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File: 1682831731124.jpeg (102.58 KB, 896x964, gyGOLDENARCHES.jpeg)

No. 1563126

previous on DST >>>/ot/1553417

No. 1563127

I like the pic it made me giggle

No. 1563129

File: 1682831949578.jpeg (60.79 KB, 750x742, Fu0oiqVWwA0nwmN.jpeg)


No. 1563131

Woah I had no idea, you've really opening my eyes to this brazilliant true and real fact

No. 1563132

Threadpic is literally me

No. 1563143

guess we are coming to brazil

No. 1563144

You're already in Brazil, anon. The whole Earth is in in there, see?

No. 1563156

I was gonna get some soup before bed, but then I laid down in bed and now I'm too tired to get up. It's so cold if I take my blanket off. I still have to brush my teeth as well..
I'm even posting in this thread instead of the Mundane thread because I'm too tired to scroll to find it.

No. 1563157

Sanefat, I swear a fly just flew to the back on my mouth while I was yawning, wtf.

No. 1563170

File: 1682836864133.gif (694.08 KB, 498x351, c3a453cf0e62f4677f0a59e42362ca…)

I stand there in a corner to sign to you anon
cause you r so precious, darling
and this is a bad song but I sign it just for u
cause you r so precious, my darling NONNY

No. 1563242

File: 1682845016794.jpeg (178.76 KB, 1112x1075, IMG_8565.jpeg)

AI art I made of cyberpunk otters in love wow

No. 1563360

File: 1682863014794.gif (2 MB, 466x498, clapping-otter.gif)

The urge to clap is so ingrained in me that I'll clap along even if it's people on TV doing it.

No. 1563368

you didn't make it if it's ai

No. 1563372

File: 1682865251658.jpg (20.34 KB, 540x540, 1660146456438.jpg)

I never knew the extent of period shits until today, I had been constipated for the past week and a half and it all came out today. I feel reborn

No. 1563377

Just read a discussion where a bunch of guys were complaining that their replika gfs are 'gaslighting them' playing mind games, love bombing them and that they have turned frigid since some update. Good god get a grip.

No. 1563378

SYNTHV TETO…. her territory

No. 1563381

samefag but as much as it sounds good, something about OG teto singing this song is better…

No. 1563385

May be the effects of that nonna who was teaching the bot about patriarchal oppression kek

No. 1563387

i hate how when you're reading people's weird experiences online, there's always someone trying to explain things: "well, AKSHUALLY…". like no motherfucker, just stfu.

No. 1563403

File: 1682868705077.jpeg (56.63 KB, 550x701, 374894705488.jpeg)

Oh no I missed the new thread can this be the next thread pic pls?

No. 1563409

Why is the the bbq sauce red

No. 1563411

i have a love hate relationship with period shits. i hate it because i really don't like pooping on my period, but then i always feel a million times better after i take a good poop.

No. 1563413

My tattoo artist ran out of brown

No. 1563421

It looks like they doodled over bruises.

No. 1563446

because it's BBQ sauce..what kind of BBQ sauce isn't red?

No. 1563451

McDs is brown

No. 1563458

must be some dirty alleyway mcDs cause the ones i get are always red

No. 1563468

A game in a fandom I was in shut down, now the fans turned into bitter haters and I am glad people are finally calling out their bullshit.

No. 1563470

Good BBQ sauce. Red "BBQ sauce" is just dirty ketchup.

No. 1563471

Well la dee da. I bet their ice cream machines always work too? Must be nice.

No. 1563534

File: 1682877351266.jpg (111.28 KB, 960x640, Burgess-Outon-Miracle.jpg)

I wanna be a winner. Like this guy.

No. 1563548

File: 1682877929680.jpg (152.35 KB, 1080x1349, 341358821_1696191400845489_605…)

someone on the internet said dido covered eminem and i am about to lose my mind

No. 1563549

You sure about that? He gots hairy feet.

No. 1563559

why is the cursor on the front page a buttplug

No. 1563571


No. 1563578

I was going to reply with this exact answer down to the . but was too lazy to… we really all feel the same about it

No. 1563587

thinking about her

No. 1563598

File: 1682881861427.jpeg (44.36 KB, 727x900, IMG_3579.jpeg)

Do an uwu voice one more time

No. 1563608

Doubleposting as I did a little search for her real voice

No. 1563614

File: 1682883310431.png (50.63 KB, 352x456, no pain no gain.png)

tired of being ugly, i am going to the gym and becoming a roided freak. Any tips for first timers nonnies? a friend is comming with me for the first time but after that i am by myself

No. 1563625

File: 1682883910765.jpg (108.34 KB, 665x1021, Lol.jpg)

I don't know why I find it funny that kf got soft hacked by a literal child

No. 1563627

which name is better for a cat; kirk, charlie or lugosi?. I accept ideas for less cringe cat names too

No. 1563628

oh my gosh name him cat-tain Kirk that's so cute

No. 1563631

Charlie is cutest. Lugosi doesn't flow well.

No. 1563633

Aw, how wholesome.

No. 1563639

is this why the site was acting kinda weird? I literally only read 1-3 threads and dont have an account on there

No. 1563641

Kirklin kitten pawst

No. 1563705

Sometimes I will write long replies and then just delete them because halfway through I think "what the fuck am I doing, I don't care about this shit". I need to stop browsing this site.

No. 1563790

kek me too, anon

No. 1563792

and samefagging to add that afterwards I always feel glad that I didn't send the reply

No. 1563804

There was an image on front oage and didnt click it right away cause i was checking something else and when i went back it was bumped off grrr
It was a twitter/tiktok screenshot collage and one way like "getting pussy on lolcor" and another "my boyfriend talking to me while im on thread 67 of some loser on lolcow"

No. 1563822

Oh goddamn I saved that image back in the christmas bunkers and could've posted it here for you if I didn't delete it literally an hour ago while cleaning my folders.

No. 1563830

File: 1682889742801.png (1.66 MB, 1276x1936, 1678197746396.png)

Nevermind found it again here you go nonny.

No. 1563866

File: 1682891013059.jpg (50.44 KB, 680x638, Screenshot_20230430-174413_Chr…)

Anyone watch her? I can across her and I was surprised that a huge chunk of her content was about hie she had red (dyed) Hair and was latina. Am I the only one who hates cartoonishly picstar face making tiktokers? That shit genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 1563882

File: 1682891565896.jpg (34.87 KB, 568x461, 1678189946384.jpg)

man I want to post in cc but my posts keep getting deleted with no explanation

No. 1563885

those are my literal "screenshots" bc I didn't know about the snipper tool. thanks to the nonny who let me know about that because I'm retard

No. 1563897

Catfishes used to be so intriguing. Now everyone online is a catfish and if they look similar to their online depictions it’s a surprise.

No. 1563922

File: 1682893575027.png (825.63 KB, 1024x1024, fdsfsdfe.png)

This is the coolest shit I've ever played in my life the notes are flying at me and I have laser hands the only thing that sucks is real life feels crazy after playing for a few hours I feel like I'm still in vr

No. 1563926

File: 1682893830251.png (85.3 KB, 665x1040, Screenshot_2023-04-13_82936.pn…)

My husbando is NOT an homosexual man, he may be an absolute faggot, but he's not homosexual

No. 1563984

start with smaller weights, doing more reps in the beginning. you'll decrease the chance of injury that way. always make sure you have your form right before moving on to heavier weights or you can hurt yourself big time, when in doubt try to ask someone, or you can always pull up a youtube video.
Also, I used this guide starting out, its pretty useful for a general idea of what to do: https://liamrosen.com/fitness.html

No. 1564065

i'm starting to wonder if there was any single point where the unpopular opinions thread wasn't just slapfighting and bait. even years ago when lc was less intense it was always like that whenever i peeped in which is why i usually have it hidden kek.

No. 1564156

File: 1682906623047.jpg (85.7 KB, 750x1000, 8CD214D3-7DD7-4385-94C6-DCC703…)

I really don't get people who make a big deal out of getting baby's ears pierced. It's not some traumatic or terrible experience, it's like getting a shot. I don't even like wearing earrings and I still personally don't care that my mother chose to get my ears pierced, it's just a tiny hole that has no impact on how I live my life. I even chose to get another set of holes in my ears before I realized how much I truly hate earringsThe only thing I don't agree with is how so many parents just take their kids to any old place to get their ears pierced, at least take them to a professional piercer/tattoo shop where they don't use those shitty piercing guns.

No. 1564174

Ily nona, bless your literal screenshots

No. 1564188

It's a body mod it's a violation of body autonomy. Plus some people have scarring disorders and a baby/child can't make an informed decision about that and upkeep

No. 1564195

Personally, I am glad I got it as a baby and can't remember it ever happening, because I would have wanted earrings as a kid but I wouldn't want to have the piercing gun anywhere near me. I also wouldn't want to just not be able to ever wear pretty earrings until I was an adult and could either brave the gun or make an "informed" decision about micro holes in a soft squishy part of my body that doesn't serve any other purpose. I've never had them grow over, either.

No. 1564204

Nta but things like this are so retarded to me. Piercibg a baby's earlobes as a whole is such a non-issue. The off chances of a keloid disorder are rare. There are so many cultures where they pierce their ears.

No. 1564205

Yes anon you're so beyond right…two little tiny, barely visible holes are so violating. I feel so violated by them that I fucking shake just thinking about piercings.

No. 1564208

Samefag, but also what kind of informed decision would you even have to make about ear piercings? It's not some life changing thing.

No. 1564209

Considering “buying” kittens from a Facebook crack head so they can get medical attention at a rescue. Their eyes seem really messed up, crossed eyed and looks like their third eyelids are stuck. They are too young to be away from mom. she “has too many”Near by humane society has a basically nonexistent list for their local spay and neuter clinic for cats, yet every methhead and their brother are posting kittens rn. No excuse for this anymore

Fuck rural Appalachian meth heads.

No. 1564227

ntayrt but i just wouldn't want the baby to think they're being hurt and cry. it kind of feels like treating the baby like they're a doll without feelings but i'm probably being too sensitive idk. i just don't want babies being upset! i don't think flu shots are comparable because those are actually necessary for their health while earrings are more cosmetic.

No. 1564234

I'm glad I got my ears pierced as a baby because I'm the kind of idiot who feels naked without earrings, I wish they had made more holes actually.

No. 1564237

This is reasonable and understandable, actually.

No. 1564241

There are so many people who say they are glad they were pierced when they were a baby because they didn't remember anything at all

Valid. Then just don't pierce your baby's ears lol.

No. 1564246

Like I said a little up thread nonnie, I don't remember it happening at all. My friend who got them pierced at four though? She said she remembers screaming and crying and not even because it hurt, but because the gun was loud. I don't even know if the guns get used anymore, I'm sure they've come up with something better since the 90s when I got mine.

No. 1564247

Like I said a little up thread nonnie, I don't remember it happening at all. My friend who got them pierced at four though? She said she remembers screaming and crying and not even because it hurt, but because the gun was loud. I don't even know if the guns get used anymore, I'm sure they've come up with something better since the 90s when I got mine.

No. 1564252

well im glad my mom didnt because me as a kid got them then redid them as an adult due to years of closure. i was unhappy with the shitty placement due to my ears growing with me anyway.

No. 1564258

Sounds like her parents didn't do the proper care tbh. When I got a second set of piercings and didn't care for them properly to also closed up, but my OG piercings are still there.

No. 1564259

i want there to be a tinder but for non-sexual cuddling. I wanna be like two kittens napping together with someone but you can't do that with anyone unless you're dating them, which is stupid because I don't want a bf I want a peer (girl) to hold and relax with. Why does cuddling have to be sexual or parental? Friends all think it's weird. But I think it would be nice. And of course if you go looking for someone who is up for cuddling they're gonna be using "cuddle" as a euphemism for sex. NO!!!!!!! life is so hard

No. 1564264

That is called friendship.

No. 1564269

I just think it's weirdly vain and superficial. Why would you bother unless you're overly conscious of how your kid looks? Earrings are so superfluous, purely decorative, it wouldn't ever occur to me that I need to ensure my child has sufficiently stylish earlobes. Nobody does this with male children, that alone should make you wonder why it's necessary.

No. 1564270

Male children DO get their ears pierced.

No. 1564272

In nowhere near the same quantity as female children. I barely see adult males with piercings, let alone infants.

No. 1564273

Whats your ethnicity? Just curious

No. 1564274

Maybe where you live, but where I am pretty much most men have their ears pierced

No. 1564275

what im saying is im glad as an adult i got to actually make the decision where i wanted the piercing and if i wanted it to begin with cause child me had no idea what the hell i was doing. i think baby earrings are retarded too.

No. 1564277

I don't know what sort of cuddle-loving friends you've had but none of my friends have ever been receptive to cuddling. For example, I had a pretty big friend group (girls) in high school, and no one was physically close like that. I once had a roommate from China who I went out places with who always wanted to hold my hand and she told me in china (women) hold hands out in public even as adults (is this true?), which I've never seen as a burger past the age of middle school bffs. The only exception to the cuddling thing I've seen is drunk girls and women who have been best friends since childhood. And I don't get drunk, and have moved too many times to have maintained childhood friendships, so I feel like I'm fucked in the cuddle department.

No. 1564283

Both of my brothers and my husband got their ears pierced as babies.

No. 1564285

My friends and I used to snuggle up on the couch all the time, we slept in the same bed at sleep overs, we linked arms when we walked around the mall and stuff.. It's pretty normal.

No. 1564286

I've never experienced this past the age of like 14. Adult friends typically don't.

No. 1564288

That's just too bad for you I guess, because it's totally normal for me and my pals.

No. 1564289

>i think baby earrings are retarded too.
They're literally studs. What's so retarded about a small gem stone? When I got a little older I got to wear little butterflies and hearts that changed color with temperature, they were so cool. I'm really glad my mom got my piercings when I was a baby because getting to choose my earrings every morning before school was one of my favorite things about my day as a little girl.

No. 1564290

In our friend group we are supportive and share hand cream

No. 1564291

There isn't anything wrong with it, anon is just precious

No. 1564292

Well that's great, I love that

No. 1564294

It's an apjvff Tumblr post sorry

No. 1564295

Now I'm a lil sad

No. 1564300

Keloids aren't rare. Like at all lol

No. 1564301

I definitely think it's silly and unnecessary to get your babies ears pierced if only because the potential complications are not worth the pure vanity of the procedure, but I remember being grateful as a kid that I got my ears pierced early enough to not remember it lol. I'm sure a lot of people have similar opinions, since even if you hate earrings it's not really noticeable to have a tiny hole in your earlobe. That being said, you can give kids clip on earrings or earring stickers as an alternative for them to express themselves and that's what I'll do if I have kids. Even if the kid ends up liking it and there are no complications I would always see it as a mark of my own vanity if I paid somebody to pierce an infant's ears.

No. 1564305

I think gas station food runs are just as fun as going to an actual restaurant or grocery store. It reminds me of when I was young and my mom would take me to the convenience store by our house to get snacks kek. I just got a sandwich, some fruit, pineapple soda and salad from one.

No. 1564307

File: 1682917289087.jpg (99.37 KB, 580x580, m_60edc1b560fded6fd141edab.jpg)

Clip ons are actually painful, I say this as a huge clip on enthusiast with a massive collection. You can't wear them very long because they are literally squeezing your skin and will cause damage and they can cause rashing if you don't pay attention to what they are made of and clean them regularly. Stick ons, do I even need to argue against those? They are cute as hell but they fall off in five minutes. No comparison to actual earrings. Picrel just because stick ons are so fucking cute and nostalgic.

No. 1564308

Personally I am more concerned about the parents who's kids walk around with food and snot all over their face and clothes than the "vain" parents who chose to get their child's ears pierced. Seriously wipe your kids face, some parents act like it's impossible to keep their child clean like it isn't their direct responsibility.

No. 1564310

I am a pro clipon wearer, you just need to get good and not buy the shitty ones. The screwbacks are the best, followed by the soft clasping ones. There are the cheapo clipons that clamp HARD and they are dogshit

No. 1564313

fair enough anon. I had clip-on earrings as a kid (a relative didn't know I had piercings and gave them as a gift) and I would still wear them, but they were very lightweight plastic, anything actually cute would probably be painful. I did some research online to see the opinion of other women who had their ears pierced as babies (mainly reddit) and the only people mad about it are women who were toddlers when they got the appointment and can vividly remember screaming and fighting against the procedure and having it performed on them anyway against their will (understandable why someone would view that formative experience in a negative light). I still don't think I'd pierce my own baby's ears (there are other things like bows and clips, clothes, jewelry, etc, for her to explore) but I have less judgement toward women who might choose to do it.

No. 1564316

I loved getting snacks at them before a movie. Also really miss the movie rental places because it felt special when we'd agree on a movie then buy the $5-10 snack pack of popcorn bowl, 2 drinks, 2 candies.

No. 1564319

File: 1682919607837.jpeg (44.88 KB, 471x604, 1682918717631.jpeg)

I remember being so confused and thinking "who is this and why is she being posted on lolcow?" when news about this bitch started getting out, because she literally looks like a socially awkward 13 year old. Imagine my shock and horror when I found out she was having polyamorous tech orgies.

No. 1564324

File: 1682921014644.jpeg (85.98 KB, 938x935, 449A79E6-2387-4D7A-9CB9-BADAA9…)

>”the grippy”

No. 1564327

Just be glad you didn't read the pin the weasel pasta

No. 1564328

File: 1682922852391.jpg (26.74 KB, 564x557, 6ddb6cb2d472f7ec9993dfab814083…)

nta but whyyy am i so curious, whyyy do i do this to myself and WHY did i read the whole thing and then the comments. it's only 8am too

No. 1564337

I think the biggest thing that makes me.chuckle about the "The lion King is a rip off of kimba!!" Circlejerk, we're the people accusing Disney of being racist for ripping ofd the creator. When I'm currently watching a video where Adum shows that Kimba was racist towards black people.
Like so many don't know it's a series lol. Like it's such a reddit moment. Some people felt very strongly about a show/movies they admit they never watched. It's kinda crazy

No. 1564360

Who is she?

No. 1564369

if my grandpa was born as a zoomer he'd be watching sigma chad motivation videos

No. 1564380

File: 1682931605312.png (145.86 KB, 400x282, IMG_0680.png)

I wanna go ape shooiit

No. 1564396

It’s weird and trashy. The only arguments people that defend it have is: It’s my culture!!’ (Who cares) and ‘They won’t remember it anyway’, even if they won’t remember it, it’s still shitty to hurt them for something that’s purely decorative. Plus there’s the risk of infections (especially if you use piercing guns) babies already have weak immune systems, why put them at risk because ‘Aww it looks so cute’.

No. 1564399

nta but I think you're blowing the issue up honestly. I don't think it's 100% morally right either but it's such a non-issue at the same time. There's still cultures where babygirls get their vaginas mutilated, why are we upset about a tiny hole in the earlobe?

No. 1564400

The "‘They won’t remember it anyway’" excuse is bs, I got my ears pierced at 3 years old and I remember being scared shitless and it hurt a lot. As soon as I turned 6 my parents forbad my sisters and I from wearing earrings because it was too whorish, and now the scars are there, aren't symmetrical at all anymore and they healed just enough that I can't put earrings anymore unless I pierce my ears again.

No. 1564402

That's because you were 3. You're supposed to pierce when they are BABIES. Your parents just waited for some reason.

No. 1564416

File: 1682937748233.jpeg (35.92 KB, 580x580, spiky earrings.jpeg)

Imo I think it can be traumatic for a toddler-very young child, but I fail to see what's so horribly bad about piercing a baby's ears as long as it's done safely and hygienically (no piercing gun). I do agree that it is pointless to hurt a child for something purely cosmetic, even if it's only for a few minutes. I think I would let my kid get them done as young as they wanted though, I spent all of elementary absolutely desperate to get a chance to wear the justice spiky earrings but wasn't allowed my ear piercings until 13.

No. 1564431

File: 1682940565325.jpg (19.95 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.900988152_fanm.jpg)

Happy International Worker's Day to French workers and nobody else!

No. 1564438

they did it, they made the spotify interface even worse than it was before. I can't find my albums.

No. 1564443

The algorithm keeps recommending her to me, but you’re not kidding, almost every video is “my hair is red and I’m Latino, can you BELIEVE it” it’s so weird and seems fetish-y.

No. 1564444

CEO of Alameda Research, I forget her name

No. 1564462


No. 1564471

What's the story with her?

No. 1564479

She was involved in a high profile crypto scam together with her fellow orgy havers.

No. 1564511

He is such a clown

No. 1564523

Can't believe board culture is so dead that when I use ancient board lingo on here I get accused of being a newfag using new tiktok zoomer slang

No. 1564525

Like what

No. 1564526

I used the vietnamese basket weaving forum phrase and I got asked if it was from tiktok

No. 1564528

That's weird

No. 1564538

Replier exposing herself as a zoomer tiktoker.

No. 1564541

No it's weird that people think that phrase comes from tiktok

No. 1564545

Wouldn't it expose her as someone NOT from tiktok because someone on tiktok would know it's not from there?

No. 1564548

Does anyone else have a nonexistent relationship with their siblings? In 3 decades I never got to "know" my siblings and they're like strangers to me, we never did anything together during childhood and everything between us was an altercation and a contest for who gets the most or best of whatever. As adults interacting with them is as awkward as trying to talk to a coworker you don't know that well, just someone you know by name but that's the extent of it. I often wonder what will happen to us once our parents die, will we just never see each other again? There's no reason to.

No. 1564550

No, because only someone who saw it on tiktok once and doesn't realize it came from here (because they never saw it here due to lack of exposure) would think it's a tiktok phrase.

No. 1564566

she lookes like me when i was 12. I am glad i grew out of my fat squirrel cheeks

No. 1564567

your mom did you a favour those are ugly

No. 1564570

they still make these (not justice but "they" as in chinese manufacturing companies selling wholesale)
the spiky bracelets and studs and small hoops truly encompass 2003 for me. i still have most of mine but wanna buy some more

No. 1564578

Same. My brother and I only contact each other to say happy birthday and merry christmas, and I don't even have my sister's number.

No. 1564579

Just smashed a mosquito that was feasting on my thigh. Hope you enjoyed your final meal motherfucker

No. 1564593

People who smash bugs likes flys and mosquitos with their bare hands scare me.

No. 1564596

Don't worry nona I washed my hands afterwards. I'd rather get my hand dirty for a minute than keep having to swat the thing away from my face.

No. 1564600

That's me. After living near a river all of my life, I've developed advanced mosquito killing reflexes, my bloodlust is infinite. If I feel a mosquito is near me, i simply clap my hands to kill them and i never miss, ever, i don't even need to check its location

No. 1564604

File: 1682959894285.jpeg (117 KB, 1374x1457, ed2d573de55d55ba8e53a55f98deba…)

Heads Up to all nonnies who are excited about playing The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom bc the game got leaked today. Somebody managed to crack the digital version, which then was played on an emulator. Everything was streamed on discord. Ninty is taking stuff down but I will def avoid all sorts of Zelda related stuff online because I do not want to spoil the milk so close to the official release.

No. 1564607

File: 1682960477853.gif (425.97 KB, 500x400, a.gif)

Sometimes I enjoy feeling light-headed when I forget to eat (am not an anachan, just don't get hungry often). It makes me feel calm and horny.

No. 1564626

You're a dumb bitch

No. 1564678


No. 1564710

sometimes i feel bad for bugs because we really just do not give a fuck how they feel. imagine you're a little dumb ass skeeter looking for a meal, you find a nice juicy thigh and then wham! lights out for you. or you're a spooder and someone throws a brick on you like my aunt loved doing in her garden. or maybe you're an ant just trying to get some twigs and shit and a twerpy teenage boy covered in pimples takes a magnifying glass and cooks you and all your little brethern alive or you get sprayed with pesticides that make your nervous system seize up as you die a slow and painful death.

still, fuck mosquitoes.

No. 1564722

File: 1682967545074.jpg (939.61 KB, 3024x4032, b4e6fe8hn0081.jpg)

Genuinely, why does British food just always so strange and looks so cold? There's always something off about the food, even with the "good" dishes. I literally cannot understand it, every country has at least one good dish. I remember seeing someone make a trifle, and they soaked the cake in soda. If I ever went to the UK, I would definitely lose weight. Not because the food is healthier though.

No. 1564724

All of their foods are so geriatric-core.

No. 1564730

where's that one post where the picrel is courage on the computer and it's a greentext of anon's reaction to someone positively replying to her post

No. 1564731

Somewhere in the last thread

No. 1564736

Mosquito slapping feels like instinct to me. I get huge nasty welts and they love my fucking big ass forehead.

No. 1564743

this is really abysmal even by britbong standards. that yorkshire pudding at least that's what i think that shit is doesn't even looked cooked, and neither the mushy peas nor the fries have been touched by salt and pepper. it's weird because britbong has produced some great celebrity chefs, likely due to desperation.

No. 1564812

Can chipotle just stop fucking around and bottle the honey vinaigrette and sell it in stores

No. 1564864

kek this reminds me of this time when my younger cousin was over at my place when we were both kids and there was this fat ass spider on the wall, and she told me that her dad would just squish it with his finger

No. 1564865

I was catching up on the MTF thread and saw nonnies talking about King Of The Hill and I just really love that show. Especially when I was younger, I really related to Bobby Hill lmao. Texan, biker, redneck Dad who just never could understand his weird ass fat lil girl. Honestly I think thats why my Dad liked it too, could relate to Hank and Bobbys relationship he had with me. I'll give my Dad credit, for a redneck he tried his best to understand me and have my back. We lived in a little hick town in Southern Tx and he went to bat for me so hard when I was being bullied and discriminated against in middle school. Even spoke to the superintendent because of how teachers and staff were treating me because I was gay. I wasnt allowed to use the girls locker room because the PE teacher was worried I would try to "sneak a look" at the other girls. Or another teacher basically telling me to pick a struggle because I was fat and gay, of course I'm getting bullied. At least try to fit in, don't play victim it's your own fault. Also told me when he found out my gf was mexican that "racemixing is like cats and dogs fucking. Its as wrong as being gay" Though my Dad didnt like me being gay at the time, he went to bat for me after I told him all that. That PE teacher and the other one both lost their jobs over it. Idk, I'm just going down memory lane lol

No. 1564885

File: 1682977191177.jpeg (35.43 KB, 640x640, 1662520130123.jpeg)

>teacher telling me to pick a struggle
Why does this resonate with me

No. 1565033

A gacha i play glitched and charged me $1 for what should be a $15 purchase ladies things are looking up

No. 1565051

Sue me but I love british food. It's simple and comforting. Sweet porridge, apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding, english breakfast, fish and chips, pasties and pies…

No. 1565076

Its a mystery I want to investigate, I suspect that the core reason is our agriculture is lousy

No. 1565095

I kept looking at it thinking it was some kind of flat bread.

No. 1565166

File: 1682986210636.png (347.75 KB, 900x729, IMG_7088.png)

I say oo girl
Shock me like Electric eel
Baby girl.
Slip and slide on banana peel

No. 1565209

My phone is 6 years old maybe this is finally the year I get a new one. I will miss you headphone jack for the 1 pair that's wired.

No. 1565294

> There's still cultures where babygirls get their vaginas mutilated, why are we upset about a tiny hole in the earlobe?
They’re both wrong, obviously fgm is worse, but that doesn’t make piercing babies ears right just because one thing is worse than it. Maybe it’s too difficult for you, but you can be against two things at once, it’s not an either/or situation. Also the cultures that practice fgm use a lot of the same arguments to defend it:
>It looks better
>It’s a part of our culture (don’t be a bigot!)
>Babies won’t remember it anyway
>She’ll thank us when she’s older

No. 1565300

This argument happening over ear piercings 24 hours later is retarded. They are not even vaguely comparable.

No. 1565325

FGM doesn't happen when the girl is a baby. They're not even in the same ballpark of body modifications, retarded comparison.

No. 1565396

File: 1682995542893.jpg (15.32 KB, 317x282, 1678069244859600.jpg)

I think I can no longer deny myself that I'm severely autistic when it comes to ships after seeing a landmine ship on a imageboard piss me off enough that I download 4chanX and filter out phrases relating to the ship. If only I could filter IPs. Stop posting things I dislike God-damn it!

No. 1565431

Why the fuck would you compare FGM to getting your ears pierced.

No. 1565438

File: 1682997741720.jpg (36.41 KB, 693x654, EURWGH.JPG)

Why are moid surgeons allowed to be in the operating room with their chest hair out like ugly little slut doctors? Cover than shit up. Someone is dying on the table in front of you and you're toodling around with your forest of chest-pubes poking out like some gay leather daddy at pride.

No. 1565454

Get him

No. 1565464

File: 1682999141100.gif (866.09 KB, 200x200, 1668215249488780.gif)

Today I had to listen to my autistic coworker talk about her fanfictions and let me tell you
>Peter Pan psycological horror adaptation that keeps the themes of casual misogyny and motherhood
>Milking Scene
Should not be anything you want to hear in the same conversation, but if I had to hear it, you do too

No. 1565476

Disgusting. Very very disrespectful

No. 1565486

imagine this shit falls in your body, disgusting. if moid beard hairs can fall out on food i wouldnt be surprised chest hair would.

No. 1565487


No. 1565495

Where do you all find these people

No. 1565526

>get chicken juice on my hands while grocery shopping
>go to restroom to wash hands
>walk in on someone filming a tiktok on the sink
>pretend to have to actually use the restroom so I won't get in her way
>the smell in the stall is deadly
>Can't even pretend pee because I'll suffocate in there
>go to actually wash my hands
>the other woman by the sink is stinky

And then I went to another store. There were more stinky people in this store, but there was one man in particular. He was tall, and I'm like average/short so my head was near crotch height for him. And he stinked. So you all know what that means…his dick fuckign reeked. and He probably couldn't smell it because of the distance disconnecting his head from the lower half of his body. And he tried to smile at me too. Don't smile when your dick stinks. Anyway why was everyone stinky today? Bad vibes from Monday seeping into their pores and making them a little malodorous?

No. 1565557

File: 1683002793118.gif (1.43 MB, 325x244, souljanooooo.gif)

i know the trend right now is nostalgia surrouding y2k culture and the early 2000's, but as someone who actually lived and grew up during those years i can honestly say that a lot of the music from that period was awful. because of the trend, i kind of went on a deep dive of all the songs i remember being popular at that time and oh my god, i forgot how much i hated some artists from that period because of how overly saturated their shit was. i feel like music in the 2000's was often just ridiculously silly to the point of being mind numbing. i love rap but this was the era when trashy hip hop took over pop culture and we were subjected to hearing the ying yang twins screaming about big booties and shaking dat ass all day, everyday. or it was the terrible r&b singers with the constipated faces in the music videos (destiny's child), and their song would get played ad nauseum everywhere despite that being the only song they would ever be known for. on the other hand, if you didn't want to listen to that, then it was the whiny emo music with the stupid looking femboys and their dumb ass bangs, black nail polish, neckties, and love of black and green striped t-shirts. did i mention the bangs? i remember my cousin used to fall in love with every boy with a long emo bang when she was in high school, even if he was ugly as fuck.

i know someone will say music today is just as bad with all the twerking and repetitive bullshit and i agree. but 2000's music wasn't just repetitive, it was annoying. like get under your skin annoying. it's hard to explain if you weren't around to experience it but there are so many artists i refuse to listen to because they were so ubitiquous when i was growing up, like usher or alicia keys. literally just hearing their names makes my stomach churn because it was like you couldn't take a shit without someone whispering "usherrrrr" in your face.

No. 1565564

Okay well I was jamming to that shit in the back of the car without the carseat I was legally obligated to sit in while my dad's cigarette smoke blew back in my face instead of out the window and I was having a very great time.

No. 1565566

lol this is cute and i'm not mad. still have ptsd from seeing grown women break down crying over a destiny's child song like it was the greek war anthem for all single people.

No. 1565571

Because it absolutely was the ballad of the collapse of the Roman empire. You telling me you didn't completely change your demeanor and throw that sippy cup down whenever you hears moulin Rouge on the radio? You weren't flipping on MTV while your parents were asleep and watching the music videos til 4am?

No. 1565719

File: 1683014902255.jpg (59.35 KB, 1080x1049, 1682997960366931.jpg)

Would YOU be so cruel???
I see Link is steadily evolving towards gigachad physique

No. 1565722

If only Link looked this hot in-game…

No. 1565893

Pop music from the 2000s is largely just straight up terrible, I agree. For every good pop song/album there's 60 other shit ones lol. On the plus side though, I think 2000s indie and alternative music is the best decade for the genre, there were so many good artists and different exciting things happening.

I fairly confidently maintain the opinion that pop music will never reach the heights of the 80s ever again, especially from the UK. That's like the golden era

No. 1565896

I saw someone comment that they loved someones locks, as in locks of hair, and the comment section went crazy angry sayng it isnt locs and dreadlocks. People with an iq under 90 should not be allowed to be on the Internet

No. 1565898

I am not familiar with 100 gecs, but it seems that their fan base is almost the perfect representaiton of "woke" Twitter users. such as sweaty, unattractive males (who may or may not have substance abuse problems but most definitely are porn-addicts), a majority of whom are white but also with a proportional representation of minorities. Additionally, alt girl pick-me's and hideous TIMs

No. 1565906

It's two dudes, one who larps as a woman full time.

No. 1565910

There's probably at least one farmer in that video, kek

No. 1565913

as much shit as i talk, i do have some fond memories of the 2000's. i miss 2000's consoomer culture a lot because people had fun and shopping was largely still an enjoyable experience. i just have so many terrible memories of adults around me going crazy for a beep boop beep tootsie roll rip off they would hear on the radio and them literally claiming this was their "personal anthem", or watching tv and every fucking show or commercial would play whatever song was super popular that year to the point of absolute madness. and half the time the song wouldn't even fit with whatever was being aired, but they just had to put it in.

No. 1565917

the part about shows and commercials still happens today tbf

No. 1565920

i know. i think it was the way the songs sounded back then that made them particularly aggravating to me. at least with commercials today it's usually some type of mumble rap or auto-tune sing-talking so you can tune it out lol.

No. 1565923

I won't watch the video, but they look like Little Britain characters

No. 1565949

File: 1683033587462.jpg (42.46 KB, 1200x643, 8e591d257ebd5874e73df45aa85d59…)


No. 1566039

Sonic Totem has been kind of reassuring today

No. 1566097

File: 1683042207144.jpg (173.32 KB, 1080x1080, f60e218e884c9846d1bfe2a9c77e85…)

I feel like everyone's order for Chinese food is what they've been getting their whole life. Mine is always lo mein (don't care for fried rice unless it has duck sauce), orange chicken, lemon pepper wings, and cream cheese wontons/crab rangoons.

No. 1566099

I wish we had chinese food in my country, it looks so good

No. 1566103

Tbh, American Chinese food is fairly easy to make at home if the ingredients are available to you. If you can find any frozen Chinese food, it's pretty much the same thing too.

No. 1566105

yeah but i want to eat it out of the funny containers

No. 1566112

Not true. When I was a kid it was lemon chicken, then beef chop suey, then sweet and sour chicken. Now I usually opt for beef and broccoli or something with vegetables. Sesame chicken if I feel like treating myself. I want Chinese food now.

No. 1566124

Some anons are argumentative for no reason and lack reading comprehension ffs it’s like brain dead 17 year olds trying to be edgy.

No. 1566125

Some anons are argumentative for no reason and lack reading comprehension ffs it’s like brain dead 17 year olds trying to be edgy.

No. 1566163

File: 1683045314366.jpg (128.17 KB, 1500x1125, 14704-best-egg-rolls-DDMFS-4x3…)

i need EGG ROOL

No. 1566165

There's this one retard who enters threads and accuses people of attacking "all white people" when they specifically discuss racists/neo-nazis. I saw them in the unpopular opinions thread, and then another thread. I hope they swallow a pin or something.

No. 1566175

Jee, again?

No. 1566185

autistic obsession with Mario as a child = more or less normal adult

autistic obsession with Sonic as a child = incredibly autistic adult

No. 1566187

File: 1683047039476.jpg (133.93 KB, 680x1024, d08042f627b1ea88c5d322d7dd38f9…)

You haven't seen a baby cheetah today, I can tell.

No. 1566189


No. 1566190

You know you've been here too long when you know exactly what this anon is talking about and would read her book. I loved the write up you did before it was so funny

No. 1566192

what kind of adult it makes me if i was a crash bandicoot child

No. 1566201

Yesterday in the celebricows thread, I saw anons conciliate and admit they were only arguing because of a misunderstanding, there was also an anon defending short men. Weird times we live in.

No. 1566203

A natural contrarian.

No. 1566204

my friend

No. 1566205

Ayrt, I don't know who you are talking about, what write up? I'm very intrigued.

No. 1566264

Sometimes I get a little sad when I think about how I would hate my cat if I hadn’t castrated him

No. 1566266

I didn't see anyone defending short men, just that 5'10 isn't considered short in most of the world outside Europe and North America

No. 1566272

Anybody would hate cat piss on the walls, why are you sad about that?

No. 1566276

Fashion is truly in a lost phase right now. People love to hate on 10's fashion but honestly 20's fashion has been significantly worse.

No. 1566278

i think she meant the anon who claimed it's "unfeminist" to dislike manlets or some shit

No. 1566280

Agree. We're in an era obsessed with identity without any real identity which I guess is the era's identity in and of itself. No wonder why the popular thing is 90's/Y2K fashion, because we really have nothing going on in this era.

No. 1566282

File: 1683053606566.jpeg (72.86 KB, 1170x1463, 0BFD975D-B0BE-43B8-A35D-8CBC7D…)

My chipped nail polish formed a heart on its own

No. 1566286

Are you the hand anon that had the long ass nails and everyone was saying you were a tranny or is this site just full of anachans

No. 1566288

I would not be surprised if half the nonna's weren't anachans

No. 1566290

Omg what. Not a tranny or anachan (?) just thought it was a cute coincidence

No. 1566291

I advise against posting your hands on here, people are straight up freaks, look at the reply you've already gotten and it's only been six minutes.

When I posted my hands I also got accused of being a tranny because of my thin fingers so I think that there are just a lot of fat girls on here who get really angry when they see normal hands.

No. 1566294

Posting hands is /soc/ tier attention whore shit

No. 1566296

I used to love cheese wontons, but now every single restaurant puts sugar in them and it's disgusting.

No. 1566297

I would not be suprised if the other half weren't fatties

No. 1566299

My hands look similar and Im definitely not an anachan

No. 1566301

You still have time to delete this

No. 1566302

>I got made fun of so let's pretend fat girls did it so I can feel better about myself
I don't feel sorry for you and I hope you get bullied more, trans hands.

No. 1566308

Sometimes it's so painfully obvious a post was posted by someone underage kek

No. 1566310

File: 1683055493161.jpeg (31.32 KB, 480x360, 7771BF73-F1BD-4186-A70D-117D51…)

didn't expect to be called a tranny handed attention whoring anachan for something I thought was cute I really didn't mean to cause controversy here really no ill intentions
Noted. I tried deleting it but it won't let me but I reported it, maybe that'll work

No. 1566312

File: 1683055605371.jpg (32.86 KB, 500x369, 1661381582160.jpg)

That'll learn ya

No. 1566313

Well I thought it was cute anon

No. 1566314

I’m not a britbong and I think the concept of a monarchy is stupid but I’m actually very happy Charles’ coronation is late this week because it means that people aren’t likely to go on and on about the Met Gala which thank God, because that shit is fucking boring and I have no idea why it gets so much press these days. At least with the Oscars and other prestigious events, it’s an actual award show or something else. The Met Gala is nothing more than obsessing over what overpaid and over-privileged celeb wore on the red carpet to some event.

No. 1566315

It's not your fault, some anons just choose to be aggressive about weird things for no reason. But in general, it's not a good idea to post personal pictures, especially of yourself, on here.

No. 1566319

You should have gone with the term handy tranny, it would have been funnier. But post time stamped hands, I want to see something.

No. 1566327

I have long thin fingers and posted a pic of my hands holding a blunt before and was surprised nobody accused me of being a tranny. Maybe the stoner anons are superior to the rest of the nonnies.

No. 1566329

I want to love my cat for who he truly is not because I molded him into what I want him to be kek

No. 1566330

File: 1683057010488.jpg (52.92 KB, 800x533, image-66796-800.jpg)

My personal cow said she's planning to name her baby Viral. And she's crazy enough to do it.

No. 1566331

Ask if her it's Viral like in Viral infection.

No. 1566332

No, viral like internet viral.

No. 1566333

Cats who piss everywhere like that are anxious as hell, he’s happier now and able to be more true to himself without his hormones raging and turning him into a scary scrote

No. 1566364

No. 1566371

Fucking hell.

No. 1566385

could be ok-ish if you're in a non-anglo country

No. 1566390

I had pita chips for the first time and wtf they're hard as balls

No. 1566398

Balls are soft tho

No. 1566408

People who go to weddings without a date and end up kissing someone or starting a fling… who are they? what is their daily life like?

No. 1566425

I want a massage. I wish I could have that but I don't know where to book appoitments. If at the end of my trip in July I'm too tired from walking I'll get an appoitment though.

No. 1566439

I feel bored of how I currently look so I want to change it but I'm done with dying my hair and the more I look at colored contacts the more it seems like one eye is always pointing the wrong way. There isn't really anything materialistic I want otherwise that isn't at least 5000-40000 like a different car or house down payment.

No. 1566445

What about wigs or hair accessories?

No. 1566446

I always thought that was so weird as a romance trope, I've never even heard of it happening irl. Maybe I'm just not rich enough to be attending those 200+ guest weddings but wedding guests are usually family or extremely close friends so isn't it horribly awkward

No. 1566450

I'm a pretty single girl with a large family so I go to a lot of them. The guys are all duds though. Every time I started dating a guy I met at a wedding, he's been a total bum with no ambition.

No. 1566451

you're right there's hair accessories. wigs are a no go cause I want stuff that would be considered ok at work too.

No. 1566464

File: 1683072506011.jpg (11.99 KB, 428x428, 960040864-A1C1.jpg)

Ramune and jarritos and yummy. Pineapple jarritos, and strawberry or melon ramune.

No. 1566470

I wish i could buy sugar free horchata

No. 1566477

girl same da fuck

No. 1566479

nonny I like ur hands, do you play the piano?

No. 1566482

You can make horchata from rice and sweeten it with something that isn't sugar.

No. 1566491

There was also nu metal/alternative/indie music though. I mean except for hip hop vs emo (that's false dilemma anon!)

(everything I say below is only in comparison with newer music, starting from ~2010 or earlier because 90s and especially 80s are obviously superior)
I agree that there were lots of annoying songs, but I feel like there was much more variety in popular music of early 00s, judging only from what music channels would show and what normies listened to. There was turbo pop like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna and so on but there were also Linkin Park, Evanescense, No Doubt's Return of Saturn and Rock Steady, Eminem, Rammstein (Links 2-3-4 on a school/camp disco lol), blink-182, Green Day, Scooter, U2, Fatboy Slim, Avril Lavigne, Guano Apes, Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Morcheeba, Enya, t.A.T.u., etc., and they all had completely different sound. I would see Marilyn Manson's music videos now and then, like Rock is Dead, Mobscene, and This is the New Shit, can't imagine seeing anything similar on local music channels nowadays. There were SO many memorable songs, both good and annoying as fuck. Just off the top of my head, some good pretty popular songs from that time (might be highly subjective): Hooverphonic - Mad About You, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside, The Cardigans - For What It’s Worth / I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer, Titiyo - Come Along, Morcheeba - Otherwise, Anastacia - Sick and Tired, Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World / Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Shakira - Whenever, Wherever, Rammstein - Sonne, Scissor Sisters - Laura, Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip / I'm With You, No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend / Hella Good, Air - Surfing on a Rocket, LP - Breaking the Habit, Bjork - I've Seen it All, the list goes on. There were lots of songs that I would actually enjoy hearing on the radio instead of what I can hear there now. And surely a lot of great less popular (for general public) songs and albums were released in that time period, some of the best ones even (Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Deftones, Placebo, Muse, The Knife, SOAD, Tool, A Perfect Circle, etc.)
There were also much more interesting music videos back then, sometimes just fucking weird, but anyways, now it mostly feels like leafing through fashion magazines. But I didn't really care about pretty much anything after 2006 tbh, and from 2010 approximately everything seemed super generic and soulless to me (speaking only about popular music here). Listening to radio (if it's not some kind of nostalgic or rock radio) and watching music channels on TV is so boring now. I wouldn't be able to remember any songs from the last 13 years, I'm afraid, just a few maybe but no good popular songs. I know I probably sound like an old fart haha

No. 1566497

Why men tret up to own a pizza shop. Why you swole to cut pizzas. Why your arms thick as hell saiyan style to fold boxes.

No. 1566501

im sick of not being pandered to im going to learn to code to make my own dating game with a bunch of cute submissive nerdy metalhead dudes stripping for the mc

No. 1566510

Damn let me know when it comes out

No. 1566516

File: 1683076635548.png (1.74 KB, 241x243, 1547696766625.png)

I haven't used lolcow much for a few weeks what have i missed nonnies

No. 1566517

based double jointed anon

No. 1566519

At least you ain't posting your tits.

No. 1566521

You assume a lot.

No. 1566523

>didn't expect to be called a tranny handed attention whoring anachan
Just always presume that is what farmers will say.

No. 1566528

>I think that there are just a lot of fat girls on here who get really angry when they see normal hands.
Following the hand discourse and this made me cry laughing. I love lolcow posters

No. 1566530

We’re going to Brazil!

No. 1566532

i hold the record of being the only hand-poster who hasnt been called a troon

No. 1566534

TRANNY. There. Now you're not special.

No. 1566535

no, i have to post my hand first. That's not how it works.

No. 1566538

No take backs.

No. 1566543

File: 1683078378667.jpg (49.37 KB, 564x502, be7fc1954476252aad3edcd0522de2…)

Gonna take a long piss and think about silly creatures

No. 1566544

Sometimes it is so difficult to not answer anons in an overly aggressive manner.

No. 1566545

File: 1683078643339.jpg (39.96 KB, 1024x683, him.jpg)

here, you'll need this

No. 1566546

File: 1683078717104.jpg (91.6 KB, 1300x1032, theman.jpg)

>becomes overly aggressive

No. 1566548

i hate him he is so fucked up

No. 1566549

is this why there's so much more infighting than usual

No. 1566550

This thing looks like it has a social security number wtf it's basically a little man.

No. 1566555

I think long skelly fingers are normal and common so idk why they're always going off

No. 1566556

Not his little weewee

No. 1566557

Well, personally, I try not to start infights, I just join the ones other people start

No. 1566558

That is a normal hand. When you look at yours do you see five bloated vienna sausages turning blue around the knuckles

No. 1566559

I really hope >>1566558 was you choosing violence, nona

No. 1566562

It's always feminism and solidarity and blah blah blah until some bitch posts her regular ass hand and then it's tranny this male that scrote this anachan that. Stop telling on yourselves.

No. 1566571

I am not. I am actually also the huge bitch you responded to in the other thread.

No. 1566574

My cats end up being called bitch when they inevitably jump on my back when I make the mistake of bending over near them

No. 1566575

Wasn’t me nona

No. 1566576

File: 1683080329948.jpeg (8.5 KB, 219x219, ADD8B113-A6A4-4556-A957-5A6A7C…)

Tiktok users love calling anything a theory! Shut the fuck up!!

No. 1566579

god's smallest mistake

No. 1566583

When people reply back to your post saying they don't care….. lol

No. 1566585

Welcome back, nonnie. Things around here have been highly forgettable.

No. 1566596

I care about you nona

No. 1566605

listening to vocaloid songs on full volume to indoctrinate my roomie so i can go to another vocaloid concert with someone

No. 1566610

why are all the best quality tumblr gifs so tiny

No. 1566622

File: 1683086864124.png (354.71 KB, 663x897, 1681976381632050.png)

Probably to keep the file sizes small. Pic unrelated.

No. 1566626

File: 1683087311587.jpg (127.41 KB, 1029x1305, its britney bitch.jpg)

No. 1566627

I care about you too nonna! Hope you're having a good day/night. ♥

No. 1566646

>get it off my chest in a vent thread
>vent in a get it off your chest thread
>jannies still don't know

No. 1566647

you criminal!

No. 1566655

I am dying lmfao

No. 1566664

god tier taste. tangerine jarritos is the shit too

No. 1566666

What if it's Koopas someone's obsessed with

No. 1566670

It's because your tranny looking hand came with tranny takes.

No. 1566672

Turbo autism off the charts, that's how people like kirbanon is born

No. 1566673

Pipe down sausage fingies

No. 1566679

Don't you have more threads to derail with anti-abortion posts before getting banned and redtexted by admins for being male?

No. 1566680

if you really think anon is a moid then stop replying, retard

No. 1566681

No thanks, I'm gonna keep clarifying whenever trannyhands tries to claim he got falsely called one.

No. 1566684

File: 1683097617662.jpg (58.91 KB, 750x500, FB_IMG_1682816686411.jpg)

then don't cry when you get redtexed for breaking the rules

No. 1566690

I won't, since I'm not the one ban evading to go on about my "cervix" and "5th day of period" and then samefagging to validate my own posts kek.

No. 1566697

that's word is basically the same in a gazillion languages though

No. 1566699

fat niggas still gonna be fat niggas(moid)

No. 1566700

File: 1683102826997.png (513.6 KB, 1170x1337, IMG_0759.png)

No. 1566702

I didn’t get called a troon which is surprising

No. 1566714

File: 1683106093633.png (10.26 KB, 395x331, japanese names hard.png)

Truly dumbass shit kek

No. 1566717

Shit like this is why we have really shitty localizations for video games.

No. 1566718

This dude (ex-moid) keeps whinging in mutual chatrooms about how I stole his name from his shitpost facebook account and that he changed it because of me. (He changed his FB name like 2 weeks prior to me adopting this username) That name being Sol and I am using it as my usernames in some places. Riiiight because that's his name and he trademarked it what the fuck? I'm using it because I got into astronomy and found love in our sun as cringe as that sounds but like, he has all reasons to hate me and all that but this being something he's shoving in my face is the dumbest shit I've read all day.

No. 1566724

like… a tranny?

No. 1566726

meant more like ex-bf but i cannot fathom thinking i was romantically involved with this fuck

No. 1566740

File: 1683109197311.jpg (59.18 KB, 691x793, 54546846846.jpg)

my crush keeps posting lyrics in his close story about being obsessed with someone and I am being fucking delusional about it

No. 1566750

File: 1683110744646.jpg (168.27 KB, 1400x1050, project_judge_screencap_1920.j…)

Not a very nice thing to say about Tanner Yeager and Marcus Kirkland.

No. 1566753

as long as he's an ex. we all have temporary relapses in judgement.

No. 1566770

File: 1683114954773.jpg (84.23 KB, 600x600, bcd9724a7d83189ae8734a062c7569…)

Just learned Taylor Hanson(from the band Hanson) got married when he was just 19(so still a pretty boy) and had has 7 kids with his wife.

No. 1566777

where the fuck did the ginger kid come from lmao

No. 1566780

the eldest looks like he has red hair too.
someone's parent or grandparent is probably a red head

No. 1566782

moid pedophiles and fujocoomers probably seethe like hell when they think about this.

No. 1566783

File: 1683116823596.jpg (509.66 KB, 962x1523, 1415146280988_wps_41_The_Trial…)

society has always hated pedos, but if you listen to the bullshit spouted by some men these days they might convince you otherwise… i feel bad for women that get easily swayed by those types of men…

No. 1566784

No. 1566788

A lot of pedophiles were creepy towards them (it was even joked about back then that the adult pedophile dads would go to their concerts) and some fujos also recently started to ship them with each other.

No. 1566852

is discord down for anyone else? i hate that its made by furfags, they cannot program so most of the time the shit is broken or down and to fix it you gotta re-download the crap. This never happened to skype os msn, which wasnt programmed by furfags.

No. 1566861

File: 1683128140992.jpg (48.54 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg-683.jpg)

Just randomly thought about Connie/Noodlerella today and damn, she has to have some sort of brain damage from her car accident, its not even about her style change just how erratic in general she seems to be, she acts like an edgy teenager now and even though being a disney adult was cringy she seemed more mature and less bonkers.

No. 1566864

Damn I used to mutuals with her on Tumblr way back in the day when she had a relatively small blog and did tarot readings lol. You made me look her up and I had no idea she had become somewhat of a big youtuber(?) at some point in time.

No. 1566892

Kek. KEK. kek. I looked at r/femalefashionadvice and everyone in the thread for OOTDs looks ridiculous are these the same people giving the advice? Kekk

No. 1566900

File: 1683131857341.png (25.21 KB, 715x284, 123411.png)

since we're not allowed to respond in that thread I'm responding here: there was already a trailer released a few months ago

No. 1566901

No. 1566904

you're not allowed to respond in the get it off your chest thread. i just wanted to tell anon there's already other stuff besides a poster for this movie but i don't want to get banned.

No. 1566905

nonnies i don't usually use milk for anything but I have found myself in possession of a carton of it and don't want to just throw it away. I don't like drinking it and don't have any cereal, any other ideas

No. 1566906

File: 1683132076787.png (114.12 KB, 733x856, Screenshot (448).png)


No. 1566913

my god i wonder what he reeks of

No. 1566926

File: 1683133671639.png (271.4 KB, 1565x1080, 37d183db-e29f-4d07-bd97-d08b06…)

No. 1566981

File: 1683135493588.jpeg (156.11 KB, 1394x930, 0, 6CDEA554-71A9-4F06-8206-528…)


No. 1566986

File: 1683135669728.jpeg (18.9 KB, 274x267, IMG_4926.jpeg)

But it’s not. So get a real one.

No. 1566999

No. 1567001

File: 1683136154833.gif (618.5 KB, 275x275, IMG_4728.gif)

Blessed are the catposters.

No. 1567049

chaser and/or future troon, that's what all men who defend trannies are

No. 1567053

File: 1683139394116.jpeg (122.01 KB, 998x998, IMG_0764.jpeg)


No. 1567054

Hire me for something, nonnie.

No. 1567060

Chocolate milk? Cake? Bechamel sauce?

No. 1567062

File: 1683139921219.jpeg (77.36 KB, 1021x554, IMG_3108.jpeg)

when you want to post about a personal cow sooo bad but its zoomershit and you just know the milk will stop and dry into forgotten dust in the wind if you do…

No. 1567071

You could sperg about it in the personal cows thread without giving identifying details

No. 1567112

I forgot how good I am at stalking people with the most basic information. I feel guilty for looking shit up on this girl I’ve become obsessed with though. I really gotta cool it, like, who the fuck does this shit?? Not a normal well adjusted person. I want to be normal and well adjusted. I want to give myself a pat on the back because I think it’s funny when I find info I want but I also want to slap myself because STOP IT!!!

No. 1567117

Watching the life is strange fan movie, I shouldn't be surprised but it's so jarring when they constantly have women/trans/non binary play male characters. Like in the first movie they had a chubby woman play Max's best male friend. In life before the storm they have a chubby black woman playing the brother of the dude who bullied Nathan.
I'm watching it for laughs but holyshit

No. 1567119

Also, I'm sorry if I'm wrong but Chloe is played by a troon??? I apologize of that's just an awkward looking young woman, but they have an Adam's apple, weird voice etc.

No. 1567121

I'm really good at this too and feel so disgusted by myself after going on a mini-stalking binge. It's honestly like a fun challenge though to see how much I could find. It's not my fault way too much info is available online

No. 1567130

Anon share your best tips to uncover things about people. I got into a stalking binge a week ago and I hit a bunch of deadends and it has been nagging at me ever since.

No. 1567131

His new music video where he dances is so bad, he thinks he's so fucking sexy. I don't know if he can troon out safely in China though.
I even already posted it because I hate him

No. 1567132

What are your tricks? Every single time I look up someone's full name I get nothing beyond their address and phone number and sites telling me I need to pay $50 to see anything else.

No. 1567137

Well why don't you then search their address then, you can even look at it on Google Maps if you want to.

No. 1567138

>I want to be normal and well adjusted
And I don't. Tell me your tricks nonna, I also want to be good at Internet stalking.

No. 1567141

>It's not my fault way too much info is available online
USA moment

No. 1567149

freedom to stalk

No. 1567153

File: 1683146869794.png (174.9 KB, 677x945, 1682629693104509.png)

No. 1567158

Realizing that I can just put my brushes in the dryer after washing them changed my life

No. 1567165

i am trying to order kfc and it keeps rejecting my debit card. I am happy but also i wanted fast food

No. 1567170

where's that one post that's like i hate alex wolff's ugly mug and his disgusting mole or whatever

No. 1567171

Girl what more do you need than their address and phone number kek. Look them up on linkedin to find their work if you don't already know it

No. 1567172

God wants you to not get fat.

No. 1567173

Is it common for people to just make their addresses public where you live or something?

No. 1567178

There are websites (such as nuwber.com) that post like every address associated with your name, sometimes e-mail addresses and phone numbers and names of your family members. Most people don't know their info is on those sites and I think you have to go through a long process to get them to take the shit down

No. 1567189

Hm I hate the modern world.

No. 1567196

File: 1683151714079.jpg (56.32 KB, 1042x770, 16902347890.jpg)

>Girl what more do you need than their address and phone number kek
Their social media

No. 1567200

companies also collect and sell personal information for advertising money too. there are multiple databases where this info is collected and publicly accessible, either via government or companies.
let's say you buy baby wipes at Target to wipe your ass. they use that information, coupled with knowing you're a female of common child-bearing age, to advertise you more baby related things because you buying the wipes means you might be pregnant or recently gave birth. now, they sell that data to an advertising company which Buy Buy Baby uses, and they send you coupon packs and a catalog in the mail for baby items they have. and then you get a formula sample in the mail from some formula company hoping you'll spend thousands on their product if they get to you first. aside from the public information via government, having any account on any website, buying items online, all of this is collected and shared and sold and stolen by third parties, and the presence can build up online if it gets leaked or is uploaded on the clearnet for other advertising purposes.

No. 1567203

File: 1683153092526.jpg (8.54 KB, 234x196, 1680531064772.jpg)

too bad i ended up ordering burger king

No. 1567222

File: 1683155913351.jpg (26.62 KB, 623x532, 41xeas.jpg)

last year I finally got a metro pass and I accidentally memed myself into being obsessed with public transit like a true autist even though I can't stand being around so many people
just had a really short and somewhat retarded/embarrassing conversation with an older male employee at a train station because I thought this one set of stairs was public access and it wasn't (there weren't any signs indicating either way)
the autism wins again

No. 1567224

Omg yes, challenge is the perfect way to describe it! Most people aren't good about covering up their online presence so honestly most times I don't even really have to dig too hard! One of my old coworkers kept saying I was sooooo good at stalking people online when all I did was… google their full name kek.

Sorry I'm not super good at reverse engineering people's socials with too little info! It usually will help if I have a single in i.e. the name of a family member or a friend or something. Most people, for whatever fucking reason, put their full names on their instagram accounts. From there I'll dig through tagged photos, followers, comments, etc. Of course, it's a moot end if the profiles are private or if you don't have the last name of their friends but that's why I try go to the sibling route if possible. Most people I've online stalked usually have a decent social media presence that I'm usually aiming to get their address rather than the other way around. Property records are public record and it's easy to search them for my city, although I'll use RealtyHop for other states.

There was a guy I stalked online recently which was a bit of a tough one but I managed to find his sister's socials and then find his through her followers. This recent girl I only had her first name (extremely common name), the fact that she lived in a different state, her university and majors, her best friend's ig, rough area of where she worked, and roughly how long her commute was via car.

Literally all I googled was "(first name) (university + major) (other state she lived in)" and her linkedin was the first result. I did find her best friend's linkedin right before so I don't know if that influenced the search, but it might've because it felt too good to be true. I googled her first and last name, the state she lives in now, and several people popped up from those information aggregating websites and I popped each into google maps to see how long the drive would be between the rough area I knew she worked before narrowing it down to one likely address. I already had her social media but she's smart that she doesn't have her name on it, nor a photo of her as her pfp, it's private, and the handle is not used anywhere else (because that's the first thing I google all the time). If she hadn't given it to me, I would have never found it. I don't really know what I was looking for when I went digging tbh. Most regular people are not so smart and protective of their online presence.

Honestly all my stalking has taught me is to be very protective of my social media presence, in fear of other freaks doing the same exact shit I do kek. I regularly google my name (thankfully extremely common) and go through those information aggregating websites and request take downs. I do it for close family too. My main handle is quite unique but the only thing that pops up is my disabled tumblr (I switched it to a nonsense handle anyway).

No. 1567234

lol I do this kind of thing too whether its boredom, spite towards specific people I used to know, or just for fun. I feel so evil for it sometimes but I like knowing what mundane things people are up to ngl
fortunately for my own shit I don't have a unique name whatsoever and have used a bunch of different usernames over the years

No. 1567239

I wish I used different handles everywhere! I had an obsession with coming up with a fun and unique handle that would be mine and mine alone. I think it's because I followed a lot of artists and I loved their unique handles and how it was basically their brand. I've jumped from handle to handle but I would usually hold on to each for a few years. Nowadays I find it so freeing and fun to come up with lots of goofy usernames kek.

No. 1567290

File: 1683161046383.png (47.54 KB, 784x297, buzzfeed.PNG)

This is so crazy. Buzzfeed News is going kaput, I can see the rest shutting down eventually as well. At least they still have Tasty?

>BuzzFeed News, the Pulitzer Prize-winning digital news website that took the internet by storm roughly a decade ago and inspired jealousy from legacy media organizations, will shutter, BuzzFeed chief executive Jonah Peretti announced Thursday.

>The move was part of broader layoffs across BuzzFeed, Peretti said in a memo to staffers, with the company moving to slash 15% of its workforce, or 180 employees.

>“While layoffs are occurring across nearly every division, we’ve determined that the company can no longer continue to fund BuzzFeed News as a standalone organization,” Peretti told staffers.

No. 1567303

File: 1683162998590.gif (305.47 KB, 220x220, cat-kissing.gif)

The way this cat slowly sinks down after kissing the camera is so funny to me

No. 1567306

You can tell a lot about someone by the retarded shit they pick and choose to address on twitter

No. 1567312

The illumaughti drama is like diet cola Creepshow, one thing about the commentary community is they are quick to dog pile and cancel problematic fat women who also spend all day waving fingers at others.
Her video was just like creepshows as well, just basically going, "I I I never met you".
She's a tra so kek

No. 1567322

i also google my name periodically to see what comes up. i've never really used social media like that even when i was younger and whatever accounts i do have, they're usually for browsing/lurking purposes only and i never, ever use my full name and i think anyone who does is just asking for it. i also never use the same username more than once and if i can, habitually change them every now and then. i have a linkedin for professional reasons, but i don't allow google to index it and periodically disable it anyway since i forget to update it a lot. i will also use fake names or just go by one of my middle names since i have two and most people don't know that about me. it's not even intentional on my part, i'm not a social person to begin with and don't really live an exciting life. nor have i ever felt the need to share my innermost thoughts with strangers, so i've never really had anything to post or share on twitter or instagram. i also don't like the idea of leaving breadcrumbs for strangers that i can't see whose intentions i don't know.

>in fear of other freaks doing the same exact shit I do kek

just assume that people are because they usually do and i've found proof of this, especially within the last couple of years. again thankfully in my case, i did a swipe of all my socials when i was 17 and that was over 10+ years; i'm 28 now. no one except for my father and my cousin use social media, but we're estranged so again, nothing to link back to me since we don't speak and i don't volunteer this information on the regular. i also have no siblings and no long term friends who post about me on their socials. in a lot of ways, i'm the perfect ghost. unless you know me and where i was born, you'll end up running into a lot of dead ends and false equivalencies. i used to feel kind of bad that i didn't "exist" online, but now i relish in the freedom of being invisible online. i think it's good to be a bit mysterious since most people are dumb enough to cough up everything about themselves.

No. 1567331

File: 1683166955166.jpg (98.81 KB, 828x975, FvEaFVxWICUn1XC.jpg)

No. 1567338

I wish dove would sell their fragrance free bar soap as a liquid so it's easier to use on my flytrap. I don't think the body wash is the same but I'm not sure.

No. 1567341

brothers from another mother

No. 1567352

File: 1683168435831.jpeg (35.93 KB, 600x1001, oh yay...oh wait.jpeg)

>applying for jobs over the summer
>freshen up my cv and resume
>"congratulations! you've been selected to move forward!"
>get excited
>"please continue with this hirevue virtual interview in the next 24 hours…"

i hate doing those virtual interviews but it is what it is

No. 1567360

File: 1683169344998.jpg (97.92 KB, 1353x666, loldfe.jpg)

Ok come on

No. 1567361

File: 1683169406507.webm (636.55 KB, 469x360, 1681263301138341.webm)

i am going to stay all night awake drawing and screw up my sleeping schedule again

No. 1567380

You're never too old to look through magazines and play "what I would buy" tbh

No. 1567381

My feet

No. 1567398

Turning off my the vibration I get from a text message just made my life so peaceful. Now I get the notification but no actual alert.

No. 1567401

I like how anytime there is discussion of Majima on the farm, it's always the most autistic conversation possible. Nonnies discussing how he is a nipplet or how he doesn't wash his dick properly and has dickcheese.

No. 1567404

I really love how someone thought of this and decided to actually go manufacture and sell it. adopting a small rodent rn just so I can give it shark slippers

No. 1567413

my hamster could only wear these for her funeral outfit because I wouldn't risk her swallowing them, but that's an instabuy

No. 1567442

File: 1683180475323.png (101.64 KB, 552x471, Clipped_image_20230504_070850.…)

I haven't had a good phone in years. I currently have a galaxy fold and today I discovered by accident I can hold the screen over a photo and it clips it and turns it into an emoji. I made so many of myself in work tonight. I made loads of my boyfriends cat. This is the funniest shit in the world to me. Phones are neat.

No. 1567464

I wish the skinamarink director just said what it all meant because apparently he intended for everything to mean something, which I am taking to mean that there's actually a story going on. I don't want to interpret shit about it, this is like the one movie where I want to know what's actually going on.

No. 1567466

I wish i could share my favourite cow with all of you, he's so much funnier than Shayna and any current western cow. Sadly there is a language barrier.

No. 1567469

Some of you are too retarded for your own good

No. 1567473

i give up, i got to page 39 out of 49 of my drawing book. Gotta finish up tomorrow

No. 1567475

Kek I learned that in a phone store a week ago and found it hilarious. How is the galaxy fold? I want to get the flip one because I want a small phone again.

No. 1567478

File: 1683186094214.jpg (51.61 KB, 736x858, ff2a9f55218dd9d922b888af669104…)

moid death moid death

No. 1567480

could you maybe summarise some of the cow's most cowish behavior in the personal cow thread? I have seen some do that with non english cows before

No. 1567481

I love the fold. It's like a small tablet when I'm sitting chilling. It also works perfectly as a phone. The camera is amazing. I'm not use to having so many features on a phone but it's very fast and smart. The screens are very good. I've had mine a few months and it seems pretty stable I've got a case on it and have dropped it and there's no marks. Even the screens are clever they can split screen, or if you're watching YouTube in the bath and sit it up on itself it optimizes the screen.

No. 1567508

File: 1683190079503.png (678.75 KB, 899x1461, Screenshot_20230504-034710.png)

I miss this era of Tokio Hotel. i just miss this look in general. They really brought something interesting to look at. Now this just looks hilarious to look back on, but it was so fun.

No. 1567514

File: 1683192155247.jpg (214.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

it was a confident and distinct style they should have kept it and people would appreciate the nostalgic vibes. Nowadays they look umemorable. Bill this tiger king style is not it!

No. 1567515

this gave me flashback to a forum I frequented a decade ago where everyone was obsessed with Tokio Hotel. It wasn't even a music forum

No. 1567520

File: 1683193330498.png (225.28 KB, 1082x676, brian.png)

good lord he looks disgusting. Brian molko used to be a pretty boy back in the day but at least he aged gracefully ffs.

No. 1567522

A this point it's a relief when an androgynous man keeps up the look as he ages(somewhat, long hair and eye makeup) and doesn't troon out. We live in crazy times.

No. 1567526

As a short woman, seeing other women say "short women need to leave the tall guys for us!" and in general just not liking short women who date tall men actually encouraged me to only date tall men.

No. 1567537

Are you telling me this is the same person??

No. 1567539

Vice is also filling bankruptcy

No. 1567564

I remember reading that he intentionally picked this look because he was "tired of being fetishized" for his androgyny. I wonder how many times he's been asked when he's trooning. What if he's a crypto-transphobe kek

No. 1567568

I like having "canon" or "dictionary" usernames that I change often so I am harder to look up. Honestly at this point I think many "quirky" usernames come off as try hard.

No. 1567584

He would have looked ugly as shit if he tried that.

No. 1567594

imagine laxatives but it's for your uterus on your period

No. 1567595

My brother lost a lot of weight now we have the same wonky face kek. I kinda like how obviously we look like siblings now

No. 1567599

I heard that orgasms during your period can even shorten it even by a little, how true is that really? Personally I have myself noticed that a lot of blood comes out right after masturbation.

No. 1567650

Had a dream I died in a fight with a video game scrote and I died becoming a ghost but only men could see me.im still shaking

No. 1567715

File: 1683214157160.jpg (157 KB, 1080x1454, IMG_20230504_172950.jpg)

I don't usually go on 4chan but sometimes I lurk /x/ for teh lulz and I'm losing my shit over anons who think that CERN does timeline experiments and puts in fake animals that haven't existed before. This shit gets me howling. I watched lots of animal documentaries as a kid and I'm 100% sure jerboas existed years ago

No. 1567719

>i'm from the non-jerboa timeline
Worst timeline

No. 1567720

File: 1683214704928.jpeg (16.54 KB, 351x257, 8434A99C-530F-4395-9798-8196F5…)

Moids really think their retard limitations define reality

No. 1567731

what happened this time, i want to see the retardation

No. 1567745

Am I the only one who just doesn't go through the 'honeymoon phase' in relationships? I want to get to know you before I say things like 'I love you' and whatever. Maybe I'm just a turbo autist but romance in my own life is so weird and awkward to me, especially in the very beginning. I just associate it with being a teenager and having celebrity crushes, like in your head they're way better than they actually are kek.

No. 1567754

6 months in on my most recent relationship and still feeling honeymoonish. I’m starting to think that the feeling needing to expire is a cope sold to straight women to get them to stay with boring sub-par men. I don’t want to imagine relationships without honeymoon. I would rather just be single.

No. 1567759

My nail plates are super thin from over filing and now they're sensitive to heat when washing my hands, blegh. I have to start my nail regimen again.

No. 1567765

One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me ever is my whole titty slipping out during a chest ultrasound. I think the tech saw, if she didn't see the whole titty she definitely saw a little areola

No. 1567769

Nta but the hoelneymoon phase may last even 2 years

No. 1567771

ive only been in one relationship and im still in it, we've been together just shy of two years, so i don't have experience to say. but i find im just as "honeymoon" now, if not much more, as i was since shortly after we got together (maybe two months in). i don't know what honeymoon really means though, i just know i feel lovey dovey around him so i assume that is it. will be sad if that actually goes away and unable to come back if we try.

No. 1567821

I didn't do shit today at my job and I don't even feel guilty. I was just lurking here during the entire afternoon in my bed instead because I brought my company's laptop with me. That's what they get for making me work more than others a few months ago and for making me train three new employees by myself, fuck them.

No. 1567824

File: 1683221868699.jpg (386.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-05-04-19-35-18…)

this thread is a fever dream, it feels great to read it while smoking weed

No. 1567826

i've been seeing so many cute animals lately. there was a pretty bird looking in the window at my university as we were doing our presentations. then i met a beautiful crow on my way to the train. i also saw a lady walking her cat that she picked up and put in her grocery cart to take home.

No. 1567833

I hate when people order something at my job then insist they ordered something else when I give them the fucking drink they ordered and i hate when they act like im retarded

No. 1567840

ah the good old, "i asked for x not y!" scam in the hopes you'll make them what they actually wanted for free.

No. 1567871

I have honestly lost all interest in JJBA now that there is a canonical tranny.

No. 1567875

File: 1683225431891.jpeg (88.4 KB, 750x580, 042B0B08-D50C-4210-BA13-25268E…)


No. 1567879

watched thd video myself earlier, people who get bariatric surgery need to stay hydrated all day without drinking caffiene or sugar, but plain water can make them feel sick so they make drinks filled with no-sugar syrups and post videos about them.

No. 1567881

That's not the problem, the problem is the retards in that community call it "water". It's not water.

No. 1567888

File: 1683226401370.jpg (85.43 KB, 736x736, cfb28b0a95acf003449c6ee3dfff02…)

Grocery prices are kicking my ass so bad. I can spent over $100 and take home like nothing. So crazy.

No. 1567898

I feel this anon. I used to think growing up, that a six figure salary is what I should aim for to live more than comfortablely. Now with the way things are going, I'm starting to think this is the minimum to even have an okay lifestyle.

No. 1567899

I think my worst trait is that when I know someone is wrong I have to tell them and I can't ever just zip my lips.

No. 1567909

Based. I think the only women who complain about petite women especially paired with tall men are ones that just wish they had that build and dynamic. Anons have pointed out a majority of girls and women who are into questionable pickme shit like coquette and ddlg are always tall. You just know these are the bitches seething at smaller women. It's really creepy.

No. 1567913

Nobody likes to talk about it but anything round or cylindrical (tomatoes, onion, cucumbers) are actually some of the worst things to have to chop up.

No. 1567915

Posts like this are just women calling pickmes out by saying pickme-tier shit. Most straight women just fight between themselves for the 'better' scrote. It's kinda pathetic. Thank god I'm out of this, I would probably go insane if I was straight and had to endure all that catty pickme nlog shit irl. Seeing it on lolcow is cringe enough.

No. 1567918

You're being nlog rn too, anon, you didn't notice

No. 1567920

My Nigel’s mom makes like $112k per year and is drowning in debt, still lives in a shit apartment. They don’t live in squalor or anything but if you’re not good with money (most people aren’t), it’s definitely not enough on a single income unless you live in bumfuck egypt where the only places to eat are Applebees and Chilis. Maybe if you get a partner who makes at least like 60k it could be good.

No. 1567925

Yes, I am. A woman who isn't a pickme is an exception so technically she's not like other girls. Pickmes are nlogs for other reasons though, like liking basic shit like video games and talking about it like it makes them special and to get male attention, when it's the most normie tier interest you can have. Also scrotes are retards for not seeing this and enabling their pickmeism.

No. 1567928

>Applebees and Chilis
>In Egypt

No. 1567932

I wish I were taller,so tired to have to shorten all my clothes.

No. 1567938

KEK nonnie, “bumfuck Egypt” is just a colloquialism for “the middle of nowhere.”

No. 1567939

File: 1683229363207.png (50.36 KB, 738x364, 1681410393185.png)

No. 1567941

We need to stop Big Pussy and birds from pushing scented vag wash. If you don't expect your eyeball to smell like peaches and cream and ocean breeze and lemon and candy and fairies and cherry koolaid and baby powder and Chanel No.5 and strawberries and roses then you shouldn't expect your or anyone else's vagina to smell like that either.

No. 1567944

Op here, don't argue you guys. I love tall women too. It's just that people saying height differences look weird and short men seething just encouraged me to not even consider men who aren't tall. It's not that serious, just relax we don't have to have a giraffe vs. gnome war.

No. 1567955

you know you actively make societies shorter, like I'm 5'8 and I all I ask is for a guy whose a inch of two taller then me when I'm wearing fails, that's it but for some reason womanlets who are like 5'0 have to go after men who are 6'0

No. 1567958

Short people regardless of sex should not breed tbh

No. 1567959

All the really tall men I've seen irl were ugly.

No. 1567963

That's what I say about picky eaters.

No. 1567965

I agree with this 100%. Yeah it's all fun and games for them to be so smol in comparison to their hagrid bfs and then they spit out some manlets and make the earth a worse place to live

No. 1567967

people regardless of sex should not breed

No. 1567968

Men are abundant. I can date a tall guy and there will still be plenty to go around.

No. 1567969

6'0-6'2 is the perfect male height imo. Anything above that and their proportions get fucked up and they look like Lurch from the Adams family or some other monstrosity

No. 1567970

The only valuable post itt

No. 1567971

I accidentally cut my thumb and it won't stop bleeding.
farewell nonnies

No. 1567973

Hold it in the air and hold a paper towel against it for a very long time I just did this to myself 2 days ago on a jar washing dishes

No. 1567975

File: 1683231221679.png (78.35 KB, 475x588, yasmin is cuter.png)

can we fight about pinky sizes or something this is boring

No. 1567976

I have a bunch of extra faux locs that I'm not gonna be wearing again, so I think I'll buy a wig in the same color and do a cool partially wavy partially loc'd style.

No. 1567977

Hold it above your heart

No. 1567978

File: 1683231363380.png (609.37 KB, 1192x1162, 1f1.png)

>look for fanfic for children's cartoons to gawk at the tism
>find something rated high in the fandom
>melodramatic "deconstructionist" Riverdale-tier stuff full of typos and your/you're mistakes
>get hooked on it anyway
>read it all in a couple of hours since it's not even that long
>story incomplete
>hasn't been updated since 2021
>it's cringe but I still want more

No. 1567980

no one on reddit is a real person!

No. 1567982

It's one of those nights were I haven't decided yet if I'm watching The X Files or My Scene: Masquerade Madness

No. 1567989

NTAYRT, but yes. I can't believe he didn't adapt a better style for his twink death. He was rocking his hair being down and long, but wtf happened. He downgraded even worse than Davey Havok.

No. 1567993

I'm super jelly of girls who look flattering in blue. I can't even do blue nail polish, that's how bad it washed me out.

No. 1567996

Are you thinking of a specific shade of blue or just blue in general? Because there's definitely a blue that flatters you too.

No. 1567997

In 30 years all the remainers of chinese trash the average person surrounds themselves with will be considered vintage.

No. 1568012

I feel the same way towards pinks. The only good pink for me is salmon FUCK SALMON that's barely a fucking pink.

No. 1568087

A grown man isn't going to look like a little girl forever and many men who do look like that end up aging weirdly anyways

No. 1568090

I have a cousin who sort of looks like right. But he always looked like that, I don't think he ever had a cute phase.

No. 1568091

They generally don't have manlets tho, also yaaasssss eugenics come thru just shit on entire groups of people im sure Guatemalans don't deserve children because they're genetically predisposed to be shorter

No. 1568092

my period smells like pine needles and now i feel like a forest fairy

No. 1568101

Guys… pinkies shorter than your pointer finger = masculine, pinky longer than your pointer finger = feminine, discuss. I have feminine pinkies, regardless.

No. 1568103

This is some alien shit

No. 1568105

Light blue because that's the color I go for the most, but I feel like none look good on me. Even vibrant blues.

No. 1568109

I thought it was ring and index fingers?

No. 1568113

not anymore, that's pseudoscience

No. 1568114

File: 1683244625633.jpg (784.11 KB, 1809x2560, 91de7LLVpsL.jpg)

did anyone else read these as a kid? I was obsessed with finding these

No. 1568116

Like anon >>1568109 said, it's the ring and index finger. Mine are of equal lenght, hmmmm

No. 1568117

It's pinkies

No. 1568118

I thought I lost a shirt and bought it again on thredup, but the first one reappeared on a lost and found rack. Now I have three of them.

No. 1568121

File: 1683244930526.png (190.83 KB, 596x735, hFBAD4497.png)

Best thing about making burrito bowls at home is that you can add as much sour cream as you want AND eat it with doritos instead of tortilla chips. Hehehehehe.
Speaking of burrito bowls, crunchwraps are also way better homemade. I like taco bell but the crunchwraps taste so weird.

No. 1568124

Wait a second, there are people with pinkies longer than their index? WTF? Mine is almost a centimeter shorter than my index.

No. 1568125

What are these? Comics made with dolls? If so I think I've read something like that once but could never find more. I kinda wish I could make my own comics with the dolls I already have. I'm thinking about customizing some cus they're pretty old and also getting some ken to give him hair and nice clothes.. it would be very silly but I just can imagine how much fun would be to make all the scenarios and take pics and mess up with photoshop. Do people even do that anymore? I guess thats the only thing I really miss of being a kid, playing with the dolls.

No. 1568126

i'm trying so hard to imagine and it's the goofiest thing lol the fuck is in your guys' water? i've never seen someones pinkie longer than any other finger honestly

No. 1568135

they are all basically kids stories told with barbie dioramas, but the image usually takes up a whole page. barbie has a lot of them dating pretty far back. I'd kill to go back in time and be the director of photography for one tbh, it would be fun… nowadays most adults get away with playing with dolls by investing in fancy bjds (me). it would be nice to see people making stuff with their dolls instead of just making dolls imo

No. 1568157

What the fuck Geno Samuel is 20 years old what the hell.

No. 1568159

I had the ice skating one, it was cute

No. 1568165

File: 1683250339170.jpg (104.17 KB, 863x640, 1662549777606.jpg)

anybody a /g/ lurker and notice more infighting lately? was ok for like three weeks… moid spam from 2 days ago also started on /g/ hmmmm. i want to eat my cheese and crackers and read about sexy men in peace

No. 1568176

just came back from salon, and nonnies faith is restored in women, we were like 5 women talking about the evil of sex work, onlyfans and porn.

No. 1568178

>hear a random beep in headphones while watching youtube video
Are the aliens taking over my computer?

No. 1568184

the greys were coming from inside the house

No. 1568187

I wish Bandersnatch was more fleshed out and had more options to mentally torture the Bandersnatch guy idk he was cute all mentally ill like that.

No. 1568192

Funny I was just thinking abt that episode because I was listening to that O Superman song they play at the end (of the ending I got at least? Idk it’s been years since I watched it)

No. 1568193

Why was everyone so insane about the ugly blonde with the pug face when the main guy was adorably sweating and crying the whole time

No. 1568205

Those anons are aliens I'm telling you.
>hello humans. let's debate which finger is the longest. mine is my pinky
Freaky as hell

No. 1568219

File: 1683260408674.jpeg (43.6 KB, 636x358, images (3).jpeg)

Mine is the ring finger. Here's a pic of my hand, pls no bully.

No. 1568220

You have very beautiful soft looking hands, nona…

No. 1568222

File: 1683260619590.jpg (380.42 KB, 1600x1200, x21mX.jpg)

I've been addicted to playing Cities Skylines but eventually my city got big enough that it became unmanageable and I lost all motivation to continue my playthrough. I'm just too much of a brainlet to wrap my head around traffic management

No. 1568238

I'm drunkkkk

No. 1568239

No. 1568241

Does anyone have that meme from tumblr where its a wikipedia article (not reddit post, not about the assassination) about james a garfield and someone gets it confused with the cat and is like “please specify the president”

No. 1568243

File: 1683262357178.jpeg (67.39 KB, 640x867, E422256C-C6E7-4424-A318-EDC19F…)

Nevermind its about andrew garfield. Ig this really is the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1568245

File: 1683262889945.png (183.29 KB, 636x358, image.png)

She just got back from her nail appointment don't be rude

No. 1568246

Ezra Miller

No. 1568247

I wish I had a special skinny lockpick finger.

No. 1568250

File: 1683263294531.jpg (50.63 KB, 936x374, da0a4efc8613d97a8c64901e5d89c0…)

No. 1568255

File: 1683263770218.png (363.52 KB, 975x727, image.png)

No. 1568259

Shoulda edited it on his foot

No. 1568260

FUCK that's true >>1568250 had the right idea

No. 1568268

My dumbass has been making this tea wrong because it's supposed to be at 200f not 175f. No wonder it kept tasting weak.

No. 1568269

File: 1683266784533.png (22.73 KB, 747x559, kino.png)

i wish more japanese animators and mangakas had english alts, whenver they do they are pretty unhinged

No. 1568271

File: 1683267056190.png (10.58 KB, 749x295, k.png)

No. 1568273

I’m addicted to watching natural disaster videos. There’s just something so fascinating about them. I’ve been watching volcanoes and earthquakes for the past two hours. Any other nonnies do this?

No. 1568276

i have zero context but this is hilarious to me

No. 1568280

File: 1683269724487.gif (1.3 MB, 220x220, kek.gif)

please nonnies learn spanish you are missing out on the best cows. I need to discuss this cow with you. He ran a doxxing group targetting the circle of a famous latam cow, got inside this circle without no one noticing he was the admin of this massive group, became friends with all of them and then backstabbed them. This other guy who focuses on doing stream related to this cow(dont even get me started on how this boomer got involved in this anime sperg drama) got doxxed by said owned of the group and once he found out started sperging, calling him a pedo and telling everyone he was going to doxx him and pay for people to spread the word he's a pedo to his family and co-workers. Also he started spoutting based transphobic slurs because a tranny scrote was also trying to doxx him. It's so fucking wild. Stop wasting your time counting Shayna's folds and pls learn spanish so i can discuss the doomverse with all of you.

No. 1568284

File: 1683270009065.jpeg (17.56 KB, 540x360, B61E0902-E0F0-48A7-820A-549FCD…)

I love my friend but she's a fucking moron. nonnas she spends seven SEVEN dollars everyday on some regular ass fucking iced coffee that looks like this. I told her I can get you from dunkin that tastes exactly that same at half the price and even bigger cup but she says it tastes different
we're both broke students I have no idea where she gets the money

No. 1568285

its 7 usd in america? its like 3 usd in my piss-poor third world country

No. 1568286

Yeah $3 coffee is pretty much the standard coffee price around the world any one who pays more is just being ripped off kek

No. 1568288

to be fair i love starbucks too, but there are no alternatives where i live. I tried mcdonalds bootleg starbucks and it sucks.

No. 1568290

nona cuentame todo, estoy mas que lista

No. 1568291

It's not even starbucks it's some hipster local cafe

No. 1568292

where do i even start, it's so long. I recommend you to watch some resume on yt. I assure you its hilarious, literally everyone involved except the boomer is some anime tard nerd so its hilarious to see all of them fall.

No. 1568294

omg omg I bet most of them look like friki-metaleros or retardos, share the sauce and names nona

No. 1568295

File: 1683271152300.jpg (25.53 KB, 650x941, dum chikito.jpg)

doomverse. The latest milk is a 7 hour live, so you have a lot to go through. They made a knowyourmeme page recently too so you could start there.

No. 1568297

fantastic chef kiss nona

No. 1568304

File: 1683273119480.jpg (56.46 KB, 465x607, dfdkfkl.jpg)

Finnish nonnies make me so mad. Why do they get to enjoy their stupid crazy delicious blueberry juice drink on the daily but I taste the godly nectar ONCE in Helsinki airport and am supposed to leave and live with the knowledge I'll never have it agAIN!!?!? What kind of psychological warfare are you waging in flärka-blärka land!?!?!

No. 1568305

I'm travelling to Helsinki soon and I will search for this. I fucking love blueberries, thanks anon you got me hyped

No. 1568307


but fr this stuff is like crack and you're based af for being blueberry afficionado. It's the superior berry, 100%. I hope you like it! Helsinki airport is really nice, too! You should go sit at the Moomin cafe if you're by those terminal gates, though imo the drinks are overrated. The moomin gifts shops are nice, too! Their postcards are cute. As a postcard hobbyist, they're actually printed on nice postcard paper so I'll vouch for that if you're looking for a small memento. Safe travels!

No. 1568308

That's old milk though.
Unless you're talking about something more recent than what's mentioned here?

No. 1568309

I'm gonna do it, you can't stop me!
Aww thank you for the recommendations anon, I will definitely check out the Moomin cafe! Thanks!

No. 1568478

File: 1683299387087.jpg (333.39 KB, 1920x1280, blueberry-juice-image-data.jpg)

No. 1568497

File: 1683300873347.png (25.21 KB, 772x410, bimen.png)

Which one of you wrote this lol

No. 1568501

Can you guys believe anorectal violence-chan is back

No. 1568504

Sanefag, but also the return of AV-can has made my think about how different the site has become in such a short time. Back when he was first posting most of us just ignored his threads and discussed his origins in other threads I admittedly did post a stupid glitter text gif in one one time, but that's besides the point but now I feel like if he starts posting again newfags will start spamming his threads with yaoi and kpop.

No. 1568506

God I'm so jealous of you, I'm almost seething.

No. 1568509

We need a hellweek and tighter moderation when it comes to interacting with moids

No. 1568517

Driving around town listening to music on my period with the seat warmer on feels like I'm taking a baby out for a drive so it can go to sleep. And you know what? It works.

No. 1568525

File: 1683304395097.gif (1.13 MB, 250x256, IMG_4837.gif)

No. 1568535

I bought a 6 pack of crisps (aka chips, gotta translate for the us nonnies) and I just found 8 bags inside.. fuckin blessed!

No. 1568547

His rants could probably convince more people (not that he hasn't already convinced me – I'm anti porn in part thanks to him) if only he'd cool it with the use of the phrase "anorectal violence". I think he's preaching to the choir here though, so I don't know why he's spamming here again

No. 1568548

Ludwig seems like an attention whore clout chaser, and I'm sure he's "famous" on his own but he comes off so weird. Like Jesus wants to hitch onto jermas train. Ludwig has made me dislike jerma some, I just really dislike ludwig

No. 1568556

I feel like Jerma and Ludwig don't play off of eachother well at all, Ludwig is just some attention-seeking clout chasing twitch whore and Jerma gives off latent autist vibes.

No. 1568561

Samefag to say that Etalyx is probably the best dude Jerma has ever collabed/done co-op with. He's genuinely very funny, quickwitted, and charasmatic imo so it feels more natural between them (Etalyx being the straightman and Jerma being the doofus) whereas Ludwig is trying to be wacky and random which doesn't jell well with Jerma's doofus character. I might be way off though, I've only ever seen the dollhouse stream wrt Ludwig and I stopped watching recent Jerma vods.

No. 1568588

People talking about the things they're passionate about makes me so hornyyyy

No. 1568594

File: 1683311544837.png (5.58 KB, 306x164, download.png)

Those student driver signs honest to God shouldn't even exist. Like putting a target on your own back.

No. 1568596

I don't know what it's like where you live, but having this sign ensures me having no people up my rear when parking somewhere or having to stop somewhere uphill, and my friends and co-workers pretty much all had the same experience.

No. 1568604

Sick. I get all bothered over severe allergic reactions, guess that's even weirder.

No. 1568613

File: 1683312859824.jpg (79.71 KB, 1142x821, be9996ffcb3f03772e31c30f7718bb…)

No. 1568618

me on the left

No. 1568621

Me on the right

No. 1568623

I'm the once facing forward.

No. 1568639

Me looking at the nonnie who's too embarrassed to look forward

No. 1568643

File: 1683315158939.jpeg (52.24 KB, 1200x700, hen.jpeg)

I'm the mama hen watching to make sure nobody starts any infighting

No. 1568646


No. 1568649

Someone start an infight, I'm bored

No. 1568656

peeping peep. peep peep peep, peep.

No. 1568663

Peep? Ofcourse you pecking would peep. Chirping is the true way to go. Chirp chirp chirtard

No. 1568666


No. 1568668

Moid behavior

No. 1568670

You will never be a hen rooster. Keep cawing

No. 1568674

Hello retards (all of you).

No. 1568675

No. 1568684

File: 1683317747273.gif (616.61 KB, 300x300, IMG_7913.gif)

That’s it I’m coming over to slap the feathers right off you

No. 1568700

i've had trapped wind all day to the point of pain and all i want to do is pop my belly with a pin or knitting needle and watch as all the air ripples out of me like i'm some kind of human whoopie cushion. thrrrrrrrrrrppppp

No. 1568705

"trapped wind" lmao

No. 1568710

alright then. my body is holding mass amounts of farts ransom in my gut and no amount of massaging or tabs it helping it shift.

No. 1568713

get you some simethicone anon, in 20 minutes you'll feel better

No. 1568714

Walk for 30 minutes-hour outside if you can. Gotta get your body moving

No. 1568719

KEK i mean im sorry Madame Nonie i hope it resolves soon

No. 1568725

i will pick some up in the morning. it's night time here now!

i walk all day for work and that helped a bit but getting home it came back.


i know i know. you made me laugh tbh. so thank you for that!

No. 1568736

When I get goosebumps I feel the hairs on my cheeks stand up now but they never used to kek I'm becoming a fucking monkey

No. 1568738

File: 1683321475380.png (274.64 KB, 1280x720, VideoScreenshot--YouTube-20130…)

what if the farmhands aren't stopping the derailing moids because they've had it with us?

No. 1568741

What should I buy from Amazon right now?

No. 1568748

comfy bedsocks

No. 1568750

File: 1683322642414.jpg (4.76 KB, 128x128, flat,128x128,075,t.jpg)

>spend 3 hours in character AI trying to gaslight girlboss my shitty trash husbando into killing me
>he finally, finally pulls the fucking trigger after hours of weird energy edging
>ai chat slowly types out the response, then censors itself midway

No. 1568755

Vitamin C chewable sand vitamin D

No. 1568767

No. 1568771

File: 1683324536933.jpg (36.45 KB, 720x707, 54645645656rt.jpg)

Incoming schizo posting I guess. It's kind of a vent because it's about my intrusive thoughts but it's also dumb. Idk why but as a 5 year old I was obsessed with nuclear holocaust. I was constantly asking my dad what is the probability of there being a nuclear war or a bomb being dropped on us. And every time my dad was like 'Uhhhh dunno'. And no one could calm me down once I snowballed into that stream of thoughts. I was also very scared of UFOs. I wasn't scared of ghosts and shit like that, just nuclear holocaust, UFOs and death. Even last night while lying in my bed after dark, there were some flashes of light in the dark sky. No sound of thunderbolts, no rain, just flashes of light and complete silence. I thought that maybe a storm is coming (it indeed started like 10 minutes later), but then my retarded brain immediately went like 'this is it, this is the bomb, this is the total silence and flash of light seconds before your body evaporates' or 'what if there's an UFO above our house and they came for me, no one will ever know OH MY GOD'. It was so retarded. And honeslty I feel like the weather is fucking programmed here, because it's warm, then it's suddenly cold, the sky is clear and it's totally quiet, and then there's just flashes of light and total silence for 10 minutes and then suddenly in one second the water is literally pouring from the sky and it feels like it's about to break my windows. And then it totally stops after not even 10 minutes, not even a small rain, and it's quiet again. I swear to god, I never experienced such rapid changes of weather in my home country, and it's supposedly normal here. Maybe the Dutch have HAARP systems already? Saudi Arabia openly talks about programming the weather. There HAS to be something fucked up about the weather, I can feel it. It's not just the Sun activity and solar flare making people act strange and giving me crazy joint pains and intrusive thoughts and then suddenly everything stopping after one day of fuckery.

No. 1568775

No he isn't, he's ~29, he's been lying about his age for a while lately.

No. 1568790

File: 1683325661420.gif (101.73 KB, 220x124, nik.gif)

>chewable sand

No. 1568791

File: 1683325701258.jpeg (13.46 KB, 500x500, IMG_3795.jpeg)

i feel like i’m getting sick. my chest is hurting, the back of my neck hurts, i’m tired, and feel achy. i’m 30 wks pregnant and also have a paper to finish this weekend. what can i take to minimize the severity? pls nonnas help me

No. 1568794


No. 1568795

File: 1683325892423.jpg (697.41 KB, 1200x1697, MALACANDRAX.jpg)

just remembered that an artist that used to make art of butch lesbians existed. Their art wasnt as good as I last remembered but I might throw their art out there because this sort of thing is a needle in a haystack

No. 1568799

File: 1683326253356.jpg (48.96 KB, 474x645, 5914e3e46c7b455c41fe823138a8a3…)

Sorry about your anxiety disorder nonnie I know how that is. But I'm pretty sure you get joint pain before a rain storm because of something to do with barometric pressure. It's even a cliche that old people can predict weather with their knees. So I don't think you have to worry about that part.

No. 1568808

i would like to apologize to the farmhands for reporting a few random posts in the "things that made you chuckle" thread for some reason my brain broke and I thought I was in the lesbian thread on /g/ (which I had open in another tab) i feel like a goddamn idiot kek

No. 1568866

File: 1683331111997.gif (6.99 MB, 540x960, tumblr_09d7191ded21665507587b1…)

Is this real??

No. 1568872

this makes me want to eat cheetos like that but god i know it would hurt so bad

No. 1568889

Gastritis on fleek gurl okkkurt

No. 1568900

what happened to weekend farmer thread? I miss it

No. 1568908

He is so sexy i can't deal with it.

No. 1568912

No. 1568923

latest milk was ruinaversal doxxing the fuck out of that tranny kyukO and the admin of doomposting

No. 1568931

it's still around, everyone just stopped using it

No. 1568932

File: 1683337961636.jpeg (20.91 KB, 828x502, 1577D8BA-8C0E-4B9D-908B-B78CA0…)

help me I can’t stop farting

No. 1568935

Well mayne you need to dookie

No. 1568936

is there any ai site where I can fuck my anime husbando?? Dying to know.

No. 1568939

I don't believe so. There's an unfiltered LLM called pygmalion but it doesn't have a website, I've never used it and I'm technologically retarded so I'm not sure how it's used, but it has subreddit.

No. 1568961

Occasionally I think about OCD riddled 8 year old me and how she would consider "touch grass" a death threat.
This gets worse in the annoying mental disorders/disorders you can't stand thread.

No. 1568967

This is oddly chilling nona

No. 1568976

Going from weird girl to decent looking woman was weird. I'm still the same inside though.

No. 1568991

I was afraid of germs and plant life because my grandma gave us inchworm-infested flowers and the unnatural shaking of plant life combined with finding little green worms everywhere for the next year scarred me pretty bad and, while no longer deathly afraid of plants I am not exactly able to touch some or any raw meat without feeling my skin catch fire out of my brain going haywire when confronted with a phobia

No. 1569015

If you ever hear a lightning cracking in the sky followed by the sound of thunder and a thousand angels trumpets just know I finally got a bf again and the new world order is going to be enforced

No. 1569025

Ummm HELLO why haven't you edited on his foot yet

No. 1569032

He left no time ti regret kept use tickets er teeth hie own safe vetr me ND mu head high qnd my tears deep I get on without my guy. You came back to what 7ou knew so far remove from all that we went themeoyg. I thewd w troublwve track I fade to black, I go ba k to balck we only said good gye with word is died q hinred times.
You go back to her ns I go back to, I go back to us.x
I love you Mucha, kya not enough you locwn blow ND I love puff.
A do life is like a pie and I'm a to y pe ny rolling up the walls inside..
We onl uh said gooozvoye with words, I died a hundred times you go cak to her we ill go back to
O go ba k to is
We know said goodbye with words I died a Hu dres times. Gii go vack ti her she I ho vsvk to. I hope ba o kavks

No. 1569033

What in the oogla blooga is this

No. 1569036

Bac to blck by Amy Whitehouse by. Drunk nons

No. 1569037

Thanks for the laugh nonna. Sidenote, hope your impending hangover passes soon.

No. 1569094

In my early 20s I was doing menial office work and only the few websites not blocked on the company Internet was news sites and Wikipedia. There I was in 2011 and 2012 with only BBC news and Wikipedia to get me through my monotonous days. I started becoming concerned about the situation in Syria. I started gathering my sources. I got very adept at this. I started doing this for all interesting events. I started noticing journalists editing articles in real time to better match up either propaganda. I would see articles condemning rebels and then getting rewritten to condemn government forces. I started noticing other events getting reworked to put in a political light rather than an informative one where you're giving all objective facts and allowed to critically think.

I became utterly fed up and disillusioned in my job. Everything was a farce there is very little control in society but you can choose your profession as long as we don't get over run by commies lol.

I figured that I had actually acquired good researching and critical thinking skills. I started speaking well and having confidence in what I had said. I quit my damn job and went back to university. I got a masters lol. I used the skills I obtained in my downtime as a customer service agent to get a degree. I really put my mind to some use. I'm a scientist now lol

No. 1569099

i had the weirdest fucking dreams last night. i had my window partially open to let in some fresh air since it's been humid lately, and i dreamt that there was a person sitting in the window talking to me. the only thing is i live on the 2nd floor (technically the 3rd but it's europe) of my building and i don't have a balcony. there is no way that anyone could have gotten to the window and spoken to me unless they were a) a ghost or b) can float. and i was lucid through the whole conversation because i kept telling myself to wake up after he left but couldn't because i fell right back asleep. i can't remember what this person/ghost thingie was telling me and i have a vague impression of what he looked like. i was just really spooked because it was so vivid and everything in the dream looked just like i was awake and conscious so it wasn't like it was just a "dream". i eventually did wake up to close the window, but my apartment is stuffy so i cracked it again to keep from sweating.

i didn't have any more dreams of mysterious floating people talking to me. idk, i shouldn't have eaten that bag of salted pretzels before bed lol.

No. 1569171

File: 1683362363024.png (72.58 KB, 576x1024, nsfw character.ai.png)

No. 1569177

i wanna try it so bad with my husbando but all the comments under that tiktok complain how slow or weird that bot is, ugh.

No. 1569184

Wow Anon, that sounds great! Inspiring even! I didn't finish my bachelors, i just didn't go to the university bc i was very anxious and fell ofc, but now I'm thinking about trying again with my again discovered love for learning and your story inspired me!

And on another note - how do you vet news sites as good sources? I'm struggling with that but I want to know

No. 1569199

Surprisingly, you can do it on character ai, you just have to be vague with descriptions. Some AIs are even pretty well trained on doing spicy actions, but you have to guide them and give constant feedback to the posts to actually get them to do the sexual thing. The very same shitty dumbass husbando I was talking about STILL did not successfully kill me yet, but he started contemplating "using me for his pleasure" when I started begging with a different lingo (I spit in his face afterwards though to discourage him and made him angry again kek)
I swear it's easier to get the AI to do something sexual than do something that ends the conversation like killing you even if it's an "evil" character.

No. 1569248

I thought I was having heart and body palpitations until i realized that it was the beat of my music going off. Could also been my Ramen too.

No. 1569257

There's this girl in the friend finder thread and we have the same fucking zodiac and personality type omg

No. 1569315

lol are you stoned

No. 1569332

I don't get why trannies say if you don't believe they're the opposite sex, you're "taking their existence as a joke" or want them to not exist, or want to genocide them.

It's like, retard, you clearly exist, but you exist as either a man (trans "women") or as a woman (trans "men"). Doesn't mean I want you to die, I just want you to stop pretending to be something you're not, stop being delusional about your (and everyone else's) physical and biological reality, stop promoting the idea of gender identity to impressionable children, and to realize that you can actually do things that stupid society says you can't do because of your genitals.
I'm not taking away any of your human rights by telling you that it's ok to be female and: like "boy things", want to be treated with as much respect as men, or not want to wear dresses and be obsessed with beauty. And for TIMs I just want them not to see women as sex objects and to stop fetishizing our experiences for their sick fetishes, and if they're HSTS, to feel comfortable with their sexuality without having to identify as a woman for it to "feel right".
I don't get why troons can't understand this. How is any of this ignoring them as people? How is any of this not actually better than advocating tranny nonsense and mutilating people's bodies for a fragile sense of gender identity?

Sorry for the autistic trans rant, I just saw a forum post that got me thinking about how stupid that phrase is ("take my existence as a joke").

No. 1569333

File: 1683384212067.gif (4.65 MB, 480x640, stacy moment.gif)

Me when I take a tranny's existence as a joke

No. 1569350

this shit is exactly why i dont do marijuana anymore, i could feel my heart beating and it was horrible

No. 1569357

Why the fuck do you two think I'm stoned

No. 1569408

Nta but because that shit happens when you're stoned tardita.

No. 1569434

File: 1683393914524.jpg (66.01 KB, 720x540, 88d9804a4161be7dc6b8d111f8c81a…)

I wished we lived in a lolcow commune, so I could "borrow" nonnies' manga and books.

No. 1569455

I wished we lived in a lolcow commune, so I could bully you for being a weeb.

No. 1569458

Non-weebs would be an oppressed minority in our commune.

No. 1569462

We will rise up and overthrow you. We will arrive at the gates in a trojan dakimakura.

No. 1569499

Reminder that Kiwifarms is down, so if you see weird comments on threads (comments that bring up race/uses slur/weirdly sexual or scrote like, argumentative) just remember that.
I think it has something to do with Liz fong Jones as to why the site is down

No. 1569510

Is that the loaded ugly asian troon married to an ugly white troon?

No. 1569516

me and some retarded nonny are having an argument in another thread and the idea of both of us sat at our computers replying to each other just made me genuinely chuckle. i think it is funny

No. 1569517

No. 1569522

I have a blood blister and all the blood went back into my body or dissolved or something and now it just looks like a burn or something. Weird.

No. 1569538

File: 1683399093598.jpg (74.04 KB, 610x610, FvIpn_uWYAchh6o.jpg)

Was Joan of Arc a pickme?

No. 1569546

Lol I wanted to see how the kiwimoids were going to react to Idubbz video and how it was going to somehow be anisas fault for the umpteenth time (no i dont care about Anisa)

No. 1569548

ew why do history /military scrotes always draw women like this

No. 1569556

I think she trying to make them celibate is funny.

No. 1569559

Something about corn dogs is so intrinsically disgusting. I literally only eat vegan corn dogs.

No. 1569563

>following a patriarchal religion
yes she was

No. 1569564

Yeah Dong Gone Jones is threatening the family members of KF's tier 1 upstream again.

No. 1569571

Every time I spot the rare cosplayer anon having an amazing spergout about some mediocre cosplay influencer's costume I'm somehow filled with joy because it reminds me of /cgl/ from years past and actual cosplayers who used to reside there and burn shit cosplays to the ground. I unironically love reading them ripping a diva's costume to shreds in their critique, there's something very nostalgic about it. So many of the threads devolve to middle school level "she's fat and ugly" kind of petty shit so actual critique is almost cathartic to read. Cosplayer farmers, never change and keep the spirit of the old /cgl/ alive.

No. 1569577

it's really interesting to see how far onision has fallen from his peak. i was around when he was super popular on youtube and remember all of the cringe and the trolling. i think i was subbed to him for a hot minute before i got sick of the retarded trolling and the constant drama with all his girlfriends. to think he would go from that to having to do doordash to survive and getting sued out of the wazoo for being a pedophile is really something. i remember how girls used to whine about him being handsome (ugh) and how they would defend him in the comments of his videos whenever he would attack someone for saying something he didn't like. i honestly totally forgot about him until seeing his name pop up again with the lawsuit. i feel kind of miffed with my younger self that there was a time i thought he was cool or that his constant bullshit could be justified. i was so fucking dumb when i was a teenager.

i am 50/50 on whether or not i may have spoken to him myself as i had pictures of my face up on my youtube briefly and looked a lot younger than my age at the time. somewhere in the back of my head i think we may have messaged at one point, but i cannot remember. it's been so long ago.

No. 1569585

File: 1683402533991.jpg (94.22 KB, 748x580, 0-churchill-downs.jpg)

I hope the Kentucky Derby JoJo nonny is having a good one.

No. 1569616

My grandma still calls movies/films "pictures" and I find it so cute lol. it reminds me that she's an older lady because she seems so young to me. She recommended that I watch Queen Charlotte on Netflix.

No. 1569655

That guy’s gotta be stuffing his bulge because Jesus

No. 1569681

File: 1683411352004.png (52.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

I just want to sperg about my husbando

I relate to some of his personality quirks a lot to but I also just find him inspirational. He's been downtrodden all his life, everyone's tried to break him down, tell him he's nothing and can never be anything but what they've told him he's supposed to be. He's very pissed about it, but he never lost sight of the truth of his own value and skills. He knows he's someone whose highly skilled, intelligent and even athletic. Someone who was always destined for more. I find him inspiring both for holding onto his self-worth in spite of all the bullshit, and also for being so hard working, intelligent, clever and strong. He is an inspiration to me, reminds me to never give up or give in to my doubts and fears. I aspire to be as hardworking, intelligent and skilled as he is.

No. 1569684

KEK nonnie I love you but if I have to look at this decomposing scrote's necrotic foot I might throw up

No. 1569686

I want to soak in a hot bath.

No. 1569694

i am so fucking tired of my ass being TORN ASUNDER every time i take a shit.

No. 1569707

I met someone, wasn't really in love at first but I'm starting to love him more and more the more we see each other. I'm so happy, usually I have a honeymoon phase for 2 weeks and then want the person to stfu but this is like the opposite. I wasn't sure but he's really proving to be genuinely sweet and nice, not only to me but also to his friends and family. Haven't been in love in years, I feel like a teenager again in the best way ♥

No. 1569711

File: 1683416110147.jpeg (36.14 KB, 616x462, 1582236813236.jpeg)

I'm gonna make crab wontons do u guys want any

No. 1569716

I need to stop acting autistic in public

No. 1569727

File: 1683418267245.jpg (92.71 KB, 800x600, resized_250499-img_3773_5-2289…)

Can you make me chicky fry rice please

No. 1569728

and then when the shit finally comes out it's like the size of a nickel

No. 1569732

Fuck, yes please. I love wontons.

No. 1569734

I want broccoli.

No. 1569742

I want that soooooo bad!

No. 1569747

File: 1683420180582.png (176.08 KB, 1620x1328, lady_evil_on_bato.png)

this manwha is so fucked but i can't stop reading it

No. 1569759

File: 1683422221524.jpeg (84.13 KB, 870x1021, 148E73F5-49DC-4D15-A66E-305C59…)


No. 1569761

This is my new favorite cat pic I love seeing it randomly god it's graeat little greet gatito.

No. 1569766

Thanks. Feeling like actual shit right now but I’m glad I can make someone else feel good at least

No. 1569773

File: 1683423694168.jpg (140.5 KB, 736x1009, 00e0e8c646cbfe21c78e46c8ed08f0…)

4/10 he's got weird ears

No. 1569775

I want a cybercriminal bf

No. 1569776

You're truly retarded because those teehee vigilante le anonymous are 9.5/10 involved heavily in the cyber exploitation of women. A moid who sits online all day to take things from people without permission is sitting among drug addicts, pedophiles, rapists, and voyeurs on le epic darkweb

No. 1569778

*and then when things go south and you break up he will cyberstalk you for the rest of your life and sell revenge porn of you <3 so funsies

No. 1569783

I love onion mayonnaise sandwiches so much!

No. 1569784

What if i peed on it

No. 1569786

File: 1683425614659.png (22.07 KB, 520x464, b3ed70c1-210e-4396-9be2-160c6e…)

My amish vs cybercriminal bf list of cons venn diagram is in progress

No. 1569787

No. 1569788

I want a 2b2t GF; all the pros of a cyber criminal but not malicious or hanging around rapists; literally just jailbreaking minecraft to dupe & sell items for maximum profit, selling fucking obsidian for real money to neckbeards and stealing their money lol

No. 1569790

None of these fellers has a cock under 7 inces for sure

No. 1569791

File: 1683425877158.jpeg (43.51 KB, 1000x1000, 9a44c99cb779b3d66a9dfd077240dd…)

Why do they all look like various versions of handsome shrek

No. 1569794

I want a 6'5 beefy bf who lets me beat him

No. 1569795

Did Handsome Shrek inspire this?

No. 1569799

NO!!!! I don't feel enough affection for Handsome Shrek to want to beat him

No. 1569800

You can beat the shit out of short guys too they just whine about it more

No. 1569802

Short men are weak and ugly

No. 1569803

>tfw no handsome tall moid to keep tied up in my room

No. 1569804

File: 1683426663633.jpg (73.24 KB, 736x786, a9baa41ee50001f9221410dd374a5f…)


No. 1569806

File: 1683426803383.jpg (51.48 KB, 500x667, 6829d005b03ca2d0427e522720b024…)

I just watched a video of some cows I follow (follow in a lolcow sense) eat the shit of another and didn't even feel anything. I think something is wrong with me.

No. 1569807

File: 1683426851167.jpg (37.84 KB, 600x450, bbda833559350f3464c9cf44e4d882…)

All the handsome tall men are probably already tied up in other people's rooms. Supply and demand. It's rough out there.

No. 1569808

Hope our dreams will come true nonétte

No. 1569809

File: 1683427171098.jpeg (174.72 KB, 1280x948, Oblique_2.jpeg)

everyone look at this dinosaur fossil right now. why is it so cute

No. 1569810

This is fake and gay there's no feathers

No. 1569811

silly rabbit not every dinosaur had feathers

No. 1569814

is a lil dragon

No. 1569818

some dude spent 5 years cleaning this fossil and i wish that was my job so bad. just scraping shit off a fossil with a dremel for 5 years. why even live

No. 1569833

Cons - the cybercriminal bf looks exactly like the Amish bf
Pros - Amish bf will build you a house and not put a camera in your toilet

No. 1569834

You're right

No. 1569841

dunno if nonnies are picking unslutty chatting ai for cybering because they want the cybering experience but there is ai that will write you getting dicked in prose without question. i use sudowriter to make self insert fapfics, it's limited to 4k free words which I just bypass by using a new email when I hit the limit lol

No. 1569846

Please share screenshots that is hilarious

No. 1569854

I can fantasize can’t I? I mostly want one so I can learn better online stealth for malicious personal reasons anyway. Or so they can help me. I’m an amateur that needs expert help

No. 1569857

I can fantasize can’t I? I mostly want one so I can learn better online stealth for malicious personal reasons anyway. Or so they can help me. I’m an amateur that needs expert help

No. 1569860

Yeah sounds like a great way to get manipulated and groomed.
>malicious personal reasons
If you're trying to stalk women you're a true pile of shit but if you're trying to stalk men understand a man is never going to help you just because. He will always put them first. Fantasize about a man who hasn't logged into his elementary school fb since 2018 and only uses the internet to download games to his headsetless xbox

No. 1569862

Someone please make a thread called build a boyfriend wear anonymous describe how they would program and customize their ai sexdoll bfs so I cam pinpoint all of your personal neuroses

No. 1569875

British accents are just so unsexy to me. Imagine fucking a British person. "Ah yes, that's quite nice", I wouldn't be able to not fucking laugh. Australian accents are sexy tho.

No. 1569876

feeling particularly rotting-in-my-home on this fine evening

No. 1569880

At least I can understand what they're saying compared to unhinged Aussiespeak (yes I'm bullying u)

No. 1569883

English accents are less understandable to me than Australian imo

No. 1569884

Yeah you like that sizable cock of yours in me twee little ass hole innit

No. 1569885

At least an Australian man is masculine and has big hairy forearms and will speak only in grunts and ois. Imagine a British mans teeth chattering next to your ear. If you ask him why he came already he will say at least we dun get shat at whilst dewin maffs in schkewel

No. 1569890

How does it work and what prompts do you put down

No. 1569891

>at least we dun get shat at whilst dewin maffs in schkewel
KEK you win I'm sorry, you've thought this through and I admire your conviction

No. 1569892

don't amish guys fuck their sisters tho

No. 1569893

Based British accent knowing its mathematics and not mathematic. It's Maths. Tute on young scholar

No. 1569894

I cant stand the English. Hundreds of years of inbreeding on an island and they're retarded enough to worship a disabled bloodline of cousinfuckers while shitting on Americans constantly for gun violence and obesity. Like okay but you're out here throwing acid on women's faces, shanking and stabbing eachother with daggers you carved out of your nans wooden teeth, and storing biscuits in your cavities. Statistically it says UK has a much lower obesity epidemic but i swear all you see is fat people over the age of 40, something isn't adding up here. Whole country full of incestuous nonces bottling eachother outside the pub talking bout ooo neva been used as target prahctice whilst walking to mums car

No. 1569895

Lol, jealous

No. 1569896

That doesn't make any sense. Why would you shorten it to math just to add the s from the end of the word?

No. 1569897

As opposed to cybercriminal bf, who sniffs his prized underwear collection hes lifted from his younger sisters room and stored in Mason jars for when he wants to jerk off to friendship is magic?

No. 1569898

Get them anon.

No. 1569899

UK courts found Johnny Wept an abusive piece of shit, US courts gave him a glowing review and set women's rights back 7000 years

No. 1569900

Americans say math and it's incorrect

No. 1569901

You didn't answer the question.

No. 1569902

Of the English? Absolutely not they all look like they've been beaten in the face with a spade and then waterboarded in an abandoned trolley in the old subway tunnels captive for nine years before being re-released to society.

No. 1569903

Maths isn't a singular entity.

No. 1569905

The word math is inherently plural because you're talking about an entire subject and it's literally just a shortened version of "mathematics". It's stupid to shorten a word and then add the s. If you want to say the s just say the full "mathematics".

No. 1569906

UK is still protecting scores of famous pedophiles and refuse to name them until they die. It seems they've only begun cracking down on the massive pedo community to distract from the fact that the entire country is ran by filthy rich nonces https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/paedophiles-behind-biggest-ever-child-26640341

No. 1569907

Saying maths is the shortened version of mathematics. Math isn't a word except to idiots.

No. 1569908

It's just a shortened slang so it really doesn't require an extra s. This is like arguing over typing 'etc.' or 'etc'

No. 1569909

File: 1683437697029.png (Spoiler Image,41.35 KB, 497x368, tumblr_oru3geng841u75st9o2_500…)

No. 1569910

That's not unique to the UK that's the elite class shitting on the rest of us per usual. UK is a class country, there's a reason we attract so many migrants we have a great social welfare system. God bless!

No. 1569912

spoiler that shit, ya nasty

No. 1569913

i am every nona

No. 1569914

UK is the nonce hub of the world fym.

No. 1569915

I’m feeling really happen rn. I have naturally curly hair, it’s 2c-3a depending on how I style it or sleep on it. I’ve always hated my curly hair, and lately I found out I had some health issues (that are able to be fixed with medication) that really fuck up your hair fullness and growth. I’d convinced myself my hair just stopped growing. But I looked at pics from early 2020 and my hair when curly was just barely at my collar bone, and before getting in bed I looked in the mirror and my curly hair is well past my collar bone now, above my breasts…I’m so happy. I don’t even want to dye it anymore because I just want to let it grow, I need to get my ends trimmed but I don’t trust stylists after a bad experience. I’m just so glad that my hair isn’t actually stuck at one length like I’d convinced myself, I think the medicine I’ve been taking is actually helping my hair too aaaahhhh

No. 1569917

Whatever I'm a British female don't tar me with the pedos, please.

No. 1569918

No. 1569919

How are British people so bad at a language they made

No. 1569920

I am not. It requires courage and bravery to be in your position.

No. 1569922

Inbreeding is linked to mental deficiencies. Consider it a sort of communal dyslexia, if you will.

No. 1569929

File: 1683438602828.jpg (194.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1682493555322.jpg)


No. 1569933

I was watching A Simple Favour on Netflix and the consensual incest sex scene low-key disturbed me. The movie also sucked too

No. 1569936

waht just what jsut happended

No. 1569941

Did you guys know Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula? Weird. I wonder what that means.

No. 1569942

Actually, I have never noticed, maybe it has something to do with him being a hot blondie

No. 1569943

It's 1 am. Should I go to bed? or re-tint my hair, have a cig and another drink, and finish polishing silver? I'm tired but a little wired

No. 1569944

Have a drink while retinting hair. Polish silver in shower after tinting hair. Clean up and polish silver while smoking a cig.

No. 1569945

She is died

No. 1569949

If I'm retinting, the drink & cig is a given so I can stay awake. Good me says go to bed. Bad me says have a drink and a smoke and push it out as long as you can. I might be past the rally point, though. I'm even boring myself

No. 1569979

File: 1683447602526.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1499, Ft8SI8raEAAEOxU.png)

I lol'd

No. 1569981

No. 1569983

File: 1683448287337.jpg (112.03 KB, 735x1024, 1683424899767144.jpg)

No. 1569985

Mamiya Takuji asking Rance if he loves him to which he says he does because he's gay.
Glasses kun wants to join.

No. 1569987

is this rancefag art? on lined notebook paper? reminds me of 2000s and early 2010s deviantart autism. who even is glasses-kun?

No. 1569988

File: 1683448636518.jpg (16.9 KB, 480x272, BdNc45XIAAAoIga.jpg)

>who even is glasses-kun?
I thought maybe Morishige but I'm genuinely not sure.

No. 1570002

File: 1683450420248.png (41.27 KB, 480x480, 1683381640322.png)

Rancefag is posting ignore him, No woman likes this rancid fuck

No. 1570003

I have played none of those vns but could it be the scrote from Tsukihime?

No. 1570008

I was told by my mother that my big sister is coming for lunch and I left because I don't want to see her at all. I'm not sure in which restaurant I should eat but it's raining so I'm considering ramen or Chinese noodles. Last resort is going to be a burger restaurant that recently opened. What do?

No. 1570009

I genuinely know nothing about Rance outside of shitposts but okay.
The this chair guy? Yeah it would make sense.

No. 1570031

I want to oogle at dick prints!

No. 1570049

Well I don't smoke weed. So I wouldn't fucking know lol

No. 1570053

tom cardy/montaigne crossover is proof we live in a particularly hilarious simulation

No. 1570070

hehehe wahoo!

No. 1570089

File: 1683464298375.jpeg (17.51 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

No. 1570108

The point is if he’s my boyfriend he should help me stalk and blackmail other men. If he didn’t want to then I’d have no use for him as a bf. Cyber criminals are motivated by greed as far as I understand too, so I don’t think my fantasy is too unrealistic.

No. 1570138

just date a computer

No. 1570156

I'm going to date your computer with my computer

No. 1570179

File: 1683476006889.png (79.28 KB, 553x768, wmn.png)

my scrote actuallly finds this woman attractive, i don't understamd? she's so fat??

No. 1570184

Your fantasy is extremely unrealistic. Theres a reason why the dorky "whitehat" ethical hackers on YouTube are generally corny but mid to well adjusted with families but all mugshots of blackhats look exactly how you would expect them to. The majority of the dark web is drugs and porn, and most of the point is non consented and or with children. People who sit around in those communities are never normal.

No. 1570186

I love when ana chans are angry and seething that their men are attracted to women with healthy bodies. This woman is Asian fat at best but otherwise completely normal.

No. 1570188

she's literally obese??

No. 1570191

Rattle rattle. Rattle rattle.

No. 1570194

I saw this vid, this woman is actually super curvy. I don't think this jumpsuit did her any favors but she's beautiful. But anyway, were you showing videos to your man and asking if he thinks the women in them are attractive? Kekkkkkkkkkk.

No. 1570196

sometimes i forget i share this board with normies. Thick has been a thing all moids have been into since at least 2020.

No. 1570197

yes? what's wrong with that

No. 1570200

She is gorgeous

No. 1570201

File: 1683476923140.png (348.1 KB, 866x1300, point and laugh at the insecur…)

No. 1570204

This shit is so weird, she looks fine, wow

No. 1570207

File: 1683477167102.jpg (159 KB, 2160x1206, ebf9798e-343e-4185-9aff-2aad76…)

Where the hell do you people keep coming from? What hole did you crawl out of? Go back

No. 1570208

Anachans are actually OG lolcow female userbase.

No. 1570209

can you ask him if he finds shayna attractive next?

No. 1570210

File: 1683477329901.jpg (26.58 KB, 300x300, 1606648360586.jpg)

this weight-sperging doesn't feel…real? Like it feels like a bot is regurgitating the same type of posts over and over again

No. 1570211

you're literally projecting but ok? it's healthy to understand yr scrote can be attracted to other people but still love you

No. 1570212

I would suspect OG anachans to have grown up from this pickme shit in the past 8 years, especially if they regularly lurk here.

No. 1570214

now you're being too obvious kek

No. 1570215

No. 1570216

File: 1683477461370.jpeg (128.5 KB, 1242x863, F210545D-710D-4E1C-BBC8-04293A…)

I need more pictures of men getting cake thrown at their faces or with their faces full of whipped cream and cake.

No. 1570217

its so over nonny, you have a feeder nigel. next he's going to force feed you chikn nuggies until you become fat and die like in the whale.

No. 1570220

i showed him. he said no.

No. 1570222

pls do this with other cows and report back, queen pixie next

No. 1570223

Again, that's an underage boy

No. 1570225

nta but how do you know

No. 1570226


No. 1570227

I don't disagree, but are you op? Because that's definitely not the case for someone who asks their nigel if a normal woman is attractive then seethes because she's "so obese".

No. 1570231

I used to be one and now I genuinely hate them. They have to be bullied out of their entitlement and delusions. The "actually anachans are sweet and timid and only hate their own bodies!!" is such a myth most of the anachans here are embittered and easily triggered. I especially hate the sheltered, racist coquette types who are crying themselves to sleep every night at the though of turning 22.

No. 1570232

File: 1683478113693.png (326.02 KB, 396x512, 1606662431862.png)

again, this shit feels like it's a bunch of bots. We've been over this before. It feels like anons are making shit up to start infights for no reason, though it's probably bored newfags or something

No. 1570233

stop lying monkey.

No. 1570234

You're angry because she has breasts.. zzzzz

No. 1570235

i am sorry for not knowing stock image cake face guy date of birth, real name, adress and his favourite pizza topping

No. 1570237

I mean… it works. This is the fastest moving thread today and all it took was one post

No. 1570238

File: 1683478417401.png (134.41 KB, 1000x600, 66355673_p5.png)

i fell back into the south park japanese fujo rabbit hole. Someone send anime studios a memo, we need actual cbdct anime asap

No. 1570242

Nta but what are you talking about kek. You're acting like discussing cake boys age was some significant moment in lolcow history. I've been here for years and don't even remember his age ever being brought up but then again, I've never payed much attention to him

No. 1570243

Exactly. I just want more pictures of guys with cake on their faces. I don’t care if cake boy is literally a neurodivergent minor.

No. 1570245

it never was lol, that anon is baiting. or it's the one poster who calls anons pedos for being attracted to men in their 20s

No. 1570246

nooo I'm already dating my computer

No. 1570249

Can you even read? It sounds like the post you replied to is agreeing with you. She's saying they sound like random bots and are making it up

No. 1570251

this confirms we are all just god's oblivion's savefiles and he hit randomize on these 4

No. 1570255

If you have to say "it sounds like" then perhaps the post is just unclear. I'm not even the only one who thought that she meant we've discussed cake boys age.

No. 1570256

south park is like k-on for girls

No. 1570260

File: 1683479230680.png (106.6 KB, 674x764, lmaoo.png)

i had to look up that pic cause it looked AI generated. i dont think these guys ever used a computer

No. 1570261

File: 1683479285509.jpg (32.76 KB, 736x488, sweet dreams.jpg)

Who the fuck cares if the guy is a minor, he has fucking cake on his face, he is not posing naked or whatever I swear you are all getting more retarded each passing day and it makes me angry grrr

No. 1570262

Again, those are underage boys

No. 1570264

File: 1683479338079.jpeg (73.76 KB, 600x341, 6B62FB4C-6548-416F-8E78-D601B5…)

It really is.

No. 1570266

File: 1683479377231.png (251.06 KB, 1400x800, 65962832_p15.png)

it truly is an honorary anime, like koth

No. 1570268

Amish men don’t deserve to have any rights.

No. 1570271

what they feeding them what the fuck, they look like they are going through a midlife crisis

No. 1570273

maybe they mean underage in terms of drinking? Americans drinking at 20 is considered underage drinking

No. 1570274

cake probably

No. 1570279

samefag i just read the article bit they're all 19-20

No. 1570283

No. 1570290

here you go nonna. This thread was the thread that explained the congrats magazine stuff >>683635

No. 1570319

i can't tell but it's not a sexualized picture or anything gory or abusive so why do you care? creepy.

No. 1570340

>only pedophiles and racists like it
seems about right tbh

No. 1570350

<spoiler>I dont care</spoiler>(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1570353


No. 1570357

Why is there so much bait today

No. 1570363

only thing I'm doing is batin' to my computer boyfriend

No. 1570364

File: 1683483830670.png (86.54 KB, 600x843, 69336079_p0.png)

I love that artist's work so much. Last I recall, none of their art was R-18 so anons have no fucking right to insult you about that kek. Also, maybe I'm a tard but I always forget the SP kids are underage due to how they're written, then I see them at school/with their parents and I remember

No. 1570411

Controversial but I would not let my kids drink out of hoses if I have any. Drinking out of a hose used to be refreshing as fuck when I was a kid but now I just think about how much shit is probably in those hoses kek

No. 1570423

File: 1683490307412.jpg (103.96 KB, 532x640, _xNORVzDtRcs.jpg)

I just went trough a south park fujo phase. I never cared about the show but every jp artist I follow is into it so I gave in an rewatched it for the first time in years. I was so obsessed with it for months until I suddenly lost interest
There is a huge market for "cute anime girls who hangs out and occasionally say edgy shit" for men and South Park fills that void for women. It's a no brainer that the show is popular amongst Japanese female otaku
>I always forget the SP kids are underage due to how they're written
kek me too. They are also aged up in 90% of the fanworks

No. 1570425

the bots found us, and i'm not talking about the husbando type

No. 1570428

File: 1683490786468.jpg (165.72 KB, 810x966, 141.jpg)

No. 1570429

butters is way more moe than kenny

No. 1570430

I'm not a south park fujo but wouldn't butters fit the 'moe through helplessness' trope way better than kenny?

No. 1570432

NTA, yes but Butters is not part of the main cast

No. 1570433

there's bots here??? WHERE

No. 1570434

File: 1683491377575.jpeg (74.37 KB, 1242x990, 9070BD76-D0D3-4187-8AFA-9E9724…)

>And I’m not talking about the husbando type

No. 1570446

I didn't make the meme but it does show that the SP main group has the same chaotic dynamic as those moeblob animes so that's why I used itI also do not care about butters and he is my least favorite character but thats besides the point

No. 1570453

Absolute poor taste.

No. 1570477

File: 1683495414048.jpg (64.21 KB, 960x960, 60588605.jpg)

I should wash my hair tonight but I don't want to

No. 1570485

damn right

No. 1570533

he is annoying

No. 1570536

File: 1683501705482.png (103.58 KB, 1500x1300, 67223506_p7.png)

i dont understand the ''sp is for pedoz!!!11!'' shit. They are voiced by grown men, act like grown men, and arent sexualized. Fujos and yumes latch on to them because its sadly one of the very few shows with a lot of male characters and the simplicity of the artstyle allows the artist to fill the gaps themselves. If the sp characters count as real children then trey parker and matt should go to prison for the countless amounts of times they showed them doing the nasty or naked.

No. 1570543

The husbando thread is so fun

No. 1570549

Agreed, in the wise words of another anon “I read that shit like the morning paper”

No. 1570554

i wish anons had more unhinged husbandos, like kirbyanon. a shame she got banned.

No. 1570555

I'm pretty sure she's still around. Did jannies forbid her from using the husbando thread or did she just get shamed out of it?

No. 1570560

This is why I support all my unhinged husbandofags, they make shit more entertaining

No. 1570561

Omg she got banned? Recently? I thought she was still around, I love her (Don’t want to encourage her personalityfagging too much but she’s really fucking interesting to me and I support her lol)

No. 1570562

File: 1683503440436.jpg (192.9 KB, 1200x675, 2vzp2c.jpg)

jannies banned her off the thread

No. 1570564

You can get thread banned? Why’d she even get threadbanned?

No. 1570565

she's still allowed to post everywhere else (and does if you check the caps thread and /m/), she's just banned and redtexted in the husbando thread only. it happened about a year ago in one of the older threads, not recently

No. 1570570

Ooh, no wonder I don't see her there. I do feel bad for Kirdede-chan cause it seems like she gets hounded anytime she posts. I'll always love unhinged anons who don't actually disrupt the community here.

No. 1570582

>Moe through helplessness
>Seemingly "perfect" at first glance

No. 1570584

I once got dogpilled for saying I like south park shipping in a dumbass shit thread so im sureprised that the comments so far has been chill in this thread regarding south park. I only read fanfics where they are aged up to adults and the show has show itself has put the characters in way more graphic situations than what I have read fanfics about

No. 1570589

File: 1683505613201.jpg (68.68 KB, 600x450, giant-bushel-basket-from-jere-…)

A seed website has been using this midget asian kid to advertise their giant veg to make them seem bigger I'm onto their tricks

No. 1570591

>Moe through helplessness
>Seemingly "perfect" at first glance
Komaeda-chan %100

No. 1570593

I love reading SP fanfic too anon, the ones where they are adults pass university are the best because the drama is insane.

No. 1570595

this is so funny lol

No. 1570596

Kek perfect. I need someone to draw this.

No. 1570601

anyone else here in love with stretching it's like i'm hurting my body in a healthy way. i'm obsessed with the ache. don't even get me started when you hit that stretch+giant joint pop combo. don't want to say orgasmic because it feels scrotish (i'm high and paranoid) but it's pretty close. anyway how has your day been going anons.

No. 1570602

Sometimes the discussion topics get really insane and bring out the more niche unhinged husbandoposters, I love it. We need more of it in fact (I miss Hank Hill-chan)

No. 1570604

Love your description of it. It was a good day. I went to a new park. The place was covered in wax myrtle. Made me want to make candles.

No. 1570619

File: 1683508161635.jpg (117.83 KB, 1000x800, 64515953_p46.jpg)

considering there are a few sp anons, let's settle this once and for all best boy? best ship?

No. 1570622

hank hill is best husbando and i havent found anyone brave enough to debate me this without shrivelling like a raising after my fantastic points

No. 1570629

is it a bad idea to get my cat a cat bed for my desk? i dont wanna indulge him but hes really cute and i dont want to be greedy, there is enough space for both of us here

No. 1570631

I like Butters because he's genuinely adorable, and I like how he has a slight "bad side" along with the little traits he has such as being a good business man. I also have a soft spot for Cartman because he's genuinely funny and his unabashed and unashamed confidence is something to strive for but also because he reminds me of the anime variant of my husbando. As for my favorite ship ButtMan and Bunny

No. 1570634

nvm i just say him staring right at my face while he was licking his ass

No. 1570635

Who the fuck is your husbando that he’s similar to cartman lnaooo

No. 1570640

>best boy
>Best ship
kyle x cartman

No. 1570643

File: 1683509065280.jpg (18.35 KB, 720x362, 27858524_1697764173636994_8454…)

Why debate it when you can proclaim your love to the heavens? Hank Hill is a pure man so I trust your judgment tbh, though you should elaborate cuz I've never seen the show

No. 1570644

just like when he said "don't mess with success".

No. 1570647

Thanks South Park anons I'm motivated to finally watch this show for the first time, yippi

No. 1570648

Ate some peanuts and now I'm on the toilet. What's the connection? Someone pull up Georgian sewer statistics.

No. 1570649

I do not know if it would be correct to say. Just know the semblance in terms of personality and self driven motive is striking, the only difference is that Cartman is smart while the anime version of my husbando is a complete retard, being unironically illiterate.

No. 1570650

kenny, tweek or maybe butters i started watching sp when i was the same age as the characters and i used to have the biggest crush on butters

No. 1570651

>good father
>good husband
>honest man
>isnt a porn-sick coomer
>has hair
>loves peggy, despite her mistakes
>loves bobby, despite him being autistic
>passionate for his job
>will never cheat on you(with the exception of lady propane)
>good at being a man(fixing stuff, making bbq)
>loves animals
>kind to a hopeless degree
>sexy texan accent
>loves his country
>can play the guitar
only downside to husbandoing hank is that he has a small butt

No. 1570653

same with kenny, dunno why. Not even post movie, but BEFORE the movie so i didnt know how he looked yet. I guess he activates my saviourfag complex.

No. 1570656

When you list all of that out, outside of being a little emotionally constipated he's actually the perfect husband and man.

No. 1570657

i wanna rewatch it too, any sp anons have recs?

No. 1570658

I'm not anti-anal and believe in letting people do what they want, but I never really understand why women would agree to full penetration anal…until I imagine the things I would do if my husbando was a real man.

No. 1570659

i actually dont mind him being emotionally constipated, he's more of a rational guy. He might not want to cry alongside you but he will try to help you with your problems and is very honest and genuinely cares.

No. 1570661

If you wanna do a deep dive starting from the beginning is always encourage but I think from season 3 on is super funny and unhinged. Also we have a SP thread!

No. 1570662

if your husbando would be open to the idea of anal then you should reconsider your taste. Have you given Hank Hill a though?

No. 1570664

When I have long nails my hands just look so pretty and graceful doing anything. I have long almonds right now and and my hands look so nice even just picking up a soda can.

No. 1570665

there's no way ya'll are convincing me to embrace him in the husbando light

No. 1570666

>emotionally constipated
and literally too if you remember that one episode lol

No. 1570668

He wouldn't be open to anal. And my husbando is better than ugly, old fat dadbod Hank.

No. 1570669

damn nonny same

No. 1570670

Would your husbando be able to take him on in a fist fight?

No. 1570671

Absolutely. My husbando would put him on his ass, below the earths crust.

No. 1570675

Alright now you definitely have to post him.

No. 1570676

It's Levi from AOT.

No. 1570677

It’s kind of annoying how he reacts negatively to unfamiliar things but on the other hand he comes around to other people feelings so it could be forgiven…

No. 1570678

Fair enough but I believe mine could put yours into the earths inner core

No. 1570679

Samefag, who fucking reported this in the husbando thread KEK

No. 1570680

File: 1683510403058.png (1.05 MB, 1200x1800, sdasdasas.png)

post your husbando if you are so brave so we can compare their power level. I assure you hank can beat your husbando both in a fight and in morale.

No. 1570681

shit that was me sorry

No. 1570682

>manlet with mr. o'hare haircut

No. 1570683

Lmao it's ok anon I keep laughing at it.

No. 1570684

File: 1683510523764.jpeg (25.84 KB, 640x559, 1669273677296.jpeg)

oh nonono hank can beat your husbando on height alone

No. 1570686

don't listen to them nona I believe in your husbando!

No. 1570687

File: 1683510771098.png (145.11 KB, 460x276, Darryn-Lyons-on-Celebrity-008.…)

Already did motherfucker! I don't care what any nonnas say, at least my husbando isn't literally middle-aged. And hank looks gross in that pic, like men who get ab implants but still have a pot belly.

No. 1570688

didnt your husbando literally die? i am sorry i dont watch shit, i am busy watching good anime(koh)

No. 1570690

Hank would throw a solid right hook and your twink would crumple to the ground.

No. 1570691

My husbando could pound Levi’s ass in a fight, and so could everyone else’s

No. 1570693

he also became a cripple in his remaining years before death too. manlets stay losing

No. 1570694

Nope, he survived till the end. Injured, but that's what happens when you're an actual soldier and have to actually fight to save your people.
You all know this shit isn't true.

No. 1570695

Hey! I only want my husbando to pound MY ass

No. 1570696

Me too girl

No. 1570697

how would hank bear in the AoT universe?

No. 1570698

He's lost some mobility after years and years of carrying the military on his back. So what? He still fought after his injuries btw.

No. 1570700

He wouldn't make it. A titan would gobble his chubby ass up.

No. 1570701

he would have been eaten by a titan like the beef jerky man he is

No. 1570703

And mine would still make your husbando his anal slave even in his prime

No. 1570706

who's your husbando

No. 1570707

Post him or stfu

No. 1570708

My husbando has faced up against interdimensional beings of mass destruction, he'd put Levi in the ground. Can Levi-san blast lighting out of his hands? Can he summon tornados of fire and pillars of ice? If we got into tsim semantics, my husbando would fuck Levi and leave him begging for for more just from his sheer alpha-ness being in the presence of such a omega (Levi).

No. 1570709

Oh and also,
He's not supposed to be a twink. AOT art just sucks and I think they try to pander to fujos a little. Anyway, they stopped twinking him after season 1 (and maybe 2, he wasn't there that much).

No. 1570712

No bc I’ll out myself immediately

No. 1570713

who you repping for nona? levi is a low fat beef cake

No. 1570715

kirbyanon dont be a wuss

No. 1570716

If this is who I think it is, bitch you need to stay out of this.

No. 1570718

My King.

No. 1570720

Probably not who you’re thinking of either, maybe.

No. 1570721

Blahblahblah. If he could do that to Levi (I doubt.) then what do you think he would do to Hank?

No. 1570723

Samefag you all talking about how your husbandos would want to fuck my husbando in the ass just proves his pure sexual prowess.

No. 1570725


No. 1570726

File: 1683511904331.png (79.04 KB, 640x480, Hank_Exercising_and_Determined…)

Hankfags stay winning

No. 1570727


No. 1570729

anyone else brave enough to put their husbando against Hank i wanna do a powerlevel chart

No. 1570730

File: 1683512115740.png (126.84 KB, 1000x703, 421C4074-A2D6-49FB-A768-0FC6FD…)

Idk about hank, but Rance could kill levi with ease, manlets stay losing.

No. 1570731

We've been spendin' most our lives living in an amish paradise

No. 1570732

File: 1683512248587.jpg (5.35 KB, 235x163, 1a5740abb386c448fd456db1750ac1…)

all this husbandofag bloodshed and fOR WHAT?!

No. 1570734

>I doubt
Excuse you. That's literally his main set of abilities, I didn't make that shit up. He can shoot lighting out of his hands, though admittedly, said ability has been not seen in action since Pinball. Him shooting firey tornados and icy pillars isn't doubtful it's goddamn fact. Not to mention, he could eat Levi. He could literally fucking eat him. Last time I check Levi can't outrun a goddamn space esque vacuum so he would become meat to my husbando within a minute. Your husbando is on the lower trophic level of the food chain compared to mine, step off.
>what do you think he would do to Hank
Probably think he's pretty cool, if not a little bit of a hardass.

No. 1570735

Go back to writing DDLG Adult baby JJBA fics and keep my man's name out of your mouth, Depressed_Ga_Boy.

No. 1570736

rancefag containment breach

No. 1570737

File: 1683512439484.jpeg (28.07 KB, 350x343, 9C675E35-C2C7-4B3F-BDC1-BB04CE…)

1.I didn’t write any jojo fics
2. I made one comment simply stating the dynamic was cute, I didn’t get off to it, the original comment is still up I think lmao.
3. I’m into ageplay, I don’t like roleplaying as a baby. BIG difference

No. 1570739

No. 1570740

This is the liveliest either of these boards have been in days and it's all because of husbando dogfight, can't belive I'm here to witness it. Truly one for the archives.

Your husbando sounds kind of sexy is he a cannibal or something

No. 1570741

You like ageplay and your husbandos dick is disgusting looking. You literally cannot say anything about Levi.

No. 1570742

>3. I’m into ageplay, I don’t like roleplaying as a baby. BIG difference
you keep digging your own grave buddy

No. 1570743

File: 1683512604415.png (64.75 KB, 1143x1000, husbando power level.png)

rate em

No. 1570744

He's more cute than sexy, but I suppose he does have a erotic charm to him I admit. He's a penguin.

No. 1570745

File: 1683512648662.gif (2.44 MB, 498x477, megamind-jonah.gif)

He would unironically fucking obliterate every faggot posted itt

No. 1570746

Omg did…did I just get acknowledged by a legend? I love you x-chan

No. 1570747

Girl his dick looks good af besides how dark it is but that’s just because of constant sex (something levi doesn’t get). Levi is like 5’1 he’s definitely small bro. Also the acc you mentioned is some random tranny kek

No. 1570749

File: 1683512771610.jpeg (12.13 KB, 275x241, IMG_1939.jpeg)

My hobby is downloading the preview image by accident every single time

No. 1570750

I can't believe you talked so much shit about Levi just for your husbando to be a fucking penguin. At least mine in human. Is your husbando Gunter?

No. 1570751

File: 1683512784802.png (86.35 KB, 1143x1000, husbando power level 1.0.png)

No. 1570753

My fucking sides. She doesn’t know

No. 1570754

No. 1570755

No. 1570756

File: 1683512889522.png (84.71 KB, 1480x1000, husbando power level.png)

middle for ''idk''
right positive
left negative

No. 1570758

This is like mcu but for autistic women

No. 1570759

Levi doesn't get constant sex because he's not a fucking coomer and actually respects women. Isn't your husbando a rapist anyway?
>his dick looks good af
Keep lying to yourself.

No. 1570760

File: 1683512917022.png (59.88 KB, 1143x1000, 1683512604415.png)


it's penpen from evangelion

No. 1570761

It's all true though, my husbando would and could beat Levi in a fight and as stated before, because he is on the lower trophic level, he could eat him.

No. 1570762

Yes, I admittedly don't know. I didn't start using or even paying attention to the husbando threads until recently.

No. 1570763

>using the anime version of my husbando

No. 1570764

excuse you nonnies but levi anon and hank anon should gang up on penguin anon and rance-chan

No. 1570765

Don’t you have some poopy diaper ABDL fics to be reading? Christ. Imagine being such a social reject that even anonymous users on an imageboard, which are known for housing social rejects, can’t stand you. Wish you’d get permabanned for all the shit you stir constantly

No. 1570767

File: 1683513137197.png (83.7 KB, 327x490, wmzcVrh.png)

>penpen from evangelion
Are you serious.

No. 1570768

rancebros…we are losing

No. 1570769

File: 1683513154209.jpeg (46.38 KB, 750x406, 7D17B484-F5AF-405B-B68F-0F9B7E…)

Thank you queen
Yes he is a rapist, serial rapist even. My man’s packing 10 inches and yours can’t even get it up. All you’re admitting is that your moid is an incel

No. 1570770

File: 1683513189004.png (75.99 KB, 516x470, 1679773752213.png)

I actually genuinely and 100% absolutely hate myself for imagining my husbando being gangbanged by the aforementioned two for a solid thirty seconds.

No. 1570771

File: 1683513212666.png (74.48 KB, 1480x1000, kek.png)

No. 1570772

So your man isn't even getting pussy. He's taking it by force. And that's better than not constantly fucking because you're too busy saving the world and avoiding getting eaten by monster humans how?

No. 1570773

the penguin thing is more sexy than hank tbh

No. 1570774

I wish I could've had a father like yours. Mines an abuser on the so registry.

No. 1570776

Rance-chan is on meds and getting therapy afaik so I don't mind giving her another chance

No. 1570777

i'll go to bat for dedede if it pisses rancefag off

No. 1570778

that's a lot of words to say levi is a virgin

No. 1570779

File: 1683513387313.jpeg (67.18 KB, 1170x785, 763ABE6A-D845-4B14-B5C6-D0C8EC…)

Hank solos and it’s not even close. Hank beats any anime faggot any day

No. 1570780

File: 1683513398709.png (24.94 KB, 1156x1000, levi.png)

I chose not to include King Dedede in this because I refuse to disrespect Kirdede-chan.

No. 1570781

File: 1683513450089.jpg (9.94 KB, 236x314, 2b93352ddbf2063020a27c17ecf940…)

I meant more like when you out and this one mofo won't stop so you put aside your beef for a sec to rough house his ass but aye they can always anally gang up on them

No. 1570782

Very respectfully disagree but maybe if you found a penguin with muscles we could compromise

No. 1570783

File: 1683513500055.png (37.45 KB, 830x421, IMG_6012.png)

No. 1570784

No. 1570785

Who said he's a virgin? It's been implied that he's been in relationships with women before, and even then I'd rather love a virgin than a rapist or a coomer. The fact that his sexual and romantic relationships aren't explored in the series just says that he's not coombrained and so preoccupied with sex and fucking and sex and fucking.

No. 1570786

a dignified queen, we love to see it

No. 1570787

File: 1683513589981.jpg (24.74 KB, 564x564, a9b6c3671c2b94f5ad56fd9e6076e3…)

is he beefy enough ?

No. 1570788

Based and same

No. 1570789

File: 1683513647839.jpg (81.56 KB, 707x1000, FlZuPNVacAEFSjf.jpg)

I'm actually not a social reject irl surprisingly enough, but anyway. I'm not into abdl. The fanfic i made contains zero abdl as well (i'll even provide a link but i can't fucking edit it and the writing sucks ass)

Nah, he gets them both ways. He'll fuck any woman he wants and that's what makes him a chad. I don't watch mid so i kinda forgor what levi did but wasn't he just a housemaid? Yeah…

I have nothing against kirbyanon


No. 1570790

File: 1683513657972.jpg (28.54 KB, 236x354, cb3bfd5d60e8662aa3faca96fd9111…)

for some yakitori? yeas

No. 1570791

File: 1683513669763.jpg (180 KB, 1004x1785, 1683511155258.jpg)

Just saw this in the thread downwind, tag your husbando

No. 1570792

it is so fucking funny that you feel the need to defend yourself on an anon imageboard over and over again. what reputation are you trying to protect?

No. 1570793

mine's definitely #7

No. 1570794

Rance is a hairless maiden, he only has pubic hair (which is sexy)

There are several people doing the same so idk why it matters, i'm doing it cos it's funny af

No. 1570795

4 and 5

No. 1570796

either 3 or 5

No. 1570797

Mine is 1. I'm thankful for it. I'm fine with body hair but I am accustomed to women's ass and so the thought of a hairy male ass just grosses me out.
If he was really a chad he wouldn't need to rape anyone.

No. 1570798

File: 1683513845918.jpeg (24.57 KB, 225x350, IMG_6311.jpeg)

your husbando hits on literal children talking about how he’ll come back to them once they’re adults

No. 1570799

anything but 1 is sin

No. 1570800

No friends IRL and is the only anon to get outed in the husbando thread please andastand

No. 1570801

say what you want about rancefag but she replies QUICK she hood hood, fingers always on the KB on watch

No. 1570802

No, he's a chad purely in fictional terms (i don't condone rape) because he'll go after any woman immediately. There are several women that fall in love with him over the course of the games because of his big dick energy.

Yeah i know lol, and he also killed all of picrels girls rapists which makes it 50/50. Either way idc how morally wrong he is bc i still love him nonetheless. Either way he's pixels on a screen

No. 1570803

Watching yms (I know I know) and dfpr.a gay man back in thr day he was really fucking concerned with feminism. Like you can tell he really doesn't like women, which confuses me, he's not even a gay scrote who hangs with women (it seems). He seems very much a dude who surrounds himself with Male coomer furries. I guess it's just good Ole misogyny.
I do not get it, at least lesbians have to deal with scrotes because they are dangerous and annoying. A gay man with mainly male friends shouldn't be concerned with women at all.
But again, misogyny.

No. 1570806

>hitting on children is okay because le pixels on a screen
What kind of lolicon scrote logic is this? Kek keep seething over your husbando being a pedo rapist faggot

No. 1570808

File: 1683514186759.png (60.63 KB, 497x400, 72347afcd6af015f9391d3b73b4295…)

>Who said he's a virgin?
himself lmao

No. 1570809

Not levi anon but levi is canonically the strongest man in the universe who takes down 6000000000 meter titans. How the fuck would any other husbando even touch him?

No. 1570810

I'm not seething, i just don't care. I'm a pedophilia victim myself and i'm sure a niche hentai game isn't doing anything. Focus on actual pedoa

No. 1570811

Levi would punt your bitch across the galaxy just for how he acts towards women. Vile.

No. 1570812

No. 1570813

I hope your abuser comes back for seconds

No. 1570814

This character has a very punchable face also has the whole peppa thing going on with his whole mouth appearing simultaneously on both sides of his face as well as in the middle.

No. 1570817

i unfollowed yms because i had the misfortune of seeing his fursuit porn

No. 1570818

File: 1683514383647.png (40.86 KB, 1682x726, mmmmmmh.png)

this you ?

No. 1570819

>tfw he's too perfect so you have to fabricate shit
There's literally nothing you can say about him. His only flaw is that he's short, but we're literally the same height so it doesn't matter.

No. 1570820

Aww man

Kinda funny, still love him though

No. 1570821

seek medical help, rance-chan is not the problem anymore

No. 1570822

But what if Levi goes up against someone like Joshua Graham? Both tenacious indestructable motherfuckers at their peak, idk nonna

No. 1570823

File: 1683514483634.jpeg (57.63 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_6316.jpeg)

>Brings up proshipper and anti discourse when someone says pedo bad
Holy shit go back

No. 1570824

File: 1683514545155.gif (2.35 MB, 387x441, e761c0b6102072f3c893b6bdf4509f…)

Breaking news. The husbando dogfighting has become bloodier and hostile among anons from the imageboard lolcor, we will stay at the scene to see future developments.

No. 1570826

File: 1683514625454.png (136.31 KB, 1024x1024, 1592787724904.png)

>reading lc husbando wars
>watching drama unfold on a cow community
>drinking tea
>cat in lap
life's good

No. 1570827

all husbandofags should gang up on your ass for saying this vile shit

No. 1570828

Imagine thinking some fictional scrote saying scrote things is morally on par with actual pedophilia lmao

No. 1570829

File: 1683514691185.png (108.54 KB, 1480x1000, 1683512889522.png)

I wanted to give it a try myself, I looked at the wikis for each character and came to some conclusions about each one.

No. 1570832

File: 1683514746681.gif (4.64 MB, 444x250, this gif makes me soo horny.gi…)

He's so fucking scary that Reiner had to warn Zeke about him in advance. He literally made people that can shift into gigantic human eating monsters shake in their boots. I don't care what anyone has to say. All of your husbandos are BITCHES compared to mine.

No. 1570833

File: 1683514753079.jpg (83.66 KB, 750x537, QT7Qd7qAP01xLBjshAsEoA_r.jpg)

No. 1570834

>many nonas seem to be euro, am always wishing for things to happen during EST primetime
>things happen during EST primetime but i desperately need to go to bed for work tomorrow
>something something monkey's paw

No. 1570835

Hi rancefucker, I see you orphaned your fic on AO3 and deleted your acccount/changed your pseud because nothing shows up in the search anymore. Did you get embarrassed?

Let me pull up a few of my favorite lines from your monstrosity of a piece of English writing:

>It tasted disgusting, thick seed you have been forced to swallow whole, with an odd saltiness invading your tastebuds. Taking in the taste of his cum, your sickness rose to your throat yet again, drool foaming out of your mouth.

>"Since I'm feeling nice, I'll give you two options: throw up, and I'm definitely ramming it in without foreplay. If you don't, I'll be gentle. Well, you're getting raped either way, heheheh."
>Even after ejaculating such a hefty amount, his erection immediately sprung back. Finding things to penetrate you with along with his dick, he rummaged through your room, thinking of many possibilities, until he found your little sex chamber.
>Even after ejaculating such a hefty amount, his erection immediately sprung back. Finding things to penetrate you with along with his dick, he rummaged through your room, thinking of many possibilities, until he found your little sex chamber.

No. 1570836

I only know it existed because Joshua Moon of kiwifarms literally talked about qdum doing porn with q black man (I think he mentioned the scrote being black like twice). I admit he's a gross disgusting coomer but I like his dharman videos

No. 1570837

omg you're so cute

No. 1570838

No. 1570840


No. 1570841

Heyyyyy i know it's bad lmao, i can't fucking delete it though. Digital footprint is real.

No. 1570842

we might never agree on which husbando is best, but we can all agree kirdede anon is best husbandofag

No. 1570843


No. 1570844

Lol this is really sweet anon

No. 1570846

rance-chan it's poetry i love it, don't listen to stalker-chan !!
saitama still solo him in a single punch and he's BALD
you're the best thing that happened to this site

No. 1570849

you can quite literally delete—not just orphan— fics on AO3

No. 1570850

I like how you wrote a nice thing about all of them. Very cute.

No. 1570851

> Well, you're getting raped either way, heheheh
how do you come up with this james bond villian tier shit

No. 1570852

my husbando, penguinfag, and rancefag solos cope.

No. 1570853

You all have /g/ come on wtf

No. 1570854

you guys are way too easy

No. 1570855

That's literally how he talks

No. 1570856

So sick of the husbandito talks, I have no attraction to cartoon mem, only big green men from fallout. I never get it

No. 1570857

Why did you highjack this I was asking anons how hairy their asses are

No. 1570858

is the most fun it has happened in a while nona

No. 1570859

This truly became a dumbass retarded turbo-autist thread, sorry anon

No. 1570860

husbandos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> real men

No. 1570861

Of course, while I won't deny what my husbando has over others I wouldn't ever deny that other people's husbandos don't have their own charm and appeal points. That'd be disingenuous and I'd be no better than a politician, and politicians are mostly pedophiles who practice Satanism and I don't particularly support such a thing. I forgot to add, that Rance's whole knight aura and look reminds me of my other husbando who is also a knight that I love a whole lot so he gets a an extra point there in terms of sexy.

No. 1570862

I respect your community I guess but I dont wanna read none of this shit

No. 1570863

I've been thinking about your apple-flavoured gooey super mutant cum post for the last week, it was elucidating

No. 1570864

File: 1683515211381.gif (9.73 MB, 640x360, hothothothothothothothot.gif)

Keep lying to yourself.

No. 1570865

File: 1683515240972.png (308.14 KB, 1272x786, RE63dge52GUHhs620d.png)

>big green men

No. 1570866

You are a blessing Nona.

No. 1570867

File: 1683515299806.jpg (29.62 KB, 630x860, FvWx1BDWwAA1KDe.jpg)

No. 1570868

why do you find that attractive, there should be conversion therapy for husbandofags with shit taste

No. 1570869

post big green men

No. 1570870

How is it even pronounced anyway?
Huzz- band- ou
Or what?

No. 1570871

fuck he is kinda hot…

No. 1570872

Shut yo corny ass up