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File: 1557748023835.png (107.49 KB, 1268x892, 428982DE-8711-4B09-81F4-9E9465…)

No. 409512

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.

No. 409514

Shit I forgot to link the last thread

No. 409519

A+ thread description anon

No. 409530

10/10 thread description, anon.
Kasey Golden is such an ugly person. Not even talking about her face here. Her personality is rotten to the core. I bet she will try and keep this fire going for as long as she possibly can just for the attention and "these haters keep trying to bring me down but I don't care haha :):):))):):):)):)::):):):):):) please believe me how much I genuinely don't care hahahahahaha :):):)::):):):)"

I wonder if any of the profilic art tubers will stand up in public against Kasey or if they will all just show their undying support to her just because she has almost 1 million subs.

No. 409534

I know vivzipop is in the last thread, but she cant take criticism at all. no mater how constructive, if anyone dares to criticize her instant block. i wonder if when hazbin hotel gets greenlit or whatever shell pull a ''muh haterz" card

No. 409535

File: 1557751936927.png (109.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-144742.png)

Tried finding anything on the holtby artist, I'd say it's possibly this one guy since that T could be a J instead. James Hamilton Holtby.
Kasey should contact the resources listed on the site because apparently they keep an extensive paper trail on artists in Canada.

No. 409537

Damn it, meant John, not James lmao

No. 409538

I’m disappointed but not at all surprised by Adam and Steph being on her side during this (even though she herself doesn’t seem to care very much about them), but I’m so severely disappointed in FurryLittlePeach kissing her ass. She’s an industry professional but lately she seems to be acting more and more like a youtuber rather than illustrator but it just seems so lacking in foresight to not stay out of youtube drama when you’ve made a name for yourself already within the art industry (especially if you’re doing children’s books, publishers are very picky)

No. 409547

I hate when they use white as the hair highlight like their hair has high shine gloss poured over it

The style is just so fugly in both, but especially the right. And the shading and way they drew it makes the right tit look way bigger than the left

No. 409558

You're highkey wrong
Kasey would never say "please"

No. 409583

I think what bothers me the most about Kasey is that she just can't fucking apologize for anything or admit she did something wrong. Doesn't help she is surrounded by fans and other youtubers enabling her telling her she didn't do anything wrong. It is all just fueling her already inflated ego.

No. 409595

I wonder how far all the people defending Kasey would be ready to take their "it's alright to recycle old art" attitude?

Would it be okay for me to take someone else's song, use the composition but rewrite the lyrics and call it collab song? Would it be okay if I did it to some unknown artist's song since hey no one cares about those thrift store painters? Could I take a comic book, scan it and redraw the characters as my ocs and call it collab comic?

Where's the line here

No. 409601

The line is Kasey's a famuss utuber and has a corral of young/immature fans on standby to kiss her ass at all times, thereby leading to her inflated sense of selfworth. She's not much different than most other normal "o wow look at mi so relateable public anxiETY never leave the house XD soooo quirky!!" youtubers tbh, except she slaps cheap imitations of over the garden wall style characters on paper then sells them for 100 bucks a pop.

No. 409606

Let's be real if some no name art channel bought some of Kasey's originals and drew all over them because they were boring the way the were, the shitstorm would be raging until the end of time.

No. 409607

i kinda want this, though. and every vid with a face cam has that picture in it. i mean, they collabed with Kasey Golden! wouldnt you want to have that in your bg too? bffs for life!

No. 409611

oh this is a good idea, some originals are up in her shop i might do it.

No. 409612

File: 1557772308055.png (352.02 KB, 720x767, Screenshot_2019-05-13-11-26-04…)

All thats missing is a passive aggressive "haha :)"

No. 409613

Kasey is a master at hypocrisy. It's funny how she essentially tells people "don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say" but then proceeds to shit on artist icons like bob ross on his birthday and then draws over someone else's painting from how many years ago. Oh and not to forget how she calls every art that's not cartoons boring but then gets salty when people ask her to draw something else other than cartoons all the time.

No. 409616

Honestly her art is pretty boring. In that tryhard quirky 'haha boobs, butts and dog dicks, i don't care, haha :) ' sort of way. And all she does is complain. She didn't used to be THAT sour. She used to gripe every now and then and be mindful of her negativity, but now it's on full display every time she wants to say something.

No. 409617

File: 1557774414962.jpeg (68.51 KB, 747x423, image.jpeg)

Yes because it's only AFTER you drew all over their paintings you want to contact them.

No. 409619

And not only that but specifically because she got backlash.

Do you think she would give two fucks if no one or just a small percentage of people were outraged?

Painfully obvious this is just damage control.

But hey that's just the 'opinion' of a 'hater' right Kasey "always right no regerts" Golden?

No. 409621

I'm looking on twitter and apart from a couple of tweets I'm not finding much hate there. The youtube comments against her on this are mostly "Kasey ily but this video made me uncomfortable plz dont hate me!"
Is she talking about us when she says haters?
Oh god let that be true, it would be hilarious and more Cow-like than most artubers haha, keep on feeding us Mistress Kasey! We hunger for your nummy haha childish behavior and :) passive aggressiveness!

No. 409629

If she's so convinced that she did nothing wrong why is she desperately trying to find this artist? I thought the haterz lost?

No. 409631

Yeah, her comparing it to being like the Campbell brother's painting over Hitler's work and that somehow made what Kasey did okay was just….ehhhhhh
Like, you know they intended to deface Hitler's art, that they intended disrespect. Why would you try to bring it up as support for Kasey. It's just a strange comparison, even if you do think it's fin to paint over thrift store paintings

No. 409633

File: 1557782052936.jpg (97.53 KB, 1080x842, IMG_20190513_161149.jpg)

Not many people calling her out in her community post on YouTube, but the ones who do get a :) passive :) aggressive :) smiley face :):):):)

The girl calling her out is right on the money

No. 409634

File: 1557782084215.jpg (107.75 KB, 1080x685, IMG_20190513_161217.jpg)

Also this one

No. 409636

As tempting as it is, please don't do it, anon. The only thing that will come out of it is giving her more attention and money.

No. 409639

>stop correctly assuming things about me it hurts my babba feewings and makes me angwy grr :((!!

Legit this would have blown over in the first 24 hours if she just acted like the 30 year old she is and acknowledged she did an oopsie. The drama to me was stupid and weak, the way she's acting however- haha :)

No. 409640

you shouldnt. youll just be giving her moneny and fuelling her

>uwu :):):) i did nothing nothing wrong :):):)


No. 409644

Ikr, like maybe, kasey, instead of trying so hard to convince yourself that you're right, you'd just admit you fucked up, 'cause man you're projecting hard here.

No. 409663

Exactly. She'll never admit she was wrong publicly and you would just make her $100 (or however much she charges for originals) richer.

No. 409693

File: 1557792873578.png (8.45 MB, 1242x2208, 0745544D-43F1-46CD-AD2B-4D143D…)

I love her artwork but why oh why does she have to be so fucking trashy

No. 409694

File: 1557792957016.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, 747C7280-37C6-4765-BC77-D74FC6…)

And what the fuck are ‘genderfluid’ cats supposed to be?? Do they meow like boy cats one day and girl cats the next lmao

No. 409698

Okay, first of all: why did you make me see this with my own two eyes
Second of all: holy triple chin batman
Lastly: who is this? Are we supposed to recognize her on sight?

No. 409705

Gemma Flack, she’s a decently well known artist within the Australian indie art scene. Isn’t hugely popular when compared to most of the other artists brought up ITT but is in general a very unpleasant person and leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths when they meet her

Had the misfortune of tabling next to her one year for a zine fair

No. 409731

Reminds me of an even uglier version of that art that’s in those music videos (can’t remember the songs but you know the ones)

No. 409732


No. 409744

Details on how she is unpleasant and generally unlikable? Was she a shitty table neighbor?

No. 409749

File: 1557800634681.jpeg (155.19 KB, 1080x607, E5DFFD37-D081-4B9B-8E01-76E38F…)

I can see why Sarlis art wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I certainly wouldn’t call it ugly. Crude, yeah, but that’s the whole point

Personally I really dig her work, both her newer and older stuff

No. 409750

- she reeked
- her clothes were utterly filthy
- barely smiled or spoke to anyone, even those who came up to her table (kinda just snatched money off of them and handed their zines with a grunt)
- you know how some people just give off this really foul aura that makes you not wanna go near them? Had that going on big time
- constantly going on about HAES shit
- goes on about how ~queer~ she is, meanwhile is in a very long term hetero relationship last I checked
- has decided she’s nonbinary and will bring it up every chance she gets with her posts
- is every dumbass sjw stereotype of Melbourne rolled into one

No. 409756

Sarlis isn’t who I was thinking of, although I can see similarity there

No. 409760

Maybe Studio Killers?

No. 409764

Yes that! Only without the weird boobs

No. 409830

Hello salt friends! Opinions on Zines? I have mixed feelings
I like writing mines and selling them but sometimes other people really put the effort to be extra edgy uwu special angst uwu
And I think it kinda ruins it for other artists who don't really want to post super political/vegan/edgy/creepy stuff

No. 409833


I think you're overthinking this TBH you should make zines that you enjoy and think your audience will enjoy as well. Other artists have different artists and audiences.

If you're gonna spend your time complaining about how other people care /too/ much for politics/activism/etc. you're just gonna waste your time & come across as a douchebag tbh…

No. 409834

I don't think is douchey when almost everything available is on these topics and I find it quite hard to introduce them to people without them thinking is something super indie
Just my two cents

No. 409835


I honestly don't even get what you're complaining about. You think it's douchey that people make political zines? Lol

Just tell people "hey this is my zine, it's about x and y". Make a good cover that illustrates your theme. Google "how to market merch / brand yourself". There's tons of apolitical merch and zines out there, it shouldn't be that hard……

No. 409841

Are you really complaining about politics in zines? The point of zines in the first place was a means to spread political (typically left leaning) ideals and information to the masses in a way that could be created in a low cost format. Politics have more of a place in the zine scene than illustrations do, but go off

No. 409874

What other people are doing with their zines shouldn't be affecting you. A zine can be whatever you want it to be, as cliche as that sounds, you can do whatever you want for yours.

No. 409877


Lol the point of a zine is to be whatever you want it to be. So what if other people are doing political things? Like the other anon said, zines have often feature politics in the past. Nowadays, it's more artsy fartsy.

The point is, do whatever you want. If people want to be extra edgy, let them. Like they have their edgy zine market, you have your non-political, carnivore, round, un-creepy market too. Seriously. Food zines sell like hotcakes, and those aren't political for the most part.

No. 409895


Thank you linking to Sarlis because I'd forgotten how much I like their work. I think I prefer their old work but I definitely see the appeal in their new stuff.

No. 409899

File: 1557844128612.jpeg (37.53 KB, 320x392, 944054ED-48B2-4165-87AF-468C0A…)

Honestly I love all of her artwork and enjoy watching her grow as an artist and continue experimenting, she’s for sure one of my biggest artistic influences and inspirations

No. 409943

Am I the only one that's tired of those ~*artist support threads*~ on Twitter? I always see the same people in them.

It's obvious that most of these people are friends and the audience are the kids that migrated from Tumblr and won't look at you if you have a drop of negativity or controversy on your profile.

No. 409949

I miss Sarlis' old work so much.. it isn't what I normally like in art, but her new stuff is just lazy and incredibly minimal to the extent of just being boring. It has seriously lost the charm it used to have.

No. 409957

I am, I see those things every singe day on twitter. I’m thisclose to blocking anyone that RTs it. People only follow with the assumption that you’ll follow back and if you don’t, they drop you. They still unfollow after a bit anyway so I don’t see the appeal of it.

It’s just as annoying as people following you on IG in the hopes you follow back and they drop you days later just so they can boost their follower count. (I’ve seen this mostly from cosplayer accounts and amateur artists/models)

No. 409958

right?? i have been trying for months for my insta to get 100 followers, and every time i just peak over the threshold, people unfollow because i dont follow back. i want people to like my art, but i dont want to have a dead follower that only stays there for numbers and doesnt actually like my art.

No. 409961

Oh gosh YES. People doing it constantly on IG is so annoying. I used to literally get like 5 followers a day and after couple of days all would unfollow. I ended up putting a disclaimer in my profile saying "I don't do Follow4follow" and it actually stop most of the f4f spam but I still get a lot of people who follow me only to unfollow me but at least it's not daily thing anymore. Only happens when I post something and get a rush of followers, only to lose them all.

No. 410045

Way to much of that bright opera…it will fade very quickly and nearly half of the painting will be gone soon.
And she still didnt learned basic anonatomy. Her goddess must have an very broken hip under that dress, and not to start about the feet or the way to small torso. And the legs are both to short and one is even shorter than the other.

No. 410132

Happy D has always had awful anatomy, she’s one of those artists that can render things beautifully but has piss poor foundations

No. 410133

I find it odd how they’re seemingly becoming more of a review channel than a painting channel when from what they’ve said they have very low income. Just doesn’t seem like a smart investment to keep buying cheap shit in order to review it, sure it’s just a few pounds at a time but it all adds up eventually

No. 410135

Maybe those videos have a better view turnaround, or they’re just investing in that type of convent cuz they don’t have anything else to make

No. 410150

According to their social blade they seem to be making hardly enough to justify buying things consistently to review, but then again I don’t have a peek into their actual analytics so maybe these videos do get them a lot more subscribers which may potentially pay off in the long run. Just find it odd since they seem to have so little expendable income

No. 410152

File: 1557890998049.png (494.99 KB, 400x723, 1557734587384.png)

You're at the Thrift shop and this woman slaps you boyfriends ass

What do you do ?

No. 410154

Anon, this is beyond gay. Stop being such an autist.

No. 410162

t.anon who got cucked by Kasey

No. 410168

I distract her by throwing a picasso to the side, I bought it at a second hand store so it doesn't matter or have any value (and it's boring so who cares).
As she's distracted by defacing the painting with naked pink butt babies we make our hasty retreat.

No. 410172

I'm all for never letting Kasey forget her immature behaviour and memeing on her but- for God's sake Anon sage your posts

No. 410210

i dont even disagree with what she did but she lost me with this behaviour.
I know it's some kind of ironic humour thing for her to say shitty things with a flat tone so maybe this is the case for this picture and it's actually weirdly self-parodying/deprecating but if she finds this funny idk what to do.
maybe she has some kind of autistic tendencies, her delivery always is so flat and confusing

No. 410238

No pretty sure she's being socially tone deaf. People with very stoic ways of speaking often get told that they do it. I don't thing anything she's been doing up until now has been at all 'flat'. It's like with al her 'haters' talk I can almost hear her voice going up 2 pitches as she pretends not to be bothered by it.

No. 410253

She does seem genuinely autistic tbh, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she’s on the tism spectrum

No. 410300

File: 1557918896485.png (9.05 MB, 1242x2208, 4BDC29DE-9C49-4C13-823C-303824…)

Sometimes I genuinely regret not jumping on the art tuber train, I’d fucking love for Faber Castell to send me free shit.

Also, I guess a Faber Castell x Kasey video is coming soon

No. 410309

Anon I think she could also just be a straight up narcissist sociopath. They are bad at social queues also

No. 410313

great, this gave me cancer

No. 410315

Same, but then I see my artist integrity intact and realise that's more important than free stuff from companies wanting to use me as an adwhore to sell to my 12 y/o audience.

No. 410322

Its not whoring if you say that good stuff is good.
Its whoring if you say Arteza Stuff is premium ;)
I would love to get presents from Daniel Smith, Schmincke, Old Holland, Faber Castell etc.
And I would prise the hell put of them.(;))

No. 410326

Does anyone know what happened to Audra Auclair? She hasn’t uploaded a video in over a year

No. 410331

She’s active mostly on Twitter and IG.

No. 410334

Audra's fragile mental health means she can't upload videos on big bad YT for now, she's "focusing" on her e-shop Oniberri and other big paintings for now (very active on IG)

No. 410336

(samefag) I can't fathom her thought process when she posted this. "Let me take a ~cheeky ~ selfie with my tongue out and a victory sign, THAT'll show them how unbothered I am, that'll show them all" Didn't she feel stupid?

No. 410337

Are you sure you're looking at Audra's social media accounts and not just one of her many copycats? :P(:P)

No. 410338

File: 1557927116138.png (9.73 KB, 420x420, 2F3EFA8B-E961-4BC1-BD87-43A09C…)

Get outta here emojifag

No. 410340

Kasey seems to be perpetually stuck in an American high school drama where the entire world revolves around her and how cool she is

No. 410347

this isn't milk but this came up on Youtube and so I glanced at the video.

But why does she pronounce 'pen' like 'pin' she just keeps saying 'posca pins' Where is she from? Is this an American accent thing? Or can she just not pronounce 'pen'

No. 410352

what are y'all thoughts on Nina Paley and the Drama she's Involved in

No. 410358


I thought that video was related to the drama SIKE on me. Anyway who is she anon share the deets.

No. 410376

Tennessee I think

No. 410393

Nina Paley is an odd woman
she believes copyright should not exist at all,she's a radical feminist who hates her mother and a lot of other women,is friends with Jordan Peterson,Is a non-practicing Jew that has complex and back peddling views on Israel and still thinks bitcoin can work and right now is in trouble against various companies for using copy righted music in her latest film

No. 410399

>artist that believes copyright shouldn’t exist
>radfem that hates women

So what you’re saying is that she’s not the brightest

No. 410409

She hates women?

No. 410411

File: 1557935124481.jpg (81.22 KB, 648x396, 1.jpg)

she holds some very conflicting views

No. 410412

File: 1557935210281.png (207.22 KB, 960x581, 2.png)

No. 410413

File: 1557935260458.png (337.81 KB, 900x580, 3.png)

No. 410414

File: 1557935383318.png (254.08 KB, 4038x2768, 4.png)

No. 410417

I'm not seeing any woman hate?

No. 410419

Neither. These are either shit examples or anon is pulling the woman hate out her ass

No. 410421

Is this lady seriously judging people for owning microwaves

No. 410422

These are stuff from '93, '98. They're a CAD level of awareness about social problems but I don't see any woman hate, unless anon is going to publish any new work of hers in comparison (btw haven't watched the videos yet)

No. 410423

These are stuff from '93, '98. They're a CAD level of awareness about social problems but I don't see any woman hate, unless anon is going to publish any new work of hers in comparison (btw haven't watched the videos yet)

No. 410424

I think it's just a poor attempt at criticizing capitalism and consumerism

No. 410427

The point is that consumerism stacks up.. it’s 5 in a row, there are necessities in the bingo with absurd purchases peppered in which all eventually builds up. And tbh it’s not like people NEED a microwave but whatever

No. 410429

File: 1557936533942.jpeg (977.99 KB, 2196x1505, B03D96FA-D59C-4CA8-BA53-EC65F0…)

What’s my prize?
I’m not actually sure why I even own a microwave, I pretty much never use it other than to make popcorn

No. 410431

Are you stupid? None of these comics contradicts each other

No. 410432

Uh, if you're lower class, you totally do. Not enough time or money to cook = frozen food.

Also, "farmed" beef and chicken? All livestock is "farmed", wtf is that phrasing? Does she mean like… mass-produced meat?

How is it bad to have a fucking retirement plan?

This woman is nuts.

No. 410435

You’re acting like saucepans aren’t a thing, and eating frozen food all the time is not at all the smart thing to do when you have little income. Cooking is by far the cheapest choice, especially since you can make meals in bulk and make sure they’re nutritious while budget friendly

This is getting OT though

No. 410445

i ate less frozen food when i was extremely poor than i do now. buying ready meals is extremely pricey, even the dirt cheap stuff.

No. 410454

This is getting a little ot. Either way I don't see how these comics make her crazy they seem very milquetoast to me

No. 410473

They seem pretty well done to me. The humor cant exactly work without the extreme language right?

No. 410482

Well I mean if she supports Jordan Peterson and calls herself a radfem she's a bit of an oxymoron tbh.

No. 410487

Shrugs people can be contradictory. Does she actually support him or just free speech and dialogue?

No. 410490

Oh I don't have a problem with them I just meant they aren't saying anything too extreme or new to me.

No. 410512

Thoughts about these tumblr-tier oppression olympics artist visibility hashtags?

I want people to follow me for my art not because I'm a brown girl who draws things.

No. 410525

So much this. I’m not gonna follow you if you tag your stuff #femaleartistsofinstagram. Sorry to break it to you that’s the #majorityartistsofinstagram.

No. 410551

God, Emily's self created drama is annoying.

No. 410554

Honestly it just feels scummy to me. Like, I can understand if there were special event things similar to 'visible women artists day' for like specific genres of art or something, since that's a legitimate thing people might be interested in. But, then they make it about themselves and often it has nothing to do with their art, so it's like… why?
I can somewhat understand it when the visibility thing has to do with the art (like visible women day artists who primarily draw/make comics about women), but idk why it wouldn't just be about the art in the first place? Why does their pronouns or sexuality matter? For pity? Like I said, kinda scummy.

No. 410572


I never felt right participating in these tags on Twitter because there's a certain expectation for you to put yourself or "your story" on display for others to read for woke points. If you're using the tag and your art isn't about that particular minority or marginalized group, then you're irrelevant. I wished it was more about solidarity than "look at me, hire/follow me to fill your 'queer/brown girl' quota. Those of us in these groups just so happen to like drawing and talking about subjects OTHER THAN being x, y, z race/gender/sexuality.

No. 410579


Sometimes I'm like "I shouldn't be selling myself is xyz artist"
but then other times I use highly popular hashtags and try to play the hashtag game because sometimes you gotta just sell out. It sucks but hey… If all I've got to do to hustle a bit more is mention I'm not white, which if people met me in person they'd know instantly, that's a very small tiny little thing in the grand scheme of things.

Also am I the only one who doesn't really care about the descriptors unless the artist is from the same country as me? Because otherwise I could care less and look at the art more than anything.

No. 410581

This goes hand in hand with those Twitter threads >>409943 mentioned. Most of the artists promote their race/gender/sexuality before their art and it's really disappointing that a lot of these kids eat that up no matter how bad the art is.

No. 410588

I think what a lot of the salty artists here forget is that social media has a focus on the personal. A lot of teenagers enjoy following people they can relate to or feel relaxed interacting with.

No. 410590

The problem is when people complain that people only care about their personality and not their art while only marketing the former

No. 410600

Well I mean if Holly is anything to go on, you can have shitty personality and art and somehow still get a following lol

No. 410602

This video bothered me so much. The artist had every right to block emily. I block people all the fucking time. People are creepy and she just kept randomly messaging him.
Also its useful if the thing your hashtagging about is impacting your art. If you’re making art that talks about gender then it makes sense to use that hashtag.

No. 410606


I don't really give a shit what teens like to follow. it's worth mentioning that if people don't want to use the tags, they don't have to. Theres other ways to connect with people. Other anon seems it feels 'scummy' on some invisible moral scale, but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the tags its just the way in which people use them that gets annoying. Ultimately it's just another thing to ignore if you don't really feel right using them,or care.

No. 410609


A few threads back there were some people who kept praising her and how good her videos were but she always seemed so fucking fake to me, so I'm not at all surprised to hear this. I hated her voice.

No. 410621

a good person with an interesting life/artistic motivation, doesnt make 3-part videos about what sounds like a typical toxic relationship. she needs to get over herself. this whole drama she is making now seems totally on brand to all of her stories she has told. she’s a shitty person and is trying to market off of it, instead of bettering herself.

No. 410633

This video got me thinking, both Pinterest and art tend to be female dominate interests/pastimes, so do anons itt also like to use Pinterest for references and inspiration? I use it a huge amount, I love how much I can curate my feed - it feels like I have an art gallery at home and am frequently being introduced to new artists I otherwise never would’ve found

No. 410636

Teens make up the bulk of social media, you’re fucking dumb for not caring about what it is that they gravitate towards if you want to see any success online

No. 410637


I hate pinterest. It's so fucking invasive and the times I've tried to use it, it takes up more time than it's worth. It's ok for looking at other people's boards, but making them myself on a clumsy userface isn't necessarily what I want to do with my time.
Not to mention half the time it's uncredited work, or you have to type -pinterest so that it doesn't show up. Sorry, don't agree! but if it floats your boat, good on you.

Assuming everyone is on social media to 'see success' according to you.

No. 410642

It’s a pretty safe assumption for artists that use social media exclusively for their artwork, which is when you’d be using those tags.

No. 410675

I think 4-5 years ago teens were the only majority on social media, but that isnt true anymore. i dont follow teenagers, i follow adults like me. the people i talk to are adults, i make art and market towards adults. and the adults i interact with are some of the teenagers from 4-5 years ago, like me. now, social media is less niche, less 'just for kids'. when getting into the art world, the questions you get are 'do you have a portfolio' and 'do you have an instagram'. my college admissions counselor asked me those, and several professors since. having the perspective of 'Teens make up the bulk of social media', is simply no longer correct. sure, you can appeal for that market, but anything can find an audience online and be successful. its just in the marketing.

No. 410691


I know that when I'm on social media, ideally, teenagers are the group I'd like keep interaction with minimal to none. It's fine if they like my art or talk with me real quick, but that's about it. I know they get real salty when they hear stuff like that but that's how it is. It's fine if they're 'not your market'.

No. 410714

Teens also can’t pay for shit, so you’d be the dumb one marketing to teens with the intent to run a successful online business.

No. 410721

There are plenty of teens with expendable income, but even if they don’t teens share things like wildfire. You’re missing out on a huge portion of potential buyers if you completely dismiss teenagers and their word of mouth capabilities, they also eventually become adults within the span of a few years - you’re very shortsighted with your marketing, any good business knows that you have to invest in future consumers

No. 410750

idk about you, but i dont follow near as many artists that i did when i was younger, because grew up and their content didnt. they were catering to my age group, but their art stayed the same while i got older. if someone caters to only teens, for their whole career, then a teen market is all they get. i’d rather cater to a market with money that can spend it now, and is hopefully smart enough to continue having money later, than a market with no money now, and may not be into your work later.

No. 410755

Being mindful of what teenagers consume and how they use social media doesn’t equal pandering to only teenagers. Are you anons incapable of marketing towards multiple age groups?

No. 410811

i can easily know what teenagers look at and not want to make art for them, lol.

No. 410815

The discussion was about hashtags.

No. 410816

I use it too but my boards are full of country boys and rodeo cowboys so i can't really relate to the whole girl situation
Is very true tho that the majority of stuff is for girl made by girls

No. 410818

Do you draw a lot of cowboys or something?

No. 410821

and it turned into a conversation about who uses said hashtags.

No. 410825

Yes, but using certain hashtags to draw in a teenage audience doesn’t mean you have to create art that caters to them? You can easily garner the attention of teens by using queer/female specific tags without having to change your content in the slightest as young adults are drawn to personality - in particular personalities they can relate to. You guys are being obtuse on purpose at this point, you don’t have to draw teenage specific things just to make the most out of hashtags they frequent jfc

No. 410826

Not sure what you mean by ‘girl’ situation but I’m genuinely interested in what kind of art you make now lmao, because whenever I hear the word cowboy I now just think of ram ranch

No. 410830

I do, I have an alternate universe comic with cowboys
Got tired of people making a canon couple all feminine so I took out the big guns and brought some muscles
Not everyone is happy but I surely am (stop making male characters basically women thanks)
I do fancomics and, to be honest, if you read all the "country boy" quotes/t-shirt is a laugh confirmed
Is super hilarious
I cheer myself up with those sometimes

No. 410831

Pinterest is a great resource for reference material. I pin all kinds of things, pose reference, color schemes, interesting landscapes etc

No. 410834

Same, is great and you don't have to save everything in a folder you have only on your laptop. It's easily accessible from all devices
The only thing is the credits, so I try to at least avoid pinning artwork

No. 410877

>>410633 pinterest is annoying to me, usually crashed my browser and i didn't like how suggestion algorithm worked and i couldn't turn it off just to see only boards i follow. lack of internal backup tools is annoying too, manually downloading would be a hell and i don't trust 3rd party apps. i hate how pinterest fucked up reverse search results and a lot of art is reposted without credit. moved to are.na where you can easily curate your boards, add links and text too, but i not really used to it yet and i find exploring a bit difficult. it's also lightweight and has many backup options.

No. 410883

I absolutly cannot stand „itsalexclark“ he is a mid/end thirty something animated storytimer who tries so fucking hard to appeal to the same audience as james and jaiden and it‘s so cringy. Half his „storytimes“ are made up stories and he‘s not even subtle about it. Not to mention his annoying ass „This is what cartoons sound like“-voice. hearing him drives me mad

No. 410884

realised this video is pretty old, it was just popping up in my recommended

he also mainly got famous through his “hot baby stitter“ storytimes which are just so cringy/disgusting

No. 411117

File: 1558039190608.png (1.4 MB, 1079x1502, Screenshot_2019-05-16-22-34-58…)

Where is her body? Or is she just face, boobs and one leg?

No. 411127

I really hate all these storytime soyboys and their shitty animation. I think I saw one of that guy's videos on gun control get posted in a cringe thread on 8chan kek, it was awful.

No. 411128

Unironically calling someone a soyboy is the actual cringe here lol

No. 411129

File: 1558041676047.jpg (173.78 KB, 600x324, 1452311095620.jpg)

No. 411140

Lol okay hope that makes you feel less stupid

No. 411159

Came across this artist and he did a walkthrough of Emerald City Comic Con and every time he stopped to critique the tables of women who put flowers on their table as decoration was pure cringe.
I heard from a fellow artist that was at ECCC this year that he was talking down illustrators who were selling there that hadn’t been part of a publication, and that it’s a comic con for a reason. He also seems quite sexist, sarcastically pointing out the work of women and that it’s all “cutesy anime shit”

No. 411162


I use Pinterest a lot for the same reasons. If I have a specific subject or theme on my mind, I can make a board with a bunch of reference material.

When I was in school, we were made to hand in mood boards along with our preliminary rough work and I found it to be an easy resource. I just carried on making mood boards for all future projects and eventually adopted it because I like the organization of unlimited boards and subcategories.

Is it worth following accounts? I keep all my boards private and I'm usually happy enough with the default feed I get, and then I fall into rabbitholes of related images when I find something.

No. 411164

Good god that’s hideous. They have to put that pornified airbrush modern-beauty-standards face into every picture, no matter how stupid it looks.

Gotta love how there’s no damage done to her leg by the arrowheads

No. 411214

how hard is it to get into the youtube artists community and actually build a good audience with your content? or should i say how ‘easy’ is it?

No. 411236

It's not easy if you don't do drama fake story times

No. 411243

I’m curious too for any lurking art tuber anons, do studio vlogs tend to do well? They’re what I enjoy watching the most and would love to do them myself tbh

No. 411261

I create mood boards for everything too lol. Pinterest is great for that.
I follow a handful of accounts on there but honestly my feed is such a mess that I don’t even bother with it 99% of the time & just search for what I need.

No. 411280

I've seen comic dudes complain about the big displays before. This guy seems like an ass his aren't isn't terrible but with the mediocre anatomy he draws he has no right to talk down

No. 411281

Same anon but he's a comicsgate dude so it makes sense now lol

No. 411287

I'm probably not the only one but who else gets super salty when a popular artists says "You as an artist shouldn't care about the amount of followers or likes you get cause it doesn't matter". It's really easy to say if you already have 20k+ followers and a majority are buying from your online store.

No. 411288

Artists with little following rely on likes/ follows/comments to have an understanding if what they’re producing is worth the time/money. If you’re producing and get little feedback or support then you’ll probably start thinking “what’s the point?”

No. 411293

File: 1558072102045.jpeg (467.19 KB, 1242x1237, FBB61863-34A5-4BBA-B97F-3FEB6C…)

Wonder if she’ll pocket it.

No. 411303

Emily “I swear I’m a really good person” artful.

No. 411306


Anyone else think this is a samefag? lol

No. 411308

Or just four separate people all not knowing how to sage?!

Eh after a while you just learn to do the art you want to do. Algorithms fuck you over anyway. I can do one finished piece and one sketch, but the former will get no attention whilst the latter gets a bunch of likes. Why? WHO KNOWS! It's not like it's 'better' in any way. Still, it's a hustle to try and get a following. General advice is to not look for a following but instead look for friends.

No. 411310

I’m a small hobbyist art tuber I guess. But I see myself more as just an artist there rather than youtuber. Youtube is more annoying than other platforms when it comes to engagement, you tend to grow more steadily but if you skip even one video it makes a huge difference in metrics. Then you have someone like me who doesn’t post regularly ever, let’s just say that it really shows.
Overall it’s like that pretty much on other platforms. All of my social media is very small and it just doesn’t really grow, because I can’t play the game but, because of that you kinda force yourself to draw just for your own enjoyment. If you rely on numbers online that you just don’t get, you’ll make yoyrself very miserable. Sure comment etc would be nice but you have to learn to live without.

No. 411311

lmao that was meant to be JC? looks no different to all her other instahoes pics

No. 411314

Implying JC isn’t just another instahoe with a dick

No. 411319


It's so funny how someone can be so skilled and yet tasteless. The way the horns are just sprouting out of nowhere is killing me. It's like they just shoved together as many elements as possible without actual thought on how they work together.

No. 411320

File: 1558081058376.png (748.52 KB, 660x524, Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 09.17…)


lmaooooo this ugliest fucking thing i've seen a while. it's not even a head it's just a face floating in space like some kind of monster from a doctor who episode.

No. 411323

File: 1558082709576.png (856.83 KB, 590x597, firefox_2019-05-17_04-43-49.pn…)

OMFG BRIAN ugh This is the same asshole who bitched about people having fanart at NYCC last year. He hasted someone across from him for selling Transformers character art and that's "Cheating" since Mr Brian Shearer over here does inkwork for "the real Transformaers comic" so they're "stealing from him"
he also likes to talk big about how "print wall artists" are the scum of the earth. His table at said NYCC looked like ass.

No. 411325

I really don't understand the anger at print walls.

No. 411326

Also he doesn't own transformer characters ? So they would technically be stealing from Hasbro/idw?

No. 411331

Wait he does the inks on a comic book of a franchise that's been around since he was probably getting his head dunked in the school toilets for being a snarky little nerd and he thinks he has any fucking right to it??? haha

No. 411333

His setup is utter crap. Tbh, I notice women who sell in artist alley tend to put more effort into their displays than most men. Especially guys who work in comics. Most guys just show up with a single banner and slap a few portfolios (maybe a few comics) on an otherwise empty table and call it a day. Then they whine about low sales. This guy looks and acts like a tool though, very reminiscent of the people in my local comic art scene.

No. 411340

I mean, women in general tend to care more about appearance as they understand that it has social implications in all aspects of our lives (from personal appearance to even tidiness of things like resumes), for some reason a lot of men don’t seem to give a single shit about how they or their products appear to potential buyers

No. 411343

File: 1558090381489.png (4.01 MB, 1906x1436, ass.png)

Honestly, though. What is with artists who do artist alley and can't seem to make a display and just dump all their shit on the table and in front of it?

The AA scene isn't some casual thing anymore, but at least TRY???

No. 411347

Unrelated but I'm so done seeing youtubers using markers, especially copics. Their price is ridiculous, they're not light fast, they can't be used on normal paper and you need a huge set if you're actually doing full illustrations with them.

Also, most people don't actually know how to use them without getting the colors all muddy and gross looking.

Don't care for Waffle's content anymore but the digital drawing looks 10x better than the one she did with copics IMO

No. 411351

It's just that copics are fun to use. Just like any artist with watercolours or any other art supply. People like to use things for the enjoyment of it, and these are things she's probably not trying to sell as 'professional art' or whatever so the lightfastness doesn't even matter. Agreed though that the digital version is so much better, but she also DID try to use copics on top of pencil, which is a terrible idea in the first place.

No. 411354

Am I the only one who finds the whole ‘I redraw your art!!’ videos really tasteless? They seem like a weird humblebrag a lot of the time and are often pretty shitty.

No. 411362


Honestly studio vlogs are either hit or miss - some of them hit a nice algorithm. Some of mine are okayish. I made them because I liked them, helps me make content that I enjoy and without the need to make every art a video.
I actually only watch art vlogs now. I used to watch a lot of art videos but I really don’t find them that interesting now.
YouTube is a difficult minefield now - you can hustle hard but you need to not expect it to be overnight. Or over year. You might hit an algorithm and get lucky like some or you could do drama, entertaining or clickbaity stuff to get the views.

No. 411365

I think they can be cool if the person submitting likes the artists style or knows they are a better artist, and wants to see their OC fully realized.

But so many of them change important character traits or the feeling of the original piece just like the draw this in your style thing.

No. 411373


I don't know, I've had a different experience where I'll have a steady upload schedule, the follows might trickle in but when I'm not uploading suddenly my older stuff will get views and comments and I'll get subs. So I'm not even in a rush anymore. This is a long game for me. But that's just mu experience.

No. 411378

Glad this one was posted here, I’ve fallen off the waffles wagon a while ago. This isn’t even a “redraw your art” more like “horror-fy your art” because waffles couldn’t actually redraw the same expression in a different way. She comes off as emotionally flat to me and same with her “art”.

No. 411381

Marker artist here.
As the other anon said every medium has its advantages and disadvantages. Markers (copics) are convenient in ways others aren't. For example they're incredibly quick and when it comes to doing art for social media speed is a must since you really don't have that much time. Another thing is that the majority of us don't sell originals. We mostly do prints and products. There are other things that make markers worth it, but that's not relevant.

No. 411391

Honestly same, I can't sit through an entire video of hers anymore while she used to be incredibly entertaining. I dunno if she changed somehow or if it's just me getting bored of her.

No. 411399

Waffles has a personality and formula for all of her videos that gets really tiring really quickly, it honestly feels like watching a children's TV presenter a lot of the time with how overly animated she tends to be

No. 411404

File: 1558108784637.jpg (358.39 KB, 1075x1533, 2019-05-17 08.52.56.jpg)

i'm typically a fan of this artist, even if their newer stuff gives me serious rcdart flashbacks, but this recent post was the straw that broke my damn back. the comments are absolutely exceptional, so many people bringing up valid points while the artist and their asspatters default to "anyways ACAB but go off bootlicker 😤💅👢👅💦💦"

No. 411405

Dunno about her personality but I'm definitely bored with her art lately. It's all pretty girls with long hair floating in the void with glitter or something around them, her comfort zone, like Kasey always does her lopsided cartoons in watercolour and calls it a day.

No. 411406

Dunno about her personality but I'm definitely bored with her art lately. It's all pretty girls with long hair floating in the void with glitter or something around them, her comfort zone, like Kasey always does her lopsided cartoons in watercolour and calls it a day.

No. 411409

i understand the keeping corporations out of pride thing, like the mega-million dollar ones just out for your money and using pride as advertising, but some corps are made by and for lgbt groups, or have ethical standards of practice. and like, there are gay cops?

blanket statements like this just prove that these people have about the rational depth of a teaspoon.

No. 411410


Most of the truly great artists and instructors that do redraws and overpaints won´t do it unless they are mentoring you or you are paying for their courses.

Usually is the shittiest amateur artists that play pretend they are teachers the ones doing redraws on youtube and is always a noob rerawing stuff from a slightly noobier noob, theres so many bad tutorials from people who should be studying themselves, i hate how common of an exposure ploy doing tutorials and teaching art has become.

No. 411412


imagine giving a shit about an inker´s opinion

No. 411426

It's funny cause acab originated with skinheads

No. 411427

I really liked her artwork before she went off the deepend, the quality of her artwork has genuinely decreased in quality ever since she went all in to her transition - it seems to be taking up all of her focus these days

No. 411429

I think the ACAB comes from the SHARPs tho not RAC what r u getting at

No. 411435


His pronouns are clearly stated as he/him in his instagram… don't be acting foolish lmao and don't be acting like a transphobic fucktruck either.

It takes literally no energy not to be asshole and just write 'his'.(back to tumblr with you)

No. 411445

Anon, I support trans people also, but don't expect lolcow to adhere to it. Gendercrit is kind of part of this board's culture.

No. 411446

This board is pretty radfem anon, you're not impressing anyone with this…

I agree people should use the correct pronouns and whatnot, but someone using the wrong one on an anonymous imageboard affects nobody

No. 411450

Literally doesn’t affect them in any way what pronouns are used on an imageboard, don’t act like some holier than thou nonnie when you’re on fucking lolcow, an imageboard dedicated to shitting on people.

No. 411451

File: 1558116976663.png (47.78 KB, 615x287, Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 2.15.…)

anyway does anyone have a screenshot of kasey fuckin that painting up?

just prepping for something

No. 411455

She is weirdly obsessed with pubes and asses

No. 411460

File: 1558117656984.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x589, 1454305670642.jpg)

do you think she grew up terribly sheltered and this is just her weird way of overcompensating on not being like how she was raised?

No. 411468

so many artists i used to enjoy fall victim to this shit. in an effort to look "woke" they all make the same "political" art - like this intellectually stimulating picture of a pink dog-thing making a blanket statement. they dive deeper and deeper into their gender/sexuality, and only follow similar people, so they all collectively get more and more unhinged. it's particularly frustrating to watch for me since i used to be balls deep in sjw shit, but even back then i wasn't drawing anime characters in non-ironic "down with cis" shirts. a lot of artists don't seem to understand that just because your art instagram is popular, you aren't an activist. and unless you actually ARE an activist it's better for your career to keep your mouth shut and keep posting your pretty pictures. why would you choose to purposely alienate members of your audience just to make such a lukewarm take?

No. 411469

>do you think she grew up terribly sheltered and this is just her weird way of overcompensating on not being like how she was raised?
Honestly yes she looks like it
I'm pretty sure she's likely a virgin as well

No. 411470

File: 1558118933910.png (564.72 KB, 886x473, Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 2.48.…)

Nevermind I got it

No. 411473

she has a partner though, right? so i doubt she's a virgin. she does really have that autistic/sheltered kid/arrested development kinda vibe though. explains the OTT "haha not even mad haturz LUL" ass blasted spam she shits out

No. 411474

>likely a virgin
Are you forgetting she’s married?

No. 411489

nta but i'll give them a pass for assuming. kasey gives off major awkward-nerdy-introverted-virgin vibes.

No. 411493

She could be Asexual, just saying.
A married virgin. lol

No. 411514

>>you want to know what the best art box is, I’ve saved you the trouble
Wow thanks Chloe, not like there’s a billion other videos that have reviewed the same boxes.

No. 411523

Thoughts on Becca Hilburn/Nattosoup??

I personally think her color choices are nasty and clash and her watercolor techniques arem't very advanced for someone who's been a watercolor artist exclusively.

No. 411528

She's a lovely person that seems to specialise in giving lots of tutorials and advice to convention goers etc. Her art is definitely geared towards children. I think she does make art for childrens books or something? Comics??

Either way I think if you're going to be making an entire comic in watercolours, best to keep the techniques simple so you don't kill yourself by page 5, not saying that people DON'T use complex watercolour techniques. Just saying if it's a side gig, don't keel over on detail. I haven't seen much of her other art though so no clue about how her watercolours fair in other illustrations.

No. 411534

File: 1558129913224.jpg (320.31 KB, 885x1200, D6jpnYRXkAAujgT.jpg)

Her color choices really don't enhance her work at all. Some of the illustrations end up kinda muddy.

No. 411537

File: 1558130141186.jpg (676.31 KB, 614x932, ff949f54189985.595161fec83f5.j…)

She seems pleasant, I do webcomics so she's a friend of some of my friends. I've never seen her do anything cunty or rude, and she put out a scholarship with her husband for artists so that seemed nice of her. I've relied on some of her reviews while looking for cheap art supplies.
To be frank, though, I can't stand her art. She has no sense of color or using watercolors properly despite using them for years, and her fundamentals are amateur level despite having gone to art school. It's not terrible, but it's incredibly mediocre.

No. 411539

I give a bit of leeway if they're smaller artists, since a more eye catching display can be expensive. I'm pretty used to seeing this since I only really attend smaller local cons, so the artist alley is usually pretty basic. Someone having a just a book stand with art on it is pretty typical

No. 411548


Her art's just quite plain. There's no sense of lighting or environment between this image and the one posted by the previous anon. Looks like they could be in the exact same place since the lighting is so flat and forward?

I think her art could be improved by playing around with lighting more. Not sure how hard that is with watercolours, not an expert, but it'd make the characters fit better with the environment.

No. 411549

one word though,


please guys for the love of GOD go to the dollar store and get a plastic disposable one. im sick of seeing grungy tables littered with stuff. it cheapens your art, it makes your work look like it's part of a garage sale.

Heck, SIGNAGE, just ANY nice signage would be a plus.
Do some research. most basic things you'd ever need for an artist alley display can be found at most dollar stores.

Back in 2009 I used to use Locker shelves to clip stuff to. There are so many things that are now easy to find for displays that don't even cost more than $5.

Even grid shelves only cost $15 at Walmart or $20 on Amazon.
There's way more choices nowadays than ever. Honestly, being at a small show is no excuse. If you're serious about your work enough to try and sell it, at least make it look presentable.
Selling at a show isn't for people who just want to sell to make their trip money back. it's a place to connect with people and grow your brand.

No. 411559

She is very sweet, but I feel the same way.

I remember her mentioning her smaller prints sell fine, but not her bigger ones. I'm pretty sure it's her use of color that's doing it.

Playing with light with watercolor isn't hard to do. You can glaze and lift colors that don't stain (or take advantage of the ones that do stain), use masking fluid or just avoid spots outright to let the white of the paper show through, or even go for gouache if you like to work dark. It doesn't need a heavy hand and can go quickly.

I actually though her stuff was done in marker, at first. I hope she gets a better grip on it all someday.

No. 411560

She seems like a sweet person but at the same time she whines a looot about not having an audience. She just makes unappealing art and can't seem to realize that changing would better herself in the long run.

No. 411588

File: 1558136263328.png (154.18 KB, 720x1084, Screenshot_20190517-163227~2.p…)

Some back and forth over this that wasn't posted

No. 411589

File: 1558136293690.png (271.21 KB, 720x1086, Screenshot_20190517-163512~2.p…)

About this

No. 411590

File: 1558136349225.png (103.02 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_20190517-163249~2.p…)

'I just wanna improve! AM I BLIND??' She sounds so salty lmao

No. 411624

File: 1558141896032.jpg (317.7 KB, 1511x2015, 59523746_653143741792538_20050…)


In their minds they are taking part of a hype, remaining relevant whithout needing to put any effert on the post. Is lazy bait.

Is easier to just post some political caption over some shitty doodle than making a new piece and they still expect people to eat it up because is a trending topic and is so hot and polemic right now in the current outrage culture climate of bullshit. Probably followed by some avengers end game bullshit or some yas queen GOT meme because of course, thats also trending. Even the commies milk it by shitting on the corporate stuff the momment it goes viral , they are still using the hashtag hype to push their shit.

No. 411629

Yeah shes regressing really bad as an artist. But shes too built up on popularity for this stuff to hit her. If shes gonna even listen any its going to have to come from someone bigger than her or at least consistent critique.

Even then shes likely to deny and act sweet until fans fight'm off.

No. 411632

Yeah…thats pretty sad tbh

No. 411635

File: 1558144302615.png (914.37 KB, 800x1200, 63F08232-42BC-4417-A074-048D3D…)

Yeah, pic related is the latest page of her comic, p135

No. 411636

File: 1558144363827.jpeg (244.37 KB, 800x1200, 299AC158-C9AB-4188-A2C2-A7F508…)

And this is page 7. Shouldn’t there be more.. improvement after such a long time? Honestly it feels like her comic has lost the original feeling it had, the line work and colours aren’t as appealing now

No. 411639

I def prefer this page. The contrast is more pleasing on the eyes for the flow of reading. My eyes have to adjust a bit for the newer page it's been filtered to absolute death.

No. 411642

any pics of her partner

No. 411647

not tryin to be a buzzkill here but I don't think yall should be digging into partners and close friends like this, they aren't the ones acting shitty as far as we know so leave'm alone

No. 411649

I don't think previous anon meant to start flinging mud at her husband. Most likely just curious about her spouse's looks, and you cant even say he deserves anonymity because Kasey has made SEVERAL videos with him with the clickbaity "muh husband draws".
He seems like a pretty chill guy from those videos and I also wouldn't condone shitting on him but hey, this is an anon message board so what are you gonna do.

No. 411672

Same. She seems like a nice person IRL but I cannot stand how very basic her drawing knowledge is (like she needs to do more life studies and add more fundamentals to her work cuz her anatomy gets really stringy sometimes) and her watercolor technique is muddy and amateurish. And I’ve followed her stuff for a couple years and it remains really stagnant. She’s also a person who does (idk if she still does) <5$ commissions at cons and that’s WAYYY bad, like even if the style is not great like her commissions are, why even work for less than minimum wage?

No. 411678

You have google, if you give a shit about what he looks like then just do some digging yourself, I don’t think any other anon particularly cares

Although from that video with doodle date collab he seems to be just as mean as she is

No. 411680

$5 commissions are always a really bad look, they reflect poorly on the whole industry and set a precedent for customers expecting luxury items for insanely low costs (at the the end of the day artwork is very much a luxury purchase)
It’s always the same reasons they give too, ‘oh but I don’t think I’m good enough to charge more’ - then don’t sell your art. If it’s not worth more than minimum wage then why are you even selling it in the first place, go practice until you feel more confident in your skills.

No. 411681

Samefag but here’s the video. They’re both just very mean spirited people and seem to have no idea what’s socially acceptable, it’s no surprise Kasey is the way she is when her husband is the same and just enables her piss poor behaviour

No. 411682

As others have said I’m not a big fan of her technique but her blog has been very helpful to me over the years.

No. 411683

I feel like she really needs to focus not just on color but in value. So much of this illustration is similar in value/tone which I think adds to the “muddy” feel someone mentioned.

No. 411688

The way she lays down the washes themselves adds to the muddy feeling, it makes the piece look cluttered and honestly a bit sloppy

No. 411699

How should she be doing it? I don’t paint much.

No. 411703

She was entertaining when she was just another self-taught artist doing her own thing and showing her progress. Now she's doing videos trying to teach people how to draw without understanding the fundamentals herself and it's painful to watch.

No. 411705

File: 1558163774481.jpeg (267.35 KB, 614x932, 24C89DB0-11A0-4497-91DF-46783E…)

There’s more than one way to lay down washes and I’d have difficulty explaining it well over text, but her washes seem to laid down almost randomly which is creating a lot of splotches all over the piece, and there are just so many visible layers for every single element within the piece that there’s no clear focal point and creates a very cluttered feeling to the whole painting. But as another anon said one of the biggest issues is a lack of understanding values and creating good contrast

Overall though watercolours are a medium that are very easy to overwork because of their transparent nature, people tend to go ham but you’d think someone whose been working with them for so long would’ve gotten that under control by now through trial and error

No. 411709

What videos? The only one I’ve seen was the style one which was fine to me

No. 411714

How is she so bad at looking at her own anatomy. This was shown previously in the thread or in the last one, but her spine goes into her leg……. drawing a skeleton does not perfect anatomy make.

The thing is that you gotta understand basic anatomy before you squash or stretch it into a cartoon style and I think she's just forgetting that.

No. 411743

This looks like a sketchbook page, like she drew in the girl in the bottom right corner and filled in the rest with background clutter. That's a worse art sin than leaving out lighting or values imo. It's super important to plan a whole composition, not just rely on a cool/cute pose.

No. 411780

another video with no art in it. all that 'I want to be a serious artist' stuff still not making it to YT. Just be a youtuber! Stop all the 'I'm a professinal full time artist" stuff.

also I realised one thing that winds me up about her is she can't end a video, she sys 'I hope you enjoyed this' and 'thank you for watching' at least four times every single video. nitpick I know but.

No. 411798

does anyone else get weirded out by lucid nema's intro? it reminds me of those creepy kids youtube videos

No. 411799

does anyone else get weirded out by lucid nema's intro? it reminds me of those creepy kids youtube videos

No. 411822

sage goes in the email field.

No. 411858

How comes she has such a little following after more than 1300 videos? And even with 8k followers, shouldnt she have more views?
And she ist not worse than all the other medicore "artist" with a bigger following and maybe 200 videos.
Or is the youtube algorithm screwing her over?

No. 411862

Quality over quantity, not appealing enough thumbnails and titles aren’t “HURR COHPICKS VERSUS OTHER BRAND EXACTLY LIKE COPICS HURRR”.

No. 411866

Naw it's her voice. Go try watching her videos the way she speaks is so hard to listen to.

No. 411868

File: 1558215196531.png (1.11 MB, 1078x1474, Screenshot_2019-05-18-23-27-11…)

Wtf?? Anatomy is better than her ither pictures, but that image…
Is she trying to copy Loputyn? While Loputun is making cringe art but in a very esthetic way, this is just gross in my opinion

No. 411870

Plus she doesn't seem to edit and rambles for 30+ minutes per video. Making her channel more likable and watchable is possible but it's like she doesn't see why her videos are so unappealing..

No. 411871

I am shocked a woman drew this. Anyone with a vagina has to be cringing when seeing this

No. 411872

File: 1558215630074.png (155.54 KB, 1079x858, Screenshot_2019-05-18-23-38-36…)

And here are the crawler…

No. 411876

I instinctively covered my vag and winced. Guess I know how guys feel when they see another guy get their balls kicked now.

No. 411886

File: 1558218762843.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.72 KB, 782x1000, 7594F810-AD67-427C-9968-0290FD…)

I just don’t get the appeal of artwork like this that incorporates male gaze bullshit as well as extreme pornified lesbianism. Just another reason for me to dislike the current crop of lowbrow/pop surrealism artwork.

No. 411887

>loving that
Basic people are a mistake.

No. 411890


The first videos I saw of her was her bitching and whining over how she wasn't getting enough support on Patreon and threatening to close it, and not pulling enough traffic on her channel. Her voice is grating and she makes uninteresting videos. She's better off as a background sort of person who just kinda tends to a blog, posts on IG and gives out the occasional helpful tip. she immediately put me off acting entitled to support and views.

No. 411892

What the fuck!!!!

No. 411893

File: 1558221579847.png (1.13 MB, 614x932, red.png)

this bothers me

No. 411896

>stares at candy with her dead fish eyes "you guys sure know what to get a diabetic"
Also I just can't get her sense of humour or her spouses.
Oh haha weenies butts hairy legs pubes dog dicks. You dont have to act the age of your audience yknow.

And A+ to ManKasey for making fun of Adams colorblindness that was a totally mature joke and he seems like a well adjusted individual who doesn't spend all his free time playing video games. Haha :).

No. 411906

Is that cat supposed to be on her lap? If so it's completely mushed

No. 411915

Nothing against porn art, everyone as he likes. But this is disgusting!

No. 411918

The irony is she made a how to guide for perspective using this drawing

No. 411919

Sage your posts.
In the email bit of where you comment just type in sage before posting.

No. 411937


is porn for horndogs but still wants to pretend is artsy.

No. 411947

File: 1558237196989.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 660.78 KB, 1000x1326, 4433BA8C-6E52-459D-B129-081443…)

That was my first assumption but so many women are into this sort of “art” and many of the artists who make this kind of stuff are women too. Can’t help but think that it’s women meme-ing themselves to wanting to be “le uwu submissive erotic hyper-feminine fantasy for men.” Pic related by Soey Milk who also used to draw more of this kind of gross crap too.

No. 411951

Conversely, maybe it's just women representing sexuality in the way they want? Sexuality is a huge part of any human media, this is it present through a female human gaze

At the end of the day, I don't know the answer. I believe the former statement but also I believe lots of this art is also made by girls who have been brainwashed into the "cool girl" meme. Who can say what's true, it's very subjective

No. 411952

Omg lol. Soey Milk always painted some sm stuff, but this one crosses the border as well as relm.
They are looking like children with boobs and hips and way to short legs…giving milk.
Sex sells, but please keep some dignity

No. 411955

Why does she consistently seem to include lesbians in her work? Looked at her insta and there's…a good bit.

Is she just using it as an aesthetic? It is a bit off, I'm used to lesbian and even bisexual artists portraying women differently. So I guess she's not..?

I though this was lolishit jfc. If they were flat I'd know no better.
Also seems she's dating an older man atm? Hmm. Wild how she paints beautiful women but is dating an ugly old man.

No. 411957

File: 1558239066528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.23 KB, 995x1600, 3662961D-BE21-4FE0-8ADE-4D8C4A…)

Some of Soey’s old art was just incredibly disgusting-looking and cringy. This is her rendition of Princess Bubblegum for instance from way back when.

Her art nowadays is better and has definitely matured a bit thematically but it still sometimes has weird and broken anatomy.

She started dating Kent Williams when she was still his student at ArtCenter. He’s basically twice her age but is a well-renowned fine artist so he likely helped boost her artistic career quite a bit. He isn’t that bad-looking for his age but it is sketchy as fuck how their relationship formed and the dynamic is creepy.

No. 411958

its literally like painting 'sexy children'..

No. 411959

What bothers me a lot about the more contemporary female lewd artists is that it often is way too cutesy and childlike and they try to push an image of innocence, a lot of the artists also seem to be extremely sexually inexperienced tbh

It’s a pretty stark contrast to male lewd artists that tend to make it seem like a torture session though, they also seem sexually inexperienced in the sense that they can’t imagine female pleasure that isn’t expressed through pain/humiliation/discomfort

Why can’t lewd artists just draw sex normally

No. 411966

Looks like she's probably a female pedo. She seems to really get off to young teen girls

No. 411967

Wow, I would've never have guessed Soey Milk's older work was more cartoonish, based on her current painting output. Are these from when she was still an ACCD student?

I'm glad to hear someone else talk about her relationship with Williams. There's also a lot of overlap (tassels, BDSM imagery, similar models, color choices) in their work that freaks me out when you consider their age-gap/initial teacher-professor relationship.

Also as a bit of an aside, she also plays up being a sex kitten with all the festival/art-ho outfits they post between her and Williams' IG accounts. It probably helps to be really hot and create exceptional work.

No. 411971

From what I recall, this kind of stuff was done during her time as a student and shortly after graduation. She was still doing her more realistic portraits when she was at school too. Obviously, it’s the latter work that appealed to fine art galleries the most so she seemed to ditch the cartoony stuff later on.

Art Center actually has a bad record of covering up inappropriate teacher-student relationships. It’s against the rules there yet people look the other way. Soey apparently dumped an ex who was a fellow student and a talented artist in his own right for Kent.

A lot of the old work can be found here:

No. 411974

File: 1558243476014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.29 KB, 468x824, vIMiOuO.jpg)

Thanks, anon. That old blog must be buried under all her new (understandable) rebranding as a fine artist. Found more of her student era work, too:
There's such a sudden pivot to her current style–just compare pic attached to any of her recent IG posts–that it makes her and Williams' relationship even more icky. I still fucking love her work, though.

Do you have any more dirt on ACCD? As acclaimed as Art Center and the other prestigious art schools are, I always hear sketchy things concerning tuition hikes, certain degree tracks being bloated (specifically Art Center's Illustration degree program being filled to the brim with students who can't get past the higher requirements of Entertainment Design), and little things like that.

No. 411977

I was in one of her weekend streams a few months ago. She mentioned not wanting to support a certain art supply retailer because they didn't think her art was good enough to send her free PR for.

No. 411978

Oh shit really? Back when I was considering art school I was thinking of ACCD but had heard mixed things from alumni including some mentions of inappropriate conduct.

One of Kent’s most recent IG Posts is a drawing of a girl who looks like Soey masturbating so there’s that. Lol.

No. 411979

The school is definitely accepting WAY more students than it should be, especially illustration students which make up the majority of all majors. Parking and class registration are huge issues on campus due to this and some teachers have secretly expressed racist sentiments toward the influx of foreign students since they’re some of the only students who can afford the outrageous tuition and make up a huge portion of students as a result. From what I’ve heard, getting into Art Center was way more difficult back in the 90s than it is now. A lot of students can’t help but feel this is all due to greed since the school keeps expanding. Tuition keeps increasing something like $1000+ every term.

I’ve heard about certain teachers (in particular, a well-known entertainment sketch artist) hitting on multiple young female students and trying to get into relationships with them. Seeing how Kent and Soey probably weren’t really even hiding it, I can’t help but feel the school really doesn’t see this sort of inappropriate behavior as a huge issue and I get the feeling a lot of students don’t see anything wrong with behavior like that and don’t feel compelled to report it. Plus, the class settings in art school isn’t so formal like in a traditional university setting which makes students question such behavior even less.

No. 411997


It must suck spending so much money to go to these expensive American schools and still not be as good as some east european or asian artist that came out of nowhere, paints like crazy, charges less than americans and are the ones taking all the industry jobs.

The one thing those schools really offer is connections, a lot of jobs and opportunities are based on referals and how many degrees of separation are between you and the people hiring. If you are a lolcow that didn´t made important friends during your campus days you really threw that money away. I see a lot of brazilians who are mostly self taught finding high paying jobs basically after pirating the shit out of all software and all the courses from online academies. Competition is pretty messed up for northamericans who need to charge way more than foreigners in order to make their career choice viable.

No. 412005

I know that Carly S frequents and posts in these threads often which is hilarious, considering that her art is no different from what’s being critiqued. It kind of makes it hard for me to take commentary in here seriously because of that. Total hypocrisy lol.

Relm’s stuff is so …autoerotic? It seems like she’s always drawing one face that she thinks she looks like/wants to look like having sex with clones of itself. It’s so formulaic and boring.

No. 412027

Idk, I also see loads of americans land high-paying jobs. They just need a little more time to reach a certain skill level than those russian etc, but they do achieve it. It's really hit or miss these days and fucked up.

No. 412040

I hadn't even noticed the cat! Jesus

No. 412046

Yeah but is that place even offering “connections” or just old guys to fuck to get into the industry?

I don’t think pop surrealism is art at all, to me its plain and simply porn and the whole crowd around it weirds me tf out and idk why anyone here would want to get into this fine art gallery crowd at all. What’s the appeal?

No. 412049

I can tell you that the industry connection events during graduation for illustration majors are huge jokes. Unless you’re an extremely talented entertainment design artist or someone who will fit in perfectly at a design agency, very few industry reps who visit will bother with most illustration majors’ portfolios.

Also, the pop surrealism scene is just pure trash. I’ve just seen way too much work of same-looking doe-eyed women that rip off Mark Ryden or Audrey Kawasaki. I can only assume that the people into that kind of art are just those who are part of that general shallow, trashy LA scene.

No. 412065

is your cowboy board public or private because i would love to see it, i would also love to see your comic. i know you probably don't want to out yourself on lc but i am very interested.

-t.anon who loves yeehaw stuff

No. 412066

I won't deny that I'm also intrigued by the yeehaw.

No. 412074


Those are not necessarily the valuable connections but the ones you make with your peers. You might eventually get into an studio or some project because someone you went to school with recommended you.

Its about degrees of separation. Knowing someone that might know someone, that might know someone, etc. Even when not helping you directly that contact with other people in the same field in the same time and place is valuable, maybe not valuable enough to justify the student debt just so you can loose your job opportunities to some self taught brazilian that pirated some courses but hey. such is life.

No. 412075

File: 1558282944736.jpg (1.03 MB, 948x948, IMG_20190519_1.jpg)

Also on of them! Her coloring is genius level, but such sexualizing of children cant go through as art anymore.

No. 412081

I think you hit the nail on the head on why I seriously dislike this type of work. It comes off as autoerotic and thus a bit too narcissistic in a way. One can argue that art is inherently self-centered but I feel that all this artwork that focuses on samey pornified young women pushes that aspect to an extreme and thus ends up becoming boring and shallow. Plus, the depictions of lesbianism come off so annoyingly fetishizing and looking way too similar to mainstream lesbian porn marketed at men.

No. 412085

That's really bad. I feel embarrassed for this artist. She has enough ability to create really nice pieces, but not enough self awareness or maybe not enough of a conscience to care about how gross this is. Very embarrassing and gross

No. 412090

Not really sweet at all, then.
I can't stand that level of entitlement. No wonder she can't and won't improve despite all the work she's done.

No. 412093

File: 1558286502705.jpg (76.29 KB, 1080x808, 51369856_2601831556554884_2205…)


>Yeah but is that place even offering “connections” or just old guys to fuck to get into the industry?

Hey, I never post in this thread but a friend of mine made me aware of the current ACCD topic so I figured I'd help answer. I'm an Illustration Student in ENT track.

I'll just answer some of the snippets I saw above on your response anon. To start off the school does actually offer connections in more ways that one. The anon that said peers are the most important which I agree with, but your teachers are important as well. I currently freelancing. A former teacher of mine made me aware of a job and encouraged me to apply, she was sweet enough to write me a letter of rec. I'm currently freelancing for 3 different studios, two of which I have to thank because of ACCD.

The story the anon told above was only inappropriate because she was a his student during a term. Teachers are free to fuck/date (no matter how creepy we find it) as long as the student isn't currently in your classes. Anon's need to keep in mind the average student at ACCD is 23-25 or older.

I've gotten my connections from mostly reaching out to my teachers and being nice to my classmates. If you're a student putting all your eggs in a basket for grad night, hoping a studio gives you a job there than I'm sorry that's naive. ACCD actually offers internship and independent studies through the school for big name studios/companies. I've only seen students outside of my track take advantage of it though. I'll be honest from my point of few a lot of ENT Illustration students just don't think ahead until they are about to graduate and realize they haven't been polishing up their work for a portfolio or networking.

About the Tuition, every art school raises it each year, it is basically just greed I'm not going to defend that shit. However, I'm on 98% scholarship (they finally raised it enough where I'm no longer at 100).

I'll oversimplify how I got it that high. I'm poor, because my family is stupidly poor FASFA gives me more money. Majority of my tuition is covered by 4 ACCD scholarships and 1 grant. The grant was literally given to me because I had a record of having good grades from high school through community college. 1 of my scholarships if over 10k, I got it because my portfolio was good.

I'm not an "A" student at ACCD. I'm a "C". I don't mean it grade wise I always get B's or A's as my final grade. I mean that as I'm not the "top" student in each class. I'm the top student in the classes that I need for my career. I'll end by what my teachers always shill to us. "It's the "C" students who make it far as they are strategic about how to get through each assignment they struggle with. They reach out for help more and ask questions."

I won't lie that a few students (all majors) have probably slept with or flirted with teachers (male and female) to get ahead. The anon didn't even touch how the rich students use their money to make amazing amazing assignments. I'm apart of the artcenter students who quietly does their work, reach out/networks, and just isn't a fucking asshole( trust anons there's many here) so people want to see you reach your goals.

Sorry this was long. I'll answer anymore questions before my break ends.

No. 412095

This makes me very uncomfortable. Sounds like things I'd find on some lolifag's secret stash.

No. 412096

>Teachers are free to fuck/date (no matter how creepy we find it) as long as the student isn't currently in your classes.
Actually, I’m pretty sure I read the guidelines set by the CSE before and it’s against the rules. Any accredited university will basically severely penalize a professor for engaging in such behavior even if the student is outside of their class. The environment of an art school just cannot compare to something like an actual liberal arts university though so of course they don’t really care unless someone actually makes a fuss about it.

Also, internships and references mainly apply for Entertainment Arts track. For the illustration design students, it’s a completely different field and they make up something like, what, 60% of the illustration department? For Illustration Design students, a lot of it is more based on luck and sending out promo materials/business cards and hoping some publisher or whatever will bite and commission you. There aren’t really any studio internships unless you’re heavily into motion design and graphic design side of things. I have talented illustration design friends who have won awards struggling to get anyone to hire them. Teachers often say to give it at least seven years after graduation before you start making a living off of it. Anybody considering the school should keep that in mind.

No. 412111



The polices haven't been updated anon, no where does it say it's not allowed unless you're currently a students of that instructor or teacher assistant. From the instructor who worked on that very case(was happy to answer to anyone who asked him), he said as long as the student isn't currently enrolled in the class and isn't forced into it then it's fine. If you still don't believe me I suggest just getting your friend (who I think I know who it is from when you dropped that percentile) to just ask CSE on campus themselves. There's another teacher I've heard about that would date his former students and get the girls to dye their hair platinum blonde, then cut their hair super short. It happened with about 3 different girl (your friend will probably know who I'm talking about).

I did say I'm in the Ent. track anon. So I answered according to that. I have heard that it's hard out there for Illustration design students but I never (from any major) a reference from a studio/company you teacher working at never get you a job, even if it's just one temporary gig or them just doing a tiny job under their teacher for payment.

I've heard give it UP TO seven years.I think I'd kill myself if my mentor was like "yeah it's going to take 7 years but after bruh you're solid". That number is if you made no connections/networking/and have just a decent portfolio right out of school. Again, I'm only going to speak on behalf of my track. I should say, I'm still enrolled in ACCD I haven't graduated.(I took a term off because of my mentorship and these freelance gigs made available to me)

No. 412113

Guess I had a foggy memory there. Still pretty bad though and I’m sure sooner or later, it will be updated since more universities have been doing that in response to increased sexual misconduct reports. That is super fucking creepy in regards to that teacher asking his former students to dye and change their hairstyles.

No. 412124

File: 1558294588309.jpeg (616.79 KB, 1125x1173, E18DD376-6FA7-4937-8FD2-515A32…)

I wonder what sort of collab they must have been up to 1/2

No. 412125

File: 1558294635015.jpeg (865.44 KB, 1125x1307, 197294B6-6581-4C55-B678-C0C751…)

No. 412148

Kasey couldn't have looked more uncomfortable if she tried, if the eyes are indeed a window to the soul her soul has been in the grave for 65 years

No. 412159

I hate to be shallow but Kasey's a woman and looks clockable as hell and Baylee's hair looks like a wig that's kinda edging off the top of her head.

No. 412208

You're not shallow you're just a moron lol. Clockable? Cis women are clockable now? I love how far radfems have to reach to pull themselves right onto men's levels.

No. 412213

You look kinda like a dude, Kasey.

No. 412217

Is this a terf thread or artist salt lol

No. 412225

Their faces next to each other make me very uncomftorable. It's not even that I find them appalling to look at separately but man is this picture something I've seen in a nightmare before.

But also lol at Kaseys uwu peace sign, very "hello fellow young people" of her.

No. 412229

File: 1558308223830.jpg (107.77 KB, 1300x954, old-man-holding-cute-baby-7139…)

Ok but can I have you all ruminate how next to each other Kasey and Baylee look like a wrinkleless old man and a overgrown baby in a lace front wig??

No. 412238

this is highly disturbing

No. 412246

Just how young are anons ITT, honestly. A lot of you talk like teens

No. 412257

You’re absolutely right. Girls seem to only be painting what they consider to be their ideal, and it’s always nearly cartoonified. It’s very sad. Just regurgitating the same thing, over and over. The same face, the same proportions, the same delusional charicature of what they want to be over and over. It’s not art so much as it is like, a self-insert doujinshi of their brain.

No. 412259

Kasey doesn't put any makeup on, and doesn't enhance therefore her "feminine traits". Quite a few ammount of girls end up looking like dudes with no make-up on, especially if not naturally blessed with instagram standards of big lips + lashes + tiny nose. It's all up to her of course though. Her haircut looks like shit tho. Hair is too thin to pull off bob+bangs combo, and it's something only 6 year olds anyway.

Baylee's hair also seems fucked, but otherwise she's just vanilla chub woman-looking. Not bad.

No. 412289

>Quite a few ammount of girls end up looking like dudes with no make-up on, especially if not naturally blessed with instagram standards of big lips + lashes + tiny nose
>tfw you’re such a turbo autist you think someone must look like an anime girl or insta model for them to look female

Women don’t need to wear makeup to look like women. Our two X chromosomes achieve that. Also, men have longer lashes than women? That’s a fucking dumb thing to consider woman defining.

No. 412290

File: 1558317653319.jpg (37.18 KB, 750x750, mite.gura_50170708_19849011649…)

How do you expect a logical conversation when this board is made up entirely of dumbasses who still screech about neutral bathrooms lmao
They don't literally want to be sexy babies idiot. Its a career move. They're drawing in a fictional sexually appealing way that attracts both men and women to their mainstream audiences and that widely appealing niche is an easy way to make money via commissioners. Its the same exact reason as to why so many insta artists just draw those sexy shiny anime ig makeup girls over and over incestuously imitating each others styles.

No. 412297

Sage your autism

No. 412299

Sage your autism

No. 412300

You know people can disagree with you and don't have to throw a bitch fit right lol

No. 412305

Hey, thanks.

I’m not an idiot, and I’m also not going to be polite since you decided to act like an autistic banshee straight off the bat. Go outside once in awhile.

It isn’t a ‘career move’ when the field is grossly oversaturated, and your argument is futile since I’m talking about girls that literally style themselves like one of their illustrations. Tons of them do it. Instathots that just paint girls who look like their photoshops and ideals are a dime a dozen. Chill the fuck out, you’re way too emotionally invested. It makes you look defensive.

No. 412308

You're not like other girls are you Anon kek

No. 412310

>I can only assume that the people into that kind of art are just those who are part of that general shallow, trashy LA scene.

LA artist here, what scene are you referring to specifically? There are several, lol.

I like pop surrealism/lowbrow but a lot of people who make the stuff are really pretentious and self unaware which is odd considering how the camp the whole movement is.

No. 412364

File: 1558333157039.jpeg (133.41 KB, 960x720, 78F5264B-226F-44EC-A46A-7A73A2…)

I just saw this in an artist alley group I’m in. A parent is essentially using/letting their 14 year old daughter sell her traced and heavily referenced artwork at conventions. Yeah.
You heard me right.

I’m guessing that no one goes after the mom cause it’s the child’s art but this mom is a shit person and they better take responsibility when this finally blows up in her face.
They have an Instagram which shows a lot of traced stuff. https://instagram.com/megamousearts

Part of me even wonders if the kid makes much or if they even see a dime of the money. Anime con attendees are stupid so they buy traced art and bootlegs all the time without knowing

No. 412373

File: 1558334908108.jpeg (162.81 KB, 1024x872, AD868968-9FE8-4D53-A9FC-2E707D…)

She even called him a Trap this kid is going to get eaten alive one day jfc

I looked at their pics and this honestly just screams “Rich entitled parent let’s kid do anything they want” and the sweet money from unsuspecting kids and parents is just a bonus.

No. 412377

I really do hope the mom is taking responsibility and keeping her safe online. Seems like she's probably in the Houston area…if so she needs to be careful, there's a lot of creeps at the cons. I wouldn't let my child do this.

No. 412378

File: 1558336580393.jpeg (263.25 KB, 1024x937, 0DA42608-978D-4C09-8CA6-A336C7…)

No they have to be rich or something cause they literally rented a full fucking building at the ren faire. That’s like what??? $500 at least??

There is a phone number up publically on the Facebook page and I hope it’s not the kid’s…

No. 412380

File: 1558337018396.png (3.67 MB, 2829x2170, 9C3177F7-93E8-404B-A65E-760119…)

I did a quick number crunch.

Also, normally at renaissance fairs there are rules about the time period of items for sale cause it breaks the immersion.
These artworks for sure don’t follow that.

Family friends of the owners or coordinator? Bribe? I wouldn’t be surprised. Booths especially are for craftsman and artisans that make a living off this. This is honestly bullshit.

No. 412389

File: 1558339820768.jpeg (410.24 KB, 1524x969, 58F3182E-4F48-4DD7-A5FD-117EFA…)

They must be making bank if they put in this much effort.

Probably using “cute kid selling her own art” to win those sympathy points.
Parents will probably defend saying “she doesn’t know better” and “she’s a child”
You are responsible for the legal aspects of your child’s business until they’re 18.

No. 412397

File: 1558342256171.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1843, D30A48CF-706E-4973-B20B-8E34C6…)

Speaking of traced/heavily referenced art. I don’t see anyone going after this dude. He traces screencaps of DBZ, traces line for line from all kinds of IP (including coloring books) and sells them at conventions across the country. He literally copies everything as well as other people’s fanart and slaps a shitty “splatter effect” on a canvas and calls it a day. His entire IG is full of examples you can easily do a reverse image search to find the source. The guy is an absolute tool.

Bonus, he claims to have been “commissioned by Stan Lee” and is a “28 year industry veteran” despite the “commission” being gift art for Stan’s birthday before he passed and he’s in his early/mid-thirties.

No. 412408


There´s lot of artists with incredible ideas and interesting personal styls but the market is the market, you often find people using pseudonyms for either their commercial kitcsch or their edgier niche personal work.

There´s also a ton of actual profesionals who started doing furries because it pays so much more with less efort, of course, under some pseudonym. Someone who doesn´t really know about what being an artist online and having to pay the bills might just say "omg so uncreative, so bad taste, they are just copying whats popular" But yeah kid, no shit, not even artist like doing that crap sometimes, yet it is what dumbasses keep buying in large quantities and for higher prices.

I am personally so sick of Ross TRan wannabees color dodging the shit out of cyan and magenta photobashes. So goddamn kitsch, but i don´t blame artists who cash in so they can continue living with their skillset.

No. 412410


thats so shitty of her parents, a 14 yr old should not have that kind of exposure, not only is putting the cart before the horse but she is getting exposed to both the fandom communities and the art communities combined toxicity, cattiness and negativeness.

I hope she somehow manages to mature properly and not quit art or become one of those deluded DAartists who never improve or take critique.

No. 412414

I just went to look at his profile and this dude actually follows me???
What do you even want with me????
Hopefully he’s just clout chasing.

No. 412433

Yeesh. I used to have a tracing anime phase but thankfully I never shared that shit online. I can't even imagine what mental fuckery it must be to a kid for their own parents to not only support that behaviour but fund it so she can make this shitty habit a veritable business venture.

The parents might not know it's traced artwork, might as well give them the benefit of the doubt, but don't cons/con goers say anything? Surely if anyone of those weebs noticed and told the staff she'd get kicked out? Or are people treating her with kid gloves because she's 14?

No. 412441

I think it's the later anon, No one wants to be -that- person and make a 14 year old cry. Even though it's justified that she should be kicked out, people will try to call you a bully and people will rally behind her cause she's just "a kid with a passion for art"

No. 412449

has anyone posted this yet? its fucking demented

No. 412453

What the fuck can they keep their shitty anime out of the ren faire please

No. 412454

Sage your posts please.
Just type sage in the email field before posting.

No. 412455

I hate these types of videos from Kasey. The first time I saw one I thought it was a cute idea, like something a kid would make. But of course Kasey Colon beats a dead horse over and over and over again.

And isn't she diabetic? Why get sponsored by a company that sends out sugar filled junk if you can't even properly eat them??

No. 412456


Its not her fault really, she is just being 14. Its the adults involved that should know better

No. 412458

I do wonder just how much some of these sponsors pay

Some of them we see way more often than others, like squarespace and skillshare. Any lurking art tubers willing to spill the beans on roughly how much is paid for a sponsored video from some of the more common ones?

No. 412487

I have 20k followers and skillshare offered me $100 for a one time deal

No. 412493

I mean I knew better not to sell traced anime art at a $1,000 booth when I was 14 but hey she’s just an innocent baby after all

No. 412495

File: 1558359861552.jpeg (72.83 KB, 960x720, 1BCA4B1F-796C-415C-BA88-E8E3AD…)

I’m surprised her parents haven’t bought her a cintiq with how much they’re investing. She still has an expensive art device though, a surface book I guess

They also made her a fully custom portable structure for bringing to the ren faire. It’s on wheels and towable. Wtf

No. 412497

Are we really going to discuss kids ITT? that’s so shitty.

No. 412505

It’s not like we’re shitalking the kid, we’re shittalking the parents. What’s the big deal?

No. 412507

She probably asked her parents if she could have a table at an anime convention. I split a table with other high schoolers when I was a sophomore and I remember seeing other teenagers selling art and buttons too.

This was like circa 2005 though so have conventions just turned into a bunch of middle aged women trying to make their income off of artist alleys or something?

No. 412515

People keep posting her photos, that’s the big deal. Kids just shouldn’t be discussed here

No. 412518

That’s really bad dude. You need to negotiate higher. I have less subs and got 800 for a shoutout.

No. 412520

Damn. That’s really fucking bleak.

No. 412521

This is more along the amount I was expecting, especially with the amount of art tubers that get sponsored by skillshare. But I do wonder if many (like the anon before) are willing to do it for pennies as many artists are very much desperate for any income

No. 412524

I was able to calculate an asking price pretty easily just using google and my analytics. Most people just accept the first offer and say ILL DO IT the moment they are offered something. Which is bad. And devalues their time.

No. 412526


I have a large following online and have been offered $700 for skillshare. They then said not enough people clicked my link and said the highest they could go was $100 despite my numbers being stable. Felt a bit off about the experience.

No. 412527

I’m assuming you had it in writing? Should’ve gone after them for the rest

This just makes me hate all the skillshare videos even more.

No. 412553

Kasey is heavily lurking this thread kek

No. 412565

The teens that used to table have grown into those middle aged women.

No. 412566


loool i heard that

No. 412569

I wonder how they got along? Baylee is dumb and annoying but she's never struck me as meanly bitter like Kasey. I can't imagine they have a compatible sense of humor.

No. 412572

Thinking mostly about people who show up at openings for La Luz de Jesus/ Copro Gallery exhibitions or whoever the audience of Juxtapoz might be. Yeah, I know it’s generic to describe them as such but I don’t participate in any particular scene at all and it’s just based on my observations showing up at places that attract that crowd.

No. 412612



haha that's so funny hi Kasey thanks for lurking about

No. 412613

It’s a public image on her public Facebook for her business since her parents have that set up for her.
Get over it lol she’s the next zKittyz lol

No. 412615

…she doesn't have a country accent. Kasey it's okay to have a speech impediment you don't have to reach and imply it's regional kek

No. 412620

File: 1558375571562.png (619.05 KB, 900x505, Capture.PNG)

am i the only one a little peeved by these being shown as 'advanced' techniques? some of these tips you learn in beginners art classes in high school. "wait till paint is dry to add another layer to avoid smudging lol" no shit sherlock. also "have a variety of light and dark tones, look i made a drawing with only 4 colors! lol" yes, of a personalized selection from your complete collection of 55 pens that you can throw money at willy-nilly and will do again the next time another art fad comes along. for a person with an audience of mostly young kids, she likes to tell them to just go spend money. "want a gradient? either pump it out and paint like normal or just buy the brushpens lol"

in pic timestamp, she talks about mixing, and says "if i do this i'll make earthy tones, but i can just do that with watercolor" …THEN USE WATERCOLOR. she is just making and using posca pens for the gimmic and clicks, and she just admitted it in a video. very self-aware individual here, im sure.

the only tip even worth anything is the last one, which is the one about refilling. but what pisses me off about that is THAT IS THE TIP IN THE THUMBNAIL. she advertises the last tip she gives, making someone that maybe only needs that one tip watch till the end so the know they see it in action and dont have to scrub/maybe miss some important information to know about posca pens. nice one Kasey, got to get that precious watch time, right?

sorry for the essay, i saw this at just the right time to get mad about it.

No. 412646

On the note of high school art classes, did any of you anons have super shitty art classes in school? And no I don't mean my art teacher hated me kind of thing. My teacher for all of high school gave us a prompt and had us draw and that was it. I didn't know what the fundamentals were until I was 21 because I thought you just practice and had no idea study was a thing.

No. 412675

He definitely tries to chase clout but I’d be weary because he’s known to copy people’s art, even fanart, and sell it as commission work. He copied fanart of Nightwing from a comic artist in Brazil and tried to pass it off as his own until he got caught by the artist when they were tipped off. I’m super pissed that he’ll be at a con I’m at next week selling traced art. He has no business being in artist alley.

No. 412681

Don’t you think it’s a little unhealthy to be getting upset about something so trivial?
A lot of people clicking that video are beginners. Nobody expects a fine artist to be watching videos about fucking posca pens.

No. 412693

no, not at all. she posted a video, i criticized the video. if anything, the fact it is a video for beginners makes it worse. she is telling a group how to use a product in a way that could just have them waste money. did you only read some of the post or only the things that made you want to white knight for Kasey?

No. 412701

Posca pins *

No. 412708

Am I the only one who can't stand Rossdraws on YT? Half the time he just pastes pictures over everything and acts like he is a genius. nah brah thinking a nature photo is cool and pasting it in your shit outline doesn't make you great.

No. 412729

Kasey starting the video with the disclaimer that it is for advanced Posca users and then goes "HOW NOT TO MAKE THE PAINTS BLEED TOGETHER" is pretty laughable, but your comment about her having expensive supplies in front of children is nitpicky and frankly cringey.

People watching this video are obviously expected "are only getting into Posca pens recently", it's not meant for dumbass impressionable kids (it's obviously the largest bulk of her audience but that doesn't take away the concept of the vid). Having lighter and darker tones is to be expected as a tip if you care about shading and dimension.

Admittedly the vid is kind of confusing tho. She claims how much the limited color palette is a plus of those pens and yet has a whole section on how to mix them.

No. 412733

Same here, just lots of random ideas and prompts, as well as mediums that were totally different each time and were barely even explained. She basically just talked to the one or two prodigy students that spent 99% of their time drawing in the art room and then ignored everybody else.
However, I can understand why, considering the students in my art classes usually were 75% kids just taking it for the hell of it and wanting an easy grade. Expecting her to take everyone seriously (including her job) would be like telling a gallery owner to thoughtfully answer inquiries for shows by 5 year olds with fridge art and not just outright ignore them. Still shitty practice (especially to my young brain that thought her ignoring me meant I was destined to fail at art) but if you're passionate enough you'll learn on your own or go to art school/take college classes.

No. 412734

Jesus I hate her inflection and tone of voice. My body refuses to sit through a whole Kasey Colon video. Any anon out there wanna state what she says that hints that she's lurking?

No. 412740

It’s just the pin / pen thing that everyone here seems to be obsessed with

No. 412758

>everyone here
Literally maybe one or two anons have brought it up, I wouldn’t call that EVERYONE. Has it been brought up at all in her comments section though?

No. 412847


Kasey is that you? I don’t remember ever seeing any anon defend Colon on here a once.. but I guess there’s a first for everything

No. 412853

File: 1558441503494.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20190521-142152~2.p…)

Lmao, this fucker is copypasting Loputyn's face on her wonky drawings. Both Loputyn and her are italians, does she hopes no one notices?

No. 412855

Any comparison pictures? The face seems kinda bland/unremarkable for me to say thats a distinct style

No. 412879

Looks like the usual doll-girl kind of face people from Tumblr use…Seen it too often for it to be that "unique" for me to say that someone actually copied it. I also dont see the relevance of them being italians

No. 412881

NTA but i don't think them being "italians" is the point, it's that they're from the same country and speak the same language, most likely follow eachother.

No. 412904

File: 1558452853689.jpeg (94.61 KB, 500x733, B92FE02A-DA14-4B5F-A94B-856DEE…)

NTA but you literally just had to google it

No. 412915

File: 1558455045870.jpeg (96.18 KB, 720x720, 56E7F54F-F743-46C3-A0C0-0C7828…)

Doesn’t look like Loputyn. Just inspired by the general ~soft doll~ aesthetic. Also this guy only has 5000 followers and mostly does cosplay? Vendetta?

No. 412918

selfpost, methinks. also soft doll aesthetic has nothing to do with Italy but gotta ram in something to make it seem "controversial"

No. 412923

Like another anon mentioned I’m pretty sure them being Italians was mentioned because it’s a much smaller pool of artists (Italians are more likely to follow other Italians) so a copy cat would be less likely to get away with it and is playing with fire

No. 412977

It isn’t really white knighting. Sometimes I get concerned and forget that I’m supposed to expect the unadulterated melodramatic fixation-spergouts over absolutely anything and everything.

Doesn’t half of tumblr draw like this?

No. 412978

I know they probably drew slow on purpose but 13-14 hours for drawings like these? Rae and Chloe did really nothing but embarrass themselves in this

No. 412979

File: 1558466850371.jpg (895.4 KB, 1793x585, foto_no_exif.jpg)

surprised chloe didn't draw disney for once

No. 412982

There are barely artists left on tumblr tbh lol. Also "everyone on tubmlr draws like this" could be said and HAS been said of literally every style at this point

No. 412986

am i the only one who finds colouring books a waste of resources/paper?

No. 412987

Man, at least Chloe had something to show of a day's worth of drawing. Rae's look like she took an hour tops to do both

No. 412996

i dont think they are a waste. i love coloring in a book when i want to turn my brain off and just go. and i keep all the books i finish, i dont throw them away after. they are great warm-up tools, too, for when i do my normal art.

No. 412998

oh nice! i never come anywhere near finishing the book myself

No. 413000

yeah actually, good on Chloe, that's way better than her usual garbage, I hope she continues on this path.

No. 413029

I once bought a mandala one for relaxation purposes, only used it once or twice lmao, dunno if that answers your question

No. 413074

Exactly. I’ve seen this style drawn more times than I can count. It isn’t particularly unique. Tumblr may be dead but for years it had plenty of artists with that exact style.

Coloring books can be great and therapeutic for practice when you don’t want to fuck up your own line work, it also really helps hone blending. But I do agree it can be wasteful.

No. 413083

These seriously remind me of high school art class, why can such low level hobbyists see so much success. If they were creative but behind on their technical skills or fundamentals I’d be more understanding but it just boggles my mind how such genuinely low tier artists get as much attention as they do

Inb4 kids, kids are too busy watching shit like paw patrol

No. 413085

Not really, I don’t see how they’re anymore of a waste than other books

No. 413097

The answer is really simple: because they’re getting attention from other low-tier artists and people who don’t make art.

If more fine artists started putting out video content that caught normies attention, they would get it too. It takes consistency and knowing how to edit and posture yourself so that it catches attention for more than five seconds. You can’t be a pretentious bore unless you have something else of value to the average viewer. Skilled artists are not the average viewer.

The difference between an actual artist (or professional of any kind in their craft) and a youtuber is that while the artist hones the skill, the youtuber is better at gimmick.

Many artists can’t be bothered to put in effort to the algorithm and choose to be bitter about these irrelevant, glorified catalogue salesmen such as Kasey and the likes instead of actually putting effort into making an interesting channel themselves.

If you can’t rig the algorithm, which is actually really easy to manipulate in hindsight, that’s on you.

No. 413100

I don't think working the algorithm is as easy to please as you think. I'm an artist who does youtube but I wouldn't consider myself a youtuber, I put most of my effort into the art and well less on everything else, since youtube is more like a hobby for me (and it shows). There was still a period where I tried to take youtube more seriously and work the algorithm like you said but it takes so much more effort than just few gimmicks. In order to really work youtube you have to have constant flow of content, you miss to post a video even once and your metrics take a skydive. Doing a video once every couple of weeks is no good either, it has to be either once a week or more and let's be real here, if you're an artist who actually cares about your works, 1 video a week is really strict timeline. Ofc some people can do it but most can not or if they do, it lowers the art quality a ton. I've only seen very very small proportion of artist who can draw like machines while still upholding a good quality art but that's a really rare breed to find.

If you look at art youtubers, you tend to have 2 kinds. You got the god-artist who's super good but only posts like once a month and doesn't really interact much with anyone, they may have just music in their videos or sometimes actual narration but they're clearly more interested in improving and creating good art, rather than good youtube content. Then the second type is the youtuber who may start as serious artist who once discovering youtube, become lazy hacks essentially. Then you got few neutral ones as a possible 3rd group who're kinda in between, but hardly ever do you see a good artist make it big on youtube, even if they put tons of effort into their videos, because the algorithm just won't like that. Gotta post lot and fuck the quality is sadly the name of the game. Gotta take your pick.

No. 413120

You’re right. I didn’t mean to trivialize it, I think it’s just something I’ve made work for me and so I know a handful of others who have done the same. It took a lot of trial and error but we’ve each found a niche, so we often exchange methods and ideas which keeps us from getting too burnt out. Now it’s a lot smoother sailing even though it does require attentive upkeep. I guess I’ve let that jade me a little, thank you for giving such a thoughtful response. (I use Patreon but I am good friends with a couple of decent YTers so we work together behind the scenes!)

To be honest, it really does take some skill in manipulation, because you’re essentially molding yourself into whatever generates most views. Because I myself have finally reached a comfortable position, I tend to have a more laidback view and I’m not very critical of others in my field because I know the game I guess. Thank you for the reality check… I guess it’s easy for me to forget what it was like initially because I finally reached the other side.
I hope you don’t see that as me being obnoxious, I’m genuinely sorry I trivialized it and I’m not shitting on your experience as an artist or saying mine is superior by comparison. I just have a keen eye for that kind of thing now, but it took so much failure and discouragement to get me here that I’m just very grateful to finally be doing art full-time. I hope you don’t let the successful mediocrity of others discourage you from doing what you love. It does take a lot of compromise of integrity or quality. Sorry my head was up my ass for a second without bringing forth any context.

I don’t think you need my unwarranted advice at all and you sure as hell didn’t ask for it, but I do encourage a lot of other artists to practice their speed and explore as many mediums as is personally feasible, because that’s what got me out of my own personal rut and gave me a following.

God I really hope this sounds as supporrive as I intended, I don’t really know how to say much more without being specific and there’s no need for that because nobody gives a shit. But I do support your endeavors anon!

No. 413144

Well actually the fact that you apologize so much makes you sound more sarcastic than anything and besides, this is lolcow, no one expects you to be sorry for having an opinion anyway. It's not even that your opinion is totally wrong either but it's the question of what are you willing to sacrifice for that. Youtube sadly is wired against anything that's not a flooded content. Think of anything that takes really long time to make, animations (actual animations), skits and something else I can't think of and compare it to youtube's most popular content like vlogs and gaming. Not to say that those don't take effort or that animation or skit channels cannot become successful but they surely aren't the top dogs for sure.

Also while I like doing youtube, I don't really see it as so important that I would hold jealousy towardsany of these yt artists. When they act immature or do unethical bullshit that annoys me but them being bad and earning money for being bad, doesn't bother me. Overall I believe I'm much better wired for a long term, since youtube is not guaranteed to last forever and with that type of art, I doubt they'd have much going for them if that happens.

when it comes to speed and mediums, learning speed is actually an advice I would give too. It's something I practiced myself as well but that was mostly for my own sanity, because I hated taking 6 hours on a portrait that should've taken me 2 at max. For mediums it comes down to cost too. I'm a 100% digital artist, because it fulfills all my needs and is a lot cheaper, though if you got the option then why not but if you know your preference, it's ok to stick to that too.

No. 413252

I think as artists ourselves it is much easier to see how bad they are, if you would show my family their and some top tier art they wouldn't see a big difference. If you come from a video production/tv background most youtubers probably produce nothing but trash in their eyes as well but as long as everything is in focus and has relatively clean audio nobody cares.

No. 413309

File: 1558544286108.jpeg (39.28 KB, 460x317, FA717DD0-712A-454A-809E-DC4E37…)

I’m shocked. I didn’t expect her to be so cute form her artwork

Tbh I love seeing artists, it’s always interesting to see whether or not their appearance matches what I had come up with in accordance to their persona/artistic voice

Although seeing Mark Crilley was very jarring as I was used to him just being a pair of hands.

No. 413425

File: 1558571213622.png (10.49 MB, 1242x2208, 248AB779-482D-4FDF-8BC6-B1EEE3…)

I know we’re all sick of talking about Arteza, but this isn’t about that specifically - saying that something isn’t sponcon or an ad just because you were ‘gifted’ the product is so disingenuous, 9 times out of 10 the people who showcase the product wouldn’t be doing so if the company hadn’t reached out to them and sent it for free. You are STILL advertising the product to your audience but you’re just too stupid to ask for money to do so and naive enough to believe the company isn’t exploiting you and your audience. And yet I see artists do this all the time, significantly more often than other industries and hobbies - are the really just that fucking desperate for free shit that they don’t think through what they do and say??

No. 413426

Agreed, I hate seeing Arteza shit everywhere, which is why Doodle Date's video on them was nice. I find it hard to trust any review if the product was provided for free or as a "gift."

No. 413429

File: 1558572080366.png (6.83 MB, 2732x2048, 932D0B5A-DBF2-4CC8-86DB-B9CB75…)

Samefag but you have to be a grade A retard to think that this is anything but an ad.

No. 413430

Random as fuck but, she was brought up in the separate Holly Brown thread and I haven't heard anything since. I brung up JellieBee and how she STILL hasn't addressed the people that didn't get their refunds for her failed printing business. A "close friend" of Jellie replied saying how she talked to her about it and how she was making a video on it and unsurprisingly a month later: Nothing. Anyone else have any insight of what happened? The "close friend" of Jellie said most of what went wrong with her business and Kickstarter had to do with her ex.

No. 413431

It was posted here. It's an unlisted video Jellie posted it here herself. Should be back a thread maybe two

No. 413432

She DID talk about it, go lurk the previous thread

No. 413434


Oop, shit didn't realize she made something on it. Thanks guys.

No. 413451

Not sarcastic at all. If someone responds to something I post with respect I’ll give it back. Honestly I don’t really expect “real” artists to frequent this thread often personally just because a lot of the griping here is trivial and pretentious. But when someone is serious about what they do I do respect that and I know it can be tough. I’d rather be encouraging than be an asshole. Discussion about a common hobby doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth all the time lol.

No. 413455

NTA but you come off really condescending

No. 413470

No offense but that criticism coming from this forum of all places? Idc

No. 413482

Yea I’m not saying you were being sarcastic, it’s just that having respectable conversation and laying out our points firmly can still exist without ten apologies in it. Kinda makes the person seem really unconfident and in most cases just manipulative. At least for me, since I see people uding it as an ammo all the time, just be more confident next time.

No. 413499

You come off condescending because you’re putting on a weird ‘I’m sweet and just want to help!’ persona on a board that’s about salt and criticising others, saying ‘no offence’ just makes you more condescending lmao

No. 413553

Ohhh you're one of those people that love bragging about how unbothered they are by everything.. you should call Kasey
>Honestly I don’t really expect “real” artists to frequent this thread often personally just because a lot of the griping here is trivial and pretentious.
Who the fuck are you trying to impress lmaaaooo

No. 413627

Stop clogging the thread with infighting.

No. 413677

Oh my, i didn't know either that she is so beautiful! Now i have crush on her, thanks anon.
Also, it's first artist that draw themselves uglier than irl

No. 413684

I think a lot of cute artists draw themselves ugly, and ugly artists draw themselves cute.

No. 413695

Fuck, she looks just like a girl I went to high school with. She's super qt.

No. 413706

Do any anons have any recommendations about colour theory/ colour mixing? (Yeah I know Google exists but I'm hoping for a more personal perspective). I'm getting started with watercolours/ gouache/ acrylics and I'm shit when it comes to colour mixing

No. 413719

Color theory and color mixing is kind of two separate things, since light and pigment are different and yada yada. You can find a bunch of videos on YouTube about color mixing but theory is something you need to read a bit more on. You should be able to find 'the color notation' by munsell free to read online, but the munsell color theory is the most indebt theory out there. When it comes to mixing the most important thing is clean pigments, so it'll be easier to get a cleaner mix in the end.

No. 413739

Julian has always been like that tbh, they were a year ahead of me in an art program and though the art and ceramics was really inspiring, I had to unfollow after not being able to put up with all their obnoxious trans posting

No. 413778

idk what exactly youre looking for, but this video explains the basics pretty well imo

No. 413961

Thanks, anons!!

No. 413985

I like this channels color theory vids the best

No. 414013

The color circle in the thumbnail is the munsell one, which bodes well for accuracy lol
Might just watch this myself, good post anon

No. 414208

The Marco Bucci video about colour notes is pretty good, it’s concise and has a speedpainting which helps break down some important stuff about colour theory. I’d also recommend that anyone who’s interested in learning colour theory also takes the time to learn about values/tones as that hugely affects the end result of how you lay down colour

No. 414210

Samefag but for anyone interested in watercolour and has little knowledge in colour - I very strongly recommend using a split primary palette. Don’t use any convenience colours, having to learn how to mix colours on your own and not having the option to rely on premixed colours forces you to learn basic colour theory plus hue and tonal values very very quickly. It honestly just becomes second nature after a while and knowing what colours go well with another will become instinctual

No. 414212

Dropped the link, wrong video.

No. 414234

Heads up it’s private. Someone who used to chat to her ex frequently after the breakup saw the video and reached out so she panicked. Should be unlisted again soon.

No. 414245

File: 1558768600233.jpg (141.68 KB, 1080x1350, 47582928_237364647178695_82755…)

How can you draw portraits for years and years and still only come up with these mongoloids? She wants 150 bucks for her neanderthals, jeez.

It's been discussed before but I'm amazed how Sara's stuff looks okay at first glance and then just falls apart. Just look at the nose and that pinhead.

No. 414246

File: 1558768636592.jpg (133.57 KB, 1080x1350, 50783029_2004395886532053_6811…)

Her comm sheet

No. 414258

I really love her way of colouring and she seems well versed when it comes to traditional techniques and such but I can't get behind how downhill it all went?

No. 414268

They all look they have some sort of developmental disorder, I don’t understand the appeal of her artwork tbh and I generally enjoy portrait work

No. 414286

I think this is creepshow, she speaks in the overly apologetic patronizing way in her videos

I'm onto you

This is the first time I've seen this artist. I suspect she can't "see" the flat heads as they're in so much of her work and she thinks it's a "style". Without the flat heads her stuff is lovely, though

No. 414308

File: 1558791332172.png (1.83 MB, 943x680, no feet.PNG)

I know everybody is tired of seeing Lavendertown shit, but just look at this pose. What is happening?

No. 414321

>What is happening?
This is a male amputee (knees down). He is doing the splits whilst balancing on his smashed genitalia. His hands provide additional balance.

I saw a video of a guy with no arms or legs and he would hop around like the Oblong dad. He was notably happier than I am. But I couldn't help but wonder the condition of his genitals as he hopped around. He had kids too in case you're wondering.

No. 414337

As much as I dislike Kasey, I have to admit this video was very useful, like Waffle's white gel pen one. Saged for non milk.

No. 414340

File: 1558795230179.jpg (920.27 KB, 700x875, april_by_sarucatepes-db84db0.j…)

yeah I used to love her stuff when it was more like pic related. I think when she went to art school she found herself having to challenge the way she did things and unfortunately it hasn't helped much for now - maybe it's a dip and she'll push through it and get much stronger, I dunno.

No. 414343

Not tired of looking at lavender at all

The feet are missing…

No. 414348

so i get the prompt, characterization of the seasons has been around forever, but god damn, can she turn the background off please? let the art stand on its own? you can tell she is trying to hide how shit it is by keeping the photo in focus and just plopping the character on top of it. if this is what art school teaches you then, i dont want it.

No. 414366

He's absolutely gigantic if that background she just stuck in there isnt just lazy decoration.
Her characters always look so damn miserable.

No. 414374

At minute 30 she is trying to temove the masking fluid from still wet paper, and is wondering why it breaks down….

No. 414380

Havent used masking fluid in years but i remember it saying not to shake them in the package. And she shaked all of them…

No. 414389

It’s like she never grew out of that 12 year old Weeb girl making shitty OC’s phase, her character design is always early 2000s deviantart tier and yet I’m pretty sure it’s something she massively prides herself on

No. 414391

Not sure if this particularly interesting but here we go.
Draikinator is a animator in the animation meme/warrior cats community who really seems to follow the "quanity over quality" mentality. They pretty much upload some crude animation or rant everyday and I didn't really start to notice until I realized that this person is an adult in their twenties. That being said they also have a patreon and a red bubble with the same quality of work. If your wondering what their personality is, it's less then savory since they seem to have a bad habit of fighting with some teenagers online.
In their latest endevor, they're trying to beat the world record for the most animators on a single project with: LEEK SPIN ANIMATION MEMES
The original holder of that title belongs to The Tate Movie Project if your interested, and yes, it's miles more interesting as a project.

Anyway, with all that being said this person's work just rubs me the wrong way…

No. 414396

Warrior cats still has an active fandom? Lmao why

No. 414400

Those books were actually better than the Harry Potter series imo, it’s a nice violent fandom that doesn’t involve sex and romance so kids are very into it. I think it’ll stick around for a while.

No. 414407

I have a sennilier bottle of masking fluid that says to shake bottle thoroughly before use

No. 414409

She called maimeri an unknown brand lmao

No. 414410

My favorite part about this community is that most of them don't even use an animation software. It's to expensive (or to hard to pirate) so all the kids use paint tool sai for separate frames and moviemaker for tweening. It shows in their art.

Most of the kids also know jack shit about animation principles besides the basic stuff so they run into a lot of problems. They either put to many frames or to little so all the characters move to slow or snap into place (like in draikinator case). Animation on a cheap budget requires simple character designs so sparkle dog OCs look like shit in motion. Nobody brings anything new to the table when they use someones animation meme. The video you linked has some shitty ass rendering, or tweening. Animation memes are everything I hate about the teen art community on steroids. Can we just have another thread dedicated these guys.

No. 414412

she has unevenly shaped eyes and pupils facing different directions hence the mongoloid vibes, that's a shame, this stuff can be really quickly avoided if you think for a second before drawing, she can't be that young and already on autopilot mode

No. 414417

Does Lavendertown ever do anything that isn't "making characters out of [x thing]"!!

No. 414439

The crazy thing is that the meme community has a couple of talented artist. So when they do decide to work together to make a project it's interesting, if not a little jarring because of the different skill levels, but still.


But a project of almost 2k Leek Meme animations sounds like a nightmare

No. 414452

Those books have a silly amount of drama involving cat romance tho lol. Cat love triangles are everywhere in them

No. 414462

What do you guys think of Vexx's art? I think he's good and perhaps interesting but god is it boring to see essentially the same drawing over and over again.

No. 414473

File: 1558813411332.png (28.3 KB, 750x272, Capture.PNG)

Pretty old, but there was 'lavendertowne is a terf!1! drama'

No. 414483

This is curdled milk. She's long since addressed this. She didn't know what the fuck she was talking about and I think she pretty much admitted it.

No. 414517

much as i hate to defend lavendertowne, sounds like she knew exactly what she was talking about because nothing she said in that image is incorrect.

No. 414529

Let's not let this divolve into another gender crit discussion. Agree to disagree that some people think you're a complete moron and you think likewise about them and let's talk about art drama.

No. 414537

File: 1558826901104.png (1.12 MB, 788x501, jesusfuck.png)

How is he even spring??? Just because he has some flowers in his hair?
And why does everything have to look this? Why cant we just have normal looking people and not hipsters from tumblr

No. 414556

This is so lazy and stupid

No. 414563

she even mentions it in the video that some bottles said to shake, but she was like "pEOplE ArE gOnnA sAy I dId thIs wrOnG bUt It sAys tO shAkE gUYs dOnt wOrrY!"

nah, kasey, we werent worried. just good to see you actually thinking about what you're doing before you barf out more garbage onto the internet.

No. 414570

I love that it's placed over the stock photo. The scaling is fucked as a result.

No. 414577

yeah idk clashing mismatched colors dont remind me of spring, at all. dark brown + light light pink + yellow + desaturated blue is all over the place and can't really be evocative of anything, and the stock photo with even more colours in the background doesn't help.
also why shorts ?

No. 414578

yeah idk clashing mismatched colors dont remind me of spring, at all. dark brown + light light pink + yellow + desaturated blue is all over the place and can't really be evocative of anything, and the stock photo with even more colours in the background doesn't help.
also why shorts ?

No. 414595


lmaoooo the way spring, the season where nature flourishes and rebirths, doesnt have an ounce of green in it is laughable

No. 414596


wrong number, I meant to tag the spring picture

No. 414599

It’s like she doesn’t realize that her characters need skulls

No. 414806

File: 1558897667163.jpg (79.38 KB, 1044x747, Microcephaly.jpg)

Half of her head is missing, so she looks microcephalic

No. 415049

yup either that or the facial fearures are too large for the skull.

No. 415184


Well that's because they're children and not professional Disney animators. If we're talking about grown ass adults then I can see what you mean but, I'm not gonna knock kids having fun for being kids.

No. 415439

File: 1559043685799.jpeg (502.91 KB, 1228x1835, 2CFB31ED-C8B1-4B45-9138-625F11…)

This painter is using pictures of her kids in her high heels to sell her art. Whatever fucking works I guess, but fuck. I’m uncomfortable.

No. 415441

File: 1559043752760.png (10.95 MB, 1242x2208, BEDBC608-DBC8-4025-9F10-37DE66…)

No. 415444

I'm just gonna come out and say it but anyone else see a pedo bait here? Just wondering..

No. 415445

Samefag but just to clarify. The second picture has nothing really wrong with it in my eyes but the first one gives me some really bad bait vibes.

No. 415466

They both make me really uncomfortable, they’re being used as decorative props..

No. 415485

Anyone putting their kid into the fashion industry is sick somehow.

No. 415496

File: 1559054936822.jpg (78.31 KB, 750x633, 1558857667709.jpg)

New Twitter drama for Kate Leth. She posted this tweet criticizing the 'sanitizing' of queer culture. People interpreted this as her defending the artist for Ava's Demon, who I guess drew fanart of the characters from High Guardian Spice, (aged up!). Apparently this has been a big drama on Twitter and Tumblr with SJWs from those sites harassing the artist and calling them a pedophile and telling them to kill their self. So now they're all piling on Kate Leth for supposedly "defending pedophilia". Kate deleted the tweet. She says she had a 7 hour anxiety attack over it, lol.

Live by the callout culture, die by the callout culture, cunt.

No. 415497

OT, but is Ava's demon any good?

No. 415499

Gonna need more info that this, I'm very confused to what's going on but isn't kate leth some weirdo racists who also likes to attack people for no reason? I'm a also bit confused how someone drawing art of high guardian spice ties to pedophilia though.

No. 415521

Wait how is she 'living by call out culture' it sounds like crazy people over reacting and attacking her and the other artist for arbitrary reasoning

No. 415530

the art is lovely but the story is horribly paced and was clearly written in michelle's teen years (a plot mostly set up for love triangles)

No. 415531

NTA but I liked what I read of it… but I stopped (waited for updates then forgot about it) right after the twins were introduced and one is a lesbian I guess, which I’m all for lesbians but the twins seem pretty young and it made me feel uncomfortable and like it was about to go into weird ~kweer~ territory

Also the art at the bottom of the homepage of the plant girl (can’t remember her name) naked but strategically covered and nasty suggestive licking or biting of an apple is fucking gross

No. 415550

Not in the least. I used to read it but then stopped. All of the characters are so insufferable. I've never read something with a more dislikable cast of characters. And I feel like the "queer rep" she added to some of the characters were phoned in. It's a story that's been around for like five years and still hasn't gotten anywhere ,partly because of the way it's formatted and partly because every 3 months or so she (the author) has got some kind of drama surrounding her. Believe me when I say if you caught up now and then revisited it in a year or so you will have literally missed nothing. And all her symbolism is on the nose and pretentious. It's pretty colors and art but that's all it's got going for it I guess.

No. 415552

I think the characters are tolerable but the dialogue can be weird at times…

Yeah i feel you anon the forced gay stuff just feels superficial imo the biggest offender of this is


odin x gil

Like…they started off from hating each other but michelle suddenly decides to make a bunch of gay shit for them. Is it because of pride month?? ((Im aware the gay stuff between them is because of their demons but still

She build up ava and odin for so long but she suddenly made this a thing first its just—why?

No. 415570

Kate Leth has been a mini cow since her Tumblr days. Seeing her get totally shit on after people have been kissing her ass for a decade is super gratifying.

the Odin/Gil shit was a dream.

there's suggestive nude art for all the main characters which is creepy considering they're like 15. also the whole scene after Ava goes full demontard with Wrathia that's laden with heavy handed sexual euphemisms and suggestive imagery between a several thousand year old alien and a teenager who acts like she's 8 the entire comic.

No. 415573

> Odin x Gil

Well now I have absolutely no desire to go back to read it. That is the dumbest ship she could have possibly come up with. Well at least I can feel smug in predicting that it was gonna go full kweer

No. 415584

File: 1559069207366.png (489.44 KB, 800x852, 1558675909148.png)

Kate Leth is what a redpillers thinks all feminist are like except she's real
posts a lot of Ironic misandry on twitter stuff like #KillAllmen,I hate men,Men are Trash e.t.c but she's also a BDSM sub who likes being tied up and lusts after older men

No. 415586

Good to see she's gotten even more vile since I stopped following her.

No. 415588

Isn't she currently fucking a transbian? Her love life is so embarassing get she can't stop telling people about all the kinky sex she's having with the most disgusting people.

No. 415606

Okay but feel free to start a discussion on this but I don’t have as much of an issue with aged up stuff as the internet does. I don’t jnkw anything about Ava’s demon but where I’m from 16 is the legal age of consent and kids in my school we’re having sex far earlier. Below 16 is illegal I’m not debating that at all. But drawing a character older and sexual has never bothered me. Drawing them YOUNG and sexual is an issue. Like as actual fucking kids.

To me it’s no different to people writing fanfics of characters when they’re older. If you think about the Harry Potter epilogue they all had kids and clearly had sex?? It’s not a crime to imagine that in adult characters.

Anyway I welcome a (healthy) debate because honestly I don’t see an issue with aged up and adult characters in nsfw.

No. 415616

Gross, even if it's not intentional pedo bait.

Maybe unpopular opinion, but I don't really care about NSFW content with characters that are older teens in consensual sexual relationships, of course common sense applies (ex., a 16-year old and a 17-year old: passable, a 16-year-old and a 40-year-old: not passable). It's seriously questionable to me to age up child characters specifically to draw porn of them but as long as they're not depicted as children, I also don't see the issue unless there's other suspicious shit going on. Seems very much like pearl-clutching to me.

No. 415618

I’m just curious, but with the NSFW art that Leth produced, do the characters look similar to their younger selves?
Aka: same exact clothing, hairstyles, ect.

No. 415620

Op here
I think I feel weirder about young kids characters that are aged up a lot - like Rugrats babies to Adults but even they made a show about them being teenagers and dating.
Honestly I agree, you don’t have to like it and pearl clutching is very accurate.
Like I said where I’m from it’s acceptable to have sex at 16. I lost my virginity then but the way some people go on about it it’s like it’s wrong.

Big age gaps I kinda agree with too but in the real world once you’re an adult it’s not like anyone could stop you. Some people have kinks for older people so…idk.
IN terms of aging a child to an adult to have sex with a much older adult then I agree there but idk? Grey area in some regards.

No. 415622

Where I'm from the age of consent is technically 14, but exceptions apply (you can only have sex with someone under 18 until you're 16, I believe). Might also shape my views on this.

I think in fiction, especially 2D there's also the issue of not really being able to tell whether a character is 16 or 18 unless the author specifies, which is also why the "she looks 9 but she's 500 years old!" trope is a thing, even if it's absolute bullshit.

As for age gaps, it's also a case by case basis but there are too many disgusting tropes in age gap relationships so I think it's a no when talking about underage characters.

No. 415655

Kasey seems like she's lost loads of patrons or is she just not listing them all anymore?

No. 415699

She’s just not listing them

No. 415700

I know its a dream

No. 415704

The ageing up of characters specifically for porn doesn’t sit right with me because it means that the artist themselves had to view the child character in some sexual capacity and then just aged them up to make it ‘legal’

It’s certainly not pedo shit but it’s still weird and creepy and I always side eye any artist that would do that

No. 415705

Isn’t this a really old video? Why link it

No. 415716

Yeah same for me. I'm pretty chill on kinks or whatever but if it's the sole purpose I think it's just weird. Makes me think of Holly saying she aged her kid characters up so she could draw them fucking.

No. 415749

It's only weird to me if the character is not the artist's oc, and is only portrayed as a kid through the whole story and doesn't grow up during it.
I can get artists deciding to sexualize teenage ocs they made when they were teenagers themselves. I think a lot of artists "grow up" with characters they made when they were younger, which I feel is a case with the AD artist. Aging them up isn't an issue to me, if the artist was really a pedo they'd just draw them as kids instead of adults.

No. 415750

Is Kate Leth the one that was gloating about dating a married man a while back?

No. 415752

Oops didn’t see this post >>415584
Yep she is, fuck her. What a gross person

No. 415765

File: 1559112916236.png (42.84 KB, 840x796, 2019-05-29 08_54_58-Kasey Gold…)

She's lost patrons. Just check her stats.

No. 415920

>>415765 Just guessing here, is that big drop around 3 May when she had the whole thriftshop painting fiasco?

No. 415945

no, that vid was posted on the 11th, most beginning of the month subcounts drop cause people either only sub for one month or dont have auto-renewal and forget to resub.

No. 415973

this is not gonna end well

No. 415978

TD is so fucking obnoxious, why do these YT artists feel the need to "rant" about anything and everything to their impressionable audience?

>"This video is based off research and like, 2 people I know that cheated and retroactively called it polyamory"

I'm not even poly but this shit pisses me off.

No. 415990

>caping for polyfags
Fucking gross. They deserve to be hated and ridiculed.

No. 416011

Not necessarily defending her, but did any of you guys actually watch the video? She just talks about the fact that some people use poly relationships as an excuse to cheat, but it can absolutely work as long as both parties are okay with it.

No. 416024

And even Holly decided that was a bad idea and stopped before actually making that zine or whatever it was

No. 416029

This is dumb. Its none of your business what consenting adults do

No. 416051

Ur so edgy so kewl anon

No. 416059

Was gonna say this… I hate TD as much as the next guy on here but there really wasn't much wrong with the video

No. 416099

there is no milk here, she just gives general romantic advice with the lens of poly and its actually good advice.

No. 416165

does any1 here follow zozaleenie? any opinion on her?

No. 416183

I do and I like her, she blends art and humor into her videos pretty well and she tries several art forms without stagnating (coughKaseyWafflesMinnieDanicacough). I just can't stand the qUiRkY vlogs with her friends when they're randomly laughing hysterically, but then again, I don't like that type of video from anyone.

No. 416228

File: 1559227937635.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-49-16…)

Head/neck/shoulder ratio must be a very complicated thing….

His anatomy is usually on point, why does he fails now with the most easy part?

No. 416231

Honestly even with the shit anatomy I really like how this looks, how watercolour work is always lovely

No. 416236

Those eyelids tho

No. 416237

Does anyone know what happened to LemiaCrescent? She did that video with Emily, bitched about something on Twitter, and hasn't uploaded for months.

No. 416239

I honestly think you're reaching here, the shoulders are a bit too narrow yes but to me it looks like it's done on purpose for stylization rather than being anatomical mistake. There is also some real people who're super skinny with more narrow build that look like this girl, so it's not even realistically that far off.

No. 416247

It just looks like the same shit he always draws.

No. 416248

for every anatomy mistake made for 'mUh stYlE', there are just as many that are a true stylistic choice. you're just trying to find something to be mad about because this is lolcow and you want to be edgy.

this piece is actually a really good example of how to break the rules once you know them.

No. 416261

I second this, but I think it's even more boring than his usual work. A bobblehead just standing there and a gradient background. Wow, much revolutionary, very fresh

No. 416265

File: 1559235488376.jpeg (9.9 KB, 210x240, Download (2).jpeg)

He's just copying Audrey Kawasaki like he always does. He has no creative bone in his body although I have to admit his technique is great. The only difference is that his figure wears some clothes. Everything else is a copy including the small shoulders. It's indeed a stylistic choice by him and no accident.

No. 416272


That's a stretch

No. 416278

File: 1559237825188.jpg (137.72 KB, 1080x1350, 47690511_201871194007227_53569…)

Do you think so? Sometimes I have problems to tell their artworks apart because even their faces are similar. Not saying that every art piece is like that but quite a lot.

No. 416299

>>416248 and all
Chill Im not hating him. Like I said, usually his anatomy is on point, thats why this piece felt into weird in my opinion.
Nothing else

And this is an great example how such a small body works. A long and slim neck is a perfect connection, but kelogsloops made the neck to thick. It suits the face but not the body.

No. 416300

Their art is similar in the way that they use similar mediums and subject matters, that's a huge stretch.

No. 416318

You’re acting like artists haven’t always copied one another and it’s a crime to find stylistic inspiration in others. I feel like a decent chunk of the artists ITT are beginners with the things you guys say tbh

No. 416326

>like artists haven’t always copied one another and it’s a crime to find stylistic inspiration in others
Agreed, as long as it's not straight up plagiarizing it's normal. Artists don't produce work in a vaccuum, they see so many things (especially online) that can influence their work. It's impossible to be completely original, you're always being influenced by someone else, even subconsciously. People can even forget they've seen a specific idea/ concept and their brain can present it to them later on like it's an original idea, leading to plagiarizing by accident.

>that's a huge stretch
You're wrong though. It's not a huge stretch at all.

No. 416331

Yes I agree with you that nothing is really original and people inspire each other all the time.

But his recent works are more than only inspiration. The face looks the same with these half opened wide set eyes and open mouth. Also the hair with these strands in the face and now the narrow shoulders. Next is probably going to be the neck he's changing and then floating body parts like Audrey's figures kek. Kawasaki found her style and it took her years and kelogsloops just copies her without understanding why she's doing certain things like these narrow shoulders. Therefore his art looks really strange like anon already pointed out >>416299

Other artists are also inspired by Kawasaki but they don't copy her in a way where you can't tell them apart. They choose a thing they like and change it a bit. But kelogloops straight up takes several stylistic means from Kawasaki. I liked kelogloops older pieces better because he had his own style and now he is like a Kawasaki doppelganger.

No. 416376

File: 1559256184667.jpg (92.27 KB, 1039x823, IMG_20190224_184740.jpg)

Anyone have tips on how to 'unlearn' anime style?

I was a weeb so naturally I started developing an animeish style, but while I've grown out of it, my stlye has not.

No. 416378

Isn't it rather just learning a style you do like? I doubt you can ever really unlearn anything but you can learn something new to replace it. What if you would practice different styles you like? Maybe just one you really feel for or multiple ones that kinda seem fun to try? If you have a lot of styles that you know how to draw, you usually learn how each style is structured which will help you to be more conscious of your own stylistic choices. If you got just one style you're really digging and wanna go into that specific direction then do just that, find keypoints of what makes that style work and try to capture that in your own works.

Sorry vague shit but your question is really broad.
When I grew out of the standard anime style and wanted to move more towards realism, I just took a switch and started to just draw more realistically. Ofc they were horrible at first and my anime influence still shows but I don't hate it for what it is right now but that's just my way of doing it.

No. 416382

I was thinking of just trying out different styles I like and then frankensteining what I like from them into one

I'm just really tired of people asking me about anime everytime they see me draw lol

No. 416383

Well that's pretty much how I went about it and it worked for me so good luck.

No. 416401

>weighted broad lines
>blendy shadows
>liney undereyes (on young person)
>random lights and shadows in line all over the face
your style doesn't show japanese influence. it shows a lot of cape comics/ "storyline" webcomics influence. It looks really nice the way it is. of course a western person might ask if any cartoon that isn't disney and steven universe is "anime" but that shouldn't be a reason you'd change it, anime and manga can be really good looking and profitable.

if you're deadass about losing your influences, just go to a local college art class and take any life class. you will start un-stylizing your work and leaning into a completely new style once the course is over.

No. 416402

Ah, I should have mentioned this isn't my art, it's an example i found of the non-anime-but-still-stylized style

No. 416424

Honestly, I just went through an SJW phase and started drawing ugly fuckers which doesn't bode well with anime. Although I do some studies casually, my work is still pretty simple and cartoony though (and ugly).

I imagine if you want nice, pretty semi-realism you should take the advice >>416401 gave and just relearn how to draw, basically.

No. 416453


Drawing ugly people might seem like bad advice but I actually think it's one of the best things you can do if you wanna stay away from the anime/pretty girl style. Drawing distorted/unusual faces pushes your knowledge of anatomy and makes you creative brain actually work for once, plus it can be super fun.

Another thing you can do original anon is loo at art /styles) you like and just do a bunch of studies. I often copy someone else's art into my sketchbook if I really fancy their style and I wanna study their process/construction. I've found that over time I start to emulate some of the things I like, piece by piece, into my own art.

No. 416476

Try the Meds100Heads challenge! I haven't tried it myself but I want to, seems like it'll help heaps.

No. 416499

The neck to shoulder ratio is telling my brain she's missing both arms lmao

No. 416557

What is it with pretty girl artist and head neck shoulder ratio? It's like they're trying as hard as they can to make them childlike or they haven't shaken broken anime anatomy (or I guess they don't wanna)

No. 416583

Anyone else feel dissapointed when an artist you like goes to art school? This was a long time ago but there was an artist that had an (admittingly) decent anime style but distinct enough to realize it was their art.
Then 1 year into art school their art just.. turned into the most generic stylized SCAD stuff. It wasn't bad or anything but it felt like it lost all it's personality.

No. 416585

Not really, typically art school isn’t the end of the world. Did they go into animation? I’ve noticed animation students seem to more often than not come out same-same but different, at least the ones being pumped out from American schools do.

No. 416661

Any advice how to get past art stagnation? I've definitely stopped improving in the last year and it's really frustrating. I draw daily for a couple hours a day and even started taking life drawing classes at the beginning of the year.

No. 416670

My advice is to stop obsessing with how slow the grind is. You don't notice it but you are improving if you're studying with life drawing daily. Maybe try doing studies of a few random artists on IG or Twitter and see if that helps liven up what you're looking at. You might notice how much you've improved by adapting to their styles. Also look at your art from a year ago and breath easy. If you're studying you're improving.

No. 416730

File: 1559381459622.png (392.1 KB, 1144x1200, ftm.png)

Pic related is supposed to be ftm trans. It always feels so fucking off whenever artists draw characters that look incredibly 100% feminine/masculine but say that they were originally the opposite gender. I feel like I see this a lot. I see this more with ftm characters as well. Sugarbunnybuns, a really fucking scummy and gross artist (for multiple reasons), drew a satyr character who was ftm. It had a guy body shape, tons of masculine muscles and general body features, etc, but she drew it with a dripping wet pussy. I know I've seen other examples where trans characters don't just have passing bodies, the have bodies that are the definition of masculine/feminine to a T.

No. 416732

It's better than fetishised trans art, like that 'trans' Captain America with a wasp waist and boobs.

No. 416748

It’s all honestly fetishised though, just two different extremes - the full on trap with the opposite genitals, or a bimbo/chad type character with the extremes of their biological sex

No. 416749

Can you give a few examples?

No. 416750

Yeah its gross

No. 416769

that ugly haircut and poor sense of fashion are very ftm tho

No. 416798

Im all for more trans representation, but unless this is an oc for a comic we’d never know they were trans. Thats kind of my issue with trans characters - you need the written context to know they are trans. I hope they’re turning these characters into comics, even if they are short comics, because i can’t think of any other way to show trans ocs in drawings other than a caption that outright says “he is trans/she is trans”

No. 416814

Ftm can take T and they look pretty masculine I'm not seeing a problem here tbh. Feels like a reach or it jus makes you uncomfortable which is your right but like…not seeing it myself.

No. 416852

why does everything kasey says sounds so condescending

No. 416855

File: 1559416158011.png (569.29 KB, 811x561, K.PNG)

anyone knows what that thing on her arm is? the way she is framing the scene gives me the impression she wants it to be talked about lol

No. 416858

Dude have you ever seen Aydian Dowling, Buck Angel, Ryan Sallans, Loren Cameron, etc? They just look like guys. Loren Cameron did a whole book of portraits of different trans men and they all look like average dudes, you wouldn't even know if they weren't open about it. It's very easy for an FtM person to take testosterone and pass lol. There's really no problem drawing a character like this, just like there's no problem with saying a character is gay or something.

Character in the pic looks like a random twink, not really unrealistic to be trans or w/e. It's better than creepy fetishization like anon mentioned with rcdart.

No. 416860


I'm pretty sure it's a wearable glucose monitor. Since she's diabetic it would make sense for that to be the case.

No. 416947

Testosterone is one hell of a drug, but I’ve also seen plenty of TIF’s that just look like scrawny hairy women with really bad bum fluff, especially in the art community. Artists have a tendency to draw their ideal man/woman then chuck on the reverse genitals and just virtue signal them as trans.

Tbh I miss genderbending days, whenever I see any character genderbent now there’s lots of people reeeing over how it it’s transphobic. I also miss not upholding every single artist to a hivemind tumblr ideology otherwise they’ll get ‘cancelled’, not everyone wants to draw trannies and POC for internet points

No. 416953

Yeah but reeing at people minding their own business with the audacity to have different opinions than you is just as cringy tbh.

I do agree about the gender bending though. It isn't transphobic. Attacking other people for drawing things that squick you when no one is forcing you to look at their work just makes the person complaining seem like an insane asshole (which they are 9/10 times). Feeling strongly about a topic doesn't make you Right even if your feelings get hurt when people tell you you sound like an idiot.

No. 416975

What is the reasoning behind gender bending being transphobic? I’ve never understood this.

No. 416986

The only time I've seen it is when that one artist on Twitter genderbent the Dads from Dream Daddy. One of the dads is a trans dude, which makes genderbending him into a woman SOMEHOW transphobic which makes no sense ffs just make him into a trans woman then if you want him to be trans still as a girl I just…don't understand why people care so much. He isn't a real fucking person. But I do know it's been considered transphobic before the Dream Daddy artist debacle. I have no idea why though…why do people care if you make a male character female or w/e that isn't like, against trans people's existence or w/e. They say 'just make them trans then' and I just…idk anon. It's dumb. Just another reason for people to think people on tumblr are rabid and crazy.

No. 416987

Anyone else notice that ever since CreepshowCunt found out about lolcow she's been making commentary videos about popular cows?

No. 416994


No, she's irrelevant. Let's keep her out this thread, people are sick of her.

No. 416996

nice selfpost shannon, no one calls you creepshowcunt

No. 416998

File: 1559447225341.jpg (44.24 KB, 643x356, 2050a6def52de30cad53cae58fae9d…)

its the idea that having a genderbent character skips over the difficulties that transpeople put themselves though just so then characters can have different genitals. mainly its because of fake feminism trying to get a one-up since a lot of popular media has guy protagonists, whereas making male genderbends of female characters is not readily accepted unless it is gay. there has to be some sjw angle in order for it to be made and not ridiculed. unless you genderbend a tranny. then it is war.

pic one of the most well-known genderbends from back in the day.

No. 416999

Not a self post anon she's being a cow. She flexed about having way more subs than Holly Brown how does she not count anymore. Who makes these rules lol. Also Shannon? Are you sure you're not creepshow who the fuck knows her name unless you're a friend or her why defend her?

No. 417006

Thanks anons, sounds silly. Of course genderbent characters aren’t dealing with “real” trans difficulties, they’re…fictional characters. Seems like a strange thing to throw a fit over

No. 417009

she literally says her name in every video she makes lol

No. 417019

The reasoning I’ve seen thrown around a lot is that it apparently discredits trannies and makes light of how difficult of a process transitioning is, nevermind the fact that a fictional character being drawn as the opposite has absolutely bearing on the real world

No. 417039

I love this art, it's so good!

No. 417040

Anybody else enjoy Leigh Ellexson's art? Been following her for year, love how she's evolved during that time.

No. 417043

Can you keep your trans REEing to the proper thread? We’re here to salt on artists not discuss your gender critical bullshit.

No. 417046

topic crossover happens, it was salt about trans artists/art, if you don't like it, close your eyes you're not obligated to read or agree with everything in the thread

No. 417052

Go back to Tumblr.

No. 417057

Reading comprehension, it was artist salt.

No. 417066

Not everyone who’s sick of feminist bullshit is from fucking tumblr.

No. 417070

Will this thread ever not be derailed over trannies. Jfc.

No. 417111

My mistake.

Go back to Reddit.

No. 417112

maybe if the troons who got lost on their way to crystal cafe stop crying every time posters here didn't suck troon dick.

No. 417168

isn't crystal cafe just lolcow except without gossiping about internet nobodies?

No. 417180

No it's full of dudes and trannies larping.

No. 417215

Jfc this thread is full of whiny autists stay on topic no one currs how much contempt you have for feminists and trans people.

No. 417216

Not the anon that brought her up but is there some reason creepshow has immunity here? She is pretty cow material imo.

No. 417217

Anyone else not a fan of Brushes and Bunnies? I've tried to watch her videos in the past but her art is bland and her characters have the same disinterest, constipated expression. Also, her voice is grating af, it sounds like she congested 24/7.

No. 417221

Because for her, any attention is good attention and she loves “hate”. She lurks her often so any mentions of her just feeds her ego and she’ll probably make a video again

No. 417227

Yeah, this, you beat me to it. It's not that she has immunity, it's that no one wants to give her the attention she craves so badly.

No. 417228

Her voice sounds completely normal to me. Her art doesn't have a high recognition value but it's still pretty good.

No. 417229

She once made a video about her haters and showed screenshots of lolcow to her audience which gathered unnecessary attention and send a few of newfags to this thread.

No. 417231

File: 1559501973277.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-02-20-52-58…)

What do you think about such asking for donations? Its already the second or third time she makes such a post. And last week she said her puppy is waaay better now and showed him playing outside.
Im always quite suspicious about such stories.

No. 417236

Yeah I don't like her either and her art is shit. Most pretty girl artists are technically pretty skilled, but with her you can tell that all she's capable of is portraits. She also huffs her own farts to the max. I hope I remember it right, but it was especially bad in the vid I linked. You can also see that all she does is pinterest portraits.

No. 417252

She's not awful but definitely student level and acts like she's already professional level

No. 417264

I hate how these people think strangers on the internet owe them any money for things like their stupid dog. If you can't afford unexpected vet bills for your pet than don't fucking get one in the first place.
I also can't stand it when artists (or people in general) place all their bets on social media and start begging/whining when they need to get an actual job to pay their bills

No. 417298

You sound bitter anon, u ok?

I honestly don’t mind when artists ask for help on social media. Most artists I know do work a part time/full time job but still need help for whatever reason. Times are rough for everyone right now. It’s just the ones who post excessively about needing donations who refuse to actually work that get irritating.

No. 417302

yea, so we just ignore her at this point.

No. 417305

So who are you people’s favorite more unknown arttubers? I’m not super deep into youtube art community so I only tend to know the big ones or semi sized ones but I though there might be some good little guys to watch.

No. 417316

Not gonna lie I lol'd at the shade thrown at Lavender and Holly

No. 417322

Omg same

No. 417323

So that’s all it takes to gain immunity in this thread? I’m sure plenty of art tubers are taking note.

No. 417329

Does anyone know why he was so hesitant to rate Rae low? Is her fanbase really rabid or something?

No. 417339

I wonder if he really has beef with Kasey or not

No. 417340

lol idk where else to vent about this but is anyone else irritated by resin artists, especially the lawsuit ones, on Instagram?? Idk why they all feel and come off as so entitled about their ~art~ that looks similar to everyone else’s.

No. 417342

I've seen a lot of resin works on satisfying compilations and I'm convinced so many of them only gain popularity because the process is so much more interesting than the final products. They're either coating driftwood in cyan resin or making the same exact charms with glitter.

No. 417343


no, he's fucking with her. she comments on a lot of his videos and they seem to be friends.

No. 417346

My thoughts exactly. I’m sure creepshow is pleased her brand of ‘lol I don’t care what people think I’m jus OBNOXIOUS’ has worked out for her so well here.

No. 417360

It’s not immunity to refuse to acknowledge the existence of a dumb cunt, she’s beyond annoying and never has anything worth bringing up. Not worth a second thought tbh

No. 417367

She made a video laughing with her bullies and her bullies immediately backed off. Sounds like she's winning to me.

No. 417371

File: 1559542827097.jpeg (489.13 KB, 1242x1226, EEE54AE2-1237-423B-BEFF-0E9970…)

Your mistake here is thinking that there’s actually any winning or losing involved. This is an image board, who the fuck cares who does or doesn’t get gossiped about? We’re not some sort of vigilantes dishing out justice lmao

And really, bullies? Anonymously talking about someone isn’t bullying. You sound very young, why are you so invested in whether or not we discuss her

No. 417435

NAYRT but begging for donations has to be the most inelegant type of social media posting and especially when it's for something like this (a pet is a non-essential luxury and you should be able to care for it if you decide to adopt one).
plus this isn't a private, family and friends only page nor even a page for help between pet owners, it's an art page and it's beyond unprofessional to beg for money instead of, I don't know, offering emergency commissions or merch for example aka actually working in exchange for money which you shouldn't mind doing if you love your dog.
demanding money just makes you seem lazy, irresponsible and entitled, which aren't traits of somebody who I want to do business with, as making other people feel bad for your poor money management as opposed to appealing to them with really good art isn't a good strategy to me.

No. 417465

His comment about Baylee is spot on. Her and Sakuems both have really dated art styles imo

No. 417473


speaking of begging artists, there's this an artist on twitter called caleb / @inannaperegrin who has the most flat and overcrowded art style possible and is always begging for money. last time i saw him he was asking money to cover dental treatment one week, the next it was for his multiple cats and then next it was for his parent's medical bills!! like dude if you've got this much of a need for money you a) need to get a job b) should donate your pets to people who can actually take care of them.

he's really popular for his webcomic which i tried to read and for the life of me did not Get any of the plot + for drawing philippine deities and trying to bright light to philippine culture but i have a friend from PH who says all the deities/stories he draws are fake and made up by him lol

No. 417477

File: 1559569022046.jpg (311.22 KB, 1222x1333, D3ooiaMUUAEhExp.jpg large.jpg)

posting an example bc this is an image board but, you're right anon, it's crowded in an extremely aesthetically unpleasing way and looks flat as all fuck

side note but what kind of munchie has anemic in their bio? take an iron supplement or eat something other than cheez-its

No. 417480

>>417316 Honestly I expected this to be actually funny video with interesting take on art tubers with some witty shade thrown at the community but it was just some random dude just listing out people in the order of how good friends they are with him. Like the premise of the whole video was that he would rate art tubers based on what his subscribers think but within first couple of minutes he breaks that premise and just drops people where ever the hell he feels like. Overall I don't understand what's the criteria for his chart but maybe it's my fault for trying to make sense of it in the first place.

Still the video is boring and to me at least rating people doesn't do much if you don't have justifications for why they got low or high rating. Would've been more interesting if there was some actual criteria there, like art quality, personality, openness to try new things, taking critique, video quality, education, etc. That for me would've made a much funnier video because so many of these art tubers just shit out art and make low quality videos with shitty personalities, so it wouldn't be so hard to rate them. It would've also given the more hard working art tubers some spotlight but eh.

No. 417484

File: 1559571030940.png (205.62 KB, 586x410, Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 15.07…)


sorry, my bad! also here's an example of the behavior i mean lol you'd think someone with 32k followers would be able to get their shit together and actually organize their comms well enough to make money off them. i know he's got people paying him so i don't understand the constant PLEASE emergency behavior. just a few tweets down he's making another post about vet bills / im about to be homeless / my parents have disabilities!!!

like hot damn idk the social welfare situation in the philipphines but this ain't living

No. 417486

This is awful and adolescent tier art. Every snowflake online thinks they deserve to live off drawing now just because they enjoy it but most of them are like this where they don’t have the talent or commitment to skill honing that real career artists have. Just get a day job.

No. 417526

The channel is absolute filth aimed at prepubescents imo so I’m not surprised by your review

No. 417536

The longer you look at it, the worse it gets.

No. 417552

Non saging anon is jelly people pay low tier artists boo hoo lol

No. 417575

You know that we're here to laugh at snowflake artists and not to fight each other, right?

No. 417586

Im here for art salt if some loser wants to whine about 'snowflakes' with midtier skills making more money than them I can mock them all I want lol

No. 417588

Are you that "artist" lol
So much butthurt about an no one?

No. 417599

Not really, because this ain't the board's purpose and no1curr about infighting, it's not "art salt" either- if you don't like someone's post, take a breath and scroll past, it's not that hard

No. 417608

Pretty sure it's not against board rules to mock someone's opinion anon. If you consider that infighting take it up with a mod lol

No. 417613

Someone disagreeing with your opinion and voicing it is not infighting. You guys going back and fort about what this thread is for on the otherhand is.

if you'd both stop, it'd be great 'cause at this point you're really clogging up the thread.

No. 417624

>Non saging anon is jelly people pay low tier artists boo hoo lol
>Someone disagreeing with your opinion and voicing it
Look at all those articulate points of disagreement, definitely not trying to fight (pretending to be someone else to disagree with yourself is against the rules just as much as infighting is)

No. 417627

It sure as hell ain't art salt though lol

No. 417646

draw my lifes so comedical at this point i cant believe people still do them…u went thru hard times we get it. also considering she‘s an art channel her drawings look worse than some regular draw my lifes

No. 417648

I completely agree. Can't really blame them for being friends with Kasey. She might at least be kinder to her friends than she seems in her videos and social media. But the support of Holly is strange to me. Even if you disagree with Heidi, I don't see how anyone can look at Holly and think she's being absolutely reasonable.

No. 417656

>geeky kid
>divorced and remarried parents
>worked a minimum wage job, briefly
>brother died
I hate DMLs so bad because they're just dramatic and lazy ways to bring up common tragedies with no genuine reflection or nuance. It's just a honeypot for adsense and sympathy.
This is basically the macaroni art of expressing human emotion. So low effort and shallow. Not to mention it's so dumb when she brings up apparently sensitive bits of her life story like when her bro died and how she's not actually ready to talk about it yet. Nobody forced her hand, like? But hey, at least that guarantees a sequel and another revenue opportunity.

No. 417710

NTAYRT…I have no investment in creepshow and definitely agree that there are way more interesting people to discuss in this thread but “why are you so invested in who is discussed ITT” goes both ways. It’s weird as fuck to me that every time anyone so much as mentions CS someone else swoops in to insist that no one discusses her. It’s ridiculous to try to police a thread on an anonymous image board in either direction.

No. 417712

Lol I liked it at first glance but you’re right.

Anyone want to redline it?

No. 417715

File: 1559624791451.jpg (894.55 KB, 1222x1333, 1559569022046.jpg)

i tried.

No. 417719

Anyone else annoyed following Audra Auclair on Instagram? All she does is complaining about how hard it ist for her to draw. Everyday, for months now. "Look I made a sketch, it was sooooo hard" "look I invested 20 minutes to paint, it was sooo hard now Im exhausted"
Damn, if art is to hard for you then go and find an other job. But wait its even harder and no one will give you money in the real world for complaining

No. 417733

Big art youtuber here. Shannon (CS) brags about trolling lolcow to other creators. Another creator told her to stop acknowledging lolcow and she went on to tell her that she only did it so you would stop talking about her. She thinks she’s a master troll…

No. 417752

screenshots or it didnt happen.

No. 417753

Oh no she trolled us guys, all us anons who post every now and then have been bamboozled. Something I’ve noticed about all these cows is that they seem to think that we spend a lot of time thinking about them and gossiping, when I can almost guarantee that pretty much all of us just check this thread every now and then to poke fun at these people. Seriously though Creepshow is utterly dull, her art isn’t bad enough to be memorable either, she was going to be forgotten sooner or later because of how low quality entertainment she is so I feel like it must be the same one or two people constantly bringing her back up

No. 417759

She still views it as a win though is all the anons are saying. She's a milky cow and we instantly shut down talk about her so she thinks she's outsmarted the meanie anons by 'trolling' us. Yes she's an idiot and a child but you gotta admit if Kacey it Baylee was bragging about beating Holly in subs we'd be all over that. I agree it's weird and almost feel like the push for shutting down talk about her comes from fans of hers that lurk.

No. 417760

I don’t care about Creepshow but I don’t really care about Kacey either so I ignore most of the posts about her. If CS is really that boring discussion of her will die on its own, no ones forcing anyone to engage in discussions about her but it’s dumb to try and dictate what people can and can’t talk about in this thread unless it’s completely OT.

No. 417762

Other friend of CS and I can say none of that’s true. She liked the site at first but got bored bc she doesnt understand forums and last time I asked her about it, she said she hasn’t ben on. She has a friend who lrks her and tells her that we’re mutuals with, but other than that she doesn’t seem to car. I’d post screenshots but she’d get them sent to her and it’s super obvious it’s me who she’s talking to…

No. 417810

Holly Brown?

No. 417828

I would get exhausted too if I had to draw the same pretty girls and flowers over and over again… When you want to maintain a following on social media you have to post a drawing every day because of the algorhythm, and it always has to be the same style. I saw Loish complaning about it as well not too long ago, and I think her art is boring as hell. That's why I could never become a big social media artist

No. 417832

Yes finally someone who thinks that loish art is boring too

No. 417836

There's an art festival in my country and she gets invited every. Single. Year. Between all the amazing an original artists that I've seen there through the years, I really can't take her pretty girl art seriously

No. 417844

Audra once said in a video that she's depressed and this could be the reason why she feels exhausted after drawing a simple sketch. A normal job isn't the right thing for her either. I hope she'll get well soon.

No. 417851

NGL, I love Audra's art, I think it's super inspiring and technically awesome ven though her subjects are mostly the same, but I can't stand her as a person. She seems like one of those people that love ruminating in their own miserable juices and love whining about it

No. 417876

Personally, I really dont like how she draws faces, mostly the women, the men look ok but she just goes back to that generic pretty gurl aesthetic which im tired of seeing

No. 417912

Hey anons can some of you make artuber tier lists to post here? If it’s against the rules it’s all good I’m just curious about y’all’s opinions

No. 417915

I've noticed I get lazy with drawing nearly every time I work on something that isn't just a doodle. I focus for a few hours but at a certain point my mind just checks out and goes into a sort of autopilot wherein I just stop being able to care and I start cutting corners. It doesn't matter if I take a break and come back to that drawing later, it's like my brain has a time limit for how long I can give a shite about any given piece.

I'm stuck because this happens even on self indulgent stuff and it has made drawing less and less fun for me over the past year.
How can I teach myself discipline so I can stop this god forsaken pattern and have any of you struggled with something similar? I genuinely enjoy creating, but I feel like I'm holding myself back now.

No. 417919

If you're a hobbyist then I'd recommend taking a break and find something else that is creatively stimulating. I went through something similar about a year ago and took up sculpting and refurbishing old home decor. In conjunction with that, I tried to look at different artists then my usual pool to get some different perspectives and it's honestly helped a lot. After about a year long break I found I was excited to draw again and improved way more than when I was fighting through it initially.

However, if it's your means of income, then maybe someone else might have some advice for that! I hope this helps though!

No. 417921

Alphonso Dunn is S tier and everyone else is F garbage
Youtube encourages clickbait and drama over good tutorials and talent, except Alphonso all these yt artists are either amateurs or just copies of whatever's popular on insta

No. 417923

This how every one of his videos is, mind-numbingly boring. Does anyone here actually like him?

No. 417926

Yeah he’s pretty entertaining, most of his jokes are pretty overused like his James Charles drama ones. I can’t lie when I say I watch him pretty religiously.

No. 417944

I don't. I feel like whenever he criticizes other arttubers, he pulls his punches because he's too scared to rip anyone a new one for fear of being rushed on by another artists' fans. Like what even is the point if you're not making any. Light jabs are fun I guess but as a whole boring video, he doesn't really bring anything substantial to the table. He just isn't all that entertaining to me, but evidently he does just enough to please his crowd so that's fine I guess.
And I know he's learning but his art is pretty much a bunch of bland studies. He must be ok with the fact that he's not going to be known for art, but that if regular people looked at it they'd believe he's just good enough.

No. 417946


I developed a distaste for her work a little after she absolutely blew up and it seemed like every other animation podcast or publication was interviewing her for her boring ass story and her samey art as if she was doing something revolutionary. I can't say that she started the trend of wispy, pixie-faced, doe-eyed girls, but a lot of artists sought to replicate her style and it got played out so fast. A lot of those factors aren't her fault, but I feel like she's like sakimichan in a lot of ways, she just hasn't moved out her comfort zone in years, partly because she found her niche and people just eat up what she puts out.

No. 417947

I definitely do yeah. He's mid tier artist but I think he's funny personally.

No. 417950

My advice would be learn to draw faster. I know it sounds weird like that but I noticed I tend to have a time limit towards a piece and how long I can really put my mind into it. The longer the piece takes the more dragging it becomes and I'm barely interested in the process anymore, so I would teach myself to cut down the time. I would do it by taking out all the useless steps and minimalizing steps I didn't like doing. If something looked good, despise the fact that it was unfinished, I would allow it to stay that way, instead of finishing and ruining it. Like for me I really hated doing line-art so I cut it out, now I still do cleaned up sketch occasionally but ideally I'm trying to transition to painting just from rough sketch. I'm also cutting down more and more layers that I use so that I can paint more freely, as while layers are nice and help you to organize, too many can kill your workflow. It's really just about realizing what you don't like doing and cutting it out, making the process faster and overall more enjoyable at every step. This may not be any help, since it's just the way I went about it but it worked for me and also leaves me more time during the day to do other things.

No. 417963

Honestly I do like watching him, but I get why a lot of people wouldn't. I think I enjoy him because he pokes fun at the art community, but isn't really out to destroy anyone or anything like that. He's less about feeding drama and more about making fun of the drama I guess. Plus I find the dry humor/voice entertaining, don't ask why, by all metrics I should be bored, but instead I get a laugh.

No. 417967

People are different and this may or may not work for you. I find technical drawings to be the most helpful since you can't actually cut corner and you can't really hide the shortcuts you've taken. My go toos are doing perspective drawings (cityscape/interior) or objects in perspective. Hope it helps

No. 418018

Pretty much all of this. He's not out to cancel himself by going hard on people but he appeals to audience sick of some things in the community that it's fun to poke fun of

No. 418020

Are you a fan of books or podcasts?? Sounds stupid but if i listen to an audiobook i will focus more on the drawing, i force myself to only listen to the story when im drawing so it motivates me to keep going. Podcasts help me as well. With music you tend to stop and change songs, and videos can be distracting, but audiobooks work so well for me.

No. 418027

Not the anon you were responding to but I love listening to a different podcasts while drawing, the thing is though I would really love to listen more art podcast specifically but even though I've searched, I can't find many. So if anyone got any good art podcast channels to listen to, link me.

No. 418060

Can anyone recommend other youtube artists that do sketchbook spreads like Waffles? Or maybe do a lot of work with inks? I really liked Waffles' lastest video and wanted to find more shit like that.

No. 418131

I listen to Welcome to Nightvale when painting a lot, but this podcast is weird

No. 418308

Lyfe Illustration did a lot of ink drawings for Inktober (and has dissappeared from Youtube since), dunno if that helps but I enjoyed them a lot!

No. 418316

File: 1559745647640.png (1.13 MB, 720x1130, 20190605_223709.png)

this just looks like a loish rip-off

No. 418318


The colors are different from loish's usual muted tones but the face proportions/anatomy in general… I know you can't trademark that stuff but this is eerily like Loish's stuff.

No. 418321


No. 418324

I know Lachri Fine Art has a colored pencil podcast but i haven’t heard it so i have no clue if its good or not, but maybe its worth checking out

No. 418426

Kind of feel like drawing the same style as another artist isn't that big of a deal but drawing the same subject manner + same style is the real issue.

Maybe it's because I come from a concept art background where no one really cares about stylization. What's important in that field is only the ideas an artist can come up with.

No. 418443

So I know in general people harp pretty hard on Arteza here, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it or some idea of how it might stand for someone who wants to experiment with gouache? I'm tempted to give gouache a go, but not sure if I should start with a cheap paint like Arteza, or try to piece my own set together with more expensive paints from M Graham and Winsor & Newton. Or if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears

No. 418453

Don't start with arteza, it's better to start with a cheap but good brand. W&N is overpriced and the tubes are tiny. Talens extra fine is a good deal, so is sennelier if you can find them.

No. 418465


My "problem" with drawing in the same style as another artist is that I feel it can stunt someone's growth because often times people will focus on learning to draw in that particular style rather than in trying to learn the basics.

I say this as someone who spent a lot of time being inspired by other artists as a novice. It wasn't until I stopped copying that I became a better artist. Now I'm more skilled than the person I used to feel inspired by.

That being said, being able to duplicate other styles is an important trait for professional artists to have. This is specially important if you're an artist working as part of a team (eg working on art for a game) as you'll expected to match the art style of whatever project you're working on together.

No. 418466

I have the artrza gouache and they are streaky and finnicky. Gouache is already a hard medium, you dont need a product that will make it even harder. i’d go with winsor and newton or another artist grade brand. The arteza one only works well for me if i use it as washes with my other watercolors

No. 418503

Thanks for the input; For W&N and probably M Graham, I usually wait until individual tubes are on sale. It's slow, but is cheap. Just means I can't start painting right away.
I'll also keep an eye out for Sennelier, but I've only seen the watercolour at my local art store. Maybe they'll start carrying their gouache soon too.

No. 418539

Tbh I find the best bet is Holbeins primary set. It’s cmyk and white so you can mix everything

No. 418548

i have nothing against lulusketches but it's such a waste that an actual skilled artist in the industry makes videos about the utmost basic digital art hacks people learn about in their first year of trying it out. Also her human art is really soulless and basic, I wish she would do more about background painting videos.

No. 418550

File: 1559775136447.png (198.99 KB, 380x423, l.PNG)

that arm is tragic

No. 418557

File: 1559776438156.png (311.58 KB, 736x1249, Screenshot_2019-06-06-01-05-37…)

You know, Audra is the first one to cry out loed and defend her copyright. But her store is full of fanart. I guess copyright is only important if its about her or one of her friends.
So many instagram artist are selling fanart, while its absolute hurting the right of ghibli studio etc.
Thats so pathethic in my opinion.

No. 418562

Senneliers gouaches are so smooth, you might be able to ask if the store is willing to try out stocking them.
I bought a set of W&N and honestly they aren't that impressive. Talens is fine, bit chunky straight out the tube but nothing horrible. I have a couple of tubes of schmincke gouache as well, higher price and quality but imo sennelier comes really close for much cheaper.

No. 418573

File: 1559781506937.png (1007 KB, 720x1056, 20190606_083712.png)

Same fag

Yeah thats pretty spot on anon. I think her older work looks better if Im gonna be honest

No. 418592

I just recently discovered the art ranting community goes deeper than a few channels and it's like some shitty reality TV show where everyone sucks and you just watch for the ridiculous antics they get up to. I can't find a single one of these people that I like. Does a good rant channel even exist or is it just adult babies and literal children REEing at each other endlessly?

No. 418597

None of them are artists beyond shitty middle school oc art. They pay actual artists to make their sprites.

No. 418598

How often do people have to do the fan art reeing in this thread jfc.

No. 418601

File: 1559789227330.png (431.93 KB, 918x583, Screen Shot 2.png)

Any thoughts on Sugarbones? I like some of her more graphic design-ish things but idk something always stops me from buying. Maybe it's just that her other art just looks like a loish ripoff but from 10+ years ago? I keep wanting to buy her ACNL merch but then I go to her website and see all the "cutesy baby fetish uwu" shit and get skeeved out.

No. 418610

are you serious? hearty fucking kek

No. 418611

File: 1559790252641.png (384.79 KB, 1200x918, enamelpinset_52c94273-a18c-40c…)

I guess I feel a similar way. I dont like her style really. Which is weird because I can like edgy cutesy designs. But I dont like hers. Besides the obvious bdsm plushies that scream age play lol

Maybe another anon can put it better into words

No. 418628


It's tonal whiplash.
I dunno about you but I'm not interested in merch that looks like 1980s carebears in bondage.i know people eat shit like that up, though.

No. 418630

This is repulsive.

No. 418632

File: 1559793391127.png (167.2 KB, 300x371, Screen Shot 1.png)

op here, I think you stated it better than I did, but yes that's the same issue I have. I also like edgy/cute shit and I see her tweet design stuff sometimes that's like "that's cute, I would totally buy that!" and then I go to her site and feel icky. I also think there's a difference between implying age play and specifically designing/using characters that are aimed towards children. Like if you have merch that's "daddy" this or that it's not innately inappropriate to a child, vs if a child saw this pin on a backpack they would probably be drawn to it and not understand it's inappropriate. idk, does that make sense?

That's a good way of putting it. I guess it just kind of feels like if that's the crowd you're going for then go for it, but also selling cutesy normal stuff right next to it is I think what hurts my brain. It's like, if you're going to sell dildos then by all means sell dildos….but if you're trying to sell them in a grocery store right next to where you also sell bananas I'm gonna walk out.

No. 418633

File: 1559794234192.png (670.8 KB, 619x900, sugarbones.png)

(just for context on the kind of "normal stuff I would totally buy" she also sells)

No. 418659

This is the trap I’m finding myself in. What helped you break out of that? Doing more studies?

No. 418661

Also do you have any tips for replicating a certain style? I had someone recommend me for a job recently that involved drawing licensed characters on model but I pulled myself out of the running as I’m not good enough at that yet

No. 418663

File: 1559804466025.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

No. 418664

Lmao selling fanart is absolutely not hurting animation studios, give me a fucking break

No. 418666

Damn this is disgusting, how dare they disrespect something as wholesome as Rilakkuma this way?

No. 418678


Its more about making profit out of the ideas from others.
If you sell other peoples ideas for your own profit (which is illegal in most western countrys), dont cry about some chinese stealing your work and selling it in their stores. I mean thats not hurting these artists aswell, because people who buy in cheap chinese shops wouldnt have ever paid your prices anyway.

No. 418697

Some internet artist profiting off of fanart of something produced by a major studio/corporation is not the same thing as an online retailer profiting off of some indie artist’s original content. None of these people producing unlicensed enamel Disney pins or what have you are cutting significantly into the company’s profits, I’m not going to shed any tears for a multi million dollar corporation
Kind of a grey area when it comes to people selling fanart of independent comics and games etc though I guess.

No. 418711

Most Anime Studios from the 90 are bankrupt by now. Even Ghibli struggles a lot. And why is Miyazakis art less worth than some stupid "indi" Instagram Artist whos originals are only pretty girls with the same face syndrom?

No. 418729

>if you're going to sell dildos then by all means sell dildos….but if you're trying to sell them in a grocery store right next to where you also sell bananas I'm gonna walk out.
That's a perfect description of why these mixed styles and themes are so jarring. We don't have the time to mentally sort some artist's content into departments into our heads "ah this is the cute smut department, and this is the cute department" and unless you think exactly the same way as said artist it is gonna be unsettling.

The same reason why having less choice is better than having too much in a store. You're making demands on your customers to think about stuff they don't have to. They will just leave and go somewhere which is more cut and dry.

No. 418757

I agree with you in regard to someone like Disney, but anime companies do suffer a lot from this copyright infrangement. As big of a name Ghibli seems, it barely makes money. All anime is dependent on merch, and people not buying official merch but instead turning to unlicensed products from chinese ripoffs or fanartists does damage

No. 418761

Japan actually encourages fanwork, I would like to point out though - anime also doesn’t belong to the animation studios majority of the time, they’re adaptions of written work and the studio just has rights for a limited time/episodes

Japs view artwork completely differently from contemporary western countries, it’s significantly more commercial over there

No. 418762

especially when merch manufacturers have gotten more accessible lately and the quality would be on par with official merch

at what point does fan merch become a bootleg

No. 418772

When it infringes on copyright. Fan merch being high quality doesn't negate the fact it's infringement.
On another note, picking and choosing what copyright should be respected is a slippery slope. it isn't difficult to not infringe on someone else's copyrighted material, private person nor company alike.

No. 418773

Fan art can be a great way to reinvent characters and scenes in unique ways and be really creative with familiar subject matter, but when an artist does something like this - they just take the design and surround it with florals - that should be illegal to profit from. It’s like a frame-maker adding a frame to a photograph..

No. 418778

Are you retarded?(stop)

No. 418779

I don’t think artists should be allowed to profit off others intellectual property, end of. Copyright laws exist for a reason and just because someone earns less than someone else doesn’t suddenly make them exempt from these laws. What happened to do unto others as you would have them done unto you? I personally would be livid if someone else was profiting off of my own labour of creating a universe+characters and marketing them, sure it most likely wouldn’t be taking money directly out of my pocket but it’s the principle of the matter - it’s shitty to make bank off others work. Really don’t understand why artists seem to think that these ethical issues don’t apply to us

No. 418805

So, I'm an hobbyist artist with no art education. Still, my work is getting pretty decent when inking or with no colour. Thing is, my colouring is atrocious. It's not like I don't have colour sense, is just that I feel always so lost while trying to use it I end up getting frustrated and not finishing the piece. On traditional it is not as atrocious as it is on digital, though.
Has any Anon any tip on how to improve colouring, where to focus when studying colour, how to study light and shades efficiently? Exercises I can do?
I'm studying some colour theory and trying out mother colour technique when painting traditionally, but it is not enought. I'm totally lost with no plan on how to study and therefore how to improve

No. 418806

A couple of these points are why I personally don't try and turn a profit off of fanart. It's fine to get eyes on your own work, but it's so easy to replicate and that much easier to redistribute, no matter how much of a "unique spin" you put on the popular source material. Same goes for designs with generic florals and quotes for example. I'm positive the majority of enamel pin designs you find in clothing stores are ripped from an artist that went to a Chinese manufacturer.
Let's be real. There's no perfect way to protect your art. Copyright laws aren't the same or just don't apply to every part of the world.

No. 418810

If you scroll up this thread there are a few videos on color theory that you can watch and apply in your studies. No one is interested in building you a lesson plan. Get some books, study paintings and apply what you observe.

No. 418813

This imo, the transformative aspect needs to be there if you're making a profit. You can't just draw the character in the same style, or etch a traced image into glass. It needs to be a complete retelling, or maybe just slightly referenced. I'm ok with charms of sailor scout inspired cakes, but straight redraws of characters in their exact outfits in a similar style shouldn't be sold.
If it's just fanart you can do whatever you want, but if you're literally selling the art as a print or merchandise then you can't just create counterfeit goods.

No. 418817

Japan encourages fanwork but it's an unwritten rule to not really profit off of it. Fanworks are basically free advertisements for the studios which is why they let them slide in the first place. The reason why big name studios and such turn a blind eye to shit like Comiket is because most of the artists make just enough to break even on the costs of producing their books rather than turning any real profit.

No. 418823

File: 1559831363664.jpg (1.02 MB, 1076x1836, Screenshot_20190606-102936_Ins…)

On the topic of fanart and bootlegs, what do you guys think about that group of car sticker/"western itasha" people on IG that vector official or other people's art and sell it to weebs and e-girls?

No. 418832

I have no idea what you're talking about or what I'm looking at but it all looks tacky. I'm assuming these are like car decals. But those always look shitty. Especially if it's some anime waifu.

No. 418841

Whats your fucking problem?(stop)

No. 418861

Didn't even know that was a thing, is there really a big market for this?

No. 418864

I think what anon was talking about is those shops like Sempai Squad and iiiiclothing that take fanart, slap a Supreme parody logo on it, and call it a day. The owners of these shops all
own a ricey Honda Civic.

There's a huge market on IG but you don't see them at bigger cons because most of their stuff ARE bootlegs.

No. 418910

Don't sell fanart. Sure you won't be financially hurting big companies, but they can sue you if they feel like it. Last year I got a DMCA takedown on my store for some fanart prints I was selling. And I was absolutely minuscule back then! Whether you like it or not, it's illegal. It's on your head if these companies decide to shut you down, so I hope you haven't been so stupid as to make a living off of ONLY fanart

No. 418914

See for me personally, if someone was selling fan art of my webcomic I'd be so hyped and probably buy it and encourage it. But I'd draw the line at mass production of anything, kinda like a lot of indie devs. I'm fine with independent artists but not fine with Ramy level 10k a con on tshirts with poorly drawn chibi licensed characters.

No. 418992

I could be wrong, but I thought that was a way to lose any power you have over your intellectual property. If you set the precedent that people can sell fanart of your characters, I'm not sure you can decide to sue someone else and say that they can't.

No. 418995

File: 1559855518361.jpg (813.4 KB, 1219x1488, 1559588467321.jpg)

Whar do you girls think?

No. 418997

I primarily paint with watercolours, and I make a lot of colour mixing charts using my paints all on different papers. I find that this exercise not only allows me to understand the properties of my paints, the pigments and the papers, but what actually goes into getting a specific colour, and having it be consistent throughout my work.

No. 419001

yo, no need to be an asshole. just ignore their comment if you're not going to say anything of substance. this is ot.

No. 419011

yo, no need to be in denial. they're not being an asshole by telling the truth.

No. 419012


From an outsider's perspective I can't help but feel it's a little authoritative or self-important to rank people like this, but then again it is his channel and he's free to share his opinion- and maybe his subs were interested in knowing who he liked.

What's astonishing though is how many people are upset about his opinion.
Maybe I'm missing something… does he have a lot of art youtube clout or something? Will his opinion have any influence on a channel's views?

No. 419015

>all independent artists draw same face reeeee pretty girls reeeeeeeee

No. 419016

>all independent artists draw same face reeeee pretty girls reeeeeeeee

No. 419021

I really want to see the shitstorm when the owners of that Moomin thing start going after fanmerch artists' asses.

No. 419027

Why so butthurt? Oh let me guess, you are not painting pretty girls but cactuses.

No. 419042

Even though it's obvious satire I love how Bob Ross is S and Kasey is F.

No. 419043

The original artist has passed away but I wonder if her estate looks after that sort of thing. The Moomin renaissance HS become so cancerous so quickly that I'd love to see them taken down a notch.

No. 419053

Yep. Everyone good has left, look up "why I'm leaving the art ranting community". The basic drama cycle for them is
>Someone dumb makes a dumb take/fake news/accusations
>Good/Popular youtubers react
>People dogpile on the random idiot because popular/good youtuber said it.
If the dogpilers learn the news is fake
>a weak 'sorry'
If they went to hard on the person (most of the drama is from 10 to 13 year olds)
>'Not my fault. Blame the community'

Most of the big drama in this community is over that fact art is very 'in the eye of the beholder' so things aren't really clear cut. Thinks like art critique (Response: I think it looks fine), animation memes/storytellers are not animation (response: I use a different definition of animation) , this is art theft (response: It's a similar concept thats all), and many more end up as giant back and forths of 'it's objective' or 'let's argue semantics'

Also Spoctor, to me, is more annoying than the people he rants about.

No. 419059

Ricecars are decently popular, but they have more of a cult following than anything

Although there does seem to be a bit more attention on it lately now that Weeb shit is also spilling into streetwear, so those who like jap streetwear then go further down the rabbit hole and start partaking in ricecars - both are highly consumerist so it’s similar to the hypebeast crowd but more weeby

No. 419062

Why is S just a massive fucking sausage fest. And how the hell is Jazza up there with his ugly 90s cartoons??

I don’t like Kasey but I cannot wrap my head around how the likes of Baylee Jae is above her in this chart, Kasey actually has work ethic and while not everyone cup of tea CAN produce finished illustrations with planned compositions/colours/stories

No. 419063

File: 1559866013584.jpeg (694.82 KB, 1242x1385, 7468F7F9-A2C9-42FC-AD96-DD7862…)

She’s dead fam

No. 419076

because it's satire like DAW's entire channel

No. 419078

Yes, but I assume the company/heir still owns the rights to moomin. I kind of want to see the company go after these kids full force because the current moomin fandom is burning up my soul.

No. 419081

i shouldn't be surprised people are shipping characters in a kids show and pretending they're trannies, but god it's fucking disgusting.

No. 419083

>>419078 Why is moomin suddenly so popular again? It's always been a big thing here in finland and over in the japan but not so much elsewhere to my knowledge. Like I'm sure it has it's dedicated fan-base elsewhere too but now it's just popping up on places?

No. 419084

There's a new adaption of the show running in the UK (and maybe some other places in Europe?) called Moominvalley.

No. 419085

Yea that's probably it, I haven't kept up with the news so I didn't even know it was a thing. Doesn't look all that bad at least which is good, though the 90's moomin is ofc the best.

No. 419094

It’s legitimately fucking stupid to assume that every single independent artist = a “pretty girl artist”? Smaller artists get ripped off by huge companies all the fucking time regardless of what they draw.

No. 419105

This is a bit political, but something about miss-zi-zi gives me 'I'm not happy' vibes. In her video she admits she's lonely and joined the SJW cult to escape that, but you can also say she became lonely again and joined the anti-SJW cult to escape that. I may be projecting right now, but I was a teen like her. I jumped form political position to political position hoping in hope I could be happy, but I never got that.

Miss-zi-zi feels like an up and coming bitter asshole to me.

No. 419108

File: 1559871370882.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2072, 22456108-A0BD-4E95-A2B5-50F31A…)

I can’t believe someone with such shitty art can have so many followers.

No. 419119

Consider logic reason and science and forget politics.

No. 419135

Why is Vexx at the bottom of the list? He’s a solid artist

No. 419140

I've seen this person's stuff while browsing instagram before. It's not like their comics are funny or well-written to make up for the crude artwork either. I'm not sure if they're buying followers or just out there really pushing their stuff.

No. 419152

Instagram artists like this make me irrationally angry, I like crude artwork but all of these sorts of accounts are ugly purely because they don’t know how to draw and for whatever reason normies lap it up. Feels bad.

No. 419154

instagram is used by mostly kids or normies, so of course they'd think shitty comics are funny.

No. 419170

File: 1559884342696.jpeg (9.95 KB, 189x267, download.jpeg)

Thoughts on Lanajay? I started following during her Inktober series last year but the sameface and wonky anatomy is seriously getting on my nerves.

(I love this picture because she made Sailor Moon look like a centaur)

No. 419172

File: 1559885549816.png (979.51 KB, 606x794, Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 12.3…)

The pictures where she makes people's heads super tiny and the feet huge make me the most mad. Like wtf why does she think thats something good to do idk. Also her composition kind of sucks.

Pic related one of the big feet pics with what I'd say is bad color choice and composition, wtf would this even look like in 3d space

No. 419185

Any opinion on Ellis Jade on YouTube?
I feel like she's a lethal mix of bananaJamana (or whatever her name is) and Katnipp
Minus the drawing skills
A video for reference

No. 419196

File: 1559893702856.jpeg (272.21 KB, 1080x1080, 2C327D97-AEC3-46B9-918C-F49D85…)


I had the displeasure or meeting her UwU highness and her shitty ass soybf for a few years.

She was on my art class and could be a cow with her own thread if people actually knew how she behaves away from her UWU persona that would do no wrong

No. 419197

That’s because she refused to do any work in class that didn’t match her aesthetic ~..**.*

Honestly I could go on for hours but I’m not about to sound like a vendetta chan

No. 419203

Am I the only whose fucked off by the fact that lesbian couples are now an ~aesthetic~ and are used as decorative objects in the illustration/comic community? It’s just extremely shallow and done either for woke points or drawn with one hand

No. 419206

All of her art is mediocre and for woke points

No. 419209

Just spill the tea (milk), anon.

No. 419211

There are so many tangents in this.

No. 419213

My thoughts on the concept of a tier list for artists aside, I snorted out loud when he put Lavender Towne in D

>Huh, look at that, the D category is so empty. Someones gotta go there

He said he would have put him in S, but something about his "fake thumbnail things". I don't watch Vex, do idk what he meant by that.

No. 419228

Pretty sure he and Kasey are actually friends, so I'm 99% sure he put Kasey there as a joke. A lot of these people were placed as jokes really.

No. 419230

It's shallow I suppose, but people have been using straight couples in similar illustrations so I'm pretty unbothered in that regard. Shallow art has always existed, having being gay be normalized so much that it can just be a simple meaningless drawing is kinda nice imo

No. 419236


As a lesbian, I totally agree. Straight couples have been used and re-used and re-used again for telling all kinds of stories: deep, shallow, sexual, boring, you name it, there's a het story about it. If people wanna draw positive cute art with lesbians then let them lol not every piece of art needs to have some 'deep meaning' for it to exist.

Also, I don't understand how you can argue that a drawing with two lesbian women front and center is just using them as an "accessory"? What else do you wanna see? A statement from the artist on how they've supported wlw since they were a toddler? A whole comic about wlw?

You never hear this same nonesense about art with straight couples…

No. 419238

I’ve always thought lanajay’s stuff looks like direct copies of sibylline_m’s stuff except more bullshitted anatomy. They’re the same kind of pretty girl IG artist but I swear sibylline has been around longer and originated the more simple face first

No. 419256

She looks like a relatively small youtuber who draws and makes cutesy vanilla art that you find on bags. Nothing really out of the ordinary, except her voice I guess

No. 419258

I only wish they were using cis lesbians for once because like 80% of all lesbian art is transbian garbage now.

No. 419276

Tell that to the lesbian couple that got assaulted on a bus for not kissing for male entertainment

No. 419283



What do you even mean? Tell that couple that there's people on the internet drawing art of two girls kissing? Like? Are they meant to take offence to that?

The fact that those girls got assaulted is fucking disgusting and my heart goes out to them but that has no correlation to what we're talking about. Or what, do you think the people liking and making this art are the same 5 men who attacked them? Lol

No. 419285


There's no need to be a sore loser, anon. You can go make your own lesbian art if the existence of trans lesbians in art upsets you that much.

No. 419301

Note to self: in next thread OP don’t forget to add
- This isn’t a trans safe space, don’t ree every time you read the word tranny.

The amount of times this thread has been derailed over tranny bullshit. We’re not here to discuss pronouns nor the validity of trans identities, we’re here to discuss the art community/industry and its endless salt

No. 419305

Gay bois too

No. 419312

go back to tumblr

No. 419322

You're all over this thread throwing a tantrum any time anyone says anything negative about troons. Maybe cool off and find a website better suited to your tastes, like CC. Or /pol/.

No. 419324

It is related, because original anon was talking about how lesbians are fetishized and/or used as pure decoration in art. It’s all the same problem.

No. 419327

Finnish artists often joke that the Moomin Characters Ltd (the company that owns the rights to the characters) is the Disney of Finland in the sense that they send their hounds after anyone bootlegging or trying to profit off their intellectual property. They're also extremely strict about Moomin characters not being involved to drive politic agendas. However I doubt they're aware of the internet fandom though because they're more focused on milking Japan for all their womanchild money but it would be amazing to see them shutting the "snufkin is a soft trans boi uwu" spergs down.

No. 419362

Maybe I’d you terfs stopped being speds the conversation wouldn’t de rail? You guys do realize this is your fault for insisting on being retards about stuff that’s not art related

No. 419367

To the thread at large: no this isn't a trans safe space so don't make arguments about it. ALSO, not everyone hates them so stop throwing a fucking tantrum and derailing the thread when someone has A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN YOU. If someone doesn't hate trans remove the salt from your vagina and get over it. Anti SJW edgelords don't get a free pass to derail the thread.

No. 419390

Stop derailing. If you want to scream about terfs then you've been told to go somewhere else, this isn't your safe space.

No. 419391

nta but that goes both ways. afaik this isn't a safe space for anyone's opinions.

No. 419394

>trans lesbians
Did you mean: straight men

No. 419397

This is the worst samefagging I've seen. Looking forward to the next "wahhh admin start banning people for misgendering" post in /meta/

No. 419418

You guys complaint about this thread not being a safe space for trans person is legitimately derailing the thread compared to that one small comment. Just drop it already
Their comics cover topics that everybody can “relate to” or find humor in. It’s one of those things that non artists suck up despite how terrible the art is

No. 419488

It may blow your mind dipshit but there are multiple people here that disagree with you and wish you would shut up reeing about trans people

No. 419489

Also fucking sage you stupid child

No. 419491

I'm sorry is this an art thread or gender crit?

No. 419502

What’s the difference between portraying them earnestly & using them “as decoration” then? I and want to draw wlw but I’m still in the closet & don’t want to seem crass about it?

No. 419529

Seeing as you consider yourself ‘in the closet’, I’d assume you’re a lesbian yourself. Then, it would be less fetishy because you are actually attracted to actual women, and not the idea of lesbians getting some. That is the difference.

When same-face instathots post two girls sucking face and go ‘uwu so sexy, such dirty smut!’, that is fetishizing. When someone posts a piece and says ‘this is a romance story with more than just smut’, then it is different.

tl;dr context matters

No. 419533


There is a difference between a chinese rip off (which is literally just a copy pasta of an artists work, but made at a severely low quality that probably ends up hurting the artist bc people think they made the merch) and selling fanart that is your own interpretation of something and selling that.

In Japan, it's more legal to sell fanart. Why do you think they can have doujin cons where you can literally buy someone's drawn fanfiction of a certain work? animation studios are struggling because the work environment is usually shit and they don't pay their workers a lot of money. Few animation companies in Japan actually have a good work environment and being a mangaka is even worse.

No. 419538


No matter what someone does with your characters, you will always hold the IP and copyright over them.

You're probably thinking of a trademark. Trademarks function completely differently from copyright and you have to actually be licensed to use a trademark that isn't registered to you. Whoever owns a trademark risks losing it if they allow other people to do unlicensed stuff with it, unlike general copyright.

It's why disney loosened up on letting you make and sell fanart of their characters (bc the PR damage wasn't worth shutting down some indie creator) but you can't slap a disney logo on something bc the logo is trademarked.

No. 419550

She seems the type to be ~uwu Bisexual artist~ but has only ever dated her gross as problematic boyfriend.

She just seem disingenuous to me, You can't trust someone with caterpillar eyebrows

No. 419554

why do you think lesbians aren't crass too sometimes? i've seen a lot of lesbian works that are raunchier than ones for men, main difference being that the creator knows how women have sex.

No. 419560

>When same-face instathots post two girls sucking face
nta but does that mean I can get excluded from this category just by being ugly and drawing ugly women?

No. 419562

i personally would feel a lot more comfortable seeing crass, raunchy, lesbian diddling in art if it was drawn by a lesbian, than by someone that wasnt.

No. 419579

ok, that's quite interesting ! thank you.

No. 419685

All we can learn from this lesbian art convo is that people will get pissed off no matter how you portray gay people so you might as well save yourself the headache as an artist and not bother
only boring hets from now on

No. 419704

It's annoying I'm bi w/ a wife and we just want more f/f content period. Preferably drawn by women but I'll take what I can get lol

No. 419733

File: 1560021304809.png (395.09 KB, 587x738, tytrytrytrytryt.PNG)

>the current moomin fandom is burning up my soul

Same. It's really starting to pick up and a lot of the people in it are annoying. Everybody is obsessed with Snufkin being gay/trans/etc.. I'm sick of the be gay, do crime memes.

No. 419737

This doesn’t seem to be harming anybody.

No. 419758

Are people only allowed to be annoyed by things if they actively harm others?

No. 419768

File: 1560030116287.gif (999.49 KB, 245x179, 1482533666218.gif)

sorry the derail, but can you imagine using the word "terf" unironically? The obvious art youtuber fags in this thread clearly don't know where they're at.

No. 419780

I am both a fag and someone that uses terf unironically and frequently. Triggered yet?

No. 419781

Is there some reason why you can't just accept that some people on the internet disagree with you and move on with your life? What is this need you have to throw a tantrum until other people just change their opinions or some shit cuz you're so big mad. Grow up ffs(samefagging; autism)

No. 419816

She blocked me for calling her out about her asking for donations because she messed up on shipping prices.

No. 419845

Gotta be honest anons, I’m fucking jealous of Kasey right now. I’d love to go to Germany and be sent a shitload of Faber-Castell supplies

No. 419852

I'm gonna post this thing that was a revelation to me but might help others here.
Art Youtubers tend to have shitty art. Average at best. They focus on their faces, unboxings, reactions and challenges more than making art. If they are average they make "tutorials" or "tip" videos.

This they all have in common. How come there are no actually talented, inspired and inspiring artists on Youtube?
My clue was noticing some art youtuber above always took photos of her paintings at an extreme angle.
*she wasn't posting the art. She was posting a photo of someone making art*
They are a form of lifestyle vlogger. You are supposed to want to be like them, someone playing the role of the "artist" in carefully arranged aesthetic shots. You are supposed to live vicariously through them, like a character in a videogame.
Actually talented artists with original ideas aren't going to waste those hours literally posing as an artist on the internet. They just make art.
Arttubers exist for children who "want to be an artist when they grow up" to watch, and office workers who "wish they could just quit and move to the mountains and paint"
For actual artists they are more than useless.

No. 419858

There are three kinds of art youtubers:

1. The fakey art hoe lifestyle vloggers.

2. The ones that hardly upload because they have lives outside of YT/industry jobs that keep them away for long stretches.

3. Artists with actual talent that want to teach others.

No. 419859

File: 1560056254083.png (Spoiler Image, 561.44 KB, 800x451, Capture.PNG)

well, that does it. she is no longer kasey "dog dick" golden, casting that aside for the new name, kasey "bulging infant testicles" golden. why is the baby's nutsac bigger than it's mouth? why is your first idea to use gifted art supplies to show them off "you know what this needs? elephantiasis nut babies."

seriously, was the only thought process, "renaissance paintings had naked babies. they just need massive packages in my infantile style, and then it's good!"

No. 419860

I mean, not to WK but babies DO have ginormous testicles, they’re not particularly proportionate

No. 419861

The only one I've seen that fits 3. is Bobby Chiu. There are other ones who don't act like art hoes but just give hours of useless droning speeches which don't help anyone, and while talented, their art is still unappealing. Bobby Chiu manages to make interesting monologues and good and appealing art, and offer actually useful advice instead of stuff he pulled out of his ass.
RossDraws I suspect could fall into 3. if he tried, he's kinda a wacky Youtuber pranks!! version of the art hoe currently, but maybe when he matures. He has enough skill and appeal to do more than be wacky.

No. 419862

Even if babies are born with odd proportions, that fixes up. To draw it out like that is honestly mentally ill and weird. Anything for attention I guess.

No. 419863

Ok sure but do they need to be included in an extremely stylized cartoon drawing?

No. 419864

I don’t really find it odd, it’s a naked baby - is there supposed to be no ballsack? The proportions fit with the rest of the stylisation. It’s not like it’s hyper realistic or anything

No. 419867

if part of the illustration is having the only highly contrasting shadows of the drawing be wings for the top half, and then nutsac being the only shadow in the bottom, then yes, it is odd. the focus of the entire bottom half is the nuts. she made a decision to focus on baby balls. if there was a dark shadow under the baby, like a floating shadow, then i'd see your point. but due to the balance of shadows in the drawing, the entire focus of the bottom is the nuts.

No. 419870

there's not really. it's just a weird fleshy bit.

No. 419871

while this is weird subject matter for her style, I'm more creeped out by her complete lack of understanding concerning anatomy. why is the junk literally underneath the crotch? I know this bitch is married so there's no excuse.

No. 419886

I thought it was supposed to be like a fat baby belly, although they don’t tend to hang but rather stick out

No. 419895

What's her angle? I always thought she wants to be a children's book illustrator/make media for children, but she also wants to be edgy? I don't think drawing genitalia is a big deal in itself but it's clearly not for realism considering how simplistic her art is.

No. 419899

This is such a dumb take. That artwork posted upthread is non-sexual and pretty innocent, who cares what sexuality the artist is? Yes there is gross fetishy wlw media but I'd rather straight people draw cutesy art of girls kissing and normalise that than to gatekeep dumb shit like this.

No. 419902

this isn't true you fucking idiot. you just can't make works that are in direct competition with the real one.

No. 419905


I think she wants it both ways, but wasn't anticipating the screeching masses of children to be her main audience. Much to her dismay she was expecting an audience her age which is fucking hilarious considering she can't get people to take her seriously like she wants, "haha ;)"

No. 419945

For a while now I've been totally obsessed with this artist and I just wanted to share it with you, since some of you seem not to find any inspiration throught Youtube.
She doesn't speak, so it doesn't work as background noise, but I find her art and processes incredibly inspiring and I've been craving to study her works a little bit more.

As background noise while drawing I often listen to Lucidpilux, since he's a wholesome person, with a very calming and charming voice and actually inspires me a lot, but I guess most of you already know him.

No. 419980

I've said it before but I think lucidpixul can get a little long-winded, off topic, pretentious and "I'm older so trust me I know" every 3 sentences.
I like his art even though. This person seems interesting to watch! Thx for sharing.

No. 419991

TBH the only YT artists I actually like are Arleebean and Myriam Tillson. They're not without faults (Arleebean is a bit of a shill, and Myriam has lost some of her creativity ever since she started gaining subscribers and started living ~solely from her art~), but they're enjoyable and mostly inspiring

No. 419994

What an underwhelming video, a galaxy unicorn, not like that’s been done thousands of times.

No. 420097


Chloe-Rose and Mira both do such awful art as well. I suppose that's why they have such click bait video titles.

No. 420158

File: 1560143986677.png (742.42 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_2019-06-10-07-16-42…)

He aldready showed many times that he can do better than this. I dont understand why he keeps creating such a bad art. It cant be for the views, because his arent that great anymore.

No. 420160

This is some Holly BRown tier shit right here. Disappointing.

No. 420167

this is awful lmao

has chloe ever seen a horse before or

No. 420202

How can you do this but create other pieces he's made? I don't understand. This is like, all skill lost after a tragic car accident in comparison. How does this happen

No. 420204

No. 420220

I remember following him when I was in high school. What happened?

No. 420273

I always got the feeling he was a fake and a creep, it’s not that hard to get popular by copying shit

No. 420298

Right leg especially looks like Holly Brown came in to draw it

No. 420303

File: 1560186700018.jpg (420.65 KB, 1969x1969, 62194692_337424963600066_73362…)

i don't know if any of you knows anything about lisafranks and fleshdumpster (both IG artist)
But there is some drama going on.
Apparently Lisa, was friends with flesh, until flesh told her about her comic, then lisa stole not only the idea but also the art style.
What do you guys think?

Side by side the gallery of lisa and flesh

No. 420307

File: 1560186951367.jpg (156.75 KB, 1350x1800, 64284166_320772112198440_49996…)

Also, side by side their OC'S

Flesh OC, has no face, he has one little brother who he likes to abuse, had one little sister (used to manipulate his little brother)

Lisa OC' has no face either, one little brother who he likes to abuse, and one little sister (who, like flesh oc, he used to manipulate his brother, ended up killing her)

Also, due to many people doubting lisa, she began to delete comments and blocking people.
lisa fans, say that there is no evidence (even though.. there is..)

No. 420309


No. 420325

I could have sworn this was all one single gallery by one person tbh

No. 420327

the comparison is uncanny. similar art style, similar aesthetic, similar stories too. two people can come up with the same idea in separate environments, that does happen, but the fact they knew each other makes that a near impossible scenario. unless flesh kept the project entirely secret, more than likely lisa is copying.

also, anyone else getting the 2007 emo avatar sprite art vibe from the galleries? very myspace…

No. 420343

Same here anon, sure, you can have a similar style, but this is.. too much,
Plus, with the story, lisa grew more famous (because flesh is more on the tumblr side i believe),
but now, lisa is selling merch,
to be fair, lisa's fans are.. just stupid, they claim that the style is totally different.

No. 420353

File: 1560190926615.jpg (158.01 KB, 1080x1644, 62636947_409177329927565_58799…)

And i do believe flesh, because lisa, the way that "tammie" (the OC's lil sister) died, is basically the death scene of the girl from hereditary

No. 420398

What is supposed to be happening here? I see lines and shapes and shading, but my brain can’t make them mean anything…

No. 420400

They're in a car, she's got her head outside the window, and it slams on a tree as they pass by it

No. 420406

I can understand Lisa using the same ideas a Flesh, but the style, i dunno because from personal experience I see people who are close friends do develop a similar art style (mainly when they’re younger)

No. 420413

That does happen but they become similar not exactly the same. Kinda sus

No. 420422

Honestly I don't see what the big deal is. It's kind of ugly but it's not like it's shota porn.

No. 420441

I love the art style of this one, it is what I wished my art would have looked like before I completely stopped drawing.

However, I don't like the sexualization aspect of it. Especially with characters that are aimed at children, yikes

No. 420466

Honestly this is pretty much the edgy emo boy aesthetic most instagram artists are using now a days. I used to follow a bunch thinking it was something interesting until I realized everyone in this environment where copying each other.

Anyways, this person is carbon copying her friend, lmao. The fuck

No. 420469

I know this is Lolcow so it'll sound super sarcastic to you, but I genuinely hope you've taken up drawing again since. Even if you think that everything you do looks like shit, I'm pretty fucking sure you can do way better than Sugarbones.

No. 420481

File: 1560207688721.jpeg (1.45 MB, 828x1538, 6253B6E2-EC5B-4CD7-9F00-CF92B2…)

i don’t know how some artists on IG can curate such a large following for such bad, unsettling art and not even unsettling in a good way. This person has 44k followers…

No. 420562

I actually like it

No. 420577

File: 1560224007390.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, B650BDF1-866B-48D1-80B2-7CBC6B…)

any thoughts on ana_godis's art on instagram?

No. 420583

Anon, your profile pic is visible, crop screenshots before posting them

No. 420594

their work is pretty though i have to ask, what's up with 80% of artists using the name-in-a-square signature these days? I guess it's easy to read but it seems like everyone signs their work that way now.

No. 420598

I like their work (their output/polish is great, too) but the faces can be hit-or-miss. The misses are stiff in that leaning-too-much-on-a-photo-reference sort of way.

They're based off of Chinese/Japanese/East Asian seals.

No. 420601

Not salt but opinion
In the art community I am we noticed that everytime a post gets the "wow more popular than xxx% of your posts, promote!" The reach sinks.
I mean if my usual post has 3-5k on average and thrn I get a post with 800 that says is the best performing I'll get suspicious
Does any of you had any similar experience or is just our theory?!

No. 420610

I want to learn to paint with inks but I'm a noob with traditional art. What brushes should I use that won't break the bank? I read that synthetic brushes get ruined fast by india ink.

No. 420613

That's because any social wants your money and it's all it cares about. If you don't pay it will show you less on feeds so that you will have to pay to keep up with reaches.

No. 420619

I think they are copying Loish's signature/copying people who copy her. Most people don't realize she has been online for over 15 years and her followers are due to getting that head start+attained over a long period. So they copy every trait blindly in the hopes some of her success will rub off on them.

No. 420621

Lol I use it for commissions because it's readable and also because I don't actually 'have' a signature so I just get really taken aback by people asking. So name in a box it is!!

No. 420629

They’re skilled and their stuff is interesting to look at

No. 420644

Her art is awesome but she can't write for shit for her comics (I don't mean her English, I know she's not a native speaker and making mistakes is natural)

No. 420651

The angled photos are actually clever imo. A lot of t-shirt/art print shops straight up steal art from instagram, so showing off art from extreme angles prevents that. It just happens that it's a fairly aesthetic way to show off art; toss in a paintbrush, a few paint tubes, your get something that simultaneously protects your work without people saying how your watermark is ugly–instead the masses eat it up because it actually looks pretty.

No. 420652

No. 420794

Sure, but I don't believe that any artist who valued the art over, say, looking good on the internet would intentionally post a warped version of their image. An angled photo can also disguise sins, a painting can look good from the angle but have dodgy proportions when viewed front-on. I think it's a pretty bad way to display art unless your goal is to be a lifestyle artist and not just an artist.

No. 420813

Can we make it mandatory that animators have to take writing classes? Like every calart student film I see can look technically good, but it either has the most cliché concept or the writing of an AI that got it's understanding of the human condition form Disney Chanel dramas. Like look at this video it looks amazing, though the style is a PSG ripoff, but the video is dragged down by horrible writing (and sound direction). I know they want to be animators not directors, but every student film I see looks like a polished turd.

No. 420831

They’re students, not industry professionals. What’s the deal with everyone on this site expecting newbies to be experts right away? Skill comes with practical experience

No. 420833

But they’re animators, not writers - it’s not their job to come up with narrative and dialogue. Making a mandatory writing class would cut into time that should instead be used for illustration/animation fundamentals, you really didn’t think this through anon. Do you also complain when writers can’t draw so any storyboards they come up with for publishers (for say a graphic novel/picture book concept) are crude?

No. 420835

Any artist that values their art should simultaneously value how good they look on the internet as everyone should absolutely give a damn about their public personas when wanting to make a living off of their work. Industry professionals take ‘aesthetic’ photos of their work all the time, even gallery artists, because like the anon said it protects their work and is also more pleasing to the eye so people are more likely to be drawn to it

This sounds like the kind of complaint people who unironically call popular musicians sell outs would make

No. 420847


Anyway, what >>420598 said. Look up hanko stamps for a better idea. Unless the artist is living in east asia, chances are they're copying asian artists for weeb/cool cred

No. 420860

To be fair it’s also a graphically appealing way to sign things even if you’re not a weeb, it’s always clean looking and minimal while still bold

No. 420863

I don’t think it looks good anon and I’ll tell you why, name in a box just looks very calarts to me I guess? It’s definitely putting yourself in a box if you use it lol

Also I kind of wish more artists were lifestyle artists, but not in a lifestyle model type way. Like what draws me to an artist is when they share their life and process behind the art so I think seeing the tools used to make it is not just for aesthetics, it’s kind of like a nice story of its own.

No. 420876


Anons keep throwing this around like it’s a bad thing by last I checked it’s still a very highly regarded school with headhunters recruiting graduates constantly.

No. 420879

Calarts is just a word used by people who wanna shit on something but can’t find anything inherently wrong with it. Empty words

No. 420902

Calarts, Steven Universe, and Tumblr are just vague 'insults' that imply the artist was influenced by children's media made between 2005-2015.

No. 420946

File: 1560344522214.png (685.89 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20190612-225945~2.p…)

An old doodle date video popped up in my recs and holy shit I didn't realise how skinny and clean he used to be. Depression is a hell of a drug.

No. 420948

Yeah they’ve both unfortunately gone downhill over the years, I miss seeing them go out and have fun

No. 421114

I'm still trying to get over the monkey face and potato chip hair.

No. 421136

In fairness at least Steven Universe has a defined style that is commonly replicated, whereas saying something's "Calarts" or "Tumblr" style is more vague because it's grouping multiple different but similar styles under one umbrella.

No. 421198

I can agree with this yeah, I guess I was specifically thinking of that video Fran made (every art style ever I think is what it's called) she said everything was SU style and none of the styles looked like SU so it's just one of those things that has merit if it's coming from someone with objective critique vs a dumbass edgelord parroting the same thing over and over until meaning gets completely diverted

No. 421200

File: 1560379531481.jpeg (602.79 KB, 1124x2050, EE632411-C131-40DB-8CC6-244FFD…)

Everyone gets an iPad Pro and suddenly become “better” at drawing. There’s big accounts that look like they are just tracing over images and it annoys me because I’ve been trying to grow my ig.

No. 421202

File: 1560379816773.jpeg (1000.03 KB, 1125x2015, DEF95A95-7A31-45BC-BADF-50A7CB…)

Like this person their traditional stuff aren’t good at all.

No. 421203

theres a post on the last thread with "traced ipad artists" compiled and it looks like its one feed from one person

No. 421213


When I see profiles like this I like to think about what a challenge it must be for them to draw anything but flawless, smooth skinned pretty girls.

Like anyone with wrinkles and textured skin (e.g large pores, blemishes) must be a challenge

No. 421219

I know this thread isn't really about this but, what artist do you all actually like? Not just follow but actually draw inspiration from? I take alot from Sinix, WLOP, and a few other. I'd like to see others.

No. 421221

Of course artists give a damn about how they appear. They also give a damn about being paid and not having people take their work to sell on redbubble or whatever the next big shirt/bauble print shop is. The thing is, social media is more about creating an audience first and foremost. Even a 'warped' image is capable of giving the viewer the same message/feelings as viewing head on. It's not so warped that you can't tell what's going on or appreciate the skill. While a weird angle can hide things, it doesn't mean people who don't have something to hide don't do it too.

People can value their art while also valuing pleasing an audience. It's not mutually exclusive. Someone can be a "lifestyle artist" and an artist. Like, really, that's like saying there's a difference between chefs and lifestyle chefs; "real chefs just post recipes, but those lifestyle chefs are just trying to make the food look good by posting food in pretty lighting with a nice table setup. they don't actually care about the food." That's what you sound like.

No. 421224

I'm personally such a basic pretty girl artist that I also enjoy artists like Wlop and Ruan Jia. Though I also draw a lot of inspiration from MMOs like black desert for example.

No. 421226

ngl I get jealous of artists who can just hop on fanart bandwagons and easily get tons of shares and clout

seeing how even low effort art gets tons of RTs makes me mad and wish I could do the same but I just don't have the heart to

No. 421230

I feel you anon, every scroll in the last few days has just been drawings of that sheep Pokemon if not that I've already seen 12 different version of plushies of it

No. 421238

sort of off topic but i don't get why wooloo (the sheep) is so popular anyway, the design isn't that stellar to me…

No. 421241

File: 1560389903557.jpg (114.79 KB, 1200x1018, Pokemon artsyle changes over t…)

Just looked up wooloo and it barely looks like a pokemon. If I saw it in the wild I'd think it was some weird sheep not a battle monster.

I kind of miss the old designs, but the new ones have charm

No. 421243

Wooloo is big, round and fluffy. All of the perfect traits for an adorable plushie.

No. 421245

it'd be cuter without the pigtails. then again, the pigtails are the only thing that makes it look like a pokemon and not just…a sheep.

No. 421248


>>421226 here, I actually tried doing bandwagon art in the past and thought 100~150 shares and likes in a day were a lot..

My stuff eventually got reposted a lot on Pinterest, Instagram, FB..etc and have gotten 3-5x the engagement from the original. Sure, I plaster my signature and url but let's be real, probably only less than 1% bother looking up the artist name anyway. People just see a pretty picture, hit fave and scroll away.

So I swore off to never do that again because reposts depress me and I'm too much of a pussy to handle stuff getting stolen from me.

No. 421258

It's cute and it rolls idk what you're asking for here look at freaking Voltorb

No. 421269

who is saying voltorb is a good design either?

No. 421273

That was anons point.

No. 421278


damn Anon are you saying you don't like the (masterfully designed) shiny polandball??

No. 421306

I don't remember but, was Mareep ever as popular? It's basically the same pokemon, just slightly more 'obviously a pokemon' than Wooloo. Is it just because of hype or current internet culture, or is there somehow any meaningful difference between the two? Bc that was the first thing I thought when looking at Wooloo was just "oh hi Mareep"

No. 421341

Voltorb is unironically a good design because it's a good example of animal camouflage being interpreted in the pokemon world. An overly complex design doesn't make a good design. Rich of a art criticism thread not being able to understanding something so basic

No. 421428

It. Is. Cute. JFC it is so literally not that deep, what conspiracy are you looking for??

No. 421448


no no, you see it's because we live in a society

No. 421451

Pokemon designs are like designs for animation. Animated designs are usually simplified so they're easier to animate efficiently. Pokemon designs are simplistic so they're easier to animated and also easier to translate into merch like plushies, toys, and what not. That's why you don't really see any mass produced merch of the humans in the games and they have more complex designs, because they're not made to be mass physically produced.

No. 421506

File: 1560461448278.jpeg (573.53 KB, 2896x4096, 0E92DEBC-F32D-4EF0-B2AD-BF487E…)

As much as I love her design, I can’t help but notice her back. It’s lowkey disappointing when it’s official artwork

No. 421515


What about her back? Do you mean the curvature/tiny waist? She is quite thin but I wouldn't say she falls out of the usual anime design for girls.

No. 421520

NTA but Her back is a giant straight line that isn’t shaped like a back and juts out way too far high up so she would have a weird protruding hunch spine near her shoulders

No. 421528

I was literally just curious since I wasn't old enough to even know about popular pokemon on the internet when that gen came out lmao no need to sperg out over a question about a dumbass fictional sheep

No. 421548

The fuck are you debating over a child cartoon design for?

No. 421556

File: 1560468883488.jpg (188.63 KB, 1156x1200, DTmNeitW0AAtqFS.jpg)

Fairly normal for Pokemon tbh.

No. 421577

What a reach anon, the drawing looks fine.

No. 421584

File: 1560473732152.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 7D760064-8958-4D2E-B37B-FF2FBA…)

Can we talk about these ugly fucking traced anime bootleg SUPREME stickers this guy made that’s selling them this weekend at Anime Matsuri?
Someone go report his ass. (Not that AM would care they’re also a shit show disaster) he made a ton of these including anime skate decks. Wtf

No. 421602


No matter what anyone says; I could care less about people selling merch of fanart at cons and online and, I'll continue to do so at conventions because most congoing teens don't want generic shit with your ocs on it or halfassed animals and plants and I have to make a living. HOWEVER, slapping something like Supreme on something is just begging to get sued and it doesn't help that the art is very obviously traced. Can this dude get in trouble for this wtf.

No. 421617

You're better off posting this in the cgl artist alley thread and all the artist alley groups on facebook if you want someone to do something about it.

No. 421667

File: 1560488205857.jpg (823.93 KB, 1078x1122, 2019-06-14_00.53.48.jpg)

I saw this on the explore area of Instagram and thought this person had drawn a super thick neck

it's hair and everything else seems fine but lol

No. 421671

Tiny ears…

No. 421679

Colors are nice tho

No. 421700


fuck I saw it as a super swole neck at first too and now I can't stop seeing it

No. 421718

File: 1560499042621.png (525.32 KB, 588x589, h.PNG)

Every time I open instagram this artist gets recommended to me 9k and brown nosing for shit anatomy

No. 421788

File: 1560511581491.jpeg (180.59 KB, 661x861, toppi.jpeg)

I take my inspirations mostly from classic italian artists, such as Sergio Toppi, Guido Buzzelli and Guido Crepax.
I don't know if it is because of the oversaturation of images, but I get easily bored with instagram artists.

No. 422010


What's with every artist I see on Instagram/YouTube jizzing their pants over Posca? Are their paint markers actually that good,or is it just some new fad where the claim of the quality are overinflated?

No. 422023

New fad. I don't see how Posca is different from Montana. If anything, Montana is better and refillable (by default vs a hack w/Posca) and their prices are similar.

No. 422090

definitely an over-inflated fad. i bought a 4 pack of the fine tip posca pens to try and use in my art, either for accents or filling flat-colored areas. the paint either dumps itself into the surface or is too thin, the nibs are scratchy and feel like shit, it eats up paper unless you dump on purpose and paint with it (defeating the purpose of the pen), and the pumping process is so tedious because of the consistency of the activator. thinking it was a fluke, i bought a single white one to compare, and yep. same issues all over again. I ordered the 4 pack from amazon, single pen from local art store. i gave them to my 12-year-old sister, who is just starting out with drawing.

i can see why the larger pens are used for graffiti art, i'd imagine the larger nibs are probably better due to then being rounded over pointed and being able to hold more pigment. but the pointed nib posca pens are self-sabotage at it's finest. and people promoting them like they are godsends pisses me off.

No. 422096

Good for crafts bad for art. I’ve used them for posters and drawing designs on wood. But tbh they’re just paint markers. Also I think anon is a bit behind the posca trend is kinda over lol

No. 422102

Nah the Posca trend is currently going strong, honestly they’re just the new hyped up jap supply - kinda like how the kuretake gansai tambi paints were the shit a while back and before that copics, the art community collectively shits its pants over jap supplies every now and then

No. 422105

It’s all just weebs who are into it. Everyone thinks they’ll be a better anime artist for it. Lots of white people obsessed over those kinds of shit. Honestly kinda annoyed cuz most of the online community for art is just white girls who like anime

No. 422123

I bought three Poscas out of curiosity because I kept seeing them on YouTube and I was pretty disappointed. They are thin and watery so you have to layer but they destroy the paper.

No. 422159

Ah, good ol' Kuretake Gansai Tambi. I bought into the hype back when I first started watercolour. I don't necessarily regret the purchase, because they're my go to when I just wanna fuck around with paint, but they are not worth the level of hype they had. Hype definitely hits the beginners the hardest.

No. 422166

fine tip poscas are pretty useless. Honestly, I'm a slut for molotow, the more expensive better versions of poscas. Poscas are cool for adding graphic elements like spot coloring to your drawings but using them for a full piece if you're drawing on paper tends to pill/shred the papers.
it honestly depends on the colors you're using/the paper. The yellows and pastels are definitely super watery but the reds and blues are definitely nice and thick and opaque on their own.

No. 422192

I fell for it too when I was first getting into watercolor and now they sit in my drawer taking up space because I prefer other brands. I wish I could sell it but I don't know if anyone wants a gently used watercolor palette lol.

No. 422210

The issue with Kuretake is that they’re not traditional watercolours, yes they’re water activated but they use different binders from Western watercolours which makes their properties different.
- the pigments lie on top of the paper, rather than soak in
- they use animal glue, it’s why the paints have a sheen to them when dry
- the pans are so huge because they’re intended to be used with large bamboo brushes
- the paints are opaque
- they lift extremely easily
- they’re not really meant to be mixed, that’s why they turn out muddy

They’re really nice to use for quick expressive sketches because of how opaque and vibrant they are imo

No. 422214

I don’t think Halalela Art is bad, but nearly all of her videos are about markers and comparisons such as “OHUHU VS. …..” I think she should do videos about different things instead of markers. She’s not bad though.(namefagging)

No. 422251

File: 1560577908475.png (5.8 MB, 3520x2944, 1557952481929.png)

I'm new to this particular thread but I can't stand artists that monetize off traced art.
Art traced by Geekyfreakyartist on IG.

No. 422255


I can add another one to this: BluePotionCo. What's worse is that she makes her traced art into pins and other merch and sells it at cons and she blocks anyone that confronts her about it.

No. 422304

it's sad when someone traces everything about a picture and still makes the art look a dozen times worse

No. 422324

Poscas are good fun though, if you like graphic art with really bright colours. Awful for paper but they're not made for paper. Personally I like to pop them in sketches because they're bright and fun and god for spot colouring.

I got a tiny set of these recently whilst on a watercolour buying kick (I'm weak) and I am excited to use them but I don't think I'd want to blend them too much anyway. mostly because that would require another palette, but could be fun for really quick washes or yeah, fun sketches.

No. 422327

AYRT and I have the 48 colour set, I enjoy using it a lot. I feel like the washes are a lot more expressive thanks to the vibrancy without having to be layered so I do like using them for messier/sketch pieces which focus on movement and expressiveness more so than precision

That said I have yet to find any watercolour paints that I enjoy using more than M Graham and Daniel Smith, they’re both just unrivalled in my eyes in terms of quality

No. 422443

A while ago he posted a Super Sonico piece but took it down because people noticed it was traced from the official art/figure lol

No. 422483

Yeah I wish I'd known all this when I was a beginner before buying because they put me off watercolor for a long time. But honestly that's what I get for expecting YouTube reviews to be informative lmao. I should've done more research.

No. 422493

i bought a spirited away bath token charm from her, never received it, and she stopped replying to my emails. never fucking again.

No. 422567

File: 1560648568663.png (1.57 MB, 1404x2048, Screenshot_20190615-201438.png)

Anyone else think VickiSigh is overrated and declining? Her anatomy has always been stylized but her latest piece is just… Such garbage. She used to pride herself on drawing empowered women but she got lazy and fell into the Instagram artist trap of drawing ~uwu lesbeans~ I used to be a big fan but since she started her patreon she started going downhill imo

No. 422570

File: 1560649013530.png (2.22 MB, 1288x2048, Screenshot_20190615-203646.png)

Another example from last year

No. 422577

I feel the same anon I used to love her art and especially when she'd do traditional stuff for inktober or mermay cause it was unique and stylized, but now the quality has gone down a bit cause she's only pumping out art for patreon, making $1.5k-$8k a month.

No. 422580

Wow, the anatomy is extremely wonky here. Like, the pink haired girl’s shoulder/arm is growing out of her neck. What is torso?!

No. 422581

It isn't that bad… it's just her shoulder being scrunched up a bit higher than normal.

No. 422583

This is so dumb, what’s the point? It’s just the same art but with a note ~kawaii uguuuuu color scheme

No. 422584

MORE, not note.

No. 422585

It’s a poor design choice, though. A little more careful positioning would keep it from looking like it’s literally growing out of her.

No. 422600

File: 1560662572172.jpeg (66.75 KB, 640x504, 54E49F6B-6A74-410A-B348-A8DBAA…)

It’s been brought up before ITT and I’ll say it again - I hate how lesbian couples have become commodified and obviously pander to the male gaze in the art community. It’s always piss weak virtue signalling too, it’s just an ~aesthetic~ at this point

And to the anons that go on about how there’s a huge amount of hetero couples in art, yeah there is but ornamental depictions like this are in the minority whereas almost all contemporary wlw is just two objects being positioned next to one another. There’s much better ways to depict it like pic related where they’re actually truly interacting with each other

No. 422603

Yeah, somthing is definitely off with the anatomy in this piece, but I can't put my finger on it…

No. 422606

that pic is so cute, who's the artist?

No. 422607

ntayrt, think this is the artist: https://mohtz.tumblr.com/

No. 422618

overrated maybe not her stuff is really good imo, declining however I can agree…

No. 422622

>that pokemon OC
how I instantly knew this was a fakeboi kek

No. 422652

File: 1560690718050.jpg (28.45 KB, 370x371, fgdgf.JPG)

hey guys what do you think of kitsune zakuro? She's mostly well known for her steven universe stuff, I think her art is really good and I only follow her for that, granted she draws alot of gay UWU stuff and its annoying sometimes but whatever

i like watching her speedpaints but i hate it when she talks over her videos, i just find the way she speaks annoying af like those cringy "mY duDES" kind of tone

No. 422656

One of those anons that was pointing out that it isn't a big deal to post cutesy lesbians in a way that is shallow, and I think you misunderstood what I and others were saying. The image we were talking about was specifically just cutesy kissing girls. It wasn't really something meant to be for men, it was just shallow. That what I think most of us were talking about, that lesbian art can be cute, without some big story or meaning. Just like hetero couples. Not that people should be allowed to draw lesbians to appeal to straight men. That's a different bag of worms.

No. 422661

File: 1560697083068.png (1.02 MB, 635x4239, screencapture-facebook-pg-saki…)

Apparently sakimi drew a character too light and has been catching some heat for it.

What do you anons think about this?