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General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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Please respect any anon’s tinfoils posted, regardless if you believe they’re outlandish, too over the top or…not factual. Thank you.(please search the catalog and use the existing thread before making a new one.)

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is mind control socialization theory cope

No. 1576823

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I've fallen into the Drowned God rabbit hole and I can't get out
>a video game created by Harry Horse, published in 1996
>the creator also worked as a political cartoonist for MSM publications and was said to have connections to freemasonry
>he wanted to make a sequel to the first game
>he committed suicide by stabbing himself 47 times and mutiliating his genitalis, also killed his wife, his dog and his cat
>the game focuses on discovering the truth about humanity and gods. Red Mercury is the grail that allows for interdimensional travel and communication with various entities that attempt to portray themselves as God. Space is not up there, it is down here. Breakaway Germans exist. Time travel exists. Parasites are Demons. Anunnaki are the gene coders, but under "GOD"
We also met some historical figures, we have a debate on quantum mechanics between Newton and Einstein and spacetime manipulatorom through Stonehenge, also egyptian gods in Eden etc. I noticed gnostics are kinds interested in this game now, you know the god of this world being evil and sending fake gods and demons to deceive humanity. Now it doesn't seem like anything new but the game was made in '96. I wish we could have access to some late 90s and early 00s internet forums and people's discussions. Imagine cramming ALL that stuff into one game.
I don't think I have to say that his supposed suicide sounds at least fishy

No. 1576863

I've heard about this game before and looked up a playthrough once. The game itself is very interesting but it just doesn't sit well with me that the moid who developed it was very clearly mentally ill and his wife had a serious degenerative illness. The details of the suicide may have been exaggerated, he may have been under some kind of medication or had a deeply psychotic episode but it totally makes sense to me that he killed himself and brought down everything else with him because of course he does, he's a moid.

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