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No. 1520815

Discuss the happenings, drama, cringe, etc. of Neocities, personal sites, webrings, and other small communities, and how they used to be in the past.

Other possible topics of discussion:
>personal sites vs social media profiles
>creating shrines and fanlistings
>joining webrings and cliques
>how socializing on the internet has changed

Previous thread

Search for personal/non-comercial sites:

HTML/Web help:

No. 1528567

W3Schools sucks, this course is better: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn

Women of the Internet webring from the previous thread: https://womenoftheinternet.neocities.org/

No. 1528633

> so some of these weirdos might get termed if proof ever floats about of them knowingly interacting with kids and getting info
I wish but unfortunately sir Kyle Drake seems to have forgotten completely about his little web host, I don’t think he even checks his e-mails anymore.

No. 1528706

File: 1679290158102.jpg (93.74 KB, 500x724, tumblr_4ce3c3650413b647d8c1965…)

I curse the day this stupid white woman created a neocities account. I blame this cunt for starting all the neocities drama. I honestly wish she hadn't gone off the face of the internet, she made me laugh, I just wish she had chose someplace more crowded than neocities to start bullshit.

No. 1528708

literally who

No. 1528730

>>1528708 that one lullabye girl

No. 1528838

Totally ot, but I just caught up on the last of the previous thread and holy shit, I cannot believe macaque showed up there. I've spent the last few days reading through the fandom thread and she was (self?) posted there five months ago. She has 24 personal sites/accounts (yes I counted, she lists them everywhere) so she's 100% chronically online enough to lurk here after her name popped up once in the fandom thread last year. Macaque, if you're going to lurk you might as well read the detrans thread instead of working yourself up because a couple women made a webring.

No. 1528893

File: 1679319662769.png (131.65 KB, 682x2034, surprisinglybased.png)

Something that all lurkers need to read:

No. 1528922

For the love of god, can we stop interacting with cows? Who gives a shit what any of these retards think, whether they're ~on our side~ or not. Everyone who's been publicly posting about this in any capacity has been a massive yawning faggot, can we just move on?

No. 1528924

this smells like selfpost

No. 1528930

Exactly. another thing i want to mention is every other post being "x if you're reading" this "y i know you're lurking". instead of posting here indirectly why not just tell them directly? Isn't there already an early web animecore thread on /w/ with the exact same type of cliqueposters too? Just go there.
Stop interacting with the cows, and stop baiting the twelve year old. You have to be either underage or retarded to not be able to understand this and discuss things normally.

No. 1528943

This is not based. It's a tra who hates "terfs" and lolcow users (including you, if you're not the op selfposting).

No. 1528951

I'd like to conduct a sort of survey/polling from those in this thread because I'm just very interested in what people seek out/find missing from the current web and what nostalgia they have/emulate on their own blogs/sites. I have a few ideas of what I want to add to the questionnaire but I don't want it to be a super long form either so I want input on what to ask on it from others. So far I want to ask things like;
What websites do you have the fondest memories of?
Do you seek community and expression through the internet?
What Era or "style" of web design do you find most pleasing?
As a woman on the internet do you find it harder or easier to find groups of like minded women to interact with compared to the past?

No. 1528971

This reads like a rejected encyclopedia dramatica article and didn't need to mention lolcow at all. Can we stop giving these people the attention they desperately want?
those seem like great questions so far! Most of them seem like they could be answered with a short response, so it wouldn't feel like it's dragging on. If you wanted some in-depth responses maybe you could throw a couple thought-provoking ones in there.

No. 1528988

>>1528893 This is literally a post from some retard DID faker kek

No. 1528998

Do any of you anons have experience with hosting an oekaki board? I was thinking of putting one up on my site but I'm wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth.

No. 1528999

File: 1679330558343.gif (146.14 KB, 340x191, Funny_spider.gif)

Same anon as >>1528951
I went ahead and made the poll! I'd love to know the opinions of nonnies in this thread.

No. 1529014

The bar is so low that I'm actually really happy a literal genderist with a "DID alter" from a cartoon is just poking fun and telling readers to form their own opinion about the users on the webring, instead of posting "they're all Nazi TERFs, doxx and spam their pages with threats since they're killing poor transgenders like me" like they tend to.

That said, if we're going to post about Neocities drama, I wish it was kept to another thread.

No. 1529035

Haven't hosted one myself, but cinni has one, maybe the links will help you if you dig a bit.
An oekaki board is something I have been meaning to look up too, it seems fun.

No. 1529230

Thank you! It looks kind of complicated honestly kek

No. 1529280

Cinni is very kind, you could try reaching out to her and seeing how it could be done. I believe that lainchan also has an option for oekaki posts, and they are open source.

No. 1529493

File: 1679389827556.png (104.44 KB, 1068x469, Tags.png)

I updated the tags for antiwomanbrands, went to check it on the search page and lol, lmao

No. 1529496

>>1529493 more on topic though, I feel like no matter what I change, the site still just looks clunky. Changing the background from a highly repeated and loud pattern helped a little, but the layout still irks me. I just started on a personal website and I want to avoid the same thing from happening

General question, is there anything in particular that might make a given website just feel old?

No. 1529502

isn't that sort of the whole point? not using modern coding languages but mostly sticking to css and html like the old days?

No. 1529505

Fonts & colors are very important on how a website looks, so try to play with them for a bit.
I used to hate one of my pages until I simply changed the font to a lighter one and added a bit more of line height and the whole feeling of it changed for the better.
Borders are pretty important too, but it depends on how the rest of your layout looks. Sometimes 1px solid on a similar color as the background/container looks better, while in other it's 4px solid black and such.

About old websites, definitely table layouts with 7px font size and all links squished in one of the sidebars. If you're making one, I'm begging you to use a readable font size though, kek.

No. 1529506

No, I just meant that something about the way I styled mine feels janky. Not old in the literal sense. Plenty of sites on neocities look very smooth and well put together, and have a good flow.

No. 1529508

Thank you! I'm kinda suspecting the borders are contributing a lot to my current frustration.
>table layouts
>tiny font
>crowded side bars
end me nonas that's my entire site

No. 1529542

it looks good like it is. i dig the kinda old-school look

No. 1529558

Poll anon again! Thank you to everyone who responded!
Even if interest were similar everyone is so unique, I really loved getting to see their answers and then websites/blogs for those who chose to share them. Even if you didn't share; I'm sure whatever you're working on is wonderful! Don't stop updating your sites/blogs! We need more semi sane/interesting women online.
(If you did share I may be in contact but I'm also very shy and you all seem way too cool so I'll watch from a distance if anything!)

No. 1529577

You need more depth, play with gradients for the header. Try a subtle horizontal gradient or maybe add textured backgrounds

No. 1529583

samefag but also the colors kinda clash you can make the background color of the banner lighter and a bit more vibrant while making the header text a dark red, I recommend playing around with the colors, basically. Hope this helps

No. 1529872

File: 1679429706619.png (109.44 KB, 836x673, comfort.png)

Just saw this site that uses a similar layout as yours. I think you're right, maybe removing the borders and separating each container by their background color is the way to go.

No. 1529928

File: 1679435035434.jpg (409.34 KB, 2732x657, better.jpg)

I fixed the borders, it looks so much better. I'm still going to play around with colors and fonts, thank you guys!

No. 1530127

the interactions with the cows should def stop but i'm not sure a neocities thread + neocities drama thread would make sense, seeing how this one is already very slow.. most of the 'drama' is just braindead takes seen on neocities anyway.

looks good nonna!

No. 1530263

exactly and plus if there was a neocities drama thread it would be filled with self posters and cowtippers. Heck even people who are friends with the cows would be white knighting there. Neocities is filled with those retards already, we really don’t need a thread for petty, non-existent and slow drama happening between TIFs and DID fakers.

No. 1530311

definitely looks better now!

No. 1531564

This looks like the sadgrl layout generator. It looks basic as fuck but if the content is good it doesn't matter.

No. 1531685

Anyone using dreamwidth? the search function fucking sucks and it feels empty

No. 1531743

I have one, but I mostly lurk, the search function is pretty busted from what I notice. Some anon comms can search comments in posts, but entries are another story.

No. 1531816

Yeah, but I don't use the search fuction much since I'm mostly on it to sperg on my own (I dont even follow anyone lmao). If you look up by interest you will probably get better results though.
DW is in a way about privacy, so looking up specific things isn't as easy as social media. If you want to build a community instead of simply rambling on your blog the best thing is to known another person who uses it and find other people by talking to their commenters/followers and so on.
I havent used them yet, but there are groups too, you can try your luck by joining some of them.

No. 1531820

File: 1679640225124.jpg (455.19 KB, 1366x1312, updated.jpg)

I've updated the colors. Once I figure out how fonts work, I think it'll really come together! I've been working on a page with some more complex html and it's so satisfying figuring out how everything works.

No. 1531823

anon ilu for making this, glad to see your post to show my appreciation

No. 1531825

File: 1679640732104.png (333.89 KB, 800x671, 89077BB8-E7A6-4C68-B614-72.png)

This is rad asf

No. 1531826

Thank you! I've honestly been having way too much fun with neocities. I'm going to get started on my own personal site this week

No. 1531999

Awesome girl really appreciate you making stuff like this

No. 1532128

Does anyone know of any fun or cool javascript widgets for websites? The only stuff I come across are clocks and calendars.

No. 1532171

File: 1679687031521.gif (860 B, 30x46, kitty2.gif)

No. 1532277

File: 1679696649975.gif (380 B, 20x20, tumblr_lspivp07Kg1qcfn0j540.gi…)

No. 1532516

Does anyone have any page ideas? I'm totally out of imagination agh

No. 1532772

I'm glad the retards here stopped posting personal vendettas. If you know someone reads the thread you're defeating the purpose of this anyway.

I''ve started a new site this week but using wordpress.

No. 1532968

How do I find the motivation to create a website? Everytime I start working on one I feel overwhelmed and give up…

No. 1532980

File: 1679795087355.png (1.44 KB, 476x31, kekeke.png)

This made me burst out laughing anon. I love your humour and the personal touches on the site.

No. 1533006

File: 1679799730536.png (209.48 KB, 900x1200, Luxury_bear_fat.png)

aw thanks, I'm glad to hear it. I was getting worried that the site wasn't serious enough but imo I'd rather keep it light hearted. Bear fat is no laughing matter though, it gets 5 stars on every russian pharmacy online.

No. 1533110

File: 1679819905268.gif (2.43 KB, 129x38, socks.gif)

Nonnies I found a blog in the webring who has this on her blog. Please tell me it's ironic

No. 1533141

I think you should sent that kind of thing to the webring op rather than vageposting about it here

No. 1533231

What helped me the most what to stop caring how my site looks to others and just start writting pages about stuff I want. If I feel lazy to do HTML, I just pick a ramdom Markdown to HTML online generator and wrote here.
A website is in a way about wanting to show stuff to the world, so maybe writting about your hobbies, your process on drawing/sewing, tutorials or just making a page about your pets or favorite movie for others to see will motivate you a bit.

My site is actually still on the beta v3 after half a year, I wanted to do a great layout remodeling but noticed wanting my site look great was blocking my hability to both create content for it and to enjoy my site, so I ended up usng a very layout and called it a day.

No. 1534172

Think about why you want to make one in the first place and then focus on that. Like >>1533231 said, she wants to create content to share with the world, so that's where she puts her energy instead of worrying about her layout. My reason for making a website is the opposite actually. I love to decorate and design pages, so that's what I do without worrying too much about the content. You could have any reason for making a website and no reason could be too stupid. All Fauux did was make empty pages with ugly Lain gifs on them and his site is the 2nd biggest on Neocities. Follow your heart nona

No. 1534294

Yes it's a joke, I know her personally.

No. 1534297

I'm so happy with my webpage! I started creating it on a whim about a week ago, and the pages are very simple but it feels like my own little slice of heaven where I can ramble about whatever my heart desires, not to mention I can post all of my yume art there instead of dancing around it under my main art presence. I wish I had done this sooner honestly.

No. 1534776

lol that was my polite way of saying they should stop posting about the drama entirely

No. 1534783

File: 1680003531180.jpg (211.23 KB, 1112x878, yesterwebwr.jpg)

Apparently the yesterweb webring is shutting down. Personally I never liked the yesterweb webring because of its community that I know I wouldn't be welcome in and the fact that it's the first webring that pops up when learning about the retro-web revival, it seems to me that most people treat it as a passing fad which results in a lot of inactive websites very quickly.

Do you think webrings that grow too large become a problem? Sadness mentioned this being a problem in the past as well, if any nonnies had experiences with webrings when they were first a thing I'd love to hear about it.

No. 1535011

>>1534783 Webrings can definitely get too big for their own good, I'd say it should stay under or around 100-150 at the largest.

No. 1535969

I found an old web about twin peaks, last updated in 2006: http://www.glastonberrygrove.net/

No. 1536518

nothing of value will be lost. if you saw one site on this webring, you saw them all

No. 1537137

This is awesome. Thanks for finding it!

No. 1537531

Let me know how it goes. I recently transitioned there myself.

No. 1538295

Macque has followed me for over a year despite my terfy content lmao

No. 1538296

Cinni is a TRA and one of those former farmers that pretends to have left the site riddled with PTSD

No. 1538311

>former farmers that pretends to have left the site riddled with PTSD
These are my favorite type of people in online tra-adjacent circles. They'll go on and on about how 4chan or lolcow traumatized them but any time there's a conversation related to the two they'll come out of the woodworks with the lore and knowledge of somebody that still regularly lurks and posts on both sites.

No. 1539020

Exactly anon. She isn't the only yesterweb member guilty of this, sadness and other users used to be farmers or admit to lurking. They have less shame about posting on 4chan. Another anon mentioned crystal.cafe being linked in the early days.

No. 1539045

Just do one page at a time. So much of the internet is gone now, whatever you do, it will automatically be one of the top 10 websites on the subject. There's basically no competition.

No. 1539527

File: 1680464634380.jpg (98.81 KB, 1116x794, crystalcafeyesterweb.jpg)

>Another anon mentioned crystal.cafe being linked in the early days.
That was probably me, I'm not sure how long cc has been a part of the yesterweb but at some point users in the yesterweb discord noticed and made a fuss about it kek

No. 1539535

>terfs are allowed on cc that's weird
so ultra weird for an image board made by lc users!!11

No. 1539664

There are caps in the previous thread of yesterweb users and troons downplaying the content on 4chan. Lc is so much worse because we are women. There's also the v-kei troon that cried about his friends having threads on here.

No. 1540621

Blog-ish post, but I have been trying to find some stuff and stumbled upon a few japanese fan sites/blogs from 2007-10 for a game I like. Sadly almost every shared link to other sites is broken, but the sites that are still up have a few old fanfics, ships and art uploaded and their genuine love for the series warms my heart.

I don’t know if any of you think the same, but don’t you feel the internet has become too public/big? While I like being able to find and connect with others so easily, looking at the current state of fandoms (and social media overall) makes me think being so aware of each other has done more harm than good.

Maybe people are better suited for small communities rather than big social media. Finding someone from another continent who loved the same things as you 15 years ago hits different.
I started a “secret” blog (public, but kind of hard to find normally) recently and being able to share things without the huge exposure of twitter/similar sites has brought me inner peace honestly.

No. 1541046

File: 1680650541863.jpg (260.82 KB, 696x1010, md32.jpg)

Found some sites just by looking for castlevania doujins, way more than I expected
an independent castlevania fan site it updated last in 2021 and has a forum
>http://vampire-vault.narod.ru/Sklep.htm (russian)
A general vampire site, just the anime section has a bunch of explanations on every character, and I cannot even tell how I get to the doujin section
Another site just about castlevania but in russain

No. 1541047

>castlevania doujins
Bless you, anon.

No. 1541097

tbh I feel the same, it feels like all fandoms now feel the same…like the all use the same 10 memes and jokes, and it feels like all everyone ends up talking about are boring headcanons for character's sex and gender stuff.

I think the gen pop's awareness of fandom has kind of taken the fun out it too, like every time a new IP comes out and gains a fandom, people within the fandom start comparing it to other fandoms, and trying to predict what ship is going to be popular, and what character fall into what trope, and what ship fall into what couple trope. The whole character trope x character trope was fun and cute at first, but its starting to get to the point where people what every relation to be easily boiled down to a goofy ship meme.

Like looking at shrines and whole fan pages/sites from back in the day, devoted to old fandom stuff you could tell these people actually liked whatever they were fanning….

While I agree that its is alot easier to find and connect with people who have the same interest, but its a little bit harder to find someone who actually like said thing because they genuinely like it rather than they just like it because (a. its trending or (b. (insert tiktoker/youtuber/twitter person) talked about it/liked it, so there for I like it too syndrome, or (c. the worse type "All I know abt this IP is from memes, ship art, and tiktok comps, I haven't taken the time to consume it in its original format".

TL;DR I think alot people who are in fandom nowdays are just a fan of fandom, they're there for the memes, the drama, for a place of belonging, basically every reason that's not for the love of the IP itself. Also it doesn't help that new fandoms seem to go to pot real quick at the slightest sound of an opinion that's different from the fandom's opinion as a whole (again esp when it comes to shipping), maybe it was always like this but I think when people are all packed on one platform that's doesn't allow for much customization or actual effort/space to full express a thought (i.e twitter), people get hive mind-y fast.

No. 1541103

sorry for double post
but what kind of stuff do you post on your secrets blog, anyway ?
curious bc I've been thinking abt doing the same thing, I just dont want the social media noise..

No. 1541232

>I think a lot of people who are into fandom nowadays are just fan of fandom (…) not for the love of the IP itself
I have never thought of it that way, but nona you're so right. I often see people going "This series sucks, I'm glad fans are always here to fix it xDddd" and while sometimes they say it as a light-hearted jokes towards the writter being a creep, there are people who genuinely think that. It's more prevalent on some fandoms than others, but it's so evident some people are here just to follow what others do and have a quick laugh. In fact, my sister keeps getting into different media just because she sees funny edits on TikTok of them, I feel memes, tropes and fandoms are now weaponized by media creators to use as free advertisement.
Genuine love is harder to find due to having the world's eyes on you and people finding pure emotions "cringe", but I can't lie, I don't interact with people on sns anymore so I enjoy the fanart even if people aren't really on the IP kek. I do miss finding some actual love though.

Now that Twitter is going down and lots of people are leaving, I wonder if it will have an impact on fandoms. As long as big social media is still around nothing will really change I guess, but it would be nice to go back to smaller (public, I hate Discord) communities. Yeah there was drama and such back on the old days too, but things didn't get as widespread. Now you know about 6 different dramas on your fandom and an extra 4 of random ones you found out thanks to trending/retweets.

My blog isn't anything special, just a diary (mostly because I got memory problems) and rambles about games and hobbies. It used to be hosted on my Neocities site, but even thay was too public for me since it pretty much handles your site on a silver plate to anyone and it's getting popular. Now it's on Dreamwidth and due to the site's nature, pretty much only accessible if you look up people who like the game I write about.

No. 1541987

There's a lot of free plugins to help build your site and it's easy to create a properly functioning blog. I guess the downside is that using the plugins is focusing less on the oldweb static style and going more modern. So far I've used plugins with a mixture of my own code and I'm happy with the results and ease.

No. 1542159

Should I keep an art blog that no one will see anyway? I just want a place where I can post all my self indulgent drawings and not care about crappy social media anymore.

No. 1542184

please do!!! i wanna do it aswell

No. 1542240

I have an art blog that no one sees or knows about. I used to post my stuff to social media in the past, but got tired of the culture really quickly, especially how people just stopped interacting with each other once you could give them a little thumbs up instead and continue scrolling, it's just sad. Definitely recommend just posting your art to a place no one can find it and make it a cute online art gallery for yourself.

No. 1542375

It would be interesting to see how fandoms fair once/if when twitter finally falls, there might be a chance then for the genuine fans to have a chance to start a community again, if there's one tech savvy in the group.

I think one of major problems with fandoms on sns platforms is that this is no set moderation or rules for specific groups or fandoms, its all thunder dome rules. Its funny how twitter ppl are always the ones preaching "no gatekeeping" when gatekeeping is kind of what kept the peace in older, smaller online communities, alot fandom specific forums asked you a question related to IP before you could join, and that question was usually something really specific that would be hard to google, even if you got pass that going off topic was a big no no in most forums (and I think mid headcanons w/ no ip supported evidence fell into the area of off topic).

>finding pure emotions "cringe"

weird, I was told cringe culture is dead, but to be honest it felt like ppl were way more real when cringe culture was alive and kickin. I miss the genuine weeaboo, who made culture appropriate mistakes and spoke broken Japanese mixed with English out of pure naive unedited passion for japan, instead of cyclical hyper aware tiktok weebs who call themsleves anime trash, but all the anime they know is through the trending tab and tiktok memes.

Yeah, I've been meaning to do the same thing with my own art, sns art community feels like a never ending clout chasing contest, most of the online art friends I made were thru DA of all places, DA peeps might be weird but they can leave the most heartfelt and thoughtful comment when given the chance, and usual do it just cuz'.

Never understood the type to keep all their artwork on twitter, even its on an account just for their own art, it can be a slog scrolling thru a twitter feed for anything really…

At least Insta was made for displaying a whole gallery of images, as crappy as its ratio and cropping can be…

No. 1542398

I loved DA back in the day before it died. While it still suffered a bit from the idea that they had to give you a nice comment if you took the time to comment on their art, I feel like even then people were genuinely appreciative of each other. I loved doing art trades, doing work for writers who didn't draw for themselves and just having fun in general, but nowadays I feel like people just find you weird if you attempt to do these things. Fanart is so often just a 20 minute sketch with pronouns and the trans flag slapped on top, it's hard to find anything that feels genuine or interesting anymore.

All over I miss the times were people were more playful. I didn't think I would miss the whole "cringe" era so bad, but here I am, kek. We didn't know how good we had it.

No. 1542401

>Its funny how twitter ppl are always the ones preaching "no gatekeeping" when gatekeeping is kind of what kept the peace in older, smaller online communities
Reminder that people say "gatekeeping hobbies/fan communities is bad!" are the specific people that are meant to be gatekept. I'm sick of seeing teenagers online spamming their headcanons on my favorite video games and then be shocked that something they dislike is canon since the beginning of the franchise because all they know is the franchise's wikipedia page and some unfunny parody videos made by people who also don't know shit about said franchise.

No. 1542630

File: 1680863339008.png (73.09 KB, 948x381, BobaBoard.png)

Yeah, tons of people chant "cringe is dead" but most of the time it just means "you can draw sparkledogs and watch lego movies”. In reality, the internet is more judgemental now than ever thanks to everyone being able to have a huge exposure on social media and how fast rumors spread with no fact checking.
Doesn't fall into cringe I think, but lately I have been into purikura and found a blog (https://purikura.blogspot.com/) and it was fun reading thru the reviews of the silly filters and stickers. Things are really more refreshing when you don't care about other people's opinion.

It isn't the ideal solution, but I joined Mastodon back in February and I think that may be the closest to small communities we will have in the near future. It's pretty much tons of independent Twitters each one with a set of rules to abide by (& sometimes behind an approval method), and while lots of them are for abroad topics, I can see fandom-specific servers being a thing that could get popular over here. The one I'm in is mostly about sperging about your favorite characters/ships kek.
That said, I would like personal sites & blogs to make a popular comeback, I’m not a fan of infinite scrolling sns & having my content at the mercy of a 3rd party

I need to look more into them, but it seems BobaBoard (https://www.bobaboard.com/) and FujoGuide (https://blorbo.social/@fujowebdev) aim to create fandom-specific communities and promoting/making a guide on webdev to make your own sites respectively, they seem good initiatives.

No. 1542636

I kind of want to make a personal blog where I post my autistic opinions on video games, manga and other unrelated hobbies sometimes. But I'm not sure I'd be able to maintain it since I'm kind of lazy. Last time I tried I wanted to post about travels and 2020 and the pandemic happened, so you can guess how it went. It was on wordpress, I think it's because of how the algorith works but my very first posts attracted a lot of readers, but the next ones didn't, and I posted them like one or two months later each time. Anons started a thread about neocities long ago and I've looked into it but I'm too lazy to learn how to code just yet. Tumblr has a lot of nice options when it comes to posting but users use it as if it was just some social media platform like twitter but even more unhinged, and now people without an account can't lurk on someone's blog anymore which sucks ass. So it seems like wordpress isn't a bad option after all.

No. 1542688

Maybe you should ask yourself what you want out of starting a blog.
From what you have said, if you want comments/engagement in general I guess you should look up other blogs/sites (if wordpress lets non-users comment, I have never used it) and interact with them so they interact with you too and maybe that will make it feel less like a chore and motivate you to continue writing. Tumblr is a no-no for personal blogging because no one reads more than 1.5 lines of text, but fandom meta posts & translations do interest people here.

But in general the current state of blogging is a bit of a desert unless you find some small community. I only use my blog to make it pretty and ramble about games because I got no one to talk about them to (not a fan of online friendships & my irls aren’t into them), so I can’t give advice about finding them though.

No. 1542760

I don't just engagement for the sake of it, I want to have fun discussion related to hobbies… But I know it's difficult now that actual forums don't exist. For comparison's sake if I want to post about a video game here I'm not guaranteed to have a lot of replies but it's still way more likely that I'll have actual people replying in normal ways and with answers that are related to what I will post. On tumblr I wouldn't be able to post anything because of how everything is all about fandoms themselves and not the actual franchises, and the trans headcanons and racebending fanarts, etc. I had a blog on tumblr from 2012 to 2016 and I remember a mutual at the time who was super into Ace Attorney and Persona 4 who just said she thought Naoto being a transboy directly contradicts the story and she got insulted constantly for it. I don't want to deal with braindead idiots who don't even play the video games they claim to love so much. Wordpress lets anyone leave comments on blog posts but if someone who doesn'thave a wordpress accounts tries that they'll have to give an email address while commenting iirc.

>But in general the current state of blogging is a bit of a desert unless you find some small community.

Yeah it seems like it. I feel like vlogging and videos in general has replaced written blogs. It's a pity because it's such a different medium, and it removes a little bit of anonymity to sperg about hobbies while recording my voice at the very least. Meanwhile anyone with a good quality camera and no brain cells can film themselves sperging like an idiot, spread wrong infos or unfounded rumors on whatever they want because they have no reading comprehension, yell like a maniac while streaming video games trailers because "muh hype" or "lolsorandom" humor.

No. 1544116

What blogging service do you recommend? I heard anons here who recommended fc2 for blogging.

No. 1544146

>The whole character trope x character trope was fun and cute at first, but its starting to get to the point where people what every relation to be easily boiled down to a goofy ship meme.
NTA but fully agree. I have a ship that I really love but in a lot of fan creations both characters get flanderized to death with no nuance or layers left and no regard to their original portrayal. It's a game so people generally don't even really play it, or if they do, they skip all the story sections missing big plot points so they make half of their canon up and expect everyone else to follow their interpretation. In worst cases they tend to get mad if you remind them of the official lore because, like said, half of them base their entire experience on fandom creations alone never having even touched the game.

People really just love partaking in the fandom culture above all, they could be made into being a fan of pretty much anything if the fandom checked all the boxes for the memes, tiktok cosplayers and ship art. We got people like these in 2005 too but they were considered more or less an anomaly, now it's the norm. Like every artist online is drawing fanart of shit they know absolutely nothing about just to milk the equally obtuse "fans" for either exposure or money.

No. 1544153

I've been using fc2 blog for a few months now and it's alright. Sometimes formatting gets messed up and I have to edit my post multiple times to get it looking how I want it to. If you're just using it as an online diary, though, I do recommend it. Loooong ago I used Blogger but I never really kept a consistent schedule with it. Still serviceable.

No. 1544530

>I have a ship that I really love but in a lot of fan creations both characters get flanderized to death with no nuance or layers left and no regard to their original portrayal. It's a game so people generally don't even really play it, or if they do, they skip all the story sections missing big plot points so they make half of their canon up and expect everyone else to follow their interpretation.
I'm in a fandom where characterization is slow to roll out and also poorly documented within the game. However, an online resource keeps track of it on a wiki, and datamines and videos of their dialogues exsist. So, there's no reason to fuck it up.
And yet still, you have people making out-of-context fanart of them that doesn't channel their best canon qualities, and instead boils them down to flanderized tropes, or the author self inserting onto one of the characters. What's sad is that, if they took their canon qualities into account? I'd be into said ship. In fact, said ship of character A x Y is just a swap out of character A x B, even though B and Y act nothing alike.
I remember being able to respect ships I didn't like when the creators embraced their canon qualities and extended upon them, instead of turning them into interchangeable figures. It meant that the creators still appreciated the series/franchise as a whole and presented a new angle to it.
Even off the topic of shipping, a lot of people have flooded the fanart sphere with off-model and irrelevant artwork of characters.

Ranting aside, I've been working on a fansite for myself. Once it's done, I hope it inspires others. Fansites and blogs really force you to be genuine. And it's more obvious if you don't care about the series.

No. 1545276

File: 1681133911922.jpg (78.89 KB, 1080x651, fsU5Ydu.jpg)

Checked this part of the sadgrl.online and there's mention of trannies webrings…

No. 1545294

Yesterweb is a shitty faux web nostalgia webring with a shitty tranny circlejerk community. There are some decent sites on there, however, since it's one of the biggest and most popular webrings out there at the moment. Most of these old web revival sites with manifestos devoid of any originality are very pro TRA.
They are shutting down the webring soon though along with the forums.

No. 1545316

I didn't know this one but I can see why troons would gather at some point in faux nostalgia setting.
Do you recommend some sites in this old web style or about that phenomenon but without the trannies or other genderspecials?

No. 1545344

The last thread had a nice list of all kinds of personal websites here >>1366813. It's a good starting point.
You can also take a look at the women of the internet webring since it originated here. From there you can check out which sites are recommended by those sites and discover a whole lot of stuff.
Lastly I recommend https://foreverliketh.is/. This guys website has a pretty comprehensive webring + personal website list but it's not gendie free. Some quality stuff can be found here though.

No. 1545891

The purikura blog was an interesting read, thanks for sharing nonna. I was even curious about the author's whereabouts now but all her socials/blogs linked seem to have been wiped.
Bobaboard's concept sounds great, but the overall vibe makes me think that it will instantly be filled with gendies and the like.

No. 1546006

Thanks for sharing, I already know the onerous thread on this topic. When I'll find something interesting I will also share it.
I'm slowly starting to learn HTML and ita satisfying to see when the code appears as site in .html file. I have one problem - how to make parts of the site in a different color than the others?
For example, I have something written between two dividers and I want that part to be some color, let's say green, when the background outside dividers will be different color, let's say purple. I tried looking for some guides how to do it but didn't find anything. I learned though how to give colorful bakcrgiund to some heading or paragraph and it appears as a colorful string one which a writing can fit but I'm looking for something bigger than a line-background. How to divide background into parts and make them have different colors?

No. 1546076

Not 100% sure if I’m understanding what you’re asking, but I’d use css to change the background of your divider.

No. 1546095

Learn about classes and ID's in css, it should help you with your problem. Multiple elements can share the same class, but id's are unique, and using these terms you can customize css a lot more than by just styling html tags.

No. 1546133

Any website/space (specially if it's about fandom) is bound to be full of gendies, so nothing new. Unless it originated in a place hostile towards them it's impossible to find a community nowadays without trans people & TRAs.
At this point I have desisted and just join places without caring who is on it. Sucks being a "crypto" and so knowing you won't form sincere friendships, but making a fandom-only account and trying to find people who are actually interested in the series itself instead of having their tl full of "[X] is trans!!" kind of works.
They can get on your nerves at times, but for some chit-chat and art trades it's fun. You attract what you post, making your account have barely any focus on personal or social matters will mostly attract people who don't want to discuss these things either and are here for the series instead.

No. 1546457

Dungbeetle is trying too hard. She already wrote a post about lolcow and now she's trying to start drama with this.


No. 1546469

Didn't we agree to stop giving these cows exposure? Who gives a shit what some terminally online DID faker thinks, god, they're a dime a dozen. Just move on.

No. 1546544

nta but it does have a list of terf/radfem neocities and websites

No. 1546574

Love this list of TERF neocities, I'll be following all of these sites now!

No. 1546693

File: 1681273274187.png (268.63 KB, 1032x774, gc4.png)

Aw, sad to see I'm not here, I guess I will have to try harder. It's a nice small follow list though, I knew about most of these sites except the last one, loved their meme page kek

No. 1546788

Judging by her articles dungbeetle is a prolific LC user that is desperate to end up on LC to become a victim herself. She's a 24 year old did faker obsessed with a show I only see children like. Her fursona is a cow with mastectomy scars. Basically she's dime a dozen on neocities and it's not worth giving her attention in this thread. She's suffering from an extreme not like the other tifs syndrome and now that she published this shitlist I bet she'll blame any negative attention she receives on the people she put on there.
She's lame and boring and has nothing of value to say, best to just treat her like a mildly irritating mosquito.

No. 1547304

It's only got a handful of websites on it anyways, all people who were confirmed gender crit years ago. Even her shitlist is pathetic.

No. 1547790

this is too funny, I like how she's being dramatic ("some of them are really sneaky, communicating through dogwhistles on seemingly innocent pages") but then it's just people being straightforward about their views and referencing gender crit literature in passing or something like that kek. also "we've compiled a list" blabla big introduction and it's FOUR blogs. "Will this start new drama?" she really wish hahah

No. 1548079

Thank you, that might be solution I didn't consider since so far I was learning HTML and not CSS yet but I will look into it.

No. 1548230

I checked their site and I saw they wrote a web accesibility guide with known neocities pedo, owlman who currently goes by owly since he trooned out. I heard he was called out by some neocities users over that

No. 1548885

You're right. Owly links back to dungbeetle too.

There's no way she doesn't know of Owly being a pedo considering how long they've been interacting. They also have the Neolands discord which he's probably going to use if not already for grooming.

No. 1548924

You mean https://neozones.club nona. Discord mods and pedos go hand in hand.

No. 1552653

Yes, sadgrl is a massive handmaiden and pretends that she never used to browse here.

No. 1552999

bumping this thread in hopes that I can find the person with the radfem graphics neocities. I hope to god she's a nona because her site is awesome and I did indeed link it as per the form request but I have no way of responding to let her know. I kinda think the chances of her at least lurking here are good. Nona, your site and graphics are awesome and I love it so so so much.

No. 1553000

can i get a link to this site?

No. 1553005

Yeah, hope she doesn't mind that I'm posting it here since she hasn't put it anywhere else, from what I can find.

No. 1553008

I like that it's really far removed from Western discourse (because fc2 is mostly Japanese) but after having it for this long I find the UI too clunky for my liking. They're generous with the space you get but the way file/image uploading goes is a bit annoying.

No. 1553010


No. 1553070

hey nonas, i should preface this by saying that i am by no means a coder and my experience ends strictly at f12 copy paste editing my myspace page, and that i have an fc2 blog. i was wondering if somebody could help me out with adding blinkies and other graphics to the side "column" or whatever it's called. i can't figure it out, i mean i know how to add a graphic but that side is all grouped into one if that makes sense and i want to add it somewhere specific. i hope this makes sense… like should i make a new table and then add the blinkies onto that? also, the text i have on my blog keeps… splitting? in the middle of the words, so like usually if you type a long word it either hyphens or it goes back a line so it's a full word but on my blog it just splits the letters. is it something to do with the fact that the theme was made for japanese use? and if so is there something i can do with the code? because i had a different one before and i did not have this problem with that one. sorry for explaining my stupid issues so badly but i hope it's comprehensible enough

No. 1553077

> i can't figure it out, i mean i know how to add a graphic but that side is all grouped into one if that makes sense and i want to add it somewhere specific
Try doing <br> between the images? If you posted a picture of how it looked like maybe I could get a better idea of what you need help with.
>is it something to do with the fact that the theme was made for japanese use?
Yes, I've noticed this on fc2 on some themes. It could have something to do with word-break property perhaps so if you want to change it try deleting that whole line if it exists.

No. 1560443

anyone know where i can find more radfem blinkies? tumblr is only showing me like one result that isn't a "dni terfs" one.
my ( non feminism related ) contribution: cute website material… website
it's kind of annoying to have to exit out of those popups(?) constantly but imo it's worth it, there's hundreds of adorable pixels here.

No. 1560623

File: 1682564436223.jpg (175.56 KB, 1000x1000, slider-sp-an3-2.jpg)

you can make super basic ones here https://blinkies.cafe/

No. 1561085

Oh hi nonna that would be me! Thanks so much for indulging my request and adding a link to my site!

No. 1561263

File: 1682631607144.gif (749 B, 150x20, blinkiesCafe-Pr.gif)

thanks anon! there's even a cow blinkie kek

No. 1561953

I had fun exploring your sites, nonnies.

No. 1566536

> Lastly I recommend https://foreverliketh.is/
Did you even look at the age-restricted section? Yikes.

No. 1566686

I recommended it as a good directory of webrings and personal websites, which it is.

No. 1570436

No. 1570456

i'm surprised that no one mentioned yet that yesterweb forum was closed a day before planned date and they dropped "summary" on their site.

No. 1570617

christ why is the summary so long? it reads less like what the yesterweb "stood for" and more of a manifesto of political beliefs.

No. 1571027

File: 1683531576035.jpg (191.75 KB, 1094x922, dg.jpg)

Madness self admitted on the yesterweb forum that she, in her own words, tried to be a digital guerilla and transform yesterweb into some weird maoist commie utopia. Lo and behold it didn't work out when most people into this movement were upper/middle class children and trannies that got severely bored during the pandemic and wanted to escape social media, hence 90% of sites on the webring were empty about me pages with copy paste manifestos.
Incidentally, the people that could contribute the most to the movement when it was actually an internet community focused movement were the tech hobbyists but Madness hated them for being filthy bourgeoisie that used words that were too hard to understand such as "Linux" and "open source" or something along those lines.
Sadness, the creator of the movement, has been in the background for most of it especially after madness started attempting to radicalize everyone on the mod team and it's obvious her own idea was pissed and shat on by madness but she submitted to her and in the end we got this weird summary that has nothing to do with the original movement.
Never let commie larper trannies take control of your ideas and communities.

No. 1571072

What an unlikable person.

No. 1571731

Lmao this is so cringe

No. 1571826

>"Linux" and "open source"
Those are usually actual leftists into tech, what an idiot.

No. 1571828

You forgot about that madness turned on artists in yesterweb too. Yesterweb banned advertising commissions by artists who came here to escape social media hell, but madness considers it "bourgeois transactions". It alienated another group that could do lot around movement, since they are passionate and actually work on their handcrafted sites. At some point their literally banned "advertising" your own sites, linking it is such an evil capitalist bourgeois transaction for that thridworldist maoist weirdo. I found many sites when their owners linked them, it's like spreading the word isn't it? But not for madness who never cared about running a personal site. Her sites were empty or it just hosted some commie theory. She seems to hate anyone who has actual hobbies and doesn't care about her weird movement shit. I feel it's why there was so much of hate towards techy types, maybe she doesn't know but around 5 years, neocities mostly attracted more tech oriented crowd and it's natural that things like retrotech/web will appeal to techy dudes. Of course it's just lot of envy too, she hates anyone just having a stable job in tech industry - iirc few people who went to found 32bit cafe were treated like garbage in yesterweb, because how they dare to work in IT industry! Of course madness shot them down as "Professional Managerial Class" and that they exist only to hijack their movement. Her "internet revolution" do shit. She's also obsessed with Jian Qing, so you know where from her obsession with "counter culture" and cultural revolutions came from.
Sadness was a typical lefty person from very start but wasn't really radical, most of her writing was mostly about internet and how old web totally was better, until when most likely madness started indoctrinating her. Shitty Not Just Bikes/r/fuckcars takes, obsession with Kollontai and especially writings about abolishing family, she also probably was forced to read "Settlers" by madness, which is divisive rabidly anti-western anonymous communist text, pure thirdworldist-maoist drivel (from which most likely priviledge idpol came from, the thirdworldist thought that working class in the west totally opresses third world is strikingly similar to shit leftists claim that homeless white guy is more priviledged than any black celeb for an example). She forced herself to read shit that tells that she's devil just for existing and that text literally is another white guilt inducing shit, so it's very likely that madness tried to induce more of it. Sadness was a vulnerable person who's easy to infulence, make her more depressed and broken and in the end use it to take over yesterweb. It's common trajectory of most of niche web communities, unfortunately.
Yesterweb failed because maoist usurper couldn't get that kids want to have fun and passionate people care more about making their sites full of interesting content, only thing yesterweb accomplished was littering neocities with shitty pages with social media links and shitty manifestos which were some "political action" or something for them. yesterweb never cared about personal web at all, it just was nostalgiafagging which should stay nostalgiafagging than something that never was.
Open source crowd in my experience leans more into lib-left/anarchism so they were wrong types of leftists for them, since madness was all about very rabid forms of maoism and wanted to mao tier dictator in her "internet revolution"

No. 1571843

If you ever talked to her in DMs you can see how she is easily swayed by the influence of others. If she had taken the advice I had given her maybe she would still have a community.

No. 1571851

so that's what it's like to have delusions of grandeur on a website for making websites

No. 1571855

sadness is/was an almost 30 year old neet lesbian who barely discovered the old web and how to write HTML, it seems madness was just an influence but sadness seemed clueless about what she was getting into.

The yesterweb community was always a joke. Madness had to explain was racism was to one of the soyboy techbro mods that thought making fun of English people was racist. Good riddance.

No. 1571871

Sadness always seemed to be a person who doesn't know shit about webdev/running sites/hosting stuff and she's limited to neocities, but despite that she tried to be sort of expert and help everyone out. The funniest thing was page about custom 404 pages, which was limited to "just edit one neocities provided you" and my exceptations were too high thinking she maybe i'll show basic .htaccess (very handy to know if you have own domain, easy redirects and custom error pages like 404 or 403). Yesterweb didn't try to help people actually decentralize things and set up their own domains and create guides about that, be actual fucking webmaster.
Shitty layout generator she made ruined any creativity in neocities layouts at all, everyone now just make same 2/3 column layouts

No. 1578723

What was the advice you gave her, just out of curiosity?

No. 1579035

got the link? Just wanna archive manually

No. 1579097

I already archived this specific thread here:

Didn't bother with the rest of the forum though so go ahead: https://forum.yesterweb.org/

No. 1579564

thanks, used wget to download the entire forum into a .warc file so we should be good worse case senario

No. 1579598

Like maybe actually being leader and not letting a bunch of faggots in her circle force her hand. She was spineless and would frequently make erratic moderation decisions or changes, even if it was only because some trannies wanted to target people they didn't like. The entire premise of the yesterweb was to allow a bunch of zoomers to pretend to know shit about what the oldweb was like. They wanted to pretend to experience web through the lens of nostalgia and it was never going to happen.

The majority of the retards on the yesterweb were zoomers and clearly mentally ill people who were being enabled and validated in their neurosis. The old web didn't tolerate snowflakes and coddle them the way the yesterweb was set up as a hugbox. It could arguably be considered the worst community on neo cities as hundreds of shitty filler pages were created because of sadness. She was unemployed or a NEET when she was spending time acting amazed at the power of HTML5 in 2023. Good riddance.

No. 1579851

thanks, used wget to download the entire forum into a .warc file so we should be good worse case senario

No. 1579859

I came back to say this as someone who has spoken to both Saddness and Maddness, calling or viewing themselves as digital guerillas in any way, shape, or form is hilarious, and also sickening considering that Maddness knows fucking well that actual Guerillas experienced trauma and violence she never will

No. 1579873

Seriously. Web 1.0 was completely cutthroat, the weirdo zoomers thinking it was a paradisaical lovefest is beyond fucking odd.

No. 1579877

I miss NADears. I still have the shirt..

No. 1580549

Out of curiousity, what was Web 1.0 like in general? I'm an adult zoomer who never really got to experience it…

No. 1580550

Out of curiousity, what was Web 1.0 like in general? I'm an adult zoomer who never really got to experience it…

No. 1580614

Slow and highly disorganized. But I loved it.

No. 1581206

Nobody used or was expected to use real names. Banner ads and popup ads. Shitty free webhosting services and a handful of okay ones. SLOW. Way, way more fucking interesting than Web 2.0– nevermind wikiwalks, you'd do like…linkwalks to handmade pages. Some were shite and some were great. Communities generally became super-toxic super quickly, though, waaaay fucking more than now– but nobody mentions this because the internet was still nerd shit/niche back then, not yet just a part of everyday life. I hated it for that reason but I loved it and miss it for the creativity and just general interestingness.

No. 1584588

Communities were very self contained at least. It helped there wasn't one platform to use to discuss every single thing on. Now shit spreads like fire.

No. 1584663

Yeah, that's true. If one section of a fandom went full retard you could always walk away and find another part somewhere else that wasn't (or hadn't yet), admittedly. Although that was more difficult in communities that were very tiny or niche to begin with, though– if there was only, like, ONE major community forum for Obscure Fandom X, you were shit outta luck.

Also I find like, Tumblr/Insta/etc all let the lazier shit-stirrers into the world into communities. In Web 1.0, web presence took effort and upkeep that you had to develop by yourself, it kinda took a certain amount of discipline or at least sincerity. These days, any fuckwit with a cell can make a social media account and bleat about their shitty opinions.

No. 1585361

I remember this, and it was almost hilarious how fast things could go downhill back then. You'd either have a few toxic community members up against a weak staff who just wanted to keep the peace, or mad site admin trying to turn a fandom into a mini-cult. At least it was easier for you to pick up and make your own space w/o feeling lost if it came down to it, because the toxicity usually affected more than one person instead of a targeted attack. So you'd at least gain new company too burnt out to start shit.

These days, things are spread so thin that it can take a while to build up. But it can become a mob that tries to follow you around. I remember, back then, people would try to bring drama from old websites, only for a moderator to tell them to leave their drama on whatever place they came from. Nowadays, you don't have that. When Tumblr executed the Pornpocolypse, I noticed the cancelers followed the smut artists shippers to twitter and just picked up from where they left off instead of staying away from content they disagreed with.

No. 1585362

>Also I find like, Tumblr/Insta/etc all let the lazier shit-stirrers into the world into communities. In Web 1.0, web presence took effort and upkeep that you had to develop by yourself, it kinda took a certain amount of discipline or at least sincerity. These days, any fuckwit with a cell can make a social media account and bleat about their shitty opinions.
With more people looking into self-hosting and federated communities, I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to see the amount of people spewing useless shit go down.

No. 1586983

Can anyone link me sites for old web images? In particular I'm looking for banners and old ads.

No. 1586993

Gifcities.org might be what you're looking for.

No. 1587885

File: 1685092426004.png (102.96 KB, 1276x1401, pic.png)

I wrote a page generator if anyone is interested. (I made it because I write fanfiction and wanted to put fandoms or topics in separate tags.)



No. 1588382

That's wonderful nona, thanks you! I used to have a microblog on my site which I ended up moving to a blog host for privacy + automatic tag/pages convenience; but I will definetly use your generator for my art log.

No. 1588563

cool little project anon, I'll definitely check it out and give you credit

No. 1588971

Why is one of the latest blog entries of yours about a fic on “the struggles of being a male fanfic writer”…?

No. 1589013

No. 1589015

smells like a moid

No. 1589018

You actually know the rules of the site right?

No. 1589026

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
The fact that his site confirms he's a male breaks this rule.

No. 1589540

I fucking knew it from the moment I saw his post yesterday.

No. 1590082

the colour choice looks male

No. 1592511

Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for and more

No. 1594926

You're welcome! Happy old web image finding.

No. 1595010

doesn't look like the yesterwebs forum has been deleted yet, any updates

No. 1595101

>>1595010 No updates, but I found a good article on it

No. 1603965

How do you make those update sections or blog pages with serial entries, is it all done manually with html only? What do people do if they have so many updates that it makes the scroll bar really tiny, split it up into pages manually too?

No. 1603973

>is it all done manually with html only?
There's ways to automate it with js or other languages if you really wanted but most of what you see is done manually on neocities - if we're talking about neocities. It doesn't really allow for a classic backend with php but there's still ways to automate some things on your computer before making the site live if you really wanted do. Personally I like doing stuff manually, I just copy paste my updates and edit as necessary for example.

No. 1604010

File: 1686519656223.png (489.75 KB, 1614x926, image_2023-06-11_144146767.png)

More layout theft drama, what else is new

No. 1604026

The image swapping made me kek
I get that purinlands layouts are pretty cute but she managed to impress so many animecore zoomers to the point her site is getting stolen constantly. I wonder where she promotes it so much that it gets that type of audience.

No. 1604037

isn't purinland on everskies? does she have a huge following there?

No. 1604350

kiwiscrotes made a neocities/yesterweb thread, but unfortunately it's only available for logged in users since it didn't left providing grounds. lolcow threads are linked in the OP which in general is pretty good (outside lack of deep neocities lore), even lullabye/strawbabie was mentioned in thread later on.

No. 1604501

There's something I don't get about all these layout she stole image dramas that keep popping up. Aren't the images that get stolen from other noncities sites usually already stolen? As in, the graphics aren't even the original site owners graphics but graphics pulled from some niche Japanese artist or site? How is it theft if what's being stolen was already stolen?

No. 1604502

She is, but she stopped advertising her site on there ages ago. Probably realized how retarded the userbase is and has outgrown it.
As retarded as it is, it's not about the images, it's about html and css

No. 1605557

I miss her. She had such good drama with doko. Now all drama belongs to other zoomer twitards who think they're doing soooo much against commercializing the web because they made a shitty site.

No. 1605754

Yeah, I had neocities in mind. I'm apprehensive about doing it manually because of my motivation and focus levels but then again I wanted to keep things totally javascript free. I'm still not sure what I want out if this.

How do people here feel about having to go off-site to get to the blog part like a livejournal?

No. 1606367

I kind of dislike it due to making me follow 2 sites for updates rather than a single one, but it's hardly a deal

No. 1606432

I see quite a few personal sites and anons ITT talk about being "Javascript free" what is the reason or benefit of that? When I look it up it comes up with articles about better loading times or people having Javascript disabled in their browser. Is being Javascript free something site makers should seriously consider? I mostly just have some decorative scripts running but I think with enough tinkering I might be able to get them going with CSS or if not they aren't vital.

No. 1606501

It’s because so many sites are bloated with so much JavaScript bullshit that it lags or hangs machines, especially if they are older or less powerful or will take ten years to load on slower connections (which is still a problem for a lot of people in the US and developing countries). Lots of ads also rely on JavaScript.

I don’t follow this thread but maybe another reason is that learning markup is a lot easier than learning a programming language so they can actually customize everything without having to invest a bunch of time studying.

No. 1606531

Nta. I thought javascript was necessary for graphics and loads of other stuff and you can't really do without it?

No. 1606561

Nayrt but no. Javascript isn't necessary for simple personal websites, especially since CSS has gotten a lot more advanced. Javascript is good for adding interactivity to your website, but not everyone needs it or thinks it's worth the speed tradeoff.

No. 1613502

Umm heelowh guisw anyone knowh a website hatt links to resourses on old internet? i had it bookmarked but mye android smartphone is being dumb tehee i lost it.
it was devon/devin or someth like tyhat tyy ily guys sm

ok sorry that was cringe. help? im a newfag(integrate)

No. 1618574

No. 1618588

If you make a website with CSS only it's like you're just designing a flyer instead of a book. You can read it and look at the pictures, but you can't turn the pages. CSS has been advancing in leaps recently but you still can't create interaction callbacks with it besides very basic events like hovering over an element. Being anti-javascript is a throwback to 2009 and unnecessary stigmatized these days, it's not nearly as inefficient or bloated as it used to be and there are tons of tools to easily minimize the load it causes on your browser and most automated building tools do it for you.

No. 1618682

Yeah, I started to learn how to make webpages last year as a hobby, and the more I work on my site, the more I notice I need JS for little things to make it more user-friendly. There are CSS workarounds for some stuff, but in general JS works smoother.

The bloat nowadays mostly comes from commercial web pages using 15 different plugins/scripts, ads, a bunch of slide-in elements and abusing JS in general. If you want something like a form, sorter or prettier tooltips, JS will barely affect your site’s performance.

I have JS on my site, but try my best to make it as optional as posible in case people have it disabled, (though that is a very very small fraction of users and they won't die if they enable it again for a single page) but for a few pages it's necessary. My only fear is that something like what happened to Adoble Flash may happen if I use scrips and all.

No. 1618742

Nooo the geocitiesizer broke. Every site I try says "under construction"


No. 1618878

I’m just gonna have to disagree. Most basic websites really don’t need js and all these “user friendly” and “aesthetic” flairs are just ugly, clunky, and annoying. Obviously I’m not talking about like big corporate websites. Also you don’t actually need js on the client to have forms. But if you do want a little widget script for polls that’s not really what people get annoyed about with JavaScript and doesn’t affect the use of the rest of the site.

No. 1618900

>Also you don’t actually need js on the client to have forms.
So are you just going to use PHP rendered templates for forms or something? Are you a time traveler from 2005? I'm pretty sure you'll have a more fluent and smooth experience with a javascript-based form with asynchronous interaction than a site entirely served by server-rendered HTML documents just to render the document 0.000000000000001 seconds faster. You do realize Lolcow uses javascript too? I mean for a beginner it would be much more complicated to fuck around with server side scripting or advanced CSS with experimental selectors than just use basic javascript gadgets and libraries for interaction like slideshows, gallery views and other parts that require state control, unless you're actually looking for the real early 00's web dev experience I don't see the point in obsessively trying to avoid javascript.

No. 1618923

You don’t need php you can just use html. Again that complaint isn’t even about speed but I don’t think lolcow is a great example for your argument either kek because this site’s performance fucking sucks ass for how basic looking it is.

If your site uses slideshows it’s shitty and ugly sorry. 1000% there is never a time where slideshows aren’t a pain in the ass and stupid as hell.

No. 1618926

Lolcow's shit performance seems mostly server side

No. 1619005

Do explain how to submit a form with just plain ass HTML then. HTML and CSS are markup languages, they don't have any in-built functionality to them like actual programming languages do such as making HTTP requests. I honestly don't think you know what the fuck you're even talking about here, especially when you think Lolcow's performance is because of javascript issues and not server side fibs and a legacy imageboard engine.

No. 1619108

I'm not anti-Javascript, but it can be intimidating to new webmasters and I don't think it's necessary for a simple personal website (which is usually more of a "flyer" than a "book" to use your metaphor.) Most people won't be trying to learn how to use automated tools to minify their Javascript right at the start. I think it's ideal for people to start with just HTML and CSS, then slowly add in JS if they want the interactivity and/or convenience it can offer.

No. 1619119

Imagine calling someone else a noob when you don’t know that you can get and post with plain html and are apparently too retarded to even google it kek

No. 1619309

I just have having to wait so long for tooltips to appear (plus they look bad) kek I dont know why browsers havent fixed them yet

No. 1619313

Really shit bait, even at caveman level forms use AJAX which is a javascript based technology

No. 1619425

Create a form element, include an submit element in the form and define an action attribute. You will need serverside logic but that is completely tangential to client side javascript, and websites originally functioned this way before javascript was developed.

No. 1619541

No. 1619564

nonnie i love ur website haha keep up the great work, good luck on ur finals!

No. 1619609

File: 1687966040821.jpeg (101.17 KB, 750x567, IMG_2047.jpeg)

This is so embarrassing for you

No. 1620149

there's a person going by this name in old web community but she doesn't host resources but just some old website links

No. 1621097

Does anyone have any links to cute, non-cringe husbando shrine pages or sites?

No. 1621552

Define cringe?

No. 1623303

All I got is cringe. It defines me. Give me back sparkledogs on the oldweb and DA.

No. 1623805

Define cringe? Like Tumblr SJW stuff? Honestly, I like reading shrine pages whether they're that kind of cringe or not; They kind of motivated me to make my own out of spite, because nothing I could post to the public would be as bad as that.

No. 1625306

Yeah, I meant cringe in the SJW/kinsona/systems way kek. Unabashed fangirling is fine, as long as it's not that 'Husbando is a queer demiboy graysexual whateverthefuck' garbage

No. 1627090

I haven't been able to find any yumes on Neocities at all yet except one who husbandos Sans. Where are they? Has anyone encountered one?

No. 1627248

Myself, though I got a wife rather than a husbando and I'm still working on her shrine (I got the content mostly done, but like always I can't come up with a layout for the page).
I'm on the self-ship webring and sometimes I like to check up the new members, but unfortunately most people here are either 14yo qweers or just want a funny badge for their site.

No. 1627539

Maybe there are some on the self-insert webring? https://webring.koinuko.pink/members.php

No. 1629072

AYRT. I hate that stuff, but at the same time I "like" reading it since it's spite motivation. If people can post dumb opinions like that with no shame, then I'm not hurting anything with mine.

No. 1629077

Besides yourself, do you know of anyone in that webring who has a dedicated shrine? I also click through it sometimes, but with over 100 members I find it difficult to navigate. Good luck on your layout, too
Do you have any fun examples? My personal cow has quieted down a lot lately so I'm looking for new milk

No. 1632777

I'm debating on joining this ring since I've seen a few other obvious farmers on it, but I notice there are a lot of kids on it and I don't want them to be finding and looking at my site via it. I'm still thinking, honestly.

No. 1633198

Why not reach out to the "obvious farmers" directly?

No. 1633526

you can mark it as 18+ though it may not stop them. you also dont have to link your site to make one

No. 1636028

File: 1689569503222.png (88.03 KB, 952x517, ntuwfanpage.png)

This has to be one of the funniest sites I've stumbled upon https://ntuwfanpage.neocities.org/

No. 1636031

File: 1689569545582.png (177.4 KB, 714x606, sand.png)

the "ultimate woman"

No. 1636376

File: 1689606365951.gif (374.6 KB, 220x162, seloro-sides.gif)

>TF2 main
I love this. God bless the terf who made it

No. 1636454

Really disappointed there's no "Sock" in the cast

No. 1636589

File: 1689623436404.png (23.84 KB, 464x588, image_2023-07-17_125232953.png)

Yeah… about that

No. 1636594

why do they all listen to the same 10 "quirky and relatable" artists?

No. 1636595

I cannot be convinced this isn't satire. even if the creator uploaded a video saying "this is real and I believe this" I wouldn't believe xyr.

No. 1636654

File: 1689629038992.gif (980.59 KB, 500x500, 1686413703474.gif)

>favorite food: hamburger
Honestly this all seems like a shitpost, we already know the artist is a woman. Favorite food hamburger is what I would've gone with

No. 1636658

this site reminded me of piczo

No. 1636821

File: 1689644778401.png (194.31 KB, 750x749, sparkling_water.png)

LMAO this looks like a parody of the shit in the bad art thread. this has to be a joke, this is all pure stereotypes of uwugenders.

No. 1637077

this will be a real, unironic anime in 10 years just wait

No. 1637120

File: 1689690492598.png (4.53 KB, 319x136, 6851fgsd1s.png)

I'm with the other anon, I refuse to believe any of this isn't satire, I have just read the whole site and it's just so funny to be genuine. Definetly gonna keep an eye on it, thanks you nona who found about that site.

No. 1637141

the art style reminds me of kikomi

No. 1637218

With the direction in which anime is going, I could absolutely see this happening kek.

No. 1639178

I was able to find a lot of old web anime and husbando shrine websites with this search engine. It's a search engine that picks out the most obscure results.

No. 1639515

I'm curious nonas - what lines do you draw to decide what's an acceptable amount of personal information to put on your site? Right now I'm going for the super paranoid, 'post nothing that overlaps with my IRL or online accounts in any way', but I see some users who post their cities, travel plans, link to their social medias, even their censored faces!

I do have some niche topics that I could talk about for days, but considering how niche it is, other people could probably find my ao3, ask around about me in official discord communities, etc… I have other things I can talk about on there but I'm still pretty torn tbh. I would have LOVED to make a character shrine or two but the IP is so niche!!

No. 1639521

same, but luckily my interest isn't THAT niche but I can't combine my interests or talk about myself as much on the site without people being able to instantly clock me if they knew me. At this point you might as well tie shrine to yourself but keep the more personal/anonymous things separate

No. 1639886

I think it just depends on what you’re comfortable with. As for me, I’ve put somewhat personal but not overly revealing things on my website. If anyone I know in real life finds it, fine. It doesn’t really bother me since I’m a pretty open person anyways. Other people might feel differently about this, though, and prefer to keep things more to themselves. I think it all really comes down to what you want to or don’t want to include on your site.

No. 1640083

Post your favourites Nona
As the other anon said, it really depends. Try weighing the pros and cons. Is it more important to sperg publicly about what you love, or more important to shroud your identity in mystery? Why are you paranoid, anyways? What is it about being known that ignites such strong feelings in you? Keep in mind that no matter what you decide, you cannot control what other people do or how they feel about you.

No. 1640140

Some IRL friends have already seen my site so I don't really care and post what I want. Most people aren't gonna care about reading my spergs or my woes. I don't post pictures of myself, exactly what places I go to/my location or link to any of my art socials but I think it's pretty easy to connect the dots if you already follow me, but luckily I'm a nobody in the art world.

No. 1640232

I've been looking for this site for ages!

No. 1641426

it's less "controlling how people feel/what they do" and more "controlling my info out there so there's less readily available ammo to strangers and people who'd use it carelessly/against me" as it happened before. i cant redo the past so ill just be careful now and if i change my mind, i can do it worry-free unlike the reverse scenario. in the meantime, ill make the character shrines just for myself.
thanks for the thought provoking questions anon, and thank you every anon who chimed in!

No. 1642387

The beauty of having your own website is that you don't have to overthink these detail. The most I reveal about myself is my contact email (made specifically for my indulgent fandom trash). You don't even have to share your social media.
Worry more about that stuff if you ever buy your own domain name for your shrines since Whois masking is your friend.

No. 1643324

I'm late responding but I'm pretty open about my personal info on my site and am just careful to keep things non-controversial. Before I post anything, I imagine how I'd feel if my mother/irl friends saw it, and if it makes me feel weird I reconsider. Ofc this won't stop dedicated harassers, but it just makes me feel more secure that if anything got leaked I wouldn't care. But I've definitely seen people who have zero info about themselves and just use their sites to sperg about random stuff they like, which is perfectly respectable. Good luck nona!

No. 1649915

I feel so sad every time I find a woman's personal site, art page, or fan site, and the thing hasn't been updated in well over a decade, and the final update post is something like
>Sorry guys, I haven't updated in months because I've just been so busy since I had the baby!
Every fucking time there are nice mentions of her wonderful husband. Do you think the husband ever has a 15 year gap in his vidya gaem accounts? (Fucking no. He went on with all his hobbies like nothing ever changed.)

No. 1650417

So many old websites ended with the owner losing interest. Maintaining a website gets boring after a while for them. They do IRL things and then who even cares to go back to the website? I can buy a new game and that's fun, and then I'll leave it as I've finished with it. It's the same with sites. I'm feeling the same way.

No. 1653991

File: 1691177634572.png (153.39 KB, 1021x437, Capture d’écran 2023-08-04 151…)

oh my lord first off- here is proof of my identity or something. The last message doko sent me before he blocked me outta nowhere.

anyhow im literally only replying because im sick of being called roxelle. my friend showed me this thread the other day and i just wanted to reiterate: my name is LILIANA !! Ive been previous called cakie on the internet, but my name is Liliana. Like, legally. No im not trans. born and raised female. trust me, if i could be a boy i would- not bleeding from your genitals once a month would be great.

and stop calling me a pedo !! i went through 3 months of fucking php and 2 years of therapy !!!! i was a confused and severely mentally ill 15-16 year old. I am actually perfectly normal lmao.

plus, isnt a rule of this thread not to rip on minors ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1653997

No. 1654046

File: 1691183698254.png (73.26 KB, 787x578, lesbiering.png)

>Lesbian webring
>Women who openly don't want dick aren't allowed!
> Bi/Pan lesbians
What a joke.

No. 1654094

There's another "lesbian" webring like this too. I was hoping that a "crypto" webring like the women's ring in the previous thread could be made, but I think vetting for that would be harder.

No. 1654560

File: 1691216820334.jpg (239.88 KB, 964x590, Lesbiring.jpg)

Laughing at the fact that the owner of the webring came out as a lesbian only a month ago and will likely identify out of it just as quickly. At least she's an actual woman, but it seems that just like the owner of the ladies of the links webring she's doing her best to be a handmaiden and cater to men.

No. 1654746

File: 1691234388978.png (228.18 KB, 2224x652, Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 13.22…)

No. 1654827

holy fuck so it's for real? kek what the fuck

No. 1655125

Any thoughts on Cohost?

They seem to be trying to be for tumblr what DW was for LJ

And no this is not an ad, I am legit curious if LC uses it and if they have anything to say about it. The community seems like it should be more chill due to lack of algorithm and mimicry of an 'oldschool' platform like tumblr back before algorithm. Plus no forcing personal information to be given up.

It seems to be run by gendies tho, one is literally using the handle 'aiden'.

No. 1655131

alright who cowtipped

No. 1655137

Chipsfunfun, she lurks this thread religiously even though she's like 12

No. 1655141

I don't care I DON'T believe them lol

No. 1655153

how do you know that? sorry I'm just genuinely curious I didn't see anything about lolcow on her pages

No. 1655160

The way they capitalized lolcow and said the whole team is trans just makes it sound even more like a joke kekk

No. 1655161

>Genshin icon
>Lesbian LARP
>Depression button
>DNA results on her about page
The jokes write themselves kek

No. 1655169

Nta but she's posted here before >>1519472 and also has harassed women in the webring before via email

No. 1655251

File: 1691270878701.jpg (194.63 KB, 660x552, Chip.jpg)

She left this in the guestbook and the writing style is the same, along with mentioning she's genderfluid in both posts

No. 1655755

kek this only makes it sound even more like a parody, like a "how do you do fellow troons I'm totally one of you guys btw trust me"
why is a little kid sending random strangers emails and obsessively lurking on imageboards? it's concerning her parents don't monitor her internet usage, kinda sketchy she is allowed to freely contact adult strangers

No. 1655881

The staff is representative of the userbase. Sad because the layout does seem cool and I have lurked through interesting blogs (tech mostly) but for every one of those there's 50 communist people of gender blogs

No. 1656150

She posts on her site about being sexually abused and has also posted graphic fantasies about killing pedos and hating her father, I don't wanna attach caps because she's a child but even in the previous thread you can see adults on Neocities lovebombing her and being inappropriate. I feel bad for her, she really needs to get the fuck off the internet for her own good. She posted her email here accidentally, it is very dangerous for a literal preteen to be running around imageboards. Parents should be charged with negligence.

No. 1656543

agreed. this kid doesn't need adult validation on neocities, she needs proper help and to spend more time offline around people her age. apparently only her father is in the picture and is kind of limiting what she can do but clearly it's not enough given what she's actually up to.

No. 1656550

I just looked around a bit and can confirm there is no feminist presence whatsoever. I like the staff's vision for the site, but right now the userbase seems small and the majority have genders. If you can stomach that, maybe it will be good for fandom things or memes.

No. 1657318

wow that's really sad, so not only she gets abused irl and is likely coming to the internet as a form of escapism only to end up talking to predatory adult groomers online. she really needs someone to teach her about online safety

No. 1659053

File: 1691604637996.jpg (305.97 KB, 699x924, mizuki.world_essay06.html (2).…)

Iirc this tranny has been posted here before, but what the fuck is this brainrot?
Since when do poc women not have their own versions of femininity they get pushed into by their cultures, I feel like this is a form of collective amnesia overly online retards started engaging in a couple of years ago and it just hasn't stopped. Who unironically tells a black girl she would look better butch, I've never heard anyone say anything remotely even close to that statement in my whole life.

No. 1659080

Wait isn’t this the same “intersex transfem” retard? If this is actually a troon, why is terminology like “other girls” used when talking about childhood? Why does the special troon and intersex identity suddenly disappear when talking about female issues?

No. 1659101

His brain would explode if he knew that "femininity" is not just frills, makeup and skirts. These are such non-issues considering that in non western cultures women are being discriminated everywhere in society for not adhering to their femininity standards and roles. More proof that moids are incapable of being empathic towards any woman's struggles, they just see everything through the lenses of their pornified cosplays.

No. 1659104

File: 1691608790332.png (17.58 KB, 548x191, child abuse documented.png)

No. 1659107

I've never been told to try a more masculine style in my life.they actually want me to dress more femWhat self hater/ closet racist wrote this one up?

No. 1659117

Without de-anoning, what do yall post on your sites? It feels like half of neocities is abandoned blogposting and another quarter is hollow vomit of aesthetic with no original content. I want to know if we're doing any better kek
I want to make my site fun and engaging as a reflection of me - so there's media analyses and stuff I make. I'm trying to get myself into hobbies I always told myself I'd pick up, using site content as a motivator - so that will add writing, drawing, maybe even some photography!

No. 1659130

Just find something you can constantly pump out autism for. New ideas will pop into your head as you write more about it. It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

No. 1659148

>>1656150 This is absolutely heartbreaking, the adults who interact with her need to be put on a list

No. 1659149

Nowadays I use it as an archive for pretty much anything. Pages for ranking places/restaurants I have visited, "guides" on how I have sewn something, art I made when I was 10, funny pics of a specific animal I found over the net… One of the pages people tend to enjoy the most is one where I give dumb reviews/rankings of the monsters from a video game saga kek.
I also have shrines for characters/media I like, but I suck at both coming up with layouts and putting my thoughts into words, so sadly most of them are half done.
(It kinds of sounds like a blog described like this, but the format is very different)

No. 1659175

Yeah they all collectively hallucinated an alternate reality where people tell non-white women to be more masculine en masse (when the opposite has been true for me and every other brown/black woman I know.) It feels insanely racist when they imply that white women are just inherently dainty and smol, unlike us mannish apes who have to fight for our right to wear a skirt. I blame trannies for their "umm black women are not really women under a Western colonial gender binary" bullshit. Like of course there are retards who masculinize women who aren't white (see: Michelle Obama), but the idea that it's universal among women who aren't white is insane.

But really, the cherry on top of this retarded cake is the fact this person references a childhood among JAPANESE girls. Like why would they be "upholding whiteness," do they suddenly not count as women of color? Are Asian women synonymous with whiteness to this person? Fascinating, much to think about, etc.

No. 1659184

Some of sites here are run by farmers. https://womenoftheinternet.neocities.org/members
I post about pretty much the same stuff you are: hobbies, media, art, etc. My site isn't super original but I'm having fun rambling about random things. You'll get less engagement if your site isn't "aesthetic" but that's probably a blessing in disguise considering how retarded some neocities users are

No. 1659365

my best guess is that it's something about how pale skin is a desirable trait over there or something and that's white people's faults or whatever i suppose. even then what he's trying to say here is a crock of shit– it's not "forcing someone into masculinity" or anything like that to say someone doesn't suit a specific style. there's more than one way to dress feminine that doesn't involve frilly shit anyway. skill issue on his part i think.
>poc women
not only does this troon have terrible web design sense, they also don't know how acronyms work kek. ever since "poc" entered the mainstream as terminology i've hardly ever seen people use it correctly– it should be women of colour here if anything, not "person of colour women"

No. 1659869

Hello again, I'm the anon from last thread who asked for people to answer my poll and have a new question; What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024? Will everyone interesting have personal sites and only "normies"/influencers/annoying people have social media? Would social media return to the "good old days" and you'll be able to return?
Along with this what are your predictions for how web 3.0 is currently going? With tumblr seeing an influx of males, LJ dead and YT making it impossible to find niche female creators; are non anonymous female spaces on the internet nonexistent?
Final question is; what are you currently working on for your site? Any new pages or a layout revamp? Maybe a change of look?

No. 1659885

>What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024?
I wish there was a change in how people perceived privacy (to become more private, use the net more consciously). Less consumerism too. Less drama and following of influencers and more authenticity. I'd like to see people shifting from -core aesthetic labels into something that can still might or might not be categorised but that will be more "authentic". Less ads on YT.
>Will everyone interesting have personal sites and only "normies"/influencers/annoying people have social media?
No, I think interesting people might still stick to social media although the individual cases can be very different. Of course most normies etc. still prefer social media to personal sites and I feel that although the "interesting" people are more likely to move to personal sites, I believe that most of them still wants to stay in social media. They only change platforms if they want to try something new/migrate from a platform they started to dislike. In some cases it's important to remember that annoying individuals might invade certain spaces dedicated to personal sites because they got sudden nostalgia (even for Internet era they didn't fully experience) or because they heard it's "aesthetic". That's why for example some gendies started invading neocities or they were making carrds which was something like an emulation of this old personal site experience (in modernised form). There are various types of personal sites aficionados and although some of them are more interesting, some are a result of certain groups jumping on a bandwagon.
>Would social media return to the "good old days" and you'll be able to return?
Technically I'm on some social media but not the most popular ones and my presence is minimal. Again, that depends on the platform. I definitely see the degradation of some social media and I think they might either stay relevant only to those who don't want to use anything else or who won't find their place anywhere else. Where I am I keep my presence limited as I wrote, same with my contacts so I guess I still use it differently than most other users. With how I see the trends right now, it's unlikely that some big platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will die - but I also don't think these can return to their "good old days". Some will adjust to the further changes, some will complain but stay if they're not into personal sites or alternatives to most popular social media (most people aren't I think).
>Along with this what are your predictions for how web 3.0 is currently going? With tumblr seeing an influx of males, LJ dead and YT making it impossible to find niche female creators; are non anonymous female spaces on the internet nonexistent?
I just thought today how it seems harder for me to find more authentic creators. Maybe because I see some parts of the past through rose-tinted glasses but I remembered today how I used to see more independent artists and their personal sites, how content used to be more original, how it was before the era of influencers etc. My predictions are that some groups might try to emulate the old experiences but with the current or some new platforms. I don't think for example that classic forums will be back as other platforms are used for that. I wonder if there might be one day a wave of returning to Blogspot/Wordpress/whatever blogs because they have a sort of cozy vibes and are different from communicating via your social media profile. My other general predictions are not good: many age/interests/other things groups will center around influencers or topics targeted at them. This will go in hand with the general antagonization of people and/or focusing on some degree of aestheticization/tiktokization (?) of things rather than experiencing their "essence". Since many people already use web to share a lot of personal info this trend will continue.
To answer the last part of it - now as I'm more active on LC again, I must admit that I don't know any non-anonymous good space for women. All that would fit would just be my small groups of friends from other sites (non-anonymous) but as a whole, I don't know a website/platform I could recommend. My advice would be just to search for like-minded users since as a whole various sites tend to be male-dominated or pandering to trannies. Sometimes just following your interests might lead you to cool niche female creators. I noticed the ones who are my friends tend to use these sites in similar ways I do.
>what are you currently working on for your site? Any new pages or a layout revamp? Maybe a change of look?
I had a very long break from creating my site but now I want to try making one for displaying my artwork. I'm thinking how to plan the gallery, the categories or sub-pages and write some sort of foreword/background/personal commentary texts for various parts of it.

No. 1660050

I have a few diaries, galleries for my art and photography, and a character shrine. I'd say that, compared to the empty pages you're describing, there's plenty of content, but my site is still very much focused on aesthetics. Even though I enjoy creating content for publication, the best part for me is the page design.
In defense of the hollow vomit, those websites just have different purposes. I remember Bikobatanari pointing out that, on Neocities, CSS/web design itself is often the real motivation. These people really want to make cool/cute/fun/pretty interactive art pieces. What that "art" has to say or share is secondary, a question shelved for later (or never). Of course, most hollow vomit won't admit to that outright, assuming they're even aware of their priorities. A lot of them just say they want to "revive the oldweb." If all they meant by that was taking back the user's right to customise their page, then they'd be doing a fine job with that revival. The problem is they are usually talking about something else. You know, the usual Yesterweb schlock. And speaking of "the usual," a lot of the hollow aesthetic vomit is near identical. Everybody wants to be danpunn or dokodemo, and there's that whole culture of "code thievery" too. Again, in defense of copycats, I'll say that writing CSS can be so satisfying, it sometimes doesn't matter if it's derivative, especially if you're a beginner. There's real excitement in learning something new and solving the markup puzzles you've made for yourself. But to a visitor that's looking for unique designs and/or compelling content, none of that "behind-the-scenes" stuff matters. They'll just get bored and close the tab.
Basically, I don't think there's anything wrong with either approach to the smallweb. Some of us want content, some of us aesthetics. Everyone has their own reasons for being here, and isn't it wonderful when we connect with people whose reasons are similar to our own?

No. 1660075

Can we discuss anime blogs? They still used to be a thing only a couple of years ago, with so many people reviewing seasonal anime episode to episode, not hoping to get more than a comment or two under posts.

My favourites (sadly, inactive/barely active, but the old content is gold):

The ones that are still active:

No. 1660097


> What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024? Will everyone interesting have personal sites and only "normies"/influencers/annoying people have social media? Would social media return to the "good old days" and you'll be able to return?

To be completely honest, I don’t care about the internet very much outside of my little site. What normies choose to do on the internet isn’t my business. If they want to fry their brains on bite-sized Tiktoks, they have the freedom to do so. The way I currently express myself on the internet is my ideal way of doing so.

However, if I were to share my ideal vision of the internet as a whole… I would like a less censored internet where you don’t have to risk losing your job for sharing your honest views (unless they’re genuinely harmful like wanting to kill all members of x group of people, etc.) and one where there aren’t so many hiveminds. For example, in many fandoms, it seems like every single member has the same exact set of opinions. It gets tiring, especially when you’re harassed or put on a list for disagreeing. I’ve seen people get harassed for not agreeing with somebody’s gendie headcanon or not liking the same ships as the majority do.

While I hate social media, I think it’s necessary; specifically for people who don’t know how to code. I think there’s a significance to expressing yourself online. I’ve seen people say that social media has blighted the internet for giving idiots a platform to speak. I don’t disagree with this, but if they’re all contained to their own little areas on social media or unable to interfere with how we express ourselves who cares? It’s true that they’re seeping into small web/personal site spaces, but that comes with freedom. As long as we are able to freely express ourselves, their presence isn’t really threatening. Unlike on social media, it’s easy to just ignore them. They can whine all they want, but afaik they aren’t actively stopping us from saying what we want to.

I don’t really think there were any “good old days” of social media. Less censorship, sure, but still soulless. We’re all just confined to the same exact looking profiles, no customization, addictive scrolling for hours. I have deleted all of my social media last year and I never ever plan on returning. I am much happier on my little website.

> Along with this what are your predictions for how web 3.0 is currently going? With tumblr seeing an influx of males, LJ dead and YT making it impossible to find niche female creators; are non anonymous female spaces on the internet nonexistent?

I can’t really comment on this since I don’t keep up with Tumblr, YouTube, etc. but I agree that non-anonymous female spaces are dying. We HAVE to put the poor little males front and center or else we’re horrible bigots. It’s unbelievable.

> Final question is; what are you currently working on for your site? Any new pages or a layout revamp? Maybe a change of look?

I’m happy with my current layout. I’ve been working on artwork and shrines more than anything lately. Im trying to find an art style I’m satisfied with and improve my skills. It’s fun to post my different art on my website and show everybody what I’ve been creating lately.

No. 1660106

>What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024?

No. 1660107

>We HAVE to put the poor little males front and center or else we’re horrible bigots. It’s unbelievable.

For real. "Won't someone PLEASE think of the hairy men in skirts!!!"

No. 1660743

I apologise in advance for my short input, I’m not really wordy, I echo what others have said previously much better than I will mostly.

>What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024?

I just want to express myself freely without my career in danger. I say one thing wrong? Banned. I don’t like that pervert in the corner of the woman’s bathroom, and complain online? He’s a transgender woman, and your opinion is completely invalid. I tell the annoying tranny to stop fucking saying “trans rights” and “I’m such a cute froggo” during college classes and interrupting everything? Goodbye to my education. That’s more of a general life thing at this point, but you know what I mean. I want people to be able to express their opinions freely, even on the more unhinged side of things. Censorship sucks obviously.

I’d also like people to use their minds for longer than a second and have some nuance but that sure isn’t happening.

>Will everyone interesting have personal sites and only "normies"/influencers/annoying people have social media?

I’ve met plenty of interesting people on social media. I think it’s a necessary evil and handy for people who can’t code. It has its place.

>Would social media return to the "good old days" and you'll be able to return?

If you mean by “good old days” you mean by not being swamped by a zillion flags that won’t mean anything in a week, that would be nice

>Along with this what are your predictions for how web 3.0 is currently going? With tumblr seeing an influx of males, LJ dead and YT making it impossible to find niche female creators; are non anonymous female spaces on the internet nonexistent?

I don’t really have much thoughts on this, but I think it’s likely.

>Final question is; what are you currently working on for your site? Any new pages or a layout revamp? Maybe a change of look?

Just fixing up bugs currently.

No. 1661616


>What is your IDEAL for the net moving into 2024? Will everyone interesting have personal sites and only "normies"/influencers/annoying people have social media?

Like what other nonas have said, I want the whole idea of internet privacy to come back. It kinda frustrates me seeing kids put ALL this personal info about themselves out there since it could lead to some horrifying situations. Using an alternate name online should be the norm if anything, imho. As for social media, it seems to be a necessary evil since not everyone can code. I personally hate the damn thing and see it as a modern-day torture device, but it's important for people to keep in touch with long-distance friends and relatives as well as jut a place for people to be stupid without me having to bear witness to it kek

>Would social media return to the "good old days" and you'll be able to return?

Given how profit-driven it all is and everyone's insistence on shit like "for you" pages nowadays, I don't think I'd ever be able to use social media as much as I did during the height of my tumblr/twitter days. In general social media does a number on my brain and has for a lot of my teen years, so I don't really want to go back to it. For the sake of people who still use it, though, it would be nice to go back to a more "fun" social media rather than what it is nowadays.

>Along with this what are your predictions for how web 3.0 is currently going? With tumblr seeing an influx of males, LJ dead and YT making it impossible to find niche female creators; are non anonymous female spaces on the internet nonexistent?

I don't really have any preds about how it's gonna go beyond being riddled with AI/chatgpt bullshit and every socmed platform devolving further and further away from their original models to become tiktokified etc, basically. But as for the latter, I feel like I don't really know any non-anon female-only spaces online, so I can't really recommend anything. I'm a recent desister and major newfag so that probably adds to it, since a lot of people I know online are handmaidens/TIFs. Would be cool if we could have more new female-only spaces online beyond LC though.

>what are you currently working on for your site? Any new pages or a layout revamp? Maybe a change of look?

Haven't done much lately, I've been swamped with other commitments which makes me sad :( though I'm planning on making a few new pages and redoing my initial homepage to be responsive! I might apply to the women's webring as linked above when I've got more stuff down, since it would be cool to meet more women through site creation stuff!(emoji)

No. 1663631

File: 1691961174370.jpg (102.17 KB, 1160x668, othercon1.jpg)

I stumbled upon Othercon, an online convention for alterhumans where a lot of alterhuman neocities webmasters joined in and if you go on their youtube channel you can hear some of the panels, of which in the past two years I only managed to find one or two actual males with everyone else being female.
It is so interesting to me how the loudest haters of the women of the web webring engage in communities that are almost entirely female-led yet when they do it it's fine simply because most of that community is women of gender with squeaky frog voices.

No. 1663681

even yesterweb was ran by women and one was a lesbian and all the MtFs in the discord pretended to be lesbians

No. 1664241

Browsing around neocities and the Netizen club came up linking to a "lesbian" forum. https://netizen.club/
No surprise that it's run by a man (Mavica) who uses a voice changer in his youtube videos. Most if not all the people on the board are TIMs and they cater to other males by calling each other "transbians" and saying how "cute" each person looks. I checked the github and all the contributors seem to be males too.

Some of Mavica's sites:

No. 1664251

I really just don't understand what is so evil about wanting to be around other women. They are all about community, safety/comfortability, and curating your online spaces until it comes to women. They are perfectly okay with being in webrings or forums with literal racists and incels but women are where they draw the line at kek! It makes no sense.

No. 1664878

File: 1692067481574.png (86.5 KB, 643x809, cope.png)

Ofc he's a furry. Also the last line of this made me chuckle out loud kek

No. 1665503

>transphobes can't be lesbians

No. 1665921

His face is so fucking hideous I can't believe he had the guts to show his face and that people fight tooth and nail to make us think these narcissistic blue haired scrotes are women. There is no space online that isn't monopolized by these violent misogynistic tards, neocities and adjacent communities are the prime example. It's insane mostly young girls look up to them, and it's extra creepy considering the grooming incident rates in their obnoxious discord servers.

No. 1666127

his face is ugly, his art is ugly, and he has no personality outside of his weird fetish garbage (like larping as a lesbian and being a furfag). neocities would feel so much comfier without these creepy unhinged misogynistic scrotes stinking up the place

No. 1669028

anybody knows some neocities alternatives?

No. 1669031

fc2 websites and github pages from what I understand is pretty similar to how neocities webhosting functions. There's also ichi.city but iirc they give you any abysmal amount of hosting space.

No. 1669327

Every time I see a website with neopronouns in the about page or virtue signaling about "The evil TERFs!" I just borrow a piece of code from their site. Most of these tards are "communists" anyway so they support that kind of stuff.

No. 1669395

>>1669028 Leprd.space is free!

No. 1669397

File: 1692416238784.jpg (76.2 KB, 600x600, uglytroon.jpg)

>>1664241 Kek, he's so ugly. Praying for that 41%

No. 1669404

holy nose

No. 1669429

Based nona

No. 1669444

>claims to be retro web revival
>shitcord link
and of course his pronouns are "it/its", like every single agp he thinks women are objects

No. 1669761

thanks nons ♥

No. 1676840

It's never not going to amaze me how many of them claim to be so revolutionary but don't push the limits.
Most of these troons are programmers. A lot of programmers don't know markup or how to use it stylistically, let alone the kind of front-facing UI for Javascript that adds extra functionality. They don't (want to) realize web revival is less about emulating the look of 1996, and more about emulating the freedom of 1996.

No. 1677080

>They don't (want to) realize web revival is less about emulating the look of 1996, and more about emulating the freedom of 1996.
It's because the early web was a wild west, and that included free speech/little censorship and how everyone posted things that would get you canceled now. They wouldn't be able to handle that. When Neocities users complain about hating capitalism and social media, they just hate having a job and want to simulate running a commie dictatorship in the form of a Discord server.

No. 1677148

he just look like every 80s basement dweller nerd , down to the unwashed dirty hair and sex offender look

No. 1677543

You can rent out a VPS or use a server if you have the hardware to host your own site, or there's fc2 and some other alternatives mentioned in the thread. In shared UNIX communities you often get your own home folder you can use to host your site. These are known as tilde sites.

No. 1678150

>it seems madness was just an influence but sadness seemed clueless about what she was getting into.

The thing nobody talks about is that Sadness and Madness were dating and I think living together. Yesterweb was a chill place before Madness started whispering in the ear of the king.

No. 1678160

R/CringetopiaRM is pro pedophile. I once got banned from the sub by the pedophile moderators for exposing a pedophile there

No. 1678210

Do you have proof to verify this because I thought maddess was from South America. From what I remember Saddness mentioned being a NEET and living with her girlfriend. That's a big claim you're making. By the way, yesterweb always sucked because sadness is the epitome of a zoomer trying to relive the web she never experienced. They let degenerates and trannys take up space and claim lesbianism from day one. It was Saddness to singled out dokodemo to the point where she and others were convinced she hated minors. She allowed her mods with pronouns to slip into the DMs of minors. She's part of the problem.

No. 1678236

T. Madness

No. 1678238

I'm not madness, this is pathetic. You're being incredibly suspicious for reacting negatively when you're asked to bring receipts. I don't know where you're from but over here we don't take someone's word for things. If you want us to believe whatever you're selling then you're doing to need to prove that you're not just making things up.

No. 1678271

Retard im a whole ass different anon, first day on an imageboard? Go back to your neocities hugbox

No. 1678273

>I don’t know where you’re from but over here we don’t
Oh my god I got actual goosebumps from how cringe and disgusting and old you sound. Gina gilotti teas

No. 1678288

Nothing in my post defended yesterweb or neocities. My point still stands and trying to fit in isn't going to work when you're shamelessly samefagging. You obviously don't know the rules because you're hi-cowing.

No. 1678291

nayrt but I do remember sadness saying on one of her earlier iterations of her site that she "found love on neocities".
I then joined the yesterweb server and found that there was a "sadness" and "madness" running the server so I just assumed the similar names meant that they were dating. it could have been an online relationship, but then that doesn't explain the possibility of her living with her girlfriend. also I am pretty sure sadness is in her thirties kek

No. 1678297


madness fantasized about moving to South America to escape the US and live out her Marxist ideals. No proof to provide tho with the server gone. They didn't advertise they were dating unless asked directly. It is no coincidence that Sadness and Madness had similar names and were both admins

No. 1678301

You are so deeply toe curlingly cringe my guy it’s incredible. At least try to sound like a different flavor of zoinked out esoteric schizo tranny when you ruin communities and groom mentally ill women, you’re too easy to spot

No. 1678334

Yes Saddness was in her thirties and from what I understood it was her partner paying the bills. Maybe she did get with madness later on, I don't know. I just haven't seen proof of it.
I talked to maddess a few times and my understanding was that she wasn't from America. I may be wrong though. I don't think similar usernames is enough to say they were dating.

No. 1683546

File: 1693500306219.gif (322.31 KB, 200x230, 1flp78i.gif)

Does Kyle ever remove people from the "global activity" blacklist? I know when you get blocked by more than 3(?) people, you can't comment on profiles anymore too. Does anyone know if all of this stuff is permanent or is there some kind of cooldown?

No. 1683609

I don't think he does, I'm blocked by more than 3 people and can't comment on profiles that don't follow me, but I appear in global activity when I update my site, I'm pretty sure. I'll report back later when I do an update.
Thing is you can only appear in the global activity once every 24 hours, so if you're updating your site a lot you won't show up there. However, if you go on websites -> last updated you might appear there.

No. 1683704

The global activity feed by itself is weird. On different accounts it displays different websites without having anyone blocked. However, I have your same doubt. I hope he deletes this retarded rule because it doesn't make sense in any scenario.

No. 1683791

Now that I tested this, you might be right. My website can be found here https://neocities.org/browse?sort_by=last_updated&tag= but not on the global activity page. I also never noticed this, but if you refresh the global activity page it will give you slightly different results. It seems the page is kind of curated and it automatically doesn't display empty pages that you could find under last updated tag.

No. 1685394

I wasn't even aware this existed. Maybe I should find a new host.

No. 1689388


This is the most visually stunning site I've ever seen. And a Golden Kamuy fan too.

No. 1690304

Thanks for sharing! This is so inspiring and so much nicer looking than all the oldweb animecore zoomer websites.

No. 1692679

i miss this type of pixel site so much!!! im suprised this one is still up

No. 1694492

Do you anons care about accessibility when coding your websites? I keep seeing random neocities users reeeing about it (to the point of being annoying and obnoxious, really) so I was just curious if it's something even worth fussing over

No. 1695067

I try to make my website functional for as many monitors/browsers as I can so others can navigate it with ease but I don’t do much else. I think your website should be accessible to you first and foremost. As long as it looks and works the way you want it to, there’s no need to change it for anyone else.

No. 1696512

I do because I want more eyes on my site lol. That and I'm a migraine-prone motherfucker so I appreciate when a site isn't literally painful to read

No. 1696629

I like make the text and layout as easy to read as I can. While super cluttered sites look cool, I find them a bit overwhelming and tend to read way less content since the text is usually small and/or uncomfortable, so I don't want my visitors to feel that way.
Also the other day I started to update my site again after an almost full year break (I have been busy) and noticed I have forgotten what little I knew about coding, so on my way to re-learning I want to read into accesibility & making my site fuctional on smaller scrrens for fun as well. My current screen is small and almost every page works on screens 2/3 the size of mine, but when it comes to mobile it's a mess kek.

No. 1697422

MUH OULD WHEIB!!!! but they dont realize that nobody took that into account back in the day. I'm absolutely pro accessibility for websites that are meant to be used for a vast group of people like google, facebook ect but your site really is just a digital scrapbook for yourself at the end of the day, if you wanna make it accessible, cool. if not, its whatever. its just a gendie reeee

No. 1697436

agreed. some people take accessibility way too seriously when it comes to sites nowadays and making sites accessible sucks the fun out of coding for me. at most i'll make it viewable on mobile because the vast majority of people use smartphones, but you wouldnt catch me dead having a billion font changer scripts on my site

No. 1697451

>font changer scripts
lmao do the 13 year old bugself ipad kids who somehow found neocities know that ctrl + is right there?

No. 1698313

I think it depends on a couple of factors with personal sites. If you intend to have as many people as possible reading it, or have endless tl;dr essays about how teh awld webbe is wonderful and brilliant and can't get Kyle Drake's limp dick out of your mouth, then you probably should consider making shit accessible or at the very least readable. (Bonus factor: making sites accessible from the get-go is actually way easier and far less effort than making a gifpuke site.)

If it's mainly for your own satisfaction and you don't mind if someone might click off because of eye-rape, I say you do you, easy come easy go and all that. Just don't ree about people not wanting to view it/being unable to view it, because fair's fair.

Bottom line: you design for your intended audience. If you want to expand or shrink said audience, design accordingly. Easy as.

FWIW we didn't have the options FOR accessibility back then that we do now, lmao

No. 1700744

I try to make my pages readable on a phone and avoid flashing gifs/imagery (if only because it gives me a headache), but that's it. I feel bad for people who have disabilities like partial blindness and need a screen reader, but I probably won't add TL;DR text describing every image on pages unless multiple people really need it (so far no one has asked, it's just non-disabled people demanding it).

No. 1701125

i don't care and muh accessibility faggots can whine all the time, but i won't make my site boring for sake of these munchie disablity faking retards. just fucking zoom in, if text is too small for you

No. 1701138

thanks to all the nonnies who share these wonderful websites! i'm planning on making one of my own since all these sites inspire me ♥

No. 1701175

fuck no. my website my rules, fuck accessibility. just use a goddamn computer. fuck smartphone ui

No. 1701661

does anyone have website hit counter recommendations? the site i was using's script broke or something and i can't find any others with cute designs.

No. 1701785

You can choose from different styles here: https://counter.fc2.com/en/index.html

No. 1707468

is antiwomanbrands nona still here? i miss the site

No. 1710275

File: 1695992725597.png (5.3 KB, 688x171, weeeeee.PNG)

i looked her up on kiwifarms ( her contact page: https://antiwomanbrands.wordpress.com/contact/ ) and the last time she was active was in april. i guess its due to her finals. this was posted in may, maybe she had a busy summer, who knows. i'm also awaiting her return

No. 1711622

What do you guys think of the Neocities Kiwifarms thread. There is a lot of weaponized autism in there. They are making charts of the troon to normal ratio in the gendie webrings.


No. 1713510

File: 1696256730557.png (20.98 KB, 930x183, bILbPjK.png)

Apparently Kyle upped the jerk filter but I still think it's retarded. Many terfs and normies are probably blocked by a bunch of kids that logged onto Neocities twice before ditching it for the next trendy thing. I'm curious if any of you have noticed that you appear on the global activity feed since his update?
I don't really get why they are tracking the ratio of gendies to normies because everyone online knows by now that troons infest everything. I was hoping for some milk but it's just dumb stuff like getting shook over some furry chick's photo.

No. 1714099

>weaponized autism
I mean that's basically kf in a nutshell. The thread itself is pretty boring but maybe something interesting will pop up in the future. Thanks for linking nona

No. 1715069

I keep track of it but it's pretty boring besides recapping the Yesterweb stuff. Kiwifarmers do seem to find the gendies more interesting than they really are, I'm surprised there's no rundown on the Dreamie drama of last year since that's the only other big drama I know of besides Yesterweb.

No. 1716105

Nonnas, is Wordpress good for an art blog or should I just stick to something else?

No. 1716749

It's limiting if you don't pay for it, but it's good otherwise. Very easy to use and handle and it handles blogging easily. If you do want to customize, you'll have to pay and WP is on the moderate to higher end for that because of its popularity.

No. 1716841

Do you know any good blogging services where I can customize my blog freely without worrying about having to pay anything?

No. 1717002

https://ladiesofthe.link/ lol I am pretty sure the name and concept is in response to the women of the web webring

No. 1717259

File: 1696540628846.jpg (57.87 KB, 946x371, ladiesofthelinks.jpg)

It is, the idea sprung up in the 32bitcafe discord after they discovered women of the web was full of actual women.

No. 1717274

How do I join the women of web webring thing?? Unsaged so someone can please answer me, I beg you anons. I use Linux and will kms with the amount of men who automatically assume I'm a tranny in those circles due to so few real women. Didn't even come to /ot/ to trannyhate, but this enrages my soul every time

No. 1717277

Saged samefag, sometimes I wonder if some of the trannies are also real women just too unbothered to correct anyone or start a war. Worst timeline.

No. 1717311

It's really easy, just fill out the form

No. 1717317

I hate these tranny retards.

No. 1717551

Their site is even ugly lmfao no taste lol. Comic sans ass font. Not suprising coming from genderspecials.

No. 1717592

the site looks like kawaii uguuu pastel vomit garbage, and there are a bunch of literal children in the webring. not to mention them letting in larping men, what a mess.

No. 1717656

You'd be surprised but the owner of the webring is a real woman, she's just so deep into handmaidenry that it's kind of psychotic. Imagine making a women's webring and the first rule centers around men exclusively. I can't comprehend the level of pure insanity it takes to do that, it almost feels like she is overcompensating for something.

No. 1717694

>it almost feels like she is overcompensating for something.
Considering how we are socialized, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually doesn't fully believe in the whole trans cult and so catters to them publicly so much to try to "amend" her wrongthink or an attempt to gaslight herself onto being a TRA since everyone on the internet chants that believing trans people is the correct thing and if you don't you're akin to Hitler. It isn't the first time I have seen it.

No. 1718009

Handmaidens and their beloved trannies are literally the most controlling and tyrannical. Not everything needs to be inclusive but they shit and cry over a webring that literally effects no one and has zero consequence to irl matters. Why don't they do something useful irl and boycott and protest against the countless existing men's only clubs and spaces in real life. Fucking idiots

No. 1718329

That's how most female TRAs are, they just gaslight themselves so they can have social acceptance/be on the right side of history. Even when I had a full-blown TERF blog I virtue signaled on my main account, but I stopped caring because even being neutral/quiet on the issue made you suspect.

There's literally a trans, asexual, MOGAI, bisexual, and "transmasculine" (aka female-only but for begendered women) webrings. Having one list of websites that excludes them being an issue shows how little problems they have in their life.

No. 1719163

Wow so they can have a transmasc exclusive webring but heaven forbid there's one for women. Hypocrites.

No. 1719554

Want to post rarepair fanart on tumblr but i'm the only person who's into it and already got deemed a "not safe person" in fandom discord. I don't want to create a separate acc only for rarepair sigh. Perhaps, i need to use that tumblr alt acc function.
All that yass villain hype and he did war crimes he's so silly memes standing with twitter morals feels like a russian roulette.

No. 1719582

No. 1721273

did anyone catch when some nazi tried to apply to one of the webrings that someone was hosting lmao https://neocities.org/site/jeith?event_id=3075018

i mean if it’s a personal webring then fair enough, but then they’re going on about increased moderation on neocities and other bullshit, but isn’t this the opposite of what kyle drake even wanted for the site? people are now policing on their own terms deciding who gets to use the platform or not, which is just making the entire platform into shitty ass tumblr 2.0

the entire thing should’ve stayed as a hosting service and just remove all of the shitty social media features and be done with it, honestly

No. 1721293

If they want content moderation they need to go back to Twitter or Reddit kek

No. 1721385

Honestly as much as I hate the /pol/tards and other 4chan type shit on Neocities, I worry content policing might be a slippery slope on who can be on Neocities. Other hosts have rules like "no bigotry" "no hate speech", but what actually defines that? Saying slurs or writing graphic threats against individuals or basic criticism/disagreement with something (ex: gender critical, anti-religion, etc.)? I doubt Kyle Drake would go through with this since Restorativland has a lot of Geocities sites with offensive shit on it, but I think Neocities current terms are fine.

No. 1721993

>I worry content policing might be a slippery slope on who can be on Neocities
I think sites that promote active harmful content (like the one mentioned, which apparently had a guide on how to make bombs. Or shit like child porn or mutilation, you get the drill) should be banned, on neocities and anywhere. But you're right, it most likely end up in Kyle banning anything he disagrees with or random sites due to peer pressure. I don't think this will happen though, he seems content enough with the dumb block->mute system. I don't recall what was it about since I never looked into it, but from what I remember the only site he has ever banned was one used as a list to doxx random people.

No. 1722313

Do you guys have any personal cows on the smallweb?

No. 1722323

This is my small web cow

No. 1723100

File: 1697028670404.png (111.96 KB, 927x759, OUu3c1w.png)

I came across a new web ring for free speech randomly. I poked around thecozy.cat and saw that she made a web ring after being declined from other ones for her views. Daintyeco wrote a blog post about her and how the small web needs to protect le small web from bigots (https://daintyeco.smol.pub/webrevivalharmfulideaspart2) so I thought maybe some nonnies who also believe in free speech would be interested. Though she IS a republican retard who gives some qanon stuff some credit kek!

No. 1723159

I considered joining since I want to be more open about my views on my site in the future, until I looked at the politics section of the owner's website and notice she's mostly reaching out to conspiracy/religion websites to join, and not just regular people regardless of "side" who are concerned about censorship… I understand that's the logical conclusion to allowing free speech, I think a lot of people on the indie web who talk about "not tolerating bigots" never experienced the old internet and realized there were just as many spaces for right wing conspiracy weirdos as there was normie progressive liberals. As much as I find the former abhorrent I honestly think we need to just have separate sides of the indie web to themselves so they can be away from everyone else. I don't think cozycat should be "censored" but she is better off making her own webring for people like her and people can not allow her to be in their personal webrings if they don't like her views.

(Also, does anyone else find the CRT effect on her website obnoxious? Ironically that's what kept me from looking closer into her Rabbit Hole page.)

No. 1723308

File: 1697044384759.png (10.45 KB, 661x396, 234327.PNG)

is thecozy.cat safe?

No. 1723312

Ntayrt I considered it too until I looked into her politics. It's annoying enough to be labeled as a "bigot" because I want to be amongst other women but imagine being labeled as a rightoid conspiracy theorist too. Yuck.

No. 1723339

Sorry not really. I know people who use Blogger but it's not the same as making your own site with one. I do know of people who use Zonelets
Else you can try using a SSG like Jekyll https://jekyllrb.com/docs/posts/

There's a lot out there, but if you want a proper blog with customization without paying, then a SSG is a good way to go.

No. 1723397

Yeah, the webring seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice people are quick to associate all of the normal people with the bad apples and think they’re one and the same. I mean look at the Yesterweb webring, they ended up attracting all of the marxist trannies and now a lot of people think everyone that was on there were like that.

Hell, people on Neoshitties will go after others for having 88x31 buttons of sites that have anything remotely speaking against their shitty ideologies. Everyone seems to really love guilt by association over there.

This webring will likely go nowhere, or at the very least attract only those who actually agree with thecozy.cat’s crazy antics.

No. 1730141

File: 1697623909486.jpg (304.09 KB, 1399x819, Screenshot_2.jpg)

We made it nonnies, we're famous!

And correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't just a terf webring and because of that it isn't presented as such, it's a webring for biological women, terfy or not.

No. 1730149

AFAIK it's for bio women because there are nonbinarys and other gender terms (sorry my english) on it? I don't see why it's such a big deal to have a male free space. 90% of neocities is females anyways. I think if it was explicitly stated on the site that it was for women, there would still be complaining and "articles" written about it anyways. You can't win either way, and it's evil to want to be around other women I guess.

No. 1730160

>by and for terfs, and that's okay…ish" i mean that it's a free internet. even if i don't like the rhetoric, folks can have their webring for it. but pretending it's anything but what it really is puts a super bad taste in my mouth, and i imagine other people's who otherwise would not have wanted to be associated with it if they'd been aware of the truth
>it's cowardly, actually. at the very least believe in your own politics enough to state them out loud, no less trying to use coded language and thereby getting other unrelated people involved because you were too… what? 
>one member who didn't realize what this webring was really for, and they expressed shock and guilt about having joined. 
>you're an adult, you're a woman, you're accepted. then the the most blatant secret criteria is being a cis woman. but it doesn't stop there: you can't even be in support of trans people, or post pronouns, as we've seen in some of the posts, or have a different sexuality
>webring is "for women"
>webring is for terfs when you don't mention anything about terf ideology
If one where to slap on the webring that this was only for terfs, that would only lead to trouble. There are men and women that actively seek out anything proudly declared as "terf adjecent" and spam cp, gore or just being annoying little fucks that retort "trans women are woman", "you're making me feel suicidal by not including me". You could compare this to lesbians that have to state in their bio or irl that they are a bio women and likes only bio women . If they even mention that they'll instantaneously get labelled by troons and handmaidens as a terf because the lesbian doesn't want to fuck transwomen because they have a penis or even transwomen with neovaginas, because "sexuality isn't just genitals, you terf!!!" Like women can't have one nightstands with other women based on the attractions of the female body.
Also if you were to proudly display terfism, you'd get death threats or worse see JK Rowling or any other prominent terfs.

>inb4 accusations of cowtipping

That's not used correctly in that context but you were there when it was written and have obivously intergrated farmlingo in your announcement. lurk more, get out of /ot/ or just gtfo in general

No. 1730162

I love how she declares that there's a difference between transwomen and women, already agreeing to the fact that transwomen aren't women. Her nc feed is good milk at the moment.

I love how she goes on here yet pretends to be uwu innocent uwu I'm just here for umummm.. dreamie!!!

No. 1730170

File: 1697628120798.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 1652702390423.png)

Both her and that one tif used posts and imgur albums provided by disgusting terfs to make their take-downs on dreamie. They all love this place kek

No. 1730172

Her saying not to harass anyone isn't going to do shit and she knows it. So kudos fatty for inciting harassment! So feminist uwu

No. 1730200

Her writing style is so annoying. TLDR is that the Women of the Internet webring mods are cowardly and dishonest because they only say the ring is for women, not "terfs." She wants that to be stated front and centre on the website so that people joining will know they're on a list next to evil feminists, completely ignoring the obvious problem brought up by >>1730160 . Public wrongthink = extreme harassment. Remember they spammed 5amgf's guestbook for months and that's just one example of many others who've been targeted. Of course we're going to dogwhistle each other. That's how we keep ourselves sane.
The part that really makes me wonder is she is arguing in bad faith? or just genuinely stupid? comes right at the end when she criticizes the use of "like-minded." That's not code for gender critical. It literally means "look at this list of women and see if anyone has interests similar to yours." She's obviously trying to present herself as intellectual and above it all, but her reading comprehension sucks. Maybe her brain has been eroded by adipose.

No. 1730205

File: 1697631868960.jpg (20.49 KB, 500x340, 669ac993e33f5cc4c3779afb07dcea…)

shes a fat quirky millennial munchie.

No. 1730214

File: 1697633398991.jpg (932.39 KB, 3000x3000, 3057.jpg)

She tacked on picrel shortly after her announcement got posted here. She's going with the high ground of throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.
>The part that really makes me wonder is she is arguing in bad faith? or just genuinely stupid
You already have the answer.
>She's obviously trying to present herself as intellectual and above it all, but her reading comprehension sucks. Maybe her brain has been eroded by adipose
She's a stupid sheep.

>…look further at the thread until i'm looking for another dreamie update. altho… that said, please post here or on my nc tl if there is a dreamie update [Allured by potential milk from personal cow emoji]

So close yet so far. >>1730170 is right that she and by extension others into dreamie drama are most likely going to come back because there is nothing wrong being a harmless gossiper but wanting to omit your political statment to protect yourself is wrong and may lead others astray by said ommission, with doing so, you're scum.

No. 1730218

I added "like-minded" for…like-minded women into nerdy and dorky things like web dev, internet culture, video games, etc. I don't know why she read so much into that word kek

No. 1730257

File: 1697638814365.png (233 KB, 1348x400, Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 10.14…)

>honestly I just went there to see if dreamie came back under and alt
Suuuure… so she's not a terf for using the site but everyone else is (picrel). Ok lmao. Why doesn't anyone understand how anonymous imageboards work? and in picrel I literally couldn't tell how the anonymous post she made was "in her typing style" – I think she's making this article because she got paranoid people know she uses this site and is trying to distance herself.

No. 1730261

File: 1697639006476.png (535.99 KB, 1386x706, Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 10.22…)

oops thought I merged two images my bad. this is the part where she's paranoid someone would think a comment is her (cannot for the life of me tell how this is in her "typing style", it makes me think she literally did make this comment lol)

No. 1730262

Has she ever considered it's "Women of the Internet" because it sounds better than "Females of the Internet" or even "ladies of the links" lol. Not everything is slander against lefty idpol people. The word women just means that. Women. It's not that hard to understand.

No. 1730293

File: 1697642819753.png (2.61 KB, 398x136, he.png)

I want to point out she's doing all of this during her exams. Clearly got nothing better to do.

She also said she's 30-40 years old…and yet at college? She apparently got accepted this year. She also talks about school. Either she's a zommertard larping or she's gone back to school. Neither would surprise me TBH considering her lack of basic thinking skills.

No. 1730302

I think that's because that anon uses lowercases like her

No. 1730321

Tbf most of my classmates when I went to college & work grades were over 35yo. But yeah she should go and actually focus on her studies rather than going to LC and writting a mile-long post about the webring that could've been sumarized in 3 lines.

No. 1730337

The fact that people waste their time thinking about stuff like that blows my mind. They need to take their meds or touch grass or something.

No. 1730528

>And correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't just a terf webring and because of that it isn't presented as such, it's a webring for biological women, terfy or not.
If you looked at the different websites on there you would see that the only thing they have in common is being biological women. The fact that there are radfems in the webring and it was advertised on here implies that you at least are capable of tolerating those views, not necessarily agree with them. There's literally two dead dove fanfic sites, a self-identified "demisexual", a "demigirl", another site seems covert but has some trans sites in the affiliates, etc.

>"it's cowardly, actually. at the very least believe in your own politics enough to state them out loud, no less trying to use coded language and thereby getting other unrelated people involved"

It's so funny how 99% of Neocities users claim that they want the old internet back and that social media is awful, but this entire Dreamwidth entry is just a repeat of the whole "cryptoterf" trend on Tumblr.

No. 1731029

God forbid women have any space without men.

No. 1731452

No but you see we can have a space of our own if we make sure to broadcast our horrible political views front and center, while calling for stage 8 genocide of trans folx and saying they deserve NO rights at all because that is what terfs generally think… right?

No. 1731843

Who keeps trying to bait the cow in her cbox? Don't interact with the retards. Good milk is organic.

No. 1731924

I like how she defends the "right" of us having a space without men but then proceeds to not understand why we would want to not say outright we're a terf group. like she doesn't know it would be automatically attacked and someone might even get doxxed if the wrong people(men) get to know it.

No. 1731968

It's also dumb that not agreeing with troons is seen as something that needs to be announced instead of just a normal shared mindset.
Like it'd be awkward to start a group for any random theme and make a point of going "this group is AGAINST animal abuse. We are ANTI-ABUSE ACTIVISTS" when it's irrelevant and just common courtesy that all members understand to respect animals, and most members don't make it their whole obsession and identity, they're just not into animal abuse. Not everything needs to be some grand soapbox

No. 1732576

File: 1697836020190.jpg (100.08 KB, 1046x280, Screenshot_20231020_160309_Goo…)

The comment on the post thinking handmaidens means lesbians gave me a hearty kek. Just proves that they either know nothing or just regurgitate dumb Twitter rhetoric.

No. 1732942

lmfao what is it with all these sanrio-obsessed kawaii uwu i'm a smol soft fat mentally ill bean bitches being the most dense and the most passive-aggressive wastes of space in the world? every fucking time, i swear.

No. 1734409

Howdy folks! Figured I'd add in my two cents since myself and my webring are what's being talked about here.

Yes, my webring promotes freedom of speech. Yes, I reached out to people who lean more right as those are the people who tend to have their voices censored. It isn't rocket science to understand that those were the people who would be most in favor of free speech - as opposed to people who have different ideologies whom are often in favor of censorship and blocking out those with views different from their own - they'd be far more likely to reject my invitations. That being said, anyone who leans a different way is welcome to join. You do not need a direct invitation from myself to be included. ;)

As for daintyeco's post, I made a response post to her here: https://thecozy.cat/blog/re-the-web-revival-space-as-a-refuge-for-harmful-ideas-part-ii/
It is funny, those who scream the loudest about bigotry are usually almost always bigots themselves towards other groups. Just saying.

Lastly, my views are my own. No one is obligated to believe or agree with them, but it is my website and I'll express myself how I want to on it as everyone else on the small web does. Don't like it? Move along and find content more suited for you and your own beliefs and interests. No one is forcing you to be there. I'm not going to apologize for the beliefs I express on my own website. My website is first and foremost for me before it is for anyone else. So ya'll are welcome to try and censor me if you want to ;). I dare you.

As for the rest of you who believe in freedom of speech, feel free to join my ring. It's open to folks of all political leanings, even the ones I disagree with. There aren't many rules for joining, so long as you follow the few rules that are there, you are welcome.
https://freespeechwebring.neocities.org/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734436

No. 1734475

I actually have grown to have some respect for you after reading your blog posts, despite disagreeing with nearly everything you say. I appreciate how you manage to be diplomatic to other people. But please read the rules and learn imageboard etiquette before replying, lmao.

>Lastly, my views are my own. No one is obligated to believe or agree with them, but it is my website and I'll express myself how I want to on it as everyone else on the small web does. Don't like it? Move along and find content more suited for you and your own beliefs and interests. No one is forcing you to be there. I'm not going to apologize for the beliefs I express on my own website. My website is first and foremost for me before it is for anyone else. So ya'll are welcome to try and censor me if you want to ;). I dare you.

I don't think anyone was complaining about your content or saying you should be censored (I don't think you should), just commenting that it exists. This is an anonymous gossip board. We're not railing to get your site taken down, that would be hypocritical when TRAs on Neocities are trying to do similar things like "uncover" female-only webrings and whatnot.

No. 1734491

>We're not railing to get your site taken down
We also can't do anything like that, per the rules

No. 1734556


NGL I don't really use boards like this so I have no idea the etiquette. I read the rules and see I'm supposed to remain anonymous, though, ya'll know who I am now so I'm not sure if there's a point in my labeling myself as anonymous. This forum system is still very new to me, hopefully I'm probably replying properly lol.

Anyhow, I apologize if I misunderstood and I appreciate you clarifying. My offer still stands to anyone curious to join the ring. If my selection of invitees is off putting to some folks, then do feel free to come diversify the pool. Ultimately, I'd be really happy to see people from all walks of life in there. IMO that's progress, however small it might be, for people from all walks of life to be connected even if they disagree on things, it's a start/a seed. It's an inch of common ground, that could one day expand, which could be a win for all of us in the end. ✌️

All the best
(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1734620

Don't use emojis

No. 1737002

No one gives enough of a shit to try and censor you even if we wanted to, you self-important jackass. You're a passing topic on an anonymous board. You aren't half as important as you think you are.

No. 1737071

You're a nobody and your opinions are not important. If someone mentioned you it's because you're a subject to be mocked and forgotten like every cow posted here.

No. 1737471

The victim complex of rightoids rivals the far-left tankie troons in this sphere.

No. 1739524

Has anyone else noticed an uptick in screaming accessibility fags?

No. 1740245

I've noticed an uptick in those that scream about accessibility solely for woker-than-thou points. I'm not sure that they actually give a shit about good design practices or easier browsing for everyone, but they sure do seem to give a shit about being perceived as the most forward-thinking and moral person in the community.

No. 1740699

File: 1698413181498.jpg (24.09 KB, 792x162, youtellthem.jpg)

Definitely, on one side you've got tifs with posts like
where they mostly sperg about how your site should cater to every single disability you can think of, and it should also be accessible to phone fags because they said so and you're an ableist bigot if you don't comply even though you're literally maintaining a personal website that you could take down on any whim but when it's up, every epileptic and blind quadriplegic should have full access to it as well. This just comes out as your usual virtue signaling and morality policing.

On the other side of this accessibility wank you've got mostly autistic tims and other men that really love linux and are, as all men are, aesthetically deprived, so they make extremely bland and boring cookie cutter websites on which they blog about installing some obscure distro on a laptop they rescued from being salvaged. These types are more concerned about their website being accessible on every single browser and OS you can think of, instead of it being accessible to people kek

No. 1740967

I made my website mobile responsive because I sometimes browse on my phone and it is cheaper to get a new phone than a desktop, but I'm this close to not having it on future pages because of these idiots. The internet isn't your safe space. Go back to social media if you want something that's supposed to be accessible to every single person.

>On the other side of this accessibility wank you've got mostly autistic tims and other men that really love linux […] These types are more concerned about their website being accessible on every single browser and OS you can think of, instead of it being accessible to people kek

Maybe it's because my feed is 99% female but I've never seen these types. I believe they exist, but it's ridiculous how the men on this side of the issue aren't as bad for once. At least men are browbeating people to make their sites viewable on Netscape or Windows 98.

No. 1740972

It baffles me that people are like this about personal sites, to be honest and I'm a webdev by trade. I make accessible/phone "friendly" layouts on my personal stuff, but I'd be hounded off Neoshitties if I admitted it was because…that's just the way I was taught originally. Pure habit. Oops. But I'm not going to side-eye someone's personal, hobbyist website not being accessible because the personal web and the larger web are two completely different things. Sure, if you're designing a website that gets five billion hits a day and offers important information (like health services or similar), you should make that accessible. But personal sites? About kinnie shit and who your self-insert is fucking this week? Dude, it doesn't matter, at the end of the day. Especially since these are so ephemeral.

The rule of thumb for designing anything has always been "design for your audience". So if your website is for everyone, design for everyone. If it's a personal site for whoever, who cares as long as you like it. You're not a bigot if you can't make a completely over-the-top accessible site, you're just a rando playing with html for the fun of it. (Ooh, you ableist fuckface, you.)

What these whiners don't seem to understand is that the viewer has to take some personal responsibility, too. If you visit a site and you like its content, keep visiting it. If you don't, for whatever reason…don't. Nobody is putting a fucking gun to your head and making you view a site that you can't read. (Well, usually. The amount of butthurt I've run into when I've said I don't want to link to someone because I personally can't read their shit and thus haven't had my interest piqued is not zero, unfortunately.)

The personal web doesn't have a responsibility to be super-accessible, because it's not intended to be for everyone. It's like worrying that your handwriting in your diary is bad and someone might not be able to read it. If you're sharing it with a friend and your friend can't read your chicken scratch, then maybe consider neatening it up. If not, you do you and just relax. These moral police bitches lording it over everyone else are starting to get on my tits. It's not that deep, sis.

No. 1740979

I'd say keep designing it for mobile if it's easier for you. You call the shots with your own site, and you don't have to shoot yourself in the foot because these holier-than-thou spergs with no actual skin in the game want to look More Moral Than You(tm). Fuck 'em.

No. 1740988

>The rule of thumb for designing anything has always been "design for your audience". So if your website is for everyone, design for everyone. If it's a personal site for whoever, who cares as long as you like it.
It's funny, because nearly every other about page on these Neocities websites are identical and talk about how they made a website because they hate social media and capitalism. Smartphones becoming a near-required part of modern society is a big part of making the internet more corporate and having Twitter/Facebook/Tiktok/Reddit be the main hubs of internet activity instead of personal websites and forums. If someone makes a website with that intent, not making it accessible on a phone is a statement. I understand it sucks for disabled people who physically can't use a computer or poor people who are stuck using a phone, but most phone users aren't physically disabled.

No. 1740993

>It's funny, because nearly every other about page on these Neocities websites are identical and talk about how they made a website because they hate social media and capitalism.
Lmfao I thought I was the only person who noticed the hypocrisy of this! The NC drinking game: take a shot every time you come across a three column layout with pastel colors and pixel fonts. Take an extra shot if there's mention of Miku or Sanrio. Only play if you really hate your liver. Or your life.

No. 1741018

They say "we want to go back to the old days where everyone had personal websites that showed their individuality" but most websites have the same 3 aesthetics with the same content and interests.

No. 1743871

this. they say how much they hate social media then link their tiktok/instagram in the about me or links section.
if I had a penny for everytime I've seen in the interests section "hello kitty" or "sanrio" or the layout something pastel and pixelated I'd be able to build a goddamn mansion

No. 1744697

File: 1698683392090.jpg (38.86 KB, 808x128, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Was checking the guidelines of the accessible net webring and found this. I guess being a radical feminist means you are the number one enemy of disabled people, when they need to mentioned at the top of the list.

It's like coming across a baking lovers webring and seeing "communists do not join this webring". What does site accessibility have to do with politics?

No. 1744793

What's funny is that the old school, single column layout would be fairly accessible. People stuck on phones often, at the very least, have a tablet that can view in landscape mode. They could design around a tablet-friendly ratio (it's like 16:10 or something) and it'll look almost like a nod to the old 3:4 w/o falling into the trappings.
Honestly, asking people with personal websites to make them accessible is being treated as another gatekeeping point; something to hold over their heads and use as a point of attack. And I say this as someone who used to work as a web dev where accessibility and graceful degradation was part of my job. That stuff is for tools like banks or secure networks stuck on old browsers, not for your random fansite.
It's personal, so you should personalize it to where you want it to be seen. I want my site desktop and tablet accessible; I do not give a shit about mobile. Do mobile-only people even visit websites with that kind of interest?

who's gonna tell them most TERFs are PoCs? And the number of escorts/former prostitutes/former pornstars who are HUGE TERFs? The terviest of terves.

No. 1745362

File: 1698706826733.png (136.28 KB, 353x526, 2342343.PNG)

why is this person (https://fin600.neocities.org/) in the womenoftheinternet webring lol
there's also a button(another webring) at the bottom of the page that says "transing the internet"

No. 1745366

it wouldn't be very inclusive if we didn't allow trannies to be terfs too

No. 1745383

At this point, this is just one of those "elite" gamer-girl webrings that existed in the 2000s. Except instead of Final Fantasy domains and unreadable pastel layouts with incredibly tiny text, this time it's so-accessible-it-bores-you-to-death personal sites hosted on what is essentially a social media platform. (We've come full circle, I guess.) It has nothing to do with accessibility and wanting the web to be better, it's just a mean-girls-in-high-school clique. Fuck the lot of them, I'm bored now.

No. 1745589

I've never even seen a MRA website on the indie web, why are they being lumped with radfems?

>who's gonna tell them most TERFs are PoCs?
It's so US/UK-centric, radical (and adjacent) feminism is the default in non-western countries.

No. 1745616

i think cause it's probably just a gendie woman and not a TIM but i could be wrong. do TIMs ever have dedicated husbandos? idk

No. 1745645

Because she's female.

No. 1745843

They are being lumped together because they are retards and don't understand an important part of radical feminism: caring about ALL females, even the retarded tifs.

Because nonbinary or not, she's still a woman. Iirc, the webring is for women is it not? It has nothing to do with feminism or politics.

No. 1752161

I'm so tired of 75% of neocities sites being made with that sadgrl layout builder. It's so obvious when people use it and it's so boring. Zero creativity. Everyone's site ends up looking the same with a new coat of paint. People seem to be scared to experiment. It's zoomerbrain shit. Just make everything exactly the same as your peers. Back in muh real old web people weren't scared to place divs in weird places, huge nav bars, tiny 6px font. It was almost built like a collage on a lot of sites. If I have to look at another 3 column layout with perfectly equal margins on all sides I'm gonna sperg out. The zoomers all talk about uwu I love coding teehee but like are never willing to step outside the box.

No. 1752184

It's so lazy and boring. The 3 column color schemes are always blue/lime green and black for moids and pastels/rainbows for women and gendies. Boring websites for boring people.

No. 1752258

stg every impact sadgrl and her fellow cult members had on neocities was a cancer. she was everything she claimed to be against in the end. good riddance.

No. 1752275

It's pathetic because I've seen people use templates in creative ways, but I see the same sadgrl layout right down to the same colors and background constantly.

No. 1752716

honestly i wouldn’t mind their mindlessly-copied layouts so much if they actually had something of substance to say or share, but fuck me these braindead people are so boring it makes me wonder why they even bothered making a website to begin with asides from having another place to sperg about their pronouns or their fifty alters

No. 1753397

dissolved girl

No. 1753861

What about her?

No. 1753986

I hope the Women of the Internet webring adds more members soon. I would love to officially join

No. 1753990

That anon posted it during a spamming spree, i don’t think it means anything tbh

No. 1754168

File: 1699211111529.png (2.12 MB, 1080x3024, Screenshot_20231105-102032.png)

Not sure where else to talk about this. Though it's not exactly a small website, has anyone else been noticing that Pinterest is getting worse and worse? I just logged into it recently, and now it seems like it can't even load images properly without having them mesh into each other, or having two image load. It's like the people at Pinterest are doing this on purpose at this point

No. 1754192

I've noticed that when I click on an image it will go full screen or redirect me to the outside source instead of simply showing the image with more pins underneath. It's annoying I always restart my phone when this happens but it never lasts long.

No. 1755734

I think the mods are often busy because it took a few weeks for my information to be updated, but I notice that new members are added in groups.

No. 1757838

I’m not sure oldweb can make a comeback, how come nonnies don’t embrace the slightly more modern version and participate in blog hop or link love? There are still niches where that is a thing like art, sewing, and tech

No. 1757843

What the hell are those

No. 1757872

I've never been in communities where those terms are used so I don't know what that is.

No. 1757896

anyone else hates when people advertise their webrings/clubs on all chatboxes or guestbooks they come across?

No. 1758012

The can be like a cross between a collab and a webring/blogroll

No. 1758072

NTA but I don't get it, it's like when in Tumblr back in 2010-2015 people would do follow forevers? (linking all the blogs they enjoyed on a post) Or Dreamwidth's collaborative blogs? Google isn't helping kek but that's what I could gather

No. 1766995

File: 1699758457003.png (105.18 KB, 1238x626, faterin.png)

anyone know what wrecked her mento health this time? is she having melty over a cbox in the year 2023?

No. 1767570

people were calling her out in her cbox for following yourdevilsfriend/bruno who follows owly the pedo. apparently simply deleting comments and moving on was a difficult task for her.

No. 1768690

I can't believe this woman is 31. She acts just like a typical Tumblr zoomer.

AFAIK yourdevilsfriend has never made a real explanation about that, because Owly being a pedo isn't just a callout accusation, it's a known thing. Mariteaux was banned from Neocities for posting about this.

No. 1768697

Do zoomers even use tumblr?

No. 1768731

Prettty sure the majority of the userbase is mid twenties and up, people who were already using it during it's peak

No. 1768868

Adult zoomers are in the 18-24 range, and I see them all over Tumblr tags.

No. 1768991

File: 1699837638094.png (1.76 MB, 2082x2311, owly.png)

the only "explanation" is that it's not true because the evil terfs made it all up

No. 1769132

That's weird, since the guy who wrote the callout appears to be some edgy male and not a feminist at all. He uses rude wording but you can't really dispute the caps of Owly being inappropriate around teenagers here. https://archive.is/HDEyt

No. 1769206

File: 1699850471986.jpeg (103.04 KB, 736x552, IMG_1635.jpeg)

Nonas who have worked as professional web developers:
>what was it like? Did you enjoy it?
>did the oversaturation of weird moids ruin it?
>if you left, why? OR if you're still doing it, what keeps you there?
I love front end stuff and am considering it as a career, hoping to hear from likeminded women

No. 1769264


also she owes $500 in rent and is e-begging and wailing all over twitter

No. 1769302

there are an insane amount of people who think "terf" is an exact synonym for transphobe. i'm also inclined to think bruno is outright lying to that person. also i've never seen that mariteaux post so ty for linking nona. if kyle really had a direct hand in banning mariteaux it speaks volumes about him.
maybe if she spent all that time writing that dreamwidth article looking for a part-time job instead, she wouldn't be whining lol

No. 1769310

>lolcow is worse than kiwifarms
tifs love to suck dick so much it's unreal

No. 1769507

I'll admit KF has better archiving and OP introductions, but it's so fucking racist and every other thread throws around the N word (not to mention it's equally "transphobic" as LC). I love how that and browsing 4chan is more forgivable to them.

No. 1773442

Its because who else but dudes with nothing but time on their hands are willing to go through the trouble of connecting to tor and posting there. At least Null doesn't censor female posters and made a space for women.

No. 1773447

I know, I'm talking about the double standard that gendies often have that posting on LC is somehow "worse" than 4chan or Kiwifarms.

No. 1773451

My personal least favorite thing about KF is how every other fucking post in any female cow's thread is "x cow is fat and i would not have sex with her" or "x cow is -adjective- and i would have sex with her"

No. 1773452

kiwifarms is back up on the normal web though. kiwifarms dot net

No. 1773460

They're mad because they can't doxx people, can't block people, and theres no updoots kek. How pathetic.

No. 1773463

They'll say it's worse here because of some sperging terfs meanwhile on 4chan there are voyeurism threads with thousands of images of creepshots taken of young women and girls, lolicon, cp, racism, rape fantasies, monkey torture,etc. They're just angry women are expressing their opinion because they're fragile and expect women to bend over backwards to be everyone else's mommy and if they don't they're le ebil.

No. 1773469

They hate lc more than kf because they've posted on lc themselves since it's a low barrier for entry, and have been made fun of and are seething kek.

No. 1773474

You're right, they're teen girls acting out because they think women should be subservient and 'kind' aka a doormat rather than have opinions they disagree with. This belief that they hold leads them to transition as they do not perceive themselves as 'be kind' doormats but cannot extend that theory of mind to other women because of autism/narcissism/whatever personality disorder they have.

No. 1780170

Them thinking that learning basic HTML makes them a programmer is sending me over the edge. Most of us grew up in Tumblr/livejournal/ Myspace eras where we already got introduced to HTML and CSS. Sadgirl and yesterweb made neocities worse.

No. 1780299

Most people I talk to over 25 know basic HTML, it was kind of the norm to know how to change text and background colors. Even the older days of Tumblr encouraged coding knowledge for custom themes. But it seems like Neocities is populated by people who want instant results instead of gradually learning. The last time I looked at Sadgrl's site she had a pretty good tutorial on building layouts from scratch, but people just jump to the easiest thing.

No. 1780306

There are so many people that thing they're le hacker because they know how to code a basic website using copy paste, Google, and chatgpt

No. 1791997

File: 1701179791591.gif (3.65 MB, 255x178, IMG_3207.gif)

A lot of people on the oldweb are social media refugees, but are there any of you who have gone back? I've been running a personal website for a long time now, haven't used social media at all. It's great. My favourite way to blog and share art. But lately I want to meet new people with very specific interests, so I'm thinking about getting on Twitter and/or Tumblr for the first time in ten years. Maybe this isn't the right thread to ask but I'm wondering if anyone has advice? What is it like to go from the smallweb back to fandom socmed?

No. 1792144

I always found social media quite lonely and struggled to connect with others. Then there's the issue of everyone caring so much about gender. Now that I have my own website I'm still lonely but least I'm lonely in peace. Sorry this didn't answer your question, I hope if you decide to venture out into the socmed waters again that you get what you want out of it. Be open and willing to reach out first within your target fandom and I'm sure you'll meet some great folks, especially if you're a fellow artist.

No. 1792253

I've tried going back but I found myself quickly annoyed with the current state of fandom spaces. Invaded by loud mouth minors, genderspecials with stupid headcanons, and coomer moids. In most fandoms, nowadays people aren't interested in meta or lore, it's mostly discussion of Character and his autistic pussy, kek. It's either that or people arguing about villains being problematic. I've had better luck finding some sane people on fandom specific discord servers.

No. 1792503

I've never used socmed much, even prior to making a site, but recently I started finding it really useful for irl stuff. Facebook is great because of the marketplace, events and groups based on your local neighborhood/town/area and instagram is really good for booking tattoo artists. I really started to appreciate their irl utilities but that's as far as I'm willing to go with socmed. Anything online community related ironically feels like a huge waste of time and I can't connect with the insane drivel these communities manage to spew every day. Maybe I'm missing out on fanmade content and memes but it's simply not worth it for me.

No. 1795811

File: 1701400736162.png (28.8 KB, 462x290, cboxallegations.png)

saw this comment in strawberry-gashes cbox, anyone know what this is referring to?

No. 1796269

>Then there's the issue of everyone caring so much about gender.
This is my problem too. I don't feel inclined to go back on social media because being crypto is a nightmare and I don't want to be on the GC side on social media anymore, I just want to blog, posy my art, enjoy my hobbies and have these political conversations with friends I trust in private. I've noticed more people like me on the oldweb so I'm probably going to stay here.

No. 1796285

Kek what the hell
I feel you. I don't want my whole social media experience to be muh gender OR GC only, and it feels like those are your only two options

No. 1796376

That's it exactly, GC spaces are just as exhausting to me now. I don't want to hear screeching over trannies 24/7, I want to talk about literally anything else.

No. 1796592

File: 1701465023851.png (14.1 KB, 361x235, fl.PNG)

strawberry-gashes owns http://gensoukai.net/ and she has had it for a while. it's listed as one of the webrings she ran. sadly, wayback machine didn't do a great job archiving the actual content on it but yes she did run a jailbait webring.


No. 1796633

Isn't strawberry-gashes 30? If this webring is from the early 2000s then she would've been a teenager when she made/owned that webring. The "jailbait" name is gross but she was underage at the time when she ran it.

No. 1796640

she still consumes weird nasty stuff as an adult so that doesn't matter

No. 1796697

She's older than that. Ask her. Not that it would have taken away from how creepy she is for making it.
There's no coming back from stating it's an underaged anime clique called jailbait.

No. 1801501

File: 1701889185934.png (60.15 KB, 964x615, fat.PNG)

Okay if it was the old owner, why does the archive have the same layout as her site current does? She really kept the same layout that someone else made 20 years ago? Sounds like cope

No. 1801511

If she doesn't like drama, why does she keep egging it on. Just delete and ignore any sus comments in your cbox. It's not that hard.

No. 1801533

She's making herself look guilty with all that rambling

No. 1801535

File: 1701890804365.png (50.86 KB, 1018x445, font.png)

ok fat erin

No. 1801536

It's funny how she keeps talking about LC as a collective of people hounding her when the post about this jailbait webring got like 2 replies kek. Nobody gives a shit.

No. 1801947

>getting back at me for calling you out
kek nobody cares about "getting back", she's truly too dense to realize she's nothing more than a cow being milked for entertainment because she's low hanging fruit - same as all the other retards that get laughed at itt

No. 1802219

its probably her own friends posting about her lol.

No. 1802349

No wonder yourdevilfriends has got a sudden interest in her they both demonstrated pedo sympathizing. They both say they gave been victims too and that explains and excuses any pedo behaviour they have apparently.

No. 1802701

Yeah, it's got to be someone that knows her and her antics because who here even knew or cared about her and her domain.

No. 1803357

File: 1702003920281.png (22.58 KB, 806x406, strawberry.png)

Doesn't picrel mean she registered it in 2018 though? https://www.whois.com/whois/gensoukai.net At least currently from NameCheap?

No. 1803369

File: 1702004696083.png (113.13 KB, 896x710, hover.png)

Also when you hover over where it says mail it shows maemuki@windchaser.com and if you click it it takes you to this archive https://web.archive.org/web/20031201061734/http://www.windschaser.com/ Reupload cause I dropped the pic

Not sure why it's clipping her current layout in there but obviously her layout has changed since it was archived in 2003… It probably is her own friends posting her because who or why else would someone be looking at archives of her site. This vendetta is retarded.

No. 1804010

That's one of her old emails. It's stupidbly obvious. People used to get email hosting/hosting off others for cheap.

You're talking as if that changes anything. It's her site with no doubt…she even points to it and talks about herself on the live version.

You can even look at the links part next to the jailbait section (sites) and see the link backs to her site.

I wonder if it's one of her friends that finally wanted to out her for being a pedo sympathizer.

No. 1804210

Caps of it being her old email or of her going by Windchaser or Odile? And if she's really 30 then there's no way she could afford hosting in 2001-2002 even "for cheap" since she would have been 10-11 or slightly over.

From an outsiders perspective you sound like a vendetta poster.

No. 1804285

lmao you're a fucking retard. fat erin was born in 1991, a simple google of her full name can tell you that. she would've been 12 in 2003 and that archive of the site or any of its connected sites (windschaser.com, shounen-ai.org) don't sound like a 12 year old wrote them.

also you can find remnants of the actual owner of the site by searching 'windschaser'; ffs her livejournal is still online https://windschaser.livejournal.com/

No. 1804320

You gonna post proof?

No. 1804379

File: 1702073172141.png (1.63 MB, 1190x802, big_e.png)

No. 1804537

Who the hell knows her full name?

No. 1804721

The vendetta-chans should know that to normal people, it looks you’re reaching for reasons to hate on some random autist. She clearly didn’t own the domain back then. Did you two have a falling out? Kek

No. 1804940

anyone who spends five minutes reading her twitter lmao

No. 1804963

I'm toying with the idea of making a site for posting my short stories and maybe sperging about literature in general, but I've got nearly zero coding experience. Nonas who started from nothing, how long did it take you to learn the basics?

No. 1805014

for me it didn't take too long, but it depends on how you'd like your site to look visually. if it's nothing too fancy, it'd probably take a couple days/weeks worth of tampering depending on how quick you pick html/css up. i'd recommend digging into the source code of sites you're inspired by to see how certain elements are made and look into them a bit more on coding info sites like the mozilla web docs. good luck and have fun nona

No. 1805018

All you need to know is how to make headings, paragraphs, bold and italic text, and links. The rest is just set dressing. You can learn that in under an hour. It won't be pretty, but you'll have someplace to write. Learn the rest (changing colors, adding backgrounds, inserting images, etc.) as needed. You can do it Nona! I believe in you.

No. 1805073

File: 1702136947479.png (278.54 KB, 2532x962, Untitledd.png)

Emphasis in the screenshot is mine. I just thought it was funny that she had the thread open in another tab as she scrambled to clear her name.
>"this subject's closed on my end"
>continues samefagging and selfposting for another 2 days
With all the sperging here and on her profile, not once does she say "i am not into underage anime," or "lolicon and shotacon are abhorrent," or even "my taste in pornography does not affect the way I relate to the real children in my life." Because Fat Erin surrounds herself with kids online, you'd think that'd be more important. And isn't outright denial the more obvious approach to a pedo accusation? Instead she focuses only on disproving her involvement with the webring. Interesting.

No. 1805105

It is funny she's refreshing this page and posting nonstop about this drama, but it's also confusing. There are shotacons on Neocities already, like proud and active ones, and no one cares. Her maybe having run an anime jailbait webring in the early 2000s is such a nothing drama I don't understand why she's sperging about it to the point of pulling the manipulative "I was being groomed!!" card. She could've just ignored this altogether.

No. 1805464

This is what I was thinking. Don't get me wrong, I think strawberry-gashes is an annoying libfem but if she's 31 then she was both too young to own a domain back then, and if she was in that webring she would've been a teenager in 2003. Anyone with a brain would write that one, isolated claim off as just a random grudgepost with little proof. This is why she's a mini-lolcow, and minor insult sends her to sperg out.

No. 1805667

Probably because the person posting knows her and knows it will annoy her to be accused of. The only caps posted prove it's not hers and saying "it's stupidly obvious" when it's not isn't going to suddenly make it true. It's blown way out of proportion. Her being an e-beggar >>1804940
is hilarious though.

No. 1805797

Damn what a miserable person. All she does is whine and complain

No. 1806091

Thanks nonas, I'll look into it!

No. 1806160

File: 1702204831168.png (50.66 KB, 612x724, mentol.png)

Holy shit, she was invited by a kind friend to live in their home rent free, and now she's complaining they're expecting her to pay rent after she's been living there 5 months rent free? What an ungrateful individual kek. Yet she has time to shit on women only webrings despite her horrible and supposedly crippling chronic illnesses, her priorities are truly in check.

No. 1806192

File: 1702207173201.jpg (896.74 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20231210_061922_X.j…)

Le tarot cards told me my roommates betrayed me by asking for rent

No. 1806324

Re-learning basic HTML was pretty fast, and I got the hang of CSS after a few months when I realized it does a lot of HTML stuff quicker. I know a lot of people look down on templates, but if you just want to get your content out there I don't think it's that bad to use something basic as long as you try to code in your own stuff alongside it. I care more about the substance than style.

No. 1806626

maybe pull out a tarot spread that makes you find a job

No. 1807231

File: 1702271503213.png (45.24 KB, 773x865, Plans Teacake Hosting.png)

Posting about tech stuff and trying to build "community" on Neocities has made pedo moids who post bestiality loli on their sites comment positively on my posts and it's enough to make me want to ragequit Neocities and disable commenting wherever I go. Guestbooks are no good in an era of TERFbusting gendies and men who belong on government watch lists being given free cyber reign. But I'm used to my Github workflows and stuff and I'm not sure if other platforms would accommodate me. I've seen people ITT suggest ichi.city, FC2, and leprd.space (apps are closed), but has anyone tried teacake hosting? Normally their free tier is closed, but it looks like it's open right now. I don't like that it's only 500MB on the free tier, but it does seem cute maybe. I also am tempted to just use something like Netlify or Github Pages. Or suck it up on Neocities kek.

No. 1807413

I checked, and it's closed.

No. 1807425

From what I read, Teacake is hobbyist sites only and you have to ask the owner for an invite. I considered it because it's cheaper than a Neocities subscription, but like every other host there's vague rules against "hate speech" and whatnot. I don't post heavily political stuff on Neocities but I have a hard time trusting if they mean "hate speech" by Nazi shit or targeted death threats/slurs towards people or just critical things (anti-religion, GC, government, etc.).

Apparently Vercel is a decent host that techy types find accessible, but I never used it.

No. 1826162

I understand people using other website's as inspo or using the same templates as everyone else's but copy and pasting a whole website? and then turn off comments?? I keep seeing this shit happening more often

No. 1826335

I think I know who you’re talking about. Isn’t personalization part of the appeal of maintaining a personal website? People are shameless.

No. 1828653

Who is doing that?

No. 1829055

a shit ton of people

No. 1829120

That's mostly just children learning how to make sites for the first time and not knowing neocities editor is basically public. I honestly don't pay it much mind at all and I've been copied before, most of these sites get abandoned in a months time anyway.

No. 1829151

No. 1829164

whats the point of making a site thats just a glorified carrd

No. 1829170

It's sad that this is the problem carrd brought, where these kids aren't aware that not all websites are just free templates that you can reuse and that it's generally considered rude kek

No. 1829236

wait, was that website made with carrd?

No. 1829272

Nope, it’s a copy and paste of another website. Here is the original site: https://cloverbell.neocities.org/

No. 1829326

damn, thanks to clicking through these websites i found out that there's an insane amount of websites that offer the ability to explain your sexuality in detail… what the fuck?


this is so unnecessary. and then you check their profiles and the user who has linked their attraction chart is 14 and identifies as "neptunic" or whatever.

No. 1829349

when you lack depth in personality you have to compensate with something else

No. 1829537

That's both pathetic and hilarious

No. 1829965

i'd understand copying the sort of layout of another site but the way this one just straight up steals all the hand-made assets made by the original creator pisses me off so bad

No. 1830054

Has anyone figured out a good alternative to neocities? I like the community part of it but these kids stealing layouts and assets ruined it for me

No. 1830102

There's millions of hosting alternatives, but if you're looking for something with a similar social network functionality neocities has, you're shit out of luck. FC2 is a similar website host, kind of, but again the social network part is lacking.
Fyi, as long as you want your site to be seen and shared, you're going to have bad actors or clueless kids stealing stuff from you. This was a thing 30 years ago, and this is still a thing today. You can't escape this unless you go full japanese and try to make your site as obscure and as unknown as possible.

No. 1830698

I just don't interact with the kids and I don't care if my code is stolen because that's been a thing since 1998. I exclusively follow people who are 25+ (sometimes 21+ and aren't completely logged on), block the teenagers and glorified Carrd/pronoun pages, and made my own cozy circle.

No. 1834158

Is there a way to report website thieves on neocities?

No. 1834222

No, there's only one rule on neocities and it's that you follow the us law.

No. 1835056

Anyone know a service where I can link a blog to a domain I bought? I feel like what I’m thinking of is WordPress, but I’m not a big fan of the sleek, modern template designs. I love the FC2 blog style of templates, but I’m not quite sure if it’s possible to sort of attach that to a domain or use it elsewhere.

No. 1835481

A website I follow uses Bludit. Dreamwidth might be an option but I'm also not sure if you can link it to a domain.

No. 1837378

You also have to follow bullshit social rules if you don't want middle schoolers to scream at you, but yeah, no way to report website "thieves." It's not really a big deal anyways — like nonny said, it's been around since personal websites have.

No. 1837833

Honestly I've had my profile turned on for a year and I haven't dealt with any of that, but I don't follow the teenage gendies or Tumblr types. I find the Neocities community annoying but it's avoidable, you can just turn off your profile and still use it as a host.

No. 1837941

Seconding >>1837833, you can just turn off your profile and remove any shoutbox/guestbook functionality. Honestly, personal sites can insulate you from a lot of that nonsense because you can easily turn yourself into an island. Don't give them a place to bother you and they can't.

No. 1838108

It's a shame you can't turn off comments without turning off your whole profile. being able to follow people and see their updated pages is great, but I hate that people can comment like it's a social media feed.

No. 1838509

File: 1704347290228.jpeg (273.77 KB, 750x1072, IMG_2038.jpeg)

But you can.

No. 1838576

Frankly, as someone that's blocked by enough people to get affected by the jerk filter, I've got a grand total of one hate guestbook comment and one email criticizing my views over the course of 3 years. I feel like most people leave you alone even if you're problematic if you don't go around looking for trouble and arguing on other users profiles.

No. 1838933

Exactly. And I've actually had a few gendie types follow my site for my art/aesthetic without reading my content, and whenever I post something on my site that offends them, they silently unfollow or block me instead of leaving hate comments. Maybe I'm just lucky or a social recluse that hasn't left my bubble, but half of the people I've seen complain about getting "hate" or "cancelled" on Neocities went out of their way to rile people up.

No. 1840812

Wow I feel absolutely retarded. Thanks, nonny.

No. 1841233

Are you guys able to find websites outside neocities?

No. 1841239

maybe i'm just salty, but i kind of hate seeing that self insert webring around because it's less so about people who talk about self inserts of any variety and moreso just a "omgee i like this character so much ecks dee" widget for people to put on their sites. i kind of just want to see people who are loud and proud about their self insert content on neocities rather than these insufferable kids who treat it like its some kind of gucci purse for their site or whatever

No. 1841243

I personally haven't without actively digging for them. I've only found websites hosted on fc2 or Vercel and whatnot only because someone had it on their links page.

No. 1841245

It's even more retarded that you can apparently claim a character without a website at all, eliminating the point of it being a webring.

No. 1841362

NTA but you can do that now? I'm one of the first members that joined and you had to apply with your website before.
And yeah it sucks most people only have it as a badge for characters they like, I wanted to see shrines and such but barely anyone does anything. I still haven't made a shrine for my character, been busy with other stuff, but I at least make sure to give her a special page every year on her birthday & put PNGs of her are around my site. I want to see more unhinged people.

No. 1841408

I'm on the webring with a character important to me but haven't made a shrine for that one yet, I'm considering changing it to one I have made a shrine for. It is disappointing how most of the sites just use it as a badge and there's no pages dedicated to it, I initially thought it was a webring for people with yume/selfship/"blorbo" related websites or shrines.

No. 1841411

File: 1704562899158.png (213.19 KB, 532x919, Screenshot_3.png)

>NTA but you can do that now?
Yes, sadly. I know for a while you could organize the members list by members that do have a site vs. members that don't but I don't see the option anymore. Instead there's a V1 and V2 version of the webring, whatever that means.

No. 1841433

I agree and that's exactly why I didn't want to join it despite being a yume with self insert stuff on my site. I'm also surprised someone else did claim my husbando already but I guess he's gotten a rise of popularity recently.

No. 1841441

>I initially thought it was a webring for people with yume/selfship/"blorbo" related websites or shrines.
Same here, consdering the ring's name I expected some love for said character on their sites, but they only have it as a badge (maybe that lack of regulation is why it grew so big and substance-less the admin just made joining automatic). At that point, making a clique like the animal crossing or pokemon ones would've been better if the admin didn't mind people using the ring as just a badge/to claim a character.

No. 1841832

File: 1704589891468.png (496.55 KB, 784x1352, Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 10.10…)

AYRT, that's such a stupid thing to do! i checked the members list for the first time and half the newer members have no site listed. There's even people who literally just use it for being like "this character is literally meeeeeee" like in picrel. like it's barely even a webring anymore, the entire purpose of it has been completely sanded off by people who want a cool free widget for their site instead of, i dunno, making their own in the form of a wikipedia-style userbox. i hate to be that gal but zoomers like these make me embarrassed to be born in the early 2000s

No. 1848050

Is there a directory or something for adults (like 21 and up, but the older the better tbqh) that have active personal websites? I'm not even necessarily looking for only women owned sites, just sites that I can look through that belong to somewhat normie or non retarded adults.

No. 1848118

Not that I know of, the closest thing is the webring for millennials and older who had a website in the past (https://genlissa.neocities.org/). I've been wondering where the 25-30+ sites are, since those people tend to be more familiar with the old web than the 16-20 crowd who just use Neocities as a Carrd/pronouns page.

No. 1855696

lmao that's my desktop background. as for the question, I can't answer because I'm not a web developer. soz nonnie

No. 1855700

interact with people that also have a personal website with common interests like comment in their guestbook etc

No. 1858466

Idk about webrings but you should poke around at listings and directories. There are fan listings of course, but there are also more general listings.

No. 1858811

Are there any active listings/directories still up? Districts on Neocities was taken down because the owner moved to a different host.

No. 1859667

neo-neighborhoods on neocities has a few places listed, im not sure if its still actively maintained though

No. 1862658

Nonnies, do you have tips on making a shrine? I'm new to neocities and I know jackshit about coding.

No. 1862777

If your coding knowledge is literally zero I suggest W3schools tutorials first and looking at what the pages you like do for reference. Some people on Neocities sperg out over "code theft" but there's literally nothing wrong with using inspect element to see how someone does a certain effect, it's how you learn. Same with using templates, the Sadgrl layout builder is overdone but there's plenty of other options https://webmastering.neocities.org/layouts I also recommend downloading a program that lets you code offline instead of using the Neocities editor directly.

No. 1863696

File: 1705870963167.png (401.12 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20240121-160120_Fen…)

interestingly enough, the webring is going to close on 25 February. I wonder if it's because of the sudden influx of people using it for kin bullshit and/or not listing their sites kek
It bothers me that there isn't a previous/next button on the widget too, like what's the point? It's a pain in the ass to find other members through the webring because a big chunk of them don't even have websites, or they list crap like instagram/twitter pages.

No. 1863724

I'm not surprised, but I'm still disappointed. I wish the owner at least required a website to join to clog it up less.

No. 1863741

I'm an idiot but I cannot access kiwifarms or 8chan anymore since I lost habit I hadn't noticed (I mostly stick to female imageboards now since I got tired of casual misogyny and scrote logic), are they not accessible without tor anymore ?

No. 1863755

Don't know why you'd go on a cesspit like 8chan, but KF is still on the clearnet, it just has a different URL.

No. 1864133

apparently it's because it's sucking up all the bandwidth for the owner's site, kek. it's a little sad, but hopefully it being gone makes for an ACTUAL self-insert/yumejoshi webring to start circling… i've kind of thought about making one myself, but i don't know jack shit about running one.

No. 1864627

the most common script is onionring.js, you can try taking a look at that. You just need to manually approve users and have them put the webring javascript onto their sites.

No. 1864640

I doubt it's that hard. If you don't want to make a ring, you could just make a listing instead. What do you mean when you say "real" btw? If you were going to make this group, what rules or requirements would you put?

No. 1864654

Feelingmachine.moe just made a 2Dlove ring, it looks promising. I had been tempted to make a web listing for yumejoshi but it seems redundant now that I've discovered this.

No. 1864763

Can't join the webring since I'm an out TERF and this person's got a gender. Can someone normal here make a webring instead?

No. 1864790

If someone makes a more apolitical/female-only ring I'd join both.

No. 1865048

what I had in mind was a ring for women in particular who engage in yumejoshi behaviour and have dedicated pages to their beloved character(s) on their site, just as a general rule of thumb. i've found its really difficult to find yumejos who post about it on neocities since koinuko's webring was more of just a glorified widget and a lot of webmasters don't really tag their sites with yume/self-ship tags or anything. I love seeing dedicated pages for this kind of thing but have only seen one site with something like this so far, so i was hoping for more serious yumejo connection so to speak through something like this…

No. 1865330

anyone knows who created the flowering webring? https://theflowering.neocities.org/ just curious

No. 1865337

Oh please make this! I'd love to look at dedicated yumejo pages or sites. I've only seen two so far on neocities.
This page is cute

No. 1865380

Are men even allowed on webrings nowadays?

No. 1865387

What do you mean by that?

No. 1865392

i think they want a mojo dojo casa house webring

No. 1865397

It says on the rules that the webring owner won't agree with the viewpoint of every site on the ring and takes a don't like, don't look approach to it. I doubt it matters if you're openly TERF. The webring is technically already female only, kek.

No. 1865400

All the members are cringe and their husbandos are ugly

No. 1865408

It also says she can reject applications for any reason, but people on Neocities tend to follow or support any site they think looks good. I was shocked to see websites like digdeeper have so many followers (many being gendies) despite having right wing conspiracy shit on it. You can get away with anything if you're good at code or have a cool/cute aesthetic. If your website is anonymous then the worst that can happen is getting rejected.

No. 1865418

KEK I looked at the followers list and wow, you can tell these kids don't even read what people post before hitting the follow button. Nonkiru and grossgirl94 are some uwu kweers that care about the optics of having Trans Rights buttons and terf DNIs but they don't care about the optics of following rightwing conspiratards. My sides

No. 1865459

I think the creator is purposefully anonymous and trying to stay hidden from public scrutiny, hence why there is no members list.

No. 1865464

That makes sense, I can only imagine the whinging from the kids who are butthurt that their websites aren't considered thoughtful or unique.

No. 1865796

That sucks, I really like the concept and that they have a quality filter, I'd love to look at the sites on it. I understand why though.

No. 1865917

i found the sites with a quick google search. you are not missing much, nonny.

No. 1866100

Just look through the Women of the Internet webring, there's a lot of overlap from what I've found.

No. 1866202

What did you search? The sites that show up on images aren't part of that ring (Cinni, neothemes etc)

No. 1866241

that's understandable but what if someone claims a flower on the webring and pretends to be part of it?

No. 1866275

When I googled it, unrelated websites and carrds popped up. Stop trying to stir shit

No. 1866738

nayrt I searched variations of "flowering // daisy", etc. using Google exact search filters. Of course unrelated sites are going to show up, but sifting through that is just part of it.

again nayrt but that would be dumb lol. The sites on the listing are mid.

No. 1866781

I used ahrefs to find backlinks for the website and it was all sites I already like and follow, lmao. Well good for them for cultivating their own standards.

No. 1866784

Oh anon of taste, what sites do you not consider "mid"?

No. 1866835

Did that and variants of it and it didn't work like you said.

No. 1866862

Ntayrt, and not sure if you're just trying to deflect attention because retards lurk this thread, but it doesn't take much detective work to realize who this web clique is for. I'm sure people will catch on eventually, and then we will have a fresh round of meltdowns.
This is a potential problem for all weblistings/web cliques, and it's especially easy to abuse if there's no members list. There's nothing stopping someone from doing that, and the creator of the clique would have no way to prevent it except to de-anonymize the members. I think the creator is just assuming no one would do that.
Some of the websites are very well-known and beloved, I'm not sure what would meet your enlightened tastes if they aren't good enough to impress you kek.

No. 1867124

File: 1706157577961.gif (6.14 KB, 159x200, NJatiMW.gif)

Does anyone know if there's an alternative to gifcities? I want to look for more web 1.0 gifs but gifcities is constantly breaking on me.

No. 1867171

What's the point of a webring with no way to view whose on it? Isn't the point to find similar sites and increase traffic flow for everyone?

No. 1867178

I get the appeal personally, members on the listing can be pleasantly surprised if they happen across another site in the listing.

No. 1867186

This tends to be my perspective on it too. It might be fun to accidentally find other members, but the entire point of web cliques and webrings is to help sites congregate/find one another. Perhaps the members are allowed to know who other members are, it's just not public facing? I think it's just meant to have a sort of enigmatic, exclusive air to it, which could be appealing to some.

No. 1867258

>This is a potential problem for all weblistings/web cliques, and it's especially easy to abuse if there's no members list.
This is a really good point! Though, given that only a certain set of flowers are listed on the site through the anonymous setup, this would probably be difficult to do since random flowers showing up on the ring but not the site would be a dead giveaway, and those who claimed the flowers on the ring probably have email proof that they're the true owner/the other person is a fraud…

No. 1867326

Not necessarily, it's likely anon due to the arbitrary nature of the ring itself. We witnessed the downfall of many themed rings due to "overpopulation" and denaturation of what they were for in origin, maybe they wanted to prevent that. Thinking about it, what counts as a "site made with love"? By keeping it anonymized and without an application page, people don't have to worry about "being rejected" or feel inadequate because of their creations. imo the ring looks more like a decentralized network of cool sites, its mysterious nature is what makes it interesting to me.

No. 1867352

It's clearly a web clique for friends and friends of friends. That's nothing new.

No. 1867374

This is true about "overpopulation" kek, look at what happened to the selfship ring and yesterweb

No. 1867538

File: 1706203527849.png (67.69 KB, 794x1034, yestershit.png)

Yestershit is still getting hate nearly a year on. No one called Sadness and Madness out for their bullshit before they realised they can't control people who want to just join a hobbyist webring and make shitty sites.

No. 1867545

Kek. It seems any ambitious community-building effort on Neocities is doomed to end this way because the platform is full of moralfags who are too lazy to care about a 50 page manifesto but not too lazy to sperg about a women-only webring for like a year straight. Sadness originally hit the sweet spot of performative non-threatening politics combined with manufactured vaporwave-flavored nostalgia, but alas, she let diehard communist trannies take the wheel and they immediately crashed the car.

No. 1867590

Yesterweb brought it onto themselves by letting a tankie take over and turn a hobbyist webring into some kind of commie praxis.

Old web communities weren't perfect (speaking as someone who modded a forum as a teenager and dealt with the drama that came from that) but as long as the political climate is the way it is, we'll never return to how "the internet used to be". Most young Neocities users don't want "the old internet back" because they often talk about how "bigoted and problematic" it used to be. They just want a special page to show off their pronouns and callout "cryptoterfs" while still using social media.

No. 1867643

>Most young Neocities users don't want "the old internet back"
True, I don't get it. They cry about how they want to get websites reported and scrubbed for wrongthink, but then pretend they're sick of sanitized, corporate internet. These retards are terrified of an internet that isn't sandboxed and heavily censored but desperately want to seem cool and counter-culture, so they've recreated the exact patterns of social media they insist they hate, just with an eye-strainy 3-column HTML site that looks identical to everyone else's.

No. 1867841

Not entirely related but see stupidvideos dot com for some vintage 2001-2005 videos

No. 1867861

The 2000s were frankly cruel, offensive, and especially misogynistic but post-2015 doesn't feel any better at this point. At this point I almost prefer the old offensive internet to how everyone has to have the same opinions and you can't question pronouns or any other neoliberal dogma without getting smeared and lumped in with Nazis.

No. 1869992

Try https://glitter-graphics.com/
It’s mostly what it says on the tin but I have had good luck finding gifs on there.

No. 1870006

anybody here know how to find those transparent vectors of washi tape people like to use on their sites, by the way? i was wanting to use some on a page i was building but i'm not sure where to start since most people who use them don't source

No. 1870556

Is there an application or program I could use for coding that will allow me to access my projects from anywhere/any device?

No. 1870570

When you say any device, do you include your phone? If so, I have no idea, but if not, you can always use something like Visual Studio Code and just copy and paste your files to any laptop/desktop you switch to with a flash drive or something, but I would find that tedious. A better solution would be to use Github to host and source control your files and then log in to your account through the code editor. You can then clone the repository on any device you use (again, no clue if this is a thing on mobile) and keep it up to date without having to copy/paste. I'm not explaining this well and there's definitely a learning curve but it's not so bad once you get used to it. There are also Github clients for desktop (like Github Desktop) if doing it all in the code editor is too intimidating.

No. 1870781

File: 1706509996598.png (696.07 KB, 2226x1304, FEDS.PNG)

What do you guys think of federiefederi? I think the whole concept is really stupid and it makes everyone involved look like clout chasers. Again, most of those sites are really boring with no content. Plus they have all these weird retarded rules. Nobody would have done shit like this back in the day kek

No. 1870788

I keep seeing this site everywhere but it seems way too sketchy to be legit. No ways of contacting them apart from spamming in their activity feed, and a strange aversion to sending actual contact info. The premise of the site is legitimately retarded and pretentious, I highly doubt the featured sites receive any quality interactions at all, because people who "support" the project only do so to have a chance to get featured. Nobody on neocities wants another bootleg districts, unless they're a clout chaser. It's just making the platform cancerous like any other competitive social media.

No. 1870793

File: 1706512101449.png (144.41 KB, 1738x442, muhpunishment.png)

>we just CAN'T and WON'T let that go without any kind of punishment
The median IQ of the average neocities user has to be like 70. Imagine being so desperate for likes and follows that you beg to be listed in a directory that not only features some of the worst sites, but the retard owner threatens to punish you if you step out of line. The FAQ talks about "the project" and "goal". The only goal I see here is for the owner to get as many followers as possible and its working. This site has about 800 followers and around 80k views. Nobody looks at it. It's not doing anything for the "community", its just inflating the ego of the schizo who runs it.

No. 1870795

>submissions are closed
>we didn't reach the minimum so no one gets featured
what does this mean? minimum what?

No. 1870808

File: 1706514388607.png (14.16 KB, 600x330, 1_FT1sRjn-j7xPyzVmEfyqPA.png)

Quite literally this is just a follow4follow scheme with a few fancy rules that just end up playing in their favor but make them sound legit. Nobody checks their site, the view to follower ratio is abysmal even with the inflated bot views - when you have such an overabundance of buttons they all get lost in the sauce. Social media induced brainrot and people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

No. 1870882

I just look up cute washitapes and shape + remove the bg myself. You can even do it on your phone

No. 1870907

This is so true. It's all super strict pointless rules that feel almost totalitarian. Like they could just be chill and post cool sites instead it's this really specific autistic cringe way it has to be done so the retard running it doesn't have a meltie. What is the "project" lol this is some insane controlling shit. Nobody looks at this site anyway so the gendies getting involved won't even get their precious updoots to their boring 3 page sites full of nothing original.

No. 1871064

I've had luck on Pinterest.
I looked through a lot of the sites that they feature and most of them are either massive WIPs or glorified carrds. Their project is not even worth the effort. Probably just a way for this kid to get the most followers 5ever on Neocities.

No. 1871108

It's just a bootleg Districts minus the quality control.

No. 1871126

I got in when the project first started (they didn't have many followers, rules, etc). My site was new too but i moved over from having just a blog so there was content but the layout was kind of plain. I did get a few followers and views from it. Now though there is constant spam on my activity page from it and the quality of sites is so low I don't go look at them anymore. They would benefit from implementing quality control procedures. It's very obviously ran by teenage gendies.

No. 1871128

I check the activity page pretty often, so I saw this page before all the convoluted rules were added and thought it was a cute idea, but now I find it pretty annoying. Every day F+F is replying to sites on the activity page with the same copy and pasted "please support our project" message.
The fixation on punishment makes me think "the project" will end in a giant meltdown sooner rather than later.

No. 1871147

Their support requests feel so disingenuous because it's clear that their only goal is to be known as the kind hearted samaritans that help small sites from le evil algorithms (completely overlooking the fact that the global feed exists). They're not helping anyone, they're just outing themselves as the self important idiots they are, hence the mass follow/unfollow sprees. I'm surprised people are still falling for this scheme.
The selection is way too mid for the choice to be arbitrary, it almost seems like a random selection given the utter lack of quality control, kek.

No. 1871148

File: 1706549487217.jpg (506.96 KB, 1080x2490, 1000024854.jpg)

1/2. Looks like someone finally asked them to get organized but all they had was excuses.

No. 1871151

File: 1706549633614.jpg (437.88 KB, 1079x1832, 1000024857.jpg)

2/2. Their solution was to make a dedicated post to take Q&A… Somehow I doubt the illiterate people using the site for views will do that. Their dedicated post also has retarded chatter on it, by them, so it looks very unprofessional.

No. 1871228

Yeah this is definitely a 13 year old kek

No. 1871230

"we don't have a Google account (and we don't want to create one)"
"wow we didn't know so many were bothered by that (looking at how man likes the post got) you should have tell us, any of you!"
…Or maybe you can take the hint? This is so weird, I get Google has security issues but if they're so committed to this project I don't understand why it's such a hassle to make a throwaway Gmail account for a Q&A form. They're probably going to lose followers for clogging up people's feeds and being unprofessional in general.

No. 1871305

File: 1706557798454.png (83.04 KB, 709x1006, lmfao.png)

They don't even need a google account to take questions, make a protonmail email or a guestbook like suggested. A guestbook would also allow people to ctrl+F so it would actually be a good implementation. This is their questions thread- https://neocities.org/site/federiefederi?event_id=3252350

Notice between explaining why they refuse to take private questions, they're discussing cake and pie. Great questions thread guys.

No. 1871337

>The selection is way too mid for the choice to be arbitrary, it almost seems like a random selection given the utter lack of quality control, kek.

True but if they were selective there would be a massive meltdown about them being uwu exclusive. Nobody can have anything nice or interesting if gendies are involved

No. 1871340

Exactly, even if they don't want to use Google they would figure out an alternative if they were really serious about it.

No. 1871342

this project definitely feels like they’re trying to bring to light people’s sites without actually addressing the issue

since neocities has no real algorithm (other than the special sauce category that barely works), people can’t use that a scapegoat anymore. they have to face the reality that their sites are dogshit and won’t get anything but bot visits, but instead of pushing people to actually do something about it and improve themselves, their solution is to try and give them attention without any effort on their part. this project if anything will showcase to the world how boring and uninspiring the average neocities site is.

i don’t know if kyle’s jerk filter is still capped at 25 blocks, but i wouldn’t be surprised if their site will get shadowbanned soon if they don’t change the filter because their spamming got really annoying to people.

i feel like this is going to implode like how yesterweb did, though there hasn’t been much happening in neocities since that happened so i guess it’s that time of year now kek.

No. 1871387

File: 1706562132671.gif (287.68 KB, 500x500, kek.gif)

look what website I found through one of the sites featured on federiefederi: https://transrats.neocities.org/click/outfits
I lol'd

No. 1871398

This person look very much like a homestuck tumblr bff I had in like 2012, from Wyoming. It's uncanny but it's also hard to tell with tims.

No. 1871401

These people are all exact copies of eachother

No. 1871435

File: 1706564562283.gif (878.03 KB, 500x500, pinkpunk.gif)

I don't want to knock on what's probably just a dumb teenager going through a phase but the dissonance between having "queer" "they/them" "nonbinary" everywhere and then "don't label me" really shows most Neocities users wouldn't be able to handle the old internet they want to go back to.

No. 1871454

Ah yes, subscribing to 1,000 labels. How very punk rock of you

No. 1871484

On top of what everyone has already pointed out, you can already filter Neocities websites by "Newest" which is basically a proxy for least views. This has always seemed like a bizarre virtue signally thing to me. And the dodginess of the site owner >>1871148 makes me think this is entirely unsustainable.

No. 1871543

yeah, it feels like they’re trying to show that they’re the ones to lead people to sites that are clearly being marginalized and not getting any attention (rooting for the underdog basically) but in reality their site is no different than just going to the Last Updated category and browsing there instead

maybe if they had some more quality control, like showing sites who have little amount of views AND have been an active site for 6+ months with a certain amount of pages (prob more than 2 pages would’ve been better), then this would’ve at least amounted to something half-decent. but i think the project itself is entirely redundant and was built on a poor premise

No. 1871691

File: 1706596329241.png (184.47 KB, 1020x816, fedeREEEEEE.png)

feds having another meltie on the timeline.

No. 1871791

>>1871691 I love how they call their glorified follow4follow site a “project” and takes it so seriously that they break down when given the slightest bit of criticism or input.

No. 1871892

The jerk filter recently got increased to being blocked by 30% of your follow count. Unfortunately I think the clout chasers on neocities greatly outnumber those of us who are reasonbly annoyed, so it's unlikely they'll get shadowbanned.

No. 1871911

Where was that announced?

No. 1871923

>The only goal I see here is for the owner to get as many followers as possible and its working.
THIS 100%. the webmaster followed my website and I didn't follow it back because it seemed sketchy and just your usual follow4follow shit from what I've seen on their activity feed, and they unfollowed me after 2 or 3 days lol

No. 1872005

Not really announced, but you can see changes to the source code on GitHub.

No. 1872019

File: 1706628627046.jpg (350.71 KB, 1080x1608, 1000024928.jpg)

Oh thanks nonna. If I'm reading it right it's 25 OR 30% of your follower count. This specifically is for larger accounts, so I wonder if large accounts (feds and yesterweb, etc) were getting a lot of blocks and Kyle thought it "unfair."

No. 1872297

File: 1706649179650.png (90.51 KB, 811x741, fed1.png)

1/2 They're still going. It took them a couple of people disagreeing with their cult-ish behavior to make them show their true colors.

No. 1872308

File: 1706649560604.png (41.21 KB, 821x348, fed2.png)


No. 1872354

Is there more than one person behind this account? Why do they keep saying “we”? All these comments sound like the same person writing them

No. 1872411

There's at least 2. The art on their site features 2 what I assume are girls but one is referred to as a he in a question on their FAQ. Could just be a gendie though.

What do they think people will say to them posing as someone else? The most they could do is insult them, big whoop

No. 1872441

gendie or DID larp

No. 1872520

Thanks for screenshotting this just in case they do delete coils comments. Their refusal to accept any input is so immature. You can literally delete and vet messages on a guestbook, and the "risk" that one user will pose as another can be done by IP logging (123Guestbook does this automatically). They're making basic webmastering functions that most personal sites to be a hassle because… ? It's hard for me to see this as anything but lazy and more proof that this is a glorified follow4follow. I'm getting the vibes this person is 16 and can't handle running such a huge project.

No. 1872571

File: 1706669029686.png (29.86 KB, 697x368, Insane.png)

I grabbed their reply earlier today too. They're getting more aggressive

No. 1872592

File: 1706671129289.png (138.55 KB, 450x751, kekk.png)

They also updated the site to fingerwag at people. Or something? I still don't know what the hell their system is for featuring and updating their list. I just can't get over how retarded this whole thing is, like it's a stupid idea from the jump, it's executed in the most convoluted way possible, and it's also transparently just because this person wants a lot of followers. What has to be wrong with your brain that you're clout chasing on fucking Neocities of all places? I don't know why anyone is even participating in this. You're not allowed to disable your site profile because then you won't be following them anymore, which they do check, but also it's way too much work to just check a guestbook or use a form. Right, okay. Yeah.

No. 1872611

How are they checking to see who unfollows them anyways? They say it takes them a minute but it seems weirdly obsessive to be checking for unfollows every day, especially considering the amount of effort that would require with neocities profiles.

No. 1872641

No. 1872961

Wow, that's kinda sad that this exists. So obssessed with social media that they have to track unfollows kek

No. 1873290

File: 1706735363203.png (148.8 KB, 1021x907, aaaa.png)

bet she never visited 4chan in her life

No. 1873291

kek she wouldn't have survived 4chan in 2007

No. 1873292

File: 1706735509690.png (31.84 KB, 703x842, aaa.png)

the amount of fucking emojis she uses is so annoying my god.
found this specimen from the global activity page on neocities

No. 1873295

her whole website is so funny + I'm more than sure she just copied + pasted the layout. I've seen the chat bar placed right there on lots of sites

No. 1873302

She absolutely doesn't because all of 4chan is pol now. It's racist and twanzphobic she would have a meltie if she really spent any time there

No. 1873303

zoomers trying to recapture the old web feeling make me laugh. They ruined the internet by centralizing and politicing it and now they want to larp as old web users.

No. 1873310

I hate the Twitter migrators so much.

If they posted these things online 20 years ago they would've been eaten alive and ridiculed by trolls. They just enjoy the aesthetic of the old days from a safe distance.

No. 1873313

>had a snapchat at 8 years old
>"adds everyone"
This is partly what's wrong with society, lack of parental involvement with what their children are doing online. Selling beans at market sent me though.

No. 1873336

File: 1706739064461.png (202.12 KB, 483x378, haterz.png)

I'm going to lay off because the about page says she's 16 but I don't understand the cognitive dissonance of hating porn, fetishes, bullying, and racism, etc. but claim to love 4chan and emulating its culture at the same time.

No. 1873339

nobody has mentioned "pedobear" since like 2008. It seems like she read the Know Your Meme page for 4chan and saw that there

No. 1873346

>They ruined the internet by centralizing and politicing it
To be fair, I'd say that the people truly responsible for that are the founders and CEOs of the big social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, etc.) which have been mostly millennials to my knowledge. Zoomers grew up with that version of the internet and have never really known any different.

No. 1873351

Most of the CEOs and social media website founders are in the 40+ range, the 25-30+ crowd were kids or tweens during the 2000s internet.

No. 1873419

kek she seems to be emulating a late 2000s/early 2010s scene kid from myspace, which are the types of people 4channers used to troll and make fun of.

No. 1873558

she really reminds me of lottie/canihavepromo. i don’t understand the whole 4chan cutesy aesthetic thing they try to pull off, why are they obsessed with it so much? especially the moot cat? she is going to meet a harsh reality once she visits the site kek the design of her webpage is cute though

No. 1873606

>why are they obsessed with it so much?
Terminal NLOGism and cool girl behaviour. It's all for male attention and competing with other women to seem special and unique. If she's only 16 and was on snapchat in elementary, I don't doubt she was groomed or is being groomed into this by a creepy older channer who wants a slur-slinging edgy kitten gf.

No. 1873660

neocities and "web revival" is such a cope. it's just trying to cope with conditioning that you have to be on the internet and overshare about your life.

No. 1873721

lmfao what?

No. 1873738

What do you mean? I know a lot of people with personal sites that go very minimal or don't use social media at all. People will always like to document their lives but I think the general problem with modern social media is that you create a product out of yourself and attach your name to it.

No. 1874046

Or maybe it's just fun to create layouts and customize pages.

No. 1874048

Probably talking about how neocities is made up of people from socmed who denounce using it yet bring over the worst aspects from it into their sites and feeds. You can't go 10 sites without someone's 10000 identity labels and follow for follow clout.

No. 1874362

You worded this a bit strangely so I'm not sure what you mean, but I don't think there's even anything necessarily wrong with oversharing about your life/sperging about your interests. If anything, I think the weird "aren't I sticking it to corporate internet by throwing together some HTML" e-hipster thing is the more grating cope. I think it's more annoying because it's obvious that the vast majority of Neocities users are actually very attached to the obnoxious things about social media like >>1874048 pointed out.

No. 1874365

>I don't think there's even anything necessarily wrong with oversharing about your life
Kek how do I say this without sounding mean? But this is not how a well adjust person who has proper boundaries between themselves and the internet thinks. This is like something I could imagine a cow stating.

No. 1874372

Nta but if you're anonymous it's probably fine? I hate posting personal stuff on my socials and have thought about having a secret diary website (but even that makes me nervous, honestly)

No. 1874380

Neocities aren't really anonymous though, those are personalityfag sites even if they choose not to reveal their name or face

No. 1874461

Personalityfagging may be a faux pas of image board culture, but it's kind of expected on a personal website. I think blogs are no different from the vent threads here, as long as the author is careful they can maintain their anonymity.

No. 1874751

i mean, isnt a personal site all about personalityfagging? what else would one reasonably put on a site that isn't related to something about them or they enjoy..?

No. 1875103

I mean it depends on what you mean by oversharing. It isn't weird to talk about yourself, your life, and your interests, and to personalityfag on your personal website. I've enjoyed reading random people ramble about their day to day lives even if it's mundane oversharing about their routines and stuff. I think it's prudent to maintain some anonymity so it doesn't bite you in the ass, but truly why should anyone care if someone wants to blog on their…blog?

No. 1875109

A blog is a personalityfag site. Any social media account is a personalityfag site. It's your site. You can say a lot about people's compulsion to share about themselves constantly due to the advent of social media, but you're on an anonymous image board doing the same thing. Without any identifying information, who cares?

No. 1875137

File: 1706890240452.png (14.69 KB, 697x148, kek.png)

I'd say "imagine being this immature" but I think it's pretty obvious they're just kids anyway.

No. 1875221

I don't know anon, you could find cowish individuals in any corner of the internet or real life. The medium doesn't matter, it's the content and the person behind it. Back when I was a preteen, it was super popular to have your own blog and most girls had them. Was that cowish behavior? What a strange statement to make. People will always have a desire to talk about themselves and find likeminded individuals whether that be on a blogging website, an anonymous forum or a local hiking club. And you'll find attention seeking weirdoes in all 3 of them, this is just how people are.

No. 1875224

Aw man who cowtipped? At least if she tries to post here it will be immediately obvious from her bizarre writing style.

No. 1875262

So passive aggressive kek

No. 1875335

My tinfoil is probably chipsfunfun, she was posting here before and interacts with that site.

No. 1875398

Since this thread is probably the most active place online where you can make fun of the gendie small web insanity it's also full of lurkers and baiters. I always keep that in mind when posting something milky here because people being posted will get notified within hours kek

No. 1875411

Nta but good point. I was wondering where else things get discussed, all I can find is here, KF, and reddit. The federie account got posted to the reddit before (in a positive way) so they probably have many lurkers

No. 1875428

The Neocities KF thread hasn't been updated in almost 2 months, so I know for a fact there's a lot of lurkers and Neocities users that aren't farmers lurking.

No. 1875492

File: 1706909495372.jpeg (297.9 KB, 828x555, 97B78D3E-54D8-4AF1-A084-F11B51…)

>"we're not against your feedback"
>gets defensive over a basic fucking question
>threatens to delete actual feedback
>silences users that aren't 100% committed to the "project"
>accuses them of "taking it personally" and blows this shit out of proportion for no fucking reason at all
Was a random dude asking a question enough to send them into a full meltdown for several days? Christ, they really do have a paper-thin skin. People are dubious about the point of the project because of their own self-telling behavior, not because "evil users with no profile don't accept how we work!!!" (If anything, they're the ones not accepting others disagreeing with them, kek). Just let it go already, who gives a shit.

No. 1875538

I've archived all the pages of federiefederi's site profile so far. It seems like all comments older than a month were deleted long ago.

No. 1876315

File: 1706992190023.png (582.43 KB, 1386x1032, schizofeds.png)

Good call on archiving.

No. 1876496

Tbf this just reads like they deleted their og comment because they finished the WIP and were updating him.

No. 1876979

has anyone else noticed an uptick of "free palestine" flags/other adjacent political stuff listed on people's sites? just reads like senseless virtue signalling and people patting themselves on the back for it, given that a lot of these kinds of movements get reduced to social trends and removed within a period of time

No. 1876990

I got a free palestine message in my guestbook. Obnoxious virtue signaling, how much do you want to bet these people didn't go donate once or help their local communities in any way, shape or form?
I don't remember where I read it but someone said free palestine is this generation's KONY 2012 and it's so true.

No. 1877138

Yeah, I've noticed that too. NC has just become twitter 2.0 at this point

No. 1877177

I'm sure it's every palestinian's dream to have every guestbook on neocities bombarded with pro palestine messages, that surely will stop the war

No. 1877243

Seriously, me and all of my 1-2 monthly guestbook commenters will surely have our awareness raised.

No. 1877246

God that's obnoxious. I hope you deleted it.

No. 1877370

It'll disappear like most of their support for Ukraine did. I don't see the point in virtue signaling about that when Neocities skews leftist and I can count on one hand how many active websites that are right-leaning or would disagree.

No. 1877525

File: 1707086004926.png (42.96 KB, 1080x459, Screenshot_20240204-172359_Fen…)

I emailed the webmaster about one of the rules because the character I yume is 17 (I'm 20 myself, I don't find a problem with it), and got this response. ffs, the webmaster thinks they're a fucking cookie run character for crying out loud. They could've at least been less snarky about it.

No. 1877527

Damn that sucks anon I'm sorry, though I do feel like if you hadn't mentioned it at all you could have went in without a hitch.

No. 1877528

So many people act like being an autist about media is a morality competition. It's absolute retardation

No. 1877530

Looks like an alternative wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. Especially since so many characters fall into that age range. Sorry nonnies, you clearly can’t keep an f/o you crushed on as a teen.

No. 1877534

Honestly, I was tempted to not ask, but I didn't want it to come up incase the webmaster looked my yume up on the wiki or anything. They come off as the type to do that so I asked just to not hit them with any surprises.

No. 1877609

what a corny loser. i wonder what this person has gotta say about teens who apply to the webring that ship with characters roughly the same age as them, or the fact that oc x canon stuff involving ocs made as teenagers is pretty common…

No. 1877623

I've yumed for the same character since I was a teenager, I'm lucky that character doesn't have a canon age but at that point it wouldn't matter. The owner is a zoomer that selfships with a middle-aged character too which is kind of hypocritical since that would be equally problematic in real life.

No. 1877764

Someone needs to just make a proper yume webring at this point. Why are so many Neocities users mentally deficient? How are there 2 yume webrings and both of them are retarded?

No. 1877777

Here you go anon, if you want to make your own ring this will be helpful: https://garlic.garden/onionring/

No. 1878232

My wife is a robot and I have had people telling me I'm a pedophile because "she's 9" (aka build 9 years ago, obviously not 9 in appereance or mind to anyone with a working brain) since that's what google gives you when you search her age kek.
Unafortunely these circles are usually filled with retards, even more than in general fandom; so at this point I just talk to people who like the character, specially since lots of people dislike sharing the character they yume & my favorite thing is to gush about her to other people who also love her.

No. 1878290

File: 1707151143929.png (231.25 KB, 585x498, liIQFSG.png)

Considering the fact that feelingmachine's pet chinchilla's name has the word "pussy" in it, I am not surprised by the retarded take.

No. 1878350

The retarded reference to chris-chan, an incestuous rapist…

No. 1878371

God that's the saddest looking chinchilla I have ever seen, someone please give it to somone who will actually take care of it.

No. 1878385

imagine if moids gave a shit when they all waifu characters that are max 16. Let me guess she yumes an old moid?

No. 1878394

File: 1707158642086.png (1.13 MB, 1294x884, dokode.moe_boyfriend_ (1).png)

Quite interesting that dokodemo, her good friend, ships herself with aloha, someone who was underage for most of the splatoon manga. Yours and dokos age is about the same so her making fun of you is super hypocritical kek

No. 1878407

>falling in love with a side character of the splatoon manga
pure autism

No. 1878417

File: 1707159988142.png (264.31 KB, 1080x687, Screenshot_20240205-140622_Fen…)

I took a look and she yumes… a toontown character and what seems to be a monster from a roblox horror game? The fuck?
I think she made shrines for the first two characters on waifu.ist since I remember seeing them, but I have no clue who the last character is.

No. 1878431

i honestly wish all these ironic fujos with quirky tastes could just vanish

No. 1878440

What a surprise, a hypocrite! Kek

No. 1878467

She yumes an old woman, weirdly. An old person dating a 19-20 year old is equally creepy in real life as over 20 and with a 17 year old so I don't get why she thinks she has the moral high ground when it comes to literal pixels.

No. 1878627

File: 1707173602587.png (164.74 KB, 650x971, Captura de pantalla de 2024-02…)

Seems like someone created a new yumejoshi ring, it seems very new, as there's no members in it as of me writing this. I'm going to try applying to it and see how it goes.

No. 1878648

How cute, I can't wait to see this one grow! I like that there's an option to link to a character shrine too, that's something I felt was missing from the other two webrings. I thought Koinuko's webring was for people who posted about or at least had one page dedicated to their blorbo/fave/husbando/waifu/etc. and not just claiming them.

No. 1878735

File: 1707180809643.png (1.86 MB, 1152x2057, 1000026559.png)

Feelingmachine was previously posted on Kiwifarms waifuist board in 2020. See the Cookie Run character (That she used to have a page of) and the style of ironic memes. Later revealed to be posting on the thread under "BananaBread"?

(Left screenshots) (https://archive.ph/loRUD) Find more scrolling down. Previously was "Geno Girl" and was in some older drama. But I don't feel like digging thru that sorry kek

(Right screenshots) On Twitter she frequently says how she "exposed Puppychan". Here is the account that seems to be hers and screenshots. (Kiwifarms profile https://archive.ph/DR22L) (Twitter post https://archive.ph/ZBG0B)

Wonder how her Twitter audience would feel about this. Not very morally righteous to be on the farms. Repeated behavior too. Probably too distracted by all the suicide she posts about on Twitter.

No. 1878768

Lmao, all the gendies who vocally decry Kiwifarms and tell people that if something is posted there it's fake all secretly use it. I was one of them Feelingmachine seems to be aware of Chris-Chan's lore so I'm not surprised she has a throwaway account.

No. 1878796

File: 1707183012005.png (71.58 KB, 580x767, Captura de pantalla de 2024-02…)

and if you check her otherkin section, she kins a fucking cookie and now runs an otherkin webring kek. Jeez, what a fucking mess of a person. how the hell does she manage to be a retard for so many years?

No. 1878951

This is so cute! Maybe I'll apply too.

No. 1879079

File: 1707201410810.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2154x1910, IMG_7801.jpeg)

Feelingmachine’s posts on Kiwifarms. Can’t say the contents are very morally righteous either.

No. 1879083

well shit, didn't know there was a farmer to cow pipeline like this. the more i find out about her the more amusing it all gets

do let us know how it goes, nona! i'd be keen to join it too if it's an active ring.

No. 1879109

File: 1707206261236.mp4 (19.18 MB, 1280x720, feelingmachine-sugarteara.mp4)

Cookie run zoomer kinnies truly need help

No. 1879114

File: 1707207439616.png (531.39 KB, 1507x940, genopost.png)

Kek not only does she post on kf, apparently she posted on /r9k/ waifu threads too. A board full of misogynist pedos is fine, but a woman liking a 17 year old character is bad. Holy christ.

No. 1879255

File: 1707222848242.png (3.88 MB, 2288x2736, bullshit.png)

correction, looking through the KF posts, the other account (?) seems to be named Lemon Bread.
Her old URL was sugarteara.moe/sugarteara.neocities.org. On the archived (archive.org) front page of sugarteara.moe, there's a shrine of Mocha Ray Cookie (it's still up, at https://mocharaycookie.neocities.org).
She has an archived list of articles which might also be interesting to go through.Found one on her being interested into Pokémon, yet being into a 17 year old character is not okay? Jesus christ what a shitshow

No. 1879417

oh shit, the mocha ray shrine was her? i had an inkling it was when the cookie run shit was brought up but the confirmation is kinda mental. so dating a cookie is fine but a three year age gap involving a fictional character is bad? rules for thee but not for me much…

No. 1879513

i love using chatgpt to code my website lol(wrong thread)

No. 1879572

you lazy faggot

No. 1880594

L take(newfaggotry)

No. 1880713

File: 1707323434544.jpg (280.24 KB, 1080x1165, 1000026642.jpg)

"Everyone should be nice to me and leave me alone" Interesting words from >>1877525 >>1879079

No. 1880744

File: 1707325423283.png (5.06 MB, 2800x2000, vahallareference.png)

How would you expect anything different from someone who draws Roblox fanart of her characters

No. 1880751

Kek, Neocities is full of crybullies like this. I wonder why? This wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been rude to someone for no reason. Maybe she should practice what she preaches.

No. 1880871

then why doesn't she just delete it if she wishes she never made it instead of whining on her timeline for attention? the people treating nc like their social media bug me

No. 1881058

most of these annoying retards that get posted here really should stay on social media instead of making personal sites. all they do is use neocities in the exact same way they use twitter and discord (shitty bawwwww posts, oversharing, pronoun/politics virtue signaling, harassment campaigns, etc). they don't seem to have any genuine hobbies or interests since they only care about virtue signaling and whatever is considered trendy in order to gain approval from other terminally online retards, so it's not like they have anything worth sharing on personal sites. it confuses me why there are so many of these types on neocities when they clearly are not having fun. what is drawing them there (especially when they have carrd which serves the same purpose as their low effort personal sites)?

No. 1881131

File: 1707353993252.jpg (275.77 KB, 1080x1146, 1000025258.jpg)

She weighed in on F+F too

No. 1881181

Even the social media addicts who try to make personal sites or emulate the old web are just full of repurposed Tumblr stuff. The only thing diverse about these people are their pronouns.

No. 1881206

She weighed in immediately after we discussed F+F. Kek

No. 1881237

This is like the female autist version of the "NO HATE COMMENTS NO FLAMES NO BAD OPINION" spiel you see on deviantart inflation pages with 6k nearly identical submissions.

No. 1881314

File: 1707370854544.jpg (176.46 KB, 1080x1045, 1000025256.jpg)

Yeah pretty sure she comes here and that's why she feels she's being "gangstalked" suddenly. It gives me suicidebaiting vibes shes been talking about deleting since she got posted.

No. 1881946

She used to post in the previous closed Neocities thread and would brag about it on Dokodemo's server. A lot of gendies from that server posted in that thread until Dokodemo got posted herself and their group seemed to realized them putting down other TIFs didn't help their own cases.

No. 1881987

Hilarious considering that when she got posted on kf she chimed into the thread immediately, not even to defend herself but to shit talk someone else completely unrelated. Seems like she can't help it.

No. 1882111


Something about gendies and getting negative attention, methinks. Their instinct seems to be to deflect the attention and/or blame onto others.

No. 1884232

Sorry if this is a silly question, but is setting up an RSS feed as simple as uploading a .xml file to my site? Obviously it has to have the item tags and info in it, but I don't need a plug-in or anything, right?

No. 1884341

No. 1884704

Why are glorified carrds invading neocities? Can't they just stay on carrd?

No. 1884873

They're just trend-hopping and will abandon it in a few months.

No. 1885009

Neocities is way more free since it's coding, on carrd you're limited to their presets unless you pay them (and I don't know to which extent they let you imput code). I can see why teens go for it since they almost view their carrd/abouts as a competition to see who has the most aesthetic or original one. In the polar opossite, I have seen lots of people jumping onto Rentry, just a plain text page with some cutesy images.

No. 1885970

File: 1707757522443.jpg (67.86 KB, 1326x439, 0b404n6.jpg)

There was a specific event in my life when the oldweb died for me. It was when the admin of this small and truly wonderful little Tolkien forum(entmoot.com) sadly passed away. It was an excellent space where everyone was nice, respectful, and genuine, a level of respectability that is hard to find online these days. After she passed away, the forum gradually became less relevant and eventually died off. I think there's something really tragic about that, but I'm happy that the admin lived a full life surrounded by friends, family and influenced a lot of people by creating a truly wonderful environment.

No. 1886496

Maybe they're trying to improve their coding skills. Maybe they're trying something new. Your post comes off as mean spirited nona.

No. 1886578

NTA, i've gotta agree here. neocities isnt just for oldweb enthusiasts, it's an open sandbox for anybody to host their work– simple or otherwise. like >>1885009 said, in order to utilise html for carrd you've gotta pay money.

No. 1886989

Yeah, I really don't get the elitism that surrounds Neocities. Seems like a weird thing to gatekeep. I also don't get the obsession with "reviving the old web" that Neocities has become associated with, the hostility towards mobile, etc. It's just a web hosting platform. People can do whatever they want. Isn't that the point?

No. 1887217

which member of dokodemo’s server are you lmao we don’t care about carrd simply existing here we care about the retards that use them to collect as many labels as possible

No. 1887231

Adding the ones who try to join webrings with them too though, tbh that is beyond annoying. People are looking for actual sites when they go through a webring, not someone's pronouns.

No. 1887357

File: 1707865386008.jpeg (758.3 KB, 1170x620, IMG_4397.jpeg)

Did any of you nonnies use piczo

No. 1887421

kek yes, i made a site called "the truth or dare club" in middle school that was used to post gossip about people. the way i was born to be a shit-talking lolcow user

No. 1887430

Yes, I thought I was such hot shit for being able to use alerts in javascript to make a box appear you had to press ok to

No. 1887471


No. 1887474

This made me feel so nostalgic. The small forum communities of yesteryear were what defined the old web for me as well, rather than things like geocities sites.
My initiation into the internet was through a forum dedicated to one anime/manga before it got super populad, and it was the only plave you could find a ton of official content translated for western fans. But the mods slowly stopped appearing, and eventually, stopped paying for the site to be hosted. And just like that, all that information, which had taken countless hours of community effort to produce and archive, was gone.
It always makes me wonder how much worthwile info has been lost to the transience of the digital medium.

No. 1888061

at least we still have the memories, I have no proof, but I do think the Internet (as it is now) will eventually cease to exist. What might take its place, I can't say for certain. It could either end completely or begin again in an earlier form, resembling the oldweb.

No. 1888076

File: 1707927698232.png (29.86 KB, 1207x630, CFB16BDC-2848-4AA3-802F-2E149B…)

I can’t be the only person depressed that https://nerdlistings.info is shutting down. I have always wanted to join it, but couldn’t since my site contains mature content. Can’t say I have any nostalgia attached it, just that I’m really sad to see it go.

No. 1888814

Yes, and I'm sad my site wasn't archived. I only used it because a classmate used it instead of Myspace, but I thought it was really fun in its own way.

No. 1888911


No. 1889243

you're in the wrong thread then
>Oldweb/Smallweb and Personal Sites

No. 1890330

Cringe tif that follows me on nc is both Muslim and a tranny. How tf does that work lmao. Pick a goddamn side. Isn't being a tranny in Islam punishable by death? And if you're a tranny and so woke, why would you support an oppressive religion like Islam that despises you? The freak even has a link to some site called pronouns.cc that's all about displaying all your flags/neopronouns/gendie bullshit and nothing else. A whole site dedicated to pronouns KEK
And she uses nc as some sort of substitute to Twitter, posting some new bullshit every 2 seconds

No. 1890355

come on nona dont be shy post some screenies i wanna laugh at the troon too

No. 1890428

I hate that I probably know who you're talking about. Is she a self-shipper too?

No. 1890455

it's not really that confusing. think of it using the same logic as being like, a catholic/mormon and gay. when you grow up into that religion it's moreso believing in the existence of one god and practicing customs you were brought up in like ramadan etc.
t. homo in a muslim country, no not pakistan and nowhere near it

No. 1890478

You should post her. I've seen so many TIFs with the pronouns page it's crazy.

No. 1890493

File: 1708098415726.png (1.27 MB, 1438x1270, SYMPHONY.png)

NTA but I agree with you, but if this is the Neocities user I'm thinking of, she appears to have been raised Muslim, left the religion, and later reconverted. So I can get why someone raised in a religion would still stay in it even if they turn out to be gay, but I don't get why someone who left it and would come back to it while identifying as a "zhe/zher nonhuman aliengender lesbian" (but ships herself with a male character) at the same time. Is it even possible to be Muslim and otherkin at the same time? These people want to be the most oppressed so bad.

No. 1890547

I'm sorry but aliengender???

No. 1890564

There are no amount of he/hims that will change neocities demographics from being 97% female kekkk.

No. 1890582

It makes the backlash against the Women of the Internet webring even funnier because Neocities is 99% exactly that.

No. 1890683

File: 1708107569137.jpg (120.34 KB, 720x1442, Screenshot_20240216-181654_Chr…)

Here's her pronouns.cc page kek, the emoji pronouns make me want to kill myself

No. 1890693

Been coding for 14 years apparently, but actually looks like she started learning 14 minutes ago.

No. 1890716

File: 1708109195315.jpg (273.51 KB, 720x1444, identitybuttons.jpg)

Another cringe nc site I found. This one's for 'identity buttons' to put on your own site. What a load of horsecrap, these freakazoids need to get a life

No. 1890779

If you don't go by female pronouns or even consider yourself female, much less human, why call yourself a lesbian and wear hijab?

No. 1890783

What are some of everyone's favorite websites? I have a couple dozen bookmarked for references when I'm making a new page. In particular, cloverbell is great. I love that she drew almost all the assets herself.
Sorry to sperg–the total creative control you have over your site is so refreshing. Maybe it's the paywalled profile customization other platforms are leaning into but Neocities is incredible. Personally, going through someone's website feels like an experience more than scrolling through a social media profile does, you get to explore. I love when people hide secrets in their websites like images that change when you roll over them, one picture in a gallery that links somewhere, stuff like that. I love when websites are maximalist and require you to sit and parse what you're looking at, full of detail and life.

No. 1890903

File: 1708120437168.png (90.22 KB, 962x622, vivarism.png)

Have any of you been keeping up with Vivarism's bizarre mental breakdown?

No. 1890936

She’s having a psychotic episode. Her previous website also details her history with it. I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 1890942

File: 1708123888826.png (116.07 KB, 960x698, 21707165628335.png)

Yeah she's been at it for a whole week. These are the suicide plans mentioned in your picture. I guess Hatsu's comment would have been directly before "kill yourself you idiot bitch."

No. 1890946

Hatsu said something along the lines of "love these thoughts". I hope Vivarism is okay. I don't know if it's best for her to be online

No. 1890964

>>1890946 Strong agree. I don't follow Vivarism so I wasn't entirely aware of what was going on until now.

No. 1890977

File: 1708130131398.jpg (281.67 KB, 1080x2077, image-00001.jpg)

I grabbed a screencap on instinct earlier, but you're all right, all hatsu said was "love these thoughts" very clearly after vivarism started suicide posting (so there is really no plausible deniability.) I think it's because microblog suicide baiting and faux religious delusions are super common on kinnie online spaces, so there's an implicit assumption that the person posting isn't serious and so sometimes people will reply "mood" and whatnot. They don't seem to realize vivarism isn't just a garden variety kinnie attention whore, anyone who's followed her for a long time knows she is not mentally healthy. I hope she feels better soon, normally I'd assume she's just fishing for attention online, but she's been so consistently unwell for so long it's undeniable that she needs real help.

No. 1890983

File: 1708130419107.jpg (111.07 KB, 1080x1293, image002.jpg)

Doubleposting with another example when this started. Hate that the socially maladjusted denizens of Neocities are acting so retarded about this.

No. 1890985

Leave Flonne alone and focus on the actual retarded gendies. Hatsu is a cringe retard who is always begging for everyone's approval.

No. 1890998

File: 1708132353634.png (67.84 KB, 956x697, chipsfunfun.png)

I'm surprised to find out Hatsu is a lolcow, but I wouldn't consider what Vivarism is going through right now milky at all. It's really worrying how she's been having this episode for over a week. The last time she had one she just went offline for awhile. Speaking of gendies, I noticed Chips the 12-now-13 year old in the last thread has reached out to her despite being on "opposite sides" of this. Flonne needs to go offline for her own sake.

No. 1891000

I agree. Her mental health crisis isn’t something to “keep up with”. she needs help.

No. 1891001

File: 1708132536473.jpeg (219.49 KB, 682x745, IMG_2329.jpeg)

To be fair to Hatsu, she posted this right before. If you weren't keeping up with her other rants, you might think it was all a joke. And I noticed how she writes coherently on her diary and then crytypes on the nc feed. Is that normal for schizoposters?

No. 1891004

Shes not schizo, just an attention seeker and lacking any real identity. On her old site a0i she was the one with the code thief callouts. When like 2 people told her it's kinda dumb she left for a while, came back and remade on hatsu. She spergs about "taking accountability and doing better" like cringe therapy speak. She's spineless and an asskisser to whoever gives her a crumb of attention.

No. 1891005

Learn to read. Vivarism is the schizo I'm talking about.

No. 1891013

DA but I thought hatsu's old site was a0i and vivarism used to be 5amgirlfriend?

She has BPD which can lead to psychotic episodes if unchecked, to my knowledge. She's also an older zoomer so she still has residual kinnie Tumblr circle behavior deep down. I honestly find it really sad to see since she seemed to be turning around last month.

No. 1891018

Yes, Vivarism was 5amgf and Hatsu was a0i

No. 1891026

If you like cute sites with original assets, zucchini.cc is one of my favorites. Her website is stunning and I love reading about her hobbies.

No. 1891088

I imagine crytyping in HTML would be rather difficult, to be fair.
It's besides the point, but is that really why a0i remade her site? I never followed her, but I saw her little thing on hatsu about new beginnings and accountability and wondered wtf she was talking about. Was this related to the swirl code thief debacle?
Seconding >>1891026, zucchini.cc is a great site, one of my favorites. I also like mn1ca on Neocities and ita.toys.

No. 1891125

File: 1708144217856.jpg (73.26 KB, 778x185, afdsakfls.jpg)

what do you even want from her… she apologized and wants to do better. flonne is the one being mean even after hatsu took full responsibility for what she said. and yes what she said was wrong but i truly don't think one comment can compare to sui spamming everyone's feed.

No. 1891127

The deflection is probably because Flonne is a farmer and likely friends with people itt. They are going to be protective of her. If absolutely anyone else was behaving this way, I doubt the reaction would be the same. Aoi/Hatsu said something tactless and inappropriate, but I'm not sure what anyone wants from her at this point aside from us to talk about her instead of Flonne. Which I'm fine with, but I'd like some caps of what we're supposed to be "focusing on" instead.

No. 1891135

It was dokodemo, moonview, and that general demographic of people from dokodemos server that flooded a0is guestbook, chat box, and profile with messages about how she was “bringing callout culture to neocities”, telling her to remove their site buttons, etc. Though isn’t dogpiling on someone and urging them to disassociate from you kind of reminiscent of the Twitter/tumblr callout culture they’re so against?

No. 1891136

a0i detected lol. unsaged and no farmer is gonna uwu about doing better

No. 1891139

bring back the casefile

No. 1891141

nice delete button on your post a0i

No. 1891147

nice selfpost a0i, now can you stop calling flonne a big ol' nasty meanie because she was mad at you for your stupid ass reply to her suiposting on the nc feed?

No. 1891150

>I'd like some caps of what we're supposed to be "focusing on" instead.

you replied to the caps you seek. a0i self posted. maybe if you "focused" more you would have noticed the delete button and made the connection yourself. smug ass retard.

No. 1891155

kek, sounds about right. That little clique has always been hypocritical like that.

No. 1891174

So much for apologizing and wanting to do better.

No. 1891179

File: 1708148534772.png (301.44 KB, 1052x314, v1.png)

You're the one who's not focusing. The deflection >>1890985 is the post Hatsu replied to. What did that post even get wrong? Vivarism IS farmer and anons likely DO know her and most importantly, any other cow making posts like this would get eviscerated. Feelingmachine says she's off her meds and having delusions and everyone laughs, but Vivarism floods the timeline with her retarded "curse" and we need to focus on something else? How is this not milk? Her underwear is giving her suicidal thoughts.

No. 1891181

let it go a0i. sorry she didnt give you the reply you wanted

No. 1891203

She sounds like she's writing the backstory for her OC that's a Disney villian.

Can this actual child stop flooding every person on NC's walls?

No. 1891232

Oh come on a0i, at least open the tab in an incognito window before screenshotting if you don't want to be caught selfposting.

No. 1891245

yeah yeah sure it's milk-worthy i suppose, but it's not exactly great seeing someone like flonne lose it when she's a friend and/or inspiration to many of the frequenters of this thread. she's generally a very sane individual compared to many of the cows you'd see on other boards, imo.

No. 1891247

>she's generally a very sane individual compared to many of the cows you'd see on other boards, imo.
Uh. No she isn't. She really isn't. She's self aware sure but she does have problems. I hope she seeks real help because she's not necessarily bad but not sane.

No. 1891250

oh my bad, not the most caught up on her history since i only followed her recently. but yeah the self-awareness is better than nothing, i hope she gets help too…

No. 1891253

>Feelingmachine says she's off her meds and having delusions and everyone laughs, but Vivarism floods the timeline with her retarded "curse" and we need to focus on something else? How is this not milk?
The difference is Feelingmachine started it by rejecting someone from her webring over a 3 year (fictional) age gap despite being friends with someone who also has a teenage husbando, and it turns out she has a history of milk because she's a former Kiwifarmer. Her delusions of being gangstalked while off her meds was because of this, because she lurks "bad" websites like this. Outside of Vivarism schizoposting on her own blog and Neocities feed she's not harassing people outside of screaming at whoever replies to her, she hasn't really harassed anyone or caused drama to my knowledge.

No. 1891255

Why do you keep repeating this friend line

No. 1891487

This thread is biased with flonne otherwise everyone would be milking her meltdown

No. 1891541

Because a few anons itt are friends with her and can't help whiteknighting kek bunch of hypocrites

No. 1891551

File: 1708185366735.jpg (635.38 KB, 1080x2101, 1000023432.jpg)

Does federiefederi have a second account or is this person just really annoying?

No. 1891558

Seethe kek. Her retarded crytyping about being an evil spirit killing everyone (proven by mismatched clothes) is milky enough.

No. 1891564

Looks like her alt. Are people still following her after that tantrum last month?

Fair enough. It's hard not to gawk anyway.

No. 1891597

Unfortunately theyre getting more followers than ever, almost up to 900. But it's because of constant self promotion like this >>1891551

No. 1891893

Flonne worries me if I'm honest

No. 1891957

File: 1708212577132.png (346.6 KB, 1082x863, Screenshot_20240217_182809.png)

I found out about her recently, because I found her on that 2dlove webring, and her posts about Sans sound like schizo tier. If I remember correctly, she says she's a lesbian whose given up on real life dating due to how bleakness it is, so she does selfship stuff with Sans instead.
Picrel though, definitely makes me think that she's not mentally stable about it, however. Come to think of it, one of my personal cows is also on that webring, so kek.

No. 1891978

A lesbian, huh? She talks about this Sans guy more crazily than a regular girl would talk about her boyfriend.

No. 1891986

Most husbandofags on /g/ talk like this though

No. 1891997

There was a very specific sans husbandofag months ago around the time when she was not doing so well that posted this on the confessions thread. >>>/ot/1723284 and I wonder if this is her because they sound too similar.

In this case I believe her and I think she might be going through psychosis. I hope she reaches for the help she needs.

No. 1892002

This is just me but any kind of suicidal meltdown is not really that funny or milky specially not coming from women. I'd rather make fun of retard gendies with stupid shipping wars or troons with actual heinous acts attached to them than some random woman with a blog where she's clearly screaming for help.

No. 1892009

oh god yeah, this surely has to be her. she had a page dedicated to that film on her old site iirc.

this really just sounds like stock-standard husbandofaggotry though? i hope she finds some real help at least, because leaning on a fictional character like this is more of a short-term solution rather than a long one.

No. 1892024

File: 1708217558993.png (169.73 KB, 1110x744, 5amgirlfriend.neocities.org by…)

I never understood the whole "lesbian husbandofag" thing, sounds more like bi girls who are rightfully fed up with IRL men, all of her other fictional crushes are male except two. But her last relationship that she recorded on 5amgirlfriend turned into an abusive/stalker situation, so I don't blame her for falling hard into selfshipping and being mentally ill.

>Come to think of it, one of my personal cows is also on that webring, so kek.

Mind sharing who?

No. 1892031

Yes, I agree with you. I felt really uncomfortable and also surprised when I saw the first insensitive comments on the feed. It's best to just move on and let her be; if this isn't the first time it's happening then it's likely that she will recover from this episode too, or at least I hope. Narcissistic troons having meltdowns over their sick failed fetish enactments are not comparable in any way. Once again, the vile response many people had regarding these manifestations showed that women's mental health is always taken as a joke or as gossip material, or used for sick and retarded "gotchas". How surprising.

No. 1892036

File: 1708218641586.png (484.28 KB, 820x857, Screenshot_20240217_201038.png)

Yeah, I also think that if you're a "lesbian with a husbando", it's being bisexual. I actually didn't know her last relationship was abusive though, my bad.
My personal cow's Niqua/travelinghealer.neocities.org. I think she's got a kiwifarms page, but the tldr is that she's really unhinged when it comes to her postings about Ike from fire emblem (her husbando). Recently, she made a page detailling her reborn doll modelled after their fanchild and it's some uncanny valley shit.

No. 1892037

I don't totally disagree, but this seems like the wrong place to be if you dislike seeing mentally ill women being gawked at for acting out. Many cows are just mentally ill women doing mentally ill things. I'm not saying people should fuck with Flonne, but this site thrives off this sort of thing and always has.

No. 1892044

File: 1708219247515.png (746.12 KB, 715x765, label.png)

I wonder why she joins these webrings despite considering herself in an actual relationship with a real person. Is it for pageviews? Her most recent post is about not caring about these labels, but orbits them anyway.

No. 1892049

i mean, the way many lesbian husbandofags justify it is because they see these fictional men as being so far removed from irl men that they're not comparable in the slightest. it's kinda in line with the separation between someone's fictional enjoyment vs real-life enjoyment, plus many yumebait-y male characters aren't overtly scrote-y in the first place kek

No. 1892050

You're not wrong but making fun of the morbidly obese is ironically less morbid than making fun of someone's suicide posting. It would be different if she was baiting for attention and asspats or as means to make herself look like a victim while arguing with others but I don't think she is

No. 1892053

oh my god she has an entire cope post trying to justify how unhinged this is. https://travelinghealer.neocities.org/healerlayout/pages/2d_love like husbandofagging is just a silly hobby for most women but taking this shit so far into the real world is really insane

No. 1892058

Ayrt, indeed that is true, I just find it in poor taste when it targets nobodies like neocities users that barely cause any problems. Sometimes for delicate situations like this it's way better to let it go

No. 1892060

>I've always feared Gawain would suffer from racism both in Ike's world and my own.
Imagine writing this about a plastic baby fathered by an anime character. ngl, I usually don't give a fuck about husbando shit but this is s-tier cow behavior.

No. 1892127

File: 1708227025141.png (174.56 KB, 1324x538, whatisthis.png)

I'm guessing this has to do with the new 32fatcafe board. Anyone know who it's about?

No. 1892164

File: 1708229871451.png (673.72 KB, 1125x693, nkjhbgvfcdx.png)

No. 1892166

Why does it redirect to wiby.me when I click the URL?

No. 1892172

File: 1708230562263.jpeg (785.08 KB, 828x1424, IMG_2576.jpeg)

god they're both insufferable. devastatia seems like an edgy coomer meanwhile the other one wrings her hands about how seeing a mean blog post (not even interacting with the person) ruined her day and made her feel sick uwu

No. 1892182

File: 1708231257629.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, devastatia.png)

DA but I managed to open this site in another window. I can't tell if this is a right wing pickme woman or a TIM, but assholes like this are dime-a-dozen, it's not worth being physically sick over lmao.

No. 1892184

>refuses to make site mobile friendly
>only things readable are the nudey images
greight web sight

No. 1892193

>hates porn, bullying, fetishes, sexism, homophobia, racism, pedobear
>loves 4chan

How do people like this exist kek

No. 1892195

File: 1708232484559.png (88.07 KB, 873x742, codeofconduct.png)

My favorite part was when she posted an excerpt from a fable to explain her feelings on the topic. It makes sense that this was a culture shock for her though, given that 32bitcafe is run by libfems who were so offended by the Women of the Internet webring they made a whole new webring just to make sure trannies felt included. Just a glance at the very beginning of their rules is enough to make it obvious Devastatia was going to be a problem.

No. 1892209

if i recall correctly she has something in her website that redirects backlinks from certain websites to somewhere else. wiby.me is where she redirects people to ig.
idk where she mentioned it exactly but it’s in one of her blog posts

No. 1892285

I know that coding is supposed to be part of the fun of a micro site but I'm sorry as someone who barely passed a web design class I just don't want to have to do anything with coding anymore. I'm also obsessed with pages being good enough for mobile and my coding skills suck ass

No. 1892313

only way you can really get better is by working at it unfortunately, and that's the hardest part. it's understandable if you use templates or whatnot that are responsive, though. foollovers has some good ones if that's worth anything.

No. 1892316

I legit wonder if I should pay someone on Fiverr or somehow find and old classmate that still works on it and tell them to help me out (also paying them) because even though I could make a very bare bones website right now, it's been years since I took that class and it feels the same way I look at math. I can surely edit the code myself that's alright but I would specifically need to tell them to make it easier for me so I can actually edit and do it myself because otherwise all of this stuff looks like crazy mumbo jumbo for me, I'm so sorry, it's overwhelmimg

No. 1892514

Worrying about mobile responsiveness killed my drive to make layouts, so unless you mostly browse from a phone I wouldn't focus too much on it. The "web accessibility" crowd being so overzealous killed my interest in accommodating phone users too. I've seen a lot of decent sites use templates so it's not a sin to do that too if your focus is on content over aesthetics.

No. 1892562

>Worrying about mobile responsiveness killed my drive to make layouts
just… don't worry about it? why would you give a shit if someone screeches about "B-BUT MOBILE ACCESSIBILITY!!!" just fucking turn on your computer. it's really not fucking hard to do that and then open your web browser and go on neocities. my god these computer illiterates that reeee about this shit are such nitwits.

No. 1892565

File: 1708274372880.png (177.23 KB, 1740x947, 1697043030005.png)

>my stupid daddy/daughter paraphilia
>genuine incest kink
>I called her "mommy"
>She bottle fed me once
>I live and breathe this stupid daddy kink
>the last tether of my sanity is a fictional character who I think of as my "papa."
>my ideal role is daughterwife emphasis on daughter
>I don't plan to change
Did everyone else just skip over this post? I can't be the only one who finds this disgusting. No doubt she's had some bad experiences but what the fuck.

No. 1892590

…If you read the rest of my post, I just said I stopped caring because of that and ditched accommodating mobile users. I'm still coding.

No. 1892654

don't worry about this. the accessibility crowd crys that something like 80% of internet users are mobile but they forget that most of that traffic is from asia and africa and on apps. I guarantee less than 1% of actual daily neocities users who update regularly are on the phone. Sure you might check something on your phone but its a made up boogeyman in their heads.

No. 1892661

File: 1708278966918.jpg (122.06 KB, 1298x547, most_embarrasing_behavior.jpg)

She's so troubled it goes back and forth from concerning to funny. When Flonne and I talked a few times she sounded like a sweet and determined young lady but from what I heard through a friend of a friend, she's an age regressor with a diaper kink, and during calls, pitches her voice up an octave and sucks on her thumb as a flirting tactic.
I sympathize that she's fucked up and already struggles with ED and its delusional thoughts but her constant attention-seeking through simultaneous pitymilking and pretentious vapid journal entries are annoying and pathetic. She writes all about wanting to get better but her journals sound so scripted and stilted in a poor imitation of an intelluctual.

No. 1892796

>>1892661 I’ve never followed or kept up with Flonne mainly because of how scripted and faux intellectual she sounds whenever she writes. I sympathize with everything she’s going through mental health wise right now, but between her spam posting about being a demon about to kill people and recent revelations about her genuine incest kink i don’t know how she’s not a lolcow kek

No. 1892826

The demon thing sounds less like kinning to me and more like she looks down on herself a lot and might come from feeling guilty about life. She sounds too self aware to be like your run of the mill delusional neocities user, I just hope she will be okay because reading this thread if she frequents it might not help with her mental health at all

No. 1892849

when I took that class they made us create responsible websites so they would always be accessible on other devices and because I was taking it with a bunch of graphic designers I feel like I do owe them a little bit of tidying things up making them readable etc but it does kill my drive to do it as well

No. 1892916

You can always make a mobile version later and publish the desktop version first. I've never gotten complaints for doing that.

> age regressor with a diaper kink, and during calls, pitches her voice up an octave and sucks on her thumb as a flirting tactic
I'm so used to hearing about TIMs doing this I'm almost surprised you're talking about a biological woman. Farmers do tend to be just as much as lolcows as the people they mock. Despite being GC, Flonne appears to have a lot of residual Tumblr damage like zoomers tend to.

No. 1892965

File: 1708291081813.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 3460x2965, IMG_2333.png)

Recent revelations? I thought everyone knew about the DDLG thing and was politely ignoring it. This is the shit she draws of Sans and her self-insert.

No. 1892975

wow she's very talented actually

No. 1892977

NTA but to be fair this didn't come off as DDLG to me, I just thought she likes "kawaii" or "kidcore" Tumblr aesthetics and her art reflects that too. Now I'm wondering if the cutesy crayon aesthetic of her site is part of her kink too…

No. 1892980

Flonne is a woman, women don't have "kinks" unless roleplaying for moid attention or whorebux. She's just drawing her favorite character with her self insert oc. its not that deep, its cute and charming actually. you all are really reaching

No. 1892982

>women don't have kinks
Tradthot detected.

No. 1892984

Someone didn't read the daughterwife confession.

No. 1892985

libfem detected

No. 1892987

Ok retard

No. 1892988

It was posted within the same day too. >>1892565

No. 1892992

it's a post on an anonymous imageboard. keep tinfoiling though

No. 1892995

Even if that poster wasn't her, it's very clear her self-insert oc is meant to look like a child next to sans as a parental figure, plus what's been previously mentioned in >>1892661 it's obvious what the intention is. Keep white knighting all you want though, she won't suck her thumb at you.

No. 1893001

File: 1708293245918.png (Spoiler Image, 327.87 KB, 5000x1513, IMG_2335.png)

>she won't suck her thumb at you
KEK. She probably would though. She seems desperate for someone to love her.

I won't post any more of her art as fetish examples because I'd have to dump her whole gallery. Just go see it for yourself.

No. 1893003

Yeah, I feel like it's been pretty obvious since even her old site that she's into that sort of thing. And her posts about her gf at the time definitely read like they were in some creepy arrangement, which is why it wasn't shocking when it turned out to have been abusive.
Who types like her, who has the same husbando as her (and uses the same ways to reference him), who thrives on negative attention like her, who likes the same film as her, whose life story seems to align with hers…

No. 1893035

File: 1708295834846.png (Spoiler Image, 293.76 KB, 2000x711, 54.png)


No. 1893070

File: 1708297942129.png (Spoiler Image, 733.78 KB, 1205x750, softcore.png)

nayrt but the one that creeps me out the most doesn't even have sans in it

No. 1893079

Why does she have to draw her self-insert so childlike? I assumed she would make her older than Frisk at least…

No. 1893116