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No. 1497477

No. 1497483

File: 1676187912141.jpg (81.28 KB, 1242x1036, media_FnKkHWWWAAES63f.jpg)

what do these people have against straight relationships, why must everything be "queer" for them

No. 1497508

The same reason we have pol lesbians. Being hetero is the new basic bitch.

No. 1497624

It's true, I don't understand

No. 1497905

File: 1676227524285.png (290.66 KB, 595x1551, graph.png)

Yeah I'm sure 14 year olds are depressed and self-harming due to Tinder. It's pathetic how these types can't conceive of anything outside of the incel/"dating coach" narrative. And of course they all pay for the Twitter Blue checkmark.

No. 1497916

I hate terminally online men with a passion. I am pretty sure minors aren't even allowed on tinder, i doubt a teen girl would be caught dead their unless she has some serious issues. It's pretty astounding how much a stupid little scam of a hookup app that has a rapidly declining female user base can literally cause this much distress among men. It's such a fucking joke.

No. 1498245

File: 1676251719597.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1342, DBEADBF3-C94A-4F5F-977D-F3B518…)

Normal female nerds/weebs are the most oppressed people on this earth… your only options for fandoms are moids or women who have deluded themselves that buff hairy moids are women. The QRTs to this feel like such fake compliments.


No. 1498255

This character is a whole ass male. Clown world clown world clown world i hate modern otaku culture.

No. 1498264

File: 1676253065327.jpg (142.95 KB, 1050x543, IMG_20230212_224401.jpg)

Insane AGP troon who become a MMA fighter to beat women and have a ex military past compare buying a children's game with turning brown people into a mush for oil and opioids.

No. 1498286

File: 1676255064547.png (16.62 KB, 599x153, tweet.PNG)

I don't even hate this tweet I'm just disoriented by it

No. 1498287

Alright, I laughed

No. 1498289

Pretty funny but if this turns out to be an AGP troon I'm gonna feel disgusted

No. 1498306

How can anybody ever take them and their demands seriously when they think playing a video game is comparable to murder. These narcissists seriously think transphobia is the worst crime in existence equal to murder. Everything they say is projection and somehow they think admitting to it makes them in the right?
>You're helping jk rowling genocide trans people if you play hogwarts legacy!
>actually helped the US kill poc

>terfs are all nazis

>actually are ex neo-nazis

No. 1498308

>comparing liking a children's book franchise to being in the armed forces and killing people
these people are insane. did he get any pushback in his replies whatsoever after saying this bullshit lmao
also there's so many ex military mtfs. i wish these guys would find better ways to reintegrate into society bc its actually embarrassing how many of them troon out

No. 1498309

most irl vocal queer m/f couples are a woman (them/them, never touched a vagina that wasn't hers but how dare anyone make fun of her for it) and her bf (he/him, doesn't like dick but thinks women with they/them pronouns are hot)

No. 1498321

also an actual "brown" person or whatever term is used for us, can I request that you don't use the term "poc" its on par with latinax and makes me wanna die inside

No. 1498330

sorry, I didn't want to use it either but I didn't know what term would be best to use as he didn't specify where he served so I decided to just use their language that they love to use to highlight their discrepancy

No. 1498354

File: 1676262018982.jpeg (154.13 KB, 828x857, FA1A4089-9888-474E-85C8-4A7881…)

I hate those dumb headcanon accounts where it’s shit like “kaoru hakaze from enstars is a Chinese transwoman”, picrel for example although this one made me laugh

No. 1498358

File: 1676262817110.png (322.23 KB, 645x551, 1670002954443.png)

so I understand where calling adult men "babygirls" comes from, the headlogic is that if they infantilize their male crushes they can somehow flip the obvious power imbalance(its almost a Foucauldian approach) but its still unbelievably cringe , like I would probably die of cringe If I were to call an adult male character "babygirl"

No. 1498432

Is it really otaku culture? Because actual otaku would call him a guy or a fag. The characters who mostly get called women are the guys who are drawn exactly like the other female characters like the super tall cop in You're Under Arrest or Erica in Catherine and Catherine Fullbody. That guy from Granblue Fantasy reminds me of Nathan from Tiger & Bunny and I don't remember anyone calling Nathan a girl or nonbinary unironically when it was airing in 2011. These people who insist on shoving their headcanons on others seem more like tourists, and they always prove why gatekeeping hobbies is sometimes justified.

No. 1498437

Everyone was disgusted by this tweet including the troons he was defending kek, at least I guess some troons still have enough common sense to hate murderers.

No. 1498952

File: 1676314036927.jpg (67.03 KB, 1170x976, twitter.jpg)

This girl has been getting dogpiled on twitter because she said she was enjoying her year. Most of the tweets that I saw were getting mad at her for the earthquake that just happened in Turkey.
I see stuff like this happen on twitter time and time again, where someone says something positive about their life, and someone tries to make them feel guilty for it. It's truly a crabs-in-a-bucket website where people get offended over other people not wallowing in misery 24/7.

No. 1498956

The girl replying to her is so based, kek.

No. 1498967

lol how is she based? it's not the original girl's fault that she lives in a shithole. she didn't invent islam.

No. 1498968

File: 1676314811302.jpg (143.04 KB, 697x1477, coffee.jpg)

Samefg, there was also this woman a few months ago who got attacked for saying she has coffee with her partner in the morning because "not everyone can afford to have coffee in the morning" or whatever. Why do people on twitter think personal tweets need to apply to them and every single person on earth? They definitely don't have regular jobs but who gives a fuck

No. 1498969

How? She seems like someone who can’t allow other people to be happy for five minutes.

No. 1498973

nta, but I just hate americans

No. 1498981

Also, forgetting of her mentioning they have their own businesses, how ignorant of them to assume everyone works 1st shift. It's not absurd for someone to wake up at 6am and hang out with their family for a few hours until they go into work at 2pm or later. Also very silly to say it's privileged to not work in the morning, most 2nd and 3rd shift jobs have a lack of public transportation available, so it's pretty privileged to be able to work in the morning.

No. 1498988

I'm that anon and yeah that's it. I find it funny when some rando calls them out and they can't say anything back because twitter will ban them if they do, kek.

No. 1499041

Someone should go to her post and tell her how privileged she is to be reading and responding to posts from strangers on Twitter while in the rest of the world, even children have to do manual labor and can't afford to be pissy at internet people lol

No. 1499046

I don't think getting the bus to your 1st shift job can be considered more privileged than owning your own business and choosing to work whatever hours you like kek.

No. 1499049

Nah I agree, fuck Am*ricans.

I don't think Islam cause deadly earthquakes or wars in European countries.

No. 1499055

An American girl on Twitter saying she's had a good year isn't causing deadly earthquakes or European wars either, dummy.

No. 1499056

What country are you from, though, anon?

No. 1499065

Americans didn't Invest Islam, but you ruined the chance for the potential destruction of Islam
most of what is now the Muslim word had nationalistic socialist leaders who were declawing Islam in many cases(didn't outright ban religion to avoid pissing off the majority) but they stripped power from the Mullahs, locked up any pan-Islamist and could have erased Islam in 2-3 generations, but fucking Americans and their need for "Muh Freedom" had to mess it up, not only did you allow Islam to be free on the world stage you fucks also gave them gruella warfare training and your neo-liberals constantly defend them

No. 1499071

File: 1676321979929.jpeg (575.02 KB, 1170x1607, B4F1F3EE-FB52-43AA-B27F-F5577B…)

>pronouns in dn

No. 1499134

File: 1676324925393.jpeg (82.6 KB, 828x845, A4003B3B-778D-44CE-9814-845E1C…)

Driverfags are a plague

No. 1499135

Twitter is a public social media and she worded it in a way that sounded like the year was good in general and not just for her. Of course people would yell at her. You think th average twitter user's IQ is high? And social media as a whole is running on interactions and nothing works better than annoying users and making them yell at each other.

I despise Islam and think it's retarded but it's not the direct cause of some of the recent tragic events going on like the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, as I said. I get what you mean but it's not related to my point.

I'm curious about the implications he's talking about. Hollywood is sexless now? I think that people have this opinion based on very specific family friendly franchises, especially now that the MCU is a big thing.

No. 1499137

I wish you were permabanned. Always sperging off-topic shit no one asked about.

No. 1499154

The “Hollywood is sexless now” is a myth started by scrotes after actresses started speaking out about being groomed. Literally every piece of media outside the MCU has frequent sex scenes - just look at HBO’s catalogue.

No. 1499166

how can these clowns keep calling hollywood sexless when female actresses are constantly sexually assaulted by male directors on set
I do find it suspicious that everyone started whining about how sexless hollywood is started doing it after metoo it has to delibirate. Its also creepy how they demand sex scenes in Marvel movies who are meant for a family audience. That "everyone is attractive and no one is horny" article has done so much damage in movie discourse whenever you start to question if a sex scene exploited the actors you immediately get shut down

No. 1499186

In canon, in the Japanese version, the character is an okama stereotype. His own voice actor calls him "draph no otoko", a male draph (his species). The translation team and the english twitter fan account pretended that didn't happen to not cause a scandal.

No. 1499190

That's exactly why I mentioned the MCU, it's the exception to the rule but it's just so successful that people don't realize it.

No. 1499195

Millennials overcorrected hard when it comes to religious prudes. They think removing the stigma around sex meant that they had to remove all boundaries as well. No wonder Gen Z is so uncomfortable about sex.

No. 1499200

He needs to ask himself why sex is such an essential part of tv/movies to him. What is it about a guy saying "I don't like sexual contact with people who aren't my wife" that makes Hollywood unsettling? I'm convinced a lot of "queer" (read: straight people larping) identity is the inability to maintain healthy relationships, so seeing these things trigger their much genocide alarm bells

No. 1499202

Yeah a decade ago the messages I saw online by slacktivists at least made sense and were sensible like "no is a complete sentence" or "an adult woman having casual sex or being horny is normal, it's normal to have a libido it's not disgusting or sinful". Now we went back to before that so if you're a teenager who doesn't want to see detailed, long sex scenes in movies when your parents are in front of the TV with you you're suddenly a "prude" and a "puriteen" or whatever the new buzzword is now. Sane deal if you think drag queens shouldn't interact with small kids or if you think porn being very easy to find on the internet by anyone is dangerous.

No. 1499206

and then batman and joker start making out and everyone claps.
seriously, what in the 2013 superwholock era tumblr is this…

No. 1499216

sorry but what's wrong with this? at worst, it's slightly cringe but idk what the big deal is?

No. 1499228

File: 1676331695530.png (797.78 KB, 940x952, Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 5.41…)

this entire thread

No. 1499244

File: 1676333364398.jpeg (398.35 KB, 1170x1722, 8A98A6B5-9D1C-4974-85F0-073F8F…)

The last tweet god I hate this stupid pick me fatass bitch she keeps hijacking radical feminism to her trad pandering attention whoring for reddit males

No. 1499249

Can someone make “twink” a slur I don’t want to read/hear that word ever again.
Anna Slatz is reminding me so much of Sh0e. Tradthot arc when.

No. 1499253

>sexless generation
What is it with gen-xers/millenials constantly seething about zoomers having less sex, who cares. I'm sick of adults whining that young people don't party, do drugs, hook up… anymore, leave them alone, the current climate already sucks enough, don't add unnecessary pressure on them.

No. 1499345

So just soft butch then, or am I missing something?

No. 1499370

I hate the word "twink" and all its derivatives, half of the time it just gets used for men who are just non-obese or muscle bound steroid freaks

No. 1499424

She sounds so confused. I only glanced the thread she is commonly contained in, but hasn't she posted sultry pictures of herself whilst proclaiming to be a radfem? It's like she decided radfems and libfems are the same people, which is funny because she appears to be a conservative in denial.

No. 1499427

Harmless cringe is not allowed anymore. I like that trope.

No. 1499432

I don't really see them reflecting on what bigger societal factors could have caused zoomers to change like this. It's always just shaming.

No. 1499434

holy shit I hate this retarded shit so much. They even included Haruka in that thread. I can't wait until this retarded girltwink shit dies off, why do they want to apply terms for gay men to women so badly, especially to lesbians who already have their own terms? It doesn't even make sense in the context of women and trying to apply it to historical terms is even more retarded.

No. 1499439

Yes i same fagged 3 times in a row, but i feel like what went wrong was that millennials left no room for people who genuinely aren't hyper sexual, have low interest in sex ir are "vanilla" to breathe. Sex workers abd coomers were made the center of sex positivity instead of normal people. A lot people who expressed not being into kinks or felt discomfort at hypersexuality got called prude or somehow their lack sexual deviancy was seen as combative to the goals of a world wide orgy. I remember this being the thing that prevented me from having a lib fem phase (among other things) because i knew deep in my heart i just can't shake the fact that I'd rather society keeps sex as a private matter. I remember an Indian woman doing one of those slam poetry things speaking out against sex positivity and felt like she said everything i feel. Idk what the reaction was to her though. Asexuality really seems to only taken off more with zoomers then it ever did with millennials. The only thing this stupid movement has done was tell women they have to let their scrotes do anal.

No. 1499440

Twitterfags really do overreact to anyone saying anything positive about their personal lives but you just know if someone said this year was really good so far while a major incident happened in the US, burgers being the self-centered hypocrites they are would have harrassed them.

No. 1499443

What are you talking about…

No. 1499447

You are so right, that's why i don't feel bad for her getting piled on, especially when US people often don't see people who aren't fortunate enough to live in 1st word countries as worthy humans. They need to be reminded of their privilege, even being broke in the first world country is a privilege, at least you have welfare and you are not in a warzone. Let them complain.

No. 1499450

File: 1676349623677.png (110.31 KB, 646x924, 1669738036126.png)

nta but she means stuff like this. just look up the term "puriteen"

No. 1499451

Girl you have to get off Twitter dot com, I promise you no millennial cares about the sex lives of other people that much. In real life it’s still extremely inappropriate to ask someone about their sexual preferences. Get a job. If someone asks you about your sex life at work, get them fired. Like this + >>1499447 if you actually hate Twitter that much you don’t have to use it. Stop before it’s too late.

No. 1499452

File: 1676349675091.jpeg (560.88 KB, 1170x1581, 1669663278337.jpeg)

samefag and this too

No. 1499456

You have literally no reason to think i am addicted to twitter, it couldn't be further from the truth. Most of my knowledge that goes on on Twitter comes from these threads. Also, this is the twitter hate thread retard, i think most people are here because they hate twitter.

No. 1499461

Nta but she's talking about the constant complaints on twitter these days of gen z not liking sex enough

No. 1499464

File: 1676350605433.png (204.57 KB, 591x528, hc.png)

Also twitter users are too prone to overgeneralizing which is part of how they got this puriteen idea. One tweet from a nobody conservative doesn't mean all zoomers want censorship now. There's probably been fringe people with this same opinion since the code was removed but didn't have a platform for their opinion.

No. 1499466

>she worded it in a way that sounded like the year was good in general and not just for her. Of
She very obviously meant for everyone personally though. Might be hard for you to believe, but bad things have been happening in America this year as well and in general. Tragedies happen every single year, that doesn't mean people can't be happy in their own personal life. Twitter users should just stop being so sensitive.
Also, are we supposed to believe that there are no non-Americans at all saying that the year has been good?

No. 1499474

File: 1676351426463.jpg (179.79 KB, 815x1406, Fo00g6kXEAAUKZ4.jpg)

This was the post mind you, its not really a controversial statement either, sex scenes in most modern movies don't add anything to the plot and are waste of screen time

No. 1499476

Where did I say you were addicted to Twitter?This thread is to laugh at terminally online retards, not to expound equally out of touch arguments against millennial and gen x boogeymen. There’s a difference between hating Twitter because it’s full of retards and hating Twitter because someone called you silly name on it kek

No. 1499487

samefag regarding the Hays code specifically, there was an old actress from the era who talked about how the code had interesting implications regarding female characters, during the Hays code era where raunchy scenes were not allowed, women could be more strong and more dynamic characters but after that era women were thrown into the bedroom with lingere and it took us years to get out(if someone could find the interview I'd appreciate it)

No. 1499497

You are mad because i said something bad about millennials and now your feelings are hurt, got it.

No. 1499500

>sex scenes in most modern movies don't add anything to the plot
personally I don't think that a sex scene needs to serve the plot. It can be used to show intimacy between two characters. My issue with sex scenes is that 99% of the time it's the director using it as an excuse to perv on the actors.
I thought that the sex scene in Portrait of a Lady on Fire didnt feel gross but that's also a female director so maybe that's why kek
that's interesting. I dont know much about old movies but the ones I have seen from the Hayes code era did have headstrong female characters that talked back. Compared to those pre-Hayes code they relayed much more on sex appeal

No. 1499510

>Twitter users should just stop being so sensitive.
kek anon my point is that Twitter is just THAT sensitive and it'll only stop being sensitive once the site is nuked once and for all by Apartheid Clyde's incompetence. It's basically Tumblr 2.0 nowadays.

No. 1499515

>99% of the time it's the [male] director using it as an excuse to perv on the [female] actors
exactly, I just can't help but assume people who are so overdefensive of sex scenesin mainstream media must be coomers who want everything to be porn

No. 1499521

I think the movie sex scene discourse was made up by terminally online people to have something to get mad about. Zoomers can be prudish but I’ve only ever seen lame as fuck twenty something’s bitching about this topic. Some movies do it well and some movies do it poorly, groundbreaking tweet threads everybody.

No. 1499523

most do do it poorly tbh

No. 1499652

File: 1676380803958.png (34.23 KB, 645x531, 9c67d12e722840b6.png)

It's really fucking weird that people who claim to be woke, inclusive and all that shit are very quick to claim the goblins are jews and orcs are black people. like was anyone even making these claims before these weirdos showed up?

Now I am aware Goblins-as-Jews was common in anti-Semitic propaganda. cause some of the stereotypes of fictional goblins lined up with a handful of anti-Jewish stereotypes. though Orcs have never had anything at all to do with black people, though. Tolkien's orcs are G*rmans and later D&D/Warhammer orcs don't closely resemble any real-world culture and literally speak cockney British accents 99% of the time

No. 1499681

I think HP was critiqued for it's goblins before, but it's depiciton of goblins allings with their general depicition in western media. JKR was praised for standing against antisemetism several times in the past.

All this tinfoiling and making shit up came after her coming out as terf tho.
I wish those shizos would stop bringing up the bank floor, Australia House did nothing wrong.

No. 1499713

They are just looking for another bullshit way to get people to hate her since normies don't give a fuck about trannies. I'm so annoyed people can't just mind their business and leave her alone.

No. 1499732

File: 1676388316156.png (518.2 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20230213-235746_(1)…)

Ah yes because a woman stating her opinions is the same as possessing child porn

No. 1499747

File: 1676389140317.jpeg (65.37 KB, 535x570, F3D73802-B308-4BD9-99EC-F55E45…)

uh oh. I still love Rurouni Kenshin, it’s actually my favorite anime.

No. 1499758

In fact, throw away every cornerstone of literature, art, science, philosophy because all those ancient scrotes were racist, sexist and homophobic

No. 1499772

She evades them, sadly. All the new people coming here react positively to her though so she's been getting worse.

No. 1499779

I actually laughed at this dunkey video, literally every piece of art is tainted in some way

No. 1499797

File: 1676393515128.png (27.45 KB, 717x309, Capture.PNG)

its making me mad how they trot out dead trans people as a way to shut down anything they don't like. It's like the "victims" of kiwifarms, they don't know how or why they died. Just go with the narrative and use it as ammo.Shut the fuck up. I have no ill feelings and feel bad for the teenager and his family . That teenager was a person, not a trans card to win the game. Women die everyday doesn't stop anyone from talking shit about a woman or making a video either. Retardation. In fact RedLetterMedia did a retarded
>Lol missing white women get more attention when they are missing, lets make a funny montage of REAL news coverage of missing white women with funny music behind it! Because the missing white women who get coverage over other people, are the joke! They should be the focus of the controversy. We should giggle as see real missing cases of vulenerable women lol
That would'nt dare be done to troons unless it was an right wing person, you can casually shit on women no matter what on youtube. Shut the fuck up

No. 1499820

i honestly kinda agree that some zoomers have this really weird prudish view of sex but it really doesn't help that all the examples of "healthy embracing your sexuality" is always degenerate retards like this. yeah when the people preaching sex positivity are all perverts who wanna fuck pool toys or who think that women roleplaying as literal dogs for their boyfriends has no negative implications whatsoever might alienate other people and make them think sex is disgusting.

No. 1499837

>Some zoomers have this really weird prudish view of sex
Examples? I thought they were all sex positive and shit

No. 1499854

idk they all have piss kink and shit

No. 1499860

Most zoomers have prudish attitudes towards sex because they saw that in the past aids other stds and teen pregnancy skyrocketed with sex positivity. Also a lot of porn nowadays is about abusing women so young girls are obviously scared of sex.

No. 1499885

They all have kink lists online but none are actually fucking in real life. Well, compared to previous generations at least. Which is actually a good thing, teen pregnancies are lower than ever

No. 1499888

"Puriteen" is how groomers shame teens

No. 1499905

>a lot of porn nowadays is about abusing women
>a lot
read andrea dworkin

No. 1499928

I don't need to read some retard to realize that women in porn are getting beaten up, spat on and raped to the point of tears and prolapse today. 30 years ago a video of a woman getting beaten up and choked wouldn't be this easily accessible, at least to children. While I agree that porn actresses have always gotten abused but you can't argue it's gotten worse.

No. 1500012

The more concerning point is it's always been as terrible as it's been, the only difference is that it's more accessible due to the "instantess" of the internet

No. 1500023

Andrea describes porn Jewish men were consuming of Jewish women being abused, mangled, raped, and murdered in ways as a throwback to the holocaust. It kinda has always been that bad.

No. 1500057

Not American but wasn't there a major incident just a few days ago in the US? Something about a train transporting some dangerous chemicals having an accident and spilling everything everywhere, making a whole town a dangerous shithole even more polluted than usual? So yeah even some of her fellow Americans would probably want to shit talk her.

No. 1500058

>I promise you no millennial cares about the sex lives of other people that much.
You're naive as fuck. Some people absolutely care no matter how much it's none of their businesses. I know way too much about some of my previous millennial coworkers' sex lives because they wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and it can become a casual topic to talk about among some people. They're mostly gay or bi men but not only. I still remember about that one guy at my previous job bragging about how he pissed in someone's mouth in a gay bar with one of his friends and everyone being like "ew lol hahaha that sooo funny" and saying even more vile shit.

No. 1500269

File: 1676428537008.jpeg (278.33 KB, 1156x1044, 97577A2B-CDB9-49CF-91B8-1B5006…)

This is too funny. edgy comedian leftist gets shot by cops and dies after pulling a knife on his wife and kids
one less violent unfunny misogynist moid, the world is slowly healing

No. 1500273

Wait, what??

No. 1500278

File: 1676429305265.jpeg (354.61 KB, 1170x1399, 27EE553E-4C81-41EF-B33F-77F181…)

No. 1500287

… who was the edgy comedian leftist who got shot? Was it the OP of the tweet screenshot? Am I high or does that article not specify the identity of the man who was shot??

No. 1500288

Most militaryfags are embarassing in the first place, if they got groomed into it as a kid then I feel some pity but most of the time it's just moids with gun fetishes.

No. 1500300

I knew some who wanted to be in the mafia as dumbass young teen middle schoolers, joined a "motorcycle club" between the ages of 18-21, and then went into the military. Not surprising to see a gun fetish, power trip, and interest in killing people.

No. 1500362

This guy didn't seem that bad compared to other "irony" scrotes but hopefully this teaches a lesson to people about how many scrotes on twitter are legit psychos.

No. 1500456

Exactly. Some zoomers will go on and on about degenerate fetishes but will never have had their first kiss. It's also why they can tell gay people that their "genital preference" is transphobic because they don't know what it means to find something sexually unappealing. Sex is purely theoretical to them.

No. 1500965

File: 1676483498043.png (112.93 KB, 522x568, 5.png)

These arguments are always like "you think transgenderism is a modern perversion, bigot? well this civilization 2000 years back had castrated boys sexually serving adult men which we directly parallel to modern day transgenderism." like the vast majority of "third gender" or "two-spirit" roles cited in academia as examples of "transgenderism" in ancient or primitive societies were of some men fulfilling roles traditionally held by women, and adopting some superficial feminine characteristics (in dress, make-up etc.).

No. 1500996

kek the tweet itself is totally unfunny but now that he got shot by the police for being a violent piece of shit? Iconic.

No. 1501017

Diddy Kong aint wrong though.

No. 1501153

File: 1676496101198.png (31.72 KB, 686x206, Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 4.21.…)

anon do you even know what a babyfur is

No. 1501269

File: 1676507772638.jpg (104.23 KB, 1011x411, IMG_20230215_213613.jpg)

No. 1501281

Pathetic bitch ass moid. My dad was exactly like this, he used to get jealous of the love mom gave me, fucking weird considering she's my mom and maternal love is an unique link between mother and child, only a scrote would get "jealous" of a fucking kid because "muh mommy issues give me attention waah!!"

No. 1501299

Reminds me of men who are jealous of their wives for giving their newborn 'too much attention.' Remind me again why men think they are the emotionally stronger sex? they are weak af. We have machines and sex toys and dont even need them anymore.

No. 1501333

Right? They're so whiny, imagine being stronger and bigger than 50% of the population yet suffer daily meltdowns over any slight rejection, men are so fucking weak

No. 1501341

>women give their kids unconditional love
>men never get this kind of love
imagine putting the fact that you’re fucking terrible to your mom on twitter like this

No. 1501365

My son's father was like this too, which was fucking galling considering all else that was overlooked. That's what they want: to be able to sink as low as possible to a child-like state without losing anything. Mind you, I've known a couple of women who complained when the men they dated put their kids first but at least then that was not their children and before they had become mothers. To be a father and still not fucking get the difference between adult romantic love and parental love makes me worry about how they experience these things. They're so obviously different.

No. 1501381

Does he not have a mother of his own? I swear to god men are the ultimate attention whores, all this whining and complaining is because women aren't as shallow as men and won't give out participation trophies for breathing.
They have truly been replaced sexually and financially, they have no purposes aside from that. There truly needs to be some kind of culling of these useless moids, maybe disguised as military training. I wish more women would catch on to this.

No. 1501618

File: 1676551221629.jpeg (757.05 KB, 1170x1720, 8BA2CD5F-A2D3-43FF-9657-C387E9…)

Felt like I got punched in the face and then flashbanged reading this

No. 1501638

This sounds like he’s angry that some woman who broke up with him has a good relationship with her kids. He’s probably angry she cleans up their toys and meals and told him he could clean up after himself. If not he definitely made this after stalking the accounts of some random woman he’s envious about and wishes he was dating. Narcissists always make generalized vagueposts like this blaming society when they catch a glimpse on social media of someone enjoying their life in a way the narcissist doesn’t have (like getting engaged or married or buying a house or having children).

No. 1501639

Just girly things

No. 1501646

Why tf do so many furries publicly wear diapers too? Are you a baby or a wolf?

No. 1501683

>Narcissists always make generalized vagueposts like this blaming society when they catch a glimpse on social media of someone enjoying their life in a way the narcissist doesn’t have (like getting engaged or married or buying a house or having children)
Well he posted this the morning after valentine's day, maybe he was extremely salty

No. 1501688

Paraphilias are often co-morbid, so AGPs are often also zoophiles and/or pedophiles.

No. 1501707

I take everything I said about Freud back. He was right, men are all fucked in the head and want to fuck their moms.

No. 1501708

Is he forgetting that he was once a baby? He already got his special baby treatment.

No. 1501711

>Men leave the womb and spend their whole lives trying to crawl back.

No. 1501824

File: 1676570673777.png (1.47 MB, 1400x1311, 1_p0XjieagmsBgiTJ2RL3d0g.png)

yeah that should only be if your fursona is a chicken. Or would that be a scaly?? also everyone look up chicken diapers if you dont know of them already.

No. 1502120

As if this has anything to do with any kind of realism rather than the fact that lots of trannies are degenerate triple threats of pedophilia, zoophilia and autogynephilia.

No. 1502146

File: 1676590273983.jpeg (316.46 KB, 1170x924, 2995EC12-2D9E-45DF-AA8F-DCC05D…)

What does that have to do with the conversation. Anyways porn is bad.

No. 1502157

What does this have to do with fucking

No. 1502161

im guessing he's saying that because sex was a taboo subject and there wasn't much sex education, it resulted in scandals where presumably that guy got wrongfully fired for trying to spread accurate information about aids. idk, op has worded it terribly, and he's also purposefully misunderstanding the current conversation that 'zoomers dont want sex positivity', when what people are really saying is that they don't like having sexual content shoved in their faces in movies and shows all the time.

No. 1502178

And these people need to understand there is an epidemic of teenage girls with anal injuries in hospitals now thanks to the influence of pornography. There are serious reasons zoomers might turn against "sex positivity" they shouldn't dismiss so easily.

No. 1502566

File: 1676631218026.jpg (235.51 KB, 1080x784, IMG_20230217_114940.jpg)

Not sure if this is for the fujocringe thread
What about him is transmasc???

No. 1502567

Nothing about him is transmasc, it's just some fangirl projecting her stupidity on her new husbando.

No. 1503401

File: 1676732304020.jpg (156.5 KB, 1157x821, pNF2U9WIAE.jpg)

what level of brain rot causes someone to unironically think like this

No. 1503404

the same brain rot that causes someone to obsess over edgy elementary school children in a cartoon.

No. 1503417

The zoomer broccoli haircut they gave him on the reboot I guess.

No. 1503425

it HAS to be bait

No. 1503430

>Pedophilia is a mental disorder, so it's ableist if you hate them
>Pedophilia is an actual sexuality, so it's bigoted if you hate them
These are the main pedophile defenses now

No. 1503432

This seems to be bait, this person has the rainbow emoji and meat emoji which, according to the Pinterest zoomies, seems to be a dog whistle for these so called "proshippers".
So it's either made by a retarded zoomer trying to sound ironic, or it's made by a retarded zoomer who truly believes in pedophilia as a mental illness.

No. 1503452

File: 1676738028148.png (116.15 KB, 590x609, 68.png)

I thought so too, but going through her profile its apparent she's genuine

No. 1503465

File: 1676739103132.png (971.01 KB, 1264x1272, tweet.PNG)

Tweet about ugly neckbeard with a hot gf goes viral (I def saw it way too many times on my twitter); twitter users praise him for no reason for being a great and cute and a proof ugly scrotes can be happy, soon we find out he actually - most likely - sexually assaulted her; yet another proof that "nice guys" don't deserve a chance

No. 1503467

>either […] a retarded zoomer trying to sound ironic, or […] a retarded zoomer who truly believes in pedophilia as a mental illness
I think it's both.

No. 1503488

File: 1676741813633.jpeg (282.08 KB, 1170x811, DD5F6697-A4AB-4B1D-B4DB-FAD821…)

Ironic since TRAs are the ones equating black women to men

No. 1503489

>S/O is black
thank god they let us know

No. 1503492

Rowling's point isn't that she's scared, it's that she's scared for GC women who don't have her resources. She explicitly said that she thinks TRAs are trying to make an example of her to intimidate other feminists.

No. 1503493

This is why you should ignore scrotes complaints about how they're so invisible and unappreciated. Even with feminism everybody still lines up to worship the most mediocre scrotes.

No. 1503495

A paraphilia is not a disability, holy Christ. This retard has the nerve to call other people ableist when he literally just compared autistic people to men who fantasize about raping children. He's probably a pedophile himself trying to rationalize his degeneracy.

No. 1503498

im begging people not to use terms like code switching when they clearly don't know what they mean. also love how these people continue to water down terms like white supremacy

No. 1503502

File: 1676742995395.jpg (142.46 KB, 1080x569, IMG_20230218_185528.jpg)

These people are fucking insane

No. 1503503

Ah yes, the most massive scandal involving Billy Clinton. It's a shame there isn't some other scandal involving him where a barely-legal co-worker he groomed was branded as a slut by the media.

No. 1503506

These are same retards crying about how they need to flee the U.S. and be granted asylum because kids being denied horse piss pills equals genocide.

No. 1503507


No. 1503508

My deepest condolences to whoever had to sit next to a diaper-shitting tranny for an entire flight.

No. 1503513

>there is an epidemic of teenage girls with anal injuries in hospitals now
hold up. please post stats I haven't heard of this

No. 1503526

sadly it isn't, its a porn rotten young woman

No. 1503536

Oh now she’s a pedo too lmao? How

No. 1503554

File: 1676750696499.png (122.81 KB, 588x816, e459ac3aa9fabe1dfbc0.png)

idk anything about that but the current TRA claim against Rowling is that she's a "gender essentialist"(cause its obvious she isn't a conservative but she isn't a radfem either) from over analysis of her books TRAs are stating that Rowling believes that men should be masculine providers and women can never physically harm men

No. 1503556

The nice guy and the jerk treating them like shit are the same person. The “nice guys” are just hiding their true self because they have nothing else to offer such as being attractive or otherwise interesting.

No. 1503560

ofc jkr doesn't go out of her way to paint out what merope did as a bad thing. the person reading the book is expected to have enough critical thinking skills to both recognise that her using a love potion was condemnable, while also feeling sympathy for her bc her situation was undeniably shitty. also like… do these people WANT to see a realistic depiction of sexual assault in a series of kids books?
the only point out of these that stands on its own is the observation about broken parentage, but that's another issue, and you could argue that snape subverts this.

No. 1503565

What are they talking about? Can HP fans comment?

No. 1503578

A point in the series is that Voldemort was concieved without "love" so he is pitiful because of that. His mother grew up in poverty with a misogynistic and crazy brother and father. She had a crush on the basic rich boy in town but he saw her as rubbish, so one day she gave him a love potion, had sex with him and concieved a child.

I have no fucking clue what these people are reaching for as this whole backstory is seen as sad and pathetic and voldemort becomes evil because he grows up as an average loser and wants to seek glory in his past (like dudes who say their grandfather fought in WW2). There's a ton of people from broken families who turn out to be lovely characters.

No. 1503605

File: 1676753931126.png (416.26 KB, 694x1078, 1587045-screen-shot-2020-05-29…)

I think it's from a few years ago, she was promoting her book the christmas pig or something like that and retweeting and replaying to kids posting their art of another story she wrote for kids and trannies were replying to these posts by posting porn. After that she posted something like "I didn't say anything about the porn posted under these tweets but you guys need to stop doing that", one tranny misquoted that on purpose to make it seem like JKR is ok with exposing kids to porn and called her a pedophile as a result and for "caring too much about trans kids genitals". After that guy put words in her mouth she threatened to sue him for libel and he apologized like a the loser he is.

No. 1503610

File: 1676754526560.jpeg (391.71 KB, 1170x934, A88381CE-9B90-4415-BE02-3A64DA…)

No. 1503613

he should go ask his mother about believing everything strangers say on the internet

No. 1503614

As they say on twitter: Beard.

No. 1503617

File: 1676754759843.jpg (96.47 KB, 386x850, Screenshot 2023-02-18 131121.j…)

> trannies were replying to these posts by posting porn.
Jesus christ, what. I looked this up and the amount of people even today misrepresenting what she said like is giving me a headache. They'll find any reason to grasp straws and paint her as evil. Twitter was a mistake. I hate trannies so much.

No. 1503636

These morons are ignoring the context that hundreds of those images were troons putting pictures of their own “girldicks.” But those twans girls are so stunning and brave and vulnerable and aren’t any danger in bathrooms around women and their small children, of course.

No. 1503783

They're calling her a pedo and ignoring the actual gynephiles posting porn on tweets that will most likely be seen by children. JKR is famous for her children and ya media and posting their fanart will bring the kids to her page to see if she shared their work.
These pedos knew damn well children would see her tweets and posted their degen mutilations for the children to see. I'm prob explaining this in a roundabout way, but they're intentionally ignoring the real pedos here because it's the trannies they're hellbent on defending.

No. 1503828

When I first heard the term "Rowling Derangement Syndrome" I thought it was kind of exaggerated and this would die after a few days of the game being out, now I understand it's definitely a real condition.

No. 1503928

By the way, I'm reading the Rowling derangement syndrome thread on kf everyday like it's the newspaper, people are so unhinged when talking about her and it's been years now since they started yelling at her for pretty much anything. I'm glad I'm not famous when I see that shit.

No. 1503977

Nah it’s because the only fans of her works are millennials

No. 1504004

File: 1676783108576.png (214.53 KB, 598x614, Skeeve.png)

Obvious projection on their part. Those with the most vociferous hatred against JKR have the most skeletons in their closet.

No. 1504020

>and then batman and joker start making out and everyone claps
fucking lmao why is this so funny to me

No. 1504025

File: 1676785049083.png (86.01 KB, 658x602, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 9.36…)

This was his last IG post, kek. Stuff like this always makes me think about how if I randomly die someday my last post on social media will probably be a stupid meme or something

No. 1504045

File: 1676787461386.png (1.29 MB, 896x1310, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 10.1…)

I hate this. "There's no such thing as gay kids…me as a kid:" and all of these examples are just little kids being kids.

No. 1504053

you forgot the zoomers trying to shift to hogwarts lmao

No. 1504087

Ew. I hate men.

No. 1504169

moids literally sexualize anything kids do, so I'm not surprised

No. 1504177

never knew any of this about steve albini somehow, feel like throwing up. fucking hell

No. 1504220

File: 1676812352430.jpeg (351.43 KB, 828x934, 892512D0-7CE7-4555-A42A-756BA7…)

No. 1504223

People talk so much shite on twitter wtf does this mean

No. 1504232

what the fuck does this mean lol anyone should really have a say if they wanna act in a sex scene. but i could care less how this is so indirectly correlated to poor ol twitter SW (i refuse to call human trafficking victims who literally have no choice in this world sex workers smh twitter)

No. 1504237

That thread is horrific jfc.
Moids who are the most hateful against feminist women who set boundaries and are protective of children usually have a reason like this for it.

No. 1504384

An AI bot wrote this tweet

No. 1504396

>anyone refusing to do sex work means that they are LITERALLY MURDERING gay prostitutes
I fucking hate twittards

No. 1504500

File: 1676841621711.png (2.33 MB, 1004x4468, twitter.png)

Not recent, but in case anyone was unsure, Twitter is as bad as Pornhub when it comes to addressing child exploitation.

No. 1504531

I actually like the term gamine, "soft butch" feels like it's only used to refer to butches who use makeup or have long hair and "tomboy" makes people sperg because it's associated with children. I feel like the "mischievous, boyish expression" lacks a good label women could identify with, a lot of young lesbians like that end up trooning out when they don't fit the stereotypical butch/femme (or the "normie wine aunt" type) binary.

No. 1504592

as bad as it sounds, it gets progressively harder to care about people being murdered when it's mentioned like this. so casual, manipulative, passive aggressive. the initial idea is to throw something very heavy at you so you feel like you have to care but when you see it said like this so many times, it just travels through your brain and heads out. when will these people come to the realisation that you can bring attention to an issue or just create a discussion without massively leaping to mentions of murder? it's almost like clickbaiting but with twitter politics. there's something sinister about it.

No. 1504803

"Sex panic" that gets sex workers killed?? These people are just saying things that make no sense now. Sex workers are killed because they're easy targets for psycho scrotes who want to murder women since they're most likely not going to be reported missing and the police is reluctant to investigate, not because of some "sex panic" phenomenon.

No. 1504814

The divergence between how he's framing it vs. the actual tweet just boggles the mind because any sane person would look at that and say "but that's not what she said", yet people are groomed and bullied into such a state that they instinctively just ignore her words. She even said TWAW but that biological sex shouldn't be erased. Even all the links to the "proof" are tl;dr essays written by someone else and not Rowling's statements as they were so they're making sure to wrap every claim in three layers of discourse to prevent anyone from practicing critical thinking by themselves since people will just share this without ever opening a single link.

Really, it's telling that one of the reply tweets was "my mom asked me what she had done but I couldn't remember so I just said lots of things". Nobody really even knows what she said other than the version they heard through the grapevine. Has any male celebrity ever been subjected to this much deranged stalking and chastisement as Rowling has been?

No. 1504821

I wonder how many twitter thots (because let's be honest that's who they mean when they say "sex workers") got actually killed for being a camgirl.

No. 1504916

your post is just as retarded as that tweet.

No. 1505120

File: 1676926592756.png (400.39 KB, 1184x1122, Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 12.55…)

Do they really??

No. 1505153

File: 1676928743215.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1531508892158.jpg)

Why are gays on twitter always digging themselves deeper? I keep seeing so many of them bragging about how they 100% all the negative stereotypes about themselves, and 10 posts later about doing ketamine, taking prep for years, choosing the surrogate mother to their kids based on how hot she looks and fisting their husbands and random guys on grindr at the same time until they have a prolapse, they'll tell sob stories about being discriminated against because they're recommended to be vaccinated for the monkey pox virus.

No. 1505155

for real like I'm not actively homophobic but I'm distrustful around gay men and its not at all because of any sort of conservative propaganda, its just how they act online and behave IRL

No. 1505310

Men are coomers by nature. If it was as easy for straight men to find sex (it only isn't because women aren't generally like this) then their numbers would likely be as high.

No. 1505970

File: 1677022041904.jpg (117.88 KB, 1186x382, 123.jpg)

No. 1505972

File: 1677022193278.jpg (327.94 KB, 1182x1378, 12345.jpg)

No. 1505974

File: 1677022301243.jpg (332.8 KB, 1172x1310, 1123.jpg)

No. 1505976

File: 1677022417359.jpg (424.88 KB, 1190x1594, 132.jpg)

No. 1505992

I bet they are all male

No. 1506157

Kek him backpedaling as soon as the troon moid comes in is a hilarious display of misogyny. Nothing is ever to be trusted unless a fellow man backs it up.

No. 1507612

File: 1677200822422.png (46.79 KB, 598x247, twt2.png)

More promotion of infantilizing women. I think this woman claims to be a feminist writer too.

No. 1507630

Such a stupid post too, not everyone is as retarded as you are, Fisher-Quaan

No. 1507653

>imagine how quickly humans would have disappeared from the planet if males were bad
Moids are 'bad' as a reproductive strategy, turns out violence, rape and control over women's bodies are effective ways to create humans rather than causing them to disappear. Utter fucking retard.

No. 1507666

File: 1677207153666.jpeg (217.74 KB, 1242x1234, 04197559-D1F0-46F2-928F-DF646A…)

I think it's so dumb when they go basically talking in "imagine if men not exist! It's Adam and Eve not Amy and Eve!!" Takes as if they were truly the best thing that has ever happened to the world.
Are they needed for reproductive purposes? For a while yes, maybe if there was more research done about reproduction without moids it would be possible to ditch them.
But like, all they think about is that they have to pass their genes, most of the world's population exists because moids have been raping women and girls for centuries, so all they see is "oh yes, women have baby, that means life goes on!" And not the rest of the picture that implies that everyone, not only the parents, their families too, should help raise a whole human into a decent person.
Can you imagine how it would be like if there weren't any rape babies? How the world would be different if babies could only be born in loving, functional families?
Of course they never think about it because moids are just cumming machines, they spend their lives thinking about cum, about how they can or can't cum in certain women, about how they wish they could cum, that's it. And once they cum and reproduce, they either destroy their sex drives or keep on living as cumming machines looking for more women to cum in.
Being a male must be so bleak.

No. 1507668

I do that with my brother though, its fun

No. 1507685

Jesus it took a fucking troon stepping in for them to change their minds, fucking hell i hate men.

No. 1507687

I hate this infantilization trend so much, especially since it seems like a subtle backlash to encouraging women to get into stem and business just because some women are scammers. I hope this is not a reach, but it's a trend i've noticed.

No. 1507914

This and also the "bimbo reclamation" trend, yes.

No. 1508021

File: 1677252401464.jpg (166.91 KB, 828x1441, YAG2UUAEZ.jpg)

Fujos get called porn sick for their obvious moments of brainrot, but those instances aren't any worse then the porn sickness of IRL gay men, who make everything about disgusting gay sex

No. 1508023

The Philippines guy? Really? Objectively the ugliest guy out of all five? Bruuuuuuh

No. 1508024

He has the face of a child with wasting disease. Elderly yet unmasculine.

No. 1508028

every day i thank god i was born a woman

No. 1508036

File: 1677253581211.jpg (60.56 KB, 621x311, YAG2UU.jpg)

a lot of "filtered" asian models tend to end up looking like that

No. 1508064

No. 1508069

Same. And honestly, none of these men are even appealing to me. Gay men have the worst taste.

No. 1508071

It's almost like there are massive evidence from all women, statistics, etc to prove men are a threat. Women who were tricked into helping men and raped, trafficked or worse… Women who went into the mountains with a male guide and never returned. Women always have to live looking over their shoulder and men just dont want to hear THEY are the problem. Not women. Women are constantly gaslighted and told they are wrong for the way they think, but telling a man a simple no could result in a violent reaction from them. Fuck all men.

No. 1509759

Oops didn't realize it was posted my bad but yeah this girl is just an embarrassment. I used to like her writing on online identities especially about tiktok, she seems very observant on the culture there but completely got over her head by twitterfags hype and now thinks that she can just repackage what authors said long before her and get away with it. She's not a feminist writer, and she will never be. She's a watered down libfem who simultaneously wants to be seen as a smart capable writer but also a dumb little bimbo. The interview she did for Vox always makes me laugh since she basically admitted to having a 8+ hour screen time. Complete brainrot at this point

No. 1510866

File: 1677519947164.jpg (35.68 KB, 680x289, FpYrYmFWYAI6E_p.jpg)

so sick of these pick me ass bitches so bitter of other women

No. 1510882

Late, but hasn’t there been news in the past few years about being able to make sperm in labs? I hope men will be obsolete some day. They bring nothing to the table.

No. 1510915

File: 1677523769485.jpeg (599.58 KB, 828x841, 9967D85A-134E-4924-9138-18F1F3…)

No. 1510924

>The Hellenist
An accurate larp includes preying on eunuchs

No. 1510926

The Greeks didn't have eunnchs but they fucked low born young boys

No. 1511009

File: 1677532182473.jpeg (466.7 KB, 1170x2271, A833C936-4965-4089-B622-527E4B…)

Just a regular day on twitter

No. 1511026

Yes. it has been a thing for the last decade or so. Male scientists just dont want to work too much on it, but it's entirely possible for women and lesbians to have children without men involved at all.

No. 1511083

She's a weird fake anachan obsessed with calling herself skinny and accusing others of being fat tbf (she's completely average for america)

No. 1511452

Her brother is most likely her puppet.

No. 1512317

File: 1677693481419.jpeg (155.93 KB, 1170x480, 2714C691-2C06-48EA-BF3E-477C99…)

This has to be bait

No. 1512333

It's always the same kind of girls who say that shit online and irl, I'm sick of them.

No. 1512334

It's legit. They conflate femininity with a woman who is less stressed and doesn't overwork herself, but the hook is because a man is handling the hard work and stress for her.

No. 1512337

>bringing women peace
Has this ever happened?

No. 1512338

it's always a weird power fetish to these people, i hate them

No. 1512361

File: 1677697705641.png (178.01 KB, 1501x581, screenshot.PNG)

Anon I just found a tweet posted by one of Junko Furuta's killer (according to the comments anyway) whining about how he "just made a mistake in his boyhood" and now everyone is telling him to commit suicide, what the fuck is going on? I forgot that these sociopaths all ot light sentences.

No. 1512397

i hope some japanese lady will help him sudoku himself

No. 1512514

what the actual fuck

No. 1512670

He should kill himself.

No. 1512677

Why would he ever use to social media? If real I hope people get him to commit suicide on stream.

No. 1512680

You just know that if it's true, he is going to get doxxed within a week or so.

No. 1512880

My moots were RTing this in a LMAO LIKE SO TRUE!!! fashion and it genuinely made me want to kys myself. Why would you hold ignorance and being reliant on another adult for basic information of the world as a badge of honor? I get that it's a joke tweet about being soooo silly no thoughts head empty uwu and it's not that serious but there's always a spec of truth to these things. Women are really memed into infantilizing themselves to be seen as attractive and quirky because men are always threatened by a woman being more intelligent and well-read than he is. I wish for once a tweet glorifying intelligence in a woman went viral.

No. 1512981

File: 1677759990461.jpg (208.43 KB, 1080x1103, IMG_20230302_132516.jpg)

Interesting, yet you're still entitled to preach to others on twitter

No. 1512984

No it’s a bit of a trend right now on tiktok for all the all the mascs (not necessarily trans) to go on and on about how they’re only masc in response to the patriarchy

No. 1512997

I don't get what he's trying to say

No. 1512999

Holy fucking shit I have no words

No. 1513006

He's just screaming at the top of his lungs what a good ally he is, please, do praise him.

No. 1513017

I can't wait until these embarrassing zoomers get jaded by the reality of the workplace and either grow up and deal with it or just quit the medical field altogether.

No. 1513020

The pronouns in the email signature. It's like these thembles want everybody to be constantly using third person for the "validation"

No. 1513309

People like this have no worth and should off themselves immediately.

No. 1513310

This makes me sick. that is one of the worst cases in Japan and the fact that they didnt get life or a death sentence shows her broken their 'justice' system is. Fucking hell.

No. 1513360

File: 1677796080358.jpeg (224.5 KB, 978x918, 0A2ED3C0-8AF3-42B2-BE6A-D3C5A1…)

Stolen from the MtF thread

No. 1513438

File: 1677802555369.webm (6.26 MB, 320x568, WjAgo-xsx0uzLPil.webm)

Men on Twitter are absolutely losing their shit over this tiktok. It's about a group of lesbians living a male-free lifestyle in a van.

No. 1513442

Lol one of his replies was
>"uh i mean plenty of men do this"
>op : "keyword: men"
>op: "if a man was doing this he would be figuring out how to monetize this life style instead of these lesbians just traveling and having fun"

No. 1513474

Aren't they monitzing it by putting it on tiktok? Isn't there tons of women who get millions of views on youtube living this lifestyle? It seems like the problem is that they are living a life where they aren't worried about sucking smegma out of dicks. Notice how he conveniently ignores the aforementioned examples because most of them are with their bf, one of which was literally murdered by her bf. I want these men to kill themselves so fucking bad. And apparently he has a daughter!!! I'd rather she be fatherless then deal with a demonic father who probably wants to rape her, because most men like do that kind of stuff. Men literally can't handle seeing women "happy" when there's no dick involved. It's always the most ugly men too.

No. 1513481

File: 1677806667037.png (259.63 KB, 602x752, lol.png)

kek this dude is a tard

No. 1513483

It's… 3 women… What the fuck? I'm sincerely worried for their safety.

No. 1513486

I think three adult women living together will probably be fine. Having a man there would make it more dangerous, not less.

No. 1513487

He's clearly trolling…

No. 1513491

File: 1677807531687.jpg (177.71 KB, 1125x1904, durries.jpg)

>unironic comments made by men about the smell of the van, making weird remarks about the women not being white, or anime profile pics making a joke about harassing them.

KEK MOIDS GOT NOTHING ON THEM, Cope, seethe, and dilate XY fuckers

No. 1513497

What? I'm saying that men will find them and hurt them potentially.

No. 1513498

“Just having kids” oh yeah the simple choice and process of creating and providing for a child for the rest of your life. It’s amazing how retarded they are. They’re seething because all they do is video games and porn and think society is out to get them because sex isn’t being offered on a silver platter by Instagram models.

No. 1513588

File: 1677815853134.jpg (31.53 KB, 519x355, Mongolian-nomadic-life.jpg)

Manosphereoids be like "Yeah I love traditional values" and lose their shit when they see the modern equivalent of a nomadic pastoralist which our Indo-European ancestors practiced, A thousand years ago these same women would be herding flocks of sheep and cows across the great steppe

No. 1513604

There have always been people with this lifestyle especially young people. I don't get how these men go through life constantly freaking out over normal stuff. At this rate we will need to install fainting couches for men.

No. 1513609

Gen-Xers had punk communes and squat homes, this is just a zoomer/young millennial version of that, though I have some safety concerts with van life types, like I feel this would be easier in safer courtiers life Germany but still I can see the appeal

No. 1513623

Moids are fucking insane, even by their own standards of throwing tantrums over women not being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen this is absurd. They're young lesbians and van living is a trend but it's hardly some fucking epidemic single handedly bringing the birthrate down. And it's a pretty wholesome lifestyle compared to the usual things they panic about (women being whores/career women/materialistic gold diggers, etc). The most psychotic part is him going
>Women will live in a van forever and aimlessly wander the earth until a lonely death awaits
????? this mf really thinks he can predict what they're gonna do with the rest of their lives based on their lifestyle in what, their early 20s? Is there some big community of childless elderly ladies living in vans out there?

No. 1513631

we must retvrn

No. 1513653

They are legitimately hysterical lmao. We need a word for them. Testerical? They will shit all over these women and call them freaks for not wanting to be married mothers. If you point out that men should probably reflect on the fact that women would rather live in a van with other women than have a modern man's baby, they say "well you bitches are weird and smelly and we don't want to give you babies anyway!!" Okay why is it a problem, then? They know they fucked themselves and their dating pool is decreasing, and because they are fucking chimps they're expressing it the only way they know how – anger.

No. 1513676

>retard moid in the comments
>Go on his profile
>followed by sh0eonhead

No. 1513684

File: 1677827735140.png (80.22 KB, 597x340, lowt.png)

These types of RW twitter men are so prissy. They can't do any activity because it might lower their testosterone, so they sit at home online gossiping and clutching their pearls over everything normal people do.

No. 1513740

>Women will live in a van forever and aimlessly wander the earth until a lonely death awaits
This is unironically the lifestyle I aspire too, like some kind of cursed knight errant lmao.

No. 1513938

This van lifestyle seems cool. I want it kek

No. 1514185

File: 1677881428980.jpeg (473.21 KB, 828x1255, 7A997D8B-2286-46D0-B2BA-CEFDFB…)

he also blames gabby petito for her murder and claims she’s the abusive aggressor. also said “chelsea handler masturbates every morning” in response to someone asking for proof yo this image. this is a schizo or a parody

No. 1514310

>furries making comments about women not following the standards of western society
I wish I had that level of self-awareness

No. 1514775

Literally everyone with a Milady NFT profile picture on Twitter is insane

No. 1514812

File: 1677951886375.png (292.76 KB, 649x796, Screenshot 3.png)

The absolute state of moids, who are so utterly pornsick that they see an adult woman short hair as being a "ancient greek femboy"

No. 1514814

Uhhh wrong screenshot anon? Isn't the OP a woman?

No. 1514815

File: 1677952003963.png (381.63 KB, 585x942, Screenshot 76.png)

The absolute state of moids, who are so utterly pornsick that they see an adult woman short hair and think she's an "ancient greek femboy"

No. 1514817

She looks younger but still like an adult, coomers are massive retards.

No. 1514821

They don't even know what their OWN kind looks like

No. 1514822

do men really tell themselves this

No. 1514830

>she makes men admit they’re pedophiles
What’s her name?

No. 1514841

File: 1677954727275.webm (5.26 MB, 581x1138, 19e7c4d9ed3c6648ad.webm)

she goes by the handle gio.scottii, this was the specific video that got popular and made coomers admit to being potential gay pedophiles

No. 1514845

>men admitting being gay for liking a woman
we truly do live in dark times

No. 1514850

anon you're dumbie dumbdumb, the op of that tweet is a woman (who's supposed to hate troons lol)

No. 1514976

Wild shit

No. 1514991

So, I'm a retard, but can someone explain to me why saying "if you're against abortions, don't get one" is bad logic? Isn't that still prochoice?

No. 1515011

No. 1515024

Well I guess their point was that if something is unethical, you can't just handwave it away by saying 'don't like it, don't do it'. As in, 'if you don't like murder, don't murder people' wouldn't make sense. Obviously that logic doesn't apply to abortion though.

No. 1515053

File: 1677977919506.jpeg (793.82 KB, 1170x1880, BEC20263-8584-40AC-975A-ADAB69…)

Wehhh stawp mawcing foon of da pour mawns :(():)

No. 1515076

"""The manga""" oh shut the fuck up tranny it's an 18 page oneshot.

No. 1515094

we need to turn Lain into a TERF icon to piss troons

No. 1515120

File: 1677986649153.jpg (842.42 KB, 3200x3200, FS_mXviXsAAFc_p.jpg)

No. 1515122

File: 1677986845612.jpg (75.01 KB, 623x677, FTCpF7bXEAEO7XA.jpg)

No. 1515124

File: 1677987021504.jpg (131.13 KB, 713x938, FTEEIGwUsAAPbb-.jpg)

No. 1515890

File: 1678075937406.png (Spoiler Image, 284.69 KB, 460x484, twitter.PNG)

People on twitter always promoting the weirdest sex toys.

No. 1515940

those are fake nonny, he also made a shrek one

No. 1515949

i'm amazed how western whites can become fucking retarded over 60iq retard's feelings. but it's what you get for allowing kikes to import niggers to your country when it was founded or in case of western europe, allow literal 60iq whites who fallen on green and red bullshit to get into power and later end up kicking out students, elderly and even people who had hard time finding flats to house nigger and islamoid mentally ill on top of their low iqs moids and their pickme women who just wreck everything and kill people and think it's a very good idea.

i'm a woman and i find that most of western women shouldn't have voting rights because they are retarded and mainly vote against themselves on leftoid parties who wreck economy and import more 3rd world moids who rape and kill women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1516029

Now a Japanese artist I'm following is retweeting posts in Japanese about trans rights and muh misunderstood trannies uwu. I'm done, I wish I didn't understand Japanese now even though I'm not even fluent. I can't follow anyone related to fandoms without escaping that shit, and in my first language the people who seem to like the same series and video games I like are also obsessed with that. Don't get me started with English speaking fandoms.

No. 1516055

I had to unfollow an artist because she suddenly started retweeting shit about troon rights and BLM and completely stopped drawing like the flick of a switch. On the other hand I've seen some artists retweet crypto terf content (like bathroom rights and creepy troons), all hope is not lost.

No. 1516081

Yeah it happened to me a lot before but not with artists who exclusively post in Asian languages because they tend to use twitter more like it was intended, you know as a microblogging platforms and not as wordpress or tumblr-lite with huge threads. I'm gonna mute Japanese words related to that nonsense asap.

No. 1516087

He and the other killers were meant to remain anonymous upon release, but their names were outed because a Japanese newspaper released them, saying "Anonymity is reserved for humans".

No. 1516091

kek based newspaper. This is similar to that case in the UK of the 2 boys who killed a toddler and had fake names ever since their judge thought it would benefit them, apparently one of them was outed once years ago? I don't have their real names in mind anymore but honestly if you're 10yo or 16yo and you willingly torture and kill others just for fun you should get the guillotine. No need to be nice to these people.

No. 1516128

Your king is a child rapist so it's not exactly shocking.

No. 1516131

I'm not British… I was so confused by your comment for a minute because I forgot that Elizabeth isn't the queen anymore.

No. 1516132

james bulger. he has a name. so do his murderers, one of which who perpetually reoffends. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who have been re-named as you said, are the actual sadistic pedo cunts who killed that poor baby. they are on the loose and reoffending.

No. 1516151

I think Thompson hasn't reoffended. Venables was caught several times with child porn on his computer and apparently larped as a woman on the internet. He has been granted a new identity every time and it's disgusting and insulting to the child who was murdered. Why not let everyone know who he is? Why protect a moid who killed as a child and showed no remorse?

No. 1516157

exactly. I want to go to UK and murder him in cold blood (in minecraft) give me his ID you fucking pansy butterknife-fearing gronks

No. 1516235

File: 1678125795043.png (47.46 KB, 591x236, bimbo.png)

No. 1516244

Oh no, a disgusting dehumanizing porn term invented by evil coomers has become even more pointless, what a terrible misfortune.

No. 1516505

I know this is bait but this made me laugh so hard I’m sorry.

No. 1516512

Idk who "he" is, but I do not think they're fake. Feel like eventually I'm gonna see someone who has actually bought one.

No. 1516519

>wants to gatekeep being a bimbo
>talks about writing a thinkpiece
oh the irony

No. 1516536

File: 1678141968333.png (348.55 KB, 578x596, fghjkl.png)

I feel bad for his loss but can you imagine if a single mom made this type of tweet ? Just shows how much he wasn't involved before and how everyone think that it is normal for a men to not do basic stuff for their kids.

No. 1516556

well, the bar is all the way on the floor for men when it comes to housekeeping and childcare.

No. 1516564

Absolutely true. I often see comments and threads online about how if a father is at a store with his kids, even if they are acting out he gets praise from other shoppers (women) for being such a good dad and doing his best. but if a mom is in a store and the same thing, she gets stares and tsk tsks.
and the whole concept of a father is babysitting his kids if the mom goes somewhere without them. he's not babysitting if it's his kids. he's being the bare minimum parent.

No. 1516733

She needs to touch grass but at the same time, the ones who are coming for her because the OOP was black need to as well. The only person who doesn’t sound deranged at all in this is OOP herself.

No. 1516747

Based. Good to know that Japan is giving him the Karla Homolka treatment.

No. 1517009

File: 1678180389027.jpeg (1003.93 KB, 1170x1838, 2755BBDB-5905-4029-B4F0-EA64CE…)

idk if you guys saw this but one of junko furuta’s murderers, shinji minato, is on twitter whining about being cyberbullied for “a mistake in his boyhood”.

his tweet complaining about it: https://twitter.com/denngekiraketto/status/1620679328471347201?s=46&t=fYER8XFhaeAYt5RZQw-xhA

No. 1517010

fucking disgusting. he shouldn't be allowed to live

No. 1517030

File: 1678184965407.jpg (113.14 KB, 1400x787, 1_oxFPAjBfrkWqarWQs38dxQ.jpg)

>After his release, Hiroshi Miyano changed his name and then was rearrested for fraud four-years later, in 2013. He was involved in scams and living a flashy lifestyle. The charges were dropped and he allegedly lives a pretty good life, unfortunately. Basically a career con-man.
>Nobuharu Minato changed his name after release too. He got married in 2006 to a women from Romania. He had an ugly custody battle with his wife during their divorce and continued to be violent after his release. In 2018, he was arrested for attempted murder. He beat a man during an altercation and cut his throat with a knife, but the man survived. He’s incarcerated again.
>Jo Ogura also changed his name after being released. His mother was the one who vandalized Junko’s grave for “ruining her sons life”. He squandered his fathers savings, the money that was supposed to go to Junko’s family, essentially spoiling himself. In 2004 though, he assaulted a man who he believed slept with his girlfriend. He was sentenced to 4-years for the assault. He’s been free again since 2009 due to frequent violence incidents.
>Yasushi Watanabe is the only perpetrator who didn’t reoffend after prison. There’s virtually no news on him and it appears he’s living a normal life, likely under a new name.

so all the preparations (except one) remained violent monsters and continued their psychopathic behavior till they either got caught

No. 1517036

Japan is honestly fucked, you can stay longer in jail for doing drugs than raping someone. They literally don't give a fuck about women.

No. 1517044

I believe in forgiveness for some things… but not this. how the fuck is he gonna whine about people thinking less of him? he should be happy no one has ragemurdered him.

No. 1517046

Ahhhhh so her rape and torture TO FUCKING DEATH OVER MULTUPLE DAYS and eventual dismemberment was… a boyhood mistake. Goddamn I hate Japans criminal justice system. There is no aspect that isn't about protecting the criminal.
Btw please don't ban him Twitter. He needs doxxed and harassed tull he kills himself.

No. 1517051

Yeah I'm the one who posted a screenshot but not the link. And he got even more replies telling him to kill himself since then, I hope someone will dox him.

No. 1517062

>His mother was the one who vandalized Junko’s grave for “ruining her sons life”
I'm trying to hard not to alog but this bitch deserves prison with her failure of a son

No. 1517070

most of the boys came from Yakuza families, I guess someone dumb enough to marry a violent criminal would also be the type to excuse rape and murder
OT but I feel like pop-culture has fucked up people's perception of what Yakuza's are like, currently they run the casinos, they traffick women women and and they run the japanese porn Industry but during their prime (60's~90's) The Yakuza were used to put down or prevent riots, strikes, and protests, to deal with communists/leftists, To threaten academics, To assist the Corporate/Industrial Groups with illegally propping up their stock prices and hiding inventory shortages, To hinder foreign company's, To aid politicians by damaging and harassing (or blackmailing) their foes, To force people into selling homes and property for modern construction and urban expansion, and generally do all kinds of awful stuff. They did that work while also doing monstrous things like sex trafficking, smuggling, Extorting, etc… which was overlooked, often as an agreement (payment) for services rendered.

No. 1517074

I know all that, that's why I'm not surprised everyone in their neighborhood let them torture and murder Junko despite knowing what was going on.

No. 1517075

a lot of Asian cultures are sadly like this, my friend talked about how her uncle literally molested/raped some of her other cousins and everyone knows about it but they don't ever talk about it

No. 1517082

ayrt someone did post hints as to where his address could be found tied to a different crime so hopefully someone will go the whole mile

No. 1517122

The thing with your uncle is sadly a much more universal problem. A bunch of families are like this all over the planet because of how dysfunctional they are or because they think the kids are to blame and it'll bring shame to their family or whatever.

No. 1518355

File: 1678306361815.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1389, 971E07B5-0948-4726-8979-7D73C4…)

I didn’t know white people invented biological sex

No. 1518483

I come from a country that has many diverse ethnic groups and we actually have multiple forms of "third genders" here as well
so we had historical eunnch court officials, we had gay/effeminate men kicked out of the male sex and considered untouchable/low-caste and also had to castrate themselves, we have some rarer cases of women taking up a male identity if a family didn't have any sons, so she worked the farm and did back breaking labor for the family and of course we famously still have little boys getting raped by adult men

and this more or less encompasses every third gender in the world, its built on misogyny and patriarchy, who would have thought

No. 1518489

This story still remains as one of the few that shake me to my core. Those mothers failed to raise their sons and that sexist society failed Junko. I feel so horrible for what happened to her. the fact that zero justice was done is beyond infuriating.

No. 1518490

Japan told my friend to move after she reported being followed home and raped by a man. they said it's less troublesome for her to pack up and move… Police are useless. Japan is a truly sexist society.

No. 1518503

>we Hawaiians were so retarded we didn't even know what biological sex was until white people colonized us, which is bad
Is this guy racist against himself? Normal Hawaiians should go after him and beat his ass irl for this. I've seen this exact same argument used for the rest of the planet, which is funny as hell in the case of Africa because before European countries fucked up the continent, the Arab Muslims colonized a very large part of the continent centuries earlier and their ideas of how men and women should be are even more restrictive than what European Christians forced on the local population, if there were third genders in there I doubt it lasted for very long.

No. 1518525

someone post that screenshot of that millionaire chinese girl claiming that homophobia didn't exist in ancient China before white people came and forced the Chinese to be homophobic

No. 1518555

Is it the Chinese-Canadian girl plagiarizing some shitty flavor of the month mecha anime to write a YA novel?

No. 1518557

From what I've read, third genders have existed in African cultures too, but it's exactly as >>1518483 said. Eunuchs, male sex slaves to kings, and girls being made to take "male" roles in place of sons. The Arab conquest didn't really encroach on everything.

No. 1519541

File: 1678402804518.png (2.02 MB, 950x1364, Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 5.49…)

within 12 hours i saw:
>one person saying that hbo should have included rhaenyra/emma d'arcy and ellie/bella ramsey
>a second person telling that person they're transphobic because emma and bella are non-binary, not women
>a third person accusing hbo of being transphobic for not including emma and bella

No. 1519552

bella is an ugly salamander looking bitch. She's a woman, albeit ugly af and can't act. We cant just have one day. One fucking day.

No. 1519560

I hate to shit on her looks, but I agree. I think she was a horrible choice to cast for Ellie. I know she’s an adult but she looks so young and strange it really doesn’t suit the character.

No. 1519706

File: 1678419250461.jpeg (538.61 KB, 828x1133, 48368D45-A1A6-4FA8-885E-3474FC…)

Her face is just so neotenous. If it weren’t for her chin she would look like an actual baby.

IMO she’s not that ugly, she has college women’s soccer player phenotype

No. 1519760

No offense but does she have some sort of condition that makes her look like that? How does she naturally look like she’s 6 years old? It’s disturbing that this woman is being cast in adult female roles

No. 1519762

ellie is like 14 not an adult

No. 1519781

She suits kid characters but I assumed she had some kind of genetic mutation similar to Down’s syndrome when I saw her

No. 1519788

so this whole time nonnas were annoyed at a child for looking like a child kek

No. 1519828

>she has college women’s soccer player phenotype
Oh my god she does

No. 1519833

her acting is fine imo. i stand by saying her lifeless eyes are the problem, they’re so black it looks like she’s wearing demon contacts.

No. 1519844

she's one of those who looks better in motion than in pictures. I thought she was odd looking in pictures, but she looks okay in motion. some people aren't photogenic, but she's still very young and has a very young face, and the character is supposed to be a child

ellie was overly sexualized by the last of us fandom anyway so it's nice to see the moids seethe over bella not being conventionally attractive

No. 1519970

File: 1678455114658.jpeg (932.01 KB, 1170x1467, 5479C0D2-A038-49EC-BFF0-0BEA08…)

the smugness over the prospect of other ppl experiencing marriage inequality bc they didn’t completely rearrange society and biological reality to cater to you

No. 1519975

The lack of self awareness. As if it weren't indirectly trannies' fault if the LGB's reputation is sinking.

No. 1519985

File: 1678456005312.jpg (68.99 KB, 1200x797, apparently-lyanna-mormont-was-…)

bella was cute as little lyanna mormont in
a season 6 bit part, but was wayyy overused in seasons 7 and 8 because she was reddit's favorite character.

>college women’s soccer player phenotype

the character is 14 but the actress is 19

No. 1520372

Even then she looks younger than 14 to me. It’s weird, but my perception could be skewed because I’m not really ever around teenagers.

No. 1520374

I was going to say the same thing. TRAs are wholly responsible for this. Gay acceptance was becoming more widespread until the trans shit started getting louder and louder.

No. 1520935

File: 1678548424619.jpg (320.89 KB, 1630x1047, twotoonqNTfAd9C8f6Qe.jpg)

of course twittertards zoomers are going ballistic over some mediocre sex comedy

No. 1521111

Also I don't think trans laws were the canary in the coal mine. Did they just forget the decades long campaign to overturn Roe vs Wade, for example.

No. 1521713

File: 1678619761211.jpeg (151.46 KB, 1170x1094, 63628B8E-993A-40EF-9397-0C8C88…)

it’s apparently detransition awareness day today and ofc the rabid trannies are harassing people and throwing tantrums

No. 1521771

File: 1678632452680.jpeg (146.1 KB, 828x1367, 6D3AACA3-7D2A-4E84-AC3F-291F5A…)

>vid shes quoting is about a woman who gave birth to son, after the birth she entered a coma and was in it for 6 days, after it she lost one arm & one leg. in the end her son also died later as a baby
>picrel has 77.7k likes

No. 1521803

All these outraged Zoomers are acting as if there aren't infinitely more movies where men are in relationships with teenage girls.

No. 1522224

I saw the video and really wonder how mentally ill to find this truly inspirational. That woman wasted her health for a dead baby and a bald man, it's going to sound disrespectful for that baby but it feels like a waste. It doesn't seem like it was worth it at all, I wish it was possible for her to know in advance that this was a very risky pregnancy.

No. 1522262

"uterus haver" it's woman. The word is woman.

No. 1522271

your post reminded me of the movie hard candy. there should be more like it. only this time, real castration.

No. 1522368

Shiv and Alicent would be terfs irl, Shiv a cryptoterf faking TRA beliefs to get ahead and Alicent openly terven

No. 1523023

File: 1678741665158.jpeg (180.59 KB, 1170x1320, 16AA3917-5078-4A23-B1DC-11B736…)

That’s a very philosophical way of admitting you’re a groomer

No. 1523030

Just say woman you stupid fucking idiot.

No. 1523045

Tell me about it, he sounds butt hurt about women standing up for themselves in general and it warms my heart to see them waking up. Goes to show you that liberal feminism is largely just men's rights for left wing men.

No. 1523111

those zoomer girls are right. Girls literally got nothing good out of hookup culture. You put yourself in danger and on risk of a pregnancy for a total stranger that most of the time isn't even that good at sex

No. 1523160

I hope the teen girls who hurt him enough to make him be emo on Twitter know they're based.

No. 1523588

File: 1678822448628.jpeg (176.48 KB, 1170x1216, 618EEB30-E04C-4DDA-B93F-2DB2C4…)


No. 1523614

this dude is constantly on twitter complaining about his fans or having dumbass takes on the sh lore that makes no sense. doesn’t he have a job with the remake?

No. 1523701

File: 1678829345269.png (30.24 KB, 580x454, dance.png)

RW scrotes on Twitter now hate women lipsyncing and dancing. They're back to being the side of anti-fun scolds.

No. 1523703

They can't hide anymore how much it hurts them that women don't want them, don't need them and are happy without. It brings me great joy that women just being happy and comfortable in their skin tears them apart.

No. 1523756

Kek at him trying to spin it into zoomers being against consent and feminism when his second post reveals he's just mad about teenage girls not being sexually available to anyone
I don't think zoomer normies more against feminism than millennials were. I still remember the 'antiSJW' era we had. There's a lot of redpill zoomer moids but millennial scrotes were really into MGTOW.

No. 1524553

File: 1678913226429.jpeg (43.28 KB, 749x617, 62F12676-3D97-4EF1-9717-BF9F53…)

found this jump scare

No. 1524558

this really rubs me the wrong way. why would you use a parent talking about their kid as an opportunity to brag about how "hot" you are

No. 1524561

thought this was an edit of that XQC twitch streamer

No. 1524575

File: 1678916264639.jpeg (105.93 KB, 1170x963, FC8C3B53-104B-4935-B4E9-179B5D…)

This feels like bait but there are incels out there
more fitting in >>>/snow/1788707

No. 1524668

oh my fucking god me too

No. 1524672

File: 1678926147103.jpeg (92.5 KB, 1170x708, 88AAB99E-2516-40E6-8ADB-63A3AF…)

How are those two things correlated. Twitter is a random sentence generator.

No. 1524674

my theory is something something if you don't support all marginalized groups, you are an enemy to all

No. 1524685

>marginalized groups
but tras don’t care about women

No. 1524768

File: 1678934844159.jpg (278.84 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20230316_134429_Dri…)

Two nobody anime girl larping streamers are trying to cancel some nobody anime guy larper for "sexual abuse" over their cringe bdsm e-rp. It's so embarrassing watching 20-somethings type this shit and act like victims. @AriyanaGames if you want to follow the stale at best milk

No. 1524828

thats the thing, (cis) women arent marginalized in modern discourse. the ranking goes
color of skin
non-cisgender gender identity
non-heterosexual sexuality
profit literally
there is no benefit nor money in protecting or supporting females as females. i'm waiting for the day i see people arguing abortions are transphobic because the inability for ftm to have one causes dysphoria. then we'll get services allowing them to have fake abortions like their fake menstruation.

No. 1524950

This faggot was acting like the tranny's were gonna fly out there to japan and curve stomp him

No. 1524999

File: 1678970542548.jpeg (69.41 KB, 828x1157, FA5325DC-7583-478A-9638-57E962…)

No. 1525013

Lol remember when a young girl got exploited and blackmailed by a grown man and committed suicide as a result??? So funny!!!!

No. 1525038

File: 1678974166007.png (36.02 KB, 646x1034, 35.png)

these subhumans are so irony poisoned they can't take anything seriously

No. 1525130

File: 1678983316393.png (11.46 KB, 598x345, B283A917-761E-459F-8B7E-5035DD…)

This is just embarrassing

No. 1525132

Imagine being a grown man who took a shower two weeks ago for the last time, sperging about Black Butler and Vtubers and kawaii uguu stripped socks and your mom has to defend you online when people rightfully laugh at you. How embarrassing that must be.

No. 1525154

before he trooned out he was the top paid follower to vid related, Low Tier God, a fighting game community megacow. he was wearing his Covenant merch

No. 1525156

File: 1678985750987.jpg (39.91 KB, 349x782, Capture.JPG)

No. 1525177

File: 1678988059104.jpeg (212.53 KB, 1170x1720, B8DC3D90-BE0F-4286-A30E-CD570D…)

If I had a nickel for everytime someone tried to woke-ify organized religion…

No. 1525183

File: 1678989220097.png (445.95 KB, 1124x1096, 1663968628910175.png)

I have pale skin and dark eyes like her and this really helps my self esteem

No. 1525200

I wish people would shut the fuck up about Jesus instead of going "oh but this random middle eastern schizo whose mother lied about her pregnancy would totally be for obamacare" like no bitch he would not because he died several millennia ago after ruining the entire planet for billions of people. At least with Islam most Muslims will be direct with you and tell you how Muhamad (piss be upon him) was a crazy pedophilic warlord, but the issue here is that they treat this as a good thing.

No. 1525215

File: 1678992222610.png (83.99 KB, 640x360, 722f2669fe6e50b7624f76b6796ede…)

Blogpost but kek same nonna same. I don't know what it is about this combo but people always find it creepy. Her eyes are not even that brown too (makes me think that mine look even more lifeless to other people).

No. 1525657

from what I've seen people either find it mysterious and sexy or pain ugly

No. 1525662

that's offensive and inaccurate, muhammad wasn't a warlord he was a priest-king(very big difference) at least a warlord acknowledges that he's someone who takes power through force, also Muhammad wasn't much of a warrior, he got his cousin/step-brother who was completetly devout to muhammad to fight for him

No. 1525664

muhammed literally told his followers to rob caravans on the road, he wasn't a good guy.

No. 1525671

not saying he was a good person, but he was a leader and and up-start but even in the Quran's narrative he rarely commander armies of did battle

No. 1525728

File: 1679029329972.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35.36 KB, 500x332, 41EB4BC7-3F73-4C8C-AD74-D70073…)

…so he WAS a warlord?

No. 1525752

not really, he was a tradesman from an minor royal tribe, till he was 45 and he got a vision by the angel Gabriel to spread the new religion of Islam, he quickly got a following and in about 10 years his followers were involved in a tribal dispute that led him to rule the cities of mecca and madina(which made him very rich) and he ruled the cities as the priest king for a period of 10 years

No. 1525764

samefag, I really don't wanna make it seem like I'm defending Muhammad(I'm not) but I'm explaining the historical context of how he took power
being from the Hashimid tribe, he had claim on the city of Mecca by birthright

No. 1525776

Same difference. We're talking about a guy who thought that violence is always the answer to everything.

No. 1525778

>he got a vision by the angel Gabriel to spread the new religion of Islam
He was either doing shrooms or was an actual schizo there's no other way. We needed to be ableist towards this specific type of guy a few millenia ago so we could lobotomize "prophets" before they had the opportunity to ruin women's lives and provoke genocides and colonization a few centuries later.

No. 1525884

File: 1679055360539.png (12.71 KB, 1312x275, FnsgNMbgA.png)

why am I not surprised

No. 1525895

oh it's far, far worse than that. there's actual pizza in plain sight on there

No. 1525916

People always talk about going back in time to kill Hitler, but I want to take a rock to prophet Muhamad's head for ruining so much for this world. Especially women's lives

No. 1525936

There's accounts dedicated to exposing accounts that spread CP there and ngl I just think it's a way for pedos to find each other and download whatever it is as fast as they can before it all gets nuked.

No. 1525944

Jesus gave help to prostitutes, he didn't support the act of prostitution why are these people so dense. Just because he was nice to a prostitute means he wanted her on the streets? Didn't he save Mary Magdalene from prostitution?

No. 1526006

It's always like that, if you say you wouldn't want to be sex trafficked and raped on a daily basis to get a little bit of money and you'd rather work in retail and be yelled at by some entitled customers sometimes you'll be branded as a SWERF who wants all prostitutes dead.

No. 1526048

File: 1679073225983.jpg (155.54 KB, 900x1200, Ey5c4fAXMAEqDQg.jpg)

and of course this is what he looks like

No. 1526111

male feminist/sex pest phenotype

No. 1526171

Classic tactic of switching the meaning of SW from "sex work" to "sex workers" when it's convenient to fool people into thinking radfems hate prostitutes.

No. 1526315

File: 1679095373942.jpeg (45.93 KB, 828x630, D9C7DEFF-15D1-4D39-83CC-D54A28…)

No. 1527401

File: 1679180061257.jpg (128.69 KB, 696x1108, 1b109a3567ff9fa3e3405a5b7f8876…)

the fact that so many people can see these obvious men on a lesbian dating app and be like "omg stop harassing trans people" gives me so little hope

No. 1527416

File: 1679180569791.png (86.11 KB, 593x574, fdstard.png)

Actively rejecting beauty standards is certainly more helpful to women than dedicating your time and energy creating strategies to date your oppressor.

No. 1527427

I don't have an issue with women who don't shave their pits or adhere to any of that stuff, but I'm going to be real and say I agree with her.

No. 1527459

Nah, she’s right, it’s not going to do shit. Nobody even sees my pits because I don’t wear no-sleeves/short sleeves anyway.
>strategies to date your oppressor
Are you the autist that comes around here and blames straight women for everything?

No. 1527466

Obviously stop shaving won't solve misogyny. The point is that she doesn't have the right to judge how other women fight against the patriarchy when she has a a site encouraging other women to waste their energy playing male games, which is not something that also doesn't dismantle patriarchy, but it's also harmful to women.

No. 1527472

wouldn't dismantling beauty standards pressed on to women still at least be part of dismantling patriarchy even if it's a small aspect?

No. 1527618

It totally would be, the Twitter op is wrong and posting in the wrong thread since that isn’t a radfem take anyway.

“Not shaving your pits” isn’t an action, seeing it as an action with a criticisable intention means she’s already operating from the standpoint of “women should all shave their pits”, which is misogynist, pornsick mental illness whether she likes it or not.

No. 1527624

>creating strategies to date your oppressor
i’m a lesbian and i shave my pits cuz otherwise they stink kek

No. 1527625

Unmarried middle-aged men are the most likely population to commit suicide. So there’s definitely some dissatisfaction to be felt down the road he’s advocating for but let’s leave him to it.

No. 1527630

Nta and I’m not knocking you at all but most straight women do it for appearances or learned insecurities.

No. 1527682

honestly even lesbians do it for those reasons though, societal expectations and conditioning effect everyone

No. 1527787

everyone should shave their pits, its disgusting not to

No. 1527801

why is it disgusting ? it's just hair

No. 1527807

It smells bad

No. 1527810

says more about you than it does about anyone else

No. 1527812

do you not know how to clean yourself like go take a shower nonnie eat a decent diet that’s not loaded with processed junk and added sugar

No. 1527813

uhh it shouldn't if you wash correctly lol ?

No. 1527814

this has to be a troll

No. 1527819

I grew up in a Muslim country, shaving your underparts(pits and pubic area) is something men and women do, its the one decent thing about Islam

No. 1527822

okay but having hair there still doesn't make you stink. Not washing yourself correctly will make you stink regardless if you have hair there or not

No. 1528057

It's that why they smell like BO so strongly?? I assumed it was just not wearing deodorant, but if they're also shaving their pits that would explain the stench.

No. 1528070

>shaving your underparts(pits and pubic area)
>one decent thing about Islam
kek I guess Islam is utter shit then

No. 1528124

I’d hate if I had to always do that, it’s so unnecessary, makes you waste your time and itches as hell when growing back.

No. 1528132

>why do people bathe, it's so unnecessary and pointless
That's what you sound like, shaving your underarms and private parrs is not a big task

No. 1528146

Comparing bathing to shaving perfectly demonstrates your retardation

No. 1528153

See, the difference between bathing and shaving is that bathing keeps you clean and healthy and is something others can notice if you don't. Shaving doesn't do anything beyond a cosmetic function, and if you long sleeves nobody isn't going to know and even if you didn't wear long sleeves who gives a shit? As for shaving the privates, that doesn't really matter.

No. 1528160

File: 1679245583064.jpeg (130.37 KB, 828x1258, 0A3C89B0-FD21-475F-B932-1C3BCC…)

No. 1528161

The sweat gets absorbed by the hair, again by your logic moids should never shave their faves either

No. 1528204

She’s right in that it doesn’t do anything substantial, but I also don’t see why I have to if men aren’t socially expected to. I clean myself every day and wear deodorant.

No. 1528218

and if you bathe yourself…..the sweat is removed.

No. 1528226

give it up and start showering with soap nonna.

No. 1528239

Are you bald then?

No. 1528254

what are you on about, I use soap?

No. 1528280

File: 1679254393510.jpg (49.63 KB, 1200x938, main-image.jpeg.jpg)

Nona uses a strigil to bathe

No. 1528282

Shaving is a great way to get skin infections. Your razor burn and ingrown hairs are disgusting. Armpit hair is normal.

No. 1528284

Samefag, I want to be clear: shaved armpits are repulsive and unhygienic.

No. 1528327

File: 1679257877015.jpeg (93.36 KB, 1170x848, C949C90C-77B7-4674-8BDB-8A0D69…)

Is this supposed to be funny

No. 1528364

painfully tryhard

No. 1528369

I'm ESLfag, is the guy the hypothetical woman is in love with, her highschool bully or the moid's ?

No. 1528379

Maybe you have little to no hair, but for women like with the monkey curse its actually gross to have armpit hait. I left my leghair untouched because it doesnt affect me, but in summer i smell so bad if i dont shave my armpits.

No. 1528386

He has a point some dumbfucks actually like shit like A Silent Voice (girl hooks up with her former bully)

No. 1528398

Was that supposed to be a woman's fantasy? It's from the male protag's point of view and is all about him feeling bad and suicidal. The deaf girl doesn't get any depth, she's just a quirky love interest who saves him. Scrotes love the idea of a disabled girl who has no options other than them.

No. 1528448

If hair is so dirty and needs to be shaved, are you bald then? Shaving your head? One's head sweats quite a lot too so it's not a different thing. Unless your hair is also shaved you're a hypocrite pickme.

No. 1528559

I bet you’re dating a male

No. 1528722

? I'm not

No. 1528744

They just don't have a better come back anon lol

No. 1528746

File: 1679299639466.png (271.84 KB, 486x445, m.png)

They will never leave these type of jokes in the past, will they.. I thought they had the better humor?

No. 1528932

They are the most likely to complete it successfully because they’re violent and selfish anon. Not because they attempted more. Don’t buy male bs.

No. 1529176

File: 1679343479837.jpeg (84.05 KB, 1170x916, E86ADCBD-0B0E-4369-8EA4-6D0583…)

Sounds fake but even if it really was a butch girl it’s not “anti-trans sentiment”, it’s lesbophobia

No. 1529180

That sounds more like pro-troon agenda, forcibly telling gnc women they are trans actually

No. 1529181

This sounds like a fake ass story. Even the most masculine women are still women.

No. 1529197

File: 1679344755440.jpeg (81.77 KB, 1047x1015, 2793897F-FA0F-48F1-80B6-C4E0E9…)

>trans flag
I don’t condemn underage alcoholism but I’ve rather a teenager drink beer than take life-altering hormones.

No. 1529198

Wash yourself better/more frequently maybe try that megababe charcoal detox anti stink soap.

No. 1529205

I have never seen a woman who looked male enough that they'd force her to use the toilets. I've seen some where they look a little ambiguous and I assume male at first, but as soon as they open their mouth you know its a woman. Beyond fake and scummy they'd claim this

No. 1529209

>Pops trying to connect with his son who he can feel drifting away. Tries to be the cool dad and offers him a beer
>runs to twitter "MY dad just offered me a beer?? um… so that just happened"
I feel so bad for this guys dad

No. 1529210

File: 1679345879337.png (307.2 KB, 645x509, vavsdf.png)

people really have no sense of media literacy with their obsession with tropes and archetypes rather then actual character context, Saying that Ellie or Arya exhibit "masculine behavior" is stupid, as if feralness and revenge and rage only belong to men, is a stale libfem ass take. also I get the point he's trying to make but the suggested alternative just reiterates the stereotype of women as inherently "empathetic" and "nonviolent" which annoys me

No. 1529211

>underage alcoholism
tbh this is how you prevent alcoholism, introduce teens to it in a controlled environment ie one beer or one glass of wine on special occasions. Every binge drinker I know grew up in an extremely restrictive home so they never learned moderation.

No. 1529216

This is just a way to blame other people for the stupid shit they do online of all places, maybe irl too. Like “oh yeah, it’s not my fault! Someone gave this to me!!” Well, you’re 16 but not completely retarded if you can type on a phone and post shit to Twitter, say no, throw it away after pretending you drank it, talk with your dad so it never happens again.
But it’s easier to make people the bad guys and play the helpless victim role when sometimes that’s not the case, all because a few retweets is better than just talking to your family about how you want to wait until you’re of age to drink and such.
Like I know kids are fucking retarded but god, they can’t be /that/ retarded.

No. 1529223

Kind of agree that this trope is overused, I don't really see anything wrong with it.
I don't know why he's calling them masculine, the one girl's wearing a skirt. the only "masculine" thing they do is that they beat people up. Why is it masculine when a female child beats someone up but not when lara croft does?
Also the woman with son trope exists too, like Sarah Conner in terminator, but they also beat people up.

No. 1529287

>where they survive action/horror scenarios through empathy, intuition, and perseverance

That's kinda gay, everyone is going to be a little violent in a action film, that's literally what the genre is about

No. 1529379

And they’ll never post any proof that this is happening, they just say whatever and expect you to take them at their word.

No. 1529553

File: 1679398101698.jpg (77.19 KB, 748x763, bleak.JPG)

no words, what is this

No. 1529565

Isn't this taking advantage of poorer women?

No. 1529582

2 days ago I just had an ad recommended to me about how much money I could make by selling my eggs

No. 1529587

File: 1679402048336.jpg (106.06 KB, 1242x1052, FrnEY4nX0AIWy6J.jpg)

it was something like picrel

No. 1529649

65k to permanently destroy your body? No thanks. Maternal mortality is skyrocketing too.

No. 1529679

This is such a shit deal. 65k looks like a lot as a lump sum (especially if you're poor and uneducated which I guess is who they're targeting) but it's just a basic middle class salary. You're doing 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal recovery, long-term trauma and physical damage…for the money someone would make sitting at a desk and sending emails.

Can surrogates get a form of worker's comp? If they're disabled by a birth complication does the agency take any responsibility? I hate everything about this.

No. 1529989

If there's even a story behind this and it isn't fake, that girl is being groomed into being trans. Why wouldn't anyone at her own school know she's female? There are loads of students that have known her for years.
The New Testament is probably the only example of a story like this
This is demonic

No. 1530030

I think there's usually pretty strict reqs for being an egg donor, like you have to already have 1 healthy kid and there's screening for substance use etc so it's not like any young woman who needs cash can just apply, but yeah. They know what they're doing with their marketing and it's disgusting. Choosing to advertise on a braindead site like twitter that skews much younger is shady, not just toward poorer women but toward young women in general.

No. 1530167

File: 1679456181016.png (495.08 KB, 581x2656, Screenshot 34 (2).png)

The replies in this thread shows how leftist moids literally wait for a woman to do something "un-woke" by mainstream liberal standards so they can unleash every bit of misogyny they have been holding back, this is literally just a video of a woman singing "Jesus loves you" to her baby that's it.

No. 1530230

File: 1679467740897.webm (3.45 MB, 720x1280, E5VK3I6F_PpNTIa7.webm)

>Are they getting married?
As expected by moids, projection at its finest and inability to see a mother-child relationship without sexualising it like the gross pedos they are. The video isn't even creepy at all, I found it kind of sweet despite being an atheist. Bet these moids are the same ones who cheer for pedo troons becoming 'parents' and shit, I'll never forget that one tim posted on mtf threads who had a child with a tif and they both would let him 'breastfeed' (basically molest) the poor child… Yet a mother merely patting and singing to her child results in these kind of reactions.

No. 1530236

tbf it just might be a cultural thing, like in some cultures some people just get together and sing some folk or religious song, just for fun but if someone's not familiar with that phenomenon it might seem weird

No. 1530245

There is no need to be fair to when redditors are concerned.

No. 1530265

My apologies I thought this was the reddit thread. Still applicable though.

No. 1530284

I'm anti-religion but these replies are a complete overreaction. A Christian mother singing Christian songs to her baby is not out of the ordinary and it's completely harmless. I hate moids so much. Imagine filming a cute video where a group sings for a baby and then seeing comments like this. It's obvious that these men use their political stance to hide their misogyny the backlash towards this wouldn't had been as strong if it was men singing for a baby

No. 1530336

Ot but her teeth are scary.

No. 1530339

I notice that a lot of women with big teeth are always married, and also usually are more traditional. Just an observation.

No. 1530367

ot but do you ever stop and think about why you're about to post a comment like that before you do it or is it always a totally thoughtless action?

No. 1530372

Oh nooo she's 'grooming' her child into a 'cult' as if it isn't normal for people to grow up in a religious family and opt out of being religious at any time with no consequences.
>are they getting married?
Moid moment
>looks like a child out of wedlock
What? Moids are so transparent when they say they want a wife and children so badly but they hate mothers and hate children.

No. 1530409

i hate the last of us series so much because Ellie wasn't like that in the game. She was actually a child that grew up in a dystopian time/war zone but was never initially violent until she had to protect Joel and herself. The world hardened her, but Ellie is not a good example of this trope. I just dont like the actor they chose for her.

No. 1530694

File: 1679518262050.jpeg (303.55 KB, 1170x1778, BD324BF1-DDA1-4891-AC19-0BB11A…)

What’s the joke here? It’s pink so that makes it pornographic for some reason?????

No. 1530700

i'm assuming the joke is those burgers appeal to "bimbos" but it's sad that i wouldn't be surprised if some twitter user was trying to sexualize a burger

No. 1530704

It's just a joke about about how stereotypical bimbos are supposed to like girly things, so it's a bimbo burger because it's pink.

No. 1530714

max is the last person i'd expect to see on this site wtf

No. 1530722

Literally who

No. 1530731

genuinely just a small game dev poster, im a mutual so did a double take lmfao

No. 1530836

Even if it's weird, nothing about the video screams 'are they getting married' though. I couldn't care less about people shitting on religions or culture differences, I'm just disturbed that moids fucking sexualised it.

No. 1531081

everyone should shave their armpits to be less smelly to be honest

No. 1531105

My armpits are currently super hairy and they don't stink, it mostly depends on the temperature and how much I sweat.

No. 1531109

I don't wanna stinky sperg but damn I hate the "hair causes/traps scent" myth.

No. 1531111

Actually my underarms smelled more when I shaved them. Now they are hairy and just smell neutral even after I've been sweating all day.

No. 1531112

Have you heard of showering?

No. 1531113

you maybe are lucky but myself i have terrie sweat and hair made it even worse. even with deodorant and showering twice a day i was stinky if i didn't shave

No. 1531114


No. 1531115

>EVERYONE should shave because I am a stinky bitch

No. 1531116

i shower twice a day

No. 1531117

not gonna lie i hate how armpit hair looks, it's disgusting. especially on men

No. 1531118

I shave because I live with my family and my brother have a pubic/armpit hair fetish.

No. 1531119

I hate how shaved armpits look, it's disgusting. Especially on women.

No. 1531120

Are you using the soap correctly? Are you using the deodorant correctly? Have you tried gel deodorant? Sometimes the solid kind gets stuck to the hair and doesn't sit against the skin properly. I can't imagine why you're all so stinky unless it's a hygiene issue. I think you all just can't admit that body hair is normal so you make shit up about the stank to justify shaving. Which is fine but recognize that it's your own issue and stop telling other women it's unhygienic.

No. 1531126

yeah no thanks I'd rather just shower and use deodorant rather than deal with one million ingrown hairs that actually pose a health risk unlike unshaven pits.

No. 1531128

I agree, just like shaved pubes, it looks very sterile and medical.

No. 1531133

Communal singing is one of the most important traits of human culture. Because people in the western world no longer work farming/labourers jobs, they have forgotten the value of it, and have a negative reaction to public singing.

No. 1531143

When I was 15, I had my gallbladder removed and a nurse had to shave my belly and the upper part of my pubic hair before surgery. That was most uncomfortable situation I have ever been in.

No. 1531148

I have more armpit hair than my husband, try again. Shaved armpits are disgusting disease highways. Simple as.

No. 1531159

I agree. I especially qhate men who don't shave their armpits, they smell like death and the retards who don't shave their armpits say they don't smell, you do but you can't smell YOURSELF!

No. 1531206

does your head smell bad?

No. 1531284

File: 1679590011213.png (68.79 KB, 960x2079, D937A38C-4658-4DB1-8A34-6A1890…)

Scrotes are gonna scrote

No. 1531288

I mean, he’s not entirely wrong. Although I hate that the term “brown people” has become acceptable like it’s the fucking 50s.

No. 1531413

File: 1679598271998.jpg (146.56 KB, 828x1235, Fr4XsBuXgAQEFWt.jpg)

who thinks this is funny?

No. 1531417

dark eyes look good, she's ugly because of her small mouth and lumpy doughball face

No. 1531818

File: 1679638955354.jpg (222.97 KB, 1080x1903, Wholesum agp.jpg)

No. 1531872

if he said that in a less nice way he would have been called transphobic, not an ally.

No. 1532559

File: 1679752033743.png (8.75 KB, 521x369, Captura de pantalla 2023-03-25…)

Can lizzo drop dead from clogged arteries already ffs? I love how when people bring up "banning gender affirming healthcare" they always leave out the fact they are banning for easily influenced kids and teens. The drag show law is only for those under the age of eighteen so we don't have another desmond is amazing or 13 year old troons dancing for grown ass adults on stage. And I seriously have my doubt's on "Jim crow era" racism laws being passed. Tiktok and twitter tend to exaggerate on laws that get passed. Same shit they did with the "don't say gay bill".

No. 1532588

What does she want us to do? Twerk it all away?

No. 1532718

It’s always the fat bitches saying this shit

No. 1532726

File: 1679767560143.jpeg (311.17 KB, 1170x2006, 73473860-0984-4B0A-93A3-9ACF73…)

Internalized racism is a hell of a drug.

No. 1532731

File: 1679768047124.png (73.44 KB, 708x618, lesbiansaredoomed.png)

lesbian asks wife to cut her hair during lockdown, liked it so much she's a TiF now. yeah we're afraid of gnc lesbians getting transed, someone downthread even joked conservatives should be happy because they "un-gayed their marriage". like they're so close to getting it

No. 1532735

Isn't Caster a man with an intersex condition though? And he is AFAB? Because I know words like AFAB and AMAB were made to describe intersex for this type of contexts and troons made it about themselves.

No. 1532736

I saw that in the FtM thread and it just made me so fucking sad. Imagine being a young lesbian on tiktok and seeing most of your peers hettify their relationships. Conversion therapy but make it woke.

No. 1532746

Basically, women in poorer african countries who have intersex conditions are almost never properly diagnosed with such conditions when they are young cause of the poor medical quality of those nations, because of this a few african female athletes were found to be suffering from Intersex conditions as they were competing. TRAs have twisted this narrative for their own benefit and normies are going along with it

No. 1532751

Yeah but in that case it's not a woman with a condition but a man with a condition.

No. 1532754

They really want to push the idea that all black women are intersex by default (or just men), in the service of racist white men with insane fetishes lol

No. 1532757

Caster and the other two are men. They have a disorder of sex development (DSD) that caused their external genitalia to look ambiguous or female when born, but all have functional and internal testes and no uterus or ovaries.

They would have know they are male when puberty hit and they didn't start having periods and had this investigated. Thus, all three of them knew they were male and competed in women's sports anyway. They stole victories and rewards from women and it's a damn shame it took this long to ban them.

There are a few DSDs that can cause ambiguous genitalia and internal testes. Caster has 5-alfa reductase deficiency. 5-alfa reductase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is needed for male external sex organs differentiation before birth. As result, males with this deficiency are born with unusual looking genitals and sometimes they are mistaken for girls. However, at puberty they undergo virilization because of the natural increase of testosterone (though, they grow little body hair because of lack of DHT) and many of the males who were raised as girls end up adopting a male identity after this. I've never looked into the other two.

This article goes into way more detail on Caster and 5ARD
Caster Semenya — male or female?

No. 1532761

NTA. But caster fathered children and is absolutely a dude with working sperm.

No. 1532770

this is a whole new level of pick me kek

No. 1532773

File: 1679772520668.jpg (66.94 KB, 828x934, ydez40bj7wpa1.jpg)

No. 1533017

No it didn't
Even if this is from a consensual bedroom thing, slathering it in poetics isn't going to hide the fact your boyfriend gets off on beating people

No. 1533189

File: 1679830774716.jpeg (110.79 KB, 828x1364, 28C171BB-2D64-4D50-AA80-7463B8…)

This is a tranny

No. 1533374

File: 1679849511185.png (59.19 KB, 594x847, wtf.png)

Honestly I'm not even sure what about this post is transphobic, but I guess the sheer fact that women just exist is transphobic. I went into the original thread and it's just about doctor's telling OP her labia wasn't "normal" because it wasn't a pornstar labia.

No. 1533378

Well damn maybe there were no fatties around to ask! Fat people victim complexes are kinda insane.

No. 1533380

Leave it to trannies and fatties to take a post about a very real problem that preys on women, then make it all about themselves

Troons are the biggest narcs on earth

No. 1533382

Everytime I see ftms try to justify their transition it makes me sad. The lesbians with internalized homophobia are one thing, but the worse ones IMO are those with internalized misogyny and do not want to associate themselves with being a woman because basically women suck in their head and can't like the things they like so time to inject T and chop your tits off right? I also seen one ftm chop her boobs off because men would nitpick her body. I hate that nowadays it's always going straight to transitioning instead of working out more obvious internal issues, and then going on to push the idea troons have a high suicide rate because therapists convince them that all of their issues are because they need to go get a neopenis

No. 1533385

Guys, fat vulvas can be on thin people, this is the case with me. It's just naturally plump, that's how it developed.

No. 1533390

It wasn’t that post but later the person retweeting it themselves because they found out there were post-op tranny vaginas in the slideshow and they were upset that was normalizing mutilated vulvas even though they just called them all “so pretty” —I don’t know why they went back to draw attention to that, they’re being kinda messy. Normal twitter retardation plus 7 layers of retweeting herself for hate-engagement numbers I assume. I probably missed something but I got tired of looking into it. Sorry but she’s retarded if she let a doctor chop off her labia for aesthetics. I wonder what kinda fucking doctors was she going to in the first place, the whole story seemed weird as fuck.

No. 1533391

A lot of the vulvas posted in that picture gallery were also pretty "fat" as well, they just had the inner labia poking out too . I think troons just want "fat" pussy to = as child -looking as possible

No. 1533548

is the sculpt supposed to show protruding labia minora
because it's not even here, not even close

No. 1533556

File: 1679864292465.jpg (19.44 KB, 700x446, y5MJ1ASYacNQBhFjbyqA_Hello she…)

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall
Join us for tonight's tale of pathetic ugly mentally ill man. He hangs himself in the end. Enjoy - "41"

No. 1533568

umm i dont really see anything wrong with this though. They are right though and shelleys life was destroyed after being on the shining.
Are we really going to act like retarded conservatives and post non-milk just because someone is a tranny?
Tradthots finding out about rf was a mistake.

No. 1533570

>hating trannies is conservative behavior

No. 1533572

you know that's not what i meant. Shit bait.

No. 1533574

>They are right
yeah, but he states the opposite
>pretend victim

No. 1533577

They just articulated it in retarded way.
They care about her when it comes to virtue signaling or only about her role in the shining and nothing else about her. Thats the vibe i got from that tweet.

No. 1533585

No. 1533592

Not a tradthot. Calm down, you silly goofy fuck, I posted because this male is trying to dunk on a, I assume a girl because she calls herself gay and queer in her Twitch bio, for no reason. How does he even know she's not a fan of hers. He could've made a tweet seperate from hers if it pissed him off that bad.

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