you can draw lines in the sand that make you feel safe.

No. 1486748

People who "rescue" animals from auctions or bybs are just paying customers who contribute to the business of animal abuse.

No. 1486749

>cover up chest and butt at all times and weathers because males are animals
>they still think you're "too sexy"
>cover up chest, butt, stomach, limps and neck at all times and weathers because males are animals
>they still think you're "too sexy"
>cover up chest, butt, stomach, limps, neck, hands and hair at all times and weathers because males are animals
>they still think you're "too sexy"
>cover up chest, butt, stomach, limps, neck, hands, hair, face and eyes at all times and weathers because males are animals
>they still think you're "too sexy"
>nothing left to cover up
>hide yourself in house at all times and weathers because males are animals
>moids still aren't happy and will still call you a whore for looking out of the window
Such is the life of a pickme.

No. 1486754

It's true that they weren't eating meat every day, usually only for celebrations or festivals but they were still eating animal products. At least my european ancestors were eating eggs and dairy on daily basis, vegetables simply weren't making the cut. They also weren't exposed to such a large variety of food, now all the countries are exporting their vegetables and fruits but back then they only had onions, carrots, cabbage, beans and grains. Even in asian countries, maybe they didn't have dairy but they were eating a ton of fish. Even if it's easier to follow a vegan diet these days, it's expensive and also requires a lot of time, planning and commitment. And you need to buy supplements on top of that

No. 1486756

The fact that you guys let the worst of humanity define those who didn't do wrong is concerning and narrow minded

No. 1486764

File: 1675176671126.jpg (440.32 KB, 2048x2048, 1500100680315.jpg)

this is the stupidest braindead take on veganism ever. just say you don't take personal responsibility for anything in your life and move on.

I'm sorry you're a nihilistic edgelord who gets vaguely annoyed when others aren't the same, Samantha, but not all of us have to live that way.

There's literally nothing wrong with minimizing the harm you do to other living creatures where you can.
Your logic can be twisted to literally fit any shitty decision, too.
>Why not steal and shoplift constantly? Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things. The stores you buy clothes and food from are stealing money from innocent worker's pockets and plundering other countries of natural resources! Not caring at all is better.

>Why not kill cats and dogs for fun? Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things. When you buy clothes made in Chinese sweatshops or support Korean products of any sort, you're literally paying for the workers to buy cat or dog meat anyway. You literally put that money in their pocket. Not caring at all is better.

>Why not push pregnant women down stairs? Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things. When you buy an iPhone, you're funding Chinese sweatshops that force pregnant women to work 66 hours and offer them absolutely no safety or job precautions whatsoever. Not caring at all is better.

It's so funny, in a past vegan thread some meater said being a vegan is like jerking off. You're jerking yourself off RIGHT NOW if you aren't the worst human you could possibly be, anon.

"not eating meat is a luxury afforded only to rich westerners who can rely on imported ingredients" god this is such easily debunkable bullshit. there are entire cities in India where the population are and historically have been completely vegetarian. there are plant-based human tribes and civilizations that have sustained what we'd consider "vegan" diets and don't eat meat that have existed throughout history without issue since the beginning of time. plenty of meaters don't have basic nutritional knowledge and sustain themselves purely off of chicken nuggets and spite yet you write off an entire diet based on non-harm because…you think people who mindfully consume what they consume won't do so in a way to guarantee they're meeting their nutrition needs? sounds silly. just say you're too lazy to do the bare minimum in critical thinking when it comes to basic plant based nutrition and go.

so "superior" that within less than 300 years of western "civilization" we've transformed every 5 minutes into a McDonalds drive-thru, have poisoned all of our crops and water with microplastic contamination, and are so superior we rely on a food system built on mass rape and slaughter of the same 5 species as we rape our planet into the ground? a species can be capable of higher intelligence yet still not be "superior" in any means of the way. it's like european settlers calling those they colonized "savages" all while raping little girls and sacrificing their own babies when times got tough. pure delusion and a fake high horse.
a 1 year old pig is as intelligent as a 5 year old human child, but at least a 1 year old pig doesn't pay for other sentient creatures to be round up, slaughtered, tortured and wrapped in plastic just for its 1 moment of pleasure to shit out. sounds like a superior species to me.

No. 1486766

File: 1675176764521.png (1.4 MB, 1500x992, Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 3.52.…)

eh…not every culture relies on meat to survive and there are plenty of examples of civilizations/countries, mainly in asia or africa, that do not consume as much meat as we do and/or rely on vegetable-based dishes like in the case of certain indian states, at all. the issue with the average western diet is overproduction and lack of nutrients in the soil which infuses vegetables and fruits with more flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. like vegetables you raise in your own garden, with good, dense, dark soil taste a million times different than the average veg you pick up at the grocery store. they even smell different, in fact they smell mouthwateringly delicious, like tomatoes vine-ripened in the sun, or in the case of homegrown strawberries, they have this intense fragrance and flavor that permeates in the air which really draws you in.

i feel like the primary issue with vegetables and westerners is that they don't legitimately don't taste good because they're farmed shittily, people do not know how to cook with vegetables so they steam or sautee the fuck out of them so they become mushy, and the flavor of meat becomes addictive instead of properly learning how to season your food with spices. mushrooms give off a meatiness to vegetarian dishes due to the breakdown of amino acids in cooking, and you can even add soy aminos or that yellow yeast shit to your food to give off a beefy/umami flavor. sauce: someone who was raised seventh day adventist and grew up eating all kinds of vegetarian foods/learning all the tricks to substitute for meat in dishes.


No. 1486774

Sure, dressing sexy in clothes designed by moids is the right way to combat moid depravity, you’re making so much sense. Moids are gonna hate it I’m sure. Also stop acting like there nothing between niqab and bimbo clothes.

No. 1486776

So much le doomposting about humanity but that's alright nonners because we're on an imageboard and that's where the saddest and angriest of us congregate. Humans are neat and their behavior is neat. I love people watching.
She didn't say that and you know it.

No. 1486779

Post pictures of the bimbo clothes that have kept you at this argument for over a day. Wdym by bimbo clothes.

No. 1486780

what about the almost entirely vegan Buddhist monks? no offense but you sound like a moid.

No. 1486781

>but at least a 1 year old pig doesn't pay for other sentient creatures to be round up, slaughtered, tortured and wrapped in plastic just for its 1 moment of pleasure to shit out. sounds like a superior species to me.
not a pig, but a dolphin or a chimp would do that. they rape and slaughter more than the average human

No. 1486785

Very sexy and tight revealing clothes. The discussion was about how women who wear such clothes and then act surprised and complain they attract male attention (as in looks, flirting, nothing more serious) are delusional but then anons jumped on this thinking we’re saying rape is okay unless you dress in niqab or whatever which is a stretch.

No. 1486786

There's some weird mentally ill posters who keep doing this. They see anyone saying that skimpy clothes get moid attention and start accusing them of saying women "ask for" rape/assault. Not sure what site this sort of libfem shit is coming from.

No. 1486787

She's been doing this for like a day now, acting all obtuse on purpose, her type would love twitter judging by how much she loves defending humiliating clothing choices

No. 1486788

nta but buddhist monks don't eat for weeks at times and have a very strict lifestyle in general, we shouldn't compare them to regular people

No. 1486789

NTA but their example originally was skirts and crop tops. They also went on to say those women “knew what they were doing” and didn’t need to be “defended”

No. 1486790

She literally said scroll up. Kek

No. 1486793

I said post pictures. You can call regular gym shorts slutty bimbo clothes because muh shins and ankles are showing! What specific "slutty bimbo" clothes are you talking about that's made you so assmad?

No. 1486794

>Indian vegans
Most of them are malnourished

No. 1486795

Nta but what you call ""regular"" clothes would be considered directly indecent/vulgar in literally every other place that is not america, get your head out off your ass you know what she's talking about

No. 1486797

Bruh I’m not invested enough to search you pictures kek, I said tight and revealing, use your imagination. Are you seriously thinking I’m talking about ankles lmao

No. 1486798

Are those places women get dug up and assaulted? Maybe not great point of references.

No. 1486799

Almost every culture (except maybe some European cultures) has nutritious food options made up of vegetables. I'm not personally vegan, but it's so intellectually dishonest when Americans go on about how being vegan is expensive and nutritionally deficient. Maybe if literally all you eat is plastic junk food and chemical-laden "vegan" imitations of what you used to eat.

No. 1486800

>argues for hours won’t show evidence to clarify argument.
Lolcow staple

No. 1486801

A lot of women end up in bad situations with scrotes because they spend most of their life trying to fuck for money. A man’s help should be a nice little bonus but you shouldn’t be making a man your main source of income. This is how women end up in situations like with Andrew Tate because they’re trying to find a meal ticket all the time.

No. 1486802

I remember seeing an article about penguins engaging in necrophilia. Always the male sex obviously. I think this says more about the nature of moids in general regardless of the species, so let's not doompost the entirety of humanity

No. 1486803

They didn't, though.

No. 1486806

NTA but piss off with this condescending shit, in most of Europe burger style of clothes would be called trashy

No. 1486807

Even people in the UK know you guys are trashy, you get your trends from shit like Euphoria, you think teenagers dressing like that should be acceptable

No. 1486808

If shins and ankles are indecent in every other place but america then maybe everywhere else is backwards kek. Men are allowed to be topless and men are allowed to show their shins and ankles and men are allowed to harrass and assault women based on what those women where wearing and it's fine because that slut knew what she was doing in the first place!
Yep, moid bait. I bet everyone reeing about bimbos and sluts and onlyfans whores are moids as well.

No. 1486809

NTA but you've been at this for a full day now. I don't know what about "Revealing clothes will attract scrote attention" is so triggering for you, but enough. No one is saying women who cover up never get attacked or harassed, or that countries like Afghanistan are safe for women just because everyone's covered up, these are insane strawmans. Just please live in reality.

No. 1486810

There’s more than one person in this discussion, you realise that right.

No. 1486811

Not a moid just stating facts

No. 1486812

Then show examples. You’re just as capable?

No. 1486813

There is actually more than one anon arguing against the bimbofag.

No. 1486814

There’s more than one person arguing with you. Kek

No. 1486815

Who's "you"? I'm not in your fight, I just saw it happen in real time across multiple threads. It's autistic.

No. 1486816

Women like her defend these decisions yet they themselves know better than dress like that, the hypocrisy

No. 1486817

>they won't post pictures because they know anons wouldn't call them slutty bimbo clothes like they so desperately want

No. 1486818

>Men are allowed to be topless and men are allowed to show their shins and ankles and men are allowed to harrass and assault women based on what those women where wearing and it's fine because that slut knew what she was doing in the first place!
Literally who is saying any of this? Can you link to specific posts making these claims?

No. 1486820

Exactly. Kek

No. 1486822

And where are anons saying it's empowering for women to be naked in public? Where are anons saying "yassss bimbo queen!" ? Where are anons saying it's feminist to dress revealing?

No. 1486823

I haven't accused anyone of saying those things. So where's your proof?

No. 1486824

nta but it's not feminist to dress revealing and it's also not feminist to care what men think.

No. 1486825

File: 1675179236641.jpeg (340.77 KB, 1152x1536, A62DD1FB-653C-497F-824C-1735CC…)

No one said that, but policing and demeaning women’s bodies and clothes in a moid leaning way isn’t feminism either.

No. 1486829

The moids itt baiting keep saying that anons itt are libfem cocksuckers who think it's feminist to wear "slutty bimbo" clothes.
I know this, just dressing a certain way is not indicative of whether a woman is a feminist.
Yes, I know this.

No. 1486830

This is so retarded. Poor people already can’t afford to eat the general idea of healthy and no one gives a fuck.

No. 1486831

File: 1675179557134.jpeg (177.05 KB, 1000x1000, 1930AD79-5E65-4D7D-AC6C-42FE9E…)

Are you dumb or just playing dumb? You really can’t imagine revealing clothes?

No. 1486832

No. 1486837

Oh no a women in a lacy camisole with no bra. Someone tell Frodo to go hide. Less the collarbones seduce him.

No. 1486839

File: 1675179933211.jpg (13.19 KB, 540x360, ARM.jpg)

I agree with you, as someone who has been slut-shamed for showing my arms i cant help but get a feeling that these are the same type of people who when they get what they want they then push for more (oh now you started dressing how i want well its not enough now i want you to cover your ankle and arms too and then when you cover that up too then its still not enough and then you need to cover up more) women are seen as dirty the moment they are born ITS THE REASON WHY RAPE IS MOST COMMON IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES, because they see women as the dirtiest there and there was even a picture of a group of men staring down a woman in those countries just because she was wearing sandals that showed her toes even though her whole body was hidden.

No. 1486842

I would not call that "slutty bimbo" clothes. You don't wear that to a gym, either.

No. 1486843

?? No one’s saying it’s bad, just that dressing in way that’s mostly appealing to men will be appealing to men. Seriously I feel like some of you are braindead.

No. 1486846

Yeah, that is a revealing clothing that is still tame but will still get stares. Google “slutty bimbo clothes” and you’ll get what people mean by slutty bimbo clothes. Jesus Christ, can you not search up pictures?

No. 1486847

people dont even wear that casually. Most women wear that for raves and clubbing,girls night and not for normal occasions.
You literally sound like a fucking loser incel neet who rarely goes outside or meets people.
Or maybe you got rejected by one of the whores you tried to fuck at a nightclub boo hoo how sad.

No. 1486849

oh no not the stacy larpers

No. 1486852

File: 1675180464870.jpg (46.84 KB, 593x360, Screenshot 2023-01-31 165128.j…)

No. 1486853

File: 1675180500732.jpg (119.99 KB, 1005x638, 9qs9u.jpg)

something tells me these are the type of moids baiting.

No. 1486854

It seems like you're bad at posting them. Also the average American woman does not wear "slutty bimbo" clothes. You're saying that wearing "slutty bimbo" clothes is asking to be stared at and anons are saying that men will stare at (and rape) anything. You're saying it's wrong for a woman in revealing clothes to complain about being stared at… so what about the modestly dressed women who get stared at or ogled? Whose fault is that? Is it the modestly dressed woman for daring to be female? Is it the man who is staring? Is the modestly dressed woman not dressed modestly enough? How much more does she need to cover so that no man could ever want to harrass or assault her?

No. 1486855

File: 1675180603952.jpg (172.3 KB, 1065x847, odj3ojd.jpg)


these are the type of men you are now replying to

No. 1486858

>some random nigga on twitter is every lolcow poster who disagrees with me
Should someone post idiotic libfems or weird male feminists talking about "free the nipple ladiesss hehe" from the same website and say that's anons in the other side of this argument?
Also, can you find anons here saying these fucked up things like "men can't control their dicks"? The first screenshot at least had some resemblance to the people you're arguing with, but the rest are ridiculous moid shit. Do you want to argue with the moid instead? Just go there.

No. 1486859

Women should wear what they want but I what I don’t understand is women who dress sexy or revealing and then get mad when people stare at them. But I’ve always been ugly so I don’t get the logic of stacies.

No. 1486860

>I’m not conventionally attractive and don’t suffer the problem where wearing anything could be sexual. I don’t have a large pair of breasts that mean every shirt looks like too much tit to be modest. I don’t have an ass that fills my yoga or sweat pants and gets me harassed at the gym. Etc etc.
good to know.

No. 1486861

>oh i agree with the first things the moid is saying but not with the rest so its moid shit.
you cant cherry pick what you want you dumb bitch.
Mad that most people who share the same opinions as you are just like that moid or weird middle aged women who blame underage girls for their creep husbands being attracted to them.
Cope and seethe.

No. 1486862

>dumb bitch cope and seethe!!1
Now I'm sure it's a delusional tranny (probably Bl*ine). Fuck off, we're not going to dress like you to help normalize your pornbrained outfits, and that doesn't mean we're NEET niqab wearers either kek.

No. 1486864

Naw I’m ugly and sometimes I’ll wear that stuff and I’ll get stared at but it should be expected. I’m not going to have my tits hanging out in a low cut top then be shocked when a scrote is staring at my tits.

No. 1486865

Here >>1486858
>the problem is that you and a lot of anons actually believe they will ever evolve. You just have to deal with it.
Here >>1486268
>you have to be literally braindead not to understand that moids will most likely be looking at you or act wild.
>act wild.

No. 1486868

im not him and the mods can check my ip and my posts, the only one who sounds like a moid here is you. You are so bothered over what women wear that you have been arguing with multiple anons over with it for days.
Also imagine getting mad at the b word but then dictating what women wear. The hypocrisy is huge.

No. 1486869

Good job, i haven't even seen that. ''She'' has contradicted herself multiple times.

No. 1486870

Samefag, I mixed up the first two links but yeah

No. 1486872

>have been completely vegetarian
Key word here being "vegetarian. Indians still consume eggs and dairy even if they don't eat meat.

>there are plant-based human tribes and civilizations that have sustained what we'd consider "vegan" diets and don't eat meat that have existed throughout history without issue since the beginning of time

No there aren't. This is a repeat of the previous tinfoil thread where the same conclusion was reached.

>plenty of meaters don't have basic nutritional knowledge and sustain themselves purely off of chicken nuggets and spite yet you write off an entire diet based on non-harm

The standard western diet is bad, just as the average vegan diet is bad because neither groups of people know anything about nutrition and some can't even cook for themselves.

>plenty of meaters don't have basic nutritional knowledge and sustain themselves purely off of chicken nuggets and spite yet you write off an entire diet based on non-harm

Explain how a vegan would meet their daily requirement of EAAs.

>so "superior" that within less than 300 years of western "civilization" we've transformed every 5 minutes into a McDonalds drive-thru

Not every country is America

>have poisoned all of our crops and water with microplastic contamination

And the solution to this is to continue to dump toxic, carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer into fields so people can eat plants right? Or maybe the solution is a cow left to pasture where it reliably shits out free organic fertilizer.

No. 1486873

i just hope posters like these are moids and not radfems. Because lately its getting hard to tell the difference due to the misogyni spewed on this site this past two years and then hiding behind the 'radfem' label.
Some of the radfem posters are reaching handmaiden conservative victim-blaming level, and even the most popular thread in 2x being a right-wing one shows that.
It just shows how pickmes will use any movement to their agenda to hate on other women.

No. 1486875

Pretty sure it’s a trad thot. Hence the reason bitch chafed her and she’s policing clothes. She probably didn’t get picked.

No. 1486877

Between the veganfag and the libfem, i'm having a hard time keeping with the pace of this thread

No. 1486878

Yes this has been the point throughout the discussion and I’m sick of some anons twisting it, it’s really fucking weird how defensive they get about it.

No. 1486880

Idgi, those posters are saying men are retarded and shouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt. How is that the same as saying men "cannot control their dicks"? They can, they just choose not to. They are subhuman and will attack us regardless of what we wear at the end of the day. It's also true that clothes deemed "revealing" will typically also get more catcalls and general harassment because moids think it means "Come flirt with me" or "I'm easy", depending on where you live or go. It's not justified, but denying it happens would be delusional.
All the weird mouth-foaming and high testosterone aggression going on has me convinced this was some bad faith moid derailing and projecting his Y chromosome. No actual women feel so victimized about other women not liking some kinds of clothes (and before he starts his ape-screeching again, I wear whatever I want, I'm just not delusional enough to think me wearing shorts and me wearing baggy jeans gets the exact same treatment from scrotes lol).

No. 1486881

>Not excusing rape, holding men accountable, and refusing to give into the passive voice is moid like now.
Got it thanks

No. 1486882

Samefag Do you get the difference between
>husband murdered wife
>husband murdered wife after she filed for divorce.
Genuine question?

No. 1486883

Nta, thinking all women's goal is to get "picked" tells more about you than anything kek

No. 1486885

You saying that we're moids doesn't hold any weight since your opinion is shared by many men all over the world and especially in 3rd world shitholes where women are raped and stomped to death for showing their hair.
They're also not saying what you're saying. They're saying you have to be retarded to think you won't get assaulted by a man for wearing revealing clothes. They aren't saying that men could choose not to but they do, you are interpreting that based on your own beliefs. They said none of that. Saying that men will never evolve implies that they are primitive beings incapable of reason.
Inb4 YOU'RE CAPING FOR MOIDS!!!! No I am not kek.

No. 1486886

Did you reply to the wrong person?

No. 1486887

This is my first post on the subject.
It's not misogynist to advise other women to protect themselves against men. In a perfect world women would be able to wear whatever they wanted without having to worry about the consequences of moid attention. We don't live in a perfect world and have to be very aware of men for our own safety.

No. 1486888

I’m not a pick me but I really do not like being around other women, especially pretty ones. Even though I’m a woman I find other women annoying. Maybe it’s jealousy maybe it’s unheard trauma.

No. 1486889

Stop giving 'her' attention. He/she is probably salivating over the replies they are getting. Just ignore the retard.
Also calling everyone a libfem or a troon just because we think you are wrong for thinking its womens fault for men acting wild makes you look retarded.

No. 1486890

Unhealed trauma

No. 1486891

>"you're an ugly bitch if you don't agree with sexualization!!"
Her arguments have been trash tbqh

No. 1486893

Not reading all this shit, I said what I said. Equating me to a moid and thinking I'm everyone in this thread who didn't agree with you just because I don't believe the lie that moids treat women equally and clothes don't matter won't change my or any other women's lived experiences. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1486895

>dont accuse me of being a moid
>accuses you of being a troon in the same sentence
]You are so stupid i swear istg…….

No. 1486896

Nonnie I agree with you but I still don’t get why you’re all making this about rape and safety when it originally was just that women who wear butt-scrunching leggings and push up bra crop tops getting angry when they get mild attention are delusional. Which is common sense idgi

No. 1486897

Trauma from what?

No. 1486898

you might not be ugly, but you definitely are insecure because this is how i used to act when i was insecure.

No. 1486899

>thinking its womens fault for men acting wild
You keep insisting people said this when they didn't, and you had to pull out scrotes from twitter. This on top of calling women ugly incels or whatever because they don't dress how you want them to. Schizo moments all around.

No. 1486900

>not reading all that shit
Because you know you have no argument against it kek. Equating me to a tranny because I'm not singing you praises for your opinion is equally retarded. Pot, kettle.

No. 1486902

don't project your shit on me tf i'm just not retarded like you

No. 1486903

Take your sonic card proudly. Kek
You’d get more across if you stopped passively blaming women for men’s behavior. Safe keeping women and helping them before bad things happen? Great. Shaming them and complaining about them when something bad happens? Bad. Not holding men accountable for their actions? Bad. I don’t give a shit if a women is in her birthday suit. If a scrote rapes her. He still breaks the law and deserves to get railroaded.

No. 1486904

>literally crytyping
Holy shit kek, Twitter is among us

No. 1486905

Trauma from being the duff in the friend group all the time and having it rubbed in my face

No. 1486906

They did say this
Look at the links in this post >>1486865

No. 1486907

>calling women ugly incels
what the fuck are you talking about….i never even said that. Do you think you are arguing with the same person or something.

No. 1486909

Exactly, it's such basic knowledge. A mentally ill poster is shitting up the thread, samefagging hard and insisting everyone is some scrote he/she got into a fight with on Twitter last week.
Anyone who tries to talk sense to that person gets accused of being their nemesis, and they sperg even harder. Whoever this is cannot think in anything but extremes.(saying this while shitting up this thread and others )

No. 1486910

Where did that poster say it's women's fault?(Baiting)

No. 1486911

Why do you think only one person is arguing with you.

No. 1486912

she's not the only person who thinks you're retarded too

No. 1486913

Did you fucking read the post? >>1486268
>Unpopular opinon: Women who dress sexy absloutely know what they are doing(stop replying to bait.)

No. 1486914

Most of Gen z is going to age like shit with how plastic surgery and Botox has been normalized

No. 1486927

The fat removal on the face is going to age very very poorly. It makes me sad for them and the amount of abuse their skin is going through is going to thin it over time probably leading to really sensitive skin. Permanent fillers migrate over time. Etc etc. silicon implants are getting pulled again. BBL’s are the most dangerous surgery and can lead to long term issues later.
It’s all so Frankenstein to a group that’s so young. I hate it.

No. 1486935

Seconding on the botox. We are going to see so many videos about how they damaged their nerves in their face from getting botox so young. It's scary how cheap a lot of these procedures are getting too.

No. 1486936

File: 1675184571087.jpg (4.47 KB, 166x182, 41A1L8 1bkS.__AC_SR166,182___.…)

Love how the replies to your post are "OMG so you're saying we have to wear niqabs? And that if we wear butthole scrunch leggings we're asking to get raped?"

I'm no prude, I'll wear low cut tops and tight outfits. But I'm not gonna give death stares or scream at moids when they look. Pic rel is just ridiculous. Literally no one buys this to not get looked at. This is the pants version of buying a padded push up bra. It's not like this is some kind of cool fashion style and wearing it is a way to express yourself, its only design is looking as sexual as possible.

No. 1486938

I don't think most of gen Z is getting Botox or plastic surgery, that costs a lot of money. It's just something being pushed by media.


No. 1486941

>But I'm not gonna give death stares or scream at moids when they look
Really can't relate.

No. 1486942

Okay, clearly you missed the parts where anons were saying men will "act wild" upon seeing a woman wearing booty lifting shorts and a sports bra.

No. 1486945

They also missed the original examples given were crop tops and “tight” clothing. Not those shorts.

No. 1486948

I've known numerous gen z who have gotten filler, idk how wide spread it is tbh.

Act wild is a very vague term. It could include cat calling and yelling. I've seen it happen many times, but tbf i feel like when you have a certain body type you will attract that attention no matter what you wear.

Be realistic anon.

No. 1486949

Wasn't this the original example >>1485385 ?

No. 1486950

I'm all for shitting on males, but you should feel silly if you spend time out of your day wrangling your tits into a stuffed uncomfortable push up bra only to throw a fit when someone looks at your carefully curated cleavage. I'll say as a bisexual person, if a good looking woman is wearing a super tight sexed up outfit, I'll automatically be drawn to it and look. No, not stare.

Excesssive staring for several seconds to the point where they're close to licking their damn lips, is another thing.

No. 1486951

>Be realistic anon.
Ok, I admit I am not screaming at them. Yet. Each passing day I get closer to it tho.

No. 1486952