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File: 1514327696207.png (525.23 KB, 1484x2152, mbti1.png)

No. 219025

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
>>Beginner level
>>Advanced level
>>Bonus test

MBTI discord:

theres a girls only channel + hobby channels (let mods know!)

No. 219027

File: 1514329478891.png (31.7 KB, 216x161, ee180291-6f51-4356-88bb-fe9afa…)

INTP aquarius (but sagittarius sun, taurus moon, and capricorn rising) :/ I think I'm going to be a hoarder someday.

I only love taurus but every taurus I've ever met in my life has ended up hating me. Aquarius, gemini, leo, virgo, and pisces are poop signs.

No. 219029

File: 1514329613956.jpg (31.07 KB, 470x470, 1512323400077.jpg)

For some reason im stuck between ENTP and ISTP. My sun sign is Leo. I like INTPs and geminis.

No. 219030

If sag is your sun sign then what is the aquarius?

No. 219032

My chart is more aquarius than any other sign, so I'm aquarius?

No. 219033

Oh i didn't know that's how it worked.

No. 219036

I'm only 85% sure it is… But I know it's not just your sun, moon, or rising.

No. 219037

ENFJ-A, am I sjw or normie?

No. 219044

INTJ/sometimes ISTJ here. Sagittarius sun, aries rising and gemini moon if relevant. I get different responses everytime I do this test. I think it's very stupid to assume it's an exact thing. People act different in different situations. Many of the questions would differ from situation to situation (for example the organization questions, my own home is a mess because I honestly don't give a shit but my workplace is clean and organized because it makes it easier to work).

I find it amusing when people disregard horoscope and find this the most scientific shit ever. Bitch, even horoscope is more exact than this because you can't change your planet positions. Also Jung himself was an occultist hoe.

No. 219047

File: 1514337990416.jpg (21.13 KB, 500x375, 98989.jpg)

I'm a intj/intp virgo
my rising sign is gemini and my moon sign is cancer.
i hate geminis. very stereotypically duplicitous. cancers are poop too
i love capricorns i want to protect them all.

No. 219050

File: 1514338182924.jpg (245.43 KB, 1280x711, tumblr_o7i0hqDq1I1qzpxx1o6_128…)

ISFP sometimes INFP. I'm Virgo but with a fair amount of Aries-like tendencies. I like ESFP and Scorpios b/c they're fun to do dumb stuff and party with.

No. 219052

INTJ, Aries, BONUS: Year of Boar.

They had us take the test back in high school before I knew that people cared about the results. I try and do it every year or so and usually get INTJ, twiceit's been INTP. Don't figure it makes much of a difference.

I just wish I could be extroverted and popular :(

No. 219053

ENPT pisces

No. 219056

File: 1514341039926.jpeg (15.53 KB, 480x419, tmp_21141-407b4372e44218e4c614…)

INTJ, Gemini, moon is Leo, year of the rabbit,

No. 219062

File: 1514342536592.png (422.84 KB, 945x960, 26175667_1970273606335728_1855…)

edgy incel
softboy chad
edgy incel
edgy incel with edgy chad tendencies
softboy chad

No. 219063

>INFP, Pisces
And I'm pretty much the stereotype of these two, Sucks pretty bad to be honest.

No. 219064

ISTP, Libra.
>Good reflexes help him dodge responsibility.

No. 219066

File: 1514344053645.jpg (1.04 MB, 1342x1940, 1512830730385.jpg)

ENFP cancer… im really a huge sad jerk who worries too much about hurting peoples feelings… i have to talk about my feelings all the time or i will die. i cant be around any xntx types because they bully me……
i like isfjs bc they are gentle cinnamon rolls
fuck entps with a rusty spoon. STOP MOCKING ME.:((((((((. libertarianism is stupid and not everthings a debate j f c.

No. 219067

also i think astrology is stupid but i like geminis and will fistfight a capricorn in the wendys parking lot

No. 219068

Most sags pretend to be centrists because they don't wanna discuss with retards, unlike aries for example.

No. 219069

>im just pretending to be retarded

No. 219070

The "I'm just pretending to be retarded" stereotype fits geminis better since they often backpedal when discussing pretty much anything

No. 219071

Fair enough. I'll admit i do this sometimes too (leo)

No. 219072

You should just see your astral chart. I never related that much to sagittarius (way more introverted and realist than the stereotype) and then found out in my astral chart I have more capricorn than anything else in my map. It's really fun even if you don't believe in it because the descriptions always give me an ego massage lel

No. 219073

Okay, so over the years, these were the results I got:

ISFP, INFP, INTP (makes no sense to me really), INTJ, INFJ.
Just now with the keys2cognition, I got ENFJ.


No. 219074

File: 1514345357779.jpg (326.68 KB, 684x577, birth chart.jpg)

Interdasting… So im mostly gemini, then sag, then leo? That's pretty cool and those three seem to have that free spirited, adventurous extroverted personality in common, which fits me.

No. 219076

>Sun Leo Rising Sag Pluto Sag
No offense but you are confirmed hoe

No. 219077

Bro Im actually asexual.

No. 219078

Social life hoe also counts I guess

No. 219079

File: 1514348461119.jpg (158.97 KB, 1200x1131, 1513840977464.jpg)

Right that makes sense. I love being in the spotlight and not to lick my own ass but im fairly charismatic and charming.

No. 219086

Leo Sun Aries Moon. And for funsies, I am a Libra Rising and I am skeptical about MBTI, but I am an ISFP.

I feel like I am irresponsibility champion that comes off as having my shit together.

No. 219089

INFP scorpio sun, gemini moon, cancer rising.

Love Capricorns, Pisces, Scorpios.
Usually hate virgos and libras. Dislike Aries.

No. 219091

>INTP Scorpio
Is this even a compatible combo?

I don't like fellow INT-P/Js when they circle jerk over their analytical and introverted habits, as if that makes them any better than other personality types. Why do they think there's so many of us on imageboards?

No. 219093


I hate those goddamn tests so much. How can I know my personality? Serious question. What would make me believe that I know myself more than someone I work with and saw me act in different situations? What would assure me that I don't have a flawed view of myself?

The only tests I trust are genetic tests, because they tell me what I really am.

>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

I dislike people, not imaginary shit like astrological signs.

No. 219099

INFP sag sun/pisces moon/capricorn rising

double crybaby cradled by edge and propelled forward by balance
good shit

No. 219100

INTP/ ENTGJ Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio.

So far these fit me pretty well now I have to adapt my anti social, edgy and sarcastic qualities so people won't be afraid of me.

People seem to like me but I can sometimes come off cold. Any advice?

No. 219102

File: 1514365748405.jpg (26.28 KB, 440x175, 0mEcUGK4zO57-rkvDBUve9sPA-nkLI…)

>whats your personality type?

>whats your zodiac sign?

Even blood type personality theory have more credibility than astrology, come on.

No. 219104

Astrology has as much credibility as MBTI, just saying.

No. 219105

MBTI, as gimmicky and unreliable as it is, still have psychology at it's core. Astrology is pure pseudoscience.

No. 219106

I've taken the personality test numerous times in the last few years and I always get the same result: INTJ-t

I'm not sure what to think, I'd like to imagine myself as a brilliant mind but I have to be honest, I don't think I am or have the character to make great things, or lead a successful project. I wish I were the grand strategist they describe INTJ-t to be.

As for horoscope, sun sign is taurus, moon aquarius, and rising sign is capricorn. Not sure what it's supposed to mean, I always found astrology silly.

No. 219114

Hello fellow INFP pisces!
I'm the most passive lazy sad neet… Fuck I don't know if I'll live past 30.

No. 219115

INTP-A Scorpio.

No. 219189

im basically a textbook INFP, which means i never identified much with the usual leo stuff.

No. 219211

File: 1514403221643.jpg (41.57 KB, 450x600, 23032642_1409837155791649_3894…)

i got ENTJ on the begginers test and INTJ on the advanced test

i am king fuck of shit mountain but they give me too much credit for being hardworking (more like greedy and strategic)


No. 219285

The first test told me, that I am a INTP-T, but then I took a different test & it said INFP. Are they trying to fool me? Who am I? I think I might be stuck somewhere inbetween.
My sun sign is sagittarius, moon in aries & gemini rising.
But I don't really know what that means tho.

No. 219289

No. 219305

No. 219306

do you have advice for getting people to respect you?

No. 219314

File: 1514411863173.png (38.78 KB, 527x455, Capture.PNG)

No. 219318

I'm a ENFP-T Gemini, and I was born in the year of the Ox.
I don't like Aries or Libras and I'm in a relationship with a Taurus.
I'm a mess.

No. 219327

You know none of this stuff is true, right?

No. 219328

Basically this. I think the MBTI is interesting in that it shows how you perceive your own personality but it's not something that should be taken seriously at all.

Also the idea that somebody might dislike me based on the date I was born is somewhat concerning lmao

No. 219334


the validity of the MBTI is questionable and Zodiac signs are just as reliable. However, sometimes this can be fun. I was the anon who posted >>219314 and just am participating because it can be fun. My last birthday, I drunkenly proclaimed that my Zodiac sign is the biggest attention whore of ALLL the Zodiac and pointed to the fact Bill Clinton and I share the same birthday as solid proof of this.

So ssssshhh, let us have our fun, anon.

No. 219349

who cares it's fun

No. 219355


I don't really have a sign that I like the most.

No. 219361

i am a Taurus with lifelong hatred towards Arieses. i have never once in my life met a decent Aries who wouldn't turn out to be a sick freak sooner or later.

No. 219372

File: 1514425364833.png (40.21 KB, 460x588, trop.png)

>tfw aries
>tfw all other signs hate me

also aries, year of rabbit,INTJ-T from 16 personalities test, ISTJ from Jupiter 34

tend to be enemies with libras, tauruses, tend to make friends with leos, capricorns and cancers, my boyfriend is an aquarius

not really sure what this chart means bc I'm a dumbass

No. 219480

File: 1514466760619.png (447.02 KB, 1080x781, 20171228_130426.png)

What kind of astrology you and ok use? Topic (western) is what people usually reference to, but I researched that actually Vedic astrology is the most accurate. Thoughts on that?
You can find out your Vedic birth chart here http://vedicastrologycenter.net/vedic-astrology-chart-calculator/
Pic related; Mine

Check out all my Aries influence. You know you love me.

No. 219481

File: 1514467042123.png (244.19 KB, 1080x800, 20171228_130653.png)

Continued; pt2

Anyone here ventured into Vedic astrology? You try it and read into it, maybe you will find it more in depth. My chart is completely different in tropical.

No. 219524

yes, you can fake it til you make it. it just takes practice and sometimes enacting the role you envisioned. come up with some principles and stick with them and also don't take shit from anyone. sometimes even when you're in the wrong

trying to earn respect will already start bringing you respect. once you get the hang of powertripping you won't want to stop

No. 219538

Pisces INFJ here.
What's the thing about me being Hitler? I see the point with SJW as we are overlyemotional etc.

No. 219542

Taurus INFP, Taurus moon,Scorpio rising.
I don't know much about astrology, what does this say about me?

No. 219546

INTJ Aries, I took the test for a college class and my results have always the same since. I never cared that much about astrology but the one friend who I’d always get into fights with is a Cancer. My older sibling is an ENTP and that thing about opposites getting along well is no joke.

No. 219589

File: 1514518974606.jpeg (45.4 KB, 480x480, 28295FE2-DB9A-4C10-AC08-F805B1…)

I either get INTP or INFP. Often 50/50 results. My sign is Aries, but it seems like I don’t have any of the positive aspects of it because I’m insecure and muh anxiety. So basically I’m a real mess.

No. 219597

I'm intp and gemini. I've also gotten cancer rising and leo moon.

How are you supposed to know what signs you don't like, anyway? Can't believe people like Isaac Newton used to believe this bunk.

No. 219641

File: 1514533062371.jpg (93.13 KB, 575x540, 20171229_013548.jpg)

INTJ, Scorpio sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, Scorpio Mars
It's hell

No. 219645

>ENTP-T (i'd call myself an extroverted introvert, i'm 50/50 I-E, but never shutting the fuck up is very accurate)
>cancer sun, leo moon, aries rising
>year of the rat
>chaotic-neutral good

i just did my birth chart and it makes a lot of sense, i never really felt like i fit with the general cancer stereotype, turns out i've got lots of leo/aries/capricorn in my houses kek

dunno about much about other peoples signs (and what i like/don't like about them), because i don't know much about astrology tbh. what i DO know is that four of my loved ones are sags and i both love and hate them at times. i get along well with other I/ENTPs, sometimes INTJs but they're frustratingly too close minded to have decent conversation with most of the time. i enjoy other good naturedly stubborn people i can chat mad shit with, who are also comfy to chill with when i wanna crawl back into my shell, basically.

one of the responses you could pick on OKC to this question was "i don't take it seriously, but it's fun to think about" which sums it up best i think. like, i use tarot cards to do readings for myself sometimes, i use it more as a tool for providing a different perspective on the situation i'm questioning, as opposed to gospel truth. it's just a fun way to get some conversation happening, no need to be a buzzkill anon

No. 219652


>Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, Scorpio Mars

omg anon you sound evil as fuck but i'm into it. if your birthday is on halloween i already know i'd have a mad crush on you if we met irl. you guys are so powerful and low key hot and that virgo shit means you could probably kill me if you wanted to oh man i'm so into it.

No. 219665

File: 1514542060132.jpeg (270.02 KB, 859x741, 996AD756-D1D2-46DB-B43D-664C27…)

I’m not really sure what this says exactly - I read the descriptions but it’s difficult to know in a nutshell how these are supposed to play out together/which are the most significant parts of the table.
I’m a total noob though.

For the MB, I get 50/50 INTP and INFP, and am presently dying alone with an art degree. Accurate.

No. 219685

INFP. Scorpio sun/moon. Astrology is fun, even if I don't put much stock into it. >>219025
Love the teen girl squad references in OP's pic ha.

No. 219686

MBTI pers: ENFP -A/-T

Sun: Libra
Rising: Scorpio
Moon: Cancer
Mars: Leo

Basically im a people pleaser with a dark twist dum dum duuum

No. 219695

I took 3 of the tests and got 3 different results: INFJ, INTP and ISTJ
Personally i would call myself a crybaby, but being forever alone, ugly and a lunatic might be accurate as well.

So what am i?

My zodiac is Leo, but i'm super introverted.

No. 219696

Saged for samefag, but i took another one and got INFP now

No. 219725

File: 1514560837926.png (49.9 KB, 554x472, Natal Chart Report.png)

I got this result, I don't know about what it means though

No. 219738

a surefire sign of INFP
INFP confirmed

No. 219741

>crybaby, but being forever alone, ugly and a lunatic might be accurate as well

Yep, you are INFP. I am INFP too, and what you wrote match with me perfectly, INFP in a nutshell.

No. 219781

File: 1514587698519.png (9.84 KB, 140x150, wwww.png)

MBTI: INFJ-T or INTJ-T (the F and T interchange quite often).

Sun: Aquarius
Rising: Virgo
Moon: Pisces

What an absolute nightmare.

No. 219783

my sister….pisces moon is so punishing

No. 219796

Protec me anon

This stuff kinda makes me sad due to reaffirming that I'm pretty much an asshole

INTP-t capricorn

Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Cancer
Rising: Gemini

No. 219799

File: 1514594485494.gif (1.38 MB, 416x310, 453565.gif)

we're moon and rising buddies anyways

No. 219800

File: 1514595392652.jpeg (78.76 KB, 736x490, E916348C-DA87-4B9C-8B42-152730…)

Hello fellow xNTP (50/50 I-E). I call myself an extroverted introvert too lol.

>Aries sun, Virgo moon, Aries rising

>year of the horse
>chaotic neutral

I’m able to talk non stop and then shut the fuck up for long periods of time. I love people and am charming at social reunions but too much human contact stresses the shit out of me. I’m told I’m silly but mature at the same time, and then for that reason other people may think I’m kind of an idiot the first time they meet me.

I’m not quite sure if there’s a sign in particular I don’t like. I’ve noticed the majority of people that dislike me are Cancer tho.

No. 219806

File: 1514613563521.jpg (52.38 KB, 600x566, monty3.jpg)

i think the joke there about xNTPs is that if you're even questioning whether you're an E or not, you probably are, kek. but eyy we're rising buddies too!

we sound really similar tbh anon, esp the
>other people may think I'm kind of an idiot the first time they meet me
bit. i tend to be quite dry/my humour can be a bit off the wall, so when people take me at face value when making an initial impression they assume i'm autistic, usually. which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you, bc it's nice for people to not have expectations of me for once, but still. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>cancers are poop too
can i ask why? i've seen other people say that "cancer is the new scorpio" and shit but i don't quite get it bc i know sfa about astrology

No. 219821

File: 1514626908123.png (180.69 KB, 1142x857, IMG_0491.PNG)

INFP with whatever the fuck this means

Fi > Ne > Fe > Se > Ni = Si > Ti > Te

No. 219876

File: 1514669119994.jpg (42.52 KB, 1338x597, failed.jpg)

I broke it. All I know is I'm a Libra with heavy Scorpio in my charts. Despite what others are saying, your sun sign is THE most important sign and no matter how consistently you get something else in your chart, sun signs trump them.

Tbh I hate virgo. Fucking virgos.

No. 219915


damn that chart is great

No. 220055

didn't you hear, anon? violet is the new burgundy

No. 220154

ENFP - Cancer
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Cancer
Ascendant: Leo

I once cried watching a salmon run documentary. Please help.

No. 220238

ENTJ- The commander
Sun sign- Capricorn
Moon sign- Capricorn
Rising sign- Gemini
Basically a hardass who has a way with words. I'll only be warm and open for people worthy enough.

No. 220240

You are like my extroverted twin sister. My chart is ruled by Capricorn and I am an INTJ.

No. 220254

File: 1514891545424.jpg (8 KB, 235x215, index.jpg)

used to always be INTP, now every test classifies me as INTJ.
Sun in Pisces,
Moon in Libra
Ascendant in Libra.

I relate to >>220154 lol.
I'm the type to prance around on a meadow feeling connected to the cosmos and the next moment the world is a shithole, people should just extinct, I despise society, googles best ways to kill self

No. 220267

How can you be a crybaby INTJ. Usually INTJ is the archetype of heartless edgelord.

No. 220269

Sun: Leo
Moon: Scorpio
Ascendant: Saggitarius

Guess I'm just a fucking dick.

No. 220270

I'm an INTJ and cry easily especially when I'm PMSing, it's not like you don't have feelings or are a complete sociopath.

No. 220271

Sun : Scorpio
Moon : Cancer
Ascendant : Scorpio

I'm even more of a dick, but I'm SENSITIVE

No. 220281

File: 1514908304162.png (443.93 KB, 671x623, i dont understand this meme.pn…)

No. 220282

File: 1514908487054.gif (1.97 MB, 268x273, giphy.gif)

Another INTP Scorpio here, what the hell is going on

No. 220285

yeah, also I wouldn't say "crybaby", I'm just very sensitive and empathetic especially with animals and nature. The INTJ fits because despite being emotional it does not rule me, I act with reason and logic. I'm also reserved and it's hard for me to be social, I'm friendly and easy to talk to, though. "Heartless edgelords" are fucking posers. We have just thick shells and not necessarily wait for someone to crack them. We are okay how we are.

No. 220296

Also INTJ. I'm a crying piece of trash. I try not to cry, especially if I don't care about a matter at all, but somehow I still do. I cried at god's not dead, while being happy guy died and analysing why his death broke the message of the movie. I've been trying to fight it nearly all my life, so I'm not really crying, just my eyes tear up. Most of my friends actually think I'm a heartless edgelord.

No. 220302

Before I read any of the personality types I took a couple of tests a couple of times each. Back then I always got INFJ. Now I get INTJ and INFP ocassionally.

I consider myself INFJ for the most part, and I’m a Virgo.

Idk what signs I hate though. Probably Aquariuses? Maybe Pisces. Idk why. It’s just people I dislike tend to be those signs.

No. 220309

File: 1514920921796.png (27.4 KB, 940x654, Burgundy_new[1].png)

No. 220534

ENTJ and gemini, kill me.

No. 220555

INTP, Aries Sun, Aquarius moon, Year of the (water) Monkey.
I'm definitely the forever alone type but people seem to really like me for some reason.

I absolutely adore Sagittarius, all of my closest friends have been centaurs, and my long term bf is also a Sag.
Can't stand Gemini or Scorpios. Y'all are evil.

No. 220565

Capricorn sun, Gemini moon and Gemini rising.
My best friends in life have been Tauruses, Virgos and other Caps. I've been in love with a Sagittarius dude. I attract a lot of Leos sexually but the relationship never lasts.

No. 220595

Aquarius sun, Aries moon and rising

I have no idea what any of this means, to be completely honest with you

No. 220602

INTJ and Gemini

No. 220748

File: 1515123534634.png (170.5 KB, 224x289, 1507148114747.png)

mi boi, if I made a post, it would have been this.

No. 220928

Hello my fellow sensitive INTJs, a lot of people who meet me also think I'm a heartless edgelord but I just keep that shit locked down.

No. 221260

join the discord

No. 221365

I'm INTP, boyfriend is ENTP. I'm not surprised at all.

No. 221368

infp libra. i'm way too lazy to sniff around for my time of birth to get my rising whatever-whatever.

No. 221375

File: 1515436737765.png (72.25 KB, 500x303, edgy.png)

Another INTJ lol (edgelord meme relevant)

I think INFPs might be my type… romantically?? I've been crushing on one for six months now and it's been the most emotion I've ever felt toward any person in my life… I guess that means I'm fucked :/

No. 221394

Infp. Libra with scorpio moon and ascendant.

Is lazy homebody fujo but cares too much about other peoples opinions to be degenerate outside home.
New friends say I am too nice and caring while old friends joke that I am secretly evil and find human misery funny.

No. 221447

I know it's been already 10 days, but thanks anons (i'm >>219695 >>219696, i wasn't sure because i'm not a very compassionate but rather cold person)
Even tho it's a shitty one. Does anybody know if it's possibly t change that?

Is there a discord?

No. 221448

sorry *possible to

No. 221583

File: 1515504862511.png (66.51 KB, 743x499, tumblr_orrmzrzyd81w3zha7o1_128…)

INFP and it sucks. I hate how oversensitive I can get and afterwards I realise how stupid I was and I'll feel even worse…
I also take things way too personal wich i always realise after a whinefest.

No. 221587

Anon, i am the poster above you and wholeheartedly agree; it sucks so much to be that emotional, i'm a real drama queen. One moment i'm happy then something happens and i'm feeling totall depressed or even aggressive? It feels like i'm still throwing tantrums, i catch myself stomping with my foot etc…
The first thing that caught my eye in your pic was wishing for a letter from Hogwarts, i did the same

No. 221588

Wow anon, I'm exactly the same. Just a small thing is enough to set me off, I don't understand how I still have friends. I try to be cool and chill but it usually doesn't last very long. Some days I can find a new reason to cry or get angry over every day.
And yes I get agressive too, luckily never towards others, only towards myself and sometimes I throw stuff.
What got to me most is "everybody is beautiful and important (except for me)", it feels so true…I think it's true for you too, all we need is some confidence, right? Easier said than done.
Do you get random streaks of ego too? Like one moment you feel like you're the worse person ever and other moments you feel like you're a gift to the world, or maybe it's more of an ironic ego thing… I don't even know anymore, I try not to take myself too serious since it makes things easier.
sorry for blog post, I'm feeling emotional hahaha

No. 221590

I barely have any friends and i'm very anxious.
Sometimes when i'm home alone i nearly feel like i'm high (?), i do weird stuff like pose in front of the mirror totally happy and confident, but as soon as i step a foot outside…

No. 221608

INTJ/Virgo. I actually gravitate towards feeling types (especially fe users) only to regret it later.

And, of course, obligatory "MBTI and astrology are bullshit, aren't I intelligent?" disclaimer here.

(Although I am admittedly a selfish edgelord who is useless in social situations.)

No. 224672

I'm an infj Taurus

No. 224685

So many anons here are intj and infj, are we all pretty judgey assholes?

No. 224688

kek I was just thinking that.

INTJ, Aries sun/Gemini moon/Virgo rising. I get along really well with Sagittarius women but every Sag man I've known I want to strangle. I'm also weirdly attracted to Aquarius and Scorpio men.

No. 224830

one of my favorite people is an infj taurus :) coming from a infp leo

No. 224845

File: 1516312611387.png (296.29 KB, 640x360, 1507735396768.png)

infj aries here.
>tfw i actually am hitler

No. 224846

INTP Leo here.

No. 224854

funny to see the ratio of introverts to extroverts on here. I mean, obviously…, but still

No. 224879

Everyones an introvert nowadays apparantly

No. 224893

INFP, Sagittarius here. I relate to the other INFPs with our crippling hypersensitivity. One of my friends is a Scorpio, and while I don't hold astrology posts to be the absolute TRUTH, she does indeed have a huge sexual appetite to the point where she dumped her bf for not pleasing her sexually (I'm fine with that), and was then pissed that he didn't want to be friends with benefits and felt very upset about it. She has also tried to flirt with me numerous times. She's very blunt which does not mesh well with my crybaby INFP-ness, and gives unsolicited advice which pisses me off. I don't know why I'm friends with her, guess I feel guilty for losing my temper with her and keep going back for more wild stories. Lol

No. 224895

INFP, Cancer. I cry a lot…

No. 224898

ENTP, and my bf is a INFP. We struggle a bit with me being way to blunt and never shutting up, and him avoiding conflict and never opening up, but we're getting better.

No. 224900

I'm not sure if I'm an ISTJ or an ISFJ. I'm either too caring or not enough.
But I sure like being bland af.

No. 224966

INFP, saggitarius
I've become a hermit over the course of this last year because I can't handle the fact that I will never know what people really think of me.
People have told me they're jealous I can "just go with the flow" but in reality I have terrible anxiety and confrontation/conflict makes me want to kill myself
kill me pls

No. 224983

Hey sagittarius', just curious- are you guys afraid of commitment? Do you run away when you find out someone mutually likes you, in fear of commitment being too much responsibility, or "tied down"? That's honestly all I see about Sagittarius' in astrology posts around the internet

No. 224988


I'm a little afraid of commitment, but I don't freak out and run away when someone tells me "I love you." When someone I've been casually dating tells me that, I am always surprised, but it just takes me a little while to respond because I want to be sure I love this person and think it will work out. Crushes are usually exciting for me and of course it's great when the person actually likes you back. I also see a lot of posts that Sags hate commitment, not in terms of being "monogamous," but that we just really value our freedom. Personally I just worry I'll "waste" my time by being with the person if things don't end up working out, so that's why I have some hesitation when reciprocating feelings. It all varies person to person so don't hold back if you're interested in someone.

No. 224989

I've only had bad experiences with sagittarius people and their commitment issues, my dad who left me and my mom included

No. 224991

Sounds like we're the same person (also INFP, sad Sag), people think I'm really chill and cool too. On the inside I have no idea wtf I'm doing. My best advice is just to fake it 'til you make it. Also, what sort of conflict are you trying to avoid? I also hate confrontation, I'm not very confident myself, and I used to constantly worry about what people thought, and I hated how two-faced people were. Now I'm trying to just be more chill about it and do what makes me happy. Not gonna lie, it still bugs me that even my closest friends have a widely different perception of my true personality. I've been described as "hot and cold" when really I just hate "bothering" people so I usually don't initiate socializing.

No. 225043

Leo ESTP water monkey. Always thought these fit me like a glove (esp with a Virgo venus, Aquarius moon and Libra ascend).

I've usually fallen for Aries, ENTJs and a few sags. Seem to dislike anyone with a 'F' in their mbti. Fire signs defo mix within their element in my exp as far as horoscopes go. Though I find other Leo's and I have strong initial attractions but they never work out into relationships - moreso love/hate friendships. Like earth and wind signs as friends the most seemingly. I have gotten along with water signs fine from a distance, but find they always end up too clingy in friendships and have a hard time dealing with what I perceive to be their emotionally dependent sides.

I'm in a long term relationship with a sag and it's open. I'd before have thought I'd never do or be able to do an open relationship, but from the moment I met him I saw him as the kind of person who needed his freedom. And I think that suits sag perfectly: opposed to someone who cannot commit, those who fit this sun sign need, above all else, their personal idea of freedom. The ability to explore and not feel restricted. And I think when they feel stuck is when they flee (Not that I'm saying sags all need open relationships, that just works for my s/o and I).

At the end of the day my experience with a sag who feels 'free' is that they're actually very loyal. I was even heckling him the other night that he doesn't much act on the open part of the relationship (he was a pretty big man whore before we met) and he said he feels comfortable just knowing that he can, and thus doesn't feel the need to do it as an escape of restrictions. He likes to flirt/look more than act.

Obvi not gonna be true of every person or sag, but the scenario really encompasses the way I see most sags feelings on commitment.

Just my 2 cents.

No. 225069

I'm an infj and aries too. I prefer socionics descriptions. I know it's all shit but the iei type is me to a T.

I been reading mbti since back in 2009 and it was funny to see all the scam artists who capitalized on vulnerable people with it. I just like typing characters in fiction and identifying with them. It's all autistic fun I guess.

My favorite type is Estps(or SLEs in socionics) because they are strong people who you can rely on while also being fun and outspoken when they get comfortable. I got excited when it turned out my bf typed as that because it makes a duals. I don't have a favorite zodiac.

saging cause bloggish and embarrassed by my typology autism.

No. 225238

Yet another INFP here. Seems like we're over-represented on this site.


Oh god. I routinely cry when I think about songs I love, like I'll just be doing chores or driving or something and I'll play a really emotional song over in my head and cry. Usually when no one else is around, but a couple times people have noticed and it's awkward.

Like for the past few weeks I've just been so hung up on this song by Sufjan Stevens, it's just so beautiful. I think it's about the ephemeral nature of love, and how knowing that it won't last and is painful when lost is what makes it so beautiful and precious. I think Sufjan may have written it while he was working on Carrie and Lowell, and I think it summarizes the themes of that album so well (that caring about people may be difficult and painful, but is ultimately worth it).

I love music that celebrates life but in sort of a bittersweet way. I legit feel that beautiful art makes life worth living.

No. 225267

istp aquarius sun, aries moon and aquarius rising (almost everything else capricorn)

i try to be good and kind but i am exactly as if not more emotionally incompetent and repressed as you're imagining

No. 225273

File: 1516597031824.jpg (71.79 KB, 500x500, 1496031532_artworks-0002073740…)


hey thanks for answering anons. I've never really had any Sagittarius friends/family members/acquaintances, so I'm not too familiar with their energy. i'm interested in a Sag moon at the moment…

No. 225299

>entire heart falls out of anus by listening to emotional song

Hello my fellow INFPs
I am INFP-T Pisces sun scorpio moon so basically I'm a fucking wreck

Always been very into scorpios and Taurus, scorpios always passionate and lead me to disaster but Taurus really balances me out and keeps me grounded.

No. 225300

Oh and samefag, I always get on great with Pisces and cancer.

I haven't vibed great with Aquarius. Or Leo.

No. 225317

ISFP / Saggitarius / Virgo Rising / Taurus Moon

I feel like I have asperbergers in social situations but other people tell me I'm so much fun to be around but I can't fathom what they're on about.

I do QA for a living and stress myself the fuck out any time I need to point out and document error - people make me feel like I'm such a dick but come running whenever they need help.

My best friends have always been water signs - Pisces and Cancer in particular.

I have a dumb attraction to Virgo men and dated one for nearly 8 years who's made me feel like the biggest piece of shit ever. Current crush is a Virgo but seems much more relaxed but that always draws me in.

I "e-dated" a guy when I was a teenager who was an Aries and he's the only guy I ever felt understood me really on a human level. We had no physical chemistry when we met.

I guess I literally can't even.

No. 239596

File: 1522867829520.png (175.87 KB, 795x543, 1505961941649.png)


join the intp-only server
accommodating mods and very little actual moderation. come join your typal kin.


No. 240089

File: 1522958597922.jpg (51.05 KB, 564x564, 732a777cb166e0699ba309c6f5deda…)

>According to 16-personalities: ISTP / INTP (sometimes ENTP because I'm an ambivert)
>>>Am going to take the more advanced tests and come back with results.
>Gemini moon
>Cancer sun
>Scorpio rising

I cannot stand:
>CAPRICORNS, most Scorpios, Aries

>Cancers, Leos, Sagittariuses, Aquariuses*, Pisces

*my bf and one of my best friends (separate people) are both Aquariuses

No. 240114

File: 1522962380568.jpg (18.58 KB, 400x400, 85a97795959998b2c87ad6230c1110…)

I'm back. Both of the advanced MBTI tests said I'm an INFP, so that's… fun.

My enneagram is 6w5.

Apparently the celebrity I'm most like is Carey Mulligan, AKA Daisy from Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby.

No. 240199

I'm an INFP Pisces, so its cool there's some others like me too! Having the extreme end of sensitivity sucks honestly. Its nice to see I'm not alone.

No. 240520

Gemini sun
Capricorn moon
year of the rabbit
Am a super anxious, unsociable mess

No. 240583

Well, I actually am, actually was, a Liberal arts major.
I'm a Libra and I absolutely despise ENTPs.

No. 242446

>INFJ/ISFJ (i have gotten both results and tbh i feel like i'm somewhere in between the two)
>Sag sun, sag moon, scorpio rising
>sag dominant chart/most planets in my 1st house

i work in healthcare so i get to appeal to my side that likes being hyper-social and a know it all, but i like keeping to myself more often than not. also stereotypically flighty

No. 443504

Sorry for reviving a dead thread. I’m so confused. What’s the difference between INFP and INFJ because I keep getting both? I’m a perfectionist and I like to organize things but sometimes I’m lazy on deadlines and procrastinate

No. 443507

Oh fuck this is max autism.

leo sun
libra ascendant
capricorn moon
cancer mars
libra venus
virgo mercury

im a bitch

No. 443511

INFPs, in my experience, tend to be more about dreams and are less grounded in reality. But I love them very much regardless, they're often similar to me but more idealistic (I'm an INFJ).
Look at function stacks for a more detailed answer. On a basic level, INFPs are more morality/identity based with a focus on fixing issues and INFJs are more into witnessing and analyzing people and predicting their future actions. Oddly I think burnout is the same, either being disappointed or hurt by people for the INFP or thinking everyone will inevitably be horrible since that's what we imagine in our head for the INFJ.

But if all fails just call yourself INFx because it's all bullshit anyway kek. But it's fun!

No. 443512

I'm an INFP and an incredibly sentimental person and also a moralfag, I spend more time dwelling on the past or romanticizing/idealizing life.

No. 443513

i actually like your positions, anon. kinda jealous

>sag sun
>sag moon
>cap rising
>virgo mars
>scorpio venus
>cap mercury

No. 443522

I think this stuff is bullshit but it's fun.
Sun: Virgo
Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Capricorn
Virgo dominates my chart.
I don't know enough about signs and can't remember birthdays to say that I hate a certain sign. Most of my friends are also Virgo suns though. I feel like I'm really boring and will probably die alone.

No. 443536

I find all of this bullshit, even the personality stuff, but I find it fun regardless lol


>year of the Dragon

What exactly are rising moons or suns or whatever, how can you tell which ones you got with your zodiac?

No. 443552

INTP and Libra

I don't really believe in it that much but its fun

No. 443555

File: 1564902186978.jpg (131.31 KB, 600x733, 1562695270852.jpg)

Used to always get INTP, just redid the test and got ENFP.

Sun Leo
Scorpio Moon
Libra Rising

I find I'm drawn to Aquarius a lot romantically, my last two crushes were Aquarius. I also tend to get along with Aries & Capricorns.

No. 443556

INTJ Sagittarius
buttered toast rising, scrambled eggs moon uwu

No. 443558

I used to get INTJ when I was younger. Not sure if it changed because I'm less rational or because I'm less of an edgelord. Who knows.


I dislike most of the outgoing personality types because I find them harder to be around. Maybe I'm also slightly jealous and wish I was extroverted. I don't dislike any zodiac signs but I stupidly avoid dating men who have clashing signs, like Scorpios. Or I would avoid them in theory, I've never tried to date a Scorpio.

I feel ashamed for posting itt.

No. 443560

File: 1564904123078.jpg (72.05 KB, 612x612, gbb.jpg)

Aquarius Sun/Libra Moon/Scorpio Rising (6 placements in air please help)

Im pretty empathetic I thrive in work environments that require a lot of emotional heavy lifting (or buttering up of cute middle aged ladies) but I pretty much want to be alone all the time unless I'm getting paid or have school.

The only mbti I have bad blood with is INTJ because I had an extremely annoying INTJ roommate who would endlessly brag about money/school/her weight/veganism/being an INTJ but we had to kick her out cause she huffed glue in the living room womp womp

bf is also an INFP and we order a lot of take out and pretty much only hang out with our pets and talk about our feelings it's my ideal life and I hope he does not betray me

No. 443566

Taurus sun. Aquarius moon. Capricorn rising. INFP, yes I am a crybaby but I feel like I’m more of a INFJ trait wise. I’m big on astrology. I used to not believe in it but after a few weird coincidences, I do now.

IME, I have good interactions with xNxPs, ISFJs, ISFPs, ESFPs, water signs excluding scorpios, chill tauruses, geminis that aren’t too geminy. I have bad interactions with xSxJs, ES-anything, fire signs, earth signs that act too much like the stereotype, LIBRAS (they’ve all been drama and bitches), aquariuses, Aries women, Leo men.

No. 443568

Aquarius Sun
Capricorn Moon
Sagittarius Rising
I really like other Aquarians lol I think I dislike Pisces or Cancer the most.

No. 443569

i either get intj or intp on these tests but either way i'm a lone wolf edgelord who thinks they're smarter than everyone else despite having not accomplished anything, so accurate.

No. 443571

It’s so weird but those two signs are my weakness. I know it’s bad, but I’m really attracted to pisces signs. Yeah they complain a lot, especially the men but they’re really sweet. Cancers can be great when they’re not being extremely touchy about random shit.

No. 443576

INFP or INFJ I seem to get both
Sun & Mercury Aquarius, Cancer Rising, Leo Moon, Venus & Mars in Aries
Wood rat, 2 in numerology. Married a Leo.

shit with money. Often feel like I’m contradicting myself.

No. 443578

Why do you guys think INFJ is so common on the Internet?
It’s supposed to be the rarest MTBI type but I feel like everyone and their mom is one now

No. 443582

I’ve thought that too, i think it really depends on the source. Took it for fun in uni with a group of friends and most were E* I think one ISTJ, of a group of 15 students. I dunno, maybe the younger generation has more INFJ now than in the past making it not so rare?

No. 443585

Maybe it's not that rare after all? I took these years back for fun and I always got infj and not to sound edgy but I did feel like it was a somewhat accurate description of me but then I took it again a while back and it was infp which is also accurate cause I don't really have that determination and decisiveness that infjs are supposed to have. I'm too sensitive and a thinker/dreamer rather than a doer so infp might be more accurate there.
Regardless of the what I think about these kinds of tests I think it's possible to be a combination of different types cause I doubt its all black and white. I also think that subconsciously many give answers they like better. I think many infjs might actually just be infps.

No. 443595

File: 1564912983043.gif (1.61 MB, 480x266, nezu tea.gif)

INFP Scorpio, Tiger.

Literally the three most emotionally unstable categories lel

I've hated every ESTP and ESFP I've met rip

No. 443596

They're just INFPs that weren't honest/consistent with their tests.

No. 443605

I'm an ISTJ through and through, have taken the test multiple times over the years and always get the same result. Makes sense because I'm a frigid autist lmao. I'm also a Cancer sun, Libra moon, Sagittarius rising. I don't really believe in horoscope bs although the typical Cancer traits do describe me. I just did an online birth chart thing so I honestly don't really know what my moon and rising signs mean.

No. 443607

The typing you get on your tests it's not necessarily true. The most accurate way to establish someone's type is to observe them and see what functions they use the most. In real life I haven't met that many INFJs and intuitives, the only intuitive type that was more common is INFP, at least where I live.

When it comes to online tests this is the most accurate I have found until now http://www.keys2cognition.com/explore.htm

No. 443616

Infp and infp pairing is so cozy

No. 443632

File: 1564922504412.png (1017.41 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20190731-234318.png)

INTJ, capricorn rising in scorpio, enneagram 8.
The funniest, I'd say.
My favs to be around are bright taurus or capricorn, my least favourite is scorpio. Imagine how much of a laught it was when I found out I'm not in gemini but scorpio. At least I can blame on it my bad side. Lmao.

No. 443634

i am an INFP-T and im new to myer's briggs and horoscopes but my sun is in aries and both my moon and rising are in capricorn….does that mean my emotions are gonna kill me?

No. 443655

>Sun: Cancer
>Moon: Virgo
>Ascendant: Virgo
I feel like I get along with Pisces really well (most of my closest friends and my gf of three years) and usually don't see eye to eye with Aries

No. 443658

Taurus Sun
Taurus Moon
Cancer Rising

I really don't have any types or signs I hate. But I seem to get along very well with Capricorns and Scorpios for some reason.

Also this
>Genki anime girl who is actually dead inside
is pretty accurate.

No. 443671


No. 443674

i dont necessarily believe in the mbti crap but i got infp and if this is supposed to be endearing it fails miserably. this person seems really obnoxious and i hope i'm not like this.

No. 443677

Scorpio sun
Leo Moon
Aqua Rising

I Love and adore Leo's so much and have always attracted Pisces and cancers. Water signs general as friends. Though, My best friend is a Capricorn and we have nearly got in physical fights. Don't put a Capricorn and scorpio against each other. We go hard but are fair and loyal to the end.

I've never known many gemini's. I don't really dislike any sign but Gemini's, Aries and Sagittarians… I don't know. Especially sag's. I don't really connect with them.

No. 443680

This whole thread and MBTI is super special snowflake cringe.

No. 443682

Aries sun
Libra moon
Capricorn rising

dad stats

No. 443691

Isn't thinking you can divide the entire human population into 12 personality types the opposite of special snowflake?

No. 443696

People always make fun of my mars in cancer lmao

Yeah I cry when I'm fightin keep scrollin.

No. 443711

ENFJ-A, but I score a ton of other things as well. My scores are almost all in the middle usually, except for J. Not an SJW, conservative. Not a normie, been the "weird one" my whole life. Found my way to the chans, which in itself, is autism.

Sagittarius Sun
Capricorn Moon
Aquarius Rising

Every person is an individual, I can't say there's a sign or personality type I specifically dislike. I don't really believe in these tests anyway. In jest, I can say every libra I've met I've found unlikable; they're the typical valley girl who parties and is with a new man every night. Prone to gossip and fighting, which is the opposite of their sign's description. Every gemini I've ever met is very introverted, moody, and know-it-all, which, again, somewhat contradicts their sign. My sign is a bubbly extrovert who's defining characteristic is "doesn't know how to dress." Not me.

I take these tests with a grain of salt.

No. 443763

I always get stuck between INTP and INTJ. Also I'm a Scorpio. God help me.

No. 443786

File: 1564946538759.jpg (13.42 KB, 320x320, pfhu2yfM791rppjlso1_400.jpg)

I always either get INFP or INTP. I'm a Scorpio. Don't know what time I was born, so I don't know my moon or whatever.
I seem to get along best with Aquarians.

No. 443823

I always get INTP but I also have diagnosed ADHD and I feel like it's mostly my ADHD traits that lead to the INTP personality in those tests.

My ex gf and current bf are both INFP apparently which is a bit weird since I feel like they are not very similar in terms of personality.

No. 443830

INTJ and Gemini.

I don't understand Capricorns at all. They're No Fun Allowed: The Person.

I can always tell when someone is a Sagittarius because I become instantly horny for them.

No. 443842

>INTJ and believes in astrology

Take the test again because you're not INTJ. You're prob INFP.

No. 443847


I've taken MBTI tests numerous times and pretty much always get ENFP-T.

Aries Sun, Capricorn moon & rising. Astrology is fun to entertain as a concept imo, but I don't take it seriously.

No. 443885

I don't believe in it. It's a convenient shorthand. I don't use the Zodiac, either. I use this: http://dionysia.org/astrology/sun-signs.html

I really didn't want to sperg out about this.

No. 443891

INFJ. cancer sun, libra rising, scorpio moon. i don't trust aquarius

No. 443902

Truefax. I'm INFP and so is my best friend.

No. 443932

I'm INTP/INFP, It's always a 49-51% difference between the T and F and it always switches.
Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising.
I adore Taurus' and Geminis but cant think of any signs I exclusively dislike.

No. 443939

I personally hate sagittarius.

No. 443947

God yes. Insufferable people.

No. 443949

infj, leo
don't like scorpios, love geminis

No. 443961

Guess I’m fortunate I’ve never met one lmao
The only sign that annoys me is Libra and that’s only because they have to talk about being a libra every. Fucking. Second.

No. 443976

INFP, Sagittarius!
I dislike scorpios, every one I’ve met has screwed me over.
I don’t have a sign I especially like? But I also don’t really have friends lmao

No. 443978

mbti only gets more accurate when you starting delving into cognitive functions, and cognitive functions only get more useful when you realize they describe thought processes and not people.

aka, anyone can exhibit certain mbti traits if they work hard enough at them (or are underdeveloped in them).

it's important to note that due to patriarchy/sexism, female and male types present differently.

No. 444015

Its like people lose braincells when they get involved in this garbage.

Did daddy sag beat you as a kid or something?

No. 444024

t. sagposter

No. 444060

Then don't read it, smartass.

No. 445874

Scorpio Sun, Virgo Rising and Pisces Moon.


No. 445885


>Best friend is INTJ

We get along well but sometimes she scares me. Intimidating as hell how she can seem so emotionless about everything.

>Boyfriend is ENFP

Really wish he'd calm down sometimes. We see eye to eye on everything but he's so energetic and outgoing lol.

No. 445887

Those placements are sexy as fuck.

No. 445971

Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Leo rising

How fitting

No. 445973

Capricorn sun, Aries moon, Capricorn rising

According to all this bullshit I am a soulless asshole and it hits quite home.

No. 445976

Astrology is complete bullshit. I'm the complete opposite of the stereotypical Aries.

No. 445977

Virgo sun, Aries rising, Pisces moon. INFP - T. The INFP is painfully true, Virgo/Pisces true because I am constantly torn between mY HeAd aNd My HeArT

No. 446061

It is if you look at the horoscopes in magazines. You should look at a natal birth chart.
And it would be good to have some basic knowledge on how these charts actually work.

No. 446070

Glad you think that way anon, to me it's just the answer to my hysteric breakdowns for things that are not in the way I want.
It's not that I get angry, I just get sad.
But I'm glad I got to be very empathic and rational at the same time with a bit of the scorpio cryptic shenanigans

No. 446072

I'm also an Aries and I thought this until I checked my natal chart

taurus rising and scorpio moon with a bunch of weird house placements = a volatile, angsty mess of an aries with a tendency towards laziness and security

I know astrology is bull but it's fun

No. 446126

lol NTA but I entered my stats on that chart site, and the stuff that followed was even more off than stereotypical magazine stuff. "I have a love of travelling and an active social life," it says as I post on lolcow after not emerging from my bedroom for more than a week. toppest of keks.

reminds me of those quizilla "What Anime Hair Color Are You?" quizzes, but no one was taking those seriously. those were fun.

No. 446250

Have any of you tried enneagram types? I feel like I'm not anyone of them completely but more a mix of 2.

No. 446264

File: 1565407729615.gif (1 MB, 275x207, erfefe.gif)

INTJ, cancer sun, libra moon and cancer rising and my other houses are full of cancer and aquarius, this is accurate because i can be an absolute emo and i cry to Plastic Love at 3 am but i'm mostly logical and i don't really pay attention to my feelings 97% of the time and yeah i literally make no sense.
I don't have any feelings towards any sign but Aquarius and Pisces are rad and Aries needs to chill, INFPs are angels and i know this will sound stupid but i personally find ENFPs scary/intimidating because most have hurt me hard for petty reasons like jealousy (even when it was obvious i treated them on a ~uwu special way uwu~ because they appear so nice at first and i had a soft spot for them) and also because they're really overbearing and loud sometimes. INTP females are cool because most of them are huge lovable weirdos.

No. 448922

I'm an INFP 4w5, when I was younger (13 years old) I was an ISFP, but I guess I got too stuck on nerd shit and ended up neglecting my Se.

Which kind of types do you get along with?
I tend to connect better with INFPs (I always have prejudices against them, but when I get to meet them it's like talking to myself or something), ENFPs and ISFPs (though I'm always wary around them because all the ISFPs I met were always avoiding conflict, so they wouldn't speak about the issues they had with you or the things they really wanted to do, instead going along with the crowd).

I'm also attracted to the confidence displayed by ENTJs. I don't know why but it's sexy. It's the same with INTJs, but only on the internet, the ones I've met in real life were kind of socially awkward.

On a side note, I really can't stand ENTPs, I've met some and if the topic of conversation doesn't revolve around them or their hobbies, they will get bored easily and start speaking with monosyllables or "hmms…".

We should begin a "Roast the MBTI" or something ITT.

No. 448978

I’m INFP and a Taurus. I relate both to my mbti and zodiac sign a lot. Everything I read about them is true. I’m definitely a sensitive romantic and I tend to get along best with other INFPs.

No. 449086

Any ~~~~rational and logical~~~~ INTP here?

No. 449105

INFJ although I type as INTJ on even the keys to cognition test. I became a big MBTIfag in 2017 just for fun and decided to research more, then figured out I'm just a weak Fe INFJ. I also couldn't be an INTJ if I'm so ballsdeep into this absolute bullshit.
>Hitler or an SJW
Kind of true. I can easily meme myself into extremes that I don't even believe in deep down just by being isolated for a while and thinking too hard. But really I'm devoted to little.

I love INFPs the most, I appreciate the strong sense of self and values while simultaneously being able to dream.
Oddly my closest friends have been thinkers, an ENTJ and an ENTP. I enjoy the former's bluntness and the shared enjoyment of discussing the future, and I liked the conversational prowess of the latter. ENTPs are a lot though, and I always felt as if they never truly care about you.
I dislike ISTPs the most I guess, they're often both very stubborn and cold. I'm sure healthy ones are fine though.

Roast me, INFP-tan.

No. 449107

No. 449115

File: 1565941471819.png (217.55 KB, 482x389, 1531544746058.png)

I'm having a bad day so this is a good distraction. I know OP is probably long gone, but thank you anyway for this thread!

>ISFP/ENFP depending on the test

>Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini rising, no idea what any of that means
>6w5, but I have C-PTSD which might be impacting it a bit
>BF and BFF are coincidentally both INFPs, I generally get on with anyone who isn't an edgelord

No. 449154

Same anon I just got INTP everywhere and I got really into mbti and after understanding functions and everything and observing myself I'm actually INFP with auxiliary stronger Ti, like I tend more towards INTP. Sometimes I feel as if I'm stuck between both of them.
I love INFJs, they are so understanding and all the INFJs I have met tried to help me in some way or another. I think it's one of the types I love the most. The types I don't really get along with are ISTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ they're usually always very judgemental towards me, but there's exceptions where I get along with them too, if we have commom interests and values.

I used to have an INFJ teacher in school and it was crazy how we connected because when I would feel sick he'd somehow be able to tell and he would start gazing at me and after the class ended he would talk to me all the time (My PTSD was really bad). I found it crazy since I always tried to hide my mental illness and no teacher in school was able to tell or maybe they didn't care enough.

ENTPs are really smart, witty and funny but sometimes they can go overboard with their jokes etc. I usually get along with them because they're very talkative and I'm bad at initiating conversations, so they do it for me. I think both ENTPs and INFPs have some eccentricity to them.

ISTPs are really chill and simple, I like that but they have their quirks too due to their Ti, they may seem boring but they have an interesting world hidden inside of them.

You should check out function loops because INFJs and ISTPs have the same functions Ni/Se Ti/Fe. I think that as we grow older we get in touch with our inferior functions so you may find yourself becoming more ISTP like, while an ISTP will become more INFJ like.

No. 449162

INTP Gemini
I prefer to be around other Gemini and NT-types. Currently dating a gemini ENTJ. We seem to balance each other.

No. 449173

>Leo sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising
I guess I get along well with *nfps, because my best friends are infp and enfp.

No. 449282

ISTJ, no wonder I don't really fit in anywhere.
I definitely do have a tendency to seem invisible in public.

No. 449546

File: 1566043886188.jpg (17.16 KB, 275x275, 1562408136867.jpg)

It always come up either INTJ or INTP for me.

Sure, i am a forever alone edgelord but without any added bonus, i don't like stem and i am no scientist, i am just a lonely poorfag.

No. 489212

Dear ENFJs, how can I know if one of your kind is genuinely interested in me?

There's this guy I met some months ago. He's super social, but I just realized his problem is he can't stand to be alone, especially when he's sad or feeling down.

I just want to know if he talks to me because he wants to fill the loneliness with a conversation (nevermind the person), or if he really does like me.

No. 489232

File: 1575167754557.jpg (70.48 KB, 960x540, 24131601_10214903997859550_333…)

took the test 8 years ago during the hype,
>wew lad intj

took the test last week drunk with some e-friends
>wew lad intj

No. 489277

ISPF- Sagittarius sun sign, Virgo moon sign.

I have no idea what my friends are but my bf is super similar to me while complimenting my personality with opposites so, whatever he is? I'd probably only get along with other introverts because my social battery runs out in 5 minutes flat.

No. 489373

ISTP, leo sun, cap moon, sag rising

idk what types my friends are

i don't take it seriously anymore but astrology is coincidentally accurate at times so it can be fun. i either love or hate other leos. most of the time we vibe really well, and both of us get to kind of "let loose" and just be totally insane genuine

No. 489512

File: 1575231231441.png (556.4 KB, 800x533, tumblr_mw7dv18mgL1sm2o07o1_128…)

16personalities consistently gives me INTJ, John's test gave me ISTJ and INTP. How do I know the me I really am inside?

No. 489610

INFP, Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising. I’m a literal sleep paralysis demon, I’m aware lmao

No. 489771

INFJ - Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon & Libra Rising. Basically a lazy piece of shit with a volatile temper who likes to feel righteous.

No. 490870

>Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon, Taurus rising

IDK what any of this means.

No. 490873


Boyfriend is INTJ Cancer. He's my favorite.
I hold a grudge against Aries because of exes & ex-friends and a soft spot for Geminis.

No. 490887

INFP-A. Leo sun, Scorpio moon, Virgo rising (ew) but my dominant sign is Cancer. I am the biggest drama queen I have ever met, but no one knows that.

No. 490918

INFP, sometimes INFJ

Taurus/Gemini Cusp Sun (28°)
Aquarius Moon (5°)
Leo Rising (0°)

I don’t really get along with most people in general as I am a loner, but I have had bad experiences with Virgo women and some Piscean type people in the past.

I get along well with fire signs and most air signs, which makes sense as the few family members I vibe with have strong Mars or Leo influences. I seem to be attracted to, and conversely attract, Aries men, usually middle degree types. Several times I have had an Aries man come into my life randomly, and their birthdays are almost always between April 3-10, give or take a few days.

My best friendships are with fire signs. Air signs especially Aquarius sun share a lot of my emotional experiences in a more extroverted way, and I’ve found talking to Aquarians helps me understand what I don’t, or can’t, verbalize.

I don’t really meet a lot of earth people though except for an occasional Virgo or Capricorn. Have actually never met another Taurus for some reason. Its always just me. And yes, I’ve asked or it’s come up in discussions. Very odd.

Several people in my family including myself have Mars in Leo between 25-27°. My mom and I both have Mars in Leo 27°.

Very watery people drive me nuts sometimes. My aunt on my mom’s side and a cousin I avoid have most of their planets in water signs. Being around them makes me cry because they are both so fucking mean and unnecessary. They’re low functioning water types though (manipulative, cruel, melodramatic), so I can’t really judge too much…

But again, I don’t really get along with people in my personal life, so I don’t know how much of that was me or something else. I learn through conflict.

No. 490920

enfp triple taurus (sun moon and rising)
does this mean i’m satan

No. 490976

You probably give good hugs.

No. 490980

File: 1575567805988.png (159.51 KB, 500x522, when-i-talk-about-life-and-mus…)

INTJ, Scorpio.
INTJ women is the rarest archetype and we seem to be overrepresented here.
It figures.

No. 490981

thanks anon, you’re a sweetie!

No. 491016

Hey I'm ISTP, Aries sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising. Can the experts tell me if I also have the personality of a dad?
My boyfriend calls me Indiana Marple because he thinks I'm like a mix of Indiana Jones and Miss Marple.

No. 491082

forever a boring ISTJ

No. 491115

My MBTI came out INTP-T, but I don't really know what that means. How does it translate into astroshit?
From the little I know about INTP, I'm getting virgin autist vibes. Is that accurate?

As for astro stuff, I'm Leo sun, Aqua moon, with strong Saturnian aspects and Pluto in the first. All the info I can get on my combo of placements is "difficulty, strife, low self-esteem, polarising personality, difficult to know". Wish it wasn't so accurate.

I generally don't get on with Taureans or Sagittarians but usually always love Aquas. The one person I've truly loved romantically and felt safe with is a Cap stellium.
Also 7 of my closest relatives are Aries, I grew up in an all-fire household. Chaotic.

I find the ask astrologers Reddit is really good for qus like these!

No. 491162

File: 1575585674442.jpeg (55.3 KB, 332x500, BE14D2D5-3A30-4721-AD99-270A6C…)


This is the best book I’ve read on astrology and anyone who is interested in it beyond the usual new age woo should definitely try reading it. There’s a lot of psychology in here as well, so you don’t even need to be deeply interested in the subject to get something from it.

Funnily enough, the author has the same birthday as my late grandmother, by one year. He reminds me a lot of her.

No. 491169

Even though I'm a cancer crab, I got ISFJ from doing a MBTI test years ago.

No. 491266

lol hi sis. your cancer moon is probs what gives you Marple qualities?

No. 491293

File: 1575602072429.jpg (62.66 KB, 750x890, aqua.jpg)


Sun: Aqua
Rising: Leo
Moon: Virgo


No. 491468


We are actually very similar, anon!
INFJ, Aquarius sun, Leo rising and Scorpio moon here.

No. 491925

wtf I am also Aquarius sun, Leo rising INFJ. I’m high af but I would go eat pancakes with both of you right now

No. 491934

File: 1575770493877.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1536448602486.jpeg)

INTP, Taurus sun, Taurus moon, Gemini rising

Can someone pls explain what this means, from what I gather it sounds like I have autism and therefore like routines and comfort but also have autistic meltdowns due to the Gemini thing

Am I doing this right

No. 491938

File: 1575770896914.jpg (315.02 KB, 799x834, 20191207_180707.jpg)

INFJ with pic related; I'm new to this so idk how similar I actually am to y'all but !!!! Now I wanna join the Discord

No. 491939

Do it, I just realized I wasn’t in it so I’m in now

No. 491961

Am I retarded or does the link in the OP not work?

No. 492311

what site is that?

No. 492321

it's probably dead at this point

Also seems like there is a lot of scorpios here including myself. Makes sense why the site has been crazy for the past month or so

No. 492357

No. 492456

Personality type - INFP

Horoscope - Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, Capricorn rising. Feel free to insult or make predictions about me lol

I don't really believe in this stuff, not even the personality thing which I believe is a sort of myth, but I find horoscopes kind of fun to research and sometimes actually kinda accurate - my sister is literally the embodiment of a Leo, and my ex was a Scorpio to the extreme. However I don't see myself as a Capricorn rising because it just honestly doesn't match, at least I hope it doesn't lol. I hope i don't come across as serious and boring to other people, although I guess being stoic is something I'm guilty of. And although I can see myself as a Taurus I'm not stubborn in a way where I refuse to listen to other's people opinions or views, I'm more stubborn towards people telling me what to do. But I admit I can be lazy and self indulgent.

What's interesting is that both my parents and my sister are fire types, and I'm the only earth type, and they've usually described me as the "peacemaker" who doesn't like conflict and tries to break up fights. They've got lively, enthusiastic personalities and I guess i'm more laid back

No. 492460

Samefag sorry but I was reading back on the posts here and holy shit anon are you me? Lmao I get the exact same reactions listening to music I really love and to songs I find beautiful. I invest so much emotion into art especially music so when I listen to songs I really love my heart just swells up and i can start sobbing even if the song isn't sad lol. I'm not like a super INFP because I tend to hide my emotions and sometimes come across as an uncaring edgy dick but music just makes me into a stereotypical crybaby. I'm a bit of an enigma tbh, I always bury my feelings away and joke around and seem aloof, especially around other people, but at the same time i'm kinda sensitive and feel things deeply and i cry at stupid pointless shit? It doesn't make sense lol

>I love music that celebrates life but in sort of a bittersweet way. I legit feel that beautiful art makes life worth living.

You took the words right out of my mouth anon, that's a perfect way of describing it. I feel so alive and so much joy indulging myself in good art.

No. 492498

I find it hard to believe in horoscopes because my birth chart doesn’t match my personality at all.

i’m libra and ENTP.
> ENTP will newer shut the fuck up
yup that’s me.

I kind of identify with air element in Libra. But all that libra harmony bullshit is not for me.

No. 492515

what's your moon and rising?

No. 492565


Fellow INFP here (Gemini) and I can relate to you both so much. Have either of you had problems keeping friends? I feel like nobody ever 'gets' me and I always say the wrong thing. I'm misunderstood constantly to the point where I give up trying.

I am incredibly sensitive and emotional in the way that a song can move me to tears (like you anon) because I can really feel the emotion the song is expressing. Not so much artwork. I am also aloof and joke around a lot.

In daily life I think I put up some kind of wall because everyone always thinks I'm the cold funny bitch. Nobody but my bf knows how nice and thoughtful I am lel. Oh well.

No. 492797

Holy shit there's a lot of Capricorn moons in this thread. What is that placement like, for anyone that is? Do you feel and experience your emotions every 5 years or so, like the internet is convinced you do?

No. 492798

Infp here and we break pretty easily, it’s exhausting how much we try to belong and how deeply offensive the rejection is. The easiest way to make friends is to feign confidence or demonstrate some sort of social climbing worth to people. We infps don’t do to well with selfish and pragmatic people because we idealize friendships too much. Being a pussy sucks.

No. 492826

> Scorpio sun, Libra moon and pisces rising

someone please tell me what this means

No. 492912

Intp aries
How fucked up am i?

No. 492932

I'm not surprised that there are not many pisces here. If that were the case, maybe the atmosphere here would be nicer.

No. 492937

I'm a fellow piscetarian! I generally vent in /ot/ or try to give advice, occasionally I do slip up in a petty tard fight but you can only be so strong. now that I think about it, I don't post that much in actual cow threads bc I don't feel like I contribute much and am rather there to observe.

zodiac-wise, i don't like the generic "ooo pisces are watery dreamers with 0 backbone always in their fantasy castles fragile boys uwuwuwuwu" type of bs, I'm def more on the idealistic side and to romanticize like everything but I'm fairly grounded and realistic/negative so I don't relate that much. am just a big clammed up bitch ok. I think my moon was scorpio and my venus and mercury were pisces again but I can't recall the rest. whatever it means lol!

are you also extremely tricked off by how pisces seems to get the worst treatment when it comes to generic horoscopes sprinkling in obnoxious quantities of sign related puns? like thanks mystic meg for letting me know my week will go "swimmingly" and the "tides will turn" and I shouldn't feel "lost at sea" as there are "plenty of fish out there". like jesus, why don't virgos or something get the same treatment lol

No. 492941

>INTJ Capricorn/Aquarius cusp
So basically I'm an unlikeable edgelord with a superiority complex okay nice.

No. 492942

INFP leo, my best friend is an ISFP scorpio and we get along really well.

No. 493012

I keep getting INFP on every test I've done (for years) and I fucking hate this ~~lonely depressed sensitive not-made-for-this-world uwu crybaby~~ image that INFPs maintain my god. Could there be a more pathetic type?

No. 493063

Intp, Cancer here

No. 493121

I do have trouble keeping friends but it's honestly all my fault lmao, I somehow always end up just drifting away from them and we stop talking, though i honestly don't know why. It's not like I do it intentionally, it's like some weird habit i've taken up. It sucks because i know it comes across as uncaring but I just can't express myself entirely without feeling embarrassed or too exposed so i just don't say anything and act all funny and detatched. I guess sometimes that makes me seem like some insensitive dick lol but in reality i actually get really emotional at times and i just don't want anyone to see it

This is all because of my Scorpio moon i bet you lol. An being an INFP doesn't help. Ah well

No. 493137

well fuck if it makes you feel any better I have the exact same combo, Aquarius side of the cusp tho. and yeah that sums me up. I always think I've gotten less edgy then I find myself judging things for being too normcore and I remember I'm still the worst

No. 493143

virgo sun, gemini rising and cancer moon
I guess i'm the whole asshole package

No. 493146

File: 1576048379793.gif (553.66 KB, 245x163, frodo hug.gif)

JFC why are so many of us INFPs? Specifically INFPs and Scorpios? Is there something about being born in late October that makes us overly sensitive and emotionally volatile, or this just confirmation bias because most people who use image boards are so shade of emotionally unstable?

Not trying to throw shade. I'm also an INFP Scorpio, and probably the most stereotypical one to boot. I'm overly sensitive, awful at filtering, I cried when David Bowie died, I'm an artist with like forty unfinished projects, and my default emotion is ennui. I'm such a fucking meme jfc. Plus my Chinese Zodiac is Tiger, which is their equivalent to Scorpio. I've actually had people tell me I'm the most stereotypical Scorpio they've ever met.

Thing is, I don't really believe in any of this stuff. I just think it's interesting.

Time to accept that you're a crybaby, anon. Either that or stop being a crybaby.

Look at the bright side: at least you have the same MBTI type as Frodo and Spider-man.

No. 493171

I'm also a too-weak-for-this-world INFP (no matter how often I tried those tests, always the same answer) and I always wondered why I'm the exact opposite of what a Leo is supposed to be. Turns out my ascendant is Scorpio, so I guess this is where I got all my negative main character traits from.

No. 493175

i'm taurus sun pices moon and INTP

what does this mean anons?

No. 493251


I am an INFP Taurus and I was also wondering this too.

I really like lolcow though more than most sites I’ve been to and this is the first female driven website where we talk about meta shit and don’t act like lovesick babies looking for our soulmate.

Every other forum/imageboard or similar I have been on is filled with bullies and jelly normies who want you to kiss their ass for having 10,000 posts and mod status, because their lives are so fucking pathetic they use a website to feel special and important.

Here we don’t kid ourselves on how awful people are. Nobody can get on a high horse and bully someone else for some perceived fault, like you can tell who someone is just by reading their messages…

For all I know you guys could be supermodels or fat greasy NEETS…I don’t care, because I get the sense we are all here for some reason or another, and there are a lot of you whose experiences resonate with me personally. I’ve always been the odd one out, the scapegoat, the perpetual loner who gets the silent treatment in a roomful of people, the girl that gets called a “bitch” or I have a “bad attitude” because my life doesn’t revolve around dick and I work hard. I have read the same thing here as well, so it helps to know I am not really as isolated as I feel inside, and that my experiences happen to others.

Sorry for the autism.

No. 493487

File: 1576124190579.png (29.95 KB, 298x496, Ascendant Leo Rising Sign …)


samefag from the aqua-brain pic, i'm also always on the INFP/J "cusp" so yee! I don't really identify with the typical Leo rising descriptions because it's all about being the center of attention but that's just not me at all. but, sometimes i do feel like i secretly want a lot of attention.

Pancakes sound really good right now.

No. 493836

Libra (Rising)
Capricorn (Moon)

When I was younger I filled the stereotypes of whiny needy baby pretty hard.

Now I'm colder but also more outgoing than I used to be. I guess I've learned how to detach myself idk what half this shit means all I know is that I wish my personality/zodiac shit was cooler and not kind of the worst.

No. 494255

INTP-A, sun is Scorpio, rising is Pisces and moon is Leo.
What does that mean? My cousin once read my entire birth chart but I forgot most of what he told me. The only thing I remember is that apparently I'm greedy with money and that if I don't stablish a social life soon, I'll be doomed (which kinda scared me because I'm a socially awkward loner lol). Also I'm not sure if he was just messing with me, and he didn't tell me if my birth chart was "good" or "bad".

No. 494470


Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Gemini
Rising: Capricorn

I don't really have a sign I hate but in my experience for a handful of signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio, ect) they only come in either two extremes, really friendly/personable or psychotic.

No. 494472

He probably likes you at the very least. If he didn't like you he wouldn't go out of his way to talk to you period beyond mandatory small talk in group settings.

No. 494475

File: 1576392551522.png (87.98 KB, 752x687, Capturej.PNG)

Im an ESPF taurus, my moon sign is Sagittarius and taurus rising. Am i cursed?

No. 494478

aquarius sun
cancer moon
leo rising
aires venus
scorpio mars

What assumptions would you make about me based on my type and those placements?

No. 494503

Based ENTJ
Total chad

No. 494844

File: 1576480752250.jpg (39.82 KB, 657x775, 74c.jpg)

I'm an INFJ-A, cancer and almost all houses on Aquarius idk what that means. Too many people have larped this personality is almost unrecognizable nowadays, the only way i can confirm i'm an infj it's because i have a scarily accurate intuition (but nobody fucking listens to me) and can see whole backstories/mental illnesses just by looking at people for a period of time (kinda uncomfortable sometimes). Everyone at HS treated me as their therapist and told me the craziest shit even though i didn't talk to them at all, i think people just "knew" i wouldn't judge them.

Xnfps are cool, creative and are always my best friends, i have a love-hate relationship with extjs because they’re funny/good at organizing/logical but god, they're exhausting and psychopathic sometimes, exfj suck ass and i don’t trust ANYONE that vaguely resembles one (especially men), intp (women) are great and i always have a good time with them god bless you all.

As for entps…i don't really understand them and i always have weird relationships with them, the ones i knew were lulzy as fuck tho. They're known for being kinda psychopathic and troll everyone mercilessly but most of the time they don’t even try to bully me even though i’m kinda cringe, they actually act friendly and want to be friends with me which i don't fucking understand to this day. Tbh i fucking hate them and everything they stand for but for some odd, very unfortunate and irrational reason i find them hot, i tend to like fictional depictions of this archetype as reality tends to be (very) disappointing. This is so embarrassing mich as well be a confession.

I wish i was an ENTJ, that's like the best personality type to survive this world.

No. 494924

>whats your personality type?

>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

Like - ISFPs, dislike - ENTPs

Also it's funny to see so many INFJ larps on the internet even if you could tell they are not, based on their posts, and just took a 10 minute test instead of learning the theory/functions.

No. 494938

File: 1576510355183.jpg (34.6 KB, 521x527, 184ca7b1-0a64-4da6-ba76-c6c7cb…)

No. 494939

What makes a true INFJ? I’m always conflicted over INFJ and INFP

No. 494953

Idk what a 'true' INFJ is but generally Ni-doms have a specific way of talking so you can recognize them.
>I’m always conflicted over INFJ and INFP
They're like polar opposites

No. 494957

>tfw I'm literally made of memes and dreams

No. 494958

>tfw I'm literally made of memes and dreams

No. 494959

How do they speak? Is it in an intellectual manner or are they touchy-feely and emotional? I just want to know what my crush is and it’s either INFP or INFJ

No. 494964

No, it's more like… very sharp and concise, "straight to the point" if that makes sense. xNxPs on the other hand are bit all over the place but not in a bad way, just more flexible with the subjects.

No. 496084

File: 1576741483076.jpg (66.9 KB, 640x563, 1518010998670.jpg)

crybaby INFP reporting in. I am a gemini but I have my moon in cancer and relate more to cancer (too autistic and awkward to be gemini)
not even mad about people calling us crybabies because it's so true, I hate that I have so many feels. But I feel connected to all you other INFPs here when I read your posts (typical INFP thing to say I guess)

I am wondering if programming is a good career choice for INFPs, the suggestions are usually something creative but Ive tried that and apparently suck at it.

No. 496113

That thing is pure shit and depends on the mood you are when taking the test. Sometimes I'm INFP, ISFP or ISTP. Astrology is more fun

No. 496117

I get infp consistently, I really can't think of a better way to describe myself other than a dreamer/idealist. I get what you mean though, its similar to horoscopes too vague.

No. 496173

I keep getting ISFP.
Am I a meme?

No. 496177

> I am wondering if programming is a good career choice for INFPs

No. That is for xNTx, ideally INTP

No. 496188

if you keep getting different types, you aren't being honest with yourself and just projecting what qualities you'd like to have/admire (I guess based on your mood). though, if you have mental illness that can definitely warp your perceptions of yourself and your real qualities.

No. 496205

Well, INFP and ISFP are somewhat similar, also as >>496188 said, mental illness and self-perception over time can difficult getting a consistent result (your real type). When stressed/traumatized, most types exhibit some characteristic of their opposite, maybe you're on a "loop"?.

No. 497127

Gemini sun
Aquarius moon
Scorpio rising

I find that the INFJ/4w5 combo is pretty accurate to me, but again, it's all so vague it could apply to most people. My fiancé is INFP 5w4 and Pisces. Also I told someone my zodiac stuff once and she just looked at me in horror, must be the Gemini and Scorpio? I have no idea.

No. 498267

gemini sun
scorpio moon and rising
needless to say im severely retarded

No. 498291

gemini sun
cancer moon
pisces rising

I'm detecting a pattern here..

No. 498292

I'm the anon you replied to, and
>Being a pussy sucks
is the most accurate summary for an INFP ever lmao. At least youre not alone, this thread is full of us. I wonder what it is about lolcow that attracts INFP

No. 498298

Aquarius sun, Leo moon, Leo rising.
Someone pls tell me what this means.

No. 498392

If you’re actually really into mbti, then you should check out socionics. If you’re an extroverted type, you’re the same. But if you’re introverted, flip the J and P. (So INTJ in mbti is INTP in socionics). It has a lot more focus on functions than #orgpsych bs. There are also some really good analyses and descriptions on the socionics wiki if you wanted to dig really deep.

But here’s the easiest place to start:

No. 498408


Loneliness, the niche nature of the site - it is basically a collection of weirdos and oddities from all over the world.

No. 498410

Socionics are a mess and every person who's into psychology said it's not reliable

No. 499378

I’m INFP Taurus with Pisces ascendant. I’m super sensitive, shy and cry easily. I cry way too much, at movies and books, and in real life situations such as getting ignored by people who think you’re trash. I’m intuitive and I just know when someone disapproves of me out of prejudice and it makes me so sad I get teary-eyes. At least I still have a type of childlike wonder of the world and marvel at the most mundane things in their beauty, like frost on grass, dew drops on flowers, and cobwebs in attic corners.

My boyfriend is INFJ Libra with Sagittarius ascendent. I wonder if we’re compatible? He’s a truly genuine good person and is an old soul. He’s selfless and not self absorbed and always tries to do the right thing. People confide in him. He’s a very private person. He’s intellectual and creative.

These are just general traits that I can pull off the top of my head without going too deep into astrology and MBTI rabbit holes and depending on them for descriptors

No. 499379

I forgot to add my Sun is in Taurus and my moon is in Pisces, whatever that means. Well, I guess I’m truly a space cadet.

No. 499628

Makes sense… dang that's kind of sad

No. 515975

Do you genuinely think this is accurate? Or is it just for fun?

anyways. The farmhands have been deleting my posts for a while now.


nice comeback. man /m/ and /g/ are truly fucked.

funny that you call me a radfem when i just point out the lolis and the ddlg shit

>gang bang doujins
totally not a male. this couldn't be more obvious

if only y'all could delete scat and gore as fast as my posts loll

my ban's reason was: lose some weight
why are anachans mocked when the farmhands call anyone 'hamchan' btw?
and isn't calling someone hamplanet infighting? or it's ok to insult someone you've never seen because they don't support blatant pedophilia?

No. 535530

Here it is.

No. 535783

whereas I think astrology is complete bs I think mbti could potentionally hold some truth but I still wouldn't take it seriously. it's just kind of fun

No. 535790

I scored some variant of INTP and INTJ before, but I currently score INFP from what I suppose is currently going on in my life.
Not many other people care about this, but I got increasingly focused with digital rights and copyright. So I'm taking a lot of "personal principle" (privacy, freedom) answers over "objective benefits" (profitable, social connections) than I would've previously.

No. 536056

Lockdown has me going so crazy for the outdoors that I have morphed from an INTP to an ENTP

I'm too much of a social retard for extroversion!

No. 536618

>Turning into an ENTP
Wow anon that's awful, get better soon

No. 537732

What are the differences between ISFP and INFP? I'm not sure which I am

No. 663684

INFJ-T here.
Am I hitler or sjw?

No. 663735

ENFP-T Scorpio. What does this mean?

No. 663737

File: 1604139378810.jpg (56.95 KB, 749x768, 1597854493541.jpg)

No. 663746

I took the 16personalities test as a teen and it said I was INT-J now (4 years later) I am INT-P. What does that mean?

No. 663747

leave me along dawg i just think it’s fun

No. 663749

I don't hate or like any type of sign since horoscopes are very broad. As for type, extroverts wear me out but I don't dislike them.

No. 664021

File: 1604174613023.jpg (77.82 KB, 1046x1033, d4bea33a2cdcd57ce1bd4df54c4a50…)

where my istp gang at

No. 664023

Absolutely nothing.

No. 664040

Aye I’m an INTP-A Sagittarius. I hate xsfx types, esfjs the most.

No. 664435

i'm an infj/infp (depending on the test, but i identify more with infp) libra sun&moon/sag rising with drug and codependency problems. sucks to suck

No. 665100

File: 1604328647516.jpeg (124.95 KB, 1280x720, beep.jpeg)

INTJ (cancer sun, cap moon, libra rising)
I try to be less judgemental but I'm going to honestly say that every fucking INFP that I have met has been extremely emotionally unstable, also ESFJs are insufferable energy-eating normie vampires
I also have a love/hate relationship with aquariuses, every single one has either been my best friend or my nightmare lmao

No. 665104

forgot to say which ones I like (trying not to be judgemental my ass), tbh I love ENTPs and ISTPs, they're sort of an acquired taste to me, same with geminis

No. 683588

INTJ women, what kind of men do you find work best with our type? I've only dated an unhealthy INFP and it was hell. Surprisingly I was more emotionally communicative than he was.
Enneagrams are also welcome as well. I'm a 5w6, 513 tritype.

No. 683603

My current boyfriend has never taken the assessment, but if I had to guess, I'd peg him for an ESFP. I definitely feel like we benefit most from extroverts at the very least. I've tried being with introverted guys before and they're just so difficult to be around/too needy.

No. 683618

INTJ (aquarius sun, leo moon, sagittarius rising), a few people told me I'm full of contradictory extremes and they can never read me. maybe it's the aquarius/leo combo?
All my best friends were either aries, gemini or sagittarius. Two of the the most toxic and two-faced bitches I knew were virgos. I'm afraid of pisces and taurus people because those are my parents' signs and I had a terrible childhood. It won't affect the way I treat them or anything, but I will always have this thought in the back of my head.
If I'm strongly attracted to someone it usually turns out to be an aries, which is great, or a scorpio or a leo, which is less great, because they're sex crazed sluts

No. 683626

I don't know about the other personality types but I love astrology. I've got two strong virgo placements but I fucking hate virgo suns lol. Every bitch I've ever had issues with has been a fucking virgo. Virgos fucking suck lol

No. 683685

Never heard of enneagram so was intrigued.

I’m an INFJ 9w1… (5 was close) dunno about astrology stuff but I am a Scorpio

I disagree with some of the traits that each has but deep down I know it’s true. I think that makes me the epitome of my personality type. Excuse me while I go cry into a pillow kek.

No. 683858

i am an INTP what do i do now? and scorpio
Can any anon explain the sun rising whatever the fuck moon stuff? i only know im a scorpio because i play a chinese dress up game when i cry at night.

No. 684119

Where are my ISTJ's at?

Also I'm laughing at all of the astrology talk from INTJ's. I know it's in the OP, but I feel that astrology would be something INTJ's would scoff at.

No. 684187

I've been taking the test every year since I was 15 and every fucking time I‌ get INTJ. And thanks to all the fucking iamverysmart 420 IQ edgelords out there kinning Light Yagami or some bullshit I die a bit inside every time someone asks for my MBTI type, which sucks since I‌ would have liked my type a lot. Fuck.

No. 684189

You might like Vicky Shingles' thread

No. 684191

Well, you're not alone anon, there's at least two of us here.

No. 684192

ENFP & scorpio & everyone loves me

No. 684205

ISFJ is such a sad type to be. even OP forgot about us.
i feel like my personality is pretty weak and people don't feel compelled to reach out to me or make plans with me because i'm so neutral and blah

No. 684216

Any anons get very different types when they type via personality test vs. actually looking at function stacks? Every single mbti test I take online (I've taken like 8) types me as ISTP, without fail, but when I actually read into the cognitive functions and sort/rank them, I get ENTJ. ISTP dominant function is Ti which I definitely don't use, I am constantly thinking out loud, bouncing ideas off other people, etc.

No. 684217

infp and Sagittarius sun/cancer moon. I feel like I relate more to INFP traits than Sag traits, even though INFPs and Sags have some similarities.

No. 684283

INFP Scorpio. So I cry a lot, but never in front of people. I get very tired out easily from social activities so I don't typically get along with extroverts. Astrology wise, my worst relationships have been with Cancer-Leo cusp people. The emotional manipulation is on another level with those people. I also don't typically get on with Capricorns/Geminis but it ain't impossible.

No. 684297

Is it possible to be INFJ and just hate extremes? Like SJWs and Nazis are both retards, go home.

Taurus sun, Libra moon, Scorpio rising if that helps

No. 684315

Make him take it and report back to us anon. How'd you meet him if you don't mind me asking?

No. 684319

Anon are you me? I'm an INTJ female as well and for years have been hoping I'd change to an INFJ or smth but no luck. Try taking a function test (keys2cognition is good) and seeing if you still get INTJ, good luck.
Imo if you spend enough time on MBTI subreddits/communities you'll find that INTJs are far from the worst in some cases. INTPs are just as insufferable with the whole "I am very smart" schtick. Iirc I used to be ashamed of being an INTJ bc a lot of male sociopaths seemed to be INTJ-ish but it turns out a lot of them are not actually INTJs (thank god). INFPs can be hella annoying too and I highly suggest staying away from INFP men.
The four-letter method isn't reliable, the cognitive function stack is your actual type.
I mean there's INTJs in here who believe in astrology so I think anything is possible. I'm also an INTJ and have my share of trash hobbies like reality tv for instance.

No. 684330

INFJ here, yes that’s pretty much how I feel. I might agree with some things SJWs say but.. ewww at drawing attention to myself in such a self righteous way,
If I feel very strongly about something I will keep it to myself or rant to my partner, usually when drunk lol.

No. 717074

How do I get an INFJ boyfriend? I'm an INTJ woman (which is prob a turn off to them idk) but they're my absolute ideal type.

No. 717076

>I'm [type]. How do I snag a [type]?
Don't do this

No. 717099

this is really out of topic but the image and the text accompanied with the absolute lack of answer is sending me right now. Hope you will find your istp gang anon

No. 717112


Famous ISFJs - Winnie the Pooh apparently. I dunno, I remember connecting more with eeyore as a kid. Pooh was always a lil too happy, and kinda dumb.

No. 717205

I’m an INFP married to an INFJ. We are similar in a lot of ways

No. 717206

File: 1611018720255.png (118.24 KB, 300x300, stare.png)

infp and a cancer. i'm an emotional wreck

No. 717208

ENTP full sociopath no raid gear. I love INTJ girls but they're rare find.

No. 717218

File: 1611021036628.jpg (96.4 KB, 500x379, 1609982743691.jpg)

I'm an ENFP but I fucked my life up and became a hermit so now I'm insane.

No. 717222

INTJ and autistic. My tendency for overthinking every little thing keeps me from being spontaneous with my art and music, and interactions with other people, of course. I noticed it gets better after drinking a beer or smoking pot but I don't want to turn into a junkie just to make something interesting or talk to people

No. 717238

INTP-A, Taurus (with capricorn moon/virgo rising). Astrology is dumb, but I think it’s funny that I somehow landed three earth signs.

I find that INTP is mostly true for me, although I suspect I sidestep most of the rigidly autistic sounding parts of the description due to female socialization. If I were a scrote I’m sure I’d be way more insufferable.

No. 717246

I'm an INFJ and a Virgo. I tend to gravitate to liking Leo's. I don't know who I dislike the most

No. 717250

ENTP aquarius. I don't seem to get along well with virgos or ISTJs. They're boring and always trying to boss me around.

No. 717255

>I suspect I sidestep most of the rigidly autistic sounding parts of the description due to female socialization. If I were a scrote I’m sure I’d be way more insufferable.
ENTP here. I feel this so hard lmao.

No. 717258

>taurus sun
>capricorn moon
>scorpio ascending
I will 100% be forever alone, but im ok with that.
I find a lot of my friends growing up just happened to be scorpios, I've also had aquarius and cancer partners. I usually enjoy people who are more outgoing/optimistic than me, or are nonconfrontational. I tend to avoid people who are similar to me.

No. 717265

whoops, i meant to put pisces, not aquarius

No. 717278

Are you literally me? Samefag entp Aquarius (moon libra, rising scorpio) so im my own balance.

I met a girl I really really like whose a virgo tho so RIP… But she's intj so maybe just maybe… Here I go into hell nons im gonna try

No. 717282

Entp Aquarius if I wasn't socialized female and was scroted id be a horrific human being LOL.

I have like 3 emotions max a day if I'm lucky.

No. 717285

>Are you literally me?
Apparently. I'm also a scorpio rising kek. Pisces moon though.

No. 717330

I don't believe in it but for the sake of farmers' curiosity to what we all are, INFJ aries

No. 717341

i'm ISTJ and gemini sun (idk about the others, i'm kind of new to all of this!)

No. 717358

I'm an INFP and I'm so emotional that I've quit jobs due to hurt feelings. I cry a lot and I'm sensitive. My sun is Aries, rising is Pisces and moon is Aries.

No. 717391

How do I know if I have Ni or Ne?

No. 717463

Omg are you me?! I’m an INFP Aries. I think some INFP have issues with anger whereas others turn their feelings more inward. I definitely have been fired for angry outbursts kek.

No. 717568

ENFP, Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Aries rising. I don’t really believe in this but it’s fun. Roast me.

No. 717580

> INTP-A, Taurus (with capricorn moon/virgo rising)
Nice. I'm INTP-A Taurus but with aquarius moon and capricorn rising. I have no idea what it's supposed to tell.
I don't really believe in any of this. It just boils down to me being introverted and slightly autistic.

No. 717588

i used to get INFJ everytime but i've since realised that i'm less of an introvert and more just a very lonely extrovert who's learned how to cope with being alone lol

No. 717629

INTJ - Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Aquarius rising, Libra mercury, Cancer venus, Cancer mars
Sometimes I feel overly logical and sometimes I feel like an emotional trainwreck, it's tearing me apart

No. 717639

Infp aries here as well! I hate living!

No. 717657

tell me about it, glad to know there's more of us out there.

No. 717709

File: 1611076863307.jpeg (41.66 KB, 439x363, 1DE6109D-B102-4B59-81D1-627684…)

No. 717743

ENTP Gemini, can't believe how close that rodent thing hits to home. Now hear me out, it wasn't me that did it, but when I was 8 I was playing with the neighbor's son, some kind of mouse runs past us and he runs after it and beats it to death with a stick. I guess he thought I would be impressed or something? He picked it up by the tail to show it to me and I just told him he should go inside to wash his hands (and smear some dirt on them beforehand so it's not suspicious) so he doesn't get a disease. He goes in, after a while his dad comes out, saying he started crying and told him about the mouse or whatever and it's best I go home.

It just baffles me why he even did it if that's how he was going to feel. Just for a chance to look like a big hunter gatherer badass?

No. 717744

Mine is just people hurting my feelings. Last job I had my boss told me awful stuff after I had a breakdown so I cried and left.

No. 717761

I'm ISFJ and autistic. Trying to wrap my head around being described as super considerate, thoughtful and empathetic.. wouldn't the tism cancel out those qualities somewhat?

Maybe I'm judging that by the standrards of coddled male autists. I mean I was honest answering it and it rings true to me, just weird how it clashes with the typical view of how autism limits you in those exact areas

No. 717779

ENTJ Virgo. Yes, I like order and cleanliness and I'm a very private person. I can't get along with anyone overly timid or weak willed, I simply can't respect that kind of person. I like people who have ambition or are passionate about something, especially obscure or weird hobbies. I love reading posts here by anons sperging about something that's made them happy or proudly asking dumb questions. Good shit.

No. 717814

File: 1611086061530.jpeg (26.92 KB, 236x236, 492C555D-231E-4F73-A236-8011B2…)

somewhere between enfp kooky and infp crybaby, leo, both laced with a crippling sense of insecurity and heinous conceit, what the fuck kind of amalgamation am I? what I do know is that after years of trauma I realized I'm a lot more fun and social than I thought I was in the past, thusly embracing that for what it is. but the impulse control issues and half lack of awareness half hyperawareness and guilting is something I'd like to get rid of. life is hard

No. 717833

Surprised there's so many 'E's on here tbh

No. 717858

Another ENTP here. My sister and I had hamsters that we eventually had to separate because they started to fight (turned out it was because one had impregnated the other; we thought they were both boys kek). I used to go downstairs while everyone was sleeping and put the hamsters in the same cage together specifically because I knew they would fight each other and got some weird satisfaction out of watching it. I'd always pull them apart after a few seconds. Inevitably, I did this too late one time and the boy hamster ended up dying. I did actually feel bad about it, but I don't remember if that was because I thought I was going to get in trouble with my parents, or because I'd technically killed the hamster.

No. 717891

For anons who have male SOs that aren't awful, what are their types?

Other male types ime are absolutely insufferable though.

No. 717927

The best guy I've known/been with was INFJ. We didn't last but it was due to differing goals. He was genuinely just a good, kind person and everything that entails. Great listener, did thoughtful things, hard working, creative, optimistic, had several hobbies he was good at (and meaningful stuff like photography and martial arts, not video games). Conversations were easy and I really enjoyed being around him. Great example of someone who truly added value to my life rather than dragging me down or just being there for no reason. Too bad they're the rarest type.

I also really liked an INTJ. They're better when they're more mature; see if they have an active friend group and appear capable of communicating like a normal human. They can get a little "crazed genius who lives in the woods" if they haven't developed their social side. Not naturals at expressing affection but if you're direct about wanting it they can improve. Outside of those downsides they're interesting and whip smart. If you're able to keep up, the level of attention they give you during conversations is intense and frankly erotic as hell. At the same time it's the fact they truly value your brain more than your body which makes them so enticing, because you know they appreciate you as a person rather than a sex toy.

No. 717929

Please don't get caught up on the idea that certain types are "better" than others. Unhealthy and healthy people exist of all types. For example, both my current and ex bf are INTP, yet current bf is actually not a complete piece of shit.

No. 717931

I'm an INFP and my SO is an ISTP. Personally, I don't think he is because he's emotional and gets frustrated easily and loves to live life according to his ideals, but at the same time not really empathetic so I'm not 100% sure.

No. 717932

Any type can be amazing or terrible sure, but maybe she just wanted to know what type-centric qualities other anons appreciated in partners. No harm in asking.

No. 717937

i'm an INFP and he's an ENFP. it works quite well, though we can both be pretty emotional. we're good at communication and empathy though, and it's really nice having a more extroverted partner to rely on in social situations

No. 717941

Well I can't really relate to that. I didn't feel like we did anything evil because it died quickly and household cats kill them all the time too and it's considered a good thing, but it was also a completely pointless act of aggression and a gross thing to do that we didn't benefit from in any way.

I really hated the kids that took a magnifying glass to small insects. But if my dad took a shovel to a venomous snake on our yard that could've bit me or our dog, I cheered him on. I feel that's a reasonable and problemsolving-oriented mindset. People who feel guilty about standing up for their own interests and getting rid of things that cause them problems (whether it's pests in their garage or a bad relationship where they're being used) or on the other end of the spectrum, edgelords who enjoy inflicting unnecessary pain without any other benefit or greater good, are both unrelatable. Why do they feel that sadism or guilt in situations that don't make sense?

No. 717950

What the fuckk where are ISFJ's OP?! Why are we always forgotten…I'm a taurus too so this is just another day in my life but it doesn't stop hurting…

Sorry for not being interesting enough

No. 717959

estp here. pretty sure the guy i'm gonna ask out is also an estp. this could go either way

No. 717964

Here's my sorry ass fluctuating between INFP and ENFP, the enfp started as I became a fucking hermit who only sees my mom though

No. 717999

I'm a ISTJ with an INFP. Our relationship is basically being OK with being boring. He doesn't care that I'm usually a dead fish. We usually watch paint dry.

No. 718005

INFJ Sagittarius but I think it’s just cognitive dissonance from trauma.

No. 718038

I'm one hell of a combo, ENTP and Gemini so I live up to the stereotype and never shut up. I also have ASD so my sperging is very unhinged 90% of the time and if you're friends with me, you're going to hear my bullshit about my hobbies whether you like it or not kek.

My boyfriend's an INTJ Aquarius and I have no fucking clue how he puts up with me.

No. 718150

Kek exactly, >>717929 how is this any worse than those people who say shit like "fuck aquariuses". At least MBTI is based upon your current thinking and behavior. I'm also not that type of fuckwad who's going to say "nO sEnSoRs!!!!!" and exclude someone solely based on MBTI. I already rule out enough men as it is without MBTI anyways.
I hope that I'm not the only INTJ woman who cannot stand INTJ men here but I generally find them to be insufferable (at least the ones who know that they're INTJs). Like all men they complain about fairly annoying but manageable things like being introverted and then talk over the 3 INTJ women who exist on any platform, constantly clogging up the thread once in a blue moon that is specifically a question for INTJ women. Then they say how hard it is to not be represented in media… You know how many male protagonists are INTJs while the female protagonists are always some type that is NEVER an INTJ? It's probably 20% of shows at most, because every woman and her mother has a wap for the brooding, dark, mysterious INTJ male. Sorry for my rant. I just needed to let this out bc this shit really makes me wish I was an INFJ.
I also feel like ENTP men are just straight up assholes despite them being the supposed perfect match for INTJs. I just want a guy who is emotionally intelligent and has values (like he could go along with feminist ideas), why are they so hard to find.

No. 718174

I love how intuitive types are supposed to be more rare than sensors but literally everyone including celebrities are supposedly N types

No. 725976

File: 1611996779748.png (27.79 KB, 635x470, tumblr_2045194f79cd0f87b3b75ee…)

Sorry I forgot what thread we were doing the crazy personality tests in, but just found this "what kind of feminist are you" test and I would like to share it with y'all

Pls post results

No. 726012

File: 1612002293294.png (80.09 KB, 857x583, test.png)

tbh I don't know what half of those terms mean

No. 726046

My partner took a test years ago and it said INFJ but I think he could be INFP.
He’s friendly, sweet, sensitive and genuinely cares for the well-being of others. We share the same values and want the same things in life. I trust him wholeheartedly.
We have a weird mutual unspoken understanding of our introversion, like we can spend a whole day in the same house apart from each other doing our own things and not question one another about it.

No. 726048

Forgot to add I’m INFJ

No. 726067

Pretty sure they were all explained just below the results, anon.

No. 726223

How'd you meet? This is my ideal guy.

No. 726234

File: 1612032355792.png (29.04 KB, 635x470, feminist-perspectives.png)

I think I got such a high score on WoC vs intersectional because I was assuming they meant that feminists should focus on oppression completely outside of gender (not intersecting with sex) which includes men.

No. 726349

File: 1612040772804.png (22.89 KB, 707x458, ok.png)

Oh no.

Rad fem is low, but I hate trannies though?

No. 726612

Where can I look for the zodiac moon and sun thingy?

No. 726639

As an INFP I want to kms constantly. I also abhor INTPS; I run into them so frequently online.

No. 726646

File: 1612065673835.png (30.62 KB, 752x490, fem compass.PNG)

I got a lot more radfem and a lot less libfem than I though, which is interesting cause while I don't completely align myself to one (I stay away from this stuff for the most part), if I had to I would probably choose libfem just cause it fits my ideas more.

I feel like so many of these questions depend on the situation though though, and my answer would change on a case-by-case basis. I honestly ended up answering a lot of them with the middle option. And the "can a women with a white ethnicity still call herself a woman of color" question confused me. Like, what does that mean? A woman who's race is non-white but is from a European country? I don't think ethnicities can be white. It's just what country you're from, right?

No. 726649

i love esfps and enfps so much, they're my favorite types to be around t. enfp

No. 726660

File: 1612066800839.png (36.27 KB, 701x576, test.PNG)

white feminism sucks

No. 726678

File: 1612068814683.jpg (79.83 KB, 720x498, 20210131_044400.jpg)

Inch resting.
It's not that I love fracking and and hate the turtles, but "women have a special bond with nature that men don't/ecological destruction mirrors women's oppression" is some hippy dippy bullshit. I'm feminist and ecologically conscious but idg how ecofeminism can be a thing.
Similarly I don't think women are inherently better people than men either and also political lesbianism as a concept grinds my fucking gears as someone who genuinely likes women and not as a way to separate myself from men. It's literally a sexuality-is-a-choice ideology.

No. 726680

File: 1612069279742.jpg (191.86 KB, 1080x990, SmartSelect_20210131-000142_Ch…)

Thank God.

No. 726689

File: 1612070236565.png (29.06 KB, 635x470, 7594232A-EEF9-403B-A2A9-2AB84B…)

So, these questions were weird.

No. 726693

File: 1612070533899.png (28.66 KB, 635x470, E018F1FD-98EA-45F8-AC2C-39EF6A…)

Some of these questions were a bit tricky, like the gender stuff, like yeah, we don’t need strict gender roles to be happy, but having a guy referring to himself as a woman is gross, yet to me, seeing a woman referring to herself as a guy isn’t annoying nor giving me red flags right away.

No. 726706

you know there is more to feminism than saying tranies are men right?

No. 726713

File: 1612072780432.jpeg (159.25 KB, 828x698, 8EC4EF60-5E5D-4CB4-8DC9-81171E…)

look ma i'm a socialista

No. 726720

File: 1612073273704.png (85.61 KB, 923x655, results.png)

i'll probably get bullied but here

No. 726724

File: 1612073543046.jpeg (76.25 KB, 750x600, 16759142-1635-418D-8C3A-7D7463…)

We're derailing the fuck outta this thread. Lemme join right quick! Some of these are higher than I would like for them to be tbh.

No. 726725

File: 1612073644703.jpg (91.54 KB, 1080x874, Wehh.jpg)

No. 726726

>We're derailing the fuck outta this thread
well it is for personality quizzes, is it not?
i love this site, i could waste hours taking every quiz on it

No. 726728

Nah, this thread is specifically meant for MBTI-related content/discussions. The actual quiz thread is >>611508 (which is why OP said she couldn't find it)

No. 726730

oh my bad, thank you for linking that thread though! i take a lot of online quizzes so i'll be sure to post any interesting ones i find there

No. 726738


You're not a feminist, you're conservative, radfem =/= conservative

No. 726739

File: 1612075193897.png (28.04 KB, 484x489, fem.png)

I'm based

No. 726742

Nah, i got 0% conservative

No. 726789

File: 1612082392189.png (129.6 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20210131-013211~2.p…)

No. 726804

File: 1612084340073.png (44.14 KB, 640x435, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 12.0…)

I think the conservatism came from a question I didn't understand? Shout out to lesbians though.

No. 726808

File: 1612084960028.png (141.95 KB, 1536x1207, IMG_0991.PNG)

I personally wouldn't describe myself as an intersectional feminist, since I believe that topics such as race, disability etc shouldn't be a part of feminism, but we should still be talked about them, but separate from feminism

No. 726833

File: 1612088205507.jpg (64.5 KB, 720x742, 20210131_134621.jpg)

100% radfem let's fucking go

No. 726878

File: 1612098132612.png (25.32 KB, 682x454, ftest.png)

I don't know what to make of this.

No. 726914

which type of feminist is "saw 1 of 60 and closed the window"

No. 726964

gross tbh

No. 727077

File: 1612117913534.jpg (159.42 KB, 1079x759, Screenshot_20210131-145040_Chr…)

Some questions were really tricky and weird, could be worded better I guess

No. 727094

so you think women should sell their bodies freely so you can then call them skanky hoes?

No. 727137

I hate to bash women because I love us and hate men but I gotta ask why are ENFP women so fake? They're always super nice to you when they hate you. And you won't know it until someone else tells you because they're snakey af, talking mad shit about you behind your back. When ENFP women are pickmes, they're MEGA pickmes and the most vocal libfems. Actually kek I'm fairly certain that the caricature of an annoying libfem IS an ENFP.
And my biggest question: why do so many ENFPs take forever to admit that they're ENFPs? They pretend or say that they're other types, the ones I've seen say that they're INTPs, INFJs, ENTPs and then get enraged when you say uh no sweetie I think you might be an ENFP (bc 100% they are). Idk I'm tired, ENFJs have been far kinder to me as an INTJ woman and that's facts.

No. 728061

File: 1612208296419.jpg (200.54 KB, 2464x1667, feminism results.JPG)

I guess I can say I'm quite a feminist. Some of the questions really got me thinking tho.

Also I'm white, I feel so woke for that WOC feminism kek. Seriously though I think white women can be so narrow minded when it comes to womens rights, and sometimes it grosses me out, because yeah I hate scrote banter but then I'll consider there are places where I could be raped and seen as the one who's done wrong. Like it's actually hard for me to wrap my head around the injustice. But I guess we'll stick to what we know?

But I wonder where we went wrong to get that 14% nonny

Oh and I'm INTP and most of my closest friends are INFP. I wonder if it's because we're a good pair or codependent or something.

No. 728088

File: 1612209747107.png (109.33 KB, 1048x673, screee.png)

Lmao, so I'm guessing I clocked some "conservatism/non-feminism" because I highly disagreed with that one bad religious question. To paraphrase: "Insofar as God exists, it is just as likely that it is female as it is male?"
If there was a monotheistic God it is most definitely male. Why would an all powerful, all present, and all knowing female God have given us patriarchy and allowed men to stomp on our tits since the dawn of time? Not to mention wars, plague, and all other aggro-type shit has 'male' written all over it. Would a female God aware of the sacrifice, pain, and beauty of pregnancy make it so little kids die slowly from cancer? I fucking hated this question but of course since I don't believe a female God would be as cruel as the theoretical one in our universe, it means I ain't "woke." Religion has no place in feminism except to be criticized and ridiculed.

Everything else is pretty spot-on. I'm a white feminist so I try to be intersectional where I can, hence halfsies on everything, mostly because I stay in my lane and try to listen. Most of my male issues come from the workplace and my hetero relationships plus I live in a first world where exploitation isn't handing it to me…yet.

No. 728104

Weird. From what I've observed the ultimate snake type is XSFJ while XXFPs are the most sincere.

No. 728123

I am very against sex work and answered the questions accordingly. The results seem off. Isn't liberal feminism opposed to conservatism? So how am I able to score so high on both? It doesn't make sense.

No. 728168

I'm >>726234, same about the WOC category anon, I find it funny that we both got such high scores on WOC in comparison to lower scores on intersectional feminism?
I'm also white but I love Womanist texts. I know that this isn't the thread (sage for OT) but it is polarizing to be a white woman who genuinely looks up to black women (as a class, not in a fetish way) and then also be a part of the class of women that are the enemy. I totally understand the suspicion since a lot of vocal libfems are white women that CLAIM to be helping/caring about WOC while supporting and advocating for policies that undermine WOC the most and also since there's a population of conservative white women who follow what their racist and sexist men say/do. I wish we could separate ourselves from those white libfems and white conservative women. Maybe a TERF tattoo since libfems are basically tranny handmaidens.

No. 729644

File: 1612391750316.png (137.65 KB, 532x1492, 1612391270237.png)

Pic is from /snow/. What is her mbti type?

No. 729645

Ne or Se-dom

No. 729755

File: 1612404056591.png (162.53 KB, 854x598, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.01…)

Use personality-database, they have everyone and everything on there
Your answer: ESFJ, just like LC's favorite lil smol plastic bean Ariana Grande

No. 730004

bold of you to assume that that website is accurate

No. 734832

As far as I'm concerned, if it has enough votes then it is pretty much near accurate. I'm not going to waste my time trying to type every random person I think of when I can just search and see what other people have said.

No. 933803

I hope I'm not necroing, but I need to ask something.
Can INFPs neglect their Ne function, or does that make them XSTJs?
I have a friend that keeps being mistyped as INFJ in all the tests she takes. She took a test that shows percentages for the functions and she barely uses Ti, while Te has a good score. Her iNtuition (Ne/Ni) scores are pretty low too. At the same time, the Fe and Fi scores are both really high, which I find funny, because she uses Fi A LOT (she has this mentality of me vs. the world, if that makes sense, and is more of a "me" person than "us" person).
She's a very pessimistic person that seems to enjoy feeling stressed (kek), so maybe that's messing with the way her Ne works. Or maybe she's ISTJ/ESTJ, idk. Thoughts? Sorry for the sperg.

No. 933855

Are things like being tidy and orderly, meeting deadlines and looking presentable easy for her or do they require effort? How confrontational is she? Does she enjoy discussing theoretical subjects?

No. 933862

Bonus question: what is her speech pattern like? When she speaks, does she meander a lot? Does she speak for a while then stops to reflect on it (maybe another idea/thought comes up), then picks it up and continues or is she able to formulate her thoughts in one go, from start to finish seemingly without thinking?

No. 933873

File: 1633713547120.png (40.9 KB, 417x322, Untitled.png)

no matter how many times i try, i always get infj. it's funny because i also have capricorn moon like hitler.

No. 933876

love how we are either jesus or hitler lmfao

No. 933884

She likes looking nice (she wears dresses almost everyday and hates jeans) and literally yesterday she was complaining about how guys that only wear sweatpants are such a turn-off for her, that she likes when they dress up and wear shirts, blabla…
She also likes to have a schedule and yeah, being tidy and all of that. That's why I was wondering if she might be XSTJ, but I typed her as INFP because when I talk to her I feel like I'm talking to a younger version of myself (I'm INFP).
Her speech pattern is direct (?), her ideas are very clear and she blurts them sometimes without thinking about them tbh, because she has said some hypocritical/contradicting things in the past. I don't think she has ever stopped to reflect on something she said unless I pointed out something to her about it.
Btw what cognitive function is related to "speaks for a while, stops to reflect on it then picks it up"?

Hitler being typed as INFJ makes my blood boil. Psycopaths can't be typed, they literally lack empathy, you can't measure their cognitive functions the same way you do for "normal" humans.

No. 933898

Wtf. For what it's worth my best friend is an INFJ and she is definitely the most Jesus-like person I know. Yall are great don't listen to this thing

No. 933954

Both you and your friend sound so sweet! Thank you, kind nona.
I'm both Pisces and INFJ so I guess I must be the second coming lmfao. Also I have 100% romantic compatibility with Jesus

No. 934135

File: 1633737365843.png (31.53 KB, 748x233, image.png)

Personality tests are bullshit, pic related.

No. 937567

Talking to this new guy (potentially bfable if things go well). Asked him about his Mbtis and he said Istp/Estp. What should I expect?

No. 937575

Ot but if some people are quite on the fence when it comes to being intro or extro then why isn't there an option for just 'middle' people? Is there even a word for that?

No. 937577

tfw dying alone

No. 937580

I'm an INFJ Libra uwu who married an INTJ Scorpio edgelord–on paper we look like we would be so annoying lmao. I hope we're not.

No. 937581

There's "ambivert" but it's bullshit. There's no extrovert that never ever gets tired of social interaction and never ever wants to be alone, same goes vice versa for introverts. Going by that logic, we're all ambiverts. People who think they are, either wanna be special or don't understand themselves well enough.

No. 937588

After extensive research, I have decided INFP/INFJ men are the best.

No. 937595

His answer was that " It depends how he is feeling on the day or in which situation he is in", so I get the I/E divergence

No. 938207

I just discovered I have a thing for INTJs. Maybe ENTJs sometimes but fuck my life and my shit taste, those are the only people I'm attracted to.

No. 938213

People oversimplify the I/E divide. The first letter does not only indicate an overall attitude but affects all of your functions, of which every type has some introverted and some extroverted and their order determines dominant and weaker traits. In your example both types have the same functions but their order is different. ISTP is
>Introverted thinking (Ti)
>Extroverted sensing (Se)
>Introverted intuition (Ni)
>Extroverted feeling (Fe)
While ESTP is
>Extroverted sensing (Se)
>Introverted thinking (Ti)
>Extroverted feeling (Fe)
>Introverted intuition (Ni)
To oversimplify ESTP will generally be more impulsive and get restless more easily where ISTP might have similar desires but think on it longer and let their logic override emotions so their life situation is more stable. ESTP is more emotionally expressive where ISTP still has deep feelings but can struggle to properly express themselves

No. 942594

>sag sun, gemini moon and rising
>i dont know enough people's mbti, but i tend to like infjs and istjs the most in fiction. and my least favorite are unhealthy fi doms because i knew two people like that and they were annoying. but mbti has little to do with whether i will like someone or not

No. 942634

>Enneagram 4
>leo sun, capricorn moon, libra rising, cancer mars, virgo mercury, libra venus, i don't remember the rest
I don't tell people about these things because it's easier to know people by observing their behavior instead of trying to see them through a collection of labels. MBTI is probably kinda useful if done in an honest way but it relies on self report which is sketchy considering most people have poor introspection skills. I've already calculated you in my head, maybe less NaCl next time

No. 943523

Mature INFP men maybe, but most men are not and never will be so generally I suggest avoiding INFP men like the plague. If you date one and they abuse you then just a warning that no one will believe you because he's too harmless to do that~!

No. 943525

> Enneagram 5 (5w6)
> Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising

No. 948476

File: 1635086791434.jpg (81.43 KB, 745x1024, 1619387014168.jpg)

ENFP-A and Scorpio, I don't know all those rising and moon extra things. For other types and signs, I don't give a fuck as long as the person isn't an incel type.

No. 948504

File: 1635089450826.jpg (31.32 KB, 474x474, d9e8a1c81223350e2caa65f5e7a04f…)

ISFJ-T and a Virgo. I don't really care about moons or rising suns or whatever. I feel I fit being a virgo perfectly, but I hate people who define themselves and others by their zodiac sign kek I also think I fit being an ISFJ. Does this make me an NPC? I don't know the difference between ISFJ and ISTJ sorry

No. 948883

File: 1635132633268.png (20.22 KB, 128x128, 565212379059847198.png)

Generally, people are mistyped.
Infps, Enfj, Entps,and Isfj get mistyped as Infj.
Intps,entj,istj,estj and infj get mistyped as intj.

I get infj and intj but I don't think infj is rare. Entjs females are rarest so here we are.

To see if you are mistyped try to do this test

Random note:
Fi is about your morals and thoughts, they value uniqueness and expression of self (individuality). (Common phrase, if I was in their shoes or if that was me is fi entirely)
Fe is about how you affect other people through your actions. This also means wanting to be accepted and not feel alone or different.(Yes everyone has this but the theory is Infjs think about how their actions before they do it hurts people)

"People with the Judging preference want things to be neat, orderly and established. The Perceiving preference wants things to be flexible and spontaneous. Judgers want things settled, Perceivers want thing open-ended."

No. 948894

I got intp this time. I always get intp or infp. So many questions make me go uhh IDK, I doubt it's accurate.

No. 948899

>Yes everyone has this but the theory is Infjs think about how their actions before they do it hurts people
Mmmm…a lot of people do this too, this is not weird at all

No. 948914


It's the theory tho, Fe is about community above self. I doubt that everyone has this idea. An example of fe is people letting go of their morals to meet someone halfway because they value harmony and how other people feel. Fi would not do this, they value their morals and ideas to guide them. People who have Ti or Te on the other hand would decide if it is logical and correct for the situation based on factual information. Se and si would act on the spot depending on what they think is right at the moment.

Si Fe > routine, tradition, rules, and information to use for community
Ni Fe > Future, feeling, predicting, and understanding unspoken rules to use for community

The website gives you multiple types of results. Might be hard to understand them, there should be multiple boxes it gives with different info.
Infp vs Intp easiest way

Fi Ne Si Te (infp)
Ti Ne Si Fe (intp)

Have you been told you are too sensitive or insensitive?
Do you understand where your emotions come from?

No. 948921

the general consensus from all of my tests results is istp, gotta learn how to tie a noose real quick

No. 949201

Oh, I clicked it away so I don't remember what all the other results were.

>Have you been told you are too sensitive or insensitive?

sensitive on multiple occasions
>Do you understand where your
emotions come from?

No. 949278

i agree. a lot of people don't get that Fe is really about harmony with others and that Fe users sometimes make morally questionable (to Fi users) decisions to keep cohesion. i've seen very obvious Fi users insist that they're INFJ (i would guess because it's seen as the rarest, ironically enough i think Fi users might enjoy being seen as "the rarest" more than Fe users).

i love MBTI but i don't think that any test is a shortcut to reading about the functions in depth and figuring out what you actually apply and use in your life. i also think most online tests have a big bias toward giving you an Introverted result.

No. 949339

Yeah, then you probably didn't read them at all.
You are an infp, I can't read your results either which would help but I guess this would do.

Some reason people think rarest means the best even though I met some good people of different types.

I have dated a Fi user and they are not always about harmony if they have their way about things (which isn't bad if it is needed).

People think functions are the same just because of the letters. When people see Infj and Infp they think they are the same but they don't share any function with each other. I also partly blame 16p for mistyping a lot of people. People don't really like reading into typing themselves right because they can't be bothered or just want a quick result.
Only two people out of the dozen of people that I knew took online tests, got the right results for their type. Both were unironically Intp though.

Another factor, A lot of famous people that people adore have Sensor types so I am surprised that many people see sensors as bad. Their questions for sensors are generally bad, like "do you like imaginary worlds and fantasy?" A lot of people do that has nothing with being a Ne or Ni. Online test goes, "YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER?"
YES? You are xNxx There is no proper N vs S questions on these tests so that is why you self type after understanding the functions.
Sensors get mistyped all the time as xNxx is so annoying really.

No. 949358

What are some visible differences between infps vs infjs? I have a lot of infp friends and they're really expressive and have super individual styles. I usually get infp or infj, so I compare myself to infp friends but I don't see a lot of similarities.

No. 949361

i keep getting INTJ and i hate it. it just means i'm still the weird kid from elementary school. being smart isn't worth shit when you're this annoying

No. 949422


Let's look into the functions

Before I explain the differences between these specific functions, Let me explain what the function order means.

Dominate function is what you lead by in terms of thinking about things and helps you sort through daily life as the primary leader of the function stack.

The auxiliary function acts as a support to your dominant function. You can think of the dominant as the “commander in chief” of your personality and the auxiliary as the “second in command.” Your auxiliary function provides balance for your dominant function.

Tertiary Function backs the first two and only is shown when you are around 25 or 30. People use this to support their main functions. This is also referred to as Child function.

We often call the fourth function the inferior function when it emerges without conscious intention and tries to overpower the dominant and auxiliary.

Infp > Fi Ne Si Te

Infj > Ni Fe Ti Se

> Infps lead by Fi and Infj leads by Ni:

Ni is about predicting and thinking, someone who has a dominant would more likely think than act in situations as they would play out every pathway and predict outcomes using past behavior and future possibilities (they are not always right). This type believes in patterns and boxes people in to help create One solution. This is why Ni types are sometimes dictators or cult leaders (not all dictators and cult leaders are Ni doms tho).

Fi is valuing good and what they might need from a situation. This means they value their morals only change if they believe if the info presented is correct in terms of morals and values. They are good at looking at how people act or situations and sticking to their guns. How they treat people is by the moral of what they think people are worth because they trust their judgment.

> Second Function:

Fe is about community above self and morals. This does not mean Fe users are open-minded but they will do what the group needs to maintain harmony. This is opposite to Fi because there is no focus on self. Fe means they may not have a sense of self or belonging because they are focused on the needs of others.

Ne is about brainstorming and seeing a million paths from one idea and what could grow into. This means they are undecisive but also open-minded to many ideas to explore. Ne is good at preventing really bad decisions though, in horror movies this type would be one that survives.

> Third Function

Ti is using logic to help connect inner thoughts as a way to justify them. Using Statistics to show their point of view rather than using personal experiences as Sensor Function would.

Si is about the experiences and information they gathered in their life. This helps with supporting morals and values through real-life experiences.

I won't go over Fourth because people are not aware of it so I will leave that be.

Infp > Fi Ne Si Te

Infj > Ni Fe Ti Se

> So summary of adding these together:

Infjs do not need to experience things themselves to make choices they believe are for the collective good of a group. Their choices can be seen as pandering in order to make harmony even if that means they bend over backward. Pandering element comes from Infj understanding of people they deal with by memorizing what they do and how they may think. Due to this nature, Infjs tend to empathize with anyone so the idea of good and bad is not really a thing within Infj's mind. Ni looks at the past to make future choices for a group in a situation. Fe makes Infjs go towards things that involve people solving to make them happy. Ti is their logical reasoning which supports how they help and think about things using logical theories. They end up not living life unless people push for them to live it due to the lack of Si.

Infps live life through what they think they should do. They believe in exploring themselves and trying out everything they can. Their fi function makes them have strong morals and judgment of what they deem is good. Fi can have black and white thinking despite Ne. Ne is secondary so they will only be open to people or ideas if their Fi says it's fine. Fi users will just not like people as their gut is telling them they are bad. Ne also supports this idea to prevent possible hurt and pain. Due to Infps nature, they either hate or like fe users. Si makes Infps live adventurous lives and learns from experience. Due to the lack of Ti, Infps feel analysis of data is not useful.

> Also, keep in mind, P vs J

J's are decisive and value order. Things for them have to be closed-ended. (planner)
P's are more flexible and spontaneous. Things for them have to be open-ended and ready for change.(not a planner)

> What is the common ground on these mbti types?

Both of them are creative, thinkers, have a good understanding on how to help people, can be negative, and are also prone to similar hobbies as each other.

> Other thoughts

Your friends are more likely to be Enfps and Isfps than Infps. Enfps are more positive and open-minded while Infps are idealistic compared to Enfps.
Isfps and Enfps are in similar hobbies as Isfjs and Infjs.

No. 949628

File: 1635210807078.jpeg (231.13 KB, 2048x2048, E_V28LfVQAA9B-f.jpeg)

I was always typed from tests as INFJ or INTJ, but after learning the functions found I don't use Ni and I'm actually an INTP 5w4

Aquarius/Cancer x2. It's funny because being a Ti dom people assume you shouldn't have interest in astrology, but that's nothing to do with Introverted Thinking? If it fits into your personal data of logic then the individual Ti dom can believe anything they want, it just has to fit into their own field of knowledge and what we understand.

Apparently INTP x ENTJ are a hot OTP, and I am dating an ENTJ 8w9 for a year now so seems to have truth.

No. 949930

It could be Ti, gravitating towards astrology is definitely Ti than it is Te, but ultimately astrology is Ni or Fi imo. If I am to correlate functions to astrology. I will say that liking astrology is atypical for a real Ti user since it lacks logic.

Ti is a subjective cognitive function, meanwhile Te is an objective cognitive function. That means that as a Ti user you're more likely to add your own nuance and analysis to your perceptions, rather than just perceiving reality as it is. Ti is personal and subjective. You can look up Jungian cognitive functions on Wikipedia and you will get a page that says which functions are Objective and which are Subjective. I'm on my phone and cannot look it up right now. If you don't find it and are interested in learning about objective VS subjective cognitive functions please reply to my post and I will make another post with the link later.

Your post aside. Anyone else hates YouTube MBTI videos? I fucking despise 90% of them, they aren't funny, they are generic and they fail to inform you about anything remotely interesting about the MBTI system or Jungian theory. I despise that INFJ fucker so much the one that got really popular off MBTI vids. When I was younger MBTI used to be my special interest, until I realized it was extremely subjective and that most people involved with the community are stupid/self righteous and lack self identity or suffer from other mental illnesses and lack of self awareness. We as humans exist personality wise outside and beyond some stupid typology, that doesn't mean we shouldn't discuss it or acknowledge that in humans we can observe behavioral patterns, yet we must not see something like MBTI as absolute. I began making my own MBTI vids but I'm not very good at scripting and they will probably stay in the dark underworld of YouTube, but maybe someone will find them at some point and think they are informative/interesting

No. 950071

Oh, I'd like to know which functions are subjective or objective if you have some more info on that

What I like about astrology is the amount of depth you can go into and using the full chart to read a person. I don't like horoscopes or using it for divinitive purposes, but it is a cool science. The only problem is you sort of have to accept the unknown. That annoys me because I want an answer, and probably most people do, but doesn't stop the fascination.

When I used to google if xNTPs were into other pseudosciences I'd see a lot of ENTPs were interested or believed in psychics, but most INTP posts are filled with reddit tier soyjack atheists like an actual living meme, and I felt embarrassed to even type the same

No. 955735

ok nonnies pls submit answers for my autistic survey below:


p.s. i mistyped as an intp 5w4 but really i'm an entp 7w6 lmao

No. 955746

p.s. i'll submit the results after obvi

No. 955904

ISTP-T and Aquarius

No. 956117


here's a link to the responses in case y'all impatient


No. 980015

After years of brainwashing into thinking INFJ is the shit and the only valid personality type, I had an epiphany and i now accept my truth: I relate to ISFP, and there's nothing wrong about it. I can't believe i didn't see it sooner and finally i can read a personality type page and say: "yeah, that resembles me" and not "ehhh…i don't know…", even if it's not a very popular type i like it, i can describe myself best without using labels, but if anything resembles me is that type. Since I'm a child, handcrafting, graphic design, sports and dance have always been my main talents, specially music, i started to produce at 8 years old with no prior knowledge just by ear, and nowadays I'm thinking about studying an instrument too, most people think i had professional training but it's all DIY and for fun. I sense very slight differences between similar tempos, octaves and dances, and i can improvise and harmonize easily too. I also have a very relaxed mindset, i tend to not judge people unless very necessary and let things flow maybe I'm like this since i grew up into a very strict, abusive household, my code word is "freedom": freedom of mind and soul, be and do whatever if you're not hurting anyone, not in a "degenerate" liberal way but more like "don't force yourself" way. I see most people do have a "road" or a general plan, i understand it but I don't practice it, I'm mostly just "existing" while i do my best kek. I don't like when I've to perform any kind of social fake act, i just get tired when i try to do so, I'm not rude but also not a doormat. The common scrote is very stressful for me for that reason, they tend to force me to be a lot of things I'm not and have this forceful, violent aura and it freaks me out, i really can't stand any moid (or person for the matter) telling me who i am. Most women tend to be surprised when they discover i don't judge them into oblivion

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