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File: 1715789813276.jpeg (344.32 KB, 816x1016, IMG_2575.jpeg)

No. 2003994

return of the nun edition


No. 2004000

damn I was too busy infighting to make it a different threadpic that isn’t a nun. nuns re overrated

No. 2004007

Good to know the retards that take glee in creating shit threadpics are the same retarded baiters that shit up threads with their infighting. Who woulda thought? Anyways, nuns are so fucking back nonnas

No. 2004009


No. 2004015

>not knowing infighting is apart of the culture

ok retard
if only AI-chan beat the cunt OP with the threadpic choice, would have been hilarious(infighting)

No. 2004020

File: 1715790523148.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1475x1776, IMG_0764.jpeg)

No. 2004023

Gonna start infighting with you right now.

No. 2004033

not bait, it’s pretty much a confession. this is the confession thread is it not? kek

No. 2004061

If confessions had a different threadpic theme, what else would work? Criminal women in courtrooms?

No. 2004068

you're insufferable, that's my confession.

No. 2004110

omg yes, something different like we should be allowed to change it up. maybe a dear diary theme or something?

No. 2004118

My confession is I think my boss has groomed me a bit into finding him attractive but I don't think I really mind I like the attention, I feel special

No. 2004119

Omg what if we use banjo kazooie and barnie pics instead

No. 2004127

i don’t appreciate your sarcasm anon

No. 2004129

I cheated on my ex moid for no reason.

No. 2004135

Maybe some super mario rpg and teletubbies then

No. 2004138

Let's all agree not to infight on this one, eh?

No. 2004139

kek wtf

No. 2004141

I don't trust Canadians

No. 2004147

most moids tell people you cheated anyway even if you didn't, might as well

No. 2004151

I love the nun theme, personally. I associate nuns with lolcow now

No. 2004158

I've cheated on every partner I've ever had. If I ever break up with my current partner I'm probably not telling the next one. The previous ones all know and none of them left me though.

No. 2004177

yeah because you’ll have them whip you into shape if you ever dare say something as sinful as calling someone a fatty

No. 2004199

Boring ass take

No. 2004208

No. 2004212

I'm sorry you have no nun to rap your wrist with a ruler nonnie

No. 2004241

Personally I think men need to be under the illusion women are monogomous with them but there's no point for women to be monogomous with men unless they're married or engaged.

No. 2004252

I don't cheat and never cheated but it's so hard to feel bad for moids who've gotten cheated on. They'll use it as an excuse to emotionally abuse the next girl and then claim being overly restrictive is cause they got cheated on or constantly obsess over the ex that cheated and make everything about them

Even women can get cheated on by multiple men and handle it gracefully and leave, moids will forever resent women for their high school gf cheated. And you know what? Majority of the time it's directly tied in with the moids actions. Most "victims of cheating" I know are emotionally neglectful moids who either ignored their gfs majority of the time for no reason or obsessed over other women, are shocked when their gf weeks validation from other men

No. 2004286

You should try it sometime, its fun kek

No. 2004447

Confession… I’m so attracted to my boyfriends pecs but I bet he’d think it’s weird…. Like I wanna suck his nipples and squeze his little pectoral fats lol I wanna eat his boob

No. 2004670

I’m so glad I’m not a heterosexual because how is being attracted to your partner’s chest even slightly weird?

No. 2004684

Why do so many anons want to fuck their boss

No. 2004728

I really don’t care about love at all. I just want to fuck men and throw them away

No. 2004729

So many women with low self esteem, it's sad. It's weird to want to fuck any man in a position of power.

No. 2004760

I tell everyone I don't want to have kids but really I am just not reckless enough to have them. I don't care that the other mentally ill poors always say dumb shit like "you find a way to make it work". I'm actually devastated I'll never be a mother. I'm not willing to make a child suffer like I did for my selfish biological clock (older Nona here so it's not like my financial circumstances will suddenly drastically change for the better in this shit hole country).

No. 2004799

No. 2004806

Oh Nonnettes…I have fallen down a rabbit hole. Specifically a rabbithole about Conor Mcgregor kek. I know next to nothing about MMA/UFC/Sports in general but I got recommended a video on youtube along the lines of "I'm worried about Conor…" it peaked my interest for some reason. It was just some MMA autist going on in great detail the last 5 years of Conor Mcgregor's coke-fueled life and dramas. I spent the next like 3 days consuming milk about this Irish manlet. I fucking hate him but I found a video that is just a compilation of him using the twitter voice message feature (does anyone even know this is a feature?) and holy fuck it made me kind of love him kek. He's a very Aaron Carter/Bam Margera tier celeb cow for me. He's probably not going to live much longer.

No. 2004823

File: 1715827855579.png (9.34 KB, 64x64, Literally_The_Sorriest_Cop_On_…)

It's extremely rare for me to ever get offended but i think i'll never get over how insulted i felt when Disco Elysium gave me the sorry cop and boring cop types, they were way too precise with the descriptions and since then i always feel like such a loser for mostly being pretty grey over anything and people's feelings kek, even on things i hate. I feel placid as fuck, negative-thread-avoidant ethnicity.

No. 2004824

File: 1715828002767.jpg (164.61 KB, 660x481, dolce-far-niente-by-august-tou…)

I'm a serial dater. I'm broke because of the high rent in the area and I don't want to put any strain on my family so to save some extra money I go on dates with tifs or desperate lesbians. (I'm a lesbian I'm just not interested in them in the first place) I always appreciate the chivalry of insisting that they help pay most of the time and I have genuine fun in having one one conversations with someone. My more naive friends think it's very admirable with the amount of experience I have but in reality life is always more mundane. Despite hanging out with so many people, figuring out their quirks, and even going on further dates with them is boring. Like I’ve felt more isolated personality-wise than ever, maybe it’s because of the necessary first stage small talk, or how many of their interests don’t align with mines. It’s a trap I’ve put myself in and I know that it’s my fault, but food is food.I wanted to give some insight in this thread especially how I’ve seen /m/ fags thirst over tifs like they’re some nerd girl monolith.

Insane tifs are some of the most boring in my opinion. Their personality comes a dime a dozen. They’re interested in semi-niche internet media but haven’t picked up a book so any mentions of historical or current affairs leave them puppeting the same shit over and over again. They’re also the most hypocritical with other gendies and the most autistic. They behave without an ounce of social awareness in their body. It’s fun to see as an outsider with rose colored glasses, but being on a date and have them mention something like Welcome Home with the expectation that you already know it can be so cringe worthy. They also believe that other people around them are inherently more shallow than them, as if they’re in a video game and the cis straight npcs have struggled with nothing worse than seeing their parents argue. It’s also ironic because they always come from richer families but spend their money on drugs so they can LARP struggle. I used to fantasize about dating or having sex with nerdy girls, but their performance in bed and personality are awfully mundane. Maybe that’s a perk for you nonnies, but always be careful with what you wish for kek.

No. 2004826

Please elaborate, I've wanted to play Disco Elysium for so long

No. 2004829

nta but do it. it's awesome. i will always shill this game (pirate it though)

No. 2004846

I'm not sure if i can really explain it well. The game has a lot of emphasis on the mind, almost all of it is dialogues, even with yourself. Some reply options may seem a bit goofy but i was being honest when i picked mine and as you do you come to unlock Copotypes, which also give you some kind of additional traits, they are not way too many honestly but they're written well, there is no way that they're not missing more relatable ones but personally i really felt pointed out by these.
I also suggest you to play the game, i went blind and i wish i could do it again! As the other anon said, pirate it because there has been some issues between the creators/publishers at some point.

No. 2004856

during my first playthrough i also got assigned the boring cop type because i was trying really hard to get kim's validation, so i kept choosing the tamest dialogue options because i didn't want to look bad in front of him. idk what that says about me

No. 2004932

I just realized I have been using the wrong bra size for most of my 20s, i accidentally bought one that's one size bigger and it fits perfectly, haven't told anyone about it yet because I told my family i could buy my own underwear since i finished highschool, well why not confess my mistake to a bunch of strangers online, right?
Now that you mention her i realized that i haven't seen many more threads with AI op pics, either she got banned or anyone who tries to make a thread with AI OP pic gets banned.
Then again i haven't been very active on here lately so i could be wrong.

No. 2005252

you feel isolated because you are whoring yourself out for meals and pursuing mentally ill women whose ideology you don't even believe in

No. 2005319

It’s hard being bisexual so I’m just going to have to be straight for the rest of my life I guess kek

No. 2005411

why did Orpheus look back is my weed out question for code monkeys

No. 2005416

I like mid guys.

No. 2005417

This is worse than a paraphilia

No. 2005418

Men always accuse their exes of cheating so there's no reason to stay loyal at all

No. 2005422

No. 2005429

i'm guilty of that too

No. 2005672

It's so humiliating to have attractions to irl men because i remember how utterly unattractive i am to men and that there are more attractive women who will lust over the most unconventional men who are the subject of my attraction and i could never have a chance with similar men. I am blessed i only get crushes once in a blue moon and it's not any that are in my life so i can can forget about them and get over it in a swift pace. I feel like the only way to cope with this is to never date and remain celibate because i have no chance at all and i don't need to feel this pain every day of my life when i have other things to do that are more important.

No. 2005716

Losing weight and getting healthy didn't do shit for my wellbeing. I lost who I was when I was bigger and less concerned about what I put in my gullet. I feel lied to by everyone who told me I would feel so much better. Great. I have a healthy body and now a completely broken mind. A healthy body and suicidal thoughts. A healthy body, for what? So I can live longer? I don't even want to live. Life is so boring and mundane. I'm tired of hikes. I'm tired of workouts. Tired of cooking. All these things I used to love when I was bigger, now I just find them useless and bland. I used to love cooking dinners for my friends and family, now they all make jokes that I never invite them over or make dinner when I'm visiting. I'm so close to just snapping after years of hard work. What's the point? I hate it here.

No. 2005865

I masturbated to a single picture so much it pavlov'd me into getting wet every time I saw it

No. 2005885

Are you still at a calorie deficit? The brain can't make the base chains of the various happy chemicals without a certain level of cholesterol/fats in the daily diet. Before you make any drastic changes, I would try adding more omega 3 fats and vitamin D into your diet for a week to see if it helps.

No. 2006023

You can't say this without showing the photo

No. 2006048

i second this, come on nonny lets all see

No. 2006073

I am not even joking when I say I am not attracted to irl men. The only porn I watch is animated porn, actual porn is so disgusting tbh idk what’s wrong with me
But I don’t like hentai or anything like that I’m not a pedo ew

No. 2006225

animated porn but not hentai? what are you watching then? asking for a friend

No. 2006239

I'm not attracted to real moids either and people don't get it, my friend tried to set me up with one of her moid friends and I got so offended, did she think my husbandofagging was a joke?

No. 2006258

I miss browsing old incel boards before they got overrun by male zoomers. They were funny albeit depressing at times.

No. 2006309

NTA but animated porn exists outside of Japan, what is this question?

No. 2006311

I hate my bf's body so much he is so skinny and malnourished, idk whats the fuss with wanting lanky men but I'm telling you this is not it it's gross and I feel disgust when I see how his legs and thighs are the same size as his knee and he only wears shorts so I always see that freak sight.

No. 2006319

He looks gross because he's a twig, not because he's lanky. there are plenty of short/medium guys who also look like starving aliens

No. 2006404

If I were pretty I’d be selling vagina but I’d just find cute virgins on tinder to sell to who are desperate to fuck a baddie for once in their lives

No. 2006409

Are you looking at drawings of TF2 characters or something?

No. 2006410

animan studios is my favourite yaoi

No. 2006447

I love cheating in online video games. The more competitive, the better. It's just so fun, especially because I hate moids who play competitive games and making them rage quit is incredibly fun to me. I gaslight them really hard too when they accuse me.

No. 2006450

Give his knobby lanky knees to me nona. Cut them off and mail them to me I'll cook them up

No. 2006476

File: 1715960396201.gif (7.78 MB, 640x640, IMG_0678.gif)

I wish I had cancer or a chronic illness so I have no excuse to live or work anymore, plus the amount of sympathy and understanding you get because you’re dying from it kek. I know dying of cancer is horrific and wouldn’t wish it on anyone mentally stable but holy fuck I can’t do this anymore, I don’t hav the strength to fight anymore.

No. 2006480

Kek wtf is that anime part real?

No. 2006482

kek anon, what games do you cheat on?

No. 2006503

I literally have no idea, just saw an anon post it awhile ago and I found it extremely funny

No. 2006505

I cheat in pretty much every game I can that has a competitive aspect to it, but mostly shooters. I cheat a lot in shooters like TF2, Overwatch, Valorant, CSGO etc and here and there in MMOs like WoW and FFXIV (not as worth it), some old cheesy games that cheats are really easy to find for like Ragnarok Online, Maplestory, Audition Ayodance.

No. 2006519

Moid behavior. You demonic scum have ruined my favorite game.

No. 2006526

What's your favorite game, nonna. I won't cheat in it just for you.

No. 2006539

Tf2 because I am autistic… stopped playing over a year ago because the cheating and bots were so annoying that you can’t play casual legit anymore, and the community servers attract the most unfunny retarded scrotes ever. I think if you’re using your powers to fuck with moids that’s fine but I’ve had great interactions with other women on there. I think most of us play legit and it makes me sad to see a woman cheating

No. 2006551

Yeah TF2 is completely fucked because the most popular cheat program out there (LMAOBOX) is incredibly accessible and only costs like $10. Also the scripts for the bots are open source. I would say at least 30% of players you think are good are actually cheating subtly. It's Valve's fault though since they've abandoned the game. I used to play TF2 legitimately too back when I played UGC Highlander. I don't play anymore if it makes you feel better. I'm really surprised there's other women who still play that game, it makes me nostalgic. Godspeed, nonna.

No. 2006585

File: 1715964266920.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.36 KB, 960x960, 1657846837488.jpg)

No. 2006603

She's baiting that's not me. Anyways I'm not posting because it's equally as embarassing

No. 2006605

No. 2006700

Weeds really creep me out. I had to pick a few today ick ick ick.
I haven't told anyone this because I think they'd laugh at me and my mom would just think I'm trying to dodge chores.

No. 2006708


No. 2006715

File: 1715971308686.jpeg (481.92 KB, 1366x2048, 82A106DD-298F-4CBE-B735-D8E036…)

i don’t think i’m ugly but i hate being average/plain. even if i do slather on makeup there’s still my awkward, apple-shaped body. i feel like i need to get a measuring tape and measure my proportions because they shift every time i look in the mirror

idk i just wish i was offensively beautiful. it’s corny and juvenile but i want to turn heads. and if i can’t have that i want to wake up with clear smooth skin PLEASE my pores are clogged and gross

No. 2006733

Anok is such a real genuine beauty, so beautiful. It makes me seethe because I almost look like her (I’m not white I’m black don’t come for me) but I always get dunked on it for it. I’m glad people aren’t dunking on her for having those features and taking in her beauty. Almost no woman turns heads naturally, it requires a lot of painful beauty rituals and makeup. It’s all in the makeup and clothes nonnie, and definitely the body.

No. 2006739

I feel bad for my mom, it's clear that her only goal in life was to have children and now that we are all grown up she's aimless, she spends all her days watching TV, she has no real passion or hobbies.

No. 2006811

>she's aimless, she spends all her days watching TV
Doesn't sound that bad

No. 2006813

File: 1715975705989.jpg (152.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1000000451.jpg)

I'm about to lie on my resume.

No. 2006851

about what?

No. 2007018

I'm so sick of being socially invisible, I feel like some kind of ghost passing through the crowd.

No. 2007022

My husband really needs glasses but I've told him and he gets upset and claims he doesn't and also, over the years I've gotten a few wrinkles, some greys, and cellulite spots and I know his vision is too poor to see them so I don't get him glasses out of vanity. Kinda scared of the day he gets them and my aging body changes come into 4K clarity for him.

No. 2007030

File: 1715985911726.jpeg (27.65 KB, 563x494, 4389754385403.jpeg)

When I was in hs I had a brazilian coomer twitter friend who once sent me a jav link and since then I've been fixated on one specific moid. I don't watch porn anymore outside of his stuff. He's older and fatter and uglier now but the mere sight of him makes me want to plop my coochie on my phone screen and pull him out like it's a suction cup. It's so shameful.

No. 2007044

nta but the only western animated porn i've known about is shitty fan flash animations or shit like zone, i'm surprised anyone is genuinely into that

No. 2007046

Try to introduce her to some hobbies

No. 2007392

Rape threats directed at men are funny as fuck. I'll sic John Wayne Gacy on your ass you little faggot

No. 2007394

Nope they'd love it

No. 2007395

This is a blessing

Diabolical slut

No. 2007410

I was falsely accused of rape in high school. I'm not a moid, just crossed a girl with diagnosed bpd. It haunts me to this day. I want to post online and share things, but I'm terrified of her and her friends who bullied me. I'm a coward. No one believed her in high school because the story didn't make sense, but on the internet, no one cares. I never faced any real problems, the police actually got involved and she backed down when everyone called her a liar and said she wasn't lying, they were "false memories". I guess I'm afraid of being "canceled". I know it's stupid, but the feeling of everyone ganging up on me for something I didn't do makes my skin crawl. No one would've bullied me in high school if it weren't for her.

No. 2007490

Speaking from experience the other nonna is right. Obviously there are people who are born attractive but so much of it, especially for celebrities, is due to flattering photos, styling, and ability to invest in their appearance. I very distantly knew a now somewhat well-known celebrity in school, and you would not have thought twice about their appearance if you saw them on the street. Now I see people salivate over them. It’s made me reconsider how much of our attraction to others is due to their appearance vs. how other people perceive them.

No. 2007585

I don't know if this is the right thread but having to take care of my disabled brother throughout 9-18 was probably the worst thing I had to experience. It sounds really dramatic, but having to take care of him was like taking care of an oversized animal. He couldn't do anything. We were poor so my mom refused to get a proper babysitter and just made me watch over him after school, if I refused she'd blame me if we "didn't eat that week." He couldn't talk, he couldn't go to the bathroom on his own, instead he was wearing diapers as old as 10. He screamed over ANYTHING. he bit people, vomit over himself from overeating. Couldn't sleep by himself, would touch shit with his dirty food covered hands, pissed on the floor or leaked through his diaper,walk around naked,still had to get his ass wiped at 13, and ate nothing but chicken tendies of course. I don't know why but taking care of him put me in genuine distress back then. My mom wasn't much different since she frequently had meltdowns where she'd cry or scream over him. tbh that whole thing scared me into never having kids. Sometimes I feel bad for him, because there's something about slightly "aware" but non verbal children that's very uncanny to me. Like living a life you can't fully engage with.

No. 2007586

If it can help you nona i know that a lot of brothers and sisters that had to take care of their disabled sibilings felt the same but are scared to admit it. I understand that things like that are delicate but i can't imagine putting that pressure on another child, i hope you get to enjoy your life now nonnie.

No. 2007590

That's not dramatic at all, it would be an absolute nightmare for an adult let alone a child. Whenever I read posts like yours I get scared out of having kids too, it's a genuinely life ruining scenario.

No. 2007659

After HS i moved out from my insanely controlling home to live with a relative. I was so hyped about finally getting to socialize outside of school, i swore to myself i'd get a gf or bf. I also am autistic and had no idea of how to even approach someone, so i'd just stare INTENSELY at this girl in my class. I would not break off eye contact even if she stared back. I did this as a kid when i didn't know how to talk but this time it felt really forced, and a part of me told myself to stop. We had a friend in common and she never complained or seemed really bothered (i think) but i'm sure it wasn't fun to have someone regularly stare at her like that. The worst part is that i'm capable of being pretty funny with people i have crushes on, but for some reason i tried something different. And it wasn't even a 'real' crush, i was just desperate to develop one after my years-long infatuation with a girl ended, so i picked the first girl i thought was pretty. Later in the year i genuinely developed one (on another girl in my class) and didn't repeat this, i just tried to not seem too flustered around her, thank god kek
Yesterday i read a thread of women complaining about shit autistic moids do and i was mortified to find an example similar to this story. I periodically remember it and cringe so bad i feel physically ill and want to hurt myself

I have relatives in this exact situation (they live in a place with little to no support for such children) and it makes me want to sob. That last phrase is extremely real, on top of the hardships of caring for a low-functioning kid, you can't help but wonder how they experience the world and if they feel pain from not being able to really engage with it. It's tragic, you're not dramatic at all for feeling this way. I'm glad you are able to focus on something else now, hope your brother gets to live the rest of his life in a decent state

No. 2007852

File: 1716048349686.jpeg (278.58 KB, 2690x1864, feeling peachy keen.jpeg)

When I get a redtext mentioning how schizo or retarded or autistic I am I feel like a cut character from Girl, Interrupted. It's a good feeling. Yeah, I am a retarded psycho… that's why I feel so at home on these boards.

No. 2007856

You have to be a retarded schizo to browse the boards and also want to be a farmhand so you’re valid as fuck

No. 2007892

I’m sort of a snake

No. 2007899

This is not a confession but drawfag who did the stupid questions threadpic, please bless us once again… think about it, then you get to choose whether it's a nun or not.

No. 2007902

I love using twitterfag language, it makes anons so annoyed

No. 2007921

I'm infatuated with Venus Angelic even tho I know she's awful kek. I have an insane little fantasy to go to Japan and help her get better and be healed cow besties 4ever.

No. 2007931

I'm not infatuated but I've thought the same thing. I wouldn't mind if she's totally useless and stays at home all day, I imagine making her bathe and feeding her healthy food. Her actually improving. It's not sexual or romantic for me.

No. 2007932

Who? It's hard to believe there is a 3D man out there who can move his hips to a camera without looking like a hellspawn with palsy.

No. 2007938

I just can't figure out of I'm pretty or ugly. I guess I'm just average.
Kek, based anon.

No. 2007959

File: 1716053825486.jpeg (30.23 KB, 640x613, on mah puter erryday insantiy …)

I feel like such a loser when my mom walks in on me sitting in bed at 7 pm with my earbuds in. I have a job, I have the right to be a lazy retard when I can but it still makes me feel like such a loser. I don't even miss having a social life anymore, every time I see someone now they annoy the shit out of me and I can't stop thinking about how much I want to leave. Having no social life makes me feel abnormal but at the same time I have enough fun on my own, I don't even sit inside all day I just don't have friends I actually like spending time with anymore.

No. 2007974

Overcharged a troon and hid some merchandise from him because he was stretching new stuff out

No. 2007981

Elaborate, that story sounds juicy

No. 2007983

Which thread

No. 2008012

took off the on sale sticker and just hid some clothing he was already asking about, saying we sold out, the joys of working at a boutique. these types seem to have the money to spend too, I'm guessing he is in IT but not the basement dwelling type, the impossibly tall, wide yet lanky type

No. 2008026

Kek, did he end buying anything at full price?

No. 2008029

a lot of them do sex work too. I rarely see them have normie jobs like being cashiers or nurses

No. 2008126

I don't really see that here for tims, it's either IT, game dev or wellfare autismos
he got nearly 1k worth of stuff, my boss was so happy when I sent her the numbers!

No. 2008350

God, please forgive me. I told myself I would never go on 4chan again, but I had to go on /sp/ to get a link to the boxing match.

No. 2008358

what boxing match anon

No. 2008382

I find myself really pretty in the mirror but I never get complimented so I guess I'm average too.

No. 2008392

File: 1716071201410.jpeg (133.97 KB, 932x907, IMG_0984.jpeg)

apparently everyone in middle school and high school had conspiracies anout me being a lesbian based on the way i acted around boys. in reality i’m straight and my behavior (me being standoffish and uncomfortable) was a result of trauma and abuse. kek i am glad that i had a short stint as a local lesbian icon even though the people. i went to school with were retarded.

No. 2008408

It's the heavyweight championship between Fury and Usyk. It's for my dad to watch for free.

No. 2008410

I think I'm turning mentally male. Not like in the tif kinda way, but in the bad humor sense

No. 2008420

stop going to 4chan and consuming male centered media.

No. 2008430

File: 1716072084320.jpg (31.18 KB, 634x570, 382f2cdf45d6206bf6a36dc0ccccc6…)

I decide which side to take on wars by comparing the beauty of their males. I'm still baffled about what's going on in ukraine because both sides look identical.

No. 2008434

Same nonnie, except I'm stuck on Israel and Palestine. Literally both ugly, don't care

No. 2008435

File: 1716072194976.png (119.12 KB, 480x640, df30zqg-5744968f-ff15-4321-af9…)

I don't use 4chan

No. 2008438

nonners am I supposed to believe in that considering the picture you're using…?

No. 2008440

Maybe bragging abt whatever retarded alt-chan she goes to. Sad. Yeah 4chan is too mainstream!

No. 2008443

I just think they're kinda funny. And yeah I don't use 4chan, I've browsed soyjak party though

No. 2008444

File: 1716072562859.png (328.99 KB, 506x504, itsover.png)

I also find soyjacks funny but everytime I go to 4chan and adjacents I feel like my brain is getting rotten the same way you can feel you're getting sick from someone who sneezed near you outside. it's bad for the soul

No. 2008448

Yeah I don't really use it outside of /raid/, I'm not even sure why I like it, considering I never liked 4chan or actively used it.

No. 2008453

I just post schizo manhate there and leave. I get so many enraged replies but barely read them

No. 2008458

doesn't soyjak have a bunch of CP on one of their boards? (and i heard that they also sneak cp into some normal looking videos and images)

No. 2008459

yeah the owner is a pedophile who posted daisy's destruction on the wiki

No. 2008468

Which specific board? And yeah CP would get regularly spammed until they did something to "fix it", im not sure if the problem was actually fixed though lol. And yeah one specific user edited a video where it's a little soyjak dancing then cp would play.

No. 2008491

File: 1716074590087.jpg (25.19 KB, 500x375, 825f0d5ae86d9f6da767ecbd0a0847…)

wojacks and soyjacks are fucking ugly. I dont save ugly shit to my computer or phone. I'm better than you

No. 2008505

I find some strangely cute.

No. 2008513

Jodi Arias is objectively pretty. Seriously, she looks perfect in every photo she's in.

No. 2008514

She's so pretty

No. 2008515

Based. Those pictures should all be banned here

No. 2008519

File: 1716075126316.png (25.82 KB, 600x800, 3047744975_preview_188.png)

>Those pictures should all be banned here

No. 2008523

File: 1716075326412.jpg (90.6 KB, 736x743, d9934f9c940efef127d19d530e87c0…)

Its okay anon I like nonpolitical obscure soyjaks too. Which one are you?

No. 2008538

File: 1716075935761.png (71.79 KB, 374x343, angel_on_the_back_by_soygemvau…)

Probably spicy or salty

No. 2008541

Kek the umami one, it doesnt even look like a soyjak anymore

No. 2008546

Soyjaks are everywhere now, they don’t really mean anything

No. 2008552

File: 1716076375867.jpg (58.34 KB, 735x414, b27ec8cd1049376dc26e7395543d55…)

That's awesome I'm umami

No. 2008557

File: 1716076659214.gif (2.94 MB, 540x304, 4F5D3F34-5552-4DEF-B8B8-80C588…)

Coffee/Tea is best consumed in the evening, not the morning. Nonnies with a 200+ iq will understand

No. 2008558

File: 1716076705847.png (4.44 MB, 2048x1152, C9D7D474-F3F2-4D6B-8909-832038…)

Nta but my favorite ones are the ones about a very specific topic usually made by genuine non meme schizos

No. 2008559

I have a full cup of coffee before bed

No. 2008560

File: 1716076778011.jpg (62.64 KB, 736x919, 07a5c5e0d59be33d0ebf3a9c3cba4f…)

Same. I also love it when animals are soy'ed.

No. 2008561

File: 1716076812564.jpg (76.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

These are cute. Weirdly enough, I actually hate wojaks compared to soyjaks

No. 2008568

So true, the ones meant to be tolerable evoke a primitive rage in me. Especially the horny ones

No. 2008573

I had a dream last night about Charlie Damelio dying in a plane crash, kind of like how Aaliyah died. Haven’t been thinking about her at all and only heard of her because of the whole tiktok thing during the pandemic. Why do my dreams do this shit?

No. 2008582

File: 1716078343087.jpeg (106.86 KB, 1882x1882, IMG_4410.jpeg)

I love this one, would definitely rather be in a room with bear over any male.

No. 2008593

Same happened to me, just because I didn't talk to males, didn't have male friends, didnt have any crushes, and wasn't interested in dating (didn't help that not a single one at school was attractive plus they were all loud and obnoxious). there were also rumors about me secretly being a boy and a prostitute for some reason? I don't even dress masculine nor sexual, I think the students who disliked me were just throwing around whatever and seeing what sticks or looking for a reason to avoid me (once the lesbian rumors started some people backed away or moved their spot whenever I was near them)

No. 2008748

Anon this post made me binge read the entirety of their wiki and now I have the fucking knowledge of a zoomer moid autist. I didn't even realize 5 hours passed until I had a splitting headache and realized that it was dark out.

No. 2008773

kek I love reading their wiki honestly it reminds me of encyclopedia dramatica from a while ago

No. 2008777

You know those people have tried to raid us before right? They also posted a shit ton of wojaks back then

No. 2008892

anons don't even care that that site is full of cp and ran by a pedo, there's no reasoning with them

No. 2009131

Nothing in my life is going well lately and the only thing that's been making me happy are vtubers. A lot of them have been playing my favorite games recently and as pathetic as it sounds, their "company" is the one of the few thing keeping me together. I'm hoping to become a tuber myself and hopefully make some friends when I get a new computer but I won't be able to afford one for a while. I only watch female vtubers though.

No. 2009196

In my years of teaching, the most triggered I have ever been by something a kid has said was when a toddler asked if I was a girl or a boy. I ignored his question but he pressed the matter further.

I know it's kinda stupid but no violent sped or sperg teenager assaulting me has ever pissed me off as much as that innocent question because I am so unambiguously female.

No. 2009211

I would advise not to. Its best to keep it as a hobby rather being a vtuber yourself I've worked with vtubers and the novelty and magic wears off quick when you see what the actual reality is being a vtuber fan and being a vtuber having fans is very different especially if you're a female vtuber (coomers,people doxxing you for "archives",creepy moids asking for fetish shit) sure there are good sides but it's best not to sugarcoat it

No. 2009214

I streamed for a while and it was really fun! i met some really nice people i am still friends with. Wish i could stream more but my internet sucks.

No. 2009263

I’m only GNC because my face and body dictate it.

No. 2009270

It's not your fault nonna. Kids are already dumb and these days are being conditioned by library drag shows and other weird shit that confuses their brains. Says way more about that kid's parents than you.

No. 2009296

children are fed so much bizarre and outright inaccurate shit regarding gender nowadays that it's not too surprising you'd eventually encounter a kid who asked such a dumb question even if it's obvious that you're female. his confusion probably wasn't based on your actual appearance and more likely stems from what he's being taught at home or what media he consumes.

No. 2009301

Good fortune.

No. 2009410

I think the bruises people get after paintballing are really hot. Sometimes I scroll through the paintballing subreddit just for the bruises. I wish I could convince my bf to go with me kek.

No. 2009420

around 2012 i was in the tumblr "hbo war fandom" and just want to say i apologize for shipping the actor versions of these irl grandpas. still a shipper to this day but real people are off the table for me now. sorry to all the grandpas and their loved ones.

No. 2009446

going to sound like an evil vain bitch but i really hated my old manager because she was fat and smelly. literally smelled like pork and sweat in a small store that was always cold and every time i walked behind her she had this curious habit of farting like a horse. all that on top of being smug about being my manager + really bossy and obsessed with giving me busy work. i bet she's still working there too

No. 2009453

I appreciate your concern anon but I'm not worried about any of that. I know any vtuber friendships I potentially make would be shallow at best and harmful at worst. I mostly just want an excuse to be able to play games guilt free again and I think streaming would allow me to do that. It would also alleviate my loneliness although again I know the chat would mostly be a faceless crowd of retards. I already made a design anyway, and if I end up not liking streaming, I stop. No harm done.
That's nice anon! I hope you can go back to streaming again someday.

No. 2009486

File: 1716136699419.jpeg (522.52 KB, 1876x2048, IMG_1061.jpeg)

I love pretty material things and organizing them and taking pics of them like pic related. Especially stuff that matches merch of my husbando. I feel like an autist when I do it tho.

No. 2009488

This is so cute anon!! Gintoki, top tier taste. I thought I would pick up a Gintama husbando but I think I just didn't watch enough episodes.

No. 2009489

I don't think anything is wrong with that

No. 2009491

this is not vain, being around someone that gross daily is terrible.

No. 2009499

File: 1716138764502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 1284x1793, IMG_0119.jpeg)

I slept with my coworker. It seemed like we had a thing for each other from the start, but I chocked it up to him being a very charming, genuine listener, maintains eye contact type person. Then the other week my other coworker confessed that coworker 1 had begged him to stay at the bar with us and not leave him alone with me. The other coworker left lol and me and coworker 1 talked in the parking lot for a min. The other night we all went out again, me knowing coworker had a crush on me, and while smoking outside together coworker was obviously frustrated. He confessed without being explicit that it was hard to be around me. Long story short I told him I felt the same. We stayed up all night talking, him mostly telling me how he watched me and just liked the way I carried myself, how I was nice, etc. Then we set an alarm for early this morning to seal the deal. He had a big curved dick and was shaking with nervousness the whole time. It was so cute. I’ve never slept with a coworker so let’s hope this goes well (it won’t!). SMH.

No. 2009527

girl is this like an office/white collar job , blue collar or like service industry; cause this is about to get so messy omg

No. 2009591

If I told everyone in my life what I really thought of them I'd have no friends left. I'm scared of being completely alone but I have everything muted because I just don't want to deal with it all, I feel so fake but I haven't had a real click with anyone since I graduated. Everyone my age takes themselves so seriously, I was playing a song in my car with a friend recently and she started complaining that they said nigger once or twice when the guys were black themselves kek? What am I even supposed to do with that, might as well just live it up by myself at this point.

No. 2009675

Girl, what is the number one rule? Don't get your meat where you make your bread. Start shining up your resume, because either it goes great, and you need a new job because your coworker can't be your husband, or you need a new job because it goes bad and it's awkward and discriminatory.

No. 2009899

Service industry of course! I’m going back to school in the fall so, won’t be working there as much at the end of the summer. He only works once or twice a week. This is a second job for both of us so …

No. 2010126

I absolutely love my boyfriend, he is everything I could ever dream of in a partner. But I’ve always known I liked women as well, yet I’ve never been with one. Mostly because the handful of relationships I’ve been in have been very long. All 9 years of my adult life were spent in 2 different relationships with men. I’ve never known how it feels to be loved by a woman and I wonder if I had, maybe I would’ve specifically avoided men romantically and ended up with a woman in the end. Maybe I would’ve ended up like plenty of other women who realize they’re not bisexual but they’re actually lesbians. Because honestly other than my partner? Men scare and disgust me and I would never willingly associate with another man should my current relationship ever end. I know this is kind of a weird confession and I hope I don’t offend anyone with my complaining. I just kind of wish I had gotten to experience what it was like to be romantic with a woman at least once, I just feel like it would’ve changed a lot for me. I was just very unsure of myself and insecure, I didn’t want to ever hurt another woman while I was figuring my life out.

No. 2010131

girl this is so humiliating for me but yoji agawa. the jav in question included him spitting in a girls mouth and that scene in specific fried the wires of my teen brain. don't ask why, it's one of those bizarre human phenomena like moids that are fixated on armpits. I promise it's not in my control, I would choose so much better.

No. 2010191

Well, props to you for actually delivering instead of whining about how you can't possibly say who it is on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 2010249

>whining about how you can't possibly say who it is on an anonymous imageboard.
kek nta but i feel called out. most of us don't wanna name names because some anons try to turn others into a ___-chan or accidentally become recognizable

No. 2010280

I love watching old noodlerella/cosy YouTubers around this era vlogs

No. 2010286

I've been going to my city's hockey game and been becoming a superfan in case I can land myself a hot hockey player bf lol

No. 2010310

File: 1716178624026.jpeg (422.12 KB, 1456x2184, IMG_1445.jpeg)

I love larping as an ancient woman when I make flatbread (it’s the only bread I know how to make kek)

No. 2010315

Aren’t mods able to see our post history? Or how does that work? It’s something I always wonder about! Do the mods have narratives crafted about us when looking at ban history, for instance? Idk!!

No. 2010317

I want to confess about something criminal that i've never done but i fear that it's not really allowed, i wish i could do it because i'm holding the knowledge of mankind from it.

No. 2010326

File: 1716179743338.png (994.84 KB, 1822x1306, IMG_1446.png)

No. 2010327

If you plan to do it, you'd best not confess.

No. 2010328

That’s so embarrassing wtf

No. 2010334

it’s through ip addresses, no? you can use a vpn and avoid that, unless you’re someone especially spergy like pakichan.

No. 2010335

NO, i just mean that i wish i could confess, it was some angsty teen stuff if you can imagine, to be honest the revelation would not be that surprising to us but i wish i could prove it to the scientists lurking in this thread without them questioning me too much.

No. 2010339

If you didn't do it, then what's the harm in sharing?

No. 2010344

if you haven't done it then its not criminal nonnie

No. 2010345

Just feel disturbed knowing that i used to think about something that horrible without any sort of influence. Anyway my revelation is that i had high testosterone aside depression when i was a teen and i'm 100% sure that it contribuited to some weird behaviour, i'm convinced that there is something wrong in there that makes people think specific dangerous things under certain situations which is why crimes are mostly caused by moids, shocking i know but i could have helped the scientists. I know that i also sound like i'm not taking responsibility for being that deranged when i was younger but it would just be too long to explain.

No. 2010347

girl what are these cryptic ass posts. did you fantasize about committing a klebold or something? it’s not a crime if you didn’t actually act on it. plenty of people have thoughts they would never act on.

No. 2010349

I believe you. I've heard of FtMs committing more crimes after getting on T.

No. 2010353

I understand feeling disturbed and ashamed. None of us know who you are though. Up to you if you want to share what you thought of, but none of us can track you down. And with the entire site being anonymous, you don't need to go around with that baggage kek you can just post and go to another thread without looking back.

No. 2010358

Yeah but i'm not even from places where things like that happened and i understand what you mean but i was really convinced to do that sort of stuff, it wasn't just some kind of weird occasional thought, i'm just glad my depression won over it and that i was born a woman i guess. I wasn't even one of those weird girls that would romanticize those people since i had no idea they even existed, it just feels like there was something weird in my brain back then and sometimes when i see how certain moids act it reminds me of when i was younger.
To be honest i don't mind if i'd have someone tracking me down from this now kek i'm just not too sure if it would have been too much for what it's allowed.
Thank you, sounds stupid but i kind of wish i could have offered my mental illness to experiment on how to prevent those things but all i can do is just feel guilty about it.

No. 2010361

NTA I'm the same and I did actually "get help" which kinda fucked me up had a shitty experience at the loony bin I guess I got what I deserved. Right now I'm just coping and trying to move past it, even though some people would think I don't deserve it. I mean, what's the option, to kms? Not able to do that sorry.

No. 2010364

that makes us three. also "got help" for it.

No. 2010372

Yeah, i've gone through therapy but it kinda sucked here, i actually got better when i got older, my hormones got balanced and had healing friendships, i'm sure there are much more issues to it but i really think that my high testosterone had a big impact on it somehow, anyway i hope you can get to feel well too nona, i'm not mad at you, just at me, haha.
I sincerely hope that no other girl felt the way i did even if i can't know, but it's good that we all went through without doing anything harmful.

No. 2010377

fucking hell, I feel less alone now. Can't really do therapy for obvious reasons but I've reached a stage where I'm able to draw some dark humor from my situation and not completely spiral every time something reminds me of it. Also writing helps.

No. 2010391

File: 1716184642699.jpg (993.88 KB, 2048x2040, FDhQrXDWEAApM-Q.jpg)

Then let's make this a good life together ♥

No. 2010400

File: 1716185457426.png (74.18 KB, 859x687, 98758576444765.png)

thanks nonni I'll try

No. 2010443

File: 1716189950406.mp4 (775.3 KB, 460x816, biting.mp4)

Years ago I went to meet a guy and he started restraining and basically sexually assaulting me, but he stopped despite really wanting to go further because he complained that my genitals smelled revolting. I went to a doctor after that and apparently I had a case of bacterial vaginosis that happened to be completely asymptomatic to me personally, like I couldn't smell it and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all but I just had this random infection even though I never get any issues like that. The BV cleared up easily after that with little fuss. It feels like some sort of bizarre divine intervention.

No. 2010483

Nonnie that's so awful, i'm glad to know that it wasn't anything serious and that's true, it feels like you got protected by it, i hope that moid rots in hell.

No. 2010484

I thought Duolicious was a dating app for people who use Duolingo. Like a sister-app, made by the same people. I only know of it because of the thread here, so up until literally right now I just thought there's a lot of weird ass people learning new languages.

No. 2010498

Reminds me of women who've shared their stories of avoiding being raped.. just by happening to be on their period att. The rando scrote attacking them even having the nerve to act all offended that while he's forcing her clothes off he has to see a bloody pad. Suddenly all squeamish.

No. 2010508

I remember reading about a woman who avoided the same fate by telling her assualter that she had aids.

No. 2010752

I bought some tarrot cards as a joke and bought them to work, and gave tarrot readings to people and we all thought it was a laugh.
I did a reading for this anoying guy and since he had just been anoying me i 'shuffled' the cards but put all the ominous sounding ones at the top.
When i drew the cards and explained each one i only read out the bad explanations.
The reading really unerved him and he started failing at the job and his exams, he quit a short time after.
Sometimes I wonder if it was the reading i gave and whether i was responsible.

No. 2010758

Nonnielle, I thought the exact same thing too and wondered if they made a date for the Duolingo owl.

No. 2010768

I had an autistic teacher in high school who collected anime figurines and was a redditor (confirmed.) I was the only person at the school who took any interest in math and he tried to be my friend but I was kinda mean to him because people shipped me with him. Whilst I wouldn’t go back and entertain his wishes, and whilst he is still a moid, I feel sorta bad about it. He recommended a physics book to me I never read.

No. 2010770

thats creepy, you did good

No. 2010772

Yeah I know.

No. 2010797

I drunkenly kissed a friend from work despite knowing his girlfriend. I almost don't regret it because now I have to deal with the fact that I am a nasty piece of shit, but idk how

No. 2010838

i really want to live in japan one day and for some reason i've always been attracted to asian men (my first crush in school was a vietnamese boy who was a lot shorter than me kek) does that mean im weird? i feel like a fetishist for some reason..

No. 2010843

yeah you have yellow fever but that's ok nonnie we still love you

No. 2010882

I just came over to my bosses house to watch some tv with his wife and I'm hungry but too awkward to ask for food and too awkward to order it even though I know its no big deal.

No. 2010889

ask nonnie

No. 2010893

File: 1716232170928.jpeg (177.62 KB, 750x257, IMG_0722.jpeg)

this banner is so freaking cute

No. 2010936

I have infiltrated an all-male website and no one suspects a thing

No. 2010955

Tbh acting like a moid can't be difficult, just never say "I think" and you will be fine.

No. 2010985

I sandwiched two pieces of grocery store slices of bread inbetween my boyfriend’s penis and gobbled it down like a subway sandwich out of pure drunken curiosity. Only tried this once and he keeps alluding to wanting me to do it again and it’s making me lowkey uncomfy

No. 2011003

>just never say "I think" and you will be fine
Wait why

No. 2011004

"i think" is something a lot of women say to come across as non-threatening when voicing opinions

No. 2011010

Cause men don’t think.

No. 2011015

No. 2011017

it's a lot harder than that, these guys are hardened veterans of inceldom, they can sniff internet women halfway across the world

No. 2011024

This. They also have an insane amount of unbridled confidence. I dont even get where they have the audacity.They like to state opinions as facts and sound smarter than others because they can never be wrong. Now imagine this on a massive scale via reddit and 4chan boards

No. 2011027

My bf wants me to put two slices of bread around his penis to get him off again even though we did it for a joke…

No. 2011028

how do guys like this have girlfriends?

No. 2011029

You're stupid. If you don't mention your gender you can go under the radar just fine.

No. 2011039

Put some hot pepper sauce in this time

No. 2011040

what site is it tho, now im curious

No. 2011042

I can't say
It'll blow my cover

No. 2011045

body building forums?

No. 2011053

no, super incel

No. 2011054

4chan doesn't count

No. 2011055

4chan has more women than this whole site so I wouldn't count it anyway

No. 2011063

No. 2011120

now you know that moid minds will readily twist even the most ridiculous things they experience into sexual fetishes. Your options are to either firmly tell him no (this likely won’t end well because they get obsessive over stupid shit, will probably become obsessed with finding porn of it or some other woman online to indulge in it) or to do it again but so it so poorly while sober that he no longer becomes interested in it. I would personally go with option 2. Good luck.

No. 2011126

I asked and recieved, I had an icecream bar and taquitos. Yum. Thank you nonnie

No. 2011132

No biggie, I also have a reddit account.

No. 2011137

I always forget my age, so when asked I either give something that sounds close enough and if I'm lucky I'm right or my birth year.

No. 2011139

Man, moids better quit playing with their food like that. Even if I did want to suck a guy off with food on him, I would have to fight every instinct to just bite his dick off.

No. 2011225

Normally i agree but one time i had a moid somehow realize i was a woman despite playing a male character in an mmo and saying nothing. I'll never know about it but there was another random moid who asked me to teach him stuff and he sounded weirdly interested in me so i don't know if he was gay or he also suspected something kek.
In all fairness my character was kind of a pretty boy instead of whatever manly thing so maybe that gave it away.

No. 2011240

In my expert opinion, nonas aren't that good at pretending to be moids. That's probably what gave you away. The "post like a moid" thread is turbo weak sauce. You need to state your opinions without giving a shit about what other people think, and don't even think about possibly being wrong. You are God's gift to humankind, and everyone who disagrees is wrong or doesn't exist.

No. 2011245

Wtf is this clip KEK

No. 2011289

yeah it's really not that hard. I generally get assumed to be a guy online, and the truth only comes out if I get on voice chat while gaming or something. Even then, the idiots will then assume the person running a female character is me, despite my username not being attached to it kek. Men are dumb.

No. 2011301

When i was younger i would at some point lie to weeb moids and say that i like lolis just to test them out, i'd always end up taking distances because all of them would reply positively to it.

No. 2011521

File: 1716260996525.jpg (64.06 KB, 466x512, unnamed.jpg)

I kinda like bowl cuts on blonde guys

No. 2011614

File: 1716263964607.jpg (93.74 KB, 736x736, 9f1caf0680912a0a76267b6c7e8296…)

No. 2011811

File: 1716276767318.jpeg (95.57 KB, 355x500, IMG_4108.jpeg)

I… “enjoy”(?) reading manga about twisted romances like picrel. Do I think they are good? Hm, I wouldn’t say that. Do I like the characters or feel sorry for them? Usually not really. Do I hope for them to end up/have a future together? I want to say no, but usually the MCs are so damaged and/or twisted I can’t see them be with anyone else. But what I can say is that I find the way these types of stories subvert expectations over and over again interesting, making them pretty unpredictable enough that I want to see where it goes and they are almost always very obviously aware that the situation(s) are messed up and don’t tend to romanticise the relationships presented. Sadly, they either usually get axed or the mangaka get tired of it so they almost all the time get an extremely rushed and unhappy ending with several loose threads, underdeveloped character and not following up on the hints of the story behind why the characters are so messed up.
(I also almost posted this in the consoomer thread because I misread the title kek)

No. 2011915

Yeah that thread is so bad and the fact that some mistakenly think they're real posts is embarrassing. I guess there's a lot of autists on here.

I'm pretty sure they realise more often than not, they just don't usually say anything, but that's a weird one.

No. 2012241

I want to have sex at least once but only to have more realistic fantasies with my husbandos.

No. 2012362

You just reminded me of that non-binary TIF, Maia Kobabe I think? Who admitted to having sex to write better One Direction smut, kek.

No. 2012532

That anon crying about moomins is really funny and cute, I want to be her friend

No. 2012555

queen shit idc

No. 2012569

I just argued with a male on reddit for a first time. And it was this fedora male, I thought they are more aware of this behaviour to not be seen as inferior(are those male made in factories it sounded excaly like those redditors from meme posts) but i was wrong. I'm really ashamed that i continued to argue but I didn't want it to have the last word. Now I feel drained and dirty, i feel really stupid for giving it time of my day. (I have a trash account there that i created to see leaks from a game, the males there are very stupid (what a suprise), and bc I avoid any male space and don't interact with moids I got baited by their stupid word vomit bc I don't experience that like ever. it's so sad that males have access to internet)

No. 2012572

I wish I could just stay high all day every day.

No. 2012600

Damn, no idea who that is but that's not a nice comparison lmao.

No. 2012610

if you're wasting your own time arguing with them over stupid bullshit you're just as bad unfortunately

No. 2012614

remember this for next time and don't argue with them

No. 2012616

There is a women who exists in a perpetually high state. Who knows maybe with her superior genes and crisper we may all have that choice one day.

No. 2012622

A Queen.

No. 2012695

thank for making me feel worse bitch

No. 2012697

fucking asshole comparing me to them fuck off

No. 2012789

I love shaming grown men for shit no-one ever told them to be ashamed of but they should be. I love putting men down, I just hate them so much.

No. 2012868

I’ve only ever been to the dr to get vaccinations. What the hell is a checkup. If I ever have to get plugged into the wall I’m pulling it out

No. 2012921

I like my boss except he's in his early 60s and I'm 23. Why am I like this

No. 2013033

sometimes i feel bad for moids who are weird or lonely b/c i realize if i had been born a man i would probably give off the same vibes and be just as lonely. some personality traits can only be tolerated in women (ie creepy chick = mostly harmless, creepy male = serial killer) and certain behaviors are interpreted differently (getting a random gift from a female coworker/friend vs a male). i still hate scrotes on the whole, but i do feel bad for the ones like this because even when you feel bad for them you still cant really give them the benefit of the doubt b/c they are so lonely they will reciprocate your attention one hundred fold

No. 2013053

Stacey behavior.

No. 2013078

File: 1716336322401.jpeg (30.16 KB, 432x305, 1703024103488.jpeg)

My step-father was and still is objectively ugly. Him dropping me off at school during my childhood was a semi-nightmare because I was embarrassed that he was so ugly and always had a bad attitude. Made me glad that I knew he wasn't my biological father, just so I could proudly tell people that I wasn't related to him.

No. 2013141

i feel like creepy men are usually harmful though. like a man isn't really labeled creepy or otherwise a societal drop out unless he's skinning cats and obviously jacking it to sissy hypno loli guro porn every night or some shit

No. 2013401

I only went if I had a cold or infection as a child, or when the school required vaccinations. Beyond that I haven't gone in decades, don't even have a GP either, my family and I just use walk-in clinics. I never made a Dr appointment in my life. My mom also once told me her mom never took her to the doctors not even for colds/flus, she only started going when she got pregnant (and still doesn't regularly go besides that)

No. 2013440

I used to feel bad or maybe not even bad, I would empathise with these moids bc I felt that we're similar bc I'm also a loner - what happened was that they weren't capable of empathising with me and just projected what they hated about themselves on me. they're labeled creepy for the a reason. I regretted getting closer with any 'shy boy'. a moid is a moid.

No. 2013575

File: 1716349404239.jpeg (782.48 KB, 1958x1312, 5E97462C-0041-4FF1-8F81-76E6E7…)

I’m being a reverse-scrote rn. Spamming male imageboards with hotties

No. 2013579

>Keep seething jealous faggots, still flicked the bean to him and not you.
Fucking KEKKKK

No. 2013600

Kekkk i wouldn't encourage this at all but i love you nona

No. 2013637

moid seething is so funny. If they could become that just with surgery why dont they do it then? its because they are morbidly obese and short and they cant change that with sugery

No. 2013678

I knew it had to be one of you, also based

No. 2013687

Wtf another lurker? Haiii (Did you see the joost posts.)

No. 2013827

>brazillians complaining about surgery
Fucking hilarious

No. 2013910

I really want an asian baby. They remind me of my nephew.

No. 2013950

these men are the worst. they are lonely for a reason and have some emotional and psychological issues. total leeches who deserve to be alone

No. 2013975

Sometimes I fantasize about my boyfriend raping me, go ahead call me a mentally deranged freak, I already know I am

No. 2013984

kek good work nonna

No. 2014073

I don't let my mom forgot she ignored/brushed me off when I told her about two separate incidents with creepy teachers. The first one was this creep who talked about south America a lot like the women and how cheaply you could live there. He went after the girls in a younger grade than mine. Told my mom about this creep and she does nothing. This get super swept under the rug by the school administration. Thankfully nothing happened, the girls he creeped on made it known to the point the school couldn't ignore it, but the administration bastards didn't want a repeat of the backlash they rightfully deserved after a priest got outed for molesting a girl. The excuse they used was "questionable background" to why he was let go. Fast forward to being slightly older at a different school. Came to mom telling her about the creepy fucking teacher going after my friend. She again does nothing. Me and my other friends decide to fucking stick by friend being creeped on and never let her be alone with him. Thankfully again nothing happens. He gets fired at the end of the year but I don't think the administration even gave us a half-assed excuse to why. My mom told me, fucking told me, I could go to her for anything and she'd come to my aid. What a load of shit. I'm especially bitter because she's now talking nonstop about pedos, how evil they are, and how she would do something. It's a slap to the face so I slap back in her face. She doesn't get to pretend.

No. 2014123

I almost hit someone while reversing out of my house today. I was more concerned with what would happen if I hit them and was arrested rather than actually almost killing someone. I think I might be a psychopath.

No. 2014148

It bothers me when anons talk about fantasizing men with sickly skinny bodies as if they're some uwu twink. All I can think about is the ugly tard who raped me. Legit a predator's body.

No. 2014150

i mean, predators can have any body type though…

No. 2014153

Maybe we should start carrying a fake bloody pad kek

No. 2014215

Idk, I go in the "post like a moid" thread to shit on men and make fun of them. I have no problems sounding like a man anywhere else. You guys just overthink it IMO. I remember one anon on CC bragging about having an uncanny ability to spot moids, then accused me of being one on some random, unrelated post I made before hers. I wasn't even infighting or anything, lmao.
It's especially not rocket science because everyone assumes you're a man online unless given reason to believe otherwise (like arguing in defense of feminism/against incels - this even happens to actual men, using certain lingo, or if you're somewhere like reddit and your post history is about otome games or other feminine things and/or your pfp is something girly, etc).

No. 2014270

Yeah it’s easy. Don’t overuse qualifiers/try to explain that you’re not trying to offend anyone whenever you talk and you’ll pass. I have a super girly pfp and status and still pass for male everywhere on discord.

No. 2014282

It might be giving 2016 shuwu and smeg vibes but I’m having a fuckfest with a guy a decade older than me next weekend and he bought a collar/leash set and soft rope bondage and it’s gonna be great to just be no thoughts just sex and fun for a weekend. Oh and I’m getting spoiled with a nice vacation/lots of good food and drink that I’d never be able to afford myself kek so that’s also great. God I’m horny. Farmers would probably think low of me but I find him hot and fun so that’s what matters.

No. 2014414

File: 1716388288923.jpg (251.3 KB, 850x1122, 8a9cc14df1f2.jpg)

I've kekked too much today… i hate myself

No. 2014536

I secretly love these kinds of videos, a once in awhile guilty pleasure(baiting across multiple threads)

No. 2014542

what are these

No. 2014549

why, the girl one is a literal pedo symbol

No. 2014555

Wtf seriously? I didn’t know, I just saw the video one day and found it cute

No. 2014557

shes called soylita for lolita

No. 2014558

Stop consuming ugly wojak content for your own sake.

No. 2014567

What imageboard is that? I need to see the Joost posts

No. 2014590

Agreed. Skinny lanky moids with their twig arms and potruding rib cages are so fucking disgusting. They look like they just jumped out from the gates of hell. Malnourished looking freaks.

No. 2014675

I almost never touch porn but when i tried i ended up liking videos of straight butchy women. They weren't just actual tomboys, they had small and dainty frames but still looked masculine. In some they would wear men suits and it was so hot but i don't know why, i could only find it hot when i saw them being that way with moids.

No. 2014692

For me it's the opposite. My abuser was a weightlifter scrote, pale with brown eyes and dark brown hair. I can't stand those features now at all and muscles freak me out because I know for a fact those scrotes just want to be strong enough to kill us. Definitely prefer sickly skinny guys with lighter hair and eyes. You never thought our reasons could be the same as yours? It goes both ways nonna

No. 2014703

And a lot of women are traumatized by "chubby dadbod" sex offender neckbeards and mentally ill steroid addicts. Don't be retarded.

No. 2014720

Nta but i don't think she meant to be negative towards the posters. She just probably felt uncomfortable seeing those and knows she can't just automatically hide every picture of a body that looks like that, it's fine.

No. 2014782


>pale with brown eyes and dark brown hair
Yep. This is the predator male phenotype for sure

No. 2014826

File: 1716402316474.png (481.45 KB, 896x467, catholic.png)

I wish this thread was like when I was a little Catholic kid and you'd go into the confessional and admit your sins and the priest would say "Say 12 Hail Marys and go in peace". Then I'd feel good about myself.
Anyway Holy Cow, Cow above Cows, forgive me my sins as I sin against other Cows. I literally hate everyone. I would kill myself but that's a sin but I mostly do it because fuck everyone I hate I'm going to keep living, fuck them

No. 2014847

That’s the spirit! Live out of spite.

No. 2015014

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I’m not rich or anything and I have no friends, but I’ve somehow gotten out of trouble (legal, internet drama, health) so many times just by sheer luck and coincidence.

No. 2015019

I am cheating on my drug-addicted bf with my college professor and I feel absolutely 0 remorse. I helped this dumb moid get clean again and again only for him to turn around and relapse with his stupid junkie friends. I see now that really I was the fool, and I am using this situation with my professor to springboard out of this relationship. I am leaving at the end of this month, just getting my new housing lined up. I honestly wouldn't even care if things don't work out with my professor, just knowing I'm cheating with someone who I'm not supposed to have for 2 reasons is incredibly hot.

No. 2015020

you're a garbage person sorry

No. 2015021

Is your professor married? Otherwise I don’t see a problem

No. 2015025

Literally nothing wrong with this unless the professor is married.

Weird projection?

No. 2015026

He is not married, didn't even have a girlfriend. I was the only cheating asshole in this situation kek.

No. 2015030

Based. Then you're golden anon. Get away from your loser moid.

No. 2015041

I feel you.

No. 2015081

File: 1716412272850.jpeg (338.41 KB, 749x715, IMG_7645.jpeg)

This is gonna be me at my husband in like 10-20 years if I ever get married. Just can’t imagine myself being attracted to a guy over 35 that wasn’t fictional

No. 2015084

Break up with the junkie before he catches wind you cheated. An angry, revengeful junkie doesn’t sound nice

No. 2015161

moid in my friendgroup recently decided on being a they themmer. still the biggest male asshole in the group despite there being other guys. literally NONE of our friends use his chosen pronouns and it makes me kek every time. dudes just a peaked in hs fail fag with a million insecurities unfortunately no one can say anything to him either cause hes the most fragile likely BPD having mood swinger and no one wants to deal with him at his big age of almost 30

No. 2015256

File: 1716416651998.jpeg (60.68 KB, 736x860, IMG_2055.jpeg)

I often fantasize about forcing those Andrew Tate anti-feminist type of moids to under go full MTF tranny surgery til they pass and locking them alone in a room full of random men so they get to experience "living life on easy mode" and "being put on a pedestal" like they believe we do.

No. 2015262

>Thinking MTFs can ever pass
I've yet to encounter a troon that "passes" as the opposite sex they were assigned at birth. Personally I just hope all the Andrew Tate type moids kill themselves, and then also that the other 59% of troons will follow in the footsteps of the other 41% of their "transbian" friends to Hell.

No. 2015268

I want to fuck the contractor who's been working on my flat so badly it's driving me insane. I've not been able to stop fantasizing about him omg. Watching men do manual labour really gets me going, I really think I'm going to make a pass at him.

No. 2015291

Based. Male junkies are worth nothing.

No. 2015295

File: 1716419001276.jpeg (61.33 KB, 737x382, IMG_2056.jpeg)

I hate this channel. Its so selfish but it causes me feel such existential dread for other peoples lives. I sometimes am recommended it by youtube and seeing these kids with horrific disabilities who live in existential horror being spinned as something "inspirational" and "heartwarming" makes me want to scream. I hate how when people talk about disabilities its always either "they are a blessing" or "they are a burden". It's never about how horrible existing like this must be for these kids. Its especially evil how many of these briths can be detected and prevented through abortions but retarded pro-lifers think not being born is worse then essentially being a highly intelligence plant that feels pain and emotions. I mean imagine being a child watching your peers having fun playing in the grass and sun with their toys and friends whilst you're wheelchair bound in a shitty diaper and cant speak. Now imagine being so fucked that you cant even kill yourself. There is no escape. It's the closest thing to hell possible

No. 2015339

I will admit that I've seen some of this channel's videos in my recommended before and getting a flight-or-fight response from seeing a kid ,which I feel kinda guilty about. I personally wouldn't get too existential over this tbh. I've been around non-verbal autistic kids that mostly made noises, and they seemed fine enough. Same goes with those with down syndrome and wheelchair-users. Even if some of these kids have the intelligence of a dog, I wouldn't blame mothers who couldn't grow through with aborting or think they can take care a disabled person their whole lives. Though this channel specifically seems exploitative.

No. 2015355

When i talk about pro-lifers i am mostly referring to moids and the religous retards who try to get abortions banned. But i agree the channel is exploitive

No. 2015396

When I was 14, I ran an undertale meme tumblr account and I would RP Sans yaoi with this other 14 year old. I have never admitted this to anyone.

No. 2015571

what if it's one of those old middle-aged professors. do young ones even exist?

No. 2015657

File: 1716438717374.jpeg (644.82 KB, 736x853, IMG_0823.jpeg)

I honestly wish I could ransack this opulent tranny’s home and money and give it to women who are struggling and in need. This is probably more of a vent but it genuinely pisses me off so much these trannies are able to build careers and dreams off of caricatures of women. I don’t want your feminism if it isn’t extremist or radicalized

No. 2015668

That is not his home. There's a lot of giveaways in this picture.

No. 2015698

his interior design is ugly, i support you taking over his house if you make it nice

No. 2015878

NO!!! He knows where you live, knows your working pattern, knows you car and therefore probably knows the license plate. If things go pear shaped you're going to really struggle to get away from him.
The moid loneliness epidemic does seem to be mostly made up of these Andrew Tate types and there's been a spike in moidicides, so there's a good chance that most of them will off themselves. Trannies are holding out of a delusional belief that their axe wounds will transmutate into a real vagina one day, when the other crab-bucket Reddit troons drop the pretense that castration makes you more horny they won't have anything left to live for.

No. 2015880

the new skinny cartman is kinda cute ngl

No. 2015910

I thought I was the only one but he's sooo sugoi now that he's anachan!!! Kawaii was the first thing I thought of when I saw Cartman-sama's new look!! I hope Trey and Matt make him skinny forever because I hate fat people.

No. 2015912

Never watched South Park but what are you even saying.

No. 2015918

File: 1716451093250.jpeg (227.81 KB, 2048x1152, GOHxYY5XsAA-kvy.jpeg)

Nta here's the pic off of twitter

No. 2015924

File: 1716451308062.webp (8.2 KB, 250x275, IMG_3897.webp)

Cartman-sama….. Is it really you? You've lost so much weight… Now you're so kawaii…

No. 2015929

Alright but what's with that anon calling him anachan and all those terms lmao, is this a reference i'm not getting or just them being weird?
Damn, it's been too long since i watched Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

No. 2015939

And his handle is puppystarves

No. 2016039

they really want the fujoyume audience back, dont they?

No. 2016043

File: 1716459227006.png (688.94 KB, 1920x1080, Did_u_hear_that.png)

Raku chan….noo.South Park is cringe desu ne

No. 2016047

they never left

No. 2016053

skinny cartman looks soulless

No. 2016070

File: 1716461780152.png (797.09 KB, 1050x988, 84m3qga4g5431.png)

I want the real skinny Cartman

No. 2016077

Based and messiahpilled

No. 2016082

he looks like justin bieber

No. 2016087

cheating is garbage scrote-tier behaviour it's gross that you can't resist your urges before actually being broken up

No. 2016091

As a disabled adult who hates their life I also hate this channel. It’s all fun and games until the disabled person is an adult and their parents are aging and having trouble physically and financially caring for them. Disability payments are less than poverty wages and only meant to supplement people who have a caretaker already at least in burgerland.

No. 2016094

all scrotes deserve to be cheated on

No. 2016100

Legit used to husbando Cartman as a kid. I even had a plushie of him I slept with. This is making me feel all kinds of weird.

No. 2016130

File: 1716465629008.jpg (92.22 KB, 958x575, 8x575.jpg)

I found the business card scene in American Psycho very relatable even if i know it's kinda stupid, i feel insecure everytime i see someone memeing about it kek. I always obsess over subtle differences and perfection even in the simplest things that would look the same or not important enough to any normal person.

No. 2016165

I hate fags so much that I once pretended to be a mega gendie to harass them out of an online "community." It's surprisingly easy when it's a female majority space. Le transwomen are oficially more precious than gays so a little bit of "You LITERALLY owe your existence to le transwomen, white man of the lgbtq2+! You WILL eat the pussy" is enough to spook them away. It also helps if you're good at spreading rumors. TLDR: the cryptonite of fags is trannism. You can beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker.

No. 2016168

File: 1716469233151.jpg (67.43 KB, 735x713, be5a77ce66d88b384ef84ae3a0a52f…)

It was like this but the opposite way around.

No. 2016171

..nona you're evil
why do you hate faggots so much? who do you hate more - trannies or fags?

No. 2016173

I'm more of an opportunist. Whichever male group is weak I attack it.

No. 2016177

incredible.. thank you for your responce

No. 2016181

Thank you for your service

No. 2016209

my sides! please this is too funny

No. 2016212

File: 1716471229372.jpg (88.28 KB, 800x450, spidey.jpg)

No. 2016258

Im a born and raised American and I just learned that Washington, DC is not in Washington but Maryland. And I also literally live right next to Maryland. Idk how it never clicked to me that it would be DC, Washington if it was in Washington.

No. 2016270

that's fucking retarded seriously

No. 2016273

Amerinonnie… please say sike. It’s not even in Maryland what are you talking about kek. Washington is the official name of the city, and it’s in its own “District of Columbia” (not any state), so people call it “DC” for short. However, its metro area expands into Maryland and Virginia, which is collectively called the DMV
t. DMV native

No. 2016276

It's bordering Maryland and Virginia is what I meant

No. 2016291

Wait until you hear that DC has no representation in the Senate

No. 2016325

ntayrt but agree with you, looks like how most indian house musuems end up looking like, with somewhat pretty wall but hideous floors

No. 2016455

File: 1716483144628.jpg (138.32 KB, 1080x1350, 8ccbb1ff572adfe4800ab086fab9e9…)

When I was a teen I used to think that the trope where a guy falls in love with a girl in a guy disguise (started with Mulan, but is also a manga trope) and then get relieved when he finds out she was female all along because that means he wasn't gay, actually meant he WAS at least bi because he still fell in love with someone he thought of and saw as a guy. So he simply must be gay on some level!!111 My fujo friends agreed.

Adult me now knows pheromones exist, and that people can identify sex subconsciously, and that even if Mulan had really been a guy if the only parts that were "attractive" were the parts that read as female and the parts that didn't disgusted Shang that still very much means he's straight. The same way a weeb would find a drawing of an anime girl hot, but he wouldn't fuck a piece of paper nor does it make him papersexual.

No. 2016460

I think adult you is retarded.(infighting)

No. 2016462

You're right about sex being subconsciously identifiable but this is not the reason…

No. 2016465

I don't mind the channel, but I've also always had a liking for people with abnormal conditions. It's a bit "let's watch the freak show" on my part but with curiosity and no ill intent kek

Honestly most disabled people with low IQ don't need much to be happy. They're simpler than average people. People with high IQ are actually FAR more likely to be depressed and suffer from it. So even though those kids may seem sad to you for missing out on things, they're not even aware of it and are genuinely happy doing simple things. It's definitely worse for those who have physical conditions while their IQ and mind is normal.

No. 2016472

Did you know men are more likely to hit on women who are ovulating, without even knowing why

No. 2016477

I like to listen to the hampster dance song

No. 2016479

don't you dare take bi shang away from me with your pheromone nonsense. uhuh no ma'am. he's out there on the training grounds and the battlefield in the prime of his youth with his fellow men and you're telling me nothing happens? yeah right.

No. 2016481

How often do you watch it? I love this channel and my main complaint is that the creator seems to be interviewing a lot of self-diagnosed women who are calling themselves autistic or BPD when they clearly aren’t.
As for the disabled kids, the videos don’t shy away from the harsh realities of the situation, with a lot of parents talking about their honest fears and concerns and the kids often talking about how hard their lives are. It’s not all “disabilities are beautiful and special!” I know the channel owner spent many years working as a teacher in special ed and he’s so great with kids, I think this is just his genuine life calling. He seems fine.

No. 2016497

File: 1716485015853.jpg (568.61 KB, 1920x1280, singapore-smart-city.jpg)

That sucks for the residents since they don't get to vote.
Maybe I'm just not impressed because I live here, but am I the only one who feels like the U.S. capital is pretty lame compared to other countries? Look at what other countries get. Even the state capitals are cooler than DC. Yes I understand the historical importance, but what's there to do except see some big white buildings?

No. 2016510

Samefag, add Paris to the list of lame capitals too.

No. 2016522

Eh, I'm fine with having old buildings. They're kinda timeless and have character. Big modern stuff is going to look dated in 10 years. I wish my government would set up in some of the castles around (I live 10 mins walk away from one). The country is littered with them and they are just falling into disrepair. It would be way cooler to have a police station or council office in a castle than a musky old building made in the 90s.

No. 2016526

File: 1716485891516.jpg (235.5 KB, 1024x768, IMG_9811.jpg)

Like this sort of thing. Imagine rocking up here to get your passport renewed

No. 2016552

File: 1716486384573.jpg (263.26 KB, 1336x752, 6-bangkok.jpg)

I don't mind old buildings, like picrel is from the 1600s. I just think our capital as a whole is so lame. But again, it's my country so I'm probably just disenchanted. There are probably foreigners living in nicer countries that would love to see the Washington monument or White House.

No. 2016751

I'm probably a control freak, I hate the idea of letting loose and showing vulnerability.

No. 2016767

File: 1716490698164.jpeg (280.92 KB, 1600x560, IMG_2721.jpeg)

Hard disagree, coming from another DC anon. Our city is full of beautiful architecture, no ugly sky scrapers thanks to our building regulations, it’s clean, it’s well-planned (unlike other American cities) with public transportation so you don’t have to rely on cars, it’s very green. Have you been to any European capital cities? I like their historic architecture, but they’re dirty and overcrowded. I also wonder if you’re a transplant. I feel like non-DC natives move to DC for work expecting their lives to suddenly become like West Wing, only to be disappointed since you’re not really a part of the culture, don’t know the cool spots, mostly interact with other transplants, etc. Sorry for the sperging, but man I love DC

No. 2016782

I don't live in DC, sorry for the confusion anon. I meant that I'm American.

No. 2016785

Oh, sorry for sperging at you then kek. I understand DC doesn’t have the “wow” factor like other major cities, but we have NYC, LA, etc for that imo. I like living here, even though it’s damn expensive

No. 2016788

Kek it's ok, reading it back I worded it incorrectly

No. 2016792

I have been and will continue to flirt with my 50 year old moid coworker. I‘m 15 years younger and am not into older men but I just like this one, he reeks of low self esteem and loneliness and idk I always find that hot. I won’t cross the line and maybe he won't either (he seems cautious) but I really enjoy the daily tension, I would allow him to touch me.

No. 2016794

File: 1716491960835.jpg (2.86 MB, 4032x3024, 1664366317541.jpg)

One of the things that stopped me when I was an anachan was finding out that the only men who actually prefer a truly underweight woman to a normal woman (ranging from thin without too much bone showing to slightly overweight) with breasts and an ass are ugly creeps. I thought all the disgusting attention I was suddenly getting was just a matter of my location, but no. That's just how it is. Most men will fuck anyone/anything, but they still have preferences. Fat ugly pigs and elderly nonces love super thin women. Anorexia fetishists are never the attractive moids, it's the 45 year old balding fuck with a non-functioning dick and a beer gut or a decrepit, sallow form. Picrel, the owner of that "Skinny Gossip" site, is what peaked me on this particular topic outside of anecdotes. Young, thin moids with hair on their heads prefer women closer to average. I'm scared it makes me seem like a pickme, but if being female means I'll always get creeped on by some kind of moid, I don't want a life sequestered to special attention from the worst of the worst.

No. 2016797

That's hot I'm encouraging this

No. 2016800

I've always wondered why it's old men who really love that skinny look

No. 2016811

You honestly just sound bitter about your weight. Go outside and you will see most men especially young attractive ones with skinny women. No one wants a fat uggo who's too lazy to exercise.

No. 2016818

You're alright nonnie, i'm glad that you found something to get out of that situation and i feel like you are saying this hoping that some other girls who may be struggling with it can find it out as well and i think it's nice.
Probably a matter of power, they aren't or feel as physically strong as fit young men, so they seek feeble girls, specially ones who feel insecure and are not able to fight back. A lot of moids like that are also borderline pedophiles and like extremely skinny and small women because it reminds them of undeveloped girls.

No. 2016852

For alot of them it's just part of a power play thing. They fancy themselves as doms of sorts (that's if they don't just outright say it) and if you're particularly young, particularly thin, got thin by restriction, have the type of mental health struggles where you lash inwards and harm yourself.. that's the biggest thing that gets them off. Not what you look like. What you suffer with. Where your self esteem is at from it.

No. 2016878

Nope, I'm skinny. Your definition of skinny that attractive young men like is my definition of normal, and you either don't understand what ED brain is like regarding bodies' perception, or you're a wannarexic who hates the truth because she idolizes very thin women and projects that onto everyone at all levels of thinness. Someone like Anya Taylor Joy would get the same boyfriend if she was at her original weight before fame because she's pretty. A lot of Hollywood women are dating ugly, but rich men out of necessity, too. Models and actresses are not skinny to attract the hot men, they're skinny to appeal to the old men running the show. It's about career prospects. Any woman who's been "anachan" skinny and noticed the kinds of men approaching her the most doggedly knows what I said is correct.

No. 2016894

I wish squat toilets were popular in the west, it’s so much easier to shit when you squat and it’s more hygienic too

No. 2016895

Exactly my experience. I had old men swarm at me when I was underweight and looked underage like they were hawks on a corpse. It's a completely different experience from being skinny but more normal (only men my age or younger approach or catcall now). They are undeniably pedophiles and it exposed me to the fact a supposed underbelly of society is actually just the common 50 year old fart waiting for the opportunity

No. 2016908

I wanted to work for the FBI as a tween, so I started trying to get on their good side by advertising myself as an innocent 13 year old girl on instagram. I would get tons of creepy messages, and I would chat with these men like I was completely unaware of their intentions. When they made plans to meet up, or sent inappropriate photos, I would screenshot, and submit them to the FBI tip line. I thought they’d be proud of me for putting a stop to so many pedophiles, but two female agents visited me and had a very serious talk about what I was doing being extremely dangerous, as I wasn’t an agent pretending to be a kid, I was an ACTUAL kid. They were kind, but told me that I have to stop, or else I’d be the one in trouble for soliciting adults. The fact that I would get in trouble for reporting too many pedophiles made me mad, and killed my dream of ever wanting to be an FBI agent.

No. 2016914

Obviously they should have put a stop to this because you could have put yourself in serious danger (even though your intentions were noble) but goddamn, the fact kids can get in trouble for """entrapping""" adults is pathetic. It's not like catching drug addicts who are brainrotted and physically dependent, these predators are making horrific and calculated decisions.

No. 2016931

everytime i see the career/employment thread i read it as "empollyment" because of the one time there was a typo in the thread title a year or so ago

No. 2016944

I also love men who reek of loneliness and low self-esteem nonnie, no idea why but it's so hot. Especially when they're older and lonely and have probably completely given up hope of finding love. They will grovel at your feet for any ounce of affection and its really refreshing after dealing with young scrotes who still all think they're hot shit.

No. 2016995

File: 1716498768208.jpeg (145.18 KB, 1242x1675, IMG_4363.jpeg)

No. 2017013

KEK valid but she's not wrong

No. 2017060

I know my credit card is maxxed out but I'm going to use it anyways kek it hasn't said 'declined' just yet so by my logic i still have money

No. 2017070

I love flirting with old men, I am 23 and am flirting with my 63 year old coworker. I know I should be grossed out but he loves me and the flirting so. He'll never get any though kek.

No. 2017166

The age gap relationship confessions reek of larping fags/troons

No. 2017167

If it ever does get too real or he does too much someday, just make out like he's out of his mind for ever thinking you were flirting in the first place.

No. 2017178

File: 1716502837577.jpeg (164.31 KB, 800x450, IMG_5527.jpeg)

I deleted my twitter a few months back. I miss looking at fanart of my husbando, but I would probably fly into a schizophrenic rage if I ever had to witness the fandom again.

No. 2017185

Kekk. I deleted Twitter during lockdown when the most insufferable spergs flooded the fandom space. The Twitter withdrawal symptoms are real. It does get better tho.

No. 2017197

I bullied a moid so hard in school he came after me in adult life to try to heal his inner self or something. That was years ago and I played dumb and didn't even apologize. He was a weeb that talked about hentai and killing everyone like Light. Sometimes my women friends make me feel bad about it because I talk with no regret besides cringing a little. However, I've been having nightmares of him becoming a shooter and some real life paranoia on the same subject and now I wonder if I should've budged and at least apologized.

No. 2017221

File: 1716506210482.jpeg (193.76 KB, 500x595, IMG_5528.jpeg)

I have this recurring fantasy where I take my husbando’s corpse, dissect his torso to expose his muscles and internal organs, embalm him, and display him like one of those cadavers at biology museums.

No. 2017242

I'm a caregiver and for a while I've been spending entire days caring for a (genuinely) disabled TIF. I haven't reconsidered GC beliefs, but because the job requires being compassionate and understanding, I don't feel like being as vitriolic and mocking as I used to be on my off time. I just feel sorry and hope these people get better.

No. 2017243

I went back to twitter (just to lurk, not to post) after leaving it years ago, just for finding husbando art. I also have to see the ultra-retarded fandom in the process but it's an occupational hazard I deal with by laughing at them.

No. 2017251

what are you going to do with him once you turn him into your hunting trophy tho? wouldn't it get boring having a hot dead guy in your house

No. 2017259

But what if the ultra-retarded fans are the ones drawing the husbando art?

No. 2017307

god i hope so. it's making me depressed if those are actual women and changing how i view some anons…

No. 2017311

Sometimes when I'm feeling too good I look at some famous Youtubers' Patreon accounts just to get mad. I get so angry at them. How is Jenny Nicholson making $55k-210k a month for making Disney theme park videos? I love her but she doesn't deserve that money. That should be my money. Maybe I should just buy a camera and start ranting about my own autistic interests so I can be rich too. I hate this monetary system. I love ruining my day looking at other people's financial situations.

No. 2017380

Maybe this is really psychotic and I shouldn't confess it but I got fired from a job 2 years ago. When I was employed there sometimes the boss would get mail forwarded to the office that listed his real home address. I saved the address. A week ago I wrote a letter where I pretended to be his long-time mistress filled with lies about how I had so much fun the last time we had sex and how I miss him and even though his wife can't know about us we have to keep our love alive, etc. etc., and I kissed the envelope so that my lips would stain it and alert his wife. I hope when it gets delivered she opens it and reads it. I just want him to get divorced and to lose his family because he always annoyed me and I think it'd be funny.

No. 2017381

The anon that's been over using an ellipsis reminds me of my ex MIL who would write…. like this… They would never be a consistent pattern and I think she thought it made her thoughts more poignant or some shit but it was a massive pet peeve. Boomers are wild annoying

No. 2017382


holy fuckin BASED.

No. 2017383


No. 2017386

kek if this is about my post a few posts above yours, this is the only time i used ellipses recently so there's probably multiple of us. i'm sorry i just use it when i feel unnerved or awkward.

No. 2017387

I love my ellipsis… You can't EVER… take this away from me… You don't know what I've been through for my beloved ellipsis… So what if I'm a MIL… You're just jealous…

No. 2017396

My sister writes like this but she’s only 40. I don’t know where she picked it up but she’s been doing it since she was 22. I think it was once place she worked but I’m not even sure since I didn’t know she did this until we all started using email.

No. 2017403

Please ask your sister why I always wanted to ask my MIL but I also didn't want to talk to her

No. 2017421

I haven’t talked to my sister in 14 years sorry I can’t break the silence for this

No. 2017449

I really think that anyone who needs light or sound to fall asleep was not evolved enough to walk around the earth at this age. It's trivial but it really sends me in a metal spiral.

No. 2017451

I get sick of my friends so easily

No. 2017506

I'm unevolved and this is true tbh, I can't see well in the dark when I need to get up to pee. Plus sometimes mice come in here so I get paranoid.

No. 2017515

Yeah i'd be paranoid with animals or with having phobias too dw nonna, never thought about the dark visibility because mine is pretty good which is probably why i need my bedroom to be pitch black to be able to fall asleep properly. I'm giggling at my metal spiral typo right now.

No. 2017544

Have you ever tried one of those silk sleeping masks? I sleep with all my lights on as a sort of "fuck you" to my landlord who pays the electric (I try to waste as much electricity as I can) so I sleep with one of those masks on and they work really well to block out all the light.

No. 2017560

>I sleep with all my lights on as a sort of "fuck you" to my landlord who pays the electric (I try to waste as much electricity as I can)
Kekkk nona, i love you but let me put my nerd emoji glasses… i don't think that's fair for the enviroment!!! I've tried those masks when i had to sleep elsewere but i'm really not used to wearing them, at least it's just a matter of sleep quality, i can fall asleep either way.

No. 2017568

File: 1716532565045.jpg (723.78 KB, 1242x929, fires.jpg)

>I don't think that's fair for the environment!
I actually hate trees and the environment in general and I'm glad when forest fires happen because it means less greenery. Knowing that keeping all my lights and electrical appliances on all day and night not only makes my landlord pay more at the end of the month, but also damages the environment more, makes me happy. Sometimes when I'm bored I start fires outside in the yard and try to get it to spread to the forest like in picrel.

No. 2017579

I'll trust you nona, but you should become the advocate for light sleepers, it would probably drive them off and i'll have less chances of sleeping in the same room as one. A forest fire for a good night sleep.

No. 2017620

I just spent like ten minutes trying to think of a snappier way to word "autists think they can pull off "comebacks" online because they don't have to invent one on the spot".
I gave up when the cognitive dissonance became too much.

No. 2017623

great bait

No. 2017628

File: 1716535474986.jpg (1.14 MB, 1242x1455, bait apparently.jpg)

I swear you normies will see anything one inch outside the box of conformity and normalcy and you'll scream "BAIT!!!!" Sorry it's so unbelievable to you that I set fires for fun. Sorry that you live such a closed-off life that you can't fathom someone being a pyromaniac. But yeah, I'm the one baiting by sharing my love of fire-starting. It's totally bait. Whatever you need to hear to sleep easier at night.

No. 2017638

Nta but nona i think you actually love trees and vegetation, how are you going to enjoy all that destruction if you don't have the material in the first place? You can't really set deserts on fire, i'm sorry but you're not just a pyromaniac, you're a tsundere.

No. 2017640

File: 1716535896666.jpeg (29.33 KB, 739x415, images - 2024-05-24T172958.528…)

Are you the woman in picrel?

No. 2017643

What the hell is the "woman in picrel" we need more context than that because I don't know what the hell I'm looking at
I love them so far as I love any potential fuel for the flames. Watching fire spread out is exciting for me and it leaves me feeling mentally aroused, like a cat about to pounce on a bird. It's a good way to relieve stress as well.

No. 2017658

Wow rude nona, I can’t flirt with a rigid and repressed businessman without being called a fag? What is this world coming to?

No. 2017670

Grandpafuckers deserved to be shamed. What is this world coming to that 50-60+ men are considered attractive now? Not even just you but all over the internet. I genuinely want to alog.

No. 2017674

I'll confess that i think that men are not meant to live that long. They already look old at 30, the only reason why they can still reproduce at 80 years old is because their bodies have adapted to not finding a willing mate for such a long life span that they need to keep their hopes up even if that results in retarded offsprings. Also moids are violent by nature, being too stupid to live safely or just wanting to fight other moids, it's another reason why they are designed to die young.

No. 2017810

I just saw the hottest hinge profile ever and got instantly turned on. She is so pretty, like I need her to top me so bad.

No. 2017829


No. 2017859

So are we. welcome to lolcow dot farm

No. 2018069

My confession is that I can't wait for my area to get gentrified so all the poor people and drug addicts leave. There's a nearby Walmart where I live and every merchandise over $20 gets locked behind the counters because I guess that store has a high shoplifting rate. You have to ask an employee to grab one, and most of the time they aren't even there. There's also drug addicts and homeless people that litter around every corner. I don't get why people are so against gentrification if it means all these undesirables leave.

No. 2018071

Lol this is the nth time I've seen faggot mods ban an anon over using all-caps. Can't show any emotions, just pure Reddit autism now with perfect spacing and grammar.

No. 2018073

I’m 20 and one of the men at my job is 59. I’m wildly attracted to him and can’t stop thinking about him and have had multiple wet dreams about him. I know this sounds like some bait/troll but I’m dead serious. I feel so filthy and wrong for feeling this way but I can’t help it. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 2018076

Is your brain stuck on the taboo/uniqueness of it maybe? Is he kind to you or doing something that your brain is latching onto? Are you ovulating/about to start your period? It could be your brain is burnt out on the usual choices and has negative associations with similarly aged men so much so that your libido is just catching on anything remotely appealing/new.

No. 2018081

File: 1716567189055.jpeg (12.46 KB, 266x188, download (3).jpeg)

Can't even exclaim a love of digitally stalking people any more

No. 2018082

File: 1716567243716.jpeg (151.73 KB, 1200x1200, 85e.jpeg)

how are there suddenly so many of you popping up recently, there must be something in the lolcow water supply. like picrel is what the average middle-aged man looks like and somehow there's at least 6 of you drooling over this

No. 2018087

It has to be bait. Stop honestly replying to them

No. 2018089

I like those suggestions nona but even then I seriously don’t know why, this is definitely a first for me. It’s not like I can’t get guys my age so it isn’t a desperation thing either. I haven’t had the best experiences with guys my age but nothing ~traumatic~ so idk. I think hormonal reasons could be ruled out because this has been going on for months and months.

Yeah yeah thanks I knew I’d get shit for it but I can’t help how I feel. I’m not proud of it and recognise it’s weird.

No. 2018092

Idk, sometime that just happens. I had weird random ass crushes on older men when I was your age too. Just remember, it’s way hotter in your head than in reality.

No. 2018093

>Someone likes something I don't
>Must be bait
Every fucking time. Grow up and accept that other people have their own opinions and tastes.

No. 2018095

My husband just beat me up. I have a black eye. He has been calling me names like worthless, stupid, cunt, etc. My family gives me no help or consolation and I lost my self confidence after being SA'd in high school years back. I've tried calling hotlines and they are no help what so ever. Every shelter I've reached out to is "full," and there are no resources available to help me.

Yes, I've been distant. Yes I have been a terrible person in the past that has turned to alcohol to quell the sorrow, but I truly feel alone and being told I am "acting like a victim and need to shut my mouth" is poisoning me. I need to take the first step and leave but all I have is my car. I'm going to have to live out of my car and go elsewhere because no one wants me. I'm sorry.

No. 2018104

Think of all the medical issues he has, ed, constant loud coughing/hacking and weird old man smell and if that doesn't work I don't know what will.

No. 2018107

File: 1716569426918.gif (9.35 MB, 538x640, cathug.gif)

No. 2018109

old man smell good

No. 2018113

I wish I could give you a warm home-cooked meal anon, I'm sorry you're going through it. Please stay safe and leave him when you can, I hope you get rich later in life to make up for all this

No. 2018115

Call the police, if you have bruises they will probably actually do something. Be careful because I was attacked by my landlord and they took him in but released him the next morning without warning me, but I didn’t have any visible signs of harm. You may at least get the house to yourself for a bit to help you get things together. You can file for divorce and bring the DV to court and at least you will get half of his shit for that, maybe it can help you not end up on the street.

No. 2018116

what the fuck, why did your landlord attack you?

No. 2018122

File: 1716570358219.jpeg (88.13 KB, 570x570, IMG_7670.jpeg)

Cathy is like hello kitty or Kuromi to me despite, or even partially because, of her middle aged ‘it’s wine o clock’ vibe

No. 2018123

Something for real. I’m 30 and my boyfriend is 15 years older (but in great shape/great skin so don’t try to come for me nonnas kek) and that’s about as big a gap as is appropriate with older male/younger woman relationships provided the younger party is OVER 25 and that’s just logic come on! I would never have gone for my guy at your age, NEVER. I still liked pretty boys my own age back then. You’ve been memed into it by media I fear. A 60 year old…..he has to be ugly too I just know it

No. 2018126

a 15yo age gap is fucking creepy as shit, he was 15 when you were shitting on diapers. To me an addecuate age gap is if both of you were in hs at the same time, so no more than 5 years.

No. 2018134

He’s a moid and you know they think if you live in their building they own you and you owe them sex.

No. 2018166

File: 1716574595342.jpeg (23.32 KB, 225x225, IMG_5531.jpeg)

How do some husbandofags willingly look at (and even admire) fanart (often incredibly detailed and popular) of their husbando shipped with another OC? That’s like a form of self-harm.

No. 2018170

It's cute and I like seeing similar autism out in the wild. If I wanted a husbando all to myself I would and have kek make an OC.

No. 2018176

I don't and I actively block anyone who has OCs and/or self-inserts with said OCs.

No. 2018179

I don't, I block anyone with the same husbandos as me.

No. 2018200

tayrt, I haven’t went for him and don’t think I’ll ever confess to him it’s just too embarrassing. But it doesn’t change how I feel. I haven’t been memed into liking older men this is the first time this has ever happened to me and it’s just him. There are multiple other men same age range as him there and I feel nothing towards them, in fact I cringe when one of them talks to me more than necessary. Yet for this man I find myself wanting any excuse just to talk with him.

No. 2018201

I don't like seeing my husbando with other OCs but I'm not as autistic as other anons here and can enjoy the art. I won't like it or anything on social media though.

No. 2018205

you are pathetic

No. 2018208

Nta but I like how you can post the most mundane shit on here and have someone shit on you for no reason.

No. 2018215

welcome to lolcow

No. 2018224

I've been here for 10 years kek

No. 2018252

I'm getting sick of /ot/ recently and this is usually one of my favourite boards. The quality of posts on /ot/ has been really shit this month. It seems like there's too many anons that fall for every bait post they see and can't help themselves from starting 50+ reply infights. I think Unpopular Opinions is bringing the quality of /ot/ down because it seems like the regulars in that thread can't help but bring that vitriol to other threads. It sucks because it's not like the usual summerfags, it's somehow worse this time around.

No. 2018397

Hey, I totally believe in the ugly man psyop and am glad there's a thread to raise awareness, but i'm just attracted to this one decrepit man let me live

No. 2018412

I don't know. Do you have any specific posts in mind?

No. 2018413

You did shit in someone's preferences first. Don't know what you were expecting.

No. 2018414

Hugs to you nona, I'm sure you know this but he's the worthless stupid cunt for beating his intimate partner. I hope the time you're ready to leave comes very soon and I hope you have a safe night.

No. 2018417

Unpopular opinions should get the /manure/ or /sty/ treatment

No. 2018424

This is how I've felt for at least a year now. I almost never use /ot/ anymore. It's just full of bait and infighting. You can hardly say innocuous things anymore without people infighting over it. I feel like lolcow really started going to shit in 2020 and never recovered tbh.

No. 2018430

I agree with you. I guess the reason they don't move the shit threads to /sty is because there's not enough farmhands to moderate another board being frequently used.
It'd be okay if it was funny harmless bait but the fact that 10 controversial topics are discussed week after week in a clockwork fashion is really boring and it's crazy how some anons still fall for the obvious bait and respond to trolls. Why am I seeing people talk about loli/shota for the 100th time for 100 replies. Unpopular opinions really fucks with the health of the board, especially since the dumbass shit anons migrated there to camp.
>You can hardly say innocuous things anymore without people infighting over it
Ikr. What's worse is when schizo anons try to connect the dots and accuse you of being different anons for some reason. I had someone in the vent thread today respond to my vent accusing me of being another anon and then calling me a dumb tryhard. It's bizarre. The topics of threads are shit up by the constant attempts to bicker and derail with spergouts.

No. 2018433

I think internet in general had gotten way more hostile, not just lc

No. 2018436

Maybe threads need better titles than "Unpopular Opinions" and "Stupid Questions" which literally invite people to ask stupid questions and say unpopular opinions

No. 2018441

No, we don't need to change the way our threads have been for years to appeal to the newfags. They have to learn to integrate and post like normal anons. It's not the actual point of people bringing up unpopular opinions in that thread, it's the fact that retards want to sperg out for 100+ posts about things that nobody cares about just because they feel personally offended by someone's shit bait opinion. Nobody seems to know how to identify bait in that thread and they actually clamor to try and derail with pointless infights.

No. 2018460

People irl are more hostile too…

No. 2018683

I appreciate finding other yumes for him because it's extremely rare to even find fanart of him that isn't fujo in the first place. I don't care that it's their OC, their food is my food too because I can't draw my own.

No. 2018706

I dislike all my friends, my relationship and my family. I only talk to fulfill my social needs and I'm nice to everyone but on the inside I just hate them all

No. 2018711

File: 1716594702856.jpeg (392.47 KB, 2048x1366, F66irLlWsAEsPJT.jpeg)

i do want to try this weird hyper-femme bimbo core fashion shit someday. issue is is that i live in a hyper-conservative state with very little culture or forward-thinking. also i fear i'll age out of being able to make it work before i can get out. trying to stash away money and upskill so i can get something higher paying in a year that lets me leave but i don't know kek

No. 2018747

My four roommates all share a pc because we are broke bitches who can’t afford several nice laptops for ourselves, and all four of them are farmers. I know what threads they browse too, because we talk about our days sometimes. I can sometimes tell what their posts are, but not always. I love having farmer roommates.

No. 2018757

I've only dated foreign men with hope they'll be better than the ones from my country and they never are.

No. 2018761

Did one of you introduce the other ones (either intentionally or accidentally having it show up in your history) or were you all farmers already beforehand?

No. 2018771

I was the first one who used it, but roommate A found it while looking for milk on onision. Then roommate B found it bc I left it open, and she scrolled through the ot boards. Roommate C heard us talk about the baby talk board, so she posts there. Roommate D was the last to get into it, but now she uses it daily

No. 2018773

I’m jealous tbh not jealous that you are too broke to have your own computers though kek, sorry nonna

No. 2018777

I used to wish that i had farmer friends but not anymore since i'd get paranoid that they'd be able to decipher my posts from a sea of 50 million lol

No. 2018798

Kek, nona is afraid they gonna find about her android metal feet fetish.

No. 2018908

What happens if you get into an infight with them, would you confront them irl? (this is why I'll never want a farmer roommate/friend if I had the opportunity, too many anons annoy me kek)

No. 2019162

Soooo tbh ive started stanning the local hockey team and thry are so awrsome and i bought a jersey and even got it signed and im such a big fan despite knowing literally nothing abt hockey kek but theyre handsome and good at what thry fo so idk my drunk confession

No. 2019267

Whenever an infight I'm not involved with happens, I always get the random thought of posting gore in the thread to see what would happen, like it stopping FE. I obviously never will cause that'd be gross, but I guess it's an "intrusive" thought

No. 2019310

Nonny don't be an idiot, no one wants to see that shit

No. 2019649

I did absolutely nothing yesterday but masturbate and came like 5-7 times (lost count). This is something of an achievement in itself because I'm taking antidepressants. Not my proudest one but still

No. 2019707

I think I might actually be a lesbophobe. I’ve been homophobic towards gay moids but I recently realized I hate lesbians just as much. Idk, it’s nothing serious but a woman being attracted to another woman is weird degenerate behavior(bait)

No. 2019712

theres still time for you to delete this nonnie i really don't wanna see you get dogpiled on

No. 2019715

I hope you kill yourself soon

No. 2019730

>i really don't wanna see you get dogpiled on
well i do. as if liking dick is any less degenerate kek

No. 2019745

Nah women love isn't gross. Two men being intimate together is though.

No. 2019746

NTA but anal should be outlawed for real

No. 2019747

I think I might actually be a hetrophobe. I’ve been homophobic towards gay moids but I recently realized I hate het couples just as much. Idk, it’s nothing serious but a woman being attracted to another man is weird degenerate behavior

No. 2019753

Seriously do not get the appeal of anal as a woman whatsoever. If I was involved in sex and my asshole was preferred over my vagina I'd honestly be raging and there's no way in hell I'd want any chance of germs from my ass to vagina to be transferred. What a completely shit experience and you might get your shit on a dick I could absolutely not. And I am not about to prep for a sex act I am not a transsexual that needs to do certain methodologies to experience a lesser form of sex.

No. 2019755

The funny part is when they develop fecal incontinence due to anal abuse. They will be shilling this misogynist degeneracy to young women while wearing diapers. Karma.

No. 2019757

I can't hear you over the sound of you gargling cock like a faggot

No. 2019804

I am 25 years old and I feel like shit for flirting with a younger guy. I met him as someone who knows someone who knows someone I know at a meetup. This guy was exactly my type physically and had a very charming personality, my retarded monkey brain stops working properly around hot guys so I reacted positively to his repeated attempts to hit on me, he called me hot and asked for my number which I gave him upon only knowing him for minutes.

I was mortified when I found out through someone we both know that he flirts with every girl he sees, he is only 18 and has a girlfriend. I feel so guilty for giving him the ego boost. I don't know what I'm going to do. A lot of our mutual friends were there so they saw me giggling around him and talking to him, they understood I was into him. All of this makes me feel like a disgusting pervert and I never want to join these meetings again because I feel embarrassed. Despite asking for my number, he hasn't texted me at least. If he does, I will ignore him

No. 2019871

File: 1716644256719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.68 KB, 726x1199, IMG_3984.jpeg)

Girl Eliot Rodger is making me feel things I’m ashamed to feel.

No. 2019875

I don’t know why you would be grossed out by lesbians when they aren’t the ones who spread AIDS/HIV, aren’t the ones spreading the most sexual diseases, getting into downlow relationships with straight women even marrying them and having kids only to reveal they were disloyal faggots all along, the ones prancing around in front of little kids at pride parades, the dragfag hons doing strip club performances in libraries and schools, the ones who think sticking their dicks into assholes with poop and feces is hot while making fun of women’s vaginal pH being off (causes fishy smell). Lesbians are not the degenerates they are unfortunately always dragged by association with bisexual funfems and male faggots who have more power and elitism than lesbians will ever have. Lesbians actually love and care about women arguably way more than straight women ever so with their own sex kek

No. 2019982

I made a friend and we've already rescheduled once and I don't really feel like hanging out today but I don't want to reschedule again ugh

No. 2020007

rookie mistake. make acquaintances not friends.

No. 2020057

I politely asked an Ukrainian barista to repeat my order because I couldn't understand her broken English and she became curt and annoyed at me. Look, I don't care about the political situation between Russia and Ukrane. I just want my cup of coffee!

No. 2020286

thinking about how i dressed up for the nightclub one time in like a short skirt all black outfit with boots and i was walking to my friends but dropped my vape on this busy roads sidewalk by myself and i like stumbled picking it up because i predrank and now im thinking about how stupid i looked lmao

No. 2020300

File: 1716664047606.jpeg (327.36 KB, 2465x1080, 3h765467.jpeg)

I want to dress like simplykenna. I honestly forgot why she was considered a cow.

No. 2020304

>an Ukrainian
what language did you ask in?

No. 2020318

I have a drama addiction. I like to cause problems with random people I dislike (usually online) because it gives me the much needed adrenaline rush without actually harming myself. This varies from me creating sock puppets to harass ex friends to infighting on lc.

No. 2020325

Wasn't she only considered a cow for being a weeb, fujo and claiming to be asexual? Apparently she lied about a couple of things but idk.

No. 2020350

File: 1716666281549.png (648.14 KB, 1417x982, oof.png)

bad for anti-racism reasons i know but ate him up i fear(global rule #4)

No. 2020442

I don’t think my curly ethnic hair is beautiful. 4C hair is not beautiful and I hate it

No. 2020474

Fucking brutal kek

No. 2020478

Fuck both countries tbh

No. 2020545

I swear to god this has been posted before

No. 2020549

I miss pakichan

No. 2020551

You ever have such a crush on a moid you want to fist him? While tazing him? I'd have to wear some kind-of anti-conductive glove while I'm inside him so when I taze him I don't get tazed and only feel his anus clench around my fist, but yeah.
Fuck. I like him so much. I need him. Fuck!

No. 2020562

she never left. pretty sure she's one of the people in the ex-muslim thread and occasionally in the fandom thread.

No. 2020571

she's definetly the sperg who always calls women pornsick on the fandom thread

No. 2020572

File: 1716677157688.jpeg (201.92 KB, 691x424, IMG_0639.jpeg)

Picrel says 2 days ago but she was probably last seen posting this in /g/ kek

No. 2020584

i dunno, the typing style seems too different and i don't think she ever used "nona". pakichan's style feels more, mechanical? or something like that, and sometimes capitalizes a random word in the middle like "It"

No. 2020598

File: 1716678169020.jpeg (95.49 KB, 1200x793, IMG_5539.jpeg)

>”beautiful tall slender blonde blue eyes twinks with feminist leanings and perfect porcelain or rosy skin”

No. 2020601

That comments screams "i've never been to Europe".

No. 2020612

I think anon is confusing “feminist leanings” with basic human rights KEK

No. 2020622

That is not her she doesn't type like that (not the content but the style of writing)

No. 2020633

Newfags learning the name pakichan and sperging that everyone they disagree with is her to try and pretend they blend in has been so common lately.

No. 2020652

I still get annoyed when I see some types of people on Twitter publicly post about things I liked that nobody knew about like 12 years ago.

No. 2020664

I wonder what kind of shithole she hails from to have this misconception. Maybe south asia.

No. 2020691

File: 1716685332754.webp (18.44 KB, 600x400, IMG_5540.webp)

My first crush was a tif I mistook for a guy online. Despite her long hair and makeup, she had a naturally flat chest and strong jaw. She never talked about trans shit. I couldn’t clock her and thought she was a goth pretty boy. One day she posted a picture of her hysterectomy. I ghosted her and cried myself to sleep that night.

No. 2020712

The thing is, she's wrong, but you guys are only disagreeing because it's targeting your complaints.

No. 2020715

I don't think there's anything wrong with putting hits on animal abusers or child rapists. In fact, I think that kind of thing is a public service.

No. 2020757

>literally named pakichan
yeah i wonder

No. 2020763

We can post webps?

No. 2020784

I am completely useless to everyone and I have this fantasy of getting rid of someone who deserves it so I can at least be considered worthwhile in some way and then live the rest of my life in prison and quietly die.

No. 2020787

No. 2020858

Yeah that person isn’t a true pakichan scholar, she is basically allergic to punctuation

No. 2020863

Same tbh. Make sure you make a show of it if you ever do it. I'm too scared of prison, i'll get bullied and there's no pads apparently.

No. 2020866

i can relate to the ridding the world of scum part, like killing a whole bunch of pimps in Thailand except i dont go to prison due to some international laws or some other loophole that i refuse to research because it would shatter my fantasy entirely.

No. 2020878

>like killing a whole bunch of pimps in Thailand
Oddly specific, but understandable

No. 2021144

My confession is I am a third worlder and I don't see how this poster is wrong. Most people in the country look at Europe and think they don't suffer so I don't know why you guys are surprised. Of course there are also plenty of ugly shitty moids in Europe but in comparison to other continents, you do get better moids in terms of looks and personality. If you thought the average Euro moid was bad (I'm sure they are, they are moids in the end) it's 100x worse in every other continent

No. 2021159

sometimes i talk like a sperg on the other farms to blend in

No. 2021160

what other farms

No. 2021170

No. 2021227

Mixed-race thread in /g/ is a good laugh once in awhile. A preventable issue tbh.. kek(racebait)

No. 2021239

Having experienced the comfort that wide-leg pants and oversize clothing in general brings, I cannot see myself going back to form fitting clothing ever (especially skinny jeans…yuck!)

No. 2021244

sorry for adding onto my post but im so burned out. working, then studying, and another language, and trying to be with all my family and my fiance. i want my life to be simple so bad

No. 2021249

Wrong thread?

No. 2021251

No. 2021280

>tfw you get bored of your celebrity crush and accidentally fall for his girlfriend instead
What a strange turn of events. I don't know how to process these feelings, I cannot accept this. I guess the recurring sexual dreams and fantasies were a warning sign.

No. 2021404

I once cussed out a stupid friend of my ex over text but I did it from his phone and never heard anything about it again.
Me too nonnie, fitted tank tops are alright but the rest makes me autistic.

No. 2021415

tbh i love the 'hug' of skinny jeans…makes me feel quite held innit. im glad your comfy. also did you know there are granny pants and also bras with no wire, just comfy tit bags? amnazing

No. 2021436

same, i also stopped wearing denim in general because of this. even the baggiest jeans make me feel like i'll burst, idk why.

No. 2021472

People think I'm cold and stand-offish but the reason I act aloof is if I become too familiar and relaxed the gates of autism will flung wide open and I can't allow that in normie company. I heard my voice-over video today and I wanted to rip my vocal chords out since I has such an autistic tone, it was horrible.

No. 2021479

This is so much me. Since it seems to prevent problems, I've just started warning people at my work who they put under me for training. "Don't worry about my gruff voice and brash nature, I'm not mad at you unless I say I am. Do your job correctly and you'll be fine."

No. 2021596

After believing otherwise for the entirety of my teenage years I’m willing to admit I am a heterosexual

No. 2021636

I just found an old photo of my grandpa when he was young, and he was kinda hot ngl.

No. 2021646

I grew up with wide legged pants, then skinny jeans became trendy as I became a teen. I thought I'd hate them but as soon as I tried them I was like "wait there's no fabric swishing around my legs and ankles? this feels so much better!!!"

No. 2021762

I am an ugly lookist. I feel bad about ghosting this guy but I do not want to go on a date with him only because I do not find him attractive.

No. 2021825

File: 1716760992672.jpeg (154.32 KB, 1397x1078, image.jpeg)

I used to call myself Misa in 7th grade because of Death Note. I even made a replica of the notebook with a shitty spiral notebook. A normie classmate saw it and thought it was a hit list but I just wrote my cringe sequel to my first novel in it

No. 2021936

I'm a sucker for white people who look wasian but aren't

No. 2021946

File: 1716767499108.jpeg (81.96 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_5542.jpeg)

No. 2022148

File: 1716778654326.jpeg (86.52 KB, 500x375, IMG_5543.jpeg)

I firmly believe all adult cosplayers and lolitas are mentally ill.

No. 2022150

Why is Bjorn always catching strays

No. 2022152

File: 1716778721266.jpg (82.89 KB, 700x663, 20240327_202303.jpg)

It's true

No. 2022272

File: 1716784529832.jpeg (89.12 KB, 828x1028, IMG_8646.jpeg)

After dating an AGP and getting into an argument with an Aiden online and having her tell me that I was just mad at her because she passed better than me (her username was literally something like prettypinkprincesspolkadots) I have realized that you guys were right about everything and I have become so disgusted by troon culture that I have decided to detransition. I’m finally free. I’m never dating a moid ever again. It’s one thing to lurk on TERF forums, it’s another thing to actually experience the things that they’re talking about in real life. Thank you, genuinely.

No. 2022280

Welcome nona, I felt free when I peaked too. I hope your detransition goes ok.

No. 2022281

Thank you. I’ll be ok, no irreversible effects. I’m just pissed off that I’m stuck with this they/them ass haircut for the next few months

No. 2022295

I find sex to be a real turn off. Genuinely. Like, let me kiss you passionately, keep your pants on and I'll file the memory away to masturbate later. I've never tried dating but I feel this may make me unpopular among the men… lmao.

No. 2022321

I truly hope this isn't bait/trolling. Welcome back to sanity and womanhood, anon.

No. 2022339

I don't mind any style of pants as long as they aren't jeans. I can't stand jeans anymore, they are never comfortable. No wonder we see people wearing denim less

No. 2022382

When GOT (the show) came out, I had a crush on the Hound and self-inserted as Sansa and shipped them. I'm sorry.

No. 2022759

File: 1716819853139.jpeg (402.63 KB, 750x802, IMG_0899.jpeg)

(Not jinxing) but idc about dying of a disease that slowly kills me. I would hate to be those people who live in and out of the hospital constantly having tubes plugged up their bodies and treatments that arguably make their condition worse. I would finally be able to enjoy my life without any worries or having to suffer any longer

No. 2022763

t. has never interacted with a cancer or als patient

No. 2022782

Don’t curr, I’m built different

No. 2022874

No. 2022962

Try getting a liver disease and see how well you tolerate the pain.

No. 2022987

I used library computers to ban evade… multiple times.

No. 2022989

And yes I was at the library JUST to ban evade.

No. 2022994

Based I love you, I hope you read nice books while there too

No. 2022998

File: 1716830468545.png (208.38 KB, 502x419, IMG_6621.png)

feel bad for you because if you do get something really nasty you aren’t gonna be able to even kill yourself and will just have to wallow in your pain. just don’t come here and bitch about it if it happens to you nona, you can try to act tough but we will be able to smell the tears through the screen

No. 2023020

File: 1716831822145.jpeg (509.08 KB, 1073x1362, BA0675A3-ABCD-4CFC-ADAC-371622…)

life out in the pastures is quite nice, actually

No. 2023060

Can’t be anything worse than what I’m already going through. Why can’t you believe in your fellow nonny to be tough and strong?

No. 2023065

This is the funniest shit I’ve read all day, anyway I recommend just installing a vpn

No. 2023072

because you aren’t special or built different sorry you had to learn this way

No. 2023078

I never learned my bra size, how to wear a bra or anything to do with bras because my mom didn't like to wear bras so she never taught me. It makes me feel kind of stupid because I still only wear training bras now

No. 2023085


No. 2023086

ot but the op of that tumblr post is annoying as fuck

No. 2023089

go on r/abrathatfits or try looking for sports bras, wirefree bras, lounge bras that are sized in S, M, L sizing. a lot of bra sizing depends on brand and it can be a nightmare shopping for them (and women's clothes in general because of vanity sizing).

No. 2023097

used to work in a bra store. was only there for a month or two but i don't think it's more complicated than getting someone to measure you (which can be done over your clothing) and figuring out if you have wide or narrow breasts, which will impact what sort of cups you go for. i vaguely remember women with sagging breasts preferring lineless cups? i dunno, i'm also a newb to bras. i pretty much just wear cheap sports bras

No. 2023102

I don't know my bra size because I've been wearing size M sports tops as a bra exclusively since I was 14. You don't really need that knowledge anyway, unless you need to get a bra.

No. 2023103

I'm just embarassed lol

No. 2023116

Same except because I just never felt like wearing one

No. 2023117

Google doesn’t have her bra measurements you fucking retard.
If you can get yourself measured I would definitely do it. If you can afford it get bras that are tailor made because you can have a specific size of breasts but the bra can be so uncomfortable because of your chest, torso, shoulders, back. I can’t even wear normal bras I have to wear sports bras because my breasts are small but the retail bras rarely fit me properly and feel too restricting. Band, bust, cup, all of that. You can get measuring tape for your body online, at retail stores, etc.

No. 2023143

Thank you for your kind advice nonnie(s), I'm definitely gonna go down and get a bra one day because I want to wear more of my open neck blouses without the edge of my bra peeking through

No. 2023231

I racefish on a couple websites with profile pics because someone once called me a "blonde bitch" becasue I had Rainbow Brite as my profile pic, so now I have Orange Blossom instead.

No. 2023251

File: 1716842547502.webp (255.24 KB, 1024x759, IMG_8516.webp)

When I was a kid I was SO seethingly envious of Britney Spears. All of the boys I liked were in love with her, she seemed to have the perfect life and I was so fucking jealous of her. I was trying to get my showbiz career off the ground, and it never went anywhere besides some regional theater because my parents were (rightfully!!) skeptical after some initial talks with agents and were worried about letting me meet, travel, and work with adults alone and I was so fucking mad at them that I never got the chance to be a Disney/Nickelodeon star or get a head start at a pop star career. I thought such horrible thoughts about a lot of performers that I was jealous of and I had wished for Britney’s downfall so hard, that when I was older and she had her public meltdown in 2007, for a moment my stomach dropped and I felt panicked and paranoid that I actually caused it to happen, kek. I knew it was a ridiculous thought to have, but I still felt a little bit guilty because of it

No. 2023318

It's weird to go from being a kid even just casually assuming oh those famous kids are living a great ole life. Now my youtube recs are full of vids about how abused they were or how messed up they are now, what drugs/mental breakdowns followed or how their parents ran away with most their money. Oh and the pedos.

No. 2023354

I had a dream a few years ago in which me and LSMark were in a wholesome long-distance relationship and I've always had a soft spot for him since then. It makes me sad Veronica let him become obese since he moved to the states.

No. 2023362

I think lolcow is making me kinda misogynistic I still hate men more tho or whatever

No. 2023363

i love to eat chunky hot salsa with a spoon

No. 2023365

I find myself resenting women more nowadays but i dont think its because of lc, thats dumb. I’m just realizing how stupid normie women are and how much they’re holding us back

No. 2023367

just found out terri joe is a character and a man

No. 2023379

File: 1716847418082.jpg (42.72 KB, 514x536, 1708066808283.jpg)

interacting with people in imageboards only furthers my misantrophy

No. 2023390

Everyone here is in their worst behavior. Go outside (respectfully) and you'll see people acting more normally.

No. 2023407

I credit lolcow for peaking me on troons and making me realize men are retarded, thank you elsie

No. 2023416

File: 1716849252904.jpg (110.53 KB, 1440x287, Screenshot_20240527_114801_Fir…)

I still lurk 4chan for the best blackpills. Men know eachother best and will be honest when they believe they're alone. Pic related, a rape enthusiast.

No. 2023423

spearmint is better than the other mint

No. 2023468

I’ve masturbated to cuntboy fanart of my husbando

No. 2023479

wtf are you me nonnie i literally just finished doing that

No. 2023480

Jesus Christ, same.

No. 2023483

Whenever I post something innocuous or share a normal thought and some anon responds to me with an obsessive mean-spirited schizophrenic-type outburst I get a little weirded out and I have to step away from the computer for a minute.

No. 2023488

I’m sad it wasn’t hairy

No. 2023565

Are you guys like okay.

No. 2023568

i'm losing faith in some of you

No. 2023571

congrats on coming out

No. 2023584

I feel alarmed and disgusted when I see an obese person eating an oversized serving of food. I recently saw one of my coworkers eating a gigantic serving of sugary cereal, like it was a big bowl with what looked to be like three normal servings of cereal. I didn't say anything or let it show on my face, because she's a nice person, but how do these people not realize that they're killing themselves with food? How hard is it to just follow the serving guide on a package? I know I'm a judgemental bitch and it isn't my business what others eat, but I can't help but notice.

No. 2023592

> How hard is it to just follow the serving guide on a package?
I’m not fat but does anyone actually do that

No. 2023605

Most stuff comes prepackaged in individual portions, it's not hard

No. 2023613

… yes?

No. 2023614

You could just mind your own fucking business Sharon

No. 2023648

My sister was going to be a dietician until she saw an obese mother give her obese son a full size snickers bar during an event about eating healthy and the dangers of dying from obesity. It's just disheartening when you learn some people just don't want to help themselves.

No. 2023650

Why do you think I'm posting about it here in the confessions thread? I'm aware that it isn't my business, it shouldn't even be on my radar, and I wish I could ignore it. Maybe you shouldn't take it so personally and put down the fork yourself.

No. 2023664

Not obese and love doing that with cereal. Seethe

No. 2023666

I was joking. Boards slow.

No. 2023686

File: 1716865782241.jpeg (48.19 KB, 736x736, 03373227-7FCE-422B-9609-598059…)

My favorite artist for a particular ship I’m obsessed with draws one of the characters as a tif and I kind of use that as an extra excuse to masturbate to piv sex of them (along with it being easier for me to get off to) even though they’re both supposed to be male

No. 2023696

I feel naked and insecure if I don't wear eyeliner.

No. 2023721

nta but in my neighborhood people act the same as unhinged anons here kek

No. 2023731

I‘m sleep deprived and your pic had me crying with laughter on the morning commute nona

No. 2023765

I didn't know that science man's name was Tesla. I thought it was Telsa this whole time.

No. 2023766

well shit now i'm just learning this too

No. 2023771

daddy is just one of my favorite words to say. i feel a lot better when i cuddle my nigel and call him that

No. 2023773

i thought his name was "nicole nitesli" until we learned about him in school and they taught me his actual name

No. 2023776

File: 1716870993839.gif (1.74 MB, 270x278, 1a735c49-c0b0-4cd5-bc99-3c09db…)

No. 2023778

File: 1716871169372.jpg (49.9 KB, 540x508, 0e23.jpg)

No. 2023792

File: 1716872355887.png (1.13 MB, 1200x1600, nunlise.png)

No. 2023796

I had a sex dream about shayna. FML.

No. 2023797

i've never looked closely at this gif she's hot

No. 2023806

This happened to me like a year ago and I have not touched the Shayna thread since. She smelled bad in my dream and everything.

No. 2023872

Late reply but thank you nonna. Not trolling

No. 2023907

wait i'm dead was that on tiktok ? because i swear i saw that exact interaction with an eerily similar username. i'm glad you're here nonna and i hope you're serious about it. it won't be very easy (ime) and deconstructing is a process that takes time and effort but it's worth it. i hope you feel better in time. if you're the person i'm thinking of then you have some based opinions surrounding the current state of the goth/alternative scene

No. 2024040

you are 1000% valid for this but I keep this in the back burner of my mind. almost zero scrotes deserved to be called daddy

No. 2024057

I never sage in /ot/

No. 2024068

I'm 20 and I still don't have a card or do online banking and use cash for everything kek

No. 2024070

I didn't start driving until age 27 and no card or online banking until age 32
Cash is always king anyway

No. 2024071

Lol. I truly believe you are built different and everyone else replying is just salty about it.

No. 2024076

>because you aren’t special or built different sorry you had to learn this way

Yes the fuck I am

No. 2024118

I have trouble taking short people seriously, a 4'11 human is like a cat to me. I try to respect them but it's fucking hilarious when they get mad at you. They're like children who will never grow up

No. 2024128

I think this is caused by me being disgusted by weakness. I hate what I see as weak and I want to hurt it. It doesn't matter who they are, whether they're good people or not. Perceived weakness gets on my nerves and I just can't help it. I had perfect parents and an easy life so there's no reason for me to be this way other than genetics.

No. 2024136

>I hate what I see as weak and I want to hurt it.
Stay away from children, the elderly, and small animals please

No. 2024140

I left 2 boxes of unused tampons at the gym today, hoping someone else might need them. Wonder if they'll be thrown away

No. 2024156

File: 1716907830931.jpg (97.98 KB, 721x576, germansuplex.jpg)

i dont have to be tall to suplex you. get in the ring anon and we will see if you still want to talk smack

No. 2024158

you sound retarded

No. 2024180

Thanks for confirming my suspicions, anon.

No. 2024189

File: 1716910107653.png (Spoiler Image,247.8 KB, 666x801, 1716087007871.png)

My confession is that I think cutters are pathetic and deserving of ridicule. This is exactly the kind of response these attention seeking retards should expect. They parade around their degeneracy and then play the victim when the things they post publicly are mentioned. Of course if you show off your cuts in public it makes you look like a bpd tier freak. The correct response to this embarrassing behavior is mockery. These ugly cut up bodies are designated for landfills and crime statistics. Anyone with a body like this who thinks a man loves them is delusional. You just fulfill some sort of damaged girl/self harm/savior fetish he has. If their family loves them, they'd cry if they knew what their bodies looked like. Imagine not even having a body a mother could love because you're such an unstable neurotic failure. Even if you disagree, making your personal failures and mental illness public for people to use against you is retarded. Spoiler for cutting board thighs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2024192

who cares

No. 2024196

This girl is 17 anon

No. 2024198

Deranged post

No. 2024202

Why would I seethe when what I said doesn't even apply to you?

No. 2024203

You're creepy for posting this. She's probably getting encouraged by social media to cut deeper and has no support system to tell her to stop.

No. 2024245

Kek anon you’re such a loser. I bet you do something worse

No. 2024259

File: 1716913256314.jpg (30.5 KB, 558x86, chivalry.jpg)

No. 2024268

yeah okay karla homolka

No. 2024464

im aware this might be insensitive but i really am sick of seeing israel/palestine posts on social media. especially from random nobodies who wont stop posting cringey edgy comments about it. the equivalent of everyone posting a black square on instagram that one time, pure virtue signaling

No. 2024559

5 minutes after i posted this my ex posted a shitty ai generated all eyes on rafah instagram story. case in point

No. 2024592

I've always wanted to live off some kind of sick art project but I'm not original/creative enough to make something new and refreshing. What if I'm meant for the corporate cage?
I get it nonnie. It's awful what's happening but I don't need to see a bunch of war crimes every day.

No. 2024616

No. 2024634

File: 1716924552853.jpg (16.9 KB, 424x424, 05.jpg)

No. 2024645

File: 1716924798350.jpeg (96.78 KB, 1087x1107, IMG_4009.jpeg)

No. 2024819

File: 1716931454380.jpeg (18.68 KB, 212x237, IMG_5550.jpeg)

As a fit woman I love watching anachans and fatties argue with each other. Neither of you will last a day in the wilderness.

No. 2024835

Yeah but the fatties will still lose the war because if you're in the wilderness with an anachan, a fatty, and no food, who are you eating first? It's not gonna be the twig-like waif anachan with no protein content.

No. 2024917

We search for berries and vegetation to eat, you go straight to cannibalism. Sick anon

No. 2024933

You could still use the anachan’s limbs to light firewood.

No. 2024940

Without limbs, she would also weight less, so it would appease the ana-chan for long enough that Fit Woman could cook fatty with ana-chan's flames and then gobble up ana-chan for a light snack later on in the day or as a side dish for her berries and vegetation.

No. 2024947

No. 2025006

I feel this way too. I'm afraid that I'm truly mediocre and my life will never be anything. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't make what you like anyway. All that matters is that it exists and it's as good as you're capable of.

No. 2025013

I'm sick of seeing the same shitty ai generated palestine posts 100 times in a row

No. 2025015

samefag kek nice to know im not alone

No. 2025092

me too. Most performative shit ever

No. 2025102

im sick of seeing the gore that gets posted everywhere of people being sniped or dead babies, I dont want to see that while im on my break

No. 2025170

I didn’t realize it was a viral thing when I posted that, I’ve seen it like 50 times now. Exhausting like what is the point? To spread awareness as if everyone wasn’t already aware? Changes absolutely nothing about the situation

No. 2025601

File: 1716948445851.jpeg (102.44 KB, 736x551, IMG_0970.jpeg)

The anon from unpopular opinions thread made me horny. Yes crush me, I’m tinier than you(Dumbass shit posting)

No. 2025603

Sometimes I check the profiles of my two moid exes who trooned out because not only I was a magnet to these people, they also believed both that telling me shit like how they were more "womanly" than me made me seethe for some reason so I giggle when I see their life going to shit for this reason. Don't care if I'm petty, they're ruining their life and I think it very much suits them.
In particular, one went from wanting to be a doctor to be used as a fuck toy for old chasers and live off that money and the other gained a shit load of pounds and now cries about his joint pain and how he feels gross.
My existence for them is enough because it's all they want and I like posting pics (because I know they also lurk with some fake acc, spotted a couple) out without makeup and with men clothes styled as a woman and overall living my life while they spend all of their paycheck to illfitting pink clothes trying to delude themselves. They can't do that. They will never be me. I believe in some sort of karmic power and I think that everyone is responsible of themselves and tbh it's not like I wish them serious ill but at least I'm out of their hellholes, if they truly end up killing themselves like they used to say, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 2025689

this has literally nothing to do with dumbass shit kek wtf farmhands(take it to meta)

No. 2025894

Sometimes I remember the time that a 50 year old gay scrote got caught posting in Pixy's thread and I'm filled with disgust and some amusement because it was pretty funny seeing other anons find his account from a profile picture in the og cap he uploaded.

No. 2025909

Because gay men are orbiters of the humiliation of women. Extremely weird fixation they have. They're the ones that get super autistic and creepy about it, the threads here are so superficial and kind in comparison

No. 2026002

I miss shock websites

No. 2026076

We have shock reality now. Horror movies pale in comparison to some contemporary manifestations that get presented as the new normal.

No. 2026138

I wouldn’t mind going on here if I wasn’t exposed to “feminist” finger-wagging every 5 minutes. Most women are attracted to men, get over it(bait)

No. 2026180

>be a tard thot
>get upset when people call you out
I’m straight too, you’re just a pickme bitch.

No. 2026186

Why can't don'tpickmes and pickmes just get along?

No. 2026261

Then fuck off to the tons of other mainstream websites where you can kiss moid ass freely and leave niche websites for us “finger waving feminazis!!” to sperg out in peace you newfag

No. 2026342

bc the pickme's m.o. is to always shit on other women

No. 2026350

Looks like its the other way around. Why so hostile over not wanting a relationship, its not like normal women are forcing you to have one?

No. 2026391

Nta but because some of you start comparing single women to incels, using 'lesbian' as an insult, etc

No. 2026657

I thought the answer was we hunt the bear?

No. 2026660

ntayrt but being straight isnt inherently being trad

No. 2026661

Yeah you really think the fatty will be able to keep up during the hunt with Stacy? Anachan definitely won't have energy to even try. This is why the group dynamics will go sour, because Stacy has to feed the other two even though they don't do any work around the woods. That's when the eating them will come into play.

No. 2026664

This but with tattoos and piercings, they're just another form of self harm for attention-seeking

No. 2026667

my dad is covered in tattoos. horrible

No. 2026678

It always comes down to asking why they got said tattoo.
If it was an army thing to identify your body that's tragic but we have genetic testing these days you really do need to.
It it's to support something like art/a group/a fandom, why have it etched into you? Why not just get artwork on your wall or on your phone or on a shirt?
If it's to commemorate a dead relative then why not have a locket with their picture or adapt the Dios De Muertos traditom of dedicating a day of rememberence to them?
If it's a traditional custom, then why did you stop the ancient human custom of human sacrifice but not the etching your body to honor those ancient people?
Edit: You misspell one word and the entire meaning is lost

No. 2026920

Quiet, warrior of darkness.

No. 2026933

This place is poisonous for my mental health

No. 2026948

Honestly I agree
Also its really dumb to ban someone for confessing something “bad” or disagreeable in the confessions thread, this isnt preschool

No. 2026953

I feel bad for her because she's right, they treat black women like shit a lot. Also it's extremely rare for black women to indulge in this sort of thing, so I feel bad for her and wonder what happened for her to end up this way. She's in an online echo chamber. They look like tiger stripes, they aren't that bad btw so trying to "a man will never love you hahaha" her for being mentally deranged isn't anything but needless flaggelation.

No. 2026974

I want to get my lips done but I’m afraid I’m going to look botched. I want to look pretty

No. 2026977

I've never had tumblr, don't know how to use it and don't have the intention to learn. At its peak I was too lazy to learn how to use it and now it's infested with troons so I don't want to.

No. 2027035

File: 1717031746301.webp (29.56 KB, 790x527, IMG_1710.webp)

Do what you want but lip filler usually ages you and it’s pretty evident when it’s not naturally full lips. I have small lips too and I s still do the Korean gradient lips look.

No. 2027071

I always thought it made the lips appear smaller

No. 2027079

Not following people who are posting this crap. I muted every single person on social media who goes off about watermelons and war. I refuse to subject myself to gore because they online pity parade wants to virtue signal for a group of people who would stone them.

No. 2027110

if you cant resist, just get half a syringe, barely noticeable and cant botch anyone.

No. 2027120

Go anywhere else and gargle on smegma ridden dick. Women get shat on everysingle part of the internet, get their looks picked apart like pelicans eating a dead body, get raped and killed because they dont worship males but you are annoyed by some anons calling you stupid for letting a scrote play you(responding to bait)

No. 2027122

That was the initial idea but the gradient effect makes them look less flat and 2d
Just try it before you bite the bullet and take the lip filler route

No. 2027133

i recently made one and it's very nice for art posts and other cool things. i still don't know how to use the website beyond just liking pictures tho

No. 2027155

I still play internet dress up games as a grown adult.

No. 2027160

Nothing wrong with that. We've been having dress up game threads on /m/ for years.

No. 2027235

I have a tendency for the “I can fix him” mentality. And when it happens and I actually have to fix him, I feel drained and then bitch about it.

No. 2027276

File: 1717048420811.png (95.63 KB, 222x167, IMG_1695.png)

In my friend group, there is a bit that I’ve spent almost $200 in a gacha for a single character. This isn’t wholly true, it was a dude who had a crush on me that my friend group absolutely despised who gave me the money to do it and I never even asked for him to, he just did. I’ve yet to tell the truth to anyone ever about that, everyone just thinks I was once a gacha whale that totally spent that from my own pocket.

No. 2027444

File: 1717071754194.jpg (295.51 KB, 986x992, 152107.jpg)

I dislike being that kind of person in a way, but I do enjoy in fact being and older virgin (20+ and going strong). Hearing some dating stories from other girls and women these past few days made me realize that I am truly blessed (since when was hetero sex so degrading? I was genuinely shocked to hear some stories irl, I thought it was only on the internet kek)
It also kind of gives me a sense of superiority and control over moids, which I'm very fond of. I can drop the "oh I'm waiting for marriage uwu" excuse and surprisingly both moids and women will easily leave me the fuck alone (I live in a turbo religious country so that helps too). Even though I don't think I'll ever want to get married, I'll use the excuse till the day I die kek. Dying a virgin doesn't sound that bad from what it seems tbh.

No. 2027450

Who was it on? Lappland is only a 5*

No. 2027496

This. My dad died of als and dementia at 51 years old and I have a 50/50 chance of developing als from him. Living your life with that in the back of your mind 24/7 is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Anon can go fuck herself, she can trade places with me if she wants.

No. 2027645

inspired by that anon’s vent but working in tech has made me hate indians and also the older i get the warier i am of immigrants and transplants. especially when they bitch about america. like i know this third generation theyfab chinese girl and she’s always whining about the us and i’m always internally going “then go back to china??” kek. also hate when people who migrate to america complain about it in general like just because you think this country has no culture doesn’t mean it actually lacks culture(racebaiting)

No. 2027754

hating indian guys should never be considered racebaiting(responding to bait)

No. 2027758

>hate when people who migrate to america complain about it in general like just because you think this country has no culture doesn’t mean it actually lacks culture
Just responding to this part, so please don’t ban me for responding to racebait, farmhands. I agree. America has plenty of culture, but if you’re a migrant and think we don’t have culture it’s because you’re not a fucking part of it(responding to bait)

No. 2027776

I saw a mediterranean woman with a barbie sweater and high pony tail on the bus yesterday and genuinely had to stop myself from giggling. This has gone too far

No. 2027786

What has gone too far?

No. 2027830

I think anon is jealous she can't pull off a barbie sweater and high pony tail. She's probably fat or something.

No. 2027836

You’re probably right

No. 2028011

Oh it wasn't about Arknights, back then I used to be a Genshin buffoon so it was actually Raiden Shogun. I WILL actually become a whale when the hinted Lappland Alter drops.

No. 2028037

>the "oh I'm waiting for marriage uwu"
>Even though I don't think I'll ever want to get married
Absolute galaxy brain nona, stay based.

No. 2028052

Genuinely, why is it racebaiting to dislike Indian men? I think it is completely fair to hate the people that have made India the rape capital of the world, and treat their women, and other women like absolute shit. Seriously, if we can hate on all men I think it's worth noting some of the worst offenders as history and stats prove.(racebaiting)

No. 2028058

Bad teeth are the number one dealbreaker to me. Someone can look drop dead gorgeous but if they have wonky teeth then I immediately get put off

No. 2028134

I’m tired of one of my friends who, like me, has PCOS but is obese and uses it as a way to say it’s impossible to lose weight. I can sympathise with the difficulty this condition creates for maintaining a normal weight but if I can do it then so can she. Stop eating pizzas/burgers all the time and guzzling sugary drinks/sodas and sweets/chocolates. Exercise more regularly. We’re both in early 20s and yet she complains of bad knees and back and will blame PCOS and also flat feet (which she wasn’t born with but developed, likely as result of obesity adding on extra weight). Even certain activities like hiking or watersports I couldn’t invite her too because she wouldn’t have had the mobility. So yeah my confession is that I am fucking tired of the excuses and lack of change and don’t want to flat out say any of this to her because it’s mean. I guess I am a shit friend for saying/thinking all this.

No. 2028147

File: 1717104841215.gif (9.91 MB, 421x316, 2ae.gif)

Obviously I hated the sexual parts of the anime but I still liked the violence towards the male lead even back when I watched this years ago. I'd kill for a non pedo/echii rework of this show but it'd never happen.

No. 2028178

Do you know if she actually eats those foods/drinks or are you just assuming this?

No. 2028186

Someone on IG recently followed me and then messaged me claiming to be a particular well-known celebrity. I asked for proof and apparently they had just tried video-calling me earlier while I was at work. I know this is 99% likely BS but this is weird. I checked the other people they're followed by and following mostly Hispanic people. Will update you nonas if this turns out to be some creepy 40-year old Mexican trying to traffic me. lul

No. 2028192

File: 1717106350534.jpeg (151.37 KB, 1079x1064, IMG_5566.jpeg)

Sometimes I’d fart near my cat on purpose.

No. 2028207

File: 1717106818844.jpg (79.86 KB, 600x882, c0de23373b95fdbe82d015561400c9…)

When this came out I though (for a very short period of time) that she was played by Rihanna

No. 2028222

I can see it honestly

No. 2028230

Kekkk I can see it

No. 2028272

she probably associates farts with you now and expects it whenever she encounters you

No. 2028334

Who's this? It's not Rihanna??

No. 2028342

My cats always fart on me when we're having a fuss and they get excited.

No. 2028389

whenever I meet a lot of new people in a day I find it impossible to allow myself to be horny later that day because I imagine them and what they'd think of me and how shameful it is and even though it's ridiculous I can't shake off the thought of them so I just try to do anything else. does anyone else get this

No. 2028394

really felt like stealing today. no idea why but I felt like it.

No. 2028495

i do. having a head audience is a very human thing.

No. 2028539

File: 1717120444683.mp4 (7.21 MB, 480x854, c0f2eb1ac12f4b32a89118f8e0781c…)

I love feeling sick because it makes me feel high. I feel so high right now. Vid unrelated

No. 2028727

i feel guilty buying a new pair of sweatpants, i don't quite need them but i often run out of my favorite pants. i should go thrift more in the future but getting to the thrift store is inconvenient.

No. 2028734

I want some earphones so I can listen to sexy audios and watch anime boys fucking each other.

No. 2028737

>t. mobile user

No. 2028754

I think I genuinely disappointed someone yesterday completely out of my intentions

No. 2028770

I stalk some guy who did like a 2 second cameo on some old nostalgia critic video. He's genuinely perfect looking and is thankfully very left leaning. He was 19 when he did the cameo and should be 26 by now, so he's surely super post wall looking and ugly by now. Why was i born in latam, i am missing on all the pasty cute nerdy guys.

No. 2028779

File: 1717134925022.jpg (223.1 KB, 969x1200, 1000017062.jpg)

I watch that preschool show Bluey sometimes, but that's not the whole confession. When I watch this cartoon family of dogs, I feel kind of envious because I wish my family were as healthy and cool as the parents and their two puppy kids. I'm watching the conceptual childhood I always wished and used to cry at night to have.

No. 2028788

I want to start carving rocks into little vulva charms but I can't because I live with my parents and my mom would insist on seeing what I'm doing (she loves crafts)

No. 2028802

How do you carve rocks. Do you mean like those Chinese men on YouTube shorts and tiktok that hold fake jade under water and carve them into elaborate trinkets except vaginas

No. 2028805

Is your family conservative or are you just embarrassed to let your mother see your creations?

No. 2028819

File: 1717139450961.mp4 (7.54 MB, 576x828, 9pXxd5o.mp4)

I don't know if I'll be single for most of my life, but sometimes I really want a baby (preferably a daughter). but then I wonder if I could be a good mother or not

No. 2028821

Same but I don’t know if it’s societal brainwashing or I genuinely want a baby. A lot of it comes from people saying I’ll regret it and I’ll end up old with no eggs or worth. I hate how women are just child baring objects towards men

No. 2028858

I like to look at pictures of myself pretending I'm looking at a male and nonas I tell you I'm a more attractive "man" than any real moid could hope to be. Just as agp males perfectly embody the male gaze. I totally get tifs, the delusion is alluring.
Lolcow definitely is the worst place for that confession…

No. 2028862

Its just the tranny inside you speaking, don't listen, its not too late!

No. 2028870

You need an exorcism

No. 2028872

I miss having bitchy fake friends.

No. 2028873

Please keep androgyny alive, anon. Don't succumb.

No. 2028877

That's not embarrassing at all. You deserved to feel safe and loved as a kid and maybe you're mourning that lack, and wanting what you only deserved as a kid.

No. 2028896

seconding this, i remember being considered woefully ugly at school and didn't see good things in the mirror (teenage self had BDD kek).everyone ignored me and when guys approached me it felt creepy and weird, so i assumed they were mocking me like everyone else. i looked at photos from that time recently and … i looked cute?? and happy??? so yeah the moral of the story is - people see what they want to see, and if you don't have a good reputation you'll get ignored anyway.

No. 2028900

Normies are retards

No. 2028902

YES. Dokuro-chan did nothing wrong

No. 2028908

Proud of you nonnie. My narc ex trooned out too, became an anachan and started drinking heavily, smoking weed and posting awful 'femboy' content on OF. He was admittedly a smart guy once but now he's completely braindead, his obsession with attention just took over his mind. Sometimes I think about how empty and depressed he is right now and thank the gods that I'm not that broken. But I'm also disgusted by the fact he's dragged random women into this, all vulnerable in some way, and continues to fuck 18 year olds even though he's nearly 30. disgusting.

No. 2028911

Nope, and I'm at a normal weight. I just eat a lot of vegetables and cut out the sugary crap a while ago

No. 2028960

When I was younger I did the reverse and tried to skinwalk a troon I knew on discord. Actually, it lasted years. I still listen to his music and think about him a lot.

No. 2028964


No. 2028976

Why is he fat

No. 2028983

Because it's Bandit.

No. 2029282

Ahhhhhh! I just had a phone call with my mother who told me she found photos on one of her devices my brother was using temporarily and she found photos of him having a threesome with his best friend and now wife who my brother was just best man at the wedding for. Why!!!!!!!! Don't do cocaine kids

No. 2029289

LMFAO aw your poor mom that's hilarious though

No. 2029297

My poor mum indeed I literally screamed nooooo when she told me. We've been gossiping about this couple my brother got drunk not long after the wedding and confessed to me he was having an affair and I was like wtf why are you like this why is your friend marrying her why are you best man and my mum discovers the plot deepens. We think my brother is gay. We think the wife is ugly. We are horrified. My mum called them all dirtbirds actually so funny.

No. 2029302

>chubby scrote
>pixar mom

No. 2029322

Look on the bright side:
It was something discovered via accident and not intentionally screaming on the rooftops and demanding praise for his shit behavior

No. 2029654

I want to lock the most pick-me /g/ poster and the most blackpilled /2X/ poster in the same room to see what happens.

No. 2029694

I want to subscribe to the patreon of this chinese male whore to get photo refs for drawing but i am a poorfag

No. 2029773

/g/ and /2x/ posters are one and the same so it would be uneventful

No. 2029787

sounds like most millenial/zoomer couples, esp with kids kek. It's always a drop dead gorgeous mom with a killer bod and some chubby gross scrote

No. 2029821

The /2X/ BP nona would shit out semi-incoherent hostile rants about how the pick-me is a ran through masochist whore with inferior biology. The /g/ 'pick-me' nona would be distraught and might mumble something about feminism but ultimately goes 'eh.. Whatever', winning the confrontation. BP nona keeps ranting, not really registering the response or even attempting to read what the other said, in typical autist fashion

No. 2029824

I have been fantasizing about the same made-up OC-type husband in my head for my entire life. It is essentially the only subject in my daydreams or dissociation. Myself and this man, made up in my head, forever. And I'm a bit startled now, in my 30s, that this persists, and has been going on for so long. It's a coping mechanism, sure. But I find myself motivated by whatever I create in my head. I'm looking for this man in real life now, it seems. I'm wishing and praying and accepting that if he doesn't exist, so be it, I was meant to be alone. I realize I am terrible at picking partners because I won't settle for anything besides exactly what I want anymore. Now, I'm not plagued with the idea that I must be exactly what my partner wants. I don't give a fuck. I think ultimately I'd like to be alone, but I want someone of my most specific preferences to accommodate me for the rest of my life, and in turn, I will love them in all the ways I know how to.

I am aware of how demented this sounds. Well, probably not as aware as you are.

No. 2029827

Request his imagedump on 4ch

No. 2029899

File: 1717207420629.jpg (67.14 KB, 407x547, 1 wQM7Ewi8d_PURldQitOa1Q.jpg)

When I was anorexic I was so retarded I was legitimately triggered by ReviewBrah's "running on empty" intro. I was also probably schizophrenic and thought there was a mass anorexia conspiracy that was hidden in all media

No. 2029911

Anorexia legitimately makes you soo retarded its embarassing. I used to experience monumental anger when someone would come in the kitchen as I was making a peanut butter sandwich and then not eat for three days as if it was like "ha! Take that! I'll show you for coming to talk to me while I'm eating my first meal in 36 hours" it's so embarassing like deeply

No. 2029912

File: 1717208097441.jpeg (40.03 KB, 735x719, IMG_1031.jpeg)

I’m have a crush on entities that aren’t human (they are so cute it might be an angel, a demon idk but it’s intriguing me). It’s a one-sided kind of thing

No. 2029919

Why can't my friend be a moid that keeps her personality? I definitely think that i just want a moid that's socialized like a woman but that's literally impossible.

No. 2029946

Not that weird, if they're in humanoid form. Unless you're crushing on a goat demon or something like that.

No. 2029952

File: 1717211603520.jpeg (190.98 KB, 2077x1709, GOy12tUXkAEqGkl.jpeg)

it makes me really happy to see young girls getting into mlp:fim. i genuinely think this show has great female representation (though they are horses, but still). such good, strong friendships and life lessons.

No. 2029977

if you're demented i'm demented too nona. i accidentally made my exact type of guy in sims 4 and now i have a whole life with him in the game kek. (but sims 4 gets a lil boring at times so i recreated him in sims 2 just to spice things up) i'm also keeping an eye out irl if a similar guy exists but just like you i'm ready to accept if he doesn't. i know this is zoomer lingo but i'm gonna be manifesting for both of us

No. 2029986

I regret half of my infights.

No. 2029992

I made up a really cool idea for a fna fiction but I never wrote it down to share with the world and I feel bad becasue more people should see this neat idea but they won't because I'm not making it avalible

No. 2029998

wtf anon, share it

No. 2030022

I often steal words and phrases and terms used by others on here because sometimes some of you say interesting and note worthy things and Ive now realized that thats probably only fed the anons who think that they can identify specific posters. Im sorry if youve ever been accused of samefagging or double posting because of me kek

No. 2030027

I'm on the other side of that, people sometimes repeat what I say. It's very flattering.

No. 2030050

I have never felt the intimate touch of a woman as a lesbian, and it’s starting to get to me. When I get really drunk and emotional, I think about hiring a prostitute just so that I can feel some sort of physical touch, even if it’s completely loveless. I’ll never actually do it, because I’m aware of how exploitative the sex industry is. God, I feel like such a moid brain for even entertaining that thought. I’ll never tell this to anyone irl.

No. 2030100

I think I have schizoid personality disorder and have absolutely zero desire for irl relationship or sexual relations. Unfortunately I'm not really socially inept/autistic so I can do fine and fake it in most situations. The mild irritability and apathy as a teenager where people interact with me outside of performance times has started morphing into hate. this is a compounding issue really. Also funnily enough I don't think I'll ever get diagnosed unless I end up killing myself or something criminal because sitting in a room with a doctor I also find hate inspiring and it seems a rather benign problem when normal people are killing themselves over their partners etc. In my spare time I literally mainly just imagine creative ways to torture and nothing else for the past 5ish years. Luv me nonnies though

No. 2030113

Pretty sure most people do that here and that's why you see a lot of the same phrases and things catch on. I still remember some notable quotes from many years ago on here that I still use sometimes.

No. 2030176

>Unless you're crushing on a goat demon
Nah they are super hot.

No. 2030239

I’m black but I know if I was white I’d be calling people niggers. No matter how rude someone is the easiest way to shut their ass down is a racial slur. It’s for the best I was born black because if I weren’t I know I’d be racist to all poc.(racebait)

No. 2030248

Aww, you're sweet and it warms my heart seeing girls enjoying ponies too. I watched FiM in college and loved it so I imagine it's way more fun for its target audience. Who's your favorite pony (or any character, doesn't have to be one of the ponies) nonna?

No. 2030323

File: 1717253166549.jpeg (58.82 KB, 564x564, la llorona.jpeg)

I've always wanted to be one of those urban legend/spooky stories women. I don't know why, it just seems fun to walk around being melodramatic and scare people.

No. 2030606

Sims is the only thing that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and feel happy. There’s nothing else in my life that makes me happy but opening up my overpriced dress up simulator game imaging the life I wish I had irl

No. 2030638

I've been infighting here and on multiple subreddits today because of the anger spike my period gives me. Arguing with strangers online is my only stress relief but otherwise I'm very normal.

No. 2030641

Are you the anon who freaked in the vent thread because an anon used "they/them" for their ex?

No. 2030645

no i was one of the anons who told her to stop sperging.

No. 2030650

board culture is already in shambles, at least take it to reddit and out on scrotes

No. 2030653

I wish I was remarkable.

No. 2030662

me too nonnie

No. 2030669

I want for there to be more love in the world, but I don't currently embody that love.
I am constantly comparing myself to others. During this time of high stress, I have become more insecure, and started to feel upset that people are in positions that I am not. Their abundance reflects my lack, in what I could be. I guess my ego has had me in a chokehold during this stressful time, I haven't had time to introspect, pray, or journal, and I've become unconscious, and it's lead to me becoming a little more judgemental, insecure and angry.
I'm constantly comparing myself, feeling the need to be perfect to be worthy. It's not even a thought I chose to have. I don't know why I have to 'be worthy'- there is no end goal, right? Unless perceived worthiness is some way to feel self realised and purposeful, to feel safe and in control. I'm not sure. I need to do some inner work. I don't want to be this way forever. I want to love myself and others. There is a little mean ogre in me that projects my lack and frustration on the world around me, but the part of me that watches and makes a choice is good. I hope I get back to that awareness and love soon.

No. 2030673

really tempted to give up and adopt makeup kek. i am realizing that every single woman i see online who stuns me with her beauty is wearing makeup. perhaps it's time to become stunning too

No. 2030691

All of those women are wearing filters too.

I'm not against makeup btw but the full-face makeup you see on women on social media looks shit irl.

No. 2030702

You could just wear tinted sunscreen.

No. 2030740

what >>2030691 said. its not the make up, its the filters. in real life makeup always looks dusty and crusty, dont fall for it

No. 2030852

online is filters not makeup listen to the other posts

No. 2031069

File: 1717295581534.jpeg (31.35 KB, 656x480, IMG_5578.jpeg)

Been off social media for months. Highly recommend.

No. 2031116

No. 2031148

Queen behavior.

No. 2031333

i love you nonnies

No. 2031364

i love you too

No. 2031540

took an almost a year of break off of it and it was the best time of my life and I don't even have a social life kek. now I only keep it to set a new profile pic where I feel I look hot enough and to stare at it to feel better about myself kek, I don't even make it public, idc about likes. I don't even talk to 98% of the people I have there kek.

No. 2031561

this is going to sound so retarded but i wish taking hrt as a woman would make me more naturally feminine. i saw that veondre troon on snow and i'm genuinely pissed that his body seems better than mine. i hate my wide shoulders so much

No. 2031571

File: 1717307870831.jpg (36.38 KB, 400x400, 0434566.jpg)

I never used social media in the first place

No. 2031574

what's wrong with wide shoulders? can you explain pls

No. 2031585

File: 1717308083759.jpg (46.53 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-176577862-612x612.…)

well i guess it's in part due to how much i've been teased for them all my life, i really hate being told i look like a linebacker. and i remember sitting next to other girls on the bus and they'd get angry that my shoulders were so wide and bumping into them…my mother also calls me a wideback. but also when i buy clothes i normally have to get something that's too large for me so it'll go over my shoulders, and that results in my natural curves not being visible at all. i feel like they're wider than my hips too, which gives me a really masculine silhouette (which isn't a bad thing for a woman to have but i have a…babyface (?) so it just looks dumb on me. maybe if i had a really cut, thin face i could rock the androgyne aesthetic)

No. 2031620

When I was 12 and went on AO3 for the first time I thought fics where rated E for Everyone…imagine my surprise

No. 2031627

I don't like my boyfriend best friend and his girlfriend. They're not bad peopel or anything, I just don't mesh with them at all and I find it grating to be around them

No. 2031660

File: 1717309605263.jpeg (77.32 KB, 591x1280, WhatsApp Image 2024-06-02 at 0…)

im 25 just solved my first sodoku

No. 2031728


No. 2031807

I got drunk and let another man flirt very heavily with me. He told me he wanted to fuck me and I didn’t tell him to stop. Nothing physical happened…I feel so ashamed and disgusted. I’m in a monogamous relationship, I want to die.

No. 2031866

There's a prompt question on Hinge about who your favourite LGBT rolemodel is and I put Valerie Solanas

No. 2031869

I wish I'll see you around, anon

No. 2031903

I would heart this if it was possible. not going back on hinge but wish I thought about it kek

No. 2031915

I resent my mother, I can't take it anymore. Every week she becomes more retarded and bitter. I just want her to shut up forever, literally every dumb sentence out of her mouth triggers me.

No. 2031944

I'm so horny I could beat a faggot to death with my bare hands to steal his grooming victim(retarded bait)

No. 2031951

He probably contracted aids from him don’t do it

No. 2031981

I laugh when I see insufferable artists sperg out over ai. I hope your work gets fed into the algorithm.(infight bait)

No. 2031984

Basically the entirety of the general art thread kekkk

No. 2031992

I think we work better as friends

No. 2032117

Used to hate my dark skin as a kid and wished I was born white. Finally got over it in my teens. But today I found out ipl devices apparently don't work on darker skin and it's making me wish I was light again kek. Pathetic, I know, but damn. It's unfair.

No. 2032199

late but i love rarity!

No. 2032209

i'm pale af and i grew up wishing i had darker skin. i still wish i didn't need to drown in spf 50 every time i want to leave the house it's so tiring

No. 2032574

I really want to ask about a controversial topic on here to try and understand it better with opinions of the nonnies here, but it would cause the infight of the century if I did so I'm inclined not to.

No. 2032581

File: 1717367916768.png (259.44 KB, 700x816, tumblr_d3086c4bcb98c3f5079f14f…)

when i was 17 or so there was this artist, picrel, called starpatches on tumblr. i remember her opening commissions and making a post (since deleted? i can't find it on her blog) where she was complaining about needing money and how her followers never comm'd her, blah blah blah. i was dumb and 17 so i sent her this long message on how she should maybe lower her prices because her art wasn't worth x amount, i didn't say that but that's what i meant, and i sent her more complicated artists charging less. anyway i've always blamed myself for her quitting uploading her art kek she posted this sad meme to her twitter and just went ghost from the web

No. 2032585

how dark was your skin anon?

No. 2032716

File: 1717374294132.gif (806.61 KB, 480x397, IMG_1065.gif)

I wish all trannies would die. Sorry not sorry, mods can slap this with “baiting” but no woman would have to deal with them ever again and that would make me happy

No. 2032721

Can't you just start with "rapists and pedophiles" like a normal person

No. 2032724

no. troons get the rope

No. 2032727

Including them but you’re acting like trannies aren’t both of those things kek

No. 2032736

I agree. They should be euthanized, because at that point, they're mentally too far gone. Sorry not sorry, just like you said.

No. 2032768

Me too. They are absolutely disgusting and have ruined my old friend group and every single gay space I know.

No. 2032780

>gay space
Are you a man?(scrotefoiling)

No. 2032786

i just ate a whole pint of gelato and im definitely going to eat another

No. 2032791

Healthiest Amerifat(baiting)

No. 2032796

Are women not allowed to be gay you stupid bitch

No. 2032808

You’re a lesbian. I didn’t know that lesbians had to letters in the acronym LGBT.

No. 2032809

No. 2032812

Let her snack

No. 2032817

I wasn't that anon. Lesbians are still gay. You are dumb and illiterate, not being quirky. Just being annoying.

No. 2032821

File: 1717379940029.jpeg (20.83 KB, 259x194, IMG_2209.jpeg)

I wish i could lick myself life a dog. I love the taste of my arousal fluid. I actually avoid certain foods so it taste better. I masturbate and average of 2 times a day, and afterwards instead of showering i start fingering off the lube and then i start licking my vag goo off my fingers till theres none left. It doesn't turn me on, i just think it taste good. Its like a snack.(spamming hornyposts)

No. 2032826

maybe this wouldve done better on the TMI thread

No. 2032829

What do you taste like and what foods to you avoid to taste better?

No. 2032831

Then how come there aren’t any lesbians in gay bars?

No. 2032833

Pussy just tastes and smells good to be honest.

No. 2032835

it really doesn't

No. 2032839

kek bye

No. 2032840

well maybe yours doesn't

No. 2032842

maybe your taste buds are busted
what do you taste like

No. 2032843

…what is in it? Is it truly bad? If it is, you're screwed, I'm sorry

No. 2032844

Kekkk I came here to confess the inverse, I’m house sitting my best friends place for her vacation and the horrible freak in me wants to snoop through all her shit

No. 2032851

I eat healthy in general, and i avoid dairy.

No. 2032854

And its kind of hard to describe. It sort of salty and savory. Vaginas have their own unique flavor unlike anything else. If i ever get a girlfriend, all id ever wanna do it eat her out so she produces more juice for me.(spamming hornyposts)

No. 2032861

Do you have any tips on how to get rid of salmon-like vinegary smell and taste?(derailing)

No. 2032932

I've never encountered one that tastes like salmon or vinegar

No. 2033090

File: 1717391931834.jpg (54.14 KB, 750x755, 2886363658f714dbba36b1f6ea0e66…)

I'm very worried for Mexico's next president (Claudia Sheinbaum) who will be Mexico's first ever female president.I hope nothing bad happens to her considering how Mexico is a massive Narco-filled shit hole.

No. 2033093

nothing will happen to her if she is paying the narcos well enough or turning a blind eye like every president does. if she goes full duterte she might be killed though.

No. 2033154

I can’t believe Mexico elected a filthy Jew.(racebait)

No. 2033243

She is with the narcos. She is a sock puppet of the current president who literally bows down to the Cartel de Sinaloa. Do not pity her, or the other female candidate. Both are garbage people following orders from organized crime that has destroyed this country.

There is no way she would've lost when the opposition had a fat corrupt retard with a sister that is in jail for kidnapping people. Elections in Mexico are a total circus, behind the scenes all candidates and members of the political class get along. They're all just following orders from organized crime. Dangerous criminals are the ones actually running the country right now. Also for my state there was another faggot Jew kike running for governor, immediately recognized the fucking >woldenberg last name and his first name is literally Solomon. All of these Jewish people in Mexico are fucking second/third gen Polish kikes with European imperialist and racist ideas. This faggot kike is even member of an hyper religious anti-gay anti-woman party.(racebait)

No. 2033249

Are mexican jews racist?

No. 2033257

Most Jews are racist. Most Jews hate us non-Jews.

No. 2033263

so nothing changes but mexican nonnies get female rep kek being a narcopresident is the epitome of girlboss gatekeep and gaslight.

No. 2033266

All elite Ashkenazi Jews are racist, and the working class ones are retarded communists. Just look at fucking Israel, they only have Ashkenazis in their leadership positions, imposed Ashkenazi culture on Israel for decades to the point that other Jewish cultures are almost non-existent, and constantly discriminate against Jews from other races. If it weren't for the Palestinian escape goats, every non-Ashkenazi Jew in Israel would be a second class citizen.

No. 2033272

This too goes without saying. Try to interact with any Jew, specially as a woman, you will get ignored at best but very often straight up insulted in your face lol.

Yes, nothing will change. I wish she was actually in charge of anything, even the narco or whatever, but she's just a puppet so not even girlboss material. Meanwhile the Amerilards are happy we are being sooooo progressive. Absolutely ridiculous.(racebait)

No. 2033281

wtf I hate Jews now(racebait)

No. 2033282

If you don't hate everyone religious then you're retarded. All major religions hate women fundamentally anyway.

No. 2033712

I really hate male noggers, they really smell and ruin everything(racebait)

No. 2033715

Been hating them since forever, you were so real for this. Free my nonny!(racebait)

No. 2033749

File: 1717425402357.png (10.81 KB, 216x276, 1000017104.png)

I didn't know THAT side of noggers.

No. 2033757

The only noggers that exist in this world are black males. The world would be a happier place if we just aborted them(racebait)

No. 2033761

File: 1717426378450.gif (608.4 KB, 200x302, 1000016806.gif)

No. 2033766

new billie track actually turned me on irl sorry

No. 2033772

which one? Lunch?

No. 2033795

No. 2033807

I don't know shit about either Ukraine or Palestine, I don't watch any TV and I wouldn't care anyway. People who discuss it feels so hypocritical and very much alien-ish to me…

No. 2034093

File: 1717442259539.jpg (195.98 KB, 1179x1166, Tumblr_l_297922723928172.jpg)

I don't have much of an issue with ftms/tifs and I actually sympathize with them. I admit I am biased since I met very few of them irl and they weren't the annoying chronically online types and also because I wanted to transition in my teenage years to escape from the societal expectations.
Can they be annoying, especially in fandoms? Yes.
Did they let rigid gender roles and sexism win? Yeah, in a way.
Will I condemn their decision? No. Imagine being pressured for vapid shit pretty much your entire life and wanting to break free from that shit.
Where I live, not engaging in bdd tier beauty rituals and not adhering to "feminine" behaviors will have you labeled a failwoman here. I'm talking things like shoulder length hair is not considered feminine, not wearing makeup besides maybe tinted chapstick, not wearing sexualized clothing, not getting god knows what trendy salon treatment every month, not living for moid attention, having A or B cup boobs and not getting plastic surgery for that, going to the gym (yes, here, touching weightlifting equipment will turn you manly according to your mom, relatives, grandma etc.). All of these will get you scrutinized by both men and women. Call me an NLOG all you want, I don't care atp, but I think drilling these stupid ideas and expectations on young girls can be damaging to the point of no return, especially since said young girls have a weak sense of self or poor boundaries. Either have people stop with that bullshit, or women should get comfortable with being a "failwoman" - detaching from being feminine, which is the harder option.
Maybe I'm sick in the head, but me being considered a failwoman, egotistical (for not bowing to moids or other conservative ideas), a bad woman or not feminine enough is so liberating to me that I consider them compliments kek.

No. 2034105

Tbh this isn't anything new that hasn't been said before in here. I still don't get how your points makes you even sympathize with trannies. I'm guessing you may not talk too often to them.

No. 2034131

it really does bring me great comfort to check up on the people who fucked with me in highschool. thank god they’re all fat, ugly, and mediocre. i’m mediocre too but at least i don’t have three kids and an obsession with walt disney. at least i’m somewhat on track towards doing the things i want to do…but you’ll never make it to la bitch you’ll never be a model

No. 2034166

I fantasizing about being an older woman, say 35-40 or so and to date a 18-20 man. I love the thought of being in a relationship with a cute, inexperienced virgin who I teach and in kind he services me in various types of ways.

No. 2034353

File: 1717453276160.jpg (3.16 KB, 258x223, d1c38b4cd5b1213e24576d5e13429f…)

I don't know how I'm not in jail yet

No. 2034446

File: 1717457270433.png (Spoiler Image,29.56 KB, 1001x651, y19_pw7_ErosIlus_10.png)

My first time at a gyno, I put my legs up like picrel (except I wasn't holding my thighs), and everytime I remember I get the worst rush of embarrassment. Luckily the dr didn't say anything except something about me being too dense and had me get in the right position.

No. 2034448

Samefag, *tense not dense. I can't delete.

No. 2034449

This kind of shit is so lame. Basically advertising "im insecure and i want fresh meat to manipulate so I feel less insecure I am soo based".

No. 2034471

Hilarious picrel. Thank you for sharing kek.

No. 2034473

Go take your old moid to his prostate exam and leave the based nonnas alone

No. 2034478

Waxing poetic about how you want to fuck men that are eighTEEN and nineTEEN when you're 40 isn't subversive. "But why can't we be just like scrotes" you're supposed to be better than them, not like them because they are a subspecies. 18 year old boys don't look like men, they look like teens. Weird ass.

No. 2034487

Twitter tier logic, go back or learn to lurk before posting here newfag. Stop trying to protect mouds when most of those subhumans start to rape and assault when they’re in middle school. Moids also choose younger women because they cannot handle anyone with experience ruining their self esteem. Women choose inexperienced moids because they’re the lesser of two evils and you can teach them how to be human

No. 2034489

a 18yo MAN can beat your ass. They arent babies.

No. 2034493

All this to excuse being a loser hebephile KEK

No. 2034497

you are acting like a boymom, cringe. 18yo men are adults.

No. 2034509

>18 year old boys don't look like men, they look like teens. Weird ass.
Sooo sweet of you to stick up for the virtue of 18 year old boys, but men will never return the favour so it's really just embarrassing for women when you do that. It's seriously, genuinely fucking humiliating that men will constantly talk about how women are repulsive and hit the wall at 25 and peak at 16 but women will talk about how 18-25 year old men are uwu little nonsexual babies and they couldn't POSSIBLY, because men only look like adults when they're wrinkled and balding.

The only way women can ever possibly fight the moid obsession with youth is matching their energy (without actually committing crimes). Criticizing them on moral grounds and taking an ethics based opposing stance only makes them gleeful about how jealous those old hags are. Older women who fuck willing and enthusiastic 18 year olds are doing gods work.

No. 2034515

18 year old males arent babies kek

No. 2034517

I’m tired of being an adult, your parents just thrust you into the world and let you drown because they themselves didn’t receive any help when they were young adults. It’s the resentment from parents that makes me feel uneasy

No. 2034523

Mald harder. When I’m 40 with a successful career and a harem of college age hotties you’ll be with a balding fattie you’re financially dependent on that cheats on you behind your back

No. 2034569

We get it you loooove saggy ballsack and scratchy stubble on hairy, pot-bellied scrotes, now go back to twitter to hornypost about pedro pascal or whoever the geriatric man of the month it is.

No. 2034627

What's supposed to be the right position?

No. 2034641

The hatred fat women get here and almost everywhere online is what bolsters me to work out and eat less. I'd rather kill myself than weigh more than 95lbs and be met with such vitriol.

No. 2034644

God you're so pathetic. I don't like Pedro Pascal. I don't like old men either. I'm just a normal sane person that is capable of rationalizing desire and I don't drool over teens.

No. 2034762

File: 1717475320636.jpeg (293.9 KB, 1290x1709, HI.jpeg)

I have a legitimate crush on Hannah Berrelli from the Redfem podcast. What started as just a fun "oh she's cute" has developed into listening to all her interviews on Youtube and fantasising about dating her. Not sure she dates bi women so that might add an extra tragic doomed romance layer

No. 2034850

Your legs should be up but feet planted on the table. I had my legs about like I was about to get my pussy ate.

No. 2034854

pusse EATEN not "ate"

No. 2034889

Both work it's the sentiment first more than anything

No. 2034916

"pussy ate" is not a grammatically valid phrase. It literally does not work.

No. 2034921

who cares

No. 2034928

You should get your pussy ate sometime

No. 2034950

Neither is "do be", etc.

No. 2034990

File: 1717482805255.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.32 KB, 933x926, 1000006484.jpg)

I have a practically perfect husband but I keep thirsting over this random ugly nerd from my past. Wondering if he still thinks about me, what it would have been like to fuck him, etc. I deleted his number and defriended him on everything but I still occasionally stalk him. Idk wtf is wrong with me.

>Husband: tall, nice, handsome, good career, not sexist

>Troll nerd: short, nice, ugly, shit career, reformed sexist

Wtf is wrong with me and how do I get these dumb thoughts to disappear forever? They resurface once every few years. I think it's just the lack of closure but bleh

No. 2034992

File: 1717483035133.jpg (61.45 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

I thought the Asian guy at my job was Korean for the past 5 months, and only now did I realize he's Japanese

No. 2034996

Korean moids are circumcised, so Japanese is better.

No. 2035000

If you couldn't tell the difference for five months surely it doesn't matter that much?

No. 2035001


No. 2035002

I do be getting my pussy ate

No. 2035003

Talk to him once, realize he's a retard, then never again think about him.

No. 2035004

To clarify, I'm not into Korean men or him, I just thought he was Korean and now I feel stupid for not being able to tell the difference

No. 2035252

I haven’t seen my cringe tif friend around campus recently and I’m weirdly starting to miss her

No. 2035278

maybe it's an OCD type thing, because that doesn't make any sense.

No. 2035376

Huh, I kinda look like her and I'm bi, wanna hang out?

No. 2035500

I didn't realise for a way into my childhood that eyes moved to the direction you were looking and I didn't realise how other people were able to move their eyes. My logic was, looking at your own eyes in the mirror while turning your head, your eyes appear to stay centered. I had to actually ask an adult how to move my eyes.

No. 2035508

that is so cute my gosh
when i was a kid i loved rubbing my eyes really hard and entering 'the secret world' where colours swirled and stuff

No. 2035531

File: 1717521013828.jpeg (88.47 KB, 500x369, FhPaowZ.jpeg)

Ayrt, the universal child experience tripping on phosphenes. Plus the mystical secret skill of magic-eye/crossview on random patterns and identical objects. And cheating at "ultra hard" find the difference pictures this way as well.

No. 2035579

I get so much enjoyment out of being abusive to my bf. I don't know why I'm messed up like this. Getting to hit him, overpower him, and have everything go my way is so fulfilling. He's not even that attractive to me until he shows me how weak he is.

No. 2035580

Juicy details, please. No fanfic though.

No. 2035583

Even when you try to frame it in a way where you have the power, I think its pathetic that women will spend so much time with men they don't even like. Literally what is the point.

No. 2035655

Thanks for this thought nonna, I have pretty bad anxiety and deal with insane intrusive thoughts often. I wonder if this has always been a part of that as I've always had urges to destroy nice things in my life with the most unhinged behavior. Telling myself it's just my brain being silly and I don't really want to talk to ugly incel man helped a lot.

This would be a great idea if I was normal and responsible but I a need these boundaries or I will get way too into the positive attention and let things get out of hand. My current marriage is the first relationship I haven't set on fire by flirting with nerds.

No. 2035738

Why? What have you done?

No. 2035791

The schizo in the blackpill thread is so funny. I hope she never stops posting.

No. 2035910

I often miss the sex I had with the guy I hooked up with. I miss sitting on his face. I miss his man tiddies that I sucked on while I masturbated and I miss that his body was skinny but very firm and muscular. Like a duck or a slightly hairy dolphin. But then I remember that he was an absolutely arrogant douchebag and pretentious asshole without any empathy and all of the other times we didn't do anything sexual and that he never cleaned his apartment. The bathroom was the grossest thing I have ever seen even though he had a cleaning lady coming in every two weeks and he was also losing his hair.

No. 2035914

>I miss his man tiddies that I sucked on while I masturbated
You guys are some freaks

No. 2036130

This song is my guilty pleasure.

No. 2036156

Starting to see the appeal in a younger guy at work but I have a bf who I'm very happy with. Didn't really like him at first but he's fun to be around and I guess that's all it takes for my fucked up head. I already hate that he's younger than me and I'd never leave my bf but yeah, what the fuck am I on lately

No. 2036238

This website has been making me hate straight women every single day.

No. 2036291

I wish I could be privy to the mod discord, or whatever they use. I'm sure it's full of retarded and hilarious drama

No. 2036353

Honestly if I was male I'd probably have a foot fetish

No. 2036367

I don’t have a foot fetish and I’m not a moid, but I would definitely suck on my wife’s toes, if I had a wife kek

No. 2036413

the gorillaz animated characters scared me as a kid. also why are they all grown men but noodle is a little girl?

No. 2036427

Ayrt, tbh I wasn't really judging anon kek

No. 2036565

Realizing that I'm extroverted but I have abysmal social skills has been the biggest L in my life so far.

No. 2036589

You can always learn the or find more people that are just like you

No. 2036652

I’ve dedicated the last half year to thinking about some moid who hates me someone please snap me out of this

No. 2036655

Nonnie, get a husbando. Same levels of delulu, but at least your husbando only hates you if you're into that.

No. 2036677

Is there a guide

No. 2036703

Downloaded tinder again and messaging all the built sexy men how I wanna lick their nipples and tie them up and slap them

No. 2036705

File: 1717585883139.webp (34.6 KB, 220x220, 8fo1d9.webp)

I sometimes go back and check if anons I reported get red texted because they usually deserve it.
At some point I considered becoming a mod but my day to day life is too busy.

No. 2036706

Your life is now a movie and the script is telling you to be best version of yourself that means you're going to have a lot of self care montages, you're going to choose music as your soundtrack to life and it's music that inspires and hypes you up, you take an interest in your appearance not for vanity but how to best match your new confident mindset. You become passionate about your hobbies and interests and meet like minded people.

No. 2036741

File: 1717589218263.jpeg (281.07 KB, 958x736, 41597538-8AC8-400B-AD70-F11B44…)

I giggled a little at this

No. 2036746

Starting to think homosex is especially frowned upon in Russia because otherwise all the men would be fucking each other and the birth rate would plummet to 0.

No. 2036801

File: 1717593799457.jpeg (72.28 KB, 696x436, 6963B0BC-FD35-418C-9039-04F8FF…)

My best friend from high school, who I haven’t spoken to in 5 years, texted me last night.
I’m not going to reply, the first reason is because every friend from my past has betrayed me or used me after getting back in touch with me, and I won’t go through that again. The second reason is that since we lost touch, I have done nothing with my life and have nothing to show for myself.
>haven’t made a single friend in 8 years
>currently have 0 friends
>still never had a romantic experience
>despite graduating with excellent grades in college, I am working an admin assistant job for pennies with no hope of ever being anything more than that due to having a degree that is useless without a masters
>I no longer draw, haven’t drawn in many years (which we used to bond over) despite having talent because nothing inspires me to draw anymore
>I have no hobbies to talk about, no interesting experiences to talk about, I live with my parents and my life consists of working, eating, and sleeping.
Meanwhile, she’s found success in the movie industry and lives in a big city with a vibrant social and professional life. We don’t live in the same universe anymore.
I want to leave the past in the past and not soil any more fond memories.

No. 2036841

File: 1717596428336.jpg (101.57 KB, 591x600, 10-05-19743-593.jpg)

I wish I could look like a literal doll but my eyes aren't big enough and always look tired

No. 2036860

I think the dopamine I got from posting here is wearing off and it’s only leaving me with a sense of emptiness and bitterness

No. 2036863

As if it's not the other way around, too. Proxy war bullshit.

No. 2036865

as far as dopamine hits go there are certainly worse things you could be doing than posting on here

No. 2036877

If it makes you feel any better, I have very big eyes and all it does is creep people out because unless I squint, they look like sanpaku eyes. They're also round so it can be hard to do makeup.

No. 2036998

My outside style consists of just graphic oversized shirts and shorts. I’m almost 22 and I don’t see myself changing this.

No. 2037120

I remember seeing a photo on 4chan, of either a Russian or Ukrainian soldiers teared asshole after rape

No. 2037156

I'm 31 and that's most of my wardrobe (just swap shorts for skinny jeans on cold days) on my days off and I see no reason to change it either.

No. 2037504

My ex’s new girlfriend might legitimately be special needs. I don’t think it’s funny, it’s just really creepy. I think he has control issues but is extremely subtle about it. We dated long enough for some signs but not long enough for them to truly come out. She seems reasonably independent but there’s something off about her.

No. 2037569

Why do you give a shit about your ex's new girlfriend
Jealous much?

No. 2037591

Wouldn’t you be confused if your ex started dating a retard?

No. 2037638

nta but you’re seething over a moid, an EX no less, dating someone else and calling that woman retarded. Sounds like he has a type and you’re upset about it

No. 2037646

You sound like an actual psycho. Move on

No. 2037682

I just had an epiphany that some of the more moid like takes literally could be from Karen like bitches or ultra pickmes. I literally do forget some women are literally just mental. There's been a massive drama on one of my local FB groups and so many middle aged women have the absolute worst takes and cap so hard for men it makes me sick. If I could be bothered I'd make a fake fb account and dm some of them and try to explain how stupid they are. Some of them literally sound like some anons here and I wonder how many Irish mammies are on lolcow because I'm getting triggered

No. 2037698

Chronically online story.

I was obsessed with this girl a long time ago (she's on social media, I don't know her irl.) I never felt envy in my life but for the first time, I saw her and I burned with jealousy. She was everything that I wanted to be and more. She was doll-like. I knew why I was feeling this way, because I hated myself. I'm an attractive person, but she was way beyond me. It's pathetic I know, but this is honestly how I felt.

But then I realized slowly… everything she posted was heavily edited/photoshopped. It was really good photoshop, but shop nonetheless. She was super meticulous about any photo that was posted of her, and I figured out why. I saw a video of her with her boyfriend where she wasn't in control of what she looked like and I got a real glimpse of her. She was just an average girl, still pretty but not like her photos, under all the makeup and filters. I almost felt bad.

Something about her made me hate the way she played on my deepest insecurities. It's like she knew exactly what she was doing. I ended up finding more and more about her, how she got where she is now. She had to do a lot of things to get where she is, and they weren't pretty. Then I really felt bad for finding out all of this, because she probably didn't want anyone to know. I'm very good at finding out shit about people. So I guess I'm the only one who knows this.

Moral of the story: social media is truly smoke and mirrors. I know that sounds obvious but sometimes it isn't. Don't compare yourself to anyone. I don't know why I put myself through this whole thing but… yeah. That is my embarrassing confession.

No. 2037901

I only want to be more attractive because I’m bored and feel like the attention will give me something to do

No. 2038126

My guilty pleasure is getting baked or drunk and reading through the confetti club threads. There's so many funny posts in that thread.

No. 2038292

what’s the confetti club…lgbt?

No. 2038297

I always thought that people who are unable to draw bubble letters are retarded. It's so insanely easy imo

No. 2038426

Lolcow calms me down the same way a pacifier soothes a baby

No. 2038442

pacifiers don't soothe babies who aren't already calm

No. 2038447

i bet i’m better than you at maths

No. 2038575

File: 1717696936127.jpeg (206.27 KB, 736x905, IMG_1147.jpeg)

I’m a grown woman and I’m afraid to admit that I enjoyed this show

No. 2038618

What show is this nona?

No. 2038643

Lolirock, it was canceled before it was getting really good.

No. 2038647

sometimes i repeat funny phrases that ive read on lolcow in real life and then after i say it i get worried that someone might think that it was me who posted the original comeback is that dangerous do you think

No. 2038652

well it would mean they’ve been on lolcow too. I’m curious as to what kind of phrases you would repeat though kek

No. 2038707

I said “fake and gay” while joking around with classmates outside of class once, one of the nerdier guys glared at me and I got scared he thought I was a board user and now I don’t say anymore board lingo irl kek. I think that on top of saying other board stuff around people like cuck or whatever made him sus me. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just kind of in my lexicon so I say it without thinking. Also I’m in stem so the likelihood of my peers recognizing board speak is high kek those types all run in the stem major group

No. 2038783

The retarded infight in the unpopular opinions thread about the gene pool and ugly men makes me do fucking glad I'm volcel and childfree, I felt like I was losing some brain cells reading that shit.

No. 2038793

I find Belle Delphine attractive

No. 2038818

I wish they all got banned especially the looksmax dolphposter

No. 2038822

Who else other than the incel was bannable?

No. 2038875

No. 2039089

File: 1717720597393.png (2.34 MB, 1365x768, imageForEntry35-1sQ.png)

i'm addicted to fruit and I can't stop eating too much of it. After dinner tonight I had a large bowl full to the top of cherries and blueberries, a peach, a cup of grapes, and almost a dozen large strawberries. every night i slowly just added more each time until now with my current portion sizes. I finally hit the point where it makes me feel sick and yet somehow I make the same mistake again the next night. Not to mention I also eat two fruits for breakfast and two fruits for lunch. Why can't I control myself around fruit… any other type of food I have normal self control, carbs, snacks, deserts, I have no problem following serving sizes and usually don't really want to eat more than that anyway. But I have no limit with fruit. I remember when I was 13 I was left alone in a room with a bowl full of tangerines while visiting my grandma, and I ate 12 tangerines and couldn't join family dinner because I was trapped in the bathroom with stomach cramps. What is wrong with me

No. 2039127

At least it's something healthy, there's worse things to be addicted to. How much water do you drink? It could be that you're just thirsty and your body wants the hydration.

No. 2039177

I drink the most water of anyone I know, I carry a huge 32oz water bottle around and panic if I forget to bring it with me. I don’t think my fruit problem is connected though because I’ve been irresponsible around fruit since childhood, meanwhile the water drinking I only started doing as an adult after starting a med with thirst as a side effect.
I have a weird theory about how my fruit problem connects to another problem I have, though. I am naturally always severely constipated. I finally started on an osmotic stool softener because I was literally going to become permanently injured after so many years of constipation. Anyway, my theory is that since I’ve eaten ungodly amounts of fruit since childhood, my body acclimated to it and changed my digestion process to prevent me from just constantly having liquid shits. But it over corrected too far in the other direction.
When people suggest prunes for constipation I have to laugh because I eat a serving of prunes for breakfast daily along with the rest of my fruit intake and yet I’d still be shutting only 3x a month if I wasn’t taking stool softeners. This probably should have gone in the TMI thread.

No. 2039250

Idk what happened, but I’ve done a complete 180 in fetishes. I used to fantasized about being raped, misogyny as a fantasy (yes it was that bad) among other degrading shit up until a month ago. Now I fantasize about beating, choking, and fucking some animu twink senseless. My biggest fantasy rn is a cute anime scrote being forced to eat me out on my period. I wanna if it’s because I’ve became more of an rf or just started using lc more constantly again, but at my peak activity I was obsessed with maledom so it kinda cancels out. It’s a welcome change though so I’m not complaining

No. 2039253

question, why were you into maledom? i dont understand women who are into super degrading maledom stuff. was it because of porn addiction? sorry if this question sounds mean idk how else to word it kek

No. 2039255

Don’t worry about it. I chalk it up to a multitude of reasons; being groomed at the age of 13 and developing a multitude of fucked up fetishes as a result, overexposure to porn at a young age (a male friend showed me porn when I was 7), being a weeb and constantly consooming weebshit where women are degraded, being a pickme even if i insisted i wasn’t, and low self esteem. I also think it was a way to cope with the misogyny of the world by channeling disgusting moid behaviors into fetishes that I can control

No. 2039269

This is me but with dairy. Heeeeeelp.

No. 2039680

I love when my period comes. I haven’t had it in like 2 months I think and it finally came, it feels like everything right setting into place

No. 2039717

When I was a kid, I accidentally named one of my childhood dogs a racial slur

No. 2039729

What was it?

No. 2039734

It was "beaner", I learned it through a (Mexican) cousin who would call me and his sister beaners. I thought it was just a cutesy way of saying beans

No. 2039738

i'm mexican and that's hilarious, not even offended

No. 2039740

Te amo beaner the dog. I'm Mexican from Mexico and I think that's hilarious

No. 2039744

I get you, my childhood dog was called negro and i cannot tell any of my american friends about that

No. 2039746

Ayrt, funny enough my mom would sometimes call one of our other dogs "negrita"

No. 2039757

I knew an american with a dog named Beaner (had a completely non-racist origin involving a longer nickname with "beans" in it) and they were just completely blissfully unaware they were dropping a slur…. sorry that's more of a mundane story but you reminded me of it

No. 2039909

I feel some kind of way when I read about organ trafficking scandals/organ trade and anything to do with the notion of organs being extracted without permission and hoarded and I don't know why. I wouldn't say it gets me aroused but I'm obsessed with the concept

No. 2040045

File: 1717796026275.png (257.35 KB, 549x469, Screenshot 2024-06-07 163235.p…)

I fell for the ugly man psyop, I am attracted to fat disgusting slovenly men. I won't act on it, thus further inflating their ego, but that's so shameful and horrible.

No. 2040056

How do you feel about the cannibal circles in the US? There are clubs that you become part of that will illegally acquire human meat and deliver it to you for a large fee. A woman near me was kidnapped and murdered for one of them, and when they found her remains, she had already been processed and her meat neatly packaged into the butcher paper packages, with each one labeled with what it was (F/27/thigh) and a long string of numbers that people suspected corresponded with the individual buyers. The butcher refused to say and went to jail without giving anyone else up.

No. 2040069

i don’t hate or dislike anyone in my family but i do feel extremely inconvenienced when they try to come around and bother me. i don’t appreciate having to alter my schedule just to cater to them. i also don’t like having to eat out or go to restaurants, and literally all they want is to eat breakfast lunch and dinner at random restaurants. really? i spent $91 on groceries just to not even use them because you fat fuckers need to eat out every chance you get? i’m literally losing hair from having to deal with this fucking stupid shit

No. 2040075

Maybe you could do the world a favor and make an ugly woman happy.

No. 2040095

I like homely, plain Jane and fat women too but imo there’s no shame in that.

No. 2040152

Many many many years ago there was this site where you could find your school and send anonymous gossip and whatnot, like a forum of sorts. It was an american site and my european ass would pick a school randomly, go post how steve is two timing girl a and girl b, someone has to say it! and it would cause chaos.

No. 2040165

Yik Yak?

No. 2040237

I'm very sorry for that woman… I do have an interest in cannibalism though, I guess I just have an interest in anything to do with the commodification of human body parts (except for prostitution), but it always takes me out of it to realize there's real victims. I just excessively enjoy this trope in fiction, I remember I was squeeing at the organ harvesting scene in squid games lol. About the cannibal circles thing, do you have sources on this? I want to look into it more.