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No. 382958

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This is your thread!

Remember to ignore bait and trolls

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No. 383009

Is there any sort of device or procedure to enable me to stand (not sit) when using the computer at home?
Like something more official than stacking my PC screen on a bunch of shoe boxes.

No. 383011

Standing desks?

No. 383063

File: 1551655626516.jpg (292.04 KB, 1072x1280, CHANGEdesk_Adjustable_Height_S…)

Like other anon said, standing desks!
They even have adjustable converters for regular desks.

No. 383109

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the Momo challenge?

No. 383114

Hoax, spread around on Facebook by old and/or stupid people

No. 383191

>ignore bait and trolls
But this is the stupid questions thread, wtf?

No. 383270

Why are the it women nowadays so bland compared to the 90s supermodels?

No. 383285

Who even are the current it women?

No. 383289

Nepotism, social media influence, and subjectivity.

A lot of the current crop of popular models (Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, the Hadids, etc.) are the children of celebrities and their parents' fame allowed them a foot in the door regardless of whether they deserved it or not.

Social media presence unfortunately trumps genuine talent a lot of the time nowadays. If you're not big on social media, that can affect how many jobs you get in an industry like that. They like big names to draw attention to their brand. And people get big on social media for all kinds of dumb reasons.

And then there's subjectivity too. While I agree with you about today's models, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that do find them interesting and gorgeous. And they're entitled to their bizarre opinions.

No. 383298

It's just a creepy image. YouTubers promoted this idea that it's possible to contact "Momo" via What's App. Computer illiterate parents are in a panic because they believe "Momo" is real and is telling their kids to commit suicide and self harm.

Idk why but parents love spreading this bullshit.

No. 383306

>Idk why but parents love spreading this bullshit.

Some of us learned how to use Google and got sick of our parents tripping about drugs/razorblades in our Halloween candy before we had children.

No. 383316

is it really such a bad thing that cosplayers dress up as a character in an anime that they havent seen or arent a complete fan of? it makes sense to me if someone is making money off cosplay to do something that is popular and will bring in more betabux

No. 383323

It's frowned upon because it makes you look shallow and superficial and also because you're using someone else's intellectual property and its community to reap benefits without taking part in it yourself. It's not illegal or anything but it does make you look like a sellout and an attention whore. Think back to all the people who profited off the goth/nerd/whatever niche subculture when it was hot while despising the participants and watering their efforts and interests down to something equal of a bumper sticker catchphrase. It's annoying for the same reason, especially when it's sexualized like a lot of costhots do.

No. 383376

Honestly I don't think so. I understand the points raised by >>383323, though in the end it's just gatekeeping and for what? If people are somehow offended that you're dressing up as a character from a show without prior knowledge, ultimately… Whatever…? It doesn't mean shit, everyone will forget before they know it and there are no overarching guidelines on what pieces of clothing or styling you're able to give yourself and certainly not dictated by other randoms, so fuck 'em. Enjoy yourself.

No. 383389

Is TurboTax easy to use?
Im about to try to do my taxes for the first time by myself and Im scared. However I dont have any bills(i still live with my parents), no dependents, and no insurance. I have a w2 form and I got a form about two 50 dollar bonds I collected but I dont even know if i have to put that in since it was only 104 bucks with interest? But it should be pretty easy otherwise right?

No. 383398

it really is just worth it to have a consult with an accountant. onision is the comical portrayal of fucking up taxes but in reality its so far from funny. you can do it and i believe(?) there is an option for fraud protection but its not fool proof and costs extra. and you never know what you may find out you can claim on taxes and what you cant.

No. 383399

Yeah im definitely reconsidering after looking at the site tbh. My coworker made it seem like it was super easy, and cost nothing? But thats obviously not true..Its so confusing for me. The people who did both my and my parents taxes last year were complete retards about it. They werent clear on anything and it ended up taking multiple visits just to get done. Last year was the first year I filed on my own, but my parents still have to technically claim me because I live with them. So I went once then she told me my parents had to come too, then we still had to make two separate trips after because she wasnt "sure" whether or not I should file independently and how that would affect my parents tax return. Its so complicated and it doesnt help that my parents are very…"unworldly" and dont know how to do a lot of basic things. So it was just confusing and frustrating. Sorry for the ramble im just stressed because I dont know how to do this.

No. 383410

Cosplay has always been a way to broadcast what you're into and make friends with like minds. It doesn't make sense to go as characters you don't love unless you have zero intention of interacting with other fans beyond a thumbs up and a photo.

It's more understandable if you cosplay for money, but cosplay takes a long ass time to put together. Putting your character's show on as background noise while you sew is such a minimal amount of effort, anyone who can't be assed to do that much deserves any hate they get.

No. 383415

I use taxslayer myself, but it's very easy anon.
A few other quick things
>if you pay a student loan that is deductible, you'll need your loan issuer to give you a 1098-E, it can save you more than a few bucks depending on how much you've paid into it per year
>there's no more mandate on health insurance so you will not be penalized for saying you had none
>your bond is small but taxslayer is user friendly in that it will tell you what the different deductible sections are and if your bonds made enough in interest to bother

Sorry to still but I've filed with them every year with no problems. My stats are single, no dependents, student loan, no health insurance towards the end of the year, recently moved back in with parents.

No. 383423

Thank you anon! If you dont mind me asking, are your parents having to file you as a dependent now that you've moved in? Because the lady last year let me file as an independent, but my parents still had to claim me which made no sense. I dont make enough to have to file technically, so Im not necessarily scared for the IRS to come after me, but I need my return, and also need to know for my parents' sake whether or not they still have to claim me even if i file myself. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I wish I had learned this all in school but I never did.

No. 383432

>are your parents having to file you as a dependent now that you've moved in?
Nope, my parents haven't claimed me as their dependent on their taxes in years. The shorthand is if you're over 24 and they don't provide you with financial support equal to or greater than half of your annual income, you are considered independent.
It might ave something to do with your age or maybe their financial involvement. I'm 27, and moved out my first time when I was 23 (I came back home in November when I broke up with an ex and college was over).

No. 383446

Tax volunteer here, taxslayer is also what we use. VITA (https://tinyurl.com/jtcf3m3) usually has an income cap, but we do it for free and we can do state returns too.
Per: >>383415
>The American Opportunity Credit (from the 1098-E) can actually get you up to $1,000 back in refunds, strongly recommend if you can take it.
>Contrary to the beliefs of almost all my clients, the mandate still applies (_next_ year it doesn't), but if you just claim you had health insurance the whole year no one will bother to contest it.

As for if you're a dependent, depends. If you're under 24 at the end of the year and a full time student, yes (qualifying child). If you made less than $4,150, yes. Otherwise, you're not a dependent.

No. 383472

Am I the disgusting normie?

I went to two meetups I found on the Meetup app and the ppl there seemed more interested in doing the Thing, over socializing. But I thought that's what meetups we're for?

No. 383500

The Thing?
What’s this thing?

No. 383504

NTA but I'm assuming the thing = the reason to meet up, like painting, gaming, etc.

No. 383506

Is there a good alternative to Twitter?
I refuse to use Twitter due to its policy (especially silencing people against trans propaganda). So far there's Mastodon and Gab. I'd like to use Gab but I heard that women get bullied on that platform and even some people that are more right-leaning don't like the platform.

No. 383510

Nah it seems normal to do that. The socialising happens during the event no?

No. 383513

>it's just nerdy shit hurr who cares!!!
I bet you think lolitas should also be welcoming to sissy fetishists because "they're not hurting anyone fuck your gatekeeping bullshit".

No. 383517

Why is gatekeeping a bad thing?

No. 383518

I've heard of peach but idk if it's still a thing. It was meant to be a twitter alternative.

No. 383532

Do you need to wear sunscreen on days when you are literally indoors the whole time, such as a lazy saturday?

Does the light from computers age you too?

No. 383534

It's a bad thing if you like cosplay, yes. That kind of thing is what lowers the quality and ultimately destroys a subculture.


Because sjws don't like being told that people need to fulfill certain criteria in order to be part of a community. Gatekeeping is important to keep a group together and coherent.

No. 383535

> Does the light from computers age you too?

Yes it does, but sunscreen doesn't help.

No. 383536

That essay is amazing and describes the fate of every subculture to a T. It's like a fucking mathematical formula. This is why gatekeeping is important to at least try and avoid complete wreckage. Thanks for posting it.

No. 383545

Yeah it’s called HEV. There’s some skincare products that block it.

No. 383548


Are there any products you would recommend?

No. 383567

That's what I mean. Like they seemed to just wanna do it in silence or with minimal convo.

No. 383606

My left eye has been sore in a weird way this whole day. It doesn't itch, burn or feel dry, but it's a dull pain, kinda like if you press on a bruise. The pain gets a bit worse if I rub my eyelid Visually there's nothing wrong with it, it's not red or swollen and there's no discharge, it looks completely normal. It feels a bit "warm" though. Any idea what it might be? Just a minor infection, or am I going blind?

No. 383629

could be a migraine, anon. that can sometimes feel like pressure around or even behind the eye, even though it's a headache. how are you reacting to light, is it painful or sensitive?

No. 383641

Any anons moved to another country without knowing anyone or having a job prospect? Basically started from zero?

No. 383642

I'm basically about to do that (I fly out tomorrow lol) although I'm going to university so I guess the no job thing doesn't really apply

No. 383647

I'm ayrt… Wish you the best of luck, anon!

No. 383651

I sent in a job application last week without a cover letter attached. I'm now thinking maybe that was a mistake, would it look weird or unprofessional if I sent in another app with the cover letter attached.

Being unemployed so long is making me lose touch with normie reality.

No. 383657

I don't seem to have any sensitivity to light, I've been sitting on the computer for a while now and the pain isn't any different.

No. 383705

The blue light? If I turn on a blue light filter, will that be enough to block it?

No. 383715

any broad spectrum sunscreen that is 30spf or greater will protect you. you can also use flux on your pc or equivalents on your phone. however i think it's just easier to wear spf all the time. also i dont like looking at orange screens 24/7, i save it for night time, but maybe that won't bother you.

No. 383752

Can you see someone's likes on instagram? Or your own somewhere (like you can with twit or tumble)?

No. 383754

You press on the heart then click on following, it shows you what people you’re following liked. Good way to find similar accounts

No. 383769

Are there any YT channels of cute guys who eat food often on cam or do mukbangs? It's hard to find anything that isn't the meme that is Nikocado Avocado. I also don't really find Asian men attractive and thats another majority of those kinds of YTers. yes its my fetish.

No. 383771

you're welcome

No. 383772

Look up "food reviews" a lot of guys like to show their faces when they eat.

No. 383777

Why is his unusual face actually adorable, ty anon.

I'm dumb, I didnt think of that search term. Ty as well.

I also found a fairly new and weird channel called "Intelligent Man" who does asmr eating vids that're satirical but he seems cute, if anyone else has my struggle. Almost cringey-cute, but still.

No. 383803

Why coffe makes me sleepy rather than give me energy?

No. 383810

i've heard it can make you especially sleepy if you're adhd. idk the science behind it, but me and my friends have that issue. i can't drink it, i gotta take a nap after. if you're not sleepy from the start, it's probably just a caffeine crash.

No. 383811

Mmmm i see, it happens the same thing with anxious people?

No. 384174

Is it possible to be pear shaped and broad shouldered? Like, bone structure wise my shoulders are quite broad for my frame and my hips are also pretty broad, but I hold all my fat in the thighs, lower part of stomach and butt.

Am I a combo apple pear, or just an apple, or just a broad shoulder pear? Most of the examples of pear shaped women I see tend to have very narrow shoulders.

No. 384182

So Lena Dunham shaped?

No. 384183

More like momokun unfortunately, if momokun wasn't overweight and had a bit less arm.

No. 384206

Same body shape, anon. I'd say it's either hourglass-with-no-tits or broad-shouldered pear, like you said. I tend to identify with the latter myself.

No. 384213

Is there a good deal of competition for short men? As in dating them? Are they more popular than I thought?
Talking under 5'4" by the way.

No. 384225

No. There's very little competition. I'm short and tbh even I'm not into short men. I see a lot of anons on here liking short men but irl there's very little competition.

No. 384298

Not really. My Fiances brother is 5'4" and struggles sometimes. All the women he has dated have been under 5'2" though.

No. 384301

I'm tall (5'11) and I have always preferred short men. I have literally had 1 boyfriend that is taller than me and it only lasted a few months lol. I think that the whole short thing is really exacerbated by TV/movies.

yeah I think so! Funny you said that because I'm the same way. Like I said earlier I'm tall as fuck and I carry all my weight in my thighs and butt…but my shoulders are not tiny. Not as wide as my hips and got small tits.

No. 384304

Thanks for input. Ig they're not popular but more so than often portrayed, then?
I ask because they're the only men I go for but they continuously reject me so I'm assuming they must have better options. Or is it the height difference (even though it's only a few inches) hang up? Since I've had taller men flirt with me so I know I'm not a complete fuggo myself.

Tall anon, advice on how to date shorter men?

No. 384308

A guy in the building I live atm, but will move out in less than a month, said he finds me pretty, asked the door man for my number and mentioned on one message to me that when he saw me he felt like hugging me?
What should I do? I'm a 26 year old bi virgin with commitment issues and even if the guy looks nice enough this attention is low key freaking me out because I have no idea how to flirt or date irl.

No. 384309

Why do people get colored skin under their eyes when they don't sleep?

For some people, its purple and for some it is grey, and then sometimes its even brown or reddish. What causes that?

No. 384310

>It’s not an urban legend — falling short on your zzz’s, whether due to insomnia or simply a late night, can cause circles under your eyes to appear or become more prominent. This happens because lack of sleep tends to cause the blood vessels under the thin skin of the eyes to dilate, creating a dark tint. Sometimes, tiredness can make the area under your eyes appear puffy as well. “Fluids can leak out into the skin and cause puffiness and swelling,” says Van Dyke, explaining what we commonly call eye bags.


No. 384311

Ty anon!

Are the variances in color just based on skintone?

No. 384329

Nta, but probably undertone

No. 384344

Trust your gut feeling before anything else. Does he give you the creeps? Do you like him? Would you like to be with him?
Don't worry about the attention, if he's not too clingy.

No. 384357

Bear in mind whatever happens, he literally knows where you live.

Sound him out very carefully and take it extremely slowly

No. 384371

The fact he asked someone else for your number instead of asking you directly is a red flag to me.

No. 384407

I would recommend for all students or anyone not making much invome to look up VITA. Get your taxes done for free by student accountants (I used to be one myself). They are observed and usually get you out the door within 15 minutes

No. 384507

Is there a way to cause amnesia? Or deliberately forget certain things? I dont think blocking things out works well.

No. 384518


I'm sorry you feel the need to forget some things. It's best to work on that with a therapist and learn how to live and cope with those memories.

No. 384636

Can anyone tell me if there's a benefit of using an epilator over the traditional wax for hair removal?
I've never used an epilator but I'd like to try if it makes hair regrowth slower.
When you buy an epilator, does it last for a year or two? Is it more efficient than waxing for example? Are there any side effects?

No. 384673

You only meed to buy it once and then charge it so it's cost effective, and it's easier to use than a jar of wax.
It doesn't last particularly long and even if you do it carefully you'll probably miss a few hairs when epilating. I've been epilating for several years, and exclusively for 6 months, and I do have a few bald spots on my legs now. I still get ingrowns tho but they may be from the times I shaved, if you get a good quality epilator you shouldn't get them.

No. 384737

File: 1552102076865.jpg (26.8 KB, 500x352, tumblr_mu3k14Z0Pq1sno88fo1_500…)

any osu players on here, what's the etiquette for playing online? i've been playing osu singleplayer for years because i fucking forgot there was a multiplayer mode. now i want to join, and i did last night but eventually all the other players were telling me to "pass down the host" and i had no clue what to do so i just left the game

No. 384771

Thank you, anon!

No. 384776

It's been a while but iirc by "pass down the host" they meant let the person under you on the list choose the song. Usually rooms make it so that people choose songs one after the other and it's passed automatically. If you pick the song try to use a good map or people will be annoyed, but of you're not sure just pass down the host. If they speak english you can just ask!

No. 384824

This might belong in a thread on /g/, please forgive me if it actually does.

I bought a second-hand purse made of saffiano leather at a steal, but there's a faded ball pen ink stain at the side, and I would like to clean it away.

Do any anons know of safe methods to remove that stain?

Online searches tell me that rubbing alcohol is a good option, but I have not tried that out yet.

No. 384895

Not sure about that specific type of leather but I just looked it up and rubbing alcohol is safe to use on leather for removing ink stains.


No. 384905

Sorry it took me so long to respond! I forgot which thread I posted this lol.

I think that a lot of men sadly have a complex about height, and are somehow insecure or threatened by tall women. For some reason they think they're less of a man for dating a woman taller than them. You're likely not a fuggo at all, the men are just insecure about feeling lesser compared to you.

As for advice well…most men I've dated I met online, and I make it a point to tell them my height. I've never really found that they were turned off by it. Most of the men I've dated are actually turned on by it. Men I've met offline have been friends and they asked me out. The last guy I dated before my current boyfriend was fucking tiny compared to me. He was totally a sub so that helped a lot lol.

This advice probably sucks but I've honestly not had much of an issue with it. I used to be extremely insecure about my height in school, to the point I seriously fucked up my back from slouching constantly to appear shorter. I'm 27 now and I'm still suffering from it. I just learned to accept myself and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off. Being tall is awesome and especially being over 5'9 for a woman is rare, which makes it even more beautiful imho. If a man is too insecure to date you then they don't deserve you. If you like someone just feel em out, flirt with them! If they like you back they will let you know ;)

No. 385180

Five days and still no answer. I really need to run away from my abusive relationship.

No. 385303

Am I gonna break my milk frother by making milk chocolate in it

No. 385317

I have, it's very hard. Do you know anyone there?

No. 385324

If you have a bachelor's degree from an Anglophone country you can teach English abroad. It's relatively easy, especially if you're white.

If you want to move to a nice country like Canada, Sweden, or the US you can forget about it.

Why can't you move somewhere in your own country?

No. 385328

do you really need to leave the country to escape your relationship?

No. 385336

I have no idea but you're adorable

No. 385344

NTA but how do other countries check for degree status?

No. 385345

NTA but how do other countries check for degree status?

No. 385357

because your foreign employer will ask for proof of your degree and transcripts….

No. 385565

Any history buffs here?
I'm a european with the most basic knowledge of American history, and I'm particularly interested in the American Revolution and its context. I want to go much deeper than what Wikipedia offers so I was wondering if anons here have a good book or a documentary on the subject to recommend?

No. 385569

I liked the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan. It’s the second series, after the one about the English civil war.

No. 385575

Awesome, thanks for introducing me to him. I'll be sure to read his book on history of Rome too.

No. 385576

i was literally asking for how. don't be fucking weird.

No. 385586

I would imagine you could get your transcripts digitally, which would be easy to send over and verify. Same with the degree.

No. 385626

Is Billie Eilish any good? Everyone keeps hailing her and I want to see what the hype is about, but I want to keep listening to some albums on repeat…

No. 385694

that's up to you to decide. listen and find out.

No. 385714

That's not a very good answer, nor is it persuasive. I guess I won't.

No. 385741

File: 1552361154922.jpg (98.49 KB, 780x520, granny.jpg)

Now I know this is going to sound hypocritical because I'm posting this on a site dedicated to lolcows but- what is with preeteens on tik tok ganging up on (what appears to me to be) developmentally delayed adults? To me it seems so weird and unfunny but maybe I'm just too old for it.

No. 385743

NTA but fuck you’re autistic, if you want to know if an artist is any good you need to listen to them yourself and decide. Anyone with two brain cells can come to that conclusion without needing to be ‘persuaded’

No. 385744

How am I being autistic? I only have a marginal interest in her and I don't know if she's worth dropping my albums for her. All I hear about her is that she just makes music and wears weird clothes. Damn, I didn't know asking if she's worth listening to was such a triggering question.

No. 385746

You're asking why children like to be mean??? They aren't psychologically developed and function essentially like sociopaths, anything mean is worth a social reward. Theyre inherently self-centered and they can't feel empathy if they can't see pain.

No. 385748

Are you really incapable of stopping whatever you're listening to on repeat long enough to check out a couple of her songs on spotify or youtube? Because yes, that is incredibly autistic.

No. 385749

hm, I guess that's the case. Now that I think about it when I was that age social media wasn't what it is now, I'm sure if we had access to those sorts of people back then to make fun of we would have done it. I guess it's just a little jarring to me because even though people like Chris Chan have been taunted since way back when it's weird for me to see normal, everyday speds get attacked. It seems cruel but I guess that's how kids are.

No. 385758

so i just moved to an apartment complex and my nextdoor neighbor does this thing where she goes in and out her front door for like… an hour or so every night. then i hear her unlock her car and disappear for awhile then she comes back. i've kind of snooped outside my peephole but all she does is go out, lock her door, leave for a few minutes, then come back and close the door for a bit. repeat.

does this sound like OCD or something to you guys? she lives alone. i feel kind of bad for her but idk what else would be causing this

No. 385760

she's a lorde skinwalker except she does it worse.

No. 385796

does she like… drive away? or does she just go to her car to unlock it and then locks it again a few minutes later. sounds like she's dealing drugs or something lmao.

No. 385857

no, i don't hear the car ever turning on, she just goes into the hallway or something. i can't see what she does beyond opening the door, locking it, going into the hall and doing… something? there, then going back in her apartment. she doesn't unlock the car every time but she always clicks the button twice because i'll hear it beep four times. unless she's locking it four times. idk.

No. 385867

same anon

ok now it's morning and i just heard her unlock her car twice, go in and out of her apartment 4 times, and she checks the lock very intently each time

i think it must be ocd. poor woman

No. 385883

Does this sound like appendicitis or just sickness over food? I recently ate a new shellfish (scallops) the night before these symptoms
Tmi warning:
>sharp abdominal pain/cramps, mostly on the lower right side but also around bladder/above genitals
>hasn't gotten worse? Has actually faded slightly
>nausea that comes and goes
>kind of dizzy and tired
>bad gas
>appetite still strong though

Waking up with pain in that specific area got me wondering, but it doesn't fit the description exactly? I have no problems passing gas or using the bathroom for instance. The pain also isn't debilitating.
>inb4 go see your doctor
If it gets worse I will but don't want to waste time if it's just a bad reaction to seafood.

No. 385903

Could be a mild case of food allergy or something that didn’t agree with you. It’s also possible you really need a laxative or help getting it out of you.

No. 385926

I also wanna know. I have horrific memories I just want to forget. I did block it out for half a year, but now it has come back in full force.

No. 385994

this is the worst question of all but i really know nothing about pixyteri and there seems to be a whole lot that went on before lolcow and is there just a summary somewhere

No. 386004

You guys should look into Lacuna.

No. 386534

File: 1552539368299.png (563.65 KB, 462x601, Pixyterikick.PNG)

Why do people get super autistic when someone mentions they like an apple product?

I think it's more prevalent now because people figured they can make money or get that yt clout with channels dedicated to cringe compilations/making fun of people.They're very popular these days along with "Tea"/drama channels.
Preteens today are glued to the internet so they're just following the trend, along with the fact that they're already nutty due to their age.

She has an encyclopedia dramatica page, that'll give you some good info.

No. 386536

It’s the cool thing to shit on. Don’t know why, they’re genuinely better than a lot of the market and their stuff looks really nice. One of the biggest arguments I hear is that they’re expensive by what isn’t these days

And hey, at least apple cares about user privacy

No. 386537

something something hipsters something something apple is the devil. to be fair, apple DOES have really unethical practices like the planned obsolescence and overpriced repairs/replacements, but as someone who has used the same iphone 6 for 5 years with no issues, still has a working 13 year old imac, and uses the ipad pro for work - i cant complain about their products. i've had nothing but good luck with them.

No. 386538

>they’re expensive by what isn’t these days
…their competitors?

No. 386539

>planned obsolescence
Kek. Just replace the battery, it's not that deep.

No. 386540

Nta, but they were actually taken to court/sued over the planned obsolescence, so it is indeed that deep

No. 386542

All of the big name competitors that people go for are also obscenely expensive, there’s only really a handful that aren’t

No. 386545

would it kill you to read up before you make dumb replies? i’m nta but jesus. the planned obsolescence goes a lot further than a few lithium ion replacements. they literally intentionally retard the processors in the older models so you’re forced to buy a new one.

No. 386652

My period is a week late (was supposed to get it last friday and still nothing) and I'm positive I'm not preagnant. Could it just be stress or should I go to the doctor?

No. 386663

See a doctor if you miss your period for more than two months.
Mine always go away in times of stress or under-eating.

No. 386759

Mine was recently a week late which is super rare since it's usually right on time but it's usually no big deal. I wouldn't worry until it's been longer tbh a lot of factors can affect it

No. 386776

Anon are you me? I was supposed to get my period last Friday too and it hasn’t come yet.

No. 386838

Suppose you buy something (alcohol, > 100ml) at the duty-free shop in airport X with only a carry-on. Suppose you go to city Y and keep the alcohol unopened. Suppose you stay at city Y for a few days, then you fly to city Z. Can you still bring said alcohol to city Z?

No. 386875

Afaik, no. If you leave the secure area of the airport in city Y, you will have to pass security checks again.

No. 386889

Does lactating make your breasts saggy? I've been thinking about inducing it for several reasons, but anons in the Onision threads use to say Lainey's breasts are so saggy because she's been lactating for so long and that's how they got their "orange in a sock" appearance. I would really like to have larger, fully breasts and I here that if you lactate at some point in your life the breast cancer risk is drastically reduced but it would suck if my breasts became super saggy.

No. 386895

I don’t really see how it would make them sag other than possibly because of the extra weight, but that’s not lactation exclusive. I’m curious though, why would you induce lactation? I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years and about to breastfeed for another 2, and lactating breasts come with so many cons; you leak everywhere and it ruins your clothes, they’re sore all the time, the size fluctuates constantly so wearing bras is a pain in the ass, it can really fuck with the sensitivity of your nipples, the list just goes on tbh

No. 386896

Samefag, but the anons on /snow also like to nitpick absolutely every detail of a woman’s body and have a weird amount of internalised misogyny so I’d take anything they say about bodies with a grain of salt

No. 387286

chocolate milk or actual solid chocolate?

No. 387287

What? Chocolate milk, how the fuck would I make chocolate in it

No. 387288

the thing i really hate about apple is the planned obsolescence. they do stuff like "updating" the firmware to throttle the processors and all their products have absolutely abysmal battery life that only gets worse as time goes on. my 2016 macbook can only last 1 and 1/2 hours before i need to plug it in again. not to mention the removal of the headphone jack and excessive combative methods against repairs done by third parties. they're like the EA of tech.

No. 387487

File: 1552779848211.jpg (52.76 KB, 634x845, 166596d9e6a16a7e2870580718ff27…)

Are plastic outlet covers recyclable?

No. 387534

I personally adore her and basically became a huge fan of her music in a few hours lol. A friend sent me a video of her instagram story where she recounts a story of how she went for a doctor's visit and the nurse made her pee in a cup in a closet, but something about her was offputting at the time and I didn't really watch it. For a while I just really didn't want to listen to her, literally didn't give her a chance or heard her voice, just didn't want to listen. Then I was on the Colors yt channel and was curious what their most popular video was and lo and behold it's Billie singing idontwannabeyouanymore. I don't know what it was, but the moment she started singing, something clicked and I just could not stop listening to her. bury a friend and you should see me in a crown are some of my favorite songs because I love that sort of heavy techno sound (sorry- don't know the actual genre or term for it lol). I've been consistently playing only her songs for what's probably been three weeks by now and I still love listening to her. When I watch concerts of lives, it looks so fun when the audience sings with her, and I considered buying scalped tickets for like $200 to see her in my city lol. I went back to watch that video of her peeing in a closet and lost my fucking mind. She seems super chill and down to earth, really funny. Her clothing aesthetic isn't really my thing but I just ignore it. Anyway, to each their own. You might like her, you might not. I think she's worth checking out. Maybe listen to a few songs. when the party's over is the second song I listen to from her and I didn't really like it at the time. Maybe you'll find a song you like even if you don't like her overall discography.

sage for sperging

No. 387634

File: 1552815380374.jpg (26.39 KB, 313x400, e021273899c76e8ed82f15ead6078b…)

is it possible to be legitimately depressed because of school or am i just fucking stupid and looking for an excuse?

No. 387638

you never know…
yeah chocolate milk is fine.

No. 387640

I'm sure it can be the case, but if you suspect you have depression for one reason or another you should see a professional if that's possible. We don't know you so it's not like we can say if that's your case specifically. What's going on at school, it's the workload or something else?

No. 387650

Depression doesn't have to be "deep". Depression can be triggered by stressful situations like losing a loved one or failing school.

No. 387661

Yes, it's legitimate. People get depressed for a lot of things. Depression is a way we handle stressors in our life, the context could be anything small to something big.

No. 387687

Is there a psychological correlation between obesity and hoarding pretty shiny consumer objects? Like some kind of shift of focus from themselves onto "pretty thing?"The fat women I know collect huge amounts of makeup they dont use, clothes they dont wear, lots of time and money at hair salons/coloring their hair that ends up clashing with a naked face. I swear this is a thing.

No. 387693

nah, if anything it's their impulsive personalities and lack of self control driving it.

No. 387697

It's likely that they lack control over both their spending and eating habits. Both things can be addictive.

No. 387702

File: 1552838741763.png (45.82 KB, 400x404, tumblr_pe1wduncnp1xe5jc0o1_400…)

i get really weird whenever i have to do any work (assignments, tests, etc) as in, i feel like whatever i'll do, it's never going to be enough and i'll eventually just fail and feel completely hopeless about my future

i've always kinda thought of it as "depression", but typing it out, i'm not sure if it's the appropriate word to describe what i've written

i just get scared i won't be taken seriously because i haven't really had anything traumatic happen to me and i'll just be perceived being too dramatic and or lazy about school

i'm pretty sure this is stemming back from my last year of high school where i completely failed everything and i haven't changed/grown from there

btw thank you anons for your responses

No. 387703

I'm obese myself, and I tend to collect certain things, but both are because I've struggled a lot with impulse control and having an addictive personality. I don't think for most that being fat results in hoarding, so much as poor impulse control results in overeating and overspending. A generally terrible level of self-esteem tends to also fuel the temporary dopamine rush that results from eating and collecting/spending.

Basically, yeah, probably correlated, but probably not causative.

No. 387708

my period has been up to eleven days late at times, usually once a year or so i get a really long cycle and i always freak out even though like you i know i'm not pregnant. recently i've found that drinking ginger tea helps induce the bleeding when i'm late. i make it myself with fresh ginger. also the one time i think i WAS actually pregnant, I took dong quai pills and I started bleeding that same day.

No. 387709

I think
sounds about right. Difficulty with impulse control, sensitivity towards addiction/instant gratification and (in some people) a certain tendency to externalise things and put them off. I’ve noticed a lot of “once I get/start xyz, life will be better” type of thinking in my friends and family members struggling with obesity. Then once they do get or start xyz and it doesn’t instantly make them feel better, they lose interest and give up on it. All the new hair colours, clothes, makeup, fad diets, kitchen appliances, club memberships, physical or virtual collectibles, etc. are just another symptom of this way of thinking.

I know a woman who has a Pinterest board of literally hundreds of healthy snack recipes but has privately admitted to me that she’s never made a single one because simply scrolling through them and collecting more is enough to alleviate the guilty feeling she’d otherwise get from eating a bag of chips. So every weekend she sits behind her laptop for a few hours at a time, feeling proactive as she pins new healthy recipes to her board while eating junk food, telling herself she’ll totally start eating better after this.

No. 387723

File: 1552843295385.gif (282.96 KB, 200x200, 1508667460_c4a.gif)

My question's ultra retarded but this is my first boyfriend and I don't know any better so I'm going to ask anyway.
Last night, we were cuddling on the couch and he went in for a neck kiss which was my first one ever. For some reason…I didn't really care for it. To be honest, it literally just felt like someone's tongue licking/kissing my neck without sexual context and I didn't feel turned on at all. Everyone talks about how sexy they are so I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me or maybe he's just not a good kisser? My heart was racing and I was like omg but it didn't get me in the mood or anything like I thought it was supposed to.
I don't know what was going on lmao sorry for being spergy loser supreme.

No. 387731

I don't have an answer but I hear you anon. I can't stand kissing. Something about insecurities with how well I can clean my mouth with braces, and how clean a partner can get their mouth clean just kills it for me.

No. 387740

anon, people have different tastes and turn ons. Every girl out there is raving over nipple-sucking or whatever but to me its eithet "meh" or it ouright hurts. Some people are into ear-biting, some arent. Like… its just a mater of taste.

No. 387742

I hate French kissing a lot, it's even worse when the second you try to kiss a guy and he wants to stick his tongue in your throat, I don't get it why don't guy like gentle soft kissing and taking it slow? Women are so much better at making out

No. 387743

some people also don't know how to kiss even on the body for shit. they just slobber all over you. a very light touch, sometimes just a partner's breath can be arousing.

No. 387750

How to go to the gym if I'm friendless and shy?
Do you absolutely need someone to spot you? How do you ask strangers to do that?
I'm tired of only doing at home workouts with low weights but my fear of others holds me back. I can't help but think they'll judge and hate me for being a beginner.

No. 387752

What is the best way to store your digital photos? my laptop is running out of memory space and I need to get rid of them there because it's a damn lot. What are my best options? A harddrive, cloud saves or something else?

No. 387753

I'm just keeping mine on an external hard drive. You connect it to your laptop/PC just like you would a USB.


No. 387754

what does ban-evading mean on lolcow?

No. 387755


I see, the thing about the external hard drives is for me personally that I'm kind of worried that those things stop working or have some kind of error and that means that all your photos are gone or can't excess them because of whatever reason.

I already lost once 10 years of photos because of something like that and I'm still not over it that I have almost no photos of my teenager years…

No. 387756

Most people at the gym are fumbling beginners/casuals or people who are SUPER into working out and are happy to help out beginners (or just don’t care). As long as you’re respectful of gym ettiquette i.e. wiping down equipment after you’re done and putting weights back they belong I don’t think anybody will judge you.

I know it can seem really intimidating to walk in and see all the veteran gym goers doing these intense workouts with heavy weights but honestly in my experience with basically any hobby the people who are truly passionate and talented are more than happy to share their knowledge with newbies. It’s only the mediocre, casual people who judge and gatekeep. And especially with working out it can be really easy to injure yourself with the wrong form and most people are well intentioned and don’t want to see others get hurt so they’ll try to kindly help you out if you’re doing something wrong.

And most gyms I’ve seen have trainers walking around and working out themselves. You usually have to pay for actual sessions of course but you can always go up and ask them for help with spotting or checking form, it’s their job after all.

No. 387759

I started going to the gym two months ago, it's not as anxiety ridden as you'd think. Everyone's off doing their own thing. Most people working out are looking at a TV or their phone or a book. The people who are lifting big weights are in their own zone. There's no shaming in the gym I go to. There's people of all ages and sizes, you'll just be another person.

No. 387761

There's no guarantee that whatever's saved in the cloud doesn't get lost due to some error, albeit less likely, plus it might be costlier in the long run.

I haven't had issues with external drives but if you had a bad experience than maybe saving it in a cloud store is better idea. I hope some other anons have a better tip.

Sorry to hear about those photos, that is a great loss.

No. 387762

*cloud storage

No. 387772

Wow I thought I just sucked at choosing guys because all the ones I've kissed fucking suck and it made me think I hated french kissing, but lo and behold when I french kissed a girl for the first time, it was the best fucking thing on Earth. I never got to kiss someone so gently and slowly to the point where I could hear them breathing lol. It was comforting to hear it, because I always thought something was wrong with me for breathing through my nose lmao. It's nice to know most dudes are just bad.

No. 387789

I have some extra sharp cheddar cheese in my fridge, the dyed Walmart stuff. I have had it for about 3 weeks I think. I was eating it today and while it doesn't look or smell weird, the taste is really sour. Has the cheese gone bad? Does that mean it will taste bad but be fine for health, or that it will make me sick? If I have to throw it away it isn't a big deal, there is only about an ounce left but it's always a shame to waste food.

No. 387798

Hard cheese should be fine. Unless it’s gotten sweaty or is visibly mouldy it’s usually okay.

No. 387824

Am I wrong for saying it's gross that a short woman over the age of 30 calls herself a 'tiny girl'?

No. 387827

No. 387835

Not as bad as when tall girls call themselves babie and smol on twitter lmao

No. 387840

I don't think it is gross but it is cringy

No. 387854

how the hell do people come up with puns so fast? i love puns so much and im always so amazed when someone just says one like OH SHIT!! WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!! the only puns i know are like… punchlines of jokes. im so envious of people who can just insert them while having a normal conversation.

No. 387910

fucking same anon, like it's just crazy how quick people can make really good puns
i wanna be like that too

No. 387913

Literally nobody does that, anon.

No. 387917

People that put a lot of time and effort into decorating their daily planners with stickers, washi, calligraphy, illustrations, etc…what do they do once the planner is completely filled up? Do they keep it (like they would a journal)? Throw it away?

No. 387921

Is there a noticeable difference in sound between $60 and $200 headphones?
I listen to a wide variety of genres like classical, jazz, and electronic music, compose at times, and so far my current headphones, the AKG K92, are perfect for that but I was wondering if I'm missing out on the real thing?
There aren't any shops nearby where I could try out pricey headphones before purchasing yet I wonder if the difference justifies the cost. Are there any anons that could offer some insight?

No. 387931

I bought some Beats Solo headphones years ago when they were hyped and in all honesty they were worse than my cheap ones regarding sound quality. Plus if you have dumbo ears like me they will probably hurt after a while. My bf has Bose headphones and they are worth the money because they are very comfortable and the sound is just awesome.

No. 387946

Bujo user here and yep! We keep them. I actually like flipping back in my old one and looking at the memory pages/gratitude logs and the doodle dump pages. It's a nice trip down memory lane.

No. 387952

I see, thanks. I guess I'll just stick to mine then.

> Plus if you have dumbo ears like me they will probably hurt after a while.

Haha, yeah I do which is why my main requirement for headphones is that they're over the ear type that is cushy for the ears.

Would it be weird for someone in their late 20s to start doing that?
I guess I associate with teenage girls but it seems like a nice idea.

No. 387989

Are you still upset that the cgl lolita general wasn't willing to shit all over FR with you for a completely non-lolita-related post?

I agree that it's pretty cringe but your preoccupation with this is honestly cringier.

No. 387993

I keep mine! I started journalling because I was inspired by one of my favorite artists who keeps a hobonichi. I’ve never invested in a hobo, I usually buy dotted notebooks from the AAs at cons to use. I write in them with the idea that I’d like to read back on these memories one day, even days where I don’t do much. I recently read over a bit of my first journal, which I kept during junior/senior year of college, and it was heartwarming to sort of relive some days with details I might not have remembered otherwise (I usually write things soon after they happen to keep descriptions as accurate as possible).

No. 387994

also to add to this, it’s why I don’t bullet journal. They look nice and are great for productivity, but years down the line I don’t give a shit about my todo list for the day. I want to know what exactly I did, how I felt, all that jazz.

No. 387995

Why not use both a bujo and a normal journal. Bujos don't have to look fancy at all - mine don't. It's just a to do list in book form.

No. 388037

Since graduating I don’t really do anything productive enough that I would need a bujo haha. During college I had a monthly calender that served like a bujo, but it’s been hard to even keep a monthly calender since I just work retail and everyday is the same shit. Maybe once I leave this hell I’ll buy another journal for bujo only.

No. 388056

Can someone give me / link me to an unbiased lowdown on the Israel vs Palestine conflict? Seems like everyone’s taken a side and idk who to support. To me it seems like there is no “good” side and they both suck but I don’t know enough to form an educated opinion.

No. 388057

Why do I keep getting ear infections and how do I stop them? It's always the same ear too, my left ear goes deaf every time.

No. 388065

Your important digital files (old pictures, college thesis…) should always be stored in a least two different places. Cloud + external hard drive is a good idea. With google drive you get 15Go of free storage so it's a good start.
Remember that if you only keep your files on an external hard drive you always run the risk of having it stolen if someone break into your home for example.

No. 388086

I think you should go to the doctor, it could literally be anything.

No. 388101

I have. He always just checks my ear, compliments their cleanliness, confirms it's an infection, gives me meds, and sends me home.

No. 388115

Some people just have shitty ears that get infected a lot and there's not much you can do about it. I'm assuming your infections accompany a cold? If so the advice my dr gave me was to start using nasal decongestants as soon as I'm feeling sick because it lessens the chance of getting an infection.

You should really ask your dr if there's anything you can do to prevent it from happening so much because they're so busy they don't tend to take the initiative. If he still has no advice then you might just be very unlucky.

No. 388130

How do you know if you’re pretty? Aka not ugly

No. 388147

Whether or not people treat you like a human being rather than an eyesore

No. 388179


Do you bathe or swim a lot? That can be a pretty big contributor. Even getting water stuck in your ears from showers. Maybe try ear plugs?

No. 388222

I noticed recently that at night when everyone is asleep and upstairs, my cat will be resting downstairs on his cat tree in the living room but he sits facing the wall. The only time he does it is at night when everyone's in bed. I don't know if this is something to be concerned about but it looked pretty bizarre when I first noticed it and was wondering why the hell he's doing that. Do you guys know if somethings wrong with him? Could he be sick or depressed and lonely? I'm worried about him. I tried googling it but nothing came up except for cats leaning their head against the wall but he wasn't doing that, just facing it real close.
He is a little attention seeking when he wants to be and I close my door at night because if I don't, he bangs on the blinds to wake me up. Even with my door closed lately, he kicks it with his feet and meows for like 2 minutes but then it stops.

No. 388234

He might get lonely at night but I don't think facing the wall itself is an issue. As long as he's not head pressing there's nothing physically wrong with him. Some cats just develop bizarre behaviors for no discernible reason, too.

No. 388248

cat is possessed

No. 388261

Cats like to be in enclosed places where they are secure and "tucked in". It's an evolutionary thing. My cat went through a phase where she slept in a tiny space between my desk and the wall.
I think he feels safe and comfortable in his cat tree and wants to sleep there, but he also wants to make the space feel as enclosed as he can.

No. 388303

File: 1552990412760.jpg (73.38 KB, 900x540, apu (4).jpg)


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