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No. 1520815

Discuss the happenings, drama, cringe, etc. of Neocities, personal sites, webrings, and other small communities, and how they used to be in the past.

Other possible topics of discussion:
>personal sites vs social media profiles
>creating shrines and fanlistings
>joining webrings and cliques
>how socializing on the internet has changed

Previous thread

Search for personal/non-comercial sites:

HTML/Web help:

No. 1528567

W3Schools sucks, this course is better: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn

Women of the Internet webring from the previous thread: https://womenoftheinternet.neocities.org/

No. 1528633

> so some of these weirdos might get termed if proof ever floats about of them knowingly interacting with kids and getting info
I wish but unfortunately sir Kyle Drake seems to have forgotten completely about his little web host, I don’t think he even checks his e-mails anymore.

No. 1528706

File: 1679290158102.jpg (93.74 KB, 500x724, tumblr_4ce3c3650413b647d8c1965…)

I curse the day this stupid white woman created a neocities account. I blame this cunt for starting all the neocities drama. I honestly wish she hadn't gone off the face of the internet, she made me laugh, I just wish she had chose someplace more crowded than neocities to start bullshit.

No. 1528708

literally who

No. 1528730

>>1528708 that one lullabye girl

No. 1528838

Totally ot, but I just caught up on the last of the previous thread and holy shit, I cannot believe macaque showed up there. I've spent the last few days reading through the fandom thread and she was (self?) posted there five months ago. She has 24 personal sites/accounts (yes I counted, she lists them everywhere) so she's 100% chronically online enough to lurk here after her name popped up once in the fandom thread last year. Macaque, if you're going to lurk you might as well read the detrans thread instead of working yourself up because a couple women made a webring.

No. 1528893

File: 1679319662769.png (131.65 KB, 682x2034, surprisinglybased.png)

Something that all lurkers need to read:

No. 1528922

For the love of god, can we stop interacting with cows? Who gives a shit what any of these retards think, whether they're ~on our side~ or not. Everyone who's been publicly posting about this in any capacity has been a massive yawning faggot, can we just move on?

No. 1528924

this smells like selfpost

No. 1528930

Exactly. another thing i want to mention is every other post being "x if you're reading" this "y i know you're lurking". instead of posting here indirectly why not just tell them directly? Isn't there already an early web animecore thread on /w/ with the exact same type of cliqueposters too? Just go there.
Stop interacting with the cows, and stop baiting the twelve year old. You have to be either underage or retarded to not be able to understand this and discuss things normally.

No. 1528943

This is not based. It's a tra who hates "terfs" and lolcow users (including you, if you're not the op selfposting).

No. 1528951

I'd like to conduct a sort of survey/polling from those in this thread because I'm just very interested in what people seek out/find missing from the current web and what nostalgia they have/emulate on their own blogs/sites. I have a few ideas of what I want to add to the questionnaire but I don't want it to be a super long form either so I want input on what to ask on it from others. So far I want to ask things like;
What websites do you have the fondest memories of?
Do you seek community and expression through the internet?
What Era or "style" of web design do you find most pleasing?
As a woman on the internet do you find it harder or easier to find groups of like minded women to interact with compared to the past?

No. 1528971

This reads like a rejected encyclopedia dramatica article and didn't need to mention lolcow at all. Can we stop giving these people the attention they desperately want?
those seem like great questions so far! Most of them seem like they could be answered with a short response, so it wouldn't feel like it's dragging on. If you wanted some in-depth responses maybe you could throw a couple thought-provoking ones in there.

No. 1528988

>>1528893 This is literally a post from some retard DID faker kek

No. 1528998

Do any of you anons have experience with hosting an oekaki board? I was thinking of putting one up on my site but I'm wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth.

No. 1528999

File: 1679330558343.gif (146.14 KB, 340x191, Funny_spider.gif)

Same anon as >>1528951
I went ahead and made the poll! I'd love to know the opinions of nonnies in this thread.

No. 1529014

The bar is so low that I'm actually really happy a literal genderist with a "DID alter" from a cartoon is just poking fun and telling readers to form their own opinion about the users on the webring, instead of posting "they're all Nazi TERFs, doxx and spam their pages with threats since they're killing poor transgenders like me" like they tend to.

That said, if we're going to post about Neocities drama, I wish it was kept to another thread.

No. 1529035

Haven't hosted one myself, but cinni has one, maybe the links will help you if you dig a bit.
An oekaki board is something I have been meaning to look up too, it seems fun.

No. 1529230

Thank you! It looks kind of complicated honestly kek

No. 1529232

>That said, if we're going to post about Neocities drama, I wish it was kept to another thread.
Agreed. I'm only here for the hobbyist nonnas and not this trash Nestle baby formula-tier milk, I'd move the drama to /m/ if I could. This thread really is shit tier at the moment with all the weird cowtipping and back and forth with people who seem to be cliquey dime-a-dozen teenagers.

tl;dr not based milquetoast contrarian

No. 1529280

Cinni is very kind, you could try reaching out to her and seeing how it could be done. I believe that lainchan also has an option for oekaki posts, and they are open source.

No. 1529493

File: 1679389827556.png (104.44 KB, 1068x469, Tags.png)

I updated the tags for antiwomanbrands, went to check it on the search page and lol, lmao

No. 1529496

>>1529493 more on topic though, I feel like no matter what I change, the site still just looks clunky. Changing the background from a highly repeated and loud pattern helped a little, but the layout still irks me. I just started on a personal website and I want to avoid the same thing from happening

General question, is there anything in particular that might make a given website just feel old?

No. 1529502

isn't that sort of the whole point? not using modern coding languages but mostly sticking to css and html like the old days?

No. 1529505

Fonts & colors are very important on how a website looks, so try to play with them for a bit.
I used to hate one of my pages until I simply changed the font to a lighter one and added a bit more of line height and the whole feeling of it changed for the better.
Borders are pretty important too, but it depends on how the rest of your layout looks. Sometimes 1px solid on a similar color as the background/container looks better, while in other it's 4px solid black and such.

About old websites, definitely table layouts with 7px font size and all links squished in one of the sidebars. If you're making one, I'm begging you to use a readable font size though, kek.

No. 1529506

No, I just meant that something about the way I styled mine feels janky. Not old in the literal sense. Plenty of sites on neocities look very smooth and well put together, and have a good flow.

No. 1529508

Thank you! I'm kinda suspecting the borders are contributing a lot to my current frustration.
>table layouts
>tiny font
>crowded side bars
end me nonas that's my entire site

No. 1529542

it looks good like it is. i dig the kinda old-school look

No. 1529558

Poll anon again! Thank you to everyone who responded!
Even if interest were similar everyone is so unique, I really loved getting to see their answers and then websites/blogs for those who chose to share them. Even if you didn't share; I'm sure whatever you're working on is wonderful! Don't stop updating your sites/blogs! We need more semi sane/interesting women online.
(If you did share I may be in contact but I'm also very shy and you all seem way too cool so I'll watch from a distance if anything!)

No. 1529577

You need more depth, play with gradients for the header. Try a subtle horizontal gradient or maybe add textured backgrounds

No. 1529583

samefag but also the colors kinda clash you can make the background color of the banner lighter and a bit more vibrant while making the header text a dark red, I recommend playing around with the colors, basically. Hope this helps

No. 1529872

File: 1679429706619.png (109.44 KB, 836x673, comfort.png)

Just saw this site that uses a similar layout as yours. I think you're right, maybe removing the borders and separating each container by their background color is the way to go.

No. 1529928

File: 1679435035434.jpg (409.34 KB, 2732x657, better.jpg)

I fixed the borders, it looks so much better. I'm still going to play around with colors and fonts, thank you guys!

No. 1530127

the interactions with the cows should def stop but i'm not sure a neocities thread + neocities drama thread would make sense, seeing how this one is already very slow.. most of the 'drama' is just braindead takes seen on neocities anyway.

looks good nonna!

No. 1530263

exactly and plus if there was a neocities drama thread it would be filled with self posters and cowtippers. Heck even people who are friends with the cows would be white knighting there. Neocities is filled with those retards already, we really don’t need a thread for petty, non-existent and slow drama happening between TIFs and DID fakers.

No. 1530311

definitely looks better now!

No. 1531564

This looks like the sadgrl layout generator. It looks basic as fuck but if the content is good it doesn't matter.

No. 1531685

Anyone using dreamwidth? the search function fucking sucks and it feels empty

No. 1531743

I have one, but I mostly lurk, the search function is pretty busted from what I notice. Some anon comms can search comments in posts, but entries are another story.

No. 1531816

Yeah, but I don't use the search fuction much since I'm mostly on it to sperg on my own (I dont even follow anyone lmao). If you look up by interest you will probably get better results though.
DW is in a way about privacy, so looking up specific things isn't as easy as social media. If you want to build a community instead of simply rambling on your blog the best thing is to known another person who uses it and find other people by talking to their commenters/followers and so on.
I havent used them yet, but there are groups too, you can try your luck by joining some of them.

No. 1531820

File: 1679640225124.jpg (455.19 KB, 1366x1312, updated.jpg)

I've updated the colors. Once I figure out how fonts work, I think it'll really come together! I've been working on a page with some more complex html and it's so satisfying figuring out how everything works.

No. 1531823

anon ilu for making this, glad to see your post to show my appreciation

No. 1531825

File: 1679640732104.png (333.89 KB, 800x671, 89077BB8-E7A6-4C68-B614-72.png)

This is rad asf

No. 1531826

Thank you! I've honestly been having way too much fun with neocities. I'm going to get started on my own personal site this week

No. 1531999

Awesome girl really appreciate you making stuff like this

No. 1532128

Does anyone know of any fun or cool javascript widgets for websites? The only stuff I come across are clocks and calendars.

No. 1532171

File: 1679687031521.gif (860 B, 30x46, kitty2.gif)

No. 1532277

File: 1679696649975.gif (380 B, 20x20, tumblr_lspivp07Kg1qcfn0j540.gi…)

No. 1532516

Does anyone have any page ideas? I'm totally out of imagination agh

No. 1532772

I'm glad the retards here stopped posting personal vendettas. If you know someone reads the thread you're defeating the purpose of this anyway.

I''ve started a new site this week but using wordpress.

No. 1532968

How do I find the motivation to create a website? Everytime I start working on one I feel overwhelmed and give up…

No. 1532980

File: 1679795087355.png (1.44 KB, 476x31, kekeke.png)

This made me burst out laughing anon. I love your humour and the personal touches on the site.

No. 1533006

File: 1679799730536.png (209.48 KB, 900x1200, Luxury_bear_fat.png)

aw thanks, I'm glad to hear it. I was getting worried that the site wasn't serious enough but imo I'd rather keep it light hearted. Bear fat is no laughing matter though, it gets 5 stars on every russian pharmacy online.

No. 1533110

File: 1679819905268.gif (2.43 KB, 129x38, socks.gif)

Nonnies I found a blog in the webring who has this on her blog. Please tell me it's ironic

No. 1533141

I think you should sent that kind of thing to the webring op rather than vageposting about it here

No. 1533231

What helped me the most what to stop caring how my site looks to others and just start writting pages about stuff I want. If I feel lazy to do HTML, I just pick a ramdom Markdown to HTML online generator and wrote here.
A website is in a way about wanting to show stuff to the world, so maybe writting about your hobbies, your process on drawing/sewing, tutorials or just making a page about your pets or favorite movie for others to see will motivate you a bit.

My site is actually still on the beta v3 after half a year, I wanted to do a great layout remodeling but noticed wanting my site look great was blocking my hability to both create content for it and to enjoy my site, so I ended up usng a very layout and called it a day.

No. 1534172

Think about why you want to make one in the first place and then focus on that. Like >>1533231 said, she wants to create content to share with the world, so that's where she puts her energy instead of worrying about her layout. My reason for making a website is the opposite actually. I love to decorate and design pages, so that's what I do without worrying too much about the content. You could have any reason for making a website and no reason could be too stupid. All Fauux did was make empty pages with ugly Lain gifs on them and his site is the 2nd biggest on Neocities. Follow your heart nona

No. 1534294

Yes it's a joke, I know her personally.

No. 1534297

I'm so happy with my webpage! I started creating it on a whim about a week ago, and the pages are very simple but it feels like my own little slice of heaven where I can ramble about whatever my heart desires, not to mention I can post all of my yume art there instead of dancing around it under my main art presence. I wish I had done this sooner honestly.

No. 1534776

lol that was my polite way of saying they should stop posting about the drama entirely

No. 1534783

File: 1680003531180.jpg (211.23 KB, 1112x878, yesterwebwr.jpg)

Apparently the yesterweb webring is shutting down. Personally I never liked the yesterweb webring because of its community that I know I wouldn't be welcome in and the fact that it's the first webring that pops up when learning about the retro-web revival, it seems to me that most people treat it as a passing fad which results in a lot of inactive websites very quickly.

Do you think webrings that grow too large become a problem? Sadness mentioned this being a problem in the past as well, if any nonnies had experiences with webrings when they were first a thing I'd love to hear about it.

No. 1535011

>>1534783 Webrings can definitely get too big for their own good, I'd say it should stay under or around 100-150 at the largest.

No. 1535969

I found an old web about twin peaks, last updated in 2006: http://www.glastonberrygrove.net/

No. 1536518

nothing of value will be lost. if you saw one site on this webring, you saw them all

No. 1537137

This is awesome. Thanks for finding it!

No. 1537531

Let me know how it goes. I recently transitioned there myself.

No. 1538295

Macque has followed me for over a year despite my terfy content lmao

No. 1538296

Cinni is a TRA and one of those former farmers that pretends to have left the site riddled with PTSD

No. 1538311

>former farmers that pretends to have left the site riddled with PTSD
These are my favorite type of people in online tra-adjacent circles. They'll go on and on about how 4chan or lolcow traumatized them but any time there's a conversation related to the two they'll come out of the woodworks with the lore and knowledge of somebody that still regularly lurks and posts on both sites.

No. 1539020

Exactly anon. She isn't the only yesterweb member guilty of this, sadness and other users used to be farmers or admit to lurking. They have less shame about posting on 4chan. Another anon mentioned crystal.cafe being linked in the early days.

No. 1539045

Just do one page at a time. So much of the internet is gone now, whatever you do, it will automatically be one of the top 10 websites on the subject. There's basically no competition.

No. 1539527

File: 1680464634380.jpg (98.81 KB, 1116x794, crystalcafeyesterweb.jpg)

>Another anon mentioned crystal.cafe being linked in the early days.
That was probably me, I'm not sure how long cc has been a part of the yesterweb but at some point users in the yesterweb discord noticed and made a fuss about it kek

No. 1539535

>terfs are allowed on cc that's weird
so ultra weird for an image board made by lc users!!11

No. 1539664

There are caps in the previous thread of yesterweb users and troons downplaying the content on 4chan. Lc is so much worse because we are women. There's also the v-kei troon that cried about his friends having threads on here.

No. 1540621

Blog-ish post, but I have been trying to find some stuff and stumbled upon a few japanese fan sites/blogs from 2007-10 for a game I like. Sadly almost every shared link to other sites is broken, but the sites that are still up have a few old fanfics, ships and art uploaded and their genuine love for the series warms my heart.

I don’t know if any of you think the same, but don’t you feel the internet has become too public/big? While I like being able to find and connect with others so easily, looking at the current state of fandoms (and social media overall) makes me think being so aware of each other has done more harm than good.

Maybe people are better suited for small communities rather than big social media. Finding someone from another continent who loved the same things as you 15 years ago hits different.
I started a “secret” blog (public, but kind of hard to find normally) recently and being able to share things without the huge exposure of twitter/similar sites has brought me inner peace honestly.

No. 1541046

File: 1680650541863.jpg (260.82 KB, 696x1010, md32.jpg)

Found some sites just by looking for castlevania doujins, way more than I expected
an independent castlevania fan site it updated last in 2021 and has a forum
>http://vampire-vault.narod.ru/Sklep.htm (russian)
A general vampire site, just the anime section has a bunch of explanations on every character, and I cannot even tell how I get to the doujin section
Another site just about castlevania but in russain

No. 1541047

>castlevania doujins
Bless you, anon.

No. 1541097

tbh I feel the same, it feels like all fandoms now feel the same…like the all use the same 10 memes and jokes, and it feels like all everyone ends up talking about are boring headcanons for character's sex and gender stuff.

I think the gen pop's awareness of fandom has kind of taken the fun out it too, like every time a new IP comes out and gains a fandom, people within the fandom start comparing it to other fandoms, and trying to predict what ship is going to be popular, and what character fall into what trope, and what ship fall into what couple trope. The whole character trope x character trope was fun and cute at first, but its starting to get to the point where people what every relation to be easily boiled down to a goofy ship meme.

Like looking at shrines and whole fan pages/sites from back in the day, devoted to old fandom stuff you could tell these people actually liked whatever they were fanning….

While I agree that its is alot easier to find and connect with people who have the same interest, but its a little bit harder to find someone who actually like said thing because they genuinely like it rather than they just like it because (a. its trending or (b. (insert tiktoker/youtuber/twitter person) talked about it/liked it, so there for I like it too syndrome, or (c. the worse type "All I know abt this IP is from memes, ship art, and tiktok comps, I haven't taken the time to consume it in its original format".

TL;DR I think alot people who are in fandom nowdays are just a fan of fandom, they're there for the memes, the drama, for a place of belonging, basically every reason that's not for the love of the IP itself. Also it doesn't help that new fandoms seem to go to pot real quick at the slightest sound of an opinion that's different from the fandom's opinion as a whole (again esp when it comes to shipping), maybe it was always like this but I think when people are all packed on one platform that's doesn't allow for much customization or actual effort/space to full express a thought (i.e twitter), people get hive mind-y fast.

No. 1541103

sorry for double post
but what kind of stuff do you post on your secrets blog, anyway ?
curious bc I've been thinking abt doing the same thing, I just dont want the social media noise..

No. 1541232

>I think a lot of people who are into fandom nowadays are just fan of fandom (…) not for the love of the IP itself
I have never thought of it that way, but nona you're so right. I often see people going "This series sucks, I'm glad fans are always here to fix it xDddd" and while sometimes they say it as a light-hearted jokes towards the writter being a creep, there are people who genuinely think that. It's more prevalent on some fandoms than others, but it's so evident some people are here just to follow what others do and have a quick laugh. In fact, my sister keeps getting into different media just because she sees funny edits on TikTok of them, I feel memes, tropes and fandoms are now weaponized by media creators to use as free advertisement.
Genuine love is harder to find due to having the world's eyes on you and people finding pure emotions "cringe", but I can't lie, I don't interact with people on sns anymore so I enjoy the fanart even if people aren't really on the IP kek. I do miss finding some actual love though.

Now that Twitter is going down and lots of people are leaving, I wonder if it will have an impact on fandoms. As long as big social media is still around nothing will really change I guess, but it would be nice to go back to smaller (public, I hate Discord) communities. Yeah there was drama and such back on the old days too, but things didn't get as widespread. Now you know about 6 different dramas on your fandom and an extra 4 of random ones you found out thanks to trending/retweets.

My blog isn't anything special, just a diary (mostly because I got memory problems) and rambles about games and hobbies. It used to be hosted on my Neocities site, but even thay was too public for me since it pretty much handles your site on a silver plate to anyone and it's getting popular. Now it's on Dreamwidth and due to the site's nature, pretty much only accessible if you look up people who like the game I write about.

No. 1541987

There's a lot of free plugins to help build your site and it's easy to create a properly functioning blog. I guess the downside is that using the plugins is focusing less on the oldweb static style and going more modern. So far I've used plugins with a mixture of my own code and I'm happy with the results and ease.

No. 1542159

Should I keep an art blog that no one will see anyway? I just want a place where I can post all my self indulgent drawings and not care about crappy social media anymore.

No. 1542184

please do!!! i wanna do it aswell

No. 1542240

I have an art blog that no one sees or knows about. I used to post my stuff to social media in the past, but got tired of the culture really quickly, especially how people just stopped interacting with each other once you could give them a little thumbs up instead and continue scrolling, it's just sad. Definitely recommend just posting your art to a place no one can find it and make it a cute online art gallery for yourself.

No. 1542375

It would be interesting to see how fandoms fair once/if when twitter finally falls, there might be a chance then for the genuine fans to have a chance to start a community again, if there's one tech savvy in the group.

I think one of major problems with fandoms on sns platforms is that this is no set moderation or rules for specific groups or fandoms, its all thunder dome rules. Its funny how twitter ppl are always the ones preaching "no gatekeeping" when gatekeeping is kind of what kept the peace in older, smaller online communities, alot fandom specific forums asked you a question related to IP before you could join, and that question was usually something really specific that would be hard to google, even if you got pass that going off topic was a big no no in most forums (and I think mid headcanons w/ no ip supported evidence fell into the area of off topic).

>finding pure emotions "cringe"

weird, I was told cringe culture is dead, but to be honest it felt like ppl were way more real when cringe culture was alive and kickin. I miss the genuine weeaboo, who made culture appropriate mistakes and spoke broken Japanese mixed with English out of pure naive unedited passion for japan, instead of cyclical hyper aware tiktok weebs who call themsleves anime trash, but all the anime they know is through the trending tab and tiktok memes.

Yeah, I've been meaning to do the same thing with my own art, sns art community feels like a never ending clout chasing contest, most of the online art friends I made were thru DA of all places, DA peeps might be weird but they can leave the most heartfelt and thoughtful comment when given the chance, and usual do it just cuz'.

Never understood the type to keep all their artwork on twitter, even its on an account just for their own art, it can be a slog scrolling thru a twitter feed for anything really…

At least Insta was made for displaying a whole gallery of images, as crappy as its ratio and cropping can be…

No. 1542398

I loved DA back in the day before it died. While it still suffered a bit from the idea that they had to give you a nice comment if you took the time to comment on their art, I feel like even then people were genuinely appreciative of each other. I loved doing art trades, doing work for writers who didn't draw for themselves and just having fun in general, but nowadays I feel like people just find you weird if you attempt to do these things. Fanart is so often just a 20 minute sketch with pronouns and the trans flag slapped on top, it's hard to find anything that feels genuine or interesting anymore.

All over I miss the times were people were more playful. I didn't think I would miss the whole "cringe" era so bad, but here I am, kek. We didn't know how good we had it.

No. 1542401

>Its funny how twitter ppl are always the ones preaching "no gatekeeping" when gatekeeping is kind of what kept the peace in older, smaller online communities
Reminder that people say "gatekeeping hobbies/fan communities is bad!" are the specific people that are meant to be gatekept. I'm sick of seeing teenagers online spamming their headcanons on my favorite video games and then be shocked that something they dislike is canon since the beginning of the franchise because all they know is the franchise's wikipedia page and some unfunny parody videos made by people who also don't know shit about said franchise.

No. 1542630

File: 1680863339008.png (73.09 KB, 948x381, BobaBoard.png)

Yeah, tons of people chant "cringe is dead" but most of the time it just means "you can draw sparkledogs and watch lego movies”. In reality, the internet is more judgemental now than ever thanks to everyone being able to have a huge exposure on social media and how fast rumors spread with no fact checking.
Doesn't fall into cringe I think, but lately I have been into purikura and found a blog (https://purikura.blogspot.com/) and it was fun reading thru the reviews of the silly filters and stickers. Things are really more refreshing when you don't care about other people's opinion.

It isn't the ideal solution, but I joined Mastodon back in February and I think that may be the closest to small communities we will have in the near future. It's pretty much tons of independent Twitters each one with a set of rules to abide by (& sometimes behind an approval method), and while lots of them are for abroad topics, I can see fandom-specific servers being a thing that could get popular over here. The one I'm in is mostly about sperging about your favorite characters/ships kek.
That said, I would like personal sites & blogs to make a popular comeback, I’m not a fan of infinite scrolling sns & having my content at the mercy of a 3rd party

I need to look more into them, but it seems BobaBoard (https://www.bobaboard.com/) and FujoGuide (https://blorbo.social/@fujowebdev) aim to create fandom-specific communities and promoting/making a guide on webdev to make your own sites respectively, they seem good initiatives.

No. 1542636

I kind of want to make a personal blog where I post my autistic opinions on video games, manga and other unrelated hobbies sometimes. But I'm not sure I'd be able to maintain it since I'm kind of lazy. Last time I tried I wanted to post about travels and 2020 and the pandemic happened, so you can guess how it went. It was on wordpress, I think it's because of how the algorith works but my very first posts attracted a lot of readers, but the next ones didn't, and I posted them like one or two months later each time. Anons started a thread about neocities long ago and I've looked into it but I'm too lazy to learn how to code just yet. Tumblr has a lot of nice options when it comes to posting but users use it as if it was just some social media platform like twitter but even more unhinged, and now people without an account can't lurk on someone's blog anymore which sucks ass. So it seems like wordpress isn't a bad option after all.

No. 1542688

Maybe you should ask yourself what you want out of starting a blog.
From what you have said, if you want comments/engagement in general I guess you should look up other blogs/sites (if wordpress lets non-users comment, I have never used it) and interact with them so they interact with you too and maybe that will make it feel less like a chore and motivate you to continue writing. Tumblr is a no-no for personal blogging because no one reads more than 1.5 lines of text, but fandom meta posts & translations do interest people here.

But in general the current state of blogging is a bit of a desert unless you find some small community. I only use my blog to make it pretty and ramble about games because I got no one to talk about them to (not a fan of online friendships & my irls aren’t into them), so I can’t give advice about finding them though.

No. 1542760

I don't just engagement for the sake of it, I want to have fun discussion related to hobbies… But I know it's difficult now that actual forums don't exist. For comparison's sake if I want to post about a video game here I'm not guaranteed to have a lot of replies but it's still way more likely that I'll have actual people replying in normal ways and with answers that are related to what I will post. On tumblr I wouldn't be able to post anything because of how everything is all about fandoms themselves and not the actual franchises, and the trans headcanons and racebending fanarts, etc. I had a blog on tumblr from 2012 to 2016 and I remember a mutual at the time who was super into Ace Attorney and Persona 4 who just said she thought Naoto being a transboy directly contradicts the story and she got insulted constantly for it. I don't want to deal with braindead idiots who don't even play the video games they claim to love so much. Wordpress lets anyone leave comments on blog posts but if someone who doesn'thave a wordpress accounts tries that they'll have to give an email address while commenting iirc.

>But in general the current state of blogging is a bit of a desert unless you find some small community.

Yeah it seems like it. I feel like vlogging and videos in general has replaced written blogs. It's a pity because it's such a different medium, and it removes a little bit of anonymity to sperg about hobbies while recording my voice at the very least. Meanwhile anyone with a good quality camera and no brain cells can film themselves sperging like an idiot, spread wrong infos or unfounded rumors on whatever they want because they have no reading comprehension, yell like a maniac while streaming video games trailers because "muh hype" or "lolsorandom" humor.

No. 1544116

What blogging service do you recommend? I heard anons here who recommended fc2 for blogging.

No. 1544146

>The whole character trope x character trope was fun and cute at first, but its starting to get to the point where people what every relation to be easily boiled down to a goofy ship meme.
NTA but fully agree. I have a ship that I really love but in a lot of fan creations both characters get flanderized to death with no nuance or layers left and no regard to their original portrayal. It's a game so people generally don't even really play it, or if they do, they skip all the story sections missing big plot points so they make half of their canon up and expect everyone else to follow their interpretation. In worst cases they tend to get mad if you remind them of the official lore because, like said, half of them base their entire experience on fandom creations alone never having even touched the game.

People really just love partaking in the fandom culture above all, they could be made into being a fan of pretty much anything if the fandom checked all the boxes for the memes, tiktok cosplayers and ship art. We got people like these in 2005 too but they were considered more or less an anomaly, now it's the norm. Like every artist online is drawing fanart of shit they know absolutely nothing about just to milk the equally obtuse "fans" for either exposure or money.

No. 1544153

I've been using fc2 blog for a few months now and it's alright. Sometimes formatting gets messed up and I have to edit my post multiple times to get it looking how I want it to. If you're just using it as an online diary, though, I do recommend it. Loooong ago I used Blogger but I never really kept a consistent schedule with it. Still serviceable.

No. 1544530

>I have a ship that I really love but in a lot of fan creations both characters get flanderized to death with no nuance or layers left and no regard to their original portrayal. It's a game so people generally don't even really play it, or if they do, they skip all the story sections missing big plot points so they make half of their canon up and expect everyone else to follow their interpretation.
I'm in a fandom where characterization is slow to roll out and also poorly documented within the game. However, an online resource keeps track of it on a wiki, and datamines and videos of their dialogues exsist. So, there's no reason to fuck it up.
And yet still, you have people making out-of-context fanart of them that doesn't channel their best canon qualities, and instead boils them down to flanderized tropes, or the author self inserting onto one of the characters. What's sad is that, if they took their canon qualities into account? I'd be into said ship. In fact, said ship of character A x Y is just a swap out of character A x B, even though B and Y act nothing alike.
I remember being able to respect ships I didn't like when the creators embraced their canon qualities and extended upon them, instead of turning them into interchangeable figures. It meant that the creators still appreciated the series/franchise as a whole and presented a new angle to it.
Even off the topic of shipping, a lot of people have flooded the fanart sphere with off-model and irrelevant artwork of characters.

Ranting aside, I've been working on a fansite for myself. Once it's done, I hope it inspires others. Fansites and blogs really force you to be genuine. And it's more obvious if you don't care about the series.

No. 1545276

File: 1681133911922.jpg (78.89 KB, 1080x651, fsU5Ydu.jpg)

Checked this part of the sadgrl.online and there's mention of trannies webrings…

No. 1545294

Yesterweb is a shitty faux web nostalgia webring with a shitty tranny circlejerk community. There are some decent sites on there, however, since it's one of the biggest and most popular webrings out there at the moment. Most of these old web revival sites with manifestos devoid of any originality are very pro TRA.
They are shutting down the webring soon though along with the forums.

No. 1545316

I didn't know this one but I can see why troons would gather at some point in faux nostalgia setting.
Do you recommend some sites in this old web style or about that phenomenon but without the trannies or other genderspecials?

No. 1545344

The last thread had a nice list of all kinds of personal websites here >>1366813. It's a good starting point.
You can also take a look at the women of the internet webring since it originated here. From there you can check out which sites are recommended by those sites and discover a whole lot of stuff.
Lastly I recommend https://foreverliketh.is/. This guys website has a pretty comprehensive webring + personal website list but it's not gendie free. Some quality stuff can be found here though.

No. 1545891

The purikura blog was an interesting read, thanks for sharing nonna. I was even curious about the author's whereabouts now but all her socials/blogs linked seem to have been wiped.
Bobaboard's concept sounds great, but the overall vibe makes me think that it will instantly be filled with gendies and the like.

No. 1546006

Thanks for sharing, I already know the onerous thread on this topic. When I'll find something interesting I will also share it.
I'm slowly starting to learn HTML and ita satisfying to see when the code appears as site in .html file. I have one problem - how to make parts of the site in a different color than the others?
For example, I have something written between two dividers and I want that part to be some color, let's say green, when the background outside dividers will be different color, let's say purple. I tried looking for some guides how to do it but didn't find anything. I learned though how to give colorful bakcrgiund to some heading or paragraph and it appears as a colorful string one which a writing can fit but I'm looking for something bigger than a line-background. How to divide background into parts and make them have different colors?

No. 1546076

Not 100% sure if I’m understanding what you’re asking, but I’d use css to change the background of your divider.

No. 1546095

Learn about classes and ID's in css, it should help you with your problem. Multiple elements can share the same class, but id's are unique, and using these terms you can customize css a lot more than by just styling html tags.

No. 1546133

Any website/space (specially if it's about fandom) is bound to be full of gendies, so nothing new. Unless it originated in a place hostile towards them it's impossible to find a community nowadays without trans people & TRAs.
At this point I have desisted and just join places without caring who is on it. Sucks being a "crypto" and so knowing you won't form sincere friendships, but making a fandom-only account and trying to find people who are actually interested in the series itself instead of having their tl full of "[X] is trans!!" kind of works.
They can get on your nerves at times, but for some chit-chat and art trades it's fun. You attract what you post, making your account have barely any focus on personal or social matters will mostly attract people who don't want to discuss these things either and are here for the series instead.

No. 1546457

Dungbeetle is trying too hard. She already wrote a post about lolcow and now she's trying to start drama with this.


No. 1546469

Didn't we agree to stop giving these cows exposure? Who gives a shit what some terminally online DID faker thinks, god, they're a dime a dozen. Just move on.

No. 1546544

nta but it does have a list of terf/radfem neocities and websites

No. 1546574

Love this list of TERF neocities, I'll be following all of these sites now!

No. 1546693

File: 1681273274187.png (268.63 KB, 1032x774, gc4.png)

Aw, sad to see I'm not here, I guess I will have to try harder. It's a nice small follow list though, I knew about most of these sites except the last one, loved their meme page kek

No. 1546788

Judging by her articles dungbeetle is a prolific LC user that is desperate to end up on LC to become a victim herself. She's a 24 year old did faker obsessed with a show I only see children like. Her fursona is a cow with mastectomy scars. Basically she's dime a dozen on neocities and it's not worth giving her attention in this thread. She's suffering from an extreme not like the other tifs syndrome and now that she published this shitlist I bet she'll blame any negative attention she receives on the people she put on there.
She's lame and boring and has nothing of value to say, best to just treat her like a mildly irritating mosquito.

No. 1547304

It's only got a handful of websites on it anyways, all people who were confirmed gender crit years ago. Even her shitlist is pathetic.

No. 1547790

this is too funny, I like how she's being dramatic ("some of them are really sneaky, communicating through dogwhistles on seemingly innocent pages") but then it's just people being straightforward about their views and referencing gender crit literature in passing or something like that kek. also "we've compiled a list" blabla big introduction and it's FOUR blogs. "Will this start new drama?" she really wish hahah

No. 1548079

Thank you, that might be solution I didn't consider since so far I was learning HTML and not CSS yet but I will look into it.

No. 1548230

I checked their site and I saw they wrote a web accesibility guide with known neocities pedo, owlman who currently goes by owly since he trooned out. I heard he was called out by some neocities users over that

No. 1548885

You're right. Owly links back to dungbeetle too.

There's no way she doesn't know of Owly being a pedo considering how long they've been interacting. They also have the Neolands discord which he's probably going to use if not already for grooming.

No. 1548924

You mean https://neozones.club nona. Discord mods and pedos go hand in hand.

No. 1552653

Yes, sadgrl is a massive handmaiden and pretends that she never used to browse here.

No. 1552999

bumping this thread in hopes that I can find the person with the radfem graphics neocities. I hope to god she's a nona because her site is awesome and I did indeed link it as per the form request but I have no way of responding to let her know. I kinda think the chances of her at least lurking here are good. Nona, your site and graphics are awesome and I love it so so so much.

No. 1553000

can i get a link to this site?

No. 1553005

Yeah, hope she doesn't mind that I'm posting it here since she hasn't put it anywhere else, from what I can find.

No. 1553008

I like that it's really far removed from Western discourse (because fc2 is mostly Japanese) but after having it for this long I find the UI too clunky for my liking. They're generous with the space you get but the way file/image uploading goes is a bit annoying.

No. 1553010


No. 1553070

hey nonas, i should preface this by saying that i am by no means a coder and my experience ends strictly at f12 copy paste editing my myspace page, and that i have an fc2 blog. i was wondering if somebody could help me out with adding blinkies and other graphics to the side "column" or whatever it's called. i can't figure it out, i mean i know how to add a graphic but that side is all grouped into one if that makes sense and i want to add it somewhere specific. i hope this makes sense… like should i make a new table and then add the blinkies onto that? also, the text i have on my blog keeps… splitting? in the middle of the words, so like usually if you type a long word it either hyphens or it goes back a line so it's a full word but on my blog it just splits the letters. is it something to do with the fact that the theme was made for japanese use? and if so is there something i can do with the code? because i had a different one before and i did not have this problem with that one. sorry for explaining my stupid issues so badly but i hope it's comprehensible enough

No. 1553077

> i can't figure it out, i mean i know how to add a graphic but that side is all grouped into one if that makes sense and i want to add it somewhere specific
Try doing <br> between the images? If you posted a picture of how it looked like maybe I could get a better idea of what you need help with.
>is it something to do with the fact that the theme was made for japanese use?
Yes, I've noticed this on fc2 on some themes. It could have something to do with word-break property perhaps so if you want to change it try deleting that whole line if it exists.

No. 1560443

anyone know where i can find more radfem blinkies? tumblr is only showing me like one result that isn't a "dni terfs" one.
my ( non feminism related ) contribution: cute website material… website
it's kind of annoying to have to exit out of those popups(?) constantly but imo it's worth it, there's hundreds of adorable pixels here.

No. 1560623

File: 1682564436223.jpg (175.56 KB, 1000x1000, slider-sp-an3-2.jpg)

you can make super basic ones here https://blinkies.cafe/

No. 1561085

Oh hi nonna that would be me! Thanks so much for indulging my request and adding a link to my site!

No. 1561263

File: 1682631607144.gif (749 B, 150x20, blinkiesCafe-Pr.gif)

thanks anon! there's even a cow blinkie kek

No. 1561953

I had fun exploring your sites, nonnies.

No. 1566536

> Lastly I recommend https://foreverliketh.is/
Did you even look at the age-restricted section? Yikes.

No. 1566686

I recommended it as a good directory of webrings and personal websites, which it is.

No. 1570436

No. 1570456

i'm surprised that no one mentioned yet that yesterweb forum was closed a day before planned date and they dropped "summary" on their site.

No. 1570617

christ why is the summary so long? it reads less like what the yesterweb "stood for" and more of a manifesto of political beliefs.

No. 1571027

File: 1683531576035.jpg (191.75 KB, 1094x922, dg.jpg)

Madness self admitted on the yesterweb forum that she, in her own words, tried to be a digital guerilla and transform yesterweb into some weird maoist commie utopia. Lo and behold it didn't work out when most people into this movement were upper/middle class children and trannies that got severely bored during the pandemic and wanted to escape social media, hence 90% of sites on the webring were empty about me pages with copy paste manifestos.
Incidentally, the people that could contribute the most to the movement when it was actually an internet community focused movement were the tech hobbyists but Madness hated them for being filthy bourgeoisie that used words that were too hard to understand such as "Linux" and "open source" or something along those lines.
Sadness, the creator of the movement, has been in the background for most of it especially after madness started attempting to radicalize everyone on the mod team and it's obvious her own idea was pissed and shat on by madness but she submitted to her and in the end we got this weird summary that has nothing to do with the original movement.
Never let commie larper trannies take control of your ideas and communities.

No. 1571072

What an unlikable person.

No. 1571731

Lmao this is so cringe

No. 1571826

>"Linux" and "open source"
Those are usually actual leftists into tech, what an idiot.

No. 1571828

You forgot about that madness turned on artists in yesterweb too. Yesterweb banned advertising commissions by artists who came here to escape social media hell, but madness considers it "bourgeois transactions". It alienated another group that could do lot around movement, since they are passionate and actually work on their handcrafted sites. At some point their literally banned "advertising" your own sites, linking it is such an evil capitalist bourgeois transaction for that thridworldist maoist weirdo. I found many sites when their owners linked them, it's like spreading the word isn't it? But not for madness who never cared about running a personal site. Her sites were empty or it just hosted some commie theory. She seems to hate anyone who has actual hobbies and doesn't care about her weird movement shit. I feel it's why there was so much of hate towards techy types, maybe she doesn't know but around 5 years, neocities mostly attracted more tech oriented crowd and it's natural that things like retrotech/web will appeal to techy dudes. Of course it's just lot of envy too, she hates anyone just having a stable job in tech industry - iirc few people who went to found 32bit cafe were treated like garbage in yesterweb, because how they dare to work in IT industry! Of course madness shot them down as "Professional Managerial Class" and that they exist only to hijack their movement. Her "internet revolution" do shit. She's also obsessed with Jian Qing, so you know where from her obsession with "counter culture" and cultural revolutions came from.
Sadness was a typical lefty person from very start but wasn't really radical, most of her writing was mostly about internet and how old web totally was better, until when most likely madness started indoctrinating her. Shitty Not Just Bikes/r/fuckcars takes, obsession with Kollontai and especially writings about abolishing family, she also probably was forced to read "Settlers" by madness, which is divisive rabidly anti-western anonymous communist text, pure thirdworldist-maoist drivel (from which most likely priviledge idpol came from, the thirdworldist thought that working class in the west totally opresses third world is strikingly similar to shit leftists claim that homeless white guy is more priviledged than any black celeb for an example). She forced herself to read shit that tells that she's devil just for existing and that text literally is another white guilt inducing shit, so it's very likely that madness tried to induce more of it. Sadness was a vulnerable person who's easy to infulence, make her more depressed and broken and in the end use it to take over yesterweb. It's common trajectory of most of niche web communities, unfortunately.
Yesterweb failed because maoist usurper couldn't get that kids want to have fun and passionate people care more about making their sites full of interesting content, only thing yesterweb accomplished was littering neocities with shitty pages with social media links and shitty manifestos which were some "political action" or something for them. yesterweb never cared about personal web at all, it just was nostalgiafagging which should stay nostalgiafagging than something that never was.
Open source crowd in my experience leans more into lib-left/anarchism so they were wrong types of leftists for them, since madness was all about very rabid forms of maoism and wanted to mao tier dictator in her "internet revolution"

No. 1571843

If you ever talked to her in DMs you can see how she is easily swayed by the influence of others. If she had taken the advice I had given her maybe she would still have a community.

No. 1571851

so that's what it's like to have delusions of grandeur on a website for making websites

No. 1571855

sadness is/was an almost 30 year old neet lesbian who barely discovered the old web and how to write HTML, it seems madness was just an influence but sadness seemed clueless about what she was getting into.

The yesterweb community was always a joke. Madness had to explain was racism was to one of the soyboy techbro mods that thought making fun of English people was racist. Good riddance.

No. 1571871

Sadness always seemed to be a person who doesn't know shit about webdev/running sites/hosting stuff and she's limited to neocities, but despite that she tried to be sort of expert and help everyone out. The funniest thing was page about custom 404 pages, which was limited to "just edit one neocities provided you" and my exceptations were too high thinking she maybe i'll show basic .htaccess (very handy to know if you have own domain, easy redirects and custom error pages like 404 or 403). Yesterweb didn't try to help people actually decentralize things and set up their own domains and create guides about that, be actual fucking webmaster.
Shitty layout generator she made ruined any creativity in neocities layouts at all, everyone now just make same 2/3 column layouts

No. 1578723

What was the advice you gave her, just out of curiosity?

No. 1579035

got the link? Just wanna archive manually

No. 1579097

I already archived this specific thread here:

Didn't bother with the rest of the forum though so go ahead: https://forum.yesterweb.org/

No. 1579564

thanks, used wget to download the entire forum into a .warc file so we should be good worse case senario

No. 1579598

Like maybe actually being leader and not letting a bunch of faggots in her circle force her hand. She was spineless and would frequently make erratic moderation decisions or changes, even if it was only because some trannies wanted to target people they didn't like. The entire premise of the yesterweb was to allow a bunch of zoomers to pretend to know shit about what the oldweb was like. They wanted to pretend to experience web through the lens of nostalgia and it was never going to happen.

The majority of the retards on the yesterweb were zoomers and clearly mentally ill people who were being enabled and validated in their neurosis. The old web didn't tolerate snowflakes and coddle them the way the yesterweb was set up as a hugbox. It could arguably be considered the worst community on neo cities as hundreds of shitty filler pages were created because of sadness. She was unemployed or a NEET when she was spending time acting amazed at the power of HTML5 in 2023. Good riddance.

No. 1579851

thanks, used wget to download the entire forum into a .warc file so we should be good worse case senario

No. 1579859

I came back to say this as someone who has spoken to both Saddness and Maddness, calling or viewing themselves as digital guerillas in any way, shape, or form is hilarious, and also sickening considering that Maddness knows fucking well that actual Guerillas experienced trauma and violence she never will

No. 1579873

Seriously. Web 1.0 was completely cutthroat, the weirdo zoomers thinking it was a paradisaical lovefest is beyond fucking odd.

No. 1579877

I miss NADears. I still have the shirt..

No. 1580549

Out of curiousity, what was Web 1.0 like in general? I'm an adult zoomer who never really got to experience it…

No. 1580550

Out of curiousity, what was Web 1.0 like in general? I'm an adult zoomer who never really got to experience it…

No. 1580614

Slow and highly disorganized. But I loved it.

No. 1581206

Nobody used or was expected to use real names. Banner ads and popup ads. Shitty free webhosting services and a handful of okay ones. SLOW. Way, way more fucking interesting than Web 2.0– nevermind wikiwalks, you'd do like…linkwalks to handmade pages. Some were shite and some were great. Communities generally became super-toxic super quickly, though, waaaay fucking more than now– but nobody mentions this because the internet was still nerd shit/niche back then, not yet just a part of everyday life. I hated it for that reason but I loved it and miss it for the creativity and just general interestingness.

No. 1584588

Communities were very self contained at least. It helped there wasn't one platform to use to discuss every single thing on. Now shit spreads like fire.

No. 1584663

Yeah, that's true. If one section of a fandom went full retard you could always walk away and find another part somewhere else that wasn't (or hadn't yet), admittedly. Although that was more difficult in communities that were very tiny or niche to begin with, though– if there was only, like, ONE major community forum for Obscure Fandom X, you were shit outta luck.

Also I find like, Tumblr/Insta/etc all let the lazier shit-stirrers into the world into communities. In Web 1.0, web presence took effort and upkeep that you had to develop by yourself, it kinda took a certain amount of discipline or at least sincerity. These days, any fuckwit with a cell can make a social media account and bleat about their shitty opinions.

No. 1585361

I remember this, and it was almost hilarious how fast things could go downhill back then. You'd either have a few toxic community members up against a weak staff who just wanted to keep the peace, or mad site admin trying to turn a fandom into a mini-cult. At least it was easier for you to pick up and make your own space w/o feeling lost if it came down to it, because the toxicity usually affected more than one person instead of a targeted attack. So you'd at least gain new company too burnt out to start shit.

These days, things are spread so thin that it can take a while to build up. But it can become a mob that tries to follow you around. I remember, back then, people would try to bring drama from old websites, only for a moderator to tell them to leave their drama on whatever place they came from. Nowadays, you don't have that. When Tumblr executed the Pornpocolypse, I noticed the cancelers followed the smut artists shippers to twitter and just picked up from where they left off instead of staying away from content they disagreed with.

No. 1585362

>Also I find like, Tumblr/Insta/etc all let the lazier shit-stirrers into the world into communities. In Web 1.0, web presence took effort and upkeep that you had to develop by yourself, it kinda took a certain amount of discipline or at least sincerity. These days, any fuckwit with a cell can make a social media account and bleat about their shitty opinions.
With more people looking into self-hosting and federated communities, I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to see the amount of people spewing useless shit go down.

No. 1586983

Can anyone link me sites for old web images? In particular I'm looking for banners and old ads.

No. 1586993

Gifcities.org might be what you're looking for.

No. 1587885

File: 1685092426004.png (102.96 KB, 1276x1401, pic.png)

I wrote a page generator if anyone is interested. (I made it because I write fanfiction and wanted to put fandoms or topics in separate tags.)



No. 1588382

That's wonderful nona, thanks you! I used to have a microblog on my site which I ended up moving to a blog host for privacy + automatic tag/pages convenience; but I will definetly use your generator for my art log.

No. 1588563

cool little project anon, I'll definitely check it out and give you credit

No. 1588971

Why is one of the latest blog entries of yours about a fic on “the struggles of being a male fanfic writer”…?

No. 1589013

No. 1589015

smells like a moid

No. 1589018

You actually know the rules of the site right?

No. 1589026

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
The fact that his site confirms he's a male breaks this rule.

No. 1589540

I fucking knew it from the moment I saw his post yesterday.

No. 1590082

the colour choice looks male

No. 1592511

Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for and more

No. 1594926

You're welcome! Happy old web image finding.

No. 1595010

doesn't look like the yesterwebs forum has been deleted yet, any updates

No. 1595101

>>1595010 No updates, but I found a good article on it

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