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File: 1667826255075.jpeg (829.99 KB, 907x1670, 1663953175841.jpeg)

No. 1695895

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is a vague dislike of capitalism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other online personalities exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

Famous 'Breadtubers' include Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, Xiran Jay Zhao and Shaun.

>recap from the previous thread

>Vaush being his usual misogynist self >>1372915
>Hontra severely misunderstands the russian and chinese revolutions >>1373800
>to the surprise of nobody Vaush turns out to be a rich kid >>1394444
>Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube >>1403035 >>1403168
>Philosophytroon got FFS >>1425011
>Shawn made a nearly 2 hour long video about how harry potter was neo-liberal fascist literature
>Mina Le is doing Magazine shoots now >>1588039
>Jenny Nicholson defends troons >>1587043
>xiran jay zhao's self insert fic is being made into a film >>1655560
>Sarah Z is engaged now >>1681984

No. 1695913

Xiran's most hypocritical act is still taking money from relatives back in China while claiming to hate the govt and saying she does not stand with them. Why still using the dirty money then? That should be revealed and known to her stupid simps and followers. All while pretending to be the Token AsianTM and just posturing for attention and clout. Jackass.

No. 1695917

not a fan of her but when did she ever claim she was against her family, she casually mentioned that her granddad was a member of the CCP like it wasn't a big deal

No. 1696051

Kek the Darling in the FranXX movie nobody asked for, but woke

No. 1696161

gross we don't need more pedobait

No. 1696254

>be son of Hollywood execs
>surrounded by hotness and popularity your entire life
>you are a revolting ginger manosphere

Man, the amount of resentment Vaush must have probably rivals that of Elliott Rodger.

No. 1697183

File: 1668105744684.png (786.72 KB, 939x627, pa.png)

we can't say what his parents were like, but they sure as hell didn't deserve to have a child like vaush

No. 1697194

all these breadtubers come from privileged background tbh. They have no reason to be as gross, useless and degenerate as they are but they always are. Should be a study on it. Haasan looks like a handsome stick of meatloaf, and a degn weirdo. It's almost as if all the white guys get bored with their lives and want to fuck it up or make themselves victims.

No. 1697197

Lindsay Ellis is the only breadtuber I can think off that came from a working class background(but she disavowed her entire family for being republicans)

No. 1697211

Wow, those are his parents? They look so well-groomed and normie in comparison, wonder where he went wrong.

No. 1697217

File: 1668109057951.jpg (170.9 KB, 1265x667, B2vNl98cRd9z42SV.jpg)

I mean you can definitely see that vaush does share a similar features to his parents, but he's what happens when you don't leave the basement for years, play vidya 24/7, cooming non-stop, not exercising and just behave like a living degenerate parasite
picrel is his when he was in his 40's and vaush right now(not even 30)

No. 1697243

Don't they have a daughter too? Hopefully she's more well-adjusted, though compared to Vaush mostly anyone would be

No. 1697251

It’s possible they did nothing wrong. Being a boymom/dad is a crapshoot due to moid dysfunction. I feel like lots of stable normie American families have a token unwashed autistic basement-dwelling son, and no one is sure if he’ll become a terminally online streamer or just shoot up a local school. You’re either getting Vaush or Elliot Rogers.

No. 1697260

this is a thing that seems more common if your online but IRL its rare, vast majority of people would disown someone like Vaush if he was their son, my dad kicked out my brother when he living us cause it was considered shameful for a man to live with his family, he was like 21

No. 1697304

I completely disagree, this is more common irl than you think because of boymom mentality. Also in some cultures children tend to stay in the house until they get married which could mean they live with their parents forever.

No. 1697496

do you have a source to back up that, I swear your using the logic of tronns, like many big families will have that one loser relative everyone knows about but your making it sound it like every other family has a NEET child living them

No. 1697758

Failsons are extremely common across Asia. There are more Asians than there are other people, so yeah most families have these types.

No. 1698715

>prioritize sons over daughters to the point of selectively aborting or killing the latter in infancy because of muh legacy
>end up with failson parasite

No. 1699026

File: 1668356990747.jpg (39.87 KB, 640x480, vaush.jpg)

he thinks he's smarter then other people because he has a bachelor's in sociology and uses that as some kind of inherent merit regardless what the subject he's debating is, he's not even like independently learning about actual political works, but literally thinks that his one single bachelor's in sociology is what gives him more authority, It's really weird that someone would brag about having a bachelor's because to most people it's the basic bitch degree, anyone who isn't a complete retard can earn a bachelor´s.

Anyway, the guy is just a weirdo. Even setting the implied pedo shit aside, he alleges to be a Marxist who does the stereotyping spiel about how hoarding wealth for minimal effort is bad, while he himself keeps raking in patreon money for not really doing anything. He's very extractive himself, so it's just really weird to see him spout this communist revolution nonsense, considering he's exactly the type of person who would suffer after a communist revolution. What do people like that think they would be doing under a communist government? Because what they do now, would at best be seen as an irrelevance not worth compensation, and at worst so dangerous it would earn them political imprisonment.
Anyone who has watched this guy in a debate knows he can't argue for shit if the opponent isn't a total retard, like he got fucking owned by Stefan Molyneux of all people


No. 1699037

i can confirm the communists would send him to mine uranium

No. 1699060

Every time Vaush is mentioned, this video comes to mind and my rage is quelled by my laughter…then quickly replaced with disgust. He's a degenerate in every sense of the word.

No. 1699085

File: 1668362826753.png (29.52 KB, 644x800, wojak-soy-boy-angry-eyebrows.p…)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 1699153

What's with commies and horses? Cenk Uygur famously wants to "pleasure a horse".

No. 1699154

Cenk is a woke neoliberal, why would you ever think he’s a communist?

No. 1699203

It's the male autism.

No. 1699579

Hasan went to German brothels to watch trafficked girls have sex with animals.

No. 1699613

source ?

No. 1699620

No. 1699678

Your "source" comes from an unhinged bible-thumping mommy blogger and doesn't mention what you are claiming whatsoever. Cool story though.

No. 1699978

File: 1668473242427.png (993.26 KB, 1280x720, T3ymtCT.png)

>Jenny Nicholson attends theme park
holy shit, how did you call that?

No. 1700004

nta, and not sure what podcast episode it was but he has spoken about using prostitutes in germany on the ethan klein leftovers podcast, I remember feeling sick after hearing how he said it, sorry no direct quote but its out there

No. 1700007

samefag, not sure about the animal thing but the girls were almost certainly trafficked if its germany

No. 1700040

I dunno anon, his uncle Cenk is pretty open about wanting to pleasure horses.

No. 1700043

>The notorious incel is woke and neoliberal
>Commies in charge of knowing what words mean

No. 1700182

She was also in Efteling and other european themeparks earlier this year

No. 1700230

Next I predict Jenny will be in a themed costume next video

No. 1701610

if only jenny didn't support future statistics maybe she would be a better youtuber.

No. 1701786

i was watching jennys lasted video and heard an unmistakable male troon falsetto in one of her clips where she was in a hotel room kek. im assuming it's her brother?

No. 1701813

It doesn't intrude into her videos so I'm fine with it. Her twitter though can fuck off. Twitter is like getting an upclose look at all your favorite content creators in unflattering angles.

No. 1701968

Pretty sure it's contra

No. 1702343

Her brother was in the video tho if I’m not wrong.

No. 1702489

File: 1668730794006.png (378.06 KB, 512x512, 02628-758327612-1girl, ahoge, …)

>tfw the next video she does is about the holocaust
oh no…

No. 1702518

>Woke neoliberal
He’s an OG Obamafag, yes he’s a woke neoliberal, if nothing else he isn’t a communist you absolute retard, Cenk is literally an open anti-communist

No. 1702584

I'm sure the Anne Frank costume will be lovely

No. 1702775

Hbomberguy made an video supposedly about the Roblox 'Oof!' sound effect, but in actual fact it's just a way for him to dunk on this (admittedly pretty funny) dude who makes outrageous claims about himself for being a fake and a fraud for about an hour.

It is immediately undercut by the fact that Hbomberguy is pro-trans, though. Because, by his logic, who's to say this Tommy Tallarico guy DIDN'T single-handedly create the 'Oof!' sound? Who's to say he WASN'T the first American to work on a Sonic game? Who's to say he DIDN'T appear on MTV Cribs? I mean, he SAID he did those things, he IDENTIFIED as having done those things, words and facts apparently don't matter anymore, it's not like it's hurting anyone, right Harris?

No. 1702777

Tommy Tallarico is much more likeable than Hbomberguy and I like his tacky Spiderman house.

No. 1702808

He's falling over himself to deboooonk all his lies and misinformation, but if Tommy Tallarico announced tomorrow he was actually Tonya Tallarico this soyboy would instantly believe him without question.(lrn2sage)

No. 1702824

The devs from roblox covered for a child sex offender so i hope they get sued to death

No. 1702845

This video is like 3 hours long btw.

No. 1702923

>3hrs long
I still have no idea why breatubers have to stretch at most, a 15-20 minute video saying the most basic shit: "This guy is a liar a bloo bloo"

The sheer fucking autism on display.

No. 1702959

Enagement/alogrithm reasons.
But I think that it ended up that way because people are putting these sorts of videos on as background noise while they do something else. In that case, a long runtime is a draw because you don't want to be stopping the thing that you're actually doing to pick a new background video every 10 minutes. That the content is padded to hell also doesn't matter, the videos don't need to be engaging in the same way a movie would be, in fact it's better if they're mindless and make simple repetitive points as to not be too distracting from your real task, and so if you weren't paying attention for a while you can still follow the jist of the video.

No. 1703041

and i enjoyed every minute of it. i love long video essays, i'd take a 3 hour video over a 10 minute cash grab with a 2 minute ad read any day.

No. 1703081

same, she may be a TRA, but i have a parasocial relationship with her. she for the most part doesn't talk too much so i can forget her opinions for the sake of her good content

No. 1703113

This video had nothing to do with trans people, what are you on about?

No. 1703316

Jenny's kinda warranted though. It was supposed to be a 30 minute vlog with brief history but due to legal troubles and the absolute state the park was in, it got bloated.

No. 1703394

still feel most breadtube vidoes could be cut in half, if they didn't focus on the pointless theatrics and insert unrelated tangents about their biased view of history

No. 1703559

Fraud? Excuse you, the proper term is 'trans success'.

No. 1704284

File: 1668916118859.jpg (214.24 KB, 1080x1659, Fh8fyzlXgAM_TjD.jpg)

I shouldn't he surprised coming from Vaush but like tf??? "Breeders" wow

No. 1704413

None of this will ever hold any weight coming from a fat polyamorous ginger neckbeard manosphere. Not even the most retarded right wing tradthots can top this level of cringe.

No. 1704462

File: 1668938010194.png (41.63 KB, 566x196, 1667552812585.png)

Accidentally posted this in the old thread. Contra liked this tweet. Thoughts?

No. 1704465

imagine being such a creep that other troons are afraid of you

No. 1704509

Reminder that Vaush would rather fuck a hideous moid LARPing as a woman over an actual woman
Reminder that his sexual degeneracy is the actual core of his political beliefs

Reminder that this fat faggot and his retarded fans center troons in their universe

No. 1704523

File: 1668949403425.jpg (62.95 KB, 433x468, Screenshot_20221120_235354.jpg)

Hbomberguy is clearly transitioning into a boiled egg.

Also how the fuck was this worth his biannual re-emergence? The more people hand over patreon bucks for these people to sit around stoned for months on end, the worse their work becomes.

No. 1704526

File: 1668950374802.jpeg (559.34 KB, 1459x986, 55C0D5BE-7385-42BB-A071-7550EF…)

Lmao, Reddit leftoids shitting on the obese pedophilic manchild Vaush for, among other things, “transphobia”
Why would Reddit anarcho-troons lie this way? Vaush is one of the notable troon lovers of reddit, more willing to fuck a dude with tits than his actual mommy mcbangmaid gf who takes care of all his needs, his stream constantly panders to and defends troons, why are these fags trying to eat their own?

Better yet, why are troons becoming like a blackhole the anticapitalist left puts at the center of their universe despite troons being living embodiments of neoliberal hyperindividualism?

No. 1704547

i remember he used to be cute, damn what happened. Men really headbutt into the wall dont they.

No. 1704561

lol no it's her sister aka tim brother

No. 1704696

holy fuck lmao he was never a looker but this is insane. Insufferable or fat and ugly, pick a struggle, man. This is too much.

No. 1704820

omg nooooooooo

No. 1704825

The video topic was just dunking on this guys embarrassing online history, nothing troon related as such. I did however think about the whole "the right to be forgotten"-thing troons want to manifest in order to scrub archiving tools and sites like the waybackmachine. But without internet archives, this video couldn't have been made - and you'd have to assume that guy in the video is truthful about his past.

No. 1705052

i know people joke about the "COVID-20" but it's been kind of horrifying to see how many people have ballooned.

No. 1705292

>Reminder that Vaush would rather fuck a hideous moid LARPing as a woman over an actual woman
I believe it but did he ever say this

No. 1705333

i actually liked the video (at the very least it was interesting enough to put on in the bg) but yeah wow i would've preferred it if he wasn't in frame with his unfortunate egg looking head and disgusting lab coat all the time. women on yt get hate comments and death threars for daring not to be 100% conventionally attractive but these moids are allowed to just walk around looking like they've escaped their tard wrangler on the day trip to the petting zoo

No. 1705340

did it need to be 3hrs long though ?

No. 1706886

File: 1669149412881.png (129.4 KB, 1330x475, SarahZ with a conservative.png)

potentially old or not as milky as I think it is, but I stumbled upon these comments of Sarah Z under this youtuber named Ella Grant.

For those who don't know, here's a little ella grant recap:
>Troon wannabe tradthot who likes to make conservative "anti-sjw" content
>friends with the likes of robby white (blaire), Kalvin Garrah and "Miss London"
>Made a "women can't take criticism" gamergate video
>assumes a "vintage" aesthetic as an appeal to traditional values, and genuinely talks about how he's "not like other trannies"
>attended the women's march and mocked women there for fighting for reproductive healthcare.

Sarah Z has been following him for awhile, and even makes positive comments under videos that are blatantly anti-leftist. Here's a snip of some of her comments that I could find. The Sarah's comments are mild but in the videos themselves, Grant will literally be casually making fun of "SJWs" aka the very people Sarah surrounds herself with. Both Sarah Z and Grant were mutuals on twitter but Sarah's twitter is gone now so there's no proof for now.

This grant person hasn't been active for awhile and made a "im sowwy i changed my political ways" goodbye video last year, but Sarah's comments range from 1-4 years, which isn't that long ago to claim that she had some kind of anti-sjw phase or something.

No. 1706889

sorry for the shit pic. here's an embed of grant's channel, sarah commented under this video.

No. 1706951

Implying he has anything to choose from (assuming unpaid basis) except hideous larping men. He's even more revolting than Peter Coffin, and that's saying something.

Mid leftoid pickmes will sometimes pretend to simp for him but none of them would actually fuck him.

No. 1706997

>why are troons becoming like a blackhole the anticapitalist left puts at the center of their universe despite troons being living embodiments of neoliberal hyperindividualism?
That's the multibillion dollar question. Is it a case of any movement being too trans friendly being naturally innundated and taken over? Or something deliberate? Either way, the MLs were right; it's a big bourgeois circus to distract from anything important.

No. 1707107

>Embodiment of neoliberal hyperindividualism

loved the way you put this nonna. The essentialization of our BODIES to be sculpted into what we "think" we should be is the most late stage dystopian future outcome i can possibly think of. In fact, being anti-surgery and self mutilation fits in perfectly with their own arguments of "gender and sex are constructs." If gender and sex are constructs, then why would you physically connect those concepts by altering your perfectly healthy body?? isn't that what the so-called binary does?

if being a girl doesn't mean having tits and a vagina than why are you desperately trying to tie them together??

No. 1707239

Sarah Z has truly become the queen of the trannyloving pickmes. Shes surpassed even her mentor lindsay ellis in enthusiastic shenis sucking. Always happy and eager to throw women under the bus for a few gross headpats from troons. This comes as no suprise. Sarah Z is the type of uber-misogynistic man worshipper that it doesnt even matter what politics the tranny in question has, he WILL be coddled and validated no matter what

No. 1707343

File: 1669205961669.png (37.08 KB, 648x368, Fgz.png)

rare based take coming from big joel

No. 1707389

Reposting from the MTF thread
>Phallosophy Troon tries to get hormones from the NHS that he could easily get from a private healthcare service.
>He gets frustrated because they have no resources and the waiting lists are too long in the middle of Covid.
>Acts like a massive douchebag to NHS workers.
>Calls his minions and throws a massive tantrum he calls a protest.
>Demands that trans people be given everything for free immediately, no questions asked, or they will literally drop dead on the spot.
>Says dysphoria is fake (absolutely) and normal people also have it.
>Terrible acting, fake tears, over the top narcissism, horrible falsetto voice.

No. 1707399

I can't ever watcha a single one of his vidoes, his voice is just too fucking grating

No. 1707423

That conclusion just from winning a fucking soccer match kek. Took you more than 30 years to achieve what Cameroon did in the 90s, but let's see where that win will take you.

No. 1707585

someone explain how the hell a below mediocre sci-fi fantasy work like Iron widow is getting a cinematic adaption by the same people who did the hunger games, and like only the first book was released

No. 1707587

The author has rich parents with connects.

No. 1707632

I am aware of that, but they are rich chinese in Canada, even if your rich no studio would ever risk an actual big budget film on one mediocre book

No. 1707738

>no studio would ever risk an actual big budget film on one mediocre book
I have bad news about The Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight, etc etc etc.

No. 1707871


There's something to be said for how much trans stuff is like a beard for closet conservatives. You can get away with so much shit because people assume if you buy into the fringe of the fringe you must be unimpeachable on all the mundane stuff.

Like you got willy wonka taking shots at socialized medicine because it actually managed to prioritize people with real problems over a deluded aristocrat and somehow this is supposed to be progressive.

No. 1708685

Hunger Games and Twilight were a phenomenon. It would be stupid of a studio to not jump on it. Divergent was grabbed because they wanted to absorb as many YA dystopian IPs as possible.

No one is jumping out of the streets, making fan art, or any kind of anything over Iron Widow

No. 1708884

But was there a phenomenon before the books got adapted? I remember the only reason I heard of those books were because of the movies

No. 1709537

>names books that had record breaking sales and popularity way before the movie adaptations
plz think nonna. a bad book can be popular. but i doubt hers will be either of those lol

No. 1709582

File: 1669400668814.jpg (376.95 KB, 1170x2027, 1663933039227.jpg)

isn’t she that one that said china and japan were totally lgbt friendly for diddling kids before those pesky prude colonizers came along? i can’t imagine what amazing takes and spins on history she put in her book

No. 1709663

i swear to god she had her own thread but i can't find it now.

No. 1709924

Isn't this that chick who made long sperg videos about how shit Mulan was?

No. 1710090

tbf everyone agree that 2020 version of Mulan was shit, she just pointed out its historical and cultural inaccuracies

No. 1710105

It was for me. People talked about those books all over the BBS forums I went to

No. 1711030

She has that painfully autistic cadence to her voice.

No. 1711159

Looked up a video of her talking and holy shit you were not exaggerating.

No. 1711203

File: 1669522690890.webm (3.23 MB, 576x1024, 1669522407886.webm)

I think she overcompensates(probably was made fun off for her having an accent when was young) but yeah she does also seem autistic

No. 1711330

I didn't say it was good, I hate that they bastardised it. I said she sperged about it because the video was legit 40 minutes.

No. 1711451

Wow she's ugly. She kinda looks like that LFJ troon.

No. 1711455

I didn't want to say it but yeah, her voice and face is why I think she went non binary. You know ugly motherfuckers love to do that.
Though she's unmistakably a woman and doesn't even attempt to dress androgynous or colorful (as the non binaries like to do).

No. 1711463

i keep getting this on my youtube homepage despite never engaging with him ugh.
he's right that the nhs healthcare system is broken but thats not bc it isn't bending itself over to cater to trannies.
this is a man who could easily afford private healthcare, there's plenty of people with genuine life threatening health problems that aren't so lucky and rely on the nhs… but ofc people only care bc hes talking about his tranny problems

No. 1711510

File: 1669560869704.png (317.44 KB, 591x438, 1648034402532.png)

>Though she's unmistakably a woman and doesn't even attempt to dress androgynous or colorful (as the non binaries like to do).
what do you, she's on the entire spectrum

No. 1711515

Ah yes, the four genders: woman, woman, woman, and short-haired woman.

No. 1711577

I really don't think he looks that bad? I'm probably biased because I like his videos, but it was pretty clear he was balding and just fully committed to it

No. 1711859

I think she was in the previous breadtube thread OP. I remember someone in /pt/ suggestion thread making a booktube/authortube/general writing book drama thread a while back. I hope it gets made because a lot of those people in that community are milky as fuck

No. 1712219

Oh the video is even worse than that, anyone who sits through the marathon of narc cringe and second rate acting is rewarded with being told that the solution isn't to merely improve funding and resourcing so people don't have to wait so long (which would benefit everyone) but to let trans people skip diagnosis and just order in the treatments they want. He admits that trans people lie to get what they want, especially about gender dysphoria and that's the doctors' fault, so just hand over the hormones and slice 'em up on demand, on taxpayer money.

That's sandwiched in after a long time of unnecessary detail on how many emails he sent to his doctor, and a humblebrag at the end about his play, so lots of the comments are by people getting only halfway and assuming their bourgeois fave is arguing for better funding and resourcing, talking about their legitimate health problems, not realising that Oliver has no interest in fixing that for him. He makes the claim that cis people can just access whatever treatments they want on demand, as if we all don't wait forever for diagnoses and referrals.

With the influence he's building up he is poised to do real damage to the NHS if people support him without paying attention to what he is actually about.

No. 1712258

I think Divergent got lucky amongst the three, but I remember Twilight and Hunger Games being beasts in popularity even before the movies. So many fanart and fanfction, discourse about the actors when they were cast, etc. I have only seen high schooler spergs (Oh my god guys this is an awesum book with polyam and a nonbinary Chinese author so cool) and some bad reviews about Iron Widow. Nothing that isn't some virtue signalling bs, nothing that is actually passionate. There is no fandom, this is just a very weird move by the studio.

No. 1712487

Get out of here Harris

No. 1712675

Wasn't her book by her own admission a rewriting of Darling in the Franxx but with woke themes? There was actually some attempt at cancelling her on Tumblr a couple months ago, apparently of some fic she wrote long ago(can't seem to find it) and because she used the very common trope in Chinese pop culture of Mongols as violent barbarians, which is imo hilarious for someone who lectures white people about their usage of racist cultural tropes.

No. 1712711

File: 1669657228251.png (72.72 KB, 646x485, o5atkvzfu4v6.png)

one thing that you all might not seem to grasp is the fact that all these series mentioned were written and released before YA twitter and booktok were a thing, while Iron WIdow might be medicore at best, Xiran's large social media presence allowed her book to chart high on bestselling lists(she actually wrote a twitter thread about how her twitter presence is what drove the success of her novel)

this is a long essay detailed about this phenomena, where not just the fans but the authors themselves seek to pull the others down in the hope that they or their favorite author rises, just posting what I feel are some of the most essential parts

>First, the YA publishing industry made its target audience—its readers, its bloggers, its BookTubers and Bookstagrammers—part of its professional network. Although genres like romance had long-standing industry associations such as the Romance Writers of America to highlight and promote the genre, and speculative fiction had strong websites and fan awards that fans could rely on for industry news, YA had no such thing. In lieu of trade organizations and long-established magazines, publicists began to use Twitter to reach out to YA’s target audience directly—to everyone from experienced bloggers with established readerships to brand-new sites with only a few posts and regular readers. In doing so, they invited readers into industry conversations as equals, despite how little these readers actually knew about the inner workings of publishing.

>Second, the YA publishing industry decided that Twitter was an essential platform for YA writers. Put simply, YA authors needed to be active on Twitter. Publicists did not have the budget to market most YA books on a huge scale, so instead, they marketed access to YA authors: Meet your favorite YA authors at a convention! Meet them at a book festival! But most importantly, follow them on Twitter, where you can read everything about their new book and everything they’ve ever thought and buy buy buy buy buy.

>The term “parasocial relationship” gets thrown around a lot lately.

>These days, as social media has become so prevalent, the definition of parasocial relationships has expanded—and so do the number of figures it applies to. As Sadhbh O'Sullivan writes:
>“The potential to form parasocial relationships is in the DNA of sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You become a ‘follower’ or a ‘subscriber’ of someone who then shares their thoughts and talks apparently directly to you as an individual ("hey guys!"). You can even reply, with the possibility of your reply being reciprocated (though it likely won’t be). You are given access to people like never before and the number of personalities you can look up to and engage with is endless. In fact, everyone who uses social media is somewhat encouraged to behave as a public figure. Unless you limit your followers, you present yourself and speak to an invisible audience, who you won’t always know or engage with directly.”

>The Misshelved logo, a green bookcase in the shape of an M with yellow and green books on it, as well as a dragon and a plant.Because social media inherently supports the development of parasocial relationships, it’s not surprising that Twitter users often find themselves navigating them. Within the publishing industry, the “performer” with whom the average reader interacts is usually an author, editor or literary agent.

>Unlike in the 1950s, when parasocial relationships were first defined, the average audience member now has regular access to the performers—and unlike in the early days of the internet, their interactions do not take place in closed forums. Twitter is not a small community with well-established social rules, whether explicitly stated or implicitly understood. It “has morphed into not only one of the largest social media platforms, but an outlet for bots, cyber abuse [and] breaking news” to which anybody and everybody has access—and where everything feels personal.
>This leads to frequent context collapse, Context collapse is what happens when the scale of interaction shifts to “the infinite audience possible online as opposed to the limited groups a person normally interacts with face to face. In a limited group, a person is constantly adjusting their tone and presentation of self to fit into the social context. In a situation of context collapse, this becomes impossible.”
>Individual users cannot be responsible for predicting how every single person will react to, interpret and interact with their social media posts. They cannot telepathically know what is unfolding at all times. They can only do their best, within the limits of human capability. But because of the scale of social media, and because of context collapse, tweets often reach people who do not understand their social presentation—no matter how well-intentioned.
>This isn’t to say that involving readers in professional industry conversations doesn’t lead to positive outcomes and social good, nor is it to say that Twitter hasn’t been the catalyst to some of publishing’s most revolutionary moves. We Need Diverse Books, for instance, began on Twitter in 2014 as a push for more inclusive representation in children’s and YA literature. Since then, it has become a grassroots movement and a nonprofit organization that funds grants for marginalized writers, publishing internships and literary awards.
>But Twitter’s algorithm does not reward the good—at least, not anymore. It does not boost nuance. Twitter taps into our natural reward-based learning process by elevating topics that receive the most retweets and responses … and the algorithm values posts that generate that response the fastest. As Matthew Shaer put it, “Joy moves faster than sadness or disgust, but nothing is speedier than rage.”

>What does bookish rage look like?

>Culturally, we hold books in a separate, almost sacred space, apart from other forms of mass media. We believe that reading is good for us: It builds empathy, helps us overcome “compassion fatigue” and positively rewires the brain. Beyond that, people elevate books, viewing them as something to honor, something to value. The bookselling industry believes this so intensely that it undervalues its workers. Librarians suffer the same fate. Bloggers and Bookstagrammers and BookTubers are treated like they’re doing something noble in their attempts to highlight the works of literature they feel most passionate about—or, at least, that’s how it feels.
>Parasocial relationships combined with the above ideology mean that every interaction on Twitter can feel personal, to the extent that any discomfort or disagreement feels like an attack on the recipient.
>Now add in the permanent-record status of the internet. Once you say something online—no matter what it is—it exists forever. Even if you have made a mistake and apologized for it. Even if your opinion has changed. Even if you have learned better.
>The end result of all this is that YA publishing professionals must enact performances of perfection online: They must be constantly accessible (as demanded by the needs of their own marketing), while responding to everything that is happening all of the time (as demanded by their audience).
>At first, the algorithm and community interaction feels good. Users rally around stories and get excited for new ideas. Books that editors and authors worked hard on sometimes get buzzed about in a way that feels immediately validating—hey, maybe this is why marketing expects them to be on Twitter! Public performances of allyship receive warm responses.
>But it’s not teenagers, the target demographic of young adult literature, that authors and editors hear from on Twitter. There are very few teens involved in these conversations. It is adults. It is booksellers trying to keep up with their favorite authors, and librarians coming up with storytime ideas, and adult readers who understand the boundaries of social media and just want to make sure they don’t miss a new release from their favorite writers.
>They're also hearing from the reader who plucks single lines out of context and declares that they're offensive, then demands that the author agree that they're offensive, then further demands that they be changed in future printings, even if the point of the line in context is that a character is saying something the reader is supposed to disagree with. They’re hearing from the person who reviews 50 books a year on Goodreads and has some strong opinions on how most bisexual representation is problematic if the couple isn’t in a sapphic or gay relationship. From the blogger whose website is only a few months old and who, despite being a person of color themselves, dimisses authors of color because they write for white people, not “authentically.”
>This scrutiny and demand for perfection is infinitely higher for marginalized authors, who are often the target of the most critical segments of their own reader communities. Black authors must be perfect representations of Blackness despite the wide range of Black experiences. Queer authors must be out of the closet, in a neatly labeled box, for their queer representation to even be considered acceptable.
>There is no greater example of this than the story of the #ownvoices hashtag, which was originally created by author Corinne Duyvis to allow readers to know whether a writer from a marginalized background was writing something that reflected their own experiences. The term had to be officially abandoned by We Need Diverse Books five years after its creation because of how intensely the notion of perfect representation had been weaponized—both by readers who didn’t consider representations authentic enough to earn the label, and by readers who dismissed as problematic any representation that wasn’t explicitly labeled ownvoices by its author.
>Relying on Twitter to shape a culture like YA publishing inevitably leads to a moment where the most vulnerable participants in that industry will break. Either they become part of the rage machine, or the rage machine turns on them.

>So what happens to publishing professionals when readers are invited to shape their industry as if they know everything happening behind the scenes? What happens when access to editors or authors is marketed alongside the books they work on? What happens when access to these people occurs on a platform that rewards rage?

>They break.
>Within the YA community online, what unfolds is intensified by the nature of the virtual space that community carved out for itself, a space where parasocial relationships are treated with respect, where adult readers are invited into professional spaces, and where authors and other industry professionals must interact with those readers as mandated by the expectations of the age category.
>There is the minor impact, which affects what books we see: Since Twitter is the water cooler of the publishing industry, the adults who converse there affect what gets published just as much as actual sales figures do. The illusion of buzz sinks into the minds of editors and marketers, which is part of why YA books are now so heavily marketed to adults, because adults are the ones creating the buzz. Adults are who editors see tweet about the books they most want to read or see published. The zeitgeist of YA is shaped not by the teenagers it is intended for, but the adults who claim it for themselves.
>Then there is the major impact, which heavily affects the minds of those working in YA publishing. Because non-professional adult readers have been invited into the space, within the YA conversation, all opinions hold equal weight. All criticism is valid. All accusations are held to be factual. No matter what they are.
>Author Kacen Callender wrote a brilliant examination of the dehumanization of authors on social media as part of their decision to step back from the more public elements of their role. I recommend reading the whole piece. In it, they observe that “there’s an idea that authors and novelists have power and platforms, but there’s a key narrative being overlooked in the relationship between novelist and reader: authors depend on readers to buy our books for our livelihoods. There’s immediately a power dynamic placed between author and reader where we depend on pleasing the reader, many times to the point of our dehumanization.”
>This power dynamic isn’t inherent to the digital space. It depends on the popularity of the author, and the readers they interact with, and the communities through which they interact.
>Within the space of the YA community, however, it is almost certainly present.
>Momentary scandals that other segments of publishing would dismiss—if they even registered on their radars at all!—are taken seriously by YA professionals. There are a thousand varying examples of this. The two most popular, however, seem to be the “out-of-context quotation” and the “guilt by association.”
>In the first example, a line from a book is posted out of context and shared as a flattened reflection of a book’s worth or an author’s personal beliefs. The community expects that the line must be owned and apologized for, behaviors that validate the initial criticism of the book. Authors who don’t do this are accused of not caring or of not being involved in the conversation—even when, if read within context, the same line would firmly put the author on the same side as the readership in terms of what they believe is good.
>In the second example, somebody is criticized for problematic representation in their book. The conversation around it may start as fair and earnest, but it expands quickly, swallowing up everybody who has ever interacted with that author or that book. Other authors must have known and secretly approved of the representation, goes the logic in this example, and other editors who followed the offending author on Twitter must have seen the flaws in their work. Soon, demands for the associated figures to cut ties with the original author immediately and apologize themselves explode. If they don’t, the figures risk being cancelled themselves.

No. 1713078

Is this true? Cause Darling in the Franxx was one of the most overrated anime ever. Its literally the anime that made me give up on following any new series.

No. 1713089

Her mouth is so fucking gross, especially when she wears the red lipstick but even without. God damn.

No. 1713235


I'm not familiar with the new genre of fandoms so this was very insightful and bleak, thanks nonna. Still I find it funny she has no fanart at all. Nearly all of the drawings I see are commissions from her. Is there any type of media that doesn't have a doomed industry?

No. 1717017

File: 1670035131557.png (150.16 KB, 395x365, Screenshot 2022-12-02 16.30.08…)

>How to Make Your Dream Dress Without Stress
>give up your project like 60% of the way there because a bunch of poos-in-da-loos whine and scream about colonialism
The entire peacock dress thing ignited my rage and there is no where I can bitch about it

No. 1717069

literally who ?

No. 1717154

wait she quit making the peacock dress with all the beads? By that logic all historical fashion YT'ers would have to quit.

No. 1717463

I don't follow the historical costume community on YouTube so this is my first time hearing about the peacock dress drama and now I'm in a rabbithole. I can see both side of the issue but a lot of historic clothing from colonial countries has it's roots in colonialism and a lot of modern clothes is made by slave labour (and you could argue that that's an after effect of colonialism) so singling out that dress seems kinda… eh? Tbh this is a fascinating discussion even if it's old milk

No. 1717468

same anon but I just saw that the woman who criticized the recreation of the peacock dress has a saved playlist dedicated to Marie Antoinette recreations. How is Marie Antoinette and the French Royal families not a symbol of colonialism when the peacock dress is? Sorry for sperging about old milk but this hypocrisy slightly annoyed me

No. 1717586

File: 1670094317228.png (37.14 KB, 533x457, igotbingo.PNG)

The criticism on this project is insane. Picrel is the first link to come up when I searched her name and the dress. Outsourcing the embroidery is tonedeaf and cringe, but this kind of response is, well….
same, nonnie, same. Lost track of costube for a few years and apparently missed out on some major milk. I used to be in local historical costuming groups a decade ago and the community was chill and supportive, especially compared to now.

No. 1717619

Same anon, found a much better criticism and discussion on a reddit thread of all places. This case is such a train fire.

No. 1717868

im also just jumping into all of this and im so confused. So some Costubers went to haiti and did voluntourism shit? That's maybe one of the only valid complaints I can think of i guess. But aren't pretty much all historic fashion pieces originally made from materials gathered through colonialism?
I'm way more curious to know which agency/NPO they "volunteered" at, most of it is a scam to make tourists feel good about themselves.

No. 1718288

She meant the autism spectrum

No. 1718711

Not defending some of the craziness of all this, but we can admit a rich British woman using underpaid Indian women/children to hand bead an insane recreation of a dress that was originally made, with Indian slave labor, to celebrate British rule of India is a bit tone death. Especially when the dress is being made for charity. Generally when people make the Marie Antoinette dresses and shit they do it themselves and don't collect donations to do it. Like you can line a "problematic" dress but when people say they're using "original practices" they don't really mean this.
Plus the community is super against fast fashion because of the labor issues and harp about it constantly.

No. 1720046

Got recommended this out of nowhere and this one video is a condensation of everything wrong breadtube, its a nearly one hour vidoe essay about how chicken little(a mediocre children's film from the 2000's) is neoliberal and "breeder" propaganda, its filled with hyperbole and creating meaning out of throwaway random scenes
the review of the movie doesn't even start till 10 minutes have passed, after he's done explaining his incredibly skewed view of neoliberalism

No. 1721791

File: 1670467028786.png (193.95 KB, 636x360, CHICKEN LITTLE ALPHA.png)

Wow, this is a dogshit video. I actually tend to enjoy insipid media analysis along these lines, so long as there's some basis for what's being said, but man, this guy is super dishonest and/or fucking retarded.

The movie shows again and again and again how unfairly society treats these two characters, and this YouTuber interprets all that as the the movie saying that's how things should be. What an unbelievably retarded take.

I seriously am unsure if he actually thinks this or if he was just shitting out a video so he could get ad revenue. In some parts, he almost starts talking about the subject as if he does realize that the society in Chicken Little is being satirized, but he never explicitly states this. However, in the intro, conclusion, and title, he condemns the movie itself as having bad messaging. This video would've been tolerable if he used all the same examples but his thesis was instead "How Chicken Little Exposes The Failings of Our Neoliberal Society." In fact, I'm starting to think that something like that is what he originally had in mind, but he lazily reworked the video so that it would make better clickbait. (Maybe this is me being too generous, though, and he's actually just retarded.)

Some especially obvious satire that he seems to have missed or deliberately misinterpreted:

>gym coach divides students into two teams, "popular" and "unpopular," for a dodgeball game.

>"this is an example of how social conditioning is reinforced at a societal level. […] it's psychologically driven to teach these children that unwanted social traits are to be punished or eradicated.
Note: He never specifies that he's just commenting on the society in the movie. It's not clear from the quote, but in context, it is supposed to be supporting the idea that the movie is neoliberal propaganda.

>the town doesn't see the aliens because they all get distracted by a penny on the ground.

>"How much more obvious could the capitalist themes of this film get? Everyone in this town is so brainwashed that a goddamned penny on the ground is more important than a flying saucer!"
How much more obvious could it be that the movie is portraying the townspeople as stupid? This is not aspirational. Again, if this vid were about the satire of Chicken Little, this would be a fine example. But somehow, this is supposed to be neoliberal propaganda..?

>Ugly duck girl tells Chicken Little that he doesn't need his father's or society's validation, but nonetheless seems to wish that

>"[Beauty standard dogma] is not an isolated part of the film. It is integral to the plot. […] I just want you to know how messed up it is that this is included in the film at all!"
The point is that beauty standards are bad. At first, the Ugly Duck isn't valued because she isn't beautiful, and the movie makes it clear that she deserves more.

>chicken little and his duck gf save the day. a movie gets made where chicken little is a gigachad, the ugly duckling looks like jessica rabbit, and unmentioned fat autist pig friend is a superjock linebacker.

>"Everyone gets excited and claps as the movie version of Chicken Little saves the day. […] Chicken Little is finally celebrated and accepted for everything he did. What's the only lesson you could possibly learn from having watched this movie? 'Your life is only worth something if it is valuable to society as a whole.' Fuck this movie." [end video]
This reflects that even though society has accepted Chicken Little + friends, it still hasn't addressed any of the problems that led to them being ostracized in the first place. It's obviously trying to say that the Chicken Little society is bad. my fucking god.

It's a dogshit movie, but this criticism would be much more poignant if it was honestly engaged with. The movie's real message is that it's bad to ostracize people that are ugly, but at the same time, it constantly makes jokes at the expense of the ugly/fat/tiny(disabled-coded? lmao) people that they say should be accepted. There's also a tomboyish mean girl character that gets brain-damaged into being nice and likeable but also very feminine. Chicken Little's dad is written to be a fuckup, but is so much of one that he's completely unlikable. And it's probably because the movie does still have serious messaging failings that he decided to condemn the movie as a whole, but the movie absolutely does not endorse most the shit that he says it does.

Also, some more quotes that I found notable:

>"In a society that is collectively made up of conscious individuals, gender roles are as inherent as they are in nature. There's no alpha or omega, men are not inherently dominant and women are not inherently subservient."

I… what? This is textbook gender essentialism. If he didn't go on a random, obligatory girlcock-slurping tangent, he'd get torn apart for saying this. He goes on to explain that we don't need gender roles because we can use our conscious brains to ignore our biological disposition towards gendered behavior, revealing that he really doesn't understand the basics of feminist theory.

>"The acorn incident [where Chicken Little falsely claimed the sky was falling] was commercialized to condition the populace to discriminate against him."

No? There is never any intention ascribed to the movie having been made.

Huge sperg but jesus christ this video was awful. And I didn't touch anything besides the basic-bitch media analysis parts of it.

No. 1721799

I think this is a joke video kek. Not that funny, but still.

No. 1721855

File: 1670472634024.png (63.51 KB, 1237x536, nope.png)

It's not a joke. He makes a few jokes about how he's overanalyzing the movie, but it's just him using meta-irony to preemptively shield himself from potential criticism.

Here's some comments from people who don't think it's a joke that were also liked by the video creator.

No. 1722080

I found this https://gurugossiper.com/viewforum.php?f=885&sid=b5644a857c22b98a6eef0a738e67e3fd
and was glad I wasn't the only one having second thoughts about some 'famous' (??) costubers, the discussion over there is kinda repetitive but it's a nice place overall

No. 1722322

that's why its the perfect condensation of breadtube as a whole

No. 1726338

No discussion on the james somerton/nebula drama going on?

No. 1726626

Care to elaborate?

No. 1727058

Nah, it's fun when ppl are alreayd talking abt it.
But tl;dr, mid breadtuber wannabe james somerton after throwing shade at nebula for not replying to his emails, got confirmation he had basically been shadow banned for being annoying during a podcast with nebula ceo and lindsay ellis.
He then twitted, petty as hell, that he would start calling them out for not having exclusively queer content creators and also not featuring many poc's (he's white and gay fyi). Basically everyone on nebula is some shade of the lgbt rainbow, so said creators called him out on it, and his fanbase and another youtuber's started sending death threats to the other creator.
It's died down since then tho. Same old same old.

No. 1728480

so another case of liberal infighting

No. 1730751

Fat balding man who made a career our of over analyzing movies and called JK Rowling a fascist, claims that anyone whose against children seeing drag shows or kids being exposed to extreme sexual content is simply an extreme christian reactionary bigot
is the hill their willing to die on

No. 1733394

This is the worst breadtube video I have yet seen, to call it misinformation would be an understatement
The title of the video is "The Gay Body Image Crisis" by James Somerton, now seemingly its a video essay about gay people's body image issues, but in actuality its just bizarre venting against fit guys through ahistorical revisionism. Long post incoming. 1/2

So the main narrative presented throughout the essay is that physical fitness, exercise and bodybuilding were invented by the Nazis, based on antique statues and then bought to the US by gay soldiers, where it shaped first the gay sub culture and later became the mainstream image among the heteros. There are a few obvious problems with these statements.
Modern fitness training in the US started about a hundred years before the Nazis, In addition, the bronze era of bodybuilding, began with Sandow before the turn of the century: predating the WW2 and the Nazis, So Americans, gay or straight, hardly needed inspiration from the SS in regard to body image and exercise.
He also makes a claim that the BMI formula was specifically invited by white supremacist and used by Nazis to find an ideal solider bodytype, so again the BMI predates the Nazis and while the tables were developed after WW2, and they were based on mortality studies. The normal weight category was the one with the lowestmortality rate, not the one closest to a SS-Supersoldier

No. 1733395

The most absurd claim he makes is that he states Ernst Röhm(early member of the Nazi Party and leader of the SA the the early Nazi Party's militia) was killed because he was fat and hence didn't fit the image of the ideal man, while the party politics surrounding the so called Röhm coup are not even mentioned. Somerton leaves out the fact that one of Röhms greatest rivals, one who talked Hitler into killing him, was Hermann Göring – a man even just as fat as Röhm. Seriously, of course this was about power, not body image.

at the end of the video Somerton, based on this misleading historical narrative, try's to shame people for being into fit people because that's what "Hitler thought was perfect."
like the bodies in the clips he uses are not that uncommon in young men, that's the bodytype of most fit healthy young men that can be found in any race,
The whole bodypositivity, HEAS and fat acceptance movement was always ripe with body-shaming and open scorne of thinner people, that is nothing new. But the politicization of a certain body type, its identification with a political ideology, is. Do leftist need to gain fat in order to not cause offense in leftist spaces now?
like guess who also heavily idealized the muscular body in their propaganda,: The Soviets, as it indeed was associated with workers.

No. 1733416

Men using progressive language to try and increase their coom chances is extremley funny.

No. 1733435

>attractive people are nazis!!
Men's gymnastic-level coping at work again.

No. 1733441

How does this moid pull off sounding progressively whinier in each video he puts out? It would be impressive if it weren't so pathetic.
Also bless your US history autism, nonna. Your post was insightful and a delight to read, I'm excited to learn more about Sandow and the US's early foray into bodybuilding now!

No. 1733503

I wish I had the programming capabilities to spam his videos with this post

No. 1733522

>Invented by Nazis
He knows the Olympics originated in ancient Greece right?

No. 1733711

the length some men will go to justify being fatasses lol

No. 1733770

A lot of gay men are fat acceptance activists. People always ask, "Where are all the men in fat acceptance?" Here they are, these fat, usually effeminate, gay men who think that they are what "real" gay men look like. And of course, they are the only fat men who the libfems who rule the community will accept into their movement.

No. 1733834

why tf do these people make their videos so goddamn long, like you have no points that take up that much time ffs

No. 1733854

are you even a breadtuber if your video isn't at least 40 minutes of self-indulgence?

No. 1735206

Serious question: do breadtubers have any real power/influence outside of YT? I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like they do…

No. 1735224

File: 1672546321700.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x640, e6cdee7a7103ba15bb741ed04d0ab0…)

>at the end of the video Somerton, based on this misleading historical narrative, try's to shame people for being into fit people because that's what "Hitler thought was perfect."
its even worse then that, he references his own body there and not the preferred bodies of potential partners and says "Why do you want me to look like the type of person, that Hitler thought was perfect." he's literally saying that if you tell him to lose weight, you are literally promoting fascism

No. 1735274

I'm assuming they're referring to straight men, which is hilarious since it's already acceptable for a straight man to be a lard filled manosphere. Of course gay men, like straight women, partake in HAES because it's actually not okay for them to be obese.

No. 1735366

But at least they can play victim about their obesity and be called "inspiring" for doing so.

No. 1735409

where the hell do you get off complaining about "body fascism" or whatever when gay men probably contain the highest amount of chubby chasers of any sexuality. unreal.

No. 1735443

I can only think of Contrapoints, Hbomberguy and Xiran. MAYBE Shaun so many people keep spamming his JKR videos.

Vaush and Hasan seem to have a cult following but also get mocked more than anything

No. 1735445

I watched the first five minutes and couldn't get through it, I'm not a fan of this guys video editing style. My gay friend saw the video and said that this guy is just full of it and just upset that he can't get the muscular guy of his dreams because he's fat and I feel like he's more than likely right even though I didn't watch the full video.

It's not different than the fat activist women who complain and moan about how the world is "fatphobic" but yet these women typically don't seek out and date men who are obese.

No. 1735449

Yeah they're more than likely talking straight men for sure and it's like, why would they? Straight fat men don't tend to rag on and on about their weight or if they do, they keep it to themselves. And I find the activists funny because if fat really is attractive like a lot of these people claim, how they a lot of them seldomly date equally fat (or bigger) men?

No. 1735469

don't forget philosophy tube

No. 1739986

Lady Emily who was SarahZ’s co writer has been getting big for some time. Curious as to what drama they’ll end up in.

No. 1740009

Is that the tranny?

No. 1740076

No. 1740091

Its funny because he thinks his Youtube channel completely lost views and was fucked by the algorithm as a scheme by Big Youtube to censor progressive content, like, maybe your fans stopped watching because you went from talking about movies to talking about society to just talking about troon shit and all with a stuck up, conceited attitude?

No. 1740097

I clicked on this video because i thought the video topic could be interesting. Maybe the danger hair and the length of the video should have been the red flags to me, but i dived in and made it about 20 minutes before i felt like i was in agony. He literally hits every beat you would expect for breadtube. He clearly seems to have no points and just wanted to talk about house hunting shows because of nostalgia. I do think there is something that could be said about how privileged the people on those shows tend to be and the fantasy the shows present to us, but he keeps babbling on about white privilege blah blah blah without making any real points. This video could easily be 10 minutes had it been made by somebody who wasn't up their own arse and wanted to actually teach people something. Oh and bonus points for him talking about wishing to be on a polyamous commune, as if stinky coomers could be arsed to put their incomes together to buy some fucking land and build their crusty fuck dungeon despite theoretically having the funds to do so when you think about it.

No. 1740107

honestly I expected the same thing based on the thumbnail alone

No. 1740123

This sounds exactly like another overlong breadtube vid by a different moid. They just follow the same formula now but offer no useful or interesting insight, until the patreon/ad reads get bloated enough to switch to a biannual upload schedule. None of them are even entertaining anymore.

No. 1740153

Kidology really did a great video about this, the fact breadtubers are intellectually lazy and are unwilling to ever try to appeal to the masses

No. 1740328

I can't believe a channel with that many subscribers actually talked about the problem with shutting down the arguments against gender identity politics. Kudos to her, such a shame some people are ironically shutting her arguments by calling her transphobic, even tho she took the most neutral approach possible and otherwise has progressive views in the rest of her videos.

No. 1740901

I was just to post about this, I was honestly surprised she was willing to talk about troons and how the mainstream obsession with caping for them and now ignoring wider issues

No. 1741275

Note the majority of people just leaving comments calling her "not a real leftist" "transphobes" and "right wing op" are men

No. 1744554

another popular Hour long video about how Harry Potter and JKR promote fascism and eugenics
I swear it seems every breadtuber now needs to come out with an hour long video about how JKR is bad. Who cares that much about what she thinks? She wrote one book that it all figures in, which she was rightly criticized for, but it has nothing to do with Harry Potter which is what she is actually known for. And then somehow this triggered deep dives to search for hidden problematic messages in HP, which I'm extremely skeptical of due to the fact no one noticed or cared beforehand, about how the books are allegedly antisemitic and racist and imperialist and whatever. And adults complaining about the lack of deep philosophical questions in books intended for children. Honestly at this point the anti-HP are just as bad as the people interpreting everything through the lens of HP. No normal person should consider JKR of such vital importance to real life.

No. 1744557

Don't care going to buy 4 copies of the game and leave amazing reviews. It's the smugness of these retards that nother me, they really fucking think they are going to stop Harry Potter or JK? Nope.

No. 1744805

File: 1673728306235.jpg (42.21 KB, 390x229, large.jpg)

Most children's books are fascist. Pat the Bunny promotes the agenda that only whites deserve touch. Why is Judy White? What are their pronouns? Did the bunny consent? In this 6 hours video essay we will explore the latent Nazi propaganda found in classic children's literature.

No. 1745109

Day 954 of waiting for any male "transphobe" to get the same level of backlash and boycott as Aunty Jo.

No. 1745270

This is great. I didn't agree with everything but if more of this happens maybe this could be a turning point? Or am I too optimistic?

No. 1745535

Still not on par with this Troon's 10 Hour overanalysis(and I mean overanalysis) on why every aspect of Harry Potter promotes fascism,
sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, british imperialism, queer erasure
Its legitimately mental illness

No. 1745540

I swear these troons are a special kind of narcs where they're obsessed with hearing themselves talk and why they can make 10 hr+ long videos just talking to a camera.

No. 1745566

YouTuber Quinn Curio did a video on Harry Potter about Rowling’s supposed failures while writing the Slytherin house. Not sure if anyone’s seen it, I like her other essays a lot personally.

No. 1745568

Holy shit, it's literally 10 hours. This should be illegal.

No. 1745569

On the topic of Breadtube creators, I finally got sick of Big Joel. Something about that guy rubs me the wrong way. He’s like the leftist male version of a pick me girl. I don’t think he’s like a sex pest or anything but the guy comes off like a massive weasel. Also not a fan of Shaun, Jen was pretty cool though and it’s a shame she left.

No. 1745572

Im surprised there hasn’t been an anti-breadtube type of youtube circle.

No. 1745584

He made a video trying to moralise 10+ men abandoning an entire classroom full of women to the hands of a mass murderer when they could’ve just tackled him down. He legit said “the worst thing about a man killing brilliant young women because he hates women is that men might have their feelings hurt.”
He will face the wall after a revolution that’s for sure

No. 1745768

No he didn't. He made his usual pretentious liberal arts overanalysis that took a twitter thread way too seriously as per usual, and his take was almost as bad as the tweets, but it was the twitter thread moralising about the Ecole Polytechnique shooting while misrepresenting what actually happened and he never "legit said" that.
>He will face the wall after a revolution that’s for sure
Go back.

No. 1745844

The only male breadtube creators I liked were guys like Micheal Brooks Edwards before he died, Three Arrows, and Kraut. The latter two largely focus on history and geopolitics and the former was decent on policy stuff and connecting with people on a personable level. The rest are either Big Joel or Shaun types who get high on huffing their own farts or weirdos like Vaush.

No. 1745845

I feel like there is a sort of misogyny that underscores the current TRA movement. It feels like a bunch of white trans women who used to be men realized they could hijack social justice and use it as a vehicle to place themselves at the top of the pyramid. I certainly don’t want to see any actual trans people get hurt but it’s so obnoxious watching trans issues practically suck all the oxygen out of the room. All this effort dedicated to like less than 0.01% of the world population.

No. 1745860

lrn2integrate, newfag

No. 1745884

He's a pretentious, amoral, faggot so I'm not surprised.

No. 1745900

It's because you're right, it's just mens rights 2.0, they have managed to shutdown and harass female only services and spaces making them unsafe for women because it's a way for women to escape the harassment of men and work on making women independent from men, which isn't what incels want, so they transition to force their way among women. It's why 4chans lgbt board is majority transgender posters, the incels transition. Though, as others have said, please learn to integrate if you plan to post here.

No. 1746021

As in Kraut and Tea? Is he breadtube now?

No. 1746058

No this guy, a very boring gemran youtuber(who I use as background noise), who uploads like once every 2 months and his video's are along the lines of 3 hour lectures about the lasting influences of Spanish colonialism in Mexico and how those influences set it apart from English colonial rule

No. 1746090

Jack Saint was also good before he had his weird mental breakdown, became nb and now appears to have grown to hate women like the rest of his ilk. His troon wife definitely influenced him as well in that regard and now they often team up to dish out the worst takes imaginable

No. 1746094

I've always wondered why such a detailed focus on that. Did he do his thesis on Spain and Mexico?

No. 1746109

is he married to a TIM or TIF/nb ?

No. 1746113

File: 1673884273003.jpg (223.79 KB, 1024x948, 1571669703353.jpg)

There's an Orwell passage that's too perfect not to share regarding breadtube

>The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting.

>To this you have got to add the ugly fact that most middle-class Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige. I remember my sensations of horror on first attending an I.L.P. branch meeting in London. (It might have been rather different in the North, where the bourgeoisie are less thickly scattered.) Are these mingy little beasts, I thought, the champions of the working class? For every person there, male and female, bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real working man, a miner dirty from the pit, for instance, had suddenly walked into their midst, they would have been embarrassed, angry, and disgusted; some, I should think, would have fled holding their noses.

No. 1746354

That's the same guy. https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Kraut
Used to stream with Sargon and those types, but had drama. Interesting if he's been pipelined to breadtube. The more extreme the conversion, the more suss they are to me.

No. 1747965

he isn't full breadtube though, he still seems to have some foot in reality, such as his debate with vaush regarding integrating Muslims with in Europe and pointing out the theological problems with Islam

No. 1748117

I watched the video for a couple hours in the background whilst I was playing video games and the majority of what he complained about were things the plot actively acknowledges are morally wrong or bad, like how Harry Potter was abused as a child by the Dursleys and how Hagrid is an incompetent teacher (which the movies admittedly gloss over a bit but it's brought up relentlessly in the books).

Harry Potter certainly has actual flaws, but this video is pretty much saying you can't depict any negativity in media ever lest you influence someone. It's very pearl-clutchy, which is ironically what they always accuse us of.

I actually like this video. I think it's worth saying that Slytherin continuing to exist without any meaningful change after Voldemort's death probably isn't ideal. It's like how people still supported Hitler after he died - people's opinions don't just magically change overnight. I know it's just a kids/YA novel but it's just food for thought.

Yup. I don't mind some of his videos and he has a decent take every so often but I find him so insufferable, especially on his Little Joel channel where he freaks the fuck out over every little thing.

Also Jen did a majority of Shaun's writing and research. That's why Shaun makes a video once every 6 months to a year now.

No. 1748136

>Also Jen did a majority of Shaun's writing and research. That's why Shaun makes a video once every 6 months to a year now.
Ah, is that why he also got more and more boring the longer after she left?
I'd love it if we found out Jen was a secret terf who left to get away from the tranny simping

No. 1748739

>still using a narrative that was discredited 30 years ago by historians in the US
Most Mexican historians both north and south of the border agree it wasn't Spanish colonialism that doomed Mexico but that the retarded insurgents essentially destroyed the world's greatest silver economy. This made Mexico have a shit economy until Porfirio Diaz and by that point, it was too late. This fucktard is clearly using Wikipedia when he should read something by Tutino, Van Young, Jaime Rodríguez, Fowler, or Breña.

No. 1748761

actually he only covers Mexican history to the 18th century in that particular video, he discuses 19th and 20th century history in two separate videos, in those he mentions the various parties involved which fucked up Mexico instead of blaming it one person of nebulous force
he puts his sources in the bottom

No. 1748779

I watch his videos regularly and he does make mistakes or hides key details (he likes to bring Haiti's oppression often but never talks of their genocides of whites and dominicans) but ya know, no history channel will ever be perfect. His autism for "history never repeats itself" is so bizarre though

No. 1748784

>history never repeats itself
What is that fag talking about history consistently repeats itself especially because we never learn from it?

No. 1749041

File: 1674241577609.png (542.83 KB, 1596x706, 01.png)

It's not really that difficult to be intellectually and morally superior then Vaush

No. 1749043

File: 1674241690169.webm (611.82 KB, 480x270, V1.webm)

No. 1749044

File: 1674241809704.webm (5.84 MB, 1920x1080, V2.webm)

No. 1749045

File: 1674241900947.webm (7.18 MB, 640x360, V3.webm)

No. 1749046

File: 1674241989718.webm (4.05 MB, 640x296, Vaushite.webm)

last but certainly not least

No. 1749368

I sincerely hope this dude gets outed as a groomer and pedophile one day, leading him to get deplatformed or even arrested. Sick of seeing this autistic pig being the face of leftism.

No. 1749401

This argument is so weird to me. It's the "no ethical consumption under capitalism" one. But I almost guarantee he's reprimanding people for buying the new Harry Potter game whilst he apparently believes this.

It's not comparable, because if you purchase CP you are directly dealing with someone who is responsible for hosting and distributing that material. If you buy parts for a computer or clothes that were made in a sweatshop, there are tons of middle men who are not complicit in, have no control over or may not even be aware of the abuse of children via slave labour, who just need a job because, you know, we live in a capitalist society and someone has to fulfill those roles. People should buy ethically sourced products when possible though, but that's just not a realistic ask for everything.

No. 1749491

and of course two ugly black moids, 1 black troon and one token enby pick-me, call her a race traitor a TERF and a Fascist

No. 1749530

I kinda like this chick, if only bc her videos make so many moids seethe

No. 1749534

the enby or kidolgy

No. 1749643

>It's not comparable, because if you purchase CP you are directly dealing with someone who is responsible for hosting and distributing that material. If you buy parts for a computer or clothes that were made in a sweatshop, there are tons of middle men who are not complicit in, have no control over or may not even be aware of the abuse of children via slave labour, who just need a job because, you know, we live in a capitalist society and someone has to fulfill those roles. People should buy ethically sourced products when possible though, but that's just not a realistic ask for everything.
Well said. I wish I could have said this to my ex moid friend who was defending this retard. His fans actually think what he said is reasonable.

No. 1749825

I definitely can be hard on her for her content on incel shit, but i am glad she called these people out.

I absolutely detest the moid in the thumbnail. 90% of his videos is just pity parties for black moids and it's so fucking annoying and pathetic.

No. 1749849

Wait this chick counts as a breadtuber? I knew she was left leaning but I haven't seen any Vaush/Big Joel tier takes (I could be wrong I don't watch her content).

No. 1749854

Holy fuck this is actually good. I didn’t finish the video but I didn’t expect to get hooked on. She comes off as empathetic and actually knowledgeable instead of just regurgitating twitter/tiktok/tumblr takes

No. 1749919

I don't understand why they have such an issue with appealing to the majority! its basic politics

No. 1749969

I think she’s a secret TERF deep down, I’m glad she’s taking a public open minded stance to radfem women though so other women might be more willing to consider our opinions

No. 1749982

At 16:00:
>gender critical feminism or gender realism, like that's… so many people have already taken that apart, that we're kind of to the point where that's not an ideology that we debate with…
>it's either just fascism or it's right next to fascism. If you just look at who the people who espouse this ideology associate with it gives you clues about what the ideology actually is
Translation: the brains trust has already looked down through their telescopes from their ivory towers, already checked it all out and based on who agrees with certain ideas, they can vouch for the fact it's all just fascism and it's wrong. There's no other reason for why fascists would use this as a wedge issue, there's no need to explain it to normies, no perspectives worth consideration on their own terms. The debate is over because the intelligentsia say so and we should just let the vanguard take over and drive.

>If you can't get with pronouns in 2023, that's transphobic. Like we won that one… we won that one, right?
>Right, and like the insinuation that like that's something we have to go back and fight for every time is like kind of the annoying or like frustrating thing is. I feel like a lot of this type of moderate talk is like you need to meet people where they're at and I'm like I think we're, the standard of where we're at has gone to a point where I can't fight you with on pronouns anymore.
So fucking out of touch. This is exactly what kidology's video was about. If people don't understand then the standard is not there, because the standard is normative, not prescribed from on high.

>…at this point we've gone to all the other tools, if we gotta use social shame to do it, let's talk about that

… what other tools? It's been social shame from the beginning. That's why they can't answer simple questions.

No. 1749999

File: 1674365391816.jpeg (26.96 KB, 739x415, 1293843927272934.jpeg)

>gender critical feminism or gender realism, like that's… so many people have already taken that apart, that we're kind of to the point where that's not an ideology that we debate with…
Reality is fascism and I'm safe in my safe space

No. 1750002

I always enjoyed Thought Slime, he seems to have gone a bit enby though

No. 1750134

Thought Slime trooned out and wants to be called Mildred now. Presumably because he wants to LARP as the horror movie obsessed goth gf in winged eyeliner that he never got to have, due to being a buck-toothed softboy blob of a man.

No. 1750146

This idea that gender critical women by-and-large are in bed with conservatives or people even further right than that is just ludicrous. The gender critical movement is incredibly diverse, more so than any socio-political movement I've ever seen. Magdalen Berns was a socialist for fucks sake.

There's constant arguments on Ovarit/Twitter/etc places where radfems gather whether or not it's beneficial to give these Conservative types an inch because they actually have systemic power and they ultimately agree with us on the trans issue, although for almost entirely different reasons. I personally disagree with doing so because it should be women talking about these issues, women being platformed, etc, and I think JK Rowling has realistically done far more work for our cause of peaking women in specific than someone like Matt Walsh who is just hijacking our ideas and misunderstanding them (because he still fundamentally believes in gender roles).

No. 1750274

File: 1674414190040.jpg (220.31 KB, 926x538, 1674347901558433.jpg)

No. 1750293

is that anthony fagtano aka keffals/troon lover?

No. 1750312

No. 1750315

god i hate fantano. didnt he get divorced last year lmao

No. 1750319

i hate both of these snotty little simps so much. their fanbases think they're so countercultural and that they have such smart things to say and both of them have absolute garbage opinions. zero challenge to any status quo. puka shell necklace faggots.

No. 1750325

So much women hate in one photo. I hate these two guys, they absolutely loathe women while pretending to be progressive.

No. 1750326

Men use progressivism ultimately to uphold male benefiting ideas, which is why they try and cope that being GC at all is right wing, because it highlights men aren't progressive, but only care about using progressivism to pander to male desires. Men pretended to be progressive to get womens attention and women not being about every dumbass idea men try and pretend is progressive makes them panic and chimpout over the fact that this pretending to be progressive strategy might not always work.

No. 1750332

File: 1674420432859.jpg (48.45 KB, 640x637, FmrV7itX0AcjGig.jpg)

>their fanbases think they're so countercultural and that they have such smart things to say and both of them have absolute garbage opinions
>zero challenge to any status quo. puka shell necklace faggots.
basically picrel

No. 1750358

Me too anon, me too. Hating moist critical and fantano are both my guilty pleasures.

No. 1750432

At this point I preserve conservative men. They look way better too

No. 1750462

I don't think she is a breadtuber at all, she was only posted because she makes them seethe by being centralist and calling them out. I am sure a lot of them would be deeply triggered by the transracialism stuff too even though all of it is based on her lived experience. Honestly, everything about her completely goes against breadtube.

No. 1750512

I definitely misinterpreted. And agreed, breadtubers, particularly the males are always the first to shit on the lived experiences of black women. Idk if this has been posted but that retarded argument between Noah and Patience is a prime example. It's a bit long, but the gist is
>White saviour moid tries to speak on behalf of minorities while disingenuously shutting down member of said minority

No. 1750519

You’re a fucking idiot then, conservative men are pure cancer

No. 1750562

Nta but to play devil's advocate, conservative men are terrible but at least they're honest about it and they'll tell you exactly what they think of us. Breadtube/leftist types will cloak their misogyny in 5 layers of irony or hide it behind other beliefs such as trans ideology, and that somehow makes it okay to their audiences.

That being said we should just start holding all men accountable for being misogynistic regardless of their political leanings. It's just that as women, we often don't have the political or social power to do so.

No. 1750587

no offense anon but these days gc women don't hold much if any power on their own. You will need an ally to get anything done, either on the left or the right.

No. 1750802

Except conservative men say a lot of shit they don't actually believe in, let alone live by, and are grifters like the rest.

No. 1750803

File: 1674502226317.jpg (770.39 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20230124-062835_You…)

Which one of you skinny legends posted the tweet that made Big Joel big mad enough to make a vid about it on his 2nd channel? My sides.

No. 1750818

No. 1750823

leftist men are rapist porn addicted johns

all men are terrible across the spectrum

No. 1750827

he’s so fucking pathetic

No. 1750838

File: 1674506539253.jpeg (156.5 KB, 512x512, C66358CF-EAE2-4168-BD1D-DFBB04…)

Every time i see this man, he looks more like picrel

No. 1750857

Yeah. I don't get it. A couple years ago he was ugly but like… Normal ugly, if that makes sense Now he looks like a sewer rat. I was about to say that men get used to not having to take care of their appearance and then that eventually catches up to them when they hit their 30s, then I realised, nevermind, apparently Joel is only 27. Holy shit.

His hairline is super receding too. If it was me I'd just shave it off at this point.

No. 1750962

>They look way better to
I sincerely hope your taking the piss

No. 1751000

And? I never claimed leftist men were any better, but I’m also not the one caping for conservative men and claiming they “look way better” (fucking kek, yeah right)

No. 1751003

Clearly politically indifferent men are the only acceptable choice until we can create a sustainable lesbian utopia kek

No. 1751052

Apolitical men suck too, sorry nonna. Let’s stop pretending any group of moids is less misogynistic, it’s all cope.

No. 1751743

File: 1674611996323.png (64.23 KB, 648x477, bsnsnmn.png)

The absolute state of pick-me's

No. 1753469

If you need more proof that Vaush is likely a pedophile/degenerate

No. 1753642

He's so mad.

No. 1753739

The book IRON WIDOW by Xiran Jay Zhao is going to be adapted into a film by Picturestart!!


No. 1754914

Philosophy Troon's new play looks so fucking hilarious, so many trannies.

No. 1754982

I notice he gets to kiss the one cis woman in the cast. I wonder how he knew which one that was? Hmm…

No. 1755099

As soon as I watched this I was like… Wait, this is just Shakespeare, right? It's just a Henry IV, but meta and filled with troons?

No. 1755439

File: 1674972737525.png (60.19 KB, 636x625, joke.png)

Yes, here is an excerpt from the script.

No. 1755448

No. 1755499

They're always hypocritical narcissists. Lesbians need to unlearn their transphobic preferences but transbians are allowed to not date other transbians who are "totally not different at all to cis lesbians" because dysphoria can be triggering. Somehow we are suppose to pretend this is not about letting their dicks have what they want.
Is he actually retarded and has no understanding of language at all? Other languages also have honorific pronouns and their usage is nothing compared to gendies asserting what pronouns people have to use to validate their delusions but of course he has to make everything about himself. The absolute narcissism in expecting people to laugh or else they're wrong when the "joke" just exposes that he's a dumbass troon who doesn't know what he's talking about.

No. 1755659

There's no observable difference between cis women and trans women, yet for thousands of years men somehow magically and conveniently just KNEW which half of the population to deny the vote to, deny education to, force into marriage, force to have their children…

No. 1756612

File: 1675099981376.jpeg (52 KB, 1080x435, play it straight.jpeg)

>It's just a Henry IV, but meta and filled with troons?

No. 1757018

Imagine trading in all the other parts of your personality so that just one thing about you becomes the only thing, everything about you is just that one thing and everything you do is about that thing and you constantly find ways to relate everything around you back to yourself and that one thing. And it's not something unique about you either, it's a trend you jumped on after dating someone else in it. Even the autist in me thinks that sounds like a super boring narcissistic hell.

No. 1760261

That fat faggot James Somerton that thinks being fit is akin to Nazism just drop a new banger. It's about his outrage of underage weeb fangirls outing faggots on Netflix shows.

No. 1760551

No. 1762266

this is beyond parody at this point, how is this video even real? who the fuck make an hour long video on why Paw Patrol is copaganda

No. 1762569

indoctrination starts young

No. 1765702

I’m happy to see newfags it means more women are waking up

No. 1765705

Don’t forget the horse comments.

No. 1768842

Why is Big Joel so cringe?

No. 1773662

File: 1677031516835.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, choobing_harder_than_ever.webm)

Unironic "I'd fuck me."

No. 1773687

File: 1677033038294.webm (376.85 KB, 192x341, output8.webm)

And for shits and giggles, I made a compressed version that's a mere 376 kb. Hopefully lolcow's dying servers would only take 20 seconds to load this.

No. 1773730

He's balding

No. 1773734

also when did his chin become so sharp??

No. 1773762

Holy fuck I stopped following the PT thread a few months back…. has his narcissism increased tenfold in that time or was he always this awful?

Also imagine going back in time and showing college-aged PT that clip kek

No. 1773860

you should sage. I don’t really think he’s that cringe, especially compared to others.

No. 1774026

File: 1677051324009.jpg (999.13 KB, 1587x2094, tube recap.jpg)

He's been really brazen with the AGP shit, but otherwise, he just does and says things that are extremely narcissistic in a very mundane way, like always.
Boring "milk":

>Alice (the white hijabi larper dude that he does the KJB podcast with) seems to be getting fed up with Philosophytube. Even he can't stand this guy.

>PhilosophyTube tried to badger some person who holds the intellectual rights to some book into allowing him to make a movie of the it. Was shut down hard.

>His play was bad, but he got his online audience to vote for him for all the community choice awards anyways. Somehow felt validated when he won.

>His great-great-grandfather or something was a literal colonizer.

No. 1774045

reminds me of this

No. 1774048

cp bump

No. 1774350

I posted that 7 days ago and you only just call it out now? No, I personally think Big Joel sperging out because people think his hair is gross is super cringe, way cringer than some other stuff that gets posted here unsaged.

No. 1775269

Man gets called a trans man, makes a 16-minute video about it, somehow brings up black women and Frankenstein.

No. 1775273

Men are legitimately terrible at discerning sex. All the conservatives jumping on the anti-trans train frequently humiliate themselves this exact way.

No. 1775384

wait where is the new post-leftcows thread

No. 1775437

I don’t think anyone made one, I would but I don’t know how

No. 1775789

Was recommended this lately. Thought I was clicking on a lighthearted vid about how wacky transvestigators sound. I wish. Comment section was full of trans people bragging about how strangers can't tell which direction they're transitioning in… congrats?

No. 1775856

NTA but stop WK-ing.Big Joel was featured in a meme about how leftist men are ugly and he couldnt resist making a refutal video about why the meme is problematic. Thats peak cringe behaviour.

No. 1785174

File: 1678308866724.png (1.35 MB, 1413x1080, Screenshot_20230308-124627.png)

I'm sad that Princess Weekes (formerly Melina Pendulum) looks so bad these days, she went poly and has been progressively gaining weight and making herself look worse with 'wacky themed makeup.' In her last couple videos her boobs are hanging out and you can clearly see her bra holding on for dear life when she wiggles. Her
background/room is also a cluttered mess. I keep thinking what's next for her Twitter identity/lifestyle bingo card?

No. 1785208

she was honestly so pretty, also its depressing she got stuck in a polycuck relationship, how ugly and fat are the others she's with

No. 1785212

File: 1678312227475.png (348.85 KB, 482x456, AnAbsoluteUnit.PNG)

how does he look more masc than before all his surgeries? i nigh pissed myself when i saw this

No. 1785262

Late but it's true. Never met a self identified make feminist/hard leftist who's attractive. Vaush brings down the average by himself exponentially. obviously same goes for rightwing provocators like Ben Shapiro

No. 1785296

Such a confused unga bunga. His nose is botched.

No. 1785298

File: 1678322276514.jpg (65.98 KB, 799x798, pweekes-bigsmile.jpg)

No idea who is in her polycule, but she looked like this during 2020

No. 1785306

holy jeffree star phenotype

No. 1785310

the natural and inevitable outcome of polyamory.

No. 1785329

>i'm so hot i'd fuck myself
holy shit the agp

No. 1785581

File: 1678381048918.png (131.6 KB, 648x527, 56 gb2.png)

and of course the fat bastard would shit talk Alice Walker of all people for supporting JK Rowling and claiming she was never a real feminist

No. 1785590

Does anyone remember when Xiran Jay Zhao used JK Rowling's name to blame the death of a "long friend she forgot about it until it was very late"? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 1785614

holy shit how does he look even more masculine than before he trooned out? that's hilarious. his narcissism is out of control though.

No. 1785780

I can't place my finger on it..but I lowkey think he dislikes black women as a whole deep down. Just hiding it behind the false intellectualism

No. 1785800

is his wife black?

No. 1785875

Kek looks like she is! Talking out of my ass lol(sage your shit)

No. 1786047

I haven't seen her, do you have a screenshot? guys like him typically do not marry black women so I'm surprised

No. 1786049

she doesn't look much different. just gained some weight. she still has a pretty face, not the end of the world

No. 1786120

I assume all left leaning people do, considering the sick way they like to bring up black women for all their tranny arguements

No. 1787532

She said she gained weight cus of mental health meds, i dont think it's fair to shit on her for that.

No. 1789901

File: 1679009836750.png (75.01 KB, 660x642, pt.png)

this is so funny because I just know he is only taking this stance because there is evidence of him saying he has never experienced gender dysphoria before in one of his pre-trans videos. and because he always has the most retarded take on everything.

No. 1790036

I remember that video too. He claimed he autoandrophillia too lmao. That’s why when he trooned out I was taken by surprise because he was so insistent on how much he loved being a man. I hope his retard fans put two and two together and realized he trooned for money and power and because he molested hontra

No. 1790402

The video itself is new, I think it's ok to post it?

No. 1792617

Contra appeared on the witch trials of JK Rowling. I don’t want to listen to the whole things, does anyone have highlights of their conversation? Contra was complaining about how awful and cruel the interview process supposedly was.

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