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No. 1587778

No. 1587789

File: 1685086012667.jpg (85.06 KB, 564x826, 90faf7cf5b541510c1603e5f7cd9af…)


No. 1587791

File: 1685086122548.png (69.13 KB, 498x500, 1676085340437.png)

I just came to lolcow to say that I'm sorry nonnies… I've been betraying you. I haven't been on lolcow for more than 5 minutes in several months. I've found an altchan that's more engaging to me than lolcow, and while I've had seriously tons of fun these past few months on the other imageboard I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm cheating on my nonnies and I miss you all so much. I'll never forget all the amazing memories I've had with you guys both here and in the bunkers. You've unironically shaped me and changed me into a better person and I'll be forever grateful for that and I'll treasure all the memories I've made with my nonas, even the ones made in hectic days. I love all of you so much, even if I haven't talked to any of you in a while.
Lolcow will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart as the one site I can go to stop pretending to be someone else and actually be myself.

No. 1587794

tell me the name of the altchan RN im so tired of shit being so slow round here

No. 1587797

Am I the only one who finds such posts weird and cringeworthy?

No. 1587801

I get what you mean kek, it's late at night (for me) and I guess I'm feeling touchy right now or something. Sorry for subjecting you to my cringiness I just wanted to drop a thank you to you nonnies.

No. 1587803

no worries nona, you do you, lately the board has been slower and i feel like the infighting is even more than the usual

i guess yes, i understand, even if this place is somewhat hateful even other boards not only /pt/ and /snow/, i've seen a lot of nice nonnies here so i get what the OP nona was saying, but i don't think she has to feel bad for not being here that much and i think you are a little bit salty i don't know why

i came here to say wow about all the milk in last or maybe last few shayna threads, i'm not very frequent in her threads, but when the milk is dry in my go to cow threads, some times i read her threads, but they are mostly repetitive so i don't do it that often but wow the milk was flowing

No. 1587809

I don't even mean it in the "this is too sentimental way" but in the "this is not an airport there is no need to announce your departure even more so when no one is supposed to know or care who you personally are" way

No. 1587813

Name of altchan plz?

No. 1587814

>Dumbass Shit Thread
Damn and now I'm starting to remember why I left kek

No. 1587815

They got a bad case of main character syndrome

No. 1587819

yeah i'm seeing why more and more farmers are leaving, damn you are not nice to say the least. wtf is your problem? she is in /ot/ in the dumbass shit thread, she isn't blogposting on the cow boards what the fuck is the problem - please explain, i'm all ears

No. 1587821

It's retarded and cringe. Hope that helps

No. 1587822

File: 1685088089575.png (255.17 KB, 1080x915, 1683708888155.png)

stop fighting

No. 1587823

You can literally leave and come back any time, this is an anonymous space so no one is supposed to care about (You) in particular. I bet most of those "I'm leaving!!" anons will be back the next week if not the next day. It's pointless.

No. 1587825

Jesus H Christ I'm 30 minutes new here and already can't deal with the bullshit…. wtf is everyone so mad about? I just want to have a conversation damn

No. 1587826

They aren't even being that mean. And I agree with them personally. There's a cringe graduation thread for that if other anon must bid farewell. How can you be surprised at this reaction kek this is LC and you should be happy that nonnies are giving altchan nonna a proper send off

No. 1587827

Go back

No. 1587828

Does anyone here ever have a normal conversation?

No. 1587829

Yes, when you're not a retard who can't read the room.

No. 1587830

actually, there are a lot of nice conversations here, if you don't count the bitchy nonnas

No. 1587833

the avatarfagging is cringe ngl

No. 1587837

File: 1685088927032.png (149.51 KB, 500x500, dfhhfg.png)

I'm gonna start avatarfagging with minions

No. 1587843

File: 1685089537973.png (7.63 KB, 300x250, NPcg9px21a-2.png)

No. 1587846

File: 1685089613091.webm (4.3 MB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_1685089216193.w…)

I thought this was a parody by some conservative group, but no, it's actually real. I really don't get these marketing teams, they just don't seem to understand that not only gay men and faghags on Twitter like drag queens or find them entertaining, Most regular people think their weird and off-putting and especially those who are actually into nature and shit.(not the one's who just like Sapphic art on twitter but actually go hiking or camping)

No. 1587849

Well I'm no bitch and just trying to slide in

No. 1587850

I'll take my Q's from you pros!!
What are we chatting about?

No. 1587853

Integrate or go back to reddit/twitter/tiktok/tumblr/whatever shithole you crawled out.

No. 1587854

Kek nonna I have no idea what either of these posts mean

No. 1587855

Ya well I'm fuckin trying here but everyone keeps bitchin me out…
Rub one out for fuck sakes and put a smile on your faces… is there anyone happy here who doesn't hate themselves so much they have to pick on a sweet lil girl? I'd integrate if given the chance…

No. 1587857

lurk more and come back when your brain is functional

No. 1587859

Ok mommy goodnight

No. 1587860

File: 1685091005317.gif (228.6 KB, 100x120, shalalala.gif)

they hated nonnie because she told the truth

No. 1587863

It ain't about you anon. Lurk more for fucks sake

No. 1587864

Will do goodnight

No. 1587868

Goodnight sweet newfag.

No. 1587875


No. 1587881

Lol mwah! Love you oldfag

No. 1587892

hi who's up

No. 1587894

File: 1685093028111.jpg (48.19 KB, 564x752, e8e43e44a4dd41ff838900cd968a93…)

Take a look at these Edo period hammerheads

No. 1587897

aw so cute! is that its penis? the placement makes it seems so

No. 1587898

Sure looks like it! Not big enough IMO

No. 1587899

Hey nona, how's your day?

No. 1587900

I've always been a big coffee drinker but lately I'm trying to cut down a bit and substituting with black tea on most days. Now whenever coffee binge, what feels like several days worth of poop will evacuate. Didn't realize how much that morning coffee helped in aiding my daily morning poop.

No. 1587903

what have i stumbled upon….

No. 1587905

nona hi! my day was very awful but i'm heading home now and i'm gonna play video games or hang out with a friend. how's yours?

No. 1587906

Has anyone ever had sclerotherapy? I have the veins of a 70 year old on my left leg and I'm only 27, I wanna get sclerotherapy but I'm nervous something will go horribly wrong.

No. 1587907

probably just the claspers male sharks have, so they can stay put when mounting female sharks

No. 1587908

I have very visible blue veins on my leg, I wanna get rid of them too

No. 1587912

Yeah they drive me nuts, especially because one leg is okay then the other is just fucked. And they're the bulgy varicose veins too

No. 1587913

Sorry to hear that your day was awful nona, hope you cheer up when you head home! my day is going great, sleeps fucked and went to the gas station to pick up some snacks, might go back to sleep or stay up

No. 1587914

How does this happen? My mom has them pretty bad. I'm almost mid-30's and I don't have any. Am I in the clear? At least for the next 30 years lol

No. 1587922

I got mine when I was 21, I went on birth control and seroquel and went from like 95 pounds to 135 within 6 months. So I think it was the massive weight gain that gave me them, also birth control can cause them, and I was eating a ton of salty foods and smoking weed all the time while crouching in the slav squat position. I'm retarded but I didn't think I'd get them this bad so young, so avoid all that and you'll probably be fine. My mom is 62 and her legs look younger than mine.

No. 1587938

european anons kek

No. 1587942

File: 1685096739719.jpg (18.5 KB, 734x356, whuuu.jpg)

>I was eating a ton of salty foods and smoking weed all the time while crouching in the slav squat position

No. 1587944

Squatting/crouching is far healthier for the legs then sitting in a chair, so that's not the culprit

No. 1587953


No. 1587961

File: 1685100122069.png (15.8 KB, 884x422, allchans.PNG)

guessing game, where is nonny now?

No. 1587966

Can people please aquire some new problems? It's always 'my wallet is empty' or 'my health is shit', I empathize but you can't expect me not to be bored when everyone complains about the same exact shit

No. 1587983

It sucks being a pakistani Muslim, like its bad enough I deal with regular Islamic misogyny but its made worse by the fact that I belong to a group whose men aren't even respected by other Muslims, Most Pakistani's(with some minority exceptions) are the same race as Indians but larping as Muslim and Arabs and Turks mock them, cause how pathetic they are. they have nothing to be proud of, so they leech off of other accomplishments of other cultures to feel better or try to transmogrify themselves into a completely different race to escape their feelings of inferiority.

No. 1587998

Congratulations on learning how to use a full stop, Pakichan

No. 1587999

Not the vent thread paki chan

No. 1588011

>Male General

No. 1588022

Isn't that like a gay porn imageboard?

No. 1588033

what is mint board, diochan, wizardchan, voidchan, and kind.moe? is ponychan just mlp moid degeneracy?

No. 1588044

maybe dreamchan or kakashi nenpo… if she's a weeb… is sushigirl still active?

No. 1588050

or the kpop board

No. 1588062

i swtg moids will watch anything another moid does, even if it is boring as fuck. youtube recommended this video to me out of the blue and i decided to click on it thinking it was going to be a somewhat interesting experience of a person camping. nope, it's literally 27 minutes of this fool walking around the most dull looking british landscape imaginable. he even stands in the same fucking spot every morning to describe goddamn clouds rolling by or a speck of brown in a sea of brown. absolutely nothing of interest happens. the only saving grace here was his cute little dog, but that's about it. and if you scroll down to the comments, there's a bunch of dudes wanking themselves to his useless "commentary".

No. 1588065

lost media scares the shit out of me for some reason

No. 1588072

Which one scares you? I wanna see

No. 1588074

vlogs for men

No. 1588076

they arent really spooky so dunno why they scare me. I stopped watching at 52:00 because there was a warning and i am too weak to handle it.

No. 1588083

We do several of them per week where I work, and in those two years I've been there, there hasn't been a single patient who came in with complications.

No. 1588109

Some anons get so mad when you don't put as much effort into an argument that they do kek.

No. 1588116

File: 1685115534124.jpg (127.43 KB, 1169x985, Vaush without beard.jpg)

beards truly are makeup for men.

No. 1588121

File: 1685115678841.jpg (30.73 KB, 500x372, 0b7540084c2b9bd9360dc86009d8d8…)

I love being a weeb

No. 1588122

No fucking way this is him. He looks like even more of a nonce oh my god. This is terrifying.

No. 1588123

He went from ugly to ugly

No. 1588147

Men are ugly.

No. 1588148

Lmao is he wearing lipstick

No. 1588168

Do any of you shave anywhere that's unconventional? I shave right around my belly button because I grow 1 hair there that is super long and dark

No. 1588176

I know a man obsessed with the joker and minions. It makes me cringe so hard. Claiming hes just like the joker, telling me about how he had violent dreams the day he got his joker tattoo, now getting his car joker colors. I don't care what people like but to the extent that these people make joker and Harley Quinn their personalities is crazy, and it's weird how many of them there are out in the world.

No. 1588177

If it's one hair, why not pluck it rather than shave?

No. 1588179

It hurts like a bitch

No. 1588180

Sometimes I get this really long, random one hair on my jawline. Like a singular hair. My mom has it too and we're not hairy either. So weird. I pluck it tho I don't shave.

No. 1588181

I love minions. I love their voices and how they like bananas. I can't understand a chūnibyō jokerfag unironically appreciating minions. I feel like to appreciate minions you can't be like that

No. 1588184

Wtf I forgot how to consume liquids?! Three times in a row I inhaled it instead of properly swallowing choked so much I almost barfed

No. 1588188

File: 1685120608611.png (207.45 KB, 809x630, pampampam.png)

I'm rewatching The Office. This scene. Couldn't Pam just cut off the part of a veil that got torn and then just fold it or something? Idk it looks like something that could be easily repaired.

No. 1588199

I hated the whole JimPam saga

No. 1588201

>loves minions and joker
how can someone so cringe be exist and be alive?

No. 1588203

it's like you guys have never seen the graduation thread before
i don't see any ITT. or is the calico critter thing? don't most nonnas like that (not OP btw)

No. 1588207

None of those anons but I honestly can't relate to anyone in the graduation thread because I don't care enough about LC to graduate from it.

No. 1588210

Can't say I hate it but rather don't really care for it, and don't find them likable, too.

No. 1588235

So I'm returning home after 5 days of being in Cancun with my family, i guess I'll post some dumb shit to recount my trip, while I wait for my flight
First of all, yes it was hot as hell, even got sunburned and it hurts, it's not unbearable but it's quite annoying.
I think these 5 days have been the most i have used this one swimsuit i bought like 3 years ago, I'm sure i got a bit bigger during COVID lockdown but I think it fit even better than it did when I first got it.
I definitely pigged out while eating, like there's no way I'm not taking advantage of the included buffet on all restaurants.
Ok so i don't get out much, drinking isn't something i enjoy so don't get surprised when I tell you that just 2 days ago, i found out what a mudslide drink is, i think it's my new favorite drink, my parents and my brother encouraged to drink some more of that.
Went to the beach 4 days In a row, had fun, I have come to the realization that i don't like how my skin looks when it gets sand all over It, idk i guess it makes it look a lot darker than it should considering that Cancun's sand is like really white.
Lastly a funny story that happened yesterday, so the resort had a "foam party" at a pool and while at it this "kid" was just following me around the pool, didn't thought much of anything, he seemed really so small that only his head would poke out of the water, i guess it was a bit adorable, at some point i saw him grabbing some balloons and clipping them together, it was so cute, at the end of the party me and my family were getting ready to go to the nearby beach and then I saw that the "kid" was actually like 6'1 and i don't know how to feel about that.
Anyway, it was a nice trip.

No. 1588237

HannahTheHorrible namedropped lolcow and said it's basically a "troll site" and that it's been responsible for several people "unaliving" [sic] themselves. She pronounced it "loal cow". Funny how she denounced lolcow and kiwifarms when all of her information for her video came solely from those two sites kek bit of a hypocrite imo. She honestly seems like just a step too slow. The way she says things and the way she'll randomly drag out the last word of a sentence grinds my fucking gears. She has the scriptwriting level of the average american 8th grader.

No. 1588240

File: 1685124458869.jpg (23.07 KB, 400x329, 7eced563ed1b252f80eb956b1a8981…)

I have been trying to find out what it looks like when these women remove their neck rings, and this is the only picture I managed to find. Help?

No. 1588247

Lol I get this too. It's happened like 3 times but I haven't seen the hair in some years.. sus

No. 1588249

Aren't their necks generally not srong enough to hold their heads up after a certain length?

No. 1588251

How do you pronounce “lol”? Lawl? Like rhymes with brawl. I also say loal, like rhymes with coal.

No. 1588253

File: 1685125102381.jpg (33.15 KB, 371x500, DcbkwLMWkAAb-iH.jpg)

I used to work for an online sex store and something I read just now brought back memories. The amount of product reviews we'd get submitted by men who would either write the review like its a form of erotica to them to tell people exactly what they did with it in great detail..

Or if they kept it to the point they'd review butt plugs and talk about how hard it is to 'get the smell out' of the toys material. Toy materials that aren't known for really holding onto smells. Meaning it full on had to be just covered in shit at some point.

No. 1588255


No. 1588257

File: 1685125270924.jpg (68.5 KB, 681x1024, 107828104_835843150281504_7961…)

try "kayan without brass coils", you might find some more pictures (I did). Also interesting stuff like this https://cdnsciencepub.com/cms/10.1139/apnm-2019-0083/asset/images/large/apnm-2019-0083f1.jpeg

No. 1588270

"Lawl" is/was used as an alternate version of "lol" so I do pronounce lol as lawl.

No. 1588278

File: 1685126160283.png (176.38 KB, 440x310, fetchimage.png)

I want to pick at my skin so bad

No. 1588279

No. 1588297

No. 1588299

old meme is old

No. 1588301

File: 1685127117602.jpg (58.77 KB, 1024x565, o8t8pvtv7n911.jpg)

Imo Schrute and Angelas arc was the most entertaining one. I also liked Karen a lot, surprised people hated her.

No. 1588308

Dwight and Angela are unironically the best characters in the show. Jim and Pam are normies to the Nth degree

No. 1588309

My sideburns.

No. 1588312

File: 1685127362670.jpeg (24.68 KB, 621x414, A5DAE276-CCF3-4784-AF7B-4D423F…)

Five months ago, I deleted my entire icloud account containing messages from 2016 to 2022 there are no more painful texts and memories I ruminate on

I am free

No. 1588314

Appearance/dressing wise, being a hijabi seems so easy. All you gotta do is throw on a scarf and a long dress and you're out the door.

No. 1588337

Kek between this and the threadpic we’re off to a good start

No. 1588348

Nonas I’ve been rewatching The Office too this week!
and THANK YOU IVE SAID THIS FOR YEARS. Dwight and Angela are the funniest and most entertaining love story of the show and they actually have character development. Jim and Pam are so boring and I never gave a fuck about their whole “will-they won’t-they” saga and I felt crazy because all of my friends loved it.

No. 1588354

i saw that and rolled my eyes so hard. i watch many of her videos but cannot fucking stand her as a person. and she is so ugly. and yes i hate how she speaks a lot too. she's dumb honestly.
i think it was a strange deaths iceberg vid, an earlier one, where she said "i didn't even know franz ferdinand was a person, i just thought it was a band" like srsly?

No. 1588360

I say "lawl", rhymes with ball

No. 1588361

>I grow 1 hair there that is super long and dark
does it have trauma?

No. 1588372

yes that hair had an abusive childhood

No. 1588373

No. 1588388

this is nice thank u

No. 1588391

i want to post about my 3d husbando (again), and respond to anons who like him too, but don't want to look like an avatarfag or piss everyone off. how do I get around this? maybe spoilering every pic

No. 1588395

his expression and overall weird looking face makes him seem like he'd lock you up in cellar and torture you

No. 1588400

Not verbatim but 'bunch of 12 year old sad trolls with no lives of their own' and then she went on to say something that anons had speculated on was right on the mark. Its almost like there's a pattern to cows and their shit and its not all just 'eww so ugly' comments like she made out.

Youtubers will use the cow threads to get their info for vids, would be lost without lc/kf keeping these several year long records of events for them to then quote but they'll condemn it all in the same breath as if they feel dirty for even browsing here. Like get a grip, especially given her channel covers dark topics.

No. 1588408

Husbandoposting is different from avatarfagging because you're discussing a topic (your husbando) and posting images related to that topic. It's only a problem if you start attaching pictures of your husbando to unrelated posts like an avatarfag.

No. 1588413

File: 1685133402270.jpg (238.74 KB, 1198x1800, FvepL7PWwAAm8Nf.jpg)

Absolutely based

No. 1588422

my moid coworker booked days off work so he can play totk & i honestly think that's hilariously pathetic, but on the other hand if i had a female coworker do the same it wouldn't bother me at all lmao. if anything id probably respect her for it

No. 1588423

Lol get fucked gringos.

No. 1588428

File: 1685134670984.png (24.5 KB, 283x390, Cash money.png)

All this espresso
Yet I am so depresso

No. 1588429

it's because those yters are weak ass normies and they're afraid of coming off like they actually browse the site because "imageboards bad!!!" i'd rather them just not bring the site up at all.

No. 1588440

why do east asians, particularly south koreans, care about head size? literally one of the most dumbfounding beauty standards i've EVER heard

No. 1588441

File: 1685136253352.jpg (109.08 KB, 1170x1116, 1684695689282783.jpg)

Who do you think is more deformed/crooked: This man or Jerma?
*This is not about attractiveness, but "deformity". Which face is more abnormal?

No. 1588442

File: 1685136289788.jpg (46.04 KB, 1133x889, FjlE7UeVIAAUHdg.jpg)

Here is Jerma

No. 1588443

neither look that abnormal. but i guess jerma because in other photos his head is outright foot shaped

No. 1588446

File: 1685136947736.gif (6.56 MB, 368x368, 1658957878441.gif)

just bleached my roots, damn it feels so nice. it's like it scorched every microbe on my scalp. it feels brand new and extremely clean. I also love the sensation of freshly bleached hair because it takes longer to feel dirty. anyone else actually like bleaching their hair?

No. 1588451

Jerma duh

No. 1588492

Yeah I also hate black people.(racebait)

No. 1588503

went on 3 dates in one day, finally my reverse harem fantasies are coming true

No. 1588514

I hate this yassified moid look
He’s ok from the front but his side profile is like a crescent moon

No. 1588515

>Reverse harem
Like you get no guys?

No. 1588593

Yumejoshis deserve the earth, moon and stars

No. 1588698

No. 1588708

I feel like it's cringey to say anything but el-oh-el

No. 1588715

I just saw someone used a drag queen reaction pic in the celebricows thread, maybe it's true that thread is infested with gay moids.

No. 1588716

It's all cringey and spelling it out is even more cringey.

No. 1588722

So so so truuuuue

No. 1588724

At some point I decided lole/loal was better than el oh el. Not sure why.

No. 1588725

TIL I was priveleged growing up with a water dispenser. I also realize now that I have a really great body. I didn't know for a long time. Like I knew I had a good body but now that I notice more people around me and after being a farmer for many years I actually have a really good-looking body.

No. 1588729

Rich bastard

No. 1588730

Also I finally get to use my bidet to wash myself on my period instead of using nasty wet wipes. Like I'm about to try it for the first time right the fuck now

No. 1588732

My dad never cared about me if it makes you feel better kekkk

No. 1588739

Harem trope is 1 guy many girls, reverse harem is 1 girl many guys

No. 1588742

Ayrt and I think I'm at this point. I only ever say lol out loud to refer to lolcow and I do cringe every time, because of the el oh el, and because of speaking of lolcow out loud.
Nonnies, are you always kind on lolcow, always mean, or do you switch it up? I go back and forth.

No. 1588779

A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. Depends on my mood.

No. 1588804

He literally looks like he's on HRT. Legit calling it now. PhilosophyTube had a similar look a year before trooning out.

No. 1588817

I basically respond like I’m talking to a friend. Sometimes it’s a bit blunt but she knows me.

No. 1588820

Farmer body superiority is real

No. 1588822

He looks like a Chinese man

No. 1588825

Late but hard agree. Can't believe so many nonnas want to dress like ugly children and hideous tiktok "cores".

No. 1588844

I assumed it's beacuse there are a ton of weebs here, and the -cores are from the influx of zoomers in the past year or so. I find a lot of it ugly too but I appreciate that everyone is different

No. 1588847

Update, it was great. Highly recommend. Mine is just a $30 attachment to my toilet.

No. 1588860

File: 1685153611532.jpeg (20.16 KB, 532x547, D77A8D42-C76E-4364-8CBC-8A5A0C…)

Switched to discord light mode and I don’t feel like an incel anymore. I use discord to talk to like 3 people and am in radfem servers but the dark mode makes me feel so grimy lol. Light mode is kinda clean

No. 1588891

the unhealthy obsessions thread makes me grateful i am untrackable online to the average person

No. 1588915

Yay I won my Poshmark case!

No. 1588942

I agree that using dark mode is embarassing but I just tried light mode and it's so awful wtf

No. 1588949

File: 1685158736863.jpeg (139.64 KB, 828x1309, 9602EC16-6DC5-4525-95C1-02D3D8…)

Ayrt I thought it was ugly but I personally got used to it kek picrel is me with dark mode

No. 1588953

It is way too bright, I only use it if I am standing under hard sunlight with no shade anywhere in sight. I think you can pick several theme colours now if you have nitro, I dunno, I don't have nitro, I'm a normal human being.

No. 1588961

Why do anons take the celebricow thread so seriously?

No. 1588996

I think the reason why my dad is such a good dad is because he is able to understand periods a little (he has had chronic hemorrhoids since his teen years)

No. 1589003

My dad finally understands me on a deeper level after he had prostate surgery and now needs to pee as often as I do

No. 1589008

because it's full of normies

No. 1589022

File: 1685167265999.png (171.66 KB, 399x626, Rrr_artwork_010_1_-removebg-pr…)

No. 1589024

File: 1685167357968.gif (2.02 MB, 498x244, k-on-azusa-nakano.gif)

who wants to play the guitar with me?

No. 1589043

File: 1685170788600.jpg (184.52 KB, 680x1148, a.jpg)

I have to be so fucking careful vetting cute indie games for any gender shit in case I stream them and end up having to pretend I respect trannies and pronouns

No. 1589059

File: 1685173076415.jpg (278.92 KB, 1108x1226, pure unbrindled autism.jpg)

This is the most autistic thing I have done but I watched a video from Beyond Ghibli and his art style seemed very similar to an old 4chan drawfag from 2014, so I made a comparison pic. I wish I had saved more of his drawings so I could better compare. Is it a common male drawing style and am I just imagining? It doesn't even matter if it's the same guy or not but my autistic brain needs to know

No. 1589062

other than both being done in pen and ink i really don't see it

No. 1589080

I want my grandmother to stop uploading pictures of me onto Facebook but she refuses to delete them or stop!!!

No. 1589083

She could atleast let me set her facebook privacy to friends only!!!

No. 1589090

File: 1685177963124.gif (1.86 MB, 498x498, no.gif)

I cant sleep

No. 1589096

File: 1685178690698.jpg (40.16 KB, 564x667, 74b10e51d345fc2225a4e58d2d98bd…)

Sleeping pills? or maybe tire yourself out, you know what I mean

No. 1589097

File: 1685179010934.gif (637.73 KB, 500x281, violin.gif)

I was thinking maybe practising some pieces but they'll throw me out so some tea and tiring myself out as you said is in order.

No. 1589098

Me neither, but that's because it's almost noon and I had a good night's sleep and I'm not even trying

No. 1589108


No. 1589118

File: 1685182157639.png (126.26 KB, 3062x1722, 1685156899364594 (1).png)

>tfw no lul so random eternally genki bf

No. 1589227

he's cute kek

No. 1589228

kek, I hope this wasn't by a TIF though

No. 1589233

I kind of need him…

No. 1589263

File: 1685201562227.jpg (171.44 KB, 2000x2000, 87bc6a0db75c8308d8fac1f8bcf4ca…)

I'm telling you nonnas this shit smells just like a Strawberry Shortcake DVD.

No. 1589265

who actually falls for this shit????

No. 1589281

Several years after everyone else and I finally took that fucking MBTI test, and I still don't fucking get the point of it. Like yeah I suppose it kinda pinpointed a lot of my traits but so would a test for what kind of banana I am.

No. 1589352

I think it's so funny how contacts in an old people's phone are never just the persons name. It's always who they are or where they know them from like "Elsie the farmer from down the street" or their full name like "Elsie Cow"

No. 1589370

File: 1685211414541.jpg (57.9 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

Reported an account on twitter that had links to cp sharing group chats, was in the process of giving the account link to the fbi but when I went back to the account it was suspended. This all happened in under like 5 minutes. Crazy

No. 1589373

I heard the FBI doesn't give a shit about child exploitation? I've seen reddit comments saying that people have sent in a tip to their FBI branches or w/e and got hostile phone calls back telling them to not waste their time (like, multiple comments saying this). Weird. But like where else are you going to report child porn. Anyway I hope that pedo gets shanked in prison.

No. 1589378

Yeah, on the tipline site there wasn't even an option for it under "what crime was comitted" other than human trafficking. When you choose human trafficking it acts like you know where a person is bein gheld instead of like saying oh I saw this account that had links to illegal content. (the account had a video screenrecording of scrolling through a gallery with actual children in porn.) I reported it on twitter but closed out of the tab. I was going to get the account link but it was suspended instantly.

No. 1589386

yeah not the same at all. Bith have white backgoround?

No. 1589387

Walking all around my place going
>ok google
>ok google
>ok google
playing marco polo with my phone trying to find it. Well, if it works, it works!

No. 1589396

Everytime i hear about someone opening/trying to open door on a plane midflight I think about supernatural kek

No. 1589408

File: 1685215280413.jpg (218.94 KB, 1920x1080, Shun_Akiyama.jpg)

is it just me or do Shun Akiyama and MGS5 Ocelot look like racebent versions of each other? does anyone else see it?

No. 1589409

File: 1685215343136.png (573.46 KB, 1440x1440, Ocelot(PP).png)

damn that "flood detected post discarded" bullshit reeeee

No. 1589433

fmovies just updated its ui and removed all the comments in the process which is the most important part of the website to me ugh i'm fuming!!! i love reading people's thoughts while or after i watch, going on a review website is too much ( soz4laziness but it's my truth ) and doesn't hit quite the same plus some of those were like 7 years old… i mean i can still see mine on my disqus profile but not on the actual website when i click on them

No. 1589436

File: 1685217458566.png (774.23 KB, 506x760, 1681095484167335.png)

I am an evil witchy spinster that lives with her cats, fear me nonnies!

No. 1589438

Will use that!

No. 1589440

Anons, what song in your native language is currently at the top of your charts?

No. 1589442

Lol, I kinda see it

No. 1589444

Miss Li - Hälsa Gud

No. 1589445

File: 1685218229490.jpg (1.06 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20230527153022.jpg)

every fuckin time I walk into a mineral store I sit there for like 2 fuckin hours. I love that ammoniteeeee

No. 1589448

Nice minerals!

No. 1589455

>elsie cow
KEK is this canon? it cant

No. 1589462

Im addicted

No. 1589463

so true, it's funny seeing my dads contacts basically being "man-the thing he does" kek it's like they go by categories
Damn i thought it was an italian bear at first, retardation on my part, sorry

No. 1589474

File: 1685219633444.jpg (24.77 KB, 488x488, GUEST_8d83fc25-9cfa-44f0-93cb-…)

Little Debbie marshmallow pies are so much better than the OG, how the fuck did Moon Pies let them bet them at their own game.

No. 1589486

I do this sometimes kek I am old I guess then. Thing is there's only that many names before you start getting elsie 1, elsie 2, and I'm not remembering surnames that's for sure (dementia, you see). I don't do this for everyone, but if I'm only ever talking to elsie about cows, and nothing else, I'm naming her elsie cow no question about it.

No. 1589495

i'm straight but sometimes i see posts from women complaining or joking about their boyfriend's behaviour and it kinda makes me understand why lgb people mock straight couples. like these boyfriends sound like complete scumbags and these women just let it slide? a lot of them are very young but still, where is the self-respect? am i fickle for knowing i would just break up if my boyfriend ever demonstrated any of those red flags, or wouldn't have ever gotten with them in the first place? i know that men put up an act of being a good guy and switch up when they're actually with someone but why would you stay and complain and act like there's any future between the two of you? am i just a fucking autist

No. 1589499

Women could rule the world instead we collectively go as far as to put up with universally porn sick men because we want company or something. It's sad

No. 1589504

>woman would rule the world
I think about this all the time women are so based men make wars and rape children and animals and corpses

No. 1589505

Samefag inb4
>Weh woman do it too
Yes I know faggot but who does it more and regularly and is inferior? Oh ya

No. 1589510

men do it by default, women do it when they're traumatised or defective. there's the difference.

No. 1589516

I have everyone who isn't family saved as Full Name and maybe Company/Occupation in my phone. No way I'm just remembering all of these people all by myself.

No. 1589539

That's why you're NEVER supposed to report cp to Twitter. You just got rid of the evidence, good job retard.

No. 1589542

Nta but some of you just come here to get mad and start arguments with someone huh

No. 1589549

This is well known information even among normies. We're on an imageboard

No. 1589556

Nta but maybe she didn't know that? If she's not familiar with Twitter or reporting cp how would she know? It's not "well known even among normies" because having to report cp is not something most normies have to do.

No. 1589602

Magical neko ren ren~ ⋆。°✩

No. 1589608

I thought it was meant to be a girl

No. 1589616

I literally never knew this. I've reported accounts for other stuff and they took literal days to get back to me or take care of it. I thought it would be the same. Next time I won't

No. 1589623

>she's 23 years old
She looks more like in her 40's I'm baffled is she lying or just unfortunate

No. 1589674

I used to be kind of annoyed when my friends would suddenly have no time once they got a boyfriend and now I'm catching myself doing the same thing, I was never a bitch about it but I still feel kind of guilty for being annoyed at the time kek.

No. 1589736

>Fits great! I'm 5'4" 120lbs for anyone wondering!
>no other info

No. 1589739

I'm thinking of making an alt account of nsfw art of fictionnal men being fluttered/crying like little bitches cause i don't see enough of that that isn't yaoi in one way or another. Maybe even some femdom too even tho i wasn't too into that just some time ago. I just need to tweak my artstyle a bit cause i have an account with my real name on it with my portfolio that i sometime send, idk if most ppl would'nt be weirded out by the fact i draw that kinda shit on the side

No. 1589746

Omg that drives me nuts

No. 1589752

Ughhh same it really really pisses me off kek. I love when the website posts the size automatically when someone writes a review.

No. 1589767

File: 1685239617371.jpg (63.52 KB, 750x474, me and me.jpg)

i am responsible for probably half the infights this week because i'm bored and don't enjoy anything else anymore. everything in this world is so dull but infights are always fun. basically lc is crack and nonnas are my dealer. i'm snorting every reply i get. 6 years and still going.

No. 1589778

Oh so you're annoying and unlikable, got it

No. 1589779

Start an infight, I'm bored.

No. 1589782

Ok fatty

No. 1589784

mega big bitch

No. 1589785

Ok fatty

No. 1589786

Shut up you're obviously a scrote

No. 1589789

>Flood detected! Please wait 30 seconds to try again.
Longest 30 seconds of my life

No. 1589790

i'm not gonna post my heeha for you moid

No. 1589791

Yeah this is the only place he can get female attention

No. 1589792

onions are gross

No. 1589796

I'm infighting for fun, retard. I don't actually think he's a scrote. You must be a scrote. hehe

No. 1589797

why the fuck can't companies that produce disposable vapes give me a description of the fucking flavor on the box when it's something like "green ghost" or goddamn "jolly lush" like every brand has to have normal flavors like "mango" "watermelon" or "kiwi strawguava cherrybomb" but then they give a few weird ass names and i have to ask the person at the counter wtf that is and half the time they say "idk" and sometimes theyre dishonest as fuck like i'll ask if they've tried it and they ALWAYS without pause go "omg yeah its sooo good" i dont fuckin trust that cause i know they just want my money goddam

No. 1589798

>women can't have fun only scrotes can!
you're not even trying anymore

No. 1589807

>being so retarded that you didn't pick up on someone else going along with the joke

No. 1589808


No. 1589810

One of my favorite cows is such a bad person I kind of have to respect her for it. She scammed $2,000 from pretending to have to sleep on the side of the road for nearly 2 hours.

No. 1589813

No. 1589820

I have done nothing but watch bl dramas all day.

No. 1589823

Vidrel, I've posted about them before. Skip to like 1:43:00. She even says earlier in the vid that she was only there to scam her fans.
Correction, it was actually only $600+ but being a follower of these two, I can almost garuentee that this was a skit of hers to get some sympathy cash.

No. 1589826

File: 1685243295995.jpg (45.83 KB, 626x417, dramatic-clouds-beautiful-rura…)

Does anynonny want to look up at the sky with me right now and pretend we're watching the clouds together

No. 1589830

>being so retarded that you didn't pick up on someone else going along with the joke

No. 1589833

File: 1685243954676.jpg (56.42 KB, 564x752, 2ea184be07fab96679180f6fbc3e52…)

Looking at the sky right now, it's nighttime and the crickets are chirping, hope your having a good day nona

No. 1589835

This feels like southern skies to me

No. 1589837

Looking at the moon right now too, thanks for being with me nony ♥

No. 1589848

File: 1685246386567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47 KB, 500x502, 1672321617190.jpg)

Occasionally I'll remember Cybersmith exists and start dying laughing and then cry because he left Tumblr

No. 1589874

i gotta be better with my money from now on

No. 1589877

File: 1685252123389.gif (118.55 KB, 256x192, a.gif)

I'm stoned and I have piza

No. 1589878

Ahaha, I shared a discord server with him once without realizing until he spoke up one day. No one noticed so I asked him "hey aren't you the human pet guy" and he said "I actually have many facets" and left the server kek

No. 1589879

kek, classic human pet guy

No. 1589883

My government is launching a rebate program for ebikes which would essentially make ebikes free for me but I don't know how I could use an ebike for. My commutes are so long that I wouldn't be able to get to work without taking the train halfway and bikes usually aren't allowed on the train during rush hour. Plus carrying a bike around throughout the commute would be kinda of a pain and a bother. I'm sure I would need it in the future when I move out somewhere closer to work but not now…

No. 1589884

Nonnie I’m pretty sure they can’t take them off past a certain point because their neck muscles atrophy and the neck .. bones, of your spine get so displaced that they’d be in incredible pain and likely wouldn’t be able to stand up straight without them

No. 1589886

Hey nonna, I’m in the same boat. I heard the saline treatments are relatively cheap for the small “spider veins” since they tend to close up fast in the process. What I can strongly recommend you (you likely have had standing/active jobs right?) is compression socks. They help with prevention but you need a good fit and take my word, get the ones that go over the knee since those tend to be comfiest (below knee ones that fit too tight block off circulation for me personally)
I’m yet to find info on the bigger veins ones that kinda bulge out on the inner side of my knees
Also not to be a spoonine but I worked as a nurse most my early 20s and I have EDS so I tend to get them even more since my cells are very fragile, so if you bruise easily and have joint pain (or any mobility issues) you may want to look into it

No. 1589890

Why am I getting vids in my YouTube recommendations about the dogs from that preschool show having a miscarriage

No. 1589900

File: 1685255878221.jpeg (56.08 KB, 512x512, 1642948882943.jpeg)

Best way to wake up from a nap is having your cat lay next to you, belly up, and purring as he is lovingly gazing at you.

No. 1589957

File: 1685266443507.jpg (121.89 KB, 1079x1338, Screenshot_20230528_023335_Ins…)

So horny gonna lose it wanna embarrass him

No. 1589959

No. 1589991

there is something particularly mentally ill about boomers and their obsession with the royal family… iykyk. i'm not even anti-monarchy myself, but watching them sperg out in the youtube comments about how harry is a poor wittle man that got deceived by meghan and meghan lied about being pregnant 6 times is just out of this world

No. 1590005

File: 1685272133774.jpeg (141.88 KB, 1080x1440, FxD-xxAWAAIi89Y.jpeg)

Sometimes, I see random cats and just cry because I don't have a cat but I want a cat but I can't have a cat yet I can't stop wanting a cat.

No. 1590009

File: 1685273031612.jpeg (69.96 KB, 1101x562, E7F0E7A3-26C9-4206-8EDB-23C08B…)

Came across this woman who loves power tools and has an extremely short haircut with no pronouns in sight.
Absolutely based
The only cringe thing is being a military wife.

No. 1590027

Have you never seen a long term navy wife? she looks exactly the type

No. 1590069

Legit didn't know where to put this so here it is. I stayed in contact with a coworker because he seemed awkward and was an actual autist so I felt bad for him, but he's so insufferable I dropped him and it's the best thing I did in a while holy shit.
>Go to his place, we have fun doing nothing
>Becomes routine, it's chill
>He says he wants a gf
>Tell him to go places he likes and try to meet people, at this point I thought he was nice enough just a bit odd
>Week later, asked all his female colleagues out on dates, all said no
>Had one date, girl ghosted him and after weeks lied that she was a lesbian to shut him up
>He believes it, on one side I think 'poor thing' but tbh I laughed
>It's nothing, we keep hanging out like usual
>I got a boyfriend
>Go to his place
>Wow your hair is really thin anon
>Your makeup looks weird anon, most men would like you more if you didn't put it on
>'Why don't I have a girlfriend??! It's so easy for you, why can't I have someone?!'

This sounds not so bad but I'm still so annoyed that he started to be a little bitch to his only friend, it's not like I even really talked about my bf. We had fun before, I'm sad now. He just saw me as someone to screw.

No. 1590073

Well that's shitty, men really have no concept of male/female friendships. Sorry nona.

No. 1590077

Nonas, never ever befriend males because you feel sorry for them. It never ends well.

No. 1590080

Yeah, she literally picked up trash discarded by other women, and then is surprised that it stinks.

No. 1590084

I dont understand what he did wrong to you except say your hair and makeup looked bad.
I believe this is because I'm socially retarded but still I don't get it

No. 1590088

File: 1685285143093.jpeg (29.96 KB, 828x822, IMG_5721.jpeg)

Im so happy my dad and kid bro went to a yankees game together. Im even also excited for the shirt they are being back. How should i wear it for ultimate Dork Factor?

No. 1590092

He's an unaware idiot.
Women date autists, women date introverts, women date awkward nerds.
Who they don't date are selfish guys who only care about themselves. Too bad you didn't neg back his appearance and insisted it was all in the name of 'helping' him get a gf.

You're too nice anon. They wouldn't do the same for us. You will NEVER see attractive men hang around rude, homely looking women from work to sit back and take jabs at their self-esteem. Don't do it for these losers.

No. 1590094

>guy has platonic female friend
>they frequently have a good time together
>girl gets boyfriend
>guy starts making nasty remarks about her appearance the second she's not available to become his gf anymore then complains about not being able to get a gf further confirming his intentions

No. 1590098

File: 1685285597659.jpg (133.46 KB, 800x600, question.jpg)

I saw the thumbnail and thought there were question marks over the cows head, was going to save it as a reaction pic, turns out it's a black and white cow behind her.

No. 1590100

He thought he could get with you and got mad when it failed. You have done nothing wrong, hope you have a good relationship. I've had male friends lose their shit after I got a bf as well, some men see their female friends as possible gf/fucks so they get mad when that possibility is taken away.

No. 1590151

I work at a library. It's not even June yet but one of my coworkers found an "lgbt" book (one about a kid with two dads) in a trash can. It honestly made me laugh at how juvenile that sort of thing is, but also roll my eyes about who did it.

I'm working the day there's a pride parade right outside our library. I'm hoping I don't have to deal with much drama next month as a lowly library peon. I live in a historically red town but we have so many people moving here from cities/blue states that it's slowly turning purple.

I'm lgb (I don't care foe the t), but I'm not into "pride month" at all. I'm also not into people yelling about removing books. I hope I can keep my tongue civil around here.

No. 1590158

plaguedmoth has coomer dead eyes

No. 1590165

You're a librarian in the library, you can react to everything with "SHHHHHHHHHH"

No. 1590171

My thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone with ongoing sinus issues, I only have a minor cold but I miss being able to drink without feeling like I'm drowning. I don't wanna imagine what it's like to live like this every day

No. 1590181

I honestly think all this tranny and gender bullshit that's being shoved down everyone's throat is actually reversing lgb-acceptance.

No. 1590226

File: 1685295219042.gif (693.26 KB, 500x303, giphy.gif)

I'm actually very excited for when I'll have a moment to sit down and watch the new The Little Mermaid movie. I'm hearing that it's Disney's best live action so far, I'll re-watch both the animated film and the new one. Ariel is my absolute favorite, she made me want to be a mermaid so badly. I know I would've died if I got to see something like this as a kid.

No. 1590248

My left hand is half a centimeter bigger than my right hand.

No. 1590260

Yay my new purse arrived in the mail. Apparently Rebecca Minkoff is a huge Scientologist though so… at least I bought it secondhand.

No. 1590300

I have like 0 situational awareness or urgency. You know those big rolls of vinyl flooring that you can get? One of those almost fell on me and I didn't move at all when someone was trying to warn me to move out the way. I also almost touched insulation.

No. 1590333

I wish there was a different kind of horn in cars that sounded more pleasant so it could be used when a driver sees something nice or cool. Like for example I was driving behind a woman who would hold a bubble wand out of her window and the bubbles would float towards me. Very nice. Very cool. I wish I could have honked positively and pleasantly at her to let her know I think she's cool.

No. 1590335

This would just result with louder catcalling

No. 1590337

Okay buzzkill, let me live in my very nice and very cool fantasy world where drivers would nicely honk at deserving things.

No. 1590338

Oh my god you thought of the best thing ever, this is 100% cute

No. 1590341

kek maybe get a lil horn that plays the dukes of hazzard horn, that always says "YEEHAW" instead of just honking to me

No. 1590368

File: 1685300755171.jpg (109.4 KB, 960x720, reeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

No. 1590374

this sorta happened to me once. i laughed at a joke a classmate made my 2nd year of college, he starts sitting by me every day and it's just talking and making fun of the tranny professor. at some point into the semester he asks who i'm messaging and i tell him my boyfriend. from that point on he stops being friendly with me and insults me as much as possible. i was about to turn 20 and he tells me i look old??? he acts super passive aggressive to me and keeps asking me for answers on the quizzes which i don't give him because he was being a huge asshole. he makes a point of checking the time on his phone so i see a pic of him with some girl and funnily enough his background changes back really fast so that poor girl got tired of his shit. i fucking hate these kinds of guys. i am pretty sure i've seen him on campus and i glared at him. like how could you take me already having a boyfriend as a slight against you. just because i am being friendly does not mean i want to fuck you.

No. 1590377

Character ai is too realistic I just wanted some harmless flirting but he is cringing at me and now I feel retarded

No. 1590418

Wish we had winter again, I'm gonna start a petition to get June to September removed.

No. 1590423

don't you want food on your plate

No. 1590424

Went to look for a replacement screen for my cracked phone screen, couldn't find any under 20 euro on aliexpress, what the fuck? I swear replacement screens used to be like 8-12 euro o there, what happened?

No. 1590447

File: 1685305916414.jpg (62.63 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230528-172925_You…)

YouTube keeps suggesting me cake decoration videos, that I suspect are actually just props, but really ugly ones and I can't look away, as if I were watching a trainwreck.

No. 1590451

It is. I'm sure it also contributes to the anti-feminist backlash going on at the moment.

No. 1590463

Transgenderism literally has nothing to do with feminism. Stop trying to include gay men or trans into feminism, literally no one thinks of feminism when they see a man in a dress.

No. 1590464

It took eleven years but finally my cat purred when I laid down next to her.

No. 1590466

I'm talking about the right wingers blaming the rise of troonism on "feminists emasculating men"

No. 1590490

Makes me seethe endlessly. Chuds can’t comprehend that feminists/women aren’t a monolith. They’re being intentionally manipulative to conflate “supporting gay rights” with “wanting incels to skin walk us”. Troons need to be ejected from LGB asap.

No. 1590510

Also when feminists say "toxic masculinity bad" anti-feminists hear "men should be skinwalking women instead". Trannies shouldn't even have been included with LGB in the first place. At first they were mostly self-hating gays that wanted to LARP as straight people to distance themselves from the gay people they actually are but still expected the other gay people to be their shoulders to cry on when straight people didn't buy their LARP. Which gave into the rise of "gay" trans people because "if a gay man can become a 'straight woman' then why can't a straight man become a 'lesbian'?" It could have still stayed LGB if the HSTS weren't placated but instead told told "you will never be a straight woman/man you're just a self hating gay man/lesbian, either accept you're just one of us or leave already" from the start.

No. 1590513

NTA but feminism would be a lot stronger if we didn't have all of these women thinking they could opt out of being women by calling themselves nonbinary or men. Clearly all of those women do not like the treatment of women in society, giving them the basis of feminist ideals, but the existence of this gendie alternative neuters their potential development of feminist class consciousness

No. 1590532

Aww, that's great. I love this for you.

No. 1590533

I'm learning a new language and today I realized while I was listening to a video in that language I only occasionally needed to pause or read the subtitles. It feels like my studying is working yay!

No. 1590537

Why isn't straight up oil as good for moisturizing as oil is? If you put oil on dry sky, for some reason it doesn't work the same as a lotion. I mean body skin btw, not face skin.

No. 1590544

I think because they also have water and glycerine. If you scrub the oil into your skin in the shower after washing it will trap the water to your skin and work a lot better

No. 1590554

back when i was a little more sociable sociability limited to the online world i only had european friends and i can sincerely say that my internet experience was so much better. like yes tell me more about what beef you have with north macedonia!!! it was so informative kek whereas now i don't have friends at all and the people in my online entourage are majority american talking about shit that is repetitive in a way that's boring as shit to me and not fun. or maybe i just have more in common with europeans, or i miss being a kid…

No. 1590559

Just applied for a job at a store I have an irrational hatred for let's gooo, it's like welfare IKEA but working there wouldn't be that bad I think plus the pay is alright

No. 1590578

I just think about how curious cats are and want to cry. Its so cute that owners like to let their cat sniff things. Idk why it makes me want to cry thats so precious, curious little babies

No. 1590580

File: 1685314553430.jpg (63.28 KB, 827x622, ES4egIHXsAUtxo7.jpg)

Any other straight women just get random sexual thoughts about other women pop into their head? Just me?

No. 1590586

Just to give you an idea of how dark the years of Trump's presidency were

No. 1590588

The last time we had good memes

No. 1590593

i'm like a moid when it comes to having a sense of organization or aesthetic decor. i literally can't understand it at all. it's like being tone deaf. even as a child i just organized my toys based on arbitrary shit that makes sense to me because autism but idk when things look pretty/put together no matter what. my books and notes to this day look like a robot made them because there's no cohesiveness at all and whenever i try it's so obvious and pathetic kek like when boys in your class in primary school were made to write nicely, i'm still the same. even my room is bare bones because i have no idea about anything. i have a malelivingspace type room i'm not even a practical type of person either i just don't know how to make things look good or even "naturally" think to make them that way, but also idk if i even care. kind of feelsbad that i don't have a sense for it though

No. 1590601

libfems seem to think that gendie woo will erase gender roles (sane people know gendie woo only reinforces them) and that "trans women are women" is feminism otherwise you're a terf. a lot of twittertards think that way

No. 1590607

This was me until I took acid. Then I was staring at a collection of colors while high and it suddenly made sense and I was able to layer them until it made a work of art. I still have no idea when it comes to clothes, but I'm good with organizing a space now.

No. 1590619

god I completely memory holed this, thanks for sharing

No. 1590640

File: 1685319639488.jpg (58.09 KB, 896x672, 1657184459634.jpg)

I used to be unable to comfortably use this one ask-box service because in my timeline I would see a lot of oc x canon questions featuring one of my favorite characters which irritated me beyond belief, like actually put me off from using it. However, I downloaded this extension called ReplaceR and replaced the oc's name with another character I ship with the character the oc is being shipped with and holy shit it has made using the service ten times more fun and relaxing to use. Now I no longer see oc x canon and get a daily dosage of my favorite ship. Talk about a win win, I'm so happy! Now if I could only somehow get the same extension on mobile.

No. 1590649

Once i finish watching these tutorial videos i am going to force myself to make a manga. I heard one of the best ways to get good at drawing is actually getting out of your comfort zone. Wish me luck.

No. 1590652

Drop chan name Nona, I want to see more female spaces.

No. 1590653

I'm in love with you. Literally changing the matrix in order to be happier. Stay winning.

No. 1590659

I would say. It's probably weird to admit but I put a lot of effort into filtering ships I don't like. Like, an uncomfortable amount of effort. I spend a lot of time on a /vg/ and I've used 4chanx to make 48 filters so I don't see posts with either images or words that contain ships I dislike.

No. 1590693

The dress up game threads used to be hype, you bitches changed fr

No. 1590694

It's the same as it ever was you dingbat

No. 1590699

I used to see new post everyday, thread ain’t filled for 7 months mannnn

No. 1590703

File: 1685324323834.jpg (111.55 KB, 1000x1000, st,small,845x845-pad,1000x1000…)

No. 1590713

jerbear and i used to be moots back in the day. wonder what he is doing now

No. 1590723

Augustus gloop

No. 1590765

I'm gonna go see Barbie in theaters which I'm so super excited for, but I'm honestly super scared because I live in America and well… y'know. I actually went to see a movie during COVID times and was super happy cause it was literally empty. I'm still super excited though. I'm remembering the exits when I go! July 21st can't come soon enough.

No. 1590776

Nonna? Why are you super scared?

No. 1590783

Unfortunately in America we have guns.

No. 1590784

You don't know Wizardchan? It's an incel imageboard. But I think it's less sexually frustrated than most incel communities because they seem to have accepted that they'll never have sex. Idk I've never been there, but you can be banned for being female or disclosing that you're not a virgin male AFAIK.
Btw a "wizard" refers to men who are still virgins at 30/40 (forgot which one exactly). I think it comes from an anime where they said if a man reaches that age without having had sex he'll get wizard powers. That probably comes from some Japanese joke though and the anime just popularized the term outside Japan.

No. 1590785

Mattel has a specific email for copyright infringement

No. 1590786

>Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.
>Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
>60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.
>Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because they fear being shot.
>Fewer than 1 percent of firearms are used in the commission of a crime.
You know what you need to do nonna

No. 1590787

No. 1590788

Have fun dying

No. 1590790

ok, just never leave your room again because mUh GuNzzzz ScArYYYy

No. 1590791

The chances of you being shot in a movie theater is astronomically low. Yeah there's a chance, but there's also a higher chance of you getting hit by a car.

No. 1590792

Lots of luck, remember say goodbye to your sanity.

No. 1590794

Uh oh, I didn't realize some neurotic anons were going to get mad at a respectful two letter reply
>just never leave your room again
I'm literally saying in the post that I'm going to go see the movie. Gun owners are so annoying trying to constantly have debates about this shit. I have my own reasons for not wanting a gun.
This is true, but also shootings do happen at places where the chances of one happening were low.

No. 1590807

I cannot stop repeating "that was the biggest hunk of milk you're ever gonna drink" in my head KEKKKKKK what the fuck is a "hunk" of milk?? God bless autism.

No. 1590811

File: 1685338388997.jpeg (75.46 KB, 828x601, 0D69C93A-0FA8-4089-AB1F-2BAFE2…)

I love this image

No. 1590824

I wonder how environment friendly vacuum tubes were.

No. 1590832

File: 1685344114928.gif (5.26 MB, 800x468, giphy-1.gif)

Men are already seething about the Barbie movie. Makes me even more excited.

No. 1590833

unironically what's there for them to seethe about, the guy is old and fucking ugly while that woman is gorgeous

No. 1590868

They're calling him a simp and therefore are calling the movie woke. It's beyond retarded but that's the y chromosome for ya.

No. 1590870

Of course he's a simp, he's Ken. He might as well be a fashion accessory for Barbie. These males don't know anything about the topic they complain about, yet again.

No. 1590884

Anything short of openly despising the woman you’re romantically interested in is simping I guess

No. 1590886

File: 1685349389094.png (621.92 KB, 622x550, 1685325216397140.png)


No. 1590904

File: 1685350478474.jpg (68.93 KB, 520x814, supersimp.jpg)

meanwhile, 100 years ago, when men were men

No. 1590920

Wow thank you nona, I didn't know this existed!

No. 1590928

those retards have been fighting in the unpopular opinion thread since yesterdau

No. 1590933

File: 1685352912125.jpeg (83.38 KB, 680x677, FmIskAGWIAgZ5BJ (1).jpeg)

I literally just woke up recently and my post there started a new discussion, it's not the same fight the entire time

No. 1590935

File: 1685353333889.png (4.63 KB, 220x111, 25954678.png)

Noticed GDQ was on and went to see the run, call me weak but hearing the donations being read made me click off that tab as quickly as possible, I forgot the cringe-worthy donos kek

No. 1590938

i posted bait in that thread and am a bad person

No. 1590941

kek were you the one who posted gay = autism?

No. 1591037

File: 1685366534792.jpeg (115.5 KB, 1125x1118, 1670188044024.jpeg)

Getting rejected sucks so fucking bad

No. 1591051

Don't terminally online moids have a crush on Gosling tho?

No. 1591062

Sometimes I scroll past the get it off your chest thread and think anons are having a heat fight before realizing what thread it is.

No. 1591063

they self-insert with him a weird amount on /r9k/. it's cringe and i don't get it

No. 1591065

File: 1685369186393.jpg (10.6 KB, 355x351, 1684608253611.jpg)

I just dropped my ice cream on the floor. This day just keeps getting worse

No. 1591068

File: 1685369307713.gif (894.11 KB, 220x220, 1642789419278.gif)

>tfw he rejected me but still wants to keep me as a therapist/mom/sister/daughter/nurse/stylist/personal cheerleader

No. 1591070

File: 1685369359503.jpg (6.14 KB, 230x219, Untitled.jpg)

There's a troon in my virtual group therapy now and I have to try not to laugh over it. Shit hairline, radioactive red hair dye, a distinctly male voice, pink cat headphones and gamer chair, and troon flag in the background. Stupid fucking name, too. In a female-dominated group, he just stands out so much kek

No. 1591083

>Stupid fucking name, too
Lemme guess … Astoria, Lilith, Zooey…?

No. 1591091

Got drunk and said something to embarrassing on here yesterday, I’m gonna have to leave the site out of shame even though it’s all anonymous

No. 1591100

Testing, won't let me post due to connection issues

No. 1591101

Almost. He went with Saige.

No. 1591117

File: 1685372842402.png (195.3 KB, 612x612, foot.png)

No valid reason why you're not wearing these right now.

No. 1591120

bold of you to assume i'm not

No. 1591124

File: 1685373484566.jpg (323.99 KB, 3840x2160, linux.jpg)


No. 1591139

Just trying to not snap at an anon who posted something I don't like.

No. 1591142

Learned their was an non binary character in bugsnax of a things, really annoys me. I don't care if it's petty, makes me not like a game much.

No. 1591151

everybody openly hates the enby character the most and uses she/her pronouns because she's obviously female, I love that kek

No. 1591159

Kek yeah? That's nice to know

No. 1591163

idk who picrel is but luv radiohead fellow nonnie

No. 1591164

brain burgers exist

No. 1591187

Wearing glasses when you have long eyelashes is the worst.

No. 1591193

I feel you nonna. I can't wear contacts due to the shape of my eyes, though. And putting my fingers near my eyes is a terrifying concept

No. 1591195

Is it good?

No. 1591196

Wish I had this problem

No. 1591198

Do you have an astigmatism nonnie? I've never heard of that happening before.

No. 1591215

>okay, i need to write an article about this steak
>this is the perfect place for a lolita parody

No. 1591238

dubs and i laze around for another 30 mins

No. 1591240

fuck i wanted to keep watching speedrunning cheating scandals

No. 1591244

LMAO why though?

No. 1591250

File: 1685382570172.jpg (82.67 KB, 680x494, 7njdog.jpg)

No. 1591253

what's this cringe shit, learn how to image macro faggot

No. 1591268

i dont understand, is this some sort of bot
who are these children why is it showing that its on youtube

No. 1591273

I wonder if ol Memphis Blue ever integrated.

No. 1591276

Low effort teasing you for playing a baby game

No. 1591277

I conquered him now I'm in love

No. 1591285

ayrt, i had to google bugsnax and im not the original anon who brought it up

No. 1591287

i get it, okay? im too cute to have sex. i just shouldnt be lewded.

No. 1591288

Actually we’re all the same person so it was you. And it was her. And she’s you. And you’re her. And they’re you.

No. 1591311

File: 1685386167605.png (24.16 KB, 250x245, ChandloBunger.png)

I'm the op who brought up the non binary character. I'm 27 I can play cute games if I want. Go play Dark souls and sweat out your ass sweat.
(This is towards the nona mocking me)

No. 1591312

based bunger anon

No. 1591313

I really enjoyed bugsnax and i’m 30. It’s like the kind of stories i would come up with as a kid with like, mcdonald’s toys kek

No. 1591316

i just instinctively tried to report a redtext because it was retarded

No. 1591317

which one

No. 1591325

male hands wrote this

No. 1591327

AYRT, yes. My astigmatism is also very bad, I'm nearsighted in only one eye but can't see much of anything in either when glasses-less.

No. 1591331

File: 1685387636943.png (4.41 KB, 1157x112, no1curr.png)

this in the TiF thread. it wasn't off topic or gratuitous at all imo

No. 1591343

I want someone to brush and braid my hair so bad aahhh!!! It would be so relaxing I'm melting over the thought

No. 1591347

This isn't that important and I've thought about this before, but I was thinking today about how it feels like it's much easier to make men ass mad than women. Like, you say something or do something a certain way, and it can send most men into some kind of weirdo fit of rage. Even if women get mad over something it's not the same kind of mad. I can't describe it. I feel like a lot of men are always looking for perceived slights against their masculinity, and when they feels slighted, they go off. Like if they get mad, it's proving how tough they are by standing up against whatever it is someone said or did to piss them off.
Idk this wasn't about anyone in particular but I was watching some YouTuber and he just got SO mad because someone said something he didn't like.

No. 1591351

File: 1685389169008.png (4.35 KB, 1656x83, based.PNG)

I took this screenshot two years ago and it's still giving me energy on a weekly basis.

No. 1591356

This is giving me opposite vibes that TIFchan has. She (the no1curr ban haver) likely copped a ban because of the new retarded mods. They've been banning people for posting emojis where there are none, "breaking rule 4" by saying they aren't trannies or spammers, and almost all the bans seem to single out specific users and go after them before even taking care of people spamming AI generated kids in caves or CP.

No. 1591357

Meanwhile the world's obvious infighting baitposts don't get banned or redtexted. I honestly don't know what's up with the mods recently.

No. 1591360

I think one of the new farmhands (at minimum) is a 2022/23 newfag, or only volunteered to be a mod to enact a vendetta kek. I heard one of the farmhands of the three new ones is actually good and confirmed not to be a tranny, at least.

No. 1591392

The other day I was looking at a ceramic plant pot that was probably from Walmart or some other bigbox store and it got me thinking that it must be shitty to work in a factory making stuff for these companies. But at the same time as a burnt out American that’s never been able to do a job they enjoy or picture themself with a stable career, working in a factory making pots every day sounds pretty satisfying

No. 1591404

I sometimes get livestreams of Chinese girls testing some lightbulbs in a factory on my tiktok fyp. They look extremely bored but one is pretty so she gets lots of tips. She still looks bored as hell kek.

No. 1591420

File: 1685395013957.gif (7.38 MB, 540x450, 1c9b68b6c67cefe89e6dbb0a4d3392…)


No. 1591426

I need some aloe vera for my razor burn or something. I shouldn't have shaved and now I'm paying the price

No. 1591429

We should use whale milk to make cheese before they go extinct. We need to know how they taste before it's too late.

No. 1591437

Id expect it would be fishy

No. 1591439

File: 1685396886781.jpg (97.45 KB, 1400x1400, IMG_6C0791D334EA_1.jpeg.jpg)

Is really no one gonna reply to this to make me feel less weird…

No. 1591471

I was talking to my bf about Lana Del Rey, showed him a picture of her with a fan and he started laughing uncontrollably. He said "I'm so glad she's fat and ugly now" and that it's a "good day to be a hater".
Nonas, is my boyfriend gay? I can't understand why he cares so much, it's bothering me.

No. 1591476

haha lmao imagine dating a straight man with the soul of a catty gay man

No. 1591496

File: 1685400401006.png (103.12 KB, 945x967, ftn.png)

He was typing for like 5 minutes and then replied with this

No. 1591498

to think i went from being called an intelligent little girl with a bright future ahead to watching bluey miscarriage theories

No. 1591500

>but also a reflection of who she has always been inside
Because the God marks evil people with fatness

No. 1591502

men hate women and truly believe they deserve nothing that isn't bequeathed to them from a man

No. 1591504

it's literally misogynistic envy disguised as "virtuous" he types like a narc and a male poster on redscarepod

No. 1591506

Ah yeah where the balloon pops when bluey and bingo are putting on a show?

No. 1591508

He also hates the red scare women. Idk why he's like this

No. 1591509

your boyfriend is named after a battery

No. 1591511

yeah. at least the bluey love seems to come from parents with children and educators and its not mlp 2

No. 1591517

KEK i was about to say, why is op dating a guy with such a lame name. and with one L too.

No. 1591520

I probably had a massive argument with you at one point if you were in radblr, and I apologize if so because you seem like one of the few radfems on that site that's actually nice

No. 1591521

my friend is posting from the beyonce concert and it sounds like shit

No. 1591524

File: 1685402261056.jpg (102.19 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile (1).jpg)

At least it's not Clayton kekk

No. 1591526

>"so they just come off as misogynistic"
>proceed to just come off as misogynistic
Yeah, dude, you're totally not like the other guys

No. 1591535


No. 1591536

Whales are mammals, not fish tho.

No. 1591537

Just watched it and I really liked it, some interesting theories and also made me cry a bit kek

No. 1591538

just make a sideblog, nonna. you can even hide your author's portrait, so they won't know it's you

No. 1591539

You're either bisexual or have OCD. Many such cases.

No. 1591540

she's going to outlive us all

No. 1591544

File: 1685403753924.gif (307.91 KB, 498x498, thank-you.gif)

thank u admin for unbanning me! I know you are head over heels with the faggots and newbies so I appreciate you!

No. 1591545

I'm bisexual so to me is like normal but, maybe is the summer heat? don't worry to much xoxo

No. 1591547

whenever someone types "you" as "u" on here it gives me the heebyjeebies even though i do that myself in other places

No. 1591548

File: 1685403972222.jpg (4.74 KB, 250x140, 8751287850283458s.jpg)

anyone watching fishtank live finale ik shut up

No. 1591559

okay. "stop being a pussy and be your retarded self on main, nonna."
what's the worst these ladies could do? judge you? talk about you? so what? if you're having fun, like, genuinely, it won't matter. the women that know you, if they're good people, shouldn't think any less of you for have a good time sperging out about your favorite things. plenty of other radblrs get up to all kinds of retardation with the things they like, why shouldn't you?
if you don't mind another unsolicited suggestion, you could always put your posts under a keep reading divider, to sort of ease yourself into it the idea, and tag it as 'delete later', in case you panic

No. 1591561

Report them. Mwahahaha

No. 1591579

Something about Heather's latest ex Ryan being a literal autist who is fascinated by trains is causing me to wheeze so hard, lol. It's insane.

No. 1591582

I posted about having toenail fungus in the vent thread a while ago and I just wanted to say that a diligent routine of using an old toothbrush to scrub my affected toes with nizoral shampoo every shower, applying antifungal liquid three times a day, sanitizing my socks immediately after wearing them (also letting them soak in some white vinegar for a while before washing), and applying monistat 7 once/twice a day has made quite a difference. The fungus is definitely getting better. This is gross and nasty and I do feel gross having it but it will NOT defeat me IDC how much nail I have to chop off, the fungus will never control me REEEEEEEE !!!!! Unfortunately I think I have a fucking hemorrhoid now. It just never fucking ends does it.

No. 1591592

I haaaate side parts. God. I have a side part wig and I'm about to figure out how to turn it to a middle part.

No. 1591595

I haven't been posting much because I'm in a healthy functional relationship and head over heels in love.

No. 1591603

kek this is how i feel about middle parts

No. 1591673

Happy for you nonna!

No. 1591680

File: 1685415816165.jpg (211.71 KB, 1000x1482, cringe.jpg)

saw a billboard for this in my city today. i wonder if they're trying extra hard to promote it because people are already hearing it's rancid trash

No. 1591692

Tell me about your bf/gf, nona

No. 1591732

On top of everything, they are both ugly.

No. 1591734

File: 1685420677808.jpg (38.9 KB, 775x1000, 51K7abmErwL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Does anynonny have one of these? Are they a pain in the ass?

No. 1591747

i have it in blue and its my favourite phone ive ever had, dropped it a bunch of times doesnt break because the screen is plastic anyway and the reinforced flippy part is sturdy.

No. 1591758

Is it annoying to use two hands to open it? Like when you're in the middle of something

No. 1591763

not really. i don't even open it with two hands most of the time i just do it with my chin rofl. you can also open it with your thumb like on old flip phones

No. 1591770

nona I have some news for you…

No. 1591778

Cool thanks for your input!

No. 1591782

girl don't do that. it's not even funny. if she's suffering from OCD the last thing she needs is you making lame jokes that she's queer.

No. 1591790

If you value your health and wellbeing don't watch this video lmfao

No. 1591798

Maybe if they keep repeating how rational and logical they are, it will come true one day.

No. 1591810

Sounds like a faggot

No. 1591862

>"Just get a PA". She just degraded her value in a relationship.

moids ability to vomit 500 words per minute while calling us emotional, self obsessed and annoying is astounding

No. 1591875

When George of the jungle came out in the cinema my parents were going through a divorce and i kept having nightmares George of the jungle was going to steal my mother

No. 1591879

Women aren't realists because we use our senses and feelings to interpret the world around us so we're charlatans but also we're born with the best observational and social skills on a planet run by animals in which communication is key. Men are fucking retards

No. 1591881

Even with femicide and majority of governing systems in the world treat women as second class we definitely have earnt any confidence or arrogance in knowing men are dumb af and what's between us and living in a utopia. Spastics. We still out number them even when we've got so much against our survival. Men kill themselves, other men and women on such a massive scale. Guess they were all robotic and non feeling carrying out the mundane task of murder. He can fuck off lol

No. 1591886

>we're born with the best observational and social skills on a planet
Completely incorrect in my case. I have significantly worse social skills than even the most oblivious middle school scrotes and am far from observant. I never really look deeper and I always say what I feel without thinking through it for a few seconds. Not all women are uber-charismatic girlbosses. Some of us are just autists with the communication abilities of a 4th grader.

No. 1591890

Talking in generalisations because the dude in the video pointed out women in general are better at social situations. I mean women are maternal and we're the ones majority of the time raising children, basically all early life skills are taught by women.

No. 1591892

Fair enough, I suppose. But isn't it also bad to assume all women want to be mothers or are naturally maternal? I go out of my way to avoid children like the plague.

No. 1591895

It's a generalisation sure, but observing the world there's a trend of what group acts more nurturing and empathetic and has more patience. Yet dude in the video is discrediting women for being too in their feelings while ignoring the way a lot of men do that anger and aggression are feelings.

No. 1592040

Lucky her.

No. 1592114

File: 1685462855619.png (9.71 KB, 533x197, beautiful.png)

This is beautiful. Hell yeah sue them, queen

No. 1592120

i eat cement. is that interesting enough?

No. 1592126

File: 1685463318917.jpg (36.39 KB, 600x600, heart eyes.jpg)

one of my friends is misandrist and gendercrit confirmed !!!!!!!! terf idk yet, but she empathized with my desire to murder men and understood porn as detrimental, and just sent me a reel of a "transphobic" meme about Chris Tyson.

No. 1592165

When my cat wants to look out of my window and gets mad that the curtains are in the way he will very politely stick his head in my wastebin and then take a piece of trash and set it on the floor and then stare at me.

No. 1592183

You're in an abusive relationship

No. 1592188

File: 1685467566201.gif (4.83 MB, 360x397, Tumblr_l_177918941360089.gif)

Drove a car on my own for the 1st time since getting my license, feela good nonnas. It was only a 5 minute drive to the store but I'm still happy about it kek

No. 1592195

Damn I miss I Hate Everything of that era when he still hated everything

No. 1592196

That's a big step! Nice job anon.

No. 1592197

Precious baby

No. 1592199

Yeah, I like to muse that he became ultra depressed and stopped making videos because his fans are insane autists, like Jerbear and all of the IHE clones

No. 1592205

why do women stay with companions like this… WHY??

No. 1592206

I have a some tiny dubiously plastic vials of glitter and decorations that break SUPER EASILY that keep getting out of where they're stored and I keep stepping on pieces around my room. Sometimes I don't realize that they've broken or I clean it up and there are still tiny shards. I've cut myself on them 3 times so far. I'm gonna make a little bag just for them so this never happens again.

No. 1592207

i'm growing in emotional maturity. i saw something i didn't like and I didn't reply with my usual akshually you're wrong and you think wrong and your opinion is wrong

No. 1592214

I got some really tart pickles and they’re so good!!

No. 1592223

nta but are zoomers really on the train of having any intrusive thoughts means you have ocd? I'd trade my left tit if having OCD was just having occasional gay thoughts KEK

No. 1592226

Don't forget that anon used the word queer

No. 1592227

I fucking hate that I have to be stern in order to get fucking maintenance to come do their jobs. It's not like I live in some shitty privately owned complex, this is owned by a mega corporation. I shouldn't have to wait a fucking month for a new microwave and a new door handle. So now I had to go to the front office and sternly (but appropriately) ask them what the fuck is going on and now I have to deal with my stupid fucking crippling anxiety. Like fuck, I didn't even do anything wrong can my fucking anxiety please not ruin my whole day because of this. I feel like I'm going to puke but I KNOW I didn't do anything wrong.
>Oh anon do you give permission for the maintenance team to enter when you're not home?
>Well that makes it hard for them to do their jobs because of their schedules and how much work there is around the complex
Okay but that's not my fucking problem. If it's so difficult they can contact me and schedule something instead of just ignoring the work order for weeks. I straight up told her I don't trust men in my apartment alone and that it shouldn't take a month just because I don't give permission to enter when I'm not home. God damnit

No. 1592232

NTA but I'm straight as fuck and I get sexual thoughts about women randomly. They don't do anything for me, but sometimes my brain is just firing off at random and I will randomly think about people naked or having sex. I highly doubt it's ocd that op is experiencing. I'm getting really sick of the generation wars (that's so dramatic but idk how else to word it) but yeah that is a terminally online zoomer take.

No. 1592234

anyone else thinks men have been getting incresingly more gay over the years? i think gay men have been grooming straight men over the years and we are completly oblivious to it. Isnt it weird that both femboys and chad(literally just a bara himbo) are incredibly popular ''memes'' amongst men nowadays? my gymbro friend literally sends me those black men shaking their asses as a joke and gachimuchi gifs. They are turning the freaking men gay.

No. 1592240

File: 1685469610380.gif (5.17 MB, 360x360, download.gif)

No. 1592243

even with all that they still refuse to do skincare

No. 1592251

I want more men gay so they rape eachother

No. 1592252

They'd never do anything that has the potential to cater to the female gaze.

No. 1592269

>gay men have been grooming straight men
They ain't straight then kek. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a result of pornsickness though tbh. You may be on to something

No. 1592283

I don't wan to shit up the Celebricows thread with this but the Lana stan thread is so cringe
>No tea or news, I just wanted to share the experience I had the first time I tripped on magic mushrooms and listened to Lana. I made a shrooms playlist for the trip and put it on shuffle. As I was coming up Shades of Cool came on and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the song, but it was more than that. As soon as the opening notes began to play, I felt this powerful urge to give in to the music. It was like I was her. I could genuinely feel her pain and grief being poured into that song. I could feel how much she loved the man she wrote it about. I cried harder than I ever have in my life, just feeling her pain and feeling this joy and power of being immersed in the beauty of the song and emotion she created. Just sitting there openly sobbing with tears and snot pouring out, unable and not caring to push it down. I felt deep in my soul that Lana was literally a God to be able to create something like that, like she was gifted with a really special power. Obviously in my sober life I don't think she's literally a supernatural goddess, but I will never forget hearing that. To anyone reading, if you're a stan who hasn't paired Lana with psychedelics, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. If you can safely try them and listen to her, please do. It will change your perspective on her music forever. Sorry if nobody cares but it's an experience other people should have. 10/10 she is a god

No. 1592290

Those men were never straight to begin with. Closeted bisexual men going to male bathhouses in secret is a tale as old as time, and the femboy bara himbo things are just an online version of that.

No. 1592291

File: 1685471798511.jpg (75 KB, 735x524, 8e6fa38f049682626f9959f713ba0d…)

I bought a pair of roller skates yesterday and I just want them to get to my home already I am so excited to put them on and test them aaaarghh I hope they get home by Friday so I can go to a roller rink during the weekend

No. 1592336

I'd like to have a sort of a substitute little sister to take care of, I grew up alone with no older people or rolemodels to guide me so I would love to be an "adoptive big sister" to a teenager who needs one to make sure that she has someone she could rely on for support and guidance. But I feel like a creep for thinking this way and I would probably be branded a pedo for even talking to a minor because I'm a woman in my 30's, fandom discourse has really rotted my brain.

No. 1592347

I have a whitehead right above my lip and it's so tempting to pick at it but I know it'll make it worse reeeeeee

No. 1592456

File: 1685479635239.jpg (138.78 KB, 828x775, d612d36005d6231d04f72c20fa2596…)

that's so cool anon! I really miss roller skating and have considered getting into it again. Hope you will have fun!

No. 1592465

Are you in the US? Look into the Big Brother/Big Sister program, it's exactly what you're looking for. You could also do something called foster baby sitting, though it's a little more complicated. Basically, America still has orphanages, but they're called group foster homes. So they'll train people as babysitters so occasionally the orphans can have a day to themselves where they get the complete attention of just one person. And so depending on your budget you'll take them to the library, an amusement park, or the museum. You'll have to go through background checks and "training"(meaning: don't hit a child if you're angry, sometimes abused children have unexpected emotional reactions, etc), but it's something that's really huge to children who get no individual attention.

No. 1592479

No. 1592480

would you share nona?

No. 1592488

File: 1685481388230.jpg (99.9 KB, 550x819, Marvels of Things Created and …)

this could be us

No. 1592516

the latest Florida shooting for example..even for florida it was a less dangerous area

No. 1592526

nta but it's not just any intrusive thoughts, it's specifically when you obsess over your sexuality to the point where it's detrimental to your life. It's also common to develop routines or "checks" that present like any other OCD compulsions but about your sexuality. Having random gay thoughts doesn't give you OCD in the same way liking your house to be clean doesn't. I just mentioned it to OP as a possibility if the intrusive thoughts were bad enough to be medically significant, nobody was giving a diagnosis kek

No. 1592527

That is us, nonnie.

No. 1592528

That is us, nonnie.

No. 1592536

I'm in a very lovey dovey mood towards my boyfriend lately that I've made a secret Pinterest board to plan my city wedding. I can't be fucked worrying about a bridal party I just want to think me and my husband look hot af in our photos and we spend the rest of our lives going on trips together and kissing every inch of each other. I've decided I want a small quick ceremony more focus on photos and aesthetics and that'll take like an hour. Then get food with a small very small wedding party then we're immediately going on a honeymoon. I want my father of the bride moment of running out to catch a plane and not having to close out the night with goodbyes and bullshit. You know. I'm thinking a short wedding dress definitely something to show off my legs. Our city hall even will look amazing in photos. I was engaged once to my highschool bf and never was enthused once about looking at anything wedding planning and here I am finally understanding what my dream wedding looks like and it does actually contain things I've wanted since a little girl. My husband really has inspired me. Imagine if he actually proposes ill actually be able to plan a wedding and marry this man for real. I love him

No. 1592558

are you ovulating, nona

No. 1592581

Anon posting single short sentence to lengthy rant is always my fav

No. 1592588

Lmao I just checked clue and yes i am

No. 1592595

yeah, we could tell

No. 1592596


No. 1592606

This kid is so fucking cute and the song remixes of this video are hilarious. I say "ITS CAWN" to my bf daily now

No. 1592607

I agree with him about popularizing that gross softcore pedo shit, except I wouldn't degrade her appearance because he just comes off misogynistic like everyone else pointed out

No. 1592611

Nonna's I have job interview soon, if I get hired should I buy this shawl I've been eyeing for ages immediately or once I get my first paycheck?

No. 1592624

No. You shouldn't spend money on trivial shit, you should prepare for the dark times that are set to hit us soon.. whatever a shawl is. If it's a pair of trustworthy sneakers that will never let you down then yes, you have my permission to spend your own hard earned money on stuff you will enjoy (sneakers).

No. 1592629

No. 1592637

i dont disagree that this sounds misogynistic but he sounds like the average farmer. I know that context matters and these types of comments have a different meaning when men say them but this is a site that has several threads dedicated to calling random women on the internet fat and armchair diagnosing them

No. 1592650

I say wait until the 1st paycheck, just to be safe. What does the shawl look like?

No. 1592682

Good point, it's not that expensive though and I do have savings.
I think that's the best thing to do, thanks nonna. It's a pavlovo posad rip-off in light cotton so I can wear it during summer, super pretty.

No. 1592710

File: 1685496947323.jpg (58.94 KB, 1000x1000, 61CKmhMuvCL.jpg)

I love these

No. 1592711

>White Men Cant Jump
>Hulu Remake
>Swapping Woody Harrelson for Jack Harlow
What the fuck

No. 1592717

I'm never gonna be the type to say "(x) and I". I can't do it. It's always "(x) and me". Elsie and me. Nonny and me. Me, Myself and Me. Also fuck oxford commas.

No. 1592723

Idk who jack harlow is but that name sounds very unhot

No. 1592725

Google that shit and tell me we aren't forcefeeding our men with soy and microplastics through all orifices now

No. 1592740

I hate oxford commas so much

No. 1592741

I googled it and it's disgusting. And why the hell do we need a remake of this movie, what can they give us that will be better if not a man hotter than woody, I don't understand

No. 1592759

I just wanna be 14 again nonnies fuck i am getting old and i regret not picking up coding and drawing earlier

No. 1592764

Or at least built like a man who plays basketball all day

No. 1592775

File: 1685501785274.jpeg (11.83 KB, 314x314, F3C06AA4-18BD-4D95-8292-059082…)

I just now realized that my calves are fucking muscular as shit because I always go up the stairs on my top toes / front ball of my foot. Like I’ve done this since I was 13. No wonder I have ginormous calves wtf

No. 1592783

lmao my step dad got stuck in the elevator again, hope he's okay

No. 1592785

I picked up coding and drawing really young and quit both of them. I kinda miss it though.

No. 1592789

yeah i would have done the same probably most of my teenage years were me on meds, fucking hate my mom for that

No. 1592822

Not sure where to share this, but recently learned that there is a psychedelic Czech adaptation of the Little Mermaid that was made in the 70s and I found it on Youtube. Will watch it later today and hope you enjoy it as well, anons

No. 1592827

I picked up coding in my early 20s after hating it for many years, why do you feel like you have to be 14 to start learning how to code?

No. 1592844

not saying i have to, but i feel envious of the scrotes who pick up coding at like 8. I would be good enough now to focus more on art and i would probably be making money too. Code monkey jobs are oversaturated now.

No. 1592853

heard it got pretty competitive after covid and stuff and now chatgpt

No. 1592877

this is gorgeous thank you for sharing nonita

No. 1592879

File: 1685516796136.jpeg (1.54 KB, 89x89, 15168415.jpeg)

A few weeks ago I got blackout drunk and forgot part of the night. The next day I discovered that during the part I'd blacked out, I got on my computer, signed into twitter, apparently searched out multiple innocent video clips of guinea pigs, and commented "murder." on every one of them. I do not hate guinea pigs. I have never met a guinea pig in real life. I have no idea why I did what I did.

No. 1592881

im fucking dying nona this is too funny holy shit

No. 1592882

Kek you probably thought it was funny or something at the time

No. 1592883

File: 1685518233036.jpg (778.71 KB, 2007x2377, 7mfjqqjclxta1.jpg)

Now hear me out…

No. 1592900

File: 1685520534389.png (4.49 KB, 490x407, hit me up jan we can make it w…)

why does my chosen theme suddenly looks so sexy and dark? are the admins making at advance at me? are you flirting jannet? you know I've got a soft spot for you, this is just playing dirty now~

No. 1592901

i tink philip is a farmer in the celebricows tread

No. 1592903

I know your password nonnie

No. 1592905

NONNY NO!! I beg of you, my family needs bread to eat!!

No. 1592906

damn what an NLOB

No. 1592955

File: 1685531584984.jpg (14.96 KB, 300x245, mr. 305.JPG)

I just had an epiphany. Ok, so for my whole life I would hear the line “me not working hard, yeah right picture that with a kodak, or better yet go to times square, take a picture of me with a kodak,” and assume that in said scenario we’d be taking a picture of pitbull like in a personal way. Like the way you take a picture of a friend that asks you for one and is posing in front of something cool. But now I’m listening to the song again and it was like a switch in my head and I quickly realized the line meant that we were seeing pitbull in a famous and popular setting in no familiar terms. I get now that it’s more like the “you see someone famous in the wild and have to document that” kind of scenario. I feel so retarded for really thinking this whole time that it’s like I’m having a stroll through times square with pitbull and he’s just like “hey nonna, take a pic of me in front of this cool sign.” I actually thought that’s what he meant.

No. 1592969

Been reading about Gondwana. What a terrible loss for the world. All those moa and land crocodiles gone forever. I am so depressed. At least the kakapo are recovering. But what I'm saying is is that there are enough red kangaroos that I can eat them without feeling bad. Please help me, sheilas.

Sent moment sbefore sleep.

No. 1592978

I love kanga bangas so much. could do with a fat kanga steak rn actually.
sweet dreams nonington

No. 1592986

File: 1685537866908.jpg (128.65 KB, 720x720, Fk5rx61,jpeg.jpg)

I honestly can't tell if this is a parody or not

No. 1592987

I’m surprised everypony isn’t on there

No. 1592995

just learned what kanga bangas are… i don't know how to feel about it.

No. 1592997

Imagine opening a board meeting with “good morning rad jazz cats”

No. 1593001


No. 1593007

File: 1685539046738.jpeg (344.76 KB, 2048x1367, licensed-image (2).jpeg)


No. 1593010

Pretty sure this isn't a parody, genderspecials are just incredibly infantile.
They need to get off my lawn and grow up.

No. 1593016

Sounds like a meeting I would enjoy.

No. 1593020

ayrt I was the same when I first found them but they are genuinely delicious, try them if you can.

No. 1593028

Halfway through reading this I started hearing Griffin McElroy’s voice in my head

No. 1593032

i now really want to try it, i tried deer, moose, shark and don't kill me for that one guinea pig meat before even though i was unsure of it first like now lol. need to research if its only avaliable in australia though…

No. 1593035

oh my god I watched a video of a traditional preparation method for guinea pig and it was the most horrifying looking shit halfway through the process (why slice open the mouth like that aaaaa) but looked so tasty at the end

No. 1593051

its actually insane and so disturbing. i also believe its the reason why that meat is banned in a few countries, but in peru \ other south or latin american countries have whole farms dedicated to growing guinea pigs for meat… it is as tasty as it looks though. the meat is delicate and so flavorful. i recommend trying it for the experience lol.

No. 1593055

meat is meat as an ex vegan lmao I wouldn't eat a cat/dog/person but ask someone that if they're starving to death.
I'm so regretful I didn't try more game while I was in north america. I think you can buy crocodile here (aus) and my old food safety teacher who would audit restaurants basically said if you live in this area the chances of having eaten cat/dog/ibis (mainly ibis instead of chicken, that one made me so sick and sad considering they are a beautiful native species who would have a habitat if it wasn't for us) whereas we're overrun by kangaroos so it's like lmao, eat them with Woolworths branding

how did shark taste? I imagine it is way more on the red-meat end like salmon. was it quite fatty? same with moose, can you compare them to anything?

No. 1593083

japanon from the confessions thread is going to get her own thread soon. i'm convinced

No. 1593087

Okay if she does can someone post clAY

No. 1593088

It's weird to see worms randomly crawling up the inside of my fence. Like excuse me you're a worm get down from there

No. 1593093

Nta but where I live it's common to eat shark, at least the kind we eat has a more subtle taste than other fish and it has a soft texture, something you could suggest to someone who doesn't like fish that much, otherwise it's pretty much just a regular white fish,

No. 1593094

File: 1685544656066.jpg (11.98 KB, 272x264, download (26).jpg)

mfw clay is hideous

No. 1593095

Shark tastes delicious

No. 1593096

this is AI

No. 1593099

Correct, so do rays

No. 1593100

no that's xqc

No. 1593102

What is clay

No. 1593104

it's abc

No. 1593111

No. 1593115

Clay is a type of fine-grained natural soil material containing clay minerals[1] (hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates, e.g. kaolinite, Al2Si2O5(OH)4).

Clays develop plasticity when wet but can be hardened through firing.[2][3][4] Most pure clay minerals are white or light-coloured, but natural clays show a variety of colours from impurities, such as a reddish or brownish colour from small amounts of iron oxide.[5][6]

Clay is the oldest known ceramic material. Prehistoric humans discovered the useful properties of clay and used it for making pottery. Some of the earliest pottery shards have been dated to around 14,000 BC,[7] and clay tablets were the first known writing medium.[8] Clay is used in many modern industrial processes, such as paper making, cement production, and chemical filtering. Between one-half and two-thirds of the world's population live or work in buildings made with clay, often baked into brick, as an essential part of its load-bearing structure.

Clay is a very common substance. Shale, formed largely from clay, is the most common sedimentary rock.[9] Although many naturally occurring deposits include both silts and clay, clays are distinguished from other fine-grained soils by differences in size and mineralogy. Silts, which are fine-grained soils that do not include clay minerals, tend to have larger particle sizes than clays. Mixtures of sand, silt and less than 40% clay are called loam. Soils high in swelling clays (expansive clay), which are clay minerals that readily expand in volume when they absorb water, are a major challenge in civil engineering.[1]

No. 1593125

Thanks nonna.

No. 1593130

I love clay

No. 1593131

i agree, never say never + the right circumstances can lead to unusual choices… crocodile meat sounds interesting, have u ever tried it nonna? i need to learn more about aus cuisine, to me as an eurofag american food culture is hideous, british is just bland, canadian is all about maple syrup and tasty meat, and i knew nothing about australian one till this day lol. shark meat is a bit sweet and so chewy, but i liked it a lot. not ur typical fish taste, so i actually enjoyed it, despite me absolutely hating regular fish bc of how it tastes… fishy lol idk how to explain my dislike. it wasn't fatty too! moose was so… smooth in texture? so soft and so pleasantly greasy, juicy u could say. shark = chicken, moose = a mix between beef and pork, i would say! i also tried insects and enjoyed it quite a lot.

No. 1593132

File: 1685546997025.png (130.8 KB, 550x300, 1684393283755.png)

Yes, hello, yes I am calling to let you know that I am sick and will not be coming in today… Yes- a fever and the whole nine yards… Yes- I tried the potatoes in my socks method. It's just not working today… Alright. Well, I might see you tomorrow. Bye.

No. 1593135

Clay Puppington

No. 1593147

File: 1685548310098.png (44 KB, 235x600, IMG_4328.png)

They stopped selling this Bang in my country, they only sell shit flavors like fucking CHOCOLATE flavored Bang over this

No. 1593173

File: 1685550187169.png (13.7 KB, 236x275, 1648169381057.png)

If you commit a sin that nobody sees and nobody will be affected by unless seen and the extremity of the sin lowers after a long period of time, is it worth it to come out and admit fault or stay silent to keep peace?

No. 1593205

File: 1685553968086.jpg (24.87 KB, 258x387, Dancemomsseason8poster.jpg)

I just remembered Dance Moms, and tbh Abby was fucked up for having the girls do that Electric dance. I don't know why those mothers allowed that.

No. 1593216

File: 1685555168278.png (1.55 MB, 1558x1470, Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 13.47…)

but don't you want to go to heaven nonnie?

No. 1593220

Other anons who like Nishioka Kyoudai? Cool, let's get cancelled on LC together!

No. 1593234

Undeniably nasty stuff to be sure, but God's Child is a fantastic psychotic (psycho)sexual horror story. A lot of their stuff is too surreal to be cancellable in my opinion. Are they really brother and sister though? I can't imagine writing manga like this with a sibling

No. 1593249

Thanks for making my dancing version of nonny beloved the thread pic, I feel like a celebrity

No. 1593272

File: 1685559473090.jpeg (71.25 KB, 628x500, IMG_0552.jpeg)

No. 1593273

File: 1685559558949.jpeg (86.44 KB, 666x500, IMG_0551.jpeg)

No. 1593278

File: 1685559793938.png (4.17 KB, 398x133, arrow.PNG)

Does anyone else get that glitch where you accidentally click the arrow to expand the reply box and it ends up stretching out to the entire page? I mean the arrow in picrel.

No. 1593281

Nta I remember reading God's Child and liking it but I had no idea there were two authors

No. 1593313

I need to create a support group for women who eat too fast. I can't even call what I do eating, it's devouring.

No. 1593314

Have you tried eating without drinking anything? It has helped me a bit, because I have to chew more in order to not choke.

No. 1593316

No. 1593320

Would we encourage or discourage fast eating in this group?

No. 1593322

File: 1685565126108.png (121.76 KB, 230x345, IMG_8952.png)

They’re a brother and sister team that work under a joint pen name. Nishioka is their family name and Kyoudai is like a word for sibling or something. They’re also called “Nishioka Brosis” (which I’ve also seen written as “bro-sis” or “bro & sis”).

No. 1593323

what browser

No. 1593331

I bet it's because they went bankrupt and the only stock they have left are the shit flavors nobody wanted kek.

No. 1593338

File: 1685567940409.jpg (49.56 KB, 774x837, 20230518_121330.jpg)

the girl I have been talking to in a romantic way just went on a little troonphobic tangent and for the first time in my life, I am feeling like booking a venue and a church

No. 1593339

love to see a terf4terf couple thriving, hope it keeps going well for yous

No. 1593340

never thought it could happen to me, thank you nona

No. 1593344

File: 1685568551481.gif (30.08 KB, 220x164, 7C2365D0-987B-4FC3-8E31-7373C9…)

this may sound retarded but how do you actually access kiwifarms through tor? I used the link that OP posted in the KF thread in /snow/ and it’s saying that the mobile tor browser does not support webassembly, so is it gone for good or what do I do?

No. 1593365

I like that pic nonny, sorry about your potato socks

No. 1593369

File: 1685570794162.jpg (132.17 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230601_010500_Chr…)

Hey nona, for me is working. I downloaded the mobile tor browser suggested from the clear web page of kiwi farms and copied the link and i can open the site. I don't know if this helps, maybe try the tor project browser if you haven't already

No. 1593379

thank you nonna, let me try that link and see if it works

No. 1593382

I'm glad you found a woman you really, really get along with. Good luck nonna!

No. 1593386

Manifesting this for me reeeeee

No. 1593409

nayrt but crocodile meat tastes like chiken

No. 1593412

It reminds me of frog legs with the chewiness but the taste is very chicken like

No. 1593427

So fun to eat. How like hollow and cartilage like their bones are.

No. 1593429

I wish my moid would look at the Wikipedia screenshots i sent but he's playing video games

No. 1593430

I want to be a farmer, like an actual one. I know it's hard work but it's the only thing I think would give me some satisfaction. My country makes farming impossible and my family from our neighbor country sold theirs 30 years ago. I'm sad.

No. 1593483

yeah it was stuck like that for a few days for me then went away somehow


No. 1593499

No. 1593556

Trumpchan is so funny to me because it doesn't seem like she ever goes out of the celebcow thread. I wonder if she even knows there are other threads or if she simply doesn't give a fuck.

No. 1593563

Because it's a boomer homo, anon.

No. 1593566

trump-chan is my favourite chan so far maybe even better than ko-chan but we'll see

No. 1593568

if you live in the city going into the countryside has tons of benefits. from cheaper living costs to less schizos around. Farming is good for the body and soul, hope you get around to it.

No. 1593573

I just dropped a bar of soap the in toilet

No. 1593583

it's such a weird feeling being 28.

No. 1593589

5 second rule

No. 1593595

No. 1593596

Samefag but i was letting the tub water run while I was pooping and now there's water flooding from the bottom of my toilet. Wtf.

No. 1593599

Sometimes I remember things such as /v/ The Musical and wish we, as lolcow, would do our own version of that.

No. 1593605

someone made a vacaroo thread (or something like that) in /m/ like years ago and all the nonnies where like "nope" KEK

No. 1593607

Fair point, I just think it would be cool if we could do something similar. Though, I feel like it's far better to keep yourself Anonymous on a site that seen as den of ebil terves!!!!111 to the public so I understand the hesitation.

No. 1593611

if one day other nonas want to sing together I'm all for it. We can do covers of songs or the lyrics on the retarded shitposting thread.

No. 1593614

This is exactly the kind of overeager cringe I expect from someone who uses nona instead of anon

No. 1593618

so depressing going to south korea and realizing how absolutely unremarkable the average person looked. you always hear how they "look so young for their age" "have perfect skin" and most of the time i saw the opposite of that. they facetune the living hell out of their photos too…

No. 1593621

You're being sold some beauty myth about an entire demographic of people and chose to believe it was something more than anal retentive image obsession and editing, that's on you

No. 1593622

Oof. Exactly the kind of toxic abusive language I’d expect from someone triggered by “nona”, Nonny.

No. 1593625

Calm down nona it's just a little nickname for anon, nonnie.

No. 1593639

Keep telling yourself anons who dont try to force some weird connection on an anonymous imageboard are triggered or toxic lol

No. 1593641

this is why no one wants to connect with you anon

No. 1593644

It's actually really normal to not seek tumblr-esque bonds with strangers on an anon ib and craving that is indicative of lacking connection irl.

No. 1593645

Nta but you're really looking to deep into it. Stop acting so autistic.

No. 1593646

nonnie supremacy

No. 1593650

File: 1685593749116.jpg (70.79 KB, 735x732, 1c8d808d716c947400c7cee2d0e048…)

Glad to see everyone is being a dumbass in the dumbass shit thread

No. 1593651

It isnt deep. Wanting to do vocaroos on an ib is inherently cringe. There's a reason oldfags refused but some of you are so receptive to the idea. Not autism, just truth.

No. 1593652

File: 1685593924793.jpeg (39.73 KB, 640x401, 306751E1-929D-4482-8A8E-8930F3…)

No. 1593653

I'm against vocaroos too. I'm talking about you sperging over someone saying nona.

No. 1593654

>mentions the word nona once in a one sentence post
God this really has became Twitter 2.0

No. 1593655

Tons of imageboards have had Vocaroo threads since like 2012. Stop lying kek.

No. 1593656

Boards on 4chan have always had their weird feeling of connection through cringe board culture, newfaggotina

No. 1593657


No. 1593658

Join crystalcafe faggot

No. 1593659

Nothing funnier than someone trying to call people out for being new and they end up just exposing that they themselves don't know much about imageboards lmao

No. 1593661

Yes. No one's going to doxx you by your voice, most people are generic voiced mfs.

No. 1593662

Anytime someone calls me a newfag I don't even bother telling them I'm one of the only oldfags that bothers to come back because I know the person calling me a newfag has been here a year and a half tops and thinks staminarose is an Amazon vibrator

No. 1593664

/a/ sings has been a thing for a while. No one complained back then. How new are you?

No. 1593665

It isnt about that. It's about using a board for its purpose and not craving validation and recognition so badly that you want to turn an imageboard into another discord server. Monopolize something else kek

No. 1593668

>thinking a silly voice post is trying to get validation and recognition
>something that's been part of imageboard culture for years = "monopolizing"
This just says more about your own mindset. No one cares about your voice or anyone else's. Covers of songs are common too. Google shit like "/a/ sings". All participants anon as chosen, just having fun. No one is special.

No. 1593671

I wouldn't say it's a grab at recognition, more like a site-wide activity. Anons choose a song and write parody lyrics that relate to the sites culture.

No. 1593673

File: 1685595925489.jpg (53.38 KB, 716x597, IMG_1023.jpg)

No. 1593675

File: 1685596054372.gif (2.53 MB, 275x209, 1646635823269.gif)

No. 1593676

this is me watching everyone fight btw

No. 1593677

No. 1593678

Go the fuck to bed you cryptid

No. 1593679

You can do that shit with your keyboard and not actually sing it, Chris chan

No. 1593682

consider this STOLEN

No. 1593685

lmao just say you can't sing for shit, is okay

No. 1593688

Tbh same, I don't even address it when someone calls me a newfag. If an anon believes I'm a newfag they're gonna believe that no matter what, no use in trying to pull out my Lolcow club member card.

No. 1593690

yuck, way to show your age

No. 1593691

You can always tell it's a newfag anyways because they have no real context for why they're saying it except that they don't agree with you

No. 1593692

I'm probably only 5 years older than you and your gen is retarded and won't own property so idc

No. 1593694

I'm sure we are the same age and your taste in cows is subpar xo

No. 1593696

File: 1685596899784.png (8.68 KB, 640x400, download (4).png)

my areolas are bigger and stronger than everyone in this threads

No. 1593698

I am a 20 year old woman, you are a child.

No. 1593699

>fastest moving thread because anons want to produce showtunes about cows
>nobody dogpiling the literal male in graduation party thread
You all make me sick.

Yeah probs. I don't really have cows anymore.

We believe you

No. 1593702

File: 1685597162500.png (20 KB, 340x510, 932402380032.png)

i am 900 vear old vampire… i vant tto suck vour vlood! weheheheee

No. 1593706

You want me to answer to a male?

No. 1593708

No I want you to alog him wtf else do you think. You want to talk all the damn time so go

No. 1593709

Go to bed cryptid bitch

No. 1593711

that's kinda hot nonny

No. 1593712


No. 1593713

you wanna go nonny?

No. 1593714

tf did i miss i was playing ff14

No. 1593715

if you havent been called bologna nipples dont even try to fight me

No. 1593717

hey just wanna get some loving u interested? wink wink

No. 1593718

someone said nona

No. 1593719

im realy fealing like a victim rn

No. 1593720

i take it the scrotes found this thread and immediately proceeded to shit it up?

No. 1593721

No. Its dumbass shit thread. Read the sign.

No. 1593722

File: 1685597735066.jpg (Spoiler Image, 268.6 KB, 1152x2048, FwPp-K6X0AMjQP_.jpg)

Ion even keep that Thang on me

No. 1593723

I forgot we have been moid infested since kw dropped for 0000.56 milliseconds

No. 1593724

That's still giving attention to the moid

No. 1593726

Literally, he's probably malding because he wouldn't be able to participate in a vocaroo thread. Also why he claimed it's for "recognition and validation", men think that's the only reason women do anything.

No. 1593727

Hs conventionally attractive and leaving neetdom and is going to go have sex with lots of women now he won't see it its ok

No. 1593728

>anon disagrees with you
>it's a moid
It isnt even a controversial argument. You just say anything.

No. 1593729

do you think is nonny's boyfriend and would have loved to sing some lana del rey songs but can't because of his testosteroned vocal cords?

No. 1593730

File: 1685597953901.png (31.4 KB, 500x274, 35e.png)

No. 1593732

File: 1685598011766.jpg (28.36 KB, 564x423, c09824963d2144c699ec02dd26e607…)

Threads moving so fast, slow down nona's

No. 1593733


No. 1593734

No. 1593735

I believe even 2ch did some at some point

No. 1593739

File: 1685598228962.png (72.34 KB, 368x469, 202 (2) (1).PNG)

No. 1593740

It's not done for recognition, it's called contributing with original content (OC) which had been done on imageboards ages before Discord was a thing. Collective covers of songs are some of the most fun, funniest and elaborate forms of OC that can be done on imageboards and have been part of imageboard culture for more than a decade.
It is always understood that you're not attaching your identity to your contributions or trying to claim credit for them, they're meant to be anonymous, and shared, enjoyed, and remixed by fellow users as they like. If it's good or funny, it'll become popular and live in their collective consciousness, otherwise it'll be forgotten.
If you don't understand this, then you truly are super new to imageboards (2017+)

No. 1593741

It's a joke faggot
>"hurr i was only pretending to be retar-"

No. 1593743

File: 1685598340791.jpg (151.21 KB, 1920x1080, resident-evil-4-remake-sales-n…)

but what if I was leon?

No. 1593744

he not cute to me you can have hem

No. 1593745

Omg it's a fucking hairpiece

No. 1593747

Pull up in the merkin or don't show up

No. 1593748

File: 1685598497297.png (648 B, 501x459, 37-372215_sans-mask-cut-out.pn…)

what if I was sans?

No. 1593749

Same kek I'm tired of seeing his face everywhere honestly

No. 1593750

Blue jeans
White cock

No. 1593751

Not the autism husbando

No. 1593753

No. 1593754

18 naked skeletins down in the cemetery at sans ranch

No. 1593755

oh shit is time to bring out this banger while we infight!!

No. 1593756

i couldn't do vocaroo because i hate my own voice and my family is also loud, but at least i'm not a scrote

No. 1593757

File: 1685598776771.png (72.96 KB, 324x340, tumblr_85240ba05e9ced84b8fabca…)

okay but, what if I was levi?

No. 1593759

>5'2 with jaundice

No. 1593760

i hope you do these with literally each and every single husbando, including kirby

No. 1593761

Walked into the board
You know you made my eyes burn
It was like Trump-chan
For sure
You're so cringe to death and sick as a s-crote

No. 1593762

I had an interview today and it was so nerve wracking that when I got home I immediately drew my husbando in office wear striking a sexy pose with his penis out and it made me calm down, and seeing a nonnie draw my husbando so perfectly in real time helped me calm down and lifted my spirits. I hope I score the job, the interviewer said to expect a call on Friday but I don't know if that means I got it or not. Hope all goes well.

No. 1593763

File: 1685599103456.jpeg (18.76 KB, 494x494, DA239CFA-9447-46D4-BE4E-F537B3…)

you surely can NOT reject me as scout

No. 1593764

File: 1685599139891.png (41.8 KB, 593x341, anal-del-rey.png)

bringing back this classic

No. 1593765

the pillow looks like a giant fancy condom wrapper idk

No. 1593766

Someone pllllease post the anon who made a dildo out of various random items in her home

No. 1593767

I don't want to do it because of the nature of this site (full of women who are also against trannyism). It's just too risky, it wouldn't be so bad on another imageboard with both male and female users… 15 years ago before 4chan became the mess it is today. So no thanks.

No. 1593768

File: 1685599370189.jpg (96.84 KB, 1200x675, FiQWNYTXoAExWQU.jpg)

maybe some reigen? you seem like a blonde hottie kinda girl?

No. 1593769

ok ok u got me. i am a reigen kinda girl. im proud of it. if nonnies dont like it they can fuk off.

No. 1593772

He's 5'3" and he does not have jaundice. It's actually the opposite, he's pale from being deprived of proper nutrients as a child.
I wish you used a different pic where his feet aren't out.

No. 1593773

she used to call me KA
That stood for Komaeda anon
'Cause I was filled with autism
But blessed with discharge and rage
Jan told me that
she banned me and it felt like a kiss
Jan brought me back
Reminded me of when we were newfags

With her anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
I can hear sirens, sirens
she banned me and it felt like a kiss
I can hear violins, violins
Give me all of that anorectal violence

she used to call me LC
Like I was elsie cow
I could've died right then
'Cause she was right beside me
jan redtexted me up
she hurt me but it felt like true love
Jan taught me that
Loving her was never enough

With her anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
I can hear sirens, sirens
she banned me and it felt like a kiss
I can hear violins, violins
Give me all of that anorectal violence

We can go back to Lolcor
Loving you was really hard
We could go back to /ot/ board
Where they don't know who we are
Heaven is on earth
I will do anything for you, mod
Blessed is this parasocial relationship
Crying tears of gold, like lemonade

I love you the first ban
I love you the last ban
Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white posts
'Cause I'm your vocaroo singer
And you're my farmhand
I love you forever
I love you forever

With her anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
anorectal violence
I can hear sirens, sirens
she banned me and it felt like a kiss
I can hear violins, violins
Give me all of that anorectal violence

No. 1593775

Samefag but the pictures ok, I just don't want anons thinking my man is a feet deviant.
Giant condom for his giant dick.

No. 1593777

File: 1685600242806.png (2.46 KB, 189x205, 1637047591_Untitled.png)

not a fujo, not a yume, not a moid, not an incel, not a scrote, not a tranny, not a pickme, not a libfem, not a tradcath, not a nazi, not a redditor, not a twitterfag, not an NLOG, not a munchie, not a spoonie, not a coombrain, not a de/g/enerate, not a faggot, not a boomer, not a zoomer, not a driverfag, not a NEET, not a janny, not a fakeboi
just a nonnie, weeb, and a gamer…

No. 1593778

sorry I thought he looked hot in that pic kek

No. 1593779

>his giant dick
ummmmmmm thats not canon

No. 1593781

Who says? His dick size, nor the size of any of AOT character, has never been confirmed or hinted at by Isayama. It's canon in my mind though, so that means it's canon in reality as well.
It's perfectly alright anon.

No. 1593782

i tink levi is average

No. 1593783

doN?T fight with levi anon, she is ruthless and has chaotic fujo powers pls I'm scared

No. 1593785

File: 1685600738871.jpg (10.03 KB, 279x234, Tumblr_l_205484708425310.jpg)

No. 1593786

she beat the shit out of me at a target parking lot last week. don't fuck with her you'll regret it.

No. 1593787

Kek I cannot believe a 20 year old thinks they are some kind of wise oldfag

No. 1593788

Fujo? Is that because of Eruri or what? Anyway, I don't mean to fight with any anons, I am benevolent and don't want a repeat of that night. I only wanted to clear up any false rumors and assumptions.
Me too actually, but for the purposes of being a horny husbandofag I will always say he has a monster energy drink can dick.

No. 1593789

File: 1685600884194.jpg (74.37 KB, 750x1003, 20211207_004509_IMG_4589.JPG)

well now it is pride munth…

No. 1593790

i do not fear u, i like u

No. 1593791

Don't get in between me and my Target candles.

No. 1593793

holy cow are u gonna k-kiss?

No. 1593794

File: 1685601017285.jpg (87.96 KB, 1023x1024, 20211216_111533_IMG_4650.JPG)

idk, im k-kinda shy…

No. 1593795

romance on lc… love to see it

No. 1593796

I wanna fucc professor sharp, love potion lesson when

No. 1593797

>don't want a repeat of that night
Kek I thought that was whole fight was a joke… Did you take it personal?

No. 1593798

File: 1685601255865.jpeg (31.81 KB, 419x421, 77AA6B54-AEA8-43E3-A1E3-F30A6A…)

I keep fucking peeing every 20 minutes make it stop!

No. 1593799

he looks smely

No. 1593800

File: 1685601270675.jpg (65.32 KB, 732x705, 20230527_102910.jpg)

me always

No. 1593801

you don't understand the yumejoshi lifestyle nonny

No. 1593804

File: 1685601350277.png (2.99 KB, 555x615, boobs.png)

I doubt it. Mine are like this.
No, of course not. I just know there's been a lot of husbando drama on /ot/ and I don't want to irritate other anons.
Mwah. A hundred smooches 4 you anon.

No. 1593806

File: 1685601439211.jpeg (26.71 KB, 500x717, 64C7B3A2-081E-44AF-823F-15D87E…)

alright, alright, anakin. I bet he washes at least every night.

No. 1593807

i HATE stars war.

No. 1593808

I wish instead of husbando drama and taste policing there was more funny light-hearted stuff like that night

No. 1593809

File: 1685601538423.png (183.39 KB, 516x983, image_2023-05-31_054556913.png)

but I bet you won't hate this HUNK?!

No. 1593810

mine are really similar, I had to rename lefty hefty that is a stolen joke but too applicable here not to steal

No. 1593811

snakey is okay

No. 1593813

post his butt

No. 1593814

I win for me tonight, husbandofag out ♥

No. 1593815

this is a christian board I can't

No. 1593817

Why do girls on the internet love this guy so much suddenly? That movie is almost 20 years old, but he's had this huge revival.

No. 1593819

i miss being a hardcore weeb and having fun husbando conversations. being in a LTR and older now husbandos just dont hit the same way they used to and it is kinda sad. would love a lighthearted husbando thread but i think most of them are slow now, right?

b-but i alredy said yes to reigen, i luv him

No. 1593820

He's young and attractive looking, a blondie too. I can't say I find him attractive though, not cute enough for my tastes

No. 1593821

edit in a cross between his cheeks

No. 1593823

File: 1685601857738.png (81.16 KB, 407x379, daddy.png)

drink this, then goml

No. 1593824

probably younger zoomies getting into stupid stars war as older teens and thirstposting all day in class idk

No. 1593825

File: 1685601869816.jpg (28.56 KB, 563x601, 004bcfe54e08f77d7192c6e0336907…)

Just gonna post my handsome waifu, nothing to see here

No. 1593826

Butts are very Christian since God made them Herself.

No. 1593827

i looked this guy up bc of your earlier post, hes ok

he is too faggy for my tastes but idek who he is

No. 1593828

that's a butch lady lol

No. 1593829

omg im sorry for misgendering!!!!
on a serious note what is she from

No. 1593830

File: 1685602021903.jpg (206.76 KB, 1280x951, tumblr_36e2da2c2aa1d0822492f21…)

i can't sleep, c-can we sit in here and husbandopost all night?

No. 1593831

Thank you nonna she's very handsome indeed

No. 1593832

overwatch unfortunately

No. 1593834

File: 1685602060376.jpg (52.5 KB, 800x1005, 65916ku9s5a31.jpg)

ayrt nice taste
overwatch healer!

so gorgeous, her voice is amazing too. am I right to think she was based somewhat on tilda swinton?

No. 1593836

Who would you consider cute enough?

No. 1593837

Wow, he's hot. Thank you for exposing me to this cartoon man

No. 1593838

Good taste anon.
I'm not familiar with this one but he looks really cool.

No. 1593839

ty for complimenting my tastes. it's baofu from persona 2: eternal punishment. he is kul

No. 1593840

File: 1685602356494.jpg (45.9 KB, 600x847, large.jpg)


No. 1593841

File: 1685602375806.jpg (7.21 KB, 176x176, 20220922_030805.jpg)

+Meta Knight

No. 1593842

i want to see a world where yumes and fujos live together in peace

No. 1593843

Does he like the color yellow? very yellow outfit

No. 1593844

File: 1685602430931.png (65.06 KB, 540x469, bao.png)

he's one of those tsundere types and is all secretive and moody. he is a wire tapper. he is kul.

No. 1593845

File: 1685602497580.jpg (16.47 KB, 246x324, Megamind and Hal_1.jpg)

What about him

No. 1593846

yeah you're right he's a stud

No. 1593847

i tink he mite. it's never really explained why he always wears that yellow suit

No. 1593848

he is yucky!

No. 1593849

File: 1685602595245.jpg (54.77 KB, 564x798, b0b581733774b4b4a2d56de43918a0…)

YES!! god she's yummy

very much a dreamboat haha

No. 1593850

he looks like he has a small peen

No. 1593852

No. 1593853

KEKK im dead

No. 1593854

No. 1593855

File: 1685602878042.jpg (418.58 KB, 1668x2388, 94049309_p0.jpg)

Damn right he is, in fact they're all studs and have differing appeals. They're my harem-husbandos but I also ship them all interchangeably. Meta Knight my #1 though. God the things I would do.

No. 1593856

Why the fuck are you people out of your containment thread

No. 1593857

You know that ain't true

No. 1593858

This pic of him gives a powerful impression. He has sexy slimy snakey vibes. Nice
Wait his clothes are yellow? My phone screen is on grayscale right now kek. I'm sure I would've reacted slightly differently if I could see him wearing all yellow.

No. 1593859

Queen! I love when you show up, is like christ coming out of that cave 3 days later

No. 1593860

File: 1685603012427.jpg (46.33 KB, 750x599, 5800d401edf3848a058b7cf376c46e…)

Finally a moira anon

No. 1593861

samefag but I gotta emphasize, he cums like a hose he is undoubtedly an absolute stud.

No. 1593862

oh yeah? try to prove wrong

No. 1593863

highly underrated husbandofag

No. 1593864

she's too handsome and sexy and based for the shitshow that is overwatch, wish we could take her and put her in a better game from at least a less skeezy company tbh

No. 1593865

Omg nona kek, please don't make me picture that

No. 1593867

File: 1685603163668.png (415.96 KB, 1267x694, kul.png)

idk i got lost

what wood u do? does meta knight have to undress or is he just like that and his dik come out?

yea i like his personality a lot. he is snarky and his backstory is sad so he has a reason to be. and if husbando smokes it is a major plus to me.

No. 1593869

File: 1685603221509.gif (536.67 KB, 220x164, monetlvr.gif)

No. 1593870

I hate this because I hate Mercy so much lol the blandest and most overrated character in Overwatch and that says a lot kek

No. 1593871

File: 1685603281600.jpeg (19.42 KB, 615x498, images (11).jpeg)

Unfortunately he's an incel. That costs him half his initial score. 5/10

No. 1593872

is that pewdiepie?

No. 1593874

Tell me nonny, is he the smug type? If so I might finally play a Persona game for the first time in my life

No. 1593875

ay nona, tu y tus bromas otakus

No. 1593876

That's literally a cutesy ball shaped being, how are you… attracted to it? I'm scared

No. 1593877

File: 1685603492014.jpg (58.23 KB, 564x962, 3f67e2c740b120ef8de9077f14cb68…)

Hello! it's comforting to know there some Moria fans, do you perhaps enjoy moicy? I enjoy it from time to time with art,fanfics but mostly I want her for myself like a rabid dog kek

I agree, I want her out of that cesspit and she deserves better honestly

No. 1593878

File: 1685603552377.jpg (29.34 KB, 500x500, Icantbeli.jpg)

>asking kirbynon for more detail

No. 1593880

ya he is smug and a smartass, thinks he knows better than everyone. i will warn you the gameplay is clunky and very dated. but persona 2 duology is my favorite and i've played all the persona games. you do not have to play persona 2: innocent sin first but it is technically first. you might be a bit confused though starting with eternal punishment.
the only way to play the game is to emulate it or you can get it on the playstation store… if it still exists?

No. 1593881

I will emulate it, thank you!

No. 1593882

Titan (hero version) not only acquired Metroman's powers but also his body, I'm pretty sure Metroman has a decently sized dick


No. 1593883

i hope you enjoy it!

No. 1593884

>not only acquired Metroman's powers but also his body, I'm pretty sure Metroman has a decently sized dick
It's because of this kind of autism that I love being a husbandofag

No. 1593886

literally me

No. 1593887

>meta knight have to undress or is he just like that and his dik come out?
If I had to be simple, I'd probably sit him in my lap and get him off from behind. I would undress him from his heavy armor, run a hot bath for the two of us though. As for how it works? It's pretty simple all things considered. Meta Knight's penis and foreskin (and by proxy, Kirby, Dedede, Waddle Dee, etc.) is contained within a genital sheath, that's located near the lower parts of his abdomen behind a genital slit. When aroused, a muscle behind his penis will push it outwards against the slit until it breaches the outside. Because Meta Knight is "cut" his foreskin will slide off his penis alongside the genital sheath when his penis exits his genital slit into a state of an erection. For Kirby's species, a cut dick is not surgical but genetic and occurs usually when the penis produces too much natural lubricant within the genital sheath. I do not wish to post an anatomical chart I've drawn, but imagine a hotdog with two condoms in a balloon. Meta Knight's is large, purple, and has a fuschia head

No. 1593888

need lolcow husbando dick size ranking

No. 1593889

interesting. pls post the chart, ily

No. 1593890

>men when they see me

No. 1593891

I've always had a deep obsession but accidentally stumbling upon hardcore pornohgraphy as a young middle schooler arguably put me off from anything sexual featuring humans, it was like seeing a lovecraftian horror and it makes me uncomfortable. The characters are far cuter, and cleaner to look at. and before you ask, no I don't have autism.

No. 1593892

I'm very impressed by how much thought you put into his theory nona

No. 1593893

Let's start with the smallest kek

No. 1593895

i kind of understand. i dislike all porn and i dont lewd my husbandos because sex has only made me feel horrible. husbandos are safe

No. 1593896

Wonder how a blowjob would work on the ISS

No. 1593897

Bullshit kirbyanon you are 1000% autistic

No. 1593898

>no I don't have autism
i don't believe you

No. 1593899

I see so… It's probably related to trauma? I believe it, having that reaction to hardcore porn instead of the opposite is natural. I also believe you don't need autism to have really weird fetishes or a weird sexuality. Honestly your therapist was kind of an asshole, with how pornsick everyone is these days I can't believe some drawings of cute alien balls having sex is what made her so disgusted as to act like that. If I were a therapist I'd expect to meet people who are into weird stuff every now and then.

No. 1593901

This actually makes a lot of sense. Well, live your best life kirbyanon

No. 1593902

You're right the game is stale, the company sucks, and she never even got a cinematic
I do like moircy but once anons pointed out mercy is bland I couldnt unseen so I havent saved much art of it anymore. Ana is also amazing character wise but I see her more as a cool grandma that worked hard.

No. 1593904

Thanks, realism is extremely important to me. I dislike it when things exist with no reason. I do not wish to get banned so I can't post it, sorry.

No. 1593905

kirbydeknight anon, if you are comfortable answering would you consider yourself a "monster fucker", I'm a teratophile and some of my husbandos have eccentric genitalia, The way you described meta knight's genitalia (large, purple, and has a fuschia head) is right down my alley, all respect to your husbando and you of course. So I was wondering if you attach any label to your interests or just enjoy being into these specific characters without any other interest of the sort. on a last note I respect your commitment to detail.

No. 1593906

I agree, I like lighthearted infights. However there are bound to be anons who don't like them I guess and I try not to stir the pot too much on here.
I actually don't drink anything when I eat.
Good question.
You've inspired me to play Persona anon. A lot of husbandofags make me want to watch and play the things their husbandos are from, it's opened me up to new media.

No. 1593907

>I try not to stir the pot too much
No this is a lie I'm sorry. I absolutely do stir the pot most days I'm on lolcow

No. 1593908

im persona anon, i feel accomplished. p2 duology is best persona.

No. 1593909

I get you anon, I also need elaborate backstories and worldbuilding to fully immerse myself in my self-insert fantasies/fanfiction. I hate it when there are barely any hints in canon and you have to come up with everything yourself though.

No. 1593910

My lack of a diagnosis says otherwise.
I don't like to use the word trauma because I can still have a relatively normal life (don't know about sexual intimacy though), and I feel such a descriptor is extreme. Yeah, I don't think so either there's definitely a big overlap but neither are mutually exclusive. I hold no ire towards my old therapist, I wish I could apologize to be honest. I get that it's their job but it's not like it's truly integral to getting down to the nitty-gritty of my now solved issues.

No. 1593912

Well I hope you're doing well now without a therapist. Sometimes therapy is unnecessary (know that from experience) and you can just learn to accept yourself and live your life like any other person. Yeah we're not "normal" people, so what. It's no big deal and it's not a mental illness.

No. 1593913

I can answer, sure. No, I wouldn't say I'm a monsterfucker. Kirby and co. are aliens so xenophile would be more of the technical term. I can't get off to other monster like creatures if they're not simple, clean, or cute looking enough. To be fair, I'm so close minded that i would turn my head up to 'Kirby OCs', too it has to absolutely be canon Kirby characters for me to to truly enjoy it. I don't attach many or really any labels to myself because it's simply something I enjoy. At most I'll use orbfucker when talking to my friends online
Exactly! For me, canon is super important to me because it provides a proper backbone and understanding for the characters and worlds, it provides a nice structure to make creative works too. I get really annoyed, almost angry, when people disregard canon or make up bullshit excuses for their choices in derivative works.

No. 1593920

File: 1685605971011.gif (516.87 KB, 498x498, kirby-star.gif)

I see, thank you for taking your time to answer. I'm glad you have found what you truly enjoy and brings you happiness. Me and other husbandofags enjoy your company in the /g/ thread so always feel free to sperg your heart out.

No. 1593921

>I get really annoyed, almost angry, when people disregard canon or make up bullshit excuses for their choices in derivative works.
Kek same, especially when something entirely fanmade with no basis in canon logic becomes popular in a fandom. I get it's for fun but it just feels so meaningless and empty to me.

No. 1593927

Kirby has actual lore?

No. 1593931

NTA but yes. Always has. Did you think it didn't because of the "Kirby lore" meme?

No. 1593935

Thanks Anon, thay truly means a lot.I wish I could sperg a bit more about shipping though!

No. 1593937

There's the OTP thread on /m/, maybe you could post about them there (though without lewd descriptions, of course)

No. 1593938

ok fuck it FUCK MARRY KILL (nightmare edition)



choose wisely & no cheating by killing yourself allowed unless you’re rancefag

No. 1593939

Exactly. I don't like it when something within the fandom becomes popular despite it having no connection to canon. I also detest mischaracterization the most, it fills me with a sense of disdain towards those who willingly and knowingly do it. I'm fine with AUs, so long as they properly translate the canocity of characters, events, etc. into the universe. For example if I made a modern AU, I wouldn't make Meta Knight a coffee shop employee but instead a police officer since it's a modern version of a knight.
Kirby has shitton of lore, that's not even counting derivative media such as the novels.

No. 1593940

Fuck Tighten, marry Grima, Kill Rance. Easy

No. 1593943

I cannot believe you are defending showing porn to women unconsenting, especially fraky fetish porn (which wanting to fuck weird orbs and cartoon penguins is to normal people).

No. 1593945

>For example if I made a modern AU, I wouldn't make Meta Knight a coffee shop employee but instead a police officer since it's a modern version of a knight.
Fuck. I do this too with my husbando in a modern AU I made. I like to think not only about what the modern world equivalent of his role is, but also how the current world would slightly change his life circumstances. But not too much because then he'd end up in a much different role from his original self's.

No. 1593952

you're all so sweet and absurd, this thread is a blessing.

No. 1593953

Agreed. Though, I don't just think about how to translate their roles into a AU but also how to translate their experiences as relatively close as possible within the confines of an AU. Like, in Robobot, a giant interplanetary ship that tries to invade and mechanize Popstar could be translated into a large company building a huge superstore that takes up space and almost runs Kirby's cafe out of business.
She asked to see it.

No. 1593954

>showing porn to women unconsenting
She's not a scrote who showed real porn to a random woman to sexually harass her. She was showing her gross but inoffensive drawings to her therapist so she could get psychological help. Shut up already

No. 1593955

For once I'm not scrolling up to see what's happened the past hour cause no way I'm reading about kirby meta knight dick when kirby was my childhood. The one fandom I prayed no porn existed of.

No. 1593956

File: 1685609299591.jpeg (25.5 KB, 442x262, 0B82F85F-BCF4-466D-A20F-14B4C9…)

The girl I almost had something with three years ago just tweeted about her "bf"

No. 1593958

Kek I was like you at first too. At this point I've just accepted it. Thankfully I don't actually have to see it, and I can still separate what Kirbyanon posts from the actual games.

No. 1593963

i am too lesbian to truly understand the husbandofagging, but marceline and serana are peak waifus.

No. 1593966

I had a thing for marceline when i was younger but she seemed like the love-and-dump kinda gal so I didn't wanna get too attached to her she could love-and-dump me anytime now tho

No. 1593968

i wanted marceliene to turn me into a vampire so bad as a kid

No. 1593971

god, same

No. 1593974

I wanted to try Kirby games but I cannot unread all her fetish stuff, that’s all I think about when I see that pink ball now

No. 1594021

File: 1685617435599.jpg (87.97 KB, 1125x798, 391EDC2B7-4538-B452.jpg)

Good for her.

No. 1594026

that mouth do what

No. 1594028

>God for her
Considering the circumstances, chances are she will troon out

No. 1594030

Long live the west! Long love the west! I hate morality and god! I want STRONK WOMAN ARMPIT

No. 1594031

File: 1685619127453.jpeg (19.26 KB, 500x500, IMG_5066.jpeg)

He cute

No. 1594032

File: 1685619240776.jpg (778.9 KB, 1451x2002, E2COFAJVIAEd77z.jpg)

Fuck Rance, fuck Rance, fuck Rance


No. 1594033

Ok coomer

No. 1594034

Water is wet, grass is green, and Rance is my boyfriend.

No. 1594035

File: 1685619431833.jpeg (93.7 KB, 750x1200, 1594753159786.jpeg)

Is it time to egocentric police dick post?

No. 1594042

File: 1685620517751.png (17.62 KB, 366x265, image24.png)

I love my husbandos feet but I expected it to look grosser so I'm kinda disappointed in that regard

No. 1594055

Who is she?

No. 1594057

File: 1685622480804.gif (922.43 KB, 500x534, Imgur.gif)

[Verse 1]
Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only sky
Imagine all the yumejoshi and fujoshi
Living for today

[Verse 2]
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the yumejoshi and fujoshi
Living life in peace

You may say nonnie's a dreamer
But she's not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

No. 1594070

Samefag, as I thought, anons got upset and are now calling for people to be banned in /meta/. although it wasn't derailing since this thread has no topic

No. 1594131

File: 1685627384959.jpg (4.15 MB, 2592x3888, july 1 2011 taken with Canon E…)

I have this random picture on my computer from 2011. i keep it because i think he looks so sweet
he's probably a gangmember in a thai prison or something but he's holding a kitten

No. 1594135

File: 1685627588452.jpeg (10.13 KB, 226x223, index.jpeg)

>Imagine there's no heaven
should have imagined no snubnose revolvers, wifebeating asshole

No. 1594157

File: 1685628784445.jpeg (7.69 KB, 275x183, 1BE7E58B-96D6-4D2E-B82F-BB77BE…)

Shower thought:
What if a bunch of women and girls are saying that they’re asexual because
Porn is made for the male gaze and it isn’t as appealing as porn made for the female gaze would be like for women.
Gay porn made by women is obviously from the female gaze but isn’t appealing because it’s gay porn and therefore it’s like reading a book about buying bananas.
The porn made by women from the female gaze and for the female gaze is mocked and therefore seen as something silly even though it’s what actually would turn us on.

No. 1594165

What's with that attept at greentexting, and also why are you basing sexuality so much off of porn

No. 1594168

File: 1685629385462.png (106.02 KB, 676x791, 766666.png)

I hope every pornsick moid dies amen.

No. 1594169

It’s the dumbass shit thread, nonner

No. 1594170

No. 1594171

File: 1685629606729.png (2.72 MB, 2229x2877, 1673131303391.png)

No. 1594172

There is no such thing as porn from the female gaze, with erotica probably being the only thing coming close. Even Yaoi is filled with creepy top/bottom power dynamics and sexualized feminization so I do not remotely consider that to be positive. BUT anyways, you're sort of right, not completely though. Women think they're asexual because they see how horrible men are and how poorly they treat us and the trauma kills their desire to experience sex. Porn plays into that but so does every other kind of media including books and art. What mostly plays into it is the fundamental realization that a woman is literally never safe to engage in her sexuality in a healthy and liberating way. Lesbophobia, sexual violence, domestic violence, autism, and psychological trauma are the roots of asexuality in probably 99% of women. That being said, im willing to accept that some ladies out there genuinely don't care for sex, with either gender, and don't see the hype. Honestly when you cut through all the red tape, sex is retarded and maybe some women just see that and sit out.

No. 1594173

File: 1685629667007.jpg (27.35 KB, 455x673, his demise.jpg)

Don't mind me, I just want that shit out of the front page

No. 1594174

File: 1685629738092.jpg (71.54 KB, 509x733, 373a4679f4b95a0c809ac51647a3a6…)

No. 1594175

I mean, nowadays people are bombarded with porn, like it or not.

No. 1594176

File: 1685629931648.jpeg (24.56 KB, 749x496, 1648949244315.jpeg)

amen sister

No. 1594180

File: 1685630129937.jpg (39.09 KB, 563x521, 1630211516722.jpg)

No. 1594183

File: 1685630195485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.56 KB, 464x279, 1640964672387.jpg)

No. 1594185

File: 1685630248278.jpg (31.34 KB, 275x272, 1646913987635.jpg)

No. 1594186

File: 1685630303977.png (1.22 MB, 1252x1609, 52%.png)

No. 1594188

File: 1685630383604.png (182.46 KB, 632x580, 1639531168050.png)

No. 1594190

I had put my mug of coffee between my legs for a second but my cat moved all of sudden and I got coffee all over my bed and crotch. Thank god it was cold, I could've ended like that McDonald's coffee lady but without the million dollar lawsuit

No. 1594192

File: 1685630499034.jpeg (66.08 KB, 800x532, 1644040808108.jpeg)

No. 1594200

File: 1685631325429.gif (2 MB, 466x498, clapping-otter.gif)

I very much agree with what you have written and like it, especially as a woman who is sitting it out and doesn't see the hype at the moment, kek.

No. 1594228

One of my mutual friends is…well it's clear our personalities don't mesh well for whatever reason. I see her as blunt, and the way she talks often makes me feel like she thinks everything I say is dumb. But since I can't prove she's actually being rude, and everyone else says "that's just how she is", I avoid her if I can and be civil when I can't.

On her end, apparently my sarcasm isn't obvious when I'm snarky, or when I'm feeling depressed I just sound grumpy so SHE thinks I'm being rude. She overheard a (snarky but not mean at all) comment I directed to my bf as being towards her so she sent a LONG message in our group chat about how I was rude.

I just went to be by myself because I got super hurt and confused about what I did, and like there was no way I could defend myself because I'm not allowed use the "that's just how she is" excuse myself. Maybe I'm too sensitive.

No. 1594232

>sends long message to groupchat about how you're rude
>doesn't send a message to you one on one instead of making it everybody's drama
I feel like she actually doesn't like you and is being rude to you because the way she ran to alert everyone of how ~RuDe~ you are instead of sending you a message privately and asking to clear up any confusion over the comment you made is incredibly sus. If someone did that in one of the groupchats I'm in, they would definitely be given the side-eye for blowing shit wildly out of proportion and making something innocuous everybody's issue.

No. 1594280

>Why would you post a photograph of a uterus on a board used primarily by women, who deserve to be aware and informed about illnesses such as PCOS?

This website is becoming more and more masculine every single day. I posted a photo of a uterus with pcos in the vent thread (granted I said it looked like a rotisserie chicken, because it literally did) and I had neglected to spoiler it so another farmhand was kind enough to do that for me, but some septum piercing pink haired retard banned me for 24 hours (and then immediately rescinded it after I submitted an appeal) for quote unquote “uterus spam”…are you serious? You’re telling me I can’t post a photo of a (removed) uterus on a website used by radfems? I was informed to post it in the dumbass shit thread because it “doesn’t belong in the vent thread” and I’m not going to repost it, but I just think it’s hilarious that you can’t post a photograph of female bodily functions on lolcow dot farm. This is the most dumbass shit I’ve encountered on this website thus far.

No. 1594333

We're also getting banned for "ALOGing" trannies. I know the new mods aren't TIMs due to voice verification being the only requirement for being a farmhand it seems. My guess is at least one new mod is a TRA, but not a tranny unless they're a gayden.

No. 1594341

You were wrong to do it. Now you’re being self righteous about it as if you were performing a public service. Go touch grass.

No. 1594352

kinda wanna see it tbh my hysterectomy photos were crazy looking too, doctor said my uterus was a distended golf bag of fibroids and it sure looked like it. also why are there faggots spamming threads into being unusable but this is the anon that gets banned ffs

No. 1594388

It didn't even appear to be out of place for me in the vent thread as it's a very legit vent to say "look at that rotisserie chicken uterus", no one even knows if you have to deal with shit like that and therefore vented. Showing how an uterus could look on a mostly female website should be normal, if you would have posted a penis full of pimples I would have wondered about you sanity. Next time just spoiler it, for the nonnas without a strong stomach.

No. 1594395

Why was I wrong to post that though…like can you provide an example? Because you’re very steadfast in the belief that I was “wrong” and that I’m being “self righteous” for sharing a photo of an unhealthy uterus but…why is it so wrong to share that on a website where arguably much more disgusting shit is posted regularly? Like you’re not gonna sit there and say that a photo of a uterus is really that disturbing. Seriously.

No. 1594399

Yeah, I felt kind of stupid when I realized that I didn’t spoiler it but I didn’t really think anyone would react to it

No. 1594414

just curious, are any of you religious ? what's the most common religion on here ?

No. 1594415

No. 1594452

File: 1685646552427.png (1.2 MB, 794x1059, il_794xN.3190108261_ha9c.png)

I need to be working, but I'm sitting here thinking about what snacks I'll bring when I go to see Barbie.

I want to do only pink snacks, but there actually are not many pink candies (and I'll probably want something savory). I could do strawberry pocky. Pink starbursts and skittles seem like an obvious answer but I hate both of those. There's cotton candy, but do I want that? I could also bring in a strawberry ramune but those make a loud pop noise and I don't want to do that in the theater. I could get a strawberry Jarritos but then I would have to take a bottle opener with me. Tbh I'll probably just take in water or not even bring anything at all because I don't like drinking in public. There's those Hello Panda biscuit cookies but those are gross. No gum because I fucking hate gum and who eats that during a movie.

I could probably find some pink gummies, so so far that's pocky and gummies and whatever actual food I decide to eat (probably a burger because burgers are my go-to theater food).

No. 1594455

Samefag, those pink wafers like the one in the pic are so good but so messy.

No. 1594457

File: 1685646720354.jpeg (136.31 KB, 1200x600, B5410944-C261-438F-A087-4A289F…)

How about ruby chocolate? It’s cute.

No. 1594468

Bake your own cupcakes and decorate them with pink frosting and some candies on top. The cupcake liners can be a cute pattern, so the insides can be anything you want. You could even make savoury cheese muffins as well and 'frost' them with some savoury spread with a piping bag.

No. 1594486

I'm so disappointed I misses all the husbando discourse since I was asleep!!! It's always so funny when it leaks into /ot/ you guys are hilarious. Never 4get husbando power ranking.

No. 1594502

oh she's drunk tonitw girls

No. 1594505

When I was 11 I wrote ‘I like yaoi’ on my youtube profile and someone commented on my profile ‘YAOI IS FOR JAPANESE GIRLS ON THEIR PERIOD’ because he was mad at me over something.

No. 1594508

Oh yeah, he was mad at me over Kirby OC drama
Truly the early 2010s were an interesting time

No. 1594540

File: 1685649708020.png (56.77 KB, 500x500, 5b2.png)

No. 1594542

File: 1685649846935.jpg (26.8 KB, 500x375, desu.jpg)

Depends what you mean. Like, I'm not some fanatic, I believe in God, have some religious imagery and pray sometimes, but apparently that's not enough for some people. I am catholic born in a mostly catholic country and every atheist (males especially) I've met when asking that question and getting the basic "I'm catholic" answer thinks that I'm an avid bible reader and starts making weird questions and getting all worked up about the bible passages. Like, sorry to disappoint, I have no idea what God was thinking when he drowned thousands of people, honestly I don't care if He did it for His own amusement, I did the same with my sims once I figured I just needed to remove the ladder of the pool, we are in the end made His image alright, who am I to judge. Like, what a nerd, reading the fucking bible kek.
I wanted to be a nun when I was a kid because the thought of marrying a man scared me and I thought the sisters in my school looked hella cool, that's all, I don't even go to the church cus my dad (a catholic convert) said to stay away cus all they want is to steal our money, and my catholic teacher said you don't need the church to be a good christian (I trust her, she taught me math and respected other kids religions), that's how I was raised, last time I touched the bible was 20 years ago. My atheist ex friend once told me I'm a bad christian, like dude, I guess I am, I should be more like God and drown real men for their sins, starting with your porn addicted ass. What a fucking retard.

No. 1594544

this is the hetalia man

No. 1594548

i mean, i thought i was asexual in high school because i thought porn was disgusting (still do) but then i grew up and realized porn is the problem. i still have my problems with sex and sexual dysfunction but i don't necessarily dislike it and i don't think asexuality is necessarily real. and it's just another spicy straight way of trying to insert themselves as "queer".

i agree with this

it is pretty overrated, especially the weird shit pushed in porn and people's stupid bdsm obsessions.

No. 1594556

>Honestly when you cut through all the red tape, sex is retarded and maybe some women just see that and sit out.

Yeah, I've been growing to realize this. And the more I detach, the more sex repulsed I find myself becoming. Especially when interacting with men. Even the ones who choose to abstain from sex are always talking or referencing it. And they ALL "joke" about sexual violence and if he's even vaguely attracted to you he won't be able to carry on a full conversation without an innuendo. I know I like sex and I like how sex feels with men especially, but seeing men for what they truly are repulses me to the point where I feel physically ill imagining intimacy with one.

No. 1594557

File: 1685650447134.png (28.71 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mz2alrDKuf1r9wko3o1_500…)

god oeilvert's adasou was incredibly based

No. 1594559

File: 1685650875814.jpg (822.76 KB, 2900x2086, x3il3i4ep0i01.jpg)

raised catholic, catholic schooling K-12, atheist until early 20s. thought about getting confirmed but realized i just don't like the current state of the church atm. i don't think the pope is infallible and i don't even like pope francis. i really like some of the general views of catholicism (grace, forgiveness, can always turn your life around, everyone is a sinner) and the heavy themes of guilt, shame, really reflects the emotions i feel often so it makes me feel less alone. i also really like the anti-perversion message, but the pedo priests being sick fucks and getting away with it really is hypocritical. it resonates with me how jesus told the truth and was crucified for it, sort of a message that when evil acts are popular, those who speak out against it are doing the right thing even when others try to keep them down. also i just really like the imagery. i like st catherine of siena and bingen of hildegard.

No. 1594561

Too bad she's obsessed with that shitty Attack on Titan manga now… I had to unfollow her everywhere because of it.

No. 1594563

File: 1685651109062.jpg (86.54 KB, 692x775, 42614843_p46_master1200.jpg)

moar adacher

No. 1594564

faking an esl accent for a certain je ne sais quoi technically esl applies to me but i've been speaking english as my quasi mother tongue more often than my actual one since toddler age to the point where it's the language i think in i'm honestly just so bored of having the same "general american" accent everyone else has yes i'm a special little nlog i previously trained myself to have a canadian one when i was a teenager just for a little something extra but not too out there. non anglos will understand

No. 1594565

>I have no idea what God was thinking when he drowned thousands of people, honestly I don't care if He did it for His own amusement, I did the same with my sims once I figured I just needed to remove the ladder of the pool

>I should be more like God and drown real men for their sins, starting with your porn addicted ass

nonnie… ily

No. 1594567

Nonas I'm really craving stories about friend groups with insane, annoying, mentally unstable cows that cause unnecessary drama. Does anyone have any stories to share… or maybe could link me to a thread here about stories like that? I'd even take a reddit thread. Idk why but I crave it so bad.

No. 1594568

File: 1685651371427.png (3.86 KB, 126x122, have you guys heard of this co…)

Wtf, is Attack on Titan still ongoing?? In currentyear???

No. 1594570

It has a trans woman in it so I'll think twice about seeing it.

No. 1594571

I would love to but I can never find ruby chocolate. I'm gonna go on the hunt for some for real now.
Oooh you're a genius anon. I've been wanting to make goat cheese and fruit muffins. I could use raspberries or strawberries and put them in the spread.

No. 1594572

Attack on titan manga is over, the series still has one or two more hour long parts (unfortunately, I am very sad about it's end).

No. 1594573

The manga is over but she's still a huge fan. My sister recently told me the anime isn't over just yet but it should be soon.

No. 1594574

File: 1685651605190.jpg (35.25 KB, 564x531, c034d988e96cba8e3e5e374a3539c9…)

please stop thinking please stop thinking please sto- gunshots

No. 1594576

Have you ever heard the story of Msscribe the Unwise? https://archive.is/jSqQy

No. 1594577

File: 1685651694902.png (407.44 KB, 1300x1103, 21754757_p0.png)

Adchee loves toes

No. 1594578

File: 1685651744503.gif (12.22 KB, 100x100, xweetok_face_wink.gif)

a fellow neopian…

No. 1594580

File: 1685651957312.png (41.36 KB, 543x627, tumblr_n5sdzytofQ1s00mlqo1_128…)

i do not realy lewd my husbandos or ship anyone but here have adacher lollipop man

No. 1594582

File: 1685651990345.png (53.7 KB, 500x608, tumblr_n7ch50zKZ41r9wko3o1_500…)

Ah well, there's always her old art.

No. 1594584

Fucking disgusting blunt smoker

No. 1594585

BE QUIET. let the man do wat he wants

No. 1594587

i am tempted to make an smt (+ persona of course) thread on /m/… should i do it

No. 1594594

File: 1685652726751.png (207.58 KB, 744x1052, 82942135_p3_master1200.png)

For me Adachi isn’t a husbando, he’s Yu’s husbando.

No. 1594597

Reigen wouldn't smoke weed because it's illegal in Japan. I was referring to the nonna who posted that shit and whoever made that stupid ass edit.

No. 1594601

File: 1685652951014.png (134.25 KB, 600x694, 1474481415291.png)

God I wish I could beat Adachi to death with a stick.

No. 1594603

File: 1685653194395.png (74.32 KB, 946x752, p4ga.png)

Do it. It's gonna be 90% Adachifags though.

No. 1594606

File: 1685653285189.jpg (52.36 KB, 564x884, 59d0b2aa08c23c45d558acc36bef80…)

please do, i want to post my lawfag husbando

No. 1594607

File: 1685653322859.jpg (70.66 KB, 842x595, tumblr_ngjicmwr7b1s00mlqo1_128…)

i respec.

as a fellow adachifag, i am ok with that.

No. 1594609

People who join cults are fucking stupid

No. 1594624

well maby he SHOULD smoke weed

No. 1594626

File: 1685653939967.png (10.1 KB, 181x198, jonnyblush.png)

ok i am werking on it. will link when it is done

No. 1594641

No. 1594648

File: 1685655375783.jpeg (90.29 KB, 828x816, IMG_0883.jpeg)

No. 1594650

File: 1685655488089.jpeg (168.01 KB, 960x1280, FA7E1FECB9CAB0659FDF895CCB290E…)

Damn Adachi got cake

No. 1594653

i have seen horrors beyond human comprehension in the confessions thread. pls make it stop.

No. 1594654

Clearly Max has a boycrush on Young Gravy, who I didn't know until know; and by the way, he is a coomer whose favorite YouTuber is Cr1tikal. But anyway Max is like giggling and maintaining such eye contact with this man and trying to impress him with his knowledge of the lore, and complimenting his voice. I dunno, it's funny. Anyone else watch this and catch this?

No. 1594660

Always glad to be of service. Goat cheese muffins sound great, so I might pilfer the idea from you.

No. 1594661

I've never had goat cheese…

No. 1594669

No. 1594677

It's just kinda tangy and earthy. If you're a cheese lover I would recommend trying it out with some crackers, honey and fruit.

No. 1594686

This is how I felt watching Mr Beast on Andrew schultz podcast recently. Everyone was dapping him up OTT, so try hard, laughing at every minor thing he said. At one point he said something so mundane and yet the guy next to him was like kneeslapping hooting and a hollering and it felt like I was watching him deep throat his cock and lick the dirt from under his boots

No. 1594740

The robots are coming for your jobs!!!!

I hope this means test tubes babies soon


No. 1594748

Isn’t this just about robot assisted transplantation? A lot of surgeries are robot assisted.

No. 1594750

macdonalds macnugget

No. 1594772

File: 1685665883303.gif (858.53 KB, 498x280, 6054525E-8754-4E21-867F-C84AEB…)

Does anyone know what episode this gif is from?

No. 1594773

u r just jealous I won't let u join mine!

No. 1594775

High school nudical I think

No. 1594777

Im scared to search that up but thanks lmao

No. 1594781

Hallmark movies are comfy as fuck

No. 1594787

Lmao I hate hallmark movies with a passion. Especially since the darkest black person I've ever seen in one is Megan Fuckin Markle. My Grandma loves them though so I've unfortunately seen way too many for someome who hates em so much. Golden Girls slaps though, love that show.

No. 1594789

I still think Max is in the closet honestly.

No. 1594810

Oh so what?? I'm not going to let someone who probably has barely 30 secs of screen time stop me from going to see something I know I will enjoy. Stop letting trannies take up so much mental real estate.

No. 1594817

Samefag I admittedly read that "I'll" as "I'd", my bad anon

No. 1594836

>Especially since the darkest black person I've ever seen in one is Megan Fuckin Markle.
Hallmark has had a few movies with actual black casts or black leads. Some of them with women you've actually heard of like Tamera Mowry (Santa Stakeout) and Holly Robinson Peete (Our Christmas Journey). Loretta Devine is someone's grandmom in one of them. They did only start in, like, 2020, but it's way more than I expected. I thought they be white af until the sun went nova and destroyed the Earth.

My grandmom loves Lifetime movies. She told me onetime she had to quit the Lifetime Movie Channel because she was just watching it all damn day. Lifetime has also recently started having black people in their movies. Viveca Fox has a movie franchise there.

I'm not a fan of Hallmark movies as they are too sappy, and twee and white for my tastes. Not really into Lifetime movies either, except the ones that are balls to the walls crazy. you know nonsense like "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" and "Psycho Yoga Instructor"

Whatever I think of their movies I will always have a bit of respect for Lifetime and Hallmark for keeping older actresses working.

Santa Stakeout

Our Christmas Journey

>Golden Girls slaps though

Always and forever.

No. 1594838

Are the lifetime ones actual fucking titles that exist?

No. 1594853

Yes. Those are actual movies that aired on Lifetime.

No. 1594863

File: 1685674925376.png (205.07 KB, 720x542, 64C5B524-AEF0-49AC-A6B8-BD690D…)

Ice spice is backed by elliot grainge. Her success is making sense to me now. Industry plant for sure.

No. 1594870

plant yes, success? remains to be seen kek

No. 1594876

i don't understand why ice spice of all people is such an obvious plant being shilled everywhere. she's kind of just… there. all her songs sound the same and she has no charisma, nothing that makes her interesting. does anyone actually like her?

No. 1594878

AYRT, damn, well I'm glad they're finally moving away from being too white, alot of their movies give WASP vibes. I haven't seen the one with any of them other than Megan Markle's movie & Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls chocolate movie that they have played way too much lately lmao. My Grandma is on hospice & homebound so TV & lil crafts is pretty much all she does now. Still not a fan of em, just not my cup of tea. But shoutout to Hallmark for introducin my gen Z ass to Golden Girls & Fraiser. They're good sitcoms. Im going offtopic to go more on sitcoms: Seinfeld & Reba fucking suuuuucks. Also love the Mom from "Moms" sitcom, I have the biggest crush on her tbh.

On the topic of Golden Girls: Which Golden Girl are you nonnies? I'm definitely Rose unfortunately lol, full on space cadet

No. 1594918

>balls to the walls crazy.
This, the KFC themed one was amazing, the fact that they deliberately cast a buff Hispanic man to play Colonel Sanders was funny as fuck.

No. 1594941

kill myself

No. 1594944

No but I'll use this as a tangent to complain about meeting more than a couple of lc/cc nonnies that are catholics (none of them over 20 I think) and are extremely naive because they constantly get roped into relationships filled with promises by "catholic" moids that turn out to be porn addicted coomers and they never fucking listen. Love yourselves girls.

No. 1594946

Take out those implants, they look painful, she's pretty and fit otherwise

No. 1594948

Put rocks in my pocket and jump off a bridge

No. 1594955

If I'm already uncomfortable with the size of my tits you bet sure as shit I'd kill myself via cutting the implants out. Not to mention I find the idea of myself being thin let alone muscular fucking horrifying, absolutely not.

No. 1594957

I would be okay even with the fake rock hard breast but I just can't stand tattoos, they always look horrible and i honestly think that the tattoos do more damage to her image than the blatantly fake implants.

No. 1594959

Gonna go get my bills paid. Possibly through the Cardi B method of drugging men and then stealing their money and disappearing into the night.

No. 1594976

Ab-loohoohooooo nonnies, I wanted both chai and a lavender earl grey latte but used all the milk for making two liters of chai and now it is raining (yay no need to water the garden) but I don't have milk for my latte so now I have to drink regular lavender earl grey and it is FINE, just FINE. No milk nonnies, I feel like I have failed us all. No milk.

No. 1595003

File: 1685695417362.png (18.89 KB, 414x462, walrus.png)

You know what this is fine I'd rather rotate a walrus than click all the buses

No. 1595024

I'm honestly baffled by the amount of really talented nonas drawing on the Lolcow drawing board and wonder how many popular web artists are here browsing a meanie TERF forum

No. 1595033

I wish sunscreen brands would put more product in their bottles. I use a lot so it runs out fast + those Asian brands have tiny bottles.

No. 1595051

chances are, you (and most people) aren't putting anywhere near enough sunscreen on their face for it to be effecrive and reach the SPF factor indicated on the bottle. it usually takes many many layers for it to actually be spf 50 for example. so you'll be running out of it quick no matter what and if you actually want it to be effective you're better off buying a massive bottle of sunscreen rather than those tiny overpriced asian ones which you'll only put a small amount on to save it…

No. 1595060

>which you'll only put a small amount on
I think you misread. I use a lot, that's the point lol

No. 1595109

NTA, the asian one I use is the only one I've used yet that doesn't make me break out. Fml

No. 1595110

>mfw nonny one of my nicknames since my toddlin'days

No. 1595130

I know a 30 year old woman who said herself she was never in a relationship (which is fine) but then she keeps butting into conversations about relationships and trying to womansplain them, especially her comments about sex are so embarassing.

No. 1595134


No. 1595136

I considered writing adultsplain but it sounds lame
She inserts herself in a conversation where she is not the most experienced but wants her opinion to be respected and lauded
Does that make sense?

No. 1595168

Nta but that's just arrogance, "womansplaining" sounds retarded and doesn't make sense because most women don't do that.
DoEs ThAt mAkE SenSE?

No. 1595171

And here's a perfect example of arrogance

No. 1595176

That's lovely

No. 1595197

this post would look lovely in the Disagreements ONLY Thread but in this thread it looks kind of sillydilly

No. 1595201

File: 1685723581334.jpg (92.37 KB, 1069x1049, 1685542377921.jpg)

maybe its time to do a digital detox or whatever bc i spend all my fucking time on lolcow dot com, i am so addicted. but then where else can i express my love for my husbando freely and post silly little pictures of him and share my love with other nonnas…

No. 1595205

thinking about the moment Rancefag showed up in Japanon's discord server, I literally laughed out loud. She went on mic and everything.

No. 1595210

what did she say

No. 1595213

If we could talk with tardigrades, what do you think they would say?

No. 1595216

fuck rancefag, she has shit taste. i went my whole life not hearing the word rance only to find out he's some nonnas ugly husbando from games nobody gaf about & she posts ugly porn of him to boot. at least kirbyanon was somewhat endearing

No. 1595218

whomph whomph

No. 1595219

i left because i couldn't stand her kek and i didn't want to be in lolcord2 or any server for that matter i only joined because i'm nosy af

No. 1595224

File: 1685725589348.jpg (66.06 KB, 970x545, tumblr_p7fpj1cYqz1sn62sko1_128…)

2006 Brandon Routh Superman was the best Superman of all time you guys. 15 year old me would thirstily watch this way too long mediocre film on repeat. He’s especially cute as Clark Kent and at the end when he suffers from kryptonite and gets kicked around a little. So moe. He’s 1,89 m tall you guys. I want a tall kindhearted hunky goofball. Wish superman was real. He is the ideal guy, the best from both alpha and beta males. I’m having my period soon and feeling some type of way.

No. 1595226

maybe if they'd said this to towa in the game HED HAVE EATEN SOME FOOD FOR FUCKING ONCE

No. 1595234

Someone mentioned that Japanon clearly pressured Clay into sex and Rancefag went on about how there's "nothing wrong with pressuring a man" kek. Then talked about how America sucks for cyclists. I don't remember anything else she said, she just offered fairly uncritical support to Japanon's humiliating plight.

No. 1595236

Making herself surprisingly likeable.

No. 1595243

I wanna get something to do drink but I don't want soda and sometimes that feels like the only option uugh

No. 1595244

Samefag, acutally I'm going to get some grapes. I'm not thirsty for anything but water I just want fruit.

No. 1595256

I think this boy still likes me he is making pitiful sounds probably to get my attention but all he ever says is ‘I’m tired’ like okay, what do you want me to do about it. And stop making gyrating hip thrusting movements when you slice cheese. It’s sad because he could find a gf I feel like, it just won’t be me.

No. 1595258

Sometimes a moid doesnt like you and its ok

No. 1595270

Why don’t any of you record and cap this shit for us?

No. 1595296

File: 1685734585510.jpg (61.54 KB, 640x484, kobestaja.jpg)

mfw i go to the corner store looking ratchet af and then a beautiful chainsmoking tomboy just happens to enter the premises right as i'm checking out

No. 1595302

I recorded some of the call but Discord doesn't let you capture audio through the iOS screen record. Rip.

No. 1595316

What did her voice sound like kek

No. 1595319

File: 1685736995082.jpg (72.39 KB, 560x789, Classic Lasagna.jpg)

I love lasagna so much. I could marry lasagna. My first child will be named Lasagna. I want to go to Italy and try authentic lasagna. It also takes a lot of time and effort to make so when someone makes a lasagna you know it was a labor of luv.

No. 1595322

What's your favourite kind of lasagna, anon? I like it when the pasta is green

No. 1595324

I like any lasagna as long as it has a buttload of ricotta. A lasagna with not enough cheese or ricotta is a sin.

No. 1595328

But he used to stalk me around the store

No. 1595341

Fordola from FFXIV is a victim of misogyny and a beautiful lesbian I want her to step on me

No. 1595376

Sat down to pee and realized why I was fantasizing about curbstomping men all day….blood, blood all over my undies. I bleed and so, too, must the men in my head that I'd like to punch squarely in the face then suffocate by sitting on them. 24/7 full time violence woman and musclepig anon is my martyr.

No. 1595381

i see u girl, i respect u

No. 1595387

Mwah kiss for my nonna, a beating for a scrote

No. 1595392

My top oven is smoking a little and definitely needs to be cleaned but I'm gonna pray it can run for like 50 minutes without starting a fire

No. 1595394

What are you making, nonnie?

No. 1595412

i usually prefer the japanese voices for games because the english voice acting especially if it is repetitive (like during battles in persona 5) annoys the fuck out of me

No. 1595444

i want to take a walk, but i also don't feel like putting on shoes so maybe i will wait.

No. 1595448

File: 1685752051339.gif (1.33 MB, 330x498, cat-dancing.gif)

I'm gonna go to beauty school and take the esthetician course whee whee wheeeeeee it's gonna be so much fun for my stunted ass did I mention I recently turned 29??


No. 1595450

i'm currently taking a shit

No. 1595456

File: 1685753000398.png (166.83 KB, 1920x1080, Luanne-Platter-660643575 (1).p…)