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No. 389948

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous threads : >>322192

No. 389950

File: 1553350241835.png (186.05 KB, 452x340, kn.png)

There's this person I used to follow on Tumblr who posted/reblogged a lot of Japanese food pictures and was some sort of YouTuber (don't really remember what she posted).
She had some sort of /r9k/ orbiter problem where they kept harassing her, so she ended up deleting everything. I found a thread about her new blog after visiting the board for the first time in weeks, so I checked it out of curiosity, thought it was aesthetically pleasing, decided to follow and reblogged two posts.
The next day, I found out she softblocked me and changed her URL. I kinda feel bad, I hope she didn't think I was an orbiter and freak out or anything.

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No. 389969

/snow/ hasn't bumped for 4 days, it's weird

No. 389970

Honestly it's a bit dead there

No. 389972

Clean your cookies, for the board and every thread, and localstorage, its a bug.

No. 390019

File: 1553364224558.jpg (101.62 KB, 1024x1336, cc473a1e33d90bd693c8b771a57dd6…)

I miss Sweet Guy. I feel like it was finished earlier because of the artist's illness, which is justified, but still kind of a bummer.

I know it was just dumb porn, but it was kinda sweet and funny. And the art was gorgeous.

No. 390044

How do you know if you're rebounding or just having fun? it's been 4 or 5 weeks since my breakup. Do people have the same standard or is the definition different for everyone?

No. 390045

It's different for everyone tbh

No. 390053

Looks like instagram blocked my ip or something. I used to make random accounts so I could watch some friends stories here and there and because I didn't want to actually have an account. Tried to make an actual account today and it turns out I can't - they get instantly suspended for violating their terms… which don't say anything about making multiple fake accounts from what I saw.

Oh well

No. 390065

My ex watched a lot of porn and only said something vague about getting off to unrealistic things when I asked what his kinks were, and also was vehemently against male dogs bc their dicks freaked him out. I know these are unrelated facts, but I'm high and my brain says otherwise. Just needed to get that out.

They probably think you're a bot.

No. 390072

I used to be a really edgy cunt in my late teens, had a true crime tumblr and used to watch a lot of disturbing and graphic videos. I stopped after a while because it was fucking my mental health up, but I relapsed into my edgy ways and ended up watching the Christchurch shooting video. Now I just feel really ill and i'm pissed off at myself kek. Why are brains like this.

No. 390078

same anon, same. i used to be an edgy teenager who thought being insensitive and reading creepy shit was cool, i didn't really watch anything too bad but after a while the stuff that i was reading about started to really disturb me and i stopped. i avoided watching the christchurch video, people's descriptions of the video and all the news articles already fucked me up but today i stumbled upon the video and watched some parts of it, after that i watched videos of some people who managed to get out alive and the whole thing just made me hate the world

No. 390087

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend told me he loved me and I said it back

And we've only been dating for a little over a month so what the fuck? Cause I actually think I might /love/ the dude here but also bpdfag so I never truly know

No. 390132

File: 1553382289086.gif (2.36 MB, 578x315, tumblr_p7ioh5lla21xqadqro1_640…)

I'm not into hip-hop, and I don't even like her music, but I find Saweetie really cute. She has a very "snobby but lovable" persona. It reminds me of Paris Hilton in her heyday.
I'm not sure whether I want to be like her, befriend her or date her.

No. 390163

I met a girl, she is bi and i fancy her a lot, yesterday we spent all evening together just talking about random shit, sitting in cute cafes, walking around the city hell of a lot until it was 1 a.m.
Today my legs and feet hurt, and I've obviously walked too much for somebody who recently had an operation on abdomen, but holy shit guys, I like her so much that all this pain can just go to hell, I'm very happy right now!

No. 390185

This is so cute, anon! I'm happy for you.

No. 390242

I still have no idea what I wanna do with my life but I kinda like the idea of opening a small business, just like a small single store type thing. If anything I'd open either a thrift store (not some hipster type shit either, like just a regular old thrift store) or a sex shop. I know it won't make me rich or anything but its something.

No. 390243

I'd love a thread for discussing sexual fantasies. Does that exist already or have I missed it? Maybe it's weird but I'm very curious to know what kind of stuff other people think about to get off, especially if it's about characters I also like too. I feel like a lot of my fantasies are too weird to discuss with my girl friends irl.

No. 390246

I can't wait to upgrade my can of pepper spray into a taser

No. 390247

lmao anon.
Are you ok? Something happened?

No. 390248

At the nail salon, are they supposed to grind off your real nails??

No. 390264

No. 390265

They might scratch the top layer to make a better adhesion surface. I would do your own nails at home if you have thin or sensitive ones

No. 390266

There's one or two in /g

No. 390334

I had a dream where I had two daughters, I was at the toy store with them and I let them pick three toys each, anything they wanted. It was a really nice dream.

I don't want any children of my own but now I kinda want to be someone's cool aunt who spoils them, buys them toys and takes them to amusement parks. I lowkey wish my brother would have kids with his long time gf already.

No. 390351

i was going through old rp logs and I miss rping as pop punk dudes in greatestjournal and and aim. so many late nights and fun times.

No. 390486

I think farmers are way too hard on themselves and others. I also could not give two shits if someone has nasolabial folds or saggy boobs, that’s not something they can control for fuck’s sake. Give me a real reason to hate someone.

Quality post, happy for you anon!

No. 390489

The Omegaverse, specially the Japanese one, is a vehicle for discussing a patriarcal society and how it treats women together with the trauma of female puberty and the eldritch horror it is to menstruate and to realize you can get pregs one day and how much of your life can be controlled by hormones and physiology.

No. 390500

File: 1553465719446.png (713.53 KB, 1201x4097, Sacrament of satan= meth.png)

What is it with meth addicts and Satan?

No. 390507

File: 1553467201491.jpg (10.91 KB, 269x275, 1530742465967.jpg)

okay gyns…need your opinions.

Do you also loose interest or get extremly suspicious if someone you like likes you back?

>meet guy on tinder

>cute, 7/10, smart etc
>he texts me every two weeks for 4 months but i'm always unable to meet due to personnal reasons
>finally meet him
>mfw he's a 9/10 hottie irl, super funny and charming
>we go out with some friends of mine
>he's super into me
>I'm a chubby average-faced chick, he could score so much better than me
>he has some flaws but nothing that a way hotter chick than me wouldnt disregard
>something must be wrong with him for him to be this much into me

Its obviously low-self esteem and internalized mysoginy speaking but also…maybe there is something wrong with him? He objectivly could score a much more charming and better looking girl than me. He kept texting me even though I wasnt free for 4 months. Now he likes me a lot??

No. 390514

You most certainly weren't the only one coming from /r9k/ who started following her after she got posted there. She probably did that to anyone who followed her and looked out of the ordinary, especially when they reblogged posts.

Because you genuinely liked her aesthetic you reacted on impulse but in a difficult moment for her and she interpreted you as someone potentially threatening. Maybe she just doesn't want anyone coming from /r9k/ to follow her out of principle or precaution. Which is understandable if you have been harassed by incels.

No. 390522

File: 1553471871308.jpg (29.7 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mhyzmqrzrE1r1697…)

2018 should've been the year of evangelion, not that many people were wearing the sick kaworu fits back in 2015 but it's like the softboi uniform rn.

No. 390523

He could have a thing for chubby girls, or he thinks average women are less likely to cheat on him/treat him as disposable or will worship him (gross, I know). Or maybe he's 1 in a million and actually likes your personality. I say don't put the entirety of your trust in him, but don't push him away either.

Also iktf, although even with men who are """objectively""" lower in """smv""" than me (I have weird tastes and find em cute, but they conventionally are not). Even if I make the first move.
Anyone liking me or acknowledging my existence continues to be painful even if I want them to. Fucking useless.

No. 390524

I wouldn't think too much about it if you're not looking for an LTR; just enjoy your time together.

I'm a plain Jane twig who gets rated a 6/7 on /soc/ and some really gorgeous guy spent months talking to me, who I thought was a solid 10. Of course, I got ghosted (…lmao), but it was nice while it lasted. Might as well just take things as the come, anon. For all you know, he could be plain to most women, but gorgeous to you. Or you could rate yourself lowly, and be much more objectively attractive than you think. It shouldn't matter either way though.

No. 390535

File: 1553473723105.jpg (62.88 KB, 458x664, Dq579pDV4AAe80T.jpg)

Any time I express a desire to get married people are just like "anon it doesn't mean anything, it's an outdated construct, it's just a piece of paper" etc. I know that! But my monkey brain still wants to get married and "belong" to someone. (Plus tax benefits.)

No. 390543

File: 1553475609646.jpg (15.3 KB, 459x280, Smile.jpg)

This place has messed me up
>look at how graduation picture turned out
>nasiolabia folds???
>google it
>this must be it
>worry and think about skincare excessively for a week
>today, google "woman smiling"
>realise the difference
>realise everyone has smile lines
I am borderline retarded

No. 390545

Same. It's just nice to know there's someone you can always come home to, and know your partner loved you enough to want you in the same way (ie want to come home to you for the rest of their life as well). There's something about that bond that just transcends all else; it's just a shame not many people see it that way anymore. I'm not into dating culture. I don't want a partner if it only entails sex and someone to go to activities with, and then move on when it is no longer loaded with hormonal highs. I want an adopted family member, something that mimics the bond with our parents, someone we trust each other to tell everything to, without fear they will ever sever ties. I want a love that is for life, as long as it remains healthy (non-abusive/violent)), even when the sparks don't fly.

No. 390549

i just want to say this site has gotten better at being less ana-chan friendly. in the weightloss thread an ana goes on about how 127 is so huge for 5'2, and most anons told them they were being nuts, which wouldn't have happened a couple years ago.

No. 390555

Me too! And I don't see why it's such a bad thing to want that, especially if you are a mature couple in a long term relationship. I don't want a wedding or anything, I just want that sense of belonging and homecoming.

No. 390564

I almost never smile in pics thanks to smile lines

have chubby ish cheeks and they emphasize my smile lines, looks like I have fucking folds there and they're only fucking smile lines

ugh they're so ugly and they make my candids look hideous

it's probably my exposure to excessive shoop and flakes that's made me feel this way, it wasn't something I used to fret over

No. 390578

You need to visit instagramreality on reddit, deprogram your mind from that bullshit

No. 390590

File: 1553483619731.jpg (38.76 KB, 640x320, 61lqj5luw4o21.jpg)

wow thank you anon.

No. 390594

File: 1553484876724.jpeg (95.09 KB, 499x663, 65F987D6-61A7-4DB5-ADE2-3CA6F0…)

So we found out someone in my husband’s extended family (his cousin and his cousin’s gf) who have been dating the past 3.5 years have been lying about her age the whole time. They told everyone she was born in 1996, until last month when they told everyone she was actually born in 2000!!

And they had a baby last summer (2018), making her pregnant at 17–when they told everyone she was like 21-22.

Worst part is he was born in 1992, and like I said, they’ve been together 3.5 years.

This is some dumb ass shit I thought I'd share cuz god damn, were we ever bamboozled.

No. 390596

gross and embarrassing.

No. 390598

Uh was he aware? Pedo alert!!

No. 390600

Yes. He was aware.

And yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

No. 390614

I cut my butthole while shaving and I was SUPPOSED to get my ass eaten but now I have to fake sick to cancel FML

No. 390618

Wait a sec, so this dude was dating and (presumably) having sex with a 14 year old in his 20's? Where the fuck are this girl's parents?

No. 390627

How hairy of an ass do you have to actually warrant shaving it lmao

No. 390634

Nta but are you joking? Most women grow hair in their ass, it's natural. Especially women with corsre thick hair or pcos

No. 390640

Literally any hair warrants shaving if you're getting your ass eaten, and most people do have some stray hairs without actually being 'hairy'.

No. 390644

Yeah, I grow hair near my bungus too, but not nearly enough for me to put a razor near it

Jesus the things you guys get ass blasted over, why do the slightest things set people off here.

No. 390645

I always felt ugly when smiling normally in photos until I started to do the big ass fuckin open-mouthed smile.

Like hey not sure how you look right now? Oversmile, slant your smile, close your eyes on purpose to make room for your smile. People will know that youre exaggerating and they'll see a lot of face lines. But they'll know that all those face lines are because you're being silly, and that you're making all those squinty wrinkles on purpose, and that you're being overly expressive. Plus it feels good. Win-win. Its a competition to see who can have the most insane nasolabial folds, and you're in it to win.

No. 390702

File: 1553514294001.png (69.64 KB, 249x340, ottan.png)

this is /pt/-tan's sister /ot/-tan!

No. 390755

One of the most stunning girls I know (fit, 9/10 face, tall, amazing body, talented, a nice personality) is in a LTR with a girl who physically wise is… just the opposite. 6/10 face on a good day with makeup on, frumpy, doesn't know what the gym is, many days can't even be bothered to brush her hair. And yet their relationship is strong and they love each other. Girl 1 could have any woman she wants, but she chose her, and she finds her beautiful.
So, don't think about it. Perhaps you're actually better looking than you think, perhaps he's not as stunning as you think, perhaps he likes unconventionally attractive women, perhaps he doesn't care about those "way hotter chicks" because your personalities align so well he found out what he's looking for. It could be anything, but what matters is that he likes you and you like him. Sure looks play an important role in attraction, but relationships are based on so much more.

No. 390981

Does anyone know about Payless security? I might have shoplifted and I'm an employee. Just wondering if anything will really be seen, or if the few cameras they have record over themselves.

No. 390984

How "might" you have shoplifted? There might be cameras depending on your location. Did you pick something up and put it in your pocket and forget about it?

No. 390985


Aren't all Payless's going out of business anyway? I wouldn't sweat it too much if what you're talking about was actually an accident

No. 390986

I assume you did on purpose, because otherwise you could just return it and explain it was an accident if anyone noticed…

No. 390987

This, either it was an accident in which case you'd explain and they wouldn't care, or you did it on purpose and now you're scared of the consequences.

No. 390989

You "might have" shoplifted? The fuck does that mean?

No. 390991

Payless anon. Did it on purpose. Definitely wondering if someone will see.

No. 390992

Why ? Couldn’t really be worth possibly losing your job or getting the cops called

No. 390993

Impulse + lack of self control. No it's not worthy it but I already did it

No. 390994

at least show us your spoils

No. 390997

lol what the fuck did you steal from a payless, of all things.

No. 390998

I just made a bad choice. Don't wanna post pics and give myself away. It wasn't anything big and I feel like a moron. I should not have but I still did. Just curious if anyone in anon-land had any knowledge on their security

No. 390999

Just return it

No. 391000

Can't you just sneak the thing you stole back since you are an employee?

No. 391001

I will probably do that. Thank you anon.

No. 391002

Just take it back and say it was an accident or something. Even if you admit that you did it on purpose you probably won't lose your job if you act genuinely remorseful and admit it was a mistake.

No. 391009

As someone who used to steal from my old job towards the end of my stint there… when I was fed up with the company, it's not worth stealing shit. I was retarded enough to falter to my klepto friends influence back then and I regret what I did. I also stole from other stores. I used to envy those kleptos on dumblr who somehow managed to steal thousands of dollars worth of merch. Now I am so disgusted that I ever stole anything in the first place, esp when I am now working another retail job where non essential and often expensive shit gets stolen far more often.

No. 391010

It was terrible judgement on my part, I just don't want any repercussions. I'm just going to bring the things back. I don't believe there's surveillance in the back room and it was too tempting. I feel like a moron.

No. 391013

No one really believes people who say they "accidentally took something without paying for it". LP/security is trained to be suspicious of people and rarely give the benefit of the doubt. At least the ones I work with are that way.
Just saying if your LP/security is anything like my store's, they have "hidden" cameras even in employee only areas. I would do your best to return the stuff but just know even if they don't have the footage of you taking it out of the store, they might end up with footage of you bringing unpurchased merchandise back into a store and sneaking it back onto the shelf kinda speaks for itself. But you know your store's culture better than anyone else, if security is lazy and only checks cameras when they need to then you might be fine. Maybe consider not working in retail if you can't help yourself from shoplifting.

No. 391016

To be honest we don't really have too much loss prevention. There are other Payless locations near mine with no surveillance. I feel terrible about all of this and I hope nothing happens. I am a bad person.

No. 391018

You made a mistake, albeit a pretty bad one. Learn from it and don't do it again.

No. 391023

You aren't a bad person for one mistake. It's amendable.

No. 391040

I keep accidentally farting around guys I like

No. 391048

i cackled

No. 391144

File: 1553617843486.gif (2.9 MB, 268x268, fc5.gif)

I must be deprived, ovulating or developing a new kink (most likely all three), because I got into Far Cry 5 recently and some of the cutscenes are making me so unbearably horny, it's almost embarrassing. For the past week, at least five times a day I've been thinking about getting spitroasted by the cult guys. The Horny Police needs to lock me the fuck up ASAP.

No. 391150

Aside from the truth of the allegations (I believe them, but I doubt she had the most pure intent in exposing DA), Zheani's song "The Question" is just a banger, as far as angry girl rap in 2019 goes.
Too bad the rest of her music doesn't have that same energy. I'm sick of Soundcloud "$addest bbyd0ll crying @t the r4ve, lil faded anime h0e, w0rds slurred cus i'm a female lil peep, watched elfen lied and death note once (1)" music.

No. 391152

I'm only judging you because Far Cry 5 seems like such a normie game to be causing this reaction. But I have been horny af too.

No. 391160

Third horny anon here. I came across tentacle monster x anime dude and somehow found it awesome because I was ovulating too hard. Not my proudest fap. At least he had a good time being tentacled.

No. 391215

It is fucking normie game, but he's hot

No. 391266

File: 1553639008757.jpg (47.5 KB, 384x384, 1553547779940.jpg)

The Ayuwoki meme cracks me up. I've just spent one hour watching dumb videos related to this meme, mostly of guys doing scare-pranks dressed up as him. All videos were in Spanish (it's not my first language but I understand it most times) which somehow enhanced the comedic effect.

No. 391288

care to link some of the funny ones?

No. 391301

Did anyone ever not think as a kid? Like until I was 10/11-ish I never recall having a single self reflective thought about what I was doing/why

No. 391306

Maybe not exactly the same thing but I think the exact moment I had bodily self awareness was wondering when I started blinking and if it was some new thing humans just started doing. I wasn't even that young I was like… 7 probably.

No. 391307


you must have been some dumb kids

No. 391318

i don't think i did it much until i was like 10 but i remember being 4 and thinking why am i not this one bitch from my day care and how am "i" different from "her" and it upsetting me so much i started to cry and couldn't explain to mom why was i bawling lmao

No. 391325

No actually quite the opposite, I have always had a very active brain and lots of vivid memories from very, very early on.
I lived though a war as a little kid and had debilitating panic attacks later on so it's actually a pretty shit deal.

No. 391326

File: 1553647307620.jpeg (61.45 KB, 467x604, E3AA466E-3D56-4933-8704-646D30…)

No, but I had an issue with thinking other people were fake/I was the only person truly conscious. Yeah, I know, bad sign. Grew out of it when I was like 10 or so but I spent the majority of my early childhood believing other people were just “tests from God”

No. 391331

File: 1553647937076.png (122.41 KB, 946x794, Screenshot_2019-03-26-19-49-17…)

This BuzzFeed dude just gives me slimegirls vibes. I'd be unsurprised if he was a creep.

No. 391332

Isn't he Gay?

No. 391337

That's not bad, it's a perfectly normal stage of human development. All children experience this.

No. 391345

Good to know it’s normal. I’ve only told one person that and they said it was an antisocial trait, lol.

No. 391397

i was a little like that at least to my vague recollection (pretty bad at remembering some segments of my childhood), except i was more the type of kid who'd act on impulse and then bemoan and regret my decisions, but never with foresight, always in hindsight after i did the dumb thing.

No. 391418

i wanna be a corn dog baby

No. 391446

I'm at art college and this prof wants us to take Ayahuasca in the context of her class. A shaman will come and make us take small doses. The director is even ok with it.

Am I the only one who's alarmed by this? I've taken my fair share of drugs in life and this just seems… like a really bad idea. You never know if some student has history of schyzophrenia in their family. It all just seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 391448

Lmao what, how can drug use be part of a class. How was this approved, an ethics board should have never cleared this - I’m bamboozled as to how your professor even had the audacity to suggest drug use on campus as part of the curriculum. Are students allowed to opt out?

No. 391450


I don't know how it was approved! I'm not sure if we have an ethics board (small european country) but I know for sure the director approved it. Our country is pretty lax on drugs but I'm still sure the authorities wouldnt be okay with students taking drugs as part of their curriculum.

Yes, students are allowed to drop out but… I already know 3 people who plan on doing it and really shouldnt because of their current mental state.

What shocks me even more is that its planned to happen on May 10th which is the week before our theory exams and a month before our Grand Jury thing.

No. 391470

It's the kind of dumb humor you laugh at when you're high, but here you go.
Hispanic Youtube is a wild ride

No. 391559

When I'm at the hairdresser I get some good feelings. Sure, the head massage is very nice, but even when I'm waiting for my turn I feel so relaxed I almost fall asleep. I get goosebumps, too. First of all it's warm, then there's the hairdryer sound, that I've always liked for some reason. When I was a small child and my mom was hairblowing her hair, I would always take my small chair, go into the bathroom and sit down just to listen to that sound and get some occasional warm air directed at me too.
I guess that's what they call "asmr"

No. 391637

You're lucky. When I'm waiting, I get anxious so I can hurry up and get the fuck out of there and move on with my day.

No. 391643

Just found out there are women in their 20-30s who are anti-immigrant race realists and describe themselves as such.
I've always thought only young men subscribed to those ideologies and most young women were on the liberal side or entirely non-political.

No. 391661

File: 1553735584777.jpeg (105.67 KB, 491x720, D8B949B1-465F-4A92-8746-D45B3B…)

it’s pathetic but my bf and I have been together for 3 years, lived together for 2, and sometimes I just worry that he might not be attracted to me anymore and I’m overly paranoid because of horror stories from other people. he has absolutely never done anything to make me think otherwise but I’m an insecure person naturally and beat myself up a lot

the last few weeks he’s been super touchy and loving, it’s really nice (I have a feeling he’s gonna propose soon, woo) and today I was looking up at him and smiling thinking how happy I was to be home from work spending time with him. he was looking into my eyes and I was looking into his for like 30 seconds and then he got all embarrassed and said he got a boner

we both laughed but idk it felt really good and warmed my heart. like yeah he got a boner big deal but it’s different when a guy gets a boner looking at your naked body or something but we were just staring at each other not really touching or anything

ok I’ll stop writing now I know I’m pathetic haha

No. 391666

File: 1553738887727.jpg (533.14 KB, 900x900, waiting_by_kr0npr1nz-d91bfdr.j…)


On the contrary, I have a very clear memory of when I was four and I thought about what it is like to be dead. Not in an edgy way, I was just was like "i will close my eyes, hold my breath and block my ears". And I did. When I finally was out of breath I came to the conclusion that "dying is actually very boring and I am glad that I am alive" kek (I don't remember what I went to do afterwards, though)

non related pic.

No. 391680

This was my first ever contact with Nicki Minaj, I had no idea who she was back then. I think it was either late 2010's or early 2011's.

I remember seeing her and thinking "Wow, this girl singing with Kate is actually kinda cute and sings well!"
My impression was that she was just a weaboo black girl that was energetic, bubbly and kinda "quirky", kinda like a more vibrant and less edgy Gwen Stephani (not that she's edgy per se, but she has a bit more edge than what I percieved Nicki to be). When I saw her pic at Harajuku, that really consolidated that first image for me.

Boye, how things changed, and how wrong I was. I wish the Nicki I envisioned back then existed.

No. 391681


Samefag, but I still think she looks cute in Superbass, especially when she's not making a crazy face and just smiling and dancing. Oh, well.

No. 391684

File: 1553745753627.jpeg (285.02 KB, 956x1280, EB328EE1-EDEE-40E5-B762-669D29…)

That’s not pathetic anon, it’s reassuring to know that the person you love is still attracted to you, even if you’re finding that out a little crudely. I understand and I’m happy for you, from one overly paranoid anon to another.

No. 391709

File: 1553753862357.jpeg (58.07 KB, 640x419, 6B9CC162-BF07-49FA-9BA4-6F6410…)

That new thread in snow about monkey haters I am intrigued but I can’t handle another zoosadism thread

No. 391711

>be diagnosed with ADHD as a child after mom takes me to shrink behind dad's back
>go on ritalin, eventually adderall
>dad eventually finds out and flips out because he doesn't believe in psych meds or whatever
>go off it
>later diagnosed with depression and anxiety
>suffer increasingly over the years, go on many different anti depressants and mood stabilizers, nothing helps
>a few years ago stop therapy and medication
>didn't get worse but it's still hard to cope
>friend notices my lack of focus and anxiety and tells me I should ask my doctor about my childhood ADHD instead

Now I'm wondering if my depressive symptoms have just been untreated ADHD this whole time. I don't really remember much from my childhood or how the pills made me feel, only going to the psychiatrist's office sometimes and how my dad said the pills made me "seem dead".

No. 391714

I first heard about through YouTube, really disturbing shit.

people who derive gratification from watching animals get abused are disgusting.

monkeys aren't the nicest creatures on the face of the earth but they sure as hell don't deserve to be tortured either

No. 391716

Depression and adhd are often comorbid, especially in women. Go to a psych, explain your treatment history with both. There are other treatments for adhd if Ritalin and adderall both really mess you up.
You probably need to be treated properly for both at the same time. Best of luck, anon.
My family doesn't really believe in (adult especially) adhd either and made me stop taking meds, and it sucked; it really helped me keep my shit together. Then they berated me when I was sad and unfocused constantly lol

No. 391717

I have a friend with ADHD who explained this to me, something to do with your emotion levels not being able to keep up with your energy levels so what >>391716 said

>Then they berated me when I was sad and unfocused constantly lol

called you lazy too probably? Really sucks, hope you're doing better now.

Related, possibly stupid question, does weed actually work for ADHD? People used to say I have it but I calmed down and started feeling better when I started smoking every day.

No. 391737


We have at least one mental health thread in /ot/.

No. 391756

I always had cats but even if they were adopted, they were given away by friends or family, they always had a home and were spoiled and sassy.
Last years I picked two kittens from the streets, and they're the most loving and grateful pets I ever had. They shower me in cuddles and kisses every time they can. They never hiss, bite or scratch anyone. Even the vet was surprised at how well behaved they are.
So anons, adopt animals in order to give them a better life. They will remember and pay you back infinitely.

No. 391785

does your professor listen to joe rogan or something wtf? It sounds cult-ish to ask your class to do drugs together as part of classwork.

No. 391810

No, I don't even think she ever heard of him. She's from Chile and my school is in Belgium. But I agree 100% that its very cultish. It's gonna end like in Climax (the movie) but like…thats bad.

No. 391996

File: 1553813362270.png (Spoiler Image, 15.45 KB, 616x149, Screenshot_2019-03-28-18-47-55…)

I once read a porn story were the first half was the normal guy sees his wife getting cucked in a gang bang. The story doesn't end their, but continues as the man falls into a depressive spiral as he has multiple hollow relationships to fill the void his wife left.
He finally finds a women he likes, but when when they finish having sex she gives him a letter
The letter is from his wife saying she had a special type of brain tumor that made her lose the ability to control who she has sex with and that she currently lives on a cruise ship having lots of sex. Finally, she says that if he was getting the letter she was probably dead from the tumor.

This was all in chapter 1 out of 4

The only other porn story I read as weird as this was the one were a guys girlfriend cheats on him and he goes MGTOW

Luckily I forgot the names to both of these literary mistakes

No. 391997

WHYYY did you forget their names anon that sounds so fucking funny

No. 392039

I was just reading about how ovulation subtly affects women's bodies and how we look and it's just so cool to me. I always feel like I look more attractive when I'm ovulating, and that guys hit on me more when I'm ovulating, so it's cool to read about how that's scientifically driven and not me being crazy.

Also interesting how ovulating women are more attracted to more masculine looking men than any other time of their cycle.

No. 392103

yes I love people like you
there were stray kitties who showed up outside my house last year ish at different times. they both seemed to be abandoned or lost housecats who'd wandered into the neighborhood. I started feeding them. unfortunately because I'm really at my limit with pets right now on a responsibility level, it's hard enough taking care of my 60 lbs dog while being a student, I couldn't keep them. I would've adopted them in a heartbeat if i didn't have my plate full with my dog. luckily the first one went to the animal shelter and was adopted, the second one was adopted by my neighbors. I really wish I could've kept them, I used to volunteer at shelters and am a firm believer in adopting not shopping. Maybe in the future a furbaby will show up who I can actually keep.

No. 392217

File: 1553874508325.jpg (40.34 KB, 453x315, 23429817.jpg)

My extended family invited me down to the beach over the summer but I'm super pale and I feel like I'll just be constantly thinking about it. I can actually tan but I'm way more likely to burn and as much as I want a small tan I know that tanning is basically just sun damage and I don't even have a family history of skin cancer but it still freaks me out

No. 392227

you'll probably be fine as long as you wear spf and stay in the shade. Maybe invest in a beach parasol and/or rash shield?


No. 392238

Anon that image, my sides

I agree with the other anon. Your best bet is sunscreen and sitting in the shade.

No. 392322

I decided to dye my hair (well, use the caca rouge henna from lush) and I drove all the way to the store and now I'm sitting in the parking lot like OMG WHAT IF IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD but I'm still gonna do it I just have to build up motivation to go inside

No. 392327

You’ll probably feel better inside because the employees are always nice and give free sample stuff

And the new bath bombs came out today

No. 392330

yup! I bought the henna and got two free samples of hair conditioner! and I saw the new bath bombs, one of them was a egg covered in gold glitter that I really wanted to smell but could not bring myself to touch

No. 392545

I barely struggle with disordered eating anymore, but every once in a while, I still look at sad images of skeletal or near-skeletal girls to remind myself just how far things can spiral if I don't watch myself.
If I've gained a bit of weight, I do allow myself to restrict, but I have to be aware of when to "stop". A certain number may seem like the best possible place to be (regardless of others calling it unhealthy, that's how it looks in my own mind), but it's not worth losing everything and becoming a walking self-parody. I need to be happy with just "normal thin/slim thick".
The downside is, part of me kind of likes how they look, even if other parts are repulsed. I'm just acutely aware that it wouldn't look good on me, and that the health risks are bad.
Is that a weird and/or counter-productive mindset to have?

No. 392601

I hate this ad.

No. 392613

I like how it's supposed to be an ode to love but they use Chandelier and just stick to the lyric "from the chandelier" and go as far as erasing the "drink" from "1,2,3 drink" because any of the rest of the song would make it obvious that it's about being lonely af and a mess. How ironic.
They couldn't find another song to convey being mad in love other than one about drinking yourself into a stupor?

No. 392935

I used to think the same way about marriage. I decided I wouldn't do it outside of tax benefit reasons because I figured if I loved someone so much, whether we're dating or married won't change how much I love them. Also I was super against changing my last name and didn't understand why people would even do that (the whole "fuck men and taking their names" thing).

I recently got out of a relationship but during it, it made me realize that maybe… marriage wouldn't be so bad. Yeah it still wouldn't change how much I loved and care for my s/o, but getting to call someone my wife makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Taking their last name makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It became something really hard to explain for me.

No. 393017

File: 1553987609105.gif (1.18 MB, 369x246, AA3A5EB3-52C7-466E-9331-CB3035…)

>le wrong generation whining incoming
God damn, I seriously wish I was a teen in the 80’s or 90’s instead of the 00’s and could have gone to stupid/silly night clubs and danced to Astley and Ace of Base and wore the ridiculous fashions. I’ve been to a club in my city that has an 80’s/90’s night sometimes, but it’s not the same. I remember thinking about how much fun it would be to go out dancing as a kid/tween and once I turned 18/21 I was so disappointed.

No. 393089

File: 1554001521244.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 2485x3211, 96E3E4FD-DBB6-4715-8675-A84AD5…)

Sometimes I like taking a cow’s picture and editing them to make them look cuter—Shay is a favorite to do since she literally just needs to take care of herself more.

No. 393094

Not really wrong generation but I do wish I lived in a world where the Internet never evolved
like it just stayed like it was in the 2000's and never changed beyond that point

No. 393096

File: 1554003997529.jpg (5.59 KB, 265x190, proxy.duckduckgo-1.jpg)


I think about this all the time….like depressingly so. I feel like we've opened pandora's box.

No. 393097

it was just a more simpler place back then

No. 393099

Ahahaha this is fucking hideous, anon. Autists like you who shoop cows pics are so embarassing.

No. 393100

She looks better in the original, anon

No. 393103

File: 1554005049258.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1242x1707, bad.jpeg)

You guys are so right, she's much cuter here. How could I be that stupid to think that heavy eyebags, bad skin, horrible eyebrows, and grossly done nails were unattractive?

No. 393104

Squinty goblin. Jfc anon, your perception of beauty must be so fucked.

No. 393105

She's not beautiful in any way, I just said I liked to attempt to make them cuter. It's the same with Momokun–you can try to fix it but it won't be perfect.

No. 393107

A pointy nose, eyes that you could blindfold with a spaghetti strand, washed out skin and purple lips aren’t better. It’s a different way of looking bad. You made no improvements at all.

No. 393109

i mean tbh all that needed to be done was blur out her skin imperfections. you went too hard on the edit and that's the issue honestly

No. 393111

I didn't do anything to her eyes besides get rid of the bags underneath them, so the squinting is all on her. I didn't know anons were so protective of Shay's looks.

No. 393114

Nobody is protecting her looks. Just accept that you’re not as good at photoshopping as you thought you were. There are cows who accept criticism better than you rn anon.

No. 393115

I used Meitu, not photoshop but alright anon. I'm genuinely curious on how you guys would alter her looks if given the chance–I just tried to fix what is usually nitpicked in her threads.

No. 393117

Your defensiveness is creeping towards sperging territory.

No. 393118

I guess you ignored the part where I said I was genuinely curious as to how you guys would fix it, but I'll stop now because I'm not interested in getting banned for sperging. Have a good one, anon.

No. 393120

File: 1554006047029.jpeg (48.66 KB, 640x480, 49175886-9085-4FAA-9D08-AB3C3D…)

No. 393123

File: 1554006494704.jpg (Spoiler Image, 761.5 KB, 1047x1440, uri_mr1554006360475.jpg)

Here, I used Meitu too. Did a small nose adjustment but kept it fairly light. I think this is more along the lines of an improvement, rather than just blasting her face with white and severe lipstick

No. 393124

Yeah, I agree with you anon and I definitely whiteblasted her face too much. I thought the darker lipstick looked nicer but that's also a personal preference in general. I wish there was just a way to fix those claws she has.

No. 393130

File: 1554006986298.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1242x1707, B38AC045-929C-4B51-833D-2CEAB7…)

Jesus after using the app you really did try too hard.

No. 393134

js for skin imperfections just use the firm or acne tool. im worried about your selfies now. dont corpse-filter yourself like this, or, imo, use very dark lipstick on yourself if young. it looks so bad most of the time

No. 393152

Kek thank you for proving my point about how ridiculously autistic the spergs who shoop cows pics are. Please go back to your dumpster fire of a containment thread now.

No. 393153

what containment thread do they have?

No. 393154

Shay's thread where apparently their level of autism is 100% halal

No. 393178

File: 1554012336028.jpg (295.88 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20190331_020028.jpg)

You still made her look too tranny like with the ridiculous make up. Second anon did it best but I tried too, too blurred but def an improvment

No. 393179

What’s up with these pointy noses?

No. 393214

lmao she looks deformed

No. 393216

I don’t understand women that hook up with men just to suck their cock. Why

No. 393217

Maybe feel pressured to do “something” (not even necessarily by the guy, just internal pressure) but don’t want to have sex?

No. 393224

Low self-esteem and a desperate need for validation.

No. 393245

I don't hook up with men just to suck their cock (hell i havent hooked up with anyone in 3 years) but I actually really enjoy sucking cock. I know its an unpopular opinion or whatever, but I genuinly enjoy it, it really turns me on.

No. 393250

OP here, I enjoy sucking cock too, but I can’t fucking imagine hooking up with someone and not having them do anything for me while I get them off. Just sounds like a really fucking sad thing to do.

No. 393251

Same, I actually think it's kind of fun and prefer it compared to piv sex

No. 393255

Any Berlin farmers here that have a personnal recc as to what I should visit? I'm staying a week at a friend's place. Looking for cheap places to eat, techno parties, art galleries, all that stuff. Idk, looking for advice from actual berliners.

No. 393258

I think anon is talking about women who don't expect to get oral or anything else in return, which is truly tragic.

No. 393265

Not from Berlin but Brammibal’s donuts is soooo good. It’s a must stop for me when I go.

No. 393266

What the fuck happened to the kpop threads on /ot/?

No. 393269

/m/ happened.

No. 393271

thank you! i'll check it out!

No. 393274

my mom just sneezed and pissed herself

No. 393277

Some dude at my school apparently swiped right on me on Bumble (I am trying out the Boost trial to see who matched me). Thing is, he often posts photos on Instagram of his girlfriend and goes on and on about how amazing she is. The hell is this fool doing on a dating app then? Kind of tempted to swipe right on him just to call him out.

No. 393310

I've noticed a lot of guys that leave comments on other girls instagram pages have girlfriends/wives, like the majority of them. If you can find a way to let his girlfriend know anonymously that would be great.

No. 393311

Please do this and report back!

No. 393312

either cheating or looking for a threesome

or maybe he swiped right a while ago before he started dating his gf

No. 393323

I've lost the count of ALL the taken guys I've seen on dating apps. Some of them are even dumb enough to put pictures with their girlfriend, others pretend to be single but have their instagram connected where you can see their girlfriends. Then there are the ones who don't leave clues but I know them irl.

No. 393332

They tend to do this usually for:
ego boost

It's usually the second one. Fucking terrible how many of them complain that no one wants them, then once they get a gf they instantly go online to cheat. Ew.

I agree with >>393310 if you can tell his gf anonymously about it, with screenshots and all.

No. 393348

Definitely isn’t the last option since I only started using the app a week ago and he’s been with his girlfriend way longer than that. There’s also no indication on his profile that he’s taken or that he’s looking for a threesome.
I think I’m going to do that. I don’t want to get personally involved so going about it anonymously is best. Already got screenshots of his profile too.

No. 393411

File: 1554064368264.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

these cakes taste pretty damn good actually

No. 393412

File: 1554064713471.png (218.65 KB, 480x274, 0025582.png)

lemon flavoured popkek is the absolute masterrace anon

No. 393442

Banana and cherry flavored ones are my favorites

No. 393450

I tried to use Meitu but it's not user friendly at all. I gave up and used my phone's built in beauty filter instead.

No. 393463

File: 1554070226293.png (751.95 KB, 912x912, Photo_1554069998754.png)

Alright ladies… It's time for a game of fuck, marry, or kill. If you haven't heard of this game before, the objective is to pick which three people from a list that you would either fuck, marry, or kill. Suicide is not an option, unfortunately. The three people to decide upon are Onision (Gregory Avaroe,) Johnny Craig (from Taylor Nicole Dean threads,) and Shoe0nhead (June Laporta.) You could choose cows from your own list as well.

I would kill Johnny because he's a waste of flesh, air, and space. I would hate fuck Onision because I killed Johnny, and I would marry June because she's the most attractive and tolerable of the bunch (somehow…)

No. 393466

Anons here really do have a warped sense of beauty. Mostly everyone has some kind of undereye lines, no one has perfectly smooth skin under their eyes.

No. 393488

I don't visit TND threads but at first I thought that Johnny guy was Sweeney from American Gods, kek.
Anyway you made it too difficult, I choose the "run away" option

No. 393490

Kill Greg as he's a fucking piece of shit, fuck the other duded as I don't follow his thread and am unaware of his bs, mary Shuwu as she's the best out of the horrible choice.

How about Luna, Shayna and Nicole Dollanganger?

No. 393497


is shayna the muslim one? I don't follow her thread. Marry Nicole Dollangagner, kill Luna (she'll kill herself with drugs anyway) and fuck Shayna I guess…

That fatvegfemme chick, Mystery, toopoor

No. 393519

lol, promise, you would NOT fuck shayna unless you fancy catching something. sorry anon, i had to save you from yourself!

No. 393523

Kill Greg (this seems beyond obvious? am I crazy? he does way too much damage to his children/dogs/wife/wetlands to continue) marry Shoe (she'd be trad and cook for me, easily ignored) and fuck Jonny because I like to smoke heroin once in a blue moon. I'd also like to tie him up and beat the shit out of him as payback for his exes. I felt overly mean I might shove something up his ass before I left, just so he knows what it feels like to get raped.

Creativity is key.

No. 393526

I'd marry Luna because she's kind of cute in a dirty, dysfunctional way. I'd fuck Nicole Dollanger because I only read her thread once. She seems like a somewhat attractive poser. I would kill Shayna because I don't want an STD. Sorry, Shay-gnar… It's nothing personal.

No. 393537

Kill Onion, fuck shuwu, marry Johnny and ruin his life before divorcing him.

No. 393539

kek, this could be it's own thread.

hate fuck johnny (with a strap-on - I'm not letting him anywhere near my vag) marry june since she's straight and i'll never have to actually touch her. kill greg.

pablo schreiber is actually attractive tho.

fuck luna. marry nicole because she seems the most stable out of the three. mercy kill shayna and steal rib to raise as my own.

No. 393541

Mary nicole, fuck shay, put luna out of her misery

No. 393566

You’re a brave one to fuck shay.

I’d marry Luna too. Once you fix her up a little she’d be pretty okay. You’d come home and she’d have washed the dishes and want to tell you all about how beautiful moonstone and clouds are.

No. 393571

momokun, kelly eden, pumpy

No. 393579

fuck Kelly because I think she's attractive, marry Moo because she'd buy me shit even if she was a terrible partner otherwise, kill Pumpy because she's too dumb to live.

No. 393589

fuck Kelly (no-brainer), marry Pumpy (doesn't she like to splurge money on partners, too, sometimes?) and fix her up, kill Momo (don't want to be assaulted)

fuck TooPoor, marry Mystery, kill fatvegfemme (also don't want to be assaulted)

I guess fuck and marry can be interchanged depending on if marriage requires sex.


Zoosadists, monkey haters, messytails
just kidding, Nemu, plaaastic, Kandajin3

No. 393591

Fuck marry kill:
Ashley the lich, Tammy slaton, Anna the ginger vegan munchie.

No. 393592

File: 1554083041478.jpeg (28.8 KB, 549x199, 549C912B-74A9-4C6E-A518-83C436…)


No. 393596


No. 393606

*Poppy, Mira, Nemu (sry tired)

No. 393661

Uh… Is that admin retarded? Then again, in the last four months, it seems like admin sama hired autists to police this board. It's sad because I'm a female autist… I guess I should have applied.

No. 393665

>Uh… Is that admin retarded
You're just finding out about this?

No. 393667

Nope. I've been here for two years, sweetie. Thank you for your concern.

No. 393671

I thought the OT threads were free of newfags, but I was dead wrong. Why can't they just infest 4chan/8chan and leave us alone…

No. 393674

cool. thanks for sharing your blog.

No. 393677

Today I learned that 2 sentences is a blog. WTF happened?

No. 393682

File: 1554089669458.gif (315.44 KB, 200x148, 200w.gif)

>Tfw watching random farmers bicker over anything

No. 393684

I only bicker when undiagnosed autists flip shit on me for no reason.

No. 393685

Let's be honest >>393667 was just unnecessarily defensive over literally nothing lmao. They said they were new so not surprising.

No. 393688

I hate:
Lifestyle bloggers etc all have the same lifestyle
“Aesthetic” is an aesthetic

No. 393689

You've been here for longer than two years and consider me a newfag? Hats off to you but most people as old as or older than me have jumped ship… If you don't know why then you just outed yourself as a newfag.

No. 393690

File: 1554091193401.gif (490.49 KB, 498x290, tenor (1).gif)

I got help for mine, so it's time for you to to get help with yours, newfag.(samefagging)

No. 393694

I tear up so easy, not even at just sad things which is why I'm not super concerned over it but sappy commercials, thinking about sappy stuff/happy stuff, seeing little kids getting sad or act sad (but hearing a child cry just makes me angry), so many trivial things that most people wouldn't think much of honestly can make me tear up or almost tear up, I'm usually ok at concealing it but there have been a few times I've let it slip in front of people and they're like yo what the fuck and I have to tell them I'm not sad I just tear up easy. It doesn't usually happen to things in real life, mostly things I'm thinking about or stuff I see on TV/online.

Is anyone else like this? Its kind of annoying getting choked up at the smallest things. I'm not depressed or anything, its just this one thing makes me feel like an extremely sensitive weirdo. Thing is though I rarely ever actually cry, I've cried maybe 4 times in the last year. It takes a lot to make me full on cry but so little to make me tear up. Makes me feel neurotic as fuck

No. 393707

Honestly, I just love the viper like retorts and chaotic energy that comes out of your posts lmao

No. 393734

Only one of those is me, friend. Don't care enough to go back and forth with someone retarded enough to samefag lmfao.

No. 393945

Fuck Kelly, kill Pumpy, marry Momo and divorce her taking most of her money

No. 393978

I used to be a hopeless NEET, thought I was lucky to come across my current job 4 years ago, but the last year has been hell because the shittiest cow got promoted to manager from all the bootlicking she's done, and she couldn't even perform the simpliest tasks. She's got a huge inferiority complex and gives us wrong directions on purpose, then she blames it on us since there's no proof we didn't do it on our own. We can't complain because the boss trusts her completely.
On the bright side, I updated my CV a few days ago and already got a few offers. I might change jobs soon if I get something decent. I didn't expect it since I had to struggle a lot to find current job, and it feels good to be contacted instead of contacting companies.

No. 393989

Kek me too anon. I cry about dumb shit like kittens and my mom. I had a weird moment last fall where I started tearing up during a math lecture thinking about short men and how small they are.

I've started to accept I'm kind of soft. It's funny because I'm otherwise a bit stand-offish and struggle with rage issues.

No. 394099

File: 1554153379902.gif (1.38 MB, 400x224, tenor.gif)

I… I think I developed a fear of blood or something?? I was cleaning my fresh piercing today and it bled a little. My hands started to feel week just like me legs. WHAT THE FUCK
I was NEVER squeamish and used to self harm in the past (not extreme but there was blood and I still got the scars) so how and why is this happening??

No. 394113

I went on a date a week ago with this guy who basically paid for almost everything but he said he had a great time with me. He wanted to have another date last Sunday so we were planning that but then he stopped texting me and basically disappeared. I'm just a bit baffled why he suddenly stopped plans.

No. 394145

I've always asked this question and people say they have proof but no one actually delivers, but is Twitter user mombot actually a white guy and NOT a Japanese woman? I swear to God they tried revealing the fact mombot wasn't a woman on Ralph Retort and they just showed a photo mombot took of her wearing a baggy sweater and they were like "Kek look at those linebacker shoulders!" and apparently that was the only proof.

No. 394162

>had a weird moment last fall where I started tearing up during a math lecture thinking about short men and how small they are.
I was down with the rest of your post until this weird shit. Reminds me of shuwus female fans that "sob" about the men in their lives that they love being ruthlessly attacked by the Gillette ad

No. 394167

Pls no bully anon. I just think they're cute and it makes me emotional. Just want to hug em.
I know it's dumb lmao.

No. 394170

i have worked myself into a crying fit over thinking about old people while looking at an old lady's hand gripping a bar on a bus, how big world is and how alone i am and how many other people are too at an airport, while watching that Amazon jp ad with the dog and so on, some people are just more prone to crying i guess. cry on, sister!

No. 394218

I’m a huge crybaby as well, anon. I cry for happy stuff, mostly, but I do get teary at random things all the time.

No. 394317

File: 1554210318370.png (12.59 KB, 100x100, 1521272034106.png)

I cry for old people too! And animals, of course.
I also cry when I see/think of homeless people, when I see them on the streets and I don't have anything to give to them I have to walk away really fast and clench my jaw to avoid a crying fit.
Now this is a little weirder, but I cry when I think of my little sister when she was small. (She's alive and well thankfully.) Not only that, but when I see small kids that remind me of how she was I tear up. A couple of months ago I was with a friend of mine and we were watching her nephew, who was just learning how to stand up on his feet and walk, and the view of him coming to me on his feet slowly and clumsily, with his hands reaching out to me, made me cry right on the spot.
And of course I'm crying writing this post, too. It can't be helped I guess

No. 394396

I wish I was the host of a successful podcast.

No. 394397

what would you want your podcast to be about anon?

No. 394398

I'm not sure if I can explain it well. Not specific, but just something comfy to fill a niche that people could listen to in the morning? It would be nice if I can help someone start their day off happy while having fun myself. And of course, being able to support myself financially like that would be great. No more soul crushing retail.

No. 394402

I like this idea. There's a small beauty youtuber I follow that does really good tutorials but she's also really casual and easygoing. She just chats away, jokes and doesn't go crazy on the editing or anything so there's mistakes and silly little things. A lot of her followers say they get the same fuzzy feeling, it's like just chilling with a really cool friend who's good at makeup.
It'd be nice to have a podcast that's like that, but without the focal point. Just a relaxed, friendly sounding person chatting away about random stuff.

No. 394405

NTA but do you mind if I ask the name of that youtuber? I love small channels like that

No. 394408

>fuzzy feeling, it's like just chilling with a really cool friend
This! Exactly how I envision the podcast. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the focus of it would be. I think current events/pop culture is done to death, I don't like true crime like most anons here seem to either. I guess I'm looking to create something that doesn't exist yet with no idea what that something will be.

No. 394409

Friday Night In podcast gives me that vibe

No. 394410

I'll check it out because I don't think I'd be very good at creating a podcast. I don't have the voice for it regardless.

No. 394412

If you want to create that genuine kind of vibe then it really needs to be about something that feels natural for you to talk about. What are your interests? You don't have to actually know much about it, just read up a little before each podcast and say what you find interesting and chat about it in your own way
Even podcasts that spiral randomly are nice when they have a genuine atmosphere

No. 394414

I wish someone had told me what a meme Cards Against Humanity is. The cleverest answers never win because everyone is too busy turning into a bunch of fucking cavemen laughing at dick jokes and toilet humor.

What are some better card and board games that encourage people to actually use their brains? I wanna keep hosting game nights but I refuse to play Cards Against Humanity ever again. What a shitshow.

No. 394416

I wish my cats didn't know how to open the doors in my house. I just want to poop in peace without their beady little eyes watching me, and them trying to climb into my pants like it's a canopy. I think I'm going to get baby locks for my doors.

No. 394417

That's so qt. I wish my cat knew how to open doors.

No. 394420

my cat does the same thing. also sitting in with me when i shower. i love my cat lol

No. 394434

i got child locks for my doors.

No. 394438

File: 1554236652530.gif (3.83 MB, 480x270, untethered rage.gif)

Reminder that if you've made the decision to move on from someone, stick with it. No second guessing or reconsideration.

t. stupid regretful anon

No. 394441

So uh my dog keeps stealing all my shit and hiding it in this toy box? I found several pairs of shoes, panties, shorts, towels, etc in there, wut

No. 394444

My dog does that too but she puts my things in her bed and then will sleep with them. Like while I am at work she will take one of my sweaters from my dirty laundry and curl up with it. I think it is because they like the smell of us

No. 394462

No. 394469

I had a dog who was obsessed with my period panties for a few months. Thankfully he grew out of it, but I remember having mysterious holes in my underwear and not know how they got there until one day I heard him digging his nose into a pile of my dirty clothes, like aggressively with little snorts and all that. He loved napping in my clothes so I never put two and two together.

No. 394495

No. 394620

Does being ana-chan really fry your brain and mess up with your mental developement?

I went to high school with a girl who suffered anorexia. Only thing she could talk about was typical ana shit. All her other interests seemed to be .. idk mild? comparing to ana stuff.
I thought it was super sad.

Our mutual friend met up with her recently. It was been over 5 years and she has not changed at all since her teen years.
Most people grow/change in their early 20s but she stays mentally as a ana teen.
It’s hard to explain. If I had to guess her age I’d say 14.

No. 394623

How many daily users does lolcow have ?

No. 394626

I'm curious as well. Idk how to go about finding that, possibly only a mod could know.

No. 394635

It does. If you don't eat/eat so little you look like a skelly while your brain is still developing, your brain does not get enough nutrition to grow and renew. Also being anorexic means you pretty much constantly think about food and the fact you "can't" eat, so it's not really surprising the girl from your school would talk about nothing else.

No. 394643

shoe0nhead's english accent or dialect or whatever the fuck it is extremely annoying. i know that she's american but it's the most irritating american accent i have ever heard.

No. 394673

I was anorexic for nearly a year when I was 15. Personally I think I turned out fine. I don't like to talk about that time in my life, or my ED to others in general because it was a very dark time and not something that I'd make public.

Maybe it's because she's still anorexic and indirectly seeking attention from her peers.

No. 394686

No. 394732

File: 1554313153079.png (166.07 KB, 540x304, b8aa2c6e-0345-47d7-822f-389896…)

Why do guys send selfies seeming randomly in conversations? Is that a new thing or something? Over the span of maybe 6 months I had like 5 dudes send me their selfies while having a conversation and it had nothing to do with it. I never complimented them, flirted or said anything that would suggest me wanting to see their face.

I just find it so damn odd and off-putting.

No. 394740

Oh mood, nero poster!

No. 394741

There's this dumb girl at school who always reblogs shit like call-out posts about "problematic" white men, anti-TERF posts, and ugly forced racial inclusivity bullshit art on her Tumblr. Yet she is a huge fan of South Park, a show created by two rich libertarian white dudes and who have espoused anti-trans ideas on their show. She also always draws the grossest porn artwork of the South Park kids. I guess as long as they can diddle to some paper cutout kids, it's okay if the creators are as "problematic" as the people they constantly shit on.

No. 394743

I was literally just thinking about this the other day, I kinda have no idea. most of the time it has nothing to do with the conversation. Even weirder when you've been platonic friends for ages, I was thinking maybe for a compliment? I think guys don't get them a lot so are desperate??

No. 394752

Well that's their own fault more or less. The second you like their picture they assume they have a chance and sprint to your inbox.

I also assumed it might be tactic of some sort, as in "I showed you a picture of me, now you show me yours", that's creepy and I hope I'm wrong lol

No. 394753

I'm not sure if I'm orbiting most of my male friends or not. Outside of my best friend, I've only befriended guys who I'm physically attracted to because it's nice to look at them. But I'd never date them or anything and neither of us really benefit from it. I just kind of give them attention and they entertain me with conversation a bit.

Is there a term for this setup? Befriending people I'm attracted to with no intention of dating them lol?

No. 394762

I got some strange texts from a guy I've never met. Like gym pictures and asking 'how is your morning '. Older dude, like 60s. He asked if I was single and asked for pictures. I said he had the wrong number and that I was male actually and good luck with the ladies. He said, sorry, that he thought I was someone else and that he was widowed so he appreciated the good will and said bye.

I guess he's just a lonely old man because he's sent me more pictures of him going about his day.

No. 394777

I had that aswell!
And now as an adult I look back at a lot of moments in my childhood and get upset about the dumb shit I did or the opportunities i missed for no fucking reason

No. 394789

I've been looking around some threads and some people mentioned 'chapo trap house'. I used to browse that sub and god was it a shit hole.

That sub is the definition of 'middle class white kid who doesn't know what communism is' mixed with 'angsty teen who's smarter than all the sheeple in the world'.

The sub has slowly stopped supporting actual communist/socalist ideas and just become a 'social democracy > democraps AMIRITE!'. They would be slightly bearable if they did jack shit, but nope all they do is complain about democrats.

No. 394796

Every time I post in /g/ I get a slightly passive aggressive reply, it makes me a little bit sad, especially when I was only trying to be helpful.

No. 394799

Isn't it funny how the conversations in /g/ tend to feel more angsty than the ones in the actual discourse board /ot/ and the cow threads? /Pt/ is by far the chillest board of LC imo.

No. 394810

File: 1554332034331.jpeg (794.75 KB, 1242x905, 577EC4FA-090B-4F42-BC4B-1C4B26…)

Reminded me of you guys

No. 394816

It's full of elitism and narcissism. I know a couple people I went to high school with who no doubt browse that sub. Just a bunch of guys who think they're all that. It's like the college agree version of a country club.

No. 394820

Do you guys ever feel like you just want to exist somewhere else for a few days? I'm so fed up with this world. Don't wanna die, just want a fuckin break from all the bullshit. Very much wishing I had the ability to lucid dream or something.

No. 394834


Shallow? Idk, I do this too

No. 394838

r/stupidpol >>>> r/chaposhithouse
tho stupidpol stans the trans a little too much, at least they make jokes and don't get butthurt all the time. chapotraphouse the podcast is like the opposite of the sub, idk why its so full of ancom trans catgirls lol

No. 394841

File: 1554340189687.jpg (124.3 KB, 880x622, 880x622xcasas-solitarias-1.jpg)

I have a sort of similar feel, where I wish I could escape from society and all the fears and worries that come with being a responsible adult and just live my life somewhere else. Isolated somewhere serene, beautiful, and calm. In my own little cottage, living off the land, keeping to myself. No worries about relationships, mortgages, paychecks, health insurance, etc. Just simple living.

No. 394892

People who play the ukulele are the most obnoxious fucks ever. Only the worst kind of people would choose to play it

No. 394895

They ALWAYS find a chance to play some shitty song on it, don't they?
Every single person I've know with one did that every single time we hung out.

No. 394898

Same voice, too. It's always the "welcome to my kitchen" voice. They're just the worst. You can tell that they ALWAYS think they're characters in a Diablo Cody or Wes Anderson film. It's such a crap instrument that never sounds good, that no one wants to listen to, but they shoehorn it into every single possible interaction. Literally every uke player is a minor cow in some respect

No. 394901

i fucking hate the fact they HAVE to without fail show everyone their ~progress~ whether it be a youtube video or an instagram story… like i swear, no other person who plays an instrument tries to show off this much. i play drums and i know for a fact no one wants to see me post videos of myself just practicing.

No. 394932

In public I dress in very plain nondescript clothes and in the privacy of my home I dress in cringey weeb clothes and have many sailorfukus, colorful wigs, maid outfits, and other such things. I just love extrememly tacky KAWAII shit.

No. 394966

File: 1554368629849.jpg (65.05 KB, 595x842, hiad0s36k3q21.jpg)

This comic reminds me of you anons.

No. 394975

>sexual assault and forced impregnation
No thanks anon, take that away

No. 394980

File: 1554372494953.jpeg (50.7 KB, 712x430, 0C14482E-6960-4782-8FBF-6E1D4B…)


No. 394981

because Nancy has a cuckqueen fetish

No. 394982

I don't like the idea of rape, but mpreg is wholesome.
>tfw ywn impregnate a man who is also the love of your life
Why live?

No. 394983

Do you live alone?
>tfw want to dress in cute lingerie and don cat ears in the privacy of my own home
>tfw still live with immediate fam

No. 395164

File: 1554413276457.jpeg (130.79 KB, 750x316, C11711F5-38E1-4259-B331-417D67…)

Why are body positivity girls so bitter lmao

No. 395215

File: 1554429823357.jpg (87.63 KB, 940x492, d999c3f257437bcb627dfbdd0466a7…)

I think I've found a new regular D&D group. My last one wasted away with a DM that was never consistent or would just bitch about his own problems the entire evening. First game is tomorrow night, I hope I don't fuck it up by being an autist. I want to have fun with people again.

No. 395217

What else do you expect from a group of people who need a whole movement dedicated to the mental gymnastics they do to cope with having a body they hate, rather than just eating less?

No shame in being fat and legitimately ok with it, but if someone relies on externally driven 'body positivity' it's obvious they need to convince themselves that they're happy the way they are because the alternative (dieting) is too hard.

No. 395218

So if you're skinny but maybe have a body deformity body positivity still isn't for you? This is incredibly dumb lmfao

No. 395221

good luck and have fun, anon! d&d is my favorite hobby that i've gotten into the last few years and i've made so many awesome friends doing it. i hope your new group is a good one.

No. 395224

I found it really funny that a guy in one of my classes turned out to be as ridiculously obsessive about comics as I am for manga. We both look and act like complete normalfags so it took half the semester for either of us to find out

No. 395247

File: 1554439931227.jpg (83.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Is it me or was Dipsy never this dark, like, not even remotely? Why are the creators of the show saying he's black?

Why do the teletubbies need to have human races??? I don't mind inclusive shit but I never remember Dipsy being this dark and I just don't see why he would need to be black, like, human black. The creators literally said "he's black".

No. 395256

I grew up in an area with Samoans and I always loved hearing them sing and play the ukulele.

No. 395265

The guy who plays Dipsy happens to be black, so I think that's why

No. 395266

they dont count. 99% of ukulele players aren't Samoan. they're really annoying twee white people

No. 395278

Just saw a Tinder profile that stated “No centrists. No TERFs.’ Only in California..

No. 395283

File: 1554444933043.png (198.45 KB, 706x381, a8f0c1a54ec0ec806bb8f1df022e42…)

It's my birthday and I am in a really good mood! Haven't felt that way in ages. I hope you also have a good day anons

No. 395284

Happy birthday Anon!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

No. 395290

File: 1554447887547.jpg (12.83 KB, 194x259, aparrotly.jpg)

I get why someone would say no TERFs but why centrists?

Happy b-day anon!!! May all your wishes come true and may you lurk for many more years on lolow.

No. 395293

People think centrist is code for "baddie in disguise"

Terfs tend to be left wing anyway so who knows what kind of person they are looking for, since process of elimination gets them right wingers or handmaiden left wingers, two not-good groups of people


Happy Birthday Anon! sending warm bitchy lolcow hugs from me

No. 395333

File: 1554472569337.jpg (120.47 KB, 500x441, 1397140253-267.jpg)

Happy birthday anon!

No. 395394


No. 395423

File: 1554495458243.png (277.35 KB, 720x817, Screenshot_2019-04-05-15-58-53…)

People who make "any other english speakers" on non-english youtube videos are weird to me.

This may be unintentional, but the comments carry a '(x language) is not the norm, but english is'/eurocentric vibe. It also dosnt help that the only comments that do this are english speaking ones. This may be me over thinking this tho.

The picture is what made me first think about this.

No. 395424

File: 1554495521514.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, stock-photo-old-angry-woman-th…)

I hate how the gym is getting more and more packed with summer approaching. You're not gonna get your ~SLiM tOnEd BOdY~ in a month or two.

I know it's petty as fuck and I'm usually supportive of newbies but I have my limits.

No. 395429

File: 1554496306801.png (18.02 KB, 120x120, coo.png)

Happy (late) birthday, anon <3

No. 395435

Lol just fuck off with this shit seriously. How about minding your own business?

No. 395445

I do mind my own business, it's not like I'm yelling at anyone to leave lmao

Guess I hit a nerve there aye

No. 395454

I'm so glad I don't have to go to a gym anymore to do workouts because holy fuck did the traffic get on my nerves. The worst is when a gym only has two squat racks and you have to wait fucking forever to use one of them.

No. 395498

Just found myself in a Google rabbit hole about what people in comas experience, and a lot of people talk about it being like a weird and/or lucid dream.
Any anons have that kind of experience?

Now I'm wondering what happens after you die though. Comas similar to dreaming are easy to understand because your important organs are still functioning to some capacity. But after death? You obviously don't have a functioning body or mind at all, yet it seems so strange to me to just think that our consciousness can just… stop forever. I'm so interested in this shit rn anons, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

No. 395501

It's also been hard for me to fully visualize our consciousness just disappearing in death. I assume that it doesn't really cease to exist when you die, it just changes form. It may turn into something that functions from a different angle, with rules that humans can't comprehend or relate to, but it still continues.
It wouldn't be that different from the way a corpse doesn't "cease to exist" as much as it becomes part of the earth (or worm food).
I've heard that your brain naturally releases DMT at the moment of your death. That would explain the concept of heaven and hell, IMO. If you die without any guilt or anger about your life, it'll feel good, and that's "heaven". If you die full of guilt, hatred and spite, it'll feel horrible, and that's "hell".

No. 395507

If you think scientifically, nothing is wasted, for example flesh becomes soil or food (and then soil), I think the electrical energy or spirit is likely to move on to another body. I'm not sure when, probably when we're in the womb. I've read a lot of people saying their toddler would "remember" something they can't possibly have known, and say odd things which suggest they were born with some memory of what occurred before. Heaven might be where all the energy congregates until it feels time to join a new body. Hell, I think is when the spirit is so weak (for example they are a shitty person) that their energy is too weak to make it up to "heaven" and gets consumed by spirits or energies on the earth, instead. Or perhaps just drops into a lower life form, like a worm, and has to work its way up to being human again. A very wise and compassionate animal or human, has a strong spirit and enough energy to be reincarnated. Just some theories I came up with based on what I've read and experienced in life.

No. 395510


I just realised I am saying something very similar to you, so to clarify for other Anons, this third comment on the topic is a new Anon/different person.

No. 395515

Holy fuck I am so sick of my FB messenger chats being flooded with big ass notifications that someone has played a game and who's moving up in the leaderboards. The notifications take up the entire screen and make everything else get lost and it's so fucking annoying. Especially when there's a shitton of people doing it

No. 395546


Consciousness doesn't really have "form" though. It's an ongoing manifestation from electrical processes in your brain, which was selected by evolution to give our species greater spatial awareness, a huge advantage for our ancestors.

It may seem strange to you subjectively but the eventual cessation of your brain activity, and thus your consciousness, is the most natural thing in the world.

Now the moments leading up to death can definitely be a wild ride. You can simulate it under certain conditions and/or with certain drugs. I've been there a few times and it's just indescribable.

>>391358 more thoughts on this subject

No. 395575

i just went on stan twitter for the first time and holy shit is it bad. i've always heard it was bad but i didn't realize how bad it was.

No. 395580

File: 1554541844890.png (Spoiler Image, 157.58 KB, 908x1534, 1554538187091.png)

This comic reminds me of you anons.

No. 395584

it's an extremely pc place riddled with easily offended sjws

No. 395598

File: 1554550293045.png (32.35 KB, 1349x592, Screenshot_2019-04-06 int - I…)

How do I get past this

No. 395609

I think it'd be more accurate to look for the experiences of those people who die for some minutes but are reanimated

No. 395615

File: 1554557660690.gif (168.07 KB, 142x167, 1539985720821.gif)

I got wasted alone last night and cut my chest length hair to above my shoulders.

I didn't know how to cut hair just kept going lol
Good thing I don't need perfect hair for my hair in the summer

No. 395620

File: 1554559587540.gif (42.11 KB, 500x367, 5e3.gif)

Tfw the alcohol still impairs your brain the next day

*Don't need perfect hair for my JOB in the summer

No. 395662

File: 1554568490807.png (415.51 KB, 950x489, Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 9.15…)

This guy makes those cringy "how to pick up chicks" videos, and he doesn't even add anything valuable to this age old discussion, just the absolute basics of redpill theory and some reiteration of "be yourself/get fit." It's not even articulate or well spoken; he jumps from one idea to the next without elaborating.

I still watch his videos anyway. What the fuck.

No. 395675

Use a VPN. I use VPNgate to bypass regions and spoof my internet thinking I'm living in South Korea or Japan.

No. 395689

File: 1554575269895.png (570.98 KB, 720x949, 1554503984434.png)

Moomoo's ragdoll cat is such a cute, handsome boy. I'd like to save him from the goblina and take care of him.

No. 395927

Its really weird to think that I've been checking on some cows for a few years now. Its like reading one short book over the span of years as the story very slowly unravels. I almost want to ask myself if I could spend that time doing something else, but I'm usually on the toilet during it. So.

No. 395928

It's a beautiful cat

No. 396144

All her cats are really pretty. I feel bad that they have to have her as an owner.

I wish she'd adopt and not buy from breeders though. Or at least rescue, there are breed specific rescues.

No. 396180

File: 1554679900287.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, 1451002784618.gif)

>looking for DMC fanarts on twitter
>went through so many artists' profile that I somehow see something about the Snotgirl artist
>she's getting shit on by SJWs for liking a fanart about Dante and Nero because it's incest
>mfw watching the shitshow from afar

No. 396182

That does sound pretty hilarious.

No. 396191

I missed fandom drama so much. There's not much going on but I find this pretty funny since almost all the main characters have mommy and/or daddy issues that would make Freud roll in his grave. I don't know what they expected. Here's a link, screenshots would make things confusing: https://twitter.com/kanatashinkai/status/1114648663823933442

No. 396199

There's this one youtuber I watch sometimes who does videos about sustainability and while I find her content informative it really confuses me how she's vegan and zero waste yet she's (IMHO very) overweight. I know it's a stupid nit pick but it seems like having such a restrictive lifestyle when it comes to consumption would make it hard to overeat. I wish she'd do an honest what I eat in a day or something just to sate this curiosity

No. 396200


being vegan isn't actually as restrictive as people think. if someone eats a few extra avocados or too many portions of nuts, they're very easy over their maintenance calories and will gain easily.

No. 396201

Yeah that's true, it's the addition of being zero waste that makes it kinda confusing to me. I guess there's some fattening stuff you can buy package free/in bulk stores

No. 396206

I know the youtuber you’re talking about, and it’s very easy to gain/maintain weight while vegan and even zero waste, like another anon said that are a lot of package free fatty foods - high fat foods aren’t bad for you, but they’re definitely easy to overindulge in. If she eats a lot of avocados, nuts, potato’s, bread, and beans then I’m not at all shocked at the weight. I knew plenty of vegans that lived off of garlic bread and tater tots and then they were shocked when their vegan diet wasn’t magically making them fit

No. 396208

Can I ask which youtuber?

No. 396216

Whoever spammed ratmon in the idol boy thread, just want to let you know that shit had me weak

No. 396235


No. 396236

that was the only funny april fools day prank on the site

No. 396273

File: 1554702110356.jpg (3.4 MB, 3264x3264, dystopiancivillianuniforms.jpg)

This is the fucking ugliest fashion I have ever seen

No. 396277

Looks comfy while clean, I dig it

No. 396278

I greatly prefer this to the slutty 90s throwback shit that's going on right now. bucket hats and midriff tops..

No. 396289

File: 1554705496799.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 320x240, 1548542914_1543954812_14864858…)

I had a dream where ricardo milos was trying to teach me stuff about love and intimacy(non sexual stuff).It was weird af but weirdly comforting.idk if I should take this as a sign or be concerned

No. 396293

on the topic of dreams, I just had a dream I was a young mother in russia c. 1943 and police broke into my house in the night to take my poor, beautiful son, misha, to gulag :( he was only 6 years old. woke up with a high fever.

No. 396301

I had the same dream recently, but starring my classmate, who I hated then and don't respect now. It's been 8 years since I graduated and thought about him last time, I wonder why my brain showed me this person in these situations.

No. 396310

i've never played the resident evil games because i'm a wimp but why does everyone have such a crush on that 'leon' character? is he very chivalrous and sweet or something?

No. 396311

He's a bishonen and supposedly in RE2 he's nice and adorable but I never played any RE game either.

No. 396335

It's the type of clothes that only look good on very tall women. Model fashion

No. 396353

He’s fairly attractive looking and in both RE2 and 4 he works with women without being weird about it. So I guess he could be called chivalrous in that aspect. And police officers are a popular character type in series taking place in America so a lot of people probably like that he’s a cop.

No. 396389

If i was tall i would only dress like this. This is a million times better than the insta thot fashion that's popular right now.

No. 396392

File: 1554744568472.jpg (29.8 KB, 480x319, hbz-bucket-hat-justin-bieber-g…)

God, bucket hats are disgusting. Whoever brought them back needs to be banned from fashion forever.

No. 396393

To me, he genuinely seems like a nice guy that truly believes in doing good and justice.
He's also handsome but it's his personality that gets me. In RE2 he has that boy next door vibe and in RE4 he's cocky.

No. 396398

File: 1554745461251.gif (1.72 MB, 366x380, b7bd8644-45c3-4f29-9909-da9568…)

He is exactly my type lol (Remake and Re4) longish hair, no beard, muscular with a cute face and cuter personality

No. 396410

He's attractive, with tweaks to each iteration many women can find some version of Leon they like. In RE2 he's got a cuter, younger look and a sweeter personality, very 'boy scout' type. In Resident Evil 4 he's older with a more 'hot' appearance, he's more jaded and has a penchant for attempts at quips (the translators took liberties). In that game Leon's job was to save and escort a girl (the game is majority escort mission) and he's pretty nice to her in between lightly teasing, so he's got that uwu white knight thing going.

No. 396736

My possibly future boss doesn't wear shoes. I don't know what to think about it, I only ever had interviews with people in fancy suits and this dude just walked in to the interview in a tshirt, jeans and no shoes. What

No. 396739

Where do you live lol

No. 396753

I get really bad anxiety when people drive slow in front of me or purposely stay in my blind spot, I've purposely hit cars on several occasions because of this

No. 396758

that "looking for a mother" thread made me realise my life isn't much better save for having an irl job.

No. 396759

File: 1554819509607.gif (511.99 KB, 480x360, anigif_sub-buzz-28987-14648853…)


Cypress Creek?

No. 396782

I'm from a Balkan country and the guy is Czech

Also yes, it did remind me of the simpsons episode, dude was a bit odd

No. 396793

I was at a tech presentation where everyone was wearing business casual but the presenter was wearing shorts and no shoes or socks. I was in the front row. It was so uncomfortable and all I could think was why??

No. 396809

File: 1554830636648.jpeg (149.01 KB, 1080x1092, BE5244F0-24A5-4CCC-990D-843CF5…)

Engagement rings keep coming up in my boyfriend’s newsfeed. We scroll through together when we are bored or waiting for something and I’ve seen the suggested rings come up 5 times, which must mean he’s looked it up or clicked a link for engagement rings because that’s how the algorithm works.

Our anniversary is coming up, so, maybe

No. 396813

omg anon I'm getting excited for you!! He's definitely gonna propose!

No. 396818

Lmao the algorithm gave away the surprise

No. 396842

Old people are so damn entitled, I'm a typical college age kid, I curse and get into trouble, I work at a fast food place as most college age kids do, some old bitch thinks it's a good idea to start working with a bunch of kids for some reason and my boss thought it would be an even better idea to hire some dumb old bitch who can't tell an asshole from a hole in the ground, she starts having a damn heart attack because -gasp- young adults say no no words, talk about going out all night, drink, smoke weed, dress skimpy, etc. She doesn't even tell you to your face she goes and bitches to the manager and tells the manager to tell you.

I wouldn't even care but she can't do her damn job right and everyone else gets in trouble, middle aged people do NOT need to be working in fast food unless they're the boss

No. 396873

Aw, that's really sweet and I wish you both good luck <3

The way it works for me and my boyfriend is when he looks up something on Amazon, I get ads for it on Facebook. I have no idea how it knows we're a couple. It's pretty funny though.

No. 396917

Did she live a very sheltered life or something? Young people have been the same forever now, they've been drinking and flirting and cursing forever now. She would have been doing all the same things. Unless she was sheltered.

No. 396921

It happens anon. It's old people hypocrisy. They did all the same shit when they were young and in a "different time" that they now regret so they think it's justifiable to somehow call out twentysomes and teens for doing what they did in their youth.

No. 396960

Is there seriously people on here that believe in non binary now?

Where the fuck am I?

No. 396965


No. 396978

I have a long history of editing photos of me. Even if it’s pic taken of me I usually add a filter or make some slight adjustment. My skin has always been pretty bad but I’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to clear it up. Tonight was my bf’s birthday and we had some photos taken, and for the first time ever I have looked st the photos, loved them, and uploaded them without making any changes. Getting tons of likes too, lol. Stupid af and vain but I feel really good

No. 396984

File: 1554862720430.jpg (52.05 KB, 640x483, jG4ovFzW9fN236UWAHvPmls6YfSKzu…)

Its 2019 why do we still have to call the doctor's office to make appointments. Even the places I've seen that do have online forms they still most of the time require a follow up phone call or they never reply to your online request at all so you have to call anyways. It would be so much quicker to just fill out a form that takes 3 mins vs a phone call that can take up to 10-15 mins depending on how large/busy your dr's office is.

No. 396989

File: 1554864000978.jpg (166.23 KB, 1242x1148, inline_p8n9go7tbx1t7wmyd_1280.…)

I wish I could go back in time and have people like this aborted.

No. 396991

File: 1554864227393.png (599.83 KB, 492x1318, in_.png)

The fact that it's not even an isolated incident is the thing that makes me sick. Seems like it's a real "thing" people do.
I know there are probably people who might defend it because "something something dogs are bad reee dog culture" or [insert 2017 /pol/ dogwhistle about pitbulls here], but I don't care. Disgusting behavior.

No. 396993

I live in a rich area so assuming she was raised here I wouldn't doubt it. You can imagine the amount of entitlement I run into with old people. This is the first time I've ran into one that knew what they were getting into, which is working with a bunch of college age kids, just to bitch about college age kids being college age kids, and of course using the "I'm old school!" Excuse all old people use when they get called out on being irrational

No. 396994

Based lmfao. As long as they aren't killing these dogs for sadistic sexual pleasure or something like that I'm totally fine with this. Doing god's work.

No. 396995

>something obviously done for sadistic urges
>"haha based"
I deeply hope you give in to your suicidal urges one day.

No. 396996

Killing puppies isn't cool. I think people who are giving dogs away to strangers for free probably don't really care what happens to them, but I'll file this under: humans are not to be trusted

No. 396997

I don't even like pitbulls but this makes me sad and it's obvious these people are doing it not out of concern but because of sadistic desires.
Nobody with some empathy would brag this way about killing non-offending dogs.

No. 396998

Fuck pit bulls but I’m ready for the feral cat purge too

No. 396999

Christ, anon. I know 7th grade is hard, but hang in there.

No. 397001

I secretly wish this too because they are undeniably an ecooogical hazard. In my area, too many people feed them too and they end up shitting up the place, dragging in dead pigeons around, and screaming at night.

No. 397003

>what is spaying/neutering
I guess this line of thought makes sense if you grew up living like you belong in the movie Gummo, though.

No. 397004

I'm not suicidal and this doesn't seem too sadistic a la zoosasism. That entire breed needs to be eradicated, it's garbage.

No. 397005

Calm down, pitfag. Most people wouldn't totally be against this.

No. 397007

I've encountered more shitty dogs of other breeds than pitbulls. Even if the breed is problematic, you fix this by mixing them out with other breeds with more desirable traits (and by prioritizing training against aggression), not by being a sadistic subhuman.

No. 397008

>tricking people into getting their pets put down
>letting them think they have happy new homes
>this is ok

You realize the sick bit here is the above that I just typed out? It's a betrayal of trust.

No. 397009

You can tell yourself whatever you want, but this really is no different from those baby monkey haters who go out of their way to kill and torture monkeys, then write essays about how the 22 species of Macaque are a blight on humanity, lmao.

No. 397010

I want to add what >>397008 says demonstrates that it's inherently sadistic. That, and the bragging they do about it. These are not the actions of someone trying to "protect children" that aren't even harmed.
These are sadists trying to use flimsy reasoning to "safely" brag about their compulsions. Only a brainlet or someone who's the exact same way can't see that.

No. 397017

Take your own advice and tell yourself whatever you want. These dogs deserve to be killed.

No. 397019

If you do any actual research, trap, neuter, and release programs are incredibly ineffective. When you live in a city with over a million feral cats and the research states you’d need to trap and neuter 71 to 94% of them to curb population growth, the only thing these programs do is soothe people’s fee-fees.

No. 397020

Certain types of humans, like those willfully ignorant or sadistic enough to defend the wanton killing and abuses of animals, should be killed far sooner than any one breed of dog.

No. 397021

The vacuum effect makes euthanasia worthless in terms of getting rid of "nuisance" colonies.

No. 397024

Riiiight. I truly dislike dogs but this is bullshit. No animal "deserves" to be put down. Pitbulls are a threat because of asshole humans and it's 100% pure sadism and not concern, motivating people who are killing these dogs in this way. Seeing as how it fucking costs them to euthanize these animals, you better bet they're getting some sick pleasure out of it.

No. 397026

Reducing the rate of domestic cats being abandoned by human owners does far more to help the feral cat issue than euthanasia or "purging".
Humans continue to make problems for themselves when it comes to animals, whether that be by being irresponsible owners, or deliberately breeding certain traits that are hazardous to both it and others' lives because they want to be masters of the dogfighting rings that they established.
Then, instead of accepting their fuck-up and trying to do better, they proceed to blame the animal for existing and go on insane rants about how it "deserves" to be killed. I'll never understand it. IMO, those are probably the real specimens that need to be euthanized, since they probably unconsciously take that nonsensical logic to human politics.

No. 397030

I wonder. If pitbulls are wiped out, won't humans just mess with another breed of dog and turn it aggressive and shitty for selfish reasons? Or is that not possible?
If it is possible, what will people like the "Pitbulls deserve to die, they are evil" camp end up saying when the cycle just repeats itself? "KILL ALL DOGS, THEY ARE A MENACE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN"?

No. 397034

I do agree that this is definitely the fault of humans being awful pet owners. People should spray and neuter their pets and shouldn’t abandon pets in such an irresponsible manner. However, many of people who are against TNR aren’t the ones who released cats in the first place so saying they’re responsible is utterly ridiculous. Plus, they usually have ecological concerns in mind rather than sadistic urges. I don’t see people getting this emotional toward control of other introduced species whether it be ferrets in New Zealand or Burmese pythons in Florida. It’s only because people have an attachment to cats that cats get a pass.

No. 397035

Probably. Before Pitts were so popular, they did the same with rotties (though not to this degree). People always have their hands in fucking everything up for animals and then blame them as if they're evil. It's horrible. I really don't like dogs, don't like being around them, etc, but dogs are nothing but victims of human cruelty and their loyalty makes them especially susceptible to abuse, even for pitts. The Pitt problem and dog problem in general needs to be dealt with, but demonizing these animals isn't how it needs to be done. Look at the python issue in the Everglades and other reptile issues (tegus, monitor lizards), humans are fucktarded and can't be normal. It's not the fault of the animal that humans are huge faggots that want to bring a boa constrictor into an apartment complex. Countless animals have to suffer for the sake of negligent pet ownership. It's a terrible thing.

No. 397041

Lmao, sure, the people advocating for the euthanasia of cats are toooootally the ones worried about the environment, that's why they have 3.5 kids and shitty, resource heavy, high consuming suburban lives that diminish the earth's capability to support life. Delusional. Cats are seen as a nuisance and that's why. Plenty of the psychotic men working for AC lie and report pets or strays as ferals and don't actually assess temperament, etc. It's easier for these selfish suburbanites to "put out the trash" that got pawprints on their freshly painted boat than tackle the process of actual population control.

No. 397063

i will never understand dog or cat haters who'd be willing to go to the extent to kill them or threaten to wipe a certain breed of them, they need serious fucking medicating. how can you seriously think that's okay?

No. 397064

Fellas take it to the dog hate thread. Also Labrador retrievers are the devil.

No. 397068

No, the psychos wanting to put down dogs indiscriminately and brag about it and talk about dogs "deserving" being killed should not go to the dog hate thread. People being glad about killing pits are not just regular doghate frequenters - they're sadists and they hate animals, and the thread doesn't need their sociopathy. Those of us that simply dislike dogs don't want anything to do with them.

No. 397069

Dumbass mushy shit coming through but I need to thank everyone on this site for giving me the confidence to say "fuck dudes and fuck mainstream social media". I went through a hard time last year and I lost a few days out of it, but everyone here is so unapologetic about their views and opinions that it helped me recover from a bad situation much quicker than anywhere else.

Thank you all, I hope the best for all of you.

No. 397070

This question has been asked a lot lately but for real - where are all these moralfags are coming from? Tumblr? Normies from IG or Twitter? Early summerfags? It's bizarre. I hope admin ultimately does do something to make this board less reddity, it's been really annoying recently.

No. 397075

I've been here for many years and the moralfag complaint is one of the worst part of chanboards and leads to/excuses and enables the callous degeneracy/gore posting, lolicon and the like. I'm glad LC isn't like that. It wasn't always, but then again, we didn't really have much of a community outside of cow gossip until recently anyways, so the only complaint that can be made wrt moralfagging, really, would in relation to flakes and such.

No. 397076

Who do you mean by moralfags? The anon(s) who kept obsessing over the DMC thing?

No. 397077

What's the DMC thing?

No. 397078

This graphic novel artist, Leslie Hung, supposedly helped her friend with their fan-art, which was some incest ship of characters from Devil May Cry.
People got really mad at her on Twitter over it, and it was posted about a lot in the Artist Salt thread.

No. 397080

It would be okay if the moralfagging was limited to people pushing child porn, woman hating incels and gore off the board but the recent wave has been less of that and more of the "if you ever interact with a minor or like characters under 18 even in a platonic sense you're a sick pedo and should be executed/if you like big titty characters you're a sexist degenerate" twitter cancer. I've even seen people defending trannies more frequently lately so it leads me to believe that the forum was linked to some shithole community which is why we're getting an invasion of underage bastards.

No. 397165

Am I an absolute retard for even considering doing AV in Japan? I’ve been communicating with a (legit) Av/gravure company and they’re interested in me and say my appearance is cute and I’d be “popular” and how it’s hard for them to find foreigners with visas that allow “adult” work (mine does) so I would be in demand.

On one hand I’m an anxiety and depression filled ball so I can’t even see myself doing that kind of shit on camera with who knows how many people watching/in the room, but on the other hand, their offer of ¥100,000-150,000 for a day’s work is tempting as all hell, especially since I’m so depressed right now and cry myself to sleep because I literally make half that in a MONTH of work at my current job.

Then there’s the possibility it’s some scam. I might be a retard but I’m not naive though so I’m wary of that possibility. I would not sign anything that looked sketchy and it looks legit so far. I’ve seen their other “models,” found them linked to other av model sites, their professional photo shoots, av tapes, reviews, price list, their terms, etc.

The if this was basically prostitution I’d fuck somebody in a heartbeat for ¥100,000+ but the whole having to sign contracts, video of me possibly biting me in the ass later, possibly working with people who don’t know English & my Japanese is shite and having communication problems is making me think this is a garbage idea.

No. 397170

Yeah. It won't be stable and will fuck you over later.

No. 397172

How did they find you, and what kind of Visa do you have?
If your Japanese is shit, how will you make sure there's no hidden clauses or dodgy fine print in whatever contract(s) they get you to sign?
I have depression/anxiety myself, and I once starred in a music video where I basically had a meltdown after/during the fact because it was so overwhelming. It wasn't even close to porn, either, lmao.
I don't know if my case might be more severe or something, but keep in mind that these things can definitely be overwhelming if you're not the kind of person who likes lots of attention.
Think a lot on whether they'd be understanding of that on set (if you must, maybe reach out to other western models who've worked with them to see what the atmosphere is like before signing anything?), and consider if the whole thing is 100% worth it. And yeah, IMO something like AV/gravure can definitely fuck you over in the future. Be careful, anon, best of luck.

No. 397173

thats a really cute gif

i should try making one of those cute pixel sprites gif this summer

No. 397195

Don't do it anon it's a dodgy misogynist business where native speakers are scammed and abused. You are a foreigner, even more vulnerable.

No. 397197

Don't. It'd be an awful idea even if you weren't depressed. Plus it's dangerous as fuck, you're a vulnerable foreigner and AV is a fucked up industry. Sometimes they even have ties with yakuza, ffs. Foreign models go missing in East Asia all the time.
Try maid bars instead, maybe hostess (although I have limited knowledge of that one, afaik they just keep company to men in bars and don't owe them anything physical but it might be a dodgy job as well so I'll wait for other anons to prove me wrong)
Google says that 50,000 yen is $450, are Japanese minwage salaries that low? I thought it was an expensive country. I'm sure you can find better anyway.

No. 397198

File: 1554913625103.png (60.21 KB, 360x360, 6UvlSOx2ivxDPfEsuTfrIb66d8w1hL…)

Any anons here play Love Nikki?
They just launched Shining Nikki (3d version basically), what do you think?

It looks cool and all but I'm afraid the 3d aspect will eat your battery in no time. Plus the clothes look better 2d imo

No. 397200

This is a bad idea anon.

1. Your Japanese is bad so you will struggle to read the contracts, and they will take advantage of your communication issues to get you to agree to shitty stuff.
2. You could get trafficked, and again, communication issues will make it hard for you to get out.
3. AV (porn in general, but Japanese porn is particularly bad for this) is notorious for introducing last-minute shit to shoots that the actresses didn't agree to or even know about. It will be 100x worse for a foreigner who doesn't speak fluent Japanese.

No. 397211

I loved Nikki (until I temporarily deleted my fb which was my log in) I’m gonna try this out tbh

No. 397214

It's only in chinese, idk if english version will come. You have instructions on the subreddit btw

No. 397296


No. 397348

Thanks for telling me what I already knew in my gut I guess. Goddamn. I’m jut so sick of being stressed out about money and this felt like a golden ticket to escape being poor and stressed and depressed. But yeah I’d probably be even more depressed doing AV.

I just feel like I’m going to be a stupid English teacher here forever and never make anything of my life or enjoy my work or have a good paying job.

(And I cant go back to my home country.. at least not for a while. Sorry for not answering more of your questions and kinda being vague but I don’t really want to talk about the rest, even anonymously..)

No. 397426

File: 1554965268416.png (290.71 KB, 447x408, 1554943524259.png)

My little sister's fujoshi friends are basically "cancelling" her because she drew romantic shipping art of her female character and Arcade Gannon from Fallout New Vegas. This is the dumbest situation I've ever encountered.

No. 397433

anon i've considered almost doing camgirl shit before in the US, to earn extra cash, and then i decided it wasn't worth it either, can't handle the idea of getting harassed by thirsty men all the time, let alone pandering to them. the sex industry is a magnet for creeps and i for one am not prepared to deal with them.

i felt like i wasn't above it for awhile, to some degree i still dont. i'm a pretty lowly person. nevertheless i decided sacrificing my mental health for camgirling or any form of sex work would've been worse than sticking with a shit wage job if i wasn't prepared for it.

No. 397439

Had to leave work yesterday because I had a severe panic attack and my boss/colleagues were alarmed and sent me home. But today I see a doctor (finally) so I’ll hopefully be on track to get this shit sorted soon. I’m considering CBT in tandem with meds but, like, English-speaking therapists are not covered by public health insurance and it’s really, really expensive to see them.

No. 397460

Do cosplay or twitch, open a patreon, do lingerie shoots at max. At least in that case you won't have to deal with any creep irl, and you won't have pics/videos of yourself naked floating over the internet or anywhere else. You could try standard modelling too, I've heard that when you're foreign is very easy to get it.

No. 397563

far right is literally mao suit tier

No. 397642

File: 1555014420245.gif (185.27 KB, 318x350, tenor-3.gif)

>>396809 here.

A large amount of money is missing from my bf's savings account. This gives me even more reason to believe the ring was purchased. We live together and don't make big purchases without consulting each other so I don't know what else it could be. He also doesn't have debts or anything.


No. 397657

oh shit anon, getting kinda excited for you over here!

No. 397678

CBT has changed my life for the better living with anxiety and panic. I definitely recommend checking out the book DARE by Barry McDonaugh. Recovery is not going to be easy and the symptoms are difficult to deal with at times, but you're basically making yourself go through the anxiety and not trying to cover it up.

No. 397683

Plot twist: he has bought a ring, but for someone else

(It's probably you…damn algorithm)

No. 397699

I wonder if all these popular youtubers that have been doing video for years and years will ever stop making them and if we'll just have an entire community of middle aged and geriatric youtubers? Imagine a 50 year old Shane Dawson.

No. 397715

File: 1555029194277.jpeg (580.94 KB, 2048x2048, 0E9FFB30-10F8-4723-8D4C-5CCB3C…)

Ehh I’m not really into cosplay. I don’t really have any skills or anything to have a patreon, I don’t even have a desktop pc right now so most of that stuff is out of the question.

I was in contact with an escort company here in Tokyo too though. I asked A LOT of questions bc although I might sound like an idiot here for considering this shit, I’m not. The recruiter is surprisingly honest. For example he send me a screenshot of the girls working for that company’s salaries last month and the highest was like ¥1,800,000, and the lowest was like 300,000. Although it is misleading at first, since you would assume even the lowest paid girl makes 3k a month, I asked him if that was really the bottom of the list, and he was honest and said no, the screenshot was only the top half of the earners.

It actually seems surprisingly legit. I mean he could easily lie and say “no even our lowest earner gets ¥300,000 a month!” But he was honest. Also honest about the fact that if you sit 8 hours in their waiting area but never get a customer you don’t get any payment, you only get paid for seeing customers. He showed me the price points. I’ll attach the photos here since I think it might be interesting/useful on this site. If you suspect a j-cow is escorting here’s what they may be making lol

The silver, gold, diamond is like the “quality” of the escort, I guess you’d start at silver. He even showed me other foreign girls profiles he hired. They were all silver except one who was diamond and also did gravure.

There’s no penis in vagina sex since that’s illegal in japan as prostitution. As an escort, or “delivery health” as they call it in japan for most customers you get in the shower together, wash them, they leave and the girl would wash herself, go to the bed, handjob/blowjob and finish by basically dry humping him. But of course there’s other things they can pay for as you can see in the list. But I would get to choose which things I’m okay doing and it would be listed under my photo. & you can choose the days you work.

Im like 50/50 on this tbh. I am actually considering going to the face to face interview. I probably won’t though, bc again, I’m not confident in my Japanese and although the recruiter says it’s ok, I just.. eh. And the thought of having to do that shit with a really gross/old guy makes me cringe.

No. 397721

File: 1555029735649.jpg (100.57 KB, 620x475, happy-animals-25.jpg)

I can't wait for my first girlfriend. But also, I'll wait and work on my life and myself and my happiness. And then maybe one day, there will be so much of everything that I can share it with a special someone

No. 397739

that is incredibly adorable anon. wishing you much luck

No. 397747

PIV is illlegal but anal sex isn't? what is this madness

I can imagine some old guy selecting golden shower, threesome and anal sex all in one package, not as simple as just having a shower and a blowjob as you suggest anon. My fear would be the fact as a foreigner you will be less attune to clues that might protect you, in behavior and appearance and such of the man. Also they would expect the foreign woman to be more filthy than a local woman, so you would get all the shittiest options selected constantly.

No. 397750

the lesbo-anons on here make me wish I was gay, they are so cute

No. 397776

English teaching may not be fun, but selling your body is not something you could take back. Even if you really love sex, do you want to have it with someone you feel zero attraction to? There are so many weirdos in Japan, even just on the streets, I’d be way too scared.
Is there a reason you have to stay in Japan? How about moving to another country where salaries are higher?

No. 397778

Also if you job only pays 50-75k a month you need to find a new job. Like wtf, do you only work 1 day a week or?

No. 397780

i cant believe they cast ryan reynolds to play pikachu

No. 397783

File: 1555040433441.png (15.79 KB, 509x411, 235104cf.png)

So the other day I was sitting in a bar for about five hours since I was waiting for the bus, and the whole time I was the only one there since it was a weekday. We had some nice small talk with the bartender, he introduced some bands to me, including one that he was in. At one point he came from behind the bar to do some unrelated stuff, and on the way back he leaned in and asked to see the embroidery thing I was working on. I've been thinking about that evening a lot. It's not like I have a proper crush or anything, but it was just really nice. I feel like I'd like to meet him again. I'm thinking of maybe going back in a couple weeks to see his band play live.

The thing is though, I don't know if he was being nice to me, initiating small talk, etc. just because it's his job, he was being polite and/or he was bored. It would probably be incredibly awkward if I came all the way from a different town and he had no interest in interacting with me outside work. Like those incel memes where some guy falls in love with a cashier just because she smiled at him. I guess I could always bail to a different bar to wait for the next bus home if I end up completely embarrassing myself. Idk. I have at least two weeks to debate myself on this.

No. 397786

You're over thinking it anon. He was probably flirting with you, but it was likely casual since it was the first time. Go there again the next time you're waiting for the bus and just be friendly. It could grow to a more.

No. 397801

You misunderstood. I said that you get to choose which of those things you’re willing to do and they will write the codes (AF, GS, whatever) on your profile. So I wouldn’t do that shit.

No. 397803

Hate to break it to you anon but bartenders flirt with a lot of people, go back if you want but do it casually, chances are he's just doing his job.

No. 397860

thank you. Good luck to you aswell

No. 397939

Guys in bands are the worst. Don’t do it

No. 397940

File: 1555090401278.png (17.65 KB, 534x526, dd2julg-6943168e-28ee-4358-856…)

Hi. Not really a thought, but may those responsible for the worst of human suffering receive what they have wrought tenfold. Everything they've taken in pursuit of greed will be paid back in the form of the same blood, sickness, trauma, rape and poverty they imbued on everybody else. Everything they do to us will be returned to sender, with interest.
No amount of virtue signalling and false promises of reform will obscure the truth, or wash the blood off their hands.

No. 397956

this sounds like wishful thinking anon…

No. 397957

Sad truth is that once global warming kills all of us all the millionaires will be living on mars safe and sound.

Our only hope left is the idea of heaven and hell

No. 397977

File: 1555096671691.jpg (32.89 KB, 340x400, MV5BMTI3NDY2ODk5OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I think he had a really cute smile

No. 397982

No one rich is going to be living on mars, just like no one rich lived in any of the "new worlds". And even worse, it's an unlivable desert where everyone has to stay in bunkers. They'll send the degenerates, criminals, and religious nuts there, like what they did with Australia.

No. 397988

And USA.

No. 397989

unrelated, but there's this Australian wine company called 19 crimes that goes off the whole Australia being populated by criminals found guilty of any of the 19 crimes thing and it is such a weird concept to me. why tf would you celebrate that. obvi some are fucking silly like stealing fish or "impersonating an egyptian" (whatever that means, too lazy to find out) but who knows how many rapists etc were sent there.

No. 397990

File: 1555097445111.png (750.32 KB, 884x684, 2394724975.png)

Originally I was gonna blogpost about how doomed I think humanity is in terms of global warming but if you guys wanna feel better about something, there is a Canadian company that has developed a source of fuel that is carbon neutral, and can apparently also help get carbon emissions in the negative in the long run too. It works by pulling carbon out of the air and using that to make different kinds of fuel. The company is still in its infancy but a lot of people are hopeful and excited for it. They're supposed to have a bigger fully operation facility open in 2020, and are looking to license the technology out to other people and companies. Humanity very well could be fucked, mostly by oil and gas companies imo but its nice to know there's an alternative.

>“We think this is very scalable and will have world-wide markets,” says Oldham. “All you need is air and water as feedstocks, and some electricity.” And a license to their tech.


No. 398013

he seemed like such a good person, I get sad when I remember he’s dead

No. 398025

>Seven months after his death and according to his family and friends,[25] Omarosa was under suspicion for changing his will and testament.[26] They also claim that Omarosa manipulated Duncan in his final days, lied about her engagement and sold his belongings without the family's knowledge.[27][28]
wow, she seems just this sneaky and shitty and i'm not surprised

No. 398051

I actually buy that wine and it's good. The name and label caught my eye in Safeway (I live on the east coast , USA)

I can't remember if it says the crimes the person did, cuz i saw a few different bottles.

No. 398052

TERFs are right, and they always have been.

No. 398068

I don't drink, just stick the wine aisle sometimes so I don't know how decent it is haha. I don't think it does state the particular crime of the person on the label, they do have a list of them all on their website though.

No. 398076

I wonder what lana del rey's dad thinks of her music
he is a rich old man, and that what she sings about all the time
majorly creepy imho

No. 398197

File: 1555146360079.jpg (36.18 KB, 500x375, large.jpg)

She used to sing about it, doesn't really do it anymore.
I think he was okay with it, as far as I remember his twitter interactions with fans. Who knows what he really thinks tho

No. 398262

OT but what the fuck, did someone really put on a billboard advising female students to prostitute themselves as a summer job? That's vile

No. 398269

I've finally got some new info on the whereabouts of my uni crush, my unrequited love, who is still an unemployed uni dropout years after last seeing each other.

I can't love anyone but him and I know that if he doesn't love me back, I'll remain single forever and die alone, even suicide. He's the only one that can still give me the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. It's because of him that I worked so hard to become successful. I don't even know why because that probably won't change how he ever felt about me.

I'm going to 'accidentally' pass through his town and hope to see him. It will break my heart if I see him with another woman. Until then, I'm happy because I can continue daydreaming about having a happily ever after. My heart is filled with joy knowing that he's still there. I've never felt this much happiness for a long time.

No. 398296

File: 1555185988459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.35 KB, 1280x1097, WHAT.jpg)

I hate pinterest sometimes

No. 398297

the url is for tumblr. you should direct that anger to tumblr. when in doubt, blame tumblr

No. 398298

I want to get off this ride

No. 398319

homestuck is fucking back and i am so happy

i hate trolls and cherubs i wish it was all just the kids

No. 398320

homestuck is fucking back and i am so happy

i hate trolls and cherubs i wish it was all just the kids

No. 398321

homestuck is fucking back and i am so happy

i hate trolls and cherubs i wish it was all just the kids

No. 398340

Has anyone ever exposed a liar on Reddit? Where is the best place to do it?

Person farmed 8000 karma in one month with a couple incredibly detailed posts full of "sympathetic" lies. Person is still wasting people's time by asking them to research something that almost certainly didn't happen, and the topic is making everyone bend over backwards to help. I'm dying to take this liar down and I'll do it well. Have been biding my time during a couple weeks' hiatus. Noe they're back and I'm ready.

But is there a forum for this? I feel like responding to their posts isn't the best way.

No. 398341

karmaconspiracy maybe?

No. 398356

try the 'quityourbullshit' subreddit.

No. 398396

anon, I just want to let you know that this post really struck a chord with me. My girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago and I'm slowly healing, but in the process of it, I've learned a lot of things, mainly about myself. I'm working on figuring out my own needs and limits now. It's weird and feels awful sometimes, but now I know that there comes a time and place to prioritize other people, and a time and place to prioritize myself, and I shouldn't feel bad about my own feelings and needs. I recently quit my retail job because it was pushing me to the brink of suicide. I'm scared about the future, but hopeful. Your post makes me really hopeful.

I didn't start ever dreaming about getting married and taking someone else's last name until I dated this girl, I didn't even realize someone could think I was as beautiful as I though they were (I still think she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life). I didn't think someone could ever be so reassuring and make me feel so safe in every sense of the word. After spending so much of my life noticing the smallest details about my crushes, having someone tell me things about myself that I never knew and that they thought it was cute… it feels good.

I think your post was a perfect summation of what I've been trying to put together. I hope that you'll find yourself a beautiful, loving girlfriend that you might one day call your wife (if you're into marriage, that is)! Thank you anon.

sage for really gay blogposting

No. 398462

>that spoiler
Me too, I dropped homestuck in the middle of act 5 and I'll never understand people who straight up started reading it at act 5. Nowadays I don't really care bout homestuck and even back then I just liked it and never engaged with the fandom.

No. 398670

File: 1555268202050.png (363.45 KB, 470x478, k.png)

I found out this person on Tumblr randomly blocked me, so I blocked them back and kept it moving.
Today, I came to find out they had actually gone out of their way to repost an image I had originally posted on my blog. I know they got it from me, too, because the original source was pretty obscure and hard to find. If they were capable of finding it, they would've posted it long before I did.
Their post flopped with like 2 notes, while mine has 100+ notes.
They also ripped off a URL I had saved for a while by taking off one letter. It's dumb, but I feel a petty smugness about this all. Keep hating from outside the club, sweaty.

No. 398683

File: 1555270030881.jpg (359.62 KB, 1078x1078, leeanfilm.jpg)

Maybe I got influnced by today's standards, but I really wish I had naturally big pillowy lips.
They always look so cute and feminine to me

No. 398763

But that chick has a massive manly head, bad example

No. 398788

File: 1555293703839.png (613.23 KB, 1440x1338, Lambs.png)

I got a farming-related browser ad (not pre-roll) on Youtube the other day and I just got this one on Twitter. I think somewhere my browser has picked up the words of lolcow.farm and taken it to be a genuine website about farms and cows. There's no other explanation, I've never looked up farm related stuff and don't own any farm animals.
I do delete browser history and change IP often (I'm on a phone) but I think it's because I'm also logged in on laptop to both Twitter and Youtube and I opened lolcow like twice on that browser a little while ago.


No. 398790

wonder if anti wax irl farmers exist, do they also advocate for not vaccinating livestock or are they hypocrites and only do that for their own children hmm

No. 398796

An anti-vax farmer would be hilarious. I don't think their stock would last long. Generally I have noticed people have different morals for animals and humans, even if those views end up not making sense and opposing each other.

No. 398801

I keep getting shit recommended to me on YouTube about cows even though I have never watched their videos before or even looked at their threads. Started the instant I went on this site, nice to know Google is so highly invasive really makes me trust them as a company

No. 398835

Had some weird shit happen to me a few years ago that I’d rather not get into but caused me to cope in some pretty unhealthy ways. I systematically cut off every person who cared about me, developed an eating disorder, and developed anxiety that could be sliding into angoraphobia. During this, and probably because of it, my life has slowly fallen to absolute shit. I was normal before this. I know normals relative and yadayada but I was a fun person to be around, I had wild confidence and knew how to be an actual person. I don’t know how the fuck I became this sniveling little bitch, but I’m fucking done. I don’t have anyone to tell so I’m posting it here. I’m not sure what clicked but lately my intense fear has been completely replaced with empathy. And I know that’s probably a sign things are getting worse but I’ve been trying to use it to my advantage, to be the person I used to be without thinking about it. I’ve been getting out of the house more, talking to strangers, and eating more. Today I saw someone who used to terrify the shit out of me, someone partially responsible for my mental breakdown, and I fucking smirked at her. I don’t know why I did it, but I don’t care? No one can hurt me worse than I’ve already hurt myself. It’s like I’m invincible now. This isn’t a brag or a vent or a rant, I guess I’m just trying to tell someone or maybe just myself, that I’m finally ok.

No. 398839

I think there's some truth in the idea that you have to hit rock bottom (or come close) to really snap out of things / change. Like getting so depressed for a while that you just completely stop caring about the petty things that used to hold you back.

No. 398869

Hating "violin hips" or "hip dips" is weird and so are people that get aggravated by others not hating them
I don't even have it myself but I've seen it mentioned in a handful of threads here and it's just such a silly thing to nitpick. I didn't know there was a word for that hip shape before I saw it here but it's a totally normal thing and I can't imagine any guy seeing it as a flaw either. It reminds me of when I first saw the phrase "thunder thighs" in an American YA novel and I laughed because it sounded like something from the 50s, nobody ever said that in my school and it took me a while to figure out what it meant, but years later I came across people using that here too. At least I can understand the concept of making fun of big thighs even if it's outdated now, but why are people dragging just ordinary hip bones? I know that there will be regional ideals and misconceptions that I've grown up with too, and of course beauty standards are subjective, but people here get so cagey about it. It's as if when they find out that their standards aren't universal, they take it as their identity being threatened. Shouldn't it be freeing that there's something they can stop worrying about?

No. 398872

Stupid, nasty nitpicking is typical in snow and pt. If hip dips are what people choose to pick on, the girl is probably too skinny to find real flaws in her body.

No. 398873

i think they look nice tbh
it reminds me of old marble sculptures

No. 398876


I like em too. They're feminine.

No. 398883

File: 1555325667800.jpg (24.73 KB, 700x788, my_man.jpg)

well what do you do ?

No. 398886

ask if I can be hers too

No. 398887

congratulations your the cuckqueen in the relationship

No. 398889

Most failed attempt at a gotcha moment ever

No. 398891

of course you already are a cuckqueen

No. 398894

did a strong woman kill your family anon

No. 398898

Jesus Christ I was just making a joke

No. 398908

File: 1555328996567.jpg (401.37 KB, 1080x1080, 20190415_041331.jpg)

This better?

No. 398909

File: 1555329101597.jpeg (48.32 KB, 717x1024, A9D92E06-3C28-4997-920E-0C184A…)

I guess men try to squish down their love handles too

No. 398927

Oh goody, a way sweaty dick and ass stank can really fester to it's full potential
I actually do welcome this dumb shit though, the first step to overthrowing it is to equally enforce it on men too

No. 398935

I don't have a man and don't want one, so I'd just ask her to be my gf instead

No. 398938

>massive head
Bouncing off of this, how to cope with having a big head? There's no surgery for it and I don't want to suicide over having weird proportions because that's rarted.
What do?

No. 398944

Honey dont overthink it, i was just being a bitch online, i would NEVER notice irl. Im sure your head is fine.

No. 398956

I got a big-ass head and I don't give a rat's ass, nor does anybody else in my life. Honestly I just think it's kinda funny. It's really not that big of a deal, I guarantee most people wouldn't even notice or think about it unless you brought it up, and even then, who cares?

Also, I'd much rather have a head that's a little too big rather than too small. Not trying to look like Pinhead Larry you know?

No. 398966

File: 1555344166317.png (511.06 KB, 1080x400, latest_2.png)

Re-watching the Lion King the other day, and it made me realize that Nala is too good for Simba. Simba is a lazy fuck who ran off and got to live in a paradise for years, while his mother and friend, and pride all starved. And Nala went to actually find help. Mufasa's fucking ghost had to literally appear and guilt Simba to get off his lazy ass. Also the movie needed more Sarabi.

No. 398968

if that's what you got out of this movie you've been drinking manhate koolaid too long.

No. 398972

I mean, he was just a baby essentially when he ran away. Thinking his dad's death was his fault and not knowing how evil Scar (his UNCLE, someone he trusted) was.

No. 398974

nta but when frozen came out a lot of people including women commented that Elsa was a typical woman running away from problems instead of facing them.

No. 398977

Yeah, though I guess at least she does inspire him to better himself, despite that the spirit of his dead father is also needed to make him realize that his inaction is no longer acceptable. And Scar probably would have killed him when he was younger when he got the chance. Also if we look at it as Hamlet with lions, Nala sure does get better treatment than Ophelia. Nala is a pretty cool guy and eh doesn't afraid of anything.

No. 398979

lets be real though, isn’t half of every Disney movie the protagonist running away before making their grand return

No. 399040

I wore contacts because they are to expire soon and it makes me-once again-realise how big my eyes are and that my glasses camouflage my face like make up does.Without glasses my face feels empty and "wrong" and I get to get a full look at how unappealing my nose is.I wear my glasses almost all the time for the past 17 years and it's weird how an inanimate object becomes a "part" of my face and how it changes the perception I have of it

No. 399042

File: 1555358965873.jpg (130.13 KB, 2048x1365, ct-notre-dame-cathedral-fire-p…)

I can't say why but my heart is bleeding about this whole situation. Fuck that.

No. 399043


Mine too and Im not even in Europe.

Just seems tragic to lose so much long standing history. It was 800 years old. 200 more years and it could have celebrated its 1000 birthday. That would have been remarkable

No. 399045

But on the bright side, you can have two different "looks" just by choosing what to stick on your face or in your eyes. Want big eyes? Contacts. Self-conscious about nose? Glasses.
That's how I try to look at it now after the initial dysmorphia subsided a bit.

No. 399048

Isn't the world already fucked up enough? Everything that is nice and beautiful has to be destroyed.

No. 399052

This is so upsetting. I hope it doesn't get too destroyed but things aren't looking good…

No. 399062

God me too this is awful. Easter week no less

No. 399072

File: 1555362445908.jpg (80.81 KB, 989x576, D4OMIj2W0AUYKhP.jpg)


updated pic from 20 minutes ago from a police drone.

The fire service says that the walls are being able to be saved. The most important art pieces has been saved but a lot also has been destroyed, like the famous colorful windows.

Seeing all this just reminded me when I was there 3 years ago and did this small tour between the two towers and how everything was made of wood inside those towers. Damn, lucky I had the chance to see all this before this but sad that there will be no chance to see it in it's original state ever again.

No. 399084

I worked as a firefighter and usually even if a building seems to be not too damaged by the fire itself, all the water used most of the time completely destroys it from the inside. I don't think this can be saved anymore.

No. 399091

Is the cause really an accident?

I know fire is unpredictable but how could it have spread so quickly

No. 399095

I'm assuming a combination of old wood plus all the scaffolding from the construction was just an ideal situation for a quick fire

No. 399101

maybe it's just the frames I have but my glasses always seem to make my nose look even bigger. I have a soft features and a chubby face though so they do give me some definition.

No. 399103

File: 1555368662512.webm (7.08 MB, 406x720, Notre-Dame-Cathedral-Parisians…)

Here's a video of people singing a hymn outside that made me absolutely sob.

The guardian's liveblog about the incident if anyone's interested: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/apr/15/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris-france-landmark-live-news

No. 399106

Are the gargoyles still there?

No. 399116

I was raised Catholic-ish by lapsed Catholic parents. Went to catholic school, had all the childhood/adolescent sacraments but we never actually practiced or believed outside of that. I'm from Ireland and I will never forgive the church for what it did to the people of my country. Whether I like it or not, Catholicism is part of me. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. The art, hymns, iconography, etc. are the only elements of the faith I have any affection for.
I know Notre Dame is important to people of all faiths and it belongs to everyone in a sense -most prominently the people of France obviously- but this feels like a personal loss. For me, it's a representation of some of the only beauty and light and there is to find in something dark and frightening.

No. 399118

File: 1555370569708.jpg (105.59 KB, 773x1010, qt.jpg)

that's sad but this guy from the begining is cute. he looks kind of like idubbbz though… :/

No. 399122

What is wrong with you

No. 399123

I agree. And it's annoying how people are trying to downplay it. "It's art it can be rebuilt!" "This is an opportunity for rebirth!"

No… that's not the point. It has survived centuries, even wars and revolutions. It has not burned like this before. It has fallen to disarray but this is different. I hate how people are trying to downplay it but if you were to downplay their personal tragedies it would never fly.

No. 399127

I have them, they're not sevrely dipped but i hate how it looks. I'm physically well off but the indentation in my hips doesn't give me that nice curvy hips look, it is especially noticeable in tight clothing. Good thing is you can reduce the appearance by working on your butt, specifically side glutes. I would imagine some anons just dislike the appearance, or also have hip dips and they cope that way because they also feel insecure.

No. 399133

my bf is doing this and it makes me so fuckin mad like. just let me be sad about it, leave me alone if you're going to be a callous idiot.

No. 399136

People are using the notre dame church tragedy to get woke points on twitter. Impressive, hundreds of years of history are being lost and people just want to race bait.

No. 399139

This is sad, but I can't help but feel that with its age, they honestly should've seen this coming and taken measures against this sort of thing. Emergency planning and prevention.
It's almost poetic that it's survived centuries, only to finally succumb in our lifetimes. It's like a powerful, eerie reminder that faith, no matter how unwavering, cannot overpower the harsh, cruel reality of the world we all live in. Things catch fire. Sacredness is manmade.

No. 399145

I'm not religious at all, I dislike religion but the video of people in France singing Ave Maria while watching the chapel burn brought tears to my eyes. It's just beautiful seeing humanity united in rare moments like that. Maybe everything isn't all bad after all.

No. 399153

They were actually in the process of maintenance when the fire broke, so they do try to keep up with the structure, but it's almost impossible to fireproof an old building that's literally built to burn. Everything about the building is a perfect storm for a fire, and you can only do so much to stop it once it's started.

It's being said that they believe the current maintenance is what caused the fire in the first place, too. It's really sad.

No. 399155

Notre Dame nearly burnt to the ground and all my boyfriend wants to talk about is Game of Thrones. I'm not one to throw around the phrase "bluepill" but…..seriously???

No. 399157

where do you think we are ?

No. 399163

I saw people on my twitter feed commenting "well lot of buildings were destroyed in syria war and mosques have been destroyed but nobody cared about that!!"and i just want to fucking punch them in the face. i mean yes i get what they mean but holy shit the building was still on fire could you at least wait for a little while before you start this stupid shit.

No. 399165

File: 1555378057650.jpg (105.72 KB, 1053x702, image0.jpg)

the statues were removed for the restoration work, so I believe the gargoyles are safe.

the golden cross also survived.

No. 399168

Because some people are sick of fascists coming out of the woodwork to claim this as THEIR tragedy and finding ways to blame Muslims and Jews whose lives are cheap to them in comparison. It's fucked up that this happened and people have every right to mourn about it, but it would be nice if all the fascists and chuds could stop inventing insane conspiracies to rationalize their hate.

No. 399170

>fascists and chuds
go back to r/ChapoTrapHouse

No. 399183

>meet really nice girl in class at college
>hit it off
>she seems like a girl at first and then starts going down the whole fakeboi route
>by this time I thought she'd just get over it, because she's mentally ill like me and goes through cyclic shit
>we've had a lot of fun, and we've hung out a lot with no problems
>just considered it inconsequential
>she recently sends me stuff reinforcing the whole fakeboi thing and I feel really reluctant to respond
>tbh she's like the only irl friend I have and it makes me feel awful to not say it because aside from the fakeboi junk I like her
>but now afraid if I slip up that I will make my life a living hell and that's sad because we do get along really well barring the snowflake gender bs

I'm pretty sure she also used to have an ed and has a lot of mental health problems like I do, I really do relate to her on some level and I thought I could confide in her until she started pushing the fakeboi shit.

Is there an easy way to coax someone out of this phase? She's basically presenting 100% femme except for having short hair and honestly think she has body dyspmorphia / bad self image that she claims is "dysphoria" like fakeboi Sara Marie Karda and other fakebois have. I really want to keep this friendship if it doesn't somehow turn sour, because as a person underlying the fakeboi shit when I met her, she seemed so kind.. what are subtle ways to try and hint to her that I think she's not a fakeboi without offending her?

No. 399190


Tinfoil alert:

Do you think this fire was an accident? I don't think so because a month ago the second biggest church of Paris 'Saint-Sulpice' was also burning. Apparently there were hundreds of cases of vandalism executed on Christian churches in France since last year like smearing human poop on Notre Dame.

No. 399197

Careful anon, or someone will call you a fascist! gasp

No. 399207

My cat likes to lie under my desk while I'm at my PC and I'll forget he's there and sometimes I swing my legs down from sitting cross-legged or something and accidentally hit him with my foot. He doesn't seem to care, at most he'll just meow at me and move a little but every time I feel just terrible. I don't know why it's so hard for me to remember he's there.

No. 399213

if someone opens their video with, "hey guys, so like…" i just alt f4. excessive jump cuts and especially apology or i have a secret videos. its all so terrible.

No. 399217

any mobilefags seeing the same shit i'm seeing right now?

No. 399218

Yep, my eyeballs are burning

No. 399220

On pc and i'm seeing it too. Why is the text red and fucked up?

No. 399232

The “read the rules” graphic is so fucking irritating omg.

No. 399241

Switch to the hellweek theme for a temp fix, the issue will be resolved in a few hours.

No. 399252

The cause has been confirmed to be due to the renovation work, you guys can stop sperging now.

No. 399253

Girltalk is the best theme! Sorry nerds.

No. 399256

I'm so sad, Notre Dame is such a big part of our history, she has lived through the monarchy, the revolution, a few empire and multiple wars just to be easily taken by fire.

No. 399263

I'm sad too anon. I was supposed to get back in the country in July and do some touristy stuff since I've been gone for so long. It's such a loss.

No. 399279

how do I switch the floating text off/change themes or do I just have to deal with it until hellweek is over??

No. 399295

bottom right corner, the "style" dropdown. although I changed back to classic style and now to floating things are all just stacked at the top of the page, making it long af.

No. 399299

if she's not trying to take T or cut her boobs off, you have nothing to worry about. Dissuade her from hormones and surgery at all costs and educate her on the risks of both. Tell her women can be butch/androgynous/masculine without needing to identify as anything else. Be gentle and supportive of her without compromising your beliefs.

No. 399300

Be as lethargic about it as you can be. When I was going through my obnoxious fakeboi phase my best friend, god bless her heart, didn't buy into my shit so she didn't really fight me about it but didn't give me validation either. It's usually just a way to seek attention and escapism from your problems tied to your persona so treat it like you would any other delusion. Her feelings are valid, but the delusions aren't.

No. 399322

Yeah, she shows no interest in T thus far. And I'll try and be gentle and subtle with my other statements when I have the courage to say them. Thanks for the advice anon.

No. 399367

I like the 'read the rules' falling. it reminds me of snowflakes and therefore it reminds me of christmas. Now, I want to listen to christmasy songs and go on a shopping spree.

No. 399421

Fuck the beauty guru subreddit, i have no idea why i even lurk it in the first place. Full of burger woke handmaidens patting eachother on the back for not watching ~problematic~ gurus. Reddit in general is so bad.

No. 399515

I liked MUACirclejerk for a while, though the posts got samey and I haven't checked back in maybe a year.

No. 399518

I have a feeling the anon who keeps asking every couple weeks if nemu is going to come back is nemu herself

No. 399548

Most the cows I follow I don't actually actively dislike at all, and would like to see a few of them turn their life around. I do however dislike Onision and Momokun outright. I dislike Shoe and FatVegFemme, though not as much as the former pair.

No. 399550

>be hoe
>Go to FWB house
>Family is there
>His family hugs and greets me and gives me pie
>Go to another FWB around Christmas
>They buy me gifts and invite me to more family events

Am I the community girlfriend or something? Serious who goes and thinks "hm I'm going to buy my son's fuck buddy a Christmas gift"

No. 399553

I assume these guys are telling their families you are their legit girlfriend rather than a convenient hole. They shouldn't really be getting credit from their families for having a "relationship" when it isn't one, but that's also kinda adorable that they give you gifts and warm greetings and so on.

No. 399584

Steal their parents anon, they don't deserve them anyway

No. 399626

you wake up and find yourself transported in the past and in your mothers body when she was in her 30's what do you do ?

No. 399629

Lose weight and leave my husband.

No. 399632

Starts therapy sooner and take my medication seriously, invest in real estate, maybe try getting a diploma of some sort to secure a job for the future.

No. 399643

At that point she had already just left her husband and was doing all that good stuff, she was looking after me better than I would have known how to so I guess I would try to do exactly what she was already doing for the next ten years, but also have confidence that I was doing the right thing because my dad was a dick. He gaslit her constantly and used me as emotional manipulation to stop her from taking legal action to get her half of the house. It was such bullshit, she was so strong.

I guess I'd also also get some therapy, swerve her next partner and invest in Amazon. No idea how I would then begin to derail brexit.

No. 399646

Stop abusing my daughter and believe her when she comes to me about her sexual assault.

No. 399655

dump that shitty workplace like 3 years sooner. get a more applicable to real life degree/certification or put actual effort into learning english. save more rather than do impulsive spending. don't do weird guilt trips on your daughter. otherwise she did quite good tbh.

No. 399657

My parents loved each other very much and had an active sex life
………………………Um so I'm in an awkward position now

No. 399678

Don't have children. Go back to college. Don't get married. Do something useful with my life that doesn't turn me into a monumental bitch and a menace towards others.

No. 399686

my ex who's white recently started claiming that she's black, puerto rican and japanese but "very whitewashed from her family" just so that she can say slurs and get away with it and the only language she speaks is english but posts jap language everywhere and people seem to believe her and it bothers me so much because as an asian myself, she used to mock me and say that i am just faking everything and that i just want to be like her even though i am fluent in japanese and was born and raised in tokyo, my father is just white so that makes me look not "totally asian". i know she's an ex and i shouldn't care about her but i just do and it's so pathetic. we're both adults but this is kindergarten drama. this is one big cringefest

No. 399688

that's really hypocritical. does she actually have any black, puerto rican and japanese heritage? a person with mostly these heritages wouldn't probably be that white passing.

No. 399689

File: 1555522281594.png (641.39 KB, 1240x820, fellow ethnics.png)

Sounds like someone on Tumblr.
You should publicly expose her racefaking ass (if she does use it), or at least not-so-vaguely vague her where people who know you both can see.
>"How some of you look when you're white as mayonnaise but claiming everything under the sun just so you can say slurs"
>"fellow ethnics.png"

No. 399694

when i met her she told me she's white, months later she said she discovered her puerto rican heritage so i was like ok maybe she isn't white i'm happy for her discovering a part of her heritage and now it's been years and she's just out there, pretending to be a full woman of color. some people have gotten mad at her for saying the n word so freely and all she had to say was "you people just love obsessing over my race". she also gets validation from her actual black friends who are always there to defend her which is so hypocritical, because they don't seem to realize or care that she's just pretending for "woke" points.
i'd actually love to call her out but she has a really big following and even though i'm not a wimp, i really cannot defend myself when people start attacking me which isn't helping anything at all.

No. 399699

File: 1555524693631.jpg (71.38 KB, 1020x574, susie.jpg)

I just started watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (I binged season 1 the last couple of days and I'm starting season 2) and holy fuck I hope they're not going to trans Susie.
She's a great tomboy character but with a few things that happened in S1 like the blind medium grandma calling her a boy and the social justice undertones of the series I have a bad feeling about this.

No. 399701

stop deadnaming and misgendering Theo at once

No. 399703

>she also gets validation from her actual black friends who are always there to defend her
Lol I haaate this. People who want white validation and to "claim" every person who claims to even be 1% mixed so badly that they'll let themselves be walked all over by the most disrespectful trash because "umm ackshually she's black (mixed) too sweety, she's just white-passing, we come in all shades sis". And then they'll pretend to be woke by rabidly attacking white people who do/say largely the same things (but without lying about their heritage).
They're the reason why Rachel Dolezal isn't 100% ashamed of herself, and Halsey feels comfortable saying she "identifies as a black woman". America is so fucked up when it comes to race sometimes, I swear.
More on-topic though, it's probably better for you to block your ex and ignore her BS. Let her marinate in her culture vultureism on her own. If she's not fully delusional, she's not even trying to claim any of these races outside her Tumblr sycophant bubble, or rest assured she'll be laughed out of the room.
Best case scenario, someone may ask you about her, and you can show off some sort of proof that you're actually one of the races she's LARPing as, then point out she won't/can't ever do the same because she's a liar.

No. 399704

susies/theos timeline was so off-putting. i have to keep in mind that the show is aimed at teens and ya but at least she had a few moments in the series that redeemed her. i was more put off that it initally seems like there was some weird incestuous stuff with sabrina and lucifer but it all seemed to work itself out.

i hate that im 30+ and looking forward to the next season of a show aimed at teens but it was really p good.

No. 399705

I'd be ultra fucked no matter what but anyway, I would try to study instead of working right after getting a middle school degree. But it wasn't my mother's choice in the first place, she was forced by her family so it would work at all anyway.

No. 399712

File: 1555527456975.png (2.2 MB, 2138x1342, vl.png)

I'm watching Lords Of Chaos right now, and I appreciate that it has attractive male actors.
Too many filmmakers focus on actresses being beautiful, but somehow think it's perfectly fine to assault people's eyes with hideous male actors. They expect us all to just LARP that their orclike faces and wrinkles are handsome, or ignore that they're a chore to look at for the sake of the movie (a permissiveness they almost never extend to women).
Whoever did the casting for this movie was far more merciful.

No. 399714

Well strap in because it gets worse. It's the sole reason I dropped the show. It was otherwise great. What a pity.

No. 399715

File: 1555527937011.gif (1.99 MB, 400x294, giphy.gif)

the show is so embarrassing in its pandering to identity politics. Susie is so obviously female but the characters all act as though they can't decipher her gender and people call her 'thing' etc. just for being a tomboy. + the characters casually make highly politicized jokes about 'smashing the cis-gendered patriarchy'. so fucking cringe.

No. 399718

Oh anon, I'm so sorry…

No. 399747

File: 1555533763916.jpg (709.22 KB, 2304x1441, hilda.jpg)

>>399699 here. That's it, I'm two episodes in and at the scene where SusieTheo wants to use the boys changing room along with the rest of the basketball team and I'm cringing so hard from second-hand embarrassment I don't know if I can go on.

No. 399772

same. there are some, like the ones you mentioned that I think are genuinely bad people but a lot of them are just entertaining weirdos that make questionable choices.

No. 399775

get a degree and work on my career so I don't stay in office jobs I hate for the rest of my working life. have more discerning taste in men than my awful father. maybe not have kids. travel more.

No. 399778

Oh boy have I got news for you anon.

I like the sweet sweet irony of the fact that the actress is so fucking tiny and feminine compared to even the other actresses. And I straight up cackled when they chose the name Theo, I was half surprised it wasn’t Aiden.

But the actress herself is either a fakeboi or nonbinary from what I remember

No. 399783

I keep getting recommended this one specific video and I can’t for the life of me work out why YouTube thinks I’m into channels with a wine mum (wine plant mum??) aesthetic

No. 399785

File: 1555541542475.png (825.77 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190418-005137.png)

I snorted

No. 399786

I only made to the scene where Sabrina shows up to the basketball tryouts and casts spells so suzie will score points against the dudes. like??? way to prove that she absolutely does not belong on the boy's team.

No. 399787

haven't even watched the show but what the fuck

why does every single butchy/nonfeminine woman have to be trans nowadays

why do they have to push this shit on teen girls

why can't they just be who they are and not have a storyline dedicated to trans bullshit

i blame degrassi for starting this bullshit honestly

No. 399789

It was very heavily implied early on in the first season that Susie is intersex, not trans. I can't remember that much of it, but I remember thinking it might be a case of an intersex child being chosen their gender by their parents from birth and then rejecting it later, but idr if that was actually stated or implied in the series.

Pretty sure there was a House episode that did that, too.

No. 399825

shes not a mom. shes young like 24 and most of her viewers are young so that's probably why. it's not like the algorithm looks at the literal video and thinks her aesthetic is 'wine plant mum'

No. 399840

Is anyone else watching the drama unfold involving the City of Heros MMO? I wouldn't have known of it if not for a friend filling me in but wow shit's wild.

No. 399844

I don't know if it's the fact I'm getting older or that I've grown more anti-porn but I just don't find myself wanting to masturbate anymore.

No. 399846

File: 1555558322634.jpeg (316.28 KB, 750x1090, DAEA637A-BBB1-4B87-9642-0F844F…)

god why are "non-binary" pronouns so cringe sounding and dehumanizing
I swear to god every time I read shit like this I question why anyone would want to be referred to in third person it's so unnatural and cringey

No. 399863

I wasn’t saying she’s a mum, wine mum is just what people tend to say about women who carry around bottles of wine and make their identity about it. You’re taking this weirdly seriously when it’s just in the dumb shit thread

No. 399866

Do you ever just pause while having a meltdown just to laugh at something stupid you thought of or saw while scrolling, or is that just me?

No. 399867

No. 399868

i'm a whore for hockey players (refuse to call myself a bunny bc i don't sleep with them) and one of the biggest catches just went public with his 20 y/o "girlfriend" who's a manipulative psycho. i'm surprisingly upset about it. surprising because i mostly hate this dude and think he's an idiot, but fuck he really is hot. i mean. he's still on bumble and in DMs, but it's just not the same now.

anyway, if this hoe could nail down someone like him, i'm over here thinking maybe i SHOULD start being a dumbass bunny. it would get me further than what i currently have which is a handful of IG likes from random players and overall sadness.

No. 399870

File: 1555570570015.jpg (76.56 KB, 700x712, tumblr_inline_pms8shbhjp1wn9r0…)

Lately I've been doing this thing where I put on music I enjoyed from a happier time and age and like project my memories of physical space in my mind to imagine I'm really there and young again. It's not quite age regression cause I'm not trying to act younger but I'll put on some Passion Pit close my eyes and pretend I'm in highschool in my old bedroom and everything is still how it was back then with politics, culture, my own responsibilities, worries, etc. I feel like this doesn't seem that weird but it feels really vivid like some weird coping mechanism and feels really good and comforting.

No. 399871

The fact that you care about some asshole you don't even know let alone like has a gf indicates you should get a real hobby that isn't thirsting over unattainable strangers, not take it a step further and fuck them

No. 399888

it bother me when people disrespect corpses. for example, im in medical school currently so i know its hypocritical for me to be critisizing anyone else, but people in my class have no problem videoing, taking pictures of and sometimes even making inappropriate jokes about the cadavers and it really bothers me. like im not going to stop them taking pictures if that helps them with revision, but still.

also, whenever archeologists or anyone for that matter find an ancient tomb or body, the body is pretty much immediately removed from its resting place and paraded around on social media, museums, etc. why cant we just let these people rest in peace.

No. 399919

Please tell me that you're from Finland and talking about that pathological liar escort, the one who literally robbed another hockey player before starting to date the current one

No. 399928

File: 1555601575466.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190418-083037.png)

This chick is into cool stuff and I feel kinda bad for posting her but she is truly impressively hideous. That's kind of her schtick tho so she's making it work but god damn.

No. 399930

File: 1555601639468.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190418-083340.png)

No. 399936

She is at a level of ugly where I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 399938

A couple of days ago I started following Kyo from dir en grey on Instagram and I replied to one comment on one of his pictures and I'm pretty sure kareki/deadtree replied to my comment and I find it really funny because I used to follow the crazy bangya thread on /snow/. Now I'm afraid she'll find my address and try to kill me because I dared to post a comment on her husbando's insta.

No. 399944

Don't worry anon, I'm pretty sure she's too busy fighting dozens of people on tumblr (as usual) to put in the effort to find and punish a "first time offender" kek
Just recently I had an interaction with her and she proudly stated once again that she's still a virgin (but not because of Kyo!1!1) and that she's been defending him for 16(!) years already lol

No. 399976

This is the first time I've ever looked at someone else and been so profoundly glad that I'm me and not them.
I like her style, though. She really makes it work somehow. She's like a sphinx cat or a witchy goblin woman. I'm so tired of the samefaced Killstar nu-goth girls in alt wear, but she breathes new life into the aesthetic.
I hope she's living her life happy.

No. 399999

File: 1555621817559.png (321.65 KB, 484x665, nooo.png)

I fucking hate it when people are so american-centrist. What is this bullshit? He's even trying to backpedal by saying the higher ups at kotaku didn't give him a choice in publishing (even though he wrote it)

No. 400001

FUCKING YES my sides. I knew they were gonna get mad at the song lyrics. It didn't matter when the game came out, but suddenly now it does lmao. LKD is as retarded as the lyric he thinks he hears. How dare he make an article about a Japanese singer pronouncing English words. She obviously doesn't say retarded.

No. 400005

File: 1555623364490.jpg (95.44 KB, 625x719, 1553901578055.jpg)

No. 400007

I wonder why other East Asian artists/bands haven't gotten in trouble for lyrics that sound like they have "nigga" in them, lmao.

No. 400009

Why am so angry over this shit? I hate tranny gamers so much. I hope LKD kills himself, no joke.

No. 400010

People have tried to make points that korea should change the word for "you" because it sounds like that word. It is honestly the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Imagine honestly wanting a completely different country and culture to change a word because of america's problems.

No. 400015

Idk where to post this. I've been thinking about death and spirits and afterlife. I've lost a lot to relatives and tbh I do feel like I've felt their presence sometimes or whatever. Anyway my cat got cremated and put in like a statue thing. I loved my cat so much and I've barely even had a dream about her in the years she's passed. I'm worried she's trapped lol idk if I should ask to take some of her ashes. Let her scatter a bit and be recycled into the earth idk.

No. 400021

File: 1555631131802.png (114.33 KB, 1199x871, nooo2.png)

Update: this shit is so sad for real… "This is what the lyrics sound like but we're too retarded to understand that this is a japanese accent thing so no lol"

No. 400051

File: 1555641100533.jpg (16.88 KB, 275x271, 1510519896297.jpg)

Don't know where to dump this since it isn't a vent but: I'm like 100% sure my crush actually likes me back. It was a really unrealistic crush to begin with so I'm ridiculously happy. I'm just really excited to see where this goes.

No. 400052

thats super adorable! it warms my cold anon heart

No. 400054

skinnygossip is the most retarded website i've ever been on

No. 400057

their starvation diets are eating away at their cognitive functions.

No. 400065

Good luck to you anon! It's a dream come true. I hope you two treat each other well.

No. 400069

No. 400119

File: 1555664411834.jpg (340.72 KB, 1474x1060, kimchi_onggi.jpg)

One time my boyfriend got a boner while we were watching a Maangchi video and I don't know how I feel about this. Relieved I suppose, that his age taste goes so high.

No. 400122

maybe it was just a random boner. doesn't necessarily mean he wants to bang her or anything (unless you asked and he was like 'yeah she's hot')

No. 400125

too many fucking posters on this website have never been on an image board besides this one and it shows. I want to migrate but I don't have anywhere else to go. cc can suck a dick.

No. 400126

File: 1555670737936.jpg (107.18 KB, 1135x638, Nazotokine-solidarity.jpg)

I'm really glad that we have lolcow as a girl alternative to 4chan. I used to just think of this place as an extension of /cgl/, somewhere to talk about Kota etc, but with the new /w/ and /m/ boards it really feels like a smaller yet viable alternative to discuss my favorite Malaysian moving images without any obnoxious red pill atmosphere.
At first I actually thought the new boards were stupid because of how slow this place is, but I get it now. I hope more women anons start using more of the media threads soon.

Just correct them and report them if need be. Post actively to bring up the quality, we could benefit from more active discussions anyway

No. 400127

I just ate so much fucking candy and I know I should feel bad but I also did some chores that I've been procrastinating to do for a long time so I feel like it evens it out somehow.

No. 400157

File: 1555681024179.gif (4.73 MB, 718x404, OHIWU2a-Imgur.gif)

so i actually had a conversation about "random boners" with my bf the other day and apparently that's not a thing once you're past like teenage years??? i don't know if he was just blowing smoke up my ass but i told him i thought it was just like a reflex and you could randomly get them at any time and he said that's not the case at all once you hit adulthood. so he might've been legit aroused lol. no idea though.

No. 400158

i do that sometimes but then i'll just eat a bunch of vegetables for a whole day and that's how i even it out in my mind

No. 400184

Maybe not random boners as in getting a boner in math class, while buying groceries or at grandma's funeral, but if he was cuddling with you on the couch (even in a non-sexual way) while watching TV I can see a "relaxed state" boner appearing?

No. 400188

he did say the only time he would get a "random" boner would be if we were spooning in bed or the obvious morning wood but honestly there are a lot of things about penises i've never bothered thinking too much into because i've never considered them to be a complex organ

No. 400294

I don't understand girls who put on thick IG makeup regularly, but then wear the laziest outfits imaginable and barely do their hair.
It's fine if you couldn't be bothered to dress up, but then why put so much energy into the bronzer, contour, fake lashes, etc? Is the idea to push the concept that you're so attractive you even look good in sweatpants and a hoodie?

No. 400310

I think it is moreso that makeup is very fun to them and a hobby. It definitely has an artsy and technical side to it.

No. 400313

Or they are just that insecure about their face.

No. 400322

I came back from spending a month with my ldr boyfriend a few days ago and I haven't completely unpacked my clothes yet cuz they smell like his home

No. 400437

File: 1555723712006.jpg (126.03 KB, 1280x640, proxy.duckduckgo-5.jpg)

I just finished watching this and holy shit what a disappointment. The animation was well done which was the only saving grace, everything else about the show fell flat IMHO. It wasn't really endearing or relaxing it just felt so pointless and unsatisfying. I blame myself for getting hyped for a Rilakkuma show.

No. 400444

why he got a zipper

No. 400453

File: 1555726381875.jpg (60.83 KB, 960x540, ew.jpg)

Speaking of bad Netflix shows I just got around to watching Super drags… It was horrible. It was like watching the tumblr kid who thinks his gay fetish fanfiction is peak representation write a show. The only interesting part of the show is how they tried to sexulize males instead of females, but that falls flat because all the characters look like stock art.

Another weird thing in the show is that in the subbed version a character is Bisexual in the English dub he's 'Bigender'. The worse sub and dub diffs is the fact the dub multiples the 'fabulous gay' way of talking by 100%.

The shoulders in this show also horrify me.

The only saving grace is the somewhat decent theme song.

No. 400455

I hate that this show will now be permanently attached to my country's name.

No. 400466

I was feeling a little nostalgic a week ago and felt something like this when I turned on some Mindless self indulgence (ik, ik) for fun. My whole time listening, all I could think about was me being so into the band when I was younger and the mindset I had of not giving a fuck and generally being a happier place.
Things were so much simpler and I had better people in my life. It was clearly more depressing for me lmao but I feel you on the memory lane thing.

No. 400468

It's been 2 days, but I'm surprised no one here has told you puerto rican isn't an ethnicity. There's all types of ethnicities in puerto rico and most people there are white.

No. 400471

I was so pissed off that this bullshit got animation that was actually fresh and decent looking. It was absolutely garbage in any other way and I'm so angry about it, it's bad optics for both adult animation and the gay community I forced myself to finish the first episode and never went back, but the idea that someone thought a main hero character groping the dick of a passed out guy was passable enough to show on Netflix will forever haunt me.

No. 400494

I have tiny, tiny, lips and mouth but I'm afraid to get something like lip injections because so often they look like baloney.

No. 400497

File: 1555744208841.png (236.04 KB, 600x1317, less-plastic-is_19714708_29000…)

Change starts with us, the more the better.

No. 400500

I had very small lips and got injections (three sessions with several months in between) and I'm happier with them now. They're still on the small side but I actually have a upper lip when I smile now, they're still bigger than they naturally are despite my last injections being over a year and a half ago, and they don't look fishy at all

No. 400515

While I agree that small scale change is ultimately good, it shouldn’t be on the consumer to make radical changes in comfort but rather on the businesses that directly profit off of creating unsustainable comforts

No. 400538

I feel like the anon that posted this just graduated high school so they're too young to realize that

No. 400556

It's time for spring cleaning so I went through my computer files. I got rid of 100+ GB's of files! I'm like only 70% done with my cleaning too. I'm so proud of my self.

No. 400559

How do I skip or bypass Phone Number verification when creating a new gmail account

No. 400561

File: 1555766244359.jpg (420.95 KB, 1199x1195, Screenshot_20190420-151336_Twi…)

This is so fucking stupid.

No. 400562

As a beekeeper, that is absolutely disgusting and doesn't help the cause at all.

No. 400569

Every time Pornhub tries to do "charity" I facepalm so hard. Like with the breast cancer campaign.
>Look guiez, we're the good guys, we care! It's not like we host thousands of abuse porn videos that always appear on homepage with the most degrading titles, we care about women uwu

No. 400596

File: 1555776752716.jpg (13.2 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

So a couple days ago on /co/ someone posted about hollywood promoting bed wenches in animated film s
I didn't know what it was so I googled it and this is what I found
It seems to be this bizarre side of black youtube and twitter where black men post about black women dating white men and view them as race traitors

Can an African American anon explain this whole thing better to me

No. 400611

Not much to explain. It's the black version of white men calling white women mudsharks, coalburners, etc and screaming about cuckoldry and interracial porn for dating black men.
The male sense of ownership over women carries over in all races, and largely manifests in the same ways. Go figure.

No. 400612

but are bed wenches real in any way or are they just an Insult

No. 400614

Men:"women of my race are all EVIL gold diggers who are racetraitors and will cheat, lie and steal if you get in a relationship with them!they are all fat/flat/ugly, smell bad, women of the other race are all pure sexy perfect goddesses who will never betray you and her farts smell like candy!"
Women: ok I'll date men of a race who likes me

No. 400615

Its primarily just an insult, but it does have its roots back to slavery where black women were raped by their white masters. The women would sometimes get 'better' treatment than the rest of the slaves. And there fore the term "Bed Wench" came to be. So it does have its roots in actaul history, but black men, like all men love to be big hypocrites and see all black women dating white men (no matter what reason) as brainwashed bed wenches.

No. 400628

Am serb so I really don't understand American racial politics that well but I remember reading a statistic online saying that black women mostly get into relationships black men but those guys Youtube channels make it seem like its an epidemic of black women dating white men

No. 400647

Is it that bad? It looks like the kind of cute comfy show I'd watch before going to sleep.

No. 400651

>be aspie
>Eat a chicken and bean burrito with a gallon of water everyday
>Can't eat anything else without feeling sick besides sweets
>Have to clean with the same cleaner everyday
>Listen to the same few songs on repeat
>Have to constantly apply the same lotion
>Feel like a victim of my own mind

No. 400655

Sounds like a behavioral issue, like OCD. Do you feel anxious if you get out of your comfort zone? Does the anxiety scare you so you just keep doing your routine?

No. 400661

Yeah exactly that, I get very stressed when there's any sort of change in my life

No. 400670

Today I dreamed about Venus Angelic. I was living with her in an apartment, and everytime I got up from bed I would wait for Venus to wake up just to give her a hug and tell her she was beautiful and precious.

It was like a morning routine or something, and if I didn't do it I would get anxious and feel like she was going to commit suicide or leave me alone.

The worst part is that I remember thinking as I hugged her that she only kept me around because she was using me. My dreamself truly believed she was beautiful and deserved all the love in the world. The dream was really sad and seeing myself, clinging to a person like that, was heartbreaking lol.

I don't even know why I dreamed about her?? I don't follow Venus Angelic, I've seen her threads but I don't really care about the recent milk? Why??

>inb4 you should seek help

Yes, maybe I do.

No. 400692

I like checking r/unpopularopinion to reduce my faith in the human race. It makes me angry, but it's addictive.

No. 400701

I would definitely advise you to consider looking at cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, especially if you want to break out of this cycle. You're definitely going to experience anxiety and deal with the many symptoms, but understand dealing with it will bring you freedom. Definitely check out the Dare technique, a lot of people with OCD who want to live their life and not feel like they have to do the same exact thing or else something bad will happen, basically fearing the sensations, use this technique. Recovery isn't going to be easy, especially since your boundaries are so small. You can do this, anon! I believe in you.

No. 400763

File: 1555825304686.png (118.86 KB, 802x767, 5a33551f-f233-4b18-aabd-5931e5…)

I had a vision of ricardo dancing but instead of ricardo it was tyler1. I'm sad it'll never become a reality.

No. 400765

Why is my boyfriend's dickhole so large and weirdly placed? It's on the side and from some angles it looks like he has two holes but it's so big, it's like the size of a vagina hole why

No. 400769

Maybe he used to do dicksounding that dilated it but he was probably just born that way.

No. 400774

Has anyone here struggled with addiction?

I’m a cocaine addict. It’s not as bad as it could be. I can still technically function without it and do my responsibilities but I feel depressed sober. When I do coke, I get super happy and then get even more depressed.

Addiction runs in my family (my dad’s in AA) but I don’t know anyone who is a former coke addict. I feel kinda alone because of it and it sucks.

No. 400776

Why do I like manlets so much? A guy could have a 5/10 face but if he's short it makes him a 10/10 in my eyes.

No. 400778

Any Manlets or a specif type of Manlets
one my friend usually dates buff manlets,while I prefer dating manlets that look like normal dudes just scaled down and from I have read online their seems to be plenty of women who like somewhat young looking feminine manlets

No. 400779

This actually isn't that uncommon but is usually fixed in childhood. He either didn't get it fixed or that's what the end result of the surgery looked like. I wouldn't bring it up to him though.

No. 400787

Do these girls really know nothing about how unhygienic it is to stick veggies up your holes? Also every urban legend where they gets stuck in said holes? I'm actually fearful to masturbate with anything but sextoys or fingers because it'll probably get fucking stuck up there and it seems nasty

No. 400789

File: 1555838942936.png (88.52 KB, 404x395, slowfingers.png)

pic related, I can't seem to type faster than 95wpm and it's driving me mad.
There are people on https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english who type as fast as 140+ wpm and I can't even break the 100wpm threshold.
I suck so much even with touch typing.

No. 400795

I can type pretty fast but I have tremorous/shaky fingers that cause me to hit the wrong keys and often misspell words on both my phone and keyboard… errors in those types of tests take away from your final wpm.

tbh 95 is still good, the majority of the population isn't going to be able to type 140wpm, I feel like kids these days are way slower typists even on their phones and never learn touch typing… so be happy you're even close to 100. I learned touch typing in elementary yrs ago and yet I can barely reach 100 bc of my shaky fingers and reliance on autocorrect

No. 400796

I never learned how to type the proper way with ten fingers and I feel like it's too late for me to learn but if you position your fingers the way you're supposed to then you'll be pretty fast.

No. 400799

This is a fucking hilarious mental image thank you anon
also I unironically like the song in the Ricardo memes it's catchy

No. 400801

Thanks anon and sorry to hear about your shaky fingers.
I know it's not a big deal but I just wonder how some people have this superhuman typing speed.

I'm going to continue practicing until I manage to be faster than 100wpm, but I fear the 140wpm is going to remain a dream.

Though, all of that matters very little in real life unless your work requires you to type fast. I do programming but I don't need to type that fast.

> but if you position your fingers the way you're supposed to then you'll be pretty fast.
That's the thing, I've learnt to touch type and still suck.

Also, it's never too late to touch type.
Here are some resources to get you started:
And https://www.typingstudy.com/ because it has touch typing in different languages (I'm learning Russian so…)
And this is super handy if you're on Linux https://www.gnu.org/software/gtypist/

It's really nice to type without the need to look at the keyboard, you'll be slow the first week or two but then it just gets better.

No. 400802

Have you ever been around average people in an office? I get similar results and coworkers are constantly commenting on my typing because they're so impressed by the speed and they can hear it at their desks. If I ever watch a coworker type they are mind bogglingly slow in comparison, and make a whole lot more mistakes. There are probably some typing autists who spend a lot of time taking tests and get 140wpm but that's almost non existent irl. There's only one generation that really spent a lot of time on desktop computers, before us there were old people who can't type for shit, and after us there are young people who can only use touch screen keyboards.

No. 400806

Destiny "totally debunking" Shapiro is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen (vid related). Why would you keep this on your channel?? Jfc, He's almost as much of a nasally, glue-sniffing brainlet as Shapiro, and I'm appalled that anyone can interpret this as anything but a self-own on Destiny's part

"Of course Muslims want Sharia law!! They're Muslim!!" and generally just defending Sharia law rather than speaking about the positives of progressive or moderate Muslims makes you look fucking insane. JFC these left leaning men will sacrifice women for wokeness without question

No. 400809

Are there any female gamers on youtube or twitch who are fun to watch and listen to and nice and who aren't actually deranged men in dresses and fried wigs and don't sperg about trans rights all the time? I only watch Vinny's, Woolie's and some French youtuber's video and I want to see more stuff.

No. 400814

Thanks for the link, anon! I'm gonna start practicing and hope I'll finally learn it lol

No. 400815

Repost from the vent thread
Liberals and leftists are so focused on Triggering The Right, that there turning themselves into the caricature that the alt right has of them: as anti white racists (the one they always denied).
and in this case defending sharia law

No. 400835

File: 1555856793994.jpg (410.22 KB, 1242x1732, IMG_5394.JPG)

Out of all the trends in recent years, eboy is by far the worst one I've seen. Its just a worse version of mid 00s scene boys if you replaced the sadness with vapidity and upped the narcissism.

No. 400839

I can't get past 75wpm, if it makes you feel any better. I only type with two fingers though.

No. 400842

I think there might be some among the influencers of the left that realize the more the culture war heats up the less power they have. At the moment the left choose what's allowed to be discussed and what language can be used to discuss it. Now there's a growing minority on the right that doesn't want to play by those rules, or are already refusing to. While the left is still able to get people fired for not playing by those rules I can't see that minority on the right ever being anything significant. The problem for the left is that businesses are already recognizing that pandering/dog whistling to the right is now an option. As this right wing market grows so will the number of people on the right that refuse to engage on the lefts terms.

When the culture war reaches the stage that the response to the cry of "you're _ist/_phobic" becomes "So what?". The BASED and enlightened misanthropes will get to chow down on the spicy meatball of overpopulation solving itself.

No. 400863

It's kind of alarming that his only argument is "W-Wanting sharia law isn't THAT bad". Yes, it fucking is. People are dying over this. And not even just innocent non-Muslim people, but innocent Muslim people as well. Women are being deprived of human rights, and little girls are forced into marriage. "I'm sure I could get my mom to agree to honor killing, too, and she's Christian"? How is that a good point? How does it make agreeing with honor killing any less fucked up? Stop. If the shoe were on the other foot, and Christians in the modern age were starting entire terrorist groups in a bid to push their religion, we wouldn't be in the wrong to find these stats alarming on them, either.
His only decent point in that whole video was criticizing the way Shapiro conflated "positive" views with "mixed" views purely to inflate numbers for fear-mongering purposes.

No. 400875

lmao mte anon. like i don’t really have much of an issue with e-girls besides the whole ~*~uwu blush on nose i have a cold look~*~ but i cannot stand eboys or any males who have accs with only selfies. maybe im fucked up for it but its so gross to me idk why…and especially when the comments are all little girls trying to get their attention ick. for some reason, clicking on a guys insta from tinder and seeing like cringe ass pics of themselves grosses me out

No. 400891

File: 1555866468707.jpg (52.36 KB, 600x400, narahadaycare.jpg)

I wonder why the Japanese government says it's okay for the evacuators to return to the town Naraha. The animals around the exclusion zone are still radioactive and the soil can't be that safe either. I just don't trust what the government is saying. They hid the fact that TEPCO were releasing radioactive water into the ocean until 2013.
It feels as if they're just doing this to show off for the Olympics. Or just so that the government won't have to pay the victims anymore.

No. 400899

source? all i'm reading is that the reopened a sports center that was in a safe-ish area.

No. 400929

the Naraha town part starts at 8:18

No. 400961

File: 1555878824063.png (1.74 MB, 1438x2240, Screenshot_2019-04-21-15-29-43…)

I fucking lost my shit when I saw this kek

No. 400974

File: 1555882420885.jpg (51.63 KB, 330x1500, apgard.jpg)

Despite me regularly brushing and flossing, yesterday I started getting extreme pain in what I think is a tooth. It may be the gum. Pain when I drink my sweet coffee or drink something cold. I had a few pastries with my family yesterday, so I wonder if that is the cause, but normally I don't eat very much sugary stuff so it is weird that it would hurt all of the sudden. I decided to try this meme tooth paste and I really hope it works to make my tooth not hurt!

No. 400976

is it socially acceptable to wear (black, low cut) socks and birkenstocks?

No. 400980

I'm in almost the same exact situation. I went to the dentist for my regular cleaning a few weeks ago and had the same complaint. Its like I have extreme sensitivity in just that one tooth and they did x rays and everything and couldn't find a reason as to why, it looked completely normal and just told me to 'keep an eye on it'. Good luck with the toothpaste toothchan. I would go see your dentist though, could be an issue with the root or a cavity you don't see, that's the first concern my dentist had.

No. 400993

I think the "It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it" thing might be true for some reason.
I've gone out in public wearing certain things, then gone online and seen people bashing the same items, going on about how you "can't go out in public like that, it looks cringy/inappropriate! People will laugh or judge you! Do not wear". I used to get confused and kind of upset about it, since that's never been my experience, but now I realize I'm probably just blessed or lucky in some aspect.
People only ever have nice things to say about my style IRL. The absolute worst I've gotten is some stares, or someone saying "Too much" while refusing to make eye contact. People must be very rude and slightly insane wherever a lot of anons come from, if the nasty behavior they warn about isn't just an exaggeration.

No. 400995

I'm not even an altright but their takes on the left can't meme phenomenon crack me up every single fucking time. I wish lefties weren't so fucking up their ass with virtue signaling and being offended over fictional characters, maybe then they'd learn how to be more charismatic and likable. And be taken more seriously.

No. 401010

i mean of course. "shit don't fit" isn't a common insult for no reason. the most expensive clothing is worthless if it looks like shit on someone.

No. 401015

Thank you! I am going to the dentist in two weeks too, I am just hoping this tooth paste will patch me up until then.

No. 401026


A lot of leftist memes relly on one being a leftist or try to fit an entire essay into a meme. Leftists should go with, ironicly this is from a nazi's approach to the jewish question, of just repeating an idea one want to implant over and over in differing ways until it takes root subconsciously or they research it themselves.

No. 401039

right wing memes are still cringeworthy anon, "[insert racist/offensive joke here] and LAUGH AT IT" is not clever or inventive and anyone who thinks alt right memes are honest satire or irony need to check wtf those things actually mean

remember when memes weren't political? when it was just random nonsensical shit that everyone could laugh at that was sometimes offensive but nothing gratiutious? I miss those memes.

No. 401045

This. I remember when they thought they were smart for attributing pitbulls to black people. If that's not a retarded, convoluted essay of a meme, I don't know what is.

No. 401052

Or the amerimutt meme with the demented troll baby. Not a eurofag so really didn't understand the context or what it was supposed to be implying, there wasn't anything smart or clever about it. To its core physically it's a weird looking troll face baby that seems to be derived from earlier memes but I don't even get what's supposed to be racist about it, is it implying that Americans are all a portion nonwhite or so mixed that it's somehow worth the mockery of Europeans living in Europe? To me it was just an ugly and retarded looking face

No. 401053

File: 1555896100905.jpg (27.13 KB, 1024x718, 1542152135132.jpg)

>tfw made the wholesome image thread
>it's still going strong to this day

Good stuff

I do think it was a little aimless?
I liked it regardless tho, very cozy and nice to watch if you want to see something cute to wind down.

No. 401059

i'm exactly the same. half of these leftie "memes" aren't even funny, they're just trying to talk down to people.

No. 401068

This ad killed me when it was out

No. 401069

Shared a hotel with friends for the weekend for a con. It was a chill room, only four of us. This morning I was sitting in bed after making tea and was waiting for it to cool, and was sharing my bed with a good friend (who I used to crush super hard on). He was rolled over and facing me, saw me sitting up and spacing out, and lifted up the blanket and invited me to cuddle. It felt so fucking nice. He was occasionally running his fingers through my hair all weekend, and when we cuddled it felt so nice to feel him lazily do it again, or to rub really light circles into my back for a little bit. I didn't feel like my feelings for him rushed back or anything, but god I didn't really how fucking starved I was for some nice human touch and affection until I was buried in his chest, smelling him (he smelled so gooooooood i love cuddling people who smell nice). The room was pretty chilly too, so it felt nice to warm up in someone's arms.

It feels like a really nice way to end a fun weekend with friends after isolating myself from people for almost four months. Now I want to pay a professional cuddler to just cuddle the fuck outta me lol.

No. 401083

I'm happy for the Ainu people. Being legally recognized is so important, and it's abhorrent how they were erased and traumatized to the point where many of them don't even want to claim their heritage. Their struggle seems very similar to that of Native Americans.
>inb4 idiotic /pol/tard weebs read this and either don't understand anything, or start screeching about how the leftists/jews/globalists/whatever are now oppressing innocent nipponese colonizers who absolutely dindu nuffin

No. 401085

Same. I love this shit. #wokeweebs are so cringy honestly, they're a bunch of virtue signalers. 20 bucks that OP people have a picture of a greasy racebent MHA character with 50 extra pounds and a ton of arm hair too, just to push that "We need to fix anime!" aesthetic. BONUS POINTS if they always complain about girls being sexualized in anime but have underage yaoi on their timeline, many keks indeed.

No. 401098

This, they're incredibly stupid. Any 'political' meme is because you're presenting an issue through a shallow attempt at a joke or through insults.

No. 401103

anon wtf, why would you post this, my eyes started fogging up midway through already!

No. 401117

So Since ContraPoints posted his "Gender Critical" video we have seen a mass of new normies on r/GC increase,
So The tone of the sub is changing as more well adjusted normies who actually know or have good relationships with men irl come in on the back of the rampent troonary going on.
what do you think will happen ?

No. 401131

File: 1555929732940.jpg (60.04 KB, 661x500, 1476842108006.thumb.jpg.86e6b9…)

just found sex tapes of my bf with his ex lmao. curiosity got the best of me, mfw I saw dem areolas.

No. 401133

Its hard to deny the effectiveness of simplicity. Tweets and comments containing 13% and 50% are popping up all over the place now.

No. 401135

Hope his next gf will laugh about your body when she discovers the nudes/sex tapes as well. He is trash for keeping those (if not for recording them in first place) and so are you.

No. 401155

y so salty? I am just trying to cope with shitposting.

No. 401156

that strange aeons girl really bothers me. she whines about TERFs but claims to be a lesbian. are they even lesbians? i cant stand her. she reminds me of june tier women who have like, 'masc' or 'deadpan' delivery so it makes people think they're very assertive and outspoken, when theyre actually the same boring, handwaving idiots, just with different delivery

No. 401162

You should be more concerned about the fact that he's keeping those videos (and probably jerking off to them)

No. 401166

I am. tbh Id love to get out of that relationship, but no moneys, no fam, I am just gonna stay and tell myself I don't care and cry myself to sleep every night. aaaaah

No. 401170

is she really the "fuck terfs!!" type? disappointed. i don't think she's as bad as shuwu, at least she is actually gay and isn't pretending to be lgb for woke points.

No. 401171

i dont think she's a real lesbian when she's out here saying transwomen are women. she did a whoooleass video about "TERFs"

No. 401174

>i dont think she's a real lesbian when she's out here saying transwomen are women
Lesbians can be libfems too you know

No. 401176

uhhhh the majority of these lesbians that crusade for trannies either do date male trannies or say they're attracted to them, and/or in general just try to pressure lesbians to date them, usually because "i'm a lesbian and i find them hot/they're women, etc". lesbians that are into dudes aren't lesbians. if she's defending that shit she has to at least find them attractive and i sincerely question the legitimacy of her lesbianism if so

No. 401178

facts only

No. 401179

I tried watching her tumblr videos but they are boring. She's one of those "commentators" who reacts without saying anything remotely meaningful or interesting about the topic. In her TERF video she just cherry picks and immediately glosses over the real arguments against transactivism. I wonder how she would react to cotton ceiling rhetoric as a lesbian.

No. 401181

she reads over "TERFs" saying that trannies can't be lesbians and she says they can be lesbians and that they're not hurting anyone

No. 401182

is hontra straight or bi? i know that he's into women but i'm not sure if he also guilt trips straight men.

No. 401183

i think he said he sleeps with men a lot now. he said he didnt before he transitioned, iirc. he seems like the type to sleep with men to 'affirm his womanhood'

No. 401193

Every vlog I've seen her with another lesbian, she seems uncomfortable like she's not into them as much as they're into her.

No. 401206

Bet you didn't have the ex gf's consent to watch her sex tape with your current bf.
Wish you good luck with leaving the piece of shit and hope he does not have any intimate pics and videos of you.

No. 401210

>majority of these lesbians that crusade for trannies either do date male trannies or say they're attracted to them
True,some "lesbians" I used to know that would thirst after Contrapoint later came out as Bi

No. 401219

Yeah, she sends me bisexual flake vibes. It's kind of a trend right now, to "identify as lesbians" while being bi.

No. 401231

I like reading, but it strikes me as kind of fake-deep when people say "Read! It'll make you smarter!" as a singular statement after making an argument, without actually giving examples and recommendations related to said argument.
Like…read what exactly? There are so many books in the world, and quite a few of them are trash. Do you even actually read, or did you just come upon all your knowledge from absorbing other people's arguments?

No. 401237

he's a pseudo bisexual autogynephile.

No. 401240

kinda like Radfemtori
she was a "lesbian" radfem on Tumblr that would shit on straight and bi women and call them cock suckers and say they could never be true feminists only for it be revealed that she had a boyfriend who was a Marine

No. 401245

That’s hilarious tumblr radfems are a fucking joke

No. 401249

File: 1555957922963.jpg (69.46 KB, 728x514, 97543579843467.jpg)

Hmm, makes me wonder about all of the self-righteous "radfems" on this board who say similar things.

No. 401254

File: 1555958594886.jpg (63.18 KB, 593x526, smh.JPG)


After a autistic tranny tarted this bullshit which ended rightfully in a shit storm and backpedalled after people got really mad about this (he even wanted to quit twitter because uwu so much hate and negativity but still posts because the attention is good) the next one comes around about being upset that the new super smash stage builder bans all kind of political symbols as the trans flag, to keep the place that was made for fun and political neutrality. Of course this ban means for trannies that they can't promote their shit on a platform that isn't made for this kind of trash so they are now upset about it and of course nintendo is a transphobic piece of shit for not making an exception for them.

No. 401257

Methinks lesbians who have pseudo-grudges against straight and bi women for liking dick are just bi in denial.
And this is coming from a lesbian

No. 401265

File: 1555959761305.png (114 KB, 823x852, the face of god.png)

IDK why but I've really been wanting love recently? This is the happiest I have ever been so I want to share it with someone else. But the guys at my school are kind of immature, and I feel like the type of guy I want doesn't exist? Also even if they did exist, I def don't feel pretty enough for them lmao. I think it's time I lower my standards when it comes to appearances.

No. 401268

lmfao jesus christ, now we're gonna have to hear AGAIN how "everything is political! this is discrimination!" like okay how the fuck is a Nintendo Switch console itself related to politics?
Is there a list of other stages with political symbols that were banned?

No. 401269

I had to read fences and death of a salesman for an english class, the most frustrating things Ive ever had to read, I resent my professor for making me waste my time with this smfh. Gotta write a compare and contrast essay I hope my he enjoys 1700 words about the fragility of the male ego and how it ruins homes and lives.

No. 401278

Your comment about my nose was weird lol what do you even mean with it being "thick"? It's not. At least I don't don't have 2 holes in my face as a nose. You have a flat as fuck 2D nose and you know it, fatass hoe.

Oh, and your makeup is thrash, I had to go to boots in order to wipe that shit off because I couldn't bear being in public with black censor bars as eyebrows and g-spot vibrator shaped eyeliner. Well done for blending my eyeshadow and having the correct foundation shade tho

No. 401290

File: 1555964310940.jpg (49.9 KB, 590x433, example.JPG)


I just saw some hitler related ones and of course a lot of penis.

No. 401291

File: 1555964457939.jpg (59.94 KB, 601x695, twitter.JPG)


samefag but here is the whole list and pure cancer about this because trans flag is on the same list as nazi symbols, so nintendo compares trannies to nazis or something like that idk it just gave me a headache after reading a bit into it.

I just wanted to see some lulzy creations and not this bullshit again like everywhere else …


No. 401301

I always thought that in the song "bang bang" nicki spelled gangbang instead of bang bang and i was right cause in the non-rap version jessi j spells it the same, around 1:57.

No. 401308

Radfems that spend more time shitting on other women than making any positive advancements for feminism are just as bad as misogynist men. It's creepy to call a woman a whore for wearing 'slavepaint' too.

No. 401310

The radfemtori shit was a shit show but I've never seen a radfem call a woman a "whore" for wearing "slave paint". I've seen people get really offended at the term "slave paint" and it's a stretch.

No. 401312

Look up Leah Tverly, or actually don't…

No. 401314

Not that anon and not looking her up but you cannot seriously think this one person represents radfems and radfem beliefs. Christ.

No. 401315

Never said ALL radfems are Leah, stop being salty.

No. 401316



No. 401317

Never said ALL radfems are Leah, stop being salty.

No. 401320

I know who Leah Tverly is. When has she called women whores for using slave paint? She calls them HOPs, but I've never heard her say "whores".

No. 401323

I am a feminist but women with this holier-than-thou attitude do exist in the radfem community and are annoying as fuck. No one said all.

No. 401341

I like Nysttren

No. 401345

This lesbian and bi discussion got me thinking, can you be attracted to men but not penises? If anyone would ask me, I'd say I'm bisexual but what I find most attractive is Butch women(not a Buck Angel) and men equally. But when it comes to genitals I think penises are unattractive to see and a turn off. I don't necessarily care about identifying one way or another, but I see more men that I am attracted to than women where I live, but I worry about having to have sex with them one day.

No. 401355

>not a Buck Angel
Seems weird since you're attracted to men and vaginas, but not men with vaginas.
Although I guess I get it, you're into the rest of the masc body but pretend the crotch doesn't exist when looking at them?
Your best bet is probably to either date exclusively butches or just desensitize yourself to dicks. The febfem choice is probably preferable although it would take longer to find someone.

No. 401364

I prefer skinny feminine manlets kinda like suga but I like any kind of manlet

No. 401370

nta, but do you like them shorter than you?
I feel the same, I've even found dad-aged men cute if they're around 5'2" and fit my racial preferences. Not that I'd fuck or date them for real but it's the reason I'm manlet exclusive (so I'll be attracted forever).

It's probably a power or proportion thing. In my case I know it's a mix of those. Short men have more childlike proportions (big head, small body, sometimes tiny hands and feet) and it just activates the nurture and protect instinct. But also mixed with arousal. That probably sounds pedophilic but I'm not into teens or kids or anything, and like I said have even been interested middle aged men. It's just some weird crossed wire and I work with it.
Face has also never really mattered to me, just presentation and body. Do any of these resonate with you?

No. 401371

She defends calling other women hoes and sluts here

No. 401374

I am not a lesbian but I would assume these women who declare themselves to be "lesbians" and do end up dating men make lesbians as a whole look bad

No. 401375

File: 1555982824732.png (694.19 KB, 548x628, FROGS.PNG)

I love this image

No. 401383

>fit my racial preferences
can I ask what are your racial preferences ?

No. 401392

Generally non-white. I have a main preference for men of a similar race to my own (full or mixed Native American, even if Hispanic), but also desi guys for some reason. Also been into several black guys.
The very few white men I have been attracted to happened to also only be very short haha.

No. 401393

>do you like them shorter than you?
I love them shorter than me but it's rare to find a guy in my area shorter than me.
It is a power thing for me. I kind of have a nurturing personality but I'm not responsible enough to take care of animals or kids.

No. 401394

what about Asians(they tend to be shorter on average)

No. 401395

Ever since I discovered Japanese custom T-shirt sites, I can't understand why people buy from Omocat (aside from the collabs with brands like Yokai Watch or with other artists, I guess). All the anime-esque designs are basically what she does, but typically better.

No. 401397

It's purely due to successful branding and marketing. Something that I wish more Japanese people would do is try to market their brands overseas. There are seriously so much merchandise and clothes in Japan I would love to have but there is no way us gaijin can buy it unless we use middle-man services. I swear, these Japanese design brands are just sitting on a goldmine if they would just find ways to market their stuff overseas.

No. 401401

Yeah, like I said mainly South Asians but I'm also into SEA guys and some East Asians.
I think the shortest guy I've seen at my uni is SEA, he must be 5'. He's quite adorable but he seems social and is in a different major so I have no chance to pursue. Tragic.

It's probably those aspects outweighing your desire for a perfect face then.
Halo effect but being short is the halo lol.

No. 401404

Japs in general are extremely xenophobic so I’m not surprised more niche things aren’t available overseas, even when it comes to more popular brands that sell overseas they won’t make a huge amount of their stuff available to non-Japanese consumers and the companies that control the market (say something like Copic) will only sell overseas at extremely inflated prices

No. 401434

They’re not xenophobic so much as deadly afraid of having to speak English and fucking up.
Have you seen their English test scores? It’s hilarious.

No. 401439

Lmao they’re not xenophobic?? Japan is a hugely xenophobic country, look at how they treat any foreigners or look down upon non-Japanese cultures.

Also, they wouldn’t have to necessarily speak English, they’re hugely unwilling to work with even neighbouring countries, so I’m not sure what your point is.

No. 401443

Another day another penis
Why are men so ugly and why do they pretend they aren't

No. 401444

>deadly afraid of having to speak English and fucking up
They sure don't seem to be ashamed of their butchered english. Like in any way.

No. 401461

Say what you will of momokun, but its pretty hilarious how she scams the neckbeards month after month.

No. 401522

File: 1556023011574.jpg (47.89 KB, 640x426, 93d4b7ebecbc624f4eef13583b37f3…)

>friend and I want to make an effort to engage less with the internet
>decide to get a puzzle
>now spending more hours on Amazon scrolling through hundreds of choices than we will spend solving one

No. 401526

File: 1556024539882.gif (294.56 KB, 500x276, giphy (2).gif)

You want to make an effort to engage less with the internet and the first thing you think of is a puzzle…?

No. 401528

>feel kind of shit about my art
>super quiet classmate at school likes to draw
>wind up bonding for almost two hours talking about art and video games
>even though they are a novice they try to draw every day and have plans to make a comic
>started drawing again and I’m trying to make a schedule to keep making stuff every week

I hate that I have a very impatient personality when it comes to drawing, which requires a lot of patience to get good.

No. 401531

nayrt but I started buying sudoku puzzle books from the pharmacy with a similar idea in mind a few months ago, it keeps me off my phone

No. 401539

File: 1556026788360.gif (847.96 KB, 400x225, FwHb641.gif)

>trading submission to dynamic and complex information for submission to static pieces of cardboard and paper.


No. 401543


No. 401547

what was the name of that "lesbian" radfem on Tumblr who used to shit on straight and bi women and bragged about how butch she was and posted pics of her self until it was revealed by some one she knew that she was actually married and also a Army wife
not talking about radfemtori

No. 401563

I can relate I picked up art again after a couple of years of not doing it. And no wonder I quit, I am so impatient. But I'm determined this time.

No. 401564

File: 1556030307295.jpg (45.83 KB, 960x960, 11054450_973658046028648_15943…)

You're in the club when this woman comes over and slaps your bfs ass. What do you do?

btw she's 6'3 and 230lbs

No. 401569

Get wet and hope she slaps mine too

No. 401570

Ask for her routine, she looks awesome

No. 401571

Ask her what's so slappable about his ass and not mine.

No. 401573

My bf is 6'2 and 200 lbs and a former boxer
I think he can handle himself

No. 401577

So he's smaller. I'm guessing his career doesn't involve beating up middle aged Japanese Mothers, either. You'd better start taking Super Female Vitality and hitting the gym hard if you're to stand a chance at protecting his smile.

No. 401584

I'm tall 5'11 1/2 and I used to be pretty fit but I don't go the gym as much as I used to
I think he could beat her in a fight but I would be scared of him falling in love with her
he really likes tall women and loves women near his height,(I'm actually one of the shortest girl he's ever dated lol)

No. 401592

File: 1556033317417.jpg (13.17 KB, 226x240, 1553631978623.jpg)

Don't have a bf and don't want one.
Ask her to spank me instead

No. 401599

>People trying to blogpost about how /big/ their bfs are in this economy
Stop, please.

No. 401603

File: 1556034426802.jpg (225.92 KB, 1315x740, Dutch-Giant-Olivier-Richters[1…)

If his height doesn't start with a 7 then he isn't a man.

No. 401606

Imagine the amount of food this guy has to consume to exist with that height, let alone maintain that much muscle mass. He can't possibly do anything else every day aside from work out and eat.

No. 401610

Incorrect, the closer a man is to 5' the better he is.

No. 401628

I've had this piece of food stuck between my teeth for a while and after a long battle I finally managed to pick it out and it was so disgusting, I imagine that this is what a rotten body smells like, jesus christ

No. 401634

File: 1556036172256.jpg (514.48 KB, 960x960, K3UWN8[1].jpg)

Looking at pictures like these always makes wonder how these interactions go. It must be pretty irritating to put in so much work only to be made to look small even though you're 6'9 and 420lbs.

No. 401636

Is it weird that I've seriously considered buying something from Pheebz? You know, just a little souvenir from my favourite cow.

No. 401660

go away pedochan

No. 401662


So you think men who like short women are pedos too, right?

No. 401663

Nothing, my bf isn't into trannies.

No. 401667

Invite her back to the apartment and make bf watch while she spanks me

No. 401668

File: 1556043656905.jpg (102.78 KB, 794x794, murderous geese.jpg)

I've considered it too, but I've also purchased "prints" of terrible ms paint artworks off deviantart just cause I thought it was hilarious that they deemed it worth selling.

No. 401675

Wonder why we've had an influx of pearl clutchy tumblr tards accusing everyone of being a pedo lately. Maybe it's the same anon?

No. 401678

Not this again.
Short men still look like and are adults. They're just small adults, which is cute.
In your universe are men who date women any shorter/lighter than them also pedos? Only exact same size couples are okay?

No. 401695

He probably clogs the toilet every time he takes a dump

Andre the Giant had to shit in a bathtub

No. 401755

print it out or something. I once printed a cow's art

No. 401812

>men who date women any shorter/lighter than them also pedos?
No,men who are attracted to short women are ephebophile

No. 401818

I'm convinced you're trolling, now.

No. 401820

Wtf this is a bit absurd. Men that date or like shorter women are not automatically ephebophiles, there are plenty of short women that look very mature and the preference that men generally have for shorter women is to show dominance.

No. 401826

Yeah, this plus she says liking short men is pedophilia but liking short women is ephebephilia.
Liking manlets is just the reverse of what you stated (dominance), and neither involve lusting after minors.

No. 401831

Lmao what? The majority of women are shorter than the majority of men, how is that a childlike trait in any way

No. 401843

most men are taller than women. it's sexual dimorphism. ffs. a 6ft man with a 5'5ft women with e cup breasts isn't an ephebophile.

No. 401860

On to some actual pedophilia, have the recent boy scouts sexual assault allegations been discussed on this site yet?

>grown men are left in a secluded area with large amounts of children
>they molest them

No. 401866

This has always been a thing
According to my great aunts child sexual abuse was rampant back in the 50's, but mainly for boys. They all said they never had any problems but the boys did.
I bet it happened to girls too, but since boys had a lot of "outside" supervised (by pedo coaches/priests/Scout leaders/..e.t.c) activities and girls stayed more at home (where most of female sexual abuse actually happens).
my own grandfather was molested and my great grandfather and great grandmother knew but didn't tell anyone because they were afraid that their child might be gay and it would be a humiliation towards them

No. 401881

Sometimes the infighting around here ends up being more entertaining than the thread itself lmao

No. 401894

Have you posted about your grandfather on lolcow before? The story sounds familiar.

No. 401898

might have posted on lolcow,I don't really remember but I did post this on reddit

No. 401900

Not her but yeah I had the feeling I read almost the exact same post somewhere. Anyway that's creepy and I remember reading somewhere about boys being abused in boarding schools a lot in England, around the same period of time.

No. 401904

I wanna go to a pick your own fruit farm as a gift to myself but they're all far from me and open early, so I'd be driving 2 hours for a 15 minute experience on a Saturday morning. Which is the best day to sleep in. I hate being lazy but goddamn, what a fucking annoying drive for such a short thing. This is what I get for being a treehugger who lives in a city.

No. 401907

one of the main reasons this abuse was kept hidden was because the victims themselves and the victims families didn't want any to know,men being raped by other men is sorta of the ultimate wound on their masculinity,thats why my grandfather only revealed his abuse to his wife and children when he was in his late 60's

If MRAs really cared about men they would try to get more men to speak up about their abuse instead of attacking feminists,I don't believe its feminists responsibility to help male victims other then showing some sympathy
men themselves have to speak about it

No. 401932

Nani the fuck how is a dude wanting to date a shorter chick ephebophilia?? You can say this to males and they'll probably believe it, but if you tell a short woman the only dudes into her are ephebophiles you're probably going to get stabbed at best

No. 401939

File: 1556100917172.jpg (443.87 KB, 1080x1488, 20190424_111414.jpg)

ig slime vids have gone too far

No. 401943

this is stupid but harmless.

my major beef with these fucking slimetards is their obsession with floral foam and glitter. these dumb fucking useless wastes of oxygen, instead of getting a real job and doing something meaningful for humanity, make these videos for useless parents who plop their unwanted crotch goblins in front of a sticky iPad to watch this mindless guff and rake in the fucking cash.

glitter and fucking floral foam. glitter, that shit that literally kills everything it touches once it makes its way out into the ocean, which is fucking inevitable because these retards clearly do not give a single shit about the environment or how to properly dispose of things whatsoever. floral foam unless specifically designated as biodegradable is the equivalent of sprinkling some fucking styrofoam directly onto a coral reef.

i fucking hate these people and everyone like them so much. this world doesn’t exist for your useless ass to just mindlessly pollute it for easy youtube bucks. they can die in a car fire.

No. 401980

File: 1556111103374.jpg (22.65 KB, 718x403, Capture.JPG)

I know I shouldn't but I love posting manlet memes. I'm short myself.
Is this toxic femininity?

No. 401982

>getting a real job and doing something meaningful for humanity

most of the people making these videos are children/teens i'm pretty sure

No. 401986

I only go for guys that are taller then me or are my exact height
some women can get a bit ridiculous with height standards though e.g a 5'2 girl I know rejects any man thats not 5'10+

No. 401990

Having standards and preferences is completely fine, but sometimes I feel like an ass for enjoying the jokes.

No. 402013

idk? I find a mild to moderate napoleon complex kind of attractive in a man so I'm all for it. I'm also short. I think it's cute when they sperg about it or try to overcompensate.

No. 402031

I agree. The human characters insufferable (especially Tokio) and unbearably ugly. The bug-eyed western style of the humans clashes horribly with the kawaii round bears. I just wanted to see a lazy bear doing cute shit but 90% of the show is about these boring ugly people. And why did they make Rilakkuma sound like that? He sounds like my grandpa when he groans as he gets up off the couch. FFS.

No. 402115

If a cis-male is in a relationship with a Transman does that mean he's gay

No. 402120

what gay couple has a risk of pregnancy?

No. 402123

Don't worry Confucius, it's not gay

No. 402192

Hey, I've struggled with cocain and amphetamine (not meth, more like eurospeed) addiction and have been clean for 3 years (with the exception of 2 lines I once accepted at a party a year ago). Addiction also runs in my family though its mostly alcoholics and not drugs.

I don't miss it at all and have kinda turned my life around. I still go out and party (although way less because I dont have the incentive to get high) and still hang out with some friends who do drugs. And I'm fine with it. It doesnt trigger me much.

However, I must say that to get clean, I really hit rock bottom. It involved a weird-ass intervention, my father loosing his finger, me getting all my things confiscated by my mother and then getting sent away to my homecountry for 3 months, away from the drugs but still in a positive environment.

No. 402296

Not gay but he isn't straight either.

No. 402318

File: 1556153314021.jpg (234.98 KB, 634x634, arroz-con-gondules-634px.jpg)

Man I'm such a weeb. I love arroz con gandules.

No. 402322

File: 1556153761852.jpeg (51.59 KB, 495x619, 8FDAFE82-A816-4161-A9F3-B80F8E…)

Real weebs eat risotto

No. 402324

My abusive father texted me for the first time on my birthday and I'm really concerned because I have absolutely no idea how he got my number in the first place. He couldn't be in contact with anyone that has it and I wasn't able to find it online when I searched myself either so I really don't know how he got it. The only place it's even available online would be my facebook but it shouldn't be visible to anyone except me. I could just be paranoid but it doesn't make me feel safe, it brings back so many memories of growing up and having him monitor absolutely everything I did online or going through my things when nobody else was home. After he left a few years ago he found both my personal instagram and blog, which he visited almost every day with some visits lasting for hours according to the stat tracker I had downloaded. It creeps me out and I hate it, I wanna change my name and completely go off the grid just to ensure that I never have to see or talk to him ever again

No. 402327

>Don't worry Confucius, it's not gay
newfag here ? what does Confucius mean

No. 402328

It is straight unless he's somehow completely unaware he's dating a tranny.

No. 402351

She's referencing this one scrote that posts really weird shit on Reddit that a farmer is obsessed with. She posts about him in random threads and it became a local meme of sorts.

No. 402362

File: 1556158234018.jpg (12.79 KB, 206x206, 1465838052603.jpg)

I really resent morons who are popping out babies without having a proper financial net, family structure, and just being unintelligent and ill-prepared for children in general.
Worse yet they're rewarded for their bad reproductive choices with first world societies safety netting them with limitless welfare and help because–yes–no child should have to suffer because their birth parents can't be relied upon to treat them right.

The world is truly doomed for idiocracy.
Empathetic and educated people are going to choose to have no children or have significantly fewer due to quality of life issues, which is going to result in the world being populated by offspring of darwinism rejects almost guaranteed to repeat the same dumb mistakes.

I fucking hate it. A part of me wants to make being a parent super fucking difficult with permits, government intervention, and regulation but that would only punish the okay to good people who genuinely don't deserve scrutiny.

No. 402364

>A part of me wants to make being a parent super fucking difficult with permits, government intervention, and regulation but that would only punish the okay to good people who genuinely don't deserve scrutiny.

That didn’t work out so well for China, did it

No. 402369

what weird shit ?

No. 402371

Chinese culture favored voluntarily aborting female fetuses over males, causing a gender imbalance and a reproductive problem for a nation that now wants to become the next hot superpower.
Limited child policies are actually pretty effective at reducing births.

But I'm not talking about one-child policies, I'm talking about unfit imbeciles breeding like rats while societies enables the outcomes.

No. 402372

Is it weird that I can't take femdom seriously,I don't like BDSM at all but I really can't take any dominatrix seriously
the men she's "punishing" want to be their and are paying her for her service the dominatrix seems to have no real power

No. 402375

Just the random ramblings of a guy with bipolar disorder. But shhh, we shouldn't talk about him too loudly or we might accidentally summon Confucius-chan.

No. 402377

Knowing the man can pretty much waste the woman with his bare hands if he wanted to kinda ruins it eh?

No. 402378

can you you give some examples ?

No. 402384

I know this is basically about domme-sex-workers but…the sub should always want to be there, regardless of gender. Technically the sub is always in control.

Is the only BDSM you "take seriously" rape? lmao

Depends on the size of the man and woman honestly. The ideal malesub would be very short and ~100 lbs.
Say what you want about test but he can't waste her if she lifts and has several inches of height and 50+lbs on him. It would be at least a fair fight.

No. 402390

>Knowing the man can pretty much waste the woman with his bare hands if he wanted to kinda ruins it eh?
Yeah pretty much
>The ideal malesub would be very short and ~100 lbs.
most teenage boys don't even weigh 100 lbs

No. 402393

It's certainly attainable for 5' or 5'1" men who have little muscle mass. They're rare but special gems.
That said, I've met skelly men who were possibly ~120 lbs that I could lift more than/had better grip strength than at work. If they lifted for a month I'd be out, but in their current state they couldn't "waste" me.

If that doesn't please you, there's always drugging them. Non-consensually since apparently that's what you consider BDSM (?).

No. 402418

I wish I was taller so I could eat more without feeling full

No. 402425

Why would she do this? It seems very dangerous.

No. 402439

Maybe you just don't like femdom anon, it's totally fine not to

(neither do I tbh)

No. 402443

I've vaguely heard about private info made public on FB because of a bug a few weeks ago, this might be because of it but I'm not sure about anything. I don't think FB and instagram are good websites to use for your privacy, your friends probably tend to posts photos you you and tag you without asking for your permission or detail some things you did with them at some point in time, so if that's the case your father could have found other things about you.

No. 402445

It won't matter because it would take you more food to feel satisfied.

I wish I was smaller so I could I could feel delicate and smoll-uwu instead of a stomping giant.

No. 402478

This implies that you think M/f is good because the woman actually could be a rape victim who isn't consenting since she's smaller and physically weaker. How creepy.

I'm not into BDSM but femdom is better because you know it's always 100% consensual.

No. 402490

Edmund Kemper is hands down the most interesting serial killer. Why isn't there more interest in him in the TCC community?

Do you guys think he's actually being manipulative? Maybe I'm just easily manipulated, but I don't feel his insights are given with the intent to manipulate. For what purpose? He's not looking to be paroled and never has been. I do believe, to a large extent, the women were surrogates of his mother. I think he's one of the only serial killers that showed/shows the most promise/self-awareness, and much more emotional depth than most other serial killers.

No. 402492

Wait a minute… is that you, Confucius-chan?

No. 402493

Why does it ruin it? They're both doing something they like…hopefully.

No. 402495

the one saying 'newfag here' was also her. confucius chan (necessaryspeed on reddit) ALWAYS puts a space between the last word and the question mark

No. 402496

I think there is, compared to the SKs I have an interest in. Maybe not in the tc circles where it's mostly with teenage girls who want to obsess over the most "daddy" killers, lol. Reddit's few serial killer based communities have a defined interest in him.
Easily manipulated? Psychopaths, while having lower intelligence on average, are very manipulative people. When you have a psychopathic personality that is intelligence I imagine this is tenfold, no? So anyone could be manipulated by that.

If I recall correctly, Ed had comorbidities with schizophrenia to his ASPD, which can provide a certainly interesting color to his pathology, especially as someone as self-aware as he is.

No. 402497

*that is highly intelligent

No. 402498

Ignore the way he phrases himself and the way he speaks and look to the core content of his words – what he is doing is making excuses for himself, with the outcome of making him appear sympathetic and intelligent.

There's all kinds of ways people can validate their behaviour. Some men genuinely believe that it is justified to beat their wives for not cooking dinner on time or any other ridiculous thing. Take those men to psychologists and they don't change their ways, they just develop more sophisticated ways to make their excuses. To them, their behaviour must always be rational and justified. They never truly believe they are at fault for anything.

I strongly believe the same principle applies to the dude in the video.

Highly relevant excerpt: https://deadwildroses.com/2016/09/01/on-abusive-men-and-therapy-lundy-bancroft/

No. 402503

>stay at a crack motel
>Go for a swim
>For some reason there tons of people eating and having a meeting in work uniforms
Who the fuck decides to have a club meeting in a crack motel indoor pool area? God I hate old people

No. 402513

I don't think he does make that many excuses for himself though. Having been abused all throughout my childhood (and I don't mean to victim blame his mother, however, his father, even left her claiming that his time in the war was far less traumatizing than living with her). I'm fully aware of the ways men victimize themselves over silly bullshit, but I don't think this was simply a case of her not being submissive or motherly enough. I also can't pretend that lifelong abuse during childhood isn't hugely destructive. The interesting thing about Kemper is that Kemper doesn't seem to hate women. Most male serial killers do. I also don't think the irrumatio on his mother was anything but humiliation and I don't necessarily think the necrophilia was sexually motivated in the same ways Dahmer or actual, primary necrophiles engage in necro. As I recall, he had a healthy relationship with a fiancee at one point, as well. The thing that separates Kemper from the rest for me, is that I don't know that the sexual degeneracy was or is as ACTUALLY as sexually motivated as it was for the rest of these nutjobs, despite them being sex crimes. That's very odd and unusual.

Which others are you interested in? I wish there were more recent interviews with him. People often say "he's manipulating you!" or "he seems so excited to talk about it!" but I don't even get that feeling when he recounts the murders. Bundy, however, when you hear him decline to talk about the 12 yo, you can FEEL how much he relished thinking about it and tried his hardest to supress his joy in reliving it.

No. 402517

I remember being extremely self reflective as young as 2 but like, there was a time with my whole eighteenth year, where I didnt try to have a self reflective thought so I could have an easier life then or some retarded shit. For that reason I can't remember being 18 much at all

No. 402520

The devil always hides that he's a devil. If you are engaging in sexual intercourse with corpses with their heads removed over and over again then you are attracted to corpses. I think the thing with sick people like this is that they can trick others into thinking their sexual deviancy isn't because of sexual attraction, but insert other reason. No you had sex with children because you're a pedophile, no you had sex with dead bodies because you're a necrophile, ect. There's no deeper psychological shadow work reason about it, it just further overcomplicates shit and detracts from the original meaning, which is what people like Kemper understand and seek to do, to absolve themselves of personal accountability. That being said let me go view that interview and let me see if I change my mind

No. 402522

Phil Jablonski, Rodney Alcala, Paul Bernardo + Karla Homolka, many of the historical ones like LaLaurie or Vlad The Impaler and the like. I read about them all though. Pathologies are always interesting. The ones with the unidentified victims get me the most though since I always want to find them

No. 402527

I looked at the interview and my opinion remains. Interestingly enough, his parts about saying killing was like a drug addiction or alcoholism for him reinforces the way I thought a lot of serial killers were – being so lousily enslaved to their passions and not resisting the temptation to do it like a fiend. I had a light criminal activity for like a month and it was like that. It's very sad for everyone when a person has an addiction to something extremely harmful and psychopathic like killing and raping people and you can't control it. Losing control like that and being completely enslaved to something so destructive while feeling like a primordial force of you is disturbing

No. 402528

He did though. He picked up well over 150 hitchikers just on the basis of developing skill in speaking to them and developing social competence and later on resisted many times. Every single killing resulted immediately after an argument with his mother. Even all of his psychiatrists admit they were his surrogates. He didn't kill indiscriminately and out of lust.

No. 402536

Huh? I mean.. he still has a victim count so clearly he did act on it. He didn't completely resist his murderous urges, cause if he did, he wouldn't have killed his grandparents to begin with.
I think Ed's behavior as a serial killer wasn't too abnormal per se, but rather his willingness to talk about it in a candid matter and have the ability of intelligent self reflection was. No, lust was not the primary motivation, as he wasn't a "lust" killer, but sexuality was involved, whether or not it was the primary function of his killings. But idk which type of SK he's classified as, in particular.

No. 402553

I kinda hate this director and find his films lack substance. There is also a film thread in /m/.

No. 402562

There is usually a psychological reason lurking behind being a ____phile. Acknowledging that underlying reason doesn't actually absolve guilt or anything like that, it's just part of the list of facts. I'm sure it's very easy to live life labeling people as "evil" and not understanding that the trauma-elevated symptoms eventually took them to an extremely horrific place. What they did is unforgivable and they should be punished as harshly as possible but looking at their cases with awareness off human psychology is not the same thing as excusing them or justifying their actions. Murder/rape can't be justified. They are accountable.

Some people end up having similar traumas and grow up to be completely normal people, some people don't.

No. 402570

And that's the thing with Kemper. Kemper specifically asked for the death penalty (there ended up being a moratorium on it) but ideally said he deserved to be tortured to death. He hasn't attended a parole hearing and has no interest in getting out. He, and countless psychiatrists have admitted that likely none of those deaths would've occurred had he killed his mother first. He put off killing his mother because he didn't have the balls to, until he did. That's not to say his mother deserved to be killed - no, never - but she herself did some terrible things that I'm sure affected his development and attachment to people. He had two pet chickens. She cut their heads off in front of them and forced him to eat them. Would call him a 'faggot', 'pansy', etc, was an abusive alcoholic, and such. Even he, himself, though, has said, the chicken decapitating, all of that, none of it is a reasonable, justifiable, or logical conclusion, excuse, or justification to what he ultimately ended up doing. Kemper's story has pathos and that he has never tried to deny that he deserves punishment and doesn't try to justify his crimes as being anything but horrible and unreasonable is pretty remarkable, all things considered. Supposedly the grandmother was the same way, incredibly abusive toward him. After he was released from having been imprisoned for killing the grandparents, they released him to the one person all of the psychiatrists adamantly demanded he not be released to, but the state did it anyways: his mother. All people reported the only person he truly loved was his grandfather and he claims to have only shot him to spare him the pain of the fact that his grandson killed his wife. Kemper called the police on himself immediately after. I mean, his attachments to people, the methods, everything is pretty highly unorthodox considering most serial killer MOs.

No. 402571

I feel like a lot of old people aren't as dumb as the lead on

No. 402576

File: 1556201852882.png (34.09 KB, 948x421, Screenshot_2019-04-23 AITA for…)

I wonder what this "TIFs" goal for joining the boys swim team would be,with all those fit young males

No. 402597

Watched too much Free!

No. 402603

what if it was all a cruel angels thesis from the start?

No. 402634

Didn't he said he won't be released from prison and won't even try applying from parole simply because he knows he's gonna kill again? I mean that just destroyed the first part..
Tbh yeah but I'm kinda tired of the stupid psychological fluff of shit. It doesn't actually get anywhere ime but yeah I get it

No. 402643

Adding on, I don't see why he couldn't be motivated by lust + the love of killing + because of his mother, all at the same time.

No. 402688

NTA but did anyone even say he wouldn't kill again in this thread? All I've seen was one farmer said he resisted hundreds of times but gave in to his urges a few times when he was vulnerable from arguing with his mother.

No. 402692

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time today. It hurt lmfao it was the weirdest sensation ever, I knew it would hurt but I never expected it would hurt in that particular way (?)

No. 402699

caffeine is the bone/joint hurting juice

No. 402712

File: 1556234667580.png (385.6 KB, 620x327, untitled.png)

Last year I adopted an older cat that was returned to the shelter twice, but stayed with her original family for about 8 years. The volunteers said she was going to be a handful because she has attachment issues, she hasn't acted out at all like the people who returned her said. Sometimes I wonder if she misses the family she grew up with as a kitten, and that's why she acted out. I wish I could ask her if there's anything she's missing. Probably humanizing her, but if I had to go to a new place as an older person, I'd occasionally draw comparisons, you know? She seems happy though. I hope she's happy.

No. 402716

That wasn't the point i replied to and that wasn't what i was implying..

No. 402738

My toddler recently learnt how to talk and how he just spouts utter shit all the time. It never ends

No. 402742


Anon i love you so much for adopting an older cat. You are making her very happy i'm sure, kittys of all ages can adapt to a new living situation as long they are not feral… even if she remembers being abandoned.

I'm trying to rehome an abandoned kitty i found but all people who dms me are like: "oh sorry i wanted a baby"… she is 1 year old. Fuck kitten supremacy

No. 402744

cats don’t remember their families after being separated for enough time, so don’t sweat it anon. you’re her world now and she obviously loves you!

No. 402747


It never bothers me at first but eventually it does. I can't help but just stare at the baby and wonder what the fuck they could possibly be trying to say. Then they get to a point where they're on a constant ramble and just can't talk

No. 402748

Yeah, I had no clue toddlers never stopped taking until I had one. That's how they learn, though. The more they talk, the better, tbh

No. 402752

A 1 year old IS a baby, omg. I don't get people's obsession with kittens (or puppies), like yes they're super cute but they grow out of it fast and are super annoying in the meantime.

No. 402796

I was surprised by the never ending chatter of complete nonsense. The good thing about it is that they stop getting upset when they want something and will try saying it instead. If it gets too much, try playing him a song that he likes. I found that my toddler would go quiet for a few minutes and listen if I did this.

No. 402871

Anon, most people are dense and shallow af, they think a 4 year old dog is "getting up there in age". I love senior cats and dogs so much and I would prefer the company of a 8 year old over a 8 month old anyday.

No. 402962


My creativity died when my ovaries were removed for endometriosis and cancer treatment. Who knew hormones were so integral to one's spirit?

No. 403030

File: 1556289863589.jpeg (163.91 KB, 1022x1533, 1391E570-115F-4275-8B14-7A4126…)

I love Natasha Lyonne’s hair.

No. 403035

She looks super cool

No. 403042

Her voice is so raspy, I love it. She’s my ideal.

No. 403044

Whenever I look at adoption sites, my eyes always happen to be fixated on older animals or those with "defects" not to feel morally superior but just because I happen to stumble upon those animals' pages and fall in love at first sight lol but my mom is one of those people that wouldn't want to take an older/in-need pet in and when I ask her why, she just says she doesn't know. There's literally no reason for people to be as obsessed with puppies and kittens like they are.

I've never owned a dog but cats get more endearing and have more of a personality when they get older compared to their younger selves. They're a lot more fun to be around.

No. 403050

It sounds awful, but you’re a lot less likely to get a severely emotionally damaged animal if you adopt younger. You also have a better chance of them being not overly cautious and adjusting to their new situation, it’s shit but it’s the same reasons why people prefer infants and toddlers. People also like to raise things from infancy

No. 403072

I adopted a seven year old greyhound and he was perfect. We didn't have as long together as I wish we had (he passed away when he was 12 from an embolism) but he was the perfect dog for me, so calm and gentle.

No. 403147

File: 1556310113596.jpg (70.69 KB, 585x712, susu.JPG)

I have no idea where to put this but came across this and idk but not wanting to have all video game characters with big tits and tight clothes isn't "erasing all traces of femininity". Giving characters fitting and functional clothes isn't sexist or whatever they try to say here.


No. 403150

I feel the same way. I saw this tweet too and I felt weird about it- she doesn't understand that artists overdo drawing women in skimpy clothing that doesn't make sense for practicality and that not all women are gonna be busty and curvaceous all the time.

But with that aside, susu went downhill after the momo rape thing. I use to like her a lot but she just feels different to me now. More annoying and attention hungry.

No. 403156

but there is more to femininity than looking like an instathot caricature and wearing the most revealing impractical outfit possible though. wh does it always have to be about pleasing men.

No. 403192

Wow Susu is becoming just as delusional as momo.

No. 403197

I think the speds reeing over sexy female designs and making unimaginative, lazy "fixed" redraws to get social media exposure are cringeworthy but so are these pick-me cunts looking for cool girl brownie points. Susu really let the attention she got from calling out Momo go to her head and now she thinks continuing with bitching about whatever gets her to more places. Happened with a lot of other costhots as well.

No. 403198

Susu is just another literal whore pandering to her neckbeard audience with this MRA tier bs, ignore her.

No. 403199

My grandparents gave me strawberry baileys for easter.
and holy fuck
HOLY FUCK its nice
would rate 111/10

No. 403220

I actually quite like the new designs. They're feminine by virtue of being women that look like women… They don't need lingerie to look feminine.

No. 403223

Avengers and GoT are ending at pretty much the same time. I'm so elated. I might be able to have an actual conversation with my friends in the near future.

No. 403226

Honestly, I’m looking forward to the end of this era. I don’t hate either franchises but I’m definitely fucking sick of hearing about them absolutely everywhere, both irl and every inch of the internet

No. 403227

Right? It's fucking stupid if men are covered and women are uncovered, either have both sexes be eye candy (Like Metal Gear Solid does) or make it equal so you wont look like a sexist dick.

No. 403228

I didn't like the "redesigns" because the people who did so sexualized the character themselves and their only reason was because she was showing some skin. She wasn't wearing lingerie, it was a leotard. She's a dancer. Also, I personally never saw it as an erasure of femininity with masculinity. Besides how the fuck is a tutu considered masculine?
Susu is spewing some shit. Her argument is irrelevant. I agree with her second tweet, though, but she's obviously using the situation to gain popularity.

No. 403229

She looks good for a woman of her ethnicity of 40

No. 403233

File: 1556325739187.jpg (138.62 KB, 1000x1145, e6c035ae9b2a8dd5cf6a3c5f4a0b27…)

Reminds me of Rick james tho

No. 403249

I hated the Sabrina finale. Especially the very fucking end, they go through all that and THATS what the dumb cunt wants to do next?? I know she’s 16 but PLEASE. what kind of dumbass idea is that!

No. 403252

i hate how sabrina never seems happy about her powers. she always comes across as ungrateful.

No. 403258

God I hope I'll be like her when I reach my 40s

No. 403260

Her character in Russian Doll is pretty much how I see myself at that age. Minus the constant dying I guess. I've never seen that in a movie/tv character before. Female characters are so often flat or too perfect, even ones that are supposedly well written. I loved seeing a story about a grown woman who is kind of a fuckup and an asshole, but ultimately likable. It's too rare.

No. 403261

I know it pisses people off when girls refuse to share where they get their clothes, but I have to admit that I understand why they don't share (at least when it comes to certain items).
I used to dress pretty basic (and I still do on lazy days), but now I spend a lot of time finding specific clothing items. The whole process of discovering things that fit the look I want is very near and dear to my heart. When I find an "exact" thing in a sea of objects that don't quite hit the mark, it's like I've stumbled on a holy grail. When someone asks me where I found a bag or tee with a specific design or something, I feel flattered and excited that someone else likes the same things as me, but then I also feel threatened, and get a weird "Lmao i had to dig to find this, now it's your turn" thought. I don't get this feeling with "normal" things, just rare items.
There's also that irrational fear of the things you like becoming very popular all of a sudden and turning "basic" as a result of overexposure, so you want to protect them somehow. It's stupid, because if a design on its own is popular enough, people seeing it will be enough for them to just make their own rip-offs. There's no need to know the original when there's high enough demand (like what happened with those Milk bags). Still, it's a pervasive feeling.
I typically share the shit anyway, since 1) if it's a small, obscure indie brand, it supports the creators and 2) I know I'd want someone to do the same for me if the tables were turned, and I'm not a hyprocrite.
I definitely get why others don't, though.

No. 403262

Have you seen Fleabag?

No. 403269

hadn't even heard of it. sounds interesting, thanks for the rec.

No. 403283

I noticed many of the extreme race baiting trolls + politic trolls online talk like NPCs or like they're bots, even in websites where they have a profile accessible like on youtube or forums or anywhere you can track a post history through a user they say the same thing over and over again and similar to other people like they aren't even human. I noticed it since the 2000's but it's becoming more common as we're almost in the 2020's. It's something really weird to me and unsettling to me. As if bots are actually placed somewhere to shift a mindset or influence people.

No. 403286

File: 1556348208137.png (528.48 KB, 2616x808, bb.png)

A lot of them are, in fact, bots. They have a whole agenda to spread their bullshit as far and wide as possible, pic related. They say the exact same things repeatedly because they're spammed mantras.
The current state of things isn't sane.

No. 403287


I second anon's rec.


Have you seen Phoebe's previous show Crashing?

No. 403301

I would honestly say a good 60% in youtube comment sections are bots, derailing comments with almost completely unrelated right wing shit. They often have only 1-2 playlists (most of them the liked videos) with 10-30 political vids and that's it. It has become really fucking bad about one year after elections and of course there are also underage kids (and of course classic polfags) who eat that shit up like cornflakes and thus act like the bots themselves.

No. 403369

That show fucking sucks, they couldn't have picked a less sympathetic lead to play Sabrina. The plot is always dumb and the writing is really cringy imo.

I do like the costumes usually and it's a nice hatewatch.

No. 403379

>Vilify tribalism and self preservation
>Call others bots
Consider my almonds activated.

No. 403491

Neither me, nor the other anon, nor the mentioned bots said any of that. But ironically you're forcing unrelated shit into the conversation just like the bots we're talking about.

No. 403497

Right? It's like they were really just projecting with the whole NPC meme all along.

No. 403522

File: 1556399757549.jpg (181.14 KB, 900x600, egg-chicken-bacon-ramen.jpg)

There's something so satisfying about a ramen with a fried egg thrown in. It's one of my favorite comfort foods.

No. 403559

File: 1556404668655.jpg (35.69 KB, 960x590, PID1wo9a4bo1_1280.jpg)

>the unpopular opinion thread

I now understand why a lot of farmers hate weebs

No. 403565

Agreee. Homemade ramen is even better. It's so delicious that it's hard for me to eat ramen without making the egg.

No. 403566

Holyshit, it's a mess in there. They have the lowest IQs. I hate anime race sperging so much.

No. 403583

I prefer to crack a raw egg directly inside and stir it fast when it's piping hot.

No. 403594

What really bothers me about this is that the thread is called "unpopular opinions" and yet there are still anons that go there and are surprised to see opinions they disagree with.

No. 403598

vid related just got recommenced to me by the youtube algorithm. the gen 1 skins cast are all starting to look ancient and it's fucking with my head.

No. 403599

Why is it that lately whenever somebody discusses how terrible the fashion industry is in terms of only using extremely underweight young girls, people will bring up skinnyshaming ("saying she this anorexic girl looks sick is kind of bad, because now women who look like her will feel insecure") and then a bunch of commenters will jump in to say how they totally look like models naturally and that fat women always bully them, that society nowadays only caters to fat women,…
Really? Of course skinny people can be bullied, but since just very recently the feelings of hypothetical women with fast metabolisms are suddenly somehow more important than actually sick teen girls (who could potentially cause more girls to get an ed, because Kaia Gerber and Blackpink with their bmi of 15 are "goalz!").

The comments in this video are just an example. I won't link it since it's not in english, but recently I saw a documentary about a severely anorexic model trying to recover and the bitches in the comment section were really sperging out about how the narrative of the video hurts their feefees…

No. 403688

I'm so happy that I found youtube vanced.

No. 403692

omg why does he look like that!! he's only 31 too, tf! I couldn't recognise who he played in skins at first lmao

No. 403694

Most of the girls are still cute and holy crap at the twin who got ripped kek.

Too bad about Maxxie hitting the wall huh.

No. 403698

fuck you're right, the girls do look cute and their age, it's just the boys (went thru Google's suggested peopls). women age like milk huh /s

No. 403699

File: 1556438487475.png (87.61 KB, 413x390, soclose.png)

I'm so close…
Soon, I must reach 100 wpm!

No. 403703

File: 1556439672013.png (87.72 KB, 407x392, ididit.png)

I finally did it! Also, I'll stop spamming this thread.

now I go for 150+wpm

No. 403714

how do they look ancient? honestly i'm the first to say when men look bad but most of the men look fine/some of them even look young. a lot of the women look good too. this guy looks the oldest but the rest look good? the maxxie guy still looks young, his style just changed?

No. 403720

File: 1556441717095.jpg (69.5 KB, 870x1072, 1527125838606.jpg)

I know it's not healthy, but recently I've been having fun and enjoying myself when going through my ex's new gf's facebook.

She shares a lot of "I'm depressed and I wank to kill myself/I have a lot of trauma that I overshare then and I'll isolate myself/People hate me and pretend to like me" kinda posts with her comments like "this is actually me". Along with that, she also shares really old and stupid memes. He doesn't react to barely any of these posts, not even ones he's been tagged in.

I knew her before they got together, and I don't harbour any ill feelings toward her for being with my ex, but the fact that he's with someone who has my (old)issues but on full blast just really interests me. She's an amalgamation of what I dislike in social media culture, especially since she's not some angsty 16 y/o, so that's probably why I've become a little fixated. When he dumps her, she'll probably be hurt the same way I was, it makes me wish she'd reach out to me so I can warn her or something. She seems alright though.

No. 403729

not alone, but with my partner.

I realised that I like to cook a lot, and that I can be responsible and independent. I also cleaned a lot more. I didn't come from a controlling home, but more of a careless home. I managed to gain weight that I never had the chance to before.

No. 403731

Why does reddit have a few thousand adults who like diary of a wimpy kid so much? What’s so special about it? I’m not gonna read an entire series of children’s books to find out because kids books suck.

Are they all parents with no adult interests left? Is it not really a kids story and I’m retarded for not noticing? Do normal adults read children’s stories for fun?

No. 403749

>Do normal adults read children’s stories for fun?

Can’t speak for Diary of a Wimpy Kid but many children’s books are excellent and worth reading even as an adult. I like reading books across most genres and age groups and can honestly that middle grade books catch way more slack than they deserve

No. 403769

Whatever floats your boat. Personally I can’t stand kids books because they’re so simple you don’t have to think.

It’s really bizarre to see middle aged men saying “zoo wee mama” and other references to it when they don’t even have kids.

No. 403778

Reddit is full of manchildren. I can't stand how much they like to drop quotes of random things in threads.

No. 403785

NTA and I dont particulary like children's books but some do make you think, like The Little Prince fot instance. Alice in Wonderland and Where the Wild Things Go are also very good quality and enjoyable books even though they're for children.

No. 403825

I like reading teen fantasy books. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is too focused on the lifestyle of being in school so I can no longer relate. But the fantasy books, where they're exploring forests and kingdoms are the type of stories I like.

No. 403863

Probably a combination of nostalgia and the books actually being good?
I honestly have fond memories of that series even though I wasn't a kid anymore when it came out, for a series of children's books it was very funny and enjoyable to read imo.
So while the redditors being manchildren thing is kinda true some children's books are actually worth checking out.

No. 403871

I don't consider The Little Prince a children's book, though I love it. I read it as a kid and the themes didn't get through to me that much, nor did the melancholy.

No. 403881

Would anyone be interested in a general food thread? Not specifically a cooking/baking thread because I think that exists already, but like a cool/cute food we have eaten or made/ food we wanna try situation. Idk just a comfy idea I had and was wondering if anyone had similar interests.

No. 403896

File: 1556466685325.jpg (21.62 KB, 400x400, 212b6bec6fde651f22d57404560e27…)

I just dropped a whole box of thai noodles in the train. It cost me £7.05 too, now I'm broke broke AND hungry. If these people weren't around me I'd shed some real fatty tears ;-; I fucking hate this, now I'm sad

No. 403897

I was introduced to the series when I was night sitting a couple of kids. They're simple books, but I found them really funny and enjoyable to read. Even so, not sure I would walk around proclaiming to be a big fan of them.

No. 403910

I'm sorry anon :( I hope you'll find something nice and cheap to eat! Being hungry and having food go to waste because of things out of your control always make me so sad.

No. 404049

>I don't consider The Little Prince a children's book
Content for children used to be more mature back in the days.

No. 404070

File: 1556479391912.gif (3.5 MB, 580x326, 2mfrujtd1qn21.gif)

I remeberd something from my childhood today and I'm not sure what to think of it. Like is it normal child stuff or was it some for of abuse? Everything gets labelled abuse today so maybe anons can help?

So basically what I remember is that I was like 5-7 years old and I had two neighbours, let's call them A & B. A was around 3-4 years older than me and B's brother, who was 2 years younger than me.

A would sometimes make B and me touch each others genitals. He didn't watch (iirc) but found it funny? I also remember us (A and me) "having sex", which was basically our genitals touching but no penetration since we had no idea how sex worked.

I'm cringing thinking about this but I guess it's normal, curious child stuff??

No. 404075

8-11 is definitely old enough to know you shouldn't do things like that but on the upside, sort of, it's a common type of experience so it's not abnormal at least.

No. 404077

I remember doing shit like this too. One time my neighbors and I had "group sex" on our neighbors who we