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File: 1525039005600.jpg (21.37 KB, 342x481, main-qimg-5a5b5f273f5b8bdd9b1c…)

No. 246299

Previous thread: >>94472

I'll start.

Am I the only one who doesn't find full lips attractive? I think smaller mouths are much cuter.

No. 246303

I think slightly fried hair looks cool and full

No. 246311

super monkey ball 1, 2, and deluxe are the only good video games

No. 246316

I think small belly pooches are cute even on skinny girls
Acne can be cute on the right person
I don't think all flakes and cows on here have "misshapen tits and deformed pussies" but as a lesbian, I feel like people have gotten a warped view of what a female body is supposed to look like due to IG, tumblr and surgery and whatnot
If a girl has an innie, it "looks like an open wound and so weird" if she has an outie, we all know how that goes, fake tits like stormies are nitpicked if they don't look exactly like missalices, if boobs arent perfectly perky theyre saggy and gross, the only boobs I've seen be accepted here are mysteries and shays, but she was also bashed for having a breast lift but I have seen people claim shays boobs are deformed because of her nipples which I have yet to see something wrong with them

I think, if we're being honest here, most womens natural boobs aren't gonna be big perfect perky round circles with cute scrunched nipples, and most womens natural vaginas arent gonna be hairless perfect smooth and doll-like, just by me saying this, people are probably going to jump at me about how I have ugly tits or whatever and how "them and their friends all have perfect bodies you crazy feminist"
This is just my opinion though

No. 246318

>most womens natural boobs aren't gonna be big perfect perky round circles with cute scrunched nipples

-big and that's me. Though one factor is I wear a bra non-stop including sleep, I think a big factor in breast shape+quality is bra-wearing. Most women take them off indoors+while sleeping afaik

Agreed with the rest of your post btw

No. 246323

Bra have been proven to make your boobs saggier anon… Maybe when you just take it off but for me, when i stopped wearing a bra as much my boobs got rounder and perkier if anything

No. 246324

Unpopular opinion:

Asexuality isn't a sexuality

Children can't choose/decide their sexuality (publicly at least) on account of being children and being attracted to other children, whereas sexuality is, literally in terms of human lifespan, relevant to adults and being attracted to adults. You're a child for 18 years and an adult for up to 80 more…You're choosing who you're going to fuck for 80 years on the basis of the temporary child body you currently reside in.
It's nearly a scam. Like selling dogs by only showing pictures of puppies. Which dog breed do you like based on these pictures?
The adult is a completely different thing.

Related: Adults encouraging children to talk about sexuality reeks of paedophilia

No. 246325

They only make them saggier if you are wearing one that's too loose (no support). Which is quite common as women often don't like being constricted.

No. 246326

Thats not how it works anon, the muscle that makes your breasts perky and holds them up isn't being worked and thus result in saggy breasts overtime


No. 246327

Sample size: 320 women

It's also ignoring the fact that women who choose not to wear a bra may be genetically predisposed to greater firmness (example: their mothers didn't wear a bra and the effect was minimal)
Plus the fact most women err on the side of loose and are wearing bras that offer no support.
I personally think steel-boned corsets are better but that's an unpopular opinion in itself

No. 246328

None of those are unpopular or an opinions because they're true

No. 246329

Where did you get these claims anon? Most women are wearing too small bras especially large breasted womem

No. 246330

btw the non-stop bra wearing is incidental, not because i gaf about saggy breasts.
I just feel more protected wearing a bra/prefer it and only recently realised most people take them off to sleep and such. Corsets are better in that they actually offer back support and also hold the breasts up, but unfortunately most people these days think they are either a torture device, fetish item, vanity piece or a mix of the three

No. 246331

I'm starting to agree with Azealia Banks' opinions. She's certified fucking crazy, but when she's discussing things on Periscope or not just flat out insulting people, she makes some good points.

No. 246335

File: 1525046024215.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.69 KB, 500x331, 8fa9e98d42fd513ec86d9b46e97330…)

If wearing a bra makes your tits saggy, then please explain pic related…

No. 246340

Comparing a young woman vs older women who have probably breastfeed for years
Also the woman in the middle looks strong, and building muscles in the pec area does perk them up. There are plenty of tribal women with perkier boobs who haven't had kids

No. 246342

this picture is so damn cute. god, i love women.

No. 246408

this. people jump on the idea that tribal titties are from no bra when it makes more sense that they'd be from having a lot of kids and breastfeeding all of them.

No. 246412

File: 1525063076182.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.73 KB, 1000x674, 772-3648.jpg)

Himba women often have perky boobs though

No. 246414

same, men don't deserve us

No. 246417

in vitro fertilization is bullshit, selfish assholes paying tens of thousands of dollars for their own genetically inferior spawn when they could just adopt a poor innocent child with a severe disadvantage at life instead.

No. 246418

Unpopular opinion on lolcow:
I don't hate men, I actually like them

No. 246419

I love how all the proponents of this view have no idea how difficult international adoption can be. It's selfish to have a child via science when adoption attempts have fallen through, been rejected because of retarded nationalistic politics, or got caught with a joint when they were 19? Or do you think adoption is as simple as calling up your nearby third world country and saying "hello! One orphan please!"

No. 246420

Who said anything about international adoption specifically?

No. 246422

Adopting within your own country still has enormous restrictions and frequently falls through or rejects potential parents over silly shit. Tell me how it's selfish to get fertility treatments when you've been rejected by adoption agencies because your husband smoked pot as a teenager.

No. 246432

You’re regaling a very specific and unlikely irrelevant scanario. Nice straw man.

No. 246434

My personal anecdote is one instance yes, but if you’d spend thirty seconds looking into the issue rather than jumping to call people selfish monsters for not adopting, you might realise that the extreme difficulty involved in adoption is a real thing.

How stupid do you have to be to think it’s a simple matter?

No. 246436

>uwu I got my personally offended in an unpopular opinion thread

Glad nature is doing it’s best to prevent your pathetic inferior genes from spreading

No. 246439

If anything the reporter is older than them, these are clearly young women. And who says that the white woman doesn't have kids as well?

Because that's a young teen…

No. 246440

Oooooooh got me deep with that edge. You not having any valid argument supporting an ignorant view doesn’t make anyone offended but you. Keep trying to troll, you might accidentally hurt the feelings of a teenage girl one day if you keep practicing.

No. 246441

Bro I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, just posting a random thought in a thread specifically asking for it. I wish you the very best and hope your boyfriend doesn’t catch any more charges that may interfere with you both raising your future children together. We’re all degenerates here one way or another.

No. 246442

Lmao you’re an idiot. Cheers for the niceties.

No. 246443

I actually feel bad for incels, especially the more inexperienced ones who wander into those places looking for answers and are radicalized by the veterans and their "black pills", preying on their insecurities and fragile mental health.

No. 246444

Anytime! Stay sad, pork chop.

No. 246445

Stay stupid, get sterilised, and invent a second paragraph to your ivf speech. You should have more than wrong info to make yourself look stupid. Have wrong pie charts, wrong emotional arguments, and wrong slideshows as well.
If you’re gonna be dumb be dumb with panache.

No. 246446

Who wouldn’t?
Radicalised, lonely, self hating, and too stupid to do anything but blame people for dating to be better than them.

I’m genuinely surprised more don’t kill themselves considering how aggressively they believe and enforce the hopelessness dogma.

No. 246456

I'm gonna have to second the anon who said she loved women. Arguing over saggy breasts seem so pointless and silly, anons

No. 246473

Believing you are hopeless is much more empowering than believing you have a chance somewhere somehow.

No. 246477

That makes no sense without further explanation but okay.

Honestly once they’re radicalised there’s no fixing them. The only consolation is that 99% are too scared to try and enforce their beliefs on anyone. Disgusting people.

No. 246482

File: 1525082913142.jpg (127.11 KB, 540x359, 1496688955718.jpg)

I actually love being a white European.

Unpopular irl, because
>that's racist!
and on here, because
>anon, don't you want to be a tiny asian waifu with a petite body, perfect skin and youthful features?

No. 246485


We do mostly but you don't hear about it, I will soon too.


Only choice is to just for or kill ourselves, we don't have a chance we are already broken beyond fixing.

No. 246486

Man, fuck people that try to tell white Europeans they’re ugly or racist or age like milk or whatever. Yeah, Eurocentric beauty standards have been the norm for centuries but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or ugly to love yourself. People of all races and nationalities can be beautiful in different ways.

No. 246490

Remember Incel shit is a cult like any other. Believing one opinion which is illogical and not your own, and parroting that? Welcome to being part of a REALLY shitty cult.

If you read the boyfriend stories on here, most girls absolutely date incel-tier guys, so the idea of "hopeless" and "undateable" is literally incorrect. Just drop all the cult shit and be nice to a woman. Pretend you are in love with her personality and she's yours

No. 246496


I did all that before I got in to internet and stuff, when you're a subhuman it doesn't work.

No. 246497

Don’t encourage them. Incels choose to identify as victims because it’s easier than accepting that their shitty attitudes towards women are offputting. They don’t want to change, they think they are owed worship by model virgin waifus just because they exist and tell themselves they are supreme gentlemen.

No. 246507

I actually heard this segment on NPR the other day (thanks Toronto guy) about a former incel who eventually came to his senses. He was only 14 when he got into it.


I think it's kind of the same deal as that one former neo Nazi describes, where these men are really just looking for community because they lack opportunities for male comradery in they daily lives.

No. 246515

The reporter doesn't look old at all tf, her early 20s at most, unless you're one of those people who think anything past 23 is old
And its easy to tell if women have had kids and breastfed by their breast, unless this girl has magic genes or has had surgery there is no way she has had kids and breastfeed them, the African women look a lot older and since most of the time these women have tons of kids obviously they arent gonna have cute perfect perky tits

No. 246518

File: 1525097304187.jpg (58.62 KB, 700x445, tumblr_lznr23iKWQ1r0awxko1_128…)

>The reporter doesn't look old at all tf, her early 20s at most
Yeah, i bet she isn't even 18 yet, they usually send minors. And these back women surely are around 60, because "black don't crack'n shit"…

No. 246522

Its hard to tell if this is sarcasm or not, and if it is, you sound bitter, if you think the tribal women are the same age as the white woman then idk what to tell you, I don't know why you're jumping through hoops to prove bra wearers all have perky perfect breasts and nasty tribal sluts who don't wear bras have saggy gross and tits and its 100% from not wearing a bra totally has nothing to do with the fact these women often pop out babies and breastfeed them, and no, claiming that a woman who obviously doesn't have any kids and if she does she obviously didnt breastfeed them

No. 246542

File: 1525100794805.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.84 KB, 700x439, 6ACC4C08-EA61-4666-AC81-B0BA86…)

First of all, she’s not a reporter. She’s the wife of a photographer. I did a quick image search, it seems the photos are from their 2003 trip to Namibia. I can’t find concrete evidence of her name, the tumblr source says her name is Husova and the photographer is Sasha Gusov. Other sources credit her name as Sasha, and her husbands as Alexander.

Whatever the story is, this isn’t proof that wearing bras is the key to perfect perky breasts.

No. 246565

Most LazyTown songs are actually really good.

No. 246581

This thread is for unpopular opinions anon

No. 246586

Not really, it can be an ethnic or genetic thing or even dietary.

No. 246595

why the fuck are you idiots still arguing about bras? bras don't actually affect breasts at all. sag is genetic and based on exercise. muscle use isn't affected by bra wearing at all, and the bra doesn't help the fat defy gravity either. it's the skin that effects it not the fat. working out helps as well, but bras were invented to help tits look nice in clothes.

No. 246597

>that face when being an ana-chan while my breasts were still growing left me with saggy tits
Fuck ;_;

No. 246662

>>anon, don't you want to be a tiny asian waifu with a petite body, perfect skin and youthful features?
on here and PULL it feels like every asian thinks we want to look like them, it's so fucking odd.

No. 246664

Roleplaying bots and asians who have been enabled by "u ugly tranny white girls are all jelly of cute asians"picture of photoshopped, whitened and plastic surgeried korean girl to prove all asians are hot even though 99% of asian girls look nothing like that

I guess its the female version of white guys having fantasies about being cucked by tyrone and how "all white bois are jealous of black men", both are pathetic and based on lies, at least girls who have jungle fever don't post black guys who all look like male models to prove how hotter black guys are from white ones

No. 246682

I can't bring myself to be jealous of asians or just race in general, mostly because I know if I'm jealous of a certain feature, im just gonna be jealous of people with that feature no matter what race they are and since a lot of "envious" asian features are often shared amoung most races I see no point in being jealous of asians as a whole

However I can say I'm jealous of east asian culture, mostly in terms of being girlish is more accepting over there, minus loli and pedo shit, I mean like I can wear a pastel ruffley top and pastel skirt and not get weird looks, then again in western world in general you can't wear anything out the ordinary without getting weird looks, it kinda sucks if you live in one of those towns where everyone just wears workout and lounge wear 24/7, due to my autism I just abide by these things so I don't get stared at because if i get starred at it will leave me anxious for weeks lol sorry for blog

No. 246684

File: 1525156161920.jpeg (151.53 KB, 1360x1836, 3495C67C-1AFE-40D6-8AD7-19B9CD…)


Idk bout that. I wear floral skirts and dresses all the time in California, and get nothing but compliments. I’m very feminine and love looking “girly.” No one stares in a negative way. I know grown women who have stuffed animal key chains and wear bright pink backpacks. Just today I saw a girl wearing a Totoro T-shirt and skirt crossing the street similar to pic attatched. I think it just depends on the area, not necessarily the country.

No. 246694

I hate how people on here take plastic surgeries and Co. so lightly.
There are some doctors who'd refuse to do anything on me because of my age irl, yet farmers here immediately suggest it to any girl and say "it's the only way to get rid of…etc."

I might be old fashioned but i also don't like girls wearing wigs or extensions, fillers, lenses, fake lashes, nails and so on. Like how can you claim that a girls is super pretty ("goalz") when a huge part of her looks aren't even "real"?

No. 246699

I hate “pibble” culture and people who advocate tirelessly for pit bulls/bully breeds, and I’m a huge dog lover. I don’t think BSL is fair or just, but I’m sick to death of people insisting that it’s NEVER the breed and ALWAYS the owner.

People can accept that herding dogs instinctively herd. People can accept that retrievers are predisposed to retrieving and people pleasing. People can accept that companion dogs will naturally be “Velcro” dogs. But tell the masses that APBTS, staffies and the like can be dog aggressive? All hell breaks loose.

No. 246703

File: 1525163527635.jpg (39.5 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1106210282_gqqs.jpg)

I'm sorry if i offend you with this, but the outfit you posted looks absolutely horrible…
>However I can say I'm jealous of east asian culture, mostly in terms of being girlish is more accepting over there
But this also stems from a place of misogyny. It's not like women are simply allowed to be as 'kawaii' as they wish to, no, it's men wanting to have a as much girly and feminine partner (read: housewive) as possible. Same with the whole talking in a high pitch voice.
I'd take looking beautiful over looking cute any day, cuteness will fade as you age, but it's possible to look attractive at any age.

I absolutely agree! Frankly i'm not an animal lover in general, but whenever i see people posting "cute" pics of some aggressive breed next to a sleeping baby or some shit i'm seething…
Where i'm from a short while ago a pitbull bit a women in a wheelchair and her son to death.
Nobody gave a shit about the people, but because the dog was put down afterwards, the town was holding vigil. wth…
There are so many people out there who seem to favor dogs other people (especially over children) and it disgusts me to no end. People will yell at a toddler without a second tought, yet dogs who're might be already old in human years are coddled by strangers ugh

No. 246704

I find (good looking) older women (50+) WAY more attractive as young women.

No. 246706

THIIIS. I love dogs, I've grown up with dogs, I'm most definitely not afraid of dogs and know how to handle them. But fucking Christ I hate people pushing the idea that pit bulls are not aggressive and it's always the owner's fault if one attacks. Pit bulls have been bred for dog fights, that is not a myth. They might be docile and submissive with their owners because that's a desired trait, the injured fighting dogs were often treated without anesthesia so they could absolutely not bite their owner. But they sure as hell they can be aggressive against other dogs and people. They've been bred so that when they get agitated they "snap" and attack, biting into their target and shake them until they're dead. It's a trait known in every terrier breed but most of them are so small they're meant to hunt moles and rats, they couldn't damage a human unlike pitbulls. And they might get agitated from sensory overload, for example in some case it was a baby wiggling and making noises that apparently made the pitbull attack and tear the baby apart. Or another dog breaches their territory? That dog is as good as dead.

They don't warn about their attacks with growling or showing their teeth, they'll straight out jump at you. Another desirable trait for dog fighting. And that's why so many pitbull attacks come as a "surprise". Yeah I know any breed can be dangerous if not treated right, but a distressed golden retriever will just bite you and leave it at that, the pitbull won't let you get away alive. I really despise people who get a pitbull and spew this shit about them being "soooo nice and the friendliest dog you've ever met".

No. 246707

I think some aspects of radical feminism are just as restrictive and hateful in regards to "acceptable" woman behaviour as misogyny

No. 246710

Personally, I don't like any dogs or animals in general. Anybody else feels like this, too?

No. 246714

I love animals but I respect your opinion and think that you shouldn't be looked down upon for thinking this way, not everyone wants a pet and that's okay.

Wish more people were this responsible with children.

No. 246716

I'm a big animal lover and I don't really care about people not liking them as long as you're not at a /r/dogfree level of bitterness.

No. 246718

>I really despise people who get a pitbull and spew this shit about them being "soooo nice and the friendliest dog you've ever met".
Not disagreeing that it's dumb for people to act like no pitbulls are inherently vicious, but to act like all are is just as stupid and extremely ignorant. The vast majority of pitbulls I've been around are super friendly to people besides their owners and when I worked at an animal shelter, they were usually really sweet and came with no known history of aggression. I even had a pitbull who never met me be super nice when I came on to its property for the first time, even though I was clearly sketched out by him (I'm afraid of dogs and no one warned me he was there and the owner was not outside with him, it was actually pretty shitty of them even though the dog was chill). I've known a few sketchy ones, but they're definitely in the minority of the ones I've been exposed to.

No. 246720

Anon… pitbulls original purpose was to watch over children. They were literally called the nanny dog. They usually still possess this trait. In fact, that was part of the reason they were repurposed for fighting. Since they were initially bred for extreme loyalty and super strong, they were the ideal dog to use to fight enemy combatants in WWI then eventually used in dog fights.

That being said, I don't think people should have dogs around super small children, regardless of breed. You just never know.

No. 246721

As long as you're not a dick about it or apathetic to bad things happening to them, it's fine.

No. 246725

File: 1525174701412.jpg (148.19 KB, 577x455, crenshawpit.jpg)

This is completely false, the purpose of the pitbull was as a sporting dog, they were bred to be lean and fast for a better fight while retaining the tenacity of the old bulldogge. They were bred for extreme dog aggression and being willing to fight until the end no matter what injuries they sustained.

Well bred pits should not be human aggressive because alot of handling was required in the sport, but indiscriminate breeding and not culling unstable dogs made highly strung animals that don't stop mauling, child or not. I just don't think it's worth the tiniest risk around family when you could go buy a labrador or something that relishes family life and doesn't want to kill stuff.

No. 246727

File: 1525175324490.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.62 KB, 294x448, pit_bull_attack.jpg)

>As long as…
Sorry, but i don't need nobody's "permission".

Why is it okay to hate babies/children, your parents, all men, etc., but as soon as somebody doesn't like animals, dogs specifically, people can't accept that?
People act like dogs slaves, you think your dear pitbulls give a shit if a human dies? Then why are you so big on defending them being 'innocent'? No other species would favor another over their own. After a child is mauled by one, the voices that are the loudest are usually the about "Not all pitbulls! blah blah".

>Anon… pitbulls original purpose was to watch over children. They were literally called the nanny dog.
Yeah right…

No. 246728

mfw being a ham while my breasts were still growing left me with saggy tits :((

don't worry anon, to me at least, every titty is a good titty

No. 246729

File: 1525175727194.jpeg (447.2 KB, 917x793, FB12060F-D2CB-44FB-8F1F-BB69ED…)


>I'm sorry if i offend you with this, but the outfit you posted looks absolutely horrible…

No offense, it wasn’t my outfit. Just an example of how in the West it’s ok to dress in a more childlike, cutesy manner without getting stares or hate.

On the topic of pit bulls, so many people can’t even identify an American Staffordshire Terrier versus an American Pit Bull Terrier. Of course they’re responsible for so many dog bites, any mutt with a square head and stocky body is called a “pit bull.” There was a research study where they had vets and shelter workers attempt to identify breed based on photos and their results were terrible. Journalists with no integrity slap the label on any dog bite case because they want the drama and attention it brings. The whole thing is hysteria and misinformation on both sides. If you look at Breed Specific Legislation, it’s so vague it’s bordering on parody. Some just list a few common physical features and say if your dog has those, it’s a “pit bull” and needs to be put down.

How hard is it to assess individual dogs and their personal aggression? Yes, dogs bred for fighting would be more aggressive but 1.) there’s few actual pure bred pits and 2.) people have been breeding them for other purposes now for a long time. Just take into account the individual dog’s tempermant, the owner’s accountability, training, and history. And stop slapping the label on any dog who bites someone ffs.

No. 246733

btw i'm new to these dog bants i'm not any of the other anons. bull terrier breeds in general wig me tf out

a relative of mine got a 'staffy' (most likely some kind of puppy farm degenerate dog although it looked pretty) and it was ok for the most part, i am by no means nervous around dogs but it unsettled me (before i had a bully/terrier bias) then one day it attacked the great dane it lived with and just would not fucking let go, the dane didn't do shit and didn't retaliate it was just screaming. It scared the shit out of me. This was only the first time it happened, another time he latched on to this dogs jowls. i pray for that poor big boye

I have a fox terrier with anxiety and he's a bit of a rodent/possum killer and a shit head, but he warns before he bites and the only time he's ever snapped me or any other human has been food aggression. but if his temperament was on a dog with jaw muscles like a fucking anaconda I would not be comfortable at all

No. 246734

oh shit sage but with
>and it was ok for the most part

i mean it was chill for years until it just decided to do this scurry shit

No. 246735

I think the dogs that were bred to watch over children were the french bulldogs, not the pitbulls.

No. 246736

No. 246737

File: 1525177168440.png (374.58 KB, 240x201, i don't want these3.png)

No. 246739

Holy shit, people are telling you it's fine as long as you're not a dick about it and this is your reaction? What a cunt.

>Why is it okay to hate babies/children, your parents, all men, etc., but as soon as somebody doesn't like animals, dogs specifically, people can't accept that?

Pretty much everyone on the board would include the same caviat of "as long as you're not a dick about it" when it comes to disliking children and men. As for parents, those are specific people in life who have wronged you, so it's not comparable at all. Also, we were accepting it, we just said as long as you're not an asshole about it… which clearly you are.

>People act like dogs slaves, you think your dear pitbulls give a shit if a human dies?

There's countless stories of dogs having extreme emotional responses to their owners dying. You would know this if you weren't an ignorant bitch.

>After a child is mauled by one, the voices that are the loudest are usually the about "Not all pitbulls! blah blah".

Yeah, because idiots like you act like that kind of behavior is inherent in all of them when it's a minority, so ofc people are gonna get defensive.

No. 246741

I hate staffies, I have friends that have a staffy each and both the dogs are prone to just snapping at you, they come up to you looking attention and then will just snap that fucking jaw near your face. One of them bit me on the nose because I couldn't push it down quick enough. I think the owners are wankers, they just laugh and look away when the dogs routinely snap, the dogs even do it at them.

Train for the breed you want, if you can't handle it don't have it

No. 246743

>say you dislike animals
>anons say that's chill

This reminds me of that scene in Always Sunny where Dennis says he doesn't like animals and no one cares, then he gets ultra defensive about how animal dislikers are judged even though no one is saying anything and he errupts into a full blown spergfest about how awful they are.

No. 246744

Well I'm not surprised by how cunty you are, 99,9% of people who dislike animals are insufferable.

No. 246745

Exactly, and I hate that the usual argument these people have is "bawww but you'd be okay with a smaller dog behaving like this and call it cute!" like no shit, I don't think having an untrained dog is cute in any capacity and I'd judge the owner even if a small dog bit me but at least I can cunt punt a chihuahua or a Yorkie and they'd splatter against the wall before running away. Like obviously it's better to have a small untrained dog than a big one that can maul you to fuck.

No. 246746

Wrong reply

No. 246747

Honestly, I've never known anyone who dislikes animals who wasn't a complete and total asshole. Besides people who don't like being around them due to PTSD or allergies, but are still respectful.

No. 246748

i hate people who hate cats. I'm a dog person, but people who get their panties in a bunch about how ~antisocial~ cats are just reek of "I need to be dominant and in control at all times and can't handle an animal not communicating the same way i do."

like ffs they aren't SMUG -they're cats. They can be assholes, but they aren't doing it because they think they're better than you

No. 246749

>Yeah right…
See >>246736

No. 246751

File: 1525179161255.jpeg (259.44 KB, 1380x1082, Pit-chart-2017-final.jpeg)

Well, i might be "a cunt, an asshole, an idiot, insufferable" and whatever insult you still manage to come up with. But at least i can sleep at night, knowing that never one of my "hobbies" or however you want to call this, will ever endanger or even kill a person.
Of course you can be lucky and your dog will never attack anybody, but imo just once is one time too much and i'd wish people woudldn't risk this by arguing that it's only "because the owner didn't train them right"…

No. 246752

I hate that shit too, anon. People always complain about my cat being antisocial because she needs a little time to warm up to new people. Like, sorry she doesn't want some stranger about 10 times bigger than her handling her?

Also IME most cats are super affectionate. Not sure why people lable them as antisocial.

No. 246753

They complain about animal lovers treating their pet like a human but they're the one assigning human's behavior to the cat and getting pissy at them not being polite (kek) or arrogant, it's both sad and entertaining to see unfold how offended a grown ass human can be over a cat snobbing them.

No. 246754

File: 1525179707886.jpg (95.17 KB, 1074x439, PicsArt_01-16-07.53.51.jpg)

No. 246757

Self improvement is a meme, everything in life gets decided by luck and genetics and "improving" yourself can only get you so far until you hit a wall. It doesn't mean shit if your foundations are fucking shit.

No. 246758

>3-5 million pitbulls in USA right now
>total of roughly 5.5k total dog attacks and 410 fatalities in 25 years
>applying abysmally low percentage to entire breed

>But at least i can sleep at night, knowing that never one of my "hobbies" or however you want to call this, will ever endanger or even kill a person.

Pets, anon. They're called pets. And ffs, you're astronomically more likely to kill someone accidentally with a car than you are to have your dog maul someone. So, unless you go out of your way to avoid driving because it's not worth the risk, get the fuck off your high horse.

No one was judging you for disliking animals until you started going on with this ignorant fear mongering shit. You're not being judged for disliking animals, you're judged for being a asshole about it.

No. 246764

>self improvement is masturbation meme
>"hit a wall"
>that hopeless defeatism
shoo robot or go improve yourself if not a robot

No. 246765

I sit here, reading this cunty anon’s responses while I’m curled up with my ‘vicious and dangerous’ pit bull (who needs to be under the blankets during storms because lightning scares her, as do smaller dogs, strangers, and children). Anon is obviously fear mongnering—did you run up to a big dog when you were a kid and scare it? Did it bite you and this is why you’re a judgmental bitch? If you don’t like animals, fine, but don’t spread misinformation about a breed just because YOU do not like it. YOU do not have to get a dog, and honestly you don’t seem like you deserve one either. You’d probably be the type of anon to kick their dog off the couch because “no dogs on the furniture”.

No. 246767

>Of course you can be lucky and your dog will never attack anybody, but imo just once is one time too much and i'd wish people woudldn't risk this by arguing that it's only "because the owner didn't train them right"…
So, people should just stop owning pitbulls because of less than 0.001% of them? Or even if it were just one attack ever? Apply that logic to the other countless things with the potential to hurt people and think about how ridiculous it is.

Actually, using your own logic- there are many people who dislike animals that abuse or even kill them. Killing animals is often the first step to becoming a serial killer. Should we just stop taking chances and remove you from society since there's a minority of animal haters who are a threat to animal's safety or even escalated into killing humans?

No. 246770

I was bit by a large dog as a child and I don't project that experience onto every dog ever. I'm somewhat afraid of big dogs and on gaurd with them, but I'm not sperging about how they're all inherently vicious and it's only a matter of time before they eat you and everyone you love.

No. 246774

Shitbulls are a cancer

No. 246776

Don't be dumb

No. 246777

Agree. It's too often that I hear about shitbulls attacking their owner, worse yet when it attacks an innocent passerby or a child, and the stupid shitbull owners will still jump in its defense. The owners should be held accountable for the actions of their dogs.

No. 246779

>I petted a pitbull once, guys! I'm the absolute dog whisperer! And that dog was real nice, so ALL pitbulls are too!

No. 246780

In US alone, Pitbulls constitute a small percentage of pets (bellow 10% if I'm not wrong), yet make up a large portion(70% - 80%) in the category of dogs that attack.

I don't care when the owner dies, it's when others suffer because the owners want to play a special snowflake along with the victim complex. Pitbull owners are the worst, they can't even comprehend statistics.

No. 246781

Where I live, nearly every single dog loves me. Even the big ones. The only one that attacks me on sight is one puppy, and even then, he can't get to me.

No. 246782

i don't think there's any issue with disliking animals, they're a bit like small kids, some listen a bit better but they can't communicate directly and you have to figure out what they need, and most of the time it's your time.

i can also see why dog lovers don't like cats. a dog is more like being in a relationship with someone who wants to spend every second with you. cats are more like a live in fwb who wants to cuddle you every once in a while but pretty much sticks to themselves.

No. 246785

>did you run up to a big dog when you were a kid and scare it? Did it bite you and this is why you’re a judgmental bitch?
Always victim blaming… It's never a dog being simply agressive, no, it's always those damn babies provoking them.
>don’t spread misinformation
This is a gossip site, nobody comes here for serious info…
>you don’t seem like you deserve one either
And by "deserve" you probably mean invest 100s (or 1000s?) per year in it? It's not like you were 'choosen' because you're such a 'good' person, no, you simply got yourself one lol

>Actually, using your own logic- there are many people who dislike animals that abuse or even kill them. Killing animals is often the first step to becoming a serial killer. Should we just stop taking chances and remove you from society since there's a minority of animal haters who are a threat to animal's safety or even escalated into killing humans?
Calm down man, nobody's gonna harm your 'precious babies'…

No. 246789

>Pitbull owners are the worst, they can't even comprehend statistics.

>3-5 million pitbulls in USA at the moment

>5600 pitbull attacks with 410 fatalities in 25 years
I'd say the ones who can't comprehend statistics are the ones fear mongering over a miniscule fraction of the pitbull population

>Calm down man, nobody's gonna harm your 'precious babies'…
The point was obviously to illustrate how stupid you sound applying such a small percentage of danger to the entire group

No. 246790

Are you people even paying attention to the numbers indicating how intense of a minority this is? Or are you just choosing to ignore the facts so you can continue being cunts without having to think?

No. 246791

File: 1525186819684.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.04 KB, 1100x513, its sad lasses.jpg)

When naturally ectomorphic skinny guys lift and get buff it ruins their bodies for me. Muscular men are disgusting.

Not condoning making men ana-kuns, chub and average men needn't bend to my ideals. I just know that men are more likely to be naturally thin, and when they are it's beautiful and I would prefer if they just stayed in that natural state.


No. 246792

>this is a gossip site, no one came here for serious info

So you admit that you’re spreading information that isn’t correct? Or that you just don’t give a shit about giving actual proof?

No. 246794

I think anon has confirmed she's just an idiot with harsh opinions that have no factual basis

No. 246797

>that pic
Muscular men with small waists are so disgusting looking. He looks like an insect.
But I think muscle can be nice in men with an wider frame.

No. 246798

Nta, but last year 39 people in the US were killed by pitbulls. That might not be a lot, but nevertheless, how can you care so little about that?
Not giving a fuck about people dying is being a true cunt.

No. 246800


By “pit bulls.” The data is fucked because any stocky dog with a square face is labeled pit bull.

No. 246802

Okay if you say so, but this doesn't change the fact that 39 people in just 1 year died because of dogs, period.

No. 246804

File: 1525190228798.jpg (103.02 KB, 860x484, image-1279071-860_poster_16x9-…)

These are the people protesting for the pitbull who was put down after killing its 2 owners - only the crème de la crème of society! kek

No. 246805


much more people people die from fucking fridges toppling over them. by your logic, fridges should be banned too.

No. 246806

i think most anons here try purposely hard to appear "anti-SJW" and bigoted because being "edgy" on the internet makes them feel ~speshull~ without being labeled a snowflake by the likes of themselves.

No. 246807

People who hate dogs and animals as a whole (not just dislike/fear for hygiene reasons, or don't want to own, but actual hatred and sperging like what's happening in this thread) are cancer. Dogs especially are literally bred to be "man's best friend", and these bitch asses still want to complain all day about them.

Let's not even go into how people who abuse dogs and other animals turn out to be serial killers.

No. 246816

Seems like somebody got triggered hard

No. 246817

Anonymous outlets like this are the only place I feel comfortable openly hating transtrenders, AGP, nonbinary nonsense, etc. I feel like I’m pretty liberal, but all the extra stuff that’s taken storm the last few years is emotionally draining.

Oh, and I dislike children, too. I don’t hate them by any means and I am very nice to them. But I don’t want to have any, ever, and I much prefer child free spaces/people. But if I said that anywhere other than here or /r/childfree people would lose their shit.

No. 246818

I don't understand why people can't accept that children are annoying in general? Saying this as a parent of a 3 year old, myself. Childfree spaces are a haven of sanity. I love him so much, but when I have some time away from him, you better fucking believe I don't want to have to listen to someone else's screaming children.

No. 246819

So don’t own a fucking pit bull then. No one is forcing you to have one but if you actually believe that they shouldn’t be owned then you’re an idiot. People drown, so I guess no one should go in the water. People die from falling down stairs so we better keep everything floor level—oh, and let’s not forget countless people who get killed by their pet snakes or die from mishandling horses, let’s get rid of them too!

You seem like one of those people who owns an annoying little ankle biter who can do no wrong because it’s tiny, when in actuality little dogs are way more aggressive, they just do less harm because they’re small. I don’t think people realize that if you properly train a dog, they won’t be aggressive unless provoked.

No. 246820

I can deal with little ones around that age but when they get around 8 or 9 I can’t stand them until they’re old enough to drive. Preteens and adolescent kids are annoying and cringey, especially the ones raised on the current internet fads.

No. 246824

Relatable as hell, since I was one of those.

No. 246825

Same here. I always wonder how my parents didn’t get fed up with it because I certainly don’t have the patience.

No. 246828

you're trash and you should feel bad

No. 246830

If you feed your kid formula because its easier, I think you're lazy.

I know this is going to infuriate some moms on here. But I'm sick of people being all "don't judge moms! let moms make their own choices!" Nah, they're ignorant and lazy.

Also so fucking sick of moms thinking that other women can't have an opinion until they have kids themselves. You don't have to pop a kid out to know stupid when you see it. Responding "you'll get it when you have children!" isn't convincing and it doesn't excuse being stupid.

If you react with anger to someone giving advice, you look like a child. How petty and insecure can you be? If you're so self-conscious about your choices and can't take the smallest disagreement, its because you're well-aware you're taking the easy way out and you're feeling guilty about it.

Being a mom isn't supposed to be easy. Its not about doing whatever is best for you. And becoming a mom doesn't automatically make you an expert on childcare.

No. 246833

>If you're so self-conscious about your choices and can't take the smallest disagreement, its because you're well-aware you're taking the easy way out and you're feeling guilty about it.
Or maybe they're sick of people telling them what to do acting so holier than thou? Especially when it comes to decisions about their body coming from someone who hasn't even had a child and has no idea what having a post-birth body is like? There's nothing you do where you're sick of hearing people's input because it's just obnoxious?

Breastfeeding can be tremendously painful for someone women, anon. Like, to the point of tears. Some women bleed and chap from it, or simply can't take the excruciating pain.

If the worst of a mom's decisions related to her children is feeding them formula, they're doing pretty fucking great. People who act like breastfeeding is the end all be all of motherhood are self-righteous twats. If formula is something you judge someone over, please reevaluate everything about yourself.

No. 246835


>Or maybe they're sick of people telling them what to do acting so holier than thou?

Disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you're acting holier than thou or telling them what to do. This is such a childish reaction.

>Especially when it comes to decisions about their body coming from someone who hasn't even had a child and has no idea what having a post-birth body is like?

You can have an idea of that without going through it. You can even go to school for it and became a doctor specifically focusing on women's bodies! Shocking, I know, but having a child is not the only way to learn about children, motherhood, or biology.

>If the worst of a mom's decisions related to her children is feeding them formula, they're doing pretty fucking great.

I love how low the bar is.

No. 246837

>People who act like breastfeeding is the end all be all of motherhood are self-righteous twats

Especially the mothers who can't stop obsessing about it and breastfeed their children at inappropriate ages.

No. 246840

boob nazis are the worst, a lot are pedos too

and agreed, what about moms who can't produce enough milk to make the baby full? these boob nazi retards care more about milk coming straight from the boob than the babys wellness

No. 246841


We went from 90% of kids being breastfed to 40% in just four decades, this whole “oh moms can’t produce milk” shtick is old. Yes, there are specific cases where women can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed. But pushing this “it doesn’t matter that I feed formula, even though studies show it correlates to obesity and health issues down the line because breastfeeding is haaard” selfish bullshit is aggravating.

No. 246842

>Disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you're acting holier than thou or telling them what to do. This is such a childish reaction.
But saying people can't possibly be annoyed with your unsolicited opinion about a subject you have no experience with, unless they know deep down they're wrong, isn't also childish?

I like how you completely ignored everything I said about bleeding, chapping, excruciating pain, and crying. The fact you judge women as bad mothers for choosing alternatives to ongoing extreme pain multiple times a day is truly revolting.

>I love how low the bar is.

Good Lord, you're insufferable. People like you who judge parents as bad over any little decision you disagree with are why people dismiss the opinions of non-parents.

Oh God, this. Mothers who breastfeed at inappropriate ages often tend to be the types to never cut the umbilical cord, infantalize their children even in adulthood, and have/encourage unhealthy codependency issues with them.

No. 246845

>Yes, there are specific cases where women can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed.
But agonizing pain isn't a legitimate concern to you?

I fully agree that if a woman can handle breastfeeding, they should, but you're being such a judgental bitch toward women that find it physically unbearable. Be less shitty.

No. 246848

My unpopular opinion: I think women who breastfeed 4+ should have an eye kept on them. It's rare, but some mother's do have incestuous tendencies and anyone who breastfeeds their 7yo send off red flags.

Let's not forget that having your nipples sucked on is back to being a sexually stimulating act after your post-birth body calms down.

No. 246850

This. I also think being alt-right and "anti-sjw" is the new special snowflake tbh.

No. 246853

So you assume the only reason why this is so is because theyre lazy?

No. 246855

>freaks out and starts posting images of injured children because people said "It's okay if you don't like dogs if you aren't an asshole about it"
>but everyone else is triggered
Dog hater logic

No. 246857


>But agonizing pain isn't a legitimate concern to you?

Did I say that? No, I didn’t talk about if they have a legitimate reason. I said if they do it because it’s easier.

No. 246858

I was breastfed as a baby, and I didn't get measles or any of those other diseases people say babies are all "supposed" to get. I've known others with the same experiences (That said, I do have to agree with the mothers who do it often being unstable and overbearing. That describes my relationship with my mother pretty aptly).

I honestly believe formula is kinda horrible for kids, and a trap for unsuspecting mothers to actually make them as dependent on it as possible. Artificial shit can never compare to the "real" nectar literally made for a child's nourishment, but good luck convincing humans that, lmao. We're retardedly prideful and think we can surpass nature, but we just end up cucking ourselves every time.

No. 246859


>with your unsolicited opinion

So much projecting. Who said it was unsolicited?

No. 246860

Bitch where? We're mostly feminists here, nobody tolerates racism, the most anti-sjw we get here is hating Muslims because they're sexist and a plague.

No. 246861


>Good Lord, you're insufferable. People like you who judge parents as bad over any little decision you disagree with-

>Mothers who breastfeed at inappropriate ages often tend to be the types to never cut the umbilical cord, infantalize their children even in adulthood, and have/encourage unhealthy codependency issues with them.

How did you write those two in a row and not realize how hypocritical you’re being?

>don’t judge moms for feeding their kids formula even though there’s a ton of negative health associations, you’re shameful if you do!

>moms who breastfeed for too long are fucked up and I’m going to extrapolate all the other ways they’re bad!


No. 246862

>Did I say that?
Well, you didn't address that point when I brought it up, so I assumed. I guess we're in agreement then.

I assumed it was unsolicited because it seems weird for a mom to ask a childless woman for her opinion on formula.

No. 246864

Reading comprehension, anon. "Often tend to" =/= "all".

Also, I'm not denying the health benefits of breastfeeding vs formula. Literally my only point is let's not judge mothers who physically can't bear the pain that some women get. I don't see how having this stance makes it hypocritical to acknowledge the fact that breastfeeding elementary age children is often indicative of unhealthy infantalization.

No. 246865

File: 1525210841079.gif (246.89 KB, 275x155, 1523729569481.gif)

So, thinking it's wrong to judge those who can't breastfeed means we're not allowed to be uncomfortable with elementary school kids performing a sexually pleasing act on their mother?

No. 246866

im seconding this.

breastfeeding should stop at a certain age. Anything else is fucking disgusting and psychological unhealthy.

No. 246869



More projecting. No one said if you can’t breastfeed, you’re a bad mom. They said if you choose not to, you’re lazy.

And yeah, you can’t be the morality police and bitch about people judging moms and then a sentence later judge other moms.

No. 246870

sophia joy is back from the dead everyone

No. 246872


Don’t come to the unpopular opinion thread if you’re gonna get triggered. So many sensitive moms in this thread sperging. If you’re confident in your situation and decisions, anons online shouldn’t get under your skin so badly. And acting like if you support breasfeeding then you must support it till a creepy age is dumb as fuck. Most people arguing for breast feeding aren’t saying you should do it till the kid can talk. They’re saying there’s a lot of moms who are lazy and don’t even try to breastfeed. They’re not talking about women who have addictions, illnesses, pain, etc etc. Theyre talking about moms who choose to use formula because they view it as easier and more convenient. If that’s not you, then untwist your panties and move on.

No. 246873

Just ignore them and let them bitch. They'll be upset when their kid comes down with some gross illness or ends up fucked in some other way. They may never openly admit their laziness and reliance on dubious chemicals got them into that mess, but they'll know it in their hearts.

No. 246874

excuse me?
I don't have kids one, two if I did I would breastfeed them
I just find it ridiculous you assume the only reason why most women aren't breastfeeding anymore is because "they're lazy!!"

I don't even know where you're getting this from, I still have yet to see a woman who refused to breastfeed out of laziness

No. 246875


> you assume the only reason why most women aren't breastfeeding anymore is because "they're lazy!!"

No one said that.

No. 246876

>They may never openly admit their laziness and reliance on dubious chemicals got them into that mess, but they'll know it in their hearts.

who is refusing to breastfeed out of laziness? why would someone go out of their way to mix and warm up formula when they can just pop their tit out if they're that lazy?

No. 246877

>And yeah, you can’t be the morality police and bitch about people judging moms and then a sentence later judge other moms

lolno. Saying "let's not judge women for not being able to handle breastfeeding" doesn't mean you don't get to question something that borderlines on sexual abuse. Are we not allowed to judge women who beat their kids to the point of putting them in the hospital either? You're fucking crazy if you think that.

>this level of projection
I do not have kids and never will. If I did they would be breastfed unless I absolutely couldn't. Second, no one is saying those who support breastfeeding want to keep it going until the kid is 80, we're just making fun of those who do. I'm a strong supporter of breastfeeding, I'm just not needlessly judgmental about it.

Also, why is it always the side that people disagree with that's triggered?

>They’re not talking about women who have addictions, illnesses, pain, etc etc.

The original anon who started this debate did not acknowledge she didn't judge women over it being too painful until after several several back and forths, even though it was brought up to her multiple times after her first post. Don't blame us for the fact she did a shit job at clarifying her position (or was possibly backpedaling).

No. 246878

Are we reading the same thread? The word "lazy" is used in almost every post that anon made

No. 246880

where are you getting these stats anon?

No. 246882


Because friends and family can prepare it for them, and they don’t have to worry about pumping or freezing. Or they don’t know how and learning is hard so they don’t bother.

Just because you haven’t met people like this, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I know a teen mom who refused to even try because she knew her mom was going to take over the feeding when she didn’t feel like bothering. Now she gets triggered whenever anyone says anything negative about formula because “don’t mommy shame omg at least the baby is eating!!!!!”

Lazy people exist. Be grateful you haven’t been related to or known people like this. They’re fucking annoying, which is why I wanted to vent about it.

No. 246883

Agree. I know you like them better when it's your own family but I've never really had baby rabies anyway.
My boyfriend's nephew is still young so when there's a family get together, everyone just sit around and fawn over the 18 months old. All he does is wobble around, point and babbles, which honestly is fine for about 5 minutes but I can't do it for about an hour.

Some parents seem to think that if you want a few childfree spaces it means you expect parents to stay inside a cave and never go out, or their kids to never interact or have learning experiences. Which of course is untrue, but maybe your kid can start learning table manners at home first or at McDonald.

Maybe your kid doesn't have to be in expensive places when they're too young to remember anything anyway. Or they don't have to learn how to give the cashier the right change or use an ATM when he's taking about 2 hours to do so and there's a queue behind.
I also can't stand parents who cling onto their old life by insisting on having a little "traveling buddy" and force an entire airplane to deal with their crying 2yo for 12 hours straight.

No. 246884


>By the 1940s and 1950s, physicians and consumers regarded the use of formula as a well known, popular, and safe substitute for breastmilk. Consequently, breastfeeding experienced a steady decline until the 1970s (Fomon, 2001).

>Aggressive marketing of formulas in developing countries contributed to a global decline in breastfeeding.

>Although the breastfeeding rate was 90% in the 20th century, it has decreased to approximately 42% in the 21st century (Gaynor, 2003; Wright, 2007). Research shows increasing trends of formula-fed children developing atopy, diabetes mellitus, and childhood obesity


I recommend you read the whole thing, it’s really interesting.

No. 246885

>I know a teen mom who refused to even try because she knew her mom was going to take over the feeding when she didn’t feel like bothering. Now she gets triggered whenever anyone says anything negative about formula because “don’t mommy shame omg at least the baby is eating!!!!!”

so you know one person who did it and now you're claiming it's a widespread thing ? you can vent about it but claiming its a widespread problem then anyone who disagrees with you must be a lazy mom who doesn't breastfeed even though most of us don't have kids

No. 246886

this is also an old article, breastfeeding rates are going up, no need to be a pessimist

No. 246887


>The original anon who started this debate did not acknowledge she didn't judge women over it being too painful until after several several back and forths, even though it was brought up to her multiple times after her first post. Don't blame us for the fact she did a shit job at clarifying her position (or was possibly backpedaling).

Cause that’s not what I was talking about.

I started my post with

> If you feed your kid formula because its easier, I think you're lazy.

That’s all I was talking about. “Because it’s easier.” Not because of medical conditions, or pain, or addictions, or whatever. I didn’t want to go into all that and it wasn’t relevant to what I was venting about. Because I wanted to vent, not get into a back and forth from people who can’t even read and assumed I said shit I didn’t. Or do you expect people to clarify every little thing or you’re going to assume the worst?


No, it’s called an example. It doesn’t mean that’s the only person.

And I clarified twice already

>Yes, there are specific cases where women can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed.

>Did I say that? No, I didn’t talk about if they have a legitimate reason. I said if they do it because it’s easier.

I’ll break it down super clear for you again; IF you use formula BECAUSE you think it is easier, THEN I think you are lazy. Not because you are in pain or have medical shit going on or because you have addiction or because the baby won’t latch or whatever. I’m literally just talking about people who do it because they’re lazy. They exist. They’re who I’m venting about. This is the third time I’ve had to say this now. Is it sinking in?

You guys bought so many assumptions here and thought I was saying shit I wasn’t. If I had said “I think ALL moms who use formula are lazy” or “there is no reason to use formula” or whatever, then your responses would have made sense. As it is, you’re arguing against something completely different from what I said. And now you’re doubling down because you can’t just be like “oh ok gotcha, that’s different from what I thought you were saying.” Ffs

No. 246889

but you claim its such a big problem correct? how many women you know do this?

No. 246890

On the topic of breastfeeding, I know a lot of women who've chosen to formula feed instead because it's still the norm where I live, even though breastfeeding is being promoted more by doctors during pregnancy. I'm sure the convenience of others being able to help feed is definitely part of the reason for the preference. My lactation consultant told me that it's not uncommon for women to be unable to pump enough to freeze because of the way babies suck on the breast vs the pump. And yeah, it's painful, but no one will tell you that until you experience your letdown reflex for the first time.

No. 246892

Samefag to add: Not saying that women don't have problems or other external reasons for being unable to breastfeed, but in my experience (mom circle of friends) a lot of women are just too impatient to stick with it. It sucks and is extremely hard for about a week or two. Smooth sailing mostly if you can last a month. Reflex

No. 246893


Basically a majority of my low-income lazy communiry. If sucks because the older generation has to step up. My cousins and aunts and friends fuck about and roll their eyes, smoke and drink while pregnant, and then pass off the baby to their parents or friends. My Gran took care of about five kids at once because my shitbrained relatives think condoms are gay and abortions are evil. My niece (same age as me) has even got a baby she passes off to my sister, who is still raising her own kids. One of my aunts would give her baby to my other Gran WHILE she was at work. My Gran would be at work and my aunt would come in and give her the baby and be like “I wanna go shopping, take care of her.”

I get this isn’t most peoples experience, and again you’re really lucky if this isn’t yours. But it’s mine and my opinion on it is clearly unpopular. If you won’t breastfeed because you’re lazy, then I think you’re shitty. One of my sisters didn’t breastfeed because she was smoking and didn’t want to pass nicotine through the milk which is different in my opinion. One of my older aunts managed to breastfeed twins, but one of my school friends didn’t because she had some medical shit going on. There’s all sorts of women and situations. But I’m specifically talking about lazy moms. I guess thinking moms can be lazy is an unpopular opinion of itself.

No. 246906

Ok this might be a little to heavy for the thread but here it goes.
Woman's suffrage was a mistake. Yes I'm a girl and no I'm not MGTOW, I just don't think the vast majority of women are capable of thinking completely for themselves. Obviously the same can be said about some men, but I believe most women are 1) far too emotional to think without feelings getting in the way (don't get me wrong though, being emotional is great for other things) and 2) women care way too much about what others think, even if it's not in a self-centered way. That doesn't mean I think women shouldn't exist, in fact both of those traits aren't even bad. However these traits make it extremely easy to persuade one to vote one way or another not on actual facts or reasoning or even their own interest, which can be very dangerous when it's roughly half of the voting population. It happens will all types of voters, I'm not singling any party or particular vote out.
I'm also not one of those 'teehee all women but meeee!' people. I realize I'm a typical female and I don't try and pretend I'm any different. I'm genuinely sorry if this upsets anyone, it wasn't my intention.

No. 246908

>women are emotional and care too much they should have their rights taken away they cant think for themselves!
Umm, yikes
>im female though teehee
Whatever you say greg

No. 246911

Bet you $5 it's StellBell trying to fit in, lmao.

No. 246912

>I just don't think the vast majority of women are capable of thinking completely for themselves.
I think you need to realize you are probably just talking about yourself when you say these things. There are plenty of women who aren't like that at all. Just because some are, you really think women as a whole shouldn't have rights? By that logic, most men should not be in any form of power, because the most violent, unstable people on this planet (and in every culture) are generally male. They can't even deal with being romantically rejected without going ballistic and killing people.

In fact, men are probably the emotional ones for the reasons listed above. They care so much about what others think, they would rather destroy lives than deal with the embarrassment of not getting what they want.
What they may actually lack is empathy, but they've managed to convince themselves it means they're more logical. Altogether, this is a terrible recipe for a leader unless you're a neanderthal in an environment where your only priority is to survive, eat and give birth.

No. 246915

That's because women are more social than men. We see to be in harmony with the group more than men, who often end up loners and social outcasts.

No. 246916

unpopular opinion: not enough cute women watch star trek and want to bond with me over it

No. 246917

I know, self-awareness is rare. Unfortunately it's responses like these that proves my point. Not that I'm really complaining lol
To be fair I base this off of other women I see. Whether that is in person, in the news, in books, etc. I'm not saying all women are like what I said, just most. Maybe in a perfect world there would be some sort of requirement to prove one could think for themselves, but I think that would never happen as it would go directly against a politician's agenda. And I used to actually believe I was special in some way, but I'm not, just like how no one here is. I don't think less of myself just because I embrace that I have emotions and have empathy. I would really hope men aren't on average more emotional than women, that will just be another thing that men can do better, and I really believe women being emotional is a very good and useful thing. I would argue though that when you get to that point of self-destruction or destroying others, you actually care less. You care less about your own life and the life of others around you. I think it may be because some men have their heads in the cloud trying to reach heaven, while everyone else is content spending what time they have left on earth. In other words, some people try to obtain something they will never achieve. Hitler wanted a utpoia, suicide bombers want 62 virgins, Elliot Rogers wanted to start a rift of change, etc. Of course it's misguided, and luckily not every boy who has been rejected turned into Elliot or otherwise there would be much fewer people living in the states. I don't think such outbursts of random violence have as much to do with sex as it does trauma or mental illness. Men may tend to be more violent, but maybe that is because they also tend to be leaders. A leader of a group needs to protect that group, and for centuries men had protected their families or at least been in the role of a protector.
You bring up empathy and while it's important, I think there most definitely is a limit especially when considering leadership. For example, you wouldn't want to hurt your own village to help another. There needs to be a touch of uncaring for others so you can care for what is yours. What is yours may not just literally be you though. It may be your property, your family and loved ones, your community or country, etc. I simply don't agree with you on the statement that men would destroy things simply over stubbornness, I think it varies greatly depending on the situation. It may be a scare tactic, or twisting arms, or to keep someone down, who knows. Now I know, it sounds awful, luckily I don't have to be in that position.
Don't get me wrong, I think there are many things that women are on average better at then men. I'm not trying to say men can do everything better, there are definitely subjects women are on average better at, and I'm not just talking about 'have babies, make food, do laundry'. I'm not liked on either the MGTOW or feminist side, and frankly I wouldn't want it any other way.
Idk if it was your intention, but you seemed to take an emotional approach on some topics. I'm not sure if it was to prove a point or if it was unintended.

No. 246918

not any of those anons, but have you heard of this cool thing called the enter key, hole-chan? i don't think anyone is going to read that massive wall of text.

No. 246924

File: 1525233563480.png (19.75 KB, 1240x272, shitanon.png)

I'm gonna need a source on that one, because there is no dog consensus in the US. The closest thing you may have is how many dogs are registered to kennel clubs, and the AKC doesn't even recognize 'pit bulls' or the American Pit Bull Terrier. If you go off of vet records, Banfield receives more 'pit bull' patients than any other kind of dog. Polls have also shown that 'pit bulls' are more likely to not go to a vet at all during their lives. So they make up the largest portion on both sides of that coin.
Oof, obsessed. Pic related. nice to see you here anon

No. 246925

>not supporting women having their rights taken away over things that aren't even true to begin with is self-unawareness
>you claiming it's wrong to want women to have their rights taken away proves my point!
what did you expect? you think just because YOU'RE emotional means all women are, even alt-righters will admit there are plenty of women who emotional and plenty that aren't,it's almost as if it's based on the individual and not the gender wow
also, say it was true, and every single woman was as emotional as you claim, how does the equivilate to needing their rights taken away? it's like the dumb hoe even MRAs make fun of who claim women shouldn't be allowed to vote because they weren't drafted back then, you know you're doing something wrong when your own men you cater to think you're being too misogynist

> Of course it's misguided, and luckily not every boy who has been rejected turned into Elliot or otherwise there would be much fewer people living in the states. I don't think such outbursts of random violence have as much to do with sex as it does trauma or mental illness.

great, men get to be seen as individuals even though testosterone is scientifically known to make men more violent, but women get grouped together as all being too emotional to do things ourselves and should have rights taken away but men or just misguided amiright
>m not trying to say men can do everything better, there are definitely subjects women are on average better at, and I'm not just talking about 'have babies, make food, do laundry'. I'm not liked on either the MGTOW or feminist side, and frankly I wouldn't want it any other way.
then whats the point of mentioned about how "womens suffrage was a mistake they cant think for themselves!" if you're later gonna say?
> you seemed to take an emotional approach on some topics. I'm not sure if it was to prove a point or if it was unintended.

No. 246927

anon, do you really think that men are less emotionally driven and more independent than women? society affects them as well just the same. and tbh men are actually more obsessed with what people think, what with toxic masculinity and peacocking and the like. of course women do this stuff too, but some men get so overly emotional they turn it into violence when their masculinity is threatened. they are more insane about fitting in and emotionally charged than women will ever be.

No. 246934

>that will just be another thing that men can do better,
Emotion to the point of thoughtless killing to make oneself feel good is hardly "better", anon. Just because a male may take something to its ugly extreme does not mean he's "doing it better". Why would you suddenly judge what you've established to be detrimental to leadership as a positive trait when male-aligned?
>I don't think such outbursts of random violence have as much to do with sex as it does trauma or mental illness.
Trauma and mental illness that hangs over men and only men in all eras, societies and culture?
>I would argue though that when you get to that point of self-destruction or destroying others, you actually care less. You care less about your own life and the life of others around you.
If that's the case, it's still undesirable for a leader in every respect. Anyone that can go that insane should not be put in charge of a collective.
>I think it may be because some men have their heads in the cloud trying to reach heaven, while everyone else is content spending what time they have left on earth.
To be honest, this just sounds like you're trying to romanticize delusion, selfishness and being generally out of touch with reality.
>You bring up empathy and while it's important, I think there most definitely is a limit especially when considering leadership. For example, you wouldn't want to hurt your own village to help another. There needs to be a touch of uncaring for others so you can care for what is yours.
The problem is that men tend to lack nuance and pragmatism, which explains the existence of genocide past the stone age. At least women can discuss their differences and come to mutually beneficial conclusions, as both parties at odds are more likely to have some empathy. Men on average don't have that, just pride, bloodthirst and rage, so they'd rather be animalistic and resort to bloodshed that may actually cause the undoing of their own communities.
>I simply don't agree with you on the statement that men would destroy things simply over stubbornness,
History certainly does.
>Now I know, it sounds awful, luckily I don't have to be in that position.
Lucky for you, yeah, but some women think of the bigger picture and envision change. Wanting to suppress them for your own sake is pretty silly. You can still find a man who will try to delegate you to a more secondary position in life, but not every one of us is suited to such a fate.

No. 246936

>women are too emotional
>but being emotional is not bad!
>women can't think for themselves
>men can!
>men are violent because mental illness
>but men are leaders and protectors so the violence is good
>lack of empathy is good too that makes a good protector
>men are worried about loftier ideals, women just want to enjoy the here and now and sheit
>but remember women are good too, they just can't think for themselves

Amazing, you included every single redpill opinion. Congratulations. Now go be incapable of independent thought somewhere else, do some dishes or go make a male a sandwich.

No. 246945

>Men killing people because they can't get their peepee wet is proof they're better at emotion than women who are only very empathic.
Alrighty then.

No. 246946

If you're a young woman, it really isn't that hard to find a decent boyfriend. I see too many friends making terrible dating decisions and then complaining that "all men are shit".

No. 246948

>wall of text

Redpiller detected.

No. 246952

If you're an attractive young woman that is, just like if you're attractive and young you can have a wide variety of people in the dating pool

I can agree I HATE when women date men they know or bad, admit their bad and either enable their behavior or do nothing about, people like june who admit hes a misogynist with a large ego etc etc. Or anons who date out of racial preferences or know they're only being used for their race then wondering why it turns to shit, don't even get me started on girls who date guys from 4chan

It's a two way street though, I've seen men do the same thing, especially those who fetishize women being crazy or fat, crazy and fat people make horrible partners 90% of the time, next thing you know they're crying about there being no good women left, or turning it on western women because they have a shit taste

No. 246958

File: 1525242835946.gif (957.22 KB, 356x200, c3dd8ebc-d2d5-4008-8346-6a1cb3…)


in the same vein, it really isn't that important to have a partner. People my age are so weird about feeling like they have to have a steady, committed partner and if they don't, they feel like shit. They're young, educated, fit, fun women who are chewing their nails over some fuck boys. Just do your own shit and it'll happen when it happens. There's nothing less attractive than desperation and neediness. Be your own person first, be happy with you. Realize that you don't NEED a man. Its ok to be in a relationship, its ok to be single, its ok to turn guys down, its ok to just focus on yourself and your friends/family. Being single in your early twenties is totally ok.

Most men are overrated anyway and at this age sooo many expect you to mother them and will then blow you off for their "bros." Pass.

No. 246961

The sentiment spouted only by people who have never put effort into anything for more than a few days.

You could have the looks of a god and everyone would hate you with an attitude like this.

It reeks of bitterness and jealousy.

No. 246963

>t. incel frog
There's a difference between getting a boyfriend and getting a manbaby to hang off of you and treat you as an objectified arm candy and a status symbol or a mommy

No. 246964

Please go back to your man-hating containment thread.

No. 246965


^^^^^ Why I'm single. That seems to be all they want. A friendship/partnership without also being free rent, food and sex seems quite.difficult

Otherwise you have to be a literal prostitute and give them a $500 full service multiple times a week, let them do whatever they want to you (read: amateur BDSM) and fake-orgasm your way through it

idk man, it's not as easy as >>246946 says - unless your expectations/standards of behavior are very low

No. 246966

That's on autosage, lel

No. 246967

This sounds so dramatic that I can't tell whether this is satire or not. What reality is this where every potential partner wants you to pay all of their bills and fuck them 24/7? Are you guys looking for boyfriends at r9k?

This is exactly like the absurd things incels claim all women demand in relationships.

No. 246968

this. i don't get wtf is happening.

No. 246970

I don't know a single real man like that, only incels, forever alone dudes and redpillers have those kind of abusive standards.

No. 246976

where the hell do you fucking live, anon 4chan?

No. 246985

you know what i actually agree. the amount of people i've been with who've just expected me to live out their fantasy as a gf is infuriating. i'm with someone sane now, but fuck. its worst cause you can't tell they're like this a lot of the time until you're actually with them

No. 247010

i really only go on here for the artists threads, but seeing all these terfs on here, i'm quite impressed with the amount. i'm trans and i'm proud to be who i am. i've been on hrt for 4 years and i love who i've become. some may disagree, but we (trans people) just want to live our lives. i love all my brothers and sisters in the trans community, and i 'm confidant to be openly trans. much love

No. 247021

being a gendershill isnt controversial

No. 247022


Why proud?

No. 247052

trannies mutilate their bodies, so they have to have some kind of soapbox to stand on.

No. 247108

I agree and I think asexuals promoting their "sexuality" as normal is harmful, it's not normal to be asexual and is often a warning sign to underlying issues, such as mental illness or hormone issues that should be checked out before sticking labels onto yourself. They also seem keen on promoting this to minors as well, who develop differently, someone having no sex drive at 15 is normal but identifying as asexual because of this online normalisation is not.

No. 247130

You say emotional like it's a bad thing. It's fine to be emotional, emotions is what makes art beautiful. It becomes a problem when you let emotions cloud your judgement. You used the mentally ill to dictate your rebuttal, which is not a good judgement of half the people on earth. I could say that most newborn murder is done by women, therefor women shouldn't be allowed to take care of children. However, that is due to depressed (temporarily mentally ill) new mothers, and should not be a representative of the whole. It is not some form of punishment, it's simply to keep people not voting for their interest out of the voting pool. Voting is a privilege, not a human right. If voting was truly a right, then felons should be allowed to vote. Voting is protected in the constitution but there are still limits to it, like who is allowed to vote. Thinking women's suffrage was wrong doesn't mean you have to hate women, I find that connection to be completely illogical. It's actually very upsetting that you think that way. I find it amusing that you're using a ton of emotion in your post to prove women are not emotional, maybe you should have someone else re-read your post before submitting.
Yes and yes. I'm just going to have to disagree with you on men caring about what others think more than women. But we can agree to disagree
I can see that, although I can't comment on men being loners more often than women. I have no info supporting or debunking that statement, but it sounds plausible enough I suppose.
I don't think men are 'so emotional' that they kill thoughtlessly, isn't that a contradiction? And I said on average. If the average male ie one that isn't mentally ill with an equally average female. It's also sexist to say only men can receive trauma or mental illness, and also objectively wrong. I never meant to say leaders should not care what-so-ever, i think getting to that point of 'no feelings' aka sociopath is a mental disorder, although I know some will disagree with that notion. I don't consider mentally ill people to be good leaders. I'm sorry if you took the heaven analogy poorly, it's meant to portray that they are blinded by what they think is best and can't see what is actually happening. It was not meant to say that is good at all. You seem to actually be more sexist and paint things with broader strokes than I do, which is pretty impressive tbh. You keep inferring men go to war for no reason at all. I know there are some cases that we would find stupid, but what case/s are you thinking of in particular where men have went to war over literally nothing else, for no other reason than being stubborn?
Explain to me how being emotional is bad. Empathy isn't bad either. Different tools needed for different jobs. Also empathy is required to, in my opinion, be a functioning human and therefor necessary to be a leader. It's just when you're so empathetic and you begin making decisions that hurt your own to support others is when it becomes a problem. That is a very noble trait that shouldn't be dismissed as all around 'bad'.
Not at all the point I made.

No. 247142

I'm totally fine with people saying they don't want kids but I hate seeing them getting replaced by cats or dogs. I think it's cringy and creepy when the owners go as far as buying diapers, baby carriages and treating it like a baby. Yeah, it's cute and lovely but it's just a damn animal imo.

No. 247143

Why are you posting on an imageboard with foolish women, anon? As you've already said, we are too emotional and irrational for this. You should be looking for a husband and perfecting your cooking skills. Maybe join a childraising forum instead, that would be more productive. As a self-aware woman, you must know that such topics as history, politics and women's suffrage are far too difficult and depressing (and not your concern, anyway - men should be deciding all that). Take better care of your mental health, or you won't be a good wife or mother. If you don't straighten up soon, your husband (if you manage to get one) might even have to start on corporal punishment, and that's such an inconvenience after a long day at work.

No. 247145

I think the same.

I don't mind people who'd rather have pets than children for a multitude of reasons, but the whole "fur baby" meme just makes it look like depressing surrogacy.
There's a difference between people who are enthusiastic about their animals, and people who use animals in a desperate attempt to fill voids for family and are delusional about it.

No. 247148


my fiance and i in our current apartment (we're moving) for some reason can hear the baby in the unit below us crying. constantly. decided recently we never want kids, and instead will just have pets. BUT, we also don't want a difficult dog or cat breed that will end up replacing a kid. just a simple pet, me and my love, and all the money we're saving not raising a baby.

No. 247186

Why don't you go live in the Middle East? It is your perfect utopia. Women have very little rights, and their entire livelihood is completely dependent on the men in their lives. If your husband decides he needs to beat the shit out of you its his right to decide so.

You are pretty delusional if you think men will pamper you if you let them control your life. My ex convinced me to stay home because it was a "woman's duty" to care for the house while the man makes the money. Doing so made me financially dependent on him so he could treat me as poorly as he wanted. Meanwhile he could leave me at the drop of a hat and I'd be on the streets with nothing. Being a housewife is essentially being an unpaid servant.

Its really disgusting how self absorbed you are, women who are suffering in other parts of the world pray for just a fraction of the rights you are so fortunate to have. And you talk about wanting to throw it away "cuz tehe im trad! "Women have more empathy therefore deserve to be abused!" uwu~

No. 247201

This is a man larping

Or a very sheltered girl who has never left her village+reads a lot of books. You have a nice attitude but it is not grounded in the present, it's somewhat fictional.
e.g. male violence may have been beneficial in a tribe but now it is a problem/danger/hindrance (and quite an expensive one to police)

Our society is built around becoming better than our base selves. The past is no excuse for the future

No. 247205

I think people should stop having children or if they do, not more than one. Options to replace children like >>247142 are fine even if cringy because anything is better than another human in this planet.

I also think people should be fined/jailed for sexism.

No. 247208


>I also think people should be fined/jailed for sexism.


No. 247213

Anons who get upset by what other anons say shouldn't be here. There are so many emotional cry babies who get into a state, pick fights, throw names around, and ruin it for everyone. So many anons need to just cool it and back away.

No. 247214

look up the definition of anecdotal

No. 247216

If you had just said something like "I think a lot of women are stereotypically emotional including myself but I don't think that's a bad thing" then few would be that offended, but you literally advocated for women having their rights taken away based on vast generalizations, all while making excuses for men as individuals. It's hypocritical and seems very misogynist rather than just an innocent trad rationalist or however you see yourself.

We tend to get a little miffed at the prospect of rights being taken away because no legal protection+ general physical disadvantage= the possibility of being absolute slaves to men, which has and does happen when we don't have any say. It's absolutely reasonable to get worked up about this topic. Why do you think people (including men) get worked up about gun laws, war, prison rights, laws in general? People tend to want to defend their right to basic freedom and protection from violence and murder, no matter how they lean. Are you so desensitized and sheltered that you've forgotten that and just see your entire sex's physical safety and autonomy as a little thought experiment?
Maybe I'm missing something though. Do you have any ideas of how we can protect our lives, bodies, and basic freedom if we don't have any political say? If we went to a society where women weren't allowed to vote, I doubt they'd let us have any self defense weapons or sanctuary spaces.

>inb4 "not all countries have voting in the first place!"

you're advocating for a country that does to revoke it for women based on a stereotype about them.

Also, wrt your idea about women being made to somehow prove their ability to think independently, would you make anyone else take it? Men with current or past drug abuse? Men with current or past mental health issues? Men on medications? Men with a passive personality type?

Lots of people have clouded judgment in some way or another and struggle to truly think independently. This is one of the big drawbacks of whole concept of democracy, and it's not just because of us pesky women.

No. 247217

I don't think many pet owners, especially the ones who treat their animals like extensions of their children, are the most eco friendly.

No. 247224

>I think people should stop having children
I think shitty people should stop having children.

>or if they do, not more than one

Ime most only children are insufferable, I'm glad I have a brother.

No. 247229


>Ime most only children are insufferable, I'm glad I have a brother.

Anecdotal, but the only single children families I know are fucking insane. The kids are entitled brats who have trouble empathizing and sharing. The parents are helicopter-parents to the extreme and exert waaay too much attention and affection on their single kid.

Only children are the worst imo.

No. 247232

I'm the same, and in my experience people just don't believe that I could not like any animal

No. 247233

Posting on an image board =/= deciding the fate of a country. Freedom of speech is a freedom for anyone regardless of sex so long as that speech isn't inciting violence. I find it ironic your rebuttal was personal attacks, bad analogies and topics not actually being discussed.
Why can no one understand that the inability to vote =/= basic human rights? Of course I don't want women to be harmed. Again, no arguments, nothing about what I've actually said, Just a lot of personal attacks and grasping straws. but you're free to express your opinion.
Is it really so shocking that a woman might have different views than you? That's honestly sad, people from all different backgrounds have many varying views. Thanks though, I try to stay civil. As I have mentioned, I don't want to come off as trying to hurt anyone.
Then it would not have been an unpopular opinion! Voting, while defended by the constitution, is not a right as it can be taken away forever (see felons). It is a privilege, since it's only granted to people who meet the requirements. The 'excuses' I made for men was that the mentally ill shouldn't represent an entire gender. I did go into a bit about speculation as to why the sexes are the way they are a few times, it wasn't meant to defend the actions of the mentally disturbed. Taking away voting rights does not immediately make one a slave. We really have a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for. I'm not saying people shouldn't get worked up, it's totally within your right to voice your opinion. That's what the thread is for. I believe men, as a whole, will do what is right by the other gender, honestly I think it's partly genetic in wanting to protect them and partly upbringing/family in wanting to protect their mother, wife, daughter etc. I know there's a lot of this incel shit going around, but honestly the majority of guys aren't going around shooting people because they didn't get laid.
It's interesting you brought up the theoretical requirement and/or test… I have no fucking clue how it would work or be implemented (I doubt it ever would be because politicians would HATE it), but if it exists, I see no reason to not make it mandatory for anyone wanting to vote. Just make it part of the registration process, why the hell not. I would be worried though that people may actually not register because 1)the test is too much trouble or 2)the embarrassment of not passing, god forbid if anyone did some kind of study on the findings. It would have to be strictly confidential I imagine. It used to be that you had to pay AND pass a reading test, while reading tests make sense now back then only the elite could afford to be taught how to read. Nowadays every school teaches kids to read.

People also keep bringing up taking away voting… I originally stated woman's suffrage was a mistake. Meaning it should not have happened. Taking away privileges in America is a LOT harder than giving them. I don't think it's actually even possible to take away the voting rights of half of the population at this point. It is a bridge we've already crossed, and there's no going back imo. My stance stays the same, I just don't want people thinking their votes are being taken away by an anonymous user on an image board; don't worry, at this point your votes aren't going anywhere.

No. 247236

I didn't say emotions are bad, I told you to go do the dishes and make sandwiches, handmaiden. Hurry up.

You seem to be fond of telling people they're proving your point so let me do the same thing to you: by staying here stroking your ego and pushing your opinions on people (who not only clearly disagree with you but also think your opinions are pathetic and repulsive), you're being selfish, self-important and acting out of self-interest, thus negating your point and proving ours.

Now either stop being retarded or go make us sandwiches. Hurry. Up.

No. 247238

>Posting on an image board =/= deciding the fate of a country.
In typical Female Behavior, you are missing the main point, dear. Posting opinions on voting leads to wanting to take action. Wanting action means trying it IRL. Trying it IRL is, as you said, the last thing a woman should be doing.
You're using your freedom of speech the wrong way. Use it to post unpopular opinions about breastfeeding or how to get stains out of a carpet, instead. A woman should not be trying to discuss politics and voting. It is too complicated for her simple, soft, emotional mind. What gain is there to be had from talking about women's suffrage? Leave it to the men, they obviously know what's best.
Now, do you have any tips on ironing shirts, sister-wife?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 247239

>Why can no one understand that the inability to vote =/= basic human rights?

The history of voting rights in the United States disagrees with you on that.

If women aren't allowed to vote, then politicians have no reason to care about womens issues in politics, which would commpletely get rid of any politicians interest in keeping Planned Parenthood around, keeping abortion accessible. If women can't vote, why would there still be women politicians? Then you have an entire class of men deciding they know whats best for women, never listening to women.

>I believe men, as a whole, will do what is right by the other gender, honestly I think it's partly genetic in wanting to protect them and partly upbringing/family in wanting to protect their mother, wife, daughter etc.

Again, the entirety of human history disagrees with you.

You have to be a dude trolling. No woman who seriously believes in women not being able to vote is going to be on a female anonymous imageboard like lolcow.

No. 247245

Agreed. Have a family friend who couldn't conceive and she wanted to adopt but her husband refused because he needed a kid that was genetically his. They spent tens of thousands of dollars and she destroyed her body finally conceiving after years of treatments. Some things aren't meant to be, people.

No. 247247

I thought it was obvious it's a robot. Why are you even entertaining it?

No. 247256


Tbh I wouldn't want to raise a child that wasn't mine either. I think the only thing that could make me stand kids is knowing they are my own flesh and blood.

No. 247260

i'm surprised y'all think this because from my experience lolcow has a hateboner for asians, especially koreans

No. 247264

but they also have a regular boner wrt the amount of weeb/koreaboo themed threads. just an overall obsession i guess

No. 247275

Well, most people here want to have "tiny bodies, yet wide hips with a big butt and perky boobs" (or claim to look like that), there are countless of korean/japanese skin care, makeup, fashion threads etc, many post k-idols as their goals, admit to being a former weeb, only watch anime and so on.
Lolcow only hates kpop (which is justified imo kek)
So, because of that i figuered that liking the way i look as a white person, doesn't seem like the norm. I've never seen some girl on here humblebrag about being 1.80m and athletic or stuff like that - and i'd say that's because most anons don't seem to see that as something positive or desirable.

No. 247277

Do you think the human race should cease to exist or just decrease in size?

No. 247278

Tbh it seems like a lot of anons enjoy those things, but hate the actual asian people out of some weird jealousy. At least when you see how many perfectly fine asian girls are called hideous, anons getting angry when you say it isn't flattering ("what, you do not enjoy people hating on you because they would love to be you???? I would love to be fetishised-hated!"), getting angry over asian stereotypes ("asians so not have sleek long hair, they have thin, ratty horsehair!!!!") the whole asian-envy thread.

After years of being bullied for not being white in a white country, it feels absurd that white girls in a white country are seething with anger and jealousy because a tiny percent of the internet prefers asians. Why give a shit if k-boos and incels like asian girls, go outside where everything is the opposite.

No. 247280

>Tbh it seems like a lot of anons enjoy those things, but hate the actual asian people out of some weird jealousy. At least when you see how many perfectly fine asian girls are called hideous, anons getting angry when you say it isn't flattering ("what, you do not enjoy people hating on you because they would love to be you???? I would love to be fetishised-hated!"), getting angry over asian stereotypes ("asians so not have sleek long hair, they have thin, ratty horsehair!!!!") the whole asian-envy thread.
I'd say there are plenty of white girls being nitpicked as well, this is simply lolcow for you. I can only give you my perspective, but as a white girls i simply find white people more attractive and therefore do consider some kpop idols ugly who are called pretty by most asians. I have simply a different taste or standard and maybe it's the same for other anons as well. I can't remember a normal asian girl being picked on here, people only shit on idols, so i feel that it's rather the opposite, anons like you normal girls but can't stand celebrities.

>After years of being bullied for not being white in a white country, it feels absurd that white girls in a white country are seething with anger and jealousy because a tiny percent of the internet prefers asians. Why give a shit if k-boos and incels like asian girls, go outside where everything is the opposite.

Well, i can't answer that since i certainy don't feel jealous. Please do read my original post. I stated that being white is only unpopular here, i said that saying that 'I'm proud to be white' is considered not pc enough irl, not that every single white girl out there wishes to be asian.

No. 247282

>it feels absurd that white girls in a white country are seething with anger and jealousy because a tiny percent of the internet prefers asians.
Who is seething?

No. 247285

I should have specified that I only replied to the "lolcow only hates k-pop". And I never said all white girls want to be asian, pretty sure I said the opposite? That everyone outside of tiny internet communities prefers white girls, so that the spergy anons(not you) can just go outside?

Well if you go into the threads, it is pretty easy to spot the bitter anons from the ones with actual valid criticism.

No. 247289

Calling somebody spergy, bitter and "seething with anger and jealousy" is never a good idea if you want to avoid getting those claims thrown back at you…

Here's my unpopular opinion:
I do believe that some people actually don't mind or even "enjoy" getting racially fetishized (to some extent).
Like the anon above me said, being white is considered the norm, non-white kids get bullied, so what happens if that bullied kid meets an online community that worships them? Even if that community is toxic - it's not like those men will ever meet you irl, so there's not real harm or threat. I'm sure that many like suddenly getting admired and being seen as more desirable and attrative than white girls.

No. 247295

I hate how, when someone gets themselves and/or others killed in car accidents for doing stupid shit or driving while drunk, people in the media or the public sympathise with them and throw them love and crap, it makes me sick. If you drive drunk, under the influence of drugs or play on your phone while driving then fuck you hard, you're putting your own life at risk and other people's lives in danger if they're in the car with you. I know it doesn't always happen and it's not like the media sucks up to the people who died, and I get that families grieve etc, but I have very little sympathy for assholes who drive recklessly when they fully know they shouldn't. And then you die, lol it's like well what did you expect?

No. 247300

I worked years in insurance and most fatalities come from distracted drivers or elderly people having strokes/heart attacks at the wheel.

I drive about under the influence of weed all the time and I've never been involved in an accident in the last 7 years. Some people are just shit at driving

No. 247305

File: 1525354364930.jpg (71.63 KB, 750x600, d0ee9f921b4623bba49182d771c987…)

>I drive about under the influence of weed all the time and I've never been involved in an accident in the last 7 years.
>driving while being on drugs
I hope that at least you'll only get yourself killed, anon.

No. 247307


>I drive about under the influence of weed all the time


No. 247308

Nah the weed makes me super human.

No. 247309

Lmao you'd be raging but I took all my driving lessons after getting high. Passed first time with 2 minors. Driving is all about confidence anons, not obnoxiousness. I do a lot of long distance driving and can even drive to improve wankers that lane hog and the such. Chill out.

No. 247310


>Driving is all about confidence anons

Jesus Christ.

No. 247311

>Take drugs and drive
What a piece of shit
>It's all about confidence Anon!!!
Hm… I'm not sure about that.

No. 247313

I know it's mental when I smoke the herb my whole brain goes through a metamorphasis and I don't know what's up from down. I'm always amazing I make it to my destination using my feet to steer and hands to peddle and ass for the gears.

No. 247341

I drive while high sometimes too, but I've been smoking for YEARS and I no longer get huge mental highs that incapacitate my brain and thought process. Although when I was a new smoker I would tell people when I wasn't good to drive.
Smoking weed doesn't inhibit judgement the way other drugs like alcohol do.

Ex. If I've had more than a couple bowls and bf asks me to drive I tell him to wait.
But if I've had only one or have been sitting on a high for awhile, I can drive with no problem.
In fact, I'm more liable to be cautious and not speed when I'm high for the fact that I'm paranoid of driving perfectly since I don't want to get pulled over.

Never had an issue.
Agreed. Most people my age have gotten into car accidents from looking at their phones.

No. 247343

Exactly anon there are levels. I'm a habitual smoker, it would take me months of abstaining to be 'sober'. There's a difference if I am getting hiiiiiiiigh and no I wouldn't drive I wouldn't want too lol, and there's days like, "I have a 2 hour drive, I'm going to roll one for the road."

And I drive great because I usually have some on me and I do not want to get pulled over lol

No. 247346

>And I drive great because I usually have some on me and I do not want to get pulled over lol

Oh god yes, this.
Whenever I make pickups I get nervous.

The closest I've ever came to being hysterical happened when I was driving down a main road in my hometown after buying a half with my dealer. This was back before I had much experience. I was taking him home because we were friends.

I pulled up to a red light near a Domino's. When it went green I crept forward but before I could accelerate, squad cars with flashing lights dashed out in front and behind my car. The next thing I see is officers brandishing guns and pointing them.
For a split second I thought it was my ass.

Apparently the Domino's my car was beside was being robbed, and the suspect had a gun. Hence armed officers swooping in from nowhere. It was just an unfortunate coincidence that I was there with weed in my car.

But uh yeah, pretty intense.

No. 247349


>Smoking weed doesn't inhibit judgement

Common side-effects
>distortion of time
>decreased problem solving
>increased heart rate
>impaired coordination
>poor concentration and attention
>impaired judgment
>slowed reaction time
>bloodshot eyes and foggy vision
>lightheaded and drowsy

Do you know anything about this shit? This is basic stuff. Google it. You guys are no better than people who drive drunk, don’t try to pretend you are. That line about “being more cautious” is exactly what drunk drivers say. Along with “being more confident.” Smoking is fine and dandy, getting high and driving is not. If you seriously think it doesn’t negatively affect your driving, you’re either not aware of what is happening to your body or you are lying to yourself.

No. 247350

Lol there's a band I love called GLC and they have a few songs about weed these lyrics are from paranoia

>Like a neon racer, speeding down the street

I needs a fuckin' spliff, i'd better be discreet
Skinnin' up on Newport bridge, am i out of my mind?
I looks in the mirror, the police are behind
Got a pocket full of pills and a glove box full of Mary-jane
I know - i'll lose 'em in the bus lane
Taxi in the way, i'll never get past
Those fuckin' copper cars are well fuckin fast
I've only got a shitty Vauxhall nova
I'll never give up, I'll never pull over
Avoiding eye contact, i weaves in and out
Nearly caused a pile up on the fuckin roundabout
Blue lights are flashing, here we fuckin go
I'm smoking up a spliff and my car stinks of blow
Then he sped past me and drove away
So i drove 'round slow for the rest of the day

And I dunno if you ever had to smoke the brown (UK anon) but this song Soapbar is pretty funny. It features ultimate chav culture.

This song linked is about smoking so much weed it act likes HRT lmao https://youtu.be/lh0iuCPDslY

Sage for glc love

No. 247351

>Nearly caused a pile up on the fuckin roundabout

No. 247352

Weed is contextual tho because its literally a medicine in alot of places. While you shouldn't be faded and drive, which there are dumbasses who do. There are quantities of weed that can be consumed and have the same side effects as a fucking Advil. I will never drive under the influence as a recreational smoker, but i have friends who are recreational and drive certain roads but we have a weight for dosage purposes and would never let our driver hit a fat blunt before getting behind the wheel no matter the road conditions. Alcohol is atleast a straight forward road but with weed you need to specify do you mean thc or cbd users? What is the usage? How is it consumed? So on, the base rule should be yeah dumbfuck don't be behind the wheel under the influence but theres context too. Cause then we gotta blame every driver who has ever taken idk an allergy medication or whatever if we're putting the ban hammer down period.
Plus these side effects are common in heavy users just like theres permanent damaging side effects from smoking, ingesting caffeine etc
(I do however think the severity of the side effects from weed compared to other substances is phenomanolly smaller wether its heavy addiction or just recreational)

No. 247353

Ok two things
> its literally a medicine
You can’t drive while taking certain persription medications. Because side effects.
>There are quantities of weed that can be consumed and have the same side effects as a fucking Advil.
The OPs specifically mentioned being high. Unless you can get high on Advil, that’s not the same.

No. 247354

Male drivers innit

No. 247355

>do you know about this shit?

I said I smoke.
You don't know what you're talking about if you think being drunk is in any fashion similar to being high for long time users.

No. 247356

I hope this is bait.

Not only is there no source cited, but it seems you don't understand the literal physical differences between alcohol and cannabinoids and what effect they have on the brain.

People who drive high are also people who would never drive drunk because of the difference. Stop moralfagging.

No. 247358

I also said there are different levels of high. There's a level of huh life is grand and I can function and do normal shit and if I want to get a buzz on I can take it to a very high level. People get prescribed this shit now, unfortunately I live in the UK so I can't, but it's 100% safer to take as an antidepressant than actual ones and I've had my experience of both.

No. 247361

File: 1525379379116.jpeg (131.27 KB, 622x963, C7CB517B-8A73-4467-9926-1D1035…)


>if you think being drunk is in any fashion similar to being high

No one said that


There’s no source cause that’s common knowledge, especially if you smoke, and there are multiple hits they show up with a simple google search. Don’t be lazy. Weed has side effects, some of them are the fucking point of taking it (relaxation, for example).

>seems you don't understand the literal physical differences between alcohol and cannabinoids

No one said they’re the same thing. Just that weed has side effects. You’ve got to be really fucking dumb to think otherwise.

>People who drive high are also people who would never drive drunk because of the difference.

Where’s your source on that? I knew multiple people who would drive under the influence of both, sometimes at the same time- which is a different ball game.


Yes, weed can be mecidinal and be prescribed. No one is saying it can’t be or that it is bad. But there are many medicines you’re not supposed to take and then drive, including antidepressants, pain relievers, and even some allergy products.


If you get high and drive, I think you’re a selfish ignorant pos. Just my unpopular opinion.

No. 247368

LMAO Anon go smoke a reefer and evaluate if you've had all the side effects from drinking before. Death? You ever had death before? Nah mate, don't think you've ever had a drink!

No. 247372

Anon you sound borderline retarded, why do you think breathalyzers are a thing? To check if people are clear to drive if they've had a drink. Plenty of people have had a drink and are safe to go, now do you honestly think the same doesnt go for weed and one joint makes you permanently impaired and responsible for any accident you're in for the next 3hours or more? Life isnt a seth rogen movie and not every smoker is a college frat guy hot boxing his car. Its not an unpopular opinion to dislike the assholes causing accidents under an actual influence, you just sound childish

No. 247376

>Meta‐analyses of epidemiological studies of biological indicators of cannabis and other drugs in the blood and urine of injured drivers and car crash fatalities suggest that recent cannabis use increases the risks of an accident from 1.5 to 2 times 7, 8. This risk may be underestimated because there is a poor correlation between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels in blood and driver impairment

No. 247379

Don't bother. They just wanna excuse their shitty behavior. They don't actually care about the sources or side-effects.

No. 247381

>In fact, I'm more liable to be cautious and not speed when I'm high for the fact that I'm paranoid of driving perfectly since I don't want to get pulled over.

This is the kind of thing that makes me say 'hmm… sounds fake' as driving better while under the influence is pretty counter intuitive. But one day I spent a bit of time reading about it and it's actually legit and backed up with stats. I was really surprised but it does make sense in a way, I don't smoke myself so I wouldn't know personally.

No. 247393

lmao 1.5 to 2! MASSIVE.
>poor correlation between THC levels in blood and driver impairment

I've been smoking for 7 years I think I'm more aware of the side-effects than you. Check this. One time I went to Amsterdam from Belfast. Got into the Dam at about 12:40. Didn't eat breakfast because excitement, had like a few biscuits on the plane. Get to a cafe. Smoke some heavy skunk. Go blind lmao. Drink some water with sugar. Come round. Go back for more.

Cannabis can lower your blood sugar, this is why you get the famous munchies. Me not eating and smoking heavy skunk made me white out to the point I went blind. I should have known better for smoking for so many years but I didn't and was on holiday.

I'm aware of the side effects. And I'm aware of my tolerances. Just like someone shouldn't drive when drowsy, I don't either.

No. 247395

I would 100% agree with this. I have to do a routine commute thats 200 miles round trip, and the days I've drove it without have a smoke along the way I get more wound up by other drivers, will generally drive faster and be more aggro. The same drive on weed I sit back from other cars and cruise because I'm not stressing.

No. 247397

>the days I've drove it without have a smoke along the way I get more wound up by other drivers, will generally drive faster and be more aggro

Nta but same.
Today when I went out for errands I was way more angry at other dumbass drivers than I would've been had I smoked a bowl an hour prior.

I agree with you anon.

Not only driving, but I also am able to complete chores with less aggravation. I'm way more focused and on-task.
Even in grad school I smoked for stress relief but still attended classes and wrote while high.
I go to my job where I'm interacting and talking to people nonstop.
I'm completely myself unless, like you said, I know I'm not.

Most people think I don't do drugs and that I'm vanilla af, kek.

No. 247645

I suppose if you have to be salty to an anon, this thread is the place to do it. What do you accomplish from putting people down? Serious question since you've just given up on real conversation, may as well swing it back towards something productive.
Since you've seemed to be banned I'll hold my comment and just wait it out for a reply, it's not fair to have an argument with someone who can't defend themselves.
Women voting is an extremely new concept on the grand scheme of things, yet there hasn't been a female version of a holocaust, women have never been mass genocided for their gender (maybe the witch trials may count? But that was more to do with religion and less so of having two x chromosomes). Despite most women being unable to vote for most of history where there has been a democracy, we still end up equal with men, at least in western societies. Even before the colonies became America it was looked down on to hit women and treat them poorly. In fact women were protected from drafts and mandatory firefighting duties, whereas black men who were no longer slaves but didn't have the right to vote yet (due to money and reading skills) were still obligated to these duties. Why do you think men specifically don't want Planned Parenthood around, or abortions?

No. 247653

>Why can no one understand that the inability to vote =/= basic human rights? Of course I don't want women to be harmed. Again, no arguments, nothing about what I've actually said, Just a lot of personal attacks and grasping straws. but you're free to express your opinion.

No arguments? I just told you what life is like for women who have no rights. Nice cherry picking though.

like >>247239 said, if women have no influence in politics than politicians have no reason to care about their rights. We don't live in a kind world sweetie. Like I said before, men wont pamper you. If you become property then you get treated like property.

You can't even defend the crap your spewing and just baww that everyone is calling out how ridiculous you sound.

No. 247784

I don't think stormies implants are that bad as everyone makes them out to be, I don't think megs face looks weird, I don't think yukapee is ugly, I don't think shayna is ugly or has wonky nipples, I don't think stellbell is ugly or aging bad

I dont think most cows are ugly unless they're fat or genuinely ugly like the kink flakes or fakebois, I understand not defending ones like june though who has a weird obsession with constantly trying to make herself out to be thin but curvy and bashing other women like crazy, meanwhile she looks average

No. 247788

I thought most people found Yuka cute?

No. 247796

The middle east is the way it is due to their culture, not because of lack of voting rights. That should be very apparent by the fact that no other culture treats women the way that Muslims do. Women actually have the right to vote in all middle eastern countries. The only place where women have never been able to vote is the Vatican city, and they have never been big on beating women in case you didn't know. In the Vatican city women are free to come and go as they please, whereas many middle eastern countries have families that won't even let women out of the house without a man present. I have already stated >>247645 that even in western societies when women didn't have voting rights they were still treated well, much better than the African slaves. Since you seem to equate voting with slavery and abuse, why were women not being lashed in public for not cooking something right, like how slaves were commonly lashed for not working their fingers to the bone, or even killed for innocent mistakes? I keep going over the same rebuttals because no one is bringing anything new to the table, or they simply insult me. I don't do the whole ad hominem thing, it brings nothing to a discussion and helps no one.
I also find it incredibly disturbing that you believe the inability to vote = property. That means entire countries of people, all children, and anyone convicted of a felon no longer have human rights. A person is a person regardless of their ability to vote, and all people should have basic human rights.

No. 247801

If you really think women's suffrage was a mistake you should refrain from opening your fat mouth to give an opinion, after all you're directly benefitting from it. Politics are a man's domain. You couldn't possibly know what's best for yourself, right sweetie?

No. 247872

Again ad homs, it's almost like you don't have an actual argument so you have to attack me as a person. Freedom to speech is not the same as the privilege to vote; people who are not allowed to vote in America still have the freedom of speech. I consider the freedom of speech and religion, press and assembly to be a basic human right. If you think people who can't vote don't have the freedom of speech, I can only say I feel very sorry for you, but luckily most of the world thinks differently.

No. 247875

I think it this argument you two are having would work better if you were to clarify your full stance, anti-suffrage-chan. Believing women should be unable to vote because we can't make decisions, but still allowing us to, say…have a job as a bank manager, is hypocritical. Should women work? Should they be banned from certain jobs? I do agree with you about testing people before voting, but believe it should apply to everyone. I also see men and women as equals, as the two can be as irrational as each other.

As for my input: Even given your ideas to work with here (that women are logically inferior), I think limiting humans to what we currently are biologically (according to you) is silly since we have the ability to change. Women have only been expected to be equals in the west for a few generations, I imagine in the future our biological impulses (again, according to you) will eventually be bred out with evolution. Most average men prefer women who also have jobs and thoughts of their own now, and the economy kind of demands it from the majority. Some women are even the breadwinners, should they not make decisions for their families? I think that especially with incoming technology allowing us to genetically modify babies, more intelligent humans of both sexes will be created.

You just seem to think that people have set ways of being and should settle for that, rather than make efforts to improve ourselves for future generations. Although perhaps even I have read you wrong, please clarify.

Regardless, I don't expect to change your mind about anything. Arguments are just fun (yes, a dreaded 'emotion' haha) and never amount to anything substantial. It does seem as if other anons were jumping to conclusions about your beliefs and I hope to understand your theories more fully.

No. 247876

The gulf is filthy rich! You really need to stop generalizing, it's laughable at this point. Most people living in the Gulf aren't oppressed in any way outside of the immigrant workers who are basically slaves, but nobody cares about them just the rich housewives and daughters that are apparently oppressed because they don't adhere to the same standards of "freedom", as western women.

No. 247879

>Again ad homs, it's almost like you don't have an actual argument so you have to attack me as a person. F
Cause your opinion is so stupid, no one is going to bother to outline why. You should've learned this stuff as a teenager.

No. 247880

I don't know how unpopular this is but I hate what this site has become. When I started coming on here no one had a super hate boner for men. No idea where it came from but because of this I stopped coming on here as often. It makes us all seem like insecure bitches. I feel like it stems for people not being wanted irl or something, I don't know but it's fucking stupid. It doesn't add a thing to a thread and I don't see why it's even allowed. Who cares whose what gender, if we're all here for milk why the hell does it matter.
>> inb4 get away robot
I'm not one, but holy shit I'm so tired of people bitching about men.

No. 247883

File: 1525584378921.jpg (48.28 KB, 634x475, article-2704889-1FF4F5FD000005…)

Don't bother, it's almost always dumb, self-admitting attention seeking hoes who are extremely against feminism

I wish i can find the most of the dumb thot who was offended a feminist said "everyone owns their own body" and she came in saying "um sweetie im not a feminist im a bdsm submissive men own my body", this is just peak female anti-fems for you, none of them are respectable women at all

No. 247884

I'm convinced that most post complaining about the man-hate are by males.

No. 247885

Stop guessing why we hate men when its been explained a thousand times, dont go in ot if it bothers you we hate men, funny how men dont give two shits about woman hate threads but women here all lose their shit when men get a taste of their own medicine

No. 247886

I don't hate men, but I don't mind other women hating on men. Give them a break. This is probably the only place they can voice their frustrations and negative experiences. When I first came on here, I didn't understand, because I was thinking only of the men in my life who I love. But after reading the man-hating posts, I've gained a lot of empathy and understanding. Maybe you should try to do the same.

No. 247889

File: 1525588347455.png (164.54 KB, 627x414, IMG_3441.PNG)

scrot detected
if you're actually a woman I feel sorry for you because the reason for the man hating threads is painfully obvious

No. 247890

I love the misandry on this site :3 It's fun to shit on men! I don't know why you hand maidens always stick up for them, it's fucking pathetic.

No. 247891

I'm not against third wave feminism, I use to be one but the wage gap isn't real and the whole "free your nipples", bs is such a joke. This is why I prefer radical feminism, however that has its downsides as well.

No. 247892

File: 1525588751876.png (313.08 KB, 800x800, proper_procedure.png)

same anon! when will they realize the men they're white knighting so hard still hate them? probably never kek

No. 247893

Every single movement on the face of the planet has its bad ones who promote weird or bad ideologies, but for whatever reason feminist get the most of it and cherry picking despite most feminists being normal or great people

Agreed, its always ironic to see men hate women like lauren southern and sh0eonhead and treat them like shit and next minute screaming and crying about how no woman one speaks about mens rights. Most men hate womens guts no matter what they do. Most men dont care if women are treated like shit, return the favor ladies

No. 247894

You sound like a female incel

No. 247895

More often then not the thread is full of hate for incel type men or genuinely awful things that shitty dudes pull. There are one or two extreme anons but for the most part it's not too bad.

Also this probably not an unpopular opinion but can we please have stricter rules or another hell week for all this infighting/arguing? Its really embarrassing to read.

No. 247897

you are wrong, vulnerable and submissive guys are the best

No. 247899

I don’t read them. The male hating is on every thread, it’s not exclusive to just ot. I /do/ hide the straight up male hating threads. It’s just annoying. Im not wk’ing them I just could do without the hate that has nothing to do with what the topic is about. If the hate would just stay within those type of threads and nothing else I literally wouldn’t care. Its just annoying as shit. You don’t have to agree this is an unpopular thread after all.

No. 247901

If the mod didn't nuke the thread by autosaging it it wouldn't be leaking that much.


Submissive men and women are anoying as fuck, just grow a spine already.

No. 247903

File: 1525594355130.jpg (14.2 KB, 204x308, gus1.jpg)

Their second name is Gusov for the husband and Gusova for wife, Russian second names differ for men and women.
Sasha and Alexander are the same same, Sasha is short for Alexander.
Alexander is the official name, Sasha is used by friends and relatives. He has other aliases. In english media he is often mentioned specifically as Sasha Gusov.
Pic related is him.

No. 247953

>thot who was offended a feminist said "everyone owns their own body" and she came in saying "um sweetie im not a feminist im a bdsm submissive men own my body", this is just peak female anti-fems for you, none of them are respectable women at all

It's always attention whores or a different form of attention whores who pretend to be trad for attention.

No. 247966

My stance was that it was a mistake, not that it should be taken away. I had stated earlier how that would be nigh impossible and a bad strategy anyways. For some reason I think it keeps getting lost in translation that I think women are less than men and that's also not true, I think women are perfect (or at least as close to perfect as you can get) just the way we are. I guess the main issue here is others are believing the right to vote is a human rights violation, where I do not believe that is the case. Women have been allowed to work before they had the right to vote, so I see no reason why women can not work for themselves if they can't vote? Also my point was NOT that we are less intelligent than men. I just believe that women are less likely to vote on their own interests due to traits that otherwise are incredibly noble and thoughtful. Just not the best for deciding the fate of a country. I do agree with the theoretical test, but I had mentioned before my concerns of it too. A discussion for another thread maybe.
I'll level with you that women may very well change in time, but honestly I wouldn't want to see that happen myself. I guess i get a moral superiority complex when I know I can easily love my nieces and nephew even when they do something retarded, where my boyfriend and brother need to take a second and relax after they break a window. The kids will come to me or my mother when they need to be comforted, not because the men in the house abuse them or anything but because I guess we make them feel better when they get hurt, physically or emotionally. I feel as though if women become less empathetic, i don't see how that couldn't affect children's relationship with their moms. And I also think women are on average much better authors because of how in touch we are with our emotions, there's just a better ability to transfer that into a story. But who knows, the future is full of surprises. I mainly talk about what I see here and now, ya know? In this economy unless the family is well-off there really isn't a way for a mom to be a stay-at-home nowadays, but that has also been the case back when women couldn't vote. Honestly that 'stay-at-home' mom stuff has always been a luxury for most families, or the family was ok living poor (or at least marginally less cash than they could of had) so long as they had a stay-at-home mother. voting for government officials =/= unable to work. Women would and should still have the right to freedom of assembly.
Despite some of the hostile comments like >>247879 it was actually a riveting discussion. I didn't expect to change anyone's minds either, just get an unpopular opinion off my chest. And honestly I am pretty ecstatic that I got well-thought arguments out of it, it does really help put the other side of the argument in context

No. 247972

TBF it's gotta happen somewhere. I see so many women hating threads, topics, discussions even entire websites everywhere else and barely any men-hating anything on the internet besides a couple tweets or a tumblr rant. Everyone needs a place to really vent; it's not healthy keeping it all locked up. I think the increase of it may be a direct ratio of the increase of women hate elsewhere honestly. If men want to slump me into the same group as their abusive moms, then I'm going to slump them into all one group too. It may be annoying, but for a lot of us it's the only place to vent anonymously.
It is important after your done venting to take a deep breath and step back, though.

No. 247976

How is voting for your own interest the best way to make a good decision for your country? Being able to see the whole picture and not just focus on your own little experience is a sign of intelligence in the real world.

No. 247980

still don't know what an enter key is eh, retard?

I'm sure you are one if you're dickriding men like this. Only beta females pull this shit.

No. 247986

Weddings are high key selfish opportunities to wank money and attention from friends and family.
They are not fun. They're a chore for everyone involved, and sometimes the things their loved ones do for the couple isn't considered enough by them. Very, very little gratitude and I often hear couples crit and bitch their own weddings later.
This whole attitude that a wedding is a necessity and a right needs to die.

I'd rather not be invited to another bridezilla's "day" if it means I don't have to waste any more money and time off work.

I especially hate the weddings where the couple invites 200 some odd people who they clearly DO NOT communicate with on the frequent and can't even manage to say hello to once during the entire shebang. They sell everyone cheap on reception food and expect guests to get their own accommodations because while they want to invite as many people as possible to increase their gains, they don't want to make the wedding expensive for themselves.

Selfish cunt behavior that society worships, what else is new?

No. 247988

File: 1525634666450.jpg (228.09 KB, 653x379, image005.jpg)


It's sad because I'm a romantic, but I agree. I feel like so many modern weddings are all about appearances, outdoing others, and materialism. So few are actually about love, commitment, and family.

I loved Angelina Jolie's wedding dress because it was symbolic and sentimental. She had her children's artwork embroidered on her dress. It got a lot of media attention as being "tacky" or whatever, but I think it was so much better than the usual glamour obsessed shit.

No. 247996

who's saying it's normal? but it's there and not really accepted, and not all of us have issues lol.

No. 247999

how embarrassing is it for a woman to spend her time online making male positivity posts and attacking feminists for being ‘rude and mean to men uwu’ when men are out here spending their time online making misogynistic comments everywhere and jacking off to women being raped, abused and exploited

No. 248003

Absolutely 100% agreed and I hate that it's just assumed to be a woman's dream to have a wedding. Society just fucking brainwashes girls into thinking it's the highlight of her life so they'll spend inordinate amounts and never lose sight of the wife-and-mother goal we're all supposed to have.

No. 248006

I was invited to a wedding for the first time in years recently and it was a pain in the ass to take time off work, get a dress, shoes and just things that are appropriate for a wedding ceremony, and pay for most of the accommodations, but I admit I had a lot of fun. I think that since the couple only invited the most important people to them it was easier for them to organize and they had a really good time during the wedding. But ever since I've been told they were an exception and that most weeding are so stressful to organize for the couple, especially the wife, I think if I ever get married I will either skip the wedding ceremony or organize a really small and short one.

Actually I'm starting to wonder where that "tradition" of having big ass weddings that are so expensive that the married couple sometimes will ruin themselves for it even comes from. I know it really depends on countries but I've read that typically, in the US weddings are super expensive because they're a bit over-the-top and there are a lot of guests. In Japan the weddings typically last an afternoon at most I think while in North Africa a wedding ceremony lasts several days in a row (almost a week iirc, it's even more ott than in the USA) so it also depends on how long it lasts.

No. 248007

The wedding industry in the US is worth tens of billions of dollars.
>That’s good news for the 300,000-plus wedding vendors operating in the U.S., including ceremony and reception venues, DJs, coordinators, photographers, caterers, hair and make-up artists, limo drivers, and more.

A lot of people have an interest in keeping weddings big, lavish, and expensive.

No. 248010


Well I'm assuming it's cuz back then the wedding was the only thing women had to look forward too. So go big or go home

No. 248011

While I don't think it's necessary, weddings are very much a right especially for those that are religious. The bridezillas are insufferable though, I was a bridesmaid for one before. I do think something needs to change about weddings, there's no reason for people to try and throw a party outside their ability to pay and then act like bitches about it. It's like a spoiled teen's super sweet 16.

No. 248016

File: 1525641721489.png (155.15 KB, 478x483, 1525204060858.png)

Haha yeah, my first wedding for a friend…

>bride forced us to buy a $200 dress none of us were flattered in or liked

She pressed us to believe these were the "cheaper" dresses out of the selection available. Some girls had to fork more money over to get the shits altered. When we were clearly showing that we were out of our comfort zone wearing them she rubbed salt in the wound by saying they were "re-wearable" when we'd never wear them again. She made me feel uncomfortable and humiliated but she didn't care.

>accused her maid of honor of "not being there"

She has a disease and was having a falling out with her bf that caused her to delegate a lot of the organizational work. Bride still got her bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc. But she didn't like how organizing wasn't more timely, and apparently upset that the bachelorette party was a surprise because she thought she wasn't getting one (abloo-fuckin-boo…) It's honestly one of the most spoiled things I've ever seen someone complain about.

>invited a known cosplay lolcow to be in our bridal group

Part of the reason the former bullet happened. This narc tried to set herself up as the slavedriver above us all when she never did shit besides criticize every idea we organized. Tried to say she knew her the best, but she never did shit. She caused drama and is the reason why bride thought she wasn't getting a bach party. She had it out for me because one day I told her to come up with ideas or shut up, and she didn't go to the bachelorette party to spite me. She accused me of being jealous of her relationship with the bride (lol). When I told bride what happened she brushed it off "That's just how she is." Yeah, okay, thanks for the heads up!

And of course
>doesn't talk to me now that the wedding's over and she has no need for the appearance of friends

Her parents are loaded though, so the reception and everything else about the wedding was nice at least.

No. 248017

>I imagine in the future our biological impulses (again, according to you) will eventually be bred out with evolution. Most average men prefer women who also have jobs and thoughts of their own now
Not entirely true. Men don't find, for example, the education level of their partner as important as women do. While many women prefer men who are as or more educated than them, men don't care as much. As a result, HS dropouts don't have problems finding partners and having children, and due to the state in most western countries taking good care of them, the mortality of their children isn't significantly higher than that of the children of better educated mothers. Less educated women are having more children (for men this is the opposite, at least in my country). We're already seeing the average IQ dropping in western countries, so I wouldn't expect evolution to help you out in creating more independent thinkers.

No. 248018

>weddings are very much a right
What does this even mean? A "right" to me is something you are entitled to morally, like freedom of expression or religion. How are people entitled to a wedding?

No. 248022

Lol, they're not entitled to a wedding. Exactly!
I think that anon meant to say they believe they're entitled to a ceremony because their specific spiritual fiction dictates they have it in order to live with, fuck, and have children with the person they love.

That aside–every bridezilla I've ever dealt with wasn't very religious in the sense of prayer or going to organized mass. They just wanted the appearance of a grand wedding for vain reasons and being socially conditioned to believe they deserve one.

No. 248024

That's just sad. But now that's not the case anymore and weddings are still seen as important enough to be huge ceremonies that are prepared in advance with a lot of money, which I don't get because it just seems so unnecessary. If anything spend that money on the honeymoon idk.

No. 248027

Didn't you already post about the cosplay lolcow friend before? Like a long time ago? I feel like I read something similar either on /ot/ or /g/, I don't know why.

But man, it must have been stressful. It reminds me that at the wedding I was invited to the bride asked us to wear read clothes of a certain color if possible, which wasn't possible for me because I had a hard time finding formal clothes my size in general, but she didn't mind it at all, she was already happy that everyone in general could come to the wedding and have fun.

No. 248036

Stories about shitty brides have taught me so much about planning my own wedding.
Bridesmaids choose a dress they feel good in, anyone making a scene can be escorted out by large maori friends, no single item costs more than $800.
My SIL was a great bride. Her biggest “meltdown” was ‘oh I’d prefer it if your dress wasn’t yellow but if it is I’ll just get over it.’
These insane women blowing their bank accounts and mental health on a party are nuts. Any woman saying ‘it’s MY DAY’ shouldn’t be getting married at all.

No. 248054

Weddings can be part of a religious ceremony and therefore freedom of religion. It's not all just primped up brides showing off how much money they have.

No. 248063

Nobody is barring religious people from marrying in a ceremony. However, they don't have a "right" to a particular quality of ceremony that is costly. That's why entitled people who ebeg on crowdfunding websites to get others to pay for their weddings are seen as tacky.

All that an official marriage needs is a certificate, witness, and an officiant.

No. 248073

I think social media needs to be regulated and that there should be repercussions ffor certain things. I think there should be more liability and that in general we need to teach people the impact of what they share and that oversharing is retarded

No. 248090

>women don't care about guys who aren't aggressive and dominating, it is literally traits that were bred to be positive.

Just wanted to let you know you have no idea what you're taking about. Sorry but you don't get to generalize the personal desires and speak on behalf of half the human population.

No. 248091

Fuck outta here, robot. Just because we expect most men to retain some sort of willpower and sense of responsibility doesn't mean we all want literal apes beating on their chests all day. Only a certain type of woman will put up with that shit. Empathy and selflessness are very underrated qualities in a man.

No. 248103

Lmao women are gushing over goofy guys like Chris Pratt or sweet guys like Tom Hiddleston (I'm not buying is romantic guy shtick but most normies are) it doesn't fit with your idea of reality.

No. 248104

Might get torn apart for this. I’m a girl, and I’ve ALWAYS gotten along better with boys. I love men, they’re my best friends and usually the only gender I “hang out” with. The whole man hating thing drives me wild, they’re so much more relaxed and fun to be around, usually straightforward too.

Girls on the other hand… I’ve always had a hard time getting along with them. They’re backstabbing, usually fake, gossipy, two-faced and more often than not just insufferable to me.

I’m stereotypically attractive, all of my features are great and I’ve always looked good, and I expressed this to an ex… he thinks it could be that men are better to me, just in case they’ll get a chance to be with me eventually? Still, men are great. Love them to death.

No. 248106

File: 1525676963728.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 1497079521761.jpg)

>I’m stereotypically attractive, all of my features are great and I’ve always looked good.

No. 248110

Lmao I’m not trying to toot my horn. I’m trying to understand why I don’t have the same issues with men that I see my peers having, and yes anon my features are quite nice, I’m not saying that to be… like that. I got lucky? I genuinely think maybe I don’t deal with the same shit other girls do because of it, which might be why I prefer male friends

No. 248111

File: 1525677521601.jpg (94.3 KB, 1080x1080, p4qbp1F.jpg)

Get out of your internet hugbox and explore the real world, you'll see most human being enjoy being with funny and kind hearted people. And if some people end up with psychopath it's by mistake not by choice.

No. 248112

One of my male friend told me he would never befriend and ugly girl so yeah, it might be the reason why it's easier for attractive women to have male friends and why they don't get why other women might hate males.

No. 248113

>hurr durr i KnOw YoU BeTtEr THaN yOu KnOw YoUrSeLf
Neck yourself already.

No. 248114

he isn't really your friend lol

No. 248116

I kind of agree on that.
The prettiest girls in my class also always were the most popular with guys - not just dating, but simply friendship as well.
Whereas less than average girls (me and my "loser" friends) were mercilessly bullied by the boys.

No. 248117

Kek this post is like a fucking caricature of the 'one of the guys, girls are bitches' type. I don't know how anyone could unironically type this without getting a reality check halfway through, but I guess self awareness escapes those types.

No. 248118

File: 1525678490645.png (152.08 KB, 400x300, q1i1r6rmq0o1_400.png)

>They’re backstabbing, usually fake, gossipy, two-faced

This is a common thing I always see to describe women, but like men are like this too lmao at least from my experience with being around male friends.

Pretty social people have an easier time making friends than average people, more news at 11
seriously tho that's not suprising

No. 248119

I did feel that way as I was saying it, and I hate that shit and hate that about myself, but I just genuinely prefer male friends. I feel like I can be myself with them. Girls, not so much. I have a few best girl friends, but they live far away. And they struggle with the same thing: getting along better with the boys. Sorry

No. 248120

I think a lot of women have had terrible experience with other women but you can't really talk about it without being mocked for trying to be "not like other girls". But just like some guys get along more with women (my ex bf was like that, he had dozens of girl friends) some women get along better with men. It's just dumb to shit on half the human population cause you haven't meet the right girl for you yet.

No. 248122

Men ARE easier to get along with, the question is WHY? Is it because they are naturally so kind and friendly? Fuck no, it's because men will be overtly nice and welcoming to you if they want to fuck you and even more so if they have a crush on you. Just having women in their presence is a reward for them, but that doesn't mean they respect you or think well of you as a person. On the other hand, women actually have standards for their friends. Being pretty and having a vagina isn't enough to get girls to like you, and if they don't like you it's not necessarily THEIR fault. At a certain point you have to accept that maybe the common denominator is you- either in your friend choices, or the way you treat them and get treated in return.

No. 248124

Honestly for me I wonder if it's because female friendships are too real and I'm afraid of getting hurt. The bond with women is usually a lot stronger and there's more emotional honesty and vulnerability, and as a result it hurts more if you have a falling out or grow apart.
Dude friendships are often based on surface interests, jokes, and roasting each other so they're easier to find and maintain without a lot of effort lol

No. 248139

>Girls on the other hand… I’ve always had a hard time getting along with them.
>I’m stereotypically attractive, all of my features are great and I’ve always looked good
>yes anon my features are quite nice
> I genuinely think maybe I don’t deal with the same shit other girls do because of it, which might be why I prefer male friends

You sound ridiculous. It’s not that you prefer men, it’s that men prefer you. Because any sane woman would be turned off by your vanity and ego. Whereas men just want to get in your pants and don’t care that you say shit like
>all my features are great

No. 248148

I personally blame handmaidens and feminist for our current trans women situation then trans women. Anytime they're called out on their shit there's always a women there to defend them.

No. 248149

Yeah I don't believe that people have a right to live outside of their means and have my big pimped up wedding. But some cultures and traditions have A wedding, and if people have any freedoms it should be to express their religions, heritages, and cultures. Too many people equate all weddings to those big ridiculous weddings with hundreds of people. I don't believe people have the right to their perfect ideal wedding, just to A wedding to express whatever ideals they have. I pretty much agree with the original statement otherwise.
While I don't believe social media needs to be regulated, I do believe that social medias like twitter and facebook are companies, and I believe companies should be allowed to censor or not censor whatever they please.

No. 248151

I actually enjoy talking to robots and incels online. Of course I'm not talking about the extremist types, I'm talking about the softer ones. I think many of them can be hilarious and sweet.

No. 248153

why does this site have so mamy jealous ugly anons?

No. 248154

Most women tend to conflate men being nice with men pandering to them. If you stop expecting an emotional tampon who's going to talk to you whenever you want, and if you have your own personality beyond a set of interests, then you'll have no problem getting men to see you as a person. You as a human do not inherently deserve emotional support so stop expecting it from people. I have literally never had this problem with male friends in my life and I have quite a few of them from all walks of life.

No. 248155

I've actually never met an intelligent man or woman who would ever want to have kids.

No. 248156

Did you see the loser thread? They're all fat.

No. 248157

Eh, I have. I’m adamantly child free but have some friends/colleagues who were very intelligent and talented who decided to have children. Now, frankly, I find people a little less interesting if they turn into a daddict or a mombie—but some of my friends that have children have retained their identities and are making some awesome strides in their fields/raising some pretty decent little humans.

No. 248158

>Make fun of a very embarrassing post

The absolute state of this place.

No. 248159

Lmao whatever you think anon, acknowledging the fact that I’m attractive doesn’t make me vain or mean I’ve got a big ego. Sorry about your poor self-esteem

No. 248160

Kek right? God forbid someone says something positive about themself or anyone else

No. 248161

That wasn’t me, the anon who posted about getting along better with boys. Anyways all of this just further proves my point. Girls are just awful to each other, boys are much more fun kek. Y’all really suck

No. 248162

Why are you hanging in a predominantly female space then? Put your money where your mouth is and seek male dominant internet places…

No. 248163

male dominated*

No. 248164

You sound like a normie slut trying to integrate in a major way when you say "kek." Are you one of the anons who only really comes here to start shit and ree about nasolabial folds?

No. 248165

I’m here for the cows idiot, sometimes when I’m bored I look here. I’m not saying I hate women, and I love girly shit too. Funny how this site is crawling with femnazi man-hating gal pals who spend their spare time… hating on and laughing at girls online

No. 248167

You got me. I’ve been posting and looking here for 2 years.
Go suck a cock, whore

No. 248168

File: 1525708953744.jpg (125.57 KB, 1920x1080, 9S51m6D.jpg)

>Go suck a cock, whore

Scrotoid detected.

No. 248170

Jesus, what's your problem? I'm not the one shitting on women and bragging about all my male """friends,""" you are. So, how am I the whore here?

Shoe0nhead pls go

No. 248171

I wasn’t bragging or trying to shit on anyone, just posting my controversial opinion in the controversial opion thread, are you projecting perhaps?

No. 248172

Are you really too slow to understand I called you a whore in rebuttal to you calling me a slut normie? Christ

No. 248173

Yeah I have a vagina, but keep reaching anon

No. 248175

Are you too slow to see how hypocritical it is to call anyone else a whore when you are one you only have male "friends" because you're too insufferable for women to like you?

And did you know that you can reply to multiple posts in one single post?? :O Maybe you should try that instead of posting over and over and over again, not even bothering to sage a single one!

No. 248179

that explains why they also get triggered whenever an anon here says anything about being skinny. it's not hard to lose weight, ladies.

No. 248180

NoT LiKE THe OTheR GIrls

I have actually had a unique experience with guys. They are always SUPER nice to me, offline and on, never call me names, say rude things, swear or send me unsolicited dick pics. When I see screencaps of what men send to other people it's really surprising. I even posted a tasteful nude once and just got a few more male followers and polite DMs not mentioning my appearance or being pervy. I am on the line of being attractive but not sexy enough to trigger them into caveman behavior. maybe because my body is quite teenage+ young face.

HOWEVER that changes as soon as I am alone with a guy. I can be fully dressed head to toe and they will be on top of me within 2 hours. I never reject guys or say "no" because I am very amicable and agreeable. This just means i avoid hanging out with guys IRL since apparently my animal magnetism is too strong?

So I have a bit of your "unique" experience combined with the unfortunate reality of guys with no self control. I really want to be friends with guys but it seems impossible.

No. 248182

this post is cringy as fuck anon.
>teehee i'm so cute and YOUNG that every guy wants to bang me!!!

maybe they just think you're easy, anon.

also, as far as the "not like the other girls" shit goes. it has a lot to do with personal experience. when i was much younger, around middle school age, i lived in a small, white town, where all the girls were concerned with cheerleading and really stereotypical shit, so they kind of ostracized my nerdy ass and i had more male friends. but when i moved in high school, i had many more female friends. now i kind of have half and half because of my really bizarre hobbies.

i don't think that someone saying that they find girls catty or mean is an issue because clearly they don't mean all girls.

No. 248183

>Girls are just awful to each other, boys are much more fun kek.
I dare you to go on 4chan and post that you're a female looking for male friends. :^)

No. 248184

Not that anon, but I have several male friends from /r9k/.

No. 248186

I think that says a lot about you as a person, anon.

No. 248187

It says a lot about you as a person when you judge me without knowing me.

No. 248188

Are you aware what site you’re on? Lolcow was made with the purpose of judging people without knowing them.

No. 248189

Says the handmaiden who thinks all femoids are "backstabbing, usually fake, gossipy, two-faced and more often than not just insufferable"…

No. 248190

I said "Not that anon". I have lots of women in my life and hold them dear to me.

No. 248191

Oh no, a crazy bitch who's friends with a bunch of deplorable faggots thinks I'm judgemental :((

No. 248192


anon, you do realise the average man would be on top of a warm pile of flubber if it was alone with them for 2 hours

No. 248193

Pointing out someone said something stupid and vain doesn’t make you ugly.

No. 248194

Because it wasn’t relevant. She was talking about her friendships and all she had to say was she’s super duper attractive. Nothing about hobbies, interests, personality, job, etc. that’s shallow and dumb. No one cares if her features are perfect, she was talking about friendships. This is why women don’t want to be friends with her. Not only does she think she’s better than them and should be spending time with ~superior~ men, she also thinks her looks are so important she has to make sure internet strangers are aware of them. I don’t make friends based on their looks because I’m not a shallow bitch.

The whole thing is dumb. The whole post. This whole argument. Someone came to a female space and insulted women while bragging, and then when the replies weren’t kind it became “reee see women are mean!!!” Now can we please get this woman-hating bullshit out of here?

No. 248195

Agreed, though its most likely a troll though, or june and we all know the truth about how june actually is
Think about it
>vain/full of herself, delusional
>obsessed with the idea of having guy friends because girls are meen :c
>men are soooo much better and nicer than womenz and i have lots of 4chan guy friends
>im so perfect and men love me and if you say otherwise youre a jealous ugly bitch! I dont get why women don't like me though teehee

No. 248201

We can't say anything about teeth and noses here either.

I guess you have shit teeth and a big nose.

Or maybe the insults are tired out either way, hm? Brilliant lot you are.

No. 248203

Uh no, the only times I've seen people get triggered about weight was the one mentally ill fatty in the weight gain thread who was sperging about how healthy being 400 lbs is and some shit about the saudi prince, in snow I only see people get "triggered" if people call women who aren't even remotely fat, fat. Like the anon in the yuka thread who insisted all korean models legs were chunky, yeah thats fat people here but claiming its widespread here and "LOL THAT'S WHY YOU FAT BITCHES GET TRIGGERED LOSE WEIGHT" is just ridiculous, especially considering the fact there's a fair amount of ana chans even in the neet thread so

No. 248206

File: 1525722837141.jpg (180.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1510500097294.jpg)

Half his thread was embarrassing as fuck to read, ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. Arguing about dumb shit should be a bannable offense because it's getting really fucking bad here.

This is the most wholesome one >>246311

No. 248207


Okay, Reddit.

No. 248209

File: 1525724525139.png (334.96 KB, 479x486, 1523835300437.png)

Wholesome is thrown around on here all the time. it's fine

Unpopular opinion: Luigi needs more games

No. 248211

qt birb

No. 248212

Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin is the best Dark Souls game in the whole series.

No. 248213

God that is one bad opinion.

No. 248214

t. can't solo all the bosses in all of the ds games.

I bet you say that because you couldn't beat the Burnt Ivory King and Fume Knight but that's alright. You stick with easy peasy kiddy games likes DS3.

No. 248215

Lol touched a nerve did I? You're posting in the unpopular opinions thread for a reason, you know damn well DS2 is considered the worst, no need to project you're boss struggles onto me to defend said bad opinion.

No. 248216

It was just banter. I think ds2 is the best game but I'm aware that it's an unpopular opinion and I don't intend to change other people's opinions either.

No. 248217

File: 1525729105309.jpg (661.26 KB, 1920x2532, 1181f65214a803e86d37287d48c888…)

Well…yeah that's fair. And to be honest fume knight was a fantastic boss.

No. 248220

I think sex is overrated. It's not bad, but an orgasm is just not worth the mess, the sweat and the weird noises and smells, in my opinion.

I'm actually annoyed that if someone says they don't enjoy sex and would be fine going the rest of their life without it, they are adviced to seek out professional help. It's always good to check out hormones and such to make sure that your body is working fine, but even if there are some underlying mental issues such as sexual abuse in the past or the like, why force the person to keep facing their sexual trauma if they are personally fine with just not having sex?

No. 248221

He was. It was extremely satisfying fighting him. The Burnt Ivory King, on the other hand, man that was a pain. Not so much because of the boss itself, he's tough no question about it, but the whole pass drove me nuts. It was the only boss that made me respec because I desperately needed some adaptability points.

Still, I enjoyed the fight. I'm not looking forward to fighting him again though.

No. 248227

i understood you with the first bit but the last bit is off.

>dislikes sex due to trauma

>perfectly fine

that's where you lost me. a reaction to trauma is not the person's own feelings, anon. honestly, there are people who think sex is gross or messy and no one tries to help them or 'fix' them. they're not victims of trauma though.

No. 248236

Wholesome is used all over the web. I don’t know why I’ve seen so many
>hi redditor
posts in the last month but it’s getfinh excessive and they’re always in regards to innocuous posts.

No. 248244

Because the wholesome meme is on Reddit a lot and that was my first time making the joke and I wasn't aware anyone else had done it before. Chill.

No. 248254

Does anyone else think babies have punchable faces, or is it just me? I can't force myself to think they're cute.

No. 248255

Idk if it's really unpopular but… I'm not a particularly attractive woman and I feel I could get almost any man I wanted, I feel it's really easy to charm people if you have a decent amount of culture, an easy going personality and a good sense of humor. I don't understand people who are afraid they'll never be in a relationship or won't leave their shit tier bf because they think they'll die alone.
I unironically believe most women can get a great bf without putting to much effort in, but it seem like a lot of them don't really dare to approach men?

No. 248256

Yeah OP's pic really drives the feeling

No. 248257

Can you stop telling people to chill just because they aren’t uwu talking to you like this uwu. There wasn’t anything aggressive about my post, I think you need to chill and maybe integrate better you big baby lol.

No. 248258

File: 1525765196122.jpg (83.17 KB, 660x660, 1Qafk8N.jpg)

Not about babies, but I feel the same way about certain types of dogs, the ones bred to look as neotenic as possible, especially if it's a detriment to their health.

Like this dog makes me want to smother him. It's such a calculated form of cuteness yet people obsess about how cute he is, even though it's obvious his tongue doesn't fit in his mouth because his skull is fucked up.

No. 248259

> I feel I could get almost any man I wanted
I smell bait.

No. 248260

Yeah I guess it's kinda baitish, but I feel other women could too, I'm not saying it in a "I'm so speshul UWU" way.

No. 248263

I get what you mean. It's semi-related but I'm beginning to get instantly pissed off whenever I see pictures of shiba inus because I associate them with the whole ~wholesome meme uwu~ culture, lol.

I've never had a sex drive. I realize it's not normal. I'm apathetic to the idea of sex and find dicks disgusting. I can find things/guys hot aesthetically but I don't fantasize about sex. If I see a cute guy I usually fantasize about what it'd be like to cuddle him, lol. I feel like it's easy to just call myself an ace. It's easier to explain. Kinda depressed about the fact that this will probably kill my chances of any relationship, though.

No. 248274

Same, anon. I don’t think I need to see a therapist for it… I think my low libido comes from a combination of clinical depression and just lack of interest in sex.

No. 248281

File: 1525783503874.jpg (27.05 KB, 700x467, ragdoll-fiche-race-chat-2.jpg)


It's kind of the opposite for me, but the same feeling! I get strong cute aggression/playful aggression when I see cute animals or children. It's that weird feeling that makes you want to pinch or hug something reeeeaaally hard, including gritting your teeth etc. That sensation often gets so strong for me that I feel pure hate for a moment. I actually have a cat and I get this feeling every day, it doesn't get better at all. I always have to pinch myself or leave the room when it gets too bad. I know this sounds absolutely psycho, but this feeling is just soo overwhelming :(

No. 248283

gee i wonder why women dont like you

No. 248285

You're a bit aggressive.

No. 248286

that uuh, sounds like an OCD type thing, anon…

No. 248299

I feel annoyed whenever I hear a girls saying "size doesn't matter lol"

No. 248303

you think shes lying? or some other reason?

No. 248311

I'm more annoyed over men being convinced they need to have a 7 inch cock to please a woman otherwise it's over for them.

No. 248319

>if you have a decent amount of culture
Please explain.

No. 248324

Being knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. It allows you to be a good conversationalist and people will enjoy and seek your company.

No. 248330

that's only like 10% of the male population, anon. most men aren't interested in you because of that…

also by 'get men' do you mean fuck or date? because one of those is totally not even applicable.

No. 248334

Well I didn't say it they would be interested because of that only.
And by "get" I meant "get into the first stages of a relationship", you obviously can't always be a match.

No. 248341




You do need one over 6, lower than that is kys tier.

No. 248344


Really? I knew that it's not 100 % normal but as long as it doesn't affect my cat… I always thought OCD means having certain quirks though, not wanting to crush your pet because it's so cute! Still, I'll research that, thanks.

No. 248353

No. 248355

>You do need one over 6, lower than that is kys tier.

You're either a robot or a size queen. Either way, not representative of women.

No. 248358

Not all women can take a massive dong in their puss.

No. 248380

it's not normal for anon to pinch herself and go crazy.

No. 248381

well honestly, with that logic no, you can't have any man. you said you're not super attractive, so that there is a big no for some people. a lot of old school or misogynists won't give a fuck how cultured you are, and fuccbois obviously don't either. i'd say you're kind of gearing towards more sincere nerds or even stupid men who find anything smart. so you're gearing for small part of the populous. it's hardly 'any man'.

No. 248384

I wrote "any man I want" and I actually do feel like I could win over every single man I'm attracted to right now. And I also think my girlfriends could easily win their crushes over, most men are easy even the "high quality" ones. And when I said I'm not super attractive I meant I'm not instagram model tier, but I'm not ugly either.

Anyways, I'm not being cocky, I just don't get all the complaining about being unable to find a bf or being too scared to interact with guys, i don't think it's such a big deal.

No. 248386

riiiiiight, you're backpedalling now so i'm just going to drop it. hope you only want shit men.

No. 248389

I love a big dick but I'll never admit it in real life. Women get too much bs for it.

No. 248392

I sorta agree with you, men are simple creatures and it's easy to get their interest when you know how their brains work.

No. 248393

Idk why other anon is so salty. It’s always cool when girls have as much confidence as you do. Go get em.

No. 248397


Thank you, if every women would be honest as you small dick losers wouldn't feel like they have a chance

No. 248399

>do feel like I could win over every single man I'm attracted to right now

Then why don’t you? Why is this all hypothetical? How many men have you “won over” before? Do you have any proof of this or is it just based on how you feel?

Also I guess you’re only interacting with/attracted to outwardly hetero men? Or men who don’t have particular tastes, like tall/short, redheads/blondes, big boobs/long legs, etc? Either you’re attracted to men with no particular tastes or you have a really inflated ego. Men are people too. This is no different then redpillers thinking they can win over any woman with negging and shit. Except you’re telling us you do it with “culture” kek. You’re not going to be every man’s type and it’s insane to me that you think you are. Sorry but this is ridiculous.

I’m all for self-confidence but I’m not for delusion.

No. 248400

there's a difference between being confident and being a bitch, anon. her coming in here bragging is really cringy.

>i can get any man i want!

>but i meant it literally, not any kind of man
>i don't know why girls don't just get good like me and be more ~cultured~ instead of being scared of men or worried

she sounds like a lonely cunt trying to make herself feel better.

No. 248401

thank you! anon has been rubbing me the wrong way the whole time with this shit, then she claims she didn't mean 'any man' but instead just the men she likes? i've never heard anyone use the phrase "i can get any man/woman i want" literally like that. she's just puffing herself up to seem cool, while simultaneously shaming other women for not being her.

>inb4 b-but i don't want a man right now, anon!

this is some vicky level shit right here.

No. 248402

Lmao calm down, i never said I do it with culture alone, I said it's part of what makes you attractive, you sound incredibly bitter. And no I don't have proof to provide you wth,this is lolcow FFS.

I was trying to uplift everyone but I guess when you have poor self esteem it comes across as bragging? Sad.

No. 248404

lmao i didn't realize we had such a prize winning backpedaller in our midst. sorry, but i don't have low self esteem anon, it's not hard to see how cunty you are.

>trying to uplift everyone

kek, no one cares about a rando with a huge fragile ego insecurely trying to prove to us how much dick she can (but totes choses not to) get.

No. 248405

Anon, just leave them alone. This happens any time anyone says something positive about themselves, or even neutral things like being short or skinny. They don't have the mental capacity to handle it.

No. 248406

anon, did you read what she said? this is not a neutral or even positive thing. idc if this is the unpopular opinion thread, bragging like that is cringy as fuck and has nothing to do with opinion. she could have just as easily said "i think women can get guys more easily than they think" without trying to go on about how ~~~cultured~~~ she is and how easily she can get all guys.

No. 248407

Case in point.

No. 248408

whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 248409

File: 1525803470678.jpg (18.46 KB, 385x383, 1272775139025.jpg)

>these are the people that say they can create a women only utopia in an island

No. 248410

Granted the island wouldn't have social media or a digital place where they could anonymously bitch at each other, I don't think it would be implausible.
Anonymity ruins some people. I bet none of them are this mean and ballsy irl.

No. 248411

Didn't sappho do that and it worked out fine?

No. 248412

>says something positive about themselves

>I could win over every single man I'm attracted to right now

That's not something positive, that's delusional.

Calling out stupidity doesn't make you bitter or have low self-esteem, it means you have a low tolerance for bullshit.

If a man came on here and said
>I could win over every single woman I'm attracted to right now
we would all rightfully laugh in his face. But because a woman is saying it about men, we're all supposed to clap. Fuck that shit. Arrogance is not the same thing as confidence, delusion is not the same thing as self-love. You guys need to sort your heads out. Sorry this is a painful wake up call.

No. 248413

> in an island

No. 248414

women have higher standards than men…

No. 248415

nta but even if that's true, it's even less relevant. anon came in here talking about how she's oh so cool and cultured and can get any man, when you're saying it's easier, it's even more laughable that way.

No. 248417

Oh no, no, no. Anon's right. It doesn't have anything to do with standards. We'd be laughing at the man who would say that because he presumes every woman he comes across would want him. Just like how it's crazy for a woman to assume every man would want her with but only a bit of charm and culture to convince them.

No. 248418

Tbh It's easier for women to seduce men than the other way around.

No. 248420

Plenty of men brag about fucking women they're not actually attracted to or in love with–no less respect. I wouldn't see seducing men as having 'won' them by any stretch because it doesn't mean they want a relationship.

No. 248422

Well no one's talking about having sex.

No. 248423

aren't they? she mentions getting any man. does she mean dating or what? it sounds like sex to me.

No. 248424

>And by "get" I meant "get into the first stages of a relationship", you obviously can't always be a match.

No. 248427

Regardless, the whole argument is ridiculous.

Not every man will want a woman or secretly desires her with a bit of nudging. That's bullshit, and spreading that kind of thinking hurts women who think that because a man shows her romantic/sexual attention that she's 'winning' and that means a relationship is in the works.

That's not how it works.

No. 248429

thank you anon. I can't believe some women still get off on thinking they have power because some men would fuck a pig. Your self-worth and confidence should not be based around thinking all men want to sleep with you. Some men are gross and have no standards, but are those really the men you want to be with? Hopefully not. Men worth being with aren't going to fall for the first pretty girl to bat their eyelashes at them. If your "type" is "guys who would fuck anything and don't have preferences" then more power to you. But other women aren't failures at romance because they have standards for the men they want to be with.

No. 248431

I do think it's easy to get a man to give a try at a relationship with you. If women were more daring they'd have a way better love/sex life, but a lot of us just sit back and wait for some guy to swoop us off our feet. If you dare to try, you might get with the man you really desire even the one you think is unattainable.

No. 248432

>a lot of us just sit back and wait for some guy to swoop us off our feet.

Speak for yourself, anon.

No. 248456

File: 1525815014923.gif (2.06 MB, 250x250, tumblr_inline_p6u98qNhLA1r7hp6…)

artfag anons are not clever or funny. i mean as in, 99% of the time its annoying, 1% sort of amusing.


>some idiot traces a cow pic and adds eye bags or whatever
it never fails, no matter how bad, low effort or unfunny the art is. so fucking tired, who cares. get a deviantart account.

No. 248457

>If I see a cute guy I usually fantasize about what it'd be like to cuddle him, lol.
I feel the same way but don't consider myself asexual, mostly because I haven't looked into all that type of stuff. I acknowledge that I have some issues with sex as well.

As for an unpopular opinion of my own, I've gotten to the point where I can't stand popheads (on reddit) and similar places, and "stan" culture in general. They're always looking for the next big artist, they get bored instantly once a song has been out for a week, and every new thing is treated as life-changingly amazing. Even garbage like the big Taylor Swift song last year, many of them listened to it endlessly to make themselves like it.

I think the art suffers more when companies know that fans expect and enjoy when it takes an army of producers to make one generic, crappy song. And that's not even touching on their love of so-called visuals.

No. 248459

def agree with this. tracing the pics is the worst. it doesn't show shit because it's tracing. they always get so salty and then ask themselves what their own DA/tumblr is to seem cool.

No. 248460

I have a feeling the anons praising that art are just playing nice a majority of the time so the anon who made it doesn't feel bad, which is odd given the nature of this board.

No. 248462

File: 1525820098193.png (1.2 MB, 2499x1062, 1522654043262.png)

The shoe0nhead art is gold though

No. 248465

kek true

No. 248509

>tfw when I made the post about gregs ass being bigger than june leading to skater skirt gate

I feel achieved

No. 248510

Oh my god yes, a year ago or so Momokun's thread got a few salty drawfags who weren't funny, clever OR talented and spammed the thread with their shit "parody art". Then got ridiculously mad when none of them became the next thread image. Embarrassing. The good artfags who don't spam their unimaginative shit are great but few and far between.

>Jet fuels can't melt steel beams…. BUT TERFS CAN
I gotta admit, I lose my shit at it every time.

No. 248511

>When I started coming on here no one had a super hate boner for men.
It's always been a part of the website, anon. Posting that you're male has always gotten you banned. I don't understand why so many (assumed) women are triggered by the "misandry" anyway, most of it is based on actual issues such as violence, sexual abuse, autogynephilia and general male entitlement. It's entirely different from the incels' "reee I don't get pussy" statement. It really does feel like it's just males being butthurt about the meanie misandrists hurting their feelings.

>This is probably the only place they can voice their frustrations and negative experiences.
Exactly, even in 2018 there aren't a lot of places where women can safely (i.e. anonymously) vent about men and be just as violent and enraged as the men in their lives.


No. 248512

File: 1525844855779.jpeg (12.08 KB, 250x250, tired.jpeg)

(anon you replied to) The only reason I call myself ace is because I feel like there aren't really any other words to describe my condition. I don't consider myself LGBT though (since I'm still romantically & aesthetically attracted to males) and im not part of the "ace community". The asexuality.com website was created during the earrrly 2000s so it's not some new internet sexuality. The community is toxic now anyways thanks to tumblrfags: there are people unironically calling themselves "sex-favorable asexuals" and saying convoluted things like "asexuality just means you don't have sexual attraction!11!! you can still want to have sex!1" I guess I don't really have to attach a label to myself, though, because I don't want to be associated with these people and I'm not radical/~prideful~ about it.

No. 248554

Same, I was the one that made that ppp kek. I regret not finishing it, I didn't think anyone would actually like it.

No. 248594

I get that sometimes too, but I just end up gritting my teeth. I don't think it's due to hating it personally, I think I just get over-stimulated or something like an autist. Just… make sure you don't hurt anything anon.
Have you seen the women only survivor island?

I like to think I would be one of the few chicks who wouldn't get into petty arguments and such in an all female setting, but then I remember I'm on lolcow so that probably wouldn't be the case.
I think they are so praised because of how few artfags there are. If there were more decent ones, people would stop paying attention to the shitty ones.

No. 248607

File: 1525898264819.jpg (51.47 KB, 564x619, 66d08e0d7825103b0e597c045e2d72…)

Kirishima is better than Bakugo imo

No. 248614

File: 1525899598307.jpg (195.77 KB, 1200x900, a45ad349b8903e04e77616115270e9…)

Kirishima is best boy, you have excellent taste anon. The fact that this is apparently an "unpopular opinion" is criminal tbh.

No. 248619

I'm really not a fan of SUVs but it seems like everyone drives them now.

No. 248774

I cannot stand fat acceptance

No. 248775

i don't see how that's unpopular, anon!

No. 248791

They're the current iteration of the station wagon, specifically the CUV or Crossover. I'd much rather drive/own a sedan, truck, or van.

No. 248813

Maybe not unpopular here but unpopular on most corners of the internet and in a lot of places IRL. Think of how many people are overweight or obese lol.

No. 248818

Eh, I have fat friends who know they’re unhealthy. They’re not prancing about expecting the world to accommodate to them, but they like food and they dislike excercise.
If “fat acceptance” just meant “live and let live” then I’d be for it. But it doesn’t. It means actively promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to children, modifying things at a cost, and shaming people for looking healthy or for not wanting to fuck an obese person. It’s a bizarre movement based on people who hate their bodies screaming “LOVE MY BODY.”
I honestly don’t give a shit what other people weigh, except those I love who I want to be healthy. You can do whatever you want to your body. Smoke, overeat, get shit tattoos, pierce your face, idgaf. Just don’t throw a tantrum when the rest of the world doesn’t admire your ugly body.

No. 248831

It doesn't sound like you've been to any corner of the internet except tumblr. It's a small, niche movement that is almost universally derided and mocked or, at the very least, questioned with some tact by girls who don't want to offend fatties.

The existence of fat people doesn't prove that they even know or care about 'fat acceptance', just that they don't know or care about nutrition. I've never met a fat person who didn't feel bad about it or have self esteem problems as a result.

No. 248834

Spoilers and people that care about then are shit and kill all possibility of real discussion outside the "le plot twist".

No. 248840

Agree that fat acceptance seems to be more of a tumblr-thing. The fat people I know in my life are pretty much indifferent about their weight or are working on getting healthier, but none of them have ever demanded that people find them beautiful.

I think that as long as someone is fun and nice to be around, their health and their weight is their own concern, not mine.

No. 248857

Kek. Because they’re fat. I think I exaggerated a bit with “most.” But, really, I wouldn’t call it a niche movement anymore. More and more overweight people (usually women) are starting to ascribe to the FA beliefs even if they don’t call themselves activists or whatever. Think of the dad bod trend and shit. I think you’re thinking it’s all HAES and Tess but I think the rise of complacency and sensitivity is indicative that FA is growing. It’s gaining traction as people get fatter and more entitled. It feels like just hating fat people is still the most unpopular opinion outside of anonymous communities.

No. 248869

>more entitled
Nta but in what way? I'm genuinely curious about what you observe irl and how I amazingly miss witnessing this behavior.

No. 248877

I simply sounds as if just seeing an overweight person is triggering you, let them be…

No. 248878

I'm seeing a problem with fat enabling but its not with tumblr types, its mostly with the thicc trend

Girls who think being chubby makes them curvy by default, telling women with actual curves they don't have any unless they're extreme or chubby, males shaming thin women and making them out to be unattractive claiming that chubbiness is the most feminine body type, going for fat girls claiming its curves despite there being no ratio, I've even saw a fair share of slim women I knew who purposely gained weight in order to get curves by eating like shit even stressing about it if they can't gain weight, or girls who weren't skinny to begin with thinking they're too skinny and eating taco bell daily in order to get more "curvy" cough syren cove

I don't have a problem with fat or chubby people existing but just don't make it out to be hot and feminine and women who aren't fat aren't feminine or whatever

No. 248879

No. 248881

>males shaming thin women and making them out to be unattractive

Men were doing this long before the thicc trend became a fad. Sorry, but other women liking their fat bodies didn't cause men to suddenly treat women shitty. Lmao.
>I even knew slim women who put on weight to get male approval
Almost like insecure women do stupid shit to themselves in order to appeal to the male gaze. More news at 11.

No. 248882

Nah, it’s the rise of what >>248878 said with the combination of people just not giving a damn anymore and demanding airlines, restaurants, etc. cater to them. I have fat family members that I love very much. But they acknowledge that they’re unhealthy and don’t expect society to bend over backwards to accomodate them.

Reading articles or viral posts, really. I don’t live in the US anymore so I see fewer examples of this offline. Thank GOD. Really, it’s the demands to be considered attractive without making any effort. The demands to be catered to by companies because of their size. The stories from medical professionals about how awful some bariatic patients are. It’s just sad, honestly. Seeing women much younger than me who are three times my size and who don’t want to admit that they’re unhealthy and pissing their prime years away… It’s unfortunate.

No. 248884

>airlines and restaurants
People of all shapes and sizes are entitled as fuck when it comes to these things. Definitely not only fat people.
I could draw the same generalizations about middle aged men, soccer moms, etc.
>t. airline worker

And reposting to give a small list of entitlements I deal with on the daily that people want me to accommodate:
>parents who think their time and money is more special because they have children
>people who miss their flights and break rules who expect airline companies to cover them or waive fees
>geriatric customers who think they deserve free shit cause they're old
>grown adults throwing temper tantrums over seats because they wanted a window and not an aisle and so on

And just so you know, most obese fliers book and pay for two seats beforehand so they're hardly an issue. Fatties aren't the ones giving us the most shit on the daily.

No. 248886

Ooh, yeah, you actually just reminded me of another unpopular opinion I have: Mombies and daddicts are entitled and annoying as hell. They insist on living the exact same lifestyle as they did before they had their little Braxleigh and want to invade craft breweries, wineries and other spaces that are typically conjdered childfree*

*in the US, because it’s totally normal to bring children to pubs here.

People have always been entitled and it’s just limited to fat people. You’re right. I worked in hospitality so I saw it firsthand a lot. FA is becoming closely tied to liberal feminism (along with trans issues, which is a whole new can of worms) and anyone who dares to go against the grain is labeled “fatphobic” and “sizeist” just for not finding overweight bodies attractive. And as people get fatter across the globe, there’s a higher demand to find chubby or fat people attractive. If that’s not entitled, I don’t know what is. You can’t FORCE someone to find you fuckable.

No. 248887

Typo. *it’s not JUST limited to fat people. But over 2/3 of the population in the US is overweight. So, statistically, most of the people giving you shit are probably a little chubby.

No. 248888

>And as people get fatter across the globe, there’s a higher demand to find chubby or fat people attractive.

I've never heard of it.
Having a larger line of plus size fashions to choose from and having a few fat girls model for other fat girls =/= demanding men date and fuck fat women.

Oh, I've seen articles online of fat women demanding men date them for sure, but that's only maybe a couple invisible women on the internet. Nobody in real life is going to tolerate and go out with someone they find unattractive.

No. 248889

>most of the people giving you shit are probably a little chubby

Not really, and most of the fatties are men.
But let's not pretend this is about fat men because they're already granted a pass in society.

No. 248891

I’ve got to ask: Why the disconnect from the internet and offline? A few years ago, I’d definitely say we should keep them separate. People are definitely “braver” online than they are face to face, but I wouldn’t just dismiss it as “oh I just see it online sometimes so there’s no way it affects anything IRL.”

Look at bathroom laws, for example. Not trying to throw this in a totally different direction, but I feel like a lot of the voices behind these movements came from online communities before the word got out and legislators were contacted. It’s not like it just happened organically.

But that’s just, like, my (unpopular) opinion.

No. 248893

People don't think twice about a hot girl dating a fat dude (or they'll think the guy must have an amazing personality / huge dick) but if a good looking guy who take care of himself date a fatty, all hell break loose.

No. 248894

Never, ever have I heard someone assume a fat guy has a huge dick. What the hell?

No. 248895

>Why do you separate what you read online from what you experience irl?

It's almost a rhetorical question, anon. I don't encounter these people and behaviors you're describing on the daily. Arguably, I work in a field where I'm exposed to thousands of different people and cultures everyday.
I see what stereotypes affect me and which don't. You brought up airports and I happen to work for a carrier. If you asked my coworkers what's the worst type of entitled person they deal with, they're not gonna mention fat people because there's simply not a body-specific entitlement issue with them.

To be honest, most fat passengers are already ashamed (and scared off by previous media of passengers who bitch about having to sit next to them) so most really do try to be discreet and proactive about the issue. They don't get anything for free though.

I wouldn't say bathroom law is the same issue. But yeah let's not steer into ot.

No. 248897

I can't speak for anon, but June/Skeptic come to mind.

June's constantly pandering about their hot BDSM relationship and how Skeptic's so dom when he has a dad bod w/ a gut and tiny man hands.
Glorification of fat guys definitely happens.
I've noticed other cow couples tend to have thin girl/fat guy dynamics.

Yumi and Splenda is another one.

No. 248901

I like your answer, actually. I’m starting to think my perception of FA (especially in the US) is really skewed because I haven’t lived there for years but still read/watch a lot of US media—even the trashy stuff that barely constitutes as journalism.

Honestly, thanks for countering what I said with civility and patience and for giving me some anecdotal evidence on your profession and your experiences.

We’ll see if FA breaks the online bubble or not. I hope it doesn’t.

No. 248942

File: 1526065047818.jpg (37.69 KB, 737x458, HtBxoZZ.jpg)

It annoys me that there seems to be an influx of anons only replying with memes (especially pic related seems to be quite popular) or
>Fuck off, cunt!!! kys
instead of arguing properly.
If you don't like what another anon wrote, how about stating why you think so by using an actual counterargument?

No. 248943

I think that's par for the course for an image board. Not that I agree with it.

No. 248945

I've been here since 2 years already and I feel like it's been like this only since around 2 months?

No. 248946

File: 1526065878149.gif (1.53 MB, 264x250, 1524200260594.gif)

Everyone's praising Brittany Venti in the June thread for making clapback tweets, but tbh I agree with offsite comments saying that her arguing with June is just a giant thot war.
Maybe people are going with it because any milk against June is entertaining to watch, but I think it's pretty cringe and Venti's kind of a piggybacking attentionwhore too.

Her and June are a lot alike.

No. 248949

i agree but it's still funny to see june btfo by someone with a decent following
milk is milk by
plus a lot of people are calling brittany a lolcow herself in the thread so it evens out the praise

No. 248970

I agree, but I don't want to bite the hand that feeds us June milk, even if it's from hammerhead

No. 248974

File: 1526076805715.jpg (16.25 KB, 480x368, 1507575109525.jpg)

I can't stand Israel's entry for this year's Eurovision.

Her being a fat girl, talking down boys and making stupid faces, I can see why tumblr takes a liking to her.

No. 248988

I agree. Not to mention the anons that are acting like Brittany is hot shit when she's as ugly, if not uglier than shoe because of her busted face. If Brittany is hot, then Shayna's hot, kek.

I also agree, it's a shit song.

No. 248990

What the fuck, is she making chicken sounds in the song? What a fat shit.

No. 248991

I like the song. Not my favourite, but at least she's having fun compared to last year's snorefest. Apparently she's not popular on tumblr either because of "cultural appropriation reee". You can never win with these people.

No. 248993

>cultural appropriation reee
Wait, how?
Is culture appropriating Hen culture a thing now?

No. 249004

This is pobably not an unpopular opinion here and IMO it's more fact than opinion but…

Men have such an unbelievable victim complex. They're incapable of taking responsibility for their actions.

Dick so hard with lust it interferes with your brain's blood supply? Clearly women's fault for being hot and tempting you. No problem tho fam, write about what they do to your peepee and christian feefees and go down in history as a great philosopher!
Build up civilization on your own terms and keep women from having any real power in it. Oh, wait, the thought system you created leads to women liberation? This same thought system YOU created starts making things go to shit? Women's fault again. Of course.
Criminality? Single moms' fault.
Single moms? Their own fault.
Rape? Their own fault.
Unable to get laid? Women's fault.
Incurable male ego and resulting wars? Women's fault for existing and being a motivation for their desire to conquer.

They're little children who do as they please and when mommy women don't clean up their mess the way they want us to (the exact way they want us to, mind you, cleaning up but in a way they don't like is as bad as not doing it at all if not worse) it's our fault that shit is fucked, not theirs for making a mess in the first place. They couldn't take responsibility if their lives depended on it.

No. 249006

Do modern colleges encourage this kind of righteous anger? Not saying it's misplaced or wrong just curious as an uneducated plebian.

No. 249014

idk if this is an unpopular opinion but i think when you're going to hang out with your friends you should never bring your bf/gf along unless everyone agrees. i've had many friends doing this so many times and it's fucking annoying like cant you see you're making everyone uncomfortable? also being in the start of a relationship is not a excuse to push your friends aside like everyone says.

No. 249015

Yeah I’d say so. But it’s something worth talking about. It’s frustrating to go through history and see women painted as evil/tempting, lesser beings.

Sage for drunk

No. 249022

File: 1526111022108.jpeg (84.43 KB, 630x420, 5af3fb052000004100b91075[1].jp…)

My guess it's her outfit.

No. 249027

No. 249044

I still prefer her over other bland songs just because they have a pretty face and they don't really sing, they just show of their faces and outfits.
At least her song is unique and memorable, albeit in an obnoxious way and I'm pretty sure she was ironic with "I'm a beautiful creature". I'm so sick of love songs written in dumbed down english. It was much better when nations actually sang in their language, at least you could pretend the lyrics had a meaning.

> talking down boys

Robot spotted. Guys sing about having multiple women or affair or having almost nude dancers around is okay but this song just has "I'm not your stupid toy" init and that equals to castrating men, amiright xD

Why don't you just say what it really is, you hate Israel, you hate jews.

No. 249045

They do but IME it's less the colleges themselves and more the climate inside them.

But I wouldn't call what I expressed there "righteous anger", mostly because righteous would imply I think I'm morally correct which is not exactly the case here. I'm describing their conduct, not saying it's morally wrong. But I also do think it's wrong

No. 249046

>robot spotted
Nope, but nice try.
Her song is fucking garbage, odd of you to come to the conclusion that I automatically hate Israel and jews.
My point was that she appeals to some audience cause she just screams tumblr.

No. 249048

requiem for a dream is terribly overrated.

No. 249050

>you hate Israel, you hate jews
Another anon, but I hate how you can't criticize any Israeli people or the whole geopolitical problem with the Israel state without being called anti semitic.
Like fuck, I get that the Holocaust trauma was huge and it still affects lots of families but it's not very reasonalble that because of that jews around the world and the very questionable country, that's not even supported by all jewish people, are now exempt of any form of criticism.

No. 249052

File: 1526131334044.gif (2.2 MB, 610x350, gif2.gif)

No. 249124

The book or the movie, and why?

No. 249165

I'm starting to find all make up ugly, even when it's well done. Faces without make up are so much more attractive to me, with eye bags and all.

No. 249173

I get this to a lesser extent. Lately I've been thinking faces than are 80% natural (just some light eye makeup and or lip but no foundation, etc) are really fresh looking.

No. 249208

Tattoo snobs are the worst. I find them more annoying than people that hate tattoos in general.

No. 249209

File: 1526187929957.gif (2.73 MB, 500x288, braap braap pew pew.gif)

The Confetti Club thread reminds me of how much I loathe it when women use their miscarriages to seek attention at really odd times and in inappropriate places.

I'm posting it here because I know it sounds insensitive, but I think after several years women should let go emotionally of a miscarriage and be able to look at it with an objective lens.
If it's brought up a lot publicly on social media, randomly (and it's not recent), I tend to see it as fetishizing a tragedy for special attention. Which is manipulative whether they intend it to be or not. Nobody's gonna tell a woman talking about her miscarriage to shut up exactly.

My empathy has a limit.
Me personally? I would not feel comfortable calling myself a "mom" for a mother's day post because I was pregnant once five years ago. I raised no child, even though that was my wish, and I can admit that.

But I'm also not religious. So maybe my sentimentality about it is dulled due to the fact that I don't have weird hoodoo conceptions about fetal souls and if they roast in hell for being unbaptized, etc.

No. 249210

File: 1526188166934.jpg (147.93 KB, 1920x1080, stop.jpg)

Oh forgot to mention my most hated miscarriage celebration–balloon releases.

>"Yeah, let's commemorate my fetus by releasing a bunch of plastic shit in parks and beaches that will kill a bunch of wildlife and pollute the area. GLORY BE!!!"

Okay, I'm done this time.

No. 249216

I actually think eye bags and darkness around the eyes in general looks kind of cute, or at least not as awful as people make it out to be.

No. 249226

I’d rather be a snob about it than have sub-par work. Why not be snobby about it?

No. 249232

I really think Israel shouldn't be.

At least not how it is right now. Creating a country over another country was not the best fucking idea.

And the fact that they just live like they're not doing anything wrong and terrorising their neighbours is insane to me.

So because Jewish people were persecuted, some of them can do whatever they want to other populations like it's not as bad as what they lived through ?

No. 249242

I think it's kinda ridiculous that anons on lolcow get so triggered by anyone who mentions they way less than 110 and start screeching "Ana chan!!!!". Idk if it is because the thick meme is in now and skinny girls are not in fashion or if everyone on here is just fat and jelly.

No. 249244

To be under 110 pounds is kinda ana unless you're short. Most BMI charts say 110 is underweight for anyone starting at 5'5 and up.
I'm sure no one is jealous, anon. It would be like an anon saying 170 pounds isn't fat. Like yeah, it's not super obese for taller women sure but people are gonna let anon know that's not the norm and is a categorically overweight BMI. And that anon would have no business telling the others anons that they must be jelly skellies rattling memes.

No. 249245

The last post I encountered was by an anon who, nearly randomnly, wrote that she weighs below 100, but is average height and then she went on that she eats less than 1200 kcal.
Of course she's gonna get called out, since
a) it wasn't part of the discussion, so why mention it?
b) being underweight and severely undereating is not cool (it was clear that she wrote this as an example of "You can achieve this too!" - which obviously is not good or something anybody should do)

In conclusion, it's super annoying when somebody mentions her weight or body measurements without anybody asking for it - no matter if you're fat or skinny.

No. 249248

People are perfectly fine with someone saying they're 200 lbs and eat junk food all day. it's not just an online thing, people act like this in real life too. I get told by fat people at work every day that I'm "unhealthy and need to eat more", but it's ironic because they're also unhealthy. If I were to tell a fat person bluntly to their face that they need to eat a salad, what kind of response would I get? I also had a coworker who is fat but was trying to lose weight and everyone would make fun of him for not eating burgers and eating vegetables instead, people would ask him "why are you eating rabbit food"?. At work some woman was making jokes about me and saying "if you sneeze you would blow away" "if their was a high wind outside you'd die". I don't really care about people making these comments but it's funny, if the table were turned and I was doing this to fat people then I would be the big mean old Ana chan trying to police people's eating habits.

No. 249250

People also don't want to hear that you might not love yourself even if you're on the skinny side. One acquaintance tried to open up about her body image issue (she's skinny but feels too big/fat) and was plainly told to shut the fuck up by an overweight girl. On the other hand the fitness girls who like being thick and fit and have no interest in being super skinny offered her a lot of support. Some like to act like they don't care about that but they have a difficult time hiding how envious they really are of skinny people.

No. 249251

>People are perfectly fine with someone saying they're 200 lbs and eat junk food all day
I've never ever seen someone on this website claim to be healthy at 200 pounds. Not once. Every person with a weight problem knows they have an issue here and are pretty self-aware for the fact that obese lolcow behavior is critiqued.

>It's not just an online thing.

Well you weren't talking about offline, you were specifically talking about these allegedly triggered anons on lolcow.

I'm sorry that your coworkers don't mind their own business, but your first thought shouldn't be to spite someone who just has the opposite problem as you.
By the way, what uncouth barnyard do you work at where the atmosphere is like a highschool cafeteria?

No. 249253

To be fair the person in the thread who said they were 94 lbs didn't claim to be healthy either

No. 249254

Well anon (you?) certainly didn't think that number or her behavior sounds unhealthy, as per the premise "Anyone who mentions they way less than 110 starts screeching "Ana chan!!!!" and "These are jealous fatties!" >>249242

No. 249255

Does anyone really even care if people are unhealthy unless we know them personally?lets be honest here. People who shit talk fat people and claim they're unhealthy only do it because they get off on feeling superior and people who bash Ana Chans are for "promoting anorexia" are either ex Ana Chans who are bitter about recovery or fatty Chans who deep down inside wish they were skinny. People need to stop acting like they care about health.

No. 249257

>Does anyone really even care if people are unhealthy unless we know them personally?

Well if that's not the case then some people have got some fessin' up to do on this website since health is the basis behind posts here everyday.

We have an anorexic scumbag general thread where people criticize anorexic girls who worsen their conditions and don't get better.
We had an active HAES hate thread for years where we told obese women they were not healthy, repeatedly.
Hypochondriac/Munchie generals where anons spend hours of their time compiling evidence to prove those people are healthy when they claim they aren't.

And basically every popular lolcow like Moo, PT, Charms, Raven, etc. Have all been dragged for unhealthy habits before.

And I get it anon, I do. There are indeed some people on this website who clearly take things too far and get a bit hostile with their comments about weight. I call it concern trolling. But that's par for the course just like in real life. You're gonna get some people with genuine concern, and some people out for an ego boost. What can you do?

No. 249258

>People who shit talk fat people and claim they're unhealthy only do it because they get off on feeling superior
>People who bash Ana Chans are either ex Ana Chans who are bitter about recovery or fatty Chans who deep down inside wish they were skinny
or maybe they're simply normal people who think being too skinny is just as gross as being fat…?
Saying "bitter about recovery or fat girls" boils down to jealousy being the only reason skinny girls get bashed, which obviously isn't true.

No. 249259

Then it isn't actually a health concern, it is about people trying to police people to look how they think they should. If a fatty or an Ana dropped dead from their overeating/starving, these same people going on about health wouldn't care less. It's all about feeling superior and being able to say "well, at least I look better than that!".

No. 249260

Can't speak for that anon, but I took their post to mean that bashing underweight women isn't necessarily due to jealousy, which was the original argument.

Your inferior/superior point is fine, nobody is denying that happens sometimes, but original anon was trying to say anyone who criticizes underweight women are just fat and jealous. Doesn't that sound like a nudge of someone trying to feel superior at someone else's expense? There's no proof any fat person said anything bad to someone underweight here, and anon's basing that assumption off their personal irl experience.

No. 249261

This is the unpopular opinion thread so I will say I personally believe there are a lot of women who look cuter underweight. It stops being cute after 90lbs and goes into creepy old lady body area. I think weighing 90-110 looks good on most women.

No. 249262

I think that's fine, at least you didn't add "and anyone who thinks otherwise is a jellyfat." Because then it would have been bullshit just like the other post.

No. 249263

>I think weighing 90-110 looks good on most women.
Lol no, for me that would mean a BMI range of 12.9-15.8, that ain't cute… (and there are girls who're even taller than me)

No. 249264

The average woman isn't taller than 5'6. I think 90-110 looks good on most women 5'6 and shorter. Audrey Hepburn was 5'8 at 103 and she was always pretty cute.

No. 249265

the movie, I found that it's often praised for being powerful but thought it was very much lazy filmmaking that seems compelling on the surface but actually just completely lacks subtlety. same with black swan

No. 249266

Having a charming personality can make a huge difference when attracting men. The girls who say men only care about looks think that because they have wallflower personalities.

No. 249268

From one ana-chan to another, stop. 5'8" and 103 lbs is very underweight. Audrey Hepburn was so slender her whole life because she was malnourished for most of her childhood and youth.

You need to recognize when your thoughts are disordered and take responsibility for them.

No. 249271

She was actually 5'7. Like >>249268 said, the occupation of her country as a young woman forced her to starve, she ate flower bulbs for hunger.
She was anemic for the rest of her life and probably carried her restrictive habits she formed out of necessity from childhood into adulthood.

No. 249272

When ever Audrey Hepburns weight is mentioned people always bring up how she was malnourished because of the war. What does that have to do with anything?plenty of people were malnourished during the war and gained up to a healthy weight. If she was actually eating 2000 calories a day there would be no way she would have been 103 lbs. I think it's just an excuse because people don't wanna admit Audrey was an Anorexic.

No. 249273

Unless you're 4'9 - which also isn't "most women" - weighing 90 pounds isn't healthy and being unhealthy never looks attractive.
That has nothing to do with being jealous or triggered, these are simply facts.

No. 249274

I didn't say anyone was jealous. I just personally think it looks cute. I never said it was healthy or something to be envious of, but I like how it looks.

No. 249275

>I think it's kinda ridiculous that anons on lolcow get so triggered by anyone who mentions they way less than 110 and start screeching "Ana chan!!!!". Idk if it is because the thick meme is in now and skinny girls are not in fashion or if everyone on here is just fat and jelly.

No. 249276

Samefag, but here as well
>people who bash Ana Chans are for "promoting anorexia" are either ex Ana Chans who are bitter about recovery or fatty Chans who deep down inside wish they were skinny.

No. 249278

You're only focusing on the part where I said they might be jealous but did you read the part where I said that skinny girls aren't considered attractive anymore?i think another reason is because now a days the slim thick Instagram look is considered more attractive. I think that body type looks over exaggerated and kinda weird and I prefer skinny.

No. 249279

I agree but a lot of farmers get triggered when you say that.
>REEEEEE men only want to fuck you!!! If you're not a 5'4 100 pounds waifu it's over for you!!18!!1

No. 249280

Not them but what…

No. 249283

File: 1526224334138.png (927.19 KB, 1130x1128, IMG_3381.PNG)

With the popularity of rap and Instagram most normal women have went from wanting to be skinny to wanting to be a thick/fit with a huge ass. Being skinny isn't in fashion right now. I personally don't like this body type, I think it looks too exaggerated and sexual.

No. 249284

>did you read the part where I said that skinny girls aren't considered attractive anymore?
Yes, I read that part.

Anon, your definition of "skinny" was never considered attractive, same as nobody irl finding the thicc trend desirable either. These are just internet fads.
How about simply being normal?

No. 249285

>If you're not a 5'4 100 pounds waifu it's over for you!!18!!1
Since when have the farmers saying men only want sex said that? They usually agree that 99.8% of men will fuck anything with or without a pulse. I think you're talking about two totally different types of farmers.

No. 249286

>basing beauty standards by what you see on Instagram
You deserve how you feel. Lol.

No. 249287

I wanted to cover the man hating and the self hating.

No. 249288

>If you're not severely underweight, you look too sexual!1!1
Lord… get help, seriously.

No. 249290

My definition of skinny is people like audrey Hepburn and Winona ryder. Are you saying these people aren't considered attractive?lol

I don't think Ashley tier grandmas are attractive but I think women's with bmi's 13-14 can look cute.

No. 249291

This is a pretty triggered, unstable anachan itt.

No. 249293

Then maybe you should've formatted your post differently

No. 249294

>I think it looks too exaggerated and sexual.
It's exactly how I used to feel when I was an anachan.

No. 249296

Maybe my reasoning for thinking this way is mentally unstable/weird but idk why but i think small/dainty people are cute. I don't really care what people do with their own bodies, I'm just saying I think skinny looks better.

No. 249297

>I don't think Ashley tier grandmas are attractive but I think women's with bmi's 13-14 can look cute.
Either a troll/underage or completely brainfried from starving.
Please permaban, why would we need to discuss any topic with a person like that? (and maybe infighting about weight would stop)

No. 249299

Call me a troll or call me crazy. You can't deny there is a difference between someone looking Ashley tier and just being a skinny young womaN. Also what's the point of an unpopular opinion thread if I'm not allowed to actually share an unpopular opinion?

No. 249300

People like this just ban evade anyway.

Peep this bitch going after the fatty that posted in the vent thread, completely unprovoked. That's how unhinged she is.

No. 249301

And I'd like to add I'm not saying Ashley is a grandma because of her age, I'm saying that because she starved herself to the point that she looks like she's 89 and belongs in a nursing home.

No. 249303

There is no one who is just a skinny young woman with a bmi of 13.

No. 249304

I didn't say they were like that naturally or in a healthy way. I just think it looks cute on some people. 13 is on the lower end of what I think looks good. 14-16 bmi looks best imo.

No. 249309

last time i checked, people start screaming if someone ISNT skinny or kissing anachan ass.

No. 249310

>having some muscle definition and low to average fat percentage looks sexual
cmon. yeah obviously when she's posing sexually but that seems like a normal trained body.

No. 249316

that's just the other anachans screeching.

No. 249441

I don't hate incels. Their memes are funny imo.

No. 249472

I hate stoners/weed in general. They are one of the most obnoxious groups of people on this planet.

All the ones I've ever met were super inconsiderate about it. Some of their greatest hits:

>>"B-but weed is natural"

>>"It's not addictive, I swear. I've smoked every day for the past 7 years and feel like shite when I don't but it's not addictive"

>>"Weed is good for you!! Smoke inhalation is no big deal if it's not cigs"

>>"You're stuck up because you don't get high to enjoy yourself"

No. 249474

I don't think there's anything wrong with being overweight.

I really couldn't care less about what other people look like. Being overweight doesn't always mean grossly unhealthy. Even if it did, who gives a shit.

I hate when people pretend to care about a person's health when in reality fat people just trigger them for some asinine reason

No. 249475

People are triggered because it's ugly.

No. 249476

Absolutely. I was shocked just how many farmers admit and defend taking it. Just because I think drugs are bad (weed being NO exception!), doesn't mean I'm a prude.

I partly agree. Of course being overweight is unhealthy, but some anons act as if just seeing a fat person living their life is repulsive and gets them triggered. Just leave them be.

No. 249478

File: 1526311726485.gif (193.74 KB, 500x269, 57147ed0f2e3b7426d02fd2499aaa8…)

Samefag, but exactly people like that. lol

Anon, isn't the street you walk on also ugly? The garbage cans on the sideway? An old building? The graffitis on the wall? Some animals?
Should all these things not be, just because you don't deem them attractive enough? Why are you so hung up on fat people?

No. 249479

If you don't mind me asking, why do you think drugs are bad?

No. 249480

I don't think they should not be, Anon asked why people are triggered by fat people and I said it's because they're particularly unattractive, that's all, obviously it's hypocritical to act like you're worried for their health.

No. 249481


Not that anon but >>249472 I also disapprove of drugs/alcohol. Scary experiences involving others being intoxicated/high really affected me. That and being from a poor, rural area where lots of lives are ruined because of drugs/alcohol.

Plus, getting constantly told that I "probably smoke weed" because I'm creative + an artist really cemented my hatred of weed and stoner culture. Also my birthday is April 20 so that never stops being annoying as fuck

No. 249482

At first I thought this can't be a serious question…
But well, drugs can and very likely will fuck up your body, your brain, your social life, also your "financial" life and so on… And the worst is, you probably not only and up destroying your own life, but your loved one's as well.
I really don't know why I even need to explain that.

What's with April 20? I only know that it's Hitler's birthday…?

No. 249483


Not sure where you're from, but at least here in the US it's referred to as 4/20 which is apparently the police code for marijuana I think? It's 'celebrated' as Pot Day

No. 249485

Ah, okay.
Anyway, I'm sorry that you're being accused of being a druggie anon, let's hope people soon wake up and stop that shit (but sadly it seems that instead it's getting more and more popular and normalized…)

No. 249488

>13-14 bmi
you realize that for this bmi it would have to be 60-70 lbs for a 5 foot girl? for someone who is 5'8 it would be about 80-90, whether you like it or not, unless you have a physical condition and or missing limbs there is no way for someone to achieve this BMI healthily, leave your anorexia fetish out of lolcow pls

No. 249494

Anon, don't wake it up…

No. 249533

File: 1526323146095.jpg (53.34 KB, 608x342, 429-4-14-1373526000-6070120316…)


attached pic is bmi of 13. its literal skeleton level. most pro-ana board users are at 16-18, even while starving and dying.

No. 249556

File: 1526331143015.jpg (104.81 KB, 661x1000, IMG_3389.JPG)

For me it depends on height as well. Girls who are 5'2 and shorter look cute at bmi 13-14, while Girls who are 5'6+ look better at bmi 15-18.

I will say skinny girls usually don't look that good naked, but the thing about skinny women is they look really good dressed up, clothes just look better on skinny women. Even if they look like corpses naked, with clothes on they look model tier. Skinny bodies make clothes look more neat/polished. I feel like I looked awful at 125, 90-100 lbs looks best on me because I can be skinny without losing my period and looking like a zombie. If other people like being average weight that's fine but I felt fat when I was 125 and would never let myself get that big again.

No. 249559


she IS wearing the world's shortiest skirt.

No. 249600

>Girls who are 5'2 and shorter look cute at bmi 13-14, while Girls who are 5'6+ look better at bmi 15-18.

OH, Ana-chan, what crazy thing will you think of next!?

No. 249607

different anon but I agree skinny> average>fatties in pretty much almost all situations (in places that value leanness like America, France, Japan, etc). Slim thicc looks good too though imo. BMI 13 is kinda extreme for sure, but it definitely can look cute for shorter girls.

No. 249608

Wwhhenn did this thread become the ana thread?

No. 249613

Not any of those anons but
>unpopular opinion thread
>anons post their unpopular opinions that are shunned everywhere else in this godforsaken marimo growing and pebble polishing board
>get shunned and screeched at in here too

Don't come into a fucking unpopular opinion thread if you can't see people posting opinions you dislike without throwing a fit and calling them names.

No. 249614

do mental illness ramblings count as opinion

No. 249615

uh, no, in order for a girl to be 13-14 bmi they'd have to weigh about 75 if they're 5'2, which almost always looks ridiculous and too skinny

no clue, this place is crawling with ana chans, probably why they're so quick to call anyone a fat lazy slob if you don't think starving to death is cute

whether you like it or not, opinions like "girls who look like they're on the verge of death are cute and hot" will be shunned, if you wanna go sperg about how sexy bones are go to pro ana boards where it won't be shunned, this is lolcow, even though this is a unpopular opinion, don't cry when your shitty opinions get shunned

No. 249616

>"probably smoke weed" because I'm creative + an artist
Uncreative people are incapable of imagining creativity by definition, the "lmao u must do drugs" is the only way they can understand creativity. Forgive them, for they are dumb, anon
Everything else is understandable

>fuck up your body
True, but I assumed you meant "bad" in a moral sense, not in an "unhealthy" sense.

Everything else you listed is related to addiction, not drugs, and drugs do have the potential to improve your social, romantic and financial life (in some parts of the world you'll simply never get a raise or a promotion if you don't drink with co-workers). I'm not even arguing against you in favor of drugs, I'm just asking questions. I really don't understand why you think any of this is self-evident. If it were nobody would disagree with you, but we all know that some people do.

No. 249620

File: 1526356198187.jpg (131.71 KB, 1200x900, IMG_3395.JPG)

Just because someone has a low bmi doesn't mean they look like they're on the verge of death. Pic related has a bmi of 16 and looks healthy and cute.

No. 249624

Landwhales get in their feelings when people talk about finding thin girls attractive. I was surprised that this was even in unpopular opinions. This may \be unpopular for the average fat-anon on this site but irl it's pretty obvious that people generally just find thin people to be good looking.

No. 249625

There is a huge difference between a bmi of 16 and a bmi of 13. Come on, post girls with a bmi of 13 that are cute then.

No. 249626

>anyone who is against being underweight and malnourished is just a jealous fatty!!
Jesus, you reek of mental illness.

No. 249627

>bmi of 13/14 can be healthy and cute to prove it heres a 16 bmi girl
She isnt 13/14 bmi first of all, if she was she would look very unhealthy, and a lot of east asians often undereat which isnt healthy and no, wearing a fuck ton of makeup abd heavily editted photos doesn't prove anything, girls can be healthily underweight but sure as fuck not 13-14 bmi
Saying thin girls are attractive =/= pretending being on the verge of dying is cute, but thanks for proving my point about how fast people are to throw the fatty card anytime you dare say something that isnt worshipping slim girls

No. 249628

File: 1526359184420.jpg (246.23 KB, 800x1200, IMG_3397.JPG)

This girl has a bmi of 14 and I think she's pretty adorable. She's 5'2 at 80 lbs

No. 249629

>posts pick with her dress draping her body so you can barely see anything
She isn't emancipated or anything and I agree shes cute but the huge thigh gap looks freakish or at least from what I've seen
But like I said, it isn't uncommon for east asians to undereat to achieve this sort of body, if you have to undereat to achieve an underweight BMI it aint healthy, period, and no screaming jealous fatty doesn't change that

No. 249630

File: 1526359776297.jpg (124.68 KB, 600x900, IMG_3399.JPG)

Why do you keep bringing up health?obviously being underweight isn't healthy. no one said it was healthy, I said it looks cute to me.

No. 249631

Im sorry I can't look at skin and bone legs and think "cute", if you can look at weird jacked skinny chicken and tbink cute then good for you
I bring health into it because most mentally stable people find healthy people attractive, I thought most people would know by now it's wrong to glamorize and fetishize unhealthy shit but apparantly not

No. 249632

For what? Finding lean bodies to be more attractive than the average is mental? Fat people are ridiculous.

No. 249633

No one is forcing you to look at "skin and bones" and find it cute, just like you can't force me to look at thin girls and think they're not cute.

No. 249634

File: 1526360732850.jpg (21.84 KB, 333x506, 8bdaf44ed75dc47db4363332817267…)

>Landwhales get in their feelings when people talk about finding thin girls attractive

Since when is a bmi of 13 "thin." It's skeletal.

It the unpopular opinion thread, not say anything you like and not get a response. No one here is throwing a fit except the anachans screeching "fatties eeeee dont like my skelly body reeee landwhales!" to every comment saying that a bmi of 13 is gross.

~This model had a bmi of 13. So cute. Totally love the way her arms look like they could snap like chicken bones. If you disagree, you must be a fatty fatty.~

No. 249635

You can find examples of badly proportioned people at all weights. I could post a photo of an average weight girl who has an unfortunate body type but that doesn't mean all average weight girls look bad.

No. 249636

>using shooped pics from 2002 that circulated old office chain emails to prove your point

No. 249638

>Finding lean bodies to be more attractive than the average is mental?
No, for thinking your romanticization of emaciatied bodies and skewed perceptions are in anyway normal. Most people don't look at old photos of concentration camp victims and think "omg! A bmi of 13! So cute and chic!"
This is why anorexia is considered a mental illness.
>Fat people are ridiculous.
>jealous fatty card
Like clockwork.

No. 249639

File: 1526361568267.jpg (241.73 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_3400.JPG)

Pic related doesn't look skeletal to me she looks feminine and delicate

No. 249640

Nice try. I'm first anon and bmi 13 looks different depending on the body type, just like the average body type you're trying to push so hard. Also, why would you use a model to prove your point when they're usually tall and we were talking about short girls with that bmi?

No. 249641

She is cute IMO, but I wouldn't want to be that skinny and I wouldn't call her "feminine" her body is very prepubescent-like (shapeless, androgynous), I find fuller body more feminine and sexier.

No. 249642

File: 1526361847735.png (50.9 KB, 300x221, three-legs-300x221.png)

Bowleg deformity so kawaii desu ne~

Seriously, defending a 13 BMI as fine and posting a weeby picture of someone with an obvious bodily problem further solidifies the proof that you are mental.
>inb4 jellyfats r boolying you

This isn't unpopular opinions anymore, this is mental illness general with a dash of persecution complex.

No. 249643

Not everyone wants to be sexy. I'd rather be skinny and child like than a walking meat bag for men to jerk off to. That's my preference though.

No. 249644

File: 1526361958635.jpg (41.42 KB, 500x333, 1353890790959.jpg)

then why don't you? its a fucking image board.

I was being factious and sarcastic, if you couldn't tell. I found it on an ana board. There are hundreds of threads of girls with a low bmi posting pictures but I didn't wanna post them on here cause idk their ages. Most of them say they can't even get to a 13 and min out at 14.5 If you wanna see, go there.

what makes you think her bmi is in the healthy range? also, you can't see the top half in any of these pictures, just the legs. And the last one you're saying she looks feminine and delicate but you can't even see her under the frills and layers, just her forearms and legs.

No. 249645

>why don't you?

Because it's pointless. I don't need to prove average weight women look bad because I don't think they look bad, I just think tiny girls look better than them.

No. 249646

This idol is childlike but average anachans aren't, most of you guys look like sick grandma, don't delude yourself.

No. 249647

You are very passionate about this. Screaming mental illness isn't going to change peolpe's mind though. In fact, it's kinda funny. Reminds me of those HAES girls taking hammers to their scales. Whatever works for you boo.

No. 249648

Fun fact about bowleggedness related to the argument at hand: It's often caused by a condition called rickets, which is a severe vitamin D deficiency in children and adolescents who don't get their nutrition. From, you know, starving.

But at least anon thinks she's cute, huh.

No. 249649

File: 1526362286267.jpg (260.91 KB, 758x1200, IMG_3401.JPG)

She looks frail and cute which makes her look feminine. Her arms, wrists and hands looks very delicate and dainty.

No. 249650

>I'd rather be skinny and child like than a walking meat bag for men to jerk off to.

hope you get help anon. Those are not the only two options. And wanting to look child like is disturbing as fuck. Sorry puberty hurt you.

No. 249651

That's my first post in this debate. You need to stop crying about fatties and consider that YOU are the one with the unpopular opinion here and multiple people are disagreeing with you at this point.

Stop resisting and get some perspective.

No. 249652

A lot of lolcow girls have pcos though

No. 249653

What does that have to do with this?

No. 249654

What are you talking about? It wasn't even my opinion originally. I was agreeing with a different anon. Maybe this should be your last post too lol

No. 249655

File: 1526362730826.jpg (277.02 KB, 975x1200, IMG_3402.JPG)

You're right. You can look classy, mature and thin.

No. 249656

File: 1526362817098.jpg (80.97 KB, 493x604, Bk28vUoKLXM.jpg)

Audrey had beautiful feminine legs.

No. 249657

File: 1526362892650.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>"I'm a different anon, r-really!!"

No. 249658


>posts picture of woman who starved while going through puberty, had to eat tulip bulbs and nettles, during a war

>who weighed 110 pounds at 5'7, making her bmi 17.2
>to prove a bmi of 13 is attractive

ok anon.

proof her weight/height even though its all over the internet

No. 249659

I usually think it's fun to watch the spergs these threads inevitably draw in, but this ana bs is getting old. Go home, 13 bmi-chan.

No. 249660

Lmao I agree with you. That anon is a full on retard.
All that starvation is shrinking her brain and clouding her logic.

No. 249661

I said women 5'2 and shorter can sometimes look cute at bmi 13-14 and I said women 5'6+ look best at bmi 15-18. Audrey Hepburn bmi was 16, which mean she was the perfect bmi for her height.

No. 249662

You've still yet to post a non-deformed, non-asian with a bmi of 13 who's 5'2 or under. Show us the goods, anon.

No. 249663

So the mental illness thing isn't working so now you're trying to claim samefagging? I'm so entertained right now

No. 249664

I'm not trying to prove to you that a bmi of 13 looks good. That is why it is called unpopular opinions, key word is opinion. Looking good is subjective. I said I think short girls can look good at at bmi of 13, I didn't say you had to agree with that. To you that tiny Asian girl looks deformed but to me I think she's very cute.

No. 249666

You're the only one saying you're not mentally ill. Lol.
Usually crazy bitches don't know they're crazy.

No. 249667


no she was at a bmi of 17. There are literal calculators, anon. Don't try to do math.

idk you anon, idk which posts you made or what you said exactly but someone up above said

>I think women's with bmi's 13-14 can look cute.

the only proof that has been posted itt has been an asian chick with bowed legs, in baggy dresses just showing forearm and legs. And Audrey Hepburn, with a bmi of 17 and this delicious quote from the article I posted above

> "She survived by eating nettles and tulip bulbs and drinking water to fill her stomach. She was almost 5' 6" and weighed 88 lbs. She had jaundice and edema."

That's a bmi of 14. She was starving to death. At the bmi people are advocating for.

> tiny Asian girl looks deformed but to me I think she's very cute.

Nah, that's not anon's opinion, thats medical fact. Bowed legs is a deformity. She is deformed. That's a fact.

No. 249668

But where are these magical unicorn girls? All you've done is post weebshit and Audrey.

No. 249669

Yep yep. And bowlegs are caused by nutritional deficiency, another medical fact that proves what anon thinks is "cute" is actually harmful. And therefore, not cute.

No. 249670

As I said before I don't need to post proof of something I find cute. That'd be like you trying to show me a bunch of average and fat girls to prove that they look good, it won't change my mind because I just don't like how they look. In my opinion I think women with bmis 13-18 look better than average weight women. Average weight women look frumpy to me.

No. 249671

Damn girl calm down. And people wonder why "anachans" scream fat when people react like this

No. 249672

If some HAES obesechan came in here spouting how certain obese bmis look cute on taller women, we'd demand picture proof of that too.
Why do you feel entitled to such special treatment just because you're posting in an opinion thread?

No. 249673

File: 1526364166410.jpg (Spoiler Image,366.68 KB, 1280x1625, s7sK5B1rxaxgfo1_1280.jpg)

Then just starve yourself and significantly reduce your life expectancy, we really don't need more people mocking healthy women for being "frumpy".

No. 249674

Cute doesn't have to be healthy nor conventional.

No. 249676

>why "anachans" scream fat
Calling someone fat in response to being called mentally ill is still an entirely off base reaction. Almost projection like, though I'm sure if 13 bmi is your ideal you probably consider 99% of humans fat, including yourself.

No. 249677

You can demand "proof" all you want but it's a waste of my time to sit here posting photos of a bunch of random girls to prove a point lol even if you disagree with me that's still not going to change my opinion. That'd be just as dumb as me showing a bunch of photos of blonde women to someone who prefers red heads. We all know there are good looking boney women and good looking average women. I just like the boney look more than the average weight women.

No. 249678

File: 1526364343112.jpg (50.31 KB, 500x750, e3ef9db6426d0162efe1327dca9373…)

>As I said before I don't need to post proof of something I find cute.

okay then go away. why are you still here? you've said your opinion, you've offered no proof, and you say you don't care to convince us- then go.

look at this "frumpy" woman with a strong body kek

except normal people are attracted to healthy bodies and features.

No. 249679

Different anon but, I wouldn't. I don't believe it to be true nor would it bother be so much, so I wouldn't waste my time asking for none existing proof.

No. 249680

She looks fat and masculine to me. But if you like how that looks that's you're preference kek

No. 249681

Again not the same person lmao. I'm the last two jfc

No. 249682

Anon the girl in that photo is killing herself by tanning and increasing her chances of skin cancer. Just pointing that out since you care about health so much ;)

No. 249683

you're mentally ill

No. 249684

>girl with a very obvious lean body fat percentage from being fit

You can't be helped. Wow.

No. 249685

I don't care if I'm mentally ill. If someone told me to choose death or having a body like that I'd choose death.

No. 249686

we're talking about body shape/fat here, but keep grasping at straws.

No. 249687

I know. I misread the sane post, but I could definitely tell two of them were you.

[[rattling intensifies]]

No. 249689

Yeah, I'm sure. You sound insane. I can't imagine what you look like.

No. 249690

I don't care about my health so why do you?do you think I'm dumb?of course I know being 98 lbs at my height of 5'6 isn't healthy but I don't care. Just because something isn't healthy doesn't mean it doesn't look good, just like your orange steriod junkies.

No. 249691

She's built like a man. If you cropped her face out of the photo it would be no different from a guy.

No. 249692

File: 1526364991071.gif (710.77 KB, 500x250, giphy.gif)

>I don't care if I'm mentally ill

We know, our suspicions have merely been confirmed.

No. 249693

You called her fat. That has nothing to do with her being masculine.

Ironically, she probably has less fat from being in shape than the flabby asian anas you've posted so far.

No. 249694

I'm not the only person you're arguing with. I never denied being a mentally ill ana chan. I like skinny bodies and that's just that.

No. 249695

File: 1526365090416.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.08 KB, 540x694, limaangel.jpg)

Well it's unhealthy AND ugly tbh. Nothing can beat a nice shapely body at the lower end of the healthy BMI range.

No. 249696

File: 1526365200867.jpg (296.25 KB, 640x633, 37e9179e9199e0300a6952531b40cb…)

>Just because something isn't healthy doesn't mean it doesn't look good

hahahahaahaha what. Have you ever seen a man before? They dont have waists there, or those hips, or feminine thighs, or fucking breasts. I attached a photo to help you tell the difference. Google "fit couple" for more help.

No. 249697

No one argued about bf%, just bmi. Why are you jumping through hoops to go against an opinion? This is painful to read.

No. 249698

>I'm not the only person you're arguing with.

I like how you brought this up irrelevantly when I didn't even call you a samefag?
But hmmmm, you sure are invested.

No. 249699

I'm sure you will be dead real soon. Sounds like you're already halfway there, sentient skeleton-ass binch.

No. 249700

Both of these people look very unattractive to me.
Beautiful face but gross body.

No. 249701


get help

No. 249702

I'm 98 lbs and I eat 1500-2000 calories a day. I'm on my way to the grave kek

No. 249703

There was nothing wrong about a healthy option not equaling the best looking option.

No. 249705

Doesn't count it you puke it out.

No. 249706

both the guy and the girl look like they belong on an episode of jersey shore. If you're going to post guys just Give me a pale skin qt who is tall and thin…thanks.

No. 249708

You didn't cite her bmi as the basis for your opinion, you just said she looked fat and masculine.

Then you accuse others of jumping through hoops? You're projecting.

What's your metabolic disorder that defies the laws of physics and CICO?
You sound like hamplanets who lie about how much they eat right now.

No. 249709

wtf is this word salad?

this isn't your personal wank bank. I posted the picture to show the difference between a male and female body, something I didn't think I would have to do on this board. I guess anachan thinks skeleton = feminine, and anything more is masculine. I feel so bad for them.

No. 249710

I don't believe in puking because it doesn't actually get rid of calories, that is why most bulimics are fat/average weight. By the time a person pukes everything up their body has already absorbed the calories they have eaten, not only does it ruin your teeth but it's also a waste of time. No thanks.

No. 249711

To maintain my weight I would need to eat 1467 calories a day. I'm not going to gain weight eating 2000 calories a few times a week lol do you think thin people just eat salads and carrots all day?

No. 249712

I wish you'd eat a salad

No. 249713

I bet you think there's calories in toothpaste.
2000 calories is enough to maintain the bodyweight of most 6ft men.
You're bullshitting.

No. 249714


anachan, word salad means
>a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia.
are you ok? your responses aren't making much sense. I didn't even mention calories or actual salads.

No. 249715

There are 3500 calories in a pound. If I ate 2000 calories 2 times a week I would not gain weight.

No. 249716

She sounds schizo, reminds me of Mystery.jpg

No. 249718

>fit woman with abs
Now I know you're mentally ill. Lmao.

No. 249719

Why did you say
>I'm 98 lbs and I eat 1500-2000 calories a day
if it's only twice a week then? If think starvation dehydrated your brain.

No. 249720

>3500 calories in a pound
So you think you need to eat 3500 calories to gain weight……..



No. 249722

Not the same person. Those calories didn't keep you from being stunted mentally I see

No. 249724

>I personally wouldn't consider that starving
We'll you're mentally ill after all.

No. 249725

You'd need to eat 1400 calories to MAINTAIN your weight.
If you're eating 1500-2000 that means you gain everyday and you would not be 98 mcfuckin pounds.

Just admit you goofed.

No. 249726

damn I was hoping there was only one retard on this thread, guess my optimism was misplaced if you're to be believed.

backing out of this infighting now cause its just anachans sperging about fit women looking fat. I guess that's an unpopular opinion but thats because its dumb as all fuck. I really do hope you guys get help before your bodies quit on you or you die alone.

No. 249727

Not that anon, but have you heard of exercise?

No. 249728

You do know that a person can workout?right?lol

No. 249729

Actually, anon the woman you posted doesn't look fat. I'm sure she works really hard to keep her body in shape but it looks gross to me. Her gross tan and muscles don't appeal to me. Why so butt hurt?i don't care if you think skinny women look like shit, so idk why you're so butt blasted.

No. 249730

As if your dumb ass exercises.

You just got done calling a fit woman fat and masculine. You probably think cardio will give you man muscles.

Aside from the fact that you're now shifting the goal posts, you have no standing to bring up exercise now.

No. 249731

Backing out? You were stupid to come and try to argue against an opinion in a thread for unpopular opinions in the first place.

No. 249732

Mashing the keyboard to call others fat on the internet doesn't count as a workout, sorry. Lol

No. 249733

Lol why are you getting so mad?even if I am lying your argument that a 98 lb person couldn't eat more than 1400 calories a day is stupid because you're not taking their activity level into consideration.

No. 249734

You didn't bring up your activity level.
You wanted people to believe you eat 1500-2000 calories a day and only brought up exercise like an afterthought after people called you out.
You may be 98 but you're a big fat liar.

No. 249735

I don't exercise actually. I'm just really thin thanks. I've never needed to because I'm skinny and I'm not trying to look muscly. But who cares because the post wasn't about me?

No. 249736

>I don't exercise
Yeah we already knew you were unhealthy, no need to reconfirm.

No. 249737

I'm not talking about me specifically. I'm just saying a person can be 98 lbs and eat more than 1500 calories a day. You keep calling everyone else mentally ill but if anyone is acting crazy it is you kek

No. 249738

Maybe you have some tapeworms?

No. 249740

>a person can eat 1500 calories a day and still be under 100
*if they exercise
Honestly it's funny how you're blaming other people for not reading minds when the initial post insisted it was all diet.

It's not a gotcha moment. It's you retroactively saving face.

No. 249741

Why are you so considered about my health? How about you exercise for the both of us kek

No. 249742

If thinking every girl under 110 is starving themselves and sick helps you sleep at night :) maybe you can keep using that as an excuse so that you can stay fat. We all only eat carrots and puke all our food up right?kek

No. 249743

Why do you care about my lack of approval? Leave if you can't handle it, flabby.

No. 249745

I mean if you eat 2000 calories twice a week you're definitely starving yourself.

No. 249746

>every girl under 110

Curious, why the sudden sliding scale? I thought we were talking about a 98 pound woman and people with 13 bmis?
Nobody said shit about 100-110 pound women…

No. 249747

I'm 115 lbs and I know for a fact I'm not starving myself, but we were talking about 98 lbs and extremely low BMI thought.

No. 249748

Lmao and yall were mad I spotted the fatties before. I'm having fun actually. Also, I have no flab

No. 249749

I don't need to save face on an image board,; For all you know I could be an obese land whale just fucking with you for shits and giggles. I also never said I did workout, I said that it is possible to eat more than 1400 calories a day and be 98 lbs. I personally don't work out because I think it's easier to just lose weight by eating 1200 calories a day because I don't want muscle anyway. I like being flabby.

No. 249750

>uwu jealous fatty jealous fatty xD

No. 249751

Sounds like one of these anons weighs 110 pounds with some seriously restrictive and anorexic habits. She's not sub-100 pounds or has a particularly low bmi, but she idolized the fuck out of sicker women who do. That's why she's defensive and triggered about the discussion of health and diet.

No. 249753

I was 115 a few months who and while I was not fat to begin with id never want to be that big again. That's my preference, who cares?

No. 249754

File: 1526368067323.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, 33984793483.jpg)


>I like being flabby.

No. 249755

man we really fucked this thread up lmao

No. 249756

No one is jealous of people with anorexia, or people who have bodies like a child. If you’re super short and under 100, that’s one thing. But this “being jealous of a BMI of 13” shit has got to stop. You sound insane. No one is going to be convinced. No one is jealous. No one with a normal, healthy mind wants to look like that. I’m really sorry you have a fucked up brain and a fucked up condition. I’ve been healthy and fit all my life. I’ve never known what it’s like to starve or to idealize a skeleton. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel, or the pain of feeling ugly and worthless. But stop attacking other people on the internet because of it. I pity and empathize with you, as another human being, but you’re shitting up the thread with this nonsense and it’s redundant as fuck. No one will be like “oh wow you convinced me, an unhealthy BMI is actually really attractive!” So just quit it. I seriously wish you a healthy recovery. Mental disorders are no joke and it sucks you clearly have one.

And if >>249695 and >>249678 are fat, then I’m happy to be considered fat alongside them.

Get help, anorexic anons. Love your bodies. Be healthy. Move, eat, breathe. I’m so sorry you’re in this head space. But you don’t have to live like this forever. You can love your own body, and the bodies of others. And you don’t have to be so bitter, angry, and crazy. I’m sure a decent personality is in there, under the fog of starvation and exhaustion

No. 249757

Muscular/skinny bodies look creepy too me.

No. 249758

>I said that it is possible to eat more than 1400 calories a day and be 98 lbs

This is objectively wrong unless you exercise, which you admit you don't.

The only other explanations are that you have a metabolic disorder, purge, or overestimate your calories.
CICO. Sorry again.

No. 249759

I felt ugly and worthless when I was 120 but I actually feel more confident and attractive at 98 lbs. i don't feel like a stuffed sausage in everything I wear now.

No. 249761

>I felt ugly and worthless when I was 120
Because you are mentally ill.

No. 249763

So what if I am mentally ill?i like the way I look now and more than I did before. Going by your logic I should be hating myself but I actually get more compliments at 98 lbs then i did at 120. Get over it.

No. 249764

I mean I could understand it if you're a short lady but not if you're over 5 ft…

No. 249765

I think these bodies look good with less clothes on but not that great fully clothed. Like, more clothes would make them look frumpy. On the other hand, many underweight girls look great fully clothed and scary thin clothes off.

No. 249766

I agree. Skinny girls make clothes look good, while fit bodies look better in bikinis etc. there's a reason models are generally thin.

No. 249768

jesus christ shut the fuck up you guys you've been on this annoying anorexic debate for days lmao

so, to get back on topic: big asses are way overrated. i mean if you have a nice, round ass sure, that's great, but if it's like kim kardashian levels of huge that's not attractive and i don't understand this whole craze/trend of liking asses that big and trying to make your ass look like that. nothing about a sagging humongous ass is nice to me, it's trashy and gross.

No. 249770

Models aren't meant to upstage the clothing in high fashion, the model isn't standing out. They're literal walking mannequins.

No. 249771

I agree, very skinny people look absolutely repulsive naked. From what I understand some anachan get off on the thought of being so disgusting looking. (attention starved)

No. 249774

They fabulous in clothes though. A skinny body makes clothes look better.
The pros of being skinny is you don't look that great naked but you will look awesome in most clothes, almost nothing will bad on you. The pros of being average is you have nice tits and ass, and look better in swim wear but with clothes it can actually make you look fatter and there are less clothes that look good on you.

No. 249775

File: 1526369438807.jpeg (71.91 KB, 490x490, 9CD075B5-A43A-40BA-9600-B06CCF…)

Agreed. There’s a difference between a pert squat-achieved ass and a fat or implant ass. This “trend” has gone way too far way too quickly

No. 249776

File: 1526369503843.jpeg (33.57 KB, 306x520, ED20B1D6-97FD-4094-884C-366BFF…)

>They fabulous in clothes though

No. 249777

I can't imagine an average or heavier girl making this look better…

No. 249778

File: 1526369617361.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.49 KB, 736x1281, 9873NLO02LXLS.jpg)

Yeah having a shapely body mean you have to make more effort to look nice and fashionable, if think it's a fair price for attractiveness.

No. 249779

She T H I C C! I feel scared for people like this tbh.

No. 249780

Is it really a "trend" if only a few women post this shit online and nobody ever sees anything like this irl?
You act like this is the norm, people walking around with 40 inch assplants errday.

No. 249786



No. 249788

Uhm, Adriana usually is between bmi 16-17.5, which is underweight

No. 249790

Uhm, im 102 pounds and i lose on 1500 a day, with no excersize

No. 249791

But it's not skeletal, she has a enough fat everywhere to look healthy, and ana chan called her body disgusting.

No. 249792

Adriana is very skinny and almost all muscle, idk about ana-chans opinion, bmi 16 can be dangerous, but she looks great

No. 249793

File: 1526377714561.jpg (193.32 KB, 720x1080, a504a70d81863d1803f0d4111d3d90…)

She does (and did) not have a BMI of 16. She would look disgusting if she did.

No. 249797

Her body her looks like a bmi of 16. This looks like it's pre 2014. Back then Adrianna was 112 at 5'10.

No. 249798

File: 1526384446636.jpg (89.9 KB, 395x594, IMG_3407.JPG)

Adrianna put on weight recently but at her peak she was a 16 bmi

No. 249799

File: 1526384754946.jpg (30.83 KB, 320x480, NIM9xIA.jpg)

A BMI of 16 is way smaller and less cute IMO. Pic related.

No. 249800

File: 1526384893091.jpg (111.81 KB, 710x1024, IMG_3412.JPG)

Adrianna was underweight back in 2001. Her arms looked pretty boney to me.

No. 249801

File: 1526385064166.jpg (46.7 KB, 499x750, bdcf64fba80845b0b64bff1fb3f81e…)

Eh, I wouldn't call that boney, you can even see her armpit fat, she also had gorgeous thighs.
This is boney to me and not a good look at all.

No. 249802

File: 1526385183676.jpg (19.94 KB, 233x350, IMG_3413.JPG)

To me this does not look like a woman with a bmi past 17. Yeah Adrianna is chubby now but that's because she's older, established and can get away with it. At the start of her career she was in the bone yard.

No. 249803

Sure, but I didn't post a pic from when she was a skeletor because I don't think it looks nice, I posted pic of her looking slender but with enough body fat to look fresh and young.

No. 249804

File: 1526385605045.jpg (93.77 KB, 864x1390, IMG_3416.JPG)

Adrianna is average now weighing in at 132(pic related is her now). But in the photo you posted she weighed 112. If you want to prove skinny girls looked bad, you shouldn't have used an underweight girl as your example kek

No. 249806

Are you retarded? I didn't post a pic of Adriana looking like a skeleton, open your eyes ffs.

No. 249807

So what if she doesn't look like a skeleton to you? Her bmi was still 16 in that photo.

No. 249808

Doesnt matter what she "looked" like, she was a bmi 16-17.5, which is underweight kek, post thicc women if you want to prove that "average" women are hotter than UNREALISTIC BODIESSS REEE, instead of models.

No. 249811

You have no idea how much she weighted back then, if anything she probably has a higher weight than you expect since she had nice muscle tone, ana chan weight nothing because they burn fat AND muscle and are left with a weird flabby or auschwitz tier body like >>249801

No. 249812

File: 1526386100852.jpg (143.27 KB, 800x883, IMG_3417.JPG)

Anon wants us to believe average women look like they're a bmi of 16. Anon is just as bad as us "Ana chans" kek

No. 249814

File: 1526386379177.jpg (35.6 KB, 341x600, IMG_3411.JPG)

A quick google search would tell you her stats pre 2014. No way does this look like a woman with a bmi over 17.
She's not thick, curvy or average. She's not even fit because you can find interviews of her pre 2008 saying that she doesn't work out.

No. 249815

Doubt she had a BMI under 18. Anyways Adriana is never used as thinspo, she is often called disgusting on pro ana forums I don't know why you ana chans are suddenly claiming her lmao.

No. 249816

Lol, everyone who finds models attractive and calls you out on your ignorance is an ana chan now

No. 249817

File: 1526386811248.jpg (133.58 KB, 634x1032, IMG_3420.JPG)

Well, you can doubt all you want but the fact is she wasn't bigger than a bmi of 18. And even if some delusional pro Ana's called her fat, that doesn't change the fact that she was underweight. Why don't you just post pictures of actual average weight women?kate upton was 5'10 at 140, this is what an actual bmi of 20 looks like.

No. 249819

Idgaf about average women, what are you on about?

No. 249820

File: 1526387086409.jpg (202.58 KB, 681x1024, IMG_3422.JPG)

You're trying to claim Adriana Lima had an average bmi (over 18)and she doesnt. This what an bmi of 20 looks like at Adriana's height.

No. 249821

I'm not trying to claim anything like that you tard, learn to read before sperging out.

No. 249822

So what were you doing other than claiming Adriana is bigger than a 17 bmi in that photo you posted?

No. 249823

Why are you losing your shit over me saying she has a BMI of 18? Sorry she naturally has a nicer body than you? Idk what to say. I even posted an example of a model at a BMI of 16 >>249799
and it look nothing like adriana's body.

No. 249824

Are you bmi 20 anon? lol

No. 249826

Its almost like people have different bone structures and carry weight differently!

Adriana Lima is not over a bmi 18, shes way lower. I dont care about your opinion or your ignorance about how weight looks, it is a fact.

No. 249828

No, Snejana has no fat, she is a walking skeleton, Adriana has fat in her arms, legs, breast, they look nothing alike and they can't have the same BMI unless Snejana's bone weight a ton and since they're so tiny and delicate I doubt it. Adriana weight more and cary it perfectly, get over it.

No. 249829

The models name is snejana onopka and she's 5'10 at 99 lbs which would make her bmi 14, not 16. You're posting photos of women at a bmi of 16 and claiming they're a healthy weight and claiming women who are a bmi of 14 are a bmi of 16. If normal weight women look better why do you have to lie to win an argument?kek

No. 249830

Onision syndrome

No. 249837

Not that anon but most people in the US are overweight, so saying that irl is bound to offend someone.

No. 249839

Good lord, this thread.

My unpopular opinion is that being on this site is starting to give users brain damage when it comes to body image. It shouldn’t be the end of the world of someone doesn’t have the lowest possible bmi for their height.

I hope the anons in this thread take a lolcow break and start being nicer to their bodies. You only get once and it isn’t worth it to torture yourself to be some ideal bmi.

No. 249844

I love being a braphog. I eat lots of beans and cabbage every day and fart like crazy.

No. 249845

I'm not a health expert, but hasn't it been proved in recent times that BMI isn't an accurate way of measuring someone's health?

Either way, I agree with >>249839, it seems like some people believe that they aren't worth shit if they're not their ideal BMI, or that being even just a little bit over their ideal healthy weight would ruin their lives.

I don't mind that some people prefer bodies that are underweight, just as there are people who prefer chubby bodies. It's not my business what people find attractive either in themselves or others.

This whole "reee, but they're glorifying unhealthy standards!" thing that's going on is so annoying to me. If people start shoving massive amounts of food down their throat just because they saw a fat, confident girl portrayed on TV, or starve themselves because of a skeletal model on the runway - it's their own problem for being so easily affected by the media. You get a long way just having some self respect and care for yourself.

And I'm not talking about children and teenagers who are understandably more easily affected, I'm talking about grownups who, in my opinion, should know better.

No. 249848

not really. BMI isn't an accurate way of measuring fat but it's good for overall weight. and it's only inaccurate in the upper ranges because it only bases it off of weight/height. muscular people end up falling into overweight/obese categories. a body builder and an fat guy could both have a bmi of 26, and the body builder is going to weigh more because of his muscle mass. but anything in the 13-14 range is going to be spoopy.

No. 249849

Good to know, thanks!

No. 249850

i think most users have brain damage already anyways, especially on /ot/ lately. it's beginning to feel more like a quarantine for crazy and insecure anons, than anything else. it seems like people just want to bitch about themselves and stew in self-loathing and they get mad when people point it out/offer advice.

No. 249864

>No one is forcing you to look at "skin and bones" and find it cut
never said that
>just like you can't force me to look at thin girls and think they're not cute.
not trying to force anyone to do anything, it's wrong to fetishize anorexia, it's the same as being attracted to landwhales, both are unhealthy but dont get hurt when people tell you its wrong
>the way her arm is mishapen
>She looks frail and cute which makes her look feminine. Her arms, wrists and hands looks very delicate and dainty.
by that logic, little old ladies and ill people whos body cant absorb nutrients must be the most uwu feminine of them all
delicate/frail/dainty does not always mean feminine especially in the state of unhealthiness
feminine means looking like a woman, if you're indistinguishable from a really skinny guy without hair, makeup and feminine clothes, that is not feminine, sorry.

No. 249871

No one cares anymore.

No. 249877

My unpopular opinion: pro-Ana users should be banned from the site. Their obsession with bodies and measurements fucks up threads for the rest of us. They can never quit, they can never wake up. They’re as bad as the cows.

No. 249879

Not only are you an anachan, you also hate dark skin yikes. You'll never look like a korean/japanese idol, just give up.

No. 249880

not an anachan, but the only reason I want to be thin is to make my boobs look bigger. I'll never look like the pretty girl with the bmi 20 in this pic>>249812, because I have tubular boobs. I'm honestly jealous of her tits T^T. Boob jobs are too risky tbh

@ the anachans please seek professional help, you shold not have such a warped image of a healthy body.

No. 249884

I don't believe in karma

No. 249890

Are you one of those fat girls who go around screaming "real men want curves, and dogs like bones?" Or accuses anyone who doesn't like land whales of being a child rapist?

No. 249896


when you can't respond to what someone actually said, just make up shit to argue against!

No. 249897

I do but not in some cosmic woo way. More like, you get back what you put out. If you put out a negative, shitty attitude and take people for granted, you're going to end up alone and miserable. If you are kind to people and do good things, people generally will be kind back. If you work hard and smart, then you will get a lot further than if you fuck about doing shit all.

> it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

Take out the spiritual aspect, and I don't think its that controversial. Your actions have consequences. That's just a fact. How you choose to interpret those consequences or what you call it is up to you.

No. 249898

File: 1526411603801.jpg (19.2 KB, 300x224, IMG_3396.JPG)

Because you're crazy and really triggered by people saying they like thin girls and there is no point in trying to argue with you because anyone who doesn't back down to what you say, you'll just accuse them of being a pedo or mentally ill. Tiny girls are cuter than average girls, no amount of screeching about health will change that.

No. 249901


I'm not the anon you were originally replying to. I just think you're ridiculous. You're arguing against shit no one has said.

No. 249905

I agree. I have an eating disorder, but I'm also self aware enough not to sperg out about it, shit up threads to defend my own distorted mindset and try to convince "normal" people that a BMI below 19 is "feminine" just because my brain tells me so.
These people need to fuck off back to SkinnyGossip or wherever it is they came from. They've spent so much time in echo chambers looking at bonespo, it's unfathomable to them that not everyone functions like they do.

No. 249908

>saying women who are thin look like dudes

As if anyone can't tell the difference between a full grown skinny man and 81 lbs 5'2 , girl. These are just typical fatty chan arguments against thin women that aren't worth arguing against.

No. 249912

"Unpopular opinion thread"

>>Some anons states her unpopular opinion, being her preference is underweight bodies

>>REEEE! Your not allowed to not have my exact opinion!! BAN THEM!

wew lads, its fine to not agree, but anon was not in the wrong for posting their personal opinion in an opinion thread.

No. 249913

It's not the opinion, it's the autism thereafter and the way that anon shat up the thread with samefagging, BMI obsession and photos of random models they claim weigh this or that, like anyone who doesn't have an ED would give a fuck.

No. 249914

File: 1526412629946.jpg (93.09 KB, 760x1013, candice.jpg)

Not everyone who finds trim, skinny bodies has anorexia.

Im sorry, but this is just attractive to me, screech all you want, but she looks gorgeous

No. 249915

do you have reading comprehension issues or something? it wasn't the unpopular opinion, it was the retardation that followed for three fucking days.

No. 249916

Please stfu.

No. 249919

File: 1526413138952.jpg (141.06 KB, 500x750, IMG_3425.JPG)

>feminine means looking like a woman, if you're indistinguishable from a really skinny guy without hair, makeup and feminine clothes, that is not feminine, sorry

What is it with fatty Chans always saying skinny women don't look any different from guys?do they not realize that tits and ass aren't only features that look different on a female body?you must be pretty stupid if you can look at a naked thin male and a naked thin female and see no differences lol

No. 249920

Can you just starve yourself in your corner and stop sperging already?

No. 249921

its a lost cause, they're going to sperg for forever. They're not even replying to other posts anymore just spazzing out like >>249914 or making shit up like >>249890. They're never going to convince normal anons that they're not crazy, idk why they're still bothering. Its sad. Like they're desperately seeking validation for their shit opinion when no one fucking cares.

No. 249939

File: 1526415829779.jpg (91.13 KB, 710x473, 01-meghan-markle.w710.h473.jpg)

i think megan markle is awful. just. awful.

No. 249944

Lookswise or is there something else? I normally don't even like celebrity crap but I'd do anything for a ginger guy and I'm really jealous of her.

No. 249950

Stop the weight sperging and derailing.

No. 249951

not lookswise, she's cute and they look handsome together. but she's just so fake (she's started using this weird fake posh accent, ugh) and i feel that he could do so much better. she is a 36 year old twice-divorced washed up actress from an extremely trashy and classless family (her dad and sister have both released tabloid hit-pieces airing all their dirty laundry). he could have any girl he wants, you know? so why her?

No. 249956

File: 1526417744546.jpeg (124.2 KB, 634x1024, 7E9C403B-C1F0-4126-92E5-CB42B1…)

Cause he loves her. Harry has always seemed a genuine guy. He was raised right by his Mum. I doubt he sat down and went “divorced, actress, trashy family. Sounds good.” He looks happy. Everyone gave Diana shit because she had worked as a dancer and a preschool assistant, even though she was of royal blood. People called her ugly and a social climber, blamed her for the marriage failing. But now she’s dead, she’s a beloved martyr. It feels the women can never win in the royal family. We are always going to pick at them. Remember the outcry because Kate had modeled semi-nude? But Harry dressing up as a Nazi is rarely mentioned. These are human beings at the end of the day. They’ll love and fuck and make mistakes. They’re not going to pick someone perfect, because someone perfect doesn’t exist. And would you rather he had ended up with Chelsy Davy?

No. 249960

fair points, anon. you are right, they do look happy together. perhaps she will grow on me after the wedding.

No. 249978

I think everyone who comes on lolcow and states that they have japanese parents, grandparents, or husband is lying. No you fucking don't, seriously I thought we were over that weeb shit.

No. 249980

that's super cringy to think, anon. the japanese aren't fucking elves, it's not some magical rare thing. you're just as bad as the weebs.

No. 249983

this is the strangest unpopular opinion I've seen.

No. 249990

this is fucking hilarious anon

No. 250000

>Becky from Minnesota doesn't believe Japanese people exist

No. 250001

Lots of anons are worse than weebs about Japan, honestly. Or they're just weebs who think they're special. I see it a lot in threads about flakes or cows who travel to Japan, people get so bitchy about the things they do and eat there. Like, "anime and shopping and junk food isn't good enough when you're in glorious nippon, they don't appreciate the true culture! If I went to Japan I would never do what they do'. People who put it on a pedestal are worse than weebs enjoying weeb shit.

No. 250005

i see this all the time too. they're like hardcore "anti-weebs" and they do stupid shit like argue about pronunciation and stuff even though they're the ones who are wrong. and like you said, they're putting them on more of a pedestal by acting like it's impossible to be part japanese. weebs do it because they think it's a status symbol, but to people who are part japanese it's weird and fetishy, but it's more cringy to assume that you can't be part japanese imo.

No. 250008

is this really even anti-weeb or is it just a more advanced, more obsessive cynical weeb. anime and ramen are too mainstream now, they think they're being woke to weeb antics because they're ~cultured~ now but really they're just elevating japan to a supernatural state instead of a normal country, which has always been the problem with weebs

No. 250014

yeah i guess you're right. they definitely do think of themselves as anti weeb though.

No. 250015

well, lets put it this way, if all you have to be indistinguishable from a man is your vagina, you are not the most feminine, and no, her push up bra and lack of hips doesn't prove anything

also fat and skinny isn't the only body type anon, not everyone who doesn't think skinny is the most ugu feminine is a fatty, the most feminine imo is like >>249778
healthy bmi, shapely, but not cartoonish, and most people would agree, due to the fact she looks fertile, healthy, womanly and can easily be distinguished if her genitals and face were covered

No. 250045

>if all you have to be indistinguishable from a man is your vagina
How convenient that this doesn't apply to 99% of skinny women, which is anon's point? Have you never seen anyone of either gender naked? This girl >>249919 has a hip to waist ratio not found in men, narrow shoulders, small but clearly evident tits, and just because she is not 'the most' feminine from your perspective doesn't make her unfeminine or even remotely similar to a man. You start saying a girl with a body like that isn't feminine and you get dangerously close to hurr only dogs like bones fatty logic.

No. 250048

>those wide ass shoulders
>most men have more waist/hip ratio than she does
>muh hip to waist ratio
>small but evident boobs
Eh, I'll give her that maybe, even then, like I said, her body wont be that different from a really skinny guy outside of genitalia

If you're gonna argue that this body is ~peak femininity~ when she barely has any womanly features at all then you have no point

>unfeminine or even remotely similar to a man. You start saying a girl with a body like that isn't feminine and you get dangerously close to hurr only dogs like bones fatty logic.

Again with this? The original point that I was arguing was that her body was feminine, which you even admit yourself she doesn't or barely at all has indisgusiable feminine features, and so shes not feminine, shes more andro looking

I'm not saying anything remotely close to "only dogs like bones" I've even spoke out against this narrative in the past, Im just saying, claiming that this body type is the most feminine is the same as if people started calling twinky soy boys the masculine bodytype, its just laughable

No. 250049

Also I don't know why you claim I think all skinny girls are masculine, in fact I think a lot of skinny girls can be quite feminine, but that low of a BMI as well as even admitting yourself she barely has boobs, butt or hips, which are the biggest indicators of if someone is male or female outside of genitalia and face, it would just be dumb to claim that this is so ugu feminine when she barely has feminine features outside of maybe her face, clothes and hair, then again even lots of kpop guys have similar face structures due to the plastic surgery they give

No. 250050

No one is triggered by someone liking thin girls and you didnt even reply to the right anon, its just straight retatded to claim that 13-14 BMIs are the most feminine, and no anyone who disagrees with you that anorexic body types are not all that feminine isnt a big meen landwhale being triggered about skinny girls, theyre just saying its not the most feminine

You sound like you have problems, (bringing child rape into this but yeah, its totally me whos crazy and not you) especially due to the fact you think fat and skinny are the only body types and if you don't think 13 bmi waifus with barely any butt, boobs or hips are the most uwu feminine of them all there's no other reason for it than you must being a facebook only dogs like bones fatty!
I agree, no one is saying "ALL SKINNY BODY LOVERS HAVE ANOREXIA!!!"
But BMIs of 13/14 Which people even admit themselves arent healthy? This was the original point we were talking about, and taking a few seconds out your day you could have scrolled up and read that yourself instead of either purposely strawmanning or just reading other strawmans and jumping on it without reading the original argument, which was about 13/14 BMIs, not all skinny girls, Why go out your way to strawman? You don't know what you're talking about at all

No. 250051

I'm the person who said I think girls who are 13-14 bmi can be cute. I can't believe you Are you still arguing with people about this kek Are you an ex Ana chan or something?

No. 250054

File: 1526472358993.jpg (29.56 KB, 426x640, IMG_3441.JPG)

There are other female traits other than boobs and ass.
>narrow shoulders
>smaller waist in comparison to hips
>smaller bone structure

I don't believe tits and ass are the most distinguishable features between male and females, that is why if you put fake tits and ass on a tranny he will still look like a dude. I mean would you seriously be able to stand this girl next to a thin guy and say they look the same?Also, bmi has nothing to do with hips, you can have wide hips while being underweight, it has more to do with bone structure. There are plenty of average weight girls who are built like refrigerators.

No. 250055

first of all, I just woke up, and others are doing it to, go attack them for "still fighting about this" especially since you're doing the exact same

>There are other female traits other than boobs and ass.
>narrow shoulders
men can have narrow shoulders a lot though, and her shoulders aren't all that narrow at all, they're the widest part about her
>smaller waist in comparison to hips
again, men can have that too, and she didn't have much hip/waist ratio at all, same with this girl
>smaller bone structure
maybe, but there's tons of tiny men, hence why I said the BIGGEST INDICATORS other than genitalia and face are butt, hips and boobs, if you do not have those, you are not the most ugu feminine, just like if a guy is hairless with no shoulders or arm defintion he is not masculine, while he may not look ~literally like a girl~ there's no point of arguing his body type is masculine because he doesn't have the main traits to be masculine

No. 250056

File: 1526472772152.jpeg (36.39 KB, 442x494, 5A5C5BEB-CF40-4996-8F40-B31AA0…)

Get the fuck over it.

No. 250059

>you do realize that thin women also have breasts, right?
you do realize we aren't talking about all thin women, right?
stop strawmanning this is about 13/14 BMIs, which was stated several times, if it wasn't clear to you by now then you should work on your reading instead of mindlessly repeating useless things that are meaningless and have nothing to do with the argument

>are they not considered breasts unless they're c cups or bigger?

no one is saying this, did you even read what I said at all? again 13/14 BMIs, not "all thin women" like you're insisting, and girls with 13-14 BMIs tend to either have extremely small or flat breasts, which are considered masculine, which again, there would be no point of calling it feminine

No. 250061

And like I said, I didn't say all women with a 13-14 bmi looked cute, I said some do. You're the one who started flipping out and accusing me of saying that a bmi of 13-14 should be the standard for every woman on earth. In my opinion There are some women who look dainty, cute and huggable at a bmi of 13 meanwhile there are some women who look like haggard crack whores at a bmi of 13. It depends on the person.

No. 250062

This place is filled with the kind of people who would say stupid shit like "i'm 1/17 black" with a serious face so yeah, i agree with you.

No. 250064

I already responded before you deleted so I'll just add to other comments
>And you're ignoring the fact that wide hips have nothing to do with someone's weight.
the ones we were talking about had narrow hips there
hence, again, 13/14 BMIs, not all thin women
>Most women do not have tiny anime shoulders, a 16 inch waist and massive hips/ass. Most average weight women don't even have big asses.
and you're correct, I'm not saying women need to have these to be feminine, but they need to at least have a feminine figure, which again,13/14 BMIs, most women at this BMIs do not have that, just because I don't think a box is the most uggu feminine doesn't mean I expect women to have extreme proportions to look feminine, is there no in-between at all with you people? why be so black and white?
>The waist and hip ratio isn't dramatic looking but one can still see the difference between that of a man and woman.
not in the case of the girl the anon posted
>You're the one who started flipping out and accusing me of saying that a bmi of 13-14 should be the standard for every woman on earth.
no the fuck I didn't lmfao, I just said it wasn't healthy nor feminine, you were the one flipping out, even after I left for hours
>There are some women who look dainty, cute and huggable at a bmi of 13 meanwhile there are some women who look like haggard crack whores at a bmi of 13.
easy to say that when the only pics of 13 BMI girls you've posted are photoshopped, heavily exposed, and editted as well as the fact they have draping clothing, lots of makeup and have their hair well taken care of, most skinny people, unless you're zombie mode, will look "dainy, cute and huggable" even if they've been shooting the meth pipe if they've spent thousands on surgery, skin and hair treatments, and are on an overexposed camera, even onions skin looks good when he overexposes his nasty shit

No. 250065

Fatty located. Im here to white knight the skinny asians!!!!

No. 250067

File: 1526474383175.jpg (38.55 KB, 512x900, IMG_3443.JPG)

In my opinion being thin is more feminine(and I'm not talking about only girls who are a bmi of 13-14). They look weak, cute and like they need protecting.

>inb4 posts picture of haggard ugly crack ho

I'm talking about attractive thin women :)

No. 250068

I don't like chocolate, cakes or sweet candy in general. Dunno if it's much of an upopular opinion, but people have a tendency to look surprised and even argue as to why chocolate is the "best thing ever" when I turn it down.

I love chips and other salty treats. I'd take french fries over donuts any day.

No. 250069

>weak, cute, in need of protecting
so do old sick people and people with deficiencies, sickly looking =/= feminine

femininity, body-wise, is defined by looking like a woman, you're allowed to think it's cute or whatever but you'd be incorrect claiming it's not feminine, especially if you're using the example like the pic where there's barely any boobs or butt, or even waist definition at all, which are what determines a feminine body type the most, just like with men muscle definition, masculine body hair patterns and wide shoulders and chest are what determines a masculine body

you can like the body sure, but claiming andro bodies are feminine or masculine is just…

No. 250070

File: 1526474951725.jpg (42.42 KB, 405x720, IMG_3446.JPG)

I'm also allowed to think thin/dainty women are feminine. You don't have any authority over my thoughts.

No. 250072

File: 1526475415391.jpg (57.77 KB, 800x800, mvsf.jpg)

Women still look feminine at a low body weight because of our body structure. Personally I think slimmer women look more dainty and feminine, after a certain point of weight gain you lose waist definition unless you go the lipo/fat transfer routes that "thicccc" women often choose.

No. 250073

>I'm also allowed to think thin/dainty women are feminine. You don't have any authority over my thoughts.

thats what I said…you can think they're feminine but I can also think estro filled twinks are masculine, doesn't mean it would be right
>Women still look feminine at a low body weight because of our body structure
the ones posted don't look feminine, plenty of men have tiny body structures not to mention if someone is anorexic through puberty it can delay puberty and leave you looking like an andro child
> Personally I think slimmer women look more dainty and feminine, after a certain point of weight gain you lose waist definition unless you go the lipo/fat transfer routes that "thicccc" women often choose.
I do too, hence why I said a million times healthy BMI and shapely women look most feminine, we were, again, talking about 13/14 bmi women, unhealthily anorexic women, not all thin women, how many times do I need to say it?

No. 250074

BMI is useless and shouldn't be used to decide whether a person is healthy anyway.

No. 250075

File: 1526476165618.jpg (40.7 KB, 600x864, IMG_3448.JPG)

You can think whatever you want. I think skinny dainty women are the most feminine body type. Sometimes average women do look too bulky and box shaped.

No. 250077

>BMI is useless and shouldn't be used to decide whether a person is healthy anyway.
correct to an extent, but morbidly obese or obese people unless they're body builders,aren't healthy, just like being extremely underweight BMI wise isn't healthy either

healthy BMI is an ideal weight to height ratio assuming there are no other factors like if the person has health issues or missing limbs

>I think skinny dainty women are the most feminine body type
cool but you'd still be wrong since a lot of the bodies you posted are andro
>Sometimes average women do look too bulky and box shaped.
but im not talking about those women, I was talking about women like >>249778 because they have all the feminine attributes like waist, hips, feminine thighs, rounded breasts, soft skin, secondary sex characteristics, and feminine fat distribution that makes them look the most fertile and feminine

No. 250078

File: 1526476790373.jpg (156.44 KB, 540x960, IMG_3447.JPG)

Except that woman you posted most likely used corsets to make her waist smaller, no way do most women have perfect hour glass figures like that. Most women don't have very small waists, even a woman with a 17-22 inch waist won't look that small. I think you are wrong saying tits and ass make someone more feminine, I think being dainty, innocent looking and frail are what make a woman feminine.

No. 250079


I feel like everyone on this thread is asian

Most people don’t care for thin body types nowadays most women prefer shapely not fat or thickkkkk

No. 250080


Having ovaries makes a woman a woman not being scrawny and short

No. 250081

I didn't say bigger girls weren't women, I said smaller girls look more feminine to me.

No. 250082

Someone should just start a new Unpopular Opinion thread, because this one is a trainwreck.

No. 250085

>Except that woman you posted most likely used corsets to make her waist smaller, no way do most women have perfect hour glass figures like that
didn't deny that
>Most women don't have very small waists, even a woman with a 17-22 inch waist won't look that small.
her waist isn't that small…
>I think you are wrong saying tits and ass make someone more feminine, I think being dainty, innocent looking and frail are what make a woman feminine.
fat in breasts and butt are feminine fat distributions and often used to tell if someone is male and female

say, someone sees a body and they're trying to figure out if it's male or female, do you think the first think they're gonna look for is how ugu small they are?

No. 250086

File: 1526477323750.jpg (68.2 KB, 880x1144, IMG_3449.JPG)

Most women don't look curvy like that. Her waist is actually quite small for her weight. Most average women look box shaped.

No. 250087

LOL did you really just post a photo of someone arching their back and sticking their ass out to prove your point?

No. 250088

Anon you're about the offend the anachan-chestletts.

No. 250089

I wasn't talking about those women first off all
second if you really think most average women are box shaped then…

last time I checked, average women aren't fit and skinny

No. 250090

I wish we banned that retarded skinny obsessed sperg, she's bringing out insecurities I had forgotten I had. Ana chans don't even realize the damage their doing by spreading their disgusting mental illness everywhere they go.

No. 250092

When I was at 129 I was still a b cup. Most women don't have big breasts unless they're fat. It's very rare to find a woman with a small waist, big Tits, thin arms and wide hips. If I have to choose between being skinny without a defined waist and no tits and being average with no tits or a waist, id just choose being thin.

No. 250093

I wish we banned that retarded skinny obsessed sperg, she's bringing out insecurities I had forgotten I had. Ana chans don't even realize the damage their doing by spreading their disgusting mental illness everywhere they go.

No. 250094

>no one can say they prefer skinny women because it hurts my feelings!

Stop being spoiled lol but your feelings are saved for now because I gotta go to work.

No. 250096

>>no one can say they prefer skinny women because it hurts my feelings!
you really think this is just about "preferring" skinny women? stop strawmanning

No. 250100

It's not my fault that me saying thin women look better to me triggers you. That's your problem, not mine.

No. 250101

and it's not my fault that me saying women with actual secondary sex characteristics look more like women than just being small

if you really wanna strawman and claim this entire thing was just about you saying thin women look better and pull the "you're triggered fatty!" card while being triggered yourself.

No. 250103

>this is what ana-chan anon thinks average women look like.

No. 250104

Haha girl in the pic looks like a 7 year old, reach more ana-chan.

No. 250105

This drama must come to an end soon, I'm running out of popcorn.

No. 250108

Do yo not realise bigger chest and ass/thighs makes a waist look more defined?

No. 250109

The difference between you and me is I actually don't care if you say tits and ass are a secondary sex characteristics because that's your opinion. My problem with you is you're acting like you can try to dictate my thoughts and act you're you're an authority over what I can and can't say, I'm not screeching at you and saying "you aren't allowed to think or say that!". I also disagree with what you're saying about tits and ass because you can slap fake and tits and ass on a man and it would still look like a dude. Also, you're forgetting most women don't have huge tits and ass, even when I was average weight I still didnt have big tits and ass and was wearing a a-b cup bra. most women I know with c-dd cups are chubby and fat women.

No. 250110

Except most women do have a chest size over b cups regardless of being fat or not, sorry for your b cup anon!

No. 250111

>me is I actually don't care if you say tits and ass are a secondary sex characteristics because that's your opinion
>you don't care
you clearly do, if you didn't you'd just leave but nope
>it's an opinion women develop womanly bodies during puberty

>you can try to dictate my thoughts and act you're you're an authority over what I can and can't say.

we're not, dunno why someone telling you you're wrong means they're controlling you
>you can slap fake and tots and ass on a man and it would still look like a dude.
and you can take curves and tits off a woman and she will look like a man
>I was average weight I still didnt have big tits and ass and was wearing a a-b cup bra.
>b-because i have shit genetics means everyone else does,r-right?
I'm not saying most women have huge tits and ass, it's just the most feminine body type if they are average weight with proportions like so
>I know with c-dd cups are chubby and fat women.
sucks you live in flat or fatty town >>250109

No. 250112

>tfw you're slim but have C cups
But I guess according to dear Ana-chan that makes me look too sexual and not feminine enough lol

No. 250113

File: 1526479641377.jpg (42.62 KB, 736x552, IMG_3445.JPG)

I don't leave because I enjoy a good argument. If I wanted to be average weight I could you know.. just gain weight?kek

You can think big tits and ass are more feminine and I think think being skinny and delicate is more feminine. You can't convince me to think other wise and I'm not trying to convince you. My problem is you're acting very bossy and entitled.

No. 250114

> If I wanted to be average weight I could you know.. just gain weight?kek
what does this have to do with anything? you said yourself even when you were average you had tiny tits
>You can think big tits and ass are more feminine
it would actually be true though due to the fact that boobs and ass are secondary sex characteristics
> I think think being skinny and delicate is more feminine
it is but 13/14 BMI with no tits,ass or curves? you'd be wrong, you can like it but it's not the most feminine
>You can't convince me to think other wise and I'm not trying to convince you. My problem is you're acting very bossy and entitled.
for what? stating facts? you act as if someone is trying to control you for stating whats factually feminine, I dont care if you like skinnyness, but it isnt the most feminine

No. 250116

Anon you don't exist due to this ana-chan having b cups at 130 pounds
>>250109 The whole "average" body type means they gain weight in their arms, stomach and thighs. So for someone with an "average" weight distribution and "average" body type , being slim or chubby doesn't really affect the cup size untill the other areas fill out.

No. 250117

every single photo you have posted I have thought "trap", that can't be very feminine anon.

No. 250118

>Skinny girls look very feminine!!!!
>Post pic of a girl who would look like a 12 yrs old boy without her wig


No. 250119

>Skinny girls look very feminine!!!!
>Post pic of a girl who would look like a 12 yrs old boy without her wig


No. 250120

File: 1526480393615.jpg (30.01 KB, 736x618, IMG_3451.JPG)

You have the right to think I'm wrong but I also have the right to think you're wrong. Going by your logic a fat man would look more like a woman than a skinny woman because his tits and ass are bigger. Boobs are a female characteristic but they are not the only female characteristics, if you were to say having a big ass and tits are the main thing that differ between male and female bodies then I disagree with that.

No. 250121

>You have the right to think I'm wrong but I also have the right to think you're wrong
and not about thinking lmfao it's about fact, if you think you live in a different world seek help
>Going by your logic a fat man would look more like a woman than a skinny woman because his tits and ass are bigger.
I made it clear several times it was about proportion, nice stretch though
>Boobs are a female characteristic but they are not the only female characteristics, if you were to say having a big ass and tits are the main thing that differ between male and female bodies then I disagree with that.
but I didn't say it was the only female characteristic ever, in fact I made it clear, again, several times it wasn't the only one, just the main one and the key to looking feminine, hence why I used the body example, if morgue workers find a body the first thing they're gonna look for, outside of genitals and face is fat distribution, if they only have the entire physical body, not how small and skinny they are

No. 250122

File: 1526481007996.jpg (52.58 KB, 464x591, IMG_3452.JPG)

And as I said before, i agree that tits are a female characteristic(small tots count as well, it everyone had dd tits) but I do not agree that having a big ass and tits are the main body traits that differ in male and females. I don't even think most people even naturally have big asses(big asses look gross to me btw).

No. 250123

>I do not agree that having a big ass and tits are the main body traits that differ in male and females. I don't even think most people even naturally have big asses
but if someone has small boobs and no butt, and no hips, it is, by definition, not the most feminine body type

No. 250126

File: 1526481719675.jpg (97.57 KB, 850x1259, IMG_3453.JPG)

It's the most feminine body type to me bacuse I think looking delicate and girly is the most feminine. And on your argument about boobs being a female characteristic, I agree with that but skinny women also have boobs. I'm a bmi of 15 but I don't wear a bra it's pretty obvious I don't have one on and they jiggle, unless you mean large breasts are the only breasts that count as "female". But anyway we can't argue about this forever, so you can co tomie to prefer thick/for chicks and I'll continue to prefer skinny ones. Have a nice day.

No. 250127

*you can continue to prefer thick/fit(Ok anachan.)

No. 250128

delicate =/= feminine
women can be delicate and still have boobs and butts
>And on your argument about boobs being a female characteristic, I agree with that but skinny women also have boob
"why would someone think female characteristics are the most feminine"
>unless you mean large breasts are the only breasts that count as "female"
no, what a stretch, saying bigger boobs and butt is more feminine doesn't mean I'm saying all tits that aren't big are manly
like for men, if you have a little bit of hair and a tiny bit wider shoulders, don't cry about how it still counts as a man if someone calls happy trails, facial hair, and inshape men the most masculine

No. 250129

Will the mod come back and ban the sperg?
After all, there was a warning to stop…

If not that, I'm kind of interested to know what other posts the ana user has made on this website under her IP too. Not gonna happen, but it would be interesting.

No. 250130

You need to understand beauty tropes, nobody here cares that you don't find big tits and ass hot. You can't go around calling blatantly feminine things masculine because an obese man has it also.

Anon just stand up and say the body type you like isnt feminine but you like it anyway.

No. 250131

Different anon but I think being feminine or not is all about your face and attitude
i.e. having tits and ass really doesn't matter when you have an ugly horse/manly face or having a girly appearence and behaving like a caveman

Also, being more visually appealing to men =/= being feminine

No. 250132

well yeah, but we were talking about being feminine body wise, having a feminine body

No. 250134

Whys anachan keep on making posts then deleting them??

No. 250172

love how the-ana chan completely disregards the scientific reality of secondary sexual characteristics being the core of observable gender dimorphism kek
also literally all the girls she has posted look like Ukrainian traps

No. 250173

Maybe, but it's not always the best solution and I think people confuse both concept.

No. 250222

My unpopular opinion is that I suspect many anons on here of lying about their lifes.
A lot complain about being NEETs, losers, etc and that seems believeable. But why would you even search or accidentally come across this site if you didn't already spend a lot of time online? So whenever an anon claims that contrary to others she actually has an active social life, is attractive, fit, popular, sucessful and so on, I'm sorry, but I just don't believe that's true.

No. 250225

Honestly, I think the best way to cut someone out if your life is to silently distance yourself instead of telling them what you're doing. I know a lot of people consider that shitty and immature, but the reality is that most people will just invalidate your reasons for not wanting to be around them and it will cause a lot of unnecessary drama. It's not your job to ~helo someone grow as a person~ by listing everything wrong with them and most of the time they won't listen anyway. Also, you might be being hard on the person or change your mind later and a big falling out could hinder any prospects of being friends again.

No. 250227

>she thinks ghosting doesn't cause drama

of course your opinion will be unpopular if it's wrong.

ghosting is worse than just giving a straight answer, because it just leads to more questions. even if people give you shit if you explain yourself, they'll badger you until you do anyway if you ghost, then it's just like prolonging the inevitable.

No. 250228

I say this in the least hostile way, but that really is just projecting.
It’s very easy to stumble upon lolcow.
Tons of regular people use forums and image boards as wind-downs from their regular lives. I find it very sad that you genuinely believe there’s no possible way other people can have lives and also use the internet to have a little fun, because it shows how much your life has probably spiraled. Have some hope for yourself and give people some credit. Not everybody is miserable like you could possibly be.

Or you’re just passive and lazy.

No. 250237

I don't agree that it should be done to every single person you don't want to be around anymore, but
>invalidate your reasons
>cause more drama than slow avoidance
I agree that I definitely have known people like this and ghosting was the better option rather than being truthful with them. Especially if they're narc-ish and think there's absolutely no fault in them at all.
Especially have done this to some men because holy fucking hell have I been punished before for trying to give them "answers." Some people aren't that deserving.

No. 250242

I found the site when I searched for “superraedizzle bad.” Because I dabble in art and she’s really fucking bad. I’m getting my degree, have had successful and loving relationships, and have a large friend group. I also like bitching online because irl I’m sugar and pie, and none of my friends know who any of these cows are.
Maybe some anons are lying but I doubt it’s a widespread issue. Are you a NEET?

No. 250244

I agree with a lot of this.
On the flip side of the coin, so many people who choose to ghost others ARE the narcs, and everyone else is just ~oh so toxic!~ More often than not, narcs map out their friendships based on what they want and when you aren’t performing to their standard (ie babying them, being super attentive while never sharing or expressing your own emotions or needs) suddenly you’re “negative energy.”

I recently got ghosted by a super sensitive friend who is upset that I’m not psychic or intuitive to how she wants me to behave, and I know not to call her out because she’s so into victimizing herself that she’ll say “You’re a narcissist so of course you don’t see anything wrong with your behavior!!!” because she’s into those internet buzzwords when in reality our whole friendship has been nothing but joking and banter and there isn’t a single negative thing I’ve done to her… besides perform up to the standard she wants me too, apparently. Oh well. No skin off my back.

No. 250248

I'm not a NEET, but have barely any friends, so lots of spare time.

No. 250249

I don't "ghost" them, I just tell them I'm extremely busy and gradually start hanging out with them less and less. The way I distance myself, they don't even catch on to the fact I'm cutting them out. It's not hard if you're in school or have a demanding job or hobbies.

Not really, I've just had horrible experiences when it comes to friendships ending on both the receiving and giving end and from my experience/observations, this is the best way IMO.

Yeah, if I'm at the point of not wanting someone in my life, it's almost always because they're narcish, borderline, or some other extremely toxic form of person. I would never do that to anyone who I thought a conversation would fix things with.

This so hard. I've definitely known quite a few people who think everyone else is the toxic one and cause a lot of psychological damage to those who don't deserve it. That's part of the reason I don't like to say anything, but don't really ghost them either. I don't want to wake up one day, realize I was the problem in the relationship, then be plagued with regret and guilt over abruptly ignoring them or telling them what an awful friend they were when I was the shitty one in reality.

No. 250258

I agree it definitely depends on the person, and imo if you are in a relationship with that person please don't ghost them

I dated a guy for 3 years and spent thousands of dollars of my money and time on him, when he started ghosting me I got really worried and started turning neurotic and calling his workplace and contacting his friends and whatnot, I was terrified something bad may have happened to him and was scared for days, every single time my phone vibrated I had this weird spike hoping it was him then being let down, I'd rather him just have told me especially since we had planned for the future

No. 250264

Maybe you could avoid posting pictures of someone who had a very serious eating disorder and might not want to be associated with your messed up preferences for certain BMIs.

No. 250265

samefag but you are a real jackass for posting her pictures in this thread multiple times. If you're so obsessed with her, you know she was really sick in a some of these. Use a model to make your aesthetic point, not someone who openly told everyone on her blog without drama that she was going inpatient to get better. Gross.

No. 250282

Why is everyone on lolcow so sensitive and politically correct now?

No. 250290

anons have no shame and will act like tumblrtards one second and tell people to kys to tumblr the next.

No. 250293

I'm not sure if this would be considered unpopular or not here but here goes. I wish men were the ones who carried children, I have no desire for kids and society makes me feel ashamed for that. When men don't want kids, it's fine and it's a choice. When women don't want kids, they're not fulfilling their duty, they're selfish etc and it's just so much pressure. It's also difficult with relationships as almost every guy wants kids some day, I hate that as women we essentially have an expiry date too.

I'm trying not to let societal expectations or people's opinions bother me, I don't go around shouting about not wanting kids but you see people's opinions on women's who don't want kids all the time and it's just shitty. Sometimes it does get to me and I wish we didn't have this burden forced on us.

No. 250297

This opinion isn't unpopular at all here.

No. 250299

Ugh. I'm so sick of the statement 'when you have kids, you'll understand..'

but i don't want kids!! I'm already 30 years old and i never wanted kids, even when i was 18, I decided.

Women are always expected to have a child. Men will never face that kind of pressure from society. Ever.

No. 250323

Because men can get away with not giving two shits about the child or just straight leaving them, that's why so many have baby fever and they're trying to drill "get married have kids"in womens heads

They want kids over some stupid fantasy shit but dont wanna care for them

No. 250330

I have nothing against bi guys, but I would absolutely never date one. The thought of a man being attracted to other men, especially their penises is disgusting to me.

No. 250345

Me too. I don't find it gross but I'd be jealous that there's something which I'm inherently not gonna be able to ever provide (like a dick). It's petty, I know

No. 250350

Huh that’s a unique one I haven’t heard before. When did you realize this? I’ve never even thought of dating a bi guy before so I don’t know how I’d feel. If I really liked the guy… idk it is a strange thought.

No. 250352

I think most women feel the same way you do, I personally find it to be a turn on I would even be okay with letting my bf have a lover.

No. 250353

I can relate to the lacking a dick part, and feeling like I'm unable to satisfy some part of him too. Though I think that is a little more reasonable, unlike my "eww gross"
I don't know, maybe 3-4 years ago when I first became interested in dating? I think I came to the realization browsing /r9k/ and seeing how many guys are bicurious or into traps, etc and I realized that to me a guy being into that is offputting.
Oh yeah, definitely though I think fujo culture and yaoi to be more open and into those sorts of things. Are you a fujo type?

No. 250356

>are you fujo type?

Not really, I've always wanted to be in a ménage à trois, since I saw Jules et Jim.

No. 250358

I hate big tits.

No. 250359

Their attraction to men is hot to me (usually, weirdly enough my feelings depend on how they look) but I still wouldn't date one. Men are disloyal enough to begin with when only one gender appeals to them, I don't need any increase in competition. I wouldn't feel jealous about not being enough for him because it works both ways but it's just statistically gonna give him more chances to cheat on you.

No. 250381

In this case, because an ana fetishist posted at least four pics of the same eating-disordered girl (who was never in the pro-ana scene and is now doing better) to talk about how beautiful it is to be skinny and delicate and feminine and frail. Obsessed. And tbh the poster sounds like a thinly veiled male. Who else talks about how skinny girls look like they a