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File: 1697150429498.jpg (507.32 KB, 1295x1600, Frank_W_Benson_16.jpg)

No. 1724516

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1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

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No. 1724561

Just wanted to answer >>1724461
This is parody art of someone else’s terrible Catwoman drawing, it’s pretty great. I can’t find the original image right now though

No. 1724562

This person crept into my YouTube recs and I am not surprised by this take. She's very banal and honestly incapable of drawing anything but blank-faced hyperpassive kawaii. This is probably threatening for her to see.
Not to mention that Action Peach is nothing new. She's still happy and bubbly, she's just got some ass to kick.

No. 1724585

>yall don't understand peachs character design
why is it that when anyone makes a slight alteration to peach people start saying shit like how she represents ultimate girlyness by being super cute and pink? the same thing happened when the movie came out. I was super girly as a kid and even back then i thought her character design was butt ugly lol.come to think of it I dont think I knew any girl who resonated with peach I don't have any strong feelings towards either boxart but peach is an old character so her image is bound to change with the times. These people needs to let go of their nostalgia.
Also she is still cute-looking (still has big eyes, small mouth, round face etc.) in the new art so I dont know why this person is complaining?

No. 1724591

File: 1697156512333.png (308.99 KB, 342x390, angry peach.png)

That twitter poster is being more sperggy about it than warranted, but the expression on the right looks like they messed up her facial structure somehow. The more subtle change they did on kung fu Peaches in the back looks better.
Anyway, wasn't the main argument that Peaches fans always bring up against Peaches being just a cardboard cutout bimbo-in-distress character this comic panel of her looking angry? Let an otherwise bubbly female character be slighty angry looking once in a blue moon, sheesh

No. 1724623

This is such a retarded argument on both sides. If the box art was originally the one on the right nobody care. So much butthurt over a game people are going to talk about for two days after it comes out then completely forget. The only consistent attention Peach ever gets is from cumbrained moid artists shitting out tons of lowest common denominator porn of her.
That twitter OP is queen retard for her creepy preoccupation with Peach. How the fuck are you gonna imply that the company that owns the character doesn't know her like you do? Liking and drawing dull sameface shoujo lolis doesn't make you the CEO of hyperfemininity.

No. 1724752

I don’t understand what the issue is, did Peach actually get a personality change (I don’t know her personality but i’m guessing it’s the predictable video game woman one) that made her more of an action hero girlboss type which the fans don’t like, or is the issue just she’s making a slightly mad face? I swear during the 00’s I saw promotional materials for Mario Kart that had Peach making the same angrier expression.

No. 1724790

Peach has always been like this. This comic >>1724591 is official and from the 90s, ffs. It was fairly long running. (I used to have a compilation of them.)
No idea what this artist is on about besides her own headcanons, but bad "design" takes like this have been driving me away from being active in online English speaking fandoms.

No. 1724796

All I'm hearing from her is "SONIC'S ARMS ARE NOT BLUE!"

No. 1724800

Now you can hear it for real

No. 1724815

File: 1697185955285.jpeg (137.56 KB, 1330x1273, WnM7AJA.jpeg)

How long until she starts protesting and vandalizing the box art at her local game store?

No. 1724817

>my day is ruined over a boxart cover change
actual autism

No. 1724818

woman is when fish mouth and eyes wide open. man is when wide range of emotions

No. 1724822

>what is figure of speech

No. 1724825

she sounds genuinely pissed to the point of making a video asking for nintendo to change it back, literal chris chan levels of autism. i hope the game is shit so she spergs some more, it's pretty funny

No. 1724826

File: 1697187287074.jpeg (102.12 KB, 487x750, IMG_3120.jpeg)

Here you go noonina… I was planning on responding to >>1724461 as well.
I’m almost 100% sure it’s in regards to this cover by Faith Erin Hicks from DC’s 2012 Catwoman. I remember it specifically cause the assistant working on starfighter face revealed over it.

No. 1724827

File: 1697187325802.png (367.43 KB, 598x434, Screenshot.png)

Retarded argument, but I also dislike the new artbox. Something about her face looks off, maybe it's the shadows…? I prefer the more cartoony one, new looks like they used a liquify filter on her face. At least the actual in-game model looks the same, so it's fine.
The first time I saw the change tweet I thought it was satire parodying the jp-us Kirby artboxes until I read the replies kek

No. 1724841

She’s like those girls that develop some complex over liking feminine things and because of how much that is made fun of by moids and NLOGs, that when she thinks feminine traits are being erased she gets fully defensive and pulls out the “think of how she shows little girls that you can be powerful while wearing pink and having a blow up doll face!” card. Her saying that the people who are just explaining it as making her more expressive are “dude bro gamers” comes off to me like her trying to just say only men are disagreeing because they don’t care about strong but feminine characters (not that men’s opinions really matter in this). It’s even more pathetic than the blue armed sonic debacle because her issue isn’t even that the expressions are OOC, her issue is that having angry eyebrows is masculine somehow. Even though her stupid looking vtuber avatar does angry eyebrows and her example of Sailor moon is doing it right in the clip. Peach is still feminine in the art, she’s still wearing her pink dress and big earrings, her long hair and her facial features (like those god awful lips) are untouched.

This is actually like so many of those situations where scrotes mad that a female character has short hair now or that time you could see the peach fuzz on Aloy and Aerith’s faces and incels think it’s beards. Actually this is like them getting mad over Aerith’s face looking a smidge more like a human. Dude bro gamers would be the ones who don’t like this change and would agree with her. I’m sure right now there’s some scrotes right now angry about this, not that anyone would call out them equally to the way she is being criticized because they’re men. Which is sad, for everyone 1 female autist mad at her girly girlness being threatened there’s 50 scrotes mad that something doesn’t make their dick hard enough.

No. 1724844

the face is ok but they highlighted her breasts (coom cringe) and it looks too adult now

No. 1724847

File: 1697190503594.png (4.91 MB, 1704x1359, 1697116591683609.png)

I think it just looks like she's very angry and she looks kinda unsettling and off model. Idk, they should had kept the cute appeal of the other one because whenever I see peach anywhere I see her with the first face she had before, not this one which I'm assuming has to do with the Mario movie or just to look "tough" so males buy it (barf). I like the cuter one rather than the weird face one because it looks like she's going crazy mad or something and that's not her personality or how she looks in offial art/merch, and women are allowed to like cute things anyway, I was looking forward to this game since I played the other peach game on my DS when I was a kid (and enjoyed it, idk why people hated the emotion mechanic that much, it wasn't a big deal and the game has more to it than just women=emotional).

Argument discarded if men talk about it though, they don't get to complain because I'm sure they made her look like this for them, she doesn't even look like the models in the background and it's their fault for having fragile masculinity

No. 1724849

Got audity on my feed and I hope I never have to listen to that ever again in life

No. 1724851

I think it's meant to look JoJo-esque so they upped the detail a bit
I don't like it, not because she looks manly or angry but because it looks super generic and even more childlike in a sense? And yeah she was always tee hee bimbo that's what's fun about her. Daisy is the tomboy one

No. 1724860

I don't care about the masculine/feminine discourse because it's retarded scrotes whining but I really hate how the edit gave her Disney Princess facial features, even the horrible Elsa smirk kek

No. 1724862

File: 1697191572567.jpg (28.59 KB, 640x448, images.jpg)

>And yeah she was always tee hee bimbo that's what's fun about her. Daisy is the tomboy one
I miss when her deal was looking regal daisy is better anyway

No. 1724870

File: 1697192407440.jpg (45.83 KB, 468x287, strong girlboss kirby.jpg)

i still like the first one more, but she's turning it into a political debate like a retard when games have gotten this treatment way before gamergate and girlboss was a thing

No. 1724887

Yeah it's just american-hardcore-Kirby shit, nothing about it is girlboss or feminism or whatever, reminds me of the black Hermione debacle.

No. 1724913

File: 1697197109429.png (43.08 KB, 640x359, fanon-vs-canon-princess-daisy-…)

Googled Daisy because I'm unfamiliar with these games and this came up. Does any color other than pink automatically mean tomboy to people that play children's games or does she actually have a personality like that?

No. 1724918

NTA but she's canonly described as "an energetic tomboy" in Nintendo's official materials.

No. 1724932

Daisy is a tomboy by sexist Japanese cartoon standards. As in she's marginally less girly than Peach but ffs she's wearing tea party gloves, a bright yellow dress, and flower earrings. Rosalina and Pauline are less girly than she is and nobody would call them tomboys.
If Nintendo never specifically used the word tomboy, most people would think of Daisy as just sassy and a little stuck-up. It's ironic how Peach is presented as an airheaded damsel, but she's the actual ruler of her kingdom while Daisy is just the king's kind of bratty daughter who only shows up when Peach or Luigi need a +1.
Justice for my girl Daisy.

No. 1724934

> Justice for my girl Daisy
based, I always picked Daisy in Mario Cart as my childhood rabbit was called Daisy

No. 1724953

File: 1697200300965.png (288.98 KB, 530x492, dfo8cwe-121a9870-57c8-4a8e-a85…)

Is Pauline a real character? Why does she look like that

No. 1724970

NTA but if I recall correctly she was a character made before Peach, just the token damisel in distress you had to rescue in the og Mario VS Donkey Game, that's why she looks so different from usual Mario characters.

No. 1724978

Fossil here. A lot of you need to do your homework before overreacting. Pauline is, technically, Peach's predecessor. She was the original damsel in Donkey Kong that Mario had to rescue. Don't remember if she was a mayor, but she was said to be a lounge singer.
Anyway, I wish the aesthetic Peach carried weren't so tied to passivity. "Girly" style is so undeservedly loaded with complexes. I love stupid kawaii art, but the people who make it are nearly always something else. This woman is like a discount weeb Lisa Frank.

No. 1724989

I was just asking because I haven't played any Mario games as a child and I'm not going to start now kek I've never seen her before, she looks very different from the princesses and more like some deviantart users OC

No. 1724991

She doesn't look angry to me, she looks determined. That being said, I do prefer the first one too kek. I don't like the shadows and how she's angled downwards but still looking up. I also don't like the chance with the Peach in the background; both her eyes should be angry and maybe the mouth should've stayed the same.

No. 1724995

File: 1697203417772.jpeg (216.07 KB, 1009x700, IMG_2552.jpeg)

pauline's tits cannot look like that in current canon art, that is like a bullet bra. Okay, it looks better in Odyssey.

No. 1724997

File: 1697203564453.jpg (38.07 KB, 640x363, images.jpg)

She is, that render is just ugly lol but she's the girl that Mario saves in the arcade game Donkey Kong when Mario was still called Jumpman, she's also the Mayor of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey

No. 1724999

File: 1697203655928.gif (1.24 MB, 300x309, giphy.gif)

Sorry Nonna. I'm so used to people jumping the gun that I jumped the gun.
It's crazy how few human women are in the Mario verse that all three kind of use the same template, and then, suddenly, Pauline.

No. 1725000

Samefag, this is the game she first appears in for reference

No. 1725002

Don't worry nonny! I also wondered why there were so few actual human girl characters in Mario games so I always ended up playing as Boo or Yoshi lol

No. 1725099

They turned the YS version until the movie version bc action sells better or at least they assume that over here. Can't just have a cute princess game, she had to be so-cool-rough-around-the-edges-girl. I'm so tired of pandering marketing.

No. 1725169

I like that she has an expression that's not blank eyed smiling stare but I agree with other nonas it looks slightly off how they did it. Looks like they tried to put her features in perspective but they just look like diff features now, and they gave her an agp smirk?

No. 1725216

I don't know what other anons are smoking, she looks more expressive in the other one. I'm glad she has more expressions than her default "I'm docile" face. If that's what the world think is an aggressive woman, kill me now

No. 1725231

File: 1697219844050.jpg (53.54 KB, 750x427, F8QIa4oXQAIUJcK.jpg)

Noo she can't have a different expression than the blank stare and smile!! Another character is already making that expression!

No. 1725237

women can be masculine!!! just not THIS woman!! she should stay in her own lane and stick to doing her boring weeb art

No. 1725238

File: 1697220317660.png (136.53 KB, 400x400, IMG_5234.png)


No. 1725246

It's just performative pandering. I don't see how women don't feel annoyed at the fact that all these female characters in the past decade have had to be rough around the edges and so cool and not as innocent as they look. It's okay to have hyper feminine or even just uwu girly characters. It's like America has such a pusback towards it for no reason. The 'woke' idea that women aren't damsels has destroyed media representation in the west as far as actual girly characters goes. Even in real life movies, there's never any girl who just likes to be a girl. They HAVE to be a spy, or into computer hacking, or some weapon wielding master.

Aren't you all tired of that? And it's usually only twisted and taken away in US media.

No. 1725253

Does playing sports and expressing herself according to each situation make her an Ayyden? NLOGs are annoying but they exist for a reason.

No. 1725260

Sorry, how does her making a slightly different expression mean that she's "rough around the edges"? Is she supposed to have an unnmoving botox-mask for a face so she can constantly be perfectly girly and feminine? And women are those things in media because women can be those things and aren't just defined by being "girly", whatever sexist shit you think that entails.

No. 1725262

Point went right over your head.

No. 1725264

And why is there so much drama about the expression being masculine (which is insane because expressions aren't gendered) but nothing about her outfit in the top of that cover? Is everyone bitching about this mentally ill?

No. 1725265

Because there was none kek

No. 1725266

I'm talking about them changing it specifically for the US audience because they think men won't buy the original art. This is a US media representation issue only. They are worried that the female group that the game is marketed to won't be enough for sales, so they up the edge in stuff like this, Kirby, games that look more "girly", because it opens them up to the male demographic.

You realize this isn't about marketing to girls, this is about marketing to men games that have been kind of gendered towards girls with female or cute character designs as leads. This is why anons keep comparing her to Daisy. Daisy isn't usually charged at all because she already meets that extra demographic of female gamers who want a more tomboy representation. Them purposely changing Peach and solely to catch the attention of male gamers to buy their game is so disingenuous.

People are just using that term without actually having any idea what they are talking about. She doesn't look masculine.

No. 1725271

Bitches like you would argue saying women don’t belong in the kitchen is sexist. Fuck your backwards beliefs.

No. 1725279

That's not what I said at all and I that's not what I think. This is only about the box art, she still has full range of emotions in the game.

No. 1725294

That’s right. All women in and out of media should be tradwives.

No. 1725300

Yep, keep misreading what I said. I'm talking about how the US changes box art for male purposes due to action selling better because women just looking cute on box art is apparently not sale worthy.

No. 1725303

The amount of people itt who keep equating this to just "changing expression" is surprising given we're all supposed to be artists. If just the expression was changed the brows would be lowered, the cheeks would come up over her eyes or little subtleties like that, but it's not, her whole facial structure changed. The whole face moved down, her eyeballs are smaller and have a different shape, the nose is bigger, there's a shadow all over the face and her mouth is curved in a way where it has pointier characteristics. It's not just a matter of the expression

No. 1725305

She still looks like Peach with all those alterations, its not like she got trooned out or racebent. People are acting like they turned her into a dude or gave her that shitty turbo-realistic western design philosophy.

No. 1725306

I understand what you're trying to say, but I don't see the issue? The change really doesn't add much edge and I don't think that moids who are into Peach will care either way. To foreigners it seems like all americans like action and explosions and what not and even though that's a somewhat outdated view nintendo might still be thinking of it that way. It doesn't feel like it's specifically pandering to men but rather their idea of americans in general. In the end she's still wearing that pink dress, the game content is still the same and people who want to play it will buy and play it, the box art alone is not going to convince anyone to buy

No. 1725309

She looks like Peach only because she has the same outfit and hair but her face looks like it came out of DreamWorks studio

No. 1725313

Yeah, I guess that's a good way to take it. Thank you, anon. I'm just kind of annoyed at boxart being changed for the sake of sales. There was nothing wrong with it to begin with and the changes seem pandering, I think I'm just mad. Anons assuming I want women to be tradwives are unhinged and not what I meant at all.

No. 1725328

No worries, I get being frustrated as a woman because the picture of americans that foreigners have is heavily shaped by the male ones and the kind of media they usually produce. At the end of the day it's a game about a pink princess and no changes to the cover would make a moid who only plays shooters or whatever care about it, so it's just stupid on Nintendo's side and the arguments on twitter about how it makes her too masculine muddy the conversation. Your first comment did sound like you were talking about girly girls being too underrepresented, which is definitely not the case

No. 1725388

File: 1697229350287.jpg (577.52 KB, 1500x2307, CTW_Cv0_ds.jpg)

Yeah, it's this. They ended up re-drawing it to where she looks a lot less squished.

No. 1725389

That's not about making her more masculine nonna. It's either about making her look more like movie Peach because it's trendier for the current moment, or making her less cutesy anime-ish to make her look more western.

The reason nonnas took you the wrong way was because acting like dumb changes in cover art is actually a conspiracy against feminine characters is kind of a stretch, and the way you wrote it was too rambly.

>Even in real life movies, there's never any girl who just likes to be a girl. They HAVE to be a spy, or into computer hacking, or some weapon wielding master.
This in particular sounds silly nonna. It sounds like you want a character that does literally nothing which doesn't get made because people would find it boring af and no one would want to watch it.

No. 1725391

They just tend to be overshadowed which bums me out.

No. 1725399

Yes, that's the one! Thanks! Just a correction but that cover is definitely not by Faith Erin Hicks kek, she is an actual good artist. This cover is by a moid named Guillem March.

No. 1725400

I'm not asking for one-d female characters or ones who don't do anything at all. I just don't see many purposely written overly feminine characters anymore who are actually put in old trope situations. Frozen is an example where the girls handle it all themselves, twice. That's fine and all, but the movie before that did it too, and the movie before that.. We went through a few decades of having women written a certain way and now I think it's become repetitive in the opposite direction. Maybe this is the wrong thread for this discussion. I think Charlotte from PatF is a good representation of what a good balance is for the type of character I'm talking about not seeing enough of.

No. 1725409

I hate when anons randomly abbreviate shit and expect anyone to know what the fuck they’re talking about

No. 1725412

Princess and the Frog??

No. 1725415

>the girls handle it all themselves
And this is a bad thing because…?

No. 1725421

Why do you have to automatically assume I mean this as a bad thing? I'm pointing it out. I don't think these characters are bad and I never once said that. I am saying it's repetitive. It's gone from one extreme to another and it doesn't feel like there's a real middle ground for female characters.

No. 1725429

But what do you want them to do then? This is such a weird thing to complain about because Peach is going to do shit in her game as well, no matter what face she makes on the box art.

No. 1725443

File: 1697232483223.jpg (139.67 KB, 500x500, 133889151928 - 01 - Team LoliR…)

>the girls handle it all themselves
and they're still pretty cute, active protags arent a bad thing lol

No. 1725444

I already talked about this with another anon in another post.

No. 1725458

>overly feminine characters who are actually put in old trope situations
Of course old tropes aren't used as much anymore. Most of them are sexist and not interesting or relatable for this generation and I think you should do some introspection and question why you want to see that. Kindhearted girls that like pink such as Charlotte, Barbie, Peach or whoever are arguably overrepresented considering that they don't exist in reality.

No. 1725461

Wasn't this lambasted?

No. 1725472

File: 1697235320492.gif (313.38 KB, 338x390, cc6258c09f464828389c95bbb69cdb…)

The infighting in these threads is getting more and more retarded, everyone on both sides is no better than the TiF who whinged about it in the first place

No. 1725476

File: 1697235708963.jpg (389.88 KB, 1280x718, 142228237706 - 04 - Team LoliR…)

For what? It was a fine show, just had a sus name, there's no lolis in it. It's just a standard magical girl show. I love the art direction.

No. 1725488

I could've sworn this thread was upset with the title of it at one point.

No. 1725509

We’re getting a season 3!!!!! I hope Ever after high is next. I thought lolirock would never get an ending but here we are!!! All those corny shows about never giving up hope were right!!!! I’m so happyyyyyy

No. 1725603

File: 1697246223562.jpg (262.09 KB, 1280x720, 158600580950 - 01 - Team LoliR…)

Right on, nonnie

No. 1725614

File: 1697247207107.jpeg (124.11 KB, 800x487, IMG_5236.jpeg)

Does anyone know any artists besides Rockin Jelly Bean with good hatching technique? Preferably one who isn’t a raging porn addict.

No. 1725672

How come I only ever see talentless grifters with no imaginative capability beyond mimicry dickride AI?

No. 1725695

Rhetorical question.

No. 1725706

No. 1725707

It's okay to ignore subject matter in liue of learning good techniques.

No. 1725795

and is the good hatching in the room with us right now

No. 1725856

less squished but still looks like shit lol

No. 1726065

Yeah I'm not the same anon who wrote >>1725246 I'm just saying it's stupid people keep equating this to just an "expression change" when it's not, there's a difference between changing the expression and changing the character design

No. 1726229

>there's never any girl who just likes to be a girl. They HAVE to be a spy, or into computer hacking, or some weapon wielding master.
I'm probably one of the most stereotypically feminine women ever and even I think this is stupid/ I understand that you're trying to say girly girls have to have male-dominated hobbies to be taken seriously, but women are also complex people who can have "male" hobbies. In fact, it would be great to have more girly characters who like shit like welding or whatever. Even back in the day (in the eras that we now consider "traditional") women would be spies.

No. 1726253

Oh sorry nonna. You're right they didn't just change the expression, but I think most nonnas here realize they did change more than just that and are just making fun of the tweet op. The reason nonnas are talking about the expression is just because the op of the tweet was the one focusing on it and going on about nintendo making her do a ">:D face" and "angry badass woman trope".
Maybe she just doesn't have very developed art vocabulary and that's why she focused so hard on Peach "looking angry", but she's actually a pretty big artist that has done official collaborations with big vtuber groups (and presumably considers herself a professional artist), so not being able to speak about facial structure would be pretty sad on her part.

No. 1726301

Is it possible to change your style? Like let's say what comes naturally to me is a slow, detail-oriented style but I want to draw in a loose, quick, sketchy style, how should I go about it?

No. 1726335

Have fun with it, feel the flow of the pencil/pen/stylus(?) I know it sounds stupid to say, but when I draw, which I do on paper, I do tend to sometimes alter the movements of how I draw. It can be affected by things like mood. If you want to draw in a loose, quick, sketchy style you should draw loosely, quickly, and sketchingly. Throw your lines and maybe literally draw a bigger picture so you're able to do so. Don't deliberate on the lines you draw, if you have to go back over them that's fine.

No. 1726338

Of course it's possible, it just takes work and studying to switch instead of falling back into habit. For quick drawing in particular you should work on getting faster in general, timed figures can help you with this. Just focus on getting down the overarching shapes and movement. Find artists that already draw the way you want to and look at their work, what they leave out or put less focus on and try to imitate it. For example if they are drawing fanart you can compare that to the original design and figure out what parts aren't necessary to include, if your're someone who has to copy down all details of a character. It also helps to watch real-time drawing, just to see how they construct and what exactly makes their process

No. 1726383

I was shocked to see Alanah having trouble explaining what I meant too. I don't know why anons are giving me so much grief. I'm not saying they need to be in the kitchen or that they can't be spies. I did my take ITT before I saw the video, but hopefully this explains it better. I'm not very articulate.

No. 1726487

File: 1697305104278.jpg (29.14 KB, 257x671, Pocrel.jpg)

Why does so much current gen/younger artist art have these expressions?? The OCs look so smarmy and irritating or pathetic.

They also tend to use the same trendy people Pinterest boards and use reference extremely literally so you can look at a drawing and tell exactly what pic it's from, or have multiple artists pointing out the refs on other art. It's weird.

No. 1726511

Because every thing is now self cannibalized and self-referential that it's more important to do what's popular than to look at any other outside resources that aren't online or in completely different fields of interest that have nothing to do with art.

It's primarily a fear of leaving the comfort zone, too.

No. 1726524

Because they don't know what they're doing, believe it or not; no amount of render-maxxing or tracing can hide the truth. Controversial, I know.

No. 1726604

This genuinely sounds like a scrote mad at the ebil feminist agenda corrupting his sweet soft waifus into mannish lesbos but trying to fake it as concern for ~muh girly girls being oppressed~. Now I'm not saying you are one, but it definitely sounds exactly like it because you're genuinely being upset over Princess Peach having an expression despite being decked out in her trademark pink princess dress and long blond hair.

No. 1726668

sorry but you sound like those women who feel oppressed and attacked when another woman says she doesn't like makeup, full stop. nothing else, just "i don't like makeup" and your entire world crumbles down. women are complex human beings and many of them like to wear pants and know how to use a gun and enjoy repairing their cars.

No. 1726674

It feels to me like the issue here is that big games are mostly made by men who can't figure out the line between sexualization and masculinization. Instead of treating a female character as just that she has to either be an object to be stared at or just like the guys to be respected. I find the argument of women in realistic games getting uglier to be silly though, realistic games are always fucking ugly. The moids are always disgusting to look at. Imo it's better to bring women down to that level of realism where they look like regular people instead of instathots until gamedevs start to sexualize men as well. Both genders play games now, so make both look appealing. But she also says that this only happens with some companies titles and she's right. There are still tons of strong female characters that present feminine and aren't looked down on

No. 1726677

does anyone here use watercolors? god it's such a frustrating medium but so rewarding when it goes right
I've forked so much money into watercolor supplies it's nuts
do you have any favorite artists or youtubers you would recommend for tutorials?

No. 1726685

File: 1697316800109.png (859.87 KB, 1200x675, 156914-275853-275850.png)

Moids were calling Aloy ugly and troonish like she was tainted by blue haired feminists that are out to castrate every single gamerbro out there but she just looked normal. Not ugly, just normal. If I saw this woman in real life I would never consider her "hideous" but men actually take it as a personal offense when a woman's design isn't scientifically engineered to be unrealistic AI porn.

No. 1726699

Nope, not the case at all.

No. 1726703

Yeah, they were also posting that one image of her at a really unflattering angle as evidence for some reason. Male gamers shouldn't be listened to on anything, so many of them are entitled crybabies, always ranting and acting like the studios owe them. For the gamedevs I wish we could unlock a new level of discourse along the lines of "being straight and having gay ships is fetishizing" but for men who write about women kek

No. 1726762

Can anyone recommend a good video course on fundamentals, specifically the 3d shapes, aside from Prokos?

No. 1726766

As one of the comments in the video said, I want to see pretty people when I game.

Not to mention, what is the point of getting models and people that have good faces to do face scans only to make them look kinda ugly? If I was the model(s) I would be miffed. Not to mention the human eye is generally the best camera and best at erasing details- its why no one looks as ugly as they do IRL as opposed in a photo taken by a camera.

No. 1726819

Then play games with unrealistically pretty people in them, problem solved. It's not like there's a shortage of those kek

No. 1726821

Literally most games from Japan, China or Korea lol

No. 1726824

I always used pinterest for inspiration for anything: illustration, graphic design, crafts, outfits, references, resources, tutorials, etc. Now it's full of AI art and "photos". It's horrible. The only social media I use has become an AI wasteland. I'm going back to ref books

No. 1726857

She looks like the woman on the left.

No. 1726886


No. 1726898

File: 1697333901232.jpg (49.53 KB, 564x597, 9095bf14b43a8aeb1103f84b9333d0…)

It is always sad to see the style of an artist degenerating over time

No. 1726901

Im pretty sure this is memeing the puppychan art degradation. Coom will rot your brain

No. 1726908

I could kind of tell it was joke art, so seeing that its a parody cements that. The original cover looks like it was made by someone who doesnt know what a woman looks like.

No. 1726921

File: 1697335475760.jpg (170.5 KB, 850x1198, sendou_takeshi_drawn_by_kimida…)

Kimidake is the one I can think of at the top f my head, but the artist does draw coomer art. I think the artist is a girl though, since I remember coming across a yaoi doujin between two characters from Golden Kamuy.

No. 1726927

No. 1726929

I haven't noticed any ai art on my pinterest, but maybe I like a different style of art from you or maybe you accidentally saved an ai image once and pinterest's algorithm thought that meant you wanted ai shit all over your whole dashboard, which always sucks.
When did you start noticing it nonna?

No. 1726932

I'm also interested in thiS, I've saved a lot of semi-realistic/realism art and haven't noticed any AI whatsoever

No. 1726942

File: 1697336860004.png (566.61 KB, 589x545, tweet.PNG)

>it took three days to generate these.

No. 1726943

1. Not even close to Salvador Dipshit's style, it just looks like shitty dark fantasy art at best (top left looks like that drematime AI thing google made 5+ years ago, kek)
2. Either lying about the time it took or has the slowest fucking computer and internet ever

No. 1726944

I'm pretty sure these idiots keep overexaggerating how long it takes them because it makes it seem so hard and skilled the longer it takes.

No. 1726958

Woah!! Three whole days waiting for a computer to do art?! That’s crazy! Imagine all the time this person had to spend glued to the PC waiting for it to make these drawings! Lots of hard work indeed.
I really hate the people that try to make their shit seem important.

No. 1726962

>Ever after high
As long as they don’t ruin it like the MH reboot I’d be ok with it. Netflix had the original show but it wasn’t on very long. I think Matel buried it for some reason. I thought the concepts were cute though.

No. 1726964

File: 1697338833733.jpg (365.9 KB, 800x1071, tumblr_pj2zu7XWbS1qezyfdo1_128…)

I am very late for this but Lackadaisy is very good, which is still ongoing. It has a very interesting story, and the art is some of the best Ive seen from a webcomic. If you dont mind anthro art, the only other problem I could maybe see is that it is a little verbose, if thats not your thing.

No. 1726965

I tried the bing ai for fun and it couldn’t give me golden age illustrator backgrounds or old Disney movie backgrounds but they were similar to img rel. I hope ai is finally eating itself.

No. 1726966

I can’t believe it’s still going. Is that a recent page? Her art is more polished now; before she had excellent pencil work but it looks like she’s all digital now. I have heard of the animation but haven't seen it.

No. 1726968

Yes it is. Im pretty sure its the Chapter Lackadaisy Overdrive, just without the speech bubbles. I found it on her tumblr

No. 1726972

I do, but the point still stands what is the point of getting someone to do a face scan only to make them look uglier than they are? Especially when companies boast about using face scans and new tech to create graphics.

It isn't even exclusively women or character, it goes for male ones too. Leon from resident evil was face scanned and the double chin looks so pronounced in a way that isn't visible on the model.

No. 1726973

File: 1697340177709.png (2.48 MB, 1080x2400, proving a point.png)

Did this in 3 seconds, I don't know HOW it took this moid 3 days.

No. 1726979

File: 1697341131201.png (1.52 MB, 1400x1079, image_2023-10-15_143312340.png)

I really hate to bring up James Cameron, but are you also annoyed when the actors in Avatar look entirely different as Navi?
Like I understand what you're trying to say but face scanning is really used more like a template for the character, which sometimes turns out decent enough or turns horrifically ugly (SH2 Remake James for example) but if they fuck up a template that's on shitty designers

No. 1727033

It's probably been asked here a billion times before, but how does one get over imposter syndrome? Artists I genuinely admire follow me back the moment I follow them, they leave sweet comments on my profile, some have even reached out to talk because they seemingly like my art that much. But instead of feeling happy, I just feel a quiet sense of dread like they're making a mistake. I know I've come a long way with art but even with compliments I can only think of how much more I have to improve and how much better other artists are.

No. 1727086

Why do you think other people aren't genuine when they compliment and like your stuff? Especially if decent artists follow you back? What would people gain from lying to you. It's not like being at a good point with art means you can't improve anymore? There's no skill ceiling really

No. 1727089

File: 1697355466827.jpeg (142.83 KB, 853x853, fennec-shand-main_25402b49.jpe…)

This video scares me. Why are some women so hell-bent on upholding the superficial standards of femininity laid down by scrotes. She is seething for 2 minutes over pic-related because apparently what she wears is too "masculine" and then goes on to praise 2B - a character whose design specifically panders to coom-brained moids - as some sort of a bastion of femininity. Which is funny because 2B's stoic and reserved personality will be perceived as "masculine" in many cultures. Also what 2B wears in no way aligns with what a traditionally feminine woman would wear. Honestly, women who think that "feminine" is when you wear makeup and heels and pink dresses are no better than trannies.
Mario is literally a big-nosed, manlet with a moustache but you won't see anyone throwing a hissy fit over his appearance. Heck, most of the male characters in the West are specifically designed to be hideous but literally no one cares. Which is why you have characters like Father Nier. I hate how there is so much debate on how female characters should dress and act to be seen as feminine.

No. 1727101

Yeah but with a bigger nose and white hair.
Why is a bitch with burnt oily hair and a nose that'd make jews jealous talking about beauty?(bait)

No. 1727115

Yeah the video made me a bit uncomfortable too, she keeps equating femininity to womanhood, also Star Wars always had sensible costumes for women (the infamous bikini notwithstanding), why is she acting like it's somehow new or bad?

No. 1727141

File: 1697357635673.jpg (75.71 KB, 500x697, F8RGl5XW4AAZclZ.jpeg.jpg)

KEK that reminds me of hearing about puppychans new tumblr @wolfertinger666 the other day. She only talks about being trans and apparently puts the blame for anything bad she has done on her alters. Art did not get much better obviously. Someone said she's finally recovering from coombrain but I don't see it

No. 1727147

She didn't say it's bad and it's newly repetitive in all medias compared to how a damsel in distress was the staple for media for so long. She's asking for an in between. I get what she means by 'cool' characters usually omitting liking feminine things, like being quiet and stoic. IMO a lot of these characters are all the same and you can basically tell their entire plot just from the photo they throw on the promotional material because it's just a copy-paste of the last "girl with attitude". It's not about wanting them to be girly and flirty, no one wants a male fantasy, but her example of 2B from Neir was a good example. You just don't see that much in American media whereas anons mentioned something called LoliRock and it has those kickass girl characters while still wearing dresses and stuff. The media for acting and bigger games with mocap really only focus on a single type of girl in the states. You don't need to pretend that trope isn't overused. Women don't need to be one or the other, that's the point she is making.

No. 1727150

weird way to talk about some random woman

No. 1727152

File: 1697358389010.jpg (97.26 KB, 736x1303, 5e96a53b1076c4c15b65413445193d…)

Nta but I see a lot of AI shit on there depending on what I search for. Oftentimes when looking for interiors there will be some that don't make sense and sometimes when looking at something more specific like food or fashion illustrations. If you don't save any of it you should be fine but I don't know if hiding them gives the correct info to pinterest since the algo doesn't seem able to make a difference between real and AI

No. 1727155

Sorry I’m having an asthma attack laughing at this

No. 1727159

4chan attacks her a lot. I'm not shocked we have a scrote in here being racist towards her.

No. 1727184

>Why are some women so hell-bent on upholding the superficial standards of femininity laid down by scrotes.
It should be studied. Are these women afraid that if they aren't audibly butthurt over a female character wearing pants then no man will ever want to date them because they're being evil misandrist feminist NPCs? Whenever I've had this discussion with a pickme defending blatantly coompandering character designs it always circles back to "b-but it's so empowering!". Empowering how? Because if you like it then Nigel won't send you death threats? Because you think that degenerating to a scrote's level of pornsickness will exempt you from their misogyny and give you the false sense of power?

NTA but look it's really hard to sympathize with this "femininity is being erased!" viewpoint when even today beautiful girly girl characters dominate media and maybe one more "masculine" (i.e. not airheaded, nice or unconditionally friendly) character holding the token position with no plot relevance. Acting like the range of female characters being widened is a zero sum game taking away your waifus is scrotal behavior, end of discussion.

No. 1727205

File: 1697364254898.jpg (137.92 KB, 900x1200, d3d3f12e3b9f60df37d11524c4c72d…)

Actually nonna, I noticed the same thing. I was going through some pretty landscape art when I came across picrel. It's like that comic with the wolf and the monster in the woods: it looks beautiful at first, but then you notice the nonsensical train design, the impossible terrain and rail tracks that don't quite look like rail tracks that don't go anywhere. I constantly have to go into my settings to remove shit like this to tune my home feed and also block the talentless hack who uploaded it in the first place.

No. 1727208

File: 1697364459382.jpg (345.5 KB, 745x2048, FevKvbsXkAA0DM0.jpg)

Samefag but this is the comic I was referring to. Perfectly reflects my feelings on this shit

No. 1727222

It's shocking to me how much you missed the point. Didn't say feminity is being erased. It's impossible to discuss anything here
If I said I like donuts you'd scream about me not liking cake. This isn't about waifus vs hyper masculinity.

No. 1727235

Well, it's a stupid discussion that can't go anywhere. Yes the female badass thing has become a trope in western games in the recent years. So? You're pointing it out but what do you want anons to do or say about it? There are still tons of overly feminine characters while there are barely any actual masculine butches, so whining about it is like making an issue out of nothing.

No. 1727259

Yeah as a kid who was fine with girly things I was super alienated by Peach and in Mario Kart I think I usually chose the mushroom and Yoshi (who I think is supposed to be male because males are incapable of coming up with female animal and monster characters) to identify with instead.

No. 1727269

The weirdest is that she complained about Frozen of all things, that the girls "did everything themselves" despite them being unmistakably feminine, they are not some stoic badasses or whatever.

No. 1727270

I think it's more like you went on a weird ramble about how donuts are too much like cake nowadays and how donuts aren't donuty enough because a lot of times they have sprinkles while making it sound as if sprinkless donuts don't exist anymore.

>Didn't say feminity is being erased

But the original discussion was a twitter artist claiming that making Peach look angrier made her into a girlboss and ruined her bubbly feminine appeal and you were talking about how purelly feminine characters aren't a thing anymore because they're always given kinda girlboss atributes?

I don't think you're a pick me or anything nonna, but it got pretty confusing to understand what point you are even trying to make.
What characters do you even actually like nonna? not asking as a gotcha, genuinelly curious

No. 1727300

Yeah, the movie was making a point about familial love. Yes, the girls solve the issues themselves, but they still do it together. Would it have been better if some guy had to save them? She said it's boring because it keeps happening in movies now, but for literal centuries it has been princesses getting saved by princes. What is the "middle ground" she wants that she keeps yapping about? A princess that doesn't need saving at all, be it by herself or from others? She just sits around so she's neither a masculine badass taking charge nor a whiny damsel in distress needing a strong man?

No. 1727312

>Aren't you all tired of that?
no, kill all retarded stereotypes let the uwu girly grill be a hackerwoman to make the tradthots and TIFs seethe

No. 1727314

i remember when some fags on 4chan were saying exactly that and i posted something along the lines of ''look at how the massacred my boy'' and posted either newer dante or remake leon and they started crying about how it wasnt the same because they are supposed to look though and not like anime gay twinks. Men are such hypocrites.

No. 1727315

Yeah I really want to know where the "middle ground" is for this anon when they think it's a polar opposite for a princess to go from passive to slightly proactive which is naturally a masculine trait!!11 or an effeminate girl being a hacker or a spy lol. Do all female characters have to wear frilly dresses, smile all the time and work in the kitchen in order to not have these horrible girlboss traits?

No. 1727319

the era of trAInnies coping is hilarious, you have failed artists spending time stiching their frankenstein creations into on and having the audacity to claim it takes time and effort and they hav a superior creative eye. Fucking hilarious.

No. 1727327

I have said this before, but I believe AI-generated art will only really affect porn and furry artists, as there 'customers' are very easily satisfied. Regardless of the quality of the artwork, true artists will continue to receive commissions because people appreciate their actual artistic expressions.

No. 1727330

Only tangentially related but tbh I am kind of glad that people who think giving artists precise written directions to "translate" into art is great can get redirected to AI now and experience for themselves when something doesn't work. I feel for artists who lose some income from commissions but these types of clients always were the absolute worst.

No. 1727336

File: 1697378588826.jpg (301.61 KB, 1280x2120, least ugly modern vidya moid.j…)

what a stupid pickme, she's calling above average women masculine and ugly just because they dont look like a troon's wet fantasy of what femininity is. Friendly reminder that even after all these years, all the angry comments by moids and pickmes about how hollywood is demonizing feminine characters and just wants all women to be fat and ugly dykes, we still dont have truly ugly female character, something genuinely heinous like a female Jason/Freddy/leatherface. Even the ''ugly'' female characters in videogames moids love to complain about all look prettier than their male counterparts. Imagine if women complained about how ugly kratos is.

No. 1727341

It's funny how these people never use AI to create actual pieces that have artistic value and are used for self expression or make you think about things you never realized before but just the same cute blonde girl with the same neotenous face and sexy clothing yet sperg about muh big effort and creative eye.

I doubt it'll affect even them, AI art was a fun toy to play around with but the appeal in commissioning is to get someone to make something tailored for you. My friend who does fetish commissions is still getting commissions even from scrotes who swore upon AI art because even they know how soulless and unsatisfying it is.

No. 1727346

I'll never play this game series because Kratos is fucking ugly. There!

No. 1727352

File: 1697379829360.png (18.59 KB, 877x161, moid thoughts.PNG)

Comments like this really make me think about how people perceive women to begin with. What the hell do you mean "write them as a man but put lady skin on em"? What "male things" are they doing? Raping women and children? Writing insufferable incel thoughts online? Making youtube videos about how feminism is ruining video games? I got actual brain damage from watching this pickme's video when she called the design in >>1727089 mannish even when she has a full face of makeup and a long hair with form fitting clothing, I don't think scrotes have any worry from "feminists taking over the vidya industry" when people like this are hired as game writers. I wish her a very fast pinkpilling.

No. 1727356

That's not racism, i also knew a lot of jews and none of them had unfortunate noses(compared to hers at least kek), I just said it cause it'd sound funny.

No. 1727381

I think this is referring to things like the focus on female fighters or other derivatives of male archetypes in tv shows and video games. Not that women can't be warriors ever but for some reason in something like Vikings they never chose a mother of five children raising those while farming or a textile worker making the most amazing tapestry or whatever. And maybe you didn't see it but stuff like "we need more female serial killers and pschopaths for Representation!" has actually happened in western media. Wouldn't be surprised if they go to even more extremely male crime types, too.

No. 1727387

Did you watch the video? It's literally referring to shit like "woman no smile = man".
>And maybe you didn't see it but stuff like "we need more female serial killers and pschopaths for Representation!" has actually happened in western media.

No. 1727395

>"we need more female serial killers and pschopaths for Representation!" has actually happened in western media. Wouldn't be surprised if they go to even more extremely male crime types, too.
based as fuck i want female breaking bad

No. 1727398

Female breaking bad would be so cool

No. 1727402

No I didn't watch the video but in recent years with US shows I've often had the thought that a female character was written like a man with a woman skin on (that's then of course a cliché of what men find hot) so I thought I could elaborate on that. Not that the shows are great otherwise, it goes together with an overall trend of overall insufferable and incoherent cardboard-cutout-like writing with weird nonsensical shallow dialogue.

No. 1727418

>female character was written like a man with a woman skin on
this means literally nothing

No. 1727422

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe your perception of what a woman can be happens to be extremely shallow and that's why you see women doing gender neutral things or having a gender neutral personality as being a "man with a woman skin on"?

No. 1727423

Seems like they want to see themselves in games. The gender alone isn't enough, the female characters also have to dress cute and put on makeup the way those women do irl apparently, regardless of if it fits the role

>Not that women can't be warriors ever but for some reason in something like Vikings they never chose a mother of five children raising those while farming or a textile worker
I know you're just making an example, but the reality is that most western games are about war and fighting and that there's not much excitement in farming or textiles. If they put female characters in games as protagonists they have to fit that action environment. The solution would be to have more games written and directed by women, but I guess there would still be pointless nitpicking.

No. 1727424

When you get the feeling the writers wrote a female character by deciding to turn one of their default characters, which are male, female? Not sure why nonas here pretend this doesn't exist.

No. 1727425

it literally doesnt, you sound like the schizos who thinks ukes in yaoi are women because they are ''written like women'' just because they are the ones getting dicked. It just boils down to gender stereotypes of what a female and male character should be.

No. 1727426

Honestly this kind of "c-can't they just be really skilled cooks?? taking care of children is important work too!!" bargaining is ridiculous and being intentionally obtuse about the issue. Like >>1727423 said weaving tapestries isn't exciting in a game about going to war and destroying your enemies. If they can include dragons and demons in medieval games then they can include female warriors and not give a shit about muh historical inaccuracies.

Please offer an example of this so we can see what you consider a character that's written as "male in woman skin". I'm very interested in seeing what you consider so masculine in a woman that it must be a man.

No. 1727432

Yeah, I know games are generally geared towards a male audience and reflect typical male interests or roles meant for them (and the ones women play more tend to get trivialized and excluded out of gamer discourse a lot) which is a point for the case that these women are often male stereotypes since they are actors in male hero stories and power fantasies. I mean Lara Croft was basically just Indiana Jones but with tits and a butt to ogle for the assumed male player, her point wasn't to give little girls an archeologist role model or to nurture their desire for travel and exploration. Or at least afaik she isn't based on any of the existing women who did that sort of stuff. But yeah, don't really have more to say on this.

No. 1727437

who cares? literally who wants to play as a viking mother of 5 tapestry maker, i want to play as a cool warrior. If you want muh woman games where i sew and cook and take care of children how about you pick up shovelware trash like barbie made for children? why should female characters be stuck to retarded gender-roles even in fantasy escapism media.

No. 1727439

Thank you for getting it. A good way to also say it is that these roles are just male written roles, add girl. The writers are men usually too. If other women are fine with having a token personality just from a glance of the character written by a man, more power to them, but the write almost the same character every time because of it. Just different character setting.

No. 1727445

File: 1697385073650.jpg (105.68 KB, 1400x700, the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sw…)

I do agree with this poster on the point that male writers don't know how to write active roles for women in their games. So in games with male writers you get the feminine badass or the damsel in distress, nothing really inbetween.

Even when a female character is meant to look "ugly", she'll still be wearing makeup. Like picrel, the item check girl from Skyward Sword.

No. 1727453

No one is saying that. They just want that same mother to be a viking sometimes. Why can't she be both? Why does it have to be one or the other? Not a single person said they need to be stuck in gender role. The whole argument is that they can be both. I haven't seen anyone say they want hyper bimboism characters in order to have femininity in their media. All Im seeing is anons say they're isn't a need to completely strip female characters of feminine personalities just to have a check mark ticked off that they added a girl to the character line-up. Even Jessica Rabbit is a good example if you want to talk about a character with depth that is super sexual on the surface but gets her hands dirty. You do not see characters like her anymore.

No. 1727456

Nta but what's your point with purposely ignoring what anons are saying in almost every post? I suggest anons ignore the replies that go out of their way to misconstrued the topic. It's not even a hard subject to grasp.

No. 1727460

>They just want that same mother to be a viking sometimes.Why can't she be both? Why does it have to be one or the other?
but why? you dont ask the male characters to be fathers too.
>You do not see characters like her anymore.
because guess what you? can make strong female characters without making them fucking sex dolls. Why is being a blowup doll or a cutesy girl girl neccesary for a female character to feel feminine?

No. 1727461

game designers could make it so you could yeet the kids in battles to make it fun to be a mom but they're cowards

No. 1727462

It's bait or some anons really don't have the mental capacity aside from looking at it from black and white perspectives.

No. 1727464

Kratos IS a male character who is a father???

No. 1727467

yeah, but i dont see no one asking for kratos to be father to feel ''masculine''. Why do female characters have to be moms to feel feminine? also, bayonetta is a mom so there you go, your coombait whose also a mother. Can we actually have good female characters now?

No. 1727475

NTA but I'm seriously losing brain cells reading this but I'll bite because I'm bored.
>All Im seeing is anons say they're isn't a need to completely strip female characters of feminine personalities just to have a check mark ticked off that they added a girl to the character line-up.
See, the issue is that people classify traits that should be gender neutral as "being male" and "stripping women of their femininity". Woman not smiling? Male. Woman being a strong fighter? Male. Woman wearing covering clothing? Male. Woman being muscular? Male. Woman having a role outside of mother/sister/wife? Male. Woman not wearing makeup? Male. Female character wearing a "cute outfit" that's a coomerified swimsuit and a face full of makeup while being bubbly and sexy? Now that's a woman. People are actually losing their minds over Princess Peach having a very slightly angrier expression on her game's cover art and thinking this is a feminist agenda masculinizing all the pretty princesses into girlboss dykes leaving nothing for the girly girls and brainwashing every young girl gamer into hating femininity when a normal person looks at the cover edit once, thinks it's sort of stupid and moves on. They had to redesign Sonic the Hedgehog for American audiences to look more edgy and angry in the 90's because they felt he was "too cute" but chronically online spergs want to see things that just aren't there because their worst nightmare is that only 98% of all media features only feminine, conventionally beautiful women conforming to traditional values. If they let down their hypervigilance it'll soon be only 97.8%!

No. 1727477

They should. Men should also complain that their characters are one dimensional with how they are constantly written, just different setting.
>went so they have to be moms to be feminine
You're using Bayonetta as the exact example of a multifaceted design and personality. She could be in armor gear for all I care instead of hair, but they didn't try to force her into a one of the guys type of girls which is how those characters are instead always written. Again though, we are taking about US media. Japan doesn't have this problem as much.

No. 1727478

>Again though, we are taking about US media. Japan doesn't have this problem as much.
Scrote fingers are writing these posts, I'm convinced now.(hi scrote)

No. 1727480

I feel sorry for your lack of understanding by nitpicking terms from what anons are talking about. Missed the point that bimboism is not what anons want, but go off about how coomerism is what they are talking about wanting.

No. 1727481

The ''girly girls'' are genuinely so fucking annoying. They have two entire genres(mahou shojo/shojo) of cute girls in cute outfits doing 'girly' things while kicking ass then complain about them being soooo opressed when the female girly character frowns. Try being a woman/girl not into overwhelmingly cute pink puke garbage, there is literally nothing for us.

No. 1727483

Nonnie, I come from a country where women were actively enabled (not just with warm words) to hold all sorts of professions and US shit like extremely gendered toys and things like the belief that liking pink means a boy has a female brain is not something I grew up with. This actually informs my opinion of finding the writing of women in a lot of current US shows to be bad and not rooted in reality.

No. 1727484

Anons are talking about western games and media. Weren't scrote accusations bannable anyway?

No. 1727488

have you ever though that maybe women just want to have a power fantasy for once where they arent forced to be bangmaids or moms? men have thousands of media where they can pretend to be cool heroes who get all the bitches and waht not, why cant we have that? to not make the gamer moids angry?

No. 1727492

Agreed. Acting like this isn't an issue really worries me about the actual care some anons have in western games and movies. They are poorly written, but anons are fine with it. That they are just male characters turned women with a sprinkle of snarky attitude and empathy is good enough for them to be a multifaceted character.

No. 1727495

the point isnt if they are good characters or not, the point is some of you claiming that a character not being a mother makes them male. If you said ''they are badly written characters'' no one would have cared, but you are trying to pretend these characters arent women because of dumb retarded ideas of what a female character should be.

No. 1727496

Because it's not well written and usually written by a man who assumes a power fantasy for women. If your want to go play Rise of the Tomb Raider and be happy they made the attempted rape scenes and torture for you, go for it, but she was not written for women even though she's the protag. Men don't write good female characters.

No. 1727497

Please greentext where anons said that

No. 1727500

>Men should also complain that their characters are one dimensional with how they are constantly written
They do bitch about that. A lot of american writers are bad and a lot of designers have no taste, they make what they are used to. What even is this conversation

So? We all know this. But the original anon was whining about Peach and Frozen

No. 1727501

you are completly moving the goalpost, no one is denying those characters aren't badly written. You know a female character can be badly written but still be a woman, right?
here >>1727453

No. 1727508

actually, my bad, here >>1727381

No. 1727510

First off the discussion had changed, go up thread if you want to compain about Peach still. Secondly, men complain more about a girl being ugly in game than they do about a male character only being a jackass and barely talks. They don't care as much since all the male protagonists are the same character, this one is just a cowboy and this one is a viking. Maybe they shouldn't just make "what they are used to" which is the entire point of the topic with Allanah's video. Why don't the writers care? It's because they only care about the profit. This is why something like BG3 is so good for a lot of people because the male and female characters are equal in personality.

No. 1727511

The example with exploring motherhood (which was not a case against exploring fatherhood) was for a historical setting where women had more children on average than today. Now that I think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a game where a woman carries an infant on her chest or back while doing things when that is a super common human experience. The only one I can think of has a man doing that (Death Stranding).

No. 1727517

Anons are going to hound you with "BUT WHY DOES BEING A MOTHER MEAN FEMININE!!!" I understand your point. Anons are purposely being ignorant for the sake of the fun of arguing ITT. This isn't a hard concept at all.

No. 1727525

again, it's a power fantasy/escapism. It doesnt have to be rooted in reality. I genuinely dont care about playing as a mother, I would be a warrior or some other cool shit.
it's retarded as fuck, men get to be whatever they want but women always have to be moms to not be ''onedimensional''. Which again shows she doenst really care about female characters being fleshed out, she just want female characters to be gender stereotypes.

No. 1727526

>That they are just male characters turned women with a sprinkle of snarky attitude and empathy
Can someone give an example of a character like this? Which female characters act like male characters? And what makes them "male"? Not smiling and being bubbly? Not being overly kind and nurturing?

No. 1727527

not being moms obviously

No. 1727528

In all honesty, I thought he just used costumes and makeup but then again- never had any interest in James Cameron's Avatar. Side by side, it still looks better than most other model:character stuff I've seen when it comes to body scans.

But with games it either comes out decent enough or just ugly but rarely ever just good or specifically nice looking.

Because male characters are allowed an "in-between" either badass or loser whereas female characters are either written as badasses with no/minimal feminine traits/interests OR they're feminine but are useless damsels who can't do anything for themselves.

>You have two entire genres that also largely don't exist in the west outside of for children

Way to miss the point anon.

No. 1727530

Okay, then go play that game. This doesn't negate other women from wanting more from female characters. You wanting one thing doesn't take away from anons saying there should be more options actually with some reality added in. Why does wanting more from female characters make you so mad?

No. 1727533

I don't get it either, I probably lack media literacy but as a kid I always thought Lara Croft was cool because she was a woman doing sick stuff.

No. 1727534

because they will make her a mom and then yo will be like ''she doesnt wear a dress?! is she even female? feels like man reskinned to be a woman'' there is no fucking way to win, female characters will never be ''female enough'' to some retards

No. 1727537

Yes she is. No one said she isn't cool, but she is not written for you in mind. Same way I thought Indiana was cool, by he's not written for me and is a womanizer. I'm not okay with Lara being "cool" because she's thrown into rape scenarios and impaled by trees constantly. These aren't written for us.

No. 1727539

Found the troll who can't grasp any of this discussion

No. 1727540

can you give examples of good female characters?

No. 1727542

no, i am just tired of retards like you calling female characters either female(all pink dress wearing characters) or re-skinned males(the rest) it's so annoying and tiring

No. 1727546


Nope because you're because there's no point is having a discussion with you when you're purposely ignoring anything anons explain.

No. 1727547

I was talking about the old games, aside from the fanservice (which I don't really mind but that's another topic) there's nothing really distasteful like in the reboots.

No. 1727552

She also didn't do much as far as personality goes in those games. You can think her exploring and all is cool, but still acknowledge that the character wasn't written for girls.

No. 1727554

Yeah I'll just bow out now. My example wasn't even about motherhood as the single defining attribute, it was about a farmer who also had kids which is common for vikings. I can think of plenty of ways to turn that into an interesting game or tv show. I mean, farming games are pretty common already anyway. I'm just Old I guess and more interested in content that isn't mainly about killing people these days.

No. 1727558

All good. I'm just glad someone understands what I'm taking about. Anons are nitpicking parts of the discussions and being obtuse because it's fun to argue and not because they want an actual breakdown discussion. I'm an oldfag too, so maybe these kids just haven't delved in enough media or something to see the issue.

No. 1727564

Yeah I also latched onto Lara (while simultaneously feeling bad/uncomfortable because of the oversexualization) but girls appropriating protagonists not written for them is a tale as old as video games. In a way I don't mind it so much anymore because with men I sometimes feel like being catered to so much stunts their development and imagination.

No. 1727566

You're just not saying anything. Female characters are written by moids the way they would men. Source: I feel that way, no I don't have a current example

No. 1727572

there are a shit ton of farming sims, anon. real question, but are you a girly/stereorypical feminine girl? because it sounds like you never actually yearned for a type of female character that doesnt exist. I remember as a girl i hated girl shows because all of them, with no exception, had extremely feminine female main characters, even the ones about girls kicking ass like kim possible had kim doing things i couldnt relate to, like that episode where she really wants an stupid pair of pants. Also pretty much all maho shojo shows were completly unappealing to me because it doesnt matter how much they kick ass i just couldnt feel represnted with girls in pink dresses and whatnot. Meanwhile i always related to the male characters because they looked cool and kicked ass, it's a miracle i didnt troon out honestly.

No. 1727574

Yeah I'm also glad you understand what I mean! Let's get some canes to shake, haha.

No. 1727581

Move on, sad-anon.

No. 1727596

Nta but sims tend to be pretty gender neutral.

No. 1727647

>but why? you dont ask the male characters to be fathers too.
Feel like there's quite a few games where the male character assumes the role as caretaker of a much younger character, that's pretty popular. GoW, Resident Evil, Walking Dead, The last of Us. Not a lot of the reverse. You've got Plague Tale. Kinda FF13 with Lightning and Hope. I don't know, I wouldn't mind playing a Mother/Mother-figure in a game as long as I get to be cool.

No. 1727650

but the point is her being a mother as a mean to make her ''feminine''. Which is retarded.

No. 1727659

>Imagine if women complained about how ugly kratos is.
I did it a few times on social media and people would assume I mean that I'm calling the game itself ugly on a technical level or they would assume I'm a guy and would say "hmmm but he's half naked and some women like that!!!1!" Like no honey, he's ugly as fuck, and the hipster beard doesn't make him less ugly, he's just ugly in a different way now. Those are the same fags who would always complain about JRPGs having bishonen or young kids as the main characters and calling them "gay" or "pussies" for showing emotions that aren't just unga bunga rage. I will keep doing my duty to keep calling Kratos hideous on a semi-regular basis of course.

Me but unironically.

No. 1727662

I wasn't being ironic I actually tried this game but found him too ugly to enjoy it.

No. 1727664

I see, finally someone who gets it. There are too many excellent video games out there to force yourself to play video games with ugly male characters.

No. 1727670

i feel like ugly female characters are given makeup to highlight how ugly and not conventionally attractive they are, or that they are clueless and don't know how to do good makeup.

No. 1727674

Based. Tired of ugly moids polluting games.

No. 1727680

No one is saying that being a mother makes someone inherently feminine. You are like a broken record. Jesus christ.

No. 1727681

This whole argument would have been way less retarded and salty if the first rambly nonna didn't suddenly flip a discussion about princess peach having her face slightly changed into an argument about character design and ?writting in hyperealistic western video games that have absolutely fuck all in common with peach. Most retarded topic transition I've ever seen.
some nonnas where spergging way too hard about the woman from the video, weird moidy levels of personal hatred

No. 1727682

There's multiple discussions going on. This isn't about Peach. Ignore the anon who brought that up and move on to the discussion about western media already. Just because both of them involve character design doesn't mean anons can't have two separate talks going on about character design. The Peach change is strictly because the movie was popular over here and it's more likely people will buy it if it looks like existing media that just released, she looks just like the movie version on the cover of the US one whereas the Japan one is just usual Peach. It doesn't make her masculine or anti-feminine. It's just marketing and it's stupid the distributor thinks it needed a change at all in order to sell. Has nothing to do with men or women.

No. 1727685

they literally did say it, stop backtracking. she started sperging about how a female warrior in videogames was just ''reskinning a male character'' just because she was a warrior and not a mother that made tapestries, it's idiotic.

No. 1727691

What's the discussion though? I'm sure everyone agrees that moids can't write women and no one is bringing up actual examples. Everytime an anon asks for an example of what a bad or good female character would be it's ignored and whenever an anon replies to a horribly phrased statement that can easily be interpreted as misogynistic it's "ugh you just don't get it! The point went right over your head!!"

No. 1727706

How exactly is that misogynistic?

No. 1727715

nta but saying ''this (strong)female characters is just a re-skinned male'' is extremely misogynistic, you also never explained your point past that.

No. 1727717

Are you dumb? I mean anons phrasing whatever points they think they have so horribly that they end up having to defend themselves for saying shit like >>1725246, >>1727402 and >>1727381

No. 1727719

Or given an example after multiple anons have asked

No. 1727720

Plague's Tale is a great example of a female character having more depth.

No. 1727747

Yes, but those discussions all started from the peach discussion, and because that nonna was making pretty poorly phrased arguments and then brought up a video about western gaming. It's confusing because this is an anonymous board, so obviously we can't tell who is not saying what and who is saying multiple things, so nonnas staying mad about the example of lack of mother characters is because they're probably still connecting it to the other nonna talking about way up thread the post about feminine characters always being hackers or whatever. And it really is hard to argue about these topics if you don't bring up positive examples since nobody can understand what you are actually arguing in favour of. althought I can't blame you since if you pick a character that isn't 100% perfect you will probably have nonnas ranting on you about how that character is actually coomer bait

In we happy few there's a portion of the game where you play as a mother that has to take care of a baby, and you could technically count the Kara plot in Become Human. Is that kinda what you mean? also what one nonna mentioned about yeeting your children into the battlefield sounds kinda fun kek
I think lack of representation of the more "trad wife-y" (for lack of a better term) feminine traits like having kids and doing crochet or whatever might be because those things might read as kinda "matronly" ie old, and old women don't have that much representation in general, either because they're not appealing to moids, or because most gamers are younger and don't /don't want to relate to old people.

No. 1727767

Don't ever use a female character written by David Cage as an example. Kara is not a good example at all.

No. 1727799

Give a better one

No. 1727804

This isn't a contest. I'm saying this because he always puts his characters who are women in dangerous situations on purpose and makes them rape fodder with zero personality. He admits to this. David Cage is a shitty person as far as creating female characters at all. He sexualizes the hell out of them because he openly hates women.

No. 1727808

I was talking about her role as a "mother" and the way it is integrated into the game and if nonnas would appreciate those traits in different (preferably better written) characters. I know David Cage writing is questionable.

No. 1727813

Tangent, I'd only play this if it were written by a woman and done in some sort of horror/period piece survival thing or as a metaphor in the vein of American McGee's Alice. Being a mom isn't cutesy tradwife baby dress up shit and every-time women say "maybe I'm not cut out for it/ I don't like being a mom/this is actually horrifying" they get shit on.

No. 1727980

File: 1697417107174.mp4 (3.89 MB, 576x1024, 6ce979ea0f4cf9a05021f12306e67f…)

Changing the subject, post some really useful art tips and tutorials!

No. 1727990

Anon I'd LOVE to play a game where a mother and daughter were the main characters on an adventure together. That parent-child dynamic is what made Last of Us so popular, Death Stranding, and the recent God of Wars. But it's always about a father. Which is unrealistic that there are so many games about good fathers kek

No. 1727997

They’re right. Real men are ugly.

No. 1728012

File: 1697418310599.jpg (35.63 KB, 563x501, d7986986758916636473aa10e4d420…)

I remember reading a twitter screenshot about how characters like the hulk were female fantasies because they are muscular and walk around shirtless, and that kind of got me thinking. I think artists dont know how to make male characters appealing, and just assume muscles makes men automatically attractive.

It was also odd to me when you would see people get suprised or uncomfortable when they see a male character seen as physically attractive by women, I think a lot of people think that straight women just arent attracted to men physically.

No. 1728013

I hope you’re a scrote because if you’re not this is the most tragic fucking thing I’ve ever read.

No. 1728017

Pretty sure their take is just not being dictated properly because there is some good discussion from a few other anons about what OP is trying to say.

No. 1728023

Cute how someone with a very skewed, almost moid-like perception of femininity should be given the benefit of the doubt but any woman who feels rightfully offended by her horrible takes is a misogynist.

No. 1728034

No, they don't want women to be attracted to men physically. If you go back to TV as early as the 50s and 60s, women and to be thin and beautiful almost as a rule and nearly all of the men, and always the leading men, were old and/or fat. Popular television sitcoms and gameshows always have old, ugly, oily men in toupets and thin glamorous women. It's been a long time psyop.

No. 1728037

>damn there are no one dimensional female characters who want to be stupid static and without facets
Are you okay

No. 1728051

this is shit read an actual book

No. 1728056

men know damn well what women like, that's why they make fun of them and call the characters/actors ''gay'', remember the bieber/twilght hate? men are angry that women like pretty boys and not roided pigs, because the latter is easily attainable with drugs and hitting the gym, whereas being a pretty boy is a mix of good genes and doing things men deem as ''gay'' like not looking unwashed

No. 1728100

absolutely, god it's so funny scrotes hate women criticizing sexualized female characters but if you go into any reddit or 4chan discussion for anime games that appeal to both men and women you'll see salty male comments about attractive male characters being "homos" and "not cool". You ever ask them what kind of male character they like, the answer is always older, roided out, fully clothed, and with facial hair. So women are such evil crybullies ruining their fun for being tired of every women being sexy with tits out but moids encounter a rare piece of media with male characters sexualized for female enjoyment and they scream, cry, and shit their pants about how they want ""cool"" (powerful and unsexy to women) men. Actually ultra funny they call the guys women like homos because actual homo men have awful taste and probably like the same men they do more than the characters women like

No. 1728106

I have a theory homosexual men have actually been grooming straight men into finding what women find attractive ''gay'' and what gay moids find attractive to be the peak male physique.

No. 1728109

100% I believe it

No. 1728164

Tangentially related but you just reminded me, how much I fucking hate the internet’s obsession with femboys to the point almost any prettyboy with elegant/feminine attributes (or literally just long hair) gets sissified and turned into a submissive uwu gay femboy by coomer fans. (Rare cases I don’t see this happen is het romance media with mainly female fans like Howl’s Moving Castle for example)
But of course any roided out/hairy/bearded/middle-aged ugly dude is pushed as peak masculine husbando daddy dom sex god or whatever.

Like, with LoZ, I mostly blame femboy Link on the developers for the gerudo outfit, but I still think the Ganondorf thirst people had was some insane delusion or psyop

No. 1728182

File: 1697430132069.jpg (211.05 KB, 564x3146, 41aaad5a9b7e4f27abb9d680accbfa…)

No. 1728186

File: 1697430383977.jpg (127.93 KB, 564x1479, 56893a2df67109aeccdaad6b37ea66…)

On a more serious note, I find that using online references and photos of real photos have helped me the most in advancing my art. I could probably buy some art books if needed, but my experience with shitty how to draw books when I was younger just makes me put off towards them

No. 1728285

I think the real sign of progress in art and video games isn’t necessarily to make more strong women, though I appreciate it. Actual progress would be to have many male characters designed to be extremely sexy, in skimpy outfits, submissive, performing for my titillation. Male feminists are still male and still center themselves and their interests. They are only capable of “transgression” through making conventionally attractive lesbian tough girls. To be able to see cute, sexy catboys with their thighs jiggling on camera near the same frequency as we see it happening to women would be revolutionary.
I’ll do whatever I can see see through this wish.

No. 1728310

I've noticed that in older media (films or book descriptions) the idea of what a handsome man is alignes much more with my own perception than whatever is going on right now.

No. 1728315

File: 1697441972497.jpg (94.41 KB, 727x1000, the_bible.jpg)

>my experience with shitty how to draw books when I was younger just makes me put off towards them
As kids my best friend had this manga book and I was SO jealous that she'd get to learn how to draw manga and I'd get left behind lmao

No. 1728326

You lost me at catboys. But while it's not my thing, go ahead and do it nonnie, I support your cause. Otome and shoujo stuff suck writing wise and character designs wise. Like wtf was that game with the horse with a bishounen face?

No. 1728329

This made me recall the one time I thought a superhero was hot, it was a Spiderman comic and Peter Parker was stripped and tied up hanging somewhere while Venom dripped down on him or something. Wish I could check whether it holds up with how many Spiderman/Venom comics there are I would have no idea how to find that again.

No. 1728331

omg yes I remember this book. It's a good inspiration for people with impostor syndrome.

No. 1728358

Not to drag it out further but you are dumb or can't read. I meant those anons were so shit at expressing themselves that they came across as misogynistic with their views on femininity that didn't even have a point. I didn't say anyone who answered them was.

True and you should say it

No. 1728381

Catboys as in men who are lithe and sexy and move seductively, like a cat. Like a big wild cat boy, while also being cute in the face.
I’m reclaiming catboys from the bisexual scrote femboy coomers.

No. 1728405

File: 1697452516173.png (Spoiler Image,76.93 KB, 188x264, 1509670303920.png)

I am a fucking idiot. Sorry anon for completely misunderstanding your point and sperging out like a retard.

No. 1728408

I know. I just can't see cats that way, it's weird to me. But live your truth, my ass is into "I can fix him" irredeemable villains who did 1 nice thing in their lives ever, so I can't really judge.

No. 1728416

Didn't win a sponsorship, which truly annoys me. There weren't that many entries, and I was sure I had a winning project. Femicide and uncomfortable sure, but damn well made. An entire installation even with a glass window and glass uterus I build. I already knew it would go this way. I used my actual last name. Artist family, some more famous then others.. It would have looked like nepotism, two of the judges knew my dad and mom. Fuck me. I need to change my name, else I'll always be judged on my parents merits.. Fuck the art scene so hard. I can hardly handle the general artist population. The likes that bring their own maps to a gallery opening. All so far up their own asses.
If a woman would have used literal animal blood in her works, she'd be called a mental case. No woman couldve ever been a nitsch or anyone similar. My mom told me to change my name ages ago to something gender neutral and a way different last name. How much does one have to give up? I don't even want anything anymore, I just want people to start thinking by looking at installations I make. See my fucking outrage and fucking feel something. Hopefully enough to pay attention and maybe too, start helping and doing things. Urgh, rant over, I apologise.

No. 1728435

Damn that sucks nonna. Your art piece sounds really cool, and I think it’s also cool you don’t want to coast on the nepo wave of your family’s artistic clout. Maybe you could give yourself a single moniker or something, like banksy but not retarded and gay

No. 1728456

This sucks but if you already knew the judges know your parents and this could be an issue it sounds like you were self-sabotaging a bit. Something that always works is going with your mother's maiden name (if you live in a culture where women take their husbands' name, ofc.) And it doesn't mean you have to stop using your actual name altogether or anything.

No. 1728459

You're probably right, sadly the rules specified to use your real name, no moniker or artist name. I honestly don't know, I should've just done it anyway. Not like they could've checked it.. All in all, I'm glad someone gets the recognition and help and I am grateful my country even cares in the first place. (and I didn't know that the judges knew my parents. My mom only told me much later, hah)
Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. And yeah, might go dig into some colours for a name idea. Always liked scarlet.
Now actually thinking about everything, especially with my last post.. Guess I'm an entitled artist shit too. I'll definitely be more realistic next time. But I do fucking believe my femicide installation is fucking badass and gets people to think about our countries issues. (not just because I've been updating it for years and people like borrowing it for the theatre and feminist events.) it's just a very important topic to me.

No. 1728485

Oh okay, sorry, I misunderstood that you knew beforehand. It's a tricky situation and it sucks for sure, I get that even aside from the rules or legal matters you don't want to hide your identity. Honestly I wish overall some grant and residency applications were blind and just based on the submitted works and proposals.

No. 1728502

you can find all the good books for free on the internet or ic. These shitty tutorials are always a waste of time

No. 1728540

Respectfully nonita this is a shit 'tutorial.' If you actually want to learn the best way is proper studies, don't get your art advice from the mediocre insufferable Tiktoker of the day.

No. 1728543

Nta but they asked for anons to post good tips/tutorials, you guys could just post some kek

No. 1728586

File: 1697470878829.jpg (2.63 MB, 3000x1644, d9yjelz-8a667af3-65fe-4fbe-ac3…)

Feeling retarded cuz I misread and didn't realize you were asking for tutorials kek

Anyway what other nonnas said is true. These short "draw this shape then this shape then this shape here" tutorials are really not good unless you are an absolute beginner. It's much better to look at real pictures and find your own way of structuring forms and stylizing things, and not copy some other artist's sketching process.
Short textless single image "don't draw bad shape, draw good shape" tutorials are the ones that get shared around the most but art tutorials are only good if they have artist notes all over them

No. 1728681

Yeah why are males deathly afraid of looking attractive cos "that's gay" but also have an obsession with pretty boys saying "boys make the best girls", "we need to go back to ancient rome" (pederasty), comment "would smash, Easter Island head emoji" to random tiktok boys who put on shaky eyeliner and crumpled aliexpress maid dresses, and drool over drawings of normal women only when the artist captions it with "she has a pp lmao"

No. 1728807

I always say, "wow, your PC must've worked itself really hard."

No. 1728848

Same, I fully agree. One of my talented friends wasn't accepted to uni and it was because of her age and gender. My own brother in charge of admission told me as much. What's there to say..
Fuck. Them. All. Nothing matters anyway.

No. 1728855

This also makes me think that they hate media aimed at women with hot men in it for a similar reason; the men carry themselves in "simp" ways, interact with topics they find girly and inane, and have appearances that deviate from "roided out jock". Then turn around and coom at the most vapid depictions of women. "No real man would ever act/look like that/care about something like that" yeah we know. I hope women continue to flood the internet with their takes on male characters they find hot, I love how it pisses them off.

No. 1728861

File: 1697487464552.jpg (89.75 KB, 550x850, 18da1ac34139c69acb586ad27b9e9e…)

Yeah a lot of the tutorials out there tended to be lacking in detail, which was why I started using irl references more to compensate. Funny enough, the board that I use on pinterest for art tutorials has a lot of screenshots from art books now that I think about it, so I was still using artbooks in some form.

No. 1728878

what are some easy ways to get money as an artist outside of commissions? stuff like adopts

No. 1728904

I think some men do think that older, roided out, fully clothed men with facial hair are what women find attractive, because Ive seen many memes calling the concept of the female gaze contradictory, when these characters exist. What is appealing to women is just not seen as important as it is for men.

No. 1728924

Sorry for venting but… I wasn't too worried about AI art but I have a family member who is a big AI fan who keeps saying it's improved so much and is so much better/faster than making art yourself and that my skills are essentially useless (not to mock me but saying that I should go into a different field and stop drawing) and it's so disheartening. It's just not the same, I thought people would care about the soul behind the art but this person is making me think I was overestimating people and they just want mass-produced soulless art instead because it's cheaper and faster and good enough at mimicking art.
Art is one of the few things humans do that is just creative joy and expressions of emotions, do people really not care about that? Do I just care because I'm an artist myself? I'm not a musician yet if you told me a person wrote a song I'm infinitely more interested than if an AI program had created a song because those words have literally no meaning. I just kind of hate AI at the moment, it feels like it's a big threat to everything I care about on so many levels.

No. 1728937

It’s really depressing honestly. Art in all its forms has been severely undervalued in modern society by the average joe despite the fact that all of them rely on art to cope in one way or another. These cretins bitch about how useless art degrees are even though most of us are only able to navigate the modern world because someone with a basic level of artistic vision created a way to convey information succinctly. It feels like illustration will die as a profession. The only way I can think to combat it is to go back to the traditional mediums and more practical artistic jibes but even then they’re not that plentiful. Sorry to be doom and gloom but I just don’t seen a real way out of a lot of us being replaced. Tangential question but do nonnas think AI will be able to create 3D Models anytime soon? That was my practical path for a still artistic job but I’m scared that will go the way of the dodo as well.

No. 1728991

This is why I've slowly turned towards making stuff only for myself and for craft shows/festivals. I think the only way art is going to survive is through traditional means at this point… this is ok for me since I'm a (mostly) traditional artist, but there are some digital llustrators who can barely use physical pen and pencil. I feel for those people. Digital artists have been bled dry trying to constantly produce more and more to feed the algorithms and look where it got them. It makes me sad how much we're shat on…and unfortunately ai art isn't going anywhere.

No. 1729161

Maybe it's that "straight" males are scared of looking like homosexual bottoms e.g. pretty, the receiving one during sex, because that's being "like a woman" and woman is icky amirite fellas, but they're fine with topping a male they think is "like a woman" because topping isn't gay amirite fellas and they're fascinated with taboo things they can put their rancid penises into, 2D or 3DPD.

No. 1729207

is it actually proffitable to pander to the tranny crowd? i have been thinking about opening an art account to larp as a tranny and possibly grift

No. 1729215

Why would you want to larp as a tranny? This is such a dumb thing to do and no, a lot of people don't care as long as they get their porn commissioned. You're better off just making a random non-human creature for your avatar and just keep your head down and collect money. This seems like such a waste of time to do.

No. 1729219

trannies get support just from being trannies, look at trans santa for example

No. 1729232

Anons where do you like hoarding art at? I save works of artists I like on private Pinterest boards but Pinterest doesn’t allow you to save from certain sites like Pixiv anymore and they remove pins too often. I also just upload them to a private Discord but browsing through it is a pain in the ass. I really want to build a collection of old Deviantart drawing meme templates.

No. 1729240

I archive all of my stuff on an external harddrive. Things get snatched the internet way too often for me to not keep my own copy. >>1729207
Don't fall into temptation nonnacita. Trannies are a cult. They are highly jealous, entitled and autocannibalistic. The more you pander the more they'll wring you dry. Even if they think you're one of them, the second you slip up they'll be ready to cancel you. As trite as it sounds, be unapologetically yourself so you'll never have to work for someone else's validation. There's nothing to grift from troons except hollow validation. You can't suck money from a group that constantly wants handouts from the cis straights.

No. 1729244

Don't do that, anon. You sound as dumb as the anon saying they want to larp as a black person for the same reason.

No. 1729246

i will try anyways i have been tempted by the female saul goodmans that have popped on here a few times, i will update later

No. 1729250

Sure, jan. You won't follow through or keep up with it with proof, so none of us are going to believe you. Your post just sounds like shock value nonsense.

No. 1729253

i have nothing better to do

No. 1729257

Nayrt but I've been wanting to try that, pretending to be some poor opwessed tim for xmas, cos tifs get less attention, to get some free shit kek then dropping the act. Agree with other nonas though that if someone wants to pander to trannies long term they should knoe the troons will be waiting like parasites for any little slip up to jump on to and there go your customers

No. 1729258

1st ayrt yeah I feel you, it’s always random Japanese Twitter and Pixiv artists who draw the most breathtaking arts of my obscure husbandos and then delete their accounts a month later. Not that that’s bad lol I do the same thing for the most part and upload anonymously through for NSFW and make accounts for some separate fandoms or mediums.
Dumb idea anon, what if you’re recognized found out to just be lying? What would you say your motive was? You could say that you’re a gender enigma and they just don’t understand your super special gender but the cult could still eat you alive. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1729259

Remember Riley from The Ark Project? She was a grifter who pretended to be trans and things went to shit for her. You'd have to have something severealy wrong with you to consider pretending to be trans just to grift.

No. 1729272

Yeah men absolutely know what women like, they just don't want to give them that because they can't enjoy it. The "b-but the hulk is attractive to women isn't he??" thing is full on gaslighting, they know it's a male power fantasy and not eye candy for the women.

>Art is one of the few things humans do that is just creative joy and expressions of emotions, do people really not care about that?
Yes they do. Nobody pays for AI art. The only way you can sell it is to lie about making it by yourself, if you straight out said it was made by AI the value would be zero. So the people making a business out of it are grifters cheating people out of money, and the more they're exposed the more people learn to look out for them.

No. 1729299

I'm going to warn you right now, do not share your art with this family member. I can see them taking your art, putting it through the AI, and then showing you how much better it is and how it's a shortcut for you when all they did was just steal your art.

No. 1729302

You’ll get doxed lol

No. 1729308

What even is the point? Trannies rarely get commissioned even within their echo chambers, all you get is stress at best. Although nonnies in the thread are overreacting a bit, unless you run in the puppychan adjacent crowd or join art discord servers where trannies whine and rant all the time, you're not going to get doxxed or found out in most cases lol

No. 1729310

Most scrotes prefer their porn to be made by other scrotes anyway. Not sure what the point would be. Especially if anon has terrible art.

No. 1729318

Anons who genuinely think that faking being a tranny is a road to riches should venture outside of their small corner of the internet once in a while for a reality check. Nobody commissions troons on the virtue of being a troon, not even their biggest supporters. Most trans creators who make it their whole identity are popular for creating relatable viral content and most of all being connected with more prolific artists, and even then they don't really make money since internet exposure doesn't convert to dollars that easily. There's a huge amount of oversaturation with people creating trans merch and being all about trans issues too so one more drop in the ocean wouldn't make a difference. There's no easy way to success and if you're just looking to grift then here's a better grift for you: get an art degree and an industry job, enjoy steady income instead of having to resort to harebrained schemes that will bite you in the ass later.

No. 1729319

It's geniunely the "muh NSFW/furry commission" delusion in a new hat

No. 1729321

It is, the only people I have personally known who have actually made good money with furry commissions have been furries themselves and had a very profitable style they had finessed for years. They didn't just decide to start grifting furries for a quick buck out of the blue, they were a part of the community, saw a demand for their work and opened commissions for people to buy. It's similar to all the girls who think they'll make 10,000 dollars a month on onlyfans if they just post nudes making ahegao faces, they don't realize how much work, connections and above all luck and chance it takes to rise to the 1%.

No. 1729325

If I am known as an sfw twitter artist, is it a bad idea to make an nsfw twitter where I draw the same 2 original characters from my sfw? I don’t plan to link the accounts with each other or say anything but it’ll be obvious to people who’ve seen my art.

Asking because I’ve been hesitant but I’ve seen other, way more popular artists, do it and it seems literally every artist has an nsfw side including ones people would typically classify as ‘wholesome’ and have done work for children’s books. They do things that make it very obvious who they are and there doesn’t seem to be a problem as far as I know? (not talking about the coomer male crowd btw, I’ve been looking at stuff by lesbians, fujos, yumejos, straight women into pegging, etc)

No. 1729327

I used to do that before merging nsfw and sfw assuming my audience is mature anyway. It's fine as long as you mention it's r18, not for minors.

No. 1729344

No? let people be salty, but because you have an existing user base that's good money and luck on your side you can use to jumpstart your hustle.

No. 1729504

Not an interest, but someone into music myself. I'm also studying to be a software engineer. So my outlook at this is AI can be good for experimenting and creating prototypes, while an artist can turn the prototype into a final product. I used bing AI to generate some images for me since I can't afford to commission an artist at the moment, and while some of the results are decent, they're not good enough imo and the censorship on it limit the results. It doesn't draw fullbody images, it misunderstands some of my prompts, it generates hideous generic art sometimes in art styles I hate, and when it does work there's always one weird mistake, especially fingers ofcourse and weird ghost like entities in the background because it's probably trying to mimic artists drawing a character sheeg kek. It's retarded as hell and rarely gives me any actually impressive result, but I'll take what I got since it's free. Also communicating with a person about what I specifically want is 100000x easier than explaining it to AI because it keeps reinterpreting what I mean and creates different possibilities and most of them aren't what I want. And when it comes to commissioning, I can show you examples of what I want and you'd draw sketches to show me what you understood and we can work on refining it until I'm happy with it, AI doesn't do that, it stars all over again so the things I might have liked about a certain iteration would be removed and there's no way to tell it to keep it. It also has poor understanding of lighting and value when it comes to nighttime scenery with the moon or how water on the beach works etc. It's still not good enough yet imo and the reason is because it lacks any logic in its creation, it's just blind mimicry without understanding the fundamentals of what makes what what it is. And for music, I don't mind hearing AI generated music just to see what is it gonna come up with and if it can understand music theory since it's more mathematical than drawing. And if I like the sound of it I'd pirate it because no way I'm paying AI for music kek.

No. 1729515

We’ll get a 4 hour Sarah Z video to play in the background while sketching on Procreate, that’s what. I say go for it nonnie!

No. 1729556

As a commission artist, Id ignore your request due to the fact you stole art in order to send me an example of ai you shittily out together. No good artist deals with ai fags.

No. 1729612

I have been using AI lately and you honestly shouldn't worry about it replacing artists, it's absolute dogshit. The raw output is unusable as is, it still cant do hands/eyes and coherent backgrounds. The only way for it to look nice is for an artist with experience to fix it. It's going to become the new photobashing that's for sure, but I wouldnt worry about it replacing artist's in this lifetime. I used to be deadly scared of AI to a point where i almost gave up drawing because of the depression, then i tried it out and realized it's dogshit and it requieres way too much effort to fix, effort the average ''ideas man'' isn't willing to put. This dude spends way more time thant the average ''big bob looking at viewer 12yo face'' guy and it still look's like ass.

No. 1729621

I started drawing after YEARS(I haven't drawn since 7th grade?), and of course, it's fucking shit. How do you nonas cope with being a beginner artist? I often feel embarrassed and discouraged with my drawings and starting something new as a grown adult. Are there any good ways to get over this? Also, any good art YouTubers or art books to help beginner artists?

No. 1729624

Nta but aren't clients sometimes sending other people's art as example for how they want their commission to look? And the fact that she's comissioning actual artist also speaks against her trying to damage artist? It's not like anon parades AI trash on her Twitter, it's just one person using it to play around and she seems to recognize how low quality AI is anyway.

No. 1729630

Were you pretty decent before you stopped? Sometimes you just need to get the muscle memories back and sometimes your brain needs that kickstart into how it visualizes on to the page. Just start out drawing goofy little things, don't try to do anything serious. Just get a feel of what drawing is like again and you might be able to quickly regain some better skills from past experience.

Yes, but when you're going out of your way to use other people's art who didn't agree for their art to be put into a randomizer for your own selfish needs, that's different from just using someone's OP image as an example. I do not deal with AI. Any good artist who supports other artists won't use AI as a reference either. If the person who gives the example had enough time to fuck around in Mid to create some shitty example, they could've easily found something online from other artists instead to send me.

No. 1729670

I am on the same boat, started drawing in 2020 as a 19yo. It's really tough, sometimes i think i will never get to the level i want, but there is nothing else to do but keep drawing. Hang in there. Also i recommend manga materials, she's great.

No. 1729719

I’m guessing you are responding to me. Honestly I was okay, it wasn’t the worst but not the best either. It’s just super frustrating because I wish I didn't quit art, but oh well not much I can do about that.

Glad I am not alone. It’s nice knowing there are others like me. I’m not too worried about not getting where I want to be in art, it’s just the whole beginner process that discourages me. I’ll check them out! Thanks nona!

No. 1729899

what drawing tablets have styluses that are sized like regular pens? i can't believe i bought a drawing tablet but simply cannot get used to the pen.

No. 1729903

Wacom pens are stronger and smaller than their huion counterpart.

No. 1729915

some tablets will accept third party pens that use the same type of technology. Lamy and Staedtler make analog drawing implements but also make styluses (styli?). I'm sure there are others

No. 1729916

oh and look up different sleeves and grips

No. 1729921

Any iPad nonnas in this thread? Naked Apple pencil makes my hand hurt after an hour or so. Are there any good alternatives or soft grips? The only ones I can find are all too hard.

No. 1729949

Anyone use AI to help with art? recently I fell into the AI rabbit hole out of boredom and curiosity, and i grew a liking to it. I have been training my own AI on scrote artist's data like sabu, eguchi hisashi and aruurara. I don't plan on using this for my own personal art, and it's still shit to do anything but standing person in a default pose, but it can be helpful with colors, and ngl i like training models on scrotes who draw weird rape shit.

No. 1729950

Just a tip because my bf uses it more than me for art, he says that it can become a crutch, so don't rely on it heavily and don't only source your references through it.

No. 1729957

File: 1697594943607.jpeg (246.68 KB, 1536x1024, 00008-2024701267.jpeg)

Oh yeah, no. It sucks at everything that's not color/style. I only use it to get quick dopamine by making husbando lewds and getting color/rendering ideas. It cant do anything genuinely interesting for shit, but it can give good ideas as to how approach a style, pic rel. I don't think it will ever be good enough to replace artists and real art either.

No. 1729994

Is there specifically anything closer to 9-10 mm or lower? Even 10-11 mm is a little too big to me. My current tablet's stylus is ~11mm. Huion has a stylus that is 9.5 mm (Battery-free Slim Pen PW550S https://store.huion.com/products/battery-free-slim-pen-pw550s) and it only works with specific tablets of theirs.

I tried finding a grip for my current tablet stylus, but only saw this Plus Ergo Grip for Wacom Pro and Grip Pen Stylus on Amazon that is $30 that I wasn't ready to drop money for in case I disliked it. https://www.amazon.com/Plus-Ergo-Grip-Wacom-Stylus/dp/B0111LLPH8 I'm not sure what to look for in order to find grips that can fit something with a diameter of 11cm.

The Staedtler Noris Digital looks perfect but the compatibility list doesn't include much from the usual drawing tablet brands except the $300 wacom one which I'm not ready to shill out for. I'm not familiar with current tech prices, is there anything you know of that's <$50 from the list?

No. 1729995

I use it when I'm stuck with art block so I prompt some pieces to get inspired or use the model to render my art more I use my own art and see how else can I render or add stuff,or sometimes even try to mimic the render but more or less I think more artists are using it to help themselves although it still sucks since the acceptance of ai art still gives leway to some very gross art being made child porn and using ai deepfakes on read women

No. 1730014

yeah, that's why i will never admit to using AI. I will keep hating art and bullying ai trannies while i make 80s poster movie styled pieces of my husbando.

No. 1730019

What AI do you use? There's a retard I like the art of and I won't lie I'd like to feed it to ai so I can study it

No. 1730044

Anyone else just starting out posting art to social media? Is it still worth it to post to twitter or is bluesky better at this point? I feel like bluesky is so dead though, I see so little engagement for the artists I keep up with. Also twitter is a shit website and I genuinely wonder when the scale will tip to the point of people actually leaving, ala the mass tumblr exodus. Which is why I have this question, should I even bother to hop on now or should I go somewhere else for long term results?

No. 1730059

Just use Twitter none of the alternatives come close to replacing it.

No. 1730065

Stable diffusion check tuts on yt its quite easy to install

No. 1730066

Stable diffusion check tuts on yt its quite easy to install

No. 1730067

I honestly believe Elon could shut the site down for a month while bluesky opened up to the public and people would still obsess over twitter the moment it came back up

No. 1730089

i used to prefeer twitter over pixiv because you could bulk dl stuff easily but ellon had to come and shit everything and ruin it for everyone, i fucking hate his ass

No. 1730362

File: 1697648269983.jpeg (21.71 KB, 223x226, IMG_5243.jpeg)

>see epic art of husbando
>check out artist page
>linked nsfw account
>click link
>exclusively posts cuntboy content

No. 1730395

i am glad my husbando is extremely niche

No. 1730453

Not on my watch
Twitter and Instagram should be your go-tos. Tumblr is okay if you just want to post art but not build connections. ArtStation is purely for portfolio purposes. No one uses Bluesky.

No. 1730485

How do I do good stylized art (not animu or Disneyesque) without making everyone look repulsive?

No. 1730510

Study artists that have already achieved the look you want or are close to it

No. 1730655

File: 1697667380045.jpg (122.18 KB, 640x907, 6rn0bdobn0vb1.jpg)

Winx the fate saga is getting a comic book continuation and it's ugly. Love how they made Musa, the chinese girl, another brown skinned girl.

No. 1730660

Gross Tumblr garbage. I hate this timeline.

No. 1730673

Is Vewn a troon?

No. 1730675

two ambiguously brown chicks, one of which is to replace a chinese character? damn.

No. 1730686

The horrid fashion from the Netflix series will be a continuation too then huh

No. 1730706

Laughing at that "Netflix Series" badge like it's some kind of badge of honor. That show was terrible as a standalone series and an insult to any fans of the OG cartoon.

No. 1730724

>strong black girl smirk
Oh no lol

No. 1730734

That's what I wanna know too. I really, really hope Vewn isn't a troon or even a troon-supporter.

No. 1730746

what a boring art style. and why did thy make the brown and black ones scary-looking, lmao?

No. 1730747

Never could tell. Sadly probably a supporter if not one herself but it would be great if she weren't

No. 1730754

No. 1730769

>make fat girl
>give her the most unflattering pants possible
Are they doing this on purpose lmao? The other girls look boring but she just looks so bad, I can’t look away from how W I D E her pants are

No. 1730776

File: 1697676826184.jpg (30.19 KB, 300x300, iap_300x300.3409537199_es7majv…)

it's likely a holdover from slogans like picrel in the fat positivity community

No. 1730900

Why do they all look fucking mad?

No. 1730907

They all look like they smelled a fart. Also black girl and the girl standing near her look like their faces are copy pasted, just flipped.
I hate Kim possible upper-lip-only design for mouths.

No. 1730912

Suddenly the Italian reboot comic doesn't look so bad…

No. 1730931

I'm pretty sure this is just ragebait at this point, they're not even trying to pander to the fans of the original but cause controversy with the "look how woke me made it, aren't you just so mad at how woke it looks?!?!?! share and comment!" approach. I'm still convinced that's what they did with Velma and lo and behold you got the entire internet hatewatching it just to make a youtube video ranting about how horrible it is.

No. 1730933

That's another franchise but you're not wrong kek

No. 1730958

this is what i would make as backhanded fanart for a series i truly hated and wanted to watch burn into the ground

No. 1731046

Glad I am not the only one. I also started to draw again and I am older than most here. My drawings are not good and I need to do lots of practice. I am drawing mostly once a month when I have the mood and time for it, because I know when I draw I wil get angry and frustrated. Also work can be very exhausting for me. So it takes even more time getting better.
It is sometimes so crushing seeing people 15 years younger than you drawing so much better, even though I know I should not compare myself to others I sometimes can not help it.
The fun thing is, no matter how angry I got or how long my break from drawing were, I always came back to it.
So I guess I just keep on practicing.

No. 1731048

Kek who asked for this? Did anybody even watch this cursed show?

No. 1731865

Samefag update she has a fetish for ftms which explains alot. I would have expected this from a western artist but she’s chinese? Is troon shit that common in eastern countries?

No. 1731881

File: 1697774883956.jpg (224.81 KB, 1421x1239, Ez6afsnVoAMh7sF.jpg)

same nonny, same. Does anyone knows how to deal with anxiety related to that? learning that my favourite artist is the same age as me destroyed me, i am such an idiot but i cant help it.

No. 1731990

File: 1697785299525.jpg (45.56 KB, 500x500, shawncossinktober.jpg)

Don't compare a skill in a vacuum. Your lives have been different, your support and opportunities, your natural talents and time dedicated to training them. Just find pride in your other acheivements and accept the hand life dealt you, as long as you work to improve at your own pace there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

If you still feel frequent anxiety and guilt over indulging in a hobby or not being good at it (I used to) consider the possibility it may have external reasons. Pressure from family or work, a chemical imbalance, etc.

No. 1731992

Is she actually Taiwanese? I know progressive ideology is huge over there and at cons over there, I have actually seen art for Western media there. I have also started seeing a lot of women there who dress like FtM trannies. Oh yeah, the fujo market is also huge there from the manga stores I've browsed and I've seen the most stereotypical-looking fujos. It's prime breeding ground for troon shit to pop up really so I'm not surprised if it's catching on in the east.

No. 1732010

File: 1697788453810.jpeg (939.32 KB, 871x1504, 77744E04-52A0-4728-9AA4-E34ABC…)

anybody familiar with this tiktok famous (not my claim) artist devon rodriguez? this guy named ben davis (@benstoppable from the screenshots) wrote an article about him and pointed out that his fame was more from marketing and staged content and less from actual skill, highlighting the trend of "influencer art". devon was offended about it and sicced his followers to attack the writer. i know nothing about him, but what an insecure manbaby lmao. judging from the stories he posted he seems insufferable.
imo i think the writer has a point. there are more talented artists that are being overshadowed by people who simply know how to exploit the algorithm. even devon himself admits to exploiting the algorithm.
link to the articles:
anyway this isn't super milky but the news was recommended to me on google so i just thought i'd share. what do you guys think of devon's art? is it worth the manufactured hype? personally, i hate that you need to stage shit or churn out content constantly just to get your art out there. this system rewards those who can churn out viral content and not people with genuine talent and skill. it's pretty demotivating for artists and now social media is inundated with artists hopping on bandwagons just for a scrap of clout. i'm sick of seeing artists spend 90% of their time making memes and content and 10% actually making art. they're not even good or funny.

No. 1732096

Who is she drop the names

No. 1732119

I personally agree with the article that Ben Davis wrote that's it's all a push to making content to selling the artist as content.i knew His quick painted live drawings were fake since I've done live drawing or life sketchs myself and they DO NOT take 15 minutes to sketch paint and dry kek. I hate these kinds of artists and he's soo famous but I've never heard his name? and when someone points out how fucking fake he is he goes into moid rage kek

No. 1732120

Stop browsing Twitter and crying about how good your favorite artists are and get on drawabox and do studies from photos every day then compare your current art with your new art in a year, then another year. Problem solved. If you don't do this already you have no right to be depressed about it.

No. 1732153

I liked the article. Not surprised someone whose audience is built on staged videos to farm tiktok likes is a manbaby. I think his art style is good, but It’s clearly second to his gimmick, and because he tied his art so much to it, it doesn’t have much of a future. There’s more to becoming a household name than just drawing good portraits, and it doesn’t seem like he does much more than that.

No. 1732176

What a pissbaby. The art industry is microscopic and he just shot himself in the foot with his ranting. He can continue to appeal to normies on tiktok, but good luck gaining the respect of industry professionals kek

No. 1732212

I liked the articles. I had never heard of the guy before as I don't use tiktok. I think tiktok art like his is some type of art, but the painting itself isn't really it. The real art he makes are the staged feel-good celebrity videos. He could have been doing anything in them, it's not about the painting at all. In the end he's a famous tiktoker/videomaker who happens to also paint, but he's not a "famous artist". Like even if idk let's say Ariana Grande hosted an art show with her own paintings she'd still be a famous singer, not a famous artist just because she's famous and paints.

No. 1732233

Stuff like that makes me go "Guess that guy's just a hustler" but then internally cringe because it means if I wanna get my art out there I'll have to "hustle" too and then feel hopeless because I'm not that type of person.

No. 1732245

Not necessarily. Gimmicky “viral” artists are dime a dozen and have no lasting power. They’re essentially social media managers who can make art.The really skilled artists tend to have actual jobs…

No. 1732316

File: 1697820119200.png (86.86 KB, 480x270, 1553695087942.png)

Sorry for beginner question. I have ~5 copic markers that I love but I can't really afford to buy a full set right now, are there any good alternatives? I've tried a few other alcohol markers but I feel like none of them could blend as well as the brush tip of copics.

No. 1732359

PYdiyudie on Twitter. I’m a huge Zenosfag so it pains me to see otherwise good art of him ruined by her degeneracy.

No. 1732362

Ohuhu markers maybe? I've only seen reviews though and have not tried myself.

No. 1732387

Best advice is to learn that a lot of artists that are good that are the same age of you had privileged that allowed them to study professionally at a young age. I used to get jealous of young artists who were 19 and below that were leagues better, then found out they've been getting formal art educations at ateliers and their schools. What made it funnier to me was that they were all from Kazakhstan. I don't know what they're feeding artists from there, but half of them are taught actual fundamentals (like you should be) from a young age.

No. 1732435

File: 1697828626607.jpeg (151.13 KB, 952x1445, IMG_3093.jpeg)

Hi nonas could someone please help me translate this SAI pen into English? I’ve been trying to decipher from the context but I’ve never even seen pens with those geometrical shapes in the thumbnail. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

No. 1732436

File: 1697828652263.jpeg (213.8 KB, 2048x1294, IMG_3092.jpeg)

This is what the actual pen looks like in practice btw.

No. 1732453

it is a "scatter pen" found under the "Basic" tab in SAI2's pen selection.
I am curious to make it myself and see if it works! Game changer if so - I love SAI to pieces but it's lacking in the brush department for sure.

No. 1732455

File: 1697829758595.jpg (76.29 KB, 771x1280, IMG_20231021_002235_283.jpg)

Does this help?

No. 1732486

File: 1697831021416.png (31.2 KB, 207x867, Incredible Pencil Like SAI Pen…)

Thanks nonas, I managed to crack it! Here you are (picrel), I highly recommend. If it feels too soft or too hard you simply adjust the brush size. What a hidden gem!

No. 1732506

I've tried copics and ohuhu and tbf copics are worth every single penny
i'd recommend buying from japanese websites through a proxy, copic sketch markers are like 3$ there, the priceup is insane
i remember getting the basick 36 copic sketch set for like 110-120$ from a japanese seller

No. 1732528

her anatomy is just ridiculously bad now, feels like she's regressing to her deviantart era

No. 1732536

It's very popular sadly..since China is really rabid on NSFW art but gay art goes under the radar for some reason? especially the cuntboy tag hell all the current Chinese fan fictions and art have it

No. 1732556

Has her anatomy ever been good.

No. 1732626

What an interesting brush, thanks for sharing nonnie! Where did you find it? Are there more?

No. 1732647

Sure nonnie, it's from the linked tweet but to the best of my scrolling I can't find any more brush recommendations from the artist. Like I said, a rare gem kek


No. 1732648

File: 1697840937695.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.84 KB, 1327x539, Captura.JPG)

wtf happened to artstation? they used to be a professional site (I believe)
I decided to check the front page and there are straight-up nude "references" that literally nobody is using for fucking drawing.

Taken from their own guidelines, about content that is not allowed o the front page:

"We generally will moderate artwork that:

Is of a sexual nature - even if only partial, suggested or even if no nudity is shown,
Objectifies women - a lot of cleavage, under-boob, underskirt, work that is intended to titillate. It doesn't matter if there is no nudity - if sexuality or intent to titillate is there, we moderate it"

forgot to spoiler kek

No. 1732652

Not the point I know but I went to the site to check it out for myself and got caught up in admiring the anatomy itself for a solid minute or two kek so while it's probably some knock-off OF side hustle some of these poses seem quite fun to study. But that's from a me, a straight woman, so…

No. 1732654

>literally nobody is using for fucking drawing.
Won't NSFW artists though? I mean yeah there probably are people jacking off to it but I could see a porn artist using the housemaid one

No. 1732664

This heavily feels like a last-ditch attempt to get someone to buy your thot photos.

No. 1732716

Incoming Copic sperg. They were my main medium before I went digital.

If you live in America, sites like MerrieArtist are good places to buy Copics as they're pretty cheap and have frequent sales. I hear Ohuhu markers are a decent alternative but like >>1732506 said, no other brands really compare. Ohuhu is the most common alternative only because they have every other YT pop artist shilling them for free stuff. If you really want to look into other brands, Windsor and Newton Brushmarkers (formerly Promarkers I think) have smoother, higher-quality ink, but they're not as cost-effective as they're disposable and feel cheaper. I'm also not sure they're even being sold anymore. There are also Prismacolor Premiers, the big Copic alternative when I was still doing traditional art. They're okay and come in a good range but aren't refillable either. Blick Studio markers are refillable and have quality ink, but have a smaller color range, stiffer tips, and are kind of a pain in the ass to get unless you're buying in bulk. Copics are still the best general option for markers unless you're jobless or a kid with no money. If you're really struggling, there's no shame in getting the Ciao variety instead. They have the same tips as the Sketches but hold a little less ink. A single bottle of refill ink will last you years unless you're using them for several large illustrations every day.

You do NOT need the entire 300-something set or even half of all the colors to meet your needs. The color system is kind of silly in that there are several virtually identical shades and weird gaps in the range. Take your time, buy a few markers here and there and you'll have as many as you need in no time. I'd prioritize neutrals like the greys as well as colors you'll a lot. They layer nicely but don't blend like paint or ink does, you might want to look up tutorials for color combos to get the effects you want. Japanese copic artists and ironically enough Western scrapbookers, fine artists and cardmakers are some of the best English-language resources for learning coloring. I'd stay away from younger Western artists as they tend to approach Copics as if they were fancy Crayolas.
Don't bother with the second-darkest grey tones or the black Copics. If you want to cover large areas in pure black Faber-Castell makes a fat brush pen with super dark, lightfast ink. You can also use black ink and a paintbrush.

Markers in general make a good base for dry multimedia, especially colored pencils and chalk pastels. You can also use colored pencils to line on top if you don't want them to be too harsh or dark. White paint, ink, and white-out are also great for stark white highlights, stars, sparkles, etc.

No weeb, but my favorite way to ink marker illustrations is with manga dip pens, purely because I like having control over the ink I use and hate having to draw over it again after erasing my pencils. Depending on the bounciness of the nib, you also have better control over line weight in single strokes without having to go back and create it. Normal G-nibs can go from almost hair-thin to a few mm thick in a stroke. You don't need anything fancy, either. A single comfortable nib holder and a pack of G-pen will set you back less than 20 dollars. If you do try it, make sure the ink you're using is marker-proof, try to ink from your non-dominant hand side down from top to bottom, keep the curve of the nib facing up, and use paper as smooth as possible so fibers don't clog the nib.

Sakura Microns are a popular and affordable choice, but you really can't go wrong with anything labeled for finelining. The only 'good' ones I'm not a fan of are Copic's metal-bodied liners. For some reason the ink has never flowed consistently for me, but YMMV. Most felt-tipped pens will fade a little after erasing, so keep that in mind. I've heard Rotoring and fountain pens are the best of both dip and fineliners, but those are expensive hobbies in themselves and take just as much if not more maintenance than Copics and dip pens combined.

If there's a specific shade of marker you want but can't find, just make it yourself. It's really easy and there are tutorials online. Test the color recipe with a cotton swab then fill and label your marker.

Do NOT listen to any cheapskate who recommends "refilling" Copics with rubbing alcohol or colorless blender. If the marker is dried out or running out of ink, just get a refill. They only cost a little more than a Sketch and are well worth it.

Copic discontinued their larger bottles of Various Ink a few years ago, but if you come across any overstock for a decent price (no more than 10-12 USD per unit) I can't recommend buying them enough. I started using Copics a decade ago and I'm not even halfway done with some of my most used colors. It's also handy to have a bottle of the colorless blender handy for special effects.

If you're serious about Copics I also recommend getting a cheap food or jewelry scale for refills. A full Sketch should be around 14 grams and Ciao around 10 (with both caps removed). I also suggest refilling them with the nibs on rather than dripping ink straight into the barrel. It takes a little longer, but you'll have much more control over how much goes in. Overfilled Copics can lead to gumming and crystalization, which basically ruins the marker if it reaches the barrel. There are tutorials online for how to fix it if it's only the tip, but if it's already inside of the marker you're better off replacing it.

The clear blender is a bit misleading. Copics have a reputation for being 'blendable', but in order to achieve smooth gradients from two unrelated colors you'll need in-between shades. What the blender is best at is pushing in small sections of ink or fixing minor mistakes. I've seen artists use it as a base coat for blending like you would use water for wet-on-wet watercolor, but that technique doesn't work on all types of paper. You can also facilitate blending with colored pencils laid over the top.

Speaking of paper, the general marker paper is thicker and smoother. Some papers labeled as "Marker" or "Manga" paper aren't always the best options. Softer and textured papers soak up ink like mad and don't blend very well. No matter what you pick you'll still need some scrap paper underneath to catch any bleed through. Thicker papers like vellum and smooth cardstock bleed less often but aren't completely immune, so you'll need scrap paper underneath your work to catch it. If you're really anal about using both sides of the paper, Cresent makes sketchbooks with pages that basically have a sheet of plastic layered in between. Some artists swear by the brand, but I'm not a fan of the grey tint. Copic themselves make 5 or 6 different styles of paper specifically made for their markers. I'm not sure if it's sold stateside as I bought mine from Japan years ago, but you can try looking on eBay, Amazon, or Amazon.jp. The best imho is the purple Premium Bond paper. I also rec X-Press It Blending Card and Hannemule Vellum paper but you pretty much can't go wrong with any decent, smooth bristol or cardstock.

You probably already know this but like with most art markers, Copics are dye-based and are not lightfast. Not a big deal if you're gonna keep your work in folders and sketchbooks, but if you want to display your pieces at all consider making copies or prints. I wouldn't even display original marker pieces with UV fixative. Remember that these pens were designed to be used on quick, disposable illustrations and then copied. That's where the name comes from. Even manga artists adopted them after the fact.

I can't think of any other tips off the top of my head, but Copics aren't as overhyped as their reputation claims. They're a beautiful and fun medium, you just have to be realistic with what they can do. 20 years of preteens on DA and YT shitting their pants over Copics have given them kind of a bad rap. In Japan, they're seen as just another art medium used by kids, adults, pros and hobbyists alike. Ciaos Even have vents in the cap to keep children from choking on them. They're nicer than most Western markers but they're not these glamorous, secret manga tools of the Far East. I hope you have fun building your collection, nonna.

No. 1732778

nta but thank you for the blog post! saving for later.

No. 1732811

Thanks! I didn't even think about checking Japanese websites kek. Hopefully I can find a good deal
anon thank you so much for this!! It sounds like we use a lot of the same supplies and you've given me so many good tips! I've always been a little intimidated by dip pens for some reason but you've just motivated me to try them out, you make them sound very fun kek. And I've noticed the same problem with Copic pens. I assumed I just got ones that had been used for a lot of samples or something because they always felt "weak" but maybe they are just not very good. I'm definitely saving this post especially for your refilling and paper type guides. Seriously, you're amazing ♥

No. 1732834

they infect everything, like there's literally no SC were they ain't promoting their trash. Tiktok, twitter, instagram, fucking YouTube, etc. Yuck

No. 1732868

Honestly why would anyone waste money on copic when you could just use watercolor so much cheaper and easier and have it be lightfast too

No. 1732869

Markers looks different than watercolor, I can't be bothered to always have watercolor supplies like bottles and brushes with me and I have the money to spend. Simple as that nonnie.

No. 1732879

Because my cat drinks the watercolor water. Okay that's not really the reason I don't use water color, but my cat really does try to drink the paint water. Every. Single. Time.

No. 1732883

>hurr durr just draw!1!
we already do that, idiot. we are just venting.

No. 1732948

File: 1697868999163.gif (774.03 KB, 220x169, 1696248181510.gif)

Cover your watercolor water then nonnie you don't want your cat Turning autistic

No. 1732970

Samefag I am a retard and meant artistic

No. 1732976

Kek Zenosfags are so fucking weird (not talking about you obviously), most of them TIFs with gross kinks like piss.

No. 1733107

Lavendertowne has always been a "muh cartoony artstyle" type artist. I still kek at her first attempt of drawing one of her character's in a "realistic" style but she just drew a 100% anime girl.
I honestly wonder if it's really her skill level or if she just really doesn't care about the quality of the art she churns for her videos. The lineart speedpaint in the second drawing of your vidrel (kek at the legs) doesn't even look like bad skills it looks like she didn't give a single shit.
Vidrel here honestly amazed me. Only one character out of three looks even passable, the others look like crap. And this is a sponsored video. It makes me wonder if it's actually a Stacy move to get a huge gaming company to pay you for some crappy art like that.

No. 1733319

To become a popular youtube artist, you have to have a style that looks possible for a beginner to achieve, and she has that. Explains why artists like Holly Brown, Baylee Jae, and Drawingwiffwaffles (who I think has a wonderful style, but she comes across as a hobby artist) got huge. Beginner, casual, and younger artists usually don't follow professional, highly skilled artists on youtube because their art looks intimidating and impossible to achieve. Usually other pro and serious artists follow these types. This excludes purely art tutorial channels like Proko, because he comes across as a teacher, not a fellow aspiring artist. If you want to make money as a youtuber, attracting casuals and teens is the key. And once you have a huge following, you get sponsorships, it doesn't matter if your art is shit.

It kind of sucks for a youtube artist that is professional, but not the best of the best. You get ignored from both sides. My favorite youtube artist is Joysan and I feel she falls into this category.

No. 1733523

File: 1697918024292.jpg (31.28 KB, 736x552, 71eab2d342abffe61191de8e30b441…)

Does anyone have advice for when you're creatively bankrupt due to depression? I want to get back into art for real and make it a side hustle, before I've just doodled for my own enjoyment, but I find I don't even enjoy it. I feel an itch to draw so I use that to just study, I'm really interested in anatomy like the bones and muscles, but pieces on this turn out soulless and dead because my empty mind can't shit out any creativity so I don't like the results, and don't know what would fix it apart from trying to get medicated or something which I only want to be a last resort.

No. 1733527

Samefriend to clarify I just do anatomy studies because I can't think of anything creative, and yeah because even my studies look hollow and dead I am stuck

No. 1733910

File: 1697944569790.jpg (229.93 KB, 1536x2048, [23-09-07] 1699565975837028714…)

you could try uploading your studies to twitter. I know me and many other artists love to see them

No. 1733941

Illustration/animation is awesome, but I'm just curious, are there any fine art nonnas? If so, what kind of work do you do and are you a working artist or just something you do on the side? I went to art school and once while there my entire passion for art completely died and I've been trying to get it back ever since but I admire people who continue to make work and wanna hear a bit about it.

No. 1734022

File: 1697958256464.jpg (1.9 MB, 3250x4071, weyan-2022-0007-crp-1667576648…)

Been in the mood for some fine art gossip because I saw some artist on instagram post about Anna Weyant so I read about her a bit. I mean am I crazy or is her art not mostly just "pin-up but with a twist" genre? (Remind me a bit of other RISD grads who do work in a similar vein). I find the paintings very well done, she's talented, really good at tones and it's clear she studied her sources. But like, the female defendants falling over themselves about how those paintings are so deeply relatable about their experiences of growing up as a women just confuse me. Am I missing something? Maybe it's just not my culture but being I just cannot relate that way to them at all. Also the way they feel like they need to "defend" her when she's already a millionaire now, it's a bit ridiculous.

No. 1734036

File: 1697960820370.jpg (89.15 KB, 763x1026, Anna Weyant.jpg)

Maybe i am low iq, but i dont get modern fine art. How tf am i supposed to get that painting of a chuuby lady smiling is supposed to mean anything? it honestly looks like a study, lol. I have seen animu artists more ambitious than that. Fine art of women always gives me the creeps, for me a moid buying this shit is no difference than a less rich coomer weeb scrote commissioning some loli porn off skeb. This one actually reminds me of that gross pedo Balthus, and how he tried to pass his softcore child pornography paintings as high art.

No. 1734051

>supposed to mean anything?
Art doesn’t need to mean something. Does non-modern portraits mean something? No, usually they don’t. And “looks like a study” is so baffling that it could be a whole another discussion, but I don’t see a point, so whatever

No. 1734053

are you the OP? weren't you complaing about how you couldn't understand how her fans though it was so thought provoking and relatable yada yada?

No. 1734054

File: 1697962565766.jpg (138.75 KB, 1200x1571, 2432ba4b11b84f78f24e835414a91c…)

Oh, I hadn't seen that she also painted girls that young. Yeah it's not as blatant as Balthus but I see what you mean. A bit before her current work the Currin influence (who does satirical work that often gets a quite weird and neurotic about women) was a bit stronger and she painted women like in the pic I posted… and like… is this clever commentary on the objectification of women because she looks scared or is she just literally turning women into blow-up dolls while offering up their tits to ogle? If anything it feels cruel, I could not imagine painting a woman like this. I feel like if a man painted this everybody would hate it out but since it's a female painter it's stunning feminist art.

No. 1734058

I will never get this type of feminist art. Reminds me of that genre of horror movies called ''rape revenge'', or something like that, that was basically rape fetish films masquerading as feminist movies. There have to be more creative ways to show female struggles without it turning out so fetishy, it just feels uncreative to me. Shocking over substance.

No. 1734078

I think one approach could be to place her in less of a void. In some of her pieces that are more about a state of mind of reverie the isolation works for me but for the social commentary about being sexualized not so much. You could show a teenager while she's doing something teenagers do and maybe a boy from her age group nearby and also the old man ogling or catcalling her. Or show her in the situation of weirdness/discomfort of an attempt of wearing something sexualizing. (In my time that would have been the low-rise jeans, made me feel so bad lol.)

No. 1734080

Give it neon colors and it'll look like something Urban Spook shits out.

No. 1734082

Yeah it's definitely horror art.

No. 1734098

File: 1697967576198.png (599.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1657513357332.png)

>tfw finally starting to understand anatomy
feels good. For any other nonna i circled through many books and, at least for me, the best anatomy books are morpho suplemented with anatomy for sculptors.

No. 1734106

The way i see it is that oftentimes the only difference between art displayed in a museum and the kind of art you scroll across on social media with maybe 20 likes has no difference in quality and meaning other than the artist whose work is in a gallery was in the right place at the right time and knew the right people. The only thing that changes is the context.

No. 1734108

Nonnas, I'm a lifelong 80HD haver and I just can't focus on doing anatomical studies or any studies at all. I was one of those retarded muh original ideas kids who never copied from better artists so now I have a shitty observational eye. Help.

No. 1734191

Sounds like you're just not motivated to do that kind of art. You don't have to be an observational artist or do studies for the sake of it. Try taking one of your original ideas and compositions and look where you want to improve them. Then look for references and study material for that part. Look at studies as a tool for the images you actually want to make.

No. 1734211

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself/art? Like, what about doing anatomy studies do you find the most difficult, what are your art goals, what subjects do you enjoy, that sort of thing.

I think the key to better drawing from observation is knowing how to simplify and break down whatever it is you're looking at– is that what you're having trouble with?

No. 1734226

File: 1697980472001.jpeg (523.58 KB, 1125x1719, IMG_3862.jpeg)

I don’t know if this is a good thread to ask, but is it possible to use a cheap desktop computer like this or a mac mini to run Clip Studio or Photoshop just for digital art?

No. 1734231

File: 1697980970453.png (950.17 KB, 720x1315, Screenshot_20231022-091449-431…)

>big tits
>underage girl
Yeah, I can see why the male gatekeeping fine art bros let her in. Not impressed.

Picrel is an artist I came across recently. She draws the generic pretty girl, but her mastery of paint is what's really impressive to me. She can paint in acrylics, oils, and watercolor, and keep a consistent saturation of color and style.

(sorry, don't know how to make youtube shorts embed)

No. 1734233

Wait didn't this woman use ai in her newer paintings?

No. 1734239

I haven't watched all her videos, but it looks like she used AI for inspiration? You can't really make an "AI" traditional painting. Her subject matter isn't impressive to me, I admire her technique.

No. 1734249

Photoshop works on my ancient 8gb ram desktop, so yes. Not a fan of the Lenovo brand though.

No. 1734264

I think that particular one would probably be fine for just art if you aren't drawing at massive resolution, although I would go for one with a bigger SSD or get an external drive, especially if you wanna show off timelapses or download materials from CSP assets.

No. 1734312

Anon we're exactly the same kek, and I struggled with anatomy forever until recently. The way I'm choosing to get better at art right now is by watching videos of other people drawing anatomy and just… thinking. When they show how the knee connects to the leg or how the planes of the stomach work, I make the information sink in my head so I can reference it when I next draw. Sounds weird maybe but it works for me. Anatomy is really about understanding how to 1. simplify shit into shapes/basic forms and 2. knowing how they all connect with each other. If you can get those two things down then you don't really need to draw the human skeleton over and over again. I also find that learning little facts about anatomy can be lifesaving (wrists always align with crotch, etc.) Also use a ton of REAL life references, copy and trace equally, and if your 80HD will allow, force yourself to get into the habit of 30 sec figure drawing and drawing just one part of the body at a time. Start with torso in a lot of different angles and then move on to arms, legs and hips, and then try to connect them. Good luck.

No. 1734333

Thanks. I have an external hard drive for my MBP because it’s almost 10 years old but I think a desktop would be more efficient for art

No. 1734344

I've been watching imawonder lately and while I like her coloring technique she suffers heavily from sameface syndrome and can't draw expressions.
It's the same souless female face over and over again. But it's ok because it looks pretty and there are pretty colors I guess, it just gets old really quickly for me.

No. 1734354

Don't you guys ever get tired of accusing every artist and any artist of being a pedo? You can draw a piece to be a deliberately disturbing and uncanny exploration of children and sexuality and still not be a fucking pedo, because being a pedo means being attracted. ATTRACTED to children. This doesn't mean turning a blind eye to red flags but my god, not every artist who explores their past trauma is a pedo even if the drawing itself is disturbing as all hell. If they're attracted to kids, they're a pedo. If they're not, then they're not a pedo. That is literally the only qualification and with obvious exceptions you just cannot ascertain that by looking at their artwork alone with no other supporting evidence.

No. 1734369

>You can draw a piece to be a deliberately disturbing and uncanny exploration of children and sexuality and still not be a fucking pedo
Where there's a weird preoccupation with childhood sexuality from an adult's lens, there's often fire nonlita. Also, autopedophilia is a thing i.e every lolisho coping troon on twitter. Flicking the bean to your trauma for the viewing pleasure of other non-coper pedos feels better than therapy.

No. 1734378

File: 1697989657817.png (12.81 MB, 3028x3264, of course you have blue hair a…)

I'm going to hunt down the Hoyoverse employee who started this god awful trend of pale blue women across all of their games and commit unspeakable things to that good for nothing coomer shell of a human being because it is perhaps the worst internal design trend I have ever seen from a company in my life

No. 1734404

generic as fuck

No. 1734416

I haven't played genshin in a while but the worst part is that the characters I have had the oppurtunity to play - starburst, ganyu, seele and the little artist fuck - unfortunately have my ideal playstyles which pisses me off so bad because they could have gone to much better designed characters that don't look like eyesores on my screen

No. 1734433

File: 1697993566821.png (957.67 KB, 815x1171, ZAuD1Ci.png)

My ultimate goal is comics but even starting small with 4koma is too much for me. I have a really hard time motivating myself in general so I can only bear to sit down and draw maybe once every few weeks, if that. My observational skills and visual library are so weak I need refs for almost everything, usually photos I take of myself and my bf. I don't have aphantasia, but I do have trouble keeping images still in my brain long enough to focus on them. Even though I don't draw regularly I do notice a jump in skill every once in a while. It might be because I do a lot of imaginary drawings in my head. Sometimes all I have to do is look at something and it will finally "click" as if it's been added to my inventory.

Figure drawing still mystifies me. Even fast stuff. I can't wrap my head around getting gestures down accurately and every resource I look at may as well be picrel to me. It doesn't help that I'm avoidant with drawing subjects I'm not totally interested in even though I know I'll need to if I want to draw comics. If anyone knows any starting-from-nothing tutorials on figure drawing, please share.

No. 1734466

how much have you tried watching other people do sketches and gesture drawings? that might help, understanding how other people think. and post here or in the art thread on /m/ if you're confused.

No. 1734473

She uses it for inspiration and also references it directly.

No. 1734498

lol nonnie i have both books and i agree, but i also want to add the Stonehouse Anatomy book for even more in-depth detail too. Morpho felt kind of vague and blobby at first but once i understood where and what all the muscles were, it really started to come together.

No. 1734579

She's 27 and apparently dating 77 y old Larry Gagosian (he's a super rich and important art dealer) so at the least she's fulfilling some old man fantasies.

No. 1734617

I just noticed that her ratio of subscriptions to views is like 200k to 5-10k - is that normal for youtube?

No. 1734718


Off topic but I used to watch Joysan, but it's all pregnancy and baby talk now. Even before then I was starting to fall off but I hope the best for her.

No. 1734749

morpho is great because it doesnt overwhelm you with knowledge, it lumps the big muscles together to make it easier to understand and then you have to check up anatomy for sculptors to see all of the muscles. You got a link to stonehouse in english? could only find it in chinese?

No. 1734755

we both know what kind of people support the fine art industry, it's not rich women who love art, it's rich pedo men

No. 1734768

You mean she's 27 and waiting for her mummified meal ticket to kick the bucket so she'll be set for life?
Not gonna lie, I was tempted to do the same after fooling around with Bing's generator for a few minutes and I know I'm not alone. I'm too paranoid to actually go through with it.

No. 1735003

File: 1698024524222.jpg (156.83 KB, 634x954, f1EaI2v.jpg)

oh shit, looked these two up (only know her from the cover of a book) and that is insane. also, I guess fucking a mega-gallery owner and art dealer answers all those questions upstream about why she's so famous and rich. damn. I'll never believe anything money can buy is worth tolerating gouty old man cock (and a reputation as a whore who bought her fame by tolerating gouty old man cock) but I guess she would beg to differ.

No. 1735353

he's even standing like he shat himself, i hope he has erectile dysfunction so she isnt forced to fuck him

No. 1735619

File: 1698053481013.jpg (130.81 KB, 1100x735, friday-the-13th-jason-voorhees…)

how would you go about designing monster women that dont look porny, but still female? i am trying to design a female jason for a game but i cannot come up with something good and original

No. 1735636

File: 1698055327535.jpg (60.78 KB, 362x520, ac61e2a95a099e3abf34f2379973a7…)

I'd say just make a monster and call it a she. Adding boobs and female body proportions can make it seem porny if done in specific shapes ans sizes, so go with more realistic boob shapes and sizes and body proportions, or extremely exaggerated ones like saggy long boobs dragging on the ground and an extremely thin waist that pushes organs to the wrong side and causes deformity etc. Or give her an extremely ugly face that is unmistakably female with long shappy frail hair. You can also make her pretty but with one thing off like something up with her eyes or mouth or nose etc. I'm not familiar with Jason though so I can't give any ideas for that. Picrel is an example of an exaggerated female figure and face for horror sake without being porny imo.

No. 1735637

Where are you getting stuck? Why do they have to be so visibly female that you worry about it looking too porny? If a woman dressed up as Jason most people would still see it's a woman through overall body shape, so it sounds like maybe you're focusing too hard on the "being female" aspect rather than making a monster that happens to be female.

But if you want it to be visibly female, maybe play with stereotypes but make them scary. How about a confectionery baker, expected to be sweet but she kills people and bakes with their body parts. Grumpy old kindergarten teacher who sees everyone as misbehaving children who must be punished. Cat loving woman who wants to preserve all cats and people through taxidermy, forcing them all into staying in her deluded "wholesome" taxidermy scenes forever.

No. 1735640

File: 1698055522239.jpg (421.28 KB, 3840x2160, 20231023_130420.jpg)

Samefagging to add another example, circe from generator rex, who is a pretty girl with a dark ugly secret.

No. 1735641

>just make a monster and call it a she
presses button
"How do you create a troon?"
did I do it, did I win jeopardy???

sorry bad joke kek

No. 1735647

Thanks for the ideas! The overall idea of the game is a Hotline Miami esque game where you play as the killer in an 80s slasher. And it's heavily, if not a rip-off, inspired on the friday 13th franchise. The thing is, since it's my first game and i struggle with commitment i want to slip in some self indulgent stuff and turn it into a reverse ryona game so i mostly want the killer to resemble a woman for self inserting reasons. I am basically struggling to find a middle ground between a cool woman and something monster-like without making soemthing that would be serviceable to men.
this is cool, saving.

No. 1735730

File: 1698066254473.jpg (463.47 KB, 1645x2000, huntress.jpg)

Jason is basically just a big, strong guy in a mask, right? I wouldn't overthink it. I think Huntress from Dead By Daylight is a nice example. She's tall, strong and wears a mask, with a similar aura of mystery about her. I really like her design, and if you google you can check out her different cosmetics for more inspiration.

No. 1735732

Made me chuckle

No. 1735767

That sounds amazing. If it weren't that we are in a anonymous forum I'd tell you that I'm up for helping you with the art kek

No. 1735885

File: 1698078076933.jpg (19.63 KB, 320x320, 581af58343616ba4377c7297839ffe…)

nonnas how do you deal with despising your own art? ive been posting my stuff online, and despite finding some success (decent like to follow ratio, etc) every time i look at my profile i just want to delete everything and go back to the drawing board. anyone else feel like this? how did you get over intense shame?

No. 1735902

The character designs are all inbreeding with each other so much that they look like mutated parodies of Genshit designs. By 2024 there won’t be an inch in the designs not covered by a useless ornament like gems, filigrees, and shiny extruding gold parts. They’re the carpet sample fursuit of the shitty anime designs world. Do they add so much clutter so retarded kids will spend more time looking at the designs and finding every speshial donut steel detail?

No. 1736035

Is tracing a good form of practice?

No. 1736101

Yes and no. I don't have a good way of explaining the crutch it can become, but it can also train your muscle memory and get your brain to understand certain shapes.

No. 1736391

Don't trace lines, trace forms and then redraw what you've traced to understand how it works, breaking things down into simple shapes while you trace (i.e muscles) will also help. But don't forget to do your non-tracing studies otherwise you'll get too reliant on it

No. 1736546

keep practicing, working on what i hate… etc. what do you have about your art?

No. 1736549

don't trace, copy. It helps you apply fundamentals(construction, anatomy, shape, etc)

No. 1736777

why do screen caps of shows and reference nude model pictures feel easier to sketch than someone in front of you real life? is it because in a way the image is already flattened from a lens rather than our two eyes?

No. 1736963

This. I traced a ton of poses but not by outlining them, by breaking them down into basic shapes. It helped me out so much in learning anatomy and dynamic posing, but only when I actually studied how the body worked. Just by tracing the poses without understanding how they're constructed makes them look stiff and unnatural and doesn't teach you anything.

No. 1737027

Yeah, fotos will have reduced the information a lot.

No. 1737096

File: 1698142917534.png (454.26 KB, 640x480, 1686115452914785.png)

nonnies who have an art account, got any tip for someone who wants to start one? i dont plan on turning it into a business, i just want to share my art and promote my(future) game. I have been drawing for myself for around 3 years now, and my goal for next year is to push myself and start posting my art publicly.

No. 1737119

as certified anime trash i like this kek nothing wrong with some light blue

No. 1737292

You're not crazy; you've been gaslit. Someone who can return to that topic constantly has major issues, especially if the execution is passionate.

No. 1737629

File: 1698170365574.jpg (23.36 KB, 400x299, Sailor Moon wtf_usagi.jpg)

I swear to god, is every woman artist under the age of 30 a they/them? I've been looking for more YouTube sppedpaint commentary type videos to listen to in the background while I'm doing my own drawing and I've gone through like 7 so far and each and every one of them is a "she/they/them". I know I'm probably creating my own misery by looking on YouTube but fuck man, it's just insane how it seems to be the case that every young woman artist who makes videos "iDeTiFiEs" as a "she/they/them"

I know it's easy to ignore because as it's not like they're thinking they are men but it's still just irks me that this is the state of the online art world for the young'ins these days. Like I'm sure it really is a contingent like trend where these girls are getting influenced by each other with this bullshit but I'd wish there wee more who didn't buy into this stuff and just be happy with who they are.

No. 1737636

The pronoun thing is like a virus, highly contagious apparantly. I hope they all get well soon.

No. 1737642

File: 1698170849916.jpg (214.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1698132205362.jpg)

Does the AI thread in /m/ depress anyone else? Some of those picture look like human-made art.
How can real artists compete when we put hours of hard work, research and sketches into a project and then someone gets something similar by writing a few prompts?

No. 1737644

Yes, the AI thread depresses me.
But at the same time, the final product doesn't matter. What should be fun is doing the drawing it self, not just seeing how it looks when it's finished. The joy of drawing is something ai cannot give to anybody. This is probably a pretty autistic way of seeing it but it's what I feel kek

No. 1737646

When someone declares themselves a "they/them", they're announcing to the world "I don't feel like I'm feminine (if they're female)/masculine (if they're male) enough, I feel awkward". Why would they even do that.

No. 1737649

As an avid user of AI, this is a dream come true for me. I've always had so much stuff I wanted to draw, but I can't draw at all no matter how much I insisted to learn.
Finally, I don't have to envy people who did nothing to achieve their natural talent in drawing. (Don't give me all that "I practice and took courses" bullshit. Those mean less than zero if you simply aren't born with talent for drawing.)

No. 1737653

File: 1698171778324.png (73.68 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1973.png)

No. 1737656

Absolutely, there is the joy of drawing, but I was thinking of jobs.

No. 1737657

Creative bait I like it kek

No. 1737664

One of the largest reasons people like art is because you can admire the time and skill it took to create it. AI just isn’t the same

No. 1737669

imo while I can find some AI art to be beautiful or impressive, I don't find it to be endearing or interesting in the same way whatsoever. with human made art the thing I always find most fascinating is that every single detail was a deliberate choice that someone sat down and worked on and that behind it is that artists' years of practice, personal experience, and observations. not to sound even more like a pretentious retard but yes I do find it "soulless", in my mind its the art equivalent of buying cheap ~trendy~ clothes from shein or aliexpress. also, AI will never be able to draw my favorite characters as austically as a real person can which is really all I care about topkek

No. 1737674

The comparision with Shein is pretty fitting, they steal designs from more unknown creators all the time and produce shitty, low-quality version of them.

No. 1737905

I have said it before, but AI really will serve as a tool to make animation easier, I can't see it ever taking people's actual jobs.

No. 1737923

I like looking at them because they're fun but they're not the same as created art and I think a lot of people agree. It's just something pretty to look at but not to admire. Human error and choice is what makes art expressive, not rendermaxxing and doing what's basically a retelling of someone else's work. You can definitely tell that they were made by a soulless machine.

Agree. Fast fashion is a thing but it didn't take away design and high fashion, and more information about its unethical practices has really soured its reputation and now it's seen as trashy. If anything it has increased the value of legitimate design work.

No. 1737995

File: 1698186672761.jpeg (301.54 KB, 1024x1024, vampire.jpeg)

I'm happy you posted this, I wanted to post something similar but I didn't really know how to put it into words.

I find that thread so depressing too. I think AI is really going to do/is doing a number on creative sectors–drawing/painting, animation, writing, music. It's going to suck, people are going to use it instead of supporting artists. You cannot convince me otherwise what with the leaps and bounds in quality it takes every day, because so many people use it, so it is constantly improving.

These developments have made me realize that I still was harboring dumb dreams of making things and getting money for them. I'm having to restructure my thinking a bit and find the determination to make things for myself again, so I guess in a way it's good, it's just hard right now. I have not been a fan of much recent art anyway, so I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, but it does.

Sorry for the ramble. Picrel my favourite AI art from the threads

No. 1738114

As an artist, I can't even get them as inspo because the AI understands little of the medium and techniques and just cleanly phorobashes it together.

No. 1738121

it's the new hippie movement

No. 1738131

File: 1698192726298.png (1.2 MB, 2181x3659, [23-09-25] 1706357499207749704…)

The type of art i like is immune to AI shittery, pic rel. But it still bothers me that AI was made by stealing from artists and that no one seems to give a shit about it. It feels deeply scummy and it actually scares me that big companies can get away with something that's so widely known.

No. 1738133

how will it make animation easier when it cant even stay consistent?

No. 1738141

By being able to draw exactly what you envision and not spend 2 hours clicking a button until you get something that is the closest to what you have in mind.

No. 1738144

kek nice /ic/ impersonation

No. 1738150

File: 1698193430393.jpeg (100.19 KB, 1168x1156, waysofseeing.jpeg)

I just wanted to share this because I like it a lot

No. 1738239

I think on top of the normal sad feelings we get upon seeing skillful work automated, a lot of people get extra depressed because of sunk cost, their own and also others'. This is going to reduce a lot once the new generations grow up in a world where AI illustration is a given, the same way people reee'd at 3D modeling and now that just sounds silly. Plain illustration is a mechanical skill, so quite a few low-paying illustration jobs will be lost to it, but I don't think art as we give a fuck about will go away.

Also, I do think "AI art" as a novelty capable of outputting the dreamlike things that sound really cool in people's heads - like those writing prompts you'd see on tumblr with a ton of "omg that would be so cool i'd totes read it" reblogs that you know wouldn't get that many readers if turned into a real story with thousands of words - is going to be big for a while, it's already a sort of genre in itself. People really love to consoom "cool concepts", and unlike written stories, images are very quick and easy to consoom. I wonder what comes after that…

No. 1738285

I dunno, I feel like 99% of consoomers do not give a fuck that you spent a lot of time practicing and learning the craft; so long as whatever the AI spits out is somewhat passable, the only thing they care about is getting more content. That's how people like Greg Land can trace the shit out of porn and still get work today.

No. 1738300

sauce? reverse image search is works like shit rn

No. 1738307

It’s concerning, but then I see someone say it took them 30+ tries to get an anime boy facing left without crumpled hands and a background that makes no sense and feel just a tiny bit better.

No. 1738309

her ear is all sorts of fucked up

No. 1738396

I find letting computers make creative work legit satanic. But what can you do? Just adapt. The town I'm from used to make ceramics of all levels, with more than 10 families in the trade and now it's only one guy. A lot of artists will be purged by AI, but a few will keep on the trade

No. 1738407

Calling AI art a novelty is accurate because that's basically what it is. I believe that AI art will replace stock/clip art but assuming that art will destroy art industry as it is is ridiculous. Even regarding NSFW art, something people claim to be done and over with at the advent of AI. When stable diffusion released coomer scrotes were generating endless amounts of AI porn but got bored at everything being at the reach of a simple press of a button and went straight back to commissioning NSFW artists.

No. 1738445

The funny thing is that within the 7 that I recently looked at, 3 of them were feminine as shit. One is obsessed with cats and her theme of her videos is pastel colors. The other one was really into Kawaii fashion, and the other one just seemed like a nerdy girl into anime with long hair (she was a brunette). The rest though, yeah they seemed more on the androgynous side with boycut hairstyles but still, as a millennial in her 30s, It's sad to see that these next generation of young girls feel like they can't be women because they aren't feminine enough not understanding that femininity doesn't define women and that they can be themselves without having to conform. Todays NBs are yesteryear's tomboys.

No. 1738460

File: 1698220919118.png (760.5 KB, 2475x1743, [23-09-20] 1704599953807704249…)

@cyjalway sadly all of the anatomy driven animu artists seem to be male coomers, although i really like pic rel @Af_Cf_
I rember how when i started drawing and posting on /ic/ the crabs there used to mock me for actually studying anatomy and not just rendermaxxing, now AI can rendermaxx super well but cant do a simple anime girl with good anatomy and nice lineart lol

No. 1738515

>reverse image search is works like shit rn
forever salty google made their reverse image searching so much worse, it's not even a fraction of as good now. I used to be able to find obscure artists using it and now there's no chance of ever finding them

No. 1738519

Yes, I hate AI bros. They're never artists themselves and don't care about the human aspect of art. Imagine if we decided all sports are pointless because we can just build robots to perfect every sport and play it perfectly anyway.

No. 1738523

There are plenty of studies that show people who think "natural talent" matters more than "effort" never achieve much at all, and people who instead value "effort" are the ones who actually get good. This is true for all areas of study, including art. A defeatist mentality is literally keeping you from improving. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No. 1738545

with ai gen art is there's no rhyme nor reason to the details (except some vague similarities and symmetry) for example in the pic irt. It looks impressive would be something more enjoyable when drawn by a real human because they understand and harmonize all the details they put.

No. 1738606

Had a shit artist alley experience with people complaining about my prices because some asshole managed to slip in selling cheap AliExpress shit near my table. They got away paying the cheapest table fee while maximizing profits and it pisses me off. Sorry just want to vent somewhere.

No. 1738636

File: 1698239839052.png (451.81 KB, 592x457, artstation.png)

No. 1738674

I'm curious what makes this immune to AI, could you elaborate?

No. 1738679

it requieres to know the rules and how break them if that makes sense. An AI who cant even tell how many fingers a hand has wont be able to create something that requieres this level of anatomy knowledge. It's why AI animation is impossible and it will remain impossible.

No. 1738688

Yeah do you know why they decided to destroy it? It was so useful.

No. 1738704

File: 1698245716895.jpg (26.48 KB, 1080x1800, 1692550127841375.jpg)

Can I have a character design advice please? I want to draw a cute guys doing cute things sort of comic with a sci-fi spin but I can't draw anime bishies for shit. On other hand I want to avoid tumblr sexymen looking motherfuckers. Basically I want the characters to cater to the audience as much as possible without looking like a try hard so their appeal feels natural.

No. 1738707

find some artist that draws bishies and try to copy their styles. Personally i love Ensemble Stars

No. 1738708

That's the point, I don't want to. There is enough cute bishies out there and I mostly draw in more stylized western style (not tymblr core and adjusted styles though)

No. 1738712

then dc/marvel stuff

No. 1738730

Try drawing what you find attractive. Or a character archetype that's considered attractive with your own spin on it. Like a goth jock or an actually popular handsome, tall, and social nerdy/geeky guy etc. And give them fashion depending on their interests and personalities and make them handsome with idealized features or following male beauty standards you find attractive or want others to do so.

No. 1738744

Then what is your question if you already have an idea in mind

No. 1738751

Idk how to put it but what's dos and don'ts about drawing cute guys.
Sure there is like an article or some sort source of resource on good and bad design choices.
I know everyone have different tastes and I can't make a character that would be universally liked but I want to avoid the pitfalls of making my characters too niche.

No. 1738752

Came here to say basically what >>1738730 said. To piggyback off that, look for things you're into and work them into the characters. It's like how people say you can hear someone smiling over the phone, in a way. If you're drawing what you like then it will show in the end product, but if you're forcing yourself to draw something you can't find a single reason to think is attractive, then that will come through as well. Also maybe it sounds goofy but fashion magazines and runways can be a good resource to find both things that work and figure out why some things don't work.

No. 1738781

I guess the do’s and don’t would be “Do: Make him at least 8 heads tall with a lean muscle physique. Don’t: Make him fat and dressed like a slob.”?

No. 1738808

Are you working on a westoid yume version of Boyfriends or what

No. 1738823

Nta but personally I believe handwriting and drawing are connected in a way since from my observations, artists have pretty handwriting while non artists sometimes have illegible handwriting. Even though I write with a pen nearly everyday and have been writing for 2 decades now, my handwriting still sucks and is illegible and inconsistent. The same thing applies to drawing and no matter how much I practice or draw I never improved and the only thing I can draw decently and quickly without fundamentals (like sketching circles and lines in an abstract way to draw the thing then adding line art on it) is eyes because it was the only anatomy that clicked with me kek. Other than that no amount of anatomy studying or practicing could change my "art style" and make it look good. So I just use AI to draw my unimportant husbando and self insert bullshit. And even if I learned to draw I'll probably use it to draw porn and husbando x self insert fan arts so it wouldn't be that valuable or "real art" imo. Though I kinda want to write and draw a little fan comic of my husbando and self insert with a crazy plot for fun, but I'll never do that kek. What I was trying to say is that drawing (just like handwriting) probably has something to do with a brain and hand connection thing and memory and not everyone has the specific neurological paths for that in my hypothesis. And those paths are what "talent for drawing" is and why effort can seem to not matter if there's no "talent". Also it can have something to do with the ability to absorb information and abstraction etc. I can't absorb non-practical non-tangible concepts or ideas so anatomy and perspective and scaling never clicked with me, and I'm incapable of abstracting ideas or visuals so I can't do the geometrical shapes into cool drawings things either, because I can't see it that way.

No. 1738900

I'm in the same boat nonna, I would love some advice

No. 1738904

File: 1698259616220.png (448.52 KB, 748x663, AI-Zombie-Art.PNG)

Just last year AI tech bros stuffed Kim Gung Ji's art into Dall-E right after he died and the output wasn't even that terrible. Bad but not terrible and I hate to imagine how much better it has gotten at copying linework like what Anon posted >>1738131

No. 1738907

Don't forget the "Yaoi hands"

No. 1738916

File: 1698260396796.png (2.25 MB, 1024x1024, mouse.png)

Not gonna lie, I saw this image in the AI thread just now and was surprised at how decent it looked. Obviously there are little fuckups all over the pic, but it looks like something I would save to my pinterest board. In fact, I'm sure I have seen something like this on pinterest.

Anyway, the AI stuff is very sad to look at but I don't think it hits me as hard as it does for other people because the type of "art" I make is physical and can't be replicated by machine. I feel especially terrible for people who make a living off of their drawings/paintings. There are still non-artists who value the work of actual artists over the "work" of someone who just typed a few words into a program, if that makes anyone feel better.

No. 1738937

smells like money laundering

No. 1738944

>believe handwriting and drawing are connected in a way
They are, both benefit from fine motor skills. It's the same reason why some countries require kids to learn to write in cursive, because it enhances those.

No. 1738959

File: 1698262488440.jpg (74.98 KB, 735x732, before_after_art.jpg)

all is see is excuses for why poor little you can't possibly ever put in the effort to learn something, like it simply can't just be that you're just lazy and unwilling to put in the effort. No the effort must be meaningless and do nothing for you specifically!
"Talent" only leads to drawing like the left, effort led to the right. That's the whole difference.

No. 1738962

Thought that was just me, ever since they switched to Lens the image search barely does anything nowadays. I even images that brought me results before and they turn nothing now.

No. 1738967


These are just based off of my experiences, but I hope it helps a little.

Keep your account impersonal, and solely about your art / game, if you make comments about things, have them be only related to art. There are some real fucking schizos out there who think they're entitled to knowing who you are.

Post consistently, but don't force yourself to have to do so every day, break things up, share WIPS on days you might not have something.

If you know you like to draw fanart, pre-emptively block the biggest spergs in your scene or anyone with pronouns / flags, otherwise disregard this. Don't get involved in any kind of "discourse."

Good luck nonna! I hope I see your game out there someday.

No. 1738968

Sorry that happened to you. Hope your next con is better. And if that aliexpress guy broke any rules, I would report him so he can't come back.

No. 1738972

Well, I am lazy if you want me to say that. And I am good at something I actually like and enjoy doing and keep improving at all the time, which is singing. Because the mechanism for it is right inside my body and brain and it's easier to translate sounds from my mind into notes through my vocal cords then it is to translate intricate details and imagery from my mind into my hands. I talk everyday so it's easy to get to singing from there, but I don't doodle or sketch everyday so I can get to drawing in a more serious way. Either way I'll stick to using AI for random self inserts portraits and husbando stuff because it's not worth paying for kek. I would only pay an artist to make a scenery painting to hang in my house.(unsaged blogposting)

No. 1738975

>credit plz
moids really have some nerve

No. 1739005

I've been drawing all my life just for fun, enjoying making lines and circles and bright colours together. >>1737644 resonated with me. my art is not "good," i don't study, my technical skill improves very slowly over years. That's ok for me. Idc about popularity, likes, or being worth money. But today I'm wondering if you can see the ""soul"" in my drawings, what everyone says is most important. Is this something you can tell about your own art? I think I know when I see it in others but not sure about mine. How do you know? What do you look for? Sorry for being ESL also

No. 1739179

>twin tails
>ladder leading yo nowhere
>No way to get to second floor
>brain candle
>background melting into itself
AI looks good for people who like to kinda glance at a piece of art for 2 seconds before liking and scrolling to the next piece of content they see.

No. 1739199

when i was a kid i used to be told ''i cant believe you are such a good artist with such shitty handwritting''

No. 1739200

that looks terrible what the fuck are you talking about lol

No. 1739256

That's why I pointed out that there are fuckups throughout the photo and said it's just decent, anon.

No. 1739301

I'm a pretty decent artist and my handwriting looks like chicken scratch. I have a bad habit of switching between writing in all caps to caps/lowercase. It might be because I'm a add autist though. I always envied people who could write beautifully.

No. 1739341

File: 1698298848577.jpg (45.79 KB, 727x585, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.JPG)

My excuse for not improving my drawings is that I simply don't see the point because no one sees it. I hate when people tell me "draw for yourself, draw for fun" damn how stupid that is, if I drew only for those reasons I wouldn't even bother publishing them on the internet. I want people to see my drawings, I want them to tell me if I'm improving or not, I want to know that someone likes what I do. Spending hours devoting time to a drawing only to receive no atention is frustrating and I do accept the fact that I envy those low-effort artists who get a lot of interaction and attention.
I'm already in a confrot zone where I don't even bother to finish what I'm doing.

No. 1739368

File: 1698301416494.jpg (71.65 KB, 842x960, 1689193155513326.jpg)

i am on the opposite side, i feel like my art isn't worth looking at and i am ashamed of it so i just grind and grind and i dont show anyone my art

No. 1739437

Some people create because they enjoy showing others and have a message to put out, some create for the joy of creating. Both are ok, neither is wrong. Most people are a mix of the two.
It's like with everything else people do, why knit if you can buy a shirt at the store? Why work out when you can stay comfy in your sofa?
I post my art online but I definitely am the one to create mostly for myself. Take me to a beach and I'll be drawing in the sand, no one will ever see it but me but I still enjoy doing it

No. 1739443

I'm not gonna dox myself and I agree with you to an extent but if I showed you my art that I regularly get commissioned for and then showed you my handwriting which hasn't evolved since I was in middle school you'd be impressed. Maybe I'm an extreme odd exception though due to autism kek? Writing's always been hard for me even as a child (I was taught cursive) but whatever issues I seem to have don't seem to apply to me when I draw.

No. 1739454

File: 1698310474162.jpg (60.59 KB, 720x540, pelvis.jpg)

People who complain about hands being hard to draw havent fought the real final boss of art yet

No. 1739460

same, i'm a professional artist yet my handwriting is shit kek. funnily enough most artists i know actually have pretty bad hand writing

No. 1739508

File: 1698320920226.png (121.71 KB, 700x1200, [22-04-11] 1513341473739079681…)

I envy autistic artists that are really good at drawing. The things i like to draw are too autistic, so i would never post them online out of shame. I feel envy of artists like memphiles(the spongebob demon husbandofag) or Simon, who draw extremely niche stuff but get followed regardless because their skills make up for the concentrated tism.

No. 1739512

is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that so many in the animation industry openly follow simon even though he draws loli shit

No. 1739516

i am 99% sure simon is just the secret identity of someone who's in the animation industry. I remember when /ic/ used to say he was Michael Hampton.

No. 1739554

Slightly related, I find it annoying how moids can interact with /ic/ or 4chan and still get art jobs but I can't say I post in lc without getting hunted.

No. 1739715

Unpopular opinion but i dont think bad artists should give advice. Laughing my ass off at this dude shitting on vivizie's sparkledogs and talking about muh shape design while drawing some ugly uncreative blobs that would look bad and unoriginal even as background characters in some generic isekai anime. Genuinely dont understand why people shit on vivzie's designs for being "overdesigned" you couldnt pay me to watch that tranny trash but not looking like generic calarts shit it's is only appeal.

No. 1739742

Salt, but god, popular artists are so atrociously obnoxious when you look at their inner circles. They're just so up their own asses and used to people worshipping the ground they walk on, but they get to look down on and act shitty to anyone else they think aren't as good as them. I'm observing a couple of artists discords for a bit and their supporters absolutely trip over every little update.

How the fuck do I find people like that to give me a cumulative 600 dollars a month, goddamn!

No. 1739768

Huff your own farts and people will assume you must be great because you act like you're great. It's the fake it til you make it mentality.

No. 1739779

Nonas, my sister wants an iPad for university so I'm thinking of giving her mine but idk if I even want to replace it once I give it to her. I honestly don't use it a lot except when I get on a Procreate kick. Feels wasteful to have something I don't use a lot but I'm also spoiled by the iPad and don't think I could switch to using a drawing tablet on my computer again… maybe I should just get the cheap entry level one?

No. 1739788

I got a kamvas pro 16 and its pretty rad nona

No. 1739809

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's lately been some fellow poc who has this pedestal idea about their own art, but then you look at it and it's the ugliest, obviously model-traced, un-stylized and un-interesting art that they produce, but they think they can critique others on their actual stylized and interesting character designs. I don't know why these artists are like this, but it's as if they think they get a free pass in saying that is good and bad and not get called out for it just being jealous. If these artists can't find a reason that your art is bad, they will give you the Rebecca Sugar harassment about old art and try to find some weasley way to get you canceled.

No. 1739811

Just all depends if you like art on the go. If not, get a stationary tablet, but if you're interested in only paying a flat free for programs, procreate and the new Dreams coming out with a flat rate, might be something you should do. I get people hate apple, but they have some of the most accessible, non-bullshit [so far] applications that was continuously updated without fees.

No. 1739929

Nonas, is it just better to simply post your art and not much else? I want to get more eyes on my work but I'm not really interested in retweeting/sharing others' work or engaging. I want to make the most out of the time I spend on social media, but I don't want to spend a ton of time feeling like I'm obligated to interact or get too involved/personal.
I have a few friends on there I'm hoping they're not expecting me to share their work. Am I being greedy? I've seen other artists pull this off fine without anyone acting like they owe anyone anything.

No. 1739948

No one is going to get mad at you for keeping your account clean. If they are your friends you can like their stuff or comment on it from time to time and that's enough. You'll get eyes on your work if it's good, doesn't matter how much you interact with others

No. 1739960

Vivzie's designs aren't even that bad, people just sperg the fuck out because reee sparkledog cringe and bad hisss. They're definitely not to my liking as my personal preferences are as far away as Vivziepop's aesthetics as can be but I like that she's being very bold and creative with her characters and actually taking chances unlike this asshole creating the most boring ass blobs. It's just low hanging fruit to harp on because it's so popular and has the 2008 edgy scene kid style that isn't in the vogue right now.

No. 1739979

Simply tell them you want your account to be akin to an art archive/porfolio or want to keep it professional, many people do that.

No. 1740026

If your friends get you, they'll understand. I do that currently, just post and go and we just talk about our art outside of social media on a personal basis. I find it to be a lot cleaner and aimpler that way, especially with people that are weird about looking at what you do / who you interact with publicly.

No. 1740028

It can't hurt me if I can just draw it as a cylinder, it can't

No. 1740228

you know some people take to things easier than others, right? What if you trained day in and day out in a sport and you got better, but only marginally? Now there is someone else who starts up halfway through your training and starts outpacing you, did they just train harder even though you've been doing it longer?

No. 1740233

People need to stop conflating "same style" with "its all the same".

Viv's characters are all drawn with the same style- which makes sense artists often have a style. They don't randomly put one style of character next to another without reason. Her art is characterized by characters being thin, lanky, longer limbs, etc.

But each of those designs is visually different. It's okay to just not like how someone creates or draws characters it doesn't have to mean anything is wrong or bad about it just because you personally don't like it.

side note I'm tired of people concerned trolling "This must be a nightmare to animate" as if complex designs are incapable of being animated. As long as the animators get paid and compensated properly for doing the animation it shouldn't matter how complex or simple character designs are.

No. 1740264

The guy brought up shape language nona, I don't think he could understand that. I hate that that has become so popular, it can really only be applied to kid's media but beginners fail to understand that. Not that they even have the ability to apply it themselves in the first place

No. 1740439

a huge part of this is poor representation of women in media. In so much media they just dont have realistic characterization which leads any realistic portrayal of a woman to be seen as alien and wrong. I've never felt male characters were relatable but when I started making my own stories I realized I'd create more male characters than female. Because for the longest time I put them in a box of having to fulfill some trope personality wise that makes them devoid of all character and exist only as a caricature. Men are the ones in media that have "emotions" women are just a side piece. Even in hero stories where the male hero has a love interest, the love interest is only given character at the importantance of his characterization.
While there definitely is media you can find that give women more human characterization, the majority is just female standees that follow certain tropes.
One of the few examples I can think of that doesn't follow this is Sarah connor in terminator 2 judgement day.

No. 1740452

File: 1698392561616.jpg (1.46 MB, 1750x1400, F8BWMa0XoAAMbZr.jpg)

Is coom truly the only way? this guy has 600k followers and makes 15k on patreon

No. 1740455

I skimmed the video so I might have missed something because there is only so much beginner-level dribble I can listen to about shape language while criticizing something as having "bad shape language" that actually has decent shape language by all intents of what shape language is.

It's so frustrating and annoying. Shape language isn't just using rounds for certain characters, rectangles for others, etc. it's talking about how shapes- of all forms- can make a character. Yet they treat it as "this artist/designer has bad shape language because their characters are all drawn within the same style."

No. 1740456

Am I the only one who finds creating new female characters way easier? I can think of so many personalities, some inspired by girls I knew irl or online or from my own experiences, I can think of the dynamics they would have with each other, I don't need to use any tropes. Meanwhile I have no idea how to write male characters because so many of them have similar traits, in my head it's like they're all pretty much the same, maybe only divided by incel nerd, class clown and popular jock. I feel like women have richer inner lives, and you can come up with a ton of fun scenarios that don't seem forced. That's why I'm annoyed when I see yet another basic girlboss or manic pixie dream girl, because we are so diverse! What makes men more diverse than us? I just don't get it.

No. 1740459

Can we put a FAQ for question like these >>1740452 ?
No nonna, the market is oversaturated

No. 1740461

is it though? scott malin hasnt been posting for that long. I wonder if there are some women that want femgaze porn, that market seems unexplored.

No. 1740462

File: 1698393668309.jpg (277.74 KB, 781x1000, 1205.jpg)

She only really has tutorials in the form of "how to paint" books but a favorite watercolor artist of mine is stephanie pui-mun law. You can find her work on shadowscapes.com Shes super skilled and creates such surreal ethereal works. Truly amaster of her craft, imo.

No. 1740467

This too has been discussed in the last few threads (although I'd forgive you if you forgot the last time it was due to the "slappable balls" incident)
but TLDR:
>there is a gap for femgaze content, sure
>but it will be drowned out
>and/or attract TiMs, TiFs and gay men (cf. Kaneoya Sachiko, with whom TiFs go rabid and want to skin walk japanese Will Graham)

No. 1740469

TiMs are all transbians I wouldn't worry too much about them

No. 1740473

i dont get why TiMs would be attracted to femgaze content, can you explain?

No. 1740495

File: 1698396119493.gif (1.43 MB, 291x229, 1686271728567262.gif)

Anyone interested in an art study thread? to share resources, guides, discuss books/courses, etcs. I really hate that /ic/ is the only places to discuss art that's not a shitcord, and i don't wanna go back to it because i can't take the crabbing anymore. I am willing to make a lc-exclusive(lol) pastebin, i got some resources i refuse to share with /ic/ because i hate them, mostly obscure japanese channels and small twitter accounts that share very useful art tips.

No. 1740500

I swear there used to be watercolor markers. They were water based markers (like all cheap children's markers are) but with brush nibs and more fluid "ink" that let them spread and blend more like watercolors. They were expensive as hell but no different than alchohol markers and worked similar. I wonder why they never got popular.

No. 1740502

That would be nice, neither this one (drama) or the rate my art(corrections) thread are suit for it. I see resources posted here because nonas keep asking the same stuff over and over, but they always get drown in the salt posts.

No. 1740514

Yeah, he just keeps going on about how everyone is pointy and angular and how that doesn't tell you anything about the specific character. Which is insane, because one character being a bit square-shaped also shouldn't tell you anything about them

No. 1740524

This one is a bit dead but fits >>>/m/119195

Anons are just obsessed and looking for any excuse not to draw. You can argue with your imagination forever, at the end of the day no one will be attracted to your femgaze porn because you won't have drawn any

No. 1740548

I'm trying to picture this because I want to do it too. Do you mean like for example drawing a triangle to create the form and proportions of a bent arm/legs positioning? Or simplifying the limbs, torso etc as basic shapes?

I'm not sure what's the problem, but proportions are the hardest aspect of artwork for me. The 8 heads tall canon is impossible, but 7.5 and 7.2 are ridiculous looking when I work with them too. Artists that can really push shapes and make interesting figures are cool, but the skilled ones come from a background of studying realistic figures. I read that proportions in illustrations and manga is adaptive so an epic scene might make a 9 heads figure or a glamorous cover illustration might make the legs 1/3 longer so is far from rigid.

My saltiness is when males make their characters beyond disproportionate and it doesn't matter. They don't care at all and create characters that are just a pile of titties, ass and thighs then enjoy the coom and the success.

Am I pushing too hard on adhering to a canon of proportions and anatomical believability? It's a huge pain in the ass trying to, it doesn't look beautiful or quality, but neither does the other!

No. 1740551

nta but i am sure she means this

No. 1740624

File: 1698409005125.jpg (105.9 KB, 1000x1000, 61PrIqFDNbL.jpg)

her work is beautiful, thank you anon
there are some products like that in japan, ink/dye/watercolor based markers, I have pic related, a 90 set of brushmakers and they're a dream to color with, you can create a lot of beautiful effects

No. 1740691

Ayrt Woah that's a full course! Thank you!

No. 1740792

File: 1698416785840.jpg (111.24 KB, 1296x667, skin colors.JPG)

found this guy on youtube who does some amazing copic works and I love that he shares all the colors he uses
I remember years ago western artists gatekeeping information like what colors and liners or materials they use. I think some still do it today lol.

No. 1740802

I hate to sound like a weeb but Japanese artists who aren't too autistic or shy tend to be more than willing to share resources with others. Sometimes for a price but often freely. I wonder why western artists are so gatekeeping and stingy in comparison. Asking an artist for their brust settings used to be like pulling teeth up until it became easy to monetize CSP and Procreate tools.

No. 1740825

File: 1698417802912.jpeg (210.19 KB, 735x1075, IMG_2194.jpeg)

How do I draw handsome men without them looking too cute? I wish I could draw anime boys like male mangakas
Higher cost of living in the west and probably the hustle culture

No. 1740831

pic unrelated?

No. 1740858

No. 1740915

He really isn't talking about shape language at all, he's talking more about proportion than anything.

No. 1740918

File: 1698422519054.jpg (161.92 KB, 762x1023, w1500_51872609.jpg)

> Asking an artist for their brust settings used to be like pulling teeth up
kek you unlocked a memory, they'd straight up ignore you
the CSP market and pixiv resources blew my mind when I discovered them, the price for some CSP resources is dirt cheap and quality so good compared what westerners sold on gumroad or other websites
cute Geto!
> How do I draw handsome men without them looking too cute?
I started drawing men a little while ago , I have experience drawing cute/sexy girls mostly.
Here's some stuff that I hope helps.
To illustrate my point I have chosen the fine specimen that is Toji as an example for a very handsome and buff man.
- proportions: I'd aim for the guy to be 8 heads tall rule and have a slim to wide frame, based on your preference
- broader shoulders
- muscles, unless you like sticc guys
- don't make his hips too narrow!
- facial proportions: eyes should be smaller and wider (Geto is a really good example, he has fox eyes) , mouth should be wider , nose longer and I'd avoid the V shape face, make them have a jawline
I can't stress how important face shape and facial proportions are , it makes or breaks a character , there were some tutorials/books on how to draw handsome men, I'll search and come back to update this post.

And also one of the best tips I can give is STUDY! find fanarts you love and break them down, try to redraw them and learn from there, this helps more than some people realize.

No. 1740923

File: 1698422786756.jpg (3.58 MB, 3100x1875, 1692641722420.jpg)

and a Gojo, even if his eyes are bigger, the face shape and his body proportions heavily change how he's perceived, very hansamu~

to add to my previous post: if you see any manga panel you like or anime screenshot, try to redraw it, it's fun practice

No. 1740950

Thanks for the advice, I tried drawing Toji yesterday but I’ll try again today. I struggle with the facial proportions and eye shape the most since I’m used to drawing cute boys, lol I have a lot to catch up on

No. 1740980

File: 1698424495911.jpg (63.32 KB, 564x849, 428624566f3aa8a783011ef35fd442…)

based nonnie, try replicating picrel, it's official art too
I had the same problem when I switched from drawing kawaii girls to more mature characters, my hand was automatically set on the cutesy proportions, it went away with practice

No. 1741015

Handsome anime boys tend to have more realistic proportions than your average moe boy or girl. I suggest to start drawing portraits of real attractive men you find on pinterest to get used to those particular proportions. Leyendecker is also a good starting point because he draws handsome stylized men. After that it will be easier for you to draw characters like toji or geto

No. 1741053

I can't be the only one who thinks that drawing looks butt ugly, right? Sloppy linework, dislocated shoulder, weird chest muscles and odd shadow choices. Why would you want to recreate or learn from this?

No. 1741084

File: 1698430567405.png (348.36 KB, 984x615, toji.PNG)

Probably not the right thread for this but I tried drawing him again and it still looks off. I can't put my finger on what's wrong

No. 1741089

File: 1698430906997.jpeg (319.61 KB, 2048x1022, FCQQjfNXsAsIrAO.jpeg)

I liked the part of the thread with interesting western artists, so I'll try to recreate that here. Picrel is from Venommoe on twitter. I like his artstyle though I think he talks a lot on twitter lol. I tolerate it, since it's just shit posting and it's not getting into unnecessary arguments with other people.

No. 1741090

Try tracing the original or overlaying the images to figure out which parts are off. I can tell you made the head rounder and that the angles aren't the same. Maybe check your pressure settings as well, your lines look like you make way too many strokes in one place just to build up saturation

No. 1741093

File: 1698431106146.png (370.52 KB, 984x615, Untitled15_20231027142535.png)

The right eye is too far to the right here, it makes the face look off. I went into ibispaint, just moved it more to the left, and it looks a lot better

No. 1741094

the left looks more exaggerated and angular. the overlay idea is good. go for a finished sketch and not sketchy lines to better see the differences in proportions and linework. i think you drew the character at a different angle than the mangaka did, also try tracing the forms.

No. 1741095

It looks off cause he has fetal alcohol syndrome, make his eyes closer nonna

No. 1741103

Nta and not an artist but maybe she can just take inspo and ideas from it and improve it her way?

No. 1741152

Nta but I think your drawing looks better but that's just me

No. 1741157

I think it’s difficult to write/draw the opposite sex, everyone thinks they themselves have a rich inner life. The only male character I see women draw are the guys they want to date. It’s really obvious with anime/k-pop looking characters. They’re not that different from what kind of characters men create when they want to draw women. Something nice to look at/their crush etc. Personally I’m envious of anyone who can come up with varied characters, especially for a story or RP.

No. 1741159

How the fuck do I make the jump from traditional to digital art? This is genuinely so damn hard. The sketching is so hard. Even the basic brushes confuse me. It feels like none of my traditional skills are transferring over and I'm starting from square one. So disheartening.

No. 1741161

File: 1698435680580.png (1.12 MB, 1720x1320, golden ratio.png)

try the golden ratio plus references of male models you like, i usually draw women so i like my men to be a blend of both masculine and female features

No. 1741166

I am anon, a new thread would be great. Just seeing “gatekeeping” again annoys me because if you want to make products for a con it’s hard to know where to start when everyone says they can’t share their vendors. Finding a US vendor would be great. I assume most are dropship from China.

No. 1741222

I'm the anon who fixed toji's eye, I think the right drawing looks better when the eye is fixed. I find it more handsome.

No. 1741330

YES please

Came here to ask what everyone thinks of ibis paint. Is it worth to pay for the sub?
I can't justify buying an iPad and I have a small xp pen screen tablet but I want something on the go and my current Android tablet can handle ibis paint nicely.
Any brush recs are welcome
Is CSP good on tablets?

No. 1741341

Yes. We need it. I can't stand /ic/ too and I can't share my art here but at least we could share resources. That would be amazing.

No. 1741346

Download it on your device and give it a try. You can get free access to premium stuff for 18 hours if you see a 25s-30s ad.

No. 1741354

How much is the premium version? I have an ipad and I like Procreate well enough. Is Ibis worth the switch? And how much does it cost? Are there ads in the UI?

No. 1741402


It's a total boobs-and-butt pose.

No. 1741413

Ibispaint was my first drawing program, I have a lot of experience with it so I am biased, but it is very good. You can use all brushes for 18 hours if you an ad, which is fine in my opinion. I've noticed that the app has more ads though. They also have a desktop version, though it is not free. You can use for one hour once a day as a free trial though.

No. 1741423

Femgaze keeps the troons out if it has a hetero emphasis with no level of spicy queerness aside from their own projections. I draw both sexy men and women together. It filters a lot of the worst people out. I mainly get moids trying to find stuff that their girlfriends would actually like and makes them, as men, feel more desired. Who knew there was a market for that?

No. 1741467

Yeah there's lots of ads. But I don't know about the prices because I only use the free version, sorry.

No. 1741475

The same way you got into traditional art, just practice and keep at it and learn from tutorials. People often think that digital art is "easy" because you get to "cheat" with layers and the undo button but as someone who has done both digital art has always been a challenge when it comes to inking and painting in particular. You don't get a proper physical feel from touching the paper/canvas and you need much more eye/hand coordination with a stylus. Colors are harder to blend. Texture is harder to replicate. But just keep at it and pay attention to the differences between the mediums.

No. 1741640

Personal salt and I just want to scream somewhere. I'm so tired of seeing this local mythology creature used for lgbt ocs or ocs in general kekk.

No. 1741642

Which creature?

No. 1741651

A certain vampiric creature that splits in half.

No. 1741679

Well, can't blame them too much, that sounds cool ngl

No. 1741691

Lol 90% of the HB/HH redesigns by spergs who constantly reeeee over Vivzie’s designs are uglier than anything she could ever come up with. Anyone with actual character design skill is working on their own shit rather than fixating on someone else’s show

No. 1741712

>it filters out troons
>but appeals to straight men
congratulations, you're doing moid gaze art! when you guys will stop acting like troons are the biggest boogeyman even though they're also WOMEN (no TiM will search for femgaze art don't be delusional) instead of going the tradthot route to appeal to average moids you'll feel more free

No. 1741713

also the idea that femgaze requires sexy women to make sure no icky aiden or dyke or fujo likes your art reeks of pick me behaviour

No. 1741722

I'm curious, what are anons favorite ways for drawing? I think I love a nicer quality sketchbook and a felt tip pen at 0.5-0.7 for pen sketches.

No. 1741768

Honestly this, as much as I hate trannies it's so bizarre that anons would rather pander to scrotes than have any troon like their art. I only draw pretty men and I seriously couldn't care less if an Aiden liked it, I'd rather have an audience with biological women even if delusional than play this weird underwater 4D chess of pandering to moids to "keep trannies out".

No. 1741802

An annoying aiden or she/they beat any moid any day but I'd rather have a het moid like my art than a tranny scrote. At least het moids fap to pussy and tits and fuck off. Tranny scrotes expect constant pandering or else out come the rape threats.

No. 1741809

Rape threads? From TIFs? What planet are you living on? More like 100 page google doc call-outs if you ask me, which you can pretty much ignore if you just log off if and when it happens.

No. 1741814

Like >>1741712 said TIMs don't look up femgaze art like TIFs do so this is such stupid mental pretzeling. If scrotes like your art then it's moidgaze and pandering to TIMs who are (usually heterosexual) male, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

>At least het moids fap to pussy and tits and fuck off.

This is such a gross mindset kek, in a million years I'd rather have an Aiden enjoy what I do than a scrote cooming to it.

No. 1741819

The rape threats are coming from tranny scrotes, nonna. Not aidens. Aidens will make a callout bitching you out but the moid trannies are the ones who attack women for not liking girl dick. Reading comprehension.
If I had to pick one or the other, I'd rather ignore fapping hetero scrotes than be forced to pander to trannies. Scrotes will fap to anything so it can't be helped unless you only post to a private vetted community of confirmed women.

No. 1741874

The author of this book is a transmasc enby now

No. 1741911

there's not way male trannies will look at your art and send rape threats if what you draw are only men/female pov, what are you drawing to even attract such an audience? i've been in so many female centered communities and didn't meet any male trannies, only aidens and very rarely gay men. male trannies have literally the same taste as the average straight men, hentai coomer shit and lesbian porn

No. 1741930

Why are online artists so fucking horny? I've been trying to find some decent art server on discord to join, at the very least one that had a majorly eastern userbase to avoid western fandom nonsense (I know that eastern artists aren't perfect but I'd rather not be able to read the discourse due to it being in a different language than to be cursed by the ability to read just by glancing at a message that's in my language). I ended up finding a server that seemed pretty good, it was half eastern half western and seemingly SFW with emphasis on people doing studies and sharing art tips and feedback, aka everything I wanted on a server.

But then I went to look at the art people were posting on the western side of the server, and guess what? Softporn. It wasn't straight out porn because of the NSFW ban but it was obviously coomer shit. WALLS of it. Every now and then I'd see an artist posting actually interesting art and studies, only for it to be buried under at least 14 generic coomer shit designs with people commenting "BARK BARK WOULDDD". The eastern side seemed a bit less coomer-ish, but it was also more inactive.

Just why? Why are online artists' brain rotten with coom? It's tiring me out so fucking much. All I want is an art group or community where me and others can share tips and feedback and help each other do studies and improve but all I end up finding are people coomer shit of their waifu or OC over and over and over.

Sorry for the sperg, it just sucks. I'm so tired.

No. 1741940

People are just horny, nona. I could be wrong, but is it that you don't mind tasteful erotic art, that you hate generic coom in particular, or neither?

No. 1741944

File: 1698501475012.jpg (163.5 KB, 989x1436, 4e465c46b624e33f641f7e9663f474…)

i don't know where you get that easterners are less coomerish. You have hentai artists posting about studying loomis/hampton sandwiched in between their big titty anime girls being fucked by tentacles. I think this is just the outcome of art having 0 value in modern society. Before you could find tons of artis making stuff for magazines/postcards/comics/movie posters/ads etc, now most artists who want to be professional artists have very limited options and all of them are nerd-adjacent, like concept art and animation. This leads to most artist being purely passion-driven coomer nerds.

No. 1741948

Sorry if it sounded like I hated porn or erotica as a whole, I guess I was a bit too angry.

I'm actually okay with tasteful erotica and nudity, it can be really powerful and beautiful when well worked with. What I do hate is coomer shit. Art that's just generic anime-ish girl no.5739 with inflated boobs and ass and a childlike face with clothes so skimpy that would make a stripper seem prude. It's just empty of everything, cheap fap material of the lowest grade.

Hell, I even like some pinups. Pinups are really fun and visually interesting. But I hate coomer shit.

No. 1741949

I didn't mean to say that eastern artists are less coomer-ish, it's just that on that specific server, they seemed less interested in drawing coomer art. Maybe I didn't scroll far enough into the channel to see all the coomer brainrot they drew, but they were at least less active than the western ones.

No. 1741985

I prefer cheaper 'mixed-media' sketchbooks made of hot-pressed paper (less texture), as I use either a 0.05 mechanical pencil or same-size fine-liner pen to draw/sketch. I also like to colour my pen drawings with gouache or watercolours or my one copic brush pen. Also do digital.

(I hate good quality sketchbooks because I get too anxious that I'll fuck them up somehow kek)

What subjects do you draw? I mostly draw figures and critters

No. 1742079

Digital art is a different medium all together. You wouldn't treat watercolor like you treat oil paint, you need to experiment with the medium and figure out how it behaves and build your skill around it.

No. 1742249

Anyone else feels like they're stagnating? I know exactly what are the flaws of my art, and I'm still not improving. Is it because I'm older so I can't improve and learn anymore like teens do?

No. 1742254

Yeah, I haven't improved at all in rendering and it's driving me nuts. It seems so easy to figure it out for everyone else, but i suck ass at it.

No. 1742267

File: 1698520389634.png (2.86 MB, 1000x1538, Alec_Holland_005.png)

The new 52 swamp thing is very visually unique! The first Scott Snyder run isnt horrible, but it really gets better with Charle Soule`s run

No. 1742275

I'm the opposite, I feel like my art looks like a polished turd. I'm good at rendering but no matter what I do, the base still looks awkward. I'm trying to get in the hang of doing studies everyday, and I know what makes my art looks off, but I still can't fix it and it driving me nuts. How are these 18 yr olds figuring it out and I'm not… I don't feel very optimistic about my art journey so far

No. 1742290

i wish i were you, picking up anatomy books and doing studies/figure drawing is dead easy, but rendering feels more innate…

No. 1742310

idk i think my brain might be broken cause even to this day i struggle drawing eyes

No. 1742318

File: 1698523559542.jpg (90.54 KB, 800x533, HD-wallpaper-violin-song-violi…)

Nonnies how do you learn to render better? Like how do most Chinese artists always choose the chrome pastel palette for the paintings? I really want to replicate it but my work looks more faded than vibrant like picrel,I really love how dynamic and appealing to the eyes their composition is, I generally struggle with the whole composition alot I've tried to find courses or any artists with a similar art style like picrel who explains how they render but so far I've found none

No. 1742378

File: 1698528021227.jpeg (50.17 KB, 641x680, me lmao.jpeg)

I try to start but I feel so awkward. In reality, I just want to draw hot guys but I feel like my skills aren't there yet, so I have to practice basic shapes and figures before I can star drawing hot men

No. 1742382

Imo it's because most people are motivated to draw so they can draw their own customized porn and self-insert stuff, their waifus/husbandos, and things from their own pov for themselves. So most artists end up coming off as horny. The minority draws pretty/cute stuff for fun, tasteful stuff or horror stuff.

No. 1742387

Nta and slightly ot but damn that guy is so cute. Hope I run into this kind of guys throughout my life.

No. 1742417

As far as I know Asian artists use a TON of filters to get the colours right, they don't just pick colours from the wheel by eyeballing them unless they're experienced and already developed an eye for them.

No. 1742432

My art appeals to myself, other bisexual women and straight couples. I get it if you don't want men on your work AT ALL, but someone who is hardly your periphery buying your work to gift to your target audience is not something to be cursed. It wasn't a pickme brag, but a bid for transparency. If you try to deter one group, you might draw in a different one. That new, strange group may surprise you for the best, or will be so bad you'll never share your art again. There is no one set way of keeping certain people out unless you do something obtuse and feed off of the backlash; you just set your boundaries and you do it. Quit being afraid of who you might attract. If you don't like them, then don't acknowledge them. If they harass you, report, block, double-down on your convictions.

Not sure why you all went full lunatic assumed my work is tradthot. I can see how my wording was misinterpreted. I hate to tell you all this, but you're wrong. Coomer males and troons fucking hate my work because they have no one to project upon unless they imagine themselves as a much better looking man than they will ever be. The men in my art are heavily objectified and receptive to the women present in the piece. Tradthots don't like my work because my women are anything but passive. Aidens are just weird and looking for blood in the water. Not sure how that brands me as a pickme. Some of you need to calm down.

If you people don't want a certain group becoming your periphery, then don't make your work public. Seems simple.

No. 1742434

For composition, look up stuff like rule of thirds and fibronacci spirals. Look into good examples of cinematography to get some framing and motion ideas.
With rendering, I stopped overthinking the hard round brush meme and just started using the damn thing like I use graphite and charcoal pencils, but also like sculpting with clay. Now I feel embarrassed by how easy it all is to pull off.
The filters play a huge deal. Sharpening the final picture at the end seems to pull it all together. I've been using gradient maps and painting over it with limited color palette, and it's netted me interesting results.

No. 1742472

Same. For some reason nona's drawing looks better kek

No. 1742673

Thanks but I hate it now

No. 1742682

you can use inner glow layer effect to cheat a little bit and recreate the blue-to-orange transitions on her dress shading (I believe the term is light falloff or subsurface scattering.) Sorry for the coomer art in the vid but I found this helpful, he also shows how to do it in other programs. Also highly recommend a new mid-grey layer set to 'saturation' or its equivalent to check values. You could use really light and soft colors but also have a little contrast in it.

No. 1742857

File: 1698572780896.jpg (157.45 KB, 783x1100, Dean_Cornwell_028.jpg)

feeling really art blocked right now, anyone has artist recs? they always help me overcome art block. Eastern/western, modern/old, it doesn't matter. But i do prefeer more skilled stuff overall, and i am not a fan of the sakimichan/artstation type of rendering.

No. 1742924

Nonnas who post your work online, what is your internet art presence like? Do you post your art with a quick description and leave it at that? Do you get more personal occasionally and post about your life? I overshared online as a teen and while being open and friendly helped me make connections it also led to a lot of weird people developing parasocial relationships with me and I’d like to avoid that this time but I’m not sure how to find a balance. Ideally I’d stick to 95% art with the very occasional post about other hobbies or media I enjoy but I’m worried that I’m not established enough to earn the right to have the sort of presence that my older working professional friends have…my younger working friends are constantly active and posting personal pics from their everyday life, political opinions, relationships etc. Too much for me but I’m sure they benefit from coming across as “accessible”.

No. 1742987

I prefeer when artists let the art talk for themselves. I hate when artists spam their media tab with garbage unrelated to their art.

No. 1742990

I used to be more talkative in my accounts and while it had me meet many people and I got a following faster due to sharing fandom headcanons and memes, it also resulted in me becoming an easier target for those delusional twitter people who want every artist to have a perfect moral image. On top of being an artist I had to put actual effort in maintaining my own image and I felt myself almost walking on eggshells at times because while people would talk to me more easily, they'd also judge me just as quickly. I ended up abandoning that account because I was sick of that pressure.

No. 1742999

I talk about fandom shit on my account and it has led to people developing parasocial relationships and then talking shit when they realize I'm not their best buddy juts because they liked all of my tweets but it's just what it is. You grow a following faster and make friends by being approachable and I prefer that to being completely elusive and isolated. I just try to be as honest and straightforward as a person in order to have people not grow unrealistic expectations and keep out of drama that could blow up in my face later. A lot of farmers posting to cow threads on this site are clearly those who developed said parasocial relationship with someone and act like they know them well enough to conduct armchair analysis and simply make up stuff about them to justify being bitter, but it's something that's out of your control and will happen no matter how little or how much you post online once you grow big enough.

No. 1743552

I used to share a lot of opinions on fandoms, then I get a lot of eastern followers. It might be the weeb in me, but I don't want to embarrass myself so now I only post art and go kek. Ever since one of my idols followed me, I had to straighten up my behavior. I'll get a call-out one day for my past drama but I don't care

No. 1743837

Nonnies is it cringe to make a comic that's read from right to left? I'm a weeb so I'm just used to reading that way to the point I have to remind myself to read left to right with western comics kek. My style is more western inspired so I feel like readers would expect L-R though

No. 1743842

File: 1698619171716.png (7.01 MB, 1561x2048, IMG_4096.png)

some random art i came across scrolling on tumblr - do y'all remember when people actually made female characters look female and not whatever the fuck this is? like the style itself isn't even that bad, i've just noticed that nowadays fanart for feminine characters is so garbage you can tell when the person who made it mostly draws men or prefere masculine features and it makes them look so ugly.

No. 1743843

i think you should just stick to the reading direction that's standard in whatever language you write. you might cause unnecessary confusion for your audience otherwise

No. 1743852

Is this bait? This has to be bait. She looks like Zelda. I don't know what you want specifically when you're going out of your way to find some art that has a style that isn't ultra feminine. That doesn't make the drawing of Zelda look male or masculine at all, it's just not super uwu.

No. 1743855

the y'all really completes this post kek

No. 1743861

All attractive, feminine characters must be masculized or drawn 25kg heavier than their canon selves. More than likely the artists are fujos or haven't outgrown the doughy, plainfaced style popular back when tumblr was relevant. Tinfoil but I theorize at least some of them draw characters manlier and fatter for identity politics reasons.

No. 1743873

>dainty anime style Zelda
I’m calling MRA or bait or both

No. 1743875

Idgi she looks normal. Are you okay?

No. 1743880

Does every woman need to look like a bimbo to fit your standards of femininity?

No. 1743883

You're right. Thanks!

No. 1743918

File: 1698623280922.jpg (42.46 KB, 596x456, horizon-forbidden-west-charact…)

No. 1743919

I was getting that same vibe from anon lol

No. 1743935

ughhhh, those two twins Naomi and Noemi Rio Romero (the anxiety fox girls) are on a campaign to block ppl they've known for years bc they're posting goofy ass AI art.

I'm an artist too, but this is ridiculous.

No. 1743947

File: 1698625143814.jpeg (130.44 KB, 1024x1024, _0d3e34b9-f197-454f-b9f7-9449b…)

dramatic reenactment

No. 1743951

Nta but both look hideous tbh. The one on the left looks too round and bloated and her skin is too reddish which is probably why she looks off. The one on the right looks like shit ofcourse because of the makeup and the instagram faceapp filters look. But that's….#my2cents. Sorry I had to.

No. 1743953

she looks like san from princess mononoke

No. 1743954

AI fucked up the arm for the dude on the right kek

No. 1744003

NTA but this is more in line with what I was thinking tbh

No. 1744070

Ok moid

No. 1744099

Nah you're just schizo or male. A lot of female artists draw male characters androgynous, or more feminine than in canon. That's why their female character art resembles those androgynous bishies. Women tend to draw female characters in a more natural, less pornified and/or less hyperfeminine way which sometimes means "masculinized" (androgynous, which seems to be a foreign concept to you), and this applies to both western AND eastern artists.

btw this whole thread reeks of scrotum which is why there's so many infights about things that curiously align with moid opinions.

She's so cute

No. 1744218

File: 1698650061613.jpg (140.49 KB, 1440x1440, zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-7.j…)

The actual art style of the Zelda games is usually on the cute and simplified side. I have never even played Zelda and know this.

No. 1744246

masculine?? she was drawn with a round face, small nose and big eyes, in what world is that masculine??

No. 1744269

Are you the same anon who was complaining about Peach not being feminine enough anymore?

No. 1744283

>btw this whole thread reeks of scrotum which is why there's so many infights about things that curiously align with moid opinions.
In any other thread I'd call it obvious bait but this thread has been proven to be crawling with moids from /ic/ to the point I can smell D'Angelo Wallace's ball sweat through the monitor, like do people really think it's women constantly having such moidbrained opinions and preferences? "Some pickmes are like this" yeah your average pickmes don't bother to whiteknight anonymously for hours autistically defending talentless scrote coomers drawing endless amounts of neotenous girls, crying about average looking female characters being "too manfaced", whining about darker skinned characters being a thing, thinking giving Peach a slight frown is "western feminists forcibly masculinizing her" or unironically calling lolicons or racists "based". Sure she might but a spade's a spade. It's not like scrotes are stopped at the door when they open lolcow.farm in their browsers.

No. 1744390

File: 1698655779175.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, 1687658377757.png)

all female characters should be drawn like stacy

No. 1744426

>D'Angelo Wallace
Who? Googling just shows me some youtuber

No. 1744436

He's an art youtuber turned commentary youtuber who admitted to reading these threads.

No. 1744456

But doesn't it stand to reason that the y'all may very well be an elaborate red herring to throw off the scent of ballsack from the obviously male post and falsely give off the air of a tumblr "all women are uwu bimbos or they're just men" handmaiden.

He's a drama channel who once made art topic videos on YT. He was semi famous for trying to recreate other peoples art styles, he had >100k subscribers for this. He is now a fairly popular drama channel who makes videos about foolish people embarrassing themselves on the internet and has since dropped art shit entirely lel

No. 1744465

Joseph Clement Coll, Kim Jung Gi, Charles Gibson, Rose O'Neill, Nell Brinkley, Eugène Carrière

No. 1744482

Hardest things to draw in my opinion
the neck/collarbones area>hips>legs>eyes>hands

No. 1744488

Are there any good art-related youtubers? Most of the ones I find are either thinly-veiled drama channels or art supply hoarders.

No. 1744494

yeah, japanese ones. Check manga materials

No. 1744516

is it strange ive never seen his art though? he doesnt seem like a good artist also did he troon out?

No. 1744519

as far as i know he deleted most of his art-related stuff after he switched to commentary. so yeah, he was probably an underwhelming artist.

No. 1744534

File: 1698672315021.jpg (551.48 KB, 1700x2157, yuming-li-crimson-emissary-s.j…)

Yuming Li & Krenz Cushart. Yuming Li has very ethereal work with occasional anime/game fanart. Krenz is much more anime but I like his landscapes

No. 1744577

I remember his stuff, it was fairly mid. Not terrible but definitely not professional level.

No. 1744616

How many art accounts do you have? I have 4.

No. 1744621

One SFW and one NSFW.

No. 1744630

His old art videos are still up on the channel and he really wasn't that good. I remember checking out his socials back then to find more pieces, only to see that he either rarely drew or at least rarely posted. It doesn't seem like a big passion of his

Kek why so many? Do you post on all and does it not split your following unnecessarily?

No. 1744666

>Kek why so many?
i dont know
> Do you post on all and does it not split your following unnecessarily?
first is for fanart, second is for fanart nsfw, third for oc, forth for oc nsfw. I don't know, i just feel it's tidier that way.

No. 1744671

Makes sense when you think about it but I think the fanart NSFW and OC NSFW accounts can be combined into one. Porn is porn, I don't think coomers are that picky over original content vs fanart.

No. 1744761

This isn't even bad. It's that standard softer Western fantasy style. It's okay if you just don't like the style, but calling it masculine is a stretch. It just looks like art drawn by, I dunno, maybe a straight woman drawing for herself
I get what you're saying, but this isn't even an offender. Call me when you find the zonked-faced, box-bodied, cankles Zelda likely lurking around tumblr.

I think you're onto something. I know a lot of people in this thread love to cry MOID MOID MOID AAAAAAAAAAAAAA MOIIIDuWu on certain takes because of absolutism, but this artist is likely more accustomed to drawing men. This doesn't mean she looks "like a man," and especially doesn't mean "needs to look like a bimbo" but you can tell women aren't a typical/favored subject.
Random thought, but a lot of bimbo stuff looks very masculine at the base. I've never been able to accept that as some end of the "femininity" spectrum like a lot of people in this thread seem to do.

Her original looks fine. People whining and expecting the right need to know how I felt having to look at ugly moids all of my gaming life after having paid for the damn thing. I literally don't play games with too many ugly men. They need to be modded over. Ugly men in games trigger me.

No. 1744778

There's more than a few people just calling people moid to anything that'll look like it might stick, but actual moids coming here have primed everyone into attack mode. Honestly, I would not be surprised if the Zelda post were just pure vendetta as I'm sure it has a ton of likes on Tumblr, or >>1744456
this take, more than likely. Maybe both.
NTA but they're not. A lot of them gravitate more towards OC NSFW, too.

No. 1744811

How do you keep up with that many? Do you have email addresses for each one?

No. 1744989

yeah + one browser for each lol

No. 1745271

File: 1698701860450.jpg (797.93 KB, 1186x1600, 1599099650640.jpg)

Is it possible to recreate the look of a traditional painting on digital? are there any digital artists that can do this? I dont have money for traditional sadly

No. 1745282

you can, but it takes a lot of skill and dedication. and some things like texture obviously can't be fully replicated in digital

No. 1745290

File: 1698702951330.png (640.31 KB, 962x569, opal.png)

I have this hatred of the trope of making old characters ugly as all hell while their younger selves look attractive/normal. Making old ugly characters isn't bad in of itself of course, but the fact that none of the facial features are even the same is so stupid and pisses me off. It just comes off as ageist and coomery to say both "old people look disgusting" and "but look how hot they were back in the day, in case you wanna make porn of them" at the same time. It's especially jarring in a same-face setting where exaggerated features barely exist except for on old people to make them uglier. I'm not attacking pokemon in particular, Opal just happened to be an example of it.

No. 1745305

i think she's cute

No. 1745317

I agree with >>1745305 I think Opal is cute in an endearing grandma way, especially with her feisty personality. She'd still be beautiful if they toned down her nose. Elderly women can be beautiful without looking like grey-haired twentysomethings with 2 little lines under their eyes.

No. 1745329

File: 1698705275112.jpg (620.42 KB, 1079x1083, Screenshot_20231030_183502_You…)

No. 1745646

File: 1698731569547.png (170.85 KB, 378x314, 1694844515234.png)

Can we talk about how the tracing grifter hacks have now gone full Emilie Autumn and when they say "omg ive been working so hard on something >< big things coming!" what they really mean is "I spent a few hours today training AI to make me something I could never, ever bring into fruition myself and every single thing I do is an obsessive copy of someone else because I have zero creativity whatsoever"? It's getting sad

No. 1745648

File: 1698731779001.jpg (125.2 KB, 453x305, 2465664-scan0007.jpg)

But old people do get a droopier larger nose. Her features are pretty exaggerated because it's a cartoon but I could see this happening in reality.

There are other extreme cases of what you mention but I also think it's a funny joke about aging, not a coom thing.

No. 1745660

It does happen to some people irl though. And leave Opal alone! She's the best girl of that trashfire of a video game!

No. 1745661

Shampoo's grandma is the freaking cutest thing in the world.

No. 1745669

I could recognize this art style from anywhere. Gang gang

No. 1745673

File: 1698736398440.jpg (68.9 KB, 736x414, les-triplettes-de-belleville-p…)

i just searched and she's 88. are we now even expecting drawings of women to "age gracefully", never be hunched over, never sag nor have their facial features grow, never get fatter ? did you expect her to drink green juice and be at the gym 5 hours every day complete with IV-administered retinol every night since the age of 12 ? she looks like a typical well-groomed grandma who enjoys her furs and big rings and whatever rich grandmas like.
if your problem is that youth more or less aligns with conventional beauty you're delusional. i haven't played pokemon in ages but i'm glad to see a fun, original design for once and not just the same kid with a crazy haircut
doesn't apply to pokemon because its style is meant to be simple and appealing to kids, but i agree it's nice to see exaggerated younger people sometimes as well
cologne is stylized because she's pure comic relief, which is ok as well. i love her little mouth !

No. 1745685

>Why can't I coom to granny!!!
She's almost 90, by that time people have their facial structure altered due to losing the fat in their face and skin sagging and possibly losing teeth and jawbone due to it so it's only realistic. We should rather accept that becoming old looking shouldn't be seen as "ugly".

No. 1745719

WTF is gamergate?(unsaged spoon-feeding request)

No. 1745722

A gate for gamers incel moids

No. 1745725

please sage and google is free. it's retarded war between libfems and neckbeards over sjw representation in video games and a female game dev sleeping with 5 kotaku reviewers

No. 1745731

File: 1698745380274.jpg (9.21 KB, 600x300, 1686869410391.jpg)

what motivates you to keep trying despite failure?

No. 1745735

The fact that you thought “coomer bait” when it’s just a normal drawing of her fully clothed young self sounds so unhinged nonna

No. 1745741

faves hyperfixations, ability to influence fandom without interacting personally, and generally liking drawing as hobby with drive for improvement

No. 1745747

i'm surprised no one else agrees and saw what you were trying to say here, acting like you're the sexist coomer. you didn't complain about the wrinkles or her posture, but about the facial details. characters age, but you're right, literally nothing is the same. a 90 year old will look different from their younger self but the nose exaggeration is odd. Her younger self looks like a generic anime character, they could have given more of the exaggerated nose.

No. 1745748

File: 1698747256629.png (1.01 MB, 900x1080, promised_neverland.png)

>are we now even expecting drawings of women to "age gracefully", never be hunched over, never sag nor have their facial features grow, never get fatter ?
I think you're entirely missing the point. The complaint is the lack of diversity and the singling out of old people to make them hideous, instead of actually having a diverse set of characters. Those women and men in your post ALL fit the same art style. Opal (who has a lovely design) is the only one who isn't a an anime waifu, and is instead more "western cartoon" looking just to make her uglier because she's old - so it looks jarring. It's the fact that even middle aged adult mothers in pokemon (just using pokemon as an example since Opal is from that game) are portrayed as milfs drawn with the same face as a teen (Lusamine, Melony) while if they're too old to be sex objects they have to suddenly be the most hideous exaggerated character in the game.
It's like when a series draws every character normally, but then they take the one minority character and exaggerate every stereotypical feature to show that this character is black/asian/a minority, but it kind of just becomes an offensive caricature in context.

No. 1745751

even if you find her uglier what's wrong with her being different ? there's not many granny pokemon trainers and her stylization (which is a good one) reflects her uniqueness. rage about the young characters all looking the same, idk why your problem is with the one and only character that's interesting.
also not opening your racebait can of worms.

No. 1745757

More like they expect her to nose to look the same when she was younger. Which is honestly fair. For some reason her nose grows ten extra inches. Opal is a fun design, but her younger self being a typical anime woman with a pointier than usual nose is disappointing.

No. 1745759

File: 1698748426630.png (203.03 KB, 1189x770, how people age.png)

If I understand it correctly the issue is like what >>1745747 said like this (you can tell i'm not an artist myself lmao sorry)

No. 1745762

Yeah you’re right. Old people’s noses do often continue growing, but this extreme exaggeration and artistic difference only happens because old women are finally free of the male gaze and therefore allowed to be drawn with human features.
It’s not only exaggerating the ugliness of age, but also is a ridiculous lack of variety and perceived imperfection in portrayals of female youth. Reminds me there’s actually a bit in Always Sunny where they remark that young women are women but old women become people. The young guys in Pokémon are very idealized too but definitely less than the women, as the male characters have greater body and facial variety in a number of cases.

No. 1745764

almost af if anime is stylized and not real life

No. 1745767

File: 1698749525677.jpg (38.32 KB, 694x391, yubaba-1186194.jpg)

yes absolutely.
the second line is 100% true, but the first line isn't necessarily. some irl grandmas do age like picrel (not the giant head you know what i mean), or were ugly even young, which is absolutely okay.
as for anime or cartoons, i don't mind stylization of different ages in a different way. i'm not a fan of samefacey anime personally, but i get young characters are (in pokemon for example) supposed to feel relatable to the young viewer, which is why they're a bit bland. so Opal may be a caricature of how children see their grandma, which is okay.
absolutely, grandmas are 'ugly' and they DGAF because they want to knit, play facebook scrabble and enjoy their grandchildren or grandcats or whatever. they're free.
repost, dropped pic lol

No. 1745775

File: 1698750536394.jpg (77.61 KB, 1024x988, 1689724368390303.jpg)


No. 1745780

I am stubborn as a mule

No. 1745784

I'm not really good at anything else and I have invested far too much time into it as this point. Plus, I hope to create something really neat some day.

No. 1745789

I am trying to find a painting. It was two anime girls, one white, one black i think they were sitting on a canoe and had old white dresses. It was really pretty.

No. 1745792

almost as if people are allowed to have an opinion on art stylization in an art thread

No. 1745794

ayrt, I was trying to capture how people irl age into their own faces, while the anime version ages into a completely different and unrecognizable face but like only at the last second because they have to be seen as attractive until then. I'm obviously not good at drawing so I just made them very simple and "cute" but I didn't mean to say all people look cute with age, of course some people age to look ugly but then they look ugly with their own face if that makes sense?

No. 1745795

thinking art is fun and liking to do it is my motivation

No. 1745800

don't worry nonnie, your drawings are fine and what you meant is clear ! i just don't agree that all old people irl look like their younger selves.

No. 1745808

found an artist that draws the exact same body type i like in women, but he's a furfag i guess i can swap the heads in my studies…but still…

No. 1745829

File: 1698756815093.jpg (245.37 KB, 619x620, Screenshot_20231031_085302_Fir…)

big mom is another egregious example of this trope. stussy from one piece as well.

No. 1745839

That's because Oda only draws 2 types of female characters with nothing in between. All the attractive female in this manga look exactly the same and have retarded proportions.

No. 1745873

There's been a long standing rumor that all of the attractive One Piece women are based off an exaggerated idea of his wife, which I guess is supposed to make it sweet and less coomery. His wife is beautiful but she's petite. Also, they met and got married well after One Piece was super popular. She was an actress and cosplayer who played Nami in the stage plays.

No. 1745901

i know he draws troons as well and that's not the way they look but the large one looks like more of a man than a comical fat woman. not a very inspired design but i'll admit i don't read OP

No. 1745920

how do you come up with ideas? i seriously can't i am creatively bankrupt

No. 1745924

File: 1698763883548.png (3.17 MB, 1080x1467, 1665621930081.png)

this it?

No. 1745928

yes!! thank you so fucking much, who's the artist? google search has been working like ass lately

No. 1745932

I'd love to see a soft, elegant movie about these girls and their magical cat friend. Ghibli could never.

No. 1745957

I think I saved that pic from one of these threads but artist is @jemlington !

No. 1745975

god i hate instagram, i want to save all her art but i dont have an insta

No. 1746013

Twitter is the worst, can’t view shit without an account either and keep suspending my freshly made accounts for no reason.

No. 1746067

you can dl hitomi dl and bulk dl everything though, you cant do that with instagram because mark is a vile lizard person

No. 1746086

I love this so much. How refreshing is it to see a painting of girls that's not coomer, instagirl, modern fashion lo-fi plant girl.

No. 1746089

extremely cute, i love the little shoes and the costume on the cat

No. 1746099

Nonnie I'm still waiting for this

No. 1746132

File: 1698774367473.jpg (142.85 KB, 936x720, 1615621357806.jpg)

Aight let me work on a proper pastebin. Anyone has recs? either of books, courses, channels or other resources that should be added to the pastebin? should i put in the description to not spam the thread with those useless low quality pinterest tuts and keep it to discussions of real tutorials? should i use this as OP?

No. 1746136

Just bump up the old thread with the links.
If you want to keep it 'secret' from all the 'ic males' don't make it so visible. Especially not with a dumb porn picture.

No. 1746238

Husbando showing up in the thread, what a lovely surprise
I'm also stuck nonna. What helps me is to go back to media that I love and come up with ideas like that. I also like to do studies when I'm bored because at least I'm improving, if not coming up with something original.

No. 1746249

At what age did you start drawing? I started at 19.

No. 1746271

I started at eleven, but I gave up from ages 16-21. I only got back into drawing in university, and art is mostly a hobby for me. I still love it, though.

No. 1746287

I'm one of those "since I could pick up a pencil" fags but I was discouraged because my non-artist family judged everything I created. In school, I was always second-best to some artistic genius from primary to graduation and I was never allowed any opportunities to train or take extracurricular art classes because my parents didn't think I was skilled enough to waste the money. Now I'm a mediocre artist watching as carefree 14-year-olds eclipse me in skill and achievements. So yeah, saying that you "could draw as soon as you picked up a pencil" doesn't mean shit.

No. 1746297


Are you me nona, lmao. Minus the parents/family shit. I just didn't get the opportunities because my family was broke. So many of those younger people have parents who are also loaded and can afford to have them trained in art. So don't beat yourself up too much about age, it don't mean shit in art either.

No. 1746386

Similar to >>1746287, had an affinity for drawing since I was a kid and wanted to be an artist when I grew up but my parents discouraged me because they are the doctor lawyer engineer type of asian. Yet, kids at school were praising me. So I began to trick myself into thinking I don't need to improve akshully. I've started drawing "for real" now at 18 and I realised I was starting from level zero. I'm getting much better but I'm not sure about art as a career anymore, how viable even is that as a fine artist. But at least I don't have to commission anyone for niche porn kek I am a faildaughter

No. 1746456

always loved drawing as a little kid and made shitty comics throughout elementary school and started taking it "seriously" in middle school (drew bad fanart in mid 2010s tumblr style)

No. 1746465

Technically since I could pick up a pencil, but I started taking it seriously when I was 8

No. 1746523

Similar to >>1746465, as soon as I was able to hold on a pencil or any kind. But I only started to really be serious about it when I was 8 or 9.

No. 1746566

This character looks 80 years old, why would she look attractive at this age? It's nice to see a female character being allowed to grow old without having to fit stupid beauty standards.

No. 1746599

I'm sorry but how the fuck am I supposed to decode /ic/ artbook links? I'm retarded.

No. 1746602

Its explained on the threads retard

No. 1746691

Thank you, I'll move it. I only kept finding the one from a year ago and I didn't want to necro just for this.

No. 1746789

>how viable even is that as a fine artist
Depends what you want to do. If it's commissions you won't get as many as a digital artist, or at least very different requests.

No. 1746806

File: 1698820430312.jpg (170.41 KB, 800x1200, 888883021.jpg)

I found this cute fanart of winx and they made stella fat for absolutely no reason. They could have chosen any girl out of the cast to make fat, but instead went with stella who is not the type of character trope to ever gain that much weight. This is like making regina george fat. It completely clashes with her personality and what the character represents

No. 1746807

File: 1698820552882.jpg (174.65 KB, 731x1200, 888083556.jpg)

Here are the other girls

No. 1746808

File: 1698820647002.jpg (168.93 KB, 850x1200, 8883740.jpg)

No. 1746856

yeah the artist thinks they're being subtle by giving stella, the "most beautiful one", blonde and tan and a princess, a fatter body. maybe it's an evening-out thing, ie stella has so much rich white girl privlidge that she can only stay white if she gets a 'defect' (wooden leg, dick, hijab, fat rolls)…
it's a shame because the outfits are really cool.

No. 1746870

Nonas serious question, is it retarded that I don't like "body representation" in art?
It makes me feel guilty because I genuinely like the idea of everyone being able to "see themselves" but I also grew up as one of the very few chubby/fat girls around here and fatness was never something I felt represented by, in fact if these were dolls or game characters to choose from I would have gone out of my way to pick one that's NOT fat because that's what I wanted to be. But the main reason I don't like it in art is because I'm boring and like same body syndrome ig, it just looks so nice and cohesive to me when a group is mostly similar and one isn't the token obese girl all of a sudden.

No. 1746894

File: 1698829192397.png (213.38 KB, 686x386, image_2023-11-01_200029189.png)

Generally I don't like resdesigns of this type, but after seeing what the W.I.T.C.H girls went through in their offical comic remake and TIFs chopping the tits off the most tomboyish character these are… fine? Even a bit cute, and the redesigns kinda remind me of Barbie's Fairytopia. Like I love the original Winx I'm not going to whinge about "muh anoerxic designs" but these are better than what we typically get because it's obvious that some thought was put into it.
Would you rather picrel?

No. 1746898

These look fine and the costumes are in character, is your only problem really that they made Stella chubby? She's not even a Regina George style character, she's an it girl type princess who's nice to everyone. Who cares, stop being so petty.

No. 1746902

The problem is that it clashes with her character and feels performatory, an it type of girl would never be fat, be serious

No. 1746905

I'm saying that the false concern over how "this clashes with her personality and they're oppressing the only rich white girl!!!1111" is just as performative as making a skinny character fat for body diversity, just say you think fat is ugly and be done with it.

No. 1746908

File: 1698830455295.png (4.85 MB, 4096x2538, image_2023-11-01_201803537.png)

Nona, I think I found the perfect redesign for in that case.
Again, I don't like these redesigns but is it so egregious to have a 16 year old be fat? It's such a non issue when compared to other redesigns.

No. 1746913

I agree with you nona, despite the average US woman being overweight (not saying everyone is a burger but you get the point) it's still hard to name a single popular fat fashion icon (that isn't just some extreme niche like tess holliday). Popular singers and actors are skinny, even influencers/tiktokers who are more "organically" popular are still all conventionally skinny and attractive - making the "it" girl fat to prove some kind of "fat is beautiful" point is performative. I still think the art posted in particular is cute and not too bad, usually they'll draw stretch marks, hairy legs and an obese belly poking out just to make a point.

No. 1746924

>xould you rather picrel
come on don't be autistic, of course there's such a thing between obese stella and eugenia cooney.
you know the teenage fairy designs are good and diverse when everybody looks 35, is dressed by instagram and the same ambiguous shade of brown. how novel. this said the outfits do represent their personalities better and expand on the original ones.
16 yo girls can be fat but stella is obsessed with fashion and beauty plus is a public figure, she's too vain to let herself go. if she absolutely has to be ~daivarse~ she could be kind of toned/muscular in a health nut hot girl kind of way.

No. 1746930

File: 1698834397651.jpg (94.01 KB, 720x699, 1689871400595148.jpg)

why do you think art is so hard? i have coder and musician friends and none of them seem to suffer as much as my artist friends and i. Is it because there isnt a single straightforward path to becoming a good artist and unlike coding/music there isn't a ''wrong'' way to do things either?

No. 1746932

At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it's at least refreshing to see designs that don't look like they smell of cheese.

No. 1746933

Anon I'm both a programmer and an artist (I do web design) and they're both equally hard skills to learn properly. Sure you can make things function but to make it so that they're not held together with duct tape and perform like shit, that requires skill and experience. I've also done music in my past and I personally feel like that was the hardest one which is why I dropped it. I don't understand where you got this idea of art being specifically hard compared to those two fields.

No. 1746940

they are way easier to learn, in a year of both coding and music you can do great things. Good luck being able to do anything but extremely shitty scribbles with a year of drawing.

No. 1746941

>of course there's such a thing between obese stella and eugenia cooney
kek nona

No. 1746942

us artist are just whinier and more self-hating lol
my musician friends are the same, art just be like that

No. 1746943

You do know those are completely different skills right? That different people progess at different paces right? Plus music has so much more theory to memorise than art as well as the fact coding requires so much troubleshooting, especially if you're unexperinced and don't recognise where you fucked up in a script (which could be as simple as an accidental extra space with some languages)
I know this is the artist salt thread but are you salty over not being able to grind your fundies effectively? That's not a helpful mindset at all if you want to improve.

No. 1746948

File: 1698835718149.jpg (285.26 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_20231101-184054.jpg)

No. 1746950

i am talking from experience, my mom and a friend both started music very recently and they alrady go sing in venues, same for my friend that started coding a year ago and is already making bank.

No. 1746952

whats a zine? sorry i dont use twitter

No. 1746953

Good luck writing a song with lyrics and instrumentals that sound good within a year of learning music. Good luck writing a functional application without crippling performance or security issues within a year of coding. Grow up and get over yourself. Every skill requires years of practicing and studying to be able to create something objectively useful.

No. 1746955

sounds like a skill issue, a year is plenty of time to get decent at drawing

No. 1746956

Is it like that case of some dumbass thief saying she'll make a P5 shuake fanzine, artists already made the illustrations, she asked for a lot of money to make the fanzine look professional and add acrylic keychains and then she fucked off with like $25000?

No. 1746957

I am also talking from experince, art is piss easy in comparison. There are so many people who put the work in to become pretty decent and well grounded artists from scratch within sometimes months. But if you want to make a shitty visual novel or modern Ghost and Pals-esque noise clusterfuck then go ahead.
Tale as old as time with western zines, it's almost a suprise when you aren't scammed.

No. 1746958

….zines aren't a twitter thing, they've been around since literally the 30s. They're basically magazines made by artists and fandoms.

No. 1746961

isnt in the airplane over the sea super simple instrumentals wise? i dont know why it offends you, but art is way harder than coding or music.

No. 1746964

Jesus christ, it feels like this happens all the time now. Either zines get cancelled midway through because someone dug up and old tweet from one of the participating artists saying something problematic or because the person hosting the zine runs away with the money. What was that one zine that had the organizer spend all the pre-order money on artbooks and other "comfort items" for herself leaving none for the printing of the zine or distribution of the promised quirks?

No. 1746970

NTA but it just sounds like a skill issue like the other anon said. If you want to do music so bad go do music, stop being a mopey retard because you can't pick up a pencil and draw something other doodles. Don't come whinging back when your first few attempts sound like shit because shockingly that's just the proccess of improving.

No. 1746971

>you can't do that with instagram

Yeah you can, use gallery-dl, it's on github. Works for twitter too and just about anything you can imagine!

No. 1746973

We constantly get salty anons in this thread complaining about hacks barely being able to draw having 5 million followers and getting industry jobs regardless of their sheer incompetence and shitty scribbles yet you're bitching about how hard art is compared to your friend having a programming job after a year of practice? You're the one using monetary gain as a measuring stick here instead of substance, not us. You can be a programmer doing low level tasks with little experience just like you can get a job doing shitty scribbles for a publication.

No. 1746975

Music can seem 'easier' to learn because people generally don't expect you to compose/write original pieces out of the gate, and are instead perfectly happy to hear covers (hell, plenty will run the second you start performing originals). Also getting gigs isn't really much of a mark of success unless you start gaining a reputation and are requested, a lot of the time places that offer them will take any ~local talent~ that puts their hand up and matches the desired vibe. Not ragging on your mum or friend, just know what this stuff if like from my friends/brother and their bands.

No. 1746985

nevermind i forget these threads are always ready to fight about shit

No. 1746992

You were the one to come in and have an objectively bad take, no shit anons are going to jump on that and call you out on it

No. 1746993

For real. I had a friend prominent in zines in her fandom and she said the success/drama rate was 50/50 kek.

No. 1746999

i was talking about personal experiences with my friends and people i know closely, not my fault you take everything personal

No. 1747014

Don't worry, I agree it's retarded. I want to see perfect beautiful people in my escapism. The real world has enough ugly fats in it.

No. 1747019

File: 1698839779619.jpg (3.94 MB, 4028x3638, export202311011934467056.jpg)

https://twitter.com/SylvainShake/status/1719448132122013855?t=CMACueFEdFESuWBwL3eLVw&s=19 a long one just lamenting about the situation.

>Zines as a way to connct with a community

I got into a few fandom zines myself and I would want to try getting into OC zines next. But the gendie social contagion sounds annoying to deal with, if I can even find hetship oc zines lel.

No. 1747021

This is why japan and their doujin community mogs us kek

No. 1747028

I think people in the west should to the same thing as Asian fans and just make cheap, short fanzines by themselves and just sell them in cons, and then sell the leftovers online. Or even just sell PDFs on their online stores if they really want to make a little bit of money with their projects. You know, instead of treating these fanzines like they're super fancy books that need crowdfunding and 30 artists per zines. I guess Western fans treat that less like a fun hobby and more like a job?

No. 1747033

I agree, i personally wouldnt join the fanzine of someone who has never put a zine before. From what i have seen from japanese artists they normally make collaborative fanbook AFTER they have published doujins by themselves. Also, not gonna lie but western fanzines dont deserve to be that fanzine when most of the art is absolute dogshit. I hate how modern western fandom is so dead set on making everything a business, it seems impossible to find another artist to collab with that just does it for the sake of fun and not to pay rent.

No. 1747034

lmao i just noticed how i came off, i mean obese stella as in >>1746806

No. 1747054

File: 1698842840913.png (27.51 KB, 370x320, png.png)

No. 1747072

Yeah, people who want to just draw stuff for the sake of it are so rare. There are so few english-speaking artists that draw their faves so obsessively that it can't be for monetary gain. And I never got the appeal of western fanzines anyway, every single one that I've joined turned out to be such an underwhelming experience. You get invited to a discord, told to finish the piece by a certain time and that's it. Not much talk besides that usually and in the end it's a pdf of around 20 random artworks next to each other (unless it falls apart halfway through). They usually have a production time of 3-4 months and I know it's not just me who procrastinates to the very end to quickly bullshit some piece I already don't care about anymore. Zines or artistic projects in general turn out the best when it's only one person or a friend group working on it and there's actual passion behind all contributions

No. 1747088

Weird ass nitpick imo. Rest of the designs look fine, everything else seems to be in line with the characters' personalities and there's no perceived favoritism that many artists have. But I believe what >>1746856 said could be plausible.

>is it retarded that
>It makes me feel guilty
Girl relax it's ok to to have your own likes, dislikes, opinions, you don't need anonymous internet user 7289's own to tell you whether she agrees. Personally I believe it could benefit children in some way if they're exposed to different viewpoints and people, because media and the environment one grows up in can influence their thoughts and beliefs a lot. Since many kids don't have the ability to critically understand media or the world, the message "being different is ok and being fat or ugly or whatever doesn't make you inferior" could help them feel better about themselves and others. I don't think adult media needs that because adults should be able to withstand TV's influence and understand shit like that, hopefully.
>it just looks so nice and cohesive to me when a group is mostly similar
Nona not to psychoanalyze you and yes, humans have the desire to fit in and conform, but from the stuff you said above it sounds like you'd benefit from this version of the show as a kid. Free yourself from judgement.

No. 1747100

File: 1698848327398.jpg (449.57 KB, 720x1612, Screenshot_20231101-221427.jpg)

Tangent to zines, but to fan merch in general. But I was so surprised how industrialized fan merch are to some extent. There are artistalley merch resellers(?) And it's a far cry from earnest, homemade art to share to equally passionate fans. I'm starting to understand anons sperging about fan art merch being plagiarism. Pic rel is a fanmade tarot set hosted by in those merch reseller businesses.

No. 1747116

File: 1698849266413.jpg (269.29 KB, 1300x1438, mery__S2_-1603943677700624384-…)

i have noticed that pretty much all western artists i like have ''no comms'' in their bio. the western(internet) artist space seems so commercialized and boring. it's either
>ugly boring coom(telepurte, shadman, scott malin)
>boring oc coombait(cassete girls, the nuns, every single self insert of some pick me female artist)
>cringy tryhard memes pandering to the current trend(pantsu,khyleri,mossa)
and all of them shill their patreons/commissions.
it's so incredible rare to find genuine artists on the vein of those autistic japanese artists that just really love that one show/ship and draw it out of love and passion. Or really like a certain theme, like cars/dinosaurs/history, etc. pic rel. everyone in the modern fandom seems to move on to the next trendy thing in a week. I love artists like memphiles so goddam fun, even if i am not into autistic demon spongebob x oc stuff i find her art so fun to look at.

No. 1747128

Literally what capitalism gets us. I’m seething at just a thought of how many great works we’re missing out on just because 90% of the art scene has to sell out in favour of unimaginative trash just to please the max number of consumers in least time possible with the least amount of effort. Decent passion projects that aren’t dripped in coom /fan service/some degeneracy are so rare it actually makes me sad

No. 1747138

Speaking as an artist who has been in +25 zines spanning from multiple fandoms, the western fanzine scene is pure garbage.

In the smaller fandoms, zines are closest to what they were always supposed to be. They're simpler, without all of that merch shit, and mostly just for fun. My favorite ones that I've worked on were exactly the simple fanzines for small, quiet fandoms because it felt like a group of friends trying to put something cool and fun together to celebrate a series they like and maybe make some bucks off it, but money wasn't the focus. Everyone would get a copy with maybe a few dollars and that's it, everyone happy, project finished.

But the bigger fandom zines are pure shit. They're industrialized projects made for business, profit or clout first and passion and fun second, which is why there's so many scams and discourse mainly regarding funds. I've been in zines that broke well over the 25K dollar mark in profits and I can say there wasn't a single bit of love put into the project because it just…felt corporate. Even the charity ones, it didn't feel like a fan project to celebrate a series or a character, it felt like a Product Made To Be Sold even more if you add in the horrendous amounts of merch. I've been in zines that literally had menus for different buying experiences and packs where you could even not buy the zine itself and instead buy JUST the merch. Don't even get me started on the whole drama regarding the selection process of contributors and guests, rampant nepotism and plugging all around, incompetent mod teams and so on.

It saddens me because I do find zine projects fun. I've been trying to search for smaller ones to participate in.

No. 1747151

Fanmerch has become such an insane business and it all feels so hollow. People always complain about how many artists are making mostly genshit merch now but they're just trying to make a profit at the end of the day. Cons are super expensive and no one really cares for niche or oc stuff, so it's not worth making or bringing. I know hoyoverse for example doesn't, but some companies prohibit profiting off of fanworks and I wish there were more like that even though no one cares about those policies anyway. Unofficial merch should be sold at production cost if anything, it's sad how corporate everything has become

No. 1747175

File: 1698852946105.jpg (494.57 KB, 2048x1561, F42vhLjagAAud0l.jpg)

i wonder how cheap it is to make merch in japan. I follow very small japanese artists and a bunch seem to sell these acrylic stands of niche as fuck stuff at cons. I find it really cute. This artist sells these of billy and mandy(reasonably popular in japan) and uncle grandpa(kek). God i love when artists are fuelled by pure autism and passion.

No. 1747180

File: 1698853138467.jpg (813.33 KB, 1726x2048, F8cZR2gbQAArl3h.jpg)

here is her con desk, god it looks so fun. I stoppe going to con because the artist alley is so boring, it's just popular thing merch and usually just prints and maybe some buttons. I snore.

No. 1747197

That's not true at all, there are countless of enbies and aidens and furries making (terrible) art just for themselves and their friends. I found a ton of western autists who are obsessed with niche characters or weird looking husbandos and only draw them. I think the difference is that the more skilled artists prefer making a business out of it, while in japan there are more skilled hobbyist artists who are stuck with a boring office job and draw their fandom obsession as a way to cope. Also some of those japanese artists are actually animators, so they still have an art job. Making art, especially high quality art, just for passion and without thinking about money isn't that easy when you're busy with 20 other things.

No. 1747214

I'm a programmer and a musician and I have nothing else to say except you're retarded and ignorant

No. 1747220

True, and with the economy the way it is I won't ever blame artists for trying to make ends meet

No. 1747221

Agreed, the thing is you'll never find the people who draw just for fun because they're not gonna market and the hell out of it the way people who make money on their art do. They just stay in their happy little corner with like-minded people

No. 1747222

I love westaboos so much. All their stuff is out of genuine love and they have crazy skill. I like having this kind of autism without the gender politics getting in the way.

No. 1747223

i have no idea why my post personally offended so many of you, lol.

No. 1747231

I do believe it's affected with how a lot of western artists do need the money. I remember looking at 2000s internet pixel dolling community and most of the surviving blogs are by working women, STEM even.

No. 1747244

Because you don't understand that programming and music production is also creative work, just like visual art.
>unlike coding/music there isn't a ''wrong'' way to do things either
There most definitely is a "wrong" way to approach programming and music. Once again, you're ignorant.

No. 1747248

i hate the ''they need the money!!11!'' argument. If they needed money that badly they would try to get into the industry or get a proper job, they are just lazy grifters. I lived off commissions for a year and it was painful, i had to quit because i couldn't stand it, it sucked the joy out of making art. Even turbo popular artists like telepurte/shadman end up getting burnt, because we all know deep down that drawing just for the money is soul-sucking.

No. 1747257

True, there are so many amazing artists that just don't post publicly because they don't gain anything from it. I wish I could be like that, but building a genuine connection with people to talk about ocs is a lot harder than establishing parasocial bonds with a faceless following, especially when you have no idea where to look or how to approach it

No. 1747261

you literally can't read, holy shit. I said that in art, unlike in coding/music, there isn't a way to do things ''wrong''. You can stick to a horrible bad habit for years in art and never even notice it. Everyone can tell when a song is bad and a game/program doesn't work. That's why you have hour long videos on why yansim's, objectively, is a terrible coded game, but no one seems to make a decent video on how to make yansim's character designs not shit.

No. 1747264

Fanmerch and commissions are just ways of making money on the side, it's not some argument. Most of those artists aren't full-time, they are usually in school or college

No. 1747282

they should get a proper job and stop poisoning the art scene with their shitty anime pinup prints. furry cons in the 90s had way more interesting artist alleys

No. 1747289

I'm gonna be honest with you, I just wanted to call you a retard

No. 1747296

At least you admit you were projecting.

No. 1747297

lolcow's most honest anon

No. 1747300

Not defending em, just pointing out my observation, Anon. Probably something about accessibility of both internet and art programs/tools recently.

No. 1747302

Who gives a fuck about furrycons

No. 1747307

I may be retarded but at least I picked up a skill that makes me money

No. 1747318

no one asked

No. 1747326

90s furrycons are peak cozy. Cons will never be this fun and genuine again. I want to meet the guy who has an alfsona and was selling alf zines.

No. 1747391

They won't as long as that stuff sells. Cons will only continue to get bigger and more expensive from here unless zoomers stop going and start organizing smaller events or organizers start prohibiting fanart in general

No. 1747675


I'm so sick of fanart absolutely engulfing every little corner of different art communities. I only make original stuff and it's real hard to get people to care about it unless you A: started out with fandom or B: are a spectacular artist.

It all might just be a 'skill issue' for me then. But I can't draw fanart. I hate drawing 'popular character facing left' and I can't come up with anything more elaborate like a decent fanwork that expands on canon material because my pea-brain can only do that for original work. I've decided not to force it and just continue to draw original stuff but damn if it's a major uphill climb. There's people who really adore my work but I wished more people could see it. When I go to conventions I often get glossed over because I don't have any fan art.

This is why people don't bother. Fandom just swallows everything up into mindless trendy consumerist holes that are hard to dig yourself out of. Fanartists make bank while everyone has to kind of just scrounge for the same fucking crumbs, sorry for the sperge but I'm fuckin tired of it.

No. 1747681

tbh the way social media works makes it difficult to find original art made by people who aren't internet famous, because of tags and algorithms. If I'm on twitter I'm more likely to find fanart I like and find artists through the artists who post these fanarts. Beyond that it's difficult to find interesting content. Tumblr was better for that at least. Don't get me started on instagram I don't understand why anyone posts their art there, it's good for easy engagement but pictures always end up looking pixelated, blurry and disgusting.

No. 1747772

I love notevendustlikewtf

No. 1747813

Just keep posting until you get lucky, or maybe you'll one day find some media that really inspires you and it'll help you blow up kek I've only had that happen once myself but I have the opposite problem where I just can't get interested in my own ocs. I get bored because I always have the same ideas and I need someone else to give me new and exciting ones. Original art gets really popular if it's engaging though, there just has to be something a stranger could relate to or get interested in if the style alone isn't enough to make people curious about it. Lots of artists get followings just for drawing their handsome characters or using nice colors

No. 1747832

>or get a proper job
i'm sure staring at excel spreadsheets everyday for hours will make artists feel better and more useful in this capitalist hell, sharon. seems like you're seething because some people found another way of making income and you think they're ruining the sanctity of art

No. 1747968

File: 1698878700645.jpeg (157.4 KB, 736x981, fu.jpeg)

Oh wow, you bought the gigantic Himi gouache set? And you painted a scene from studio ghibli??? Thats SO original!!

No. 1747970

Yeah, I just wanna draw my handsome boys. I'll just keep posting. Posting is secondary to the fulfillment I get from drawing them anyway. Wish me luck!

No. 1747975

Kek it's unoriginal but let's see you paint a background

No. 1747980

File: 1698879407027.jpeg (107.57 KB, 556x640, 16acb4f9b3b4cd1ac95d5f6abf618e…)

Doing a one to one copy of a picture isn't hard. Here's the original.

No. 1748011

I know. But do you get annoyed every time you see a photo or master study?

No. 1748015

No, I get annoyed when I want to look at gouache art and painting videos and more than half is the same handful of uninspired ghibli scene repaints over and over again.

No. 1748026

I like her art but I miss her non Hyouka drawings.

No. 1748061

Ugh, I know Japan is far from perfect but the fact that this photo is entirely women, and all of them have their own niche fandoms, makes me so jealous. Artist alleys for the past few years have been overrun with Aidens or scrotes and their game/anime/show of the month merch and recently, bland genshit. It's all so passionless and cash grabbing, wtf happened to Western fandom?

No. 1748198

Same and actual diverse bodies (like frame size and height variety) with muscled and toned (not fat) would be great to see. Ideal bodies would be varied and diverse.

We will never get western CLAMP

No. 1748209

WhAt ElSe iS GouAChe GoOd FoR? Kek I understand

No. 1748472

what a lovely painting, very healing to look at

No. 1748501

File: 1698910213512.jpg (233.76 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20221120-204042_You…)

Reposting without the insensitive comment. You can make fit people with varied bodies if that's more your forte
Fuck, I keep screwing up

No. 1748504

Good I wish this was me and my date. Looks like the perfect romantic way to spend an afternoon in summer. Talking cat optional.

No. 1748518

File: 1698912123707.png (208.54 KB, 640x360, the-pricemaster-2-640x360.png)

Depressing asf that we'll never get the time back where you could autisticly draw something you loved and make money off of your cheap homemade merch of it. Now you have to pander to people just to get seen and actually make money to fund commercially made shit that has no soul. It excludes so many people as well. And not even the people who are bad at art just the struggling ones.
The cost for funding such commercial stuff is insane. It's like the pricemaster quoting ridiculously high prices for mediocre shit. No wonder most people just sell prints pins and stickers.

No. 1748524

I found this interesting video and honestly the main takeway from this is not even his study on rella's art and lighting, but the fact that simply not having solid fundamentals on anatomy and composition is setting him back and making the art feel flat. You can see that he is able to replicate rella's techniques, but because his drawings are lacking the dynamics and sense of flow, it still feels amateurish.(embed)

No. 1748526

Btw i couldn't post the link

No. 1748589

I've seen this guy's videos recommended to me and I keep telling youtube to stop because all he ever references are the exact same types of airy cutesy pastel anime girl artists. He really isn't focused on the fundamentals. He's only really good at figuring out how to polish his turds.

No. 1748667

File: 1698928987455.png (3.54 MB, 1813x2433, japanese doujins.png)

i wonder if japanese artists buy doujins/merch of niche stuff just for the art or to support the artist. I cannot imagine there are enough billy and mandy enjoyers in japan to support that girl or girls with niche fandoms. I find it endearing someone made a boss baby doujin(dont worry its sfw). I personally would support an artist drawing niche fandom stuff if the art is good enough, which almost never happens in the west, sadly.

No. 1748670


I'm friends with some japanese (and korean) artists/fandom dwellers and I've seen many of them buy fanmade merch and doujins in conventions from all sorts of niche fandoms simply because they thought it was cute/pretty or just because they got curious or intrigued about it. Sometimes it would be also because they knew the vendor and just wanted to support their friend.

I wish western artists and fandom people would gain that habit. Artist alleys in cons nowadays are just a slog to walk through because it's just