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File: 1717254305673.jpeg (104.25 KB, 602x692, IMG_8246.jpeg)

No. 2030336

for the daft, the dim, the silly and the merely confused
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No. 2030341

I genuinely don’t understand the difference between bisexual and pansexual - What I understand less is how normies seem to more than me

No. 2030342

There's no difference. But pansexual includes being attracted to trannies

No. 2030347

basically saying you're pansexual is like saying "I don't see gender", it's kinda goofy.

No. 2030348

Bisexuals are attracted to both women and men. Pansexuals are attracted to trannies.

No. 2030351

Pansexual is just another word for straight.

No. 2030352

This pretty much.

People in the gendie cult will say that bisexual means just 2 genders and pansexual means all of them. But as people who actually live in reality, we know sex is a biological reality. So gender is irrelevant.

No. 2030353

I think what happened is people didn't consider bi "queer" enough so they just made up something else. The reality is, bisexuals can be attracted to nonbinaries and trainsgenders so there's no difference.

No. 2030358

Do any of you know any good weed strains that taste like cinnamon

No. 2030438

You could tell when pansexual was becoming a popular label because it was when all the tumblr people started posting about how being bisexual felt "wrong" and "bad", it was simply biphobia from the ""inclusive"" community.

No. 2030440

What would you anons say if someone asks if you were left wing or right wing

No. 2030443

When I saw "pansexual" for the first time, I assumed it was just code for "I'm so lonely and desperate for relationships and sex that I'll seriously fuck anyone at this point". Basically bisexual, but the degenerate part everybody shits on normal bisexuals about.

No. 2030448

to be hoenst i would recommend nutmeg oil infused baked goods that you can make. however the dosage is very trial and error and can be dangerous so only do a low dose. i love nutmeg for its effects but hate the taste. also you would be trashed for two days

No. 2030459

I dunno I’m on a second axis all together

No. 2030468

Im pretty liberal so left wing

No. 2030470

i'd be on the right

No. 2030472

I don’t really care about how the wings are placed on the plate I just prefer flats over drumsticks

No. 2030476

File: 1717262716107.jpg (305.49 KB, 1167x2068, 1000017085.jpg)

Why don't more directors or writers just have characters like this be adults, and have the setting be a college campus? I watched random clips of Euphoria, and I had to laugh because the teenaged characters dressed like prostitutes is too ridiculous to really have my head in the plot. No teenager is going to make it through the day dressed like picrel, I got "dresscoded" for wearing a sleeveless shirt once. Unless you're working in a laboratory, I think college students are more likely to be caught wearing shit like this, so why didn't these writers age the characters up and put them in a university where we can take the design choices more seriously?

No. 2030482

Bc the creator is a pedophilic moid

No. 2030483

Two possibilities:
1.) the creators actually view teenagers this way
2.) It's a psyop to influence viewers to believe the age of consent should be lowered or that adults having sex with teens isn't bad because highschoolers are basically adults already. Pro-pedo propaganda basically.
Probably 1 and 2 simultaneously.

No. 2030485

Outside of pedophilia - it's literally just money. They assume most people in their 20s and 30s don't have time for shows since you have to do like 3 jobs to support yourself, so catering to teens seems more feasible

No. 2030486

It's men telling on their own fantasies

No. 2030624

I'm not from a country where we define our politics so basically but if asked I'd obviously say left, I'm not an idiot and I do experience empathy. Luckily there's multiple choices on both sides of the spectrum where I'm from.

No. 2030640

moderate right probably, but that's only because the left has lost the plot and refuse to think critically.

No. 2030642

so what should i do with the skincare products i can't use because they broke me out? i'm sure it wasn't "purging" because the breakout ended in like, a few days, and google told me purging should last a week at least

No. 2030643

I don't feel at home with either left or right nor moderate.

No. 2030692

I'd ask them what they mean

No. 2030724

I look too leftie for people to ask, but if they do I just say I'm not really into politics and segway into how Biden and Trump are too way too old.

No. 2030725

The prev thread link is wrong

No. 2030745

Throw them out?

No. 2030834

Give them to someone else.

No. 2030870

File: 1717286137230.jpg (Spoiler Image,654.55 KB, 1080x1350, 1000018487.jpg)

Spoilered because it's a little unsettling. Can anyone identify which south park character this is, I'm genuinely curious

No. 2030879

According to their Artstation account, Stan.

No. 2030890

What the hell

No. 2030900

Thank you nonnie

No. 2030904

what do you do with your arms/hands when you're dancing at a concert? I feel so awkward no matter what I do.

No. 2030921

i wonder if i could sell them all on ebay for like 20 usd? kek

No. 2030969

File: 1717290050830.jpg (13.4 KB, 563x564, b8545f6bb93f9a10d52809cf57475d…)

does night shade / glaze actually work? I tried looking it up but redditards just argue about it

No. 2031000

Is it internalized misogyny if I, without any real reason, really want a male cat instead of a female one? This is a serious question.

No. 2031002

Depends on the reason.

No. 2031004

File: 1717292468875.gif (1.55 MB, 220x220, 1000003805.gif)

No. 2031005

take me socks off and laugh at my pink feet like a big 5 foot 8 baby

No. 2031064

Don't and I'm not even saying in a funny I've had male and female cats both but my experience with male cats has been far more worse than with female cats here's reasons why
>male cats are usually very aggressive and bullyish and since they tend to be more bigger their bite can hurt as hell
>They are territorial so if you live in a area with cats he will try to get out and fight them
>piss to mark their territory
>again they fucking piss alot when they reach heat years plus they get aggressive and more loud
I have no qualms against male cats but I will not recommend them over female cats who tend to more gentle and easy to manage

No. 2031097

Neutered male cats shouldn't have these behaviors.

No. 2031109

What are big purchases and expenses that I should save for as an adult when I don't plan on ever buying a house or a car, having children, hate travelling and live in a country where health insurance covers my ass? Non-privatized higher education is more or less free, too. Right now, anything I wanna buy I can buy, and I still have way more than the recommended 20% of my income saved. Is there anything else except retirement, home improvements and a safety net?

No. 2031112

I was just gonna say this. This sounds like a cat who should have been neutered. Both aggression and pissing to mark their turf are signs they need the snip.

No. 2031242

Should've specified that it was about stray cats but that's on me, but yeah after neutering they do mellow out a bit but if you're adopting some habits might hard to train.

No. 2031342

do we have a thread for quotes you love

No. 2031397

Where did the term Nigel come from? And did it originate here?

No. 2031514

Is it a valid strategy to act exaggeratedly cringe around people you find attractive to filter out those who can't handle less attractive parts of your personality?

No. 2031521

No. 2031528

>Where did the term Nigel come from?
Nigel is an English boy's name. It came from the Gaelic name "Niall" which means "champion." The transformation between the two happened like this:
>Niall -> Njáll -> Neel, Niel, Nihel -> Nigellus -> Nigel
>And did it originate here?
It seems to have first appeared in the British Isles circa the Middle Ages and gained popularity in England at the turn of the 20th century. So no, LC didn't make the name Nigel it was the britbongs at it again.

No. 2031550

You know that's not what she asked for, nerd

No. 2031596

Depends how far you go.

No. 2031600

you're kind of cute ngl

No. 2031607

not too far, just a little more exaggerated than normal but definitely enough for the person to notice it

No. 2031608

No. Let them know of those traits directly and use that to filter. Nobody likes cringe even so you may be filtering out people who would otherwise accept you.

No. 2031631

how would they know if they're okay with certain traits if they don't see actual examples?

No. 2031642

If you're only referring to the trait of cringiness, maybe. But also, remember that people are more forgiving of unattractive traits in those they already have come to like. Take a leaf from the moid playbook: don't show your worst traits until they're already stuck with you.

No. 2031651

maybe you're right. but I feel like traits that are potentially grating can become huge problems in long-term relationships that ultimately cause breakups. I feel like it might be better to filter out people that are going to have problems with those traits and risk filtering out too many people rather than end up ruining long-term relationships.

No. 2031663

Nigel stands for Nicest Guy who Ever Lived and it originated in feminist forums around twenty years ago.

No. 2031731

I was at the thriftstore and found a sweater that says "FEMALE" in giant all caps along the front. I can't decide - would it be based to wear? Or lame? I'm assuming it originally retailed with the intention of selling to trannies who can't pass lol.

No. 2031747

I have a hard time believing that any man under 40 doesn't jerk off or watch porn of some sort. Pretty sure that if some guy under 40 says he doesn't jerk off or watch porn, he's lying. Is this belief extreme?

No. 2031749

Molested or lying

No. 2031750

Lame. Extremely.

No. 2031769

Take with a grain of salt since I don't have it on hand but iirc there was research that showed that 97% of all men between 20 and 40 watch porn. The chance of a young man being porn-free is abysmal even in religious communities.

40+ men aren't innocent either, they might've not had 24/7 on demand pornhub on their pocket computers but they definitely ordered dvds and magazines they hid from their wives.

No. 2031774

Not extreme, it's the sad disgusting truth. It's why I don't think women should feel bad for cheating or doing something against the relationship rules.

No. 2031782

Is it me or you just can't open Maps on a computer anymore by clicking on the street view of a place? I don't have this issue with my phone.

No. 2031793

do any of you ever experience swelling from irritation or tight clothing? my underwear is too tight sometimes and today i discovered a tiny swollen lymph node at the hinge of my thigh where the side seam of my underwear rubs up against all day long while i walk

No. 2031795

was this just single men or including men in relationships?

No. 2031797

File: 1717315324764.jpg (245.08 KB, 800x1732, 1000013956.jpg)

Has anyone been shamed for their interests and as a consequence, find it difficult to be engaged in them as an adult? How does one get over this?

No. 2031799

If it’s anything like the amount of men in relationships who see hookers then…

No. 2031800

We have one life, who cares what those retards think, generic advice but it’s true.

No. 2031844

Rationally I know this, but doing something I like triggers an automatic feeling of shame

No. 2031848

My whole life lol. Either by my peers or my mom.
>How does one get over this?
My private life is simply no longer anyone's business unless I allow them in. I learned how to make small talk and ask people about themselves which they love, so I never say much unless I know it will be received positively.
However, I am no longer ashamed of my interests and I engage in them privately and with people I trust who also like the same things. I'm too old to stop having fun just cause some mental midget is trying to bully me, nobody goes 'god I wish I was less cringe and did more normal boring stuff I hate' on their deathbed.
It also helps knowing that it's never anyone whose opinion is worth respecting who's gonna make fun of you, all my childhood bullies stayed poor trailer trash and anyone whose sense of humor is just making sarcastic snarky comments at someone else's expense is usually visibly miserable so you aren't missing anything by avoiding them.
>TLDR: you just get older and it happens automatically when you get some perspective, but don't share things with people who are known to be shitty

No. 2031931

Can you use an immersion blender (plastic) in a sauce pan? It's not non stick or anything.

No. 2031935

How do you separate a voice actor from the work they’ve done in shows? I met someone who acted in movies that meant a lot to me as a kid, but he was a real asshole when I met him and now it’s hard not watch those movies without thinking of the bad experience. I don’t want those movies ruined because of a self-centered entitled jerk.

No. 2031948

just remind yourself he is a actor. the roles he plays aren't him.
if you wanna go real mind-games mode you could pretend the time he was a rude asshole was just an eccentric role he was playing lmao

No. 2031949

isn't that literally what they're for? don't they have a guard? you might cause some splatter if the pan is shallow. test it with some water and see how it goes.

No. 2031952

I’m still too embarrassed to put posters up in my room or have a bookshelf because of this problem. Anons in the consoom thread would love my room because I make it as basic as possible to avoid the same judgement I had growing up

No. 2031956

i feel you nonna. i met an actress from a show that i liked and she was so rude to me that every time i saw her on screen afterwards that experience was all i could think of. the show only lasted another season and her career fizzled out afterwards so i suppose the problem solved itself kek

No. 2031960

can you tell us who it was???

No. 2031973

>just remind yourself he is a actor. the roles he plays aren't him.
Thanks nona, this is good advice and I’ll try to remember that.
Sorry to hear that. This VA doesn’t really have a career anymore either and as far as I know hasn’t voiced anything in years. He goes to conventions to support himself. You would think that if your income is coming from fans of your past work, that you would be more grateful. I even overheard him complaining about people “bothering” him. You chose to be there! Some actors/actresses are just full of themselves I guess. It hurt a little more since he was part of my childhood.
Scott Innes, he was the VA for Shaggy and Scooby in those 90s home movies. He ignored everyone that came up to him. People would stand right in front of him and he would avoid eye contact and stare at his phone. Me and others would try to say hello and he would just ignore us. It was just really jarring being straight up ignored. I had to say hello several times until he finally acknowledged me and when I said how much I liked the movies, he was like “that’s great” and went back to doing whatever he was doing on his phone. He was an ass about signing something I brought and did so begrudgingly after I bought something from his overpriced set-up.
There would be fans waiting to talk to him and he was more interested in talking (and complaining) to old scrote staff than fans, there would be people waiting to talk to him and then leave disappointed. There was this girl that brought a drawing and she wanted it signed and he also ignored her for a long time. He was really stuck up. It’s maybe silly to get upset over this but those movies formed a lot of my interests. He makes himself out to be nice on social media but it’s all fake.
I guess it’s true when people say not to meet actors you like but before this I haven’t had anyone be that much of an asshole.

No. 2031997

Why do women love cute/cutesy things? I feel nothing looking at stuff like plushies or Sanrio characters but a lot of other women seem to adore them

No. 2032005

File: 1717339326275.jpg (113.64 KB, 800x800, s-l1200 (2).jpg)

First, cute things can be appreciated by any sex, men just deprive themselves of cuteness because of their own shitty insecurities. Why do you not enjoy cuteness? Probably because you're missing some fundamental part of your brain chemistry that makes you fully human. Because I don't know how you look at a dinosaur plush and don't want 50.

No. 2032009

I don't want to invalidate your feelings anon, because that was a real experience for you no context can really change the way you felt in that moment. But maybe he was just having a really bad day? It's hard to know because people are complex, anything could have happened that day to totally take the wind out of his sails. I'm mostly saying this to try and make you feel a little better rather than trying to defend him.

No. 2032020

even if they don't watch porn videos, they probably look at the nsfw subs on Reddit or follow the whores on Twitter. I thought I had a porn free Nigel until I saw that he went on those subreddits. I guess he doesn't consider that porn in his stupid moid mind.

No. 2032024

I hope you can meet Matthew Lillard, he's the nice Shaggy

No. 2032029

File: 1717340361835.jpg (47.05 KB, 800x1000, 20240407_002640.jpg)

They're pleasing for the soul. That being said, just because you don't think Sanrio is cute, doesn't mean you can't think other stuff is cute.
There's many ways things can be cute, it's whatever hits that emotion inside of you that goes "damn, that's cute af".

No. 2032031

Get you a nigel who doesn't even use the internet, I'm in the elite club you can be too

No. 2032048

It’s ok. I thought about that too but it was the first day and it wasn’t busy. At least it wasn’t just me he was being mean to I guess?
Thank you nona. Me too, I loved him in Scream as well.

No. 2032054

men are for buying you things then it doesn't matter what they do. I get thousands a month spent on me by my wallet and then if I like another cute guy I cheat on my wallet with him so I don't care what he does with his noodle

No. 2032057

the human brain is wired to find cute things appealing, it's how babies survive. even if you don't like plushies or sanrio, you likely do like cute things in some form. i personally don't find human babies cute but i love animals and mascot characters.

No. 2032069

Do you guys think it’s the migrating PULLfags who are ruining this site? It’s almost like some of these anons don’t even understand what imageboards are. That explains the passive aggressive female smarminess that I receive, very twitterfaggy but not enough to call these posters twitterfags

No. 2032075

wasn't the pull migration years ago? it's probably tiktokers now

No. 2032076

it's tiktokers and twitterfags, PULL died years ago

No. 2032083

People freely mention LC all over social media now, twitter, tumblr, tiktok, they're just (summer) normies from various social media websites.

No. 2032111

When is the time you realized your parents favored your other siblings over you?

No. 2032123

8 years old, you?

No. 2032128

Mine once traveled like 3 hours to get to a specialized doctor because my brother had a pus cyst on his ass (due to him being unclean and hairy), but then they kept telling me to shut the fuck up and stop faking when I spent 2 years being unable to eat properly and eventually lost 10 kilos as a result. Other than that my parents were super involved in my brother's school life (he even went to a private elementary school and were ready to pay for his uni) but didn't give a shit about how I was doing in school, I went to a cheaper public one and they were set on not making me study beyond high school. Oh and when he sexually harassed me when I was 10 but didn't really do anything.

No. 2032132

Anyone else grew up with 1 friend at a time, being extremely dependent on each?

No. 2032133

My grandma favored me so my sister being favored by everyone else didn't matter to me. I miss her.

No. 2032134

Just now in my 20s kek
I wouldn’t mind if you did a
Gypsy Rose anon, that’s so terrible
Based granny

No. 2032157

7 or 8, bot as bad as the other anons but it was so obvious mu mom preferred my brother to the point where he agrees, same with my sister and my dad.

No. 2032196

Anons, how good are wax warmers? Do they make a whole (bed)room smell good? I'm in Walmart right now, with one in my cart and smelling all the wax melts, so let me know quick lol.

No. 2032202

Nope, but it's the kind of frindship I wish I had now

No. 2032204

When my mom said she'd take my brothers and leave me with my father that "I loved so much more than her".
So, about 6 or 7. We're cool now though.

No. 2032208

File: 1717352450678.jpg (1.51 MB, 3599x2257, 1000012560.jpg)

My phone case yellowed over time, here is a comparison between the old one and a brand new one. Is there any way to fix or prevent the yellowing or do I just have to keep buying new ones? It's not like it has dirt stuck to it, I can't clean it off, I have washed and disinfected it thoroughly and even boiled it to kill bacteria. It's like a plastic resin.

No. 2032211

It may be at least partially from UV rays. I had a similar type of protective clear case on something that I rarely ever used or handled and after about a year the case got discolored and yellowish since it sat somewhere in my room that got sunlight.

No. 2032213

why do moms hate their daughters so much kek

No. 2032220

They’re better for small rooms in my experience.

No. 2032230

Ngl my mom had a fucked up childhood. I've wondered since then if she has bpd. She's better now, at least.

No. 2032244

From what I know, silicon yellows when it comes in contact with humans and because of oxidization. So like your sweat and stuff makes it yellow. Maybe buy a different material?

No. 2032249

that story sounded very bpd-like (if you were the anon who said your mom thought you loved your dad more lmfao) so i believe it

No. 2032296

Why do Slavs hate each other all the time? Like goddamn, I took one look in that eastern European thread, and it was routine shots being thrown to Russians and Poles like it's Jerry Springer in there

No. 2032314

There's a lot of history between their countries.

No. 2032321

anyone know of a good banana bread in airfryer recipe? never made it

No. 2032356

because wars

No. 2032360

tldr its all because of this stupid shitboy named Napoleon Bonaparte he was some freak from France and he was a bpdchan and basically fucked up the sisterly love that subconsciously permeated the hearts of all different Slavs share.

No. 2032370

Just embrace the yellow

No. 2032373

Pleeeasseee don't judge me, but can people who aren't black say "wigga"? I'm ESL. I'm also not black or white for that matter.

No. 2032376

I'm black and I don't really see why not.

No. 2032377

Assuming this is in good faith and not racebait, wigga is a cringe term either way and nobody really says it post 2012. It's a word play on a racial term and so it could be considered offensive.

No. 2032381

File: 1717358995284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,317.46 KB, 1126x767, IMG_4065.jpeg)

What would change if the silver gold ration was inverted? So gold would be 19x more abundant in the earth than silver. Would anything really big be different, besides the jewellery and currency scene?

No. 2032403

Is Brave actually a good/decent browser?

No. 2032404

It's based on Chromium so it's gonna be scuffed with the Web3 release next week. You gotta switch to Firefox

No. 2032406

it tries so hard to be hip with the kids it makes me cringe

No. 2032407

A guy I just went on a date with after I txt him something like “thx for today I had a nice time” responded “yeah it was fun hopefully we can do it again soon” what does this mean? I asked him if he wanted to hang out next week during our date and he said “I can’t plan that far ahead” jokingly is he playing me?

No. 2032417

If he's being sincere then he doesn't like you that much, he only likes you a bit.
It's possible that he's employing some "big-brain" dating strategy to make himself seem more desired.

No. 2032419

Artists anons, what height in centimeters is an 9 heads tall character? I swear I looked it up a while ago and found an answer but lost the web page I looked and can't find it anymore.

No. 2032421

There's a brewery I want to try out after work for happy hour but I'd have to go alone because all my friends work until 5 (I leave at 4). What do you nonnies do when you go to a bar or brewery by yourselves?

No. 2032424

Well if he only likes me a bit it’s over. If men don’t fall in love with you immediately they play you.

No. 2032425

Disagree. Some guys who are more intellectually inclined with regard to relationships develop interest over time. Not if they're just looking for sex though.

No. 2032431

how do i stop my cat from destroying my new chair

No. 2032432

He also text me “hope you have a good week” does this mean he doesn’t want to hear from me until then?

No. 2032433

Sit her down and get on her level and say "Hey, please don't destroy my new chair." Make sure you make eye-contact and repeat yourself until she agrees with you. Afterwards you can give her some treats to cement the promise.

No. 2032436

its a moid you cant reason with it

No. 2032437

Does the pet store do exchanges?

No. 2032439

I don't know. It could be that, or it could be because he doesn't want to seem too forward, could be many reasons.

No. 2032441

sadly i couldnt choose, he just spawned on my backyard and i had to take care of him. Like a divine punishment from my past life's war crimes.

No. 2032443

Is there a no kill shelter nearby?
Otherwise I would take this as a chance of holy absolution. Care for that cat now and receive heaven. If your faith does that sort of thing.

No. 2032444

I've heard there's claw covers that go over a cat's claws to limit damage without hurting them
Or just keep it out of certain rooms

No. 2032446

What's the point of holy absolution if you're going to reincarnate as a tardigrade or such

No. 2032448

Helping the cat might eat up some of that karma and you can escape the cycle of samsara so you don't need to reincarnate anymore. Even then being a tardigrade ain't so bad, no taxes or worries, just chilling. You're basically invincible too

No. 2032455

i have no other option but to take care of that retard. I left him outside one time and he locked himself on my shed.

No. 2032457

should i apologize to a friend/thank them for listening to me after having an an anxiety attack over something completely autistic last night or would mentioning it make it even weirder lol

No. 2032468

Real advice, put a blanket over it, redirect to some cardboard or a cat tree, attempt to clip it's nails.
The cat's just acting on instinct to mark territory/sharpen it's claws. It's not deliberately fucking with you.

No. 2032471

i never understood driving without a seatbelt? why do you think thats something kids do that to try and look cool

No. 2032491

Give him some corrugated cardboard to fuck up and maybe a scratching post

No. 2032520

why do we say a thousand and not eleventy

No. 2032602

i don’t think a short sweet “thanks for listening to me” is gonna hurt anything, no need to apologize or be self-deprecating imo

No. 2032604

You only need to understand that some people are absolutely stupid and believe conspiracies that seat belts actually make driving more dangerous despite the mountain of evidence saying otherwise, let the human projectiles get taken by the Lord, it's what they deserve.

No. 2032709

wouldn't a thousand be ten hundred? how do you get eleventy

No. 2032813

Yes and now I easily develop separation anxiety.

No. 2032818

yes you're right from some more digging it seems like it's typical for resin-like stuff to yellow with UV and chemical damage. Oh well. I am relieved that it's not like mold or something. The material is actually quite good because if you drop your phone it absorbs the impact and doesn't really scratch or split, I like it way more than hard shells because my old hard case shattered
if it's normal I guess idc as much, just disappointing because it looks dirty and I don't want people to think I have a disgusting biohazardous phone

No. 2032828

110 is eleventy.

No. 2032846

Whats your favorite insult I love fathead

No. 2032890

Hey nonny, if you could control a guy for just about two minutes, what would you do?

No. 2032898

make him punch himself in the balls

No. 2032901

faggot, it upsets men the most

No. 2032906

I like calling a man a bitch/catty (complete with 'meow' sound effects) when he says something negative about a woman's looks. Basically imply he's a big homo. Kinda autistic but oh well, the confused and angry combo reaction is worth it.

No. 2032908

>Web3 release next week
Nonnie could you please elaborate on this? I've been a staunch Opera user for the past couple years but this just sounds disheartening.

No. 2032909

In the words of Freddie Dredd
>"give me all yo money, give me all yo shit"

No. 2033029

Why does this man I'm trying to rizz up keep talking about politics? What's he trying to do?

No. 2033271

am i a bad feminist if i like making your mom jokes

No. 2033275

calling men emotional or hysteric

No. 2033293


No. 2033315

It's not even mainstream politics. He keeps sending me some theoretical academic shit. I think he's trying to tell me I'm in the friend zone.

No. 2033347

I've tried switching to firefox but I just couldn't get used to it.

No. 2033349

Sounds more interesting than what most guys text

No. 2033357

Or he's a sperg

No. 2033377

No I meant you saying you're rizzing him up is cringe

No. 2033378

File: 1717402963942.webp (46.91 KB, 468x767, mxyx49kq6w3d1.webp)

Most browsers except Firefox are based off of Chromium which is a fork of Google's Chrome. With Web3 they can block websites from loading if you have extensions like adblocker or privacy badger installed. I'm a bit of a tinfoil hat wearer but it sounds like a Google thing to do.

No. 2033382

oh okay I'm trying to slurp his cock and drink his cum is that better?

No. 2033397

Ok time to switch to firefox.

No. 2033399

File: 1717405127981.png (4.13 KB, 224x64, Capture.PNG)

Is crypto worth getting into? Mainly asking nonnas who have dabbled in it

No. 2033402

Can anyone rec me good animes that don't have that stereotypical anime look to them?

No. 2033404

I made 2k with XMR it but it's stupid random. I probably would've better used my money gambling.

No. 2033407

I think he's trying to tell you he an an empty incomplete personality and tries to make up for it with pseduo intellectual BS like most men as they aren't created for academia. >>2033382 both are childish if that helps.

No. 2033410

I don't see how it's pseudo intellectual BS when they're literal academic writings and he's just sending me whatever he's reading. Besides he graduated from one of the highest ranking universities for his field.
Not sure why some people get so buttmad on this website whenever you ask something regarding relationships. It's like they need to assume the worst of everyone.

No. 2033411

maybe he's trying to gauge if you're dumb or not and whether you align with his political views or not. which is dumb because you just want to slurp his dong.

No. 2033413

He sounds like a pos and I don't know why you're defending him so hard but I'll take the bait. What politics is he talking about?

No. 2033414

Maybe. The stuff he sends me doesn't endorse specific political views, mostly describing underlying theory. I don't get the feeling that he's trying to make himself appear attractive to me but at the same time I don't feel like he dislikes me. Probably just a sperg or something idk

No. 2033431

if he's trying to impress you just cut the bullshit already, you both want to fuck.

No. 2033439

I agree. You seem to like him and it seems mutual. Why are you looking for approval on a Mongolian Basket Weaving forum?

No. 2033442

I can't tell if he likes me

No. 2033443

Men aren't build for academics so he's probably just autistic.

No. 2033449

If he's willing to talk about fringe political shit he clearly likes you. Hook up, then post whatever cringe shit he was talking about. Since you won't mention anything specific I'm guessing it's either about Israel, Ukraine or since this is Euro hours Roma

No. 2033455

I'm not gonna post anything specific but it's related to some interdisciplinary shit relating to cognitive science
I guess it could be a sign that he likes me, but I feel like he'd talk about this stuff with literally anyone and it seems maybe futile to wait for him to make a move and I'm not going to make a move

No. 2033592

If you had a secret language only you spoke what would you use it for?

No. 2033597

I have an invented alphabet (40 phonic symbols) that I invented as a child. I used it to write whatever wherever with no worries of privacy. Mostly just individual sentences about my stupid kid life, scattered around the page.

No. 2033606

The indian family down the road from where I live recently got a puppy and it made me realize that it's very rare to see indians with pets/animals other than livestock for some reason. Is this a thing everywhere else or not? Why is that? I also never see muslims with pets.

No. 2033621

How do you get yourself to do things you really dont want to do but have to as a normal person in society

No. 2033637

Lol that's so cute anon.
In islam keeping a dog in the house is forbidden, I know a lot of muslims with cats though.

No. 2033643

Don’t watch anime, it isn’t worth it.

No. 2033649

I don't. I strive to be as useless as possible. Everyone leaves you alone when you're useless.

No. 2033672

Ping Pong the Animation

No. 2033773

Honest question, why is everyone (on the internet) defending Palestinians at all? They started the whole thing by attacking the people at the Nova music festival, did everyone forget about that? Wouldn't it make more sense to support the people that got attacked first?

No. 2033776

the back and forth is way, way older than the nova music festival. keep reading about it, you haven't gone back nearly far enough.

No. 2033781

And how far back do you suggest anon goes?

No. 2033787

Not to be flippant but she didn't even go back a full calendar year so I don't think I was rude to tell her to keep going. If I was to genuinely answer your question… at least a few decades, maybe the early 90s? Might as well go back to the 40s when Israel was established at least for an overview.

No. 2033789

Huh? Anon the conflict did not just start last year

No. 2033805

Okay, so this conflict has been going on for so long, but only in the last year it has become popular? Just why?

No. 2033822

I think she's talking about the early israelites

No. 2033833

mainly because it's the cool thing to do right now, virtue signalling at its finest

No. 2033834

This seems like such a weird question and it’s weird to call a war popular kek but we’re in this thread after all. I think the simple answer is that a lot more people started being killed. The war got very hot. One side dropped so many bombs that it’s being considered as a war crime last I heard. Endless videos of destroyed buildings and dead civilians. violence sells, this stuff drives up clicks and views so of course a particularly bloody war is going to get a lot of media coverage and be “popular”

No. 2033837

Other than edgelords I have no seen anyone defending Hamas itself but rather defending the Palestinians who are not in Hamas, which is most of them. I don't really understand the history because middle eastern history is boring but it seems to be a no brainer to support the innocents being killed because of a terrorist organisation.

No. 2034005

My personal cow is pro-Hamas because she's an anarchist so she supports anything anti government (she's also a huge edge edgelord so that checks out).

No. 2034011

The same reason why the Ukraine/Russia conflict got "popular" two years ago or why China/Uyghurs got "popular" 3 years ago even though those things have been issues for a long time. When these conflicts reached their peak they got more attention, and also for young people this is likely their first time seeing things like this in real time.

No. 2034024

Okay, I got a question. I'm from LA. Whenever I see Mexican working-class houses or Persian middle-class houses, the front yard is almost always paved over. I get why they do it. But I always wonder if the wife or female members of the family ever agree to that shit. They can't possibly think it looks good, can they? Persian anons, Mexican anons, please explain.

No. 2034050

The conflict escalated (further) with the October attack, partially because Israel (and the world) was completely taken by surprise by Hamas.

No. 2034083

Kek does she think that there just won’t be a government if Hamas takes over the territory? These kinds of idiots haven’t even read the charter that they claim to support. Have you posted her in the personal cow thread? I would be interested to check her out

No. 2034097

i've seen women online defending hamas. i can't imagine lacking empathy to the point where i felt nothing for women who were abducted, gang-raped, and murdered but then again i'm not a turbo pick-me addicted to getting attention over the internet

No. 2034180

i had a container of grapes and blueberries in the fridge at work from thursday, when i opened it today one of the blueberries on top had some mold but i don't see any on the rest. is it still ok to eat them or are they all infected by mold spores now and i should throw them out? i really want to eat them…

No. 2034185

it's fine you can eat them.

No. 2034187

I worked for a berry farm for years, and from my personal experience it’s fine. Just pick out the nasties, wash them and you’ll be good. Enjoy your delicious snack!

No. 2034192

yay! thank you nonas i'm going to eat them rn

No. 2034206

I just got my hygiene proficiency certificate and wanna say: don't eat that shit

No. 2034207

File: 1717448232226.gif (207.59 KB, 110x110, IMG_7935.gif)

I’m going to be doing some serious cleaning tomorrow. Can nonnies please recommend me songs to keep my spirits up, even when I’m tired?

No. 2034218

Wake me up, before you go-go!
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo!

No. 2034239

Peaches - Rosa Helikopter
Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah
Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This
Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop
French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom
DJ Sammy Feat. Yanou & Do - Heaven
GloRilla - Lick Or Sum
Metisse - Boom Boom Ba
Best Coast - Crazy For You

No. 2034247

Can you reply to this post with a sentence that makes me feel sleepy instantly?

No. 2034255

File: 1717450517197.webp (80.52 KB, 1200x1200, 1000029730.webp)

Comfy pillows, soft covers and nice pajamas are what you need right now.

No. 2034274

Hush little nonny don't say a word

No. 2034280

Mathematics is an area of knowledge that includes the topics of numbers, formulas and related structures, shapes and the spaces in which they are contained, and quantities and their changes. These topics are represented in modern mathematics with the major subdisciplines of number theory, algebra, geometry, and analysis, respectively. There is no general consensus among mathematicians about a common definition for their academic discipline.

No. 2034290

File: 1717451763581.webp (25.6 KB, 680x510, media_GF-VoF7XIAAHMA_.webp)

What actually counts as leading someone on? Do people count being nice as leading someone on? I feel like men misinterpret me being nice as being flirtatious, and I feel weird about it

No. 2034295

left probably

No. 2034297

nazbol gang

No. 2034304

thank you, nonnie!

No. 2034313

Unless you're purposely telling them you want to date/fuck only to reject them later, you aren't leading them on. Men are just retarded.

No. 2034320

multiple reasons such as adults being able to work longer hours than minors, most fully grown adults look better than teenagers, for shock value, teenagers like seeing actors wear cool outfits even if they cam't wear them irl etc

No. 2034347

you should check out tunesday tomorrow it might have good songs for cleaning, depends on the picks. probably be something you wouldn't normally pick yourself at least

No. 2034367

File: 1717453588886.jpeg (409.06 KB, 727x1719, IMG_1350.jpeg)

What do men ACTUALLY find sexy?

No. 2034370

this is so cute im crying <3

No. 2034424

Can alcoholism bloat your hands?

No. 2034442

yeah it can bloat your whole body

No. 2034464

Not her. That was such a psyop

No. 2034480

Set up a small basket at your community (apartment) that says free or at work. You can actually sell them for 50% off on mercari or depop though. Just put in the description it was used.

No. 2034482

she literally looks like a man though

No. 2034491

File: 1717459019806.png (840.18 KB, 940x529, 1000003821.png)

Human growth hormone made her look sooo fucking scary. It's been said she started taking it sometime during friends because it was considered the next big thing and she never stopped. I know she wasn't super femme before but she was proportional and cute for herself, she expanded her skull so far that her eyes now look like they're right next to eachother.

No. 2034498

do you guys consider babies born after 2008 to be gen A? Or specifically 2012?

No. 2034506

She’s obtainably beautiful in the sense that she’s more attractive than the average person but not a level a beauty you couldn’t find at the local mall. Not that these women would look at them anyways but you get what I mean.

No. 2034530

2012 more than 2008, 2008'rs didn't even have ipads when they were born and ipad children is very recent and very gen A.

No. 2034552

if you eat something with eggs baked into it like bread or cake, do you still get the protein and other nutrients from the egg like you would if you ate it by itself?

No. 2034553

Late reply, but the real answer to this question is that there is no such thing as pansexual.

The term bisexual is based on biological sex, it was used before gender ideology. The term "pansexual" came from gender studies people who believe that attraction is based on gender and not sex. So they believe that instead of being attracted to men and women as "genders" you're also attracted to all the other genders like greygender, agender, nonbinary and all the other genders out there. Even though in reality all of those people are just men or women, so pansexual is really just bisexual.

No. 2034554

>blonde woman
There you have it. Men literally trip and fall and scream and the sight of a blonde woman, that's really all it is.

No. 2034555

No. 2034557

I think most men are face blind so they have a mental checklist of features that are supposed to be attractive. When a woman has those features, the average male automatically becomes attracted to the woman, no matter how unattractive she actually looks.

No. 2034558

No, once the egg is heated up the protein transmutes into a stiffening agent for the food it's being cooked in, so unfortunately you lose over 90% of the nutrients in the egg. It's better to prepare the recipe without the egg, then when the first recipe is done just put the egg on top and pretend it's just a thick glaze and not a raw egg to aid with digestion. All the best.

No. 2034559

ipads were pretty popular, I knew at least one 2008 baby that had one when she was 3

No. 2034580

why would someone like her take hgh wtf

No. 2034630

File: 1717469712071.jpg (79.54 KB, 720x408, 1000003822.jpg)

Are the anons that post here now genuinely like 17 years old? Tf

No. 2034631

At the time, people genuinely thought hgh was like the youth molecule that would keep you young, attractive, and fit. Madonna took it too. I don't think they were aware that it would cause crazy skull growth and make them look strange.

No. 2034636

A large amount of adults never surpass the maturity level of teenagers. I think it’s somewhat more prominent in social spheres frequented by people who were rejects or felt underappreciated in their youth, but typical young women have plenty of stories of older normie coworkers starting drama, cheating, lying, being petty and jealous over age and weight, and so on.

No. 2034657

Is there a scientific reason for why pedophilia is so much more common in men by a landslide? Or is it really just moids being moids?

No. 2034662

gay men tend to gravitate toward aesthetic qualities mainly observed in male children

No. 2034664

Agreed. It's an unfortunate fact of life that there are too many older people who are immature retards and pickmes. The "wise elder" trope has gotten pretty deflated over time.

No. 2034679

it always comes back to that deformed chromosome imo

No. 2034681

Is having a “cute little butt” a bad thing in this era of gyatt and BBLs?

No. 2034685

I think they meme themselves into it.

No. 2034698

No, people are getting really tired of bbls right now. I can't go on twitter nowadays without someone claiming we should defund bbls. big asses only look nice when they are natural, same with lips. A well shaped smaller ass will always be better than a misshapen diaper butt.

No. 2034700

i thought bbls died out and heroin chic was in again

No. 2034702

Bbls will never die for latinas and black women.

No. 2034707

a male family member who I think is handsome refuses to set up dating profiles and take selfies because he says taking selfies is 'gay' and also he thinks dating apps are 'trash'
is taking selfies 'gay' and if so how I can I convince him to take some pictures anyway and try to make him stop wasting away as a hermit?

No. 2034709

please keep your shitty insecure moid to yourself we dont want it

No. 2034724

nonnas with pcos does dieting ever work? i've tried them but not matter what i just keep gaining weight. same with exercise. is this because my pills aren't strong enough? i take my pills without eating anything so maybe they don't digest as well but idk if that's the problem. the pills i take have estradiol valerate and prostagen dienogest

No. 2034731

He's right tho

No. 2034752

What exactly is 'gay' about taking selfies?

No. 2034754

2008 babies did have laptops and cellphones though

No. 2034815

Is the double venus symbol usually seen as a terf dogwhistle or are most fine with it?

No. 2034826

Keto omad worked for a little while until I got on metformin, then regular dieting became doable

No. 2034846

how do nonas poop
I'm fucking dying

No. 2034853

I go to the bathroom, and lock the door behind me. I lift the toilet lid, and sit down on the seat nice and comfy. I pull down my clothes and let myself shit. Then I take my toilet paper and wipe from front to back with it while I'm still sitting. I let the used toilet paper into the toilet bowl. I get up and put my clothes back on. I close the lid and flush the toilet. Then I use scented soap to wash my hands. And I always turn on the fan before I leave the bathroom.

No. 2034875

you didn't explain how you shit, just the peripheral activities

No. 2034880

I relax my ass, and let it slide out of my colon.

No. 2034886

what if it doesn't slide out of your colon even if it's there stretching your colon and causing lots of pain

No. 2034903

That sounds like a health problem you should see your doctor about.

No. 2034914

Girl, what? It's something even babies can do without needing to learn it. This is like asking how do people breathe. It's instinctual.

No. 2034920

Eat fiber (fruit, oats) and drink a lot of warm water. Take a laxative if you need to. You're just constipated babe. You'll still have to push (mine rarely slides out tbh) but it shouldn't be stuck anymore once you do that.

No. 2035043

you can’t actually force it nona
your inner sphincter needs to feel pressure from your poops and then it unlocks. if you are pushing and nothing happens then the strain will just cause complications for you. see a doctor or have some coffee or laxative.

No. 2035046

eat something high in fiber then drink diet coke and/or coffee, if those don't work take a laxative

No. 2035116

I think personally the ipad became the catalyst as they're very easy for young children to use, laptops require strength, and phones require higher fine motor skills and holding at the same time, things kids are shit at.
Cocomelon for example only really started on the content they are more known for now in 2013. Obviously I wasn't a baby in 2008 but I still didn't own a laptop or phone (family computer) which I only really started to use a few years later.
Remember technology used to be hard to use, now it's piss easy.

No. 2035190

Is Turkey okay for a solo female traveler? I'd only stay in the big cities like Istanbul and probably stick to the touristy areas.

No. 2035198

turkish men are the rapiest people out there after indians maybe on par with indians

No. 2035238

how do you guys pee in a bodysuit?? i like how they look but they feel like a logistical nightmare in bathroom situations

i was in istanbul recently solo, i felt surprisingly safe, but obviously use your common sense and be precautious like usual, especially if you're alone.
sellers in markets may be a bit pushy but it isn't at all as bad as in egypt or morocco. i also didn't encounter any tourist scams. stay in the touristy areas like sultanahmet, beyoglu and kadikoy or uskudar on the asian side. there isn't as much to see outside of those districts anyway. public transport is also pretty fine, even though lots of people said it's a nightmare but i had no issues at all. get one of those rechargeable orange istanbul cards (works for all public transport even ferries) at the airport, you can put any amount you want on those, and even use it to pay in some places. also, if you would arrive via plane, the sabiha airport is much better connected than the international airport, so try booking a ticket there instead.
i haven't visited any other places in turkey apart from istanbul so i can't tell you how safe or unsafe it would be in other areas.

No. 2035242

Yes. Obviously. Imageboards are always full of underage posters and it's good to remember that. The edgy reputation combined with the topics discussed (fandom, horny stuff, advice posts) attracts them like flies. They only get banned if they say they're underage which most are smart enough not to do, it's not like they're actually restricted from using the site. I'd say they're a core userbase demographic and always have been honestly.

No. 2035283

Some people still grow a little bit in their early 20s, but is it possible to shrink? 2 people already told me I look shorter than before and when I measured myself I really am a bit shorter than I was at 18.

No. 2035285

normally no… did your posture get really bad?

No. 2035290

I hadn't noticed but it's possible now that you mention it. I should keep it in mind, thank you nonna

No. 2035302

It's possible if you have a disorder that affects your bones somehow but it needs to be severe to be visible with the naked eye. I really hope you don't have anything like that and the other anon is right.

No. 2035306

Body suits usually have openings at the bottom, otherwise I see gals pull the bottom half to the side.

No. 2035331

Why isn’t there really a Fushigi Yuugi fandom online? I know it’s a pretty old anime but it seems that it’s a classic that a lot of people at least vaguely watched. I just rewatched it (it’s one of the few animes I’ve ever watched) and I still fucking loved it and I’m so butthurt there’s no places I can look at discussions that aren’t a defunct webpage. Big sad.

No. 2035336

Previous thread links to a picture of armin from aot in the confessions thread kek

No. 2035370

some of them have snap bottoms that you can unbutton. usually i go all the way just take it off which is a big hassle but i dont like pulling it to the side and risking getting pee on it

No. 2035377

To have an hourglass figure, do your shoulders or your breast have to be the same width as your hips?

No. 2035386

in my opinion it has to be your bust but I've heard otherwise. the most important thing is your waist is significantly smaller than both.

No. 2035396

A lot of people seem to think it's the shoulders and I tend to agree…the silhouette of a person with shoulders that is larger than the hips will look more like an inverted triangle.

No. 2035435

Hip + Shoulders similar with a noticeably smaller waist comparatively = hourglass.
You have to be basically consistent with your waist being the standout.
Hips larger is triangle, Shoulders larger is inverted triangle. With these shapes waist is often a non-standout

No. 2035436

breasts and hips the same size with waist being 5-7 inches less iirc

No. 2035437

i think you can still have an hourglass figure with smaller shoulders as long as your boobs and hips kind of expand to similar sizes

No. 2035441

Wouldn’t you have to be a neet in order to be a farmhand? Who has time to even be a mod in general?

No. 2035443

If you have time to post here you probably have time to go through reported posts a few times a day I bet

No. 2035444

Sometimes I think I look great and even pretty but other times I think I'm an ugly zombie and even go as far as wanting to swap faces with beautiful women I see. Is this extreme inconsistency in the way I perceive myself just a normal part of experiencing life as a woman in our world or is that a sign of something like BDD?

No. 2035461

Nah, there are long hours of this site where no one posts at all, as long as you're only managing one board should be fine.

No. 2035464

A good example of a non-exaggerated hourglass is Marina, she has a clearly defined waist, her shoulders/hips/bust are similar but she's no extreme. I think Kim K like celeb bodytypes has made people forget hourglass can be subtle.

No. 2035471

What would be the first thing you do if you turned into a man right now?

No. 2035473

Thank you for the replies, still can't figure out my body shape though.

No. 2035480

take this fucking bra off

No. 2035481

Date a woman and become the best husband and boyfriend I could be.

No. 2035482


No. 2035484

I'm going to go have sex, I want to know what pussy feels like so bad. Not to be NSFW but I feel like vagina must feel so good. It's naturally wet, warm, and it squeezes both on command and involuntarily

No. 2035486

I would become a whore if I was male, sell myself to lonely rich ladies.

No. 2035488

Post your measurements but make them all the same arbitrary number of inches bigger or smaller. Like if you’re 38”/28”/38” bust/waist/hip say you’re 62”/52”/62” we will be able to tell your shape from the difference between them. Or you could post your real numbers but that’s not as fun.

No. 2035489

Honestly this seems like a post I would've seen on lolcow years ago.

No. 2035490

Calisthenics. Just to see how it’s different.

No. 2035492

No. 2035494

Be the only succesful pickme and be accepted among men as an equal.

No. 2035495

If you were pear shaped and stored all of your fat in your thighs and butt but were also short with short legs, what would you rather do? Embrace it or try to dress in a way to elongate your legs and make yourself look more average?

No. 2035498

I am that and I have an ED, sorry I can't give better advice kek

No. 2035501

Grow up anon, some of us like vagina.

No. 2035502

What do you mean anon?

No. 2035505

since i hate moids i'd transition myself and be one of your cows on the mtf snow threads ♥

everyone here saying they'd become a male whore would never achieve it. they'd actually be posting on kiwifarms instead and blackpilling themselves on women by lurking on lolcow and crystal cafe.

No. 2035537

I would try to make an ugly funny drawing. That is the one thing I envy about men, their drawings are naturally ugly. Even when I try to draw childishly or ugly, mine still come out too cutesy. I would also jack off.

No. 2035542

Are some people destined that no matter how hard they try, they were just destined to be losers? People that lack looks, intelligence, charisma, personality, have 0 skill, look hideous… should they just die?

No. 2035543

We need hygiene workers nonnie

No. 2035546

Looks can be improved, knowledge can be expanded, charisma is a skill that can be taught, everyone as a personality and no one is born with skills, those are practiced and mastered. Giving up and deciding you're meant to be a loser is a choice not a destiny.

No. 2035549

Many people fall into that category and there are always ways to make themselves useful. Even people with legit mental retardation can find ways to be productive.

No. 2035556

Why do some moids date way down in terms of looks? I now it doesn’t happen too often with scrotes so what’s the mentality there? Especially if they’ve been with more attractive women before.

No. 2035560

I have a shit inmune system i can't even do that

No. 2035562

Many reasons. Some men can overlook the woman's looks, some do it as a way to have leverage over her, some might find a quality of hers attractive (maybe they are into fat women), maybe for their money/accomplishments.

No. 2035566


You're both right really. There is not a single activity i enjoy and im just in uni so i can try to live normie life and i wanna kms but then my mom would be sad.

No. 2035577

Samefag ive never been able to be original or creative. Also im kind of an unlikeable person (lame, awkward, looks like they are trying to hard. Im having a hard time putting effoet in uni because what is the point of studying if im gonna be a corporate slave (which is probably the best i can do)

No. 2035591

Hygiene workers do not need to live long to have an impact.

No. 2035608

I'm pretty sure what kind of person you thought of when you wrote this, and I don't think it was a severely mentally disabled person. Do you think mentally disabled people should all die and that their lives aren't worth anything? Or if they're just physically disabled?

No. 2035613

Probably assert some bullshit and have people affirm it as if it's true just because I'm a man

No. 2035615

Play with my balls

No. 2035626

kek same. i'd instantly try to have sex. i don't have autoandrophilia or whatever but i'm really jealous that moids can feel vaginas on the inside using their sexual organ and come inside, i bet it feels amazing and i'll just never know the full extent of how that feels like. but tbh realistically if i were male i'd be a puny asian guy with no doubt an ugly pathetic peen if i'm honest KEK so i'd be more like what >>2035505 said
>actually be posting on kiwifarms instead and blackpilling themselves on women by lurking on lolcow and crystal cafe.

No. 2035630

Okay, that depends, if I was pretty, as in I kept my face somehow? (Which isn't the prettiest but I know I'm pretty unlike my brother) I would date my best friend and be the best boyfriend ever who is ugüu soft, sensitive and a bit retarded but in an endearing way. I also would workout like crazy because testosterone is magic.
If I was ugly like my brother, I would kill myself or be gay for the sake of drama, which is what impulses the average moid to live.

No. 2035640

I've never used a food delivery app before. Is there only select restaurants in a given radius that you can order from? Do you have to tip the driver even if you have a subscription for free delivery or the restaurant has free delivery? How do the drivers get paid? Which is better of the three–Doordash, Ubereats, Skipthedishes?

No. 2035671

become the yaoi boy of my dreams (i would be an ugly short and hairy bisexual man)

No. 2035726

Flex in front of a mirror.
Run and dig holes.
Enjoy having body hair I don't have to get rid of for once.
Stick a finger up my butt.

No. 2035761

God, I would love to run without boobs.

No. 2035762

>Is there only select restaurants in a given radius that you can order from? Do you have to tip the driver even if you have a subscription for free delivery or the restaurant has free delivery
Yes and yes

No. 2035777

File: 1717530528559.jpg (34.67 KB, 620x410, 1000029975.jpg)

Tbh, I don't think moids can run comfortably because of their balls. Which makes me wonder, how are they good at sports at all? Is it that the testosterone is really that potent, that it makes them ignore the uncomfortable sensation of squished balls?

No. 2035781

I think once you got them in a comfy placement it's not much of a problem.

No. 2035782

tipping is country dependent, America? Yes, anywhere with sense? No.

No. 2035785

File: 1717530712611.jpeg (123.76 KB, 828x746, IMG_1351.jpeg)

This was a comment on a jpop video I was listening to. I saw other “moid” comments on another video. Where the fuck are these people coming from? Why Blondie girl of all songs?

No. 2035787

Because of a video made by Sillypoo where they make fun of moids and trannies using the song BlondieGirl as the background song.

No. 2035792

>us moids got sent to war
Said, some guy behind a screen who's sitting comfortably at home and is certainly not sent to war.

No. 2035798

their pants and underwear are cut to accommodate their balls so it's not really a problem. as a big labia haver I'm jealous, it's really not fair women's pants are cut so close to the crotch and our underwear is tiny

No. 2035801

where do they even place them and how is it not always moving around

No. 2035804

Most unnecessary reply ever. Anon mentioned a Canadian company, so she's likely in Canada where they do tip. And if she lived in a country where they don't tip, she probably wouldn't even have asked.

No. 2035811

in ball bras

No. 2035813

The ball and penis pouch.

No. 2035814

Dick tape

No. 2035821

do i fuck the hot man i have 0 future with or do i stay volcel for a while longer

No. 2035832

is he ACTUALLY hot?

No. 2035836

Do women in California feel extra pressure to be hot?

No. 2035838

No usually it's pretty hot there already especially in summer

No. 2035844

No. 2035845

Its more like California attracts people that want to be hot imo.

No. 2035846

definitely not, i've seen women from there and that doesn't seem to be the case

No. 2035850

streets are hot so hot

No. 2035853

Anywhere in the South really alot of senior citizens move to the South in there later years because its hot there so it's better for there arthuritis and they like it better then in states where it snows and has bad winters. It's really nice weather in California especially like the Mediterranean! You should visit

No. 2035861

I'm from there. The weather is indeed, very nice.

No. 2035871

handsome face, ripped body, nice tattoos (to me)

in my eyes he’s hot anyway

No. 2035872

My parents gave me ivermectin without my knowledge.. Was that fucked up or no? Covid thread got me wonderin.

No. 2035879

I feel like that might partly be true. Like I see a lot of totally normal girls but I also see an insane amount of girls in trendy in influencer outfits and with fillers.

No. 2035881

I guess it's a little weird but if they gave you a dose of it it wouldn't hurt you. But if they can slip that into you without you realizing, what else could they do? If I were you, I'd be disappointed in myself for being so glib as to not notice when I'm being slipped something. In the future, be very wary of what food or drink you take from others. Even if your parents say they love you, you're one poisoned meal away from total destruction. It's hard to lose the people that we trust.

No. 2035883

I feel like one of the very few people who doesn't consider hot weather "nice" at all. It's terrible.

No. 2035895

File: 1717535320734.png (28.48 KB, 275x208, IMG_4072.png)

No. 2035896

How would you pronounce "Nene"?

No. 2035897

ya, you're right, now a days I'm always telling myself CONSTANT VIGILANCE…

No. 2035905


No. 2035907

No. 2035911


No. 2035915


No. 2035986

Is there like a site or a list of mutually compatible phone cases?
I apparently have a rare phone so there's 0 cute cases for me. iphones have such cute ones

No. 2035994

I have three different calendars across platforms (Google, iOS, and Microsoft) for different purposes. It’s driving me nuts to not have my schedule all in one place. I also have to check my period tracking app to make sure I’m not scheduling anything major around that time. Is there any app that can sync them all? Or some other way to keep track that isn’t so tedious and manual? I can’t double book another meeting again.

No. 2035997

I doubt the Samsung calendar is available for non-samsung users, but from my experience it's very good. And you can use several emails at once when making an event, schedule the time, add emojis to mark it or hand write on it like a real calendar, add location, google meets, any needed files etc. For period tracking, this is the best one. Actually accurate predictions and cute interface, no need for subscription but you can watch ads to unlock cute pets, but it's not necessary.

No. 2036017

Sharpie something cute onto a blank case and the diy factor will make it cuter.

No. 2036028

Seconding the other anon. Get a clear case, a punch of stickers you like, photocards/cardboard cutouts etc. of shapes and stuff you like and so on, then get a clear plastic paper, cut it in the shape of your phone, and put the stickers on it in whatever layout you like, then put it on your phone, add the photocards and any non-stickig stuff in any order you like, then add the case on top. If you're planning on taking the case off regularly then maybe it would be a bit inconvenient, but I don't ever take it off so I managed to do this and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I don't know if I can post it to inspire you, but it has a kpop photocard, a winx club "price tag" that is a comic strip of the characters, an AOT sticker of Eren's eyes throughout the seasons, and some cute generic stickers layed out on a clear plastic cut out. My phone is lavender colored so all of these look so cute against the lavender background.

No. 2036105

Why do autistic people hold onto the fact that they're super into trains? Why does it have to be trains, exactly? I feel like there's some weird gatekeeping regarding that.

No. 2036116

imo, cuz its the only vehicle you can't own.
you can have almost any personal variant of other vehicles (provided you're rich), but not trains

No. 2036210

Nta but that’s an interesting point I didn’t consider before

No. 2036222

am i the only straight woman who thinks blowjobs are kinda gross? idk how you could get pleasure from going down on a man, and it weirds me out to see other women talking about how much they wanna suck off their crushes/husbandos/whatever. sucking dick seems really difficult and tedious as well.

someone explain to me the 'appeal' of sucking penis

No. 2036225

am I losing it or is it normal to wonder why we exist and if life is to learn/does it get better or worse than this?

No. 2036227

Totally normal, anon

No. 2036230

same, its so gross to me.

No. 2036267

I've never actually done it and probably will never get the opportunity…
But the fantasy is just about his reactions. It's such a vulnerable part of his anatomy and you can just touch it just right to make him moan.

No. 2036275

File: 1717556377133.png (229.42 KB, 750x380, what is this.png)

i feel like this question is extra stupid but… in that sabrina carpenter music video for espresso one of the dancers has these rhinestones under her bikini. what… is this? is this, like, a style? is it uncomfortable? i can’t decide whether i like it or not kek

No. 2036281

It's probably just a part of the bikini costume for the video. It looks like there are rhinestones bedazzled on top of almost see-through lace that is connected to the main fabric of the bikini bottom and then using a light skin glue the silk is connected to the skin (kind of like gluing down a lace front)

No. 2036319

How old is Momokun really?

No. 2036323

i hate sabrina carpenter so fucking much. Its been 20+ years already, when is the ''talking about sex and pussy and being a whore'' era of music going to die? janis joplin didnt die for this.

No. 2036338

Run away from home and refuge to a normal country where my life can finally start.

No. 2036357

Lift and become an only fans whore. I would make millions of knowing exactly what women like. I wouldnt even have to be hot, i cant just act it till i make it.

No. 2036359

Kek the duality of woman

No. 2036361

Stop inviting more transplants, we're full up, anon

No. 2036373

File: 1717562462488.jpeg (40.37 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_4681.jpeg)

How much of this can I eat before it gives me stomach problems?And if the answer less than half the tube, what else can I eat that tastes like this? Its flavor is kind of a minty watermelon, and it’s so fucking delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I got this so I could be more motivated to take care of my health, but now I crave this flavor. Should I just brush my teeth more times a day just to taste it?

No. 2036374

just get some candy

No. 2036376

You can just buy flavored syrups and make your own drinks with it, anon. They sell them on Amazon.

No. 2036377

Watermelon toothpaste…sounds delicious

No. 2036389

spoonfeed me

No. 2036421

are they surgerymaxxed like koreans or is it just women like LA?

No. 2036422

How do deaf people who don't learn sign language communicate with others? I was reading a bio about some athlete and he said his mother was born deaf but because she was raised in a neglectful household she never learned sign language. He never mentioned how he and his mom communicate.

No. 2036465

Question for smokers (from someone who abstains from substances and has never done drugs) when you're passing around (in a rotation? Not sure how to say it) with people, does it not feel gross to share a blunt/joint with other people? And do people ever leave the blunt wet with their saliva?

No. 2036468

>Does it not feel gross to share a spliff with other people?
Not really, usually I only smoke with friends or people I'm close to, and if anybody has a cold sore we just save them the last few puffs for themselves.
>Do people ever leave the spliff wet with their saliva?
There's a way to smoke the thing without getting it wet, you smoke with your lips tucked in and dry them off. I've rarely had to deal with a wet filter. Smoking pot usually makes your mouth dry as well, so there's not much saliva to begin with.

No. 2036469

ewww i never even thought of that and now im glad that i always smoke alone

No. 2036478

yes and yes. people get spit and lipstick on it and others complain because you’re not supposed to but it keeps going round. stoners are gross but when you’re a retarded teenager you do stupid gross things. most people grow out of it.

No. 2036504

Fwiw I worked in food service and deaf customers would just write to me what they wanted. If it was something simple, they'd just point at it.

No. 2036506

why does coffee get cold quicker than tea?

No. 2036512

alkalinity difference? unless your tea is served at a hotter temperature than your coffee, then it obviously gets colder faster because it is colder

No. 2036528

Coffee takes more time to brew (depending on the method of your tea)

No. 2036530

This might be mega retarded because I'm typing this while high I'm sorry. In the States, I feel that we (rightfully) have a strong visceral disgust for pedophiles. Pedoshit is in a special tier of deplorable. Are there any cultures that only see pedos as bad as any other pervert and don't have this added hatred we have or is it pretty universal?

No. 2036586

Japan lol. Look up underage gravure magazines.

No. 2036590

First place that comes to mind is maybe Japan.

No. 2036594

Are other east Asian countries like SK/Taiwan/China like this or is it special to Japan?

No. 2036603

File: 1717574049019.png (559.96 KB, 717x835, 1000014854.png)

France (and also Japan obv)

No. 2036638

Why do I feel super hungry just like 1h after eating a big meal of pasta and meatsauce?

No. 2036639

Picrel doesn't even mention that he called the prebubescent girl a slut.

No. 2036640

it's pretty universal tbh. even most japanese people hate it but there are so many people there that if less than 1% thinks it's ok it's still a living thriving community of a million pro-pedos

No. 2036646


Anyway, was it just pasta and sauce? Usually adding a protein or vegetables to pasta is what makes it filling, unless one has a lot of pasta.

No. 2036670

How can I induce lucid dreaming?

No. 2036673

dream while lucid

No. 2036676

I don't have an answer because I've never wanted to do that but there are tons and tons of books about, just look up books on "how to lucid dream" and choose the one that looks best to you. there's probably also podcasts about it I'm guessing.

No. 2036681

bad translation sorry kek
it's like a stew with mostly just meat in it

No. 2036683

there are meditations on youtube that guide you through it but basically the trick is to maintain a bit of consciousness or body awareness as you are falling asleep. you can try this on your own by checking in with yourself at various stages of sleepiness up until you are dreaming. it might take practice and the guided meditations were very helpful for me. i’ve heard some people will do check ins like “am i dreaming?” or pinching themselves or checking a coin in their pocket throughout the day until they finally check in one of their dreams but that’s never worked for me. also less fun, sometimes this induces sleep paralysis! wiggle your extremities until you can work your way up to limbs and finally sit up or roll over.

No. 2036684

Take naps. You only remember dreams if you wake up in the middle of them, meaning you want to take a nap and set an alarm so you wake up from that instead of naturally. Train yourself to recognize when you are in a dream so you can control it. Naps don't put you into a deep sleep so it's easier to have lucid dreams from naps imo (i've had them all my life)

No. 2036691

how do i not get annoyed at someone copying me. i always feel childish when i complain about this but it feels so weird and not flattering.

No. 2036712

True, I should have started looking for guides online.
I accidentally had a lucid dream experience this morning and I fell asleep while listening to a YouTube video, it may be the way to do it for me. As for the coin/pinching method I tried it before and it never worked either.
Can't take naps at work, and I hate napping on my days off, I feel I've lost so much time where I could have done something else.

No. 2036714

Depends on who is copying you, it also depends on what is being copied.
For example, if some kid is copying your artstyle it's not a big deal, it's just a kid. If some rando from the internet is copying your artsyle just block the retard.
If some woman is copying your style, and your style is quite generic, then it's not a big deal. If she's copying your style and it's quite unique, either embrace it if you know her irl or distance yourself from her. If a moid is copying your style and skin walking you, run away forever and never look back.
If someone is copying the decoration at your house also run away because that IS really creepy.

No. 2036763

try to ignore them. remember that you’re the only authentic release of yourself if ignoring them fails.

No. 2036843

Am I being unreasonable for cutting contact with an acquaintance because I started becoming obsessed with him and he never showed interest although I made it clear to him that I liked him? I did it to stop myself thinking about him.

No. 2036898

No, that's literally what you're supposed to do when your feelings are not reciprocated by an acquaintance especially if your feelings are strong. It's not like you run a company together or something, you don't have to hang out with him anymore you're free.

No. 2036925

you both know who is the original and who is the faker. live knowing you're based enough someone is copying you.

No. 2036961

File: 1717604343062.jpeg (237.67 KB, 736x921, IMG_8020.jpeg)

Okay so I have some silken tofu that I bought a while back but idk what to cook with it. 99% of the recipes I’ve found online assume that you have a bunch of other Asian ingredients that I just don’t have. Any recommendations?

No. 2036971

I’m lazy but I would just eat it with some rice and a soy sauce packet if you have any from takeout

No. 2037011

I'd add it to miso soup. Or I'd blend it with some cocoa/chocolate, sugar/sweetener and vanilla and have some chocolate pudding.

No. 2037072

Has anyone tried ephedrine for studying? I'm having difficulty concentrating on my work and I just want to get it all done, and I'm thinking about trying ephedrine tablets to help but I'm not sure if they'd be good.

No. 2037127

Make ginger tea, add sugar, add tofu. Consume like a soup. It's a classic dessert.

No. 2037130

Isn't ephedrine liver-toxic or some shit? Armodafinil mogs, you can get it from rupharma. Russian meds are underrated. Adderall is neurotoxic. Retards take SSRIs and Ritalin.

No. 2037153

What’s with the springbok that gets posted every now and then as a reaction image?

No. 2037178

File: 1717614876236.jpeg (69.45 KB, 735x651, IMG_1359.jpeg)

Why the fuck do peasant level jobs in the US require a bachelor’s degree?

No. 2037187

to keep and increase the wealth gap and blame us why no one can own property

No. 2037210

File: 1717615936855.gif (4.87 MB, 360x270, 1713419000104.gif)

What do you think about people who watch people die? Yes, I'm talking about gore videos. I talked to women who either watched or used to regularly watch gore, and they were always pretty cool just with morbid curiosity, or the world's most insufferable pickmes. When I talked to moids who watched or used to watch gore, they were always horrible people. Reposted to phrase my post better.

No. 2037215

Why is he acting all heartbroken and shit? He stopped logging on to social media for weeks after I did that. What the fuck.

No. 2037231

I went through a phase as a teen where I'd go in the gore threads on 4chan but oddly I never "enjoyed" it. It was at a time where I was very unstable and suicidal and looking back it was more like self harm, or a reminder of how fragile we are. Definitely contributed to my awful mental state though. These days gore makes me sick. I get looking at it out of curiosity but anyone who brags about liking it is a desensitized edgelord at best or potential serial killer at worst.

No. 2037241

Unironically looking for gore on your own is something that someone out of their mind does, someone has to be in a really, really bad state of mind to go out of their way to look it up.
I think the furthest I've gone is reading gore manga and looking at retarded animu boys with flowers in their guts. But I honestly can't even watch people get hurt on movies with actors and shit, I consider it kind of unnecessary.
Anyone that seeks gore content, specially irl content and has never stopped doing so needs to put the mouse down and go outside.

No. 2037243

I think it's weird as fuck and I would never want to associate with someone who does it, not even virtually. I completely understand morbid curiosity and "it's like watching a Trainwreck", hell I'm literally on a site where we document cows who do shit like drink their own piss (cough, Luna), but I think to repeatedly seek out that content is disgusting. Everytime I've seen gore, it literally disturbed me so bad and even just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. If I ever met anyone irl who admitted that they watch gore, I would think they might kill me kek.

With all of that being said, your pic reminded me that I do have extreme violence downloaded in sims 4 because it fits my ratchet ass saves kek. Video game violence us different though.

No. 2037253

Personally I wouldn't think better of a woman who admitted to watching gore anymore than a man, but I'd be more scared of a man who seeks out gore.

No. 2037264

Has anyone ever choked to death on ice?

No. 2037305

what do you do when you state an opinion on reddit and two people accuse you of being [insert slurphobic here]? I just stated a take and got instant downvotes over it. I know I shouldn't care but i'm concerned this might bite in my ass and get me cancelled.

No. 2037311

I think you're thinking about it too much. It's like actually believing a homeless schizo screaming about the world ending. If you're scared about getting "cancelled" over a reddit post, you probably have too much information public online to begin with. Remember the rules of internet safety taught to us when we were children: don't use your real name, don't post about where you live, don't post photos of yourself, and always create unique usernames. Your online persona should be completely different from your reality persona, and you should take care to remember that the internet and reality are distinct things, one's real and one isn't. Problems can arise when the distinctions between the two worlds are blurred.

No. 2037320

Watching gore and things of that nature can unironically mess you up mentally so I’d stay away from anyone who actively watched it. ESPECIALLY MOIDS. I’m actually so fascinated at how gore websites were always full of racism, sexism, and porn. It’s the same pattern everytime so im extra wary of moids who would continue to frequent a site like that.

No. 2037483

File: 1717628649533.jpg (62.84 KB, 600x901, 18fd24feaecb8f78d496a00fc5557c…)

when it comes to fashion, where can you be cheap? i have my eyes on a nice pair of linen pants and a cute blouse and shoes, and i know shoes really make the outfit so you don't want to skimp there (by 'know' i mean i've read that online) but could i buy a cheap, cute blouse at a fast fashion store and be alright kek. this is for a business casual event btw. really want to wear something like picrel

No. 2037496

Honestly I don't think so, even the stuff I've seen about children and ice cubes doesn't mention any deaths, just potential brain damage due to lack of oxygen for too long.

No. 2037503

don’t forget, nonners, women are way more socially conscious than men are. most of the women into gore i met (mostly online) were nice enough but clearly very mentally ill, the extent i’m sure they made some effort to conceal.

No. 2037522

Used to watch it out of curiosity and admittedly for some catharsis. I personally think no one is 100% innocent and you get what’s coming from you when it comes to nature. Death is a natural part of life and I don’t get why we need to hide it from the world

No. 2037555

only knew one person who watched gore. she described it like an addiction, something that used to cost her sleep to hours of watching gore videos and started affecting her life negatively so she had to quit but she was still tempted to watch it and she had to avoid looking at things like war footage because she's get sucked in (this was before war porn was 75% of the content on on every social media site kekkk, not sure where she is now or how she avoids it). I really enjoyed her company and she could be a bright funny person but she was also dysfunctional in her relationships, a workaholic with no life, a cutter and an alcoholic so I don't know, I think she just had a lot going on in her head and it was addictive and self-harm adjacent.

No. 2037562

I mean there's a big diff between hey kids did you know you can die and we all will eventually and it's natural versus naked woman with pole through her mouth in Brazil, or man flattened with industrial press after not paying attention.

The comments you see on gore sites prove that you can't be mentally well watching gore, and there's also a lot of misogyny and racism, really obvious that the people who dehumanise people because of their sex, race or origin are into gore of those categories.
That being said, I know I cannot watch gore or even violence against women but I can of men, I just won't seek it out.

No. 2037570

I don’t really care either way, you die you die, that’s it.

No. 2037585

Are autopsies public record in western europe? Can you look normal people up?

No. 2037598

I can't envision images in my mind, nothing can "burn" itself onto my memory. Not even the faces of my family members. So when I do come across gore (I don't seek it) it stops disturbing me when I turn it off. I wonder if my ancestors lost their mind's eye to protect themselves from trauma

No. 2037605

gif finally loaded for me and it’s the realest thing i’ve ever read

No. 2037612

File: 1717631923291.jpeg (70.77 KB, 735x533, IMG_1136.jpeg)

I’m almost going to seem like an edgelord for this but here I go, what if placentas and dead aborted fetuses are actually nutritious and we will never know? What if they are nutritious superfoods that can cure diseases and have insane healing properties? I think that’s the intention on the baby eater psyop to get you to not think about that..

No. 2037613

I think some companies already use the stem cells from circumcized baby foreskins to make effective facial cream, so I think you're actually onto something.

No. 2037614

I mean, placenta is eaten and has a bit of benefit but not a lot of placenta is expelled so it's usually a one n done. It is also used for skincare.

No. 2037641

Nonnie, I was just thinking about this yesterday when making eggs kek. Maybe one day animal fetuses would be an option with cloning labs or test tube incubators. But only the super rich will get the human fetuses or maybe placentas from the surrogate mother industry unfortunately likely to boom

No. 2037667

i asked this before every time the topic came up in discussions but NEVER get an answer so I'll ask here: how do people do keto diets without getting super extremely constipated?

No. 2037678

hospitals will sell any leftovers of abortions or births. Including umbilical cords. If you say you want your babys umbilical cord attached for a few minutes until it drains they will fight you and retards online will too

No. 2037685

Certain high fibre foods, mainly greens, are suitable on keto.

No. 2037694

Does it make you a shotafag to be attracted to Brendon Small in Home Movies? I’d think it doesn’t count, cause he has the personality of a 25 year old and the art style is ridiculous anyway.

No. 2037705

File: 1717635905407.png (628.7 KB, 1296x1389, BrendonSmall.png)

there's no way youre being serious right now

No. 2037706

I’m so sorry, I am.

No. 2037707

why are you attracted to him?

No. 2037710

His cringe personality, soft voice and sense of humor.

No. 2037717

No. 2037718

Don’t worry about it anon I felt this for killua even though my attraction has nothing to do with how young he is he’s just so well written like the adult characters

No. 2037719

I wish I still liked 2D like when I was 10 years old. You guys seem so okay with it.

No. 2037739

I think it’s okay to like 2D he isn’t a shota just a shiort man I think

No. 2037751

How do italians feel about movies and shows like The Godfather, The Sopranos, Goodfellas, ect?

No. 2037775

If a restaurant's happy hour ends at 6 and I order my food at 5:40 but don't finish eating until 7, will I have to pay the full price or will they take the fact that I ordered on time into account?

No. 2037789

with their hands.

No. 2037794

Usually it’s decided by the time you order. I always ask the server or bartender if it’s close to the cutoff because the point of sale systems at restaurants literally disappear the happy hour buttons at a certain time (at least it worked that was when I was a bartender, I’m sure it varies by business though) so servers can’t even use them if they wanted to and I want to make sure they ring it in before that happens. That’s just me.

No. 2037795

Am I pedo if I prefer shaved men especially down there and to not have musk anywhere?

No. 2037803

nah cartoons aren’t real and shota is a weeb thing made by pedophiles unlike home movies and his voice is an adult. he’s kinda stupid so I don’t see why you like him. By the way have you seen the home movies art in the westaboo thread on /m/? You’d probably get a kick out of it, I’m pretty sure Shannon is some Japanese woman’s husbando

No. 2037804

No, it's just a preference. The only way it'd be pedo-esque is if you liked it because it reminds you of children, but grown men look nothing like them even without hair, so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 2037808

Increasingly unpopular opinion here but I personally think it’s weird not to like pubic hair on your sexual partners and if you find it so icky perhaps you shouldn’t be having sex because you might not be mature enough or you might not actually like them like that (possibly lack of attraction goes doubly for the smell thing, you should like their smell)

No. 2037809

Cocks smell disgusting

No. 2037820

its amazing to me when I talk to a straight woman and she complains about 20 UTIs a year and I never have a single one in the past 5 years. It's your scrote's penis honey not your diet. pomegranate juice cant fix mens disgusting ameoba dicks.

No. 2037829

what do they smell like, genuinely curious as someone who will never smell one

No. 2037832

>tried to hook up with uncut guy
>cock smelled like a garbage dump
>told him to shower or I was leaving
>he did
>cock smelled the same within 10 minutes

No. 2037837

Weird way to admit you fuck dirty dicks

No. 2037838

Sweat but x100. Nothing is more pungent than a man’s natural scent

No. 2037842

File: 1717646900270.jpg (42.04 KB, 735x877, 1000017132.jpg)

I once half-joked that I was glad I didn't have any male siblings because of their apparent, sweaty ball stank. Some anon responded with a crying pepe reaction image, wishing she had a brother for that specific reason.

No. 2037851

We need some married anons to chime in and confirm/deny this

No. 2037880

File: 1717650412372.jpg (49.58 KB, 640x480, 1000015158.jpg)

So if you bully someone by telling them to kill themselves and then they go and do it, is that murder to you?

No. 2037885

It depends. If it's part of a reptitive behaviour as in a school bully, abusive caregiver or in the case of an adult, some weird persistent stalker/abuser, then yes. If it's just some random troll online, in response to somebody doing something deplorable or one off, then no.

No. 2037891

I'd feel responsible for their murder, yeah.

No. 2037893

You encountered a joke in the wild woah I miss those here

No. 2037898

You'd have to have known about the person's mental state and a court would need to be able to prove it to charge you. It's incitement if you actively encouraged them to kill themselves and took steps to make sure it would happen and involuntary manslaughter if you knew it could have happened because of you

No. 2037910

nta but you're acting as if the clean ones smell any better kek

No. 2037919

if someone attempted and lived, but a person had known they were suicidal and sent a bunch of messages and made a bunch of posts they knew they would see saying jump and do it and laughing about it and their trauma, would they still be charged? like say they saw social media posts the suicidal person made and referenced them when they told them to do it?

No. 2037921

clean dicks do smell quite nice if its a dick attached to a man who you're attracted to! you should be attracted to your mates natural scent

No. 2037922

How do you know a mate's natural scent? Do you just wait for them to come home all sweaty, and then you smell them?

No. 2037926

Well if you are attracted to a man and he isn't a complete racoon you generally don't mind his smell.

No. 2037932

i hate all body scents even if it's on someone attractive

No. 2037938

Do you want a cookie

No. 2037943

? i'm just stating my opinion. am i not allowed to disagree on dick scents?

No. 2037949

But why share it. Truly, why. Has LC become an open diary

No. 2037953

because i like having conversations and sharing viewpoints and reading other nonnas viewpoints

No. 2037954

like why share this >>2037921 then huh?

No. 2037967

does anyone always have this weird feeling in the back of your head that youre about to do something horrible no matter whats going on

No. 2037969

Yeah thats precisely what we do
because its a fact

No. 2037977

Your opinion is wrong tbh

No. 2037983

Because they do. Bacteria causes funk, if it's clean it won't smell. Again, way to admit you only fuck dirty dick.

No. 2037988

How do you explain this anon's >>2037832 situation?

No. 2037991

Married anons, how much did your SO contribute financially to wedding expenses?

No. 2038003

Either a medical thing (infection) or he just didn't wash well. Idk anon, it's not like I was in the shower with him.

No. 2038022

If they wouldn't have done it without you being shitty to them then yes.

No. 2038040

>husband get diagnosed with strep
>Me and the baby aren't sick at all, think it's incubation period, almost months go by, never got sick
>Few months later, supposedly gets hands foot and mouth
>Nothing, not even sick, neither me or baby
>Months later, husband gets diagnosed with norovirus
>Still not sick, me or baby

How is this even possible? Me and the baby haven't been sick for over a year and I'm pregnant too. Is it possible medical lab results are faulty and picking up on non contagious things?

No. 2038045

Most likely the Lord God has sent angels to protect you and the baby during the times of illness that plague your house. Your husband most likely has what scientists call "weak jeans" AKA he gets sick a lot and his immune system is garbage. Luckily your baby seems to take after you, i.e. strong and courageous and is not afflicted with petty illnesses like your limp leaf of a husband. Going forward, be sure to express anger at your husband for falling ill and make sure you berate him that way his subconscious begins to associate being sick with getting yelled at (conditioning) and he will soon learn not to mention being sick or letting his poor immune system affect him so as to not upset you.

No. 2038048

File: 1717662006558.jpg (178.02 KB, 724x1024, FAFy9oEVQAQO6fI.jpg)

if your husband is the typical gamer phenotype, which I assume anyone who browses this site while married has that man, he is likely lacking vitamin D and proper nutrition to support his immune system and not collect and propagate every disease spore he inhaled

pic related, you can put him out of his misery if he gets sick again

No. 2038083

You'd have to search if there are any cases like that. All I could find from looking into it quickly was universities or hospitals getting sued because they didn't step in to help someone who needed it and endes up attempting to or killing themselves. But in the university case it got dismissed because they aren't doctors and not equipped to deal with such things. In your described case it could be argued either way, depending on other things the victim had going on and if there's enough evidence to pin it on one poster.

No. 2038103

Can anyone recommend good Japanese thrillers?

No. 2038108

hmm, maybe CureX…

No. 2038111

Misery (1990) but it's not Japanese it's American so you have to turn the Japanese dub on and pretend but it's a really good movie

No. 2038115

KEK anon please

No. 2038165

Would you consider BUYING a house/townhouse/apartment in a good location in the sense that you can bike/walk to everything (downtown/entertainment/restaurants are closer than work is, though), not have a car and its associated payments, but the HOA fee is almost 1000 a month?

No. 2038168

Why is it that people who vape are always at least mildly stupid?

No. 2038174

Addicts are weak minded

No. 2038177

Sounds very American. But if the weather never gets scalding hot I honestly won't mind. My dream is to live in one of these gated communities and have that kind of luxurious live where every place I like is close to home and I can go there walking or biking. And if I have a high paying job I'd definitely take an opportunity like that. But if the weather is too hot in summer I'd prefer having a car or an enclosed motorcycle with air conditioning. I can't stand heat.

No. 2038178

I've already looked through the catalog but can someone help me find the thread where an anon talked about the origin of the "salty coins and milk" meme? I'm pretty sure it was in the dumbass shit threads

No. 2038194

AYRT, American is correct. It's in a Northern State. Even clearing 80k a year I'm unsure since the HOA fee is something that would never go away, mortgage paid off or not. Curious other nonna's opinions and/or experiences in their answers if they're not knowing my specific details though and just considering their own lives.

No. 2038227

What does is mean if I keep dreaming about arguing with a friend who I love very much and do not have anything negative to hold against?

No. 2038236

I've done this before and will be doing it again in a few months (no HOA fee this time but an absurd mortgage most likely), but you should make sure you have access to good public transportation for when you get bored of your immediate surroundings.
You should also do some research into where the HOA fee is actually going and if possible how quickly other homes/units in the location are selling so you don't end up with a nasty surprise when you try to sell. tbh I wouldn't live somewhere with high fees again unless the home was much better than any other option I was looking at and I was positive that the money was being used on preventative upkeep and things of that nature.

No. 2038252

Nonnie your post inspired me to check out this brand and order the apple kiwi flavor kek fingers crossed it’s not disgusting

No. 2038275

No. 2038280

No the post was from a dumbass shit thread, but thanks anyways

No. 2038284

huh, I never knew they tasted good. now i'm curious.

No. 2038288

Boring answer maybe but I'd only consider it based on if that's affordable. 1k HOA is quite a bit, so I assume the homes themselves must be quite expensive too?

No. 2038316

AYRT I'll say they are a bit under 400k for the most part (almost all are under 500k)

No. 2038323

is it normal for streamers to thank people for coming every minute? i found a recent stream i thought was interesting but she wouldn't stop thanking people it was so annoying.

No. 2038326

depends on how rich i am and how much i care. i don't think i'd make enough to not give a fuck to that level so no. 12k yearly for bullshit housing fee is horrible.

No. 2038345

I see. The mortgage and HOA fees sound like a pain in the ass, we don't have that where I come from. We instead work and save money while still living with our parents until we're ready to leave the house, which usually means ready to get married, and when a parent dies we inherit their wealth and we use that to build a house from scratch on a land we either buy or our parent(s) own. Some people also opt to buying a house or apartment. So we rarely have to worry about mortgage, though there are people stupid enough to take loans from banks for their house or even wedding and engagement, and they spend the rest of their lives paying it, which is a frowned upon practice and not preferable. Blogpost but my dad used to be a poor villager until he ran away from home and faked his legal papers and got a proper job, and started hoarding wealth since then and has investments in some stocks and stuff and now we own 3 houses and he's a landlord, renting an entire rather small apartment complex, and has been retired for 20 years now but we're well off this way. He rarely pays for my shit though lol, but I'm hopeful that I'll be a millionaire once he dies and I get my inheritance, along with my job in CS which hopefully would be me a lot and I'll finally get to live in a better life somewhere I like.

No. 2038372

Personally, it all depends on the neighbourhood character and the quality of the condo. If you really like the condo, it's in a good spot, and you can't find anything else for the initial purchase price, and the neighbourhood is safe: maybe 12k is worth that peace of mind. You can always sell it later on if the 12k becomes too much. I don't think I'd accept a monthly HOA fee of more than $300 though.

No. 2038428

I have a question as someone uneducated in matters of prosthesis and internal female anatomy: Could a prosthetic uterus for women ever exist and would it actually be a decent treatment? Hopefully the question isn't too vague. I imagine a prosthetic uterus could provide structural support by taking up the space a uterus normally would for women who have had radical hysterectomies. It would help hold the ribcage and organs in place and prevent prolapses. I don't think it would fully solve the issue of a missing uterus, for example the woman would obviously never be able to get pregnant or have it regulate her hormones like the real one does, but it might still be a decent idea in supporting the internal structures as mentioned above. I was curious to see if anyone had ever thought of a similar idea and looked up prosthetic uteri, and was very upset to see that the only thing people cared about was an artificial uterus for the purpose of reproduction and not for women's health. Kinda hate to see the uterus be reduced to a baby-making organ and not something important for keeping structures in place and hormonal regulation. But grievances aside, is my idea retarded, or could it actually be a real possibility for someone to research and develop one in the near future? Or is there just not enough information to say for sure? I just wonder if there ever could be something like this to help women in need.

No. 2038440

That’s apparently how they get subs and tips. People like to hear someone acknowledge them, especially pretty girls, even if it’s to welcome them to the stream or thank for the dono.

No. 2038449

I think it could exist, and I honestly think it's a great idea. One of the main problems would be making it lightweight enough that it doesn't affect a woman's day to day life, yet made out of materials that the body won't reject. I know we're experimenting with taking a normal organ, stripping it of all its DNA, and then using someone's own cells to use the stripped organ as a scaffolding to rebuild it. I think that if you did that, then your main problem would be to convince the new fake uterus not to grow everywhere, like people with endometriosis, or to prevent it from responding to hormonal fluctuations by swelling or producing unnecessary or dangerous discharge.

No. 2038467

Sounds like a certain type of home ownership in my country where you technically own the apartment or house but the government owns the land so you still pay a fee to live there every month, although it's lower than a normal rent. Personally I'd wonder what the point of owning such a property was if I have to pay high fees to live there on top of a mortgage.
Gated communities also feel like gilded prisons to me but I also didn't grow up in the USA so it's just a matter of different preferences and what you're used to. If you really, really, really like it, then it might be worth it maybe.

No. 2038535

Thanks for the link, I looked it up and I just wanna make sure: you've had good experiences with this website, right? I'm looking at buying now and I just want to make sure it's a good source. Thanks!

No. 2038882

Is the chrome browser slightly slow on Windows or is it just my laptop? I recently switched from a macbook to a cheap asus laptop and chrome/youtube loading times are definitely slower on this one despite being newer

No. 2038886

If you have an adblock installed onto Chrome, it will significantly slow down your browser's performance when you have YT open. Biggest advice is to switch to Firefox. Now that Google's Web3 is coming out, most chrome extensions that deal with blocking ads or promoting privacy will be removed, so Firefox is a great option if you value privacy and an ad-free browser.

No. 2038921

I become comically horny every time I'm drunk. Like cartoonishly almost. Total goonette. Why?? Is it hormones??

No. 2038922

Is learning how to use a turntable easy or difficult? Do I need to know how music works?

No. 2038971

Thanks I do indeed have ublock and youtube is insanely slow when I'm trying to switch pages or click on new videos.
I've always been hesitant about firefox since it uses up a lot of RAM…

No. 2038977

Yeah, Google has purposely made it so if you're using AdBlock and have a YT tab open, it will slow down not only the browser but the computer too. Firefox uses a lot of RAM, but I personally don't find that to be an issue. I'll have games running on steam and Firefox open in the background and everything runs fine. Personally, the privacy thing was the big spur. When I learned Google sells your private emails to outside companies for data collection and uses it to tailor your search engine results, I completely checked out. Now it's Firefox and DuckDuckGo for me, and I got my own email by creating a website and paying GoDaddy for a email associated with the website. It feels much more free.

No. 2038978

so does chrome

No. 2038987

do deleted posts go to deleted-post-heaven?

No. 2038992

File: 1717714500845.jpeg (93.76 KB, 736x718, IMG_1148.jpeg)

Is it normal to still think about people from grade school even though you’ve never spoken to them again after that? I remember this guy I was forced to be in a group project with in middle school and he was acting touchy with me and I remember it so vividly and specifically and he was CUTE. I was an ugly, dorky and crusty middle schooler but I stg there was something there and then it was over and it made me sad.. but that nigga looked like an anime boy with the red hair and freckles and he looked so unique (he wasn’t white he was Hispanic but looked white). Is this normal or am I just being a horny tard reliving childhood memories?

No. 2039006

it's very normal, I still think about a friend of my brother, who I had a crush on as a kid.

No. 2039080

I won't want to get too specific, but I'm curious, if any of you nonas are involved with the shitshow that is /wvt/ and /asp/. Any of you?

No. 2039100


No. 2039101

It's the self posting vtuber generals of 4chan's /vt/, they're extremely dramatic and schizo and many of them backstab each other.

No. 2039116

Would love to know more. Vtubers are insane

No. 2039118

Alcohol releases inhibitions. It means you want to enjoy sex, but have a mental block about it.

No. 2039134

File: 1717723341272.jpg (1.14 MB, 1400x1000, scared emoji.jpg)

No. 2039160

No. 2039189

Do you guys think gentiles who had jewish face were taken captive when the holocaust was happening

No. 2039229

probably, jews are considered a race so if you looked like jew they treated you like a jew.

No. 2039267

Is it actually true that you're not supposed to analyze the situation/reactions when a person is venting to you?
I've been doing that as long as I can remember and I just read that it's actually considered something bad or insensitive. I genuinely can't understand why, isn't that supposed to be "validating" or helpful?
For example:
>it's only understandable that you feel (emotion) after all of that, (event) can take a huge toll on people
I also used to give advice but stopped because it was stupid and absolutely impractical in most cases.

No. 2039295

If it's someone close to you venting you can just ask them if they want advice, or to just be listened to, no? I don't think there's a set rulebook for that, just ask the person.

No. 2039304

I guess it could be seen as redundant or patronizing.

No. 2039309

I don't think that seems rude, it sounds nice. If someone said that to me it would make me feel less guilty for having strong emotions. But I have heard some things I think are nice are rude so I don't know.

No. 2039312

Do you guys remember that schizo anon seething about a friend of theirs suggesting they get a pixie cut and claiming they were trying to sabotage them because their hair was "thin and ugly" while anons was "the only beautiful thing about them". Lol

No. 2039315

i've only ever heard "don't give unwanted advice," the example you gave doesn't seem bad to me. i guess it just depends on the person. i wouldn't even call that analyzing tbh, it seems more like affirming how they're feeling.

No. 2039320

A good course of action, albeit something is stopping me from doing that when a person starts venting. I suppose it's the female socialization telling me to "read the room" more and rely on that instead. Fucking retarded, I know, especially since it only seems to fail and/or make things worse.
Makes sense, but that kinda seems to be the point of venting in the first place, if they're not looking for advice, no? By that I mean making them hear the words/thoughts they might've already had about the situation but coming from another person (echo chamber-like).
>If someone said that to me it would make me feel less guilty for having strong emotions.
Same, and that's exactly why I never considered that it might be rude to act like that.
>affirming how they're feeling
You said it better than I tried to do tbh. But what would count as "analyzing" to you?

No. 2039321

yes lol

No. 2039328

It's very commonly recommended and well-known in the nootropic community.

No. 2039365

Do you think that social media influencers are passed their zenith? In terms of popularity and relevance? My friend and I were talking about Youtubers that we watch and we started reminiscing about 2018 when all that drama between the makeup influencers went down, and it seems like the landscape of the internet has changed to the point where content creators on the web aren't so easily able to gain large followings of dedicated fans. When the makeup trend was going circa 2014-2018, entire malls were swamped with fans whenever a influencer visited and it seemed like everyone was getting brand deals and starting brands of their own. It seems so different now.

No. 2039495

I want to start going to the gym but I have bra size E and finding a good and affordable sports bra that keeps them in place seems impossible. Any recommendations? Regular underwire bra's dig into my ribs if I'm moving a lot.
In a sense yeah, where I live we used to have a national youtube gathering with all the most popular people but it doesn't happen anymore and they all became pretty irrelevant. I feel like it's all a lot more scattered now, there's still some big people but I feel like you can only get big within a niche now vs back then when people would kind of just do whatever.

No. 2039522

File: 1717761828180.jpeg (269.43 KB, 828x1026, IMG_7026.jpeg)

Should I buy this? I’m small and idk if I’m gonna look lost in this or if it’s gonna be a cute comfy dress

No. 2039525

It’s cute, get it.

No. 2039532

Looks very pretty! Where is it from?

No. 2039535

Thanks nonas. It’s by Voriagh

No. 2039536

Thanks nonnie! Hope it's worth the price, it's gorgeous.

No. 2039541

Would a bright green dress be suitable to be worn at a wedding as a guest? The cut is formal enough I'm just not sure about the color

No. 2039560

Can vaping make you smell ‘off’?

No. 2039616

Breath wise it can from drying out your mouth and changing the microbiome. Not great for your teeth long term either. Outside or oral health idk

No. 2039620

Yes, bright green is fine. The only exceptions are if the bride has requested that guests wear specific colors and green is not one of them, or if the dress is extremely opulent, so much so that it outshines the bride. But both those situations are rare, so you're probably good to go.

No. 2039621

Where can I post the censored version of my vargussy edit without getting banned?

No. 2039622

If it's one of the flavored ones, people with keen sense of smell can smell the flavoring on you and your clothes. And some women will have a keen enough sense of smell that they be able to tell that your body chemistry has changed because of the new chemicals you're putting into it. But that last one is usually only women who hang around you every day and so can smell when you start to smell different.

No. 2039625

be bold and post it here, I know you want to

No. 2039626

I want to so bad but idk which thread

No. 2039628

No. 2039634

No. 2039642

Wait is it only women that can do that? I thought I was crazy but I can always smell when men drink like shitty protein powder drinks they smell DISGUSTING. Or maybe it was just those two.

No. 2039643

KEK that's not censored you can't post porn here, delete that before you get banned

No. 2039644

What vitamins do anachans take? They must cover all the bases, all considering.

No. 2039646

from what I can tell most of them just take a multi. they are not good at nutrition.

No. 2039662

So your sense of smell can really be developed. I know one woman who went through the scent training in order to get hired by a perfume company and her sense of smell got so good that she was able to tell that an occasional smoker had walked into my house five days after the fact. Women also have a much better sense of smell by nature, but we're also more likely to develop our sense because we use scents items more than men. But yeah, it's almost exclusively women who can smell subtle things like that.
People's bodies will also react differently, which is why the same perfume will smell differently on people. So it may have been just those men, but I also notice that certain protein powders will make men smell like literal dog ass.

No. 2039788

File: 1717782246833.jpeg (90.74 KB, 1267x1427, IMG_8112.jpeg)

Okay so I’m considering turning a loft into a bedroom. The blue part is basically inaccessible without crouching and probably only good for putting storage stuff. The yellow is the windows. Does anyone have recommendations on how to organise this space?

No. 2039791

To clarify the bottom one is the floor plan and the top one is a site view

No. 2039808

Wtf does "butch vibes" even mean? I see this applied to the most normie looking women imaginable, even feminine women. What "vibes" are being picked up on?

No. 2039809

If she isn't an uguu pink pwincess she might as well be a man. That's what they mean.

No. 2039810

what are the dimensions of the space, i want to try making a layout

No. 2039816

Aww, I wanted to see it. Repost on sty or something.

No. 2039857

How do feral/street cats in Middle East cities survive the heat? I always get so paranoid even leaving my burger cat in my apartment with no AC because a bunch of online articles say anything above like 80° is potentially too hot for them.

No. 2039868

Has every single clothing brand gone to shit? It seems like every time I want to buy a classic brand that was known to be well-sewn and long-lasting in the late 00's or early 10's, I always leave their stores empty handed. I went to a Levi's denim store the other day and everything I tried on was poorly constructed and made out of horrible quality thin fabric, and the jeans were all still retailing for $120! It feels like everywhere I go to shop, I always just end up leaving without buying anything because the quality is so poor and the prices so high. I still have beautiful pairs of Levi's from the 2009 and they still fit beautifully and besides a little fraying at the ankles, they're in perfect condition. This new stuff looks like it'd fall apart after 4 washes. Why did the quality of so many well-known brands devolve so much between 2014-2024? Or am I just out of the loop and shop at stores past their prime & need to start finding new clothing brands?

No. 2039873

Cats evolved in the desert, so they are very resistant to the heat compared to an animal like a dog or a cow. Your indoor cat is likely descended from a lineage where the climate was cooler and humans intervened if they showed distress. Generations of this resulted in your house cat that can no longer stand the heat extremes of its ancestors.
Meanwhile, the street cats have been exposed to that heat not only their entire lives, but for generations where any cat that couldn't stand the heat died without reproducing. They will often have much thinner and more reflective coats. Plus they often find somewhere shady and sleep through the hottest part of the day.

No. 2039874

the quality brand jeans retail for 200-300 dollars now, the places that used to be good went full shitflation. you're better off thrifting or repairing.

No. 2039885

They find shade and go into alleys to keep cool.

No. 2039887

File: 1717788515905.webp (135.05 KB, 640x961, vagabond.webp)

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate his face?

No. 2039890

No. 2039891

They're built different (literally.)

No. 2039893

6 for an anime boy, 9.5 for a male in general

hate the hair and imagine him with long hair instead tho

No. 2039901

5, he looks a bit sick. With a different skin tone and lighting he might look better, he has potential. On a side note, I prefer the designs and art style of Slam Dunk, I think it was Inoue's peak work.

No. 2039908

fabric is literally not the same the past, cotton is not grown the same i believe. cheap clothes in the past are literally better than many mid-tier to high-end brand quality today.

No. 2039916

What is the worst bug/pest you find in your house? Mine is horrifyingly black widow spiders. I hate those murderous fucks they colonized a towel closet in my childhood apartment. Also waterbugs are fugly.

No. 2039933

Termites. I rent so it's not my problem but they were swarming in this one area by my door and it really bothered me so I poured Mr Clean on them (sorry, RIP termites) and they seem to be permanently gone now.

No. 2039956

pantry moths are really gross

No. 2039962

probably ants, just because my suite is ground level and they get in so easily and are annoying to get rid of

No. 2039975

Is this an average amount of leg hair?

No. 2039976

no, seems minimal

No. 2039977

You have a nice shape to your legs, and your skin looks quite healthy. Your leg hair is normal.

No. 2039978

If you don't have pets gel ant bait works amazingly.

No. 2039980

File: 1717793184379.jpeg (78.15 KB, 1105x661, IMG_8169.jpeg)

Does kissing someone with super thin lips feel bad?

No. 2039981

Oh okay. Was just curious.

No. 2039982

Why are your legs bald

No. 2039984

kek this post is making me realize i have super hairy legs for a woman

No. 2039991

If you think these lips are bad try being straight kek

No. 2039993

thank you for the suggestion nonny, i have 2 cats though so im limited. usually i put those bait traps around the house but it doesnt seem like it works tbh and i end up spraying them with raid when i see them and then having to mop it up right after so the cats dont eat it lol. its such a pain

No. 2039999

No, why would it feel bad? People with thin lips do more pecking or whatever but it still feels nice.

No. 2040000

pretty sparse

No. 2040002

This photo looks close to my lips and chin, kms

No. 2040004

>my mom's leg after she's done waxing

No. 2040006

We get wasps. The set up nests in the attic or in the space between the walls.

No. 2040008

These giant green flies. They're so big you can hear them flying from a small distance. Also flying cockroaches

No. 2040009

You're not crazy, Levi's has been shit since around 2017-2018, and unless you're buying the 100% cotton jeans, you're fucked.
It's now than ever that buying clothes is basically a sport kek, you have to go to multiple stores and just feel a superior attraction to the stuff you're buying in order to actually be able to wear clothes.
At this point I just want to learn how to sew and make stuff for myself, maybe for my family and such, because I feel like even thrifting must be a pain in the ass with all of the people sending their shir.

No. 2040011

I think lips like that look extremely cute and dolly like. Only on girls of course.

No. 2040013

File: 1717794650479.jpg (48.02 KB, 734x473, 1000016823.jpg)

Professional loners, how many years has it been since you had a friend? Acquaintances don't count, I mean actual friends.

No. 2040017

4 years since I graduated high school, so 4 years without friends. I don't even have online friends anymore since I peaked and my old friend group were all TIFs and handmaidens.

No. 2040018

Sorry for the weird question, but thanks for the feedback nonas, I just wasn't sure if the random bald spots were normal. I suppose so.
made me lel, I don't know.

No. 2040022

I'll say a year ago cause she ghosted me after my step dad died. Not sure why don't care to ask anymore

No. 2040025

if online counts, i have one friend. if not, then my last friend was…. 6 years ago. she got me to smoke weed for the first time. we stopped being friends because she was much older than me.

No. 2040027

I've had some work people message me outside of hours, does that count?
Otherwise like 2017. I went through a breakup and then realised that they were his friends, not mine.

No. 2040029

It's so annoying when that happens. I don't bother being friends with my boyfriend's friends anymore I'll just be friendly.

No. 2040030

About 17 years. Haven't had any friends since age 11.

No. 2040034

File: 1717795548277.jpg (39.49 KB, 217x420, 200418423.jpg)

same. I don't even have any online, it's just too difficult at this point and I'm better off alone I guess.

No. 2040035

As in people that I would hang with outside of just chatting during lunch break at school, not since I was 10, almost 20 years ago.

No. 2040036

Do cats and people you talk with via ouija board count as friends?

No. 2040039

I wish I could befriend a ouija board spirit. Any entity. Sleep paralysis demon or shadowperson or whatever. Or those DMT aliens. But you have to actually do drugs to maybe meet them, or somehow be lucky enough to trigger SP and get an actual demon you can see.

No. 2040040

You guys without friends since school what are your memories like?

No. 2040043

Mostly it's just older people that lived in my apartment before me and we talk about the weather and hobbies and stuff like that. They get lonely too so it's nice to have a chat.

No. 2040048

File: 1717796103340.png (1.11 MB, 936x939, tulpa.png)

Tulpas are always an option

No. 2040055

Why are so many desperate for attention? Online obviously but irl I've seen married women desperate for attention from random men even if it is degrading or creepy, or boomers constantly making things about themselves. Is it lack of o accomplishments in their life or lack of attention form their loved ones?

No. 2040058

Ive never bothered looking into tulpas further cause I associate it with the limbless peridot tulpa and the guy that tried to have sex with it, kinda ruined it for me.

No. 2040065

kek no doll has lips that thin

No. 2040078

The last message a friend left on my phone was in 2014

No. 2040084

Wasps and/or hornets nesting in the shutter roller thing. Everyone around us have huge rats but I guess my dad's house is too shitty even for them kek, our biggest threat is really the mold.

I started to see them a lot this year. Different colonies of ants in different rooms. I really like ants though, I respect them too much to call them pests, I always watch them for a while before they get inevitably genocided

No. 2040088

File: 1717798794525.jpeg (83.15 KB, 899x877, image0.jpeg)

apart from picrel, it’s been 10 years.

No. 2040129

incel school shooter/10

No. 2040158

Do you think lying about getting injured or someone close to you getting injured is morally wrong or bad luck? I have the photos I took when I got into a car crash and I want to use them as an excuse to get out of a social event. I wouldn't say I got injured, just that my car is being repaired and I can't go.

No. 2040160

6 years. Its so hard to make friends in university, I've switched university twice and every single time I could never form a solid relationship

No. 2040167

No, you shouldn't feel bad. It's just a white lie, everyone does it from time to time to preserve social standing. My pro tip is to get a death certificate from someone in your family that died a while ago, scan it and you can edit the date of death to whenever you need it to be. This comes in handy when you need to send someone proof of need for absence, like bereavement leave (vacation) at work, or missing an important appointment.

No. 2040168

genuine question because last year i bought a ouija board to do the same thing: do you talk to them alone? everywhere i read online says that you should never do it alone, but i want to
if you do talk to them alone how long have you been doing it for and you don't feel cursed or anything? i know it sounds crazy, sorry

No. 2040175

>Everywhere I read online says that you should never do it alone.
That's just horseshit propaganda by Big Friend monopolists, they want you to get together so you could buy soda and potato chips and spend more money to line their pockets. It's all a scam, you can do it alone and save a lot of money that way.
>If you do talk to them alone how long have you been doing it for?
I've owned ouija boards since I was 16 and I do it whenever I'm bored or wanna have chit chat with someone.
>and you don't feel cursed or anything?
No, it's mostly old ladies or sometimes old men that I talk to they just talk about usual stuff like the weather or ask about what's new in the world.

No. 2040178

thank you for your reply nona. it was people on reddit (i should have known) swearing up and down you'll be cursed if you do it alone, and i was worried
but your response makes sense. i love the idea of chatting with spirits and it doesn't scare me but i just don't wanna be cursed because life is already hectic enough. i can't wait to talk to some spirits. thank you so much!

No. 2040179

Even if they curse you so what? You're alive the spirits don't have anything on you. You're out of their league to curse. If one tries to scare you just start getting mean back and they usually shut up and smarten up.

No. 2040180

i love your attitude nona, you're right. i think i'll try talking to some tonight and i'll say goodbye if they wanna fuck with me

No. 2040184

Could one of you please talk some sense into me? Sometimes I feel really mean when I reject someone who’s flirting with me in public. A gentleman who had the kind of feet that stick out to the sides picrel who also had a major limp came up to me and was like I see you all the time, you’re someone I recognize a lot out in public! and at first I felt really happy because there are soooo many strangers who I recognize but don’t have the courage to talk to, even though part of me feels like they’re kind of my friend and part of my life. So I was like oh my gosh thank you so much for stopping me! I’m so glad you did so we can talk and make this little connection! and then he said Yeah I’ve always thought you were very beautiful, would you want to go on a walk with me someday? and I had to tell him that I recently got married. He was still incredibly kind to me and we still had a lovely conversation after, but I don’t know why I feel shitty when i have to tell someone news like that and then see them get visibly disappointed. Do any of you ever have this problem too? How do you stop feeling bad about delievering bad news thats actually really good news?

No. 2040191

Just remember that you aren't responsible for other people's reactions, that and most people forget about your interactions with them quicker than you think. It sounds like you two still had a nice conversation even after he asked you out, so at least he was polite and respectful about it. I'm sure he will quickly get over his disappointment and forget about it.

No. 2040195

File: 1717804328081.jpeg (29.49 KB, 299x215, IMG_8549.jpeg)

sorry I’m retarded I just realized I didn’t attach the pic
you’re definitely right nonna, i’m probably just overthinking it because i’m a pushover kek. thank you for your wisdom.

No. 2040214

I'm sorry I don't really remember how I finally got over it but I remember feeling how you do for a long time. I think the main point to remember is that you don't owe them anything so there's nothing to feel sorry about. Like why do you actually feel guilty? Do you think if you were single and you went out with him you would feel better? No. It's just not gonna be like that. He can ask you whatever he wants, he can literally be in love with you, but that's something in his hearts not yours, it is something he decided and it has nothing to do with you, you are just interacting with him as a fellow person.

No. 2040219

Ntayrt but that's a really helpful piece of advice thanks for sharing.

No. 2040220

I have very few memories. Can't recall most of school life either. I'm always amazed at how others can say the year and month something happened. At the doctor's or similar when I get asked when I had something done, I usually guesstimate, and when I check records, I'm usually way off.

No. 2040227

I had friends in highschool then got bullied by them and outcast and been pretty much that way since. I wish I could forget all those times I still think about them because I haven't had much new to reminisce on. That video in the tinfoil thread about the homeless 72 year old has me ugly crying atm. I can't envision a future at all. Every day feels like a pms day

No. 2040258

Why is it always the French and Italians who are the most elitist about their cuisine? You never see Mexican or Japanese people acting uppity over their food despite how ubiquitous it is. But God forbid you mention pineapple on pizza near an Italian and they act like you've just murdered a baby.

No. 2040261

Here you go

No. 2040271

File: 1717808557793.jpg (125.5 KB, 770x628, breakfast of the gods.JPG)

No you’re so right, nonna. As a burger, I can confidently say Mexican food is one of the greatest cuisines to ever grace this Earth. And every Mexican I’ve ever met is so happy to share their food in an unpretentious way Like, Italian pizza and pasta with TOMATOES (literally named by the Aztecs/Mexicans who cultivated it) wouldn’t even exist if they hadn’t been traded with Europe. One of the most important contributions to humanity ngl. I’m getting riled up just thinking about how fucking good Mexican food is. Where the fuck is their recognition???

No. 2040273

Meanwhile, Korean street pizza

No. 2040282

the fact that tomatoes, hot peppers, and potatoes are from the americas originally and frankly not that long ago but are claimed as culturally important / integral to specific cuisines on other continents, like as if they are the building block of their cuisine and you're not (for example) irish/italian/thai if you dont eat sleep and breath potato/tomatoes/pepper etc. blows my mind

No. 2040291

That's a good point, and I wonder about that too. While we're at it, who gets credit for the noodle? Italians or the Chinese?

No. 2040302

Ayrt and gotta say, Korea probably has the worst cuisine on earth. I blame their cuisine for why they're the ugliest, fattest and most dysgenic east asian country. This shit is why they need all those plastic surgeries.

No. 2040304

File: 1717809859530.gif (269.81 KB, 220x123, 1000017111.gif)

Well damn

No. 2040306

I'd eat that shit

No. 2040360

Where can I learn more about the 4B movement without being exposed to retarded libfems and butthurt moids?

No. 2040382

earliest record is from China. However with the processing of grains, rice, wheat etc I believe that much like the loom (which like most food is a product of silent and un-celebrated women's ingenuity) it sprang out not from one source/inventor and shared worldwide but rather sprang up around the world's civilizations independently and organically, some earlier than others.

No. 2040413

there are some korean radfems on twitter, if they don't speak in english you can use the translate option

No. 2040481

you're talking as if some random street food represents a country's entire cuisine
have you been to south korea? on average it's skinnier than the entirety of western europe

No. 2040491

File: 1717820274439.jpg (416.89 KB, 1920x1440, 1000017171.jpg)

NTA but I think you have a point, anon.

No. 2040493

korean food is tasty af and usually quite healthy and easy to digest, like kkori gomtang, baeksuk, etc.

No. 2040516

Do drugs and alcohol really make you say stuff you wanted to keep a secret?

No. 2040523

Yeah, Korean cuisine staples are rice, vegetables (particularly kimchi), and meat. It is incredibly easy to stay skinny eating Korean food. In fact, most of the food that makes Koreans fat is versions of food from other cuisines, like pizza, giant ice cream, and gamja hot dogs.
Not necessarily. For drugs, I'd imagine it depends on which one you take, and how much. But in general, drugs/alcohol lower your inhibitions, which might make you more prone to confessing something you've been wanting to say. The sober mind is much better at processing consequences and reminding you to keep your mouth shut. But it's not like some truth elixir.

No. 2040524

Yes. They make you uninhibited and they make your judgement poor, alcohol especially (not that drugs are better but with drugs it depends on the drug you're using).

No. 2040559

No, that doesn’t really happen the way you’re probably imagining.

No. 2040595

File: 1717829817190.jpg (82.88 KB, 1024x684, 1656165419781.jpg)

IMO it depends on how poorly socialized you are, among lots of other factors. When I first got drunk at a party I hooked up with a girl I barely knew and told strangers about my childhood sexual abuse. If you already don't know how to have a sense of decorum (which I did not, due to being sheltered), you will be a pretty chaotic and embarrassing drunk.

These days I still get lowered inhibitions, but they lead to impulsiveness, not confessionals. I'll make plans to hang out with someone who lives 3 hours away because it sounds like a good idea at the time. Or I'll buy tickets to something with money I should be saving. Stuff like that.

No. 2040604

hi nonnas, I think I might be in legal trouble. I did something that at the time I didn't think was illegal, but I realized it likely was afterwards. when I left the store I noticed one of the workers outside and I think he might have taken a picture of my license plate. not 100% sure. he was just nearby and I thought I saw a phone.

honestly the anxiety is fucking me up really bad and I know it wouldn't be the end of the world if the worst panned out, but still. I'd like some advice on just dealing with the stress bc I don't wanna be fucked up over it for weeks.

No. 2040609

What exactly did you do. Obviously don't say where you did it, just the actions.

No. 2040616

something didn't have a tag on it, and I put a tag I found on it from a similar thing. I know, retarded, I just was so stressed at the time over other things that I didn't realize that it might technically be stealing if the initial price was lower.

No. 2040618

How much was the price difference

No. 2040620

hm, I'm not really sure as the tag was off but similar items tend to range from 3-7$.

No. 2040629

they’re not going to get you for it. just don’t come back if you’re paranoid. no cop in the world is going to investigate $3-7 loss.

No. 2040630

What you did is called "tag-switching", and it is a form of theft. I really don't think anyone is going to track you down for a difference of less than 10 dollars. I think you're going to be okay. Just don't do it again, and maybe avoid that store if you can.

No. 2040639

the reason why I'm paranoid is that I believe I did see the cashier outside afterwards near my car with his phone walking away from my car. this is gonna sound dumb, but can I get some words of comfort just in case the worst does come true? people have been arrested over small crimes before tbh.

No. 2040643

How large was the store? It's really rare to get got on such a small charge. Even if the worker took a picture of your plate, called the cops, and pressed charges, it's likely your charges would get dropped, especially if you lack a criminal record. Not to rub salt in the wound, but customers do stupid, ridiculous shit all the time.

No. 2040646

Do you lip fillers make your lips feel weird or numb?
Do they make eating difficult?

No. 2040655

File: 1717835458123.jpg (56.44 KB, 1040x1000, asdf.jpg)

Is the Switch Lite really that much worse than a regular one? I don't believe in playing on big screens, don't like multiplayer games and think the regular one is ugly. Lite is cheaper by like $130, too and years of Pornstation Portable jokes rendered me unable to buy handhelds used.

No. 2040677

File: 1717837991751.png (40.31 KB, 425x859, like this.png)

No. 2040716

Do chinese people have their own imageboards? What are they called?

No. 2040802

File: 1717853132229.jpeg (34.61 KB, 600x600, IMG_1196.jpeg)

Is it a good idea for a 38 year old moid to be friends with a 23 year old woman?

No. 2040804

Shrooms do, in my experience

No. 2040837

Maaaaybe if you connected over some highly niche hobby or interest and there's no one else in your area to talk about said thing. In any other situation? Extremely unlikely.

No. 2040838

No, best case scenario is his an immature idiot who people his own age can't stand, worst case scenario he looks for younger people/women to befriend to see if he can manipulate into dating and be a deadbeat partner to.

No. 2040852

Are period panties/reusable pads worth the hype? It seems really nice but also really gross.

No. 2040884

I use them at home sometimes but overall they're not very convenient to use. The biggest issue for me was handling a bloodied or rinsed/wet pad in an area like my workplace, and having something to put them in when I needed to change the pad. They do smell like blood until they get put in a washing machine, too. IDK how women managed to use rags for generations but it was probably easy if they could barely leave their house

No. 2040885

Oh and I should add that I have really heavy periods. So normally I just use those towards the end of the cycle instead of letting them get soaked in blood because that can feel uncomfortable.

No. 2040889

I decided to try period panties one day and I'm NEVER going back to pads. They've honestly changed my life.
When I had pads I could always still feel when the blood came out and it made me feel gross and nervous that it would leak or bleed through (which occasionally happened). With my period panties don't even feel the blood come out, I don't get that icky wet feeling at all and I've never had any leakage (I have mid to heavy flow panties, can't vouch for light flow ones). I just feel a billion times more secure wearing them, and I don't have to worry about finding a bathroom to change pads/tampons because the panties last me a whole day.

The biggest issue would probably be if you don't have access to wash your clothes near daily, as you want a clean washed paired every day and the period panties can be pricey per pair (imo 100,% worth it though and I've bought 0 pads/tampons since then so it's cheaper in the long run).
I really think every woman should buy a pair and give it a try!

No. 2040891

Is the dating scene in London really that bad? I’m a burger going abroad for a year and haven’t had much luck in the states. I know the Brits can be ugly but is there any hope if I’m still in college?

No. 2040892

there are ugly people everywhere

No. 2040893

I'm a woman in my late 20s and I'm friends with guy in his 60s because we're in the same sports club. If you have a mutual interest like that it's no problem at all and feels natural

No. 2040894

No better or worse than burgerland

No. 2040900

As someone living in London and going to uni here, yes its bad. The moids are fucking ugly and unwashed here with patchy beards and always either malnourished or skinnyfat. Most guys have that ugly perm hairstyle too. There’s an abhorrent number of indian moids here too and London universities accept a shitton of chinese international students who can barely communicate in English. If you’re lucky you’ll find a few decent guys on campus but usually they’re fuckboys and already have a lineup of girls waiting for attention

No. 2040930

I always find it kind of cute when people are friends across generations. I think the world needs that.
Can you send a link? When I wear pads the blood always goes to the side, and I feel bad about the waste.
>>2036323 smh we already had queen cupcakke for this genre of music.
Hmm, i think british guys in general can be a little low effort and disrespectful, although the humour is good, and they aren't all gross. There's no harm in talking, but a good way to vet is to wait for commitment so you know the intentions, and to set boundaries early. Plus, meeting through friends is way better than on an app. I hope you find your person

No. 2040933

Just buy a steam deck

No. 2040942

How or where to find a suicide partner? Someone who wants to end it all with me? Preferably another girl

No. 2040960

Manifestation is the only way, otherwise all you're gonna get is men pretending to be women. If you're ok with a male then obviously reddit.

No. 2040964

bong scrotes aren't as bad as people say. you will come across many Indian moids and also Chinese ones

No. 2040965

I used reusable pads and it was a good experience overall. I don't have very heavy periods though and only used it when I was home. It would be a nightmare to change it at work

No. 2040967

dont do that but also if you lower your standards to choosing a moid then odds are high he's not committed and only in it to jerk off to the thought of your corpse and him tricking you

No. 2040990

This. There was a japanese moid who did that.

No. 2041003

File: 1717865676400.jpeg (86.3 KB, 735x753, IMG_1178.jpeg)

Why do so many of these shitty ass no experience retail jobs require you to do a one-way video interview? I just bullshitted on mine because there’s no way I’m putting maximum effort for a wagie position.

No. 2041009

why would you want this it's completely retarded. suicide is a solo act.

No. 2041031

Reminded me of this fast food shitty job that refused to give me a raise without going through a stupid application process and zoom class conference, then had the audacity to give me the wrong time and kick me out.

No. 2041034

Suicide methods fail all the time. Or what works for one, doesn't work for another. So even if you aren't taken advantage of by some not even suicidal oppurtunistic sadist like anons pointed out has happened before, If one of you dies and the other doesn't.. that person left alive is basically screwed for having played a role in their death. Try explaining that after.

Being suicidal isn't a crime. Encouraging someone else to go through with it or playing a role in setting it up though..

No. 2041037

Is being into a STEM field like engineering, maths, and CS "moidish"?

No. 2041046

Stereotypically yes, but it’s not a bad thing. Just enjoy what you enjoy nonnie

No. 2041073

No. 2041093

I don't think so and it makes me happy to see women who are good at higher level math and science to get into engineering, doctorate of medicine, pharmacy, chemist.

No. 2041097

You got it reversed tbh

No. 2041109

Wow wtf, do you work somewhere else now?

No. 2041111

They're traditionally gatekept male-dominated fields, but having interest into those fields isn't inherently moidish if that's what you're asking.

No. 2041114

no, but most of those fields are full to the brim with male autists and trannies to the point where their dominating presence turns off any slightly interested female student from pursuing them and in return makes STEM look like a cock and balls carnival that is excludes women

No. 2041119

Women in STEM is feminist as fuck
No it isn't modish hobbies at all, men legally "exempt" women from practicing many male-associated careers and hobbies and it will take more than a century of women in the workforce to overcome this deep discrimination, internally and socially. My mother is a massive structures engineer and last time I checked she was female when she gave birth to me and her job has no baringon her identity or sex

No. 2041140

Nta but (some) anons here do think that being into things that men are typically into makes you akin to men so i mean anon wasn't wrong

No. 2041154

Women invented CS and advanced it but were pushed out of it by autistic loser males, so no. It's actually a womanly profession. Being smart in general is a woman thing imo. Moids only get into it to look smart and get attention and money, never because of a genuine interest.

No. 2041182

Read you guys’ replies. Alright dang then i guess ill just have to live. I dont like doing it tho

No. 2041196

nta but i cant even name one algorithm made by a moid. Literally who knows about that shit except nerds ?

No. 2041198

Literally the first computer algorithm was invented by a woman (Ada Lovelace). The first compiler was invented by a woman (Grace Hopper). Most of the early "human computers" who worked with punchcard algorithms were women. The term "zero check" was invented by a woman (Mary Clem) who also ran a computing lab back in the 1920s. Before the techbro revolution, computing had loads of women in it. Even speed typing was women dominated for decades because it was "secretarial", but now it's somehow a scrote thing. I understand why you think this way, but before techbros and their predecessors started gatekeeping it, computing was not a scrote thing

No. 2041200

>Ada Lovelace was the first person to publish an algorithm intended to be executed by the first modern computer, the Analytical Engine created by Charles Babbage. As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer.

No. 2041208

Are you a tranny? Is that why the word moidish triggers you so much?

No. 2041209

dw nonna its just a retarded moid that crawls out of the woodworks every time this specific topic is brought up

No. 2041213

Yeah. They tried to keep me from quitting too but I said it was because family reasons so that kept them from hassling me too much about it.

No. 2041214

Nta but thank you for sharing your experience. I thought about getting a few pairs but I was worried about the leakage since my flow is always quite heavy for one day.

No. 2041223

Why do I get random waves of guilt every couple days? I haven’t done much wrong

No. 2041226

Yeah you can tell because he's also malding about anons saying women started CS

No. 2041282

Has anyone else had a guy crush on you and act passive aggressive when you tried to talk to him and when you cut him out of your life because he kept acting weird, make a fake social media account that you could obviously tell was him to stalk you? Am I going schizo here or is this a thing people do?

No. 2041290

Yes minus the passive aggressiveness if I talked to him. He'd be all over me and showing his dick within 2 seconds instead.
I'd just type his username into the login bar, click "forgot my password" and boom, found his very obvious moid email with a hideous bathroom selfie as the pfp kek.

No. 2041317

I feel like that's normal. I call it feeling the sin of life.

No. 2041318

Am I depressed, just introverted, or some level of schizoid

No. 2041339

You have to be all three to post here so most likely.

No. 2041341

Retarded probably

No. 2041345

collecting em like pokemon cards

No. 2041349

What do you do when you're constipated? I drink enough coffee to give me a heart attack and it destroys my bowels

No. 2041352

Start chugging water.

No. 2041353

Would you rather have a podcast-listening, red pill, 4chan son who plays Minecraft all day or a genderqueer xe/xem/fae/bunself daughter who makes TikToks about how exercising is fatphobic and education is racist?

No. 2041358

The retard daughter has less of a chance of committing mass shooting so her.

No. 2041361

Why do people spell their kids' in bizarre ways? Like the name Jennifer changed to Jhennyfer.

No. 2041366

r/tragedeigh. One time I encountered a "Saeleighnah" (Selena) on Facebook.

No. 2041371

to be yooneek

No. 2041373

I blame fantasy books

No. 2041380

lord why would you do that to your kid?

No. 2041381

imagine poor Saeleighnah trying to spell her name in kindergarten

No. 2041393

If you had to pick one country's traditional cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, which country would you go with?
I'd go with probably Vietnam, they tend to portion servings of vegetables, meat, fruit etc. in a balanced way in their dishes.

No. 2041396

nord korea

No. 2041399

No. 2041400

why is everyone suicidal in this thread

No. 2041401

I was gonna say vietnam because it's fresh and can be very light yet crunchy, but thai food warms up better as leftovers, but I will go with vietnamese

No. 2041402


No. 2041411

Am I mentally ill if I memorize the sounds that the skin of a man I find hot makes when it gets slapped or wet and loop it in my head to imitate the sounds he would make when fapping hard?

No. 2041414

No. 2041416

Mexico. Easy. Next.

No. 2041417

Yes, but honestly Stacy behaviour.

No. 2041418

Ngl my mom just forgot how it was spelled when she was told to write it down so I got a unik name.

No. 2041424

same but parents agreed if I was a boy I would be called Socrates, but I was a girl so i just got a normal girl name spelled wrong by mistake

No. 2041426

>same but parents agreed if I was a boy I would be called Socrates
good god wtf.

No. 2041434

Lebanon or India.

No. 2041451

Is "lore" the new trendy word online? I've seen it two days in a row and that was the first time it wasn't used for some video game backstory.

No. 2041453

Have you been under a rock

No. 2041458

I guess? I don't use social media.

No. 2041486

These are interesting questions but they should go in >>>/ot/2030872
Life after schooling is much better. You don't have to deal with professors or papers or tuition fees. You just get to live. Money gets spent regardless.

No. 2041489

Women in your mid 20s and older, where do you like to shop for clothing? I am trying to slowly build up a wardrobe of cute but well made pieces.

No. 2041508

maybe Indian if the prep time didn't matter

No. 2041578

God forbid, but I'm curious to ask: what do you think would happen if LC went down for a long time? I was reminiscing about PULL the other day and remembering how sudden their shut down was and all the Discord servers and secondary websites they made to regroup. Do you think something similar would happen here? I don't think LC is ever gonna shut down because I made a covenant with God and he promised to keep it open forever, but if it did what do you suppose would go down in the aftermath?

No. 2041580

Which country do you think has the most dramatic soap operas?

No. 2041581

Another cc bunker episode

No. 2041583

Probably some people would run away to Fujochan, and others would run to CC.

No. 2041643

Since pedophilia is the attraction to children, doesn't that mean pedophobia is the fear of children?(retarded)

No. 2041654

Khaliji ones in general because they all have the same ideas and stories and copy each other. My mom loves them and I saw some with her, one about some woman in love with a guy who has aids but pretends he has cancer, and is married to a British woman (who is he got aids from I assume) and has a British saudi daughter with, and the woman in love with him married his brother instead and is jealous of the daughter and abuses her all the time because everyone speaks arabic and none speak English, but the daughter only speaks English. Then there's an episode where the woman pushes the girl off the stairs and the girl gets in a coma??? And she has to live with the guilt for the rest of her life or whatever. Another one I still don't understand the story of is about a man and woman who are married and keep fighting and then go back to each other, until one day the wife falls off a hill and disappears, then is found by some old woman, and idk what happens after that. There's some comedy ones who are also weird af. Vidrel makes fun of the more common tropes in Kuwaiti soap operas.

No. 2041659

Samefag, but the Kuwaiti ones have this specific trope that became a meme, called "Jasem stole the company's money". Which when it was first conceived of and used, was a reference to some economic issues they had in the 90s, and the gist of the trope is some family owned company and there's always this one member called Jasem who steals the profit and runs away with it, leaving the remaining rich members of the family with 10 cars and 3 houses and an entire team of servants "bankrupt". Which is why people think it's funny and made tons of memes of it. I even used it to refer to some American cartoon character who took over the company of some dead guy and left that guy's son broke and orphaned because he's a minor and can't run the company yet.

No. 2041667

Some just want a unique spelling some parents are just attention seekers. I feel bad because the kid usually has to deal with a lot of misspelling or mispronouncing of their name.
I know someone who named their boy Archimedes

No. 2041823

How easy is it really to sell feet pics? I see women talk about it all the time but I feel like for something that easy, the market must be too saturated to get noticed or make anything substantial.

No. 2041840

It's one of those things that gets talked about all the time but it's all just empty promises IMO. For any sex content online, you have to have a dedicated fan base and be regularly interacting with them and playing the part. Most people wont make any money on just selling, the scrote is buying the fantasy that comes with it. Unless you're dedicated to the grift, it's not worth it.

No. 2041877

Some of the worst baby names I've encountered are: Tinsleigh, Sevauna (Savannah), Zaidan & Zyllon (twins), Maynold, Vitalitee, Breelynna, Treena, Pinki, Marshamae, Justyce & Chastitea (twins), Wildon, Bucky Lee (wtf), Mykal, Ozzee, and Exaviero.

I'm an ob-gyn, so many of these aren't the "final" child's names, just prospective names, but still I cringe every time I hear a pregnant mom talking about how she can't wait to meet "little baby Ruperto"

No. 2041879

exaviero sounds like an antidepressant lol

No. 2041897

This. Most people won't make much money on just feet either, the top sellers of feet pics are already established influencers/porn stars/onlyfans girls/cosplayers/etc. Nobody's spending money on nameless faceless feet

No. 2041902

I can beat all those. Was watching an old episode of "Rescue 911", filmed in a children's hospital. A preemie baby was born to some 18-year old white trash girl and she named her daughter "Destiny Renée".

No. 2041961

File: 1717909089721.jpeg (638.95 KB, 816x1914, IMG_1242.jpeg)

Are we really going to forget about Reality Winner? What kind of name is Reality? Especially when her sister's name is Brittany?

No. 2042071

Is it misogynistic for me to automatically hate morgpie? This is a genuine question

No. 2042077

Will character ai ban you for saying retard?

No. 2042142

This reminds me of when I did some practice at the paediatric vaccination station and saw a few kids named after celebrities like Beyonce, Neymar, and Rihanna. Sorry, but naming your kid after a celebrity is really trashy.

No. 2042221

I always read that schizos, whether -ids, -phrenics or -typals, have odd speech. But what exactly is odd speech?

No. 2042224

Word salad generally. It's a bit harder to discern since everyone types in word salad now.

No. 2042239

Going in circles in their paragraphs. They see "connections" (quotation marks for a reason) easier than others so they expect others to follow their jumbled train of thought too. I know plenty of simple autists who do this though as well so idk.

No. 2042240

How do you hold back your farts in public

No. 2042242

Use your ass muscles retard

No. 2042243

It still seeps out

No. 2042244

Do hospitals let you keep your placenta once you give birth?

No. 2042256

You can ask for it but most hospitals will throw it out so they don't risk biohazard lawsuits. I think there's some religions that eat it and they will let you keep but if your asking you're not one of them.

No. 2042259

ass kegels

No. 2042264

If a hijabi woman shaves her head does she still have to wear a hijab

No. 2042269

Hard choice but Soraya changed soap history with her existence and there will never be a more iconic baddie. Latin countries do drama best imo

No. 2042271

I was on a friend finding app, one girl messaged me but her interests say 'lgbtq rights'. She seems really sweet but I just can't deal with handmaidens. What should I do?
Yes, the head is still a body part that's supposed to be covered according to islam.

No. 2042275

File: 1717942396128.jpg (177.95 KB, 1200x675, Dynasty.jpg)

In pure numbers probably some Latam country, but none will top THE most dramatic soap opera from the good old US of A.

No. 2042281

Just talk to her, if she gets annoying about the qwerty rights just ignore her.

No. 2042284

i think it can be one or a combination of various things like word salad, disorganized speech, and poverty of speech (alogia)

No. 2042293

Thanks nonnie, she seems cool otherwise so I'll do that.

No. 2042299

a woman wearing a hijab has no choices

No. 2042306

Even if she lives in the West?

No. 2042310

regardless, if she has choices they are choices made to please and are influenced by the worst breed of scrotes

No. 2042398

Why did I get a call that, when I picked up, I heard one of my college buddies say "hello" literally in the exact same tone, voice, and cadence, then when I said hello it did the beeping thing that spam calls do and then a spam bot started talking to me?????? How the fuck would they have my friend's voice and how tf would they know to use it with me? We were going to hang out that night too. Wtf???

No. 2042420

Anon finds out her friend is an android

No. 2042424

the nonny show

No. 2042437

File: 1717952489991.jpg (9.39 KB, 230x307, bfdb004571fe5f29773c60a72612ae…)

ok girl we get it

No. 2042493

I'm only 24, why do I have nasolabial lines? How do I make them go away? They're not very deep at all, just like weird shadows on my face.

No. 2042495

You can't contract your sphincter enough to hold on a fart? I think you're incontinent.

No. 2042513

Do the joker

No. 2042519

File: 1717956082291.png (105.06 KB, 909x691, soyjackretardness.png)

What the fuck is up with the first thread on this >>>/sty/ hidden board

No. 2042522

It's big brudder now

No. 2042559

How would you guys describe what the American accent sounds like?

No. 2042563

When was the last pride that was just normal people showing that they're normal? When and why did pride become a huge rave with naked people?

No. 2042565

Did anyone tell ledabunny emo is back (I know she's scene) and I miss her where the hell is she how can you be such a moment as a civilian and not come back like girl get your coin

No. 2042573

Do you moisturize well? I took my mum's advice and started using more moisturizing and hydrating products in my mid-20s to prevent wrinkles. If you need a good moisturizer, try Ponds cold cream. The other thing I would recommend is to try massaging your upper lip and cheek. My method is to pinch my lip, so my thumb's on the inside and my index finger is on the outside, then grip the lip and rotate your fingers clockwise for a while. You could loop up gua sha techniques too if you're partial to that sort of massage. The reason massage is good is because sometimes without realizing it, our body stores stress in certain places, mostly in the form of tension, for some people it's the forehead, other's scalp, some the lip area. The tension can lead to wrinkles, stiff muscles, skin sagging, etc.. Massaging those problem areas is good because it improves blood flow and reduces built up tension: usually, massaging once in the morning and once at night helps. Also, remember to drink a lot of water! 2L a day. A lot of people are chronically dehydrated, and a healthy consumption of water every day will do wonders for you skin and you will have a very restored appearance. I've noticed a lot of people that complain about wrinkles are the same people that only drink 2 cups of water a day between 4 cups of coffee kek. Water is the one true saviour for skin.

No. 2042585

Sunscreen, a healthy diet without alcohol and plenty of excersise will do much more for your skin than moisturizer and dragging a stone across it.

No. 2042596

>hee-AAAyyy I'm going TO GO do something TODahheyayyy

No. 2042597

I noticed a negative tone in your reply and I just wanted to point out that this could have been a nice addition but for some reason you took it as an excuse to slight me. It didn't have to be this way. It could have just been a fun addition that would have helped the OP. Oh well though. Psychic vampires fester here at the end of the day.

No. 2042598

Nasal and sort of slimy and salesman-y..? Also, loud. I noticed on American talk shows and news channels everyone is practically shouting at each other

No. 2042608

My go to impression of an American for some reason is a surfer dude going heeeyyy myyyan how's it gyoinyg

No. 2042611

There are exercises that can age your skin more rapidly.

No. 2042612

Is Lolcow shitting itself on phone for anyone else too? Threads take forever to load, posts are missing, etc. Or is my phone just being retarded? Laptop works fine

No. 2042614

That's me lol. I just wanted to post my soyjaks because they're banned now

No. 2042615

Kek, I've been told that American English sounds barbaric and angry by Spanish speakers.

No. 2042616

No. 2042640

is there any somewhat decent paying jobs catered to autistic people? ones that do and don’t require uni would be good. i know of IT being something i could do remotely but id prefer to not study things that could possibly become obsolete eventually. i’ve heard of library work but those are becoming extinct + often need a pretty useless degree. i’m in australia if that’s any help. thank you nona’s im just struggling to see any hope for myself

No. 2042655

nta but long distance running 100%

No. 2042662

What does it mean now that French parliaments has been dissolved? Is this a positive for those anti immigration? Because people are crying and seething on tumblr? If it is anti immigration, then based

No. 2042681

What are some signs a moid has “settled” for you?

No. 2042703

>making snarky/passive-aggressive comments about you regarding things that he had never mentioned before (i.e. "You know, you're a little on the short side…)
>suddenly suggesting an "open relationship" (basically meaning he wants to fuck with someone else)
>acting annoyed/tired/bored around you and with you for no apparent reason
>seeming less enthusiastic about doing anything non-sexual with you (often these types of men only stay with women because they need someone to indulge their sexual urges/fantasies)
>seeming more interested in "hanging out" with his male friends (if he's going out "to hang with the guys" or whatever more than 2-3 times a week, changes are he's either full-out cheating on you and he's not doing anything with his male friends, or he's going somewhere with his friends that allows him to fulfill his sexual fantasies with someone he's more interested in, like a stripclub or something similar)
Hope this helps, anon!

No. 2042708

Does your color theory season thingy change if you dye your hair/wear colored contacts or do you go by what you naturally have?

No. 2042716

I would say go by your natural color

No. 2042726

When did you start using the site?

No. 2042730

if you're not a newfag you should at least know where to look to find the information. it's [ spoiler] spoilered text [ /spoiler] without the spaces
oh, you ARE a newfag. okay.

No. 2042733

using the board for a year and not knowing how to spoiler text is kind of wild

No. 2042740

I didn't mean to offend anyone. I literally never get banned except if I forget to sage though. Where does it say how to spoiler text?? The rules don't say how or anything. Literally no one has ever called me a newfag before because they wouldn't be able to tell unless I told them. Also I think its wild that people on here treat newfags like college students haze people in sororities as if they were born experienced farmers.

No. 2042741

I'm here about 7 years and spoiler shit so infrequently that I have to look it up just to be sure every time. Which puts me off spoilering.. which makes me do it less.. which makes me forget how to do it.

No. 2042742

A year and you have never been to /m/ or meta? Wtf

No. 2042745

I mean it's highly recommended that you lurk for a while first so that when you finally post, you already know how to do things like this.

No. 2042749

Any form of running or jogging.

No. 2042751

Has anyone ever tried to sneak illegal bird feathers through the TSA? Did you do anything special to hide them?

No. 2042757

Does Momokun have Mosaic Down Syndrome?

No. 2042789

I think instead of trying to diagnose complete strangers with various ailments and conditions you should close tab and clean your bedroom

No. 2042804

What site do you think you’re on.

No. 2042810

Is loli based off real kids actually illegal in the u.s? People use shadman as a example, but he only got in trouble with dafnes management

No. 2042826

Depends on state laws and what they constitute as cp or what they place under child protection laws. Some states like Texas are trying to change laws with AI shit in mind to enforce arrests regarding deepfakes and that’s just a step above “drawn cp”

No. 2042828

Don't care. Worry about your own FAS.(infighting)

No. 2042833

Probably depends on the state and if anyone cares.

No. 2042863

This is dumb and also fucked up. Does anyone else have a strong urge to just bite the penis off from a guy and swallow it?
It's so easy. I feel like a serial killer.
Blow Joe Cow is what that'll call me.

No. 2042918

Would you watch a youtuber if they had a strong ESL accent? I want to make a youtube channel.

No. 2042950

For me it doesn’t matter the accent, just plainly that I don’t find your voice annoying. There’s some youtubers that I don’t watch despite their content being OK because I just can’t stand their voice. You should be fine. FWIW I find british accents incredibly annoying.

No. 2042952

No because that would require penile contact with my mouth and I don't believe in that. Same effect achieved by cutting it and feeding it to the garbage disposal, although that's less visceral.

No. 2042971

sort of depends. i personally cannot understand some accents like indian. but i imagine your accent will get better the more video you make and the more feedback you get! dont be discouraged!

No. 2042979

Yeah, but it depends on the country. I find a lot of accents endearing though

No. 2042983

do you have some examples? i have an extremely high pitched voice. I fucking hate all the uwutubers that made their whole personality having annoying high pitched voices because now it feels like i am doing it on purpose for simps, when its just my real voice. I will try to pitch it down when i edit.

No. 2043000

iirc the reason people recommended switch over lite was because of the joycon drift. if you have a switch and your joycons stop working you can pick up new ones at any store and swap em out the same day. if they stop working on a lite you have to send them back to corporate to get fixed or try on your own and risk breaking the whole thing. this problem was impacted by the pandemic shutdowns and increased turnaround times so it could be months before your lite got fixed. i guess it depends on the risk you’re willing to take with them, but i know quite a few people who’ve never had any problems with their lites.
yes, a lot of popular youtubers are esl and have accents (pewdiepie + marzia, crazyrussianhacker, nikkietutorials, etc) make your videos, nonna!

No. 2043055

I don't mind as long as they enunciate their speech properly and I don't have to second-guess what they're saying. There's a Hungarian youtuber I cannot stand watching because his accent is so thick.

No. 2043085

yeah, I watch a lot of ESL YouTubers!

No. 2043197

I mean that sounds kind of cool but that would be extremely painful for the guy and I just don't think I could do that, ngl.

No. 2043213

Okay so I'm just really curious about something. Can you use more than one pad?? Because I always find blood inside the backside of my pants even though I was using a pad, and i thought maybe I could put one like, behind my underwear?? Would that even work? The thing is I have like 3 pads left and my cycle just started, so I don't want to waste any until I can buy more, have any other anons tried this before??

No. 2043253

I use at least two pads, sometimes three if they're too small/thin.
I usually prefer incontinence pads because I bleed too much during the first days, then I change to heavy flow pads, and then I change to normal pads.

No. 2043264

Are there more shows like King of the hill? animated or IRL.

No. 2043269

Cowboy Bebop

No. 2043272

Ty nonnie!

No. 2043372

No. 2043532

kek gua sha doesn't do shit don't lie to her

No. 2043553

At what point between stick figure and photograph does a self portrait count as sefposting

No. 2043588

File: 1717996671784.jpeg (128.04 KB, 608x872, IMG_6879.jpeg)

I tried a retinol for the first time and I got a couple red itchy spots, like if a mosquito bit it but I’m not sure if it’s an allergic reaction as it’s only a couple small spots on my face or retinol burn.
What do

No. 2043590

I'd be scared to try a cerave retinol

No. 2043592

whats the most white trash beer?

No. 2043595

Pabst blue ribbon before hipsters got a hold of it, bud light

No. 2043611

discontinue use, spot treat effected areas with a potent serum twice-over before your final skincare step, observe for one week, if you want to re-try that ret do it now, if not try a new one, rinse and repeat until one works
I like Cosrx, but as ever, ymmv

No. 2043619

also, keep in mind that cystic acne is bad, whiteheads are purging, but if you've turned up with any type of comodones after a single use of any product, that product probably isn't for you

No. 2043620

also hives are always bad

No. 2043732

How possible is it to guesstimate cockhead color from lips? I used to think I was pretty good but failed massively a couple times

No. 2043735

It varies a lot. It can also be the color of the inside of their mouth. And if their lips have slight brown discoloration on the border even though they are pin its probably just brown. Men with purple ish lips usually have the purple ish dickhead

No. 2043736

use skin tone not lips

No. 2043738

I despise the purple ones, looks like a zombie especially if veiny. Memorising these "tips" to avoid it, thank you
Do you mean undertone?

No. 2043786

What accent is this?

No. 2043791

Dutch I think

No. 2043912

File: 1718027049618.webp (14.77 KB, 1080x1080, img_8_1717663668927.jpg)

I really want to paint my white IKEA mirror (a Isfjorden), I got a sanding sponge, technical spirit and black paint (PU-Acryl seidenmattlack). Do I correctly understand that I need to sand the wood parts of the mirror, sterilize it with the spirit and then paint it? Or did I get everything wrong?
I have never done DIY in my life and I'm really just going off what I read.

No. 2043924

Some of my favorite streamers aren't cursed with native English. Love them all the same

No. 2043936

yes, the spirits certainly arent even essential, sand the wooden parts and add paint should be more than sufficient for a mirror - if you do wish to use spirits, use a very small amount as its main purpose is to help the texture of the paint and allow it to go easily over the wood, too much will do the opposite - and going in the direction of the grain is common advice for any woodwork painting (the grain is which way the lines of the wood are going) so wipe the spirits along the grain then paint in the same direction

No. 2043938

samefag, in other processes the spirits would be mostly used for removing oils and surface prep but if its prebought you can assume it wont have excess natural oils and you dont want to make it too brittle by over applying spirits or any harsh thing to the wood

No. 2043966

Would you rather be friends with someone shy/quiet or someone loud/obnoxious?

No. 2043972

The mods might be assholes about it, but personal I think that if you draw it, no matter how detailed, it doesn't count. Like, are the mods going to throw a hissy fit because someone spent twelve hours getting the shading perfect on their ears? Nah, if you make it by hand, then it prevents low effort selfie shit posting, so it should be valid.

No. 2043985

they can both be annoying in their own way, but shy/quiet

No. 2043995

Definitely shy n quiet

No. 2044007

Any tips for dealing with dealers? I have a number from a work friend and I'm trying to get some mandy and weed for festival season. I've never done this before I'm nervous af. I'm meeting them tomorrow in a car park nearby. Guns and pepper spray is illegal here so that's out. I'm thinking about carrying some Deap Heat.

No. 2044009

>pepper spray is illegal here
welp I guess I better not carry pepper spray to my drug deal because I care about the law

No. 2044010

what are the female only sections in co-ed gyms like? are they pretty private and secluded usually so you don't have to see/hear any men at all?

No. 2044030

I don't give a shit about the law. Illegal means I can't rock up to Boots and get enough gas the place.

No. 2044085

Where do people get their hands on drugs? Especially as a shut-in that has no friends?

No. 2044089

From my very limited experience in co-ed gyms, (I go to a women's facility now) the women's section is usually just a room in the back of the gym with lots of equipment and a locker room and bathroom. Its pretty quiet, but you could still hear other people outside, because its usually just one room, at least st the gym I went to for awhile. There was also kind of a men's room where the majority of men went to work out because the gym was more oriented towards women, so most of the men working out used the men's room to avoid getting stared at or whatever. Hope this helps!

No. 2044091

File: 1718038019007.png (32.89 KB, 440x354, Screenshot_2024-06-10-12-49-04…)

Has anyone ever used the anonymous chat rooms online like y99chat? Are they any good and are they safe?

No. 2044094

They're usually full of moids wanting to sext or trauma dump

No. 2044098

The internet, I won't elaborate any further

No. 2044212

What's a GOOD website for audiobooks? Because audiobookbay's search function and/or catalog is shit

No. 2044216

No. 2044220

You can buy them online or just lie to a doctor or therapist and get a prescription

No. 2044223

Retard answer
There's a shit ton on youtube and internet archive but I recommend searching the pirate mega thread on reddit and see what you can find in there

No. 2044227

Cool, thanks!

No. 2044261

Carry the exact amount of cash you'll need and don't bring anything valuable (jewelry, airpods, etc). Have a little purse or bag to slip the drugs into once he gives them to you. Dress cleanly, but cheaply. So nothing name brand or expensive. If someone feels wrong, like he shows up with a bunch of other men, just leave. Tell someone you trust where you'll be. If you don't trust anyone enough to tell them you're buying drugs, tell them know you're buying something off craiglist and where and when the exchange is supposed to happen. And finally, don't be too disappointed if the dealer never shows and blocks your calls, if they weren't flaky pieces of shit, they wouldn't be dealers.

No. 2044264

I mostly use Libby and Hoopla apps with my library card. I have a library card from a city I used to live in that is super expired but it still works in the apps so it might be a one-and-done thing. I wonder if I could access more audiobooks if I switched between library cards… have not experimented.

No. 2044267

Weed in America is super easy to get nowadays and usually you stroll in to a weed doctor who will write you a prescription. But if you can't do that, download tinder, use a heavily photoshopped photo to make yourself prettier, and put that you're 420 friendly. Swipe yes on anyone without a buzz cut or who isn't a cop. Then, once you've matched, explain that you're just looking for a weed hook up and nothing else. Most people will be pretty chill and if you find anyone who wants to meet up to sell you something, meet in Panera and trade it there. If you're really nervous, you can set yourself as female searching for female, but your chances of finding what you want are much rarer.
Once you find a weed hook up, you'll then usually be able to inquire about other drugs and if they don't have them, they'll know someone who does.
Or, go to outdoor music festivals. There's tons of drugs. Avoid cops, they're pretty easy to spot, but you can look up tutorials on exactly what to look for to avoid them.

No. 2044273

File: 1718048616862.jpeg (28.59 KB, 488x488, GUEST_feb129a5-897c-4f4d-b547-…)

I have to do a vag swab for this test. For it to be as accurate as possible, should I do a swab before a shower or a few hours after?

No. 2044297

for hoopla you need to switch but with libby you can keep collecting library cards like infinity stones and it even notifies you if you new library has books you requested or wanted to read at your old library.
seconding >>2044223
but also for any media, you can just search on yandex and usually find it.

No. 2044338

Do you think being pretty is a quality? For context I was saying to a friends that I don't know what my qualities were, she said one of them was that I was pretty, and I immediately responded that I don't consider it one because I don't care about the way I look, that it brings me nothing positive in my daily life, that since I put zero effort into it I don't take pride in it and that it's not an indicator of who I am as person. She just said she disagreed, but I can't help thinking that equating attractiveness with a quality is very vapid.

No. 2044339

What do other Nonas do if a thread you liked dies? Just keep throwing milk at the wall to see what sticks, accept it, wait for something big to happen however long it may be?

No. 2044346

Not a quality, but definitely an advantage. People get these two words messed up a lot, because an advantage to you is a quality from the other person's perspective.

No. 2044375

I have dark brown hair but it gets too light in the summer, should I dye the underside black just for the heck of it?

No. 2044382

I agree with you, it's vapid and temporary and not something I'd consider a very good quality. And I don't even mean this in the "you'll get old and be an ugly hag one day" way because grannies and aunties are cute, I mean literally anything can happen - you can get sick, someone can break your nose, you can go through a stressful period and gain weight or break out. It's def an advantage as another anon said, but too fickle to consider it a quality imo.

No. 2044384

Maybe truly stupid, but do teenage/tweenage girls still listen to pop music? 10-15 years ago there were many popstars (Justin Bieber, 1D, early Taylor swift & Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ, etc) geared towards the 9-14 female age group. Nowadays it seems like most pop is geared towards gay men and/or is overly sexual (Dua Lipa, Charlie XCX, Cardi B, Drake)? Am I missing something? Is it because of the decline of Disney shows?

No. 2044388

No, they just listen to whatever is popular on tiktok. Which is usually rap or hyperpop

No. 2044407

Can autists also be extraverts? One of my extremely extraverted and socially well adjusted friends is claiming to be autistic now

No. 2044408

I never considered it an advantage in my case as I never uses it for anything nor did it bring me anything good, I know ugly women get mistreated so badly so I guess I avoided that, but I never got anything out of pretty privilege. Maybe she said I was pretty just to nice lmao.

No. 2044415

Smart autists can program their own set of social skills through adaptation

No. 2044426

I've known some who are. They are outgoing and want to make friends, especially with people that they think share their interests, but sometimes it is hard for them bc the autism still shines through (mimicking "odd" sounds/pronunciations in front of the person who said them, having a hard time parsing subtext in a conversation, etc)

No. 2044454

What happens if I do a balance transfer to a card that already carries a balance?

No. 2044457

Literally me, I'm an extrovert and I love meeting people to talk about shit but I have shit social skills.

No. 2044472

Why isn't it more popular and widespread to convert salt water into fresh water for consumption? Is it too much work or just not enough plants to do so exist yet?

No. 2044476

One of my autistic friends is one of the most extroverted person I know, she's outgoing, has many contacts, and can make great conversation (though she kind of gets that autistic stare when you talk about something that isn't one of her special interests).

No. 2044480

desalination is a very energy intensive and expensive process

No. 2044563

I had an autistic friend like that in the past. Remains one of the most clever people I've ever met. Rare but possible. I believe it's because her brother is also autistic and she was stuck managing everything and everyone, but she's one of the most high-functioning and personable people I've met not even included in the bracket of autism. Weird as fuck interests though.

No. 2044590

do you think 3 months is too long to have a rechargeable disposable vape

No. 2044595

what were her interests, now im curious

No. 2044596

Yeah, the most talkative and outgoing woman i know is autistic. She still is clumsy socially, very blunt, has autistic convo style etc. but it blends well with her extraversion

No. 2044603

Weird ships in programs that haven't been on television in two decades.

No. 2044623

What's the actual origin of the whole Russian "life is suffering, keep toiling among potatoes" mindset?
I've read some books about Russian WWII battles and they were incredibly brutal, but this definitely predates it, like in classic literature.

No. 2044635

Who tf is in the femcels arent real banner

No. 2044640

The fuck is ropemaxxing and why do zoomers love to say that

No. 2044647

It means killing yourself

No. 2044655

Would it be wrong for a questioning woman, who has never had sex-with, kissed-with, or dated-with men, to prefer seeking out bisexual women as opposed to lesbians?

No. 2044707

I see some twitter burgers say that any amount of native American DNA means you can claim being native but is that actually accurate or is it just to gain ID points? Are people who claim that their great great great great grandmother was a Cherokee princess not a meme anymore and are to be taken serious?

No. 2044718

Did they ever reveal which city has the most lolcow users?

No. 2044723

Look up Russian soul

No. 2044731

I think lesbians would prefer that. You'll find no shortage of bisexual identified women who feel the same way as you, usually the ones in relationships with men and "having fun on the side."

No. 2044733

Is it normal to feel like you have to pee all the time before and during your period? I had this feeling ever since I got periods like since puberty, then it stops once the period is over.

No. 2044738

>I know ugly women get mistreated so badly
Maybe it's because I've never been attractive (kek) but I'm ugly/average and don't feel like I'm treated poorly because of it. I'm sure people would be nicer to me if I was pretty but I think my only flaw is being retarded. Do ugly women really get mistreated? Isn't being invisible to sexual harassment a blessing?

No. 2044742

I've been mistreated because of my looks (like directly, bluntly being called ugly and compared to ugly things, receiving stink eyes and such) but it was by other women, not men

No. 2044762

That's usually a sign you're chronically dehydrated. Are your muscles tight and sore too?

No. 2044765

I drink tons of water daily though so idg how dehydration is possible. No my muscles aren't, I just get the usual period cramps and pre-period cramps.

No. 2044785

I've never experienced that, no. And I can't say I've ever heard anyone mention it. But if you ask a gyno they might know?

No. 2044860

File: 1718089286289.jpeg (110.62 KB, 737x1024, IMG_5051.jpeg)

So people with dementia forget when they’ve eaten and are suddenly hungry again despite having eaten like 30 minutes ago?

No. 2044895

Is there anywhere I can go to get art critique that isn't here/4ch or infested with troons/coomers/children?

No. 2044907

That's possible yeah, though boredom can also be part of it. The overeating can disappear again as the dementia progresses.

No. 2044954

Can it be a sign of autism that you're constantly overwhelmed by work things like having to contribute at meetings, one on ones, and calls in general? They feel like big, anxiety inducing things and I usually have zero input, although this could be because I'm not invested in it at all

No. 2044962

No, its a sign of anxiety.

No. 2044986

Any recs for travel channels on Youtube? I don't leave my house much so I live vicariously through them. I'll watch anything but I prefer channels that aren't hyper positive.

No. 2044994

They do this with meds as well, they forgot they completed a task and something triggers them into doing it again. They might eat but smell food, or see dishes still on the table, and think it's time to eat again. If you have a relative with dementia who does this it's a good idea to keep lots of hydrating foods on hand like jelly pots and pudding because people with dementia don't drink enough fluids.
Giving actual critique is tantamount to genocide these days so not really. You could take a shit on a piece of printer paper and someone would praise you for pushing the boundaries of art. You'd have to look for specific art critique groups for students looking to get into uni, which aren't the easiest to find, or go offline and look for an art teacher who can give you critique as well as lessons.

No. 2045022

that sounds like normal anxiety

No. 2045025

yes, absolutely! one of my most obviously autistic friends has always been an extrovert. i think it's even more common when they also have adhd and like things to be "busy" all the time

No. 2045026

yeah, they just listen to kpop now instead of americans

No. 2045266

Why are foot fetishists overwhelmingly male if the same part of the brain that controls said fetish doesn’t differ by sex? Or does it?

No. 2045283

It does differ by sex (obviously). Though it's not just foot fetishes; men are more likely to have paraphilias in general. Any fetish community you see will be mostly males e.g. furries

No. 2045394

I made an appointment with my mom to watch a movie together next week except I now am reading about the movie properly and it is apparently about things that will certainly give me nightmares. I expressed this to her but it’s based off a book she loves and the producer etc will be there for an event as well. I want to go to do something fun with her but I also know it will weigh on me and be emotionally difficult… what should I do

No. 2045408

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be friends with tutors/teachers/professors of the opposite sex, and that if your instructor wants personal contact then it seems weird, right?

No. 2045423

Try to get yourself in a mindset where horror won't affect you as much?
Maybe look up behind the scenes special effects or actors goofing off in order to see the movie as more fake.

No. 2045425

I think being friends with a professor/tutor/teacher is not a big deal depending on what you do/the level of education.
If you're a kid in school, you shouldn't be friends with your teachers.
If you're an adult in uni it's not a big deal being friends with your professors because they're interesting people that know of the stuff you're learning about, if it's your teacher for some course or workshop and you get along with him/her, then it's okay as long as you're an adult.
Like, it's only creepy if you think it's creepy and it's very subjective once you're a grown ass adult, when it's a kid though, it's creepy that a teacher tries to be friends with a student.

No. 2045432

Is it important for her you're there for that specific event? If not you could offer to do something else with her some other day instead.

No. 2045444

What do you do if you're talking to someone online in a fandom space and you find out they're way younger than you? I don't exactly seek out very young fandoms so I was shocked that the person I was chatting about fanart and OCs with ended up being still in fucking grade school. I don't mind participating in discord servers or even chatting with friendly strangers in DMs as long as it stays casual and more or less anonymous, but this just makes me feel weird.

No. 2045448

Canadians what's the problem with indians right now? Mods I'm not trying to race bait I'm just really curious why a lot of people are hostile to immigrants out of nowhere

No. 2045455

If you're chatting with literal children you should stop immediately. In fact you should block any child that tries to talk to you online.

No. 2045460

on ios, you used to be able to see the previous wallpaper and lockscreen pairs you've had before, but now i can no longer find a way to view those again. i feel retarded as fuck and it's frustrating me even more that i can't even figure out what to look up to find answers. i changed my lockscreen and it immediately gives me a popup to choose between the "pair" option (making the wallpaper a blurry image of your lockscreen) or picking an image from my gallery for my wallpaper. what am i missing ? did they remove the feature ?

No. 2045474

I read a post the other day on here that said that men will like feet but women will like hands. I'm not sure how true that is.

No. 2045481

File: 1718138063215.jpg (19.09 KB, 564x317, 13def9772ce8d1813f0f91a5248776…)

>In fact you should block any child that tries to talk to you online.
Lol, this is such a weird take. You can talk to kids online about innocuous things. Probably ten percent of the crochet discord I'm part of are kids 11-16 and all they do is ask beginner questions or post pictures of their attempts at crochet. We don't try to groom them just because we're adults and they're kids.

No. 2045488

That happened to me once and I immediately cut PRIVATE conversations, I only ever wrote to them publicly when they'd interact with me. Not for some male ass reason like oh no what if they accuse me which is rlly just men telling on themselves but because it personally didn't make me comfortable to talk to someone with such different brain chemistry and life experience as me.

No. 2045489

Jesus anon, I stopped responding once I found out. There's no need to reply like I'm actively sniffing out literal children online.

I remember posting on digital pet forums and the like when I was a kid that were also frequented by women in their twenties and thirties, but the climate online has changed a lot since then. I don't think I will participate as much in that fandom because it skews way younger than I thought it would and that's just annoying for other reasons.

No. 2045496

I hope I don't get banned for this, but the truth is I have personally observed and heard from multiple friends that the Indians are not only very racist towards anyone who isn't Indian (they're so racist they won't hire anyone who isn't Indian once they get into a hiring position within a previously diverse and tolerant company), but that they will also openly sexually harass women at work and suffer no consequences from it.
My two professor friends say that not all Indians cheat, but that if she discovers a cheating circle, it's only ever Indians. They also cheat the system very openly by applying for a student visa, and then working and staying long term instead if getting their degree and going home like they promised during their application. Which it's fine to immigrate, but don't cheat the system and ruin it for everyone. There's also the problem that universities hire Indian professors because they're cheaper, but their accents will be so thick that you can't understand a single thing during the lecture. And when you complain about this to your dean, they accuse you of being racist, even when you go in groups of thirty students or more.
Plus, the country is so crowded that rents just keep rising, and the government keeps importing millions of people, most of whom are from the continent of India, so people are just starting to get really mad at the unchecked immigration in general.
Ultimately, they just have a different culture than the one found in Canada, and it's one that's racist and doesn't respect women.

No. 2045523

everything >>2045496 said. theyre slowly turning canada into india2.0

No. 2045538

what is that website that tells you what nearby IP addresses have been searching? or did I dream that

No. 2045539

its in the snooping thread somewhere, and I think it was showing things that nearby ips download

No. 2045543

this is the same as the uk. Indian scrotes love to drool and stare at young white women. Just look at the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal. Idk if I get banned for this but those migrant smelly scrotes deserve to drown in the sea

No. 2045546

I had this saved since I saw it like a year ago kek: iknowwhatyoudownload.com

No. 2045549

Omg I was just coming back to say how I just found it kek, but thank u nonnie

No. 2045556

The food is also overhyped sorry just is, Chinese food is better.

No. 2045573

I was talking in the context of a "fandom space." Fandoms are almost always full of people posting sexual content, making sexual jokes, etc. even if they're SFW. It would be a different situation in the case you're talking about or if it were say a music forum and people were discussing the best programs to use or whatever. Male-dominated fandoms are especially bad; "SFW" becomes "not hardcore porn" and there's non-stop borderline porn posted.

Wasn't implying you were.

No. 2045579

They’re importing Chinese and Koreans there as well. That place is no longer Canada anymore lmao(racebaiting)

No. 2045656

isn’t wearing a pad basically free bleeding

No. 2045663

No, because the pad is still menstrual product collecting the blood.

No. 2045669

Oh. What is considered free bleeding? Just bleeding and like wearing a skirt or no pants or being naked because all the resources I’m looking at have conflicting answers kek

No. 2045670

It means not wearing any menstrual products like diva cups, pads or tampons.

No. 2045671

I thought it was no menstrual products at all. No tampon, pad, cup, period underwear. Just like wearing the same thing you'd wear if you weren't on your period

No. 2045678

Do you think we’ll have another hellweek this summer? I think they’ll either do that or save it for winter, the tail end of the year maybe

No. 2045681

i bet jannies will close another thread instead of a hellweek.

No. 2045714

wouldnt mind unpopular opinions being shut down because people cant behave and that thread is a troll magnet

No. 2045848

why do you think they say 5, 6, 7, 8! instead of 1 2 3 4

No. 2045912

can a kind and pure souled nona please hand hold me on how to pirate adobe photoshop, i am le poor student and also retarded. thank you

No. 2045940

File: 1718165367519.jpeg (136.22 KB, 1124x1457, IMG_6919.jpeg)

because then the count would go 1234 1234 5678 instead of 5678 1234 5678
you could do 1234 5678 1234 5678 and then you get to count more

No. 2045943

what’s that term for someone who’s a bad influence? it’s not scarlet letter it’s something else

No. 2045970

Black sheep?

No. 2045976

bad egg?

No. 2045995

Rotten apple?

No. 2046003

Red flag?

No. 2046005

Bad seed?

No. 2046018

Is Chrischan actually /high/ functioning autistic? I cant imagine him ever being able to live independently. Was he high functioning as a child but he just regressed so poorly after high school? I'm not a chrischan scholar so no bully pls

No. 2046020

Nta I thought black sheep was just another term for outkast

No. 2046021

No. It's an excuse to justify what they all did to him.

No. 2046099

File: 1718187781533.jpeg (5.14 KB, 318x366, susej.jpeg)

Why are there so many flavors of Christianity??? Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Orthodox—I don't get it… they all worship Jesus right? Why they gotta make so many separate clubs for it?

No. 2046102

Because tribalism and different interpretations of the Bible

No. 2046104

Bad apple. spoils the whole bunch.

No. 2046108

Is anyone else weirded out out when stores predominantly sell random shit but also have a food aisle? Like you dig your way through the candles, painting supplies and marvel merch to find a bunch of random instant ramen and sauces. It feels so unreliable for some reason even though I bought stuff there before and it was never bad.

No. 2046113

Humans love to infight about nothing. Fuck the proddies though they will never know the taste of delicious jesus bread

No. 2046121

Yeah, ngl I’ve eaten some TJ Maxx food though

No. 2046178

7zip, winRAR or The Unarchiver? Which is best for unzipping files?

No. 2046198

No. 2046218

What's a nice small gift I could give to my lash tech for having to cancel my appointment last minute last week? I feel really bad and I want to bring her something as a small sorry. I'm not sure if she drinks coffee or anything or else I'd just bring her a Starbucks

No. 2046223

Do you know if she likes chocolate? Maybe you could get her a box of chocolates, if she won't eat the whole thing herself she can share with coworkers or customers.

No. 2046241

nonny omg how did i not think of chocolate! i think i'll pick up some chocolate covered strawberries. thank you!!

No. 2046245

what do you do if your kids hate part of their heritage? like specifically yours that they've inherited, abortion is out of the question, and telling them to stop bc its racist/xenophobic seems retarded, telling them to stop bc it hurts your feelings seems manipulative, can't be withdrawn from them since it could be called neglect/emotional abuse, do you just put up with it? what do you even do if they have good reason to hate your heritage? asking bc i was thinking about mixed white supremacists/neonazis that have a non-white mother and about people who's mother married for a green card/europassport

No. 2046246

>chocolate covered strawberries
nonnies playing the long game, get your lash tech to fall for you to get refills for life

No. 2046248

kekk i wish, she's the sweetest and so gorgeous. i feel like the biggest pos for cancelling on her

No. 2046250

I can once I'm off work, but if you need it right away, search for the subreddit "piracy" and go to the FAQ and it will tell you exactly what to do and where to go.

No. 2046282

Any anons who have travelled by themselves, how was it? Was it hard to find everything or was it nice to be able to do whatever you wanted? I really want to go to my neighbouring country but I have no one to go with who wants to do the same type of things.

No. 2046287

Discuss it with them. They might feel left out of that culture, or they could hate aspects of it which they don't agree with, or they might get picked on at school over that part of their heritage.
There's no point telling them to stop hating something, that's plain retarded. Figure out why they hate it, have an adult conversation with the kid where you're not judgemental or preachy, let them think it through and come back to it when they feel ready to talk about it again.
You gave examples of green card marriages and white supremacists/neonazis. Green card marriages do tend to involve a shitty moid who wants to wife shop and holds his citizenship above his wife's head AS a threat, the kid will definitely grow up hearing how Mom's a hooker who'd do anything for a passport, from the dad, the rest of the family including mom's family, and everyone at school. The only way to get around this is to show the kid how shitty everyone else is and teach them that Dad had to buy a mail-order bride because he was too much of a loser to find a woman to stay with him otherwise. Getting the kid to see that they're treated equally badly regardless of how white they act might also be a wake up call.
White supremacists are like troons, self hating and completely devoid of friends, hobbies and personality, but coming together as a community gives them the illusion of being part of some greater movement where they belong. If you give them a place where they feel like they belong, they won't need to become 4channers. You'd have to speak to the kid and figure out what to include them in and how. Maybe that could be teaching them the language, or telling them stories from that country, whatever, just to give them something to feel connected to in some way, and then work on getting them to meet others from that community in a non-judgemental way. This might or might not include family members, because the important part is the non-judgemental bit.
Teach them that it's OK to hate parts of a culture, but they also need to acknowledge that no culture is sunshine and rainbows. There are good and bad sides to everything.

No. 2046294

After how long would you meet up from a friend finder app? I don’t want to come on too strong or seem clingy but I don’t just want the chat to fall flat either.

No. 2046312

It was nice. No, it wasn't hard to find anything (I'm not really sure what you mean by that.) It's nice to do whatever you want and not have to talk someone else into it or skip it because they think it's cringe or boring. probably the only downside for me is that I can't try as many different food dishes as I would like it (you can share plates and taste eachother's food when you have travel companions). It made me slightly more nervous to walk around alone at night but I did it anyways – you could just take taxis for safety if you wanted.

No. 2046320

Why is dumbass shit on autosage again

No. 2046330

bait? or infighting i think i don’t remember. it was saged for the same stuff that happens in unpopular opinions daily kek

No. 2046336

What do I do with my resume if the positions I think I’d be good for require experience and volunteering and I had paralyzing depression throughout college that made me lock myself in for months at a time? It looks so empty.

No. 2046343

the mods thought it was attracting annoying users so they autosaged it to hopefully drive those users away and not attract more like them. apparently these anons only went to other threads and boards to shitpost/troll and be annoying and the rest of the time they spent posting in dumbass shit. I think the mods got tired of tardwrangling. I would love to know if it worked.

No. 2046382

My feelings towards traveling along are 85% positive. It's so freeing, you do exactly what you want for however long you want with no one sighing beside you because they're bored or rushing you to go do something you don't want to do. If you're sociable, you can strike up conversations with strangers without feeling like you're ignoring your friend.
The only two downsides is it can be a little lonely to not share your thoughts because a particularly beautiful piece of art or delicious food, and that you are a little constrained about what you can do as a lone woman since you don't have someone to constantly watch your back.
Lie. Have a friend pretend to be your manager or boss and put that you volunteered with "relevant" place (that you've made up) and put the friend's number as the reference.

No. 2046386

Admin thought that the thread was attracting too many newfags and that it was turning /ot/ into a "chatroom" (or at least I believe that's the word they used). And then they said they would consider doing the same thing for other /ot/ threads that were causing problems and then never followed up on that. They also autosaged the shitpost thread at the same time as the dumbass shit thread but for some reason no one mentions it. It's basically like when oldmin banned posting in /2x/, no one actually asked for it to happen. Admins don't respond to anything regarding the dumbass shit thread or any decisions made during hellweek, they were asked to show what changes the autosage made to no response.

In truth, the dumbass shit thread DID have problems starting a few months before it closed and you could tell there was a specific few anons causing problems, but it could've been solved with firm moderation and now those anons have migrated to causing issues in other threads. I've said this in /meta/ but this whole thing is basically just staff saying "look at how ineffective our moderation tools are!". Anyway sorry this turned into a rant

No. 2046394

How often do I need to be washing my bras? Not sports bras, those go immediately in the hamper. But do I need to do the same for regular ones or can I get more than one wear out of them?

No. 2046399

I live somewhere hot and I'm a sweaty bitch so maximum 2 wears

No. 2046431

Why does tech attract retards? It seems as though every month a company has to pay out money in discrimination suits, why not do a better social media check and not hire these autists?

No. 2046453

File: 1718217060109.webp (77.14 KB, 600x532, IMG_0142.webp)

If two high school age girls walk by you and one of them covers their mouth does that mean they’re laughing at you

No. 2046455

Samefag, I misread the question and thought you were asking how long anons go between bra washes kek. I think how often you need to wash still depends on the temperature where you live and you're personal body functions though. I wouldn't go more than a week.

No. 2046456

where they talking amongst eachother beforehand?

No. 2046457

I’m not sure I had my headphones in

No. 2046484

it means you farted

No. 2046560

does anyone have recs of shows that are similar to Happy Days? i am feeling like offing myself lately and i need something cute to take my mind off it. Just no child actors, i cant stand them.

No. 2046569

why is my tumblr loading extremely slow on chrome???

No. 2046576

The Brady Bunch?

No. 2046577

Watch Laverne and Shirley!!

No. 2046580

>using chrome
That's why

No. 2046583

Seconding Laverne and Shirley. based tastes anon

No. 2046593

ayrt, thanks, new vocab words and wikipedia articles make me happy

No. 2046602

Thank you nonnie, for replying so kindly and earnestly. Even though the initial question wasn't about my personal problemts, I think I sort of needed this after I've had to see for myself glaring problems in my country that I can't defend or ignore sitting behind a screen like I used to as a kid. It's blackpilled me so much I feel like joining in mocking of and racebait involving my country. Your reply has managed to snap me out of it. Thank you.

No. 2046628

Whats the better alternative

No. 2046632

It's Firefox all the way. Firefox will even import all your Chrome settings, bookmarks, logins, etc., when you make the switch.

No. 2046635

NTA, Firefox I guess. I use Brave but it's still built on Chromium or whatever. But I never ever get ads and it's blocks trackers without having to install extensions.

No. 2046638

The big lie of Chromium based browsers is that they all still run on the same junk software Chrome does, but they're just built to emulate Firefox in some way. Firefox has all that and more, and you don't have to deal with scummy Google. I'm so jaded about Google and I hate everything the company does.

No. 2046642

I used to be a Firefox purest back in the day but at some point I was having speed issues and switched to Brave. I'm sure it's improved but now I'm all settled in yknow what I mean

No. 2046647

Problem with Firefox is that most websites are designed to run on chromium browsers. Firefox is too slow

No. 2046651

Basically it all started when Jesus the Messiah died and he gave away the one True Church to his disciple, Peter, and for a long time they lived in the time of the Romans and the Romans were what we call in the modern day "faggots" so naturally they hated and despised Jesus and the Church. Anyway the Romans was annihilated and nobody knew what happened to them after 500AD so then the True Church became the Holy Roman Church because the Popes (everyone that came after Peter) wanted to capitalize on the name because a lot of people knew about the Romans but not many knew about the Christians. That was all well and fine. Sometimes the Roman Church had spats with fringe members on the outskirts of Christendom because they were retarded so they made their own "special" churches for them like the Assyrians and the Maronites. It all went to shit though during the council of Ephesus. That's when the bastards from Greece and Russia and all those bum countries got tired of loving Jesus and they wanted to be different because they loved him in a GAY way and not in a FRIEND way. So they split off from the main Roman Church and founded their own gay little brothels that they call the "Eastern Orthodox Church" (it spells out E.O.C., AKA "eat out cock" the REAL message of their organization of evil (that's their sick double meanings and sinful nature coming through). Because the Orthodox churches were all faggots that cared about butt sex more than anything else they also didn't know how to keep time or know what calendars were, so now the Orthodox church celebrates all the major Christian holidays on the wrong day. After all the faggots fucked off to the East the Roman Church recovered and did its best to help all loyal Christians and to love everyone and be the best that they could be. Then a few hundred years later some dick head scum fuck called Martin Luther from bum fuck nowhere Germany catches schizophrenia and decides to become the anti Christ of the time and trick all the retards living around him into believing in some other shit that isn't even really Christian. He called his lies and deceit "Protestantism." Basically the whole aim of Protestantism is to corrupt your soul through lies, propaganda, and institutional evil. But the REAL church the Roman Church did not even give a fuck because they knew Martin the Maniac was just a dumb ass. What really shocked them was one the fat ugly scrote that ruled this barbarian island inhabited by horse-faced people was actually just as retarded as Martin and his name was King Henry 8th of England. Henry basically hated women and he kept divorcing and killing women and wanted a new religion that would support him so he created Anglicanism. Then that inspired other idiots like Calvin to go and create their own version of Protestantism and it became Presbyterianism. Anyway the Real Church recovered and even tried to save the idiots that converted to the lie religions by starting wars with them but to no avail. Eventually everything settled down in Europe because the Roman Church is blessed by God so it will always come