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File: 1491773505386.jpg (16.17 KB, 281x215, gfQeotJ.jpg)

No. 368493

/r9k/ tripfag who came to the lolcord with her autistic boyfriend, getting into slapfights over her advocacy of the pullout method and farmers calling her out for sperging about JonTron's weight gain. After she fled from the Discord, she promptly went on /r9k/ to bawww about getting burned because she chose a drama channel of all places to make female friends.

>I fucking hate women. I want to gas every fucking normie woman on the planet. No wonder /pol/ and /r9k/ exist. If this is how the average woman acts towards a man, NO FUCKING WONDER. This entire experience has made me lose faith in humanity, who the fuck is this mean? Women, apparently. Just WHY?


Ex-girlfriend of /r9k/ fuckboy Oscar >>231026 who leaked her nudes.

No. 368494

is she still tripfagging after all this time? jesus christ…

No. 368495

I wasn't around for the Discord drama but

>I want to gas every fucking normie woman on the planet.


>normie women
I don't even know where to start

No. 368496

Right? 4chan is the most basic bitch, mainstream site anyone can lurk on nowadays. Yawn.
Self-hating women are such a drag.
>i only make friends with da boiz x3 xDD women r mean and catty!
Of course no one wants to make friends with an autistic, boring loser like her.

No. 368497

"who the fuck is this mean?"

you came to lolcow…..

No. 368498

File: 1491774183465.jpg (184.22 KB, 780x1078, Blank_9c61f9_5701796.jpg)

also she looks like the female version of eggman. why do they have major sameface? lmfao greasetards are too alike

No. 368499

What's even the point of her post? People turning on each other… in a snark community… literally unheard of

No. 368500

KEK this was kotori from the discord. she kept sperging out and getting into random chat fights. she can't seem to grasp why people react to her the way they do.

had no idea she was an r9k tripfag but not surprised

No. 368501

She just wants sympathy points from anybody. Pretty funny how she mentions hating r9k at one point (probably because Oscar leaked her nudes) saying she thought they were misogynistic but now that a few girls picked on her, she's right back to being buddy buddy with them. I love how robots are telling her to fuck off, get her tits out, and calling her a cunt but women are the terrible ones. Right. She needs mental help.

No. 368502

No. 368503

No. 368504

Im crying this is so funny. She got her feefees hurt after sperging the fuck out for hours then ran crying to r9k. Someone post the r9k thread where she bitches about Hitler-chan and then all their cringy rps please!

No. 368505

is she underaged there? she looks like a fucking goblin with her grayish skin and deformed face.

No. 368506

File: 1491776887669.png (234.65 KB, 1255x553, kotori-r9k-resent-bf.png)

> complains about women being horrible to her
> openly shittalking about her boyfriend

No. 368507

why does she look like she's crying…?

No. 368508

i don't think so… i think they're the ones Oscar leaked of her

No. 368509

Right? Very odd, but it also looks like it could be a facemask or just weird shiny skin.

No. 368510

she looks like she's melting tbh. like a microwave barbie

No. 368511


oh god she sounds exactly like incels. and she's not even that ugly to boot, not a beauty queen but nothing unmanageable imho.

No. 368512

File: 1491777403259.gif (989.4 KB, 500x281, ohhmyyygoooooood.gif)

Why the hell does her face look so melted.

>waaaah some girls on lolcow bullied me
>let me go cry to r9k
>r9k tells her to fuck off


No. 368513

oh my fucking god i haven't been on r9k in about a year, is she still around? after her embarrassing pathetic porn was leaked? her face is disgusting, only plastic surgery, weight loss, makeup, and the best fashion could make her go above 4-5/10. i dont see why even a robot would like her

No. 368514

she must have severe hyperhydrosis on her face? no skin can be /that/ oily

No. 368515

File: 1491777841459.png (104.44 KB, 1261x511, kotori-r9k-ugly.png)

> REEEE why do men not like me
The entire thread was her just complaining about how ugly she is, how she is half black, and how no man finds that attractive.

No. 368516

File: 1491777937077.png (175.86 KB, 1321x559, IMG_3791.PNG)

>r9k omegle
>shirt undone

I sure wish i could be a cool girl like her!!

No. 368517

LOL i forgot when she trashed her boyfriend. a gift to us all.

No. 368518

Holy shit, I was half expecting her posts to dissolve into tumblr crytyping. She's even more of a sperg than she used to be.

No. 368519

File: 1491778375176.png (1.74 MB, 1918x1192, IMG_3792.PNG)

I kinda feel sorry for her. Her posts are actually pathetic and point to her being a very sad, lonely and insecure individual.
But then I remember her and Hitler-chan ERPing in main and then I don't feel so bad.

No. 368520

"piss on my coffee table"

No. 368521

they just had no personal boundaries. it was gross af.

No. 368522

File: 1491778574515.jpg (17.51 KB, 223x226, IMG_3793.JPG)

Shout out to Jon "when I see a black my gun go clack" Jafari. Really brought the crazy out of the woodwork.

No. 368523

she's been tripfagging on r9k for at least 3 years now, I remember seeing her posts before I quit going on 4chan

No. 368524

Eh, she's cute to me, don't get why she goes around saying she's ugly. I bet she's like incels, a nutjob who believes the reason why people stay away from her is her physical appearance

No. 368525

She is just extremely autistic and has weird body dysmorphia. It is kinda sad, really.

No. 368526

Her face looks oily as fuck and she looks like a crying Eggman. God its like his face plastered onto her body

No. 368527

>genetically superior asshole
>wipeless shits

No. 368528

she has an…. unfortunate face, but I think she's doing the best she can with it. I like her makeup.

those nudes were horrific though. she needs to shave her cooch, and in >>368503 that lighting and facial expression make her look like something out of an arthouse horror movie. Not to mention how floppy and sad her boob looks just flopping at the side like that.

I think she would be a strong 6/10 if she made her eyebrows closer together, and a 8/10 with surgery to fix the shape of her face. She's not like Plainey who looks haggard and plain no matter what, there's a cute girl hidden in there if she ever decides to stop sperging on image-boards.

No. 368529

Her biggest problem is her personality, sad to say.

No. 368531

File: 1491780786110.png (681.91 KB, 542x554, 1482195458706.png)

she has a button nose. it's pretty cute, IMO. very dolly. other cows have gotten surgery to get them, like pic related

No. 368532

Is she crying in her own nudes? The fuck

No. 368533

Hey kotori how is /r9k/ treating you lately?

No. 368534

>file deleted
Hi kotori

No. 368535

Was the plan to get people to save her nudes or what? kek

No. 368536

Pretty sure someone already has tbh. Even if no one did they can be found online elsewhere. This is her own fault.

No. 368537

Thats not kotori, post didnt start with "fembot here!"

No. 368538

We have removed nude photos from this thread due to a formal takedown notice we received. The affected party swore to their belief that the material violates criminal "revenge porn" laws. The material facts also appear to support the claim that the material is in violation.

Global rule 1:
>Do not say, do, or threaten to do anything illegal under international or United States law.


No. 368539

File: 1491782414281.jpg (219.77 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mvio5989Jt1qhgutxo1_138…)


No. 368540

No surprise there.

Again, hi kotori and/or hitler-chan

No. 368541

She looks cute and could be pretty attractive looking if she actually took care of herself.

No. 368542

File: 1491782788097.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080, JONTRON.png)

robot voice JONTRON.

No. 368543

This bitch was tripping on r9k longer than 3 years, I haven't even been on 4chan for at least 4-5 much less r9k… Girl needs to get a life, she's not ugly. What's wrong with her?? Personality disorder I'm guessing

No. 368544


No. 368545

File: 1491783013654.gif (643.99 KB, 442x235, triggered.gif)

>revenge porn
She's lucky that law BARELY qualifies given the actual context. You can still find the nudes elsewhere like the other anon said so it's not even a big deal but she was the one stupid enough who trusted some random r9k douchebag to show her naked body to. What did she think would happen?

No. 368546

>She is just extremely autistic
she's not even extremely autistic. she's just autistic enough to be reasonably functional yet self-unaware of her annoying behaviors.

No. 368547

Please post juicy r9k drama about her

No. 368548

It's probably a bad case of autism coupled with insecurity. Those weird tism cults like on /r9k/ tend to suck people in for years. Everyone gets poisoned with the same toxic mentality, further convincing them that 4chan or reddit are the only places that will accept them.

No. 368549

Stop saying it's a personality disorder or autism or whatever, a lot of people have these and act like human beings. Sometimes it's just being a fucking shithead with a fucked up mentality.

No. 368550

Shes def on some drugs for whatever she has.

Anyone else remember Hitler-chan bragging about fucking his less-than-lucid sex kitten?

No. 368551

File: 1491783950843.png (10.97 KB, 591x77, kotori-sperging-for-years.png)


No. 368552

jesus christ, everywhere she goes on the internet she's hated, mocked, and exposed.

dunno what she expected if you go to such lengths to put your (user)name out there and soak up as much attention as you can

No. 368553

Not that anon, but she would bitch for entire threads about how forever alone she was (despite having an ex boyfriend) before suddenly claiming she was leaving /r9k/ forever. I thought she was a troll at first since she was such a stereotypical fembot.

No. 368554

>sperging about Jontron's weight

Wait, was this the autist who would not stop posting how Jon was fat and how it made him a terrible inferior person?

No. 368555


YEP! You can now play "spot mystery.jpg" by looking for any anon who bitches and moans about fatties incessantly.

No. 368556

did she dump hitler-chan?

No. 368557

File: 1491786418484.png (10.46 KB, 282x101, kotori.png)


she kept referring to him as her "friend" in the r9k thread.

please let Hitler-chan be the thread creator.

juiciest break up ever.

No. 368558

She has been tripping on /r9k/ for at least 5 years, that's how long I have known her.

No. 368559


got any rare pics of when she was fat?

No. 368560

She did it in chat and in the threads. I think she got mad when someone laughed at her fat posts in the Jontron thread ad started sperging.

No. 368561

>all the jontron reaction gifs

She's probably sperging internally as we speak.

No. 368562

Explains a few posts in OT I guess

No. 368563

She's probably on r9k crying about how mean girls on lolcow are. It's pretty retarded to use lolcow to laugh at other people being jackasses but when the tables turn and it's her it's suddenly wrong.

No. 368564

She makes it so obvious that it's her whenever she posts. Can't wait for her next r9k melt down.

No. 368565

File: 1491853257318.png (197.32 KB, 640x890, GPzj0vQ.png)

>skinny fat shit tier body and saggy
>no friend
>doesnt leave home
>no domestic skills
>unshaved vagina, putrid grey colour
>uneven saggy tits
>stretch marks everywhere

No. 368566

File: 1491853823957.png (18.42 KB, 1174x137, mC9CSCz.png)

muh superior vagina

No. 368567

She is really a female robot… She's really cute tbh but her personality is rotten, which is probably why people stay away. Such a waste…

No. 368568

File: 1491854224296.png (66.66 KB, 1855x276, IzNT8nG.png)

tbh her and her new r9k bf are kind of adorable when you dont have to watch them having cyber sex

No. 368569

File: 1491854263607.png (82.61 KB, 826x809, GPM87CB.png)


>tfw mystery.jpg makes you believe in love again

No. 368570

File: 1491854903209.png (297.56 KB, 639x360, l9rwppt.png)

talk shit get hit

No. 368571

How can she be cute if she looks like Eggman

No. 368572

Hilarious how much worse she is than "the average women" she is bitching about. What an overdramatic nutcase

No. 368573


She's a 5/10 with the right angle/lighting at best. Idk why people are all praising her appearance when she looks 2x as fucked as most cows. I guess it's because some feel sorry for her.

No. 368574


also, samefag here, but her vag is the color of moldy, plain oatmeal, far from attractive.

No. 368575

>a lame, awkward date with a guy she met on motherfucking r9k
>doing things anyone who likes their s/o for more than just sex does
>"I pick him up"
uh… how is this cute and goals af?

No. 368576

Agreed. I legit thought this was trans eggman

No. 368577

I feel as if she's everything she hates. She hates fatties yet used to be one herself(or so I've heard). She complains about how toxic and terrible us women are nevermind she browsed lolcow herself.

Also she seems to have an affinity for r9k men. How many has she dated?

No. 368578

I come from a country where most women have horsefaces, so having an egg-face is not that bad to me.

No. 368579

File: 1491858217305.jpg (168.52 KB, 847x1126, 2p3wVjQ.jpg)

mystery.jpg sperg: jontron fate hate edition.

No. 368580

File: 1491858438855.png (Spoiler Image, 61.54 KB, 832x203, kotoriperiod.png)

>i'm not like STUPID NORMIE GIRLS!!!1

No. 368581

ewww that stain looks old af, for how long did she have this pad on? gag…

No. 368582

Additionally, I really doubt she was happy in her relationship since most of her posts were crying about men ignoring her for being ugly.

No. 368583


Maybe I'm anachan, but from the nudes that were previously on this thread, she's chubby/overweight. I don't know how old those nudes were, though.

No. 368584

File: 1491859268606.png (545.42 KB, 438x509, koto.png)

Agreed, not even an ana-chan. She does look chubby in her nudes and whenever I look at her face, it looks like a fat girl's to me. Especially in this pic

No. 368585

>nothing lewd of course, he's just a nice person to talk to

This is rich coming from the girl who used to brag about her boyfriend licking her asshole and eating her out on her period.

No. 368586

He was probably ugly. Girls like that have the same "everyone of the opposite sex hates me & thinks i should kill self :'((, also uglies (people in my league) don't count" mentality that the guys do.

No. 368587

File: 1491860093076.png (628.93 KB, 599x901, ofCzdzW.png)

No one talks about Jon "Put Ex-Slaves into Mass Graves" Jafari on my watch.

No. 368588

t-thats a tampon, anon.

No. 368589

yes it is kek i'm an idiot. it looked like a folded pad for some reason.

No. 368590

That's fucking disgusting. No wonder she has such shit luck. She's absolutely vile. She's gotta practice better period hygiene than that.

No. 368591

Her eyes are nearly as far apart as mickeys lel

No. 368592

Samefagging, just saw that most all that was already confirmed in >>368506 relationship goals! ♡w♡

No. 368593

HAHAHAHAHA I remember her. She's crazy. An idiot. She's been a tripfag on that shitty board, /r9k/ for over 4 years now and even they can't stand her/call her ugly.
Nothing she has to say is valid. Her one point is that she's better than swami.

No. 368594

It's so telling that she's obsessed with fat people when she's not so skinny herself.

No. 368595

>want to know more about this drama
>check Discord and the thread
>it all happened back in March
>feel cheated somehow
Fuck off with this old milk. I'm salty.

No. 368596

File: 1491867629032.jpg (67.89 KB, 240x306, meta-leopard.jpg)

rare photos of kotori donning her favorite brand

No. 368597

File: 1491867822821.png (138.87 KB, 225x300, meta.png)

more up ss kittens meta street

No. 368598

yeah, but it's obvious that at least she tries to look attractive. She has nice skin, and while her eyebrows could look better, she's not actively sabotaging her appearance like Ash. Her weight is on the heftier side, but it's not out of the relm of normality. She looks outwardly healthy at least.

Her average looks make her actions funnier, imo. It's obvious she's completely delusional, and hates herself. It's like how very few incels are actually ugly. She could have a fun life as an average girl, but she wants to be an uguu kawaii anime character.

I do feel for her, as somebody who also has bdd. she reminds me of a person who I never want to be

inb4 get out mystery

>implying mystery would ever describe herself as anything other then a hideous, disgusting wretch, who deserves all of the asspats because "wahhhhhhh wahhhh I'm not the real life kotori!"

No. 368599

She needs her internet access forcibly cut off and to be thrown in full time therapy just like all the other incels.

No. 368600

>tries to look attractive
>has nice skin
She doesn't try very hard. She can't even be arsed to wash her oily, wet face or shave her gray spotted cooch before sending out nudes. Not to mention look like she isn't CRYING a fucking storm while posing for said nudes.

No. 368601


Yeah she needs a fucking intervention seriously. If you search "r9k mystery.jpg" you can find her posts archived and she's literally been posting on r9k practically everyday for like 7 years.

>being that autistic.

No. 368602

God i missed mystery chan

No. 368603

This girl it's not ugly at least 5/10 face but wtf her personality. It was fucked before she met Oscar? I'm leggit interested.

This kind of girls always make me curious. There is a similar case in my country chan. She always tries to get attention at tinychat and send nudes to boys robots she shouldn't trust. and when her nudes get leaked she cries a lot saying she isn't going to come back. Also, she samefags to insult herself.

No. 368604

No. 368605

File: 1491886006163.png (21.02 KB, 987x289, DeleteLaterLolcowMystery.jpgGi…)

Do you think she's lying about her weight here? She looks too fat in her nudes for it to be true.

No. 368606

Her eyes are impressively far apart.

Eh, for 5'1", 106 is not out of the realm of possibility. Doesn't mean jack shit when you're skinny fat though.

No. 368607

Why does she always look like she's about to cry ? Her face is ugly and the expressions don't help

No. 368608

just watched a couple of these videos, thanks based mystery for the self confidence boost

No. 368609

Why does she go to lolcow and /r9k/ of all places? Go see a counselor or something, they'll at least pretend to care and maybe even try to help.

No. 368610

Is this some sort of in-joke?

No. 368611


In the second video I can't tell if she is fingering her giant ass pussy or her asshole, I am assuming pussy because she licks her fingers after.

Also why is her face so fucking shiny!!!

No. 368612

I couldn't tell either. Those noises she was making topkek

No. 368613

This is a final warning not to post links or images related to revenge porn on lolcow.farm.

Users have been posting SFW caps from Mystery.jpg's revenge porn material. This is still illegal, and in addition makes it very hard for us to discern which photos of her are fair to post. Because of this, any links or uploads of Mystery.jpg's photos are now prohibited, except for ones that have unmistakably been posted by her herself.

In practice, this means that any further photo comment must include a link to any 4chan archive showing her tripcode (as proof she published it willingly).

Permabans for posters ignoring the previous warning have been issued.

No. 368614

Isn't this the girl that oscar spilled nudes of? I really can't fucking understand robots… fucking sad. just go to school or get a job and get some therapy to overcome the abundant social issues.

No. 368615

I wonder why she's so anal about this. She's an irrelevant loser who posts on r9k all day, no one gives a shit about her cringe-y nudes.

Normally I'm not one to blame my fellow womyn for things like this, but it is kinda her fault it happened anyways. That's what you get for being a naive tard.

No. 368616

Hey mystery, since fat camp couldn't fix that fucked up mentality of yours, do everyone a favor and get some DBT. Maybe after a year or 2 you can get yourself a nice normie bf instead of /r9k/ virgins who don't even want to put up with your crybaby bullshit anymore.

No. 368617

Is she related to Eggman? She looks like a haired version of him.

No. 368618

Because she wants to hide how much of a normie bitchy girl she is. It's funny reading her garbage on r9k and how she tries to talk herself up and how she's "one of the guys"

No. 368619

No. 368620

yup… she's basically the "not like other girls" meme.

No. 368621

File: 1491949686735.png (14.25 KB, 641x242, Ns442Qj.png)


>tfw you can't use an imageboard

>tfw qt swede takes your rimjobs then posts revenge porn

No. 368622

No. 368623

Oh much longer than that, she's been going since 2012 at the very least. Any woman who tripfags on /r9k/ has something very wrong with them and needs to get off 4chan, STAY the fuck off 4chan and get help. It's a kind of very public and sad masochism.

No. 368624

File: 1492022418748.jpg (19.06 KB, 384x216, maxresdefault.jpg)

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing our princess in the flesh, let me fill you in.

The "I couldn't hear you" vid.

An epic video lasting all of 0:05 seconds. We open on a greasy face, a smirk playing on her lips, as she leans into the camera slightly, momentarily averting her moon eyes, and loudly proclaims : "Sorry! I couldn't hear you over the sound of my tits! What were you saying?" Rating : 1/5

No. 368625

File: 1492022639643.jpg (12 KB, 256x144, maxresdefault.jpg)

The Black Tank Top video

A stunning 0:20 second long video. A greasy face appears before us, looking slightly bashful. Her hair styled in a messy ponytail. She casts her gaze downwards as she says "I'm really gross … and … disgusting." Her phone dings suddenly (0:04), surprising her, before she looks into the camera to continue. "and, uhm … it makes me really wet, thinking about …" She draws a breath, fidgiting, then looking off to the side before finishing her statement, "you pissing on me …" She bites her lip, acting coy. "And … yeah." She looks up to the screen, her cheeks flushed, before turning the camera off. Rating : 2.1/5

No. 368626

File: 1492022697413.png (169.3 KB, 296x355, tUdrNoE.png)

The Red Shirt video

The second longest video, weighing in at a whopping 0:22 seconds. Our princess appears, face greased up, circle lenses in, with her hair cascading down over her shoulders, wearing a tasteful red shirt. "Hi …" she starts, before starting to smile, revealing her small child teeth. "I really want you to fuck my ass!" she proclaims, laughing slightly. "Like … really, really, really badly!" Her eyes float to the camera, gleaming with excitement, her half filled brows climbing her forehead in anticipation, before she looks away. "Please, please come here, and fuck my ass." She begs, tilting her head seductively. "Please" she repeats once more, biting her lip, before she turns off her camera. Rating : 3/5

No. 368627

File: 1492022767736.jpg (16.38 KB, 256x227, tumblr_ngjfniIcg91qfkaa2o1_128…)

The Bath Time video

0:21 seconds long. Our scene opens on our princess in the bathtub, music softly playing in the background, as she scoops bubbles onto herself. "It's really hot! I feel like I'm going to be a hard boiled egg!" she says, the bubbles gleaming as her chin moves seductively in and out of frame. "Shit! Uhm …" she snorts, the bubbles flying under the force of her breath. "Also, if you're wondering why the water is uhm … yellow" she gestures at the murky bath water, a grin on her face "it's the bath soap that I use!" Suddenly, a dog barks, startling her momentarily (0:14). "Cranky no!" she yelps, berating the small animal. She seems to lose her momentum after this. "anyway guys … okay" she sighs, before turning off the camera. Rating : 2.9/5

No. 368628

File: 1492022804037.jpg (7.95 KB, 236x307, a26f16d9f83554fecfd3cbe9a362f9…)

The Only Nude video

Her longest video to date, at an intense 0:36 seconds. This video opens on our gorgeous princess lying naked in bed, her face glistening in the light of her bedside lamp, one breast visible over her nude buttock. She gently prods her finger into her anus, a slight moan escaping her lips. She glances up at the camera for a second, before closing her eyes. She moves her finger in and out, gaining momentum, small gasps escaping her mouth, her face looking almost pained, before pulling her finger out and mushing it into her vagina, hair ungroomed, skin ashy. Almost immediately she slides her finger back into her anus, as if the absence of her finger is too much to bear. Her small grunts continue, as she pushes her finger in and out, the pace picking up rapidly, as a wet noise starts to be heard. Her moans increase in pitch, when she suddenly removes her finger, bringing it to her face, and puts it into her mouth, sucking it, while staring into the camera seductively, blinking her wide moon eyes. She tries to end the recording using her foot, but ultimately leans in and uses her hand instead. Rating : 4.5/5

No. 368629

File: 1492023761072.png (675.95 KB, 700x918, sEQeZMP.png)

mystery.jpg weird r9k sex shit, brought to you by JonTron.

Source: https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/24454762/

No. 368630

File: 1492023788919.jpg (9.62 KB, 255x255, meinfanfiction.jpg)

Reading this one is probably the most disgusting of them all. I'm surprised she doesn't have a video of herself dumping a cup of piss on herself since supposedly she likes being peed on.

No. 368631

File: 1492024021334.png (213.76 KB, 500x333, uGmlbB0.png)

No. 368632

File: 1492024599391.png (800.71 KB, 826x1080, RQ0CZVV.png)

find mystery.jpg femdom blog, do it for the echs!

No. 368633

File: 1492024947559.png (199.86 KB, 1019x720, quality.png)

No. 368634

File: 1492025325710.png (26.28 KB, 1285x143, eyXE729.png)

"i'm not like other girls"

No. 368635


Thank you. I wanted to share the gift of our grease princess with you all.

No. 368636

She's becoming one of my favourite cows, I feel like I've entered an endless rabbit hole thanks to her. I wish she would come here and grace us with her dramu.

No. 368637

she is an active lolcow poster…

No. 368638

I wonder if she's posting in this thread.

No. 368639

Idk about posting, but it's basically guaranteed that she's reading it. My clit is rock hard just thinking how butthurt she must be about all this.

No. 368640

File: 1492027885542.png (13.44 KB, 681x168, pWG21X5.png)

no wonder her and her autist bf overshared so much. they'd been doing it for a year already.

No. 368641


no one would mistake those nipples for being small in the first place and her boobs are so saggy, that's why she can get cleavage in the first place.

No. 368642

File: 1492028292637.jpg (6.09 KB, 455x78, AMaQquI.jpg)

i believe it

No. 368643

Or maybe she's enjoying it, being an attention whore and such. But most of us don't have dicks, so idk.

Who is her boyfriend? Is she still trying to get assfucked by Oscar?

Anyone knows where she's from? She looks eastern european.

No. 368644

File: 1492029308401.png (336.76 KB, 743x758, SU6QXbh.png)

Muh grey vaginas!


She is half Russian or someshit.

No. 368645

she's not getting assfucked by oscar. she has an incredibly autistic whiteknight bf who was in the discord with her. they frequently discussed their relationship and it was fucking cringe. not sure if we are allowed to say where she lives tbh.

No. 368646

she was mentioned to live in Canada i think

No. 368647

her location has been posted on /r9k/ before, but I think we're not supposed to post that info here.

her cuck bf's discord name was Hitler Chan, but now it's OC blanic hedgehog or something autistic like that.

No. 368648

How old is she again? If she's under 18 then no we're not.
>This means the following things are permitted:
>Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers

No. 368649

She's been on r9k for years. I think she's 20 something.

No. 368650

think she said in discord that she was from russia or somewhere like that or maybe a parent was and moved to mooseland

No. 368651

lol, she's not underage, but ok.

she lives in Ontario now.

No. 368652

clearly cuck bf is lurking, he just changed his discord name, so now it's just Blanic. lol

No. 368653


she's 22, definitely not underaged, but you already knew that mystery

No. 368654

I heard 24. So she lies about her age???

No. 368655

Hitler-Chan/Blanic/Doctor Officer/Whatever the hell your name is,

Stop lurking this thread and go outside. Obsessing over this isn't going to help anything. In fact, you are drawing more unwanted attention to yourselves this way.

No. 368656

File: 1492030389494.png (40.27 KB, 712x548, JSDeMgQ.png)


Don't worry, anon. She is old enough.


She lies constantly. I guess it is a mystery.jpg

We know she has completed her degree though, making her at least 22.

No. 368657

others have said up to 26, her age is a mystery.jpg

No. 368658


That was in years old threads, so she is 24 at least.
It's sad that her post are reminiscent of a desperate 14 year old.

Hey mystery, since you're lurking, you may as well let us know.

No. 368659

File: 1492031234657.png (729.27 KB, 1280x720, MsSIyU0.png)


I must respectfully disagree, porn critic anon.

This work is one small step for body positivity, but one giant leap for feminism. Her skillful fingering of her asshole, vagina and gaping maw smash gender constructs and the misogynistic standards that women are held to today. All in all, this video celebrates the fat, new age, modern female and even delves into the surreal with the mystery.jpg surrounding which hole is the goal.


No. 368660

File: 1492031584937.png (11.97 KB, 605x445, in her own words.PNG)

The 36 Second Enigma

The setting of this masterpiece creates a startling juxtaposition; the bright light, casting an ethereal glow on her face and chest, the white sheets signally purity and the glistening of the grease on her face (reminiscent of the glistening tears of disappointment she has no doubt inspired in others) provide a stark contrast to the dark fissure that is her horsepussy.

Throughout the first 25 seconds of this masterpiece, the viewer is left wondering, is that digit being inserted into her vagina, or into a more sinister crevasse? The air of mystery (no pun intended) certainly keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. Finally, the subject inserts that same digit into her mouth in order to taste whatever residue may coat it. The viewer is naturally left with a burning question – what did she just consume? The coy look she gives to the camera is as enigmatic as the famous Mona Lisa smile – is that the face of someone who just tasted her own ass, or one who simply plumbed the depths of her own horsepussy? Her final lip bite as she edges towards the camera does nothing to provide an answer; like the Mona Lisa, scholars may debate this for centuries to come.

4/5 stars

No. 368661


she licks her fingers free of the filth of her anus and the filth that is modern society, whch hosts the degenrates who enjoy this.


No. 368662

File: 1492032072665.gif (523.34 KB, 500x296, Jontron_kiss.gif)

a true masterpice

No. 368663

No. 368664

i love you.

No. 368665

That comment isn't about Mystery though, learn to read

No. 368666

you fucking suck at reading comprehension, it's about the OP

No. 368667

stop trying to sabotage the thread hitler chan

No. 368668

what does eliza have to do with anything

No. 368669

someone threw it in to try and derail. it's irrelevant.

No. 368670

File: 1492033045471.png (21.75 KB, 858x184, DUY86SW.png)

Fuck off Blanic, that's a diff girl you absolute cumsucking rimjob.

No. 368671

File: 1492033045814.jpg (47.09 KB, 600x600, ec1.jpg)

eloquent analysis my good anon

No. 368672

File: 1492034080842.png (8.09 KB, 874x148, elastic asshole.PNG)


Not the first time she's shared the filth of her anus with the world

No. 368673

File: 1492034194466.jpeg (11.68 KB, 300x200, eye-bleach-by-laptopgeekarchiv…)

No. 368674

her bf sure is a winner!

+ Hitler-chan - 03/08/2017
tfw @Donald J. Putin was trying a new medicine last weekend and doesn't remember an hour stretch of time wherein I had believed she was lucid and able to make informed decisions :flushed:

No. 368675

??? was she married to that neet loser?

…the one she met on /r9k/?

No. 368676

some random britfag apparently

No. 368677

File: 1492035967821.jpg (140.9 KB, 877x1097, ZYGMkM8.jpg)


She married a rando british guy, then camwhored to get back home to Canada where she sent nudes to Oscar, got them leaked, then found solace in Hitler's greasy, piss-stinky embrace.

No. 368678

Long bangs, heavy powder, head down, walk fast, no spook.

No. 368679

File: 1492036383622.jpg (29.11 KB, 568x210, revisionsex.jpg)

No. 368680

File: 1492036703889.png (993.59 KB, 1172x814, NbdXF8q.png)

No. 368681

is there any way we can get this onto pt?

best milk in ages

No. 368682

How vapid. This is how you cheapen your sex life with a partner.

No. 368683

File: 1492040314694.jpg (338.19 KB, 1632x1224, p3YQc90.jpg)

>tfw kotori-chan says you can't cook

No. 368684

File: 1492040395171.png (21.91 KB, 497x158, unknown (1).png)

but she ain't about AB/DL, okay guys?

No. 368685

That pork looks super dry and gross

No. 368686

File: 1492041130582.jpg (108.09 KB, 1080x1845, r42MwaN.jpg)

piss on my porkchops mommy

No. 368687

File: 1492041244731.jpg (454.19 KB, 3984x2988, hlOMDwr.jpg)


No. 368688

with added mommy piss for flavour

No. 368689

File: 1492041589685.png (100.95 KB, 331x152, rKCNyq8.png)


>tfw kotori was right

No. 368690

File: 1492041618359.png (13.55 KB, 607x54, YVhNtya.png)



No. 368691



No. 368692

File: 1492041748786.jpg (23.8 KB, 320x320, lolitaitstimetostop.jpg)

Ok, everyone has their own kinks but my god, no to the diapers. Why on r9k of all places? How long have they been displaying their cringe on r9k together?

No. 368693

File: 1492041752862.png (21.32 KB, 545x145, YjCw8lK.png)

absolutely disgusting

No. 368694

File: 1492041844375.gif (665.69 KB, 480x270, e9C7aAb.gif)



No. 368695

File: 1492042152200.png (111.63 KB, 404x412, 1482721954348.png)


This thread is cancer. The only people bumping it are robots and salty bitches from discord. There's barely any milk here and the milk is all old and moldy.

Don't you guys have better things to do? Like go outside and do something productive instead of stalking this boring ass tripfag from /r9k/

>When will lolcow have quality threads again?


No. 368696

hi kotori

No. 368697

okay kotori, calm your bound titties down

No. 368698

File: 1492042290240.jpg (121.96 KB, 512x720, IMG_9989.JPG)

I'm neither one, I don't care if the milk is sour feed me more.

No. 368699

File: 1492042319446.png (94.8 KB, 200x252, 9DtTgNl.png)


Accurate depiction of the author of this post.

No. 368700

File: 1492042452638.jpg (97.97 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9990.JPG)

also she likes the wrong love liveu

No. 368701

>tfw Hitler-chan won't gas every fucking normie woman on the planet for you

No. 368702

File: 1492042535863.png (209.2 KB, 738x416, tronmyjon.png)

jontron would tho

No. 368703

File: 1492042651781.png (251.71 KB, 299x343, EuutmOA.png)

No. 368704

File: 1492042794091.png (463.26 KB, 597x450, Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 13.5…)

If you're an orbiter: your senpai looks like 1st gen elmer fudd and will never notice you

If you're mystery: you look like 1st gen elmer fudd and you should stop sending nudes to strangers you meet on r9k

No. 368705

Wow. You really all are pathetic here. I bet you sluts have done much worse than a bit of watersports and are taking your shame out on her.
I pity you tbh :/

No. 368706

ITT: Shitposting and Salty Hoes

No. 368707

it happened! Mystery/Hilter-chan have graced us with their presence! Please bring more milk desu

No. 368708

shut up mystery, this is the funniest thread we've had in ages

No. 368709

File: 1492043149678.jpg (5.74 KB, 257x196, eggmanlewd.jpg)

no-1 curr kotori/hitler

No. 368710

File: 1492043224600.jpg (6.09 KB, 120x120, Thinking.jpg)

>when your Eggman look-alike gf pisses on u with her grayceful vagina and u call her mommy

No. 368711

Someone please photoshop her shit hair onto elmer and make this the next thread header if she ever gets another thread

No. 368712

lol this thread is going to die by next week good luck getting your second thread

No. 368713

File: 1492043422236.jpg (8.15 KB, 300x168, kotiandhotler.jpg)

rare lewd of hitler and kotori together

No. 368714

File: 1492043507845.png (580.69 KB, 599x825, 98f.png)

No. 368715

File: 1492043569352.jpg (276.96 KB, 645x507, ff5.jpg)

post piss

No. 368716

File: 1492043795577.png (17.94 KB, 1082x145, ithinkyoudgivealotmorethanthat…)


oh, how she's changed.

No. 368717

File: 1492043983759.jpg (278.84 KB, 1875x938, mZKnfIN.jpg)

All of her posts are about her, the majority are self depreciating.

She wants to be called names.

Give the lady what she wants, people!

No. 368718

File: 1492044236239.jpg (47.61 KB, 500x375, 1438102210728.jpg)

i want mommy to cook porkchops and cut it up for me with a bread knife while i enjoy a glass of her pee pee with it! :'^(

No. 368719

File: 1492044378091.png (11.5 KB, 880x261, 4443452.png)

She's not interested in sex okay? She just wants to eat ass

No. 368720

File: 1492044510352.png (32.17 KB, 1439x251, kotori rimjobs.png)


what's wrong with giving the butt some extra attention?

No. 368721

File: 1492044699395.jpg (396.53 KB, 820x466, 7221237.jpg)

No. 368722

File: 1492046238294.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 497x300, QDofU5Z.gif)


No. 368723

File: 1492046373978.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 497x331, 2zlhnRn.gif)

No. 368724

File: 1492046483184.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 497x295, 5pXCxHl.gif)

so she does shower after all. could've fooled me

No. 368725

File: 1492046559696.gif (1.18 MB, 497x331, c49dqxk.gif)

her bracelet says daddy.


No. 368726

No. 368727

>BG took this very personally, and reacted erratically - she made a series of posts on her own blog with some pretty wild claims. She said that I had been harassing her nonstop (?), that I was threatening to leak her personal information (what?). She said that she felt incredibly unsafe and persecuted.

she has always been this way. omg.

No. 368728

Are these legit her? While she seems dumb, I have to admit she's got a nice body and cute boobs. Pity about the rest I guess.

No. 368729

File: 1492047381397.png (50.5 KB, 509x498, 9GewJuS.png)

Holy shit, this chick is a total cow. She used to sell her porn clips on Tumblr and faked a suicide after getting into random fights.

No. 368730

File: 1492047436927.png (127.24 KB, 1118x638, mysterygasm.png)

Just in case there was any doubt

No. 368731


too long to cap.

Some familiar names:

No. 368732

check her moles, it's definitely her. she has an amazing body and a cute face, too bad she's legit psycho.

No. 368733

What kind of tumblr drama was it?

No. 368734

File: 1492047926998.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.27 KB, 500x667, ydfshKV.jpg)


Here's the snatch we remember!

No. 368735

sperged out about porn being the worst™ to someone, they then stumbled across her sexwork on manyvideos so mystery started a big argument and faked her suicide :^)

No. 368736

tl;dr she pretended to kill herself and some other notable cows such as megan and swimsuitsuccubus were all OMG IS SHE STILL ALIVE?

No. 368737

No. 368739

so as far as all these camgirls know, they really think she's still dead?

fucking kek

No. 368740


>Bratgasm and I had just started to become friends and now she might be gone forever.

>berpl is vile pass it on :-)


No. 368741

File: 1492048509382.png (735.7 KB, 1024x576, IMG_9993.PNG)

a true idol, she's made it to /pt/

No. 368742


oh fuck these I came here to laugh at her not to be jealous.

No. 368743

>A few days ago, I discovered BG on ManyVids. Given the hardline anti-porn stance she had expressed some months ago and the volatile reaction she had had to my criticism, I found this pretty funny, and made a post about it - a post that didn’t mention her name at all. As a result of this post BG told me that I was sad sack of shit, that I had been sending her anonymous hate, and that I was a pedophile who supported molestation, incest, and rape. She claimed that I had been stalking her because I didn’t agree with her politics.

Mystery has been super anti-porn on /r9k/ and apparently on tumblr as well, then sperged out at a girl who found her cam videos and called her out

No. 368744

File: 1492048665245.png (29.78 KB, 544x780, bratgasm pedo.png)


Here she is calling a rando a pedophile because she is f u c k i n g c r a z y

No. 368745

Right? What a case of butterface, the girl has an amazing body.

No. 368746

Imagine how retarded she must be IRL to end up with Hitlerchan, despite her body.

No. 368748

I find it pretty funny that not even Oscar can stand her rotten, autistic personality

No. 368749

File: 1492049095666.png (Spoiler Image, 571.74 KB, 1066x507, anal slut.PNG)

Somehow this is more poignant now

No. 368751

She must have legit mental issues. Almost feel bad finding this so amusing.

where did that guy go though? did he run away after shit hit the fan on r9k?

No. 368752

File: 1492049545246.png (9.61 KB, 579x97, bratgasmr9k.png)


when someone mentioned bratgasm on r9k she quit lmao

No. 368753

>trash can
>deleted post
>inb4 mystery.jpg posted and deleted her camgirl name for attention

No. 368754

File: 1492050026833.jpg (31.48 KB, 625x395, 0PeJk11.jpg)


why is this so true lmao

No. 368756

File: 1492050527969.png (249.41 KB, 714x542, nostalgidramas.png)

No. 368758

>I would never ask to be shat on by anyone
>notorious r9k tripfag with >12k confirmed posts

No. 368759

File: 1492050913203.png (91.87 KB, 540x960, YRDQnmI.png)

what the fuck happened to her to make her this way

No. 368760

I doubt it, I've talked to him a fair bit and I doubt he'd give up his harem of bpd girls.. my best guess is he's gotten better at hiding his tracks

No. 368761

File: 1492051582834.png (23.01 KB, 495x236, BWkgPR0.png)

holy shit

No. 368762


omfg she used a random death to try make this person feel shitty?

No. 368763

mystery is becoming a top cow

No. 368764

File: 1492052058218.gif (1018.19 KB, 362x203, fdqSEe1.gif)

Seeing all of this new info… Holy shit. Imagine if she hadn't come into the lolcord to pick fights with a bunch of bitchy girls?


Thanks to Jontron for revealing this bitch lmao.

No. 368765

>undefined waist
>hip dips
>boobs have to be lifted up because of how saggy they are
obvious samefagging

No. 368773

File: 1492053452900.png (638.39 KB, 724x3334, suinotesd.png)

No. 368775

No. 368777

File: 1492054434569.png (689.31 KB, 871x550, delicious.png)

the milk, it flows.

No. 368778

So her crying about revenge porn and crying to get her nudes taken down was just a tantrum to get her way?

No. 368779

File: 1492054513881.jpg (20.94 KB, 210x230, IMG_9991.JPG)


No. 368780

I think the original nudes anons posted were leaked by an ex, but these are her cam work nudes taken by herself.

>countless nudes

No. 368781

seems like it tbqh

No. 368782

File: 1492054725218.png (488.63 KB, 520x624, hitocrtical.PNG)

also mystery: pic related

No. 368783

Her body isn't perfect by any means, but her boobs are pretty nice and her butt looks good. I'm Ana chan and I can even admit that.

Is her face really that bad? I feel like I haven't seen many clear pictures of her. Her personality must really be revolting if she can't score friends or a normal, nice boyfriend. She looks decent tbh.

No. 368784

Her face is ok she is just toxic and very mentally ill.

No. 368785

She's a butterface pos, but come on, anon. Where?

No. 368789

It's really really sad to me that she hasn't gotten help. It seems like she has some real mental issues that need addressing. Not that it's wrong to be mentally ill, but it's wrong that she's not seeking help for her obvious issues.

No. 368792

She lives in Canada, it's not like she couldn't get help. Instead she chose to shitpost on r9k, fake her own death on tumblr and start petty drama in the lolcord.

No. 368793

File: 1492056692881.jpg (26.45 KB, 384x216, 4fb13c9922f07d0bc4588ca8e650b1…)

apparently even used to work at a club (i.e. sex work) on imvu :

until she got caught making fake profiles, scamming, and stealing customers :


(just ctrl+f bratgasm)

No. 368798


No. 368799

she has at least two other side tumblrs, and on one of them she called out her ex husband and gave his full name and DOB.


No. 368802

File: 1492058156529.png (43.53 KB, 624x473, berpl.png)

No. 368804

File: 1492058617193.png (155.84 KB, 1198x1206, bunnywork.png)

After faking her suicide on Tumblr, she moved to posting on her side blog bunnywork (now deactivated). You can still find her posts through reblogs.

Archive of her blog: http://archive.is/ZHVNP

Highlights of her posting include: linking transwomen, porn and gamergate to pedophilia, calling out her ex-husband and naming him, slamming porn/BDSM/DD-LG blogs while having run a porn/BDSM blog and having pics of her wearing a bracelet that says 'daddy'.

One of her posts on GamerGate got traction, and can be found discussed here:

No. 368805


>If you support the porn industry you support rape

lol ok kotori

No. 368806

>tfw posted in this thread

feels good man

No. 368807

File: 1492059382317.png (831.53 KB, 528x843, RARE JPG.PNG)

A rare picture with half face, submitted by our greasequeen mystery/kotori.

No. 368811

No. 368812

i love you, anon

No. 368821

File: 1492061735763.png (110.1 KB, 696x557, Screenshot_20170413-003159.png)

No. 368829

Anyone have screenshots of her sperging out? I don't entirely trust lolcow's version of the story since you guys very, very obviously have a dog in this fight.

No. 368834

I feel sad for her and want to reach out. Anyone have her contact info?(Cowtipping)

No. 368847

She's pretty cute. Too bad she's a typical female 4channer (crazy and thirsty for male approval).

Does anyone have a better TLDR than the one in the OP?

Also, was she punched in the eye in OP pic?

No. 368861

Thats just how she looks

Also lol


you are male
you are pro-porn in anyway
you are pro-kink in anyway
you are a porn blog, bdsm blog, DD/LG blog, or any other euphemism
you are a pedophile, child abuser, “kinkster”
you use words like “TERF/SWERF”
you use gendered slurs
you reblog pro-porn propaganda from industry shills

No. 368862

So that's why she always looks like she's crying in those nude shots. She's digsusted with porn but is so desperate for approval.

No. 368881

File: 1492091183527.png (50.96 KB, 1187x436, yYgzuWg.png)

r9k knew all along, huh.

No. 368883

File: 1492091870986.gif (317.82 KB, 500x344, amshdhf.gif)

This just gets better and better. Please keep the milk flowing.

No. 368887

File: 1492092777578.png (50.93 KB, 699x577, h7iqy6k.png)


rare mystery.jpg mommy/baby shmorky erp

No. 368889

File: 1492093104083.png (90.12 KB, 788x437, EQ1YkLI.png)


splash reaction

No. 368901


I really should start using the Discord, I had no idea we had such cows in our own farm. One question though, is Hitler-chan a robot too or something? I see him mentioned but other than being her bf I'm not seeing how he's autistic.

Genuinely curious, pls no bully.

No. 368902

they met on r9k lol

No. 368904

File: 1492095860787.png (183.77 KB, 277x299, house.png)

that a pretty high level of autism. jfc

No. 368905

did you mean a tl;dr of what happened in the discord?

No. 368906

He's a robot. They also would post cringey messages to each other in #public on discord all the time about their sex lives and his shitty cooking.

At least he's a loyal, dedicated bf. Mystery doesn't know what she has.

No. 368909

mystery.jpg / bratgasm / bunnywork / kotori

basically during the jontron drama someone mentioned the fighting about fatties on his thread.
one anon copy pasted a post about fat people costing the system loads of money and it turned out to be mystery post.
this caused her to sperg out.
anons started saying that they didn't care about jontron.
at this point mystery began to accuse every anon who disagreed with her of racism/pedophilia etc./ telling them to ignore her.
a while later anon posted about knowing which posts on lolcow were kotoris.
this caused another kotori sperg out.
at this point everyone began to discuss jontron, causing her to ragequit the server and run to r9k bitching.
she had a history of picking retarded fights with people and being overly cringey with her bf in public, which caused general dislike for her.

a month later, op found a thread posted by her on r9k and also uncovered her identity as msytery.jpg and posted the thread.

people found out she had been a regular tripfag on r9k for the past 8+ years.
she had posted almost everyday.
she had dated several guys from r9k and made them videos which got leaked.

she left r9k and moved to tumblr under the name bratgasm where she posted porn (bonus if you can find the p in v porn with hitler's hands!)
she got into fights with everyone on tumblr and accused many other whores of being pedophiles for doing ageplay themed shoots, despite doing them herself.
she faked her suicide, naming 2 girls she had argued with as the cause.

she then moved to another tumblr, where she talked about how porn was disgusting and promoted pedophilia.

she left this tumblr and moved to lolcow, it seems, and that's where the story began.

tl;dr: mystery has been a retarded sperging whore on the internet for 10 years. changing her names multiple times, but always having the same shitty personality.

No. 368910

This is some Spoony level shit.

No. 368914


The tl;dr of the discord drama was a fucking mess lol.

>discuss jontron

>gets salty no one is attacking him for his weight
>someone laughed at a fat people comment she made in the jontron thread.
>She spergs on everyone screaming about how we all defend Jontron or some shit
>Eventually it ends
>Someone accidentally puts a message in the chat meant for a private convo with another farmer
>it's a joke that kotori's posts are easy to spot
>she sees this and spergs even when she's apologized to
>more bitching and whining and picking fights
>next day she loses her shit cause people @ her like once or twice
>is made because people talked about her sperging in private
>goes fucking apeshit over being @
>keeps going
>hitler-chan is there to whiteknight her every step of the way, even going as far as to privately message people that they're being boolies.
>she's screaming she's going to get banned even though she was told she was going to get muted or kicked by two other mods if she didn't stop
>eventually gets kicked by a mod for the chat because she refused to calm the hell down

All this started because no one cared if Jontron was fat. Now she has her own thread.

No. 368915

the best part of her discord drama, was when a load of people all changed their names to be Jontron related, then they mentioned her, and she did it to.

No. 368916

File: 1492098641699.jpg (91.8 KB, 1920x1080, me06JnQ.jpg)


Jontron bless this mess.

No. 368918

Holy shit, I feel sorry for her bf. Poor robot must be desperate to stick around that.

No. 368919

…Hey mystery, can we switch our breasts? You're a fembot after all, they're wasted on you.
Seriously though, if you're still reading, get help. You're attractive, the only thing to fix is that scatterbrain.

No. 368928

File: 1492101966654.png (14.61 KB, 945x230, 16e9f1df48c51d181ba0071ce3c6ab…)

No. 368929

File: 1492102043313.png (44.74 KB, 837x181, 1b6c2b7779cc1bb59c0484a519ce8b…)

posting her best posts

No. 368930

File: 1492102078407.png (14.71 KB, 924x195, 1b35fd81f4253ab19faa3b16e26ac6…)

No. 368931

File: 1492102193694.png (28.05 KB, 927x305, no porn.png)

No. 368932

File: 1492102294911.png (24.67 KB, 941x318, I DONT CAMWHORE I SWEAR U GUYZ…)

No. 368933

File: 1492102345068.png (17.3 KB, 934x230, cam-o-sphere.png)

No. 368934

File: 1492102373815.png (Spoiler Image, 40.76 KB, 847x181, tampon.png)

She likes to post gross pictures.

No. 368935

File: 1492102412216.png (19.79 KB, 938x234, revenge porn.png)

Her threatening to post revenge porn.

No. 368936

File: 1492102458243.png (7.17 KB, 635x148, helping doxx.png)

her helping to doxx another tripfag.

No. 368938

File: 1492102512726.png (15.54 KB, 950x223, trannies.png)

her sperging about transpeople

No. 368957

File: 1492105015158.gif (1013.31 KB, 245x251, raven.gif)

hey kotori how is your NEET bf treating you lately?

No. 368959

File: 1492105337923.png (492.44 KB, 790x534, 1YVBNTi.png)


he's probably filing dmcas and cry wanking if anything kotori posts can be believed :^)

No. 368960

How many other nasty NEETs does she cuck him with?

No. 368970

I feel like she's a compulsive liar because these don't add up. If her uncle really touched her vag, why wouldn't she include that in her suicide note?
the seizure thing seems fake, too. idk why she wouldn't share it in her "suicide note"

No. 368971

she's a classic pathological liar

No. 368983

File: 1492113846131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 718.91 KB, 1780x1423, opheliachan_110814_0001_MFC_My…)

idk if it's been mentioned yet but seems like she was a mfc camgirl too, i wonder how long for


No. 368992

Huh. I genuinely thought that she had a cute face before i saw your pic, anon.
Yep, you guys are right, she's ugly.

No. 368997

File: 1492116830289.png (304.43 KB, 429x321, OpheliaFlatAss.png)

An ass to be jealous of

No. 368998

File: 1492116855536.png (Spoiler Image, 464.24 KB, 729x269, Ophelia_Ass2.png)

No. 369007


No. 369016

Damn, I don't visit this thread in one day and now it lit. This is milking so fast I'm gonna overdose. How long until she gets crazy and stars to samefagging in here?

No. 369020

The irony behind this post, holy shit
>I don't camwhore my way to success
>some people are blessed with a fully functioning brain and aren't literally diagnosed insane whores
Apparently not her. Jesus.

No. 369025

Only crazy bitches are named Ophelia.

So much for "I have so much more going for me than cam whores at MFC," eh mystery?

No. 369026

File: 1492119193299.png (175.62 KB, 615x494, oreally.png)

>"i can get a man with a job"
>is dating r9k neets and trash
>"i don't camwhore"
>totally does

Is there anything else she's been caught being a hypocrite on?

No. 369028

Y'all should just let this die she's posting multiple messages about herself. Probably 3 of the people in this thread are real people and the rest are just Mystery trying to get more and more attention. Want to hurt her the most? Delete the thread.

No. 369030

File: 1492119289915.png (1.36 MB, 1736x854, areyousure.png)

No. 369031

File: 1492119415776.png (34.58 KB, 649x368, UkC8fLu.png)


Love how she got into a fight w/ someone for being anti-porn before all this came out, too.


No. 369038

Hi mystery

No. 369042

This is too good to be true. I need more please anon.

No. 369044

This is so funny. The milk doesn't stop. It's almost cream. Already one of the most toxic and gross cows in /pt/. Congrats mystery, your magnum opus.

No. 369047

File: 1492120022505.png (43.29 KB, 645x488, espikvlt bratgasm.png)

Here's another random tumblr whore that bratgasm fought with.

Apparently she sent her abuse for months afterwards, too.

No. 369049

Anyone got a paper bag?

No. 369052


Hey Mystery how does it feel being exposed for the pathological liar you are?

No. 369053

File: 1492120854511.png (295.31 KB, 1350x1610, espikvlthate.png)


What are the odds that she is still sending hate to this day?

No. 369066


HOLY shit she really is ugly. That one selfie way up the thread was actually kind of decent but she looks like shit here and it's just normal screenshots.
She has a nice butt/legs tho I'll admit, but wow what a train wreck. My new favourite cow I think

No. 369069


Nvm I spoke too soon. I scrolled up and her ass is sad. Again, it's just a girl who used good angles and lighting. Guess she's more normie than she wants to admit :^)

No. 369085

File: 1492125347089.png (489.7 KB, 526x465, 8a35f278ad657ded4801c05954348f…)

So much for being /r9k/s pure waifu

No. 369086

File: 1492125386583.png (486.6 KB, 2108x902, 4SrwJ35.png)

Presenting… Mystery.jpg talking about herself in third person in the lolcord public room!

This occurred when some (now absent) users decided to talk about her ex boyfriend Oscar. Mystery.jpg jumps in to tell them about "her friend."

Kinda lol @ "i know her boyfriend!"

>DMCA takedowns incoming


No. 369089

File: 1492125601177.png (35.62 KB, 512x512, wewladtoast.png)

wew lad, I remember that night

Wasn't she also fighting with the girls who wanted to take down Oscar?

No. 369090


idk, the last I saw was them creating an Oscar skype group.

No. 369092

File: 1492125811685.jpg (15.69 KB, 275x206, 1482471261596.jpg)

It was brought up again a few more times after that. She claimed that one of the girls in the skype group was trying to sabotage their operation because she was secretly in love with him.. and the other girl was trying to get her kicked from the group saying she was a mole or something. Sounds like petty bullshit if you ask me.

No. 369093

File: 1492125878578.png (9.57 KB, 392x81, nooneintelligent.png)


I guess mystery.jpg was right all along.

No. 369094

anyone have pics of her bf/ex/whatever?

No. 369095

File: 1492126047954.png (7.62 KB, 397x68, kotorimeetshitler.png)


No, but you can see her current bfs hands in a nude that she posted.

Also his dick in her ass/horsepussy.

No. 369096

File: 1492126090893.png (56.82 KB, 198x199, triggere.png)


and to think all this milk spilled because of Jontron

No. 369097

File: 1492126095598.jpg (22.25 KB, 240x312, sweatyman.jpg)


forgive me lolcow for I have sinned

No. 369099

Second this.

True that, like all the attention hoes in 4chan but instead of having some sort of fame and profiting about that, she just got exposed. Sad

No. 369101

You were raised better than this.

No. 369107

File: 1492129379742.png (485.36 KB, 1645x1486, Ibw1iY4.png)

Here's the discord chatlogs of mystery.jpg and her autist boyfriend telling her whole life story to a random incel that stumbled in.

just why.

No. 369109

>I had some plastic surgery


No. 369111

File: 1492130048590.png (27.5 KB, 653x271, grossss.png)

maybe she is hot now

No. 369113

>10/10 life
>sperging out on lolcow, discord and /r9k/ constantly

No. 369114

File: 1492130641107.png (119.91 KB, 2758x324, 8u2973u.png)

she talked about it before

No. 369115

I wonder if she posted in the plastic surgery thread too >>>/g/49328

No. 369116

idk why people even joke about shit like this
it's gross and weird
what do you accomplish by telling people you're nasty af

No. 369120


>being /r9k/'s pure waifu

She really isn't. The average robot thinks of her as any other attention whoring """"""fembot""""". The only people who like her are just the other attention whores, betas, and dramafags among them.

No. 369122

pls no

plastic surgery is so gross and ugly

No. 369127

ppl who r trying too hard to fit in and be funny.

No. 369137


No. 369138

File: 1492136637931.jpg (67.49 KB, 710x592, 35PkF4y.jpg)

I wonder if mystery.jpg used to work at walmart.

No. 369141

As someone who was there for the entirety of it what's been described is accurate. Can't really go back for screenshots since chat history gets cleared periodically. Had I known this was going to lead to an entire thread, I would've collected a goldmine of it.

No. 369143

imagine her being forced to do the walmart cheer as she stands there plotting how she's going to fake her suicide and how she'll get the attention of many lonely robots

No. 369144

>I don't entirely trust lolcow's version of the story
>As someone who was there for the entirety of it

>Can't really go back for screenshots since chat history gets cleared periodically.

Isn't it odd how lolcow's generally excellent at collecting and archiving proof somehow managed to mess up this time?

Also, hardly anything's ~accurately~ described ITT. The most I can find here is literally nothing more than "oh is that the girl who won't shut up about jontron being obese in the discord?", hardly a thorough account of what exactly happened.

No. 369147

File: 1492137744727.png (31.44 KB, 539x237, kotori.png)

some of the overspill the next day, going back documenting a bit more now.

No. 369148

Someone out there probably has them. Otherwise we wouldn't have some of the screenshots we do now in this thread. If someone has captured that they might have captured the other stuff and just not compiled it yet I guess.

No. 369151

File: 1492137902209.png (29.96 KB, 614x349, kotori 2.0.png)

No. 369152

I don't see what's so lulzy about this really. She's just telling you to fuck off. Do you have any of her jontron rants because that's what I'm after.

No. 369153

File: 1492138010504.png (10.38 KB, 623x96, kotori 3.png)

No. 369154

Post jontron moments

No. 369155

nope, it was in one of the private channels which are regularly wiped to keep things private, this came out of nowhere, none of us realised she was mystery.jpg at the time and she had all this stuff about her so we just laughed it off.

No. 369156

there's such a skype group? more info on that?
why are you so persistent? this is the best milk we've had in a while, let us enjoy it.

No. 369157

You quoted two different posters. And it's because I'm skeptic and want to make sure it's not a vendetta thread made by jontron fangirls.

No. 369158

i had to delete the green one as i hadn't censored the other user fully, it's the same as >>369151

No. 369159



No. 369160

Hum, read the thread. There's more milk than the JonTron thing. That's hust what caught our attention. Not that there's anything wrong with being a skeptic, I think everyone would like caps.

No. 369161

File: 1492138764045.png (294.79 KB, 723x3333, sperg.png)

No. 369163

This is what I wanted. Thank you.

No. 369164

File: 1492138883407.gif (1016.75 KB, 500x265, nKl0IBV.gif)

beautiful, anon. just beautiful.

i have a lot of the text, too.

No. 369165


Here's more proof.
(srry no screenshot, only text!)


No. 369169

File: 1492140105475.png (129.54 KB, 732x415, make a thread.png)

No. 369170

File: 1492140113682.png (1.04 MB, 1172x814, make a thread about me.png)


>mystery.jpg - Yesterday at 12:15 AM

>how embarrassing for u… like idk why you care that much about me, like make a thread about me if you're that concerned with my life

>make a thread about me if you're that concerned with my life

>make a thread about me

No. 369171

File: 1492140236834.png (42.31 KB, 400x150, indirect.png)

No. 369172

File: 1492140298517.png (34.64 KB, 400x196, shutup.png)

No. 369173

File: 1492140391028.png (50.35 KB, 401x287, lolcow.png)

No. 369174

File: 1492140488642.png (33.44 KB, 400x152, jaw surgery.png)

No. 369176

File: 1492140708451.png (116.25 KB, 548x400, kek.png)


fucking kek

No. 369177

not a footfag but she has shit feet

she should show off her tits because thats her only really good feature tbh

No. 369178


google tumblr bratgasm.

all the mystery tits you could wish for.

No. 369181

She had surgery and she still looks this busted? jfc

No. 369185


there's nothing they can do to remove that extra chromosome, either way.

No. 369188

I wonder if she had breast implants too. She whined about having saggy breasts and they're definitely not. Or maybe it was just her fishing for compliments? idk

No. 369194

File: 1492144646762.jpg (8.74 KB, 349x68, IMG_3814.JPG)

What even is r9k

No. 369196

No. 369201

File: 1492146611657.jpg (33.73 KB, 500x500, ZEQ4gp8.jpg)

they would have gorgeous chameleon babies.

No. 369203

how many hours in MSPAINT did this take you

No. 369217

I don't understand the "she's not that ugly comments". The fuck she is. Is that really the kind of girl you wouldn't be unsettled looking at talking to IRL or is the internet just making ugly girls look more passable as usual?

Also, she should of just kept gone on r9k/discord since everyone forgot about her. Hell Bebe was more talked about.

No. 369220

Her body is not bad, something is off about it though

She has a shitty waist to hip ratio tbh. But there's a lot of guys who wouldn't mind as long as she's thin. Can't see her getting RL attention

No. 369222

Read all that shit but can't figure out who is Hitler Chan. I'm lost.

No. 369225

is that null? i like null.

No. 369227

File: 1492157157460.gif (267.33 KB, 300x369, kotoritron.gif)

No. 369230

Hitler chan is her boyfriend

No. 369234


holy shit best post itt kek

No. 369285

Laughing at her abusing US laws to falsely DMCA her images off here

No. 369296

File: 1492186530713.jpg (39.74 KB, 500x500, jontori.jpg)


hint: check bottom right

No. 369301

Why are you so triggered that some people can separate physical features from personality better than you? Sorry for your Asperger's, but she is legit okay looking. Her personality is something else entirely.

No. 369303

I can't find any screenshots of it, but if anyone is interested her next tumblr was

No. 369305

File: 1492191298819.png (32.14 KB, 746x600, 01.png)

Mystery through the eyes of Oscar >>231026

No. 369306

File: 1492191320966.png (33.7 KB, 800x587, 02.png)

No. 369307

File: 1492191424815.png (55.24 KB, 1375x995, 1.png)

"for sympathy and attention from fuking robots"

No. 369308

File: 1492191462399.png (61.6 KB, 1376x901, 2.png)

Even Oscar realises that she is a hypocrite. Really makes you think.

No. 369309

File: 1492191502215.png (63.59 KB, 1375x993, 3.png)

e g g p r i n c e s s

No. 369310

File: 1492191537861.png (62.55 KB, 1371x905, 4.png)

"I'm drunk and degenerate"
"I want fap material"

No. 369311

File: 1492191567379.png (10.89 KB, 741x155, 5.png)


No. 369312

File: 1492191611256.png (64.46 KB, 1372x993, 6.png)

"i look like an ugly troll/egg"

No. 369313

File: 1492191663557.png (62.97 KB, 1376x993, 7.png)

No. 369314

File: 1492191701542.png (23.36 KB, 773x402, 8.png)

"You can enjoy my antics from within your lap."

No. 369316

File: 1492191767352.png (34.93 KB, 795x510, 9.png)

omq nevur gettin a bf

No. 369317

File: 1492191847535.png (55.63 KB, 1372x964, 10.png)

"[…] doing that thing where she keeps asking robots to be her bf among other things while also acting like [she] really like[s] me"

No. 369318

You must be ugly as fuck then. It's only the internet retards stating clearly weird looking people are "cute".

No. 369319

File: 1492192210336.gif (485.8 KB, 499x239, pJEKorg.gif)

No. 369321

>You must be ugly as fuck
No, I just don't hate some random bitch on the internet as much as you seem to

No. 369322

Nah, you're ugly and socially retarded aren't you?

No. 369323

These are fucking gold. Did you talk to Oscar? When was this?

No. 369324

Ow the edge

No. 369326

File: 1492193296260.png (132.56 KB, 2046x1092, 11.png)

I did. These logs are from 26nd and 27th of January.

Do people know that she was married?

No. 369328


why is it that i find it so cringey the way that oscar and eggface talk? it just seems a bit autistic. is it because it's just snipits of conversation or what, because she sounds really dumb

No. 369329


they're just autistic.


I think she posted her ex husbands full doxx on her bunnywork tumblr.

No. 369330

File: 1492194311705.png (22.01 KB, 741x188, bunnyworkmalesuprem.png)

i just find it funny that she posted a shitton of porn then went on to bash others for doing the exact same thing :^)

No. 369333

Not everyone has your warped beauty standards, anon. She's not Angelina Jolie but not hideous either. Honestly these posts always sound like projection. It's okay, you can hate someone without calling them hideous.

No. 369334

File: 1492197304745.png (61.89 KB, 743x399, kittenpheromones.png)

Can confirm.

No. 369335



>calling ugly people ugly is having warped beauty standards

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 369336


all of her tumblr names follow the same format as every other basic tumblr ho

cute word + other word

No. 369342

god she's fucking unbearable

No. 369343

Both of you stop derailing for the dumbest argument ever.

No. 369347

File: 1492199994746.png (455.63 KB, 816x6774, mystery.png)

Enjoy, my dudes.

No. 369351

File: 1492200899038.jpg (34.44 KB, 599x626, wut.jpg)


>cant be blonde cuz bf fetishizes my race

>is slavic

No. 369354

File: 1492201915623.jpg (776.56 KB, 780x1040, cf2017_04_14_22_29_42.jpg)

I wish I was pretty like Mystery chan

No. 369355

It's a good thing, she would look atrocious as a blonde.

No. 369357

File: 1492202194922.png (192.94 KB, 1048x379, Screenshots_2017-04-14-22-36-1…)

No. 369393

What a sad asshole.
Makes me even happier I ditched the tripfags from r9gay long ago and got a life. This is truly what the bottom of the barrel looks and behaves like. I was confused why mod moved this to pt but now I know.

No. 369397


i know theyre just compiled screenshots but i cant help but picture this is just actually talking to herself all day.

also i hope she goes to anime north, would love to see her kotori cosplay

No. 369399

File: 1492213361426.jpg (166.04 KB, 729x1296, JWMEf63.jpg)

That is sincerely one unfortunate fivehead

No. 369403

File: 1492214346571.png (305.24 KB, 291x486, rde.png)


No. 369461

Hey Mystery I know you're reading this so can you hook me up with your titty surgeon? Help a fellow farmer out thx <3

No. 369490

both of 'em. surreal tenhead.

No. 369522

Where did you find this? And which one is Mystery? They look so alike and yet so different from her selfies posted earlier

No. 369532

File: 1492271648876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.23 KB, 720x304, jontron.jpg)


She selfposted on r9k about her meeting fellow tenhead on the right
An OKCupid profile was posted alongside but the profile was deleted afterwards.
It was "Alyssar19"

No. 369533

I really hope she goes to anime north. Almost makes me want to cosplay kotori so she could feel like shit and sperg more on r9k.
On a more serious note I kind of hope she gets help. The milk is pretty funny but she seems like the type of gal who would go over the edge and cut someone if she got crazy enough

No. 369540

of course mystery is the uglier one kek

No. 369541

LOL WHAT? THIS IS MYSTERY? I've had this person on Skype for ages since the last Oscar thread, what the shit. They were in a group chat with me and a few salty people who talked shit about Oscar. Fucking weird now that I look back

No. 369654

tbh violin hips are pretty hot if they're not too high up
she doesn't have them though
or an ass apparently

No. 369711

File: 1492295478359.png (14.27 KB, 641x242, 1454177481223.png)

>tfw no Swedish boy

No. 369714

File: 1492295909346.jpg (94.81 KB, 960x1280, 1456005929925.jpg)

"i'm really gross and disgusting.. and uhm.. it makes me really wet thinking about you pissing on me and.. yeah" - mystery.jpg

No. 369725

File: 1492296778236.png (10.04 KB, 530x64, 1454230070034.png)

No. 369726

a chameleon has many faces

No. 369729

it's spoony 2.0 lmao

No. 369741

Is this really her? She looks nice here.

No. 369743

mysterys tits are bigger

No. 369745

is anybody surprised by any of this? she has been outed as a compulsive liar by oscar, her ex-husband, but rly just by herself and her posts. shes the kind of girl who lies about killing herself to try to guilt trip strangers on tumblr, she probably doesnt even know what shes doing. like maybe shes not lucid. so out of it from mental illness that it's all true to her or something?

does anybody know what her mental illness is? i see pills mentioned. bipolar?
has anybody tried to contact oscar or the ex? probably lots of info there.

thats sisterchan. not mystery.

No. 369747

My guess is BPD

No. 369751


She is also schizoid according to her posts.

No. 369752

Spoony is still the queen of twofaced bullshitting liars imo. she tried to scam people out of money by pretending to be someone else, which we never talked about here and I don't understand why.

No. 369837

Feel free to add it at >>>/snow/57737

No. 369998

of course you would get pills for that

No. 370007

personality disorders do get medication it just differs depending on what cluster they're in
schizoid is usually diagnosed from the person being very solitary and uninterested in relationships/seemingly lacking emotion so i honestly think borderline is a lot more suited to her from what i can tell

No. 370023

[02:54:40] Oscar: I don't know, maybe Mystery doesn't seem like an exceptional case to you, but she is.
[02:55:42] Oscar: Because Mystery is fucking worse than me.
[02:57:30] Oscar: I keep telling you.
[02:57:34] Oscar: I know these people personally.
[02:57:40] Oscar: And I know things they don't know I know, in most cases.

No. 370024

Have they met IRL? I don't really trust Oscar tbh…

No. 370026

Can someone give me a quick rundown on why oscar is a shit?

No. 370030

Can't speak to schizoid but bpd is managed way better with dialectical behavior therapy. Borderline people can actually get OFF medication with enough DBT. Meds aren't really a good option for them, it's a bandaid fix in most cases, unless it's treating comorbid depression or something. Medication can't help a borderline person with self-loathing, black and white thinking, inappropriate emotions or frantic fear abandonment. All it can do is dampen the intensity.

Don't know if she's bpd or not; she definitely had some rampant mental illness going on, and she needs some intensive psychotherapy to fix her. The self-loathing, the insanely intense crippling hatred for anyone remotely chubby, impulsive behavior like sending nudes to any robot who gives her the time of day, none of that can be fixed with meds.

No. 370032

oh no yeah i'm not saying meds are the only thing for her meds can be very hit or miss and can bring more side effects than benefits sometimes. i was just saying that meds are an option for personality disorders like schizoid bc anon didn't know and that i personally think she leans more to the emotional cluster rather than the odd/eccentric
she definitely needs a shit ton of therapy to deal w her behaviour tho as you say lmao

No. 370035

There's a thread about him in snow someone linked earlier, here: >>>/snow/231026

No. 370037

oh ty anon, must have missed it.

No. 370133


So we know she had a nose job, a titty job, what else did she get done?

>also kek at her roleplaying as a half japanese gril to the oscar skype group

No. 370134

So is the boob job confirmed? And roleplaying as a hafu? Does anyone have screenshots this is hilarious.

No. 370136

lol definitely not butt padding

i know the husband's details, how bad y'all want them?(attention whoring)

No. 370137

What if mystery has lied about everything? Her mental illness, her parents, her supposed husband, her school, plastic surgeries and job. She's a patholigical liar who can't keep her lies straight and uses mental illness and the self hatred so she can seem relatable to the bots. Idk tin foil thinking while in the shower kek. I just don't trust anything she has ever said.

No. 370140

File: 1492369923864.jpg (73.57 KB, 768x400, IMG_0118.JPG)

No. 370141


His full dox is on bunnywork tumblr if you use google.


But do you have his new infos? Please spill the tea

No. 370149

File: 1492371775296.png (54.7 KB, 1257x184, TvLZQHw.png)

No. 370154

Isn't she half black…?

No. 370202


Anon are you on crack?

Both of her parents are white and from the USSR.

No. 370206

read the thread maybe? old milk >>368804

No. 370208

Anyone wants to share details of her relationship with Oscar? These two intrigue me so much, it's ridiculous. It seems like some of you posting here have insider information somehow.

No. 370213

The e-dated for a while. Both were in the old lolcow chat, where Oscar was being a typical robot and Mystery talked shit about him in PMs, causing him to leak the material that is now on motherless.

No. 370216

tbh, don't pay attention to anything she's ever said. she's a well known compulsive liar, just see Oscar's screencaps.

she's pretended to be half japanese before, wouldn't surprise me if she pretended to be black. her parents are probably boring farm workers or something, so she turned them in to Russian spies in her head.

No. 370219

She does look russian tbh anon. That's the first thing I thought when I saw her.

No. 370220


She is definitely slavic from her looks and I have heard her speaking Russian before.

No. 370221

Any screenshots? That would be fun.

No. 370222

She's not even glamorous Russian, like an obscure high fashion model. She's potato Russian, straight out of the inbred boonies.

No. 370224

ok, my bad, just find it hard to believe after her lies about not having sex since she was 16 years, but she married. or being against porn when she sold it herself.

No. 370426

File: 1492408023863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.85 KB, 1024x811, 53eae5392eb70.jpg)

No. 370430

File: 1492408331806.gif (Spoiler Image, 458.56 KB, 300x100, 1492046483184.gif)

No. 370432


Nice work

No. 370433

File: 1492408487944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 301.59 KB, 1780x1423, EQLneCF.jpg)

No. 370434

File: 1492408588572.jpg (35.74 KB, 450x495, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)

>choker says slut

wew lad

No. 370459

File: 1492414020918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.74 KB, 699x466, mystery.jpg)

That looks like an inframammary incision scar, a fold from her implants being slightly misplaced, or a combination of the two.

No. 370461

File: 1492414328389.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 497x331, tumblr_nn69jwcC5J1u2xe98o2_r1_…)

Every part of her jiggles more than her tits.

No. 370487

>has a hot body but also an ugly face
How does she cope?

No. 370489

according to her ex, by getting piss on her face before the body gets fucked LOL

No. 370495

I want a boob job this good :(

No. 370496

i know lots of people here are salty about her having bigger tits than they do. but these are obviously natural. the nipple & areola looks normal. the breast is too flat to be an implant, does not have right shape. that line is the indent from underwire in her bra. its not a scar.

No. 370499


From what she has said I think that the tit job is definitely the thing her ex paid for, that he told her parents about and now sends them bills for.

No. 370502

It's true many people are salty but while these are not obvious implants they're also not "obviously natural". Breast implants don't necessarily make the nipples and aerolas look abnormal. Her breasts are most definitely not flat and look a little too firm for their size. If I would bet, she got small implants placed to make the breasts firm. She could be just very lucky, so we can give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 370514

she has mentioned plastic surgery yes but also that it was on her face. if you read her posts she is very upset about being ugly and her face particularly. i suspect she had a nose job. maybe a chin implant to stop her having such a round face. she is too young for a lift or anything else. see >>369174

a breast raising like you are talking is usually done under the arm. you would not go under the breast unless doing the full procedure. i am sorry but these breasts do not look augmented at all, the evidence is a mark from a brassiere. her nose is different between the camgirl pictures and the later.

No. 370516


Her mom has had multiple plastic surgeries.

Her mom also calls her ugly all the time.

She said her parents disagreed because they are modest/conservative.

No. 370519

That might not be a scar, but that doesn't prove that she didn't have the surgery. Like I said, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt but it's a possibility.

No. 370534

yeah i'm not sure about the boob job

she actually posted about wanting a reduction to a B cup on /r9k/ a few times but she's a compulsive liar so who knows what to believe

No. 370583

Discord logs say she has had a jawshave/implant (either one, she mentioned recovering from a major plastic surgery on her jawline) and a nosejob. I'll go hunt for the plastic surgery, I'm pretty sure she knew awful lot about boobjobs in one post and detailed how to get one. She also has aan obsession about "normie girls who become webcam girls and get plastic surgery downlow".

No. 370588

File: 1492443532097.png (36.12 KB, 808x517, zY80swj.png)

She knows A LOT about boob jobs.

No. 370591

File: 1492443654324.png (11.75 KB, 780x205, qNO2hFJ.png)

Her talking about surgery, mentions talking about a boobjob with her surgeon?

No. 370593

File: 1492443724667.png (33.56 KB, 795x386, L7n5I19.png)

Her talking about hating real large breasts and preferring fake ones anyday.

No. 370601

It's difficult to tell if she really hag saggy boobs and got them fixed or if it's just her body dysmorphia talking…
but she's totally right when she talks about men liking big fake boobs vs real ones

No. 370607

File: 1492445301805.png (Spoiler Image, 358.58 KB, 548x438, 5M6Thpg.png)

Pic Related, her old pair of titties most likely.
Her tits are def fake, in some older pictures her tits are saggier and shaped totally different.

No. 370610

the bratgasm stuff is from 2015, after the mfc stuff in 2014. so can't be her old tits.

No. 370618

File: 1492446392439.png (Spoiler Image, 281.42 KB, 460x629, BReSqFD.png)

I have seen it now. NSFW Kotori and a buttplug.

Why do her tits change so much though

No. 370622

File: 1492446988547.png (31.92 KB, 674x587, UJbPign.png)

It's interesting. She claims her ex cheated on her, but her earlier posts say she likes it and encouraged it. She's into cucking.

No. 370660

does your body stay exactly the same 100% of the time anon? there's loads of reasons. weigh loss & gain. menstrual cycle & hormones. diet. bloating.

that is one pancake ass though. mystery.jpg, if you're reading, you should do some squats. maybe somebody will love you for real then.

No. 370708

there is no boob job.
they are just normal boobs…

No. 371482

File: 1492460739765.png (13.87 KB, 783x113, mysteryporn.png)

Guess she wasn't 10 years too late after all.

No. 371491

calm down ana chan. She's ugly, but she's not fat.

No. 371496

Not a reference to her being fat, but her having plastic tittays most likely. She has an obsession with fake tits and those are awfully rigid…

No. 371498

>porn is misogynistic!!!!
>but I would've gone into it 10 years ago lol

sour grapes

No. 371504

mystery started hating on porn after her ex cheated on her & complained her ex liked porn. she probably wanted to be like a pornstar to please him. she will probably hate porn for the rest of her life now b/c she doubts that she ever really turned him on, wasn't good enough. and so on.

No. 371514

Her body isn't bad at all. Not my dream body, but certainly attractive.

Too bad she's clinically insane.

No. 371520

yeah she treats people like shit, you'd probably only fuck her if you were desperate. she's the kind who'll get attention until she's 25 then live out the rest of her life surrounded by cats who sleep in empty pizza boxes

No. 371619

Unfortunately she's a really boring lay
Her porn would be awful, those revenge porn clips were just awkward. Who honestly gets off to this girl?

No. 371637

not many people would, she has a good body for pics but her camera presence in videos is so awkward

i also feel like her attempts at profiting from porn (manyvids, mfc) were probably unsuccessful or not as successful as she hoped
that combined with her boyfriend liking porn and cheating probably made her bitter as fuck

would explain why she hates on camgirls so much now too.. it's jealously

No. 371644

yea. mfc is full of girls already, %90 of them with better personality, better ass, better face. there's really nothing to make her stand out in the crowd, she'd probably do better with some entry level job. manyvids you can pay $5 and get a bj vid from a hot girl. for $5 mystery would have to do interracial gangbang.

No. 372082

File: 1492546224033.png (714.03 KB, 802x651, bratgasmschoolgirl.png)

wasn't she constantly talking about how disgusting it was to sexualise young teenagers or age play?

No. 372085

File: 1492546354941.png (47.04 KB, 739x441, bratgasmlolita.png)

does the hypocrisy never end?

No. 372175


pretty positive this is her. Also, I find it interesting this was posted in 2013 if it is indeed her.

No. 372176

No. 372190

She has admitted to tear trough fillers, lip fillers (top and bottom lip), jaw surgery, and a nose job. She also said she was considering fillers in her nasolabial folds.

I don't think a boob job is too out there, all things considered. It's par for the course for desperate camgirls.

No. 372218

when did she have those procedures done? i can't tell if the photos in this thread are before or after surgery

No. 372254

If the pics posted are after the surgery, then she wasted a lot of money kek

No. 372410


here she claims "mother is a real estate broker" so i bet she has an online profile somewhere

she also uses real estate as example in a post here


she speaks about a private and they are sometimes capped so maybe it is out there too :-)

No. 372411

more like, where does the hypocrisy end, where does mental illness start

No. 372413

Where does she live? There can't be that many "real estate brokers" with Russian names, just need to find one that looks like an even older nastier mystery.jpg

No. 372415

And this is exactly why plastic surgeons say 'you can't fix your whole face with surgery'.
The lip fillers might've helped a bit but she should've just saved up for a hair transplant or something to get rid of that 6head. And her face is so hilariously long and square.

No. 372419

Apparently in London, ON.

No. 372449

You sure that's not just a joke based on the LONDON meme?

No. 372561

no, she really is from london ontario

No. 372597

File: 1492605367727.png (125.44 KB, 480x782, Capture _2017-04-19-07-34-36.p…)

Kek. Found her.

No. 372612

mystery has hitler-chan or whatever his name is

No. 372615


University of Western Ontario.
London, ON.

No. 372647

i skimmed the thread… this is all very disturbing.

this girl looks absolutely well-adjusted, cute, and normal. it's kind of freaking me out. every supposed 'normie' you see could be doing this sort of thing online and you'd never guess because we assume these people all look like fat inbred neckbeard men.

this is fucking with me too much

No. 372650

Anon you haven't seen anything yet. "Beautiful normies" as you call them can be some of the most fucked up people on the planet.

No. 372661

she talked shit about him a bunch, and he has to know she's a massive whore after all that shit with oscar, mfc… why would he stay with her? sticking your dick in crazy is always bad, but staying with her after all that would make him the most beta of betas

but mystery likes femdom and being called mommy so he's probably still around kek

where do you see normal and well adjusted from? she's a crazy liar. nothing normal about how she acts online and she cannot possibly be so much different irl. her crazy will probably show through. people like this rarely function 100% in the world. they get super stressed w/ everything or they're lazy slobs who dont shower. or both. if you think this is a nice girl you are probably autistic and thats why you're freaked out, because you can't tell the difference correctly.

you could make a checklist for crazy
[x] r9k user
[x] had a tumblr
[x] anti-porn
[x] anti-porn hypocrite
[x] sold her body online
[x] had camsex for money
[x] gave her body away for free on tumblr
[x] makes hateful blogs but gives them cute animal names
[x] lies lies all day lies


No. 372668

who is the girl at the top?

No. 372699

Anon said she looked cute and well-adjusted, meaning on the outside, not counting her spergouts.

Jesus Christ why are you so ass mad.

No. 372707

There's only like two pictures itt where she's wearing clothes and doesn't look like she's missing a chromosome.
How low are you setting the bar for looking well-adjusted.

No. 372709

>posts wearing a bracelet saying 'daddy'
>posts half naked picture with small children's bear
>posts half naked picture with giant children's bear straddled and her ass hanging out
>cap of her crying on omegle

jaja looks totally normally adjusted :^)

parents of child with FAS:
"he is very well adjusted"

No. 372806

different anon but you're being deliberately obtuse or just a moron. She doesn't have crazy Tumblr hair, piercings, tatts, weird makeup, and she seems to take care of her body. She passes as a normie.

No. 372837

Different anon too yet there's a difference between "she can pass as normie" and "she looks well-adjusted." A person can look normal but not seem well-adjusted. Pick your words better next time.

No. 372882

hey mystery since you're reading and your career is probably ruined now: I'll give you $1000 to fuck your greasy ass on cam for me

No. 372900

She looks like she has an extra chromosome though

No. 372958

File: 1492645998732.png (624.18 KB, 1385x970, mystery_detected.png)

Hi Mystery.

Just because you didn't pierce yourself or get a tattoo doesn't mean you're normal. You say this as you stuff your asshole on cam for money in order for a doc to jam plastic under your chest and fix your eggman face.
What would the nice Staceys at college think of "normie passing" you if they knew you were a nasty, bitter camwhore?
>inb4 it's not you
You're busted, pic related.
You've always said shit to compare yourself to the lowest hanging fruit to make yourself feel better about your ugly face and vapid personality.

Btw, the reason men "cuck" you is because you come off as a jaded narcissist with an antisocial disorder.
You're not some lost fucking soul, you're a promiscuous girl who did some stupid shit and can't cope with staying off the internet and getting help for whatever shit you're stuck in.
Bloody hell.

No. 372983


h o l y f u c k

found a thread that talks about mystery killing a dog

>shes living with her bf or something

>he gets her a teacup shitter breed dog thing that might as well be a cat
>she loves the dog and him
>he cheats on her online? Something?
>she goes nuts and cuts the dog up while its alive
>puts its parts into a plastic bag then drops it down the garbage chute

No. 372984


>she thinks a 6.5/10 guy is a "qt" chad. she's desperate, he's desperate too. she also said she makes him call her mommy when he ejaculates. so they're most likely made for each other, two sad lonely losers who can't do better.

w h e w

No. 372992

File: 1492649907882.png (139.58 KB, 913x483, MYSTERYEW.png)

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

No. 372996

holy shit, i think i know her. does she study law?

No. 373001


She says she studied biochemistry (but she could have been lying, given her personality?).

plz spill her name if you know

No. 373003

I could believe she studied to be a lab monkey but not any major much more complex than that. The girl is way too impulsive and emotionally unstable to handle big academic demands. And spends way too much time posting on 4chan and camwhoring to have been all that devoted.

No. 373009

File: 1492651809683.png (585.56 KB, 1672x2676, hitler why god why.png)

Found out Hitler's trip. It's Ivan :>

Here is is greentexting some lewds w/ mystery.jpg

No. 373010


I believe that she mentioned studying law at some point…


No. 373011

File: 1492652231294.jpg (414.67 KB, 1280x1024, rarehitler.jpg)

OwO whats this

picture of mystery bf-chan!

No. 373012

File: 1492652276087.png (79.69 KB, 1319x252, stacey.png)


Desuarchive is a pretty handy tool to answering questions about tripfags.
Like when I type "study" under her tripname and filtered the results, I get a bunch of posts of her humblebragging about working 60 hours and studying all the time for her "almost" 4.0 GPA. Obviously these are exaggerations since we all know she was shitposting and in skype groups chatting 24/7 during this period. She must've went for a bio degree, not law. Found a few posts where she shits on lib arts degrees.

TL;DR she has average intelligence with the typical fedora tipping ego complex most STEM majors possess.

Another interesting thing is that she used Staceys as disposable emotional supports while secretly looking down on them. She also hates "nerdy Staceys" because they represent her biggest threat: Hot nerd girls.

>it's Ivan
What baffles me is how Mystery consistently shits on that one 400 pound ex who cheated on her being a disgusting fatass, but Ivan is scrawny, ugly, autistic, and NEET.

Ugh, he's sicker looking now.

No. 373015

File: 1492652392256.png (178.79 KB, 1854x849, hitlerfuckoff lol.png)

Here's hitler shitposting about their relationship.

The OP image he chose was mystery.jpg's bunnywork icon.

No. 373017

who is ivan? was he a tripfag before he started fucking mystery?

No. 373020

>mommy is making me save my cummies 4 her pussy later

Hahaha this sounds more like sissy/cuck shit and hardly dom.

He's a namefag. He's always been a namefag. Adopted the namefag around ~2015 because he noticed that there were femtrips posting to r9k about being dominant and pegging.
I remember some kind of map thread where people could post their fetishes and locations, then hookup. That might still be a thing.
Pursued a few of them.
I assume he stuck with Mystery because they both live in Canada in the same city.

No. 373025

Correction *~2014

No. 373026

File: 1492653732098.png (343.62 KB, 1454x1478, hitlerposts.png)

More cringe from Hitler. Wooo!


He lives in Guelph / London, Ontario :>

No. 373027

File: 1492653859745.gif (Spoiler Image, 780.57 KB, 400x534, crylaughing.gif)

Thanks to r9k for this amazing image.

No. 373029

Lmao, would not have pegged her for a shiteater t b h.

No. 373034

File: 1492654583239.jpg (74.13 KB, 1280x720, 1449285214923.jpg)


Remember that this is the guy whos shit she is eating

No. 373036

He has the neckbeard's signature long, unkempt hair. Plus he looks like an AIDs skelly.
Mystery what the fuck is wrong with you!

No. 373038

File: 1492654886259.png (68.81 KB, 374x131, 1449993677258.png)


y bully?

No. 373039

Shoo Ivan. This isn't a thread for you.

No. 373078

File: 1492660373598.jpg (109.34 KB, 816x481, 1423834744401.jpg)

They're both revolting, they deserve each other.

No. 373088


>tfw mommy farts in your mouth as she femdoms you

No. 373096

Do you think he makes that same grin when Mystery is eating his ass and calling him daddy?

No. 373097


She doesn't call him daddy that's disgusting pedophilic apologetic shit!!!1

He calls her mommy and he is her loli boy. Because that's totally different, okay.

No. 373102

omg disgusting
kys, mystery and ivan

No. 373113

File: 1492665024338.jpg (52.75 KB, 344x477, IMG_0131.JPG)

No. 373132

No. 373197

vut where's the piss jus

No. 373228


she really looks like doe deere/xenia vorotova. wish someone could powerword her.

No. 373262

so mystery left her husband who paid for her to have a nose job and breast implants for a rat haired autistic NEET who won't even shave his face for her? lmao good going mystery you hypocrite bitch

mystery is not smart. half her posts are about how hard she has to work and you can just tell she's only of average intelligence wth the bratgasm shit. you can keep a 4.0 if you just work a lot. she'll never get through medical school though.

No. 373297

And also take the easiest courses available.
I'm sure it's a case of her just doing the work assigned as most labs tend to be in that format.

No. 373343

btw here is a thread where kotori whines about her ugly retarded useless bf. also posts her discord name.


No. 373352

in this thread she's lying about being a network engineer and half black
she's fucking messed up and pitiful

No. 373372

Maybe she's similar to that tripfag Vyro who is also a compulsive liar trying to mask that he's a loser.

No. 373382

Good grief..that is her. She uses the same descriptors for her ugliness and everything.
It's so pathetic how she whines about having to work a lot too, as if nobody else does that. At my job it's standard for people to pick up until 60 hours because they want the money. I don't believe her when she says she works 80 a week. That's bullshit. Biweekly more like.

No. 373412

I used to be close-ish with that guy until I couldn't take it anymore, he's such a cow tbh.

No. 373416

She lies and contradicts herself in every other post…
>she'll never get through medical school though
Oh my God, no she won't. It's the first place where you're expected to be the normiest of normies while at the same time juggling with the various mental issues that will inevitably appear throughout the course. You're supposed to fit in and save face at all cost. If she ever gets in she'll be roasted once her intenet persona is found out.

No. 373435

Mystery and Vyro are weird because they brag about how pathetic they are while acting superior to everyone else. IIRC they used to get into arguments over who was more of a normalfag.

No. 373454

It's in every robot's mentality.
They pretend they revel in being considered top tier trash on their internet forums, yet deep down they all wanna be normies, but come up with every excuse as to why they aren't.
I assume most people who unironically frequent and tolerate that board have some form of mental disorder.

If you have enough deets you should spill. I stopped following his drama somewhere around the time when he was claiming he was shoplifting from local stores bc he had no money or something. Who knows what other lies he's told since.

That greentext story is cringe.
That fuckin thread is cringe.
Mystery is like a mom that Ivan gets to fuck.
He won't even move in with her because he prefers to live with his mommy so he can fap it to animu unperturbed. And he needs to get picked up and dropped off like a daycare kid.

No. 373524

If she struggles and has to do 80 hours a week for a basic STEM degree, she won't cope with anything more complex. Good entertainment for the rest of us though :D

>Mystery is like a mom that Ivan gets to fuck.
Jesus this whole setup sounds sick. They should both be ashamed of themselves. They're both essentially pedophiles. Are they still together?

>He won't even move in with her because he prefers to live with his mommy so he can fap it to animu unperturbed. And he needs to get picked up and dropped off like a daycare kid.


Post, sounds like a river of milk

No. 373532

File: 1492740074052.jpg (560.25 KB, 2048x1152, 1453244523628.jpg)

Ivan the NEET's bedroom

Mystery's standards so low she'd probably fuck Samson too

No. 373540

Samson a cute

No. 373543

File: 1492742523785.png (519.33 KB, 994x362, whose autism reigns supreme.pn…)


No. 373548

What do these guys have against a haircut and a clean shave? Jeez it takes 5 minutes. Literally 10-15 minutes per day to shave and shower. C'mon.

No. 373549


I've talked to Hitler and I can't imagine anyone more autistic.

So Hitler.

No. 373555

the blond one is kind of cute

No. 373556

look at mystery's greasy face. completely unshaven pubic area. not even trimmed. you think she is the sort of girl to care whether these losers brush their hair?


No. 373562

on the contrary, the right one would be cute with a better hairut

No. 373564

>completely unshaven pubic area. not even trimmed
That's not a matter of hygiene and is not at all the same thing. Have fun listening to the paedo jew telling you the only clean female body is a hairless one.

No. 373566

File: 1492745462151.gif (620.14 KB, 260x194, 1431339464263.gif)

So get this: His ex breaks up with him for being a dumb autist or something like that. The guy goes fucking ballistic. He's bonkers. He's spamming r9k, soc, and any damn place with threats of suicide and threats of violence against her.
I guess he posted some of her dox, emailed her literally thousands of times.
He posted threads about how he wanted to rape and kill her.

Anyway, it escalated so quickly he started leaving her video messages on skype. One message records him staring blankly into the camera holding up some kind of knife.

What a deranged fuck.

To the point. During his meltdown he did in fact cut his hair and shave.
You be the judges.

No. 373573

Almost fell for this bait kek. Seriously trim your snatch mystery.

Y'know I was actually going to choose right(hitler?) before I scrapped that part of the post because they're both disgusting, but this just reaffirms my decision. I was wrong. This guy is so beyond a haircut. He has the school shooter gaze in >>373543 and I can't do this edgy pocket knife shit. Grandma probably bought him that knife for xmas. I wonder if supercuts was outside of his budget or if the thought of minimal social interaction was just too much.

No. 373574

>thinking only one of them looks like a shooter
Who the fuck are you kidding. If we didn't know any better they could be a freaking shooter duo. They both have that vaguely vacant look, like right proper soulless 'tisms.

No. 373576

pls I agree but the guy on the right could actually pass as a normie on the street if he cleaned up and didn't speak. There's no hope for the guy on the left.

Which one is Eric and which one is Dylan though?

No. 373585

I was in a group chat with him and we played league a few times, that to him apparently meant I was a perfect waifu or something. He would constantly fight and belittle the other girl in our group chat for ''being a normie'' because she went to school and talked to other people online, she kinda had a crush on him but he wouldn't give her the time of the day because EVIL NORMIE XDDD.
We talked a lot in private and he would tell me his shoplifting tales, whine about how no girls want him and pride himself in not showering for weeks.
He romanticized the fuck out of my mental illness and was VERY against any sort of treatment, stalked this girl who was also close to him regularly and complained about how meds made her an evil normie and a slut.
When I decided to get back with my ex he flipped the fuck out and started saying to the group I ''betrayed him'' by this point EVERYONE was fed up with his shit because all we did was give him advice and try to give him the companionship he wanted so badly, he then threatened suicide and after a few hours of this he went back to insulting all of us, we then decided to kick him out because we couldn't deal with his shit anymore.
He proceeded to talk shit on all of us on /r9k/ for months after

No. 373621

K hun, keep crying about the evul patriarchy and body shaming in /ot/ whilst making fun of women for having pubic hair

No. 373759

There is literally nothing wrong with using a tripcode, why are you all being so mean to this girl for no reason?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 373788

>I was in a group chat with him and we played league a few times, that to him apparently meant I was a perfect waifu or something.
>He would constantly fight and belittle the other girl in our group chat for ''being a normie'' because she went to school and talked to other people online, she kinda had a crush on him but he wouldn't give her the time of the day because EVIL NORMIE XDDD.
>He romanticized the fuck out of my mental illness and was VERY against any sort of treatment
Are you me? I had this very exact same experience with him in our old chat group. He's so gross. I had no idea he was shoplifting tho. Someone should make a thread about him in snow bc he has so much dirt on him.
Sage for ot.

No. 373833

>shoplifting to give mommy gifts
>mommy ruffles my hair and calls me a good boy

fucking degenerates. what did he steal?

you're trying too hard

No. 373866

a tripfag general would be kinda nice tbh, they're all shit

No. 373875

I'm pretty sure he acts this way with everyone, he has friends and he has girls who were interested in him but none of them meet his standards so he decides to belittle them instead and then he starts crying because he doesn't know why he's so hated.

No. 373882

File: 1492802947342.jpg (169.49 KB, 800x368, IvanHighStandards.jpg)

>meet his standards

No. 373884

File: 1492803827183.png (92.38 KB, 500x476, ok.png)


Except we're not talking about Ivan.

No. 374184

File: 1492887095290.jpg (52.08 KB, 687x597, mysterys.jpg)

Guys, I found mysteries new discord!

No. 374239

File: 1492899807226.png (26.13 KB, 831x204, violenceagainstwomen.png)

>fucking roastie bitches
>i don’t like seeing other women in pain or violence against other women


No. 374242

File: 1492900716365.png (15.88 KB, 614x307, ophmfc.png)

also this might be a different camgirl but it looks like her name has changed a few times?



No. 374451

File: 1492948899690.png (133.4 KB, 788x319, 1455393501958.png)

searching through the archive I found this, an email from her husband

there's also a photo of a bear and some expensive headphones she trashed, and a bunch of anons white knighting her or hating her

No. 374505


Link to that thread please?

No. 374511

That sounds about right. Congrats on a whole decade of attention whoring, mystery! I'm actually kind of impressed.

Pretty sure that's technically cp

No. 374523


cp? how? it's a thread with her ex shitting on her.

No. 374533

somewhere there's a post of this guy saying some lurid shit about how good her cunt looks when he's fucking her ass, mystery's family is just a series of car wrecks

No. 374550

……….i think this guy is hot.

minus the gross unkempt hair

No. 374563

love urself anon

No. 374566

imagine him knawing on you with those orc teeth. is it still hot?

No. 374590


To be married you have to be 18, and they were married. Also, as long as there aren't images?

No. 374593

ooh I thought you meant the /b/ thread she posted her nudes in, my bad!

No. 374782

File: 1492995112132.jpg (9.47 KB, 201x250, images.jpg)

>at this point i've been titanium hard for a while now

fucking KEK did he really write a fanfic for r9k

No. 374785

nah I wanted to see her ex husband!

bet you $10 it's not his first lol

No. 375003

What the fuck? That's disgusting, I hope she kills herself.

No. 376018

>This file is available only for Premium users
What the fuck?

No. 376035

i don't think it's true

No. 376059

File: 1493173224335.png (189.83 KB, 1027x717, TuRdWt8.png)

The subject of this thread has repeatedly and insistently contacted us with legal threats to remove her entire thread due to allegations of slander, libel, no milk, and personally endangering her.

While looking into this, we found Mystery herself exhibited exactly the kind of behavior we were asked to disallow across the 2,200 posts and 5 /pt/ threads she made. She has violated a plethora of board rules, including but not limited to
- knowingly posting illegal content (revenge porn, ironically)
- numerous vendetta threads and obsessive posts about rival camgirls
- blogging in /pt/ and /snow/

Because of these reoccurring rule violations and the blatant hypocrisy of begging to have a thread removed that she otherwise would have gleefully participated in, we've decided to label her posts and introduce a new rule as follows: Don't report an alleged serious rule violation you yourself have been extremely and hypocritically guilty of.
This will only ever be invoked in extreme cases of users stirring shit up or viciously shittalking, then asking staff for immunity from the same treatment. You are welcome to join the discussion about it in /meta/.

If you'd like to read some of Mystery's contributions, feel free to check out these links:
Some interesting comments:

Her favorite threads:
>Porn and sex work derivatives are all trash. I fantasize about killing sex workers on a daily basis. They're the worst human beings in the world. I take pleasure in the fact that if they aren't killed by their clients who they rant about "respecting" so much, then they'll be broke and on the streets by 30. It's really fucking fantastic. Natural selection at its finest. The whorearchy is truly the worst of humanity.

>Used to be BEST FRIENDS with Hunter Moore (a guy who got arrested for running a revenge porn site and exploiting/blackmailing girls for money/nudes). Like she was so close with him it is insane. Sucked his dick every single day and joined in on his fun little shenanigans. She tries to hide it ever since people started disliking him to fit in with her SJW friends.

>why does this retarded fat whore get a qt twinkslave like mike

>autist, you've devoted multiple posts itt defending a literal fatass who makes unfunny jokes. get over yourself lol


You can read all of Mystery's posts here:

No. 376065

File: 1493175878071.png (343.24 KB, 1013x475, CzhipUB.png)

No. 376145

File: 1493175684245.jpg (124.96 KB, 1462x1462, 1466696152696.jpg)

No. 376160

Thank you, based mods/admin.

No. 376167

This is so fucking beautiful.

I bet she creamed everytime she posted as OP in that Ryden Armani thread.

No. 376178

File: 1493176317488.jpg (75.44 KB, 750x750, Tj9diGb.jpg)

today is golden

No. 376188

File: 1493176733082.jpg (450.81 KB, 2431x1486, spPzW6M.jpg)

>boo I'm a 2/10 deformed bridge troll
>is a camwhore
>picks up boyfriends from /r9k/
>hates porn and ddlg
>does ddlg porn
>hates jontron not because he's racist but because he's fat
>so much fucking plastic surgery
>hurr nignogs r dum

Damn, she better pray she never gets doxxed or the party is over.

No. 376189

so she's a self-hating camgirl? or just thinks every other camgirl is a degenerate whore except for her?

No. 376192

>Lol, face it. If you're a sex worker you're the most basic whore on the planet and you basically eliminate your chances of ever finding a decent partner. Practically the lowest scum on the planet, short only pedophiles and rapists.

>I've begun having dreams of my boyfriend cucking me with Spoony and cumming in her vag in front of me.

No. 376200

>"but more importantly one that qualifies as revenge porn in both of our jurisdictions"
>"Used to be BEST FRIENDS with Hunter Moore (a guy who got arrested for running a revenge porn site and exploiting/blackmailing girls for money/nudes)."

>lol here's some revenge porn of a girl i hate ew

No. 376209

File: 1493177660322.jpg (473.42 KB, 2431x1486, t1tEdsF.jpg)


No. 376222

File: 1493178219947.jpg (324.93 KB, 506x631, 1488937083997.jpg)

cmon mystery, lets see what you have to say about this kekekkekekekkekekekekek

No. 376293

Reading through all of her posts is incredible. Especially when it's a post that had rubbed me the wrong way. 10/10 will drink from this milk again.

No. 376297

I don't check the discord but knew that thread on /r9k/ was talking about lolcow. I would have never guessed it was mystery.jpg or that she hung around /r9k/ (lol, of course she would) that often anymore.

Yikes. So many white knights in that thread for fucking mystery of all people, too.

No. 376336

A lot of her posts just sound like the average anon's, or even agreeable. Makes me wonder how much crazy we've actually got amongst us.

No. 376349

You missed this

No. 376360

This is amazing. The mystery saga has been my favorite milk in a long while. I honestly didn't think it could even get better tbh but it did somehow

No. 376419

She does have some good posts. But the majority is just over the top, pushing her opinion, being unnecessarily insulting all the time, arguing and just way too much blogposting. I guess some of her mean posts are really funny and on point even but altogether they're a meme and cringey and obsessive.
Props to her for single-handedly contributing what feels like 90% of the Kat content tho (at least the amount of these posts she made is massive and she updated on Kat a ton).
(I'm not all too far in all of her posts, it's so much and I'm not just skipping them)

No. 376459

at least half of her posts are hypocritical bullshit

>There are so many threads I go into both on lolcow and /r9k/ and /cgl/ where I see spoony
>She's obsessed with herself and imageboards. Does she have a job? I recommend she get one and gtfo.

No. 376512

that ryden thread always felt a bit vendetta-y to me… kek now I know why; it fucking was. i especially love these two coming from mystery:

No. 376518

File: 1493199267948.png (19.42 KB, 956x212, lmao.png)

Girl you're more delusional than Luna if you think this thing >>373078 is anything but hideous

No. 376529

File: 1493201474790.jpg (57.78 KB, 540x360, 4b4.jpg)

Based Admin!!

No. 376531

File: 1493202918535.gif (1.82 MB, 400x225, GMpVkKx.gif)

>like i said to kyrie, if u wanna start drama go make a thread about me

well, ok.
bet she regrets saying that in public now.

No. 376535

I think she thought that she had the mods on her side or something. Such sweet sweet irony.

No. 376538


Haha, big mistake to start threatening them then.

>libellous allegation on lolcow

>you have very little regard for the law
>i have been advised by my lawyer
>your lolcow users are inciting harassments

Can't wait for this to hit the news, the extra attention will mean these images and sayings never disappear :>

No. 376544

File: 1493205500900.png (223.02 KB, 862x618, K8VAHIe.png)

Just thought I'd put her suicide note along with her talking about herself in third person, again.

No. 376548

I know right, and surely she should know how lolcow works by now? She's been posting on it long enough and (obvs) she was in the discord, so she should know that mods can IP track etc
And saying such racist shit, even if it was to troll, makes it even funnier.

No. 376553

Wow she's really assblasted (jealous) about how successful that ana camgirl is.

No. 376584

"You fucking retard, I'm not spoony and I've never even posted a picture of myself online (even on my very personal facebook)."

imagine lying this much. sad girl

No. 376689

i have never ever seen someoke so autistic in my entire life wow, i any get over how it's her sperging over the camgirls thread. i think mystery is my favourite lolcow in a long while!!

No. 376723

especially when shes a fucking camgirl herself. she was just jealous of her competition.

No. 376742

File: 1493231087714.jpg (22.16 KB, 480x267, 1490917919434.jpg)


No. 376806

File: 1493235617762.png (123.4 KB, 1365x643, Screenshot (112).png)

meta drama here, but it appears that Spoony still lurks lolcow and is convinced that Mystery.jpg was the person who was "attacking" her all along.

Context: Spoony got a nose job and posted about it in the /cgl/ skincare thread. I call her out for self-posting, Spoony interprets it as mystery.jpg posting about her. made me kek. Spoony, I don't even have a Skype. I'm just a random anon who is tired of your bullshit.

No. 376814

File: 1493235981535.png (172.56 KB, 371x256, kek.png)

No. 376826


what is it with these cows and thinking that it must be one person because they're sooooo special and nothing is wrong with them? Couldn't possibly be that they're just insufferable and multiple people dislike you. Spoony you're starting to resemble kiki more and more.

No. 376869

I want to feel bad for Spoony but at the same time these two NEED a to get off the internet. It's one thing coming here occasionally for a chuckle and to make a couple posts but they're both batshit crazy narcissists and being so obsessed with cows and shitholes like /r9k/ is kicking a wasps' nest.

No. 376873


Spoony thread when

No. 376909

She's had a thread for a while >>>/snow/57737

No. 376953

File: 1493251419115.png (155.49 KB, 1294x696, myst.png)

Wew lad…

No. 376980

After reading all those posts spoony linked and the posts by Mystery that were linked by admin…
I really need to get away from this crazy place. Can't believe I replied to some of that nutso's posts. Ew.

No. 377123

File: 1493262029361.png (24.33 KB, 1292x341, Ohyou.png)

From the Spoony thread, ohh my this is all too funny.

No. 377162

I've been kind of an asshole to spoony on the past, but goddamn that is pretty horrifying.

No. 377262

File: 1493282484090.png (363.7 KB, 564x1086, 1416432337858.png)

Ah god, as a guy I actually think she's really hot even her face but her personality is so fucking crazy and cringe inducing it's literally insanity levels.

No. 377280

File: 1493284773821.png (152.2 KB, 1306x321, abortion.png)

Mystery has an eerie obsession with avoiding "ruining her body." She's the stereotypical ugly, insecure girl clawing in desperation to preserve one of her only redeeming features.
It's unfortunate to say, but she definitely seems like the type of girl who is going to kill herself before any other natural aging processes get to her mid-20's body first.

In other posts, she's whined about how the possibility of getting stretch marks scares her.
She chooses to act a feral, mean-spirited narc hypocrite because she can't lay off her vain insecurities for five minutes.

Came across this post where she says she had an abortion. She just can't resist mentioning how she totally avoided "ruining her body" that way. Also, she says it was to save her employment prospects as well, but I kek to that because she's doing a fine job of jeopardizing her career as it is–being a camwhore.

So Mystery, who knocked you up? Ivan?
We're learning so many interesting things about you!

No. 377285

File: 1493285406873.png (90.65 KB, 1300x319, projection.png)

So glad I'm getting more confirmation on my theory that girls who bitch so much about other peoples' weight are fucking uggos with deep issues.

No. 377287


this is fucking hilarious

No. 377289


If you weren't in the discord you'll have missed the fact that mystery thinks abortion is a form of birth control.

No. 377291

Which is whatever fam.
I'm just saying to have had an abortion because stretchmarks are what dominate her concerns is fucking stupid shit. Like of all the grave concerns one could think of in that situation..

No. 377314

File: 1493290947154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.14 KB, 480x360, WD7CBoO.jpg)

She's nuts about her looks. Went through all her surgeryposts.
>lip fillers
>nasolabial fillers
>cheek fillers or implants
>ass implants
>breast implants
>jaw shave
>tear trough fillers

Mystery Bogdanoff should shut the fuck up about someone taking care of their body. Girl, you're 22. You've had more surgery done than most of fucking Hollywood. You're going to give yourself a poisoning and are willingly killing brain cells with every anesthesia you undergo and you dare to complain about Spoony being fat? Go the a gym girl, you're so plastic and fake, which is not taking care of yourself. Want firmer tits and ass? Go to the gym and workout. You're just as lazy and self-absorbed as Spoony.

>taking the bogpill meme seriously

>pic related, mystery's real parents

No. 377316

What bugs me is that with all that plastic surgery, she's still not pretty and she's not even happy with herself. Waste of fucking money.

No. 377350

I thought her body was nice but had no idea she had had bum implants, liposuction and a plethora of other things.
And no wonder she looks like an oompa loompa, she had cheek fillers and a bunch of other shit.

No. 377373

File: 1493305571588.png (333.26 KB, 1305x630, 30k.png)

I went through her surgeryposts too anon. As well as the ones where she was camwhoring on MFC and getting money that way from entertaining creeps, and then her complaining about quitting because it was just too draining for her to actually work for it.
She claims to have had at least $30k in surgeries done from this post in 2015. She's probably doshed out more money since.
And she's still such a sad person.


She was totally shitting on people who get bariatric surgeries like lapbands because she said they're the "easy way out" of diet and exercise. But anyway, I just think it's funny how she sees no problem with doctors sucking the literal fat out of her body as if that's not the textbook "easiest way out" of getting rid of fat.

No. 377390

File: 1493307446646.png (185.81 KB, 1253x1543, tmp_13051-Screenshot_2017-04-2…)

fucking lol, I guess she must consider herself to be in the "ugly losers" category. lol again considering this is coming from the same girl who made fun of kat for having a non-white bf or something.

No. 377394

File: 1493309129018.jpg (14.5 KB, 275x254, 1493257624463.jpg)

Based admin.
Now that I look further into it, I remember a lot of her recent posts. She even replied to me in a post or two.
I interacted with the Mystery. Feeling so blessed.

No. 377479

for every mystery post there is an equal and opposite post completely contradicting it

No. 377486

File: 1493320744218.png (385.65 KB, 578x790, good shit.png)

Just when I thought this thread couldn't get any better. This is /cream/ worthy.

No. 377494

You awful, evil little bitch.
"No one ever capped my cam streams idk how I got so lucky!!"
Well they've all been saved now.
Whores will never get or keep real jobs?
Let's put that to the test…is your boss going to wank over you or fire you, who knows!!
Will your parents still love you?
Lol they stopped a long time ago bad it's not like you deserve it now.

Fuck you.
This was hilarious as hell to me until I saw how much vindictive, spiteful shit you posted about other people and ruining their lives.
You're a sorry sack of shit and should've known all along this was coming tbh.

No. 377523

>nasolabial fillers
I had to look this up because I thought it might be some sort of bizarre vagina surgery from the name. Like she wanted to make her pussy lips fatter or something.

No. 377531

That is a thing, sounds like something she'd do too. Especially after 7 years of listening to those creeps on /r9k/ say everyone without one of those anime meme vaginas is a worthless whore.

No. 377533

File: 1493327953123.jpg (140.32 KB, 524x462, bitchhellyeah.jpg)


>legal threats

>claims this is personally endangering

Thank you Admin. This has provided a treasure trove of laughs. This thread is even funnier now.

So mystery, since you obviously lurk this thread, how's it feel to be busted for being guilty of the same shit you curse others for doing? Must suck.

I wonder if she'll abandon lolcow all together or continue to try hiding after this. Her hypocrisy is awful.

No. 377546

I'm pretty sure people insecure about their pussy usually get their inner lips cut rather than their outer lips filled, I know that much.
Her vag seems to be fine on that front under that big bush though.

No. 377554

OT but pussy pumping is a thing…wouldn't recommend googling that tho.

No. 377587


Do they? It's way cheaper and less painful to just get fillers.

No. 377685

Damn. With the tons of surgery she has done to herself now I get how she looks so different between these pictures.

No. 377689

File: 1493344069888.png (108.79 KB, 320x267, bueno.png)

Damn, this is gold. Thanks Admin-sama.

No. 377723

File: 1493346372249.gif (1017.78 KB, 500x265, tomysterywithlove.gif)

>all the jontron gifs and reaction pics itt

I love you guys so much

No. 377849

File: 1493363373050.jpg (21.62 KB, 318x307, 1414873194831.jpg)

Come on my guy you've gotta have higher standards than that, love yourself

No. 377897

File: 1493374344431.jpg (280.23 KB, 600x800, 5b8e4019cb889f985ee1c58fbb8d69…)

She's a cute. Why do all femanons have to be autistic messes?

No. 377965

Go home, buddy. Go home.

No. 378031

Hi Ivan

No. 378034

Really? She looks ok. i'm not an autistic robot faggot who's into buttstuff so i can't be ivan

No. 378045

Sis he's probably unattractive himself. Most men on the internet are.

No. 378052

Well you did just use the term "femanons," and the phrase "she's a cute," so you probably are, you're just in denial about it.

Fuck off back to r9k, yo

No. 378058

>She looks ok

Saying this about someone who spent well over $30,000 on plastic surgery and who obsesses about her looks everyday to illness levels…not exactly a compliment.
Robots are so stupid. You have no idea what to say to women, even the easy-modo mentally deranged ones who are so easy to read.

No. 378089

Are there pics of her before she shaved her facebones?

No. 378171

she had surgeries sometime in summer '15, so the mfc shots of her face are probably the real face

the surgery, fillers and stuff didn't start until after she'd been camming to get home from the UK

No. 378191

It doesn't matter if you have $30,000 surgery if you can't bother to keep your personal hygiene.

No. 378222

but still there are people who would love to eat mystery's pussy and ass


No. 378225

File: 1493418169255.png (103.61 KB, 1305x216, snackstery.png)

>so the mfc shots of her face are probably the real face

Nope. She's been doing lip and cheek fillers for ages, every 4 months according to her posts.

We don't care about your shit fetish Ivan.

No. 378229

Why is it so hard to find pictures of this chick?

No. 378232

fillers every 4 months, would be expensive. not sure i would believe a biomedical student could afford it. the surgery was paid for by the ex but no mention of fillers or boob jobs here >>369107

also, i am not that anon, but do remember mystery had a husband for 3/4 years, made money on mfc, and on a manyvids account on tumblr too. ivan isn't the only one who wanted to fuck her.

No. 378234

Her image disorder is so severe she only posts pictures of ones she's edited to spam to tumblr or r9k. The rest are screenshots from people who've cammed with her, aka ones she couldn't control like >>368516.

So she's basically no different than most cows we discuss here.

No. 378236

File: 1493419366351.png (118.4 KB, 1305x424, fillers.png)

You said that you didn't suspect she had anything touched before the summer of '15.
By her own admission she's been having fillers at least since 2014.

No. 378243

File: 1493420376796.png (184.17 KB, 700x3287, fit bread.png)

>a beautiful sublime femanon who is cherished and loved by all and happens to save images from tumblr has actually said this and actually thinks she needs to go through surgery to please us
Never change, babes. We love you for who you are.

No. 378250

File: 1493420953914.jpg (101.71 KB, 500x693, dem folds.jpg)

>not sure i would believe a biomedical student could afford it
By being a camwhore. Lmao. It's not hard to believe. She dropped out for a year after her ex sent her parents her cam nudes, so she didn't support herself by any normal means. You know if she had been working a real job she would've been bitching anonymously about it like everything else in her life.
Also considering she never mentions a job besides the fast food one she worked over this past summer, she's had to have had some kind of aid.

No. 378262

he hates her now and thinks she's boring and won't ever manage to marry some other sucker
>made money on mfc
she bitched on the ambercutie forums about having less traffic, and was only capped a couple times. she didn't make a lot of money and had a shitty camscore.
>manyvids on tumblr
it has one video on it, and she did a snapchat. hardly loads of money
>Ivan isn't the only one
bunch of robots who want what they can't have? such a compliment. oscar dumped her for being a psycho and threatening to kill herself on cam. there's a diff between wanting someone romantically and wanting to have a shameful jerk over an r9k troll. mystery's "perfect bf" was some loser degenerate neet, because she literally cannot do any better

if y'all want to fuck her, cool, good for you. but at least realise that's a whole other thing to her actually being attractive

the pinnacle of mystery's life was getting a man to pay for surgery and men to pay her to jiggle around a bit on mfc. 95% likelihood she dies alone.

No. 378270

A guy saying he wants to fuck isn't a compliment or an indicator that someone is desirable.

No. 378285

Ultimately it doesn't even matter how she looks if she's happy with what she sees in the mirror. But we all know that'll never happen.

I know people with mangled noses and chins who got surgery, maybe laser hair removal or fillers too and are now happy as clams even though they don't look all that special, because their goal was never to be prettier than all other girls and make men swoon over them by showing them their ass on cam.

It's really sad but for some reason I can't look away, it's like watching a train wreck. She tries so damn hard to be desirable but will do nothing to change her behaviour and get help even though the palpable insecurity and her psycho antics are what grosses people out. She'll just keep throwing money at plastic surgeons thinking if she inflates her tits enough she'll finally be loved.

No. 378421

Exactly. I learned that a while ago.

No. 378440

>implying men have standards
Kek not being fat or disfigured makes you an automatic 9/10 for atleast half of the male population.

And there's a 99% chance her rich-ish parents still give her an allowance, which she then spends on fillers.

See >>369399

No. 378454

Still can't figure out which one of them is Mystery… Neither of them look anything like the OP and both have foreheads you could land planes on.

No. 378455

they both look the same and like eggman. is mystery and the other girl in the pic related? eggman has to be their long lost brother or something

No. 378456

Picture the girl on the right without the roman nose, nasolabial folds, lack of lips, witch chin, and open mouth. That's mystery. Fivehead is still very present in the OP. Where her hairline starts is ahem, a mystery ;3

No. 378468


Is some other anon. I was just saying I'd hit it and quit it, personality wise she's a complete hell hole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 378469

t. male opinion

No. 378472

Don't validate mystery's self-image of ugly. She's obviously not as bridge troll tier as she thinks and just milks her "ugliness" for pretty princess points.

>in b4 robot get off my board ree

No. 378478

you're a low tier male no one cares. low tier males fuck almost anything. they're crazy

No. 378479

imagine being boring enough to look like another person

No. 378507

Ok but we don't care if that means randos want to fuck her.

No. 378561

File: 1493457207426.jpg (37.96 KB, 503x543, IMG_0129.JPG)

No. 378578


wow, um, she has a bf you guys. jesus.

No. 378594

i love u

No. 378771

I don't think robots don't understand at how uninterested we are when you say you want to fuck a cow.

It's like going to the zoo and saying "I'd fuck that giraffe". Nice, glad you do, but we don't want to know.

No. 379019

Oscar is still active on /r9k/ and contactfagging any mentally ill, vulnerable, dominant, or abusive girls he can find, looking for someone to make him feel like Kanako did, but he's using different names to help avoid recognition. his typing style and everything else is the same as it was, copying hers. If anything the drama and exposure has just fed into his narcissism and sense of being special. If he was smart, he'd get psychiatric help, but he obviously isn't since he's 27 and using /r9k/ as a dating site.

No. 379024

Can confirm this.

No. 379246

File: 1493605727301.png (20.42 KB, 517x216, kiss my black ass.png)


Just popping this here since she deffo lurks. Cry about it you fugly troglodyte.

No. 379799

not to derail but i'm pretty sure there were mentions of hermione blushing in the books, like at the yule ball and such. igaf about hermione being black, but jk rowling needs to chill it with the twitter pandering. can't knock the hustle tho

No. 379856

Do you really think black people can't blush

No. 379864

File: 1493732426281.jpg (102.44 KB, 650x657, jkr_gary[1].jpg)

Shittily argued by anon there but Black people don't go pink when they blush nor are their parents usually described as pale, and the author drew her characters like this.
Regardless this is a shitty derail from this thread and Mystery probably doesn't even agree with the opinion she posted in the first place.

No. 379971

Mystery's antics really remind me of a /cgl/ tripfag I used to be friends with. Desperate attention-seeking, weird complexes about her looks, constantly and obsessively shitting on people online, being attracted to skeevy abusive men, constant lying. Tripfags really are fucking nuts.

No. 379984

why are u derailing, jk drew hermione white for years, was described as pale in the books, and blacks in the uk werent common in the 90s. these were all talked about in the thread. maybe you should chill out

No. 380000

And then she said that and cast a black woman to play her in the play so clealy black hermoine is just fine too. Shhh its okay, Hermoine can be black, black people can exist in your fandoms.

No. 380005

File: 1493764868978.gif (1.34 MB, 468x271, 1363971334293.gif)

>The language of this whole fucking post
Nice quads, tumblr

No. 380014

Stfu about Hermione already fam, no one cares.

No. 380036

Only Hermione obviously isn't/wasn't and JK never intended for her to be. Shh it's ok, white libs insincerely pandering to us is gay anyways. Didn't you see Get Out?

No. 380054

Enough derailing, let the race discussion go or you will be banned.

No. 380153

File: 1493784139561.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.51 KB, 600x374, mystery eating dinner.jpg)

New leaked pic of Mystery everybody!

No. 380873

File: 1493948448210.png (19.1 KB, 1083x310, mystery.png)

Mystery posts in Oscar's thread are fantastic. She is so bitter and scattered all over the thread, it's wonderful to see the /r9k shits rip each other to threads the minute they're not on their board.

No. 381319

File: 1494026088489.jpg (68.32 KB, 500x500, lil-uzi-vert-2015-500x500.jpg)

FACT: Mystery has a better body than everyone in this thread

No. 381333

File: 1494028514660.jpg (19.2 KB, 480x360, mystery tits up close.jpg)

Fact: Most people would have better bodies with plastic surgeries, fillers, and copious amounts of splenda-daddy drugs like what she got.
She's still a hog.

No. 381340

HOLY SHIT I used to have a class with this cow, really quiet in person, usually early, sat alone, didn't seem to have friends. I will try to find her name, I am sure someone knows it

No. 381349

>didn't seem to have friends
Unsurprising. Kind of what happens when you're insecure as shit and treat other women like threats, and men like meat wallets.

Please do come back with your spoils, anon. Sounds milky.

No. 381362

File: 1494033095601.jpg (93.85 KB, 826x620, Lil-Uzi-Vert-Instagram--e14777…)

FACT: plastic surgery takes money, lots of it, and I'm sure you don't want to spend 10k+ to has what she has naturally

BONUS FACT: Posting piggies doesn't help you

ALTERNATIVE FACT: It actually makes you look really jelly lol ^__^

No. 381367

No. 381380

File: 1494034814029.jpg (26.59 KB, 378x400, 47613133-pig-pictures.jpg)

Fact: We'd all be 10k richer if we were whores too. These piggu pics seem to trigger you :^)

No. 381407

File: 1494038494722.jpg (120.93 KB, 700x468, lil-uzi-vert.jpg)

FACT: You sound a little mad lol didn't mean to irritate you, just having a bit of fun lol, take a chill pill little bro we can't all have 10/10 bods ;D

No. 381410

are you insinuating this flat ass lolcow has a 10/10 bod?

you must be herself or Ivan, nobody else would ever say this

No. 381412

Can you faggots sage?

And stop with the ;D ^_^ shit please

No. 381413

This overly confident front makes you look more insecure.

Also hi, Mystery.

No. 381415

please post it, anon!!

No. 381417

i see from mystery's posts that she applied to law school in october last year and now claims to be a law student >>39639 >>247473 >>351479

sup mystery. how does it feel knowing nobody will ever want to employ you as soon as they find out about everything? and you know they will. whos going to hire a lying camgirl for a lawyer? your ethics are shot.

No. 381419

>falling for this obvious shitposting bait

I'm disappointed in you son

No. 381438

No. 381443

File: 1494042429693.jpg (209.54 KB, 1300x956, mystery's thinning hair.jpg)

I'm just posting Mystery pics, what's your problem and why are you posting a negroid every time?

Would be hilarious if Mystery had begged her personal salad tosser to come here and whiteknight with 'ironic' bait.

No. 381449

>be a good boy and mommy will let you lick her greasy asshole clean

mystery isn't smart enough to go to law school. she lies compulsively (she's in the top 10% of med school as well remember!!) but mostly she just lacks basic reasoning skills

example: in ryden's thread she was stating how ryden posted CP of herself when she was 14-16 trying to be a chan. she then follows it up with "Fast forward a little further, ryden now harasses anyone who posts CP. It's quite odd really. She's one of those camwhores that NEVER wants any other girls to start camwhoring because I guess she knows she can't handle the competition."

so (1) she not recognise that opinions can change from being a dumb teen, and (2) she seems to think ryden having a problem with highly illegal abusive material is just because she's jealous

great lawyer brain right there

No. 381457

File: 1494045885409.jpg (50.32 KB, 1280x720, how-rich-is-lil-uzi-vert-liluz…)

>I'm just posting Mystery pics

That's the joke? That's really it? What a lame joke, maybe you should stop posting or don't post again until you actually think of something funny. ^^;(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 381466

File: 1494048675219.png (Spoiler Image, 552.26 KB, 630x457, ivan's face after a fresh 'sal…)

Oink oink

No. 381473

Aww. It has its mother's eyes.

No. 381529

This thread turned to shit really fast.

No. 382416

what school?

No. 383482

Probably due to /r9k/ spilling in and derailing.

No. 383531


University of Western Ontario

No. 384243

File: 1494804501112.gif (550.37 KB, 442x320, Xw7KVwB_700wa_0.gif)

Maybe it's because Mystery isn't really a cow and she really doesn't have any milk. Maybe it's because you guys are shit at picking lolcows, all you do is pick people that made you mad and insult them for a week before the thread dies off. Maybe that's the reason this site is dying, huh, really gets those cogs turning

No. 384244

Sage your retard ramblings.

No. 384261

Is this the boyfriend?

No. 386080

Truer words have never been spoken

No. 386099

Not every thread has to be constantly active. This website isn't dying, and making fun of the cows isn't stemmed from ~muh jealously and anger~. These people put themselves on the internet, and show their asses to a relatively huge audience with crystal clear evidence.

But, generally it's people like you that come on these boards and all of you do the same "muh intelligence surpursses all of u, you're all jealous, this is dying, no1 curr"

You probably ate paint chips off of walls when you were a kid. Bravo.

No. 386118

File: 1495256848883.png (484.11 KB, 800x597, literally.png)

>all you do is pick people that made you mad and insult them for a week before the thread dies off

But why worry about that when retarded faggots like you bump these "dead threads" so we can look at the drama all over again and laugh :^)

BTW-she was one of those people insulting cows for months on end and weirdly obsessing about their bodies, so.

No. 393724

I'm actually surprised she's still around. I can remember when she used to post on /r9k/ and basically went out in a blaze of depression after her nudes and dox got leaked. Understandably this shook her up a lot and she (apparently) vowed to leave 4chan for good.

But it's actually legitimately sad to see her still posting on there/here. She hasn't learned a thing it seems.

Then again that other terrible female /r9k/ poster Bebe (black girl who hates white girls, the usual stuff) is also clearly lurking on /ot/ so lolcow seems to be a thing for robots and fembots I guess, as much as people deny it.

No. 393728

I agree 100% about mystery because tons of other anons on here are guilty of the same things that made her a "cow". I don't think I've contributed at all to this thread. But, you know, you should've saged your post instead of necroing the thread since the last post before yours was posted 2 days before you popped up…

No. 393741

File: 1496757911878.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, 14COhR2.png)


A List of things Mystery did
>Made a bunch of threads about people she just doesn't like
>most of the "milk", is her obsessively STALKING said girls
>Sperged about jontron and got laughed at, then tried to get /r9k/ to raid lolcow as revenge
>Obsessively nitpicked cows about plastic surgery
>posted revenge porn (illegal)
>sent a shitty selfwritten C&D to lolcow after taunting farmers for a thread, proceeded with empty legal threats towards admin
>spammed threads insulting cows and other posters
>accused people randomly of being pedophiles
>called someone a variation of a whore/slut/bitch a whopping commbined 170 times in her posts

>posted her racist shit all over;

>"anyway, black girls are all sluts, that's why they propagate stupid shit like amber walk. they don't care about women's rights, they just want an excuse to be fucking the white man w/o anyone judging them"
>This fat fuck should spend less time worrying about white people and more time at the gym.
>if i was blac chyna i'd kill myself for ever having procreated with this ugly nigger
>then she will fit the bullshit standards put in place by the Jewish Cabal media, and look closer to this 18 year old pornstar you posted.

So, in how many of these can you identify yourself?

No. 393746

Alright, in all fairness those "racist" quotes actually made me lol.

No. 393889

half of our userbase makes racist remarks, calls others hoes and sluts, nitpicks the smallest things and calls other users fat. yawn. minus the revenge porn, the C&D thing, and being a tard ok rk9 and discord, yeah, she's like half of our farmers. don't believe me? go see the active threads, including moomoos where we recently had people taking candids of the cow.
i dont really give a shit about mystery and snow and pt are the boards i barely even participate, but yeah, i think many here are as guilty as her of doing the things you listed

No. 393933

>minus the revenge porn, the C&D thing, and being a tard ok rk9 and discord

that's not enough? ok then. you also forgot about her being a camwhore who hates other camwhores, her suicide baiting…

No. 393975

Wew so much edge, nonnie.

No. 394254

What's edgy about it? It made me laugh.

No. 394264

File: 1496870664856.png (9.36 KB, 500x101, IXEjqir.png)

No. 415688

I saw a thread about her on /r9k/ just now.

I actually kind of miss her.

No. 415777

Then read that thread instead of bumping a month old thread about some dumpy nobody u fuckin dingus

No. 416476

Fret not, Anon!
She still posts here

No. 416551

What are your favorite mystery quotes?

Mine is: "I'm fat and look visibly inbred."

No. 419561

File: 1502004382587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.93 KB, 754x396, Mask-quiz.jpg)

i don't approve of her actions at all but she's not ugly. she has flaws but she has a good body and decent face. in the 4chan 'fembot' pics she looked scary and freakish to me but that screencap is what makes you find her ugly? she's average and if she were a better person she'd actually be pretty cute.

No. 421917

so is this the greasy porkchop body with saggy tits everyone was talking about? by that logic most farmers are elephants with udder tits

No. 433451

she's blonde now, will try to sneak a pic
Should I make a new thread?

No. 433484

Her body is actually not that bad but, her fucking face is like Mira-tier fucking wonky

No. 433567

I imagine that's an awful look… Please post

No. 433636

Make a new thread, I want to know what she's up to now. Where did she go?

No. 433770

Why would we need a new thread when this one is still up and running? Just post it here. I want to see this blonde abomination.

No. 434046

links/screenshots, you know where you are

context? do you know her irl?

No. 434049

there's no point to a new thread, it'll just be locked and redirected here.

No. 434630

>will try to sneak a pic
lol who are you if this isn't a selfpost
>should I make a new thread?
so you can try to bury this one with all her dirt in it while toting her new and cleaned up image in a new thread? nah, wouldn't work anyway.

No. 475621

why is this on the first page?

No. 475647


Someone posted without sage and then deleted.

No. 483314

It looks like Mystery might have died…or at least ragequit 4chan. Or is pretending to be a friend to get attention. Or maybe it's a different Mystery tripfag? https://boards.4chan.org/x/thread/20216255>>20222365

No. 483318

This is an image board. Post images. Especially when you link to a thread on 4chan, they're often gone in minutes, like the one you linked.

No. 483319

They linked the thread wrong, the url is everything before >> and the numbers

No. 483331

does she have fake tits?

No. 483348

They posted it correctly but the thread was deleted. Deleted threads aren’t archived on 4chan.


Doesn’t seem that interesting anyway, just some loony that stole her trip or something.

No. 483390

Ooooooh. I saw this go to the top of the page. I now understand where this head came from. Whoever bummed the thread, thankyou. Ive been dying to know for months.

No. 483401


what indicates that Mystery died in that thread you linked? did it allude to other threads where mystery claimed she had "journals" with her particle physics woo-woo and that she was feeling worse by the day or sth?

No. 483445

File: 1516724564506.png (2.52 MB, 2522x610, 83e6387246723.png)


OP is claiming she's part of some "research team" for her ingenious command of particle physics. Hahahha.

Except her writings (err, research) posted are like a retarded tumblr post that actually means nothing, masquerading as deep.

No. 483481

File: 1516733773013.png (58.98 KB, 1519x273, image.png)

My bad, 4chan wasn't allowing image uploads at the time, so I stupidly forgot that lolcow could.
The OP sounds nuts, and there are very few neurodegenerative diseases that affect young adults (and those are very rare), so the whole deal seems very fishy. Wonder how this guy got her tripcode, and why he gave it to her. Maybe she managed to convince him all of this roleplaying bullshit is true?

No. 483484

see >>483481
Apparently she died of a 'degenerating nervous system', which is very, very unlikely unless the guy is using it as a euphemism for degenerating mental health and she ended up killing herself or something.

No. 483496

what the frick frack
why do they treat her like some fucking powerful visionaire miracle spiritual individual? She's just an autistic camwhore, what is even going on? Research? Ideas? Discoveries? Kek. And she died of ~degenerating nervous system~ uh oh right.
Sounds like she made up herself a new identity. Some spiritual new age martyr. She is a pitiful person, for sure.

No. 483506

Larping autists are so fascinating. I highly doubt she's dead, she's an attention whore.

No. 483507

Not even philosophy 101 level rambling. Maybe she wanted to be a poet?

It's so bad.

No. 483628

She also fake suicided when she was on tumblr as bratgasm. Wouldn't surprise me if she lied to get away from being Mystery so she can do a new persona somewhere else.

No. 483757

i think she's either larping, or gave her password to her boyfriend/random weirdo who is larping for her and she's being like FOR THA LULZ KEK KEK KEK I GOT U GUD I'M SO TROLL from the comfort of her basement lair. everything reads like a bad creepypasta attempt only someone who grew up and lives on the internet would think is "an elaborate hoax".

No. 483818

>Mystery researching
she has dropped out after freshman year like three times, so yeah she for sure researched how to survive freshmen year

No. 483872

I'm torn between thinking she faked it again, or some random autist just running with delusions. The tripcodes don't match, but the writing does seem like her.

No. 483971

i think it's probably just a waifufag who's obsessed with her

No. 483977

Could be that autistic toolbag Ivan. Are they even still together?
Maybe she faked suicide to dump him lmao.

No. 483999

The OP of this thread is so delusional and unintelligent. There is no "research" or "team". Are these people even reading these journal entries that are purportedly soooo deep and important?

The sun "tarnishes the soul" of trees? "Up-down in lieu of down-up. They are the same, they are different". "We gotta unbias our daily view on energy. What is ACTUALLY happening?"

It's literally just a ramble about nothing. Instagram caption worthy.

I'm guessing they have no background in philosophy or physics. There's literally NOTHING here that a university would find worthy of funding within this rambling nonsense. Just because she uses some big words related to particle physics doesn't mean that the writing has any scientific value or makes any sense. Yeah, she's talking about waves and gravity, but the subject matter doesn't justify the lack of substance/ideas.

The narrative they're trying to spin that these childish, underdeveloped writings are sooo important/dangerous and contain "illegal" information banned by the government is laughable. They're trying to create mystique and interest around her persona but there's no substance to back it up for anyone with reading comprehension. Falls flat on its face.

It's like she poorly understood the work of multiple intellectuals and tried to put an incoherent, pseudo-poetic ~~so deeeeep~~ spin on their theories. Pretending that these "journals" are academic is only demonstrating OP's own poor understanding of science, and hers. The value they perceive in this writing, it's emotional and not scientific.

All mystery has accomplished in life is being a potato-headed camwhore. And convincing a bunch of autists that she's something more.

No. 484030

I don't even know why they take as truth that she's even in uni. There's never been proof.

Those journal entries make her sound schizo, which would fit given her delusions of grandeur about her writing being important and allegedly in research. It's nonsense.

No. 484298


She used to go to University of York, which is why she's called Yorkie. This was years ago.

No. 484876

I feel like it's just her trying to stir up interest in herself or leave a positive legacy like she is so beautiful and intelligent this person is yammering on about her gorgeous unique soul!!!

No. 484877

Double post, sorry, but it's also suspicious it was posted here rather quickly and with the actual suggestion that she died, first, then like "omg who knows" after.

No. 484918

That was me. I posted that because I was unsure; I don't really follow Mystery, but I was checking out /x/ to see whether or not they were sperging out about the image issue and saw the thread. I don't know enough about Mystery to know if she's the type to fake her death or get involved with paranormal stuff or whatever, so I figured I'd just drop the thread here and let everyone else sort it out.

No. 484923

File: 1516974566320.jpg (561.93 KB, 1264x1926, nonsense.jpg)


The writing does sound schizo as fuck. See attached page from her super secret and important science journal. There's some serious word salad and clanging (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clanging) in the speech.

"I dream consciously of befriending the binairey (sic) being I'm building. It may be a human of ideal scientific quality….. In love with my child….HED2toe(sic). Wondering if ____ knows one to create a body…. I DONT EVEN KNOW EVERY BODY PARTY YET!!!!". Ummmmm, thanks Dr. Frankenstein.


Yeah, she (or a minion) is just trying to create a positive image around her and make her known for something other than showing her vagina on camera and sperging out. She's so unique and brilliant guys! Such a MYSTERY!

House of cards comes tumbling down when you read the nonsense schizo writing, of course. She stopped using a tripcode, but it's a very dubious claim that she died. She's very likely reading this now.

No. 484927

Weird also how the writing style shifts mid paragraph, for example into cursive in the middle of the page. I don't know of that means she stopped writing and came back to it because the babble used too much energy to make up, or if she was having schizo personality shifts while writing it.

Either way, doesn't seem too intelligent.

No. 484928

Well and, not to dismiss the possibility of drugs either.

No. 485010

Are there any earler samples of her handwriting?

No. 485027


Her writing exhibits mania-driven patterns of thought disorder and the ideas she expresses are delusional, but it is not word salad. The sentences are grammatically correct and the words are related and clearly communicate ideas. In word salad, nothing is communicated because the words are unrelated even if sentences are grammatically correct.


No. 485084

File: 1517001340488.png (205.47 KB, 997x561, image.png)

Posted a thread to get to the bottom of this:


No. 485094


Thanks, there's a lot of thought disorder exhibited here for sure.

this writing is just sad, tbh.

she seems so mentally ill. you can see her disjointed thinking, expressed in the words and changing handwriting. also, the delusions of grandeur that she's part of a top scientific research team and wanted by the government for banned secret information. a very common delusion.

I wonder, if to some degree, she's aware of it?

"My memory is faulty"
"Hard to remain relaxed when siezing [sic] pains short circuit mine [sic] brain."
"Resonance on cranium wasn't close enough"

No. 485499

Yorkie is because she has a Yorkshire terrier dog. It’s in the pictures on this page. We already know she went to UWO & she shows up on a list https://www.uwo.ca/sci/img/DeanHonorList/DHL_1213.pdf

I think all of this late post is an attempt to false flag away from her truth by her & her boyfriend ivan. She obv has nothing to do with crazy /x/ journal. No proof.

No. 485604

I don't think her name has been posted here, so how would we know if she was on this list?

No. 485714

That too, but she dropped out of there and enrolled again - I believe to University of York. She lives somewhere in downtown near it and mentions that fact in the archived mystery posts here.


>i go to a large, conservative university in canada.

today at lunch in the main building i saw a chinese girl wearing full on lolita and eating her lunch. sweet OTT lolita. big puffy headband, full makeup, etc etc.

since this is a conservative, college town… there are no other lolitas here. trust me, 5 years ago when i moved here i tried to connect with them and most lived in the next town over (2 hours away). that was 5 years ago. now there are none. lolita is dead here.

it was so fucking weird.


>i live in DT toronto too, very close to this fuck - kiwifarms released his address.
if you need help i can help you out.


>oh weird, because toronto the prices all start at 1650 unless you wanna live in north york. in vancouver its impossible to find something near UBC under 1500 aswell

No. 485748

i think a lot of her philosophical and scientific ideas are OK, less delusional than most people. She's onto something but her delusions of grandeur, paranoia, past of self hatred, etc cloud it and make the whole thing look like a picture of desperation and obsession. If she's even the one who wrote this.

No. 485861

her name, location & college have all been posted on r9k. presumably she has had them deleted. there are posts in this thread about not reposting revenge porn so i dont think i'm allowed to share that info here.

>>485748 she isnt

No. 485873

You can't post her revenge porn because that's illegal. Sharing someone's name isn't.

No. 486648

I see what she (or her LARPer) is trying to do, but unfortunately they are not knowledgeable or intelligent enough to pull it off. Would be semi entertaining otherwise.

No. 486769

does anybody have any link to a video or something with her voice in it? i need to know what it sounds like. i suspect that i've found her somewhere and i need to be sure.

No. 486915

I'm curious as well, does anyone have links to her MFC streams? If you could tell us her MFC name, every girl has something recorded posted, would be easy to find(lurk more)

No. 487020

read the thread

No. 487032

i know that this is some dumb shit i'm about to say but sometimes i think about befriending mystery and being the fun female friend that she doesn't have and help her get her shit together

she sucks, so i have little interest in actually doing so, but i also feel really genuinely bad for her; she clearly has some incredibly severe body dysmorphia to the point that it has borderline ruined her life. i guess it just seems like she really needs a friend, like an actual good friend not some beta robot faggot but someone who wants to help her improve herself and be happy u kno

sry i will kms now

No. 487050

ily anon

No. 487055

Oh nonnie, I used to feel the same about people like her but I just learnt the hard way they tend to be lost causes and there's no point. If she's been 8 fucking years tripfagging on fucking r9k of all places and then kept shitting all over herself on whatever new site she landed leaving one shitshow after another, she probably has no intention of actually self-improving or it's technically impossible for her. Hell all this stuff of her being dead it's probably as true as the fake suicide she pulled on tumblr.

The best "friend" she can get is some intensive therapy and her internet connection being taken away from her for a good while until she stops being a full autistic mess. Plus in my experience people like her tends to treat her female friends in a special shitty way by the way.

No. 490564

I am surprised that no one has pointed out the guy on the left's ex girlfriend is also the ex girlfriend of Ivan.

No. 490606

Samson's ex didn't date Ivan.

No. 490612

She did, and he went to visit her and she tried to make him eat jello from the floor.

No. 490613

It was explained in an archived thread that they met once and the jello was a joke that Ivan sperged out over. That's not dating.

No. 644604

File: 1551894074579.jpg (985.3 KB, 2576x1932, file_1932x2576.JPG)

log into old skype account and get a rare mystery.jpg(necro)

No. 645265


do you know her?

No. 654684

How old is she please? I tried looking I promise! Thank you so much(Necro)

No. 655811


I would say 26 or so, but who knows(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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