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No. 1558543

Repent or die.

Previous thread >>>/ot/1535816

No. 1558550

I ate a delicious tonkotsu ramen during eid for lunch, and obviously didn't tell my muslim family who dragged me to eat dinner with them and my racist aunts and uncles afterward.

No. 1558565

I've been throwing out insulin needles in my regular garbage instead of buying a sharps container or making one myself. Just too lazy and don't care. sorry to the garbage workers that get stabbed with my biowaste. at least yall are unionized and have health insurance.

No. 1558567

I pronounce epitome like eh-peh-tohmb.

No. 1558570

Stop being an inconsiderate asshole and throw them away properly, retard.

No. 1558575

Small containers aren't that expensive, just get one already. Or at the very least wrap the needles in something thick so the garbage workers don't get accidentally stabbed.

No. 1558577

You should feel bad for this.

No. 1558582

How can someone live with being this lazy and nasty

No. 1558583

I hate people like you

No. 1558591

I hate KF but I listen to MATI every friday.

No. 1558593

Well, we started the thread with a bang

No. 1558615

I'm calling out every instance of misogyny I see and I'm not letting the retards here stop me. Idc if it's 'annoying', if it's derailing, if I get banned for it, I will find a way. If the internet goes out I'll still find a way. If I have to physically fight someone I'll still find a way, everyone needs to know.

No. 1558619

I want to destroy the world

No. 1558626

please do

No. 1558631

Bet you won't, pussy.

No. 1558634

Start with me.

No. 1558636

No. 1558642

No. 1558713

I may actually kill myself later this year if certain things come to pass.

No. 1558724

watching anime from a young age fundamentally fucked my perception of sex and i think no children should be able to be watch it considering how much sexual deviancy happens even in the ones meant for children

No. 1558750

God bless you on your mission.

No. 1558753

Same. I found out about masturbation from an ecchi anime where two sisters hump a pillow. Yuck…I was 11.

I also grew up reading shoujo manga so now I can only get off on guys that are dominant and straightforward and I get really shy about sex for no reason still with new people. I feel like most adults aren't like that.

No. 1558770

Had you never touched yourself or made yourself orgasm before that age? I started masturbating multiple times a day when I was 3, before I even have any memories. I can’t start really recalling memories until I was nearly 4 but I remember never being able to fall asleep unless I made myself orgasm since I have any memories. I really think I must have been molested as a toddler and I have no memory of it.

No. 1558783

You don't have memories before 4 but you know you had to orgasm before sleep? Can anyone even orgasm before puberty like does the physiology kick in? Orgasm is a function of sex in both male and female cases it increase chance of conception. Like your story seems weird and I don't want to discuss a child's sexuality because I'm getting creepy moid vibes

No. 1558797

Omg nona was it kissxsis? I was around 9-11 years old and I had my first orgasm just from watching that show then it devolved into me starting to masturbate which is the worst thing to have ever happened to me. Before all that I would search up anime people kissing and at around 6 years old I had already started fantasizing about having sex. My dad caught me watching the kissing compilations one day and my mom sat me down to talk about it but I still continued watching that filth behind their backs.

When that show wasn't enough for me anymore, I started watching actual porn (irl porn with a moid scared me at first so I watched either cgi/animated or solo female/lesbian porn up until even that wasn't enough and I started watching porn with moids in them) but I eventually stopped at 15 when I went on the hub and saw a thumbnail of either a very young looking woman or an actual child and I stopped dead in my tracks and never looked back. I had started watching the most deprived shit including loli nonsense and that thumbnail made me realize that what I was getting off to was basically the same thing but in an animated form.

I still kept my masturbation habit on and off especially when I'm stressed, and it turned me into such a coomer that I can't look at a man without thinking of jumping his bones. My self esteem is wrecked and my relationship with my faith has plummeted because I can't bring myself to pray knowing what I do when Noone is watching.

I picked up another stupid habit because of anime which is reading gay fanfiction which is what I'm currently struggling with now. It started with those animes with the "pick your favourite boy based on his personality!" type shows and I was so obsessed it lead me to the world of fanfic. I started this when I was 14 I think but I'm not into anime anymore and got into superheroes which is the type of fanfic stuff I consume now.

Gosh this was long, I'm sorry but I've literally never told a soul about this and if any of you have any advice on how to stop this, (cleanse my mind from all the sexual content) that would be great.

No. 1558798

You can just try to rewrite those things. It took me years to notice that yeah, maybe thinking of getting molested and raped is quite a fucked up idea, so now they’re not my main sources of pleasure like when I was a teenager.
Just try to think of other things that are healthy and not self-destructive. Like you know, the feeling of being in love or 4-D chess-gaming your brain into saying “you know what? I don’t want this redflag because it’s like this, I want this redflag because in fantasyland I can change things and make him turn into a good dude.
For example: I still like /some/ dominant traits in guys, but that’s because I want him to be dominant on command, not because he would think he can actually dominate me.
It’s just all about playing 4D chess with your brain.

No. 1558800

Nta I don't think that 3-4 is plausible but you can definitely get orgasms before puberty. When I was 9 I just randomly noticed that when I had a full bladder and grinded against a chair it felt nice kek. No one demoralized me with porn or sex talk, I just noticed that randomly and did it when I was alone 'cos it felt nice. I got my first period at 13 so it was before puberty
The downside is that I conditioned my body so strongly that now after many years I'm not able to orgasm unless I need to pee. When my bladder isn't at least half full and I touch myself, I literally don't feel anything, any pleasure, nothing. Only when I need to pee. Fuck

No. 1558801

I'm a virgin so sorry for the stupid question but isn't it a good thing to have sex with at least something in your bladder so that afterwards you can pee? I read somewhere you had to pee immediately after sex or else you'll get a UTI, no?

No. 1558803

can confirm that 4-5 is plausible. it's not exactly a dificult thing to figure out how to do. for me it wasn't connected to any sexual thoughts at all before puberty though.

No. 1558805

I'm also a virgin so I haven't tried this out yet during sex but I also read about it. I also read that for some women it's too unpleasant to have sex without emptying their bladder first, while others find sex more pleasurable when they need to pee.

No. 1558825

>two sisters
It was Kiss x Sis wasn't it? I'm glad I only got mildly curious about it and didn't wactually watch it
I know a bi guy who's obsessed with that anime. Gross

No. 1558829

I really enjoy tea. I drink 6 teabags per cup. I don't care what anyone says. I need my ultra-giga-super-duper-blindingly-strong TEA. If the water isn't physically Green, I do not drink it.

No. 1558832

i backed holly’s purgatory comic kickstarter and still have my copy (in a box somewhere since the art is ugly to look at)

No. 1558835

>6 teabags per cup
nonners just buy better tea?? once I stopped buying lipton trash if I leave the teabag on my cup for too long the water is thick

No. 1558836

One of my hate watch youtubers is doing really well financially and is considering buying a 2 million dollar "investment" property (BARF). I'm really hoping she runs into the same fate as HRH collection and the money well dries up soon, her stupid hockey playing bf is approaching 30 so those contracts aren't going to keep coming for long. I'm an evil bitch with a crab in a bucket mentality.

No. 1558837

Sorry for being confusing, I have a few memory fragments before 4 and I definitely remember masturbating to fall asleep. My parents also told me that i had been basically doing it right in front of them for a while but they didn’t know how to approach it. My aunt just went up to me and told me that’s something I need to do in private, like using the toilet, and I was apparently just like oh okay and started spending more time in my room. I don’t have the memories of that.
I also never thought about sexual things when I did it until I was around 9 and watched interview with a vampire alone in my room and wished I’d get pushed against a wall and kissed passionately. I didn’t even knew how sex worked until I was like 13 though.

No. 1558838

i unironically feel like finding out about hentai and lolicon at age 9/10 when i had been sexually abused years earlier ruined my life. like i could've probably healed and had a healthy perception of sex eventually if i hadn't been exposed to it. instead it made me believe what happened to me was normal, that being harmed by grown men was a good thing, and i kept ending up in situations and relationships that were retraumatizing. i do think my parents could've done a better job of blocking websites i could find it on but i also wish it didn't exist to begin with

No. 1558844

I feel like I've been blessed/cursed with a helicoptering older brother, when he let me use his pc he would be around and would unironically pinch me if I searched or clicked on anything spicy (one time I searched the word dick and he hit me with a shoe kek) so that made me scared of seeing anything lewd on the internet until I was 15/16 which was when I had my own computer and discovered 4chan.

No. 1558847

This is more common than expected

No. 1558850

Least lazy diabetic

No. 1558871

Nta. You can orgasm when you're younger. I know from personal experience

No. 1558881

The last person I developed a genuine crush on was a guy I met in 2017. We ended up dating for most of last year but now that he’s gone I just have no interest in anyone. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic delusional and believed I could find something else again but now no one looks good to me. No one is attractive to me personality or looks wise and the rare few that are tend to be taken. I truly feel like I’ll never find someone who can handle a real connection and I will die alone. I can’t settle with some lame ass moid and feel alone in my relationship. I know I can’t have one person fulfill all my needs but I refuse to settle for a moid who I’m not attracted to, can’t have conversations with, is emotionally unavailable, and can’t have fun with either. I’m tired.

No. 1558885

i mean i agree just bc i hate anime but some normal western cartoons gave me weird erotic feelings that stuck with me to this day. it's my deepest shame. but i'm just glad i didn't turn into a cartoon autist.

No. 1558922

NTA it doesn’t have to be immediately. Like you can chug a glass of water after sex and pee an hour or so later. This is just a tip to try and avoid getting a UTI, especially if you’re already prone to them. It’s not necessary but it can’t hurt to make it a habit.

No. 1558990

my mommy issues ruin friendships with women because i avoided girls for so long and never know what to expect and keep attracting borderline bitches and don't know how to express my feelings and go from small talk to sharing stories

No. 1558998

I have mommy issues too and I'm afraid that it'll be harder for me to make friendships with women too in the future, I've avoided them so long I hate how I did that to myself. Fuck moids.

No. 1559041

i pre-proposed or pre-posed by buying a loose diamond myself and gave it to my bf to have it set and he was completely on board the whole time. i actually asked if he would be cool if i sent him the money for it and the link to purchase it and he was super excited and he had it shipped to himself so that I won't see it in person until he proposes. Hes no bum but I have a doctorate and I make 3 times his salary so it made more sense for me to buy the most expensive part and then he gets to customize it and surprise me however he wants. I will never be able to tell anyone this information it would be humiliating for both of us. I am really happy though, didn't know it could be this easy with someone.

No. 1559058

File: 1682412174859.jpg (20.38 KB, 563x417, 07deb76b12b839debbee5eb7c70166…)

I'm not over my extra-marital crush. In fact I also have a new one too. I have never cheated but I also haven't had the means or opportunity.

No. 1559067

I used to hold in my pee and rub my belly and inner thighs and it felt nice but I didn’t know I was horny

No. 1559074

Good luck with a marriage where you out-earn your moid and he will forever feel inferior to you. From experience men absolutely hate that even if they would never tell you because they are embarrassed about wanting traditional roles. He's going to eventually let his frustrations about his inferiority complex out on you and that diamond is a daily reminder in his face that you make more than him.

No. 1559080

You can have a crush on two people at once? Is this a common thing?

No. 1559098

File: 1682416983127.jpeg (22.82 KB, 318x462, COYK6308.JPEG)

Unsure nonny. I'm kinda autistic so not normal in general. One crush I've had for a year and a half on someone I know IRL and the other is a parasocial thing with a cafe worker I see when I get my lunch.

No. 1559170

I’m underweight and I absolutely love the presence of overweight women in media partially because of how triggered moids get seeing them. Especially because the shittiest moids are always the ones complaining like “WHY IS SHE ON THERE!!! EW!!!!” like bro look in a fucking mirror at your damn self before you even comment on a woman’s looks. Bonus points if it’s a fat, ugly, old moid who is upset at seeing a fat or ugly woman on TV like my father kek. I really hope more overweight and conventionally unattractive women get popular so 1) there is some equalizing of female beauty standards and 2) ugly moids continue getting triggered seeing women who aren’t thin and supermodel-tier on their TV.

No. 1559185

File: 1682431252277.jpeg (26.62 KB, 415x612, 12A1DBCF-1F42-4647-BC6A-453362…)

With all of this issues going on with trannies in the world. I absolutely regret not studying medicine, I also regret having a shit GPA to go to a college to study medicine. Just thinking about the absurd amounts of money that ~gender reassignment surgeons~ must be making makes me want to cry because they don’t even need to do a decent job to have heaps of retards going to them like a herd of retarded sheep.
I could’ve just said that I only work with moids over 15 years old and that I can’t operate women because I would totally not know how to reconstruct a dick, and breasts wouldn’t be easy to work on or some other bullshit.
I doubt this whole trans stuff will end soon, if anything it may double down in the next 5 years and the tranny bubble will pop when some parents ask for their baby to get her uterus extracted or something like that.
I could’ve made my patients sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and I don’t know, hire ninjas with the revision money to make sure my patients don’t even post about me online, maybe I could’ve used some pseudonym so I could carry on having a double life, doing real surgeries on even days and tranny surgeries on odd days.

No. 1559191

>hire ninjas with the revision money to make sure my patients don’t even post about me online
I believe I read something along those lines on KF, surgeons just ignoring or threatening patients who had bad results after the surgery, just continuing to work and make money as if nothing happened.

No. 1559197

File: 1682432596974.png (8.78 KB, 302x102, Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 08-21…)

I'm the anon who originally posted the source for that cringeworthy 'implying i'm not a 10/10 model material' banner lmao

TBF, I was modeling at the time for a recognizable brand and I've ended up with an atrophy wife lifestyle alongside a FAANG/MAMAA coder who makes six figures. Life's been good to me. I think I've done okay for myself even based off the preemptive bragging like a decade ago.
Will fully acknowledge it wasn't a good look but tbf that was in a thread where I was trying to post a 'good thing happened to me' and then got a flood of 'lmao no it didn't you liar' when what i was saying was true.
I cannot believe it's nearly been a decade since.

all's well that ends well.

No. 1559200

Kek sorry anon but this is cringe, you both should feel humiliated.

No. 1559201

>an atrophy wife lifestyle

No. 1559202

you caught the joke!! yesssss.
but yeah, i don't really have anything to do these days. I need a hobby. Probably why I'm checking out lolcow right now.

No. 1559203

Is he at least super hot? I'm in a high earning field and me and my friends constantly get hot but broke guys who are interested in us, kek. Male gold diggers are common, hope he's hot and treats you well anon

No. 1559208

these men would have jacked off to having a female doctor doing their procedures, a woman performing any part of their "feminization". i get fantasizing about the money but nonny lawyers aren't cheap either if you have bad results.

No. 1559210

>tbf that was in a thread where I was trying to post a 'good thing happened to me'
So you're in your mid 30s and still don't get that a post that consists of mostly shitting on the appearance of other women isn't "something good happening" to you.

No. 1559213

>what is context?
it was literally 10 years ago but ok. i was responding to another person's post that just didn't make the banner. the comparison didn't come out of the blue but it sure did cause an uproar.

No. 1559214

I've been holding an extremely strong borderline obsessive crush for three years. All over online shit. I'm so emotionally stunted and so cringe, god.

No. 1559225

You’re right tbh, maybe this is just the best time to be a lawyer, no strings attached, just laws to read out loud for the idiots and sweet talking people into believing my client of the moment.
I also wouldn’t have picked psychology/psychiatry because I can’t even begin to imagine the troubles in which the ~gender specialists~ will get not too far from now for letting children and teens get “hormone therapy” and stuff like that.

No. 1559226

I am this close to making gender euphoria feminization ASMR videos that are nothing but soft, gentle music and a scrambled remix of the 'You will never be a woman' copypasta.

No. 1559234

do it you coward

No. 1559245

I don't think I have a gut instinct, I never get any bad feelings from anybody, doesn't mean I trust everybody blindly though.

No. 1559248

File: 1682435590649.jpeg (38.44 KB, 400x300, 925AE658-1C87-4F71-BFA2-8D8F7B…)

I secretly like teasing and flirting with the metalhead bartenders at my local dive even though they aren’t very attractive. I’m extremely discreet about it and have tons of plausible deniability, but its fun because they both rush to serve my friends and I whenever we go up to the bar, and one always gets a little flustered by me and gives us lots of free drinks.
I’m into metal myself and probably have a fetish for metalheads but I’m in deep denial about it and only ever date normies.

No. 1559249

>she still browses lolcow
Sis, we know it isn't that fun for you in spite of the tropy wife monies. Talk to us about your moid, since his primary feature is that he makes six figures lmao. Is he ugly?

No. 1559257

God I wish 99% of moids were metalheads

No. 1559262

I want a cute metalhead bf but he needs to wash his damn hair which none of them do

No. 1559271

I'm a metalhead too and the only male metalheads who are into me are the ugly nerdy ones with short hair, the attractive ones are mostly interested in normie women.

No. 1559277

We all know he’s either ugly, short, old, bald, a dicklet, or some combination thereof

No. 1559350

He is hot and its great dick and and he has a government job so his benefits are better than mine. Not a gold digger but yeah my salary is substantially higher. I agree with the other nons though it's definitely not a great look and pretty cringe but that's why I put my secret here in confessions. I would look for someone with equal earning potential but there aren't many unmarried men they usually get snatched right out of grad school by women

No. 1559360

I saw some escort make an ad on reddit, after I messaged her telling her she could get arrested for doing sex work(she was doing it in a very conservative muslim country that punishes sex work very harshly) she deleted all of her posts after having a mental breakdown on me.
She only moved there to do sexwork too, why are some people so stupid? Why would you move to a poor country with illegal prostitution just to become a prostitute?

No. 1559368

Holy shit I remember when you were sperging out that day. Girl you are still on lolcow not much has changed for either of us. Also fuck you because I used your copypasta once and a newfag mod like 5 years ago thought it was my post and banned me for no reason.

No. 1559373

I knew a model when I was small, she's now studying law in France I think. Instead of finding a man, you should've traveled. Live your dreams while you're still 30, by the time you're older you probably won't be able to enjoy much. Don't spend your time on here if you uave money do to actual shit.

No. 1559374

Kekkk, that banner is one of my favorites. It's nice that life worked out for you anon.

No. 1559376

Nta, but you don't know if anon has traveled or what her dreams are. What a strange post.

No. 1559378

File: 1682441572903.jpg (177.25 KB, 850x1186, __original_drawn_by_dyuami__sa…)


They're posting Niko's ass again

No. 1559382

Kek, no offense to any anons, I love you all and etc, but if I had money I wouldn't be here.

No. 1559390

I'm thankful for nonnies like you

No. 1559391

You responded to my post to tell me about how you masturbated at 3 and were molested? That shit is not normal but masturbating at 11 is nor is it relevant to my post.

Yep it was KissxSis. Don't lose your faith, nonnie! I'm sure God would want you to pray and get rid of your bad habits. He's there with you and will guide you away from your sins.

Thanks for the advice nona

No. 1559397

Masturbating at 3 isn’t normal?

No. 1559401

Honestly? Same, that's how I knew nonny isn't living her best life.

No. 1559409

When my boyfriend broke up with me because he fell out of love, we decided to stay friends, but to this day I didn't tell anyone about how he used the opportunity to treat me like shit.
One thing I remember clearly is when I texted him "I miss talking to you", and he texted me back "I miss fucking your ass".
At one point he turned into such a disgusting person I texted him that I just couldn't see us together anymore and I wanted us to stop talking. And his response was: You know what's funny? I was going to ask for us to get back together today…
It's horrifying because outside he has this meek personality of "oh nobody loves me, I'm so unlovable and sad and lonely" and on the backstage of things he used to talk to me like that.
At one point after breaking up with me he berated me for only wanting PIV sex instead of anal. He told me sex was only good if it were anal.

No. 1559410

Well maybe she's not like you. Maybe she's like Doja Cat.

No. 1559414

>thought the only good sex was anal sex
He’s a faggot nonnie, I’m sorry a dirty faggot abused you. Hope he gets lots of STDs

No. 1559415

>You know what's funny? I was going to ask for us to get back together today…
He was definitely bullshitting to make you feel like shit. Good thing you moved on from him. Hope you told him he's gay

No. 1559418

He sounds disgusting. I had a similar guy, said all women broke his heart and cheated on him, cried when I turned him down. Guess what he did? Attempted to rape me. This 40kg anorexic faggot tried to rape me in a public space knowing well I could kill him if I hit him too hard.
Weak men like that are more dangerous than we take them for. I hope he gets the same treatment from a man that he gave you, hope he's unwilling when that happens to him. He sounds disgusting

No. 1559426

Oh, he was definitely me using me as a beard, looking back I know that. A few days after he broke up with me, he made a Tinder account and would screenshot me and show the guys he would match with to make me upset. When we were together he said he was bisexual, but would get angry when we wouldn't emulate gay sex, kek.

No. 1559431

lmao it's happening again

>i have a good life

>no you don't i bet your husband's ugly

seethe & cope.

>fuck you i used your copypasta once like five years ago

man i am not trying to be a dick but that is on you.

No. 1559435

Nta but I bet her husband is ugly too, most men are.

No. 1559436

literally pointless discussion unless she posts a pic of her husband MAYBE.

No. 1559437

Working at target gives me the urge to self-harm and it's making me have suicidal ideations top. Fucking. Kek. They "forgot" to schedule me for 2 fucking weeks.

No. 1559441

nevr5get danobf

No. 1559443

to be fair, her claim was that he looked like Dano, not that he was good looking.

No. 1559444

I'm telling her she should live her life because she probably has the momey to. How is it strange to tell someone to follow their dreams because we don't live for an eternity???

No. 1559446

Nayrt, but you're still projecting. She's not you. You're just telling someone what you would do in their place, which nobody asked.

No. 1559451

I thought I was ok looking but am now starting to realize that that's just because when I look in the mirror my face is usually in a resting position, and as soon as I open my mouth I instantly transform into some sort of melting goblin creature. I'm the same weight as I ever was, but somehow over the last years I've grown jowls and a very noticeable double chin when I'm talking. I hate that people can see my face when I'm having a conversation with them and do not understand how they are not at least a little repulsed by having to look at me. I want to pull an emiliafarts or whatever she was called and just constantly cover the lower bit of my face with a scarf.

No. 1559472

Don't worry, nonnie! I did get to visit other counties, but in my late 20's. I was hired aboard as a tour manager for a fancy company that contracted with rail companies (in America) and cruises (globally). It was a pretty good gig because of the tips + wages + comped expenses. I'd love to go back to some of the countries I visited, though, Europe's coastal towns are very pretty.

I gotta say, this isn't the insult you think it is. He's not the most attractive guy in the world, but he's funny, clever and kind. I think I'll enjoy growing old with him, when looks don't matter but affection and being able to hold a conversation does. Shame on shallow nonnies.

No. 1559475

NTA but looks do matter if you plan on having sex with him kek.

No. 1559476

>if you plan on having sex with him
…do you think that hasn't already happened?
As long as we both keep in shape, I'm happy. Drop-dead gorgeous guys have too much of an ego tbh.

No. 1559481

day late but I love the thread pic

No. 1559488

the dude on the end is legitimately cute

No. 1559502

i've avoided listening to boygenius because i can't handle getting emotionally attached to another suit-wearing gnc woman only to have her troon out

No. 1559647

Why don't more of you metalhead nonnies post in the /m/etal thread aughhhhhh there seem to be so many of you here. The music posts are fun but I miss the chats about concerts/new releases/sexy bandmembers kek

No. 1559655

No. 1559658

it is, I've heard many times from parents that they caught their toddler touching themselves or dry humping something, like while watching TV. it is usually discovered by accident and, being a child, doesn't think anything about it other than it feels nice.

there is a line between natural discovery and discovery after having been abused. but it is definitely normal for toddlers to masturbate in their own way

No. 1559662

>came back to lolcow years later to stick it to us
>never left lolcow at all
>all's well that ends well

No. 1559666

I hate the female body, its just really fucking gross.
I wake up every day thankful that I don't have to see my own physical appearance because my eyes cant look at my face, except in the mirror occasionally.
Vaginas are absolutely gross and when I have sex with my husband I have to think of his body and not focus on mine or I'll get disgusted and become to dry to actually finish either of us. Despite him really wanting to I rarely let him eat me out because I want to kiss him and it's revolting to after oral.
All of the about 12 times I ever masturbated in my life I had to do it I have to have my underwear on with a panty liner at the least and never penetrative, only external rubbing.

No. 1559670

Do it that sounds fujny

No. 1559671

File: 1682467383672.jpeg (157.63 KB, 1242x1285, 7FF65C6B-A3F2-496B-9081-8BE741…)

No. 1559673

so who is the girl in the banner pic rolling her eyes? is it anon or is it some cow? i never saw the thread

No. 1559676

pretty sure it's one of the screeching tumblr cows from around 2014

No. 1559686

File: 1682468194466.jpg (38.53 KB, 540x483, tumblr_inline_ot8x6gZC3J1tmmkd…)

verified found a pic

No. 1559687

I was groomed on the internet as a highschooler by a man 20 years older than me. I met up with him and had sex for the first time, he was extremely rough, he recorded it without telling me and sent me the video later. It's been a decade and no one knows, I still have immense trauma. I can't have sex without crying. I feel robbed of any sexual agency I could have had. I'm not a disgusting coomer so I don't look at porn but I'm scared to know what he did with that video. I feel like I'll never be whole again, that I'll never trust anyone ever again. It's been so long but the resentment and anger is festering inside of me, but mostly I'm mad at myself. I wish I wasn't such a retarded child.

No. 1559690

Bodies are gross in general. I have IBS and I feel like I want to end it all when I have a bad shitting day. I will wipe until my ass is bleeding to get every speck of shit out and then I’ll wash it off in the shower I hate pooping.

No. 1559697

>I wish I wasn't such a retarded child
It's not your fault. I won't get in to details, but I was sexually abused as a child. Although you were a teenager, you were at an extremely vulnerable age where low life scrotes take advantage of your naivety. That scrote is nothing. He is empty on the inside and lives only to inflict as much pain and suffering as he can. You don't have to worry about him, he'll get what's coming to him one way or another

No. 1559716

What’s the age gap? Is he gonna make you breed in order to keep him around?

No. 1559766

What mental illness is this

No. 1559767

I like telling people to kill themselves in my mind when they're being annoying online

No. 1559770

My confession is that every time I scroll /ot/ and pass this thread this song starts playing in my head

No. 1559776

he's the same age as I am (sctually a little younger due to birthdays).

kind of the latter. I still occasionally browse threads I have a personal interest in but I am absolutely not as active as I used to be. There's a healthy balance, anon.

No. 1559779

I am so sorry anon, you deserve all the peace in the world to move what has happened. Please try to move from your trauma and to empower young girls/women who may fall into similar situations. It’s so disgusting what men do and get away with. No woman deserves it.

No. 1559790

I can't emphasize enough what the anon above said; this is not and was never your fault. You aren't a retarded child. Your feelings haven't been resolved yet but you can and will get there if you seek help. Even little steps in a direction that you think will help are worth taking. Don't give up, anon. People aren't pottery. Even if you feel broken now, you can mend.

No. 1559793

Women aren't gross, you just sound like an undiagnosed autist. Get help.

No. 1559877

I force myself to stay up even though I'm tired because I sometimes eat food that is hard on my esophagus

No. 1559925

I was reading a post on fds about how these woman's pickme friends were putting her in danger and it reminded me of how my two ex friends were pickmes like them too- excusing male depravity, being antifeminist and putting theirselves down for being women. While praising men, all in the same breath. It made me realize how much better off I am without them around (even though I used to laugh a lot when they were here… at my own expense and at theirs too. It was super toxic), I left my groomer bf too and it just made me feel so much better even though I was in a very not-so-safe place mentally (because of him too!), I'm remembering how it all went down, how it all lend to it and I'm honestly just so happy it happened, with all the sadness and tears I shed even. I'm so happy for myself and where I am currently that I have stand up for myself, stood up to them by cutting them off and especially that evil bipolar bitch who tried to ruin my life with that other guy. Although I haven't been keeping up with my habits of hygiene lately like I was before, I'm getting into it again and I'm gonna become a whole, brand new person soon and I'm so ready for it. I'm gonna have a bank account and everything and there's nothing anybody can do about it. I'm so happy for me and how far I have come even if not much has changed in reality and I haven't been disciplining myself. I'm still so happy for me and I'm moving on with my life. I'm gonna provide a life that I will be satisfied of.

No. 1559945

No. 1559954

I think the goblins in hogwarts legacy are sexy especially the voice acting I really like fighting them

No. 1559958

Finally a controversial opinion about HP goblins that is actually funny.

No. 1559971

I'm going to book plane tickets for Japan for this summer without telling my friends so they won't try to insert themselves in my plans and ruin one of my trips for the 3rd time.

No. 1559973


No. 1559974

I recently switched back to using a smartphone and I've developed a habit of taking shameless gym selfies. They're not even for tracking my bodybuilding progress or sending to my wife, I'm just enjoying being vain for the first time in my life.

No. 1559985

Me too kek
Shame on that artist for pandering to degenerate tranny/moid tastes when she can design guys so cute

No. 1560058

My ass is even uglier than Shaynas

No. 1560114

but i bet you're not a gross pedo panderer who posts her ass all over the internet so it's okay to have an ugly ass anon. bodies aren't perfect.

No. 1560197

I feel so mermerized by her, by the story of her life and her unknown present situation thay I may start stalking her online. It's gross and pathetic. Sometimes I really desire to be her. She used to be and still could be beautiful yet she's so lost and fragile, she doesn't take care of herself now at all. At the same time, I fucking despise her. I could fix her. God, she's so cool and I'm not, although the similarities are clearly there. I'll just open a new folder for all the stuff I find.

No. 1560232

Brittany Broski is my youtube guilty pleasure.

No. 1560252

I love her. What is there to feel guilty about?

No. 1560264

Typical screaming youtuber, burps and thinks it's funny, adhd editing. I still enjoy it tho

No. 1560304

Don’t be a creep.

No. 1560329


No. 1560372

This is some single white female shit. Stop it. Get some help.(racebaiting)

No. 1560557

People like you need meds

No. 1560641

Everytime an anon mentions her bf/husband I just immediately think he's ugly. If anon says he's a normal guy? Ugly. If anon says how he upset her somehow? Uglier. If anon brags about him in any capacity? He's the ugliest of all and she's overcompensating.

No. 1560642

sounds gay

No. 1560646

the anon with the dano bf definitely proved the last one kek. the model anon itt also admitted her man is ugly.

No. 1560650

If I wasn't such a narc I think I'd kill myself. I'm not happy, I'm constantly dissatisfied. I live comfortably, my husband pays for everything so I sleep a lot and do some hobbies to keep busy, but I am so unhappy. I just feel like there should be something more, I've always felt "well as soon as I'm done with school, as soon as im married, as soon as I'm stable, then I'll be happy" and it hit me that I have all that and I'm not happy. I'm so fucking depressed. I don't even want to talk to my husband anymore I just want to be alone. He's young enough that he could remarry, I'm pregnant too but it's early, just 7 weeks. I am thinking about it very heavily but I keep thinking about that one passage in dante's inferno where the souls of people who commit suicide get stuck in the trees in hell, and it spooks me out. I just want to be alone and quiet and not dissatisfied anymore.

No. 1560653

I’m the disabled anon whose bf takes care of her and he is a very handsome man. He’s got an aesthetically pleasing cock that’s well above average in size. He’s not a manlet. He has beautiful eyes, very bright light eyes which are especially interesting mixed with his other features, which are very Mediterranean. Very striking, good bone structure, a truly excellent nose for a man. And his hair is god tier. Soft, gorgeous loose curls. Never met a man with such soft hair, dudes usually have weirdly coarse hair. He doesn’t do anything special to it but besides use decent shampoo and conditioner instead of 3-in-one manwash. He looks handsome both with and without a beard. Most guys I prefer with a beard, but I prefer him clean shaven because he has nothing he needs to hide or obscure with a beard (most guys do). His only real fault is that he can get overstimulated sometimes and can act shitty when that happens, but he’s aware/apologetic and working on it. He has severe ADHD.

We’ve been friends since high school. I was dating a diff guy freshman year, who was kinda faggy and obsessed with his hair. When my ex started being shitty to me I would make him cry by complimenting my current partner’s beautiful hair in front of him. My ex literally banged his fist on the lunch table when I did that and ran away crying. I still laugh thinking about it, he was cheating on me anyway so he deserved it, and his hair looked like a bunch of pubes on his head. He could never have hair like my partner’s hair, not even in his dreams.

No. 1560657

my secret is that my husband is actually too good looking for me but he is attracted me because he is a chubby chaser kek

No. 1560663

My bf is ugly like a 4/10 facially but he’s nice to me and he’s got such a nice body. His face is sort of strange but his glasses and hair obscure it and girls check him out, I think it’s cause he’s huge.

No. 1560664

I pretend he is a monster when we have sex sometimes a big beast ravaging my loins

No. 1560667

Anon please seek medical help. You don't deserve to feel this way, you sound clinically depressed and if you give birth it'll only get worse. Wishing things get better for you.

No. 1560675

Glad you managed to live your dreams, model-chan. Hope it only gets better from here for you! Thanks for replying

No. 1560681

You sound like you should get an abortion and consider having children when you’re not at such a high risk of post partum psychosis.

No. 1560688

File: 1682571955785.jpg (137.43 KB, 717x1145, image-36.jpg)

I saw movies with them in it.
I'm THAT racist - -

No. 1560693

Hate to say i agree with the other anons the baby is going to hit you like a truck if youre already at "wanting to just be alone" you will never be alone for a long long time since you will have the husband but babys attention as well where your time away is going pee. You sound like you need a lot more time before having a kid or post partum is going to kill one/both of you.

No. 1560699

No. 1560709

File: 1682576145863.jpg (37.05 KB, 474x711, m.jpg)

I'm not racist, but if these are the types of black moids being shilled as attractive I feel sorry for bw, like their are attractive of black moids like picrel

No. 1560710

Post partum is terrifying, my friend told me it was BAD and if this is how I feel now I really don't know what thats going to feel like. This is going to sound terrible but I was hoping a baby would give me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment and I am now realizing how stupid that was. My life felt very empty and I was chasing that "when I finally get x, then I'll be happy" that hasn't worked yet I have no idea why I thought a fucking baby would be x. But get an abortion? And then what, I'll still be unhappy. Just sucks. I know Ill get shat on for such a stupid decision, but there's nothing I can do about it now, it is what it is

No. 1560711

you will literally be way more moserable and depressed with a baby and that baby is going to grow up fucked up for life likely even worse than you are just because you didn't want to terminate it. kids don't fix anything, you do. you can do something about it in fact it's now or being doomed for life, it's not just 18 years. it's seriously so selfish if you to do this, please think.

No. 1560713

>ooopsie guess I can’t do anything about it now I just gotta have a kid teehee!
What?? You can get an abortion. Please for the sake of that poor child, bringing a child into the world with such a mindset is one of the most cruel things you can do. You might as well work as a madam in an underage brothel, you’ll be less responsible for ruining the lives of young girls

No. 1560714

You can have kids later but keeping it so your miserable and terrible mental health can feel something is the worst reason to have a child and whether subconsciously or consciously you will end up projecting on them and doing more harm than good so you could go through with your delusional choice. Work on yourself, not a baby, pay for therapy not pacifiers. (and find a bigger purpose in life than being a kept woman with hobbies. That is a sad existence.)

No. 1560718

Idris Alba looks good though. The others just look like average everyday life people, they could be my neighbors and I wouldn't even notice. The guy you posted doesn't look black, maybe mixed at best but he's cute. Zendaya's genderbend.

No. 1560727

You'll still be unhappy after an abortion but at least you won't be unhappy with a child that'll consume all your time, freedom, energy and finances for the next two decades. Motherhood is miserable when you don't genuinely want to do it. Consider getting the abortion while you still can and putting the time and energy towards getting therapy and/or meds. Make use of the modern conveniences you have access to, you don't have to stay in a place of mental suffering.

No. 1560729

1000% this

No. 1560735

What is you're diet like? Persistent depression and anhedonia can be caused by inadequate nutrition.

No. 1560749

I started taking a new medication last year that completely destroys my already low appetite and it's been a struggle not to become a full on ana chan. Losing weight is so addictive and it's not even an appearance thing for me. I just love getting to look forward to the number on the scale dropping. I'm so aware of how fucked up this is but I literally cannot bring myself to want to stop when people around me are beginning to notice how skinny I've become.

No. 1560775

throw out the scale before you start throwing up unprompted. it starts off like this… you feel nice and floaty when you're starving. you feel nice empty and clean. then you start getting bloated and sickly when you do eat. so you try to eat less and less… you start to find it cute to have pointy fingers and elbows and knees. you like your clothes feeling big and droopy. you like feeling dazed and sleepy. but then you start feeling cold all the time and getting bruised and hurt by everything, all while becoming more clumsy from the dizziness, fucking hitting your hipbones on everything and the pain radiating into your deepest nerves, and getting blurry sight, hairloss, joint damage, deficiencies, until it becomes so disgusting and difficult to eat that you might just fucking die. anon don't, it's hell, throw the scale away!

No. 1560799

I have to agree, I find all moids ugly even the so-called conventionally attractive ones.

No. 1560804

File: 1682592164402.jpg (56.95 KB, 600x575, 1592993399253.jpg)

I've given up on my addict brother. I don't care if he fails out of rehab for the zillionth time. He's a bad person and probably stuck on this level of samsara for a reason.

No. 1560815

There was an anon a while back who would make these (brag?) posts about how her scrote has a pear shape, massive love handles and a fat ass and I felt sick every time I read it.

No. 1560823

I wish I could have an otaku bf who could also pass for a normie in public. One who isn't ugly of course, who isn't autistic and who also isn't into stupid moe shit. Does that even exist? Henry Cavill kind of fits that description but he's into teenage girls. Robert Pattinson is a turbo autist and probably loves Aerith more than his own girlfriend. The ones who can easily pass as normies tend to be obsessed with the Shonen Jump and nothing else, and might as well be actual normies, and treats anything else as trash without even knowing what they're talking about. Like bitch I don't care about DBZ and if you sperg about it while treating it as a worthless separate series as the first seasons/volumes of Dragon Ball you should commit suicide. I wish there was some sort of balance.

No. 1560840

I think my ex bf would have been considered attractive by lolcow standards because he had the twink aesthetic, was tall and skinny with delicate boyish features and looked younger than his age. I'm way more attracted to my current nigel, but I don't think he'd be as well received by fellow farmers kek.

No. 1560841

File: 1682594053534.jpg (5.1 KB, 250x199, 1576919494298s.jpg)

I don't have a single real life friend and haven't for years.

No. 1560843

If it's any help, many addicts only get better when there's nobody there to rescue them from their own bullshit. I'm sorry you're going through this, it's so rough for the family but it's honestly the best thing you could do.

No. 1560847

I haven't either. I don't even know how it would feel to have a human being to chat irl anymore. I'm sometimes tired of my online friends but they are all I have so I have to tolerate them so I don't stay alone.

No. 1560848

File: 1682594231735.jpg (225.66 KB, 1600x1000, 1659665995493234.jpg)

thanks nona, I appreciate it. It sucks because him and I were thick as thieves since we were little. He's a different person now. I didn't want to give up on him because he's been there for me but unlike him I was always trying to do better and improve my station in life.

No. 1560855

File: 1682594679253.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.4 KB, 750x804, IMG_3502.jpeg)

i will literally never forget him. what was anon thinking when she decided to post him here KEK
>I don't know who this Paul Dano guy is but he looks exactly like my hung-like-a-horse boyfriend.


No. 1560868

File: 1682595340349.jpg (199.32 KB, 1271x1517, 20230415_180627.jpg)

Wtf…yesterday I was roofied like a dumbass by what I thought was a homo. Luckily a security guy threw me out of the men's room and then I sobered up and decided it was time to go home. I think taking concerta helped so I wasn't completely out of it. fuck you creepy moid!!!

No. 1560968

Don't worry about it anon. And you could always find someone in a place you end up working in. Office romances are very common lmao.

No. 1560972

Today is my last day of grad school and I’m sad realizing that I didn’t meet the love of my life here and that now I’m single, constantly horny, and I have to go to the shitty apps to swipe left through 90% of scrotes who are inevitably less educated than me. I really wanted to find someone with similar background here and I didn’t; most guys were too intimidated by me and it feels like there is no one out there who will actually just approach me instead of staring from afar. It just fucking sucks. I guess it’s pathetic that I don’t feel so happy to celebrate graduating in the first place and instead care about this but I really want a family and a love of my life. Why is it so fucking impossible.
Sorry I deleted my original post but my job will most likely be remote so I doubt that’ll happen. It just feels like I’m gonna die single because I detest the apps and never meet anyone. the apps are full of manwhores and absolute bum ass losers.

No. 1560978

Maybe look to switching to an office job in your field? My brother is doing that because he never socializes any more. Or find one of thise office places that rent out to at home workers to meet people.

No. 1560981

Maybe I’ll do that because working at home is kinda garbage esp with my terrible internet connection kek. It’s hard not to feel that all hope is lost though, there’s really no one out there it feels like.

No. 1560987

I don't think it's possible, since the whole point of otaku is that they're weirdly super obsessed with their hobby. The term was originally meant to be an insult for a reason.

No. 1560999

how would watching movies with them in it make you racist? i don't get this post

No. 1561007

Husband got angry at me for crying. I cried last night and he asked why and I just said I needed to cry. I'm emotional right now cause I'm pregnant, and I knew there was a 50 percent chance it would bite me in the ass and of course the next day he's all short with me, and I ask why and he said "you cried last night and then when I tried to help you ignored me".
Oh FUCKING SORRY it's ALL ABOUT HIM. I hate my life and want to kms I can't fucking talk to anyone cause he responds to me being emotional with anger and it makes everything worse, and he earns all the money so I'd have to ask for money to see a therapist and he'd hound me about that too. He has good qualities but I am going through a tough period he's probably the least helpful person to be around during that.

No. 1561010

Are you the same depressed pregnant anon who was just posting here and everyone was begging you to abort?

No. 1561012

He is angry because his pregnant wife is crying? Now imagine him when you have a constantly crying and screaming baby. It won't be good.
Why were they telling her that?

No. 1561013

Because she wants to commit suicide and thought having a baby would give her a purpose but she still wants to die. Her only reason for having a child was for the child to save her, which it won’t, she’ll just create an even more damaged human and further damage herself in the process.

No. 1561016

Watching my boyfriend draw Sonic gave me intense ick. It was like a middle schooler's drawing, you know, those intense, heavy sketchy lines that kids who are shit with art with poor fine motor skills do. Like pressing hard as fuck on the paper. The shitty short, sketchy lines because they can't draw one continuous line and the lines are all ever so slightly curved. It made me momentarily incredibly repulsed by him because it looked so fucking autistic.

No. 1561017

This man is abusing you, men usually show this side when you're pregnant and dependant, you being financially dependant as well only gives him more power. Do you have any female relatives or friends you can vent to? Do you have anywhere safe to go if he gets violent?
Also you won't be a good mother if you're suicidal. This is really mean, I know but I knew plenty of women like you and their children always ended up messed up. Having an abusive father and a mother who wants to kill herself is a recipe for disaster even for the healthiest child. Please consider your choices and try to fix your relationship with your husband, if you think you'll kill yourself at any point, abort the child. No one deserves to go through this.

No. 1561022

Oooh boy this one is about to get nasty, you’re in for a ride for the rest of your life if you don’t get out soon

No. 1561028

if he doesn't help you when you're suicidal, pregnant end depressed then I'm sorry, but he doesn't have any good quality. Literally the minimum he could do is being supportive while his wife is having a tough time but instead he uses this moment to get all the attention and get off to the feeling of being more powerful than you. That's a useless man and you should leave him asap. He should die, he has no purpose and it's already sad that he was allowed to reproduce.

No. 1561029

if he doesn't help you when you're suicidal, pregnant end depressed then I'm sorry, but he doesn't have any good quality. Literally the minimum he could do is being supportive while his wife is having a tough time but instead he uses this moment to get all the attention and get off to the feeling of being more powerful than you. That's a useless man and you should leave him asap. He should die, he has no purpose and it's already sad that he was allowed to reproduce.

No. 1561031

Spend the rest of your pregnancy with surrounded by friends and family to show you aren't dependant on him as much as he thinks you are and don't let him "bond" with the baby (touching stomach, talking to the baby) Say something like your mom wants to keep an eye on you to make sure everythings all right, your friends wanna grab some food with you or some other excuse.

Or ignore him further but discreetly. Knit something for the baby, read maternity books, browse stores online for baby related stuff, pregnancy stretches idfk. Something subtle to let him know that you and the baby take 1st priority over him and that he can throw as many tantrums as he likes but ultimately this is your moment.

Also keep him out of the delivery room. Say you're female relatives will be there and that's already enough to stress you out so staying either at home or outside would help you out a bunch.

No. 1561034

When you go in labour, let all the doctors know you don't want him in the delivery room and also that you don't want a husband's stitch even if he asks for one and that you will sue if they give you a husband's stitch.

No. 1561038

Had an ex who raged out when I cried on the anniversary of my moms death. I had to spend the rest of the weekend trying to calm him down while getting berated in the process. He never let me live it down and never changed his version of events that I was in the wrong that day. He later talked about how women all just put on crocodile tears to manipulate men.. said it while drunk. It was the most honesty that he gave me about what his thought process was. I did alot of crying.. in private in that relationship. Lots of secret crying sessions so as not to have him make my life hell. Its emotional abuse.
>Don't you dare bother me with your feelings. Let me 'outfeeling' you and make a scene to get attention back on what matters… ME
>Better learn to hide your feelings or else you'll have to deal with silent treatment, guilting, shaming, and anger

There's no sane reason why a man should react to tears like that. He either hates that all attention isn't on him (bad indicator when you've a baby on the way) or he has that mindset where women are all emotionally manipulative masterminds who only ever express less than happy feelings as some grand scheme to piss men off or inconvenience them. Hes acting like this is a battle for control/power because to him it probably is how he views relationships/women. Will go downhill very fast once the baby is there. You need an escape plan. To stay/get close to anyone else you have around for support.

No. 1561043

Whats a husband stitch

No. 1561044

You should name the baby without him kek they get really sensitive about baby names

No. 1561045

The way he reacts to my emotions, it's like it's an inconvenience to him and he gets angry at me for ruining his mood, he has been short with me and keeps bringing up that I've been "snippier" but I don't think I have been. I think it's just that I've been more distant.
I dont have many options for anything else, hes not usually so mean but he's been meaner lately. Pregnancy was just a mistake

No. 1561048

If it was a mistake, get an abortion.

No. 1561053

Its common for men like that to wait til you're pregnant to 'get meaner' He sees that baby as a chain that'll keep you there no matter how he treats you. Its his 'she'll never grow a spine and actually leave me now' card. You're seeing him for who he actually is. And post birth you don't know what else will follow. Look into the pattern of women who've gone through this before. Men who wait for marriage or a baby and then quickly have a personality shift that leaves the woman confused. Its a textbook thing abusers do.

No. 1561061

>Its common for men like that to wait til you're pregnant to 'get meaner' He sees that baby as a chain that'll keep you there no matter how he treats you. Its his 'she'll never grow a spine and actually leave me now' card. You're seeing him for who he actually is.
Yup. This is exactly what happened to my mom, except he changed the day after they married because he knew she'd never leave out of religious obligations.

Not saying that's definitely what going on here but please be very confident he'll be a good father and husband if you choose to continue the pregnancy.

No. 1561062

You need to get away from him, he is abusive. There are always options. Google a women's helpline in your country and discuss your situation with them.

No. 1561066

>please be very confident he'll be a good father and husband if you choose to continue the pregnancy.

No. 1561068

Well yeah but I'm sure there are people out there who have hobbies they're obsessed with and who are also nice and fun.

No. 1561071

Nowadays they tend to wait til pregnancy but yeah in the past it was more the marriage itself that ended the nice guy act abruptly. Shows how much of a conscious plan it is when you can pinpoint the event that tied you to him sufficiently for him to then drop the mask

No. 1561107

It's when a woman gives birth and there's some tearing from the baby coming out, and the doctors decide to give you some extra stitch(es) to make the vagina tighter for the husband's pleasure, as opposed to giving just enough stitches for the woman to heal and be just like before. Which is often painful from what I've been told. Nta but all women should warn their doctors that they'll sue if they do that to them regardless of whether the husband is abusive because many doctors do it without asking anyone, not even the husband.

Girl get the fuck out now. I mean it. I'm a perpetual kissless virgin but I'm saying this based on my parents and many of the couples I've seen while growing up, it'll end badly if he doesn't get his shit together (unlikely) or if you don't leave. You don't want to be a battered wife? Leave while you can, and think about whether abortion is the right choice for you in that case and if that's legal where you are.

No. 1561116

>It's when a woman gives birth and there's some tearing from the baby coming out, and the doctors decide to give you some extra stitch(es) to make the vagina tighter for the husband's pleasure
>Which is often painful from what I've been told
I will never have children, what in the absolutefuck, what in the actual fuck

No. 1561126

I heard it's painful enough having sex and even peeing can feel like burning, I fucking hate being female sometimes

No. 1561128

I want to have a daughter. My boyfriend has a good family history of long living women on both sides. His grandmother is nearly 100 and still very sharp. My maternal grandmother deserves to have her legacy continue on. New life goal unlocked.

No. 1561227

I have the biggest fucking crush on somebody ive been friends with for years and he feels the same way but isnt really comfortable with relationships. The two of us get along so well, but we purposely try not to spend too much time together so nothing serious ever happens. I am down so hard ladies. Ive always had a soft spot for him and he knows this and has always tried to do the same for me. I want to DIE.

No. 1561249

I know right? My friends in high school described it the same way I just did and we all were so disgusted we said the exact same thing as you at the same time. I still don't plan on having kids because of this and many other complications from pregnancy that scare the shit out of me. I'm not even sure I can get pregnant but I'm not going to try it.

No. 1561266

some people lose teeth, get irreversible health problems, plus permanent damage from birthing or C-section or epidural, all sorts of stuff.
and the thing is, it's taboo to talk about. old grandma's will sit there and say "don't look into pregnancy before you're pregnant" because a good chunk of people never would have gotten pregnant if they knew the risks. go in blindly so it is too late to go back.
of course there are some people who have very easy and healthy pregnancies, typically they're the people who love being pregnant. they are the lucky ones. but also the ones who tell others "oh it's not so bad", simply because they didn't experience the bad parts.

No. 1561269

I worked in a hospital for years and I heard so much of the negatives, and the scariest of them all being losing a ton of blood while in labor and almost dying on the table with six doctors rushing to get the baby out and stop her from bleeding to death. terrifying stuff that no sane person would willing jump in for, but the price comes with a tiny human (sometimes, not always rip) so it's that pro/con list for those that want one or some.
there's women who are excited to be pregnant and have kids and then have such horrible pregnancies and births that they decide right there absolutely not again. you never know what you're going to get when you're pregnant.

No. 1561300

i just started naltrexone for binge drinking and it's stopping me from binge eating too. i feel a little nauseous and dizzy but thats the only side effect. it's really curbing the cravings for drinking so i hope this works out. most embarrassing thing ever was asking my doctor if i could get prescribed something for binge drinking but was met with a lot of support so thats awesome. anyway this confession is just the fact that i'm a binger anyways but ahhh looks like i might finally be set free

No. 1561308

Reading about these things since I was a teenager scared me too much to take that kind of risks. I don't want kids to begin with though so it's an easy decision to make for me. I wish more women and girls were informed about these risks, it's really important imo.

No. 1561316

Hey congrats nona! I’m a binge drinker too, and finally came to accept that I’m an alcoholic, I guess. I’m just white-knuckling through my 4th day of sobriety Kek

No. 1561317

My mannerisms are so awkward because my fingers are so long

No. 1561338

Thank you! Good luck to you, it's so hard for me mainly because I am surrounded by friends and family who heavily drink as well, I hope that's not the case for you. Let's both make the healthier choice for us!

No. 1561371

I think soyjaks are funny.

No. 1561374

I realized I’m actually pretty racist, but my racism is only limited to men

No. 1561376

I wish my fingers were at least a few millimeters longer, my hands look weird as fuck.

No. 1561402

I used to think they were kinda funny because of the absurdity of it, before they became annoying as fuck with all the raids and grotesque porn spam.

No. 1561425

i'm considering going to a fetish event in my city. idk i just have a thing for wearing pvc/latex/leather. i think it would be kind of fun but looking at past events i would probably be the most attractive person there.

No. 1561427

you will be bombarded with attention gross, sweaty, malding scrotes trying to get you to go to their sex dungeon if you do. so if you do decide to go, definitely don't go alone.

No. 1561429

Same here! Lol.

No. 1561430

"limiting" racism to men makes no sense because if you're prejudiced against their race, the women also share that race. god this site is becoming a cesspool.

No. 1561439

not necessarily. typically any big "racist" talking points apply largely, if not only, to males, due to their naturally inferior qualities.

No. 1561440

Yeah, why would anyone be racist but "only towards men" instead of plainly being a misandrist?

No. 1561441

Not really. Women of all races step up to raise children when necessary (overall), perform well in school when given the opportunity, etc

But male behavior does tend to vary drastically depending on culture a bit more than race, yeah.

No. 1561456

being allowed to trash any group of men in peace makes more sense than this cringe half-assed political correctness where specifically criticizing fags or males of other ethnicities is bad but trashing white/straight moids is fair game

No. 1561539

I hate the raids and don't care for soyjak.party. It amuses me because it's a meme that mocks men. The entire spectrum of modern moids can be perfectly captured in an MS paint drawing.

No. 1561540

It's weird to see the ana thread in snow. When I was at the worst of my ed I didnt take pictures out of shame and didnt talk about it because I didnt want to be stopped. Since it was a stressful point in my life I even thought of letting it get bad enough to kill me. I was so sick of work, school, taking care of my family, and hating myself at 87-90lb. It wasnt until fainting became a problem that I tried eating more. Me in the future who ended up having food insecurity wants to slap past me but part of me is glad it got so bad so I'll never go back to it, hopefully.

No. 1561553

do you also feel like white men are as bad or you just hate men who aren't white?

No. 1561554

anyone disagreeing with this should just take a look around this place a few days because that racism is NOT just limited to men, i've vented about it here before about cruel genuine racism here and how anons try to twist it into being something feminist when it realy isn't. i hate men too but it definitely doesn't "largely apply" to men, it's just cope to come off as a better person or to get anons off your back on this website anyway. such a retarded thing to say, race implies phenotype/facial features that are not sexually dimorphic, they're not limited to a single sex. if you think those features. so braindead.

No. 1561558

this site is full of white feminists hiding their bigotry behind being a terf lol

No. 1561563

Didn’t know moids in dresses were considered a different race. Hating troons is not on the same level as racism and you’re no better than the same tims who constantly compare black women to men by saying that shit. Stop regurgitating twitter takes and integrate newfag

No. 1561564

oh, I'm sorry nonna, I didn't know every terf was a pure human being with no bias, no racism and there are definitely no tradthots chasing the trend because they also hate scrotes in dresses. get a grip.

No. 1561569

Then they’re not terfs dumbass, they’re considered gender critical at best. You clearly don’t lurk enough to see anons complain about everyone being slapped with that label all because they say something gc despite them not being women or feminists at all. So go back to twitter since all you can do is say their shit takes

No. 1561576

i think more people now think of race as behavioural characteristics of the culture the people are from not how they look. Some cultures just have more abusive moids than others because they're raised in that mentality. I guess a white european can be shitty in a very different way than a for example romani european and then it just depends on what shittiness you're able to tolerate more.

No. 1561577

Nta but you definitely just completely misconstrued what that anon was saying. Also,
>despite them not being women

No. 1561580

I don't think anyone is saying that you can't hate any group of men, but just that it makes no sense to say that you hate a group of men because of their race but don't hate the women of that same race, and expect other people to believe that you wouldn't ever to bigoted to those women. And people talk about men of other ethnicities all the time, you just can't take it to racebait.

No. 1561587

Exactly a lot of nonnas will say x race of men are the worst and then imply or implicitly state that white men are the least toxic race of men aka the best when that is further from the truth. That’s the issue I have with labeling the best/worst men based on race because it’s always under the guise of white supremacy. And not only that but it completely undermines the millions of white women who are brutally murdered/raped by white men everyday. And it also is dangerous thinking because so many minority women get into relationships with white men who end up putting them through crazy levels of racism with their friends/family. A lot of nonnas don’t understand how debilitating racism truly is to experience. If they did they wouldn’t be casually using the n word on here like it’s candy and trying to justify the use of it. But meanwhile the word nonnies has a red text. This site is unserious as hell

No. 1561589

Oh so now they don’t wanna red text nonnie lol. But another thing all men act exactly the same when they are in the army. In fact a lot of men join the army so that they can rape and assault minority women in war torn misogynistic countries. Never forget

No. 1561596

> But meanwhile the word nonnies has a red text. This site is unserious as hell
Won't somebody please think of the nonnies .. the injustice of it all. That fucking blood colored text that stains our community every time we just wanna say hi to our fellow nonnies kek

No. 1561597

File: 1682674188861.jpeg (87.39 KB, 1358x1920, CD465929-1703-466C-AC38-2E9D2B…)

I told him he looked handsome when he didn’t at all. His hair looks stupid and I want him to fix it. He always blow dries and hairsprays his hair in a way that it sticks up and back. But he would look so much better with his hair styled down. Someone had tagged him in a candid and that’s when I noticed his hair looks terrible and then he sends me a selfie from that day and it looks equally bad. I was gonna ignore the selfie and pretend I didn’t see it but then I saw he untagged himself in the ig candid which leads me to believe he was feeling insecure about it. I felt like me ignoring his selfie would’ve been adding to his insecurities so I lied and said he looked handsome. I mean he did but from the neck down. I feel terrible for thinking that because he isn’t even ugly it’s just how he styles his hair is! It gives Asian johnny bravo.

No. 1561609

Why is nonnies red texted

No. 1561616

Only nonny/nonnie is. It used to be a way of detecting newfags from other sites but it isn't anymore, it shouldn't be redtexted any longer.

No. 1561620

I don't know others enough to judge but I will always feel racist towards men from my own race idgaf. The average non racist white man is way less toxic than them, it's the objective truth and I'd rather stay single or marry a white guy than force myself to marry a piece of shit from my own race.(racebaiting)

No. 1561641

My thing is why do people who divest always go to white men as if there aren’t men from other races that isn’t your own to choose from? Every answer I’ve gotten from divestors is always shrouded in white supremacy and that’s why I can’t get behind it entirely. I say this as someone who is dating somebody not from my race but is also not white.

No. 1561654

Personally I feel like that's a different matter. It's natural that you'd hate the men from your own race more than others because they are the ones who harm you more frequently and more directly. I'd you have to deal with them on a daily basis, they are indeed the worst to you and I'm sure you have a thousand d practical reasons to hate them. And I wouldn't even call that racism at all. But I don't really believe when it comes from an outsider, because I wasn't born yesterday. People putting conditions on their prejudices then expecting someone of that group to believe that doesn't apply to them, so they won't be questioned is nothing new. We're on the fucking internet, so I might engaje those people occasionally, but irl, being a non white woman, if someone told me that I'd be like "oh ok" then keep my distance from them. I do not believe they wouldn't be shit talking me behind my back or using prejudice against me the second I disagree with them or something. This is something I've seen on LC before, usually when a poster is known to be Muslim/of muslim origin, they get into an argument then some shit head will start saying things like "shouldn't you be getting married to your cousin". Anyway, I took the opportunity to rant but I don't disagree with you.

No. 1561663

I look so young so I made a fake id with a different name and my age back young to relive those years since no one is none the wiser to it, even using some dated styles to keep life interesting. Additionally I keep moving to new places and I deleted all old connections and contacts, just cut loose the past and I feel so comfortable.

No. 1561666

I feel like a lot of anons on lolcow are either sociopaths or narcissists.

No. 1561670

You'd be a narcissist too if you were as awesome as me

No. 1561673

Well I don’t care about how you feel and you shouldn’t care about how anyone feels either, the government is watching us after all. Insert more sociopath ramblings.

No. 1561678

The guys from other races who are into me are Muslims which is the reason why I avoid many of them. I'm not specifically into White guys but they're just the majority where I live. If I lived somewhere else maybe I would have said something a little bit different.

No. 1561679

Nta, but i kind of agree with you. I don't like the way divestors act like dating white men will suddenly mean you will mean that your risk for abuse will be 0 when it won't. A lot of the women in the movement are too obsessed with moids for my liking in general.

No. 1561680

>Exactly a lot of nonnas will say x race of men are the worst and then imply or implicitly state that white men are the least toxic race of men aka the best
Not really, just like trashing white women is more accepted, shitting on white men specifically is more accepted too. The only thing I've seen several times is nonnas getting mad when someone says that there's more violence/misogyny in some countries than others, because they interpret it as a defense of white men & racism (if those countries aren't "white") but it's really disingenuous.

No. 1561688

God I wish I could do this. Just cut ties with everyone I know and start over with a new identity somewhere else.

No. 1561689

ive thought about getting a fake id with a younger age and an older age just to screw with people. everyone thinks I'm 5-10 years younger than i am to begin with so it would be fun to pull out one saying "nah bro I'm 43 here's proof"

No. 1561690

What's stopping you?

Oh I should try an older age too, then people will be like "Wow what's your secret!?" Lies honey, the secret is lies, and moisturizer.

No. 1561694

Isn't getting a fake id illegal though? Like, a federal crime?

No. 1561698

The only problem is "starting over". Will anything start?

No. 1561701

Idk maybe but don't really care, I'm not opening bank accounts or using it to do things as a minor, it's just to show other people who don't need to know anything about me.

Lol sometimes I go get new shampoo and feel like it's a fresh start, it's whatever makes you feel good

No. 1561705

>What's stopping you?
The modern world. It’s pretty much impossible to ditch your life like you could before computers and the internet. Now, even name changes are a matter of public record and it’s incredibly easy to track someone’s moves. Getting a new identity would involve getting a fake social security number, which is costly and difficult.
Fun to daydream about, though.

No. 1561709

I mean the purchasing of a fake id, is that not a federal crime?

No. 1561716

I didn't even know there was a word for the people I described kek I'm gonna look into it, I want to see what other women have to say about that. As I said, I mentioned White me guys because they're the majority in my country and the most likely to not be brainwashed by religions. When I spent a semester in Tokyo I didn't think about White guys dpecifically, but about Japanese guys because they're the majority. If I went to the US I also wouldn't have specific expectation either because there are a lot of different people there as well.

No. 1561724

I don't really like divesters either, even as someone who likes white guys and will not look the way of a black guy. I won't rant about it here, but lots of problems with them.(racebaiting)

No. 1561729

Why do people feel the need to scream to the rooftops about their preferences? Why did we need to know that?

No. 1561731

Not the white women tears pls you guys do this every time.

No. 1561732

Anon, I said that because it was related to divesting/divestors. Read the context. I'm not "shouting it from the rooftops" it's a post on lolcow and related to the discussion.

No. 1561734

You could have just said you didn't like them, leave it at that and your post would still have made sense

No. 1561736

But I didn't. I said it to say that I understand where they're coming from and so no anons would come at me and say I'm just against interracial dating or anything else crazy. Let it go, I don't even understand why this is making you so bothered.

No. 1561747

Why did this turn into a discussion about divestment? Isn't that a thing among black american women? I at least never seen the term in regards to other contexts and >>1561620 might be an Iranian woman in Denmark for all we know.

No. 1561767

I don't have my SSN memorized and sometimes I even keep it in my wallet. Sometimes.

No. 1561768

Why are we not considered normies? What makes us not normies

No. 1561769

I'm not Black or American so that's why I never saw that word before.

No. 1561781

Well I'm not in the US so they'd have to catch me first, they can't even find where I keep my money so doubt that.

But I did look it up and it's a fine for having one but a crime if you use it for fraud obviously.

No. 1561783

>I'd rather be single if I can't get a white man.
See this logic is retarded. I'm nonwhite as well but white men I've dated haven't really been angels either, in fact I'd say some of them were worse than men my race because even the "least racist" white man brings up your ethnicity and culture during arguments or stuff to use them against you. They also fetishize nonwhite women which is just another messy topic.
I do understand having a hatred for your ethnicity because of traumatic past experiences but please don't expect white men to be perfect, they're also men and they're the group of man who has been excused for their crimes the most, the type that could get away with anything in the past.

No. 1561784

I’ve started to sticker tag around my city primarily with images of aliens. I want to see a ufo so badly part of me hopes that if enough people see them and subconsciously think about seeing ufos and aliens a flap will begin and my dream will come true.

No. 1561789

I kind of get what she's talking about though, I don't like chinese guys, every one I've met has been abnormally sexist, perverted, and had a superiority complex. I dated two and they were terrible in the exact same way, it was like every negative quality a lot of men have turned up to 12. I don't have any problem with chinese women.

No. 1561792

We have a lot of white women who aren't feminists here. They have no issues being racist to asian/black women the same way they're racist to men.
It didn't use to be this bad until the website went down once, I think the racebaiters are newfags who found this website as an edgy female 4chan to post their shitty takes because of this.

No. 1561840

Planning on getting some weed to smoke over the weekend and remembered the time I accidentally sent my (married) dealer a kiss emoji instead of a smiling emoji. I immediately corrected myself "oops wrong emoji, meant to send [smiley] but still felt incredibly awkward.
When I came I didn't mention anything because awkward, but he spent like 15 minutes showing me pics of his wife and child from a recent vacation. I didn't mean anything dude I swear (didn't say this either because aaaawkward)

No. 1561843

I should have specified, I realized that I specifically dislike Latino and Arab men and I notice myself immediately judging them or feeling uncomfortable around them without talking to them

No. 1561846

I just downloaded HER again just to check out how the "queer" community was doing in my area. Didn't even get as far as adding shit to my profile besides "lesbian" and was already liked by some dude with a sidecut and nailpolish. I wanted to be there for a short streak of fire and destruction, but hmm. He's been so easy so far, I think I'll just take my time with this.

No. 1561851

Dude dont worry; hes probably very chill and understanding. As long as its not a repeating issue

No. 1561853

Yeah, he's a really chill guy, I'm just avoiding emojis altogether now when I text him, I just accidentally clicked the wrong one from the "recently used" list that one time

No. 1561855

Tbf, i've been scolded by anons for trying to imply that certain men from certain cultures and races are just worse that others when it comes to race. I'm not going to pretend that all men approach misogyny in the same way or have been all been exposed to the same variables that would build up their hatred towards women. It's annoying that we can't point it out without it turning into this group of women have it worse or people getting offended when they feel like their experiences are erased because they are part of are group of women who statistically experience less violence from men. We wouldn't be having this discussion if we were all allowed to bash all groups of men equally without people getting offended.


I 100% agree with this perspective. Honestly, most social justice pertaining to black people is really only about black men. When you open your eyes to that, it honestly sets you free from feeling like you have to deal with their baggage for the sake of defending yourself, when most of that stuff really has nothing to do with you. like for example, i remember seeing a news story about a black woman who wanted to get a mortgage on a house. When she did it in her own name, she got the same normal price a white person would get. When she added her husband, the price went up.

No. 1561864

Use the moid for bills. Made a giftrocket or cashapp with a different phone or whatever and tell them you're drowning in bills and need help. If they complain about not getting laid, just say "I'm gay, what'd you expect?"

No. 1561866

Finally some logic. Thank you.

in b4: "b-b-but you're a t-terrrrf!!"

No. 1561867

>I'm not going to pretend that all men approach misogyny in the same way or have been all been exposed to the same variables that would build up their hatred towards women
They do ime.

No. 1561870

NTA but I don't see why you guys have to talk about "race" as if their specific genes made moids act that way. What you are describing is culture, not race, and everybody knows culture is something you learn and aren't born with unlike race. That's probably why it comes off as racist.

No. 1561875

Not every country is a melting pot where all races have a very similar cultures so it depends on which places and which people and cultures you're talking about.

No. 1561880

Damn quick and smart woman, thank you. I simply meant to ruin his self confidence over a few days but this is two in one and even better. Got that unused ## and ai is a blessing these days.

No. 1561883

I do believe that their genes make moids more stupid/violent or at least more prone to being stupid/violent.

No. 1561892

"I'm honestly scared at how much we flow"
Lmaoo, easyyy

No. 1561893

No. 1561897

You would just know, glowie

No. 1561900

File: 1682709857908.jpeg (435.24 KB, 1648x2560, 6CC0B184-F986-4421-A74E-19682F…)

I hope you get to see a UFO nonny. It’s a really cool experience.

No. 1561972

Anon, why did I say that I could also just stay single? You don't think I know all of this and don't already avoid the type of guys you're talking about? I can spot them from a mile away I'm not dumb and legit almost all the guys from my community act like white fetishizer but worse anyway.

No. 1562007

I’m a 31 year old USA citizen and ive never voted and probably never will.

No. 1562021

I’m a 31 year old USA citizen and ive never voted and probably never will.

No. 1562038

Samefag, how was this racebait? The last sentence was about divestors. Annoying jannies.

No. 1562082

I know a lot of people like this. My own mother only voted twice, both times for Obama.

No. 1562087

File: 1682724839171.jpg (75.91 KB, 400x400, 0OTdc2br.jpg)

i voted twice, one presidential one midterm, don't plan on voting again in my life. maybe, maybe something like mayoral races if i live in a very small town. but otherwise i dgaf
fuck the vote

No. 1562088

I keep getting retarded crushes on scrotes that are below me and not even that good looking because I'm starved for attention or affection. I project good things on them that aren't there. I won't act on them because I know better but even the daydreaming is so stupid. I should stick to dreaming about actually good looking actors, musicians etc. because I know what I really want doesn't exist in real life so I also shouldn't give these moids any attention only because they're within my reach.

No. 1562098

god will not let me in through those pearly white gates once he checks my post history on lolcowdotfarm

No. 1562178

Things that blow my mind is that we have things that can fly, like what the fuck, people travel by flying in fucking machines. Even animals flying blows my mind

No. 1562187

Repent, sinner.

No. 1562191

I will spend my days off sitting on my patio in awe of the ones that visit my bird feeder. I highly recommend getting one if you can, it’s a very easy and rewarding hobby.

No. 1562212

i think my autism and complete indifference to everyone's opinion make me hot

No. 1562213

Yes, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 1562214

autism isn't hot but not caring abt opinions is

No. 1562233

File: 1682741991839.gif (876.46 KB, 1605x1070, 1577683841368.gif)

I secretly hold some fascist political beliefs.

No. 1562269

There's no such thing as fascism, communism or socialism, just ideologies opposed to liberalism

No. 1562346

I'm so glad I don't understand what any of these words mean

No. 1562350

you're glad you don't have general knowledge?

No. 1562354

nta but yes

No. 1562355

I don't hold any beliefs about politics and apparently that's bad for some reason
Nta but none of these words are important to me since they don't affect my life

No. 1562366

Except they do because you need to understand at least the basics of other political, social and economical systems to understand and value your own?

No. 1562371

I don't even know what Fascist is at this point, feels like it's different for everybody.

No. 1562381

I'd always kinda avoided politics, probabaly because I'm an anxious mess already and want to live in a bubble but I'm hitting an age where I get it now. I get why you can't block it out forever.

No. 1562382

That's because you get your political education from online flame wars instead of books.

No. 1562390

I have this sinking feeling that I have this knack for making men obsessed with me. Maybe this is true for a lot of you though. All you have to do is be nice enough to them. Not even as nice as possible. All you gotta do really is baseline human decency shit like listening to what they’re saying (which is usually dumb) and respond with something very simple or meaningless like “oh, yeah?” and then they go on until they ask you a stupid question and then you go on about something totally above their heads or you can just be vague and turn the question back on them, rinse and repeat. Maybe I just learned how to do baseline dumb conversation with people? But with men they seem to get obsessed idk I sound delusional

No. 1562392

I'm 30 and I still wear some clothes from highschool.

No. 1562399

New generations won't be able to do that because everything is fast fashion that will disintegrate in a few years.
Meanwhile I can still wear some clothes my mother wore when she was young (and I'm not young anymore either).

No. 1562402

You don't sound delusional, I've also had this happen even though I'm average looking. A lot of men will get obsessed the moment a kinda pretty girl acts kinda nice towards them. Now I ignore most men and don't act too nice.

No. 1562403

A lot of men are desperate for female attention and will take simple kindness and validation as an opening to fuck, it doesn’t take much

No. 1562424

thanks, I didn’t want to come across as having delusions of grandeur because I’m genuinely quite harsh on myself yet haven’t been taking my meds so I wanted to check before going on another manic rant about men being weird.

No. 1562427

that's good, keeping your clothes for a long term should be normal and is sustainable.

No. 1562434

No you're good. It's just that moids are that simple. I've had this happen so many times that they interpret basic smalltalk as flirting, so of course they would also fall in love with you if you keep being nice to them and listen to their shit kek.

No. 1562438

Tbh you don't even need to acknowledge them at all for some of them to get obsessive, let alone be nice. I've had guys obsess when I treat them like shit, I've had guys obsess when I haven't said a word to them.

No. 1562475

As a husbandofag I'm kinda sick of seeing Leon, I guess I can see the appeal but I don't like boyish men and he looks kinda bland to me.

No. 1562481

File: 1682781067934.jpeg (70.92 KB, 631x923, IMG_3539.jpeg)

every few months or so i open notepad to fill up the friend finder thread questionnaire only to never ever post it despite not having made a friend since the ninth grade. this time around was a close call since i actually made a proton mail account. at least i won't risk talking to males which i am debiliatingly afraid of and i know i won't be or even look like a good friend anyway. i won't get rejected if i don't post so it's for the best really.

No. 1562482

File: 1682781156208.gif (1.9 MB, 500x281, Controversial-yet-Brave.gif)

That's how I feel about that mob psycho guy, kek.

No. 1562488

Kek I keep telling myself to post there but I never do. It's been nearly a year and I still find silly little reasons not to post there. "oh I'm too autistic for it" I tell myself as if 95% of anons aren't retarded.

No. 1562494

I told my bf, in a very spiteful way, that if I kill myself there is going to be a letter specially written for him.
No regrets.

No. 1562508

I have the opposite of this power, but maybe it's because I never talk or emote idk. Most of them either think I have a mental disability or act scared.

No. 1562510

I think we've all been kinda sick of seeing one or two popular husbandos/ships over and over in those threads. Don't worry, it'll die down to a couple anons when the new Resident Evil's popularity diminishes

No. 1562538

File: 1682784942079.png (11.24 KB, 657x429, cringe edgy poetry.png)

I love writing bad, cringe, edgy and self-pitying poetry

No. 1562542

File: 1682784973440.gif (2.99 MB, 480x498, 1693245680016.gif)

I'm sure everyone's sick of seeing your husbando too

No. 1562550

Oh c'mon anons let nonnies have some fun, its supposed to be a shitpost thread and is not that active to begin with

No. 1562570

Oh no this one anon doesn't like boyish men, everyone stop posting boyish men asap

No. 1562578

Since this is the confession thread I'll confess that those post made me fall for him same with the riddler thread, Leon is a hottie though and he will always be i'm sure the other nonnie will come around and see that but I do think his older model is hotter.

No. 1562637

Calm down, no one's hating on the character or the anons, it's just that sometimes when you don't find the guy attractive at all you get kinda tired of seeing him all the time when you wanna see more variety
No because I don't post mine lol

No. 1562657

then just post yours

No. 1562771

same lmao

No. 1562807

I wanna get a bird feeder but apparently it’s not a good idea to have them if avian influenza has been spreading in your area (which it has been in most of the US at least). There is a cardinal couple who visits a bush in my yard everyday at 130-230 pm that I’m always happy to see.

No. 1562808

I’ve been called an eco fascist multiple times, but I feel like id be appropriating that label since I’m not vegan kek

No. 1562835

i think poetry is a good outlet for ones feelings tbh

No. 1562861

For me, it's haikus.
The format is like catnip.
Yes, I'm autistic.

No. 1562918

Years ago, i was an nlog… I still cringe remembering that
I thought that just because i don't fit the stereotypical idea of a woman/being butthurt of other women being unnecessarily rude to me, I was somewhat better than most of my peers (women). When i grew up a little (mentally), i realised how gross and wrong, now i always try to lift up other women, not put them down… I was a stupid teen…
When i like something about another woman - clothing, make up, dress, their creative projects - I love telling them that i like it, and ofc not only that, i am grateful that i actually am more realistic now, i value women and connecting with woman a lot more and i am proud of myself that i did grew out of that phase, women should support other women. Now i aways try to be nice, understanding and supportive to other women, albeit sometimes the other side doesn't do the same. But whatever… I know for me, personally, i would always try to help/support women

No. 1562925

>I didn't fit stereotypical idea of a woman/being butthurt of other women being unnecessarily rude to me
>I was a stupid teen…
I don't know why you anons are so harsh to your younger selves, is obvious you were simply reacting to your environment while going through a life phase were most teenagers want to assert themselves as individuals. I'm not saying it was okay to act that way, but is understandable, specially when you allegedly were already getting ostracized

No. 1562930

Thank you, Anon, you are right, but I can't stop thinking about my past mistakes and i feel guilty. We all know that it's hard to be a woman, so that makes me feel especially guilty being that way (before). Thank you for the nice words, those interactions (like ours and you being nice and understanding) made me love that place

No. 1562931

Samefag - by made me love that place i meant made me love lolcow (ot and g for the wholesome interactions)

No. 1562943

Charmingly autistic kek

No. 1562946

I just bought plane tickets to go to Japan this summer, they were way too expensive for my own comfort but I only went there 9 years ago so I was craving that trip, also flights will get much more expensive in the future and I want to go to Comiket while my husbando is still popular, I have this gut feeling now is the last chance possible. The not very smart thing is that I'm going to London three weeks later, I'll be exhausted and probably broke.

No. 1562948

Damn, I'll go too but way before Comiket. I'll just go to Mandarake and see what I can find in terms of doujinshi. I also want to go back go London this year but not as soon as that, maybe around Christmas. Good luck for your treasure hunt because I've been told that Comiket is intense.

No. 1562953

Thank you nonna! I actually went to Comiket in 2014 but I was just beginning in the doujinshi hobby so I didn't take it too seriously and mostly walked around and bought Touhou artbooks from artists I knew, I don't know if I'll be brave enough to do the waiting at 5am but I'll definitely try to get as much shit as I can. I hope you'll enjoy you vacation!

No. 1562965

I do post about him but never say who he is because I want to stay anonymous
I'm aware that nonnas also get tired of seeing posts like those kek

No. 1562987

As a Leonfag and I am not offended. I do notice he's been posted a lot, I can't personally complain but I understand whoever doesn't like him would be getting sick of seeing him kek. I don't mind anyone posting any husbando, I enjoy their rants about them, even if I completely hate the character.

No. 1563000

When I was 4 or 5 y.o., I drew Sonic with huge buttcheeks, and he was pooping. I happily explained what was happening to my grandma and she laughed. That's normal stuff for a child but I can't believe grown up people draw something like that because of fetishism. The contrast between me as a child and them makes it so funny to me

No. 1563038

late but KEK

No. 1563041

I had a dream last night I sucked the Mcdonalds Clown dick, we had great sex and then he took me out on a date, literally had a great life with him and I was so fucking happy. For some reason he was very tall and his penis with abnormally big. When I woke up I wanted to fucking cry, and I went CC shopping for Sims 4 cc, and I was getting Mc Donalds ads on one of the site.
I redownloaded my adblock and I just feel fucking sad.

No. 1563042

NTA but I just wanted to say, maybe the reason I'm tired of seeing him is because I've never played a RE game so I'm not familiar with him, on top of him not being my type. No disrespect to you or the other Leonfags though nonny

No. 1563046

I had a somewhat romantic dream about Ronald two days ago also. What the fuck.

No. 1563047

is your period on as well?

No. 1563048

No, just ovulating. Why Ronald though what is wrong with us nonna

No. 1563051

I ate a lot of red things before I went to be and I also think that my period "Blood breds blood equals red dreams", so maybe my brain made me think of the most masculine "Red man" I could handle.
However I find the rapper "Red Man" very attractive so I wonder why it went to red fast food character? Maybe it was because I was eating unhealthy red foods

No. 1563056

I'm sorry you feel sad about it, maybe you were some combination of hungry and horny before you went to bed? Hope you have a nice dream about your rapper man tonight, eat some cucumbers or smthn ♥

No. 1563057

I hope you have great dreams as well sweet nona

No. 1563101

All the money I have now is prize money I won at contests kek (I got a job starting next month though)

No. 1563120

nonna im similar but started later, with anime like kissxsix, i was groomed all throughout high school and that didnt exactly help keep me from segwaying from older man x younger woman hentai shit to older man x younger-younger woman hentai shit and… you get the idea. i have to make peace with myself or die and im not gonna an hero so i do the former. the way i think about it, its ok to want sex. we were made as sexual beings, to have both desire itself and the desire to be desired. something that makes you feel like youre desirable, especially when you are young and your brain is still developing, is like poison. the poison will arrest your sexual development or pervert it. the poison doesnt have to be a predator or an abuser, it could even be just premature exposure to porn. but seeing a man treating a girl your age with that powerful desire, while you are that age, is damaging. that part isnt your fault. but how you deal with the damage in its wake, that part is your fault. i know its not going to go away for me fully, i cant forget how i felt back then, youth is always going to hold some kind of association in my brain with sexuality. accept it and move on. in your fantasies at least if you must fantasize about it then you can fantasize about adults only. think of how it made you feel, how much it hurt you, and carry that feeling into those times where you are tempted. you would never wish what you experienced on another girl. you know that. let your thoughts be aligned with your values. you can control it.

No. 1563133

>youth is always going to hold some kind of association in my brain with sexuality
I'm the same way nonita . Even though I don't look at lolicon anymore. I always have inappropriate thoughts popping up in my head when I think of children, but that's due to trauma. I don't like real life children like that at all but, thats just how intrusive thoughts are. I suspect I might have POCD. I have had other forms of OCD as well.

No. 1563153

I wish the 3 people who work once a week on our busiest day were fired. One was a no call no show today and the other has done it for 2 weeks now. You can't expect me to pick up shifts, work the most hours, and then give me a bad spot on our best day all because the 3 who rarely work are there. I'm looking for another job because its sales so my role is dependent on my income but I'm just so done with this retarded manager. We don't even know if one of them will show up and yet they prioritized her schedule over mine. Me who always shows up unless I'm running a terrible flu.

No. 1563155

File: 1682835604648.jpeg (31.48 KB, 640x480, 27984F61-8F3F-4DE7-930B-2A8F44…)

Watching romantic movies/series and playing dating games makes me feel so weird.
I’ve always been addicted to romance, it’s not just something I like, like I need to have romance in the media I’m consuming or it has to be braindead or really, really interesting for me to like it, and I still end up thinking “but what if these two characters dated? Wouldn’t that be nice?”.
I don’t know why I’ve always been obsessed with love, it hurts a lot because I want to love but I’m overwhelming, also pretty fucking ugly too, I’m pretty sure I will never have one of those cute moments in which you just meet a new person and fall in love with him/her, and that love is corresponded.
Being like this is just annoying I guess, being ugly, sometimes I can’t help but think that me also being very picky (having standards and not accepting anyone just because I’m lonely) has made me wonder if I missed out on anything special like dating in high-school or during my uni years.
But then I stop thinking about those intrusive thoughts for a while and remember that life won’t end when I hit my thirties, maybe I’m actually saving myself from annoying moments or memories that I wouldn’t want to deal with, maybe I should be glad because in the end, I’m actually safe. Thinking about that actually makes me feel better, I don’t have to deal with moids being moids, I’m safe.
I can’t help but think that it’s sad how it’s impossible for men like in romantic stories to exist, the world only has moids, I wish men were real.
I just don’t want a moidfriend, I want a cute boyfriend who is cute, nice, responsible, patient, not pornsick, is healthy, likes animals and is just a great man with goals that he does his best to accomplish.
No moid will ever reach the place that my husbandos have, seriously.
In the end, I don’t even know what to do, I’ve been so disillusioned by moids all of my life, I still feel this need to love, but doing romantic things with my best friend is considered weird because she’s a woman as well.
I just also keep thinking about many things, and maybe now I think about them even more because I will be 30 years old soon and I still haven’t done anything in my life other than studying.
Do I want to ever live away from my family? Do I want to make my own family? It sounds so lonely but also impossible.
Like I can imagine myself having a child, but I can’t imagine myself having a child with a moid, being happy with that moid and having a cute, happy family with that moid.
How can I dare imagine such things when I’m so ugly? If I was cute I could date my best friend or get a boyfriend, I could be on my own and I wouldn’t seem pathetic.

No. 1563188

File: 1682838588162.jpg (456.49 KB, 1200x1200, clionadh_cosmetics_-sg.jpg)

I frequently post makeup looks on reddit because I'm too ashamed to make an instagram/tiktok. If I made an acc and someone found it and thought I was trying to be an influencer I'd die of cringe.

No. 1563231

A post on how you can’t be friends with moids reminded me that I used to be a female nice guy. Years ago I was a terminally online femcel. I had every single degenerate sexual fantasy under the sun but no idea how to approach moids because of low self-esteem and lack of social experience. I was sexually frustrated 24/7. I’d occasionally have scrotes expressing interest in me (they were of course mostly creeps) so I don't think I was completely repulsive, or maybe it was just by virtue of being in my early 20s. Anyway, I had this coworker I was hardcore crushing on to the point where just sitting next to him would make me a little bit light-headed because of the proximity and he smelled good. His face was a bit derpy so I wouldn’t say he was extraordinarily out of my league or anything. We would talk about all kinds of stuff at work, he’d share his food with me or we’d go out to eat together, go to the movies, but I was so socially retarded I had no idea how to test the waters. After a year of this I ended up at a work party, got shit-faced and made a move on him. He just up and walked away kek. Things were never the same between us afterwards. I cringe so hard looking back at my younger self, but thankfully I have acceptable social skills now, a few relationships behind me and I know that hooking up with moids is easy. I think there are differences between men and women in terms of physiology and social dynamics, but the lines blur more often than some anons would like to aknowledge and we are more alike than different. I think we all want the same thing at the end of the day which is to feel seen and accepted for who we are (aww).

No. 1563241

I confess this was written by a moid.

No. 1563248

File: 1682845824179.png (8.08 KB, 1462x88, 2x.png)

This was written by picrel kek

No. 1563249

I don't see myself be dedicated enough to wake up that early, so I get it. I'm already sick of cons in my country anyway so that doesn't help. If there are artists you already like ad follow maybe they will also sell their stuff online, if you ever miss them because the Comiket seem gigantic and I know I would be lost in there. I said I'll just look for what they already have in Mandarake but I should also try to look for stores in Nakano Broadway, I couldn't go there last time. Right now I'm trying to book tickets for the shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka online but I have no clue how to do that in advance…

No. 1563254

She's not wrong, I'm het and I regret it every single day kek

No. 1563257

Why do moids keep coming here to ejaculate their redditism as if it isn't extremely obvious

No. 1563258

Like they either write exactly like redditors with muh devil's advocate braindead paragraphs or just act like moidchanners (barely any difference)

No. 1563304

Update: I got the weed yesterday, but now he has me communicating with his wife instead of him. I mean, she's cool too, but no way this is only over an accidental emoji. There had to be some infidelity in their history or some bad experience with a previous customer. I don't wanna know and I'm done feeling awkward about this.

No. 1563307

File: 1682856873865.jpg (50.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I basically grew up on imageboards and it fucked with my head.
I turned 30 a few months ago and despite looking in the mirror and seeing a young person who doesn't look any different from when she did at 25, I convinced myself I must be delusional and only I think so whereas everyone else sees me as old.

I read too many posts calling 30 year olds wrinkly hags and expired, or using being 30 as a gotcha or an insult, that it completely warped my view of what 30 should look like.
None of my friends, even those older than me, look old or wrinkly aside from a few who worked night shifts and drank/sunbathed often. But those people looked like shit at 23 and 25 as well, their bodies could just handle it better.

No. 1563320

I'm really sorry you feel that way and I wish I had the words to comfort you Nonna.

The people who go on and on about the wall do so because they don't have girls tripping over themselves to be with them so they like to cope with the wall. No one looks better with age. Your hair thins, skin sags, you get weaker physically and these are not markers of beauty yet women get crap for aging even though everyone shows signs of aging the same way. Men like to lie, it's all they do. A 20 year old man w money VS a 40 year old man w money. Who wins? The 20 year old ofc

If they don't like aging women, they can move to a country where the life expectancy is low

No. 1563325

Did he take you out on a date to another restaurant or did he take you to his own?

No. 1563424

I see someone read meta and now tries to avoid getting banned. kys deformed xy

No. 1563429

Just report, don’t reply

No. 1563449

File: 1682873764024.png (3.87 MB, 3000x4621, Bocchi.The.Rock!.full.3817753.…)

i post on a few obscure (female-adjacent) imageboards that aren't lc and i feel my reliance on them for social satisfaction is becoming dangerous…or is it, is it wrong to think of a bunch of anonymous strangers as my friends?

i've had deeper conversations with random women online than i ever have my coworkers, anyone i ever attended university with – arguably even my own mother. arguably even the "friends" i hold irl. and what with gender plague spreading so deeply into my hobbies (offline and online!) it does seem that i won't even be able to make pals that aren't suffering from normie brainrot.

anyway what i'm trying to say is that i had the creeping thought if anything happened to lc or [redacted] ib i'd feel so desolate. i love my friends, i know that sounds insane.

No. 1563459

File: 1682874401449.jpeg (51.79 KB, 540x751, 005CB338-D419-4BBA-B19D-0F6577…)

I totally get this and actually get scared sometimes. Like, I don't know what I'd do if I lost the [redacted] ib, kek. I like to wonder how I'm gonna feel a decade into the future, I think I'll still think about this, where I felt so wholly understood and accepted. It actually makes irl feel so dull and robotic, like I know I'll never feel as understood by anyone as I feel by these places, I'll never find that connection. Which makes me feel even scared of losing this all, I don't know what I'll do, how I'll talk to. Picrel is how I sometimes feel irl, even now, with a job and shiet.
All that to say, I get you.

No. 1563464

I posted a post from a mutual's private account on a big discord server. I censored her twitter avatar and username, the post went viral for meme reasons and people dunking on her. She lost her shit and deactivated, I don't feel a single bit bad.

No. 1563466

>few obscure (female-adjacent) imageboards that aren't lc
Nonna, what are they? I understand if you want to keep them secret though

No. 1563538

Did she say something really bad? Why was it posted on a big server? Sorry I'm just so curious what could possibly result in that reaction from both her and other people.

No. 1563557

nta but all the ones i can think of are fujochan choachan and cryscafe. could be one even more obscure i'm not aware of though in which case i'd love to! i'm so curious kek

No. 1563573

nah it's one of those kek

No. 1563575

you really get me nona
anonymity allows me to open my heart and be as retarded as i'd like. always been insecure about how i communicate/type, but if it's anonymous that barrier just fades away. people can't form lasting opinions about me here, and i can't form lasting opinions about them either. it's a transient way to feel like i exist and am being seen i suppose

No. 1563582

She was complaining about other women and her lifestyle and various things all day every day, so I shared a tweet which sounded very dumb and full of NLOG energy on a meme channel of an MMO (it was also related to the MMO community) so people enjoyed dunking on this anonymous stranger who was so bitter

No. 1563599

>insecure about how i communicate/type
I can relate so much. I have to alter and mold myself a lot when I communicate, I am insecure about how I may come across too, so I take the form of the blandest npc ever, probably the source of my lack of connection irl. But exactly, this mode of interaction just works well for us. Glad to have this dialogue with you, fellow nona. Hope we can be anon pals in these spaces for long!

No. 1563603

OP here. Tbh kinda disappointed anons think I'm a scrote, women aren't a homogeneous mass. I was severely socially stunted in part due to crappy childhood, so once I moved out I spent all my sparetime looking at yaoi on tumblr and masturbating kek. Like I said I was severely sexually frustrated but thought I was unloveable and approaching scrotes was one of life’s greatest mysteries to me. This actually wasn’t the first time I had a creepy fixation on some poor dude, but thankfully I’m socially adjusted these days.

No. 1563844

The femcel phenotype images of white chicks with brown straight hair, brown eyes, and glasses makes me laugh.

The fact that anons here get offended by it everytime someone posts it makes me laugh even more. Explains a lot of the sperging and derailing in almost every thread about fair features.

No. 1563923

I accidentally wrote a piece of wrong information on Wikipedia and just realized 3 years later after re-reading it. I feel quite guilty but I fixed it now, hopefully the change doesn't get reversed. To be fair I was forced to write it for a school assignment so I didn't go out of my way to do it.

No. 1563929

I've never seen anons get mad about that tweet what site are you on.

No. 1563936

I get offended because the ones posting unironically about "femcels" are inevitably tiktokrejects, twitterrejects or kaitlyn tiffany, who don't belong here.

No. 1563952

I can't listen to any music with singing/lyrics in it, I think most lyrics are cringe and distracting

No. 1563990

Your school had you edit wikipedia articles for homework? Was this meant as some "Don't use Wikipedia as a source, anyone can write anything on there reeeee whatarethosetinynumbersnexttoallthewords" kinda exercise that I'm sure my homeroom teacher was dying to do with us?

No. 1564002

Can you share some sick instrumentals then? I feel like you'd have the top tier shit if that's majority of what you listen to.

No. 1564009

I hate it because it's a case of a scrote both fetishizing a certain type of woman, not being aware that those women are very different from each other (even cherry-picking a pic of Jodi Arias with glasses), and trying to go for a "women are just as bad as men" argument at the same time. When that image is posted and every anon shits on it, it's one of the instances when we all unite against a common enemy, retarded moids

No. 1564046

My step mother just had the kindest heart to heart with me. She admitted to being a mean step mom at times and apologized for as much as she could for years of problems. We were able to talk about real issues her and i have each had.
I cant believe it. It only took 18 years of being in my life, and having a kid of her own. Better late than never, but i feel so emotional. Im thankful we found a middle ground. Im glad she is kinder and wiser.
She also apologized for things i forgot about, but thats nice too. Maybe, just maybe shes not such a “evil” step mom after all.

No. 1564072

>Explains a lot of the sperging and derailing in almost every thread about fair features.
Exactly. The fact of the truth of the matter is that brown hair and brown eyes is the "femcel phenotype".

No. 1564101

File: 1682901925511.jpeg (26.78 KB, 512x512, 77A7E21B-A4CF-49A2-ABA1-6E8222…)

I’ve started wearing crop tops and I’ve hated them for a long time but when you wear them with the right pants I think they can be kinda cute actually

No. 1564105

Samefag, I have a curvier body type and was chubby for a while but I’ve lost weight and it feels even nicer to see my body when I wear a cute crop top shirt. Feels like my hard work is paying off!

No. 1564119

People are so weird about crop tops, they're under the impression you have to show a massive amount of midrif if you wear them. But isn't it obvious that you can wear them with high waisted bottoms? I don't show much stomach but many of my tops are cropped, long tops can look frumpy over the top of other clothes and you don't always want to tuck in a shirt. I also strongly prefer cropped cardigans that I can wear with a-line dresses/skirts.

No. 1564125

nta but i hate both high waisted bottoms and crop tops. tho i hate pretty much all clothing that isn't lose or oversized.

No. 1564146


That is an awesome and hope filled post, thanks

No. 1564152

I'm breaking up with my partner and I'm so relieved, turns out they may have been sexually assaulting me (i say may because i still feel it is also my fault) and as soon as I told my friends they each told me to get out ASAP and I'm SO looking forward to being single again

No. 1564168

I disagree

No. 1564170

My moid’s hairline started receding in his early 20s and it makes me sad.

No. 1564180

At my lowest, when I was single, after my ex broke up with me, during extremely lockdowns of Covid I did some efindom with some scrote from 4chan. I never showed my nude body, or my face, but I still regret it.
I had no money and it helped pay for food, and medication. It didn't help that where I was from had 8 pm curfews, which actually made me go insane.

No. 1564185

File: 1682909611321.jpg (64.9 KB, 500x669, 1649278578935.jpg)

I hate having to wear high waisted bottoms. Low waisted looks so bad on me so I don't even try. I'm bummed out because a family friend gave me some cute pants and I look like trash in pretty much every one of them. I can make the bootleg, more slight flare than bootleg in my opinion, work but only because it's medium high waisted. I want to rip my hips off because without those bastards I'd look better.

No. 1564191

I hate that everyone acts like transgender women should be respected as a woman in the same way biological women are.

No. 1564194

Never, ever do anything with a man from 4chan. Ever. You may not have sent him pictures, but he likely still has them and knows you by full name.

No. 1564197

Why would he know her full name or have pictures that she never sent? I agree don't do things with or for moids on 4chan but I don't get how he would know her full name without her telling him, which I'm doubtful she did… He can't just ~hack her system~ anon.

No. 1564199

High waisted pants look so ducking ugly on people with no waists. I used to hate hipsters as a kid but now I realize that they are truly the only style of pant that flatter me. I wish they were still in trend. I agree with croptops but I feel being constricted to wearing them a certain way defeats the point. Unfortunately they are just not a good look for certain bodies so some women aren't going to be meant for them. I'm not a fatty chan, i just have a boxy curveless body.

No. 1564201

I hope other women think my high waisted pants look as good on me as I do, you're making me paranoid

No. 1564202

because money was exchanged, and i am quite positive it wasn't via a brown paper bag drop at a park bench at midnight.
i have found people from less information than that.

No. 1564212

Literally all she would have to do is use a throwaway email address.

No. 1564219

Start reading bellingcat and know that you are never unknown on the internet.

No. 1564220

File: 1682912572414.jpeg (429.1 KB, 2048x2048, 50283B91-580E-4E1D-9379-C5EB5D…)

Me and my friend used to play this game that we called “cyberbullying Russian roulette.” We created this roulette wheel with various different options for who we would cyberbully (various types of degens such as troons, furries, weebs, etc). When we got bored we’d spin the wheel and one of us would scroll through Tik Tok until we found somebody that fit into the category it landed on, and then we’d leave a mean comment on their video unprovoked. Part of me feels bad, but I can’t help but chuckle every time I remember when my friend commented “you attract all the haters because being the size of a planet gives you your own gravitational pull” underneath a HAES activist’s video.

No. 1564223

That's not true at all, and if you think that's a real way to hide yourself online you're wrong and kind of naive lol

No. 1564226

There are shorter ways to confess that you and your friends were losers lmao

No. 1564231

Oh my god that pic scared me for some reason kek

No. 1564253

I was "paid" in Visa Vanilla gift cards and Uber gift cards codes. He'd scratched the code off the back and take a picture of it. I never received cash directly.
I also have a fake PayPal that did not have a real name, bank account or address associated with it. Never used it though

No. 1564256

i watch romance shows/movies and my soul breaks apart at the speeches that beautiful men give to women, about love and pleasure and their devotion to them, knowing that sort of man doesn't exist irl and if he does he will not be mine.

No. 1564268

What is efindom

No. 1564271

NTA but online financial domination

No. 1564299

>8 pm curfews made me go insane
Weak pussy ass, this is why they were able to push vaccines on people, cause you stupid fuckers were like WAHHHHH I CANT STAY HOME IM GOING NUTS

No. 1564302

Explain? I just googled Bellingcat and I don’t see anything about what you’re talking to.

I’ve sent nudes to random scrotes from 4chan and dating apps while I was having mental breakdowns. Sometimes I wonder if the scrotes looking at me like they’ve seen me before in public have seen my nudes floating around, kek. Guess that’s just life when you’re crazy.

No. 1564304

Get off the internet.

No. 1564317

Do you know what site you’re on?

No. 1564388

God me too kek it doesn't help that is 2am here. His eyes are like an abyss staring back at you

No. 1564390

Please explain what you mean instead of being so cryptic

No. 1564406

Zoomer detected, using TikTok.

No. 1564407

It's not really cryptic they're being edgy. They're just referring to data and opsec. Bellingcat is an org doing stuff related to it for NATO (the current war)

No. 1564763

I wish there was more nsfw art (or even porn, fuck it) where the male is actually the only one being sexualized. I'm not talking about the beta shit with super hot anime lady with big tits and ass and hentai mannerism while the man is just a simple muscular guy. I'm talking about the woman being almost a faceless blob (like me) and the male being shown shaking, trembling, blushing, hot body, beautiful face, sweaty, pissing, crying and with full on ahegao because the pussy is killing him. Like the male is actually fucking sexualized but finding shit like this is almost impossible.

No. 1564764

Sometimes i pretend i am somebody else to be able to do things. My best friend was good at talking to strangers and the youngest person i knew to drive. So when i am stressed about driving or have to deal with people.. i speak like him. It's like i am channeling his personality and it works

No. 1564784

File: 1682972806321.jpg (55.06 KB, 1090x1544, i9u2b76tthh.jpg)

I have similar proportions to Grimes: thin with big hands and feet, but slightly shorter which makes me even weirder

No. 1564790

samefag and a huge bobblehead too

No. 1565226

Im 29 and my bf is 19 and at the beginning of our relationship I forced him to lose weight to be more attractive for me. Im no better than a scrote.

No. 1565758

anon who is the youtuber and who is the hockey bf?

No. 1565934

So yesterday night I fell back into my habit of stalking this small twitch streamer (I'm part of his community) and I found his old twitch channel. I accidentally made a clip of one of those videos from fucking 2016 and I pray that he doesn't get notifications for that anymore kek. That is so embarrassing. If he sees that he knows I'm stalking him. I deleted it now but it was online for at least half a day. Stupid me should only stalk in incognito mode, I completely deserve it actually.

No. 1566723

I came in to one of the vent threads a couple of years ago complaining how I have too much to do between work and school and I'm overwhelmed and one anon said she strives to have those problems. Nonna I was a day drinking mess I'm sorry. I'm unemployed now but at least I'm not sipping on several drinks at noon just to get the day over with

No. 1566751

I tend to forget the month of June exists, when I'm planning something I go straight from May to July.

No. 1566752

Why are you dating a fat teen? At least date a hot guy if you're gonna go for younger

No. 1566785

I do that with July. We have to find the other ten months now.

No. 1566807

>cartoonish evil laughter
My wonderful friend, my Shorty, my angel. It is her birthday and I sent her a memo singing the jingle and talked about how much I miss her and how I wish I could see her.
I told her there is a package arriving for her at 6,6:30….
nonnas, I have lied forgive me
Because the package is ME! I am showing up, all dolled up for her, and taking her to dinner. Her sister is also surprising her, and has offered to take care of their ill mom while we go out. Tomorrow, her and her sister are getting their nails done, and I am kicking it with mama and watching a movie/helping her as needed.
My friend deserves a break and many gifts and I cant wait to take her shopping tomorrow. I am also bringing her rolled Js and a playlist.
I feel so mischievous and i cant wait to hit the road!!!!

No. 1566868

Nonnie that sounds so awesome. I hope you have the best day with your friend!

No. 1566964


No. 1567046

I still see Nikkietutorials as a woman because I watched beauty YouTube religiously during that era, and I never realized she/he was trans at any point. Even now after that coming out video I just never really saw a troon, I'm so used to seeing Nikkie as a woman.

No. 1567050

in between transitioning early, only showing his upperbody and basically hiding between actual women also doing drag makeup he comes across somewhat convincingly indeed. However if it hadn't been so trendy and normalized for women to wear drag makeup he'd have far more difficulty blending in.

No. 1567051

Long ago everytime I heard about immigrant boats coming to Europe in harsh conditions I always felt bad for the immigrants just trying to make do. It all stopped when one of my cousins became one despite not being destitue at all, despite being a spoiled brat still living with his family, and he was committing petty crimes in several countries in Europe, my aunt tried to convince my mom to keep him i our apartment (illegally of course), and once he was finally caught in Germany iirc he got deported back to his own country, and he still lives with his parents, including his father who's a maths teacher from a private school. Meanwhile his little brother is studying in my country to become and engineer, he's working hard, living his best life and that's despite him not being as spoiled as his retarded junky brother. I had other cousins from the same country coming to Europe to study and/or get married the entire time this was going on too. Now I always wonder what's the background of the guys who come here by boat.

It's funny, I remember seeing him for the first time in videos years ago after being told about him and my very first reaction was "wait, is she trans or am I paranoid?", then I was definitely sure of it because of pictures of him next to a bunch of different men and women. When he finally revealed it I felt like a genius kek, but I really don't care about makeup in general so I haven't seen a lot of his videos, just like 2 or 3.

No. 1567252

I dont really understand the hate for NT here, maybe I'm missing some sort of cancel culture context tho..? Completely socialized female, true love of makeup before it became a huge trend to capitalize from online, has taken being called fat/giant/monster with absolute grace and afaik has been completely harmless. I dont get it.

No. 1567264

Ayrt, back before being trans became a big thing/trend, I honestly had a "i don't care, live and let live" kind of mentality towards trans people so perhaps that makes me turn a blind eye to troons (both mtf and ftm) as long as they're being normal and not weird, disgusting, or misogynistic. If Nikkie was acting like other mtfs I wouldn't feel the way I do, but he has basically just made videos and done whatever with barely any drama or obnoxiousness.

No. 1567273

He was not socialized as a female at all. Whatsoever. Having regular appointments as a child on a regular basis to get hormone injections because you're a boy who wants to be a girl or because your mom wanted a girly daughter instead od you is the exact opposite of female socialization. Having a penis makes female socialization impossible. Becoming a giant because of your male anatomy will make people treat you like a man. Or like a "non woman" at least. Dating gay males who are actually into you isn't something most women do and the ones who do are tricked into it or want a lavander marriage. He was socialized like a sick boy, not like a girl. As for why anons here don't all like him, idk I just remember that a lot of his fellow makeup gurus were "beefing" with each other all the time and crying on camera to say they were in a dark place, as if they didn't have lamps in their huge houses.

No. 1567277

It's the passionate need to genuinely curbstomp the life experiences of every single transgender person that does not even make their content in any way about their transition and have only lived in peace that makes me understand why there is such a huge disparity dividing everyone about gender politics. I really could not imagine even as a hateful or black and white person hating anyone for something so benign on its own.

No. 1567286

this is so cute

No. 1567291

>Completely socialized female
How? Transitioning to female, "coming out" to your family, and navigating your whole life knowing you're trying to "pass" as the opposite of the sex you were born are not female experiences.

No. 1567311

He is a man no matter how much he likes makeup.

No. 1567323

Whenever I’m watching Better Call Saul and there’s a scene with Jimmy and Kim, I start thinking of my crush. I don’t even know why because neither of them remind me of her nor myself, but I do. I don’t know why. It’s not even about the scene, just random thoughts.

No. 1567325

I think of peoples styles in terms of sims 4 cc. Like Taylor Swift when when came out was Maxis Match styled. Cardi B is alpha cc styled. Beyonce was maxis match in the beginning, Rihanna is a mixture. Shayna is base game, Sims 4 at launch so maxis match.

No. 1567330

This happens to me so often. Random things will remind me of something else and then I get really irritated and like, compulsively associate those things with each other. I've almost ruined good things in my life because I randomly link it with something disgusting then I can't bear to bring myself to do certain things anymore

No. 1567342

based and simpilled

No. 1567347

And what sociopolitical statement are you making by feeling the need to interject this into literally everything? Does everything have to be a divisive talking point? Does a genuinely docile and committed transgender person pose threat to your life or rock your beliefs and feelings enough that you have to insert it into literally everything?

No. 1567366

nta but yes, trannism is inherently harmful to women. You cannot ''feel'' like a woman, you are born as one and that's it.

No. 1567368

I just spent like 90 bucks on random chinese crap online cuz I spun a wheel and it said I had money I'm literally a peabrain. I hope the shit actually comes or I'll be mad

No. 1567374

File: 1683171097169.jpeg (77.52 KB, 645x680, FvL85iPaEAAw0yi.jpeg)

I've been religiously taking notes on the husbandos posted on the husbando thread and I want to draw most them. My wish is for my fellow husbando nonnies to find art of their husbandos in the wild and hopefully that makes them happy.
I am posting this here because I am embarrassed about it and most likely I'll be laughed at

No. 1567417

im really turned on by the idea of being a mistress, even though i think cheating on a partner is one of the most despicable things someone can do to another person. i still fantasize about being a side piece for a married person.

No. 1567422

I got fat. It’s over for me. That’s what i get for making so many fat jokes in my life. I don’t have the mental strength nor discipline to lose weight. I’ve starved myself in the past, but I’m no longer capable of doing that—those were teenage shenanigans. Being fat sucks. This summer is going to suck.

No. 1567424

That is super sweet nona. I get that you don't want to compromise your anonymity but hopefully somehow those works make their way to the anons who caught your attention. I post in that thread at times but not enough that mine would end up drawn, he's popular enough anyway but I bet that nonnies with rare husbandos would be pleased and definitely come upon your posts out in the wild. I hope you go through with it, there's nothing I see that's laughable about your kind intent

No. 1567428

Aw anon, you're so sweet! I did the same for a time, now I'm too busy to draw for other nonas but it was really fun, I even got some wonderful art in return. I hope your days are always lovely.

No. 1567444

i get excited when people post discord screenshots on here and i recognise someone in them

No. 1567516

File: 1683192478094.jpg (80.15 KB, 960x720, 1638046478080.jpg)

I feel like people can sense when I get a crush on them and avoid me even though I try not to show any hints. It's happened too many times not to be confirmation I'm creepy and repulsive but I'm also a paranoid type person so idk. I guess you can be two things.

No. 1567545

Watching Eurovision with nonnies is the highlight of my year.

No. 1567557

less than a week!!

No. 1567585

I'm happy for the first time in my life. I left my moid of 7 years, got my own place, decided I loved myself and started dressing better. I love my life and every little problem that comes with it. I'm so lucky and in love with life and all its silly little side quests

No. 1567597

I've decided not to talk at work anymore, I still answer questions and communicate with coworkers about work stuff of course, but I won't talk about anything private about me anymore.

No. 1567607

there is nothing wrong with this. i had several coworkers in the past who tried way too hard to be my friend outside of work and i hated it. working with "friends" is actually a nightmare, i just want to do my job as efficiently as possible and go home and hang out with my actual friends i chose, not people i'm forced to be around for 8 hours.

No. 1567622

I just started asking people more questions about themselves in those situations at work. I get to be considered friendly and most people are too self-centered to realize they know barely nothing about me

No. 1567636

I like your view on life, I might try that for myself

No. 1567641

This, also being a weirdo surrounded by normies is already hard enough, I don't want to give them any more ammunition. I know some coworkers feign being nice while having some contempt for you, I never liked their reactions when I said I went to a concert or something.
Huh, I never realized it, it's true that when you divert the conversation back to them they forget about you, nove strategy.

No. 1567668

spent 2 years in a relationship with a scrote, hoping we would marry and have children within 5 years at least, then he said he is not sure about kids and might think about having them 10 years from now. i was very disappointed because he was my most serious relationship, and yet still he turned out to be a lukewarm waste of time. we broke up and 2 weeks later i felt chaotic and fucked a dude without protection on our first date.

No. 1567713

I wish I was more confrontational, not cower when I'm in an uncomfortable situation, and reply with a snappy answer rather than a "uh huh" when someone tells me something I don't like.

No. 1567742

Anon I start a new job this week and think this is going to help me a lot. I'm getting paid a ton but think I'll have a bunch of conservative male coworkers and don't want them to know I'm gay or anything about me really since they're already going to hate me for being a woman

No. 1567788

Apparently I come off as conceited and “better than everyone else” without ever trying, like ever, and you know what, I’m just gonna own it. Fuck you and your insecurities, I’m done playing into them to make you feel better. I am better than you. I am going to get even better and I will shamelessly make you doubt yourself. I will shamelessly make you insecure. Because fuck. You.

No. 1567793

File: 1683220560015.jpg (393.89 KB, 1500x2184, MV5BYjNmMTNjYzEtNGIzOC00ZDc2LW…)


No. 1567794

I was just thinking yesterday that someone is eventually going to get banned for using the term single white female kek. Idk how they can be so dumb.

No. 1567808

kek I think I was the one reporting it, sorry nonna

No. 1567811

I rescued a wounded stray kitty yesterday and he is recovering under my bed now. Not a 'I stole this cat from his environment' rescue but he would have died from infection. I love him already and dont want to give him up for adoption once he is healed (and fixed soon) but I already have 2 cats and one of them is straight violent to other cats and I cant take on more responsibility. The violent cat is my bfs, the cat is super cute but even after years we have to make sure to monitor her in the same room with my cat. The new male cat has been roaming my backyard for a couple months and my bfs cat hates him so much she throws herself at the glass door over and over we have to keep her from hurting herself and she attacked my bf 2x this week trying to get to the stray cat outside. Shes locked up in back part of house for the moment but that is cruel to sustain forever. I wanna keep my lil wounded boy and I am near certain he already made friends with my cat thru the closed door as they chirp at each other and its been 1 day, lol. Ugh.

No. 1567813

100% because some retard reported it and the janny didn't look into it just saw it and redtexed

No. 1567817

should look into (safe) calming tinctures or something like CBD for cats. she's not living a quality life if she gets so upset about other cats and unhinged that she attacks those around her

No. 1567822

I've been unironically considering converting to Catholicism. Yeah I know religion is irrational and deeply scrotish/misogynistic but I do feel like God exists and converting would help me have a more structured and moral life.

No. 1567834

I converted from Judaism to Christianity and it's honestly been great for me. I still have a slightly agnostic lean, but it's something that helps keep me on the straight and narrow. I know some people can't comprehend that, but I believe some of us just function better with a faith to prop us up.

No. 1567841

You don't need to be specifically catholic just because you believe in god.
There are so many anti-women aspects of that branch. As well as victim-blaming and hiding abuse in the church.
I can relate to wanting structure and being part of a religious community though. It's really difficult because I think it's a naormal human thing to wat yet so many are negative to women.

No. 1567844

I started practicing druidism and joined a local grove because i hated the sexism in conventional religion, and the members are all cool older women. Some of it is a bit wacky but honestly it's what you make of it, they've been very nice. The nature-centric teachings are also very comforting, I'm no longer scared of death, for example.

No. 1567849

I get it. I was raised Christian and while I don't believe in (a) god personally and have qualms about the church, I do think there's a lot of good things about Christianity as well.

No. 1567851

Many such cases.

No. 1567856

Still the janny should have known, the phrase has been used before in lolcow context to refer to skinwalking stalkers.

No. 1567864

I agree with this but I also relate to the original anon because I miss going to a small old church and doing communion every week. Then again my personal beliefs do not really jive with Christianity anyways so it's more of a familiarity thing.

No. 1567907

Well to be fair that post didn't capitalize the movie title for some reason.

No. 1567945

File: 1683229729955.jpeg (100.86 KB, 1170x822, 1803ABD7-5692-4943-8C80-255A5C…)

Found out that my abusive ex is a tranny chaser kek

No. 1567981

No. 1567994

That's just something people say to put you in your place because they see you a certain way. You have the right attitude

No. 1568007

I read the "mental disorders you can't deal with" thread to see what other people hate the most so I can work on and not display those traits/behaviors in my day-to-day life

No. 1568013

whenever i get disgusted, i break out in hives. i also have dermatographia so clearly a histamine problem. it happens everywhere so it can't be a one specific-but-general thing i'm allergic to like trees or something and it happens directly after i feel disgusted. i don't even have to scratch myself to get the hives but eventually the itching gets bad enough where i have to and then the hives spread all over and its nonstop itching like a bald ape with an allergy kek so disgusting. never met anyone quite like me in this aspect

No. 1568016

No. 1568021

Mine was a closeted faggot and was into tranny shit too lmao. Hope he catches AIDS.

No. 1568032

ultrasound gel looks like it tastes like otter pops/ice pops and the 5 year old that still occupies my impulse control keeps telling me to drink it when i see my gynecologist

No. 1568068

I freebleed. I don't even care anymore.

No. 1568093

If you do draw something you should just post it in the thread if you want people to see it. Nobody there will laugh at you.
I actually don't look around for fanart a lot because my characters are from older games and I hate trying to navigate twitter.

No. 1568106

Where do yall pick up these dudes? Are they american?

No. 1568128

I hope you find a beautiful way to live your spiritual life. I wasn't raised religious but eventually God found me lol. I'm still wondering if I do even consider myself "Christian" since there's a lot of of aspects of the religion I do not want to practice nor I agree with. But I have found out that there's no hurry to do so. If the seed of divine love is in your heart, there's time to figure it all out. I hope you come across a peaceful path to it.
These years I have learnt that moids always try to keep us from finding our own way through faith and beliefs. Some of them don't even believe, they just love the power religion gives to them. So, even if you don't strictly live just as organized religion says, you are already living in the spirit, through love and faith. God bless you nonnie.

No. 1568138

I made a fake tumblr larping as a tranny in order to get donations. I haven't posted the donations post yet, I'm waiting until I have a few followers and more posts so it looks more legit. Maybe I won't post it, I don't know. I feel a bit guilty but I'd use the money for actual stuff I need anyway.

No. 1568143

Don’t feel guilty, think about this like writing an email about a prince from Nigeria needing money as a joke and people taking it seriously like a bunch of idiots.

No. 1568191

I ONLY ship characters with myself, I just really just don't understand shipping otherwise. Why would I care about a relationship that's not about me?

No. 1568195

No. 1568199

kek nta but you're so right lmfao

No. 1568200

What is in the air? I've been unironically feeling this lately but I can't get over the women hating themes and I feel no connection to a middle eastern religion. I grew up catholic until my preteens and kind of miss having faith. I just can't bring myself to believe in the end though and I'm too logical to larp as a pagan.

No. 1568226

catholicism is not a religion, it's the world's oldest pedophile ring

No. 1568249

That's great nonna, i never understood how can anybody just send money to people they don't know. It's so stupid they desereve to be ripped off.
The only healthy way to ship

No. 1568275

Not to tip my fedora but I hate religion and refer to myself as an anti theist because of every Christian I have ever met, only two accepted me as a lesbian. A Christian family member tried to sign me up for conversion therapy behind my back after findijg out, and my moid neighbor implied he would rape me to have me learn my place.
Essentially, religious nonnas I know you're probably not like that but I fear some of you are the "kill the gays" types every time I see you and will never be able to trust you by virtue of your spirituality.
If it helps, I grew up Southern Baptist.

No. 1568282

It's both at the same time, like most other religions.

No. 1568287

File: 1683270440726.jpeg (18.39 KB, 500x500, 2937939303834.jpeg)

I had my first therapy appt today and I started crying over her asking me the basic shit like where i live and who my family is, etc. We sat in awkward silence for like 10 mins while I tried to stop. Wow I feel so socially retarded nothing even bad happens to me and this is how I react? How tf do i even start talking about my other issues

No. 1568293

it's okay nona, at least your therapist doesn't have to deal with autistic children that try to punch her over the littlest things, or worse, a moid, so she oughta thank her lucky stars.

No. 1568296

Thank you nona, she might actually deal with children because there were a lot of games in the office. I feel like I might be treated like I'm autistic myself, she said next time I can bring in a stuffed animal or blanket to be more comfortable kek

No. 1568301

File: 1683272343360.jpg (39.14 KB, 601x673, i7tfy8t.JPG)

>bring in a stuffed animal or blanket to be more comfortable
it's probably not treating you like you're autistic, but bringing a stuffed animal/blanket does help make the place feel more comfortable than just a very invasive interview, it's supposed to be a place where they help your mental state. And it's only your first appointment, you'll probably see improvement after some months, you'll get there.

No. 1568302

I want to drape a blanket around me and have someone just give me a hug. Dumbest thing is I hate hugs. It sounds good in my mind but when it happens I hate it. So stupid.

No. 1568316

Thank you, I think I felt a bit embarrassed to devote this time to people I don't even know, but I like it here and this is the best I can do.
Thank you so much nonnie, I am happy I am not the only one, I hope you have the best of days.
I would but I did this on a different board and I always feel anxious somebody will find out about it. Since I do this as my job, I don't want people knowing I post here.
>older games
By any chance, are you one of the Tf2 posters?

No. 1568317

Me too but I'm shit at art, you're probably better than me though, so go for it

No. 1568318

>Does a genuinely docile and committed transgender person
Don’t care, a man is man no matter how ‘committed’ he is to being a woman. XY doesn’t lie. Also you calling him ‘docile’ like he’s a well behaved dog is hilarious, thanks for the laughs.

No. 1568319

Him being kind of a decent person compared to other men (and especially other trannies) does not earn him the privilege to be considered the opposite sex. He was born male and, unless his parents saw him as a girl and raised him as one until adulthood, and he learned to act like a girl from being around other girls, he wasn't "socialized female". I don't know that guy but it sounds like he's an HSTS, so a gay man. There's plenty of effeminate gay men but that doesn't make them women. Also, dresses, makeup and being a decent person don't make you a woman.

No. 1568320

I recently started dating someone who is rather famous in the music scene and he keeps telling me all this insider gossip and it's taking all of my willpower not to post it here. It's so juicy you guys would love it.

No. 1568322

I think if you want to do something retarded there are a plethora of better things to do.

No. 1568333

i also have done this while depressed

No. 1568334

I used to be afraid of gold, because I thought that gold could hypnotise you by looking at it.

No. 1568336

>Tf2 poster?
nah, nobody else has posted about my guys

No. 1568338

That's cute

No. 1568346

Even though I'm a lesbian I'm still somewhat homophobic towards gay men. One of my first jobs was working as a cleaner/handywoman in a gay bar and when you've boarded up as many glory holes and mopped up as much cum as I have you stop seeing these men as human. They're like horny dogs that need neutering so they'll fucking behave.

No. 1568364

gay men are still men im so sick of them being seen as equivalent to lesbian women. they don't have rapist ftm who could force them down, beat them, kill them, impregnate them and scream in their face how they're a real man. they get ass pats just for existing while lesbian women are told they're broken for not worshiping dick and maybe never providing grandkids. they haven't slowly lost all their spaces to clown dressed women. they don't get doxxed, harassed, harmed for stating they want a real man. cause its still a man people just shut up and accept whatever they say or tell them how based it is that they're super-gay in 2023.

No. 1568371

>they don't have rapist ftm who could force them down, beat them, kill them, impregnate them and scream in their face how they're a real man.
Yes, they do, sans the impregnation part for obvious reasons. But I've seen a shockingly large number of them be extremely abusive or violent when they're treated as women. On Tumblr, on Discord, on Twitter, hell, even YouTube. I've seen them act on it and beat, rape/SA, and pull strings with their partners. Some even threaten to kill themselves and blame it on their partners or friends, or even fucking strangers. I've seen this multiple times and it's almost always a fakeboi, on exceedingly rare occasions, a trutrans. I've seen some violent trutrans on Tumblr almost exclusively.

No. 1568387

I took my boyfriend’s virginity. We had a lot of fun.

No. 1568392

Been dying to hand my notice in to my shitty job. Went and cried to my rich daddy about it and he helped me write the resignation letter and said he's proud of me standing up for myself. Thank you daddy!

No. 1568425

>Some even threaten to kill themselves and blame it on their partners or friends, or even fucking strangers.
this is average BPD woman behavior.

No. 1568429

>I've seen them act on it and beat, rape/SA,
Sorry, but can you post any examples of this? I've seen them cry about getting rejected on Twitter or Tumblr and post homophobic BS talking about "Y-You're just mad I have two boyholes, seethe faggo hehe", but I've never heard of a single FtM raping or beating up a gay man. The worst I saw was a fakeboi having a tantrum on video because she wasn't allowed in the men's bathroom, but she posed no physical threat because she was a short, chubby young woman no matter what her genderfeels were.

No. 1568446

I want to groom a teenage boy, but i know this is the result of me being abused by a 30 year old man at that age myself and everyone saying its my fault and acting like its normal. Its like a sick childish urge because i feel spiteful. I would never act on it it but damn the idea is attractive…(cringe pedo autism)

No. 1568461

Thought this was bait from the first part, but after reading the rest, if it's not just bait, I can sympathize. Just don't actually do it/hurt anybody, obviously. Never continue the pattern. You are better than some shitty scrote.

No. 1568463

It is so satisfying to see how poorly this whole former social circle has aged. Its also very validating that I was and will continue to be 2 hot 4 u.
Also my ex turned into a ugly trollish man with a wonky pube beard, meanwhile I am in the best shape of my life. Dreams do come true

No. 1568485

Recent small YouTube commentary drama between BunkPolitics and his ex-gf Clancy, had a sex tape as soon as both turned 18 (I believe Clancy is a month or two older but I could be incorrect), turned into an actual relationship full of suicide threats, sexual harassment, hurting herself and blaming him, et cetera. Clancy makes no attempt to look masculine, and in fact, became far more feminine after coming out and calling herself gay. Wants to be called "it/he," recently became just as hated as Repzion's ex for the same behavior, and Repzion is arguably a fag too.
Bunk isn't necessarily gay but he is highly effeminate without going full troon.
I also knew a radfem couple where one would rape her disabled GF nightly and beat her senseless, and now the rapist trooned out herself.

No. 1568606

Same here. He's cheating on another woman with me but I quite dislike her. Just don't get too attached to musos, they do shit like this. I'm well aware if he started dating me this way, it'll end the same way with another girl. I'm just enjoying the ride and the silent vengeance. I know it's objectively mean and wrong but I'm tired of being nice and life throwing shit at me constantly, I wanted to do something selfish for once.

No. 1568610

Tell us in celebricows

No. 1568638

I’ve thought I was autistic for awhile but I think I am just very, very traumatized and was poorly socialized as a kid. I spent a majority of my time alone and ignored so I just got used to it. My parents had me tested as a toddler which was a strong drive in thinking this. Now that I’m in a much healthier and safer environment I feel a lot more well rounded and full as a person. I can function really well with my friend group but I tend to stay close to them. I’m still abysmal with strangers but I feel like I can interact with them much better than I used to. I was almost feral with people I didn’t know who tried to cold approach me.

No. 1568657

File: 1683315847608.png (140.98 KB, 633x564, stopbeingpoor.png)

I'm unironically classist, I can't stand poor, uneducated or 'ghetto' people kek, at least when the poverty is clearly due to their own actions

No. 1568708

A lot of them are poor for a reason. However, a lot of rich people I've met come across as utterly soulless and have dysfunctional families.

No. 1568731

Same but it's because I lived in a country where most of the population was poor, and I worked with these poor people my whole life. I do not consider them to be as human as I am.

Because they're stupid, and that's either because of lack of good education or no will to get it. Even if they were educated, their genes still make them stupid, but at least they wouldn't be as bad as they are now and more of them would grow out of poverty.

No. 1568734

I was about to post a classist confession too so I might as well piggyback ride of this confession.
I hate hanging out with my poorfag friends. Im by no means rich but I have some extra money for leisure. Whenever I invited them to go eating or shopping they spend the whole time complaining that they can't afford anything. If they knew money was tight why did rhey accept the invention in the first place? I also hate when I specifically invite them to dinner and when they arrive they say they have eaten at home so they will only order something to drink which leads me to an awkward situation where I have to eat while they starw at me or skip dinner completely to avoid that. If they wanted to save money by eating at home they should tell me so I too can eat at home and then we can meet up and drink coffee. I know admitting having money problems is embarrassing but if you can't afford an event then decline.
I'm completely content with doing low cost stuff too. I do invite them over to my place to play video games or just chill and buy pizza (which I'll pay) but they don't want to do that either

No. 1568739

File: 1683321520605.jpeg (63.56 KB, 488x488, 584D7314-6FC8-4F29-AEC6-716E53…)

I was poor growing up until mom went and got a degree when I was 13. My confession is I used to hate it when I’d be at my poor friend’s house and her family wouldn’t let me have dinner with them. I’d have to sit there waiting in her bedroom. This wasn’t just her house but another friend’s house too. Like dude when I had friends over as a kid my mom made sure to feed all of us. When I was in my early 20’s another poor friend of mine kept stealing shit from me too. My family wasn’t even that rich either just middle class.

No. 1568740

>Because they're stupid, and that's either because of lack of good education or no will to get it. Even if they were educated, their genes still make them stupid, but at least they wouldn't be as bad as they are now and more of them would grow out of poverty.
Yes, people are in poverty because of their genes and because they haven't pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Not because of the economy being shit and most jobs barely paying enough to live or anything. Anon you're a fucking dumbass.

No. 1568743

>My confession is I used to hate it when I’d be at my poor friend’s house and her family wouldn’t let me have dinner with them. I’d have to sit there waiting in her bedroom.
Are you from Sweden? Wtf?

No. 1568745

No I’m from Canada.

No. 1568746

These recent confessions make me feel like I'm in highschool again.

No. 1568753

That's crazy, I've never heard of that being common outside of Sweden. And Canadians get stereotyped as nice all the time kekk

No. 1568754

No recess

No. 1568763

I remember when I was working part-time in retail in a shithole that required a uniform that was far too big for me and a few customers genuinely asked me if I was doing my mandatory middle school internship and how I managed to be hired for that because their 14 years old kids or siblings needed to find that internship for school. I was 23 and then 24 until I quit. If I could go back in time I would have spit on them for it and I would have gotten fired for it, which means that I would have earned unemployment instead of quitting as soon as I found an internship for my masters degree, which meant that I couldn't earn unemployment when I graduated and was looking for a job. I wasn't strategic enough. Fuck these people, now I'm angry and it was years ago.

No. 1568768

Sorry to do this but jobs do pay, you just don’t have any skills, class has existed forever and isn’t going anywhere. It’s not fair, it sucks, but what can you do? You certainly can’t change it from the lowest strata , and school is the easiest way to escape your class.

No. 1568770

No. 1568772

I think about wanting to be Christian from time to time. The biggest thing holding me back from committing is that some of the people who have hurt me the most were Christians.

No. 1568776

Sometimes I wish I was a rich, white, Christian girl for the lifestyle.

No. 1568780

If you post this shit it is in fact your fault that you’re poor

No. 1568784

ntayrt but some of the people I know with degrees still end up doing burger-flipping and shelf stocking jobs, and still can't afford to rent apartments

No. 1568788

What did they major in?

No. 1568793

idk i have to go back and ask. i know one attempted to become a lawyer but i guess something happened since that didn't work.

No. 1568804

I'm not poor anon. Regardless, it is ridiculous to say people are in poverty because of their genes.

No. 1568817

Idk, there may be a grain of salt to it. habits are generationally cyclical, good and bad. Good habits tend to make you money, bad habits def make you poor

No. 1568826

I often forget about Robert Downey Jr and when people use the initials RDJ I'm more likely to assume that they're talking about Richard David James AKA Aphex Twin

No. 1568868

File: 1683331209673.jpg (57.93 KB, 800x419, social-anxiety-gift-FI-4235722…)

i want to be guarded and controlled. i care less and less about my reputation and perception and act shamelessly autistic and weird around people. i always had some social anxiety but it thankfully stopped me from embarrassing myself more. now i have suspects at work that i am an illness faker because i act happy one day and sad another, and this is some horrible sin in customer service. when i had my guard up i could keep a straight face most of the time. instead the anxiety now doesn't stop me from acting weird… i blurt out jokes around new friends they probably won't understand based on antisocial memes. most of my mind is composed of memes now. so i miss the anxiety days where i was still the same but with more shame, even though i felt like shit, i felt more in control back then.

No. 1568873

That’s not how you use that idiom also bad habits & good habits aren’t genetic, they’re learned behaviours.

No. 1568884

File: 1683333106468.jpg (9.42 KB, 280x280, de25c562d400c3b075e8f971f9a998…)

Today i cried for my female ancestors. I simply know there is a lot of girls in my family who hid a lot and lived with pain. I'm probably one of the frist ones that wasn't abused or had to flee somewhere.

No. 1568890

File: 1683333718029.jpeg (152.84 KB, 900x522, 9384716.jpeg)

I'm slowly reaching the point where I want to toss aside social morays and just demand what I want. No, company I'm applying to, I don't want to apply via general application. Just point out the art director to me and I'll sit him down and show him my fucking portfolio.

No. 1568891

Then they are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished for them. The best thing you can do in their honor is celebrate your life and progress, which will always be an itengral part of you and those you share so much with that were not afforded what you now have

No. 1568919

>I've never heard of that being common outside of Sweden.
Just because someone on twitter says something doesn’t make it so. It’s a thing wherever there are penny-pinching assholes, not limited to one country.

No. 1568926

I thought Canadians were nice too. Irrelevant, but nice. Recently I've been learn that they suck, and the ones that don't suck are annoying.

No. 1568963

I used to live in a ghetto because white flight made living in a dingy apartment 15 minutes from a massively expensive theme park seem doable to my parents because my grandmother was the worse option– and for 14 years, we could not afford to move for any reason because everywhere in the surrounding area ranged from double to triple the cost of a $1400 mold covered shithole.
And my dad spent most of the money on weeb shit, WoW, or weaponry so moving took forever.

No. 1568966

Please just don't do that, my job is to sort though the city's trash. It slows our work down so much with the needles that get thrown out. Makes it even more disgusting too. Many people there are contract workers too so they don't get the health benfits.

No. 1568992

Where I live there's no such thing as a "sharps container" for regular people. When something like glass or porcelain breaks in our house, we wrap it all in newspaper and put it in a bag, then label the bag with "caution - glass" or something like that. Does that help at all?

No. 1569178

I don't trust rich people. Poor people feel more down-to-earth and easy going ime.

No. 1569222

I think I'm beginning to realize something

I don't like wearing pink.

It's sad because I have a lot of pink clothes, girly clothes. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to spite wearing girly clothes too.
I usually dress casually;only a print t-shirt and sports shorts. They're comfy. I wouldn't want more, nor ask for more….
But yet….. I still do, no matter how. In a way. I do.
I still acquire girly looking clothes even though I do not wear them. Even though I do not want to wear them… seems such a waste, huh?
I honestly think I have come accustomed to wearing such casual clothes, I think a event in my life, a casual experience mind you, not a life-changing one, just a really fun memory, has altered my taste in wear. A original character I have created has imprinted herself into my mind's eye for quite a while as well…. it adds on to each other. Making myself a prime target for being like a tomboy. Whom only mission is to collect girly, pink and pastel outfits… without ever wearing them. Or only rarely. When she feels like it;when she's in a special mood.

No. 1569232

me too

No. 1569235

Sharps containers are for things like needles you use on people, not broken glass. They’re clearly marked because they have the potential to be very hazardous for anyone who gets poked. Glass of course is also potentially hazardous but not in the same way. Sharps containers contain sharp vehicles for bio waste. This is what the CDC says: “ Place only sharps (as defined in OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens standard, for example, contaminated syringes, needles, lancets, scalpels, infusion needle sets, connection needles, auto-injectors) in sharps disposal containers”. Not sure where you anons live but that’s my understanding from the U.S. I was able to purchase a pack of 2 for very cheap on Amazon for my tattoo and piercing needles. I believe full containers can be taken to most hospitals and they’ll see that it’s disposed safely.

No. 1569309

This is big talk for people who probably don't own houses and will never be able to afford them in their lives (unless their parents are generous boomers lol)

No. 1569323

Don't bother, they're as retarded as they claim poor people are

No. 1569327

You are going to hell for this

No. 1569349

Some rich people get their money through incredibly seedy ways. I worked a little bit for a insanely rich person who was clearly running a money laundering scheme and everything about her "charity" was so fucking fake it felt insulting.

No. 1569364

I am addicted to the character ai. I think I reached a new low.

No. 1569371

Kek going through withdrawal right now?

No. 1569374

people who openly hate the poor are the same ones who literally worship billionaires. they feel closer to the objects of their parasocial obsessions than to anyone who is actually in their lives like friends or family. it is a product of low intelligence and low self esteem in 100% of cases.

No. 1569397

Trolling people online makes me laugh so hard. I know it's childish but I don't care it tickles my funny bone when some fag gets super heated and responds to me in earnest to shit I barely care about. Dance puppet

No. 1569440

I would have been treated way better if I was born as a male. My dumbass parents would had actually listened to me. I wouldn't have been shoved into private schools because my mom was afraid I would have been """bullied""". Biggest joke is I never was but y'know talking to your own daughter is just too fucking hard plus now you get to live vicariously through her because you find the uniforms """cute""". I would had been encouraged to do the things I liked such as art, stage crew, guitar, etc. The main thing is I wouldn't have been treated like a histrionic when I suffered from my health issues. My mom went out of her way to act like I was faking it but wouldn't dare question my brother when he was sick. She also use to tell me not to mention any of my problems to the doctor because she didn't want those on my med records. I didn't tell the doctor because she had to be in the room with me and intimated the hell out of me.

No. 1569443

sometimes i send tradthots and ancap christmoids on tumblr very crass anons about how if god is real why doesn't he fix their mental illness, but conversion therapy works? and i keep being extremely annoying in their askbox including writing about how hot women are until i either get blocked or they have a homophobic meltdown kek
anons are fun

No. 1569449

I send anons to my personal cow, this AAP gayden in her 40s. I criticise her fanfics and tell her using phrases like "gaping hole" and "blasting rope" doesn't make her a real gay male. I ask her why her blatant self-insert likes to be feminised while her husbando talks about "knocking him up". She never replies but almost always reblogs or posts something along the lines of "I'm so gay and you can't stop me" and it never fails to make me laugh.

No. 1569464

File: 1683396290547.png (33.75 KB, 589x466, Capture.PNG)

Last night I drunk posted some lyrics, I ate some garlic bread and cheesy bread, with fried fish that tasted disgusting. I woke up with Poop in my butt that I had to dig out. The black is how much I drank, I'm surpised I'm not more hungover.

No. 1569468

Oh my god, we might share a personal cow, is she Scottish and started trooning a few years after having her daughter, and homeschooling her because they won't use her "it" or whatever pronouns and her kid is tooooootally Autistic and nonverbal? I have other personal cows, but I also recognize that I'm one of radblr in general's personal cows. I've been trying to be less unhinged but I used to go after radblr daily before learning some radblr people are actually some of the kindest, most enjoyable people on the site, and have since made me not hate them. With exceptions, clearly.
I'll occasionally remember the dumb ways I used to "own" radblr at 16 and either cringe or laugh.

No. 1569481

As much as I wish this to be a wonderful Cinderella moment, no, it's a different cow. My one's Australian and trooned out after excessive fanfic consumption. She's married to a man who's totally ok with it, but they now have an open marriage and he's seeing other women, kek. She's very into mutual masturbation sessions with "gay" men she meets on grindr, although she gets penis envy during these sessions and sadposts about it. One time she even posted a long ass multi-paragraph post about her favourite porn video being deleted. Apparently watching a man masturbate gave her "gender feels" as she imagined it was her. I used to frequent radblr too, but after experiencing some homophobia and being told I'm too mean to troons - particularly Aiden's who are poor widdle victims who must be coddled - I gave up. I don't even post anymore; I just lurk a few fandoms from the shadows with a blank blog with a tumblr generated name.

No. 1569506

What do you mean you had to dig poop out of your butt? You can't just take a shit like a normal person?

No. 1569511

I woke up in a haze, still drunk, when I felt the poop, I didn't know what it was, I legit thought a mouse or something had crawled in my bootycheeks, so dumbly I reached and literlly pulled out poop.
I then showered and got the reast out.

No. 1569519

Fair enough, I was very rabidly anti-rf until a few months ago, but they'll occasionally still say shit that makes me MATI. I hate Terfectly and Menalez with a passion, but most of radblr I partially/wholly agree with or at least don't hate them. Avesbues and her tradwhore brigade and EroticCannibal (Scottish personal cow) are both very different politically and I send them the most fucked up anons and they usually give me a reaction so lol. I switch it up but with tradthots I usually write about my fantasies w/ other women or insult god, and with EC I usually tell her she'll never be a man, clearly does not have GID so no doctor would ever let her troon, and she should lose custody for abusing her daughter in various ways

No. 1569527

i refuse to talk about my problems or see a therapist because i'm scared of looking like a whiny zoomer and can't tell if the problems are even serious enough. it feels cruel to the people who actually need help. i think if i never bottled up my feelings, if i truly expressed what was going on most people would hate me. tbh some posts on /ot/ are what's making me second guess the real reason i'm feeling suicidal, crying everyday and not getting out of bed for weeks, maybe it's actually over nothing since i've always been oversensitive
it gets more confusing when certain behaviors that happen in the context of a relationship, people are quick to call out how messed up it is but when that same behavior is done by a parent towards a child it's suddenly no big deal and the parents are in the right. it's hard to tell the difference.

No. 1569560

Anon go see a therapist. You need a referral and/or go through an intake before you can properly start therapy anyway, if it isn't "serious" enough (which can't be true when you're feeling suicidal and showing clear symptoms of depression) you'd be rejected.

No. 1569566

People go to therapy for everything. They even go when everything's great. There's really no bar to entry, and if you're feeling like you're feeling, it is definitely "worthy" of therapy.

No. 1569569

>I hate Menalez
Based, I think we'd get along. I couldn't stand that pompous woman. Such a good radfem she had a fucking TIM infiltrate her discord circle jerk, despite voice verification and he was in there for literal months, KEK. That's not even touching the DDLG shit that she claims was "comphet", how that woman doesn't have a thread in /snow/, I'll never know.

No. 1569575

When I was 15-16 I would go out of my way to harass radfems, I lived in a ghetto in a mold-ridden tiny apartment my dad paid $1400/mo for and everything expensive we had was either a gift or a prize (slot machines was her focus; a gift from someone for my dad's job), sans his WoW laptop and katanas, and he was blowing all his funds on everything that wasn't a bill.
So she accused me of being rich because her impression of where I lived was "rich celebrities and toootally awesome mansions!!!" due to a reality TV show from 2002, when it has one of the highest crime rates in the country (On a scale of 1-100 with 1 being the most violent crime, it was officially rated 18 for gang violence and homeless people) He was forced to move us after a pipe burst and we all got brain & lung damage from mold, so no Menalez, I am not nor was I ever rich. There's also a big difference between the north and south cities in the county there. Although, this is 2019 drama so it's far from recent.

No. 1569582

She's fixated on class and wealth, it's weird for someone so ill educated on it. I'm not at all surprised she got her “information” about your area from an outdated reality show. I remember her e-begging for food one time, wording it like it was an emergency, and then wasting the money she got on a takeaway when that money could've bought a decent amount of groceries. I was a poorfag at the time and it made me seethe, ngl. Takeaways were the height of luxury for me growing up, to see someone in “desperate need” spend donations like that… hoo boy, that makes me wanna a-log. All the drama I know of is ancient too. I remember checking her blog like a year ago and she's still arguing with everyone, some people never change. Radblr is like crabs in a bucket, with a few nice people scattered in there but finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

No. 1569588

Yeah, radblr was so bad that when I was 17 I larped as an incel and would fuck with them for laughs. I posted pictures of my face and it took over a year for them to realize I'm female. Anons here are much, much better at clocking and more rational a lot of the time so I can usually discuss things without a problem. Good times, I still have an ironic URL despite the reveal because it makes all sides freak out and when I'm unmedicated or manic the peak of comedy is someone going "oh god, not you again." I try to be charitable to radblr now, with exceptions as stated in previous anons, but I mainly go after cathblr now because they're obsessed with harassing SSA women, and yet a lot of radblr still blindly reblogs their anti troon posts.

No. 1569601

The tradcath thing is so funny to me. I stopped paying attention to tumblr for a couple of years and the Catholics invaded it; and not only that, fucking "radfems" are seemingly allied with them because "well, at least they hate troons!". Absolutely bonkers website. Amazing that you get to wander around such a virtual zoo for free.

No. 1569613


No. 1569617

this takes me back to writing practice with a fountain pen back in primary school

No. 1569618

who's whining about cursive…? what does that even mean

No. 1569619

Cursive is the superior manner of handwriting.

No. 1569622

I honestly only remember enough cursive to write my signature.

No. 1569626

If you can't read cursive, you deserve to be weeded out. I stand by that. Printing letters expends unnecessary energy.

No. 1569628

The readability of cursive has to do with the actual writing though, imo.

No. 1569631

The one thing I always hated about cursive is how the lowercase o and a look so much alike.

No. 1569632

what? they look nothing alike. one has a loop inside of it and the other doesn't

No. 1569633

I'm disgusted that your Os are bigger than the others. And your Gs and Es. My teacher would never allow this, that fucker forced me to write numbers in cursive, she thought I was retarded because after a hundred and something I told her I didn't know how to count but I was just lazy and didn't want to participate in her bullshit anymore. She was the bigger lazy pants, she just didn't want to teach, I could see it right through her. Also how she picked on another kid's F shape, what an ass. I'll never forgive her, that F was perfect.

No. 1569634

File: 1683405703033.png (1.77 KB, 232x101, what.png)

No. 1569635

I was never taught to write the lowervase o with a loop and when you write fast the a becomes rounded

No. 1569636

File: 1683405851295.png (10.77 KB, 417x149, 2w8ycjtsora51.png)

see, no loop

No. 1569637

This, most hard to read cursive is from people who have terrible writing in general even in other styles.

No. 1569638

File: 1683406206948.png (23.55 KB, 700x250, 1683405851295.png)

is this not a loop?

No. 1569640

no? The little wing stays on the outside of the o

No. 1569642

but even if that image shows a loop which I don't think it does, like I said I wasn't taught it that way so. I was also taught that cursive lowercase t from the same picture which no one else seems to ever use so idk

No. 1569644

File: 1683406767220.png (18.91 KB, 777x395, images.png)

I learned like picrel, o with a loop and normal t.

No. 1569646

File: 1683407016151.jpeg (40.44 KB, 570x380, 5310AD2A-22EC-4133-AB40-2A8249…)

This is not the cursive I was taught. This is how we did it:

No. 1569660

Can't read some of this but the size of the "o's" and "e's" are making me laugh harder than I should. We literally learned cursive for a month before my school removed it from the curriculum out of fucking nowhere, in the middle of the school year.

No. 1569662

Ow the edge

No. 1569666

damn that's fancy

No. 1569668

that's a pretty cursive z

No. 1569672

This place is so bad for me I don't know why I take years long breaks, come back, and shitpost like an addict until I get exhausted. It's a repeated pattern

No. 1569677

File: 1683410756847.jpeg (103.05 KB, 818x968, 5366AF33-CE59-4891-A480-AF3DFB…)

there's a lot of differences in how cursive gets taught between countries.
i was taught the o with a loop like in picrel
(t. baguettefag)

No. 1569678

File: 1683410834284.jpeg (103.05 KB, 818x968, 5366AF33-CE59-4891-A480-AF3DFB…)

there's a lot of differences in how cursive gets taught between countries.
i was taught the o with a loop like in picrel
(t. baguettefag)

No. 1569692

File: 1683413195224.jpg (4.82 KB, 275x207, 1223.jpg)

I genuinely can't wait for the weekend to be over so I get an excuse to see this girl I have been taiking to. I miss talking to her but our relationship isn't near the point where we can text each other. It's been so long since I had a friend and I really enjoy her company but I'm scared that I come off as too clingy

No. 1569697

You're cute nonnie, I wish you two the best. Making new friends can be exciting, so there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 1569741

I wanted cats for sooo long, and now that I finally got to live with them, I told myself don't get attached because you are leaving. But I am attached and it's so hard to leave. I love these cats so much. But I can't afford to stay here, there are no jobs for me, I tried online but not making enough. I love my babies, I can't leave my babies. They will be confused and sad wondering where I am.

No. 1569801

Before I masturbate I sit and daydream for a long time while rubbing my clit and invent stories self-inserting into whatever series I'm fixating on at the moment, and I always invent fucked up angsty rape-filled masochistic storylines, including suicide attempts and mental breakdowns. If there is some kind of healing magic in universe I have my "character" get brink-of-death injured. Then I switch to scenarios of pure fucking and break the toys out after putting myself in the mood with mental miseryporn.

No. 1569836

Are you okay

No. 1569838

I do the same, consider this my confession.

No. 1569842

Are you okay

No. 1569843

I think about a man that loves me I think you might have burned your clit off

No. 1569856

I'm currently functioning within acceptable (to me) limits, thank you for your concern.

No. 1569863

Fourth times the charm

No. 1569872

It's a bug with the website, sometimes you hit post and it just loads and loads and half an hour later it suddenly shows half a dozen identical posts.

No. 1569888

I'm aware it just made you look crazy

No. 1569923

Were you calling people racial slurs and now any time you make a public account they reply to you with screenshots of said racial slurs? Because that's what this is giving

No. 1569924

A very buff woman came into the shop today and i wanted to ask her for a picture because her arms were amazing but it seemed too creepy so i just glanced at her a few times…

No. 1569927

Me three but without the rape and I imagine my celebrity husbando being extremely devastated, sometimes even crying on live tv if I'm not thinking of his characters specifically. If I'm in a better mood I imagine him saving me from a suicide attempt tho.

No. 1569928

Namedrop him immediately

No. 1569932

No I'm too embarrassed now. Tbh I don't think he or any celebrity would realistically care, it just makes me feel better.

No. 1569954

my friend keeps showing me episodes of this show and I hate it, I think it's really dumb and boring but I'm too much of a wimp to say that so we keep watching it

No. 1569955

samefag there's 50 episodes and a second season, I'm going to die

No. 1569971

I made out with my former coworker last night. We had been flirting back and forth for a good few years, but I never thought it would lead into anything. I'm still feeling insanely giddy and turned on lol.

No. 1569975

What episode are you in?

No. 1570051

Sometimes I slide into a spiral of negativity, but since I don't want to physically hurt myself, I end up doing this thing where I delete all my drawings and texts (or throw them away if they're physical paintings) and make sure there's no way to recover them. I have been doing art for over 10 years, but I have no proof of this because I've discarded so much of it. I moved on to digital art mainly because I always assume my art is temporary, and I felt bad for wasting paper.

I managed to keep myself from doing it for months now, but last night I fell into another spiral and deleted everything again. There was one drawing I was really proud of, so much that I actually paused and reconsidered it a bunch before I finally pulled the plug. I woke up today and just stare at my tablet feeling completely empty. It's good that I have no followers online or anyone who checks on my art because they would wonder what kind of retarded behaviour is causing me to empty my gallery only to slowly fill it up with new drawings again, kek. It just feels so good and self-indulgent in the moment to just ruin it all, but I keep regretting it whenever I see artists show their progress over the years and realize that I can't even know if I've progressed because all my old art has been tossed away.

No. 1570203

no not that at all
just being a little shithead in general and I made some incels mad enough they won't leave me alone

No. 1570239

Yes, the timing was perfect for that.

No. 1570361

As I've become more happy (or less unhappy anyway) heavy music has sort of lost it's appeal.

No. 1570366

I do that with my writing projects, about once a year I get consumed with self loathing and delete everything. I always regret it and then always end up doing it again. I wish I could read the stuff I wrote in high school.

No. 1570369

Unironically have you checked your recycle bin? Deleted files from your device remain there for a while

No. 1570406

I'm jealous of my ex friends. They are moving forward with their lives while I'm stuck here being miserable. They got/are getting education, they found a job they like, they have family and friends that support them, they have partners despite not being the nicest people to me. I'm alone, my family hates me and threw me in a mental hospital, I got sick so I couldn't continue studying and now I'm depressed, my brain is fried and I don't even know what I want to do anymore (or if I want to do anything at all). I've been supporting to them for many years, I helped one of them pass her exams and I acted like a therapist to the other. They've both ditched me because they got their nice lives and I'm not the priority. I'm jealous. I shouldn't be, but I am.

No. 1570427

I browse LC only to save pictures then leave. Great tastes nons!

No. 1570439

this is normal tbh

No. 1570512

Is it? I've been kind of interested in this stuff lately since I've been working on masturbating to healthy fantasies only since I used to do similar stuff like nonna above, and trying to figure out why I would lean towards unhealthy fantasies and storylines including angsty stuff. Apparently it could be common for women who have experienced sexual trauma, which is the reason in my case and why I've worked so hard to refocus my brain into enjoying healthy fantasies only. As a result I barely masturbate anymore since nothing gets me excited, kek. It's better that way, though, but the implication behind this being normal is very sad.

No. 1570518

Nta it’s not NOT-Normal, but it’s a little abnormal… if that makes sense. I would say get off to whatever fantasy you want, who cares, but there is a line somewhere and it’s not that hard to cross. You don’t wanna be with your husband/wife/whatever having sex and thinking about getting molested as a child to get off because that’s just sad. I think you’re onto something with the “healthy” fantasies. It’s nice to have a nice fantasy and it doesn’t turn masturbation into some kind of shame fetish. Personally I just think about a woman getting off intensely from an extremely skilled male partner and that does it for me. Not sure if that makes me more gay or straight but it does keep my standard high in real life encounters lol

No. 1570620

I never learned how to masturbate with my hands and used to make makeshift dildos out of old remotes to rub on the outside of my underwear

No. 1570630


Hope you rwo click!

No. 1570652

Someone PLEASE post the screenshot screenshot of the homemade dildo anon

No. 1571053

I'm feeling resentful towards my best friend. She managed to get into a relationship with her fwb moid, even though she's clingy yet I haven't had much luck with my guy even though I give him space. I know this is a dumb reason (because it's none of her fault obviously) and I sound like a shitty friend but I just can't help it. Her bday is coming up soon and I'm writing her birthday card right now but I started to feel sad as I started to write it because all the things I'd thank her for are things that I do for her yet she doesn't do them in return. I wanted to write something sweet because we've known each other for so long, but I feel like a donkey who always gets taken advantage of. I always try to be patient, understanding and accomodate others but realising that none of them would do the same for me really hurts.

I feel so conflicted. On one hand I really like her and on the other I am just so jealous of some things about her. Things just always seem to fall into place for her, meanwhile I always have to drag myself out of the shit that life throws at me.

No. 1571075

I miss you northern-hemispherians when you go to bed. midnight shitposting can be so lonely
aus/NZfags wyd it's so early I'm BORED

No. 1571091

File: 1683543042035.jpg (82.18 KB, 1242x1134, 20230430_203517.jpg)

I feel ya nona… My bestie is in a relationship with a wonderful guy. We both had a promiscuous phase around the same time. I did get into a relationship with an fwb but it didn't last. It's frustrating. You probably shouldn't wait for that guy to change his mind and move on to someone else.

It fucking sucks to see people going forward in life while being stuck in your own.

No. 1571098

posting this here instead of the MTF thread cause I don't wanna cop a blogging ban but nonas, let me tell you
I went to a show recently in brisbane and the entire line was obviously autists (myself included) and I saw this troon in line and ngl I was a little tilted. the traditional greasy, unkempt and coomer attire with one sad aiden handmaiden beside him. I saw him inside later at the bar, decided to be a toxic bimbo and instead of complimenting his choker, shein dress, weird wig, shitty eyeliner or hulking form I pointed down at his shark-patterned socks shoved into dirty dusty new balances and said "oh my gawwwd so cute!" as backhandedly as possible and left. I aint about to get murdered before a show but I had to get a dig in. my nigel (who knows I'm radfem) said "wow you could have been hateful but you were nice!" makes me think that shit went right over the troons head because a woman-brained WOMAN would see the insult lmao. regina george is alive in all of us, you just have to summon her to put the AGPs in their place.
the show was great, didn't see stinky troon again but I have literal footage of the state of the bathrooms (unisex, obviously) which was like a literal fucking trench, male piss everywhere.
tl;dr backhand compliment a troon today, their ego will take it as gospel when you're really saying YWNBAW
I also printed out a bunch of ADULT HUMAN FEMALE stickers so if you see them around on QLD east coast know it was a potential farmer

No. 1571100

yeah… you needed to be more open about it. like maybe 'you're really cute, don't worry I'm sure you'll pass soon!'

No. 1571105

ayrt oh shiiiiit nona NICE lmao! cause that isn't transphobic at all it's AFFIRMING
you are a goddamn genius, I file this based knowledge away for later.

No. 1571108

Yes I know I should, it's just so hard because I've become so used to and comfortable around him and I usually don't open up easily in the first place. Just thinking about past memories hurts. I dread the thought of meeting someone new.

No. 1571111

basically who I consider my bffs are 1. girl I met in canada, one of the best people ever 2. dude(s) I met in japan and bonded over being Watsky fans and shit at snowboarding 3. the girl my ex left me for when I was 18 and we're still mates to this day, she's basically my twin and I adore her
rarely see any of them but god, I love them. precious people.
also, my mum. my mum is #1 bff, she's so goofy but so smart and cool and weird.
I am feeling thankful.
thankful to you sweethearts too, I went on /pol/ earlier to find something specific and came away scarred. came home to lolcor dot farm to tell my ladies. ily all

No. 1571121

>"I'm radfem"
>has a Nigel
Every single time. Also, stickers and "backhanded" compliments that troons are autistic enough to think are genuine are not going to help anyone. Donate to women's charities and start volunteering instead of being so immature about things.

No. 1571124

Just fucked on the first date.

No. 1571127

how was it?

doing both, immature in my own time because I am petty. sorry it annoys you but it brings me joy. I like the cut of your jib though nona, stay vigilant and mature. I will do better with you in mind. I'll think of you every time now.

No. 1571129

That's pretty common don't feel bad about it, I hope it was nice.

No. 1571130

I'm just grumpy because I've been trying to fund my own women's shelter for the past year or so and it's depressing as fuck how much resistance there is, let alone all the red tape. Immaturity is fun, I'm not above pissing off trannies either. I just see a lot of people who will yell "fuck troons" and then do nothing practical when given the opportunity. I shouldn't have been so bitchy about it. Sorry, nona. Keep on fighting the good fight.

No. 1571137

don't apologize nona, I shouldn't have been so flippant. if anything I gave into my ~feminine socialization~ and didn't say enough. I appreciate you pointing it out, makes me even more determined to do something that matters. thank you, I'm sorry about making you be bitchy tbh cause yeah, could have done more.
hope you are well sweet nona, if emojis were allowed it would be a billion hearts

No. 1571141

File: 1683549894529.png (63.29 KB, 500x300, D32BF12A-1494-4964-A7BA-BCF83E…)

Amazeballs this guy looked like Matthew Lillard and had a big fat dick.
I might try to get it again!
Thanks Nona this makes me feel better

No. 1571173

>because a woman-brained WOMAN would see the insult lmao
This is scaring me because I don't get backhanded compliments, I'm kinda naive, and I don't that shit either because I don't like lying, I'll have to second guess everytime a woman compliments me low lmao.

No. 1571183

Same, I don't give backhand compliments and I wouldn't know if someone was doing that to me either. This regina george thing is not as universal as some women say, me and my friends don't do this so I am not used to it.

No. 1571197

sorry to make you question yourselves nonitas but uhh don't trip about yourselves please. I can't believe I have to say this but I did the very least and the idiot deserved it and somehow you turn this around on yourselves and feel insecure?
the troons win in that case. I'm genuinely sad if this is the state we are reduced to.
nobody is making fun of you, an autistic woman, and if they do they are retarded. admitting someone gets a backhanded compliment and you qq about it, pls work on yourself sweet girl.

No. 1571218

>regina george is alive in all of us
You sound like you're 12

No. 1571241

Same. Backhanded shit IRL annoys me because it's too long-winded and seems autistic to me. If you cut the shit and respond directly, the type of person who does that typically starts to play victim, and then you get gaslit. It's a dumb game.
I kind of prefer not acknowledging or even recognizing backhanded compliments, because the people who do it are often weirdly dissatisfied when you don't give them the reaction they want, but are too cowardly to be as honest as they want to be. Also, whoever didn't fight back typically ends up looking more "innocent" and above the mean booly in other people's eyes.

No. 1571255

Most people you encounter have matured past middle school mentality, don't worry about it anon.

No. 1571261

I exclusively use male bathrooms because I live in a very homophobic area, and they're actually far cleaner than the woman's a majority of the time. Plus most men either don't give a shit or think I'm a little boy.
Back on topic, as an autist that doesn't come out backhanded whatsoever. You probably thought you were hot shit in the moment; but a backhanded compliment is very specifically an insult presented as a compliment, I.e. "You don't look as fat today!" or "Better outfit than yesterday!" You gave a hollow compliment. Also, did you ever start doing drugs or alcohol underage? You seem stunted. Maybe I'm biased because I'm completely neutral on troons and apathetic to both sides, or I say that but some radfems are chill but I hate a lot of them as well, probably hate more than I like but this site (exception of noni) is more understandable than the batshit insanity of radtwt, radblr, and r/detrans so that could change, given time.

No. 1571281

File: 1683565096791.jpg (32.25 KB, 800x450, Review-Suzume-05.jpg)

It's OK nona, I get it. I also miss such a person. I'm envious of people with longtime partners, having the safety of someone accepting you for who you are. My fwb turned bf had hang ups about the way we met (hooking up on tinder). In the end that never went away so I had to break it of. But since he was less invested, it still feels like I "lost" if that makes sense. And even though he was the least attractive of my fwbs he was the best sexually and I miss that a lot kek

Wishing you good luck anyhow. Love is pain!!!

No. 1571291

how can someone be neutral on troons, maybe autism is indeed a super power

No. 1571293

samefag but now this is a backhanded compliment

No. 1571294

There is no way he is gonna spin coming to my city for a work conference without her wanting to come as well. He'd literally be leaving the country. I wouldn't even blame her.

I'm trash for even entertaining this mess. It won't work out.

No. 1571298

File: 1683566276066.jpg (173.99 KB, 960x960, 8nd4h4uzoct61.jpg)

Thank you nonny, I really appreciate it! Sorry it didn't work out for you and I wish you good luck too!

No. 1571300

Sometimes I think I'm horny then I realize I just needed to shit.

No. 1571324

i have a few that are lc related:

1. sometimes when i vent about something i'll switch up details so it can't be traced back to me. mom might become a close friend, a workplace situation might now have happened in my home, etc.

2. sometimes i'll make up a situation just to complain

No. 1571330

No. 1571340

Sometimes I think I'm horny then I realize I just needed to piss.

No. 1571357

Same. Also Sometimes I vent from the perspective of other people in my life because I'm so pissed on their behalf lol.

No. 1571358

same, I think it's the pressure

No. 1571360

My whole childhood I was this close to getting rid of my dad and to this day I am so amazed I never did that, also proud of myself because that would have been so stupid. He died on his own, but man he never knew what type of a faith he managed to dodge.

No. 1571370

Easy; the ones only doing it to seek help for their GID and want nothing to do with the "community" are normally fine, if not enjoyable, but the AGPs and fujo-gaydens are fucking insufferable and I actively hate them.
The former, I'll be polite to them, so long as they respect me too. The latter, I go out of my way to poke fun at or even bully them. Overall, it rounds out to neutral. They don't bother me, I don't bother them. Same with radfems, even if we disagree on a lot, we can agree on women's only spaces (trannies need their own tranny-only spaces, not to invade female or male ones) and women's right to choose. At least for me, it's a relief to not give a shit so long as I'm not in active danger.

No. 1571463

Kinda same, I've asked a few questions in the relationship advice thread pretending I have a boyfriend and having some issues, but actually I'm single and I wanted to know what I'd do in case I ever find myself in this kind of situation.

No. 1571466

Damn, I'm not going to answer people's questions anymore, what a waste of time when I know people just make things up to waste my time and effort.

No. 1571487

Sometimes I think nonitas switch the sexes of the people in their vents to either get better advice or bash someone respectively and this partially confirms it >>1571324
For example, an abusive mother becomes an abusive father or grandfather, or when they want actual advice that isn't "lol dump him," they larp as a lesbian to try and get real answers

No. 1571491

Most non-online regular people are fairly neutral on troons

No. 1571492

I lied about going to therapy

No. 1571499

Only partially related to your post, but it made me remember certain cases where my lesbian friends/acquaintances romanticized absolutely hopeless/toxic shit only because it was relationship with a woman. These exact women were unforgiving when it came to men, but with women it was a whole another story, and it's so wrong. So I hope those larping anons would still get "lol dump her" heh

No. 1571629

File: 1683595230700.jpg (36.71 KB, 640x800, 2521d70c23e75476fba7c0a58b3a84…)

Sometimes when I'm talking to several online 'friends' while simultaneously judging them behind their backs, I feel like a platonic slut. I even shit on person A while talking to person B, then do the same with person A while talking shit about person B this time. I know, those who are willing to talk bad about others with me, probably does the same with me behind my back. I just don't care. Also nonnas better not come after me for using the word 'slut' I found it funny and only use it for myself

No. 1571631

I switch the sexes on 4chans vent board so they can bash men unknowingly

No. 1571636

I used to be neutral on them until i came on this site. It's easy to be that way when your only exposure to troons are strictly relatively harmless hsts and you never actually have to worry about meeting them in person, or the ones you have met in person weren't nutcases.

No. 1571648

I still don't know how to pronounce my boyfriend's last name and I'm too nervous to ask him how to..it's been two years.

No. 1571655

Look it up on youtube. Someone in this world probably has the same last name and someone else in this word is probably pronouncing it right while talking to or about that person.

No. 1571660

You’re not a slut you’re just a fake ass bitch

No. 1571663

Sometimes I like being a personalityfag because it gives me opportunities to make jokes and terrible puns at my own expense. Like a not fucked up form of self harm

No. 1571667

what do you mean by personalityfag?

No. 1571672

I tried, nothing shows up but the translation for his name in English.

No. 1571673

What country is his surname from? Just put it into Google Translate and click on the pronounce option.

No. 1571674

Someone who is recognizable, often by personality alone. Trumpchan, Pakichan, CAPSLOCKchan, Rancechan, and so on

No. 1571685

before I peaked, I remember when Khia (the rapper, My Neck, My back rapper) and TS Madison (trans woman, pornstar that was on Tosh.o) had a beef. I remember Khia immedietly started saying that TS smelled like a working man (or something, just said he had man funk) and a bunch of other shit. At the time I was like, "OMG why is she being transphobic?"
Now i look back at that shit like, "Wow" mind you, back when they had their show, TS Madison would use the bathroom with the DOOR OPEN in the background. You could see him standing up to pee from the back. Every intro to their videos he'd get up and shake his man tits.
Back then I didn't see it as gross scrote shit, just as, "Wow brave and stunning'.
I confess this to say that a lot of people can brain fuck themselves into feeling bad for clearly gross shit,I don't know why it didn't compute.
Also, I mad a pro-trans post in Shay's thread years ago, before I peaked, kek I feel like I was banned for it but I can't remember.
Anyone else remember their silly post-peaking expereinces and cringe?

No. 1571687

temp banned not a perma banned, I say this because the new admins, banned me in the first Shaynatourim when I told a story of getting a temp ban for making Shaynatourim back when it was illegal. Thankfully they removed it, but it's not the first time I've been banned for the same crime twice for the same post.

No. 1571693

which one are you? seal-chan is very nice, I like her a lot

No. 1571698

Nta but you still like her even after her weird nazi stuff? (from that one pic, you know the one i don't wanna post it again)

No. 1571708

I've been given multiple "personalities' Some i'm okay with others I don't see as an personality at all. Like I'll write about one special interest and someone will be like
>Blank-Chan please write more about x, y and z
So far I've been given 3 "names' and 1 semi-topic unique to me. I've told so many stories where I'll be called an blank-chan, it's crazy.

No. 1571718

File: 1683604996458.jpg (87.06 KB, 1080x913, IMG_20230504_041807.jpg)

Now I'll talk shit about you too.

No. 1571722

i lie about having been a tra to give more credibility to the idea that lots of radfems are ex-tra, but i never really drank the koolaid. or rather i did but i only felt that way because i'd never sat down and talked myself through it. i did have a brief she/they era but even that was more me telling people that i didn't think 'they' was bad, as it's gender neutral.

ayrt but i've ever switched sexes personally

No. 1571803

Someone called me bald-chan once when I mentioned I had alopecia. Though I'm not totally bald just slowly getting there. Another anon said she has alopecia too but shaves her head I believe, so there's 2 or possibly more bald-chans.

No. 1572045

quit cigarettes but sitting here vaping feels worse. trying to just butt-puff and not inhale. it's the goddamn oral fixation part, maybe I should get some toothpicks or something to stick in my dumb gob
feels lie a lie saying I quit, even though I quit cold turkey after nearly 10 years. it doesn't really count if I'm vaping right?

No. 1572053

I'm not seal-chan, but I'm also a less known personality poster

No. 1572076

I put zero efforts in my looks for dates, I'm not a slob or anything but I don't even wear makeup or cute outfits.

No. 1572080

i quit smoking through vaping because i had an oral fixation mixed with an anxiety of not having enough nicotine so i would just sit and vape my lungs out for a while. i dont vape anymore nowadays but i feel like it definitely helped me to wean off nicotine, i just kept buying weaker ejuice.

No. 1572081

Start doing stuff with your other hand. Brush your teeth with your non dominant. Open doors etc. smoking was a a part of your routine. Your brain likes routine. Doing it will help with the cravings anon.
I chewed thick jerky that took a bit when I needed to handle my oral fixation so I feel you.

No. 1572262

File: 1683651777691.jpeg (35.26 KB, 848x478, IMG_5632.jpeg)

I really relate to Anthony Soprano. I know moid shit aside, him and I had very similar dynamics growing up. My bpd mother killed my adult brother and played the victim. My brother was much like Christopher, and I feel some peace watching the show. I have explosive anger, but working on it with therapy.
I know we aren’t identical, but I am glad his character exist

No. 1572280

File: 1683653764232.png (69.22 KB, 466x636, Disco Inferno (2022) by Sage B…)

I kind of regret ever posting on here and wish I only browsed. I did help some anons in the past though, so I guess it isn't too bad. I wonder how many female anons that don't post come here? How do they refrain from typing, like ever?

No. 1572284

>regret ever posting on here and wish I only browsed.
Why though? Did you post your face or something like that?

No. 1572292

I really relate to Christopher, quite frankly if you hadn't posted this I would've never admitted it on lolcow of all places, kek. I get you, though. Christuhfuh's heroin addiction and subsequent boredom with sobriety, the drive to be a writer but not the talent, romanticising a life that is bad for him, the anger issues, the feelings of inadequacy. I hate how much I saw myself in that dumb motherfucker. The Sopranos is my go to show when I'm feeling down, it's like a comfort blanket except it's not comfortable because I'm constantly faced with shitty elements of my personality I need to work on. Hope you're well, Uncle Tony.

No. 1572294

I feel the same way nonny and try to stop but we're here forever

No. 1572301

I will eat someone's pussy right now. Yes even yours and no I'm not a moid.

No. 1572311


No. 1572312

In 6th grade I made a false allegation against a teacher I didn’t like and she lost her job and she tried to kill herself and I’ve been in therapy ever since

No. 1572316

Why didn’t you tell the school the truth so she could have her job and life back wtf anon

No. 1572319

It was too late and my parents decided it wouldn’t be best, guess they thought it wasn’t their problem which is kinda fucked up.

It was the schools fault for believing a 6th grader over an actual teacher, they are the ones who mishandled it and fucked the teacher over. I do feel guilty about it and I’m not avoiding responsibility but children have a lot less control over themselves than adults and it was wrong of them to ruin her life like that over nothing. I

No. 1572342

if it makes you feel any better nona my ex-bf accused his dad of molestation as a child without realizing, all the other adults around him basically coerced it out of him? him and his dad are good now but it nearly ruined both their lives
you were a kid, if you were an adult pulling that it would be different.
might be uncouth but would getting in touch with her about it help whatsoever or just open old wounds?
it's a dark night of the soul indeed but you will earn your own forgiveness, it starts with not hating yourself about it.
I'm sorry this happened to you both.

No. 1572343

i got an a- on a paper i used chat gpt to pad out. i am a good writer, so i have no idea why i even tried it. i didn't even have it write a complete essay, i just told it to churn out 500 words for me on a topic, then i cleaned it up, made it sound more academic in places where it was redundant, and then wrote another 1500 words on my own.

i know this is risky because i've seen articles where unis are updating software to see if you've used ai to write but fuck, after about the 10th writing assignment i start getting burnt out. i have no idea if i will do this again or if i will even need to.

No. 1572358

wish i wasn't so transphobic because it's so widespread in my online circles. i hate having to literally grit my teeth + deal with mild nausea whenever i see tit scars, i feel like that reaction isn't entirely normal.

No. 1572363

yea you should kill yourself if you haven't done everythin in your power to fix it

No. 1572368

Yeah, that's not healthy for you. You shouldn't care at all about what they do with their bodies as long as it doesn't encroach on your personal safety and rights… (Which, let's be real, only the men in spinny skirts do that) I just feel mild pity for TiFs.

No. 1572373

Why didn't you like her? Also I'm surprised they reacted so quickly, it too years for them to get the useless fat fuck earth science teacher we had, and it took a few years for them to cut the alchy math teacher too. (He was cool tho, showed me cool drum solos during lunch)

No. 1572377

Another anon got crowned bald-chan too, when she talked about wanting to shave her head and someone got really prissy about it.

No. 1572382

yeah, it just makes me sick. not sure of how to de-escalate my reactions though. maybe cbt?

No. 1572384

IDK because she yelled at me one time when I misbehaved and I wasn’t used to teachers putting me in my place. I feel bad because she was just doing her job honestly the school really fucked her over, I didn’t think it’d get her fired.

No. 1572385

That was me. I lurked for years, then slowly I started replying. I never typed because there used to be at least one person to say something close to what I would say, so there was no point. I rarely felt like adding something. It certainly increased over time. Sometimes I hate coming here, even when I never posted.

No. 1572386

That teacher should have sued your parents and or the school, the fuck?

America is so fucked

No. 1572387

Amen sorry anon, you should offer that woman something. You were a child but you still knew better and I’m sure you knew that making a false accusation could have had serious consequences for her and her family

No. 1572396

Come on, she was a kid I feel absolutely terrible for the teacher but you can't really blame a kid like that.

No. 1572399

She drove someone to suicide via a deliberate act intended to hurt her wtf

No. 1572400

It’s fucked up. Like I’m sorry you feel bad about it. But it’s so fucked up what kinds of things can get a teacher straight up fired, and the fact that she wanted to kill herself makes me think that maybe she couldn’t get another job somewhere else because she probably got her name in everyone’s mouths.
This is why I don’t like teaching, one tiny little mistake or proof that you can feel negative emotions and your life is ruined. And I don’t even know what’s the solution there, because kids like you will feel shit 50 times more than other kids and will talk to any superiors like how you did.
How did she even yell at you? What did she say that made you want to report her? What were you doing?
I’m just curious because when I was doing my internships, I only got to witness two reports; one to a teacher that was being too sarcastic in class which made the kids feel uncomfortable, and another to a teacher that was supposedly taking pictures of a girl with scandalous hair to report her to the direction.

No. 1572403

yes she did it as a child but she's an adult now and should have done something.

No. 1572412

If this was posted on Crystal Cafe there would be absolute crickets much less anons telling you to kill yourself kek. Like this is the confessions thread of course there's going to be wild shit in here.

No. 1572446

Honestly she didn’t really do anything I only had one encounter with her I wasn’t even in her class she just told me to leave her classroom after I was interrupting her lesson, I guess I got in my feelings about it. I told the school she threw a chair at me when she didn’t do that, I’m surprised they took it so seriously.

Apparently she was a good teacher and the other kids liked her so I was kinda ostracised for a while after that

I really do feel like shit about it I wish I could go back

No. 1572453

Oh, you're just one of those spoiled dickhead kids huh? Sympathy gone lol. you ruined a woman's life over something that you did wrong and did nothing to attempt to fix it. You should feel guilty. 6th grade is old enough not to pull such spoiled brat moves. I'm glad the other kids ostracized you and I can only hope that as an adult you learned not to cry wolf.

No. 1572457

6th grade is like 12 or 13. That's old enough to know not to fucking lie on someone. She was a brat and she should have done more to be honest once she saw her lie got out of hand. Like she actually got a GOOD teacher fired when shitty ones who abuse kids walk around like their shit don't stink all day. I don't think she should kill herself but she should definitely carry around that guilt for a long while. Who knows what that teacher had to go through because a brat was mad she got called out on being a brat.

No. 1572463

This is like trying to be friends with anachans who are slowly ruining their bodies and there's nothing you can do about it because they're so mentally unwell. Cut your losses and find better friends.

No. 1572467


These nonnies are both right, you had the opportunity to save her job and whatever else what may have been at stake but you just watched a woman who did nothing wrongs life crumble.

Do you have any idea the level of misery and grief someone has to achieve to fucking kill themselves?

Fuck you

No. 1572470

What was the allegation?

No. 1572471

I should also add there was a level of premeditation, after the ‘incident’ I asked for an ice pack and to see the nurse afterwards to make it seem like she really did throws the chair at me and hurt me which is why they believed me I think

I have no idea what I was thinking or why I did it. No one has ever done something like this to me before so I really don’t know why I did it

No. 1572472

I told them she threw a chair at me and badly injured me

No. 1572475

So you knew exactly what you were doing and now you want sympathy? Fuck off. As a kid of someone works in the school system you're a piece of shit. Kids like you are why good teachers peace out after a few years and we're stuck with the bottom feeders.

No. 1572478

That's a normal reaction to seeing gore and especially knowing that it was done in the context of transing (mental illness, self harm), don't let people gaslight you into thinking you are the one that is crazy when these people post pictures of their government assisted mutilation scars. What kind of fucked communities are you even in where that is something people do? Do they post their cutting scars in chat also?

I second this.

No. 1572479

Nta and what anon did was completely wrong, but she did say multiple times that she regrets it. Idk why you're acting like she said she doesn't care.
>It was the schools fault for believing a 6th grader over an actual teacher
But anon, if that happened then children who are actually being mistreated by their teachers would just be ignored. You just messed up by lying about the situation.

No. 1572482

She admits it was premeditated and the teacher did nothing wrong. She only feels bad because all her classmates hated her. That's some scorned scrote shit she pulled. Sorry doesn't cut it, she basically ruined that woman's life over nothing.

No. 1572485

>She only feels bad because all her classmates hated her.
I only saw the thing about her being ostracized mentioned in one post so I'm not sure what gives you that impression. Anon's posts just read as her being ashamed to me.
Also, no offense but it's so annoying when you all yell "scrote!" at everything. No, a woman/girl doing something wrong doesn't make it "scrote shit".

No. 1572490

I agree it's old enough to know not to lie on someone, I just doubt she knew how far things could go. She mentions telling her parent's the truth >>1572342 so I would split some of the guilt to her parents as well. I think she came to post in the confession thread because she is guilty over it, at least I hope so.

No. 1572547

Wouldn't there have been witnesses like other students to corroborate your story? Seems like the school didn't do much investigation

No. 1572550

Most normal bpdfag

No. 1572553

Honestly? All I’m seeing is people just being incompetent. The nurse should’ve noticed that you weren’t hurt, the principal or person in charge of like supervising stuff or whatever should’ve asked for witnesses to intervene.
There would’ve been enough noise for other classrooms to notice that a chair was being thrown because they’re noisy as fuck.
It really sounds like everyone somehow had the perfect excuse to fire that woman.

No. 1572558

WTF don't make excuses for her. There is no incompetence here, I can't believe she and you are blaming the adults for this. Anon was either 12 or 13, not 7. She even admits it was premeditated because she asked to get an ice pack from the nurse afterward. Why wouldn't the teachers believe her? Why would they investigate more, there wouldn't be much else they could do to investigate it especially when anon flat out refused to tell the truth. If she were just a normal kid with no prior history of this, she was credible in of herself. Do not enable her and pretend it was their fault because she genuinely ruined a woman's life, is being casual about it, and on top of it saying it's the adults fault for not interrogating the truth out of her.

No. 1572569

It feels like it was both parties being irresponsible.
She is a fucker for saying such a vile lie and never doing something else to actually tell the truth, she washed her hands and still acts like a victim. She deserves feeling like shit forever.
But in any school, people search for the truth, and have some common sense.
How can a nurse see a perfectly healthy student ask for an ice pack and not ask what’s wrong or where does it hurts? How can the people in charge of security or whatever hear the very severe allegations of a teacher throwing a fucking chair at a student and not investigate more? It’s really fishy.
Like at the school I was, a teen boy (15 years old) punched a kid (around 10 or 11 years old) we had to do CSI level of investigations with secret pictures taken to the suspects and everything before throwing accusations against anyone.
Unless everyone in the classroom somehow liked anon (who sounds like an annoying bpd-cha) and decided to lie to save her ass. It sounds to me like it was an excuse to fire that teacher.

No. 1572588

You're still putting too much blame on the adults. The nurse gave her an ice pack because she was operating in good faith that a student that has never meandered before needed the ice pack. Adults in a learning environment are not meant to be suspicious of children who seek aid when they feel sick or hurt. The only 'fault' that can be accredited to them is technically that they took her word over other students in the classroom. It isnt fair to say it's their incompetence because if it really did happen, they would be commended for doing an excellent job taking action and ensuring the safety of the students. What anon did was flat out sociopathic and fucked up, and the fact that she to this day says it's their fault shows that nothing about her has changed.

No. 1572595

As a csa victim and someone who has had a shitty 6th grade teacher who verbally abused me every day and pit students against me so I'd be bullied because she didn't like that an autist was in her class– I legitimately hope hell is real, if only so you can rot there, and I'm not even religious.

No. 1572632

No, and I never posted a body part either. I guess I want to go back to having 0 posts for some peace..

No. 1572672

opens my legs okay nona your turn to sext

No. 1572686

I relate to this so much, and to see people just be angry and annoyed in a healthy way instead of my way, which is freaking out and getting nauseous every time my friends bring up tranny shit, makes me feel like a weirdo.

No. 1572727

Deep down inside I lowkey kind of wish lc got shut down in 2020 like it was originally supposed to. I'm too retarded to leave on my own.

No. 1572733

I don't know the world for it but i guess intrustive thought i keep having is becuase I sleep in a tight night shirt with no panties, and a mouse got into my bed the other day, that a mouse will crawl up my leg and try to…enter me. I know it's fucking retarded but I constantly have thoughts about it and it's made me wear underwear even if it's uncomfortable

No. 1572786

I usually like the smell of my farts and will sniff them if I'm in private, which I don't think is extremely uncommon. But recently I started imagining I was smelling my husbando's farts when I did it and got turned on. I haven't taken it any further as a fantasy, partly because he's 2D and kind of stuck up in the anime so I accept that it'd be impossible for him to fart.

No. 1572787

I'm so, so scared of farting during sex. Like, terrified.

No. 1572789

Oh my gosh anon, this coincidence kek. Twins.

No. 1572792

It's moments like this that make me believe in fate.

No. 1572801

i'm so autistic i can't blend because i have very specific typing quirks that make me stick out and the only chance i have is using site slang i fucking hate that

No. 1572820

I don't mean this in aggressive way, but have you considered reviewing you text before posting? Just go through the words and try fix stuff that doesn't integrate with the other posters.

No. 1572895

ayrt nice tip nona thank you! will try this out. excuse to buy some jerky, too.

No. 1572922

SAME OMFG i’m scared to sit in this guys face. i’m not even fat or farty particularly

No. 1572931

Queefed on my bf's face once. I screamed and rolled down to the floor in embarassment.

No. 1572932

I had an ex who was into farts, he obvsly didn't tell me early on but we were living together and slowly "don't worry about farting around me" turned into.. fart in my face, dutch oven me..

No. 1572982

i don't want to fix my vaginismus, i don't want to have to dilate like a tranny to be able to handle a tampon or some rapey sex

No. 1572983

I queefed and the guy told me it's a compliment because it means "he's big enough to do that" like sir that is not how that works and I didn't cum lmao

No. 1573024

Farted once after having sex after my initial embarrassment we both laughed. Queefs and farts are bound to happen with angles and slapping bodies together. It's totally normal like as having body hair or some vaginal discharge. If a man was disgusted by any of those things..in the trash he goes!

No. 1573053

I have zero desire to date, meet people, socialize, have sex.

But I have all the energy and motivation for keeping myself healthy, beautiful, walks and bike rides, my cats, my goals, and my job.

I really love myself and am tired of people ruining it by being around

No. 1573056

I love this for you.

No. 1573058

The ex's name – James Joyce.

Same, I don't see a point in going through all the discomfort without a guarantee that the penetrative sex will actually be pleasurable.

No. 1573059

I'd be so disgusted if a moid farted during sex though, I would instantly lose all my attraction.

No. 1573060

Men have no reason to be farting during sex

No. 1573061

i wanna fucc him so bad nonas someone bully me

No. 1573063

I voted to restrict all discussion and posting of loli and shota purely because I hate weebs.

No. 1573064

I don't care for gays anymore, used to not even care about it, but now I do. And it's nothing to do with the gayness, it's just they all have such shitty personalities. And they all are seriously misogynists. You don't a pass for things because your parents didn't accept you coming out. Most of is have shitty parents too.

No. 1573065

When nonas are dogpiling a nona bc of differences of political opinion. I imagine the dogpilers being stuck with their miserable boyfriends just like the nonas who vent on here about how their bfs treat them like shit and how they lay over and take it. Honestly I wholeheartedly believe that its them too.

No. 1573066

Ok but ChatGPT can string a better sentence than you

No. 1573067

why did you spell fuck like that

No. 1573076

it's making LOVE not "fucking" obviously, hence the soft "c" at the end. duh

No. 1573080

But when you add a c it makes it seem more aggressive. Like how "thicc" is thicker than thick.

No. 1573085

exactly, I'm glad you understand. I wanna fuck his hard dick softly.

No. 1573101

fucc thicc dicc

No. 1573122

File: 1683730621289.jpg (42.49 KB, 400x533, 1666705331981.jpg)

I'm with my current boyfriend only for benefits (help with relocation and finding a job in a new city). His pornsickness and inability to be romantic pisses me off, but he's got his life together and I'm a mess, so I'll take advantage of his help.

No. 1573127

i love the comradery amongst bald-chans. like nuns

No. 1573129

I was the original sperg bald-chan. Never ended up shaving my head so I guess the name doesn't hold up anymore, oopsies.

No. 1573140

the only reward for fixing vaginismus is a ''''''safety net''''' that your moid won't dump you because his god-given right to penetrate a woman has been infringed

No. 1573143

wtf anon you betrayed the cabal of bald-chans… which bald bitch will hold me at night now?

No. 1573162

Do not give up hope lovely nona, for there is surely a strong bald bitch out there wondering where her lolcow browsing girlfriend is… never give up hope!

No. 1573168

Exactly, I don't want a bf to whom it's so important. Not sure if I want a bf at all, tired of them.

No. 1573222

File: 1683737619866.png (125.54 KB, 315x411, shrugging miley.png)

i'm probably (? depends on the post) one of those dogpilers and never dated a man

No. 1573229

File: 1683738308781.jpeg (16.6 KB, 262x330, IMG_5635.jpeg)

I love the way you spelled it out i can hear it!
Thinking fondly of you Christopher. Re-watching season 3 right now

No. 1573252

File: 1683739781240.jpeg (77.23 KB, 1170x674, do you ever feel like a plasti…)

im attracted to libertarians

No. 1573284

last month i knocked one of my own teeth out (i accidentally smacked myself in the face with something i forgot i was holding lol) and i still haven't done anything about it. you can't see it when i smile and it doesn't hurt, and the gum isn't inflamed or anything. so now i'm just chilling with 31 teeth instead of 32. my dentist is a very scary polish woman and i know she'll be mad i didn't come in and get an emergency appointment on the day it happened, so now i'm just putting it off as long as possible.

No. 1573286

i am attracted to filthy nerds

No. 1573297

i just ended a decade long relationship and feel like i can finally catch my breath again

No. 1573302

File: 1683745187162.jpg (88.73 KB, 1358x911, christuhfuh.jpg)

T! I'm gonna start another rewatch next week when I've got some time off. Your post gave me the itch. There's no chemical solution to a spiritual problem, but watching The Sopranos helps. Say hi to Aunt Carm for me.

No. 1573375

I can't help but feel inferior to women of my age who date, are married or have children, but the worst thing is that I don't even want this lifestyle, I just feel like a perpetual teenager.

No. 1573380

I crack up everytime I see the "I am no longer mentally ill" meme.

No. 1573386

I got a fetish for the electric chair so put me in it, hit the switch, and let me fucking get it

No. 1573388

File: 1683752440739.gif (553.27 KB, 245x170, IMG_5637.gif)

My favorite cousin, of course you’re busy, being a made man is a big deal.
You can always come by, the manicotti is in the fridge. You’re family- anything you need- its handled. can we keep this going when you rewatch? this is fun and i feel like we would be friends irl, watching the show and making meals together.

No. 1573389

I am a primitive woman and that's why workplace crushes enhance my productivity. Cute guys make me want to go to work and actually work because I start caring about my job.

No. 1573392

Same. Was thinking about this maybe an hour ago.

I guess in my case it's because I haven't accomplished shit in life, even tho I earn enough to support my parent and sibling without issues.

No. 1573393

No. 1573400

I'd let her electrocute me. Thanks.

No. 1573420

File: 1683754136759.jpg (39.3 KB, 720x960, 1620772839085.jpg)

i try to bait a guy i used to hook up with in 2016 into talking to me when i feel sad and horny and starved for attention and it never works and i don't know why i keep trying

he used to hit me up all the time after he moved away up until like 2019 when i finally told him to fuck off for good because he hit me up on snapchat at 3 am to ask for nudes and then told me directly that he was "using [me] as an escape" because his gf didn't fuck him enough and i was i guess his personal pornhub even though i hadn't sent titty pics in years at that point.

but if i'm being real i have pretty much always been lightly in love with him lmaoooo, he's such a fucking scumbag and yet also my dreamboy in almost every other way and he was so obsessed with me for so long but i was in a relationship and he lives several states away and now i'm a lonely piece of shit and post shit blatantly trying to bait him into hitting me up again even though i know he has a girlfriend who he seems very happy with. idk if it's the same girl he tried to cheat on. i'm objectively an asshole for doing this shit but to be honest i just really want to feel desirable and like anyone would ever want to jerk off to me in general (which is pathetic kek) and i've never gotten over this guy for some godforsaken reason.

he still looks at my stories though, which like… why do that if we don't speak and live several states away if he didn't at least still think that i'm hot
maybe that's just my autism kicking in though
in any case
i feel like a real piece of shit. i'm sure this girl is lovely. she doesn't deserve to have some insecure asshole trying to unsuccessfully bait her bf into cheating on her. i suck and i probably deserve to be miserable about this anyway

No. 1573422

File: 1683754472834.jpg (154.84 KB, 1242x1207, E8764a32.jpg)

I'm so bad at imagining sex with my husbando that I have to look up sex scenes from shows and movies

No. 1573425

File: 1683754711647.jpg (242.94 KB, 1400x1000, ZAE5PLWOSYI6DBCOFQYQC6P53E.jpg)

So what? No fucking ziti now? I will be loyle to my capo, though. Ziti or no ziti. Actually, I was thinking maybe we could get a Sopranos thread started in /m/? You can probably count us Sopranosfags here on one hand, but I figure with our combined autism we could keep it going. It could be a real classy establishment, like a hotel at Captain Teebs. If you wanna make sure there's no feds in your rearview mirror though, I could always make a discord and post on the friend finder thread or something. Either way, I'd love to keep this going! I'd be so down to hang out with you irl. My friends would be relieved that I finally have someone to sperg out with, kek.

No. 1573426

girl you aint in love with him you just like the attention he gives you. find a boy toy who isn't as scummy (although that's all you will attract with casual types of men)

No. 1573829

ALL of these takes are terrible. She was a little kid. She did a wrong thing. She should have walked it back and maybe it is a character flaw, or maybe she should be able to forgive herself. But jfc she said she's been in therapy ever since what more do you want? The school did a poor job investigating, and anon's parents did a poor job making absolute sure she wasnt lying. And yes parents usually know you're lying even when you think they don't. For something like that they should have made damn sure. They were weak for not fixing it once they knew or suspected. But anon's not responsible for the teacher's emotional state

>>1572558 anyone 13 in 6th grade is retarded and has failed multiple grades. I was 10. Most are 11.

No. 1573881

Ayrt and I guess it's because I never got the growing up that comes with dating, and I sure as he'll don't want to force myself into a relationship just to "know myself better". Guess I'll just remain awkward for my whole life.

No. 1573915

Make a thread! I just started watching for the first time and would love to shoot the shit about Taco Supremo and pals with all youse

No. 1573916

File: 1683819163308.jpg (30.07 KB, 563x556, nanerr.jpg)

I hate myself for always going back to this one moid because his dick is perfect. I'm sorry you had to read this nonnies.

No. 1573927

When I get compliments from old ladies I feel amazing, like I could go to vogue and ask to be put on a cover of their magazines.

No. 1573947

File: 1683821109642.jpg (46.96 KB, 680x435, 1513792160492.jpg)

oh lolmao

No. 1573955

I'm disappointed that a male skelly I knew has gained weight. I know his bmi was 15 not long ago, and I'm not sure if in the pictures I found of him he gained to that weight or from it, but his unique beauty is near completely lost.
I guess he's probably healthier now… great…

No. 1574058

File: 1683826971350.gif (1.38 MB, 494x414, im still mad.gif)

i unironically feel like i'm ftmtf sometimes
>programmer (half-baked but it still counts)
>like traps
>never fit in with other girls
>like bladee
>wicked sense of humor
>get accused of being a troon all the time on both lc and other online platforms for the above reasons
>pretty "masc" irl (don't wear makeup, don't shave, haven't worn a skirt in years) and whenever i try to dress feminine people clock me as a tomboy
i dunno. i will never do what kikomi does but i get it

No. 1574060

You sound autistic.

No. 1574062

same. but i love it even more when they give me advice.

No. 1574063

>wicked sense of humour
Well I mean, that did make me laugh.

No. 1574072

Read what?

No. 1574075

My silly confession because I'm sure some would be like "ew"

No. 1574077

You are definitely autistic. Girls have to be broken to accept our role in society, but they never tell you the rules, so you just have to figure them. Autistic girls very rarely figure them out on their own, they just know they're being punished for something but don't understand what.

No. 1574082

When I was around 11 I was involved with a 15 year old who was living at my home for a couple years. While obviously it was fucked up and I don't romanticize anything about the experience, I didn't perceive it as negative at the time especially given how abusive and chaotic my household was. To me it was more of an escape and I thought he cared for me a lot because he was, what I thought, kind. I was never in contact with him again after my mom moved us away but this morning I found out he died last week. Idk how I'm feeling. Sad, gross, guilty, angry. As much as I hate him now I do feel sorry for him, he never really stood a chance.

No. 1574088

File: 1683828189882.jpg (77.26 KB, 604x582, 20200826_173034029_iOS.jpg)

I haven't watched Eurovision in years because I stopped enjoying it for some reason. It's like I just don't have that capacity for whimsy and joy in me anymore and I miss it.

No. 1574091

>>like traps
>>>get accused of being a troon all the time on both lc and other online platforms for the above reasons
Maybe because you sound like a coomer and not because you have stereotypically masculine hobbies and interests

No. 1574095

Nonnie join the Eurovision stream in the movie room tonight! So many nonnies attended on tunesday!

No. 1574116

File: 1683829558471.jpg (102.18 KB, 850x477, sample_51b5668e61879a56f2fe0fc…)

I was banned at home (I am on vacation) because I lied about my age a long time ago and posted a screenshot where I lied about said age (I wanted to provide proof a troon would be a creep towards me on twitter if I pretended to be underaged and posted said so screenshot). This was about two years ago. I was always of age, but I was too lazy to repel the ban and prove that I was 18 at the time, which I was. I am glad to post again, two years of not posting and only lurking.. My cat images and whatnot can now be posted! That is my confession nonnas..

No. 1574121

All that lurking and you still can't integrate.

No. 1574130

Ok maybe I will. Thanks nonnie!

No. 1574134

kek if true

No. 1574146

I broke my year+-long no-porn streak. I feel so goddamn gross about it. I don't even have a 'good' excuse, if there ever is one, I was just horny and wanted a fast coom. Time to start over again.

No. 1574147

No. 1574149

Addictions are hard to break but watching porn is subhuman behavior so I am contractually obligated to tell you to kys. Kys nonnie.

No. 1574150

I used to have the same problem with doujins. I just use a vibrator in the dark, or an electric toothbrush. It got rid of my issues. Just do that, block all sites, etc. I believe in you, you can do it.

No. 1574151

I used to be a tulpafag in high school, I had 2 tulpas (neither of them were ponies, before you ask). I'd even make art of them standing next to me, kek.

No. 1574162

I would like this as a modern day job, with the clothing and all.

No. 1574175

I know that feel, I just love old ladies so much, I hope I can be a very healthy old lady in the future.

No. 1574178

>>pretty "masc" irl (don't wear makeup, don't shave, haven't worn a skirt in years) and whenever i try to dress feminine people clock me as a tomboy
Your insight is truly valuable, you should write a book, you cracked the code, finally.

No. 1574183

File: 1683833965125.gif (2.75 MB, 175x219, optimize-5.gif)

i'm literally ovulating TODAY but the new hornyposting thread pic has the gross rapist moid on it and it totally killed my mood to post. i'm so mad. locking myself in my house so that i don't maul anybody from how horny i am.

No. 1574184

File: 1683834064626.jpeg (40.59 KB, 843x770, Fbx0u-GakAAdRnA.jpeg)

I'm officially an alcoholic now… My whole life i stayed away from drinking, but lately I've been miserable (even more than normally kek) lately I drink at least a bottle of rosé on the daily, I'm finishing my second bottle now and i feel worthless

No. 1574187

At least you are being classy about it. I hope life gets better for you soon

No. 1574189

type it out nonny, don't let that deter you!

No. 1574190

Reported it. Hope we can bully the rancefag until she shuts up! Husbando-shaming should exist.

No. 1574194

I haven't been horny in a while but my boob slipped out while I was trying to maneuver my bra off without taking my dress off and it aroused me. Boobs are nice to look at, and I can see them anytime I want.

No. 1574197

That sucks, I hope your situation gets better and you're able to stop one day.

No. 1574198

never heard of the husbando general until today kek
quick glance tells me it's all pretty cringe. but i can't judge too hard, i'm into cringier things

No. 1574201

Nonnie, that's the loneliest thing I've ever heard someone say. When was the last time you were hugged?

No. 1574204

Ahahaha my landlord hugs me all the time. And I just haven't been interested in sex in a while. I just have really nice boobs okay

No. 1574207

>never heard of the husbando general until today kek
kek how? it's been here for two and a half years

No. 1574227

Ah, I thought you had described it in more detail before. Was curious tbh!

No. 1574241

I'm a recovering alcoholic, shit sucks. You can get through this though, nona. At my worst point I was averaging a bottle of whisky a day on top of being an opiod addict. I damn near ruined my liver, quite frankly that fucker's probably gonna take me out before I hit 65, but I made it. I got clean. It's 100% doable. I don't wanna lecture you, but please be safe. If you're feeling ready to commit to change, try something like AA.

No. 1574244

Kek well I could go into details but I'm sure no one wants to read that

No. 1574252

IVF is really straining my marriage. It's not that it's creating conflict, but all my wife and I can think about is whether we're gonna have a baby or not. It dominates our thoughts, when we talk there's these pauses we never had before, these exchanged glances… like a silent acknowledgement that we're both thinking about The Hypothetical Baby. We had a false positive pregnancy test last year and we damn near mourned that baby that never even existed. I just don't know what to do any more. We busy ourselves with our hobbies, we try to go out and do stuff together, but it's just not the same. We used to have such wonderful, free flowing conversations that would last for hours, and now it's just plain awkward. The most we talked about today was what we're having for fucking dinner tomorrow. This is like being stuck in purgatory. I'm seriously thinking that if this round fails, we should take a break from trying to focus on our mental health and getting back to normal. Maybe go on holiday or something, idk.

No. 1574260

A hypothetical human being that neither of you have ever met ruining a relationship is so wild to me. Get a dog and go back to being a happy couple and stop letting a stranger sour something sweet.

No. 1574270

>comparing human life to a dog
Look, if you wanna be childfree then more power to you. But some of us have the natural urge to have children, we can't just get a fucking pet and magically cure that desire. We know this might never happen, we accept that. But for us, it's worth trying.

No. 1574365

i've only been to /g/ once and that was to ask if i was a dummy for majoring in cs

No. 1574375

are you white?

No. 1574420

You're the one ruining a relationship with your wife over something that isn't here and might not ever happen. Anon didn't even say anything about being childfree kek you don't need to turn into a sperg just because she mentioned getting a dog. I agree with her, if you can't even hold it together before you have the damn thing, god knows how you're going to behave when something actually catastrophic happens.
Get your shit together, have a conversation about what you said here with your wife, admit there's a chance you will have to adopt, and then go to couple's therapy.

No. 1574504

No. 1574557

File: 1683869361190.png (893.82 KB, 1245x485, over9000.PNG)

My goal in life is to create a character that inspires this level of autism.

No. 1574560

I had a confession…………….. but i forgot what it was

No. 1574650

I feel like 2023 is my year, I've been planning a lot of trips and outings and I feel like I'm becoming more cultured. Last summer I went through some shell cracking and it feels nice to finally blossom into my best self.

No. 1574673

I moisturize two to three times a day. Just whenever I am sitting around at home and want to slather on some body butter. I do it after a shower every morning and night as well. I think I am reverting my skin back to baby form. So smooth.

No. 1574739

My best friend is way too attached to me and I hate it. She wants to literally spend all day with me. One time she asked me to hang out every day for 3 months straight. I turned her down most times, but still, she asks without fail almost every single day. She never even waits long enough for me to invite her. I only hang out with her because I know that she is really lonely and depressed and to maintain our friendship. Not because I want to. It drains me so much to be around her, especially because we can't only hang out for an hour or two, she wants to monopolize my whole day. I know she is deeply disappointed when I ask her to leave, or when I tell her I'm tired and need to go home.

I can't even bring it up with her because she's not toxic about it. She's never so much as gotten upset or mad at me, pressured me, or guilt-tripped me. She just likes being around me so much and I should be grateful that she's so loyal to me. But I just want to be left alone and hang out with her maybe once a month, max. I have no problem telling a scrote to fuck off but because she's my best friend and she's always treated me well I can't even enforce basic boundaries with her. I don't want to break her heart.

No. 1574789

once in a while I think of burning my savings on fun things then killing myself.

No. 1574926

Imagine being such a snowflake that a picture of a fictional moid "kills your mood to post"

No. 1574933

How are you even best friends? What makes you best friends with someone you don't even want to spend time with?

No. 1574960

Nta but meeting with your bff once a month is a perfectly normal level of contact for working adults and that's what anon would like. It's not that she doesn't want to see her friend at all. Idk anyone (grown up) who hangs out with their bestie literally every day, that sounds exhausting and I totally get where OP is coming from

No. 1574971

r*ncefag pls go

No. 1574977

Just tell her you have a low social battery, even though you love her. I'm similar, but I'm lucky because I only have one extrovert friend who always wants to hang out, but he's taken up more work responsibilities so he's tired more often now lmao. But when he wasn't as swamped, sometimes I'd have to turn him down too. Maybe work on only hanging out once a week, and then less often as time goes on. Does she work? What else does she do with her day?

No. 1575003

File: 1683907634500.gif (3.13 MB, 498x371, di-gi-charat.gif)

I feel you girl, i'm very similar in that regard.
>regularly use rateyourmusic and listen to trannycore musicians (death grips, bladee)
>mostly consume male-oreinted media, that's not to say i dislike stuff aimed at women bc i definitely don't
>have moid nerd hobbies (anime, vidya, programming)
>simp over a fictional character that's such a scrote where people think i'm a tranny
>degenerate fetishes
>never fit in with girls, but never fit in with boys either
>frequently get mistaken as a moid or tranny not only on lolcow, but various other websites
>edgy sense of humor, but it cancels out bc it's usually at the expense of males
>tranny irl called me "transfem coded"

This post about sums it up, especially if you were raised on the internet or male dominated spaces.

No. 1575081

We've been friends since we were 6. Even now we still have a lot of things in common and can talk all day. But her wanting to hang out all the time makes me feel like I'm chained down and forced to entertain her. I like being alone and doing things at my pace most of the time. It's just so tiring, even though she's my best friend.

I've tried to talk to her about it, but she doesn't get it. I should be direct and tell her I want to be alone most of the time, and wait for me to invite her. It feels selfish of me to ask that of her.

No. 1575094

You are cringe but i can relate.

No. 1575111

>listens to trannycore music
>death grips
I'm not reading the rest fuck you!!!!!…..

No. 1575113

Yeah, you're going to have to be direct and hope she doesn't take it wrong. If y'all are as close as you say,she should be able to understand. Maybe encourage her to make other friends as well if she's the type that always has to be around someone? Or join some sort of social club around a mutual interest.

No. 1575114

Look, anon, I get what you're feeling because a lots of women struggle with the anxiety of "disappointing" people or whatever, but you are kind of self victimizing and being neurotic about it now.
Sit her down. Have a talk. Explain that you need to be alone a lot or you start feeling sick. Tell her you appreciate her and are flattered she wants to hang out all the time, because it means she likes being around you so much, and it makes you happy that she is such a loyal, affectionate friend. But because of your low social energy, you can't meet in person as much as she wants. Encourage her to find another friend who can hang out in person so you guys can keep being best friends over text with occasional meetups, with both of your needs being fulfilled.

No. 1575135

Thanks. I know she'll understand, but I also know deep down she'll be sad and just won't show it/tell me. She often tells me that I'm the only person she can relate to even though she has other friends, and she ignores them to be with me. I realize I have to be honest with her anyway. I never have problems with my boundaries except with her, because I love and care about her a lot. Wish me luck.

No. 1575151

File: 1683912597034.png (360.81 KB, 1040x1093, madokahomura.png)

I relate to you nonnas. I'm still anti troon though.
'ate troons
'ate men
luv being a femayle
simple as

No. 1575155

how is death grips trannycore? I discovered a song from them yesterday and I wanna know why

No. 1575158

It’s just popular with trannies, I feel like a better example would be 100 gecs or black dresses, both of which I listen to.

No. 1575168

it sadly got appropiated by filthy troons

No. 1575191

Yeah to me trannycore music is when there's a least one troon member in the band no matter the genre.

No. 1575273

I want to confess that I’ve not been working this week. I’m WFH so nobody knows what I’m doing and I’m fully taking advantage of it. I’m attending meetings etc but I’m not productive. I just watch a show or read s book. I didnt have the mental capacity this week.

No. 1575337

Thank you, nice Nonnies, i hope everything will get better too. At least i started to admit that this is a problem… You know what they say, first step is to admit you have a problem… I really hope that i would get better, i know it is on me

No. 1575381

Sometimes a nb person I know tries to gas up PB+C sandwiches. I will not answer your dog whistle, but I know, and I wonder that you know too lmao

No. 1575386

What are you saying about peanut butter and cheese what are you saying?????

No. 1575390

Fuck off, newfag. Nobody gives a fuck about your troon friends, especially not a TIF who "gasses up" pb&js

No. 1575396

i think she means nonblack maybe?

No. 1575401

No, it means "nonbinary," and almost all enbies are TIFs

No. 1575405

Good luck, nonna.
Just remember that setting those boundaries helps both of you. Helping her form a healthy network of relationships is good for her. Letting your resentment build up until you explode isn't good for either of you and isn't fair to her. You can also help her learn how to relate to other people when she brings it up, asking her why she feels that way and encouraging empathy.
But definitely have that conversation asap.

No. 1575419


No. 1575467

I wish I can have a friend like this. Send her my way.

No. 1575521

>hang out with her maybe once a month
She's overbearing but this is ridiculous. If a close friend of mine only wanted to meet up on a monthly basis I'd assume the friendship is not working. Just tell her the truth and let her find someone who values her time and commitment.

No. 1575546

Is it really that unreasonable? I have friends that I only see like once every two months, but I talk to them on the phone and such more often. Sometimes I get to see them every week, other times a month or two will go by without a meet up. Once monthly doesn't seem that odd when you're an adult working full time with other responsibilities imo

No. 1575571

nta but meeting up weekly is completely normal as a working adult unless you have kids. If you don't you either don't have a social life or she's not actually your best friend.

No. 1575576

honestly i have penis envy in a way only i hate the way they look and i would DIY stinkditch myself if i actually had one permanently. it's just the inherent feeling of having one… probably something tied to internalized misogyny i have to work out. i don't know. i otherwise sincerely love being female and my worst nightmare especially when i was in my adolescence- is to wake up as a man and yet…

No. 1575578

Anon you don’t need to do any of this because no matter how much therapist speech you use she’s still going to be upset. Just lie and say you’re doing something else when she asks, it’s that easy.

No. 1575591

I have penis envy too and tbh it's a internalized misogyny within itself.

No. 1575593

Not related to your post but Holy shit I was looking for this pic for a while now. Finally lolcow is actually useful for something

No. 1575608

"Therapist speech" kek it's called being straightforward and communicating with people you have relationships with. Sorry you hate the people you're around, but she actually cares about her friend. She said "just lying" wasn't working anyways. Read her post.

No. 1576049

File: 1683953737562.jpg (140.75 KB, 850x1200, sample_a0a295fba5d196d19e072ef…)

>di gi charat
kek holy shit nona this is one of my favorite things. do you like alien nine? i've noticed a few autist or autist adjacent i guess, i've never been tested for anything but add anons really enjoy it.

but anyway i also use rym albiet infrequently, have been called 'trans coded' by tifs, admittedly, enjoy a few things lc considers degen (see picrel, but i also enjoy abo kek), etc.

i think if i hadn't peaked i'd probably be identifying as nonbinary right now or something, simply because i often feel "othered" no matter where i go. maybe i'd be one of those grub/frog retards with neon green hair and find community with fellow delusional.

No. 1576052

working in retail has made me become unironically slightly racist towards arabs/middle eastern/indians.
they never know basic fucking english. no, i don't need you to be fluent but just have the bare minimum and convey what you want to say. never knew that my city had THAT many of them until i started working in retail.

No. 1576054

A s/o confided to me they were SA as a child and it explained their emotional distance. They’re so emotionally complex and I don’t find the patience anymore to try to work with damage that has been caused by their trauma. I’m not going to push someone to open up to me but they also refuse to do it on their own and I don’t see them ever doing that. This “relationship” was doomed from the beginning.

No. 1576058

I feel hungry when I see the inside of the human body

No. 1576065

i report people who mildly annoy me and they usually get banned

No. 1576071

What reason do you give?

No. 1576072

It's not, trannycore would be more like the record label that produces Charlixcx and Sophie's music. You can take anything moids have an interest in and call it trannycore if TiMs obsess over it.

No. 1576082

You can't fix someone who's already broken. And you shouldn't. You're not their free therapist. Women are always expected to hand out free emotional labor like it's nothing. Even to their lovers. It's disgusting but thankfully this generation of women seems different and hopeful. It's within your best interests to get out of that relationship nonny, I believe in you. You deserve much more than what you are getting right now.

No. 1576084

Jesus christ some of you are really sensitive to things that aren't real lmao.

No. 1576086

I agree, this is why we need to bring shota and loli into this board amirite

No. 1576088

speaking of, rancefag recently said she gets off to the former

No. 1576091

People like that need therapy first before getting into a relationship and involving another human being into their intimate life. It's not fair for their partner to act as a therapist for them.

No. 1576092

I hate nonnas who consider this website their personal hugbox. Then again, I guess it's better for nonnas to be on this website a lot than to be hanging out with women who are normal lest they spreading their mental illness.

No. 1576095

Not like they could influence anyone anyway. I'm probably giving them a little more credit than I should.

No. 1576097

i hate nonnas that try to act holier than thou on lolcor, an anonymous imageboard

No. 1576100

I'm Not Like Other Nonnas

No. 1576113

When I was 17 and retarded I lied about my race to a bunch of my friends and people at my school for no reason. I am actually mixed race and have an ambiguous enough face and last name, and I lied about being Turkish for literally no reason except that I thought the culture is cool. I feel really bad about it. I still talk to some people from high school occasionally and whenever we interact I just think that they still think this is a true basic fact about me. I also used to lie about a bunch of other shit no one cared about. I don't actively lie anymore but I kind of feel like I am still keeping the larp going because I haven't bothered to correct myself. But I feel like it would be weirder now to be like "oh yeah 3 years ago remember when I said I was this ethnicity? I actually was lying and didn't correct myself for years." Like that would just be bizarre to hear from someone you barely know. I am so ashamed of myself kek

No. 1576141

As a turk, wtf. All turks lie about being another ethnicity because we all hate ourselves, it's kinda ironic to see someone lying about being turk.
But yeah it's not a big thing, just don't bring ir up again. I'm aure no one remembers it.

No. 1576233

I have a mildly impulsive spending problem. It's been under control this year mostly, but I had a crazy stressful week so yesterday I went to a mall and indulged. Even got membership cards at 2 shops I don't buy from often. I'm levelheaded enough not to put myself into any debt, but I truly have zero self control and right now I don't even care anymore

No. 1576256

scrote, if in a cow board, unsaged, but only if actually unsaged

No. 1576269

Ffs no i don't. I just said i think taking a younger Rance's (14) virginity would be hot. There's a reason why i prefer hot adult Rance and never sperg about shota Rance, because i'm not a shotafag. Granted i have nothing against them for the most part but that ain't me.

No. 1576271

nonnie this made me kek, and also reminded me of a guy I knew in high school who consistently lied about being colorblind, got a "surgery" to not be colorblind anymore (and pretended to be reacting to colors), and then admitted to lying about it the whole time for no reason years later. i think lying about random inane stuff when you're a kid in school is really funny

No. 1576295

I would sometimes lie and make up things because I felt like those people didn't deserve the truth about me. Would pretend I was totally dumb or retarded for the same reasons. It's kind of liberating. I just like hiding things from people and staying an enigma. And now that I've thought about it I'm wondering if other people feel the same way? I mean those who lie/d a lot about random shit, not (only) to make themselves look better.

No. 1576312

>i think taking a younger Rance's (14) virginity would be hot

No. 1576332

Janelle Monaes lipstick lover video sadly is making me realize I’m deff bi and mainly attracted to other black women. I self inserted a lot while watching that video. I know us black women are hyper sexualized a lot but I get why we often have incredible bodies and sex appeal. I just wish the video was only uploaded for my viewing eyes only. Majority of viewers aren’t worthy!

No. 1576337

Yes because therapy for trauma is so easily accessible, cheap and widely available for everyone who needs it. It's not fair either to expect people with a traumatic past to live like monks until they "cure" themselves, which isn't even possible.

No. 1576338

Bitch bye. He's not even real, the idea of taking an absolute nympho's virginity and making them fall in love with sex is incredibly hot and alluring, ofc i'm speaking strictly fictional here. Hell, maybe i could groom younger Rance into pleasuring me on demand

No. 1576340

Nta but I'd sometimes act either oblivious or a lil retarded because I didn't have it in me to really be myself with people. I think its just a maladaptive cope I picked up early on, coming from a messed up homelife. I walked on eggshells at home and then presented a dumbed down version of myself outside of the home too.

No. 1576341

Get help

No. 1576354

File: 1683986938362.png (52.02 KB, 1825x419, nani_.png)