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File: 1526985852111.png (1.48 MB, 1359x1010, centipedes.png)

No. 252059

Previous threads:

My unpopular opinion: BIG fan of house centipedes. They are cute, they clean themselves, they kill roaches, and they are more than welcome in my household.

>inb4 t. house cetipede

No. 252061

Who hurt you?
I mean I doubt you’re a model and clearly not a genius. Get better quality bait or a therapist.

No. 252062

Now you're pushing out baseless insults all because you have no actual argument. GG.
And no, no one has to be a model or a genius, but it's just selfish and shitty to know yourself/your partner and your/their family history, then purposely bring someone who has a high chance of being both ugly and completely average (or even below average) because "I want a kid >:((".
If that's what happened to you, I'd hope your life wasn't so cruel that you'd wish the same fate on others. Maybe you should see a therapist, and also practice critical thinking before screeching at people based on emotion.

No. 252063

You're funny.

No. 252064

You don't have child expecting them to be complete failure, I feel bad for your parents. The good thing is you know you should refrain from reproducing.

No. 252065

Lmao is this incel logic?
Some ana chan having a mental breakdown?

What sort of homunculus are you to come up with this bright idea?

No. 252066

File: 1526987178470.jpg (79.8 KB, 664x441, connecticut_school_stabbing.jp…)

You're funnier. Remember, you are angry at someone for saying people like this convicted murderer who killed a girl because she wouldn't accept his prom invite probably should not breed.

If you know you're hideous, not an accomplished person and that heavy mental instability runs in your family, you understand the risks of having a child. If a possible parent can't comprehend that or even consider these possibilities, they are probably acting on impulse, a typically bad decision when it comes to having kids.
>n-n-no u
I'm neither hideously ugly, mentally retarded or an abusive piece of shit (no matter how angry my unpopular opinion made you), so I would be exempt.

More insults? I really must've struck a nerve. Have a good one, lmao.

No. 252067

File: 1526987337090.jpeg (30.8 KB, 244x218, BD3AC4E5-387A-488B-A672-AE705E…)

No really what happened to you?

No. 252068

thread OP is welcome to come to my house and collect all the house centipedes from my home

No. 252069

wtf is a house centipede? ive literally never seen a centipede indoors before

No. 252070

Get your shit together, is it ugly people who should be kicked out of the gene pool or abusive people? Or only people who are both? Stop moving the goalpost.

No. 252071

>I'm neither hideously ugly, mentally retarded or an abusive piece of shit (no matter how angry my unpopular opinion made you), so I would be exempt.
Forgot to add: One of the reasons I'm none of those things is probably because my parents thought things through before choosing to have me, which is most likely, in turn, because they also had parents who did the same. It's not difficult. Think before you have kids, plan ahead so they can live well and you can provide for them, and all that jazz. Parental responsibility is important.

Ask yourself that question.

Why not both? Even just being ugly can lead to mental instability and abusiveness due to outside factors and treatment. I'm not "moving the goalposts" just because you choose not to use your thinking skills, anon.

No. 252072

File: 1526987877261.png (Spoiler Image,136.46 KB, 260x388, qt.png)

pic related

Please appreciate their hard work

No. 252073

It's no uncommon in warmer climates. Scary fuckers.

No. 252074

I don't kill them on sight, but fuck, are those things creepy.

No. 252075

Chocolate is overrated. It's good but not in huge quantities and I really don't get people who think it's abnormal to not want to spread as much nutella as humanly possible on tiny portions of pastries or anything else, really. I like fruits flavored pastries and desserts much more.

Also, having a degree or a high level of education =/= being actually intelligent. I've seen a lot of people with degrees that give them a reputation of being geniuses who are actually really fucking stupid in their everyday life. I also know a lot of people in my college who would have never been able to get even a bachelor's degree if they didn't cheat all the time. Of course they never got caught.

I don't know how unpopular this one is, but I don't like how social media is now. I wish we could go back to forums and communities like in livejournal where you can easily meet people you don't know irl thanks to things in common like hobbies. Know it's either difficult to talk to new people this way or you have to use facebook, which means you most likely have to that with your real face and name plastered on your posts. And by the way, facebook is so ugly that even though it can be convenient sometimes I hate using it.

No. 252076

My first thought was also that Ana-chan is back or the anon(s) who constantly tell girls who cry about something like not getting a bf to kill themselves, because being ugly = not deserving of being alive…

No. 252078

You’ve made your real point enough here that you should be feeling a little bit better about having to leave your cave tomorrow. We get it. you think you’re genetically superior despite displaying a previously unseen level of autism.

(But what hurt your feeling so badly today you felt like arguing the most retarded point you could think of?)

No. 252079

>being ugly = not deserving of being alive…
If you seriously took that from all of my posts (especially since you tried to defend a woman who pushed someone to suicide), you must have zero reading comprehension.
And no, I'm not ana-chan. You'll probably deny it to save face, but her parents probably shouldn't have bred. Oh, well.

No. 252080

This one might be unpopular here.
Very beautiful people are usually mean, narcisistic and two faced. Specially when it comes down to handsome men.

No. 252081

>(especially since you tried to defend a woman who pushed someone to suicide
Not that anon, but tha woman was not really ugly, she looked ok

No. 252082

It’s depressing to think anyone can be that insecure if it’s one of the anachans.

The ones who say that not being model-tier is cause for death usually just seem like self hating girls deciding to play troll.

No. 252083

How can someone reach such a high level of retardation?

No. 252084

??? I never called myself "superior" to anyone, I just pointed out I don't have all the issues I'm talking about because my parents exercised responsibility (something that you despise the thought of for some reason).
I get it, you must feel inferior, guilty and personally targeted even though nobody even called you by name. I hope you develop some self-esteem, I doubt you're as fucked as you think (and if you are, I hope you don't push that unfortunate fate on someone else out of selfishness).
You can reply again with more (possibly projected) accusations of being "hurt" and lame ramblings about being an incel cave dweller ana-chan if it makes you feel like you're in the right.

No. 252085

Calm down and stop derailing the damn thread.

No. 252086

Their insecurity and self loathing ate the parts of the brain that handle rationality?

Since the original argument was based on ‘ugly people are treated badly’ im guessing they’re some poor deformed fucker projecting their insecurity so hard it could be heard on Neptune.

No. 252087

Anon is paranoid and psychotic and believe she wouldn't be kicked out of the genes pool in her very own eugenic fantasy. Kek.

No. 252088

I'm calm. Unlike the person I replied to, I'm not going full autismo and randomly insulting people for their opinions.

Seek help, you sound very unstable and unhappy.

No. 252089

File: 1526989102334.jpg (95.37 KB, 486x330, 93U948projecting.jpg)

No. 252090

TLDR that shit.
I’m not reading a fucking essay to get to your low effort insults. We get it, you’re sad cause you have a bum face and that sucks and I’m sorry your family had to deal with having you around but that’s no reason to think other people are as miserable and mentally slow as you.

No. 252091

your parents should've been more responsible lmao

No. 252093

Can you chill out and stop projecting? You're shitting up the thread with your diaper-shitting rage.

No. 252095

Top argument for abortion walking and talking here amongst us. What an age we live in.

No. 252096

No. 252097

Unlike your quality autistic ramblings about how you think you’re like way better than ugly people cause you’re much much more beautiful and smart than all the other kids on the short bus, therefore eugenics=good..

No. 252099

Yeah, no. I'm not going to bother reading that shit. Tell it to your therapist.

No. 252100

>when your autism actually makes you go back and agree with the person you're REEEEing at, and you think it's clever

No. 252101

Except its established that the very cognitively retarded suffer whereas only you and your parents are sad about you being ugly.

Besides one abortion isn’t eugenics.
Nobody wants to erase a group of people. Just one retarded person.

No. 252102

Wow reduced to recycling an argument against you upthread but in a way that’s not relevant or sensible. Short lived effort Francis Galton.

No. 252103

Still not reading your angry, projecting sperg posts.

No. 252104

I wish we could read infighters's posting history, I bet we would discover a lot of sadness and frustration lmao.

No. 252105

File: 1526989941340.jpg (861.88 KB, 1651x1100, 1522078757676.jpg)

Alright, good luck with that.

No. 252108

Oh, definitely. Especially the samefagging ones who make multiple replies to one post in a short amount of time despite this being a relatively slow board. I've seen it in a lot of threads.

No. 252109

This and, for a still anon implement, knowing the numer of posters in a thread would be nice.

No. 252110

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

Also, I don't care if lesbians won't date me as a bisexual woman, but it sure would be nice if they would stop being paranoid and hostile the second they find out what my sexuality is. They do this, and then blame the fact that I don't care about gender when the relationship turns sour. Even friendships. Because it has nothing at all to do with your shitty personality or high and mighty attitude, of course.

If you don't want to date me because I date people based on their personality and not what's in their pants, or because I'm not a very sexual person in general, fine. If I don't want to date you because of your baggage and hangups, that's also fine. But cut the holier than thou shit.

No. 252113

>What the fuck is going on in this thread?
Good ol' farmer autism. It happens in all these threads, you should be used to it by now.

No. 252115


I guess I'm still a ranch hand.

Also, for the sake of the thread: I really hate it when companies like Doritos try to push Pride or LGBT related shit. It's cheesy and feels fake. I hate that when I say this, people irl look at me like I just suggested harvesting children for their organs. I don't get it. Can't they see they're being pandered to?

No. 252118

Cow's milk is fucking disgusting. I'm okay with lattes and dairy-based treats, but a straight glass of milk is nasty.
I'm not vegan, but there's something kind of gross about extracting breast milk from a whole other species' orifices, especially when you learn about how the dairy industry actually functions and why we have such a nice, constant supply of milk (rape racks).

No. 252119

That's Pink Washing for you

No. 252132

File: 1526996379140.jpg (61.06 KB, 1029x657, 110388.jpg)

Heh, when I was in middle school up north I had no idea these things existed.
In 6th grade one of these scuttled across the floor during a science class between me and the teacher. I thought it was some kind of mutant bug and I just watched it, wide-eyed + silent until it disappeared underneath the radiator. Looked at the teach expecting him to act, he just chuckled. I thought he was nuts for letting that thing go.

Unpopular bug-related opinion: I don't like spider stans and I think people hype spiders to be more useful than most actually are.
Most spiders that wind up getting inside houses just bite the people in them, there's never enough house bugs for them to catch and be useful. If they aren't killed outright, they make a useless web in the corners between walls and ceilings and never catch anything. They become a messy looking hazard at best, and eventually the spider dies so then there's cobwebs to clean up.

I kill spiders on sight. Don't care. The world didn't end because I eliminated a pest. But try telling that to spider stans!

Last year I was in a shitty apartment with really bad door/window sealants so bugs would get inside all the fucking time because the complex didn't do anything about that problem.
Once I was on the toilet and heard really loud clacking on the linoleum.
Guess what it was??? A giant female wolf spider coming for my poopy ass on the toilet.
Spiders are fucking evil.

No. 252141

I live in a country where all of the spiders are completely harmless (The scariest looking is the Giant House Spider and they don't even bother biting) but I'm still terrified of them. I jump when I see one just sitting there, they look so wrong. Something about the way their legs move makes me want to peel my skin off. When they run for their lives, I can feel my heart racing.

I don't kill them though, I normally get my bf to scoop them up and throw them outside. But I could understand why someone would if they were afraid to touch them. I've no reason to fear them, I just do. I honestly think there's a reason that we don't like them and that's normal, it's the people who let them make webs in their houses and treat them like pets that are abnormal!

No. 252142

me too anon, spiders arent dangerous where I live, but they're just creepy. They scare me on an instinctive level. I can't deal with them at all; I'm too scared of them to move them or even kill them so I tend to just try to ignore their existence, or get my sister to kill them. I've found spiders crawling on me multiple times, its horrible.

I also have a big fear of them crawling into my orifices

No. 252158

File: 1527001353548.jpg (76.5 KB, 540x391, tumblr_inline_omdiqqOocG1r10k7…)

I think genuine polyamory is extremely rare and the recent influx of people that are into it now are going to get fucked up psychologically from the lifestyle.

furthermore I can't stand anyone who is bi but insists that they must date both genders at once if they're already in a relationship. the whole 'i know i'm engaged to (gender) but i feel like i'm really missing out on (other gender)' like fuck off don't get engaged in your early 20s then

No. 252160

Ugh, same.

I have a fucked relationship with my mother, I can’t help but see her as a spider. I can’t stand them but I also can’t kill them because depending on how they’re moving (stupid, I know) I sometimes puke when I see them. They are from hell and I have no idea why they evolved to be that shape. They are fucking awful. People who go on about how wonderful they are seem to have loads of edgelord qualities.

No. 252162

I know it's pretty much a sin to say this, but it's way easier to get a date as a woman. I'm trying to help a friend with his online dating and nothing works lol

No. 252164

how is it a sin to say that? that's a pretty widely held belief, anon.

No. 252166

If its a sin around you then you havent been on the board long anon, reason its easier for women to get dates is because men dont care most of the time while women base their attraction alittle bit more before attempting anything.

No. 252168

I've been single for 6 month, I wonder if I should give online dating a try, I know everybody does it now but I find it embarassing.

No. 252169

Well that's the problem, I'm doing my best to help and I'm still failing miserably. My own profile has 1/10 of the effort.

You definitely should! It's worked out pretty well for me.

No. 252203

That's probably because people keep give them a big ego.

I think people who were ugly duckings, but got attractive when they grow up are more humble.

No. 252222

I’m so with you on the social media bit. I miss LJ (I know it still exists, but like you said, it’s not the same) and Avidgamers and the days of active specialized forums that weren’t full of cringe.

No. 252233

File: 1527021375752.jpeg (41.51 KB, 480x360, l4s9o7Bs5D1qzp64qo1_500.jpeg)

IMO, some people need to stop getting emotionally affected by largely personal, unpopular opinions in an unpopular opinions thread. It's like some anons actually only want to see opinions they agree with, and they go on vicious tirades when an opinion offends them.

It's different in the case of Ana-chan and others who deliberately try to bait people by repeatedly posting the same opinion over days, but in cases when someone chimps out and drags their annoyance at an opinion in an old thread to a whole new thread instead of just ignoring it, it's clear there's a problem.

No. 252236

The amount of crybabies taking things personally in these threads is too damn high.
Most of the time the opinions are so vague you'd have to choose to get offended.

It's not like farmers are saying

>"I deeply despise short white 20-something females with brown hair and brown eyes that post on the lolcow /ot/ board!!1"

it's more like lul pregnancy is gross

No. 252239

Love how people totally ignore that tokophobia exists and that a lot of people can associate pregnancy with trauma but you’re automatically labeled a misogynist if you find ANY aspect of pregnancy to be gross.

On that note, I find maternity shoots nauseating. Happy for the mom and the couple, yadda yadda. I understand that a lot of people find it beautiful and that’s great. Good for you. I don’t wanna see your half naked butt all over my FB feed. Frankly, the half nude maternity shoots with the big pregnant bodies make me want to hurl.

No. 252256

oh same about the chocolate thing. and as soon as you mention that you are not such a big fan of it everyone looks at you like you've sprouted another head.

also i'd say getting a degree is more of a proof of persistence or good memorisation or ability to find shortcuts (depending on the studying style) than straight up intelligence (although you could argue being really good at the either of the three is being intelligent). that being said there are some legitimate dumbasses sailing through life on a cloud of luck and or money and i am so jealous.

my unpopular opinion is that nickelback isn't THAT bad and most of the hate is preformative memeing. there are so many shitty dad rock bands, nickleback blends just straight in.

No. 252258

I think absolut vodka is the worst offender, especially since lgbt community generally has higher alcoholism rates.

No. 252262

anon the term "spider stan" is fucking hilarious thank you. I agree though, spiders fucking suck.

I kind of like tarantulas, though. Somehow having hair makes them tolerable to me. I want to get the chance to hold an Arizona Blonde or something at some point and if I can handle it crawling on me I might adopt one.

little tiny house spiders fucking paralyze me with fear though, it's weird.

No. 252263

You're really gonna tell people to cut the holier than thou shit when you pull the whole "Sorry I like people for their personalities and not what's in their pants geeez"

I'm bi and even I find that hearts not parts bullshit condescending and passive aggressive (and low-key homophobic)

No. 252265

I think polyamory is bullshit and proponents oughta stop trying to normalise it or encourage it.
Screwing multiple people isn’t a higher form of love of being it’s just fucking whoever.

Plus there’s the disturbingly frequent crossovers between poly people and furries or other total degenerates.

No. 252270

Agreed. I think a lot of polyamorous people are just emotionally selfish and immature people who use polyamory as a way out of dealing with the compromise and self reflection of a relationship.

Why look critically at your own shitty behavior, when you can just run to a different designated person whenever the current one doesn't cater exactly to your wants. I won't bitch people out for it or anything if they tell me they're polyamorous in person, but I'm definitely rolling my eyes internally.

No. 252271

Just curious what chocolate you’ve tried? I feel like a lot of people think of Hershey’s and shit. And Nutella is sugary butter imo I wouldn’t classify it as chocolate

No. 252280

I was just thinking about that last night omg. Spiders are also cute to me, but they are so fucking useless. Bug carcasses scare me more than bugs themselves and spiders look particularly hideous when they die. Glad that house centipedes eat them too.

No. 252286

Theres a bit of a theme with this one guys

I swear to god theres nothing more annoying than infertile women who use their jealousy to hate on other women who can have kids. I’m sure you’re hurting, but can you stfu about how unfair the world is that some women had abortions or how people dont raise kids to your expectations because your husbands sperm cant find your crusty old egg.

Also, your baby is not a ‘miracle’ if you paid thousands of dollars on medicinal science to get it there in the first place. Its be a miracle if you did it all by yourself

I also saw some pissy women on facebook argueing that women whove had abortions should take their stupid made up “rainbow baby” label.

Its people like this who end up raising fucked up kids too

No. 252289

Agreed anon, and I'm not afraid to throw that bullshit back in their face either.

These barren bitches chew out some poor woman for having an abortion yet they never want to adopt.
>"B-but I want my own biological child!"
Well then maybe look at how ridiculous you sound for criticizing another woman for what she chose to do with her fetus that wasn't biologically yours also.

And you know, being infertile doesn't make them inferior but holy shit do they project enough that it becomes apparent that it's what they see themselves as.

No. 252291

I don't want to have breastfeeding forced on me when I'm eating in a restaurant or café. I'm not going to walk up to a breastfeeding mother and call her a nasty harlot or anything, if it's in a park and in places where there are lots of kids then whatever since it's expected, but I don't want to hear a baby suckling on a teat while I'm eating my double whopper and no amount of yelling how totally butifel and natural it is is going to make me less uncomfortable, sorry lady.

On that note, it's baffling how few people realize that screeching at people on the internet is most likely not going to change their mind. Just walk away from the keyboard etc etc.

No. 252300

>baby suckling on a teat
I have been around many breastfeeding women and I fail to see you would be able to hear the baby drinking from another table

No. 252306

I have been around quite a few myself and it was audible.

No. 252307

Look my man, if you can’t handle a baby having their lunch you should eat your own at home. Nobody is forcing anything on you because it’s not about you.

No. 252308

I think Jordan Peterson has very stupid ideas and I don't see why everyone is holding him up as some new found 'intellectual'.

No. 252311

Same goes for 'open relationships' that's the biggest bull I've ever hear. AKA, let me fuck without you getting mad bout it. /eye roll/

Honestly I HEAVELY doubt that EVERYONE involved is geniunely poly. I think the majority of the time there is one 'dominant parter', and he/she kind of lowkey forces it onto people who love them, because usually if someone actually initiates that shit, it's usually when theyre ALREADY in a monogamous relationship and they want to 'spice things up'. lmao, no, fuck that? That's literally the most manipulative shit. They tr to make YOU feel bad because you don't respect their 'openness' and 'needs' and 'love without boundaries'. They try to make you feel as if you don't love them enough because you don't want to share them? what the fuck? That's not possessive, that's normal fucking behavior.

No. 252314

This is purely anecdotal but ive never met a poly couple where the other person wasnt a complete doormat with no self esteem.

No. 252316

>double whopper

are fast food establishments paradigms of cleanliness and fine dining? i might be on your side if you said you didnt want to see breastfeeding at a five star restaurant. but even then, mind your own business and focus on your food. it is literally possible that you can hear the sounds of a child feeding over the dull noise that is in every single restaurant.

No. 252318

Yup. I knew a guy who brought up the idea to his long time girlfriend. He was the pretentious freshman philosophy major type and of course tried to paint it like this super enlightened thing and she was just being close minded for not even wanting to entertain the idea. I was surprised at her for not giving in because she did seem like the mousey, quiet doormat type. He broke up with her over it, which was a blessing in disguise for her, but totally crushed her self esteem.

I can't imagine springing that on someone well into a committed monogamous relationship. I'd probably break up with my boyfriend for even suggesting it.

No. 252319

I hate furries. I hate when online memesters call people furries for liking/drawing fanart of shows with talking, human-like animals (Aggretsuko, Zootopia, etc. I can't remember the actual word for this) It makes me really uncomfortable. For me, I'm not even sure if furries are zoophiles or just weirdos. Either way, it disgusts me and I hate that it's a meme.

No. 252320


>I think a lot of polyamorous people are just emotionally selfish and immature people who use polyamory as a way out of dealing with the compromise and self reflection of a relationship.

Right on the money, anon. Those are exactly my sentiments. Seems like a copout to me, but I'm a "bad LGBT" for thinkin' that RIP

No. 252322

If you look really closely, you can actually see all the hot air swirling around in his head from all the undeserved attention he's gotten. I disagree with a lot of his ideas, but I don't even think I'd be that mad about it if he didn't so obviously fancy himself a genius because of his cult following. I almost have to respect him for being able to make a fortune off a bunch of idiots by convincing them that his mediocrity, and by extension theirs too, is worth celebrating.

No. 252323

avoid men like that like the plague

No. 252340

They all gross. It’s okay to hate them.

No. 252344

File: 1527050113622.jpeg (52.31 KB, 961x641, 3183ED1E-3454-4056-AA1C-6D9F2E…)

Yeah seriously. Michelle Carter might be a piece of shit, but she’s not hideous. Anon is dumb af regardless but that was a terrible example of someone ugly enough to be sterilized

No. 252347


this is so fucking true every single time. whenever i see cows go poly it always ends like that too. they never work! onions, cyr, every tumblr chick of 2014, they all break up and end up bitter.

its always dysfunctional couple who should have broken up like yesterday. and they bring in new people into the relationship as if its going to fix it. and that never happens. always one of them ends up deeply hurt, jealous, and bitter.

the poly couple and the relationship went like this
>lesbian couple. one of the girls was very pretty but she was a cunt. the other one was an ugly weeb AND a doormat, but her parents were rich.
>pretty lesbian girl is abusive. she's white trash, daddy issues ridden and always takes advantage of gf's money. also constantly tells her she's worthless and ugly for fun.
>pretty lesbian lives off gf for like 2years. whenever ugly gf tries to break up, the abusive gf says she's going to commit suicide and ugly lesbian has to stay in the relationship even though she can't stand her. pretty lesbian is violent as fuck and insane so ugly lesbian is trapped
>pretty lesbian starts cheating with a guy.
>gets caught
>"uuuhhh.. its jjust… i thought we were open? sorry? let's be poly now altough you don't know the guy and you're a lesbian who has never met him"
>rich ugly lesbian completely devasted and heartbroken. but she is so much of a lainey that she follows up with her BS after a few months
>ugly lesbian and guy actually become best friends
>bond over the pretty gf hitting them, verbally abusing them and taking advantage of them and the money they make working. pretty girl is a camgirl for living who does nothing all day but play videogames
>they dump pretty girl out of the relationship
>ugly girl and man get engaged

like just fucking break up?

>pretty girl is still hot as fuck and my lesbian ass stills breaks into sweat when i see her EVEN THOUGH I KNOW SHE'S 100% INSAAAAANE ugh why god why

No. 252348

a house centipede started this thread

No. 252350

I don’t mind when people nurse in public in the same way I don’t mind seeing a baby calf or piglet feeding from it’s mother. Seeing another human reproduce and emulate livestock just reinforces my opinion that we as human beings are just as crude as any other mammal.

No. 252351

You're still obsessing over this? She's ugly without makeup, and a shitty enough human to be sterilized even if you find her cute.

No. 252353

File: 1527051714388.jpg (42.04 KB, 600x501, IMG_20180522_214341_132.jpg)

Spiders are pretty whatever tbh, I could take them or leave them. Flies, on the other hand, get unfairly shat on (not like they care, they're all over that shit). Honestly the whole "they come into contact with feces" thing is so overblown, it's no worse than the menu at a restaurant, or doorhandles, or most likely your phone screen. I was forcefully desensitized to flies via accidental exposure therapy while working in Kenya. After a while the tickling sensation of their feet on your skin is actually kind of pleasant. Also, those images of poor African children with flies in their faces, meant to tug at your heartstrings, those ain't no thang. Obviously the endemic poverty is a tragedy, but your empathetic response to the flies is misguided. Those starving babies don't give a fuck bout them flies. They probably feel nice, they're oblivious to them before they even learn to speak. I've had conversations with locals that would literally have a fly go in and out of their mouth mid sentence without skipping a beat. At a certain point, you look at the fragile aid workers desperately trying to hang bags of water and pennies from acacia branches, and you look at everybody else just going about their day, and you have to decide where you stand. I'm with the shit flies.

No. 252355

Sorry to anyone who actually likes them, but I fucking hate Nirvana with a passion, especially when people who don't actually listen to rock beyond the mainstream lists them as one of their favorite bands. I really don't like how they sound in general, the singer is so unenthusiastic and uninteresting that he kills every song for me, the music and guitars especially sound so flat that it just becomes noise. I think there're much better bands who do the same dirty, deep themes much better, like Tool and NiN, but that's just imo.
Usually I would be fine with that, since there are plenty of bands I don't like, but then everyone and their grandma is like "I listened to Smells Like Teen Spirit once, I love Nirvana!" I find it so stupid that they say they like to listen to that one song that's just 'rape me' over and over again, and then turn around and listen to Taylor Swift sing about boys or Katy Perry sing about getting drunk at a party unironically like that doesn't make them look disingenuous and like a hipster millennial at all. Best example is Halsey, saying she grew up listening to Biggie and Nirvana like she was even a toddler when they were around.
And to top it all off, then they turn around and pretend like it's a giant sin to not like them and consider yourself a music fan in general. In all honesty, fuck people who like shit just bc it's popular and have no real opinions on it, and then shove it down other people's throats since "it's popular!!1!". If you like the band, you like it, but don't force it on other people, man.

No. 252356

File: 1527052676757.png (Spoiler Image,500.56 KB, 4000x2957, Mosquito-PNG-Clipart.png)

Flies only gross me out because they can potentially lay eggs in any food left out. But if there's nothing I'm putting in my mouth then yeah flies are annoying at worst.

Pic related is the real cunt.
>when they buzz in your ear

No. 252358

just the other day I saw a mosquito in the shower after being in for like a full two minutes because I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see it right away. I threw water at it in an attempt to kill it and it got pissed off and flew directly at me before getting fucking obliterated by the shower water. top 10 scariest moments tbh who knows how long that little fucker had been watching me bathe.

No. 252361

I kind of agree with you about your main point.
I used to love Nirvana when I was really young, but I quickly outgrew them and moved onto better music. Haven’t listened to them in years but I can admit that they probably have a genuinely good song or two. I hate Dave Grohl’s band and all of those shitty ass generic rock bands that followed after. You know which ones I’m talking about. They sound like they took a lot of influence from Nirvana.
Tbh a lot of Kurt Cobain’s lyrics are just nonsensical and have no meaning, let alone being “deep,” but they pass enough to seem interesting.
All in all, they were influential but they truly weren’t that good of a band, especially compared to other contemporary artists who carried a similar sound.

No. 252362

File: 1527053962473.jpg (Spoiler Image,652.14 KB, 1280x853, uwu.jpg)

No. 252375

with the past and recent uptick in of suicides of grungey singers i got looking into it and there is a study, a pretty small study but it shows that listening to grunge increases your instantaneous levels of anxiety, hostility and a bunch of other negative things. Now this study doesn't matter so much in itself except that it puts a bit of weight to what is in hindsight completely obvious. This shit genre just made people feel bad, and feel like feeling bad is cool. I can't even listen to soundgarder, nirvana all that shit not because i know the singers killed themselves (which is bad enough) but because now that i'm conscious of it it's really clear that, yep, put it on for about ten seconds and jump right back to the most detached/despairing feeling time you've ever had. Like, what a stupid genre. What a stupid fad. Thank fuck it's gone. I don't want to hear from anyone that other genre's are also 'negative' because it's not the same. Metal is about mortality but it's to make you fear death. Sad music, angry music etc. these are all able to make you feel alive. Grunge just makes you feel like you're already dead, so [Eeyore voice] might as well make it official

No. 252395

I dig them but I’m not gonna try and defend them either. They aren’t deep or even particularly good.

No. 252423


Agree with you 100%.


You could just… put your milk into a bottle and take that with you to the restaurant… literally no need to whip your tit out in public (yes I've seen people do this too). The baby is not a paying customer anyway unlike Anon with their with the double whopper.

No. 252435

They arent Lesbians anon lmao.

No. 252436

>muh baby is EATING!
The baby has no agency. It's a baby. It cannot tell a Burger King apart from a fine dining restaurant. It is the mother who chooses to whip her tit out at a Burger King/restaurant despite there being a plethora of other places she could go, and breast pumps not being a new thing at all.

It doesn't make a difference to the kid but it does to paying customers who go there for the purpose of eating and you know that. Those women know that there are people who would be uncomfortable with screaming babies in a place where people go to relax in general, they just don't care because they're mothers which makes them super special and not like us other plebs. So no, I won't leave since I'm not the one provoking people out of my own sense of entitlement (unless you count anonymous people on the internet, in which case lol who cares).

No. 252439

I mean it makes me a bit uncomfortable when I see it (but babies eating grosses me out in general) but just because I don't like it doesn't mean women breastfeeding are forcing it on me… You sound like someone who gets agressive whenever anyone says something you don't agree with by saying "stop forcing your views down my throat". I've never had a kid but breast pumps look kinda freaky, I'd understand someone not wanting to use one.

No. 252448

>finna give you the succ

No. 252464

Oh my god. Who really cares? Who gets that pressed about something so stupid? Could some breastfeeding be more considerate? Sure. Is it worth getting into a strop over? Not at all. I can’t belive you guys are still going over this. It’s like arguing about eating with your mouth open or chewing loudly. Yeah it’s gross and annoying but if you’re that mad about it, you’re the one with issues

No. 252465

I agree with you, and I'd say that people also shouldn't take their babies and really young children to restaurants, bars or cafés, except fast food restaurants. If I go to a restaurant or a bar I don't want to see or hear a woman breastfeeding her baby but I also don't want to hear chidren screaming and throwing tantrums.

No. 252468

I wish there were more places that don't allow kids. Even a lot of bars do unless it's in the evening. I just hate how people with kids suddenly act like everyone around them has to deal with their choice to breed, but then whines about everything and can't be bothered about anyone else cause being a mom is oh so hard.

No. 252471


I was never a big fan of Nirvana and I still like some of their songs but yeah they just honestly weren't that great of a band and it makes me roll my eyes seeing their Nevermind album get in so many "greatest albums of all time" lists. They were part of an annoying, cringey fad that just produced countless other annoying fads for whiney kids. I read a good blog post not too long ago on this subject, how grunge killed metal and changed a lot of rock genres into whiney stuff. Ever since then I haven't been too much of a fan of grunge, it's a very overrated genre in my opinion, and yeah there are way better bands and genres out there. Nirvana is like rock for kids wanting to listen to old music but not knowing where to start so they stick with the whiney rock crap they're used to lol.

No. 252485

Yeah and not only some parents are so entitled they think they can bring their small unruly kids anywhere and bother others, they don't even think about how some places are just inappropriate for their kids and how their kids would rather be somewhere else than in a bar or fancy restaurant with a bunch of adults having fun with each others or relaxing. They're just doing this for themselves.

No. 252488

Seriously, and I hate when people try to defend it, like what if they can't afford a babysitter. It's an extra $30 at most, if they can't afford that, they they clearly can't afford to drop $80+ going out to eat.

No. 252492

File: 1527087421238.jpg (173.15 KB, 704x672, 1452002706954.jpg)

>this thread

No. 252498

this may come as a surprise to you anon, but most people actually enjoy spending time with their kids and dont want to leave them at home with a babysitter 24/7.

also i agree that parents shouldnt bring their kids to places which are innappropriate for them, but i dont think ive ever seen a small child in a bar or even in a restaurant past 9pm

No. 252500

> but i dont think ive ever seen a small child in a bar or even in a restaurant past 9pm
I've seen that and it's awkward as fuck. Don't think people are exaggerating when saying this, it might be rare but it does happen.

No. 252501

Oh, I have. In the US when I lived there and in Europe. Of course, it’s a lot more common to bring children to pubs here than it was in the states.

No. 252503

that's fine, and it's what family restuarants are for. if i'm spending $100 on a steak i don't want someone's little brat running behind the bar, twice. and kicking and screaming because his parent's never taught him to behave. i could care less if those types of parents enjoy their kids. i don't even hate kids. i went to a chocolate bar on valentines day and there was a group with lovely children who were fine. i think you misunderstand. bratty kids are the issue, but it's because they have shit parents who are also not really welcome.

No. 252506

Well yeah, but the men to choose from are those type of non attractive men that women don't count when saying "I can't get a date." Basically for women "I can't get a date." means "I can't get a date with an attractive guy.".

No. 252507

File: 1527095505589.jpg (52.55 KB, 1051x760, DXqrSRdX0AA3MHJ.jpg)


obviously not anyore lmao but at the time they claimed to be lesbians and that's how we became friends. i just thought it was relevant because the hot gf lesbian literally forced the ugly weeb into a relationship with a guy and it fucked her up during the first few months tbh.

kinda like onion forcing lainey to go bi just so that he could get threesomes and not be accused of cheating. actually exactly like that. they're both bi now obvi lol i just think its funny how that shit ended. they were the type to go on social media and pull that pixielocks shit of "I'M SO GAY FOR MY WIFE!!" like… tumblr bitches lmao i had a crush on both of them at the time i was so mad when they ended up with a man tbh

No. 252509

File: 1527096226572.gif (14.3 MB, 125x125, FAleUOC.gif)

Male to female trans who wants to date lesbian and bi woman because they're "lesbians" = weird sissy porn obsessed crossdressing men who couldn't get laid as dudes but still obsessed with getting laid

Female to male trans who wants to date gay men because they're "gay men" = weird fujoshi fetishist fag hag bitches who desperately want to be in a gay fanfiction

as for straight trans people = eh whatever

No. 252514

I hate that being "given away" is still a standard wedding tradition. It has such gross connotations but somehow it's still a thing. I don't want my father to walk me down the isle at my wedding but I know telling him that would upset him because it's fucking expected.

No. 252515

This is the unpopular opinions thread anon, not the sky is blue thread.

No. 252521

I think girls whose only friend is their bf are kinda pathetic. It's like your only redeeming quality is your pussy. If you didn't have it you wouldn't even have your boyfriend.

No. 252525

File: 1527098970618.jpg (191.89 KB, 946x954, actually cute jill that was at…)

share unpopular cow opinions

>the cyr/mina/dasha/edwin thread should exclusively be a dasha thread. the other 3 are not milky at all compared to dasha and it seems pointless to discuss them

>pixieelocks didn't have a real ED. if she was ever underweight, it wasn't by much. and it didn't last at all, she wasn't in danger since she was so young and clearly not spoopy level. like she has a handful of skinny pics and they were photoshopped: wannarexic antics. she seems like the type who made a proana account, used it for a few months and now will claim for the rest of her life that she has totally real ED who totally haunts her to this day guys. i don't take it seriously. she's a follower, from her emo era to her lolita era to whatever. she just had a shortlived pro ana era during her emo days so now she will never shut up about it. i'm the same height as her, i know she was not dangerously skinny ever lmao.
>abby brown seems legit off the rails to the point i feel bad for her. also her emo looks are kinda impressive in a retard way. like, she's not a thot claiming to be goth because she has a black tshirt and purple lipstick. no, she's emo and she's as emberrasingly emo as possible. legit wonder how she finds some of that ugly outdated shit. makes me nostalgic and even though its ugly i can't hate it because she seems insane and the effort that goes into her crackhead emo looks just amazes me.
>i feel bad for aly_sjourney since her ED seemeed super serious and sad. i can't even make fun of her because her ana chan pics are so depressing
>that stefany lauren thread seems suspicious. i thought it was popular because she had gone viral or something. that she was getting featured in shit and getting invited to events for her fake looks? but i read it and its a boring nobody. she has 7,000 followers on instagram. my SO has more on a private insta account for drawings of cats like… i don't see who is taking that much effort to stalk her every social media post when she's not popular or insane or milky. reeks of self posting or vendetta
>lainey was cute when she first cut her hair short. when she had a pixie haircut, dressed normally and didn't use dragqueen makeup. i liked it. she gross now tho
>a lot of fakebois would make cute ass fuck lesbians if they stopped pretending to be gay dudes wtf
>everything soren said was a lie and trying to figure it out "what was true and what wasn't" is completely pointless. also i don't like that most people in the threads call her a "he".

No. 252534


I've heard this tripe irl too, not really an unpopular view sadly. Every time I'm just like… sorry that you only attract thirsty fuckbois and beta orbiters.

No. 252538

Mine love it but he's a big cuddle machine.

No. 252561

>I think a huge portion of the UK weebs thread is friends of theirs
>some of the anons in the Kelly Eden thread are straight up creepy and it's gross how they hide behind ~board culture~ as if that somehow makes it less weird
>a lot of anons in general are obsessive to stalker-tier levels over some of the cows and I wasn't the least bit surprised to see how many replies that "unhealthy obsessions with people" thread has
>Anisa really isn't that interesting at all and I don't understand how she has so many threads

No. 252599

>the shoe0nhead's recent hard-on for brittany venti is embarrassing. "omg brittany i know you're reading, please tweet this". she's just another girl who wants to be the alt rights new waifu and actually is alt right unlike june who just panders to whoever's giving her money at the time. they sound like any twitter feed of guys trying to decide which of the 5 girls they kind of listen to is most likely to fuck them
>the confetti club posts are definitely funny sometimes but usually i just feel bad. a lot of them are just embarrassing girls who really don't have a lot going on for them, at least they have a private group to be embarrassing in and keep it contained
>the general opinion that venus is actually alright and it's just margo who's a crazy bitch is pretty kind on venus. she's been manipulative and weird lately and only seems normal in comparison to her batshit mother

No. 252625


No. 252627

I've been on the shoe0nhead shit since the first thread, and I'm so disappointed with what it's become. Literally just the Anisa thread 2.0. Newfags screaming "I'M GONNA MAKE A VIDEO," every 10 seconds, newfags trying to get brittany senpai to notice them, and non-stop derailing about old, OLD shit (which they don't bother to sage)… ugh, I can barely even read them anymore. It's a shame because she's one of the milkiest cows on this site, unlike pear.

No. 252635

More of a general thing, but I hate how quickly threads will derail about how fat/ugly/thin/old-looking a cow looks. Talking about their looks is to be expected, and I'm guilty of it myself, but it's a pain in the ass to scroll through all the nitpicking to get to the actual content. There's only so many times a person can read the same insult before getting bored.

I agree with you about Soren and aly_sjourney. There's nothing amusing about aly_sjourney's thread, it's just sad.

Anisa is really boring and no one has been able to properly explain why she's such a popular target here. Tried reading through her threads and watched the embarrassing Pearfax video, but nothing was interesting especially compared to the other cows on this site.

Someone in the thread said they'll compile an imgur album of her cringiest old moments, so the derailing about that stuff should end soon enough.

No. 252636

The Anisa thread only started because a bunch of farmer were thirsting after Ian and it made them jealous to see him in a relationship. You can even see a shift in older thread from "Ian is best boy" "idubbbz is bf material" to "he's ugly and a beta" after she got in the picture.

No. 252641

this post contains truth
its pretty telling how her whole thread is pretty much nitpicking her looks ("i'm prettier than her!") and calling her a ho

No. 252654

i think crocs are cute.

No. 252655


>Dolly Mattel is not ugly lbr

No. 252661

they're not dating now so what's the excuse now?

No. 252669

>people speculating about whether aly's ed was "real" because she was only a spook for a year or whatever is useless. people receiving or seeking intervention for their illness instead of languishing in it for a decade doesn't indicate there was never a problem there in the first place, and the girl is obviously incredibly disturbed anyway. honestly i think this argument is only brought up so much for people to circlejerk their EDs being more "real" than hers.

No. 252682

File: 1527118568700.png (2.21 MB, 1440x1429, 1441247256045.png)


people's opinions change tho. i used to find ian attractive and even said so in the early threads. but when cc started becoming massive he started looking greasier and gross. and i started noticing things about his personality that i didn't like. so i became one of those "fuck that ugly beta cuck" anons. he annoys the fuck out me now and strikes me as a manchild, anisa can keep him. same thing with cyr even. its pretty normal to stop finding someone attractive once they become annoying.


people bend over backwards to believe jill's fake ED but don't believe aly was anorexic? what the fuck? i don't get the threads, her relationship with food is obviously fucked. i don't follow ana cows, but it sounds like fatties lurk jill threads while the (ex?)skeletons lurk ana chan threads. i actually tried reading her first threads but seeing her spoopy pics triggered the fuck out of me, and then when i read the new ones and saw everyone saying she was getting fat and ate like shit i just got weirded out. i truly don't get it.

No. 252692

Why is she even considered milky? I've read a few of her threads and I genuinely don't get it. She just seemed like a pretty standard ana-chan before she gained weight.

No. 252693

>it sounds like fatties lurk jill threads while the (ex?)skeletons lurk ana chan threads

basically yeah. following up on that with another thread opinion, i think the proana scumbags threads are full of selfposters, not just tilly.

No. 252697

i think that voat fph humor is crude and boring, it comes off like a bunch of middle school boys discovering fat jokes for the first time.
>inb4 reee fatty lose weight

No. 252701

What are you talking about? They're still together

No. 252705

File: 1527123937307.jpg (44.62 KB, 723x542, Dd45sozVQAAjQsP.jpg)

girls who like yuri
>probably smell good

girls who like yaoi
>fat weirdos
>ugly as fuck
>obsessed with gay man
>haven't showered since september of 2010

No. 252707

honestly more like

girls who like yuri
>99% chance of being a greasy, disgusting tranny
>the remaining 1% is straight or bisexual females who are only into it to impress males or to seem special (lesbianism is trendy on tunglr rn)
>ali express maid outfit
>d.va cosplay
>definitely a whore

girls who like yaoi
>might be a lesbian
>or a batshit straight girl who larps as a gay man
>wears the same jacket every day
>wears the female equivalent of autism shoes

anyways, anyone who likes homosexual anime shit outside of jojo and/or sailor moon is lame.

No. 252712

holy shit the yaoi one is spot one, me and my friend were exactly like this in high school save for the gay man larping

No. 252713

top kek anons
all my friends who read it don't fit that description tho
it's more like girls who call themselves fujoshis who end up being greasy and cringy af

No. 252714

I much prefer the fatlogic sub on reddit. It’s not about the people who are fat it’s the shitty info they spread. Fph was just pure vitriol. Sometimes I wonder how many of them are secretly obese or anorexics.

No. 252717

uhh what, I can't stand lesbians/bis who are hardcore into yuri, they tend to be embarrassing and cringey as fuck. They also seem to have no idea how actual women act and remind me of trans girls that fetishize women.

No. 252718

File: 1527126856326.jpg (25.34 KB, 472x400, 91535_175707_1.jpg)

kek did you guys rock sketchers, asics, or new balances?

some of the fujos at my school also used to sit like L from death note, obsess over symmetry to be like Death the kid (which was hilarious because it made them look like literal autists), pull their jacket sleeves over their hands to make them look smol and kawaii desu, and one I was friends with said something like "i love u like grell loves bassy, anon-senpai uwu" to me one time. ngl i liked it

No. 252723

my friend wore New Balance, I wore Vans because I wanted desperately to look normal lol. We did the sitting like L and obsessing over symmetry thing though.

No. 252751

Sorry to make you clarify anon, It just gets annoying that 'Lesbian' gets thrown around alot (and gay) and then suddenly you're reading words like 'man' 'boyfriend' (and generaly clear hetero things) and nobody says anything, hope you find a cutie out there who isnt a doormat nor a manipulative monster!

No. 252768

I didn't know New Balances were considered autist shoes lmao. I wear them and I find them cute and fashionable.

No. 252775


What's so autistic about these shoes well the color isn't pretty but since when are shoes primarily intended for exercise "pretty", they look like standard running shoes for girls. Where I live even "Stacy" type girls wear this type all the time, not just when running. Am I really surrounded by autists?

No. 252782

File: 1527156647876.jpg (138.52 KB, 1203x1392, 37xkv4l329rz.jpg)


not the anon but the issue isn't the shoe, it's what they represent. they're grood for excersise! ugly af but comfy i'm that stacy wearing it for my morning jog. but the shoes (outside of exercise setting) are a known stereoype. in high school everyone is finding their personality and doing cool new shit with their hair, makeup, scene and style in general. but without a fail theres always that one awkward as fuck girl who

>dresses like mom still picks their clothes for them

>wears no makeup because they don't know about makeup
>wears those ugly running shoes because they don't know about shoes
>no fashion sense whatsoever
>has her hair in some ugly ponytail or doesn't do her hair at all and just has it long as fuck and ugly
>is into some super dorky internet culture thing like harry potter, yaoi or cringy fanfiction
>probably no friends
>dorky nerd or stupid as fuck

No. 252785

My HS self feels so called out and shamed by you girls.

But it was a fun phase while it lasted so no regrets.

No. 252793

File: 1527159249876.jpg (384.36 KB, 1600x1067, sneans.jpg)

it depends on the person wearing them. you can tell when someone is wearing athletic shoes because they like the aesthetic or are athletic, and when they're doing it because they don't think about shoes at all.

my best friend in high school was this exactly except swap out the woodwinds for a violin and the cross for "I ONLY BELIEVE IN SCIENCE AND LOGIC" lmao

No. 252800

File: 1527160303336.jpg (104 KB, 610x610, clothes-cute-fashion-jeans-Fav…)

>outside of exercise setting

A real Stacy can wear them as a casual shoe and make it work.

No. 252801

exactly, its not the shoe by itself, its the whole package

No. 252805

>one I was friends with said something like "i love u like grell loves bassy, anon-senpai uwu" to me one time.
Did she said uwu out loud? Because I can totally imagine that. But I feel you, I was mostly friends with girls like that in high school, some of them were itas or greasy goths, and even though I liked them a lot I couldn't help but find them cringey.

No. 252807

7 years past high school and I'm still that awkward girl

I honestly don't give a fuck. Maybe find something better to do with your time than constantly judge others by their looks, you vapid whores.

No. 252808

You should stop being bitter, go get a haircut and some nice clothes, it makes life way easier.

No. 252811

>I honestly don't give a fuck
you really don't sound like you don't give a fuck

No. 252813

File: 1527162305488.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, IbPGYG0.gif)

>I honestly don't give a fuck
>you vapid whores

No. 252820

>in high school everyone is finding their personality and doing cool new shit with their hair, makeup, scene and style in general.
>dresses like mom still picks their clothes for them
>wears no makeup because they don't know about makeup
>has her hair in some ugly ponytail or doesn't do her hair at all and just has it long as fuck and ugly
I was like that in high school because I wasn't allowed to use makeup or do anything to my hair, and I couldn't afford anything in the first place anyway. That explains why the rich spoiled kids at my school (so basically everyone) thought I was a weirdo I guess. I'm still a bit salty I couldn't experiment with fashion like everyone else.

No. 252821

No. 252825

File: 1527167008935.jpg (21.24 KB, 472x400, 88213_168559_1.jpg)

It has to do with the type of new balances. Some are very cute, but if you're wearing the kind from walmart that look like children's shoes after grade 5, you're wearing autism shoes.

Sketchers are pretty much always autism shoes though.

No. 252827

I'm a massive fujo (and a lesbian who wears autism shoes, you got me) yet I agree with this. The Yuri part is goddamn spot on because the ONLY people I see reading yuri are pervy autogynephilia trannies with thigh-highs and slutty ~not like other gurls~ girls trying to bend over pleasing men.

No. 252834

furries are nasty deviants. It's okay to hate them, most normal people view them as laughing stocks anyway lol

No. 252841

File: 1527173422570.gif (924.06 KB, 320x229, 1495159710936.gif)

>"This mega huge event is happening and it'll be absolutely life-changing!"
>What is it?

>"Ugh I'm so angry and depressed about thing thing…"

>What is it?

You know I excused this shit back when social media was new and people were younger, and everyone was just trying to get some attention.
But if people are in their 30s and still treating their friends and familiy like a Youtube fanbase with these literal clickbait "statuses" and "updates" then they can fuck right off.
Sometimes I feel like saying 'nevermind, I don't care anymore.' When they do that. It's dismissive and rude as shit when people publicly tease something going on in their lives but want to keep people on a string for more attention for themselves later. I'm not their fucking supply, they can go fuck themselves if they wanna treat me like a number.
>b-b-but anon this is socially acceptable!

No. 252848

I'm pretty sure this isn't an unpopular opinion because every sane person on the earth hates vagueposts on social media.

No. 252850

No offense but are you either 17 or a 28-year old stuck in high school mindset?

No. 252882

I don't know if it's unpopular on lolcow but it seems to be unpopular on the internet, it's one of the worst trigger for the manosphere tbh, kek.
I think size matters and I think big dick are more pleasurable than small one.

>inb4 cheap incel bait!

I know no one wants to hear it, but it's my truth and I wonder if the majority of other women feel the same way or not. You just can't tackle this subject online without a horde of bitter male crying about the mean women who have no control about how their genital work but are still mean for getting more pleasure from a big cock.

No. 252884

I love me some big dick too.

No. 252885

i dont love big dick honestly. i think it depends on the person.

No. 252886

are you still in high school anon? where the fuck do you think you are?

No. 252888

Aw, I remember being in highschool I had a tight group of friend, didn't gave a fuck about boys and dressed like an autistic kid I guess, those were sweet times.

No. 252890

i dont like big dicks but ugly dicks are a dealbreaker for me

No. 252891

Sex is boring and I fake it everytime. I’ve never been into it. But I’m in a happy loving relationship so it’s a sacrifice I’ll make happily for my partner. It’s not rape because I’m giving consent, but honestly, secret I’ll never tell anyone: I don’t like being touched, looked at, or fucked. I considered for a time that I might be asexual but I think tumblr ruined all labels for me, so, here I am. I feel guilty as fuck for faking with my partner, but I know the honesty would compromise their happiness more than pretending. I’ve always been really good at pretending I’m normal, and pretending sex doesn’t repulse me is part of that, pretending it’s okay for people to look at me, and pretending that I’m fine with being touched (this is the worst one, even in a non-sexual setting). No past trauma that I’m aware of, and I’m not asking for advice, this is what works for me. I’ve dated a number of people and it’s always the same, I love loving and being loved and, no exaggeration, but i would die for my partner. I can’t really express what would satisfy my needs in a relationship, because it wouldn’t be fair to any partner. But some days I truly wish I was a ghost, not dead, but unseen, involved, and left alone at the same time.

No. 252909

That story had a really satisfying ending actually.

Also unpopular opinion, someone else might have said this already but:
I don't get the fucking hype around dogs. They smell awful no matter what, and have no concept of boundaries. They're needy and overwhelming and they constantly are vomiting, shitting, or eating their own or other animals shit, vomit, tampons, any disgusting thing, the more disgusting the better. And then people let them sleep in bed with them while they fart noxious gas clouds from eating all the feces, vomit, pine cones, and dead birds and rats.
And then, people act like you're Literally Hitler if you don't let their dog deeply french kiss you.
People only like them because its a source of constant validation, both from the dog who doesn't know better, and from other Dog People who pour thousands and thousands of dollars into trying to save the damn things when they become more tumor than healthy tissue and can't walk anymore.
They're also completely inappropriate to have in cities. Imagine if narcissists decided to ride horses down city streets for attention, that's how impractical and outdated keeping working dogs is.

No. 252910

do you enjoy masturbation anon? asking cause im genuinely curious, plus you sound a bit like me.

No. 252912

>And then, people act like you're Literally Hitler if you don't let their dog deeply french kiss you
who fucking does this?
People only like them because its a source of constant validation, both from the dog who doesn't know better, and from other Dog People who pour thousands and thousands of dollars into trying to save the damn things when they become more tumor than healthy tissue and can't walk anymore.
They're stupid but people do the same for their cats? Even on here you see more people BAWWing about poor Mittens having liver cancer and having to be put down. Maybe both kinds of pet owners genuinely love their animal companions? Sounds crazy, but so do you for thinking either side is "better" for having a pet with a different temperament.

Just fucking get whatever pet you like best and shut the fuck up, seriously.

No. 252916

Damn, you're triggered. This is the unpopular opinion thread sweaty, go put some more peanut butter on your crotch

No. 252917

lol anon you made a dog person mad

No. 252919

I also see myself in a lot of the stuff you write, anon, only in my case I eventually broke up with my boyfriend because while I loved him, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep doing something I hated even to make him happy for the rest of my life.

It would be interesting to have a thread for people with low libido/no sex drive on here, actually.

No. 252922

i seriously hate in public bathrooms where a baby changing station is out in the open, usually a few feet away from the sinks. i don't get why it's such a big deal to prefer a changing station was in a stall and not want to be around that when you're washing your hands but some reactions i've had would make you think i've said babies are cancerous.
>you'll understand when you have your own baby!
whether or not i'll have a baby i'm pretty confident i'll still understand that people don't want to be around shit when it can be put in a stall, whether or not there's a mother cooing about how cute it is

No. 252924

Agreed, I hate dogs and always have. Dog people are shit too as we can see here: >>252912

No. 252926

>And then, people act like you're Literally Hitler if you don't let their dog deeply french kiss you.
This is not a thing. Why do people always exaggerate like crazy and make up shit to justify their disdain for dogs and their owners? There's actual reasons to dislike dogs without pretending you're somehow oppressed by the evil dog Nazis.

No. 252927


I love dogs - almost all animals actually. But I don't let them sleep in my bed. I think people try to replace human relationships with dogs and then it gets weird and kinda obnoxious. I'm always a little suspicious of people who don't like dogs but I will admit that they're kind of gross.

I hate "dog moms"

No. 252928

>anon spergs about dog people, stating insane shit most dog people never do, comparing owning a dog while living in a city to owning a horse
>someone spergs back wondering who tf does this, points out cat people can act the same way
>lol dog people are so triggered, go let a dog eat you out

I hate insane dog people as much as the next person, but I find it impossible to believe there's a bunch of people who act as if you're hitler if you don't let a dog french kiss you, what even are these people on about? Or is this just one of those randos who wanna start infights to shit up lolcow

No. 252929

The thing I don't understand is that some dog owner are annoying but the vast majority are just regular people who have other shit going on in their live, on the other hand people who hate dog are extremely obnoxious about it and unironically act like they're oppressed by a grandma walking her Maltese around the block.

No. 252930

I've also never known a poly relationship where the dynamic wasn't super toxic. I think it's possible, but both parties have to be actually okay with it, establish strict rules and stick to them, and also I don't think it's possible for it to be healthy if it's a total free for all where you can just fuck whenever/whoever you want like most people do.

No. 252932

I hate how feminist has become an insult, when you point out sexism people laugh and screech feminist to gaslight

This is small, but I hate when people use the word females casually then later use the word men in the same sentence. It wouldn't be a problem if 99% of the people who talked like this weren't almost always sexist

No. 252936

I think many men who claim to have been in an abusive relationship were probably just cowards with victim complexes

No. 252938

more like they weren't the dominant force in their relationship which in their minds means that the woman was evil

No. 252939

File: 1527195736343.jpg (43.08 KB, 619x960, 1519162274582.jpg)

I think cats are 1000 times cuter than dogs and that the average cat is smarter than the average dog. Not like poodles or border collies, but your average lab or beagle. I also think that the affection from a cat is a lot more meaningful than the affection from a dog.

No. 252940

Bingo, I knew a guy that claimed to be a rape victim because he got drunk and got fucked in the ass by another drunk guy

I think its good men can express emotion but the thing I hate about it is the vast majority of men who do it are complete pussies and want to be whiney victims and use tears to manipulate, once I gave a guy a ride after work and he started bursting down in tears because I pushed him away when he tried grabbing me, I've seen men call women pieces of shit for not having sex with them when they're dating and one said she wouldnt have sex due to religion and that she was lazy… Or men who claim abortion oppresses them and not being able to have freebies mean courts hate men, I wish men were actually fucking oppressed and everyone didn't baby them, they're worse than tumblr feminists

No. 252943


Do you autists know what hyperbole is? It IS obnoxious when dog people get prissy when you don't enjoy their stinking slobbering yapper jumping up on you, licking you with their shit breath and smearing fecal effluvium all over your face, hands, or personal belongings. I wish more people were vocal about hating dogs, dog-loving culture is out of control and I'm sick of it.

No. 252945

Not to burst your bubble, but dogs have over twice as many neurons as a cat, so a dog is smarter than a cat.

Unpopular opinion, I think both cats and dogs are equally great. I actually think all animals, including reptiles and bugs, are great.

No. 252946

>people who hate dog are extremely obnoxious about it and unironically act like they're oppressed by a grandma walking her Maltese around the block
Literally where, when, how?

If you just go for one longer walk, you're very likely to encounter some dog owner who's pet is either sniffing at you, barking at you or even attempting to lick you.
I always tell them that I don't want this, because I'm allergic to fur and also am very much scared of dogs. But no matter if you're an adult or even just a little child, they'll never hold it back and instead go "He's a very nice one! No need to be scared, he doesn't bit hehe." "Oh he likes you! Look, he's even kissing you!"

To somebody who finds dogs cute or has one themself = fine, but if I state that I dislike this or when my mother used to ask them to hold it back because her young children are scared of it "B-but why???"

Everybody would be lying if they said that this hasn't happened to them already. So how can you say that dog "haters" are worse? Do they just randomly walk up to families and annoy and scare them? You'll only encounter people who openly express that they dislike dogs very rarely or not at all irl, this only might happen online, but then it's of course by far not as bad.
So no, I don't feel "oppressed", but the majority of people like or even have dogs, so you shouldn't act as if you are either.

You always have to remember: many dogs are taller than little children. Is it justified to be scared of something that's bigger than you, is stronger than you and has a much bigger mouth than you? I'd say yes. So why is it so hard to understand for these adult dog owners, that if somebody voices fear, they need to react and not laugh?

No. 252947

File: 1527198853308.gif (836.21 KB, 500x278, tumblr_o4sp8jHY2T1s21xzoo1_500…)

>the average cat is smarter than the average dog
I absolutely agree. I think it's kind of pathetic that dogs listen so well and do (nearly) everything you say. (But of course not training them would be dangerous as well, so…) If you throw a stick, they'll run and bring it back. If you were to tell them to jump fom a bidge some might even do it out of blind obedience.
A cat however has its own free will. So even if a cat isn't as affectionate as often as a dog, at least you can be sure that it really means it and does it on its own accord and imo that's a lot more human-like, which is nice.

No. 252948

>Literally where, when, how?
In this thread

No. 252949

haven't studies shown that dogs are on average smarter than cats? beagles are fairly smart breeds, too.

but cats are cuter for sure though. pretty much every breed of cat is adorable, whereas dogs vary so drastically. i wish i wasn't allergic because i'd adopt one in a heartbeat.

No. 252950

File: 1527199616908.gif (284.18 KB, 400x239, tumblr_n1cgyv5F6j1trmkp7o1_400…)

>tfw I had an awesome black cat as a child who would fetch, cuddle, and listen to commands but it died due to retarded biological dad who said it got eaten by a fox outside

But in reality, the cat probably just got hit by a car. I hate it when people let their cats outdoors. Damn I'm still salty about my cat…

No. 252951

Then please continue reading, because I also wrote
>You'll only encounter people who openly express that they dislike dogs very rarely or not at all irl, this only might happen online, but then it's of course by far not as bad.

I know this is getting old, but if this is bothering you so much or if you don't like it her , then why don't you simply go offline?
(Not going outside to never encouter dogs and their lovely owners ever again is sadly not possible for us people from the other end of the stick…)

No. 252952

File: 1527199672683.gif (1 MB, 335x249, 2a81b75fdc52ec762f9ccb886135b8…)

To add some more reasons why I prefer cats over dogs:

I love how agile they are, knowing they could slip/run away whenever they feel scared/threatened. While dogs (especially small ones) seem so helpless, like they can't move their legs all the way.

Their voices are more pleasant/less disturbing.

Also cats smell less.

No. 252953

>she wouldnt have sex due to religion and that she was lazy
i've heard the "wouldn't have sex because she was lazy" so many times from drunk dudes at parties talking shit and it's baffling. so they'd rather get sex that their partner has to treat as a chore? gross.

No. 252954

yep, and the last man-hating thread thing where the guy was bragging about how before womens rights happen "if a woman didn't want sex you threw her lazy ass out and the cunt starved to death"

these men, you can tell they're absolutely shitty in bed or are unattractive, the fact they see sex as a chore just proves how much they suck at it

if a guy rejected me the last thing I'd be thinking about is how "lazy" they are, or maybe they expect women to do all the work or something? who knows, I don't know why any man would openly state that women who don't have sex with them are lazy, since it's pretty much just like putting a blinking red "avoid me" sign on them

No. 252956

Thats exactly what they think. Look at all the articles saying that women should have sex when their husbands wants to because it is their duty. Or that having sex when you do not want to is a part of a "compromise" in a relationship. Even after birth when you are sore and dry from breastfeeding, you are expected to give sex to "keep the intimacy" going, while your husband does fuck all to keep you comfortable and happy.

No. 252958

File: 1527200697488.png (274.42 KB, 619x345, 4835867-1181707650-Jason.png)

Jason Dean did nothing wrong.

No. 252959

>who fucking does this?
No one does this. and now Anon is mad that multiple people are calling her out for building up a stupid straw man.

No. 252960

Yes but facts don’t matter, only feels.

No. 252963

I do think dogs are smarter just in terms of being able to learn and understand things but I prefer the intelligence and disposition of cats

No. 252964

I think cats can be big on personality, but in general, they are better pets. don't have to walk them or train them not to jump on you or bite you. I know cats can bite, but the damage a big dog can do vs a cat is not the same.

I think cats in general are smarter and cleaner pets. They are loyal to a degree, but not stupidly unconditional like dogs.

No. 252965

lol yup I have a friend who's always going on about how abusive his ex was. She was toxic and a shitty person but he was a doormat and was with her for convenience. She wasn't a violent or vindictive person at all literally the worst thing that would've happened if he left her is that things would've been awkward in our friend group for a while. So many men seem to think shitty women are automatically abusers.

>the vast majority of men who do it are complete pussies and want to be whiney victims and use tears to manipulate
agreed, I don't want men to have to bottle things up but at the same time it's fucking annoying having to manage other peoples' emotions.

No. 252967

File: 1527205806844.jpeg (96.43 KB, 750x921, 3D3217E9-BEE6-4E49-97EC-BFA4E2…)

I think the thing is that different pets will appeal to different people. It’s not a personal affront to you if someone prefers dogs and you don’t or vice versa.

I love cats. I’d love to own some but my apartment is leased by a woman who is allergic and she said no, but I could have dogs. I love my dogs. I think they’re different animals with different pros and cons. I like being able to train my dogs but I like the individuality of cats. I like going on walks with my dogs but I also like the low-maintenence of cats.

It’s ok to like them both, it’s not a war. And it’s ok for people to not like or want the kind of pets you have. And insulting animals or being nasty just makes you look ignorant and mean. You can dislike something without attacking it.

>don't have to walk them or train them
I get that is appealing to some people. But don’t forget some people enjoy daily walks and the challenge of training.

No. 252979

Tbh I think the whole thing about how "women are allowed to show emotion and men aren't" isn't entirely true, which makes it more annoying when people will often use that as an example of sexism against men or something.

Sure, people might think a guy is weird or a pussy for bursting into tears in public. But think of all the depressing, navel gazey, self pitying art, literature, & music that men make that's so often praised. Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Van Gogh, even fuckin Drake made things that may seem whiny or put their emotions on display and get tons of money and praise for it.

Plus, anger is an emotion. People always seem to forget that when they talk about how everyone suppresses men's emotions. Nobody seems to be doing much to suppress anger in men, that's for sure.

I've also had so many of my guy friends come to me, or our other female friends, to dump their emotional baggage onto us and talk about all their problems. But they very rarely do the same for us.

Plus emotion is definitely not always accepted and welcomed with women. Our anger is almost always considered to be more unreasonable and emotional than men's. And our tears are not always welcomed with understanding and open arms. We also feel pressure not to cry in front of others, or at least I certainly do. I feel like when we do get emotional like that, it's often used as "proof" of our supposed overly sensitive and irrational nature. Or it's perceived as being manipulative or deceitful.

I definitely wish men could feel more in tune with their emotions and be able to emotionally mature much sooner in life, but idk why they pin the fact that they can't and don't on us like some big gotcha to feminism. Like…we didn't do that to you?? And our emotions are used against us as well. More often I see men enforcing stoicism on each other rather than women doing it to them, so why don't they take it up with their fellow dudes if it bothers them so much

No. 252980

I don’t think being thin is the holy grail to life, and I don’t get the obsession about it.

No. 252984

I agree, it's not a war. And I apologize if i sounded very blunt. I enjoy dogs as well, but cats have that low maintenance that i also like.

I think dogs are great for people who are very active and athletic. I think dogs are terrible for people who don't want to get up and walk them daily and it makes me angry to hear stories about people who get dogs just to stick in their purse and show them off like accessories. Dogs deserve love and they give a lot back.

No. 252985

>people often forget anger in an emotion

Exactly. When they talk about men's emotions, they always forget the number thing a lot of men have, which is anger and aggression. Sure, they won't cry during a sad movie because society says tears are weak ( for some stupid fucking reason,) and they'd rather hold in their poison.

No. 252988

I believe that women are the master-race and we should offer them reparations

No. 252993

I'm a thin person (112lbs, inb4 some untreated ana-chan calls me fat), and I recognize thin privilege exists. I know this because I've been fat before (165lbs). I'm not any healthier now, but people still treat me better because I straight up just look better.
I don't know why it's even an argument.

No. 253000


agreed went from obese BMI to 19. mostly what changes is how men treat you. which is funny since its always the men the ones that claim fat people aren't harrassed for being fat.

when i was fat all men were super rude to me for absolutely no reason. because, since you're not fuckable to them, you might as well be dead. i got rude comments on the street, to my face, and was made fun of relentlessly for anything i did because everything looks ugly on a fat chick. now i'm skinny and literally none of that shit happens anyomore and no one is rude to me unless they're narc bitches. men are nice and friendly and if i get called out on the streets its not because they're going to insult me (altough i fucking hate catcalling and its super common where i live so i have to get used to it).

no, you don't have to want to fuck fat chicks. but don't treat them like literal hot garbage. that's all. i've spent 2 years maintining this weight loss and sometimes i still get weirded out by people being so friendly to me. like people were bs from elementary school to the first years of college. and now everyone is nice. it's very strange.

No. 253009

a fat person attracts active scorn because people can tell themselves they're doing you a favor, showing you it's bad so you can get healthy. Like when you tell "get off the road you dumb idiot" to someone who's walking when cars are coming. Also because seeing someone about to get hit by a cars puts you on edge which ruins your good mood. Same with seeing a fat person, so you're resented

No. 253014

women ooga men booga

No. 253026


Dicklet cope is real

No. 253029

File: 1527231619868.png (20.8 KB, 325x268, bri_dee_by_kopica-d94efwh.png)


This! It's really weird to see your (male) environment change from overlooking/disliking you to perceiving you as attractive. It also helps with getting taken serious in jour job and more friendly reactions in general. I went from fat to skinny to fat again and those years of being skinny were the best! I started losing weight again – not because I hate myself when I'm overweight, but because I want better chances for my future. Your weight really affects how people judge you. This is why the fat acceptance movement never made sense to me. Yeah, it's nice to love yourself no matter what, but if you're obese, you can be left behind in real life because of that.

No. 253033

You HATE sex? I mean, I'd understand having no libido or not really caring about sex but why would you actively hate it?

No. 253050

People should just leave Aly alone. I'm happy she's recovered but it makes me sad so many people diss on her, I hope she doesn't let it get to her….

No. 253052

Only reason why women don't do sick shit regularly is because of physical strength.

No. 253058

It doesn't take big manly muscles uwu to stab or shoot someone.

No. 253060

People need to stop acting like they care about the wellbeing of fatties unless you know them personally. No one has to mercilessly bully someone random fatass just because they're fat and are around you, chances are if you don't give a shit about how your words and actions will affect them mentally and emotionally, you don't give a shit about how their fatness affects their physical health.

No. 253061

it actually does. think about what would play out, actions and reactions, in the course of trying to stab or shoot someone who isn't asleep

No. 253069

Curly hair is the ugliest shit ever

No. 253071

Light skin black people are the most annoying people to be around when it comes to their skin color. They never shut up about being light skin, they can turn any conversation into a conversation about their skin tone…."it's really sunny out side!" "Yeah I know, I'm light skin so I will get a tan this summer". Ya don't see white people constantly talking about being white. I'm a dark skin black person myself and I'm not some jelly hater I just hate how they're always going on about their skin tone. Girls are even worse with this behavior, I was in the office break room and some girl looked at a girls picture and called her burnt, then she looks at me and says "oh I'm so sorry!". It's like they deal with all the negatives of being black and try to cope with it by constantly humble bragging about their light skin.

No. 253072

Disagree. I don't think it takes a lot of physical strength to shoot places up or do other fucked up stuff.

No. 253073

I see what you mean and I think particularly weak people would avoid it for this reason, but hormonal aggression makes way more sense than just physical strength. So many violent men aren't very strong but are obviously much more pathologically angry and fixated on violence than their female counterparts. It's not even a dig. It's just what high levels of test and a male bio survival strategy often result in. If women were generally just as violent and sadistic wouldn't we see women having non-violent rage outbursts at the same rate as men?

No. 253075

when women feel powerful they power trip as bad as men (think about closed scenarios like workplaces) but men just walking around in the world feel powerful in a way women don't. Women do do sick shit regularly, it's just not usually violence. Because less strength and less aggression so I dunno. Agree? with original anon, but add aggression which is replaced in women by manipulativeness etc.

No. 253076

It takes physical confidence. There's plenty of times where the criminal has grabbed the gun out right out of a female cops hand because she's standing there pointing it hopping like she has to pee, going ooh ahh ooh

No. 253082

File: 1527260822771.jpg (60.67 KB, 500x625, 72564588.jpg)

I'm in a love/hate relationship with tattoos;
I think some of them can look really pretty on young people but they all end up making you look trashy when you get older, especially on women, no matter how minimalistic they look.
also: The idea of looking at your tattoo, and realizing that you'll never be able to see this part of your skin "virgin"/without anything on it ever again kinda freaks me out.
and I hate the way ppl with tattoos talk about them when explaining their significations, kek; I always find it super cringy

No. 253083

people who keep going on about trans women's vaginas are weird. yes, everyone knows it's not like a real vagina, it's still weird to keep going on about how they need to be dialated and cleaned. i don't need to know about the genetalia of someone i'm never going to have sex with. constantly going on about it makes it seem like a weird obsession

No. 253084

I don't get why so many women here hate men, maybe it's because of their lack of contact with them. I have all sorts of great relationships with men.

No. 253087

… Have you never actually read the man hating threads? They make it pretty clear why.

No. 253090

I don't get why people focus so much on what does and doesn't look good when you're older. You're gonna be ugly and saggy anyway, who are you trying to impress with your looks?

No. 253091

I guess I just don't meet many men like that? Most men in my life are decent people. They aren't any worse than the women.

No. 253092

>I have all sorts of great relationships with men.

No. 253094

>not knowing testosterone causes aggression
>implying physical strength is necessary to commit mass shootings

No. 253095

Congrats? That's not the case for plenty of women and quite a few of the anons in those threads have stated they live in places like the southern US and other conservative areas. Is it really that shocking that women who live in overtly patriarchal societies don't have good experiences with them like you do?

No. 253096

>testosterone causes aggression
no it doesn't

No. 253097

Just because you don't want to accept facts that don't fit with your world view doesn't make them any less true.


Also, what the fuck kind of education did you have? This is basic biology. This is shit I was taught in 6th grade and I didn't go to a particularly good school.

No. 253099

it's not my "worldview". i work with a endocrinologist. you could google "testosterone aggression myth" and find the same amount of results.

No. 253100

File: 1527263157126.jpeg (3.89 KB, 300x168, 85945228-D565-41A0-8787-03883D…)

Jordan B. Peterson is a pretty cool guy, some of his ideas have helped me get my life together, and also I would have fucked him when he was teaching at Harvard because qt3.14.

No. 253101

I feel like I'm going crazy with this whole anti slut-shaming thing. It's gross to whore yourself around too much and people should be shamed for it. Both genders. I don't know a single person I could say this to in real life

No. 253102

what does it mean to "whore yourself"?

No. 253103

I love the new style of tat that’s all very thin black line work. It’s the kind of tattoo I always wanted, deep down, but no one was doing it. Now I’m thinking about getting a small stag and a few lines of text.

No. 253104

I just mean don't have too much sex with randoms and expect to get judged if you do.

No. 253106

but why

No. 253107

lol no. I like to fuck and if you’re judging me on that, then you’re the asshole here, sorry.

No. 253108

And they'd all be bullshit kek, you can find flat earth theories on google too. Fact of the day: FTMs crime rate rises significantly after T.

No. 253109

More likely to get STDs
Less likely to be considered a stable long term partner
It weakens the special-ness of sex when it's with someone you love

This is the unpopular opinion thread you dumb slut

No. 253110

yea you tell me with your grade 6 education

No. 253111

not everyone wants "special" sex and not everyone is looking for "the one" like you

No. 253115

You sound like you need to get laid
Just sayin’

No. 253116

Female wizard confirmed

No. 253119

>It weakens the special-ness of sex when it's with someone you love
This is code for "I'm scared I won't be my partner's best fuck"

No. 253120

>It weakens the special-ness of sex when it's with someone you love
This is code for "I'm scared I won't be my partner's best fuck"

No. 253121

Judgind people because they're primiscuous is a thing, more STD's, less stability in relationships.

Getting tired of this uwu I'm offended if you don't think everything I do is ok uwu uwu bullshit, So fucking tired of SJW's tbh

No. 253122

I legitimately don't see the pull of anime conventions past the age of 30, especially the cosplaying aspect of it.
Unless that person is going 'professional' and it's their living. Or if they run an art booth. Photographer I guess.
As a regular goer though?
To me conventions are a lot of time, effort, and sometimes the money spent could budget a small vacation. I always felt pressure to perform and look nice even if that didn't really matter to strangers who I couldn't give a fuck about. Not to mention the older I got, the more it seemed like I was inappropriately around younger people, like highschool age, and that's uncomfortable.
They feel really immature to me. I kind of see what my parents meant about what was so funny for me being so serious over going to the "costume party" when I was younger.

I'm sorry to say that many people in their 30s that I know who frequent conventions like their lives depend on it have a mental illness or personality disorder of some kind. The ones where they need a lot of attention and validation. Them not being able to go to an anime convention is like a death sentence and social suicide. It just makes me wonder.

No. 253123

the same could be said about you. you sound rather upset.

No. 253124

Enjoying fucking is hardly SJW, wiz-chan. It’s okay. You’ll get to have fun someday.

No. 253125

Omg anon, are you me? I love JBP. People are getting salty af in here about doing the nasty but I’d prob make it with him too haha. He’s also kind of hot because he really really loves his wife and thinks cheating is a bad thing. Ideal if you ask me.

No. 253126

>I hate the way ppl with tattoos talk about them when explaining their significations, kek; I always find it super cringy

No. 253127

You type like Dasha, did you know that?

No. 253128

I agree with you to an extent. The sad thing for me is that almost everyone seems to be promiscuous these days, so the chance of finding someone who wants to be and has been (even serially) monogamous will be lower. It's more what it suggests for the future than anything else, a person who lived the life of fucking a new person every weekend just has a tendency to be that way and isn't settling down material imo.

>inb4 repressed people can also have secret promiscuous tendencies

Sure, but they've shown to at least have been too shy to act on their impulses. I'm a horny bitch but I just jack off a bunch rather than go to clubs/parties/bars and hook up with strangers.

You're as free to judge us for being idealistic losers as we are to judge you for slutting it up a bit. Perhaps it is silly and childishly romantic to want to be someone's Only One, but it's not entirely out of insecurity.

No. 253129

My SO is the only person I’ve ever slept with, and now we are married. Conversely, I’m pretty sure he’s slept with upwards of 10 women. I sometimes feel like I missed out somehow or feel weirdly jealous in a really stupid way (he obviously slept with them before we started dating, so it’s not like he did anything bad.)

But I also abhor hookup culture. I don’t think it’s bad or wrong to have multiple partners or flings—but I hate this weird societal pressure to hook up. I’m really glad that I haven’t been single in 7 years, because I feel like I’d be super awkward and out of pl

No. 253130

Oops. Pressed it too soon. Meant to say would feel out of place.

No. 253132

Do you live in a Black neighborhood?
I'm from a predominantly white area and skin tone is practically never even brought up around my light skinned friends. Even when it is, it's just about being Black in general.

If anything, they humblebrag about their hair or features.

No. 253135

I completely agree with you.

I'll be honest, I look down on people that are promiscuous, guys or girls, and I really hate virgin shaming by such people so it made it even harder for me to not detest this hookup culture.

In the same way, I dislike and distrust people that show signs of not having self-control, fat people, lazy people, substance abusers and so on.

It's getting harder to find a guy that would fit my criteria as I grow older. A friend of mine met her virgin boyfriend in a Christian society, so I was thinking of joining it too despite not being religious myself.

What happened with taking things slowly and appreciating each other's presence?

The few dates I've been I got the impression that the guy I was with wanted to have sex on the third or fourth date and that it's considered the norm.

No. 253136

Judge all you want but I personally don't like waiting for sex, when I'm into someone I cannot stop fantasizing about fucking them and doing it make me feel so much closer to them. I also wouldn't get involved with a dude who has a shit dick game so I like to get it over with quickly.

No. 253137

>The few dates I've been I got the impression that the guy I was with wanted to have sex on the third or fourth date and that it's considered the norm.
This is so true. I've had a guy saying 'we could go to the parking lot' in a sugestive manner. Barf. And he was handsome too like wtf.

No. 253141

I agree, I also hate when people say blacks. Men hate being called sexist like white people hate being called racist(when they actually are).

No. 253142

Why is saying Blacks racist? People also say Whites, Asians,…

No. 253144

Olds say it because to say anything else when they were young was racist at the time. POC freaks my mom out because only racists said ‘colored people’ back in the day and it was like their secret shitty code for being assholes. It’s really hard to get her on board with it for that reason.

No. 253145

It’s not unless you’re SJW.

No. 253146

me too. and i dont find men funny, interesting or smart so they better have a good dick

No. 253147

those feels when you used to suck dick in bathrooms for blow and still think it was a fun activity

get over yourselves

No. 253148


This is why I don't make male friends, they see you has a therapist.

Men are so fucking bad at expressing anger, to the point where they become violent and dangerous

No. 253150

>What happened with taking things slowly and appreciating each other's presence?
This so much. As soon as you're older than let's say 18, just starting out normally with a few dates, first holding hands, then kissing, and so on, is nearly impossible.

I feel like I'm gonna stay alone forever just because I'm not willing to hook up with any of those guys who immediately only want to fuck. Are there not any "normal" ones left?
I don't even care how many he's had before me, but please first ask for my name before you try to slobber my face like some dog and expect me to follow you home after just one evening. Disgusting.

Sometimes my friends admit to having had a one night stand and while I wouldn't call them a slut I simply can't understand why they do that. Have some self respect. We're humans not animals whose only instinct is to mate lol

No. 253152

and not everyone has the instinct to hold hands LMAOOO get over yourself.

fucking feels good. fucking is fun. discovering a guys body and seeing how vulnerable he looks when he cums for the first time with you is amazing.

No. 253153

I mean they're probably having one night stands because they want to fuck? Not everyone's vagina is a prison door lmao. There are plenty of men who are ready to take things slowly, mainly virgins or insecure dudes so you'll find someone for you don't worry.

No. 253154

Thissss. I stopped going when I realized I could afford a plane ticket to Japan after just one year of not going to cons.

They've pretty much become frat parties. It'd be different if they were more adult-oriented.

No. 253156

Just Googled what you suggested and all the sites saying so are random blogs and articles written by unnamed "student contributors". Whereas there's plenty of legitimate websites confirming it is indeed linked to aggression. Ffs one of the first listed symptoms of going on testosterone is aggression and pretty much any ftm will tell you they've experienced that. Not to mention the entirety of human history and the fact it's almost exclusively men committing mass shootings, but apparently that's only because ~physical strength~.

Why is it that people love to bring up the emotional effects of estrogen in women, but you bring up testosterone's effects and suddenly biological facta go out the window? Oh right, because people only want to accept women as inherently crazy due to hormones, whereas men are totes sane.

No. 253157

>"Who would ask for something as freaky as holding hands or kissing LMAOOO get over yourself, seeing how vulnerable a guy looks when he cums is the real deal!"

Not fucking everything on sight =/= "my vagina is a prison door lmao".
And why would you think that only insecure guys are willing to take things slow? Because nothing screams more like high self esteem then trying to hook up with as many girls as possible every single weekend, right…?

No. 253158

why is it prudes like yourself always say "fucking everything in sight"? you know damn well nobody's doing that

No. 253159

The grossest thing is black people who attack other black people in hopes that people of other races might think of them as an "exception" and accept them. It's literally the same as those "white guilt" people from Tumblr, and it's nauseating.
You can defy stereotypes and be liked for who you are by just being yourself, not a walking example of the "bad" reputation that racists will pin on you to make themselves feel superior. There's no need to undercut everyone who shares your color. If people still don't like you when you're just being a decent person, they're not going to turn around and warm up to you simply because you decided to RP as one of them and complain about your own people. In fact, they'll just see you as a pathetic tryhard, but they'll also feel vindicated in despising your kind because "See! The n-word says it too!", and all in all, they will continue hating you for your race (but occasionally prop you up to use you).
I know people who have retarded /pol/-tier opinions, but they still like me, possibly because I act like a normal, pleasant human being. I've never once shit on my own people, and I never will. It's just so pathetic and spineless IMO.

No. 253160

>seeing how vulnerable he looks when he cums for the first time with you is amazing.

This is indeed one of the hottest things in the world. My first boyfriend got really embarrassed because he looked so…bleah, everything, just hot and sweet and sort of lost and it was no lie the best thing ever. Even writing about it now makes me get this excited feeling in my belly. He was such a fucking cutie. Oh my god I’m dying rn.

No. 253162

What a solid argument you have there
Yeah, not to mention mtfs say all the fucking time how their anger greatly decreased on estrogen. But scientific facts are just a myth because random article from sketchy sources say so.

No. 253163

No one's fucking everything in sight you tard.
Only people with shit self esteem and poor social skills can't and won't get laid that's why.

No. 253164

How is this an unpopular opinion?

No. 253166

Of course I know that. But if sluts like you think it's fun to ridicule every person who's not as interested in sex as you, that's what you'll get.

There are reasons people don't want to fuck or a least not upon meeting somebody for the first time, but many seem to can't understand that and instead go "LMAO virgin, prude, insecure!" and so on. Don't act as if we're the 'mean' ones, everybody knows that the virgin kid is always the one getting bullied.

See exactly like here >>253163 Don't want sex = there must be something wrong with you.

No. 253167

I don't agree with this opinion at all. But I wish there were ways to permanently straighten your hair. More permanent than a perm/relaxer. I'm too lazy for curly hair, it's so tiring. People with naturally straight hair, you're luckier than you think.

No. 253168

A lot of black people (mostly black men) still do it (see: Kanye West, Tommy Sotomayor, Donald Glover, those two annoying, obese black women with the bad wigs that Fox News occasionally calls up to attack Obama every once in a while, etc etc). Even the ones who claim to be "woke" or whatever seem addicted to bashing other black people in some way for snowflake points, like Donald Glover.

No. 253169

we're calling it like we see it. you were going on about >uwu why cant guys hold hands with us uwu girls who are not like me have low self esteem

No. 253170

>sluts like you
It’s not our fault you’re an incel, anon. Maybe try getting out more or something? Fucking does not make girls into sluts, you sound really sad and angry, please get some help before you shoot up a school.

No. 253172

Um, who started the ridiculing? Incel.

No. 253173

You sound insecure over your virginity. It's probably not really a choice and I'm guessing you wish you could be a normal person who know what sex is.

No. 253174

You're really dense aren't you? lol

You (or another anon) wrote
>why is it prudes like yourself always say…
that's why I wrote that.
In my first post I already said that I wouldn't call girls who sleep around sluts, but I simply can't understand why they do this.

No. 253175

Girl incels are just as bad as the dudes, it’s fucking shameful if you ask me.

No. 253176

nta, but chill out. Casual sex is pretty disgusting, acknowledging that doesn't make that anon an incel or a school shooter.

No. 253177

Why? Go get laid.

No. 253178

and then you told them to have some self respect. you're not vagueposting, we hear this shit all the time. we know what you're saying dumbass

No. 253179

Hit too close to home hahahaha

No. 253180

File: 1527271959237.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 1497079521761.jpg)

>Fucking hot guys and getting orgasm from them is disgusting.

Yeah I feel so bad and dirty when they eat me out.

No. 253181

>Casual sex is pretty disgusting

Please stay away from guns anon.

No. 253182

they have the exact same views on sex. why don't they match up together and leave everyone else alone?

her future pure husbando will give her a lick or two before he cums in her after 15 secs of putting it in. dont worry.

No. 253183

Where did I say that I'm a virgin?
>I'm not willing to hook up with any of those guys who immediately only want to fuck.
>please first ask for my name before you try to slobber my face like some dog and expect me to follow you home after just one evening.
If you read carefully you'd know that there were guys interested in me. If I'd want to, I could have sex - but I don't, if it doesn't lead to a real relationship.

No. 253184

I've only ever heard racist people say blacks instead of black or white people. It's one of those grey area things where it's not racist on it's own, but most people who use it are racist(in other ways like saying things like "the blacks are all criminals")

No. 253185

and not every girl wants what you want. put down the romcoms.

No. 253186

That’s naughty! Shame on you! You should be a pure virgin and have a cobwebby vag! Enjoying sex is repulsive!

Seriously, the incels here need to get out of the house and do some fucking. It’s terrific fun.

No. 253187

Shh. Don't let them know when you can see the cracks in their veneer. Literally no one except racists use "blacks" over "black people", but they never seem to notice this small detail about themselves. Call it a red flag.
Seriously, allow racists to expose themselves by accident. It makes everything easier.

No. 253188

Good lord, when did this place turn into Literal Whore Central, where not fucking randos means you're an incelous shooter? This is tumblr-teir. I'm not even interested in men.

No. 253189

lol @ all these harpies attacking Anon for her unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread.

Y'all sound insecure af.

No. 253190

Not a virgin, but most men are ugly. Where are you finding these available attractive men? pls direct me to them thx

No. 253191

Well good luck finding your pure husbando, maybe stop focusing on your slutty friend and start working at finding your non incel non neckbeard pure virgin.

No. 253192

lower the age range on tinder and set it to 18-21. i swear to god.

No. 253193

How are the people who don't like casual sex harpies when we seem to be the ones with the unpopular opinion at this point?

No. 253194

Why use Incel = involuntary celibate as an insult for girls who just don't want to?
And shooting up schools is really only an american (and a male) thing, so stop with the projecting. That seems incredibly like samefag…

Shh. I asked that and I'm not a native speaker. So again, why is saying 'whites' okay, but saying 'blacks' = super racist? I really can't see the difference?

No. 253195

I was referring to the ones who are into casual sex.

No. 253196

I can't stand people who tell their SO all of their friend's personal business, especially if it's someone they haven't even been with long. I've had friends actually get offended by my request not to tell their SO my personal business as if it's such a massive betrayal for them not to divulge my private business that has nothing to do with them. It's toxic AF to feel like your friends have no right to secrets being kept from your SO.

The really shitty thing is that a lot of people act like not telling my husband all my friends personal business means we must not be that close. Like… no, I just don't think it's cool to tell him shit people ask me to keep private that in no way effects him?

No. 253197

Because you sound exactly like incels. If the shoe fits…

No. 253198

if you start going on and on about what girls should do and what girls should like and it sounds like incel and trp logic you deserve to get insulted

No. 253199

File: 1527273087873.jpeg (41.68 KB, 300x300, 7F3144B8-6376-45D7-8F32-2AE39F…)

I think Chihuahuas are cute.

No. 253201

This. Just because some of us aren't having casual sex or don't have positive opinions of others doing so doesn't mean we're incels, I can't believe we're even having this discussion. Sex positivity is literally a meme.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding!

No. 253202

Who cares about people who aren't into casual sex? She got ragged on for calling women into it sluts.
>Have some self respect. We're humans not animals whose only instinct is to mate lol
She deserve to get shit on for that tbh.

No. 253203

No one here mentioned using "whites" being racist or not. It's just that it's always racists who use "blacks". It's a context thing, that's just how it is.

No. 253204

Yeah, but you can't criticize people for doing it and expect not to be criticized back. I don't think people should be sluts either, but I don't go around criticizing them and expect not to get backlash.

No. 253205

File: 1527273417830.png (117.7 KB, 1440x1145, 201805251336131.png)

By definition, they literally are.

No. 253206

>le epic definition meme xDDDDDD

No. 253207

And by definition she's a prude yet she lost her shit over being called that.

No. 253208

>why is saying 'whites' okay, but saying 'blacks' = super racist?

It's not really a problem if they use "Whites" alongside "Blacks" since it's just easier to say than Black people vs white people.
But using "Blacks" alone tends to imply they don't see them as people or separate them from people.

>Blacks sure do like Chicken
As if White people don't also like Chicken. The people who say it that way often don't make the same generalizations for White people's behavior.

Anyway if you're not American, it's sort of a grey area.

No. 253209

NTA It's not about what girls should do, this is the unpopular opinion thread, right? So we are allowed to express unpopular opinions.
Besides, my opinion applies to both girls and guys, in fact, I stopped being friends with a guy because he constantly changed gfs.

I just hate the era we live in. I don't want to go to the 50s housewife life, but I hate this idea that being modern and liberated means having sex reguraly because of that the number of dateable guys is really low and it's difficult to find someone who wants to take things slowly.

Also, this is what I was talking about in previous posts, this virgin shaming. It's absurd that not liking casual sex and hookups equates to being a school shooter, or a murderer or not being desired.

I don't understand women that rate their value by the number of sex partners since getting laid is disgustingly easy. So, "you're ugly and no one wants you" is ridiculous.

No. 253211


I don't think being critical of casual sex necessarily makes you a prude.

No. 253213

but there are tons of guys into traditional women. no one virgin shames until you guys poke your noses into "our" business.

>I don't understand women that rate their value by the number of sex partners since getting laid is disgustingly easy

go find an incel bf. you have a lot in common.

No. 253214

You understand people can enjoy having casual sex and still have other shit going in their life? I never met someone who said "I'm so successful I've managed to suck a bunch of dick last week!!"

No. 253218

I never implied that. I just hate the general consume fast, meet fast, live fast western way of life, which includes the hookup culture and casual sex being presented as something normal which I will never approve of. That's just my opinion.

It takes a long time for me to consider someone as my friend, let alone to have a night one stand or casual sex with someone. It's odd and it appears to be imo completely unnatural to trust someone with an intimate act like that.

I cannot but feel disgusted.

No. 253220

Can you just admit you're insecure and move on with it?

You're insecure about Other Women fucking men who, in your mind, are potential husbandos and those men would have really great sex with those women and they wouldn't want to be with women who aren't good at it.

You don't understand why those Other Women are the way they are, which is the opposite of you, so you have to write them off as having no respect for themselves.

In your mind, all women must crave romantic relationships and chivalry because if they don't, that makes you feel like something is wrong with you and not them.

No. 253221

Sorry, but where do you guys live that having casual sex is seen a so normal? I don't know a single person who does that, this sounds like something out of a weird spring break flick there all the college kids just fuck around all day long.

>Inbefore you must be from a poor/religious/backwards country


No. 253222

being in a big city and being over the age of 18?

No. 253223

this tbh. everyone defending it sounds like they're under 25 and think that it was normal behavior before the last 5 years or so.

No. 253225

>this level of projection
You sound insane, anon.

No. 253226

projection doesn't work in the inverse case, retard. why would i envy her LOL

No. 253227

I think it's healthier to fuck around when you're young and hot to try to understand and develop your sexuality. People who have a super tiny number of lovers are the one who go insane after 40 yrs old, open their relationship and go down the degeneracy road.

No. 253228

and reading self-help books on how to "spice up" their sex lives lul

No. 253229

But there are statistics that actually show the opposite: if you've had more sexual partners, you're more likely to have an unstable marriage later on.

No. 253230

It might be because people with low partner count are more often doormat and will tolerate a shitty sexless marriage.

No. 253231

you're really agreeing with that misogynistic "study"? the one that only talks about women's sex lives. ooookay

and this

No. 253232

Whatever makes you feel better about your degenerate unstable "relationships"

No. 253233

You really are though. That anon said she doesn't like casual hookup culture and gave her reasons. You're the one making up all these implications for why she thinks that way. It sounds like you're insecure about your casual relationships so you're making excuses to justify your lifestyle. I mean, honestly tell us, how many times have you responded to that Anon now?

No. 253234

why would I feel insecure tho? because anon called me a slut? these anons gave reasons for their insecurity, such as men not holding their hand or some shit because they could go have sex with the next girl. it's not a stretch of the imagination to assume they think women are sullying potential men. hello??

No. 253235

>because anon called me a slut?
Why are you still going on about that?
I already explained that I wrote jokingly 'sluts like you' in response to 'prudes like you'.
Does this bother you so much?

No. 253236

my dawg, it's hyperbole. go fan your coochie out.

No. 253237

Can you guys stop derailing the thread now?

No. 253238

File: 1527275782642.png (438.56 KB, 500x375, 9a2.png)


No. 253239

>it's not a stretch of the imagination to assume they think women are sullying potential men
Only an insane person wouldn't think that's a stretch, bicycle-chan.

No. 253240

I think you're insecure because of how much you're responding. I don't think having a ton of sex is actually that fulfilling for you and you're pretending it is.

You're the one saying guys are fucking super hot chicks all the time and that's why they don't take things slowly, which is a stretch. If they could fuck 10s whenever they wouldn't be pressuring average girls for sex on the third date, what Anon was originally complaining about.

Yeah. I'm done now.

No. 253242

It would be amazing if farmers could stop trying to guess each other's life / insecurity out of a few autistic post on lolcow.

No. 253245

File: 1527276300945.png (Spoiler Image,237.23 KB, 624x411, Every radical feminist_be7f23_…)

I think I said this already, but I'm sure that a good portion of farmers on here only pretend to be super hot, successful, popular and now in this case desireable, when in reality they look more like pic related lol

No. 253246

i said nothing about "hot chicks" wtf are you talking about? sound like you're projecting uhuhuh xddd

No. 253247

It would be amazing if farmers could stop making autistic posts that lead other farmers to think they're fucking crazy. Interesting you didn't choose >>253220 as an example of that btw

>every radical feminist
hmm… daily reminder that obesity is libfem culture

No. 253248

File: 1527276494968.jpeg (41.68 KB, 631x768, 5A7DD56E-B643-451E-BD6E-BD1C8C…)

So does anyone else think Chihuahuas are cute? What animal or breed do you find cute that everyone else hates?

(Seriously want this sperging to stop. It’s so damn annoying and petty. Go hug a cat or something guys)

No. 253249

File: 1527276545918.jpeg (85.73 KB, 880x550, 48BBDCB5-F49C-4C32-A6C2-D5EBC1…)

Like rodents. Anyone love rodents?

No. 253251

I think women who give a fuck about what other women do with their asses are retarded.
I also think that women who care about other women judging their sex habits are retarded.

No. 253252

I think it's pathetic that some farmers try to continue infighting by 'masking' their argument as just another unpopular opinion.
E.g.>>253251 kek

No. 253253

I'm not trying to infight I genuinely think the debate is stupid.

No. 253259

>The idea of looking at your tattoo, and realizing that you'll never be able to see this part of your skin "virgin"/without anything on it ever again kinda freaks me out.
Henna is the way to go if you can. It has to be good quality though, otherwise it'll burn your skin (just the sensation) and it feels pretty horrible.

No. 253260

English isn't my first languages but so far I've only seen Blacks and Whites used in derogatory ways. Usually to be neutral or polite people say White people or Black people. Or Brown people but that's a super vague to me since it's almost used to say "everyone else" but that's not the point.

No. 253262

Cause the proper use is “black people” or “black individuals” or “black communities.” Saying “blackS” isnt really the way to go. Same for “white people,” etc instead of whites. Same for “gay people” vs “ the gays.” It just sounds wrong. It doesn’t mean you’re racist or whatever, but it doesn’t sound right.

No. 253263

>A friend of mine met her virgin boyfriend in a Christian society, so I was thinking of joining it too despite not being religious myself.
Anon please, are you out of your mind? Adult virgin men are usually fucked up in the head, religious ones are probably even worse.

Get yourself a guy who's past his "wild" days and is ready to settle down. Get a guy who has already been in long term relationships and knows what he's doing. They're far better, trust me I've been with plenty of virgins and it's always a disappointment.

No. 253264

>Fucking hot guys
>hot guys
Fucking where? Do they even exist?

No. 253271

I fucking love chihuahuas even though they're kind of annoying.

my unpopular animal that I like is tarantulas. I hate house spiders but I might get a tarantula.

No. 253278

I wish people wouldn't be so fucking cruel on anonymous sites, lolcow included.
>inbefore this has always been board culture!
I know, I know…

Seeing things like that fight going down here makes me so fucking scared of anybody I know irl finding out that I'm still a virgin. What if they react like this too?
It's no secret that men can be super cruel, but seeing girls here act just as vile is somehow a bit disappointing. Makes me wonder if anons are like this offline as well or only use this as an outlet for their anger/play up being mean.

Just because I'm too shy and ugly to get laid doesn't mean that I hate anybody and want to take revenge by murdering people.
It truly seems as if 'Incel/Femcel' is lolcow's favourite new insult, that gets thrown around as often as possible.

No. 253279

I genuinely believe there's something wrong with this girl. Having multiple sex partners is not my cup of tea and idc if others do, but this girl admitted to have sex with over 50 guys ever since she came to Japan last September. (https://twitter.com/milkymorena/status/998523564704739329) I mean I'm pretty sure that at this point you should recognize this as a problem.

No. 253280

I think she just loves sex and is having fun? I don't see the problem.

No. 253282

I love the idea of a tarantula but after owning reptiles, I’m done with “exotic” pets. Guests get weird about it, it’s a lot of work, it’s financially supporting a sketchy industry, and there’s no return except that it’s cool. If I was a science person or into studying animals, it might be different.

No. 253283

Tarantulas are really cool as long as you don't get one of the shitty males that die immediately
>tfw human males don't die and serve as a meal for the superior females as soon as they reach sexual maturity like ranchos do

No. 253292

And she's only 18 wtf?!

No. 253293

If the lot of you don’t shut the fuck up with this virgin/Chad shit I’m writing a Jordan B. Peterson fuckfic and posting it here, jesus fucking shit.

No. 253294

File: 1527290446774.png (4.85 KB, 415x416, ggggg.png)


Write it anyway anon, he's hot for an old dude tbh

No. 253295

I think people who hate vegans are cringier than vegans.

I love tarantulas, but if you own one you basically can't have people afraid of spiders over ever. I've had to ban people from coming in my house for threatening to kill mine.

No. 253300


What I find to be a problem here is having over 50 sex partners in a quite short amount of time. It's just concerning.

Ikr? I wonder if she'll ever regret this when she gets older.

No. 253301

I think those little cups for your period are gross and impractical in a public setting or shared living situation.

No. 253302

Please let him bottom.

No. 253303

People with blue eyes or any kind of bright color eyes are creepy as fuck, I don't get the hype.

No. 253305

Why would anyone feel compelled to lie as anonymous? No one's going to know who you are thus 0 validation.

No. 253306

To win internet arguments with strangers.

No. 253310

I like this girl, but I wish she wasn't so quiet in her videos.

>"…You're too focused on getting a boyfriend instead of getting some dick when that's all they're fuckin good for." @ 2:25

fucking kek'd

No. 253312

File: 1527296774369.jpg (79.4 KB, 500x636, tumblr_nqj600tF4P1t6y4zao1_500…)

Yes! I've thought this forever and everyone thinks I'm crazy for it. I don't think blue/green eyes are ugly or anything, but when they're super bright they are kinda scary looking. Brown eyes are my favorite, but I've had people literally say to my face that I'm lying.

No. 253313

I do this all the time out of boredom and wanting to see people's reactions

No. 253315


the only appeal of this place is talking shit about talking about stranger's looks anonymously. and we mainly discuss females. this place actually has an easier time attracting ana chans than anything, considering here you can call whoever the hell you want fat ad nauseam and people will agree just because they hate the cows. sure, that behavior gets called out when it gets extreme but in the most part you can come here and make fun of everyone's body shape non stop. it would be like fat people hanging out in fph. which did happen, but it was mostly bulimic and ana girls.

>imagine being so triggered by anons that you just assume they're fat to feel better

No. 253316

I think blood-soaked tampons and liners ostensibly wrapped in one layer of toilet paper and left to rot in the bin are gross and impractical in a public setting or shared living situation.

No. 253317

I think low hairlines like this are ugly and distracting.

No. 253319

File: 1527300440495.jpg (78.27 KB, 1280x1024, NLWR4ib.jpg)

Same. Pale eyes show much more of the creepy muscle structures of the iris.

Blue, green, grey eyes are beautiful, of course, but I prefer the familiarity of very dark eyes and how enigmatic they can be.

No. 253321

This is probably not an actual unpopular opinion, but basically all my female friends passionately and very vocally hate Keira Knightley and the male ones just don't care for her. I think she's stunning and watch movies just because she's in them (especially if it's a costume drama).

No. 253322

File: 1527300705443.jpeg (7.75 KB, 480x360, 2EA1E1B4-9FB2-4173-AB10-65A8D3…)

It would have to be femdom. UO though it’s not an opinion so much as it is a failing for me, but I can’t flick the bean to two dudes. /sadface

look at that cute mullet, I bet he lets his wife do him in the butt tho

No. 253324

I second the previous anons' sentiments. Pls do one of ol' Jordie getting pegged by his wife.

No. 253328

Since when being a cum dumpster became goals? Fucking yikes. First time seeing a weeb hoe too

No. 253331

File: 1527303976303.jpeg (21.63 KB, 350x421, C5ADE123-7510-4017-B057-ED596D…)

blue eyes are so soulless looking and often look super beady for some reason. i prefer dark eyes for sure. i have pale green eyes and they look soulless too imo.

No. 253332

I kinda like that she's destroying the weird stereotype that Japanese men are just ~too shy to approach you uwu~, kek. It seems like it was pushed by a lot of unattractive and/or middle-aged white gaijin who expected to be worshiped in Japan and were disappointed that didn't happen, so they needed a way to defend their egos.
It's definitely not healthy to have that much sex, but her life, I guess.

No. 253333

Mee too anon, it makes the person look like a retarded neanderthal.

No. 253335

I think 99% of the time promiscuity is an indication of deeper issues or a serious miscalculation by a girl who doesn't realize how much it could fuck up future relationships. But I can admit that 1% of the time someone can be self aware and just really enjoy sex. That girl seems really calm and self assured so it doesn't give the impression of any emotional instability, she acknowledges she's a ho and doesn't seem enamored with the idea of getting a bf. Maybe she's in that tiny minority who can handle her sluttiness.

No. 253336

Not goals and I was one of the ones arguing against casual sex earlier, but idk I think she's pretty funny. Still gross, but whatever.

No. 253338

There are multiple reasons for me to dislike Venti as a person but as long as she keeps exposing the fuck out of Shoe, I'mma let it pass. The 24/7 BDSM relationship tweet becoming a copypasta was fucking gold. Our prayers have been answered.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you milk. Not yet at least. :^)

The newfags are definitely annoying though.

No. 253339

Yeah, but in the end we're all still ugly on the inside :(

No. 253340

She's hilarious.

No. 253342

From what I've seen hoe have a very easy time locking down a cutie when they're ready to settle down and they actually have no problem keeping him. I don't know were the idea of hoe being unable to have a stable relationship come from, it doesn't match what I see Irl at all.

No. 253344

File: 1527312062263.jpeg (219.77 KB, 810x1080, 9D870B98-0967-48D4-81C7-0A7565…)

I’d give half my body for someone to make me look this good.

I’m tired of being ugly

Who ever said that being “a good person in the inside shines on the outside” lied

No. 253345

You can make yourself beautiful Anon, plenty of women have done it before you.

No. 253346

to bounce off your post, most threads on here become garbage one they start getting into the topic of weight or appearance. the shoeonhead thread becomes horrible anytime someone tries to judge how much she weighs now or what her real height is.

the suzy thread stopped getting posted in the moment she started to lose weight. most of the "milk" on /snow/ is just picking on weight.

No. 253350

ikr? lots of guys like girls like that

No. 253351

Okay? Does it matter that much to you? I don’t wanna wash a cup in front of coworkers or maybe brother in law.

No. 253359

I'd say that's a real unpopular opinion for once lol

Only a very small percentage of this world's population has blue/green/grey eyes, so rather than saying brown eyes are looking "enigmatic". they just look basic and normal af.
Everybody can post a picture of a cute girl with big eyes and claim the opposite is ugly, but that's got nothing to do with the colour.
I'd rather look "scary and creepy af" than boring. I doubt people come up to girls and go "Wow! You're eyes are brow?!", because well, it's nothing special after all.

>i have pale green eyes and they look soulless too imo.
Guess that's your personal problem then lmao

That reminds me of that one anon who said she's gonna kill herself because her eyes are brown and then a bunch of other farmers came in sperging about how cold and bland coloured eyes look.

No. 253361

I find light colored eyes gorgeous but I've noticed that I never realize ugly people have blue or green eyes. I only see them on attractive people, it took me 2 yrs to realize that the weird autistic girl from highschool had gorgeous bright green eyes. It's like lipstick on a pig really.

No. 253384

> That reminds me of that one anon who said she's gonna kill herself because her eyes are brown

kek, that was me. Though I didn't post anything related to eyes or eye color ITT.
I think the biggest reason for hating my eye color is because my father has brown eyes and my mother has really captivating blue/green eyes. I don't like my father at all so any resemblance to him makes me feel like shit.

I think even without my father I'd still consider blue/green/grey eyes more beautiful than brown eyes but probably not to the extent that I'd kms over it.

Like you said, only a small percentage of people have bright eyes which immediately makes the eye color more valuable.
Fortunately, I came to peace with my eye color due to the fact that many people that I admire have brown eyes and it doesn't make me a lesser person if I have them.
That and the fact that I'm soon going for a LASIK surgery. I don't think I could ever undergo a surgery just for cosmetic purposes, seeing how I'm already anxious about the date of surgery.

I didn't think someone would recall my spergy post, I was hoping it would be forgotten quickly. It wasn't my proudest post tbh

No. 253394

Lmao stay mad

No. 253395

File: 1527336997451.jpg (77.29 KB, 640x640, blackhair.jpg)

Having blue or green eyes won't always make you look interesting. If you're ugly, you're ugly even with pretty eyes.

No. 253398

File: 1527337780988.png (122.8 KB, 600x180, eyes.png)

On the topic of eyes, I'm not into this almond eyes/hunter eyes craze at all. Big, round-ish eyes will always be the cutest to me on both men and women.

This is just personal taste btw, I'm not trying to insult anyone. Many models share your eyes so chill.

No. 253405


Anon, you really only have to empty a cup twice a day, in the morning before you go out, and in the evening when you're back home. This situation practically never occurs. Brother in law was a very specific example?

No. 253420

>Makes me wonder if anons are like this offline as well or only use this as an outlet for their anger/play up being mean.

Everybody has balls online. Half of the shit written on this site wouldn't be said in public or to anybody's face. Even the anons that cowtip use sock accounts most of the time.

>so fucking scared of anybody I know irl finding out that I'm still a virgin

Honestly, don't worry about it. Healthy, normal adults won't care that much about your sex life. People have their own lives to focus on and they'd have to be truly pathetic to kick up a fuss about somebody else having or not having sex.

No. 253425

Lol blue eyes aren't really that special either, at least among white people. I guess if you live in a majority non-white place, they'd be a lot more interesting. Sounds like we touched a nerve here though lol. Maybe your eyes are the only thing you're complimented on, so that's why you feel the need to come to the defense of blue/green eyes when it's already been stated it's an unpopular opinion. But it's not a personal attack on you or other blue/green eyed people. Even I have greenish blue eyes and I still prefer brown.

No. 253429

Is that Mars Argo on the right?

No. 253431

File: 1527355425873.png (494.89 KB, 768x384, tumblr_mzf941RcV51sr1swho2_128…)

I always notice anons with blue or green eyes have a tendency to get angry whenever people praise brown eyes, and bring up that brown eyes are common, therefore "basic" and not attractive.
It's kinda funny, because the truth is, everyone has blue/green eyes. Brown eyes exist only because melanin is used as a sort of protective layer from sunlight for the eyes (which is why having visibly blue/green eyes is technically a mutation, and a recessive gene - it's actually a lack of something in the body, not a new, unique thing all its own).

All in all, just let people appreciate brown eyes, anon. I personally like them because IMO they make the person's eyes look a lot bigger. They also look amazing and glowy when the light hits them (light brown eyes are so subtle, yet striking), sometimes they almost look red or orange, and they're warm. It doesn't have to always be about you.

No. 253433

Yes, she's just who I thought of right away.

+the guy is Riz Ahmed.

No. 253435

They get mad if you say size doesnt matter too (its genuinely true for me unless it's like micro-sized), because you'll be accused of lying. You cant win.

No. 253440

File: 1527356850847.jpeg (84.59 KB, 576x600, 944FE564-14E0-4E34-A589-D5F01D…)

>I doubt people come up to girls and go "Wow! You're eyes are brow?!", because well, it's nothing special after all.

haha where do you live where anyone says this to people with blue/green/grey eyes? I have grey eyes and literally no one comments on them, because they all have them too. The only eyes someone would be shocked by are like people with heterochromia or albinos
Wash them in the bathroom with the door closed. What situation are you in where you don’t have access to a sink with privacy?

No. 253441

File: 1527356915559.jpg (47.11 KB, 625x415, 09483NF309.jpg)

I think what matters most in regard to eyes beauty is the shape. Zayn has some of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen, the shape is gorgeous, the crease is long and not overly droopy which make them look bigger, even the under creasing is perfect.
Plenty of indian or arabs guys have those kind of sexy eyes, I find them irresistible.


Sorry deleted my post because I wanted to post a front view instead of side view.

No. 253445

Or some of us just arent that into sex lmao.

No. 253447

File: 1527358438874.jpg (192.7 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

i like snakes. idk how unpopular that is though.

No. 253453

Not to mention the same guys who are crazy offended over this are almost always the kinds who sperg about how superior girls with tight (unaroused) vaginas are.

No. 253465

File: 1527366368484.gif (916.95 KB, 500x333, giphy.gif)

>Sounds like we touched a nerve here though lol.
I'm the only one who said anything against multiple farmers claiming that coloured eyes are creepy and then 7 anons responded to me and defended themselves.
But "my side" is the triggered one, right?

>All in all, just let people appreciate brown eyes, anon.
I wouldn't have said anything if op would have just praised brown eyes. But she didn't. They just shat on blue and green ones.
>People with blue eyes or any kind of bright color eyes are creepy as fuck, I don't get the hype.
>I don't think blue/green eyes are ugly or anything, but when they're super bright they are kinda scary looking.
>blue eyes are so soulless looking and often look super beady for some reason.

>Maybe your eyes are the only thing you're complimented on

>Blue/green eyes are technically a mutation

No. 253467

File: 1527366632584.jpg (46.04 KB, 970x806, vgscNZ1tqzv6zo1_1280.jpg)

Marilyn had very dark brown eyes, I don't understand why people photoshop her to have blue yes. They looked big dark and dreamy.

No. 253469

get a real problem

No. 253470

you're honestly being really delusional and you're clearly triggered so maybe calm down and stop pretending that blue and green eyes are half as common as your small brain is claiming they are. can you please just say you love brown eyes and put that other bullshit away? because you made it very clear you know nothing when you said "the truth is, everyone has blue/green eyes".

No. 253471

Next time don't bother answering, if this is all you've got to say.

No. 253473

No. 253475

This isn't a "true" unpopular opinion in that I'd actually advocate implementing it.

But I think people with cluster B personality disorders should be gassed. That, and people who have severe depression and/or anxiety and just drain their mommy and daddy's money.

No. 253476

>muh eyes are so special and you're not allowed to criticize them cuz it's the only thing I have going for me
boohoo. go cry elsewhere

No. 253477

I agree, not to harm anyone but life would be easier without toxic personality disordered people, and that's entirely 100% true.

No. 253481

servers are some of the most annoying and entitled people on the planet. some will pull like $35/hour from their tips and they'll STILL bitch and complain about that one customer who "only gave me a 7% tip, fucking asshole!"

I was on reddit and some chick was talking about how she works at a nice steak house and she expects 25% tips because she smiles and laughs with the customer, and how she feels that anything less than that is being cheap and is offensive. like really??? you wanna get an extra $25 because you laughed with a costumer??

you don't need advanced skills to do this job. you don't need to go to school for it. it's not that hard to learn. literally the hardest part is dealing with a rude costumer or writing down a custom order. I wish we could just get rid of tipping once and for all - but most servers don't want that, because as much as they complain about having to rely on tips, they're likely making way more with tips than if we forced every restaurant to pay them minimum wage.

No. 253482

File: 1527370369308.jpeg (421.23 KB, 789x1024, 39B5D847-CABE-4329-B77D-0C943D…)

And even reproductions of her make her eyes blue, it’s bizarre. Like wax sculptures, paintings, etc.

No. 253483

You want to mass-murder people with anxiety and depression?

No. 253484

I don't get how this is a thing. Like, it's so common to see people talk about depression/anxiety stopping them from getting out of bed/doing things and I'm just like…how? My parents would kill me if I ever stopped working and giving my best in college. How do these people afford to do nothing? How do their parents allow them? I don't get it.

No. 253486

File: 1527370561768.jpg (99.5 KB, 900x675, K4TU6zE.jpg)

Pit bulls are really ugly dogs. I wish people would stop trying to force people to think they're cute.

I don't have any other opinions on them otherwise. I'm not educated on pits as a breed, nor do I really want to be. They're just ugly dogs and everyone on the internet lately seems to be convinced they're not. Same with pugs. It's cruel and selfish to keep breeding those deformed pups just because you think they're quirky. I can't imagine most pugs are happy compared to the average dog with their abundance of health problems and all.

Depression and anxiety can be treated though, even with something as simple as diet and exercise. No clue about how cluster b is managed though.

No. 253487

Never got this tipping culture, glad we don't have that in my country. Just like not using the metric system, it's retarded.

No. 253492

I should have been more clear, I meant people with depression and/or anxiety who either don't do anything about it or aren't responsive to treatment for it after a long time. I hate it when I see people bitch about their miserable life when they are the ones continuing the "miserable" part of it, and that they take advantage, even if not on purpose, of the fact their family will financially support their butt because most families feel a responsibility for the members in it.

I essentially meant NEETs with depression and/or anxiety who don't do anything to improve themselves or aren't responding to treatment.

I feel angry that at least in the US it feels like so many of these people exist. They're like self-aware ultra expensive pets that people feel morally obliged to keep alive. Just euthanize them at some point when they get too inconvenient (and same with cluster B type because they tend to inflict so much damage mentally on healthy people that they aren't worth keeping alive once they're identified).

This is more of a fantasy in my head I like to wonder about. I know it's unrealistic to implement.

No. 253495

this place has too many lesbians. i hate seeing scrawny yaoi bait shit. guys with absolutely no body-ody-ody

where are the fat cocks

No. 253498

Agreed. Tired of seeing yaoi where the 'guys' literally act like no guy ever would. They're basically depicting females on a male body.
Saw it in the fujos thread, anons saying they prefer the dicks censored like wtf? Why even read it then. I want to see them cocks too

No. 253499

True. These asian twinks who act like anime girls are gross. Just go lesbian already.

No. 253501

I think too many anons here are very mentally ill and should get extensive therapy.

No. 253509

Not really an unpopular opinion, we have a whole thread for mental disorders.

No. 253510

At the Ram Ranch, big daddy

No. 253518

The secret thread is full of dog killers right now, so yeah. This site attracts the worst people.

No. 253522

Wow. I can’t believe how popular this sort of insane shit it.
Murder the mentally ill fanatics, dog killers in the secrets thread (why kill someone’s dog when you could kill yourself?) and two days worth of the worlds most insecure people getting horribly offended over eyecolors. I almost miss the anorexia sperging.

No. 253525

You get me, anon. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

No. 253529

I was reminded of this in another thread, and it's something I feel really passionately about.

Letting your cat outdoors is animal abuse. I firmly believe this. I don't see how a cat has some innate need to go outside that other animals don't.

Dogs should be outside too. So should parrots, rats, fish, snakes, whatever. But you don't let those animals outside without supervision and expect them to fend for themselves.

There are cars outside who could run your cat over. There's pretty nasty disease it could catch. There are predatory animals. There are animal-haters who would gladly torture your cat to near-death and leave it to die.

I don't have any sympathy for owners who get their cat run over by a car. I feel sorry for the cat, but in the end it's YOUR fault. It would never have happened if you had gets your precious baby inside.

The end.

No. 253532

Yeah it's weird. I'm guessing (hoping) they're all just lying and being controversial on purpose to get people riled up. Like this anon >>253313

No. 253543

Attention seeking worse than the cows. I wonder if it is the cows, taking a break from lurking in their threads. That’ll help me sleep tonight

No. 253545

>Letting your cat outdoors is animal abuse.
The absolute state of lolcow…

My family has a big garden, edging on a few other houses, the majority of them have cats.
Sometimes there are up to 3 different cats in our garden, they sort of "meet up" together, it's pretty cute. And when the owners call their name in the evening, or if rain starts they run back home for food and cuddles, everything's fine.

No. 253547

I think the only exception is when it’s a neighborhood stray you love and feed. My parents took in the neighborhood stray, cleaned her up, feed her, etc. But she’s too determined to get out. They trap her in at night when they’re home so she’s not getting in to fights or getting run over, and then she just sleeps in their garden during the day. If they keep her in during the day, she knocks over their shit and causes mayhem. And they have cameras all around the propert so they can confirm she’s just chilling in their giant garden.
They’d be devestated if she died but she’s pretty savvy, and she’s not really their pet.

But yeah, barring super specific cases, people should keep cars indoors

No. 253548

File: 1527376487159.jpeg (75.83 KB, 948x410, 9FF08949-5892-4F2C-B734-A68926…)

No. 253549

you're clearly a moron. being in a garden or yard isn't outdoors. no one is talking about them going outside supervised. we're talking about indoor/outdoor """pets""" or people who just let their cats roam the neighborhood and feed them on their front porch.

No. 253554

it's such a turnoff. all these yaoi boys are shaped like a pole.

No. 253555

>I almost miss the anorexia sperging.

I don't. At least these are new topics.

No. 253556

>you're clearly a moron. being in a garden or yard isn't outdoors. no one is talking about them going outside supervised.
And you clearly can't read and are an ass for insulting me on top of that.
Cat from neighbour, not my cat, is outside = outdoors
Sometimes in my garden, sometimes somewhere else, all around the neighbourhood = unsupervised
Did you think I would babysit all of my neighbours cats if they happen to be in my yard? They're free to stroll wherever they want to and that's fine.

No. 253557

then your not an owner and i hope your cat gets taken by the pound to let someone actually take care of it.

No. 253559

Yes, I'm not an owner, I don't have any pets and never claimed to.
Again, learn to read.
>my neighbours cats

No. 253562

if you don't even have cats why are you trying to weigh in? your opinion is worthless. wait till you or one of your family members accidentally hurts on of your neighbors cats and then you'll see how cute it is.

No. 253567

lmfao this thread rn. tumblrcore at its best.

No. 253571


How fucking embarrassing are you? Trying to use terms you don't know as insults to be edgy?

No. 253576

No. 253579

And you are not the anon who just lost her cat either, yet you're sperging in two threads about it…

No. 253581

Tumblrcore is a fashion, anon…

No. 253582

File: 1527377862186.gif (68.24 KB, 640x385, the-last-word.gif)

Which side wants it more?

No. 253584

LUL no it doesnt. there's "tumblrcore" music and shit.

No. 253586

Well done, retard. Now you spread this shit to another thread.

No. 253588

>no it doesn't
Nice ESL there anon. In any case >>253567 wasn't even correct, tumblrcore doesn't refer to people from tumblr.

No. 253589

Yeah but let’s be real, anon who lost her cat is just a psychopath getting her kicks fantasizing about killing dogs. I doubt they care about the fact they lost their cat. Pretty evident considering their form of grieving is to be a sick fuck

No. 253591

Hide the thread if you're so triggered, anon. If you gave a shit about the board you'd shut the fuck up and report shit you didn't like.

>inb4 i don't give a shit about the board

I'm not implying I do, but you clearly seem to, given how problematic you think these posts are.

No. 253599

My clearly unpopular opinion is that anons who get pissed about infighting or arguments should stay out of them and report/hide shit. People who sperg out at others for that kind of thing are usually worse than the ones doing it and add fuel to the fire so the ones derailing have more people to rile up.

No. 253602

I do give a shit about the board that's why I don't want it to derail further. Why have two threads derailing/discussing the same thing? If anything you're the triggered one here seeing you're double posting.

No. 253604

>triggered about me trying to get the thread back on track

You realize that you're the one who is derailing. Hide the thread and move on. Report and keep your mouth shut. You do more damage bringing shit up because people will look at what you're replying to and start it all over again.

No. 253605

People are capable of controlling themselves and not chimping out. Besides this thread practically started with a eugenics-tard.

Almost miss it. Still amazed that people are upset over different eye colours.

Hold me.

Do you guys think there’s anything at all that could be universally agreed on here?
Sometimes it feels like you could say something totally harmless like ‘I like milk’ and it will become a fuckin war zone.

No. 253606

How is discussing unpopular opinions derailing the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 253607

I kind of like to watch the constant fighting in this thread (except the ana bs, that was just annoying and crazy) but I agree that it's dumb we have two threads arguing about the same stupid thing.

That anon sperging at the anon who's cat got killed sounds completely nuts and never sages.

No. 253608

Well anon, considering anons in the past have admitted to enjoying starting infighting, no. Aside from that, people are just too immature to see something they don't agree with and ignore it. They always try to be all holier-than-thou about telling the OP they are wrong.

No. 253609

NTA but the anon in the other thread doesn't sound nuts to me. Are you the one getting triggered by her for cussing? Like many others have said not even OP knows the cat is dead, she was told by her mom who was told by someone else that they overheard the guy talking about it. OP deserves all the hate she's getting.

I'll say that it's pretty cringy how many people are getting upset that another thread sparked conversation. Get over yourselves.

No. 253610

It’s an unpopular opinions thread. It was sperging out and infighting from its conception. It’s not like there’s been thoughtful and well constructed think-pieces posted itt. Hide the thread, post an unpopular opinion, report shit, or hush as far as I’m concerned.

No. 253611

I think you replied to the wrong person. I know that, and I'm the one who said to do the same thing earlier.

No. 253612

Ahh shit wrong anon indeed. Sorry fam.

No. 253616

File: 1527380281808.png (31.4 KB, 488x488, Ketchup_HD.png)

>Are you the one getting triggered by her for cussing?
No, I haven't even made a post on the topic before the one you replied to

>Do you guys think there’s anything at all that could be universally agreed on here?
cat villagers are objectively the best class of villagers in animal crossing and mice (NOT hamsters, but mice) are the worst

controversial opinion: ketchup is best girl, marshal is overrated as fuck. he has a good house though, the lazy furniture set is cute.

No. 253618

>not bears

I agree about Marshal tho. I associate marshal, or marshal lovers with nasty furry fujoshits. Because really, tell me what else is so interesting? Nothing, it's just girls getting wet over him.

No. 253619

Oh damn. I agree on cat villagers (punchy is my bff) but I think cows/pigs are the worst villagers.

Marshall is not welcome in my village.

No. 253623

File: 1527380693702.jpg (187.11 KB, 1280x974, 1527376343594.jpg)

So, getting back on track

I love frogs and toads, I think they're so cute! I like touching/petting them.
Stole this pic from the wholesome images thread.

No. 253626

File: 1527381108984.png (173.77 KB, 330x545, Stitches_-_Animal_Crossing_New…)

take that shit the fuck back

I would accept chickens (not rhinos or gorillaz because merengue is a qt and that hello kitty gorilla is too), but not bears, not even the tall ones. Totally agree on Marshal though.

I kinda agree since Curly is one of my least favorites of all time, but there are a few cute pigs. Chickens and mice are all fuck ugly, as are cows/bulls.

Punchy is god-teir taste btw

No. 253627

File: 1527381173934.png (41.49 KB, 150x230, cYjQikR.png)

>cat villagers are objectively the best class of villagers in animal crossing
true. rabbits are a close second.
>and mice (NOT hamsters, but mice) are the worst
were all the ugly ass bulls, hippos, chickens, gorillas, anteaters, monkeys, and rhinos suddenly deleted from the game?
>ketchup is best girl
>marshal is overrated as fuck
100% true

Is this an unpopular opinion? I thought everyone loved frogs.

No. 253628

Everyone on reddit is insane. This one chick posts constantly on the job or job advice subreddit about how she’s a ‘c-suite executive assistant’ i.e. a frigging secretary and she writes like pages and pages about how important she is and how great it is and she posts so much that I honestly think she must be slacking. I first came across her looking for attention on the cancer board, of all places, she’s batshit.

No. 253629

File: 1527381743082.png (35.72 KB, 488x488, Shari_HD.png)

okay, I changed my mind about gorillas, but there are cute monkeys. Most hippos and anteaters are fug, but I've never seen a mouse that wasn't.

cats, dogs, rabbits, most ducks, and deer are God teir

everything not mentioned above or below is ok teir

birds (the twiggy kind), pigs, tall bears, lions, rhinos, hippos and frogs are bad teir

gorillas, chickens, bulls, and mice are shit teir

No. 253634

Oh god I forgot about gorilla villagers fuck those weird assholes.
Stitches is up there with punchy.

Peanut is one of my favourites because she was my first AC friend ever.

No. 253635

>[angry unprotected eye mutant screeching]
Uh-huh. Brown eyes are pretty, you aren't a special snowflake and you will deal with it.

No. 253636

That looks so creepy, jfc. Why do this?

No. 253639

Where? Everyone I know says they're disgusting/dangerous/creepy. It's the same on the internet too.

I think cake and chocolate are overrated

No. 253640

I've made it a personal thing not to bother arguing with farmers anymore. You really have no idea who you're talking to. You could be driving yourself mad trying to talk sense into someone who literally eats shit and kills kittens for fun.

No. 253641

Why keep this going? What are you getting out of this? It’s just fucking eyes.

No. 253645

File: 1527384146870.png (35.55 KB, 488x488, 2bJCjdz.png)

>frogs are bad tier
rude. lily and henry are some of the best villagers

No. 253646

my man!

No. 253649

Username? She sounds milky

No. 253650

File: 1527385026356.png (76.9 KB, 340x340, Raddle_HD.png)

The most common ones are pretty ugly, like croque, camofrog, and jambette, who is another one of my least faves of all time.

might just be bitter because camofrog moved two (2) feet in front of my house and wouldn't move for months… I really like some frogs though, like the ones you mentioned and raddle.

No. 253655

I think Black Mirror, The Walking Dead, Vikings and Stranger Things are shit series.

No. 253656

never watched the other two, but bm is the most vapid, surface level satire and people are somehow convinced it's genius. it's fine as a background watch, but not much else. can't help but think there are far better british shows that deserve bm's success.

No. 253657

Good for you that you can't get it anon.

No. 253660

What are some good shows that do what BM does?

No. 253663

Donuts are fucking disgusting. The greasy oiliness overpowers the sweetness and makes them sickening. Literally every other dessert is leagues better.

No. 253669

BM as satire is too in-your-face, but the episodes where they focus on crafting a story around a concept are pretty good.

Curious to hear your other British recommendations.

No. 253671

never seen Vikings but agree on the others

No. 253676

what are baked cake donuts?

No. 253679

I'm this anon >>253655 and I only managed to get to the second season. The episodes I hated the most were written by this same guy Charlie Brooker, imo he has no idea of how normal people work so his characters end up behaving unnaturaly. The best episode out of what I saw was The Entire History Of You because the characters actually felt like humans, the technology part was clever and it was written by a different guy. Just like the other eps the ending was shitty and confusing tho. Sorry for the rant

No. 253681

The first two series are actually the best (maybe I mean just the first, I can't remember). When they were originally released it was like 2010 and the themes were new. Now dystopia AI blah is a constant theme all over the media so it's passe

The more recent series is the same stuff but with half the episodes being time-wasting filler and Brits pretending to be Americans.

I really hate the Prime minister episode, the one with the cartoon character is boring, and the one where they're hunting people is kinda unpleasant. But there is sorta good stuff in there if you dig
Apparently there's a lesbian love story episode in one of the recent series which people really like. Ep 1 of a recent series where a redhead girl gets judged on a kinda worldwide IRL Instagram platform is sorta good theme-wise but overlong. Overall in 2018 there are more enjoyable things to watch that aren't direct commentary on the present rather than futuristic satire (as it was in 2010). It's just Not Fun and we've heard it all before at this point

No. 253688

Agree. Same for Orange is the New Black (boring af)

My unpopular opinion is I think lesbian sex is boring. (I'm bi)

No. 253690

File: 1527402267454.png (1.03 MB, 2274x2274, 7D3A679D-7FEA-43AA-8459-74FE86…)

Oh no, I really dislike cat villagers. I don’t like their pointy ears, mouths, or colors. I don’t like the dogs either (except the mains)

I like the more natural colored wild animals

No. 253694

Walking dead is a ponzi scheme

No. 253707

File: 1527411388822.png (38.57 KB, 488x488, Zucker_HD.png)

Wow, this is the worst opinion in the thread. At least we can probably agree that Erik, Fauna, and Maple are cute.

When we have Kiki, Punchy, R o s i e, Bob, Lolly, Purrl, Kabuki, Ankha, pretty much all of them save for Tabby, Moe, Monique, and Katt… I don't understand jow can anyone can not like cat villagers. They are consistently the best.

pic unrelated, he's just a qt.

No. 253709

File: 1527412837218.png (54.09 KB, 132x252, Sandy_NL.png)

>mice are the worst
I'll take mice over fucking horses, anteaters or ostriches any day. I hate bird villagers (minus some ducks and a special exception for Apollo.)

No. 253711

I hate jellybeans. The jelly belly ones are okayish, but generally sweet wise, I dislike generic jelly beans. Over rated lumps of sugar and they taste average.

No. 253712

I think both gigi hadid and cara delevinge are overrated. Probably going to get hate for this, but I don't care for either of them. Gigi looks puffy and average, and Cara has nice eyes I guess, but her pig nose and caveman eyebrows annoy me. So does her quirky wannabe attitude.

No. 253713

File: 1527413744053.png (152.71 KB, 275x598, D89C02C9-9DD1-4DDE-B878-F3A364…)

He is indeed a cutie.

Idk dude, the cats just freak me out. Pic related. Merry is a cutie. But Moe and Kid Cat? Stinky? Tabby and Tom? They just don’t live up to the cuteness of real cats. And they’re kinda creepy

No. 253715

File: 1527414313365.png (143.19 KB, 340x469, 3BF2CB6F-069D-40E1-A7E4-8BF882…)

I’ll agree with you on the horses (except Colton obviously) but birds is too big a category. What about penguins and chickens? And you’re gonna call out my Ostrich babies but not the worst animal: hippos.

No. 253716

File: 1527414372534.png (136.09 KB, 284x524, E70855AB-1D57-4784-A7F1-028D6A…)

No. 253717

File: 1527414414497.png (36.35 KB, 488x488, Papi.png)

>Colton, Julian, Papi, Filly, Epona, Roscoe, Winnie, and Savannah
>I'll take mice over fucking horses
side_eye.jpg. Sandy is cute to me and I don't find the other ostriches particularly ugly either, but birds like Twiggy and Jitters can fuck off.

All mouse villagers have ugly faces, rat tails, and gross ears. Broccolo is the only one that's even remotely cute.

I can almost see where you're coming from, but I still think they're so charming and cute overall. The way cats play the town tune is nice too, probably my favorite.

No. 253719

File: 1527414527943.png (140.8 KB, 327x558, Chester_-_Animal_Crossing_New_…)

Bear are best villagers. I also prefer villagers that are a little ugly rather than the all around cute one like Diana.

No. 253721

File: 1527414530731.png (76.41 KB, 200x435, kiki.png)

a few ugly cats can be excused, pobody's nerfect

No. 253723

File: 1527414741404.png (119.47 KB, 284x437, BB1CFE17-5157-4D57-96CC-245C4C…)

On reflection I change my mind about hippos. Mice are definitely the worst. Hippos second worst.

No. 253724

File: 1527415217341.jpeg (689.05 KB, 1080x566, C96D08D9-13E3-4C6F-B46C-FFB644…)

Hot take: sheep are the cutest.

Wendy, Willo, Muffy, BaaBara, Vesta, Timbra, Etoile, Stella, Eunice. Nine of the cutest animals and they’re all sheep.

No one can convince me otherwise.

No. 253725

File: 1527416558249.png (48.49 KB, 166x198, C62A8D6B-84EB-4945-BD50-BBDECC…)

But also pietro the fucking monster

No. 253726

File: 1527416580002.png (63.87 KB, 160x300, vladimir.png)


>Bear are best villagers.


No. 253727

is this the animal crossing thread now?

No. 253729

File: 1527418363531.webm (5.29 MB, 853x480, flurry.webm)

>I also prefer villagers that are a little ugly rather than the all around cute one like Diana
I feel that. Bears, sheep, and hamsters are underrated.

this is the most pleasant discourse we've ever had in these threads. would you rather go back to the ana/eye color sperging?

No. 253731

Better the animal crossing thread than eyecolor or eugenics, no?

No. 253732

File: 1527420975239.png (16.59 KB, 122x179, Rodney_HHD.png)

>hamsters are underrated
Rodney doesn't get enough love either. He's such a neckbeard and I love that about him.

No. 253733

I hate watching cute animal videos. My boyfriend wants to show me them all the time because he loves certain kinds of puppies and won't believe me when I say that I genuinely don't have any desire to watch them.

Yes, the animals are supercute, and that's the problem. The fact that I can't hug them, pat them and fuzzle them just make me frustrated.

No. 253734

Rodney is the best.

No. 253741

Whaaat omg villagers can sing in New Leaf? When did this happen? That's super adorable.

No. 253742

Yea, they sing your town tune. Or if they moved from another town they'll sing that town tune.

No. 253743

Can you please fuck off and make your own thread?
Not everybody wants to witness adults discussing which game character animal is the cutest…

No. 253744

No. You don't get to decide what people can and cannot discuss you fucking tard.

No. 253745

different anon but they should at least sage, since it's no longer on-topic

No. 253747

Uhm, this is the unpopular opinion thread and you've been sperging about it for hours now - that's not 'discussing'.

No. 253749

That's actually from HHD, they sing sometimes in that. Isabelle holds a singing contest where they sing kk songs too, it's so cute.

Hide the thread and move on :^)

Would anyone else be interested in an animal crossing thread, though? I know we have a pocket camp thread, but a general would be nice. We could post QR codes, dream codes, do item trading shit (which I kinda need because I'm still missing some fossils and paintings), etc.

No. 253754


>Would anyone else be interested in an animal crossing thread, though?

Yes please!

No. 253782

Yeah and people are sharing unpopular opinions. They just happen to be about Animal crossing

No. 253785

Hey animal crossing fan, are you the underage anon who hates drugs? You sound like them.

No. 253833

nta, but
>every anon I don't like is the same anon I was fighting with in a different thread
you sound like a retard

No. 253836

Lol it's a joke. Getting sick of the animal crossing sperging after like 4 posts, and I was laughing at your defensiveness when told to move on. Chill out haha

No. 253838

Pretty obvious that you are the anti drugs anon since you use the phrase 'nta' in this thread and the other one hahahaha
At least disguise your typing.
I don't think I've heard anyone else say nta except you

No. 253839

I already said I wasn't the anon you replied to, what do you mean "my defensiveness"

are you fucking kidding me? lurk more, people say "nta" frequently on here. And I'm not that anti-drug anon, you paranoid freak.

No. 253840

uh anon. i was in that thread and said nta when calling the anon out for sounding underage. are you fucking nuts?

No. 253841

Nta but samefag kek

No. 253842

File: 1527437779669.png (613.23 KB, 827x1280, c8.png)

I got curious about this and googled and nowhere can I find a certain reference for her actual eye color. Doesn't help that a lot of the photos are recolors and her eyes are usually half covered and shaded by her eyelashes. This is an original color photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt and it looks like they might be a very dark grey?

No. 253843

I'm not samefagging, I only made one of those posts.

Again with the paranoid retards

No. 253846

I always thought Marilyn had dark blue eyes. It's weird because photos of when she was Norma Jean look brown, but Marilyn's look blue.

No. 253847

not this again…

No. 253848

Unpopular opinion
Animal crossing is gay and drugs rule mkay

No. 253849

You also use double inverted commas like the other anon, get butthurt as easily as the anon AND someone happened to defend you a minute after you posted. Hahahaha it's so obvious but I'm the retard.


No. 253850

File: 1527438229812.jpg (45.42 KB, 604x604, 0983RNNF030.jpg)

Tbh It's difficult to find a straight answer about it, Bert Stern who photographed her claimer that she had dark green eyes. But on her driving license she described as having brown eyes.

No. 253853

Sounds like a dumb question, but did they have eye contacts back then?

No. 253854

File: 1527438770020.gif (844.76 KB, 245x150, gordon-ramsay-reaction-gif-10.…)

uhm…no anon, i did. >>253768

i'm gonna go now…

No. 253855

I'm the "underage anti-drug anon" and these are my posts >>253743 >>253747. Seems like we agree on something?

>you use the phrase 'nta'
Many do, just scroll upwards a bit.
>You also use double inverted commas
Just like dozens of other non-American anons as well.
So no, she's not me.

First I'm 12, then into animal crossing, then a fan of onision and now you accuse other anons of being me?
Seems like the drugs are getting to your brain…

No. 253856

they didn't have standard contacts, but they were able to change eye color. the definitely did in films, not sure about if they used them on her, but they definitely lied about her eye color since she's like the quintessential blonde blue-eyed bombshell.

No. 253859

I can't get into any of the marvel movies. I used to like xmen as a kid, but I'm honestly trying so hard to watch avengers and thor ect, and I find a lot of them bad. I hated antman an the thor movies suck. I'm trying, I'm really trying.

No. 253860

Yeah, you are Hahahahaha. I haven't made a single post about the drug bullshit.

>double inverted commas

Yeah, because we're the only ones on the site who use normal quotation marks. Did all those drugs fry your brain or were you dropped on your head as a baby?

No. 253862

Unpopular opinion:
I do not like the tv show Friends.

No. 253863

Video games are boring. Especially 3d ones (so pretty much all that are being produced nowadays).

No. 253864

I share this opinion on most first person shooters.
They ALL look the fucking same and nothing sets them apart.

No. 253865

I guess it is unpopular, but same. It’s a really popular avenue for people to learn English where I live, but I haven’t liked it since I was like, 11 and I remember the plot of maybe three episodes. So whenever anyone is like, “oh it’s like that episode of Friends” I immediately tune it out.

No. 253866

I hate white and black/ white and navy striped tops. I guess it depend how they are styled, but I just dont dig it! And once I went to the mall and I counted like 25 people with stripes!

No. 253867

I don't like watching make up tutorials.

No. 253868

this, fuck all FPS games and fuck the people who play them (men and thottie twitch streamers)

I think men [who enjoy shit like fighting games (even smash), GTA, and FPS games like cow a doodoo and overwatch] should be gassed.

No. 253870

I used to when youtube was new and there was only a few people like Kandee johnson and michelle phan and costume novelty makeup tutorials were exciting but now everyone has the same everything…same royalty free music…same backdrops….same drag queen insta thot makeup…same WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNNNEL'

It's so repetitive these days.

No. 253871

Can you quit with the "I think x should be gassed". Here's my unpopular opinion: You're annoying.

No. 253872

I think you should be gassed

No. 253873

I've only used that phrase once, stop acting like everyone who acts even remotely similar to someone else is the same poster.

No. 253874

>dog-loving culture is out of control and I'm sick of it.
This is just too hilarious

No. 253875

I don't know what the look is classiied as, but I dont like the fashion where girls wear a baseball cap. Not talking about like Taylor R but more like Kylie Jenner and instagram girls.

I saw a lady come into work with perfect makeup an okay outfit and the baseball hat just looked dumb.

Also if anyone knows what this hat wearing trend is called please educate me.

No. 253876

Unpopular opinion- I don't like tattoos
Also another unpopular opinion- I think all piercings look trashy. Lower ear lobes don't, but I hate piercings in general.

No. 253877

This person >>253492
is talking about killing neets you retarded bitch, not dogs. Where the fuck did you get dogs from this? Learn how to read english dumbass

No. 253879

>being nice and understanding
>liking both "sides" and being sensible enough to see the pros and cons of both
>posting in a friendly tone
>on a lolcow thread
gtfo back to tumblr bitch we don't like your kind here
Thanks for the post, I needed the positivity. It's much appreciated.

No. 253880

File: 1527441519032.jpg (36.02 KB, 422x420, 98UNFF?EI.jpg)

Tattoo are the ugliest thing ever, the colored ones look like bruise from a distance and the black an white "minimalist" ones look like some scribbles by a bored teenager.
I especially hate everything like pic related. Just pin the pic up in your bathroom if you find it cute instead of inking it forever on yourself.

No. 253881

Agreed. Tattoos can sometimes look good right after they are done, but they ALL end up looking like shit a couple months later, what's the point.

No. 253882

I think that person may have accidentally replied to the wrong post. Either way, that was ages ago, why are you getting so triggered about it?

Unpopular opinion- i hate knee level black heeled boots. They always remind me of hookers. Not that there's anything wrong with hookers, i just dont like those boots. Black ones remind me of hookers and brown ones cowboys.

No. 253883

File: 1527441752289.jpg (45.03 KB, 688x688, e32d1c9bb727d58a9ed95059dfa3b8…)

The worst ones are the ones related to some move/tv show/other pop culture stuff.
Like, are you that uninteresting of a person that the only thing you can think of putting on your body is some movie you watched?

No. 253884

Yesssssss and I fucking hate the curly font ones too. I live in Australia and only trashy bogans have the curly font.

No. 253885

>i hate knee level black heeled boots. They always remind me of hookers.

I think they're cute, but I'd never actually wear them precisely because I immediatly think "hooker".

No. 253886

Not gonna lie, I know like 4 people with this same image! Is it from harry potter? Also I think pop culture ones can look okay if they are original comissions, but direct copied images are tacky.

No. 253887

>people with different tastes in games should be gassed

No. 253888

I think harry potter is overated. The books got boring, Harry was a marysue and the movies bored me towards the end and all the super fans are annoying faggots

No. 253889

It's not just "different taste in games," the men who like those types of games are always shit.

No. 253890

It's an unpopular opinion thread anon. I doubt the anon actually wants to gas them. It's like saying people who wear crocs are cancer. Are you jewish? Why does the gassing comments/jokes trigger you?

No. 253891

I hate it when people try to insist obviously mixed/biracial people are black. If they can actually pass as fully black, like the girl from Grownish, it's not that bad, but Meghan Markle and other vaguely POC looking people that literally no black person can truthfully, unironically see and say "When I look at this human, I feel a sense of familiarity. They're one of us"? No…
The one drop rule was literally made up for the sake of slavery, and slightly brown skin does not a black person make. To be black, you must have two black parents, end of. I don't have a problem with mixed people or anything (I sometimes get mistaken for one, even, so that'd be problematic), I just think they should honestly be considered a racial group all their own, because they're genetically different.

The weird thing is, it's literally only when I say this opinion in front of non-black people that I get any real backlash, as if it has anything to do with them, or like they have the right to decide who we are (especially odd since even they'd be iffy about accepting someone who's only half-white, half-Asian, etc into their ranks). I don't get why us having a tangible identity gets some people so angry, it's not like I'm saying "Gas the tainted, pure blacks ONLY". You just…have to be black to be black.

No. 253893

Not always, but I have certainly met my fair share of rude man children into those games.

No. 253894

Agreed. Once my friend showed up to a meeting with friends in these ridiculous boots + short dress + red purse + heavy make up + ponytail. She looked so much like a hooker I almost burst out laughing.

No. 253895

File: 1527442489749.png (241.53 KB, 500x300, Top tier villager merry.png)

bitch gorillas and any sheep that isn't the goth one are the worst villagers.

Everybody been knew marshal is overratted, so it julian. he seems like gay boy to me

Unpopular opinion: Merry is underrated, no one remembers her and she's perfect.

No. 253897

tbh i find the general amount of violence on /ot/ really offputting. not everyone needs to be an edgy cunt. and so many people are outting themselves as violent shits recently too.

>OP of "femcel" thread says she actually wants to hurt men

>anon who's cat may have been killed wants to kill dogs
>anons think x, y, z person should be gassed

and all the self-harm threats like anon who wants to kill herself or get murdered cause she feels like every other human (including women) hate her cause she's a woman.

it's a fucking mess.

No. 253898

I agree but the gassing thing is a joke, come on.

No. 253900

Also, that's not really an unpopular opinion, I don't like violent edgy wannabes either and I'm sure a lot of people don't like them either.

No. 253901

even if it is a joke, it's still cringy, and especially if we have people who are seemingly violent, even ITT.

No. 253902

No. 253903

Unpopular opinion- I think Star Trek and a lot of sci fi series are boring af.

I liked fifth element and like 2 star wars films but most scifi movies fucking suck in my opinion.
And I hate doctor who and it's fans…sue me

No. 253904

So two anons who haven't actually done anything violent and people making jokes. Such barbarism, I cannnot believe these dangerous hoodlums are allowed to loiter around on this pure, Christian board!

No. 253905

Well, that's not an opinion, that's just fact.

No. 253906

Really? I thought there'd be a bunch of whovians out for my blood.

No. 253907

Get out, newfag. It has always been like that.

No. 253908

I apologize anon, sorry I'll stop making such violent jokes and go gas myself.


No. 253909

This is chan culture. Mentally ill, violent people gather to these places to let it all hang out from the safety of anonymity. The nature of Lolcow, especially, encourages this. We're openly fostering a community that revolves around the near-idolatry of very fucked up, mentally ill people. Someone pointed out that anons tend to gravitate to cows they can relate to in some way, and I think it's true in a lot of cases. Not everyone is mad here, but a high percentage definitely are, and it's to be expected.
CC is a little better about these things, I guess because it's mostly based on hanging out, not closely watching the lives of insane, horrible humans.

No. 253910

Thanks, this sound so fucking cringy that you convinced me to take a break from this shithole.

No. 253911

no need to act like i've not experienced this before. i was simply stating it's gotten worse recently. that's all.

No. 253912

Popular opinion- Miranda kerr is hot. (I agree)

Unpopular opinion- I think she comes off as smug.

People say she seems nice and wholesome, but I get holier than thou vibes.
What do I know though, she's a random celeb I have never met.

No. 253913

you'd fit in better with the troons and their handmaidens over at cc, it's more of a tender hugbox uwu

No. 253914

>explaining why chan boards are often rotten places is cringy
It's possible that you shouldn't have been here in the first place, to be honest. Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr are probably more your speed, gl hf.

No. 253915

Why is it cringy though? They have a point. We come here and gossip about fucked up z list internet celebs. There's bound to be crazies here.

No. 253916

>Mentally ill, violent people gather to these places to let it all hang out from the safety of anonymity

Sorry but this sound like an incel describing is internet cave, if you don't find that embarrassing I don't what to tell you.

No. 253918

Uh I don't know about you anon, but I find the fact I come here embarrassing in general. The way they described this place is fairly accurate.

Unpopular opinion- i hate watches. They are bulky, people judge you on how expensive they are and also we have phones to tell the time, who cares.

No. 253919

anon, the girls on /ot/ specifically are female incels. volatile and angry bitter cunts who don't really have any value, so they constantly defend this shit and try to devalue people who question it. ffs, 4chan isn't this bad, barring /b/, /cgl/ was never this bad, and /pt/ and /snow/ are not now. it's just disgusting women trying to act like they're the norm on here and everyone who's not the same is a babby outsider that should fuck off back to tumblr or c.c.

i honestly love talking to some people here, even shit talking with them, but /ot/ is like a festering fucking wound with more shit to wade through then fucking /b/.

No. 253920

I'm not defending it, I'm just pointing it out because it's true. What exactly did you expect when you came to a place called "Lolcow"? Wholesome behavior? Did you expect to able to set Lolcow as your home page and not look like a sperg?
There's a reason chan boards aren't really socially acceptable, and that some people still unironically think 4chan is full of pedophiles, drug peddlers and dangerous people in general. It's because it's basically true. Chan users are generally not healthy, good people.

The anon you agreed with on /pt/ or /snow/ about some cow being a rancid, haggard liar, the kindly anon who shared makeup tips with you on /g/, and the anon who talks about wanting to gas all men on /ot/ are the same fucking people. It's not a clean divide. It's certainly not good, but it is what it is. Accept it.
And no, /b/ is much worse.

No. 253922

Imagine being this overdramatic and clueless

Daily reminder that femcels are literally just a meme

No. 253923

Unpopular opinion: Frozen sucked.
It really did. Sick of adult disney fans. All the new disney stuff sucks.
Also I know it's not disney, but I hated despicable me. I sound like a picky asshole but I didn't like the orphans. I thought they were rude and naughty and mean. Agnes is technically a toddler but the other two were fucking brats. But everyone loves those kids. I hate how bad/obnoxious behaviour is encouraged in tv shows and movies but maybe I'm just anal because I worked at a childcare and saw kids act like dickheads after watching these movies.

No. 253924

Some anons only post on /ot/ and /g/, I agree that there is a higher percentage of crazies here, gossiping on /snow/ and /pt/ could be done by a regular human but asking for mass male genocide or wanting to kys over having brown eyes is a special kind of insanity.

No. 253925

A lot of the women here have had plenty of sex. Yeah a lot are bitter and crazy, but you keep saying incels, and incels are typically ugly virgins. Judging from the relationships/makeup/fashion/fitness threads there is definitely some attractive anons with boyfriends. Incel is not the right word.
And yeah it gets toxic here, but nowhere NEAR as bad as b. B is all traps and fap threads and actual gore threads. The worst that happens here is girls that troll about being edgy man hating animal stabbers, they never actually post gore pics. Also a lot of them seem to feel remorse about their perverted fantasies…on b they talk about wanting to fuck their little sisters and other anons egg them on.

No. 253927

Unpopular opinion- chicken nuggets at mc Donalds are OVERRATED

and I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, i just don't think they are that great. Mediocre.
It's like cunts that go on about bacon being life. It's okay….but not the best fucking thing eveeeeerrrr shut the fuck up

No. 253928

I totally agree that mixed people have completely different experiences from other Black people, but it's sort of a weird gray area because of all the race mixing.

My dad's Black, but my mom's only half. Does that make me fully Black or mixed? What about people with two half-black parents? Mixed or still Black? What if your Black parents have white ancestors? How many Black ancestors do you need to even be considered mixed in the first place? If you have a Black great-grandfather you're only 1/8. Does that count as mixed or do you round down to White? Or if a mixed person was more culturally Black, would they be an exception? If Meghan Markle didn't straighten her hair or have a white accent, would she count?

It's the same sort of hair splitting that white nationalists avoid talking about because it's inconvenient.

No. 253930

I fucking hate animal crossing because I never had a chance to play it and it totally looks like the kind of game I'd love.

But as it is, I never had a chance to play it younger (didnt know it and didn't own the right consoles) and now I'm way too bitter about how massively successful it is when harvest moon and rune factory were left to rot and go bankrupt.

No. 253931

Fuck you,
t. someone who wears sailor-inspired fashion 24/7 and looks great in it

No. 253932

Women who complain about men only wanting sex are annoying. Women who assume all women are like them and fantasize about finding the perfect husbando should be shamed.

No. 253933

Salty cardboard, I swear

No. 253934

File: 1527447721600.jpeg (72.71 KB, 570x759, 75EE4049-8B71-4417-A1F5-3A8CA5…)

Especially septum piercings on men. So ugly.

No. 253935

File: 1527447744220.jpg (78.64 KB, 564x699, hipster-mustaches-11.jpg)

I think hipsters look fucking stupid. It's a combination of various fashion disasters put together in order to be quirky. It's just about the most unattractive look a man can have.

No. 253936

IMO, it really depends on whether a person "passes". If someone is mixed, but most people can't tell and think they're mostly one race, I don't think it's a big deal for them to be considered as that race for the sake of ease/convenience (though their actual genetic makeup says otherwise). Most people are sort of mixed, but one part of their genes is more clearly dominant.
It's only when the person actually looks like a perfect 50/50 split that things get confusing, I think.

No. 253937

I agree. I'm glad beard culture seems to have died down as of 2014/2015.

No. 253938

I hate beards, I will never date a bearded man again. Nothing is nicer than feeling the cheeks of a man after he shaved, it smells good and feel so fucking soft, like a baby's ass.

No. 253940

File: 1527448596714.jpg (32.13 KB, 500x419, Hot-Hipster-Hairstyles-2.jpg)

Right? I hate beards and hipsters, they look like cavemen

No. 253941

There's not a single Beyonce song I've heard that I've liked. Why does everyone worship her so much? Her music is mediocre.

No. 253942

what songs have you heard?

No. 253943

Disagree, Lemonade was a really great album

No. 253944

I can't stand most pop artists today tbh
Most of the songs are so forgetable

No. 253945

Can't name all of them off the top of my head: Crazy in Love, 7/11, Single Ladies, Halo

Unless I for some reason was only exposed to her few bad songs: she makes generic pop

No. 253947

lul because you listened to all her top 40 bait singles. she's more of an album artist (minus sasha fierce which is a TERRIBLE album)

listen to bday, 4, self titled and lemonade

No. 253948

Thanks I'll check those out.

You'd think with how everyone seems to worship her they'd play her actual good songs on the radio.

No. 253949

100% agree, her music is terrible and she's horribly overrated. She even steals from lesser-known, actually talented artists. For the most part, if the media tells people that something is good people will just go along with it and that's definitely the case with her and many other pop artists at the moment.

No. 253951

I mean, the pop songs you've heard on the radio aren't her only songs. Her new stuff is more FKA twigs-esque and good. Solange is better, though.

No. 253952

I think she makes good catchy pop songs, that's it. She is not better than Katy Perry or Taylor Swift in my eyes.

No. 253953

I agree. Her music is very overrated and uninspired. People always worship her and treat her like she's this beauty icon and the queen of all black people. She's not very good looking in my opinion.

But even more than beyonce, I hate the beyhive. They are toxic, spoiled brats who can't stand it when you give their queen a genuine bit of criticism.

No. 253954

her new music is more alt-r&b with better vocals whereas her older music is more neptunes-esque r&b/pop. if you like those things you'd like her music. if you don't, you wouldn't lol

she's popular and acclaimed because she's an amazing pop performer and has solid albums with interesting production and themes. idg why people say she's overrated because its not like she's compared to jimi hendrix or something. she's compared to mj and janet which is appropriate.

No. 253955

katy and taylor cannot sing live. they sound like drunken karaoke.

No. 253957

Mj wrote his own stuff tho. Janet is more appropriate I guess.

It's true that she is a better performer. I still don't think her songs are better than theirs.

No. 253958

i find her dancing overrated personally. sometimes she's good but a lot of the time she just has good stamina and stomps a lot

No. 253961

Thanks for that popular opinion.

Can you afford it? Because there's a free app. It's not like the full game but it's pretty cute. I can't really afford video gaming as a hobby, but animal crossing is worth it. You can find some cheaper okay-condition 3ds's (acnl) and really cheap wiis (for accf)on ebay.

dear god

No. 253963

File: 1527451239637.jpeg (279.83 KB, 750x1101, eww.jpeg)

Bodysuits/leotards/whatever you call these atrocities look like baby onesies and they give me the creeps, especially the ones with buttons in the crotch. Ugly as fuck and look like thot-ified ddlg wear to boot, no fucking thanks.

No. 253964


Yes Taylor can. This is the true unpopular opinion. She’s one of the few pop artists who actually can sing and play instruments

No. 253965

If I don’t like an artist’s singles, I’m not going to torture myself with an entire album. This is so backwards.

No. 253971

Er you're supposed to wear pants or skirts with them, they're a one piece so that you can wear bottoms without the inconvenience of tucking your shirt in. They're only as ugly or thotty as the top half combined with whatever bottoms they're paired with.

No. 253976

I fucking love the "pretty, rich mean girl archetype". Sharpay, The plastics, the Heathers, the Chanels…
It's embarrassing because they're mostly in teen-oriented media and you're usually not quite supposed to love them.

No. 253979

maybe not a gas-chamber worthy offense but every dude I know who avidly plays fighting games or smash (especially competitively) is a completely worthless bitch lmao. I had a friend who failed out of college because he kept skipping classes (and making up stuff like his relatives dying as an excuse) so he could fly somewhere for smash tournaments lmao. he wasn't even good.

No. 253980

I love Star Trek but a ton of it is just dudes standing around in rooms talking so calling it boring is totally valid tbh.

No. 253982

I recognize that chicken nuggets aren't good but I swear years of my mom using trips to mcdonalds as a reward for various things has programmed my brain to believe that they are fucking delicious. just reading your post made me want some.

No. 253987

Tangled was the superior film in every way.

Also, doctor who is objectively terrible and even the superfans know it.

No. 253988

I’m here to talk about art and pets. Not everyone here is visiting the same boards

No. 253992

>She even steals from lesser-known, actually talented artists.
She's a thief. If you Google "Beyonce plagiarism" you'll find a million examples. Like, she wanted credits for her covers of You Oughta Know and some other songs lmao. Or she'll alter a single word in the lyrics and demand writing credit.

I like her music just fine but her fans are straight up insane. They act like she's literally a god. You're not allowed to criticize her at all, the Beyhive may as well be a cult.

No. 253994

Not arguing, but that video being used as proof of "theft" is kind of silly IMO, because it's obvious that extremely heavy inspiration was taken from the original. It's a clear homage, down to the cinematography. "Copying" and "theft" would be if she took the dance moves and put them in a completely different setting/context. She clearly wasn't trying to hide anything.
I did like that particular video a lot for the aesthetic and vibrant energy/activity (even though I'm not a Beyonce fan), so it's neat to see the "original". Thanks for it, anon.

No. 253995

Same, never played it and don't feel like ever doing this even tho it seems cool. Harvest Moon is the shit

No. 253996

For some reason I thought Beyonce was sued for this which is why I brought it up. Turns out she wasn't, though she definitely has been sued before for this type of stuff. My bad. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's response was interesting though

No. 253998

File: 1527464567817.jpg (149.76 KB, 624x950, 1527314601762.jpg)

i agree but unironically

No. 254000

Sorry for your loss anon, catdogs are awesome.

No. 254003

then tell them assertively what you want and what you like. most young men will oblige as long as you seem interested in fucking. be like "that turns me off! that makes me dry!" and "such and such makes me super wet and horny."

i have made young guys do some weird shit because they're eager to please and love being around a woman who knows what she likes.

>they expect to have sex every single day

what's wrong with this? lots of women do too

No. 254005

I feel like porn is making men age 16-32 comically bad at sex. They're too rough, want to do all kinds of dumb shit in bed, they think a girl has to be screaming like a retarded and eyes crossed to prove she's enjoying it, they expect to have sex every single day. I remember a time when a man seeing a little boobs and having missionary once a week was exciting, now they need to be fisting your asshole and choking you out to get off. I also think sex workers are some of the most stupid/delusional people out there, they go on and on about how whoring yourself out to men is "empowering" and they brain wash younger women into thinking that sex work "is super easy and fun"! But the truth is most sex works don't make much more than someone working at mcdonalds. And no, letting a guy pay for your drug addiction isn't empowering, the man you're fucking is still in power because you have to spread your legs to someone you don't even like to pay your rent. He doesn't care about your feminist bullshit because at the end of the day to Him you're
Just a skank he used to get off.

No. 254006


this was to you >>254003

No. 254007

>having missionary once
I'm glad we don't live in those days anymore then.

No. 254008

>what's wrong with it?

Sometimes a person just doesn't feel like fucking. Maybe they're sick, maybe they're tired from work. Men these days expect a woman's legs to be open on command when he wants it.

No. 254009

sounds like you don't really know what you're talking about tbh. do you actually like sex?

No. 254011

sounds like you think everyone has the same sex drive. i like sex but not every day.

No. 254012

>you don't want to be choked,have a bleached asshole and scream "fuckkkkk meeeeeeein my slutty hole" While being punched in the face?do you even enjoy having sex?lol

No. 254013

>sounds like you think everyone has the same sex drive
no that's clearly you. you're the one saying all men like ____ and all men expect _____
lots of men like fucking all day everyday just like lots of women do.

No. 254014

Why has there been so much sex posi libfem retardation ITT in the past week or so? Are all these posts made by the same hole?

No. 254015

You can have sex often and not do those things. It sounds like you just have a problem with sex.

No. 254016

i consider myself sex negative and highly critical of sex but im against feminist women claiming women only like such and such but like in a totally #feminist way

No. 254017

While it's true that most men do, most women don't. Stop trying to paint yourself as normal.

No. 254018

All men want is sex while all women want is relationships! girl power!

No. 254019

the MAJORITY of young men today have very pornified expectations of sex you cant deny that. probably women too but we were talking about men

No. 254020

no one were talking about what women were supposed to do/like

No. 254021

talk about taking it out of context

No. 254022

Men don't only want sex but they expectations of sex have been ruined by porn. Most men can't even handle seeing a woman with a little hair on her body.

No. 254023

see >>254017

no they don't. stop reading tumblr radfem blogs run by lesbians.

No. 254024

>men want to choke women and beat them senseless during sex
>men want women completely hairless and with bleached assholes
So many femcels here.

No. 254025

Are you saying both men and women don't have pornofied expectations of sex?of you're saying the porn industry have not fucked up people's concept of sex then you are deluded. I bet you're one of those "I totally love getting punched and stabbed during while I'm dressed like a toddler during sex! its bdsm!"

No. 254026

so many sexpositive libfems here :)

No. 254027

it would be funny that they actually believed this if they didn't spread this around and get other dumb girls to believe them

the truth is most porn sick men are the most passive lol you can get them to do anything

sex was never a "pure" place free of misogyny lul idiot

No. 254028

>porn sick men

We have a robot Here

No. 254029

while i don't agree with all of anon's original points (in that there's a lot between missionary only and violent sex lmao), it's silly to pretend that more people don't want choking/violent sex now, kink is becoming the mainstream.

No. 254030

You're a virgin aren't you? I bet you spend a lot of time in places like /r9k/ and /incels/ and believe every bullshit they say.

No. 254031

lmao no like most adults i've had sex. you're being obtuse if you dont think sex expectations have changed drastically and that many (not you guys obviously) women are uncomfortable with that

No. 254032

artists from hundreds of years ago were drawing women doing fucked up shit. doesn't make it right but it's not new. choking and slapping is not new nor is it more popular. you're just hearing about it more because the internet exposes you to what men used to say in private.

No. 254033

The thing is that I see just as many women into this sort of thing as men. You know it's women who love those BDSM novels.

No. 254034

Those things were considered kinks and abnormal. Most men didn't expect their wives to do that stuff. Now a days being choked, slapped and basically beat up is now considered normal foreplay.

No. 254035

/incels/ doesn't even exist. Why do you think everyone who isn't a literal whore an incel/virgin? It's pathetic and embarrassing. Were you the same girl trying to justify being a whore the other day, too?

No. 254036

and that too is an effect of a more sexualised society (not to mention porn)

No. 254037

most men didn't expect their wives to do that because sex was for whores.

>normal foreplay

no it's not considered that. stay off lesbian radfem blogs, they don't know what they're talking about.

No. 254038

They have not changed drastically. You just read too many articles about how men want to beat and stab women during sex.
Most people out there have super vanilla sex lives.

>Now a days being choked, slapped and basically beat up is now considered normal foreplay.
What the hell? LOL

No. 254039

>anyone who isn't a slut like myself is a lesbian Redfem

Let me guess you're a cam girl and a trans activist?

No. 254040

Things like slapping, choking and spanking would have been considered taboo/kinky 20 years ago. Now a days that is considered vanilla/boring.

No. 254041

That wasn't me. I'm just amused by how close to incel thinking some people here can get. You guys have these extreme views of male sexuality just like incels have of female sexuality.

No. 254042

I believe there is a non-negligible proportion of anons that are well adjusted, educated, have a career, a healthy social and sex life and just come here to blow off steam and have a laugh and much of the ~crazy~ ~man-hating~ rhetoric is born from decades of experience and thorough political analysis.

No. 254043

No it wasn't at all. what's your source? look at porn from the 70s. all men were watching it back then.

sexist ads from the 60s had women bent over and getting spanked

No. 254044

>slapping, choking and spanking is considered vanilla/boring nowadays.
I'm glad I don't live in your reality, anon.

No. 254045

If you think this is even remotely similar to incel thinking, you must be a tard who doesn't know what she's talking about. The fact that you though /incels/ was a thing backs up that theory.

No. 254046

learn to loosen up

No. 254047

And what is your source that proves most porn was like that and that all men were watching it?you can go back and find black on white cuck porn from the 1900s, doesn't mean it was a common fantasy that people had lol
There have always been freaks and perverts through out history, that doesn't mean it was seen as something "empowering for women" or proof that one isn't boring during sex.

No. 254048

no one here is saying it's empowering, fucking moron. but insisting women should like ____ and is REAL feminism because radwitchydyke on tumblr said so is equally stupid as sex positive feminism. insisting if it wasn't for porn that people would be having missionary and women would be happier because of it is retarded.

No. 254049

Gross, no. I'd rather stay tight.

No. 254050

If you had better reading skills, you would see that I never said that people should only be having missionary, I said that even something as boring and tame as missionary was considered exciting to men in the past, even seeing a boob was exciting. For example when Marilyn Monroes skirt was shown being blown up it was considered very scandalous. I was trying to make a comparison to men now who need much harder shit to get off. No one is saying you're wrong for being sex posi and getting your vagina blown out everyday.

No. 254051

puritanical ideals are not a good thing for women, anon.

No. 254052

>not wanting to get beat up and have my bleached asshole pounded to the point it looks like a pile of mashed up turkey meat means you're a prude

You should hang out with June.

No. 254054

*im a prude

No. 254055

Men still get off to very minor things. Women who actually have sex with men know that vanilla sex is still the norm.

No. 254056

exactly holy shit

No. 254057

>men who actually have sex with men

I have had sex with men but based on your posted you've probably had more experience with many men

No. 254058

Yes I've had plenty of experience with men. BDSM isn't the norm. Actually most guys don't really give a shit about BDSM.

No. 254059

Based off the guys I've had sex with their ideas of sex have been corrupted by sex. Maybe I don't know any better because you've had sex with more people.

No. 254060

Corrupted by porn*

No. 254061

could it perhaps partially be you who has the absurd expectations of sex? just throwing that out there

No. 254063

I hope you aren't one of those girls who date the type of loser who goes on 4chan. Most normal men aren't like those freaks.

No. 254064

I don't consider not wanting to be choked, punched or spanked to be absurd.

No. 254065

no but insisting every guy does

No. 254066

File: 1527473027648.jpg (143.48 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3512.JPG)

Mordern feminism has almost nothing to do with women's rights. It's all about being as much of an obnoxious, ugly, fat and slutty bitch without having any consequences for it.

No. 254067

that's hardly an opinion, anon. it's true.

No. 254068

>"prude" is a bad thing

No. 254069

There are plenty of women around to screech "not all men!" But how often do we ever see men doing this for women?

No. 254070

yeah liberal feminism. radfem is still talking about relevant issues such as FGM in third world countries and trannies reenforcing gender roles.

No. 254071

fucking this. so many women come to mens defense whenever there is slight "misandry" but men can shittalk women as much as they want and if anyone says something different they're a whiteknight

No. 254072

But when they do it "it's just Bants and jokes why are you so sensitive?lol". I get that generalizing all people is wrong but I almost rarely see men pulling the "not all women", whenever a comment is made about women.

No. 254073

radical feminism is retarded. go materialist.

No. 254074

>Most people out there have super vanilla sex lives.
happily. Vanilla sex is the best I’ve had. Done a lot: bdsm, threesome, anal, public, etc. but give me loving, warm vanilla sex any day over anything else

No. 254075

Check out r/IncelTears/
It's a whole place where men and women make fun of incel thinking.

No. 254076

Pretty much anyone who doesn't want to suck every dick she sees, doesn't considerbeing a street hooker "empowering" or doesn't consider trannys as women will be labeled a redfem.

No. 254077

It's not a popular opinion from where I'm from though, adults and children alike fucking love frozen AND despicable me. No, I'm not talking about hating minions either, I hate the entire movie.

No. 254078

No. 254088

Radical means at the root, silly. Radical feminism actually targets the root of sex based oppression rather than whining about feels vs. reals or lipstick or slut walks or whatever it is that libfems prioritize these days. You can think it’s retarded all you want, but I feel like most people hear radical and think “extreme” and dismiss it as something horrific.

No. 254090

lol @ you thinking you're telling me something i don't already know. get into materialist feminism.

No. 254091

why is every single materialist feminist on the internet so fucking annoying.

No. 254093

same thing could be said about radfems

No. 254094

Okay? I was talking about materialist feminists.

No. 254096

Could you recommend some reading sources? I’ve googled but there’s quite a bit. The gist of it doesn’t seem to focus on enough (from my few minutes of google and Wikipedia, so not the fairest assessment) but I wouldn’t mind reading into it.

Sorry, just assumed you didn’t know what radical feminism is. My bad. I think I’m just used to libfems criticizing it without looking into it at all (as I once did)

No. 254097

Based on the fetishes thread this might be an unpopular opinion: i think submissive men are shit

No. 254098

caliban and the witch is a great starting point imo then get into monique wittig

No. 254099

How is this unpopular? Pretty much every woman out there is a sub who likes dom guys.

No. 254101

I don’t want to be treated as a man, thanks. I’m a woman. Materialist feminism is crackpot

No. 254102

>every woman out there is a sub who likes dom guys.
What? No. Some like being neither and sub/dom shit isn’t the norm

No. 254103

Even then, I don't see how disliking sub men is an unpopular opinion.

No. 254106

yea but it's still not an unpopular opinion when submissive men are seen as lazy and not masculine

No. 254108

I think dom guys are shit too

Another one, I don't believe in karma/horoscopes

No. 254109

How dare you anon. I bet you are a horrible saggitarius!!!

No. 254111

Unpopular opinion- the wonder woman movie was SHIT. The bad green screen, Robin wright's acting was cringe. Girl power movie shown with an innocent girly protagonist. I'm not saying strong feminine characters have to be butch lesbians, but she was too naive and disney-esque for my liking.
Everyone and their cat told me it was an amazing movie and i was disappointed as fuck.

No. 254113

Bdsm relationships are just an excuse for the dom to fuck other women and beat his wife/gf. It's super easy to find some dumb bitch who is insecure and wants to please and then pimp her out to other "doms" and make some easy cash. Doms are nothing more than glorified pimps and abusers.

No. 254114

ummmm, has it ever occurred to you that lots of women WANT to be beaten and cheated on? puritanical beliefs like this are really misogynistic and pimp-phobic, i hope u don't call urself a #feminist.

No. 254116

that wasn't the argument above, retard. it was that claiming, incorrectly, that sex before porn was less misogynistic.

No. 254118

>it was that claiming, incorrectly, that sex before porn was less misogynistic
I don't know how anyone can claim that it wasn't and keep a straight face kek.

No. 254120

I never said it was less misogynistic. I said it is making men comically bad at sex, Like watching a monkey trying to put together a computer.

No. 254121

they're only as bad as you let them

No. 254122

Mainstream sex as in normal dudes have most definitely got worse since free porn. Just ask any "normal" older people. (if you can talk about that stuff with older relatives)

Most people didn't think anal, choking, hitting, hair pulling, rape-play, cutting etc were on the cards in a new relationship or fling but now guys think it is. That's a difference for sure. Obviously kink existed before free porn, but expectation of kink by every normie 21 year old is a new thing

No. 254123

>Like watching a monkey trying to put together a computer.


No. 254124

Yeah right. And before you start screaming "NOT ALL MEN", I'm not saying all men do this but there are a lot of men who will get offended if you tell them not to do any of that weird shit in bed.

No. 254126

>anal, choking, hitting, hair pulling, rape-play, cutting
>expectation of kink by every normie 21 year old
Today I learned that my 21yo boyfriend is part of a rare breed of men who don't demand any of this stuff. He also gives me oral whenever I want.

I must be the luckiest woman in the world.

No. 254127

While I agree that expectations for teens and young women and how males treat sexual partners are warped by porn, I hate speaking in absolutes. I wouldn’t say every single young man is like this. A lot of them expect that stuff, sure, but not all of them. And I say this as an anti-porn activitist who dislikes most men kek.

No. 254128

most men are passive losers in bed and overcompensate when they're in bed with passive loser women

No. 254129

I agree that porn is fucking up guy's sexuality, but the worst stuff I see is online, IRL most men are vanilla as fuck.

No. 254131

The reality of life is a lot of people don't like being told when they're doing something wrong. A lot of people would take offense to someone telling them what they're doing is awful. You know how in porn the guy fingers the actress really hard and fast then she pisses and squirts all over the place?i had a guy try doing that to me and I told him to stop because that shit hurts, he just started pouting and acting butt hurt and didn't even wanna fuck after that kek

No. 254133

What about femdom? Anyways, I think BDSM relationships are disgusting and this is coming from someone with sadistic tendencies. Don't see the appeal.

What a crybaby lol

No. 254134

I don't think femdom is that common. Most female doms just seem to want easy cash and are scammers and aren't genuinely into that sexually.

No. 254135

Omg yes, between their pissy attitude when you give them sincere feedback and their frustration when you dare to not orgasm as soon as they put their dick in you, sex with some dudes is just way too annoying.

No. 254138

File: 1527487630186.jpg (20.8 KB, 354x354, x354-q80.jpg)

oh what the fuck same. never thought i'd see someone else with this particular pet hate. they seem so stuffy to me and i can't place why. i can see the appeal of very close together stripes like pic related but further spaced/navy stripes i really hate for some autistic reason.

No. 254141

Ahah it’s weird cause stripes are the only pattern I can stand on my shirt other than plaid. Idk the tiny stripes work kind of like grey marle. It’s stupid af when people rock a whole navy, white, red outfit with stripes though. Always looks like they’ve gone for cutesy sailor and failed.

No. 254145

I feel like hats are the urban version of girls wearing running shorts in the midwest/south. Like you just took the time to curl your hair and do your cake makeup just to wear THAT?

No. 254148

I had this fucking ugly villager for almost two years in my village, I hate him so much.

No. 254150

good one, nonnie. he's the closest thing there is to a perfect being.

No. 254151

If you know you don't like these movies then don't force yourself to watch them, it's not worth it, especially if you pay to see them in theaters. They're similar enough that by just watching one of the movies you'll know whether you'll like the others or not.

I have no idea if you're talking just about Black people or POCs in general because of this part
>other vaguely POC looking people

People here should learn how to see the difference between jokes/exaggerations and serious posts. I feel like the infighting and misunderstandings here are mostly because some anons can't see the difference sometimes since it's an anonymous board and finding sarcasm in written texts is tricky sometimes.

>Why does everyone worship her so much?
She's good at marketing herself.

No. 254152

There’s been people calling for genocide but this is the first trulynoffensive thing I’ve read. Pietro should die.

No. 254153

>anon complains about dog people in unpopular opinion thread, using hyperbolic flair in addition to truth
>dog people triggered af because some people don't like their entitled, shitty behavior
>said dog people obviously massively insecure about their shitty personalities and need for constant attention/affection
>"T-that never happens, shut up, ur lying!1!1!1

I honestly don't want to own an animal, because that's cruel when you live in a studio, but holy shit dog people are the real lolcows.

No. 254156


Also, I can't stand "pet people" in general. I like animals, and I'm a vegan, but holy fucking shit. They act like you're Hitler if you don't want to be in their cat piss smelling house for too long, have their mongrel dog slobber in your face, let their snake/reptile/other exotic touch you without warning, etc.

People who own pets are fine. "Pet people" are the kind of folks who want to wear Taylor Nicole Dean's face, and scream at you if you don't consider their "baby" of equal importance to a human baby.

No. 254157

Go get your eyes checked anon, not finding Pietro ugly isn't normal.

No. 254158

>OP of "femcel" thread says she actually wants to hurt men
I have to defend myself here, I'm the OP of that thread and this is what I actually wrote:
>Obviously, women would never go as far as demanding sex by threatening rape, murder, etc.
>I wouldn't say I hate all men but getting bullied certainly leaves you quite guarded.
Where does this say "I actually want to hurt men"?
Why are you lying?

No. 254160

File: 1527492785178.png (153.06 KB, 276x590, 14657B44-46AF-4539-AC16-B30780…)

are you seriously dragging that back up again?
Not that anon but I think he’s cute. He’s obviously supposed to be a clown. There are worse

No. 254162


>posts in unpopular opinion thread

>complains that other unpopular opinions are being posted

Yeah, you seem like the kind of childish retard who would enjoy Animal Crossing.

No. 254166

Are you illiterate? Where did I complain? I asked a question. Are you seriously dragging that back up again?

No. 254168

you guys are the ones who need to get your eyes checked, stop cyberbullying pietro

No. 254174

Mandatory abortions for anyone under 16 no if ands or buts, but preferably 18
Im tired of children giving birth to children, we're overpopulated and people want to stall/ruin their futures for the sake of a moral high horse / this glorified heroism that is keeping what is just gonna be another burden on society.

No. 254178

File: 1527493754612.jpeg (130.83 KB, 321x360, 71C9FD8C-4283-4166-9F0A-8DF5BC…)

Henlo u stinky sheep
Go eat a perfect apple UGLY.

Reeeeeeeeeeee people enjoy a harmless game and I do not

No. 254180

I assume you’re talking about a specific country? Under 18 isn’t considered a child in some places. My parents were fully functioning adults by 17. I, after spending my teen years in the US, was not.

No. 254183

Bet you a dollar they’re American.

No. 254188

16 is still too young tbh. I gag whenever I see these videos in my recommended list "I'm 15 and pregnant!" and all those retards in the comment section praising them along with other preteens screaming "Goalzzz". There's nothing praiseworthy or strong about that. Do you really think it's the girls own accomplishment if they manage to graduate "on top of being a mom"? Or maybe her parents are the ones doing all the work?
I know one girl who was a mother of 2 at just 19. There's no change that she'll ever work at all in her life.

>Poor Bebe. She made a mistake guys and she’s learning from it. It takes a lot to share your story girly . You are so strong

That "mistake" is a human being. You should be absolutely ready before that and not learning while it's already here.

>Under 18 isn’t considered a child in some places.
Yes and in the middle east girls are "ready" to fuck and marry at 8. Not being considered a child, doesn't mean that they actually aren't.
>My parents were fully functioning adults by 17.
I guess that's because they simply had to givien their circumstances - not because they wanted.

>In other countries you can impregnate teen girls, nothing wrong with that, only jealous american feminist harpies are against it!

No. 254190

*no chance

No. 254194

Calm down stretch Armstrong. I said I think you’re American because of how gung-honyou are for a blanket ban. Where the fuck did you pull this bullshit from? >>>In other countries you can impregnate teen girls, nothing wrong with that, only jealous american feminist harpies are against it!

Bruh..you need to breathe.

No. 254195

Woah. How’d you jump to the rape of pre-puberty children in the Middle East? Back up. Just because in your country and in your experiences 16-18 year olds act a certain way, that doesn’t mean that is the norm or should be the standard. Think critically for a minute about how arbitrary the difference between 18 and 19 is.
>I guess that's because they simply had to givien their circumstances - not because they wanted.
they don’t view it like that at all. They enjoyed the freedom and autonomy being an adult gave them. They were confused and frustrated that I was so stunted, in their eyes, after becoming Americanized. They thought I would want to live alone and have smy own income, instead of going to school parties and doing school projects.

Your lifestyle, your experiences, your culture- they’re not the only way and they’re not inherently better or more natural just because they feel right for you. It’s ok to prefer it for yourself, but it’s ignorant to try to enforce it in other places.

Again, not talking about literal children. Talking about post-puberty teens, which is a big physical, emotional, and intellectual difference

No. 254199

Nayrt, but if a girl is retarded enough to get pregnant at 15/16, I doubt she's on the intellectual or emotional level of an adult.

No. 254200

You do realize people over 18 accidentally get prenant all the time, right?

No. 254201

I forgot that birth control is 100% effective and there’s no such thing as rape, which means that accidental pregnancy isn’t possible. I was worried for a second.

No. 254203

I'm not the original anon, I just responded to you as well. And I'm not American. Whenever somebody says something you don't agree with it's immediately "hurrudrr stupid Americans!" It's getting old…

>Just because in your country and in your experiences 16-18 year olds act a certain way, that doesn’t mean that is the norm or should be the standard.

>Talking about post-puberty teens, which is a big physical, emotional, and intellectual difference
OP talked about kids younger than 16 though? And the girl in the video I posted is only 13… Sorry, but if you think that 16-year-olds not having kids shouldn't be the norm or standard…then you're a retard.

>They were confused and frustrated that I was so stunted, in their eyes, after becoming Americanized. They thought I would want to live alone and have smy own income, instead of going to school parties and doing school projects.

There's a huge difference between being a lazy party kid and being responsible. Being a young responsible adult in my country means that you work hard, get yourself a place, car etc. and then, after working for a few years and saving up you can think about a child.
But yes, I guess that lifestyle is not the only way and not inherently better or more natural than being a teen mom, just because it feels right for me lol

No. 254204

Anon, don’t worry. Just stay a virgin till your 18th birthday, then a magical fairy makes it so you only can get pregnant if you want to. Unwanted pregnancies are a punishment for having children too young. Obviously.

No. 254205

I didn’t say you were American, I said I personally became Americanized. And original anon said
>preferably 18

No. 254206

Again, since you’re struggling, I asked if you were American because you expressed a desire for an immediate all or nothing response to a problem that is decreasing anyway. I’m not saying that teenagers are all fine and dandy parents, or as you declared earlier, super into children being married off and raped. Why are you so aggressive and personally hurt by this?

I never insulted you or your opinion and you’re acting like a kid who got cheated out of a prize.

No. 254207

Yeah, they aren't either in my eyes. And unless you were raped, if you accidentally get pregnant after your early 20s, there's most likely something wrong with you.

>I forgot that birth control is 100% effective
You could just not let a guy cum inside of you or use a fucking condom and I bet that would fix that problem.
>there’s no such thing as rape
Can you prove that most of these girls were raped, non-statutorily? Because I'm talking about the majority.

No. 254208

Lucky me I’m 25 and so now I can’t get pregnant by accident. Glad I’m passed the danger zone. Still can’t believe that we’ve all been duped and anon revealed that rape is either a myth or can’t result in pregnancy ever.

No. 254209

Why would you wear condoms if you're already on the pill or have an IUD? Condoms can also break.

No. 254210

Pulling out isn’t effective, young people have fuck all sex and birth control education and may not know that the pill or condoms can fail, and they majority of young pregnant girls don’t have to be raped for you to realise that it happens and your calling the victims slutty little retards.

No. 254211

>Why would you wear condoms if you're already on the pill or have an IUD?
Because like you said, birth control isn't 100% reliable.

>Condoms can also break

Then use plan B, I don't know.

Love how you ignored my other suggestion btw
>I desperately need the guy I'm fucking to cum inside me, anon! It's the only way!

No. 254212

Accidental pregnancies happen but i bet a whole lot of them are planned by insecure girls and men who are too stupid to question why he’s getting away with cumming inside so easily. Or the always so popular “oh its okay, i cant get pregnant at this time in my cycle winkwink”

No. 254213

>your calling the victims slutty little retards
They are tbh. They played with fire and got burnt.

No. 254214

Here’s a lil story for you anon. I lost my virginity at 15 to a 17 year old, consenually. It was fine, no complaints. But being inexperienced, we didn’t get how condoms worked and had never even seen one in person before. We got them too small and it snapped but we didn’t realize till we finished and took it off. If I had been unlucky, I could have been pregnant. I wasn’t a slut, or stupid. Sex is a learning process. And if you don’t have the tools, it’s really really easy to fuck it up. Humans are good at breeding. That’s why we are where we are today. It’s one of the things we do best. And it’s fairly easy to have an “accidental” pregnancy, regardless of your age, because getting pregnant is something that has to be prevented, not always something you intentionally seek.

No. 254215

This is nothing to do with teen pregnancy and 100% because you have a moral issue with 16 year olds having sex.

Anyone too stupid to understand that accidental pregnancy is a thing should have been aborted tbh

No. 254216

What the actual fuck. Did you seriously just say that teenagers who get raped are sluts and deserved it? Gtfo.

No. 254217

Salty that you didn’t have sex until you were 23? It’s not a big deal. People fuck, get over it. It shouldn’t be an issue to you unless they’re trynna fuck you or trynna fuck on your stuff.

No. 254218

What fire does one play with that results in their uncle raping them? Like, how is that a child’s fault anon?

No. 254219

Plan B costs around fifty bucks. People, especially teens, can’t always find fifty bucks to spend on it. Of course, having children is far more expensive, but if you don’t have the money to get it, you don’t have the money.

No. 254220

Retarded shit like that isn't something someone on the intellectual level of an adult would do

That anon was talking about the girls who weren't raped, stupid.

No, I just think it's their own fault if they get pregnant unless they were raped.

Nice strawman

No. 254221

Then why did they quote
Can you read?

Also, you don’t magically understand how condoms work (and what they feel like when they break) when you reach a certain age. It’s not an inherent skill you develop. It comes from experience.

I’m curious, are you a virgin?

No. 254222

Can you? By "victims "I assume they meant "victims of an unwanted pregnancy"

>Also, you don’t magically understand how condoms work (and what they feel like when they break) when you reach a certain age. It’s not an inherent skill you develop. It comes from experience.

Right, and if your ass fucks up when using birth control, you should take responsibility for your incompetence and the hypothetical unwanted pregnancy that would follow should serve as another learning experience :^)

>I’m curious, are you a virgin?

I've never been penetrated if that's what you mean.

No. 254223

I hate clowns so that's why Ii find Pietro ugly to be fair.

No. 254224

You sound mad because no man want to cum inside you.

No. 254225

10/10 argument, anon. I crave hot poz loads and I only go around harassing cum dumpsters on the internet because I'm jealous can't get any!

No. 254226

Called it, anon is just a bitter harpy who’s mad that she didn’t get laid in highschool.
Also explains why they have zero comprehension of how birth control can fail. (It’s your fault the pill isn’t effective for you!)

No. 254227

Lmao yeah I think that's exactly it, thank you for laying it out so perfectly under the veil of sarcasm.

No. 254228

>bitter harpy because I didn't get railed by a hot 28 year old man when I was 15

No. 254229

Can’t belive there’s girls so bitter about their own lives they think child rape victims deserve it and are prostitutes because a dick was forced upon them.
Goddamn anon love yourself, buy a good vibrator, and be autistic in private.

No. 254230

>they majority of young pregnant girls don’t have to be raped
>for you to realise that it happens
>your calling the victims slutty little retards.
Is it clearer now? They’re talking about rape victims. Do you get it?
Nice straw man.
No I called it! I’m the one who asked if they’re a virgin. Let me have this.

No. 254231

>I've never been penetrated if that's what you mean.
What else could they mean?

No. 254232

Nobody is bitter they weren’t statutorily raped anon. You’re bitter because you hate the idea of anyone having and enjoying sex when you don’t.

No. 254233

Aight it’s yours.
A good ol dry hump on the couch in the basement before mom gets home?

No. 254234

>Rape victims are cum dumpsters

But i'm not a bitter femcel guyz I swear!

No. 254235

She thinks the teenagers are stealing all the men of marriable age. Those wretched harpies would make a spinster of her!

No. 254236

I never said child rape victims deserve it, are you fucking kidding me? All I said was the people who had 100% consentual sex deserved their unwanted pregnancies.

Oral, which I have done.

That's literally what you said. You said the only reason I think they should take responsibility for their bad descisions is because I'm a bitter virgin.

Don't know how many times I have to say I never said rape victims deserved unwanted pregnancies, but I'm not going to bother anymore.

No. 254237

SO who said
>>254213 ?

Someone said those victims played with fire

No. 254238

I interpreted the anons post wrong and meant the victims of unwanted pregnancies *who weren't raped* were playing with fire.

No. 254239

… you are still considered a virgin even if youve done oral, anon. How old are you? Or is this a cultural thing and you’re someplace where virgin just means sexually inexperienced totally

No. 254240

Your first thought was victims of unwanted pregnancy but you think underage pregnancies are choices and deliberate.

Mmhmm. Makes sense, considering that the original statement was about rape victims. Top level backpedaling.

No. 254241

Idk I've done a lot of oral, dude

>Or is this a cultural thing and you’re someplace where virgin just means sexually inexperienced totally

Yeah, actually

So, you're just implying I think all rape victims who got pregnant deserved it because I fucked up and read a post wrong? Cool.

No. 254242

Kind of like implying anyone who ate grapefruit not knowing it could stop their pill from working is a filthy whore with no self control?

No. 254244

>Kind of like implying anyone who ate grapefruit not knowing it could stop their pill from working is a filthy whore with no self control?
I never said anything like "filthy whore with no self control." If you got that from my posts, that's on you. If a girl did something like that, I'd just think she was dumb and that own ignorance was the reason her birth control stopped working, AND that she should take full responsibility for any consequences.

Also, someone earlier said something like "why would you wear a condom if you're already on the pill," and just fucking lol, have you never heard of an STI?

No. 254245

Why didn’t you answer how old you are? And a lot of oral still makes you a virgin. You can’t get pregnant from oral, anon. You’re speaking about things you have no experience in to people who do. And they’re telling you that you’re being dumb

No. 254246

You literally said
>they are
To someone who said that you’re calling victims sluts. Is whore and slut different in your culture too?

No. 254247

So people are at fault for not being experts at birth control at the age of fifteen, despite the abysmal efforts of sex education programs and doctors too rushed to give a comprehensive lesson on everything that might interact with the specific drug she’s on. Hell, some doctors don’t know the grapefruit thing but it’s all the kids fault.

A child who has never been taught to research their medication because their family just trusts the doctor is to blame for not knowing about drug interactions.

Someone who has been incorrectly taught to use a condom is to blame when it breaks, not the faulty teaching system. Compound this with boys and men who lie about what size condom they require for vanity, but that’s still the girls fault.

It’s her fault if she has been misled and lied to about pregnancy (it can’t happen the first time/if you’ve got your period/if you douche afterwards. All common misconceptions)

Damn anon. You’re judgy as fuck.

No. 254249

>Why didn’t you answer how old you are?
Because I'm not underage and didn't feel the need to. I'm 19.

>You’re speaking about things you have no experience in to people who do

What about it? Because I've never done heroin, does that mean I'm not allowed to have an opinion on whether or not someone who OD'd on it was responsible for their own death? I don't see how getting vaginally fucked would give me a better perspective on this particular issue.

Yeah, and once again, I meant the ones who had consentual sex and ended up with an unwanted pregnancy. I still think it's retarded, but I'll backpedal a bit on calling it slutty. Whether or not it's slutty depends on the situation.

Yeah, pretty much. If you're going to do dumb shit, you need to be very careful or just not do it. If you aren't careful and you fuck your shit up, that's on you.

>Compound this with boys and men who lie about what size condom they require for vanity, but that’s still the girls fault.

Hey now, nobody asked me about boys/mens role in this. I 110% think they're to blame too.

>Damn anon. You’re judgy as fuck.

Do you know what website this is?

No. 254250

Lmao someone who has been deliberately lied to is to blame for that? Goddamn why such a hate boner for girls?

You’ve clearly got a major personal issue with young women’s sexuality. It’s practically oozing from your posts.

No. 254252

I didn't read all your post, it was too long. If someone was deliberately lied to, that's not consentual.

No. 254253

So a girl is lied to and told that she cannot get pregnant on her period. It’s still all her fault and she’s a stupid hoe because she was misled but now you’re backpedaling again?

Or are you just rehashing the rape point since you made yourself look like such a psychopath earlier?

No. 254254

Samefagging to add that if you’re not gonna read something don’t argue against it like a total retard.

No. 254255

Not any of the anons in this thread but fucking hell you are strawmanning to an extreme even for lolcow.

Reminder that this is the unpopular opinions thread, you're not going to change their opinion with arguments like this so don't take it so personally.

No. 254256

Oh my god, your strawmanning is so annoying.

>So a girl is lied to and told that she cannot get pregnant on her period. It’s still all her fault and she’s a stupid hoe because she was misled but now you’re backpedaling again?

No, now where's your proof that this is what happend to the majority of girls who accidentally got knocked up?

>Or are you just rehashing the rape point since you made yourself look like such a psychopath earlier?

Good god, I've admitted to misunderstanding a post, like, 80 times, will you just drop it already?

I'm sick of arguing about this and don't care anymore, I'm not reading 8 paragraphs of bs (feat. 50 logical fallacies) and giving you my opinion on each situation like it's fucking 4th grade language arts.

No. 254257

Why do the majority have to be by whatever accident for you to accept that accidents exist despite your insistence that it’s all just laziness and stupidity, despite zero experience?

It also doesn’t explain your raging hate boner for girls who have had sex but I’m guessing you’re just a prude who thinks their sexual hang ups should be the norm.

If you announce a retarded opinion people are gonna argue it. That’s common sense. I gave you a bunch of scenarios to somehow get into your Neanderthal skull that accidents are possible but you’re still too thick to get it.

For the best if you stay a virgin tbh. Genes this slow don’t belong in the gene pool.

No. 254258

Be MORE upset anon, really a great look on you.

No. 254261

>w h e n
>w i l l
>t h e
>s t r a w m a n n i n g
>e n d
I'm done. You can have the last word, anyone with eyes can see all the holes in this post anyways. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you anymore.

For all the other anons who thought I was crazy at first, at least I'm not this bad. Fuck right off.

No. 254286

i don't get mariah or why she was even in /pt/. when i see her next to literal crazies like onion, margaret, luna etc i just don't get it. she does shit cosplay and she's fat, sure. but i don't think she's ever done anything fucked up and note worthy. i keep reading her threads hoping she's ever going to do something remotely milky but it's just her posting some thot cosplay again and maybe laughing at the fat jokes.


i think having a single or very few tattoos makes people look trashy. like basic bitches with a fake tan and a sigle generic tattoo like an infity symbol and shit like that is ugly to me. but people with full sleeves, neck, hands are ten times hotter than average people me for some reason. i just want to sleep with them immediately. but if i see someone with 1 tattoo of a peace sign or whatever i think they're tacky as hell. don't know why.


seinfeld >>>> friends

No. 254287


literal #notallmen, i'm dying.

No. 254289


>S-stay mad, anon!

I'm not the one you were replying to, and I don't agree with her at all, but that's a true mark of defeat right there. She shat all over you and you had no response other than "lel ur mad XD" like we're literally in 2011. Truly a beautiful sight.

Unpopular opinion: memes are by and large fucking retarded, and so are the people who use them/think they're funny. There are exceptions, but this is usually the case. It's what you use when you have no real personality or cleverness to you, much like people who couldn't stop quoting Monty Python back in the day. Also, the whole "le mental illness/nihilism XD lololirony" as a meme is eyeroll worthy. No one thinks you're deep or funny because you're sad, Stacy.

No. 254290

Giving hypothetical examples is not strawmanning. Why is everyone in this thread using the term incorrectly?

No. 254293

This. I've read most of the threads on pt and only recently decided to give moo's a shot. She's a fat skank but what's new? She only sperged and acted cray because she was posted on here, but apart from those few self posts, I don't find her that milky.

No. 254295

Cause speaking in absolutes is fucktarded. I’ve even said “all men are pigs” many times. That I believe. But all men pushing women into BDSM and anal? That’s not happening.

No. 254301

Jesus Christ this threads are one of the biggest shit shows I have ever seen.

No. 254306

>i don't get mariah or why she was even in /pt/. when i see her next to literal crazies like onion, margaret, luna etc i just don't get it.

The "milk" is that she's lied and manipulated a few times and acts like a backhanded skank in general.
She's only there because she's the fat girl who found better convention 'success' than most cosplayers who post about her. Per meritocracy, most don't feel she deserves it. Even though most girls who bank in cosplay "don't deserve it" by those standards considering they're all the same breed of coattail-riding, lying, mediocre panderers.

No. 254308

Yeah, nobody literally thinks that's happening, so you posing like the rational voice of reason makes you look dumb, you're welcome.

No. 254310

I was literally responding to this post >>254122 you doofus.

No. 254313

> what is hyperbole

enjoy your autism

No. 254322

Why are so many anons here unable to read or understand nuance at all? No, not every man is demanding violent sex from their girlfriends. I don't even know if I'd say a majority are. But the number that are interested in it or expect you to be interested in it is definitely increasing and that kind of sex is becoming more normal and mainstream vs on the fringe and kept secret like it used to be.

I just don't understand the need to get so defensive over someone saying this. Like just because your boyfriend eats you out and cuddles you, doesn't mean this isn't a larger trend among other men. I thought we were past #notallmen. Just because someone notices a trend among many in a group of people doesn't mean they think that trend applies to literally every single member of that group. Sure, the anons saying it's most guys now are exaggerating, but veering in the opposite direction and saying it's not happening at all is just dishonest. I just really don't get how this opinion inspires this level of hostility and defensiveness. Can you even imagine men going to bat this hard for us whenever some makes a generalization about women? They probably wouldn't say anything at all, let alone get this worked up.

No. 254326

Not sure if that unpopular or just associated with people I follow/am friends with: I think sharing any sort of details about your sex life on social media is tacky. There’s nothing empowering about it.

No. 254328

I think/hope that's still the popular consensus

Every person should get a basic liveable income.

No. 254332

Hahaha I thought your two sentences were linked together and I was so confused. But I agree with your opinion. Kinda sad that it’s unpopular. Weird that people don’t think that some people don’t deserve to be paid enough to survive.

No. 254333

The person who made that reply wasn't the one arguing with that retard, I was. I don't see how she shit all over anybody, she really just shit her own pants and reee'd for several hours.

No. 254336

Lol I wasn't the anon she was fighting with, that was my first comment in this entire thread. Nice assumption though, truly a beautiful sight. :^)

No. 254341

Strawmanning is misrepresenting someone's argument, which is actually what you're doing right now because I never said nor implied that the dumb scenarios were strawmans. Stuff like me misreading a post (which I honestly think she interpreted wrong just to make me look bad), admitting to it, and then her still accusing me of saying all rape victims who ended up pregnant deserved it after I did so? Stuff like "It also doesn’t explain your raging hate boner for girls who have had sex but I’m guessing you’re just a prude who thinks their sexual hang ups should be the norm"? Those are some fucking strawmen, and her posts were riddled with other examples of them.

No. 254343

File: 1527532233098.gif (7.09 MB, 240x240, convice urself.gif)

i don't think melanie martinez raped that girl. mind you, i do believe the girl thinks she was raped because she's under 10 levels of tumblr and not reality. like the whole aziz ansari controvery where some tumblr bitch literally does not get what actual traumatic experiences are and think bad hookups are them. the bitch

>implies that melanie telling her to smoke weed was a way to get her to sleep with her, as if smoking a blunt before having sex is the same as women who get drunk and raped. except its not, because she was totally conscious of everyhting and her judgment.

>did not say no for the longest time and allowed her to do whatever she wanted did not push her away either. unless you're a literal child with no understanding of sex, you would know to do.
>giggled as melanie felt her up, as if its going to let her know she's uncomfortable
>allowed her to do everything she wanted
>but suddenly it becomes "i said no repeatedly. she used her power over me"
>"i lay still not reciprocating" as if this is somehow going to let melanie know she's uncofortable. and what happened to the whole you letting her touch her up and then suddenly you were saying no the whole time? did you just stop saying no and let her to do whatever? it sounds like it. maybe melanie thought you changed your mind.
>raped with a dildo, something that sounds like a bad hookup bc melanie was not even getting off, why would she continue if the girl was actually trying to get her to stop. inb4 someone tries the argument of "well some rapists get off on power" c'mon this basic bitch is generic as fuck not some narc psycho serial rapist
>did not fight back. which, when your "abuser" is some underweight midget mexican girl, you can absolutely fucking do. being "afraid" of her holds no water.
>actually didn't believe she was abused till her tumblr friends told her she was
>literal nobody who released their music around the time of the "expose"
>literally has green hair
>seemed to be totally cool with hanging out with Melanie after the whole ordeall and never stopped being friends with her till Melanie dropped her as a friend then suddenly she's evil

she's a mockery of real victims tbh. when dumb MRA complain about women who cry about rape because of bad hookups, i always think its stupid. but then i remember how melanie is apperantly a "confirmed" rapist now. yeah fucking right. so cool that calling out ""abusers"" became trendy so people who had shitty relationships and not actual traumatic events could bandwagon in. also fucking hate how now everyone uses her as an example of "female rapist exist too!!" when her lousy lesbian sex story is nothing compared to the vile shit men in hollywood got away with for years. inb4 someone calls me a melanie fan, don't care for her. i heard people dragging her years ago for her "Tag You're it" song and as someone who was molested as a child i thought that and the whole "child persona" was in poor taste and mockery or real victims. i know its a """character"""" and a """"conceptual story"""" but she's still edgy and a pretentious who thinks she's a lot more deep than she is. also tumblr core ew. keep her.

No. 254347

I agree with this. I don't dig Melanie at all but that Timothy chick just seems like a liar. I had a feeling it was bullshit but it was confirmed when I saw her talking in interviews. Pretty sure she has borderline too. I don't know…she just seems suss to me.

No. 254348

Idk about the rape accusations but I'm glad this bitch got dragged down. Her pedo vibes creep me out

No. 254349

I wouldn't have cared had she been dragged for something else. Rape is a shitty thing to be falsely accused of.

No. 254351

I don't reckon she gives off pedo vibes. I'm confused as to why people say that.

When I first found out about her it was through my little sister and she made me listen/watch her videos. I thought it was all very cringey but I got the vibe she was pretending to be a doll or something.
She kind of acts like a baby in that music video where she's in the high chair but none of these videos scream child sexualisation to me.

I saw this Miley cyrus video where she's dressed as a baby and that video did have sexual undertones in the lyrics, but I think people are reaching when they say Melanie is a pedophile or promotes pedophilia.

Her music is below average, her videos are cringey and weird and I get a 2edgy4you vibe but nothing pedophilic.

It's like when my younger sister showed me Poppy and went on this giant rant about it being illuminati. It's really not that deep, it's just wannabe artistic wankers trying to outdo each other with weird themes.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but yeah I don't get pedo vibes.

No. 254353

Also I am aware that ddlg is a thing amongst teenagers these days, but even then, I don't get ddlg vibes off Melanie…just a tryhard wannabe lolita wearing edgelord.

No. 254354

File: 1527534543521.png (448.84 KB, 910x632, j2Ujvfp.png)

Being falsely accused of rape is seriously terrible, but god damn her music is a steaming pile of horse shit. With her bad attitude and how terribly she handled things, I'm surprised people haven't uncovered actual dirt that would ruin her career.

The worst part is that she acts as if her basic tumblr pop is some ~2deep4u~ high brow, avant garde masterpiece. Like she seriously thinks she's the next Kate Bush or Bjork when she's more like Avril Lavigne's understudy.

~If you don't like pop surrealism you probably won't like me.~ and ~Because quite frankly, you. Just. Don't. Get. It.~ are borderline copypasta tier

No. 254355

Yeah she's pop as fuck and her gimmicky image could be forgiven if she just owned it but she seems to want to be something she's not.

No. 254358

File: 1527536526072.jpg (43.87 KB, 534x532, a7e7b8450bcd46f7eae11ea843f3dc…)

>"I look at music as an art form, and lately, I’ve been really drawn to vintage children's items like toys from the '50s and Russian teddy bears. I've clung to that as something I'm interested in collecting—pastel colors, that whole Japanese "Lolita" theme. I'm obsessed with that stuff. People usually write songs about how they feel and it's blatantly clear, like: “He broke up with me,” and the song that spawns is called “Heartbroken.” I always thought it was way more fun to say that in a completely different way. I have a song called "Training Wheels" and it's about being in love with someone and taking it to the next level by taking off the training wheels. I love the contrast between adult situations and the kid themes. It just shows it can all come back together."
Sounds like children sexualisation to me.
She's friends with Yungelita aka Emma Harvey (a major pedo) too, it says a lot about her.

No. 254359


lmao sounds like she thinks she's the first person to use metaphor in songwriting

No. 254361


Unpopular opinion: she wasn't falsely accused, and the only reason that she isn't on public trial is because of the gash between her legs. Liberal feminists want women to have the right to be just as awful as men. They also shield my rapist, a relatively popular woman in academia, because she has the "right" opinions.

Another unpopular opinion: women commit sexual assault way more often than statistics indicate, they just get away with it. Or they faciliate it, like allowing their child to be sold for heroin.

No. 254362

She steals art and commissions people to make other makers' original designs, she sperged all over twitter constantly narcing it up before she was banned twice for telling people to kill themselves, she tries to steal men in very cringeworthy fashion a la Vicky.

Speaking of Vicky, she should really be in /snow/ since she only had one milky spergfest and then nothing really interesting since.

No. 254364

Nothing about that quote was sexual

No. 254367

File: 1527537680658.jpg (209.33 KB, 1819x1213, sphynx.jpg)

Sphynx cats are one of my favorite breeds. They look so cute to me, but everyone else seems to be disgusted by them.
I just find them so elegant in a god-like way. I think of Egyptian gods when I look at them. Also petting them feels really nice.

No. 254370

File: 1527538165261.png (169.38 KB, 500x646, hairless-cat.png)

I think they're hilarious.
Unfortunately all I can think when I see one is "naked cat." I don't find them very regal.

No. 254372

File: 1527538354530.jpg (59.41 KB, 600x759, 1514603869-0.jpg)

I love sphynx cats! They're a bit funky looking the same way oriental cats are but they're cool and cute. The babies are super adorable too.

No. 254373

I want to hug all of these cats.

No. 254374

I love 'em too. They look like little aliens

No. 254377

File: 1527538575983.jpeg (40.35 KB, 653x653, 20733351-D4B5-4386-90A1-AD9066…)

I think they’re adorable in a pathetic, vulnerable way. They just look so defenselsss yet also so arrogant. Love em

No. 254378

File: 1527538605474.jpeg (43.01 KB, 595x393, A94D536E-B477-400E-A557-375A57…)

And grumpy ones are the best

No. 254382


I really want that black one.

Also, cat-related unpopular opinion: Hello Kitty (while admittedly cute) creeps me the fuck out and I genuinely think that 99% of her adult fans are into weird DD/lg stuff. I almost could believe that Sanrio is aware of this, and caters to them.

No. 254383

Unpopular opinion: I don't find hello kitty (her design) cute. I love cute things, but for some reason I don't find sanrio stuff cute at all.

No. 254388

File: 1527541396090.png (130.25 KB, 460x460, 340293A2-4959-430B-9D3F-A3B14E…)

You might not find it cute, but you gotta admit they’re good at what they do. They’ve managed to make a library of quickly identifiable and visually simple characters that generations of people have intense nostalgia for. And then they capitalize on those generations growing up and having disposable income by releasing makeup collaborations and adult sized clothing.

No. 254389

Unpopular opinion though: I find the whole cute trend in "girls", actually adult women, clothes and acessories very worrying. Same with the "Daddy" kink/meme, it's like besides being objetified these people also decide that being infantilized is somehow healthy or a good idea.
I'm by no means a well adjusted normie, but most, if not all, of the successful normie woman I've met were ever obviously into weird baby fashion and all presented like actual grown ups.

No. 254390

Me neither anon, I find san-x character much cuter. Like Rilakkuma, Mamegoma, Jinbei San, Sumikko Gurashi, Monokuro Boo, Afro Ken etc.

No. 254392

File: 1527542088351.jpeg (55.53 KB, 1000x1000, B2A9F7EA-44BA-4C16-A6E7-2D3240…)

I just like cute shit. It ain’t that deep. Men (and women) are collecting pop vinyls, graphic tees, lego, and amiibos like overgrown children but no one says a peep. Why is cute girly shit off limits because it looks childish when guy childish shit is just considered nerdy?

No. 254394

I believe woman on woman rape happens all the time, I just don't trust that Timothy bitch.

No. 254396

I agree. I like a lot of cutesy graphic tees and often wear denim shorts with lace on the edges or dresses with a bit of frill. By the other anon's logic, does that mean that Zooey Deschanel is a giant pedophile?

No. 254397

>I find the whole cute trend in "girls", actually adult women, clothes and acessories very worrying. Same with the "Daddy" kink/meme

women that do this make me sick in my mouth tbh

No. 254398

And every nerd ever, considering the whole culture is based around childhood nostalgia and toys/games/movies.

No. 254400

If you are referring to her mixing child and adult themes, she's meaning she uses child like imagery as metaphors to the meanings in her songs. Unless you can provide actual lyrics or sexual themes in her videos, you kind of sound like an idiot. In b4 omg melanie stan! I just think you provided a really bad example.

No. 254402

Weird clothes don't bother me. I agree with what other anons here have said. Kinks are also fine IN PRIVATE. That is something I do agree with. Wtf is with 14 year old girls being littles and shit. Like back in my high school days we had emos and scene kids…and now weird bdsm subcultures are becoming like normal phases for kids.
Kitten play? Ddlg?

Even adults, like be a furry or weeb freak if you want but anything sex based should stay in the bedroom or limit it to your weird meetups at sex clubs. This includes ddlg and kitten play ect.
I'm not kink shaming, attach ostrich feathers to your balls while you sing adele for all I care, just keep that shit private and don't influence kids into that shit on youtube. (I'm looking at you binkie princess)

No. 254404

>Men (and women) are collecting pop vinyls, graphic tees, lego, and amiibos like overgrown children but no one says a peep.
I also consider that "nerd culture" very childish and unhealthy. But to be honest I don't care for men at all, so they can all drown in their manchild pacifiers for all I care.

No. 254407

How is it unhealthy? It’s been a thing for generations. We’re all still fine

No. 254414

File: 1527549618093.jpg (193.22 KB, 904x1280, sweet brothers.jpg)

I wouldn't necessarily say this is an unPOPular opinion, but pop vinyls are cheap, shitty, and ugly and simply owning one is a red flag to me. If you're going to collect dumb nerd shit, at least buy nendos.

SSB is a shit and it's community full of manchildren should suffer

Persona 5's style is fugly and the way everyone's eyes are pretty much on the opposite sides of their head is an unforgivably hideous design choice

Touken Ranbu should've been more of a fan servicey otome game and less of an rpg

No. 254415

So you said you’re over it and finished arguing but still mad and posting about it. Dude move the fuck on and shit your pants about something else.

Funko pop figures are literal garbage.

Also- nobody is shaming anybody’s fetish you’re just an animal for bringing it up publicly.

No. 254416

Unpopular opinion: short women have it lucky, especially when it comes to attracting a 6"+ man.

Cinnamoroll and My Melody are 100x cuter than Hello kitty, and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 254418

I beg to differ, most fetishes are degenerate and the people who have them deserve ridiculed. Leave no kink unashamed.

No. 254423

>Touken Ranbu should've been more of a fan servicey otome game and less of an rpg

Agreed. Browser games are just obnoxious and no one would play that shitty game if it weren't for the boys. And the anime just can't fulfill everyone's fanservice needs because of the very limited screentime you can devote to any particular character.

I get how the pokemon-ish collection aspect is very alluring, but I swear they keep people playing solely out of sunken costs.

No. 254424

The second it’s out in public, yes. Shame that shit away.
My melody is beautiful.
Really love gudetama and aggretsuko too.

No. 254425

>Browser games are just obnoxious and no one would play that shitty game if it weren't for the boys
Yeah, it feels like such a waste of really nice character designs

>the anime just can't fulfill everyone's fanservice needs

this, and a lot of the fan service that was in it was just straight up cringey. Wtf is up with the Udon Song?

Mikazuki coming out of ths woodwork to sing about his damn egg near the end was 10/10 though

No. 254437

The Twillight movies are crap but enjoyable
Jacob (Taylor Lautner) > Edward (Robert Pattinson)
Long haired Jacob > Short haired Jacob

No. 254439

The first two kinda are, 3 and 4 were pretty unbearable. Agreed with the rest

No. 254471

File: 1527568142993.png (152.33 KB, 765x503, runescape-egg.png)

>Browser games are just obnoxious
Um try again sweaty

No. 254477

Dragon Ball is repetitive and overrated.
Anyone who worships a game/comic/anime character is retarded to me. Also people who want to sleep with them.

No. 254502

So weird you said that. I was obsessed with dragonball z as a teen and as an adult I find it boring as FUCK. I actually don't mind dragon ball because at least they travel around and do different shit, but on dbz they stand there for hours and scream. I don't know how I had the attention span for it.

No. 254505

>i also consider nerd culture childish and unhealthy
>posting on a chan site

Like I know not everyone here is a weeb or legbeard but I find it strange you are here. Not trying to fight, just curious as to what led you here. What cows do you follow?

No. 254506

>pop vinyls are cheap, shitty, and ugly and simply owning one is a red flag to me

Boyfriend was stupidly obsessed with these things when I first met him. He had to try to order the entire set of them shits on the grounds that they'd be "worth money." He had no idea what the fuck he was doing. Most times he'd wind up with random shit, incomplete sets, and damaged goods that would get shoved into a box and forgotten about. Nothing about his collection was gonna be "worth money."

He once got pissy with me and whined about how he couldn't "display" the ugly fuckers in our apartment, because I didn't want it to look like a 'nerdy' college dorm.

Only one thing worked to get him to quit: Calling them Beanie Babies.
I basically shamed the fuck out of him by calling them that and from that point forward he suddenly realized how juvenile it all was–but at least Beanie Babies were played with!
He finally got the message that Pops were cheap wastes of money that weren't even worth having around. He sold the majority of them and has only a couple in storage.
There they rot…

No. 254507

I find late 90s/early 2000s fashion horrible. I hate the hype for spice girls type fashion. Honestly the worst period of fashion, toed with the 70s. Mid to late 80s and early 90s fashion is so much more appealing to me.

No. 254508

Unhardened Alistair>Hardened Alistair

No. 254509

alistair is worst boy
>tfw sten isnt romanceable
>tfw no female romance route for morrigan without mods

No. 254510

Twitter is way worse than tumblr. The mob mentality among ''stan twitter'' is concerning and racism is not only highly prevalent, but celebrated and encouraged.
Not to mention celebrities and politicians use it, so it's a lot more mainstream.

No. 254517

>racism is not only highly prevalent, but celebrated and encouraged.
well sounds like you're perfect for tumblr

No. 254519

So not being racist is being a tumblrina now? The absolute state of this place…

No. 254522

I'm actually glad to be a woman. I have autism and I've never had a single friend in my life, but I've had boyfriends. The incels aren't wrong when they say finding a partner is much easier for girls.

No. 254523

I agree twitter fucking sucks. I feel like crazies on tumblr have a higher chance of staying in their little "communities" whereas I see stan accounts adding their worthless two cents on all kinds of tweets.

No. 254525

Orientals too! They look like Dewey from Malcolm in the middle and they're really endearing/funny

Agree with all you said. I like New Moon a lot, the scenes in the forest with Jacob are really cute and it's so cozy.

No. 254528


That sounds pretty manipulative and kind of like what guys do to women and their interests frequent. It sounds like you have a personality disorder tbh. And this is coming from someone who hates comic/nostalgia shit. Can't wait for your BPD/narc-fueled reply.

Unpopular opinion: it's not okay to bully your partners out of an interest if it isn't seriously affecting their life/health. That makes you a self obsessed, boring twat.

No. 254529

>Ugh not liking racism?! Go back to Tumblr!!
I bet this is the same anon who tried to brag about killing hamsters and cheating on all her boyfriends. All your attempts to fit in just keep flopping.

No. 254535

>Can't wait for your BPD/narc-fueled reply

Or maybe I'll just laugh at how off-base you are, lol. Why are you trying to diagnose anybody based on a single story?

By the by, I think telling my partner to lay off the toy purchases while he bitches to me in another ear about his money issues (directly affecting our lives and healths) and having storage issues is not "bullying."
It's called growing up.

No. 254537

I legit hate pop vinyls/funko pops. I work at a thrift store and this woman comes in every day to see if we have any pop vinyls because her son (in his 40s) collects them religiously. Apparently because he works full time, he sends his mom out to buy stuff for him. She's bragged about how much she's spent on him and it's really cringy. It's like pop vinyl collectors are a whole new level of cringe.

No. 254540

>''i think racism is wrong''
>''go back 2 tumblr stupid SJW xD''

No. 254542

I don't think that is an unpopular opinion but I agree. I also hate it when girls somehow think it's okay to tell their boyfriends to shave their facial hair/get a certain haircut because they prefer it. I think it's rude and a double standard tbh. If a girlfriend was told by a boy to cut their hair because they preferred it, they would never hear the end of it.
My mother in law nags her husband about shaving his face.

I hope I don't sound like a white knight for men, but yeah, I just think controlling your significant other's looks is a bit selfish.

No. 254543

>If a girlfriend was told by a boy to cut their hair because they preferred it

What do you mean? This happens all the fucking time. Men constantly tell women what they prefer!

Damn straight if I didn't meet my boyfriend with a beard I'd tell him I didn't like it if he started to grow one.

Stop whiteknighting men.

No. 254544

I would nag the shit out of my bf if he started growing a beard, I find them disgusting and I'm convinced they increase the risk of you getting UTI by oral sex.

No. 254545

Hush anon, think of the poor men.

Of course if you say anything about their toys and their looks, you're just an evil manipulative bitch like why do these men stay around you even haha.

No. 254546

Beards are unhygienic as fuck.
–t. unpopular opinion

Watch a guy with a beard eat and you'll see how food and drink gets caught in those hairs. Or how they're constantly fingering their unwashed hands throughout the facial hair all day.

No. 254547


Stop being such a SJW, you're embarrassing yourself lmao. Saying something nice about men doesn't automatically mean you suck their dick over everything, believe it or not.

No. 254548

Nothing I said would come from an SJW and just because someone disagrees with you also doesn't make them an SJW.

This isn't about "saying something nice" to men. You actually think it's audacious for women to tell their own boyfriends what looks they prefer on them, meanwhile guys get away with doing that to their girlfriends all the time.
Almost like attraction is based on preferences, fancy that!

No. 254549

That's dumb, I don't see how there's anything wrong with either of those things. We're talking about haircuts, not "wuh, your boobs are too small! you gotta get plastic surgery or i won't luv you anymore."

No. 254550

>She's friends with Yungelita aka Emma Harvey (a major pedo) too, it says a lot about her.
wait what? haven't heard about yungelita in years

No. 254552

>Cinnamoroll and My Melody are 100x cuter than Hello kitty, and no one can convince me otherwise.
this 110%

No. 254553

Honestly, 'guys get away with telling girlfriends how to look' is a generalisation. Yes, I dated a pig who would tell me he preferred me a certain way, but now I am with someone I've been with for over 7 years. He doesn't give a hoot if I shave my legs, if I was to shave my pubes ect, just like how I am not going to pester him if he decides to keep his beard for winter, or shave his head for a change.
Honestly if you think all guys are controlling assholes, you are dating the wrong person.

Also there's a difference between a girl or boy asking their partner 'do you like me blonde/brunette better?' Or 'do you like my beard or clean shaven?' and the difference between someone actually controlling how their partner looks.

I wasn't trying to be a white knight, I just noticed a lot of girls are bitchy about facial hair when it's not their body to comment on.

Also, those complaining about beards being filthy sound like the immature men that say unshaven vaginas are dirty.
I'm not trying to bash people with preferences, if you like your partner a certain way and they are thick skinned enough to change it for your criticisms, that's fine, I'm just saying that to me personally, I feel like it's a bit mean.

No. 254556

>I just noticed a lot of girls are bitchy about facial hair when it's not their body to comment on.
>Men making comments on women is just a generalization!
I doubt many men would exactly leap for joy if their girlfriends stopped waxing off their mustaches and quit plucking their unibrows.
Most men can't handle it when their girlfriends have hairy legs and armpits, and no less a hairy crotch. Let's not even talk about short or bald hairdos on women.

No. 254557

File: 1527600492495.jpeg (78.27 KB, 700x394, B1FD2DA3-1B6E-4612-A748-813CB0…)

I’m tired of people assuming that I want to look like a man because I lift.

lifting weights won’t make you look like a man