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No. 363779

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread : >>322192

No. 363810

File: 1548787867213.gif (2.23 MB, 300x227, firefox-has-encountered-a-prob…)

What's a good and safe mobile browser? I tried firefox but it's really slow and often doesn't even react when I click on something.

No. 363811

You have a shitty phone. Try a lite browser. Easier to process

No. 363813

I'd have to disagree considering no other browser, app or anything else has issues, it's literally just firefox. I'll give it a try tho, thanks.

No. 363833

zzz… can't wait to go back to sleep. going to sleep is so much fun.

No. 364083

I've been trying to put this into words in my head lately. I'm gonna spew it here.

I'm in my 20s so I grew up with the rise of social internet & parents who didnt know better, like most of "my generation." But at this age I feel I shouldve grown out of online socializing but its the only thing I know, too autistic to make real friends irl. But every decade harbors a new internet gen and theyre all around 14-17yos. I vaguely get along with them but I'm also just not interested in any meaningful friendships with kids and I feel like a creep.

But at the same time the first big wave of internet-ing kinda belongs to my gen and I shouldnt feel weird? It feels like those my age sorta should have some recognition on growing these social communities to begin with.

This feels more ridiculous than it did in my head. I'm not necessarily trying to fit in with teenagers, but I also dont like that they consider us to be totally out-of-touch with whats online, bc thats literally my iwn childhood too. Idfk, get off my lawn.

No. 364139

File: 1548824394026.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1543836967510.png)

i just will never understand what is so appealing to you guys about nip cartoons and nip culture. so many years of being on imageboards and having weeb friends and boyfriends, and i will never ever get it. living there doesn't even seem great at all, but anything nip related is like crack to so many weirdos. how is it that there's such a rabid obsession with anything remotely related? i don't think i've ever seen a community more rabid about boring bullshit than weebs. i wish i had that kind of enthusiasm

No. 364144

repost. seems great when you're not expected to do anything as a foreign weeb. as a hafu some aspects of the culture can be tiresome and i can't remember the last time i watched an anime, i prefer the oldies. seriously maybe i'm selfish but i wish it wasn't popular cuz most weebs disgust me and are socially retarded, i feel sorry for japanese people

No. 364147

that's very understandable. most of them are gross and they seriously treat japan like it's some disney-lite wonderland. it's insane. i just wish i had such a low bar for getting excited and overly enthusiastic about small crap.

No. 364159

Japan has some cool architecture, fabrics, and ceramics. A lot of their old artisanal crafts are interesting to me, but lots of cultures have these things too so it's not particularly unique in that sense.

I agree though obsessing over any one country is really dumb, especially if that obsession stems from poorly made cartoons exclusively created to sell toys and uncensored blurays. I have enjoyed some anime in the past but it's very rare to find a truly well-animated, well-constructed show. Most of it is ugly, slideshow tier, lifeless animation with terrible narrative.

Most of my friends have been weebs as well and it's hard not to shit on them for it.

No. 364165

Personally I started watching as a little kid and just never grew out of it. I read a lot of fictional books (for kids) back then and anime had the same feeling. I like it for the escapism aspect too I guess, just to be able to take a break from real life for a bit and think about an appealing fictional world. I can't do that with other types of media as well, so I prefer nip media. Mostly now I only read manga and play games though since most anime are cheaply made and don't interest me. Feel free to shit on me.

No. 364169

My ass, quads and hams are windburnt as fuck from this shitty, cold winter. Save my ass (literally)

No. 364189

Is all of equestria Vietnam, why are there horses transporting other horses in carriages
And why do they keep farm animals like cows and sheep in paddocks when they can also talk
And why does my son insist on watching it all the fucking time. At least he’s not obsessed with paw patrol anymore.

No. 364216

I don't actually mind older men, and think that if someone is attractive they age well and if someone is ugly they'll probably age ugly but whenever I see men online complain about women aging or claiming "men age like wine women age like milk" and other such stuff like "the wall" I like to doubledowm and claim it's men that hit the wall and look like disgusting leather bags past 25-30.

I feel like it's our civic duty and that we should all do this.

No. 364217

I think aging is ugly for both men and women (and I do think men age worse), but I always accepted it as no big deal and nothing to resent in a partner, you just get old and ugly together. But I've also doubled down on how harsh I am on aging men because they're the ones who cant accept that, they think they're owed hot young girls their entire lives and that older women shouldn't even exist. It's appalling and the only solution is women collectively rejecting age gaps and the (totally unwarranted) glorification of older men. Too bad most girls can't see the bigger picture, when they're young they eat up the praise and leverage their youth gets them without thinking how it will change when they age. Or they are so afraid of ~hitting the wall~ they cope by finding an old man for the illusion of power in a relationship. Really sad and really obviously manipulated by male design.

No. 364220

I have a feeling that my bf wants to get me pregnant and I'm confused af. We are def not in a good place for a child financially or socially and he doesn't seem to have a breeding fetish or shit like that either. Like, I wouldn't mind having a child with him, he'd be a great dad and all that, but this is so not the right time. Every time we have a pregnancy scare he acts like oh no bad news, but he's a very bad actor and he seems really happy about it. And when it turns out to be just a scare he seems really disappointed. I don't understand bc this is really out of his normal nature.

No. 364222

Talk about it with him, he might feel like you guys are in a position to have children, and if you don’t think so then you need to let him know. At the end of the day your opinion on this matters more than his since it’s your health that’s sacrificed when having children, so make sure to double down on any thoughts you have about this.

No. 364276

I agree and on that note I have a question for you guys : why is every part of internet culture so tightely tied to weeb shit? Not LC specifically, but EVERY single imageboard, tumblr, twitter, every single more "underground" internet community that has ever existed is infested with weebs. Like ok, props to you, I also like some dumb shit and I'm not trying to shame you or whatever but I just wonder HOW COME everyone on the internet is a weeb ?

inb4 "you're just a salty ex weeb!" no, I was always almost exclusively into "western" media.

No. 364278

I think it's in some part porn/hentai, and some part the fact that weebs are social outcasts and therefore look to find online communities to join.

No. 364279

I think it's just because japanese media caters to and attracts nerds and those communities have a lot of nerds. Weeb stuff has a lot to choose from if you have a tendency to become autistic over something. Also western nerd culture is a bit harder to get into, I think, it feels more serious.

No. 364282

Anime girls are more often than often not pleasing to the eye so they kinda just spread through the internet like wildfire I guess

No. 364289

that's what kind of annoys me tbh. like, as an outcast, there's kind of no space for us online that isn't infested with weebs. it takes over every online space, it doesn't matter where. like, i get that imageboards were made for and by weebs, but every other space on the internet is just totally swarming with them, and i just can't relate to people as well when they've got this autistic childlike obsession and glorification with a culture that isn't as fabulous as they make it out to be (it's not like there are aren't tons of oddities and intricacies in other countries and cultures), and media that is nowhere near as good as the hype is for it.

where are the 'normal' outcasts???

No. 364314

>i feel sorry for japanese people
Weebs are essentially a bunch of western people who spend a lot of money on japanese media, and merch, and tourism, and clothes, etc. A bunch of western people who think their country is the best in the world and their people the most beautiful. A bunch of westerners willing to move there and join the work force as mad cheap labor only so they can spend a couple of years in the magical land Nihon.

They're cringy, and japanese people probably shun them, but it's not like the existence of weebs isn't hugely flattering and profitable for japan. And with the rise of kpop, I bet Japan is kicking itself for being too stuck-up and feeling too superior to invest in an international audience while they still had the upper hand.

Don't feel sorry for them. They're not some poor babies being abused by weebs.

No. 364334

I can see why girls are into Japanese shit but not men. Only because nip cartoons are super cutesy and they have really cute mascots like Sanrio and tamagotchis that is just totally different compared to a disney princess, mickey mouse, or spongebob.

Also if you like video games but not anime, you're still always going to be tied into the whole japanese thing because so many games just come from japan, if not, most of them.

No. 364341

in my experience i was always into anime/manga, was a cringey weeb in elementary, but once i got into middle school i mellowed out and just liked the media, but had no one to talk about it with. i went to small catholic schools and i was the only kid who ever liked anime and manga. the internet was really the only place you were able to talk about that stuff at the time and it made it really easy to get recommendations. i have just always assumed that my experience is probably common and why a lot of weebs are all over the internet. in the same vein i think that's why being a weeb/liking anime is becoming more mainstream now, because the internet is a huge part of most people's lives now, so they get more exposure to things that were once pretty niche.

No. 364343

not a kpopfag but
isnt kpop from SK hence the K? jpop is from japan and afaik its not that big, right?

No. 364349

Men like it because cute Moe anime girls are what they wish women were like
>Never age
>Kind of stupid
>Happy 95% of the time
>A Stacy who orbits a kissless boring geek for some unknown reason even though she can do way better

No. 364353

That's what I'm saying. At least normie guys are into bleach and dbz because it's reminiscent of cool samurai soldiers and powerful superheroes which i can see be appealing to men but the ultra akihabara geeks who are into anime for the girls are creepy and weird.

No. 364407

Jpop could have been bigger if Japan cared to appeal internationally, is what anon is saying.

Western geekdom has stronger gatekeeping, I think. You don't even need to really watch anime to be a weeb anymore. Just 1 or 2 flavor of the months, load up on merch, use a catgirl pic in your socials.

>i just can't relate to people as well when they've got this autistic childlike obsession and glorification
tbh I find this true for most people into any kind of fandom, not just weebs.

No. 364413

>Happy 95% of the time
Am I weird for being triggered the most by this despite all the other fantastical misogynist horse shit like looking like a perfect waifu?
There's just something about how controlling and invalidating that is, and I've definitely been around guys who allowed themselves to be miserable shits while fully expecting women to be bubbly and perky 24/7.

No. 364435

The guy I like is very cute. I don't know if he even wants to be friends yet or if he's just humoring me (it seems we're both quiet awkward types so this is all going very far from smooth), but I hope we end up getting along.

No. 364443

File: 1548876016276.png (50.38 KB, 1332x292, amanda_banner.png)

i love the new banners!

your legacy will forever live on, amada-chan.

No. 364447

File: 1548876514160.jpg (52.84 KB, 600x513, 626369.jpg)

>mom slept in until 2pm
>I make ramen, dress it up so it's real nice instead of usual packet powder
>make poached egg and candied bacon to add on top
>mom comes out of room
>eats bacon, leaves egg, has tiny cup of ramen to be polite

No. 364453

They want cute girls to mommy them and save them from their depression. They don't want to deal with her problems.

That's usually the plot of many animes. Loser with a boring personality then comes a long some 10/20 perfect Stacy who is happy/perky who gets him out of his comfort zone and saves him from lonliness.

No. 364459

Saw my new boyfriends ex and she's really beautiful and I think I look like a gremlin in comparison. Fortunately I feel my boyfriend is genuinely into me and invested in making our relationship work, so it seems silly to feel the way I do but I'm a lil insecure and cannot help but compare myself to her. Anyone else deal with this type of shit?

No. 364464

You shouldn't be comparing yourself, but you already know that. The fact of the matter is their relationship ended for a reason and she's no longer relevant.

No. 364559

I have a Tumblr that is focused on SoundCloud rappers and I repost pictures from they're ig/Twitter to my Tumblr, but only the more popular ones that everyone repost pics of and reblogs.

I want to start reposting smaller, lesser know musicians on my Tumblr as well, to show them support and to hype them up and whatever, but I feel weird about it since I don't know if they'd be okay with it and nobody else is doing it.

Should I ask them if it would be okay to repost they're stuff? Should I just do it anyway, since it's to give them exposure, and I'll be putting they're ig @ in the caption?

No. 364568

I'd just do it and let them tell you if it's not okay. In my experience most of them would do anything for more exposure.

No. 364597


Can someone tell me what the Amanda drama is? I missed it.

No. 364614

Some random anon in the first celeb thread kept sperging about Amanda Seyfried and how she was such a bad person but couldn't provide any milk. It was just a bunch of bizarre vendetta posts.

No. 364615

My best friend of 10 years who is pregnant just told me she's going to name her daughter after me (she is due around my birthday too), I'm so touched I could cry.

No. 364633

File: 1548901741557.jpeg (131.56 KB, 1029x1065, 1530199983760.jpeg)

That's so sweet! I'm very happy for your friendship and hope the pregnancy goes along smoothly!

No. 364712

and i felt and i felt and i felt in your eyes of green jesus wept and i felt for the first time i felt
and i felt
and i felt
for the first time ever i felt
and i knew in my heart jesus eyes they wept
and tears fall down in jesus eyes i wept
and i could feel and i could know we were in gods hands we were god and he was god
i touch your soft skin and i feel that meat that makes you move makes your bones move and i felt your HEART pump
all the blood through your veins
and i felt the heat
and me touching you it was warm electric heat
and i felt
your eyes of green
your EYES of GREEN
YOUR eyes OF green

ok this is a really weird nonsensical poem i wrote while i was absolutely tripping balls. some context it’s about a boy i have a crush on and we had sex yesterday so i guess i was all in my feelings over him?

No. 364720

Hey, congratulations. That's absolutely wonderful and beautiful. I was really sad tonight but you reminded me how full of love and beauty life can be, so thank you for sharing this. Friendship like that is so special and will last a lifetime.

No. 364745

Congrats on your good sex anon, make sure not to send him this poem whatever you do

No. 364772

I struggle with knowing that my bf's exes and crushes have qualities that I will never, ever have (they are all extremely cute and short, I look like a giant troon compared to them) but what helps is concentrating on how he treats me, how he shows his love. I feel like he genuinely loves and appreciates me, he's with me despite not looking like his type, so there must be some qualities to me that are better than the girls before me. Besides I tend to look at the people I love like they are the hottest thing to ever exist no matter how they look like, I'd like to think this applies to his way of thinking as well lol.
And I try to get my mind off of the comparison thing the moment I notice I'm in that place again, it does me absolutely no good, so why bother making myself sad over something that stupid.

No. 364776


maybe you were his type all along, anon. it just took you two a while to find each other. don't sweat this stuff.

No. 364783

This goes for most men, tbh. They want an idealized version of a fictional female TV show or movie character. Weebs want ~uwu waifus~. Normies want women like the character Megan Fox played in Transformers. The "cool girl" monologue from Gone Girl has been posted on lolcow several times, but it perfectly summarizes what some men want.

A lot of men want a woman who shares their interests, especially if it's stereotypical male stuff like sports (football, hockey), cars or video games. But the girl has to dress very feminine, have a nice body and fit mainstream beauty standards. They want someone who constantly provides them with emotional support and comfort, but also someone they can look down on in some way (a bunch of men are terrified of making less money than their gf/wife).

I work in customer service and once I realized this, communicating with male customers became incredibly easy. I just have to look conventionally attractive, be bubbly and stroke their ego. Boom, they are satisfied and I get more money.

No. 364863

I genuinely prefer how my nipples look now after having breastfed. They’re cute little buttons, and I think that’s a lot cuter/sexier than the weird little mosquito bites they used to be.

No. 364867

This is amazing, please never show it to him

I wish we had more anons sharing their embarrassing emotional creative outlets, it's so pure

No. 364903

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a penis. Not in a tranny way, I don't really want to be a man at and I don't want a penis permanently but I wish I could maybe try it out for a day or something.

No. 364926

Why? Sounds like a pain in the ass to have something dangling from your crotch area. Even one of my guy friends says penises are gross.

No. 364931

Nta but masturbation and sex would probably be more satisfying

No. 364933

File: 1548961715969.png (71.95 KB, 400x140, tumblr_inline_pcfr2f5UAs1qfnub…)

i need to get fucked rn

No. 364964

I don't know, just for the heck of it. Again, not permanently. I think it would be neat to see what it feels like.

No. 365053

I've seen so many people here and other parts of the internet claim to be friendless and not doing well with their lives. I actually have managed to turn my life around from such a situation, and I think what helped me the most was getting a real best friend who was willing to take a chance on supporting me. I know that this is in NO way helpful advice for anyone because it was really just random luck that this person was ever willing to help or that they had appeared in my life.

The thing that happened was after I got a best friend, I was no longer desperate to find friends at college. That meant that each social situation no longer was make or break for me. After this I could socialize in a more normal and positive manner that people were more receptive to instead of seeming needy or clingy.

Another thing that I can advise people on is seeming more confident, but not arrogant. It's definitely a skill that takes time to learn just like anything else, but I think it is doable just like learning to draw or play the piano.

I feel like I legit have good insight into this situation unlike a lot of well-meaning people because I was in a super deep hole and did manage to change things around rather quickly.

No. 365069

Ha, you and me are opposite. I was in this situation. I had a best friend I really loved and cared about and we were friends for almost a decade until we had a falling out and I lost her forever. During this whole time, I didn't care about who else was my friend because I knew I had my ride or die bitch already but once we fell out, I was left completely on my own. I'm still struggling and I know I'll probably never experience a strong platonic love like that again mostly because my social skills and brain have since turned to mush and other people already have their set of friends/best friend anyway.

No. 365074

Aw, I'm glad you were able to find such a supportive best friend. I hope I can find friends like that one day.
Do you have any specific tips for appearing more confident? I always hear people say "fake it til you make it" but I'm such an anxious wreck that it's hard to come off confident when my voice is awkward and shaky and trembling like a chihuahua.

No. 365082

are you me, anon?
I miss her so bad. I was exactly like you, I did not nead anyone else while she became more and more of a social butterfly… I am a piece of shit tbh and I am also afraid I will never experience such deep connection and understanding. I wish we had a huge fight instead of me suddenly finding out she was ghosting me and not just busy with messy life.

No. 365085

I'm sorry, anon. My friend was also the more social one so she had no problem finding others to befriend. She was just naturally wittier and talkative so she attracted others easily meanwhile I was quiet and to myself. Hopefully we can step up our game too one day or at least find another person that deeply cares about us. You're not alone in your situation!

No. 365105


Tbh I feel pretty confident that female orgasms seem better than male ones, but I'd totally want to have sex with a dick, just to know what it feels like to go into sexual encounters KNOWING 1. you'll almost certainly get off, and 2. that the act revolves around you getting off. That is honestly completely unreal to me.

No. 365113

I think one thing you can do that helped me is practicing speaking while you are alone. You can practice while you are driving or getting ready for the day. You can do interview questions or things that you would like to potentially like to talk about with people in general. Personally I always liked to talk but I've had problems being coherent so I feel like it is a good way of getting into the habit of speaking clearly for me.

Another good thing to keep in mind is a lot of the times if you are confident, people won't judge what you have to say. For example, I was scared of talking about my nerdy hobbies, but then I heard a confident girl talk about her love for YA books. Earlier this year, I also heard another confident girl say "You've never pooped your pants before?" as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I realized that instead of feeling embarrassed, her confidence was able to make people agree with her. That's why I think being confident matters.

That really sucks. I love my best friend and I would be heartbroken if they cut off contact with me. However, I've also learned that while they are the foundation of my relationships, it helps lower the stress on them if I don't rely on them alone for friendship. By making attempts to reach out, my friendship structure is much more balanced.

No. 365130

I came to necro Rob Dyke's thread with this but to my dismay it's been locked. tl;dr Rob's sanctimony has caused him to legally change his last name. I've watched this four times now and it STILL makes my sides split.

No. 365148

wow, I relate to this so much anon. My last friend I had ended about 3 years ago and I still miss her so much. I really did love her, and this is probably way too tmi but we had a fwb thing that definitely didn't help with me being way too attached to her. I did some dumb shit and let my insecurities and fear ruin our friendship and I've never had a friend again, and don't think I will ever have another like her. I met up with her again for coffee in the spring and wow did I sperg out, and that was the last time we spoke and I've stopped looking at her tumblr and social media finally. This whole thing is just oversharing, but I resonate with your story a lot and am so sorry you have to feel the pain I did and still do a lot.

No. 365182

I keep confusing the OP pic for the vent thread lol

No. 365184

The guy who keeps getting spammed in the idol boy spam thread is uggo.

No. 365187

I just finished watching vid related and was wondering if any anons might have some thoughts on it. Basically, Brittany Venti goes on a rant about make-up and the superficial things girls do to up their game and reap the benefits of looking beautiful while girls who go natural, although they're told they look fine and get moral points, don't. She comes to her own conclusions about her own appearance and what she wants to do but I wonder what other farmers think. Insecurity about looks is really common, do you think going out and buying ps/makeup/etc is the proper solution?

No. 365188

File: 1548997984564.jpg (44 KB, 640x480, tumblr_pbs6o9jkA61xu2bvvo1_640…)

>the same 2 anons posting the same 2 guys
>hundreds of replies in just a few days
>the faggotry of it all

No. 365191

Who gives a shit about this cow? Why are you even watching her cringey ass

No. 365193

She's made videos about Shoe and Anisa, so she's relevant enough here. And I like her content, sue me.

No. 365197

I think it is so funny that hammerhead is sooo insecure of her FAS, sid from ice age face. And she constantly rags on Anisa's pear face lmao!

Unfortunately for hammerhead there is no cranial surgery to fix her fucked up far apart eyes. She is as screwed as stef sanjati lmao. Gross ugly bitch.

No. 365200

Like what kind of dumbass name is Hendery? Anyways I guess I’ll give them credit for containing their autism.

No. 365235

File: 1549016140273.jpeg (100.16 KB, 750x932, 10F4C590-A2E3-475F-AFD9-EDE93B…)

Dani Adriana has the worst body I’ve ever seen. How does a person get this much bad luck in the looks department? She looks like a fucking orc and she’s not even sad about it.

No. 365239


Why are there so many fat Australian activists? I hate it.

No. 365240

Jesus christ that fat distribution is the stuff of nightmares. Those upper back rolls make her look super weird.

No. 365243

File: 1549019520201.jpeg (307.9 KB, 750x701, CEBBB839-1820-49CA-A87D-673AA3…)

Cause we’re mostly fat as fuck and if you’re rich enough to live in the cities like Dani and her pals, you’re so sheltered that getting picked on when you went to private school is legitimately the worst thing thats ever happened to her.

As a nation we’re just like America. Overfed, over indulged, and coddled into learned helplessness by boomer/genx parents.

Her legs are, in comparison to her torso, Betty-spaghetti thin. It’s fuckin amazing.
There is literally nothing going for her except a lack of acne.

Before she got it fixed, she had a massive underbite as well. This poor bitch has a face like she was chasing a parked truck, hank hills ass, and a body like two hose pipes sticking out of a beanbag.

No. 365245

Even if she were thinner she'd still have that weird distribution of potbelly, hunch, and thin legs. She probably has a syndrome of some kind, people don't really look like this unless there's an underlying issue.

No. 365293

I know she has which is funny because she's quite the cow herself. Embarrassing to be watching her videos.

No. 365322

I succesfully did the whole dry January thing, I can't remember the last time I was sober for this long. Gonna get shitfaced tonight yeeeehaw.

No. 365331

File: 1549034832233.jpg (38.66 KB, 640x640, 32597917_1796432527062583_8376…)

Holy fuck, and she's only 26.
Her waist-hip ratio must be well above 1.

No. 365332

Why is cum so sticky fuckkkkkkkk

No. 365333

start slow anon lol and enjoy.

No. 365338

The peep, makonnen and fob song sucks and I like all three of them separately

No. 365340

I finished reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It was like the literary equivalent to a saltine cracker. I mean I understand bestsellers aren't always masterpieces but wow what a piece of shit novel.

No. 365350

File: 1549037811214.jpg (25.71 KB, 612x612, 0989.jpg)

>want to make a Taobao purchase via Superbuy
>for some reason, they removed the option to use your credit card on-site, now only the PayPal option is available (PayPal is unavailable in my country, and it's not even in the drop-down option when I try to use the site without registering) and I can't load credit onto the account itself without bank transfer (ughhhhhhh)
>try to contact customer service and ask them to put it back so I can pay
>immediately receive an e-mail stating all services are suspended until the end of Chinese new year (Feb 12)
>mfw I already purchased something before they removed the option
>mfw when it arrives at the warehouse, I won't be able to have it delivered
Kill me. I don't know what to do.

No. 365384

are there any sites like superbuy that look less scammy?

No. 365401

Read it a few years ago and fucking loved it (I was very disappointed with the movie, it did not live up to the way the story and characters in the novel were portrayed). Why did you dislike it? I am genuinely interested in seeing a different perspective.

I've recently read The Butterfly Garden (or however it's called) and wow, was it shitty. Can't believe there is more in the series.

No. 365418

File: 1549051897907.jpg (38.5 KB, 384x322, reactionimage.jpg)

I have finally mastered the art of waking myself up in the middle of a bad dream.

I have an extreme fear of heights so I have a lot of dreams of being stuck near a window in a skyscraper and the floor starts tilting and wobbling.
Instead of trying to make the terrifying climb down or using the elevator I just count down from 3 and squeeze my eyes. Takes one or two times and I wake up in bed.

No. 365426

Cool! Have you ever lucid dreamed?

No. 365427

I'll be LARPing for the first time in a week and I'm so stressed. I feel like I'm underprepared, I don't have much clothing ready either. It's gonna be a fiasco lmao

No. 365462

>>365427 it's gonna be ok, anon. Just have fun and if someone gives you shit, let that shit roll off of you.

No. 365780

samefag reporting in being drunk or hungover aint worth it anons i wanna kms, should've stuck to the sobriety! i'm gonna delete all of my instant messaging apps now so i wont have to see what i've posted!

No. 365991

i want to start drawing furry nsfw art so bad. i don't like it and my art kind of regressed in the last few years but seeing such bad artists get so much money for drawing fursonas getting dicked down has me seriously considering getting that bread

No. 365998

To be honest, Superbuy is the best, IMO. They check for quality, send you photos once your items arrive, communicate with the sellers, let you make a ton of packaging decisions to make parcels lighter/sturdier, etc etc all for free.

The scammiest thing about them is 1) this, potentially (I'm holding out on the hope they'll add back the option after CNY is over) and 2) that you can pay a small fee to have them confirm package weights for you before you have them delivered to save money (if you don't go for this, they just estimate otherwise, have you pay according to said estimation and if the actual weight is less than they thought, they refund what you paid in shipping back to your account), but sometimes that "confirmed weight" is actually more than both the real and estimated weight - literally trying to loop you into paying more for shipping. I almost got screwed over like that once, but I didn't fall for it, lmao.

I've only used Yoybuy besides that, and it's a bit more bare-bones, with less special options, but it still works. It's gonna suck if I have to go back to them.

No. 366007

haha i love this anon i can relate

No. 366014

damn, sorry anon. got thos feels though thats me every other weekend.

No. 366409

I thought I'd never say this, but damn I love Lucas (He was the Fred kid back in the day). He has made a few amazing old Disney Tea videos that have been total gold.

He is a gift that we don't deserve. I wish we got more of these.

No. 366449

I know Glossier is a meme, it's overpriced basic stuff you can find for better price elsewhere and they just really have an amazing marketing team but it's working so good on me… They don't even ship to my country but I want some of their stuff SO BAD.

I'm ashamed of myself.

No. 366454

I would just try and find comparable ingredient lists, Anon.
Most of the shit they put in skincare literally does jack shit.
There are only a handful of molecules that can actually penetrate your skin cells vs. just "lying" on top of them and having you sweat/wipe/wash them off.
Look for simple serums of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol/retin-A.

No. 366460

I'm actually not interested in their skincare! Their skincare line is decent but The Ordinary literally has the same serums for 5 bucks each, their moisturiser (with retinol) sounds aweful and I'm very content with my current cleanser.

However their skin tint sounds glorious. I hate heavy make up, I just want the tiniest coverage. I also dislike BB cremes because I feel like the pigments would "enter" my skin in the same way the cream would… Their cloud paint blush also look so beautiful.

No. 366462

Fwiw I bought the concealer and some blushes in a flash sale and I'm very satisfied with them. Will last you a while too.
Don't bother with the lipstick, that's just tinted Burt's bees

No. 366464

Why. He just turned into ur average annoying gay guy.

No. 366598

hell yea instead of staying in and getting nothing done today minus feeling sorry for myself and drinking, i got out and did much needed yard work and im feeling great.

No. 366601

Anyone have any recommendations for female youtubers that focus on self improvement? Like college, learing something etc?

No. 366629

I hope pewdiepie gets praise for being "empathetic" for calling attention to Eugenia Cooney. Not because I think he deserves it, but it would piss off Onision so much.

No. 366698

I'm sad this place is becoming more and more like a female /r9k/.

No. 366699

how is it?

No. 366704

You've obviously never been on /r9k/ if you think this place even comes close to that trash fire

No. 366706

It’s honestly the weirdest thing when you find out a Tumblr user you don’t know and have never seen the URL of has you blocked. Like, how do you know who I even am, and how’d I piss you off? Am I on some esoteric blocklist? Hmm.

No. 366714

shhh, anon, don't mention reality, you'll make her feel like she isn't the One Sane, Smart Girl™ (That Has The Courage To Stand Up For Men Being Attacked By Women With Lukewarm Criticism, Because Almost All Men Are Actually Really Nice Guys)

No. 366741

No, I don't really think so. I only got over being insecure in my appearance by embracing it. I don't think makeup is inherently bad, but it looks best when people use it to highlight their features and not try to mask them so they look like different people, if that makes sense. Also, it's clearly a problem if you feel actual anxiety about seeing/being seen in your natural, makeup less face.

No. 366746

I feel like it's hard for me to really get into mainstream movies, music, and other types of celebrity entertainment because I just assume everyone is a gross pedo or other type of degenerate perv, or at least may not be involved but let it happen anyway.

No. 366756

Tumblr users are still so fucking weird. Shit like that, post stealing, and before you follow pages baffles me.

No. 366763

anon… you can just get the ordinary's serum foundation for a quarter of the price of that skin tint…

No. 366777

I saw somebody call Preg "Live action flubber" and I laughed for a solid 5 minutes
Farmers are too funny for their own good

No. 366779

File: 1549256633282.gif (141.49 KB, 280x280, tenor.gif)

that was me and you totally just brightened up my night with this post, anon. thank you!

No. 366790

Is faggot a slur because they’re a bundle of dicks

No. 366808

File: 1549264378201.jpg (45.85 KB, 480x368, MV5BMjUwNTFjMWEtZWRiOC00YTdlLT…)

Sweet Victory was fucking robbed

No. 366809


No. 366810

they teased it for the sb half time show but only ended up using the intro and then transitioned into sicko mode

No. 366821

File: 1549266720224.png (211.69 KB, 461x437, 1542065197143.png)

Oh, you like cantaloupe? Have you ever thought about WHY you might like cantaloupe??!!! You've been CONDITIONED to like cantaloupe!!!

No. 366822

are you done sperging now, scrotey? how many more threads are you going to do this in?

No. 366824

how do you survive on anon boards if you resort to calling and reporting everyone who doesn't lick your taint a male? is it fun? are you having fun here?

No. 366826

yeah, I am

No. 366827

I want the man-hate thread back solely for autism containment.

No. 366828

Also, am I wrong in thinking that the man-hate thread was started by that one anon on the vent threads who'd post stuff like "DAILY REMINDER: MEN SUCK"? I think that anon was responsible not only for the creation, but maintaining atleast the first thread until it took a life of its own.

No. 366830

We had misandry threads at least a year or so before the man hate threads so yeah you probably are

No. 366833

It's really not bad, not like how you're making it sound anyway. I wasn't a fan of the man-hate a few months ago because I was tired of anons who were so casual about "hurr all men must die~" and sounding obsessed, but that has nothing to do with what is being posted at this hour in the vent thread–what I'm assuming you're referencing.
Except all I see them venting about are shitty kinds of men, not all. Sad that shitty men make you feel in such a way.

No. 366834

Samefag, the first misandry general came over two years before the first man hate thread >>21625

No. 366835

this website doesn't need more anons who post the same radfem 101 when other anons don't want to be lectured by a mouthbreathing dyke. it should be actively discouraged.

No. 366837

If you’re referring to the vent thread, I don’t see how women venting about men controlling our reproductive capabilities and being shit dads is autism

No. 366839

then organize! go join a group! protest and fundraise!
posting the same shit over and over on an anon board dedicated to making fun of women is fucking autism

No. 366840

>posting your political views should actively be discouraged if they don't align with my own
imagine being this autistic

No. 366841

It’s a vent thread, where else are these women supposed to vent about the things that actively diminish the quality of their lives. Jesus Christ, put your fucking dick away.

No. 366844

learn2read. i'm talking about anons who nag other anons for not being redpilled on gender enough.
except you guys aren't "venting", you're replying to other anons who are venting and trying to get them to join your cult. other women are allowed to have fun, you know that right? not everything has to be centered around the plight of women.

No. 366845

I agree anon, this poster just seems needlessly triggered.

We make fun of men here too.
I don't want to burst your bubble, but since we're a diverse group of posters here, it's completely possible that the people who post their pro-women stances aren't necessarily shitposting other women on pt and snow. Even though at that, there's a difference between making fun of the things a lolcow does versus acknowledging that women aren't respected as a whole by society and how that shows in our reproductive rights or lack thereof.

>trying to get them to join your cult
Lol calm down, if you want to have fun I think you still have the option to post something else or ignore the posts you don't like. It's not like every thread has an active discussion about men.

No. 366846

This is stupid as I'm pretty small time, but I'm worried that if my online presence gets moderately big lolcow is going to mock everything about me and make fun of my nasolabial folds and being an annoying cringy weeb.

Even though it's irrational, any other anons feel the same?

No. 366847

It's not necessarily shitty men but it's more that I get annoyed that anons get derailed by these topics so often. And it bugs me more to see it in the vent threads than anywhere else. I didn't look more into the replies though, I admit. I mostly skimmed the first page and all I saw were anons going back and forth, calling eachother names, rather than seeing genuine vent posts.

I never looked at the misandry threads but I remember them being around. I don't remember them being as much trouble as the man-hate ones though. Those inspired multiple raids on here.

No. 366848

anon 1
>lol this guy i'm dating is so annoying
radfem anon
>links to feministcurrent
anon 2
>i'm a sub
radfem anon

No. 366849

>trying to get them to join your cult

What the actual fuck are you on about. Recognising that men try to control women and shame them when they step out line is now cult think? Even non radfems recognise that as a whole men treat women like dirt

If you don’t like women expressing their distaste for mysoginy maybe you shouldn’t be on a board that’s made for women

No. 366851

>this website doesn't need more anons who post political opinions I disagree with or who reply to my political posts only to disagree with me because the mere sight of their posts triggers me into oblivion. it should be actively discouraged and my chimpout is no one's fault but yours.

No. 366853

File: 1549269792214.gif (1.41 MB, 245x167, 43193.gif)

A moment of silence for this thread

I think it's pretty normal to be afraid of ending up on a site like this if you put yourself out on the internet.
But, as long as you don't do anything especially cringe most people don't care

No. 366856

I’m an artfag, and I’m terrified I’ll end up either in the art salt or ugly art thread. I know it’s highly unlikely to happen, but it’s still something that puts a pit at the bottom of my stomach.

No. 366860

You know we can go back and read what actually happened, right?

No. 366861

Jesus christ, if you retards want to post about how empowered you are by allowing men to sexually abuse you via BDSM or whining about tfw no bf, go the fuck to CC or /soc/.
The radfem farmers are a complete minority here, considering they almost exclusively exist on /ot/, no where else.

No. 366872

>Saying anything remotely negative about any man is autistic


No. 366875

anon you know that's not why that thread was autistic.

No. 366876

>whining about tfw no bf

What is with these anons suddenly berating women over what they vent about, oh no, the majority of women aren’t as ‘enlightened’ as you are and seek romantic/sexual companionship. The fucking horror of it all!!

No. 366893

This probably sounds autistic but I wish there was a bank of sjw information where you could copy and paste it in when you're arguing with scrots online.
I don't normally waste my time interacting with them but over the years there have been times where I've come across comments like "women rape as much as men" or "how is telling females not to dress like sluts victim blaming?" and I've just had to close the window because it's not my job to type up stuff that they could look up online if they could be bothered to, they're obviously not going to listen to anything I say anyway.

No. 366898

This would actually be very useful. A sort of SJW Snopes.

No. 366899

Arguing that men rape more than women or that it's not ok to blame the victim isn't SJW-y stuff anon, back then we called crazy people speaking in the names of minorities SJWs now popular sites with male users use it for anything that's not chauvinist.

I agree that it would be nice to have a site or blog that's an archive of well documented studies and government statistics, though idiots will probably link to some alt right site and say "prove it wrong".

No. 366900

When people throw out shit like "men get raped just as often" I just don't bother arguing beyond "They really really don't." and then ignoring them.

It makes them even madder than if you actually bothered to refute their points.

No. 366910

I try to take screenshots of good info (data, studies, etc especially), it makes me rage when I see some scrot argument I KNOW has been debunked with sources to prove ot, but I can't remember where it is. So the best I can do is save it when I see it.

I dont have a tumblr but people who do also use tags to keep track of stuff like that, seems convenient to me.

No. 366935

Anyone who genuinely believes that women rape as much/more than men aren’t going to be persuaded by reality, it’s the mysoginistic hill they choose to die on

No. 367137

imo more deserving cows of Fancy Bears attention than momokun but i will bask in the havoc he creates none the less. omegaluls

No. 367146

No. 367149

maybe he's sick of seeing that shit.

No. 367151

wouldnt blame him. honestly i dont follow momokun but i have a deep love of that ruski ursine. i just saw that faux squat photo with the hat and it makes a little more sense lol

No. 367201

my hair is fine and gets tangled super easily and my dumb ass teased it to hell yesterday so i could clip in extensions, then i fell asleep without brushing out the teasing and my hair is now a matted mess. i really don't want to brush out my hair now, ugh.

No. 367202

File: 1549319454090.jpg (140.36 KB, 988x998, CwPoWVVUEAE9unf.jpg)

man hate rebuild 3.0 has been given the go ahead >>>/meta/8684

someone make up a new name for it and let's get this shit on the road

No. 367208

Cute pic. please let this be the op image

No. 367211

I have no ideas, I'm torn between serious stuff and funny but offensive shit that would probably get the thread deleted.

Shit misogynists say? An incel's worst nightmare? The pink pill? Against sexist bullshit?
somebody more creative do the work

No. 367218

File: 1549322531722.jpg (81.1 KB, 564x564, 15046908_665019886994664_69589…)

omg yes i love this artist

No. 367219

Y chromosoid/scrot animosity or Y chromosome receipts? They sound pretty try hard but they're all I've got at the moment.

>responding to men or bait will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, appeals will not be accepted

This needs to be mentioned in the OP

No. 367220


No. 367258

Saturate it with conditioner and detangle in the shower.

No. 367816

some days ur the big chad, other days ur the virgin

No. 367822

Don't know why this makes me laugh so much

Are you the chad or virgin today ladies?

No. 367829

I'm the virgin every day.

No. 367835

had a brief chad moment but otherwise it has been pretty virginal :-/

No. 367837

File: 1549399353648.jpeg (63.5 KB, 488x488, GUEST_987e7eaf-7ba8-4e24-b01d-…)

Pic related mixed with a bag of microwave popcorn is my ultimate fatass premenstrual snack. The cheetos are meh but the chips in the same mouthful as some popcorn is amazingly delicious.
Thank god for exercise. Lol

No. 367843

Wow what the fuck, newborn babies have such big heads! How do they slide out of coochies?

No. 367848

their heads are squishy

No. 367883

Tf I aint never seen this in stores. This is a stoners wet dream

No. 367896

Not a stoner but hard agree those chips are THE SHIT

No. 367922

I took 4mg of klonpin, drinking sone beer…about to stick some French bread pizza in the oven. Honestly this is when I'm most content. Only wish i had weed rn but oh well, im going to give my bf an amazing bj and then we will watch movies for the rest of the night. I decided to wear a sheer black top and cute underwear to feel sexy. Maybe i will light some candles and play ambient music? Oh man haha

No. 367943

Hell yes, live your life!

I love reading these kind of posts!

No. 367945

Sounds cozy anon. I took a migraine pill to numb the pain then im going to watch an ace attorney lets play in the dark wrapped in a blanket. Also wish i had sum weed

No. 367959

I fucking hate the influx of feminazis on this board and moral fags.

No. 367961

File: 1549411722614.gif (2.65 MB, 800x600, giphy.gif)

My boyfriend has driving test tomorrow and I pray he passes and gets his license, he's been studying hard and taking a lot of lessons. he's a bit unhappy with how things are at work rn so this would cheer him up so much, he deserves it.

No. 367963

This probably belongs in the vent thread. But you are very late with this haha.

No. 367964

What do you mean influx? This site has been radfem for nearly 5 years thanks to your girl

No. 367976

Lmao, are you a scrote upset that women actually care about their rights and wellbeing?

No. 367980

influx? we've had a radfem general thread for literally 3 years now. it's no longer active, but that's not the point. this place has always been feminist aligned.

No. 367981

You could just go literally anywhere else on the internet if you would rather chat with men and handmaids

No. 367992

With the exception of staminarose and maybe the first year of lolcow (mainly because we didn't really have a dedicated ot where we could discuss issues), we've leaned more feminist for years.
Newfags need to get out of here or adapt to our culture, not the other way around.

No. 367994

it's like walking on eggshells around here. where my edgelords at?

No. 368002

Where are the newfags coming from?

No. 368004

File: 1549416863816.png (736.06 KB, 1280x719, A040AC0B-97F5-4828-B777-8D45A1…)

this site has made me realize how much better female-dominated internet communities are. not that they don’t have a lot of faults, but there’s a lot less mindless trolling and it’s generally so much easier to have thoughtful conversation. i grew up on 4chan and the difference between lolcow is night and day imo. love you gorls

No. 368008

File: 1549417621676.gif (6.94 KB, 500x235, a46e873fe0f9991d79b8471f2d934e…)

same, i love lolcow. havent even been on here a full year yet but i post regularly, stopped being a cringe shoeonhead fan who was antifem, and ditched my gross neckbeard discord friends. i feel like i finally have a female-oriented space online. and thank god for the GC threads. they made me see the light. i love all u anons too.

No. 368010

I agree
also thank you for posting that image oh my god

No. 368014

I fucking hate that I crave compliments and validation so much. I wish I was one of those ~cool women that don't "need" to be told they are valued or beautiful or whatever, but I'm not. I don't go out of my way to get them, like I don't act like an attention whore to get asspats by guys and girls, but when my SO compliments me or my friends say something nice about me I just beam with joy like I never heard a nice word about myself before.

I know that the words of others aren't going to fill the void in my own brain but fuck, it just feels nice to be told good things. And I hate that if I give someone a compliment and I don't get it back how I hoped for, I just get depressed as fuck and think everybody hates me and I need to die and I'm worthless and pathetic.

No. 368016

You have so many other imageboard sites where you can go be a mindless edgelord, I don't feel sorry for you.

No. 368017

i didn't ask for pity, faggot

No. 368020

"It's like walking on eggshells around here."
Yeah, totes not acting oppressed for pity at all, baka.

No. 368022

File: 1549419438809.jpg (52.02 KB, 500x492, tumblr_inline_p6mueztzk91un0g7…)


No. 368026

File: 1549419898131.jpg (104.5 KB, 1080x1225, anonpls.jpg)


No. 368027

no u XD

No. 368033

whys it FUCKING lightning and storming in the beginning of february after it just snowed? i'm terrified of storms

No. 368120

File: 1549435926655.jpg (83.54 KB, 560x317, 667dd417af9c3ff04189dd317de45a…)

No. 368144

i honestly thought the lighting was a bunch of power lines falling. there's an ice storm where i'm at kek.

No. 368169

I still love america from hetalia

No. 368194

I feel personally attacked by this post

No. 368297

Should I get meds for my social anxiety? I've been on them before but dont remember if its worth it or not (i think i was just on some shitty zoloft). I dont like putting pharma bs in my body but at this point I'll take anything to numb this extreme irrational fear.

No. 368306

two weeks ago I stepped barefoot on something in my grandma's appartment. It kept hurting just a tiny bit over the past two weeks but I didnt pay it much attention untill today because it hurt as fuck. Performed a "mini surgery" on my foot with rubbing alcohol, sewing needle, tiny scissors and slattered it all with antibiotic ointment. Hope I dont die of gangrene or something.

No. 368333

File: 1549475034778.jpg (Spoiler Image, 727.64 KB, 1530x757, 1516eb6d8f4c1ef0b50e3f97a1ebcf…)

There's something kinda slimy about male artists who only draw softcore porn because they're "just appreciating the female form :)))"

No. 368337

Always the exact same body type too. I have an artist friend who draws figures a lot, but she draws old people, fat people, extremely skinny people, people with bad posture, not just young hot people.

No. 368343

On 4chan, 8chan, krautchan… literally every other imageboard

No. 368389

Mangos are the best fruit and all other fruit is trash compared to it. Especially strawberries. Fuck strawberries

No. 368395

blueberry, raspberry, and kiwi are nice

No. 368401

strawberries are the fruit of the devil and their popularity is the REAL new world order conspiracy imo. personally I love blueberries and pomelos the best! still can't understand why we created grapefruit when pomelos are perfect and grapefuits taste like picking your ear

No. 368403

strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums, peaches, lychee, starfruit, grapefruit, and kiwi are the best fruit

blueberries and cantelope taste like SHIT

No. 368406

i'm going to say something controversial: pears are the best fruit - the brown kind

No. 368410

nah you right. tastes just like starfruit too

No. 368417

I love grapes. I could eat it for days.

No. 368423

i love all fruit and veg, the only one i won't eat much of is celery. it has such a terrible texture when raw.

No. 368424

oh anon I totally forgot grapes! home grown are the best, they just taste completely different (i'm not from a warm place where grapes should grow so that's maybe why). also forest strawberries! miles ahead of their evil supermarket sibling!

No. 368426


Figs anyone?

No. 368446

Meds are a band-aid fix anyway. Try therapy if you want lasting results.

No. 368480

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best for anxiety, meds are only temporary, like other anon said. You got this anon!

No. 368532

I dont really know which thread to put this in but I just remembered that my step-dad used to watch porn/hentai tapes with my siblings and I in the livingroom with him.

It was a one bedroom apartment. Me, my younger sister and little brother all shared the couch and werent allowed in the bedroom, so he just made us stay on the couch, but turned around so that we faced the coushions

He didnt let us do anything else either, like play behind the couch or in the dining area, he just made us sit there. Didnt turn the volume low or anything, so its not like we didnt know what was going on and I ended up catching glimpses cause I was a kid, it was a tv, and it sometimes looked cartoonish and we had nothing else we could do. He wouldnt even let us talk to each other or make noise

It just feels wierd thinking about it now because I didnt really notice it back then. Like he was your typical abusive dad, like a character straight out of a movie, but I grew up being mad about what he was doing to us. I was already mad in the moments it was happening cause I knew we werent supposed to be treated that way, but this in particular never registered as bad when I was a kid. Unusual and frustrating, yeah, but I didnt know what was going on well enoughh to be upset about it at the time.

It just had me feeling kinda dirty and uncomfortable for the past half hour. Like I need to shower asap but I dont even like the idea of being unclothed right now

No. 368550

Sorry you're going through this, my uncle did similar things. Kids don't realise anything is wrong because it's normality to them and are taught to just accept whatever the adults are doing.
In my situation I see my uncle as just a selfish asshole rather than a deliberate abuser, that doesn't mean that I forgive him and I'm always going to be left with the question of how this stuff might have affected me, but talking through it with friends helped.
I hope you can find your own kind of peace with these shitty memories, if it continues to trouble you then seeing a counselor could help. None of this is your fault.

No. 368554

Oh no baby don't talk shit about blueberries. And cantelope, the one fruit that doesn't taste disgustingly tart.
I'm ready to fight about this. Meet me somewhere.

No. 368557

i feel for you anons, sick male fucks like that don't deserve the air that they breathe. that is not a normal childhood and you in no way deserved to be put in such a humiliating situation. hope you're doing okay.

No. 368562

What kind of blueberries have you been eating? If they're the watery, bland type then yeah they're shitty, but if you can get your hands on the juicy, fresh, good stuff, then they're amazing.

No. 368580

Sorry anon, I like sour fruit. If I want to eat something sweet, I'll eat sweets.

I actually like the small ones but can't stand the big ones because the small ones taste sour. The big ones taste like I'm eating sweet chemicals.

No. 368581

Your step dad watched hentai? Wtf, no wonder his weird ass made you guys stay in the room with him.

No. 368603

Why are autistic men so hypersexual? Like literally all of them, no matter where they are on the spectrum, they're obsessed with sex and hentai and the most degenerate fetishes imaginable.

No. 368604


Oh wow, thanks guys, your kindness really means a lot. I was thinking about visiting a therapist for a while so i guess its about time, huh

you know what? youre completely right anon

No. 368606

They're all NEETs and loners. What else are they going to do with their time? Contribute to society?

No. 368626

File: 1549513392475.jpeg (398.02 KB, 750x653, C0D05B6D-E02D-47A9-B602-141800…)

the cafe was out of the iced tea I like so ordered an ice latte instead. An hour later and I need to dump every 10 minutes, my stomach feels like it’s been pumped and I have what feels like period pain but it’s in my ass. I usually avoid coffee because I know it gives me the shits but it’s never been this bad. what the fuck.
anyone know how to ease coffee shits or do I just have to deal with it?

No. 368627

Just gotta shit it out, RIP your bowels. Make sure to drink plenty of water since diarrhoea dehydrates

No. 368635

Have you tried watching anime or reading manga?

No. 368649

i can only speak for female weebs on this but i just find their choice of aesthetics among other things are often much friendlier and i imagine other farmers do too. i also think it could be something to do with escapism, with the whole ukiyo-e philosophy and art being an important pillar in japan's history and culture shaping the products of japanese society.

No. 368650

File: 1549516756814.jpg (251.32 KB, 1920x1080, [Commsei] Jinrui wa Suitai Shi…)

please help, what kind of coat is this?

No. 368653

it just looks like a fitted coat with matching mantle/cape.

No. 368654

I wish there was a season 2 of Jinrui.

No. 368747

I used to think that there was a satellite in my head that picked up transmissions of Latino music and I would go around my house trying to follow the signal and crying because it would stress me out.

No. 368804

I started attending this workshop thing this week and I'm getting along with everyone and I'm being social and people there actually seem to like me! I have a long history of social anxiety and tend to isolate myself from group activities so I'm super super super proud of myself anons.

No. 368837

I think I had a cluster headache but I'm not entirely sure. I have a long history of regular migraines but what I had in the last few days wasn't a regular migraine.

Basically, there was a sharp stabbing pain in my right eye and near the temple. Both of my eyes were tearing the entire time of the duration, so for about three days.
I've never felt any pain like it. It's as if my eyes were about to explode. I couldn't even open my eyes with any source of light. With migraines, you're sensitive to light as well, but I could always open my eyes. Not this time. Unfortunately, it made my parents incredibly worried and I feel sorry for them because there's nothing they could do.

Now that the thing is gone, I'm grateful for being able to function normally. I was good for nothing this week. I'll never complain about regular migraines.

No. 368847

i want a pixyteri poopin pose figurine.

No. 368849

I'm sure there's a super sonico figure with an eerily similar vibe

No. 368851

of our queen??

No. 368857

File: 1549554000523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.8 KB, 480x480, P6.jpg)

of super sonico or one of her fatty-chan friends

No. 368859

oh good god it looks like momokun lol

No. 368881

File: 1549557056753.gif (86.36 KB, 500x500, pink-watercolor-hearts-pattern…)

very proud of you anon! keep up the good work!

No. 368882

File: 1549557476129.png (Spoiler Image, 550.32 KB, 466x700, almost poopin.png)

momo "cosplays" pochaco a lot

No. 368920

ahhhh! now i recognize it. im not much of a weeb and am just slightly familiar with momokun but that all makes sense now.

shes almost poopin but i would love a pt fig so bad lol looks more like i wanted a mariah one haha

No. 369016

why do you want it? for the lol funny meme effect?
I bet you can commission a custom figure from some artist, but it will cost you. Seems like a waste of money for an ugly figure. I feel sorry for PT that someone wants a memorabilia of her delusional, shameful days.

No. 369031

I don’t know if this classifies as a dumb question but does anyone here know about this Cloak and Dagger club in LA? It’s members only, you can’t take pictures inside or talk about it outside of the club or else your membership gets revoked. I’m curious as to why it’s so hush hush.

No. 369043

So that people will go crazy talking about it and pay huge bucks to get in and find out it's a regular ass club with pretensions.

No. 369047

I'm guessing it's because of self-important L.A. "goths" pretending that they would otherwise be pestered constantly by people asking for photos

No. 369057

No photos inside so nobody can criticize or realize its mediocrity.
Can't talk about it outside so nobody can collaborate experiences or said criticisms.

It's the perfect marketing scheme. People pay a good membership to see the fuss, realize it's like any other club, but their pride and feelings of sunk cost manipulates their minds into thinking they've got something good. They justify it with 'exclusivity.' And aren't all exclusive things just swell after all!
Idiots. Idiots with more money than sense.

No. 369100

It's a bit annoying that Onision is considered to be by some on the "help Eugenia Cooney" bandwagon when he has just been harassing her and literally made a video killing her off in the Sims 4.

No. 369327

I daydream 90% of my day away as an escapist coping mechanism and am obsessed with my fictional husbando whom I will never meet. It's also 2:37 am and I am proper trash…real anon hours

No. 369701

File: 1549664228961.jpeg (94.34 KB, 736x877, 3E952405-5B4D-4EC6-99EC-D0A7F0…)

I know these bags have become trendy, especially among “art hoes” but I still think they’re really cute. The color selection is so insane!

No. 369706

as expensive as they are, i have one of the big ones in that eggplant color, and it's so worth it. for some fucking reason every goddamned backpack i had, the zipper would break. no issues with a Kanken. i've had mine for a year and a half now and sometimes it still amazes me with how much you can fit in it.

No. 369711

sometimes i just laugh to myself, remembering Linkara's travesty of an internet presence regarding his "straight" relationship with a man larping as a woman, before breaking up with him for getting his dick inverted. how in denial can one possibly get.

No. 369729

They are cute and I'm always tempted to get one but I just fucking hate backpacks. I find them so inconvenient, I want my bag open and by my side at all times for easy access. Even when I travel I prefer a handbag.

No. 369737

I have knock offs of the mini and classic sizes from aliexpress and they're great. I might be going back to college this year and I want to get an auth laptop one.

No. 369754

Same! The aliexpress knock offs are really worth it in this case imo. A friend of mine has an original kanken and we compared them (stiching and all) and saw no apparent difference what so ever. Mine is small but EVERYTHING fits in it.

No. 369756

i have the mustard yellow one, looking to buy the orange one soon.
they aren't just cute, they're also pretty comfortable. other backpacks and purses hurt my back after lugging them around campus all day, but my kanken never does.

No. 369787

File: 1549669640234.gif (1.55 MB, 227x172, 1521903746806.gif)

I've noticed that the reason why I have a hard time watching anime nowadays is because of the openings. I usually want to binge watch and I'm stuck with ugly and cringey openings that don't even always have nice songs to listen to and whenever I skip them I go too far into the episodes.

I'm watching Supernatural right now after years of waiting until I had enough free time for that and even though episodes are 40min long they're way more bearable because there's no opening or ending to skip.

No. 369857

File: 1549675269742.jpeg (28.16 KB, 503x213, eyeezzz.jpeg)

I wish I was intimidating

No. 369885

File: 1549678116714.jpg (51.43 KB, 640x480, hugs.jpg)

wow, they weren't bluffing. every single one of the bloggers I liked just up and left tumblr. my dash is a fucking ghost town. guess it's officially time for me to pack up the rest of my things and move to twitter too.

sure wish I had some soda right now. pic unrelated.

No. 369930


rip Tumblr.
I fucking hate twitter.

No. 369931

File: 1549683709011.gif (2.67 MB, 540x304, mpf1E3t1t9mqf1_540.gif)

The dudes in Yakuza are the biggest fucking nerds

No. 369936

they could still get it tho

No. 369982

File: 1549690602541.jpg (304.77 KB, 1333x1000, 1451430675577.jpg)

i want to hold hands with majima!

No. 369983

which yakuza is this hilarious gif from?

No. 369987

No. 369995

I cant believe sega made the hottest and funniest boys of all time. Yakuza Kiwami's cheesy story even made me cry a few times.

No. 369996

I live at home and play games on my laptop in the living room while my dad sleeps on the couch. My dad farts in his sleep and sometimes he farts so hard he wakes himself up.

No. 369998

Leave the mic on

No. 370002

The game doesn't have mics thank fuck, people would think I'm the one shitting my pajamas lmao.

No. 370238

>get PM from old high school friend
>think for a flash how that's nice
>open message
>it's a fucking phishing scam and obv they compromised their account

How do people still manage to get their social media accounts "hacked"? I don't understand. Literally don't give out passwords and don't click on suspicious links or emails and someone should be golden.
What the actual fuck, this is something I expect older people to struggle with. Not people in my age group.

No. 370245

god i can't handle when i see people my age falling for pyramid schemes. same exact thing. like i'll let the BUY YOUR RAYBANS from teens and shit but if you're later than 17 and falling for that, please excuse yourself from the internet ASAP.

No. 370250

Pyramid schemes and any MLM make me eyeroll so hard. I guess some people are just that naive and desperate but I was really hoping 'my generation' would be a bit smarter what with all the information we have available to debunk this shit. I was dead wrong.

No. 370266

For some reason people just don’t understand what they really are. My sister has been involved in a mlm for a few years, and recently said
>“I figured I’d be making six figures at this point.”
She also idolizes all these self-made California momboss women on Instagram and doesn’t get that they’re either born into rich families already or have rich husbands behind them. I have had zero success with trying to get her away from these businesses.

No. 370574

I always thought those white girls who chewed the wax from babybel cheese were disgusting. I wonder what type of women they grew into?

No. 370578

eww, girls did that growing up? nasty

No. 370614

I don't get parsley. It adds like no flavor to food (at least from what I've noticed). I know it's for garnish, but there a bunch of edible green herbs out there that can be used for garnish, so why is it so popular?

No. 370633


I hate the taste of it. maybe it's like coriander and some people taste it differently?



No. 370655


I also don’t like parsley as it tastes too soapy to me, but coriander is delicious in pico de gallo and stir fry. I do agree it’s probably a genetic thing. The only way I can have parsley is in tabbouleh or in cold pressed juices. It’s a good body deodorizer, admittedly.

No. 370666

Yeah I think they ended up being the same girls who chewed the wax they gave you when you got braces during middle school. It was always something that bothered me.

No. 371279

File: 1549848498759.jpg (70.04 KB, 617x825, download.jpg)

To preface this, I already know how autistic it is to get triggered over wallpaper; you don't have to tell me. But lmao imagine having taste so shitty that you'd actually be willing to use any of those hideous weeb wallpapers posted in the wallpaper thread. I couldn't bear to look at that trash every day. You do you though, anonymous.

No. 371301

File: 1549851406473.jpg (47.68 KB, 720x720, qOVGlRC.jpg)

A guy friend of mine apparently wants to send me a gift on Valentine's day. He started talking to me after I cut off from my abusive ex a couple weeks ago, and I think this is some attempt at courtship. I'm not sure.
Anyway I was straightforward with him about how I don't have money atm due to my current unemployment so I'm not able to send anything back besides maybe a thank-you.
Yet I'm not really sure what to put in this letter. I'm pretty romantically numb and I can't say this guy makes me hot at all. We had a hookup five years ago but it's been that long and only once. We live states away now.

I don't know what to say and I'm typically good at writing. I don't want to come off as an ingrate in case he does get me something thoughtful, but I don't want it to come off as romantic because I am not emotionally available.

No. 371399

File: 1549860069789.png (15.65 KB, 372x186, BURGIE.PNG)

I'm not trying to be snarky or anything anon, but if you really don't like the wallpapers posted, why not post your own favorites? The more people posting the more variety there is imo.

To add, some anons on this site have a bad habit of complaining about what's being posted in a thread and do absolutely nothing about it
it's strange

No. 371401

Not that anon but I don't see why observing a shitty thread means someone should take it upon themselves to personally improve the content. Why would anyone be that invested in the quality of a wallpaper thread unless they were desperately in need of a wallpaper, in which case they wouldn't have any to share themselves?

No. 371421

Would anons be interested in a tarot/divination thread? I've been interested in it lately after some coincidences.

No. 371432

Tbh I think people need to understand that in the realm of chan board culture, being a weeb will never go away. It was created for weebs by a weeb who took it straight from Japan, so that will always be ingrained in any imageboards that are created. The easiest place to be a weeb is the internet, so they’ve congregated on it. I think it’s just an internet fact of life the further you stray from normie internet, the more weebs you will find, and people need to learn to get over it. It’s interesting, I’ve never noticed until now how much weeb has permeated the internet as a whole until I came here.

No. 371436

I just don't get why people who are so triggered by weebshit don't just make their own board with their own rules instead of bitching at everybody else for liking what they don't like.
It takes what, 20 minutes on 8chan to create an imageboard of one's own?

No. 371457

See >>371401
It’s just easier to complain than do anything about it.

No. 371475

File: 1549875289181.jpeg (437.5 KB, 828x1435, 43E8135D-6344-4AE8-8054-E18E15…)

y’all seen this?

No. 371477

Thought this was dark satire seeing the headline "ANOTHER WOMAN KILLED HERSELF". Link?

No. 371478

No. 371479

Close the computer, fam. Legit lmfao

No. 371483

Null doesn't own lc legally does he? Also idek who these women are? Who are they?

No. 371485


>trolls make fun of people with physical and mental disabilities, minorities and autistic people.

>those very people are stalked, harassed and slandered until they commit suicide.

>anonymous criminals can upload screenshots of anyone's social media to make fun of them.

>They have recently been targeting social media support groups for people with chronic or terminal illnesses, accusing members of "faking their illness", being "overdramatic", or "attention seeking".


>JULIE TERRYBERRY (19) woman REDACTED (attempted suicide) woman
CHLOE SAGAL (31) woman


>LOLCOW & KIWIFARMS: Joshua Conner Moon

Just no.
And isn't Chloe Sagal a tranny?

No. 371486

I don't know about GG or PULL, but when did Lolcow ever know about TerriBerri? Geez. This is strictly KF territory. No idea who Chloe Sagal or the "redacted" individual who apparently only "attempted" suicide is, either.



>Joshua Conner Moon
Whoever made this is stupid as fuck, lmao.

No. 371487

File: 1549876484230.jpg (47.26 KB, 450x292, John_Paul_Neumann_Chloe_Sagal_…)

Samefag, yup.

No. 371488

That poor girl clearly was mentally ill already before getting "cyberbullied":

>Mike Holland was Julie's boyfriend. He was a decade older than her, claimed to be transgender, had no job and got his jollies by beating her bloody during sex. He encouraged her to become a camgirl and cheated on her with girls he met on Fetlife. It was not a happy relationship.

No. 371489

What's the situation with terriberri? She seemed like a manipulated young girl that was heavily preyed on. Why did she even have a fucking thread on there? Kf and their misogyny is2g

No. 371491

Unpopular opinion but I do think these gossip sites are kinda cruel. There's this one girl in the Lolita threads and they tear her to shreds for daring to have a hobby while not being a supermodel. It's super gross and I hope she never comes across this

No. 371494

No idea, I just remember there was a thread on her suicide. Everyone was freaking out. I don't know her story, but I bet it really was just the KF neckbeards on their He Man Woman Hater's Club shit.

No. 371495

The girl that looks like she has Cushings? She shouldn't be allowed to be posted. She doesn't even do anything wrong and there's nothing wrong with her expressing herself. She's not milky at all and I wish they'd stop posting her. She tries her best with what she's given

No. 371496

agreed, while a lot of people posted here deserve, it there will occasionally be a few who don’t which is unfortunate

No. 371497

Yep. I really wish those Lola tyrell threads would get shut down. Shits ridiculous.

No. 371498

File: 1549877479828.jpg (334.52 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190211-102819.jpg)

The last thread pic is an uncensored picture of her naked asshole…

I agree, but we're still miles better than kf. They want to see people dead and encourage doxxing of family members, that wouldn't run here.

No. 371501

Samefag, but while it's not as bad as on kf, I also noticed that people here kind of prefer shitting on a girl more, than on the guy who's with her and turned her into what she is now. E.g. Posters love calling Lainey ugly, when the main focus should be Onion being a disgusting and manipulative creep.

No. 371502

was skimming the kf thread they linked on the change.org page and the amount of people happy about the thought of her being dead was seriously disturbing. I don’t know the girl they were posting about or anything but I’m glad people here agree, those kf posters must have some degree of a mental illness. lolcow definitely shouldn’t be lumped in that post imo

No. 371505

PULL neither (no idea about GG). They're only weeby teens whining about shit, while we're basically the same, just older.
Meanwhile KF is full of autists who sperg for a living. There's a good reason that they always joke about it being one of them, whenever there's a shooting happening somewhere…

No. 371548

I necessarily don't have a problem with them being weebs, I have a problem with their terribad taste.

No. 371549

because I don't give a shit about improving the quality of the thread. it was just an observation.

No. 371576

Lola Tyrell threads make me so sad… I don't get why they're allowed or even popular.

No. 371589

I've always seen more people in Onionthreads focusing on Onion, calling him a pedo and a creep, and shitting on his looks (rosacea, big head, balding, shark teeth, small dick, manlet etc). I don't think that's the case.

No. 371596

jesus fuck some anons are spergy retards when it comes to whether or not bans are retext. its not even a big deal to get a ban but these idiots act like their mommas took their keys and allowance away.

No. 371599

lmao literally everyone as a child had these here in Sweden. It was my field trip bag in elementary school. I'll never get why art hoes find them to be so special. (Also I'm a lil bit triggered that everyone calls them "kanken". It's fjällräven, no one says the kånken part)

No. 371600

lmao @ the anon who is currently pulling a full blown "can I speak to your manager?" about getting (rightfully) redtexted in /meta/

No. 371603

Sometimes I look in the /meta/ thread, or watch other trainwrecks go down, and think "Oh, thank goodness. I'm not the only sperg on this site".

No. 371606

theres this kid at my uni who really has an FMA messenger bag and every time i see someone displaying their weebiness i feel icky

No. 371607

I have a dude in my classes who always wears either a LoL or playstation hoodie (neither are subtle merch items, we are talking big metal foil logos and shit). on one hand, my 2nd hand embarrasment is at all time high, on the other hand, wish I could give that few fucks you know?

No. 371609

No. Pretty sure ian still does

No. 371612

wow he actually looked more feminine when he isn’t in a terrible wig and makeup… goes to show that being a woman isn’t wearing makeup and looking like a prostitute

No. 371617

Imagine a world where petitions actually did anything

and nothing of value was lost kek

No. 371620

ahaaha that poor anon needs to locate their handler asap
same. i know im not a high quality contributor but man the guise of being anonymous will bring out the true sperg in someone

No. 371726

I had someone in my Japanese class last semester that had an emoji backpack and alternated Pokémon hats he was so cringe even the disgusting weebs cast him away. The ratio of weirdos to normal people in that class was far too high

No. 371730

samefagging cause I came in here to talk about something else lol
I hate when men give me unsolicited fashion advice lmao I’m probably bitchy and in the wrong but I was offhandly mentioning to this dude how I wanted to try a new style and he starts going on about things I could wear or how to dress and I was just like did I ask…..I think the worst part was just that he’s one of those reddit retards that post fit pics and it’s all the same outfit but with a different coat or pair of shoes this didn’t even happen recently and I’m still like how dare you I’m stupid lol

No. 372137

I like to watch the robo vacuum map out the room, it looks silly bumping into everything

No. 372197

I think that if I new a man was cheating on a woman, I would tell the woman but I wouldn't tell if a woman was cheating on a man.

Not a solidarity thing, or trying to justify it or anything, I just think that a man scorned is much more likely to become violent as opposed to just breaking things off.

No. 372202

Sometimes I find fun stuff to post on lolcow but I'm too lazy to grab all the info about some cows and make a thread.

No. 372323

File: 1549992030751.jpg (175.35 KB, 985x985, IMG_20190212_111958.jpg)

thank god nintendo FINALLY announced a direct (and that the titles featured in it will be switch only)

No. 372325

fellow crofag?

No. 372327

Yup, small world

No. 372331

Another fellow crofag at least she seems to have grown out of it because it was cringey

No. 372333

Even back then I'm not sure if she'd be a good cow

And yey, there's at least 3-4 of us kek

No. 372338

I had a boring evening like 5 years ago and scrolled through her facebook to see some cringe, but if she had a thread during that time updates would probably be rare.

Then again threads on /snow/ sometimes get updates for the smallest shit lol

No. 372340

Omfg this is gold anon

No. 372348

why do i wanna have sex with Kraut and Tea? hes ugly, has horrendous politics, and is constantly embarrassing himself online.
and yet, i just want him to rail me. am i truly that much of a slut for german accents? i am, the dumbest bitch i know

No. 372363

eww go away aydin. also I tot his accent seemed fake

No. 372378

jedna vise

No. 372395

i had to look up who that is. i’m insulted to be compared to some maga ethot, but i know i deserve it.
the 2016 election was heated and i was Incredibly Online during it. k&t represented so much of what i hated and feared that my brain went full cuck and i started to desire him. fake accent or not lmao

No. 372417

Came across this twitter thread and it ruined my day. I was aware of "redpill" efforts targeting to groom depressives and other alienated people but the details made me sick. This doesn't belong anywhere else but I am fuming and wanted to get it out.


No. 372424

File: 1550002948942.jpg (42.64 KB, 500x648, bcfb202b33d4f16373e97355288e05…)

Does anyone else have a very small mouth that makes it hard to eat? This isn't intended at all to be ~uwu smol bean~ posting at all, I don't like having this feature. I was eating a toasted sandwich and now the corners of my mouth are scraped up and irritated like I have angular chelitis or something. Also I got the double whammy of TMJ, so I have very little room lengthwise for biting food, in addition to my already small width.

No. 372427

lol you mean you have never seen this video & you're a kraut fangirl? kek aydin really deserves a thread here. too bad I'm lazy and the past threads I have made here haven't exactly been hits.

No. 372471

Who gives a shit? If you're dumb enough to fall for the crap, it's on you. I think a lot of the people being worried would love to have these guys join /r/menslib or the DSA or something. This means that your side isn't doing enough to recruit people. Step it up.

No. 372549

File: 1550010536851.png (412.19 KB, 432x590, ew.PNG)

was looking for yarn, seeing this really took the wind out my lungs

No. 372564

My temples swell up whenever I eat large, chewy food like tall sandwiches. Im a halfway anteater animorph.

No. 372571

Trying new things and decided to apply to be a beta tester for a game for the first time. I was weirded out to give out my ip but I figured I do it here so whats the difference lmao.

I've got nothing to lose and hey if I get chosen, I get the game gifted to me for free which would really help me out rn.

No. 372584

Yes, the whole point is not to alienate normal people so they don't hit that rock bottom to be converted to any retarded fringe ideologies. I give a shit because the thing they're being converted to is nazism.

No. 372624

Is this how much a skein is in the UK? This is why I can't get into knitting and crocheting. It's disgustingly expensive even in burgerland. Also that's so ugly

No. 372629

it's a regia 100g skein, it's is like middle of the road pricing for sock weight yarn I think? there are cheaper ones like debbie bliss etc but I'm a materialistic girl kek (not materialistic enough for like the really posh hand dyed yarns or expensive fibres tho)
really wonder if some middle-aged woman at regia headquarters was trying to appeal to teenagers or what kek
is it much more expensive in us? though yarn of all things would cost more or less the same across board

No. 372651

I don't know where else to put this but I'm seriously shaking rn. My supervisor just pulled me aside and told me I was getting a raise. I got a fucking 2$ raise guys. I've been stressing about money and jesus christ if I wasn't still at work I would be crying rn. I don't care for zodiac signs nor do I believe in them but this year is the year of the pig in the chinese zodiac and so far it's been true for me at least. haha.

No. 372662

File: 1550021931771.jpg (1.09 MB, 960x1200, 65179838_p0_master1200.jpg)

I wish I could find some damn non-normie/non-straight friends near me. I have zero. im not weeb enough to meet people and im too old to use typical means of going to places/stuff. I just want to talk about cute comfy anime or yuri and shit

No. 372666

My new bf is staying with me, I had to step out and came back to the dishes done and the bed made. I'm so in shock compared to my ex, it's low bar but I'm in love

No. 372692

I haven’t shaved for the past few weeks and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I recently realized how dumb it was that I was spending 30 minutes to an hour in the shower because of shaving when it’s winter and no one is going to see my armpits or legs anyways. I’m really enjoying taking shorter showers and not worrying about my body hair, but I’ll probably end up shaving again when I go on vacation for spring break RIP.

No. 372698

Yeah fuck shaving your legs in the winter. Once fall rolls around, I stop. Still shave my pits though because that takes like 30 seconds and I don't like them hairy.

No. 372715

File: 1550031539644.jpeg (35.59 KB, 900x1200, BFDC6AA5-C960-496D-975D-D5F446…)


May I recommend electric razors? Not epilators as they’re the devil but regular foil razors/shavers? I prefer to shave even in the winter because my body hair is kind of coarse, dark, and crazy itchy in tight pants, so using a Remington razor is much easier for me to stay smooth. You don’t need shaving cream, oil, anything - ideally just dry skin. Some of them can be used in shower but I think they work best on dry skin. I love that I can wake up in the morning and shave before a shower or the night before and no longer break out in a rash from irritation. It’s easier to maintain and I don’t have to wait for my hair to grow out a few cm to avoid tugging and pinching. Plus I feel like I can keep my bikini area more trim without fear of getting bad nicks or cutting myself, which has happened before with regular razor blades.

No. 372748

If you call yourself non-binary aren't you technically straight? Even if two non-binary people date, you'd still be straight because not everybody's view of non-binary is the same.
I'm speaking SJW speak, I just think it's hilarious these people like parading around his gay they are after calling themselves non-binary while still only dating the opposite sex.

No. 372750

NTA but thanks for the post, I should get one because my skin is sensitive.

No. 372758


You’re welcome!

No. 372763

I do this. I actually have an epilator and don’t mind it but it just takes too long to use because the hair has to grow long enough to be epilated. Also you have a 12 hour rash from the hair being pulled.

I use a simple $15 rechargeable men’s trimmer on my legs/pits/groin & am saving up for a fancy expensive one now that I have established what works for me.

Great advice anon! I second it.

No. 372796

Idk why I never considered this as a hair removing option. Gonna go buy me a ladyshaver today lol thanks anon

No. 372874

hey now, i never said i was a kraut fangirl. i've only ever watched response videos to him, not any of his actual vids.
i just have a strange sexual fascination with him. or at least, i did before i cringed my way through this livestream. jesus.

No. 372897

Fuck my life, I've been having really passionate sex on and off all day with my bf, it's 11pm and I didn't realize how loud we were until we got up for a shower and one of my neighbors banged on our door.

Can I die

No. 372898

Huh, I really want to try this. Any recommendations for a good brand/model to get (that hopefully isn't too expensive)?

No. 372940

Found out that my sweats are see through after coming home from my morning jog, everyone saw my ass but at least it's fairly toned I guess so it's not all bad.

No. 372964

Ugh, been there… A man on a motorcycle craned his neck/back all the way around when he passed me and it didn't cross my mind that my shorts were see-through until a few days later when it suddenly clicked and hit me like a ton of bricks. Shudders That's what I get for wearing cheap Wal-Mart boys' compression shorts.

No. 372966

Stupid but Dylan Sprouse and Barbara palvin look way too much alike to be together for comfort. He looks more like her than Cole does, so it's even worse

No. 373029

can you give links?

No. 373031

>start eating healthier than I've ever had
>Workout on a good schedule, start getting fit
>Periods are worse than ever, more bleeding, more painful cramps than when I was unhealthy

No. 373039

I feel you. I started treating my body better than ever and then suddenly started having health issues and am breaking out everywhere.
I've heard of this sort of thing from other anons too. I wonder if there's an explanation for it.

No. 373112

Are you drinking a shitload of water and showering after each exercise session?

No. 373116

No. 373144


No. 373190

File: 1550100251475.jpeg (208.33 KB, 742x679, A0B1FA1F-CBF5-41E5-9996-3D34F3…)

This asinine shit is why god doesn’t want to talk to us anymore.

No. 373232

this shit… i cant get over it.

No. 373248

I think the man hate thread makes people more uppity here and it leaks to other threads. Those few weeks without that thread were much calmer. Coincidence?

Why would anyone care about decorating their room for other people they don't live in it, you do.

No. 373253

is anyone really rocking up to someone's apartment and being super turned off by a fucking cactus lmao

No. 373254

How the fuck is a vase an unwelcoming thing? Is this woman retarded? she has to actually be retarded

No. 373256

Imagine caring about what men think if you own some books about buddha.

No. 373257

lady on the right is totally a spinster who has only ever had one night stands then ghosted immediately after her entire life

No. 373267

>think the man hate thread makes people more uppity here and it leaks to other threads.
like how?

No. 373276

>buddha: a sign of poverty and isolation
>vase: another image of a single woman
>cactus: unwelcoming
Who the fuck would be reading so hard into this shit, especially dippy men?

No. 373281


what did the cactus ever do to her?

No. 373286

really want a list of male-friendly houseplants rn kek, wonder where non-spiky succulents sit

No. 373287

Lily of the Valley is a friendly choice for them! :^)

No. 373292

if the plant doesn't make you wanna fuck it's WORTHLESS

No. 373294

File: 1550109425877.png (21.27 KB, 873x205, wut.png)

is this weird of a seller to ask? i feel like i shouldnt reply even though im out 15 bucks now lol, damn aliexpress

No. 373296

Well, did you buy shoes??

No. 373297

yeah i mean not to be autistic but the smiley just creeps me out after the question idfk

No. 373298

Drink bottled water or try and introduce bottled water to your diet. Like mineral water from a spring or a well, type thing, not just carrying around a bottle of water. I think drinking a lot of water is only good for you when it's that stuff. Tap water is recycled and full of a bunch 'o chemicals. Obviously not everyone can afford mineral water but I recommend including that into your diet for at least 50% of your intake (or all if possible). It made a huge difference with me in the long term.

No. 373306

Always go a size up if buying direct from China, I only ever buy shirts and accessories because I suspect I wouldn't fit into anything else

No. 373319

Damn just tell them. It's not like ur sending out pics. U alrdy bought them anyway

No. 373323

no i know, i buy clothes mostly online, the sizing chart they gave must have been off because i bought the correct size they listed for the length of my feet

No. 373329

but cacti are mostly phallic, shouldn't they be the aphrodisiac of houseplants?

No. 373341

File: 1550113754971.png (128.46 KB, 480x752, love.png)

This Valentine's Day I realized that I'm slowly getting an impossible crush but it's great as I always used them as motivation. In high school the thought of seeing my crush made me happy to go to school everyday, because at the beginning my anxiety made me skip classes and I was at my fittest when I had a crush on the trainer. Sometimes I notice that some youtuber glo'd up thanks to a crush. Didn't do more research on it yet so I don't know what to call it.

No. 373409

Has anybody else had dreams about this website? I remember the first couple weeks I started posting on here I had a dream someone found out who I was and made a thread about me and uploaded dozens of photos of me. The thing is, I literally don't have anything cow worthy about me besides the fact I go on here and like to gossip.

No. 373689

Whats up with the influx of robots shitposting today?

No. 373696

They're bitter bc it's valentine's day and they're lonely incels kek

No. 373708

What fucking losers. I didn't even know it was Valentine's Day.
Do they seriously have no responsibilities or tasks in life that they could attend to? How can you be so hung up on a pointless, empty captialistic cash grab.
They'll just be as much as a fucking loser tomorrow so why would it matter today?

No. 373714

No. 373726

Does anyone know where I can watch the Marmalade Boy Taiwanese drama version??? I can't find it online anywhere and I've been searching for years but everytime I google it, at the bottom it says links were removed because of copyright. Is the company who made this decade old drama so desperate?

No. 373731

File: 1550182593648.jpg (12.79 KB, 206x206, 1465838052603.jpg)

I broke things off with an abusive ex recently. A few guys have come out of the woodwork to try to take their shot at me, one guy in particular who I've known for a few years asked me if he could send something for Valentine's and I said sure. I wrote him some hokey sentiments and sent them off in return.
Kind of felt some excitement because he mentioned using work materials to pack said thing he was sending, asked me what my favorite flowers were.
His letter came today. He works at a card shop.
He sent me a MTG card, along with a story about why it's sentimental to him but that's where it stops making sense. I think he tried to explain why he sent it to me, but I don't get it. The card itself doesn't even portray anything romantic, it's barbaric and common.
Maybe because the tournament stamp is a heart? I'm guessing he maybe has a twin with the same stamp in his possession?

So I'm sitting here under a blanket, with my 'Butcher' card, for which I don't understand its significance about why it's now in my possession. But I have no choice, no choice but to accept that it's here and that someone else felt compelled to give it to me for Valentine's day.

I feel so weird.

No. 373732

No. 373733

File: 1550182728676.jpg (37.07 KB, 680x684, 354.jpg)

No. 373738

I don't even play, nor have an interest in MTG.

I really, really, really need to move away from gamers.

No. 373752

Orrrr you could say “Hey, thanks for sending me the card but I’m a little confused what X means.” If you like him, ask him to explain it over a coffee.

No. 373753

Long distance otherwise that would be cute. I did shoot him a thank you and I was right about the twin card thing. It's not very romantic to me, but I respect his feelings attached to it and the sentiment.

No. 373780

http://englishrussia.com/2012/06/10/club-of-a-hundred-years-old-ladies/ (some small interview-type things with 100+ year old russian ladies)
>Sometimes I wake up and think what a fool I’ve always been. Did so many stupid things. And never became smarter. I have a bad character, I have never been able to swallow my pride.
this really resonated with me in a way. i've always thought i'd just grow out of my dumb bullshit and become an adult but recently i have come to realise that adults never really grow up, not sure if that's disheartening or not.

also dunno why but thinking about old people makes me so sad. not in a pitying way, it just feels like they're too vulnerable. probably a combination of being brought up by mostly my grandparents and feeling like i don't/didn't treat them as well as i should. it's late and i'm very emotional

No. 373783

>recently i have come to realise that adults never really grow up, not sure if that's disheartening or not.
i have always found this to be the case, which is why people shaming people for meeting certain 'milestones' doesn't make sense. beyond these milestones, i don't see people actually maturing all that much. i don't see the profound maturity in most people in their 50s that people claim to see.

No. 373784

There’s a side of twitter that is so batshit crazy I can’t stop lurking there
They are almost all
>conspiracy theorists who believe in the Illuminati
>practice kundalini yoga
>eat an all raw fruit diet
>are all trump supporters

the stuff they say makes me laugh my ass off sometimes, some of them are probably prime cow material

No. 373785

Guys who are super into mtg and dnd are terrible at romance and trying to bond with girls they're dating. They have no sense of what's romantic or how to make a girl feel comfortable. Been there done that.

No. 373789

Well not to mention, why do we consider the milestones we've culturally accepted as being important or necessary for growth?
What do they actually mean and represent?
It feels like every single one is a surefire ticket to encouraging breeding, consumerism and entitlement against others.
Almost none of the milestones have anything to do with maturity, integrity or character.
Any pair of smhucks can get married, so how does marriage represent maturity?
Buying a house represents nothing but slavery to the banks and your ability to rationalize working ONE THIRD of your life at a job you probably hate/is meaningless.
Having children also means nothing because there are no emotional or maturity requirements to have them.

I don't understand why the average person doesn't think about why we have the milestones we do and what are the core themes behind them. They just accept them without thinking and deeply critize others for not working towards them the same way they do.

No. 373792

File: 1550189573518.png (540.8 KB, 725x525, Untitled-design-79.png)

i'm still mad about megan markle's dress. that dress was a literal abortion and i'm still annoyed that anyone should have paid anything about $400 for it. all of it is stupid, forcing the people to pay for their bullshit, but at least based on the intricacies, length, fabrics and time devoted to, say, diana's dress, the price tag could somewhat be justified.

it literally looks like a peasant doll's best sunday dress. it still makes me mad. i hate overspending on fashion, but it makes me so angry when it's on something needlessly hideous. as a designer, you literally have to go out of your way to make something so ugly and ill-fitting.

No. 373794

i know right? even my fucking wedding dress looks more regal than hers. this is like shit trashy white woman wear when they want to emulate hollywood stars.

No. 373802

It fitted her so poorly! Everyone was saying she couldn’t get anything more form fitting because it was against the royal rules but look at Kate’s dress. Her dress was beautiful yet modest enough to prevent the Queen from tutting.

No. 373805

Casual racism. Classy.

No. 373807

The actual farce is how someone surrounded by wealth, privilege, and connections opts for the simple look when we all know better.
These assholes should just own it, accept that they live better than 99% of people and get the big ass dresses to at least put on a spectacle for the peasants who pay for it all anyway.

No. 373810

File: 1550190130949.jpg (71.44 KB, 580x1031, 636623152231584736-GTY-9600608…)

It was so goddamn wrinkled. Ridiculous


No. 373812

Feedsack dresses looked better than that

No. 373814

seriously what is with the meghan markle salt? why do you guys even care?

No. 373817

File: 1550190682345.jpg (108.81 KB, 640x853, harry-wedding.jpg)

>These assholes should just own it, accept that they live better than 99% of people and get the big ass dresses to at least put on a spectacle for the peasants who pay for it all anyway.
thank you. that's why i liked diana's dress. it was ridiculous. everything about it was ridiculous. the only appeal that the monarchy has at this point is to be OTT and a throwback to when everything was ridiculously OTT, so truly, that dress was an offense to all senses.

i hate the fabric so much. i hate how it lays. literally how was this green-lit? imagine all the channels this dress went through to be 'ok'd and it still was. it shocks me. that this dress was approved by so many people is the only proof you need that there's no god.

because it's an exceptionally hideous dress that the people had to pay for? idc about meghan markle. this has everything to do with that campaign of genocide she calls a wedding dress.

No. 373823

File: 1550191784798.jpeg (181.28 KB, 1280x1920, e87778d2648b8ac7feb2b6eac9a4f2…)

I think kate's was pretty, it was elegant and simple without being boring like meghan's

No. 373824

I adore Kate's dress. It's so classy and elegant without being over the top. I'd wear it to my wedding.

No. 373828

according to you, what's the perfect wedding dress?

No. 373840

Are we really bashing women for their choices in wedding dresses now?

No. 373871

nta (or any of them) but its kinda funny how Markle got a ton more attention than Middleton. Markle was some mixed race rando who was a fangirl of the crown and then got what she wanted, and the hate for her is sometimes so transparent. Most people I ever hear talking about her are full of jealousy because nobody realized that marrying a prince was possible if you werent a fully white Brit, I guess.

Her dress is ugly tho, never saw it before just now.

No. 373876

I've had some dreams where cows make their appearance even when it makes absolutely no sense. It's usually just because I fall asleep browsing on my phone.

I mentioned it in some other thread but I'm the anon who had a sex dream about fahrlight. Really weird but I like it. Mariah Mallad was in another in passing.

No. 373878

Literally how is saying how ugly her dress is "bashing her"? It's an ugly dress that was way over priced, that's it

No. 373946

I read some Daily Mail article of some random, trashy looking woman who was someone important's daughter or something getting exposed for sperging out about her. Talked specifically about how she's "obsessed with race" (I've never seen Markle talk about race excessively, but I don't pay attention to royal shit), then said some weird racist shit about her that I don't really remember.
Heavy, heavy salt from angry royalty autists who like to live vicariously through Kate Middleton, and really just wanted another woman they could easily self-insert on (but I guess they can't because she's mixed race, lmao), as well as "born and bred" British women who feel like they're way more entitled to what she "got".

No. 373978

I dislike the dress but the bouquet is cute, and her tiara/veil, hair and makeup look nice. tbh I just think Markle is very pretty but the dress was a let down.

No. 374052

Do some people have a problem with giving? As in, literally giving something.
I know someone who just doesn't seem to be able to look you in the eye and give you something. For example:
>She needs to pay you back money: instead of just giving you the money in your hands, she will put the money on a place where she knows you will look (like on your phone) and not mention it any further.
>Gift giving: instead of giving you the gift, she would just leave the gift on a place visible to you and wait for you to open it.

No. 374060

Maybe she had bad experiences as a kid where her gifts weren't appreciated? Or insulted? Or doesn't know how to receive a thank you?
I personally have issues with receiving gifts or favours (makes me very anxious), I imagine it can happen the other way around too.

No. 374084

oh man I never saw it that way. Thanks for the new insights. I will try to make her more comfortable about these things in the future.
Do you think it's good to give her a big thanks upon receiving something to boost her confidence? Or is it better to leave her alone?

No. 374085

That’s really weird, maybe gifts weren’t really a thing for her growing up so she wasn’t exposed to how to handle giving - is she weird about receiving things too?
It may also just be like another anon said that it makes her uncomfortable, I wouldn’t draw extra attention to it if you think this may be the case
Or I guess there’s always also just the possibility of her having no idea what to say so she’d rather someone just ‘stumbles’ across said gift, but at the end of the day can’t you just gently ask her about it? She might not even realise she’s being weird about it

No. 374116

I have really nice skin and it’s something I get complimented on regularly. Feels good to have a desirable feature that others envy, and I don’t mean for this come off as narcissistic it just genuinely makes me feel good that I have a feature that people like enough to comment on

No. 374120

I do that when it comes to money.
I have social anxiety and my family was really weird about money so for me it's just very stressful to do anything to do with giving or receiving money, so in my internal logic the best way I can still give the money I need to give someone is to leave it for them in a place they'll surely find and will know what's it about.

No. 374135

File: 1550248737319.jpg (51.47 KB, 630x473, weeeeee.jpg)

My family is going out to dinner today to celebrate our own Valentine's Day and I'm really excited for the food lmao.

No. 374141

File: 1550249858975.jpg (45.03 KB, 547x600, Cr7F6GCXYAEe2Op.jpg)

what's a good place for surreal/cursed/weird abstract humor images? I'm not on tumblr anymore and don't know who to follow on twitter and instagram.
I'm so sick of Kardashian memes in my feed.

No. 374149

File: 1550250842992.jpg (21.44 KB, 621x692, IMG_20190215_111333.jpg)

Might wanna go back to tumblr bcs all other sites suck for them. the toilets with threatening auras twitter is decent though.

No. 374177

Twitter, sometimes I’ll just comb through random people’s likes to find things if i see them post something funny. picturesfolder (they’re suspended rn but always come back), cursedads, bootleg_stuff, darkstockphotos, etc

No. 374189

I’ve had nightmares of image related…

No. 374197

Ah jeez I'm really sorry about that. I went through the same experience with my own father. Personally, that and a bunch of other things have really warped my view of sex. Currently in therapy but I still try very hard not to even think about my childhood.

No. 374258

Around this time every year, in the middle of winter, I get into slightly chubby guys and I don't know why.
I guess it's fine. I just wonder why. Why the sudden desire for thicc bois.

No. 374269

yeah tbh I do this too, leave gifts or money where someone will find them later after I've left or whatever. my dad was absolutely psychotic about receiving gifts (he hated them violently but my mom would make us give him gifts anyway on his bday and christmas, and he'd always rant and rave how he said he didn't want anything and tell us to take it back until both my mom and I were in tears). I know that's not a normal response to receiving a present, but I'm still super gunshy about it and hate the act of giving gifts and seeing their reaction.

No. 374314

File: 1550274271186.jpg (215.85 KB, 611x960, 6288971-04.jpg)

The main character in the drama Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi reminds me of farmers

No. 374385

File: 1550283778011.jpg (190.26 KB, 942x628, Mexican-Candy-De-La-Rosa-Pulpa…)

I fucking love tamarind candies. Eating pic related rn. Rip my waistline

No. 374442

I don’t know this manga but the art in this picture is so pretty, I like the style.

No. 374459

That's a good attitude to have. I didn't leave the house today because I've got a huge cluster of pimples and it makes me very shy and embarrassed. If I had nice skin I'd be proud of it too.

No. 374633

File: 1550341320977.jpg (139.82 KB, 682x1024, 5bb30f0a4ece249b580af23f74f4af…)

Italian gluen-free kibble anon here.
Just made a oven baked kibbeh with some of the kibbles, it was very nice. Recipe bellow:
-a cup of grain free kibble
-an egg
-half a chopped onion
-two chopped garlic cloves
-chopped chives and cilantro
-ketchup or tomato sauce to counter the bitter after taste
-any other spice and salt to your taste
-1 spoon of vinegar
-some olive oil

Stir fry the onions and garlic with some oil or butter till they are golden.
Bend the kibble roughly in a bender and then add it to the stir fry together with the vinegar.
Add the chives/cilantro/spice after a couple of minutes.
Transfer the whole mixture to a bow l and add the egg and the rest of the ingredients till you get a dough like texture, it needs to be humid enough to shape it with your hands.
Taste if the spices are ok and then shape it like kibbehs to deep fry it or put in an oiled baking pan into the oven until the top and edges are crispy.

pic unrelated

No. 374702

Idk what this dish is, but it looks delicious

No. 374729

… this is for your dog, right?

No. 374733

No, for me. it's pretty good.

No. 374759

File: 1550353807308.jpg (368.45 KB, 894x894, 3b0.jpg)

I'm tired of seeing people on steam posting links to their SO's profile or having a long list of 20 rules I'm supposed to read. Am I supposed to give a shit? I get typing a small bio of yourself if you're social, looking for friends, and active in groups but I'd rather not read a bunch of rules on if I generally qualify enough to add you as a friend. That tells me a lot about you already.

Also I appreciate people with good looking profiles if not done over the top, but background screenshots that have an anime girl layed over it are pretty cringy and it doesn't look good. It's an eyesore. I can't imagine caring that much and putting all that effort in for your profile to look tasteless.

I know this is dumb but someone had to say it.

No. 374766

Kibbeh is delicious, I've never had it like this before. the Mediterranean place I get kibbeh from does it in little balls.

No. 374788

There's steam communities where you can meet and talk to people?

No. 374802

No. 374841

File: 1550358923843.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190216_161159022.j…)

Time takes all qts from us. RIP Rob Lowe.

No. 374901

File: 1550364180067.jpg (93.34 KB, 670x440, delon.jpg)

my biggest beef with male aging will always be because of Alain Delon. He was such a major cutie and now he's disgusting.

No. 374906

this is so fucking stupid but i made a response to someone on reddit telling them not to bother responding because the guy was some alt righter who is telling a woman to be quiet when giving a man woman advice. it was obviously a fucking joke but now i have him and some other guy saying i "smeared his name because of his political standing". ive been called a snowflake as a joke so many times and i think its funny??? but alt right men are truly the most sensitive of them all.

No. 374913

That’s why there’s no point talking to them. They’re a lot like our beloved cows that way. Its tempting, but ultimately fruitless.

No. 374921

God, I thought you meant he died.

No. 374933

I was checking Twitter right as I saw the post them I'm like, wait I'm retarded, his looks only died lmao

No. 374983

File: 1550377473071.jpg (61.95 KB, 700x450, Marlon-Brando1.jpg)

brando is another one.

No. 374989

File: 1550378596181.png (196.14 KB, 1526x379, yes.png)

thank you amazon this is exactly the kind of fit i was looking for

No. 375013


>I'm tired of seeing people on steam


No. 375021

Yeah and…? Nta but what do you not understand about that?

No. 375051

Hahahaha! Anon you must buy the same things as autistic trannies and tradthots.

No. 375071

File: 1550394728588.png (Spoiler Image, 633.73 KB, 779x600, 779px-Shane_6_Hearts_2.png)

I know this is the dumbest thing to get upset over but the fact that Shane is the most popular bachelor in Stardew Valley pisses me off to no end, the dude is literally an abusive depressed alcoholic ass.

I wished he'd jumped off that cliff during his six heart event

No. 375077

Genuinely agree. Can't understand why people like him.

No. 375080

Same. I think Sebastian's more popular though

No. 375102

Sebastian is the hottest.

No. 375107

Depressed alcoholic yes, but how is he abusive? I don't remember seeing anything like that in his heart events

No. 375291

Sometimes I think about that coworker of mine who is obese, but not in a proportionate way. I have friends and family who are fat because of PCOS or treatments like cortisone and they look proportionate, but my coworker looks like a t-rex with her fucked up tiny arm and her legs that look like they're bent the wrong way. I'm so disturbed by her arms, she looks like she can't even brush or tie her hair because they're so short and she can't walk properly. She isn't even morbidly obese, she's just obese. She's the first person I've seen like that in my entire life.

No. 375292

>eat below TDEE for weeks and not lose weight/fat
>eat chocolate and above TDEE bc valentine's day and sad
>lose 5 lbs
What does my body mean by this? Exercise has been consistent.

No. 375297

Were you eating enough carbs? Maybe your body was just retaining lots of water and the chocolate made you piss it all out

No. 375304

That romantic writer who lives in a hut on the beach is top tier.

No. 375307

Yeah, I usually had something with rice or pasta for supper.
But I have been sleeping better, maybe that's it?

No. 375329

who is that girl who has some image attached to what i assume are her posts that says something like "autistic and proud"? i dont have an example on my right now but i think im a bit out of the loop.

No. 375337

Pretty much what anon responded. Your body probably retained water. And what the scale says usually isn't indicative of substantial weight loss changes. Your body is already changing even it the number hasn't. I also have this Sisyphos effect where it seems futile in the beginning but then at one point, the pounds drop (even if I happen to indulge). I'm also thinking of an arrow metaphor. Being pulled back for a while to be shot forward eventually. Give your body time. You know the phrase. "It takes x weeks for you to see a difference, etc …" You're doing amazing, sweetie!

No. 375535

adopted a cat over the weekend and im so happy! he is a big chungus and his meow sounds like a ducks quack but his temperament is perfect and im already completely in love.
i feel like i dont deserve such nice things

No. 375561

i'm so happy for you, anon!!! i'm so happy he has a home with a mommy that adores him. so many people don't fully appreciate cats and don't see the joys they bring to our lives! bless you and your brand new baby!!!!!

No. 375570

I just woke up from a dream where I felt like I was being followed by this woman who was in a wheelchair and had I think only one limb. I woke up a it felt like I just finished screaming.

No. 375576

What is Hypnosis Mic? Why are anime boys rapping now?

No. 375611

Just bought a cute and durable watch for $38.50, was reduced from $100 and I had a budget of $190. Bargain.

No. 375615

I miss the pixyteri era and discussing her milk with my friend

No. 375627

Same. I'd feel a lot better about her absence if I knew she was getting help and growing as a person. It sucks knowing she's, in all likelihood still a mess.

No. 375629

Does anyone else experience "wet dreams." It's different from a regular orgasm and is almost kind of painful. Not even sure if it is an orgasm. I usually wake up in the middle of convulsions throughout everything down there, feeling strongest around the clit. When I wake up my hands are always under my pillow as usual. Shrug shrug. Please point me in the appropriate direction if my high ass missed it.

No. 375652

File: 1550491188159.gif (468.64 KB, 464x352, tenor.gif)

i lov post-Valentine's sweet discounts, managed to snag nearly 400 grams of Haribo for 1£

No. 375655

I got a FB message from someone back in 2009 or so claiming to have 'information' I would want to know about my ex. At the time I was just trying to get distance from him and as he had claimed his girlfriend after me was 'crazy', so I'm sorry to say I probably said something mean to her and told her to leave me alone, blocked her and deleted the message.
Some years later I started therapy to deal with the delayed emotional baggage from that same ex because TW he was abusive. I got obsessed with what this message could have been about, maybe it was just dumb teenage drama but around this time I learnt that this ex had been reported to the police for attempted rape of a mutual acquaintance. Nobody I know can give me any information other than that, and I don't feel comfortable just potentially bringing up old trauma by contacting that girl.
There are no ways to find this message that I can think of, and there are no female names in my block list so maybe it was a throwaway account. I know it shouldn't matter to me, but I've been losing my mind over this message for 5 years now.

No. 375711

File: 1550504362780.jpg (44.22 KB, 720x602, IMG_20190218_093523.jpg)

Kinda late but I wanted to add that dark souls toilets is good too

No. 375791

File: 1550511327505.jpg (57.55 KB, 564x720, emma-watson-short-hair-photo-0…)

I want to shave my hair off, I did it back in high-school when I had a mental breakdown and it felt so good but a lot of people would make fun of me or I would get weird looks on the street from random people and it would make me feel really uncomfortable. I realize I don't have a nice head shape but it felt so good, I really wanna do it again.

No. 375794

I want to shave my head so bad but my partner doesn’t want me to, and I can respect that because I’d immediately be turned off if he ever shaved his body
But god damnit the urge to do it so I don’t have fuck about with my hair every day is real.

No. 375881

File: 1550524602673.jpg (271.14 KB, 998x1600, stock-photo-cyber-woman-with-a…)

I seem to be allergic or at least not be able to tolerate corn. It makes me want to throw up like 5 minutes after eating it. But only corn by itself, the stuff from the cob, not like corn bread or anything actually MADE from corn.

I wish I had the guts to go to my doctor and get this investigated or something but she'd just blow me off or I had to go through a shit ton of procedures for months. Eh

No. 375914

Now it's a lot more socially acceptable to do it. At most people will call you Negasonic Teenage Warhead or think you're very opinionated about women's rights and veganism for a few weeks.

No. 375927

Why are Facebook groups the most toxic spaces on the internet? It's like the woke teen girls on Tumblr grew up and moved onto being group admins so they could get power trips. Seriously, every group demands you adhere to SJW-tier rules or you're permabanned. They're usually made up of aggressive, childish teen girls who love getting into arguments and screeching for the admins to ban people who don't agree with them or middle-aged moms who create echo chambers for pseudo-science. They're always groups for benign shit too like "Cute dog pics". Ik I'm trash for using Fb in the first place, I'm sorry I just don't have a hobby.

No. 375946

Oh god, yes. I truly don't understand how people can be such assholes on FB with their real, full name showing and a profile picture showing their face. Have you no goddamn shame? At least when people powertrip and sperg and cause drama on places like Reddit you're still quite anonymous, but fucking FaceBook?

No. 375951

I ended up being an admin to a woman's only Facebook group, the power hungriness died for me after like 2 days, I just wanted to fancy up the banner lol. The other admins though, I kept getting messages every couple days like "omg should we ban her?" I'm just like… can you look at the rules? They're there for a reason. And then she bans someone because she had an unpopular opinion. Got out of that quick.

No. 375954

coconut oil + baking soda = no more smelly armpits! I've been trying for so long to find a deodorant that would cure my smelly pits to no avail, when today I just decided to use the big tub of coconut oil I've had lying around for forever and some baking soda. And so far it's working! Goodbye stupid smelly pits!

No. 375960

Does this really work?? My pits are so strong smelling. Think it'll do the job?

No. 375961

I've only just started doing this today, but so far all day long it's kept my pits from smelling. Now they just smell of coconut oil. And my armpit skin is really sensitive too, and isn't bothered by it. I'd give it a shot anon!

No. 375963

I once forgot deodorant while housesitting and used baking soda mixed with cornstarch + little bit or water for a few days instead. It actually worked decently

No. 376005

the term degenerate/degeneracy makes my skin crawl. i associate it with altright dudebros and MGTOW types, so when anons here use it i get depressed.

No. 376042

Guys, the watch wasn’t a fucking bargain, it was a copy. A fucking Casio copy that they were selling in a luxury department store and it was sitting among all the other Casio watches. I only bought it because $40 is a bargain for a Casio, I thought I was getting a good deal snatching up this reduced to clear watch. I feel like a retard for not realising until I got home.

No. 376081

I think my brother in law might just be retarded. I’ve posted about him having never cleaned the shower, and how he only changes his sheets twice a year but today he’s gone a step too far into helpless male territory.

He can’t boil eggs. He tries a few times every week, and every time he puts the stove onto the highest setting, fills the pot to about two cm below the top, puts the lid on and walks away for twenty minutes.

There are ten settings for our stove burners. He uses rapid boil for everything, then loudly complains that the stove doesn’t work because his pots boil over.

He’s moving out alone on a few months and he’s almost certain to die of dysentery because he’s literally useless.

No. 376085

the term dudebro makes my skin crawl

No. 376103

It’s the perfect term for so many fuckups though.
Incels, furries, ddlg, autogyneophiles..
Degenerate sums them up so perfectly.

No. 376123

File: 1550551057916.png (103.17 KB, 480x480, hhhh.png)

I looked at my ex bf's instagram recently and he still wears visual kei in his 30's, in 2019

the awful j-mullet hair, ancient h.NAOTO clothes, bad makeup, everything

No. 376148

File: 1550557363797.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

It makes zero sense to me when i learn about guys who don't understand basic human hygiene. Taking care of your skin, your laundry, your health, your place of living should be basic. I used to live with a family member (Uncle) who couldnt do anything but make sandwiches and pasta (because it only required boiling.) He didn't learn to do his own laundry until after his mother died. He was 39 years old.

It isn't a 'women's thing' to cook or clean. We just learn or teach ourselves from a younger age because that's basic human knowledge. I can't imagine not changing my pillow case at least once every few days or not spraying down my glass shower door with vinegar to prevent build up.

No. 376162

He’s so goddamn coddled.
His mum will do his laundry, (so often that he deliberately leaves full loads of washing in the machine for her to wash) clean his bathroom for him, makes him dinner nearly every night. It’s insane.

Maybe it’s because I left home at 15 but it seems so absolutely pathetic. He doesn’t even clean his own cats litter but will throw an actual tantrum if asked to do much as take his own rubbish off the kitchen bench. (He can’t put shopping in the cupboard or rubbish in bins)

I’m honestly excited for how much his family will shame him after he moves and they see how he lives without a SIL to clean up after him.

No. 376258

File: 1550577809154.png (690.25 KB, 625x475, 76.PNG)

the ugly step sisters from cinderella had nasolabial folds

No. 376276

I feel really pretty right now and I hope you anons feel the same about yourself, even if it’s literally just a single trait

No. 376277

Currently moving in with someone like this because we actually have no other choice other than being homeless. It makes me want to scream.

No. 376301

Yeah, it's either "respekk whamen xddd begone thot, subscribe to pewdiepie" or "FUCK TERFS!!", there's no fucking inbetween. It's really weird.

No. 376307

Thank you, anon!! I really am happy you feel good about yourself. I'll pass on the posivisity.

No. 376325

I'd be so embarrassed for him. Why do some women do that? coddle their disgusting male children? i'd be appalled if my son didn't know how to do half the things i did by the time i was 16. It also re enforces the extreme negative stereotype that only women know how to cook and clean, and men will want to find wives like their 'mothers.' Literally anyone can learn how to properly cook, clean, do laundry , etc. Men are just lazy trash who skate by in life.

Men like that need to hurry and die

No. 376326

Better set some house rules.

No. 376454

File: 1550606273483.jpg (288.59 KB, 1200x1795, amy-poehler-at-stella-mccartne…)

I don't really like Amy Poehler, but good for her for aging really well. To me at least, she doesn't look any different than she did in the Mean Girls era.

Those bitches!

No. 376458

File: 1550607133688.gif (2.02 MB, 343x200, 200.gif)

i like it when admin gets sassy with retarded posters

No. 376462

Me too, this is best saga.

No. 376533

For sure. Best part though is that we dont have to put him on the lease. We're in a strange situation.

No. 376541

i missed it, where’d it happen

No. 376542

every now and then /meta/ gets a little fun. its not over the top but her responses are p amusing

No. 376548

I need to get eaten out rn. I need an android servant that looks and feels like a real man so I can just beckon him any time.

No. 376565

File: 1550622501788.jpeg (54.32 KB, 500x359, D38C1D80-4F75-4678-9D18-64B585…)

this just came to me, been smoking pot, so sorry in advance, but i want a sexbot that looks and sounds exactly like this person. why isn't the tech here yet, like, we can put a man on the moon, come on. i'd probably sleep with it exclusively, too. i love my husband but we've been together since our sophomore year in high school and he's gained some weight over the past decade. it's all good but i think fuckbots would be fun as hell.

No. 376580

why isnt there a muhfuggin portal i can enter so i can go to the dimension my husbando is in and sit on his face HMM. theres got to be some tech like that hidden somewhere in this sim

No. 376607

lol i feel you anon i been sat here refreshing this thread hoping someone out there would get my mood

someone needs to get on our shit for real lol

No. 376638

I crave clubbing in the warmth of Europe so bad right now but I can't go for another year since I want to get my degree first. I never even club but going back to the countries I visited as a child but as nice looking woman sounds so fun right now. Need escapism from the seasonal depression I suppose.

No. 376660

File: 1550635057347.jpeg (15.17 KB, 360x316, DyBav0nVsAMwTEu.jpeg)

Just searched up how to sell my soul after talking about it endlessly today, and now I'm pretty sure there's a demon in my room. I wished I had never spoke that into existence.

No. 376662

…go on anon

No. 376663

has anyone read grover furr's work? if so, what do you guys think?

No. 376664

no shade meant at all anon but do you know of that crazy tumblrina sapphire crimson claw? she's batshit, give her a read at kf if you've never heard of her, she curses people's wombs and all this.

No. 376665

ntayrt but the minute i read 'clayaikengurl' i knew this would be good. thanks

No. 376666

haha, enjoy!

No. 376701

File: 1550641599745.jpg (57.99 KB, 500x740, ce408d374c82f559d3303f9886776f…)

Sachiko Kaneoya's character reminds me a lot of a young Paul McCartney, and I like him even more for that.

No. 376709

File: 1550643048488.jpg (90.04 KB, 957x621, 1550082371632.jpg)

My stupid Mormon step cousins don't like my boyfriend and think he's awkward and creepy after having spent a total of about 30 minutes in the same room of him at a crowded restaurant where he met most of that side of the family for literally the first time ever.

Stupid step family, you are nasty bitches.

No. 376714

File: 1550644055633.png (1.95 MB, 2034x964, b.png)


Okay, so I didn't know anything about the lore of her characters (still don't, tbh), but looking further I learned that she's actually a huge beatlefag, making a lot of obscure-ish Beatles' references in her art through the Macaroni band.

And it's also pretty clear that Macca is her favorite as well. Good taste.

Glad to know I wasn't only imagining things.

I guess because I used to draw '67~68 era Paul pretty similarly

No. 376799

i know you guys will hate me for this, but i just saw this and tbh it's is how i imagine 60% of you guys. i'm sorry girls, but this always looks so cheap and performative, and in the worst way – like a bad school play. i know lc is an offshoot of cgl but i just have never gotten the appeal of lolita. i love baroque fashion but unless you have the cash to have the finest fabrics, elegant design that's quality made (all of which make it seriously cumbersome), the quality (despite you guys obviously overpaying for these pieces) is very visible and it will always look hot topic-core, construction and quality wise. just because it's from glorious nippon and you paid $330 does not make it any less cheap and i'm pretty sure you guys are so obsessed with dressing yourself up as walking doilies that how cheap it looks slips past you

No. 376808

I'm a massive fujo and can only get off on kinky 2D anime gay porn. I don't care about 3D men at all and they don't turn me on the slightest. I fail to see why this is a problem, it's been very liberating for me to realize I can just stick with my husbandos instead of trying to please trash men. I also love seeing men in genuinely vulnerable positions and you never see that outside of BL. come at me farmers i'm ready

No. 376813

File: 1550670234341.jpeg (90.77 KB, 600x800, AB5B5592-713B-41B2-8D2D-35DEFA…)

You do you anon, as long it isn’t little boys getting raped

No. 376819

Same anon, im a total historical fashion fag but never have I gotten the appeal of "loulihtas" (majority of lolita amerifags ive heard on video say it like that as if its more ??? Japanese idk) nor do I find it fitting in most situations as its always an overuse of tacky prints, frills and volume to pad out an ugly outfit. Even when they toot their horn about "simple elegance" it is still just a mess of lace and bows? Lifestylers are the worst by far though, people into historical fashion who do it as a lifestyle thing tend to actually wear modern pieces in day to day life but have clear stylistic choices that tend to clue you in on where they lean.
Lolita however seems to be every bad trait that comes out of jfashion located in a singular style named after pedo media.
Also so many of them out of lolita still dress in really garish clothes, i love excessive fashion but i do not love shit that reminds me of 14yr autists at conventions with the whole yahoo auctions accessories and F21 basics get up. Whenever I see the /w threads I lowkey always suspect majority posters are different iterations of the cow they talk about considering they are (actively) in the same community of weirdos.

No. 376820

anon you replied to and oh yes, I find it pathetic too, but when all is said and done it's not really harming anyone and it makes me feel a lot better than trying to be with IRL men who make me miserable and who I couldn't satisfy. I'm not at all surprised at the dwindling birth rate in Japan when people have the option of just using dating sims instead of going through shitty relationships

No. 376828

File: 1550672590360.jpg (14.83 KB, 280x340, dreamy-shoes.jpg)

don't even get me started on the bad accessorizing! the fake pearl accented bows, the bows in general, the frills, the cheap lace, the gloves, it's an absolute eyesore, and it does not say 'whimsy' or 'elegance', ever. also kek @ 'historical' lolitas looking like frilly blueberries while wearing chocolate bar cotton/polyester prints. what really bothers me is that 99% of the actually cute dresses would look so much better in silk taffeta or some actually appropriate fabric, but nips have no taste or something, because the fabrics used are not justifiable for the look they're going for. seeing floppy cheap cotton not supported by, again, say, structurally sound fabric like taffeta, is suifuel. and the shoes, anon, for the love of god – the shoes. why god?? is it possible for shoes to look more tacky? is it possible to overspend and exert so much effort to look so bad? plenty of these lolitas have money, yet lolita is literally dressing like the 'poor man's idea of a rich man', or in this case, a poor woman's idea of a dolly princess.

No. 376839

THANK YOU, the fabric choices of most pieces are literally trash of the earth picks yet come from brands that charge 2-5k. I mean buying knock offs from Ebay really only means getting something that might not be sown as nice but alot of girls are fooling themselves if they think the fabrics are somehow better when the only real difference is that the brand one has a sliver of lining.
I understand why they feel the need to be skinny to wear it too when its 90% chunky elastic bands, nothing is tailored to actually fit their physique and with god as my witness the petticoats you can purchase from their sites do the outfits more harm than good. its clearly specifically designed to bulk out any drab circle cut cotton dress than to create nice shapes that suit that specific dress type. I need to stop sperging over this but you're not alone and I fully agree that its insane people spend several grand to look as absolutely tacky as possible from feet to bow covered head.
("Historical" lolitas are fundamentally a joke and its sad they even tried to co-opt lolita into any historical fashion to give the style more credibility)

No. 377009

File: 1550697362369.jpg (235.94 KB, 810x807, snout.jpg)

One day I'd love to have saved up like £10k, go to London and pretend to be rich for the day. I'd book one of those £1k+ a night suites, and then spend the day shopping at places such as Balenciaga and Gucci without much thought to how much I was spending, going to stupidly expensive salons and restaurants.
It's a pretty retarded dream, and I don't like the idea of burning £10k in a day, but I feel like it'd be fun

No. 377029

Today is the anniversary of the worst day of my life the past anniversaries never affected me but it sorta is today. I had to read where are you going where have you been for my English class and it made me sad disgusted scared etc. I don’t like talking about it obviously but I’m scared that the class discussion is gonna make me cry I hate being easily triggered lmao.

No. 377036

10k won't get you that much if you plan on properly shopping at places like that.

No. 377042

$1.50 per meter shiny polyester and dollar store nylon lace used for ‘elegant’ patterns. Fucking wrecks me.

No. 377070

File: 1550710135236.jpg (41.13 KB, 634x458, 4172E89F00000578-4608322-image…)

I feel you. I'm a pretty simple frugal person and I don't think I would want to have a ton of overpriced designer stuff even if I could afford it… but I still secretly want to have my own big iconic shopping spree like that Rodeo Drive scene in Pretty Woman.

No. 377096

piranha plant amiibo

No. 377119

I'm still obsessed with Hatsune Miku. I'm in my mid 20s, I've been like this since 2009. I really lost all interest in other anime and japanese media now besides her, vocaloid musicians, and the video games.
I rag on incels for having waifus yet I've never gotten over my obsession of her, when as a character she has little substance besides her design and voice. shes just so cute and her voice is the only good vocaloid besides gumi.

No. 377122

>her voice is the only good vocaloid besides gumi
wut? I love miku too but have you only heard the crypton vocaloids and gumi? there are so few good, non-oster project/mitchie M miku songs that don't make me think to myself "wow, this is a good song! too bad it's sung by miku instead of ia, one, gumi, mayu, luka, etc.!" her voice suits cute songs and that's about it.

No. 377125

soz, everyone else sounds the same and is boring af

No. 377143

Thinking about anime dick again

No. 377158

I too love Miku but I still like anime and like other vocaloids too. Was amazing seeing her in concert the years she came to where I live.

No. 377182

i am so fucking obsessed with ocarina of time and majoras mask speed runs. i watch them every day.

No. 377191

do you watch that twinky swede who runs majora's mask?

No. 377214

EnNopp112? i dont watch him, i mainly stick with zfg popesquidward and a few randos on youtube. i dont really branch out much lol

No. 377316

File: 1550754618309.png (180.97 KB, 545x866, ace.png)

The LGB… sorry, the QUEER community is a fucking mess lmao. Someone discovers they don't want to fuck everything that has a pulse and suddenly they're coming up with a fucking quinoasexual pride flag.

No. 377523

File: 1550790904534.gif (726.76 KB, 480x362, 7OXb.gif)

I just updated my Galaxy S9+ and now everything looks like shit

No. 377642

I feel your pain anon. What were they thinking??

No. 377712

It's a shame Shuwu stopped airing her laundry to the world and getting into Twitter feuds lately. Her threads used to be really fun.

No. 377713

Cuphead speedruns are best speedruns

No. 377716

lol none of these are even LGBT, they just want to pretend they're oppressed

No. 377724

Openings are usually 1:30min long, skipping to 01:30 is enough unless the episode doesn't start with the opening or you're watching One Piece.

No. 377731

I didn't expect a post to make me think so much but anon, you put my feelings into words. I wish I could leave my shit job asap but I don't want to leech off anyone. Unless you're born rich or have no pride, there is no way to escape from being a wagecuck.

>tfw I want to be a sci-fi writer living in the woods

No. 377736

File: 1550832132629.jpg (9.63 KB, 156x190, IMG_20181130_074012.jpg)

I love my cats, and I'm so glad I rescued them, but I can't wait for them to grow up. The oldest one has been fixed already but the young one is already peeing all over the house to claim his stuff and the vet asked me to wait for another month cause he's still too young.
God give me patience.

No. 377739

I'm surprised a rescue let you adopt an un-neutered kitten. Even the youngest ones are usually fixed.

No. 377744

They were 2 and 5 months old when I rescued them, vets in my country won't get them fixed until they are at least 9 months old because it may cause hormonal imbalance (or death in the case of female cats since it's a more complicated surgery). I had to sign a paper committing to fix them and pay it myself when they are old enough though.

No. 377779

Why does reddit always go on about anal, and why are there so many stories from women about how they tried anal and hated it/were hurt during and the comments are just full of ‘haha, same thing happened to me, use more lube :))))’ or ‘you need to give him anal, he deserves it’

Why are all the men on reddit so fucking gay for lady bungus

No. 377800

Do you think it would be a complete waste of money to get a tablet?

I want one, know I would use it and could buy one easily but it's not really anything I would objectively NEED so I'm conflicted.

No. 377801

I don't like anal and so many of my boyfriends have become obsessed with trying to have it with me.

My best friend actually loves anal. Most of the guys she dates lose all enthusiasm for it when they discover this.

There's only one conclusion I can draw from this.

No. 377804

this is horrible.. these straight guys who are into anal are either closeted gays or are into it for the egotistical "she's doing this extremely unpleasant thing she doesn't enjoy and would never do for the my dick!!" feeling

No. 377816

>I don't like anal and so many of my boyfriends have become obsessed with trying to have it with me.

Just say you’ll do it if they let you fuck their ass first, see how quickly their tail goes between their legs

No. 377844

You want it, have a use for it, and have the means to buy it. Go for it! Not every purchase has to be a 100% life or death need. I'm trying to unlearn this mentality myself, I have so much anxiety over money and hesitate to ever treat myself to anything fun but not "necessary".

I actually bought an iPad fairly recently. I do use it to take notes for uni, but I have a laptop and obviously good old pen and paper, so it's not like I 100% needed it, I just like having digital handwritten notes. It's a really fun thing to have. It's much nicer to lie in bed watching movies/TV or doing light browsing on my iPad than my clunky beast of a laptop. And I can do digital art on it too, which is nice. I would highly recommend biting the bullet and going for it, I don't think you'll regret it at all.

No. 377845

I don't understand this.
They literally have prostates. Anal sex for them, if done correctly, would actually feel good.

No. 377899

I once had a conversation with my ex about anal and I asked him what was so special about it. He said it's because the girl is letting the guy do something "forbidden and taboo" to her. It's more about getting the girl to submit to it than the actual physical feeling.

Then I asked why he still wanted to do something that was clearly uncomfortable and sometimes even painful for me (we had done it a couple of times and never found it pleasant at all). I couldn't get a clear answer from him.

The stuff people tell women who aren't into in anal is kinda fucked up. "Oh just use more lube, relax and go slow, you'll get used to it, you just need to practice". You almost never hear anyone say that you don't have to do it if you don't like it, instead they just give you more advice on how to just power through it. I doubt there are many guys who would be willing to do something during sex that required excessive amounts of persuasion, preparations, practice and "getting used to" and still felt uncomfortable or even painful to them.

I'm never letting any guy stick his dick in my ass again unless he's ready to get railed first. Haha just relax and breathe bro, you'll get used to it, just use more lube :)))

No. 377907


Thanks anon. I can relate. Though I haven't had a problem with using money on experiences like food or tickets but buying stuff is really stressful.

Usually I think of it as a virtue and being mindful of my money. Then I need something and just hover around it for days or weeks, like bitch, you are buying a frying pan, just take one!

No. 377913

>Then I asked why he still wanted to do something that was clearly uncomfortable and sometimes even painful for me (we had done it a couple of times and never found it pleasant at all). I couldn't get a clear answer from him.
At least my ex was honest, I guess. He said it was hot to see me struggle and in pain but power through it anyway.

No. 377929

>The stuff people tell women who aren't into in anal is kinda fucked up. "Oh just use more lube, relax and go slow, you'll get used to it, you just need to practice". You almost never hear anyone say that you don't have to do it if you don't like it, instead they just give you more advice on how to just power through it.

Its funny because its almost always porn stars, who literally already have to wear diapers so ofc it doesnt hurt anymore and is easy for them because they've already depleted their assholes to smithereens, sex "experts" and journalists, who literally get paid to shill shit, and men, most of who probably have bisexual tendencies that developed from porn addictions where they watched women(or men) get plowed by other men. So in other words, normal females have to comply to this bullshit now because society has normalized something extremely unnatural and dangerous. You want to fuck someone in the ass? Find a boyfriend. Women werent created for that shit.

No. 377933

Losing control over my bowels or bladder is one of my hugest fears holy fuck.
If a future bf begs for anal I'll just offer to shit on him tbh.

No. 377943

File: 1550871633398.png (44.38 KB, 240x240, TS002409.png)

A lot of it is because porn, but also my bf likes the idea of cumming in there because "no pregnancy hurr"
It's all pretty stupid honestly, and like this >>377816 anon mentioned if a dude pressures anyone here to do it, just tell him you have to do anal on him first. Usually they back off. What I like to do with my bf if I'm feeling especially mean is tell him he has to let me fist his butthole and tickle his intestines first. It's extreme I know, but it's shuts him up real quick.

No. 377955

eughh i'd never choose to be with a guy who was into anal. it automatically makes me lose respect for a guy, any guy who likes anal is pornsick and gets off on watching a girl in pain. it says a lot about a guy's character imo.

No. 378005

File: 1550886968076.png (88.64 KB, 363x475, 1546054016033.png)

I like anal, like physically not mentally. I choose to masturbate that way. Natal woman btw.

No. 378006

Soooo, personally, I didn't hate anal. Actually, it felt pretty good the few times I've had it. That being said, guys are waaaaay too obsessed with it. Like, completely off-turningly obsessed with it. Every dude I looked at sexually who was into it just turned into a disgusting, brute, primitive ape on the topic. Even if they start out saying things like "yes, no pressure, sex is all about having fun together and taking it easy, your boundaries are so important uwu" they end up being pushy about it. You just can't have normal sex without them being dissatisfied like annoying, entitled little manchildren. Even if the sex is great, it always needs to be escalated further somehow. That's why I actually never wanna do it again and don't care for it at all. Somehow, the guys I've been with were either bad sexual partners or complete freaks. I can die without ever doing it again and I'm not gonna date anyone like that again.

No. 378007

File: 1550887402718.jpg (15.3 KB, 360x316, w409n.jpg)

I've never done full anal penetration but I can only cum with a finger up my bum. Yes, I am a woman.

No. 378008

I like it every now and then, but the pushyness and lack of boundaries around it is so off putting. And why am I expected to put out while even suggesting butt stuff on them makes them physically recoil?
As much as I enjoyed it it just not worth the tears that will eventually lead to my asshole being permanently damaged, sorry that my literal fuckhole is apparently no longer good enough for men

No. 378010

I hate the anon posting crap videos in the kpop critical thread with just "Thoughts?" written under.

No. 378014

Thank you anon, now I have the mental image of spongebob putting his index finger into someone's butt

Exactly. At what point did the novelty of PUSSY and SEX wear off? I don't get it.

No. 378029

there's a lot of stans in there who are just looking for validation because kpop stans are that retarded

No. 378035

Agreed. I hate the ridiculous nitpicking.

No. 378128

when men started watching so much porn starting in their formative years that they can only get off to the most degenerate shit imaginable.

No. 378132

im not anti-man at all but i do agree with that. kids have access to all sorts of fucked up porn so they start to form the idea that an average lady would go for that. just recently there was that 16 year old aussie girl that now needs a colostomy bag because she and a group of people decided to imitate porn. p sad really.

No. 378145

yeah theres definitely some fans masquerading as antis in the thread and they're really obvious

especially the ones obsessed with bts

No. 378148

>girl that now needs a colostomy bag because she and a group of people decided to imitate porn

…what the fuck did they do to her?? wait, do i even want to know?

No. 378156

i have ideas but i really dont want to dig further. my daughter is only a few years younger than her, it really breaks my heart

No. 378187

Painal gang bang.

No. 378322

I'm not really much of a feminist but I like posting in the gendercrit and manhate threads because I do dislike males.

No. 378339

Why isn't people fucking rioting in the streets against the porn industries, they are responsible for making young men even worse and literally ruining young women's bodies. That poor girl.

No. 378412

Because first we need to riot over our coal sucking PM, our church sexual abuse and subsequent cover-up, the highway robbery of tax funding for schools, hospitals, and child protection services.

There’s a whole country going to shit and nobody is gonna riot because some girls parents failed her and she let 8 guys destroy her colon. Australia is literally dying, nobody can care about one girl who decided to spend a weekend being asa akira.

No. 378430

>one girl

If only it was merely one girl who had ever been harmed by the porn industry. Would still be too many though.
And I am talking about it as a general and worldwide issue.

No. 378500

Yeah I get that, but my point is that I’m Australia, where the girl is from, we have bigger issues than porn despite how harmful porn can be.

We’ve taken to the streets over climate change and things like the rape and murder of Jill Meaghr but at the end of the day, it’s hard to focus on porn when our oligarchy is marching is head on into destroying the entire planet.

No. 378514

Honestly, know what would be a pretty easy fix for majority of our climate change issues? If baby boomers weren’t allowed to run for pm or ministers, they don’t give a shit about anything other than lining their own pockets and they’re not gonna live long enough to deal with the consequences of their actions

All the oldies in government should retire already, it’s not their world anymore.

No. 378516

For sure. Australian politics has been an old boys Christian club for decades now and their disdain for everyone who isn’t them is so blatant it’s offensive.
These people literally demanded a man who lost an arm provide yearly proof that he was still unable to work as a mechanic because his arm was still missing. That’s not even touching the approximately 2,000 deaths related to the Centrelink fake debt crisis and their decision to harass their most vulnerable consumers. (Aged pensioners, severely mentally ill people, and people with disabilities)

The cronyism won’t end because we can’t vote them out fast enough and theirs too many old people voting for the liberals purely because that’s how they’ve always voted, even though the libs are fucking them just as hard as the rest of us.

Country is doomed either way. It’s popular as all hell to talk shit about the aboriginal people but they managed to live here for 50,000 years and do fine. 300 years after the first fleet and the entire place will be some mad max bullshit.

No. 378521

Labour isn’t much better in terms of the demographic of their party, it’s not at all representative of the country. But at least their policies give a semi shit about the state of our country

No. 378524

Labor’s fucked, greens have some dodgy shit going on. They’re all shitty and filled with money grubbing creeps who care more about getting another few million into their kids catholic school budget before upgrading decades old public hospitals.

The place is fucked. That’s why it’s so ridiculous for anon to think we should prioritise marching against porn. You gotta pick your battles and having a planet trumps porn.

If any politicians invested properly in public education and health education instead of circle jerking each other over how entitled they think millennials are, there’s be fewer 16 year old girls letting 8 guys fuck their rectum to shreds anyway.

No. 378525

I don’t think there’s any chance of anything being done about porn without more female representatives, nothing makes men get up in arms like their right to wack off to abuse.
One of the few countries I can think of that has actively banned it is Nepal, and that’s because they noticed an absurd rise in rape and domestic abuse in the decade of porn rising in consumption.

No. 378533

Eventually we will get to it, but the few women we have with any sort of power waste it doing retarded shit like swapping out pedestrian lights so the figure now has a skirt.

Instead of y’know, spending that money on getting women off Melbourne streets, now the pedestrian light is a lady not just vaguely human shaped. There’s no saving this place.

No. 378534

>now the pedestrian light is a lady

Not from Melbourne, but it was really weird when this happened. I didn’t see the pedestrian lights to neither male nor female, didn’t realise you have to wear a skirt to be female? It was such a dumbass public stunt that resulted in nothing other than people taking the piss out of it

No. 378538

It was a slap in the face to feminism here. Like here you go, girl power, you cross that street girlfriend! While aboriginal women are facing a family violence crisis, homeless women are risking their lives on the streets, and family violence rates are so high we can’t even sent CPS out on cases that aren’t imminent risk of death to the child.

No. 378556

File: 1550979137079.jpg (120.51 KB, 350x350, ithurts_2431.jpg)

Sorry if this belongs in GC I just thought it was too stupid to post there. Do any anons into /co/shit speculate that Gob might secretly be a tranny? He likes and retweets a lot of stuff about trans rights on his Twitter, and It Hurts! could be seen as his self insert becoming a tranny and Please Forgive Me living as his perfect waifu version of himself.

No. 378603

I would 100% believe it. Webcomics seem to be the most common medium trannies hide behind when they realize they can't even draw like their glorious nipps and make loli doujin or piss hentai or some shit.

No. 378638

I never realized that this could be a problem. When my family and I adopted our cat she immediately know she had to do her thing in the litter box. I feel bad for you, stay strong.

No. 378690

yes anon is possible that he is in fact a trans person, as >>378603 say trans people use art to "come out" and be "the true and honest" women they are "supposed to be", i'm so sorry but be prepared the comic may become extra tran focus

No. 378721

is whiskey highball a strong drink? i am a light drinker but id love to drink sth new every now an then

No. 378725

Its funny because that's exactly what this guy said when he wanted to try anal after I protested and I ended up getting HSV from him after that.

Having an std really open your eyes in the dating field. It's like people show their true colors when they realize they can't fuck you.

No. 378747

I have reason to believe that that meyoco art girl is here wking herself and generally sperging about… But she's a literally who so it doesn't really matter. All the thinly veiled self wking in the autists on youtube thread is sad.

No. 378770

File: 1551040104048.jpeg (366.2 KB, 1125x1839, E44A6956-4720-4195-9B56-38566E…)

I can’t get over the fact that this is obviously satire and they think it’s real

No. 378799

people just want to be outraged by stuff and have lost the ability to recognize jokes

No. 378809

I planned to make some peanut butter chicken with chicken I bought a day and a half ago.
When I opened it up, the chicken definitely smelled but I had spent so much fucking money on it and it wasn't even past the expiration date. I made it anyways, I just hope to god I don't get food poisoning and my stomach is tough enough to handle anything.
Food has gotten so expensive in my country but the quality keeps fucking slipping.

No. 378826

Next time just take it back and get a full refund instead of giving yourself salmonella jfc

No. 378839

Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Anyways if you cooked the chicken well enough I'm sure you'll be fine but I would suggest that you have some wine (or any alcohol but it has to at least be 10%) handy for that sort of situation to take with your meal.

No. 378847

File: 1551053032065.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, dd181a7c-33c7-47e4-bb6c-c4c5e6…)

Yeah I know it was retarded.
The closest grocery store to me is 30+ minutes away, it just didn't seem worth it to walk all the way there and back just to get more of their shitty chicken. I'll just avoid from buying meat there.
I definitely boiled and heat treated the hell out of it, but the worst bacteria just spores/cannot be killed through heat. I've eaten my fair share of expired/questionable meat and I've yet to have a problem, so here's hoping LOL
In case I do get sick or die, I'll make sure to come back so you guys can laugh in memory of me.

No. 378990

I want to find a Pokemon roleplay where you can be the mon but I don’t want to roleplay among literal children or do a PMD-E like thing on DeviantArt where DA roleplay groups use arbitrary stat systems I don’t care to learn about.

I’m not a fan of Miku specifically but I fucking miss that comfy 2008 era of Vocaloid with covers and spin offs of anything and everything. I don’t really like the music that gets produced nowadays, it’s mostly J-rock-ish and feels ‘too’ professional. I think I’m yearning for that doujin, home brew feel, it felt like anyone could be involved in Vocaloid but now you have to be a Super Serious(tm) producer to even make a blip. The fandom, or at least the Western English speaking parts feels like it’s dying and UTAU is similar: I lurk UTAforum and it’s the same old shit in discussions, the population is shrinking, everything’s already been done and the obsolete software is killing it even faster than V5’s (apparent) unpopularity. I hope SynthV saves our weeb asses.

No. 378992

File: 1551070535338.png (3.42 MB, 2400x2400, I3Vg6AC.png)

I've been really into Fjallraven Kankens and Hydro Flasks recently and I feel like the most basic of bitches. I just want things that are cute and will last me a long time.

No. 378993

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are coming out? I don't want to fork over money for extraction when I don't really need them (heard some dentists do this).

No. 378995

If you’re asking, I guess you can’t feel it. Just leave them alone?

My wisdom teeth came out in my early teens, they’re a little impacted but they never hurt and my jaws set comfortably so I’ve never had to do anything to them. Save yourself the pain and money and don’t forget to really reach in when you brush there.

No. 378997

File: 1551072616250.png (99.75 KB, 342x245, 1366833678396.png)

I picked up an illness somewhere between the night before yesterday and yesterday.
It bothers me that I can't really triangulate where it came from, because there's more than three possible variables. It wouldn't help to know, but it would just give my mind something concrete to hate on so I could keep occupied while I suffer through.

I met a new guy and we decided to hang at the bar on the night before yesterday. I remember getting a headache as we were about to leave, but I chalked it up to not eating anything all day and having a drink.
I took a painkiller and got some food into me, and I felt fine.
Could I have picked up a bug from the geriatrics at the pub?
Then I made out with the new guy. In the past I have gotten a cold from kissing new bfs, so did I catch a cold? My throat isn't sore though.
The next morning, he made me eggs for breakfast but they were undercooked with runny yolks. I asked if he could cover them and let them steam just so the slime white can cook at the top, but he insisted spooning some hot cooking oil over them was adequate. I was polite and ate them.
So is it food poisoning?
I don't remember feeling ill until I got home and settled in a few hours later.

I have a fever, and body aches and pains. Some stabbing pain particularly on my left side every now and then. Green diarrhea. Dizziness, lethargy, but unable to sleep due to discomfort.
No snot, mucus, or vomit. Yet.

It sucks because I start a new job literally in a few days, and ofc I get sick. What a feckin state.

No. 379008

Gonna say food poisoning in combination with already being run down. Direct your anger towards his undercooked eggs, and rest up for the next few days and you should be fine.

No. 379069

File: 1551087368314.jpg (50.72 KB, 250x343, yikes.jpg)

No. 379075

File: 1551089414248.gif (1.26 MB, 244x244, ghouls.gif)

I recently got into Fallout properly and now I can't stop thinking about how much I want a cute ghoul bf

No. 379084

a girl from my class approached me omw to uni and we had a little chat and everything was fine and I sat next to her for the class and th3n just upped and left after it ended bc she was talking to her friends sat on the other side of her.
am i a legitimate autist?

No. 379087

additionally, how did she know that I'm in her class, we don't share practicals or seminars or anything besides the lectures (checked) and our class is like 90 students and I always sit at the back. I dress very normie-core too, do I just look that weird??

No. 379102

You’re approaching the autism event horizon.

No. 379103

I’ve shat (shitted?) 3 times already and just got up from the 4th time where it was liquid dribble down my ass cheeks this is no fun.

No. 379105

It's actually just "shit"

No. 379135

Thanks learning everyday
I’m in a great mood now I think I’m out of the woods.

No. 379189

Yeah it was definitely the eggs.
My fever is gone and body ache is going away gradually. I still have the runs and I'm sure my gut biome will be messed up for days to come.

No. 379194

Did rotten chicken anon pass off her bad juju onto you? Rough luck

No. 379205

i had to miss work friday because i had a horrible rash all over and didn't want to chance it being contagious, now i missed it today cause my lower back is fucked up. i can't sit up straight or anything without tons of pain. i just want to feel better!!!

No. 379209

I followed a guy I know irl on twitter because I found his account out of nowhere. It was out of curiosity at first because he kind of pisses me off sometimes and I think he never guessed it was me all along because recently he followed me back. I don't know if I should tell him because I don't think he particularly wants anyone he knows irl to follow his twitter, since he often tends to post tmi.

No. 379216

I'm watching Kingdom on Netflix right now and really fucking enjoying it. I passed it up a few times because I thought it was one of those shitty Chinese Kung Fu movies until they changed the thumbnail.

No. 379243

be decent and softblock him

No. 379268

phil collins drum fill but it's fart noises

No. 379319

This is what it sounds like every time I've had burritos

Then I can REALLY feel it in the air tonight

Oh Lord

No. 379337

It's kind of cringey to say, but at 24 I'm finally having the college experience I always dream of. This weekend i went out twice, hung out with a ton of people, and I even volunteered for a couple of hours on Sunday despite having a terrible hangover. I can't believe a couple of years ago I thought I was crying over being too defective to have friends. You never know what you can do as long as you keep on trying.

No. 379400

File: 1551141631819.png (508.48 KB, 544x912, bulge.PNG)

Mr.X can get it

No. 379403

walk around the dumbass shit thread
fuck all life

No. 379437

How do I stop being a weenie and learn to enjoy roller coasters? I try and go in them but I pussy out and have to get out of line. I’m 23 and have only been on 3 coasters.

No. 379439

That’s great, anon. I’m 27 with pretty bad social anxiety and been lately trying to put myself out there more. Keep up the good work.

No. 379440

Just remember that the ride only lasts about 30 seconds-1 minute or less. And that you can hold on tight and close your eyes if you need to. And I always have fun seeing the kids in line. The ones that are really excited and jumping up and down. If they can ride a roller coaster and have fun, so can you!

No. 379441

You just have to remind yourself that it’s only a ride and nothing bad is going to happen. Of course there are freak accidents every now and then, but you can die from pretty much anything in life. It’s dumb to miss out on fun stuff because you’re afraid of something nearly impossible happening.

No. 379444

I've been really stressed lately, and everything has been upsetting me, including my cat. I love her, but she can be really needy, and I constantly need to buy things for her, like special food and shit. It's gotten to the point where I was considering giving her away. I just had a dream last night that I did just that. I was giving her to some weird family I didn't even know, and at the last second I started crying and changed my mind and wanted her back. I woke up feeling glad that I still have her. I know if I gave her away I would feel awful forever. She's lying on my bed right now, and she did her little sighing thing, which I just learned means that she is actually very happy and content. I feel awful for even thinking of giving her away. Time to go give her some kisses!

No. 379446

legit rollercoasters at legit theme parks are impossible to fall out from. as long as you have all your limbs and are not morbidly obese, you're safe.

No. 379450

This man is the most stereotypical boomer in existence. Youtube needs to stop recommending his videos to me.

No. 379452

how fucking insufferable.

No. 379453

I saw his videos a few years ago and it looks like not much has changed about him.
>introduces video with his own shitty example of cooking
>REEEEEs at ingredients and presentation as if convenience and packaged foods were ever known for better
Sometimes he defends absolute garbage products though, as long as it tickles his nostalgia boner just right. It's funny how he's an obese fuck who videos these trash foods implying he eats this stuff all the time while getting so upset in some cases, as if he's above any of it.

No. 379458

His Marie Calendar videos are a hit or miss. I got one of the meals based on his video saying it was tasty and it was like 90% salty gravy

No. 379463

File: 1551152720533.gif (315.44 KB, 200x148, 200w.gif)

I like anonymously fucking with "trad/alt-right" women and men on tumblr.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but they're even more pathetic than the anons actually on 4chan. How can you seriously run an alt-right pandering tumblr of all things? Isn't having a tumblr kind of going against the whole anonymity thing?
It's just so fucking weird that they're trying to build clout and flex on "sjws" while posting ~aesthetic~ tumblr pictures.
Maybe I'm just an old fuck, but I just can't take these kids seriously and feel like they're just trying to be edgy. I wonder how many of them will put on a new identity after they grow up a little bit lol

No. 379486

why are there alt right men on tumblr????

No. 379487

File: 1551160035269.gif (891.39 KB, 320x240, zVoanHB.gif)

No matter how bored and lonely I get, I still can't force myself to take the plunge and download a fast dating/hookup app like tinder.
It feels like a meat market to me and inherently dirty. I know nobody in their right mind expects anything serious to come of those things but it still skeeves me out to think I'd be nothing but a face, warm hole and a quirky message to these starved men.

Slightly related: This guy I've known for a few years due to being a friend of my ex has been trying to woo me recently. I'm not sure how I feel about him in return. I told him I wasn't feeling well today and he decided to send me "funny" screencaps of horrid looking tranny profiles from tinder to try to make me feel better? Adding that the caps were "locally sourced" meaning he took them. I don't know what to be more disgusted by; that he was looking at trannies or that he was on tinder yet switched to going after me when I became available.

No. 379502

File: 1551163556447.png (198.61 KB, 464x458, Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 01.4…)

If you press that vertical "…" icon you can tell YT that you don't fuck with that content and it will stop recommending that shit. If you use the "tell us why" feature that comes up after, you can straight up blacklist the channel the video belongs to as well.

No. 379514

This is like a parody lmao I feel like I'm watching nat geo

No. 379628

X doesn't GET, he GIVES

No. 379638

This reminded me of brutalmoose's hungry man review, except moose is actually entertaining.

No. 379682

I am sad about the state of /pt and /snow (as well as /w probably, but I don't check those threads that often). All my fave cows' milk has pretty much dried up, even onion is so boring recently (don't take me wrong, I am so glad his end is near and he cannot groom another B into his ~trinity~, but I still do miss the milk). New cows are not being added to the farms and the boards seem dead for that reason. At least kiwi has a lot of cows to choose from, both classic and fresh, and you can also find pretty lively offtopic threads.
Too bad I don't enjoy the userbase and namefagging.
I wish lolcow was bigger, so many interesting topics just die because there are not enough interested anons. This sucks.

No. 379683

File: 1551203407324.jpg (21.35 KB, 680x704, f19.jpg)

No. 379687

File: 1551204232697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 870.8 KB, 1145x859, degeneracy.jpg)

my collection.
i am not a camgirl, just incredibly single.

No. 379696


what's the total cost here

No. 379698

well over a thousand dollars, but i don't know exactly. i try not to think about it.

No. 379700


How is a male supposed to compete with this?

No. 379715

File: 1551206998942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.51 KB, 823x934, image-2.jpg)

lord almighty

No. 379736

Gross. Go post this shit in the dildo thread in /g/, no one wants to see that shit.

No. 379750

File: 1551209212762.jpg (70.65 KB, 801x707, puffin.jpg)

I don't have a collection as extensive as yours. Just a magic bullet, and a rabbit tickler dildo that I don't really use.
But I'm really jelly of that coordless hitachi wand. All the quality ones I've seen are $100+ and I'm too afraid to order a cheap one online because of all the bad reviews of people getting bogus ones.

The hottest thing someone ever did to me was tie me down and force me to orgasm with that thing. Never had a more powerful orgasm since, it was one of those ones where your entire top half and face turns red. I wish I woulda stole it.

No. 379891

Ah yes finally, an anon that fucking get it

No. 379914

I never understood the point of buttplugs and why do you need so many different ones?

No. 379918

File: 1551218250340.png (112.04 KB, 500x960, ac0ad24d844df708b4c21b0e2c2e5f…)

I am forever triggered that Whismur has the ugliest evolutions ever.

No. 379926

Thank you for this, anon. I don't feel alone anymore now.

No. 379936

>why do you need so many different ones
i dont "need" any of them, but they're all unique. some are squishy, some vibrate. variety is the spice of life.

No. 379945

How are you fellow ladies?
A man's alive for a start, try thinking of people as more than walking sex organs, it might help

No. 379949

men moan and cum

No. 379959

They also have a few more bodyparts…

No. 379974


No. 379989

what doth man?

No. 379998

Why would you share any of this? Like, what happened the day you decided “yeah let’s photograph everything I put in my ass and show strangers”?

What’s the motivation behind letting people know this?

No. 379999

She's asserting dominance anon, you are just jealous of her collection

No. 380001

just wait til that one anon posts her bag of oranges

No. 380008

my only regret is that it attracted a scrote to this thread

No. 380024

doublepost, but honestly i wanted to potentially inspire some of you to branch out and maybe buy yourself a fun new toy.
there's so many beautiful and high quality toys out there for women. if my absurd collection causes even one of you to go tantus and treat yourself, i would be filled with joy

No. 380043

Well, enjoy shitting yourself when your asshole gives up on you I guess

No. 380047

you came here to shill your degeneracy instead of /g/ or cc or /lgbt/?

No. 380109

File: 1551240174036.png (289 KB, 719x607, the mug tax.png)

I can't believe the Mugman mask is more than the Cuphead mask! This is the mug tax.

No. 380128

You sound so weird. This is the caliber of female that is into anal play, always. This is how everyone sees you "but I love anal!" anons, even when you're literally not this bad, this is how everyone sees you guys. Why you'd want to fuck with your ability to shit properly for "spice", I don't know. Analfags need to seek help.

No. 380133

The masks look weird

No. 380144

are you okay? do you want to fuck mugman? you've posted about him in multiple threads now.

No. 380145

I want to be Mugman

No. 380146

I have to say, I like that anon. She seems so earnestly but innocently into Mugman.

No. 380186

I’d rather die than stick things in my ass but thanks for the “inspiration”.
Maybe next time save photos of things you’ve taken out of your rectum for somewhere else tho?

No. 380189

CARDINAL PELL IS GOING TO PRISON! Filthy rock spider, it’s about time he was got what was coming.
Absolute embarrassment for Australia that there’s people defending this monster.

No. 380190

We should be able to stone pedophiles. Prison is too kind of a sentence.

No. 380192

This is such a chan board type thing to wake up to, I love you bitches.

If he goes in some kind of general population he will get treated as he deserves for being a paedo. Apparently he snowed no emotion through the course case so he's probably a psychopath.

No. 380194

He’ll be going into protective cause he’s old and a pedophile.
If they don’t seek out chemical/mechanical castration the same day they pop a boner over a kid they should be put down.

Protective custody and solitary for sure. He’s old af, and they won’t let their precious catholic man get what he deserves.

I can’t imagine waking up and seeing a strangers ass toys without asking to. That’s an exposure that should at least wait until after lunch.

No. 380196

File: 1551254207858.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.22 KB, 1125x814, 6053DC6F-3898-4244-977C-817D23…)

These bitches need Jesus.

No. 380200

I thought I just had very yellow looking skin but it turns out I was anemic! I was actually suppose to be beige all along.

No. 380216

I know everyone is different but my first reaction was that it was a huge amount of anal toys compared to clit /g spot vibes for a woman's collection.
…Jonathan Yaniv, is that yours?

No. 380217

File: 1551260015743.jpeg (25.96 KB, 500x349, 8A365D4C-2284-46A7-8269-DD7354…)

Inspirational legend.

No. 380270

File: 1551277916211.jpg (57.27 KB, 654x654, 35329229_183099135730184_19107…)

No. 380277

never expected to see my university on lolcow kek

No. 380283

without the context i would have mistaken this picture as a weird age difference gay couple

No. 380289

weirdly large amounts of sexual tension

No. 380327

I wish a hot guy in a suit would look at me like that.

No. 380330


No. 380332

>hot guy
Isn't that JP lol?

No. 380333

File: 1551290029700.jpg (70.11 KB, 640x524, qPP1GCSK6TRZsg4KQ_T4wjZFojXi2i…)

jordan b peterson and one of his functionally retarded chantard right wing worshippers

i really hope you're commenting on how faggy jbp acts and appears and aren't calling him hot in any way

No. 380351

What if Peterson was gay and started fucking Ben Shapiro the twink. That would be so hot.

No. 380370

now you're onto something here..
maybe that's why jbp is so christian kek, just praying the gay away

No. 380393

File: 1551299709432.jpg (80.94 KB, 834x1196, neomarxism.jpg)


No. 380394

I suffer from hirsutism, I did since I was a child, I would complain to my mom that my legs were so hairy and she would reply that that's simply how I was and there s nothing I could do about it. I remember having a high sexual drive as a child before even having my period, I was also obsessed with meat, I would eat it at breakfast lunch and dinner if I could and I often did. As I grew up, my hirsutism got worse too, slowly but surely it seemed as if the hair just keeps on spreading. I used to often have daydreams about going to the doctor but I would feel ashamed to show myself cause I believed that normal girls simply did not have body hair and that I was some kind of monster, maybe one of those people who were actually boys but with female genitalia…. all my life I suffered from an unexplainable anxiety and fear from change the futur the pressure of school, ( I d throw every morning except at the weekend and this is at primary school). My period did come atat an early age of 11 and increased this anxiety ten folds and added depression to it. My periods were regular though.
In September 2017 I have decided to go vegetarian as I have read that it can help, I wasn t sure if my abundant meat eating is what brought this to me and I had a feeling that it was already too late but I decided to do something.
In late 2018 I finally went to an endocrinologist and did an echo on my uterus, I did not have PCOS, my testosterone levels are normal ( but I know that this is die to my diet) , I bared myself to her I told her that my body is covered with hair that gets darker and longer there is not a single inch of my body that doesn t have hair in it, and the fact that I don t have a beard doesn t mean that I m not sick, but she didn't listen, she said what my mom told me as I cried and I was crying to my mom then, and that s just how I am.

No. 380398

No. 380401

I’m tearing up at school like a stupid nerd wishing for a sweet lesbian romance. Not to be lame but I wish we had more tender lesbian love songs like magnet I want a love like that

No. 380405

I'm so sorry anon, that sounds really hard to deal with as a woman. Maybe one day you can get laser hair removal.

No. 380453

Doctors just cannot be bothered to help anyone these days

>obvious problem

>"can't see anything sorry"

Just know that it doesn't matter in the long run, if you are otherwise healthy it's fine. Hopefully you can find a more useful doctor in future.

No. 380464

Is there a thread on lolcow where I can test out features before posting them? ie. Say I wanted to make sure I'm doing a spoiler right, then I go to this thread and type out [ spoiler ] hello [ \spoiler ] and see if it gets spoilered out.

I swear there used to be such a thread, but I can't find it anymore.

No. 380474

Look in /meta/

No. 380494

Every time people write TIM and TIF I read them as nicknames for Timothy and Tiffany

No. 380495

I was reading some threads from 3 years ago and Jesus christ. I thought it was nitpicky and full of spergy fighting now, but it was far worse back then. One thread was purely calling a girl hideous and going on about how only whites are attractive. No discussion of her actions at all.
Glad lolcow is how it is today.
>inb4 newfag
Would ratherbe a newfriend than one of those anons tbh.

No. 380499

ily anon

I've been here for almost 2 years and its better now tbh

No. 380519

Idk anything about /pt/ and the like since I have zero interest in social media nobodies but I feel like /b//ot/ has definitely gotten worse.

No. 380522

I didn't browse /ot/ at all until maybe a year ago. It was genuinely petty and vicious just for the sake of being petty and viscous. I might be mis-remembering but was it not modded properly back then?

In what ways?

No. 380524

>In what ways?
Generals galore and the transgender threads have truly gone off the deep end.

>I didn't browse /ot/ at all until maybe a year ago.

That explains why you haven't noticed anything. This board went to shit long before a year ago.

No. 380587

I was wondering if I should specify. Maybe not entirely as old. But I like the suit and pose. I've been avoiding dating for a long time now. I guess I'm a bit sexually frustrated. But actually, even a dude looking like that could get it.
I actually don't know Jordan Peterson. I've seen the name a lot and that he's sorta controversial. That's all. Maybe I could stare deeply into his eyes, lay a finger on his lips and say "sshhhh" before he bursts my bubble of ignorant bliss.
Sorry for my thirst, anons. I'm gonna reconsider dating in the future.

No. 380601

You must feel very alienated and rejected by the people you turned to for help (because they don't realise you wanna know about your condition and options instead of just living with it and just accepting it). I completely understand. I love you and you're not a monster. Never! I hope you find all the support and happiness you need and that you feel less lonely.

No. 381448

ive read every variation of the phrase "is this the hill you want to die on?" at least 25-30 times in one single thread on KF but ive also read them condemning other sites for being an echochamber circlejerk

Its giving me flashbacks of "Vendetta?" and "Nonnie" x20 in single threads on cgl and lcf

we're all gonna die on this hill, nonnies

No. 381452

just wanted to say i relate to this post and that your thirst is valid

No. 381542

I used to not be a huge fan of sushi but for some reason now I crave it pretty much every day. I went to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet today with my mom and I already want to go again.

No. 381574

I'm surprised Rocky Horror isn't more popular with Tumblr kiddies.

No. 381584

Very easy explanation: Frank N. Furter is a bisexual man who enjoys makeup and womens clothing. According to tumblr that would mean that he's actually a brave and stunning transwoman - but he isn't and therefore they don't like it.

No. 381598

It actually kinda was back in the day at least on my dashboard in around 2010/2011. It was so weird because I didn't follow LGBT/sjw related blogs - but did follow creepy/horrorand those 10k/100k notes blogs so it must've been from them?

No. 381813

The PK thread?
I’m sick of them going soft over every person running from Glip’s side to the forums and letting it slide when those people inevitably don’t understand site culture. I came here for milk from the lolcow, not this fucking soy juice alternative. Glip herself isn’t even interesting anymore and Eevee’s art isn’t remotely good beyond its surface appeal despite kiwis beginning to circle jerk it.

No. 381855

Word. I've been here since the male admin (Shoe's friend) and it wasn't far from 4chan/8chan for levels of shitposting and lack of modding. Farmers saying Lolcow is full of shitposting nowadays obviously haven't been here for long.

No. 381865

File: 1551453764813.jpg (15.71 KB, 300x450, 4ae310bee93f6579b703564687a851…)

what apps do these smoking hot anime babes (belle delphine, various skin walkers) use?

for research purposes, of course.

No. 381866

to clarify:
editing apps

No. 381871

snow i think

No. 382009

File: 1551473639109.png (24.7 KB, 320x240, story_cavestory48.png)

Listening to old music that I haven't heard in years always makes me nostalgic and a bit somber.
It's so interesting how your brain keeps those memories and feelings "in the dark" until they need to be brought out. I wonder how much of the information we receive is truly forgotten and what just needs to be triggered.

No. 382153

has lolcow ever had a "write a letter to someone who will never read it" type thread? i remember reading those a lot on /adv/ before the initial contagion leak of robots. i really like reading them.

No. 382173

i think the vent thread has a few posts like this, but a separate topic would be cool

No. 382194

I really like EOS chapsticks, though I know for many people they aren't that great they keep my lips pretty good feeling. The problem is that my cats LOVE to smack them around and I have lost so many.

Why do you little bitches want me to have chapped lips so bad?

No. 382202

File: 1551496713050.jpg (28.24 KB, 350x355, 81VC5H67DLL._SY355_.jpg)

I would appreciate some instant ramen recommendations. I always get either pic related or sapporo ichiban but I want to try something new

No. 382206

namja ramyun

No. 382207

File: 1551497879403.jpg (291.13 KB, 1261x989, 81ig2HMh47L._SL1261_.jpg)

I know spicy ramen is a bit of a meme, but these cheese Samyang noodles are pretty dang good. The spice and cheese powder packets come separately, so you can adjust the levels accordingly.
When I really want to glut myself I fry up some garlic and toss that in, and top it with extra shredded white cheese.

No. 382215

I have a weak baby mouth I inherited from my father's side, so I can't eat spicy things that are capsaicin, as opposed to things like wasabi and horseradish. That said, I love some of the chajajang styles and this crazy horseradish soba that I can't find an image of.

No. 382218

File: 1551499164638.jpg (768.27 KB, 1996x2560, 910i2 yFdGL[1].jpg)

not ramen, but this stuff is the shit. my boyfriend and i eat this like every few days. add a squirty of kewpie mayo and some cabbage and a slice or two of bacon and you got yourself a filling meal.

No. 382240

File: 1551506236050.jpg (40.08 KB, 460x460, 999999-89686170726.jpg)

im a big fan of these and anything with oil/veggie packets.

No. 382248

I just adopted my first cat. I originally put him in the bathroom with his litter and food and stuff, but he was so calm I let him out to the rest of my apartment which is pretty small anyway. He ate dinner, drank, and played with a teaser for a bit and now he's asleep on the chair next to me. He hasn't gone to the litterbox at all yet which has me a bit concerned. I put him in the box and I'm using the same litter as he had at the shelter so I'm assuming he knows what it is. I just figured he'd want to go after dinner but it's been hours and he's just snoozing. Should I be concerned or just let him do his thing? I'm a nervous parent I guess.

No. 382249

Playing with the cat around the litter and showing him with your own hand how you can dig into the litter and stuff can help.

No. 382253

I'm sure he's fine, it sounds like he's happy and relaxed. He just hasn't had the need to go yet. Congrats on your new cat and good job for adopting instead of buying from a breeder!

No. 382265

I dug around in it with his paws but he was thoroughly unimpressed.

Thanks. He seems pretty content but I'm super paranoid because it's my first cat so I don't know what to expect. I was told he would probably hide for days and be super scared but he's acting like he's lived here his whole life.

No. 382274

How old is he, anon? Young cats, specially younger than 2 months, need a little help. Wipe his ass with some damp toilet paper or towel(moistened in lukewarm water) while he's in the litter.

No. 382277

He's not a kitten, the shelter told me he was about 3 years old. He's definitely an adult cat. He's just been sort of wandering my apartment then coming back to lie on the sofa. I took the hood off the box (I read some cats don't like it and he's kind of chunky so I was worried he didn't fit) and dug around in the box while he watched. He just kinda sat there then rolled over for pets.

It's 4am and I haven't slept because I'm worried about him but he seems totally fine.

No. 382315

if he knows how to use a litterbox, don't worry, he'll use it. It's their instinct, they're clean creatures. I've fostered a lot of kittens and most of them would go to the litterbox on their first pee even though it was their first time seeing litter.
Go to sleep because you're probably stressing him out by keeping an eye on him constantly lol. Relax, let him settle

No. 382414

This is the best instant ramen, so good with a fried egg on top.

No. 382424

>tfw you're slowly converting your SO and family members to gender critical feminism by capitalizing on their disgust at trannies to introduce other points
Feels good.

No. 382440

Man I wish. my mother has an lgbt fetish in general so she'd never agree with gender crit stuff. She fetishizes gay people and lesbians as well as troons. it's one of the reasons I don't want to come out to her. She already thinks i'm gay and I know she's never let me live it down.

No. 382470

I would definitely attempt to make little comments about how the troon train is basically homophobic in itself around your mom. Most troons end up transitioning because they like things that are gender stereotypes to the opposite sex and a lot of them are gay and in denial. Majority of them grew up in conservative homes/neighborhoods.
I'm glad my family and SO are already aware how all troons are insane and have other bigger issues they don't want to address.

No. 382534

every time a troon does or says something wrong in the news, which is often, i make sure i casually let my friends know about it. i just slip it in "have you heard about…"

No. 382535

Me again…I left him alone to sleep for a few hours. Got up to feed him and was in the process of burying his shit finally.

Also, any tips on getting him to scratch things that aren't carpet? My landlord was pretty adamant that if he saw any damage to the carpet the cat has to go. I got him corrugated cardboard and a sisal post and put catnip and his paws on them like Google says but he doesn't seem to care and prefers the carpet (luckily his nails are cut). Should I try a carpet post instead?

No. 382549

does your cat prefer a particular spot of carpet to scratch, anon? i got my cat to stop scratching particular bits of carpet and use the scratching post by spraying the spots of carpet she liked with bio washing powder and then scrubbing it with spirits to clean it of her scent so she stopped seeing it as "her spot"

No. 382626

That's a good idea. My dad is the kind of dickhead who thinks women have all the rights we need and now just want special treatment, but at least I did catch him watching a youtube video on how trannies are invading women's spaces. I know he'd lose his shit at the idea of my sister or I sharing a bathroom with a middle aged man in a dress.

No. 382660

brutalmoose is goat and funny

He should be more popular tbh

No. 382691

Clean the carpet and then lightly spritz woth a citrusy room spray. Get some free carpet samples from a home store and lay them down in your cats favourtie scratching spots. You can gradually move them into a more convenient spot over time.

No. 382799

>girl is picky for dumb social experiment

Her standards seem to be at least 5'11, not younger than her, doesn't want kids any time soon, and not a foot fetishist. This video is so annoying. It's obvious that the superficial standards aren't the only thing someone goes off of anyway, they want to narrow their dating pool to their "type" and then within that pool find someone with a good personality.

No. 382800

File: 1551605600261.jpeg (10.45 KB, 275x153, 1522539492595.jpeg)

I just ordered weed from the government wtf
Never thought I would see this day

No. 382814

i'm kind of excited for hellweek. i remember the previous ones.

No. 382818

File: 1551614179570.jpg (138.98 KB, 1080x1080, 1993cb1.jpg)

Would taking iron supps be dangerous or anything if I'm not sure if I have anemia? I had it in the past but the doctor never mentioned it ever again so I assume it went away?
I still have symptoms that fit but they could also be caused by depression. The doctor doesn't want to me to take blood tests since "there's no reason to" and the last blood test was 2-3 years ago.

Basically I just want to make sure my retarded ass doesn't poison myself

No. 382832

You’d have to take a huge amount to even begin to reach unhealthy levels, and I’d looking into getting a new doctor if they’re refusing you blood tests

No. 382882

File: 1551626853434.jpg (34.26 KB, 624x420, 420.jpg)

After hearing my weed dealer say he can make 1000 bucks in two days, even though it's a small dead town, kind of makes me want to grow and deal some weed myself.
I'd just be kind of scared since our shit police likes to run after people for such small crimes when there's actual mobsters hurting people and getting away with it, and I wouldn't know how to get started and get clients, but for someone in desperate need of money in this jobless shithole it's obvious that the idea sounds appealing. I just want the money to leave, dammit.

No. 382885

I'm pretty sure it's basically impossible to have 'too much' iron unless you literally swallow an entire bottle of pills, the body is really good at only keeping the iron it needs and discarding the rest IIRC. I'd say it's worth a shot, especially since anemia is so common with women anyway.

No. 382917

Thanks anons!

No. 382993

File: 1551639752185.jpg (384.27 KB, 2048x2048, D0hLreZVAAAEbZv.jpg)

this thread pisses me off. she even said she was just calling herself goth for fun, but the comments are filled with bitter people acting like they're the authority on what 'goth' even means.
it's like women can't do any damn thing

No. 382995

Wasn't it another woman who made the popular tweet criticizing her though?

No. 383001

women can be rude and petty like men too

No. 383007

As a human, sssniperwolf is trash, but I love looking at her and for some reason can't help but route for her.

Also, yeah people who make a big deal of being the authority on goth are so fucking annoying.

No. 383067

I agree it's very annoying when girls do the whole "i'm a big tiddy goth gf" thing when they're just hopping on the bandwagon were never goth or even appreciative of alternative fashion/music/culture, but honestly, this girl is way, way too attractive for me to be mad at her for this. She's not hurting anybody.
What do men even want? It's like they never stop reaching for reasons to bitch at or about women who wouldn't even blink twice at them.

No. 383081

I agree it's not goth, looks like someone who chose to wear a black outfit with fishnets today. I can totally see the backpedal about calling herself 'goth' in a "joke" way but had secretly hoped people would have gone along with it.

Is it a big deal? Fuck no. It just pisses alt people off to see an attractive normie jack their labels. They're like little high schoolers getting mad at the lunch table.

No. 383111

Wtf why is her being attractive the reason why you can't get mad at her for it or whatever? Jfc she's a terrible person that is terrible to other women. Who cares? Idc about the goth thing but her surgery and being attractive whatever definitely aren't what plays into me not thinking it's a big deal. She really is shitty though

No. 383141

I don't know anything about her, I've never paid attention to her and I just thought "Oh, cute girl wearing fishnets and black outfit".
It sucks if she really is an awful human being, but I don't make a habit of watching Twitch streamers.

No. 383174

I remember taking these up but forgot to contact the one I got matched up with and the contact thingy expired.

No. 383225

File: 1551712478015.jpg (111.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Does anyone f else ship Meghan Murphy and Benjamin Boyce

No. 383239

No. 383241

Centrist Youtuber who interviews people both in the right and left
he's done about 7 Interviews Meghan Murphy and theirs this weird sexual between the two

No. 383244

why you keep posting this? are you okay anon?

No. 383251

keep posting what ?

No. 383255

A lot of musicians I like were ruined for me by their edgy fan bases, I cannot listen to their music anymore because I have flasbacks of their edgy fans.

The internet is a great invention but I feel like it has done more bad than good. It's just a more definitive proof of how shitty people are, creating toxic communities online just to powertrip themselves and their weak egos.

No. 383275

Please don't let stupid fans stop you from enjoying what you like. If I let fanbases' bad reputations determine what I like I wouldn't like anything. My pro tip is to just remove yourself from the fandom and focus on the artist. There are plenty people, games, books etc. that I like, yet I don't know anything about the fandoms associated with them. And I just happily enjoy them.

No. 383301

I’ve got dark moles near my hairline that have definitely grown. It hasn’t been a dramatic evolution in like, months but they’ve easily doubled or even tripled over time. Guess I’ve gotta see a seem again, ugh.

No. 383320

its ok, you can just say Death Grips

No. 383404

File: 1551747802483.jpeg (288.25 KB, 664x354, 9C8AE5D3-2E03-477A-BBE4-609893…)

No. 383453

File: 1551759447486.jpg (75.59 KB, 406x408, don't_call_anybody.jpg)

>blue arms
not this shit again. how many gamestop employees must fall before they learn their lesson?

No. 383454

I'm nearly 30 and still have constant fantasies that include self inserting into anime/video games or making OCs specifically for those universes. I still obsess over my "husbandos" and a lot of the time it's what keeps me in a good mood. It's like constant escapism, and while I'm not necessarily unhappy that I'm like this, I feel weird about it because of my age.
It would be nice to talk about these types of things with other like-minded people that aren't a decade younger than me.

No. 383460

have you tried /r/waifuism or /mai/ on 8ch?

No. 383468

File: 1551766101502.jpeg (83.94 KB, 719x640, memesludge.jpeg)

Is gay alien skull a good band name?

No. 383469

I'd listen to it…

No. 383471

File: 1551768464739.jpg (37 KB, 480x424, large.jpg)

You can talk to me anon! I'm 29 and I'm the same way. I've decided to just accept it because this is who I am and if I haven't grown up yet I'm never going to.

No. 383478

lmfao I'm the same anon, I'm 29, still make a ton of OCs and dream up scenarios for them. I go to work and have a good career and am socially adjusted otherwise, but this is something I've never given up because it really makes me happy. I've sort of learnt to accept that it's probably never going to leave me. It doesn't bother my life so idek what's so bad about it.

No. 383489

sounds overtly edgy and not the type of edgy that stands out but one in a million edgy band names
just use a bible and pick some random cool sounding words

No. 383492

this is retarded but i hate when artists start posting selfies of themselves on what was previously an art-only account.

Occasionally it's interesting because their art looks like them but when they start posting selfies a lot it kinda ruins it for me

totally irrational though it's their account they can do whatever they want lol but damn if it doesn't sometimes comes across as "i want people to think omg its a pretty girl with good art!!!"

No. 383493

I still do this holy shit. It's my ultimate secret shame that will die with me.
>tfw still read badly written fics of obscure husbandos out of desperation on wattpad/ao3 instead of quizilla/lunaescence/ff
>that fucking feel when you find a rare well written gem

No. 383496

I don't think there something wrong with this unless it's affecting your life in a negative way. A lot of famous novels were written by self-inserting authors - although they are usually not that great heh.
I'm also "older" and I also love my husbandos. Not sure if it'll go away.

No. 383497

File: 1551775374887.png (34.69 KB, 490x388, badasslifters.png)

I just found out that there is a community on tumblr full of young women who are "lifters" - but they don't lift weights. No, it's shoplifting, and they post pics of their "hauls" and write about how badass they are.
How is shoplifting makeup badass? I'm sort of fascinated, and wish these saddos went to the gym instead.

No. 383499

This community has been around forever. We used to have a thread on them either here or /snow/.

No. 383505

It was a great thread too. So many whiny little shoplifters getting busted.

No. 383508

Haha what, I can’t wrap my head around there being a bunch of dumbasses that think it’s a good idea to run an entire blog showcasing their shoplifting and it getting to the point that a community can be formed

No. 383522

File: 1551783927933.jpg (139.04 KB, 1287x1984, dindu.jpg)

Correction, they were in /pt/

I forgot how great they were lmfao I'm gonna reread some. Wish they'd make a comeback.

No. 383526

I remember reading a post of some girl who said she showed some of these blogs to her brother who happened to be a cop and a handful of shoplifters' blogs managed to get tracked down.

No. 383565

I agree anon. Art vs artist is the only acceptable selfie on an art account. A lot of small artists need to learn if they want to get more followers they need to keep their profile professional and art only, and make a separate personal account.

I also think artists should only post sketches on twitter and just have finished pieces on instagram.

No. 383585

>I also think artists should only post sketches on twitter and just have finished pieces on instagram.

That’s a bit of a weird opinion, considering sketches are something most people really want to see from their favourite artists and Instagram is a great platform for sneak peaks into an artists mind because of how visual it is. Plus you’re kinda diving your audience by omitting a big portion of your work from one of the most popular platforms

No. 383598

Wip can be in the insta highlights/stories. But I personally think it looks cluttered next to full colored piece.

No. 383654

>Live action Pikachu is ugly but in a normal way
>Live action Sonic looks like a deformed mascot from a box of cereals
What's next?

No. 383680

"Live action" uncanny valley cgi Mario.

No. 383695

what the fuck is wrong with the anons in the men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread? are the anons who are the most eager to post in those sorts of threads edgy, degen fuckups or is that just how the average /g/rill rolls?

the fact that there were enough serial killers posted in there to make an entire game about it is so sad. /g/ is worst board.

No. 383702

These things do come in threes…

No. 383704

Not all sketches are WIPS, plenty are sketchbooks and you’re probably in the minority with that preference tbh

No. 383726

I really side eye posters who post shit like alex jones or other alt-right figureheads. even if you find them physically attractive, how can you still even shamefully admit you want to fuck someone who is openly misogynist and hates all women?

No. 383760

I feel like /ot/ is significantly more dead since the argumentative samefagging shitposters were nuked from orbit. I don't miss them, but I miss this board moving quickly.

No. 383815

trying to decide whether I should send my switch back so it can get it's joycons repaired, It's still under warranty. The little locking mechanisms are both chipped, one was chipped from the moment I bought it, I don't know if I should take it in, buy a new set (diff colours etc) or just install some metal mechanisms myself

No. 383822

I don't understand why incel types will say "Hahah roastie, just wait until you turn 30! Then you will expire and it will me MY time to shine!" but then are also like "REEEE! Women have it so easy they can ride the cock carosel and then settle down with a 7/10 betabucks after 30!"

Normally it can be said "Oh there are different people with different beliefs in this community" but you will see the exact same incel post both of these things. I guess the thing to take away is that incel sorts are dumb and mad.

No. 383828

They say that shit because they’re dumb but convinced they’re enlightened and also have depression/self hatred issues.

All incels are is a cult for young men with low self esteem and the desire to blame someone else for their failures.
If they can convince themselves they don’t want women in the first place, it’s easier to perceive yourself as a victim of a new age of oppression. Imagine how hard it is for them to accept that they’re average and your failures are about work ethic, personality, and below average intelligence when they have gotten used to cushy victimhood excuses like thin wrists, all women are cock gobbling monsters, and male models. They’re comfy in their safe space and too arrogant to grow up. It’s

No. 383836

Why did cooking become so snobby why are cooking shows where people are just chillin and making food with easily accessible ingredients nonexistent. Let’s just make some fuckin food idc what restaurant you work in or that you studied cuisine all over Europe. Does anyone have any cooking channel recs? I used to watch peaceful cuisine but I’m just not interested in his videos anymore. I also obsessively watch cooking videos on Instagram but I like to do it though my explore page so I get a lot of repeated content.

No. 383837

i want to get a dildo but i'm so afraid of the packaging making a reference to the site

everything i've looked at says it has plain packaging but i'm still paranoid that there will be a problem for some reason and it will get opened somehow

No. 383846

I think most anons who are attracted to these guys are ashamed because they're focused on their appearance, not their morals. Tbh I would rather be attracted to Alex Jones than a serial killer.
It's not that deep…

No. 383862

Binging with Babish has been something I supported from the get-go, his vids are great if you wanna learn basics of things too. Makes me sad when he uses a lot of big machines n stuff though

No. 383863

You could always go to a sex/adult store near you, bring a bag that could fit whatever dildo you'd want in it. I bought my first vibrator from one not too long ago, and the cashier gave me a battery for it too. It was put in a brown paper bag too

No. 383930

who would open it? The post office ? So what if the post office worker who doesnt even know you sees that you ordered a dildo?

No. 383940

If it assures you, I bought one from Lovehoney and the packaging was super discreet, it was just a cardboard box with a sticker on the side with a generic sounding trade name. I don't see why it would get opened unless you're buying from a different country (don't, why?) and it passes through customs.

No. 384079

Almost all sex shops ship in plain brown boxes with a generic name on the box. You'll be fine.

No. 384092

Sounds like you'd appreciate Cooking with Jack Show.

No. 384110

File: 1551931225229.png (959.46 KB, 720x1194, D46C1452-7ED3-43DE-9E7C-2AAC1B…)

What’s with cows like moo and shayna and their weird obsession with getting long acrylic nails? I guess I’m out of the loop with nail stuff in general since I never liked painting mine to begin with. But are those in style now or something? They look god awful and ghetto as hell and the more little details on them the cheesier they look. Mariah’s stubby hands look like a possum’s pair of paws with those claws on and I’m disgusted

No. 384111

i get crazy long nails, but moo's in particular always look like shit. the shape she gets is super unfeminine and just in with instahoes.

No. 384114

idk about other cows but I'm pretty sure moo does it for a couple reasons. one being that she has stubby fat hands and long nails give them the illusion of being more slender. two, she's apparently refuses to shop for nice plus sized clothes and will only stuff herself in leggings so the one of the only ways she can express being feminine is by having manicures.

No. 384116

Sometimes I imagine if by some anomaly I became a celebrity/popular online, what would be the thing about my appearance people would hate on me about. I mean anyone can be shitty in personality, but unless it's something you can actively improve on (losing weight/skincare/etc…) or you're willing to get plastic surgery, theres not an awful lot you can do about how you look.

No. 384117

then getting ballet shape doesn't help her.

No. 384138

Whenever I want to laugh at someone all I have to do is look at the Bonne chance collections tag on Instagram. Never have I seen a brand that attracts cows and flakes like Bonne Chance. Kawaii transgirl uwus, space princes, fat white whale weeb girls, and smol beans alike! It is incredible.

This enby "boy" is a mother, and e begger, a hair Potter autist, a classic mix and then some.

No. 384139

File: 1551935917772.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190306_231351013.j…)

oops, dropped image

No. 384140

File: 1551936403766.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2565, Screenshot_2019-03-06-23-26-27…)


No. 384141

Gotta be honest, headscarves are cute when they’re not a tool of oppression. Wish they’d make a comeback so I don’t look Muslim if I wear one

No. 384142

File: 1551938094034.jpg (25.94 KB, 350x456, Bardot-silk-scarf-head-1960s-1…)

I agree! I am just cringing due to her tagging it with hijab.

No. 384151

I’ll look into them thanks!! I’m pretty comfortable in the kitchen I just wanna enjoy some cooking shows/videos that have chefs that aren’t pretentious even action bronson is annoying as fuck. I tried getting into bon appetite videos even though their website/recipes are snobbish I like Carla but that’s it.

No. 384154

File: 1551941107285.jpg (93.01 KB, 1200x750, 4194-1200x750.jpg)

Wear one Soraya Montenegro style with a low cut mini dress and no one would think you're muslim

No. 384180

Does anyone else feel a bit sad when they see people with great genes and high potential to look stunning, but extremely bad style? I see a lot of STEM guys like that, who have strong jaws, tall and broad shouldered, with nice thick hair but then that hair is a greasy mess and they are wearing crusty, stained clothes that don't fit right. Or weebish girls with beautiful faces that have really horrible dyed hair, and dress like they are still in the HS anime club.

Of course no one is obligated to look attractive, and people should dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable but still I like to wonder "what could have been"

No. 384188

Eh not really, I don't feel bad for naturally attractive people not being stunners, they already have it pretty good and probably don't suffer for not looking amazing.

On the other hand, people who are both unattractive/fat and dress badly are depressing. If I see someone who might not be attractive but is well dressed/groomed, they still look confident and put together. But if they don't try at all they just look like they've given up on life and embraced frumpiness.

No. 384196

don't think they feel bad for my naturally ugly and frumpy ads so no, not really. I'm still ugly even if i put care into my appearance while they can escape it whenever.

No. 384204

I kinda wonder they don’t bother with just the bare minimum tbh, it’s not like wearing dirty clothes or not washing yourself is a comfortable way to live. Not hard to just chuck on clean jeans and a T-shirt ya know

No. 384210

File: 1551961825607.jpg (18.68 KB, 550x350, scarves-fashion-1970-old-scarf…)

I also think the delicate silk scarves women used to wear are super cute. It's unfortunate that they've become synonymous with Islam because there was a time when women wore scarves on their heads when driving, to protect their hairstyle or I've even seen women wearing them to church. Where I live it's only really old ladies and people who forgot their umbrellas that still do that. You can't wear a scarf like that as a young person here without someone approaching you and saying "salaam sister!".

I'd 100% support it if they made a comeback for non-Muslims. They're practical and dainty and ngl it feels really cosy to wear a scarf over your head.

No. 384212

I have jackets without hoods that I wear with a scarf. When it's tied like this it doesn't look like a hijab at all. It's just a practical way for me to protect my head during cold weather

No. 384215

Yeah. I call it “fighting the hot”. I don’t really see it that often though.

No. 384222

File: 1551966732468.jpg (39.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i still wear headscarfs but not really this way but kinda like in pic related maybe you can try these! Us black women usually do this to protect our hair from the elements or if we just washed it and our hair is still wet

No. 384223

I loooove these also.

No. 384228

Ugh, I love these head scarf styles too, but since I’m white I feel like I’m the current climate it’ll be problematic for me to wear a headscarf in any way which is utter bullshit because I just want to be cute and fashionable and headscarves are the bomb dot com

No. 384249

I wonder about this sometimes when I get caught in the rain and wear my scarf like an old babushka, and people look at me questioningly. I can't tell if I look old, Muslim or just wet… But also until women's clothing companies start to make jackets with hoods that actually stay up, I'm going to keep doing it.

No. 384276

Lepa Brena has one of the best legs ever.. Wish mine were like that

No. 384281

Where do you get your wrap cloths? I wanna start wearing headwraps on lazy days. I can't tell what's a good sized cloth yet

No. 384296

That specific head scarf style is more babushka than Muslim.

No. 384299

File: 1551982082162.gif (11.32 KB, 640x408, ect.gif)

No. 384302

>until women's clothing companies start to make jackets with hoods that actually stay up
Why are female clothing so full of shit. I hate how hard it is to find things that actually serve its purpose when it comes down to female fast fashion.
Male hoodies are way superior, cheaper and comfy, talk about unfair.

No. 384314

You will be fine! its a protective style anyone can use. If i saw a white woman I would be like "okay sis" but thats just me lol.
You can use any type of fabric as long as its long enough to do the styles. I even sometimes use old dresses or t-shirts. Just try to get a jersey material because its much more stretchier. There are tutorials where girls even use leggings! Just look up headwrap tutorials on youtube. I linked one for ya!

No. 384315

T-shirts are the best for this!

I wrap a t-shirt into a scarf to sleep in and it protects my hair so nicely, I get way less split ends than I used to.

I wouldn't wear it out because like the other anons I'm scared people would get angry at me, but it's perfect for sleep.

No. 384326

Men's clothing is also better quality, not see-through, lasts for years, has better pockets and is cheaper along with being more comfortable. I shop in the men's section sometimes, there's no shame in that. I also like knowing I'm an XS in men's clothes, makes me feel good lol.

No. 384338

On the flip side of this I’ve noticed that men’s undies are shit while they cost thrice the price of average women’s undies. Maybe it’s because they’re like the bras of the men’s worlds?

No. 384342

Makes sense, I guess they need supporting too.

No. 384351


Maybe it’s because I live in a diverse area, so when I see a white person in a headscarf I usually assume they’re either Eastern European/Orthodox, Roma, Sikhs, or even Jewish. Head coverings and wraps aren’t exclusive to the black or Muslim community, and black women get shit on a lot for wearing scarves in the corporate workplace too, so don’t be ashamed to wear whatever you need to stay dry. Hell, if someone wants to give you attitude, just tell them that you’re Orthodox and leave it at that. Don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself against gatekeepers, most of the time, they don’t know as much as they think they do.

No. 384439

Belle Delphine is cringey and great to laugh at, and of course her pedo pandering is sick but I still think most of the anons in her thread are saltchans. It seems like they are Indigo White/Aria Rose tier, and mad that they didn't come up with Belle's ideas first.

No. 384483

that's literally every anon in every costhot thread.

No. 384812

File: 1552134077508.png (Spoiler Image, 222.2 KB, 480x736, wtf.png)

This IG is lolcow worthy.

No. 384826

I agree, especially the nitpickers who call her ugly. If she has one thing going on it's her looks, so calling her ugly makes one only appear delusional. You can find someone annoying and admit they're good looking at the same time, it's okay.

No. 384845

Her selfies remind me of Acacia in her tumblr girl days.

No. 384860

dude are you serious? she uses egregious amounts of shoop. her regular pictures are extremely plain and she has shoe's weird dr seuss whoo features.

i hate that looks are so black and white with anons, she can be average she doesn't have to be pretty or ugly.

No. 384871

"Pretty" doesn't mean "omg stunning supermodel, hottest woman in the world" either. If you asked people "Is this girl good looking?" while showing her unshooped pictures, most of them would say yes. She has Dr Seuss-ish features, but her face has better proportions compared to June

No. 384877

goddamn it feel so good knowing susan schofields kids were taken away from her and cabana man. and im so glad michael cannot come get the kids right now. i dont care about the dr phil show, fuck him. i see a lot of posters on kiwifarms standing up for michael but forreal, he is absolutely responsible for the situation thos kids are in

No. 384878

again, she can still be average. i agree there are saltychans in her threads, but the flipside is that it feels like people stressing to call her pretty are just insecure because they have similar features. the average person won't think she's pretty. she doesn't even slot into any traits that average people think are pretty, especially since she tries to style herself like a teen.

No. 384879

thats all your opinion. she is objectively pretty, i dont follow her just know she ahegao for memes but damn anon. sounds like youre salty

No. 384880

NTA but I totally disagree, she's average to below. she has some okay features, but there's a reason she can't get an attractive boyfriend and can only attract pedos with her cosplay endeavors.

No. 384881

File: 1552157710345.png (1.31 MB, 1156x952, 1551616335046.png)

>objectively pretty
This is not objectively pretty. You must be extremely ugly to be white knighting this.

No. 384882

Meant to quote >>384879 But again, she looks really average.

No. 384883


adverb: objectively

in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.

No. 384884

nta but i was with you on her not being fucking hideous, but she's not pretty either, definitely not objectively pretty (which isn't a thing btw) she looks weird without all the shoop, which is why the shoop makes her so uncanny valley. the people calling her average are correct, again, attractiveness is a scale, you're acting as if she's either pretty or disgusting, while claiming people who think she's average assume pretty is model hot.

if you think she's pretty, it's your opinion, but you seem oddly defensive about anyone who disagrees with you when most of the people here haven't even said she was ugly.

i do't want to accuse you of being her or anything, but she was in her own thread so…

No. 384885

Are you trying to imply that your opinion is somehow objective? Thanks for the chuckle!

No. 384886

nah i think ive posted in her thread once to laugh at a whiteknight, i like to say away from threads that attract sex workers and cosplayfags but imo they are extra spergy.

i dont think she is hot. i dont think she is super pretty but she is not hideous or an ogre. people a little pull specific with looks

No. 384889

This is such a dumb argument. She's average, maybe above average or higher, depending on personal taste and/or how attractive people are in your surroundings.
I remember this same meaningless debate over who between Lainey and Billie is "ugly", when they're actually both normal, conventionally attractive women by any realistic stretch of the imagination.
Almost none of the cows and flakes people call "ugly" on LC are ever actually "ugly", lmao.

No. 384890

Damn, the salt is real

No. 384893

No one called her that.

No. 384894

nta, but you can't be serious. you've been going out of your way to defend her, yet you think you can make an objective call? you sound really naive.

No. 384896

are you such a newfag that you think youre only speaking to one anon. omg you fuckin mong(infighting)

No. 384898

no, it just seems too retarded that more than one person would think that anyone on the site is sound enough to make objective claims about how anyone looks.

No. 384899

Are you spergs done yet? Can you stop squawking about how attractive you find people you'll never meet who don't know or give a shit who you are, on a site for making fun of them? Jesus, you cunts go fucking insane every time anyone talks about anyone else's looks. Both sides sound salty and ugly as fuck. One half of you clearly looks like her, and the other half is obviously ugly femcels.

No. 384906

>people stressing to call her pretty are just insecure because they have similar features
Kek, not at all, it would actually be the opposite. Only insecure people have such high standards for beauty that barely anyone fits at all.

I don't know what else to say, try to ask random, unbiased people you know about it.
>inb4 normies are all insecure uggos

No. 384912

insecure anons are so transparent lol they like to project their own dissatisfaction on other anons and refuse to think that others could think differently

No. 384933


I really like Shay milk but the constant nitpicking about how "skinnyfat" she is and a fucking chip in her tooth drive me up the wall. Insecure anons can't grapple with the fact that having love handles isn't milk kek

No. 384935

i totally agree. its been hammered in the ground that her pussy is nasty, but she really isnt fucking ugly. anons are just so salty or so deep into 'anon' culture that they nitpick to death. i cant fucking wait for hellweek. i know i have had my issues with stupid posting in the past but its gonna be a godsend to see these fucking unintegrated newfags either learn how to post or gtfo

No. 384937

that thread is completely unreadable due to the fact that EVERY single post revolves around how 'ugly' she is and how her vag looks. yes, a sex worker should take better care of their 'asset' but she's honestly really cute imo

No. 384953

File: 1552166730428.png (57.66 KB, 640x388, 4OM8fWSl.png)

Jani and Bodhi Schofield were finally removed from their munchie mom this morning!


No. 384957

I remember Cuddlegate in the Onion threads. When Billie was staying at their house and Onion was cheating on his wife with her, anons called Billie "ugly" or "average at best", posted the screencaps where she isn't wearing makeup, called her pigface, cumdumpster etc. Then when she got away, spilled the milk about the Onions and permanently distanced herself from them, suddenly the general consensus was (and still is) that she's gorgeous and beautiful. I learned that many people on this site can be very influenced by personal bias, and with some cows saying anything vaguely positive is basically taboo and the discussion will get heated very fast - case on point.

Don't say that anon, now you will get accused of being ugly/insecure/Shay herself

No. 384964

The self harm arguing going on is dumb as fuck. Its obvious self harm, just as her tooth is obviously chipped. I hope its just bait.

No. 384975

Why is Sam Harris considered so bad? Like I know his fanbase is atrocious but he shit on Kavanaugh and is realistic about Islam. Peterson is much worse.

No. 384978

I hate when I get acne or a pimple near my mouth because I am paranoid everyone thinks I have herpes.

No. 384982

Ive been following them for a bit. Im glad the kids are out but I hope the court can grant Michael custody. He isnt good but the foster system would be even worse, and maybe Amy will be a voice of reason.

No. 384983

Well it's better than actually getting cold sores…unlike me unfortunately.

No. 385021

Same, anon. Same. One came up today in the corner of my mouth. The only thing that had been helping them for years doesn't seem to be working now, so I guess I'm fucked.

No. 385030

I'm not really a Queen fan but I've always wondered (maybe I'm wrong) why do I never see gay people putting Freddy Mercury on a pedestal like they do with so much divas? Shouldn't he be a gay icon or something? Or is he?

No. 385045

To my knowledge he is? But there's also some debate over whether he was gay or bi as he never stated.

No. 385064

Probably because he was a holier-than-thou asshole.

Also he was barely ever mentioned for years (especially with younger generations) until this movie came out recently. I don't get the big popularity boom over him again.

No. 385076

Oh no! Usually when I start to feel one coming on I pop a Valacyclovir pill. I got a prescription and it was pretty cheap. Abreva is still expensive af to me and doesn't work as well. The pill works great and the sore goes away faster, so if you can get it you should try it!

No. 385079

Funny, that's what I was talking about. Kek My doctor prescribed me those about 6 years ago. They worked amazingly! One pill as I felt one come on and it didn't even come up. Now, there's seemingly no effect, even after taking several as prescribed. I'm fucked. Up until I was prescribed these pills, I tried everything out there. Home remedies, OTC stuff, vitamins. Absolutely nothing helped, with the exception of a used tea bag being great for the pain, at least.

No. 385083

There was a groupon deal going on where I could get 1 year of unlimited laser hair-removal treatments for circa $720, but that's with the 20% winter discount they discontinued over a week ago. Is it worth beating myself up over it? I got really bad body hair yo, but the only reasons I didn't go through with it were because of (1)fear since I've never done it before, (2) distance (this place would take close to 2 hours travel time - to/from), and (3) the cost still seems steep to me.

No. 385098

They have 20% coupons like literally every week or two weeks. That's an excellent deal though.

No. 385155

File: 1552239155388.jpg (75.36 KB, 489x750, tumblr_mmmsryELFC1regxh1o1_500…)

Seeing Yuri's cankles makes me feel better about my own.

She's still thinner and more attractive than me though, obviously.

No. 385158

Idk if it makes you feel better but I have bony ankles and I hate it. I find them quite unattractive and unhealthy-looking, even on other people, and I know a lot of people who think so too. I'm sure your ankles look fine.

No. 385160

theyre not even cankles ffs

No. 385185

File: 1552247428610.jpg (149.57 KB, 634x923, 4472282-6196335-image-m-70_153…)

She has cankles, same with Lily Rose Depp which is totally fine. It seems cankles are more common in pear shaped bodies in combination with shorter legs, so nothing to worry about and it's pretty too imo

No. 385199

It's fucked up to me that women's appearances are so heavily policed that even our ankles can't be too wide or else it's considered ugly or something. They're just ankles, ffs. Next up, we'll unironically have to be concerned about our elbows being too pointy or knees being too wide.
Do men ever have to worry about their fucking ankles being chunky? They don't, because of course not.

No. 385226

sad thing is, people already have complexes about their knees.

No. 385230

You're right of course. But men do it too. Talking about cankles remind me somehow of incel topics such as long and short faces, hunter eyes and something with mandibles. It's okay to have insecurities bc everybody has them. Some people don't like specific character traits about themselves and some don't like their nose or ankles or whatever. This anon >>385155 found a celebrity with the same trait as herself and it makes her happy. This topic fits right into this thread: random shit that's on your mind.

No. 385231

Not that anon but normie men don't think about incel feature or even know what they are. Normal women worry about cankles.

But I'm glad that other anon feels better about their ankles. If it makes you feel any better I don't think that people notice cankles especially if you're slimmer. I honestly didn't know what cankles were until I started using this site. Same with nasolabial folds or whatever.

No. 385233

Does anyone here have baby fever? I'm almost 21 in a relationship of two years and have wanted kids for a while but I really want them as of like 6 months ago. It's not just like an "I want a cute lil baby" but I love seeing moms with their 8 year old kids and seeing the love they have for them. I know I'll absolutely be a loving mother and my kid will be my world.

I'm in college tho and cannot afford one but realllllly want one asap Prob 27-28? I want to get married to my now bf when I'm 23-24 since he is a total keeper and would be considered one to most gals on this site, and we either want a small wedding or to elope if the family is too annoying.

I know childfree is big here but does anyone relate at all? I feel delusional for having this feeling, and before some redpiller tries to use this to prove that women have motherly instincts, I can tell you that I know of no woman who agrees with this and most are hesitant to have kids, a large bunch set on childfree to begin with, which is why I'm asking this in the first place.

No. 385237

It occurred to me that anime (it's mostly anime) portrays children all fucking wrong.

Like, there'll be characters who baby-talk, refer to themselves in 3rd person, constantly drop things because they're so 'clumsy' and when I look them up it turns out they're 10-13. Wtf? That behaviour reads more like 3-5 year olds, children aren't all drooling toddlers until they hit the magic puberty age. I remember being 10 and nobody acted like that unless they had a developmental disorder, we were too busy trying to be grown up like the teenagers in the next school over. Even more recently, I used to work at a primary school and there was a surprising range of maturity in the class of 5 year olds I was put with: some of them acted like above, the more mature ones spoke in full sentences and were able to articulate themselves (albeit about kid things like being sad to leave their mum at the gates, which was cute).

Ever since this clicked I just avoid child characters in anime like the plague because it breaks my immersion to all hell and I can't stand the ear piercing acted loli voices anyway.

No. 385239

Yea and it friggin kills me.

No. 385240

Anime doesn't portray anyone right.

No. 385242

no, you're like 12 years old and sound it. don't have children, please.

No. 385243

nta but what makes her sound like a middle schooler regarding this? She said she's going to put it off because it would be irresponsible atm and everything.

I personally think the people who actually want their children should be the ones who do have them. That's a good thing.

No. 385250

You sound like 99% of girls your age, I don't see the point of blogging about your normal feelings for which you have already made long term plans to accommodate

No. 385254

I’m a massive supporter of the childfree movement but I also support your decision to have children if you want. you do you. The philosophy behind most people’s choice to be part of the childfree movement is provingthat women should not be required to bear kids in order to have a fulfilling life. It’s about women’s abilty to make choices for themselves. Don’t listen to the cranky people on this site that tell you not to have kids even though you want to.

No. 385257

Anyone who looks at the state of the earth and its deteriorating life support system and the countless looming unavoidable existential threats that are clearly presented to us (if they simply cared to look) and still plans on having a child isn't mature enough to be a parent. Has nothing to do with being cranky. Desiring a child and recognizing that having a child at 21 isn't responsible and wanting to wait a few years isn't the only requisite for being an ideal parent, sorry! Guess since the typical parent you encounter irl is so piss poor and leagues below that even, you guys aren't seeing that, though.

No. 385263

I'm interest in your outlook in life since you think humanity should cease at your generation. How are you spending your last days? Living them to the fullest, taking the beauty of the planet in before you rot in the ground? I hope you're not wasting your precious time on earth being depressed and gloomy and bitching out at others for having a natural desire for survival and procreating. Be pretty pathetic your spending humanity's last era being a fruit.

No. 385269

I said that i’m fucking 21 and am not going to have a kid until like 27. Is this supposed to be an insult? I know kids are annoying as I was a bratty two year old myself but obv the bond with your kid will outweigh cleaning up shit and dealing with tantrums at the end of the day as well.

No. 385271

Again you’re a fucking idiot who didn’t read that I’m waiting until 27. I have like no money at 21 and I want a career. Your own feelings on humanity should not be a reason to sway one’s desire to have a child

No. 385274

I wanted to know if I was weird for having increasing desire to have kids—the feeling itself. I obviously won’t have them for a long time but I feel delusional for wanting them and having ‘baby fever’ when I’m in a shitty financial position and am still in undergrad.

No. 385282

Not them but why are you waiting until 27 specifically?
Despite being out of college my job isn't all that financially stable and I feel like I could go a few more years into my early 30s before finding a partner mature enough to consider having a baby tbh. So many guys my age are still unreliable and selfish.

No. 385286

>Again you’re a fucking idiot who didn’t read that I’m waiting until 27.
Really? Because I literally said here
>Desiring a child and recognizing that having a child at 21 isn't responsible and wanting to wait a few years isn't the only requisite for being an ideal parent, sorry!
Your point was acknowledged, it's just that anyone without a comprehensive grasp of our outlook, and actually, the inherent shittiness of forcing someone into being, isn't mature enough to be a parent. Literally everywhere you look irl, everyone will give you approval for this self-serving shit, so really, quit playing the victim just because one person on an obscure imageboard thinks holding off on having a child until you're 27 isn't a remarkably self aware act that's so indicative of maturity, lmao. Either you've not done your research, or simply don't care about the suffering your child will face, and in either case, you've disqualified yourself from being an ideal candidate for bringing a child into being. Sorry about it.

No. 385290

There’s no point waitin until a specific age like 27, you’re best off waiting until you’ve finished your education and just seeing where the world takes you from there. I imagine you want to wait until later because of your career, but let’s be completely honest - women don’t have a career to come back to majority of the time. If you were climbing the ladder, they will stop you in your tracks, hell you might not even have the same position or they’ll start limiting your hours/projects (this is global brw, not US exclusive)

It sucks, but if you want kids and to give them the amount of attention and love they need, you live in a time where a woman has to decide between a fruitful or children 8 times out of 10.

I had mine very young and while on one hand I feel like I’m falling behind in terms of education, I feel like I’ll have a much easier time making a name for myself when I finally do enter the workforce because I’ll still be young. My only regret is not getting a degree first, but then again I still don’t know what to do lmao

This turned into an essay, but all I’m trying to say anon is that planning kids later sounds like a good idea on paper because of finincial stability and a career but there’s a lot more you have to take into consideration

No. 385292

Samefag, I forgot to say, of course you’d have a better chance career wise if you go back to work ASAP but then your kid will spending majority of their time with strangers as carers at a day care and what’s even the point of having kids then?

No. 385309

File: 1552269839026.jpg (88.46 KB, 640x640, ec766040-fbee-46ee-8485-a77049…)

>tfw no headphone jack

No. 385329

I don't get how people can shamelessly e-beg. I don't mean shit like "please donate to my gofundme to fund my cat's surgery" but "hey it's my birthday here's my PayPal/Kofi/Amazon wishlist so please get me something xoxo" (cue twitter meltdown when no one sends them money). Like do I just have a huge inferiority complex or do these people have massive egos to think they deserve strangers buying them expensive gifts?

No. 385333

At this point I'm sure it's people seeing it work for others and wanting to get in on it for themselves.

No. 385340

Why do you need one? Never saw a point to them.

No. 385362

27 is like my minimum age but who knows, I might be broke by then. Ultimately I want to have kids by 30 but once you're past 30 the age increase means higher likelihood of potential disabilities for the baby. I will definitely wait until I have some financial stability though.

True. My boyfriend is wanting to be a stay at home dad bc of our careers' potential earnings (I'll likely earn more than him). But we'll see how that plays out. I put 27 as a minimum but will probably be around 30 if I have them.

No. 385394

How do I get better at reacting to being corrected?
Every time I make a mistake and someone corrects me I just get angry and upset about it.
I was talking to my boyfriend and mispronounced a town name and got corrected and I just wanted to stop talking to him and fuck off somewhere else.
It makes me feel like such a low grade idiot for making shit mistakes, like I've put a massive sticker on my head that says "I'm a dumbass." I was always praised for being smart and not fucking up, and I know I'm not gonna survive uni if I can't learn to accept them.

No. 385419

Ok I have no idea if this belongs here or qualifies as a dumb question but anyway:

where do I start with learning how to make music? I don't know shit about anyhting, never picked up an instrument, etc.
I just want to get to the point where I can experiment. Any resources are appreciated!!

No. 385438

It depends on which instrument you'd want to try playing. If anything, check out a few resale groups online, people sell guitars and keyboards for cheap. I've seen violins, trumpets, clarinets, flutes and whatnot being sold.
Trying out the instruments, most music shops where you can buy keyboards and guitars have a couple out for you to test, if you live in the US near a Guitar Center.

No. 385490

A little ignorance does not make you a low grade idiot. Most people don't know everything there is to know and make mistakes. If you get corrected on such things, just take it as an opportunity to learn something new and not as personal criticism directed at yourself.

No. 385494

In the employment thread an anon talked about her job vetting her Facebook and it got me wondering, can you pay someone to tell you what to do with your social media?

I had a look online and it's all dodgy companies in India who promise to grow your business profile, or people on fiver who will make you content. I just want a reasonably normal person to tell me which photos are too embarrassing and if they can find my teenage fanfiction

No. 385504

File: 1552323421547.jpg (66.3 KB, 1024x768, birbs.jpg)

I just wanted to thank anons that recommended me zenni optical in the vent thread (after I was venting about high lens prices).
I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true but I got my glasses today and they not only look good but more importantly, they are superb. I'm seeing the world anew in all its splendor. I was admiring everything today, the leafs, the raindrops, the vibrant colors in a candy shop, the flowers in the park, the art in galleries. Even browsing lolcow seems like a whole new experience!

The chances that the anons who are responsible for my happiness read this are small but just in case, huge immense thank you! You made a girl blind on one eye see again because with the regular prices in my country it wouldn't have been possible. I wish I knew you so I could treat you with something or send a gift.

No. 385510

Dude, I think it was me.
I'm sad to say I have shelved the one I bought with cat eyes, they underlined the fact that my ears are not level and I don't know how to fix the issue.
Glad you can see again on the cheap,though.

No. 385515

Let me thank you once again! And please tell me if you'd be comfortable giving me your PO box or something so I could at least send you a small gift or a postcard, or if you have any particular wishes!

> I'm sad to say I have shelved the one I bought with cat eyes

I'm really sorry to hear that. Maybe it's possible to request some custom changes to the glasses?

No. 385519

Nayrt but its totally normal that your ears are not level and you can compensate for that by getting your frames adjusted at a glasses shop. Normally it doesnt even cost anything and theyll re-adjust them as many times as needed too. Ive never bought frames online though so idk how it works in that case but you could always just try walking to a shop and asking if they do adjustments?

No. 385538

I've tried adjusting them and I had the issue with another pair that the shop just didn't fix (until I broke them in half fiddling with them because it was litteraly driving me mad). I'll guess I'll give it a try again this week and hope I'm not just that wonky and condamned to small rectangular glasses to hide it for the rest of my life…

You're good anon. I'm just glad knowing I helped someone, it's more than enough.

No. 385544

Well, if you do change your mind you can always post somewhere on lolcow.
Thanks, you're a great person and I hope you manage to resolve your issue with glasses.

No. 385551

File: 1552328313445.png (498.38 KB, 697x434, damn.PNG)

sally beauty spamming me with this shit that they call 'denim nails' and assure me are all the rage. who is in charge of marketing for this company because this is damn near the most ratchet shit i've ever seen and i do not want to see it. just send me in-store coupons, fuckers!

No. 385573

I've always thought of doing something like that, since I'm good at keeping my personal accounts clean of any possible dirt, I know what companies dig for when they go through your social media, and I can see if someone is letting out enough info to have embarrassing stuff exposed.
I didn't think anyone would actually pay for it though. Time to log on fiverr then

No. 385669

I was thinking of doing the same, but then I realised that you would need to prove that you're not going to turn around and blackmail the people with what you find. It's the thing that stopped me from just asking any randoms on the internet to rate/vet me for free
Anon let's start an agency so we sound more legit

No. 385798


I kept in my social media separate from my legal name for years. Then my Facebook account was suspended for real name verification. At the same time I lost all of my possessions including the documents I could have used to verify the name I was using. I haven't logged in since. At this point I just want to retrieve my photos from my account since I lost my computer and hard drives. What can I do?

No. 385803

I just found out from Luna's thread that a packet of heroin is $90 and holy shit, why would anyone do such an expensive drug? I'm glad cocaine is way cheaper

No. 385807

Cocaine feels a lot better too and it's easier to snort
Heroin and meth is good to make money but they're not fun to do except meth sometimes if you make it a certain way
Weed is meh, just makes you feel tired and paranoid, easy to sell to dumb teens though
Basically cocaine > all other drugs

No. 385809

I thought heroin was known to be cheap? It’s like 5 dollars a bag, that’s why a lot of people who get addicted to pain killers end up becoming heroin addicts because it’s much cheaper to buy.

No. 385819

File: 1552391201659.jpeg (199 KB, 2671x1227, Faces of Meth.jpeg)

Who would've thought that lc is swarming with degenerate subhumans who unironically discuss which drug they prefer…

No. 385824

File: 1552392345199.jpg (56.19 KB, 500x500, Levamisole-Hydrochloride-Table…)


Enjoy your levamisole poisoning.

Who's the cow now?

No. 385830

my mom suddently turned from a well kempt, reasonable normal woman who enjoyed tv series and dressing nice into this kind of person and i'm at a loss
she also believes she can talk to angels, goes to ritual drumming classes and spends a shitload of money on online seminars about chacras and energy bullshit
the worst thing is that my brother is feeding into her delusions, I can't tell if he's trying to manipulate her or if he believes in it aswell
sorry about the TMI blogposting your post just triggered my feelies about this

No. 385832

Druggies are cancer. They have their own thread too and should keep their posi talk about it contained in there so I won't have to see it.

No. 385839

Ok Karen, don't you have to drive your kids to soccer practice?
Careful not to drive through the hood though you might see a tweaker

No. 385843



No. 385844

Yeah, lolcow is full of ana-chans fatties, camgirls, whores, homewreckers and druggies. Regular people don't end up here.

No. 385845

File: 1552395612192.jpg (50.37 KB, 750x500, af-composite-drug-faces.jpg)

No. 385871

Cocaine is a terrible drug. Don't do it.

I can see the appeal of heroin but it kinda fucks up your life, ya know?

lol wtf

No. 385872

Why do they get the sores/acne?

No. 385875

I imagine it fucks with their hormonal levels and dries out the skin

No. 385876

Skin picking and itching.

No. 385887

File: 1552405133411.jpg (114.46 KB, 500x704, c0133fa2a1da43ee6710f6979acd7e…)

Google your names, usernames, e-mails, Skype names, nicknames, etc. in quotation marks. Instead of like, Sally Smith, google "Sally Smith" in quotations. It searches the exact phrase without breaking up the words. That's how I dig up stuff on potential boyfriends to see if they're terrible or not, or even find the facebooks of online pedos and scaring them when I'm having an exceptionally boring night.

No. 385890

speed is better

No. 385895


If you're looking into someone's background don't forget the deep web such as court records, arrest records, and tax liens, ie. any site whose info can only be accessed via an internal search engine and capcha.

No. 385904

Not original anon, but what are the chances of employers finding an art account that had my name attached to it back in 2015-16 but now is not associated with it? Will they go through archives to find things like that? If I had no indicator that it is absolutely me (no pics outside of some cartoon versions of me)? What if I have art accounts that have never been associated with me outside of email? Can they find that? Should I make a new email for it?

Lots of questions but. I draw shirtless guys often and don't want my chances as an accountant ruined because of it lmao. I'd also prefer to not have to stop posting.