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File: 1661808458519.png (843.63 KB, 852x1200, makeaneocities.png)

No. 1320546

Continuing from Our Favorite Websites! thread. Discuss the happenings, drama, cringe, etc. of Neocities, personal sites, webrings, and other small communities, and how they used to be in the past.

Other possible topics of discussion:
>personal sites vs social media profiles
>creating shrines and fanlistings
>joining webrings and cliques
>how socializing on the internet has changed

Search for personal sites:

No. 1320554

File: 1661808703988.jpg (59.37 KB, 750x332, anon.jpg)

Before getting into Neocities drama, I don't think it's bad that more people are learning how to build websites. It's a shame that kids who were texting from the womb don't know how to use computers, so it's about time they learn. I know several anons have Neocities sites so I want to know their experiences with it.

No. 1320560

I tried neocities for a while because it was reminicent of a similiar website I used as a kid (not geocities) but I can't code for shit and didn't feel like learning it so I dropped that. Now I'm back on tumblr which I really enjoy.

No. 1320578

File: 1661809822415.jpg (426.72 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20220830_004756.jpg)

Neocities is great when you're just getting into web design/static websites and wanting to form those initial connections and find similar sites to yours. I think it's a great start-off point.
Sadly it doesn't offer any back end and file managing is quite annoying so if you have anything ambitious in mind it's limiting.

Lastly there's the community, which is slowly turning into a more cancerous Twitter. It makes me want to leave and find a different host. But I'd also like to stay as an example of a site that isn't like that and doesn't exist as a showcase of my mental illness, gender identity and a hub for all of my other social media.

Screenshot related is just someone's cute entry picture I wanted to show

No. 1320580

I also tried neocities but gave up after a day. I could get my site to have words in different colours, paragraphs, links, etc. but nothing that actually made it look like a decent website.

No. 1320587

I use FC2 blog, it's pretty cool!

No. 1320588

Was it angelfire or something like that?
I think a lot of website hobbyists got their starts on Tumblr because of editable themes, or if they're a little older even Neopets had html and css tutorials. When I was a teenager there were lots of layouts to use on anime fansites but there aren't many of those still around. I think back then people were more willing to give things for you to use for free and expecting nothing in return.

This is also my only motivation for staying on Neocities even if my site is barebones kek

No. 1320595

File: 1661810720446.jpg (26.81 KB, 400x400, FYXpa1iVQAA9lZS.jpg)

Is it really turning into twitter 2.0…? do you have the deets about that?

I was legit thinking of getting it as a place to build my portfolio in, since I would like to make my own website. I had a smiliar inkling with tumblr… I kinda want to use tumblr to host some of my works but I think my art would only be liked by cancerous people with pronouns since they flock there. I only use instagram and I encounter far less of those. I don't like the reblog functionality because I would like to delete my artwork forever if I so pleased without it turning up on other people's weird blogs.

No. 1320597

I was actually going to mention FC2 for anons, I'm probably spelling these wrong but there's also ameba(?) and sakura too for using different website hosting services.

Was the old thread deleted or is it still somewhere in the catalog neocities has drama? I haven't touched the site I was working on for awhile, did something major happen?

No. 1320598

I like fc2 as a host for blogs, though looking it up tends to bring sketchy porn for some ungodly reason. What's sakura, I've heard of ameba but not sakura?

No. 1320600

For deets >>>/m/234566

You're going to get pronoun types wherever you go, but you can also rent space on a server and host completely disconnected from everyone too.

No. 1320606

But like, I don't get it. I make my website on neocities and people with dumb pronouns see my art… big deal? Are they going to gossip about me on their own website or what? I really don't get the community aspect, it's just another website to host stuff to me.

No. 1320608

Sakura has been around for a very long time, would find nice japanese artist as well as sim3 cc, I Would post sakurasims webpage as an example but now I see that her webpage is down, I think they still host webpages.

No. 1320612

File: 1661811742813.jpg (17.99 KB, 259x259, 1661395683211.jpg)

I read thew drama you linked:
And… okay? so it's just a bunch of retarded children fighting about shipping wars, yet again. Who cares? I don't want to interact with them, I only want to have a website so people see my art. In that regard, neocities might be better than tumblr, since tumblr IS designed to interact with others and reblog and puts retards in the same level as you while in neocities you can just focus on building your website and that's it. You don't need to talk to people, you don't need to have people talking to you and you can easily ignore any drama in the sidelines. Saying it is "turning into twitter 2.0" just because some stupid kids are using it to be controversial seems like an overstatement. I thought the drama would be juicy, this is stale as fuck and the same old things we've seeing the past years. Just learn to ignore.

No. 1320614

Also I don't even draw yaoi or anime ships etc. I'm focusing on other types of art unrelated to this type of drama, so I think I'm safe.

No. 1320616

Isn't that true for most sites with social media aspects? I don't get your point anon. You can use whatever website you want if interactions don't matter to you.

No. 1320617

>Was it angelfire or something like that?
Oh no, it wasn't an English website, that's why I didn't specify it. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 1320618

>You can use whatever website you want if interactions don't matter to you.
Only that some websites like twitter and tumblr are designed to interact, to talk to others, to retweet and reblog. I do not wish to be forced to do this, I don't want people to have my stuff on their own profile and say shit about it, hence why I think neocities might be a better alternative. Unless you right click save or screenshot something, no one is going to add their dumb words onto anything I do.

No. 1320622

Ok, then try Neocities. I think the other anon was saying it was turning into Twitter 2.0 because dumb shipping wars is the definition of petty Twitter arguments. A lot of people use the Neocities feed to microblog too. If you don't care about that then you can turn off your profile and it's normal free hosting. Why don't you just try to see if you like it?

No. 1320623

You mean the provider like sakura.ne.jp right? Or is there another Sakura web-hosting? I think it may have went down because sakura.ne.jp, if this is the one you're talking about, isn't free you have to pay to keep it…which is why I prefer fc2.

No. 1320624

i used to too, until they made all my posts permanently that magablo crap out of nowhere. i have no idea how to remove it and all my entries are automatically set to that. for those who dont know, it makes all my entries pay-to-read, and i cant set them to 0 yen. there is literally no option to remove it that i know of and i found nothing about this online, i even asked here but no response. i would love to keep using but this made me feel so sad and helpless that i just left my online diary and abandoned it. i really dont know why that even happened to me.
please if anynonnie knows a way to solve this let me know, i would be ever so grateful.

No. 1320629

You have to set it to Discontinue Sale of Magablo I think, that's what I have it as. If that doesn't work, export your blog and download every image on it to a folder and then make a new blog and import the images to your album and THEN import the posts.

No. 1320630

File: 1661812935729.jpg (88.72 KB, 500x488, 1652901602932.jpg)

Going off the thread pic here… whenever someone recommends tumblr for your art blog I cringe. If you're a printmaker, textile artist, or do dioramas, etc… anything outside anime or aesthetic-core art, it's not going to work. It's something I've noticed, in the prime days of tumblr there were all kinds of artists and photographers posting their stuff there and treating it as part of their portfolio, but most of these blogs are now abandoned and no1curss anymore. I think the social aspect of tumblr won over the functional side of things. I liked tumblr because it was super easy to set up, just find a free theme you like and post pictures of your artwork. But now, all the interesting artwork I see on the ocassional non-zoomer non-anime aesthetic blogs are just reposts, not from the artist itself. I don't know why, but I feel like the credibility of tumblr in this scene has simply gone down and it's not the same anymore. A shame because I honestly liked tumblr.

No. 1320631

>A lot of people use the Neocities feed to microblog too
How does that work? is that something people see if they're not logged in?

No. 1320632

NAYRT, but you can see the statuses on a person's site profile, or if you're following them, on your homepage. For an example, neocities.org/site/usernamehere will show their recent status updates (the microblogging), who they followed, who followed them, and recent comments on their profile.

No. 1320649

How safe is it to upload eventually copyrighted content to neocities like scans, archieved media that has been long deleted/destroyed etc?
There's tons of stuff I want to share but I don't want to put in the effort if I get suspended within a month.

No. 1320652

And so what if they don't know how to use computers? Everyone would be so much better off if they didn't know how to use any of this fucking crap, stop acting like knowing how to use computers is something that's useful outside of bragging about knowing how to use computers.

No. 1320656

File: 1661815352204.png (6.99 KB, 793x112, shoutout.png)

lullaybe and her posse must lurk here pretty hard. this seems awfully quick for a shoutout kek

No. 1320659

No. 1320661

File: 1661815733179.jpeg (126.52 KB, 750x582, 8FD17E47-EB6F-4464-9F4D-6FF3BD…)

>You have to set it to Discontinue Sale of Magablo I think, that's what I have it as.
when i do that and i view on incognito mode, it doesnt let me see the posts, it just says the sale has been discontinued and therefore its basically gone and inaccessible. im beginning to get sad again about this…
really was the best blogging platform for me, felt so freeing the way i knew there were so little people especially not ones i knew in real life or online plus no influencers and the old feel of it etc. just pure authenticity and freedom…
>If that doesn't work, export your blog and download every image on it to a folder and then make a new blog and import the images to your album and THEN import the posts.
thank you so much for the advice nonita ! i think this is what i will do, i never thought about exporting but i did think of just making a new blog right after but then i felt sad about abandoning my current one with all the memories and blog name for another even though that is half of what i ended up doing anyway.
anyway thanks again ! i never thought about what you told me before, will probably do in the near future if there is no other way or actually maybe regardless of that

No. 1320667

the carrd newfags mentioned briefly in the other thread

No. 1320668


sparklelollipop and lullabye are such annoying trash. they give the neocities community a bad name.

No. 1320675

i love this site its so cute. i follow the creator on twitter too

i've always wanted to figure out how fc2 works because i used to be obsessed w/ japanese animal crossing blogs on that site.

No. 1320676

You can do it and I encourage it, but I also suggest using internet archive some more. A lot of people dump scans there and I barely see anyone delete them. What kind of stuff do you want to archive?

No. 1320677

Nta but nothing wrong with learning a new skill that could help you in the future

No. 1320686

Nothing breaks my heart more than a site you bookmark and turn back to it and it's 404'd


I'm glad this one is still up

No. 1320690

File: 1661818361251.jpg (21.85 KB, 240x320, okarie.jpg)

crooz blog shut down a few months ago in may i think it was. absolutely shattered, didnt even get to archive all my favorite coords properly. wayback machine has most of them if not all broken. all the ones from before 2010 are anyway…

No. 1320696

Unironically lolcow is more oldwebcore than whatever this bitch has in her page. Yes I saw it, and it looks ugly as fuck.

No. 1320701

Neocities won't take you down for stuff like that. You'd only have to worry about the copyright holders. If you think you'll be hunted down and DMCA'd, then I don't know where you could host it… But if it's the sort of stuff that nobody cares about anymore, I think Neocities is as good a place as any to share your collection!

No. 1320708

Does internet archive do the DMCA stuff? A lot of people post scans and videos there and absolutely nothing happens. I think it's a good place to archive things

No. 1320715

Can you post the ones you do have please? I really like the pic you attached

No. 1320716

File: 1661820544392.png (177.18 KB, 1226x420, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.49…)

this is so fucking funny to me idk

No. 1320718

File: 1661820707688.png (66.29 KB, 1204x212, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.50…)

something about web "rings" and children being involved is so sus. fr

No. 1320743

Not any different than it was in the 90's. I created my first GeoCities site when I was 12 and joined webrings.

No. 1320748

peak internet right here

No. 1320757

Neocities has next to no moderation and you can basically do whatever you want so go for it. Sites rarely get deleted unexpectedly but it has happened so just keep a backup somewhere else.

There are a million trans queer whatever the fuck webrings too. The overlap is nearly a circle, but it's always been mostly kids joining these. They don't know how to make friends the normal way. It's almost endearing, but I wish it wasn't a big sign that they are impressionable and easy to manipulate.

No. 1320785

File: 1661826761263.gif (23.84 KB, 149x78, cat_by_minecr_aft-dcbcthc.gif)

I first started using Neocities around 2017 and it was fun to just make layouts and mess around with the content that I wanted to put up for myself with no constraints as someone who has always been passionate for frontend and it was just a cool place to put my autistic thought dumps and a decent amount of people liked it but I always end up abandoning it because the amount of twitter and carrd transplants quickly became unbearable these past few years. like ffs I just want to connect with interesting people who aren't fucking they/its with kinlists and self diagnosed psychosis.

it's a shame because like other nonnies have said there aren't really that many sites like it out there anymore. I liked how there weren't any bloated templates or drag and drop because the modern web gives me a headache. I've been thinking about just buying my own domain name for cheap so I can host my own shit. I never really care if anyone actually reads it, I just like having my own page on the internet but I'm a lazy shit so I just used Neocities to host.

also the carrdfags who just copy paste the exact same layout over and over without knowing how to actually code a basic website are annoying as fuck. its also hilarious how these are the types of tards to cry about being inclusive to everyone when the shit they make is always ugly as sin and extremely inaccessible to anyone who has a different monitor size let alone vision problems.

I almost want to start up another site and gradually build up a following on there just so I can out myself as a terf just because the tranny shitfit that would ensue with these types of people would be hilarious. I always had a feeling that 5amgf was a farmer. if she still goes on here your site was gorgeous and inspiring

No. 1320796

>I almost want to start up another site and gradually build up a following on there just so I can out myself as a terf just because the tranny shitfit that would ensue with these types of people would be hilarious.

do it

No. 1320797

They don't really care and hug boxes are limited to webrings that are pro troon

No. 1320803

Please do it. There are other terfs on there but it's less obvious.

No. 1320870

File: 1661832803314.gif (11.92 KB, 112x138, 3CFCD25C-B0EC-45C5-B548-7BC5A9…)

I really miss xanga can anyone help my find a similar set up for early 2000’s blogging? Mwah

No. 1320872

I wish Neocities had a better block functionality. So far it just prevents them from commenting on your profile. They can still follow you, and their comments show up if they post on a mutual's status. If I block you I don't want to see you AT ALL.

No. 1320878

Same, but I was a part of the LiveJournal crowd. I'd love to find a replacement for either of these.

No. 1320913

File: 1661835792779.png (590.23 KB, 1300x562, shiori.png)

Anon here's a good example of someone dumping some scans on internet archive, very recommended

No. 1320924

If a person gets blocked three times they can't comment anymore, it's baked into site's code. You can't unblock people (it doesn't work) which shows how much site is broken.

Most worthwhile people left neocities and came back to social media or went with proper hosting in most of cases.

No. 1320945

File: 1661838469464.jpg (56.45 KB, 438x640, Utena_Solo_21.jpg)

The problem is they rally people against you, and have a whole crusade like once a week or so. I'm conflicted between having my profile open since this is the only "social media" I use, and I'm getting more and more open with my radical feminist views. If I close my profile, I might as well host somewhere better which is probably something I'll do in the future. I'm also scared of potentially getting my website deleted, even though technically that shouldn't happen, judging by the few /pol/ neocities sites.
Being an open terf will mean getting blacklisted by many webrings/fanlistings anyway sadly so I'm doomed either way.

No. 1320956

I really really miss piczo. It was so user friendly and the posibilities were endless, every piczo site was so unique

No. 1320960

your website will almost definitely not be deleted unless you are bullied into deleting it. i'd love to see more moderately sane adult women on this site and i wish there was an easy way to find them. do we all just need to add "terf" to our tags

No. 1320963

Do you have any caps? I'd love to see.

I'd also like to see dokos apology circa 3 weeks ago about the pedo situation, wasn't keeping up at the time and some nonny mentioned having it.

No. 1320978

i made a neocities two years ago because a close friend of mine maintains one, but knowing that people i know would check my site made me way too self conscious about updating it. should i make a new completely anonymous one, nonas? i had fun learning html and stuff last time

No. 1320984

Make it anonymous, it's much more freeing imo. It's why I don't particularly like friending people on neocities because it would make me feel more restricted.

I wish an lc tag name was viable but it would be impossible without the retards knowing too as mentioned >>1320656 they love lurking here. It's so shameful for them to admit but they definitely do. They desperately want edgy "old" web back but thought policing is too ingrained into them because of social media kek

No. 1321012


Do it. My site, and nearly everyone I follow, are completely anonymous. It's a nice, supportive community once you weed out all the children.

No. 1321033

the palace lol

No. 1321034

could I follow you nona or are there any hints to your blog so I can follow?
If anyone needs help setting up a site on a free service then just post in the thread and I'll try to help as much as possible.

No. 1321036

I'll make a webring so nonas can join without fear

No. 1321057

thanks for the encouragement! i think i'm gonna get started on my new site tonight, actually very excited to get back into it

No. 1321100

File: 1661862010216.gif (2.32 MB, 405x304, lkjh.gif)

I made a neocities account last year because of the threads on /m/ about that but I don't know how to code so I quickly gave up and deleted my account. I'm not too sure what I could possibly talk about. Or rather, I could talk about a lot of things but I don't think I should post about these topics online. I share my hobbies with my real life friends already so we talk about manga, video games, tv shows, etc. we like face to face already, I could post about traveling or make foodie posts but that wouldn't feel anonymous enough, etc. I guess I could stick to tumblr because of how easy it is to use for newbies like me but I hate it and deleted my first account in 2016 already, I can't see myself there anymore. I once made a wordpress blog to talk about traveling but deleted it because of covid and I just couldn't find good looking themes that were also convenient to use, so I deleted it after 6 months of use.

I guess I could learn how to code during my free time but I fully admit I'm lazy on top of not having a lot of free time. Right now I'm just using twitter because I follow Asian artists I like and that's very different from any of these platforms. If I could, maybe I'd blog about my daily lives and some of the weird and kind of funny shit that I deal with sometimes at work, on top of talking about, I don't know, video games and traveling and other hobbies. I don't know.

No. 1321101

Html/css are very easy to learn

No. 1321107

How long would it take to learn though?

No. 1321111

NTA but I reckon you could get a decent looking and functioning site up in a month or two. If you know you want a drop down menu/3 column layout/etc. then just look for tutorials on how to code them. https://www.w3schools.com/ is excellent, takes you through how to code HTML and CSS. https://getbootstrap.com/ is a toolkit that also has prebuilt elements so you can "drag and drop" different features without having to code too extensively

No. 1321121

antithesis of personal web and reducing bloat that modern web and social media have

learn simple markup first and change your site when you learn. make simp0lest page with text and images and feel out if you like it. you don't need more for start.

No. 1321128

Thanks, I'll look it up. Not sure it's going to convince me to start a whole website but it could still be very useful information in other contexts, especially since I'm frequently in touch with engineers who know all about programming at my job.

No. 1321129

isnt everyone on neocities just a mentally ill neogender twittard

No. 1321131

yeah it's not as hard as people make it out to be
you need to fish for good content now

No. 1321134

File: 1661866167299.gif (4.28 KB, 150x20, transrights.gif)

At this point, I'd say like 70% of websites being actively updated are indeed like that.
I try to follow people that don't have pronouns in their about me section, that are adults (mostly), or a bit normie. Usually when I see this blinkie, I know it's a good sign to turn away.

No. 1321156

Not until very recently. It's because dokodemo and that lain site got posted around Tiktok and Tumblr. And Everskies and Carrd started using Neocities for some reason. The good sites are still there but it's true they usually move to other hosting, sometimes just because static hosting isn't enough and not because they don't interact with users anymore. It would be cool if farmers could find each other, but in my experience anyone that doesn't have pronouns listed is nice and normal. I just need an adults with a job webring.

No. 1321169

NTA but the thing is that the kids who don't know how to use computers tend to be tablet and phone addicts instead, which is much more worse and useless.

No. 1321527

piczo was the goat. i was like 10 yrs old and i swore my site was popping kek. good times nona

No. 1321543

help am retarded, where do i go to learn how to customize my neocities?

and has anyone used neocities as an art portfolio/commission page?

No. 1321565

It's a static website host, any resources that teach html/css will help you. Some have already posted itt. There are portfolios and commission pages on Neocites, it works the same as any other page but you can get more eyes on it if you follow a lot of people.

No. 1321589

I’ve been working on a website through wix that compiles comfy images and archived images of toys and various other things I’ve had over the years. It will be password protected, but I’m thinking of letting some view it (though I’m not sure why they’d want to). It’s more of a place to store my memories and images and it’s also helped kick my shopping and collecting habits. Highly recommend!

No. 1321670

File: 1661901529364.png (60.63 KB, 797x610, publiclyshamingminors.png)

is lullabye making things up or did this actually happen

No. 1321673

probably being delusional idk it's not interesting enough. Blablabla ~muh gender~ same old.

No. 1321678

File: 1661901996690.gif (1.83 KB, 275x37, 1661574656119.gif)

let me post the better version of the banner you posted

No. 1321680

Idk how bootstrap works or how to "install" it, can someone explain please?

No. 1321681

ok thats what I thought. thanks

No. 1321683

You don't install anything, it's a toolkit. You can read the docs, it's just a bunch of code snippets to copy. It's mostly for programmers with no design sense or creativity.

No. 1321686

I'm the reverse, very creative but don't know how to code lol

No. 1321699

If it helps make it feel less intimidating, html and css aren't coding languages, they're formatting languages. You how how when you open a Word or a Google doc and you change the fonts and colors and underline things? That's all it is, but imagine that instead of clicking a button, you have to write a sentence to tell it to change colors. The syntax is not much more complicated than "make this paragraph blue."

No. 1321701

That's nice advice!

Is there any program I can use to avoid writing things and just click a button and shit happens?

No. 1321706

Look into web builders like Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, etc. Adobe DreamWeaver will work too if you really hate yourself. But I highly recommend just trying to learn how to do it yourself. You are smart enough to do it, and you'll feel very proud once you start figuring things out little by little. Any plain text editor can build a website.

No. 1321813

Ok, I made a site but what the hell do I put on it?

No. 1321821

The problem with these new non-social media sites is they get filled with either genderspecials or poltards and stormfrontfags. We need more well adjusted people to use these sites.

No. 1321834

The problem is that well-adjusted people do not exist anymore, every single faction of the internet pressures people into being one of them. There's no more critical thinking, you must be x or you're one of the bad ones and you're wrong. You cannot form your own thoughts and come to your own conclusions, all is handed down to you by the winning mayority of users. Neocities, being a platform where you make your own website, would obviously be occupied by one of those groups. It's the same internet brainrot, but in different flavors.

No. 1321841

And also, if you're not one of them, you're put into a category they decide for you. Oh you don't like trannyism? you're a literal alt-right nazi. Don't mind that there's different people with different backgounds and different reasons on why they would be critical of the gender identity cult.

So, since everyone seems to be conditioned to be "nice" and "not problematic" since childhood (instead of being taught to think for yourself and question people's motives), they all rush into the faction that seems the "nicest". If you're deemed problematic, your online social reputation will probably be tainted, and it does have repercutions both in real life and "the stink" will follow you wherever you go. Even if you changed your mind, there's no turning back and no forgiveness for these groups. The way these children are easily completely indoctrinated, be it by the poltards or the genderspecials, is very fucking alarming. No one seems to notice it or want to point it out. These groups seek young teens on purpose. Shit will only get worse in the future as these kids grow up and then have kids on their own, yesterday it was tumblr, today it is neocities, tomorrow there'll be more fuckery in the places you least expect.

No. 1321849

File: 1661913712044.png (26.49 KB, 261x237, wtf.png)

how the hell can someone misgender lullabye when it/mewself/purrself/angelself/she/he/starself/stupidfuckingretardself uses every fucking pronoun?

No. 1321854

I never got how you even use these. "Mewself is such a stupid retard!" it just doesn't roll on the tongue.

No. 1321859

you don't, it's just kawaii uwu nickname shit.

No. 1321869

You could have a page for your hobbies, music you like, hoard pngs, a guest book, maybe a page for your pets if you have any

No. 1321872

>Ok, I made a site but what the hell do I put on it?

Mine is mostly my art, and a blog/diary which I mostly use to bitch about my day.

No. 1321888

File: 1661916217630.jpg (341.32 KB, 685x417, starbit.jpg)

Lullabye's other sites (also recently made) can't keep their pronouns straight, either.

No. 1321924

Starbit sounds like a child. I'm the same age as her, and not the type to say "grow up", but I've always found this trend of "hiya!! i dont capitalize anything!! please please please i've never had a problematic thought in my life!!" concerning. Like she's advertising that she's meek, judges everyone for not being pure of heart or something, and is easily influenced.

On the topic of this thread, is SpaceHey in a similar vein to NeoCities? SpaceHey doesn't allow for much coding beyond bios but they have the same type of people on each site. SpaceHey was created to be a MySpace revival.

No. 1321944

File: 1661922072025.jpg (58.89 KB, 1080x408, IMG_20220831_080202.jpg)

This is bullshit, someone turned up on chips' page to tell them it's a shame they're being influenced by lullabye and that they don't know the whole truth. Chippy is being retarded as usual and going like "? But lull says I should trust her?" and lulls crew keeps lovebombing chippy, it's weird as fuck. I don't know why a group of adults is obsessed with this poor kid but I have a feeling it's not going to end well.
The whole reason why this drama even happened is because lullabye read into something that wasn't there, she assumed doko was vagueing chippy on some random post about shipping.

No. 1321950

This is dumb

No. 1321969

SpaceHey is either kids who grew up after MySpace died or people trying to promote their Only fans.

No. 1321970

>is SpaceHey in a similar vein to NeoCities?
While neocities hosts a lot of different websites, spacehey seems to be exclusively populated by zoomers nostalgic for a time they never experienced so they made a spacehey to fulfill their webcore, y2k, emo/scene dreams.

No. 1321973

i want chips to get the hell away from lullabye and preferably off the internet entirely. she still has a chance at being normal but less and less if this continues

No. 1321985

i started making a neocities site 2ish years ago but kind of gave up because it felt aimless. now i think i could build the site around my art probably, so maybe i'll get back into it

No. 1322013

>The problem is they rally people against you, and have a whole crusade like once a week or so.
oooohhh nnnnoooo, what are they going to do? send bad messages? Be a terf punk and don't give a shit. What these internet addicted children might do is not as bad as you think. Just use a fake name and that's it. You would only get deleted if you were popular enough.

No. 1322028

Are you me?

I had an account on FriendProject (another myspace clone) which admittedly was kinda cool, I liked the profile customisation and feed but the whole site was riddled with pronoun zoomers going on a cancelling crusade every other week or kids who used it as an alternative to shtwt. I only met one other decent person who did art and blogged about local gigs they went to.

No. 1322112

excited for an infiltration of lolcow nonnas on neocities. you bitches best not be all talk no action I expect to see some form of lolcow webring pop up posthaste

No. 1322154

File: 1661948777555.jpeg (97.01 KB, 655x794, 7zdShms.jpeg)

Is there any reason I should use <div> rows and columns over <table> other than for responsive web design? Any nonas favour one over the other?
I took a university web design class and obviously they taught modern web design so we learnt Bootstrap and constructing a fluid grid using <div> tags. My site I'm working on atm however is going to emulate that old web feel so I'm thinking I might as well just use <table> tags? And then just code another layout for mobile viewports. I'm also using jpgs for button elements a la old space jam site which I think the <table> format will be better for.

No. 1322162

Please do, nona. There's not much of sites that use old techinques and layout styles to get properly old vibe.

No. 1322167

I find <div> and grid/flexbox easier to mess around with and customize, but you could mess around with <table> too if you wanted to. Nothings stopping you. I only use <table> for actual tabular data personally. Websites in the form of tables definitely do enhance that old-school feel.

No. 1322221

The NSFW ban made it better for certain kinds of creators, but it's not perfect. Unless you're an aesthetic core artist, you'd be better with a Wordpress site (which can come off as much more professional). That being said, if you make an art series, making a tumblr blog about it with links to your main can't hurt. I've made Etsy sales from traffic stemming from themed micro blogs that I only update if I have something relevant to post there. The tagging system has improved, and I'm getting reblogs and likes on work that I posted 7 years ago.
Tumblr has its uses as a side tool, but you're right in that it isn't a good first choice for all artists.

No. 1322224

I loved The Palace. It's where I learned how to make pixel art.

No. 1322295

someone PLEASE bring back The Palace!!! i would give my eye-teeth to visit it again. didn't it have that chat dollhouse where you could join and enter levels and chat with people? does anyone else remember this?

No. 1322391

File: 1661968375292.png (590.85 KB, 739x414, 676764774676447647647647647634…)

Nta but I feel weird about using tumblr nowadays tbh. Tried it not too long ago, got 0 reblogs even though my art is "aesthetic" and well done, and then when I clicked on the tags I used I never found my art there, it was only teens talking about your usual twitter stuff. There's so much teenager cringe I don't think I can use it for art in a serious way anymore. Don't get me started on how there's still some NSFW porn in there even though it's supposedly banned. Search one simple word like "princess" and you'll find a bunch of hentai or ddgl shit.

No. 1322400

File: 1661968802600.jpg (36.54 KB, 401x427, efefsdws.jpg)

excuse me fellow human, but… eye-teeth?

No. 1322565

File: 1661979242098.png (815.44 KB, 1911x961, cinni.png)

I love this page, fulfills all my 2008 dreamy pastel pixel dreams.

Anyway this thread has inspired me to start a page myself but I just have no idea what I'd put/write on it. Like I know what my kid self would've put on it but those things don't necerssarily excite/inspire me now.

No. 1322764

They can't force you off the site and your site won't get deleted, but apparently some sites have been "shadowbanned" and are unable to comment on people's profiles. So if you did want to interact with other users including the normal ones, it's a little harder if they don't have a guestbook or email or something. I can see why that would be a downside for some people.

No. 1322829

It's probably hard to keep track of your pronouns when you're running no less than 5 identical websites. This is what our cherokee princess looks like btw. It was posted in doko's server before he kicked everyone. She has a riddler alter too (sorry danofags)

No. 1322835

Is there supposed to be an image?

No. 1322842

File: 1661996638354.png (302.48 KB, 420x420, unknown.png)

sorry I'm retarded

No. 1322843

this looks like one of those ai fake people generators lol. was a link posted to her instagram or something so we can verify?

No. 1322845

idk maybe if any of doko's mutuals post here they have proof since they used to be friends. i couldn't find any other matching profiles named starbit but she's a liar so this might as well be her

No. 1322856

is there a way to private my activity on neocities? everytime i update my site it gets shared on that stupid "latest activity" feed

No. 1322860

a) you can delete the most recent activity post and it will not update again for 24h.

b) you can disable your profile completely in settings > manage site settings > disable site profile

No. 1322861

thank you sm!!

No. 1322862

oh, and c) you can make your site NSFW. settings > manage site settings > 18+. you won't show up on the front page, and the 18+ tickbox for the search doesn't work, so it's a nice way to hide yourself.

you can browse 18+ by using urls, though:


No. 1322978

>It was posted in doko's server before he kicked everyone
I had a lurker account and it got kicked recently. I find it funny how they're all some flavor of trans, mentally ill, abused and sensitive kids yet they constantly talk about 4chan and how "it's not actually that bad". God forbid you're a terf though.

No. 1322988

If anyone wants free resources for html/css/js and doesn't like YouTube tutorials I recommend checking out rithim school! It's all text and has a bunch of free tutorials.

ot but I love seeing posts on twitter that are like "you can't compare transwomen who were /pol/ users and transmen who are ex-terfs they're completley different!!! /pol/'s just a website but terfs are LITERALLY fascists!!!" like literally the worst thing you can be online is an anti-tra woman

No. 1323680

can someone tell me how this person added this winamp music player to their site with a custom skin https://wildsage.neocities.org/
im too stupid to figure it out

No. 1323715

looks like they're using this https://github.com/captbaritone/webamp

but please dont put autoplay music on your site. it's really annoying.

No. 1323754

I don't know if this post has been linked here before but I liked it:
(sorry for tumblr)(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1323760

File: 1662091967810.gif (2.5 KB, 33x25, wingedorb.gif)

Animated gifs should make a comeback.

No. 1323807

Speaking of animated gifs/pixels…

Does anyone know about Yesterweb ring drama? I heard they had their own groomer and code stealing issues.
Personally I find code stealing as a concept ridiculous but it's funny when people get worked up about it.

No. 1323839


Yo what happened with the Yesterweb? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear there was a grooming scandal since the server has grown so big…there’s bound to be perverts hiding in there. Happened to join it when it was still under 100 members. Nowadays it’s so insufferable tho. Kind of feels like a cult tbh with how obsessive everyone in there gets about their little ~community~

No. 1323844

Here is the tea I got from the dokodemo server, and my own personal experience before getting booted. There were tons of minors in the yesterweb discord, but the adults didn't mind talking about sex and their kinks 24/7. I made a comment about it and not wanting to hear about people's sex life's all the time and I got labeled kinkphobic/queerphobic and therefore a TERF pipeline. That's literally all it can take, other users left for not subscribing to their vague tankie larp. Apparently sadness didn't like doko at all and banned him from yesterweb for petty reasons.
people in doko's server (not doko himself but other people who used to also be in yestwerweb) said that despite having pronouns in their bios, etc. the adults had no issue getting in minors dms and being creepy.

And apparently now NSFW is banned in the yesterweb server but it's kinkphobic to call it out kek

No. 1323847

in settings you can remove access to your profile

No. 1323851


Thanks for the update. Damn…I jumped ship from the server awhile ago (still managed to keep my account for lurking privileges tho) just because of all of the dumb kids. I haven’t the slightest earthly idea as to why it was decided to ever let minors into such a server to begin with…I mean, some of those kids weren’t even conceived yet when the “old web” existed, lul. But with such a wide range of ages there’s bound to be perverts among them…

Speaking of tankie: what the fuck is up with the server’s obsession with communism?! Seriously, that was one of main reasons why I had to leave the community. So frustrating trying to have a light-hearted conversation about missing MySpace and bullshit when somebody blurts out “let’s talk about Stalin”….

No. 1323861

>There were tons of minors in the yesterweb discord, but the adults didn't mind talking about sex and their kinks 24/7
Sounds like par of the course in these communities sadly. Like the other nonnie said, I don't see why keeping it adult only isn't an option.

No. 1323899

speaking of - are there any adult only yesterwebish discords?

No. 1323903

kek, not surprising. i joined it when it was still under 600 people just to check what's the hype about it. sadness and yesterweb in general gave off weird vibes, their opinion about irc and general obsession with "manifestos" as another way to sperg out how modern web bad was first red flag. now they openly littered their links section with communist garbage.

entire server was just annoying to be since you couldn't criticize anyone about how their sites are broken, mixed old deprecated tags with html5 and generally ugly layouts which were just nostalgiamining. when i re-joined later there was way more of sex and fetish talk which disgusted me, left instantly. They should make it adult only or have nsfw rooms accessible only after age verifications if they can't live without talking about their disgusting kinks.

I don't recall there were other servers but general neocities server which is sfw and apolitical, penny pages, is worth to check if you'll like it. it's kinda dead usually though

No. 1323919

The manifestos are so cringe, most of them are like "we should abandon corporate internet and decentralise it like back in the good old days!" and then on their website they have a links section where they link to all of their social media accounts Kek
Having a discord kind of beats the point as well.

No. 1323926

if they really wanted do this old way they'd use irc or have an irc bridge in their server. same for sites. if they really cared their markup would be clean, validated or used actually old techniques to make site feel retro. their links pages could be archived sites and fun old sites that are still up. but they still plaster their social media. social media brain can't cope and it shows.

once i read a random narticle which was "corporate web bad let's reclaim internet" and there was nothing about decentralization and buying own domains and hosting but about "platforms".

good personal sites are still niche but if you find one, they really are worth visiting again.

No. 1324093

are all of the front page sites on nc run by retards? i dont understand how doko gets bullied off but sadness is untouchable. i'm having a hard time believing that everyone in yesterweb even runs a site at all. are there caps of any of this? other than literally grooming minors the tankie larping sounds hilarious

No. 1324118

File: 1662131718895.png (17.19 KB, 668x250, help.png)

please does anynonnette know how i can get rid of this ? im the anon from before but i still havent figured it out. i legitimately cannot just disable it not on any of the entries i already posted or on new ones i try to write, it gets applied automatically and i cant set it to free/0 yen. i really dont want to lose my blog, i dont even remember agreeing to this at all…
search results even when looking up in japanese comes up with no solutions…

No. 1324122

doko only got bullied off because shes a sensitive tif, that's all really. Yesterweb seems to have a larger and stronger community in that regards

Also apparently crystal.cafe was a part of the yesterweb webring until they found out it's full of terfs kek

No. 1324288

File: 1662140476847.png (190.6 KB, 1300x771, longv.png)

>doko only got bullied off because shes a sensitive tif
Agreed. Picrel is a sample of a discord meltdown after the Roxelle drama tl;dr lots of whining.

Compared to lullabye, doko is less of an self-righteous asshole and just needs to grow up a little and get proper help. But when you think about it, doko and lullabye are really similar, aren't they? They have the same mental problems and histories of being stalked by an abusive ex and legions of haters. The way they type is similar. Somehow lullabye always seems to know what doko is thinking. Consider that doko is actually one of lullabye's alters.

No. 1324307

File: 1662141291315.png (306.36 KB, 540x530, tumblr_ea0154417b8b746b636f8ca…)

Where can I get free website themes that I could copy paste the code from?

No. 1324437

prove that you spent more than 2 seconds looking on your own

No. 1324446

Don’t have any screenshots on hand rn, but I can say from personal experience from my brief time in the Yesterweb server that the most outspoken & outrageous people almost never had websites of their own. Or if they did, it was carrd bullshit that only consisted of like, one page. So infuriating

Something about doko is so fishy! I remember reading their blog like a year back, and they admitted that they’re a highschool drop out neet with no job. I wouldn’t be surprised if these chronically-online teens were just sitting around making a million different “alter” accounts to stir shit up

No. 1324494

Even though that post is very melodramatic I don't think they're that similar. Doko strikes me as one of those fakebois that do their best to appeal to a slightly edgy 4chan lite crowd, strangely enough it's a common tif archetype.

No. 1324550

nta but I'm having trouble too. What do you search for? I google free css/html templates and such but nothing useful comes up. I swear I remember there were so many ready made templates back in the day.

No. 1324567

https://sadgrl.online/webmastery/layouts/ (I know)

If you're looking for those anime layouts, those are harder to find but they still exist on Wayback.

No. 1324581

Thank you anon!
I have, multiple times, I only know where to find tumblr themes though. Sorry that I'm not tech savvy

No. 1324630

Thanks! Some of this really hit home with the nostalgia. I looked up my fav old premade codes website from like, 2008-2009, but nothing was archived properly unfortunately.

>those anime layouts

I have honestly no idea what type of layouts this refers to but now I'm curious

No. 1324669

File: 1662155788696.jpg (58.62 KB, 580x435, 3295507560.jpg)

These. The overused photoshop brush layouts.

No. 1324694

File: 1662157517908.jpg (6.3 KB, 329x153, images(8).jpg)

Who remembers these types of layouts? I'm very nostalgic of this type of graphic design in particular, you know the blended pictures of a celeb with a bunch of photoshop brushes and textures. Every girl on the internet made them back around 2008-2012.

No. 1324695

File: 1662157559720.jpg (8.37 KB, 242x208, 9).jpg)

No. 1324706

I'm going to be honest since I am marxist, but I agree that yesterweb having a political stance that extreme defeats the purpose of the webring in the first place. So much thought policing .
Anyone remember that dude that pretends to be 3 dogs in one "system" lol

No. 1324771

File: 1662163884026.png (540.7 KB, 804x486, GitYAx3.png)

From simsecret. Lullabye is gyarutrait on Tumblr and simblr doesn't like her either.

No. 1324772

File: 1662163907229.png (93.47 KB, 671x531, nlwILxs.png)

No. 1324783

>post links in thread for anons to get cute assets for their sites
>don't use it
Is it because it's in japanese? Anyway

No. 1324784

File: 1662165454962.jpg (239.28 KB, 864x1920, tumblr_ec43c180ec7abd7d6341c3c…)

No. 1324786

I thought she was white in No. 1322842?

No. 1324792

File: 1662166490726.gif (40.64 KB, 100x100, 229105.gif)

Question, would someone hate me if I stole their neocities html code but modified with my own stuff?

No. 1324795

help. yall love to lurk in the doko discord but fail 2 read… it was a fake image lol…

No. 1324796

Probably since it's most likely coded from scratch, but some people don't mind so I suggest just to ask if your unsure

No. 1324798

yes most neocities users constantly complain about code theft, if you do end up going this route try to change more than just a few pictures and text content, you can move around elements on a page and it look completely different. I also recommend writing some of the code in a different order so it isn't exact. Style elements can be rearranged I'm pretty sure. You can also revamp CSS to the point it is entirely different.

No. 1324800

The children probably would. Funny thing is that stealing code was how we did it back in the day. We didn't have the resources that are available now.

No. 1324804

I'm gonna be honest the drama posted itt isn't even entretaining, the discussion between the nonnas is more fun. Not opposed to it, just saying

No. 1324807

This is true for every thread tbh

No. 1324815

File: 1662168535221.jpeg (45.64 KB, 625x415, 8810CC54-ADAA-4BDB-9029-D2DC3C…)

>join a community intended to emulate the 90s/early 00s internet
>get upset about people rehashing and using what you post online
Oh zoomers.

No. 1324840

File: 1662170609991.jpg (211.59 KB, 1209x661, ettudis_v__20_my_love_is_dead_…)

>if they really cared their markup would be clean, validated or used actually old techniques to make site feel retro.
hey nona, can you expand on that please? i'm not really into (recent) webdev but this sparked my interest, and i only have previous html knowledge from tumblr themes

i do! i had a lot of roleplay blogs on tumblr and you bet i did personalized graphics and icons for every single one.
my absolute FAVORITE was ettudis. i am so so sad that her tumblr was privated and i think her site is gone too.
it gives me such a warm feeling to look at these graphics, it takes me back instantly to the hot afternoons looking for psds and pngs packs on deviantart then kinda throwing it all together on multiply to see if it worked lol

No. 1324843

File: 1662170808258.jpg (258.48 KB, 1258x633, ettudis_v_18_by_ejoco_d4mq439-…)

another one of my faves, her username on deviantart is ejoco for those interested

No. 1324848

I really wanna make a cute old school site like these, but I don’t know what to put on it. I don’t make art or anything. Nonnas who have small handmade sites, what do you put on them and how did you pick? Also, does anyone ever think about making an accompanying old school forum? I dream about it but I’m terrified of being a moderator.

No. 1324853

The tranny cabal is so transparent here. "NOOOO YOU CAN'T MAKE A FORUM WITHOUT ON OF OUR MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES AS A MODERATOR." And this is why trannies end up taking over everything and running it into the dirt.

No. 1324854

did you ever make them, anon? i used to make tons of them. how many of us anons used to make them?

No. 1324861

phpbb is still around if anyone would like to give it a shot.

No. 1324965

That's hilarious because on Everskies she was infamous as well. She got banned over 4 times on different accounts because she kept coming back to bully kids that didn't want to divulge private information. She's a freak

No. 1325069

At the end of the day, if you change the order of the css, class names etc. nobody can really give you shit for anything. Most css is sourced from somewhere else, most peoples pages are obviously inspired by something else.
When starting, I liked to use snippets of code that I liked from other peoples sites, and then slowly I learned to incorporate that into my code without just copying.
Anyone who's hell bent on hating on and chasing away people that copy code is a retard, as if they never searched something on stack overflow kek

There's been a trend of neocities users making free layouts recently, but they're probably hard to search for in search engines. Here's one that I can remember at the top of my head, if I find any others I'll link them in this thread

No. 1325242

you basically paste/upload your markup and it will check for any errors, so you can debug your site way easier. both html and css
>clean markup
basically you can read it and it isn't minified, like on most of modern websites
>used old techniques
tables are fun for really early 00s look. for late 00s stuff you posted, you just use divs. basically like you did it back in the day

No. 1326240

There, I started one. One small step.
I've always been really shy about sharing my current art projects and shit to anyone, even as a nonna, so hopefully this is a big step for my fragile self-confidence.
Awaiting my first hatemail for linking lolcow first thing on my shoddy basic page, sounds like a fun time tbh ladies!

No. 1326553

I was the same! I used to be more insecure when it comes to posting my opinions about things online but shouting into a void seems to have helped with that kek

No. 1326570

I will obsessively search through the page of newly created sites until I find yours. :)(:))

No. 1326586

>linking lolcow
Are you really stupid. That's basically begging to send retarded woke zoomers to shit up the place here here, as if we haven't already been having an influx of retarded newfags lately. Why'd you want to out yourself as a farmer anyway when your art is attached to it.

No. 1326594

You are dumb

No. 1326616

This. Why would you link lolcow. We already have enough twitter/tiktok retards as it is

No. 1326631

To be quite honest, zoomers literally do not read your website or pay attention to the content at all. All they care is how pretty the site is and what kind of anime pictures/pixels you share.

5amgirlfriend, a super popular wesbite that went inactive five months ago only recently got outed as a terf because someone finally decided to read her entries. She also mentioned lc in a section of her site but nobody still caught on to that. Keep in mind, she mentioned it over a year ago or more.
I also mentioned lc in passing a couple of times, frequently say something terfy or random slurs yet plenty of trannies follow me and never send me any kind of messages or call me out. They just actually do not read. I like that way because there's less controversies honestly, and someone that actually might agree with your stances and opinions might come across the link, and we could gain a normal lurker.
I would suggest slightly obscuring the link and hiding it deeper in your website, but other than that I doubt the outcome will be disastrous if you openly admit to browsing imageboards.

No. 1326636

Wow. I just read it for the first time. What she said was so well thought out, mature, and real. She's growing and figuring out who she is as a person, and all these Zoomers are shitting on her. Fuck them all.

No. 1326639

aw nonny, makes me wish i found her blog sooner. it's such an interesting diary!! i hope she is doing much better now. i love the art, but especially her textposts.

No. 1326645

I'm glad a lot of people still support her in her guestbook, despite the raging children.

No. 1326648

Does anyone happen to have screenshots of what she wrote? Her website is a nightmare to browse on phone.

No. 1326649

No. 1326675

Jesus I didn’t know about the amount of drama that went on in neocities. I didn’t even know it had an actual community where users mingle, I just thought it was like a better weebly or wordpress kek.
I’ve been working on my site as a side hobby for a few months. I’m probably 90% done but now I’m hearing about how neocities is getting worse and as bad as tumblr? I just share my interests and creations, so is there anything to worry about? I disabled my site profile too, I don’t want to get neocities followers or be seen on the browse pages, I just want to share with my friends and social media followers.

No. 1326681

Honestly nonna, I think neocities could never measure up to the toxicity of TTT (twitter, tumblr, tiktok) because of its format. Even though people abuse the hell out of the status updates and spread negativity by posting mean comments to other people's profiles and guestbooks, I feel like because the focus of neocities is the content of your actual site, drama could never be as prevalent. Retarded TTT zoomers will always find a way to start shit regardless of what platform they're on, but neocities seems to make it a little more difficult. I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially since you disabled your profile. Just post your stuff and leave.

No. 1326692

File: 1662295315773.png (1.99 MB, 1112x4055, 5amgfxx.png)

This is an imageboard.

No. 1326767

File: 1662300577037.png (58.48 KB, 785x742, sdfasfasfdasdfas.png)

Did anyone see Suni's latest statements on her profile? I'm glad she's not letting lullabye's cabal keep her down.

No. 1326783

File: 1662301454171.png (93.36 KB, 1222x939, yuifoahjdsklfas.png)

Looks like she and her friends are planning to move off Neocities and make their own website hosting platform.
>no restrictions on file types
Sounds like a fucking nightmare, that's just not safe at all.
>invite only
I wish they'd at least pretend it's not just a little club for her and her tranny friends.
Also note how there's no mentions of TOS, privacy policy, moderation, etc., but she did include links to a mascot design and profile mockup. Great priorities!
Seriously, I just would not want to touch this with a ten foot pole. I feel sorry for anyone who trusts their information with this group of maladjusted hikineet discord trannies who got bullied off Neocities and want to isolate in the nekoweb.cafe echo chamber.

No. 1326784

thanks for posting anon

No. 1326788

File: 1662301572575.png (1.46 MB, 3828x2100, stupid mascot.png)

No. 1326797

that's so ugly and uninspired.

No. 1326798

File: 1662301915160.jpg (200.15 KB, 1080x1854, IMG_20220904_173044.jpg)

I'm glad she stood her ground, and got a big laugh from lullabye first reacting extremely aggressively when this was posted, only to backtrack and make a huge apology post. Another silly thing I noticed was that sparklelollipop or whatever her name is, said how good it was of lullabye to apologize when she was the one going along with the whole electric chair spam herself.

This exact thing happens on every damn community that's littered with kids. I've been a long time follower of random dressup game communities, and every time some controversy happens a small circlejerk decides to start their own special website with "better" moderation, except it never takes off because it's too much work.

No. 1326802

>a private cool kids club filled with trannies who don't go outside
As if this isn't a perfect recipe for the same exact lullabye disaster that just happened, kek. She seemed relatively unbothered in her return but I can't help but think that the stuff she hypes for the website she's working on now doesn't come across as genuinely wanting to make a better neocities as much as it is her wanting a hugbox. I think the UI and mascot are cute fwiw, but the idea of having no file limitations and an invite only system is fucking terrible. I hope for that group's own sakes that they either give up the website because it's too much work, or they realize how embarrassing they're being and forget about it.

It's hilarious how she can't accept the fact that she lost in silence, she has to make it all about her with some nonhuman misgendering identity bullshit to try to still get that moral high ground. These bitches have got to go outside.

No. 1327044

>treating someone as a person is transphobic now
Hahaha what the fuck, I hope this isn’t an actual thing people believe outside of a few crazy outliers. It’s like they want to call out even anyone who could possibly respect them

No. 1327078

File: 1662320438240.jpg (102.14 KB, 1080x465, IMG_20220904_224026.jpg)

It's especially horrible when you think about it a bit
>Claims to be poc
>Doesn't see herself as a person/human
And then you see her write this on her Tumblr. Lacking some introspection there

No. 1327082

what an absolute retard

No. 1327088

This is absolutely retarded imo.

This person is smart, I like what she wrote.

No. 1327098

File: 1662322116070.jpg (369.76 KB, 1080x1961, premades.jpg)

Here's more premade layouts I found

No. 1327155

This gives me hope for the youth tbh

No. 1327382

you mind posting some more of the settings screencapped and censoring whatever?

No. 1329515

File: 1662525677237.png (106.99 KB, 1015x421, yester.png)

just a taste and peek into what yesterweb is like and what the people in it think like

No. 1329517

the very same people who want LCF down because their friends had threads, but 4chan is fine

No. 1329522

File: 1662526187009.png (112.11 KB, 796x687, keffalsdefender.png)

No. 1329524

because 4chan was infiltrated with trannies and majority of jannies are fucking troons. they delete anti-troon shit constantly. see kf thread about how kiwifarms/keffals and anti-troon threads are purged on /pol/

No. 1329531

4chan literally created a vast amount of the internet trannies you see online. Which is amusing considering 4chan blames """feminism""" for the surge in trannies. Nope, there were trannies posting in r9k since it's inception and they've masturbated themselves into psychosis and need a way to blame women for it.

No. 1329532

File: 1662527992986.png (28.55 KB, 393x260, yesterweb2.png)

Kek this is the munchie tranny whose friend apparently got "stalked" by lolcow for also being a munchie tranny. I wonder who it is. He shared this story in the discord at least 10 times

No. 1329533

File: 1662528225610.jpg (40.43 KB, 376x377, 724183ae8fff90179c079a351445cd…)

No one here is stalking anyone IRL. That's a very male thing to do. The most anyone would do here is laugh at you from the internet and post caps of you making a fool of yourself. They really wanna project their deranged inclinations onto us as if we give a fuck about anything besides having the freedom of a women's space as well as the freedom to mock the absurdity of retards on the internet.

No. 1329535

exactly. they believe that ""feminism"" is the culprit and not them, they don't see that they are people with terrible personalities that never leave their fucking rooms and don't want to change it. these men thought if they will "become" women they will own women for supposed crimes against them. it's perfect breeding ground for trannies

No. 1329537

File: 1662528901998.png (15.28 KB, 681x102, 4chanprettypictures.png)

This shit is unbelievable and I've been seeing it more and more lately. It's hard to take in honestly. 4chan became so mainstream to the point where even hardcore wokies will justify using it, despite the troonsphobia, raging misogyny, racism etc. but a site for women by women is seen as the ultimate evil.

No. 1329538

Very true. I've seen a literal dead body someone posted after killing a female relative on 4chan before. But no, won't someone think of the poor troons, evil lolcow is making fun of men and it's basically terrorism

No. 1329542

terms like 'based' and 'redpill' 'pickme' were taken from chan culture and lingo here but they want to claim it on twitter when it's mainstream like the wojacks

No. 1329543

File: 1662530599410.png (50.78 KB, 733x277, hina2.png)

thank god anon I thought I was the only one noticing how deranged this transbian is
i'm betting the threads they're crying about are v-kei or weeb based

No. 1329553

Never forget the groomer cesspit that was r9cute

No. 1329555

In what world is KF more necessary to take down than 4chan absolute fucking retards.

No. 1329596

On /gd/ that more people defend "y2k institute" compared to few years earlier when they had a thread openly shitting in them. There's widly different userbase on some boards than it used to be. /mu/, /fa/ or cesspit that /ic/ is nowdays are completely different than when I started to browse ages ago. I wonder if /mu/ has sharethreads at this point

No. 1330616

True, there's been a big change in online spaces, partly because of the pandemic I think. I stopped visiting 4chan regularly in 2018 and a few times I decided to check it out recently the massive change in posters and board culture gave me whiplash.

No. 1330645

what's wrong with y2k institute? like the tumblr blog for aesthetic pics of 90s futuristic shit?

No. 1332849

File: 1662717590596.png (88.14 KB, 568x408, chii.png)

>when you hate proshippers but center your tumblr around a pedobait character
Lullabye is my favourite personal cow of the year

No. 1332866

The drama posted itt is boring, can we go back to posting about our personal websites?

No. 1334008

does anyone know any fun lil widgets I can put on my website? I don't really care about making it look good, I just want to put a bunch of stupid shit on it. I already have 4 different virtual pets on it.

No. 1334052

I started making a neocities page and it's so fun! I remember fuckall from school/editing tumblr themes but when I finally figure out how to make something work its like so satisfying lmao. My end goal is just a basic bitch site to show my film photography and silly little hobbies as I feel like on sm we can only post best of the best and I want to share ALL of my cringe. Oh I definitely want to make 2 clusterfuck shrines for my favourite anime characters lmao

No. 1334063


That needs to be a banner on here

No. 1334071

>as I feel like on sm we can only post best of the best and I want to share ALL of my cringe
I always thought that was only encouraged on instagram, I think you can post fun, silly shit on tumblr and twitter and not look out of place.

No. 1334083

twitter is gay tho. I am a long term tumblr user (sine 2013 yikes) but it just doesn't hit the same. I think the fact no one can interact with your direct postings on neocities is quite attractive.

No. 1334117

I like the let's-make-personal-websites concept of the Yesterweb but GOOD LORD, as someone whose country is surrounded by communist neighbors with horrible human rights records, I don't really like her pro-communist views.

No. 1334134

why bother putting professional diagnosis but also letting you just claim you self diagnose as long as you really pinkie promise you're a true sperg lol

No. 1334147

Probably because they'd get in trouble for being classist if you had to prove you had a professional diagnosis kek
It's very much against the current zeitgeist

No. 1334292

kek nonna it really does, I almost spit my water out

No. 1334305

True, I agree. But I feel bad that these websites could have been used this way to begin with, and were used this way at the very beginning, and are now so polluted with bullshit and people who don't know how to behave online. I don't know, it's bittersweet.

No. 1334618

File: 1662833898585.png (153.03 KB, 609x529, scr.png)

Good resource page for you nonnies

No. 1334634

I remember from long long ago there was a html code that made text glitter or the background of a line of text glitter. Not a gif but the actual text. I can't find it anymore, does anyone know what the code was? Assuming it's not obsolete.

No. 1334687

I don't do that much visual stuff with codes but I think you'd have to combine several elements together and it would be easier to use CSS than HTML for that. or at least i have never ran into a specific HTML element you could use to make glitter text. especially if you want the sparkles to move and not just be static you'd probably need CSS animation elements

No. 1334750

This is common on Forums. Look around at phpBB and XenForo sites until you see sparkling username

No. 1334759

File: 1662840303027.gif (21.08 KB, 90x68, QgNg07q.gif)

No. 1335012


No. 1335164

File: 1662864200170.jpg (83.3 KB, 700x693, 9ae25f937337d5700a74443db500b6…)

Cool site with a couple of webzines. I especially like the "Mia's beauty tips" link that just opens up picrel in a new tab

No. 1335188

American 2000s culture is so overrated I swear, but this is a nice find. Thanks nonnu

No. 1335218

this was 100% what the "rocker kids" at my jr high in 2001 looked like
except at least one kid needs to have a black shirt that is a few shades more faded than their black pants

No. 1335320

this brings back memories of a guy I had a crush on, he ended up joining the marines and became a douche after highschool

No. 1335393

Nonnies, does anyone have recommendations of forums for weeb discussions that are still active?
I can't wrap my head around anilist and it seems to have too many kids, mal forums seem like a big circlejerk but I'm willing to give them a try because of the sheer size. /a/ is shit and I haven't used it since 2015. I just want to talk about anime and manga again but the lc threads are too slow, while small discord communities feel too intimate so I end up only lurking.

No. 1335551

>space jam site knock-off
>images doesn't load and you can't even read that zine
>zine viewer is load of buggy javascript
i wish these people really put more effort just to make their sites work over looks. at least you can read stuff there but most of old web types and by extension carrd kids use most hideous unreadable fonts.

No. 1336207

https://ita.toys/ really cool site

No. 1336393

its really cool, but this girl def wishes she was born japanese so bad.

No. 1336507

but this is so not the old web

No. 1336512

Old web isn't the only prerequisite for this thread nonnie

No. 1336540

Whenever I buy (redacted) on the darknet I always send my spare change to neocities. I know its only a few bucks, and part of those few bucks are eaten by transfer, but it feels good to support a niche community like this.

No. 1337387

Does anyone recommend ichi.city for making a website?

No. 1337406

What do you think it would change? She suits lolita/j-fashion really well.

No. 1337489

they're affiliated with yesterweb, assume that any different views might get your account banned or deleted

No. 1338095

is this a good starting point to learn web dev?

No. 1338100

samefag i want to get into coding to make games, i wanna make a gamedev blog to start.

No. 1338114

FreeCodeCamp is good from my experience. I'm not a professional by any means but it helped me understand a lot of concepts

No. 1338124

It should definitely be plenty enough, but imo html and css are easy enough that you can just learn them by going to w3schools and looking at it tag by tag. They're not really coding languages where you need a ton of logic and they don't have a hard syntax to grasp.
If you want to make a more modern website then you definitely want to know javascript. Specifically if you're interested in libraries/frameworks like react and angular where you basically make single-page applications that just render elements onto your page without your typical loading i.e. most modern websites today.

No. 1338139

We absolutely need more women in tech. The amount of techbros that abuse their abilities and resources to stalk women and profit off of it is unreal. I think women need to learn online security badly and reclaim coding as being a woman’s activity because the direction we are going in is so bad.

No. 1338304

thanks didnt know about that website it looks really interesting

No. 1338604

Digdeeper used to be a front page site and he was a based tinfoiler and anti-TRA guy.
He's recently left Neocities though, funnily enough at the same time or shortly after Doko deleted her site.

No. 1338865

Im taking an internet security class so I can know how to be a super ultra creep. I also have a neocities that's under construction because I want to make it more interesting. But basically I want to make it an "unsupervised internet simulator" to illustrate how it felt being "raised by the internet"

one of my pages is the manosphere, another is the darkweb filled with dark ass pedo shit, one is about fascists…

but i can't stop at one. I'm going to revamp everything once I'm done with my class(WTF)

No. 1338870


oh yeah and the whole thing is it's a randomized array link, so when you click on the link it brings you to a random page so you never know what to expect

I do want to add some kind of content warning though because although none of it is explicit (I dont want to get banned) I think it is disturbing to stumble upon fascist or pornographic shit even if it's just implied… especially because the dark web one is just about child pornography…

side note, and I cannot express this enough, it is actually so so easy to see CP on the clearnet and it has traumatized me enough that I will never ever get into internet security jobs for that reason.
Imagine being the lolcow mod and having to delete child porn all day. fuck that shit

No. 1338927

another hosting alternative for static sites

No. 1338941

Rancid vibes.

No. 1338964

> side note, and I cannot express this enough, it is actually so so easy to see CP on the clearnet and it has traumatized me enough that I will never ever get into internet security jobs for that reason.
so you’re traumatized by seeing cp but are gonna expose other people to suggestive content of children that is basically cp just “not explicit”? anon what the actual fuck is wrong with you, apart from that i thought it could have been a cool idea but jesus christ.

No. 1339175

Agreed, it might be better to leave at least everything alluding to cp out of it. I find the idea interesting but how to actually pull it off without giving people trauma or showing other too fucked up shit.

No. 1339221

it's run by same person who runs ichi.city. see >>1337489

No. 1339378

I'm not actually showing CP…

No. 1339379

also giving people trauma? I don't know what you're imagining but I highly doubt that me doing a point and click web page with dark vibes is going to give people trauma. I thought the content warning would be enough … think like LISA the game…

No. 1339381

Anon, I see where you got that impression now, I'm sorry. I'm not including pictures… I'm including text. Text of people being like "10 bitcoins for pics you won't see anywhere else" (only not like that) that i've screenshotted.. hell no I am not putting any child's photo on my site lmao

No. 1339728

Why did you split this over three replies? If you have more to add you can delete your post within the first 30 minutes and repost. Please integrate.

No. 1339860

sorry anon, wasn't thinking!

No. 1341053

File: 1663267953640.png (47.03 KB, 300x619, ad1d2.png)

For nonnies that need layouts, here's a compilation

No. 1342747

File: 1663577172792.jpg (243.98 KB, 1582x896, whosgoingtobethethirdone.jpg)

For the nonnie that asked about neocities suicide bait caps, these are the two I've witnessed just this week. Can't wait for the next round of suicide-baiting to begin!

No. 1342787

influx of children on neocities is so damn tiresome. they use comments/profile as a twitter substitute, can't shut up and just are attention whores. i observed neocities since 2017 and it used to be slightly better before old web meme/yestershit blew up, despite massive user turnout (which still happens). Some get supporter, own domain and later they move completely off Neocities. Site is broken and Kyle Drake prefers his geocities and myspace archives (they are both great though) than trying to fix Neocities which just feels abandoned for few years already.

No. 1343072

This is so embarrassing. It's painful to see people genuinely try to help (or maybe just virtue signaling?) when really all it does is feed into an unstable attention whore's delusion. People who actually intend to die don't announce their plans. They just do it. I wish that more people knew that so they could protect themselves from this bait. Force the scam artists to take up a more sophisticated con.

No. 1343075

this is a lot worse than i expected from your description earlier. whew.

No. 1343103

how old are these people? i refuse to believe they are over 12

No. 1343141

File: 1663597657769.png (604.38 KB, 454x570, strawbabie cringe.png)

adilene is 22, chip is 12 or 13 but definitely a kid who everyone lovebombs. He posts a lot especially concerning his abusive family and it's worrying how so many adults interact with him.
I agree with you nonny, I feel like I was late to the party with making a site in 2020.
It's so embarrassing and annoying, they both made at least 3 posts about it and then a ton of people I barely see interacting with them started making statuses about it too. Straight up twitter and I'm sick of it. And then you have lullabye making diary posts like these which honestly cracked me up.

No. 1343153

this is a woman right

No. 1343157

Well she says she's intersex, amab, but has endo and menstruates. Could it swyer's? I'm not really familiar with intersex conditions.

No. 1343165

>our previous host
Could someone explain?

No. 1343172

the old days of the web made me so passionate about programming. but the reality of being a programmer and working with men is so different sigh. why couldn't all of the girlbosses from y2k become programmers too so i didn't have to work with these shitheads?

No. 1343193

File: 1663600638104.png (3.88 KB, 241x209, angefire.png)

Awesome thread, i love all the old internet stuff. Tbh i was getting pretty angry since the internet started rapidly changing. The first warning signs were adverts everywhere, in 2009/2010. And of course social media ruined everything further.
In my country, we used to have our own national blog platforms, a lot of them actually. As well as other website creators. Everything went to dust, because they wanted to be ~modern~. First the blogging platforms stopped functioning, would eat up whatever we wrote, would receive errors and stuff. Then old site skins got yeeted and we could only make those modern ass "professional" blogs. Then, everything was deleted without any warning. So there's pretty much no archive of our old internet, except for bits and leftovers saved on wayback machine.

I was surprised to discover that Angelfire is still working, though. Made a stupid personal site there like in 2016 or something. Of course the layouts look pretty new and ugly, so I mastered my site in html until i got Angelfire Y2K standard: black background and neon-colored font in Times New Roman. Fuck social media

No. 1343263

smells like a lying bitch to me. iirc i don't think people with swyer's menstruate naturally. also, having swyer's/being an xy female would not make someone amab. usually, those with swyer's are assigned female at birth and the disorder is usually not detected until teenage years once it's noticed that they have not hit female puberty yet.

my guess is that this is one of those bitches who thinks having pcos makes you intersex and wants to cash in on those sweet sweet oppression points. either that or they really do have swyer's but are so stupid/intentionally misleading that they conflate having xy chromosomes and being assigned male at birth. regardless, special snowflake oppression points await!

No. 1343271

She's just a kid lying about being male on the internet to seem more interesting. I've known tons of girls like her and with the rise of troonacy it's only going to continue. As a terminally online teen the only "cis male" in my trannie friend group had an absurdly high female voice at age 18. She also spoke three languages, excelled in school, and was an exceptional painter despite suffering from early onset schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder… kek The only thing she ever proved was being good at art. Point is chronic liars are all over the internet. Chippy is just a young girl who realised she could tell tall tales on the net without consequence.

No. 1343285

File: 1663605263819.png (52.46 KB, 742x481, Captura.png)

im taking a break from neocities (and most internet in general) but i still check lullabye (now strawbabie)'s profile like a newspaper, every day she has some new drama going on and its just so entertaining to watch, how does she survives on the outside world when every single thing makes her have a psychotic attack.
i never paid attention back when she followed me (she lovebombed me pretty often tho) and i just blocked during the whole doko drama, glad i dodged the bullet

No. 1343324

She is so cringe it makes me want to a-log. Is it normal to hate someone just because they're cringe?

No. 1343325

Sounds like you nonnas are most likely right.
She's great entertainment, I definitely hate this migration of retards to neocities but at the very least I'm going to get some enjoyment out of it.

No. 1343357

File: 1663607817943.png (444.94 KB, 1164x882, LYING RACEFAKING BITCH.png)

this is new, lullabye/strawbabie is suddenly jewish and romani too now? looks like they added that to their bio once they changed their url. is faking being cherokee not enough? they have to lie about being romani and jewish too now? this screams "LOOK HOW TOTALLY ETHNIC I AM!!1" this bitch is such an obvious liar holy shit. it is so obvious they added this in for attention and to seem more "unique" when before they were only claiming to be cherokee.


http://web.archive.org/web/20220831013313/https://lullabye.neocities.org/about.html - proof

No. 1343359

This is so embarrassing… especially when coupled with the grind saga for this totally male female and suicidebaiting

No. 1343366

When she used to remake accounts on everskies in order to harass kids that weren't woke enough by her standards she'd always make up a new identity, I guess her on neocities is all of her previous identities in one kek

No. 1343461

Part of me wants to make a Web 1.0 page with no css and another wants to go fucking nuts and fill it with GIFs and sparkly garbage. Feel like I’m 13 again making important decisions for my fansite. How are yous decorating your pages?

No. 1343562

I love decorations and weird layouts and sparkles and animations. It's the best part of the web!

No. 1344024

People lying about being Romani is pretty common on the internet. In fact, it's so common, that Romani internet users call these kind of people "fauxmani'.
Before you know it Lullabye is gonna stop faking being Romani because Roma are gonna ask her stuff like "What nation are you?" "What family are you descended from?" (These are all very common questions Roma ask each other on the Internet).

No. 1344218

File: 1663659426473.gif (8.79 KB, 204x77, computer-bored.gif)

>How are yous decorating your pages?
I use a lot of bgs and icons from foollovers. I try to keep a relatively clean looking page with only a few transparent weeby images. I do love cluttered looking sites though.

No. 1344224

i love this gif so much. do you have anymore?

No. 1344226

File: 1663659773497.gif (8.5 KB, 186x214, nature1.gif)

No. 1344245

thanks anon! a little disturbed that so many are "sexy" though… i thought most were not going to be "sexy"/sexualized at all given how cutesy and young they look

No. 1344248

File: 1663662709013.gif (6.58 KB, 157x146, sickofwork.gif)

To be fair, I always got the idea that the gyaru is an adult, she's often depicted in a work setting like pic-related. Wedding setting too.

No. 1344255

The gyaru character is supposed to be the chibi version of an adult gyaru girl, not a kid.

No. 1344261

File: 1663664024725.png (9.7 KB, 211x138, eh.PNG)

when many are extremely toddler-like in behavior and dress and also huge headed with tiny bodies and massive eyes, and then are super sexualized it's still jarring. js, i expected something different from the first (very cute, relatable) one. i just also came across ones where they're having sex… just a very uncomfortable amalgamation of characteristics

No. 1344266

To me that character clearly looks like an adult, and the sexualization could be from the perspective of the woman herself, like feeling sexy and flirty and enjoying cuddling her bf

No. 1344302

File: 1663667552799.gif (207 KB, 500x500, b6e997fdce033838378b3bc7369b63…)

It has always been a chibi representation of adult women drawn by an adult woman anon. I'm not going to explain the nuances of gyaru and why this pixel art exists right now because I'm not too invested in this conversation. If you want to discuss this go to the artsalt thread where this topic is talked about every single week. Not everything with this art style has to be aimed to literal children, sorry you had to be sensitive to this, there's other pixel gifs like picrel for you literally anywhere else.

No. 1344310

File: 1663668036876.gif (7.1 KB, 128x108, b756a48c8844a81d81935be90288af…)

Are you a literal child? It would make sense considering plenty of underaged twitterfags are using neocities now. There's other gifs that the same creator has made, not just the spicy ones. Literally just keep scrolling or close the tab

No. 1344315

Unrelated, but I wish there were geocities-like themes for blogger. I'd love to start blogging, but if it's on a platform that you don't know how long it will be around for what's the point?

No. 1344325

File: 1663669065318.jpg (1.34 MB, 2310x3300, 100.jpg)

it's gyaru anon, it has always been like this. These are aimed at young adult women.

No. 1344370

Probably some brand of a young zoomer because I've been seeing these gyaru pixels since early 2000s.

No. 1344395

they were made by a company on 2008, the gyaru drawings and other pixel emotes and such were for members only (if you register on their site, you can use them on apps like like and docomo phones as if they were emojis), but people quickly spread them around.
here's their website (if you visit it using mobile you get more info than on pc)

No. 1344401

i'm not a young zoomer, i've just never really seen sexualized versions of these kind of cute pixelarts and think they're a little uncomfortable given they're highly sexual and look very childlike. maybe they were less spread around by girls or i just rarely saw them because i was never a weeb. i was more in dollpalace type circles, different kind of pixel art was prioritized

No. 1345135

The amount of pronoun zoomers on Neo is hilarous, I don't hate them because they are retarded children and this is their version of "le pwn 1337 glomp muffinz of d00m" all the cringe with none of the endearment. It's funny how much they love the oldweb but it really was "problematic" kek. It's also refreshing to see that there is a sizable amount of radfems on there.

No. 1345154

>maybe they were less spread around by girls
They have always been spread around by girls, they were super huge in 2012-2015 tumblr and jfashion circles. You're getting annoying now

No. 1345160

>this is their version of "le pwn 1337 glomp muffinz of d00m" all the cringe with none of the endearment.
It just doesn't feel genuine, even if they try to act the same it doesn't come across as friendly or cute, it comes across as something they're trying to replicate to be the most aesthetic of the bunch. It doesn't help that they're always two faced

No. 1345170

>they're a little uncomfortable given they're highly sexual and look very childlike.
They literally have jobs, drink, and get married in their pixel art. It's supposed to be cute just like >>1344395 said they're pixel emotes aimed to gyaru women that prominently used them back in that time. Adult women can also like cute things anon, they're not "toddler like" just because they have an oversized head. Seriously I don't know why you keep going on about this when you clearly look retarded, do you also think panty and stocking look like children then? it's just stylization in this case. Go complain about pixel art emotes on your twitter please literally no1curss

No. 1345179

absolutely agree. zoomers are a lost cause when it comes to culture, everything is a rehash and a remake with a coating of troon gender paint on it. all of the "aesthetics" they cling to were subcultures once upon a time ago and were popular when they were born. You can even see it in their websites, none of them create art, music, code or anything. It's just copy/paste sparkle hello kitty gif x100 and cry that your bunself pronouns not being used gave you trauma. it's really funny kek. I big agree with the nonnas wanting an adults with jobs webring.

No. 1345219

File: 1663704879419.png (31.2 KB, 406x405, chibis.PNG)

i'm annoying for not being familiar with them and not being partial to drawings that, to the average person, seem pedomoid tier given how explicitly childlike and sexualized they are (despite them apparently having been used by women, though they seem scrotal as hell)?

i'm not a zoomer, i'm not familiar with 2015 jfashion sexy chibi dolls. you guys are the ones who got up in arms just because i was surprised at how extremely neotonic they are while being very sexualized when my only prior exposure was an innocent cutesy chibi. sexualized extremely neotonic pixelarts are going to be surprising to the average person and it's more annoying that you're going to deny that it is a little odd all because "women use them". all i said was that i was surprised and you all went off on me
this is a scrotal tier argument regardless of who utilized them though?
>make extremely neotonized pretty loli-tier dolls with childlike bodies but make them extremely sexual
i made literally 1 post saying i was surprised because i expected something totally different, and you all went off.

No. 1345244

Oh my god shut the fuck up and stop derailing, go to the art salt thread if you care about some drawings so much
There's nothing scrotal here, they don't even look like lolis jfc

No. 1345257

you suck

No. 1345265

>i made literally 1 post
You've made like 3 derailing posts at this point exposing your absolute autism

No. 1345277

i made 1 at first thanking the anon for them but saying i was surprised, and received numerous complaints for having been surprised as if it's so horrible to not expect them to be sexual and having sex in some of them. i only made the second response (which tons of anons replied to with outrage) to show an example.

No. 1345298

Women have sex and sexuality anon. It's not shocking.

No. 1345308

File: 1663706067252.gif (11.21 KB, 161x123, e13d373c5e090a47bda7984c970aad…)

Me and my husbando

Just close the tab retard, everyone already explained shit to you on why these look like that but you keep going on and on about shit and being stubborn when this conversation was over some posts ago

No. 1345325

File: 1663706290935.png (15.75 KB, 222x198, OF.PNG)

Posting a link to your onlyfans on neocities is so cringe and spelling it all retarded just shows even you are embarrassed by posting it haha

No. 1345343

I'm triggered by people that link so many social media accounts on neocities. It feels like they only have neocities for showing off to their Twitter friends

No. 1345533

File: 1663712631728.png (36.89 KB, 146x221, gym.png)

A lot of the time, gyaru fashion and lifestyle = "sexy" fashion and lifestyle, and that's what these pixels portray. Maybe that's what you're missing, anon. It's not just "Women use them", these are literally meant to act as cute emojis for women/young adults within a specific Japanese early 2000s fashion subculture, so it tracks that they're both cute and relatable to the users. Just because the art style is chibi and not all of them have cleavage showing doesn't make them children lmao. Nothing is scrotal about them, and they're neither "extremely sexual" or "toddler-like in behavior" (wtf). Not to be mean, it's just weird and annoying that you keep doubling down on this when you clearly don't know the context

No. 1345547

File: 1663713208429.png (362.8 KB, 720x480, Images_4-3081145652.png)

Real theory; I think zoomers are so used to drawings of fat ugly tumblr woke caricatures of people so now normal looking, conventionally attractive fanart is considered overly sexual, and the artstyle I guess is out of fashion for some reason so it looks toddlerish compared to art used now (chibi)

No. 1345603

File: 1663717658729.gif (7.19 KB, 196x130, be24f68960c0ab0f449d14b3c067a2…)

I doubt this looks like lolicon or even panders to that audience for starters, a porn addicted moid isn't going to look up cutesy gyaru pixels at all

No. 1345921

It doesn’t, they just want to feel like they’re being activists or something

No. 1345922

Girl blur that out

No. 1345928

basically this, terminally online zoomers are constantly in flight or fight mode they are so annoying it's like the moids and boomers that call ''Turning Red'' pedophilic just for showing a teen girl going through puberty.

No. 1345940

It’s exhaustive.

No. 1345944

you're fucking retarded, and no i dont believe youre not a zoomer or underage

No. 1345946

They’re gyaru and made for women and they’re supposed to be cute. I don’t see the issue.

No. 1346240


There is a page on how to do DIY HRT. lmao

No. 1346289

Hell world.

No. 1346687

I'm not trying to be funny but what the fuck is shipping and why do the children get in fights every day about it?

No. 1346710

File: 1663791904539.jpg (678.17 KB, 1080x1343, IMG_20220921_232045.jpg)

It's just pairing fictional characters together. Sometimes real people, usually band members. There's a lot of discourse around it because a lot of ships wouldn't be considered moral irl I suppose.
Frankly I never understood why people even talk about this stuff in the first place kek

In other news lullabye is accusing random women of being terfs. I can't say I found much evidence of tervery besides calling women female on her site.

No. 1346718

I wish I could be radfem on my site lmao but i'm too scared of the puritanical psychos

No. 1346740

What are they gonna do? Post passive aggressive notes on your profile? Chances are they won't even discover— much less actively read— your page. If your neocities is not linked to your real identity and you're generally careful with your personal infos then you have literally nothing to fear.
I understand it sucks to be bullied (hot take: even cyber bullying sucks) but women who refuse to speak up for their beliefs are part of the problem. I am harassed for being a terf on there and the worst anyone has done is leave a mean comment. They have my email, they could very easily be sending me gore, but they don't, and they won't, and even if they did I would not regret being an open feminist.

No. 1346762

>Same but I am the tranny

No. 1346811

File: 1663797413944.jpg (590.76 KB, 801x345, cap.jpg)

this is the most insane response possible. lullabye is so funny I hope she never leaves neocities.

No. 1346814

She will not leave until she finishes her moral and righteous crusade by calling out every single problematic neocities website or until she gets cancelled herself kek

No. 1346816

she is absolutely lolcow material

No. 1346845

File: 1663799174606.gif (91.18 KB, 148x261, 1663093400432.gif)

Tbh she deserves it and it would be better to just make a "Neocities lolcow general" on /w/ or /snow/ just to let this thread breathe

No. 1346848

Cute gif

No. 1346849

It's half 14 year olds, half adults. 80% genderspecials

No. 1346905

At the very least come up with some other cows to add to the thread. Lullabie is a cow but she's not enough to sustain an entire thread. She's too boring.

No. 1346925

Kek, i remember when i was doing light trolling on there some moids would post selfies of themselves fishing for compliments. He was a 5 at best but they were still thristing. He has to be in his 20s by now.

No. 1346987

adorable! I've never thought about making a neocities before reading this thread. outside of basic coding i learnt (and have since forgotten) in highschool, i know next to nothing about it. so ty nonnies for all the great resources. part of me wants to make a page purely to post silly photos of my cat

No. 1347027

yes nonnie, we need less mental illness (not in the way they claim) and more cute, fun, creative and wholesome content.

No. 1347065

File: 1663808105889.png (13.88 KB, 702x134, ummm..PNG)

im surprised she isnt being called problematic and transphobic kek

No. 1347159

File: 1663815495551.png (36.42 KB, 796x300, cs.png)

breaks my heart that lullabye is coming after cabbage.

No. 1347190

What a shame, cabbage is so kind and astute and absolutely a farmer, hello if you're ITT! The page in question is just a dump of quotes from Dworkin's Right-Wing Women. Cabbage herself is not claiming to be right-wing since, as far as I can tell, the book is about understanding the motivations of women who betray female class consciousness in the name of conservatism (or something). So lullabye is acting like all other troons and not even accurately reporting the facts. It's really embarrassing to watch her try to rile up these witch-hunts

No. 1347288

File: 1663825944597.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1608, f8ecc0a83256a3a60858f6c8e95642…)

Sadly I don't think we have enough milky cows (of age) to make a whole thread on /snow/ so I'll try to post less about lull until we think of a solution and I'll go back to my resource-posting. I leave you with this low effort meme for now.

No. 1347317

Yeah most of the milk comes from calves, let's wait for some actual cows…. From what I have seen, luckly most adults there are normal-ish, but with the huge swarm of twitter newfags we may get some cows.
Also your pic is painfully true, she (and most new people) dont even read your site's content, she used to follow me when I have lots of blog posts that could give her a heart attack out there in the open with sparky font titles and she never said anything about it, she was def there only for the cutesy aes the rest of my site has. I think her SJW arc stated with dokodemo, I didnt see her that keen on making callouts and her shitty opinions before.

No. 1347411

it's just so funny when genderspecials and troons scream that they are literally "killed" when someone has different views or just don't center their entitled asses, but they can spout graphic death or rape threaths against women without any problem

No. 1347492

Does anyone know a good neocities alternative without the genderspecials?

No. 1347497

When it comes to web hosting + social media hybrid, neocities is the only one right now i think, but teacake.org offers free web hosting (and the paid plans are cheap af too).
I have heard Vercel has free web hosting too, but i havent looked into it nor know how it works.

No. 1347550

Teacake looks interesting and promising.

No. 1347585

File: 1663859899690.jpg (39.66 KB, 801x451, form-data-example.jpg)

So I have a simple text input form on my site, is there any way I can see the data from the form on another site page preferably in a table like picrel? For context I'm making a fake password form for my site and I thought it'd be interesting to see what people try as the password

No. 1347592

Yes, but not on Neocities. This would require some backend stuff with Python and SQL which neocities doesn't allow.

No. 1347622

Strawbabie is claiming to be a victim of incest now, it's almost like she remembers that something bad/traumatic/opressed exists and she claims she can relate or identify with it. Like what are the chances of a Roma person evening being in the US let alone procreating with a Jew and Native American? It's not impossible but those groups don't really interact.

No. 1347631

NTA but is neocities capable of hosting sql and Python style code? I’ve never used it.

No. 1347634

No, it's more complex than static webhosting and open to vulnerabilities. You're better off making something like that on Github.

No. 1347656

File: 1663863788261.png (479.24 KB, 550x386, bgM8tFU.png)

She seems to be taking the usual route of going "I'm [X]" to be seen as an authority on any subject (and like everyone who does this, completely ignoring the fact that no group is an hivemind).
I wonder when she and the rest of people with her mentality will realize that you can follow someone and not agree with them on everything (just apply that logic with the people you interact with irl, it's non-sense). That and how they expect you to disclose everything about yourself in case you're a ~meanie~, as if they were entiled to your content. If you're unsure about someone, just don't interact, it's that easy.
I find ironical that she has picrel on her page and yet bashes other people for doing the same. I guess not censoring yourself on your site is wrong except if she is the one doing it.

No. 1347855

Well yeah, Neocities to those who don't actually understand the old web is basically just another social media app.

No. 1347858

>my private space
it literally is not

No. 1347876

>make a website supposdd to emulate old internet
>bring all the shit from modern social media like political sperging and censorship

No. 1348021

>haha poopie

No. 1348022

I miss the days when people actually had to make something entertaining or do something useful to get attention online. At least it kept useless brainlets in their own ghetto of irrelevance.

No. 1348328

Same, I really respect the people on there expressing talents or creativity, writing things that are interesting to read or sharing resources. So many of these uwu genderspecial zoomers have nothing to share, they just steal code and copy/paste glittery gifs and pretend to be traumatized. Seeing Neocities become an even more autistic Twitter is really kinda disappointing.

No. 1348339

There are about 1 million Romani people in the US. The reason why you don't really "see" them is because they pass themselves off for another race and blend in with other Americans because of anti-Romani racism in the US. Here's a Harvard research paper about Romani Americans if you want to learn more: https://cdn1.sph.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2464/2020/11/Romani-realities-report-final-11.30.2020.pdf

There are some Romani Americans that marry non-Romani and have mixed Romani kids, so it's possible. (Romani/Jewish, more likely, Romani/Native, less likely.)

No. 1348343

They stopped free web hosting since 2020. I guess I'll just find something else instead :/

No. 1348385

okay, last thing i'll say about lullabye: she's making the legit old web OG'ers leave neocities.

No. 1348390

twitterfags ruin everything. it was a mistake to try and spread the word about the old web, neocities should have stayed niche. now instead of people returning to the old internet way of things, they just turn one of the last decent places into another wokie shitpile. i second the other anons we need a "tolerable people" webring or another host altogether.

No. 1348399

yesterweb fags are to blame. their anti web3/nft page was posted everywhere and it gave lots of exposure. despite hating social media they started to promote themselves to get more people to know about them and it caused influx of kids, people with brains so rotten by social media and lot of other boring people. before yesterweb shits neocities was better, back in 2017 people openly made fun of lullabye-type dumb kids in site activities. good that neocities is barely moderrated and broken, report option doesn't exist and just some terminally online kids will get mad.

cabbage gained more follows and people genuinely don't care about written matter nowdays. lullabye thinks she's supreme leader of neocities and can dictate everything to everyone. delusions of grandeur are strong, i just want shits like this back on tumblr or social media. where they and their rotten brains belong.

No. 1348401

samefag but most of neocities old-times left in 2018 or 2019, user turnout is huge and every year you can have totally different userbase. if more adult, common sense people will start making their sites it has a chance to change. but definitely people like lullabye and co might be another factor that drives off people to abandon sites or move hosts (because neocities is broken too)

No. 1348411

Why does stawbabie hate real women so much?

No. 1348419

why do you think

No. 1348429

File: 1663911063539.png (138.64 KB, 424x470, 1310923726492.png)

Since the drama a few weeks ago, at least 5 people I follow actively have left someplace else. I never liked the status update feature that's now used for microblogging, but recent activity was a great thing for a hosting website and I used it a lot to keep up with sites that don't have an rss feed. It's really a shame.

No. 1348477

this may be an unpopular opinion but neocities is still pretty great. if you use it correctly it still captures the feeling of late 90's/early 00's internet culture. if you want to, you can terf out on your website and not get banned for it like if you were on twitter or tiktok. the worst that can happen is a pronoun-haver seethes about it in their discord group. like who cares? just shake your head and chuckle at the retards and make your shit. you can only get shoved off the platform if you let yourself.

No. 1348498

Yeah, that's one of the reasons of why I like it, complete freedom to say what you want & if your site gets deleted you can just move the files to another host. I wish your follower/visitor stats could be hidden though (to both you & others). But it's a pretty chill place.
Plus all the genderspecials will leave neocities in some months when the trend fades and they get bored of it anyways and it's not hard to find normal/interesting sites.

No. 1348509

you can turn off your profile in settings, all stats get hidden and links to your site will point directly to your homepage

No. 1348536

Totally agree. longterm users choosing to jump ship (and make a public declaration about it) over a small group of retards is pretty stupid imo

No. 1348538

To be fair, there's a lot of reasons why someone would want to jump ship, this is probably just the tipping point. Neocities offers no backend so you're pretty limited as far as site making goes. Basically neocities is good for simple pages but if you want something more optimized and with a functioning backend you have to look someplace else.

No. 1348561

Im aware of that, I got it disabled but I already got good following and so still get likes on my updates and similar, I just dislike to know exactly how many people are viewing my site, the audience and such, I kind of feel like I have to perform like in social media. But I plan to buy a host and domain when I finally get a job, so I'm not too bothered.

No. 1348567

Just setup a used laptop under your bed or something. No need to pay for hosting for a simple site

No. 1348575

good for you, nonna. moving to own domain and hosting feels freeing, you can do more and host bigger images, have actual customer service, etc. if you're looking for a good host and registrar, dreamhost is really good and convenient

No. 1348580

what's silly is that the "views" everyone goes on about on neocities are mostly just bots. if you incorporate any real tracking on your site you'll find its much much much lower.

No. 1348755

I would like to grow my site, and being honest having my own host and domain makes me excited. You can draw with dolar store pencils, but after awhile you will end up wanting better quality materials same thing. It isnt like I cant affort it already, I just prefer to be more stable before buying.

That's one of the hosts I had looked into! Very affordable and having both the domain and host in the same site is convenient.
Neocities is pretty good if you want to test the waters and to draw new people into personal sites again, but having your own host is way better, plus it helps a bit on decentralisation of the web (making all personal sites on neocities isnt any better than social media)

No. 1348762

>plus it helps a bit on decentralisation of the web (making all personal sites on neocities isnt any better than social media)
it's funny that people think moving to neocities is "decentralization" but in fact back then people were on different hosts. you had geocities, angelfire, tripod, myriad of other small hostings and lot of people had their own domains, hosted their groups under their own domain (which is really cool, like everyone having own directory/subdomain) or on blog services like diaryland or blogspot.
social media rot really shows here, neocities is cursed as hybrid of site hosting and social media which enables worst habits of new crop of people that came mainly in this year i believe. people who came around time of lockdowns actually had some good content, though some people i liked don't update as much anymore.

No. 1348791

I bought a domain recently and it's kinda step 1 of moving off. I plan on leaving my account up possibly and just making my .neocities url direct to a new host. I don't wanna let the retards win and destroy what was once a good community but I do miss the days where everyone had their own host. People were more inclined to actually view your site, sign your guestbook and reach out to you via email. I was involved in the pixel art and art site scene back in the day and I miss when people actually used to create content and not just copy/paste shit they find on tumblr or whatever

No. 1348818

I feel one of the reasons of why people dont buy domains/hosting anymore (social media rot aside) is because they think it costs lots of money since it used to be expensive back then, when in reality making your own site nowadays costs the same as a spotify or any other streaming service (even cheaper at times), so they stick to whatever free hosting there is currently. I wish people researched a bit more, I was surprised at how cheap buying your own hosting/domain is when I looked into it.

No. 1348924

How is neocities with policing content? Like can you get banned over expressing "terf" views for example?

No. 1348938

There are alt-right sites going around, the moderation is almost non-existent. I think the only site I have seen banned were the kiwifarms hit-list ones due to the huge pushback. As long as you dont upload actual ilegal content it should be ok.

No. 1348945

File: 1663951548478.jpg (29.11 KB, 500x375, 1397892844746.jpg)

You can't. There's several incels, extremely outspoken polfags, I even ran into a tradcath nazi larper, and a female trad antifeminist who calls herself a fujoshi kek
As long as it doesn't break any laws you're technically allowed to say what you want but you might get discovered by the zoomer horde which will start talking about you, it won't do anything though. You can disable the social media aspect of neocities and call it a day.

No. 1349247

File: 1663958300752.png (35.61 KB, 778x399, kill_yourself_plz.png)

thank god. you're my favorite absolutely insane, brain-dead neocities sped to laugh at. I would be so sad if you left! Please keep clogging my feed with how your Very Real true and honest boyfriend is upsetting you by going on grindr constantly while you're trying to talk to him. or maybe regale us with more tales about how you're AMAB and suffer from endometriosis! the sky's the limit. it's just you and your beautiful retard mind forever.

No. 1349411

My DNI List:
-Persons of Pronoun

No. 1349446

File: 1663964358853.png (453.32 KB, 806x769, Tranny.png)

No. 1349485

i'm higly positive lullabye isnt even a real mtf tranny. from the looks of it's she's a female genderspecial who wants to be the most oppressed of them all, and being afab in genderspecial land won't get you the oppression points you want. so much projection and self-hatred on her end lol

No. 1349492

lullabye is absolutely a woman. male trannies don't understand the nuance of 2000's san-x stationary kawaii aesthetic and they don't attach 800 identities to themselves they just call themselves women (eww) male trannies are driven by coom so their tastes in japanese shit is all generic big booba hentai. If she was born male her site would probably have shit about video games and programming also

No. 1350049

Definitely biotrans ftf girl.
I know when I tried several years ago, every single host demanded that I buy some kind of specific software package to run on their server and generate pages of a site, nobody would let me just ftp some files into a fucking directory, so I just said fuck it all and got refunds on everything.

No. 1350340

you can clock troons just by what they like, what their interests are. so far it was the best way to spot them on neocities. lullabye wants to be opressed so badly when i bet she's just a spoiled white girl who invents even more ridiculous identities and people eat them up, despite all of this shit being impossible. a mtf can't have endometriosis yet zoomies are so retarded and believe it.

weird. what hosts were like this? majority should allow you just tp upload files via ftp, even with these software packages you still need to use ftp if you're moving them to a different location or for backup purposes.

No. 1350543

big sad because it seems that fool lovers went down and the wayback machine has only very few of their templates downloadable.

No. 1350571

File: 1664021872559.png (48.94 KB, 785x492, education_time_for_lullabye.pn…)

"im not mtf"

Okay great! So if you aren't trans or transitioning, stop calling yourself transfem and using that as a way to manipulate and harass other people on Neocities.

(also babygirlie you need to stop pretending like you aren't pressed about other people talking about you in a space you can't control when you constantly microblog on your neocities page about things that are said here)

No. 1350588

Maybe you typed the url wrong? It seems to be working on my end

No. 1350626

How can she even lurk on lc and associate herself with the terfs so openly?? She's literally condoning our actions by doing that.

No. 1350725

"Make your own webhosting server"… Is she aware of the amount of hosting servers that already exist? It feels like she definetly views Neocities as social media instead of a hosting site, why would anyone make their own server when you can simply move your site's files to another one? This is not tumblr or twitter were people keep making up clones to escape said sites' moderation. Or was she just vaguing about the closed hosting Dokodemo is doing with their friends?
And her coments… does she hear herself? She is the one telling others to not do [X] and, for lack of a better word, participating on the whole cancel culture/censorship; not us. We are just using her as a clown because her hypocrisy, I havent seen anyone going "Don't follow lullabye!!", she is the one telling others to not follow us or to have certain views, is she projecting??

Also one of my favorite things about her is how she says beings instead of people lmao

No. 1350733

>Or was she just vaguing about the closed hosting Dokodemo is doing with their friends
This most likely.

>one of my favorite things about her is how she says beings instead of people lmao

Saying beings or users is the mandatory way of speaking on everskies, if you say people/person there you actually get a warning/ban for ableism kek

No. 1350755

File: 1664032705853.png (32.53 KB, 473x100, ever.png)

Googled was what is Everskies because I never heard of it and this was the very first result…. Now it makes sense.
I get calling others users, but beings is so corny, is saying "people" considered ableism because otherkin people? (Or because genderspecials, since they pretty much evolved from kinnies, I mean cats, trains and miku are genders now kek The attack helicopter jokes manifested)

No. 1350790

Jesus Christ, I had no idea. I made an account but never did anything with it because I thought it was just a doll dress up game. This is retarded

No. 1350808

File: 1664034745765.png (139.29 KB, 1047x570, binapia.png)

>is saying "people" considered ableism because otherkin people
Yes, but nowadays they're called NH (non-human). It's largely where lull got her personality from. I think there's a section of tumblr that acts exactly like that that too.
If you want to laugh at the insanity make an account and join the "es general club", read the pinned posts in the general section
They also tried to popularize the term "BINAPIA" instead of poc but it didn't catch on.

No. 1350838

File: 1664036131503.png (84.01 KB, 1049x377, screencap.png)

i checked forums and what people said how batshit insane everskies users are checks out to be true. at first i thought it was just plain fun dressup game and that you can submit clothes made by you is really cool. it's twittertards to extreme and these badges are just cringe. i wish there were dressup games in which you can make money easily, has cute clothes and community is more chill.

No. 1350841

it keeps throwing me 403 errors. not sure if the site flatout doesn't open anymore on vivaldi or something like an ip block.

No. 1350851

ntayrt but it works for me, just loads very very slowly. I'm using brave if it means anything

No. 1350853

it does open on google chrome, how weird.

No. 1350864

Weird, it works for me both on my crappy phone internet browser and on Firefox. But as >>1350851 said, it loads more slowly than usual.
I don't think anything happened, but just in case I will start hoarding its graphics like crazy, most of my assets (that I haven't drawn myself) are from there.

No. 1351165

File: 1664056347922.png (123.21 KB, 800x264, Screenshot_20220924-234726.png)

I love going through oocities or the wayback machine and look for websites that aged terribly.

No. 1351180

Here is a list of strawbabies known aliases:
Strawbabie - Main Neocities
Lullabye - Old Neocities
Vivisected - Horror Neocities
Starbit - Old Neocities
Kogyaru - Alt Neocities
Doeeyed - Everskies (Old Username?)
Femcel-chii - Main Tumblr
Gyarutrait - Sims Tumblr
Aphrofluid - Genderspecial Tumblr

By the way, I found out something interesting. By going onto femcel-chii there is a blog she frequently reblogs from called aprilfools2016. This blog is run by Luci who goes under Psychonauts on Neocities. Luci is about 13-14 (Or just clearly underaged). Under this blogs "chit chat" tag they talk about someone they despise named "Jens" who is the owner of the blog tonighttonight.

Tonighttonight is a graphic nsfw writing blog and numerous times has stated that they do not want minors interacting and if I'm reading this right, know Luci is stalking them and wants to be left alone.

I think that at the very least Lullabye (Aged 20, according to her blog) has to be aware of what Luci is doing, or just does not care. Either way I thought It'd be interesting food for thought to anyone here who wants to do some of their own digging.

No. 1351420

File: 1664073884443.png (13.27 KB, 765x150, Capture.PNG)

Sorry for the double post. Here's an update since she keeps milking herself

No. 1351424

>>Luci is about 13-14 (Or just clearly underaged).

I'm not surprised. The only people that would humor all of Lullabye's lies & bullshit are literal children.

No. 1351431

go make the thread please

No. 1351489

I've been thinking of making a neocities. I've attempted to, twice, but I'm retarded and couldn't figure out the code. plus sometimes it'd take over a day to update one or two lines of code that I wrote? So I couldn't even see if what I just did was right, so that pissed me off. I used to have a bookstagram but I found it annoying and devoid of any personality & was basically just a "oo look at me, look at all the money I throw at books hehe" dick measuring contest. I thought it'd be cool to make a little blog about what books I'm reading, along with creating a digital archive of some of my older books that currently do not have digital versions available anywhere. I used to have numerous blogspots back in the day and thought about just using that, but I like the idea of having a kind of pixel/old web layout and learning all the html/css myself that neocities could provide.

No. 1351498

To you, and to anyone else: You can code your site directly on your computer so you can view the changes instantly. Then, once you have the finished version you can upload it to Neocities.

All you need to do is create a new text document with the extension .html (instead of .txt) for your site pages, and .css for your style sheet (if you choose to have one).

If you want to try out a code editor I highly recommend https://atom.io/.

It's so much nicer being able to work on your site privately, and not have to worry about the Neocities community clicking on your every update when your site isn't "finished".

No. 1351529

Clear your browser cache if updates aren't showing up.

No. 1351571

Oh thank you nonna! This makes me feel a little more confident in making a neocities!

No. 1351575

I use visual studio code with the live server extension which updates the page I'm editing every time I save. There's also Brackets which I had to use in uni and it had live updates but less features overall. VSC will autocomplete tags for you, suggest you shit etc.

No. 1351607

For other nonas, I use visualstudio code but it might be for useful for anyone who is still new to version control. I like to backup everything to my repository and then upload everything to my neocities from webdav (it's an option they provide).

No. 1351626

It's been years, I was just dealing with the cheap hosts and registrars. I finally figured that they were just roping people in with cheap nonsense services, to get people in for a penny, in for a pound. It exhausted me so much, I've never tried again.
Maybe if you tell them that being America-centric on a global platform is colonialism, they will explode like the computers on Star Trek. Then we will all be free.

No. 1351757

Since we're discussing code editors, has anyone ITT tried Vim? I love the idea behind the program itself (it's a terminal) and the devs seem quite cool (they're humanitarians), but it has such a steep learning curve for someone like me who has no real programming experience. There are so many controls and commands to remember, it's seriously overwhelming. I like that you can use the keyboard to navigate and when my wrist is cramping from going back and forth to my mouse, I really miss that. But while I'm still learning, using Vim easily doubles or even quadruples the length of time it takes me to write my code. It can be very frustrating.
I guess what I'm asking is, is it worth learning? I actually already gave up and went back to my usual editor months ago, but maybe I could try it again?
Kek I love you nonny

No. 1351770

i never really tried anything other than notepad++ and bbedit when i still used mac. bbedit has handy option of inserting html doctypes and tags as i remember, n++ can automatically close tags if you turn it on or predict them.
it explains it, since any reputable host wouldn't shove some software on you. worth to try again though, own hosting is way nicer than sticking to free hosts.

seeing every global platform becoming so america-centric is tiresome. burgers can't really understand differences about people from other parts of the world. i even saw a thread in this everskies club about not mocking esls, this is showing how us/anglo-centric site is.

No. 1351782

Vim is based. Showing my age but I have used various iterations of vi since the 90s so it is second nature to me, I even have a plugin for VS Code that lets me use the vim keys. Once you get the hang of it it's extremely comfy and it will be faster than editing other stuff, not slower. You can do it, I believe in you.

No. 1351785

Anon play nethack, it made it easy for me to learn vim when I was a teen.

I prefer my custom nvim configuration over all other IDEs.

No. 1352002

If you have problems coding, you can use https://htmldog.com/guides/ that's the page that made html/css click for me, I read it slowly and coded along it and just after a day I was able to make my first site! For more complex stuff, I just google "how to [X]" or look into other people's codes, you can learn many new tags or ways to do stuff by peeking a bit.
And to reiterate other people, use a code editor on your PC! It's way more helpful to have all your files saved locally so you can simply drag + drop to a host in case the one you're using closes down and for the live previews.
I use Brackets, the one >>1351575 mentioned. Not sure how long ago she last used it, but now it can autocomplete and close tags for your too, you don't even have to memorize the variables. I guess it's kinda the SAI of coding, it's very great to start out, the UI is clean, it's customizable and has enough features to make coding easier but not too many to overwhelm you.

No. 1352050

Thank you for the insights and support! I'll definitely give it another try, and I'll take a look at nethack as well. Have a blessed day.

No. 1352445

It sounds cool in theory but I do not recommend if you're a beginner. Knowing vim is more useful as a sysadmin.

No. 1352481

Have you tried vimtutor?

No. 1352485

File: 1664147780385.png (143.69 KB, 801x685, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 09.1…)

I hate this tranny so goddamn much

No. 1352528

What a stupid cunt. I was looking through the TOS, wondering if we can get her removed for harassment and threats. I know she deletes most of her comments saying people need to die or drink bleach, but surely the database is backed up, or better yet - only does soft deletes.

No. 1352651

> Knowing vim is more useful as a sysadmin0
and the fact that a lot of tutorials and instructions for configuring/installing things now want you to use nano is another sign the old internet has passed away, sad.

No. 1352685

Yup I'm pretty sure nano doesn't come built into most machines like vim or vi.

No. 1352731

What would we do without guardian angel…. the poor neocitizens need her guidance to know which users are ok and which ones are bad, we dont know how to use the block button ourselves nor realise if someone has harmful beliefs…
"Since theres no moderation I have to do the moderation myself" Babe I think youre on the wrong website, go back to twitter if you want the meanies to be purged.

No. 1352736

Nooo please dont do that, shes my favorite little neocities clown to laugh that. Isnt like her rants are getting our sites deleted, I feel she's actually doing us as favor and purging the genderspecials out of our sites.

No. 1352821

File: 1664181706123.png (21.82 KB, 742x93, terms.png)

Does she know you're allowed to say anything you want on Neocities? There's a section of the TOS page which basically says: "There's gonna be offensive material. Browse at your own risk."

People like her should go outside and touch grass for once.

No. 1352944

she thinks that everyone that has different views is obsessed with her and wants her dead, it's generally common emotional blackmail tactics of troons to get more sympathy. she uses really emotionally loaded language to make people feel guilty for "literally killing native jewish romani transfem being!!!11!" shit this probably rich, bored and dumb white girl invented. i hate americans so damn much, especially finally straw for this cunt was shitting on cabbagesorter when she did nothing wrong?
fuck tiktok/tumblr and everskies migrants bringing the worst shit possible and trying to take as much of space as they can. same for yesterweb faggots.

No. 1353422

File: 1664220138847.png (45.77 KB, 979x400, prediabetic.PNG)

Now she's claiming she's pre-diabetic. Literally just remembers that something exists then claims it. Lmao, she's also referring to herself as "girl" BEINGS ARE NOT GIRLS

No. 1353438

>sodium issues
>at 20 years old
girl is obese, no wonder she spends all of her life online

No. 1353872

you must have hit a nerve. she hasn't written an essay schooling us for being fatphobic yet.

No. 1353945

I have been so bored please go back to doubting her ethnicities and disabilities everyone we are Thirsty

No. 1354048

File: 1664269816047.jpg (224.2 KB, 1245x1280, tumblr_onahx7VevP1tvqu9so3_128…)

Anyone has web design tips/resources? I know solid html/css and some js but it sucks I never can pull off anything good thanks to my lack of creativity. I take notes and inspirations from others, but I'm never satisfied with my pages. Other people like them, but I always feel they're too plain/basic.

No. 1354070

File: 1664272616923.gif (7.15 KB, 340x132, moliedown.gif)

The only advice I have is to look at others sites and see how they utilize grid placement, tables, flexbox or what have you.
What helped me on my last layout was literally drawing it physically on paper to better imagine it. Online grid generators could also help!
I also have this problem where to me my site looks "fake" while everyone else's sites have a more authentic feel, but I think with some practice I settled on a layout I like. My first layout was a not so subtle copy of cinnis site kek.

No. 1354126

when you start with a basic layout just set the CSS to have a black border 1px or something. That way you can see the skeleton of your html and how bad it really is until you tweak it to your own liking.

No. 1354142

most web designers don't know shit about design, they just copy what others do. do few projects from frontendmentor.io
then begin copying any designs you like from behance or dribbble and you'll get a feel for design

No. 1354150

Some tips to dress up your site so it looks less plain
>Background images in your text boxes. Maybe it tiles, or covers, or you can do what I really like: add a single stripe to the left or right side
>Pixel dividers! I really like the ones that go on the top and bottom to frame a box, but there are vertical ones specifically made to achieve the above effect as well
>Fun, wacky borders. The different styles already built into CSS count, but you can also look into more custom stuff like the assets on Foollovers, which use tables. Also layering elements inside each other to create many borders
>Animations. Make something move or float or shake or blink or glow or change colours
>Drop shadows give your page more depth and the illusion of really "existing." It's kind of like drawing in the sense that they have to conform to a single light source, so it can be tricky, but there are guides online to learn from
>Weird shapes. Maybe your text box is a triangle for some reason, or a circle, or a parallelogram. You can achieve this effect in multiple ways, though perhaps the easiest is a clipping path
>Change the text selection background colour from basic blue to something cute and cohesive
>Add a custom cursor for some extra personality
>Style the scroll bars and tooltips
>Throw in more pixels and pretty pictures of things that you like, wherever you can fit them!
>Make sure pixels are cohesive. For example I wouldn't pair up a pixel with hard, 1px black lines with a soft looking, lineless pixel that is anti-alias'd around the edges
>Make links and headings pop out by giving them different colours, adding a graphic before or after them, or with a unique font
>Typeface in general is really important. Try to find some that "feel" like how you want your site to look, like it gives off the impression that you're hoping for. I always have a "rare" font for large text and a typical web-safe one for the body
I hope this helps!

No. 1354163

how does she keep up

No. 1354175

> i dont host my shrines on strawbabie because i like making the most of my supporter status ^_^
OT but what does this mean? What does supporter status offer?

No. 1354177

You get extra hosting space and as many sites as you want on your account.

No. 1354180

most important part I forgot to mention is that you can also get a custom domain, but I heard some people are gifted status like fauxx

No. 1354182

Is getting supporter really worth it? I have a lot of plans but do you think I should wait until I get close to losing space to get it.

No. 1354183

I did it for a custom domain tbh but it's only 5 bucks a month. I really haven't used enough space on it either.

No. 1354188

Do you nonnas have any good security plugins to recommend for wordpress? My website is using this framework for convenience.
I know how to customize a website (html/CSS and a bit of PhP) but I'm completely web security illiterate. I barely started to use a VPN!

No. 1354192

Are you self hosting yourself or are you using wordpress.com?

No. 1354203

it's definitely worth it for me for the extra space and custom domain

No. 1354206

I'm hosting on a (cheap) host provider yes.

No. 1354226

It also lets you upload audio files. I'm not endorsing auto play here but sometimes a bitch just wants some music on her homepage you know?

No. 1354234

Man, I feel like autoplay music has become way too commonplace on neocities, I can't stand it. Especially when there are no controls on the page to stop it

No. 1354250

I believe there's actually around 30 sites limit on supporter
not really. for a broken site, non existing customer support it's not worth when you can get basic plan from a proper host for a bit more and be able to host dynamic websites, have actual customer support

No. 1354253

Also, if you cancel supporter in the middle of the month or whatever, you supporter perks just cut off. Usually with monthly subscription things like that, you get to keep the rest of the month you paid for even when you cancel.

No. 1354312

Well I could just host the music somewhere else too, stealing bandwidth is fun

No. 1354472

I made an imageboard style forum for radical feminism using htmlcommentbox. I figured the nonnies here would appreciate it.

No. 1354488

based, thanks anon!

No. 1354519

I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of seeing shit about muh pronouns, muh donut steel, muh plural system, muh shipping, muh 8000+ self diagnosed disorders, muh trauma, muh dni.

No. 1354534

Very cute and clever anon! I hope this takes off as another hub of radical feminists on the web

No. 1354561

Thank you anon. Hopefully the genderspecials won't raid it

No. 1354583

never run on root, create a new account to run wordpress on, set up ufw firewall, disable logins without SSH (and use a decent passphrase). This is just some basic stuff.

No. 1356081

File: 1664393542087.png (397.25 KB, 800x711, image_2022-09-28_213113234.png)

Same nonna, same…
I'm so afraid to post my art on social media and not fitting in this "trend" if i don't put pronouns on my bio or i will be labeled as a terf, jfc.

No. 1356088

I just put something retarded and escoteric like a word or phrase in all of my bios. no name/location/lists of shit

No. 1356128

Same here. I never ever put pronouns on anything because I think they’re pointless and usually signify troonery. It’s my little way of not engaging with all of this made up gender stuff.

No. 1356145

What do you post and how often do you post? Are you sticking to one or two specific themes or topics, or are you posting about anything in general?

No. 1356147

Why the fuck would you ever care what losers on the internet think? Just an Artstation and be done with it, jesus.

No. 1356165

nah more like if you use a pastel color palette to a poc character and getting cancelled for "whitewashing it" no thanks, i was posting fanart 15 years ago and it was less cancerous than nowadays, no problems with communities.
and no one were calling out an artist for a "shipping fanart" until today istg.

No. 1356201

File: 1664401183755.png (30.03 KB, 797x312, blocked-and-reported!!!.png)

No. 1356208

i usually do this, thank you nonnas, shitstorms happens so quickly for a drawing, you can't be yourself on twitter/insta or you're going to be doxxed for pronouns shit and skin color/ ship drama.

No. 1356289

Who wants to bet she's lurking this thread for attention?

No. 1356354

This is a lolcow dogwhistle

No. 1356656

Does anyone know if m15o, the owner of ichi.city has a history of weird, problematic behavior given they're affliated with Yesterweb?

No. 1356757

File: 1664426169026.jpeg (558.56 KB, 2234x2228, 96250357-C26E-4DA0-8446-344BB4…)

> troon
> it/it’s pronouns
> “please don't call me a person or human!!“

Is strawbabie actually based after all?

No. 1356867

I mostly post about the stuff I read and watch, I'm not really creative. As for how often, it depends on how motivated I am to write. Sometimes I'll go weeks without posting, sometimes I'll post every day for 2 weeks straight.

No. 1356916

Could anyone fill me in on what Yesterweb is and why so many people hate it?

No. 1356923

I think she's the one who should blacklist this site, why would I want to block one of my sources for a quick laughter

No. 1356931

There's some discussion about it upthread >>1323844

No. 1356968

She doesn't like fun things kek

No. 1356990

How are neocities and wordpress in terms of personal data and privacy? Are the companies likely to keep and sell your data to advertisment companies? Are there ads on blogs imposed by Wordpress and Noecities just like how tumblr put them on everyone's dashboard at some point?

No. 1357000

File: 1664445043370.png (47.93 KB, 755x545, privacy.png)

I can't speak for wordpress since I never used it, but neocities doesn't have any ads.
You can also read though their privacy policy, they don't sell your info to third parties at all.

No. 1357007

You know what? Maybe this is time for me to learn how to code a little after all. It's stupid but I guess you can't transfer your posts/data from one platform to neocities? You know, like if you save an archive of your twitter, tumblr or wordpress account and want the posts to show up on your new blog somewhere else? I know you can do that from tumblr to wordpress but that's it. Is it also possible to change the publication dates of you neocities posts?

No. 1357027

Neocities doesn't have "posts" the way you're thinking of them. It's simply offering you space to host a static website. You won't be able to copy/paste your Twitter or tumblr. You'll pretty much have to start from scratch. Take a look at the templates shared ITT, choose one you like, and start writing your thoughts.

No. 1357029

I see, I already checked some templates and many of them looked good in that late 90s/early 2000s way. If posts don't work like on other blogging platforms and social media I could potentially use a site as some sort of archive then. I already started a blog once about travels but then the pandemic happened and I deleted it at some point, I'd like to try it again.

No. 1357082

When I deleted my tumblr I decided to archive my personal posts on a neocities since the official tumblr recovery sucks and just for the sense of accomplishment alone it was worth it. Tbh copy-pasting the posts was what took me the most time, coding a blog-like template was pretty fast. Another advantage is that you arent limited when it comes to post types, you can make them any way you want.

No. 1357117

I wish I did that at the time, bit instead I used some program to download all the pictures I posted and reblogged so none of what I wrote was saved. I didn't save anything from my wordpress, I wish I did.

No. 1357126

there is a utility that scraps tumblr blogs into html files, you only need to register an aplication to get own api code to replace it in code of it. you need to install python 2.7 and use command prompt though

No. 1357177

File: 1664464326530.png (50.79 KB, 1019x499, recovery.png)

Ah, I wish I had known about that before (I saved my personal posts, but the reblogs are pretty much lost. Well, they're still here, but on picrel hell. The official recovery also takes +10 hours to download with fast wifi btw). Thanks you nonny though, I will keep that in mind if I ever get a Tumblr again.
I also had saved my blog (and someone's else blog I love) with TumblThree, which is a bit cleaner than the official backup, separating each post kind on its own folder, but sadly it doesn't save captions, so a lot is lost with it too.

No. 1357247

I miss when people online were actually interesting and didn’t just turn the internet into a “who could be the most oppressed” or “who can have the most identities” contest. Where are the people with hobbies and passions??

No. 1357257

just vibing and posting about hobbies and talents

No. 1357269

They're there, just hard to find. Outrage hits peoples' timelines, you have to dig the people doing their own thing. Just like the real old web

No. 1357277

I try to make my page the same way. I don’t publicly disclose anything about bad things that happened in my past or mental disorders or anything like that anymore because it’s nobody’s business but mine and also because I don’t want to be clumped in with the crowd that has no other personality than being oppressed, “triggered”, traumatized etc. I try to post stuff about my hobbies and passions and what makes me who I am rather than just “I go by xe/zir/airself pronouns and I identify as genderspecial I just have it so much worse than all of you plebs and have a gajillion mental disorders you need to walk on eggshells when talking to me or you will get exposed“ crowd. I put a lot of effort into my site and my content. I try not to make my page like strawbabie who has a gigantic about me page but you still ultimately learn nothing about her by reading it. Seriously read it, all it is is just labels and identity politics.

I cringe at the time I used to have stuff up about things I lived through and a diagnosis I have. Realized how soulless and uninteresting it makes you. I still share it on my blog because, yeah, it will get personal sometimes and it is my blog but absolutely nowhere else.

No. 1357283

They're hiding. Personally I'm hiding here because I got sick of social media.

No. 1357285

Same nona. I just post my art and other things I make, video game stuff and I share graphics. I've never posted about trauma or mental disorders or any of that stuff because I view it to be kinda exposing and embarrassing. Also, pronouns are cringe and I'm a woman. It's funny the most actually eccentric and neurodivergent people don't make that a personality trait. I sometimes make journal updates but they are mostly about mundane updates about my life and sometimes opinions about what is going on in the world. I really think to embody the old internet people need to move away from identity politics.

No. 1357287

I think it would be smart to reach out to/follow other people who are kind of just doing their own things and expressing themselves even if they may not have the fanciest sites. I feel like that’s how you’d make the best friends on neocities.

No. 1357291

Felt that. I used to be embarrassing and had stuff up about tRaUma because I wanted to fit in and it seemed like everyone else was doing it so I thought why not. But now I realize it just makes me look like I have no real personality so I took that stuff down. I don’t really talk about it on my blog but if I’m super emotional or something then I will vent about it there. I certainly don’t flash it around like a badge though (anymore at least).

No. 1357301

I don't use it yet though, I'm looking for info here first.

No. 1357327

File: 1664472190712.gif (17.08 KB, 154x141, flowercow.gif)

Do you guys know about the GIF search engine? https://gifcities.org/

No. 1357335

Yeah I do! I get a lot of cool stuff from there.

No. 1357348

File: 1664473240572.jpg (38.93 KB, 403x697, ichi.jpg)

A lot of chill people are affiliated with yesterweb because they accept anyone. I don't know much about them personally. Looks like he runs other cool services like status.cafe and midnight.pub

No. 1357354

A static website has less attack surface than a website with a database (wordpress)

No. 1357932

Oh okay. From what I can tell, they don't really have a history of questionable behavior.

No. 1358252

File: 1664529233965.png (100.63 KB, 1156x228, fels.png)

drama between lullabye and other yesterweb snowflakes, and they know about this thread lol

No. 1358299

File: 1664533941403.jpg (90.29 KB, 1118x371, yesterweb.jpg)

It gets even better, she cancels anyone for wrongthink but she didn't see anything wrong with liking a pedo furry kidnapper (4lung). I love how these retards always end up being into fucked up shit.
The last picture in the collage I found to be very interesting. She gets into an argument about not calling romanis gypsies without mentioning she is one herself, yet when others chime in to say that a lot of romanis in england don't mind the term gypsy and call themselves that she still doesn't claim that she's romani herself, so it's fair to say that after this she decided to add the romani label in order to get authority in arguments like these kek.

No. 1358330

>she cancels anyone for wrongthink but she didn't see anything wrong with liking a pedo
Yeah very on brand for her, I mean she has her little disclaimer about not censoring herself on her site but still barks at others for doing the same, she's the living image of "nothing is ok except if I do it" double standards. I dont know that guy, but if what you said is true, it's disgusting she supports/likes him, can't believe she draws the line at calling people 'beings' but that guy is fine.

No. 1358386

File: 1664545869017.jpg (229.27 KB, 682x910, 4lung.jpg)

He's got a thread here and on the other farms too so feel free to look into it.

Pedo trannies are fine, but terfs are where I draw the line.
t.lullabye, probably

No. 1358388

“Pedos are fine, but I draw the line at liking the wrong ships or being a terf

No. 1358401

Kind of scary when you consider the fact that she’s best friends with a bunch of little kids and always boasts about how she’s protecting them kek. Like with sparklelollipop, a 15 year old.

No. 1358420

….how the fuck is a child using the word lollipop equivalent to loli

No. 1358439

Nona the username is lollipop, not lolipop, the candy, double LL.

No. 1358442

Does anybody have links to digdeeper? He left neocities and like an idiot I did not bookmark the mirrors.

No. 1358449

His RSS feed leads me to this one

No. 1358453

File: 1664550241459.png (452.16 KB, 877x803, sparkle.png)

Nonnie please, she has your typical zoomer sanriocore/cutecore/candycore website. Naming herself lollipop after the candy is not a stretch. She even linked her pinterest on her website which is just full of cute stuff and a clear lack of lolishit

No. 1358478

Please it’s so stupid. She has a huge warning plastered on her generic sanrio blog about how she’s not going to make herself more palatable and is “uncensored” but if anybody else does the same they need to be cancelled. Only supports a free web if it benefits her. If anybody she disagrees with is also uncensored then she needs to cancel them. If anybody she disagrees with has a warning on their page, she ignores it and still gets mad. But in the same breath she expects you to take her warning seriously and wants to be uncensored. It’s so ridiculous.

No. 1358482

Nta but that "literal baby talk" is how people used to talk/write online in the 2000s.

No. 1358484

NTA but writting like that is very popular among 13yos to imitate the lol randomz internet years/deviantart, i see that all the time

No. 1358485

Nta but you both rushed in to undermine her point but proved it instead.

No. 1358487

I have no horse in this race, I'm just telling you she's a typical mentally ill zoomer copying what's popular nowadays and yes that also includes lolsorandumb speech which they call "typing quirks". I don't disagree that she's susceptible to being groomed online.
I associate loli loving girls more with coquette ddlg types, maybe that's just me.

No. 1358488

proved how? the internet wasn't exclusively populated by 10 year olds back in the 00s if that's what you're getting at.

I also don't really care whoever's right or wrong, you call it trying to undermine but I was really just commenting on one bit of the post and not the argument as a whole.

No. 1358489

I think she was saying the same thing, there is a big issue with people acting young regardless and pedos will use that as an excuse to victim blame everytime.
Either call it all out or don't call any of it out is where I sit, so I try to call it all out myself.

No. 1359082

I can ask him but why did he leave

No. 1360142

I swear he gave a reason right before he left on his page but I forgot what it was. It was pretty vague though but I doubt he'd care about the kiddie drama that's been happening lately. A lot of people left due to it though.

No. 1360158

File: 1664659663254.jpeg (848.46 KB, 1567x2710, B73DAD36-B450-405C-809B-B240B7…)

Welcome to the real world! Not everyone you meet is going to agree with you or support you. If you’re too fragile to accept that, I advise you get off the internet instead of whining about it.

No. 1360166

That sucks, I really enjoyed his content a lot.

No. 1360170

Did Strawbabie write this?

No. 1360187

File: 1664660209103.jpeg (544.62 KB, 895x1688, 4FBDA0FB-0F2E-450E-8F61-BB5B83…)

No it was macaque

No. 1360207

Ok now I'm definitely sure people on neocities only care about how your site looks instead of your content, macaque followed me last week when I got blog posts about cancel culture, anti/proshipper drama & jokes about trans people in the open. They about to get a surprise when they finally decide to read my site. Loving how they mentioned the actual pedophile on a passing and focused on the obviously more evil terves more instead.

No. 1360279

File: 1664664355221.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1481, FA64AD45-0EC8-4690-AB36-061E57…)

Anyone else notice how the “bigenders” always say they’re both MLM and WLW? Sounds like a lot of work to avoid just admitting you’re a bisexual.

No. 1360300

They do this so that they can say both faggot and dyke and you can't get mad because they're simultaneously a gay man and a lesbian or whatever.

No. 1360322

Love how she namedrops the evil radfems but the pedophile goes unnamed. How am I supposed to stay away from "her" its either an actual male tranny pedo, or perhaps a woman who writes ~problematique fanfiction, if we're lucky if I don't know who it is?

No. 1360361

why do people dox terfs when they could be doxing and harassing pedophiles

No. 1360472

Who is the terf that Dokodemo "platformed"?

No. 1360710

Probably cabbage because she got followed by Doko after the drama.

>according to Verdant, pup celebrated when I did this because it meant that my egg was cracking
Fucking insanity kek

No. 1360755

Even strawbabie follows a ton of people that she'd likely disagree with.

Macaque's article is such a miss anyway. Except for a small amount of people nobody really cares if you're using a template or not. Even that group of people only cares about "stealing" code, not actually about people new to html using templates. That's how personal websites used to be back then, many people relied on templates. The problem with carrd and twitter users is the attitude they bring to neocities, as well as a complete lack of understanding of what a personal website is. Most of them can't even get further than just reading the title of somebodies article, and they only care about the surface and the aesthetic appeal of the website.

No. 1360796

File: 1664693647303.jpg (77.19 KB, 720x540, cat.jpg)

I ran a website a while back and always got really into the graphics and layout, but I think I'm gonna pivot away from that and just start a plain little blog site. It was fun taking the time to design everything back in high school, but I'd rather just have a quiet corner to dump all my thoughts now. Dunno if i'd attach my art to it (progress pictures, talking about process) or just stay completely anon to be able to talk about whatever the hell I want. Will I still host on neocities? who knows. Either way I'm glad for a fresh start, it's been so long that I think I'm trapped in trying to keep the site true to what it used to be even though I'm not really that person anymore.

No. 1360801

if macaque was referring to roxally (i think that was the name?) she was an actual pedophile, she had a crush on her 9yo neighbor and said she would date/fuck children if they could consent. I forgot the callout blog, so i canf add pics of the discord messages, sorry

No. 1360802

File: 1664694617744.png (51.67 KB, 1000x546, roxellle.png)

This is the site, there was more to it but I don't have the caps

No. 1361198

I post poetry and prose and image edits I make, but im building a page for reposting lyrics and images I like.
How often? weeks-months. Im too lazy and sometimes I get frustrated with coding html lol.

No. 1361346

I can smell the scrote on this pedo from 1000 miles away. Atrocious

No. 1361439

File: 1664736713770.png (141 KB, 635x518, roxelle.png)

No. 1362494

File: 1664821550492.jpeg (290.74 KB, 2001x557, 676B898D-6B5F-4F73-99A1-020BC2…)

Gotta love the fake sweet facade she’s suddenly trying to put up, lol.

No. 1362965

shut up

No. 1363054

>radioactively anti-indigenous and racist
jfc can people not just call someone fuck-ugly without having to lump on a thousand virtue signaling justifications

No. 1363133

I'm sharing this because I see a lot of you are (rightfully) concerned around the community building up with NeoCities. I love NC as a concept, but I am concerned and like having backup plans in case they go all TRA.

If you're looking for alternatives to hosts and don't need server side scripting, look into services that provide almost free or completely free hosting for static websites. They only charge for traffic, and you may as well not pay for anything you don't need or ever plan on using. Even so, unless you've got hundreds of daily visitors watching a self-hosted video, you may not pay more than a few cents each month.

"Static," in this case, means no PHP/MySQL/CGI/anything that could be updated by visitors (hence "dynamic"). You can still utilize outside services like hit counters and guestbooks.

I wanted to find a host where I could grow and scale my content since I'm planning on using it multimedia content. Some shared hosts are funny about videos and games since you're sharing bandwidth with others, and something dedicated with bells and whistles I don't need is a waste of money.

Tiiny.host might be the best one for a beginner. It's limited, comes with a subdomain, but it's an alternative. Porkbun has a similar service, and a very cheap static option if you want to remove the subdomain and branding.

Other, more customizable examples for options are AWS S3, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean. CloudFlare Pages is also one, but I don't know very much about it. There are also some truly free indie ones floating around, but I would pay attention to who is offering these services.
When you go to a shared host, you're usually paying for services like cPanel and services that make your website dynamic. After running personal websites off and on for years, I realized I didn't need all of that.

A few downsides:
Because it's not static, there's php or mysql. So, if you want to host your own forum or wordpress, it's not happening
Some don't come with SSL certificates to protect your website. If this is a concern, pay attention to what's being offered
A little more barebones/technical, so some functions require a little more setup. There are guides for this on the hosts themselves with code you can copy/paste/tweak to enable functionality. Think of it as a learning experience.
Your public URL will more than likely be a static IP or a very long subdomain, so getting a domain name is a must if you're wanting to share and promote your website on a larger scale.

I'm currently trying out AWS just to get myself set up, but may switch to Porkbun.

No. 1363215

you don't need https for simple static personal website.

No. 1363758

You generally don't, no. But, if your goal is to have a larger flow of traffic, it's worth having. I know that contradicts the "smallweb" portion, but there may be, for example, some artists from the art thread considering alternative routes for building up a following.
Search engines rank secured websites higher. It feels more like a vanity move, sure. Even on a static website, it makes people who don't know any better freak out when they see that "Not Secured" thing in the URL bar with no context behind it. HTTP is better if you still want your site accessible by older browsers anyway.

No. 1365667

File: 1665038302663.jpg (119.2 KB, 910x819, hebrew2.jpg)

Strawbabie poorly google translating hebrew.
It's supposed to translate back to "I fucking hate goyim/gentiles", but not only did she use the singular form goy instead of goyim when inputting in english, "לעזאזל" is in the wrong place, and she used the masculine form of hate because that's what google translate defaults to and I'm pretty sure she sees herself as a transwoman kek

No. 1365675

it's so damn funny and i wonder if there will be actual jewish person who will call out her google translate shit and larping, which could cause some juicy drama. i hate these bored american white girls who larp as trannies and oppressed minorities for opresshun points.

No. 1365677

very informative nonni, thank you

No. 1365679

File: 1665040026037.jpg (596.85 KB, 960x1920, pt2022_10_06_09_02_45.jpg)

Was about to post about it, my favourite one is the god preachings one. Assumed it was google translate'd, but since I dont speak hebrew I wasnt sure, thanks for confirming it nona.
I wonder if she will get a new nationality after this.

No. 1365681

Everything about her is such a massive larp it's impressive at this point. She's just a bored and spoiled white girl from philly if I recall correctly.

No. 1365918

The Hebrew word for transsexual is literally just "transsexual" in the Hebrew alphabet, not sure if she actually can't read Hebrew at all or if she's joking

No. 1366172

File: 1665079053299.png (24.99 KB, 430x508, plplp.png)

Do we tell her about online translators?
(Next phrase says something about real life? If she meant she will shit talk about irl people, why would she even need to post it in hebrew? Most likely they dont even know her website…)

No. 1366205

File: 1665080625301.png (63.7 KB, 839x737, hebrew3.png)

The "very reliable online Hebrew dictionary" is literally just google translate. As seen in the screenshot, if you translate anything she says it sounds perfect in english because she's using english colloquialisms and phrases and they translate horribly into hebrew (yet they translate back well into english so it's hard to know if you messed up), using a dictionary would not produce such results.

There's just something hilarious about americans proud of their xyz ancestry/roots and using it to gain victim points online but not even bothering to properly speak the language of the culture they're milking. Strawbabie instead uses it to flex and shit talk people as if translations aren't a click away.

No. 1366258

She still checks this thread from the looks of it, didnt she say something about loving this one url blocker? Why doesnt she just block this site if it upsets her so much that it made her to google translate talk in other language out of spite? (rhetorical question, we all know why)

No. 1366353

Strawbabie also aims to be a Cherokee princess fyi

No. 1366440

File: 1665105920034.jpg (26.22 KB, 428x396, cat computer.jpg)

What are some of your favorite neocities sites? I'm looking for inspiration

Don't forget she also says she's romani

No. 1366507

>mfw strawbabie is romani-chan
Kek, wouldn't that be something.

No. 1366609

I like sites for content, so my favorite sites are kind of mid in the long run. A lot of random, not too popular blogs filled with autistic people ranting about what they like. You should explore the random website page sometime though.

No. 1366813

File: 1665150743603.png (1.51 MB, 746x904, Imaginary.nu version 9.png)

Not sure if with "for inspiration" you mean layout or content inspo, but here are some sites I enjoy, I tried to sort them into what I like the best about them

https://www.buruma.net/ - Picrel, site trying to rescue domains. The layouts have a early 2000s site vibe
https://nyaa.neocities.org/ - One of these "let's fill every single space with PNGs" sites, but I really like it. Outside her main page, the others are very well decorated & not as filled in.
https://5amgirlfriend.neocities.org/ - I think everyone knows about her at this point, but her aesthetic sense inspired me lots to make my own site.
https://musunee.neocities.org/ - The site itself is pretty empty right now, but the layout is very clean and easy to the eyes
https://futurehalf.neocities.org/ - Another site under construction, but I love how colorful both the layout and art is.
https://strovi.neocities.org/ - Nice art, but the index page is my favorite thing about the site.
https://repth.neocities.org/ - Early 2000s layout but simple and actually readable. Makes very good templates and art too.
https://epinico.neocities.org/ - Not sure what's going on with this site, but I dig the eyestain-y layout, somehow made it kinda pleasant to the eyes
https://shukuya.com/ - Putting it under "Style" because I like its subdomains layouts. Early 2000s vibes with tables and stuff.
https://hoshi.nu/ - Lovely layouts for all the fanistings,

http://shining-sunflower.com/ - Info about old anime & similar. It feels like a time capsule
https://androidarts.com/ - Extensive projects about fictional game consoles, reworks of videogames, tabletop games… Along with amazing art, some of their projects can take you hours to fully read
https://web.archive.org/web/20211220131512/https://sunyshore.com/ - Had to link to an archive because the site seems to be down? Remember to hide the web archive's header to check the site's links! Collection of electric pokemon, each plush has it's own story!
http://www.demon-sushi.com/mewtwo/index.html - Similar to the previous site, but just with mewtwo. Every single item has a story attached to it, and the plushes even have their own names!
https://birdsandstars.neocities.org/ - Site of a very religious girl, but I like the calm vibe she got going on, her resources and anime recomendations are nice if you just want to chill. (For some reason, she thinks I'm muslim though…)
https://cidoku.net/ - Guy who writes a lot about different subjects. Despite being a guy, I found them interesting, his links/resources are very useful too.
https://cadnomori.neocities.org/ - Has lots of little & interestning pages
https://tophatcats.neocities.org/ - OP is trying to archive as many LJ icons as she can. Her art is pretty too.

https://cloverbell.neocities.org/ - Art with earthy tones, very pleasing to the eyes.
https://jelly-world.neocities.org/ - One of my favorite artists in neocities, lineless, soft-looking art. Her strange sweeties series is my favorite one.
https://omoulo.com/ - Specially like the background collection.
+ Repeating the sites I have mentioned before who post art too:

No. 1366866

File: 1665155886719.jpg (1.57 MB, 1240x1754, 1337932238875.jpg)

Amazing post nonnie. If you like lj icon archivists there's also this site, it's under her "scraps" page - https://thelastmelon.one/
I remember around 2 years ago, I swear cadnomori used to identify as a transwoman on his egl page but now he's back to being male so that's interesting. I second birdsandstars' website being nice for anime reccs.

I'll copy the other nonas style and dump some pages myself

https://blanketfort.neocities.org/ - a very fresh site so there isn't much content but I love the theme and the minimalist execution
https://healerboy1004.neocities.org/ - this page really threw me back into mid 2000's when I saw it
https://palemomos.neocities.org/ - I posted her in this thread before because she makes cute layouts for free use

https://gamera.neocities.org/ - a girl logs all of the games she plays and does short reviews. I like the type of games she's into so this appeals to me
https://oubliette.nu/ - great writing, amazing shrines that have a lot of thought put into them and a useful rabbithole for websites similar to hers
https://mayvaneday.art/blog/index.html - extremely based woman, has a lot of extensive knowledge about internet security, great blog posts
https://incessantpain.neocities.org/ - I like this dude's blogposts and writing, he leads a life I aspire to like making his own clothes etc.
https://murid.neocities.org/ - southeast asian guy that does art, but also has an interesting blog
https://kalechips.neocities.org/ - adult woman with a blog, I'm sure some nonnies will appreciate
https://arlita.neocities.org/ - same as the last one

No. 1366969

Thanks for thelasmelon rec! The scrap page is a goldmine for graphics in general, not just for LJ icons.
Also I love oubliette's shrine lots; I got a few of them linked on my site, but for some reason didn't see her main domain despite it being linked on her domain family on like-knives kek

No. 1367052

File: 1665168643783.gif (57.9 KB, 494x456, orisinal.gif)

idk if this is the right thread for this, but does anyone remember the games on orisinal? i used to be obsessed with them, especially the pea pod one. the music was so calming too

No. 1367054

wait it wasn't a pea pod it was like a chipmunk flying on a leaf shooting butterfly pods or something like that kek i remember the music was like a piano instrumental

No. 1367067

I loved Orisinal, the diving one and the ladybug one were my favorites. I went back to it and played it again just before flash got discontinued. Though as far as I know they’ve all been saved in some flash internet game archive, but I think it’s a hassle to download the program to play them.

No. 1367134

>Not sure if with "for inspiration" you mean layout or content inspo
I meant both, I probably should have clarified. Thank you so much for the recs! I can't wait to look through all these later

No. 1367568

File: 1665219966615.png (21.38 KB, 748x196, Screenshot.png)

Nona who spoke hebrew, is US hebrew a thing?
Unrelated to this, she also used stealing code as an insult when hours late she was defending people who put carrds' codes onto neocities kek Girl pick a side

No. 1367601

>Nona who spoke hebrew, is US hebrew a thing?
US hebrew would either be biblical hebrew that practicing american jews pick up over time, or your usual standard modern hebrew taught in, I assume, schools or courses or through your family which would allow you to converse with israelis. You'd be missing out on some of the (russian, arabic, german) slang but you'd still be able to understand the basic grammar such as plurals and gendered verbs.
If her mother actually speaks standard hebrew, it's weird that she does not understand these mistakes she made and if she's lying and her mother doesn't speak it - she has as much relation to standard hebrew as any random christian does to latin or greek kek. Either way it's goofy to say you "speak" the language if you have to use voice translation to communicate in it. If she had actually written things in broken grammar in the latin alphabet by herself it would give her more validity than just crying about how her mom is a hebrew speaker so somehow magically that makes her one too.

No. 1367606

This constant strawbabie discussion is so fucking boring. Like wow a retarded preteen(?) on neocities from whom we expect retarded shit said something absolutely retarded again, how terribly interesting. Does every single post she and she alone makes need to be posted itt? I know this is /ot/ so it doesn't have to be milky but god damn she and her zoomer retardation are a special type of boring.

No. 1367608

She's 20. I find her amusing but it seems we're pretty divided on her in here. Sadly there's not enough milk for her own thread in /snow/.

No. 1367613

the personal cow thread on /snow/ might work as an alternative, thats what its used for usually

No. 1367646

It’s really not sus, webrings are how personal-website people network. Just wanted to respond and thank you tho because your pic made me scream cackle

Good post

Memory unlocked. I do remember this

No. 1369435

I was just on it the other day to show a friend. I installed ruffle.js on my browser. Some of the games even run on it.

No. 1370058

Someone mentioned on Simsecret gyaru was fucked up. Goddamn I just went down a rabbit hole I didn't expect.

No. 1370844

She's malding about someone stalking her and accusing a bunch of randos of being pedos, privated her site profile so people can't pull up screenshots. Normal tranny rage etc etc.

No. 1370862

Have any screenshots? Today of all days I didn't check her profile kek

No. 1370896

I feel like neocities has been a lot quieter. A lot less drama and microblogging in the past week or so. I wonder if people are scared of looking like strawbabie

No. 1370952

I second this! I don't follow her, so I can't take screenshots. I visited her page this morning, but the new post she had was like "In the meanest way, put bleach on your eyes" or something like that.
Also does anyone know which people vage about her, are inside the drama and such? Doko is a given, and I also follow strwbrry/strawbabie who has vaged about her before (she was the one lullabye removed from her webring recently for the vages), but I don't know anyone else.

A part of it may also be because most of us started school, college, or whatever each one has going on. My news feed has been quieter on updates in general because we are busy. A good chunk of people also left after the initial doko drama.
But yeah, I think people just don't want to create more drama, so they don't engage and simply ignore it. Most of the ones causing it are lke 15yo anyways, so I don't looking like another sjw is a problem to them.

No. 1371069

begone newfag

No. 1371094


No. 1371105

File: 1665521631735.jpg (434.37 KB, 1440x1920, pt2022_10_11_22_47_56_mh166552…)

Logged onto my account after some time and I dont know the whole story, but it seems she's now attacking one of my mutuals because… she couldnt enter on the kin webring? From what I can gather at least.
(Also according to strawbabie, the TTT culture is now certain fandoms, not the toxicity and hivemind)

No. 1371138

>bcs/brba spam
kek as if it's not any more obvious who it is

No. 1371187

Fuck dude I'm gonna have to follow them off a sock account if they keep doing this shit.

No. 1371221

Hi, I’m the Jens (tonighttonight) mentioned here. I do not get why these people are harassing me so much. Sorry to butt in, not familiar with this website. I really just wrote weird noncon fanfiction which I guess can be considered bad to some people but I’ve been deeply stressed over this 14 year old and friends who constantly send messages telling me to die violently. I am not going to disclose much about me here but I think I should be allowed to write what I please.
I am concerned somewhat for this minor who is seemingly being encouraged by this dreamie person to look at my explicit pornography blog and send me graphic threats of violence.
I apologize for writing here. I was contacted by someone whom I think is from this forum. And honestly I just learned about this dreamie (?) person today and honestly I’m a bit freaked out. I probably won’t fit in here I am to assume so this is my only post I am making for the time being.
Thank you for putting this info out here.

No. 1371222

i literally don't know what's going on but BOOOOO to whoever cowtipped.

No. 1371233

File: 1665527872292.jpg (66.91 KB, 313x717, texas.jpg)

It seems like it started here, this was made by a tumblr user who keeps getting harassed by strawbabie kek
She has so many enemies she managed to intertwine the simblr and neocities communities.
To be fair though, she already knew about the lc thread since day one.

No. 1371259

This Texas person kinda seems like a tard too, just from the way they wrote that post.

No. 1371260


No. 1371280

File: 1665531607841.png (136.82 KB, 1080x1136, lol.png)

I created a throwaway email to ask Strawbabie about what Romani subgroup and family they're descended from. They told me to go drink bleach.

And before anyone goes "You just can't go ask someone what family they're descended from! That's an invasion of privacy!", the "what family you are descended from" is a common question Romani people ask each other even on the Internet in public spaces. This question isn't considered an invasion of privacy.

The way she responded to my question shows that she's not Romani at all. People who fake being Romani don't properly answer these kind of question. If she was actually of Romani heritage, she would say "I'm from X subgroup, and I'm descended from the Y family".(cowtipping)

No. 1371367

File: 1665536727995.png (166.81 KB, 1560x636, 293487502.png)

No. 1371409

uses google once

No. 1371588

The way she just responded just shows she isn't of Romani heritage. Typical fauxmani behaviour.

Sinti consider themselves Romani, they just don't use the term "Roma" to refer to themslves, like other Romani do. Some Romani activists use "Sinti and Roma" because of this.

Good lord, if you're gonna fake being Romani, at least do it right.

No. 1371604

Does this qualify as cowtipping?

No. 1371609

Why in Allah's name would anyone actually want to be Romani? It's like yearning to have convict heritage

No. 1371616

The same reason someone would want be jewish. You get that sweet minority status that protects you from judgement without experiencing any of the racism that goes with being an actual romani or jew

No. 1371618

Samefag, I mean prejudice not racism

No. 1371631

Isn't it a religion and an ethnicity?

No. 1371636

File: 1665551641261.jpg (125.07 KB, 668x443, greatesthits.jpg)

Can't believe nobody sent screenshots of the retarded slapfight earlier, but pic related are some of the greatest hits. I also archived it.
This tells us everything we need to know, strawbabie confirms she is a rich spoiled white girl with an extreme case of NLOG, living in a seven bedroom apartment, she's 20, she has no job nor is she in uni, all she does is waste away online with her made up identities, minor friends and a million microlabels she uses to bully others.
For the newfags: nobody is "dragging minors" onto this thread, as the only shit-talking is reserved for strawbabie, doxxing is not allowed, nor is extensive shit talking about children - read the rules. The only reason why minors are mentioned is because she chooses to surround herself with them.

No. 1371644

File: 1665552652957.png (210.5 KB, 750x1103, 15_52301841221_o.png)

This intersects with the Sims community of all things. I'll try and give a synopsis and get some caps.

In the TS4 community there was a fight on tumblr over patreon being used to charge for CC. This got very serious with doxing, lawyers and stalking. texasthegreatdestroyer and Mack were two of the people who were vocally against pay CC. Another simblr, yoonie, cancelled them both because texas called strawbabie/gyarutrait out on her bullshit and Mack was guilty by association and she also voted for Trump.

Mack's tumblr
Texas' tumblr
Yoonie's tumblr

Link to what happened with pay CC in the sims thread on /m/

No. 1371650

File: 1665553136563.jpg (198.56 KB, 864x1920, tumblr_6d2665095fb723a2ca92887…)

Mack calling out yoonie for being manipulative

For context Mack is a teacher and the pro-paywall side, mainly cowbuild were contacting the school she worked for trying to get her fired and uploading sims porn of Mack having sex with black men

No. 1371651

Romani people in the Western world have been exoticized for centuries as free-spirited nomads, so it's natural that some want to be Romani and claim Romani heritage.

No. 1371654

File: 1665553441646.jpg (34.82 KB, 430x209, tumblr_98c7c0ad3025bdf6bb87757…)

yoonie crying to that LC isn't a real source even though everything is documented with original links

No. 1371660

File: 1665553827539.jpg (149.86 KB, 532x481, tumblr_5c5ad85d1c3fe0878e16199…)

strawbabie/gyaru calling for texas and Mack to be cancelled because one of them called her out for being fucking insane. Only tumblr would be dumb enough to fall for it.

No. 1371661

File: 1665553844109.jpg (213.34 KB, 572x1045, yooniesim_milder.jpg)

I love how she listed 4chan as a milder site than lolcow. I've been seeing this opinion everywhere lately, misogyny on full display

No. 1371665

so true 4chan notoriously known for mass shooters actual pedophilia and racism is actually so much milder than transpheubique lolcor akshually because ummmm ummm GOSSIPING IS MEAN YOU GUYS !!!! TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN BTW !!!!

No. 1371666

Yes, that anon is dumb

Probably because 4chan is troon infested. Virulent misogyny, pedophilia, and racism is fine but making fun of mentally ill men larping as women isn't

No. 1371668

File: 1665555079729.jpg (124 KB, 579x960, tumblr_0fee7ca959e4becf72f6872…)

More of strawbabie's insanity

Proof that men are allowed to call for genocide, spread racism, post gore and rape porn but it's ok because there not TERFs. While a women's gossip website is pure evil for not submitting to TRAs.

>plain old sim secret

Who does she think is posting in the anonymous comments section of sim secret?

No. 1371683

File: 1665556071167.jpg (49.78 KB, 540x406, tumblr_bfc59d710e9f8bc2ba92cbb…)

Here's strawbabie/gyaru rallying a tumblr mob to cancel two women who are autistic.

No. 1371684

File: 1665556363781.png (24.76 KB, 595x219, LC-is-racist-and-transphobic.p…)

LC is more racist than it is transphobic apparently.

No. 1371686

Yeah, it's a religion and ethnicity. But a lot of jews face prejudice against their ethnic features like big noses etc. I'm not sure if you would call it a race or an ethnicity- jews aren't a race the way black people are, it's more of a blood thing but like I said there are certain features jews typically have.

No. 1371691

File: 1665557157694.jpg (19.13 KB, 734x356, whuuu.jpg)

>(and possibly transphobes??)

No. 1371705

File: 1665558512301.jpeg (422.42 KB, 1206x1761, 205BC9B7-16C4-421B-B546-118560…)

No. 1371706

File: 1665558544690.png (42.07 KB, 578x357, terfs-and-incels.png)

We're also incels? I don't think these people realise that LC is full of women.

No. 1371709

File: 1665558747311.png (140.92 KB, 558x796, get_help.png)

strawbabie/gyaru having a nervous break down over texas telling her to get psychiatric help.

No. 1371712

yoonie was warned repeatedly that strawbabie was a psycho and still believed her.

No. 1371713

Jesus christ this is why I stopped using simblr

No. 1371714

File: 1665558947200.png (140.19 KB, 547x853, warning.png)

Forgot image

No. 1371718

File: 1665559752727.png (646.32 KB, 540x5651, lying.png)

Part 1 of conversaion between strawbabie and Mack. Strawbabie is lying about being mentally ill and poor.

This is the source
The images do not fit together to make a coherent conversation so some of what was said is being hidden.

No. 1371720

Would anyone be open to the idea of making seperate threads for general Neocities help & Neocities drama?

No. 1371721

I think that maybe strawbabie and her related cows need their own thread. The drama isn't just contained to neocities, it's all over various communities on tumblr as well.

No. 1371726

Part 2 of strawbabie lying and suicide baiting to manipulate an autistic woman

No. 1371728

File: 1665560409737.png (656.77 KB, 540x5813, part-2.png)

No. 1371731

File: 1665560550911.png (144.37 KB, 540x1272, part-3.png)

part 3

No. 1371744

>I don't have access to help
>lives in a 7 bedroom apartment
>claims to be diagnosed with SVPD (something that does not exist) which implies she got help

No. 1371771

honestly general sims community drama thread could be worth making, given how drama filled community can get alongside lull's (or general neocities drama thread if she'll be deemed not threadworthy on her own, she's still only lolcalf for me) thread. talking about her clogs this thread and i'd see more personal sites nonnas recommend or discussion about making sites/layouts, old web finds or maybe general old internet nostalgia.

No. 1371773

I remember, icq, mirc, making anglefire websites, old yahoo chat, aaahhhh and nutscrape.

No. 1371841

oh so many cute sites

No. 1371852

i've been thinking about making a blog. i like the stability afforded by google's blogspot service, but i wish it had the same kinds of features as wordpress. oh well, i guess that's the trade off for using an ancient platform from a by-gone era of the internet

No. 1371865

this thread is full of selfposters. who even actually cares about this shit. completely incomprehensible to an outsider. can we talk about cute self made old ( styled ) websites now because idgaf about these people and i know i am not the only one

No. 1371921

I originally asked for this thread to be made for both purposes and personally I contribute with both. Every time nonnies complain about strawbabie I stop posting about her, and so do the rest of the anons, and the thread dies off. If you want to talk about cute sites, then contribute and make your lists like me and a different anon did.
I have interest in the neocities community, and I know I'm not the only one either. Maybe with enough milk somebody will make a thread where drama specifically can go to but for now it's like this.

No. 1372776

I'm still thinking about the female-only webring, nonita who talked about making one on terfchan (linknwas posted here, so I guess she's one of us), just so you know there's interest for it!
I would make the webring myself, but I dont have a supporter account, so no php….

No. 1372801

Can't you save or archive your data and import it to wordpress? I remember that it's possible to import your tumblr to wordpress but I don't remember if you can do that with other blogs.

No. 1372826

blogger has some advantages, you can easily make cute layout for your blog and it won't break like wordpress ones, due all of php. blogger templates are html, you need to be careful and keep some bits of code that are behind displaying posts/dates/archives/headers

No. 1372885

Sorry I haven't updated you guys on it but I'll try to work on the page and code this weekend.

No. 1374749

Which one of you retards is talking to people involved in the lullabye bullshit you're annoying as fuck too

No. 1374750

File: 1665786924507.png (522.26 KB, 1594x4291, fakeboi.png)

Fakeboi wanted proof.

No. 1374752

You're fucking stupid

No. 1374757

The thread got boring. If you people aren't gonna bother, them someone has to. Why does this thread exist if we're not actually going to harass these troons?

No. 1374759

You're all preaching TERF ideals but not committing. Commit. Bully them out. Also make the damn webring we're all waiting.

No. 1374762

How? By being direct? There wasn't a problem with cowtipping when we did the Exanet "harassment".

If you have an issue with me pretending to have good intentions at first, I needed some way to get their attention, didn't I? Besides, someone has to point out that ALL of these fakebois and cockgirls are creeps.

No. 1374765

File: 1665787529399.png (11.98 KB, 922x150, unknown-31.png)

I literally don't care if you think they're creeps. You're gonna ruin the milk by being a retard

No. 1374766

>Couldn't even post a picture properly(biggest retard ITT)

No. 1374768

No. 1375017

Stop being a cowtipping newfag. Dokodemo might be an immature tif but at least she sticks to herself and her circlejerk discord and doesn't go out of the way to be annoying.
Strawbabie seems to be laying low for now, so there's no point in trying to make up more drama and proudly going on lc to show off you're a poster here, such childish behaviour.

Nothing terfy about what you're doing, please.

No. 1375244

Are you a newfag? Why do you keep writing on the name area? No one wants you here, you're ruining the fun. Go away already and stop trying to milk the cows yourself for attention, wait for them to do it themselves. Read the rules.
Also don't bother the webring nona, do it yourself if you want it so much already.

No. 1375453

Strawbabie isn't laying low; she's harassing the dokodemo people under alts. She's just not doing bullshit off her actual account because of Sims drama.

No. 1375458

Was there more after the angel-cakes thing?
Also her new tumblr name https://www.tumblr.com/corpsetrait
She changes pronouns with each new rebrand kek

No. 1375591

Well, around the same time as that one she was harassing people through their embedded chat boxes. I think just two people got the boot. There were a lot of people in the thread for the one you're talking about and they were really just going "no one cares" I truly hope someone archived because seeing that in my feed one day was the funniest shit ever. It was like a playground argument. I vividly remember her going "were you diagnosed with stupid when you were born?" Or something similar.

No. 1375611

I think this nona >>1371636 got you covered, if you were refering to that fight. So sad I missed it real-time.

No. 1375616

Oh my god I didn't even realize… Thank you. Yes this is the fight I meant, it was so silly…

No. 1375719

File: 1665867328703.png (388.33 KB, 768x1024, Untitled10_20221015154942.png)

Strawbabie came out as white

No. 1375742

>i am fat, as you can see on my sim
>sim is skinny

No. 1375753

Fishing for compliments in the most convoluted way possible.

No. 1375778

Note the very hard to notice leg hair too. I have to laugh.

No. 1376641

Doko has been harassing under alts and on main. You missed the following harassment doko and others did on strawbabie. The great war between them continues.

No. 1376696

I mean she did say she was pre diabetic at 20 years old lol

No. 1376741

Proof? You can't just say shit and expect us to believe you.

No. 1377155

File: 1665984347123.jpg (63.43 KB, 720x564, 20221017_072416.jpg)

Looks like Doko killed their site, went to check it because they followed me the other day and was greeted with this

No. 1377261

Hi doko! You know full well once you unfollow on neocities it is removed from the feed.(hi cow)

No. 1377316

Im not doko lol, thats exactly why I went to their page. I saw my follow counter go down and noticed doko wasnt there (followed me a long with a few more people), so i went to check out of curiosity because i didnt know if they deleted or just hid the profile

No. 1377456

Why would he talk about his own site being nuked on here. He wants little to do with lolcow or the weird bitch we keep talking about.

No. 1377468

whats with the pronoun situation over here…

No. 1377472

Sadly since this is a neocities thread it's a given a lot of the anons here are zoomer newfags. At least some of them have to come from dokos server so that explains the tranny handmaidening.

No. 1377505

I only care about strawbebbie, so I don't know if the rest of people involved are women or men lmao

No. 1377514

File: 1666027999208.png (145.1 KB, 888x1888, scc.png)

I believe referring to this where doko and vixie and crossparadise (probs some more but I don't care) started following people because strawbabie hated them for being a TERF and something stupid about dead dove fiction. They started following and unfollowing strawbabie to play with their follower count.
Doko removed all traces of it but I found on the archive the likes in relation to it.

No. 1377835

On the day that happened, someone made a parody of Strawbabie's site. Doko said it wasn't her, but one of her server members that did it. I know Strawbabie also accused a commenter on her page of being Doko. The site was called ddtesting which she believed stood for dokodemo.

No. 1377863

You seem to know more than the average person in this thread. Care to back any of this up with screenshots or are we just supposed to believe this stuff happened.

No. 1378363

File: 1666099777469.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2418x1659, lolibye.jpeg)

No. 1378405

Where does he say that? We've seen screenshots where he directly talks about lolcow, but never anything to suggest he doesn't go on it or doesn't want it.

No. 1378483

I know a lot of anons don't interact with social media that could expose their identity, however he said this often in his discord server and activity feed. I'm not going to provide screenshots for his own comfort though, sorry.
I'm glad one of the sites got archived, they were really funny! Glad to know I wasn't the only one bored enough to keep up with this in real time too, because this series of events happened within the span of an hour or so.

No. 1378603

FC2 is very easy to use, both the blog function and the free webhosting. I have used it exclusively for years and it feels wonderful. There are also thousands of layouts to suit your taste as far as the blogs go.

I hope youll try it out sometime.

No. 1378615

File: 1666115277033.png (1.03 MB, 1919x934, unknown.png)

I took an ss of this one, there was another with a discord link but I didn't join it

No. 1378636

NTA but fc2 gets on my nerves a bit for webhosting, I use it as a mirror of my site but I dislike how you only can upload 10 items at once (and you have to manually select each one, no drag`+drop). That aside, it works fine.
I haven't looked into blog hosting, but I used to visit ACNL blogs hosted there for QR codes and all of them looked wonderful.

No. 1378660

File: 1666117577657.jpg (53.63 KB, 800x509, chiplc.jpg)

The 12 year olds will arrive soon

No. 1378719

can u guys post more interesting sites instead of screenshots of retards being retarded

No. 1378727

File: 1666121412933.jpg (20.6 KB, 665x238, idym.jpg)

This might sound really selfish and stupid, but does anyone else get butthurt when a personal site you bookmarked gets deleted for seemingly no reason? It bothers me how often people delete their websites, compared to social media account which usually just lay abandoned.
Why not just leave it (if there's no insanely embarrassing/dox worthy material or something) for everyone to see, discover and potentially contact you 10 years into the future because of your goofy site you forgot about?

No. 1378730

I feel like the drama part should be moved to /snow/

It's like tumblr, everyone deleting their blogs after minor drama

No. 1378745

Websites cost money to maintain. More often than not it’s not that they deleted it, they just stopped paying the hosting bill.

No. 1378752

Yeah, but as the other nona said, it's just deleting tumblr 2.0 because lots of neocities users come from there and view their sites as another social media/carrd, not as am actual website.
At least people tent to archive sites on the internet archive pretty often, but images tent to get lost/broken there for some reason (also people usually dont save all pages, maybe just index ans a few others)

No. 1378759

Is neocities a good starting project for those interested in a career in web design?

No. 1378826

Depends on what your goal is right now, Neocities is just a free website host, nothing more nothing less. You can use it to mess around with html/css/js and learn more about it, so if what you want right now is just to test the waters on web design/maintenance I think it will work. If you want a more professional approach with your own domain and such you need a supporter account, but for that I would move to a bigger (paid) webhost with better bandwidth, php and all.
The downside I see in Neocities is that it loads content/images a bit slow sometimes, but you can't ask much for a free web host.

No. 1378838

Thanks for the thorough response! I'll try my hand at Neocities and then move on to other places as I get more ambitious.

No. 1378925

Be the change you want to see faggot. I bet your dinky little website sucks ass.
All these fucking newfags I swear.

No. 1378998

The 12 year olds are already here and they're all in /w/

Is there even enough milk to warrant a separate thread though? Strawbabie and co aren't really milky enough to be considered actual cows. I feel like a separate drama thread would die pretty quickly

No. 1379248

The upload function of FC2 is annoying so I would recommend using ftp instead. You can upload as many files as you like, then.

The only thing to bear in mind is your filesize, which doesn't matter much if you're not uploading art.

No. 1379872

Why are you mad that I'm calling a man a he. He has a dick and balls I don't know rotted your brain has gotten from being transphobic to assume that a cis person is trans just because they're obnoxious to you

No. 1379898

NTA but no need to act so defensive about it, nona didnt even say anything bad. Everyone goes by like every pronoun ever + made-up ones, I think a few of us are just a bit confused at this point, nothing more.
Take some tea and go take a nap for a bit, calm down….

No. 1379900

File: 1666211049006.jpg (550.82 KB, 969x1245, doko.jpg)

Sadly I don't have screenshots of the discord where I'm fairly certain doko mentioned being trans in, however considering doko's site used to be based on adeleine from kirby, her about me page contained info on her squishmallow and beanie baby collections and all other sorts of very female-dominated interests and terms used… yeah it's a woman.

No. 1379901

Doko reads extremely easily as a TiF if you're not a newfag.

No. 1379912

Kek do you know where you are? Someone calling themselves something doesn’t make them that thing, you embarrassment.

No. 1379950

I'm not really mad about it. It's just sad that a lot of people have this mentality of "if I don't like this person they are (insert group of people I don't like) you know strawbabie does that too, right? She makes fun of cis people and calls people she disagrees with cis too. It's just I'm seeing this behavior from people making fun of gender freaks AND gender freaks and it's just really bizarre to me.

No. 1379958

Nobody is making fun of doko for being a tif, but calling a spade a spade has been practiced on lc for a long while now. In fact, I don't think anybody here really shits on doko at all, besides calling her a bit cringe. Doko is not an aggro retard like strawbabie is, so I don't really care what she's up to. But she is in fact, a woman.

No. 1379959

Thanks for bringing supporting evidence but as >>1379901 says doko is very obviously female. You can clock trannies based on typing style alone.
I didn't "assume" she's a tranny, I could tell from the very first moment I looked at her website that she is female. I also don't care about ~being like strawbabie uguu sad face, this is a mean spirited gossip board not a virtue signaling contest. Learn to integrate you fucking waste of oxygen.

No. 1379982

I'm not going to be apart of the echo chamber, just going to talk to it. I don't really understand how you guys think interests, styles, etc are for a pre defined gender. That's like saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys. This discussion has made me aware that terfs don't actually care about feminism and instead only care about the trans exclusion bit, however; to bring the neocities topic back. Strawbabie has enabled her website again and is sperging.

No. 1379996

>I don't really understand how you guys think interests, styles, etc are for a pre defined gender
I don't, but it's a very common pattern online for tifs and tims to have hobbies that are commonly dominated by their own sex. Dressup games have a ton of he/hims yet they're all tifs, likewise hardcore anime coomer she/hers tend to be tims. They're usually the ones that buy into gender roles the most. Making a simple observation like that does not say anything about our opinion on feminism newfag.
A lot of trannies online are into very specific aesthetics, writing patterns, phrases and interests - doko being no different, they're pretty unoriginal. It's easy to sniff them out.

No. 1380008

I guess your logic just doesn't really make sense to me because I grew up doing the "anime coomer" bit even though I'm assigned female at birth. Making assumptions about people based off their interests and what they do is just odd to me. If someone saw what I've done on the Internet they'd say I'm an incel since I like eroge and computer science, but really I'm just a lesbian ෆ⁠╹⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠╹⁠ෆ(ෆ⁠╹⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠╹⁠ෆ)

No. 1380009

You can both believe that presentation and interests should be permitted regardless of biological sex while also being able to recognize patterns of behavior typical to specific groups. These things are not in conflict, and the latter is a basic facet of human socialization.

Besides, Doko's likeliest identity is easily inferrable beyond her interests; you can also guess it from her typing style, history (for those of us who read her life story spiel when it was posted), and cohort.

No. 1380024

Are you intersex? If not you're just female lmao. You talk like a twitterfag

No. 1380089

>assigned female at birth
>like eroge and computer science
>newfag being a halfwit
Just say that you are a woman… There tons of women that like erotic visual novels along with the scientific and practical side to computing. You are not unique for liking things that other women don't typically like, these interests aren't for any pre defined gender. No real lesbian would be willing to date someone like you, who isn't even willing to say that you are a women and you shouldn't even use the word lesbian if you don´t admit it.

No. 1380126

How does one go about making a site like Gaia, Neopets, or Subeta with dress up and markets? It's been my dream to make one of those, but I only know how to do the dress up part. I don't even care if the only users are me and the friends I guilt trip into trying it out.

No. 1380153

>I'm assigned female at birth
KEK retard. It's called being born female, not being "assigned" a sex, unless you're intersex and you got surgery when you were born to make your genitals look like either normal female or normal male genitals like >>1380024 said. That is what "assigned sex at birth" means, not just the doctor identifying which set of genitals you have.

>I don't really understand how you guys think interests, styles, etc are for a pre defined gender.
I think that's what you should be telling troons, not to us. After all, they think their brains belong to the opposite sex just because they like a few things that aren't stereotypically feminine or masculine. In women, for example, this could be videogames in general, as videogames have been considered to be an exclusively male interest for a long time (even though we know that's not actually true and almost half of all gamers are female), so TIFs are led to believe that because they're "weird girls" and NLOG for liking video games they must be male, or even just for being smart since according to the sexist stereotypes worshipped by trannies, women are stupid and men are smart. But women do tend to gravitate towards certain specific interests, like video games such as Kirby or MGS for several reasons, while men gravitate towards other specific games for their own reasons as well. Also TIFs have a very distinctive art style seen in this girl's avatar >>1379900

No. 1380199

oh my god who cares

No. 1380233

Doko here mad because she got clocked so hard without even having to post her face or voice anywhere, kek

No. 1380317

I can't grasp the concept of updating a blog-like site on neocities. Am I really typing directly strings of <p> elements into the HTML?

Forgive my difficulty in graspinf this… I've never worked with raw code before.

No. 1380318


No. 1380322

Yes, that's how I do it. In practice it's not really weird once you start doing it, many code editors have live preview so I can look at my page as I'm writing.

No. 1380349

Yep, that's how you do it. It may seem a bit intuitive/troublesome at first, but when you do it for awhile it's like a second nature (specially if your code editor auto coloses tags), I love the freedom puren HTML blogs give you when posting media.
But when I'm lazy I just type nornally on a markdown to HTML converter or type a new post on desktop tumblr & click 'HTML mode'after finishing it to copy-paste kek

No. 1380353

Thanks for the confirmation, it's difficult navigating what's "right" when new to these things.

Out of curiosity, what do other nonnas use their sites for, if you're not uncomfortable sharing? I have some rather niche interests that I could funnel into my own site, but it's a strange feeling knowing that my posts won't be going to some prescribed audience through functions like tags.

No. 1380354

I need some perspective. Is 25 years old too old to be newly pursuing a career in webdev? I have extensive workexperience in graphic design and have enjoyed time coding with Python in my school days, so I'm trying to pivot into somethimg more sustainable.

No. 1380355

Man, what do they teach you kids these days? That you have to have your life together and have 50 years of experience at 25 years old? You don't realize how young you are today, but one day you will. You are absolutely not too old. Not even close. Please do pursue web dev. There's not enough girls and the hardest step is starting.

No. 1380356

Personal diary, reviews of things I watch and read, ranting about stuff that annoys me. I wish I could share my knowledge about random things and do some kind of tutorials but I really suck at giving instructions, maybe in the future.
I don't think it is. When I was doing an internship in a webdev company I met multiple people that got their first programming job there in their late 20's and early 30's, some of them had no degree related to computer science in the slightest. One guy in particular was a dude bro working in construction that just started completing random online tutorials and uploading them to github.

No. 1380357

Thanks so much for the prompt responses, I've been studying daily and this gave me a boost of confidence. I'll work hard at it.

No. 1380362

You got this, anon. ♥

No. 1380385

I'm around the same age as you and nah, I'm a complete beginner unlike you and I'm on my way to being hired by a company right now. With your experience and graphic design knowledge, you'll probably find it easy. Life isn't over when you're in your 20s anyway.

No. 1380403

My site is mostly rambles (commenting on whatever media news there is, documenting my progress on learning how to draw, random stuff I find online, liveblogging the games I play, shrines for extensive spergs about a specific character/subject…). I also got a page I use as bookmarks because my actual browser bookmarks are a mess , and since I like to make edits, PNGs and gifs I post them too and try to give tutorials on my broken english. Lately I also found fun to make one-pages for random stuff like the lore I give my AC/Harvest Moon towns, characters birthdays, copy-pastas themes pages…

It's harder to find an audience due to website's decentralized nature, but that's why stuff like singing guestbooks and link exchanges are for. My (and lots of other people's) favourite sites are ones where people talk about niche subjects, so Im sure you will have an audience!
And if you post you site on neocities it will be even easier since its kind of social media 2.0 with a feed and catalog of sites.

No. 1380428

Never seen an ad on lolcow before.
wdym you want a geocities "aesthetic" renaissance reboot when it's mobile only? Phones are what destroyed modern internet kek

No. 1380442


wasn't supposed be an ad :( i am sorry, just wanted share something i feel very passionate about

You are nice, thank you for being decent to me, i made a mistake, i'll get back to coding now

No. 1380456

Well, I'm sorry nona but you have to learn to integrate before posting here. It's very easy to find the information on who made the app as well, and you don't really want to get doxxed on lc of all places.

No. 1380464

File: 1666261721633.gif (489.07 KB, 220x220, you-rock-high-five.gif)

Ohh I see… My social skills are very much MEH, trying to improve daily… was not aware of the dangers, your explanation is appreciated <3(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1380474

>Out of curiosity, what do other nonnas use their sites for, if you're not uncomfortable sharing?
After reading this thread I'm thinking of making a Neocities website for dumping my art (like those personal sites Japanese artists have) or just to make a shrine to my husbandos, or to write about my OCs and post drawings of them.
By the way, to anyone who is trying to learn HTML for the first time, you could join the Frontend Masters bootcamp for web development, it's free and the lady who teaches HTML and CSS is funny, nice and makes everything super easy to understand.

NTA but before posting again read the rules and info.

No. 1380609

Can you elaborate on your experience? Did you have a portfolio going in? I lack the confidence to apply until I have several webdev projects under my belt, but should I just take the plunge?

Sorry for the interrogation style series of questions, kek, I'm impressed is all

No. 1380710

Im starting to upload meta analysis and ship stuff, I want to put a little blog so I can feel free to ramble about anything n the typical bookmarking stuff, I'm torn between wanting to connect with others with my niche interests and just using it as a place to dump my stuff
Do people generally behave themselves with guestbooks? I'm afraid I'll have to deal with people that grew up thinking kys is a normal thing to type..

No. 1380711

I've seen more than one person close their guestbook down. I can see why it was a good idea back in the day, and it does seem to stay a wholesome thing when you're still a small site, but people start misbehaving real quick once you gain traction.

No. 1380712

I've had my guestbook up for years and I've never actually received anything overtly mean

No. 1380765

I've only ever gotten one mildly rude comment in my guestbook and it's been up for 2 years now. You can make it so that only pre-approved comments show up publicly in your guestbook if you wish, although I left mine completely public.

No. 1380912

>Did you have a portfolio going in?
Not at all, they're training me and some other people because they're short on developers (especially ones that know English), and they get lots of clients. It might've been easier for me than it will be for you, I suppose it depends on where you live, so you're probably gonna need that portfolio. I'm eventually going to have to build my own as well because it's a requirement as part of my training even if I already know they'll hire me.

No. 1381115

As long as you advertise to "nice" crowds. I remember putting my site on a webring for serial experiments lain and they were very racist in there for no particular reason

No. 1381167

I've noticed that moid fans of Lain tend to be a certain way

No. 1381422

People often make fun of lain fans by saying "they're either neo Nazis or trannies" (plus the secret third option of both) and to be honest it isn't far off.

No. 1381500

I think moid Lain communities all have strong /g/, /pol/ and Lainchan influence, hence the Nazi trannies.

No. 1381989

File: 1666376674516.jpg (29.95 KB, 468x467, 758499a3e3ebc5474cfca696dbfd16…)

Hi nonnies, wanted to share a few sites who's looks I like for inspo, not sure on the content on all of these though so some of them might be loonies like Lullaby.
itsevergreen.rip - layout is made of very simple html and ascii art!

Also, is Chip actually 12? Like I know they're probably young but kids THAT young shouldn't be advertising it online esp since she's mentioned being groomed already and surrounded by adults in yesterweb. I question the age though because they seem to act a little too dumb? Like when shitty fic writers write little kids kek.

No. 1382026

File: 1666378290919.jpg (71.29 KB, 1919x183, oldweb.jpg)

I really like danppun's site! missing a p in the url there it should be: https://danppun.neocities.org/
It's very maximalist and busy but I like the color palette in the index

>Also, is Chip actually 12?

I'm leaning towards yes, judging by the html skills and the general childishness. Read his (her? hard to tell with severely autistic children) diary and it's obvious he's a kid. He even lied at first, saying he's actually 13.
I agree with the acting dumb thing, can't say that thought hasn't crossed my mind before. His "manifesto" really makes me think it's a dumb kid. Who in their right mind would think old web was free of cp and that it "encouraged good behaviour" kek.

No. 1382056

It's not like it matters because there isn't much of a difference between a 12- and a 13-year-old, but I don't think Chip lied. I think she/he(?) just had a birthday and didn't update the manifesto. Either way, I feel bad for this kid. Do parents/schools really not teach kids not to overshare online anymore?

No. 1382072

File: 1666380945672.jpg (133.57 KB, 790x1075, 12yrs.jpg)

Now I had to go look this up kek, saying you're 13 when you're actually 12 and then apologizing for it definitely is something a dumb kid would do. I feel bad for him too, kid sounds absolutely not well on his public posts, can only imagine what it's like in private conversations.

No. 1382332

It's bizarre seeing evergreen in your list. She told me my cat was annoying on a discord call once. She's pretty cool though, she's deep in the lainchan community too.

No. 1382458

>there are literal 12 year olds having fake nostalgia for an era of the internet they could've never possibly experienced
So this is what I look like when I say the 80s were better

No. 1382809

Some neocities sites I like:

Mixed bag in terms of content and they're not really old web, but I think they all have strong visual styles that inspire me in some way.

No. 1384151

File: 1666555475491.png (1.61 MB, 1821x974, gatekeeper.png)

What is thelastmelon's main site?
It is never linked but it's kept being hinted at. Is there a reason why the webmaster doesn't bother linking it?

No. 1384204

I wish I knew nonnie, alas I'm not that familiar with most chill neocities users to be able to pinpoint who exactly she is.

No. 1384440

Not very familiar either creator, but if thelastmelon is alluding to being somebody well-known in the community, is it possibly melonking?

No. 1384824

So happy you linked ita.toys. Are there any more like this? I've browsed but none by this style.

No. 1388243

File: 1666883401596.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2302, 5amgfcomeback.png)

5amgf is back with a very based and last post
I wish her luck and hopefully she doesn't get too much hate

No. 1388253

Bless you for posting this nonny, she is amazing. I was really worried about her blog when she quit it, after all her diary is great.

No. 1388310

Followed her new page instantly, so so glad she's doing fine and is back, I was pretty worried about her.

No. 1389087

A couple of cute sites I found today:

No comment on the actual content because I don't read when I can tell somebody is probably insufferable, but the layouts are cute.

No. 1389089

The new site is absolutely adorable… Good to hear from her again, and know that we'll get to see more of her pages. I was worried about her given neocities' current climate and the way she left, so it's a relief to see her return in such a nice manner. Honestly gives me some courage.

No. 1389143

i want nothing but the best for her

No. 1393353

File: 1667235463725.png (1.49 MB, 1349x1316, †Tainted Wingz†.png)

Someone signed my guestbook so I ended up jumping from affiliate to affiliate for a bit, here are a few nice sites I have found
(I haven't fully read these sites yet, but on a surface-ish level I like them)

https://taintedwings.xyz/ - Picrel, as you may have noticed from my prev compilation post, I really like old web-style sites. This one has free layouts, icons, general graphics and even games! Looks like she writes too, but I haven't looked into it.
https://dolliepalace.com/ - A site for pixel dolls, links to some dollmakers too
https://chaixtea.neocities.org/#resources - Doesnt seem to have much going on yet, but I like the layout + has a little page with resources (linked)
https://www.adammcquaid.ca/layouts.php - Out of the ones prev site linked, this one is my favorite
http://mysanctuary.lagoonaris.de/ - This one is in german so I have no idea of what it is lmao, but the layout is immaculate and the art is cute. It seems to be a site for a Kingdom Hearts fanfic?
https://silentears.net/ - Tons of glittery graphics OP made. Their other sites are great too
https://unbreakable.scenecult.cc/ - After you navigate thru the 5px font size, this site will reward you with some tutorials for coding & photoshop, along with graphics like borders, backgrounds… Pretty neat overall
https://kouyou-design.net/index.php - Another one with graphic resources
https://loveblush.net/ - Ngl the text is so tiny (and changes color every 2 words) I haven't read anything from here, but the layout aesthetic is nice
https://www.xquisitekisses.com/ - Quality is….. but I found this cute, it's graphic resources but mostly aimed at pre-school teachers and similar
https://baysid3.com/ - Linking this one for whatever this layout is kek

Stumbled onto mostly dead sites (doesn't it make you sad seeing those goodbye messages?) and resources sites, I hope I can find some personal ones next time

No. 1394739

Awww, I actually really love the German KH fanfic one, it's really cute and well put together with a lot of love. It seems like it hasn't been updated since last year which makes me sad because the WIP character pages seem like they could have been so extensive.
On another note, what content do you ladies put on your sites? Media/interest/reviews, a diary, just a fun outlet, shitpost or a combo of all of these? I find myself wanting to be everything at once that I have like tons of WIP pages kek.

No. 1395458

A nona asked about it here >>1380353 and got some replies. I pretty much use my site as every social media ever and as an archive for the stuff I draw and edit.

No. 1395463

File: 1667373359071.jpg (480.47 KB, 1912x929, 55555555555.jpg)

No. 1396036

What kind of page do you run nonnies? I really want to get into coding to make games, and though making a personal blog was a good starting point to coding while also sharing my journey as a gamedev

No. 1396118

Ah, real old web. That's the stuff

No. 1396381

If you read the thread you'll see this has already been asked and answered multiple times. In my opinion the best kind of page to make is one you'll update regularly, either because you feel passionate about it or because you're keeping records, or both. A diary is a fine place to start.

No. 1396469

Idk how this reminds you of 2008. This looks like tumblr blogs in 2014 down to the same exact template. It's not even coherent and looks quite ugly. Major tumblr troon vibes coming from whoever made that.

I miss sites like The Doll Palace. Now that's some true 2007 shit.

No. 1396576

sorry i am ESL but i wasnt asking whats the best kind of page to have but, but which type of page do you have.

No. 1396613

Your question was perfectly clear. And your question has been asked and answered multiple times. Read the thread ESL-chan

No. 1396683

3 columns were very popular with fansites in 2007 era (but mostly before) as were pixel art sites.

No. 1396906

The Doll Palace was already mentioned in that post. It doesn't look like a 2007 site despite having (barely) three columns. There weren't any websites back then that had a square tumblr template as their coding. Muh minimalism though right

No. 1399213

NTA but I'm guessing that they do the square to emulate old 800x600 resolutions. I don't see anything wrong with that, plus you can just zoom in (I assume)

No. 1399865

I couldn't find any channels on youtube that do this, but a good idea for a channel would be exploring neocities sites. Kinda like how SomeOrdinaryGamers does Deep Web Browsing.

No. 1400236

I'd love that

No. 1400284

I think if someone did that I would rather them go explore beyond neocities too. There are plenty of sites you can crawl just from link to links. I would like to see it though.

No. 1400289

I just use twitter and pixiv and honestly never notice any drama on twitter (which makes me honestly believe that most people witnessing shit there have nobody to blame but themselves).
I feel weird talking on social media though, so I just post art and follow other artists, most of them from Asia or Slavic countries. No drama, just people enjoying art, posting it, talking about their husbandos a bit and posting delicious food. Feels nice.

I miss the good old angelfire shrines though. They were magical. And personal. Hate how personality is gone since the internet was reduced to a handful of corporate websites.

No. 1401667

File: 1667854635588.png (704.78 KB, 1920x960, 2022-11-07.png)

this was hard to read (or maybe im just a retard)

No. 1401668

has anyone seen the "drama" going on right now?

No. 1401684

File: 1667855710226.png (1.21 MB, 1585x4185, thewaffledrama.png)

Yeah. The circled post is what prompted the drama, the rest of the left side of the picture is thewaffles profile that got some hate on it before he deleted. I don't get why the deletion and the "I was just trolling" was necessary, could've just owned it, it's not like anything would've happened.
The right side is strawbabie (now tumor, how fitting) talking with herself about the drama as usual and the bottom right is some user finally telling chips, that 11 year old child, he shouldn't be on neocities which is somehow related to the whole drama.

No. 1402168

doesn't strawbabie take and steal uncredited graphics from tumblr, doesn't she? it's so funny to place donut steal if you made none of these graphics.

No. 1402181

File: 1667897202599.jpg (33.82 KB, 268x336, strawbabieads.jpg)

There's a certain population of neocities newfags that are really weird about stealing things. They think that if they slightly photoshopped art (as in make something transparent or slap it on another image) that doesn't belong to them you're not allowed to take it from their site even though they did exactly that.
My favourite is when they go on archives of japanese sites, take the ads for anime/figurines because kanji is so #weebcore, slap them on their website in the exact form they took it and then go on to say nobody else is allowed to use those ads or you have to ask them for credit because "they went through the effort of finding those ads". Even though you can find those same ads in compilations of weebcore shit on tumblr, something I saw strawbabie herself reblogged kek.

No. 1402404

File: 1668030696682.png (240.11 KB, 706x736, originalcontentdonutsteal.png)

Samefag but to add onto this post, it kills me that she put a ton of pixels on an old well-known pixel compilation image as well as a watermark just so people would not steal her image full of pixels that she didn't create, only slapped on the original picture which is already just a mix of pixels that are free to use.

No. 1402917

File: 1668059028887.png (391.47 KB, 828x964, unknown-40.png)

She also watermarked this picture of a real woman and backed it up with "people have been reposting this girl for like 4 years"

No. 1403018

File: 1668066471771.png (1.28 MB, 1610x2342, untitled.png)

it's not exactly neocities related, but in meantime strawbabie had a slapfight with other simmer who dared to call out her shit behaviour.

>strawbabie writes something really xenophobic about slavs in sims community in some of simblr discord servers, most likely one belonging to yooniesim

>veone, a black simmer, calls out her xenophobia and strawbabie instantly attacks her
>she calls her white and racefaker, calls out her hiding under labels to avoid any criticizm of her being a shitty person and that she literally silenced a black woman
>strawbabie gets mad, tries to drag veone down over her not remembering about her ever changing pronouns
>veone blocks her, says she doesn't care and will publicly slander her
>strawbabie switches to alt to send more asks about it
>strawbabie is still highly mad about it, strawbabie tries to prove that she's truly native by using her self sims and saying how she was called "reskin" and "injun", sexually assasulted irl

i'm not sure what yoonie's stance is about this but i found a bit of conversation between her and veone.
it's very likely that our neocities lolcow is getting close to being hated on simblr, she just can't shut up and makes people hate her even more

people on neocities put old banners and gifs but most didn't claim it's theirs and it was done in moderation. these kids just steal graphics and japanese ads for weeb factor and their sites end up looking same. watermarking a random uncredited graphics, a photo of real person is fucking retarded because it isn't yours.

No. 1403026

>strawbabie writes something really xenophobic about slavs in sims community
Do you know what she said? I looked through veone's tumblr and I can't find anything, they're all being so vague kek
Interesting how strawbabie said she's fully native american, I thought she was part jewish and romani as well? Girl can't keep track of her lies.
>I was like 6 still coming into my melanin
Hilarious phrase, I knew part italian kids that looked tanner than that when I was a child

No. 1403038

unfortunately not, i wish i could see these logs though. they are pretty much vague but i can easily imagine what strawbabie would say.
she's really getting lost in her fake indentities and people will start calling her out soon hopefully. though they should know how fake she is since combination of being jewish, native and romani at once smells like a racefaker from miles away.

No. 1405723

kek love how she edited out the tampon and the sperm

No. 1406468

File: 1668270763399.jpg (63.73 KB, 596x461, stupid.jpg)

Did anyone see the retarded change where the supporter hearts got turned into a blue checkmark? Kyle isn't even fixing basic neocities features which have already been fixed by users, instead he decides to jump on the twitter hate train, I assume in a desperate attempt to snag some disgruntled twitterfags. I sense a new wave of obnoxious newfags

No. 1406589

Ugh yeah, I found it kinda funny but I wish he could add the stuff his own users have fixed. I also hate how he only uses twitter to retweet his "Remember we are an alternative to twitter" tweet instead of providing maintenance warnings, updates or something else useful.
I love neocities and it currently works fine for everything I do with it, but it sucks he barely works on it.

No. 1406645

or even better reply system or comment deletion systems.

No. 1407095

Why are we listening to a nigger like Veone?(racebait)

No. 1407123

hi corpsetrait. did you send that other slur to that sim blog on tumblr today to deflect from your current 'drama'? you are despicable and you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 1407128

Alright, newfag. Some of us actually have morals and hate niggers AND troons.(racebaiting)

No. 1407170

Does anyone know what happened to strawbabie kek

No. 1407178

Tranny deleted all of her sites, it seems. Ones like starbit-archive and lullabye are gone too.

No. 1407193

Good. Hope she doesn't come back!

No. 1407196

>number of times you have burst into tears over perceived newfags: 13
Lol waawaa

No. 1407336

christmas came early.

No. 1407355

File: 1668309813313.jpg (114.45 KB, 500x724, tumblr_4ce3c3650413b647d8c1965…)

injun redskin corpsetrait in the flesh

No. 1407370

is there an archived link where she posted this? she looks so british LOL

No. 1407539

she nuked her old blogs once they were found, but the blog adjacent to it with a slightly cringer edit was archived. she calls herself white baked right into the page, but what's new there

No. 1407696

I've been watching this drama unfold real time while it was happening, but held back from posting here because it seemed yoonie and co completely discredited veone with anything on lolcow, despite us actually archiving things.
Since they're watching over this thread like hawks, I'll wait for a while before posting things unique to this thread. I recommend searching corpsetrait on tumblr to find out the exact details for now kek

No. 1407751

i really want to thank veone for calling her out, making people come out about her shitty behavior and finally chasing her off the net (for now).
fucking kek, glad someone archived proof of her racefaking. it's incredible how dumb she is and can't change indentifying details with her every fake identity. people on everskies found out it before because it's just so easy to connect her identities. she didn't even try because she thought that no one will find out her faking shit and using this to harass people
same. i was screenshotting more drama but i didn't post anything for now. i'm still glad it happened since it put end to strawbabie's bullshit, though damage already was done (especially on neocities)

sugartumor seems to be deactivated or she changed url again. not sure about it. i wonder if she'll be back and will rebrand but i don't think it will be likely.

No. 1407836

No. 1408518

how was she outed kek. who found this?

No. 1408520

I haven't been here in forever and finding this thread is like christmas. I'm so happy that there are other anons on neocities. I was starting to lose hope in the user base entirely.

For some reason chips seems like an adult larping as a child. The posts are so outrageous and over the top it's almost unbelievable.

I think she'll be back. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to embrace being a neocities pariah and makes that her new identity.

No. 1408568

I don't think she'll be back. Troon's last message in a private channel on Yoonieshit's server was crytyping about how she's leaving the internet in a very "I'm going to go off myself, woe is me!" way. Hopefully she did but who knows.

No. 1408773

File: 1668412777142.png (3.02 MB, 594x5822, www.tumblr.com_burnbooktrait_7…)

Someone remembered strawbabie on tumblr back from when she was called trans-gyaru. From there on they pieced together some things like sharing an oc that looks and is called the same, usage of the same exact stamps along with the similar identities/stalking ex story/typing style.
There's a whole tumblr dedicated to exposing her ass, pic related is a screenshot of one of the posts from that tumblr.

Coincidentally, a few simblrs received racist hate and it wouldn't surprise me if it's strawbabie trying to paint us as evil racists, similar to those banned posts upthread. Yoonie is going along with that theory as well, it's the most convenient after all.

I reckon she'll be back, but under a whole new identity. Maybe in a different community as well, so we won't cross paths with her again until her true unhinged nature comes out when she starts calling people out kek

Lastly here's some random funny or interesting posts I screenshotted in the now gone drama channel https://imgur.com/a/VZ55DEs
I regret not documenting her obsession with posting other peoples sims with "ethnic" features and being upset that they're labeled as white or something, it was so weird and there were at least 20 of such posts in a month and a half of that channels existence. She had some weird hangups. She also claimed she was wiccan in the past in that server, which fits with that selfie page leak, sucks I didn't document that either.
With this I conclude my personal saga with strawbabie, glad it's over now.

No. 1409167

File: 1668460849808.png (23.02 KB, 500x724, Untitled14_20221114143819.png)

Hopefully this means the end of idiotic Tumblr drama in the neocities thread. Does anyone have idea for blog posts? I'm losing my mind trying to think of how to sperg about random shit I'm interested in. Nobody wants to read a 5 page essay on radio systems and I don't really wanna write that either.

No. 1409255

Just start writing and see what happens. Maybe make a list of a bunch of different topics and see which one excites you most. Turn your research notes or conversations with other autists into more coherent texts. Also, there IS someone out there who'd love to read 5 pages of your hyper specific sperging. Keep that audience in mind when you write, because even though it's not "nobody" it will never be "everyone."

No. 1409303

Sorry, but I do want to read about this. I'm personally a shortwave radio autist.

No. 1409343

Music, running, cooking and video game autist here. Would read long spergings about those topics.

No. 1410632

Does anyone have a neocities site builder rec? I came across some neocities sites that helped you build your own but I lost the links.

I am also a shortwave autist. I'm in a military short wave discord that just got shut down because of Poland. Idk y tho (sry for ot)

No. 1410851

Look for a "static site generator" it builds a site from markdown language.

No. 1415760

No. 1418179

The userbase of Neocities is no different than the social media that they scorn. All they do is cause drama over stupid shit. The status update feature was a mistake

No. 1418231

You're right, if the status update feature got removed I wouldn't miss it at all, in fact I think it would benefit everyone.

No. 1418528

File: 1669173273685.png (329.71 KB, 1458x1334, rllyabout.png)

this person does that shit constantly in addition to donut steel my code updates.

I also saw another user actively suicide baiting the other day. We are truly among the dregs of tumblr.

No. 1418571

Kek Purinland and everyone commenting under their statuses are no different than tumblrinas and twittertards

No. 1419254

LOL Purinland literally found out about Neocities through EVERSKIES. And is such a fucktard on Everkies that people regularly steal her code to bother her. Also I'm fairly sure lullabye was her alt account, to be honest. They act the exact fucking same and identify/treat people very similarly

No. 1419265

That's true I remember her advertising purinland a lot on Everskies when her page was really new and just an index page full of supersonico pngs. The oc code donut steal aside, she strikes me as a bit of a chiller person than strawbabie, she even made the right decision in dipping out of her webring kek

No. 1419339

I find the status pretty useful when it's used for what it is meant for. Me and some others comment under whatever our last update is with what's new so people who follow us know quickly without having to go to home/index/where your updaye update tab is & then to the new page. Some people also comment if one of your links is broken and stuff.
Good thing you can disable them if you dont want others to comment, but it sucks that ever people from sns started coming they missuse that feature a lot. Luckily neocities drama is super easy to ignore since its all contained tho.

No. 1424523

File: 1669659847148.png (1.66 MB, 2160x2613, neocitiesnlog.png)

Here we have an "article" written by moonview juxtaposed with her contradictory about page on her website filled with mental illnesses, kins, neo-pronouns.

Going back to her stupid article, why do these people always chimp out over code? Especially considering they all use the same 3 column layout.

I generally don't pick apart the work of people who are trying to learn, but this bitch is really out here trying to lord over the 12 year olds when her layout is completely unoriginal, she has no real content and her CSS is dog shit. Nobody with actual skill gives a fuck if someone uses a carrd layout or bits and pieces of someone else's code.

No. 1425405

Kek moonview is a retard, I wanted to comment so bad about her list of labels.

No. 1427501

Why does everyone that bitches about the users using templates (like sadgrls) or acts super cringe and edgy about social media have websites that all look the same? It's all the same animecore, webcore, laincore whatever crap with the same characters and motifs featured. They aren't any different than the carrd and twt users that they judge all the time kek

No. 1428051

Your opinion sucks, carrd code is literally unreadable unless you put it through a program that reformats the code, so I don't even know why someone would work with it. The sadgrl layout is also so fucking bland that I wince every time I see it. The css on moonview is actually a breath of fresh air imo and if you stop being whiny over how someone dictates their identity online then they're actually a really nice person to read about + their blog post DOES make a lot of sense. I agree with you on the using bits of code though; I just wish people would try harder to make it unrecognizable that they used someone's code.

To stop complaining about your post; I wanted to let people know that the person lullabye got into simsblr drama with exposed her new website. I don't care enough to post it.

No. 1428128

I noticed it too. I think they just all joined at a similar time, formed a little community because of shared interests and aesthetics and created an environment in which it's fine to constantly shit on people they deem newfags even though it's not like they're much different.

No. 1428137

> my labels are:
This moonview person has all these labels when the real ones are: average and desperate for attention

No. 1428891

> stop being whiny over how someone dictates their identity online
You are missing the point. She's ranting about other people's identity and neurosis label lists while she does the same shit in her about page.

I didn't know what carrd was until I read her blog post. While I wouldn't use it, I don't give a fuck that anyone else does.

I totally agree.

No. 1428978

File: 1669925769484.gif (250.17 KB, 1100x1642, shesback.gif)

lullabye/strawbabie/gyarutrait is back and pretending to be Japanese. Her neocities is no longer linked to the tumblr but was very easy to find because she types like a retard. She will probably nuke it all soon but here are the links:

No. 1429019

What a coincidence, I just found this site recently which is eerily similar to all of her identities. She simply can't help herself.

No. 1429067

File: 1669929896879.png (570.48 KB, 1008x1378, haiimlinux.png)

holy shit anon, that has to be her. The fact that she wants to be called "linux" or "webkit" on this iteration is fucking hilarious.

No. 1429157

kek, Jumpscare is an apt name given >>1407355

No. 1429178

Is this satire?

No. 1429395

File: 1669951862598.png (6.71 KB, 276x89, image_2022-12-01_192944246.png)

Okay who the hell cowtipped moonview.

No. 1429505

Probably some lurking newfag.

No. 1429598

There's a lot of neocities users that seem to lurk here, probably including moonview. Not pertaining to that though, lolcow has absolutely been invaded by newfags for the past month, everywhere I go I'm seeing tiktok-tier takes and opinions so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a crossover. Don't forget about >>1374757 >>1371280 these anons too. They're clearly just neocities users unaware of lcs rules.

No. 1430466

File: 1670024284742.png (60.49 KB, 600x352, jakesthoughts.xyz.png)

>my fears: white genocide

No. 1430502

I've come to the point where I associate any masculine name with TIFs and assume anyone on the internet going by a male sounding name is a TIF

No. 1430633

God, this girl I knew from high school is currently trooning out and goes by "Jake". The name pisses me off so much.

No. 1430710

I've had a neocities for a while but I'm thinking about moving to FC2. There isn't really anything on my neocities website because I would get busy, but I did want to make it otome game oriented along with some terfy things sprinkled in.

No. 1431299

FC2 web or blog is magical. I've been using them for 10+ years now and they feel so private and comforting. Also there are probably thousands of FC2 blog layouts. You'll have trouble choosing just one! Good luck nonna.

No. 1431322

Seconding this. FC2 is wonderful, I primarily use fc2 blog and it's like the perfect service for those who want to make a fully customizable blog. Just for themselves and like the other Nona said, there's 450+ pages worth of templates to choose from ranging from any style you can imagine and you can edit some of them too. I want to try fc2 web but from the looks of it, it's very straight forward and easy to get into as well.

No. 1431425

I just checked out the fc2 blogs, and the blog layouts are so adorable! It was really hard for me to choose one lol

No. 1431461

When you're talking about layouts, do you mean that you still somewhat need to code a little bit or is it more like tumblr where you pic and choose a theme which you can modify if you want but after that you can just type what you want to post? And by the way I thought fc2 was a Japanese or Chinese blogging website for a long time, but I looked it up and apparently it's American? I've never seen anyone in the West with a fc2 blog, only Asians.

No. 1431472

FC2 blogs you can customize if you choose, but you can also pick one you like and use it as it is. You can add or change images, colors, etc. I haven't used it in years (but I may go back thanks to this conversation) but as I recall you could use an uploader for imgs rather than having to code them in.

FC2 is a Japanese site with english side support.

No. 1431475

10yr FC2 blog anon here, I've used their web service for about as long and it's very, very easy to get into. There are a few finicky little things like making sure that you don't upload files that are too large but other than that, no issue.

No scripts are allowed afair.
I used FTP to maintain my site, which I prefer because the uploader can be a bit of a pain at times. Have fun, Nona!

No. 1431479

File: 1670105410108.png (62.12 KB, 683x625, templates.PNG)

You have to go into the templates section and go to the 'Download User Templates' and from there you can choose a template for your blog. You can go into into the main template area and from there you can edit both the html and css of the blog template you've chosen.

No. 1431491

Is it easy to find other blogs on FC2? I liked neocities's directory system because you could actually find other people and make friends that way (before the community went to shit ofc). IDK, I feel like if I'm going to be blogging into the void, I might as well just use my journal instead.

No. 1431501

File: 1670106885850.png (79.57 KB, 856x569, community.PNG)

Yes and no. FC2 has a community directory which allows you to find communities that share a specific interest and through that you can find blogs but there isn't a directory for every blog hosted on FC2's services. If you want to find specific blogs you kind of have to actively search for that either on google or through web-rings. If there's enough nonnies interested maybe we could start a 'Lolcow Community' on FC2 for others to join and connect with.

No. 1431509

That seems very similar to wordpress blogs and tumblr then, thanks. That seems like a good platform, I'll give it some thoughts.

Weird, I just checked on the fc2 website and thought it was American for a second because the physical address I saw was in the US but maybe it's just something else. So I was right all along then.

No. 1431717

File: 1670119553437.png (18.97 KB, 610x98, Screenshot.png)

no comment

No. 1431815

How's the community atmosphere on fc2? Is it infested with genderspecials like neocities and tumblr?

No. 1431865

I really love stumbling upon people who write with a with a really interesting voice. blogposts, fiction, whatever. Any recs?

No. 1431887

Not a bad idea. I am thinking about moving to FC2 or another alternative myself since I've become really annoyed with the community on Neocities.

No. 1431900

I wish that neocities would stop advertising itself on Twitter. I think it's how the community became so infested with retards.

No. 1431912

As far as I know, there isn't any. Rather, it's just not like that there and the directory function doesn't work the same.

I don't think that type of person is really interested in that sort of blogging in my experience.

No. 1431957

I like the sound of this. I think I'll join the other nonnas in making an fc2 blog.
Does fc2's website storage have enough space for a normal person's needs? I haven't made a personal site before, so I'm not sure how much space they usually take up.
The amount the offer for their blogging service definitely seems more than enough.

No. 1431960

kek source?

No. 1432412

It's more than enough. I held my art gallery there and while I had to resize images, it was more for my comfort than anything. I didn't run out of space and I don't think you would with a personal website.

No. 1432428

I have been thinking on moving from neocities to fc2, but they say nsfw content is only allowed if you send them your ID/passport for age verification and there's no way I'm doing that.
Nsfw is just like 2% of my site so I don't think they would take that meassure with me or take my site down, but I still don't want to risk it. I just want to talk about whatever I want and spicy stuff is part of it.

No. 1432564

Hi, made my FC2 and I have been working on it. Where do I edit the template's CSS and HTML? I just had the page last night but I lost it.

No. 1432571

Made an FC2 last night as well! Thanks for the tip, nonnies, I'm enthusiastic about it.

No. 1432919

How do I find others on FC2? I created my blog and I have had a super fun time with it. But I am not exactly sure how to find other likeminded people/potential friends or community in general. I hope somebody could give me a hand! Thank you.

No. 1433549

I've spent a bit of time looking over the community, and the closest people I've found are girls using it as a vent blog, which is what I do too. I tried to get a static website up for my art portfolio, but something in my code kept making the website show up for a few seconds and then go completely blank. I still don't know what happened.

No. 1434190

Is being openly gender-critical on neocities worth the drama or backlash?

No. 1434232

What would the benefits be?

No. 1434246

That’s what I’m struggling with. I want to be open but I can’t think of any real gain I would get from it aside from maybe a few new friends. Trans ideology is harmful though so maybe sticking up against it is the right thing to do.

No. 1434285

in my limited experience, if you talk about second-wave feminism then ppl either don't seem to know what you're talking about, or agree. but if you're like 'oh ppl have described me as a terf before' then i'd guess any drama will depend on how large your following is

No. 1434400

anon the simple benefit and point of having a neocities page in the first place is just to express yourself, then come the friends and readers and so on. you don't need to be or do anything grand just do it if you find it fun enough.

No. 1435247

Hol up, what's the difference between making a blog and making a website at FC2? I haven account there but forgot about it and remember choosing to make the latter as an option.

Also does anyone have any good, non privacy invasive image hosting websites? Imgur is free and easy to use but I don't trust it.

No. 1435339

No. 1435351

FC2 blog is pre built for vlogging entries like live journal or other blogging sites. You go to the entry page, put it in, post-it, it shows up.

FC2 webpage is webhosting. You create your homepage with HTML/CSS and everything is up to you.

No. 1435365

You have to search the community tab when it comes to FC2 and even then, it's just for communities listed and doesn't really show active.

No. 1435418

That’s a bummer. I eventually found this out but many users seem to be dead. It’s a real shame. I might start a few of my own communities, maybe that’ll bring me to some others.

No. 1435447

No. 1435635

omg please do! i am an fc2 blogger as well i'd love to see that. though to be honest i chose fc2 because it would be hard to search for anybody and therefore possibly target for being cringe or something since i use it as a 100% open diary kek. i like the isolation but i'd still like to see a community someday and visit

No. 1435852

Good, I have a few ideas for communities. I think I might set a few up and see what types join.

No. 1436774

With how small the userbase on fc2 is, wouldn't it be better to set up one singular community rather than a bunch?

No. 1436781

i set one up last night. you should all be able to tell which one it is.

No. 1436880

Going to start a blog because I've realized that as much as I appreciate my friends listening to me sperg out about things, it would honestly be the same just shoving it into a post and putting on a blog nobody will see but with the added benefit of not burdening anyone.

Do good and proper blogs (not microblogging like Tumblr and its ilk) count as small web? I feel like they should.

No. 1436909

Requested to join! Thank you nonnie! My blog is really blank but I will start adding stuff soon.

No. 1436915

Gonna join soon just setting up some stuff first

No. 1437317

Are the communities only available for blogs? I got a website instead and I'm unable to find the community tab. I have moved to fc2 very recently so I'm kinda lost in some aspects.

No. 1437346

I think so. You don’t need inline gifs and sparkly “ENTER HERE” buttons to count as small web. If anything, those can be used by people to hide the fact that they’re trying to use their personal website as if it’s social media, like they can’t imagine an internet without grandstanding and algorithmic virality.

No. 1437628

FC2 nonnies, how do I make my site inaccessible to visitors that aren't logged in? I only found the password feature, but I found some sites don't have that, they're just accessible to logged in accounts and not accessible to people that don't have fc2

No. 1437908

I think they might be blog only, but I'm pretty sure you can make a blog in addition to your website to join the community.

I'm guessing you probably figured this out by now but if you scroll down to settings on the side bar and click the link that says "templates" it should let you edit the HTML and CSS. This link should work too.

No. 1438297

I registered blog on FC2, went to sleep and woke up to my account being freezed. I only got to changing template and haven't posted anything. Guess it was not meant to be.

No. 1438393

Hmm true, I already got a blog section on my site so I could copy-paste what I post on it onto a separate blog. I feel that is the least interesting part of my site though, but I'm not immune to decorate yet another page… I will think about it.

No. 1438415

File: 1670571972049.png (30.66 KB, 786x306, muh deadnaming.png)

> blatantly wishing violence on a child because somebody was called a name she didnt like

people like this are exactly what's wrong with the internet. they live such privileged lives that they need to make up problems for themselves. wishing violence on a minor bc of it just puts the cherry on top.

No. 1438699

I honestly hate 95% of the neocities userbase because they are all trans its/xe/faggot retards. They need to go back to Twitter

No. 1439122

honestly, chippy shouldn't be on neocities. everyone lovebombs her because she is a child and its really weird. has strawbabie come back yet under a new identity?

No. 1439960

Havent looked into it but yeah she's back, nona >>1428978 has the link.

No. 1445104

Thanks, this was easy to understand and having looked at FC2 blog more I really like it and it does seem really user friendly. There was 0 way I was going to bash my head against neocities just to set up a blog if I could do it in a few clicks and save myself the pain. This is also a lot comfier than SpaceHey (that MySpace clone), half of that is weird normies who got lost off Facebook and the other half are underage zoomers who keep adding me even if I put a do not interact sign in my profile.
Haven't sent a request yet but I fully intend to once I find my feet!

Dumb question but I see FC2 posts have a limit of 10 tags but they can only be in one category, do you guys have good ideas of how to sort your posts out or what's better as a category vs a tag? I want to set out how I organize my entries before actually writing them otherwise I'll just end up with a ton of stuff floating around that I won't go back and sort.

No. 1445297

File: 1671024677414.png (6.59 KB, 178x184, 311578182@2x.png)

on my fc2 blog an image is making the whole entry div stretch out past the template's boundaries. What can I do to fix this? I've added automatic width to the image tag, but it still stretched…

No. 1445332

I noticed that depends on the template being used. Either resize your image manually or add <img style='height: 100%; width: 100%; object-fit: cover'/> to each image.
You could also edit the css of your template, for example my template automatically resizes all images in entries with this css so try doing something similar.
.entry_body img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

No. 1445824

Nta but where do I put that?

No. 1446038

File: 1671054620901.png (946.86 KB, 1338x1031, help4.png)

First you want to know the name of the div responsible for the blog entry css.
To do that you can open the theme preview, press f12 to open the console and inspect the blog entry element. For me on this theme, it's called .entry_text.
Now that you know that, you'll go edit the theme and scroll down to where you can edit the css.
You can place your css wherever you want but for better organization I would place it directly under the css responsible for the blog entry element. Basically look at how I did it on this badly composed collage.
The CSS you'll place is the following:
.nameofyourblogentrydivhere img{
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

No. 1446411

sent a request to join