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File: 1674335469172.png (502.45 KB, 548x824, hailey_peenber.png)

No. 1478580

General conspiracy thread.

Discussions surrounding government coverups, elite gender inversion, entertainment industry secrets, Cult of Cybele/Magna Mater, predictions, transvestigations, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1478584

What is the picture in reference too?

No. 1478674

Look at the pic again anon.

No. 1478688

No, no more autistic tranny-sperging! There’s 2X for that

No. 1478707

File: 1674347806091.jpg (16.49 KB, 180x240, Cybeles_Castration_Clamps.jpg)

Don't work yourself into "an emotional frenzy and self-mutilate, symbolic of her lover’s self-castration" nonnie kek. I created this thread as a compromise and olive branch: I will not spam with info about Magna Mater/Cult of Cybele (CC) or its temple prostitutes unless summoned or asked directly.

In return my dubious naysayers will accept EGI and transvestigation as a valid tinfoilism and keep DARVO'ing to a minimum when brought up. It is hereby, between the castration clamps of Cybele that we agree to this pact.

No. 1478804

Can we delete the thread and have a true and honest woman remake it since this one was obviously made by a tranny moid? YWNBAW btw, I hate when they try to integrate here

No. 1478809

Also please note that the thread info has had two things added to it, anons
> Cult of Cybele/Magna Mater
Wtf is this? And conveniently enough:
> transvestigations
Thread is officially hijacked by Blaine or another tranny obsessed moid, mods pls lock this one and let us remake it thanks

No. 1478815

Why is this still here?

No. 1478817

what's the problem? If there's a tranny posting just ignore/report them and keep sharing your tinfoils

No. 1478818

my new tinfoil is that this nona is a shill from China and trying to take the thread down because of this >>1478801 post

No. 1478821

We don’t need to allow them to keep their shitty thread. I’ll make a new one and we can let this die if nonnas really want.

No. 1478822

was the transvestigation shit added cause of my posting of jamie lee curtis' birth clipping?? sorry about that kek, but to be fair, americans have generally talked about jlc's birth sex since forever, s(he)'s lowkey the og transvestigation celeb

No. 1478843

truly and honestly, I think you should kill yourself

No. 1478851

File: 1674357107567.jpg (133.26 KB, 567x680, jamieleecurtisismale.jpg)

die mad retard, this bitch is literally going through a fucking pedo controversy right now anyways pizzagate real

No. 1478860

actual tinfoil thread without the tranny shit in the op >>>/ot/1478839

No. 1478863

It could just be a mistake made by the author? I feel like Jamie's figure is way too feminine to be intersex or trans.

No. 1478873

File: 1674358904662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.13 KB, 1280x1920, 83BD55AD-D38F-409A-A574-B6D281…)

>t.an anon who never saw Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect
spoilered because shes wearing a skintight leotard

No. 1478882

not that I believe jamie's actually intersex, but i Know that you guys do not know ANY intersex conditons, which there are multiple forms of, and how they actually look on people, so why do you guys act like youre intersex disordered individuals experts?? a vast majority of intersex people honestly just look like the sex they were observed at birth. as for jlc, i believe that they were castrated, accidentily or intentially idk, and was then raised as girl. btw her dad's famous for his crossdressing roles

No. 1478892

>you guys
Don't address me by addressing the group that's lame, and I'm not claiming to be an expert I'm saying she wouldn't look the way she does if she had an observable dick or balls as an infant.
>i believe that they were castrated, accidentily or intentially idk, and was then raised as girl.
You're retarded.

No. 1478908

File: 1674361426905.jpg (21.81 KB, 474x368, th-2171951724.jpg)

im using "you all" in general, because you and other anons reply like how you have when this take comes up, even though you actually admit to your ignorance in the subject in your 2nd reply - you guys arent experts in the subject and neither am I, however because of my ignorance, i choose to learn what i can regarding intersex conditions rather than just remain ignorant. here's a confirmed intersex athlete btw, sarah gronet, raised female

No. 1478912

You're egotistical smugness reeks of moid. So you googled an intersex athlete, wow such research. What was her condition? To what extent was she intersex? Did she have a full on dick an/or balls? Cause from the intersex people I've seen the one's with internal testes or dicks don't wind up with hips like Jamie.

No. 1478922

File: 1674362334573.jpg (135.49 KB, 1024x775, 15829520229_9372707f61_b.jpg)

Samefag but your own example doesn't even have hips, compare any photo of her to a photo of Jamie and it's obvious Jamie's never had a dick that "accidentally got cut off." For someone who's trying to claim their just an ignorant tinfoiler doing their own research you've done a piss poor job and instead created dumb theories with 0 evidence to back them up.

No. 1478934

File: 1674364049027.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.4 KB, 474x775, invertedtriangle.jpg)

>smugness reeks of moid
oh fuck off, im not even being smug about shit, youre just projecting because you dont know shit about intersex conditions and legit get mad when i try to share what little i know! somehow that makes me a scrote? youre confusing actual intersex disorders with tranny shit, arent you
>so you just googled an intersex athlete, wow such research
now this is smug! yes, because like i said in my previous comment, i am ignorant about intersex disoders in general, but am open to learning more about them thus a full body picture of a confirmed intersex athlete who did get into controversy back in 2009 over their sex disoder.
>Did she have a full on dick an/or balls?
she was born with mixed/ambiguous genetalia and raised as a girl, got surgery on her genetalia before professionally doing tennis and chooses to continue to indentify as a woman.
>your own example doesn't even have hips
she's a banana body type, the most common in natal women. idk why youre lying to yourself in trying to proclaim that she looks masculine, she doesn't.
this isnt even mentioning that the pic you posted of jamie lee, they are in a position where you cant actually determine their figure fully, so i searched a full figure pic and they are hipless with wide shoulders - uncommon, but not unheard of in natal women. dont know if i should actually spoiler the pic tbh

No. 1478943

File: 1674365029821.jpg (46.23 KB, 760x480, iwyt4pnczjb3bybwtyug.jpg)

>you guys arent experts in the subject and neither am I, however because of my ignorance, i choose to learn what i can regarding intersex conditions rather than just remain ignorant.
You're retarded if you don't see the smugness in that, especially the way you italicized certain words, it's very moidy.
>and legit get mad when i try to share what little i know!
I'm not mad, but you very clearly are considering you responded to my first post with a spergy reply and then just continued sperging. You're the one who started this convo calling everyone ignorant and then when you get the same attitude back you clutch your pearls at how rude and angry I seem? Lol okay sperg, keep projecting.
>raised as a girl, got surgery on her genetalia before professionally doing tennis and chooses to continue to indentify as a woman.
None of that answers anything, being "raised as a girl" means nothing in terms of biology. A boy can be "raised as a girl" and he's still biologically male. You're research is googling photos and reading interviews, that's not research.
>idk why youre lying to yourself in trying to proclaim that she looks masculine, she doesn't.
She looks intersex, I've never seen an intersex woman who doesn't look intersex.
>this isnt even mentioning that the pic you posted of jamie lee
I didn't post that pic, not every anon that disagrees with your baseless tinfoiling is the same anon.
>so i searched a full figure pic and they are hipless with wide shoulders - uncommon, but not unheard of in natal women.
She has bigger hips than your intersex athlete? And that isn't an uncommon body type. How is it that the "banana bodytype" (hipless fridge waist) is common but Jamie's figure isn't common? You just contradicted yourself. Anyway this is retarded, you're retarded and I'm done.

Oh yeah she's totally hipless… I'm convinced you've been baiting this whole time, unless you really are just stupid. Either way I'm embarrassed for you.

No. 1478945

Samefag but if you think that's what "wide shoulders and no hips" looks like I'm convinced you're a tranny who's never seen a woman outside of anime porn, goodnight faggot.

No. 1478952

File: 1674365910309.jpg (39.08 KB, 474x740, th-3457668714.jpg)

in the new pic you posted jlc feet cannot be seen, blah blah, and her body looks completey diff compared to other pics
im just gonna pic spam so you and others can see what im seeing here

No. 1478953

They don't want us talking about it, they do it every time (check the other threads). Their job is to make sure we're falling down endless rabbit holes. There's no way they'll let this stay up.

No. 1478954

File: 1674366009308.jpg (35.96 KB, 474x736, th-1327680382.jpg)

her shoulders are significantly wider than her hips there and theyre wider here

No. 1478955

Gait, nonny. GAIT.

No. 1478957

File: 1674366222442.jpg (36.69 KB, 474x701, th-3090525926.jpg)

just posting this one cuz they look like david bowie

No. 1478959

just cus she twisted her body to the side doesnt change the fact that her shoulders are the widest part of her body jfc inverted triangle

No. 1478960

File: 1674366424681.jpg (21.7 KB, 474x248, th-2821654490.jpg)

no comment

No. 1478965

File: 1674366859642.jpeg (178.36 KB, 1614x1080, female_gait.jpeg)

I'm saying find a candid where you can see her gait, the way she walks naturally.

No. 1478969

> How is it that the "banana bodytype" (hipless fridge waist)
this is why every female under 25 has body dysmorphic disorder and are getting bbls

No. 1478970

Holy fuck what is going on in this thread. Women with more masculine looking faces apparently don't exist now? To be a woman you have to look like fucking Amanda Seyfried? All this is doing is supporting a fucked up coomer scrote idea of what a woman is supposed to be like.

No. 1478977

it was more of a commentary of neck width, length, and shoulder size, though she does have man face

No. 1478986

File: 1674367901251.jpg (10.83 KB, 350x350, mother.jpg)

They're getting BBLs because they're covert trannies trying to look like women (but actually men, so have a gross/sexual interpretation of that). Kim K is responsible for inverts idealizing this retarded "look". It's supposed to resemble the goddess (Magna Mater) and probably the closest they've gotten without dying from fat transfer sepsis over the decades (Marilyn Monroe's looked pretty good though).

Regular people have zero influence, trannies have control of all fashion and body trends. Which isn't hard to figure out when you think about how stupid trends have been throughout the decades. What a crazy coincidence they all happen to benefit tranny shapes and sizes.

Anyways this Jamie Lee Curtis transvestigator is probably trying to do controlled opposition. Or they're really new to this and maybe ESL.

No. 1478987

This whole thread was made as some troon psyop, go to the other thread

No. 1478988

You guys only freak out when relevant cult info is brought up and not the idiotic "shoulder width" stuff. Pretty funny.

No. 1478989

Still, there's nothing especially weird here. My shoulders look about the same as JLC's. They may be somewhat broad and angular compared to most women's shoulders, but they still don't come close to the average male shoulder size. Look at any picture of her next to an actual moid (like her "daughter" for example kek) and it's extremely obvious that she is in fact a woman.

No. 1478992

File: 1674368198765.jpg (46.99 KB, 560x561, Young_Jamie_Lee_Curtis_3-560x5…)

whatever i shall keep spam posting anywayz!!

No. 1478995

File: 1674368298331.jpg (91.19 KB, 693x1024, Young_Jamie_Lee_Curtis_15.jpg)

inverted triangle square face

No. 1479006

yknow what i cant look up jamie lee curtis without the dead child in water photo coming up, we should sperg about them being a pedo instead tbh

No. 1479007

Gee wonder what sex made this thread. If anyone is a tranny people would know because contrary to tranny cope, you can indeed tell that a tranny is a tranny. Moids, not everyone has autism and trouble picking up sex characteristics.

No. 1479012

What a fucking read and a half this was.

Uh my conspiracy theory is uh something about the jews.

No. 1479013

Samefag, but do scrotes even realise it’s not that shoulders are wider than hips, but where the hips start? Women have higher waists than men, even when they have fridge bodys.

No. 1479014

mom made me cover up my punk pants

No. 1479016

Classic…I'm sure the Jews are also responsible for your missing milk carton?

No. 1479017

File: 1674369060377.jpeg (200.31 KB, 1000x847, trooncatgirl.jpeg)

Stop responding to bait nonitas, the spammer is a troon who will never be a woman.

No. 1479019

No that was clearly gnomes don't be ridiculous.

No. 1479020

Those are knee pads. Because she’s on roller skates.

No. 1479021

HO!What a silly inquiry.it was clearly the elves who did it

No. 1479022

Men really cope that JLC is intersex because they want to think they can look like an actual women (even when the scrote claiming to be intersex isn’t and just has a small penis).

No. 1479025

File: 1674369252242.jpeg (108.33 KB, 775x400, aghh.jpeg)

They're all inverted. Why are you focusing on this one person? Hasn't anyone wondered why every celebrity female ages into a man??

No. 1479026

>How is it that the "banana bodytype" (hipless fridge waist) is common
>reeee women with more masculine looking faces apparently don't exist now

No. 1479027

Why would elves need cows milk? These feyfolk are getting out of hand, all I'm saying is they're not sending their best over and maybe we need a wall to keep our cultural values.

No. 1479029

Times were better when dwarfed folk did their Jobs.now they hide in their gold stacked caves.such a shame. I blame the demoncrats

No. 1479030

to be fair, i want to talk about the instagram pedo shit, but anons glossed over it and kept adding up on the birth newspaper clip i originally posted, that's on me to be fair

No. 1479032

They dug too greedily and too deep…into the couch cushions! Buncha layabouts but what do you expect from a species of scrotes?
It's both sides at this point, those halflings in Washington have their fingers in every pie.

No. 1479035

we're talking about the jamie lee cutis' dead, naked child photo she post and deleted on instagram now, ok fuck off now

No. 1479036

Well he is a tranny so why is it so shocking he is a pedophile?

No. 1479037

File: 1674370330867.jpeg (124.13 KB, 1280x720, ftm_mtf.jpeg)

Okay but the pedo propaganda is just a cover for the tranny stuff, like most fake conspiracies pushed on the public constantly. We can still talk about it like it's not though I guess, to keep the thread lively.

No. 1479039

wow, the actual tranny cp spamming scrote is in m/ spamming cp, dya think he's mad we started the tranny shit without him

No. 1479040

You're looking at this the wrong way around, JLC is a Troon because he's a pedophile and women can't be pedophiles. Everyone knows that.

No. 1479041

File: 1674370540219.jpg (77.21 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

Yaknow I think you're honestly clinically retarded at this point.

No. 1479042

even ftms are mose likely to pedos than natal women kek
either talk about jamie lee cutis pedo shit or fuck off

No. 1479044

File: 1674371223970.png (408.9 KB, 534x571, leo_preg.png)

Not sure if anyone caught this with my Disick the Breeder/young mtf pic but they discard the old males, not the females. That's just another inversion they trick plebs into believing. That's why you'll see ftms like Leo DiCaprio with several young men one after the other. It's usually the duration of pregnancy and recovery before he's on to the next one. I think only Rob Kardashian's utereus is in higher demand.

No. 1479045

Hopefully the sirenes can salvage something worthwhile hunting scrotes.true hardworking women I tell ya.

No. 1479046

It was 'art' of a child in a suitcase in a wall she's a pedophile, that isn't art. It's another case of Hollywood elites letting their mask slip in my opinion, not too much to kick around since its her account posting it so it's her.
Leo is expecting? When is she due?

No. 1479048

Billy Corgan 7-8 months pregnant and performing "Baby Mine" while holding first child on 7/28/18 (second child was allegedly born on 10/02/18)

No. 1479049

o and regarding that post in the other thread about beyonce being on the red carpet in dubai, she and her husband are fucking BROKE! jay-z is a fucking terrible business man with horribly expensive taste, i feel bad for beyonce tbh

No. 1479050

I hate that troon and the paranoia he has caused among lc users.why can't admin ip ban him?

No. 1479052

Are you talking about the user spamming child porn or upset about the topic because people might get paranoid? This is exactly what open trannies do when women talk about them and they can't handle it. You seriously couldn't come up with anything better than this?

No. 1479053

im honestly still sckeptical of invert shit, but i have heard of certain things about multi generational satanic families regarding them from recovered/recovering mk-ultra victims and their psychotherapists, so im open to everything/anything at this point… just, wouldnt the cross sex horomones fuck the fetus/baby up significantly? if it doesnt make the baby low-functioning, it would still make them have lowered fertility, so they wouldn't be able to keep it for multiple generations

No. 1479054

No I'm talking about the cp spammer

No. 1479055

Ntayrt, yes it would fuck the baby up and any ftm that does get pregnant is advised medically to go off of testosterone because of that. That said who knows if baby's blood can help advance the elites medical knowledge, it worked for the Vampires in China.

No. 1479057

Because if it keeps going on lolcow may get banned in my country since its getting spam like this.

No. 1479058

File: 1674372791322.png (845.4 KB, 551x924, warm_egg_bath.png)

You can change the sex of a fetus by sitting in a bath, if it's done at the right time. There's basically an oral tradition passed down in these families and they probably have their own little methods and tricks.

No. 1479059

she has small hands and feet. troons always have huge hands and feet.

No. 1479061

show me an unedited picture of a woman who has as narrow shoulders as in that drawing. retard.

No. 1479062

Most women have shoulders wider than their hips, some significantly wider. The "ideal" body type that's always shown in porn/movies/media is that of the hourglass figure shown in this illustration here >>1479037
That is not the most common female bodytype, if you seriously think that the drawing with the massive hips and shoulder span barely past her ears is the only bodytype women have and if they don't then they are men I am begging you to leave your house and look at actual women not animated/photoshopped ones. You're dumb theories can be disproven by simply knowing biological women, which you clearly do not.

No. 1479064

If you think it's a tranny let them keep those kinds of delusions so he feels worse about his body. Telling him that women have big shoulders is what he wants so he can feel validated.

No. 1479066

But some women do have big shoulders, you can still easily tell they're women. That's not a secret he's just terminally online and doesn't leave his house to see any women. It's worse to let him spread this narrative that all women have to have the Marina Diamandis/Marilyn Monroe figure or else their intersex or trans.

No. 1479067

You think anyone's going to believe that? I genuinely think he's shouting into the wind with it especially by bringing it here.

No. 1479068

we're different anons, ladies, give it a rest already

No. 1479071

>You think anyone's going to believe that?
People clearly do believe that and you can see evidence of that everywhere online, people were calling Sydney Sweeney trans because she has narrow hips. These "transinvestigations" happen all the time now. I posted what I wanted too now I'm done, just let me share my opinion, it's okay if yours differs.

No. 1479072

We all know you're a tranny that isn't 'le scapegoat' don't worry we know you're different people.

No. 1479073

Completely, I only asked so I could hear yours. If you think it's more harmful for that to spread even here then I won't stop you from telling the truth. I just assumed he's fishing for some crumb of feeling better about himself.

No. 1479075

File: 1674374495791.png (500.16 KB, 786x645, skin_suit.png)

99% of porn are inverts having simulated sex with ftms or other mtfs. There's a video of some UK tranny named Jordan Gray dancing around a piano "naked" wearing a male one. Jordan Gray is a "trans woman" who is actually female but meant to be inverted as male (kept female for this purpose). They don't butcher the genitals of their own so you end up as the gender you were born with. Jazz Jennings was always going to be female for example. Now she's another Hollywood breeder, which is pretty easy to see from her alleged "fat" photos. She doesn't get the benefit of baggy clothing like Adam Sandler and Kevin James when they're gestating since she has a narrative to drive home. A lot of internet trannies are legit (obviously) but tons were also put in place to advance an agenda. The vast majority of outspoken radfems/terfs are also inverts, Graham Linehan and friends being some of the most obvious imo.

No. 1479078

Now I'm just convinced you are schizophrenic or dealing with some sort of delusion.

No. 1479080

>A lot of internet trannies are legit
Are you even trying?

No. 1479083

I don't give a fuck. Get out of the tinfoil thread if this is my diminished mental capacity is too startling and upsetting for you.

No. 1479087

are you illiterate? internet trannies are legit=they are actual trannies, tims are actual males etc

No. 1479088

What the fuck am I reading?

No. 1479089

we always get these "dead earth atheist" types derailing the fucking conspiracy threads, the tinfoils are in the right thread, hide it if you hate it so much

No. 1479093

As an atheist lately I feel like the planet just isn't living anymore. Call it a hunch.

No. 1479099

File: 1674375690161.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.12 KB, 1085x705, mystery_man.jpg)

Thank you Nonna. That is exactly what I meant, many internet TIMs are incredibly obvious and genuine. TIFs too. They don't care about regular people, they're happy idiots are signing up to be guinea pigs for invert medical care.

I was jk about my diminished mental capacity but really am getting tired now so will leave you all to your tranny-created tinfoil stories.

Before I go, I will answer the question I know you've all been asking yourselves: if Jazz Jennings is one of the only "real" women in Hollywood, who are the "real" men? So far, only one has been found. Whether you believe in EGI or not, you'll probably find the answer pretty funny.

No. 1479101

unironically, the weather has felt really fake in my area to me since around 2020 and i feel like the clouds move too fast. there have always been chemtrails in the sky, but there's been more lately

No. 1479107

I've seen plenty more women irl with your body type than mine (pear) or true hour glass. The width of the shoulders isn't at all extreme or unfeminine to me. And this is coming from someone who has no doubt there's crypto trannies running around in commercials and the entertainment business.

No. 1479112

So how do you avoid having a boy using this method?

No. 1479114

This thread is retarded and too focused on just one topic to allow for healthy discussion of other tinfoil shit.

No. 1479120

Someone please tell me he's wearing stuffing or something like Beyonce did, has terminal IBS or this is an uncle Fester costume. This looks genuinely uncanny to me even the way he's leaning back reminds me of pregnancy. Is this some kind of sick scrote performance art?

No. 1479127

File: 1674378204414.png (251.39 KB, 420x619, pluto generations.png)

pluto will enter Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Its happening

No. 1479130

Ok but what will happen

No. 1479158

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