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No. 1506105

Are you, like, stupid or something?

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1489133

No. 1506145

yes, yes i am. is it possible to be so bad at texting that a scrote only replies 2 months later, something about having forgotten you?

No. 1506149

No that's on the scrote for seeing your text and not responding when he saw it. The only other option would be to seemingly spam someone who isn't answering and that comes off as somehow "rude" but he's the ass that didn't respond

No. 1506164

Is there a purpose to wanting a nice house, new car, designer clothes, etc, beyond impressing other people?
I'm poor but I really can't imagine myself indulging in those things if I suddenly had more money. I don't have any friends and spend most of my time at home. I work from home too. Why have a luxury car only to be driving to the post office or something with it?

No. 1506172

nonnies can someone help me please!! if i am from a country where troonphobia is not taken seriously and i VIRTUALLY harass a american troon guy. Can this have any legal repercussions? Can the troon do something against me legally even if i am from a extremely troon hating country?

No. 1506182

i don't think so? if you're not in the same country i dont think theres much they can do, except depending on whichever platform youre using he could obviously report you and you might get banned or something

No. 1506189

Don't tell me you harassed this troon on a platform that shows your full legal name.
The answer is most likely no, but knowing how insane troons are with cancel culture this will probably bite you back in the ass in the future.

No. 1506195

I highly doubt it especially if you're from some eastern block country or place that is actively against troons. Sure troons are spiteful, but their tactics only work in countries that that adhere to their bullshit. In 10 years when your country catches up to the cancer the tranny will probably already be dead. I wouldn't recommend making a habit of it though for your own convenience online.

No. 1506198

thank you so much nonnies! I feel kinda relieved now
the account does not have my legal name, it is private, but it has my email which I use for various other things (i was stupid i know). since i dont want to be international internet famous i dont think this will get me on the future i hope. i was just afraid because i dont really know american virtual laws and dont want to get a foreigner lawsuit (if this is even possible).

No. 1506337

Why is my friend saying that libras are annoying? Are libras annoying? T.Libra.

No. 1506351

You're okay libra nonna, every sign is annoying in its own special way

No. 1506395

Nonkies, those with (erosive) gastritis, could depression be an underlying cause? My symptoms started a few months ago after a period of high stress, but they didn't go away despite my being on a diet this whole time and taking meds. I can't really afford a private doctor now, and I don't really trust the state hospital doctor I visited last time. I don't suffer from anything severe but, still, there's this constant discomfort and shit, something's wrong and it doesn't change, it's freaking annoying. Would it help if I did something about my depression as well?

Only male libras are insufferable. At least from my ginormous sample consisting of three people.

No. 1506412

Am I still allowed to make fun of furries online or are they some protected group now, too?

No. 1506444

NTA but tell me about those Libra men you dated? Asking for a friend.

No. 1506488

>want to write a isekai story about a privileged woman suddenly dealing with being a goblin in a fantasy world where other goblins are practically animals so she lives with humans basically as the fun oddity of the royal family
>instinct tells me I'll attract a troon audience self-inserting as her
>said troon audience will get mad when she never goes through an ugly-duck-beautiful-swan transformation
>she just dies being know as that one goblin that wanted to be a human
>so I don't want to actually do anything with the story out of preconceived fear of persecution
Am I just overthinking it? Should I ignore the rabble and start posting my writings?

No. 1506493

You're overthinking it, nobody will probably mind and troons won't be into it because it's written by a woman and not by another moid of their cult. Of course, you could get some shit thrown at you if you talk shit about trannies, but if you ignore them and never say anything about any politics, you will be fine.

No. 1506494

I'm sure you could write it in a way that will still make troons seethe. It's not because the premise makes the story seem troon friendly on the surface that it will necessarily be the case once you actually write it. And given TRAs reading comprehension skills being abmyssally low, you shouldn't limit yourself based on their potential reactions. I mean, some of the managed to think that Ranma 1/2 is about Ranma being an egg even though he hates transforming into a woman and spends the entire series trying to find a way to remove the curse.

No. 1506501

File: 1677090964694.jpeg (111.78 KB, 1280x720, d9138456cb3c5361730201efcda347…)

someone in the Coconutkitty/Tate Brothers thread said that Andrew Tate has the "worst features of every race" and I don't understand what they meant by that? like he's an ugly guy but how does he have the worst features of every race, like what does that even mean ?

No. 1506503

I had really bad gastritis and gerd before I treated my anxiety and panic disorder so you could be right. My symptoms largle went away when I started therapy and taking ssris

No. 1506506

I think it's in reference to the fact that he is biracial.

No. 1506539

I'm only half-serious but there's just really a lot of coincidences among those that I know and judging from other people's stories, so
The problem with Libra men is that they value ~harmony~ (i.e. their inner peace) so much they simply avoid conflict, topics they find unpleasant, YOUR negative emotions, and so on. It may lead to them being straight-up manipulative and lying, just so that you won't get mad, and they won't have to face consequences (that's why they might also ghost you if they can). They want other people to like them too much (they care about it more than they care about you and what you think). They also might be indecisive and change their mind unexpectedly. They might be too freaking sensitive. They're typical fence-sitters which can be really annoying. That's all that I've managed to recall so far.

Thanks for reply, anon! I think I'll go back to my ssris, too, and start therapy when I have money. It makes so much sense actually. I remember there were times when I went to school (especially primary) when my stomach started to hurt right before I should've been going, but back then everyone thought it was because of breakfast. I just really hated school haha, but I didn't fake it though

No. 1506541

Eh, it's possible that he's just an asshole but I've been the person not responding to a text for 2 months many times, and it's genuinely because I forget about these things or get anxious about it. It's never the other persons fault.

No. 1506573

Are Brazilians considered black/what percentage of Brazilians are black? “Blah blah Brazilian is a nationality” but you know what I mean pls I really need to know

No. 1506590

you're truly in the right thread for this one

No. 1506594

What do you consider an ok amount of images to post in an /m/ thread in one day? What's too much? or is there no such thing as too much as long as it's on-topic for the thread? I'm talking about image dumping with little or no text posting in a single thread not multiple threads.

No. 1506595

No but seriously though. I need to know because someone Brazilian checked that he is latino which of course, but also marked white as race on his paper but he had 4a hair and Afro textured beard and some other traits that are common with black people. No one here would consider him white.

No. 1506602

Brazil has a census like many countries and it includes racial demographics. You can find the results of the 2010 census on wikipedia.
ok wait, why do you need to know what race he is?? what kind of form is he checking this off on? 4a hair doesn't mean anything. also where is "here"? because in some places anyone with ancestry south of the Alps and east of Moscow wouldn't be considered white so that doesn't mean much either lol

No. 1506605

File: 1677099695523.jpg (32.1 KB, 679x610, 716eYO V2RL._AC_UX679_.jpg)

I have a 24" waist and 41" hips so pants are my enemy. Unfortunately I got a new job where I can't just wear long dresses and skirts, so now I need a simple pair of black pants. I don't own any pants. I have dedicated entire days of my life to trying on jeans and various trousers at different stores and have never fit into any. I can pretty much only wear pants that are stretchy and elastic (and even then, there is usually a large gap in the back at the waist.)

Can I just wear a pair of yoga pants? Bootcut so they look like regular pants and non shiny of course. I'm thinking because I'm going to behind a counter it shouldn't matter too much, but I am worried about the coochie being hugged too much by the fabric. Any other ideas for getting a pair of pants with my figures and additionally- have you ever gotten pants successfully tailored?

No. 1506607

Brazilians are mostly mixed.
News usually reports 'black and brown' are 56% of the brazilian population but some different news report about 47% as brown (basically mixed) and 9% as black. Guess you can safely say most Brazilians are black based on the knowledge that the mix is almost always black/white and most brazilians (depending where you are) have that typical "mixed look".
Race is kinda complicated in Brazil and many people just don't tend to consider themselves black especially if they have light skin.

No. 1506608

I don’t need to know I was being hyperbolic I am just confused and curious. Thanks for the info about the census I guess

No. 1506609

I'm like a 25waist 36hip and in the same boat anon. One place I work wants us to wear slacks but the pants either fall off at the waist or strangle my hip. I gave up and wear slightly oversized pants for comfort. I don't see anything wrong with straight black yoga pants but of course my retarded power tripping boss sees it as "unprofessional" as if very tight pants or pants slightly falling is any better.

No. 1506622

Choose the pants that fit your hips and adjust the waist at the atelier or use a belt.

No. 1506625

File: 1677100791852.png (262.08 KB, 588x349, 1638110361428.png)

is it possible for someone to have a chronic blood flow/nerve issue and for it to cause consistent fatigue or something? I grew up morbidly obese and sedentary - I'm now fit and skinny - and I'm not sure if it made my body adapt in a bad way. I had one day in my entire life I had a good sleep and the dark circles I had since I was little was completely gone, I felt so alive, I was able to talk properly, I flew out of bed, etc. The only time I felt like that was otherwise when I was violently ill and a nurse gave me some drugs, kek.
Otherwise I always wake up feeling extremely lethargic and dizzy, caffeine has 0 effect, I feel like shit the entire day, being out 30 minutes makes me feel much worse and I feel completely ill and wired when I get back home like my body is a prison. Going outside felt energizing on that one good day.

I doubt I have sleep apnea (I don't snore, I do have asthma though). I have had a lot of basic things tested and I mostly have minor issues. I can't really get referrals to specialists. So, I'm on my own and it fuckin sucks.

No. 1506628

see this is what gets me, I'm always kinda shocked there's actual official forms that ask stuff like that so I guess it would make sense you would wanna know because you're from somewhere where that's an actual question lol sorry for being snippy

No. 1506629

also inb4 "you're just a lazy fuck"–honestly, yes. I can work on the computer for 6 hours straight and still feel quite a bit better than when I do after I spent a few minutes going to the park and lounging there. No I don't do that often, but it's like my body hates the slightest bit of activity.

No. 1506631

have you ever had your thyroid checked?

No. 1506636

yeah, all the women in my family have diagnosed thyroid issues including my mom but I already had it checked probably 5 times over the past years, nothing has ever been off, and I fear that might be a hypochondriac now. I also failed to get a referral to a hormone doctor even if I have most symptoms of PCOS. so that's pretty much off the table.

No. 1506638

Worrying about how certain people might engage with your work is like worrying about how your relatives will act if you win the lottery. If you actually get enough of an audience for this to happen, you probably won't care. I'm speaking as someone who is fully resigned to one day seeing my male OCs being drawn with mastectomy scars and pronoun pins.

No. 1506639

I've had luck with some extremely wide-leg dress trousers fitting my waist and comfortably fitting my hips but I only have a ten inch difference between my waist and hip. paper-bag high-waist pants can also be a hack for big hip / small waist, you'll just fill them out instead of having all that extra bagginess.

No. 1506645

File: 1677102489542.jpg (66.02 KB, 736x736, e7cedbe859685e88f9c11bc13289e6…)

Does one's body burns more calories when its sick?

No. 1506648

Tysm anon, this was very helpful!

No. 1506659

Your base metabolic rate goes up yeah

No. 1506814

Aha, thanks. I appreciate your perspective, nonnie.

No. 1507198

reposting from the last thread

for anyone who uses Canva or landing.space, how do you make sure your projects and designs stay 100% private?

No. 1507211

File: 1677169424813.jpg (120.37 KB, 695x1049, typography fail.jpg)


No. 1507219

when did American culture get so obesseded with but sizes? like I know it was a thing in rap music but it seems like out of nowhere in the 2010's it just became the standard and then it slowly spread to the other western nations and now transferring to even MENA countries, so its a phenomena I'm seeing IRL
also men obesseded with butt sizes tend to be the most commerish of all moids

No. 1507222

I remember when stores like bershka started selling push-up jeans for women (they did not work, at all).

No. 1507231

America has more people with naturally large butts than most other western countries; America also has more fat people than most countries; America also has a large population of thin flat-assed people who can be sold an unattainable ideal of being thin with a huge ass (similar to the ideal of being extremely thin with gigantic boobs, which also pretty much universally requires plastic surgery)
I think all of these things together successfully combine a preexisting subcultural/experiential preference towards or appreciation of a round ass, with the capitalist draw of promoting an unattainable body type to those who don't also have it. You're right that rap/hiphop was part of it, and those genres are really important among American celebrities and celebrity culture. Kim K also mirrored those things and was very popular so she helped increase the public focus on big asses.

No. 1507237

Is it ridiculous to break up with someone if they show up to see you reeking of BO, say that they forgot to put on deodorant, but then say that they didn’t think it was bad and that you wouldn’t notice. I had this happen once and it seriously made me cringe but idk if it’s a legitimate enough reason to say see ya and send a guy on his way. Ew.

No. 1507240

Scrotes are gross so it honestly will happen at least once where they stink so bad and none of them can smell it.

No. 1507256

there's just something really gay about moid's obession with butts that I can't place my finger on, like a couple weeks back I watched a short video in my recommendations of a dwarf with a disproportionate body doing karate movies and the entire comment section was men unironically or ironically talking about his butt(which was rather prominent cause of his dwarf body)
stuff like "damm his ass fat" "his cheeks clap" and the entire comment section was like this and was just the gayest thing I had ever seen

No. 1507295

File: 1677177835619.png (24.74 KB, 264x280, 4B34026F-5A27-4D3E-A292-2B990F…)

Same measurements here, and I have the same problem. I also have weird proportions with very wide set hips and my upper thighs being the same circumference as my waist, so simply buying pants that fit my hips and taking in the waist doesn’t work. The back seam rides up my butt and the entire front crotch plus back upper thighs are always bizarrely baggy. My solution when I HAVE to wear pants is to buy oversized, straight-cut pants that are supposed to be baggy around the legs and have an elasticated waist. I take in the elastic enough so that the pants don’t fall down and wear a long and thick/oversized top with it so nobody sees the weird bunching around the waist. It looks really frumpy but at least it’s not indecent.

I’m currently in the process of drafting my own pants pattern. I’m not finished yet but my most recent mock-up fits better than any pair of pants I’ve ever tried on in the store. The key seems to be to have a really long and deep back crotch curve in addition to waist darts and heavily curved side seam. It’s a ton of work and really frustrating but it will be so rewarding to finally have pants that fit.

No. 1507296

Kek honestly it would depend on the situation I guess for me. Brand new relationship? Yeah expect him to be rank all the time and leave imo. Been several years and fart in front of each other? One time is an invitation for light banter. Stay imo. Anything in between is a spectrum of stay vs go imo

No. 1507304

im a big fan of yume nikki and i only just now found out uboachan is a thing. i haven't checked it out but am i correct in thinking it's gonna be swarming with moids and trannies?

No. 1507391

File: 1677182690337.jpg (128.14 KB, 1080x551, Biological differences between…)

I understand some of theses but why do men have higher rates of hearing loss and women have higher rates of vision problems when they got older ? that seems kinda random

No. 1507430

It's not biological, but men tend to not be safe about a lot of things. Therefore they do not use noise canceling protection when they should, leading to decline in hearing. Things like heavy machines, construction building, loud music, shooting and things alike where men are more likely to partake in, without taking any precautions, lead to loss of hearing. For women's vision loss, it's associated with age instead of outside factors. Women live longer therefore see ageing effects more than men.

No. 1507493

Moids are never safe which is why I don't feel bad when they open their mouth about workplace deaths

No. 1507512

What do nonnies think of Glossier make-up?

No. 1507518

It's fucking greasy

No. 1507526

I like futuredew as a highlighter and to make my chest/clavicle dewy. Stretch concealer is a great under eye concealer. Lidstar and sky wash are fussy and annoying but I like how they look. The lipgloss is holy grail status for people who actually like lipgloss

No. 1507535

What's a less vulgar way to say someone's pissed?

No. 1507537

I bought the balm.com and lipgloss from tj maxx. The lipgloss was nice, but i didn't like the packaging, it always leaked on the sides and you couldn't use it all the way up so i ended up throwing it away without truly finishing it. The latter was literally just vaseline. That's it. I heard glossier is finally coming to sephora so maybe you can swatch some stuff if you have a sephora where you are.

No. 1507541

They are annoyed, not impressed, vexed, furious, agitated.

No. 1507543

their cloudpaint is really really nice, and i like their lipbalm too. their perfume is also my top of all time. but the mascara i got from them was just okay and it didnt last very long. i rebought the brow gel for a very long time bc i couldnt find any other good red brow gel, but i realized blonde looks better on me anyway so i stopped bc i can get blonde brow gel for much cheaper at the drug store. in general their stuff is cute and decent quality, but overpriced for the amount u get.

No. 1507555

Yeah cloudpaint is amazing. Storm is the most beautiful color no matter how light or dark your skin is, but it looks best on warm or olive neutral tones

No. 1507557

I used to love their Balm Dot Coms(flavored/scented lip balms that are super hydrating) but apparently they just did a complete reformulation and they're not nearly as good as they used to be.
I like their Skin Tint, it's more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. It feels kind of hydrating and dewy.
The Wowder finishing powder is great, it's very fine and light and I still use it daily.
"Boy Brow" brow mascara is good, the packaging is smaller than I expected but the formula is nice and works well for me.
The Cloudpaint blush is my favorite of theirs, (besides the old balm dot com), a little bit goes a LONG way and they're all very creamy and blendable.

No. 1507562

If someone always notices my reaction in social settings and even points them out (i.e.,"anon I see you trying not to laugh" when nobody else was looking at me) is it because he likes me?

No. 1507564

glossier is target quality makeup with luxury prices. its fine but too expensive for what it is, its not any better than anything you could get at a drugstore it's just priced higher and marketed like it is. Their cloudpaint really does last forever though I've had mine for like a year lol

No. 1507566

He’s just trying to include you in the group.

No. 1507569

ty anon, I figured I was being delusional

No. 1507573

It doesn’t have anywhere near luxury price it’s on the low end of middle tier makeup prices kek

No. 1507576

Kinda meta but, does anyone know what this threadpic is from?

No. 1507578

J-drama called mischevous kiss I think. Tbh its not that good the main guy is a dick the whole time and dose not get better

No. 1507584

Ohh, thanks for letting me know! I like watching dramas but if the guys an ass I won't add it to my ever growing watchlist, kek.

No. 1507586

How long does the honeymoon phase usually last? 6 months in and we are still constantly staring at and fussing over each other. I swear I remember my other relationship honey moon phases lasting a couple weeks max. I wonder if it has to do with us both being childfree

No. 1507588

Samefag and we are still like this even though we live together and both work from home

No. 1507589

I've been married for 8 years and even though we don't have a child and don't plan to anytime soon, we don't get fussy or tired of each other, if we spend time together, it's always quality time. Maybe you need to spend less time together on a daily basis or have your own private hobbies and social life completely free from each other. Although, fussiness usually means there is an underlying issue, not only that you're tired of each other.

No. 1507590

Thanks nonas. We had been dating for like a month at that point and I think I was offended mainly because he expected me not to notice or care.

No. 1507592

I think you read my post entirely wrong kek. We have no issues, by fussing over I meant obsessing over how cute and sweet each other are and spending every break moment together

No. 1507593

idk just enjoy it and don't stress about the details. if it's going smoothly then chill

No. 1507618

I am chill I just wanted to ask a retarded question in the stupid question thread and I expect an answer reeeeee

No. 1507619

Godspeed that we all get partners like that

No. 1507665

kek I did, sorry nonna, at least everything is going well

No. 1507697

Do you get better sleep on a full stomach? I know you're not supposed to eat a bunch at night but I slept really well after I just had eaten a food portioned dinner last night

No. 1507698

*good portioned, of course it was food kek

No. 1507699

I do. on an empty stomach it takes longer to fall asleep and I end up with batshit insane nightmares.

No. 1507704

I don't. Idk but it feels horrible in my stomach and I feel sick. If I'm super hungry before bed sometimes a drink something warm like a little soup though.

No. 1507762

My cat has recently developed a habit of licking me around the mouth to wake me up. Does it mean I’ve started to drool at night or is he just being a little freak again?

No. 1507775

What is a relatively safe way to get revenge against a rude customer?

No. 1507776

Emoji curse

No. 1507786

He kinda looks black but he kinda looks white too but mostly he looks like a gay inbred alien

No. 1507848

That means he's an ugly bitch in a specific way. He's mixed apparently?

No. 1507849

How do I stay motivated for the gym? What do I keep in mind? My motivation is high right now but I want to prepare for those days I might end up in a slump

No. 1507874

I swear I'm not a newfag, but why is lolcow sometimes spelled as lolcor?

No. 1507879

File: 1677239483282.jpg (46.07 KB, 495x619, a52d1e2ce91bc26954cc36542fd379…)

What would you call or how would you properly describe this hairstyle? I just want to find out how to create volume there in the back

No. 1507884

It's a meme that emerged from the bunker threads when LC was broken for a couple of weeks last year

No. 1507886

Not sure if it's the right thread, but how do you nonnas deal with things going wrong in your life? I always end up thinking that EVERYTHING is going wrong and that i'm going to die. Per example, what would you do if your mother were going to the doctor to treat some problems that seem to never end, you were working in a unstable job and the only one supporting your whole family, and things were going mildy wrong in the job? Wouldn't you get crazy? Is it normal that shit happens so much? Not venting, genuinely asking.

No. 1507894

>Is it normal that shit happens so much?
Idk nonna, I feel like shit likes to accumulate, at least that's how it usually is in my life. I just endure, try to solve problems as much as I can while trying to focus on at least a couple of things that can still bring me joy, I think it's best to walk a lot whenever you can listening to your favorite music and meet up with friends or relatives if you have good relationships even if you feel like isolating (although I personally usually fail at it but it truly helps). At some point it's going to get better if you do something about the things you can actually do something about.

No. 1507907

why are people on tumblr acting like making gifs is hard

No. 1507909

Iirc tumblr has a lot of restrictions around uploading gifs, maybe that's what they're referring to?

No. 1507911

Making them look somewhat decent, non-blurry and not ant sized is what's hard.

No. 1507915

Yes, and money issues in particular tend to pile up because that's what the system is designed to do. If you're rich, shit just comes to you for free. I noticed that when I had a full-time job vs. now as an unemployed student.

No. 1507920

Honeymoon phase ending is a cope for realizing you had to settle

No. 1507954

that's cute, good for you anon.

No. 1507956

Have any of you been dealing with stressors? Imo, that's the real test, a lot of people turn into shit partners as soon as they have any little thing in their life that stresses them (work, family, any uncontrollable cirumstances).

No. 1508035

We did have 2 major, like huge stressors already and we dealt with them without getting so much as annoyed at each other. It was such a nice change from usual moid behavior.
This is so sweet, I hope this is how it goes for me

No. 1508067

Nta but my man (4 years now) has only raised his voice slightly once, and thats because I woke him up at 7 am about dishes on his day off. (Like I was spinning out about it)
He apologized immediately but calmly addressed my OCD and how it is not the best way to wake up. (I was grieving and it all came out in home chores for a few months, idk)
I have since tried to agitate him in arguments now and then, and hes been nothing but calm. Sometimes he will say “lets take a few minutes and come back to this”, and it allows me to chill out enough to talk about what is actually bothering me.
I am fucked up from some shit that has happened. I have mental shit I am treating with docs and therapist. And he never calls me crazy, and he and I always find a solution.
one time he hesitantly asked if I was taking my meds bc i was off my rocker melting down… he was right i was out of my meds. He reassured me we would sort out my meds and see if I still felt that way in a week
If a man treats you badly please leave them nonnas. There are better men out there!

No. 1508092

I need a crash course on the different “pills” people take after learning certain information. I keep getting them confused with one another. What makes it a black pill, red pill, pink pill etc? I’m so lost guys

No. 1508110

These terms are based on the movie "The Matrix", specifically a scene where the mc has to choose between two pills, one will allow him to see the harsh reality (the redpill) the other will keep him into a sweet, white lie (the blue pill)
>Black pill
If you take this pill, you will learn dooming information, far worse than a redpill, which is just the truth, be good or bad. Taking the backpill implies you've seen a dooming truth, the dark endgame.
>Red pill
The truth that has been hidden by "the elites", it "liberates" you. If you don't take it, the alternative is the
>Blue pill
Which is a lie, a white lie specifically, the information you have been feed since you were born, it will keep you sane but subjugated
This pill will wake you up to the absolute truth about men, their degeneracy and women's inherent superiority, the final feminist pill

No. 1508112

Is there an actual purpose behind men being harrier than women or is it just because males are flashier than females in pretty much every single species?

No. 1508113

I found someone I know's camming and porn videos. I wasn't sneaking super hard - her Cashapp and her porn accounts are under the same name. Now I find this incredibly disgusting. Should I email the videos to her work?

No. 1508120

Fuck no. What the hell?! You sound like a moid who thinks women who are “whores” should be forever in the sex industry.

No. 1508121

File: 1677259990464.jpeg (48.69 KB, 735x669, B434E1C1-24F2-456D-807B-E6959E…)

Thank you nonnie I am enlightened

No. 1508123

did you honestly think anyone was going to say yes? you're sick for thinking that like how would that benefit you or anyone at all

No. 1508125

nonnies please do not reply to obvious bait !!!

No. 1508126

nta i thought red pill/blue pill was about republicans and democrats until now, til…

No. 1508127

File: 1677260294295.jpeg (70.97 KB, 720x476, 5936F5E3-2C94-4C7C-AD6E-8E295F…)

yes pls do what moids do and use revenge porn to fuck over a woman’s life for showing her fanny to randos on the internet. you fucking idiot, this has to be bait.

No. 1508129

What were you even trying to find that you somehow found that woman's porn stuff?

No. 1508131

Anyways I was pretty sure there was like a room decor/organization thread somewhere but I can’t find it. I need ideas for art/craft stuff that isn’t made for mass hoarders and rich people

No. 1508166

Not always, but quality is often indicated by price. So you can buy a cheap shirt that dissolves in the wash after two years, or you can pay for a sturdy garment made by a craftsman who's paid a living wage for five times the price. House prices are insane and aren't entirely tired to reality, but the better neighbors cost more as the price acts as gatekeeping against riff raff.
Image is a huge part of it, but your find yourself wanting better quality stuff that doesn't break as you get older.

This sounds exactly like a deficiency. I recommend adding a good amount of iron and vitamin D to your diet.

Sounds like he's being a little freak, but cats are super attracted to protein so your saliva and blood content may have changed and he's attracted to it now.

This really depends on your personality. Gym buddies are a huge help, sticking to a schedule no matter how sick or stressed you feel, and downloading an app that counts the days you go in a row with lots of colors are pretty helpful.

No. 1508170

Men's beards are an evolutionary trick to increase the size of the jawline to attract mates and cushion blows from getting punched. The rest of the hair is just a side effect since testosterone makes hair thicker and darker (based on the genes of the individual hair follicle, which is why men with high testosterone will be hairy but bald).

No. 1508192

Is wearing black sneakers currently unfashionable?

No. 1508197

File: 1677265335646.png (15.26 KB, 531x519, jalcjhl.png)

what the fuck is this called in english where jeans have these harsh light parts on the thighs i have tried to google everything but i can't find them

No. 1508198

Why do you ask this, nonnie? black shoes can be matched with anything, sneakers are everyday shoes, so… No offense whatsoever to you but I'm intrigued what lead you to ask this.

No. 1508199


No. 1508202

stone washed

No. 1508205

I shouldn't use chapstick I used while I was sick, right?

No. 1508206

Cid washed

No. 1508209

File: 1677266181704.jpg (42.11 KB, 289x670, dhyudg.jpg)

no you don't understand i mean jeans like this

No. 1508210

very ugly

No. 1508211

thank you that really answers my question you fucking idiot

No. 1508213

Sometimes we hear not what we want, but what we need to hear. You need to hear that you shouldn't wear these.

No. 1508216

But nonnie, it really is ugly, i'm so sorry. Here, takes this little kiss on the cheek.

No. 1508217

1. i am good looking enough to wear what i want 2. i just want to know how to make these

No. 1508219

acid washed, stone washed, bleached

No. 1508221

Fully black sneakers with no detailing in a different color (think 2016 balenciaga/yeezy style) aren't trendy right now. But mostly black sneakers like adidas samba or nike dunk panda are.

No. 1508222

I love the detail on the side seam, but that fucking thigh hilight or whatever is fucking abominable.

No. 1508227

File: 1677267368137.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, dfdfd.gif)

No. 1508228

File: 1677267439012.jpg (6 KB, 194x259, fesfzf.jpg)

those jeans are not the best example of what i am thinking about but they're the most obvious of what i mean

now can anyone tell me what these are called because acid jeans gives results like pic related. you all don't need to understand my genius visionary ideas about clothing but i have a vision i want to try out to create and those kind of whatever bleach light faded thigh thingies are part of it like it or not. next i am going to start doing my 80s rosepetalprincess outfit.

ok fat

No. 1508229

STONE WASH damn anon get your glasses

No. 1508230

You show them nonna.
Everyone wore that during the early 2000s all super low rise too.. this is just zoomer envy that you guys will never be this fashionable you fucking tacky hatchlings.

No. 1508234

>get your glasses
she really needs those if she can't see how fugly those jeans are

No. 1508237

the way i applied to one of the best fashion design schools in the world and was picked from hundreds and hundreds of applicants drowns down the voice of you all naysayers.

No. 1508238

sure nonita, if that makes you sleep better at night

No. 1508239

I know this is the stupid thread, but you're acting like a cow.

No. 1508240

why don't you know what type of jeans those are if you're such a fashion genius?

No. 1508242

You are deranged. Go take a nap.

No. 1508245

lol. anyway, the thing is, i don't care if things are ugly, i care if they are interestig. i only know the name in my native language.

No. 1508246


No. 1508247

It's schlevers, nonnie.

No. 1508248

yeah i fucking know but originally i didn't know the name, retard

No. 1508249


No. 1508250

File: 1677268367489.jpg (49.07 KB, 443x640, fc2b5d731bb0bca3fd1e8f7540f066…)

talking with you guys. anyway i'm going out to buy toilet paper, looking like this, while you all seethe about my ugly jeans

No. 1508257

How did you manage to choose the ugliest paco rabanne runway look of perhaps the whole 90s

No. 1508261

it suits the bodega right around the corner (bodega is a small store found in new york city for those who don't live here)

No. 1508262

Kek I knew it would sound stupid, it'd just that my brother is currently getting pestered by his friend for wearing black sneakers, that's it "unforgivable" and we really can't figure out what he means by that, my brother works at the hospital, it's not like he's some kind of fashion coach.

No. 1508263

I mean, the jeans are ugly, what is your vision anyways?

No. 1508264

What website can I use to download YouTube videos to mp3 and mp4 that won't give me computer aids?

No. 1508265

this larp is fascinating. please keep posting your fanfic

No. 1508267

File: 1677269280155.jpg (62.27 KB, 416x561, kjhih.jpg)

No. 1508268

It's not stupid, his friend is right that they're not in right now. Refer to this >>1508221

No. 1508270

No. 1508272

Yeah but he mostly wears them to be comfortable at the hospital, I don't think he cares about being trendy during a 10 hour shift kek.

No. 1508273

4K is a good program for that, but there's a limit on how many downloads you can do in a day if you don't get the paid version.

No. 1508279

I work in a hospital and I would much rather be wearing shoes that give me support me through being on my feet all day rather then wearing fashionable shoes at work that makes me ache and be more tired afterwards along with the fact liquids or other disgusting thing are most likely to spill on myself or I accidentally walk on it. If you were to actually go to a hospital you'll see the workers wearing comfortable footwear like clogs, sandals and trainers.

No. 1508289

That sounds pathetic anon. I'd never want a moid to be my best friend

No. 1508290

Why is it called "wlw" and "mlm"? Do people also say "wlm"? I don't get the idea behind this abbreviation.

No. 1508292

you're on lolcow on a friday night trying to make fun of other women who are happier than you. i can assure you that unfortunately, nobody gives a fuck about what you find pathetic

No. 1508293

"wlw" can include both lesbians and bi women, same with "mlm".

No. 1508320

Voting season is coming up in my country and I'm not sure what party I want to vote for, so I called my friend for advice and apparently he doesn't vote. I kind of encouraged him to think of voting because he has a lot of opinions and criticisms and I think a sense of control and standing for something would do him good. But also I think it's a bit fucked to tell people what to do especially when it comes to politics. I didn't say that he should vote for this and that but just said to look into it a bit more if he wants to make the country better. Is this a scummy thing to do? I feel like it is idk, I didn't say he had to do anything just said it might be a good idea to look into stuff but I feel a bit weird about it.

No. 1508364

….i think theyre cute. id wear them with a fur trimmed short jacket

No. 1508371

his friend is retarded, they're just fucking sneakers. is he gay?

No. 1508380

I really like these.
>bodega is a small store found in new york city for those who don't live here
Why do New Yorkers do this kek

No. 1508388

File: 1677277254368.png (440.09 KB, 1416x560, 1665964716368.png)

Who is the blonde guy on the left?

No. 1508402

faded jeans

No. 1508423

Any mint chocolate enjoyers? Tell me the best brands

No. 1508429

File: 1677281048072.jpg (18.94 KB, 532x487, 3m-classic-ii-product-jpg.jpg)

How often can I use foam earplugs? None but myself will use them of course and I'll clean them when I have to. However, will the earplugs still be able to function as it should if I use them more then once?

No. 1508433

In my experience they get weird after a few days. I use silicone ones for side sleepers, they don't cost a lot and I just rub them with soap and water once a day

No. 1508446

I'll try to get the silicone ones then, thank you for answering me.

No. 1508549

It looks like someone vomited on their hands and tried to wipe them on their jeans

No. 1508554

MY FUCKING SIDES, KEK this anon really be thinking she's hot shit with baby poop jeans and soupcan dresses

No. 1508586

Nona misunderstood what "drip" means. Please be patient with her.

No. 1508598

File: 1677293116055.png (28.87 KB, 593x592, gjg.PNG)

Anyone knows some online sudoku website that doesn't do this highlight thingy whenever you choose a square? It always distracts me.

No. 1508600

File: 1677293268699.png (474.13 KB, 515x516, Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 02-38…)

does this bother you?

No. 1508602

No. 1508604

File: 1677293366442.png (67.01 KB, 567x439, 1677274019372.png)

No. 1508605

This one looks good

No. 1508607

No. 1508608

Tysm anon, whenever I google I always get the same shitty ones

No. 1508611

File: 1677293604261.jpg (66.69 KB, 736x736, 1676948234598.jpg)

I dislike sudoku but I like helping other farmers, I hope you'll like it

No. 1508632

Is she just some random woman you know of? If you know her well tell her you found it and she needs to be more discreet

No. 1508636

This question is for anons who journal, do you keep your journals after using all the pages or do you keep them? I've been keeping mine for the past 2 years, but I kind of want to toss them because revisiting them makes me upset sometimes, but I can't help but not re read them

No. 1508694

genuinely retarded at this point kek

No. 1508738

I think it's supposed to be the blonde dude from fortnite?

No. 1508740


No. 1508741


No. 1508743

No. 1508744

Anon??? That's fucking Naruto.

No. 1508748

my oldest is from 2017 when i started using my planner as a journal because my piece of shit sister always went through my journals as a kid and would even read my texts if I left my phone unlocked around the house. I reread them to see what was happening during that time.

No. 1508749

left nonny, left

No. 1508750

I watched a video where someone sang really well and got goosebumps, but they are not going away?! I am trapped in weird waves of goosebumps that will not stop. It's been 3 minutes now. Am I going to fucking die????

No. 1508761

The hair makes me think of Reigen from Mob Psycho 100 but the facial hair is throwing me off. He's kind of an unwashed slob though so it might just be the artist taking some liberties by adding the stubble. He'd fit in with the other characters too.

No. 1508766

No. And i want to hear

No. 1508807

is "based off of" incorrect English and if so how do i word it correctly? ie
>this character was based off of ___

No. 1508840

How is the Louis Theroux Trans Kids doc? Is it very pandering?

No. 1508842

File: 1677330022545.jpg (39.07 KB, 749x424, google.jpg)

yes, use based on

No. 1508909

Are expensive hair brushes ever worth it? I want a new paddle brush for blow drying but I don’t see how the pricy ones can be better than the $6 Walmart brushes, they all kinda seem the same.

No. 1508925

i leave them outside on benches and stuff. i think i'll leave my next one out of state because it got pretty juicy

No. 1508936

Honestly as someone who works in a salon I reccon no, just use good hair products, brush your hair from the bottom up and I reccon you should be good as long as your hair dryer has a nozzle and you understand how to use a paddle brush and a hair dryer

No. 1508939

Salon anon (salonnie?), what other tips can you offer a humble hair moron like myself? What do you mean by brushing up? I thought you were supposed to brush from the scalp downwards to transfer the oils to your ends or something.

No. 1508940

Can I eat sole raw? Like, just some fresh sole fillets from the supermarket? Would it be safer to fillet it myself?

No. 1509005

Will wearing high heels fix my awful posture somehow? Any personl experience with this? I really hate my posture, my back literally looks like the letter S in profile ugh.

No. 1509049

File: 1677343800631.jpg (34.65 KB, 250x290, orthotics-reduce-foot-pain-2.j…)

My feet were like left and I went to the orthotics since I was always getting pain in my legs and got tired easilyand had shit posture If the problem is with your feet then I would start from there. It may be expensive though as they custom make the soles for your feet.

No. 1509064

Do shoulder and back workouts to fix your posture. Ideally also do ab workouts to balance it out. Just a few minutes a day will make a difference and you don't need to use heavy weights.

No. 1509070

I used to wear heels a lot since my feet have high arches, but all they did was hurt my feet after a while. Heels should only be for special events imo, wearing them regularly will either mess up your feet or cause you a lot of pain for no reason. (Unless you basically sit down all day and never walk anywhere).

No. 1509135

File: 1677347035217.jpg (64.49 KB, 458x661, image (1).jpg)

What is it, nonnas? I'm pretty sure i DON'T have ADHD nor autism. I forget things A LOT, it seems like everything happens so fast and i have so many ideas so fast that i'm unable to keep a project even if i like it a lot. I grow tired of things extremelly fast to the point where i feel disgust for the things that i liked, so i'm unable to like them again. I'm always between hyperfocus or simply bored with things, and 1 week doing the same thing feels almost like a whole life doing the same thing. What is happening? Do any of you suffer with something like that too? It's truly making my life harder and i wonder if there's meds for that.

No. 1509136

Nonnies what do you guys do about the hair in between your ass cheeks? Does everyone have it or is it uncommon? It drives me nuts and I hate doing doggy just incase someone sees it

No. 1509137

Samefag, i don't have ADHD because i was extremelly good at school and don't have memory problems for certain info, but for other i do have, even if i'm interested.

No. 1509138

have never worried about it. just keep it clean. it's very common.

No. 1509144

I tried to shave it once and deeply regretted it so now it just stays hairy. Not something that bothers me tbh.

No. 1509147

How's you mental health and diet?

No. 1509148

You can use nair if you want

No. 1509150

for real? what the fuck… (not judging, I'm kind of impressed actually)

No. 1509154

No I keep all of mine but I don't have that many. I started writing back in the early 10's and it's amounted to about one oversized shoebox with journals now. Maybe I would throw them out if I wrote at a higher pace.

Damn I wish I'd find someone's journal lol. How often do you finish one?

No. 1509155

I would not recommend this… I know not everyone is bothered by nair but nair gives me a horrible rash and I can only imagine what that would feel like on my asshole

No. 1509157

No, you can’t use Nair on your asshole. Don’t do it

No. 1509162

Yeah you might want to test it on your leg first but I use nair there and it doesn’t affect me negatively kek

No. 1509169

I have BPD and i have been dealing with lots of stress and obsessive compulsive tendencies, however those things that i said have been a problem since i was a kid, now a little worser. My diet is pretty normal/good, i eat cereals, meat, juice, bread and rarely fastfood.

No. 1509260

Never had any

No. 1509283

nta but if you start brushing at the scalp you're just pulling knots the whole way down your hair, seems like it would be pretty damaging. If you start brushing at the bottom you can untangle everything first and then can brush down the oils.

No. 1509284

How often do you sense the smells of others' heads or periods?

No. 1509313

In an old job I thought I was regularly smelling someones period but it turned out to be something completely different. She worked in a lil coffee dock in our building and I was smelling old used coffee filters? They smelled nothing like coffee. They smelled like used pad.

No. 1509347

Oh that makes sense, I always detangle before I brush anyway. Thanks anon.

No. 1509382

What humidifier do nonnies use that's under $100? I wake up 3 times every night because my throat's so dry. I had one before but it was so loud and had an annoying blue light that kept me up.

No. 1509397

File: 1677372849449.jpeg (66.33 KB, 721x721, images.jpeg)

I nabbed this one off of Amazon a few months ago because I was having the same issue. It's $30 right now but I think I got it on sale. It's pretty quiet, only makes a faint white noise. I only haven't been using it because it was making everything around my bed super wet kek, but that's probably my fault for keeping it on a high setting.

No. 1509402

Samefag, but I will say that I don't feel like the "reach" of this humidifier is that good. If I turned over while sleeping so that I wasn't facing the humidifier then my throat still felt pretty dry. Could be a personal problem because of how I sleep (head-to-toe wrapped in a super thick blanket) though.

No. 1509406


No. 1509425

Thanks nonnie I'll look it up!

No. 1509539


Oh my god I’m so glad there’s a thread for stupid questions , I’ve been wanting to know what does scrote mean? I’ve been seeing a lot of posts / threads that say “oh anon is being so scrotal” or “she’s such a scrote.” what does it mean ?? English isn’t my native language so I’d really like to know so I could contextualize it.

No. 1509543

Scrote is term for men taken from the word scrotum which is the bag of skin that holds and helps to protect the testicles. Men are often called scrotes because they only think with their dicks.
How did you find the site and what board do you frequent?

No. 1509544

So what does it mean when someone is acting “scrotal”? they’re being weird or something ?


Haha yeah I am sorta, I normally lurk a lot and don’t post a ton

No. 1509546

>someone is acting “scrotal”
They are acting like a dumb man. However, there has also been more of an uptick in anons using it when other anons disagree with them

No. 1509548

To add to this, it's also just a very disgusting sounding word appropriate for the male species. Other derogatory terms you COULD use are either born from misogyny (bitch, cunt,) or just fall flat in comparison (ie asshole just doesn't pack enough punch for me.) Scrote or moid properly dehumanizes them the way they've done us for centuries.

No. 1509573

> I normally lurk a lot
obviously not enough

No. 1509603

I hadn't thought about it before but you just accurately explained why I think it's such a great adjective. It makes me think of a disgusting, unwashed sweaty ballsack kek

No. 1509614

File: 1677389860626.png (204.73 KB, 500x429, me if I looked 100000x better.…)

Is there some way to relax your face and make it easier to emote? I grew up with a very painful jaw + dental deformity I still have (can't afford to get it fixed) and it lead to me straining my face a lot. Now it feels very weird, unnatural, and painful, especially on my cheeks, to smile and it really doesn't help that with age I've gotten very creepy dimples and dead looking eyes as countless people have told me so I can't even bank on having a cute smile. I don't know how much of a meme face yoga is. I assume it doesn't do much, but I wonder if something like that could help balance out my face so it doesn't feel so stiff to move it.

No. 1509662

Why do people block others when they break up, get upset, etc? I've never been blocked yet (as far as I know at least) but if I realized my ex blocked me I'd feel kinda weirded out. I know that some people are crazy and some might want to cut contact immediately but, on the other hand, I'm always hearing about people talking to a guy/girl they we're interested in but in the end seemed disinterested in them so they ultimately end up blocking them. If they stopped messaging you first what's the point in blocking them? Wouldn't they not even see it? Why not just stop sending/replying/looking at their messages?

No. 1509676

I think it's just easier to some people. Out of sight, out of mind. Or maybe they know they're prone to say shit out of anger and would rather save you both the trouble. Some people just get embarrassed and want to feel control over the situation. Idk those are all reasons I've blocked when I was much younger.

No. 1509677

File: 1677396435918.jpg (850.81 KB, 3072x4096, IMG_2956.JPG)

how the fuck do you see deleted reddit posts now?
reveddit and unreddit keep telling me the threads were deleted too fast, even when the original posts lasted hours sometimes even days at times and got crossposted to multiple places. like huge shitshows with thousands of comments and posts. its so annoying and keeps happening to me no matter what type of thread it is. i try to see the deleted post and its never archived and its driving me crazy to see huge dramashit with no way to read the OP.

No. 1509690

File: 1677398371808.jpg (54.86 KB, 1280x720, hanayamata-09-sari-teacher-hap…)

Are there any anons close to their 30s who still watch anime regularly? What's the appeal?
Any anons that have grown out of it? What made you lose interest? What do you think of romantic interests who still watch it on a daily basis as an adult?

Not trying to judge anyone or start an infight, just trying to get some insight. I was briefly dating a guy who regularly watched and played anime games on a regular basis and, although his taste wasn't coomerish, something about the hyper-fictional plots (along with the fact that it's anime) seemed really childish to me, and it became hard for me to envision a life with him while he gawks at a screen looking at that stuff. It viscerally disgusted me. I know it's a harmless and tame interest, and I feel wrong to judge, but it bugged me a lot. It's not the only reason why I dumped him, but still - I can't help but feel guilty over it.

No. 1509696

In my early 30s and watch but I'm so picky at this point that maybe I get 1-3 shows a year. I can't stand anything coomer, high school, overly shonen or gory. I've been watching since the 90s and it's a mix of familiarity of tropes I like and art style that keeps me interested. I probably wouldn't date a man who watched it on a regular basis because he's probably into the things I said I don't like.

No. 1509706

Almost 29yo here. Literally the only reason why I don't watch anime anymore is because new shows don't appeal to me and I barely have enough free time to watch the older, complete shows that interest me. I'm more into manga than anime in general so I read some from time to time but then again most of them are BL manga or old series I read or reread out of nostalgia. The last time I watched an anime was in 2020 and it was Sarazanmai because I like weird, funny shit like that.

I'd say whether watching anime as a 30yo man or woman is only weird depending on the shows and how invested you become. If someone my age talks to me about how they started watching Gundam from the very first season and they're enjoying it and they recommend it to me I won't even bat an eye and it could lead to a normal, fun conversation, but I have a 35yo coworker who will not stop sperging about the Shonen Jump anime he's watching and how he's obsessed with DBZ (not DB the whole series, specifically the story after the timeskip) and how he's rewatching it for the 10th time while commuting and it's annoying as fuck. If some woman starts telling me how nostalgic she feels for 90s and early 2000s magical girl manga and CLAMP manga in an anime con or similar setting I'll find it normal, if she did the exact same thing unprompted at my job or whatever I'll want to just leave.

No. 1509794

File: 1677411465516.jpg (8.14 MB, 2645x4000, 109876432.jpg)

how do i stop feeling extra depressed after finishing a movie or show? it's not even regular sadness, i end up crying for days over characters to the point where i can't focus on other things. the only media that doesn't make me feel this way is pre-school tier baby stuff.

No. 1509800

I'm mid 20s, I have majorly grown out of it. I watched anime daily from about 11 to 16ish? Which isn't that long now that I think about it, for some reason it feels like anime was a MAJOR part of my teenage life. I think I grew bored with it and annoyed with how much the exciting adventure filled ones were aimed at men.

No. 1509801

You sound very passionate and clearly have good taste in art, nonita. Do you have any characters or stories of your own you could focus on? Those last for as long as you want them to.

No. 1509805

Maybe shows are replacing something in your life you feel like you're missing (connections with people, romance, adventure, idk something else?) and that's why you feel upset and it's a sign you should work on getting that in your real life? Just a thought/theory, not saying that's undoubtly the case.

No. 1509809

The keratosis pilaris on my arms has worsened again. I wonder if it's because I started implementing more protein (for.ex. chicken) to my diet or dry air, or both. Or could it be that it just randomly worsened on its own? I really wish this condition had medication like acne does…

No. 1509812

I'm almost 29, watched it mostly when I was a teenager. Now I watch it quite rarely and it's mostly out of nostalgia, I pick only something light-hearted/wholesome/funny, because it's hard for me to take something more dramatic seriously, just doesn't work me. As for romantic interests or other people, it's just like this anon described >>1509706

No. 1509819

It's not affected by dietary protein, but have you recently changed your shower gel/detergent?

No. 1509821

Why is it so bad to use adverbs?
t. ESL

No. 1509824

Are small chubby hands like a chode in the lesbian community?

No. 1509825

Wdym? I've never heard of this

No. 1509831

Adverbs are often considered a sign of "bad writing" from what I've heard, but why?

No. 1509847

I haven't. Sometimes I don't wash my whole arms with soap, just pits. I really wish I could do something about it

No. 1509849

why do some people say "lowcow" instead of lolcow?

No. 1509890

What about body lotion,oils, scrubs? I'm sorry nonnie.

No. 1509894

File: 1677421526490.png (455.58 KB, 369x512, Portrait_you.png)

Is it true that alcoholism damages your facial muscles and alcoholics therefore often have a permanent grin on their face?
Someone with an alcoholic father told me this (and I immediately thought of picrel, kek) and I also recall that alcoholics I know have that expression - a sort of uncomfortable smile - but I never thought there was a relation. Has anyone else heard of this?

No. 1509899

Idk but alcohol makes you retarded and given you're already a mentally ill anarkiddy faggot I don't think you need the extra brain damage.

No. 1509906

Are you okay, anon? Did someone hurt you?

No. 1509910

LMAO this is a bit of a disproportionate response

No. 1509911

sounds like you had a bit of drink yourself

No. 1509968

As it should. I think we've finally come across the perfect insult for them. I haven't used it on an actual male yet, but I would like to think they'd hate it.

No. 1509990

File: 1677428429221.jpg (431.33 KB, 850x850, saku.jpg)

30 going on 31 here. I was a huge weeb in my tween and teen years, never imagined a day where I'd stop watching, but here we are and I maybe fit in one or two series a year. Along with all the reasons other anons have mentioned, I feel like it's harder to be entertained by tropes you've seen play out a hundred times in the past. "Flavor of the week" anime just don't hit like they used to and you start to notice how (almost) everything is made with the male gaze in mind. Popular anime characters that would've been older than (or same age as) you at one point in time are now children in your eyes so it's a bit hard to relate with whatever is going on with them. This is especially true with slice of life. I won't even mention how that affects the way you look at romance in general. Aging sucks in more ways than one, needless to say.

No. 1510006

one of the neighbours on my floor keeps leaving garbage bags in the hallway. i live on the highest floor in a 4 story apartment, so it's only the people on my floor who see it. i have complained about this to the company that owns the bulding several times over the 2 years but they say they can't do anything other than remove it because they don't know who it is. i've asked them to at least hang up a threatening poser where the garbage is left, but this has not happened yet. i'm genuinely afraid of rats as my side of the city recently had a rat problem.

what should i do nonnas?

No. 1510036

Slash the bags open and pour it on the ground in front of their door.

No. 1510040

File: 1677430976040.png (449.79 KB, 709x694, UnuqTzajtycqSialVJiIeFBHFx0qf-…)

My ex watched a ton of it and in hindsight I really looked down on him for it. I think mine was more coomer-brained than yours by the sound of it but honestly even if he wasn't, having anime as a primary interest is a turn-off for me at this point, for similar reasons as the ones you listed. I used to like anime myself when I was younger and there are still a few series that mean a lot to me, but I basically had the experience in picrel lol and unfairly expect everyone else to "grow out" of anime as well.

No. 1510051

File: 1677431737458.png (169.67 KB, 375x268, Adsız.png)

if anyone knows angelika oles, is her face becoming more plump/round a result of fillers or weight gain? i feel like instead of losing the babyfat, she gained it. it looks so unnatrual to me. but since she doesnt show her body, i cant tell how much it changed. does this look like a natural chubby face to you?

No. 1510052

File: 1677431857227.jpg (93.24 KB, 886x860, tumblr_82dac6c266e43939bb35294…)

I'm a 19 year old nonna but this oddly scares me because i'm also an autist and my special interest has been anime for 10 years, and to be honest i can't see it being anything else. I don't want to be like one of those xyzoids in their mid 30's regularly consooming marvel movies that i love to make fun of.

No. 1510053

nta but watching anime daily can't be worse than watching netflix daily or gaming which is basically every adult nowadays isn't it?

No. 1510056

See >>1509990
I’m an autist too, anon, but aging happens to us all. You’ll probably grow out of it one day too.

No. 1510057

There's something a bit uncanny about her but it might be the full face of makeup. She definitely looks more plump than when I watched her stuff years ago, but that might also have come with age. So basically I am of no help kek

No. 1510058

I’ve never heard of this but I’d believe it. I used to drink too much and finally stopped several months ago. Alcohol really fucks with your face. My skin was super dry and I was starting to get small jowls, but now everything has gone back to normal. For reference, I only drank once a week but was a binge drinker on that one day. Maybe it’s sad, but vanity is the main reason I stopped because I didn’t want my skin to be fucked up and bloated forever or get wrinkly super early.

No. 1510060

I think it depends on genre. I'm 24 and I've already basically grown out of slice of life and male gazey/fanservice anime. I watch stuff aimed at older audiences. Psychological thrillers/Mental health shit/Sci-fi to an extent. Some josei is good for that. Less teen angst and more interesting/realistic stories.

No. 1510061

She just looks kind of bloated to me or like she has some water retention happening.

No. 1510062

Don't think too much about it. If you ever get bored of anime once you'll get older so what? Maybe you'll still enjoy rewatching your favorite shows anyway, or maybe you'll get new hobbies instead.

No. 1510063

I don't use those either. I've tried an urea cream but it just seemed to make it more inflamed (my mom has kp as well and urea didn't work for her either). I guess I just gotta keep trying other stuff

No. 1510064

File: 1677433124901.png (59.7 KB, 1600x1200, 1649804869456.png)


I'm 29 and I feel like in a lot of ways I've outgrown anime, and it makes me a bit sad. Since I still have a lot of nostalgia for the medium, but a lot of anime really is juvenile garbage or for coomers. I still watch the occasional series, but I mostly stick to reading manga nowadays when the mood strikes me. The main reason why I haven't dropped anime entirely is because I love animation, and anime style. Plus there's still the rare series that comes out that's interesting or amusing. Honestly felt a bit sad when I realized I didn't feel the same way I did about it as a kid. It used to be my absolute obsession and always made me so happy in childhood. Sometimes I wish I could still watch stuff without being aware how bad a lot of it is, and enjoy it like I did as a kid but I guess that's part of growing up. Tastes grow and mature.

No. 1510067

Yeah, I leave out names and very obvious identifiers, so it's easy to just drop off somewhere.
Takes me about a year. I've found people's journals in thrift stores before, the ones that don't look closely through the stuff they get.

No. 1510068

I hadn't watched her in a while but I scrolled past a thumbnail lately and thought she'd changed. I don't think most youngish women getting work done atm are aiming for the rounder look though. More are taking fat out of their face.

No. 1510075

Have you ever used acids to treat it? Glycolic acid should be gentle enough to not irritate the skin but strong to remove the build up.

No. 1510079

They're not aiming for it, but a puffy face is the end result of any kind of filler.

No. 1510082

I stopped because it made me fat and it doesn't even last that long and my tolerance went up. I hate taking shots, I would have had to take like 6 just to feel something. I would rather do acid or shrooms or weed.

No. 1510083

I'm genuinely dyslexic and I had to read this five times to see what you meant. I guess that's why we misspell shit too, kek.

No. 1510085

Why is age 30 the magical cutoff for enjoying something kek. You sound like an idiot.
Anyway I didn't grow out of anime necessarily, it's more like anime in general has slowly declined in quality and every year moves closer to being legit kid/YA cartoons only with awful pedo crap shoehorned in. Anime itself has never been comparable to actual books or shows aimed at adults and has honestly always had coomerish crap as a staple, but there was a bigger variety of series that at least were serious or interesting back then. Manga is where those stories are now, most anime these days exist as a formula to sell merch.

No. 1510086

Why do the words for female genitalia (other than “vagina”) always sound so cringe? Take “pussy” for example, sounds so unnecessarily sexualised and childish (pedo type stuff).

No. 1510089

Maybe go get it waxed if yours desperate or shave it (personally wouldn't go there with a razor) DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NONA WHO SAID USE NAIR

No. 1510092

I think it's a you thing, all the usual words sound fine to me. when people start calling it their "cookie" or "down there" or whatever is when I get creeped out.

No. 1510098

Gym nonnas, can exercise help make your breasts look perkier/tighter? I'm a recovered ex-anachan and trying to fix the damage, and just overall tone my body.

No. 1510099

Actually yeah, I'm going to try that next! I have a bottle of TO Glycolic acid waiting to be opened

No. 1510102

>why is age 30 the magical cutoff
I guess you'll find out when you get there.

No. 1510103

omg really. i'm jealous. makes me feel like a male ape. don't know why i have it there i could honestly braid it kek. luckily i won't be in a situation where anyone will see it… i hope…

No. 1510105

Adverbs are said to "weaken" your writing, that's why. For example, instead of "she said angrily", you could use stronger writing like "she shouted". Using a stronger verb can usually help with adverbs that would weaken your writing, but not all adverbs are bad adverbs, kek. Don't worry about it too much!

No. 1510106

I think because they're often used either in porn or with negative connotations (like calling someone a pussy or a cunt being a bad thing).

No. 1510123

nta but I guess that from a lot of people's perspective it's that age when you're mostly "settled", you're expected to have graduated from uni for a few years and/or have entered the workforce for a few years as well, you have already developed your habits and know what your hobbies and goals are, etc. It's obviously not true for everyone in reality though.

No. 1510127

you're not 30 or over yet either, are you? not trying to insult, I would just like to know if my guesses are correct when I assume things based on a post around here. I'm legitimately just wondering

No. 1510138

I'm one of the nearly 29yo anon who replied. I don't agree with the description I just gave, but it seems to be what normies expect of people in their 30s from what I've seen and heard so that's why I posted it. I assume that's why OP found it weird that her ex bf was so into anime, maybe she would have found it less weird if they were both younger? OP, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1510140

does every woman who is into DDLG dress the same(pastel colours, animal merch, bows etc.)? I know a woman who dresses normie and casual and doesn't wear make up but she has some behaviours which makes me suspect she is into DDLG even though she doesn't look like it

No. 1510144

Like what?

No. 1510148

Well, some people are better at hiding their degenerate behavior than others, maybe she's into ddlg, maybe she doesn't even know what's that even supposed to mean.
What makes you think she's a degenerate?

No. 1510149

calling someone a dick or cocky is negative too but “dick” and “cock” don’t sound as cringe as “pussy” does

No. 1510154

I'm in my early 30's and I still "watch" anime, as in I watch often classic series from very different time periods and enjoy them and obviously have genres that I prefer. I don't know if anons consider "watching anime" as just binging on current series and liking everything pushed down your throat just because it's anime like weeby teenagers do (hence the reoccurring "I grew out of it" sentiment) or the same as "watching movies" as enjoying a form of media that offers a lot of amusement, research and interesting topics. There are a ton of garbage movies and garbage anime but also brilliant movies and brilliant anime series.

No. 1510155

Can you share some recommendations please nonnie?

No. 1510157

the ddlg women i knew smelled like they didn't wash and wore jeans and hoodies. they wore those fuzzy animal pajamas at parties a lot

No. 1510160

I dont even watch anime, but someone showed me the first few episodes of Attack on Titan and that shit fucked me up. Im yelling at the tv, cringing, stressed. But beyond the fear of giants eating me, I wouldn't have watched it.
Im 30 and the most “anime” I ever consumed beyond that is… a shit what was it called, dragonball z abridged? That was hilarious but I had no concept of the actual storyline. My mom and dad were against pokemon and anime bc it was “asian brain rotting material” and I believed it as a kid. I mean, look at all the white nerds who watched it, they did not mature at the same rate.
I also felt conflicted consuming Asian culture as a white girl because it clearly annoyed Asian classmates at the time.

No. 1510164

>dragonball z abridged? That was hilarious
Get help.

No. 1510167

she was a kid anon.

No. 1510171

Lmao imagine being so petty over online fandubs. I still love snapcube sonic fandubs

No. 1510178

>What makes you think she's a degenerate?
She has done something very specific so I'm not going to write it in case she uses lc because she ia going to know that I made this post. All I can say is she did something very childlike in public while sitting next to her boyfriend
I don't think that anyone who likes "childish" things is into DDLG, I like kawaii shit too and collecting plushies but this thing was unlike anything I have ever seen a weeb do

No. 1510187

Op here i was like 12?kek let a kid live

No. 1510242

So she was sitting next to her boyfriend and she was snuggling him or something like that while either biting something or sucking something. Wasn't she? I mean, what are the odds that she uses lolcor too? I'm pretty sure you two would've noticed already that the other is a sperg at some point.

No. 1510248

They look like they're ready to mug me

No. 1510250

File: 1677450242645.png (98.42 KB, 360x225, 1677378520198.png)

Why do some sylvanian families dolls have hands that can hold things but others don't?

No. 1510251

Some evolved to develop thumbs, others weren't genetically lucky enough to get that privilege.

No. 1510252

Do people who go to cons still not know how to shower? I told my friend I'd help him out and work at a game room for a convention at the end of March and I didn't realize until after I said yes how smelly it could be. I haven't been to a con in 10 years

No. 1510253

I'm sorry I had delete my post to fix some stupid shit I didn't see

No. 1510254

Most of them are usually basement dwellers that never go out and are so used to their own stench that they don't even notice that they stink. Others just surely get nervous over the sole idea of going out, so when in a crowded place, they sweat a lot out of nervousness and stink a lot.

No. 1510255

I believe it depends on the release date, older versions of some families had hands to hold accessories and the newer ones made by Epoch now don't have this

No. 1510256

Got it, then I will at least treat it as an opportune people watching experience for some pocket money

No. 1510267

thank you ♥

No. 1510286

Are people in their early 40s considered older millennials or gen-x?

No. 1510289

Gen X, older millennials are lower thirties.

No. 1510294

she is a sperg that's why I'm being vague

No. 1510296

not anymore, honey. you can be 43 this year and still be a millenial. time marches on. early 30s is also millenial though.

No. 1510298

File: 1677453782754.png (59.64 KB, 580x363, Generation_timeline.svg.png)

could be either. people who turn 43 this year are on the cusp and could claim either generation.

No. 1510302

so I just found out my older cousin who lives abroad welcomed a baby with his new gf this christmas and while that's good and all I was shocked to learn that his gf is 38 years old and this is her first kid. she is almost 40! everyone in my family acted like I was crazy for being shocked about her age, nonnas am I crazy? 38 to me is way too old to be having kids, especially starting out having them, afaik there's a ton of risks that start becoming really serious as soon as you're over 30 not to mention almost 40??? I tried explaining that my shock was not due to shaming her but legitimate concern but even my mom acted like it's not a big deal and she's always been on me trying to push for grandkids since "you're not getting any younger and it's bad to wait too long". i'm almost half this woman's age but i should start having kids now while she's fine popping her first out at almost 40 like it's not running the risk of being developmentally challenged?? seriously am i wrong or are they just living in make believe land because of a new baby?

No. 1510308

Nonas, is it time to call the friendship quits?
She does not initiate conversation anymore, or propose things to do, doesn't reply to texts often, and when she does it's the "lol" and other low effort responses, she's declined to get together 3 or 4 attempts in a row now and when I check in to see how her previously arranged plans went, I get things like "Oh that event was 2 days ago" or "I got really drunk instead" I just feel left out and kind of kicked to the side.

No. 1510309

Oh, this only makes me feel younger thank you nonna!

No. 1510311

I think it's a bit late as well, more because of how old the mother will be when the kids will be a teenager and then a young adult. This also applies to old fathers though.

No. 1510314

Nonnies who are the more accepted race/ethnic group and are in a relationship with someone from a less accepted group, have you ever had people come to you privately to be racist about your partner or talked about them in a group? I guess I’m just asking what racism do you actually see surrounding your partner with or without them present.

For example a family member coming up to me and asking if I was ok and why I was lowering myself to date a mixed man

No. 1510322

I'm not in a relationship with the person anymore but when I was, no, I never had anyone approach me and say/do anything.

No. 1510328

I'm a millenial close enough to claim gen z if I want, but I think the generational conflict thing is cringe, so I'd rather just keep it to myself at all times, personally.

No. 1510345

i love this idea anon, i think i might start doing this too. even if it doesnt get read and thrown out, it seems like a nice release

No. 1510352

happy to help

No. 1510353

I've never dated because my family wouldn't accept the kind of guys I'm into and I don't want to touch Muslim men with a ten foot pole but we live in the same city so I can't hide anything yet. My parents are from the same ethnic group but not the same tribe (I guess that's the word?) so a bunch of people think they're an interracial couple out of context and they sometimes hear crazy comments because my father looks European. The worst one was when we were all in the car in Spain to cross the country and then take the ferry when I was a kid. Some Muslim retard who was doing the same trip and didn't know how to drive forced us to park in that lane on the side of the road to make sure we could drive safely after he left, but the guy also stopped, took out a knife to try to stab my father and called my mother a whore and a race traitor. Weird shit, anyway we left asap and in one piece and I hope his wife wasn't being abused by him because she was wearing a burqa and that's not typical at all over here so the guy must be crazy on a regular basis.

No. 1510358

It might be time to accept that she's moved on. Trying to maintain a one-sided friendship is exhausting and more trouble than it's worth. If you get more negative feelings than positive ones from a relationship, is it truly worth keeping it going just out of a sense of obligation/nostalgia for the good old days? If she misses you, she'll reach out herself. Otherwise, you did good by moving on. I hope the best for you nonnie.

No. 1510361

I mean she already had the baby, how are you concerned it's going to be born developmentally challenged? I don't really see the big deal, the risks are higher but there are tests for that kind of thing and it is up to the parents if they want to take that risk, I don't see how people who aren't involved in raising the child would have such a serious opinion on it.

No. 1510363

ntayrt but going through something very similar and appreciate the advice anyways

No. 1510371

My cousin was on the biggest con of our country last year and he said that if it weren't for work, he wouldn't have gone there just because of the smell alone.

No. 1510376

Do babies hold their breath when they're asleep? I swear sometimes they literally stop breathing, or at least they look like they're not breathing

No. 1510385

File: 1677462773230.jpg (35.33 KB, 1000x563, 221127.jpg)

No. 1510391

File: 1677463743649.png (848.96 KB, 1024x683, Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 02-08…)

Maybe it needs this? Don't worry the baby isn't real.

No. 1510396

Idk, I see so many parents say they have to check on their babies and see if their breathing so I'm not sure if it's a medical thing. I've babysat a few times and there's always a moment where you kind of have to watch and see if they're ok. Anyway I just had to ask cause there's been a new addition to my extended family and coincidentally I saw a video of a parent checking their on their child so it was on my mind. Also those realistic babies are freaky.

No. 1510416

my mom had my sister around that age with zero problems. she's the most normal sibling of the family weirdly enough.

No. 1510418

The risks are higher, but it's still just small percentages higher, also depends on the mans age.
My mom had me and my siblings at 38-43 and none of us have autism or anything.

No. 1510425

File: 1677467401632.png (353.18 KB, 854x478, tumblr_360e086f354b5a4764f95a3…)

What can I do in place of binge eating that's better than binge eating? It's basically a compulsion, I'd replace it with a drink if I had options on hand rather than water. I do drink water sometimes to fight the urge but it's not always enough. I have gum but that only lasts a little bit and it's not that great. What is a good replacement?

No. 1510427

yes sometimes they will stop breathing for a few seconds, it's worse if they have apnea. fun fact I recently learned, even if they're breathing you have to worry that they aren't accidentally re-breathing the air they exhale because that's how SIDS usually happens.

No. 1510438

Having children when you are 40 is more common than you think. I even know people who have had children when they were 50 and the children in question came out fine. Some people have a late start to building families for whatever reason or just have accident children and decide to roll with it.

No. 1510443

what is “women’s spaces”? Please I’m not baiting, it’s not clear to me exactly what is meant by the term.

No. 1510448

go on a walk somewhere scenic, it feels better than binging. Biking is even better because you’re moving faster and you can just coast while your mind races and the wind rushes over you.

No. 1510452

Is it bad that I just plain don't want to hate on trans people anymore? Despite knowing what I know and my personal moral standards about the whole movement, I just don't have energy to do so anymore. I feel bad.

No. 1510461

I pick and choose who I hate instead of whole groups so the fire never burns out, then again I don't like hating in the first place so maybe someone else should answer this one.

No. 1510469

File: 1677469972928.png (1.1 MB, 1080x968, 23d153fd2ae754e49a6b972d79ea8b…)

That's actually my issue, I don't like hating plain and simple, the actions of the trans ideology followers are super nasty though. But, it just makes me feel like I'm wasting my time. Maybe I'm not being as fair to some people as I should be. Am I dumb? I feel so confused.

No. 1510473

File: 1677470241399.jpg (2.64 MB, 1400x2100, magnolias.jpg)

women spaces are spaces where women typically hang out, be it online or irl. Pinterest is mainly oriented to female demographic so that's one example, and nail salons are typically a place where women have interacted with each other. Women only spaces are then, spaces where only women are allowed to be, like women only communes and women's shelters.

No. 1510474

Do you even know what's hate? Hate is how trannies hate "terfs" as in spending their whole day thinking about raping and killing women because they don't agree with their views.
Real, actual hate means spending your time thinking about how you dislike something or someone to the point of not wanting it to exist, real hate consumes your life.
So unless you're actually doing something like sending death threats to trannies every morning with your coffee, you don't truly hate them.
I particularly only remember their miserable existence when the trans thread gets bumped, otherwise I literally don't care about them.
Like, it bugs me because people really think they hate trannies when in reality they're just aware of their disgusting behavior and feel reasonably disgusted by them, and you can write long ass essays about how you think they're the scum of earth but if you live on, unaware of their existence, or maybe you can even interact with them politely irl, then you don't really, truly hate them.
And trannies use that hyperbolic vocabulary because it's easier to play victim when reasonable people or normies suddenly read stuff like "wow these people hate us!!! They said so in this Mongolian basket weaving forum!!" But most people don't really hate them after all, literally nobody really cares unless they're being personally affected by them.

No. 1510477

I've never really hated trans people tbh. I don't like them but I don't dislike them enough for it to be hate really. It's like an " I don't care" sort of dislike. I focus my attention towards other issues that women face, those interest me more.

No. 1510479

I don't think it's exactly dumb to hate someone just based on group alone even if the leaders of said group are obviously deserving of hate. I hate hate mainly, pesky thing ruins a lot of stuff in this world but I do hate things as well. Hate is a poison so it's best tampered so it won't consume you.

No. 1510482

File: 1677471076391.jpeg (164.85 KB, 1682x1412, 1672807973923.jpeg)

>Like, it bugs me because people really think they hate trannies when in reality they're just aware of their disgusting behavior and feel reasonably disgusted by them
That's understandable. I guess I am kinda vocal about it with someone I'm very close to and they insist I stop because everyone deserves a chance without being judged, and this person keeps insisting that I'm only mean spirited because of my circumstances / life experiences and that I need to change into a better, more accepting person, that treats individuals good rather than disliking them all at once.

That and I've been getting memed by social media posts that are like "if you do x you hate trans people and you're bad" and I just have an online reputation that I would like to not taint. It's not like I would overtly say my views on the internet but that I feel like even rolling my eyes at them makes me a bad person. Idk. I want to be able to overcome this.

I did talk about this with a psychologist and she insisted that I shouldn't judge people as a whole either and only be critical on a one by one basis, so I've been pretty confused recently.

No. 1510484

Figure out how many daily calories you should be eating and then just eat them all in one go every day (so basically a daily controlled binge). I usually eat a protein bar for breakfast/lunch and some fruit which keeps me filled up until dinner time and then i go ham. I literally started working out and building muscle just so i can eat more for dinner (and dessert). I havent properly binged for almost a year now. I did fail and overate when i just started and sometimes fucked up with snacks and fast food but i stayed determined. Maybe something like this will work for you, otherwise just figure out something that can make you stay determined!

No. 1510490

I mean, think about this: have you ever had any positive personal encounters with trannies?
As in, hey, you got to greet a few of them irl, or even online, you can have normal conversations with them that aren't about gender shit or politics, and such?
Like what are your personal experiences?
You don't even need to respond, just think about it. Is your dislike something that comes from the internet and that's it? Or have you seen, or even experienced something that made you wary of these sorts of people?
Like this is the kind of things that really makes you think that there really are lots of groups of people that aren't really bad, you can name it: continents, countries, cities, neighborhoods, social status, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, colors, shapes, sizes, beliefs, styles, ages, sexualities, hell add gender identity bullshit if you want.
Like, when you think about it, yeah, there are indeed lots of nice people, or even just one person that's nice to you, even if it's just to you. And I honestly can think of every individual category of those and think of a name or face of a person that was nice.
But, if you can't think of someone that was genuinely nice, that never got spoiled by any uncomfortable or bad moments and it's a coincidence that they come from the same little group, then maybe it isn't a baseless dislike.

No. 1510496

Nah I get you. I don't like to think of myself as a hateful or bigoted person but the behaviour of trans people makes it hard, honestly. Sometimes I have to stop browsing the MtF thread because it just makes me seethe and that can be exhausting. There's better ways to focus my mental energy. That's not to say that I don't find a lot of troons annoying, and I'm still looking forward for the day that the trans thing blows over and becomes another fad in the past. But at this point I'm just putting it in the back of my mind if I can, even if it's a little hard to because they're literally everywhere in the internet, in the news, and irl.

No. 1510503

Nta, but personally, I've never met a trans people that was actually a good person even back before I peaked when I didn't have as much biases as I have now. I'm starting to believe you need to have a certain level of neuroticism and narcissism to be a tranny. It's just like with men. Yeah not ALL men are like that of course but TOO MANY men are like that. Trannies are the same. Like there's something fundamentally wrong with trannies the same way there's something fundamentally wrong with men. And honestly, I'm just tired of them the same way I'm tired of giving men a chance. I guess this makes me both a "misandrist" and a "tranny hater."

No. 1510504

You're plenty fine
It's fun to laugh at troons and whatnot, but I can't bring myself to hate them as much as some anons do on lc
I don't have the energy and don't think it's worth it (I only dislike individuals/the perverts/AGP kinds). It's mostly that I think they need extra therapeutic help that goes beyond chopping off body parts or agreeing with their delusions, but certainly they don't deserve to be beaten/killed just for being trans

No. 1510506

NTA but I've met several trans-identifying people (TIFs predominantly [and don't think that my calling them trans-identifying means I'm a TRA, I'm just saying it like it is]) and a few of them were alright as far as people go. They generally crack a lot of gendershit jokes but it's not like the only thing they'll talk about

No. 1510509

Does anyone want to make out

No. 1510511

What filters does pokimane use on stream/for her videos? Is there anyway I can use silly filters on stream?

No. 1510518

File: 1677474309594.jpg (46.79 KB, 500x496, c91c2e360353ec57ef820f667e373f…)

>you can have normal conversations with them that aren't about gender shit or politics, and such?
Honestly? No. Not really. It's increasingly difficult. I've been debating on getting rid of a friend who identifies as queer because these things just feel so off to me.
>Nah I get you. I don't like to think of myself as a hateful or bigoted person but the behaviour of trans people makes it hard, honestly
>I'm starting to believe you need to have a certain level of neuroticism and narcissism to be a tranny.
Honestly, I've noticed this before too. But I met a nice one irl, mtf originally gay man. He was sweet. He's the main reason why I feel iffy putting everyone in the same "bad person" box but you're right, the stuff I've seen online is just inexcusable. I feel bigoted and like a mean person when I think this though. Like, legit guilt even though I know these people are up to no good. I don't know. I guess it has to come to a balance?

No. 1510522

The bad ones are much louder than the good ones as in all things, main issue is how the trans movement is being headed and being used rather than every last trans person being some AGP lunatic who exists only to spend their whole lives frothing at the mouth about women. Plenty are like that but some aren't and really that's just the secret of life.
Biggest issue I see with it is the fact that the whole you just have to identify thing because it's too easy to just outright lie. For me it's like police officers, very easy for shitty people to get in so you'll hear horror stories way more often than nice stories.
Wholesome news doesn't sell.

No. 1510523

I think maybe you're trying to reconcile the cognitive dissonance you're feeling of trying to be a "good person" by being accepting of trans people while at the same time not putting any tolerance towards the harmful behaviour trans people exhibit. Honestly I've been there before and I don't really have a clear answer for you. The last time when I tried to seek out an answer, by discussing with a close trans "friend" ended in ruining my friendship with them.

No. 1510530

embarrassed about this one but how do people on here tell which specific anons are posting something, like in the twitter hate thread someone responded to another anon being like "you're always going on off topic about something" how can you tell who is posting what am i missing

No. 1510536

Some of us are huge losers who stalk everyone, there's a lot of ways to tell if you've been doing it long enough. People will often push out typing style as the reason but it's far more nuanced than just that.

No. 1510537

File: 1677476203235.jpeg (80.91 KB, 1280x720, 5141589A-3D2F-4E23-94DA-3E61BE…)

You just need picrel

No. 1510538

Bah that's a rookie crutch.

No. 1510550

Speech patterns/phrases + conversation topics. I know I'm probably identifiable too, because of my esl and the same spelling mistakes that I'm too lazy to correct, but idc.

No. 1510617

File: 1677486574049.png (308.87 KB, 3709x2757, socsci-11-00160-g0A1.png)

Does anyone else think the whole skintone/color-analysis/season stuff is bs? Like, to me it doesn't seem fitting that you should limit your wardrobe to one set of colors because I've come to notice how often my skintone looks different under different lightings, different settings, how warm I am, and especially how healthy I am. The one exception I have is white/black since it can make some people washed out. And maybe there's some undertones/overtones people have but is it really enough to warrant limiting your wardrobe to just a few colors?

No. 1510623

To some extent yeah, but I think there are some colors/hues/etc that are very complimentary to each other. People should wear whatever they want though.

No. 1510629

What in the actual hell is this French YouTuber/tiktoker supporter of Amberlynn Reid?
Ptain, je suis pas le drama français. KF est mainstream en France ? Lolcow ?
Ptain, les meufs, je suis grave dépassée, j'aurais pas dû perdre mon compte Discord pour le chan.

No. 1510633

I recently found out that Michelle Phan and some Asian weeb named Mei Ling or something are in an Asian sex cult catering to yellow fever and that Michelle is part of another cult involving new ageism and supposedly healed some dude who spent many years in a wheelchair.

Where can I find more info on this? Isn’t she still with that guy from Switzerland??

No. 1510637

Wtf? Watching Michelle is how I learned to do makeup. Crazy if true.

No. 1510643

File: 1677489538170.png (367.5 KB, 1366x629, 55-3.png)

yeah sometimes the advice given can make people look worse imo

No. 1510651

Sounds hilarious, source on this please?

No. 1510664

No. 1510666

No. 1510675

Nonnies how do you all pee? Do you fully relax? Like so relaxed that your stomach pops out? I've had pain in my vulva for a year after urinating, I've tried everything, and recently I started flexing my abs during and specially after I'm done peeing and my fucking pain is almost entirely gone. Is this how I'm supposed to pee? Is it bad to relax too much?

No. 1510681

File: 1677494787821.jpeg (216.5 KB, 1024x1678, 630655A1-C8A5-481E-B0C0-CFAF2E…)

No. 1510686

should i get a bodypillow with my ex printed on it

No. 1510687

File: 1677495465181.jpeg (91.79 KB, 760x967, 8584EFDD-8723-4003-B80B-560800…)

Chinese knock-off Allison Mack talks about Michelle in this blogpost, she was probably their sex slave for awhile.

No. 1510693

No. 1510696

Absolutely not, anon, that's sad. Love yourself

No. 1510700

Depends nonna, are you planning to use it as an effigy in a ritual to do harm to him? If so, yes. If not, no.

No. 1510732

I always hear about relationships make you grow as a person, you find out so much about yourself with a partner… As a lifelong celibate am I condemned to be a mentally a teenager by not dating?

No. 1510734

No. You're stunted in one way,but I wouldn't put you at the mentality of a teenager, and it's unlikely to affect you in any major ways. Because of the world that we live in, most people are stunted in different ways. Hunting and starving used to be things that every human experienced, now most people don't. And they're stunted for it, but they're not at the mentality of a teenager.

No. 1510738

I'm at my normal level of relaxation but I consciously relax the sphincter that holds the urine in. But that's the only change I make. Otherwise I just sit there until I'm done peeing. Have you been seen by a doctor?

No. 1510739

Nona. Go to a fucking doctor. Pain after peeing for a damn year is not normal. You shouldn't be in pain whether your relax or flex.
Myself, I flex (that get the flow going) and relax until the whole bladder is empty.
Go to the damn doctor. Maybe it's a pelvic floor issue. Maybe it's some kind of long infection left untreated. Get yourself checked before it's even worse.
(JFC, I have written what feels like the same message to a Nona with pain in her panini like a year ago and she ended up having something that could have left her infertile if untreated)

No. 1510740

is it normal to have saggy boobs at 21? i dont wear a bra most of the time

No. 1510749

yeah, that's normal, especially if they're bigger. mine reach below my bellybutton when i slouch, kek. and i wore a bra 24/7, even sleeping, till i turned 20, then i went bra-free and they've remained more or less the same since then, saggy.

No. 1510754

Extreme sagginess before giving birth without having to huge tits is not normal. I've seen saggy boobs in a lot of anachan or extreme weight loss results so if that's your case, please get help. Other than that, a lot of boobs sag to a point and it's completely normal, though the two causes I listed are extreme and a cause of worry. You can also workout to get better support of gain a little weight to fill out your skin.

No. 1510756

Yes anon having saggy boobs is normal even at 21.

No. 1510760

Yep, normal. Just how gravity works.
Btw wearing a bra doesn't affect the sagginess of your boobs at all, it's really just more of a "modesty"/shapewear garment. The sag is determined by size, lifestyle (your boobs will sag more if you've lost a lot of weight) and genetics, unfortunately. Don't sweat it.

No. 1510764

Anon I gotta ask…what is extreme saggyness to you and why frame it like it's a problem that NEEDS to be corrected? They are sack of fat affected by gravity, size and lifestyle like >>1510760 said.

No. 1510768

Oh Nonnie I have been to so many doctors. Doctors here are shit. 2 gynos and 2 urologists mostly dismissed me and couldn't figure out what was wrong.
I got diagnosed with chronic vulva pain ONLY after I found out about it by googling my symptoms, and after I found a doctor who knew what it was. But that doctor mainly wants to block the pain with antidepressants, instead of finding the cause.
I do believe I have pelvic floor dysfunction, hopefully the new gyno I am seeing soon will agree. Not a single doctor has even mentioned pelvic floor dysfunction despite my symptoms.

No. 1510775

What Korean drama is the OP picrel from? (Japanese drama?)

No. 1510776

The FUCK? what kind of assclown treats pain with antidepressants??

No. 1510786

Yup. Zoloft for example is prescribed for pain.
Or shit like gabapentine. Fun fact about gabapentine, it's commonly prescribed for chronic nerve pain where I live, but if you do some research about it, kek, in fact, no-one is really sure how it works. (and it's highly addictive, really easy to misuse and get yourself high as a kite with)

No. 1510787

Saggy is a type of breast shape, it's totally normal.

No. 1510793

That sucks, I'm sorry. I do hope they find its about your pelvic floor and there's something to do about it.
(welp, I'm gonna open a nonnie free clinic and shitty guess diagnostics if my current gig fall through.)

No. 1510810

They prescribe it to people and pets for anxiety too, but when I looked it up b/c a therapist suggested it to me, I found out there's ZERO evidence that gabapentin does anything for anxiety. It's just being pushed by the manufacturer as an off-label prescription for everything they can think of. NTA, just triggered by the mention of gabapentin.

No. 1510812

What's the TL;DR of the controversy behind Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee? I'm definitely a bit retarded because I've never been able to understand the whole debacle.

No. 1510819

Atticus Finch became a segregationist and there's a point where he says that blacks and whites "aren't ready" to coexist together.

No. 1510821

Ayrt, I mean behind the scenes of the book. I heard something about Lee not wanting to write it??

No. 1510883

Nayrt- she was 89 when it was published and it was a draft of her other book so people were concerned. Tkam is actually a pretty racist book in itself though so imo the speculation is unfounded

No. 1510886

How is to kill a mockingbird racist???? What????

No. 1510887

Can you kick out everybody in animal crossing and just live on your own

No. 1510898

thanks! my tits are super weird, like saggy and wide and one nipple is bigger than the other, when i slouch it kinda looks like a sad pepe and it makes me laugh, anyways i just wanted to know because my mom had breast cancer so i am worried about whats healthy/normal development and what should be worrying

No. 1510902

>highly addictive
Come on now. I know that I don't have an addictive personality and was able to do meth a bunch without getting addicted, but I would not consider Gabapentin addictive. Besides, it's a really good pain killer compared to the side effects of all the others on the market.

No. 1510907

lmfao I like your spirit anon

No. 1510908

I didn't follow this but I do remember seeing there was a thread on /snow/

No. 1510909

The only black characters of real importance are the falsely accused man who gets brutally murdered, a drunkard who invites the kids to sit with him and a literal mammy stereotype. Iirc everyone knows the black man was falsely accused too but the only person who cares enough to do anything is a brave, heroic white man. It's the little things like that.

No. 1510911

Is it normal to see a thing in the corner of your eye when the air is dry? It comes and goes away and I don't experience it when I'm out. So should I be worried or is it just because the windows are always closed + the heater always on?

No. 1510914

Why did this blarrägh Ikea plush become the symbol of girlhood for small town agp-femme boys?

I saw it being laughed about here, and then spotted in full seriousness irl.

No. 1510921

You're retarded, the book was released in 1960 and also the "drunkard" is a white man who is prefers black people to whites and is pretending to be drunk. Anyway.

No. 1510922

blåhaj happens to have the same colors as the tranny flag, that's about it.

No. 1510942

nta but that's why?? lol what? it's blue and white. where's the pink, inside it's mouth?

No. 1510949

Thanks nona. Wow. That's such a weak association.

The grey might have blue tones, but it's not even close to baby blue hue. Had to search to find the barely visible pinkish mouth.

No. 1510978

File: 1677529437086.jpeg (33.68 KB, 650x366, C2AEA88D-7CCE-49A3-90F9-D1ADDC…)

What has Cate Blanchett done why do farmers hate her

No. 1510979

Is it weird for an 18 year old to be dating a 16 year old? My cousin is getting shit for dating an 18 year old, but they are like 14 months apart and they were dating when he was 17. Mainly Tumblr flack

No. 1510981

She's ugly.
Jk. I honestly don't know, but if I had to hazard a guess she's probably some troon sympathizer.

No. 1510986

not at all. 18 year old is likely just out of high school, sometimes still in high school. i'd say even a 20 year old dating a 16 or 17 year old isn't an issue if they met eachother during high school. life stage is just as important as age in these situations.

No. 1510989

Apparently she named one of her children after Roman Polanski.

No. 1510990

All I know about her is she loves woody allen

No. 1510993

In english being sarcastic we go ooooh la de da is there something similar in your language and if so what is it

No. 1510994

Age gap relationships disgust me but that's dumb as hell. A 14 month gap they could literally could be in the same grade

No. 1511008

Nonnies, is it easy for you to find interesting/entertaining content in your native language (if it's not English), well, on youtube, for example (can be another platforms or media as well)?
I can see that there's a lot more in mine lately, but I'm yet to find something good. Not that it's so important to me, I guess I'm just curious about it, but so far I've seen mostly incredibly boring stuff, just neutral at best (but still often with boring delivery). I might generalize, could've missed something because I only watch videos that pop up in my recs, but, for example, female creators I've seen that discuss more or less serious stuff, that consider themselves to be feminists, review and criticize shit, etc., are so weirdly patronizing and sanctimonious, and their comment sections give pretty much the same air. I very seldom talk to people nowadays, especially more or less my age, and I'm starting to wonder if it's a tendency among "thinking youth" (omg). Probably not, but still. Returning to the subject of videos, I don't really see fun review channels, for example, if the reviews are not boring as I described they're just really sloppy or extremely chaotic with 10000+ memes changing in 1 sec but even this is a rarity because it's a snooze fest 95% of the time.

No. 1511028

I'm mostly interested in fairly niche subjects so I almost always default to English content because there's just not much if anything about it in my native language.

No. 1511038

File: 1677535098671.gif (98.44 KB, 220x220, hatsune-miku.gif)

An acquaintance of mine is having a terrible situation with an old man that she has to live with.
Its an old man and he always makes sure to come into her room or go as far as go out to peek out of the window whenever she is undressed. He keeps being obsessed with invading her space. It gives her a big distress as he would go as far as even break her door for no damn reason and her roommates don't give a shit. She carnot afford to move out and she is disabled. I wonder if there are any articles or information i can find for her to at least keep herself safe or something. I wonder if any woman shelter would even work…it's insane. Is there anything she could even install or get for her room for her safety?

No. 1511041

Actually that's the standard treatment for chronic vulva pain (vulvodynia). The antidepressants can numb the nerves that cause the pain.
I guess it works if what you actually have is nerve damage for no reason, but not if the cause is something else, like it was for me.

No. 1511055

Well she definitely needs a good lock on her door. If she can't install one, there's portable ones that people use for travel.
I would also get a door stop alarm. It makes a loud noise when someone outside opens the door, it might deter him from doing it if others can hear it/if it bothers them.
Also install a window privacy film. She could get those cheap mosaic ones, and they're pretty too.
Maybe get webcam for her room to record him coming in or place a ring camera on the door, it's motion activated and would film anybody coming close. You'd need to check laws about filming in private property for this tho.
He's probably braking some laws by going into her private space, even in a rented room. You should look into that too.

No. 1511063

Is there a difference between someone saying I'm in love with you or I think I'm in love with you

No. 1511068

often just the idea of there being a camera will deter someone from doing something bad. if she can make the old man believe there's a camera it could help a lot. the whole situation sounds beyond fucked.

No. 1511126

Nta but your spoiler can apply to most celebs in general tbf, lady gaga also supports trannies but is still liked here for some reason. plus Rihanna flat out worked with depp but is also liked (feels like everyone completely forgot about the incident literally a week later kek) florence pugh also defended depp, kristen stewart defended woody allen, and so on. like pretty much 99% of celebrities are like this but anons forget all the time or give some of them a pass

No. 1511131

My mom had her golden child at 38, literally the smartest and healthiest of us all (not me obviously kek). Three of my cousins are 35-40 and two recently gave healthy births while one is currently pregnant. You're definitely overreacting.

No. 1511132

>you have to worry that they aren't accidentally re-breathing the air they exhale because that's how SIDS usually happens.
We need to evolve so babies can stay in the womb longer or they need to develop faster, this is fucked.

No. 1511138

The former sounds more certain.

No. 1511140

How do you nonna's store your scarves? I have a drawer for them but it's completely full and I don't want to get rid of any of them. I also don't have any spare drawers lol.

No. 1511142

I just have them on a hanger, but i don't own that many scarves,

No. 1511145

Of course there is, "I'm in love with you" is an affirmation, it tells you what you need to know "I think I'm in love with you" is more like someone isn't sure of their own feelings and wants to get an answer so you think for that person.

No. 1511150

buy gum in bulk from online.

No. 1511156

File: 1677547383433.jpeg (269.48 KB, 873x1200, 1676862975111.jpeg)

ok this is gonna sound real dumb, but, uh, how true is that rumor that some printers can have malware? I've been trying to research the subject after hearing about it.
I'm looking into a thermal printer that's very cheap for my small business but I'm turtling a bit because of my paranoia. it might lead me to just get a normal name brand 200$~ one even though I'd like to avoid it.
and yeah maybe I just heard the rumor cuz of anti-China sentiment, idk.

No. 1511204

whats the max size of webms allowed here?
im trying to post vids of a cow to their thread but keep getting error i think about the vids being too big

No. 1511218

I experienced CSA and it was obviously quite traumatic. But there is this thing in my way of dressing, one day I will wear revealing clothes and not really care, then the day after I want to be fully covered up in XXL tracksuits, even to the point of covering my hair to feel safe and comfortable (I'm not Islamic). Is this normal? I can't find much info on it.

No. 1511240

I'm the exact same way.

No. 1511251

>Your ahe roommate HMMM I wonder what that fucking means
…what does that mean?

No. 1511260

If I sell items on mercari, ebay, vinted, wherever will the tax form I need to submit be this year for april or next years? They said they were holding off on the 600 rule and going back to the 20k rule. I'm worried because it would be decluttering collector stuff for around $100-250 an item.

No. 1511272

I think anon meant to say asshole but she censored it with asterisks and because of how our site works it just made the h bold. Idk why she did that.

No. 1511280

From what I understand the rule has been suspended this year. The IRS is gonna try to implement it next year, so sell as much as you can before the rule kicks in.

No. 1511295

omg you're probably right, I even typed it with asterisks so it was bold like her post and didn't figure it out lolol

No. 1511298

oh god. thank you anon!!

No. 1511351

I want to sell my desktop PC and have been putting up ads on online marketplaces and people are viewing the ads but no purchases have been made yet. What else can I do to sell it more quickly?

No. 1511357

What are your specs

No. 1511360

Cpu is Ryzen 7, ram is 16 gb, storage 1 tb. Gpu is entry level, I planned on buying a proper one but that never happened

No. 1511387

nta, I know next to nothing about computer hardware but i think those specs are decent. One thing i can think of is offering to deliver it to them if you really need the money, lots of people don't have a car and it'll give them less of an excuse not to buy your pc. Maybe also include all types of payments, like cash/online/apple pay, whatever, if the marketplace allows that. Maybe also offer to set it up if they don't know how to do it. Think about things they might have difficulty with and sell them that.

No. 1511501

Does anyone know anything about the process of reporting DV after escaping the situation? I really need support and encouragement

No. 1511530

I would post this in relationship advice but it's just such a stupid question…how can I learn to love my partner's tattoos? He is a pretty boy and they look great on him, I just can't help but feel hesitant about them or wonder what he would look like without them. I'm considering getting a little one myself just to get over it..

Nonas, what are your thoughts on tattoos?

No. 1511534

You don't need to love his tattoos kek my boyfriend is handsome but has retarded tattoos and I will never try to fool myself into liking them because I value my sanity. Guaranteed your boyfriend has fugly stupid tattoos.

No. 1511546

unless they are an elaborate full body piece tattoos never make anyone look better and even then it's highly dependent on the design of the tattoo and the shape of the person's body. that's my opinion. they don't bother me though, my eyes just kind of glaze over them like freckles or scars and it all blurs together.
I think it's fun to look at when someone has a lot of little shitty ones all over like they're just addicted to getting tattoos. but it has to be a lot.

No. 1511551

I'm so sorry nonie. I never reported my abuse because I've had awful experiences with law enforcement in the past when I had a suicide attempt and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wish I could give you advice I just really hope that you stay safe and you know that nothing that happened is your fault.

No. 1511552

god don't force yourself to get a tattoo dummy, especially not for a boyfriend. Personally I feel neutral about tattoos. The thing is that they're rarely readable unless you're upclose and have a moment to look at them so I just don't see the point but they don't bother me either.

No. 1511555

Kek thanks for the laugh, you're probably right. We're both designers so I can appreciate them from an artistic perspective (most of them are quite pretty) but I guess I find them really distracting from his features, especially his neck tattoo.

I agree, I usually don't care about or notice them and just see them as another default feature. I only think about my bf's tattoos when I bring him around my parents or imagine having kids together. And I wasn't thinking of getting one /for/ him, just kind of as exposure therapy because I don't like that I feel a lingering bit of judgmental towards them

No. 1511565

Sorry, I've left but I've never reported it (was a parent who already went to jail and got out of jail for the same shit so I didn't think it would do anything). My sister did but she seemed to want someone to storm in and solve the situation which is not what happens, so she didn't take it as far as court or getting a protection order and nothing happened. I'm under the impression that you call the police to file a report and ask them to put you in touch with a social worker or DV advocate who can tell you what to file with the courts in terms of protection orders etc. There's the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 if you're in the US and they have general advice on their website as well https://www.thehotline.org/resources/reporting-to-police-options-tips-for-being-prepared/
First and foremost protect yourself. Don't let your abuser know where you are now that you've left (if possible), and make sure everyone around you knows what they did because abusers are also manipulators and will try to get to you through other people when you leave.

No. 1511566

I think tattoos peaked in the early 2000s and I prefer a partner without them. Thankfully I've been married over 10 years and my wife has zero interest in getting a tattoo. I only have two, but am getting them lasered off when I save up the cash. I think tattoos are like graphic designs on tshirt when you are obsessed with a random but the hype wears off really quickly once you realize it's there on your skin for a long time. Tattoos are not for me, but I was also raised in tattoo culture as a kid, so that affected my personal opinion.

No. 1511567

How many of us experience weight gain on our periods?
Is it really temporary, as long as eating is average?

No. 1511568

I don't know about weight gain, but bloating and carrying more water is normal. I usually just accept that shit and work out like normal if my cramps arent too bad.

No. 1511571

Does chicken really need to be fully defrosted before you can cook it?

No. 1511572

why is it worth it to laser them off?

No. 1511575

It's worth it if someone can afford it. Laser removal has become more commonplace now. So you can go to a doctor to get it done with a machine with minimal to zero scarring. Some people make bad choices when it comes to tattoos or just want them gone. I think it's great we have the option to get rid of them now in a safer method than 10+ years ago.

No. 1511577

A bit late but thank you for your reply, I'm always scared I give off teenager vibes despite being 30, and I'm not a neet or anything, it's reassuring to hear.. I've entertained the idea of forcing myself to be in a relationship just to "grow up" but that's probably a recipe for disaster.

No. 1511578

it's supposed to be fine to cook from frozen as long as you can get it up to 165f internally. the flavor might be worse than thawed chicken because it won't cook as evenly. I've heard you aren't supposed to use a slow cooker for frozen chicken, it will spend too long in the "temperature danger zone" growing bacteria.

No. 1511581

i think the issue with narcs is they cannot reflect on their own actions or behaviours. is this true???? i know they have plenty more issues but is reflection the biggest issue?

No. 1511585

but noonie, they are always correct. why would they reflect on being correct? maybe to pat themselves on the back.

No. 1511587

I always thought lack of empathy was the main issue, but I doubt anyone on this board is a licensed psychiatrist so idk how accurate any answers you’re going to get here will be.

No. 1511593

Dont forget arts and craft’s clubs

No. 1511605

I sweat like a pig when I'm nervous. Does anyone have the same problem, what do you do? Deodorant doesn't help

No. 1511613

Men's deodorant regularly, wipe armpits with alcohol pads and reapply deodorant if you start smelling too strongly during the work day.
Also, a doctor can do botox injections into your armpits to stop you from sweating so much. I think there's also pills you can take, but they take away your general ability to sweat.

No. 1511622

Thanks nonnie!

No. 1511632

There's a big diff between deodorants and anti-perspirants. Deodorants just mask the smell but the latter literally blocks your sweat glands so sweat gets trapped. I stoped using them because they're apparently not good for you, but maybe that's what you need.

No. 1511643

can apple cider vinegar go bad? don't actually care for an answer, im guzzaling down this 2-3year shit anyways!!

No. 1511653

I saw a tiktok once of a woman who swore on using the yellow dial bar soap on her pits to help stop excess sweat. I'm assuming you get it slightly wet and apply it to your underarms and let it dry? Worth a try!

No. 1511654

I get this I think its anxiety related because during normal times my deodorant routine works then some times it doesn't even anti perspirant. I even tried making sure all my tops were cotton in case it was something to do with that. Like another anon suggested i might ask my doctor about botox injections cause it can be so embarrassing having pit stains you can't help lol, imo

No. 1511663

File: 1677612066915.jpeg (85.36 KB, 456x1023, 6E14C914-7906-4A28-BB4F-CF690B…)

I stress sweat sometimes. I put picrel on my pits once because it didn’t do anything for my face and I hoped it could help my ingrowns. I swear it made it smell less and maybe less sweat. Then I heard that there was a trend of putting some acid or active or something on your pits as deo so idk maybe it really does work

No. 1511667

Nta but glycolic acid is great for reducing the smell of sweat!

No. 1511684

is there any song lyric that makes anons cringe when they hear them?
Hard mode: you are not allowed to mention Unholy by Sam Smith

For me it's this line from willow by Taylor Swift
>But I come back stronger than a 90's trend
The song wants to present itself as folksy and mythical and then it throws this line at you that's going to date the song so badly. The song isn't even that old and this line is already outdated since no one cares about the 90's anymore and have moved to y2k.

No. 1511690

It can, but usually not that fast. I've had sealed bottles that I've used after ten years. It only goes bad when exposed to oxygen, though I think white vinegar can turn to water if it sits long enough. I forget if it needs oxygen to do that, or if it just undergoes the reaction given enough time.

No. 1511691

What type of malware do you mean? Because all printers print out invisible codes so that papers printed from that individual one can be identified. And the vast majority will tell you your ink is low when it's not so you have to buy more ink, but I wouldn't consider either of those malware.

No. 1511713

I have the opposite problem, I clutch too hard and nothing comes out unless I fully focus on relaxing my muscles, which can take several minutes.

No. 1511720

File: 1677615100572.jpg (74.28 KB, 906x873, loading.jpg)

Shit i have to find a decent dermatologist to go to, but i just don't trust the suckers, should I dupe my bf's mom/online prescription service into prescribing me Soolantra instead

No. 1511733

Slumber Party by Ashnikko (the entire song) and this snippet from Skulls by Bastille
>It's day of the dead, I'm Indiana Jones here
The rest of the lyrics are not very good either but the random pop culture reference clashes with the solemn atmosphere of the song.

No. 1511738

Can you log into her online health service whateveritscalled and send an online derm photos of your face and request a scrip for the soolantra? Because it’s pretty easy in my experience. It’s not like the derm knows what she looks like (unless you’re a very different skin tone from her which could be recorded on a chart they can see). She’d have to pick it up from the pharmacy I guess.

No. 1511741

Is it really that much harder to masturbate with your non-dominant hand?

No. 1511742

Samefag: Sorry I meant to say could you hypothetically do this as a thought experiment because of course no one here would ever take advantage of our beautiful healthcare systems

No. 1511750

she's a pharmacist, i could just ask her for a prescription, or pay for a prescription online, which I'd likely get since it's generally a very harmless drug. I was thinking more if it's worth it to self-medicate again

No. 1511752

That's how I do it, I started on tumblr and I was using my dominant hand to scroll down and since then it stuck. Some people think I'm a freak for doing it that way, but using your non dominant hand to do random shit is apparently a decent way to train your brain.

No. 1511764

I know alcohol fucks up your skin and dries it out, but I think the perma-grin is just from showing a state of current drunkeness. Like they're in a haze, the lights are on, but nobody's home.

No. 1511765

Make your own sign and hang it up

No. 1511770

Random but I hate the term "baby boom". I don't know why

No. 1511796

I hate this, my friend and I got those sharks years ago because we thought they were cute and silly looking, and sharks have become a little joke between us now. Apparently troons on the internet also thought the shark was cute, and posted pictures of them and since other troons are terminally online they all started posting "Blåhaj is an ally" "The B in LGBT stands for Blåhaj" and shit like that and it all snowballed from there.


No. 1511823

anyone else struggles with basic grammar? I still have no idea when to use '','' or ''.'' , I feel so retarded.

No. 1511829

You use a comma to signify a break in speech or a thought. And you use a period at the end of a thought or statement.

No. 1511835

File: 1677624987934.png (131.63 KB, 417x457, artistic individual.png)

thanks, maybe i overthink it too much? I wanna write some scripts for yt videos, at least no one will have to see them.

No. 1511836

You sound like an obnoxious zoomer who doesn't know much about women's health. It's fine for women to have a baby at 38. The men's sperm is what is the most concerning. 38 isn't even old for a woman. Women are having kids later in life since they arent brainwashed to pop out a kid immediately after highschool now a days.

No. 1511869

I'm not saying it's not dumb but that's what I've seen troons saying about it on twitter but I think they just saw girls and women like it, noticed the colors with their retarded male eyes that can't see shades for shit and here you go

No. 1511905

>retarded male eyes that can't see shades for shit

No. 1511907

Anxious nonnas, how do you stop your skin from feeling like it’s on fire during an episode?

No. 1511911

on fire like all-over discomfort or on fire like flushing/blushing actual heat?

No. 1511914

No symptoms yet physically, I just feel like my skin is literally on fire and I keep scratching all over and want to rip my skin off. It’s happened before I ended up breaking out in full body hives though so I’m hoping it won’t get to that point

No. 1511922

Uhhh I’m going to go with talk to a doctor, nonners.

No. 1511925

That's a good idea. I hope you get a good doctor and they treat you with care. I've heard it's good to ask them if they would give the same health advice they are giving you to their mother or sister or friend.

No. 1511926

I know it's February but could you take a cool bath? Maybe get into a warm bath and then gradually add cool water.

No. 1511929

How do people manage to even dox those who mostly remain anonymous? Usually you’d have to leave a few hints here and there in order for someone to track you down, but I’ve heard of cases where people end up having every piece of private info including their ssn’s and bank accounts exposed. The only doxxing sites I’m familiar with are doxbin (and kiwifarms) but you’d probably have to dig pretty deep to even find stuff like that.

No. 1511942

Nona, how are you doing I can't stop thinking about this. I know it's the stupid question thread but your post was very serious and I want to know you're ok.

No. 1511946

It may have to do with hacking their accounts and getting hold of their emails?

No. 1512006

So a while back I saw that one statistic about an old scientific study claiming a crossdressing male takeing antipsychosis pills feels less urges to crossdress.
I didn't check the source back then but some tranny in the thread claimed it was bullshit and later studies debunked it. It was on /pol/ so I was skeptical about either claims. I had also heard similar unsourced claims that anti-trans scientific research is getting buried and defamed.
I also saw a lengthy video about the
>putting chemicals in the water to ture the frigging frogs gay
Alex Jones meme and turns out there is blatant evidence it's true (the frogs grew testicles in their ovaries and become hermaphrodite, not gay though, the company faced a lawsuit from the country of Brazil for causing cancer, US still claims its safe) and the US Government environment people passed a law saying the only scientific studies on if the poison is bad for the environment that count is the studies funded by the people making the poison.

So my question is about that first study with the antipsychotics preventing troons. Was it debunked? Was the debunking legit? Have other people tested it again? Where there any that tried and got defamed and slandered for trying?

No. 1512017

File: 1677646901536.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.65 KB, 1091x222, wtf.jpeg)

Why the fuck isn't Youtube making these videos 18+? I just want to find good yoga videos to stretch to, not fucking soft porn. This picture isn't even the worst of it.

No. 1512018

The absolute screed I wrote about frogs and environmental contaminants being real and my distaste at conflating it with troon shit will not be posted because it’s not fit for public viewing but let me just say I wish you’d gotten to your actual question faster

No. 1512129

Probably a few factors, like getting hold of someone's IP address, IRL mutuals, tiny bits of identifying info, and narrowing things down. Remember years ago when people here were doxing shoplifters from Tumblr? They used information like where they stole from, what they stole, other info on their blogs like whether they were still in school, had jobs, where they'd previously worked. Also photos of things like nails, which can be quite easily matched to photos on other sites like Instagram. When Corpsehusband was doxed anons used photos he'd posted of the inside of his apartment, the places he went to eat, some comments he'd made about doing parkour and other completely innocuous shit to find out who he was. Like
>>1511946 pointed out you can hack people's accounts and get hold of their emails/phone numbers. If you use the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts they can be hacked very easily.

No. 1512162

File: 1677675710337.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

"yoga models"? they can't even get their heels to the floor in adho mukha svanasana. plebs.

No. 1512275

Does any nonas know where I can find a very beginner gym plan? I haven't done any exercise in over 5 years and I can physically feel how weak my muscles are while doing mundane daily activities. All I have in my head atm are warm ups + treadmill for 15 minutes.
asked on /g/ too but its slower than /ot/

No. 1512280

You may just have to invest in finding a good seamstress to get the waists on your pants taken in. I have a similar problem to yours and have just resigned myself to needing to get things altered.

No. 1512283

as >>1512129 says comes down to rigorous research and figuring out equidistance between places, where someone's works, and a lot of people will slip up and mention their state, providence, city, etc

if they have any social media at all landmarks in backgrounds of photos. at least where I live our cities have distinguishing colors and some of them have emblems for their street signs. a very savvy person can dox anyone by using pics on socials unless the person they're trying to dox is very purposely obfuscating or misleading them

No. 1512293

File: 1677690950881.jpg (137.46 KB, 898x1600, 12873246728.jpg)

I found this dress being sold secondhand at a significant discount from the original price. It's several sizes bigger than my size but I think I could get it altered. I'm supposed to go to a wedding with a green theme in several months and my boyfriend is the best man. I currently own nothing in green. It's from a luxury brand and likely from several years ago now so I doubt I'll find it in my size anytime soon. Should I get it and get it altered or wait for something else?

No. 1512316

It's easier to take things in than expand them. If it's a little too big, altering is easy.

No. 1512339

File: 1677696103034.jpeg (81.84 KB, 750x758, 47725D6F-667C-42E4-9331-221558…)

Go for walks outside 20 mins a day if you can. Aside from that get some of these resistance bands and use them like those fly machines. Also things like glute bridges are easier but build muscle. It’s ok if you can only do 2mins at first. At this point you don’t really need a gym plan, just do whatever feels good until you’re a bit tired.

No. 1512342

The alteration may end up being quite expensive. Looks like there would be multiple parts on the bodice and maybe skirt that would need to be taken in. If it’s too big they may also have to take the sleeves off and redo them almost entirely. I would just wait.

No. 1512468

What's a good netflix show with hot guys? No Bridgerton they're ugly

No. 1512490

I liked some men in Peaky Blinders (namely Cillian Murphy although he's looked hotter in other stuff) and the main guy in The Witcher

No. 1512527

File: 1677709032353.png (144.11 KB, 408x612, salad_cream_original.png)

Watching a brit show and there was someone who was using what the lady called 'salad cream' but it looked like it was just ranch to me? When I looked it up I got this sauce. Is salad cream what they call salad dressing or is this what they were talking about britbongs help me out

No. 1512536

I had to ask this on this very board a while ago too. It's basically just mayonnaise that they put on salad (I think the British anons tried to argue that it's not mayo but it definitely is.)
>Salad cream is a creamy, pale yellow condiment based on an emulsion of about 25–50 percent oil in water, emulsified by egg yolk and acidulated by spirit vinegar

No. 1512537

KEK its not mayo. its like a sour/tangy creamy dressing, but not garlicky like ranch is. something like mayo + vinegar i guess. its not really that popular, at least not among the people i know

No. 1512551

Do they get shirtless in the shows or have a lot of lingering face shots? Sorry I sound weird but I'm just really horny lately but not in the masturbating way, in like a mental delusional fantasy way. Hope I make sense

No. 1512565

File: 1677711654030.gif (495.58 KB, 499x374, 58C86B48-BD72-492E-A955-26E3D6…)

What's the name of these nice cards that used to get sold eons ago that were basically like analog gifs? You could get tazos that were like that, and those were the super super rare ones.
They're like pic related, I want to know the name of this type of whatever it is so I can get some stuff like this.

No. 1512571

This looks cursed but I can't pinpoint why

No. 1512574

Yes they do get shirtless and there are lingering face shots. more shirtlessness in the witcher.
Pogs? (as in Pogs And Slammers)

No. 1512576

File: 1677712244944.jpeg (31.95 KB, 375x500, 2B64D9C2-7971-4664-9387-258FAC…)

Yeah, but what I really want to know is the name of the type of the moving super super rare pogs/tazos, there are even some tags from like pusheen that have that same effect.

No. 1512580

>hairy chest

No. 1512584

anon it took me a bit but I found it! It's lenticular! That was tough lol

No. 1512586

probably a faggy director, only gay men like disgusting hairy chests

No. 1512600

Thank you, nonnie! I will always love you!!

No. 1512601

Aw, lol sorry I don't care about hair I didn't even think of that. Almost all the men are hairless in peaky blinders!
Most netflix men are ugly to me so I'm struggling to think of other shows but they must exist… maybe ask in the tv show thread on /m/.

No. 1512607

watch True Blood if you're willing to go outside netflix.

No. 1512631

File: 1677718445932.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.69 KB, 692x444, d39cd69d7d5839515700102b9abfec…)

does anyone else feel drunk after having a lot of carbs or is it just me? also it's not the good kind of drunk. it's like being drunk and hungover at the same time.

No. 1512634

File: 1677718536849.jpg (310.41 KB, 1057x823, ABS.jpg)

No. 1512647

I wish i had this disease. It sounds 1000x more fun than my lousy type 1 diabeetus

No. 1512655

How do I get less sensitive? I feel like I've been through a lot of adversity and hardship but it hasn't made me any stronger

No. 1512657

I don’t remember where I saw this but apparently if you try really hard you can give yourself this disease. I think it involves shoving brewers yeast up your butt.

No. 1512748

Is it normal to not be that into boobs? (as a bisexual or lesbian woman kek). I love pussy and hips and thighs and everything else about a woman but boobs… don't really do anything for me. I think small boobs are kinda cute but even then I'm not that boob-focused. Could it be because my own boobs aren't sensitive at all so I never connected the concept of boobs to sex? Am I just a freaky weirdo?

No. 1512766

I like all boobs and my boobs aren’t that sensitive, so it’s probably not that? Personally I can’t imagine not liking them but could be a personal taste thing.

No. 1512775

File: 1677733857348.png (419.49 KB, 976x637, ajxghr51l9241.png)

Somebody should make a tv show where the protagonist has this, but it's set during prohibition and they are the best bootlegger in all the land. There's a hard-nosed lawman who's furious that he's consistently foiled by the perpetually drunk hero, Tipsy McBurpsalot.
>"I don't get it captain, we've turned this place inside out. Not a drop of hooch to be found!"
>"You may have won this round Tipsy, but I'll be back. I don't know where you keep gettin' your booze, but everybody's luck runs out eventually!" says the captain as he and his men are forced to leave the speakeasy empty handed.
> Waiting until the lawmen are gone, tipsy looks into the camera and says with a wink: "That'ssh my shecret -hic-, I AM the booze!" Before turning to face the patrons, and projectile vomiting into the middle of the room.
>Roll end credits as the cheering crowd descend on the precious alcohol and begin slurping up the spew.

No. 1512776

I like women too and have no preference for breast size also in the non-sensitive club I prefer arms and thighs, though I wouldn't mind if she liked my boobs and chose to obsess over them kek

No. 1512778

File: 1677735147002.jpeg (31.66 KB, 480x359, 64E63657-7F89-4801-A6E2-7C8A94…)

Your post reminded me of Lahey (Trailer Park Boys)

No. 1512781

Boobs are awesome and my personal favorite part about myself and many women (other than faces) but I am in the super super sensitive club so could be cause of that.

No. 1512842

File: 1677741137075.jpeg (26.09 KB, 640x264, occipital.jpeg)

what's the term for this skull bump some people have ?

No. 1512846

It’s “my parents picked me up as a baby and didn’t leave me laying down all day so I have a flat head” syndrome

No. 1512847

Occipital bone I think

No. 1512851

The second picture is so weird and photoshopped.

No. 1512852

>that photoshop
kek imagine some incel thinking he can't get laid because the back of his head sticks out too much

No. 1512854

This is old but this might be laser cut distressing, not sure if that's what you mean though

No. 1512862

Hm I think it’s good now.

No. 1512863

I have a flat head and it sucks. I have to wear my hair with lots of volume

No. 1512864

Double post but I got more results with "laser faded jeans -rip" on google. The '-rip' is because when you google "laser cut/laser engraved/laser distressed", it's mostly just jeans with rips and tears.

No. 1512873

File: 1677743557117.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1800x1200, spartacus.jpeg)

Witcher is not worth it for men. Peaky Blinders has cute guys but not eyecandy like you're looking for.
I suggest Spartacus for men and women in peak form. Please note that there is a lot of nudity but the story is good and the men are hot

No. 1512881

Drink two bottles of water in 1 minute and if it doesn't work lock yourself in your room and dance

No. 1512930

Nonnies who abandoned their dreams/passions/whatever in pursuit of the practical, well-paying job option—how did it work out for you? Do you actually feel "fulfilled" in life?

No. 1512944

I mean, there's some moments in which it doesn't feel like shit, but I cope by thinking that life doesn't end at 30 years old, and that I could always just try to finish my studies in the stuff I actually wanted to study, that this career is just a steppingstone to do what I really want to do.

No. 1512945

Do you think I can post a pic of my eyes here for an opinion?

No. 1512948

I feel fulfilled by being able to pay all my bills, yes.

No. 1513033

Can some investigator nona find out if the youtuber mr. snowflake is gay? the one who makes the shaped by the algorithm videos

No. 1513047

Do you really? Or do you just not feel like the sky is going to fall any minute anymore? Because that's not fulfillment, that's just surviving.

No. 1513092

he sounds so scrotey, but i am also used to hyper faggy fags like michael

No. 1513104

yeah I didn't get the vibe either but he has some weirdass autism vibe going that I can't figure out, gay or just the gym tism

No. 1513115

Surviving maybe, but I’m also able to afford therapy, medication, gym memberships, healthy food, leisure time, and to support my hobbies/passions without begging for CashApp donations on social media. Those make for a much more fulfilling life than barely scraping by. Money really can buy happiness if you spend it right.

No. 1513134

Yeah. I have my bills paid, don’t go hungry, slowly building a networth. My passions can now be that passions I do in my own time. No worry or stress or forcing them even when I don’t want to because I have to make ends meet. They can just feed my spirit. Money can’t buy happiness but not having it or being homeless can absolute steal it. Biggest thing is time management so I’m using the security and money in ways that fulfill me. Money doesn’t do that on its own.

No. 1513195

Thanks nonna the guys look hotter in this and a little less old than the peaky blinders fellas

No. 1513232

ok, I doubt I have it but I'll order an alcohol test (one of the cheap ones) and binge eat carbs and then wait a few hours…unless for some reason this dumb syndrome doesn't influence BAC.
I woke up very dizzy and drunk feeling today and it's not at all going away, it's been an hour…I never feel this way if I've been fasting for a long while.

No. 1513263

How do i eat less? not in an anachan way, i just have no self control and am pretty overweight and constantly eat out of boredom, even though i have many hands-on hobbies i still constantly snack

No. 1513270

Schedule your three meals for the day. Also schedule a snacktime or two. Do not chew quickly, chew 35-45 times for each bite. If you are eating and find that you stop/pause/slow down eating without deliberately doing so, that is your stomach telling you that you are full so slow down and stop eating. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. And if all else fails, if you have already eaten and you still find yourself wanting to snack you might just have to deal with that feeling. Drink some water and chew some gum to distract yourself. Good luck nonnie.

No. 1513275

sorry to ask this humiliating question i know i need to just get off the app acting as if it's a heroin addiction kek but what does it look like when someone blocks you on tiktok and do your messages vanish if they do ?

No. 1513276

Are satin hair caps good enough to sleep with or are silk ones the best for protecting curly hair?

No. 1513279

Stop buying snacks moving forward. Buy food that has to be cooked before you can eat it. If there's no snacks around, you can't mindlessly eat them all the time.
If you're the kind of person who has tons of snacks in the cupboards and it would take you six months to eat them all, you might need to give them away to get started.
You can still eat sweets and treats you just have to make a rule that you can only have it if you cook it from scratch. You will eat less snacks.

No. 1513284

it has been ages since i was on there but from what I remember it suddenly looks like they have no videos and any comments you left under their videos disappear. I could be misremembering. you should delete that app, nona, it's so bad.

No. 1513296

Should I tell the moid I'm seeing that I'm actually a NEET, or do I pretend to be normal?

No. 1513305

I mean unless you see him as nothing but temporary fun you should probably be honest about it lol, otherwise it's gonna be real awkward explaining and justifying that later on, if it leads to something serious.

No. 1513306

thank you nonna ill try

No. 1513311

File: 1677791232212.jpg (22.88 KB, 400x400, 390-898875_480x480.jpg)

which dating site do men with money use?
obviously men with real real money don't use them, but you get what I mean

No. 1513313

Anyone else's parents tell them I cry to get what they want? When I was little, if my dad said something mean I'd cry very hard. He'd them get really angry and say I was crying to get what I want (not sure what that is supposed to mean).

No. 1513321

Abandon is a strong word, life's not black and white like that. I feel a lot more fulfilled having money and a stable job than I did as a struggling NEET with a lot of dreams. I've made more progress on my goals and dreams now than I ever had before, and I'm not miserable and stressed like I was then.
I can also separate work from fun. That's played a big part in how happy I am. Being creative and dreaming big is way easier and more enjoyable when it's not the sole thing keeping a roof over your head.

No. 1513322

nonnie i think they just dm bitches on instagram

No. 1513323

My sister used to do something similar, when I cried she'd tell me I was just feeling sorry for myself or something like that. 20 years later I'm still a crybaby except now I'm also second guessing whether my feelings are valid or not.

No. 1513324

>crying to get what i want (you not to be a mean asshole to your own child)
moids: not even once

No. 1513326

File: 1677792576235.png (62.62 KB, 434x411, 1531592634890.png)

No. 1513329

I love being able to live financially stable and do what I want on my days off/vacations. So yes.


No. 1513340

My mom did and still does. Worst one was she refused to take me to the hospital after an accident at school and told me I was overdramatic bitch who just wanted to skip school so stop crying. She also acted like she was going hit me by raising her hand and then swinging it in the air. The school didn't call an ambulance because while bawling my eyes out told them not to because I was scared. I hate crying now and if I do cry, I need to be in a dark room alone.

No. 1513346

How common was it for government employees to have Tiktok on their work devices, that it required all these bans? And why would they use it on their work devices and not their personal ones? The only cases I can think of are elected politicians wanting to boost their image.

No. 1513349

there's a celebrity dating app, i heard about it from the celebricows thread (it's how lilly allen met her scrote actor)

No. 1513353

ATAYRT I'm sorry you had to go through that anons. I once told my dad I tried to kms and he said I need to stop feeling sorry for my self and he walked away. It sucks when you can't even confide in your parents, but it's a little comforting that I'm not the only one who's experienced this.

No. 1513406

I've done it before and others have too but prepare yourself for insults mixed in with genuine advice

No. 1513409

My dad was like this too. Men are literally void of empathy. Sorry nonnie.

No. 1513440

Can anyone here recommend good compression gloves? I need some but tbh I'm not sure what to look for or if they're pretty much all the same.

No. 1513445

Hetanons, if your husband came out as totally 100% not straight at all gay, would you personally consider sleeping with other men as cheating? Assuming you stay together for the kids, or whatever.

No. 1513450

Bi, but no I wouldn't. I'm pretty sure most couples in that situation make an agreement to have their own relationships outside of the marriage, and if for whatever reason I decided not to get divorced that's probably what I would like to do too. At that point it's not really a relationship, just two friends who happen to be legally bound to each other.

No. 1513455

My whole damn family says this (except for the youngest)

No. 1513456

if he's not straight at all how did he get it on with me and why are we married?

No. 1513460

no, emotional displays were frowned upon in general so if you were actually crying everyone pretty much thought it was for real. they would still get mad if a child was crying though lol

No. 1513462


No. 1513463

not op but apparently it's common for closeted gay men to do that, even having multiple kids with a woman too. supposedly they just imagine someone else while having sex or do it from behind. (i still think they're bi rather than actually gay tbh but some people don't see it that way)
me sleeping with other men or him? and before or after he came out?

No. 1513468

File: 1677805509688.jpeg (115.69 KB, 1079x1123, 1672233361448.jpeg)

Question for autistic nonners who don't make eye contact; do you still look at the person you're speaking to just out of your peripheral vision? Do you take any part of them in, like if it's a friend or something, or do you just focus on whatever else you're staring at?

No. 1513493

I look at their mouths. Covid and everyone masking made me realize I have severe auditory processing issues and rely more on lip reading than I ever imagined.

No. 1513496

I usually look just off to the side, like where their ear is. I try to look back every so often for a second or two of eye contact sporadically, or at the beginning and ending of a conversation, though.

No. 1513500

samefag I wanted to add that I also like to move my eyes away to pretend I'm thinking. There's a list of directions nt people tend to move their eyes that are supposed to tell you 'how' they're thinking, like if they're recalling some memory they look to the side for a bit. I also use this to my advantage and copy it, pretending to 'think' about what's being said to me so I can spend more time looking away, kek.

No. 1513504

File: 1677808641534.jpeg (204.71 KB, 828x1195, 4BCDC76B-6357-4997-93F3-9169AE…)

This one isn’t actually possible, right

No. 1513507

File: 1677809119331.jpeg (46.08 KB, 429x640, 06441952-AD20-420D-A42C-2AEB5B…)

Didn’t say you can’t pass thru other dots

No. 1513515

Not to come off as a bitch but I would perminately vegtable him.
If I can't have him no one can.

No. 1513517

can go outside of the circle as well

No. 1513520

File: 1677810084498.jpg (435.29 KB, 803x1369, Screenshot_20230302_202128_Gal…)

I crossed into the 3d, the z axis… I have this power

No. 1513522

But isn't green crossing red?

No. 1513531

Green is politely going over red

No. 1513541

File: 1677811386617.jpg (30.61 KB, 564x552, 2c38130c6549b21609592349c15f71…)

where can i watch anime? zoro.to has too many pop up ads and when i go to the site it has this small icon appear in my search bar that says "install"

No. 1513542

You don't have adblock? I used to use kisscartoon dunno if it has everything tho

No. 1513543

I like 9anime.to

No. 1513544

Same. Men who do this shit should at least do it with someone who agrees beforehand.

No. 1513545

i have adblock and ublock origin on but on my browser it has the weird install icon. and the pop ups happen on tablet when i watch on there and im unsure if adblockers work on it

No. 1513558

torrent it

No. 1513560

this makes me kinda angry

No. 1513561

Zoomers learn to torrent now. Enjoy high resolution anime boys without the bullshit

No. 1513586

I agree with others who say to torrent, I don't think you need to pay for VPN just for anime, because copyright trolls are mainly looking for western movies and shows. The website nyaa has a lot of anime torrents.

No. 1513679

Im going to finish my tampax pearl tampons with my next cycle and wanna buy some tampons which are comfy without leaks. That do not support trannies. Piece of shit company out there giving men cotton buttplugs. I only need light-super size. I'm a burger, what do anons recommend? I am not going to switch to diva cups. Hated SPORTs tampons too.

No. 1513686

Why do some ethnic groups have flat butts and some bigger butts, obviously it varies from person to person but my entire paternal family as well my father's entire extended ethnic group seem to have flat butts but for some reason other south asians, africans and arabs tend to have larger butts, I have some nigerian men who had bigger butts then me, its strange and like I don't care about butt size when it comes to attraction but why is this the case

No. 1513690

Just get whatever super generic absorbent winged pad is sold near you. Pads make your ass crack sweat but every tampon leaks and the applicator is so wasteful.
Just my opinion though.

No. 1513692

Nonas what prepaid card should I get, theres so many of them aaaaaa

No. 1513695

Does anybody have horrible thoughts and images that happen randomly in your head that it's disturbing? Like sometimes it's things I don't want to see or think about and it makes me feel like a bad person for even having those thoughts. It's almost like forced thought where I could be sitting down and suddenly my brain makes me think of something fucked up and it doesn't go away until I try really hard to block it. Maybe they're intrusive thoughts, but they're not like voices just images. Pls help.

No. 1513698

Don’t ever get a prepaid card. Seriously. It’s like paying money to spend money. what’s the situation where you need one?
Yeah sometimes. If it’s really distressing and vivid it can be a sign of OCD (so I’ve heard). When I quit nicotine I stopped having thoughts like that at all but it ways never super bad for me.

No. 1513699

Isn't the pad wasteful as well?

No. 1513700

You have to throw away the wrapper but the rest of the pad is useful. Something washable would be lest wasteful but I was thinking of disposable products.
cardboard applicators on tampons aren’t that bad actually but a lot of them are plastic now, plus the plastic wrapper… it’s just seems like a lot of waste and tampons always leak at least a little. The only reason I like them is because you don’t feel your blood coming out.

No. 1513766

Is this a real thing? My mother always said men with sticking-out ears were unloved by their mothers, since you can fix that in babies. Never heard it working for the head shape though

No. 1513779

ntayrt but doesn't the wrapper exist to put the used pad in after you're finished with it? so that the pad gets thrown out while being folded inside or that's what i heard

No. 1513788

File: 1677846673946.jpg (36.37 KB, 540x534, 31dc5b20e1592011a5b391be9b1e0a…)

I feel like trannies won. The world has turned to shit and I see no signs of it getting better thanks to this "everyone's identity is valid uwu" bullshit. I'm done fighting, I'm still a terf in private of course but I legit think the career I'm focusing on will be full of them and they probably will be part of my audience and this is so fucking annoying to me. I have to "re-educate" myself or whatever the fuck they mean by that and start acting more accepting, less hateful, I can't hate trannies in peace anymore. Idk what to do here. Help me please. Should I be hypocrital and act like I tolerate them but then feel fucking bad and stupid about it? My morals are set in stone, the trans movement is cancer on the world, and I also hate being hypocritical, but I'm smart enough as to not share my views with the world. I guess I just hate all of this shit and kinda want to force myself to be "less judgemental" in a way. Or at least neutral. But part of me is still denying this very hard inside me. How do I even come into terms with this without feeling insane. Like, do I just shut up and let these things happen without taking a public stance or do I overtly start "supporting them" or what the fuck do I do? Sorry if this one is a though one.

No. 1513791

wrong thread nonna

No. 1513801

No I'm actually like, asking at least 3 stupid questions in my post (I want help)

No. 1513815

Kek are you going t become a commentary youtuber? Either way, the answer is to completely ignore the topic, completely ignore anyone trying to "sniff you out" or whatever and feign extreme innocent ignorance if you absolutely must respond and don't elaborate further after that. Just treat it like you're wandering among a cult.

No. 1513829


Here, nonnerina, is an index for your pirating anime needs: https://theindex.moe, this database has a tagging system that lets you search for the type of features you want the site you're looking at to have.

Also, you should really be more alert with those pop-up ads, as they might potentially cause whatever device you're using to malfunction (that's what happened to mine anyway, kek). I suggest you use probably two or more adblockers and maybe a VPN too if you can.

No. 1513911

File: 1677861559123.jpg (35.1 KB, 500x488, ff9.jpg)

I am so extremely bored rn nonnas, I'm really tired but I may as well wait until bedtime, so what should I do in the meantime?

No. 1513924

Missed opportunity to call us noina nonna you are the stupid

No. 1513927

Some guy is offering $300 for my feet pics, should I do it?

No. 1513928

Oops, I dont watch dhd, i just saved 'cause she looks cute.

No. 1513936

Watch it, Noi is number 1. Nta.

No. 1513971

Why does my ex start dating every time I try to reach out?

I did a very dumb thing by contacting him I know, but I did pretty good for a year 1/2 and it was only three or four times spaced out between months. I got no closure so it was just me trying to patch things up. He never responded and I thought maybe he blocked me or wasn’t active. I share a close mutual friend with him though and there’s a pattern of him resuming dating shortly after I reach out. She doesn’t know I’ve done so but she’ll tell me who he started seeing. I didn’t realize at first then started suspecting around the second time and now this last time I’m certain it’s no coincidence bc literally the next day or so he starts seeing someone after months. What are the odds? Feels like he’s doing it bc he figured it’ll get back to me

No. 1513979

No. 1514022

Ask for more money.

No. 1514045

What is up with Indeed's filtering system and how does it even work?
I got screened out of a job posting, in which my application didn't show up on the employer's end, but thankfully I had the management's email from working there during my internship and got brought in for an interview. Fuck this shitty website.

No. 1514051

Thank you! I use 2 adblockers on the site but I still get that weird "install" icon on the searchbar on chrome and it freaks me out. I think I'll start torrenting when I get a vpn cuz I'm nervous kek. I have the brave browser on my ipad now and it can block popups and scripts, it seems to work with zoro.

No. 1514067

File: 1677871492747.jpg (304.91 KB, 600x600, 1637629878227.jpg)

Am I supposed to eat the water from cup noodles too?

No. 1514068

Take the money and ghost

No. 1514073

How did you know you got filtered out?

No. 1514075

nona the shit is called broth and yes, very much so

No. 1514076

link for us to exploit? inb4 redtext, this is just in minecraft obvs

No. 1514086

How else are you getting your 400% daily value of sodium

No. 1514097

The manager told me that my resume and cover letter didn't show up on their end. Also when I looked at my application on Indeed, it said "not selected by employer".

No. 1514098

I would do it tbh

No. 1514291

Is it normal for pee to smell like coffee after you drink some?

No. 1514304

when I had hiring duties a lot of applicants called and told me that they applied through indeed, but I never saw their resume. indeed sucks. it's often not accurate and it just scrapes job postings from company websites and ultipro then doesn't update the listing so sometimes you just send your resume to a black hole.

No. 1514352

I think so. mine smells kinda burnt after a cup

No. 1514450

Does anyone else look in the mirror sometimes and compliment themselves? Like “god you are so cute” and stuff like that?

No. 1514475

Yes but I also insult myself when I look like shit

No. 1514487

No but I should start tbh I've been looking pretty hot lately.

No. 1514535

So I'm not the only one thankfully. Everybody knows about the asparagus smell but when I ask people about coffee they javelin never heard about it.

No. 1514554

nonitas i need help. i'm forced to go on a leave by the end of march because apparently i didn't go on enough vacations last year. i absolutely refuse to sit at home for a whole week and i can't decide where to go. i'm torn between 3 options - se asia like cambodia or thailand maybe, egypt or india. been wanting to visit these places for a while, they are relatively cheap and would be easy to plan last minute. which one would you choose? halb

No. 1514557

Are you baiting or just stupid?

No. 1514558

Why would you go to those random countries if you're not interested in their history or something in particular?

No. 1514561

Going to Egypt or India alone, as a woman…honey no. Best case scenario you just get harassed and grabbed at on the street.

No. 1514562

If you're going solo I'd look up what destinations are safest for solo female travelers and prioritize safety

No. 1514609

I'm begging you, please don't go to Egypt or India.

No. 1514631

Other than itch.io, Gumroad, and Ko-fi—what are some other platforms that have a "pay-what-you-want" option?

No. 1514670

Go to Thailand it's safer and it's the best season for this destination

No. 1514710

Don't go to Cambodia

No. 1514711

Ever since I got back to LC after taking a break during the whole server transition mess, pictures have been super slow to load and I can't hover over quotes anymore to view the post without expanding the thread. What's up with that? Is it a server transition thing or something on my end?

No. 1514742

why is Brittany Venti disliked on here? I get some pick-me things she does, but like…I agree with her on most shit. her stuff blatantly roasting anisa and june made me really like her and look into why she disliked them so much, I came away just thinking she's a farmer?
there's a couple others, like alizee yeezy, vangelinaskov etc.
I just wonder why she's so vilified on here, besides the 4chan shit. I watch her now and she basically says the same shit most radfems on here say. she even leaked her autistic moid bf's meltdown (dudes name was 4chad) and roasted him about it.
please if I'm being biased tilt me off it but idk I like her?
I also like Blaire White though so
genuinely not trying to be facetious, I'm just autistic and curious. the more I type it out the more obvious it is but I'd still like to see what you guys think.
are there female creators you like despite their past? are there some you're still loyal to regardless of their retardation? are there any you find actually good who don't make you want to alog?

No. 1514783

Is there a book that proves DID is fake, what was the name of it? Like didn't the woman involved in the original study come out saying how she was being led to believe she had it?

No. 1514787

Its called Sybil. Came out afterwards that the psych was always leading her in that direction. They had a weird relationship.

No. 1514795

Probably Sybil like other anon said, Debbie Nathan did an exposé on it on NPR or something. On the flip side Herschel Walker has a book on his DID that’s good. Kind of paints a more mundane picture of it of how (American) football man compartmentalized his life so drastically that the different aspects of his personality were siloed from each other. I.e he needed to be violent as a football man, ruthless as a business man, loving as a family man, etc and those personality traits could not be allowed to overlap (he couldn’t bring football Herschel home or family Herschel to football) so they became completely separate.

Just because one predatory psych invented and sensationalized the disorder doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist like both theoretically and/or IRL.

No. 1514803

Is there a thread for asking smart questions or can I ask anything here?

No. 1514806

How can I learn to express myself artistically better? I have a lot of ideas and feelings I want to express in my writings, drawings and websites I manage but lately I have a like a creative block where I cant translate well my inner world in my art. It has to do with self-esteem? or my creativity is running dry?

No. 1514819

ntayrt but this description sounds pretty normal. everyone acts different around different people, that's not considered a personality disorder unless there's something else about this man i'm missing

No. 1514897

File: 1677962685248.jpeg (206.9 KB, 933x933, 1576663481541.jpeg)

Okay guys, I don't really know anything about drugs or alcohol, but tl;dr bad thing happened, and now I simply must get fucked up
I have a mad dog 20 20 can, two xanaxs left over from a surgery a few years ago, a bottle of benadryl, and a bottle of tylenol pm
Brain damage is fine as long as I can still do a job a pack animal could, and if I die, well then it's all kind of a moot point anyway so nothing to worry about
I can't end up in a hospital and live though. Just looking for the maximum level of out of my mind I can get, hopefully without too many repercussions

No. 1514899

just pop a xanax and go to bed, whatever bad shit that happened to you it doesnt worth a hang over (and a very shitty hang over by mixing benzos and alcohol). Trust me, the pain will be there next day and you will feel worse for self harming with substances. I know is boring and doesnt appeal to the autodestructive desire to just go to sleep but with a xan it will be fast and you wont have nightmares

No. 1514901

Is sharing nail clippers with other people disgusting?

No. 1514903

Smoke some weed then work out. That always clears my head

No. 1514904

yes anon, it is

No. 1514906

Yes. If you really have to, please just clean them.

No. 1514907

No, just clean it or at least clean your hands after because they've been under nasty nails you know.

No. 1514908

I kind of like watching her too, it seems like sitting with a gossipy friend. she seems to be one of those radfems who only hate things like porn and prostitution because she dislikes porn stars and prostitutes if you know what I mean. Last I seen she stopped wearing a bra and makeup. I think she lurked here and got pink pilled but still has some pickme tendencies. (Don't we all)

No. 1514913

ask away noni

No. 1514928

iirc she went from e-thot booby streamer to right wing youtuber and now shes grifting the lefty side of youtube. she would self post videos she made of cows she felt superior to in their threads and its a faux pas to use lc to make cow videos let alone post them to lc, comes off as clout chasing to anons. also she hated her skin color/race or something and would shoop herself to be whiter while doing the right wing grift?

No. 1515012

File: 1677973522735.png (239.31 KB, 550x631, dead face.PNG)

Non-wizards, what's the dead face meant here?

No. 1515014

File: 1677973736406.jpeg (378.51 KB, 1500x1101, 2ED6482F-1860-4149-B16B-5FEDB4…)

This shit

No. 1515017

File: 1677973963719.png (16.66 KB, 687x535, that face men make before thye…)

It's just a weird kind of blank lifeless face they do before a kiss. Sometimes during sex too. Tried to draw it but my art skills aren't very good..

No. 1515020

Do you see your friends more or less during winter?
I don't know but making random men insecure is pretty funny

No. 1515021

More, I try to leave the house as little as possible during hot months.

No. 1515029

Eww that's exactly what it looks like. Like their eyes get filled with coom

No. 1515057

File: 1677978211848.jpeg (223.59 KB, 828x1195, 1677808641534.jpeg)

here u go nonnie

No. 1515086

big brain vs no brain

No. 1515107

How to look more approachable?

No. 1515115

File: 1677985900653.png (368.08 KB, 747x1024, 4D914EBB-4B46-4F10-AAD5-19131B…)

>wear fancy clothes
>churn butter

No. 1515130

File: 1677987461553.jpg (470.42 KB, 2048x1536, 1673976489058.jpg)

Where's its eyes?

No. 1515131

Where are YOUR eyes? HUH??

No. 1515135

File: 1677987912632.jpg (31.68 KB, 750x719, 7t43456790-32.jpg)

right here duh

No. 1515145

It's so fucking gross. It gives me the same disgust as when I see videos of zoo animals masturbating themsleves. Like this creature's conciousness is completely contained within coom. This is why I prefer cock and ball torture and beating the shit out of men.

No. 1515152

Men make this face because it's the one they make when they stare at porn and after so many hours of their life they forget that another human is looking at them during sex and they drop every muscle in their face like a corpse like usual.

Meanwhile women have to perform in every aspect of sex with men. Be the porn star. These males deserve every little insecurity they whine about, they can go wax every hair off their body and get hair plugs it's the least they deserve

No. 1515154


No. 1515171

No. 1515182

have you ever heard that only people with a history of trauma think to draw outside the circle to solve this puzzle? maybe I'm misremembering but I feel like I read that somewhere…

No. 1515204

File: 1677995779772.jpg (38.35 KB, 743x447, entertainment-2015-04-dazed-an…)

i'm attracted to stoner types but i hate myself when i'm stoney - slow, lazy. what am i supposed to do with this attraction then. they only hang out with other stoners, while getting stoned themselves

No. 1515207

File: 1677996359752.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1025x1345, E2AB3A3B-BA4F-4C2C-BBED-7C5FA6…)

Drive us to parks and deal with my shitty taste in music and I’d happily hang out with you as long as you don’t mind me smoking at the park

No. 1515208

File: 1677996528962.jpg (140.79 KB, 736x920, 00e08132768ce8b00cd6dfa39825e7…)

gotta get my full and a niceish car then. i absolutely don't mind, and i'm bringing & sharing my binge of food to the picnic

No. 1515209

File: 1677996585404.jpeg (64.9 KB, 552x616, 022903D4-F186-4B45-A87F-DDC3DC…)


Yeah anon when I was a piece of shit stoner (#notall but I was smoking way too much) I had many friends/relationships where I would smoke & they didn’t, but we still hung out. Now it’s the reverse, and unless someone’s a total dick it’s fine.

No. 1515214

is it normal to feel the urge to piss right after you drink water.

No. 1515216

File: 1677998255659.jpg (226.28 KB, 1080x1350, Trashy Tuesday.jpg)

>self-proclaimed "supermodel" title in her female oriented channel
>dresses in mini skirts, fishnets, and croptops with ugly shoes 90% of the time
I get that her feet are 11w but c'mon.
Anyways, to answer your question: I think the reason most anons don't like her is because she got her start farming for attention from 4chan moids. That, and because her call-out vids had a lot of blatantly ripped content from here. Me personally, I like her for the same reasons you do, but when she starts "playfully" negging her simps to give her money she essentially acts like a femdom and it's pretty gross. She makes her living criticizing simps yet can't make a living without them. That, and I feel she gives herself too much credit with some things and (imo) she's been letting her goblina glow-up get to her head. Also, Sean is ugly.

No. 1515223

She looks so cute here. I never kepy up with her but I've always thought she was cute, it seems she's less of a tryhard now so it's good.

No. 1515224

isn't she dating some racist moid

No. 1515227

File: 1677999990840.jpg (387 KB, 1080x1167, 313963727_542693317195278_8200…)

Meh, I disagree. I think she does look cute in some of her other casual outfits but here the straightened hair looks terrible, her jacket looks old, and her skirt is riding up a lot. Pic rel is a different outfit but taken around the same time.
I don't know about racist but he used to be a mgtow youtuber.

No. 1515232

Any nonna got migraine relief tips?

No. 1515237

Only thing you got that would kill you is the Tylenol and that’s a long slow painful death. Take a Xanax and get some rest.

No. 1515240

decaf tea against nausea, obvious painkillers, a dark and chilled room and a nap with a cooled bottle of water within your arms' reach

No. 1515243

No screens, no lights, put pressure on your temples and no sound, earplugs preferably. I sit up to keep blood away from my brain, use a cold compress and disinfect my toilet seat and tie my hair in a loose ponytail because near guaranteed you'll throw up. If you have commitments for the next 12 hours text whoever needs to know you've got a migraine. After that it's waiting for it to pass.

t. chronic migraine sufferer

No. 1515246

I remember her being on some documentary about incels or the alt right or something (that included eggman? kek) maybe on netflix or maybe by Louis Theroux and she basically parroted these alt right views and amassed her army, then she said some small thing that went against the general alt right rhetoric, maybe about women, and started to get death threats and said that that's what snapped her out of her views. I just hate the "I didn't think it would happen to meeee" mindset. Spreading hate and only regretting it when it bites her in the ass. Even if she's reformed now I don't like her at all.

No. 1515247

I'm 23 and I want to get my first job. I want to work at a craft store. What do I put on my resume if I have no work experience? Do people even use resumes for these types of retail jobs? I don't want to be a neet anymore.

No. 1515249

File: 1678003582041.png (7.07 KB, 176x214, sorry.png)

Nonas i don't like AI but i wanted to try out some stuff privately.

What AI program (or whatever it is called) should i look for that can enhance framerate and fix resolution on low quality videos?
Also i am too dumb to understand how to use anything from GitHub and i don't want to spend money on AI

No. 1515252

Volunteering activities if you have any. Ime they do require a resume in retail, they even ask that of 16 year olds with no experience but in general getting into retail is pretty easy. Probably even more so if you're in an area with worker shortatges. Good luck! Give it a shot even if you feel like you have nothing/not enough to put on your resume.

No. 1515268

File: 1678007878792.png (811.19 KB, 1286x942, amol.PNG)

On top of all great advices other anons gave I also stand by, on the off chance you're also polish, picrel is a massive relief every time I have a migraine. Main ingredient is peppermint oil, so maybe it's possible to find something similar that's not Amol specifically. I guess the idea is similar to a compress but it helps me so much more than just a compress.

No. 1515288


No. 1515292

Is it just in media or do Americans often repeat themselves 4-5 times over? I see it in documentaries and in some freakout videos and the like.
>that's what he said. He said that, that's what he said. That is what he said, yeah that's what he said
etc, I won't type out multiple examples. Now that I've noticed it it instantly pisses me off.

I do think it's generally in emotionally amped up dialogue, but I don't see europeans being THAT bad with it, maybe some teenagers and assholes braying for attention but they're given a huge side eye for it and are generally ignored.

No. 1515293

Why’s all this old shit getting bumped in snow? Someone trying to burry their own thread?

No. 1515298

Depends on what it is, but a lot of American shows love to fill their run time by replaying the same clips, dialogue, etc. especially if it's reality shows - that's how they stretch out what little content they have to fill up 30-60 minutes, and then reap their money from advertisements.

No. 1515300

It's some kiwiscrote cockroach (who has a vendetta against whiteglove for some reason) just trying to be annoying. The necrobumping's been going on for 3 or so days now. He's been banned like 10 times at this point but keeps getting a new ip.

No. 1515305

Wtf, how do they go from the blank staring to the kissing? Do they not smile or something? How do you not get uncomfortable kek?

No. 1515312

File: 1678017440922.gif (63.59 KB, 498x437, 1664327477834345.gif)

if your bathroom smells bad after a shower, does it mean you smell bad? I can't tell if I suddenly have a shower drain problem, or if I smell terrible and no one's telling me.

No. 1515327

I would guess mold of some sort. the humidity awakening it? kinda like if you're showering in the house of a smoker, nicotine will drip down the walls from the humidity and you can smell it

No. 1515333

Why are scrotes now saying LGHDTV instead of LGBT? I feel like that's on reddit and 4chan vtuber circles, but it's so dumb

No. 1515334

what will get you permaban on lc ?

No. 1515338

post: I'm a man and see what happens

No. 1515339

Is there a certain kind of wax melt I can buy that won’t irritate my throat if I put it on a warmer? I didn’t realize how sensitive I am to candles and wax

No. 1515349

Look for 100% soy wax. Idk which specific fragrances to avoid, but it could be a mix of fragrance and shitty wax that's irritating your throat.

No. 1515365

someone in the Things You Hate thread said her dad shuts the cupboards/microwave/fridge really loudly so she can hear it in her bedroom. I do that thing, it's not just males. I've also been told I set down pots and pans really loudly. How to not do this?

No. 1515368

Do it slowly

No. 1515380

What's the go-to website for blogs nowadays? Are blogger, wordpress and livejournal still in?

No. 1515382

Wordpress, not the other two.

No. 1515384

but that feels silly.

No. 1515386

It's actually badass, defying gravity. You just wimpily let gravity take over and CLANG

No. 1515396

File: 1678030064260.png (2.1 KB, 362x76, ss876500.png)

when using file explorer on windows 11, is there a way to make the search bar long again? it only shortened after an update around a month ago. expanding the file explorer window doesn't change it either.

No. 1515397

does the resize tool not appear when you put your cursor between the file lcoation bar and the search bar?

No. 1515401

oh shit i just noticed that kek. thanks nonny

No. 1515402

no worries! glad i could help.

No. 1515410

File: 1678030637675.jpeg (448.05 KB, 2048x2048, FE2EAEFB-157B-4747-8158-9885F7…)

What’s the lore behind them? I know they’re Chinese cosplayers but that’s about it, do they shield their private life from social media?

I just really love their videos, it’s so cute.
Also I guess if anyone knows any good GL mangas/comics/webtoons with similar dynamics? The closest is tamen de gushi.

No. 1515417

How do I convince my mom to take half of my stepdad’s assets or at least negotiate and take something? She doesn’t want to because he helped her a lot. There’s no denying that but isn’t that what a partner is supposed to do anyway? She also helped him more than she gives herself credit for. I need her to help me help her. We are currently living in a separate house paying HIS daughter a “mortgage”. It’s supposed to be a good deal since it’s a “family” thing, there was no down payment and there are no interest rates, but we shouldn’t be paying AT ALL. We’re basically paying her studies and luxury trips, meanwhile we barely get to save. This is the most crucial stage of my life and she’s not pulling her weight, still fucking my stepdad though they were supposed to divorce

No. 1515429

give up girl and get out. sounds like if she's still fucking the man who sees her as a cash dispenser you as the daughter are not going to be seen as the authority and she might resent you for it.

No. 1515431

This house I’m now living in, he got when he was with my mom (unmarried). Then he brought his daughter and her mom along, we moved, and they stayed here. He divorced his ex wife and it went under her name, then before she passed she put it under their daughter’s name. That is why we’re paying her

No. 1515435

I can’t just get up and leave, we have family abroad we need to help, and I wouldn’t be able to save (though it’s only very little) at all.

No. 1515437

have you tried showing her pictures of the girl going on her luxury trips and saying "this is what you're paying for while you're struggling to pay for X thing"? Sometimes being visually faced with something helps

No. 1515443

Right before she started fucking him again she seemed to listen to me more but it’s like she’s trauma bonded so he’s leveraging that and also buying her expensive stuff more than he ever did like new appliances I feel only so he’s in her good graces because if she realizes what a good arrangement he has right now and how much he’s screwing her over she might finally wake up
No because I don’t want to come across as a stalker, all I know is from her private instagram, twitter, and TikTok

No. 1515455

Wait was he with your mom while he was still married? I don't understand the timeframes.

No. 1515458

Yes. He is also from a thirdworld country, he came along first and then when he was able to brought his daughter. My mom told me it was just supposed to be the daughter but her mom insisted if she didn’t also come then her daughter wouldn’t either. In retrospect I can see how maybe he lied about that and explains why she never took a liking to my mom despite my mom being amicable (they separated before he left is what my mom was told)

No. 1515461

File: 1678032997794.jpeg (40.42 KB, 612x424, 74493EDD-DBD8-48E5-B2BB-CF3FF9…)

Is there a way to find Discord communities without having an invite or whatever? All I ever want to do is talk about gardening (in the soil regular flower and shrub gardening, not aquaponics or whatever the hell is going on with marijuana growers) 24/7 but Houzz is kind of cunty and the gardening thread here is dead and generally I just like Discord’s channel format where I don’t have to start a thread to talk about shit I can just be like “look at my poppy seedlings” or “look how much compost I got for $30” in the middle of another conversation and people can choose to engage or ignore. Just a generic gardening channel that’s active idec demographics

No. 1515462

>meet scrote off bumble
>he’s a virgin at 24
>he was super awkward and kept saying he can’t fuck outside of a relationship and I’m like ok I didn’t ask
>the kissing and everything was awkward
>he came from a hand job but it wasnt a normal amount it was like a little splurge
>dick was small and barely hard
>texts me apologizing about being awkward and weird and I blocked him

I feel like the blocking was a little bit mean considering he purchased me all this alcohol and food. Do you think blocking was too bitchy in this situation?

No. 1515468

Actually fucking bless u nonna I know what seeds to plant in my mom’s head now ilyilyily I think this is what will work holy shot I feel so dumb for not realizing before

No. 1515474

Disboard.org search by gardening or similiar terms. I like gardening as well but never thought about joining a discoed community, lmk if you find a good one!

No. 1515478

why wouldn't you Block him, don't overthink this and stop giving weirdos handies wtf

No. 1515482

So I can’t talk to my mom until our lunch date but I’m convinced 100% he cheated on his ex wife with her. Like this must be what happened and he didn’t say anything UNTIL he wanted to bring his daughter. Explains why after 3 years of hyping his daughter up to me saying we were gonna be besties and good sisters, I was so excited to meet her and she on the other hand seemed like she’d just then learned of my existence. None of what he said actually happened

No. 1515485

He was weird but he was still physically cute. I’m assuming he’s just very autistic or hasn’t realized he’s gay yet so I don’t wanna deal with it.

No. 1515488

If he came with a "little splurge" he's most likely a porn addict. Don't feel bad honestly

No. 1515491

I figured. Most men who claim they don’t have sex outside of a relationship have dick problems and he’s 24 and has had gfs but no sex.

No. 1515494

Bullet dodged

No. 1515514

never let a cute face fool you, well done blocking his weird ass

No. 1515515

Nta but what’s a “little splurge”? I looked up splurge and it’s what I thought it was but then the “little” makes it a paradox. Couldn’t be asplurge because porn addicts have the opposite problem no?

No. 1515516

Is being a confident woman all about playing a strict character and never showing weakness? I am 26 and still easily show my emotions to people around me…

No. 1515518

What about him? Mr. “I can’t have sex outside marriage but I’ll let you give me a handjob”?

No. 1515522

I’m the op of the original question but my guess is his dick can’t get hard enough or is too small for actual sex

No. 1515523

but being confident isn't the opposite of showing emotions

No. 1515533

Are you in Italy by any chance? This description 10/10 fits a guy I know. He's a loser with porn addiction, had gfs but virgin, is addicted to porn.

No. 1515547

File: 1678041442775.jpeg (234.19 KB, 663x546, E10233EA-64D3-4A23-B165-053803…)

Would the prices of lard go down if it was legal to hunt fat scrotes? Or would everyone eat what they harvest and not pay for it at all? Is the state objectively morally evil, forcing citizens to pay for a resource that could be completely free? Why is a fat scrote’s life more important than my pantry budget? Why are these stank whores who can’t even clean between their rolls without a female caretaker allowed to roam the streets freely?
I know you gutterball shrimpies are lurking here, getting your external gonads in a twist over chads like picrel. Your sperm is dust. (Daily FAT MAN hate post is over. Time for my women in stem practice and 150 push-ups. That’s right, 150.)

No. 1515555

Average skelly male's mindset. Both skelly and fat men are disgusting, go to gym.

No. 1515561

when men are that skinny it just makes me notice how weird male proportions are + it makes their huge male skull more noticeable.

No. 1515571

Right. It looks eery and weird especially if the dudes shoulders are as narrow as this one.

No. 1515573

Skelly moids always look so gross and hunched and disproportionate with giant hands and elbows. And it's pathetic they have that much testosterone to give them free muscle and atrophy it all sitting on reddit.

No. 1515596

I disagree with the other anons, he's cute. Fuck fat scrotes, fuck roided scrotes. Skelly to normal to ottermode all the way.

No. 1515600

newfag here, what is the userbase here? Just from reading around I think it's a femcel forum. Is this like 4chan for woman?(bait here,)

No. 1515605

remember to ignore bait

No. 1515606

not bait lol you do realize this is the internet right where everyone can come across a website

No. 1515607

I agree. I like when men (and women) are built. Not too jacked because then they look like boulders and too hard, but when they have some nice muscles, and good arms/back. Preferably with big titties too.

No. 1515609

counterpoint skinny moids are hot and you can't convince me otherwise, I somewhat agree with >>1515607 that natural is also attractive but fat men get the bullet

No. 1515611

The fact that there are women who have such bad hormonal imbalances/PCOS they have to shave their damn faces and are Nikocado level obese is so horrifying to me. What do you have to do to your body in order to become ill in that way? Genuinely curious like are women born with it and diagnosed at birth or what because every time I google about shit like this every link swings back and forth between it being either genetic or caused by lifestyle

No. 1515613

the more you have fat, the more your hormones get fucked so if you already were dealt shit cards and you also carry on with a shitty lifestyle or even slightly shittier than someone with none of these issues, you may get fucked up like that and it's sad.

No. 1515615

Agree, it's the closest a male body can get to pretty.
They look breakable and delicate and pathetic. I can barely stand to look at the male body any other way. Muscles also just make them look more masculine so I don't know what other anons are talking about.

Meanwhile women do look best at a medium weight, though muscular women look far better than muscular men because our proportions are more balanced. Women look lovely with enough muscle to accomplish any number of tasks, but a layer of fat to look soft and healthy. Men look best when they look sickly and weak.
(All subjective of course)

No. 1515620

Samefag, I actually think skinny dudes are cool too so I don't know why I said I agree. Horny took over my brain and I just replied to a random post because I wanted to talk about how hot I find fit people, sorry. Anyway if you have muscles, hit me up.

No. 1515628

So it turns out she knew the whole time

No. 1515667

Will waxing my upper lip and then bleaching it help with the shadow I have there? Just bleaching the hair is still visible and I need to remove it for work and waxing it still looks dark and makes me insecure.

No. 1515673

How do I get a massage therapy license? Any loopholes?

No. 1515674

Go to a derm, it might be a sign of a skin condition.

No. 1515687

thirding team skelly. the giant clawed skellies are my favorite kind as well.

No. 1515731

Anon my mom used to fight me so much over this, for some reason it made her viscerally angry that I didn't close things "ladylike" and would gaslight me into thinking I was doing it on purpose kek. I also hate doing things slowly, so I usually close the cabinets quickly but slip my thumb under the edge and slow down right when it closes to not hurt myself.

No. 1515744

I want to sign up for a yoga class, but my feet are full of calluses, thickened skin and corns. Would I be judged for this? Is it a faux pas? I have good hygiene, just really ugly feet.

No. 1515748

Buy pilates socks

No. 1515761

Question to skelly lovers. Are skellies unpleasant to have physical contact with e.g hug? Can you feel their bones?

No. 1515766

I don't shave my face but there're thick hairs growing there (more than just a few but still not like a beard) that I pluck and I'm generally male-type hairy, but I didn't do anything special to become like that. That's some genetic shit that makes me sensitive to DHT that I got from my dad. My sister is the same (plus suffers from acne) and she's a health nut. Genetics is a bitch sometimes

No. 1515770

yes and yes. They feel so light and so fragile its hard to even explain because hugging children does not create this kind of feeling because even though they are small they are still somewhat heavy/substantial?
Its even more strange and gross to me when its a man

No. 1515780

No you would not be judged for that. Good hygiene is all you need. Yoga people are weird, I wouldnt get too self conscious about any yoga class

No. 1515782

who's the cow from the pork chop banner again? i hate asking this way, it seems creepy but i've been rereading old milk again and i can't remember her name, just that all her posts got marked with the pic of a ghost. her name wasn't ghost anything was it

No. 1515787

Is it really not normal to not know that a period only refers to the bleeding? Like drs always got mad at me but what else are you supposed to call hormonal symptoms w/ enough blood to wear liners??

No. 1515799

No. 1515808

File: 1678067833710.png (3.48 KB, 248x74, 1542932597565.png)

meant to add the picture

No. 1515810

Sometimes wonder: where is she now?

No. 1515814

What is this meme about white women and dogs? I started seeing guys on twitter talk about this, and I am profoundly confused. Is this just typical rape on tape talk? Where did this come from?

No. 1515815

moids trying to paint women as degenerates while they commit 98% of zoophilia as usual. Whenever you see that just respond with statistics.

No. 1515824

No. 1515827

File: 1678070425882.jpg (27.39 KB, 449x449, 1522558850517.jpg)

Same. I think her schizo arc was just a calculated ruse to distance herself from her milk.

No. 1515838

You summed it up perfectly. Hugging even a small thin child is entirely different from hugging a skelly ana chan. Hell, hugging a skelly ana chan is even different than hugging a frail shaky thin old person (though it’s closer to hugging a frail old person than hugging a child by a lot). I am not a skelly lover but had an anorexic aunt I always had to hug, god it was awful. Never was a fan of hugging super frail old relatives but it’s less disturbing than hugging a woman who has been 80 lbs the majority of her adult life. I don’t think I’ve ever had to hug a skelly moid and I hope I never have to.

No. 1515864

File: 1678074242410.jpeg (120.3 KB, 1908x1146, 5E98262B-E7CE-423A-9B6E-09BE08…)

I look like a boy right now (short hair, thin and minimally curvy). Is there any way to leverage this? Like with gay men, maybe gay old men or something? Could I fake being twink or would they know better? I saw some gay guys talking about how they got money or something (online, I think they were fabricating humblebrags tbh). if real, could I get in on this too? If not, since I don’t like front facing customer service. Could I go get a male dominated job or would it be dangerous?

No. 1515870

No. 1515871

What? Why?

No. 1515881

I just feel so ugly and like this was the worst decision, but at least it could be somewhat remedied by putting my new appearance to work in my favor. My short hair is just sitting rent free on my head. Though maybe a better plan would be faking being a fem boy? Because that way if they ask for nudes and I can cover my tits and it won’t be suspicious. And I was thinking of photoshopping male genitals.

No. 1515882

Front facing no thanks

No. 1515903

Why do so many platforms, specifically Instagram and YouTube, just suck at removing misogynistic content? I've seen people demanding women have rights stripped of them and saying very vile things, or just straight up attacking every woman they see stay up for MONTHS, hell just womenpostingLs and accounts like that who have been photoshopping posts women make and slandering them continue to stay up even after reported and me writing directly to Instagram. Are we slowly devolving? They're already taken abortion away, what other rights are they going to take away from us?

No. 1515904

You're mentally ill.

No. 1515905

They don't care babe. Only thing that matters is engagement and ad revenues, inflammatory contents are very lucrative.

No. 1515906

Hes posted his own girlfriend making jokes about how she is fat (not even fat) and basically put her up knowing her followers would rip apart her appearance as an "L". He's also posted women being jizzed on while shopping as an L

No. 1515907

I reported an account a while ago for having their profile picture an image of (what seemed to be) a woman's beat up, bloody face and they're still up.

No. 1515909

I reported straight up child porn on YouTube (literal man rubbing a child's vagina) and it stayed up for weeks somehow and I reported it to the FBI. We live in a shit hole

No. 1515913

Is there any help for clumsy people? My little sister has broken like 7 of my plates in the last year of living with her and anytime I get a little annoyed she just says she can’t help it she’s clumsy. Even if I ask her not to rush when she’s putting dishes away and to take her time she just sperg about how she IS taking her time she’s just clumsy and can’t help it. And no as far as I know she’s not a sped.

No. 1515914

Selling nudes as a man is not gonna earn you anything and you can't fake being a man easily. I think you're having FTM tendencies and you should probably limit your internet use to get rid of them.
A lot of average women can have short hair and look fine, no one thinks you're bad looking or resembling a man.

No. 1515919

File: 1678079400323.png (1.42 MB, 1357x2048, Screenshot_20230305-230807.png)

These companies are complicit. they don't care, they routinely leave up straight up child porn or accounts of minors under the age of 13, or accounts of minors selling photos and videos of themselves

No. 1515924

Anyone else get a complete dental makeover over having decayed teeth from bulimia/overall bad genetics?

No. 1515929

yeah it was shit genetics and lack of seeing a dentist for years as a kid. the only fun part was multiple sessions under laughing gas.

No. 1515935

File: 1678081839800.jpeg (6.87 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)

at what age did you start your career?
what career?
when did you finish?
when did you get a job in said field?

No. 1515938

this guy is an hypocrite, gay moids literally made NAMBLA. It's not about gay or straight, its about men, which y'know, drag queens are. I dont know how pedos existing somehow validates drag queen child shows.

No. 1515939

If he came out as abusive it would not only not surprise me but I'd have a hard time feeling bad for her, same with Andrew Tates victims. You gloat over a man popular for online misogyny and are shocked that he's abusive? Same with the girlfriends and wives of any moid who posts gross anti women shit online.

No. 1515950

I only knew one moid like this and it was only because he was extremely manipulative. He wanted to just drop me and pick up whenever he pleased, near the end of the relationship I was lucky to hear back from him with a couple of texts on weekday afternoons, but also expected me to be constantly available. Even when driving he expected me to literally pull over and text him back whenever he wanted (ofc "I didn't mean it like that" but would stonewall if I didn't text him back right away even if I told him I was busy)

It's even worse now that social media is filled with "if she do [completely normal thing] she cheating" type crap which is only fueling the serial backfooting men

No. 1515953

If it's quality stuff then yes. At the same time I see so many section 8 folks driving BMWs and Mercedes that have like 400k miles and an entire dashboard that lights up. Too many people live for the purpose of flexing though and it's sad. I'm tired of being bombarded with all kinds of "day in my life" type crap that's just an excuse to either body check/make their proportions look exaggerated or to flash expensive brands

No. 1515960

anyone else unable to post on 4chan? seems like all posts were made 20 minutes ago

No. 1515962

my captcha's not loading but that might just be my crappy internet

No. 1515963

File: 1678086221723.png (82.68 KB, 678x229, Screenshot_104.png)

check the time on recently posted posts. i'm seeing this on /vg/, /a/, /lgbt/, /ic/, etc.

No. 1515965

File: 1678086415390.png (5.34 KB, 440x78, 30.png)

I'm getting that too. Something might be malfunctioning

No. 1515966

No. 1515972

File: 1678087606939.png (1.62 MB, 1170x1122, hmmmmm.png)

>4chan finally turns on trannies
>/vt/ tranny jannies are outed as abusing their tranny janny powers
>AI threads wont stop getting spammed with mods doing jack shit about it
>this happens

No. 1515977

Tech anons, do I need a good videocard for video editing and animation and using Photoshop?

No. 1516004

>AI threads wont stop getting spammed
o wonder anything I say about ai gets fucking removed and anons screech at me I thought people were just being schizo. I've seen no ai spam myself but I'm not on 4chan all fucking day

No. 1516006

they have spammed the same fucking thread for a week on /co/, with the same fucking opening image even. AI shills are insufferable and everyone is tired of them, but they keep shitposting. At least they are finally getting banned off /ic/ after completly destroying it and making it bleed it's userbase. I wish AI cancer would be contained to /g/.

No. 1516113

will i get sick if i drink orange juice that expired on January 23rd?

No. 1516119

If it is sealed and has not been opened before, stored in the right conditions, no. I would pour it into a big glass though to make sure there's no mold or anything.
t. expired food connoisseur

No. 1516123

Why is it that some people who constantly complain about how they hate the work they do never switch jobs and stay in their positions for many years?

No. 1516126

They're afraid of change and it controls their whole life. Complaining acts as a pressure relief value so they don't actually have to do anything.

No. 1516133

This shit pisses me off the most when it’s people with good degrees in something like tech. Like you could so easily change jobs or even field entirely, quit whining

No. 1516209

File: 1678124241088.png (817.92 KB, 836x703, what.png)

can someone explain this to me, what do "commie nazis" from an old simpsons joke have to do with Hogwarts legacy and atomic heart ?

No. 1516217

I'm more surprised there's Stalker 2 tbh. It's ridiculous HL is there too but weirdly enough it's kinda understandable since it's probably made by a genius who thinks JKR is literally hitler, it's still unclear what hammer and a sickle have to do with it tho. Just a product of someone who has a poop for brain, it's sad there're 650 people that are apparently the same.

No. 1516222

Atomic Heart is Russian commie game

No. 1516230

Atomic heart was getting cancelled by twitter mob for being made by russians despite the dev team not living in russia and openly being against the war. Even the singers that did the soundtrack are famous russian singers that are openly against war.
Hogwarts legacy activists somehow have managed to throw a lot of buzzwords in a wizard game. They claim this game hates jews because they believe that the goblins are jews. I know a lot of people lie and pretend that something in this game is homophobic, racist and sexist but those people are spreading lies on purpose because they hate JKR that much.

No. 1516239

its making fun of a trope where in most American literature the bad totalitarian government is either german nazism of russian communism and sometimes an inconsistent mix of the two

No. 1516288

i thought the thing with atomic hearts was the misogyny around the dev team and fanbase or at least thats what put me off i only saw a little bit of stuff about russia when i looked into it

No. 1516305

Is it normal for scrotes to chat like this? This is LITERALLY how he "talks" to me, every single day, multiple times a day. If I don't reply at all, this is what my inbox looks like in a day:
>Just showered
>I'm driving to work. Sunny out
>(picture of him walking his dog) My boy
>Visiting my parents now

No. 1516310

How common is having a best friend in your 20s? It seems like everyone I've spoken to irl will refer to their best friend at some point and I feel like the only person who doesn't have one.

No. 1516324

better than when they don't say anything and give you one word responses. this seems sweet.

No. 1516332

Summarizing his day is kinda weird but what else is he supposed to text? Real question, because I don't know. Yes I'm offering a stupid question in response to your stupid question.

No. 1516335

File: 1678130391937.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1440, atomicheart.jpg)

I didn't even know there was controversy about misogyny surrounding the team, I just knew they were misogynistic because they made these characters and so hated it from the moment I saw the screenshots.

No. 1516338

buying fancy brands just because of the brand is stupid but nice clothes feel nice to wear and don't have to be replaced as often, so you save money in the long run. having a nice house is very pleasurable and you aren't wasting money on rent anymore. getting a new car is kinda stupid unless you commute in america or something, then it would be more important since you're spending like 2 hours a day in it and you wouldn't want a clunker that breaks down all the time.

No. 1516339

My boyfriend would text me like that before we started dating kek it annoyed the SHIT out of me but I'm pretty sure it's just because he liked me. Now I want to text him about everything I'm doing, even the painfully boring shit because I want to talk to him and share my day. He still tells me about his boring-ass day and I tell him about mine and idk now I really like it.

No. 1516345

I guess it's just male non-autistic autism, then.

No. 1516349

File: 1678130842944.jpg (353.1 KB, 830x821, 3338857_p0.jpg)

meh i wouldnt mind if videogames had hot women if they also went back to the good old days of hot bishie protags

No. 1516368

I was disgusted at the fact that they're faceless. The designers literally portray women as faceless fuckable automatons. To them, a woman is a thing with no thoughts, needs, or emotions, just a sexy dick receptacle. How is bishie comparable to that?

No. 1516376

File: 1678132300167.jpg (128.2 KB, 720x540, Ow1sck3coo1_1280.jpg)

I've seen a lot of arguing about this, but what do anons think: when your significant other oogles someone else when you're both out in public, is it considered cheating?

No. 1516377

File: 1678132300371.png (743.64 KB, 1920x927, 1580922658-4b93b4ee59897ee6eb8…)

>posts ugly old man
You should see the ones with faces. Also don't forget the refrigerator that wants to have sex with you

No. 1516380

FINALLY someone calling DMC4 Dante what he is kek
Also your pic is nightmare fuel.

No. 1516382

File: 1678132543385.jpg (104.14 KB, 820x693, devil-may-cry-3-dante-s-awaken…)

Dante was a bishie in earlier games tho

No. 1516384

I literally do not contact and old freinds so I don't have any current freinds. My social groups are anonymous online groups, coworkers I barley care about, and my husband's freinds I occasionally see and even then they kinda count as family since half are distant cousins. Growing up my mother was similar where family was her only real social group.
So if anything it's the people with best freinds who are the weird ones. At least from my PoV.

No. 1516385

Not a bishounen but very handsome.

No. 1516387

I don't think it counts as cheating simply because it's a one sided interaction but it does count as being a dick and being rude and husband's who do such behavior in public should be beaten.

No. 1516391

I don't think it's cheating to look.

No. 1516392

File: 1678133011041.png (569.17 KB, 1408x821, nuts.png)

why does this dog shaped watering can need little dangling balls for? this was a conscious design decision.

No. 1516393

also it's $80 wtf

No. 1516401

Why does a watering can need to look like a dog in the first place? It's all unnecessary, anon. The artist probably thought it was funny, it's not a mystery.

No. 1516422

This style of metal art is so passe
There used to be a store near me that sold all sorts of this shit at insane prices and all the rich boomers ate it up. The place is gone now

No. 1516426

File: 1678135678724.jpg (285.99 KB, 1170x1341, covid disclaimer.jpg)

The balls aren't even in the right place. Lousy artist.

No. 1516428

please never post this again

No. 1516431

Are moth larvae eggs large enough to see with the naked eye?

No. 1516433

No. 1516436

I haven't played it but I'm watching a youtube playthrough and it's like they made the game with one hand in their pants. Still waiting for the explanation as to WHY it's so sexual, it's just uncomfortable. Also small things like the first female character you meet wearing heels when that makes no fucking sense.

No. 1516493

File: 1678139838020.jpg (37.12 KB, 498x318, DreWa2IW4AAFJ9a.jpg)

Is it normal to pee a little when you sneeze? I have a cold and have been sneezing a lot today and earlier I peed myself but just a small amount. Haven't had kids, but I do have some pelvic floor issues and it's too tight. Only heard of women with kids doing this sort of thing.

No. 1516494

Why are KF images not loading on mobile? I know you lurk josh, fix it

No. 1516497

it's normal and it can happen, happend to me and I don't have any issues with my pelvic floor and no children. Don't worry, nonna, go to the toilet more often while having a cold and it will be okay. Hope you will be feeling better, soon.

No. 1516500

Thanks nonny, much love.

No. 1516501

people usually sneeze without peeing. if you're worried, it could be worth looking into with your doctor just to prevent further incontinence issues developing.
That said, the only time in my life that happened to me I was sick too so maybe your cold is just making you weak.

No. 1516506

how do people learn anime dances? or any dances in general tbh, i know games like just dance exist but it's not like you can use that for every dance trend that goes viral…
i tried learning the dance to popipo but as someone whos never danced it's hard

No. 1516510

slow down the video to see the individual moves. You can also divide and learn the arms first then legs or the opposite. Repeat until it's automatic

No. 1516524

thanks anon. 1 more q, do people sit down watching the slowed videos first beforehand to study the moves, or stand up and dance along with the video? without an instructor it seems like itd be really long and laborious to keep having to pause the video to practice each new move in the middle of dancing

No. 1516545

for Nonas who have done it, how do you initiate a divorce? this isn't a relationship question I just want to know something about the practical details.

No. 1516575

That would drive me insane sometimes when I was with my ex, but this post made me miss him all of a sudden…

No. 1516594

You need to talk to a lawyer first and DO NOT let your stbx partner know about your intent.

No. 1516600

Do you guys prefer bras that hook in the front, or the back? Why or why not

No. 1516604

If a bra has a front hook and is up to my standards then front hooks every time (but I can rarely find them in stores so it's usually back hooks for me). I'm a lazy fuck and I hate doing the hooks and twisting the bra around every time lmao.

No. 1516606

I prefer ones that don't have hooks by far. I have a b or c cup though so I don't need a lot of support and I don't wear ones with wire or cups or anything either.

No. 1516608

Sports bra, my meat is small as hell!

No. 1516610

I haven’t worn a bra in 3 years but I’m a B cup so bras were just uncomfortable for me. I’m glad going bra less is acceptable nowadays like it was in the 70s

No. 1516613

Always the back. Front hook bras come unclasped on me.
I have an expensive sports bra that clasps and zips in the front that's pretty nice though. Suffocatingly secure.

No. 1516615

So it's a 100% go to a lawyer type thing? Ok, that's good info. Thanks!

No. 1516617

File: 1678148630490.png (221.87 KB, 985x745, Root-width-examples.png)

you anons make me want to brasperg so I'm just going to leave these


No. 1516624

Also if you can, dance in front of a mirror or record yourself to see what you look like. It's hard to watch yourself but it gives you good feedback.

No. 1516629

Average narrow gang representtttt

No. 1516630

Seconding. Or a slide-on bralette.
I'm nearly flat anyway, but like them to stay in place.

No. 1516632

There's no way I'm doing 7474653 measurements and calculations just for buying a piece of garment.
I'll happily die without ever knowing my bra size

No. 1516638

how bad of an idea is it to see a psychic? have any nonas gone to one before? i'm desperate, i just received the worst news of my life and i have no hope for the future anymore. i'm not spiritual but i'll give anything a shot at this point. there's a romani lady in my area who's been giving readings for 20+ years and her reviews are good, i'm seriously considering giving it a shot. if you've been to one, what was it like? do you think any psychics are legit or all scammers? did it help at all?

No. 1516642

I don't believe in magic but I think there's something to psychics and tarot and astrology and even mediums because they make you explore difficult topics with yourself and do self reflection and process grief and so on.
You should go if you want to go. Maybe you'll get something from it maybe you won't.

No. 1516643

it's only two measurements

No. 1516644

My sister does tarot readings. She did one for me and I made it come true because of how overwhelming positive it was. Every prediction was correct.

No. 1516646

Nta, but huh? Have you never measured your bust and and band size at all?

No. 1516648

Samefag but I was gona end my post with saying, every prediction was correct because I took the right choices to get there. If you need encouragement to do something, I would suggest you to go.

No. 1516653

Retarded question for type 1 diabetic nonners: so when you get a new insulin pen and you inject yourself and you hear the dose nob turn SUPER QUICKLY… does that mean you didn't inject the proper dosage? Because it's new or something? This is mega retarded but the dose nob always turns fast as fuck when you press down on a brand new pen and I always get super paranoid that I gave, like, empty units KEK. I just gave myself my long acting insulin and I'm kind of worried I only gave myself like 5 units instead of 15…

No. 1516654

Just like I haven't measured my knuckle radius or femur length

No. 1516668

Kek I like that. Honestly If you don't need support bras are kind of a scam

No. 1516674

Well yeah, because you don't wear garment specifically for your knuckle or femur. Unless you just don't wear bras, idk why you wouldn't measure to see which one would fit you best/be the most comfortable.

No. 1516683

But I do buy such garments. I buy gloves and trousers without needing to measure the body parts that go in them. I do the same with bras.

No. 1516714

File: 1678155213589.jpg (30.55 KB, 453x480, 1653791523703.jpg)

Please don't judge me I just smoked weed alone and I'm freaking out. I forgot this stuff worsens my anxiety disorder. Does any nonna know how to get through this?

No. 1516715

you already got through it and you're happy now. You're relaxed and content.

No. 1516719

File: 1678155482182.jpg (75.64 KB, 564x705, 767484e4ab0dfea99a431ac73c4e81…)

you're okay nonny

No. 1516721

Okay nonnie do not worry too badly (if you can help it right now) the high will not last forever. Anxiety is just thoughts and thoughts can never harm you. Make sure to relax your body and get comfy. Put on your favorite youtube videos or listen to your favorite music. Love you nonners I hope you can get cozy and relax and unwind. Maybe take a relaxing shower or bath. Drink some water. You got this nonna!!!

No. 1516722

If your heart is pounding, slowly count to 3 while deeply inhaling, then slowly exhale while counting back from 3.

No. 1516724

No matter how you feel, you're ok and nothing bad is gonna happen. Drink lots of water and get up and walk around every so often, you'll feel better eventually. Maybe put on a funny movie or something.

No. 1516727

How you feel is just your imagination and your actual body is fine, so just chillax duderina.

No. 1516730

File: 1678156166016.gif (2.11 MB, 400x224, d9a87cf7-47f6-4c46-9bf6-831f9f…)

You are safe and you are 100% okay nonnie. Get up and stretch a bit. Nice, relaxing deep breaths. Don't forget to stay hydrated. Have a nice little snack too. You'll get through this like you've gotten through it before. All is well.

No. 1516740


Wowzers that's a lot of responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I think I will refill my water bottle and do some bedtime yoga.

Doing that only put a spotlight on my unhappiness rn but I hope some day I can come back and try it again once my life is in order…

love you all

No. 1516755

Do all corgis have a tail before it’s chopped off or are some just tailets

No. 1516775

I'm a former bpdfag who self-harmed like crazy, had a horrible ED that nearly killed me, and thought I was going to kms before 18. I turned my life around in college and will be earning close to 100k+ after I finish my masters this spring. My job is in the vein of data science or research and not humanitarian bc I wanted to earn a bunch of money, retire early, and then dedicate the rest of my life to volunteering after money is set.
But lately I read about so many young girls going through what I went through and I want to volunteer or help them if I can in my spare time. I feel like I got to turn around my life so I could be a source of hope to others. Is there an organization that pairs female mentor volunteers with troubled young girls?

No. 1516783

File: 1678160692848.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 3.jpg)

Hypothetically speaking, if one wanted to look up info on a celebrity's parents, which sites should I use? The parents don't have a Wikipedia page.

No. 1516814

there are probably some organizations for self harm advocacy but I don't know if they go out and do any work or volunteering

I think it's so noble of you to want to do this nona because I'm still a trainwreck in my mid 20s and aspire to succeed like you do. I hope you can find a way to empower girls with your story and do some form of advocacy

No. 1516815

depends on whether they're alive or dead and what degree of famous they are. you can start by cursory googling them as long as you know their names

No. 1516821

Thanks anon! I guess if I wanted to delve into that field I could try starting some sort of advocacy group and try to produce research studies in my spare time to help women who seek mental health services. What helped me a lot was DBT therapy and a behavioral approach to understanding myself and others. Good luck to you anon, I believe in you. You've got this.

No. 1516827

File: 1678163541481.jpeg (64.39 KB, 749x853, E2B27EA2-2D22-4BBD-BA76-FF21FA…)

I was going to buy another DBT workbook after not doing it for awhile, so wish me luck. Years ago before the pandemic I seemed to be getting ahold and lost myself again. It's time to stop wallowing in self pity

No. 1516830

Good luck nona, try to be consistent! My DBT program was very intensive which I think helps a lot. I hope that access to DBT therapy continues to grow–so many people would benefit from it. A lot of the skills can probably be found online and in your book but you just need to make sure to keep it up the same way you would in a 'program'.

No. 1516850

Does coffee make anyone here feel bad/strange in a way that isn't immediately notable? Starting to suspect so because I couldn't have any the whole day cuz of a power outage and I felt probably better than I have in a long time. I've been having coffee daily for many years…mostly decaf, the caffeine never wakes me up.

No. 1516855

File: 1678165341038.jpg (37.58 KB, 500x500, 45235.jpg)

is it normal for guys to never dry their hair after showering?
i had only one bf and i keep thinking about how he said that he never dried his neck-length hair, i even gifted him a hairdryer lmao

No. 1516858

File: 1678165414443.jpg (54.17 KB, 783x736, 1669489550410.jpg)

i-i never dry my hair, are you supposed to?

No. 1516859

I have ass length hair and I never dry it why would a man

No. 1516860

I only dry my hair if I'm trying to achieve a specific style that requires it. When I had bangs I would sometimes just dry my bangs to style them and twist the rest of my hair up still wet.

No. 1516861

wait that doesn't really answer your question. >>1516855 Yes it's normal for guys not to dry their hair.

No. 1516862

damn same, guess i'm really dumb but i was taught to do it all the time, if i don't dry it it just turns kinda frizzy and messy
thanks everyone tho!

No. 1516893

I have narrow and bras are such a fucking scam I can't believe people are weirded out over nipples. I shouldn't even need to wear bras at work.

No. 1516921

File: 1678170823421.jpg (121.6 KB, 360x378, 1674273057642978.jpg)

I have a pap smear scheduled in 2 days.
My period started 5 days ago and I still have steonger bleeding than usual, should I just cancel? I'll call them anyway but this is frustrating, I've been on the pill and my periods have been super weak but this time they decide to fuck around

No. 1516931

I don't know but if you're bummed from your period and don't feel like going then reschedule. I always regret it when I go to the gynocologist when I'm not in a great mood. It's kind of upsetting to get fingered by them when you're irritated, even if they are a doctor. Kinda pisses me off in weird way.

No. 1516966

Why is Pedro Pascal so fat

No. 1516973

KEK this finished me. i'm the same too anon

No. 1516987

I have a follow-up question to this (am not the OP tho), for nonnas who don't dry their hair, have you ever gotten sick or cold from it? I always did so that's why I dry mine, and also to prevent water from dripping everywhere.

No. 1516992

File: 1678178036158.jpg (101.29 KB, 736x986, 0ab9913aebb47df43f2a981254167d…)

The whole conversation is confusing me because I just wear a bonnet like picrel and scarf when I'm showering to not get my hair wet kek. Are you anons wetting your hair on purpose?

No. 1516993

No, never. I put it in a towel, it doesn't drip.

Follow up question: Does anyone every bother you for saying you "got sick" from being cold or wet? Technically just being cold won't give you a cold, you need a virus for that, I get it sure but it seems like getting really chilled makes you more susceptible to catching a cold. However when I say I got a cold from swimming in cold water or not wearing a jacket or whatever I get shit from some people who want ot tell me htat's impossible and not how viruses work. It's really annoying.

No. 1516995

yeah but when you DO get your hair wet you either dry it with a blowdryer or you don't. surely you wash your hair somtimes?

No. 1516998

Well yeah I wash my hair, I have coily hair so after I wash it I immediately put in product, braid it and let it air dry. I assumed anons were talking about a day-to-day thing, which is what confused me. Like, why get your hair wet if you don't have to? Maybe it's because I see it as such a nuisance.

No. 1517000

i'm the op and if i don't dry my hair i also always get a very bad headache
yeah i wet my hair whenever i shower, i never had an issue with it, i just shampoo it every once and then since doing it everytime is bad
anon i don't have that kind of thing happen, here everyone stresses you a lot if you are underdressed or more exposed because they don't want you to get it

No. 1517109


No. 1517117

Why do some people un the US want to stop saying "actress" for female comedians? I'm asking because the reverse is happening in my country, people pushing for the feminine form of occupations that traditionally didn't have a lot of women.

No. 1517124

It's in a misguided attempt to normalize women being the sex you think of when someone says "actor". But it's not going to work, because people still think of a certain sex when certain professions are named.

No. 1517128

Drying your hair everyday is like straightening it everyday - if you dont have to dry them, dont, its better for your hair (straight hairtype at least)

No. 1517144

but I keep getting sick. it's too cold anyway.

No. 1517206

File: 1678202642046.jpg (Spoiler Image,260.61 KB, 600x1200, 0031644855_10.jpg)

Does picrel look AI generated to you? There's an artist credited but I can't find any other art of them, and the rendering is very suspicious.

No. 1517209

The fact that it isn't even high res kind of gives it away

No. 1517211

Yeah, very much so. I would be really surprised a person painted this start to finish.

No. 1517212

Yes. Very obviously.

No. 1517215

when did lc become more gender critical? I'm reading old threads and some farmers don't misgender trans people and "transphobia" is sometimes listed when mentioning a cow's offenses

No. 1517222

Thank you for the confirmation, I wanted to be sure because one of the people shilling this is vocally anti-AI, and even when I saw it as a thumbnail it clearly looked like AI art.

No. 1517225

MTF threads started late 2019 and as farmers wandered into those threads they quickly peaked, esp during covid lockdown stuff. That’s around when I peaked too, the only troon I would misgender before that were republican troons and I didn’t understand why they couldn’t go in bathrooms and such.

No. 1517228

because 8 years ago there wasn't the level of woman hate from trannies and tranny supporters as there is today. transition is wholly deserved.

No. 1517244

File: 1678204908885.png (856.1 KB, 1144x2048, Screenshot_20230307-100107.png)

No. 1517273

when did the johnathan yaniv shit start getting big, i think he peaked a lot of women

No. 1517314

File: 1678211102211.jpeg (11.76 KB, 201x251, download (7).jpeg)

If I plan to bake chicken thighs in the oven with cut carrots and potatoes in ranch packet dry rub like pic related, di I have to marinate it or put it on, stick in the icebox for an hour and then cook it?

No. 1517332

What is a Buster?

No. 1517353


No. 1517383

Is 5'7/173cm tall for a woman?

No. 1517384

Depends where. China, yes. Netherlands, no.

No. 1517385

it's about three inches taller than average in most places but it's not abnormally tall by any means.

No. 1517388

In the UK? Growing up I generally eclipsed all my friends and classmates so I definitely felt huge but I hear a lot of people say 5'7 is "not that tall" for a woman. Right now I'm still taller than most women I know

No. 1517391

No. 1517393

From my perspective it's average but idk about heights in the UK

No. 1517420

A guy who thinks he's fly, also known as a scrub.

No. 1517423

Always talkin' 'bout what he wants
And just sits on his broke ass

No. 1517432

Why the fuck is MySpace still up? All the pics and music are broken and nobody uses it anymore, they should have pulled the plug 15 years ago, more useful websites were completely wiped out and this shit is still standing.

No. 1517442

the zoomers who want a neo-scene and emo revival are using it

No. 1517455

Reminder that despite the popular belief some people with anxiety don't mesh well with weed (happened to me)

No. 1517457

File: 1678223713184.jpg (17.42 KB, 399x268, 1669486747024.jpg)

a stray cat had kittens on my shed. I wanna gain their trust so i can adopt one and give the rest up for adoption. Any tips? they are very scared of me as of now to the point they hiss at me when i get close. I have been feeding them cat food and giving them clean water.

No. 1517464

trap them with food and bring them indoors and put them in a small space, like your bathroom.

No. 1517482

Do you get shadow banned on depop for using more than a certain amount of words/tags in the description?

No. 1517486

If there are any other former fattychans, what foods do you miss the most? I passed by a bakery I used to go to several times a week. The freshly made donuts ughhhh

No. 1517491

Sit there while they are eating the food you gave then. Each day make the bowl a little closer to yourself until they have to come in your arm's reach to eat. Eventually start petting them

No. 1517552

Do any of you feel like you're a bad person? Not necessarrily malevolent but more like unintentionally toxic, maybe not that kind, coldish, easily annoyed with people, selfish, etc. What do you do about it? How do you live with that?

No. 1517562

remind myself that I'm a bpdfag with trauma who's trying to work on it everyday but sometimes I tap into my inner angry child and lose it

No. 1517568

Yes. I have the tism and often times i have said things that sound like i am antagonising people for stuff i don't get or i have straight up said things that i didn't realise would hurt their feelings. I also generally hate talking to people irl because j find it boring and a lot of very extroverted people have gotten angry when i don't give them the conversation or smiles they think they deserve out of me. Idk, i don't really feel bad for making those people mad kek. I just try to avoid people as much as i can anyways, at this point they are asking for it.

No. 1517576

Yeah I'm pretty much everything you've described in your post. I put on a facade but I tell nice people that I'm not a good person and they shouldn't have a high opinion of me, of course they don't believe but whatever.

No. 1517584

Yes. I often feel like I have to try harder to be understanding and kind than most people. It was hard at first when I realized that niceties didn't come as naturally to me as other people. I learned how to cope by socializing more and watching others. Usually people tend to like me because now I know how to act in social situations. I still get pretty annoyed with others but I've learned how to be able to separate the way I personally feel towards someone doing something innocuous that I personally find annoying and irritating and acting in social situations. Some people are just annoying to you personally but are not doing anything wrong. It took me a while to realize that and to reign it in.

No. 1517593

Should I read into it too much if a girl says she is gay but is obsessed with k-pop boy groups?

No. 1517595

I'm not actively malicious or anything but I'm not a good person or friend. Emotionally unavailable, avoidant, unreliable, and I ghost people for long periods of time, especially in times of need. I cope by avoiding people even more. Also a toxic behavior, I guess it is a defense mechanism to make myself feel like a victim so that I imagine people will be less likely to express disappointment at my obvious shortcomings as a friend.

No. 1517625

It depends on what kind of obsessed. If she just listens to the music and likes their style, I don't think it's any weirder than lesbians who love James Dean. If she has like full on parasocial attachments with kpop men than yeah she's a delusional bisexual

No. 1517647

So the girl who slept with one of my boyfriends, tried sleepign with my ex, slept with our female friends boyfriends and/or exes, tried sleeping with her boyfriends friends, wonders why nobody wants to be her friend or girlfriend and why everyone cuts her off. How does one not realise the consequences of ones actions that badly? Like what goes through the heads of people like that?

No. 1517676

Is the stereotype that Dutch people are cheap a stereotype in countries outside of NL and Belgium? I feel like we're the only ones who really say it couldn't find the eurofag thread sorry nonnas

No. 1517687

idk i've just heard that they dont wash their hands -scandi

No. 1517888

Does japan have a lot of lactose intolerant people? If they do, why does it seem like a lot of their desserts, fatty foods, coffe