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File: 1554849711502.png (438.22 KB, 570x842, 1554848078330.png)

No. 396901

Last thread: >>384143

Bitch about artcows, ask advise and generally commiserate on the woes of being an artist here.

No. 396905

waffle's sketches always look so genuinely nice and appealing. I don't understand why her line art and coloring always looks so incredibly choppy in comparison.

No. 396906

Thank you, anon!

No. 396910

sketching and colouring are both different skills. it's clear she spends more time learning how to sketch than how to paint. being good with a pencil wont always transfer into painting skills

No. 396912

File: 1554850939402.png (531.43 KB, 896x477, w1.PNG)

I get that, but that's next level imo

No. 396914

That sketch was so nice w just murdered it by painting it. Would it hurt her to watch a tutorial

No. 396918

This is terrible, the sketch looks so fucking good, how is the paintwork so bad?

No. 396919

Her tinder pic vs her irl

No. 396920


I remember my first paint-by-numbers effort, too!

No. 396936

I feel this honestly. I fucking hate painting though so I don't study or practice it.

No. 396938

Honestly painting is so fucking hard though. It's like learning to draw all over again, just like in this pic, no matter how good you draw and how nice your anatomy or sketch is, if you paint shit, none of that matters. The worst is that when we draw we're so used to rely on the lineart to be our guide but then when we're suddenly supposed to work with colors only to make the art pop, it's an entirely new hell to experience.

No. 396939

yeah this is where I'm at with learning to paint, all my shit looks like waffles atm.

No. 396942

I've found that gouache is easily one of the least beginner-friendly paints, so even if it didn't turn out well, bravo for attempting to use them, Waffles.

There's a reason beginners are often told to start with oils, because oil paints are incredibly forgiving.

No. 396958

File: 1554859181513.png (367.16 KB, 897x477, waffl.png)

Samefag and I hope I don't come off as a total douche but one thing that may help you all beginner painters (and I truly feel your pain, 'cause I've been there) is to lay don't colors more carefully. The secret of painting is that the less you have to blend the better. Make a palette and make the colors flow naturally like as it was a gradient, then place* them down to the canvas, don't smack them there or just try to wing it but actually think what color goes to where. It's a lot like drawing really, you don't need to worry if the line-art shows,in fact don't try to paint over it right away, instead use it, since it's there. Color within the lines not over them and after you're confident with what you have you can leave them or hide them. Don't start out too big either, just focus on getting used to the paints, you can add detail later.

I tried painting over the sketch (I know douche move but it's easier to show than tell) and honestly the whole painting just is pretty much just one big gradient with a tiiny tiny color difference here and there.

No. 396970

lol alright but you really cant compare digital painting to traditional. this is kinda pointless

No. 396971

>digital "paintbrush" is the same as traditional painting

fucking kys. this doesn't teach anyone anything and your mockup looks like babby's first paintsai art.

No. 396976

Honestly you can do exactly what I did traditionally as well, especially if you work with oils (which I tried to emulate here). And the point is to see how important the color placement is above all.

No. 396981

show don't tell, lol

No. 396983

She should have worked light to dark and wet on wet for better blending - definitely shoulda planned it out before jumping right in. I don't know what kind of climate she lives in, but if it's dry, you have to work quickly. She started off okay, but then went into overworking it. The nice thing about gouache is that you can treat it like watercolor. Her sketches would look nice in either a more graphic style when finished with some small blending and details added.

No. 396990

File: 1554864139392.png (538.6 KB, 896x477, waffmspaint.png)

Ok well is ms paint good enough for you? I worked with oil brush only, used 0 other tools. Oh and ms paint oilbrush only has 4 sizes so the brush stokes are really hard to control yet I still got decent results, weird.

No. 397006

Samefag but I did use color pick tool to match the colors with waffles painting, so you guys cannot whine about that either.

No. 397023

oh my god

No. 397025

The techniques are the same, moron. learn 2 sage

No. 397031


Why are you trying so hard to win the approval of other anon on here? Do something more productive with your energy. No one cares and it's not that deep.

No. 397036

Honestly, good point. Though for me it’s more about people who seem to think that digital painting is some magical variation that cannot compare to traditional at all as if the progress wasn’t exactly the same. Well should’ve still ignored, at least the pic only took like 10 minutes so I didn’t lose much.

No. 397079

Because she needs to take some painting lessons. Not like a skillshare course. An in person class with someone who can offer her real time constructive criticism and correction. Learning by yourself only takes you so far. Unfortunately, the bigger someone gets on youtube, the more positive feedback they get from viewers who aren't as good at art as they are, so they start to think they shit gold and don't need outside instruction. It's a shame because I like waffles but her skills are going to stagnate if she doesn't put in the work to learn more.

No. 397082

She has an illness debilitating enough that she qualified for Make-A-Wish so I don't really expect her to go out and take painting lessons. I'm under the impression that YouTube was the best option for her to earn money under her circumstances.

No. 397085

Please. She did a video sitting outside in a field painting her dog. She's not housebound.

No. 397090

File: 1554879854982.png (809.06 KB, 1077x1066, Screenshot_2019-04-10-08-55-04…)

Ops, the last thread already closed. Here again.
No "real" milk, her art ist actually really nice

No. 397091

File: 1554879892416.png (161.41 KB, 500x562, going-to-need-less-edge-on-tha…)

Spergy fuck learn to sage Kay

No. 397096

Ah yes… girl looking over shoulder holding a cat or object…. definitely not an idea that has EVER been done before… She definitely had this 100% unique idea…. definitely…

But yes her art is pretty. Just a bit silly this conspiracy.

No. 397097

The cats arm is triggering me

No. 397102

File: 1554885459700.jpg (129.68 KB, 1300x957, beautiful-young-woman-holding-…)

This has literally never been done before. Can't believe the audacity. She should sue.

No. 397103

Ah yes. The ability to move from one location to another. Must mean this person can do this on a daily basis, with no assistance. It isnt like Waffles has talked, on numerous occasions, about her hands being shaky and unable to hold a pencil, taking medication, scheduling several MRIs, talking with hospitals, or qualifying for Make-a-Wish. You know, the organization that gives kids that have a high chance of dying one good memory. But hey, she went to a park with her dog that one time, shE’S nOt HOUsE BOUnd.

No. 397105

anon she went outside one time so clearly she's a lazy ho who needs to get a real job. /s

No. 397111

Dat broken neck tho

No. 397124

File: 1554892388878.jpeg (60.36 KB, 744x732, D3wenJXUUAAvZn3.jpeg)

Saw this on my feed today. Apparently this user became suicidal after someone publicly trashed them.

Link to the post rizzydraws is referring to: https://twitter.com/TheTwitofRunako/status/1115404594337722369?s=20

Not too sure who these users are, but apparently the suicidal one is notorious? It's pretty crazy.

No. 397126

isn’t rizzydraws that person that lived in some homophobic country and said that he was going to get killed because it came out he’s gay or something like a year ago? i still don’t really know what was up with that

No. 397132

File: 1554893452348.png (300.23 KB, 789x882, 2019-04-10 20_49_59-Runako on …)

idk who the fuck this is but this tweet made me laugh

No. 397134

File: 1554894241475.jpeg (85.54 KB, 1080x1023, D3pk9q-X4AYtLIc.jpeg)

Did they just roast themselves? Their art looks like a bastard version of SU.

No. 397136

of course they think criticising anime and porn is a reason to mock someone lol

No. 397137

File: 1554894781182.png (14.72 KB, 593x374, 2019-04-10 21_10_54-hiatus unt…)

they literally put their sexuality and "genderfluid" in their twitter bio, not sure how that's better than pronouns but whatever.

anyway this seems like a disproportionate response to a pretty mild callout.

No. 397141


Oh man is she serious? LOL

the people in the replies are saying to lawyer up…. Just look up fan art on google or anywhere else and it'll bring up hundreds of pics with either the same pose, features a pentagram or both.

No. 397144

it wouldn't have been the first time netflix has stolen art but considering how unoriginal her idea is i really don't think she has a case…

No. 397162

File: 1554904656583.png (46.55 KB, 596x426, 1538907631738.png)

Yeah I remember him from shoe0nhead's thread and dug this up real quick. He seems less than stable.

No. 397168

This rizzy person sounds like another attention seeking, melodramatic person. Already tired of reading their shitty posts.

No. 397180

File: 1554907623534.jpg (90.7 KB, 639x1050, IMG_20190410_093509.jpg)

Does anybody know anything about goregheist? She's a 21 year old fakeboi basing her whole life around being kin with Deidara from Naruto. She's claiming she's homeless, has cancer, and recently had a heart attack.
Also, her Amazon wish list looks sketch as fuck

No. 397184

File: 1554908039243.jpeg (358.64 KB, 960x1278, 0154F4CE-6839-4AD7-9658-9E7CCC…)

there is no way this thing is under chemo lol

No. 397187

By "couch surfing" does she mean living with her fiance?

No. 397193

I know it's just the weird angle but holy fuck that arm looks tiny lmao, looking like the tiny hand guy from scary movie's weeb scene cousin

No. 397205

>no arm on one side
>tiny bendy arm on the other


No. 397219

Photoshopping boobs away maybe?

No. 397247

>basing her whole life around being kin with Deidara from Naruto
Excuse me what LMAO

No. 397276


This is funny because Deidara had his arms exploded off in the manga/anime- lmfao 1 arm down one more to go- what a determined kin

No. 397316

Huh. Looking at her sketch, she understands basic shading. So why did she made the nose pale in her painting whereas it's darker in her sketching for example? It's like she had a blackout and drew a completely different artwork on top of her sketch.

No. 397323

Nose is really fucking complicated so when people try to paint it, at least first timers, they end up trying to paint what they think the nose will look like instead of what it actually looks like. She has an issue where she tries to make stuff too 3d and the way you do it is by adding contrast but beginners tend to do it the worst way possible and go "well the top of the nose must be light and the sides must be dark since there's a shadow there" when in reality the difference between the hues can actually be very subtle.

No. 397361

her right hand is on her hip but the angle+the black shirt makes it look totally warped.

No. 397406

I really can't believe fictionkin has become such a huge thing. It's crazy

No. 397419

Even if Netflix did base the poster off of her fanart there’s jackshit she can do about it, it’s their IP - you as an artist do not hold any copy right over an image that uses someone else’s intellectual property, that’s just one of the downsides of fanart

No. 397427

File: 1554966766329.png (12.69 KB, 578x100, Screenshot_47.png)

No Lemia.. It's most definitely you. So insufferable…

No. 397445

She's selling it on her redbubble which technically isnt allowed too. If anything they could come after her.

No. 397446

File: 1554982416217.jpg (106.92 KB, 576x1024, sabrina.jpg)


the twitter replies are full of cringey 'sue them girl!!!11! much cashdolla for you' it's embarrassing as fuck. luckily there's also plenty of people pointing out pic related

No. 397457

>saged bc super ot

But I'm seriously just considering making another art account/ persona where I draw porn and fanart of current popular trends in order to bring in a source of income. Of course, I'll still work on my og projects but as of rn they're not garnering enough attention.

Is this a ridiculous idea?

No. 397466

i dont think so. i know art comes with the idea that you need to die for your craft and uwu poor struggling artist is an aesthetic that people want but its your wallet. make your paper.

its hilarious to see people be shocked to learn that their favorite actor or actress didnt like a role that is iconic to their image or was insanely lucrative for them. while acting is their craft, they also just want income the same as we do.

ive seen an anon every now and then ask on whether they should get into furry art just because of the money. i dont support that nasty shit but if it will pay a bill, then why not?

No. 397476


I don't think it's ridiculous, tbh I've been pondering doing the same thing.

one of my favourite YT artists is lulusketches, she works at Disney and talks quite often about how the people there saw her tumblr and liked it, and it's full of fanart as well as original art. from her example, maybe a mix of fanart to bring the punters in and original stuff can be successful.

obv if you're doing nsfw stuff that's a different thing. but people are always saying that you need to be consistent and stick within one thing - so maybe you could have a separate nsfw account and then think about mixing fanart stuff into your regular account?

IDk, I have no interest in doing nsfw/porn or furry or whatever so I don't think there's any point for me personally because it would be rubbish because I don't wanna do it, so I was thinking more about the first option of just starting to add in fan stuff to my normal art account. but if you're gonna be good at it and enjoy it and want to do it, I bet you could earn money and if so why the hell not.

No. 397557

Not to be that guy, but the make-a-wish thing was when she was much younger. From everything she's said (which is not much), her recent illness may not even be related to that since she seemed to be doing a lot of tests to get a diagnosis for her current illness. So maybe stop bringing up the make-a-wish thing like she's infirm or bed-ridden because that's obviously not the case.

No. 397574

She doesn’t understand basic shading though, just how to copy a popular style. she has successfully symbol-drawn her way to a million subs and ya I’m mad

No. 397601

Not to be that guy, but maybe provide some screenshots or any sort of evidence of her ACTUAL illness. Our guess is as good as yours evidently.

No. 397633

File: 1555011711231.png (148.59 KB, 1408x382, Screenshot_2019-04-11-14-39-45…)

>1 year since they met
This girl literally has no idea what she's doing

No. 397671

Nta but she never said what her illness was

No. 397677

File: 1555019920038.jpg (55.25 KB, 594x342, Capture.JPG)

Why does LemiaCrescent always manage to come across as condescending lol

No. 397693

One year since they started dating, anon. Not since they met.

No. 397696

this is correct, she hasn't ever stated it. in one of her recent videos she says that her nails are yellow due to the medication she takes and that's why she paints them, which is a side effect of chemo.

I don't think it's worth speculating over, because she has obviously taken great pains to keep the extent of her illness hidden. I think it's enough to know that she was very sick as a child and continues to struggle to this day.

No. 397709


She's such a god damn snob. I totally get why people flock to her. She's a bitter bitch every time she has something to say.

No. 397781

Wasn't this one of Nemu's orbiters or am I mistaken?

No. 397816

Some Christian furry artist/tranny drama -
It's a month old but I just found out about this and the artist involved is/was popular in animation and furry circles for being groomed by John K so I thought I'd post it here as its kind of funny.

No. 397838

Holy shit, she followed me on twitter a few months back and I returned the favor. I had no idea this was going on, I probably wasn’t paying attention. Yikes though.

No. 397840

I followed her too, I knew she was Christian but had no idea she was THAT Christian lol
The animation community is full of LGBT people, I'm not sure what she and her husband expected. Doug TenApel stood up for them though I guess.

No. 397841

Serves them right lol

No. 397842

>This now opens up a whole bunch of questions for us both: What will happen to our careers in the animation industry? Will we be safe? What does this mean for artists who follow the Christian faith? We don’t know what the future is going to be. With many in the animation industry holding such a dogmatically intolerant and unforgiving worldview, where opinions and beliefs are akin to a physical threat, It doesn’t look good. Even an apology would likely not satisfy the social justice zealots if it turned out they felt as if you did not sincerely conform to their religion’s demands.

lmao why do christians always act oppressed for their religion when they specifically choose to follow the rules within the bible against homo/trans people but never the “don‘t wear certain materials“?

No. 397844

Christians are obsessed with martyrdom. Makes them more "Christlike".

No. 397855

I know youtubers are relatively well off but he literally wastes money like it's nothing? how the fuck. At least this way he is giving it to people who probably need it.

No. 397868

Depends. Certain Christians don’t follow the Old Testament so certain clothes and foods bans don’t apply to them.

Honestly. Like the art community online is full of people who identify with LGBT labels. She should’ve known better

No. 397883

File: 1555080081716.jpeg (292.31 KB, 1242x1242, E4E790CC-255A-4CA7-A429-7168BB…)

This promotion thing on insta needs to stop. Look at this mangled girl, god it’s almost graphic how bad it is. Complete with glowy fishy to really polish up the turd

No. 397885

I really hate the back/torso area.

No. 397891

He’s a rich kid, of course he has no respect for money - he’s literally spending his parents money for all these videos, why would it hold any value to him

No. 397892

File: 1555081558525.png (307.66 KB, 481x598, 7322458965.PNG)

did some investigating and decided to go to the instagram page. this image is misleading. it is a cropped image of a full original piece with a format not suited for instagram. not only that, but the instagram page has majority realism portraits until about feb of 2018, where a visible journey into cartoon illustration and surrealism began. there are many sketches in this style, but not many finished works, 3 of which being dtiys memes. this artist seems to be experimenting with what they enjoy doing. stylization is a new thing for this artist, and the account here has just over 1500 followers and has been posting since 2015. she's seeing a trend in the industry and is trying to survive in it. my promoting her work, she is doing what instagram put the feature there for; exposure in a over-saturated platform.

image was piece made in late dec of 2018. maybe if the hoards didnt subscribe to the previous style of art, artists like this woman wouldnt need to do a complete 180 to make an artistic living. just a thought.

No. 397905

Having to do complete 180’s is just part of her chosen field, you either have to be quick to adapt or have strong enough work in your own stylisation to survive. The portrait you posted is extremely stiff and boring, I’m not surprised it didn’t do well. If you want your artwork to generate any profit then it has to in some way be marketable to the masses, criticising the ‘hoard’ for what they consume doesn’t change the reality that artwork only has value as long as consumers actually like it

No. 397906

No. 397907

File: 1555083710952.png (75.37 KB, 807x574, yikes.png)


uhhh this entire thread reeks of entitlement

No. 397913

File: 1555084742072.png (198.19 KB, 1222x680, Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.5…)

dear god the comments are even worse. It's like this in every fucking field, people keep their learned secrets secrets for a reason, it shouldn't be any different in art lmao

the skills you learn about art from hard work is worth money and shouldn't be free if you don't want it to be

No. 397914

>the entire ‘competition’ idea is so dated

What kind of mental gymnastics does it take to come to that conclusion about an industry like commercial art? Bonkers.

No. 397915

File: 1555085264619.png (82.59 KB, 860x427, yikes.png)

This part especially got me because it sounds like she was blaming the people who didn't want to share information with her for her own mistake, yiiikes

No. 397917

Convention artists are a plague

No. 397926

Ugh, this is why I never make friends with other artists at cons, like yeah no shit this is a competition, it's not like con attendees have unlimited money to spend on us. Damn right if I keep where I order my special made products a secret because then I have a unique product people will not be able to get from all those people who blow their money on generic acrylic charms.
Why should I spoon feed someone information I painstakingly collected throughout the years? Because it's "nice", oh fuck off.

No. 397929

And, on this subject, is not that hard either to figure out how a certain thing is made ahah o was wondering for the longest time how holographic stuff worked until I actually connected my brain cells and thought by myself.

No. 397930

It's not enough that we're being told to curb and censor ourselves on the behalf of other artists who are so uncomfortable with every little thing, we also have to coddle, spoonfeed and cater to them. Give them all the answers like it's an open notes test so that everyone feels like a winner.

I have no problem sharing certain common information, but it's seriously all right there. A lot of artists are just too entitled and lazy to do the legwork themselves. I especially hate it when younger artists try to buddy up with more established ones to get one over.

I hate competition too, but if every company shared all their resources, formulas and information, we'd have the same shit across the board.

Do your basic research and build yourself from there. Quit asking for handouts and then blaming other artists when they decided not to share with you.

No. 397932

Yes I'm gay now sage your petty autism edgelord

No. 397933

Do these people not know what economics is?

No. 397935

tell em you just do everything Baylee Jae does and it works for you.

No. 397941

I might just do this lol. Imagine though,
"So where do you-"
"Oh! I got everything I know from Baylee Jaes Vlogs! Can't remember which ones though!"

No. 397947

Kek can you imagine someone wasting hours combing through those boring ass videos looking for tips when she literally just does buttons and prints which are self explanatory

No. 397950

Lol do you think Christstains are oppressed? You think science is an opinion and the Earth is flat?

No. 397983

"What does this mean for artists who follow the Christian faith?"
Lol, as if people are attacking them for being Christian an not for being transphobic. Like, oh no, they were bigots but other people not liking them being bigots is bigoted.
If you don't like trans people, that's your prerogative, but don't act like a victim when they don't like you back.

No. 398059

Where do these newfags keep coming from and why do they keep insisting on defending troons, in particular ITT of all places

No. 398060

Complain about something more worthwhile. This is an art thread not an “I hate/love trans people” thread. Consider people have different opinions than you and quit being an sensitive autist

No. 398061

Idgaf what people in this thread think about transgendered people, I just think it's hysterical that an artist desperately trying to break into a field full of trans/gay people is shocked and cries Christian persecution when people don't take kindly to them quoting scripture to condemn them
And then the spergy whiny article written by her husband for a "conservative nerd blog"…yeah that'll get your wife hired for sure!

No. 398064

Wow it's almost as if people have different opinions than you the horror.

No. 398066

Been around since the third board dude. The fact that I think trans women are real women and trans men are real men, zero bearing on art or artist salt.

And frankly you can hate trans people and still be aware of the fact that if you're public about not liking trans people they're gonna shit all over you too. You don't get to condemn a group of people and cry oppression or bigotry when them and their friends decide they don't like you back. It's basic business. If you want to make a positive name for yourself as an artist, don't use bible quotes to say certain groups of people are abominations. It won't be received well.

No. 398070

For a person who complained about learning about convention work all by herself, has she ever actually released info about her experience?

No. 398071

I think this fella is pissy because they have a hard time respecting people and fail to understand that they’re not the only person on this planet. People have the right to resent you for whatever reason. I think we can all agree vane is an absolute retard for expressing her conservative beliefs to a LGBT saturated field. She had it coming to her lmao. I don’t even feel bad cuz it’s totally her fault

No. 398075

File: 1555112421934.png (112.53 KB, 624x897, ohboy.png)

anyways back on topic of artist salt and not the current OFF TOPIC discussion i found some milk about the emily artful youtuber gatekeeping saga from jan that nobody posted. did we ever come to a consensus on who we think it was about? I still think Kattvalk, and since the whole emily video, katt has been taking a "personal" break, maybe to reconsider her thought process?

No. 398077

About a minute in she talks about how her tictail was rated poorly because people never received the items she sent. Sounds like bull~ Course it's their fault for not replying to emails apparently lol

No. 398078

I miss her SU art tbh. Her current anime style is ass.

No. 398079

Who was it we thought it was again? That one Youtube artist with the cat icon and European accent?

No. 398080

Yea, that's Kattvalk

No. 398095

pretty sure we all stopped caring about emily because she's a fake piece of shit.

No. 398107

File: 1555117841264.png (629.58 KB, 1270x955, 1.png)

She posted a long rant on her instagram today saying she didn't want to post su art anymore and whining about her engagement lol

No. 398108

File: 1555117866366.png (632.6 KB, 1270x955, 2.png)

No. 398109

(girl that's the point of this thread..)

No. 398111

File: 1555117973787.png (654.75 KB, 1270x955, 3.png)

No. 398113

File: 1555118109313.png (831.97 KB, 1907x955, 4.png)

No. 398116

Just send out backer rewards and maybe this will stop eating you from the inside out lol

No. 398123

Okay wow lol how is her new obsession with anime any different than her obsession with Western cartoons? She's still emulating the styles of her obsessions. She doesn't seem to get that styles grow with you as you learn and take in all the images you've studied to create something from your own head. What she really needs is some real life study cuz damn the profile view from her video was all sorts of jacked up kek

I'm not all about brush pens and cartoons! Now I'm all about dip pens and anime! Yeah you and everyone else in a weeb phase so what lol.

No. 398129

yeah but she's a boring fake piece of shit who makes up drama to compensate for her life being boring now that she isn't a drug addled prostitute or whatever. literally nothing about her is interesting besides how desperately she self-posts to get attention.

refund your backers, jellie, we know you read here

No. 398236

Serves her right for running off to those cons and catching con crud. She is doing literally everything BUT addressing her Kickstarter, and nobody is calling her on her bullshit. Guess new shiny fan art and generic acrylic charms are enough to distract people from the major fuck up she left to rot for some years.

Then she has the nerve to bitch and moan about numbers on IG and consider starting over? I think she's using that as an excuse to go under a different name to try and get people to forget she left her Kickstarter for dead and all her backers empty handed. While she and her partner gets a mortgage, take trips to Japan, sell at cons and live it up.

But she's "So Sad about her IG engagement and her worth as an artist", guys.
Maybe she'd have more staying power and integrity if she'd just followed through. She's got no excuse.

Sage for sperg but I genuinely dislike artists who act like that and then blame the people who just wanted to support her.

No. 398244

this isn’t a good example, given the prompt word, but lately waffles has been exclusively drawing pretty young white girls. i wish she would draw something different for her youtube videos, and keep the pretty girls in her sketchbook.

No. 398250


Artists have a tendency to fall back into their comfort zones for subjects, til they get bored of it again.

No. 398256

she's mentioned she is having a bit of an art block in recent weeks, it may be this is just her way to get shit on paper. at least she tries to learn new things with her materials, like the sculpting thing she did, or the dove to dragon vid.

No. 398259

File: 1555175839969.png (374.81 KB, 689x389, waffles.png)

The proportions of the end result seem kinda fucked to me (but I understand her struggle with the coloured pencils, I'm not great with them either)

No. 398271

I'd rather Waffles draw pretty girls than all the uncanny valley buckteeth she was doing for a while.

No. 398291

She's getting pretty same face tho imo.

No. 398302

Sage for non-milk, but about waffles and her issues: there was a product review (I guess markers) video she did back in 2017 (I guess?) and at one point her hands were shaking, and a flavor text written "auto-immune disease". I'm not going to comb her old videos for that, but it's there. I don't follow her other social media but I support her idea of not even associating her irl face to her art or disclosing too many personal issues. Social media is much more of a double edged sword when you associate your face and your everyday aspect of life to it.

No. 398305

Completely agree. It's great that she's trying to keep some semblance of a personal life despite her Internet "fame" and not trying to milk her illness to extremes like "Donate to me because I'm ill! Pity me because art is all I have!". She herself doesn't bring attention to her illness so I don't get why some of her stans love using the "Leave her alone, she's sick you bastards" excuse against every criticism she gets.

No. 398353

I don’t remember any other art supply brand being this obnoxious and aggressive with their marketing, I am so fucking sick of them. Every week at least two artists I follow will receive a ‘gift’ in the mail and ‘oh my goodness Arteza is so kind and their products are so amazing!!’

theyre not even large artists a lot of the time I’ve seen instagrammers with like 5k followers get sponsor products from Arteza

No. 398354

Can I bitch about Mel Stringer here? There is virtually zero variety between her pieces and I suspect it’s to hide her godawful anatomy. She is massively popular so she can get away with charging $200+ for portraits which are some of the most poorly done things I’ve ever seen from a “professional.” I don’t get it at all. (I don’t want to repost them here since people did pay for them but she has a bunch on her IG.)

No. 398363

File: 1555206898454.png (953.44 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_2019-04-14-03-52-08…)

People are paying 200$ for this "artstyle"?
And Im struggeling getting over 5k followers xD

No. 398365

The actual commission pieces are significantly worse, if you can believe it.

No. 398368

Thats so sad, seriously. But well, props to her to get 100k. Even if I will never understand how these people are getting so big with so little skills

No. 398370

post some examples?

No. 398381

>(I don’t want to repost them here since people did pay for them but she has a bunch on her IG.)

No. 398391

Based on what I've seen it's because she caters to plus sized women. So a lot of the art she makes is relatable to them. She's found her niche.

No. 398392

File: 1555213408243.png (561.17 KB, 720x1138, 20190414_114133.png)

No. 398393

tbh i like it. i like that the kids have faces like two exceptionally large and bulbous potatoes

No. 398397

This looks exactly like bitmoji.

No. 398408

but would you pay over 200 bucks for it is the question
those are very expensive potatoes

No. 398411

This genuinely makes me feel bitter as I have a huge amount of trouble selling any commissions for very reasonable prices. Does she get a lot of commissions though?

No. 398417

It's the exact kind of bland shit normies love, I'm not surprised people are buying it

No. 398419

yeah notice how most of her commissions are from millennial/gen x moms. They eat that bland bitmoji artstyle up

No. 398434

File: 1555225889637.png (543.16 KB, 720x609, Screenshot_2019-04-14-00-03-32…)

Does Nerd E crafter count as an artist? Cause im honestly so fed up of her popping up on my feed with that stupid frowny face and a cheap product meant for kids that she, a 30 year old woman, is gonna shit on in the most unfunny way possible.

No. 398437

Urgh this greasy and un funny bitch , she can't even craft well and her "salty" vídeos are just sad a 30 geting feet up wint a kids toy

No. 398438

I’ve watched a vlog of hers before and she comes off as a genuine woman child

No. 398440

I don't even understand what audience she's going for. Kids literally don't care if products are shit, they beg their parents to buy random kits play with it for half an hour then go back to eating play-doh and elmers glue.

No. 398445

She looks like that one sad middle aged woman at anime cons that comes alone because she has no friends and spends way too much time talking to the sellers at artist alley.

No. 398464

I've always wanted to hold steadfast to the idea of not blindly following trends as an artist, but damn if this isn't tempting. Furries, Boomers and IG thots are where the money's at.

No. 398467

Ugh that's the default "look how quirky I am! Am I a silly goose or what?!" facial expression

No. 398470

File: 1555236452354.png (1.37 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190414-200551.png)

Ugh, one thing that irks me about Waffles is when she's brainstorming she has lots of cool ideas but then the one she settles on for the final product is always so generic. I hate that she went with a generic blonde girl for this. The bald tattooed lady was so much cooler.

No. 398494


Someone must have never been around a kid who cried because their toys didn't work properly lol. Kids actually do care if something they really wanted ends up being too difficult or shitty and doesn't work. Not to mention as a parent I'd be pissed AF if I spent 25+ dollars on some shit that ain't work.

No. 398579

No. 398589

I think her reviews are good and thorough. I know when I was small, I was disappointed when kits didn't work or were missing stuff. It's good that somebody's being vocal about the quality of these craft kits. I think companies are out to make a quick buck… and they get away with far too much because they assume kids aren't critical of the contents.

No. 398593

I used to like her videos becuse they were more about testing the products (even though I though a lot of the criticism were nitpicky). Now she has leaned too much into this "Salty" character and "Vine-style" edits (and hanging on to much more popular YT crafters) and it makes getting through a video almost impossible. I still like her reviews of subscription craft boxes, bc she still acts like a normal person in those.

No. 398600

On the whole, I find her salty schtick tiresome but what I do like about her reviews is that she's really knowledgeable about what's age appropriate in terms of craft kits. It's easy to tell she's a teacher because she's always bringing up stuff like how much you can actually learn from any given kit vs if it's just a play and forget about kind of activity, and what level of motor skills is realistic for the advertised age range on the kits. A lot of adults who do these kinds of craft kit reviews, review them for other adult collectors, and it's nice to see someone who reviews with kids in mind for a change.

No. 398603

christ I am sick of these 'illustrators' who just rehash the same stuff over and over. noodle limbs, tapering to points, oval eyes. boring ass one pixel outlines. pound shop versions of the style of Kaye Blegvad/Emily Carroll without any of the subtlety or content

No. 398604

Same man, and same goes for Skillshare or Audible or Squarespace, just the fact that those are everywhere makes me NOT want to try them ever

No. 398634

GOD FUCKING FINALLY someone not under Artezas thumb. The fact that they're strapped for cash and still willing to spend money on mediocre paints to review them honestly for their viewers really says a lot about their characters. Wasn't really 'brutally' honest, they're too british to be mean, but it's refreshing to hear an art tuber not praising Artezas products despite their obvious flaws.

No. 398638

IDK if doll customizers count, but I was really sad to find out in dollightful's new video that she did a whole spergy rant on representation in the kei community, around 6:36. She mentions names like dreamytabby and tentacleshota

No. 398651

I also find it fascinating that they haven’t done a single sponsored (ie paid for) video in what, 3-4 years they’ve been doing YouTube? They had a couple companies send them markers to try I think, but that’s about it.

No. 398659

unrelated but dreamytabby is fucking creepy and looking at her disgusts me to my core.

No. 398666

Had no clue what they looked like and so I googled them… I regret it

No. 398671

File: 1555268335826.png (599.36 KB, 1329x301, wat.png)

I have zero idea what I'm looking at and it's creepy (post a pic next time, dudes, this is an image board after all)

No. 398691

File: 1555272602849.jpg (311.79 KB, 830x332, IMG_20190414_150632.jpg)

To be honest she had a nice style in 2015, then it went downhill

No. 398696

File: 1555273674659.jpg (78.13 KB, 1041x945, hooughplease.jpg)

holy shit i know them, i was in a server where their partner (someone kin with sasori from naruto) was sharing abuse stories. gorgeheist apparently dated tons of sasoris and everyone was abusing each other. they posted images of their sex talk lol gorge has a feederism thing

No. 398701

i'm so fucking confused by both of these posts
this is the definition of chaotic evil

No. 398704

File: 1555275678828.png (329.83 KB, 921x1280, feederdai.png)

I could actually post more but idk if this is the right place for it
they have so much horrible art tho posting that is fun enough

No. 398706

I could have lived my whole life happily never knowing this drawing existed. But, well, here we are. Excuse me while I reflect on my life choices that led up to this.

No. 398710

At least she finally toned down that nose. But what happened between 2012 and 13?

No. 398713

File: 1555277927678.jpg (56.91 KB, 511x511, 56862398_2273994456175037_6930…)

Emilia's nose so blended into her deformed face you can barely see it anymore.

No. 398716

what the hell is going on with rem and emilia's tits??? dear god.

No. 398717

…are the white haired girl and blue haired girl sharing a boob or am I losing my mind?

No. 398718


I had the same question! But I'm gonna go ahead and assume blue hair girls boob is behind white haired girl's.
Or they're just conjoined.

No. 398719

It's not, I think you're thinking of polterheiist
I-is this… Polyamory

No. 398727

Me and my friend are so close it's like we're attached at the tit! Wait- what do you mean that's not the right saying?

No. 398738

What about Ram(?), the poor girl's arm looks fucked up and her thigh is… wait no, that's Emilia's thigh. And her spine looks fucked too.

No. 398749

Shit, you're right, that's one long ass spine. You would think with all her tenure sakimi would be able to pick up the snake spine she drew on Emilia

No. 398762

I don’t understand, are they sitting?? Standing?? One is standing the others are sitting?? This drawing is all over the place, I feel like her drawings for years now have been screaming that she wants off this ride

No. 398765

She has a point cuz all those dolls are like super lazy and cheap compared to like other lines of dolls that vary their colors and don’t use the same face mold. They’re bargain basement broken Blythe ripoffs anyway

No. 398769

File: 1555289023217.jpeg (327.04 KB, 1242x469, 38D92671-3BB5-4AE6-8573-4C3BE2…)

Honestly I’m digging their new banner and icon. If their content picks back up I’ll happily subscribe again, their videos were very much ‘children’s tv budget presenter’ for a while, and I don’t need that in content I’d like to watch considering I’m not 9 years old - I genuinely miss their old format from their first 10 or so videos, I understand why they don’t go outside, but I miss how it was just watching two people hangout without them playing up really obnoxious personas.

No. 398770

Samefag but I’m very much enjoying the fact that this Arteza video seems to at least somewhat stem from Arteza not sponsoring them, I live for professional pettiness.

No. 398793

this fucks

No. 398798

This is the belle delphine of art.

No. 398813

File: 1555300502530.jpeg (21.58 KB, 236x175, A0599536-3175-4C5B-8817-204496…)

The long spine is only a step away from this

No. 398828

oh god you are right, I hadn't noticed !
I wonder how she can both render so well and not see such huge anatomy mistakes when she probably works tens of hours on these pieces.

No. 398832

Sakimi-Chan sold her soul to normies years ago. Seriously, she just makes things that look impressive to the general public, aka people who have no clue how art works, and makes serious bank off low effort yet excessively rendered crap.
I won't even pretend I'm not jealous cause damn if I could be in her position I totally would.

No. 398833

Rendering doesn’t equate to good drawing skill. Lots of these anime artists focus more on rendering than the base drawing. It’s hilarous

No. 398875

She's shown to be able to draw anatomy well but she just .. doesn't

No. 398880

Maybe she never studied extensively so she can't draw anatomy correctly without a reference and now she's too lazy to use them

No. 398885

It's neither. She obviously has skills and knows anatomy even without references, it's just that she draws several pictures a day where she only spends couple of hours on each. Couple that with not really having to give a fuck about how anything looks and you got those results. Remember that she posts everyday plus has constantly new patreon rewards an what else she does on the side. That woman is like a fucking machine.

No. 398989

For all we know she has proxies that do some of the sketches and she just finishes it up. It's not too much of a stretch considering her output.

No. 399049

It's self-aware!

No. 399058


was just gonna post this!

I'm torn. it's good to hear her be honest about how she feels about stuff, etc, and a promise of fewer 'drawing by holding an eyebrow pencil in my mouth while following a hack from pinterest' videos is good…

but the reason your art is bad Rae is because you think that copying a photo exactly is 'art', because your drawings are super tight and stiff, and because you have a bizarre conception that art is divided up into 'realism' and 'illustration' and that is super restrictive. that pink hair drawing is not great but it's more interesting to look at that that horrible tight thing next to it

No. 399074

Oh cry me a river about having to post ONE video A WEEK.

No. 399089

Ok so basically she admitted to skimping out on the art because she wanted that youtube muns with less effort on her part- and now she's going back to realism and oil painting because she was stressed out and asked her fans what she should do? Haha, what a liar.
The only reason she's going back to her roots is because she wasn't making money or getting views.
Bet you that if her views didn't decline so badly she would have continued with the "EPIC ART HACKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL UWU IM SO QUIRKY" type of vids.
A+ for that "i cant believe im crying" in the middle there Rae, totally genuine sounding and not sympathy seeking at all

No. 399093

Holly shiiiit !!
Seriously Rae … are actually serious !!
Why do these youtubers make such a big deal out of creating ONE artwork every week ! It's nothing … NOTHING ! And the whole video editing part … they turn on the camera .. record .. move the camera .. record .. record audio.. and just splice everything together! They don't do any interesting camera works .. there's no b-roll .. no nice edits.. no interesting angles no color grading …. nothing !
With a good computer the type of editing they do takes only a couple of hours. The art is boring as sin … most PROFESSIONAL artist make a realistic portrait with coloured pencils in half a day … God I'm so pissed!

No. 399100

Points for slight self awareness but that nose is pissing me off lol

No. 399105

The nose with only one nostril lmao
I hate those fucking drips, they look nothing short of nasty

No. 399108

lol nope. no sympathy at all. one video a week is not hard. sweetheart, if i can post new illustrations 5 times a week to insta, ontop of my 40 hrs a week job, and get my associate's degree, you can do one video a week. if you run out of ideas, just copy other youtubers, you all are basically the same anyway. think your losing your touch? so was robin, and she did a video about relearning skills and how to do that. she makes videos about an artist journey. you make clickbait that no one is falling for anymore. you could have just changed your tone and moved on like a normal person. but no, you have to fake cry to get brownie points from your autistic fanbase cause losing youtube means getting a typical job. and your snowflake ass doesnt want to cause 'youtube is my dream uwu'

No. 399109

File: 1555369521083.jpg (1.46 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190416-010427_You…)

What is it with her and those drips anyway? They always look like an accident

No. 399110

It's a popular motif with the Pinterest -IG-"illustration" crowd

No. 399111

What is even happening with that nose, the other side is missing!

No. 399113

It's a profile nose instead of a 3/4 profile one. Rae showing off that lack of basic proportion knowledge

No. 399128

The fact that this is most likely heavily referenced from a photo (because she can't draw any other way) makes this even sadder.

No. 399130

This whole post is really fucking cringey, well done you’re overworking yourself - agreed that one video a week isn’t hard when that’s your only responsibility, but you being a workaholic doesn’t somehow make you better lmao you just have the opposite issue

No. 399140

not really. 40hrs of work is only 8 hrs a day. 2-4 hrs a day for class, 2-3 for homework, 1-2 hrs for art, at minimum thats 7 hrs of sleep a night if managed properly. my 2 days off were always my days for classes and relaxing. my social life has been entirely digital since middle school. and i have my degree now, so all i have to do is go to work and then come home because i worked hard to get to this point. overwork would be another job, or being a parent, or some other task, which now, with my degree, i can do. having 3 responsibilities everyday is not that hard. i'd argue its needed, for structure if nothing else.

maybe that is what some of these tubers need, something that gets them out of the house and gives them more structure. bartenders are always in need, could be some good art inspo there.

No. 399149

>YouTube is my career now
Ok Rae

No. 399151

Also not to white knight or whatever, but Waffles uploads every week with a fucking illness and I’ve never seen her make a 14 minute video complaining about hurrdurr my life is hard. It really shows how lazy you are.
>hurr I can’t express myself :((
Shut the fuck up, also hi Rae, we know you lurk here.

No. 399154

If cranking out a video a week is difficult, and you're making some bank off of this, maybe hire someone to edit, or make thumbnails.

Or, better yet, if doing a video a week is getting difficult, take a hiatus from posting for a little bit, and make a buffer. part of being a business/brand is planning and occasionally doing shit in advance so you don't get fucked later.

No. 399158

Lol are you trying to be try hard cringe cuz this is some r/iamverysmart shit anon

No. 399159

nah, im a fucking dumbass. Cs get degrees. all im saying is rae is complaining about how much time it takes to make a youtube video and has to sacrifice her art for it, when she only makes one a week. it sounds like a mismanagement of time more than anything. but hey, if you wanna post this on reddit, link it so i can give you an upvote.

No. 399161

whinging about 1 video/piece of art per week? for real? most people work 40-60 hour work weeks, not including commute times, at completely soulless jobs where no one gives a fuck about them, and this bitch can't take a couple hours per day of drawing (her passion, supposedly) and editing ONE video? Hell, there are even content creators that work a 9-5 on top of putting out at least 1 video a week. but I'm supposed to feel bad for Rae??

I'm seriously so tired of this culture of entitlement that surrounds youtubers. like you have to work for your views/money? what a novel fucking concept.

No. 399169

Rae is a lazy moron for sure but people can have social lives without tryhards implying to be relevant you have to eat breath and sleep productivity. Maybe chill lol.

No. 399174

I just can’t with those drips.

Also it kinda annoyed me that she was filling the background with those tiny 1/2 inch brushes

No. 399179

it was a personal comparison to rae and only rae, why are you so butthurt? if what works for me doesnt work for you, it doesnt make me better, and it doesnt make you worse, or vice versa.

at least we can agree that rae has no need to complain, and her situation is of her own creation. can we stop this dick measuring contest please?

No. 399181

Tbh I'm not complaining anon jus gave me hardcore 2k17 Holly feels

No. 399182

I really wanna find out what paints she's using so I can avoid them, I thought I saw an Etude student tube but I don't know what brands are easily available at her local hobby lobby or Walmart

No. 399186

You’re the one who started this whole dick measuring contest anon by feeling the need to go on about how much more you do than here but go off

Regardless what is with the lazy entitlement that a lot of youtubers have, I don’t see other social media influencers/workers have the same attitudes. I rarely see someone even on Instagram whining about how much work they have to put in compared to youtubers and that’s saying something considering the type of people that are drawn to being insta influencers.

No. 399199


What are you talking about? Many Youtuber/Instagramer are whinning the whole time about how stressed out they are uploading every week. They complain that they need at least one day alone to cut their effortless videos. Its like burnout is an Influencer illness

No. 399203

There is no time for travelling, washing, makeup, resting, leisure/cinema/whatever in there, and 7 hours a night sleep is not actually enough when you are burning the candle at both ends as you seem to be. Digital social life doesn't sound too healthy either. Striking a balance between living life on the edge and barely doing anything all week seems more correct.

No. 399210

The post specifically states that youtubers whine a lot?

I don’t think it’s the posting itself that causes the burnout of influencers as much as it is the constant need to engage with their audiences, but I’m sick of youtubers constantly going on about how hard it is when they chose this job and nothing is stopping them from changing careers

No. 399215

Lol chill I'm not the same anon ffs stop being so sensitive lol

No. 399216

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here but you've never edited a video have you

No. 399222

editing one video a week when you have 0 other work obligations is not that labor intensive. plenty of other youtubers do it without acting like it's the worst job in the world.

No. 399223

I’m aware it’s difficult but it doesn’t warrant constant complaining when that is their literal job that they chose for themselves and shouldn’t burden their audiences with their nonstop whining

No. 399225

>it was a personal comparison to rae and only rae, why are you so butthurt? if what works for me doesnt work for you, it doesnt make me better, and it doesnt make you worse, or vice versa.

Made it sound like you’re the anon who felt the need to talk about how they overwork themselves and I’m not sure how pointing out that they begun the whole thing is sensitive, but again go off

No. 399227

I definitely do agree that if you choose youtube as your career you kinda gotta deal with the shit that comes with it but I would also say that this idea of "if I can do it, you can do it" is not healthy towards anyone. The world is created to be industrial (work 9 to 5) and it's created that way because majority fits into that mold but just like there's a group, there's also going to be a deviants from that group. Some of these people turn out to become successful millionaires because they break the mold and create something new and innovative but sadly most people just fall between the cracks wondering what the hell to do with their lives. Artistic spaces used to be mostly for these deviants, for them to be productive in their own way but now when you look around to see what types of artists are the most popular, it's always the people working 9-5, same with youtube, instagram or anything else really. I think the issue is that a lot of these people who do youtube etc, are the deviant type of people getting stuck into the industrial norm and not even realizing it, creating all kinds of trouble.

Anyway I think adam duff made a good video about this, so I'll just link it. It's a nice 40 minutes but works just great as a background noise while you do something else.

No. 399229

This is a great post Anon. I agree completely. Taking the people who deviate from the norm and then trying to push them back into a normal structure again while making art? It explains the lack of creativity I see in popular art these days. How can someone churn out artwork every day to fit a specific schedule, but be innovative at the same time? They can't, and a lot of artistic skill and talent is wasted with people churning out thoughtless people-pleasing art to a schedule. I will have to watch that video you linked.

No. 399248

you're right, but if you're a youtuber who falls into this niche then either you keep a regular schedule or you lose views and money. that's really all there is to it. if it doesn't suit you then you need to find another career that will fit around how you work best. social media is cutthroat, if you can't put out content regularly, you won't get views, which means you won't get money. the people who skyrocket to fame by going viral or hopping on a trend need to realize this.

No. 399308


Editing videos and recording can be a tedious process. I can post one artwork a week but it takes forever to actually record because you have to make sure that everything is perfect. Once you hit record, you are stuck there. You have to be careful when you move the camera to not disrupt it too much, you have to skim through hours of footage (depending on how long you took) and edit out anything that isn't interesting/where you aren't speaking.

Editing videos is a whole different monster to tackle than uploading artwork once a week lmao

No. 399311

Rae’s videos aren’t exactly cinematic. They’re one camera angle. Voiceover. with a decent computer editing like hers shouldn’t be taking more than 8 hrs tops even if you got a lot of footage. It’s her full time job. She should be filming-editing full time.
Yes, she’ll get burnt out, but who doesn’t get burnt out with their jobs? A lot of youtubers either suck it up or hire editors. If she has no time to do art (not that it’s that good anyway), she needs to find somebody who’ll edit videos for her so she can churn out more one nostril paintings.

No. 399313

Editing videos is often all these people do though, they have no responsibilities on top of it. Doing the dishes is time consuming and a pain in the ass too but I don’t feel the need to constantly whine about it because no one wants to hear it, it’s tactless how much they go on about it as though all work isn’t tedious and time consuming

Again they chose this line of work by themselves, if they can’t pump out a single video every week or two which is quite a reasonable amount then it’s time they look towards different career paths. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t actually take that long for someone to record and edit a single video compared to more traditional work, even casual workers are expected to put in more hours. I’m against the idea that people should spend majority of their time working but one days worth of editing and maybe another on top of that filming is really nothing - that leaves 5 whole days for you to spend just doing admin here and there and the rest is free if you’re not a retard and can actually manage your time.

No. 399315

Exactly. Time management. Also one shouldn’t film, edit and post video same week imo. There should be some prerecorded videos you have time to edit while simultaneously filming new ones. Then it’s pretty streamlined.

No. 399401

File: 1555445510949.png (178.69 KB, 627x331, chloesocial.PNG)

yeah. hands up who looks at chloe and mistakes her for a teenager

No. 399403

she acts like a child, maybe that is what she's going for. 'people think im a kid after spending five minutes with me, lol, im so quicky and fun XD'

No. 399415


Not to be that person, but as someone who works from 9h to 19h doing a a creative job I find all these youtubers complaining about posting 1 video a week a big joke TBH

I actually gave making youtube videos a go last year and I perfectly understand how filming and editing is both very physically and mentally tiring, as well as time consuming, so if you’re not that passionate about it it can really drag you down. Do you know what I did though? I stopped posting videos and got a job I actually enjoyed.

Yeah it sucks to work long hours but it sucks a lot more to be stuck doing something you don’t actually love for money, which is what a lot of these people are clearly doing.

Honestly fuck their pity parties lmao

No. 399418

also doesn‘t Rae live with her family? Then she probably doesn‘t even have to do chores, at least she seems that kinda white suburban kid

No. 399445

she moved out to live with her boyfriend recently I think.

wanna hear Emily and Rae discuss that time someone put Rae on r/delusionalartists? then it's your lucky day

No. 399450

I know that Kasey is constantly picked apart here for her shitty personality, but I honestly do appreciate that she dabbles in lots of different mediums and will more often than not have complete illustrations unlike most arttubers, to me she’s in this limbo of being neither good nor bad because her good worth ethic and bad attitude cancel each other out

No. 399455

I'd like her a lot more if she wasn't so sour and stubborn sometimes. Her style isn't my taste but I do think she's talented.

The only thing childlike about Chloe is her obsession with Disney. She has a very dry sense of humour that doesn't come off as quirky or childish at all. That profile is either a hard cope or an attempt at a humblebrag.

No. 399474


It's interesting that you posted Adam Duff's video here because I was just thinking about how I used to really like listening to his videos.

I say 'used to' because he has a lot of good advice if you can stick around for it. The rest of it is him waxing poetic about how long he's been a professional and 'trust me, i've been doing this for well over 30 years now'. Maybe I shouldn't have listened to more than one of his videos back to back, but his talks can get kind of longwinded, braggy and meandering, for me at least.

No. 399503

Hahha I’m kinda same, haven’t listened much of his stuff for a while. I like him as a person and the fact that he’s the kinda guy who didn’t ”make it” till very late in his life and is now trying to help people in same situation. My problem with his videos are the same as yours, they can get kinda long and say a lot without saying much. When he gets to the point, I think he’s very good and backs up his arguments well, even if there’s stuff I don’t always agree with him. Like I feel he’s sometimes too soft on artists when you’d need to just tell people how it is. But otherwise he seems like a nice guy, I find him to less braggy and more just trying too hard to be reassuring to people but maybe that’s just the canadian in him.

No. 399563

I'm not sure that she should get points for using different mediums when this is a subscription box opening. A lot of art youtubers use different mediums when they're opening these boxes or doing a ridiculous "art challenge" where they use cheap/gimicky supplies or something similar. These are the only videos of Kasey's that don't use watercolors that immediately come to mind. She admits in this video that she hasn't used poscas in a while, and 90% of the time she's using watercolors.

She also doesn't always have complete illustrations. I watched one of her turning snack inspired videos earlier today and she flat out says that when she makes these videos she just makes characters, not illustrations. The last thread's op image was one of her 7 deadly sins designs and I sure wouldn't call that a complete illustration. (also sidenote: in this linked video she states multiple times that her designs weren't creative. i am amazed that she recognized that, acknowledged it out loud, didn't fix the problems in her art and designs, and left her comments in for her audience to hear. it just underscores how little she cares about this.)

No. 399582

>more often than not have complete illustrations
Key words being more often than not, I didn’t claim they’re always finished illustrations

But she does sew, uses poscas, has done digital work extensively, did those paper cutouts for a while, among other mediums and there’s nothing wrong with an artist having a preferred medium I was just pointing out that it’s nice that she’s dabbled with multiple things and doesn’t just buy the supplies then drop them immediately like a lot of other arttubers

And while I’m certainly not a stan you can’t just post a single video as though it will discredit the fact she does a lot of illustrations when just one upload prior to yours it’s a finished illustration which is a running theme for her channel. Also, I’m honestly not surprised that Easter themed Weeb snacks drawings aren’t particularly creative, it’s a sponsor that has nothing to do with the channel and approaches just about anyone much like loot box did a while back - I still prefer even videos like this in comparison to everyone licking Arteza’s asshole even though their products are shite

No. 399635

she recently did an entire series of illustrations with her iPad and also dabbled in copics. not going to say she's super diverse but she's been trying lately, at least.

tbh I like the videos where they use everything in the sub boxes. probably my favourite waffles videos are the sub unboxing ones.

No. 399638

I think it also should be kinda appreciated that she atleast doesn’t draw the same shit over n over. She tries to experiment with subject matter a little more than people like appleminte who just draw girls who all look exactly the same

No. 399644

I like that Kasey tries different subjects. I just hate it when it's some element or other that she doesn't like and she just goes on and on about how she doesn't like it. She can get really insufferable in some videos and that puts me way off.

No. 399651

Yeah, that’s kinda why I feel she’s neither good nor bad, I’d say she’s a good artist because she’s diverse, can visualise stories and concepts well, obviously understands a lot of fundamentals even if her anatomy can often be wonky but she’s bad as an entertainer because of her shit attitude and how much of a downer she can be which dampens the whole experience significantly

I feel like if she worked on her public speaking and general social skills a lot of the issues that are brought up here often would be close to nonexistent, she should at least consider putting up a more pleasant public persona

No. 399669

The mystery art supply boxes may be gimmiky and you may dislike them but implying they aren't 'real' art supplies or that they don't count as a new medium when used to make an illustration is fucking stupid lol.

No. 399805

anyone else feel like NerdECrafter is sponsored by Sophie and Toffee? she uses their products ALL THE TIME

No. 399806

her video she posted today felt like an ad for sophie and toffee

No. 399807


Plus the fact that she usually has nothing less than a glowing review of their products… there's no way there's no association there

No. 399809

it kinda felt like she did the review on the kawaii whatever craft box JUST to do this review of Sophie and Toffee saying Sophie and Toffee is a better box lmao

No. 399828

File: 1555552737838.jpg (582.46 KB, 1080x1568, 20190417_185546.jpg)

So there's this old photograph of wwii japanese propaganda going around, and people are retweeting it because yasss gotta be woke againat the white people. So someone called out these people, and funny enough, the artist who whitewashed beau from another thread commented saying it was aesthetic.

No. 399829

File: 1555552780067.jpg (442.05 KB, 1080x1592, 20190417_185559.jpg)

The white washing artist / my2k saying how aesthetic this post is. Despite Japan's crimes.

No. 399833

wow, its almost like people can be shitty no matter their color of skin! marvel concept to people like ms jessica over here, but hey. ya live ya learn. or deny to keep your fragile worldview consistent

No. 399847


Went to twitter search and found this conversation. I'm surprised she's acting so childish about it. Just own up to being insensitive and move on?

No. 399926

Prepare yourselves for a future wave of arteza's alcohol marker reviews showing up on famous artTubers
(No milk there, just a video for illustration. I like that despite the price the set comes with a case)

No. 399941

Lol she says there are lots of "rainbow colors" bitch what other colors. Brown and gray? Okay? Just seemed like a dumb observation lol. Maybe she means super saturated colors

No. 399948


Oh boy here we fucking go.
Ive been dreading the alcohol markers ever since I first started seeing them on IG. I wished I could block every instance of the word "arteza" on YouTube.

The only things I have from them anymore is the paper and the shitty watercolor sketchbook that flip flops its texture every other page. (no wonder they give you two of them, they're shit tier). Had the gouache but ended up just giving them away and getting holbein acryla gouache. Arteza gouache was OK to learn on, but in the long run they were difficult to open and reuse even after cleaning the tubes.
Too many art tubers are wasting their time reviewing sub par student grade products.

No. 400018

This is honestly a pretty solid character design video. It’s simple, yet informative and personally, the best part is that it’s not intimidating. I feel like when I watch other videos covering the same topic but other professionals, it feels like you’re suppose to know what to do already since they never start from ground-up.

No. 400022

Just finished the first batch of commissions (6) I've ever done and I'm not sure if I want to do it again. The extra money is nice but it was honestly grueling. Everyone was happy with the outcome but the anxiety of wondering if they'd like it through the entire process kind of ruined it for me.

No. 400042

I feel you, anon.
Commissions are definitely a stress. I try and include my clients for a lot of the process so that they have the opportunity to pitch in early if they want any adjustment (saves time, stress and effort for me in the long run).
It definitely gets easier the more you do and the more confident you become (in your art and in handling clients). Plus the more you have in your portfolio, the more comfortable you can feel in that the client knows what to expect of you.
But the nerves don't go away- I always feel jittery when sending a picture of the finished piece for approval, but I also feel really great when a client is over the moon with their piece. That makes everything worth it!

Commissions aren't for everyone though although I feel that's where the money's at. Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps try selling originals and prints?

No. 400074

I do have a couple people on a "waitlist" of sorts so I might open up like 4 slots next month and see if that helps at all. I've never bothered trying to sell prints or anything because I don't do much fanart and feel like people wouldn't buy them, but I guess I could try with a couple of popular pieces and see how it goes.

No. 400159


I sell originals when people ask for them but I honestly have no idea how to go about doing it properly/in an organised way. every option seems full of minefields - Etsy seems like a nightmare, but opening a shop of my own would mean having to promote it entirely myself, and I have no idea how to do that except social media. which isn't going to be enough… I don't know.

No. 400198

File: 1555685394656.gif (451.61 KB, 335x288, 62A440A6-8E15-4F29-87A1-A28ED0…)

A happy arthoe vent, I have two exhibitions lined up, one of which being a pretty big fucking deal as it’s in a place with high foot traffic, is a solo show and I’ll have a launch event along artist workshops. I’m stressed out about getting enough pieces done for both and organising the workshops, but honestly, I happily welcome this sort of stress as t means my art career is finally starting to get off the ground and I can start considering myself to be an emerging artist rather than just aspiring/hobbyist

No. 400207

good for you anon. hoping the best for you.

No. 400212

Thanks anon, means a lot tbh

No. 400242

Best of luck anon. If you ever get too stress, don't forget to sleep, drink water, and take things one step at a time.

Woke culture is a mistake and it does nothing but humiliate well-meaning liberal activists.

No. 400288

1. Thank you kindly for that gif I love it.
2. Congratulations! As much as it means from a random anon at an imageboard I wish the best for you and your art. My shriveled little black heart is genuinely happy whenever an artist who loves their craft gets recognition.

No. 400445

woah what a cunt, bet she is the kind of person who would carelessly call people nazis

No. 400463

No. 400465

File: 1555731909867.png (2.82 MB, 2048x1536, 017EA430-6FB8-476E-A6C5-66C743…)

Finished piece, tracing her basic outline would’ve helped the proportions

No. 400496

> no more stupid challanges! just art!
> 3 days later

The funniest part about this is how she drew her own makeup look on it.

No. 400522

To be fair she recorded this in advance, still I have a hard time believing she won’t use challenges as a crutch for content

No. 400535

It's so wonky and that ear looks like a piece of chewed gum.

No. 400536

I don’t understand artists who won’t consider themselves artists unless they can entertain a crowd. That’s entertainment, not art. You already were an artist when you started expressing your ideas. Now that those ideas appeal to the masses, you’re an emerging entertainer. Congrats on that. But don’t judge your artistry on what others think or imma be mad.

No. 400547

File: 1555763441588.jpeg (436.9 KB, 1242x882, 50AC2BC9-29E5-45C2-A23D-78139F…)

Having a gallery show doesn’t make me an entertainer, I’m not doing a performance of any kind - I’m receiving recognition for my work. Emerging artist most definitely fits this scenario, words do have meanings anon

Art careers are entirely dependent on audiences otherwise I’ll make no money off of it, expressing myself is all well and good but it doesn’t pay the bills

I also never said that I wasn’t an artist? I specifically said emerging artist as that is the next step of my career, whereas before I would have very much just been a hobbyist

No. 400553

File: 1555764530026.png (440.68 KB, 531x397, chloe.PNG)

that's what happens when you try to copy a photo when you have little understanding of the form of what the photo is of.
mind you what Chloe made was just as bad.

No. 400575

Since the mushroom house was unplanned I wouldn't expect it to be anything special. Rae on the other hand always talks a big talk on the topic of her charcoal portraits, when they look to be made by a 14 year old.
I wish she would do studies of a wide variety of noses, ears, and mouths so her skills might match her confidence someday

No. 400585

Does anyone know anything about the youtube artists collective? looking at their facebook page, the number of members seems to have shrunk a lot. I know Hullo Alice left because of time etc, but was wondering what happened to the others… hoping for some gossip I guess.

No. 400593

File: 1555775217717.png (600.66 KB, 908x667, 2019-04-20_174604.png)

what rae needs is to stop using references so heavily, it doesn't seem to benefit her. she really needs to start dabbling in creative pieces instead. she needs to learn how to conceptualize an idea of her own and put it down on paper. the one millionth copy of some generic stock photo from pinterest is mediocre and it would still be mediocre if done well.

No. 400594

samefag, just thought to add i do realize that's chloe she's drawing on the screencap i posted

No. 400597

sage for non milk but this just popped up in my recommended and it's cool to see actual skilled people at their craft. Wish there was more of it on youtube.

No. 400598

Girl look how orange you fucking look girl

No. 400605

If this isnt proof that she traced 80% of her portraits idk what is. Ive got nothing against tracing but it drove me drazy when rae would pretend to freehand drawings that were clearly traced

No. 400652

These eggs are boring as hell and I hate how she frames herself as some kind of masterful artist that couldn't possibly "stoop" to traditional egg decorating

No. 400657

mildly related, i got into an argument with this artist when she was more relevant on tumblr some years ago because she was asserting that people should be tipping every food service employee they interact with. i think she was a barista or ice cream girl at the time. not like, a waitress…just someone who preps and hands you your shit. i’m not surprised she’s on twitter acting entitled, seems true to form.

No. 400676

I've been super inspired by Robin's latest videos. I've been in a creative slump for awhile and her artist recommendations have been helping in giving me ideas on how to shake things up. What you all think?

No. 400706

File: 1555805461663.png (303.85 KB, 358x409, danicahades.PNG)

totally agree, I love Robin, I really like how experimental she's being and how she shows us her progress and her thought processes. not everything she does is super great and therefore her videos are so much more interesting and informative.

contrasted, not impressed with Danica's ytac piece - a head and shoulders portrait, when the subject has so much potential?

No. 400707

Yes! It would have been interesting to see him on a throne with Persephone or him overlooking the underworld from a cliff. Also, I wish she would have tried giving him a "Greek" nose to add some variety.

No. 400720

Something is off about the brow/browbone, looks like the brow is drooping right into the socket instead

No. 400755

Lol how is someone doing their job entitled. Don't tip if you don't want to but you sound like an ass

No. 400780

This is such an inoffensive video, you’re pretty pathetic to get worked up over something as mild as people not using store bought dyes

No. 400818

Hi golden

Seriously though no one else cringed at “as a creative..”? Shes trying so hard to be a parody but kasey when you actually do believe you’re such hot shit it doesn’t really come off as sarcasm.

No. 400822

>Hi cow

No. 400831

I feel like at this point some of y’all are just so desperate to find milk that you complain about videos that you don’t personally find entertaining. Yeah sometimes Kasey is a bit annoying /self centered but really? You can’t take a joke? I can’t imagine being you lol

No. 400833

This. It was so obviously a joke, yeah her delivery was really dry but that’s just how she talks - she’s monotonous. It’s not something that any offence should be taken over

If you guys are so desperate to rant about art and artists why not discuss one of the plethora of issues art communities have rather than nitpicking mediocre videos

No. 400836

Just watched the video, I think it’s really well made and all the talking points are well articulated. I enjoy hearing about other people’s inspirations and the artists they admire, I think that gives a very intimate peak into their creative process kinda like looking at sketchbooks (genuine sketchbooks, not Instagram/YouTube ones full of lazy illustrations) and thumbnails gives you a view of how they see the world and solve problems. I’d honestly like to see more videos like this from other youtubers, it would help humanise their bodies of work a lot and would force them to be more self-reflective

No. 400840

One of the worst parts about skillshare sponsorships is that all the videos are the same; a bastardised version of a skillshare video they spent a minimal amount of time on and just regurgitate all the points with nowhere near the amount of knowledge the original teacher had. They’re all such shit ads.

I’d personally be a lot more inclined to try out a service like skillshare if the videos were instead vlogstyle where I get to see the artists learning from the classes and applying all of the techniques over time and genuinely enjoying the process of learning. But with how similar all the videos are, in particular the scripts, I’m wondering if skillshare requires the artists to follow this specific formula? If so the marketing team is full of rarts and they need to figure out better strategies because from what I can tell from comments/engagement people really don’t respond well to these ads

No. 400856

I know we have decided to excise creepshow but she’s on r/delusionalartists for her merch

No. 400859

File: 1555860592894.jpeg (443.53 KB, 1125x586, 8943326E-B09E-4528-92E6-36DAD1…)

Corny ass bitch

No. 400895

All of the comments are supportive. What the fuck?

No. 400918

No. 400919


Honestly I think one of her friends or fans posted this on reddit. It's just too convenient that she posted a video about that sub recently and then this happens. This whole thing seems like a setup they did. I just think they're that desperate for attention.

No. 400931

The original poster seems defensive in the comments so who knows

No. 401000

I hate to say but I do believe the girl to be in on setting up a series of topics with people to make it appear bigger than it actually is.
It wouldn’t be the first time a collaboration of you tubers all collectively agreed to post something in selective order to get drama out of it. Honesty, it’s disgusting

No. 401001

what a transparent way of self promoting on reddit, how is that thread not deleted for obvious self post?

i bet this move was "inspired" by rae talking about being posted on that exact same subreddit on emily's video recently

creep, your views tank not because not enough people have heard about you but because you keep drawing the same ugly ass girl every video and you're very annoying to listen to, get a clue

No. 401002

I mean, I hate to say, but sites like these do promote artists

No. 401014

I agree with the lack of progress, same content, lack-of-self she produces out there, but I personally do believe that a lack of publicity dawning on artists like her is a problem too.
Actually, in this case, it’s not much of a problem because bringing attention to artists like Creep who thrives on envy and expects attention for it, is actually one of the reasons why I don’t appreciate the direction most entertainment platforms are moving these days.

No. 401030

I feel like I've seen every youtube sponsorship there is. Skillshare, nordvpn, squarespace, wix, curiositystream, crunchyroll, 5 dollar shave club, blue apron… etc etc. It really does seem to be the same script for every youtuber. I don't mind people making their coin but it's aaaalways the same companies doing it. Not to mention of course the ~not sponsored!!!~ videos, love those. I love it when a youtuber gets on camera only when they want to sell me something.

No. 401079

Creepshow has other channels. She's cringey and stupid in all of them and you can tell she does it for the attention and to appeal to the edgier crowds.

No. 401080

Creepshow has other channels. She's cringey and stupid in all of them and you can tell she does it for the attention and to appeal to the edgier crowds.

No. 401097

What are her other channels?

No. 401102

File: 1555912840740.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2442x2128, FA70CE3F-A2F3-42B6-A7E3-C6366A…)

I wish I didn’t live in a rental so I actually set up a nice cosy studio, I’m not even allowed to drill in the walls which makes storage difficult

No. 401119


I feel you too anon. I don't often open commissions because I know it drains the hell out of me. I can't even bring myself to draw a straight line after doing some.

But having money is nice.


anime is an effective propaganda

No. 401125

I promise it gets easier anons. My problem is that it's gotten TOO easy and I worry that by taking commissions consistently I'm stagnating and experimenting less. I've done about 2 dozen in the last 3 months. I just looked at them all side by side and while my clients were happy I feel like I could have pushed myself more…I think I've fallen into the trap of fixating on "style".

No. 401185


I know how this feels. As soon as I closed commissions this month, so that I can draw stuff that actually makes me happy, is when they figure they start asking. I hate finicky crowds and bad timing.
It isn't like I'm hurting for money, but where the fuck were all these people when I was struggling??

No. 401267

Most likely following other artists that were filling their niche interests. Its hard when starting out, because you have to cater to an audience who have very specific interests, like fan art, etc. You finally met those interests and they are hooked. Another artist will come and they will get hooked unto them too.

No. 401329

>I could draw stuff that actually makes me happy

god, yeah. it's such a huge relief to be able to pick up my tablet and draw whatever I want for once after a month of commissions. I'd love to be a machine like a lot of commission artists I know but nothing beats just drawing for yourself after a long stint of drawing other people's stuff.

No. 401350

How do you get commissions in first place? Do you need a big following for that? I would love to offer some, but I only have maybe 700 follower on Instagram and I fear no one would order. My art on the other hand is decent, and Im very critical on myself ^^'

No. 401351

YMMV but I didn't offer commissions until followers asked me to. I never thought my art was good enough to pay money for (still don't) so I never would've opened them without any prompting.

No. 401361

Same here. I had a few people contact me asking if I did commissions so I took a couple on and then word spread from there after they started featuring the work I'd done on their own IGs/social media feeds.

No. 401385

File: 1555984713662.jpeg (497.57 KB, 1072x1500, ADF3E565-98E4-43E0-8131-B3B8EC…)

I still want one of these stupid fucking advent calendars - I don’t need it, it’s way past Christmas, they’re only student grade paints, but god damn it do I want that novelty!

No. 401391

What the other anons said. If you're good, people will come to you and ask for commissions. Don't be afraid to advertise though, just don't be obnoxious.

Also speaking of drawing whatever you want here's a bit of a sperg: i wish it was profitable not to follow trends. I like to draw what i like, my own little fandoms, my OCs etc etc. But i can't help but feel like I'm missing out when i see these artists draw pretty IG girls and get lots of money… I think I'll just stick to drawing fanart.

No. 401402

Unpopular opinion, but not following trends is absolutely profitable as long as you’re a great artist. There are plenty of extremely niche artists out there content wise that are still popular even with the average art consumer and it’s because they’re really good and are clearly passionate about what they create, if a mediocre artist follows all the trends and is constantly up to date with what’s hot they still more likely than not won’t be all that successful.
Sorry, but if you’re not a GREAT artist you most likely won’t succeed regardless of if you follow trends or not and your best bet is to work hard and get better both creatively and technically

this wasn’t directed at you personally btw anon but more so the general consensus of ‘oh I would do sooo much better if I just followed trends!!!’ when majority of the time it’s a load of horse shit and the differences would be negligible in success/popularity

No. 401431

You're not wrong but I feel like it depends on what your interpretation of "successful" is. If you're looking to build a following you can definitely get by on making good shit but the steadier money comes from making commercially friendly shit. I've dabbled in both trendy pretty girl illustrations and more niche themes & subject matter…I get a good response from the latter but only seem to be able to move merch & prints of the former.

No. 401433


Mini ramble but I think the further away I got from trying to follow trends, the happier I got with not trying to cater to social media's standard or frequency. I feel like people try to rush the process of what they think success is by trying to keep up, but end up burning themselves out.
Short of participating in fun things like that recent relationship meme, or hopping in and out of a monthly art prompt, I don't think I have to draw yet another 'pretty gorl' or piece of fan art. I'm not in it for the numbers anymore, it's unhealthy. Sometimes it's easy to get sucked back in though.
Kinda just want to make my own stories now. It's tough without the fan art hook to get eyes on my work, but I guess I just have to be OK with that.

No. 401435

Artists who say they figure they should do something trendy/go where the money is at (furries/fanart) aren't wrong, but personally,
I don't know how much time and energy I really want to expend on creating things I'm not actually passionate about.
Like, if my goal is to make money off of what I love to do, why am I making things I don't care for? And if the things I care about aren't making me a living, I might as well just get a job to supplement that so I can build it up. Slower route but at least I'm not drawing another pastel pretty girl with a thousand yard stare for the millionth time, for likes and rts that don't even necessarily translate into money.
And I mean if that's some other artist's market or goal, more power to them. Everyone's got their own ideas about what "making it" means to them.

No. 401495

Thank you anons for the input, i think i feel more confident now. I'd say i feel the same as >>401435 as in it feels kinda soulless to limit yourself at what's hot at the moment instead of what you actually enjoy, you know? I want to start my own story too and i definitely notice the disparity of views when it comes to this. At the end of the day i don't know how people keep up with social media trends, it's insane! Some people know the algorithm so well they might as well be bots. I'm not even medium sized and i already feel my stomach turn when trying to keep up with it.

No. 401524


Then don't. I know a couple artists that wished they'd started sooner on their own stuff but weren't confident enough in their own ideas because social media pushed them into a more 'commercially viable' box. So many people start off with fan art/art trends but then get stuck. And unless keeping up with trends is all you wanna do, then don't sweat it. Just don't expect the views, shares, comments, etc. right away.

No. 401532

that's kinda sad, while following trends might be good in most cases it won't bring much interaction because of how oversaturated it is. if many artists are doing it, it gets repetitive and bland.

No. 401533

I just wanted to chime in that whats “trending” also tends to be pretty low skill level and easier to copy just because of the user base of Instagram. Watercolors and micron pens as opposed to oil paint and dip pens for example. Maybe tinfoiling but I think a lot of people on there are middle/high schoolers who follow popular artists to copy that stuff into their own sketchbooks to impress their friends.

No. 401537

Get off your high horse, how are watercolours ‘a lower skill level’ than oil paints. They’re two incomparable mediums because of just how different they are in both process and results, just because one is more accessible than the other to children doesn’t mean that it requires a lower skill level. That’s like saying coloured pencil work is lower in skill level because kindergarteners use them

No. 401558

haha, you could always buy a cotman set and unwrap one every day

No. 401574

Watercolour and microns aren't lower skill level, they're just more accessible so tend to saturate the market. A good watercolourist or line artist (who uses microns) is still hard to find, arguably harder simply because they're in a sea of relatively mediocre artists and using the same tags and going to the same events. Oil is not really more difficult, it's just more time consuming, expensive, and requires more safety precautions, so people don't tend to bother with it unless they're either super dedicated or had early exposure to it. A skilled oil painter isn't better than a skilled watercolour painter, it's just not as easy for young hobbyists to get into so there aren't as many mediocre oil painters with prolific instagram accounts.

No. 401616

I'd love to hear you tell a botanical watercolorist that their skill level is sub-par to that of an oil painter. If anything oil paints are amongst the easiest paints to work with considering it dries slowly and is easily workable, blendable, and changable.
Oil is just expensive and less safe than other pigment based paint and that's why it isn't as widely used by younger artists.

No. 401618

I'd love to hear you tell a botanical watercolorist that their skill level is sub-par to that of an oil painter. If anything oil paints are amongst the easiest paints to work with considering it dries slowly and is easily workable, blendable, and changable.
Oil is just expensive and less safe than other pigment based paint and that's why it isn't as widely used by younger artists.

No. 401640

Are all the anons here painters?

No. 401644

File: 1556038297264.jpg (286.77 KB, 1080x1606, 20190423_124826.jpg)

Like the artist did say to check out and @ another artist who actually knows what there doing but man it bothers me when artist who cant draw properly is giving a tutorial or teaching. Cause like, it's just passing on false info and now other artist who want to learn gonna fuck up more. Like look at the fookin man

No. 401651

Yep. Every single one of us. Definitely.

No. 401666

*look at the fookin -head- man.

No. 401676

This is so bad and off just HOW are people taking them seriously

No. 401718

That head is so deformed, looks like someone was about to draw a broken heart but stopped after one half and decided it kinda looked like a face instead

No. 401725

Ah yes, your average jo, a misplaced ear that’s 5 inches too high, no forehead, and no chin. Thanks for the informative tutorial.

No. 401726

"Draw a lumpy head" is my favorite part of this tutorial

No. 401765

Another Disney drawing, that’s something.

No. 401777

Oh anons you’re valid and loved and appreciated no matter what art medium you choose. But isn’t it just a fact that some mediums take more time to learn and money to set up? I’m saying something like oil and dip pens are not as accessible as watercolor and microns to a low skill artist, and that’s why there’s so much low skill watercolor art around. I don’t think watercolorist in general are hacks or anything, that’s not my point..

No. 401783

You’re very condescending. An artist grade watercolour palette still costs a lot to set up just as oils would, and both mediums take a lot of time and dedication to become proficient at. And a good brush is also expensive regardless of what medium it’s for

Again, it doesn’t take less skill to become proficient at one or the other, watercolours are just significantly more economically accessible due to there being more student ranges readily available and are also significantly less toxic than oils - just because something is more readily accessible to those starting out doesn’t mean it somehow takes less time or money to master it. Watercolour unlike oil is also portable which makes it a much more attractive option to a lot of high skill artists

Also, honestly, I can see why the vast majority of artists would go for other liners over dip pens, one of the big reasons being that they’re actually portable and also take up significantly less space which can be important to a lot of artists given the vast majority don’t have a dedicated studio space

Slaving away at a single painting because it takes months to dry also doesn’t mean that more productive time was involved during that process when someone using faster drying paints could’ve completed multiple pieces of the same skill level within that time.

No. 401788

>But isn’t it just a fact that some mediums take more time to learn and money to set up?
Sure, but money is mostly irrelevant to skill level. For time learning, oil itself doesn't really take much more time to learn than other paint mediums. The actual skill level between 'master' watercolour vs oil painters probably takes about the same time and dedication to build. They have such different skill sets that comparing them is pretty inaccurate, since both have their easier aspects, and both have their more difficult aspects.
>I’m saying something like oil and dip pens are not as accessible as watercolor and microns to a low skill artist, and that’s why there’s so much low skill watercolor art around.
Okay, maybe that's what you meant, but that is not what you said. The way you phrased it indicated that you thought watercolour required less skill than oil paint, and that's why it was trending. That statement is blatantly false, hence the backlash.

No. 401792

Why is everyone so fucking obsessed with Disney? Are the pretty girls all they can draw??

No. 401795

With Chloe it's extra weird since her skill level is higher with other stuff, like she's pretty good at realistic portraits. Definitely better than Rae, but she's so stuck doing mediocre and uninspired disney crap

No. 401796

I’m genuinely curious, with all the shit flinging ITT over it, what exactly do you anons tend to create that is leagues ahead of ‘pretty girls’. ‘Pretty girls’ seems to have just become the new ‘tumblr style’ in how dismissive it is, and I really doubt the majority of you don’t have an equally vapid comfort zone

No. 401800

I always thought the issue wasn't "pretty girls" so much as it was "pretty girls with unfocused stare and dull expression from the neck up" since that seems to be the common subject for popular IG and YT artists to default towards, but I could be wrong.

No. 401801

I personally dont give a fuck about people drawing pretty girls often, I mean thats been the status quo in art for literally hundreds of years lmao. What I have a problem with is people ONLY drawing pretty left facing cartoon/anime inspired girls with a blank stare and refusing to study other subjects then complaining about how their art has stagnated and they 'dont know why???' Haha.
As for me, my pretty anime girl facing left is big hulking monsters with lots of flesh and folds and fur, usually rendered in ink and watercolor. But I try to do studies on landscapes and anatomy as often as I can even if that shits boring to me.

No. 401804

Damn, if this wasn't an anonymous board I would have loved to see your art. From a fellow hulking monster lover to another.

No. 401821


Another monster loving artfucker, I wish I knew you both. Damn. The least I can hope is that I'm already following you.

But overall I think most of us are just sick of looking at these tired ass videos with these tired ass trends. Nothing has really budged in the art community except for maybe the technology. Most artists got copics, Wacom, ipads, some arteza crap, and it's all been reviewed from front to back with your choice of skill share or squarespace as a side.

No. 401856


totally an art youtuber lurking here but what would you want to see to make it better? do you tend to like studio vlogs more?

No. 401870


Hey art youtuber!
Yeah, personally I lean more towards studio/art vlogs. I like listening to what other artists are up to while I'm working and like to see how they carve out their personal space in the art community. What inspires their growth, what they're working on or doing, and how they're challenging themselves, and what things they'd be willing to share, like what art allies they're tabling at and what that's like. Stuff like that. It gives a personal touch and encourages a more organic engagement with their audience especially if that artist wants an opinion or needs help with something.

I'm over art challenge videos, art boxes, reviews and hauls. Unless I'm looking for a video review on an item in particular I don't tend to go looking for videos like those. And those "do this not that!" and most "storytime" art time lapses are kind of gimmicky and off the table for me too. I guess I'm looking for a more genuine experience.

I'd also like to see more artists actually going places to get inspired more. Not just sitting at a desk telling people they found out about this one thing, Google searched it and started drawing (although I can see accessibility/means being an issue for some folks in which that last point doesn't apply to them).

These are sort of the things I'm looking to make content for when I start back making art YouTube videos for myself. I hope I don't sound too picky but I just really prefer the casual, natural creative process. It doesn't even matter that the artist doesn't upload every week to me.

No. 401901

I love seeing artists process. My favorite is comics (from planning to paneling and inking) but so few comic artists are on YouTube which is a bummer. Understandable though cuz it's a long hours sort of gig.

No. 401914

NTAYRT but most people are just over sponsorship videos. They’re all the same, it’s the same few companies sponsoring everyone and the video formats are all pretty much exactly the same.

We get it, you need income, but it’s so goddamn offputting when someone just keeps uploading sponsorships and you’re obviously just viewed as a dollar sign rather than valued as a viewer

But like another anon said, studio vlog type videos are much more organic and tend to draw in an older crowd as it humanises the content creator and gives a sneak peak into someone’s creative process and their mundane life. Majority of the posters here are most likely in their twenties and above so we’re all over the shitty art challenges, ‘do this not that’ type tutorials, nonsensical story times and hauls (many here have expressed discomfort of constantly seeing compulsive shopping and hoarding). Honestly, if you lurk more and read through older threads anons have made very clear time and again what kind of content they enjoy and would like to see more of

No. 401933

The issue with this is that the content you guys all say you would prefer is low view content. People don’t watch that content for whatever reason, even if they already have an established audience. That content on average gets 50% less views, regardless of the youtuber.

Meanwhile, in terms of saying no to sponsorships. I’m a small art channel that gets only half of the views of these people, but getting sponsored means that a company is paying me 1,000 dollars to make a video, garuanteed. Which is important because YouTube’s algorithm is so weird that sometimes all I make in a month on youtube is 300 dollars.

People who say that we should say no to sponsorships are asking us to forfeit income for some kind of respect from a group of people online who rarely show respect to any one. I think it should be incorporated cleverly and not just “HERES AN ARTEZA REVIEW” but still, the idea that we should forfeit a healthy income to be respected is silly in my book.

No. 401937

Don't get me wrong, i draw pretty girls and pretty boys, but as the other anons said not always in the same vapid expression, neck up with kim kardashian makeup and lips, or with a generic anime artstyle. There are tons of artists that can draw aesthetically pleasing people but not in the same boring way. And i say this as the type of person that has a strong preference for japanese artists, you can often tell which ones just want to draw the same girl over and over, and which want to put effort into creating their own thing and honing their craft.
As for my little echo chamber i really just like to draw pinups. I love the feeling of drawing fat, muscles and skin mushing against each other. My color theory and landscape skills are weak so anatomy is probably how i cope.

No. 401942

As I said, we get that you need income but you need to understand things from the view of your audience - it’s offputting and annoying to be shoved ads all the time when YouTube is a space to unwind, if we wanted to see nonstop ads we’d be watching TV. You’re free to take sponsorships if you wish but your older audience is most definitely sick of it

As to the lower viewership for the types of videos anons here tend to enjoy, as I mentioned everyone here is most likely in their 20’s or above so we’re most likely not watching as many videos as younger viewers, and from what I can tell majority of the youtube art communities audience is made up of teenagers or very young adults who eat up challenge type videos or hauls because they’re easily consumed and kids tend to prefer straight to the point videos (not saying that’s a bad thing, but why do you guys even bother asking us what we’d prefer to see if you’re always justifying the type of content you create - just do whatever but then don’t be surprised when your videos draw in certain crowds)

As for the healthy income - sorry, but shit income is just part of being a youtuber unless you strike big or shill yourself out, and that’s 100% on you as you chose that career path knowing it’s not lucrative. Nothing is stopping you from doing things on the side, not everyone is going to make it in YouTube land

No. 401947

if it’s an in-video sponsorship, literally just skip ahead 30 seconds or whatever. if you hate ads get adblock or youtube premium if you’re one of those people who pearl-clutches over depriving muh precious content creators of 0.013$ for that ad view. problem solved.

No. 401949

They’re not just 30 second sponsorships, I couldn’t give less of a shit about those, I’m talking about the dedicated sponsor videos that are all the same shit

I’m also not going to chuck on Adblock since a few small ads are a non-issue as annoying as they are, I’m talking specifically about videos like skillshare or Arteza, sorry if that wasn’t clear. Don’t understand why art tubers come to an image board for advice in the first place, in particular a thread full of complaining about youtubers.

No. 401951

Why even bother make an interesting video drawing something with a theme, experimenting, doing a challenge… When you can just do a full sponsored video?!
I dont mind 30 sec sponsorships but damn these videos are annoying!
Especially when ive seen them for more than 100 times especially with skillshare

No. 401952


No. 401953

oh, my bad. i agree, this kind of video is annoying as fuck and honestly feels like watching one of those 30 minute commercials that come on at like 4 AM on cable tv.

No. 401984

I would like to see some artist work on the same drawing for longer than one video. Take me through the week, starting with the rough sketch, then show me how many different versions there were to get to the final piece. I think my number one thing with the art videos is they appear too polished and pre planned. When art videos start with the sketch already there, I dunno I just feel cheated out of what I find most interesting about the creative process. I could honestly care less about how someone renders something. I wanna know why you drew it in the first place.

No. 402000

Majority of youtube art pieces don’t take longer than a single day to finish though. And although I agree about the sketch thing, I also enjoy seeing the entire creative process and love seeing thumbnails and whatnot, I can see why they tend to be skipped - the sketch is often the most mentally taxing part of a piece and the added stress of having to ensure good lighting + angles seems like a pretty sure fire way to stifle creativity when sketches tend to happen spontaneously (honestly, my best sketches happen randomly it’s a bit unreasonable to expect someone to be able to just film at the drop of a hat)

No. 402001

I agree! Most of the time they dont try other palettes for the drawing or any other ideas, or even show us how they got to the final idea of the drawing. It would be nice to at least see some thumbnails or quick sketches of alternatives for the drawing…
It seems like an idea just pops in their head they immediately go with it, it also feels kind of lazy… maybe its just me.

No. 402003

>>402000 Well at least it would be nice to show the alternative sketches already done and maybe just explain the process of it

No. 402004

What do you all think of "banning" yourself from drawing things in an effort to push creativity? From personal experience, I find that if you don't let the phase pass through and get it out of your system it's harder to work on other projects.

No. 402006


If you're the same anon who asked for suggestions, I feel like I just wasted my breath. If not, even so, nobody here is asking you to forfiet your income. I know that the ways in which you present sponsored content is limited (read: stale) but you still have to meet your audience half way on it. It's a bit of a double edged sword: most teenagers who eat up the haul/challenge/review videos don't have money for your sponsors anyway, and the older audience, is sick of seeing skillshare and arteza and most likely won't be buying from you or have already gotten these products elsewhere.

Unless they just feel like supporting you in those ways, don't expect your audience to respond like it's a product they want.

For Christ's sake, we were JUST discussing social media and 'stuff you make to pander to an audience' vs 'stuff you actually like to make'. Folks forget youtube is still social media. If you wanna expend your energy trying to make some kind of income on YouTube by shoving ads and sponsorships in all the corners of your videos that's fine.

No. 402007

I don’t think it ever really works out well. I know people often say to go outside your comfort zone, and I typically agree but outright banning yourself from creating something you enjoy will more likely than not negatively impact your art in the long term by taking away the fun

Also, unpopular opinion, but comfort zones aren’t entirely a bad thing - they’re part of your artistic identity and help define your art and stylistic choices

No. 402008


Skillshare actually only asks for 30 seconds of talking, the rest of the video is up to the creator. Art youtubers like Minnie Small are just bad at blending those two elements together.

No. 402009

^^^ This. And as shitty as this sounds you’re not actually entitled to a liveable wage from youtube as you are not an employee nor even a contract worker, you’re uploading to a public platform with the POSSIBILITY of making profit, it’s not something you should expect.

No. 402011

yo i'm the anon art youtuber that initially asked for feedback, yeah that post you're replying to now wasn't me but yeah reading the responses are super helpful. It's just that art youtube is pretty niche compared to the other communities out there so it's really hard to turn away large sponsorships especially if you enjoy making videos but don't really have time for it or if you're not doing it full time like baylee jae or whatever. But honestly studio vlogs are probably easier on the 'real' artists out there on youtube since you dont have to come up with some cheesy tagline to try to seduce more audience, so I totally agree with you there and i'm glad to hear it. Would a 30 second skillshare shoutout + the rest being a studio vlog be fine?

No. 402015

NTAYRT but a video like that would be a lot less grating than the typical skillshare videos

Honestly what I personally would love to see is vlog style video where I get to watch from beginning to end someone learning something from skillshare and enjoying the process of incorporating the new technique into their artwork without it seeming forced, kinda like ‘oh, I just learnt about so and so and here’s me applying this technique to this piece! It didn’t turn out great so I’m gonna try again, I might even add my own twist this time around’ I just want it to be natural and for the youtuber to genuinely enjoy what they’re doing and be actively learning without trying to teach their audience (after all this is literally a skill they just learnt). I hate the skillshare videos where it’s a clumsily made tutorial based on a tutorial they just finished watching 30m who

I’m not sure if I’ve articulated well what I mean but hopefully my point gets across well

No. 402023

I mean as an artist there is a value in thinking about who your audience is (at college we were always allowed to get away with saying "my audience is just me" and that is obv fine but then it depends whether or not any other people are interested and if not, you aren't gonna sell much)

I've heard youtubers say exactly that, about how the content that gets the views is the OMG I TESTED A HOT GLUE HACK ?!?!?! with a gurning face on a bright neon thumbnail while the quiet studio vlogs get ignored. And then yeah that's about your audience, and what other anons have said about younger kids making a lot of views is true. But I look at someone like Chloe Rose - she made a video a while back saying "I want to make more proper art" and literally has not done anything since then except wacky art hacks and product reviews. And I know this is because views matter. But then you're a youtuber first, not an artist first. If you're OK with that, then cool.

But there must be ways around it. I know some artists who have separate instagrams, one for their 'serious' work and one for their illustrations aimed at kids' picture books, etc. I'm not necessarily saying have two channels, but I like the idea of maybe having different strands within your channel? If someone uploads twice a week and one is a fun 'I made a sculpture out of make up sponges and
crayons' and one is about an aspect of actual artist's life like dealing with galleries or how to get commissions, etc, then I might end up watching both when I wouldn't have watched just the fun ones if that was all there was.

I like youtubers like makoccino who do this sort of thing, she has a wide variety of content and there is a lot of it that's actually about processes. Plus, high production values. I also really like lulusketches for similar reasons - her channel is mostly about digital cos that's what she does. Robin Sealark is putting out a lot of content about actual painting as well as some silly videos and the mix works well. Or some of Sara Tepes' old content is good in terms there's a lot about what actual techniques she uses etc - and she draws pretty girls but she draws them well (although I'm not that keen on her more recent work).

For more 'fine art' content I like channels like Andrew Tischler and Stuart Davis, oil painters who show the process in detail. Or Proko for tutorials etc. And these channels do have large (for arttube) subscriber counts.

And yeah back to the problem at hand, there must be more but YouTube's horrible algorithms do keep herding me back to yet another 'OH NOES! ART MYSTERY UNBOXING?!? WHAT DO I DO WITH CRAYONS?!?!1?' Kasey or Waffles video.

As for sponsorship - if someone says 'this is brought to you by Skillshare' at the start and then does a two minute pitch for Skillshare at the end, that's fine, and i know they let people do that because there are plenty of videos like that.

But in the end the only way you'll keep doing it is making content you want to make. Idk, I have an idea for a YT channel, I know it won't gain much interest but I wanna do it for me, I don't need it to be a job. I respect those for whom it is a job, but they have to then make choices based on that.

tl;dr Own what you want to do, decide if it;s a job you compromise your standards for in order to earn £££, think about ways to diversify so your income isn't based on any one thing, enjoy what you do, etc.

No. 402024

more disney art??
thanks for telling me the whole plot of wall-e i guess.
why was this video titled weird art supplies when it only contained one art supply
why did she spend ten minutes lecturing me about the planet as if i've not heard anything about it before

No. 402025

surely wastefulness is also buying shit tonnes of art supplies you only use in one video

No. 402027


yes! content where the artist watches one skillshare course and then makes something bad based on it is surely a terrible advertisement for skillshare anyway.

makoccino's acrylic pouring videos were more what I want to see = learning about a technique from multiple sources, trial and error, explaining what went wrong, more learning, something more successful. trouble is that kind of content has to take upwards of a week or two to really be good, so I guess you'd need to be in the process of making several at once.

No. 402029

For art tubers lurking ITT; children will get you more views and it’s easy to create content for them, but I’d advise that it’s more worth it to acknowledge what your older viewers are interested in even if you drop in views, at the end of the day it’s the adults that have money to support your craft, not kids.

No. 402030


yeah that makes sense, the trouble is i've seen art youtubers still getting roasted on here for doing exactly what you're talking about which makes it hard to know what is really acceptable in the end. But this all really helps, thanks-

No. 402034

Everyone has different preferences but I don’t think I actually recall anyone getting ripped into for the format I mentioned. Obviously some people are just not gonna want to watch spon con end of but to me at least the format I described would be hugely preferable to the tutorial type videos or ‘I literally just learned this let me take you through step by step of what I’m doing while obviously only doing this for money and will never apply these techniques again’

No. 402039

not that anon but as someone who is both part of an audience for many artubers and an artist myself, you're still asking someone to forfeit a portion of their income. Hell, there are times when I'm sick of sponsors and advertisers, but I know they gotta live. It's in the same vein as people who get tired of seeing an artist do commissions all the time and want more non-commissioned work bc they're sick of seeing commissions all the time.

getting tired of seeing them is understandable, but even if they do things on the side like commissions, eventually people will get tired of seeing them do commissions all the time. if they do fanart and prints on the side, people will eventually get tired of seeing that too, etc. etc. at a certain point everyone will get tired of seeing someone do something.

and in either case, you're still asking them to give up a portion of their income if you ask for them to stop doing them while offering no other alternative other htan just "do something on the side". Not to mention, if they do something on the side and it takes away from regular uploading, people will complain about how they don't upload as often.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

No. 402042

See >>402009

It’s an audience based platform and you’re in audience based industry, you have to listen to those that enjoy your work enough to view it otherwise you’ll eventually lose them. It’s also not your audiences job to spoon feed you solutions as to what you should do income wise, it’s up to you work that out as a professional and working adult.

And as many anons have already said, feel free to make as much spon con as you want just don’t whine about it or try to justify it - especially to an artist salt thread on an image board, like what do you even have to prove here?? We don’t know who you are and quite frankly majority probably don’t care because we’re here to vent to one another specifically about art related issues like art tubers stale content.

No. 402051


it's incredible how entitled people are about this. free content comes with a price in some way, learn to filter instead of complaining about a 30 second ad that you can easily skip lol.

No. 402052

It’s incredible how entitled people feel to money when they’re uploading their work to public spaces for free

And again, most anons here aren’t complaining about 30 second ads. Keep up lol.

No. 402073

Sorry to cut through the current topic, but just venting a bit about how a lot of the merch artists I'm interested in live in the US.

I just can't justify paying the shipping to my country on top of taxes for a charm that costs like $10 or less.

No. 402142

Small rant but im currently following an artist that does nothing but bitch and moan about how they can't afford to get through cons. I understand needing commissions but all they do is complain about what they don't have and it's like but they always have the money to table and each time they're taking a gamble on whether they'll break even, then bitch about how low sales were. That's not going to make people want to stick around or stay following you. Some artists are so bitter and entitled. Unless it's a free event just save that table money.

No. 402151

Lol sounds like Jellie Bee

No. 402200

A lot of artists that table at cons save a portion of the money they do manage to make and put it into reserving the next table in hopes that sales will be better at the next show. Unfortunately, this past year has been pretty iffy (I sell often at cons as well and have talked amongst other artists who feel the hurt too). I honestly feel bad when that happens to artists, especially the really skilled ones, so it’s no wonder it takes a toll on their mental state. I honestly wish there were more free events to sell at, that’d be nice.

No. 402243

So do you only watch artubers or something? Anyway if it bothers you THIS much, so much so you think youtubers don't care about their audiences or w/e, watch literally anything else. Please lol.

No. 402281

Last time I’m replying since this topic will never end otherwise, I never made any sort of indication that I only watch art tubers but the point I keep making is that youtubers are essentially buskers - you’re providing your content, for free, within a public space. Of course the pay is going to be shit, what the fuck do you expect?

And I don’t know how many times I have to reiterate this single point

So saying

>Anyway if it bothers you THIS much, so much so you think youtubers don't care about their audiences or w/e, watch literally anything else. Please lol.

just reinforces my point. That is exactly what people will do when they get sick of shit, and have proven to do so time and again, and everytime youtubers are surprised it happens, and the weird mentality they have of ‘if you don’t like just leave’ just further drives people away which seems to surprise them yet again??

Go off if you want but I’m done reiterating my point over and over just to get a ‘then leave lol’ although it does make me wonder which youtuber you are

No. 402284

From what I can tell cons are selling pretty shit this year, not surprised since no one really has the cash to spend on anything these days. I’ve tried a market and absolutely nothing sold despite the high foot traffic ad interest I got at my stall. Although it is up to the artist to save up enough to table at cons, the amount they’re starting to charge for artist alleys is absurd - small conventions and markets here where I am are charging upwards of $300 AUD for 1.5x1m spaces and often don’t even provide tables or chairs, and anything like electrical points cost an absurd $50 on top because the lazy cunts don’t want to have to check cables.

No. 402287

Piggybacking off of this, I find it really annoying when non-US artists charge in USD. A lot of artists I’d like to support from my home country do it, and while the price would be fair in our dollar they instead make it USD which significantly bumps up the price

No. 402311

I'm not a YouTuber you loser I just watch a fuck ton of YouTube and it doesn't bother me. Die mad about it lol

No. 402341

I’m in the US and they’re charging more each year here in table fees despite artists reporting lower sales in recent years. But not only that, conventions are cramming more tables to collect more money which makes it harder for people to sell. It’s over saturated. One con I’ll be attending soon, a big one, opened up another floor to house more artists on top of adding more tables in the main hall’s artist alley. It’s ridiculous because they refused to listen to our feedback from last year about this problem (it was a bad event for both vendors and artists). This con charged nearly $400 for my table so it better be good lol

No. 402355


Why do you think this is one person arguing with you lmaooo you really don't think that more than one person can disagree with your obviously condescending viewpoint of this? check yourself..

No. 402367

File: 1556158796732.jpeg (74.85 KB, 480x480, BDA7A95C-CF2A-4D9F-A1C6-486FA5…)

Have any of you guys tried this paper? I usually buy in rolls and would like to dabble in pencil work more but have been working watercolours for ages now and have become a bit out of touch with what I should be looking for in terms of good pencil work paper. I’d probably also use pastels and/or markers on it and would preferably get a roll so I can work in many sizes for a single purchase, any input would be helpful

Aus artfag if that helps

No. 402481

I was a long time artist alley person, and I ended up taking a year off because I couldn’t afford to have another bad year. I’m going back this year but I’m trying to stick to local shows since 2017 I was flying to the majority of the cons I did, and that more or less killed my profits. I was actually really glad I took the year off since it gave me time to go back and work on stuff I really wanted to do, namely comics, and now maybe a YouTube channel? That bit’s still up in the air but who knows.

No. 402558

What watercolour paper rolls would you recommend Anon? I like the idea of working at different sizes and just cutting off pieces accordingly. Definitely would suit me, I find sketchbooks quite inhibiting to creativity.

No. 402560

File: 1556199757322.jpeg (431.32 KB, 1242x1505, 8DEBB6EC-2934-4E6E-A525-CE89EC…)

I use the Canson Moulin Du Roy rolls, I have a roll of hot press and another which is rough. Both work amazing; the colours turn out extremely vibrant, they’re able to handle many washes without buckling, tearing them feels like bitter it’s so smooth, and the colour of the paper itself is nice.

Granted buying in rolls is more costly upfront, but it’s the best way to get good paper as it’s in bulk and you can work in any size you’d like, I even make myself sketchbooks out of these.

I can’t imagine going back to buying pads or sheets tbh, I do like the convenience of a precut size but nothing seems to beat the aesthetic of freshly torn paper. As I said though I live in Aus so I’m not sure if these are available where you live or if they’re competitively priced. Here’s a link to where I got one of the rolls, the other I managed to snag during a closing down sale of a local art shop and it only cost around $100

No. 402575

I know we have some watercolor anons in this thread, so I'm curious what everyone's favorite paints are. I really enjoy using Qor and Daniel Smith since Qor's Quin. Magenta is super vibrant and DS's paints granulate beautifully.

No. 402589


I like holbein a whole lot, though Daniel Smith is a second with van gogh being my runner up as they're the first watercolors I started with. I never really bothered with student grade.

No. 402606

This is Lolcow dude, people are free to complain about whatever the fuck they feel like on a thread titled General Artist Salt methinks (also: an artuber literally asked for our opinion this time)

No. 402611

I like schmincke and w&n, I currently only work with non granulating colours which the horodam line has a nice selection of.

No. 402612

Man, i find it so weird when people just create a youtube channel and expect a living income. Making fun of youtubers for not having real jobs should come back. I should make a speedpaint channel and scream at youtube until they give me enough money to buy a million copics and then some.

No. 402628

File: 1556219128643.png (990.67 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_2019-04-25-21-00-48…)

Guys, what do you think about xrainey? Some of her art is "characteristic" but most is just weird or a simply copy of Audra Auclair with nosebleed.

No. 402629

File: 1556219167678.png (1011.51 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_2019-04-25-21-00-01…)

One other example

No. 402632

God I thought I was crazy when I thought she was similar to Audra, I hadn't seen anyone else mention it anywhere

No. 402642

I often mistake her pictures with Audras. Its very similiar, but she also often uses the same symbols as bluesssatan. (I know, symbols in a painting doesnt belong to anyone)

No. 402665

To do a b+w pic and not have the character shaded at all is a weird/lazy choice imo and I’m seeing it everywhere

No. 402673

The palette filled with black in every pit is the dumbest thing I've seen today. I can see a little blue on the brush handle so I'm thinking that is not an edited picture and she really thought that looked cool

No. 402678

Thank you for the info Anon! That paper looks gorgeous. Everything I've tried to use before either buckles, or it's so thick and textured it omits details from the image. I suspect a high quality roll like that is the solution…it's on the wishlist for now.

No. 402687

it's probably just different shades of ink wash, anon. they tend to look much darker in the palette than on paper.

No. 402697

Honestly, I just go for what I can get on sale. I've got quite a few W&N professional paint just because it goes crazy on sale where I live. I have a couple Daniel Smith (mostly just grabbed some quin gold before it ran out). Also a few shinhan PWC, which is a nice affordable paint to work with, but the line as a whole bunch of mixes/hues and fugitive pigments so not my go-to except for the few lightfast single pigment tubes. Also Van Gogh, despite being a "student" paint, it performs well with my professional paints and is a great price.

I've been hoping to try some Schminke and Holbein since my local art store started carrying them, but I'm just waiting for a sale.

No. 402698

I find the constraint of having a specific size of paper useful at times, but I have to admit I hadn't really thought about how great being able to completely customise a piece of paper would be… I am gonna look into rolls.

lucky you getting hold of some PO49, I'm envious

No. 402704

My collection is a mix of daniel smith and m graham. DS has such a wide variety of interesting pigments and convenience colors, I love a lot of the primateks for how intensely they granulate. M Graham rewets like a dream and I often suppliment my gouache palette with them since their gouache line is so limited. I'd like to try schminke but it's so crazy expensive in the US and I prefer tubes to pre-poured pans. Also interested in trying some handmade paints.

No. 402706

I use a mix of W&N professional and mission golds I know a lot of people hate mission gold but I really love them as they have little to no granulation

No. 402708

Im using Mission Gold aswell. I think they are great and love their vibrancy. Dont understand all the hate on that brand x)

No. 402711

Daniel Smith are definitely my current faves with their granulation and huge range, M Graham have proven to be really nice and vibrant with their honey binder and Art Spectrum allow me to use Australian pigments - those tend to be the brands that I chuck in my palettes

No. 402715

From what I remember it’s because Mission Gold uses all synthetic pigments similar to dyes so their lightfastness is utter shit, having a synthetic pigment would also make it difficult to intermix with other brands without the colours turning into mud

No. 402723

Agreed! I have a few tubes of Schmincke and while they're very luminous, they cost an arm and a leg in my country. I'm currently looking into more of Daniel Smith's primatek paints because the g r a n u l a t i o n is amazing! While I love M Graham, I've had problems with some of the paints leaking (except for Anth. Blue which is nice because I use it as a substitute for Ultramarine Blue), so they stay in my bigger palette.

Yep, that's why I stopped using them. I remember a few youtubers were promoting them when I was a nube to watercolors so I picked them up. Not only was lightfastness an issue, but I found their earth tones to be pretty crappy and too opaque for the work I was doing. In addition, their Ultramarine was a multi pigment mix and had started to fade. If I could do it over again, I would have just picked up a beginners set from either Daniel Smith or M Graham since neither bloom as much as Qor which can be a bit off putting for beginners.

Thanks for watching my tedTalk

No. 402735

I only got two tubes it, but they cost the price of one so it was definitely a worthwhile purchase. I wish I bought more but hindsight is 20/20 I guess. I try to limit my use with it if another yellow will do, but it's definitely a nice luxury to have.

They've had issues with lightfastness and using multipigment mixes instead of single pigments. Mixes have a tendency to perform poorly in, well, mixing (especially if you don't have the colors that were used for the mix), so that was a huge part of their iffiness for a lot of artists. Their "pure pigment" paints I think have been received a bit better due to being single pigment paints and having better lightfastness.

No. 402801

Can anyone recommend places to hire to make your merch (enamel pins, acrylic charms, etc). I tried ZapCreatives for my acrylic charms but many came chipped/scratched and the two-sided designs were visible from both sides, like you could see the opposite side as if there was no white in the middle. I asked them if something was wrong with my PSD file and they said it was perfect, so I assume they might not be the best anyway (due to the damaged state they came in as well). Thanks

No. 402854

Mijello all the way. The only downside for me is that they are too vibrant and tend to bleed through light watercolour paper or are harsh on brushes. Schminke and Holbien tend to be best for nature painting's imo, Schminke is very smooth.

No. 402898

I hear Holly's opening up shop soon.
Jokes aside, I'm actually interested in this answer too, I'm considering ink-it labs as an alternative since I'm in the states anyway.

No. 402963

I've only ever used Zap so far for single sided charms on opaque acrylic and it's been good so far. I think some people use Vograce on Alibaba? A lot cheaper and comes pre-assembled, but customs charges if you're in the UK etc.

In general, Zap is really good (from my experience) but they also only do single board acrylic, which is potentially why your two sided designs were seen on both sides. I hope you manage to find better merchandise maker though!

And for Enamel Pins, try finding a manufacturer on alibaba. There are a couple middlemen which can help (Awesome Merchandise, Made by Cooper) but they are middlemen and much more expensive.

No. 402983

vograce on alibaba is nice, i did a test batch with them and the lady i talked to was nice and very accommodating

just order in bulk to make the shipping worth it

No. 403025

Agreed. I mean what do artubers really expect? Youtube clearly doesnt provide six figure salaries (unless your Pewdiepie, or someone extremely popular). I know im gonna get blasted for this, but if you are going to be a arttuber (youtuber on general) be ready to have some sucky ass pay. And be ready to end up getting an ACTAUL job. Life is life and the cost of living keeps increasing. Everyone in society has to make a choice between doing what they love and working. Honestly, when Youtubers complain about not getting enough views/cash, im like, Boo-fucking-hoo. Thats life, get a job like the rest of us and deal with it. Stop trying to be a virtual panhandler.

No. 403028

I was genuinely surprised at the backlash I got when I expressed that youtubers are like buskers - they literally perform for people within public spaces and hope to have some loose change thrown at them. I don’t understand the entitlement for a liveable wage when
- they’re not employees
- they’re not freelancers (in terms of video creation)
- they’re not seasonal/contract workers
What wage are they apparently supposed to be getting?? YouTube shouldn’t be viewed as anything more than a sharing platform, the fact that you can make money off of ads is a bonus.

I feel like we must have a few arttubers lurking for so much whining about how unfair it is to even be entertained, if you wanted to earn a living then why the fuck are you spending the majority of your time providing content for free to people

No. 403034

I think some of the entitlement comes from the amount of asspats they get for doing minimal work and the power trip they get from having influence of children and teens. I know Baylee has her own thread, but I think she's a good example of an entitled arttuber whose lost a lot of viewer ship from getting lazy and snarky when people ask her for more art and less bullshit challenge videos. I remember during Arty Advent she took away a day to bitch about how she "doesn't listen to the haters" and how she doesn't have to post videos if she doesn't want to, which threw her fans into a tailspin. Also, when she had more engagement and was starting to show her true colors of being an entitled brat, she started throwing around how when she has kids, she's going to take a year off social media. While this isn't necessarily bad, the way it was phrased sounded like a "if you keep asking me to make art then I will leave forever HA."

If you think about it, most arttubers have insulated themselves in a little world where they can censor all criticism or in their terms "hate" and in some cases they have a following comprised of children and teens who will go after any nay sayers. If they got a real job, they wouldn't have the ability to tell their fans to go after someone their employer if they did something the arttuber didn't like. I hope this made sense, just a thought I had. I don't think everyone is this delusional lol

No. 403048

File: 1556291850185.jpeg (577.94 KB, 1242x936, 9B0337EC-0A53-474E-B8A1-78D142…)

I feel mean but this thumbnail is just so very very frightening.

No. 403089

Guys, sorry if this has been asked before how can an artist be likeable and how can an artist be unlikeable aka end up here? I imagine nitpickers to be laughed at by the "cows" they mock so I'm not asking those to reply to me.
Not a fan of either. They are doing this style wrong imo. Looks tacky.

No. 403122

It really is a little frightening…
Maybe thats her try to be genuine? Or she just doesnt like her face and beeing "goofy" feels more natural for her.

No. 403138

No cow is mature enough to laugh at ~haturz ~, they all throw hissy fits kek (even if the fits are supposed to be sarcastic they still show that we struck a nerve)

No. 403173

People usually end up here if they are arrogant assholes or any drama surrounding their name. Also shit art advice/straight up incorrect art advice. I sought out Holly's thread after watching her beginner mistakes video which was just complete bullshit.

No. 403190

I endet up here because I googled how someone like baylee can be successful. But I stayed for the dramamilk.

No. 403202

File: 1556319908370.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, welcome to my crib.png)

She's def trolling kek I'm honestly loving it. ~WelC0me T0 My crIB GuYYz!

No. 403221

No. 403290

Pretty late reply but I can't live without my White Nights Saint Petersburg watercolour. They're just, another level. I upgraded after years of W&N cotman

No. 403322

File: 1556365242720.png (75.31 KB, 219x230, jazza.PNG)

sorry for being childish but jazza's new thumbnail seems… ill thought out

No. 403323

haha me too, I googled 'baylee jae bad artist' and basically never left.

No. 403324

Well isn't he pretty childish about that too tho? Wouldn't put it past him to know it looks suspicious but leave it anyway

No. 403330

The fact that that carrot is so short and stubby will haunt my dreams jesus fuck why is that so disturbing to me?

O and look theres JB at it again with the posting on anon boards specifically meant to shit on sketchy people, what a lil rascal. Haha

No. 403331

I deleted my post because it sounded a bit hollow, tbh i feel it after making the video.

anyway for those that are so desperate to know whats been going on, here you go.

havent been on here in over a year but my friend told me to just 'get it over with'.

theres gunna be people who still want to chat shit about me and thats fine, can't stop you but also for those that probably just want to know what really happened, it's here.

not shifting blame on anyone, but thought i'd update you guys to let you know its still being worked on.

friends told me that i didnt need to justify myself to some anons on a thread, that's true.

i wanted to clear up about the ig story though, i threw a tantrum and i realised why i wrote what i did, and now why i dont feel the same any more. it was stupid and sometimes you just gotta say what you think, write it down to see how stupid you sound.

anyway, its a long video, feel free to chat to me about it.

No. 403333


its a free country, i can come on here if i want lmao. people can shit on others but im not allowed? i originaly found it and replied to people to clear up about my ks, so nothing new there.

anyway, restored my post

No. 403336

Why isn’t this video public?

No. 403337

Ooh! I love St Petersburg/ Yarka, they're great quality paints for a fraction of other artist level watercolors! The sets aren't that great tho, some colors they choose are rather fugitive and the white plastic palette they give stains like no ones business.
For anyone interested in an affordable but high quality watercolor I would just suggest getting the individual whole pans after a little research on the pigments and lightfastness tests (of which you can find online).
If you go to Jacksonsart (they ship most places and have great prices) you can get most of the whole pans for $2.50 each, which is honestly a steal, you can get a good split primary set for only $15. It's basically less than student level prices but professional performance.

Woops sorry for my sperg out over russian watercolors, but like seriously if you're on the fence about/ dont want to spend much on watercolors try these

No. 403339


because if you understand my situation, you'd know how scared i still am for this to be public information

No. 403341

same anon.
And yeah you're completely in your right to come on here. We won't hiss at you to get out or whatever woo free speech.
All I said was you were posting on on lolcow (which you know the name is pretty indicative of what kind of site this is) again and said you were a lil rascal. This is an anon imageboard, you're free to shit on people and share your opinions but don't be surpised when others do as well.
I don't particularly think you have any serious milk, or at least interesting milk, but I have seen you on here before in past threads which was all I was remarking on.
Chill, I wasn't attacking you. I was making a snide remark as a rather weak joke.

No. 403345


my bad anon, i just spent two hours writing a script and filming a video about how i was controlled monetarily and sexually abused by my ex so its taken a lot out of me. feeling really weird and unsure about a lot right now.

i dont come on this thread, i actually read kanadajin's a lot - i used to love her and her actions lately have been insane so thats what i come on to read.

im up for converstation about stuff though, honestly if people wanna crit me for whatever or just ask questions im down for that.

sorry for snapping anon.

No. 403347

I’m not really sure why you would share information that you’re not comfortable with going public onto an image board when if anyone is feeling cruel they can just upload it themselves.. this is seriously lacking foresight

No. 403349


because it will be going public eventually. If someone else uploads it, whatever. I've put in on my Twitter too. When I'm ready to put it on my youtube publically I'll do it. If you think this is a rash decision, don't. I've been quiet for many years. I dont know if my ex is still subscribed, you see, or his friends. When I have the courage, I'll hit public. I didnt film it for nothing.

No. 403350

Alright, might come off condescending since this is a thread dedicated to shitting on others, but I was genuinely concerned as everyone here is anon so it can bring out the worst in people and feel little to no regret over shitty actions. But if you’re fine with that possibility then alright

No. 403351


yeah, no prob anon, thanks for your worry. i dont see anyone trying to make it go public and try and bring me down with it. its just difficult to share. i just need to take a deep breath and hit public.

No. 403352

sorry i keep forgetting to sage, my browser is being a twat. i think lolcow is having issues or my internet is anyway.

No. 403353

I know this won’t mean much since I’m on anon and we’ve never met
But my heart breaks for you. I’m only 20 minutes in and I genuinely hope both your bf and dad eat shit. Having been abused this really fucking hits home, I hope all the men in your life that have caused you suffering will in turn suffer for the rest of their lives.
I hope things look up for you, I’m at a bit of a loss of words which is unusual because usually I don’t know when to shut up, but I truly from the bottom of my heart hope that things have gotten better for you and continue to do so.

No. 403354

The biggest contributor to being a cow is having no self-awareness, never acknowledging the past, never trying to improve character or anything else. Just sorta being a public mess and reveling in that fact.

No. 403355

Samefag, I meant ex bf**

No. 403356


im crying again now haha. thank you…honestly thank you. i dont want anyone to think im just trying to pass off the mistakes that i've made. im trying my best to fix it all, but its like holding onto water sometimes. i just wanna move on, make up and be honest for my past mistakes, because its killing me how much ive let people down. im getting there, promise. Even if it is bit by bit.

im actually no longer a full time artist, I've demoted myself to hobbyist. I used my art youtube as an escape and when really it was never my biggest passion. i was just forced to do it because of him. ive found myself a new career and starting november im actually working in a whole new environment. im very excited, it puts me in a place of security that I've wanted for years.

No. 403357

Anon thanks so much for the tip. I have been spying on the watercolor advice here in this thread and St Petersburg whole pans seem perfect for what I need.

No. 403358


what >>403353 said, I'm so sorry and I hope you know you are supported and believed. I honestly hope things get better for you. take care of yourself, take the time you need. xx

No. 403365

What is it with Waffle's drawings lately having really shit hands? Especially when it's being portrayed as a 'final piece' of sorts?

No. 403371

Nah if anything your comment just piqued my interest. Wasn't gonna watch your vid because I wasn't one of those anons who cared either way, but I did.
As someone who's half a decade away from their abuser I can sympathize. I totally get that 'not wanting to seem weak for letting the abuse happen in the first place' mentality because I had that bull in my head too. I'm glad you seem at least partially over that, and if you're not I want to say it's not your fault. His actions were his own and so were his words, nothing you said magically made him do those things (unless your parents were killed by a madman and you live under the stairs).
You're a bit younger than me and I'm guessing there are still times where you feel like you're still with him, like you're trapped, like you'll never leave him and he won't let you- but that's not true, you're with people you love and trust and they would probably gladly knock him down a peg or two if he deigned to try anything.
That part of your life is over. Hear that? It's OVER.
You made it.
Fucking hell yes sugar you made it!
And now that it's over you can grow into that strong woman you wanted to be.
Inner strength comes from adversity and struggle and the acceptance that 'hey this happened to me but I won't let it define me'.
Beyonce has had her struggles and heartbreak, as a mother it breaks my heart, but she has her blue ivy to live for and show exactly what it means to be strong.
Hermione was ostracized for being a know it all and was shunned for her status by the elitist purebloods, she was tortured by Bellatrix at malfoy manor. And what did she do? She smacked Malfoy, went to a ball with an internationally renowned seeker,helped Harry destroy the Horcruxes which helped end the wizarding war.

Look, as an anon who has been through this, as a woman who has been through this, it will get better.
You might not ever be %100 but so what? Everybody has their issues, and everybody has their scars.
Life gave you lemons and you chucked them at life's face and left before it could give you more lemons.

As much as it means from an anon I want to say.
It will get better.

Not sorry for longpost.

No. 403408

That whole story sounds so familiar, I really feel for you.

No. 403463


I cant even put into words how amazing your comment is. thank you, I…honestly cant even begin to describe what it means to me. Thank you. I'll get him out of my life for good one day. It's the fact he still has my bird, if I could let hbumble go I would….its so hard. He did that on purpose, saying because i'd decided to go to canada, I didnt deserve my birds.

one day….one day at a time. Thanks again, honestly.

No. 403489


Ah, this is wild I saw someone close to Jellie Bee mention this on the Holly Brown thread and honestly glad you'e decided to just speak up about it. It's hard to face things head on but it's probably for the best to rip the bandaid off now than to continue to let it fester. That way you can leave this all behind you and hopefully move on to a better career and future. Like it probably sucks right now, but now that you've said it you can hopefully move on with less stigma and questions surrounding you and your ex.

Give it time and things will get better. It's a great big step forwards talking about it in public now, and things can only really go up from here

No. 403496


I use them too but I'm kind of a beginner and still learning.
Do you have the same granulation/granulating problem?
I use a porcelain palette but the pigments and water break apart And I need to keep stirring it like soup !! Is this normal or am I dumb ?!
I know a lot of people love the effect but I really don't.

No. 403501

NTA but some pigments just granulate, it's one of those things you need to look up before buying a color, in a set that's ofc harder.
But you might be diluting the paint too much in the palette as well, you could just check that by adding less water

No. 403573

File: 1556406617523.png (947.4 KB, 923x613, Screenshot_6.png)

Am i the only one who thinks these are kinda bad??

No. 403589

sage for stupid rant.
I have this mildly successful acquaintance who recently showed me her process for creating realistic digital artwork. To be clear when I say "mildly successful" I mean like in a sort of normie alternative crowd, if that makes any lick of sense lol.

I was looking forward to seeing her workflow since a few of her pieces really appeal to me but what she showed me was essentially her photo bashing pre-posed models and photos then adding basic gradients/shading to smooth stuff out and finish the image off. I mean, of course it does require some artistic knowledge to do that and make it look good, but she barely draws anything herself and I can't help but be salty that she gets so many sales, job offers and praise for doing what she does. To top it off she showed me a piece she did without using her normal technique and it looked like babby's first digital art. Wonky anatomy, muddy colors, shitty perspective..the works.

Even for a quick drawing meme this is pretty embarrassing…

No. 403596

Aw fuck dude this made me cry. Sorry for being so quick to judge before tbh. You never really know what people are going through.

No. 403597

Naw they are objectively bad tbh. The Madoka one in particular oof.

No. 403600

Annon I know that feel. I know it's dumb, but after seeing in an interview how Inio Asno makes his art (it's just tracing with multiple steps) I feel so dumb for ever liking him (mostly because I hated his pun pun manga and only read it for the cool art)

No. 403620

The description says Inio Asano takes his own photos, so at least he's setting up his own composition and using his own assets, which honestly doesn't bother me too much. Even if he's using paid for photos, whatever. I don't particularly care if comic artists use shortcuts, especially in Japan where they tend to be pushed to push a lot out in fairly short time frames completely on their own. As long as someone isn't violating copyright and the end product still looks good, that is not going to be the thing that makes me stop liking an artist.

No. 403621


got any pics or examples of their art??? successfuls without a bone of originality are the best with imploding on themselves and their careers and i kind of love it

No. 403643

You should try to drop that mindset if you read manga because quite a few artists use photography, usually pictures are taken by the mangaka (or assistants) and traced. It’s pretty common because of time constraints or wanting to portray places accurately. I wouldn’t consider it “cheating” or unfair.

No. 403664

From what I remember mangakas have entire books dedicated to various common backgrounds to replicate/copy, while art is reasonably easy to get into in Japan because of how heavily commercialised it is they’re insanely overworked so I don’t hold it against them to take shortcuts in the slightest - they need at least 10 pages done every week from what I remember, with hardly any breaks from publishing

No. 403675

Ahh, yeah I get it, it's a bit different but I had a baby with my abuser and only recently got full custody (the ass is in jail for a good while haha) and in troubling times you take a large amount of comfort from these pure innocent beings that you take care of and are grateful- they don't judge and their love is given freely- no matter if they have a few feathers or fur or not they're basically your babies.

Sincerely hoping/knowing you'll get em back!

No. 403677

Y'all anons getting me emotional ITT. I don't know Jellie Bee or any of you really but a lot of these posts resonate with me and I hope we're all able to find peace soon ugh I'm getting all choked up over fucking lolcow I must be really hormonal lmao.

Anyways, more on topic- I just finished the last commission in my queue and want to take some time to make my own stuff before opening for commissions again. I was kind of thrust into drawing again after a long absence by doodling something that went minorly viral and wound up doing a bunch of commissions upon request which reminded me how much I love drawing and how I regret ever stopping but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas. I'm thinking of just getting a composition notebook and writing down ideas as they inspire me/cutting shit out of magazines like cool scenery and poses and stuff to try to get the ball rolling again.

No. 403678

Original anon.
I don't have the same problem as you with constantly mixing the paint with the water, but then again I work rather quickly so I'm not sure if it's just letting them sit or something else.
What type of water do you use? Depending on where you're at some tap water has certain minerals that affect paint quality. Look up "water hardness and watercolors" on google, that could be your problem in regards to granulation as well.
However some pigments will just granulate no matter what, it's just in their properties.
Be sure to research individual colors online, google is your friend lol, that's really the only way to determine whether your paint is acting normally or not.

No. 403779

File: 1556452096241.png (59.1 KB, 720x504, Screenshot_2019-04-22-03-05-03…)

Does anyone know what this is about? I know she's been mentioned in previous threads but most of that milk was really weak and definitely not enough to warrant deleting all your tweets.
Is she trying to hide something? Lol

No. 403782

Has this been posted yet?

No. 403783

Why do artists with such small followings and no milk keep getting posted

No. 403784

Eh, I just think it's suspicious when people delete all their tweets

No. 403788

Deleteing all your tweets is kinda suspicious, the post didn't sound like vendetta, a small artist is still an artist and this is the general art salt thread, and the op saged their post.
It was a tame post, relax dude

No. 403797

I didn’t say it was a vendetta post nor was I not relaxed, it’s just weird that such small artists and ones with no milk get posted. That artist has only around 400 followers, what are the odds of one of those 400 people also using lolcow and posting them here though tbh

No. 403798

Sorry, 500* followers

No. 403801

Had to check but actually starheavenly is a youtuber with 22k subs, so not that small really. She's on par with some previously mentioned art tubers.

No. 403811

File: 1556456048969.jpeg (720.33 KB, 1242x1191, 075A5FE3-F9F9-433A-BCF7-3E49A0…)

But presumably only 1 out of 550 would’ve posted this

Also, I’d still say that deleting tweets isn’t milk. Yeah it can be seen as a bit suss but it’s not at all uncommon

No. 403814

Op here.
And yeah I found out about her from her youtube, saw that she was previously mentioned on here, checked her twitter to see if she'd acknowledged lolcow and saw she deleted her tweets which y'know suspicious
I waited a couple days to see if she would address why she did so.
Was just genuinely curious if anyone on here knew why.

No. 403829

File: 1556459169054.jpeg (513.31 KB, 1242x1042, 5D07ED0A-E087-4110-B772-1BBB5F…)

Any anons have experience with these? I’m looking to upgrade from my Prismacolor, I enjoy them but would much prefer something oil rather than wax based. I have a few of the Faber Castell Polychromos, and while I do love them they’re extremely expensive. I have a few of these Lyra Rembrandt pencils as well but as it’s not my primary medium I feel like I can’t adequately judge the quality

No. 403845

Here's a pretty thorough review, I can't say anything about them personally tho as I only have polychromos and some luminance pencils. But I hope it helps

No. 403849

Tried this brand and didn't like it. The pencils felt too dry. I got a set of Blicks's Artist grade pencils and they're amazing. Good price, lightfast, and the color laydown is smooth and bright. They are wax-based though.


No. 403855

Forgot to mention I've heard good things about Marco renoir pencils from various reviews, they are in a similar price range as polycolor and are oil based. Might be worth looking into

No. 403958

Michie's style seems to be morphing into Zodiaclord's lol

No. 404072

File: 1556479744739.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1625x2048, 605375B1-99F3-4D6A-B003-5EE675…)

Heikala‘s anatomy sucks

No. 404080

Wow that legit looks like me at 13 drawing people with their hands in their pockets and feet in the sand because I couldn't draw either. Not even going to talk about the limbs.

Everything else is pretty but that's some fridge doodle-tier art on the girl.

No. 404083

It all looks so good and the. You see the girl lol. Tbh I've got human anatomy pretty solid but I can't paint for shit so you can kinda see where some artists concentrate their studying. On that note I'm working on learning to color so you just gotta be sure to big picture your studies a bit.

No. 404087

Honestly there's nothing wrong with the anatomy, everything is about right proportion not counting in the slight stylization. It does seem a bit stiff which could be due to style considering the whole picture is meant to be constructed from very simple shapes or just simply laziness as I don't know how heikala usually draws (I've heard of her just not too familiar with her work).

To me the whole works seems like it's meant to be sort of cute and cartoony where everything is simplified down to very basic shapes and colors but it could also just be lazy work, who knows.

No. 404089

Samefag but mate did you or your pc have a stroke or what?

No. 404106

>>It all looks so good and the. You see the girl lol.
>It all looks so good and then you see the girl lol.

No. 404124

Do you not see the entire broken leg?
The pose is also not only stiff but it looks unnatural and oddly placed on the stairs, but I'm not sure if it's the lean of the back or the pelvis that's bothering me.. Or perhaps it's the slump of the shoulders with the placement of the arms. Either way the anatomy is off

No. 404135

File: 1556488441269.jpeg (811.04 KB, 750x991, 349928B7-61D2-4E2F-B732-F23D7C…)

How do you guys feel about @mutatedeye? pic related, it's her art before she announced she was taking a break.

No. 404148

all looks incredibly generic and boring tbh

No. 404149

It's kinda generic social media art, but there's potential. Some of the color schemes look attractive, i hope they make art that isn't so influenced by insta art during their break

No. 404153

I like the frogxlotl

No. 404160

It’s really not that bad. It has flaws, but it’s so simplistic and still gets the message across that it’s really a non-issue, I don’t see it taking away from the piece as a whole

No. 404161

I can see why they’re taking a break, they’re at that stage where they’re trying out lots of things at once and are very easily being influenced so their stylistic choices are inconsistent and all over the place. I imagine not having to post will help them focus more on developing their own voice

No. 404170

When compared to the perspective on those steps, the anatomy is just fine. The idea is there, but the understanding and execution is lacking. Overall, it's pretty and has a nice paint job. But once you look past that…those stairs. I can't stop staring at the second set.

No. 404182

Is this person a fujoshi or fakeboi? because that's what their character art looks like to me.

No. 404183

Bothered by Echo Gillette framing these vids as "Professional Artist tries xyz". Professional? Has she seen her own art?

No. 404184

I’ve noticed a lot of YouTube artists like to call themselves ‘professional’ artists when they would be emerging at best (if even that for a lot of them). But they aren’t exactly the types to care about the meaning behind all the words they use so you know, it’s not like their extremely young audiences are going to call them out on it

No. 404186

Shitty weebsthetic art

No. 404191

Its hard to say tbh but she draws gay shit sometimes but she has straigt couple ocs tho

No. 404194

anon was probably typing on her phone and not a computer

No. 404196

This piece is really nice, it would look weird if the girl was realistic.

No. 404211

Looks pretty lazily done, I watched the video and she kept her consistent shaky lineart, and she wonders why they look shit. Sneakly has one bang over eye so she doesn’t have to draw the other eye, that’s cheeky Lavender

No. 404235

Eh. Definitely not the worst I've seen.

No. 404236

Why do people keep drawing mouths/jaws like this? Is there a name for this style? I fuckin hate it

No. 404259

Any recommendations for artists that create videos as cinematic as linked? Talking would be nice but not necessary, just want nice studio vlogs

No. 404284

nobody brought up realism, genius. even stylized drawings need to have good anatomy, which isn't the same as realistic anatomy, and which this drawing completely lacks.
~muh style~ isn't an excuse to draw uneven limbs aymmetrical wonky joints and hiding hands, and the more simple this kind of style the more precise the placement of your lines has to be.

No. 404291

No one wanted the girl to be realistic, just proportional and not so off looking.
Look at the work of Miyazaki, obviously stylized but everything looks correct, no broken limbs and wonky proportions.
Accurate anatomy doesn't mean realism, just no wonk

No. 404296

The hands aren’t hidden though, you can even see them clasping. It looks like a pretty normal spot to hold your hands sitting like that

No. 404299

She looks about ready to fall over but I guess that would explain the expression

No. 404379

It annoyed me a little bit too - watching her sketchbook tours, it seems like she's barely improved from her high school days.

I think she puts more time into the concept of her art than the actual visual components.

No. 404394

She's like a time capsule back to 2008

Anyone remember her video where she made characters based on sex toys?
I thought it was pretty weird, considering it was probably a sponsored video and i doubt it's appropriate for her audience

No. 404406

do you have a pair of eyes ? what I see is a single oversized meat mitten not clasping on the back of the knee or holding onto the opposite wrist, but just extending there straight across with no interaction with the legs, and it doesn't help that the rest is all out of perspective.
I have to agree the concept is good and the scenery not as badly drawn.

No. 404421

it was weird as hell also considering she's very vocal about being asexual

No. 404447

I know CSP has a huge database of background and photos for artists to use in their mangas. Is that considered cheating if a hobbyist uses them for backgrounds? I was wondering about that since I was planning on downloading a few to reference at least or use if I ever started a comic or whatever and I didn’t want to be seen as cheating

No. 404451

Why would a “hobbyist” need to worry about “cheating” with materials provided legally to help artists

No. 404473

File: 1556575513293.png (64.05 KB, 792x369, firefox_2019-04-29_18-00-04.pn…)

>Is Whimsipop
>Pro-fat girls
>Fat girl crop tops
>Sells a crop top to a plus sized woman
>Doesn't fit Customer who is a 3x
>Won't take any returns or exchanges for it not fitting

Is that just ironic or-?

No. 404477

damn thumbcramps is still out here scamming people? lel

No. 404497

File: 1556580602990.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, 0C33FF8E-EB4D-4FAF-A5CB-0147B0…)

Somewhat related but a cow artist I follow was complaining the other day about a clothing label not carrying larger sizes. But of course, she’s not bothered by it - totally wouldn’t wear their stuff anyway, guys!

No. 404509

I’m really appreciating them making genuine reviews of Arteza, pretty much everything I suspected has been confirmed. They’re very much student/children’s grade (rather than scholastic like say cotman) and not at all a PREMIUM and amazing product like all sponsored reviews have been saying, I get that sponsors are needed financially but that feels so disingenuous of artists I before held a decent amount of respect for

No. 404511

I came back to this thread to see if there was comment on this video. I do think arteza could compare to cotman's in regards to paint quality tho…. But not even close to a van Gogh.

No. 404512


As a digital artist I feel so left out by this whole thread.

No. 404520

That's not our problem. And if you've been here long enough you'd know we talk about digital art all the time. Just up thread and last thread we were talking about tablets and Photoshop. It'll come up again.

No. 404525

Nothing’s stopping you from providing digital art related milk/advice/what have you

No. 404527

Using references isn't the problem, you technically do that when drawing from life too. The problem is when people can't draw without heavily referencing, tracing, or down right drawing over existing pictures. Those things in the end won't benefit anyone.
Use the references anon, it's not some horrible thing when used for its purpose.

No. 404528

People should use references - the trick is to use multiple references, learn the way something looks, its forms, etc, and then draw it yourself. not just copy one picture the way some of these yt artists do. this video is good on the subject

No. 404530

Honestly talk about supplies is so boring, digital or traditonal.

No. 404533

I would hope that understanding for what they're are referencing would come naturally with time but obviously that's not always the case unfortunately. Anon might find help in the video. As someone who's drawn for a long time by now i can only say that allowing yourself to make mistakes wil help. Letting what you make not be an exact copy of a reference is freeing for the imagination. Don't get stuck trying to make it look perfect

No. 404546

Plenty of anons would disagree with that sentiment, hence all the supplies that pop up to be discussed ITT so frequently

No. 404560

Isn't drawing from life just referencing something in front of you for study?

No. 404576

Pretty much yeah, doesn't have to be for study only however. Plain air, portraiture, and still-life are also technically referenced.

No. 404581

I'm primarily digital too but I like seeing trad art talk because I'm trying to segue into watercolor. I suck ass at it but I'm hoping to absorb the tips…

No. 404617

I was mostly a digital artist for a very long time. I only started doing traditional inking two years ago for inktober (I was awful) and started watercolours last summer. I'm not GREAT but it's really fun to get out of the usual trend of digital art. I may have also gone on a paint buying binge just before deadline season and I'm itching so hard to just paint anything with my new palette.

I recommend someone like Khantaya as an art youtuber who does digital and traditional work. Also Teoh Yi Chie has really great tips for watercolour for beginners, and urban sketching. I see a looot of watercolour artists who make these perfectly pristine paintings but I think Teoh is a great reminder that watercolours can be as rough as you want them to be.

No. 404622

Lmao she should just lose weight then. Cry more fatty.

No. 404710

My beef with art products is when their terminology is misguiding - Like arteza's "premium" line of materials and then "expert" watercolor pad. Same goes for ShinHan watercolors, they have a "professional" line and PWC, the true artist's grade paint.

People here will say it's a market ploy but it just makes the name "premium" and "professional" loose its prestige and irritates me a lot

No. 404721

It isn't even a smart marketing ploy imo, it'll just leave buyers disappointed. They might rope some people in, but if those people keep their interest for the medium up for a few months they'll realize they got fooled.

No. 404722

How to be edgy: a guide

No. 404735

Completely agree with with the misleading language. This also applies when something is branded as "permanent" and people confuse it for lightfastness (which I totally didn't do le cri). Also, I think it becomes more of an issue when ArtTubers shill for crappy arteza shit by claiming they work better than professional grade supplies.

No. 404775

File: 1556652951385.png (513.51 KB, 1024x576, ms__midnight_and_ms__heart_by_…)

The drawings were also just bland and generic looking.

No. 404776

File: 1556653128226.png (632.75 KB, 940x851, ms__midnight__nsfw__by_echoisw…)

And the nsfw version… I would say the face and torso area, especially on the right drawing, look pretty awful.

No. 404780


I love Teoh Yi Chie! I love finding watercolor painters who aren't obsessed with control of the medium and take advantage of the wildness of it without the end result looking like a bad mess. He has lots of good pen+ink and art book reviews, too.

I don't understand why Arteza, since it's been the biggest offender lately of throwing around these terms, not just market themselves as a mid-tier supplier that's still above children's grade, but not quite (or at least along the lines of) student grade? I think there's a gap on decent supplies for people who just want to make art for fun, but not break the bank.

It's nice that they're listing pigment info, but if the pigment load is crap, no professional is going to have time to work with that. I can't think of what drawing and painting material they sell that would be okay for a professional. Maybe their brush pens and fineliners for someone who doesn't sell their originals, but…

No. 404796

Selling originals without lightfastness can be done with UV resistant spray though. Comic professionals do it all the time.

No. 404807

Dunno How it would efficiently protect the paint tho, I've made a lightfast test with my (local brand) finishing spray with UV protector, sprayed on a strip of paper with watercolor paints (some paints with fugitive pigments, others lightfast) and glued to my window for 3 months this strip and one without UV spray. Both the strips had the fugitive paints faded the same amount. It's as if I've applied nothing to protect them.

No. 404808

File: 1556659732041.jpeg (388.2 KB, 1242x1738, AC83FD24-6E18-42F4-99C1-61698A…)

Will any others in this thread indulge me? Just say this Disneyesque-iLlUStrATOR!1 style will die within the next yr and I can sleep soundly tonight.

No. 404811

Ngl I love this lineless crayon style but THIS…. this is plain lazy. It's making me writhe in agony

No. 404814

That isn't a reliable fix tbh, certain pigments also react to other outside factors such a acidity of the air.
Even lightfast watercolors need to be protected behind uv glass and kept out of direct sun. A sealant isn't going to do much of anything and some can yellow over time.

No. 404816

LOL this reminds me that the 'FaceYourArt' challenge going around Twitter and Instagram is just revealing the people who have same face syndrome and those who don't. It's wild

No. 404817

Not to mention, selling a painting made with fugitive pigments for any reasonable amount of money is very dishonest and makes you look like a complete amateur. Imagine how you'd feel if you dropped a couple hundred USD or more on an art piece only to have it look like shit in a few years?

No. 404821

Agreed, fugitive pigments and materials shouldn’t ever be considered as anything but that, even if you spray UV protectant - you’re risking it failing and tarnishing your professional persona.

Besides, if you ever get asked about your practice it’s not a good look if you’re not using artist grade supplies, or at least scholastic grade. Other professional commission based industries would catch a lot of flack for using student/children’s tier materials so I’m not sure why artists and illustrators think they would be able to get away with cheaping out

Obviously I’m not talking about hobbyists here before someone jumps down my throat about how they’re not gonna spend a lot when it’s just for fun.

No. 404824

File: 1556663422200.png (913.72 KB, 922x661, Screenshot_51.png)

Agreed! You can see even in her preview shot for her painting she's using a KNOWN fugitive colour Quin Opera and selling the original for 400+ yikes

No. 404827

I dislike this style too. It comes off as boring as soulless.. exactly like most Disney shit.

No. 404829

I’m confused as to why it isn’t varnished until after purchase, is this standard practice? I’m not an oil painter but I would’ve assumed you varnish it ASAP to protect and seal the paints

No. 404841

Does anyone know if arteza actually pays youtubers to promote their products or do people really just make the entire videos based on them sending you free stuff? I get that for like a tablet deal(done a huion one myself, still use it too) or something, but a 20$ Watercolor set that isn't even good? lol

No. 404846

Someone needs to make you anons understand not everyone uses paint.

No. 404847

With how scripted they all seem I do think they would be getting paid, all of the videos seem to follow a specific formula and will use the same buzz words

No. 404848

Why do non-painting anons keep reeeing about this, just bring up other topics to discuss if it doesn’t interest you? Jfc

No. 404857

Then bring up a digital artist or techniques and talk about them.

No. 404861


Lurking artuber here…

From my experience with Arteza you are not paid to make videos directly (so not really sponsored) but given affiliate links to be able to make a tiny commission off any purchases made using them.

I hate their term “premium” for supplies since most of them have been just a step up from children’s supplies imo. A few are alright and most the “expert” supplies I’ve tried I’m fairly happy with.

No. 404863

In a discussion about fugitive pigments you expect anons to cater to you by bringing up something that doesn't matter contextually?
Bring it up yourself if it's something you wish to discuss.

No. 404864

Because painter anons only frame all conversations and make end all be all claims based solely around their own experience with painting and if anyone else brings other mediums up they shove their paintbrushes even further up their own asses and condescending explain why other mediums are for children and hobbyists?

No. 404867

Right newfag
1. Learn how to reply
2. Reading comprehension.

I’m going to pretty safely assume you’re talking about this post right here >>404821 and that’s what’s set off your rant, but at no point was it stated that other mediums are ‘inferior’. And of course anons are going to relate their arguments based off of their own experiences and practices, what else do you suggest they go off of?? I’ve never seen a single anon in any of the artist threads imply that painting is above other mediums except for that one retard ITT that immediately got ripped a new one

No. 404868

The only possible example I can think of where that happens is when anons talk about marker lightfastness. And they're right. Marker work can look great, but selling a marker original either means the artist is an amateur who doesn't understand lightfastness or they're immoral.

No. 404870

I know this is like general artist salt/discussion* but it's still lolcow and having half of the thread be nothing but people asking about what paint or paper to use just makes it feel like bunch of randos talking about weather only to have some jackass jump in the middle of the group and being like "hey I need help". I know people say to bring milk but if you guys want some supply advice, can't you just google that instead doing it here? I swear there's plenty of places to go where these things are already talked about. *cause most people now cannot participate in the conversation even if they wanted to.

No. 404871

Honestly that just makes Arteza and all the youtubers that shill them so much fucking worse, have some integrity. I’d see why youtubers agree if they actually got a lump sum, but a small commission on sales? Nah, fuck off with that, considering the demographic of most art tubers audiences they wouldn’t be getting back nearly enough to justify misrepresentation of shitty products and actively encouraging their audiences to purchase them, and honestly even if they did that’s still a shitty thing to do

No. 404872

What are you on about, lmao
We were talking about pigments, not my fault the only thing else brought up, uv sealant, does shit to pigments.
That's not a painter anon issue, it's something artists should be aware of. I use different supplies, from ink to gouache, and it stands the same across the board. Know your materials, and use artist grade shit if you sell for a noteworthy sum.

No. 404875

You answered your own question - it’s because it’s the discussion thread. This is just the containment thread for all the art fags, and people may want opinions on supplies from others who are less likely to be biased as they are anonymous and also purely the fact that a lot of artfags enjoy talking about supplies, I’d even say the majority of artists do

No. 404876

Samefag, but what conversations would these excluded anons even be having instead? Because literally nothing is stopping them from starting another topic, we have multiple topics going on all the time

No. 404879

Again, talk about it or at least answer any other anon's concerns about other mediums lmao. You make your own content here on lolcow instead of crying about not having enough discussion about something else you want and passive-aggressively guilting anons of not catering to your desires.

No. 404883

No. 404884

God those drawings are kinda bad, the ears are so small, it looks kinda goofy for me

No. 404898

I would have argued with you that it was perhaps intended by her since the whole piece/anatomy is wonky (I thought the topic was being high on drugs hence the mushrooms and wonkiness) but after seeing more art from this artist, I can 100% agree with you. She's also using very well known models such as Gemma Ward for her art which is okay if she didn't traced anything but I think it would have been better if she changed some facial features for the sake of creativity.

No. 404899

File: 1556673461903.jpg (228.71 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20190501-030611_1.j…)

Forgot the pic

No. 404903

The head is too big imo, also looks so soulless

No. 404907

You can't put a final varnish on oil paintings until it's completely dry, which can take 6-12 months. They make temporary varnishes for in the mean time, but you'll still need that final varnish once the whole thing's dry.

No. 404924

The lineless digital gouache style? It's definitely having "a moment" right now but it's been popular for ages, especially in animation industry circles which is weird because it's kinda a pain in the butt & lends itself to same face syndrome like the pic you posted. I've always liked the way it looks but you're right, EVERYONE does it now.

No. 404926

That’s from a year ago, old milk

No. 404928

Immoral? Are you high?

No. 404941

What do you guys think of the products in Jazza's art box? I'm thinking about buying one just because it's very difficult to obtain art supplies where I live due to how expensive they are or how much money it is to ship. It seems like an ok deal. The print included is ugly as fuck though.

No. 404944

Immoral is pushing it. But unethical, definitely.

No. 404948

I think it is an okay deal too, i guess 100 dollars is acceptable since some of the products are kind of expensive. I agree with the print, the colours are pretty ugly to me.

No. 404950

File: 1556684164157.png (196.43 KB, 885x156, Screenshot_3.png)

diff anon but not to mention the price she put on this piece when she first put it on her etsy

No. 404954

Jesus Christ, Id rather be spending the money on something more useful, like products to maybe make a better painting

No. 404959

Jesus christ, I was drinking coke through a straw and snorted when I saw that ridiculous price.
Is she supporting people affected by macrocephaly?? Lol

No. 404963

Who is she even expecting to buy that? Who in their sane mind would pay that much for that trash?

No. 404965

I'm going to assume she's priced it factoring in labor and material costs but……it's ugly, everything about the anatomy is completely jacked and it's completely amateur-looking overall. While artists should absolutely price their work according to those factors + demand etc, if the end result is bad then it's simply not worth the money.

No. 404973

I feel like at this point you’d be better off either not selling the piece or lowballing, because at the end of the day majority of the price from artwork comes from skill rather than just how labour intensive it is

No. 404974

Yeah, but that’s why I said ASAP. I’m confused as to why it is specifically stated that it will be varnished upon purchase

No. 404986

I'm peeved by artists who just imitate established art styles with an intention of passing off their stuff as the real thing. I acknowledge their skill to "reverse engineer" someone's style but it just feels kinda scummy to me?

Parodies are fine however. I'm coming from the Vocaloid fandom for more context.

No. 405011

Is this some discount Frida Khalo crap?

No. 405046

Anyone in particular?

No. 405113

That's plagiarism if they're trying to pass their stuff off as the real thing (as opposed to fan art) which is never okay plus these artists can get sued by big companies

No. 405114

I mean I got to the point where i HATE even the word 'lineart' (argh) and the fact that every single youtuber thinks that you have to follow a sketch>ink lines>colour in process - do they get this from comics? it's weird -
so anything lineless makes me happy.
but if it's gonna be a thing where everyone just does it badly and imitates everyone else then, ugh

No. 405194

They might be trying to give it as much time to dry as possible. In most cases, it's the artist's responsibility to put a final varnish on the painting. I know some who sell their painting then have the purchaser contact them a year after the painting was finished, so they can varnish it for them. Some just sell their paintings with instructions on how and when to varnish, along with their preferred brand. Some people hold off on a final coat of varnish until the purchaser says whether they want a gloss, satin, or matte finish. But going back and reading, I'm wondering if Gloss Resin Varnish is referring to a damar resin or epoxy resin… Which worries me, since no one I know has ever used epoxy resin on an oil painting, no matter the surface…

No. 405229

Isn't the point of the faceyourart challenge on IG to see if you have same face syndrome? I mean maybe not but it's so glaringly obvious when people do. Meanwhile I see some dumbass in the comments of one same face post complimenting them on their 'cohesion'. You guessed it, disney girls abound.

No. 405254

File: 1556739484857.jpg (259.97 KB, 600x396, Simon-Pasieka-Tanz-and-Rausch-…)

Can someone explain to me why the same-face-syndrome is so bad? A lot of famous artists did this and still do this. Audrey Kawasaki and Simon Pasieka are good examples and they are celebrated by critics although they have the same-face-syndrome. As long as it's intentional and part of the concept, it's totally okay imo.
But some artists do this because of laziness, lack of creativity which is boring and sad indeed.

No. 405262


Honestly it's not and I even think people like to confuse same-face syndrome with art that clearly does not have it even.
Same face syndrome usually stems from a lack of skill where person can't draw any other faces, while similar face syndrome is usually just artist finding a certain type of face type appealing and re-using those features. Now there are certain artists who do have a same face syndrome while actually being able to draw variety of faces (ie. kronprinzs) which is honestly due to them just liking that one single face and not bothering to draw anything else.Even so I do feel like a lot of people are really fast to judge something as same-face while not actually being same face. There's plenty of artist who draw faces that are similar to each other and have same features but are still a different face. Sometimes this happens due to lack of skill, because they might not be familiar with certain type of features and end up recycling a small amount of features they do know but mostly I believe that it just stems from personal taste. The more you draw the more you realize how irrelevant same face really is. It's one of those "beginner donts" that you tell to aspiring artists so that they wouldn't fall into that art blackhole trap. Kinda like telling people to never shade with black. You totally can do it, if you know how but beginners often end up messing it up so badly it's just easier to tell them not to touch that area at all. In art all rules can be broken, it's just good to know the rules first. Same face is not big deal if you have it, because you choose to have it, instead of just not knowing any better.

No. 405268


It depends on the style. Some people choose to have a style that's not focussed on the face. You could argue that Heikala, who is a technically skilled artists in terms of landscapes and environments, has same face syndrome. Whilst true, it's not the focus of her art. The same goes for the image shared by anon, the focus is not on the characters but on the entire illustration.

I think it's something that is important to keep a note of for comic creators or animators. It's important to make sure silhouettes are readable and that it's obvious from first glance that the character is someone new. It's definitely something that should be kept in mind for character driven work. Because a bad case of same face syndrome will be looking at not just two characters with the same face (it happens, everyone has something they like to go back to) but several different characters who look exactly the same.

Anyway this is getting off topic. The fact is that if your focus is on characters and storytelling, just give your characters a different face so they don't look like clones. If it's about composition and colour and all sorts of everything else, then go ahead and draw the same face, it's all based on context.

No. 405327

File: 1556756075559.gif (349.2 KB, 500x281, EAF18536-FAA6-4741-9D19-A7E44F…)

Honestly I can only think of a few instances where it’s actually an issue
1. You’re trying to tell a story
Comic illustrators, animators, book illustrators, you get the picture - these people should NOT have same face syndrome when they need to be creating discernible characters for good story flow

2. Character designers
It’s kinda on the tin as to why they shouldn’t be creating the same face over and over

3. Beginners
Like another anon said it’s a trap you can fall into, beginners should be learning enough fundamentals that no one face should look identical unless they’re studies of the same face and it is intentional

4. Characters of different ethnicities
If you diversify the ethnicity and race of the people you draw you should really know how to use racial markers and not recreate the same face over and over

Otherwise I’d honestly argue that people who like to throw out ‘SAME FACE SYNDROME!!’ are the same who would yell about anatomy but not offer any fixes - they’re just using buzz words to criticise for the sake of criticising, people who are further along in the art careers know that both are context sensitive and that the former isn’t a huge issue in a lot of cases. There’s a reason why you’ll hear criticisms about something like anatomy rather than colour theory, and it’s that anatomy is something even someone who doesn’t know a lot about art can tell is off and can just pull things out their ass.
People that reee about sameface probably also reee about tumblr style or pretty girl paintings with no reason other than ‘I don’t like it >:(‘

No. 405392

File: 1556766565780.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x3072, 545467C7-4BF0-48E0-825C-0034BF…)

anyone else feel like this girl is vaguely copying Audra Auclair? idk it might just be me but I swear every time her stuff comes up on my explore tab it looks similar to Audra’s just from the color pallete alone

No. 405399

Definitely an Audra clone. Reminds me of the Steph clone Instagram keeps trying to push in my recommended

No. 405404

File: 1556769653023.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, shirobako_s01e24_7.png)

God, fuck Shirobaku. Samefaced pretty young moeblob girls because god forbid a female character be anything but, and male characters of varying attractiveness and age with diverse features.

No. 405411

File: 1556771091826.jpg (105.53 KB, 947x1488, souwu.jpg)


Sort of a youtube artist, but this manlet is a predator who posts alt-right memes/hangs out with alt-right types "as a joke", admits to and participates in what he claims is the "emotional control kink" [re: emotionally/psychologically manipulating women and young girls that join his discord server], and "teaches art" on said discord server despite not having any talent and being a self-admitted NEET with a zoology degree. He also has an so-original asian fetish that he is quite vocal about, paying special attention to girls on the server who happen to be underage/asian.

He also likes to tell everyone various and conflicting stories about his childhood/abuse/etc whenever confronted on his predatory or seedy behavior, or unwarranted sense of self importance in conversations. One of his favorites is to claim he was a CSA survivor, despite frequently making jokes about rape. Considering his raging narcissism and the fact that many girls and women seem to get mysteriously banned after claiming Jimi has manipulated them/forced them to do nudes/etc, this may be the closest to the truth about why he's like this.

I don't have many screenshots to give, as I only had DMs with this person [in which he tried to manipulate me and subsequently blocked and banned me when I refused/set boundaries] but I can post them in a bit after I unblock him. For now, have an example of the "art" that totally warrants him being a predatory psychotic racist and possibly pedophile, as well as an "art teacher."

Has anyone else experienced an issue with this dude? I'm trying to re-contact a previous [possibly underage] girl he'd chased out, but she's not responding.

No. 405413

File: 1556771674306.jpg (625.29 KB, 774x656, screenshot (2)_LI.jpg)


An example of the creepy shit he'd say. This was after I told him I hated doing BDSM with my ex, as well. We were discussing relationships/expectations.

I wish I had more concrete evidence, but all I have is skin-crawling commentary like this and the claims I saw from various girls on Jimi's server. I was hoping that lolcow might have more information, because I really can't get over the thought that this kind of person may be the "big brother" figure to teenage girls/women, and what he may be trying to do with that "power."

Especially with

>putting someone in a position where they can't really refuse

No. 405415

File: 1556772837150.jpg (626.5 KB, 896x484, jimiscreenshot1 (2)_LI.jpg)


His response after I dared not respond to discord for 15-30 minutes, as I was leaving a group, and I'd known him for exactly one day. He assumed I wasn't responding because of what he said in the previous screenshot + some vaguely sexual/"negging" comments he'd made towards me. After this, I told him to calm down, was told I was "being abusive/difficult" and was subsequently blocked and banned from both servers.

>But I can be so much worse than this

Anyone else get major fucking creep vibes? It's this and the claims I saw from other girls during my time on the server that are really unsettling me.

Does anyone have more info/sauce/stories/etc?

No. 405416

>emotional control kink
Can kink shaming please come back full force so that creepy abusers can stop saying that it’s just their kink and it somehow absolves them of all morality and responsibility. This seems to be a huge issue in the art community in particular, especially if you do commissions. I’m sick of seeing degrading artwork and being shouted at to stop kinkshaming because some guy getting off is apparently more important than all the women he dehumanises throughout his abusive depictions, a lot of it is also used to groom minors. I don’t know about you guys but I learnt very quickly to be wary of older ‘sex positive’ artists because even though they knew I was a kid they’d still insist on showing me their latest porn they drew whenever we interacted

No. 405417

Fuck, what a total creep. What is it about art communities that seems to draw in degenerate men, is it because it’s a heavily female populated hobby/interest?

No. 405421

File: 1556774012795.jpg (245.96 KB, 1460x754, jimiscreenshot3 (3)_LI.jpg)


Sorry if I sound weird or if I'm posting too many screenshots [seriously, don't be ashamed to ban my ass if I'm being dumb, I need to learn lol] but I'm not over-reacting, right?

This was the thing that warranted him saying that stuff in the second screenshot. Admittedly, it was weird of him to say that about plastic surgery specifically after I said I did not want it for my deformity, but it's not why I didn't respond to him. I literally had to physically leave a building and talk to real life people.

I also find it very strange that he tried to brush it off and act like things were normal. When I said that his comment upset me, he responded the way he did in the second screenshot, plus some other jive.

The underage girl isn't responding to my friend request. I don't really want to post her discord here, and I don't have screenshots of what she said in-server because Jimi banned her and deleted them super fast. I'm kind of hoping he's just a creep and not a predator, but if anyone reading this has info or experiences with this dude, say something. He gives off major creep vibes.

I could also post the story he gave me of his "abuse" that conflicts with what other people have said he's said to them, but idk if that's disrespectful, considering it was lengthy and [to me] felt "heartfelt" I guess? Plus idk if that's against the rules or not, since it involves CSA.

Edit: Whoops, accidentally my name. Some of you can guess my ethnicity now, I guess, lmao.

No. 405429

Just curious, but i dont think shes really trying to copy her, maybe its just a popular aesthetic or art style. (not a self post)

No. 405433

I said "just curious" cuz i was about to ask a question but forgot because im an idiot. Wanted to ask, if a person has a similar color palette or style of coloring, etc etc- to a more popular artist, is it immediately considered copying? I see it too much around these thread

No. 405435


I kind of agree with you. Maybe I'm getting old but I see too many of these pastel/etc palettes around to really say who's "copying" whom anymore, when it all seems kind of unoriginal to me. Does simply having a similar color palette/generic animu style make you the same as a tracer/literal copycat?

No. 405437

>if a person has a similar color palette or style of coloring, etc etc- to a more popular artist, is it immediately considered copying?

If artist A copies the colour palette, style and motifs all at once from artist B and is indistinguishable overall, then artist A is definitely a copycat. When I saw >>405392 I thought it was Audra indeed. It's beautiful but there's no trace of originality. This artist could take certain aspects of Audra's pictures he/she likes and add personal aspects to her/his picture to make it more original.

No. 405440

Can u report him to discord for this type of shit? Like you don’t have to keep talking to him to extract shit when he clearly is being creepy to girls and to you, just report it with your logs and discord can open up an investigation or something

No. 405443

Ive seen a lot of art that looks like that, thats why i asked that question. To me it feels like someone found two artists using the same aesthetic again and calling it "copying" just because the other is more popular… But i guess in this situation it could be heavy inspiration

No. 405445


That's a good idea, thanks anon. If underage anon adds me I'll advise her to do it too.

No. 405447

You have to keep in mind Audra has been around for a long time and I would argue popularised this specific style for those within their teens and early twenties, and if from a glance you can’t discern that it isn’t her I would call it copying - saying it’s just a case of inspiration is disingenuous, everyone is inspired by other artists, some more heavily than others, but they still have enough of their own voice that you wouldn’t mistake them for the artist they’re inspired by

No. 405451

File: 1556786331914.jpg (178.01 KB, 500x498, Masayume_20Promo_20Cover_origi…)

I mean…you be the judge

No. 405455

I say slam him on reddit. Put these screenshots on r/niceguys or r/justneckbeardthings

No. 405467

Does she not have bust measurements for her clothes?
Even with regular sizes it's hard to find the right size when you're busty (sometimes it's S, sometimes L), I can imagine it's even harder when you're big and busty.

No. 405468

I do love her style and especially her coloring but I've noticed in drawing video's the way she draws the human body makes it hard to do it right.

No. 405471

File: 1556795620137.png (420.29 KB, 857x699, barf (2).png)

I found this tweet-thing by alt-right Nazi "comic artist", Emily Youcis. Google her work incognito if you wanna see some horrific shit involving CSA, furryshit, tradthots and Nazis.

I know it's not technically art but fucking topkek

No. 405483

>If you take personal offense with the things I say then you're really gonna end up hating me if we keep talking
Jesus fuck, I had someone say this to me almost verbatim irl and I ran like hell and never spoke to them again. Fucking GTFO with this subtle flavour of "I'm a tough cookie to handle and you need to man up and take it" bullshit

No. 405493

I really wouldn't say you're overreacting here, there's a lot of alarm bells and red flags going off in my head right now, especially if he's talking this way to teenagers.

Definitely report so discord can take a look into it. At least that way it's out of your hands, and you can move on.

No. 405498

I’m curious why you got involved if you weren’t interested in bdsm? I don’t see anywhere that this person insulted you or did something like ask for pics or to meet in person. They aren’t even sending multiple messages to dead air. I don’t think this is r/nice guys I think this is you being ignorant of a large part of the bdsm community. That said if you can prove this person is saying this stuff to minors, then do report..

No. 405499

File: 1556801162349.png (434.22 KB, 942x926, surejan.png)

Er, Found this comic through DSP and don't really know how to handle it, so here you go. It's about "anti SJW's" are totally oppressed and stuff, also I think they have superpowers?

No. 405500

I actually like the style but I'm bias because I really like the Disney art style and I kinda shoot for it myself with my own work lol.

No. 405504


Thank you both. You're right, it's better to report and move on.


>hurr durr why did you do something you didn't want to do with an ex boyfriend

>actually defending literal emotional manipiulation/abuse/THE LITERAL CLAIM OF GETTING OFF ON PUTTING SOMEONE IN A POSITION WHERE THEY CANNOT REFUSE as "uwu you just don't understand ~ThE CoMmUniTy~"

Scrot or handmaiden? I genuinely can't tell. Maybe you've never been in a real adult relationship, as well, if you think sexual abuse/manipulation is completely separate from the sort of man who asked me to do "totes kinky" stuff with him and threatened me if I didn't.

No. 405505

This screams butthurt edgelord trying to prove they're all superior because they 'earned' privileges like what a hysterical comic. It even has stick figures.

I always get surprised when idiots act like this like I'm always caught so off guard

No. 405506


Btw he did send multiple messages, and many more creep-tastic things aside from this, but as none of it has to do with underage women/is really just repeating what he's already said with an occasional insult/neg thrown in, I didn't think it was relevant. That's why I asked if anyone on here had heard rumors about him like I have through the art community, and why I attempted to contact the former mutual friend he'd chased out [the 16 year old girl.]

No. 405517

File: 1556805506271.jpg (59.64 KB, 600x480, wtflol.jpg)


lmao what fresh hell is this? it's like an xkcd comic but somehow worse. dat comparison tho. reminds me of pic related.

No. 405522

NTA but you’re saying this like people don’t get coerced into sexual acts they don’t want to partake in, and if they were in the BDSM community and sadistic then it would not be in the slightest bit surprising if that’s what happened.

A lot of the anons ITT sound very young a lot of the time, I do wonder if we have a lot of teens with the way some of you type and the things you talk about

No. 405538

File: 1556808131874.png (180.18 KB, 734x645, stoam.png)

Well, in a nutshell it seems to be weeby white supremacy stuff written by a conspiracy theorist, hard to tell since it's so subtle though.

No. 405579

so this guy was streaming and his gf (i think) started talking shit about a lesser known artist. they both laugh about it, say she's autistic and show her profile for their followers. what got me though is that the guy says "i feel like i need to chill online to get friends"

karma's a bitch though, the person they were making fun of gained 20k followers in like a day (not sure if he lost any)


No. 405581

Also Kun0 just got banned like 15 minutes ago LMAO

No. 405589

Damn, that was incredibly uncomfortable and unnecessary. I'm so glad it backfired on them

No. 405591

I’m gonna be honest, I expected something super mild, no big deal shit talk blown out of proportion by people (because internet just loves that) but then holy shit when I actuslly listened to that clip. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard someone being so bitterly jealous before it made my jaw drop.

Like wow lady, you must be a fun to hang around. Ranting can help you let off steam and I don’t fault people for that but some people just talk so horribly about other people that it makes me feel sick and she’s definitely one of those.

No. 405597


Kun0 tried to blame her for Neko's popularity too. And he's not sorry worth a damn. and another popular artist Weeniedesu,got caught living it up on his stream chat too. Neither of them are really sorry they trashed Neko's art live. They're sorry they got caught and hate that this is a mark on their popularity.

No. 405599

samefag but to that end, I've never even heard of either of them before this. My first experience with them is this shit tier behavior. Kun0's art isn't really that remarkable to be honest. So I'm not sure why his girlfriend was going off like she was. Harpy-ass bitchwad.

No. 405600

Angry jealous weeb attacks weeb minding her own business and if blames nice weebs 'vagina' for her popularity. Jfc. He made an apology on Twitter and I'm reading through the comments of people just dragging him lol. Anyone else wanna smack his bratty GF?

No. 405601


She conveniently deleted her twitter account in cowardice because she couldn't take the heat.

No. 405602

Never heard of them before this either. His art seemed nice to me which is a bit shame. I did like the style but sometimes the fact that you know how to hold a pen a little bit better than a beginner really get’s into people’s heads. I could probably say that I’m about same skill level as him and I always look upward rather than stroke my ego by only looking down. Ofc sometimes I go look at artists that used to be better than me and get an ego boost when I realize I’m way better than them now but even then I’ve just been grateful that I decided to work harder than they did rather than mock them for it. It just tells so much about how awful self-esteem you gotta have when you talk about someone in such a vile way. I could almost see a foam coming from her mouth like from some rapid animal.

No. 405604


Yeah I'm not sure what her damage was. She was acting like it was high school gossip. She must not be an artist, but I'm not that sure. All I can see is that she got bitter, and he encouraged it further.That's the problem with a lot, but not all, of popular artists on social media. They get so arrogant and think that it's okay because they're popular.

I'm honestly glad we're coming to the point where just because you're skilled, it doesn't mean you can get away with dumb shit like this. These are the few instances where call-outs are appropriate.

Too often it goes sideways for stupid reasons.
Though like most people who get caught on their shit, he's probably going to let it blow over so he can save some kind of face, because that public non-apology wasn't going to cut it. Going forward MAYBE he and his girl can take steps to do and be better people.


No. 405613

She was jealous of her looks because she called her an "asian e-girl" even though she's asian herself kek

No. 405614

>MAYBE he and his girl

Naw, he obviously looked pissed when he said she made the victim popular.

Looks like they're going to breakup and he's going to lose his medical school degree at Berkley, which he put up online himself (idiot) so people can't say he was doxxed.

No. 405624

yeah same, i thought it was clickbait but the gf was super violent.
and if you want to be that critical and abrasive, sure why not, freedom of speech includes shitting on people even if it's just unfunny inelegant low level jealousy, but you have to stand by what you say and not delete your account to avoid criticism / apologise like a little bitch to save your career.
let them suffer the consequences.

No. 405625

File: 1556822464091.jpeg (500.38 KB, 2048x2048, 539C681E-E1CB-4940-9957-C0C1C8…)

I always thought she was copying Audra.

No. 405632

i had to look up how these two girls look and i can see why lol

No. 405636

Exactly and if you really wanna have a petty rant, which we all do at some point (though maybe not ever that petty) then at least be decent and don't fucking name and shame them on a stream where everyone is watching. She could've easily said there's this artists who's bad but who's more popular and it's annoying and this whole thing would've been ok. She would've still sounded like a bitter bitch but at least she would've had a good excuse for it.

No. 405646


jfc that is literally almost traced.

No. 405657

File: 1556827024778.jpg (2.3 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190502_145305860.j…)

Lanajay's insta story where she's begging for Kofi donations because she screwed up.

No. 405670

File: 1556828442099.jpg (22.96 KB, 481x361, 5017e664eab8ea951100001c-750.j…)

>jfc that is literally almost traced
I would say she's stealing ideas from Audra and changing just a bit. It's like buying knock-off shoes: same same but different.

No. 405679

Imagine guilting your followers for more money after YOU fucked up the math.

No. 405682

Just realize you made a mistake, own it and learn from it, and don't do it in the future.

No. 405740

He just destroyed his career lmfao

No. 405759

No I think you misunderstood my post. I wouldn’t ask someone why they did or didn’t didn’t do bdsm with their ex in their past, that’s their business. I was just curious why you connected with this artist now if you were aware of this kink they have? Is this guy really trying to lure in artists with an art help chat and just bombards them with creepy messages? Cuz that’s not what I’m seeing here. I’m just seeing some bad flirting in the dm’s.In case anyone here was not aware, yeah there’s an emotional power play to bdsm as well as the ropes, and both types of domination and submission require consent. I don’t know the whole situation but you sound like the one that got blocked and mad about it.

No. 405813

NTA but do you not read? Anon said they received more creepy messages but didn't post since they weren't about the underage shit.
Don't try to give creepy behavior a pass by calling it some type of flirting. And having a kink doesn't excuse gilt tripping someone when they don't respond to your aforementioned creepy behavior.
And I also don't see why the reason anon talked to this person in the first place is of any big significance, so idk kill that curiosity of yours in that regard maybe.

No. 405822

Talking to someone you just met doesn’t give you free range to ‘flirt’ by shoving your fetish in their face. Stop giving boundary stomping creeps so much slack

No. 405844

I’ve been searching his name every few hours to check up on the backlash and it seems like there’s just a constant stream of piss towards this dude lol. There’s always a few posted less than a minute every time I search. I feel absolutely no sympathy though, his attitude was fucking despicable. I wonder if he’ll jump ship like his coward gf and delete his twitter and try to start completely new. Not like his style is anything more than generic anime shit anyway that he wouldn’t fly under people’s radars.

No. 405863

Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed, also did she learn how to do eyeliner from Shuwu? because wow

No. 405883

This is unbelievably cruel. I couldn't even finish it because I felt so bad.

No. 405940

someone posted a bit more of his stream to youtube and the bitterness really jumped out. can't imagine how they didn't think it would backfire but he doesn't seem apologetic at all. he popped back up on his reddit account like a day ago so it's obvious he's just gonna wait for people to move on before coming back.

No. 405946

I noticed her too, a while ago. It's more than just the color pallete, she blatantly copies her. I wonder how no one calls her out in her comments

No. 405998

Making rape jokes doesn't necessarily mean someone isn't a victim of sexual abuse . People have odd coping mechanisms sometimes.
He sounds like a piece of shit though

No. 406001

The "Disney art style " is pretty diverse and can mean a million different things. It's also usually way more expressive than these dull ass chalky line less pretty girl drawings.

No. 406005

So idk if it's shitposting/cheating to mention Shadbase, or if he counts as a YT artist because you really only run into him or his creepy pedo fans in places like reddit/discord, but has anyone else noticed a number of his "normal" comics being liked and shared by normies now? Is he trying to pretend he isn't a pedophile so he can get serious work as a cartoonist or w/e?

No. 406014

Yeah I can agree with this. It's more Disney princess coloring book style that is generic, everywhere, and bland as hell while being super popular. It's just a bit maddening.

No. 406015

You sound like a salty digital artist. Anons give good advice here and have every right to do so. I mostly do digital art, trad art is not an elite club that you need to be salty about. Just buy some paints and join in.

No. 406018


Not the anon you're replying to but is there a "safe" discord for female artists? I could use some of that proper advice on my painting.

No. 406026

I was almost posting this because it irked me so much. The way she worded it sounds really manipulative? especially with all those emoji…

No. 406049

Has anyone seen her art clone cutiepatoodie it irks me cause she just copies her shit and then slaps a "It's my OC and I have a disability and you can't criticizes me" sticker and mentions every chance she gets

No. 406050

I think an annon here made an art discord in an other thread right? Its a girls only discord too.


No. 406082

There is a discord but it doesn’t get a lot of activity since everyone is worried about posting their art and being linked to lolcow or worry about having their art posted either ITT or the bad art thread

No. 406117

What's his reddit account? I can't find it

No. 406121

He's always trying to push out further, its really infuriating that he is still well liked.

No. 406127

No. 406136

How do you other anons deal with artblocks? Especially long artblocks that last upwards of 5 months or so? I feel like I've hit a brick wall and that I've tried everything.

No. 406139

I once didn't draw for half a year because of an art-block and only thing I can recommend is to try to figure out what causes it. Trying to force yourself to draw won't do you any good and if you haven't been able to draw for the past 5 months, it's not gonna be fixed by "just drawing".

For me what caused the art-block was my perfectionism. I would always accept that art can never be perfect but I would still demand that every picture be better than the last one. This ended up driving me up to a wall 'cause I demanded results from myself I just didn't have the skill to achieve and I couldn't recognize how cancerous my own mentality was, because I thought I knew that art just can never be perfect. It was kinda like "well I'm not saying my art needs to be 100% perfect, but at least make it 99%".

Part of what 'caused this was my own competitive nature and my feelings of not wanting to disappoint my followers. After I figured it out, the solution came easy. I told myself that it's ok if I sometimes create boring work, that creating something is better than nothing for half a year. If I want to create a messy, bad quality pretty girl portrait, I can do so. I can also draw big detailed illustrations and both are fine.

I still have art-blocks ofc but never that bad anymore and everytime I do have an art-block, instead of trying to force myself out of the rut, I take it as a chance for self-discovery. If you can't draw, do things you can do, play games, see friends and also try to think what you want to do as an artist and what is really holding you back. Art-block can actually open many doors if you allow it to.

No. 406149

Honestly, I just go with the flow of it. I take a break and then once my motivation is back I create shitty art just for the sake of it and it tends to pick back up from there.

One crucial thing though is that I make sure to keep consuming art made by others, even if you’re not creating you’re still learning by looking at the work of other artists and dissecting it, it can have a really positive influence on your work through taste and stylisation after an extensive break, even if technically you’ve become a bit lacking from not practicing. I’ve found that after all of my art blocks my art practice and stylisation evolves so there’s a bit of silver lining to an otherwise shitty scenario

No. 406178

How about an art block that lasts several years?

I haven't drawn anything other than some small sketches on some side paper. I think I'm slowly giving up on art but being good at art is kind of part of my identity since I've been drawing since I was a kid

No. 406185

I had a several year long artblock not too long ago, it helped me to try and branch out. So I've bought different paints and oil pastels, but i also invested in stuff like looms and yarn for crochet and knitting. It got me excited again, which i hadn't really been since art school a decade ago.

No. 406189

I went through something similar, so I started taking some art classes. However, if this isn't an option, I took up sculpting and eventually I started wanting to draw again. I found that any time I tried something out of my usual routine it got me inspired. I hope this helps!

No. 406194


I had an almost 5 year long art block. I still drew, but it was down to about less than 3x a month. Part of it was due to an illness creeping up that I hadn't been aware of, which explains why the block went on for so long.

Even then, I doodled, watched tutorials, and really got into art history. During that last year, I started taking up other creative hobbies and outdoor activities just to keep my hands busy. Being able to let that energy out in other ways helped me loosen up and get back into it. It wasn't gradual, either. It was like a freight train.

It also gave me something new to integrate into my artwork, a new set of eyes, and a new way to present it.

Sometimes these blocks are exactly what we need to keep our work improving.

No. 406199

Gonna need more info on that. I've personally found that art block tends to stem off of having standards. When you think back to when you just started drawing, you could draw all day multiple pictures just one after another and thing like art-block never even crossed to our minds. That's usually 'cause back in then we would care more about just drawing for the sake of it but how good or bad it was, it didn't matter or how original or unoriginal it was, had no factor either, Only joy of creating something really mattered.

Now that you've grown as artist, there's a lot of things we end up thinking about when creating art. What do I want to say with this piece? What is it going to say to others? What's the mood, is it original, etc. Even if it's something as basic as a pretty girl portrait we still end up thinking what type of pretty girl is she, is she an innocent type? An emo? What's her expression gonna be, hairstyle, any object she's holding? This ends up creating a lot of pressure for us since we're constantly thinking of this stuff and it eventually causes our minds to get overgrowded and thus the block happens.

If you're experiencing several years long art block, there must be something blocking your creative stream badly but I cannot tell you what it is. One anon said above that changing medium might be solution and I've heard from other people who that has helped as well. A friend of mine actually used to draw but then just over the years slowly quit, now couple of years ago she discovered photography and she's totally into it. But ultimately the solution is something you have to figure out yourself.

Few questions to ask from yourself are:

Why do I draw?
Who do I draw for?
Do I like drawing?
What do I want from my art?
What kind of artist do I wanna be?

There's plenty of other things you can ask from yourself but writing it down might help. And I recommend constantly asking yourself why. Why do I draw, "because I like it", why do I like it? "because I can bring my imagination to life", why do I want to do so?", etc. Just keep going and eventually you'll probably figure something out, though you may end up digging into some personal trauma territory too.

No. 406207

File: 1556905605493.jpeg (411.63 KB, 1242x1985, E5AB7246-5292-457F-AD68-B4D4DA…)

You could always create your own motivational quotes and hashtag instead of art.

No. 406208

File: 1556905710506.jpeg (366.17 KB, 1242x1723, 9A6BB365-719D-4CE9-B6D2-378D3D…)

My apologies if this belongs in the bad art thread but the ego on this one seems big to me

No. 406215

Kek, atleast the likes are as mediocre as his art

No. 406221

File: 1556908278957.jpg (485.34 KB, 1300x1050, brunette-girl-healthy-long-hai…)

Samefag but I'm 99% sure it's traced from a generic stockphoto, atleast the face
Can't overlay cus mobile

No. 406225


yep def is, though why would you even want to trace that? It looks like something you'd see on hair dye packs and that doesn't exactly scream "artistic" to me.

No. 406226

What works for me is:
*taking it easy and not drawing at all for a while (art isn't my job or anything, it's just a hobby so there's no pressure)
*consuming other media that can inspire me (books, movies, TV series, podcasts- you can do fanart or studies of your favourite scenes if it was a movie/ TV series)
*doing some figure drawing from Croquis Cafe videos (I love those, and they also help with anatomy and gesture)
*blind contour drawings (mine always turn out hilarious)
*trying a completely new art medium (it can be anything, from dip pens to oils to watercolours to digital art to sculpting to knitting to making jewelry to collage)

No. 406228

I don't know if this is the true reason but I believe it's because of uni. It started going downhill and anytime I'd do anything other than study I'd think about how I'm just procrastinating and wasting time, and so pretty much all my hobbies stopped being fun.

Since time has past I got rusty and whenever I start drawing something I get reminded of how bad I got and that discourages me from continuing

No. 406229

Samefag: also, trying to emulate a specific art movement/ style. "I'm going to try to draw this picture in pointillism style" "in cubism style" "I'm gonna try to draw this like I think Rubens would do it" etc. Nevermind that it's all going to look like shit and nothing like the "old masters", it's still a fun exercise.

No. 406230

File: 1556910388013.gif (174.27 KB, 275x199, traced.gif)

Good find, anon. It's definitely traced, I think. He's changed the chin slightly and the neck to throw people off, but the nose and upper lip are identical.

I've made a gif to show you.

No. 406233

Well there can be many reasons for it but a school stress is no doubt a very real reason to get stuck artistically. Artistic free flowing mind and strict and disciplined schedule does not work that well together. School pretty much suppresses creativity like that, question now is what are you going to do about it?

One thing is to convince yourself that there's no shame in what you're doing and enjoying hobbies. If you feel like you're wasting time, then remind yourself that scientifically, hobbies release the "feel good" hormones (ie. dopamine and serotonin) that make you happier and being happier makes you more productive overall, betters your memory, you sleep better (and thus feel better), you don't overeat and ofc helps to cure depression. So you having hobbies and feeling good about drawing actually makes you overall better at studying even if you spend less time on it.

How to make drawing enjoyable again is a little trickier if you feel bad about not improving or drawing consistently. I'd say the first step is to accept that, it's ok to take detours in your life and not focus on art 100% at the time and during this time you've still sketched so it's not like you totally lost your skill either. Maybe you could mark little goals for yourself, nothing too big but doing a little studies sometimes to pick up the skill you feel you lack. Someday maybe sketch like 5 different face (best if you do this irl), another day, draw a tree you see and just overall draw small things that are around you.

If you get the feeling of wanting to do a bigger illustration or "an actual" drawing then do just that and if the drawing fails, ask yourself why. Do a little bit observing and if you think "ok well the anatomy didn't turn out the way I wanted" then focus on anatomy for a while, forget trees and faces and just draw couple of figures here and there or find some tutorials.

Since you're kinda rusty the point is not to like dedicate your whole life to art suddenly and grind back the skill but if you feel your art lacks somehow or that you didn't get good enough, then find a part in your art that especially displeases you and focus on that for a while till it gets even just a little better, from there you usually tend to improve pretty fast and if you've kept your artistic eye open all this time, you usually end up consuming a lot of knowledge that's around you, it may just take a little push to unlock it, so you can actually use it.

Hope this was at least somewhat helpful and you're welcome about your free therapy session.

No. 406273

Thank you anon ♥

No. 406284

Blessed be thy fellow anon
He made the neck look disgusting geez

No. 406404

Same, stopped drawing for years due to a rapidly progressing illness. Trying to get back into it in spite of how tired I feel and how much pain I'm in but I feel like my brain has been a complete blank state for ages. I just have no fucking clue what to draw.

No. 406468

File: 1556971525125.jpg (80.29 KB, 1280x600, sonicredo-1280x600.jpg)

Hopefully this isnt too off topic but character design is something that I'm really interested in as an "artist". What do you guys think about this shit? Sonic spergs are my favorite thing to laugh at but I cant even enjoy their REEEEEEEing over the new character design because it is so fucking bad. Why is he shaped like a tiny human man? Why does he have human teeth? Who approved this?

No. 406470

Honestly it’s probably a case of a higher up suit having no fucking idea what they’re doing and enforcing their preferences on the character design team, happens in absolutely every industry in terms of design

No. 406472

higher ups push for more realistic designs to "not offend the adult audiences" and they're sadly right on that. Someone who's into cartoons can appreciate Sonic's original design regardless of age, but many everyday adults would dismiss a movie with a cartoon in it. It's like what happened with superheroes having their costumes toned down for the movies (the worst example being superman's costume all blue with no red shorts, man does that show DC's insecurity)

No. 406479

True but isn't a sizable part of the "adult" demographic people who grew up with Sonic and remember him looking a certain way? It's not like the OG sonic is a masterpiece of design to begin with but I cannot figure out who the redesign is meant to appeal to.

No. 406488

They’re gonna redesign him I think due to the backlash

No. 406489

Yeah that Sonic design is so fucking abominable and disgusting that I can't believe somebody would even think it up let alone approve it for an actual movie.
I heard a tinfoil that they made Sonic's design so bad on purpose to generate publicity and that the 'redesign' wasn't them scrambling to make fans happy last minute but was planned all along. Probably not true but it wouldn't surprise me. It certainly made people talk about the movie, that's for sure.

No. 406498

Surprisingly, that doesnt sound all too bad of a tinfoil. I mean, why else even agree to a redesign? The first thing to come to mind is the Ghost in the Shell live action. I get that it’s different (actors vs cgi) but there was so much backlash around having cast a white actor and they still didnt change it. I hope for the sake of the animators that this tinfoil is true, or if not, that theyll push back the release date.

No. 406501

Not milk nor a vent by any means, but this is a nice and insightful video

No. 406616


I think I'm officially done with adobe. I pretty much never use photoshop anyway between procreate and CSP.

No. 406623

I’m glad I was able to torrent all the adobe programs I needed

No. 406625

File: 1557016885440.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-05-02-34-47…)

Her real paintings are usually dope, but what is this? It looks like she paints the first time without a reference…
I am really confused about that huge skill gap.

No. 406628

Everything is kind of off, but the ear and the neck are just wtf…
And she sells her art for thousands

No. 406637

I'm gonna overline it with ms paint and post it in the other thread, though must gotta say, judging her skills, may unironically be stylized. Not even meming around.

No. 406639

That bird neck
That ear
That outline

No. 406642

Is she a beginner watercolourist? Another anon mentioned her paintings are usually sold for thousands and I’m hoping they’re at least usually in a different medium.. because if not I cannot imagine having the audacity to sell beginner tier work for so much.

No. 406645

Oil seems to be her usual medium, most of her stuff seems to rely heavily on references. So she might have a hard time making stuff without that.
Her wave paintings are cool at least, the other stuff mostly reminds me of Instagram girls

No. 406657

Btw, does anybody know what happened between Happy D. and Relmxx? They used to be best friends, and Happy mentioned her a lot. And now they are not even following each other, and Happys new best friend is Lena Danya.
Would love to know that story.

No. 406774

I have no idea who any of these people are but that relmxx person deleted their instagram. The link from her official site leads to an account with no icon, no content and barely any following

No. 406804

File: 1557069578498.jpg (824.23 KB, 1440x2098, Screenshot_2019-05-05-12-13-58…)

When You fuck up so much that even the singer of the background song used in the stream calls you out on your bullshit.

I've seen a stream where neko cries after getting to know she's been exposed in Kun0's stream and that is really heart-breaking. I'm not one to go on a extreme witch hunt on Kun0, but at least the biggest consequence I want him to face, besides soiling his reputation, would be the loss of revenue through his art, because there's the wound it hurts the most when poked.

No. 406823

I dunno man. I think people are going kinda far with this shit. At this point it’s like people want him to lose everything he’s got like he’s job, money, friends, etc. He is an ass and twitch banning him was fair since he went and pretty much attacked neko on live but that should’ve been it. This internet raiding people, only makes me feel pity for him and that’s the last thing I want. Ultimately it’s just one asshole among many, it’s not so big deal. Neko should also learn that rather than cry over it.

No. 406838

Don't know about you, but if I was young with a beginner tie art such as neko's and a big artist decided to shit on me live on a twitch stream I'd have cried too. He's an asshole among many but an asshole who also had the capacity of discouraging many young artists from drawing or posting their stuff online.

Besides, Kun0 published an apology video and Neko published an answer, also apologizing because on her previous stream she said she didn't receive any private apology on Kun0's part but his message actually got buried under so many notifications. She also said she wanted this to be over and for them to move on.

It's not a fact of "the internet wants to ruin him", although I do agree people are going too far with this, I just wish he'd get a financial blow over his shitty attitude.

People can change for the better, he already broke up with his girlfriend, but still the sting of the insult is too fresh when he said shit like "I got clipped omegalul" and "I guess I'll have to make an apology later sigh"

No. 406856

I don’t know nekos age or anything else about her, so if she’s really young then I can understand but online is a rough place if you’re gonnax stay. And yea he totally handled it badly, considering he didn’t apologize and to my knowledge only broke up with his gf after the backlash as well. I can understand why people want him to lose the revenue from art but messing with people’s wallets can seriously fuck up their lives and he did earn it fairly at least.

No. 406871

Does anyone have preferences when it comes to paint brushes? I know some people swear that Sable is perfect for watercolor because of it's ability to maintain a point and hold water, but they're so expensive that I'm worried to try any lol.

No. 406904

if you're just starting out I suggest winsor and newton. I still use them from time to time, along with Protègè

No. 406907

What other thread?

No. 406919

Personally I like 'em cheap. I'll splurge on paint, on paper/canvas, but tend to go cheap for brushes. I tend to just go for synthetic brushes, usually taklon. I rather like the ones by Royal and Langnickel, the "Zen" line, although I had to glue the handle back onto the ferrule for one of them. But they're affordable and hold a fair amount of water.

I really want to try those black velvet brushes because people seem to love them, but I've been wary that they might not be worth the hype, and I don't get to paint super often lately so I've been avoiding investing in nicer brushes.

No. 406966

File: 1557094544441.png (1.33 MB, 1073x1643, Screenshot_2019-05-06-00-06-46…)

No. 406968

Raphaël aqua soft are incredible, they're imitation squirrel and i kinda like them more than my real squirrel brushes. They're pretty affordable too, holds a lot of water and mine has kept its shape a year now.

No. 406969

File: 1557094741856.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_2019-05-06-00-06-55…)

No. 406971

Wow, just wow

No. 406993

Really, he broke up with his gf? Is that a common thing if you have twitch drama with your partner? Just seems a little over the top of your relationship was perfectly healthy otherwise. I wouldn't dump my bf if we got caught saying asshole shit on twitch, I'd just insist we both work together to make it right. They were both assholes.

No. 407024

File: 1557101730252.jpeg (402.11 KB, 1242x1848, 885857A9-0448-41C3-A637-D1D483…)

The tracer is also making bank.

No. 407029

Yeah I found that weird too, kinda seems like she’s the scapegoat in this scenario. Seems really over the top to break up with someone over a bit of internet drama, and the anon going off that he should take significant financial hit is also taking it too far

No. 407030

Insane price is right..

No. 407033

File: 1557103063000.jpg (667.85 KB, 1440x1664, Screenshot_2019-05-05-21-36-33…)

(Also his apology video in case anyone's wondering: https://youtu.be/XjlFctAwopM )

No. 407038


Not even THAT much effort went into this. It's literally a couple photoshop filters and some lens flare over a photo.

No. 407040

Wine commercials are more revolutionary in their splashing than this guy, i refuse to believe he has any artistic instinct at this point

No. 407043

>so I can focus on myself
Really taking the victim role in this and letting his ex gf take the brunt of the blame

No. 407044

I don't feel bad for her tbh, but I hope people recognize kuno is equal scum.

No. 407058

I feel bad for her in the sense that’s he’s obviously spineless and has no moral qualms with throwing his romantic partner under the bus

No. 407078

Trash attracts trash.

No. 407109

Lmfao I can't believe a relationship actually ended over this whole thing

No. 407113

Why? If people decide they don't want to support him financially after this, he brought it on himself. Don't shit where you eat.

No. 407128

Not wanting to support someone is different from actively hoping financial ruin on them, at the end of the day I’m finding it hypocritical that so many anons ITT are so upset over a bit of bullying when all these threads are dedicated to shitting on fellow artists.

No. 407136


Yeah I was thinking the same lol. Hana sounded like an edgy farmer. I wouldnt be surprised in slightest if she frequents these forums herself.

No. 407140

I have to agree on that. Like the way she went off on neko was pathetic imo, there's difference between criticizing someone and just attacking them out of blind jealousy but some of the farmers here cross that line too. Also when I went to read about this on twitter, people were actually contacting his work and spreading word so he could never work in the industry. Like some people don't just wish a ruin on this guy but actually try to ruin him and I fail to see how is that somehow more justified than some bitter bitch calling someone a bad artist on a livestream.

No. 407146

Singling out some beginner tier artist to your huge twitch viewer base isn't the same thing as anonymous bitching on an image board. I definitely don't claim moral high ground here but if you're dumb enough to attach that kind of shit to your real name/source of income I'm not going to feel bad if your supporters dip out.

No. 407147

Same anon, i didn't realize people were actually calling his workplace. That shit's way OTT

No. 407148

I bet they're still dating on the dl, I have a hard time believing they'd really break up when they were obviously both in agreement. He threw her under the bus to save his career and I think she's just going along with it.

No. 407183

The silver brush black velvets are a dream to use. I have various sizes and paint with them all the time. They keep their shape and hold heaps of water. I love 'em.

No. 407190

Do all artists on patreon need to have a nsfw tier?
I know sex sells, but I find it pretty discouraging

No. 407192


Don't worry about that. It's what sells for them. You need to figure out what works for you.
If you don't draw NSFW, then people won't expect it of you. Some people get stuck there and it's all they end up known for. So don't worry about it. It takes work but you'll figure it out.

No. 407193

In a similar vein, any recommendations for acrylic brushes? I was gifted a set of acrylics for my birthday and I think that the shitty dollar store brushes I use for my watercolour/ gouache aren't fit for the task after trying them a bit yesterday

No. 407196

Thanks anon, I don't wanna go down sakimi route no matter how profitable it is.

No. 407222

tbf i remember something going around about how Sakimi did nsfw stuff even before she got popular. If it's true, the nsfw on the side was something she more or less always did.

but yah find whatever works for you. a lot of artists who have the nsfw tier for patreon, have some type of nsfw background. It's just that before patreon, a lot of people were on the "don't do nsfw it ruins your reputation" so a lot of them just hid the nsfw they did or stopped doing it entirely. but there are still plenty of popular artists (like Yuumei) who don't do nsfw stuff on patreon.

it's just a matter of what works for you. trust me, only good nsfw stuff sales (unless you are filling a super niche fetish or something) because people won't jump at badly drawn and colored porn. like with selling any art, you gotta be good at what you do. if nsfw isn't for you then don't do it because you probably won't end up selling anything.

on a side now, what's with everyone trying to get their patreon like Sakimichan's? just because doing fanart and porn works for her doesn't mean it will work for you.

No. 407317

Oh man I know art teaching is more about teaching but she draws like most 7th graders

No. 407321

File: 1557169181147.jpeg (95.96 KB, 640x735, 18E79870-058C-4235-8197-687C46…)

teacher‘s ig

No. 407336

File: 1557172504757.jpeg (973.33 KB, 1125x1493, 6638C023-FB4C-46C4-85E2-D6F067…)

I personally know middle schoolers who are more competent artists

No. 407338

what a coincidence considering she is a middle school art teacher. A caption on one of her IG posts points that out.

No. 407340

It pains me that Rae went to art school to study oil but she still paints like a beginner using it

No. 407344

This isnt looking good for Rae, actually it never is.
Also i thought all art teachers have at least decent art skills but wtf? Even i draw better than that

No. 407396

generally no? Maybe for college level professors, but k-12 teachers are kind of a crapshoot since the focus is more on being able to critique and guide as opposed to being good at art

No. 407398

if arttubers are to be believed, teachers are there to go "please stop only trying to draw manga/anime" so they can accuse them 5 years later of "not being encouraging enough" and "not recognising how ZOMG AMAZING!!11! my art is, I bet that bi9tch was just JEaLoUS!!?"

anyway fucking hell this video is hilarious. a laptop? why? modelling yourself on the old masters? what?

No. 407408

Generally I think the only public school art teacher that tend to be worth their salt (kinda) are hs teachers. Even then they lean mediocre because if they were actually really good artists they wouldn’t be stuck teaching highschool

No. 407421

File: 1557188870357.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1185, E3A49196-07DF-4E99-8C8C-24CB07…)

Jesus lol, I was expecting more professional quality. I wouldn’t trust her critiquing my art, she needs to get her fundies right.

No. 407422

It's a lot of "follow the leader" going on. It worked for her, so they see it as a financial formula even though it might not apply to them and what they do best. The ones that really stand out to me are the ones who clearly followed Sakimi's tutorials and now have a Patreon with fanart that looks like an even weaker version of her style with similar tier models.

Customwaifus is one of the ones that comes to mind, though she's more blatantly pin-ups vs pinups/tutorials and such. I wanted to compare their tier models, but her Patreon is under review. Whoops.

No. 407424

File: 1557189596978.jpg (33.29 KB, 1080x1080, 47584633_469709063553590_84342…)

Her tattoo design… that someone actually got

No. 407433

TLDR (im summarizing my long brush rant lmao before you have a chance to read it but my brush rant is more or less my personal preference that really doesnt need to be read but also might be good info????)

I'd recommend simply simmons because you can purchase them in packs of like four and its normally around 8$CAD, Holbein is great (might be more expensive) and then micheals sells a brand called 'zen' by Royal & Langnickle. The Zen ones are silver and micheals has them under 'level two artist'.


simple simmons if you don't want to use dollar store brushes. They're a good 'starter' brush (idk the proper term but they're what i used when starting out for all of my paints.)
I personally like using brushes labeled for 'watercolour' because I like a softer brush just in general for all of my paintings, but simply simmons has a good variety of different brushes besides soft 'watercolour' brushes.

Holbein is also a decent brush (this is what is sold in my schools store for all painting mediums), and the 'zen' royal & Langnickle is another brush I commonly use when painting with acrylic.

brush preference though like everything with supplies is also a big personal preference. Also what you're wanting to spend is also a good consideration when investing (which im sure you know and this part is all useless info).

there are some decent dollar store brushes that you can purchase that work well as well. My dollar stores sell like a golden bristle and they do me well as long as they're taken care of, mine also sell like a multicoloured bristle brush like where each brush is a different colour.

a tip that i've learned from experience is keeping my brushes for different types of paints separate. Because acrylic will do damage to brushes that you use for watercolour/gouache and its super frustrating purchasing new brushes. I do find cheaper brushes work better though for acrylic.

No. 407434

File: 1557191385603.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, E1F8A1CE-C330-434E-AE5E-39D4D9…)

“Famous” instagram artists that apppear on the explore page everyday to rack in their thousands of followers on a daily basis that all have the same art style. There’s no difference between these feeds and it irks me so bad that these people are getting away with this.

No. 407436

File: 1557191934801.png (218.17 KB, 280x443, brushes.PNG)

ntaryt but do you (or any of the other brush anons further upthread) have any opinion/experience with those watercolor brushes that you fill with water? I wanted to buy a set so I can go out and sit outside and do watercolors without having to carry a cup of water to dip in lol

No. 407440

File: 1557193089210.jpg (25.08 KB, 400x395, 1527536709808.jpg)

>mfw these are all different artists
I can see why they rack up a ton of followers though, normies love portraits.
Especially ones that pull the classic "omg Can you draw mee??".They love the idea of being drawn or their favorite celebrity/whoever being drawn.

No. 407447

They're not bad. They do exactly what they are made to do. The only thing is you kind of can't control the constant flow of water out of the brush and depending on how big you're working you still need to refill them somehow. The tips are nylon so they'll get dingy but it doesn't really affect the colors . They do get scraggly tips eventually though. Overall they're average, to me. There are cheaper waterbrushes but these are the better ones I've used.

No. 407452

I use these but only for commissions at conventions. The tips do ware out after a while of use though. But they are definitely convenient to paint with on the go.

No. 407502

I use these a lot and my only gripe really is they can leak from the barrel when squeezing, so I have to be careful. Otherwise they work fine for me.

No. 407516

Minor salt, but I hate how popular enamel pins have become. They're a pain in the ass to get made. I'm not sure its worth the hassle of finding a good manufacturer (which people are understandably hush about). It's super hit or miss. The investment is sort of a big turn off for me for the return I feel I'd get. People can make serious cash out of them if they're popular designs or generic shit, but there's too many risks involved, one of which is getting your design stolen (if it's tough generic which enamel pins often are), or getting a bunch of messed up ones in your order.
I dunno. They seem like a cute concept but they're not really fun to collect for me and as an artist, not really accessible to make, but I guess that's the appeal, is that not everyone can make them.

Also, enamel pins I don't think are meant to be worn Everywhere And thats why people keep losing them. They aren't practical or more secure like buttons or charms.

No. 407521

I’m kinda weirded by the sudden huge craze around them, I find that majority are tacky and honestly what the fuck do you even do with them? Like you said, if work they’re easily lost and they’re such small pins that displaying them looks silly unless you have a hoard and then it’s too cluttered to appreciate.

On another note though I’m annoyed by the popularity of ceramics currently, everyone is suddenly getting into it and selling extremely crude wares, not the nice crude either but the very obvious crudeness that comes from amateur mistakes. I feel like it decreases the value of entire craft tbh with how quickly oversaturated it is becoming, and with the huge cost comes with getting into it it’s like Copics all over again - it’s more of a financial statement than an artistic one

No. 407526

Totally agree. I think enamel pins are always too messy to make out and they're so small and hard to make it's not worth the trouble. I'll always like acrylic charms way more.

No. 407532

Hello salty artists what paper weight do you prefer for prints? I do mine on 300gsm which I thought is nice thick quality but my customers say is too thick.
Can I be salty for my customers?!

No. 407541

What, why would people complain about 300gsm - it’s an appropriate weight for display as it won’t warp as easily, I don’t know what the issue could possibly be other than it not feeling as nice when you leaf through it but that isn’t the purpose of a print??

No. 407546

I've been using these style of brushes for the past 4 years and I've never looked back. I hate the aspect of painting where you have to clean and dip paintbrushes, so personally these were a life saver, I prefer being able to paint more in a way that I'm using copics, getting detail is far easier with this style of nib. They work like normal brushes, except you can squeeze the brush to get water out of it, and it also cleans itself. Things such as picking up and dispensing paint is fine.
The only problem is that they have to be replaced every 5 months or so (of daily use) due to the brushes fraying and losing the ability to squeeze water out, but since they're cheap, it doesn't matter too much.

No. 407620

they straight up start smelling mildew-y if you leave the covers on when you're done using them which is a downside and different brands I find you have to have a lot of squeeze power to get the water out.
they do what they're supposed to and work to do plein air/urban sketching. but i find I run out of water because I paint relatively wet and like building my colours through layers.

plastic bottles also make a good travel cup and i find are better for painting for longer periods of time/if you switch colours frequently and you just chuck 'em in your painting bag.

No. 407625

Thank you so much! Will probably buy a set from Michaels to start out and test them (yay coupons lol), but I'm really looking forward to being able to spend time in parks and do some painting there since summer is coming!

Oh I never thought about the water bottle thing! I'll probably buy one of those really small ones and keep it specifically for water colors! Is there anyway to avoid the mildew-y smell or is it just a trade off of using these brushes? Do you empty out the water in them when you're done with them for the day, or just chuck em in your pencil case or whatever until the next time you use them?

I'm hesitant to spend any money on quality materials because I'm still novice at best and I've only recently picked up drawing/painting again for pure fun.

No. 407628

I think high school teachers are required to have a previous degree in their subject of choice. So most high school art teacher probably have at least gone to art school or something, so they tend to be at least educated on art history and art critique. Some are probably actually accomplished artists who just enjoy teaching (probably especially for some older art teachers who went into teaching much later in life).

I suspect there's some junior high and elementary school teachers who went into teaching because it was 'safer', or art was just a hobby for them at the time of being 18 and having to select their university program. The art teachers who are good are probably the ones doing it on the side and continuing to develop their skills beyond graduating a teaching program at the age of 23.

No. 407635

I've got this exact set, I love them for plein air. I wouldn't use them for at home by any means, but they're perfectly good for painting on the go.

I used to do the bottle thing, which can work well if I know I'll sit somewhere sturdy, but I often paint on the bus, and these are much better for that.

No. 407652

So you can just get into College, select your programme and become an artist in the US? Here in Europe it's very hard to get the opportunity studying art. You have to do entry tests and interviews and you need a marvellous portfolio to get the chance to study art. I don't know anybody who studied art and is this bad at art like

No. 407678

You can take art courses at any uni or community college with no skill to begin with. There aren’t really any standards unless you go to one of the top top schools

No. 407699

i think its just a trade off to have them smell. It could be helpful to empty the barrels and leave the caps off.
I do much prefer using a water bottle or a mason jar to do plein air/urban sketching personally and I like using my regular brushes just because its easier for me and then I don't have an issue with the smell. I also like caring more water on me then the brushes allow and I find if im using them out and about I need to bring all of them and thats just a lot of supplies to bring for me.

They're definitly worth trying out though, and seeing if they work for how you like to paint. It might even be cheaper to just purchase on amazon rather then micheals. even with a coupon i find for what they are they're still super expensive unless you're using a 50% off one.

i do like the kuretake co. ones that ive used in comparion to pental and at least at the store I shop at they're less expensive.

im also wondering if using india ink might have contributed to the mildew smell on mine cos i just smelled two that didnt touch india ink and theres no smell.

No. 407702

I'm Canadian, but sometimes, yes. There's a lot of "colleges" that are in it for the money, so they don't really care about your skill level, just the money you can pay them. People can still learn a lot there if they're motivated enough, but you can get by without any talent, as long as you do the assignments. On the other hand, schools with more solid reputations do what you mentioned for their fine arts programs. But even still, once your in you just need to pass to get the degree, so someone could start out as promising, but totally stagnate through the program. So there are still a few people who graduate with so-so art skills.

No. 407703

I mean art teachers in schools aren't always artists. I literally had an english/theatre teacher be an art teacher once in high school. needless to say that year was a complete right off lmao.

Teachers have to have teachables and there isn't a lot of money going into art programs in public schools soooooo you could literally just be handed the job of teaching art, especially because in my experience they generally just gave us sheets/explained what they wanted/a power point and didn't really teach us anything. If you have a degree in art you're probably gunna be teaching at a college/university/expensive private school/vocational school level rather then a high school/middle school level.

No. 407710

this entire video made me cringe. it would've been better to have gotten an art teacher that teaches at a higher education level who has also been working as a professional artist for years. imo those are the teachers that give real valuable advice in terms of critique and marking.
If you're too nice as a teacher when marking the students don't learn anything and can't improve. Also having a friend doing the critique and marking probably means that her friend was being nicer then she possibly is towards students? but judging by her own artwork I'd say she nicely marks her students so I don't think this was a valuable video for rae.

sidenote has rae mentioned what school she graduated from? would be nice to know how many of her teachers are working artists not.

No. 407717

Idk why people would be possessive or hush over a good manufacturer. It's not like you own it or it's something you've come up with lmao

I can understand keep trade secrets a thing when it's something you've actually come up with and do by hand (like soap making techniques, etc.) or recipes but a manufacturer? lmao it's like not saying who your hairdresser is because you don't want other people to use them

No. 407721

If you’re going to an art school (acollege that focuses on art) then its more selective. You need a good portfolio and some schools ask for interviews. But you can major in Art in other schools. Im an art major at a liberal arts university so its not focused on just studio work. The only good thing i can say about this is that i was forced to take history courses alongside my studio classes - a lot of art schools skip over the history courses if you’re a studio artist. Personally, i think the history classes were really important and influential to me

No. 407767

Wait I thought these were all Bluesatan lmao

No. 407777

manufacturers have become more accessible through the years for fan merch stuff. Sometimes the quality would even be on par with official goods.

(slight salt) It seems acrylic charms aren't cutting it anymore gotta have things made as enamel pins now.

something something manufacturers apparently dip in quality once there's a flood of orders come in

not my problem if these companies become greedy

No. 407785

I hope acrylic charms become more popular again. They're my favorite out of the buttons/charms/enamel pins trilogy.

Also do any artist anons mind sharing good places to get acrylic charms made? They're not enamel pin so I assume people will be more likely to share.

No. 407792


Zap Creatives bay bee. They're really good and they do acrylic pins as well! They do wooden stuff too which is nice.

I've heard people use Vograce for bulk orders (they have more choices like epoxy, double acrylic board, spot gold colour, etc) but they are shipped from China, so if you live in a country with bad customs rates (like UK), it may just cost more than they're worth.

No. 407802


Just go with Vograce. They attach your accessories to save you the hassle and are probably a quarter of the price. I’ve been using Vograce for four years and had one customs fee for the UK. They don’t use Royal Mail or Parcelforce - they use RPX - which was the cheapest import fee ever. I paid £18 on a box worth $1100. That was a group order.

Zap are like 30% good. I just hear bad things about them and their customer service. They don’t print as nice or as many fancy things either.

Vograce also do middleman for a lot of things like enamel pins and washi tape and can also manufacture standees and a lot of different acrylic things. If you have the dollar that is. They are 1 MOQ too.

No. 407806

As an artist and consumer I think acrylic charms are kinda… tacky. I’d much rather have a pin or patch because they’re easier to put on things and easier to collect. Every time I see someone with a kajillion charms on their bag or something it just looks kinda nasty imho…

No. 407818

Lol nasty? I mean I agree I don't like charms but they are just annoying to me personally. But that being said they sell well in AA so I make em. My pins don't move as we but maybe it's just my art, more suited for keychains than charms.

No. 407862

Has anyone used ink-it labs for their acrylic charms? I don't want to really use vograce if I don't have to and I sort of want it to be a storefront that's US based. If I'm wrong on any of those points let me know but I'm mostly interested in printing more than 1 design per order.

Also now that everyone's distracted with the enamel pin obsession, it's time to move in on acrylic again anyway. There's even acrylic pins if people want pins THAT badly.
The only way I can see myself making any enamel pins would be for a stretch goal on a very successful Kickstarter.

No. 407880

No good art school would skip over art history, I don’t know what it’s like in the US but here in AUS every visual/contemporary art school and program will make sure to teach art history, visual culture and a studio practice course which sets up industry networks and helps with things like applying for grants/laying out art career plans, often these classes are even mandatory.

No. 407892

in one of the earlier threads there's a pic of her graduation holding a diploma, it might have been somewhere in new mexico

No. 407934

No accredited college will skip liberal arts courses. If you're working toward a degree, then you'll have to take the courses or transfer in credits from another college for similar courses.

It's the same. The only places that don't require liberal arts are just giving out certificates. You can always just take classes, but you won't earn a degree without completing math, lit, etc.

As far as advancing and improving in an art-based college/program goes… Credit IS spelled with C's and D's.

No. 408016

That’s true nowadays but if you’re like me and had a 55+ art teacher, that’s not the case. My art teacher has a general education degree for ages k-12! So not even specialized in art or a certain age group. He was really not the best artist or critiquer, but he had a loud voice that could make kids shut up and do their projects, which is key in a small school w a graduating class of 60 where art class was a substitute for the principals office.

Education in the US, especially public education is not the route i’d personally go if I wanted to do serious art study.

No. 408023

File: 1557318393762.jpg (89.57 KB, 794x596, dvzHSJi.jpg)

I always assumed the reason were tight-lipped about manufacturers was because they didn't want more artists producing their own and flooding the market. I do like enamel pins and I think there's neat ways to display them at home.

Can I ask what the most common enamel pin suppliers used are here?

Also this is the first I'm hearing of acrylic charms. I can see the appeal and would probably like it more if they were picked up by more artists outside of chibi and anime character stuff. Are they relatively new or?

No. 408038

I was wondering since there was a thread in /w/ that mentions RISD a lot, has anyone here ever taken non-credit classes there?

I’d like to do an art class or two during the summer and I’m stuck between choosing classes at RISD or Lyme.

No. 408076


?? Anon, acrylic charms have been popular for merch for years now. I'm not sure how you missed that boat unless you've never been to an artist alley or aren't an artist on the net, but, yes. These are like a basic item a lot of artists maka available for sale…

No. 408099

They've been the main staple in AA for like five years now. Enamel pins are a newer trend, started being popular around 2 years ago. Stickers and pencil pouches are on the decrline in popularity which is dumb cuz I was at Sakura Con last month and that was all I wanted and I couldn't find any good ones because most of the artists didn't have them. I personally don't like acrylic charms but clearly I'm not within the majority of customers.

No. 408106

I need advice
I talk to two artists and one of them traces the artworks of the other one (which has 70k+ followers) and I'd like to tell this artist about it but:
A. I don't want to be seen as fake by the other person, like, should I confront them first?
B. I don't want to look like I'm trying to lick this more known artist ass because that wouldn't be true.
I just get pissed seeing her stuff badly retraced, changing the setting and getting 4k+ likes
What should I do please help me this thing is making me so angry
I hate it

No. 408108


Just tell the original artist. Theyll be glad to know if they dont already and will take it from there don't fret so much over how you'll be seen this isnt about you.

No. 408127

lol anon ??? Maybe they're popular amongst weeabo and anime culture but they haven't hit mainstream for regular artists/illustrators obviously.

Etsy results
"acrylic charm": 32k (with a lot of unrelated products coming up)
"enamel pin": 110k

Insta results
"#acryliccharm": 10k
"#enamelpin": 867k

No. 408131


Etsy and IG…If those are your metrics, then I don't know what to tell you. "weeaboo and anime" culture as you call it, is hardly niche anymore. Of course 'regular artists/illustrators' aren't making acrylic charms. That's not their market. But they're still popular in their own right. Just because you hadn't heard of something doesn't mean it isn't big. You're just obviously run in different circles. That's all. And as stated previously, enamel pins are the 'current thing'. They're the next hot thing right now. That's why it's got more search results. That's subject to change when the next big thing in terms of merch emerges. Whatever that may be. So those results are unreliable. 10 years ago it wouldn't have looked the same.

No. 408133

what're people's thoughts on IG removing likes? What does it mean for artists?
Personally, I'm glad they'll be doing away with them. They're a terrible metric for self worth, and it feels like it's easy to be fake on IG as is. I'm sick of amateur artists buying their likes to get follows or what ever their strategies are. I know there'll still be ways to game the system no matter how they change it, but likes can get really addicting and it's easy to sink into a trap like that.

No. 408141

Make a burner account and contact the original artist that way. Then you can avoid any drama or awkwardness and not bring yourself into it while still helping them out.

No. 408154

Well now anons you've upset Chloe-Rose.

No. 408160

Could people start giving like a tl;dr with these videos if they got milk in them 'cause I really don't wanna listen to a 15 minutes of pointless talking that may or may not be interesting.

No. 408164

Acrylic charm is more commonly a manufacturer term anon. Try searching 'keychain' lol

No. 408166


tl;dr- She's talking about how basically she 'didn't ever think she was going to be an artist, and it just never occurred to her to be a full time artist, blah blah don't give up on your dreams', people on forums are mean… That's basically it.

I hate it when artists especially say shit like "oh well i wasn't even trying to do this, i wasn't really taking it seriously, but here i am now and i'm so thankful". It just makes me salty because there are so many other (and I know this thread hates this argument) artists who are on their grind and never get see for all the work and effort they put in. Not saying that she didn't but she kept emphasizing how being a full time/working artist 'was never her intention' and 'welp, here i am (: don't give up on your dreams guys!' it's such humblebrag bullshit and it comes off as super disingenuous.

Sorry she had a rough year and all but like, I just can't empathize with a person who talks like that, about how seriously she wasn't taking her study. Not saying she didn't work hard after the fact, but….just don't think this is coming off as honest as she thinks it is.

No. 408170

basically anons on here were horrible because they compared a drawing that took half an hour with a copy of a photo that took 20 hours or something and that's mean. also it is apparently impossible to navigate this mean website

No. 408171

Yeah she mentioned her mom wasn’t well in 2015 and how that affected her and i get it, and i sympathize, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she puts in zero effort on her art videos. She even mentioned she spent like 20 hours on that drawing of the supernatural guy but she took down the video with an artwork she admits she rushed through.
Then don’t rush through them for the sake of a video?? Take more than two hours filming??

No. 408172

it does feel disingenuous, that's it. you can't claim to be trying to improve as a serious artist and at the same time only put out "testing hacks" and "crayons from wish" videos

also yes this is very salty jealousy but - she's very beautiful. and that does have something to do with popularity much as uggos like me wish it didn;t.

No. 408202

i fucking hate it. im a lazy ass bitch so clicking the _____ & others part is annoying as fuck. and apparently its only happening to canadians right now.
for people that aren;t business accounts then whatever I don't care about not having easy access to seeing who has liked my photos (my art account is set up as a business account and since engagement is super important in order to grow your audience not seeing it really is a pain in the ass with the other steps to go through to see whose liked it, i dont care with my accounts that arent business accounts because one is a private account where i post all my useless shit and selfies and talk about my anxiety so like don't mean anything for a private account. and then the same thing with my photo account. im not trying to have a reach with that account).

Keep in mind that business that want to do sponsorships look at both likes and followers so its another way instagram is fucking over people.

No. 408205

I think it's pointless, because it's not entirely going away. YOU as the user can still see your own likes. Which doesn't help with the 'mental health' bs they're trying to pass out as one of the reasons. Their hope is that if other users can't see your likes, the engagement will be 'more genuine' because they're not following the crowd of 'oh this person got that many likes, I should like it too' that humans tend to do. Gaming the system and buying likes/followers is hoped to be obsolete with the change too I'm speculating.
Also another guess is that sponsors and other businesses will also be able to see your likes, because it's not totally obliterated. They're doing this on the grounds of 'more genuine engagement' which means more $. They've been pushing stories so much and now that the actual feed, the fundamental thing that IG is known for, is slowing down, they want to try and amp up activity there again.

I like the idea of people not being able to see my likes, but I don't want to see em either. I don't care if my notifications are barren, I'd much rather see comments and my actual feed than who and how many people are liking my stuff at all hrs (whether or not i turn off notifications).

No. 408218

>she’s very beautiful
That’s entirely subjective, she’s alright looking which I’ll admit does help, who wants to watch a video of an ugly person unless they have a huge amount of charisma, but personally to me she’s has a horse face and I hate the dumbass expressions she pulls in her thumbnails.

No. 408232

personally the amount of likes i get on something doesnt effect my own mental health. Having to hit my insights pop up to see the like and compare what people are enjoying vs what they arent is just annoying to me. i liked seeing my likes quickly by just going to the posts.

instagram needs to honestly just go back to how it originally was in terms of showing off whats posted when its posted, I hate seeing posts that were posted a week ago come up before recent posts. And since its ______ and others i think it just doesnt look good while im scrolling idk its not for me

I think it would be a better system if you as the user could turn on/off whether you want to see the likes or not.

instagram users: we want the old instagram back
instagram: lets take away their ability to see likes

No. 408241

Lol horse face? Tone it down Regina George

No. 408243

I appreciate that artanons have more realistic standards than the rest of lolcow. I've even seen anons in the Holly thread call her cute before.
Is it because you gals spend time studying the human form so appreciate a variety that isn't solely absolute perfection? I'm not in art school like most of you (or serious beyond hobbyist by any means), but I've found it to be like that for myself as well. Beauty in flaws, blah blah blah.

Godspeed artanons.

No. 408251

D'Angelo lightly roasts lavendertowne's anatomy near the end of the video (though he pulls the punch with 'oops I do it too')

No. 408263


But then again her fans will come after him but i actually rlly enjoyed this video

No. 408291

I think Lavenders art is one of the most mediocre ones in the youtube artists community… Especially the faces, never understood and never will understand how shes so popular. Maybe im not childish enough

No. 408293

Sorry anon, forgot that no bullying is allowed on lolcow.farm, a website filled with nothing but good vibes

No. 408314

I agree anon

The faces and anatomy looks wack af

No. 408320

Pretty sure it's because we grew up already but have fun being bitter lol

No. 408340

- Romanticised mental illness? Check
- obsession with youth? Check
- focus on technical skill above artistic expression? Check

I really hate the entire concept behind ‘child prodigies’, jfc just let kids be kids. The art world in general seems to be obsessed with the age of artists even though it’s something that absolutely gets better as the artist ages and matures

No. 408343

Im not in the mood of watching this garbage so can anyone explain whats up with this?

No. 408344

Lmao, shes average at best

No. 408352

i feel like she has an unfortunate combo of horse face + nasolabial folds on an otherwise pretty face, although I think I would actually find her cute if she was at all articulate or talented and not a hollow unimaginative dimwit with bland taste and copied drawings. but having a spark of originality and developing the depth of your inner world by being observant and feeding it quality media is undisney, the easiest thing to fix right now are the cringe expressions.
writing this made me depressed and unsure how someone as empty as her has an audience, i guess like always the answer is kids. anyway if she elicits in some of them the love of drawing (though he doesn't have it herself) that's at least a good thing, but maybe that's too optimistic.

No. 408375

Are you lost, little dude? Do you need some help getting back to your hugbox?

No. 408398

…what? Where did you get bitter from my post?
I was agreeing that it's nice that artanons tend to not expect women to be plastic dolls to be cute. Or are you one of the anons calling her a horseface?

If growing up means thinking cute people are hideous I'd rather become a womanchild.

No. 408401

I'm the anon who said she was beautiful. and I do agree with every word of your post. if I watch her videos it's with a combination of dismay at the lack of quality of the art, the terrible taste, etc, but most of all a sense of wanting to understand WHY the comments are always so full of 'you are so talented, your art is so brilliant'. And of course, yes, the answer is kids, but I also think what the kids are responding to is looks, demeanour, personality.
I dislike Baylee's art just as much, but I respect her ability to present a video in a way that keeps people watching - she has a way of making a vlog interesting which is quite an achievement given her interests start and stop at disney. Whereas I find Chloe's content of 'I tried this hot glue hack' to be much more boring, so I guess I fall back on her prettiness as a much more major part of the explanation of why the kids like her.

of course I would rather watch someone with a slightly less conventionally attractive face who makes more engaging content - eg Robin Sealark maybe because her personality shines much more.

No. 408403

sorry for double post, but also just to add >>408352

"but having a spark of originality and developing the depth of your inner world by being observant and feeding it quality media"
is a really, really brilliant way of describing what we need to do as artists and I'm going to remember it.

No. 408428

File: 1557421528045.jpeg (125.83 KB, 1280x720, C2E62415-2801-47F3-9F3F-5734A9…)

Are anons ITT unable to comprehend the fact that someone can have both desirable and undesirable features at the same time? I’m the anon that originally said she has a horse face, and she most certainly does, but that doesn’t somehow discredit all her other ‘prettier’ features. She certainly isn’t beautiful though, she’s pretty average, and recognising that isn’t somehow a bad thing considering not everyone has to be beautiful and it is completely disingenuous to claim otherwise. As was even stated in my original post that set off the shit fits beauty is entirely subjective, so this may surprise some of you but not everyone will agree with you. And stop reaching, no one at any point called her hideous. I swear this pops up every thread and anons try to act like they’re above talking about artists looks when they’re on a site that is filled to the brim with bitterness.

NTA you replied to btw

No. 408450

I have. ink it’s quality is really nice, like it prints directly on the acrylic and is really sharp especially if you give them vector files, like it looks like a screen print. Like I have lots of charms I’ve bought from other artists that are from vograce and they’re big and nice but the print quality can be grainy and sometimes just looks like paper sandwiched in epoxy. The only problem with Inkit is that they’re very expensive but you pay for good quality and US based manufacturing. I might use them again to make charms for jewelry since they were also really nice and did mini samples for fun for me.

No. 408462


I'm the artist who asked! Thanks so much for your input!

No. 408463

i'm ayrt, bless you for this heartwarming compliment, and i wish you the best of luck in your creative growth.
people like chloe rose, in a backwards kind of way, encourage me to further my curiosity, seek challenges and curate more tightly what shit I want my brain to absorb, and it's difficult with the internet (hell, I'm on lolcow right now lol).
its unhealthy, but some art yters do have the same use as fatspo does for anachans.

No. 408491

Baylee's is worse imo, if only because she acts so arrogant about her mediocre work. At least lavender seems sort of humble.

No. 408503

There's always those few people that try to take the moral high ground even when they're literally farmers like everyone else kek

No. 408508

I think the sad thing is that people recognized decades ago that training kids from a young age to do dumb shit like beauty pagents was something generally not ok to do, because kids should be kids and not dolls for their parents to project onto. But, the second that it's something like singing or art, suddenly it's ok to force your kid into boot camps for doing it because the parents are more obsessed with having a child prodigy than having a fucking child. And now everyone glorifies it to no end like it's something special, like on programs like The Voice and MasterChef, and if you're old you're treated like shit and questioned on your ability and drive. This kid is probably gonna burn out in her early 20s and regret that she never had the chance to just be a goddamn kid while she was young.

No. 408529

File: 1557442395051.jpeg (155.59 KB, 640x622, 22DE555C-4365-462A-B04F-7EBEE4…)

why do art tubers try so hard to be trendy lol

No. 408532

Trying to get a glimpse of her art via scrolling her Youtube video thumbnails and it's all just photos of her holding objects. Are we sure she's an artist now? She's obviously an "online personality" who also does art, otherwise there would be some focus on the art itself.

No. 408534

>At home she is the sole breadwinner

What a fuckin' surprise. Her family seem to be Russian/Slovak correct me if I'm wrong, and from observation, Russian people tend to be very talented and to work incredibly hard to be the top of their game in order to make money and escape from their current lifestyle/be successful in general. She has obviously been schooled to repeat the "Jesus" theme knowing the average stereotypical American will love it. Just a typical family sending their kids out to work, like all the child stars, but at least she's safe at home and not being preyed upon like the kids in Hollywood.
I predict her dropping this once she's old enough that her talent is in line with her age. These adults should have their own jobs…imagine the pressure of being a child who is the sole breadwinner of the family in 2019.

No. 408535

Also I remember hearing about her when she was about 8. I'm a bit concerned as to who is buying the art, as independently they are good quality but not masterpieces (if done by an adult) - like…are pedos buying them just because it was done by a child? Religious people with a lot of money?

No. 408536

Samefag, she was born in 1994 and is 25 now and is still making art so…I guess she is still going and I bet they are still living off her art.

No. 408537


wait…is this the guy who was sucking up to venus' batshit mom? am i going crazy?

No. 408539


After a certain point, you're no longer a 'prodigy'. You're in with everyone else. No one gives a shit that you 'were eight years old and ahead of the curve', 25 years into the future.

No. 408540

Samefaggotry, this is the most recent video by the now 25 year old prior "prodigy" called "On the right track" which features a train crossing a bridge between two mountains

but there is no clear entranceway or continuation of the bridge, logically that train is gonna smash right into the mountain and appeared from nowhere

I thought you have to be smart to be a prodigy? I have to say normies love photorealism, it's a pity I hate it since it's an easy way to get a dumb fanbase. Also all the comments are Extremely Christian which is unsurprising given her "Jesus told me to do it, definitely not my overbearing parents" backstory.

No. 408557

Does that Asian youtuber ever do anything that doesn’t involve large sums of money?

No. 408561

She's technically incredibly skilled but equally boring, mostly just a bunch of Jesus stuff and the rest is just dull subjects.
Who in their right mind would pay a shit load of money for something so boring beats me

No. 408565

Not trying to whiteknight because it's a boring as fuck painting, but there is a blackened entrance (well at least one I can see) and I think the end of the bridge is meant to follow on behind the mountain.
I can definitely see the opening it's meant to be going into.

No. 408582

This is supposed to be photorealism??? Isn't something photorealistic of you have to look twice to check if it's a photography or a painting? The wagons look like sausages and overall it doesn't look real at all plus something's wrong with the light where it hits the landscape especially the water in the foreground (at least it doesn't feel right to me). I thought it has nothing to do with Christianity but witchcraft since it looks like a scene from Harry Potter kek

No. 408583

Also can we talk about how everything is like… tilted?

No. 408584

At first look this seems to be by someone skilled at rendering detail but who doesn't have quite the right eye for composition, the composition is quite… stilted and sort of off, like there's something so boring about the viaduct being in the middle of the frame like that.

No. 408598

I wish more people understood that, the whole prodigy stuff is so ridiculous. Especially on furaffinity you can find tons of skilled young russians and everybody oohing and ahhing just because of their age. People in art seem to want a high skill level RIGHT NOW and I've seen it time and time again sucking the passion out of them. Yeez, who cares if it took you 5 years longer to achieve a certain level? You probably have decades to live and enjoy that, so for fuck's sake take it easy and enjoy the ride. Not everybody has to pull the same shit as algenpfleger did.

No. 408599

I agree. For example Van Gogh started painting in his late 20s/early 30s. It's about creating something new, having a concept and composition. All these young artists are skilled but they lack ingeniousness and this is why nobody will remember them. There are thousands of people who can draw photorealistic, that's nothing groundbreaking at all. But having a genius thought is all what it takes. You can be a great artist at 70 or at 20. And only because someone has a massive following doesn't mean he/she is a great artist. It just means this artist is popular NOW. Nearly all famous artists have died poor and unpopular (exceptions prove the rule -> Picasso)

No. 408604

I’ve been wondering, with the climate we now live in and mass globalisation, is artists dying unrecognised still something that’ll really happen? We live in an age where you’re sure to find someone who likes what you do and they can readily share your work with others who share their tastes. I feel like we’re at a point where we may no longer really see ‘greats’ in the long term

No. 408608

That's a good point actually. I think these genius artists won't die completely unrecognised bc they will have a following indeed like you said but in contrast to other artists who are popular now, their following will be small. Social media is build on hype and trends but real meaningful art will almost never reach this popularity bc it might be too niche. If you look at instagram, there are a lot of artists who are pretty small although their art is amazing and also there are a lot of people who can't really draw/paint, who jump on that Disney/porn/whateverispopularrightnow train and gain a massive following. Also: who decides which artist is a genius and creates meaningful art? Art critics are still discovering new paintings/books which are hundreds of years old and declare them as valuable pieces of art.

No. 408647

Anyone had suggestion for a stationary manufacturer? I’ll def try vograce, thanks!

No. 408651

Its a double edged sword imo because yes theres going to be somebody who likes your stufd, but theres going to be 100s of different artists with a similar aesthetic/style as yours

No. 408666

File: 1557505119534.png (293.08 KB, 720x1055, 20190511_001720.png)

Lavendertowne made this after ppl started to tell her that her anatomy is off

Definitly because of dangelo wallace vid

Still, the anatomy here still looks a bit off imo

No. 408667

Irs not even her anatomy it’s just her disgusting lack of knowledge in terms of form

No. 408668

That skeleton is completely munt, I’m shite at anatomy myself but I’d never have the nerve to try and say it’s good if the skeletons I drew looked like that - it’s completely off, the proportions, weighting and positioning, everything.

No. 408680

The problem here is the spine. It's obvious even in her skeleton. It's off-center. Whose spine ends in the middle of their right buttcheek?

No. 408703

File: 1557511550607.png (272.14 KB, 725x1048, spine.png)


Yea I had no fucking idea what is she trying to prove with this skeleton. There's actually a lot of things wrong with this rather than the spine alone but it clearly is the biggest problem here.

No. 408729

>drawing a completely wonky and ridiculous skeleton over my bad anatomy makes it good anatomy
It's still shit. Is she actually so dumb that she thinks "can fit bones inside" is the definition of good human anatomy?

No. 408732

She can’t even fit the bones inside the line art. That elbow is poking out of the shirt sleeve.

No. 408740

what drawing inks anons recommend? i had only koh-i-nor ones (were shitty and smelled awfully), w&n ones, especially colored ones turned to be sticky after some time and started to change color. also i had kuretake and it's so great, but i'm still looking for good colored inks

No. 408758

God the comments are just full of people screeching it's her style and I have aged 10 years in 5 minutes

No. 408762

"people are saying my anatomy is bad so here's a skeleton with bad anatomy to prove how good at anatomy I am"

like bitch either own it or accept that your anatomy sucks and improve. Like jeebus christ. A lot of her stuff has much worse anatomy than this.

No. 408763

I hate Lavender Towne's ugly-ass and flat art"style" with a burning passion.

No. 408764

Oh, anon, how dare you hate such a piece of art?!

No. 408769

didnt this girl go to art school though? how can someone be this shit at literally everything after getting a whole ass degree on it lmao

i think she needs to drastically improve her "style" or change it entirely. i thought the drawing she made where she tried to draw more realistically looked so much better than her usual style. i dont even think theres anything inherently wrong with preferring to draw cartoons, but its so obvious that she has no understanding of basic anatomy.

No. 408772

…she knows damn well that she doesn't study her fundamentals, why is she trying so hard to prove herself? It's okay to say you're still learning how to draw the human figure.

…or you aren't and you're just hiding behind your popularity to justify your excuse for not learning more.

I seriously dislike her wobbly, discombobulated junky style. They're all blobby masses of unrefined features and colors. None of them are memorable.

Actually…i gotta be honest…I think she got worse.

No. 408780

You can see her college work in this video. The first and 2nd year stuff looks leagues ahead of her modern art.

No. 408789

She has artist regression real bad.

No. 408791

You ever get that thing where you were bullied so bad in school that it’s hard to be around people who don’t care how they’re perceived because you have been trained through years of fear to self-monitor any behaviour that could be mocked?

Saw this on Twitter and instantly thought of y'all. Anons who hurt you?

No. 408797

Are you lost or something?

No. 408798

Oh no, not negativity in the art community!! Nothing but ass kissing allowed, so sorry I forgot that as an artist I’m not allowed to dislike the work, personality and work ethic of other artists.

No. 408800

Wow, she's fucking pressed about DAW's video, huh.

No. 408801

U got me
Ya see when i was a wee bab me pa looked at me naruto X sasuke ms paint fanart and said it was "gay and bad lulz" that moment was seared into my fragile babby mind and ever since then ive had a sick urge to tell people THEIR art was "gay and bad" to minimize my own pain! And i totally got depression and anxiety from that moment so u cant call me out on my shitty behavior bc u cant attack a mentally ill person uwu

Oh but you anon! You've shown me that that's wrong! Bless you for making me remember what lotsoflovecow.farm is all about!…

Quoting twitter posts apparently haha.
Here's a gold sticker for morality and participation and a smiley face sticker for saging your post.

No. 408803

at least they were kind enough to sage that dumb shit lmao

No. 408839

File: 1557571344983.jpeg (276.83 KB, 1242x1285, 7727B123-11F5-42EC-B9D7-E69591…)

I’m pretty surprised that the Tokyo Treats is her most popular series. I guess weebs?

No. 408844

Sole bread winner as a freakin' child. That's awful. No child should be the provider for their family. All that money should have been hers.