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File: 1683900839694.jpg (277.2 KB, 1080x1634, 1683844089693.jpg)

No. 1574830

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous thread: >>1563535

>adhere to site and board rules

>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

No. 1574837

I think that they react like that because people don't suggest it as a temporary solution/stepping stone for bigger things but more like… Something they should settle for the rest of their lives. I don't agree with them but I think I get it?

No. 1574865

Oh shit you used the image nonnie mentioned, you're a real one nona

No. 1574869

Women who claim they got bullied in school for being pretty are so funny to me. I’ve never seen this happen irl. You were bullied because you were annoying or weird and not self aware to see it.

No. 1574871

These people want to be ceos and big star artists but don’t want to put any effort to it. So they are too lazy to follow their dreams but also think they are above working at McDonald’s or some shit.

No. 1574990

tbh i never saw an attractive kid get bullied for being annoying or an asshole, either. i wish everyone would get over the body positivity brainwashing and realize that most people prefer physically attractive people in every situation

No. 1575006

i used to be a dishwasher in a restaurant and the main reason i quit was because i was too exhausted and physically broken to work on any of my personal projects even on days off. it typically took 3 days off in a row before i could take all the bandages off my hands but i only got 3 days in a row off once, when i was sick in bed. dead-end jobs are called dead-ends because they literally kill you if you get stuck at one too long.

No. 1575015

samefag actually i guess it wasn't all bad, i did get hot back and arm muscles out of it

No. 1575029

File: 1683908451619.png (190.12 KB, 256x366, 45535A45-9512-414D-924C-E93467…)

Mystic heroes is a great game.

No. 1575145

People overexaggerate how bad shit like ageplay and ddlg truly are, if at all. There's no issues with women being into fetishes like these, with scrotes it's another topic though.

No. 1575201

its cringe pick me behaviour that just reinforces the idea of women being only valuable when they are children. Why cant the develop based fetishes like reverse ryona or yaoi.

No. 1575204

Oh im into both ageplay and yaoi, don't worry about it. I get what you mean though, i act like a normal adult outside of the bedroom tho

No. 1575213

Am I having a stroke

No. 1575215

>im into ageplay

No. 1575227

And? I won't stop liking it anytime soon

No. 1575229

sad trumpet noises
boi oi oi oi oi oing
slide whistle

No. 1575250

Wtf is with the sick coomers recently

No. 1575267

I might not like that stuff, but I get what you mean. I think the urge some anons have to try and cover up the existence of women who have weird or problematic kinks and stuff only hurts us. It's like tranny-tier denial. Reality eventually interrupts all these convenient denials, just like with trannies. Andrea Dworkin acknowledged that women can have fetishes, doesn't make her takes wrong.
I'm thinking this because of the recent infights, but also finding out about radfems who have like, autoandrophilia and other things. Women aren't rape apes, but they're sure as hell not pure, either.

No. 1575281

Covering them up and pretending women don't have fetishes seems indeed stupid. Instead we should encourage some introspection as to why they have those fetishes to begin with since that in some cases can help a woman realize she had some issues to address. I also fully think a woman shouldn't have to address those issues if she doesn't want to. Looking into why you love being degraded is a shitty journey, so I'm not surprised most of them just want to enjoy an orgasm and forget the whys of it.

No. 1575289

i have fucked up fetishes too, thankfully none of them hurt women though. While i do agree women should be allowed to have fucked up fetishes, i think one has to realize that >>1575145 fetishes are a response to societal norms that dictate women should be uwu lil grils dating ugly old men and what not. Though i also dont blame them since 99% of porn is for moids, i legit believe that if there were more femdom female artists there would be less women into ddlg and ageplay. I guess you gotta be the change you want to see.

No. 1575291

File: 1683916777704.png (75.86 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

pls unalive yourself

No. 1575303

you can say ''kill yourself'' here, lil tiktok tourist

No. 1575306

You're mad. I'll tell you right now i will NOT stop fantasizing about wearing a pink pacifier then getting fucked inside a crib.

No. 1575310

It hurts women because at the end of the day, choiceism is not in a vacuum. A woman can have her fetishes, but she acts out on it with a boyfriend? What stops him from believing other women want it, from normalizing said so aspect? The truth is, desensitization and demoralization is very real. We have had women like shoeonhead who called "pedophilia" a side kink, who defended her boyfriend for being attracted to underaged girls. At the end of the day, you are free to do as you please, but don't be willfully obtuse, you know why other women critique it, you know how normalization of such things demoralizes said so acts. It's the same thing with porn.

No. 1575311

we get it shayna, you like being a big fat baby

No. 1575313

I'm not a TT tourist , I just think it's funnier than the out right KILL YOURSELF yknow?

No. 1575314

nta im well aware that women can have fucked up fetishes, but you're starting to sound like a tranny now

No. 1575315

its not, it's retarded and makes you sound like a newfag

No. 1575317

I've been accused of being a tranny, a moid, but never shayna. Kek

Yeah i get that a lot

No. 1575319

FYI, I am not saying to not have it, I'm saying to at least take it to consideration and to realize that a lot of women who are critiquing had the same problems. A lot of the scrotes who were into that shit groomed me and had their girlfriends involved to seem "cooler". A lot of women will pretend to get in this shit and will even let their moids offend other women under the guise of kink. Same exact situation happened to me at 14, which is why I am very concerned with women who act on it with their nigels, because who knows if they would let them hurt another woman?

No. 1575321

File: 1683917306805.jpg (64.82 KB, 615x820, cringe.jpg)

Girl you can do whatever you want but just know that I will never stop making fun of people like you.

No. 1575322

kill yourself

No. 1575323

Hey there you go much less gay sounding than unalive

No. 1575325

Omg this is too far. I would never record it. I just like wearing pacifiers/bottlefed as a humiliation thing

No. 1575326

Are you the same anon who posted a photo of yourself with a dog collar in the asseating thread?

No. 1575328

That fucking alien head
Ayyy I'm a baby lmao

No. 1575329

I’m also into that but I’ve never posted any pic of msyelf on any imageboard

No. 1575333

You are so fucking degenerate. I bet you're probably midwestern or obese, christ. I genuinely think you're a tranny. Get off this site.

No. 1575335

File: 1683917711169.jpg (23.77 KB, 366x324, ha51167291_n.jpg)

posting on image boards is gay anon

>inb4 anons are outed as a disgusting sex workers that post in Shayna/sex worker threads

No. 1575338

Fucking kek.

No. 1575345

I’ve never seen an age player who wasn’t ugly or obese so I guess now we know what age play anons look like kek

No. 1575346

Wrf does being midwestern have to do with any of this, lmao

No. 1575349


No. 1575350

Agreed with you both. Rather than turning away, I think we can gain ground in discussing and taking apart the "why" of these things. It can help us try to improve the situation somewhat, especially by encouraging other forms of sexual expression to counter scrotal influence. I don't really feel right alienating another woman if she has some weird or gross kink, as long as she's actually a good person and not a groomer or pickme.

Anon, I understand what you're saying, but I don't think acknowledging has to be the same thing as normalizing. We can discuss why these things shouldn't be encouraged without pretending they don't exist. What I find immature is when the only reaction to is >>1575291, claims that no women "really" like some things or insistences that you can just make a fetish go away by going to a therapist like it's some priest/holy water thing. We don't have to encourage it, and sure as hell we can't condone the type of groomy shit moids do with their handmaiden-ish gfs to try and make things seem cool/acceptable. I think the only way we can "know" if they would let them hurt another woman is by analyzing a given situation. If it's some "teehee it's empowering" thing, obviously it's sus, and you have to look at their takes on porn, gender, etc. The untrustworthy types almost always want to convince you of some questionable shit outside of just "I have this fetish, that's it".

No. 1575352

okay then you're a twitterfag, is that better? stop with your retarded ass new age lingo. what's next? smol bean babygirl cinnamon roll?

No. 1575358

File: 1683918281293.jpg (7.86 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

No. 1575363

>posting on image boards is gay anon
you and your twitter stan reaction images are gay. you will never be a catty gay man

No. 1575369

I am not denying that they exist, however, I do think there's a lot of women who are adamant about said so repugnant acts. A lot of women who were into "kink" defended a pedophile I knew, who raped about 8 girls and was adamant onto defending pedophilia. It broke my heart to see these women still associate with a 30+ year old man who bragged about me when I was 14 when he was threatening me. I used to try to sympathize with them, but at this point, I have realized that a lot of these women would not give a shit about hurting their own daughters if it meant they can get off with their moid, that's the truth. We have had women call other women prudes on this site for not wanting to commit specific sexual acts on men, forgetting that a lot of women on here do have trauma with men. I have had fucked up fetishes before, I was groomed to it from a very young age, but there has to be some line where you finally cannot let these women in your space. I cannot trust them whatsoever. I have known many women who have let their husbands abuse girls and have defended them. I will support you and support explaining why, but some women are so lost that they will not admit it, and will even groom other girls into said so situations for their moids.

No. 1575371

This thread is killin me right now

No. 1575416

Yuck! Wish you'd spoilered this.

No. 1575430

People from the midwest are gross and uncultured, eating $3 hot dogs from Krogers on sliced bread for dinner while larping as whatever ethnicity their ancestors from 200 years ago were. Literally if that whole region disappeared today nobody would even remember that it had existed.

No. 1575432

The midwest is full of people of Germanic ancestry and Germans are known in Europe for being the most sexually deviant fetish ridden coomers on the continent. I include Austrians in this post, they are similar to Germans but 100 times worse.

No. 1575438

Grrr me hate midwest flyover they eat hotdog

No. 1575444

Mm but it's true, the midwestern version of the Champs-Elysées or Sistine Chapel is a Wal-Mart parking lot kek

No. 1575448

that obese male arm kekekekek

No. 1575458

Lmao, why do you care? Yes im from the midwest but you're most likely a deathfat from california and idk how that's any better. I'm from the midwest AND into ageplay. Cry abt it. And i'm moving to california soon, my degeneracy is cross-country.

I have slavic and scottish ancestry if you want to get technical

No. 1575462

Most people who are not from the USA don't care about different regions and see the whole USA as one country that is all the same.

No. 1575466

File: 1683922512210.jpeg (99.84 KB, 1200x764, IMG_1357.jpeg)

Seethe, fattie. Peep that sea of red in the midwest. And it doesn't matter if you move to California, once a midwesterner always a midwesterner. Coastal folk can sniff your kind out from a mile away
>t. Midwesterner

No. 1575476

Lmao why are you so mad about me being from the midwest? Self hating americans are so annoying. My Master lives in california and he's accepting me with open arms. Cry

No. 1575480

I'm not self-hating, I only hate the midwest. I love my state. Your master has a Cheetos encrusted neckbeard and cannot even afford a slice of pizza from 7-11. You're not going anywhere kek

No. 1575481

>my Master
lmao what are you? a discord kitten?

No. 1575482

File: 1683923293888.gif (170.06 KB, 220x220, 1657858232114.gif)

>my Master

No. 1575490

Your who?

No. 1575491

State nationalists are even more retarded especially when most of the world does not care. My Master has a high paying job and is attractive, why else would i be seeking asylum there? It doesn't matter how many times you vomit into the toilet, you'll always be a fat wonen with an eating disorder.

Sex slave

No. 1575493

This is gonna sound really insensitive but I don't get what's the big deal with early miscarriages. It's the way of the body getting rid of bad genetics. I'd rather have a healthy baby than a baby with down syndrome or autism.

No. 1575494

File: 1683923527658.jpeg (95.46 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1358.jpeg)

""""Her"""" master

No. 1575495

I don't think any of us care if non Americans care about the different regions though.

No. 1575498

Shayna babe shouldn't you be "working" right now? You have a surgery to pay for.

No. 1575499

Nobody is talking about the world. Midwest is trash, gross, and poor

No. 1575501

wait so you aren't even living together? is he going to hurt you if you don't capitalize the m? are you getting off to it? so many questions

No. 1575502

Autism yo. A woman who wants a baby will be sad if she can't carry one to full term, I understand you're an edgelord who feels no emotions but pretty much all women who intended to be pregnant and give birth will be sad if the fetus dies before any of that gets to happen.

No. 1575506

Ewww, ugly white dudes get blocked on site. Is that one you know personally?

Isn't shayna from west coast? I'm not mentally ill so idk

Funny because my uncle who moved to california from the midwest is a venture capitalist. Meanwhile native californians can't even afford their own rent kek

I'm moving in with him sometime this year, maybe next. And yes i do get off to it, why else would i live with him? We met based off a mutual fetish

No. 1575512

No honey you are mentally ill. Women who respect themselves aren't into that DD/LG pedo adjacent crap. How the fuck is anything associated with children even remotely sexy to y'all?

No. 1575514

I used to be mentally ill but i have since been put on medication for severe depression and am normal now. And it's not the children part, it's the innocence and humiliation aspects of it

No. 1575515

File: 1683924011324.png (68.12 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_1360.png)

>Funny because my uncle who moved to california from the midwest is a venture capitalist.

No. 1575518

Less than 3 months is still such a short time to be fully invested in a fetus

No. 1575519

File: 1683924033510.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)

>I'm not mentally ill
yet you get off on debasing yourself. wake up

No. 1575520

you are not normal if you find childlike behavior sexy

No. 1575523

Focus on your student loan debt


No. 1575525

Focus on not guzzling Mountain Dew and eating less fried butter, midwestfag

No. 1575527

yeah i'm a twittertard and you're a normal non mentally ill person, i suggest telling your family, friends, and coworkers

No. 1575528

>It's the innocence and humiliation aspect

Either you or your master (probably both tbh) are pedo adjacent at best. Whatever drugs they gave you for the mental illness you "used" to have are not working. I'd recommend a lobotomy, but you'd probably get off to that too.

No. 1575530

Whats going on itt? Midwestern ageplay sex slaves?

No. 1575531

It's not when you're an excited new mom picking out names and planning a nursery, edgelord. We get it, you're cool and rational and would never develop an attachment to a fetus until it's 20 years old and screaming about how you ruined it's life with your sociopathic tendencies. Congrats

No. 1575537

Women who date and prop up abusive men deserve to be abused. Many of those women lash out at innocent people and I love to see them miserable. If your abusive bf lusts after me I laugh in your face. I relish both your tears they are so fucking delicious to me.

No. 1575542

My bmi is 19

Do you tell your coworkers and family about your sexual fantasies? I dont think so

Prozac, and it's not pedophilia.

No. 1575553

That's why I said pedo adjacent, which it is. No normal adults are going to find a grown woman in a binkie and onesie sexy. Only those who wanna fuck children will.

No. 1575554

*Sex slave, and yes i am. Master instructs me not to tell people directly i am a slave, but i have more subtle ways of showing it.

No. 1575555

No. 1575556

Transsexualism is the end goal and triumph of feminism and its final form. You cannot call yourself a feminist unless you've embraced the shenis.

No. 1575558

Kill yourself

No. 1575559

Don't reply to bait retard

No. 1575562

I'm not joking. Transsexualism, specifically MtF is and was the goal of feminism. It is true worship of the superior gender and is the culmination of everything women have fought for. If you cannot see this then you aren't a feminist but a handmaiden.

No. 1575566

Don't reply to the scrote just report it everyone

No. 1575568

your head is splitting

No. 1575569

My parents are so fucking incompetent it's annoying me. I can't wait to have my own car.

No. 1575572

Nonna I advise you not to meet this guy… he's low-value. If you do please be safe. Or. Better yet. Call it off. You are so much better than this ♥

No. 1575574

I don't understand how someone can be proud to be on this shitty website LMAOOOOOO. Actually terminally online lmaooo. You're not gonna make any lifelong friendship here sweetie

No. 1575577

Male Boss × Female Employee and Enemies-to-Lovers are by far the worst genres of romance there is and I hate how damn popular it is too (whether it be fanfic or an Original work).

No. 1575579

you laughed your WHAT off?!!

No. 1575580

Friends are for people who enjoy mindless drama and losing. If you want to level up you stay away from bad influences. Have fun with your low value male who only depletes you and your gal pals who snicker behind your back.

No. 1575584

No she isn't she does pedo play and likes it

No. 1575585

The former, yeah, it's vile shit and I hate it with my entire soul, but I don't see what's wrong with enemies to lovers. Is it because it's too overused?

No. 1575594


I feel bad to a certain point because abusers can be really good at hiding that in the beginning but if you have a job and somewhere to go but you get roped into the drama over and over and keep blaming yourself or someone else you deserve it. You could have a nice life if you stopped internalizing the idea that being alone makes you bad or a lesbian or a cat lady. Embrace the stereotypes and move on to greener pastures.

No. 1575597

Kinda scrotey pickme but I agree. Those women are just placeholders to take away the low value men from the high value women.

No. 1575602

Supporting men who abuse women and covering up for them makes you lainey tier bad. You're responsible too.

No. 1575603

Yeah honestly. I used to feel bad for them but most of them don't want to get out of that relationship and even protect their scrote from the cops.
I 100% support anyone who wants to leave an abusive partner, but if you aren't actively working towards that, or at least towards making that decision, then you suck and I couldn't care less about what happens to you. Made your bed etc etc.

No. 1575604

They always find a third party to have to lash out to and so in a way they become a part of their abuser. Why feel bad for someone who makes other people feel bad and then also covers up for that man? What is that loyalty even worth when in so many cases those men cheat on them anyway they don't even want your loyalty.

No. 1575607

Yeah, calling the cops because her scrote beat the shit out of her and I have to hear about it the 5th time this week and she says she fell down the stairs or some shit and tells him that it was me and I get shit… No thanks, go get murdered by your beloved, it's no longer my concern.

No. 1575609

>t if you aren't actively working towards that, or at least towards making that decision, then you suck and I couldn't care less about what happens to you
I know farmers are super black-and-white and don't understand the complexity of abuse, but I hope some of you realize that keeping victims in a place where they don't think about leaving is a part of the abuse and conditioning. Not working towards leaving doesn't mean they're a bad person and deserve to be beat/raped/killed/etc… Saying they deserve it or trying to imply that they "want it" because they haven't left or aren't working towards leaving is just perpetuating abuse culture and helping abusers at the end of the day.

No. 1575610

I've been the abused party, and that's probably why I have so little sympathy for these people. What you say isn't wrong, but it doesn't change anything. They do actually want to be with their abusive partner. There is no higher or lower degree of 2free will", it's all the same. It's a fact that most people would rather get abused than be single and if that's how you feel then I'm off reading papers about dinosaurs instead of performing emotional labour for you.

No. 1575614

Half of this post literally just doesn't make sense. But
>They do actually want to be with their abusive partner.
Yes, and I shouldn't have to explain why they want to be with their abuser.

I just get so tired so tired of anons and people in general acting like a victim of abused deserved it or was asking for it because they're not the perfect victim. If you're not the perfect victim you're worse than the abuser in the eyes in people like the anons upthread.

No. 1575615

Yeah but how come some victims leave their abusers and some never do? And the ones who never do tend not to be very bright?

No. 1575618

Read this again
>keeping victims in a place where they don't think about leaving is a part of the abuse and conditioning
Some victims break out of the mindset their abusers put them in. Some take longer to break out. Some never break out at all. It's so weird how on a site where anons are ranting about feminism and men like every other post, some of you have never bothered to try and understand how abuse works.

No. 1575622

I'm not saying they deserve it, just that I can't be bothered with people who are the author of their own misery. The world is filled with people who are in a bad situation through no fault of their own. I think nobody should support those people. Find some place that helps actually unfortunates, don't waste your time on brainlets who get aroused by the trill of being abused.
Many, many, many of them do crave this lifestyle. I know that's not PC to say, but it's true and you can't help them until they see the light themselves. They're like drug addicts that way.

No. 1575624

I grew up getting tortured by handmaiden women propping up my loser dad and taking his abuse and cheating out on me. I dumped a guy whose girlfriend hates me and blames me for their relationship not working out. These are adult women who prop up men like handmaidens because apparently living with a man who doesn't abuse you makes you a lesbian ← not my thought process its theirs. If you only understood how that abuse leaks out to other people and how irritating it is these women are in their 30's and 40's and they can't develop that awareness and have to drag everybody else into their nightmare existence than I don't know…if you don't stop them that blame gets shifted and more innocent people get hurt, more abusers stay out of prison cells, and you still get left and cheated on. My abuser dad left my stepmom…she did all that for nothing.

No. 1575628

My mom left my abusive stepfather after I moved out and he started to give her 10% of what I got my entire childhood and this grown woman got scared. But when it was just me it wasn't an issue, I was told to be nice and kind and accommodating and understanding when this alcoholic sadist just hated me for not being his blood and made up bullshit to beat me and yell at me over.

No. 1575635

Why does this website duplicate only my unhinged post, this is bullying.

No. 1575638

Im the anon that argued with the midwestern anon and brought up that a lot of women who defend their abusive moids end up perpetuating abuse on women as well. I feel empathy for anons who willfully stay with them, but there's an extent to where I consider them dangerous to women and children involved. I still don't see what differentiates them from mothers who allow their husbands to do the same to their kids. Take the midwestern anon, hopefully she never births kids, but she's an autopedophile. She gets a daughter, she's going to resent her and compete with her. This will cause turmoil for said so kids. Face the reality, most women WHO BASE their value off of youth and by appeasing these men will not treat their kids with love, especially if they have no issue defending said so men and even platforming them and introducing their friends to them. Perfect victims don't exist, I know that, I genuinely believed I was loved when I was younger by the same man and even stayed for 2 years. However, there is more nuance to these women who get warned and deliberately ignore women who comes out about these men. If they choose to deny said so women, reject them for years, I will accept them when they leave, but at the same time, I would never let them near children or other women. I have worked with kids, and I cannot comprehend what gets them off on imitating them, or how they have no complex thought of their nigel getting off on them emulating kids. I have had a nigel for years, yet not once have I thought about him sexualizing me due to my youth, that is repugnant. How does someone hold no complex thought as to their nigel with an already existent paraphilia around the attraction of kids? There has been studies that proved pedophiles seek out "legal outcomes", that most child molestation and sexual abuse is from family members. I'm not entirely sure if this is the same midwestern anon who defended DDLG in the asseating thread on shayna, but I provided a study that said pedophiles AND child molesters seek for those who act a specific way. These women are not stupid, they're being willfully obtuse and are adamant onto defending them, they even go as far as to normalizing such things, prefacing such paraphilias because they are proud of it. Otherwise, we wouldn't have this discussion. These women are a lost cause.

No. 1575645

Many women view the ability to get pregnant and carry a baby to term easily as a badge of honor. If her baby dies before birth, she takes it both as a death of a person and as a personal failing that she killed that person.

No. 1575648

File: 1683931089719.jpg (704.62 KB, 1736x2048, 1681675394379987.jpg)

Honey you're mentally ill. Like, it's one thing if you admit that you're mentally ill and do not want to seek help for it, but don't deny that the mental illness is there.

No. 1575650

Our grandmother's and great grandmother's have gone through early miscarriages all the time even without realizing it though. It's just that modern women take pregnancy so seriously and tie their value into having a baby, instead of getting a hobby like normal people do.

No. 1575665

If you are making the choice to be with an abuser, no one can save you except yourself. I understand why we have such grace for abused women, they are being brainwashed and manipulated and threatened, but at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions.
I don't know if men bred docility into us through thousands of years of killing any woman who spoke out or showed any initiative, but the vast majority of these abusers are not keeping these women locked in a basement with no contact to the outside world. They can escape or fight back. The first and only time a man ever physically abused me, I stuck a knife in him. And when he came back to my house a week later with a gun, I shot out his windshield the second he stepped out of the car. A man can have a beaten wife, or he can have a gun. He can't have both unless the woman is so weak as to not be worth saving.

No. 1575668

Nta but you're honestly just kind of stupid if you think women in older times couldn't tell when they had a miscarriage and didn't take pregnancy/motherhood seriously. And there's no correlation between wanting a baby and whether or not you have hobbies.

No. 1575674

>>The first and only time a man ever physically abused me, I stuck a knife in him. And when he came back to my house a week later with a gun, I shot out his windshield the second he stepped out of the car.


No. 1575675

Women were just as sad to lose their pregnancies 100 years ago as they are today. The exception is women who had not wanted to be pregnant, in which case they were relieved. The ancient Egyptians actually practiced what they called uterus magic to prevent miscarriages.
But it is also easier to get over a miscarriage if you have five children. Because you love the children that exist more than you love the potential of a child, and you're not worried about your worth as a child bearing woman because you've already proven it five times over.

No. 1575685

I agree to an extent and engage in ageplay. I think it’s gross and weird for ageplayers and ddlg kinksters to want to have children, though. That raises all sorts of red flags. Tbh I don’t think any kinksters should have kids period even if it’s just bdsm stuff without ageplay or ddlg. Parents being kinky is degenerate, leave that shit to those of us who aren’t risking scarring a child for life.

No. 1575694

I'm so tired of psychedelics being promoted as an end all cure for mental illness. I've seen psychedelics destroy lives and minds. I've seen people go from smoking weed to shooting heroin. I get it you did a couple times and it worked for you but theres way better and safer therapy techniques for depression than just plowing someone with chemicals. I noticed with men they dare themselves to take more and more of a substance as well, the Joe Rogan types so nauseating.

No. 1575702

you're right. psychedelics are worse than weed for people who are predisposed to developing psychotic or dissociative disorders, i've had many friends whos minds are just obviously cracked from drug use. delusions, paranoia, etc. i've seen it develop into full on schizophrenia too. not something people should be recommending for everyone without also being clear with all of the risks.

No. 1575704

Eh, psychedelics can be extremely useful, but they aren't the "no effort take this and you're cured" solution people sell them as. Especially if you have actual material problems and aren't just a rich kid with imposter syndrome or some shit. If your family abuses you and you have no money and you have autism and trauma then dropping acid won't just make all of that go away, though it can help you understand yourself and make better decisions… within your ability.

No. 1575714

I just don't understand how a drug that makes you act crazy is any different from actually being crazy. The effects can and often do linger a bit and any divine revelations you might think you got from it are the same delusions of the religious schizophrenics you see on the street.

No. 1575720

But to just act like they were crazy all along is such a copout. I've seen people change over night because of a drug. A lot of people are sensitive to dopamine stimulation and it doesn't matter if they are genetically prone to schizophrenia the fact of the matter is psychedelics while they deserve to be decriminalized somewhat are still dangerous. Most drugs are.

No. 1575721

Something like LSD, MDMA or psilocybin doesn't just make you crazy. Your brain works differently and you can gain insight into subconscious processes and heal trauma. It obviously depends on where you take it and what your general personality is like. Those things can shape your experiences a lot. If some moron drops three tabs of LSD a day while watching Alex Jones then that obviously won't lead to a good outcome. Most people in academia did psychedelics, but you wouldn't know unless they told you. The schizo retards who shit their pants are very visible though.

No. 1575722

>are the same delusions of the religious schizophrenics
I disagree with this. A lot of people make all these rules for themselves and they don't even realize that they're following them. Acid can help you see the rules so you can questions their existence and move past self harming behavior. It also detaches you from a self in a way that you can see larger patterns in your behavior and break out of cycles.
She's >>1575702 right though, psychedelics can literally make you lose your mind, so if you take them, take them with caution.

No. 1575723

In what universe a perception altering drug help you to make better decisions?

No. 1575725

Anon if I told you the same things people believe on psychedelics you'd call me crazy. If I told you I communicated with entities and aliens or that I had a conversation with a cat. It doesn't matter if people in academia did drugs many of them are biased in the same way a teenager whose discovered weed is biased, it worked for them a few times so they think its the answer to all of lifes problems. But inevitably they have a bad trip they always happen and it can destroy a person.

No. 1575730

Honestly most people I know that did acid or shrooms just thought they tapped into some secret knowledge of the universe high off their own farts. Ironically there is no ego death and they never shut up about it.

No. 1575734

The post you replied to literally explains how it can.

Psychedelic experiences can't be communicated to people who have never had them though, because those chemicals change how the brain works on a very profound level. It's literally impossible to imagine unless you had the experience and one of the weirder parts of the experience for me was to feel how my memories of it were rewritten in real time after I came down and tried to relive it like I would do with other memories, like what food tastes and feels like. Except my brain didn't work like that anymore, so everything got "flattened out" somehow.

I get being wary of the risks, or just not caring about the topic. But why are you so invested if you don't care enough to actually learn about it?

Wee woo makes u go crazy and believe in space aliens is such a TV version.

Yeah they attract retards like that. Most of those people burn out their brain and start to believe in more and more insane shit as time goes on. Like I said, you don't see the majority of people whose life it enriches, you only see the speds and spergs.

No. 1575740

LSD is what made me wanna major in sociology. Tripping in public in a non-music festival type environment is amazingly insightful.

No. 1575745

I don't know what any of what you just said was. That might make sense in your head but it doesn't make sense to anybody else lol.

No. 1575753

Most people are too stupid to handle psychedelics. Most people shouldn’t do them. ADHD and lightly autistic people benefit the most from psychedelics assuming they have a triple digit IQ.

No. 1575755

Makes sense to me. Maybe you're just wanting to believe it does nothing.

No. 1575762

Imagine falling for the drug propaganda, fuck them weak ass, lame ass psychodelics, childlike wonder and imagination ftw

No. 1575763

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand psychedelics. The imagery is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the insights will go over a typical user's head. There's also Mushroom's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into its characterisation- its personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The psychonauts understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these realities, to realise that they're not just cool and trippy- they say something deep about LIFE.

No. 1575767

Men who cheat on women or manipulate vulnerable women should not complain about high body counts. The breakdown of the family doesn't matter if you can actually keep a stable relationship, if you keep running into problems with women that problem may be you. This idea that all women are cheaters who want to be lazy and want to become sex workers while men encourage and use those services should just admit they were the real sluts all along.

No. 1575784

I believe in decriminalization for psychedelics and marijuana but I don't encourage using it. I like to provide another perspective after being inundated with "yeah weeeed man" propaganda all day long. A lot of people don't realize how easily you can get addicted to feeling good all the time and try to recapture an experience and where that may lead you. Also you may not be aware of how you come off to other people when you're high.

No. 1575785

Men who are super into dominate women and women who dom them in the bed room are just gay or bisexual and are too scared to fuck men so they want to play their fantasies with women because it’s technically not gay

No. 1575803

Being a mean girl isn't cool or fun. I don't want to be around someone who gets a kick out of making fun of other people that aren't doing well in life or don't live up to your standards. You're going to get ugly and old one day too and all of the pain you dealt out would have been for nothing.

No. 1575810

Are women supposed to be submissive?

No. 1575813

I only support decriminalisation of marijuana for medical use, not recreational use.

No. 1575815

No people can just have normal sex where no one is dominant or submissive. I think men super into being submissive are on the down low or will troon out one day.

No. 1575816

No. 1575818

>dominate = male
>submissive = female
I'm submissive myself but you just sound kind of retarded

No. 1575822

Every man I’ve come into contact with who wanted to be dominated in the bed room ended up gay or trooning out and I don’t think it’s a coincidence

No. 1575823

Does this mean all switches/vers people are bi as well?

No. 1575824

I agree. Super sub men are disgusting and secretly faggots or troons. They're always the one who cheat on their wives with another dude.

Lighting one up in your honor, anon

No. 1575825

Yeah. I think any man into pegging, dom sex and being degraded in the bed room is probably bisexual

No. 1575828

A man who piles all of his money on dominatrixes would just allocate it to a male dom instead. Argument doesn't hold up as you're speaking about and for a very small group of men and the ones you see are just loud

No. 1575829

If you don't have very quiet gentle missionary sex with the lights off you are a FAGGOT anon

No. 1575832

They don’t want to go full blown gay because they are in denial and want to do this shit with women because it’s still technically straight. That’s why they don’t go for male doms. Yes they can have a woman tie them up and fuck them in the ass with a dildo but it’s not technically gay. It’s a cope.

No. 1575840

Men who label themselves as a dom or sub are just red flags. If he’s a sub he’s a troon in the making and if he’s a dom he’s just an abusive ass.

No. 1575841

I'm so torn between pointing out the logical flaws in this discussion and just not getting involved and going back to eating peanuts.

No. 1575842

What's so bad about wanting to have recreational sex?

No. 1575843

Nothings bad about it. Nothings wrong with being gay or wanting to fuck gay men.

No. 1575844

men who call themselves doms as well as leftist/poly/queer/vegan/whatever they think makes them look soft and sensitive are the worst. i see you, you creepy slimy fucks

No. 1575845

I forgot im interacting with people who dont leave their houses sorry

No. 1575846

They aren't worth it

No. 1575849

I leave the house. I had a ex who wanted me to do dom shit in the bed room like play with his ass, call me mommy and degrade him and anytime I’d ask him if he would let a man fuck him in the ass he would flip out because that’s gay. Surprise surprise 2 years letter he’s a troon kek

No. 1575851

Why would gay men be sexually attracted to women?

No. 1575852

You talk as if gay men don’t get hard and impregnate and marry women all the time. Them fucking women doesn’t mean he actually finds her attractive plus men fuck people they don’t find attractive all the time. A hole is a hole for most of em and all sex is good as long as they get their nut or kinks out of it.

No. 1575853

So for men, gay and straight doesn't exist? Just holesexual?

No. 1575854

Why are you so obsessed with this topic

No. 1575855

Well then what makes a man straight? Or are none of them are?

No. 1575856

I think one of the things women don’t understand is men don’t have to be attracted to the people they are having sex with to enjoy it. A man fucking you does not mean he finds you attractive, even if the guy is straight him fucking you does not mean he thinks you are pretty. While a gay man might prefer sex with a man he can still enjoy sex with a woman.

No. 1575857

>While a gay man might prefer sex with a man he can still enjoy sex with a woman.
This is starting to sound like tranny rhetoric. "Homosexual" has a meaning.

No. 1575859

kek this is too confusing. what makes a straight man different from a gay man then?

No. 1575860

Plenty of men get married and have kids and then come out as gay years later. A man fucking a woman doesn’t necessarily mean he’s straight.

No. 1575861

Do you believe bisexuality exists?

No. 1575862

Yeah. What about that statement implies I don’t?

No. 1575863

Easy, is he anon's Nigel? If yes, he's straight, if not, he's a fag.

No. 1575864

NTA but I will ask again >>1575855

No. 1575865

da there are definitely way more bi men than it appears. a lot of bi men aren't out and the number of women saying they're bi is exaggerated

No. 1575866

Thinking that homosexuals can "enjoy" opposite sex intercourse, as opposed to there just being men with attraction to both sexes, and men attracted to one sex (either opposite or same). Also, a gay man getting married and having kids with a woman doesn't mean he enjoyed sex with her. It means he was using her as a beard to live a "normal" life.

No. 1575867

What makes a man straight is he is only attracted to women.

No. 1575868

How is enjoying sex with a woman not being attracted to them?

No. 1575869

(Doubleposting) Goddamn next you're going to say men eating pussy aren't attracted to women either.

No. 1575870

I’ve met plenty of men who enjoyed the sex they had with women because the sex felt good but they’d prefer a man. It’s like a straight man fucking a woman he thinks is ugly, he doesn’t find her attractive and would prefer fucking someone pretty but he enjoys fucking her because it felt good…He doesn’t like her or find her attractive though.

No. 1575871

Dating sounds like a horrible fucking time. Imagine being so insecure of yourself and judged by someone who doesn't know you. Imagine never putting down roots with a husband who loves you or enjoying spending time alone with your cats. Both of those options sound way more preferable to me than just getting pumped and dumped over and over again.

No. 1575872

You’ve never heard of men fucking women they think are ugly or have shit bodies because they want to get off? Men can definitely enjoy sex with people they aren’t attracted to.

No. 1575874

What if a man thought you were ugly with a shit body..

No. 1575875

You're describing bisexual men, anon. This is why I asked if you believe in it.
>It’s like a straight man fucking a woman he thinks is ugly, he doesn’t find her attractive and would prefer fucking someone pretty but he enjoys fucking her because it felt good…He doesn’t like her or find her attractive though.
The gay equivalent to this is fucking another man they find ugly, not a woman. Do you think straight men fuck other men because "a hole is a hole", and that they wouldn't be lying if they insisted they're still straight?

No. 1575876

I wanted to jokingly reply to you with "Of course only a homosexual would subjugate himself like that", but the irony would be impossible to tell apart from what's being said itt.

No. 1575879

>enjoyed the sex they had with women because the sex felt good but they’d prefer a man.
ntayrt but this just sounds like bisexuality to me. actually like a gender-flipped version of febfem (unless febfems are lesbians according to your logic). how can you tell if a man is truly attracted to you then?

No. 1575881

Every day with you bum ass bitches. Every day.

No. 1575882

Ok sure let’s just say that men into being dominated are bisexual or troons. If your nigel wants you to tie him up, degrade him or play with his ass he ain’t straight.

No. 1575884

It just sounds like you don't know what straight or gay mean. Is this some reverse psyop tranny shit? Trying to make the terves agree that gay people enjoy fucking the opposite sex? Lesbians don't like "girldick", gay men don't like "t-boy pussy" buddy

No. 1575886

Is this lipstick alley now?

No. 1575888

But why would they make pornography of things they aren't actually attracted to? Why would they make and consume dominatrix porn? Or write books about it and talk about it even when they are completely anonymous online? Is all of that just men lying to themselves?

No. 1575890

If a man wants you to do anything to his butt hole he’s a fag

No. 1575891

Why are you dodging the main point?

No. 1575892

There’s no point in acknowledging the post because you’re just putting words in my mouth.

No. 1575893

Fastest moving thread in a couple days and it's the redundant convo about all men being homos. It's all you broken hos ever want to talk about. We don't give a fuck. Think about men being strapped down moaning and crying to the thought of your dad somewhere else its ridiculous

No. 1575895

she also won't answer what indicates a man being attracted to women..so hard ons don't count, impregnating a woman doesn't count, what DOES then?

No. 1575896

Stop with the gay conversion fantasies.

No. 1575898

Tbh I'm starting to think you're female cucks who sit around and anger yourself at the thought of your bf taking that sweet sweet thick veiny throbbing cock and never needing you again because wtf is all of this. Worse than fujoshisperg

No. 1575900

All I said is men into being dominated in the bed room are gay, bisexual or future troons. You’re offended because you probably do that shit with your nigel and feel triggered that he’s a faggot kek

No. 1575901

Nah nah you think about this a lot because this topic is brought back in circles.

No. 1575902

I'm not referring to the anal stuff. In fact, I've repeatedly chosen not to engage in that aspect because I suspect you're trying to get us to do some weird fetish play. I'm explaining the difference between bisexuality, heterosexuality and homosexuality. You seem to have them confused.

No. 1575903

Don’t you have the remove the butt plug from your gay bfs mouth tonight or something?

No. 1575904

Think what you want. I said what I said. If your bf is into being dominated in the bed room he’s gay.

No. 1575908

Are you one of those "IRL couple" or "real person fiction" fujoshi? Answer honestly.

No. 1575910

I would never dare a man into dom and sub kinks because I want a man who is straight.

No. 1575911

Okay, but could you answer this one >>1575888?

No. 1575912

No. 1575913

This, I feel like this shit is fetish-baiting. If not a tranny trying to segway into "A-And lesbians can like girldick too" or a femcuck, probably a gay man hoping to get straight women here to feed into his "Cucking the foids with their straight boyfriends" fantasies. Like he's hoping for stories or something.

No. 1575914

That's not a yes or a no. This seems like a subject you think about a lot, your real life actions aren't being interrogated.

No. 1575915

I would assume those kind of men are just troons who are going to become “lesbians” who want to feel more feminine by being dominated by a woman. Definitely would still think that man is kind of gay.

No. 1575916

I have naively dated men like that in the past and they’ve all trooned out. There’s definitely a correlation with being a fag and wanting to be dominated in the bed room.

No. 1575917

According to your earlier posts even men who aren't into that shit aren't straight, even men enjoying sex with women aren't straight, so you want a man who doesn't exist

No. 1575921

But why?

No. 1575923

When did I say men who aren’t into dominate sex are gay? I think you’re confusing yourself because of your lack of reading comprehension skill. Is English your first language?

No. 1575924

Because I feel like men like that are just testing the waters in a way that is safe and weird kinks and porn addictions leads people down a road of doing more degenerate shit to get off. If you would feel comfortable dating men like that, that’s on you. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it.

No. 1575925

I don't care if a guy is bi or gay seriously who cares. If he likes you but likes things in the butt like…is that really worse than him fantasizing about other women? Idk Id be a guys beard.

No. 1575928

No. 1575930

In not one of these posts did I say men who aren’t into dominate sex are also gay. I think you’re just trying to pull points out of no where. if you’re mad I think your sub bf is a fag just say that kek

No. 1575931

Samefag, still won't answer >>1575895 for some very mysterious reason

No. 1575932

Because you will not read or comprehend what I’m saying anyway. It’s just going to go on and on in circles with you claiming I’m a scrote or fetish baiting because you want to be mad.

No. 1575933

So does submissiveness provoke homosexuality rather than being a symptom of it? Are the dom women who engage with men also led to homosexuality or as you would say "more degenerate shit"?

No. 1575935

hey guys here's the hint: male sexuality is a meme. They are not straight or gay, only horny. That's why prison gays start fucking each other and all discord mods are trannies or catboys or whatever the fuck they call themselves.

No. 1575936

This is going to get anons mad but most women into being “doms” are only doing it for money or to please their bf in the bed room. They aren’t doing to because they actually enjoy that shot sexually. The same with most women into being a sub.

No. 1575938

This is such a cope, sorry, we literally had a woman into sub shit upthread today. Degenerate fetishes are not just for men.

No. 1575939

I'm so sick of everyone calling everyone else a narcissist. Normalize letting people go and stop being so angry about it. The stoics were right about breakups.

No. 1575940

what about the ones who don't have boyfriends or just into the fantasy of it

No. 1575941

Meh I don’t buy it. Most likely a scrote trolling. There are millions of people on earth so I’m not saying it’s impossible for a male sub to not be a flaming faggot or that there are no sub/dom women who aren’t just doing it for cash or to please an abusive scrote but I think the majority of people into those kinks fall under those categories.

No. 1575942

A man who is into being a dom and a woman who is into being a sub are fine and not degenerate tho? How do gay men in an homosexual relation stablish who is the dom and who is the sub if homosexuality is inherently submissive?

No. 1575943

>A man who is into being a dom and a woman who is into being a sub are fine and not degenerate tho?

I never said that

> How do gay men in an homosexual relation stablish who is the dom and who is the sub if homosexuality is inherently submissive?

Doesn’t matter. They are both gay.

No. 1575945

So men into being doms and women into being subs are also degenerates?

No. 1575946

No. 1575947

So they too will become homosexuals.

No. 1575948

Yes. Males into being doms are mentally ill, abusive and hate women but they can hide behind it being a “kink”, He can finally rape and beat the shit out of women with no consequence. He can give his gf a black eye and even accidentally murder her by strangling her to death but it’s cool because it happened during sex! and female subs are just pick mes

No. 1575950

the sex probably won't be good though if he's not even attracted to you.

No. 1575952

Nta, women who like being subs are usually victims of abuse and a lot of them actually have BPD. Moids who like domming are sociopathic and take advantage of vulnerable women like those, which should come as a surprise to no one.

No. 1575954

samefag but whether he's thinking about another man or woman, all i can picture is some scenario where he accidentally calls out the other person's name or something. sounds miserable all around.

No. 1575957

Yes. Women who are into being subs have low self esteem and want to pander, men who are into being doms have low self esteem and beat women to feel strong

No. 1575958

Thoughts on balloon fetishes?

No. 1575964

Italian food is overrated. It’s just tomatoes and a carb. Italians just over hype themselves because they are the only white people culture that doesn’t have a problem with spices and seasonings.

No. 1575968

Fucking hate the word “zaza.” Extremely obnoxious.

No. 1575970

I’d rather live in a world where women have to impress men with money and gifts but our looks aren’t considered important. I feel like it would be easier for me to navigate the relationship world better if it was socially acceptable for men to take men on dates and approach men.

No. 1575971

File: 1683949631701.jpg (169.9 KB, 1236x820, carson-kressley1.jpg)

You smell that Zaza?

No. 1575972

No. 1575973

Big ball go pop

No. 1575974

Some women aren’t attractive enough to do well in our current dating market.

No. 1575975

Please faggot stfu this has been going on for over an hour

No. 1575977

>goes into unpopular opinions threads
>doesn’t want people to post unpopular opinions

No. 1575978

You can just do that in this world already, there are a thousand men who would be "interested" in any woman in exchange for money and gifts.

No. 1575979

You would think but trying to whine and dine a man can make him turn abusive. Men become resentful towards women who do that because they feel “emasculated”. Also, ugly women can’t really approach men because we aren’t really socialized to take reject as well as men and men have to make it extremely embarrassing when a woman they don’t like talks to them.

No. 1575980

*take rejection

No. 1575981

This wasn't an unpopular opinion it was a manic meme akin to fujosperg that devolved into the worst posts made all week. Whole board dead but none of you can stfu up about whether or not men crave penis REEE

No. 1575982

nta I think she said that because of
>men to take men on dates and approach men.
unless this was multiple typos…?

No. 1575987

There is literally no point in dating a tall man unless he's also built like an ogre and has a cranium as strong as a truck tire. If he doesn't look like he gnaws on snare chains for fun what the fuck is the use. Baby that is Joey Ramone. Those knees won't last another decade

No. 1576006

Thought you posted this in the wrong thread for a second because I vehemently agree kek. Tall men with long limbs look anorexic if they don't have enough body mass, even if they're skinnyfat. Gross.

No. 1576015

Like what can they do. Don't pretend they have any physical ability that is anymore useful from any other man of other heights besides dust the cobwebs with the top of their head. Looking like a walking bobbing Adam's apple. Dangling soup ladle arms. Neurotic as fuck. Walking like that picture of John Lennon.

No. 1576032

File: 1683952886979.gif (198.68 KB, 222x361, john-lennon.gif)

Spindly meatless moids walking into a room expecting every woman to faint at their pathetic lack of male sensuality

No. 1576036

Whole personality brooding in the corner. Absolutely assless.

No. 1576050

Most of Gen z can barely read or spell

No. 1576079

not ture

No. 1576257

saying ‘kek’ is cringe, why do you want to imitate 4chan fail males. I don’t even like typing it out.

No. 1576258

You don't even know what kek is from dingbat

No. 1576259

It is very much associated with 4chan though

No. 1576276

I think 21-22 year olds are mature enough to date people in their 30s

No. 1576277

The imageboard format is associated with 4chan too. Should we nuke the site now

No. 1576279

File: 1683979702200.jpeg (233.35 KB, 1284x2188, 6F70F54A-2362-4744-8888-5C1EE3…)

I’m kind of loving how gen z cancels racist people when they are racist online and ruin their lives. Scare all racists into submission.

No. 1576382

We should nuke all references to the matrix at least

No. 1576384

Anyone in their 30s willing to date a 21/22yo is not mature enough to date at all.

No. 1576397

The Midwest is famous for isolation and a lack of better things to do.

No. 1576398

No. 1576403

You will never be white(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1576407

>not mature enough

Older people aren’t mature in relationships either

No. 1576410

Are you saying that all white people are racist?

No. 1576420

NTA, but is that supposed to be bad? Kek

No. 1576422

nta but there's still a clear power imbalance compared to a 21/22 year old. an immature older adult doesn't really have good intentions if they're going after someone that young.

No. 1576424

and you will never be loved

No. 1576429

File: 1683993210147.jpg (1021.9 KB, 2588x3888, zjczh9jwq13a1.jpg)

I guess my unpopular opinion related to this is that, people require guidance from religion and national enforced morality. When in civilization, men are inclined to become degenerate creatures. This has led to many absurd cultural practices, such as eunuchs priests and women being confined to their homes. It is essential for society and state to have strong moral and ethical values in place to prevent such injustices from occurring and keeping everyone in check.

No. 1576431

The rules against avatarfagging/personalityfagging and lack of integrating need to be enforced more, and I say that as someone who actually liked and defended some of those posters, but recently it's starting to get extremely annoying.
However I think in threads made for sperging out about specific topics (i.e. husbando threads) it's fine.

No. 1576444

I don’t think so. I think most 21/22 year olds are mature enough to handle someone in their early 30s, especially if the guy in the relationship is younger and as far as being manipulated or abused women in their 30s go through the same thing. It’s very rare when women at any age can spot red flags.

No. 1576458

Nta but even most dumbass scrotes understand that a woman in her early twenties is on average alot more vulnerable than a woman in her thirties. Its why they invented 'the wall' as an excuse. To cover up what their real motivations are for age gap relationships.

I don't feel as concerned about women dating younger. I still think its more likely to fail but not for sinister reasons so its whatever.

No. 1576470

I think kids are cute but I know those little demons are going to school and causing some kid trauma that they will bring into adulthood

No. 1576736

Why does op of this post always deep fry it like a 2017 meme? Does anyone remember that? How time flies, ahaha x

No. 1576745

Your brain isn't even fully developed before 25, come on.
I'm mid-late 20s and I feel weird around scrotes 10 years older than me, and if any hit on me I wouldn't trust him and I would definitely question his intentions. Does that mean I'm immature? I won't even mention the wast majority of them look like they're already well into their 40s kek
Men will always go after younger women if they have the opportunity, they're programmed to only care about youth and we shouldn't enable them. Guys my age hit on me always assuming I'm 19 which is disgusting. Do you think they would hit on me if they knew I'm their age? Doubt

No. 1576764

NTA, but the "your brain is fully developed at 25" thing is a myth. Your brain continues changing/developing over time, even up to your 30s.

No. 1576782

The 25 year old part is specifically about the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for
>focusing one's attention; predicting the consequences of one's actions; anticipating events in the environment. Impulse control; managing emotional reactions. Planning for the future
Sounds like essential stuff when it comes to all sorts of relationships.

No. 1576801

Found an article on this, it's interesting
>The bulk of adolescent imaging work focused on capturing brain structure by taking detailed images of the brain, and then probing brain function by recording brain activity in real time as people watched or listened to stimuli. On the structural front, researchers discovered that as children grew older, the prefrontal cortex, a brain area responsible for cognitive control, experienced physical changes. In particular, they found that white matter—bundles of nerve fibers that facilitate communication across brain areas—increases, suggesting a greater capacity for learning. Those changes continued well into people’s 20s.

>They also found important clues to brain function. For instance, a 2016 study found that when faced with negative emotion, 18- to 21-year-olds had brain activity in the prefrontal cortices that looked more like that of younger teenagers than that of people over 21. Alexandra Cohen, the lead author of that study and now a neuroscientist at Emory University, said the scientific consensus is that brain development continues into people’s 20s. But, she wrote in an email, “I don’t think there’s anything magical about the age of 25.”

>And the prefrontal cortex is just one area of the brain; researchers homed in on it because it’s a major player in coordinating “higher thought,” but other parts of the brain are also required for a behavior as complex as decision making. The temporal lobe helps process others’ speech and language so you can understand what’s going on, while the occipital lobe allows you to watch for social cues. According to a 2016 Neuron paper by Harvard psychologist Leah Somerville, the structure of these and other brain areas changes at different rates throughout our life span, growing and shrinking; in fact, structural changes in the brain continue far past people’s 20s. “One especially large study showed that for several brain regions, structural growth curves had not plateaued even by the age of 30, the oldest age in their sample,” she wrote. “Other work focused on structural brain measures through adulthood show progressive volumetric changes from ages 15–90 that never ‘level off’ and instead changed constantly throughout the adult phase of life.”

No. 1576806

Zoomers really like to pull that out of their ass so they can still claim to be basically under aged until 26

No. 1576825

Well I know, but that doesn't change the fact that a 20 year old and a 30 year old scrote is a bad idea

No. 1576851

Holy shit learn to read you fucking idiot

No. 1576862

If everyone needed to be mature to be in a relationship most people would be single. The funny thing about women who are 30+ is they act like early 20s is too young for a man or woman in their 30s yet most of you still get cheated on, easily manipulated and lied to the same way you did at 21. What exactly about your level of intelligence in regards to relationships changes?

No. 1576865

>If everyone needed to be mature to be in a relationship most people would be single

No. 1576866

My point is most people are just as dumb about relationships as people in their 20s. The argument that women are more vulnerable mentally in relationships only applies to women who actually learn from their mistakes in relationships. Most women will continue to make the same mistakes with scrotes until they die.

No. 1576871

True but what does it have to do with criticizing age gaps. Marriages with age gaps have a higher divorce rate than marriages between peers. Age gap relationships obviously don't last as long as others and there's a reason for it

No. 1576874

They don’t last long because people with those age gaps usually have nothing in common but I think the “power dynamics” argument is dumb. I think when older women say that men want younger women because “they are just scared of someone who knows what’s up and need someone easily manipulated” is a cope. Most women regardless of age are retarded when it comes to men and using common sense. If that man wanted to he could easily go after a 30 year old just as dumb and gullible.

No. 1576883

Statistically a 30 year old woman will have more resources of her own than a 20 year old woman, it will be easier for her not to fully rely on a moid thus creating less risky situations.
And yeah it is a cope but not for the reason you're stating. Moids are subhumans who are designed by nature to obsess over youth and producing copies of themselves. Nothing else. If they could, they would fuck 14 year olds. They don't go after older women not just because it's harder, but mainly because they're simply not as attracted to them as they are towards teenagers and early 20s women.

No. 1576928

i've never been cheated on because i don't enter partnerships with cheaters, but maybe you're right. maybe some people are born with the capacity to develop into a mature adult and others aren't.

No. 1576951

>I don’t enter relationships with cheaters

You probably have been cheated on but you just don’t know about it because you’re one of those communication and respecting privacy girlies

No. 1576953

Countries that have it for medical use.. does that include using it for anxiety?

No. 1576954

Getting cheated on doesn't have anything to do with intelligence and I'm saying this as someone who cheated on multiple guys, them being geniuses can't stop me from flirting with another dude when they're not around, lmao. Keep being delulu and thinking women who abuse it are stupid and you'll never get hurt because you're not like them. We can all end up with shitty men, it's not about the woman a man will cheat on any woman he's with if he's a cheater.

No. 1576955

Most women get cheated on and stay though because he promised he wouldn’t do it again. Age has nothing to do with being dumb with men, most women are dumb with men.

No. 1576960

It's not being dumb it's being dependant economically, most women can't leave abusive relationships because they don't have friends or family to stay with and can't get their own place. If a woman has children with a man and doesn't have a good income, she'll stay with him just so she can stay at a place she doesn't have to pay rent. It's more complicated than dumb women getting PWNED by men.
Thankfully women are less likely to stay in abusive relationships thanks to most women being in the workforce nowadays. It's a good thing, women are also more likely to leave abusive men and raise the children alone because they have the income to do so.

No. 1576962

I had an ex cheat and I was so floored by it and by how well she covered it up at first that.. afterwards whenever the topic of cheating would come up with people I found myself saying I've only had one partner cheat on me "that I'm aware of"

No. 1576963

This is the biggest cope I've ever seen. Lady, everyone's relationships are clearly not as dysfunctional as yours.

No. 1576965

Unless you’ve checked every bfs cellphone history and hard drive I don’t believe he hasn’t tried to cheat. Some men try to cheat and just get left on read and ignored.

No. 1576966

Samefag basically there are a lot of men who tried to cheat but failed because no one but their gf wanted them

No. 1576968

nope, i always have access to all devices and accounts of my partners. i know for sure.

No. 1577006

not the devices they leave in their desk at work

No. 1577008

I'll never understand this desperate need to prove some other anon's relationship is actually horrible. It screams projection.

No. 1577021

Work desk? Do you think every moid works in an office?

No. 1577022

It's a pathetic cope honestly. They'd probably seethe themselves to death knowing other women have amazing partners and not them.

No. 1577024

>amazing partners
Sure, if they're in lesbian relationships. Amazing moids don't exist.

No. 1577032

That was never specified, anons just assumed

No. 1577089

Even my mechanic neighbor has a desk at work, anon

No. 1577111

nonnies who give childern of cows mean nicknames weird me out

No. 1577126

Would've absolutely lost your shit when they was calling Peter coffins baby toilet n*a

No. 1577129

File: 1684036336425.png (52.92 KB, 388x327, observe.PNG)

People who moan about dish sponges being ~disgusting~ just aren't using hot enough water when they do dishes. My dish sponge stays fresh as fuck. Fuck you.

No. 1577140

Thank you. I am married to one of these people and it's like na babe, you just wash shit in two drops of cold water so you're just smearing food plate residue all over the sponge rather than sending stuff down the drain.

No. 1577153

huh? children of cows, you mean calfs? i think i am missing something here

No. 1577155

Nayrt I think calling them nicknames like they call the cow. So not a “calf”, but an actual nickname. I’ve seen some farmers call cow’s babies hellspawn and stuff like that

No. 1577156

cows who have childern aka lolcows who have kids

No. 1577159

oohhh i get it now kek
yeah those people are weird, they’re just kids

No. 1577160

I call all children the same nickname and I wish I could translate it to english in a way that would sound as funny as it sounds in my language but it's impossible to do, but in a literal translation it's something like "porridge gulper"

No. 1577164

I wish both sexes had pussies. I'm attracted to male form overall but dicks are disgusting and I don't want to touch one and I can't understand what's nice about being penetrated by a foreign object. It would be perfect if guys just had pussies instead of dicks down there. Like it's so sad that even something as beautiful as Alain Delon had a dick attached to him

No. 1577170

I have news for you

No. 1577172

No. 1577200

Someone is going to suggest you tifs or other tranny shit kek

No. 1577250

I want to add on to this that men often want women to not be able to support themselves and rely on them, saying they will provide, sabotaging opportunities so they won't be able to leave. And if you manage to leave they say you owe them money for supporting you when you wanted to leave them, and try to find you and get you back. Men are frightening in this way.

No. 1577305

>gets cheated on
>calls all women who get cheated on stupid
>argues all anons with boyfriends have gotten cheated on
You have trauma, you need to get therapy and that's ok but please stip attacking other women.

No. 1577342

Why do people on lolcow just add words to anons posts? I never said I was cheated on kek.

No. 1577343

Unpopular opinion but if you live in a country that isn’t a Shit show that doesn’t allow women to work or have rights and you end up stuck with an asshole because you are dependent on him financially that’s on you. You tried to be lazy in life and it backfired.

No. 1577345

this is true. every woman in a relationship with a man needs their own private bank account and can never trust anything a man says about providing.

No. 1577347

If you live in the USA or any other western country there’s no excuse to find yourself in situations like that these days.

No. 1577352

but I don't want a mutilated body of a tranny, and I'm not a lesbian, just dick repulsed bisexual

No. 1577356

I'm the same way. My ideal partner is a buff man with a vagina, but not a tranny.

No. 1577362

Buck angel?

No. 1577364

>but not a tranny

No. 1577370

Buck angel when they had an actual biological vagina?

No. 1577371

I swear to God, give some examples or you're a legit troll.

Are you talking about a hermaphrodite or something?

No. 1577375


in other words, fantasy, theory, dream, wish

No. 1577391

Okay but if autistic fuck-tards can create shit, then whip something up-you can too.

Ain't nobody got time for your bullshit mental goose-chase.

Give examples.

No. 1577392

No. 1577427

Buck Angel doesn't even sound like a man, so no. Not attractive to me whatsoever.

Imagine a normal muscular guy, but with a vagina. That can't be difficult for you.

No. 1577429

Are you stupid?

No. 1577445

No but the fact that you can't come up with something proves that you're a god-damned troll.

No. 1577449

File: 1684080181482.jpg (34.81 KB, 355x500, buck-angel-as-charles-palantin…)

Pic related is buck angel.

No. 1577461

How do you not know what ideal means???

No. 1577463

How do you not know- how to COMMUNICATE?!

No. 1577518

i can't believe trump-chan is here too. you think she can't communicate but you can't integrate after months upon months of being here. you hate autists and yet you're even more stubbornly retarded than they are

No. 1577536

My ideal partner is alain delon but with a pussy

No. 1577551

haha what is all this

No. 1577589

Okay, schizo.

No. 1577728

I know what Buck Angel looks like. Not interested.

No. 1577732

That finnish guy ugly as sin and women insulting the swedish singer for a musky man are bottom of the barrel

No. 1577733

>a musky man
my fetish
I only like him strictly for his mantitties but not much else

No. 1577756

I don’t like how service workers want to guilt trip people into tipping but are too dumb to band together to get working wages. That’s why you work at Olive Garden, you’re dumb.

No. 1577763

Not fucking a guy because you don’t want him to lose interest is the dumbest logic. If a man actually likes you, you can fuck him within a week of knowing him and he’s still going to chase you and want you around. Men use the “you had sex too fast” as a reason to ghost women they only wanted sex from anyway, that guy was never going to stay around regardless of what you did.

No. 1577765

don't care. had fun. conceptualizing the fragrance as i type this. simple as. in all seriousness i hope loreen doesn't gaf about the outrage towards her and is in her meditative state or whatever. the pickmeesque behavior has to stop and i hope she'll stay safe

No. 1577844

most people who work at olive garden are smarter than you if you eat there

No. 1577855

I agree with this and I hate tipping culture too. Why should I be the ones responsible for subsidizing their poor wages for them?

No. 1577934

bootlicking burgers assign blame correctly challenge

No. 1577935

difficulty level: impossible

No. 1577986

File: 1684126751108.jpg (27.29 KB, 350x525, animal-ape-chimp-chimpanzee-ro…)

An adult chimp is a hundred times cuter than a human baby.

No. 1578031

File: 1684133139031.png (11.49 KB, 716x531, reeeeee.PNG)

poltards are actually standing in the way of human evolution by crying so much about eating bugs. Maybe if they ate more bugs as a kid they would have those few extra millimeters of bone they so covet. kek

No. 1578035

If you're retarded maybe

No. 1578069

I find children gross too but this looks demonic common now

No. 1578079

I hate all apes, they are violent, rapey and uncanny valley with how weirdly humanoid they are.

No. 1578086

Bonobos are based and have matriarchy though.

No. 1578087

Orangutans are the only good apes, they are good mothers. Chimps are scary and violent.
I had a dream my house was invaded by baboons and they tore my cat's legs off.

No. 1578089

The female leader will allow her son to rape every female in the group. It's a boymom matriarchy.

No. 1578103

I get not wanting kids/not liking them but if you make HATING kids a facet of your personality it’s a major red flag to me. Why do you have a random child? What is your beef with a toddler who doesn’t even know you?

I will never understand why people brag about hating kids.

No. 1578113

Children screaming is auditory terrorism

No. 1578114

It's probably just an opinion, not sure if unpopular one, but love songs often make it seem that love is a horrible disease you don't want to catch. Not like "oh yes….it's a sickness and it's a pain but a sweet sweet pain you always want to come back to…."–no, it just genuinely makes you concerned because it looks like writhing of a junkie. It is especially true for eastern european pop songs, so goddamn dramatic. Just makes you wonder, is it really how some people feel?

No. 1578115

So are moids throwing fits and the sounds of cars honking and dogs barking. Like I said, disliking kids is fine, but it isn’t quirky to openly hate them and mention it regularly.

No. 1578117

I think most child hate stems from a place of jealousy. They are jealous of childrens youth. Children are new to life and have a lot of future a head of them and people who fucked up in high school etc probably feel jealous that they can’t get those years back or if they had a shitty childhood they feel jealous they won’t get those years back.

No. 1578119

No it depends on people. I hate kids because they don't know how to behave. Small kids I understand but when you're 7 and you still act like a dangerous retard I'll hate you. Parents aren't always to blame, some of them are competent in theory but are stuck with boys who bully and sexually harass their classmates and who break people's expensive stuff on purpose no matter what they do. inb4 "you were a kid once too" yeah and I hated other kids already, I knew how to behave and they would act like raging monkeys and think it's ok to beat other kids to the point where hospitalization is required and the school is about to be in legal trouble.

No. 1578122

kek nonna are you me? I just had a conversation with a woman who made hating children her entire personality. Im not fond of children myself but she just randomly started bitching about how evil children are and I had to tell her to calm down. I don't want children but calling them evil is retarded. My first thought was your exact wording, I don't get people who make hating children their entire personality

No. 1578124

An intact prostate is inherent to a man's worth and ANY man who's had a "cancer check-up" (getting fingerblasted by whitecoats) is unfit to be a father. It doesn't matter if he lost his boi-virginity for health or homosexual reasons. He still lacks a prostate + is hormonally identical to a homosexual man. His offspring is sure to be retarded and he must be sterilised. I will kill anyone who disagrees with me. A real man would rather die of cancer than get boi-fucked.

No. 1578125

She's more masculine than any modern male. Would rather fuck her than a receding jawline porn addict.

No. 1578126

Kids arent separate species from adults. You wouldn’t say you hate all adults because other adults have shitty personalities.

No. 1578127

Yes they are a separate species. Bratus Retardus. Google it

No. 1578129

I think all the childfree types are delusional about what old age will entail without kids. Especially considering many western countries won't even have decent pensions.

No. 1578130

I saw an old acquaintance on Facebook ask “what do I say when people show me pictures of their kids and I don’t want to see them?” and I kid you not, every response was something vaguely pedophilic ‘as a joke’, violent, or just plain fucked up. I wrote “Just tell them you aren’t interested in seeing them, not a big deal” and they got pissy, saying that they ‘wanted to make sure they know they hate those kids and not to show them pictures again’—like you are nearly 30 and you think that’s…normal? Quirky?

No. 1578134

Are you seriously making the 'produce children so someone will take care of you when you're old' argument right now

No. 1578136

File: 1684151957435.png (17.57 KB, 625x626, 0D82293E-73F8-4C48-9CCC-B61219…)


Please get a better personality trait. Most normal people wouldn’t call random children retards.

No. 1578137

You’re giving adult who is jealous of kids and is still mad that they got bullied in middle school. All child haters always have to bring up their bad experiences with other children from childhood and are still butt hurt over it at 40.

No. 1578138

You know most people don't actually take care of their old, right? Most families in the west send their elderly to nursing homes.

No. 1578140

>I’m 19

You’re still an adult and is probably still mad that you got bullied in elementary school and now you have beef with literal toddlers kek

No. 1578141

Original anon who posted about the child hating—I don’t give a fuck if you have kids or don’t, literally doesn’t matter. I just think it’s weird to vehemently hate children.

No. 1578142

Nta but bullying can actually cause long lasting psychological damage, that's just a scientific fact, die mad about it. I also hated kids already when I was a kid, especially little boys

No. 1578143


They're at a very different stage in their lives compared to adults so the distinction is important. You think I'll have the same conversations with a 10yo kid compared to a 16yo teenager or a 30yo grown adult?

But even then, kids do shit that shouldn't be tolerated, and that isn't acceptable when adults to it so I'm not even sure why you bring that up. Here's something that happened to me recently that really annoyed me: I was taking the subway back home and bought a bubble tea right before that. A shitty brat then sat down next to me and wouldn't stop trying to grab the straw, thank god it was still in its package. The mother gave no fuck and hit my leg with the brat's bicycle several times because of the abrupt stops in each station so clearly I can guess she gave him a shitty education. You think I wouldn't be really fucking annoyed if a grown man tried to take my straw and play with it while rubbing his shoulder against me and giggling like a drooling retard? If I did that as a kid I would have gotten an asskicking by my mother btw.

No. 1578145

Nah I used to beat the shit out of my little brother, not the other way around

No. 1578146

No one asked

No. 1578147

I was bullied too. It’s pathetic to be a grown woman and having beef with 10 year olds.

No. 1578148

You're confusing that anon with me.

No. 1578150

None of this is an excuse to hate children

No. 1578151

Every one of those shitty kids will grow up to be a shitty adult (I saw it many times), so I don't give a fuck.

No. 1578152

In fact I'm going to punch him once more to spite you

No. 1578153

It's a parenting problem. I never would've been allowed to scream my head off, knock on random neighbors doors, walk in front of cars on purpose, or crawl under cars as a kid. My mom actually loves me though and cared whether I lived or died. These kids are just out all day, even really little ones, unsupervised. It's not their fault they are retarded

No. 1578154

You think children will take care of you when you're old? Nah they're going to live their lives, take care of their own kids, be busy with their jobs and so on. They're not going to stay by your side 24/7 and help you get up and clean your shit. Not to mention that it's possible to have a nice full life without children and you can be able to care for yourself even as an old woman. Many older women I know rely on their friends or aquaintances, their sons are useless and their daughters busy.

No. 1578155

Are you the 19 year old? It’s time to get out of that “being a bitch is quirky” phase.

No. 1578156

Exactly. So, it’s not because they are kids it’s because they are shitty people. It doesn’t excuse child haters wanting to get violent with newborns crying on planes.

No. 1578158

I assume every child hater is a pedophile, you cannot change my mind on this

No. 1578159

Legitimately this. I’d rather listen to a baby cry on a plane than some grown ass moid throwing a hissy fit because that baby is crying.

No. 1578160

This seems like a reach and I am against child haters.

No. 1578161

Nta but if you’re good to your kids they will take care of you 99% of the time. The ones who get abandoned were abusive or shitty parents. I’m not having kids because I’m poor but I know most children who get treated right will be there for their elderly parents. Child free people use examples of abusive parents who got left in nursing homes to rot as examples of kids not taking care of their parents as a cope.

No. 1578162

You guys were probably all badly behaved children, and now you're disturbed at the thought of some adults not wanting to be around you back then lol. They probably all thought it, they just didn't say it. Yeah, it's not a fluffy/pleasant thing to think of, but some people don't do well with screaming or annoying behavior from adults or kids, and especially not from a kid they don't even know.

People even dislike their younger siblings for being annoying, so how do you think a stranger would be seen? It doesn't make that anon Satan. Unless she's going around popping balloons or knocking ice cream out of their hands, why is it such a big deal?

No. 1578165

Did you not see where I very clearly said that it’s fine to dislike kids, it’s when you make hating them a personality train that is the red flag?

No. 1578166

It's the exact opposite IME. I only ever see pedos and cryptopedos getting angry whenever people don't really like kids, because they can't fathom people not having a weird fondness for them, and they worry that if more adults don't want to be around them, they personally will have less access. They're always yammering on about "children existing in public spaces" and shit like that.
I remember finding accounts on Twitter all dedicated to "children's rights" years ago, talking about "childism" (ie prejudice against children). Turns out they were also "MAPs".

No. 1578167

Trait*, you know what I meant. Totally fine to not want to be around kids but when you’re calling random children retards, it’s weird.

No. 1578168

If your dislike towards kids is so strong you even need to identify yourself with a label I'm definitely side-eyeing you hard

No. 1578169

It’s not far off. Usually scrotes the most vocal about how much they hate kids are pedos.

No. 1578170

You're correct, it's true for most unruly kids. Some have good parents who have no clue what to do with their crazy kids who have terrible external influences but that's the exception. That doesn't change the result, that some of these kids get very fucking annoying with unrelated adults in public spaces.

I can hate whoever I want and yes, kids trying to do stupid shit with me on a daily basis is a good reason for that. It's not like I was doing anything wrong against them like slapping them or insulting them while yelling like a schizo, then that would be way too disproportionate of a reaction.

No. 1578171

The most child hating scrotes I've found turned out to be pedophiles with sadistic fantasies

No. 1578172

Still think it’s a stretch but the person I originally posted about (who wanted to know a “mean way” to tell someone he hated their kids) definitely strikes me as a predator so maybe you have some weight to your theory.

No. 1578173

You can hate whoever you want and you’re still pathetic because a toddler can get you bent out of shape without even trying

No. 1578175

I'll punch him 2x

No. 1578176

I doubt that anon makes it a "personality trait", she just said she doesn't like them when they're not well-behaved. Watching relatives' kids made me realize kids can be really annoying. I still don't hate them, but I get why people would avoid them.

No. 1578178

I never said she did, but my original post was about people who made it a personality trait. I literally have a child and dislike other people’s kids, that’s fine. Disliking kids it totally normal. The hating them is what I don’t understand.

No. 1578179

I think you might be delusional about old age with children is like. I worked in a nursing home. The vast majority of them had children, and the vast majority got visited once to twice yearly. By the time you are old, your children will have their own children, and they will have no time or resources for you.

No. 1578180

In cases of extremity, I agree, but how many "child haters" are like, "I want to beat up a child" instead of just "Children are annoying, I'd rather not be around them"? The latter group seems to get lumped in with the former a lot.

No. 1578181

I feel like child-haters can't let go of their own childhood because they have lots of negative feelings about it that they haven't managed to fully process and analyze. The child-haters I've known all had childlike qualities, they were quite egocentric and sensitive but tried to hide it under edginess and cynicism. Dumb hatred is the result of these negative feelings in combination with lack of emotional intelligence, and being stuck in the past + immaturity I think actually makes child-haters feel equal to children, which leads to them not being able or not wanting to be more understanding and lenient with them, and that's why they're often so annoyed with children being "stupid". They judge them like equals in every regard. Plus it seems like they're quite uncomfortable with emotions and vulnerability (their own in the first place), so it's all just a big projection as always.
I had a couple of friends like that long ago and it was really embarrassing and annoying when they mimicked infant's/toddler's crying or laughing in a nasty way. Truly ironic that these people act like huge babies.

No. 1578182

Anon I talked about a kid who was like 8yo at the very least grabbing my stuff while I was commuting and you're talking about toddlers. I know my description of him acting like a badly behaved idiot wasn't very flattering but still.

No. 1578184

I work in a nursing home and I can tell you if they are left in there to rot it’s for a reason. Parents think they can be drug addicts, physically and emotionally abusive and their kids are still going to be there in old age. The elderly people who actually were good parents kids usually visited. Being dumped in a nursing home is just karma for a lot of these people.

No. 1578186

Bullshit. My mother was terrible and I hated her and I still helped with taking care of her simply because she implanted a super strong feeling of guilt inside of me, and also I was scared what others would think of me if I left. There are kids who help their parents while still resenting them

No. 1578189

I’m not talking about you. Most people have a backbone and will tell their shit parents to fuck off when they become adults.

No. 1578190

Citation needed. Generational trauma exists. I think every person in my family I know personally had fucked up or toxic relationship with their parents as kids and young adults, and yet they still help each other because "it's family after all" and they will think there's something wrong with you if you leave. People who leave toxic families are outliers, not a common thing.

No. 1578191

NTA, but it sounds like you haven't faced a certain level of abuse. It's not that easy.

No. 1578192

That is simply untrue kek. Even if they're good parents the kids might not have the possibility to take care of them, and it's not their responsibility to do so. You really think everyone not having children is coping? Maybe you're the one coping by thinking that your children will totally take good care of you and make you their priority when they have their lives to live.

No. 1578194

Maybe you just live in a shitty, poverty ridden area where child abuse is more common. Because so many of these old women were sweet, but their children would admit that they didn't have the time to watch them full time because of their work, and didn't want to live with their parents for the next 10 years.

No. 1578196

If you read the post you’d see that I’m not having kids. I’ve worked in nursing homes my entire life and yeah that sweet old man seems sweet now because he has dementia but he was actually a pedophile when he was younger and that sweet old grandma seems kind now but when she was younger she kicked her kids out at 15 in favor of her new bf. They seem sweet now because their brains have went to shit but when you look into their backgrounds most of the time you can see why their kids don’t visit kek

No. 1578197

The vibes on this thread are actually terrible rn

No. 1578198

The sad thing is even for the good parents their kids think of them as burdens. Use to piss me off how my mum and uncle spoke about visiting my grandmother in the home and the only reason she was in there js because her older son got fed up with her living in her own home. He wanted to sell it. Which they did so grandma was turfed out. She died due to an infection she picked up there. Having kids doesn't guarantee good care in your old age. Money does. My dad is in his 60s, he's disabled but is well off. He pays good money for his care and encourages me and my brother to travel and worry about ourselves.

No. 1578200

Every anti-O retard who defends onions groupies who willingly lusted after his abusive ass

No. 1578204

True. I've only heard horror stories from people assaulted and grandmas who forget they're not in Jim Crow era anymore.

No. 1578207

>Having kids doesn't guarantee good care in your old age. Money does. My dad is in his 60s, he's disabled but is well off. He pays good money for his care and encourages me and my brother to travel and worry about ourselves.
This is so true. Don't know what's with these anons thinking "Just have kids and you're set for life, they'll figure it out" but it's a very naive, irresponsible way of thinking. The economy is falling apart, very few will probably be in a good place. Poor adults caring for their aging parents are often filled with extreme stress and resentment.
Imagine being middle-aged with/without your own kids, changing your very old mother or father's diapers, bathing them, preparing their food, and watching dementia eat away at their minds, all while you can barely afford your own existence. If having kids is part of your plan, at least start saving in earnest. Don't leave it all on their head and then expect everything, that's selfish as hell.

No. 1578211

I don’t see anything wrong with putting your parents in a nursing home if you visit them every weekend and on holidays. The ones who get left in nursing homes to rot and no family every visited them are just facing their karma.

No. 1578216

Also witnessing what happened to my grandma even though I think my mum shouldn't have opted to put her mum in a home I really do not want to see my own mum in one. Or my dad, but he's planned for his care with his retirement. I understand he's in a financially secure position to do so, but I think mindsets in general need to change. We all should plan for retirement but sadly I think we should all plan for ill health as well. Which should also come with revisions to current care practices. I don't know if I'm the only one, but the quality of care in those homes can be shocking. I know people can get desensitised but holy fuck. Also so many of my own peers (males) who would make the grossest GILF and sex jokes as teens, still have that same maturity level are getting jobs in care homes. I wouldn't want a bald moid from my highschool that still shares public posts on their fb timelines in their 30s looking after any of my vulnerable family members.

No. 1578227

As long as you do your research and check the reviews and such on the nursing home, it should be fine. Personally I think I'd opt to get my mom a home help aide or two that will visit everyday for xyz amount of hours, because I'm pretty sure she did not plan for her retirement. All I know is I'm not taking care of her. I watched her take care of my grandma till she died and it was pretty miserable. It also ate into my life and took over my childhood, Because she'd spend all summer being care taker and drag me with her. Every year.

I want to have kids that grow up with fun summer memories, not trauma from hospital and rehab visits where pervy old dudes who are dying try to hit on you.

No. 1578237

Even the expensive ones with good reviews abandon the patients during natural disasters. Putting someone in a home should only be a desperate last resort if you care about them.

No. 1578241

Nta but it's not something everyone can afford. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in mine I'm pretty sure state nursing home is only for those who don't have any caretakers, and the conditions there aren't great to say the least. Private nursing home is expensive.

No. 1578249

The author of the percy jackson book series should have stopped writing after he finished the original 5 books. Everything after that is just bad.

No. 1578262

Home aids are the way to go. Yeah, they can be lazy so you have to check in on your mom weekly, but they also allow your parent to live in the comfort of their own home, which slows their mental decline. Once you take someone out of an environment they're familiar with, and they no longer have a purpose, they get really bad really fast.

No. 1578268

Whenever I see statistics on single mothers or hear them say, "Don't blame me because I'm the one who stayed," I think, girl you also had the opportunity to bounce. It's not illegal to dump your kid at an orphanage. If your man left, you can too. Don't pretend you're not actively choosing this. You still deserve a social safety net and food stamps, but I don't want to hear how hard life is because you didn't dump that man's inferior genetics when he did.

No. 1578270

Whenever a tranny asks if he should take estrogen, encourage him so he dies young.

No. 1578287

Actually it is illegal to abandon a child above a certain age. If you do it "properly" you won't go to prison, but you will still be on the hook for the child's expenses.

No. 1578302

Women aren't psychopaths like men so they feel responsible for their children and also LOVE THEIR CHILDREN. You sound like a wannabe edgy teenager.

No. 1578336

This is just as weird as calling children "demonic".

No. 1578352

nta but look up hand foot and mouth disease before saying it's weird to call children gross. they literally, objectively are.

No. 1578366

The people calling every vaguely toxic asshole an NPD have likely never had actual experience with a legit narc themselves. It's a buzzword that's losing its meaning. 1/3 of the time those screaming narc ARE the narcs, just projecting. Then when you try to correct them they armchair even harder and try to claim someone's just a "covert" narc. If you've suffered narc abuse you can spot the real thing a mile away, covert or not, so I find it frustrating that it's been watered down so much.

No. 1578376

File: 1684171355536.jpeg (8.08 KB, 168x300, IMG_4879.jpeg)

This woman fucking sucks, most women who mindelssly follow FDS shit end up circling back to being pickmes. She says that young women are made to date older men (like over 45), that women who arent well dressed 24/7 are pickmeishas, that no man is ever gonna like a hard working or ambitious woman, that you should forgive men for cheating or lying if theyre rich etc. but everyone seems to love her. She has some good points but overall she's delusional and dangerous

No. 1578389

Everyday really.

No. 1578395

I haven't heard this half of what she said, but I do appreciate the fact she tells women not to waste their youth on broke scrotes. If she's telling them they either have to chose between toxic (possibly young and vaguely) attractive broke scrotes and toxic (most definitely old and ugly) rich scrotes. She's wrong as hell. The message should be, don't waste your time on either scrote.

money won't undue all the trauma a rich one will give in exchange for it. I really wish all of these people would stop telling women to target a particular kind of scrote, they'll pretty much all awful. She's going to influence young girls who want to do better to become actual whores, only without the ability to turn down a client or even a shred of independence. That advice is basically "whore yourself out, but only for one scrote everyday and not multiple".

No. 1578402

>women who arent well dressed 24/7 are pickmeishas
I have no idea who that is, but how does that work?

No. 1578408

I'm assuming it's because a certain type of moid only likes women to be dressed down so he doesn't feel intimidated. But at the same time, she's telling women to be pickmes by dressing in a way to appeal to the rich ones, which is funny as hell. Tired of the blind leading the blind tbh

No. 1578418

As someone who does occasionally watch Red Letter Media and occasionally enjoys it, I don't know how people could actually like any of them like they could like an internet personality like Jerma (just a random example, I don't really care about Jerma either). Like, the anons posting the RLM guys in the unconventional attractive males thread blow my mind. They're fat, doughy wisconsinites who bitch and moan for youtube money. You already know they're going to hate every film they review because they're too fat and cranky and old to have hope in their hearts. It's just a giant bitchfest. I only watch RLM if they're talking about a movie I already dislike or know is bad and I can't do it all that often because the bitching and moaning is grating. They're literally just scrotes. They're very baseline scrotes too. They never really say anything new. I still watch them because I can always count on them to shit on CGI and I do appreciate that; 99% of CGI is absolute shit.
Anyway, would NOT fuck or even give the time of day. If I saw the RLM guys IRL (which is a possibility since we are located in the same state), I don't think I like them enough to even point out who they are to my friends. Fat, ugly, bitchy scrotes.

No. 1578428

I used to watch them somewhat regularly, but it has been forever since I bothered to, they do get pretty one note. I prefer Jay cause he's the least whiny and doesn't have such a basic taste in movies. That drama with Shatner a while ago was funny, but it was also just further proof that their fans are annoying as fuck.

No. 1578432

ayrt, she claims if a black woman goes out in a bonnet and comfy clothes, she's a pickme. if you're a woman who doesn't put effort into her appearance, you're a pickme and will be picked by a broke scrote. basically she encourages women to be more high maintenance which is fine, but claiming that if u dont participate in female beauty standards you're automatically a pickme is crazy. She especially targets black women who don't wear wigs or choose to wear bonnets outside.
exactly nona. I didnt wanna come off as a pickme myself by criticizing her but u put my ESL thoughts into words. I find a lot of her preachings to be misogynistic and dangerous. She seems to not like men very much so why not tell women to focus on themselves if they're such trash, why must we whore ourselves out to pwn le patriarchy ex dee it just makes no sense to me. I wonder if i really am a pickme because to me oftentimes a rich scrote is even more sus than a normie wageslave one

No. 1578440

Nta and haven't watched these videos, but is she even aware of the concept of women dressing comfy in order to avoid being "picked" or avoid attention altogether?

No. 1578455

NAYRT but those types don't think women who don't seek male attention exist (outside of lesbians, who don't exist for other reasons).


Women who use men for money probably hate them more than some of our more rabid radfems. But unlike the based schizos, they feel like no man at all is not an option. I kind of understand her point, if all men are shit but you're a hetrosexual woman who's not okay with not being in a relationship, going for a rich scrote instead of a poor one makes more sense. The whole cry in a rolls Royce vs crying in a Toyota thing.

>I wonder if i really am a pickme because to me oftentimes a rich scrote is even more sus than a normie wageslave one

No, that's not Pickme thinking at all. It'd be pickme thinking if you said you prefer the wage slaves because all rich men r evil and all working class ones have hearts of gold and what they can't give in money they will make up for in love. You're just a rational person who knows men like to control women, and rich ones use money to do it. She's setting up a lot of girls for abuse, failure and hurt. Is she one of those "old money whispers"/wear this Zara blazer and hang out in the lobby of a hotel feminity coaches? I LOATHE those.

No. 1578458

I liked them in the 2012-2015 era. It was a different time anon. Ever since disney star wars sequels came out things went to shit

No. 1578464

I followed Fds and what I learned from it is that men are a waste of time and to avoid them. So I purchased a house and now I just live alone and don’t bother with men. I am so lucky I found Fds during Covid or I’d still be chasing love I’m never going to get.

No. 1578474

Samefag and anyone who actually was on fds during its peak knows that they didn’t spread the shit she spreads

No. 1578476

I'm literally too autistic to perform femininity even though I tried to force myself MANY times. My body just can't stand that certain type of clothes, also make up and hair styling, the whole routine etc. I can't deal with it. Unfortunately it's true that you will often attract broke scrotes while being gnc (even though I'm not gnc for ideological purposes but because that's the only state that doesn't make me want to tear the clothes of my body). People tell me I'm pretty even without make up and that I should start 'taking care of myself' (ie perform femininity) and then I would supposedly had good men throwing themselves at me. I look sick and I wear baggy clothes so well, no wonder people think I don't 'take care' of myself

No. 1578479

I guess trad pickmes just took over?

No. 1578483

I’ve seen videos of her saying that women are pick mes if the value looks. You only have one life to live but she wants to spend it fucking people she’s not attracted to for a check.

No. 1578487

Men like hard working ambiguous women as long as they arent doing better than them.

No. 1578489

I guess I'm pretty frivolous and materialistic myself, I wouldn't advocate for women to be with broke men, but there's a point that if you're investing so much in trying
to attract rich men, you're might as well put that effort into getting into med school or something.

No. 1578493

I feel that she gives advice to women who don’t want completely give up on men and just be single(most women cannot deal with having no men around at all). And yes for most women you’re going to need to not be too ambitious, you’re going to have to take care of your looks and not see men as human but only as atms if you want to be happy with a man. Nothing she’s saying is wrong it’s just the reality of dating for women. I don’t date anymore because it understand this is the reality for straight women in the dating world kek

No. 1578498

Why do you look sick nonnie? Are you eating right and going outside everyday? I also lean GNC, but I'm just too lazy to be bothered. I recently got interested in being more ~feminine~, but not to attract men. I just like looking pretty and smelling good and wearing trendy outfits when I'm not wearing the same cargos a week straight. Makes me feel like I'm some femme fatale super spy who's changing out of her civilian disguise to seduce and kill a mob boss. im also autistic, but a different more terminal kind


This. They want a girlfriend/wife they can brag about, not one that's doing better than them. Same concept as a narcissistic parent who views their kid as a trophy.

Yeah, I agree with her telling women not to waste time with broke scrotes but you're right. All this investment in attracting a rich scrote would be better used in investing in yourself.


You also raise a good point. She's one of those that believe all men are bad, so she's telling women not to deal with one that's both a shit person AND broke. Double whammy. But she's setting girls up to be involved in abusive relationships with rich men who can tell she's only there for his money. Those types put women thru HELL, because they hate the fact she only sees him as an ATM. And that's the part she's not telling anyone. I bet whatever moid she's with now has cheated and laid hands on her tbh, she's the type of jaded that only comes from seeing and dealing with a lot of fuckshit.

No. 1578502

I kind of wish there was a guru out there telling girls to fuck men and teaching them about finances etc but I think we are heading in the right direction.

No. 1578510

most women don't want to hear the truth about men so she probably wouldn't make it that far unless she sugar coated it. The men would definitely spend all day, everyday bothering her like they do these ones who tell girls to not bother with broke ones. But, I also wish to see a guru who tells women to just avoid men period and gives financial planning/business advice.

No. 1578621

File: 1684190076673.jpg (67.21 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_2023-05-16-00-33-54…)

Video titles like this are soulless garbage. Same goes for videos titled crap like "BNA characters but i animated them dancing to toxic by britney spears"

No. 1578674

File: 1684193132960.webm (2.06 MB, 363x640, all males are the same.webm)

>Orangutans are the only good apes
I don't think so

No. 1578743

I really do believe that therapy and medication is counterintuitive for most people struggling with actual mental illness because mental healthcare and the field of psychology in general is still in its very early stages. But the industries that be don't want to admit this cause money, so they give literally everybody unrealistic expectations about treatment: patients and their families, therapists, and psychiatrists alike. Therapy is simply not refined enough to help the majority of people who are actually struggling. Yes, it can sometimes be better to attend it than to do nothing, but I think the dangers of incompatible therapy and medication are downplayed to the extreme, especially for people who really need treatment. And I think that's dicked up!

No. 1578761

I'm Asian and I wish other Asians (and other POCs too I suppose since I see them do it a lot too) would quit joking around with our culture of normalized abusive parents.

Like the "Haha my Mom throws the slipper at me for getting a bad grade, haha my Dad whips out the belt when I talk back to him" that kind of stuff. It's seriously less funny when you see it with your own eyes, I've seen a grown-ass adult pull a fucking knife on a kid just for dropping a pot. It's even more annoying when they try to frame it as #relateble instead of trying to end that type of thinking for good.

No. 1578772

Nepo babies are ruining high fashion cat walks. They are fat and they can’t walk.

No. 1578777

Honestly I don't get the hate (maybe the hate's just on lc idk) for nepo babies who don't really do anything.

No. 1578778

nonna if i was unmedicated i'd probably be a spree killer right now, or dead, or in a cell of some sort for another violent crime. medication and therapy isn't for everyone but for some of us it's an actual life saver, both for ourselves and others.

No. 1578788

Now the nepo babies come out first followed by 100s of nobodies but In the past fashion shows had less models and we from got to see more of them. Now it’s just a nepo baby show.

No. 1578789

short too. the fat part is bad but short people do not belong on catwalks literally ever

No. 1578793

File: 1684204941897.jpg (75.48 KB, 598x830, 815fb4317aa5ca51a14e0b65fc55d7…)


No. 1578810

soon as i made this post i expected this, devon aoki is the one and only exception to the rule. lily rose depp burn in hell you fucking midget and all the other sub 5'9 bitches

No. 1578817

idk how unpopular this is but i hate cosplay, all cosplay no matter how good it is it just gives me so much second-hand embarrassment every time

No. 1578850

Yeah I've seen many people on social media almost act like it's a flex. Makes me think that these people haven't actually experienced it, they just had relatively strict parents but want to play into the stereotype for some reason

Kinda agree, mostly about anime cosplays. They might look good in heavily edited pictures but IRL it's often weird or cringe because you can't look like an anime character and the weird anime outfits/hairstyles rarely look good on people

No. 1579021

The cheerleader effect isn't real. Moids are just picky and faceblind since they'll get hard from anything they see that has long hair. I can tell if some women aren't deemed "attractive" by the standards moids hold us up to (Its bizarre. In fact, the women they pick on are actually just normal or plain looking most of the time, which is UgLy to coomer minds) They always expect a group of women to look like supermodels since to them, It's a group for them to choose from. Then they get mad when they don't look like the women they see in the media.

No. 1579094

File: 1684246689749.jpg (45 KB, 646x475, e456yrt7uy.JPG)

I think they should

No. 1579106

Yeah unfortunately kids are being given phones now with access to Snapchat and instagram and TikTok where having face altering perfect filters is rampant in there. I didn’t grow up hating my features but it breaks my heart to think of being that young age and already hating your looks because of the internet.

No. 1579107

Men want this to he a thing so women can't "trick/scam" them. As someone who only uses stupid filters just like any normie, I think this is stupid. Unless you're a instagram sex worker, you probably don't put your face tuned/ shooped pictures on social media.

No. 1579112

My unpopular opinion is that nepobabies are a good thing. The old models all say they were sexually harassed or literally had to do sexwork in order to maintain their positions, Naomi pimped a lot of models and there are rumors some were underage as well so I think it's better for someone who's got famous parents to be in modeling industry since they're less likely to get taken advantage of.
I'd rather have short models than having a modeling industry that's reliant on sexual harassment and peer pressure, most non-nepo models get bullied so hard they starve, use drugs or kill themselves which again are less common for nepobabies.

No. 1579115

i've never used any of these myself but from what i have seen online, it seems like some people who don't post them online still obsess over them in private. imo catfishing is the lesser problem but i have no idea how any govt could possibly regulate this tech in a way that helps anyone.

No. 1579116

>Naomi pimped a lot of models
holy shit, I didn't know she was this fucking rotten. I knew she physically abused her housekeeper but not this omg.

No. 1579122

Honestly rather than regulating the filters kids should just be banned from social media altogether. Or at least have separate social media for underage teens and kids where they won't be influenced by filters and other BDD-inducing bullshit.
I never used social media and face filters weren't a thing back then, but even then I was insecure as fuck about my looks growing up. I can't imagine how much worse it would've been if I was being influenced by unrealistic social media standards on top of that. I still compared myself to pretties classmates and the like, but at least they were obviously real and had pores and stuff.

No. 1579123

the existence of nepobabies isn't stopping predators from abusing nobodies who try to go into modeling, retard.

No. 1579127

sadly we can't have separate spaces for kids online for the same reason we can't have separate spaces for women but kids are much better off without social media altogether

No. 1579131

I think correcting others on their pronunciation or grammar is pointless. I don't know about others but I never retain the correction when others do it to me. It just creates pointless conversational friction.

No. 1579144

I agree. If we understood each other I don't see the point.
The only discussion I'm willing to have is over the pronunciation of the word Uranus

No. 1579169

Stupid genuine question, but why not? I get that models are traditionally just walking clothing hangers so having the same tall thin look works well.
But a short person could proportionally look the same, just smaller?

No. 1579198

File: 1684253293314.png (61.59 KB, 500x489, loomis.png)

>But a short person could proportionally look the same, just smaller?
Nta but being tall or short doesn't affect your head size, which is what makes you visually taller or shorter. So tall and short people have about the same size heads, so short person will usually always look short too. Though it's not a rule, some average/tall people have bigger heads, and visually look shorter, and some shorter people have smaller heads and they can seem taller in pictures. But a short person with a small head just looks…small. Tall models look more powerful on the catwalk. I was trying to find a better pic, but I think it illustrates the point
>rather dumpy

No. 1579202

File: 1684253590964.jpg (354.35 KB, 1208x1800, 1693f33831.jpg)

isn't kate moss only 5'7"? the issue isn't that they're short or fat, it's that they're just not striking

No. 1579208

You'll never be a model, anachan and it's not because you're not famous, it's because you're fat and ugly.(and you'll never be witty, infighting chan )

No. 1579216

This is false, head size changes a lot from one person to another. I'm 160cm but because of my proportions people guess I'm 170 cm based on pictures while I know 170cm women who get mistaken as shorter because they have short legs and such.

No. 1579221

Did you not read my post or?

No. 1579226

I wonder what Elv and Develv are doing now
Do they still draw those tall tiny headed eunuchs
They had an autistic explanation on why eunuchs, the most superior gender, are taller than men and an autistic drawing comparing head and body ratios to accompany it

No. 1579244

Probably gone ftmto become one of those eunuchs.

No. 1579261

File: 1684255437601.jpg (289.75 KB, 2048x1365, licensed-image.jpeg.jpg)

I don't know why they're pushing Lila Moss so hard (I mean, I know why…) she has such an "average/weird looking indie film girl" look to her. She'd be a good face in movies but not on a fucking runway. Her bone structure is weird and not what you'd expect for a runway model (she has a cute round face with poor bone structure, compare her to her mom when she was her age and Kate's cheekbones were always popping). I can't hate her too much because she's a type 1 diabetic and, well, shout out diabetes fr.

No. 1579878

>being tall or short doesn't affect your head size
Seems to vary a lot by genetics, my short filipina friend would always complain that they were all bobble heads (tbf she did proportionally have a big head)

No. 1580008

Taylor swift is another great example of white feminism. It’s all girlies supporting girls, “being a mean girl is so lame” and “don’t put down other women!”….until it’s a scrote they wanna fuck and make babies with then it’s alright kek. Her new man bragged about watching porn that degrades black women and makes fun of women all the time but she sucks his cock everyday anyway.

No. 1580011

Going to be real honest with ya, what else were you expecting? No one's that loyal in this gay earth

No. 1580012

Taylor swift is one of the most desired women on the planet. She could definitely pick someone who doesn’t brag about watching band bros.

No. 1580021

A while ago, I saw a racist tradthot on Twitter say that hearing about Matty Healy being that way just made her like him more.
Like imagine being both a racist and a female cuck. That's usually male territory, but these are the most pathetic people alive after all.

No. 1580025

her family is conservative soo

No. 1580033

At this point it's to be expected. She's a pretty white girl from a conservative background, of course it's all talk. She benefits from white supremacy heavily so ofc she'll literally suck it's dick kek. solidarity between women, especially women of different races will forever be a meme.

No. 1580044

Overlined upper lips look so stupid

No. 1580049


No. 1580053

Most work environments would run smoother if functioning autists were running things. Normies are too focused on the social aspect of work and trying to hilly each other and the whole work environment is a mess and nothing gets done quickly or efficiently. Most autists want to get the work done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

No. 1580054

Bully each other

No. 1580055

that's the part that's baffling to me. he's ugly and disrespectful. brags about consuming violent fetish porn degrading black women. literally said dating her would be "demasculinizing".
with all her wealth and influence, you'd think she would go for a man who would either look handsome or could at least do the bare minimum of publicly pretending he could actually love her.
hilarious how being conservative, racially pure, and morally upright only ever seems apply to the women.

No. 1580061

Autistics are too busy screaming and carrying on over dumb shit like food texture and schedule changes to run anything

No. 1580070

Solidarity between humans in general is a pipe dream the way society is now. There's too many hierarchies and the people at the top are always going to want to stay there. I personally don't expect anything good from men ever and very rarely do they surprise me in a positive way. I'm just not sure why this girl who was taking pictures next to a guy doing a Hitler salute with a bloody swastika on his shirt was propped up as a feminist icon.

No. 1580071

t. a bpd-chan

No. 1580074

Literally anything is an autistic trait these days, even wanting to be done with work fast. If there was some secret hack to be sure that everything runs smoothly companies would already be on it but sadly you can rarely rely on a single person for everything so social interactions and annoying situations are unavoidable.

No. 1580083

>wanting to get done with work fast

Most normies don’t want to get done with work fast and if you try to divert from the way things have been done for years it could result in you being singled out. I can think of tons of ways at work that things could run smoothly but sharing those tips will piss managers off and you can get terminated for that. For example I work in activities in a nursing home and you would think this is an easy job but they have a high turn over rate. I noticed that they hire random 20 something’s and pay them minimum wage then expect them to care enough about their job to plan activities, be out going everyday and give a shit about the patients enough to learn their personality and what they like to do for fun….it’s not realistic and because of this they can’t keep staff.

No. 1580085

File: 1684335599274.png (232.74 KB, 800x610, Palace_Enuches.PNG)

>why eunuchs, the most superior gender, are taller than men
They may get 99% of things wrong, but it is true that castration at a young age has been observed in many societies to delay puberty and potentially result in taller stature due to the absence of testosterone. Basically Testosterone regulates bone growth and density, so reduced levels of this hormone allows bones to grow longer and thinner, leading to increased height in many cases, same with happens with neutered dogs and cats

No. 1580099

>I noticed that they hire random 20 something’s and pay them minimum wage
Companies who do this are aware that the quality of work decreases though, they just don't care (depending on the job/industry ofc) because their goal is to pay people less.

No. 1580104

They could come up with systems that work better for people who don’t give a fuck and will take the low pay. Like structure at work, not having to train yourself, a plan everyday. Most work is just high school 2.0. Of course some 20 something who doesn’t give a damn about their job is going to quit in a month if you expect them to actually give a fuck about their job and go above and beyond.

No. 1580106

huh, i don't remember "intolerance for retards" being a symptom of bpd. i'll have to check later. thanks for the tip, tism-chan.

No. 1580113

You're right but at this point it isn't just about getting the work done fast anymore, it's about being innovative and taking initiatives. People are like this at the beginning of their careers and then they notice how difficult it is to change things because of all the people impacted and involved in the process and other reasons.

No. 1580136

> dumb shit like food texture
Are you the >>1571323 retard from the last thread? It sounds hypocritical when you're nitpicking that much over something so insignificant.

No. 1580140

Sorry your scrote left you for an autist. Seethe more

No. 1580170

I believe sex work is real work. I just don't think it's a good option for ANYONE, regardless of their finances or circumstances. But I can understand a woman who strips to put herself through college or feed the kids or something and I won't condemn her for it as long as she can admit it's absolutely not empowering and in fact extremely damaging.

No. 1580177

I agree with this. Sex work isn't good but tbh shit happens and sometimes women end up in those positions. I remember when an anon said that she was stripping to provide for her sister and iirc put herself through school and she got horribly dogpiled for it. I don't support the sex industry at all but that doesn't mean I think the women in it are literally satan.

No. 1580182

No, I'm not that anon lol

No. 1580186

Tbh after hearing too many stories about prostitutes who recruit barely legal or literally underage girls into the industry or continue working although they have aids, I've lost all respect for sex workers. We have a lot of foreign sex workers in my country and because most men visit them, there's an aids epidemic along women whose husbands cheat on them with prostitutes. These women are literally losing their babies because of aids and other stds, the whores who carry these illnesses and willingly sleep with married men and the married men who carry these illnesses to their wives both need to be punished.
These prostitutes literally brag on socials media about how they're getting married men and how more attractive they are than the women of my country as if they're not getting fucked for like 50 euros max by disgusting men.

No. 1580189

It's not like you stop needing money just because you have aids.

No. 1580191

Sex workers, I feel sympathy for, but sex work recruiters are another thing. I can usually tell when someone's "recruiting" because they want to virtue signal or are trying to cope with their own trauma from sex work.

No. 1580201

engaging in sexual relations while having a std should be a death sentence

No. 1580206

The recruiters are disgu=sting, but I wonder how many of them are being forced into it because of their abusive pimps. Or how many have been brainwashed into thinking it's no big deal because they themselves were recruited at a young age.

No. 1580210

men who rape women deserve death. aids is a disease that can cause death. men who pay for sex are raping women through coercion. therefore, if a prostitute hides her hiv-positive status from a client, she is enacting natural justice on him. QED.

No. 1580212

how often do you see people who yell that slogan trying to do anything to help prostituted women and girls? and how often do you see people who yell that slogan pretend it's a glamourous, empowering, easy, and well-paying job that all girls should enter? that slogan is nothing more than propaganda meant to minimize the damage and recruit more girls. Shame they got a good slogan but whatever, the people who use that slogan are completely disingenuous and you shouldn't give them any ounce of legitimacy.

No. 1580223

This. I hate those women who try to push sex work as empowering and try and rope young girls/women into that hellhole. Some of them might be forced to do it by pimps but the ones who can comfortably type about how sex work is empowering and you can totally be a girl boss from the comfort of their own homes NEED the rope.

I'd argue a lot of that shit is pimps forcing them to continue working while positive and forcing them to recruit other girls. Once you sell your body for money you lose a lot of freedoms and that's what these girls who get into it willingly don't understand. You're not a person anymore, you're an object to be bought, sold, and traded.

No. 1580227

You're absolutely right. I don't want to give them legitimacy but I feel like a lot of people who claim radical feminism act like the prostitute is worse than the John who's paying her when most of those women are just trying to survive. I don't count trafficked women in this because I think it's extremely unfair to write a woman who was forced into sexwork off as someone who doesn't deserve compassion and pity because the system turned her into a shell of a person. And they also forget that MOST women, most sex workers aren't happy with their profession and if they felt they could do anything else, they would. Most girls start sex work young because they lived rough lives in poverty, grew up in shitty communities with shit parents and shit school systems, and they just want a better life for themselves.

Idk I just feel sympathy for sex workers since some of them used to be my highschool classmates. I know the vibes and even considered it myself. Broke people shit.

No. 1580238

Yeah not disclosing you have aids is a literal crime and they're not only passing it onto these marred men but their wives and possible children because women can pass hiv to their babies if they're not aware of the situation during their pregnancy.
Recruiters aren't a real thing, traffickers are very common though. They'll usually be older Russian/etc women who prey on younger girls and fly them to other countries to force them into the industry.
These women are literal pimps, lmao. You're delusional if you think women in sexwork are little angels, if you help a female child get raped because a man told you he'd pay for you to lure her in, you're just as evil as the rapist.

No. 1580241

majority of men buying sex are in relationships so they are passing it on to the innocent women. that's how so many people found out they were getting cheated on, they ended up with a std and, well, if it wasn't her sleeping around then it was her significant other.
yes, the males should die of aids though i do not disagree

No. 1580242

I think the sex work is real work debate is a distraction. By that measure, anything that pays your bills can be a job including being a drug dealer or scam artist. If these people want to call it a job, idgaf. Does nothing to change the fact that the sex industry will forever be one of the most deplorable "industries" in the world built of torture, rape and sadism.

No. 1580243

those radfems exist but imo in general most radfems I've seen have a lot more sympathy for prostituted women than "sex work is work"ers. and they're also causing less damage to prostituted women with their policy proposals than "sex work is work" sloganeers who pretend there's no harm at all with sex work, that violence against women is a "kink" that shouldn't be shamed, and are now shit like sex is a right therefore every man should have access to a prostitute and the government should pay for it.

No. 1580263

Wrong. The moid will ALWAYS be more evil. They're both heinous people but personally I will always find the moid in the situation to be the worst one, by virtue of them being make and absolutely loving the suffering of all women involved. I don't think all trafficked women are "little angels" but I can acknowledge most women in those positions were also either little girls who got trafficked or older and got trafficked/felt they had no other way to survive. But there is a certain brand of evil woman who will happily offer up innocent children for money/scrote approval.

No. 1580505

fedoras themselves are nice hats, but the people (especially men) who wear them are the ugly part

No. 1580572

You don't live in my country, there are sex workers who brag about being able to score ugly married men, you're obviously chronically online if you think it's based for prostitutes to carry aids onto men even though you know it'll eventually get transferred to innocent women and children. Anyone who's knowingly carrying aids is committing murder and since the prostitute carrying aids is a bigger crime, she's worse in this case.
Most women in west may be trafficked but the ones here aren't, poor ugly white women literally knowingly come to middle east because they think they'll earn a lot of money here just to pass on aids and barely make minwage.

No. 1580607

File: 1684390580116.jpeg (274.14 KB, 1536x2048, 9771925B-033F-4C9A-AC2E-55BA23…)

“Biphobia” is not a real thing. All of the actual persecution bisexuals face is just homophobia, and whenever I see anyone complaining about how people are being “biphobic” towards them, it always ends up being a spicy straight woman who’s mad that the rest of the LGBBQ community doesn’t perceive her as ~kweer~ enough. The latter is not a form of oppression, that’s just normal community infighting.

No. 1580611

Some people are too obsessed with bisexuals, especially bisexual women.

No. 1580620

I hate the trend of ugly men looking for bisexual women and try to play it off as being woke

No. 1580671

It must feel good to live in ignorance. I truly hope you never have to experience people feeling entitled to you over being bisexual and being perceived as wanting anyone and everything.

No. 1580730

Pls everyone believes bi women are just straight pickme attention whores and bi men are gay men who aren't out yet.
>ends up being a spicy straight woman
Yeah, you do that too. I see people bitch about bisexuals more than those 'fake bi women' wanting attention you guys constantly bitch and whine about.

No. 1580735

I can’t engage in hook up culture because I understand now that if men don’t find you “attractive” they will still fuck you and I don’t wanna fuck random strangers who just think I’m a step up from jerking off

No. 1580741

Isn't that the case even if they find you attractive?

No. 1580754

I thought about it many times, too (well, not only about the attractiveness). You can be open, sexually liberated, hedonistic, etc., but the thing is that the majority of men aren't like that even if they're all for "easy sex". That's the thing. They might not enjoy your company or even sex as it is at all, they might despise women altogether. It all comes down to a primitive need and their ego. It's just convenient for them, as you said it's just better than masturbating, but it's not about pleasure and connection, which you'd think is an essence of sex, and, adding to this, they'll hypocritically judge you at the same time. I can't even find the right word to describe my feelings about it, it's not just annoyance, but… men talk about sex so much, some fucking "pickup artists" seemingly value it above all else, but at the same time so many men are so blinkered, insecure, and kind of uptight. They don't genuinely like women and physical pleasure, they're kind of just ticking the boxes. Tbh, even if have another relationship in the future, I think I'll wait with sex on purpose even though I don't even think it's a "morally right thing" to do or something and I hate all the games and tests and whatever but at least it's a way to filter out everyone who just seeks convenience.

No. 1580755

You're braver than any marine for posting this on here, kek. Also completely correct.

No. 1580760

How is she brave for saying this when the lesbian thread in /g/ is constamtly seething about bisexual cocksuckers.

No. 1580762

might be preaching to the choir here but I didnt even care when all the "evidence" pointed to Heard abusing Depp. If she beat his ass day and night - well, he's the abusive (as alluded to by multiple prev girlfriends) alcoholic who married a woman half his age. He would've deserved it, that's just meeting a bigger fish for once. I would've poured myself a beer if he got killed by it. But also if you fell for his schtick then you're actually fucking retarded. Terminal. If you watched the OJ Simpson case or even just interacted with feminism in any way and think she was the abuser then you should be sent to a re-education camp bc clearly you don't have 3 brain cells to rub together.

No. 1580765

Women affected by bihet shenanigans complain about it in their designated thread? Wow, who'da thunk it. That's just one thread, posting anything else about it on here is gonna get you screeched at by people who refuse to acknowledge that it's just misogyny and homophobia.

No. 1580768

Tl;dr bisexual women are soulless cocksucking whores, I get it.

No. 1580769

Your takeaway being that says more about you than it does me.

No. 1580771

Why are lesbians so obsessed with bisexuals. I've never heard a bisexual woman rant about how disgusting a lesbian is. It's some kind of insecure narcissism or something.

No. 1580775

No lesbian I know irl is like that.
I've only seen it on lolcow

No. 1580779

It's because this is anonymous+ the internet so people are going to give us their spiciest hot-takes they're too afraid to say in public. Kek I love it.

No. 1580780

True, I also don’t believe in lesbophobia, it’s just misogyny + homophobia.

No. 1580782

It's a trolling tactic. Even if they meant it nobody needs to post it as much as they do unless they have ocd or are trolling. Like clockwork every week there is a bi/straight women vs lesbians post and it's always super mean calling hetpartnered women cockbreath and similar. It's a troll

No. 1580788

I think the obsessive seething about bisexuals is so weird, and honestly I didn't see anything like this until I came to lolcow (and still don't unless I'm on like, radfem social media accounts but tbh I stay away from lgbt stuff on the internet) and no bi anons even reciprocate it. Half of the time if you see some lesbian vs bi post, 9/10 it was made by a lesbian anon. And not to mention how often bi women are talked about in the lesbian thread.

No. 1580789

Even on the lesbian thread on KF they mocked that idea. I only ever see that mentality here and on any radfem space.

No. 1580795

Piss poor bait. Of course it's homophobia, lesbians are female homosexuals, and no woman is safe from misogyny.

No. 1580798

Probably because bisexuals are rabid homophobes

No. 1580804

Nonnas, this idiot was at the vent thread seething because a bi girl was dating a man instead of her, don't engage with her bait

No. 1580809

Nah. The "lesbian"s who start those infights are straight women lmao. I had one admit to me that she slept with 10 men and no women yet she was attacking bi women, those polilezzies hate bi women because unlike them, bi women can actually have relationships with and love women.

No. 1580812

>I've never heard a bisexual woman rant about how disgusting a lesbian is.
They prefer the more covert way which is that lesbianism is bigoted cissheterosexual garbage & not as inclusive as their genital preference free sexuality

No. 1580817

that's because bisexual women often fetishize being a lesbian or larp as one, like the bi women who date TIMs and pretend they're lesbians.

No. 1580820

I pity the polilez larpers so much. If you aren't same sex attracted I think it's weird and gross to try and force it. Reminds me of some super misogynistic gays that still like traps because their same sex attraction's roots are just extreme hatred of women

No. 1580821

that sounds solely like a male "lesbian" talking point

No. 1580822

Those same polilez larpers are ridiculed by lesbians for being attracted to nasty scrotes and how could they ever marry such garbage and then you wonder why some women larp as lesbians

No. 1580823

>the "lesbian"s who start those infights are straight women
If you say so, anon.

No. 1580825

Nta but if biphobia isn't real because it's just homophobia why the same thing can't be said about lesbophobia?

No. 1580837

No. 1580855

Using rape as a punishment is moid brained.

No. 1580857

Can't you read? I just said it's homophobia and misogyny. Maybe I'm wrong, but the anon I responded to seemed like they were trying to start more infighting with by quoting >>1580765

No. 1580858

Women can’t rape but i think we absolutely should rape moids. It’d be like yaoi irl and that’s hot. Men getting raped is never not sexy

No. 1580880

in what way

No. 1580887

NTA but that's not exclusive to white women. I've seen women of many different races pull this shit.

No. 1580894

kek based

No. 1580940

>yaoi irl
It would be heterosexual, anon…

No. 1580959

Lmao you’re literally proving the point. No wonder lesbians don’t want to be associated with you

No. 1580963

So you agree that so-called “biphobia” is just an amalgamation of other pre-existing -isms and -phobias? Because what you’re describing still sounds like pretty standard misogyny and homophobia

No. 1580969

NTA. Why are you so hung up on trying to pretend it doesn't exist? It's aimed specifically at bisexuals, so it is biphobia. There are "lesbians" who are biphobic. Touch grass.

No. 1580972

I don’t feel bad for drug addicts because they are idiots. Everyone told you meth was addictive and life ruining and yet you still tried it anyway and now you want free shit and sympathy because it’s no longer fun? Fuck you.

No. 1580983

I hate drug addicts so much, they ruin the lives of everyone they're involved with by lying, stealing, whatever they need to do for their drugs. Nothing is worse than losing a loved one to a drug addiction and realizing the person you loved is gone and nothing will help them unless they reach rock bottom and try to recover for themselves or die. They only get sympathy and aid because they're so pathetic and people not experienced with addicts think they can "fix" them

No. 1580990

>implying rape would be punishment for a male although all men admit wishing they were the victimized whenever there's a female on male rape on news.

No. 1581007

>whenever there's a female on male rape

No. 1581008

Men and boys can be brutally raped. I was watching this crime story about this 9 year old kid who got raped by his own father and bled to death. You think he enjoyed that?kek Not all sexual assault is straight.

No. 1581011

Anon, you're arguing with a troll or a nutjob, maybe both, give up.

No. 1581012

The argument here is that rape can’t be a punishment for men and it can be. I can think of numerous ways rape could be a punishment to men even if it’s preformed by a woman. To say that rape can’t be a punishment to men who commit sexual crimes is retarded.

No. 1581019

best punishment for a criminal moid is to cut his dick off, not give him further sexual gratification. dunno what god was on when he created men but he gave them a pleasure button right in the asshole

No. 1581021

Not all sexual assault is pleasurable. I watch a lot of true crime and for example there’s this case where this guy kept his Victim locked in a dark room with no water, food or light and just beat them everyday. I believe that exact same thing should happen to him and he should die the same way with no mercy.

No. 1581024

you think a filthy degenerate wont get off from that? i do agree he should be beaten, but i think its better to chop their genitals off

No. 1581026

Some degenerates get off on getting their dicks chopped off too but it’s rare. It’s rare when abusers can handle the same abuse that’s dished on to them. People kill their kids or abuse their partner about that doesn’t mean they’d want that same thing to happen to them. That’s why it’s the best punishment.

No. 1581028

Why not kill instead?

No. 1581029

This thread gets more shit with each iteration. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1581030

They should be killed afterward but still tortured. Death is easy and quick. They should die the same way as their victims.

No. 1581031

I wonder is it possible to remove their prostates too? Probably not, but it’s a nice thought to take it all away from them

No. 1581033

I was talking about female on male, retard. Anon was saying she wanted to rape men and she's not a man herself so they'd enjoy is. An adult woman raping a man isn't similar at all to an adult man raping a child.
I think rapist men should just be killed, that's the best punishment because then, there would be no future victims.

No. 1581039

So you’re going to claim the boys under the age of 15 who have been sexually assaulted by women enjoyed it?

No. 1581042

I specified adult, you pedophile. Stop bringing up little kids getting raped in hardcore detail. You need help.

No. 1581044

Male and female is not age specific. Males can be sexually assaulted by females.

No. 1581045

Nta but I've seen males bragging about fucking older women as children, so a lot of them enjoy it. I believe men enjoy things based on how sexually pleasuring they are, so dick feel good = good. They won't see it as immoral as long as their dicks feel good.

No. 1581050

I’ve met men like that and usually those men grow up to be criminals with bpd. I’ve never met a man who was in those type of situations with older women who grew up to be normal. They might not be able to recognize their trauma because they have been told their whole life that what happened to them is good.

No. 1581054

There's no point in arguing with these freaks nonnas. For some reason plenty of anons love to defend this shit and they'll continue to do so. While moids are worse than women could ever be and are a lot, really A LOT, more likely to commit crimes such as rape, murder and others, that doesn't mean evil women don't exist in this world and we're all saints. However, these anons prefer to live in their delulu lands. I don't particularly care about adult moids, but it sometimes does gross me out when they defend female pedos because I feel like kids should be protected regardless of their gender.

No. 1581059

Idg women who are broke but can still date men who have more money than them who help them with nothing. Being around a man like that would annoy me too much, I’d rather be single.

No. 1581068

I dont care if moids are more likely to be pedos, a pedo is a pedo. Doesn’t matter that the boy “enjoyed it”. Gross.

No. 1581096

You retard I said adult women raping men, men isn't a term used for kids. I didn't make the og post, I just said men enjoy being with any women so it wouldn't be punishment.
Why are you trying to get us totalk about adult women fucking little kids when no one brought it up? Are you a man with this fetish?

No. 1581106

>why are you trying to get us to talk about

No one’s getting you to talk about anything. This is a conversation you can’t have because you’re dumb and then if I was to clarify myself…you’re going to cry that I’m forcing your poor zoomer brain to think about fetishes and sex, even if that’s not what I’m trying to do. It’s going to go on and on in circles with you crying that I’m a scrote or taking what I’m saying out of context. So, I’m not going to respond to you anymore. Go fuck yourself.

No. 1581110

You're the one constantly brining bringing up pedo shit when everyone specified were talking about adult men. You got mad when I called you out, look at all these insults because we're not gonna enable you to sperg about your pedo fantasies. Go back to pedo twitter.
Pedophilia isn't a fetish, leave this site.(take a breather)

No. 1581117

Romania Chan no one wants to talk to your illiterate ass all day.(stop)

No. 1581127

Males should not be allowed to be OB/GYNs or help deliver babies.

No. 1581132

This should be a popular opinion.

No. 1581137

there's a tranny obgyn at the nearby hospital

No. 1581195

My male doctor was so uncaring and cold during my child’s delivery. Made a joke about giving me a husband stitch, got upset at me when I asked for more of my epidural because he was literally sewing me up.

Men should not be OBGYNs.

No. 1581233

My friend's dad is a gyno and he left his wife out of nowhere bc his life coach told him to
Yup, they've successfully memed addiction into a "disease", as if you can just catch it and it's not a result of bad decision making

No. 1581238

I know this is a late reply, but I hate kids if they're in public spaces, or at least boys only. I was on the plane a few weeks ago and a boy kicked my seat constantly, but only stopped when the mom was with him, the moment the mom switched out with the dad, he began kicking it once again. I heard him say he was a "triggered woman" in front of his dad (I am assuming his dad shown him karen videos before). It was constant, 5-6 hours. I like girls, they are much more peaceful and more fun, I used to teach kids, and all my favorites were girls.

No. 1581244

I don't even think moids should be in female dominated jobs period. I don't think they should even be able to have female patients OR clients, lol.

No. 1581249

>Made a joke about giving me a husband stitch

No. 1581260

I used to think that it wasn't a big deal for men to be gynos, but nowadays I'm just like..why even be one if you don't have to necessary parts? Like, everyone has a heart so everyone can be a cardiologist. Everyone has feet so everyone can be a podiatrist. But if you don't have a female reproductive system then you can't really get us even if you study female anatomy for a decade. I've never been to a male gyno but nowadays I'm especially vigilant with making sure my guns are women of my race.

No. 1581261

Oops, my American slipped out.

No. 1581265

My mother swam in a river one day and came back with an infection in her vagina. this was during COVID paranoia so she had to have a tele healthcare appointment with one and it turned out to be male. she was explaining her symptoms and wanted to get a medication to clear up the infection, and the scrote asked her, no joke, "did you forget and leave a tampon in?"
despite clarifying numerous times that not only does she NOT have one in her and that her cervix is really low that one could definitely not "get lost" in there and cause the issue, he told her numerous times it's probably a tampon stuck in there and eventually hung up on her. absolutely insane.

No. 1581304

A lot of people who brigade against skin care are honestly insane and no better than people who consume skin care a lot of the times. Aside from the people who comment on the consumerist aspect which is valid, i hate how the aforementioned group of people insist that the alternative is to smear half a lemon on your face with a teaspoon of salt and coconut oil. All of that shit ends up more expensive than a simple skin routine. Funnily enough, i do believe people who brag about their 100% natural skincare routine are lying and they just normal skincare like everyone else, but they just want to gaslight other women for having skin issues and are sitting pretty ready for a moid to praise them for not being vapid and fake like other women.

No. 1581310

Skin care is pointless. Most good skin is genetic or from products you can’t get over the counter.

No. 1581311

For real. Bisexual women are living their best lives, dating whoever they want, however they choose. Meanwhile lesbians are constantly seething about bi women as if they live rent free in their heads and then complain about how lonely they are with no gf. It's pathetic, really.

No. 1581314

I'm not even a lesbian and I think like this about bisexual women kek

No. 1581315

A popular opinion here but sadly unpopular everywhere else. If a woman is "abusing" a man most of the time it's because the man was abusive first and the woman is just rebelling against his abuse by acting out. A toxic relationship all around.

No. 1581316

Way to disprove the original post that biphobia isn't real

No. 1581317

And if i listened to retards like you i would permanently be covered in acne scars and closed comedones. I understand skin is genetic, but i will fight it no matter what. It's like telling somebody with a genetic illness they shouldn't bother getting treatment because they should have been born healthy.

No. 1581318

I'm bi myself lol, just a febfem. Dicks are dirty, also no logical reason for fucking our oppresors.

No. 1581324

Don't forget diet. My skin was shit, once I cut off carbs (by which I don't mean just sweets, but every kind of bread, pasta, milk etc.) it got super clean. I literally have no skin routine, I just wash my face with water every morning and evening, sometimes use rosemary water, and that's it. No serums, moisturizers, oils face washes etc. The only shit I get is one or two pimples shortly before my period is about to start, then they disappear.

No. 1581326

>carbs (by which I don't mean just sweets, but every kind of bread, pasta, milk etc.)
So wtf do you eat

No. 1581327

No I don't agree, biphobia and homophobia are distinct. You can be discriminated against for being bisexual regardless of who you are with, however I don't believe you can experience homophobia if you're het partnered. You fail to realize that bisexual women face the highest rates of abuse. I'm not looking to change anybody's minds but until you've been victimized or had your body violated for your sexuality then you wouldn't understand it. Doesn't that sound familiar ?

No. 1581332

I was on keto for some time, I got my carbs from low carb fruits like all kinds of berries. Now I started to include some grains like buckwheat, but only small amounts. My diet is mostly healthy fats and proteins.
Also, keto often includes foods that are rich in collagen, like bone brotch, and it's good for your skin

No. 1581335

There's no systemic oppression of bisexuals because they're bisexual. If they face abuse from men it's because they're women, it's sex based oppression, not sexuality based oppression. Lesbians are oppressed on both the basis of being women and being homosexual. End of story.

No. 1581339

Oh so now you want to change it to a discussion about systemic oppression? Biphobia is discrimination on the basis of being bisexual. It hurts you so much to acknowledge something that will likely never effect you personally? Feel better soon.

No. 1581341

I said I'm bisexual. I only got bad treatment when I displayed my attraction to women. The homosexual part is what bothers people, not the heterosexual part lol

No. 1581343

Bisexual aren't real

No. 1581344

I'm pretty sure believing that gay people are more likely to have a lot of sexual partners or that lesbians are more likely to fight or whatever would be considered homophobia/lesbophobia, so similar beliefs like bisexuals lie about their orientation or cheat can be considered biphobia. Yes 'phobia' is too strong, it often is but it's just what people use all the time nowadays to refer to any kind of prejudice or stereotype.

No. 1581345

This is a retard take. Lesbians don't oppress bisexuals on a systemic scale (in case that's the tumblr strawman you're arguing against) but bisexuals have unique stereotypes and issues from straight people.

No. 1581347

Ryan Goslings ookie spookie album was fun and it had good songs on it. I will get clowned for liking it forever but IDC it was cute.

No. 1581350

I'm sure a lot of them aren't maliciously intentioned but yeah I'm tired of people with very good skin due to genetics telling others what to do (unless they have some kind of qualification). Like of course any random organic moisturizer + spraying water on your face is going to give you a ~glassy/milky~ skin if you have zero skin issues. If you do have skin issues and concerns, you're not going to fix them by making a mask with the leftovers in your fridge.

No. 1581356

File: 1684463636428.jpg (55.72 KB, 700x700, 10539156_716908648381266_18370…)

No. 1581369

i wish that were true i hate being one

No. 1581382

No. 1581426

I bet the stuff that cleared your acne wasnt some 6 step routine you probably went to a doctor and got something you can’t get over the counter

No. 1581461

The idea that "you have to be X to portray X" in movies, voice acting etc is frankly stupid. It's ACTING, no one is claiming it's an accurate portrayal of reality. I'm not watching a hardcore documentary.

You know the same people do not give a shit if a Korean character is played by a Japanese actor either, because they're both Asian so that's totally the same thing.

I'm saying this as a certified autist fed up with people being horrified that a non-autist would ever portray an autist in a movie. Why would I give a shit? It's usually the better option. The only argument i hear is
>they can never portray it as accurately as a real X (autist in this case) could
Ok so? And is that even true? I mean think about it, if the script is dependent on the autist doing autist things and being bothered by X because of autism, then that means you are pushing the autistic actor to face all of those hardships for REAL. That's fucking cruel. You want the character to have a meltdown? Well then you better trigger a real meltdown in the autistic actor! Because if you don't it will be fake and acted, which isn't authentic enough for these woke people. You obviously can't use a stunt-double either because then you're back at square one with a non-autists acting out an autistic meltdown, which is ableist and bigoted!

It's all stupid. Just let actors act.

No. 1581462

some people genuinely look better overweight, and i know that most (young) people only loose weight for looks and not health, so in that regard it's just not for everyone. i'm not at all saying everyone looks better fat but there are definitely some people that just don't suit a slim face whatsoever and look way uglier and awkward

No. 1581484

Agreed. I don't even like the show, but Jenny Slate (a jewish actress from SNL and marcell the shell) did the voice of a nerdy half-jewish, half-black main character in Big Mouth who struggles with her identity. After season 3, she was 'let go' from the cast because they decided it "wasn't right" for a 'black' character to be voiced by a white actress. Meanwhile Nick Kroll and John Mulaney and crew can make all the dumb sexist and racist jokes they want

No. 1581496

Cleopatra wasn't black. The advertise this show with actors saying shit like "MY GRANDMA TOLD ME CLEOPATRA WAS MUH BLACK". Blatant lies

No. 1581532

The only time I got annoyed with a casting choice was with a jewish woman playing the nazi superhero in The Boys. She has the most stereotypical ashkenazi looking face and I just couldn't see her as a nazi kek.

No. 1581539

omfg sage but that was the point, she was experimented on by nazis and fell in love with the one that experimented on her, which is why they cast a jew!!

No. 1581550

This one is easy to agree with. No one body type looks good with all features and skeletons.

No. 1581552

it really depends on the character and the actor. There are sometimes where I think casting X actor as Y character is necessary and the least tasteless solution. But there are cases where I think people are taking it too far. Apparently some people think straight actors shouldn't play gay characters which is just ridiculous and I'm saying that as a lesbian. Actors aren't suppose to be attracted to their co-workers anyway and making a "only gay actors can play gay character" rule means that gay actors are forced to come out against their will and they will be excluded from auditioning for roles that are straight

No. 1581553

You know what I absolutely hate though? When they make no effort to cast actors to look alike when the characters are supposed to be related. It ends up being racist because they slap three random people of the same race together and call them a family. The other day I was watching a Netflix show and the dad was Japanese, the mom was Han Chinese, and the daughter was Burmese. They looked nothing alike. Oh, and in the show they were supposedly all Chinese.

I miss Missy's original voice. The new actress just doesn't have the stretch to do her right.

No. 1581561

I will not clown on you anon, I love that album.

No. 1581566

CHA CHA CHA is the best song in the past several years

No. 1581567

Agreed so much. I don't know if Florence Pugh ever had a panic attack or panic disorder and ptsd but she portrayed in perfectly in Midsommar and that's all I care for. It does not matter if done correctly. And people do not need to physically look like the characters to relate to them. There is not a single actor I can think of that looks like me and yet I relate to a character experiences no matter. Only historical figures should look as close as possible, unless the intent is a parody, or satire. They also should not change already established characters, just create new ones.

No. 1581568

Yeah people shouldn't necessarily recommend anything because we all have different skin types and other factors. You can say something is safe and effective even for sensitive skin and you can try it out but it is no guarantee. The ten step skincare routine stresses my skin out, I never use toner because the alcohol, I use very specific facewash or nothing at all, I exfoliate once a week, I only use one moisturizer at a time, and my skin is lovely. I know what works for it.

No. 1581581

NTA but I also have acne issues that cleared up with stuff I could buy over the counter. My mom was one of those crunchies that believes in using lemon juice and tooth paste to clear skin up. I wish I ignored her earlier and just went online and researched myself because my skin is clearing up faster in a year with a simple skincare routine than it ever did before with the DIY/ "don't eat sugar!!!" Method. Even though I do limit sweets and carbs for general health anyways.

The only time I care is when the character is supposed to be from x country but the actor clearly isn't, or things like that. it takes away from the suspense and belief if the character is written as a Jamaican but they sound like a British person doing a bad accent, for example.

No. 1581587

agreed. Wasted so much money on trying to clear my acne which didn't help. Then I talked to my doctor who told me my skin was unusually bad and told me to get a certain product at the pharmacy and if that didn't help she would get me in touch with a specialised skin doctor. Luckily the pharmacy product helped and cleared my skin. A lot of skin-care advice is hearsay anyway. Where people will say "x is really good for your skin!!"and back it up with sponsored articles instead of studies done by dermatologists

No. 1581699

File: 1684513314674.png (680.12 KB, 1198x630, 1684020691462.png)

2023 flounder >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1989 flounder. OG flounder is very ugly and not adorable at all, modern flounder looks like a fish and is cute-(f)ish.

No. 1581702

tbh i loved the little mermaid as a kid and was a huge animal(including fish) but i never cared much for flounder. he just felt a bit too pandering to the cute animal mascot market

No. 1581704

I would not eat 1989 flounder but I'd eat 2023 flounder, fried, with a side of french fries and vinaigrette.

No. 1581709

File: 1684514197760.jpg (109.74 KB, 692x825, 1671717253320.jpg)

Cranky because you allowed an inferior man's genetics to propagate through you, aren't you?

No. 1581713

>insert bait here, please, engage with my bait, I'm very lonely

No. 1581717

File: 1684514837759.jpeg (174.21 KB, 610x897, FwYeoDlaAAEwfTS.jpeg)

No. 1581751

File: 1684518602170.png (1.34 MB, 1032x951, tropical-fish-yellow-blue-fish…)

They could've made it look like a fish without looking so ugly though. But these movies shouldn't bother with "realism" in the first place.

No. 1581895

I'm a radfem but TRAs are 100% right when they say that most radfems are deeply traumatized women who assumes that every woman is just as traumatized as them and project their trauma onto others. Growing up with misogyny and in a society that thinks you are inferior is traumatizing but I often see radfems describe the most horrifying experience and then assume that it's the norm. Radfems will make fun of gendies for wanting to be revolutionaries but can't even make phone calls, but then the same redeems will talk about how they can't even be around 6 year old boys without fearing their lives

No. 1581903

kek as a radfem I definitely agree, I am very aware that I'm projecting my trauma on to other women when I assume they share the same views. Personal trauma aside, I feel like there are enough hints in the media and in society to make any woman turn radfem, if they're able to purely process it all that is. Working with kids has helped me with my fear of 6 y/o boys, they honestly don't turn horrible on average until like 11-12 y/o

No. 1581905

There are a lot of different-but-the-same issues and behaviors between the two groups, especially among women (disregarding the males)

No. 1581916

But is that a bad thing? Honestly it sounds weird to use the actual trauma of a person as a bad point in their logic and statements.
Like imagine telling a rape victim that she shouldn’t advocate against rapists because she got raped and therefore she will get too emotional about the subject, making her react or express ideas against rapists that could be harmful to the rapists in the world.
All movements like feminism comes or more like, tends to be supported by feelings based on unique experiences, there’s no such a thing as something based entirely on calculations determining threats or benefits for a community.
Like, it’s actual trauma. Not something like “I got told once that a shitty dude said something shitty like -go to heck!- and now I want to support a whole movement against shitty dudes like those” which is why stuff like racism, hate towards religious or lgb groups is retarded.

No. 1581917

Besides the trans pandering I do not think the idubbz video was bad or good. I'm loving watching both sides flip out, keeping it honest it seemed 95% genuine now that I've actually watched it. The whole situation taught me how much people expect people to stay the same and die on their crosses. He can criticize his past behavior qnd completely remove himself from it. He's weak and retarded, but regardless of his reasoning it's best he does move on. When I look at people who are so deeply into their beliefs qnd doubling down, they all seem so miserable. I mean public figures on both end.
Null,Nick Fuentes, Destiny, Vaush,Hassan. I cannot be convinced these people live productive fulfilling lives when they get off camera. They all seem deeply unhappy and terminally online. So does Idubbz but of he goes the way of pewdiepie and stop trying to get validation or caring he'd be happy. He is very insecure and you can tell he stands for nothing.
People have to much attachment to these retards content
I don't care if you loved idubbz as a kid/teen and now since he's criticizing hos actions and videos, you think its wrong. Who cares?
Scrotes needs to go build something before crying about their e daddies changing their views. At least when some female youtubers suck Troon dick, they go all in and that shit effects women. Idubbz not doing content cop or saying niggerfaggot does nothing for anyone.

No. 1581926

This is a weird take because we have stats proving that a large amount of women get assaulted and if you switch to sexual harassment without using those words the numbers go up to nearly 100%, before even becoming an adult. And that’s just run of the mill sexual assault/harassment not everything else we deal with

No. 1581927

> it’s actual trauma
Yeah, and it needs to be treated, not externalized into a cultish movement that helps nobody.

No. 1581929

okay but the fact that there is a sizeable minority of women who have all experienced extreme violence at the hands of males is enough to make it not just projecting your personal issues. you could say this about any class based struggle. "oh poor people are just projecting their negative experiences with not being able to afford rent onto everyone else!" yeah no shit. 1/6 women will be raped or will escape attempted rape in america, an extremely safe and progressive 1st world country. and that's 1 form of misogynistic violence out of hundreds. it's not projection, it's class consciousness.

No. 1581933

yes women go to a male psychiatrist who will tell you not all men and that you're paranoid for being afraid of the single biggest danger to your safety. don't notice that men have hurt all women in the exact same ways throughout all of history. don't ask yourself who benefits from you ignoring this. turn off your pattern recognition and pretend this is normal. go have a baby or something. this will heal your trauma.

No. 1581937

There's a wild gulf between seeing a pattern, and psychotically obsessing over it to the point of letting it define every second of your life.

>psychiatrist who will tell you not all men and that you're paranoid for being afraid of the single biggest danger to your safety

I can see that you're a lost cause, enjoy rotting in your blackpill miasma.

No. 1581943

you're assuming a lot about me, none of which is true. but if it helps you justify your inconsistent beliefs hey, be my guest. i date men and i have male friends. i just also don't think women noticing that like 30% of women have the exact same violent experiences with men means we're all just projecting. namaste retard.

No. 1581946

Huh you are not a radfem that is the most libshit opinion I’ve ever heard kek

No. 1581948

I'm not denying that there is a huge percent of women who have been rape. What I mean is that I can't even mention my dad in front of radfems without them assuming that he spend my whole childhood telling me I shouldn't have been born, or I can't mention male cousins without them assuming they spend every family gathering beating me up. Yes, this happens to alot of women but I get so uncomfrtable that I can't talk about childhood with a radfem without her immediately starting to psychoanalysing everything and making assumptions. I'm not referring to discussions of childhood from a feminist point of view, just casual conversations.
Also this is the reason radical feminist struggle with getting normie women into the movement is that they tell normie women the most doomer shit which scares them. There are obvious factors why radical feminism is unpopular like society just hates women and brainwashes us to hate feminism but the doomer mentality is definitely not helping in making it appealing

No. 1581950

I taught young boys (and young girls). Boys are absolutely getting worse. Two of them smacked my ass and I reported it. They were 1st graders. Young boys are not to be feared of, it's fathers who are shitty men who are teaching their sons and normalizing said behaviors. Your point is abundant when it comes to the fact that most women have dealt with men in such cases, they are not stupid, they recognize that yes, women have to work harder in order to even have the same status as them. Porn and fathers are absolutely creating more deranged boys, and more cases are arising of boys raping their classmates. I graduated highschool just a year ago, and I can tell you that boys have gotten much worse. There is media that is popularized of male figures spreading such ideology against women, with figures like Andrew Tate, you can be willfully obtuse as much as you want, but the hatred against women has ramped up. It is unrealistic to expect women to be separatists with men, but it's also absurd to act as if most women are not aware of their position, or about such beauty standards, that is embedded onto them. Teenage girls are rising in suicide and eating disorders, as well as grooming, there has been multitudes of studies proving that women, emotionally, have been getting worse due to the treatment they get, etc.. I think this is a very disingenuous take, and either you are extremely sheltered, or don't actually have any close female friends (including normies). I am not saying most women are depressed, but I am saying that as someone who's had multiple female friends in highschool (and still converse with them), it has affected a lot of them, I have even had female cousins my age who felt the same way I did.

No. 1581953

tbh that is weird, i would stop talking to someone if they treated me like that. i've never had that experience personally. the worst i've ever experienced would be lesbian radfems being dismissive or rude if i talk about any interest in men and frankly, i just stopped talking to people who treated me like that, because i think friends should care about your relationships regardless of their own sexuality.

No. 1581960

Have you looked at actual crime stats in the real world, as opposed to outside of social media echo chambers? It's true that men are responsible for the overwhelming majority of violent and sex crime, but the incidence of things like rape and murder is very small and the number of perpetrators is even smaller (in civilized countries). It doesn't make sense to be dead scared of all men if you live in a place where 1 in 1000 is a rapist and even less are murderers, especially when you can sus out the scumbags 99.9% of the time based on looks and obvious behavioural red flags. The reason most women don't sign on with you isn't that they're ignorant, but that you have an extreme cognitive bias, which is what I think the OP here >>1581895 was commenting on too.

No. 1581966

>only 1 in 1000 men are rapists
Fucking KEK talk about not living in reality

No. 1581967

What is the fucking point of writing down this laundry list of problems without actual solutions? It's like you guys get off on this shit

No. 1581969

>especially when you can sus out the scumbags 99.9% of the time based on looks
NTA but do you genuinely think normie looking men never rape or commit other crimes? How do you think some of these men get away with it or go unnoticed for years

No. 1581975

hat could possibly be the solution to such a large scale problem? And I agree with the message you quoted, am from a developing country and most women I meet have been fucked to hell by society just due to the fact that they are women, young girls are extremely affected by it, what the fuck can lil old me do in the face of society itself?

No. 1581976

hat could possibly be the solution to such a large scale problem? And I agree with the message you quoted, am from a developing country and most women I meet have been fucked to hell by society just due to the fact that they are women, young girls are extremely affected by it, what the fuck can lil old me do in the face of society itself?

No. 1581977

hat could possibly be the solution to such a large scale problem? And I agree with the message you quoted, am from a developing country and most women I meet have been fucked to hell by society just due to the fact that they are women, young girls are extremely affected by it, what the fuck can lil old me do in the face of society itself?

No. 1581982

nta but I was talking to a married straight friend about this stuff and mentioned how taking the condom off without the woman's permission is rape and so is someone "having a go" when you're asleep or passed out and she clearly started saying that can't be rape because husband's name and she just kinda tapered off. Most normies do not seem to even wanna think about what their men have done or are doing because that hurts.

No. 1581984

A lot of people are convinced they're mentally ill and depressed when actually they're just physically unhealthy people who don't eat well and don't get exercise or go outside or clean their house like of course they feel like shit all the time when they're living like shit.

No. 1581997

Agreed as someone who has been in this exact position for most of my life until recently. And the over-reliance on therapy drives me crazy, no pun intended. People are so quick to suggest seeking therapy or counselling when most of the time it's because like you said, they don't take care of themselves or alternatively, they actively make shitty decisions that deep down they know will not benefit them and will be bad for them. Unfortunately it's way easier to blame muh society or muh mental helf instead of holding yourself accountable, cleaning the kitchen and going for a walk or heading to the gym.

Humans naturally need a routine, rules and discipline or else our lives fall to shit. I think a lot of people don't realise this at first because we are told we can just eat whatever we want, be lazy shits and do nothing because to suggest being disciplined or accountable is considered as "shaming" nowadays. Probably sound like an oldfag saying that but I know too many people who fit that example and they are mentally unstable because of it.

No. 1581998

I donate to organizations and have helped friends and peers of mine get out of BDSM when they were underaged and abusive relationships. I have also helped with letting young girls what to be aware of abuse and grooming I have had foster siblings in such cases and have family who works in this field. I wanted to join clubs against sex trafficking. I don't want to hear it. "Get off on this shit" for what? Realizing that it affected most of my peers? You know in a lot of highschools now, there's at least one case revenge porn of girls who are underaged there? You know that teachers are the second perpetrators after intimate family of offending kids? There's so many of these girls who date older men, it's normalized. Even with teenage pregnancy, 40% of teen girls (15-17) baby daddies are older than 5 years, according to statistics. It gets even higher when the girls are younger. It isn't my fault that you are sheltered and have no realization, nor have you had any female friends who you were actually close with. I go out of my way for all my female peers, even if I disagree with them, because I want them to know they have someone to go to.

No. 1582002

>do you genuinely think normie looking men never rape or commit other crimes
No, but if you stay away from Muslims and Africans that 1 in 1000 numbers goes to 1 in 5000+.

I think it's important to know what the actual risk of things occurring is, because I think only true truth can be the foundation of a calm life. I mean every time someone breaks up with a shit boyfriend you people blackpilled radferms foaming at the mount how he will annihilate her and her family and her children and pets when those cases are extreme one in a million outliers and the decision of staying increases the real, current harm massively.

Many people in abusive relationships desperately try to look for reason to not break up and this kind of nonsense is exactly what they latch on to. You can dress it up in Christian terms or Muslim terms if you like, both condition women to act in retarded ways, and if you call these ways retarded it's not men, but women who jump at your throat. Women need to policy each other to not act retarded and to not hugbox each other when bad decisions are being made. Take responsibility for your life and act for yourself. And by for yourself I DO NOT MEAN against other people, I mean "let the better person win and follow her lead" instead of crabs in a bucket "she didn't do her make up, what a dumb bitch and have you seen her shitty old t-shirt? I bet she think's she's better than us, let's teach her a lesson by refusing to do our work until she gets fired by her supervisor".(racebaiting)

No. 1582006

Imo calling every single thing that is associated with sexual intercourse "rape" made it so hardly anyone believe rape victims anymore because they assume it's some dumb shit that isn't actually rape like grabbing someone's ass or ogling her from across the room. I'm not saying that behaviour is fine, but it certainly isn't rape and these people know that exactly, which is why they use a word that has a strong meaning to make people care more, but they're too stupid or immoral to understand that using words like that deprives them of their meaning so the actual result is that the world becomes meaningless and people just skim over it.
It's like that tiktok/twitter tread of calling everyone under 25 a "minor", which has effectively all interest in tiktok predators because of them are just random people accused of bullshit by retards out for clout, like calling their ex a pedophile because he was 22 when he started to date her when she was 20.

No. 1582007

While I agree with you with Africans and Muslims, I also think there's a huge overlap with European men as well, as sex trafficking and Johns have risen there. I had a trauma therapist who worked with these cases, specifically revolved around both sex trafficking and whatnot, and she confirmed it to me that these countries have one of the highest distributors of cp, as well as going to specific countries of buying underaged girls and women in general. ProCon revealed "The percentage of men who had paid for sex at least once in their lives between 1994 and 2010. It found the highest rates were located in Cambodia, where 59–80% of men had paid for sex at least once. Thailand was a close second with an estimated 75% of men, followed by Italy at 16.7–45%, Spain at 27–39%, Japan at 37%, the Netherlands at 13.5–21.6%, and the United States 15.0–20.0%." https://prostitution.procon.org/percentage-of-men-by-country-who-paid-for-sex-at-least-once-the-johns-chart/ I would also like to add that Europe has very low AOC in general. I do believe we need more scrutiny in the behaviors of men in general, and how to be aware of such signs in men.

No. 1582012

File: 1684536456448.jpg (3.98 KB, 250x190, 1683162957359891.jpg)

Umm Becky, every single day in America 4 women die at the hands of their male partner or ex partner …

No. 1582014

ntayrt but she's not talking about ass grabbing or ogling. fucking someone while they're asleep is actually rape by definition, there's no consent.

No. 1582018

Right? This "radfem" doesn't even take in the fact that most victims don't even report their rapists, lmfao. Most rapists who get prosecuted don't even get arrested.

No. 1582020

samefag and it's not like people took rape victims seriously in the past either. there's no "anymore" since people already disbelieved them.

No. 1582026

>you can sus out the scumbags 99.9% of the time based on looks and obvious behavioural red flag
Most rape victims personally know their offender. It's not always a weird stranger offering you a drink. Women are most at risk of being killed by their romantic partner. Sleep well with that and stop gaslighing.

No. 1582027

I think AOC is less of an issue than people think it is. The relationships I experienced were virtually all 16 yr old high school girls dating 18-20 year old guys who had their own car and were cool, grown up adults. There was one massive deadbeat loser who was 28 dating a 14 year old with moderate mental health issues, but her family was completely neglectful and nobody took take care of her. In cases like that the parents could already open a case, but they don't because those kinds of families where that shit happens don't care about the laws. Same with 11 yr olds being sexually active with their 16-18 year old boyfriend. That doesn't happen in healthy social settings and is just about impossible to do anything about it or locking the child up in the foster system which has gotten better but is still bad enough that my mom threatened all my childhood if I didn't stop crying they would drop me in one.

Helping children is pretty complex and making normal relationships illegal isn't the way I think. The main cause is, as always, horrendous parenting.

My issue with that is legal prostitution doesn't fall under rape either, or at least it shouldn't if your aim is to understand the situation rather than run a campaign on pure emotion. Some percentages of sex workers are trafficked, but it's not obvious who, and they're being visited by a small population of repeat offenders.
I'm against sex work and porn in general outside of amateur stuff I guess, but many of these women who get into the industry here do it out of mental illness and/or greed.
I have no sympathy for women who live in a welfare state and decide to whore themselves because working a cashier is below them, especially if they make tens or even hundreds of thousands a month (back to pretty privilege, eh?). These aren't innocent victims of the system, they are agents of it. I can't be bother with sex work advocacy because I can't tell apart who is who because some of them will whore for 30 years with great glee and then once their income falls it's suddenly the worst thing in the world and was imposed on them all along and it's such an injustice and they need my money for their projects that pays them consulting fees and tells young women that sex work is the best thing ever for some people but not for all (can't support fellow sex workers under the bus, after all they sell the fantasy of being into it).

No. 1582029

That's because it's most likely some brainwashed libfem or tradthot trying to convert people "gently".

No. 1582033

1.) I have already posted statistics above that disproved what you were talking about, specifically with teenage pregnancy. Your anecdotal evidence does not match up with the statistics I provided. Nice job deflecting my original point, though. I am sure your argument is in good faith when your first point was denying such things happening. News flash, 15 year olds dating 25 year olds isn't normal, nor is an 11 year old dating a 20 year old, which was what I specified, that the percentage of girls younger than 15 getting pregnant is even higher with men over 20. Do you lack reading comprehension? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9099568/

2.) You are entirely wrong. I say this as someone who researched years onto this and have even talked to women who were sexually trafficked. Maybe your years on this site has caused you to view sex workers in a monolith, as you seem to equate online sex workers with actual prostitutes, but it is proven that with the higher fold in prostitution being legal, sex trafficking arises. Most prostitutes don't want to stay in the system, and most are coerced into it as children.

"The AVERAGE age a child is first exploited through prostitution is 13 years old. This shocking number is not a coincidence or evidence that today's youth are more delinquent than the generations before them.Mar 11, 2011"https://sharedhope.org/2011/03/11/why-so-young-why-the-average-age-a-child-is-first-exploited-through-prostitution-is-13/

"In general, the literature indicates that most prostitutes entered the sex trade before the age of 18, many before the age of 16. Second, researchers have also used different ages to define a youth prostitute." https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/cj-jp/yj-jj/rr01_13/p1.html

"On average, 92 percent stated that they wanted to leave prostitution. We investigated effects of race, and whether the person was prostituted on the street or in a brothel. Despite limitations of sample selection, these findings suggest that the harm of prostitution is not culture-bound."

No. 1582034

>is just about impossible to do anything about it
how about we just kill the pedos and anyone who thinks that shit is "normal"

No. 1582036

>Some percentages of sex workers are trafficked, but it's not obvious who, and they're being visited by a small population of repeat offenders.
NTA but this is such a cope. Are you an Aella follower? Golly gee, there's just no way to know how many of those poor, starving women and children from poor countries are real trafficking victims! And as for their johns? No worries, it's just a small populaion. Total coincidence that it's a massive fucking problem all over the world (and that it's a known problem for men from rich countries to travel just to do this in poorer, laxer countries). They must all just have clones. For the love of god, stop being so ridiculous.

No. 1582037

One more thing, I forgot to add: https://www.unodc.org/documents/publications/TiP_Europe_EN_LORES.pdf
This is for europe specifically. I think it's ironic you deliberately ignored that I brought up that Europe is one of the highest cp distributors.

>The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has just released its 2019 Annual Report. Unfortunately, the report shows some alarming trends:

>In 2019, almost 9 in 10 (89%) known URLs containing child sexual abuse material were hosted in Europe. This compares to 8 in 10 (79%) in 2018.
>This is followed by North America, which hosted 9% of all known child sexual abuse URLs in 2019, a fall from 18% in 2018.
The Netherlands hosts 71% of the child sexual abuse content found by the IWF. This equates to 93,962 URLs. This is an increase from 2018 when the Netherlands was found to be hosting 47% of all known child sexual abuse material.
The relative amount of Child Sexual Abuse Material that detected in the Netherlands has almost doubled, from 47% of the total that they detected globally in 2018, to 71% in 2019.
>This is due to a pervasive business model of “bulletproof hosting”, which takes advantage of the more permissive legal system and excellent technical infrastructure that The Netherlands provide.
I agree with you that Muslim and African men are in bad faith, but don't act as if other men are not. Your argument is already revolved around diminishing what happens to women, I reckon you would ignore what happens to European women due to you wanting to put your pedophile moids on a pedestal. What's next, you think men being attracted to teen girls are normal?

No. 1582039

Nonna, don't you understand? She needs to protect her innocent johns, that's why she's going on a spiel about how she and her johns are a small offending "minority". Reminds me of pakichan, albeit even pakichan didn't have this much lackluster reading comprehension, but maybe it is her, since pakichan was also a pedophile and defended pedophilia. Pakichan also didn't give a shit what happened to those women.

No. 1582041

File: 1684538972604.png (10.35 KB, 533x300, 2023-05-20_01-22-59.png)

>fucking someone while they're asleep is actually rape by definition
Not automatically in a relationship context. This black and white bullshit is why you will never get anywhere. You get your tiny circle who circlejerk bullshit all day and the people who vote in elections will not know you exist and if they do they will think you are lunatic.

I can't find a source for those numbers, the numbers I did find listed 1.4 women killed per year out of 100,000 in the US, which has a notoriously high homicide rate and those homicides and assaults are overwhelmingly committed by certain ethnic groups and even outside of that there's a small number of perpetrators with countless transgressions. So I think it is not something to overly worry about. Let alone make it the focus of someone's life. And every woman I met outside of here has agreed with that. The world is a rough place, but it's not that dangerous if you aren't an idiot about things. Domestic abuse studies consistently show that both partners abuse each other at about similar frequency. What to make of that but say "all people are potentially shit" and blanket statement are harmful because they impede our understanding of the world.

I was talking about my country which has full employment and relatively generous welfare for people who have a silver tongue, so the situation is very different from all those countries listed and guess what, retards still whore themselves. I care for the trafficked victims, but if you volunteer for this then I turn my back on you. I've never talked to a former prostitute who wasn't bitter with spiteful ideas to punish those that hurt them the least.

No. 1582043

>This is for europe specifically. I think it's ironic you deliberately ignored that I brought up that Europe is one of the highest cp distributors.
I'm convinced she was trying to quietly imply that the CP is "consensual" and "normal" by bringing in the AOC shit and straight-up pretending you didn't point this out.
This is often what happens when women date "Nigels" who are pedophiles. They swallow stupid takes and excuses, and then try to regurgitate them on other women. Even moreso when their "Nigels" are racist pedophiles, because then they notice they have an avenue to try and "hook" other women by acknowledging that misandrists are right, but only admit it about moids of other races. They always excuse, if not outright defend the exact same behaviors if it's the same race as their "Nigel", or say "Oh it's an unsolveable problem, that's how men are haha".

No. 1582045

>you think men being attracted to teen girls are normal
Obviously, what's off putting is their minds but I don't need to tell you that self control when it comes to sexual desire is is insufficiently developed in many men.

No. 1582047

>I'm convinced she was trying to quietly imply that the CP is "consensual" and "normal" by bringing in the AOC shit and straight-up pretending you didn't point this out.

I was never talking about CP at all, it's such a niche thing I don't see the point of bringing it up at all unless you want to circlejerk about how evil all men are or something.

No. 1582048

>Not automatically in a relationship context.
how does being in a relationship make it different?

No. 1582049

S(he) is backpedaling now. Mask is fully off with his posts, lmfao. No "radfem" would defend fucking someone while they're asleep or go as far as to defending said so attraction to minors. I guess we all know its some moid, the same tranny who's trying to instigate fights, or pakichan.

No. 1582051

I'm not backpaddling anything. Your insistency that anyone who doesn't believe dumb shit without evidence has to be a man is misogynistic tbh.

There's such a thing as implied consent. It obviously depends on the situation, but if you live with someone you don't ask permission for every minor thing.

No. 1582052

Sure, everything becomes "just a niche issue" and you were "just talking about your own country" when you can't find a way to reasonably defend it to those who don't just read takes from MRA subreddits and call it a day.

No. 1582054

am the og friend's husband anon and what the hell is wrong with you? what kind of a person wants to fuck someone who isn't even awake and aware? seriously, you sound unhinged.

No. 1582057

If you can't defend your position to someone who fundamentally agrees with you because you have no data to base your neurotic spergout on, then maybe you are actually wrong and should change your views to align with the evidence.

No. 1582058

Unless you're aro/ace you should understand sexual attraction.

No. 1582061

You've been given data, to which you've just sperged out and made excuses. That is what I'm mocking.
Go and acknowledge everything anon has kindly laid out for you here:
Until you demonstrate that you can acknowledge information that challenges your claims without trying to weasel out of it with pathetic claims like "n-niche issue"/"n-not my country", you're not going to convince anyone ITT.

No. 1582062

stop with that made up bullshit and put your feet back on the ground where reality is. having "sex" someone who is asleep is rape
>you can't ask permission for everything
you can and should

No. 1582063

You must be trolling right now. How is fucking someone in their sleep a minor thing. If my boyfriend did that just once I would never trust him again
For a while I dated a guy, and we were sleeping next to each other, thank god he never fucked me in my sleep, but he was waking me up in the middle of the night just because he wanted to touch me and he was horny and I was often tired in the morning. Fucking hated that. It's like he not only didn't respect the fact I was tired after work and I needed that sleep. It was also like I was just some piece of meat he could grab or dry hump whenever he wanted. Thank god I dumped him. But it's not like this particular experience made me sensitive about this topic. Even before I had any experience with moids, I was totally against fucking someone in their sleep. Like to me it's rape no matter what and I feel dumb for even explaining it on lolcow, but oh well…

No. 1582064

Nta, but not when the other person is asleep, that’s just weird, a paraphilia even.

No. 1582065

>Until you demonstrate that you can acknowledge information that challenges your claims without trying to weasel out of it with pathetic claims like "n-niche issue"/"n-not my country", you're not going to convince anyone ITT.

None of that is relevant to the topic of discussion, I can start to post links to random ass studies and demand you respond to them too if that's what you want.

No. 1582066

No normal person wants to fuck an unconscious person, and yes I am just a regular sexual person. give it up, nona you're doing the exact thing my friend was doing

No. 1582067

File: 1684540078551.png (26.28 KB, 1219x790, Screenshot (323).png)

Im looking at the statistics you provided. I do not think you know what you are talking about, and you deliberately taken shit out of context. I don't think you can read statistics, this is from the same site:
"Total number of women killed by intimate
partners or other family members
In 2020, approximately 47,000 women and girls were killed worldwide by their
intimate partners or other family members. This means that, on average, a
woman or girl is killed by someone in her own family every 11 minutes."

When it says per "100,000 female population" they mean the female population in general, not including the factors OF THE WOMEN who were in homicide, as in not including the cases of women who died in homicide. You are so fucking retarded, it is not even funny. "or example, if a cancer incidence rate is 500 per 100,000, it means that 500 new cases of cancer were diagnosed for every 100,000 people." Here is an example for you because you don't fucking know how to read statistics.

No. 1582068

If the person did not consent to you using their body for sexual pleasure, that's the end of it. Sleeping does not imply consent. You sound like the kind of person who responds "It's complicated" to "Do you believe marital rape exists?", except you don't even need the marriage clause. This is really some rock bottom shit.

No. 1582069

Why are any one of you entertaining this psycho arguing that raping someone while they're asleep isn't necessarily bad? Just ignore the retard and report

No. 1582070

There is no such thing as legal prostitution that’s it ok I’m out, you are too retarded I call moid

No. 1582072

I know several woman who asked their boyfriend to have sex with them after they knocked themselves out with benzos, it's definitely a thing. Anyway I was thinking about initiating contact with a sleeping partner which I think would be annoying but a far cry from "rape".

Go back two writing articles on femcel wiki with your bullshit.

No. 1582073

File: 1684540199838.png (26.47 KB, 622x622, ce6.png)

>defends pedophilia and rape
>"ackshually ur the real misogynist!"
Pack it up everyone.

No. 1582075

>being functionally illiterate
As expected of "radfems".

No. 1582076

Kek, more excuses to ignore evidence contradicting your world view of child exploitation not being that much of an issue because of your random anecdotal claims, innocent European men who did nuffin wrong, and how we can all just sus out rapists by "looks" 99% of the time.

No. 1582078

Literally what you just make shit up cp is an actual epidemic in US and Europe there are thousands of known cp downloaders per year that go ignored because prisons would be overrun

No. 1582079

Don't you have some poop berries from your nigel's butthole to eat…?

No. 1582080

and your anecdotal evidence is of people who aren't normal in the head nor average. so?

No. 1582081

File: 1684540360652.jpeg (88.55 KB, 828x1165, 1659675029169.jpeg)

I knew it. You can't even fucking disprove me because you can't read statistics. You're a moid, aren't you supposed to be able to read statistics? I provided the site you used, and provided the statistics you also didn't include, because you are genuinely so fucking retarded, that you don't even know what the graph you shown meant. Get out of here, useless moid, you can't even fucking read properly.

No. 1582082

>has her claims of "evidence" challenged logically
>calls the person a "femcel"
Lmao, fucking pathetic. There is no such thing as a "femcel wiki", by the way, but there is an incel wiki, which I'm sure you crawled out of. Is it some natural thing for men to project their behaviors on women? Do all pickmes pick that up from exposure?

No. 1582083

ell I just randomly brought out animal abuse out of nowhere, you are now obliged to write ten pages on why animal abuse is a bad thing because otherwise you endorse it and if you claim that has nothing to do with the population you clearly just love abusing animals.

No. 1582085

>challenged logically
Her entire argumentation was based on throwing random shit at the wall to see what sticks and my response was to call that out, to which she responded with more irrelevant shit I'm not going to waste my time with. If you find something I said disagreeable, or think it's wrong then go ahead, but I'm not going to pretend your arguments are worth a dam and didn't purely rely on dogpiling and name-calling when challenged on your ideas.

No. 1582086

>1 in 1000
The current rape statistics show that between 1/3 and 1/5 women will be raped in their lifetime. I've had a lot of female friends, and this has held true so I don't think it's been wildly overblown.
So you're claiming that the average rapist is raping like 200-500 women in his lifetime? There's no way that's true. Stop lying.

No. 1582087

This is why you never go full retard and blindly trust the claims of some man, anons. Doesn't matter how much you like him. Everything "unique-sounding" they tell you about abuse of women, prostitution, rape, etc must be taken with grain of salt and privately dissected in your own mind. If you don't, you start to sound like them. Not even reason like them, just sound, because as you can see with the "Umm sleeping in the same bed as me implies consent so it's not rape??? Btw sex trafficking and CP aren't really problems????" poster here, you're not actually using your own brain for anything, not even looking at statistical data. You're just taking their opinions at face value. And then you'll get unimaginably triggered when women who actually do think and reason for themselves naturally challenge you.

No. 1582089

">I can't find a source for those numbers, the numbers I did find listed 1.4 women killed per year out of 100,000 in the US, which has a notoriously high homicide rate and those homicides and assaults are overwhelmingly committed by certain ethnic groups and even outside of that there's a small number of perpetrators with countless transgressions."
>I tell you that you excluded statistics on the same site you used the graph from and prove you can't read statistics right
>you start deflecting and saying you won't argue back when your entire spiel from the beginning was how "emotional" my argument was, when every point I made against your original rebuttals were disproven by evidence that I provided, such as your claims that "low aoc is not something to worry about" and that "underaged girls dating older men were a minority"
>then go on personal spiels as to how your said so "exceptions" makeup most of the cases that I provided that disproved you
What argument do you have that isnt anecdotal or out of emotion? Didn't you originally tell me to not derive my arguments out of emotion? You seem quite emotional when your arguments are backed up with your own emotional experiences.

No. 1582090

>thinking this is a woman

No. 1582095

scrotal behaviour

No. 1582100

>I will purposely ignore everything that proves me wrong + shows I don't even read the statistical data I pull up, insist it's all irrelevant and instead complain about being insulted by multiple people (while insulting them)
This is not a smart tactic lol

No. 1582105

You can get your trauma treated and still advocate to help others that have gone through the same traumatic experience that you had gone through.
Do you really think trauma is like
>go to doctor
>doctor talks and/or gives pills
>cured! No more trauma, you’re clean of anything, now you have nothing to worry about!
It’s not like that. If anything, it makes you more aware of what’s going on, and makes you feel more in alert, like you can see the signs before something really bad happens and before someone gets seriously hurt. Which is why there’s ideologies like feminism.
And sure, some people take such messages or even warnings, by heart and start trying to analyze you. But what you have to do there is put some boundaries, because it’s not an issue with the ideology, it’s an issue with the person that has no sense of boundaries.

No. 1582112

Honestly this.
>swathes of women get traumatized by men
>they discuss their experiences, the role society played in it, ways to be safe, entire concepts to question/reject
>random anon: "Don't listen to them, they're traumatized!"
Even if I don't follow everything to the letter, I'd rather hear the warnings of women who have been through some of the worst shit than the lies and copes of libfems, pickmes, tradthots, etc and the sorts of men they cape for.

No. 1582114

Why the fuck do men really come on here and think they're going to get women to say oooh you know what, you're right. Being molested while unconscious is normal and in fact kind of based. Like oh my god kill yourself

No. 1582185

Yeah and I honestly find that kind of argument to be low-key misogynistic too. Even during my TRA days I always felt there was something misogynistic about dismissing a group of women's experiences just because they went through something very traumatic. You might as well call these women hysterical.

No. 1582209

Honestly I'm glad that lolcow isn't my only exposure to lesbians because if it was I'd definitely be whatever-phobic to them.

No. 1582222

Don't listen to women who've been continuously raped from cradle to nursing homes. Instead you should refer to men who've been accused of raping 14 different women for Objective Truth

No. 1582239

Lezcels here are awful yeah

No. 1582241

Why do we have to talk about rape all the time. Cant we just talk about our day

No. 1582292

I can't believe you guys entertained a racebaiting pedophile(aka white pedo male) for several hours while he went on about how it's based for age of consent to be low and how European men are totally not pedos(even though they consume and produce most cp and purchase most of the underage sex work).
Anons in this site really are room temperature iq.

No. 1582372

No one over 55 should be allowed in polictics. The ideal age is 25-55 imo.

No. 1582377

I actually see this opinion a lot online. I don’t get it, like you want some young, inexperienced asses running the world? Doesn’t make sense. I assume it has to do with Americans hating old people

No. 1582379

That would make sense if politics was just about "work experience". But the truth is, it is just as much about life experience, ideas and drive. I'm an eurofag.

No. 1582382

>life experience
So the older the better, right? I’ve just seen a lot of Americans say that Biden is too old to be president. I guess my unpopular opinion is that older and wiser is better lol

No. 1582383

Kinda, but I think old people have different life experiences than you, anon.

No. 1582384

People don’t like Biden for more reasons than just him being old

No. 1582391

File: 1684586361795.jpeg (151.44 KB, 1128x971, 1B09E43C-3B96-4BE5-A3FF-DA46BD…)

Because it doesn’t make sense to have a 90 year old who can barely remember the last time she took a shit in control of things. Plus younger people will be able to meet the needs of the current generation.

No. 1582393

I don't think it's hate for old people so much as it's hate for boomers who fully deserve it.

No. 1582399

I've seen literal 100 yo people who seem to be in a better mental state than Biden. But burger politics are to me pretty odd with their two party thing, because you end up with people with no real appeal running for shit like the presidency, feels like if one of the parties chose a literal piece of wood, people would just roll with it.

No. 1582414

Yeah, I think young people should also be in politics, just not exclusively. And I certainly don’t want a 25 y/o as the leader of the free world. But young people don’t run or vote, so who are these young people that are going to take the political world by storm? Mostly I just see a lot of bitching about old people with no action

No. 1582436

if you have the means to be vegan but aren't, you're an animal abuser

No. 1582437

Humans need protein

No. 1582439

i enjoy having muscles and healthy vitamin levels far too much to be vegan again. after years of being vegan, i finally managed to lose fat and put on muscle consistently after adding meat back into my diet. it's a scam to most and especially dangerous for women who are at risk of low iron levels and low muscle mass already.

No. 1582441

It's the way of nature to consume animals/animal products, just not on the mass scale we do it now.

No. 1582443

none of you are denying that you are animal abusers

No. 1582447

As a human, and most importantly American, it is my God given right to eat anything I deem tasty.

No. 1582448

> humans are omnivores
> vegans insist we be herbivores
> look at the famous list of vegans who died in their 50’s.
> women need more iron than men which is 20% meat based and 80% plant based
> lack of B12 cause nerve and brain damage. Veganism makes that more likely, and supplements don’t have great absorption rates
> women more likely to be guilted into “progressive social change” which is due to female socialization. Most vegans are women coincidence? Even now you’re hear using inflammatory language and bad faith arguments to reason your point on an imageboard for women.
> plants also feel pain. Do you feel bad about eating and killing them? Some types of plants even communicate with each other, is it okay to eat them?
> vegans use their shitty arguments to get away with being assholes to real people and virtual signal just like the handmaidens and trannies

No. 1582449

File: 1684594302983.png (17.22 KB, 400x225, goku-el-pollo-frito-kfc-L-q283…)

No. 1582450

Because your point is shit and doesn’t have any merit. Kek

No. 1582451

of course someone within the cult of veganism would consider anyone who isn't vegan as an instant abuser regardless of their personal circumstances - there are vast improvements that can and should be made to the way animals are consumed without suggesting that everyone resort to eating beans and risking health issues because of that. i left veganism because it negatively impacted my health no matter how "correctly" i performed that lifestyle, and i was that way for years. veganism can be especially detrimental to many women's health and no matter how you cry about it, it doesn't change reality.
i think some vegans should take a leaf from the TRA book of failures and learn that crying and stomping your feet about your feelings doesn't change shit. your feelings won't change the fact that meat and animal products provide important benefits to humans. we evolved to eat both - thus it's not even realistic or possible to suggest that we cut out an entire food group that we are literally meant to eat.

No. 1582452

I am denying I'm an animal abuser, let's reserve that term for actual animal abusers like people who force their dogs to compete in dog fights. Going by your logic a bird is an animal abuser for eating a worm because it could've technically eaten a seed.

No. 1582453

> plants also feel pain. Do you feel bad about eating and killing them? Some types of plants even communicate with each other, is it okay to eat them?
Love this argument because if you really care about plants and want to hurt them less, stop eating meat. You need 10kg of wheat to make 1kg of meat
I didn't say we were herbivores, i said you're animal abuser. None of your arguments denies that. If you're such a pround meat eater just admit you're an animal abuser

No. 1582454

I’ll admit I’m an animal abuser when you admit you’re a misogynist

No. 1582455

NTA but you're clearly not getting the point anon was making kek

No. 1582456

I don't have a problem with non-human animals eating each other, i don't even have a problem with humans eating animals. What bothers me is the meat industry and the torture animals go trough to end up in your plate and trust me it's far worse tha dog's fights
I just one of you to admit it, just say you're an animal abuser and i'll respect you for it

No. 1582457

File: 1684594861488.png (50.29 KB, 640x645, EOlA-73XUAs8BU7-753007040.png)

Okay, I am an animal abuser. I love meat! It helps me build muscles and have enough energy to be on my feet all day. I directly abuse the cow by eating its meat. All of my ancestors were animal abusers as well. Yours were likely also animal abusers! We are all animal abusers on this sad, sorry earth.

No. 1582458

Kek got em.

No. 1582460

please explain it to me

No. 1582461

Oh I do. They’re just being a dickhead. They aren’t arguing in good faith and there’s a reason they only focused on that reply.
They are blurring the lines and doing so as a guilt trip. They take away from the seriousness of real animal abuse and real intentional cruelty with their shitty arguments.

No. 1582462

Nta but this just makes you just sound dumb kek

No. 1582463

damn you almost got it right, why do you argue ? you do you justify yourself ?
If you guys think just buying meat doesn't mean killing it yourself you're ok with the porn industry because you're not directly assaulting women ?

No. 1582464

So if I kill my own cow I'm suddenly not an animal abuser? I'm not an animal abuser for being born in a position where I can't have my own meadow with my own cattle and slaughter my own cattle. You're attacking the wrong people anon.

No. 1582465

Kek, what? Because I eat meat I support the porn industry?

No. 1582466

watching unnecessary porn =/= eating necessary meat and you know it

No. 1582467

She knows it. She just knows none of the people in power who are men will care. So she’s here having a fit on a group of women. Trying to get us to malnourished. People like her are why I left veganism.

No. 1582468

you're responsible for eating meat when you could, at the very least, eat less

No. 1582469

Its not being an animal abuser but rather just contributing to industries built off of animal abuse, imo. I'm a recently ex vegetarian and I'm aware and honest about the fact that some of my eating choices are contributing to animal suffering. Idk why other people get so offended when you point it out to them but it is true.

No. 1582471

I have gone to the woods, hunted, and gutted my own meat which then lasts for months in the freezer after being prepared by a butcher. I also enjoy fishing. It is rewarding to go out and get food this way. The way things are now so many people are disconnected from the source of where our food that we consume every day comes from.

No. 1582473

Nowhere was that said though. Had all that text box space and didn’t actual voice that point. Kind of sounds like backpedaling on the vegans side now. Kek

No. 1582474

Not an unpopular opinion and related to the discussion above, but when you guys make every single thing about gender it just makes us all look retarded.

No. 1582475

most honest person here love you for that

No. 1582479

>i don't even have a problem with humans eating animals
the way you are sperging about le evil meat-eaters makes me think otherwise
the thing is none of what she said originally was about the meat industry - it was just "you are an animal abuser if you're not vegan" with no specification on what the means are. vegans use this tactic all the time and rely purely on emotions then start sperging when people aren't putting up with it

No. 1582480

Then refute the point instead of throwing insults.

No. 1582481

no, in my first post i said "if you have the means". All the nonnies responding are angry because they have the means.

No. 1582482

The problem
>see stupid/ridiculous take
>if you ignore it, the person thinks they're agreed with and continues posting stupidity
>absolutely no guarantee that jannies will ban even if you report

No. 1582484

Whether I get my meat from the industry or from my own backyard, an animal suffers, but in only one instance I'm an animal abuser? make it make sense

No. 1582485

I don't have to refute shit.

No. 1582486

what are the means in question? specify what you think is an understandable reason to not be vegan, let's see it. because not all the nonnies here are disagreeing with you simply because they binge on burgers and milk all day. i think you know that, though.

No. 1582487

Sorry I will set up homemade traps in my small backyard to catch robins and bunnies.

No. 1582489

ok, you're right, if none of your dairy, meat or eggs come from the supermaket, if you have an indepandant farm this isn't about you. Do you gever go to the supermarket nonna ?

No. 1582491

I don't have the means because I'm literally anemic (aka not allowed to eat less meat because of dangerously low iron levels) and I'm one of the "angry nonnies" who responded to you lol.

No. 1582492

I’d love to hear the vegans take on the quinoa vegan craze causing people to starve kek

No. 1582493

File: 1684595696074.gif (3.51 MB, 480x258, cheeseburger.gif)

If you buy produce from the grocery store, you are an abuser. The conditions in which these fruits and vegetables are harvested are horrible, migrant workers are payed little and have to shit on the ground where they work. Not to mention the shipping. Imagine all the pollution that goes into shipping produce across the country, sometimes across multiple countries. Why don't you grow a garden in your backyard? Everyone obviously has a backyard, you clearly have the means to both hunt and grow food in your own yard, so why not do it? Because you love abusing? Picrel jumpscare.

No. 1582495

>Second reply
That's on OP, not me. But honestly I feel that if you have basic knowledge of what most people eat and where it comes from then the implications are obvious.
..did you even read my post? I literally said I don't think it makes someone an animal abuser. And factory farms are pretty different than shooting a animal in your backyard or quickly taking out a cow you raised or scraping some roadkill off the pavement and throwing it in your freezer.

No. 1582496

Please don't water down the term "animal abuser" for the sake of a gotcha in arguments. All that does is make it hard for people to talk about animals being abused without low-empathy retards going "They call EVERYTHING animal abuse" and clueless people agreeing without knowing what the fuck is going on.
This is what dumbass people have done with terms like "abuse" in itself, "trigger", etc. Just stop it if you actually care about animals and humans and want to reduce their suffering. People are angry at you because you know you're using a heavy, serious term.

No. 1582497

>animal abuse, animal neglect or animal cruelty, is the infliction by omission (neglect) or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon non-human animals
Spoiler is a nonnie's normal meal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1582498

me too nonna. suffer from heavy periods and sometimes get anemic to the point of having to stay in the house all day, bringing red meat back into my diet was the only thing that fixed it. veganism as a movement does not give a single shit about women with health issues related to it.

No. 1582499

ok, you're not denying you're an animal abuser. Why is it so hard to just accept, accept you're an hypocrite and we all can go to bed

No. 1582500

It’s the same way they call artificial insemination on cows rape and get upset when real rape survivors tell them to shut up. They’re disgusting.

No. 1582501

you don't have the means, argument ends there.

No. 1582502

Then you can say "You are eating the product of animal abuse", because that is true more often than not (and clothes are also often the product of abuse of human rights, vegetables/fruit, technology - the phone of laptop you are using is likely the result of horrific child labor practices, etc). 99% of nonnas are not at slaughterhouses and they don't run them, they're not the ones hurting the animals. They're just trying to fucking eat and live like everyone else in the world is. We were all raised in this system. Doesn't make it right, but you're blatantly trying to get a high off of baiting people who have nothing to do with it and it just does a disservice to animals being victimized.

No. 1582504

Vegans always assign themselves as some moral good and authority that speaks apt to their narcissism. Kek

No. 1582505

I don't know where vegans think fertilizer comes from.
>Many contain animal ingredients such as bone meal, blood meal, and chicken feather meal, fish-based fertilizers, and manures

No. 1582506

Exactly, I am an animal abuser, I'm a human abuser and an earth abuser
Erm that's a horse not a cow

No. 1582507

love it when you say things i didn't say.

Ok so expect for the ex-vegetarian and the anemic nonnies you're all hypocrites, good night

No. 1582509

Homie my comment was about the vegans I’ve met who have said it. Not everything is about you.

No. 1582512

File: 1684596340073.png (29.86 KB, 273x398, i-can-has-cheezburger-81970121…)

Owning a pet that requires meat consumption is abusive.

No. 1582514

File: 1684596595540.jpeg (183.37 KB, 1284x1344, 81798A77-0E64-42D9-A8BB-966766…)

I can understand women who can’t get bfs because if you don’t look a certain way or if you’re socially weird you’re only going to be used for sex but I don’t understand scrotes who can’t get loving gfs. Even looking at some of the most accomplished women and beautiful (halle Bailey, Beyoncé, Taylor swift, nicki minaj etc etc) they all date men who treat them like shit in some way. I just don’t get how you as a man can’t get a pretty woman considering most of us will fuck anyone who isn’t creepy and can crack a joke kek

No. 1582516

So if killing animals by itself isn't what makes it animal abuse, because according to you eating your backyard chicken isn't abuse but supermarket chicken is, why draw the arbitrary line at people buying meat from the supermarket when it's not their fault they live in a system where they have to go to a concrete box to have their dietary needs met? I'd have more respect for your opinion if you considered any and all killing of animals for their meat animal abuse regardless of the circumstances instead of drawing this vague and arbitrary line at "when you have the means" when it's people in the meat industry who're directly responsible for boiling live pigs and shit

No. 1582517

File: 1684596712036.png (108.3 KB, 600x781, Atrazine_USA_2011.png)

Unless you are only eating locally grown oragnic produce you are also an animal abuser, regardless of if you are vegan. The pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer used to grow cash crops on a large scale are already destroying the environment.

Picrel shows contamination of the pesticide Atrazine in the US. Atrazine is banned in the EU and elsewhere because of it's high toxicity.

No. 1582520

>Assuming everyone is from the us
american moment

No. 1582521

File: 1684596962884.jpeg (13.58 KB, 316x316, Blonde_-_Frank_Ocean.jpeg)

This album cover wasn't all that and is way over hyped. Ohmahgah he has green hair and is wet and is covering his face…
The actual album, however, is very nice

No. 1582522

File: 1684597035423.jpg (969.1 KB, 2480x3720, 20230520_113813.jpg)

Samefag, even the high quality version is so meh.

No. 1582524

no clue what this album is or by who but it's kinda ugly. It's like someone plastered a shitty phone pic on a beige frame but maybe that was the point

No. 1582525

I'm British. I used Atrazine as an example because most people on this website are American. America is also recognisable by most other nationalities that post here, so using America as an example provides an easily understandable reference. The problem is much worse in countries such as India and China but these countries don't have an EPA that publicly releases statistics.

No. 1582526

Because they're not serious about any of what they're saying, there's no point in taking it at face value.
There are exactly two types of people who want an entire thread to say "I'm an animal abuser". One is an attention whore, and the other just wants to feel normal for a day. Only the OP of all this bullshit knows which one they are, and if it's the latter, they already know exactly what they deserve, and what's coming.

No. 1582527

i like it but i'm curious, what do you consider a good cover ?

No. 1582529

Manure (and other animals products) sourced from the meat industry is what goes into the fertilizer that gives us the ability to farm so much of everything else that we eat too. In and outside of the us.

No. 1582531

>what they deserve and what's coming
The fuck

No. 1582536

Yeah, animal abusers get theirs. What's to be shocked about?

No. 1582538

nope. most US agriculture uses chemical fertilizer (mined phosphates and manufactured nitrates) not manure.

No. 1582539

Can you give an example of the comeuppance that a meat eater, aka an animal abuser, might receive?

No. 1582540

if you eat fruits and vegetables you are also a slave driver and a murderer (of human beings). so?

No. 1582541

Notice how you were moved to reply to me, but you couldn't answer which one you were lol

No. 1582542

File: 1684598159293.png (75.43 KB, 1200x630, meta.png)

WordArt is so fucking based.

No. 1582543

Using any form of electronic device is far worse than that combined.

No. 1582544

Can you give an example of the comeuppance?

No. 1582545

We need to bring it back full-force. I miss the PowerPoint YouTube videos as well.

No. 1582546

You can guess. Meat eaters excluded, but you probably know that and feel like it's a great injustice on you kek.

No. 1582547

True. Some of the metals used in the manufacture of electronic devices are mined by children in Africa working in unsafe conditions.

No. 1582549

So there isn't any comeuppance.

No. 1582550

That's what you wish for, too bad about reality.

No. 1582552

Unless you're spending an insane amount of energy on carefully looking into every last thing you buy.. you're regularly consuming shit grown using livestock manure, dried blood, hoof and bone meal etc

No. 1582553

Unless you're spending an insane amount of energy on carefully looking into every last thing you buy.. you're regularly consuming shit grown using livestock manure, dried blood, hoof and bone meal etc

No. 1582555

PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker (RIP) are so fucking based.

No. 1582564

File: 1684598922993.gif (69.97 KB, 220x149, take-me-lucifer-lucifer.gif)

We're going to the deepest level of hell, y'know the one made for cheeseburger and chicken nugget eaters

No. 1582567

Trump-chan pls

No. 1582568

Not an unpopular opinion but I'd pay to watch Trump and Morrissey argue about meat, I bet they'd eventually become friends despite their differences.

No. 1582571

File: 1684599428763.jpg (97.25 KB, 1021x1021, 6ce5f66b8eb3b07a0006d592f8b592…)

Can't wait to have my just desserts for eating cheeseburger

No. 1582574

they would become friends because they're both rapists.

No. 1582686

File: 1684609295881.jpg (202.01 KB, 1170x1425, violent_indian.jpg)

I know this is coming from a dumb hypocritical pick-me but I unironically agree with most of this take(with the exception of torturing prostitutes)

No. 1582691

The TF2 moids are ugly as shit, the husbando threads are currently unusable.
>inb4 post your own husbando
Nobody cares unless it's weird shit like Kirbyanon.

No. 1582692

She forgets a lot of “hoes” are just trafficked children.

No. 1582704

>g@es are beaten for being near children ever
Something tells me she's also including lesbians in there, despite lesbians couples being one of the best kind of parents I've personally come across so far.
>Abortion and birth control is illegal
Ah yes, because what's better for children than having a bunch of abandoned kids from those who didn't wanted to be parents? Or teen girls getting pregnant and having to keep the child? Or women (and girls) getting raped, pregnant, and then having to keep the rapist's child? All the good 'simple measures' she has provided are honestly way too simple and already been said a thousand times before by anyone sane, she just wanted to include her unhinged opinions into them while having those sane few as that tweet's only saving grace.

No. 1582706

Your ”radical feminism” has went full circle back to trad thottery

No. 1582709

Why would birth control and abortion be bad for children? In my totalitarian feminist utopia all children are required to be only children. People who have more than one child are considered child abusers by default for diverting any resources away from their first child.

No. 1582712

File: 1684611266220.jpg (170.06 KB, 736x875, ebc29428c5b4730fcc39fb226bb0bb…)

I love rain, the sound of thunder, and rainy/cloudy weather in general. I understand why it's disliked by the majority since rain makes them feel gloomy, but I still like it. It really annoys me when there's a sad scene in a movie, it starts raining out of nowhere and the sad character just stands there looking pathetic and miserable. Maybe it's not too unpopular of an opinion, but I've honestly not met that many people who like it rather than hate it.

No. 1582736

>schools never give homework and is never longer than 4 hours
do you want retards everywhere? because this is how you get retards, just like you, everywhere

No. 1582738

I care, I never judge tastes and seeing the elaborate stuff anons come up with is actually marvelous
Absolutely based, rain is life. Rain smells good, is relaxing, and fresh, i love rainy days so much

No. 1582817

NTA. The school system is garbage, it rather creates retards.

No. 1582820

Also nta, the answer should be to improve the school system. Not to get rid of homework and make school significantly shorter during our formative years.

No. 1582824

i love the rain. one time i had a very spontaneous acid trip on a random Saint Patrick's day and as i left a house party it started raining. walking home i decided to stand in the rain a moment and Natasha Bedingfield started playing in my head. i had worn holes in the bottoms of my shoes so my socks were all soggy as i wandered back to my dorm room and told the folks i ran into that it was a beautiful evening outside. when it rains i think of that night and smile.

No. 1582826

Shay milk is so forced, woah she's a sex worker who shits from diapers, how milky. She will never compared to the sheer milk and entertainment that the classics such as chris chan provided, or even more recent cows such as todokaras

No. 1582833

I think a certain amount of objectification is inherent when it comes to sexual attraction, regardless of gender. It’s the reason for why sex can be more exciting when you don’t really know the person (not saying it’s necessarily better). I’ve been subjected to it, but I’m also guilty of it. When I first started hooking up with my current nigel he had some issues which affected the frequency of how often we could have sex and I told him “it’s ok, I like you for more than your body” but it was kind of a lie. I also projected a lot of my sexual fantasies onto him. I think objectification is part of the reason for why some anons are repulsed by 3DPD; irl men don’t fit the standard of their flawless husbandos.

For the record I don’t think the female gaze is has harmful as the male gaze because of societal, physiological, and most importantly reproductive differences between men and women. Also think porn trains you to objectify people more than what is “natural”.

No. 1582836

Agreed. Pls i prefer the leon spam, at least he's hot. Idc about tf2 scrotes, they're ugly as shit but in a bland way instead of a comical way like whatever nemu simped over, so it's not fun hearing about it. They look too similar to 3dpd moids to ever be attractive.

No. 1582844

>some anons are repulsed by 3DPD; irl men don’t fit the standard of their flawless husbandos.
Totally, and it also explains girls who claim to be asexual while writing porny fanfic or trooning out to live their yaoi fantasies. Women without husbandos cope by insisting they love dad bods and older men or whatever.

Women in general find it very, very hard to admit what they find physically attractive, even to themselves. To start with, we're shamed for having any standards at all and are expected to look past appearances, we're told men are ~visual~ but women are not. And for many women it's simply too confronting to acknowledge they want a hot boyfriend, because then they'll start thinking about how they compare to a hot man and if they deserve one and if he would think she's good enough. Men don't have this thought process at all, if a much hotter woman deigns to sleep with him he won't question it and will just enjoy it. He wouldn't care if she doesn't think he's hot too, he still gets to have sex with her.

I'm not concerned with whether it's objectification or not though, we should be allowed to want someone we're attracted to.

No. 1582852

That's so beautiful.

No. 1582865

shay was a vendetta thread made by an ex hs friend that's why it was so unfunny and nitpicky

No. 1582897

>they look too similar to 3DPD moids to ever be attractive
What? Leon is literally based on a 3DPD moid, the TF2 guys are too cartoony to be real.
If it bothers you so much that other women aren't attracted to them same kind of guys as you, just rename the threads to "Leon general" and make another thread for unconventionally attractive husbandos.

No. 1582934

I hate that Gen z is trying to push this new narrative that people under the age of 25 are children because “muh developed brain” and the age of consent should be raised. The law is never going to change to make people underaged until 25.

No. 1582935

Leon isn't ugly tho

No. 1582937

I think it’s actually millennials who are saying that because we had to be online with zoomers and can look back at our own online history and it’s so easy to see how dumb we were and how retarded zoomers are (sorry I’m a millennial who unironically thinks the legal age of adulthood should be 26 for some things like military service and getting a loan or anything else that has lifelong ramifications)

No. 1582939

He is in the re4 remake.

No. 1582940

The argument she was making was that TF2 characters are ugly because they're like 3DPD moids, but actually Leon is more similar to a real moid because he's realistic and literally modelled after a specific man.
I just hate these retarded, nonsensical justifications for hating or judging women just because they like goofy looking cartoon men. It's so stupid.

No. 1582941

Im 30 and by the time I was 21 I was past the stage of doing cringe shit online and most people are by then. I think the age of consent is perfect where it’s at.
>under 25 can’t have loans
Not all young people are stupid with money. It depends on how you’re raised. When I was younger I met young men who knew about mortgages, car payments etc and that’s because their parents weren’t poorfags and actually taught them that stuff.

No. 1582942

Your brain really isn’t fully formed until you’re 25-27. I think at the very least the age for military service and participation in pornography should be raised to somewhere between 21-26.

No. 1582943

I would prefer pornography to be abolished but a small step in the right direction would be to raise the minimum age to 21. Would probably make porn a very tiny bit less pedophilic and it would be slightly more difficult for underage girls to be used in mainstream porn.

No. 1582961

I am legitimaly surprised how that game incites so much lust, based on the art alone since I've never played it, bless the husbando girlies though

No. 1582971

I know, and there always was a few there, but I feel like it's increased exponentially recently. And I guess we're letting Kirbyanon post weird sexual shit again. At least Rancefag was an idiot and got banned, but there's still too many anons with crappy taste.
and they always ignore my posts…

No. 1582974

>and they always ignore my posts…
Wait so all you guys want is attention? I thought that thread was about screaming your horny thoughts into the void. And fyi nonnas who don't post bishies don't get many replies either.

No. 1582977

I don't need the validation. But it just makes me feel a little bad that even among similar people I still don't fit in, makes me feel invisible.

No. 1582979

This whole “almond mom” thing or trend or whatever is getting annoying. People are way too comfortable commenting on what these women eat or how much they eat. What shocks me the most is it’s often these zoomers filming and making fun of their mothers then posting it for the world to see. Its just another way to shame women

No. 1582981

My most shameful opinion yet
Pooping after shower > pooping before
The pressure and mental uncomfortable of pooping right before a shower…I'd rather just wait until I dry off and get dressed to go poopoo

No. 1582984

Samefag his is for regular poops not wet old people ones.

No. 1582987

Legal age for doing porn should be 34.

No. 1582988

Wow I’m so glad you met rich young men. lol. lmao. Good for you.

No. 1582989

That poster reeks of newfaggotry or attention whoring. Weird husbandos have been a staple of the threads forever , it's comfy to recognize certain anons and converse with them. I've never identified my husbando but still have fun talking to likeminded nonas.
Kek autists calling other people autists for having cartoon characters that don't fit their standards.

No. 1582990

Just assume that the husbando threads are for obscure or unconventional husbandos mostly

No. 1582997

File: 1684635040089.jpg (453.54 KB, 1899x1386, medic chan.jpg)

TF2 husbandofags are amazing, do not listen to this idiot. She's salty she will never be her.

No. 1582999

Seriously. I’m not into TF2 but I love the fandom, some of the most obsessed people I’ve ever seen, I’m so happy for them it seems to genuinely bring them joy

No. 1583008

I just checked the old /m/ husbando thread. There were many characters posted that these anons today would call "ugly" but nobody in that thread would bat an eye over them. Only a couple of them were questioned about their taste but some were even seconded.
Most of not all weird husbando nonnas feel the same way.
Both Leon/conventional husbandos and the TF2 mercs are really popular, it's not a fucking competition. I don't know why you fuckers want it to be.

No. 1583014

>it's not a fucking competition
Exactly. I don't think most people realize this but a lot of the times, the horny husbando thread is for just that. Being horny over your husbando, to scream into the void your affirmation, worship and affection of them. To rant aimlessly or and eloquate your desires and thoughts regarding him. It isn't a place to flaunt, nor is it a place to show off. It is simply a place to show your love for the 2D man you wish to spend your life with Nothing more, nothing less. The only reason some Anons get more replies over other anons is because some Anons share a common husbando whether literally or in similar traits, it is not so much that a husbando isn't popular or isn't liked. It's simply that some Anons will find a common ground compared to other anons. I know when I post about Dedede or Meta Knight, I'm not going to get many replies and I honestly don't mind. I know my husbandos are obscure or not exactly the apple of other's eyes and I'm happy with that, I'm happy and joyous to simply be able to write out my love for them and engage with the fun questionnaires and see other nonnies tell of their love of their respective husbandos.

No. 1583018

File: 1684637352025.jpeg (188.19 KB, 1284x2106, 39B1A2BE-E9FF-4603-9E96-6BAE05…)

Rich people have a glow to them. You can tell a person is rich by their skin quality. Shitty screen shot but bhad bhabie has the rich glow now.

No. 1583023

Ayrt yeah Cedricfag, Barneyfag, hell even Kaijifags have always been welcomed so I'm confused, why some posters are this bitter, even calling other husbandos "crappy" wtf? There's literally a hot 2D men gen thread on /m/ if they want to wank over beefcake of the week. It's actually nice how active the husbando threads have been recently and anons dedication to their men is inspiring. Sorry to sperg but those posts were rude as hell, this is the only judgement free place on the internet to post about being in a relationship with a 2D paper man so I'm irritated

No. 1583025

File: 1684638593674.jpeg (22.07 KB, 640x520, AA40F5B8-E9E1-47AE-85E5-01BCCB…)

>lolcow dot farm
>judgement free

No. 1583037

You saying Rancefag's taste isn't crappy? Way too many people wanting to beat the shit out of or get beaten up by people they claim to love.

No. 1583064

NTAYRT. Nobody was talking about Rancid, I think most would agree that's objectively a crappy choice of husbando, and because of her behavior she's the worst for sure and deserves the ban, she's the exception.
The discussion started because someone said the husbando threads are "currently unusable" due to so many tf2 husbando posts. >>1582691
So basically they're shitting on anyone who doesn't have a perfectly conventionally attractive husbando.

No. 1583114

It's ok to beat up men, especially if they're not even real, get over yourself.

No. 1583120

Rancetard would have got bored and fucked off back to 4chan if it wasn't for all the other retards taking her bait and giving her the attention she whores so hard for. Stop feeding trolls.

No. 1583124

Miley Cyrus is a nepo baby with a horrible voice. She sounds like a 50 year old chain smoker.

No. 1583146

>Man pours “fake” gasoline on cars and pretends to light it until senior citizen pulls out gun to protect himself

filmed "pranks" should be illegal. People shouldn't have to endure being publicly humiliated on camera and be met with "ITS JUST A PRANK BRO".

No. 1583149

Watching through Friends for the first time and I find it funnier than Seinfeld. I think objectively there are more fans of Friends worldwide than Seinfeld, but admitting you think Friends is better is a low status opinion which is why I'm putting it here.

No. 1583150

everyone wants to be the next frank hassle

No. 1583166

yeah yeah but keep it in the damn femdom thread.

No. 1583172

I'm the OP and I don't have anything against unconventional husbandos, I have several myself, I just have a hateboner against TF2 in general and constantly see its characters reminds me how much I hate this game. I'm not Rancefag ffs, is it going to be the new HI Cow of husbando threads?

No. 1583177

ok that's your problem then lol
I too have a hate boner for other series posted in that thread but I don't care to argue about it.

No. 1583179

They probably don't get constantly spammed though.

No. 1583181

>how dare multiple anons like something I don't

No. 1583201

That’s called high-end makeup

No. 1583207

Husbandofags are embarrassing.

No. 1583212

You're insufferable and mentally ill. One day you'll look back at this and feel ashamed at yourself.

No. 1583216

AYRT, sorry for misinterpreting your post. If it's something personal you have against TF2 then that's another matter entirely kek, it happens to me too. I hate Genshit for several reasons, but a lot of nonnas have husbandos from it, it's not worth getting mad about, so the best one can do is ignore it and hope the next post is not about it (or make a post yourself to break the monotony).
And tbh I don't hate TF2 nonnas, but since I've never played it myself I just don't find those posts interesting, so I get how it can get boring.
>I'm not Rancefag ffs, is it going to be the new HI Cow of husbando threads?
Oh sorry, I wasn't accusing you of being her. Someone else just brought her up out of nowhere.

No. 1583240

What's that?

No. 1583247

I'm "mentally ill" for pointing the moralfag hypocrisy that ppl husbando characters worse than Rance?

No. 1583249

They really are. Their whole existence revolves around a man. I don't care if it's 2d and therefore "based", it's still a man

No. 1583251

The difference is they're pixels on a screen, but this is probably a fat dyke so why do I bother?

No. 1583254

You again? I'd like to let you know that the more you cry about it the more i post

No. 1583263

Go back to your containment thread.

No. 1583268

Brittany Venti is so sexy i want to kill myself

No. 1583291

Empathy is overrated.

No. 1583304

sorry not everyone is into vagoos some of us are cursed with heterosexuality and its sadly terminal

No. 1583306

It's not about being gay or straight, it's about being obsessive about a man

No. 1583310

>Psychopathchan has entered the chat

No. 1583312


No. 1583315

I think personality fags are such losers. It takes a particularly shameless attentionwhore to make a spectacle of themselves on an anonymous imageboard of all places going directly against the culture. When they post all faux-humble "ooh you got me ateehee~" I feel disgust like they just took a big steaming shit in the open. Get some self respect pronto I beg of you. Same energy as tripfags and discordfags that infest 4chan honestly. They get too comfortable and make endless fucking posts talking about shit nobody cares about. They carpet bomb every fucking thread with their namefagging bullshit and make the board miserable for normal posters. I wish these people a very bad day every day for the rest of their lives.
>nyehh but the personality fags here aren't like that they are heckin wholesomerino
You are gay

No. 1583317

i agree with you mostly but the day someone made fun of romanianon because she is ugly and she started to get full schizo on the vent thread was funny kek

No. 1583320

I'm supposed to be an ally because I'm a lesbian, but faggy men are an abomination like trannys. You can be a gay man and not a faggot. I dont understand who they are even emulating since women don't act that way.

No. 1583323

its not real

No. 1583327

Redheads women are mostly pickme victim syndrome bitches.
Why are you fucking crying that they "took away your redhead character" when you've got fucking thousands of redhead characters all over every kind of media. Redheads are always the leaders, the hottest, the smartest, yet you decide to cry and bitch over a Little Mermaid live action? And that's just one example.

No. 1583330

Every day I imagine how beautiful my city would be without all these migrants. They're so sexist, homophobe, rude. I can't stand the daily incivilities anymore. People who defend this mass immigration disgust me, I don't understand them.

No. 1583339

it's not that i so much hate them as it is they're sensory terrorists. loud, smelly, unsightly, and the cherry on top is when they have zero boundaries and you look at the eyes of the parent/s and it's like looking at a fucking crab.

No. 1583342

People will act against their own interests because they're too empathetic even for subjects that don't deserve it. See women who advocate for violent moids because 'they must have had a hard childhood' or people who adopt aggressive dogs.

No. 1583343

never trust a shitbull owner.

No. 1583344

That's not empathy, that's projection. They're not mirroring the dog's/man's feelings, they're ascribing to them their own.

No. 1583346

Only hypocritical fucks cry about children forgetting that they were once like them too and also it's dumb to expect a little child to understand nuances.(shota)

No. 1583351

Containment thread.

No. 1583364

>women more likely to be guilted into “progressive social change” which is due to female socialization. Most vegans are women coincidence? Even now you’re hear using inflammatory language and bad faith arguments to reason your point on an imageboard for women.

Surprised you didn't point out the elephant in the room as to why veganism is such an attractive dietary option for women, that is, due to the low-calorie nature of the food. In addition to pushing for progressivism, orthorexic women use veganism to adopt and normalize restrictive diets for weight loss. Since you can barely eat fucking anything as a vegan, it all works out.

No. 1583368

Agreed. Even if you have severe mental illness, healthy routines and habits can significantly help improve your mood. I have bipolar and while I still take medication I've noticed that going on walks daily and eating relatively healthy make me feel so much better. And I think a lot of people don't realize that you need to establish these routines before you wean yourself off medication or else you'll be constantly cycling back into needing it. Idk, whenever I see someone obese on social media talking about muh mental illness I roll my eyes because probably 80% of their issues would go away if they ate right and exercised

Sage for blogpost

No. 1583379

most vegans are males
you're confusing wanna be trendy miley cyrus types with actual veganism

No. 1583382

That explains why vegans are so obnoxious then

No. 1583388

let's stop with veganism ladies

No. 1583393

>most vegans are males
nta but source?

No. 1583396


No. 1583397

I'd rather have a society that overprescribes opiates than a society that treats everyone as a potential drug addict. Addicts have no self control, therefore people with genuine pain need to just deal with it. People with chronic pain are getting taken off their meds and sent to therapy to learn to accept that their life will be constant suffering. Everyone gets treated like shit in the ER now too because doctors assume everyone is a drug seeker.

No. 1583399


No. 1583402

Agree. I fucking hate people here who call those fags based and so awesome uguu

No. 1583404

You do realize a huge portion of vegans and vegetarians do not eat meat because they care about animal welfare? Are the anti vegans here employed by the meat industry or what, why does ot bother you many women refuse to eat animals

No. 1583405

Agreed, also both their enablers and their a-loggers are just as bad for allowing them to thrive.

No. 1583406

they do. copious amounts of money spend on haircare and skincare treatments and less stress and good diet all contributes.
not 100% of the time but a lot of times you can peg someone as wealthy or abundance in cash just by their hair and skin

No. 1583410

100% true. We know being overweight and/or eating shit food comes with a shit ton of negative health effects and risks, people don't seem to realize that includes mental health. But of course nobody is going to take it seriously when you tell them they'd feel better if they just ate healthier and exercised a bit more, it's so cliché people now think it must be a lie, it can't be that simple. But it often is. It's not a cure to all problems but it can solve A LOT of a person's problems. The fewer other problems you have the easier the un-fixable things will become.

No. 1583412

>saying this with a borderline shota drawing attached
I don't care if I was once a child, I'm still not fond of them.

No. 1583425

Interesting you cite reality because in my reality (social circles) most vegans are women.

No. 1583439

> plants also feel pain.


No. 1583442

I guess not so much of an unpopular opinion but one of the reasons I'm glad that I'm not a black woman in the USA is their beauty standards, wearing wigs must be such a pain in the ass, it also seems like fake long nails are pushed much more among black women, I'd never have the energy or patience for any of that.

No. 1583445

most black women don't wear wigs, have long nails, or the rest of that stuff

there is a vast abyss between black celebs and regular black people.

No. 1583451

Youre right but other races (in the US) basically never wear weaves at all so even though it’s not the majority of black women it seems like a “black” thing because they are the only women you’d see in real life with a weave. Acrylics are a beauty standard across races though, just depends on where you grew up. I’ve seen lots of different women with them all over the country.

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If you think black beauty standards are bad you’d probably kill yourself in a day if you had to deal with Korean beauty standards. Pic related is an actual sign they have at a train station there.

>any skin color darker than milk white is considered poor and disgusting

>parents give their daughters plastic surgery as gifts. Statistically most Korean women under the age of 29 have had some kind of cosmetic procedures done because plastic surgery is cheap as dirt there.
>you have to be thin with no signs that you ever work out. You have to be dainty and soft looking like all you do all day is sit.
>any weight over 110 is considered obese
>they are obsessed with small faces so you need to have a small face. Your head can’t be too big or round.
>in Korea most of the clothes are one size so if you go into a store and the retail workers there think you are too big they will not even allow you to try clothes on

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Ayrt, I suppose my views are naturally skewed cause all I get is from either media or people online, but the wig thing in particular is a cultural shock for me, even tho I live in a country where there is so many black people that was neever a thing. Tho for a long as time straightening the hair was and I guess that was not so different. But in the last few years people shifted to choosing healthier treatments for their hair and allowing it to have more texture and be voluminous, while with burgers wigs still seem like a common place thing, so for me it's quite the contrast. As an outsider it feels like there is a specific pressure I don't notice with white burgers.
I don't really know what koreans have to do with this but in all honesty, no, I wouldn't kill myself.