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File: 1577981632253.jpg (38.69 KB, 730x504, 133c8505-d85f-488e-84b3-a0aeb5…)

No. 500376

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/489135

No. 500382

Cute picture.

No. 500487

File: 1577999894690.jpg (35.26 KB, 304x400, ee1e6e17448e4e4ec90ac9650e3997…)

pat pat

No. 500490

my new years resolution is to see a kitten irl for the 1st time, why are they so cute??

No. 500493

File: 1578001747047.jpg (31.37 KB, 617x347, the-workhorse.jpg)

I need to buy new bras but I'm too lazy to go to the store and buy them there, but at the same time I don't want to buy them online because I want to know if they fit me right away ugh …

No. 500497

File: 1578003365959.jpg (30.97 KB, 298x450, 9780307276612.jpg)

Reading my first book of the year!

No. 500498

I want guacamole so bad but I don't have avocados in the house and it's 11 PM so the shops are closed. I'd kill a man for just one bite of guac goddammit

No. 500505

my mother said I'm using double the internet cause I have two monitors

No. 500512

be thankful she didn't even go into electricity bill kek (in all honesty, my condolences fam, i know how frustrating dumb shit like this can get)

No. 500525

what has venus even done that's so milky or horrible? i feel really bad for her. i don't think she should have a thread considering all that her mother has put her through. realistically, who COULD turn out normal with a parent like that? horrible. idg why people dislike her. even if she was a horrible person, i can understand and i don't think more negative attention on her will help her improve. it's really difficult for children who have been subjected to that kind of thing all their lives to even get onto a track of normalcy and health. worse yet when you're a public figure all thanks to your wackjob mother.

No. 500532

All cows have some kind of problems, it's not fair to make an exception for Venus.

No. 500534

that's not true. some people are just shitty and opportunistic. venus grew up under VERY specific circumstances that 90% of the cows were not subject to. and yes, it is fair.

No. 500541

I agree. She kind of reminds me of pt and abby in that the only person she's really hurting is herself. And maybe manaki, but he's a creep who preyed on her since she was 15 so I don't have a lot of sympathy for him.

No. 500542

I got macarons in lidl today and I feel boujee as fuck.

No. 500561

all of the wking for manaki is insane. i've seen so many people say "poor manaki!!". literally who cares if she shittalks a creep that was obsessed with a child? literally 13 or so when he started following her, and it's not like she was an instathot 13 that looked 23. my guess is that yellow fever anons are jealous that she landed a husband from grorious nippon. people in her threads say shit like "lots of kids have dealt with abuse and grown up fine", like her situation is not incredibly unique, first of all, but also, why can't people understand that recovering from child abuse and escaping a parent leaves lifelong trauma that is very hard to recover from? some people just end up offing themselves. it's very unfair to say that just because one person deals with trauma better than another, picking on them is justifiable. she's a struggling alcoholic at this point. as long as she's not hurting anyone else, how can you even mock her, honestly?

i can't even imagine how difficult it'd be to live with myself and my situation, if i were her. it has to be rough. she's such low hanging fruit that it's seriously ridiculous.

No. 500583

You summed up this whole situation for me perfectly. Thanks anon. I'm sure a lot of us agree with you.

The fact that I'm on this site means I do enjoy gossiping about others making tits out of themselves publicly online, but there's something wrong with finding schadenfreude over Venus' situation. I just see a sad, lonely child with no parents lost in the world and I can't find any of it funny. I'm not going to reee and say the thread should be closed, because it's whatever lol. But I personally skip that thread. Seeing her with her boobs out drinking alcohol in the morning to try and get twitch tips was the saddest.

No. 500590

The way white people killed “new phone who dis” and the levels that they misunderstand it to is so goddamn cringey(racebait)

No. 500604

I always found it stupid fat, ugly Chris Griffin had a pedophile chasing after him and going goo goo ga ga over him + his girlfriends yet overweight and normal looking Meg Griffin couldn't find a boyfriend and nobody liked her. The delusion and projection of the Family guy writers really shows.

No. 500606

File: 1578030106147.jpeg (51.05 KB, 600x900, 53772273_010_b.jpeg)

How does this make you feel?

No. 500612

I don’t know what’s going on there, but I mean all the nonsensical bastardizations like “new wig who dis” and “new year who dis”

No. 500617

I've become pretty jaded about celebrity culture over the years and I think it's mainly because fans hype up these over privileged people like they've done something really important for the world, and that in turn boosts celeb's egos and sense of worth. People think that just because you're a good actor you've suddenly cured cancer or helped some underdeveloped country, and you're now worthy of them screeching "yas slay queen/king". It's just embarrassing, like sure gush about your fave actor or singer but don't try and pretend they're completely flawless and a saviour to humanity. I swear some of the more hardcore fans love and support their fave celebs more than their own family and friends

No. 500629

loooks so fun

No. 500631

Meg being perfectly normal looking to attractive is a part of the joke. It wouldn't work at all if she were drawn as actually hideous. Plus it's art imitating life in that scrotes will put down anyone.

No. 500636

That doesn't even make sense.

No. 500641

it's not a joke. seth mcfarlane is hideously misogynistic. half of his punchlines are about how women older than 30 are ugly hags and that women being overweight makes them less worthy of sympathy in death, like his joke when a fat woman dies, stewie saying "i cant help feeling this would be sadder if she wasn't heavy". family guy is heavily laced with misogyny, and it's not just a joke. there's a reason why mcfarlane only dates 22 year olds.

No. 500646

I find him extraordinarily repulsive, both physically and mentally, and family guy is unfunny even though they have an entire team working on every episode

South Park is way better, more original, sharp and clever.

No. 500648

Fuck off back to tumblr and tell someone who cares

No. 500650

NTA but, I know it sounds surprising but black people are less likely to be Sjws than white people. Why do you dumb fucks think non-white = liberal politics so much?

No. 500651

yeah that could have been done if men also got joked on for being overweight, ugly, or old, or even better yet Chris wasn't able to pull attractive women while Meg was left out in the dust, which is unrealistic as fuck. I noticed scrotes always put this delusional male fantasy in their media, in which the only women who get any male attention are Mega-Staceys, and any man no matter how ugly/old/fat can always get "prime" women.

No. 500673

File: 1578049282438.jpeg (86.68 KB, 1125x970, fucking cute dinosaur.jpeg)

Someone posted this cute plushie in the vent thread and I had to save this pic because look at it! It's so CUTE!

No. 500699

I find it mind boggling that emilia clarke dated this scumbag.

No. 500704

Lol what even is it? It looks like some kind of dinosaur to me

No. 500739

File: 1578067883542.png (348.76 KB, 508x355, wasabi.PNG)

I love pekes. They're just cotton balls with legs. Absolutely lovely.

No. 500740

they are wonderful

No. 500741

excuse me but where did you buy that wig

No. 500744

File: 1578069379546.jpg (20.26 KB, 400x346, peking cica.jpg)

I prefer them to have longer noses than the one you posted though. Thank god the flat profile feature was removed from the breed standard, hopefully they'll be healthy and cute in the future.

No. 500755

they are so ugly lol

No. 500762

File: 1578073772054.png (509.38 KB, 531x516, heanooni.PNG)

All the more reason to adore them.

No. 500772

File: 1578075738026.jpg (430.96 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20200103-182134_Ins…)

it's such a cute nose too! maybe they can bring noses back for pugs too, I do find the asmathic noises cute but like the poor bbys.

extra ugly animals are extra cute tho. not a big dog person but like the little yappy dogs are my fav, only contended by chow chows, rip puffie

awww it looks like a koala!!

No. 500787

i literally just saved it too its so cute!!

No. 500791

pls no bully for gender/enby shit

A coworker of one of my good friends has hopped on the nb/trans train and I think it's only because my friend is nb/trans masc and they have a huge (and honestly pretty embarrassing) crush on my friend. Poor idiot probably thinks this will finally win my friend's heart when they've already shot themselves in the foot by confessing every other day and making my friend generally uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 500793

File: 1578079647835.jpg (72.12 KB, 640x640, 1578029455635.jpg)

So adorable!

Speaking of cute dogs, I love Leelu. She's such a cute little dog, I hope she's healthy and happy with her new family. The Onions never deserved her (or any pet, or any kid).

No. 500796

okay that one is cute I'll admit

No. 500805

What a cutie!! I don't keep up with the Onion's but how did Leelu end up with a new family? Was she taken away or did the onions willingly give her up?

No. 500819

They gave her away, to family or friends iirc.

No. 500823

That kitten is SO CUTE omfg.

No. 500828

got a ck bralette (triangle kind not the racer back) bc it was like a tenner at tk maxx and I kinda hate myself for enjoying it as much as I do lol

No. 500832

This is so depressing.

No. 500838

I love getting my pussy eaten out but the idea of a pussy getting eaten makes me ill

No. 500839

File: 1578085352225.jpeg (348.93 KB, 951x976, DBBB449D-601A-4DCF-B3D2-9F88A6…)

Oh my god, I’m the OP of that vent post! Haha I’m glad you like it :)

No. 500873

what do you guys think of a cow/flake general thread on /ot/? a place where we can talk about the cows that doesn't belong in their respective threads, you know, so as not to derail and whatnot. do we already have one?

No. 500891

File: 1578091581310.jpg (42.62 KB, 1024x580, 1544488644258.jpg)

Seconding that these are cute! We should bring back the plushie thread.

No. 500919

Every time I see a really cute yuri anime the first thing that crosses my mind is "oh god, the troons are gonna ruin it"

No. 500946

I took fenugreek and my pussy smells like pancakes and I love it. I came in my bed after I masturbated and my bedroom just smells like the inside of a waffle house and I feel gross for not washing my sheets but I love the smell so much

No. 500953

File: 1578105469469.jpg (28.13 KB, 445x500, long cat.jpg)

How fucking touch-starved do I have to be to develop a crush on a guy just because he touches my shoulder in a slightly flirty but otherwise innocent way? I don't even find him that attractive physically, but I can't stop thinking about him and that shoulder touch. And the little thumb rub he threw in there. Why does my heart skip a beat when I think about it. What the fuck.

I'm also recovering from a flu and had a shot of cough syrup earlier. Pic unrelated.

No. 500961

That's so cool! Do you take it just to smell good, or are there any other benefits?

No. 500964

I took it bc of hormone issues and it cleared up my skin and made me happier overall. The smell was just a nice surprise bonus

No. 500970

That sounds awesome, how do you take it? Is it safe to do solely for smelling good?

No. 501000

I'm going to be a mediocre hobby artist for rest of my life because I am too lazy to seriously improve. Which is fine, it's not going to be my career. But I do cringe at knowing I draw at a similar level to deviantart kids.

No. 501006

kek i quit drawing because of it

No. 501055

File: 1578123838907.jpg (259.26 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-01-04-08-41-12…)

I remember some time ago an anon wanted the 3D print seal pillow thing so felt like mentioning that you can get it on Aliexpress for cheap


Obviously it's not the real thing but might be worth considering

No. 501058

omg I think I have fenugreek tea, do you think the effect would be the same?

No. 501090

Didn't she get brain damage from a surgery?

No. 501112

i just want someone to love me like this japanese man loves his pet otter

No. 501135

File: 1578141461480.jpeg (68.13 KB, 600x600, A2E26780-FFAB-408A-8D9F-79BB1A…)

Quokka are so got damn cute they always smile and it makes me so happy.

Oof, I feel you.. I can’t really give you advice because I don’t have any for myself (besides suppression).
Also, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I caught another cold/flu last night after getting better and it feels 10x worse than the last.

No. 501139

I just bought a vintage tea set, a really nice one from Wedgewood but now I have to clean the yellow stains I just stupidly noticed out of it.

No. 501166

File: 1578149566284.jpg (6.83 KB, 200x200, cat.jpg)

it's 2020 where the FUCK is my mabinogi sequel?!?!

No. 501180

File: 1578154302302.jpg (22.03 KB, 360x450, Dark_Helmet.jpg)

I finally decided to go get a diagnosis and see if I got Asperger's. I've sent a mail to a doctor, let's hope she answers so I can fulfill my first 2020 resolution

No. 501190

shopping is boring to me now, everything I want to buy isn't in production anymore and with the death of retail I'm way too overwhelmed by the choices in online shopping

No. 501192

I've been having more and more lesbian dreams and I can't say I mind it. It actually feels "right" for once.

No. 501193

File: 1578157757678.png (353.05 KB, 632x410, cryptee.PNG)

Cool website if you want to keep your documents secret
I've been using it for my dumb fics

No. 501217

love being a retarded, socially stunted thirsty bitch. want some skin to sin contact yet am a khhv plus the thought of actually being that open and intimate with anyone scares me. why can't i be a normal early 20s person and just sign up to tinder to be pumped and dumped ree

No. 501223

File: 1578164677032.jpg (94.96 KB, 640x615, tumblr_e459e15133e6d15c4499e99…)

Damn, I'm in the exact same boat, could've written this post myself. I want human contact so badly but the fact that it requires me to be so vulnerable with another person fucking terrifies me. I'm scared that I'll never be able to have normal relationships because I've been so isolated for my entire life that I'm a complete lost cause. This shit sucks.

No. 501230

File: 1578167745739.jpg (46.75 KB, 725x488, ec4937c7-bfbe-4b15-af50-e560a1…)

wow, emotionally repressed sisters unite! kinda sad knowing I'm not the only retard in this regard, kinda comforting. hope we somehow grow out of this bs and a virtual hug to you, anon!

No. 501250

File: 1578174537730.jpg (710.56 KB, 1920x1080, tmg-article_tall-today-tease-1…)

Ily anon

No. 501302

I'm so fucking shock encrypted files haven't took over everything. Scriniver has this dumb thing were it always starts up on the last file you've edited. That means my stupid fan fiction dribbles open up wen I'm just trying to get my notes for my class. Considering how many insecure artist are out their I'm surprised their isn't some 'make my crappy medibang art disappear' addon
is also free. It's an encrypted journal

No. 501304

I cant stop catching feels for my friend like a dumb bitch lol. We used to work together and I befriended him because I had a major crush on him, now two years later we’re very good friends even after I quit that job. I go through cycles where I have a crush on him and where I dont, but overall I know that I value him as a friend too much and dating him comes the risk of a potential break up and even if we managed to be friends again, we would never have the same dynamic as we do now. Also we’re very different people and there are things that I sort of find endearing now but I know in the long run would drive me up the fucking wall if we became partners (he’s a very picky eater, puts off doing laundry until its a huge pile, sleeps in constantly on his off days (not really annoying but I’m a morning person and want to do things early in the day lol)).

I wish I could stop being a dumb bitch and always catching feelings. I haven’t ever even told him that I had a crush on him, but I’m sure he knew that I did at some point but I don’t even want to ever say it in case it makes shit weird (because sometimes I’ll sleep over and we’ll cuddle in bed and we’re generally touchy feely)).

No. 501305

I’ve shat like four times today. I’ve pooped so much in the past month I feel like my asshole has been damaged by the amount of times I’ve wiped. Maybe I should invest in a biddet. I wasn’t complaining for the first three weeks because I was miraculously never bloated but now that I’ve had a lot of bread I’m getting no reward for my work.

No. 501308

Bidets are amazing and I’m so sad they aren’t more common here in the US where I’m at.

I had the stomach bug recently I had to poop so much. I’m talking like, I literally had to get up and shit my brains out once or twice EVERY HOUR for over 6 hours (it was overnight and I couldn’t sleep a fucking wink because of it). My asshole was raw, it hurt to even dab it. I fixed it by smearing (not too much) vaseline on my butt after I stopped pooping (and took a shower ofc). Good luck on your butthole endeavors anon! Shit sucks.

No. 501309

The fact that feeder fetishist are such a big thing along with anorexia fetishist show how little society truely cares about women. On top of that the people who defend it despite not having the fetish themselves. They're literally getting off to women dying and it's insane.

If there was a part of the internet that encouraged and got off to men becoming dangerously morbid or obese or extremely thin, it would be vanned in seconds, MRAs would have news stories about how "evil women want to kill men and get off to them dying just to cum!!", It would be extremely looked down upon and men who get meme'd by it will automatically be seen as victims

No. 501315

She just ate fries with chocolate ice cream wtf

No. 501316

have you never dipped fries in a frosty/ice cream before? this feeder shit is gross but fries in shakes or ice cream is actually pretty delicious. the salty/sweet combo is surprisingly good

No. 501324

>>501309 are there even gay male feeders and fee…dees? I agree on the woman thing 1000%

No. 501328

None at all. Nicocado avocado is close but people watch him because he's a meme not because of his fat. I wish fat shaming was more wide spread

No. 501329

File: 1578192552987.jpg (528.83 KB, 1911x2803, CAROvPH.jpg)

something I have noticed is that interraical relationships between asian women and white men, the white guys are 9/10 times either chubby or scrawny nerdy betamales, while interraical relationships between white men and black women the white guys are chads who often looksmatch with thier gfs
Why is that ?(Racebait)

No. 501330

>None at all
Come on anon, don't lie. I knew a gay guy irl who is into this/inflation (high school pal, no I don't associate with him anymore lol). There are a lot of gay inflationfags.

I also know from experience since I sometimes like thicker boys (but not obesity or this shit) and when I used to search that on pre-pornpocalypse tumblr I'd get a shit ton of feeder results.

No. 501331

Samefag, but forgot to add that I was also tumblr pals with a gay guy who had a secret fat fetish blog (which he got called out for lmao), too. Rest assured, it's not a straight-man-only thing, it's…just men in general.

No. 501335

I’ve seen the exact opposite- chubby sloppy white chicks w fairly fit, good-looking black guys; I guess there’s not much rhyme or reason to it in general.

Funny you said that though. I’m black, very thin, and decent looking and my boyfriend is a fat quiet nerdy neckbeard lol. Poor bear, he’s cute tho

No. 501338

I dont think this is necessarily true but a lot of neckbeards have asian gfs bc they're weebs who have a fetish for asians, so they seek them out. I dont really think there is an equal cultural counterpart where neckbeards idolize black women in the same way.

plus (and, I dont have any scientific basis for this so don't ask lol it's just my own observation) the fact that women are generally more permissive of subpar looks than men are. women place more importance on personality/shared interests and goals while men care more about looks. so, imo a hot guy is more likely to end up with someone in their "league" or above while the same might not be true of women.

No. 501341

Chad's aren't easily meme'd and get into relationships out of insecurity aka what they heard on the internet about women of different races

Chad's hear stereotypes about black women, ignore them, and get into happy relationships because they actually get to know the person, unlike greasy ugly weebs who believe and pay too much attention to what the internet says about women

No. 501361

i have a friend i used to be fwb with and the two of us have great chemistry together. But like he hasn't made a move to date me and im sit here wondering is it bc he already got pussy & im a dumb bitch for thinking differently or is he afraid that us dating will change the friend group the two of us have? like he's seeing this one chick rn but we snuggled together during halloween (i was piss drunk and i guess he was too bc he was in his chones, we ended up snuggling in a bed together and i drunkenly told him i liked him and he said he liked me too but like idk). teach me how to stop being a dumb bitch plz.
tldr. im a dumbass crushing on a dude who prolly dont even like me like that and im all drunk up in my feels lmao.

No. 501371

i love my deaf cat so much. she's so attached to me too. i just want to cry

No. 501381

Bendthatdick Crumplesnatch

No. 501388

File: 1578225017721.jpg (40.42 KB, 332x509, EEgVTsnXYAAHDoj.jpg)

One day I just hope Daveed Diggs acknowledges this abomination and dresses up as trans furry weeaboo drug dealer Thomas Jefferson for Halloween or something

No. 501411

> I'm so fucking shock encrypted files haven't took over everything.

What do you mean? Most hard drives are encrypted now, most cloud storage is encrypted (like iCloud). Just because you don't see content as encrypted, doesn;'t mean it is not, most of these encrypted storages will transparently handle that, so your smut will still open unencrypted on your machine.

No. 501425

File: 1578238576338.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 3CF6AA31-0CCB-4F2A-AB3D-8DB0D0…)

Where can I find a site with inspiring photos and stuff that can I also use as painting and drawing references that is not Pinterest?

No. 501428

I've been sitting here angry as fuck to think 99% percent of my female friendships.. have ended because of some dumb shit around MEN! My latest friendship with a woman ended because we disagreed about men.. imagine a man dumping his male friend after he says something like, "women have no expectations or standards attached to them at all bro, men get all of these things thrown at them and are expected to be as perfect as possible", nope I can't imagine that happening unless if the guy was some self identified male feminist or whatever the fuck, but even then nah. The fucking worth women put on men is so pathetic as it is obnoxious, and I'm beyond tired of women clearly putting the value of scrotes above women and female companionship whether that be through her getting a new boyfriend, or her being jealous over some imaginary competition shit, ect.

It seems like only women who hate men/lesbians/tomboys are really worth shit for actual sisterhood. Maybe i'm wrong tho idk, but teenage and young adult heterosexual women have really disappointed me.

No. 501435

I noticed one of my old friends fell into troon nonsense and is suuuper woke now, calling herself 'wlw' and headcanoning characters as nonbinary. We both agreed before troon shit was dumb and we even bonded over our closeted views, so it was kind of a shocker to see her change all of a sudden.
I also know she regularly checks LC, so it's even more weird to me.

No. 501439

Pexels, Pixabay

No. 501441

Coomer as fuck, but I sometimes use porn subreddits for naked references. places like earthporn, nature is metal, or any other weird subreddit like that has good inspiration

No. 501442

She's probably one of those farmers who constantly whine about radfems to the mods on meta, trying to get them banned lol I feel sorry for you, anon.

No. 501443

File: 1578241557719.png (1.22 MB, 1298x813, Capture.PNG)

forgot to mention, but sketchfab is good. It lets you rotate 3D on site. It's best if you aren't good with complex perspective or imaging things as 3d objects

No. 501445

No. 501451

Trying to make bread for the first time, wish me luck anons! I think I’ve already fucked up…

No. 501455

Ive finally started to love my tits. Not just accept them, but really actually think they are cute and appreciate them. Ive always been basically flat chested and i used to feel so ugly and "unwomanly" but over the past few months ive really started to think they are quite adorable. Im happy and proud of myself.

No. 501468

I think black women just feel more pressure to have physical standards for white guys. Asian women, when not mail order brides, tend to go for the white man's earning potential; this means picking up ugly chubby white men just because they're engineers or business execs or whatever. There is A LOT of stigma for black women dating white guys, so you might as well get a chad.

maybe part of it is in relation to the perceived masculinity of their own men. Asian men are the least masculine so anything is a step up, but black guys are the most masculine in features so you expect the same or similar from other races.

added on top is racism, so ugly soyboys believe they can get their Asian waifu, while le Chad alpha males have some fucked up ideas about black women's sexual abilities.

No. 501483

File: 1578248927279.jpeg (22.6 KB, 766x400, images (64).jpeg)

today i got help on a party quest on the anime mmo i play lmao, it was some random Brazilian with broken english who asked me if i hablo espanol to which i replied no sorry in duolingo beginner spanish but he joined my party and helped anyway afterwards i said muy bien amigo muchas gracias lmao, i know its dumb af but it made me so happy especially after a shit week. i think that nelson mandela quote is pretty accurate "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." i love languages and this is such a dumb experience to say this about but it kinda inspired me to hop back on duolingo after not touching it in like over 5 years lmao

No. 501485

File: 1578249006083.jpg (183.2 KB, 500x715, tumblr_mldw9zmhbh1qkl96zo1_500…)

I really like this art style, but people who draw like this are always involved in some fuckshit.

No. 501486

hell yea, small tiddy committee unite! very proud of you anon for realising how cute your tits are! i honestly like mine a lot on their own but i struggle to find bras that look cute, balconette flatters my shoulders better than standard triangle shaped bralettes but most bralettes are triangle. just don't want my nips to poke thru tops smh.

good luck! hope it turned out alright! and remember, it is your 1st time, even if you flop a lil you still made bread from scratch! that's so cool!

No. 501489

>love fashion mobile games like love nikki and the like
>anxiously awaiting CocoPPa Dolls to come out
>decide to play CocoPPa Play again despite getting bored with it
>everyone and their mom is putting their pronouns in their bio
>uwu look at my super kawaii girl with extra bows and ribbons and sparkle
>him/her plz tho

but why? there is literally no opportunity in this game to use pronouns of any kind. it seems like such an attention whore thing.

No. 501492

I'm really glad anon, but in Brazil they speak Portuguese so the Mandela quote is not really fitting…

No. 501497

I came to lolcow for the drama but now there's just a handful of cow threads I poke into and I come here mostly for /ot/, /g/, and /m/. I love the site culture and I love you crazy bitches.

No. 501498

dont worry anon i know, i think portuguese is a beautiful language, i think (or at least hope) the very basic spanish vocab had enough overlap (he did reply youre welcome in a portuguese way that i had to google), idk if duolingo has portuguese now, but the site itself isnt always the best resource for learning language.. if you know any good sites/resources for portuguese anon let me know!! i just really love language lol

No. 501500

Have you seen the fetish threads on /g/. Lots of chicks have feeder fetishes towards males too. It's gross either way.

No. 501501

File: 1578252407695.jpeg (43.05 KB, 377x271, 19E017A2-30B9-4A27-9CA4-67491B…)

Explain me this logic:
Bitches on relationship advice thread be acting like the radfem ver of the subreddit, "your bf calls you cute not beautiful? REEEEEE FUCKING SCROTE DUMP HIM". But then most of the post is mostly by girls who have the wackiest gaslit story and is the furthest away from muh feminism how the fuck are they the same people??

No. 501502

here we go again

No. 501515

you're speaking english but I have no idea what it is you're trying to say

No. 501553

No anti-porn sperging, but I read guts by Chuck Palahniuk. I can't stop thinking of the kid who got candle wax stuck in his penis from masturbating and had to use his college fund to pay the hospital to remove it. It's dumb, but I feel so bad for that fictional character

No. 501555

it was the wax that bothered you?? not the later half intestine sitch?? also hate myself for being curious to know tf you were talking about and googling it.

No. 501556

Thank you so much anon!! Im really greatful for them these days, im so glad you are too! I struggled with finding bras as well, and i gave up in 11th grade. Havent worn one in 5 years. Sometimes i wear a sportsbra at the gym but mostly i just wear those tanktops with the extra layer underneath. Like a cami thing? Idk. I totally understand not wanting your niples to poke through, it made me very uncomfortable at first. As i accept myself more and more though i care less. Who cares if you can see my nipples poke. Die mad assholes haha.i remember growing up i thought it was illegal to now wear a bra lmao. Now i confidently stare down anyone who looks at me sideways.

No. 501574

>growing up i thought it was illegal to now wear a bra
Nayrt but that's so cute. I swap between those fabric bras and no bra too, but if I'm going somewhere where I feel like visible nipples will get me harassed then I literally put circles of tape over them to lesson the outline. I have so many types of tape from crafting and they all look equally stupid, but that kind of gives me something to smile about like it's a goofy secret just for me.

No. 501580

ayart and kek at kid you thinking bras are law enforced. tbh i kinda felt the same way because i started puberty early and had boobs when no one else did and it felt like i'd be lynched if the outline of my nipple could be seen. also lmao was a C cup back then and now am like barely an A.

i do sometimes forgo any sort of bra if it is a thick sweater or am just running errands and won't remove my jacket but like at a professional environment i feel like i have to have something or else it'll be improper. then again how many fat men with bigger tits than mine have their supple nips poke thru their polos and that's just fine lmao?? truly clown world.
will look into your cami tip tho, thanks!!

No. 501581

you know the saying that some ladies "want a wedding, not a marriage"? i'm the opposite. i want to marry my bf someday but the thought of a wedding is… overwhelming. i'd want something super simple… i don't like having attention on me at all. i'm not actually stressing about it since it's not happening anytime soon but it still makes me a little nervous to think about it lol. especially since i know his family would probably want a big proper wedding. my mom on the other hand has suggested more than once that we just file the paperwork. not really what i want to do either, tbh. i want to do SOMETHING to commemorate it, but i'm just so shy and awkward, you feel me?

No. 501591

just have a reception then! it can be a big get together without the pressures of a formal ceremony of which there are many.

No. 501592

I'm exactly the same, Anon. I think the best solution is just doing something with those close to you and that's it. But I think it is totally normal, not everyone is fascinated with princesslike weddings and all the stuff

No. 501627

A lot of people like to look down on it as a big ass meme but I think there has to be something to that Mandela Effect shit. I have vivid memories of the show being called Sex in the City for years and being weirded out because I remembered it being called Sex and the City before that. I even remember watching it with my sister and her friend and they mentioned that they always remembered it being Sex and the City, but it actually wasn't on the title screen. Now it went back and wtf? This happened years ago.

No. 501648

Same, thank god no one wants to marry me

No. 501650

I'm not that keen on marriage either but I'd definitely never want a proper wedding. I hate being center of attention, I don't have enough friends/family to really feel comfortable with it either. And jfc the idea of paying for a wedding horrifies me. I know a guy whose dad is paying for his wedding and spending 75k on the food ALONE. Imagine the amazing holiday you could have with that, or the house you could put a down payment on, or the money you'd make just investing it.

You should just have a small, low pressure party to celebrate filing the paperwork.

No. 501663

Wedding talk has reminded me that my dreams of a small intimate wedding high up in the Swiss mountains is highly unrealistic because I would hate to make even a few people spend that much on a plane ticket and I’m not sure if my future husband would want some sort of Greek shit even though he’s not really tied to his culture. Oh well a girl can dream. Maybe get officially married with him in the mountains and have a small party in NA with relatives. Who knows this is just wishful thinking anyways.

No. 501669

Just have a small inexpensive wedding with things that are important to you and your partner, that's what I did. I had social anxiety at the time so the thought of a massive wedding terrified me. It was also the first time my parents met my in laws and I was expecting that to be disaster.

No. 501689

Adopting a puppy comforted me in my decision to never EVER have kids.

No. 501693

File: 1578313305005.jpeg (35.64 KB, 376x373, 43720F08-C8DB-449C-8622-6E37C5…)

My flu has been so bad I wanna die. Nothing tastes good and just makes me nauseous and it’s hard to eat.
>the shivers


No. 501697

Do you regret getting a puppy? IMHO puppies/dogs > kids. The only downside is that they live shorter than us which is honestly heartbreaking.

No. 501699

Not at all, I've always wanted to have a dog, and I'm very happy with her. But it's a lot of work raising a puppy, I'm having a hard time housetraining her, she still has a lot of separation anxiety and scream bloody murder when we leave the house, I get really annoyed when I catch her chewing on my furniture or pooping on my cute carpet, etc.
Can't imagine how much more stressful and annoying having a kid would be.

No. 501706

As with kids anon, the puppy phase is crucial but it will pass. Train her well and she'll be the best girl, I'm sure of it.
My dog was obnoxious when he was a puppy, he chewed on everything we owned and needed to pee 10 times per day, and then the humping phase started, and then he had to get snipped because of an issue with his genitals that would have lead to cancer if he wasn't castrated. And then he had toothaches and had to get a bunch of his teeth taken out.

Now he's 6 and he's the most well-behaved dog I've ever seen. He's incredibly polite, cuddly and gentle, and when he's playful and bouncing about he never runs too far. It's really worth it in the end, he's my bestest friend and I wouldn't give him up even if I had to clean his poo for 2 years more than I did. I just wish his breed wasn't so sickly, it hurts my heart to see the poor doggies suffer, and so many of them are given up for adoption.

No. 501707

>tfw you buy a dildo and it doesn't fit and never will

I guess i'm just going to start shoving needles in it for fun.

No. 501708

>I guess i'm just going to start shoving needles in it for fun.
Damn I thought you were talking about your vagina. I… really hope you weren't talking about your vagina.

No. 501709

Anon, are you me from the future? My dog is a 10 months old puppy and I have the same situation, down to the genitals and teeth issue.
Is your dog a pug or a frenchie?

No. 501714

Nah, he's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They're generally prime puppy mill material and are super inbred.

No. 501720

Same! I came here years ago and would consume drama thread upon drama thread, and in hindsight, keeping up with anachans probably played a role in my fucked up eating habits for a few years lol. I left for a couple of years and came back but I mainly only frequent ot, and despite some of the shitty infighting, I really love browsing ot, g, and m. The uplifting and nice replies I get really warm my heart.

No. 501721

I just thought about that one post someone made here that was like "I like when beautiful men poop. What's wrong with that?" and burst out into actual laughter. Never change, lolcow. Never change.

No. 501723

File: 1578326711257.jpg (157.19 KB, 750x422, bread.jpg)

The bread came out alright! I made the mistake of oiling up the pan because I was afraid it would stick while baking, and instead of rising during the second proof, it just spread out like a huge blob haha. On the bright side, the oil made the bottom a veeeeeeery nice and crispy golden brown. It might be more of a flatbread but it's super yummy! I used to think I hated bread crust cos I hated the crust on supermarket bread, but nah, bread crust is so fucking good. I have a second loaf that I moved to a different tin and had to be proofed a third time but its come out alright! I haven't tasted it yet but I'm sure it's still as good.

I knew bread making was going to be a headache and I was a little disappointed at the outcome at first, but it tastes so damn good and feels so rewarding. I don't think I'm ever going to buy supermarket bread ever again.

No. 501739

File: 1578330809146.jpg (415.77 KB, 1194x1194, NzuQV0u.jpg)

I love my dog so fucking much. She's so cute and loving. She came up to me yesterday night and started rubbing her face against my body for attention. She always wants to be close to me and likes sitting under my legs, it makes me so happy to know that she's so comfortable with me because she loves flopping down against me and falling asleep while being gently pet. Some mornings she won't go back to sleep until she sees me off for work. She can be a huge asshole sometimes, but even moments when I'm incredibly frustrated with her never outweigh how much I love her.

She's turning 16 this year and was diagnosed with kidney failure last summer. I don't know how much longer we have together, but I don't know what I'm going to do without her. I hope that we're giving her a fulfilling life, and that when she passes, she'll know that my family and I love her so much. She's the absolute light of my life, my little sunshine, my reason for living this long. I'm about to cry writing this just because I just love her so fucking much.

We don't deserve pets. They bring so much love and joy into our lives. I don't know what I did in a past life to deserve my dog.

No. 501741

What's the recipe, please?

No. 501745

Just found out Cayleigh Elise deleted her channel… I thought she would keep it up…

No. 501748

File: 1578332305793.jpg (56.99 KB, 1024x683, French-Peasant-Bread-1024x683.…)

https://sweetphi.com/french-peasant-bread/ I followed this one! The image I used is of some other bread haha. I made the mistake of not doing more research (lol got too excited) and I kneaded the bread for about 10 minutes before proofing the first time. A lot of the people in the comments seem to have issues with a soupy dough but I didn't really have that issue at all. My loaves didn't want to brown on the top though, maybe next time I'll brush oil/butter on the top to fix that.

No. 501751

I get really bad anxiety from time to time, when I have to clean her pee puddle for the eleventh time in a day I feel like I might have made a mistake, but having her look at me with her big cartoon eye full of sweetness, wanting to cuddle me always, and just having a friend to go on long walk with is genuinely amazing, can't wait for her to become a great adult dog.

No. 501752

File: 1578333949162.jpg (80.79 KB, 990x660, bread touch.jpg)

oo i'm glad it turned out delicious! crust is the best part of a nice home made bread, hard agree! i have only made like banana bread and ginger bread but the crust is 10/10 best part of them. honestly, making proper bread scares me but i might try bc the supermarket bread here is not tasty and i love carbs lol. it really does feel weirdly rewarding when you can make something from scratch that's like, unconventional to do so at this day and age kek. like yaaas medieval tavern wench, slayy lol. also ty for the recipe!

No. 501767

File: 1578337776667.jpg (186.19 KB, 700x1304, numnumnum.jpg)

That image is so cute anon aaaaaaaaaaaa

Banana bread was the first thing I ever baked for myself! Carbs are the best, I wish you the best of luck in your bread making adventures! I really want to try making sourdough one day but I read a really intimidating recipe saying how temperature of your kitchen has to be taken into account and treated like an ingredient too and noped the fuck outta there haha. Simple peasant bread is good enough for me!

No. 501795

File: 1578345984376.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 46853.jpeg)

I've been coveting the burberry banner bag for over a year now. I asked on ot if someone knew of a similar enough looking bag (even nonbranded ones) and they recommended that I check out /r/repladies. I've found a seller that I want to buy through who others love and someone has bought the same bag (in a diff color) from them, but I feel so torn lol. On one hand I'm afraid of being called out (even tho all the reps on here look so damn good) and feel bad that I'm just supporting counterfeits, but on the other hand I don't think I can ever bring myself to drop a whopping $900 minimum (for brand new) on a single bag that will either a) inevitably get scratched up and worn out from use, or b) will just sit in pristine condition in my room because it's a $900 fucking bag and fuck me if it the air of the outside world touches it. I've considered buying it used but the lowest I've seen it go for is $300 and even that $300 was beat to hell and back. Secondhand ones in good condition are about $750 minimum from what I've seen.

All my friends won't stop making fun of me because it makes me a bougie bitch in their eyes. The only other ~*~*~luxury~*~*~ brand bag I own is a longchamp that was gifted to me (is it even luxury? it's like the most basic big bag that everyone has lol).

No. 501801

god, the "kitchen temp is an ingredient" really did activate my fight or flight response. i'd just like to try some nice tasty white bread! and good luck to you too! mayhaps one day you'ļl reach the proficiency level that taming sour dough requires!

No. 501804

When I lived abroad my host mom had a bread maker machine so I considered buying one, but I've read issues about the bread it makes (something about it being denser or whatever), so I guess I'll take that hundred dollars or so and just buy something like a standmixer with it one day to knead my more advanced breads for me HAHA.

There's something so excited about hand kneading bread… even though my arm was tired, it just makes me feel like a kid playing with play doh again, except in the end I get something delicious to eat! I can't wait for the day I'm better at bread making and can eat super fresh sourdough aaaahhhhh.

May all your bread be golden, crispy, and absolutely delicious anon!

No. 501828

I finally met the guy I've been talking to online for over a half a year in person this past weekend and everything went really well! Like, I was afraid it would end up being awkward af because I'm… awkward af, but surprisingly there were no lulls in conversation. We got dinner and then went back and hung out at his apartment for a couple hours and chatted and there was never any pressure for something more to happen than just friends finally meeting in person.

God, I'm just really happy that I didn't fuck it up and that he didn't turn out to be weird/creepy lol

No. 501840

File: 1578361114167.jpg (132.54 KB, 640x633, 29a0d282-2ddb-41e2-9d2f-0674ec…)

am too procrastinating my shit by refreshing lolcow at a worrying frequency. seeing your post was like me from the future having an intervention. i hope you manage to finish it on time and the result isn't too shabby! also that we both learn from our mistakes aa

No. 501841

I have 3 bras in the same exact size from the same manufacturer yet 1 fits well (almost loose) and the other are so tight that I can hardly breathe in them.

No. 501861

Are they styled differently? Some manufacturers have different dimensions per style and it sucks because you'd think it'd be versatile.
I shop at Walmart for my bras and I would THINK the larges for the same brand would all fit the same, but they're not lol. Definitely same experience, so hard to breathe.

No. 501874

do you ever hear a piece of music and something about it just sounds so nostalgic and good, it's like… i can't really describe it. awe? a weird sense of feeling comforted but also a little sadly wistful? a strange mix of emotions. anyone know wtf i'm talking about?

No. 501875

Africa by Toto

No. 501878

oh god thats such a cute cat. I hope she got to taste the bread.

No. 501881

I used to feel this way listening to Believe by Cher. The early 2000s were great.

No. 501883

people now shitting on hansen for the onision stuff? i know vince was a dumbass but is chris really doing that badly or is it just quality of guest on his stream? cus it was all rainbows a minute ago and now im confused lol

No. 501890


I sometimes hatewatch both these channels and goddamn is this video an interesting dive into the psychology of these ""tradwife"" types. They are both recently pregnant and it was kind of funny to hear them complain about all the horrible things men in their political sphere say about women who are trying to conceive and how you're infertile by age 30 etc. Definitely feeling some schadenfreude about it lol. I hope seeing how shit the alt-right incels are in their fanbases makes them distance themselves a bit. It's also sad that motherhood is all these women seem to base their value as people on. Apologies if this should go in the tradthots thread, not sure if it's relevant enough

No. 501891

Why the fuck is my hair shinier and smoother after i stopped using conditioner? My hair is quite frizzy usually.

No. 501898

Vince is a retard. I think the ones wanting to make Chris go away are just retarded Onision fans trying to stir the pot. His fans were talking about it in his livestreams and how they had information that would make "Greg win". I think it's the reason he hasn't publicised his livestreams recently. Fuck Vince.

No. 501899

Most music before my time is like this. It's actually the worse with the 50s-90s music cause I wasn't born yet (until 98) but the 2000s is nostalgic but not tas sad

No. 501913

Gonna be fucking a guy with an 8 inch dick soon. I just want to fuck a huge dick before I die even though I get the feeling that it’s not going to fit.

No. 501922

i get this feeling whenever i listen to hotel california, i don't know what it is about it but it just makes me feel weirdly nostalgic/melancholic/sad?

No. 501952

It’s not that great anon but good luck anyways

No. 501984

My friend might have an std and he's making such a drama about it like his dick is going to fall off. Like you take some pills for a while and that's it, wtf

No. 502040

I hate that i prefer physical books over e-books cause i feel bad for the environment to the point of me not ever wanting to buy a book again.
I don't even have access to a proper library…guess i'm stuck with digital forms of books for now.

No. 502067

I figured but after only having had a 3.5” and 4”, I guess it makes me want to experience the opposite end of the spectrum even more.

No. 502469

Probably just weirdly bragging about him having sex. Probably makes him feel like a stallion. men, amirite

No. 502473

the infrustructure involved in smart phones functioning is extremely worse for the enviroment than cutting down one tree to make thousands of books people have been doing for hundreds of eyars

No. 502546

My nose keeps having a little dried blood (and some wet) come out of it, and my nose feels dry and hurts. I also smell a smell of what seems to be pencil wood in my nose sometimes. I don't have this problem when I'm outside my house. I wonder if its because there's apparent fucking mold growing on the side of my house.

No. 502557

Could the air in your house be too dry?

No. 502578

Don't feel bad anon, when you are able to access physical books again you should enjoy them as much as you want. Look into the sustainability and negative carbon footprint of tree farms. When environmentally harmful deforestation and clear-cutting are done it is often only profited from as a minor side effect of clearing the land for other industries like energy and agriculture. Most paper comes from farms that are in many ways a boon to the world, perhaps less than leaving the land completely free to the wild, but certainly much more than most other uses of human-controlled and farmed land.

No. 502579

I think it is.

No. 502613

File: 1578600892231.jpg (89.59 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ojtbs83qk81ttrxmxo1_500…)

I've been too depressed and unmotivated to keep up with my studying this semester but I'm trying to kick my ass into gear since I have exams in February. Part of the reason why I was too scared to start is because I was overwhelmed and intimidated by all the material I had to learn but I know the longer I put it off the more it'll build up. It's still a huge battle to force myself to sit down and focus but I'm making progress every day, even if it is just baby steps, and just now I had a great study session where things are finally starting to truly click and I'm so happy. I was so terrified that I had slipped so far behind that I was going to fail my exams for sure but I feel so much more optimistic now. I may not get perfect scores this semester but I think as long as I stick to my study schedule this month I can survive my exams. Maybe I haven't completely thrown my life into the shitter after all. We all can make it this year, ladies, I believe in us.

No. 502619

File: 1578602302694.jpg (134.03 KB, 1200x800, shutterstock_1164964429.0.jpg)

does anyone else think people are going to look back at this midcentury modern craze and cringe? it just feels so… wrong and lifeless. it's everywhere and infecting everyone. i will never get the appeal.

No. 502624

Ugh today I feel a little sick not like sick enough I need to lay in bed all day but looking down makes my nose drip and I've been sneezing those kind of hard sneezes that hurt my chest but I want to get shit done today and not make it an excuse to be lazy cause I know I'll feel worse if I waste a whole day off doing nothing when shit could'a been done

No. 502626

i'm a first time mom and struggling with my newborn. her dad is working and after me being up all night with her so he could sleep, i'm also up all day with her while he works.

i have no family (orphan) and the 2 "friends" i thought i had ghosted me after i had the baby. i feel so alone and overwhelmed

my whole life is taking care of her and pumping while she sleeps and i am SO TIRED, I'M GOING TO SNAP

No. 502627


she is also so miserable, it depresses me. she cries and screams SO much and nothing makes her happy or soothes her. it's impossible to give her "play time" and try to help her develop because she has no interest in tummy time, or listening to music, or listening to me sing to her or read, she just gets mad, bats her arms and twists up and cries. i don't understand. i love her so much and it kills me soul to hear her cry and it depresses me to see her in turmoil all the time

No. 502635

she sounds like Nancy Spungen in the making, she was acting the same as a child and she had a congenitent mental illness. Praying so that your child is not the case and that she will get better.

No. 502639

Jesus anon don't freak her out over nothing. Colic is common, it's not immediately concerning.

Why should your husband get to work a normal shift and get normal sleep while you do 24/7 childcare? He needs to sacrifice some sleep too and do his share.

No. 502643

I don't know shit about babies, but that's the first thing I thought when I heard about a constantly unhappy baby. I hope you are wrong! Can babies be easilly checked for colic so that anon can rest easy?

No. 502649

Just found this dumb thing

No. 502652

I love the last one, if you have the money to spend on them, get them!

No. 502653

I like vidya but I have such an embarrassing complex about it. I feel like just a ~dumb ass female~ because I fucking suck at PVP shooters and take 10x longer to get through Dark Souls. I feel like I can’t claim the hobby because I think I’m doing a disservice to women by sucking at certain genres that men value above others.

No. 502659

>>502657 I'd just think this person must think these stickers were cute, not necessary a weeb? I've seen all kinds of stickers that are on par with these on every kind of rando's laptops at school or at the library. Don't worry anon, all i'd suggest that aliexpress might have similar half the price

No. 502660

I fucking love We Bare Bears and its the most underrated modern cartoon ever. Shut up buy it all.

No. 502664

Don't worry anon, most men aren't any better at video games than you think and I only know this from watching streamers who stream games casually. I personally suck really hard at platformers, but the men (when I mean men, i really only mean trihex on mariomaker 2 as reference, cause that's all i have) i see who are god tier at platforms literally practise like they are trying out for the Olympics. Being good at video games is a waste of time for the most part unless you plan on streaming or something.

No. 502681

File: 1578618488414.png (452.93 KB, 500x501, 438BD793-CA2E-439C-A0EE-9C21CE…)

Speaking of Souls, it fucking appalls me watching my friend try to defeat everything by R1ing it. He sulks at invaders and I enjoy watching them slap the shit out of him but it’s also torture because he never seems to learn why he’s being so easily punished for things like turtling and only moving away when he needs to sip estus. He just swears at the screen and then I give him pity embers. Come on. His approach is like the antithesis of mine, gives me a hernia when he talks about poise and tries to STR everything then his foes run circles around him because he doesn’t think about it. Or against mobs, he comes away wasting estus and complaining he lost his bloodstain.

I think he tries to impress me whenever he casually drops a "oh yeah, beat that boss on my first try". Sure, we all get that surprise once in a while in Dark Souls, now the real trouble is consistently upholding that skill. I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into this game, over a year and a half before he bought it himself, I’m not going to pretend to be less experienced just because he has a crush on me and wants to baby me after I lost my save. It’s irritating getting it all back and drives my patience to be treated like I’m helpless in general so I don’t even bother to banter when he wants me to pretend I’m a first time player. I told him "I can’t see weapons you drop if you upgrade them too high" then he tries to give me +10 stuff anyway. Please save your fucking tit slabs, you need them more than me.

I guess not everyone cares about diligence but now he recently binged all the lore videos and won’t shut up about tHe LoRe when it’s just one popular guy’s interpretation of what’s in the game. He’s ~so~ enlightened then asks me what the difference between moss and mossfruit is, says "watch this", puts on the silvercat ring and jumps off a lethal ledge. God, don’t fucking redpill me on Nameless King’s true and honest name like it’s fact when you didn’t know what weapon arts were until your 3rd run. How can someone go that far without seeing the damn thing in the UI or ever thinking to press L2? Oh, by only ever having enough brain cells for "press R1".

No. 502682

NTA but I feel the same as her so your post is comforting, thanks anon.

No. 502690

File: 1578619438525.jpg (22.18 KB, 300x225, 1559982071845.jpg)

he sounds fucking awful anon im so sorry

No. 502708

File: 1578621624665.png (56.62 KB, 763x763, 324545.PNG)

reviews are sometimes like trying to understand an alien language

No. 502713

I miss Tim Horton's coffee cake. Too bad it's discontinued. My mouth is watering thinking about it right now…

No. 502739

Go you, anon! Good luck.
Also what’s this image from? I love it!

No. 502742

Yeah, because it’s boring and safe and the real versions cost lots of money = “taste”. Hate it too.

No. 502753

How do you mean bad? Regardless, generally anyone can be good at vidya, especially FPS, by practicing (and with enough practice you’ll naturally pick up on other fps too, example). The only reason I’m good at them is because I’m a neet with too much time on my hands.
But honestly who cares what scotes think, there are a loot more potatoes out there than you think.

No. 502754

Why did nature make big, deadly predators so cute? Like I just want to cuddle a lion

No. 502761

aahhhh who else remembers this stupid emo adjacent gem? i completely forgot about it until 4 seconds ago. what a treasure

No. 502786

Thanks anon!
I'm not really sure of the origins of the picture, I saw it on tumblr ages ago and saved it cause it was so adorable. I think it's from reddit originally but who knows.

No. 502787

Teach me anon! Basically I get sensory overload and also have no map awareness. I have these troubles irl. When I play titles like Fallout or Bioshock I just camp and snipe half the time lmao can’t imagine that go well in high speed pvp. And I have hundreds of hours between those because I genuinely enjoy accomplishing every single quest. It may have something to do with being a non-confrontational scaredy-cat. Even if I’m strapped to the gills it still takes me forever to gingerly move forward when I feel a jump scare coming. Which I suppose really nails the RP aspect lol
Thank you anon that’s sweet to hear!
Lmao oh my god I only have YouTube videos as companion, who are basically varying degrees of your friend. Wish I had you to yell at me as I die through it instead.

No. 502789

Wow the comment section of this trailer is FILLED with angry koreans making racist comments and calling british people nazis because of one little dumb joke at 0:38… To any korean anons, what are your thoughts on this?(racebait)

No. 502793

Streaming or listening to songs from a laptop will never compare to putting in a cd in a stereo and listening to an album like that, especially with headphones. It's such a warm, familiar, happy feeling, that whole process, i don't care if it's considered old school, nothing will compete with me to actually physically holding and feeling a cd in your hands and owning it. Ah, bliss

No. 502794

Same anon but on second thought "angry" is a severe understatement…more like flat out unhinged

No. 502796

Not korean but if you're into kpop and all you see how sensitive and insecure these people are.
They think youtube is like their own korean sites where they can send mass-hate to someone, forcing them to apologize.
I didn't know about this but looking at their comments it seems like they're taking this way to seriously.
Funny how easily offended they get when their food is used as a joke, but online there are hundreds of articles of them being openly racist or mocking other cultures and their foods…they are culturally ignorant and situations like that shows it.
Since youtube, netflix etc. has only recently become popular there, i hope this toxic attitude will change soon in the future.

No. 502802

File: 1578663294363.jpg (72.18 KB, 1080x528, IMG_20200110_143154.jpg)

>how sensitive and insecure
Everybody always says koreans are self-hating and white-worshipping but I don't think that's the case, they have a massive superiority complex, towards everyone and everything.
Notice how nearly every "joke" they make is them calling white people (not only brits) ugly and pink/red? That's literally all they care about, them supposedly being more attractive than any other country on this planet.
I also remember how Kota was cancelled in Korea because she said she doesn't like kimchi and some farmers found that fair…like come on, fermented vegetables are a thing in nearly every country, it's nothing special or sacred.
Kpop fans always excuse Koreans' blatant racism by saying that they lack education but whenever they call out nazis or the crimes of others they show that they actually do know quite a bit about world history.

No. 502806

lol most people saying racist shit like that know exactly what theyre doing and saying. i think in a way its disgusting and weird and infantilising that koreaboos act like korean people are some kind of ~uneducated innocent uwu~ group when most people from there are actually just normal people from a relatively rich 1st world country. people need to stop pretending that a whole ass nation is made up of naive accidentally racist teenagers.

i literally cant imagine people from any other country being defended and excused for being so blatantly racist to this level. koreaboos are the new weeaboos except x10 worse

No. 502817

I put my thermos in the keurig like I do every morning and then turned away to look for sugar because we didn't have anymore out. I turned around and there's tea all over the fucking counter because for some fucking reason I didn't take the lid of my thermos off. Fuck. At least it was easy to clean up but I feel like an idiot lol.

No. 502819

oh my god, i expected it would be some sort of actual low key racist joke but the entire butthurt is over "my cum tastes like kimchi"?? and i thought western kpop fans were unhinged

No. 502821

File: 1578669491635.jpg (57.34 KB, 500x426, 517jlwiOhIL.jpg)

I'm so happy the Nier OST is finally available on my region to stream. I've been so tired of listening to the same shit and I haven't found any good new songs. I saw that spotify had the ost available already, but I guess it was Japan-only since most of the songs were greyed out except for like… two.

No. 502822

>check my old yt account
>even my 200 vid "thinspo" playlist is still there
>literally every vid deleted except for the reverse thinspo

No. 502827

Don't they still have blackface on everyday television? They shouldn't be one to talk.

No. 502832

I know this game and soundtrack is good and all but even seeing that goddamn robot girl unleashes an overwhelming wave of disgust and discomfort in me because of the way she has been hypersexualized for years. I just automatically associate that white haired bitch with disgusting males snickering about her ass.

No. 502838

It's only good because you (subconciously) know you have the quick, easy and free option of streaming available if you'd want to

No. 502845

>watching tv with my mom last night
>it's about 7:30, maybe 7:45pm
>we are just bullshitting, it's nice and quiet
>all of the sudden someone knocks on the front door loudly several times
>I get up to investigate
>look out one of the bedroom windows which has a direct view of the entryway
>can't see shit, it's too dark
>call the police and start checking the locks and turning on lights as the house was black as fuck
>also check our backyard and garden
>feels like someone was casing the house thinking it was vacant since we didn't have on any lights/shutters were closed tight
>of course it's always our house that gets attention, due to the size and the fact we have no neighbors along the north side street
>stayed up as late as possible just to be safe, kept a claw hammer at my bedside in case someone tried to bust down a door or window
>saw two people walking up the street in different directions at about 10pm
>I couldn't make out one person as they were walking too fast
>the other was some man in all black, talking (or acting like he was) on a cell phone about nonsense
>of course they were walking up to the busy main road
>also had seen some cars driving slowly in our cul-de-sac, which could be people thinking the Christmas light show is still going on, but the neighborhood is dark and everyone took their lights down already
>check the front door this morning and nothing suspicious is there, all the gates are locked, so we will see if anything went missing from our tool stash

No. 502846

Fuck that's so scary. Does you have any home security systems? Maybe buy some pepper spray too! Please stay safe anon!

No. 502853

File: 1578674143348.png (327.77 KB, 1060x552, acnh.PNG)

I JUST told myself to not buy any dumb shit this year but I just saw this shit. FUCK ME.

I'm planning on selling my switch and then rebuying a new one if they put out a special edition one for the ACNH release but that was IT. But now this?? I'm just a huge fucking sucker for animal crossing and the print is so cute, and the MINT accent color absolutely kills me. Here's the link is anyone wants:


There's also a tote bag and I think realistically that would be the best purchase out of all of these (cos then I can use it for carrying things other than my switch lol) but I know I shouldn't do it AUGHHHHH

No. 502854

File: 1578674193008.png (165.85 KB, 473x541, tote.PNG)

No. 502863

Waffle House hash browns give me the shits

No. 502866

PULL keeps going online and offline i'm fuming

No. 502867

well it probably wont be more than $75 for everything…

No. 502874

That's an insanely cute cross body bag. I usually keep my Switch docked but I might snag one for my Vita or 3DS

No. 502877

Goddammit anon, I’m trying to save money here. But seriously everything is so fucking cute! Might have to set some money aside for that cute carrying case..

No. 502879

i have a bottle of fireball and i'm feeling very pathetic

i would like to participate in a youtube drama drinking game but i'm struggling to find a decent search result


No. 502889


We don't have anything sophisticated, just lights, bars in the window, pepper spray, hammers and flashlights in strategic places. We have talked about getting a doorbell camera in the past. I'm not sure why we never get around to buying one, I guess it's because our neighborhood is out of the way and you only really know it's there if you live in the area.

I am going to go to Walmart this weekend and see what we can buy to add to our arsenal of protection. We really need more lights for the yard and the northern portion of the house as parts of it are slightly cut off from the main area, so at night it gets pitch black and you can't see for shit. And with the property extending so far up the street, it's easy for someone to be lurking in the dark and watch us without us knowing.

No. 502897

kek they don't even realize that butthurt on this scale makes them look way worse than an offhand joke about kimchi.

No. 502913

honestly anon I get being scared, I've been playing RE2make and I was SO scared at first. IMO the best way to get over it is to just puff your chest up and be arrogant lmao. Those enemies should be afraid of YOU, goddammit. It's cringy but it works, now nothing in that game scares me and I've been doing no save runs and speedruns.

No. 502922

File: 1578685879742.jpeg (90.8 KB, 600x400, 1C47BBAB-A02E-4193-A382-925E61…)

I wouldn’t yell at you because you’re actually willing to improve. Your comment actually reminded me of this video that you may find interesting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ax7f3JZJHSw
No one is born with gaming skills, everyone had to learn what they know. This guy’s wife is only unskilled at video games because she lacks the experience and gaming is a whole new dimension of skill because it isn’t like reality where truly everything is possible.

I’m not surprised you find FPS and Dark Souls hard if you have trouble with spatial awareness, it sounds harder when it’s a game and you can’t rely on your other senses to get your bearings, just whatever is on your screen. Don’t beat yourself up over a physical limitation when it’s just a game and what matters most is that you should be having fun, even though I get very competitive and would hate looking like a bad Souls player for the same reasons as you, never would I think less of another woman for not upholding some ~standard~ to look like perfect gurl gamers in the eyes of some chucklefucks. Who wants to impress these idiots anyway? They only stroke their own egos with gaming so I’ll stroke mine and love this game for itself, not join their ‘teehee boys only club’ for cool girl points. And like others said, most guys are just average at games. Being able to clear Souls isn’t the hallmark of a l337 gamer really, there’s a definitely an elitist aura around it (that I admit being smug about) but at the end of the day people like me are still sad sacks who spent evenings of our lives playing this instead of something actually productive lol. If you ever want to summon me for help or practice PvP (and you’re on PC) I can give you a password for my sign whenever you want, the worst I can do to you is point down. I just want people to enjoy the game’s full potential and redpill them on the high of PvP when I was once very afraid of encountering anyone online at all for fear of looking stupid.

I’m more mad at my friend precisely because his mistakes waste our time because he gets frustrated and quits too easily, his narrow approach to combat completely ignores all the fun of playing footsies/mindgames with people, or he wastes resources with each senseless death. Bitch couldn’t even buy me a basic Long Sword to clear the High Wall with.

No. 502926

I decided to randomly google one of my coworkers and it turns out he used to produce some of those god awful cgi films that were a blatant rip off of popular Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar films. Bizarre.

No. 502935

would love to know which movie (or a company at least) are you talking about!
I find those pieces of shit repulsively fascinating

No. 502939

I really want to post some but I'm scared it will out me because the office I work for now is incredibly tiny and googling up any of the movies immediately pulls up his name!

No. 502944

File: 1578689635427.png (24.33 KB, 995x175, Sigh.PNG)

Posted this in the art thread, but fuck do I love this word. It describes all the annoying artist I meet to a t

No. 502945

File: 1578689805901.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2400x3200, coach.jpeg)

I'm going to coachella for the first time this year. Any of yall going? If you are - who are you planning on catching? If not going, who would you want to see?

No. 502950

forgot to include my list -
Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, Megan Thee Stallion, BIGBANG, Hatsune Miku, Rich Brian, Travis Scott, Joji, Cuco, Lana, Banda MS, Lil Nas, Epik High, Kyary, Viagra Boys
I want to see a lot more listed, but these are my main go-to's since I obviously won't be able to catch them all.

No. 502953

you could have just downloaded it ages ago when it first came out.

No. 502957

the ppl who are offended think that the show is saying that kimchi tastes like cum? or are they retarded

No. 502962

I do have it downloaded! But I've switched to mainly using spotify so it's nice that now I don't have to switch between apps now. I forget that I even have it downloaded because I almost never use my music app anymore.

No. 502967

Somewhat related but I saw RAtM at Coachella and accidentally got my merch signed by Air crushed by the crowd since it got way too rowdy. Sorry, just seeing RAtM on the poster triggered that bad memory again lol

No. 502973

File: 1578694857490.jpg (7.52 KB, 207x275, 1531559762248.jpg)

i'm moving from the bay area to austin alone in a few months and i'm so scared. i worry i'm gonna start my new job there and no one will like me.

No. 502974

My skin has been acne free for a few weeks now and I'm 99% sure it's going to stay that way. WOOHOO!! After all these years finally acne free, feels great!!

No. 502996

File: 1578701466249.png (81.13 KB, 275x250, 1535220036520.png)

my (straight male) partner had a history of doing really gay-seeming stuff in his teens like making out with dudes, sending dudes nudes as 'jokes', an awful lot of cuddling etc. even before he knew me well, he'd do things like show me bad gay fanfic which to be fair was funny-bad but was still really explicit. he still makes comments constantly about his willingness to do similar with dudes again and still seems awfully familiar with gay fic (like i'm talking innocently about a book and he's quick to mention two male characters doing something kinky). i'm (low key irl) fujo af so ladies please pray for me that someday he decides to just come out with it so i can stop pretending my 'haha just a joke, unless…' is a joke

No. 502998

File: 1578701937087.jpg (10.84 KB, 220x275, Statler_and_Waldorf.jpg)

>you'll never be as savage as these two

No. 503000

Tripe is so fucking good.

No. 503013

Are you sure he's not doing it to satisfy your fujo fantasies?

No. 503014

i'm sure he feels more open about saying it (i'm as pan as it gets and our relationship is semi-open, im openly into any combination of genders, so it's not just mxm) but that doesn't change all the kissing and nude-sending for years before i met him lol

No. 503016

File: 1578706175216.jpg (10.49 KB, 284x284, 3UNKh2_3_400x400.jpg)

too lazy to repost so pls forgib but i'm no holly brown, he brings it up a lot unprompted when i generally wouldn't at all, which is my ???? realistically i feel like he's nervous bicurious and im hopeful that someday he'll own up to it

No. 503020

Good luck anon! I'm in my 6th semester at uni now and I have become way too irresponsible about doing this. I always let my readings pile up and then when it comes to the limited time I have left to start learning for the test I can barely focus due to all the stress, especially in courses that require doing a lot of practice problems with math to get good. I've managed to slide by doing that so far but it's extremely stressful for me to study this way and I know it's not gonna fly anymore since I have harder classes now. I know people say this every semester but I'm definitely going to do better and try using a schedule as you mentioned for my readings now.

No. 503031

File: 1578711406919.png (1.08 MB, 1281x863, 2356646.PNG)

When ever he appears in my feed I get filled with disgust. He looks like a pedophile who browses tumblr to lure in emo kids by using P!ATD and BOTDF

No. 503075

File: 1578729563203.jpg (43.56 KB, 500x257, tumblr_p7ieklTqow1vief90o2_500…)

I started reading Devils Line (manga) and seeing Anzai in the masks and retraining gear unlocked some deep hidden horny feelings.
TFW you'll never have a hot goth BF.

No. 503079

I love these kids together


Am I a pedophile for wanting them to have a crush on each other?
Like, maybe 10 years from now, they meet up and realize they have tons in common and actually like each other a lot?

Am I sick?

No. 503083

I’m no Seth fan but to be fair, I don’t think he’s written a FG episode in years.

No. 503084

Are you the anon who talks about their old dog a lot in these threads? Because if so, I just want to say that I love your posts and your love for dog is adorable. I feel like there’s a lot of negativity in /ot/ but your posts are a joy and help combat that. Just wanted to say that.

No. 503094

Haha oh wow anon I've seen this picture way too often and those were pretty much my thoughts as well

No. 503095

Why do you want small children to become romantically involved with each other? You're like those 30+ women on tumblr obsessing over underage romance subplots in Netflix shows. Yes, you are sick. Stop it and get some help.

No. 503099

Thank you anon, I wish you good luck with your studies as well! I believe in you!
Setting up a schedule helps a lot, splitting up the work into little chunks makes it feel so much less daunting and having small deadlines planned out and written down i.e "finish chapter 10 on Thursday, get through half of chapter 11 on Friday" helps me much more than just screaming at myself in my head to do as much work as possible. I have a bullet journal (which I rarely end up using but I'm trying my best for the new year) and I made a little study tracker spread, I drew a whole bunch of boxes and every time I complete an hour of studying I color in one of the boxes, and each subject has its own color. It helps a lot to keep me accountable and filling in the boxes is super satisfying! 10/10 would recommend to other students trying to keep track of their work.

No. 503105

I'm so tempted to like this lewd tweet but I have family members following me on twitter.. I never thought I would find a tiktok boy so appealing but now im for it I think im gonna download tiktok now

No. 503113

Pray for straight women

No. 503120

File: 1578750282426.jpeg (160.21 KB, 501x534, 7FD15EF5-2D32-41D0-B3E9-03ACC6…)

I was just browsing the Luna thread looking for the OG egg yolk comment and I found this and it’s honestly extremely funny to me, a person pays a girl $20 to drink her own piss and they think they’re going to be worried about brown spots on the ceiling? I hope they’re not being sarcastic because it perfectly captures the essence of LC female autism.

No. 503126

I was so sure that was gonna be some NB chick with a dildo by how obvious that bulge was. Nice surprise.

No. 503128

H-how big is that thing… ?

No. 503129

>a person pays a girl $20 to drink her own piss
She pre-recorded the video so everyone gets the same video, if they buy. The mold adds to her aesthetic.

No. 503130

File: 1578753827821.png (1.41 MB, 1770x750, 356657.PNG)


No. 503131

For the depraved bastards paying a junkie to commit humiliating acts for money, the trashy aesthetic is a bonus. People here are just clutching their pearls over it because they don't understand how scrotes think.

No. 503152

I've never seen this level of gatekeeping over something that has no religious meaning before. Tbh koreans scare me with their extremism, I wish they would keep that energy contained on their own sites

No. 503153

>Liking love stories is soooo creepy
2020 sucks already

No. 503180

I thought that it was a custom, people on the thread where saying that.
It was one of those kiwi farms pricks I swear. They are ruthless and pathetic.

No. 503182

filthy american here, my friend got me a jar of marmite as a joke but since i love salt i had some on biscuits i baked just now and i love it. is it good to cook with? like put in soups and stuff?

No. 503183

I've had marmite chicken before, so i'd imagine googling would uncover lots of great recipies!

No. 503185

I mean… the video literally was licked by a kiwi, so who else could it be? It's not like Luna has hundreds of customers leaking and reposting her content.

No. 503188

Is marmite just super salty Worcestershire sauce but in a jam? Because I'd probably love that I'm gross.

No. 503193

yeh, you only need a tiny bit also for flavor so i guess a jar lasts awhile

No. 503197

File: 1578777771047.jpeg (34.1 KB, 644x476, images (10).jpeg)

australian so I've only used Vegemite but it's pretty much the same. the only recipe I use it in is a teaspoon in my gravy. very good. but best way to eat it is on grilled cheese (pic related not that sandwich shit you Americans do) or just on toast with avocado

No. 503211

it would be nice if we had a piracy thread

No. 503219


No. 503248

Do you think it looks really big? I think it can't be more than 6".

Do you really need help with that kind of stuff like a normie. It's not that complicated to torrent or use keywords to find streams and direct downloads. Even irc isn't that tough.

No. 503250

File: 1578788787427.png (578.88 KB, 1149x579, 3564666.PNG)

The pcp dating sim somehow manged to make digibro look decent looking

No. 503256

nah, he's still busted

No. 503263

>Do you really need help with that kind of stuff like a normie
yes. i do.

No. 503270

File: 1578794189759.png (547.6 KB, 801x609, 3555435.PNG)

It's an improvement

No. 503322

File: 1578808340800.jpg (70 KB, 1122x675, IMG_20200104_152149.jpg)

It's almost 11pm here and my upstairs neighbors are moving furniture or some shit

No. 503359

I love you

No. 503361

Came across a video that discussed Asian incel culture and self-hate among asians, and since I'm from an Asian country myself, and white people are put on a pedestal oftentimes, i watched it and thought it was really interesting and well-researched (and not hateful or sexist like other videos that cover this topic) until the dude mentions how "terfs" are fake feminists and bigots…another day where a clueless leftist male think he can define what feminism is.
I was gonna comment but I don't have the energy to explain radical feminism 101, especially since he thinks the term "radical"=extreme.

No. 503372

File: 1578834165318.jpeg (25.02 KB, 664x664, WhatsApp_Image_2019-08-16_at_1…)

I wish I had fuller lips so I could get a labret or medusa piercing

No. 503376

File: 1578836129225.png (13.3 KB, 608x273, 434244.PNG)

I might be spoiled from wikipedias info, but once you get to a slightly obscure/ academic subject on wikipedia they just leave you hanging

No. 503377

I’ve never seen a real thing in person before so it looks large to me

No. 503378

Maybe this crosses into vent territory but we tried to play today and holy fuck is he salty. He even rages when he's on the host end of a gank, and I was hosting for fuck's sake. It's not like he lost any progress in his own save. He really is one of those
>"this game is perfect!! except for PvP it's bad!!!"
>"the mechanics suck that's why I don't like them"
>"this game isn't designed for invasions"
Yes it is, the devs didn't somehow accidentally put it in. I don't get this mentality and always thought it was childish, funny how the only people who hold this opinion are bad at PvP? Of course this part of the game isn't fun when you keep running forward into their attacks and never prepare. I tried to coax him into a different mindset but all he had to say was "I don't like it though" "if it was good I'd like it", now I'm shocked at how bad he is at forming an argument. He really is just shit at it, the third game is the one objectively in favor of the host where invaders get less health and their heals are halved.

No. 503382

I have terrible fashion sense and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it

No. 503385

>I have terrible fashion sense
Most people do

No. 503415

I've always been able to sprint real fast, running long distances feels like my life is being sucked out of me but sprinting makes me feel so powerful and alive. I just looked up pictures of sprinters and they're all so ripped and good looking, and now I wanna just go sprinting somewhere! But while slowly running nobody will pay attention to you, I don't think that will be the case if I just sprint through the street! I'm angry, where the hell am I supposed to run
Me too I go to the thrift store and just pick the most interesting thing I find no matter if it fits me well or not or if it goes with any of my clothes because it's cheap as peanuts

No. 503420

Same and I'm kind of ashamed.

No. 503441

I love Jenna Marbles so much. I used to follow her when she first went viral, stopped for a couple of years, and now I’ve been regularly watching her since around 2016 and loving every bit of her content. I know some people think she’s silly or don’t like her because of her old content, but she gives off such a cozy vibe and someone I really watch just because I love her so much. I really don’t care what dumb shit she decides to do each week because I know it’ll make me smile, I feel a little dumb for having a Youtuber of all people as a role model (or just having a role model in genera as an adult lol), but she’s living the life that I want- just unapologetically living her best, unproblematic life while loving and taking care of her dogs. I don’t aspire to be a youtuber or content creator, but I’d like a home and loving partner, a lot of plants, and dogs.

I just rewatched Julien’s tribute video to their hamster Ad and it really made me upset lol. I remember thinking when they first got him that it was just for a video and that was it, but they really loved the little guy. Now seeing their new rescued greyhound come out of her shell and become more comfortable makes me so happy. Jenna is so compassionate and such a great person (and Julien too). Fuck.

No. 503444

Same, but it's my personal style so I don't care.

No. 503452

same. been following her from the beginning and just so happy for her and the life she has, however cheesy that sounds. she's such a good person and she deserves a good life with her dogs and Julien (who I'm not as big a fan of but they clearly love each other and I'm happy for their happiness.)

I introduced my woman-hating mother to her videos, and even she loves Jenna, which to me just solidifies what a wholesome person she is.

No. 503454

Jenna has completely changed from the party girl image of the early 2010's, but I always saw her getting married and having kids. I hate that I have sexist notions like that but I do find myself asking why a woman her age isn't married/with kids. I hope that its because she doesn't want that and not because Julien is holding her back.

No. 503460

im genuinely too much of a pussy to ask the sonic totem
i would be so devastated to get an answer i dont like and it'd just turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy
my questions are all generic shit like "will i pass my classes" or "will i find love this year" and i just cant risk rolling a no

No. 503462

>I hate that I have sexist notions like that but I do find myself asking why a woman her age isn't married/with kids
…if you know it's sexist, why even say it? God forbid she be fulfilled by her millions of dollars and happy life without breeding

No. 503469

Your parasocial crazies are showing. Most youtubers aren't the same person in real life, keep that in mind. Unless you're a fly on their wall, you have no clue what's they are when the camera is off.

No. 503471

Not every woman desires marriage and/or kids. (+she's in a long term relationship and living together iirc right? That might aswell be the modern substitute for marriage anyway)

No. 503476

I agree with this, Jenna's content is pretty enjoyable and I consume a lot of it (her vids and the podcast) but don't trust she and Julien aren't shitty in some way irl. It's always healthiest to take it as entertainment.

>tfw asked sonic totem about a guy and it predicted the tragic rejection and that we'd never go on the planned date
It's not real (one anon tested it at some point lol)…but it take me aback for a hot second.

No. 503488

thanks anon you whore I hadn't heard of this before and now I'm gonna have to dedicate all my free time to it. and here I thought I'd left my qt vampire bf phase behind.

No. 503492

I’ve never been in a healthy relationship before and I started talking to a new guy I met on bumble or whatever. He told me that if there’s no romantic spark he’d still like to be friends and I can’t tell if this is normal, he’s a creep, or if I’m the person who’s really fucked up for not being able to figure this out on my own.

No. 503495

They should make a drug that gives you that "it finally clicked" feeling 24/7

No. 503533

Many ppl do reps on high school tracks or running trails, just wear athletic clothes to fit in/seem like you know what you’re doing.

No. 503534

Vyvanse is close

No. 503546

I just found an acquaintance's instagram account and it's probably ~90% just photos of his face at the same angle and there are a shitton of them. I seriously wonder what goes on in someone's mind that makes them do that.

No. 503562

I quite like the idea of having until marriage to have sex even if I’ve already had it. Even if I didn’t I most likely wouldn’t do it in practise but in theory it sounds nice. There’s something very intimate and sweet about waiting for the right person and having them be the only person you can share your body with, especially if they’ve done the same.

No. 503564

So did some Youtuber with a vendetta get PULL and Guru Gossiper taken down? I think it's highly suspicious they both aren't working at the same time. And they definitely show up in the first page of results for many narcissistic Youtubers.

No. 503625

Not sure if you're still here anon, but I wish you the best of luck!! I hope your job is wonderful and you'll make a lot of friends! Maybe see if you can find facebook/meetup groups in your area of people who share a similar interest?

No. 503626

File: 1578926836762.jpg (76.77 KB, 750x747, original (2).jpg)

I'm embarrassed that I post enough about my dog that at least one person has noticed it, but yes it's me!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words, this really put a smile on my face.

No. 503717

NikkieTutorials being a tranny makes so much sense now.
Unusually tall, ugly, receding hairline, plastic surgery, talks like a gay man/caricature. To be fair I thought he was just genetically unfortunate or had PCOS or something, but it makes sense.

No. 503722

She was featured as a guest judge in a makeup reality show contest on Netflix.

I had never heard of her before but from watching her something was just off and I couldn’t figure out what. My first impression was that she was a man.

No. 503725

searching Youtube to confirm
Ironic that she looks more female than Mykie now (after all the surgery and veeners) who is a cis female.

Regarding her "coming out" before she is outed by someone (skimmed the comments and that seems to be what happened) I have a fan theory that there are Several Hollywood transgender women and men who have funded the whole TRA movement of the last few years as a safety cushion in the event they get outed.

No. 503729

Intrigued. Who are these several celebs?

No. 503730

File: 1578948507527.png (337.59 KB, 971x473, 356667.PNG)

/r/ConsumeProduct, a sub based off the consoomer meme, motivates me to work. I'm not even some super pop culture geek, it's just something about these posts make me want to work

No. 503742

Heard the news and my first instinct was to come here kek
In retrospect, I guess it does make sense, but I'm still in shock. I'd never have clocked… him. I don't know what to do with this information.

No. 503745

the last day of my period when it can’t fucking decide whether it wants to actually be here or not is the dumbest shit ever but i refuse to shove a dry ass tampon up there. guess i’ll suffer

No. 503746

I was surprised it took him this long to come out. I mean, good for him, I guess? This is how you properly stealth.

No. 503753

I thought my city had a hebephilia clinic till I re read it and it said hemophilia

No. 503765

I'm literally so fucking tired of our new neighbors. We live in an apartment and they're in a end unit and we're right next to them, we've been here for four years and have never had a problem with loud neighbors until now.

They are so fucking loud in every kind of way, our apartments are pretty sound proofed but we can literally hear them stomping up and down their stairs all night, slamming their door and theres always this random fucking banging sound, not like walking or hammering like it sounds like they're punching the wall every 10 minutes, its even worse because its always between 12-4am that it really starts up.
They're always playing loud music, random fucking people have started showing up and parking in our reserved spot and they go over there and start talking/yelling super loud.
They have a dog that is always whining and barking and I know for a fact they never take it out to walk.
the other night they were on the balcony with a bunch of other people all smoking and drinking and yelling and laughing super loud until 3am.
The smell of weed has started accumulating in our apartment and it makes me sick.
literally the worst part though is I have my cats ashes sitting on a shelf thats up against the wall we share with them and one night the stomping/thumping was so bad our couch was shaking and my cats urn fell and broke.
We've filed noise complaints and called the cops out several times despite my hatred of cops just for the sounds and smell of weed and we've told the landlord but they never did anything and the neighbors still wont stop, if anything it sounds like they're now trying to intentionally piss us off.
IDK what to do at this point, other than to just keep being a petty white bitch and keep calling the police on them, I want to blast some loud deathmetal and start banging on the walls when I know they're sleeping but then the tenants on the other side of this would have to hear it too.
I've also considered keying their car or something but they'd know it us and I don't feel like getting into an all out turf war with these trashy bitches.

No. 503767

I have neighbors like this and had to move my bed as far away from the shared wall as possible, put up expensive noise cancelling foam on that wall, and start sleeping with earplugs in, very loud white noise and ambient music playing on loop, and take melatonin when it seems like they're going to get particularly bad (like on weekends when I hear a crowd of people yelling and sprinting up the steps with them at midnight). If your neighbors continue with extremely loud music in the middle of the night then definitely keep calling the cops during those particularly bad times, especially if they are actively smoking pot at the same time as the noise complaint you have a better chance of them actually facing punishment.

No. 503768

High femme couple is ultimate. This channel makes me feel so lonely on a fucking visceral level. Although if my gf is that level of beauty I'd be certain some rich man is gonna steal her away eventually.

No. 503771

Sorry to hear you're going through the same thing anon.
We've started sleeping on the couch with the TV on just because its slightly more quiet in the living room than in our bedroom but even with the tv turned up and a fan on we can still hear them, the vibrations/thuds are almost worse than the sound itself though, literally everything shakes.
Currently drafting up a long af email to our landlord that has some audio recordings we took of the noise, idk what else to do other than be petty at this point.

No. 503780

This video is so cute and I understand your longing

No. 503783

anon are you me? My situation is much the same, most families in my area are young parents but there's one broken household that's basically poisoning the whole area because the teenage boy keeps bringing back gangs and drama. Constant weed stench and fighting loud enough to shake my walls, the same late nights, complete disregard to the fact other people live here and it disgusts me.

Ideally I want the authorities to just kick these white trash losers out, especially because dogs aren't allowed here. They also had/have a bike they would store downstairs which is banned because it's a fire hazard but I don't have any hard proof of this stuff because I don't want to dedicate my free time to these fuckers. The only shred of hope I have is that there's a regular neighbourhood watch and meetings held for residents to give feedback, and the police and wardens already seem to have their eye on this family.

No. 503786

File: 1578964229057.png (76.17 KB, 956x452, 21455252.PNG)

I wonder how the judge what the best puzzle is

No. 503788

dude i'm in a happy relationship and would pine for that, tfw no cute af gf to match outfits with. this content made me 80% gayer instantly.

No. 503790

Ikr! feels.png
Omg yes, they're always wearing matching clothes and it's just!! I dress kinda weeb and only ever dated andro women so we'd only ever wear matching shoes and color coordinate at most tbh

No. 503791

I'm feeling lonely

No. 503798

I started chatting online with this guy from another country, and it turns out that I really enjoy spending time with him. We chat daily, watch shows together, talk on the phone. He's so sweet, and appreciative, always making me feel like a wanted and important part of his day.
Not long ago we started sharing pictures of ourselves (random selfies, nothing weird or sexual), and oh my God he's hot.
I don't want to develop feelings for someone I might never get to meet in person. How do I stop this?

No. 503799

>another anon who read for OP's pic
>fall for Makimura instead
>tfw no unsexual sincere cop BF
t-thanks for the rec anon
Kikuhara and Morisawa were qt too god what's wrong with me

No. 503800

He's probably catfishing you

No. 503804

He asked me if we could videochat but I'm too self conscious about my looks to say yes
And also, I shouldn't care if he's attractive or not, because we're supposed to be friends and just that

No. 503805

Deleted vidya, what was it?

No. 503806

only troon I haven't clocked. thought he was just a tall, ugly fag hag who had found solace in make up, do know many girls like that. honestly troons should take a lesson, he always dressed like the average unfortunate woman who still kinda tries, didn't try to be a smol animu loli hehe, based his identity around something else but the troonery, never spoke of it even.

No. 503810

please please secure your animals in your car with a crash tested harness or carrier. i didn't have to learn this lesson the hard way, i very nearly took my dog to the pet store with us last night. ive never worried much since she only goes on surface streets in the car frequently. we were tboned by someone going 45. she would have definitely died if she had been with me. i feel so so stupid for always letting her ride on laps now. never again. i bought a new carrier this morning for her.

No. 503822

holy shit anon, glad you’re okay and double glad you didn’t lose your pup. i didn’t know they even made what sounds like car seats for dogs but it makes perfect sense

No. 503825

yes! i bought the cheapest from a brand called sleepypod that buckles in with a seat belt. it was tested independently with videos of it passing crash tests. it was about 100 bucks.

No. 503835

Some guy in an oversized sweatshirt and undies showing his bulge then pulling out his dick.

No. 503836

Rip lolcow is just slightly edgy PULL now, it was inevitable. Oh well, this should cut my screen time.

No. 503894

Been on this site for 1.5 years now, I'm curious to know how it was before?

No. 503898

i've been on the site off and on since it's conception and i'll tell you that it was never some kind of women safe haven like anons keep asserting. the site was never pc but it was also never hugely political. 4 or 5 years ago we had man hate threads some of the time, but never such an extreme push in that direction. however i feel like lolcow has gotten a reputation among other imageboards for being female oriented (and full of "feminazis" thanks to /r9k/) so i'm thinking that's why such a shift happened. it's only been 2 years or even less since the site had GC/PP/radfem type people who were so set on the site being for them. most of those users don't use any boards besides /ot/, which wasn't really a thing before. people who don't use other boards are misinterpreting the site and the userbase.

No. 503909

File: 1579017111661.png (129.79 KB, 474x329, dfgd.PNG)

Fuck I love haoris so much, I don't care if it makes me a weeb. I own two that I got in Japan and they just look like really nice oversized cardigans. I really want to buy this one because I love lycoris radiatas so much!! They're my favorite flower.

No. 503913

I once witnessed someone who I would assume to be male describe LC as /r9k/ for TERFs in an IRC channel.

No. 503919

some of us aren't sex workers with bpd looking to nitpick other sex workers with bpd, get over it lol

No. 503920

lmao lolcow was filled with anachans and retards b4 and now its better

No. 503925

been here since 15 and i used to go to /pt/ and /snow/ until /ot/ developed its own (imo more interesting and unique) board culture and i was hooked on it since
this. lolcow was crazy and full of self hating retards back in the day. it actually improved sooo much

No. 503926

i mean 15 the year not an age

No. 503927

this is so cute! do you know any options or website I can buy these online? i'm not going to japan anytime soon…

No. 503931

File: 1579024222180.jpg (387.19 KB, 550x750, img_3102.jpg)

This particular one is from https://www.3magpiesstudio.com/ but they are unfortunately very pricey (but understandably so).

Ebay has a lot of them, sometimes will even have like 10 in a single listing for about $100-200! Just search 'haori' and tons and tons will pop up. When I bought mine in person, they were about $20 each, but I personally wouldn't pay more than $50 for one on ebay (and $50 being brand new and/or having a very lovely and unique print that I think is worth it). When I bought it in Japan, the seller even recommended putting a belt on around it for a look like pic related!

I've also seen various online shops on ig now sell sort of modern ones with cool Japanese inspired art, but the sleeves are a little different (F21 even has similar looking ones but calls them kimonos), but I really love and prefer traditional ones. There was also a news article a while back on soranews24 about a designer sort of "reinventing" the haori to be more winter appropriate (I think it has warmer lining or something) but they're designer and cost upwards of $100 so lol nope. I wear mine on warmer spring/fall days and they keep me warm enough! Happy hunting anon!

No. 503941

thank you! I was about to go to my local Asian mall because they sell real silk kimonos there. But these ones look better quality and are hand-made! I want to get a black one with a rich accent colour like red or purple and pair it with black jeans and a black turtleneck. I love wearing Oriental statement pieces with my clothes (hopefully it isn't offensive to the cultures)

No. 503953

Ooh that sounds really nice, I hope you'll find what you're looking for!

Of the two I own, one is a bright sky blue with a HUGE sakura tree on the back with embroidered sakura flowers scattered throughout the haori (some in gold thread, some in regular pink/white thread) and I don't wear it out often because it's not very subtle haha. My other one is entirely black, but if you look closely, there's a woven cloud pattern in the fabric! It's lovely and the one I usually wear out. Most people don't notice what it is unless I lift up my arms or I start digging in my sleeve for stuff (sometimes I'll put my phone in there lol).

I love wearing mine with long skirts, and turtle necks look really great with it! I also like the look of wearing something long sleeved under it.

No. 503957

File: 1579029617981.jpeg (72.76 KB, 828x674, 06D3AA77-4425-4BEE-939F-B6D27A…)

the amount of hate too faced and anyone who associates with it is getting because of the founder’s sister making this jab at nikki is making me mighty uncomfortable

i get what she said is idiotic and terrible especially if it’s true that she’s the one who blackmailed nikki but that’s her, not the brand. blandino isn’t even the owner of tf anymore.

No. 503972

I wish I looked like late 90's Kirsten Dunst, pretty but in a natural way, with no real stand out features. Girls that have an easy natural beauty like that are lucky.

No. 504004

I would assume searching 羽織 in a Japanese proxy website could help you find more designs and probably cheaper

No. 504014

File: 1579045177911.jpg (377.05 KB, 1873x1599, 81U9Fxr5oVL.jpg)

Batman doesn't have superpowers though

No. 504023

or a family

No. 504025

i want twitter and instagram to die so new social medias will be created and ill be able to make accounts with the usernames i actually want

No. 504030

No. 504032

Great taste, anon

No. 504034

I cant stop laughing at this video. Eve is so cute haha

No. 504126

i thought my cousin was regular phone addicted normie. Turns out her normie friends were annoyed by her short attention span too

No. 504128

the company I work for keeps going down the drain, no one seems to give a fuck about whats going on and everyone just fucks about

No. 504133

Yesterday I was able to do the splits withoutany discomfort at all so I am sharing with you my recipe for learning how to do it because I used to be jealous of people who could do it and I know there must be other people who feel that way as well.
1) DO NOT attempt to do it without getting warmed up first. You will injure yourself. I tried and my leg hurt for a week
2) after warming up (best way would be to just exercise) try to do the splits. Don't force it or you'll get hurt. When you get to your limit it will feel really umcomfortable but just hold that position for a few seconds.
3) if you cannot do it at all, try at least like crouching over one of your legs and extending the other, and then try to touchthe extended foot with your hand.
4) remember not to force it
I know at first itmight seem impossible as it did for me but I learned how to do it in just a week.

No. 504147

My heart does somersaults when a girl compliments me, even if it's just from an anon on here. Being told things like 'you sound so cute anon!' or 'you're pretty' by a girl means so much to me. I wonder why? Is it because women are used to men complimenting them? Do I subconsciously think men only compliment me to get in my pants? Whatever! Female friendships make me so happy. Lolcow makes me happy, honestly. It's fun! Which probably sounds stupid, but I like it.

No. 504154

>>504147 this is so wholesome, anon and i agree. women complimenting vs men complimenting me just tips the scale 1000%

No. 504160

I love Love Live so much. There's just something so fun about cute girls dancing to cute songs and the music genuinely makes me happy lol. It's so stupid but it's genuinely become a source of happiness for me!

No. 504174

I'm in my college's library right now and the guy next to me is blasting metal through his earphones and it's really hard not to laugh.
I'm pretty sure he's listening to System of a Down (good taste honestly) but it's just so funny to me because everyone else is totally silent while I'm just hearing heavy guitar.
I'm so afraid of turning my weeb music up loud enough in public that people can hear it through my earphones.

No. 504179

File: 1579084208621.gif (1.03 MB, 650x803, tumblr_nsqr1a999W1rm5zm0o1_128…)

I finally got the courage to open up about my depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts to my mother. I have an appointment with a nurse this afternoon who will hopefully listen and guide me to a psychologist. The place where I'm going is actually the place my mother got help too so it's a good thing.
It's a HUGE step for me because I never actually talked about it even if I've been suffering for years. I'm also struggling with money because I didn't find a job yet and can't go fulltime because it's too heavy on my nerves so this didn't help my mental state either. I've only found some families to babysit for (better than nothing I guess) in the meantime. Hopefully I find one part time soon.
If it wasn't for the fact that my bf is being hostile and ghosting me for w/e reason, this would be a fine day.
I'll keep you guys updated after the meeting. Cheers.

No. 504180

i want twitter and instagram to die for totally different reasons but yes, agree. i want my username to be my name, and my favourite fictional characters. reminds me of username swapping/buying on tumblr…

No. 504181

I know that feel anon. Idols are great!

No. 504188

ouch man

No. 504201

In just a week? That's really cool! Did you follow any video for instructions or…?

No. 504220

File: 1579104799283.png (992.42 KB, 1028x814, 20200115_110516.png)

I've been playing Red Dead Online recently, it has its problems but I'm really enjoying it. I see these videos of huge posses all having fun together and I wish I had some people to roam around and do missions with!
The only problem is I'm kinda bad at the game, I'm not that good at shooting and I get destroyed in PvP matches because everyone is like level +100 with these really good ability cards and sniper rifles and all that.
My character is also male as well, I just like the look of the male character more than the stick thin porcelain doll female characters I've seen.
I feel like it'd be weird and I'd get a lot of questions since my voice is feminine? and I'm not too sure about the actual community of the game, the people I've used voice chat with were really nice, but I've also had some awful experiences playing video games with random dudes as well.
Pic related, it's my character

No. 504235

File: 1579109245887.png (35.17 KB, 458x227, 3453466.png)

I just found this site full of bottom of the barrel math jokes. They've been doing this for 11 years

No. 504238

I'm too stupid for math, can you please explain? I want to enjoy this

No. 504241

i have ocd and brush my teeth way too much. i've managed to stop doing it the usual four times in a day and now it's just twice a day. i think i probably still brush too hard and too long though, since my teeth still often feels sensitive and painful. or maybe it's just irreversible damage from when i brushed them more often? i go to the dentist 1-2 times a year and they never mentioned my teeth looking damaged, and they look fine to me too, so maybe i am just being a hypochondriac. i should probably still mention it to my dentist though and see what she says. i hate that i do this, i am terrified of damaging and losing my healthy teeth, yet brushing them less is so difficult. i need to try harder

No. 504242

File: 1579110942286.jpeg (83.36 KB, 1280x720, 4D66CEBA-398E-400A-8BF0-1904EA…)

I know it's not healthy, but gosh I love the dynamic Homura and Madoka have.
Maybe it's a little stereotypical, but dark, edgy, introverted, smart girl with pink, bubbly, extroverted happy girl is top notch.

No. 504253

be ESPECIALLY gentle on your gums, I greatly damaged mine by brushing too hard. get an electric toothbrush and just put it on your teeth and gums without applying any pressure. if you spit out blood with your toothpaste foam it means you're damaging your gums.

No. 504257


same here. I brush my theet three times a day, because I feel like didn't gave enough damn about mine in the past years that made me mortefide about losing my teeth, not a long time a go I made an about-turn and now I feel like I'm damaging my teeth with being too obsessed with them? I can't find peace with my teeth in any way and it's because I can't stand the idea of losing mine in the near future. Just yesterday I had another sleepless night about this idea lmao it will never end


second this.

No. 504274

>if you spit out blood with your toothpaste foam it means you're damaging your gums.

…it's a sign of gingivitis

No. 504292

My school has free gumballs and I kept eating them like candy and now I've been shitting my guts out

No. 504309

File: 1579127332592.jpeg (19.9 KB, 275x229, 1531777248502.jpeg)

When I moved into this apartment building last year I found out that one of my neighbors had cats, and they would occasionally be let out and wander around the building. They were two adorable little tabbies and seeing them always brightened my day, but not too long after moving in I started to only see one of the cats, and he was always alone from then on. I feared that his friend had died. Well, today I was coming home, saw the little guy, pet him a bit, and went up the stairs to go to my apartment… and was greeted by a second kitty! I'm so happy that she's still here!
Sadly I see the second cat so rarely that she doesn't really know me. They're both really skittish little things, but I won the other cat over with my scritches and now he'll come up to me willingly. With the other cat, she gets really easily spooked so I sat on the floor and waited with my hand out to let her approach me but she would only watch from a distance, so I let her be and left. I hope I'll get to see her more so we can be friends, all I want is to be able to speak to animals so I can tell them that I mean no harm, I just fucking love them all so much.

No. 504310

i just wanna say that the bot of the meta general was the most sentient thing there

i sadly couldnt say it there

No. 504311

Its rare that women make art that really touches me or has any depth, I'm a feminist but I'm conflicted about things, why do women try so hard to be sexy or look good in their art instead of just expressing themselves?

No. 504312

what are you talking about, crazy?

No. 504314

You shouldn't brush more than twice a day and floss once a day. If you feel like you're still feeling a film of plaque on your teeth than you should change your diet, I literally have more plaque when I eat sugar and carbs than after eating something healthy. Also it can be genetic, which is why dentistry needs to fall under health insurance and be much cheaper, many people are genetically prone to having brittle teeth.

No. 504316

Idk if I'm willing to elaborate when you are calling me crazy tbf, my day was already shit as it was

No. 504318

bc women cant express themselves or be ugly even in art.

No. 504321

Art is a medium excelled mostly by men so it makes sense. Women will just have to catch up!

No. 504323

File: 1579128215560.jpeg (2.89 MB, 1187x1800, 92E264A7-D2B7-4C8F-9863-809589…)

I will just pretend not to see through your post that wasn't even thoughtful or backed with examples. Picture related was so drawn by a girl.

No. 504324

If mixed babies are so cute why did my husband leave when I had one?(radfem racebait)

No. 504325

go back to pol scrote

No. 504326

I'm gonna guess that in the past, women weren't allowed to do much of anything, only now do we have the opportunity to explore careers outside of housework but there still remains a strong 'structure' that the only ones who are allowed (by the industry) to become famous for what they do have to put out in some way. And there is an extreme pressure to look good at the top otherwise people will pick your flaws like vultures.

No. 504327

Lesbos objectify women a lot in their art so idk

No. 504328

This makes my back hurt so bad

No. 504329

Because they can sexualize women? Duh? Then I'd say go look at straight women art if you're such a purist, there's so many wholesome female artists around.

No. 504331

Just saying that if you want to complain about men sexualizing women, you have to include lesbos too because sometimes they are even worse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 504335

Well good thing you ain't falling for neither lesbians nor straight women, right dude?

No. 504337

That's just most art nowadays, people in general simply lost dept, I kinda blame the obsession with female beauty, anti-romanticization of everything, and people who laugh at actual meaningful art

No. 504338

Women tend to sexualize themselves or allow others to sexualize them in art, but that kind of art doesn't interest me. When men paint or make music they don't make their bodies the center of attention the way a lot of women do. I wish more women would follow.

No. 504342

kys males

No. 504344

Catharsis for myself. Tonight it needs to happen. To let go of the past, forget about other peoples opinions of me, to let the fuck go. I dwell so fucking much on the mistakes I've made, the people I've hurt, when it only hurts me in the end. I already apologized to them and they've moved on, why am I still stuck? Why can't I forgive myself? And why do I harbor resentment for others in different situations who just moved on with their lives? I'll be 30 this year and I'm still a fucking wreck half the time. I have to take my life into my own hands and live for today, not yesterday. Not fearing the future, trying to control every little thing, but taking the moment I have to create something good and positive in my life. Cherish those in my life that are here for me in the here and now, don't resent those who have left, allow others into my life with open arms with no motives or crazy urgency. Let my guard down and live. Breathe. Take my dogs for a walk every day. Clean my apartment up because I enjoy it more when its tidy. Actually study so I'm not stressed. Take care of myself and shower regularly. No one will care for my well being as well as me. I am the master of my domain. It will be my year this year god dammit, I will be the positive change in my life. Thank you former person I dated who made a tumblr post about me 9 years ago, it took me being completely shocked and appalled at what you said to realize wait that was when we were fucking 19-20 why the fuck do I still feel so strongly about you venting to tumblr? Why did I go back on and the first thing I did was literally search through your backlog of mentions of me?? Fuck that shit, fuck the past because it already happened and I don't need to relive it, its time to fucking take control of my life if I'm so god damn unhappy. Rely on myself and be happy if others add to my happiness, but not expect it. Lets fucking go.

No. 504345

Go back to your containment board while you can, retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 504348

t. incel on the brink of suicide from not getting female validation

No. 504352

AKSHUALLY there was a period in music say the 60s-90s even 2000s where women would talk about what they want in a man and sexualize men. Disco and Rnb Music sung by female artists was extremely popular for this. Also Disco and RnB male artists sexualize themselves too. It's not my fault hip hop culture replaced that and made women hypersexualized and men act too kewl to be hot.

No. 504353

>dumb scrote against the PP/Gender crit threads

Surprise, surprise. LOL

No. 504355


Also let's remember corporations and hyper consumerism ruined everything about art and music. The 21st century is truly a punisher for the artistic people.

No. 504356

you're going to trigger the janitors/admins or whatever the fuck they are called

No. 504357

Dumbass farmhand redtexted with radfem racebait when this is obviously a pol sperg scrote

No. 504358

The jailhouse mods.

No. 504366

Farmhands proved it was one of you dumbfucks posting bait because of your post history.

No. 504371

1) Many farmers use the same VPN

2) Who do I trust more? The admin and mod team that have been irrationally against pp/ gender crit threads because they're afraid of racebait and scrote bait and the girls who obsessively pick at irrelevant internet personalities for hours vs the pp and gender crit anons who actually had some interesting and unusual (for the current boring slogfest that is the internet, anyways) insights on this drama board?

No. 504373

>Many farmers use the same VPN
Can confirm. Sometimes I found bans for other people's posts kek.

No. 504374

You should post on the video game thread on /m/, there's been mention of that game before.
And I feel you with the voicechat and randos, there is so much I haven't done yet on Destiny because voice chat just makes me so nervous.

No. 504387

At some point in the past several weeks the pot I use to boil my menstrual cup between periods disappeared from the bathroom closet of my parents house (visiting home for the holidays). Asked around, my mom didn’t know. Finally my sister told me she was cleaning in there and didn’t know what the deal was with it so she took it to goodwill. GOODWILL. Some poor wretched soul is out there cooking macaroni in my menstrual cup saucepan.

At the same time I’ve purchased lots of kitchenware from Goodwill over the years which I’m now very suspicious of.

No. 504388

Quit it with the samefagging and larping as a scrote, fatass. You've been chimping for DAYS.

No. 504393

Today I saw a girl that looked like Andrea Dworkin, and then I got excited and thought about asking for a picture with her. Then I thought she would not be excited by the comparison and decided not to ask.

No. 504394

i bought my cousin (hes 10 and has autism, one of his biggest special interests is bugs mainly beetles and ants) one of those uncle Milton ant farms to add to the ant farm he already had and the ants they send with them bite and sting, obviously cuz i tried to keep them and killed them (oops). he knew i did it but was okay with it his other ants as they weren't the same type because they are all the same ants type and some he caught at school to keep as he and some of his friends have a couple of ant farms they track on the play ground (full blown like note books and them trying to convince the teachers and one of his friend's dads to let them set up his friends' dads' go pro.)
what is so funny to me is way before this when he about 6 i used to make him different entomology videos as it was the only child friendly youtube videos i could think of.

now i am sitting here having to learn to about ants from youtube videos that he told me to watch so i make sure i get the right ants he has in his other farm when i order them.

this is an oddly wholesome situation, my heart is full. even tho i killed some ants.
PS: if any anons get one of those ant farms look into getting different ants idk why they think sending ants that can sting/bite was a good idea
say a prayer for that poor soul omg

No. 504398

I've never gotten the appeal of ASMR but I was watching this and the last soap bar gave me tingles up my spine. Is that what ASMR does? Is that why people like it? It was weird.

No. 504399

I kind of get why people like ASMR because I like the sound of my own whisper, sometimes I whisper to myself when I'm alone, especially in the bathroom. I'll just sit and rub my rib area while whispering to myself on the toilet.

No. 504400

Andrea Dworkin bless her heart was extremely unattractive, never for the love of god ever tell someone they look like her (even if true).

No. 504401

File: 1579140936556.jpeg (44.37 KB, 576x480, A7B243F8-E088-4A25-9688-C74DDB…)

Even as a feminist I would weep if someone mistook me for pic related

No. 504402

I actually hate the sound of whispering lol but I like the crackling sounds

No. 504404

File: 1579141168781.jpeg (105.57 KB, 1040x1040, E74434A6-E667-4BD6-8E7E-F7AE2A…)


Same anon here, I was so disturbed I went to the Goodwill and searched for it. I’m too late, it’s gone. Someone out there is delighted they found a saucepan that’s cool enough to come with a thin invisible film of nonstick silicone built up inside…

No. 504405

you know If she had taken her of health she would still be alive right now

No. 504406

jesus christ stop taking this shitty bait, anyone knows this is complete fucking bullshit as soon as you get away from mainstream crap in pretty much any field and become minimally invested on finding good creators.

No. 504408

it's pretty normal for people to choose whatever character they think looks cool in online games irregardless of gender, epsecially since a lot of girls choose guy characters to go under the radar and guys who pick their waifus

No. 504412

I hate voice/whisper videos but the soap stuff is nice.

No. 504414

Are the Good Burger kids smart or dumb?

No. 504441

File: 1579153377457.png (9.8 MB, 2175x3897, what.png)

I have no idea where else to post this, but uh

Someone in my building did… whatever this is to their door.

Yes, the little black and white images are anime ahegao faces.

No. 504444

Holy shit the cringe. I'm sorry you have to live in a building with someone like this. I hope it was a joke or lost bet.

No. 504452

It's so…ugly.
>the Belle Delphine photo with the lesbian and pride badges
I find it hard to believe an actual lesbian would do this.

No. 504454

Anime girl ahegao + Bell Delphine leads me to think It's probably a Transbian tbh

No. 504456

These are the impressions I also got, but I can't be certain.

Also, the thing taped to the door knob is a pair of panties.

No. 504459

are you in a dorm? I grew up in a really conservative town and knew lesbians who probably did dumb stuff like this when they first moved out of their homophobic parents' house, just to revel in their newfound freedom by way of degeneracy and trolling.

No. 504460

I think this is a prank by someone to the owners door. Mainly because it looks chaotic, cheap, and has ass in it. Could've lost a bet, came out as lesbian (to laugh at her), or they found the guys lesbian anime porn fetish.

No. 504462

File: 1579161557012.jpg (44.54 KB, 483x378, tumblr_inline_p7zalh4Y981ukoi7…)

On the 13th I received a 3-day ban from 4chan (for posting unspoilered porn art on /co/, forgot I wasn't on /b/ where I usually am) and have been browsing the hell out of here and crystal.cafe to pass the time. Thankfully, it'll be over in about 16 and a half hours. I used to be able to spend hours online and never get out of my chair, now I struggle to find anything entertaining online. Wonder what happened.

No. 504468

Next door had this funny ginger tom cat with the most evil looking face I’ve ever seen, he’s huge and furry and he winds up all the dogs in the neighbourhood, including ours, because he walks along the fences connecting all the houses. He doesn’t give a single shit, he seems totally fearless. I’ve tried to make friends with him but he just stares down at me like “wtf do you want” with his beautiful green eyes. He’s like a tiger, I admire him so much. I wish I had a cat, any cat would do. I had an extremely timid and beautiful long haired tortoiseshell who would be very affectionate to her family members as long as they didn’t sneeze too loud.

No. 504496

Sadly, the election mostly ruined the chans.

No. 504515

>Belle Delphine pic
>anime girls and ahegao
>lesbian pin
>pink panties taped to the knob, le gay scissors joke
Seems like you live in the same building as a tranny

No. 504521

That kitty is precious.

No. 504526

Last summer I had an issue with bugs biting me in my sleep and I woke up itching like crazy. I couldn't find any signs of bedbugs, but I dusted diatomaceous earth all over my bed and it stopped. Last night, even before I fell asleep, I had such intense itching on my hands and neck but this morning there doesn't seem to be any sign of bites or anything. When I was walking through my dark apartment this morning to put my cup in the sink, I felt a little nub on my finger and silently freaked out and tried to smack whatever it was off my finger. I walked into the lit kitchen and there was now a little cut on my finger and I wonder if a tiny bug had latched on without me realizing and bit down? It doesn't itch, just hurts. I can't stop freaking out about bugs in my room again ugh.

No. 504528

>badly arranged setting in general
>belle delphine
>pink everywhere
>scissoring imagery
Either a mentally deranged transbian or someone pulling a prank.

No. 504536

The latter would be my bet. Someone just came out and is being bullied for it.

No. 504537

Retrowave/synthwave is so weird yet I feel so relaxed and nostalgic listening to it.
Maybe because I enjoy retro sci-fi and that kind of music is everywhere in those movies.
It just makes me feel comfy.

No. 504540

I'm the same with vaporwave. It makes me feel this bittersweet nostalgia for a past that never existed. It's this strangely satisfying feeling of feeling sad but comfortable at the same time.

No. 504560

I dropped a class last year I needed for my degree and was upset about it, but after signing up again I found out that the professor completely redid the course. It went from using the absolute piece of shit Dreamweaver for website building to ezpz Wordpress.

No. 504563

Really hope this guy gets therapy for his autism

No. 504567

I don't think so. This door was decorated for other holidays, and the city I live in is really liberal.

Whoever lives there definitely put it up themselves.

No. 504587

File: 1579208237861.png (43.79 KB, 597x398, wat.PNG)

Randomly browsing through twitter and clicked to see replies to a gruesome tweet about a hit and run to see what people were saying and it's just this one nobody dude replying on all four of his accounts??? I was intrigued because I thought he might just be making fan accounts for himself like a weirdo but all he does is retweet shit about trains, nypd, and retweets Verizon a lot. idk, just struck me as a little bit weird lol

No. 504589

File: 1579208438814.png (78.4 KB, 604x642, udsfhs.PNG)

samefagging but another thing that caught my eye is one of the profiles REALLY seems to hate a news co-anchor. Just your stereotypical autist, I guess.

No. 504590


No. 504592

I didn't watch the video, but my first thought from looking at the thumbnail was, "If they truly hated furries they wouldn't be called Fox News."

No. 504597

I'm finally watching Sex, Explained by Netflix for the first time and it made me feel like I'm not normal for having borderline vanilla fantasies and this is not the first time either, whenever fantasies are mentioned it is always twisted dirty fantasies and it makes me feel odd for not having this sort of thoughts. i might have had naughtier fantasies years ago but in the last few years the dirties thing i would fantasies about is fantasizing about having vanilla sex with some other than the person i usually fantasize about.

No. 504612

This. I had some back when i was a teenager but nowdays it's more about feeling retarded for wanting to boink a celeb. Not even that kinky-ly.

No. 504613

Don't let the degenerates make you think there's anything wrong with vanilla.
Sex and attraction is all about personal preference.

No. 504615

>he’s huge and furry
I totally misread this as 'he's huge and A furry' and I don't know how to feel. Oh my gosh anon, I thought you had a crush on an actual FURRY. I was wondering why other anons weren't replying to your post oh my gosh I am relieved.

No. 504627

I'm with you guys in that I had weirder/kinkier fantasies when I was younger and now the fantasy part is just who i'd be fucking and in what context, the actual fucking is very straightforward. I almost feel like a lot of kink is easier to get into since a lot of it involves overwhelming stimulus in a short time span but being ENTHUSIASTIC about vanilla and n and not just going through the motions requires more self confidence and experience and focus.

No. 504641

if you can get dry ice anon, use it to make bedbug traps. you can google how to make them, they're really easy. you'll catch a ton, if you have them. the best way to kill them is with this hyper concentrated neem oil, i forget the brand name but it works. bedbugs suck, good luck to you!

No. 504667

Need desperate help.
The reason I barely shower is because showers gross me out. I clean the fuck out of them, but the fact that I'm stepping in one with my feet makes me panick so fucking much. I've been considering wearing crocks exclusively for the shower. Does anyone else go through this? Just thinking about it makes me feel itchy and want to puke.

No. 504670

get those little disposable plastic baggies people wear on their feet in public changing rooms so they dont athletes foot

No. 504680

Get crocs. The plastic baggies would work fine I guess but better get something durable if it's something that you'll use daily.

No. 504681

She could slip so easily, anon. Crocs sound better.

No. 504684

File: 1579241847823.jpeg (263.16 KB, 748x1526, 845EF186-D5D0-41ED-BFE0-482316…)

I don’t know where this belongs, but I feel like it belongs somewhere.

No. 504688

File: 1579242702227.jpeg (468.7 KB, 750x1206, 21180D25-305F-4CCD-9A39-09E4AE…)

This is going to sound condescending and I swear I don’t mean it this way but: have none of you ever lived in a dorm before?

Basically in those gross freshmen college dorms where you all share showers for the floor, sandals in the shower are required. Basically just any kind of rubber sandal works just fine. If sandals aren’t your thing, they do also make just those like, water shoes (you know, like for the beach or wherever you don’t want to have your foot exposed to the body of water’s floor), I’d imagine those would be more appropriate than crocs at least. They’re out of season now but when Summer/beach stuff starts to roll around I bet you could get a pair for $5 or something. The rubber sandals are the super cheap ones too.

No. 504696

The only showers as gross as you describe are in crappy hostels where I live, dorms here have ensuite bathrooms.

No. 504698

Kek 4 out of 5 admins ended up in jail? Holy shit

No. 504734

holy shit that's hilarious

No. 504735

I was thinking about the queen today and wondering if she could have been interned but Photobucket has become completely unusable, "no matter what I do the website will not let me in or click on anything" unusable. It's probably not going to be long until it shuts down and I fear we'll lose track of Pixy.

I can't see much past all the Photobucket bullshit but she posted christmas pictures so at least she's still around. I miss her deluded weeb happy LJ days so much.

No. 504748

My dorms had individual bathrooms for each room. I feel like communal bathrooms in college dorms are a stereotype.

No. 504756

communal baths in state colleges are the norm.

No. 504759

File: 1579264591321.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

It's been almost half a year since I got a hug or was affectionate with someone. Being human sucks, I don't want the attention and affection but part of me needs it

No. 504762

2 years here

No. 504770

Etc etc
I'm honestly just so paranoid and retarded about this, I would risk slipping and cracking my skull over this.
This is for ANY shower,, even rhe one at home. Don't get me started on public showers.

No. 504804

File: 1579280369674.gif (1.15 MB, 320x240, D83D3DEB-0806-4A78-AC66-AB063F…)

Love you girls. Sending a virtual hug.

No. 504806

Feel this anon. The most affection I get is from my gfs and 1 platonic male friend I snuggle with sometimes when I’m stoned or cold lmao. Like what I gotta do fer some o that love n affection.

No. 504854

File: 1579292718691.png (1.17 MB, 969x908, 4566545.PNG)

A bet they were trying to make it sound like praise, but this sounds like a giant insult to America

No. 504861

How so? Does the building have historical significance? Americana usually refers to something of that nature. Just curious.

No. 504866

salena zito is such a dumbass. whatever to dollar general, she's upset that cities wanted them to provide more nutritious options to their (mostly low income) customer base and they refused, and they see them as deterrents to full service grocery stores in low income areas. there is like… a trashy americana aesthetic that dollar general fits into? like waffle house, but i'm not sure that's worth preserving. if dollar general gave a shit, why not just change their inventory?? no, of course it's all the city and state's fault.

No. 504913

Onision made it to my local morning radio station haha what a cuck

No. 504953

i know her life was tough and i feel bad, but edith piaf's voice sucked. her voice was incredibly irritating. why does everyone pretend to like her? for culture? it's very obnoxious and grating.

No. 504960

sorry but you are wrong.

No. 504968

Today I listened to Fred Knudsen's collab about one of those furry zoosadists and onision was mentioned in that too kek. Finally the recognition he deserves, a small disparaging mention in a niche video about a prolific animal abuser

No. 504981

Idk, I always liked her voice. I think it’s pretty, but I understand how some people might not like it.

No. 504982

For some reason a mentally handicapped man messaged me on twitter, to add me on discord, and is now asking me to make him a "rest in peace" video so that this other channel will stop bothering him.

In the end he changed his mind, and said that he was sorry he asked but this whole experience was puzzling. I think he might actually be a minor lolcow to some people, but I have never heard about him in my life.

No. 504987

If I can't be a tween again, putting on my scented body glitter before a Britney concert, then why am I even alive? I will never have that era of absolute superior culture again.

No. 505000

dude its so funny. i see yumi at h mart and a another cow that is on kiwifarms and its so wild. but greg making his way here was so wild. they shit on him lmap

No. 505002

i never even went to concerts and yet i know the exact feeling. i can memory smell the specific body spray i got at limited too sometimes still.

No. 505006

Are you taking the piss

No. 505024

File: 1579344156512.jpeg (46.56 KB, 500x373, B9C2C634-9BCE-497C-9F51-A9C66E…)

Definitely super late lol but the joke is about trigonometric functions and identities. Basically Sin2^x and Cos2^x added together equals 1 so he is having second doubts because their identities added together would make not make a “true identity” and don’t add up to one.

No. 505025

Holy fuck, Vargakelethor's Sims 4 streams are some of the funniest streams I have seen in a long while. Anyone know of any other good Sims streams?

No. 505033

File: 1579350902414.jpg (872.22 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20200118-062933_Red…)

This is just so cringe. "Empowered!" "Going against tradition!" I'm sad that I scrolled so far and only found one comment pointing out that single "boss babes" buying diamond rings for themselves was/is actually another fucking ad campaign by diamond industry giant DeBeers. What a retard. You don't need excuses to buy sparkly shit, if that's what you want in life.

No. 505036

it' a nice ring though honestly, ngl

No. 505053

I think that's nice. Why would her reason bother you anyway? Lots of women think about precisely this, and I'm happy she's in a position where she can buy herself those nice things.

No. 505068

It's a massive waste of money and she only thinks it's nice from being successfully brainwashed by diamond companies that have most of the worlds diamonds in private vaults to create an artificial scarcity that causes entire countries in Africa to become warzones.

No. 505073

Even though i mentally and physically feel like complete and utter shit today, i am going to pick myself up and be productive with my day instead of wallowing in bed

No. 505079

>it's a waste of money
I could extrapolate this to be about most things people buy.

No. 505083

yeah most things are a waste of money.

No. 505086

Last night I had a dream that there was this guy and and I had to help him, he was trying to put together a team of super buff transwomen and the purpose was to make them a basketball team, to play against the evil team that was the pedophile team. It was kind of like Space Jam.

No. 505089

Good mentality, anon!
I hope you feel better and that you can get a lot done for yourself today. Your future self will be proud.

No. 505090

why tf are you friends with her? she's obviously seeped in the kind of conventional womanhood you have a problem with. you sound pretty insufferable in a like the opposite way.

No. 505091

Not gonna argue with that.

I mean, like I said, it's fine to buy something like that because you want it and make the money to throw away. Justifying it to the internet for upboats with flimsy, feminist sounding reasons (when you've actually bought into a marketing campaign) is more than stupid. Not to mention, if they're real diamonds and not lab created, she might as well have sent the money to an African country's regime profiting from their people's blood and sweat.

No. 505104

ngl im gonna check thos out. i usually watch a bunch of gta streams but sims? so down lol

No. 505111

If you liked the sims streams check out the Facade streams. Not really the same with creating characters but the level of fuckery you can do to break the game is hilarous

No. 505140

/ot/ has been less active for a while now

No. 505155

i’m curious why the pink pill/transhate/etc thread died. it used to be updated every hour and now it’s been dead for days.

No. 505157

read /meta/

No. 505177

File: 1579393424555.jpeg (1.91 MB, 3464x3464, 5A77142A-06CB-44F4-9578-A7927A…)

Could we all please just take a moment of silence for how Axl Rose aged?
And yes I did just download PicsArt to make this.
I know he's always had a bad personality but gosh he was so beautiful to me when we was younger.

No. 505179

Imo he aged just as you would expect him to. It could have been worse.

No. 505182

Gingers age like shit, especially the men. Ginger men always age badly, worse yet when you're drinking and doing hard drugs as often as he did. Really, most men with pink undertoned skin age very poorly tbh.

No. 505222

File: 1579410504893.jpg (110.11 KB, 564x788, original-1.jpg)

Someone on ot posted about missing scene hair a while ago and it got me thinking how much i loved the color matching too. I wanna gather a bunch of people and just start doing this gaudy shit again, i am too nostalgic anons.

No. 505223

File: 1579410588472.jpeg (54.25 KB, 800x458, 528921F7-CB3D-4DE4-A5CF-5A5D5E…)

What about Dave? He was once a beautiful man…

No. 505227

Are they chinese? Is it really safe to be gay in china? Idk why I always tought it would have some sort of penalty, looking at how strict the autorities are…

No. 505229

Taiwan has a preety good track record for gay and lesbian rights, especially in terms of asia

No. 505233

Nah, pomeranians are better and can actually breathe…they win top prize for being the floofiest cutest little teeny tiny babies ever. I have one and she's a pain to take care of and sheds all year but I love her, she's 8 and still has the energy of a pup!

No. 505235

I have a hard time believing any femme is a true lesbian, I feel like the only ones that stay real lesbians forever are butch

No. 505254

This is just like those "the wall" pictures about men. It's so sad.

No. 505307

Femme lesbian here, never even kissed a guy and never will, and I know many others that are the same. Meanwhile, a very butch woman I knew is now growing her hair and in a relationship with a man. This to make an example

No. 505312

>own a copy of Rule of Rose that I clearly remember did not have the instruction manual when I bought it used at GameStop
>always bugged me that I owned a $250+ game that was incomplete
>looking through old games this morning
>my copy of Rule of Rose suddenly has an instruction manual albeit with a bent cover?
What is going on with reality?

No. 505361

Some girl my bf and I know did real life ahegao face in an attempt to be sexy (we are all late 20s) and my bf cringe laughed so hard the girl looked like she was going to cry lmao I feel bad but he reacted appropriately

why can I meet a nice weeb friend who isn't like this???

No. 505371

im kinda waiting for women who have a public relationship with alt sadistic/bdsm guys to breakup and come out to say how they were abused because we all know how these kinds of relationships end.

No. 505400

a girl on my facebook is rehoming kittens and she posted a photo of one that says its a girl with it on its back and it has a penis and now shes posting it every where and its so so obviously not a girl kitten, you can see the wiener. (ps: always re-sex kittens born in ur care even after u sex them as a newborn or wee kitten i can not stress this enough)

dont do drugs kids. dont do drugs.
ur rite and u should say it
they put so many of these every where. they are every where. especially in low income areas where i live and its really scary how quick they appear, its like the scooter episode of south park

No. 505441

Maybe it’s a shemale kitten

No. 505454

I just read some normie youtube commenters talking about "Euphoria" and forgot that there was a mainstream tv show with that name.
I was really out here accepting that BDSM hentai became a household name. Nearly shit my pants.

No. 505458

got called a faggot today on the street, when I was out just walking and holding hands with my husband

No. 505461

No. 505482

not even the first time I have been mistaken for a gay male

No. 505496

i let out an ugly laugh im so sorry anon but lmao

No. 505513

I predict a scene/emo fashion comeback in a few years.
I'm glad I was a teenager back then and could wear stripped skull mittens shamelessly lol.

No. 505525

You bought an used Rule of Rose copy at Gamestop for $250+??

No. 505527

Pretty sure they mean the current value of the game, not how much they paid when they bought it.

No. 505529

I bought it at $15 maybe half a year after it was released.

No. 505553

I have to buy new sunscreen tomorrow because the one I currently use pills no matter what I do and makes my cheeks red.
I have some options but facial sunscreen is expensive as fuck and I hate hate hate the fact that I might get one that won't work for me so I'll have to buy again another one and uuugh fuck

No. 505555

Saw the new soren thread appear and she is so fucking hideous, i fucking hate that face so much

No. 505561

File: 1579548464585.gif (916.37 KB, 400x481, ef4b0e9db8c24f8ef353cda022b9ef…)

This gif is so fucking cute AAAA

No. 505566

Old Christan white people are the ones who leave shit and piss all over public bathrooms. Everytime I go somewhere where that type most consumes or goes, the bathrooms are disgusting

No. 505573

awwww I love jotaro so much.

No. 505608

No. 505650

Well it's not as if the government is gonna kick down your door for being gay. A lot of time it's your family who's gonna disown/beat/corrective rape you. It's probably~ safer to be a lesbian than being a fag, they think lesbianism is a phase. But yeah gay shit is highly fetishized in China, it will never be legalized but the government will allow the massive amount of gay media to exist for the sweet fujo/yuri otaku cash.
You know what, I noticed asian lesbians tend to perform femininity to a degree indistinguishable from straights. I think unfortunately, it is minimal requirement to be acknowledged as a woman in deeply lookist gendered cultures. Tomboys are treated like dirt and butches all suffer compulsion to become trannies.

No. 505704

I got this cute fun game on my phone where you have a pizza shop and you make pizzas for people but once it showed this homeless guy asking politely if he could have one but I ended up refusing because making pizzas cost you money in the game and he didn't have any cash to give but I felt absolutely terrible about it and like I was gonna burn in hell lmao. Like it happened a few days ago too but I'm still thinking about it and being really sad over him and regretting what I did and I can't decide if that's pathetic or not. I get bursts of empathy over the silliest little things. Sweet little homeless man I'm sorry. Man screw that game for going all psychologically difficult on me this ain't an experiment bitch i just wanted to play a cute pizza game

No. 505705

Is it Good Pizza Great Pizza? I fed that guy every time and you get a surprise for it, sorry for your loss anon.

No. 505709

Yeah haha that's it. Aww that's good….when he comes back I'll absolutely make all the pizzas he wants

No. 505725

Cherish it, anon. Rule of Rose is one of my all time favorite games and I'll never sell my copy. Looks like you lucked out and also got it pretty cheap at GS right? The instruction manual is really nice.

No. 505731

It really is an amazing game. I actually first played it in Japanese and had no clue what was going on in the story due to the language barrier (aside from the cut scenes of course). I was so intrigued by the experience though that I sought out the English translation shortly after it was released. It definitely left a strong impression on me too.

No. 505741

the realistic textures in the new animal crossing are fugly

No. 505742


No. 505743

Can any Onlyfans anons leak peter xin's nudes

No. 505744

File: 1579590402229.png (517.56 KB, 485x485, bug.png)

insects and fruit
not fond of the hair shine either

No. 505748

No. 505764

im the opposite, i really like the new textures we've seen! especially that beetle (I really like beetles tho lol)

No. 505765

except it wasn't. That's a variant cover of cavewoman (comic character)

drawn by budd root. A man.

shut the fuck up and background check your shit.

No. 505786

seeing a lot more rappers and hip hop artists bragging about "eating pussy" and expressing the desire to want to, in their lyrics and tweets. may prove to be a good influence on their male fans.

No. 505790

File: 1579608210724.gif (871 KB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

this is so retarded but I have this really weird big gut feeling that I'm going to like, win the lottery or have some insanely positive life change happen soon. I've been super sick and depressed all of 2020 so far but at the same time all of these signs and good omens have been getting thrown at me, very specific positive horoscopes about a "fresh start" and cats stopping and staring at me on the street. I said "rabbit rabbit" right when the new decade began and there was this crazy sort of sequence of events that led my bf and I to buy this lotto ticket (which I've never done) the other night. It's probably all in my head but maybe I'll finally dig myself out of my shithole life and into a better one, whether that's through a miracle or my own doing.

or maybe (more likely) it'll just be something smaller scale, like I'll be able to get the job i'm too scared to apply for because i'm unprepared and kinda under-qualified for it? either way I should stop frequenting this site (which I'm sure is terrible for my karma) and do something more positive with my free time other than miserably lurk other people's slightly sadder lives. this IS the dumbass shit thread so let me dream and manifest in peace, or you can add your own dumbass pipe dream to my prayer circle if you want

No. 505796

I hope you win the lottery anon.

No. 505813

I like this mindset you have anom, hope you win.

No. 505902

does anyone else rewatch childhood shows during times of stress? my current one is winx club lol so cringy. its not tht its particularly good but its comfoting in the way that i already vaguely remember whats going to happen + the added nostralgia

oh and also the 90s moomins

No. 505906

I do that too. When I'm feeling particularly sad or anxious and out of it, I result in watching children's TV. Watching Chi's Sweet Home after escaping an abusive household environment from my parents was the perfect way to feel comfortable and like there's hope.

No. 505908

Honestly, I get random urges to rewatch Spongebob episodes even when I'm not stressed. They're just genuinely good. Gotta love that lil freak.

No. 505917

This is cringy but deep down a little part of me wishes I was charismatic and funny enough to be a YouTuber. I know in reality it would probably suck and I would never want it to be my full time career, just a fun side thing. I would love to be a classic style YouTuber simply doing fun and chaotic shit for the hell of it without trying to shill Audible and Squarespace and marketing merch and podcast and Patreon. I miss when people would post shit online for fun and not try to finance their entire lives off of it. Maybe I'm just corny.

No. 505925

I think this is a fallacy. Plenty of popular YTers aren't conventionally charismatic or funny, they just appeal to a certain brand of people and get a following.

No. 505926

No shame in it anon, I watch Merlin and Father Ted. Hang in there!

No. 505928

i recently got back into digimon for this reason. i’m forcing my bff to have a marathon with me this weekend lol

No. 505945

File: 1579645067547.jpeg (7.09 KB, 226x223, images.jpeg)

Holy flippity fuck I feel the same way…I lost my job this month I had several mental breakdowns,I had no motivation whatsoever I felt so worthless,I know im different from other people but damn I should not feel like a burden at all but somehow I feel something great is going to happen soon despite my constant pessimism

No. 505946

hoooly shit lol merlin!! was obsessed with it at like 12 when i was a wee tumblr kid and it's so pure i love rewatching it!

No. 505951

lol I relate, I always wish I would have become a youtuber/influencer when the market wasn't oversaturated bc I feel like I have good taste and that I could be successful at it in general. there's just too many people trying to do it now though. I always think about how much easier my life would be

No. 505973

I have Disney plus now and I swear to god just binge watching all the great 90's and 00's movies from my childhood and the OG disney channel shows has done wonders for the crazy stressful month that it's been. something about it just makes me feel cozy and more at ease, probably the nostalgia

No. 505980

File: 1579658692189.png (70.92 KB, 540x537, tumblr_pr98wiQfdB1vavfm7o1_540…)

Me and some friends found an online child predator's personal information, then at least two of us reported him to an online tip line. He's 25 years old, and his victim is 13.
I sure hope his ass gets arrested.

No. 506013

I love you guys and I hope he gets fucked hard by the authorities

No. 506014

samefag but how did you find the pos?

No. 506017

Awesome job Anon. I bet searching around was difficult. Hopefully the child gets their justice.

No. 506018

Thanks guys.
>how did you find the pos?
If you mean how we tracked him down, he was thankfully pretty dumb. His personal information was all over his page, and from figuring out his general location and full name, we found his address and workplace.
As for how we knew he was a groomer, we saw screencaps of him being a creep and admitting to what he did, and just kind of took it upon ourselves.
Realistically, results might not come until later, but at least it's on record, with proof.

No. 506026

When I was 9 - 13 I used to google chat rooms and flirt with pedos. And after a few weeks I'd ask them to meet me and give a fake address.

I wish I had given them the cops address but I wasn't that smart.

No. 506050

Me too, anon. That show is still entertaining as fuck and I've watched every episode in the early seasons at least a dozen times.

No. 506059

Fucking got spooked by a dead body on /m/ AGAIN

No. 506067

was it spam or?

No. 506069

Just wanted to say I love you anons, that’s all

No. 506079

It was in the image thread but i don't think it was spam? Just a weird photo but ugh, rattled me right after waking up

No. 506094

File: 1579704218691.jpeg (81.58 KB, 600x514, E566E110-58D0-4042-B479-C3B47E…)

I love you too anon

No. 506186

I just got an email from my university about how an old classmate of mine was selected for a very prestigious fellowship, granting him $75,000 to pursue a master's degree and a guaranteed position in US foreign service.

I felt a little bit shitty for a while, like, "why can't that be me?" but then I realized that even the thought of pursuing a masters makes me tired. Fuck working for this shit government. I'll take my boring cushy office job that funds my fun craft hobbies over a demanding job in shitty ass politics any day. I spent years being jealous of this guy, but yknow what? Fuck it. Best of luck to him. I truly hope he'll go far in life and do great things. He's a really great person and deserves it. I've found happiness in pursuing a quiet life, so why should I bother feeling worthless and shitty about myself over shit I don't even want for my life?

No. 506190

What is this genre of music called (beside from just vague ‘moe’)? I like it so much. The upbeat impossibly catchy unapologetically kawaii and nostalgic for some reason? Another example is that Love Hime song from Yowamushi Pedal orrrr Pururin from Welcome to the NHK.
Btw I’ve never played Popotan so don’t bully me.

No. 506193

Denpa music, maybe?

No. 506197

Woah anon that's p much exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you! Something about it just pumps dopamine straight into my brain. So very aptly named I guess! It seems heavily associated with ero media huh? I'd feel like a pervert just having a playlist of eroge music lol

No. 506200

File: 1579729783456.png (477.7 KB, 499x490, restraining-order.png)

i know you said you're only looking for the genre of music but jesus i hate that i know exactly where this is from and hate that i was so strongly invested in shit like this in my childhood. blast to past, and not in a good way

No. 506204

Exposed to degen shit since childhood? I feel u

No. 506210

Is it not just normal old style jpop?
Search for old anime ops, old vocaloid, old love live songs etc

Does this appeal to you?

No. 506211

I know it's really silly but sometimes I legitimately tear up at the thought of being able to play Animal Crossing again soon. It just provides so much comfort to me. I'm so excited and grateful I could literally cry. I'm not even on my period.

No. 506227

File: 1579735062127.png (131.39 KB, 750x773, yes.png)

forever amazed by people posting shit like I Am So Sexy And Have A Big Cock/Titties And That's Just A Part Of My Charm Tehehehe and then you go on their account and they look like a fat pixie cut septum piercing pansexual demisexual in bad lightning lol feels good to live in delusion

No. 506237

i fucking hate the word fricking and the ppl who use it

No. 506240

those people are just asking to get bullied

and the ones who say things like "hecc" - "pupper" - "boi" - "he protecc, he attacc"

No. 506241

frick frack!

No. 506242

Just unattractive people who present themselves as hot in general. This is especially common with the BDSM community. Their username will be some shit like petitepaleprincess0101 and it will be an ugly fat fridge shaped white girl or Dom420 and it's a scrawny ugly white boy. You rarely see attractive people who go around and try to make it a big deal about how attractive they are

No. 506251

If the uglies weren't extremely delusional, they'd kill themselves

No. 506262

You are not alone. Animal crossing is extra special too when you have distant family/friends who play. I'm so excited to share fruit with cousins on the other side of the world.

No. 506269

I saw the Party of Five reboot was trending, so I decided to see why. Apparently there was an episode about “cultural appropriation.” And all the tweets were about how the family is Mexican instead of, you know, they’re personalities and dynamics and whatnot.

I don’t mind racebending but when a creator makes a big ass deal about it, it annoys the hell out of me. The whole “Don’t underestimate me because I can make tortillas” line is cringy as hell (and it’s ironically pretty stereotypical despite having an episode about cultural appropriation). You want to people to take this TV family seriously even though they’re Mexican but if you only bring that fact up and nothing else, it comes off as phony, preachy, and rather disingenuous. I hate this trend of racebending/genderbending for this reason specifically.

No. 506276

almond milk coffee creamer has the weirdest fucking taste ever. I can't decide if I love it or hate it.

No. 506278

They're trying extra hard to appeal to the wrong crowd lol. They actually came out with a video further condescendingly explaining cultural appropriation. https://twitter.com/PartyofFiveTV/status/1220180603162808320?s=09
I honestly don't mind a racebending show either. A lot of shows, I'm pretty sure, did it back then and it wasn't so focused on their race. Kinda OT, I don't remember the George Lopez show being so focused on the family being Mexican, sure there were moments where it's brought up, but not the main focus of the entire episode. That show was entertaining as fuck.
I'm Mexican American and I honestly would love more TV shows with a Latino cast, I think like 6% of the entertainment industry in America is Latino, so I definitely get the underrepresented feeling, but Party of Five definitely sounds like they're doing it for pity points. Ugly Betty with America Ferrera did it perfectly. Honestly, anything with her in it is great.

No. 506297


my family is mixed Hispanic/ Latino and I know that doesn't mean I get to "speak for other POC" with my opinion, but like…… I would rather see no representation at all than representation that's cringe and try-hard and poorly written. it's possible to write a non white/ lgbt/ whatever character with believable well-rounded traits that aren't screaming "current event that won't be relevant in a few years and will age this show/movie/etc horribly". you can even add that substance of heritage being important to them without it hitting you over the head, these days it feels like I only get to see people like me just because the character had to exist to fill their token quota. the last halfway decent thing I saw with Mexican representation was like, Coco, and that's a fucking kids movie lol

No. 506312

The people who say you don't get to speak for other POC are usually in the vocal minority. I think a lot of us have the same opinion about bad representation. When I saw the trailer for Coco, I kind of felt disappointed because it was like extremely stereotypical, and my opinion of it looking like it'll be bad had some people tell me "Well, at least we get something!" But like, it's a tired trope. It's been done better years ago.

No. 506324

It's so dumb but for my birthday last year, an online friend wrote me a happy birthday post and drew a picture of Hatsune Miku with a cake for me, the cake saying 'Happy Birthday Anon!'
I just think that was really sweet of him to do, because he barely knows Miku, but he knew that I liked her so he put in the effort to draw that for me?
It was really cute to me

No. 506329

it's always cute when people remember little things about you and go out of their way to make it known. it sounds like a really cute gift, anon!

No. 506341

Those are honestly the best friends to have! Sometimes I just feel bad I can't think of anything to do in return when it's their birthday. An Amazon wish list gift is nice, but something more personal is always the best.

No. 506378

File: 1579795412706.gif (768.01 KB, 470x353, 56D44269-9BF2-44FE-822C-141949…)

I honestly feel like lolcow, especially /ot/ (love you girls ♥), has been good for me. I've learnt to become more empathetic by using the vent thread, I think!
Sometimes, all you really want is to feel heard and comforted. I know it's cheesy, but a lot of you anons here do that for me. There are little things in this world that make me feel better than a compliment from another woman, or actually successfully comforting another anon. A little silly, right?

I seriously don't have any friends (just my bf and brother), so lolcow is kinda one of my only ways to communicate with other women. I love anonymous image boards, and lolcow is my personal favourite. Anonymity and not having any social media feels so freeing. Haven't browsed R9k in months and I feel a lot better not seeing tranny porn everyday, lol. Thank u sweet anons I cherish every positive interaction and sometimes even 'negative' ones because your criticism helps me improve myself

No. 506379

My bf and I have been sleeping with separate comforters the past couple months and lemme tell you… It's good shit

No. 506387

File: 1579796078455.jpg (50.52 KB, 639x626, 0f58d20b2ab891d7b9ed710de55ddc…)

These recent comfy cozy posts make me so happy, because I'm happy that there are others who feel the same way! I know this board is a place to shit on other terrible people, and the infighting on some of the threads over the same shit gets so tiring, but I love this little corner of the internet.

Sometimes I'll go back and read the first vents I made when I returned here after a couple years of not visiting and it's jarring to read my thoughts from the time. There's even a post from one of the early vent threads of when I was just about to kill myself. It's so fucking wild to have those mindsets of mine frozen in time here. I've come a long, long way since then.

I hope others will find comfort and help here like I did and continue to. I also have a really hard time spending time on forums or reddit where all my posts will be connected to a single name so I can't post dumb shit here and get away with being called a retard for one post and then cute for another harmless one lol.

No. 506393

File: 1579797298440.jpeg (24.15 KB, 540x317, 2976BAE7-6949-466B-8D19-EB91CA…)

I agree 100% with the last paragraph, lol. There's something comfy about being able to say whatever you want without it having an attachment to a name, no matter what the things you say may be!
I'm really happy you no longer feel like that, anon. I'm proud of u ♥
Well done for getting out of that mindset. I hope you're proud of yourself too!

No. 506404

Dr Google says subliminals don't work but if i believe hard enough I am positive that they can turn me into an entirely different person.

No. 506406

File: 1579798676225.png (415.35 KB, 694x538, 355535.PNG)

This sounds like a break up in the making

No. 506411

Sounds like coolgirl pickme paradiso.
>"See everyone?! We have such a real relationship that my man doesn't need to plan anything nice for me that's how troo lurve works!"
Low effort shit my ex would have drooled over, knowing he'd only have to spend $20 on Valentine's.

But that's a different story for a more appropriate board. Heh.

No. 506412

https://mensvariety.com/cosplay-girl/ Why are men allowed to exist?(>>>2X)

No. 506419

Where the fuck do I even begin
>Ugly guy, name's Greg so you know his personality matches his looks
>Pretends like he can get a cosplayer instead of attempting to stay in his league, most cosplay women have actual attractive and well off men throwing themselves at them daily, so some ugly loser will just be some background person
>Calls cosplay and nerdy women attention whores despite nerdy men doing the exact same and never getting hated on for being attention whores, because they can't comprehend women having same interests as them
>Thinking women give that much a shit about their opinion that it "drives them crazy" until you call them hot
>Says "she may not have a pair of puppies but you want puppies" when referring to women they should talk to, nevermind looking for better features to find them attractive, nevermind trying to be happy with what they get (if those women would even be interested in them), and backhand complimenting them/semi insulting them for existing and not having boobs big enough for their liking, but puppies, right? Because it sure makes women feel happy when you tell them they don't have boobs and you want boobs

No wonder men are so miserable and killing themselves by the dozen, they're so damn stupid and pessimistic and think they deserve the very best, just how highly they think of themselves while being literally no one is setting themselves up for failure(>>>2X)

No. 506429

That's so fucking cringe. Maybe just learn how to be a likable person instead of viewing her like some 'hot nerd-type' pokemon?

No. 506430

Ah! I love seeing these posts when they pop up. I take the spicy with the soft here, ironic that an anonymous place makes everyone feel more like real people than any sns.

No. 506441

File: 1579806188890.jpg (100.67 KB, 500x555, maybe.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder why the reverse doesn't happen with nerdy girls going after cosplay guys.
I know that there are lesbians who obsess over cosplay girls but they usually only go after people they're somewhat familiar with rather than complete strangers. It seems like no one goes after cosplay guys (though it also feels like most cosplay guys already have girlfriends/wives).
Or is it an autism thing (which men are more likely to have)?

No. 506481

>>506441 i personally feel like its because a lot cosplay dudes who are attractive just seem like narcissistic beef cake assholes who sleep around. I could be wrong though lol

No. 506482

This is kind of dumb, but two youtubers I kinda watched had nosejobs, (one of them had one similar to mine) and I feel kind of betrayed. They're not even beauty gurus…

No. 506488

I think that's understandable tbh

No. 506489

im the anon that posted about strange aeons getting a nose job and i feel the same way lol

No. 506492

I have a feeling strange aeons is straight and will hook up with a dude later on, I have a hard time believing she's a lesbian because she's got that straight girl bitchiness. I hope I'm just ignorant though.

No. 506501

>Sometimes I wonder why the reverse doesn't happen with nerdy girls going after cosplay guys.
It's because the huge majority of cosplay guys are hideous (and their costumes are shit too). Fujos and fakebois are the cutest cosplay "guys".

No. 506502

I was touching my back tooth with my tongue and I suddenly got the most visceral flashback to how it felt when you had a loose tooth as a kid and you could lift it up and feel and taste the gum underneath,

No. 506503

Does she say who's the surgeon in the vid? Because I think that her nosejob actually came out really good

No. 506507

File: 1579819420715.jpg (11.94 KB, 296x296, 1493701453780.jpg)

Tips to get over a crush asap? We didn't date but we had a thing, she fucked me over and it still hurts. I have to see her everyday bc same social circles and we talk a little bit. Why does she have to be so cute? It makes everything harder.

No. 506512

omg i have dreams about that. i kind of….miss it? i n a way. having a tooth go from loose to very loose to out used to be oddly satisfying, especially molars. but losing an adult tooth wouldn't feel the same way since they're so long.

No. 506513

im exhausted.

No. 506515

File: 1579820765534.jpg (9.49 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

> Be me.
>Literally just bought a new car
>New as in new to me but also a 2015 model
>Only other car I've ever owned was a 1996
>Literally just drove this new car off the lot
>Trying to figure out all this new weird techy bullshit while driving
>A bad accident happens up the road from me and the road is blocked off so you have to turn around
>Has to put car in reverse
>Car is a stick shift so I move my gear to R trying to reverse
>Car will not reverse. Just keeps moving forward.
>Ended up right in the middle of the road and stopped the ambulance with my dumb bullshit
>Thankfully paramedic dude is super nice and understanding and helps me
>I explain the problem and hes also confused, he tries reversing it, he cant get it to reverse, ends up letting me go past the accident since my brand new car apparently cant reverse.
>I call the dealership pissed off and ask why the fuck my car won't go in reverse
>Nice dealership lady asks if I tried the flip on the joystick
>I never noticed flip on the joystick but there is indeed a flip on the joystick.
>Dealership lady tells me newer stick shift models have it to prevent people from shifting into reverse on accident.
>I flip the thing on the joystick
>huzzah I'm now going in reverse.
>I realize I just held up a fucking accident
>More specifically an ambulance that most likely had a very injured person in it.
>I cringe in horror the entire way home because I'm a dumb bitch

No. 506516

get another crush. is it healthy? no. is it effective? yes.

No. 506517

why wold you even do that to yourself by driving stick?

No. 506519

My last car was a stick and my parents car I learned to drive with was a stick so that wasn't the problem lmao New manual vehicles just dont go into reverse the same as older models but I didn't know that until after I made a fool out of myself

No. 506541

My husband just helped somebody buy a propane tank so they wouldn't freeze to death in a homeless encampment near the grocery store. I live in one of the coldest states in the U.S. and I'm so angry we don't have a better system for housing people, even section 8 has a years long waitlist.

No. 506558

Yeah that's definitely denpa. Don't know much about the scene but I don't think ero (besides loli types being common), I think DDR and early-mid 2000's anime. Vid related was what I found when I was asking the same question as you, you might like it.

No. 506583

File: 1579838008420.jpg (28.61 KB, 400x711, 1579556975471.jpg)

Holy fuck, this one dude who was trying to hit on me in my dms on twitter literally posted dozens of tweets about how much he was hurt by "muhh rejection".
This is ridiculous. My twitter is not even that personal, I just shitpost about anime or I argue with my rl/online friends. I've posted one pic of myself like a year ago, and that's it. Yet this dude I had no prior interaction with started confessing to me in my DMs and proceeded to throw a public fit when I told him I have a bf. What makes it even more hilarious is the fact that he seems to be in his mid/late 30s judging by his pics. Jesus.

No. 506591

Someone’s playing shit music out loud on the train and I want to scream.

No. 506598

God, I fucking hate it when people do that! Not just on the train/bus but in libraries, cafes etc. I wish there were more places that would ban it.

No. 506602

My doctor casually mentioned that she was going to get chemo and lose her hair and I didn't have the fucking balls or guts to be a decent person and say I'm sorry to hear that, or, I hope all goes well. Instead she started talking about the wigs she was going to wear and I complemented her wig color ideas. Idk I can't stop thinking about how dumb I am and how I get silent about serious topics like cancer

No. 506606

I always try to apologize but I notice it just makes people angrier for being pitied. Next time you see her just be thoughtful and ask her questions about her treatment.

No. 506609

thank you anon, I certainly will next time

No. 506645

You know when you're reading something and you can just tell from the way they write that it's from someone underaged…and then you think if they're not then that probably makes it worse. I'm getting that all the time

No. 506646

Could you post an example?

No. 506650

File: 1579858996298.jpg (71.35 KB, 500x669, yer wife.jpg)

im just here to see if I got banned for the millionth time again

No. 506652

focus on the getting fucked over part. also focus hard on the appearance. is the nose sliiightly crooked? most eyes don't match on peoples face, really focus on that asymmetry of her eyes

No. 506688

File: 1579875207464.png (1.99 MB, 1827x851, 46363.PNG)

Not the anon, but I recently saw this art gallery. It makes sense if it was a kid (which it is), but it gets kind of cringy if you imagine them as some 20 year old dude. You kind of get it?

No. 506705

When guys wear shorts and sit down and their thighs become bigger and the leg of their shorts ride up high….yum

No. 506707

Yeah, but that's not what I meant, I was thinking of what expressions/writing styles specifically might give off that immature vibe.

No. 506782

File: 1579904334849.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.57 KB, 667x1000, large-1519847420-6fc5a10d10163…)

No. 506786

Amen. Farmers tend to like skellies for some reason. I don't like meathead /fit/fags either but I love a male who's lean on top but has thicc thighs and ass so futball players are chef kiss

No. 506815

File: 1579911592148.jpeg (589.09 KB, 828x794, 094EAB47-39D3-4E2C-8748-221306…)


No. 506826

my piercer is so sweet and cool, i love her so much. today our appt took a lot longer than expected because she had to make really specific adjustments to fit my face, but at the end, she was like “i’m so glad this was with you because if i had to deal with a rude person i would’ve just told them to gtfo” and it felt really nice to know she enjoyed working with me as much as i enjoy having her poke holes in my face, which is very much. wholesome.

No. 506841

i confessed my love to the guy i've been stalking for 6 months (online and irl), and he thought that it was a joke put up by his friends smh. then he got freaked out and is currently confused and angry at me. why do guys bitch about having no gf but when someone is interested in them, its scary? anyways, i don't really mind the rejection because i've been stalking another guy, a little bit older, for 2 years and i'm wondering how i could approach him and not scare him like the last one

No. 506859

This is a chaotic energy i can't even begin to decipher. Don't stalk people, anon.

No. 506863

File: 1579924200800.jpg (18.74 KB, 275x268, 1559163928398.jpg)

I know this guy who has the cringiest ig account, he wears wigs and shittily made roccocco style clothes, thinks he can sing and model, the works. He tried to get a roommate that he would share one queen sized bed with, separated by a curtain. Told everyone how he covered his walls in red velvet, aka stapled it to his walls i guess? At one point he claimed to even bleached his eyelashes to be this wnb albino beauty, but i call bullshit on that. I feel so uneasy to even know he is out there.

No. 506865

LInk pls

No. 506868


No. 506873

Have you interacted with him irl?

No. 506878

I went into Ann Taylor for the first time in my life to look at more office appropriate clothing and I came out with 4 cute pieces of clothing (wine red blazer, wine red with white stripes blouse, polka dotted pencil skirt, and black dress) that look SO nice and make me look like a classy, well put together adult. It feels fulfilling and like I’m becoming more of a successful career woman even though I’m just out here buying clothes lol.

Shit cost me $129 and this was after all the clothes I bought being on sale PLUS an extra 70% being taken off my total… nice office clothes are so fucking expensive… I’m so used to dirt cheap clothes but it seems like most brands that sell business professional clothes aren’t all that cheap even when people say they’re cheap…

No. 506886

You might like the Loft Outlet stores. They’re a bit cheaper.

No. 506890

I can't stop visiting the girl who I thought was my friend but just ended up bullying me social medias. Her life went pretty well, and mine didn't. I don't get satisfaction or whatever. I don't know why I do it.

No. 506941

File: 1579954901820.jpeg (235.17 KB, 1024x566, 59B1A120-45E3-4D82-B0A5-08F429…)

Tsundere guys (and girls!) are A+++++++
It's a shame that they're rarely done right

No. 506942

'Guy', you mean attention seeking girl? She doesn't look masculine whatsoever.

No. 506943

File: 1579955271683.png (533.26 KB, 723x556, in.PNG)

nta but idk

No. 506944

Wait now I'm confused

No. 506949

Shane and Ryan are free from buzzfeed and now can make thier own content

No. 506975

The skinnyfat manboobs are confusing.

No. 506977

that was a charitable photo. his titties are even bigger in his other beach shots, but they're definitely man boobs, not real breasts. despite looking suspiciously like chloe sevigny, i'm ruling in favor of him actually being a man.

No. 506984

People actually care about this?

No. 506991

Where do you think we are?

No. 506994

I tend to eat one meal a day. Last night and this morning I took two mega shits but I still don't understand where all the poo came from. There's more output than there was input and it's inexplicable to me.

No. 506996

An actual androgynous person!! i am leaning towards them being a female but idk, or a very young male.

No. 507003

File: 1579967650420.gif (2.3 MB, 435x250, 3F8A07E7-DB4C-43E8-B9A0-B06D69…)

My hair is so soft rn

No. 507004

File: 1579968325281.jpeg (2.96 MB, 2048x1363, 77ECFFA8-F64F-4F7B-9AA4-CCCDF2…)

Hey anons!
Ever seen a tanuki? They're Japanese raccoon dogs! Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series is one. Just look at how friendly and cute looking they are

No. 507010

File: 1579970019813.jpg (110.76 KB, 786x600, rock hyrax.jpg)

I see your tanuki and raise you ONE (1) rock hyrax. They're called rock hyraxes because they like to sit on rocks.
I like to call them vampire rodents because they have vampire fangs (although they're not rodents). They're also the most closely related animal to the elephant.

No. 507013

SO CUTE!!!! thanks for sharing anon ;w;

No. 507015

I hate how companies just shut down the stores when they're not getting any business instead of just lowering their damn prices. A lot of stores and malls in my area are shitting down because no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for clothes it took pennies to make and no one wants to buy 80 dollar makeup, especially considering the unemployment or under-employment crisis where I live, I work two jobs, don't spend my money or anything except bills and gas, and still don't have enough to spend

No. 507030

File: 1579974337337.jpeg (197.14 KB, 1920x1080, 813DD837-8169-468A-8B96-81255F…)

Today a slav crackhead threatened to call the police on my dad for pushing him or some shit in a McDonalds

No. 507044

I too am satisfied with the slow yet sure collapse of materialism. My reasoning is more ideological in that I hate the advertising tactics and ethics of the fashion and makeup industries, but we enjoy the same goal.

No. 507056

>They're also the most closely related animal to the elephant.
they are related, but aren't the closest. manatees and dugongs are.

No. 507057

>thinking that people who want a lot of cheap crap instead of expensive crap means materialism is collapsing
I'd love to live in your fucking fantasy world.

No. 507061

I wanna see a sassy gay do sign language

No. 507063

I haven't worn a bra for almost 6 years. Its fucking amazing and the comfiest thing on the planet. I be blessed with smoll titties so I hardly even wear sports bras to the gym. The freedom, ladies.

No. 507068

I wish I could do the same, but it's pretty fucking obvious if I try to go bra-less while having medium size saggish boobs ;_;

No. 507073

Turns out I've been used and part of me is pissed, one doesn't care and the other is just sad.

No. 507078

Nice brag. I'm seething!!

No. 507084

Good for you, anon! I wish i could do the same but i have tiny, deformed breasts so no-bra is out of question for me sadly.

No. 507088

I want to go bra less too, but if I'm wearing quite a thin shirt my nipples always poke through. How do you avoid that? Just never wear thin shirts?

No. 507093

File: 1579988123016.png (464.99 KB, 1100x500, eatherasswhileshewatchesanime.…)

I'm sorry but this is based as hell

No. 507098

KEK, beautiful autism. whatever, if this is the pinnacle of what evo-psych comes to, i'll take it. hopefully anon speaks sense to his fellow faggots and this kills the daddy dom meme. i'd take a million ass-eaters willing to let go of their masculine hang ups a little, over any dom inclined loser.

No. 507099

you can get nipple covers

No. 507104

>eating ass
>not sucking clit

COME ON!!!!! Sucking clit is the best thing I experienced and to so many people including this submissive faggot not to reference it? Wasted

No. 507105

File: 1579992235812.jpeg (90.22 KB, 955x525, 1572419473511.jpeg)

Good to know that some of them understand. Good post, anon.

No. 507107

File: 1579992390047.jpg (96.54 KB, 870x740, 1574778834042.jpg)

Update: after weeks of grief and processing the whole thing, since yesterday I think that I've finally got over my crush.
Part of it was because of me taking a look at dating apps and realizing that the sea is full of fishes, but most of it was because of a friend of mine. I vented to her about the whole thing and she's a "voice of reason" type of person, so when I told her everything she made me realize how fucked up it was. When she called that girl "manipulative", it's like she turned on a switch in my head and everything made sense.
I realized that she was just a selfish piece of shit who manipulated me the whole time and possibly even told me fabricated stories. I deserve better and I can do better. So what if she's cute? I can just find another cute girl, one that's not an asshole. Fuck giving those people the power to affect your mood and your days, they don't deserve it. I'll spend some time with myself, my family and my friends since I really don't want to have any other girls in my mind right now, and I'll be good as new.
Thanks to the anons who gave me advice, it was useful.

No. 507114

i don't wear real bras, just thinly padded bralettes, i tried to stop wearing bras but my nips get itchy and cold so the slight padding is much more comfy, they're basically like cropped tank tops with fluffy cotton inserts.

nipple covers are super uncomfy and get sticky and gross when doing sports or if it's hot out.

No. 507119

It's not even materialism, clothes and shoes are a necessity and makeup is considered a necessity in the professional world. The only thing I have to wear is baggy, torn up and stained hand-me-downs and the places I work require a professional dress code, which wouldn't be an issue if like 3 outfits didn't cost an entire months paychecks, is it even okay for places with shitty pay to require such expensive dress codes?

>Inb4 do this this and that

Regardless, no one should have to do that. Back in the 70-90s you could simply get a good job just out of high school and easily support yourself and buy a capsule wardrobe with one paycheck

No. 507132

File: 1579995703101.jpg (160.86 KB, 1200x675, pat-cipollone-during-trial-120…)

I didn't think I had a thing for lawyers up until today

No. 507138


yeah definitely check out your local outlets or nordstrom rack type of secondhand department stores if you have them in your area (places like marshalls and ross are almost always full of super cheap for higher quality mall store clothing in my experience and are new with tags since they get them straight from their sister stores)

also would highly recommend poshmark (over depop in your case since you're looking for something more career woman than trendy vintage) which has a ton of NWT cheaper items being sold and is way less time consuming than digging through thrift store racks. especially if you're looking for specific brands in specific price ranges, and sellers there are usually very active and are a little more pressured to stay on top of it/ ship same or next day than other clothing apps (lol can you tell i speak from experience of reselling being my side hustle). regardless, i'm glad you found some cute work clothing! sometimes treating yourself/ spending a little more money than usual is worth it imo when it makes you feel that much better

No. 507153

File: 1580001024763.png (55.35 KB, 499x571, 1579971000280.png)

The fuck is going on in this comment section


No. 507154

The fuck is going on in ANY comment section

No. 507158

my bf is snoring next to me and I cant fucking sleep, time to move to the living room ffs

No. 507160

vanilla-sex>>>>>>>>> Femdom>>>>>>>>>>>> maledom

No. 507173

i don't see why i shouldn't as long as i dont hurt people. also the first guy kinda calmed down but i think my relationship with him is ruined now ffff i thought we would be good together but whatever. we actually interacted with each other before and we kinda clicked but he doesnt remember

No. 507193

alright necsped

No. 507202

Is there an increase in newfaggotry lately? Feel like I keep seeing more reddit spacing, twitter tone, PULL nitpicking, and feelspost/blogpost. Were we linked somewhere or am I going crazy?

No. 507206

I was absent mindedly petting my kitten while she slept on my chest, and she had contorted herself into a position where I thought I was stroking her belly, but then I felt something strange and realised I just FINGERED her BUNGHOLE and now my finger smells like SHIT but I don't want to move and wake her up because then she'll go on another spree of trying to eat my toes!!!

>autocorrected to bunghole

>actually better

No. 507214


No, you’re not crazy. I am sick of it, too. Constant low tier racebait derailing, SJW virtue signaling, nitpicking and in fighting. I didn’t say anything because I don’t want to argue with people, but it is clear we have a crew of immature types or just really autistic weirdos here now who refuse to integrate. It seems like every other thread in snow has some retarded twitter tier faggotry.

No. 507218

File: 1580024240994.png (281.63 KB, 294x600, e94f7a3ce3e6551d21b01bea5a3bd1…)

i only just learned this but would like to let you all know that american girl has a collection that isn't hideous and overpriced. they're so cute.

No. 507221

I'm going to assume they came en masse because of Onion's threads.

No. 507223

What's Reddit spacing? I've never used Reddit because it looks like giant pile of cancer, so I don't know.

No. 507236

File: 1580030013691.jpeg (20.38 KB, 590x280, 5A49751B-EFE0-4A8F-95EF-A653FE…)

>don’t follow/interact if you’re a terf
>please tell me if I like a post from a terf
>dont come near me if you’re a terf or interact with terfs

Boo fucking hoo

No. 507251

lmao I think it's hilarious when someone tells one of those kinds of people they probably shared something by a TERF or someone else with wrongthink and they get offensive. Also posts not even written by TERFs, but someone will tell them "this sounds TERFy, so don't give them any ideas!"

No. 507282

i was going to say something along the lines of how this happens all the time and "we were all newfags once" but like…… goddamn some of these threads lately. i was never THAT retarded

No. 507309

Had a job interview on Friday and the director of the firm told me that my resume is great and that I should be proud of it. I know it's nothing special but this is probably the nicest thing someone has told me from the start of 2019 until now.

No. 507324

I don't even follow Erin Painter's thread but I had a dream that she gave birth to a baby without skin at her house, didn't call the police/tell anyone for days, then got arrested while the baby was in care but it was in immense pain and torture. And everyone was talking about it and how she should've said something because the baby was probably going to die and in so much pain

No. 507328

I'm considering getting a gender dysphoria diagnosis so that i can get my tits chopped off, I don't want to be a man but I hate having breasts, even if they're small. I'm aware that trans-bullshit isn't tolerated here and I'm still gonna laugh at ugly men larping as women, even if I'm gonna hop on the non-binary trend for the sake of cheaper surgery.

No. 507329

what a waste of money

No. 507330

I sometimes feel the same way about my breasts but I've personally seen someone recover after a mastectomy and it was bad, they got an infection afterwards, were rushed to hospital again, scars were awful afterwards. It's a big deal and has its complications

No. 507333

Lawful goods x Chaotic neutrals are the true OTPs

No. 507337

Therapy is mostly free in sweden if you require a lot of it for a long time, so I wouldn't really lose anything.
I'm willing to accept the risks of complications and scars in a place that no one will see is a small price to pay to not be sexualised.

No. 507341

To be blunt chopping your tits off to not be sexualized is retarded since men will sexualize you for anything and you're probably really motivated by something else like suffering from the effects of sexual abuse (ironically like actual enbies) so you should get the therapy but not for deceptive reasons.

No. 507343

Get therapy and be just honest about what your real issue is, they won't send you to get surgery but you're better off dealing with the actual underlying issue here

I felt the same way 5 years ago, thank god I didn't do it cos those feelings passed

No. 507350

I don't wear anything see through but i wear thin shirts all the time. No colour but you can definitely see my "poke" i just stopped caring. In my experience men dyin don't goggle cuz i have small breasts and they don't really jiggle or anything. I started in hs and never got any crude remarks on it, never forced to change our anything. So i just kept on keepin on.

No. 507351

Men will sexualize you for cutting off your tits too. There's no winning. You have to stop living your life through the lens of male depravity.

No. 507356

just shop at tjmaxx like everyone else.

No. 507361

we get posted in at least one of those shit holes like every other day, not mentioning cows that draw attention to their own thread, i'm sure a bunch of twitter anti-O's took residence. incels and tr00ncels getting brazen too.

No. 507367

nta but i'll think you're from redshit if you have a thousand paragraphs in your post with a blank line between them. it's so fucking obnoxious. if your post looks like a wall of text without the spacing, you've said to much.

No. 507374

I'm swearing off Lush products, they're overpriced luxury items I don't really want or need and I've never had any good results with their cosmetic products. I hate shopping at their physical stores and think the hygiene must be questionable at best (who actually wants to use a massage bar or a cleansing balm that's been sitting there for a minimum of a few hours, exposed to the open air, that may or may not be handled by total strangers?). Basically I'm starting to think it's all a waste of time - what's the point in ethically sourcing then jacking up the price on, say, lavender oil in a soap, when all it does is smell nice and causes allergic reactions at worse? I was given samples of their face products in the past and I'm not surprised none of them made my skin any better, it's just oils and clay.

As the saying goes, don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

No. 507387

Unfortunately yed

No. 507391

File: 1580074182863.png (1.83 MB, 1254x1236, FF960923-4FE5-486F-A39D-15E1EF…)

I like this picture
That's all

No. 507401

I just read about Kobe Bryant and it reminded me of a classmate I had in college that idolized him. He even told us that he has a little LEGO Kobe he kept with him for good luck. He’s probably crushed about what happened

No. 507411

jesus I just read the news, that's awful. his family must be devastated, losing someone so suddenly must be terrifying.

No. 507435

Not that long ago i saw her daughter's team picture and thought she looked so cool and strong and now she's fucking dead at 13. Fucking sad.

No. 507447

i wanna fuck. some girls

No. 507478

this is fucking amazing and adding to my acnh hype fukken saved

No. 507482

File: 1580088529470.png (319.64 KB, 952x441, Haruichi_Mamiya_Profile.png)

boo, tsuns are so predictable yawn. I always go for the sporty guy/yakuza/yankee type. also helps if they're megane, pic related

No. 507489

i kinda look like how erin painter shoops her face and it's really sketching me out because i'm not even cute, i just have a swed nose and big lips. she's super unfortunate looking so i get why but damn girl, we all fix our faces a little bit it's just weird someone would shoop their face so close to mine.

No. 507495

We get it anon, you're beautiful

No. 507508

please go back to PULL

No. 507509

You ever have a dream about someone and then retain those feelings about them even after you wake up? It usually fades within a day or two for me. Anyway I had a dream I was dating Repzion lmao. Today I got butterflies in my stomach whenever he popped up on lolcow or YouTube. Thanks brain!

I guess the moral of the story is don't read the onion thread before bed

No. 507515

Me too

No. 507526

File: 1580095682488.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x805, 4DC3BFB6-37A0-4E7D-8738-25DE74…)

I wish I looked like Goodnight Moon

No. 507529

lush sounds, smells and feels like how lizzo sounds

No. 507548

File: 1580102819509.jpg (117.47 KB, 564x846, 7e548efc74b1f3d921c9157c6c2a7a…)

Does it look immature to have a collage-ish wall in my bedroom? I want to print out a bunch of pictures I like and put them up as a sort of "vision board" thing but I don't want to have to buy frames for everything. I can't decide if it looks too childish/unfinished or not. It wouldn't exactly fit the rest of my apartment either

No. 507549

don't worry about something being "too childish" when it's your own damn space anon, do with it whatever you like. I like the idea btw

No. 507556

File: 1580106098818.gif (5.1 MB, 968x722, Ed-flcl.gif)


No. 507557

Ah, I see, makes sense. Although this sort of depends on your screen resolution. Literally all posts look like fortune cookies on my computer screen, and everything looks like an essay on my phone. I think part of the reason a lot of people space things out like that is just because it's how they've been taught in school to write e-mails and papers. I honestly hit return between thoughts without even realizing it, and I just delete them later if I'm posting here. Kind of autistic that people even care about that sort of thing.

No. 507582

File: 1580112649409.gif (25.68 KB, 220x238, 336FA21F-8287-4020-81D2-B1E3BF…)


No. 507588

File: 1580114092114.jpg (57.75 KB, 474x711, 4564566.jpg)

I think that looks fine, anon. In high school I always wanted a bedroom aesthetic like pic related and I think the pic you posted is a nice updated version of that – collage-y but not as dirty-looking kek.

No. 507652

shes cute in an alien way? like her eyes seem a bit far apart and small when she isnt wearing makeup but shes a pretty good mua so she can turn her unfortunate aspects invisible
i dont think ive ever heard a better description of either tbh, good job anon
die doing what you love, if you end up not liking it you can just change it later. anyone who actually cares enough to be bothered has something wrong with them

No. 507667

It really bums me out a bit how sexist and geerally very low quality Adam Sandler movoies are now. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison were my childhood staples - two of the only films my brother and I would agree on to watch!

I always joke to people that The Wedding Singer is the most romantic film ever, and no one can change my mind. Well Sandler is starting to put me off a romcom I've loved since I was about 12 by showing his awful views repeatedly and in every possible way.

No. 507670

adam sandler was always shit, fym?

No. 507677

I think one of Goodnight Moon's charms is that she looks good from the front. Even though her eyes are far apart, they're still cute when she smiles and her other features make up for it.

No. 507678

Oh yes, it happens to me too! It's so strange, but kinda pleasant

No. 507680

File: 1580134368471.jpg (1.52 MB, 2035x2728, Cant-Wait-to-Hatch-Really-look…)

Some cows have really pretty names, I envy them. Like Myah Alanna, Erin, Jude Bishop (that is such a cool name, is it her real name?) even Mariah. I really get jealous over names for some reason. Like why couldn't my name have been Erin Painter, it's such a pretty
name and I like to paint! lol
No it looks cool and it's your bedroom! Why should you worry about what others will think? And if you change your mind about it you can just tear it off

No. 507683

I agree!
I used to love the name Erin but I've met too many mean girls with that name so they've ruined it for me

No. 507684

File: 1580134707416.jpg (62.17 KB, 640x640, 1574419904488.jpg)

Tbh to me far apart eyes are really pretty and the opposite of a flaw, sometimes I wish mine were like that.

No. 507685

I think it depends on the girl. Dove Cameron's eyes are far apart but I don't think her that attractive. It's better than eyes being too close, IMO.

No. 507687

She was suppose to the Live action movie star of the Weetzie Bat book adaptions but it was announced by Francesca Lia Block and never pulled through after a while. She would have been a great freaky alien hippie stoner retro california princess.

No. 507690

I accidentally sent a video of me bathing my ferret to my mum instead of my boyfriend at work, ultimately tattling on myself that I bought a ferret to my family that is VERY against them as pets.. which sparked me sending a huge apology, telling them that I know I "should have known better" and that I'm sorry for not being accomplished and still doing dumb things like getting new pets. My mum ended up turning it into a really nice opportunity to say that she's proud of where I am in life and that life is hard and she's glad I'm still happy, and beyond that it might have been the push she needed to get a new puppy.

2020 is very kind so far!!!! I am counting my blessings. Today was very nice already. I hope you girls have a nice day too!

No. 507692

Awww that's a really nice surprise anon! I'm happy for you and your ferret

No. 507707

File: 1580138891391.png (66.32 KB, 499x772, mommykills.png)

Friendly reminder PETA is shit and deserve nothing but the end to their ludicrous "organization" and jail time. Right now they're trying to blame the australian bush fires on the wool industry. Yes peta, it's the sheep farmers fault

No. 507709

Whoever put the books I needed for college on the internet archive, I love ya.

No. 507735

Hey anon, how do you find out if books you need are already in an archive or free on the internet? Do you just google the title?

No. 507745

I wish you the best of luck anon. I stalked my ex online for pretty much a decade. We broke up for reasons surprisingly unrelated to my stalking but when I told her what I had been doing (used to message her on anon on formspring ALL the time) she thought it was cute and was amazed that I was so head over heels even when she was super edgy lmao.

I hope you will find someone who adores you as much as you adore them! They exist anon!

No. 507747

I still get tonal whiplash from this story. Who in their right mind starts their horror story with 'so I was googling bat man'. They also didn't explain why the kid was acting weird
NTA, but libgen.is/b-ok.cc. You can also use duck duck go.

No. 507748

Whoops wrong reply

No. 507755

I actually just pasted the title and edition on ecosia and it came up on the first page. I think google blocks those kind of results so using an alternative search engine helps to find them

No. 507774


football is okay but rugby players have the perfect body type imo

No. 507775

so they're not buzzfeed unsolved anymore? the BUN channel hasn't even been around that long.

lmao I do. shane and ryan's unsolved show is really good

No. 507776

what did you do to it anon?

No. 507779

I love tanukis! I thought tom nook was a racoon for so long

yay for you! I wish I could go bra free but I don't like the feeling of looseness around my boobs for some reason, I like the secure feeling of some kind of support even tho I have small boobs

you should just do it. it's your bedroom you can put up whatever you like! if you change your mind you can always just take it down

No. 507782

File: 1580151838966.jpg (24.67 KB, 480x455, e54173880e0f2f905d5248ff2f8483…)

no love for peta from me, but I think the mass hatred for the organisation can also be convenient way of completely disregarding their larger message of being anti-meat

it's so easy to say 'fuck peta!' for euthanising dogs while also eating mcnuggets and putting money in to a system that slaughters billions of animals yearly. it's hypocritical.

No. 507783

File: 1580152322857.jpg (297.62 KB, 1502x1636, rVjr4tqaI9OC40ogEX9yyhI2TvoiaA…)

i miss being a NEET
>tfw finally enough money to pay rent and buy vidya and no time to sit around my house playing them
why live

No. 507784

File: 1580152665174.jpg (49.4 KB, 533x800, d8d06a8a7c04dc18338eefd058042e…)

Thank you anons! I'll definitely check out poskmark too! I got an ann taylor 50% off coupon in my email and I'm planning to use it to buy a new black blazer in store since I don't want to bother risking buying them online (most of them always look so janky on me lol) and it'll probably be on of the last things I buy brand new from them. Their skirts and dresses are sooo cute, I can't wait to stock up on a bunch through secondhand means lol.

No. 507787

File: 1580153170894.jpg (173.81 KB, 800x1200, Memory-wall-collage-1.jpg)

This is a cute idea anon! I have some small collages of postcards from when I go traveling and anime cons. I always try to get a mix of horizontal and vertical ones, and sometimes get some of different sizes so that they won't look super uniform and I like to piece them together like pic related, but with like an inch/half inch between them. Mine don't take up the whole wall so I feel like it's the equivalent of a nice poster taking up a chunk of space.

No. 507793

File: 1580154247568.jpg (107.83 KB, 500x333, tumblr_m92kpvbhcv1rqfkrwo1_500…)

don't forget depop! it's harder to navigate than poshmark, but has better deals for that exact reason. when you find a brand that fits good, search for it on depop/poshmark/ebay and buy secondhand for half the price. for example, i'm in love with a target brand of jeans, but buying them new online is twice the price with way less selection than secondhand, so it feels nice to save money. plus you can find unique and rare pieces that make your wardrobe stand out, as opposed to wearing what everyone else in your town bought from the same mall.

No. 507798

I work at a restaurant and this girl use to come in with her boyfriend and she always looked so depressed and quiet and would be very jumpy, she came in the other day after a few months with a new guy who's really nice to her and she looked so happy and smiley and was talkative and sweet to me and I feel so happy for her

No. 507823

Thanks, I definitely will!

I feel like my image of professional office clothes is stuck on thinking it's only black/white suit and tie, but looking through the online stores of Banana Republic and Reiss and stuff that, there's more wiggle room than I thought (though I guess it does depend on the office anyway). I love this fashion and have been thinking of slowly redoing my wardrobe but wasn't sure of which direction to take it in but now I really want timeless elegant pieces that are nice enough to walk into the office with, but also make me look classy and not like a scrub when I go out for a lunch date with friends or something.

So weird to think how just in early college I wanted like… a cringey fairy kei/fruits wardrobe, and now I just want as classy/elegant normie as possible haha.

No. 507827

File: 1580161289095.jpg (37.43 KB, 319x446, The first anatomical variation…)

My old boss… (friend??? am honestly unsure of my relationship to her lol) messaged me out of the blue on instagram. I deleted the app but occasionally check through web browser because some friends only have my contact through IG. I'm not even sure if I should respond?

It feels really petty but I thought we were… if not close, just on pretty good terms. I was definitely one of her favorite workers before I quit, and we kept in contact after I left. We both like art and would reply to each other's ig stories of art we've been working on, and I was one of the first people she told she was moving back to Japan for some time. I know the last piece really doesn't hold any weight to how close we were, but we got along pretty well. Even other coworkers who were there way longer than I was definitely thought we were good friends. For the few weeks leading up to when she left, she didn't say a word to me until I finally messaged her and she was like "I'm actually on the plane to leave right now" like oh… ok I guess. Hope you have a good flight, I guess? My former coworkers were surprised to hear that she didn't even say anything to me.

Part of me wants to respond but it's been months since she's left and she hasn't said a thing to me since she got back to Japan unless I messaged her first (and I stopped early on because she didn't seem to want to carry on a convo). Like, do you want something? Is that why you're messaging me out of the blue? Because you didn't seem to care enough to message me for the past 6 months.

Nowadays, I don't really know what to think of her. She would tease me sometimes in a mean way, but was generally pretty nice to me, but I found out that she could be really manipulative and terrible. She's that kind of ~*~*cool girl*~*~ who's hip and fashionable and super pretty and has everyone wrapped around her finger and sometimes I don't know whether I want to desperately please her or be completely rid of her. Sometimes I feel like I have a crush on her, but at the same time I'm so scared of her. When I was talking to one of my close friends at my old job about how I was sort of hurt that she didn't say anything to me before I left, he said "now you know how she really is." It's weird. I have a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts about her. It's really dumb and I guess I'll just ignore the message since most of our mutual friends know I don't use IG and will probably tell her I just don't use it anymore if she asks them. Feels kind of bad that all of these feelings and thoughts resurfaced though.

No. 507843

Did you post about this before, it seems familiar? You don't owe her shit, anon.

No. 507855

I'm not trying to start any infighting, but as the GC and radrem users migrate I expect a wave of emboldened redditers and sjw to move in and take their place now that lolcow isn't a icky misandrist terf stronghold

No. 507899

Thanks anon. I feel like I probably have posted about her at some point. I just deleted the message from my inbox without looking at it. Good riddance.

No. 507912

Has anybody here used skillshare? I'd be curious to know your experience with it.

I had it for an entire year and almost didn't use it at all because you need to have a good internet connection to use it, and I don't, which means I'd have to go to the library or a cafe to use it and I just couldn't be bothered. The few classes that I tried to take were so slow moving and didn't teach me anything new so I just lost interest.

I keep seeing ads for it, and I wonder if they've improved it, but I don't want to pay the 100+ bucks to see if it is. Also there are so many free tutorials on YT that I can't imagine it being worth it.

No. 507915

Farmers are such cattle and it's annoying but hilarious
An anon can say something even slightly disagreeable to some degree and people will relentlessly fight for days on end, and fight even more if the anon replies about how "they're still going" while "still going" themselves, other anons join in mindlessly even if both anons come to the conclusion that they agree but they only attacked them because everyone else was it's hilarious and sad

No. 507921

I used to torrent courses back in the day. history stuff from the great courses mainly, but I had a video editing one for from another company that was decent. This was like 2012 though and I got them from sites that aren't around/easily accessible anymore like demonoid. There are still a few on tpb if you search "course" or "the great courses" but there isn't much of a selection.

No. 507942

Literally how does anyone not know how to cook? I'm not talking about cooking WELL, just making edible food. Do you have learning disabilities? Are you not allowed to hold knives without supervision? Can you not follow instructions wtf? Even being a useless NEET should have standards.

No. 507945

From a useless neet, you’re 100% right.
Okay if you work huge hours or are disabled it’s understandable to not cook but it’s pathetic when people say they don’t have hours to make a dish, as if there aren’t hundreds of meals that take less than 30 mins to make from scratch. You don’t have to be Jacques Pepin to roast a couple of veg.

No. 507946

Deleting all the social media apps from my phone. This shit really does consume your life if you’re not careful. I honestly don’t think humans are able to handle the amount of comparison/consumerism that these apps and the culture on them endorse. I post art online and constantly compare myself to others, and become sad if a post doesn’t do well. Like fuck off brain, my worth isn’t based off internet strangers approval. Fuck this mindset.

No. 507953

There have been studies coming out linking frequent social media use to a lower quality of life. I know that deleting all of my social media has overall improved my mood and self-esteem.

No. 507974

I feel you there especially as an artist too. I know rationally that “likes” shouldn’t mean anything but it still bothers me way too much when I don’t get as many as I’d like.

No. 508008

Does this change depending on if you're constantly browsing vs. constantly posting? Or does it just have the same effect overall. Also would watching YouTube be considered social media?

No. 508021

Yes, well done!

No. 508024

It’s interesting how the argument for violence in movies change depending on what people, or more importantly what the media likes and how they respond to it. For example, the Joker movie had a few killings and shootings and everyone was freaking out about how men would get influenced and create mass shootings, but Game of Thrones had everyone praising its portrayal of explicit “realistic” sex and violence and whenever someone criticised it people got all high and mighty saying you shouldn’t censor it, it’s art, don’t be a prude/sensitive and all that. Sooo which is it exactly? Or does it change according to what’s popular and more safe to like or not? I find it hypocritical to be honest. What do you anons think?

No. 508027

>the Joker movie had a few killings and shootings
No it didn't, that was fake controversy to get people's attention

No. 508039

I can't tell if you're being obtuse on purpose but she meant in the movie itself but I guess you just read to the part you greentexted and stopped there?
>everyone was freaking out about how men would get influenced and create mass shootings

No. 508042

Having a nice speaking voice is really underrated.
My boyfriend has the nicest speaking voice ever; perfect level of raspiness, not too high or low pitched and a cute accent.

No. 508052

Agree. I find myself getting attracted to guys that aren't even my type just because I find their voices so nice.

No. 508056

idk how you think it's underrated when girls go crazy for english accents in particular and shit.

No. 508060

english accent is ugly as fuck

No. 508065

There's so such thing as an "english" accent, accents in the UK vary widely from county country and here's a fun fact. out of all the accents in the US, the one's spoken in the southern united states are actually the closest phonetically to the dialects spoken in british Isles

No. 508067

nta and obv i agree but all of them are ugly. some are uglier than others but all are ugly.

No. 508071

i think anon meant the combination of voice quality and accent can be very appealing, and i think that's different to just fawning over britbongs because they talk funny. belfast accent is nice though imo
australians and kiwis have arguably the worst accents

No. 508072

The only people who like them have never heard anything other than the typical posh south english accent in movies.

No. 508073

My bad, should've specified that I meant cockney, posh and whatever else they speak in mainland Britain. Only tolerable accent out of there is scottish

No. 508076

There is no one Scottish accent either, anon. There's Orkney, Glaswegian, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen… It's probably better if you just don't talk about things you don't understand.

No. 508077

Oi bruv das peng ting innit

No. 508078

lots of english accents are nice to listen to. ime people who say they aren't are bitter ex-anglophiles who are angry their own accent isn't fetishized.

No. 508079


I like English accents and some Irish accents (not Belfast though, Northern Irish accents are unpleasant). I like Australian and New Zealand accents too. Most American accents are ugly but some are OK.

What I really can't stand is Canadian accents. I've never heard a Canadian accent that didn't make me want to slap the speaker in the face. The ones from around Ontario are the most annoying though.

No. 508081

not my experience. they sound fake and put on, don't make sense phonetically, plus i have bad experiences with english men, so.

No. 508089

this is why I don't like your accents btw

No. 508090

File: 1580223571404.jpeg (136.01 KB, 1280x721, DCD102BF-DA56-4294-9822-635712…)

I think the reason why I like blunt and curt characters so much, like Felix from FE3H, is because they remind me of my brother.
I love people who call others out and are just honest. I think it means more when those people compliment you too. My brother rarely holds back his tongue and he tells people how it is, so when he compliments me I know it's genuine and it really means a lot. He is literally Felix.

No. 508092

But I'm Scottish, so according to you you do like my accent. You know, the one accent all Scots have?

No. 508096

thanks, I hate scots now

No. 508097


you don't like english accents because people correct you when you say dumb stuff about how accents work? anon, how much dumb stuff are you saying that this is a common occurence for you?

No. 508099

nta and i don't disagree but a lot of people don't realize how regional uk accents are. it's very common for people to think there's one accent per country. it's not that dumb. you guys are acting like she's calling you guys knuckledragging pigfuckers that live in sewers.

No. 508101

Personally I don't care about accents in general but it pisses me off when Americans (sorry yankfags, it's just it really always is Americans, I don't see anyone else do this) say they don't have an accent. It's physically impossible to not have an accent and you sound dumb when you say you don't, particularly when you're online and talking to people who would identify you as having an American accent.

No. 508103

I don't like english accents because they're grating to my ears, I figured scottish english was more dialectal than accented because it's closer to how it works in nordic countries

No. 508108

I started dating my boyfriend over four years ago, and moved out with him after 2-3 weeks of dating and it's been the most fun I've ever had, totally on a whim. It feels like we live in an Animal Crossing village, it's very comfy cozy. I'm sending him lengthy videos of our cats screaming while he's at work and it's nice that he responds to each one with cute enthusiasm. Sometimes life gets really boring but I'm trying to count that as a blessing, too.

No. 508109

This is so cute! I'm so happy for you.

No. 508113

they have the smae phonetical rules as southern american accents

No. 508114

yes, and no one likes southern american accents. they make no sense and sound fake as well. the only decent american accent is "general american"/neutral.

No. 508117

What is considered general american english has equally bizzare rules built into its foundation

No. 508122

File: 1580229530006.jpg (48.88 KB, 600x600, 1485787990652.jpg)

>tfw my "standard" American accent sounds fake as hell
Yall it aint fair

No. 508123

Agreed, english accents (all of them) are annoying.

No. 508124

I like to soothe the nostalgia for old-school blogging by finding small but semi-public twitter accounts (usually 1-2k followers and vague about their personal info), scrolling as far back as twitter will let me, and just reading them all the way through at a leisurely pace, googling any music/film/literature interests they mention or any terms I don't recognize.

I'm starting to notice the right formula is girls around my age who are into stuff that is just slightly too involved to be basic normie but not veering into weeb/geek (like niche music subgenres, cooking/baking, history/classical arts) and too shy/paranoid/disinterested to post much about themselves. That way, it's especially thrilling when I stumble on a one-off selfie or a photo that shows their hand holding the subject.

I think I might be a little insane or autistic or something. I'm completely normal and stable otherwise.

No. 508126

>i'd take a million ass-eaters
you gonna kiss those mouths?

No. 508129

I think the context is what bothers people, Joker features a mentally ill loner who feels fucked over by society using violence, especially gun violence, against people in his life he thinks have wronged him which some fucked in the head people might relate to and be inspired by but GoT is a medieval fantasy that isn't realistic for current society, e.g. there isn't a social problem of people challenging each other to trial by combat with swords or having every baby in a town killed in case they're their half-sibling.

Similarly no one cares about the violence in John Wick since if you tried to go on a shooting rampage using judo you'd just get shot by the police since people don't run up to gunmen to get CQC'd like videogame NPCs irl but something like Blue Story is controverstial in the UK because it features knife gang violence that happens every day in London and is going to have a cultural impact in those communities.

No. 508136

if she won't i will. i'll eat their ass too.

No. 508164

I don't even like bubble tea that much but for some reason I got a weird but intense craving for the tapioca balls you put in it, what the hell? There's a local Asian grocery store right by my apartment that I've been meaning to check out for a while now and I'm gonna make time this week to pop in and see if they happen to sell those tapioca balls because I'm not giving up on my dream.

No. 508166

I feel like I've been slowly losing my grip on myself as I ride out my spiraling emotions during my period but I randomly read today that someone does puzzles and stuff to take their mind off of things so I pulled up an online jigsaw puzzle website and now I'm just mindlessly doing puzzles but I'm having fun and not loathing my existence. Nice.

I wish there was a place that rented out different types of puzzles. I've been trying to buy less knick knacks because I don't have the space for it, but fuck do I really want to sit down and piece an actual jigsaw puzzle together.

No. 508173

You could buy cheap puzzles from thrift stores and re-donate them when you are finished.

No. 508179

That's actually a really good idea, thanks anon!

No. 508196

I noticed that I have a tendency of take things really serious and then notice they weren't that serious after thinking about it a little more. I once tried to kms because I failed an exam and this is peak dumb emotional bitch behaviour

No. 508197

holy fuck that's Bae Doona.

No. 508217

My ex hated women, would constantly accuse me of cheating if the fucking weather changed, made a bunch of rules for me because all women to him are evil and cheat, but then claimed "the choice is yours I'm not controlling either do this or I'll treat you like shit!", Caused my body dysmorphia since I was 15, took away my teenage years, gave me crumbs of affection, etc

My current loves women but the problem with him is that he gets easily manipulated and doesn't know how to tell girls no. He keeps giving in to women trying to ruin our relationship by pretending to have mental problems until he gives into what they want, including a girl we worked with for two weeks threatening suicide until he went to her house and another girl spamming him with messages pretending to have insecurity issues until he complimented her. He's not a bad guy, but he is so easily manipulated and gullible and stupid. There's no winning I guess

No. 508228

I wonder how many arguments on this website happen because the anon everyone is replying to is ESL. Sometimes I swear a lot of people on here don't have basic reading comprehension skills and end up arguing back and forth while basically agreeing on core points and saying the same things.

No. 508242

File: 1580252481311.gif (36.83 KB, 650x450, homestuck.gif)

does anyone on here like/used to like homestuck

No. 508244

File: 1580252636754.png (9.45 KB, 512x512, kakaotalk-2015-11-02.png)

I downloaded KakaoTalk and talking to random people in rooms in kinda fun

No. 508248

not rly but i never understood why so many people hate on it or are obsessed with it

No. 508249

i used to love it b4. now it makes me sad.

No. 508255

I dunno, I just finished it, it was 8000 pages long so at this point I feel like I have to be obsessed with it. Anyone who just liked it a little bit stopped reading a long time ago, probably.

Why does it make you sad?

No. 508256

Oh shit, blast from the past. I didn't think Kakao was still popular. Sounds like they upgraded a lot since like 2011 lol.

No. 508258

What 249 said though I quit around the Calliope arc because I was bored of the story lol.
I tried reading some Homestuck fanfics last night to relive nostalgia (it feels bad because it felt like I read every fanfic from '08-'14) before bed and honestly I wonder if there's any fanfics written by someone who actually interacts with other human beings because no one acts normal in them.
I get that the Homestuck characters are caricatures of 2010/late-00s memes but ffs.

No. 508263

I read it all and completely forgot it after I read the final sentence. The characters are nice and all but they also can be very forgettable since there is so many of them.

It also doesn't help that I was reading it along with a friend who has to be the biggest #1 fan of everything so any discussion with her resulted in only her theories being right, which that was the mentality of the fandom no matter which social media platform you go on. So when people say that fandom is cancer they aren't joking.

No. 508270

Fuck yeah. I don't even know why.

No. 508317

I just finished reading all of it (minus the epilogues) like 2 months ago. I actually very much enjoyed it, even more than when I first read it as it was coming out when I was younger (I didn’t keep up to finish it and skimmed most of it back then). I really love a lot of the music, and love the kids themes on pesterquest.

No. 508331

Really love when someone takes something I said and jsut says it back to me in a more eloquent manner, like wow thank you big brain genius for blessing my inferior intellect with your words, what would I ever do without you

No. 508342

I didn't get my license until I was 21, and it's been a little over a year since then. I'm close to getting my own (used, from a friend) car but it's super stressful. For one my dad will be pissed at me about it, as if me spending my own money on it is frivolous and offensive to him personally. Second, the main reason getting my license took awhile is I still have huge driving anxiety. I haven't been able to practice driving but I will try going to places nearby to get comfortable I suppose. I also have weird anxiety that I will mess up when pumping gas even though I've done it before and people will laugh at me for not being able to do something every adult on earth can seemingly do fine. Anxiety's a bish. But dang does the idea of having my own property like that make me feel really proud in a way. One step closer to moving out.

No. 508344

I hate it when people over analyze a story they don't like to find plot holes or reasons to hate it. It's fine to just admit you don't like something.

No. 508368

File: 1580284565384.gif (627.22 KB, 373x360, anime-sparkle-eyes-gif-5.gif)

I just need to surround myself with positive people.Despite my bad mood and depression spells, I believe that just hanging out with a few of them instead of the portable miseries that some of my family members are,I will actually find a reason to be alive again.idk how I will find someone like that, but I better fucking try

shout out to the random dude who picked me and my mom's car up to take it to the repair shop who was nice and made my day better

No. 508371

Positive people, hopeful people, funny people. All good and fun. It really does affect your mood. I basically stopped hanging around a good chunk of my old friends because they were just so depressed and would always rant about world events, not even in like a joking way, but like, always try to find something to be upset about or to correct someone about. My group of friends now is just a bunch of people pulling jokes all the time, yeah, we have those moments where we can tell each other what's up, but we all respond with reassurance everything will be fine and offer support and sometimes even try to crack a few jokes to make someone feel better. Those kinds of friends are always people to cherish.

No. 508403

I want to do this but all my friends are depressed POS. It seriously effects your mood. I hope you find people worth being around.

No. 508407

File: 1580303005252.png (94.55 KB, 624x623, whyisshefat.png)

I just finished it last week. I want to play Pesterquest but why did they make Terezi fat?

No. 508461

I never even finished it but I still have this weird attachment to it to the point that I wish I had a Homestuck cosplayer for a bf.

No. 508468

I really have no idea and I hate a lot of the troll designs in it. Or the troll designs in that other game?? There's so many new ones, I can't be fucked to care about them cause the original cast is already so extensive.

I want to cosplay homestuck so bad and I know there's always that "it's 2020! fuck what everyone thinks!" thinking, but homestuck fandom has a bad rap for a reason and I don't want to attract underaged weirdos lol

Beta kids are so cute, I want to cosplay them all ugh.

No. 508471

I have no clue what the cosplay scene is like now but you’re probably right that it’s full of underaged weirdos. I just had recently met with a former Homestuck cosplayer and my interest in him rose quite a bit after he mentioned it. He cosplayed as Eridan and was unfortunately just as mentally unstable as him.

No. 508478

I really wish Hussie would stop letting literal SJWs who never grew out of their tumblr phase have so much power over the franchise. I get that it's part of his thing as the aloof author type but…Fatrezi and June Egbert? Really? Leave the original cast alone.

No. 508479

File: 1580324707768.jpg (33.83 KB, 360x360, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

shayna is starting to look like raini imo

No. 508528

File: 1580333550092.jpg (56.88 KB, 1325x2048, EPYJkdWX0AAP8vd.jpg)

I don't want to flood the thread with this short little comic but it's making my heart ache so much and I have to scream somewhere about it.

No. 508548

The worst to me is making random characters transgender for god knows what reason. I feel like he is deliberately just trying to destroy his creation at this point.

No. 508570

>Why does it make you sad?
he ruined my favorite character, roxy. rip

No. 508574

I can't stand diet talk. I wish everyone wasn't so obsessed with being skinny.

No. 508577

And then people online insult you by saying you’re fat if you say that you hate the obsession with thinness…

No. 508589

I wish I had a boyfriend with a single target sexuality, so I’m the only person he’s capable of being aroused by. I just want it to go like a shitty anime plot but I bet it would turn out horribly in reality.

No. 508592

I wanna watch the Yuru Camp live-action so much. Have a feeling it won't get picked up by any streaming service and no one will care to sub/torrent it sad noises

No. 508594

Okay but what if the trade off is he's not cute and his dick is skinny?

No. 508595


No. 508596

But jdramas are so shitty and the acting is so bad

No. 508598

I'm fucking terrified of the thought of a coronavirus epidemic and I'm sick of people calling me stupid for worrying

No. 508600

Yes! From the clips I've seen, it's almost shot-for-shot recreation of the anime. The sceneries are beautiful!
Good thing this one isn't acting-driven.

No. 508601

I drank a redbull after not having one for like a year and holy shit I actually feel alive I don't know why I stopped

No. 508608

File: 1580348658845.gif (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 540x303, tumblr_p0191oW3bZ1weuvc3o1_540…)

I have been staring at this gif for 2 days and I just wanted to say that I love men's asses. thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

No. 508611

Very waxed. It's gay isn't it?

No. 508613

Yes. I'd rather look groomed gay men than unkempt and unwashed straight men asses.

No. 508614

yeah! I remember trying to read it off my dad's ipad when I was like 12 and didn't know english well. I still find the art and music endearing. And I would watch the shit out of amvs and other fanmade content on youtube

No. 508641

something about celebs and otherwise very wealthy people encouraging the masses to donate money for X is very gross to me. all I can give up is maybe 20 bucks, why are you asking me?

No. 508658

File: 1580354513081.png (169.74 KB, 364x330, 25BC9EF0-64E6-4BBD-AC51-B65210…)

>not cute
Ah, but a man can be appealing in other ways besides being cute. If he can’t be cute then he’ll be some other kind of attractive. I like doms anyway so I don’t really focus on ‘cute’/
>skinny dick
since I’m the only person he’s willing to be with I’m gonna assume he can be convinced to please me in other ways. I’ll be disappointed but I’ll get over it.
Nice try, genie

No. 508661

>I remember trying to read it off my dad's ipad when I was like 12
OT but this didn't add up to me, so I googled the iPad and found it was introduced in 2012, and now I feel so so old

No. 508723


see this is what i hate about any large corporation (like food chains and grocery stores and the like) doing the whole would you like to add a donation for charity to your total? thing when they could easily donate a thousand times as much and I'm over here barely able to afford whatever I'm buying in the first place. I always feel guilty and never turn it down and then I feel guilty for only adding a dollar or whatever when I shouldn't actually feel guilty at all.

No. 508724

File: 1580375891442.jpg (16.1 KB, 460x338, 83787021_2730034397083819_8153…)

Does anyone ever feel like they are their own biggest obstacle in life? I know i am, i always doubt myself on every decision that i ever made. To the point where i miss a bunch of opportunities because of this godforsaken habit that i developed throughout the year, i just dont know how to fix it anymore. Recently i have a choice to either study illustrations abroad, i dont have the funds to do it but ill probably pick up a part time job there or work and practice my art at the same time. I shit you not, im so scared of leaving my comfort zone so much i turn myself into the biggest coward ever and try to shun this out of my head even though my biggest dream was to leave my country to have a better life not only for me but for my family and the art thingy seems so vague…and people in my country seem to look down on pp that choose to live in the rural area of any kind of country ( even though they offer an immigration program there ), so that adds up to my anxiety even more aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

No. 508726

File: 1580378183829.jpg (129.5 KB, 1280x720, newgrounds-logo.jpg)

Any other anons have a favorite Newgrounds movie or game you remember playing/watching years ago and most likely isn't on the site anymore?

My favorite movie was a live action film series by some kid messing around with his figures. The plot of one of the films was about Mega Man and Zero finding a Jack in the Box and they meet Luigi from Super Mario and Sango from InuYasha.

No. 508741

File: 1580388244906.png (1.04 MB, 1196x976, Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 8.43…)

lol she's such an aspie.

No. 508744

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. I can't remember anything useful, but I can sing this song line for line no problems.

No. 508748

The pair of Nike Pegasus I’ve had for years are falling apart but even with the holes and sole starting to tear off they are still the most comfortable sneakers I ever owned

No. 508757

File: 1580400712912.jpg (133.02 KB, 1080x402, 20200130_181100.jpg)

Uh ok, stan.

No. 508761

What the fuck? Has this board become infested with kpop stans? i legit thought this was fake until i went and checked for myself. lol.
I knew many fans came here because of the kpop threads but i didn't think they'd pull that twitter shit here…

No. 508764

Lmao, never thought I'd see the day lolcow turned into tumblr.

No. 508766

mmmm delicious

No. 508772

File: 1580404023437.jpg (139.36 KB, 1920x1080, Df5USu7UEAUJk3H.jpg)

If it's shot-for-shot, that means it's most likely done at the real life locations the manga/anime was based on right? Goddd, I'm so excited anyway. I saw someone do a reddit post where they visited all the real life locations, even the school (the tiny narrow clubroom actually exists!!), and I wish I could visit and camp at those places so bad!!

Shitty acting or not, I love yurucamp lol. I'll watch anything related to it. I've lost track of how many times I've reread the manga. Shit is just as good the 20th time around.

No. 508773

>tfw I was a bigger fan of AlbinoBlackSheep than NG
look how well that turned out in 2020
Though I know this is not PC in the modern age but when I was like 10 I really liked that one animation about the guy who quit smoking only to start smoking again after his office set on fire and it turned him into a weird superhero where he saved the office from burning down with the magic of Nicotine. It was so edgy (for its time) that I thought it was great because I was also an edgy tryhard.

No. 508774

I hope that admin reads this and I hope she knows she's a dumb ass bitch and should stay on Twitter

No. 508780

This has to be a joke.

No. 508784

>>508757 Didn't really know where to post it, pretty sure it's a joke but it rubbed me the weirdest way after wtf happened to kpc, would make a nice banner.

No. 508789

Explains why the unnecessary merge was made instead of just locking all those cringey kpop threads, with a few anons posting about their same shitty idols.

No. 508798

I hope this is a joke
if they get rid of 2x then the femcels will be branching out to ot again
no thank you

No. 508814

Creating 2x and making it hard to find made the whole femcel worse in my opinion. I side with radfems on many things, but since the creation of 2X, many of them have been intolerable than when all the man hate threads and tranny bashing threads were in OT.

No. 508816

File: 1580415045380.jpg (430.09 KB, 893x1567, 1580403388928.jpg)

Farmhands seem to be fans too.

No. 508843

welp, bye lolcow dot farm. it was nice meeting you

No. 508848

Things were fine with the original man hate threads in /ot/ before XX, and they will be fine again when admin allows them in /ot/again. You can just hide those threads and report discussion that leaks into other threads, it's not a big deal.

No. 508855

Damn I just found out Netflix is making a live action version of One Piece. I haven't caught up with OP in ages but it holds a special place in my heart since it was one of the first anime I got seriously into, but honestly I really am not looking forward to this. I'm hearing that Oda himself is very involved with the production of the show and that sounds promising but still, I just don't think OP lends itself well to being live action. I can't imagine Luffy's devil fruit powers looking good in any way with CGI or whatever, let alone all the other weird abilities throughout the series. Ugh, I wish I could be hyped with everyone else but I feel like I'm the only person who fucking hates all these stupid live action adaptations of animated shit…

No. 508863

I feel like /ot/ anons are the nicest. I really don't like visiting any other boards anymore.

No. 508865

As a pretty girl that got bothered a lot a decade ago in highschool I can recognise creeps across all demographics and ages. I rightfully understand non binary they people and mtf trannys are massive creeps and as a mature student had to suffer sharing the uni bathrooms with very non passing men taking selfies in the bathroom and angling their phones at me. I wanted to punch every single ugly one of them. When I see an ugly man in a choker and skirt I want to set him on fire. I hate this trend. And after getting a twitter back since I have graduated I have noticed that Judaism and non binarys seem to be a thing. It disgusts me.

No. 508875

please do leave and stay gone

No. 508880

well now i'm gonna stay

No. 508888

just like everyone else who whines about how much they hate it here. predictable and boring

No. 508896

well now i'm gonna leave and only come back for shitposts

No. 508898

ah i see now. you're the underage poster from the confessions thread, aren't you?

No. 508902

i thought we were the same person?

No. 508903

what are you even talking about

No. 508905

stating that there is teenagers here is the same as being underage? what a dumbass condescending bitch you are. don't ever reproduce, cuntcer

No. 508908

File: 1580432238126.jpeg (886.75 KB, 1317x1484, EFF823D5-6217-4C3F-B688-53630B…)

To all the anons who have been eagerly awaiting the game and console with me.

I’m mad it doesn’t come with the game but I preodered anyway. At least I can cancel if they announce a better bundle.

No. 508909

sorry, forgot to add that it’s available for preorder through best buy for US anons.

No. 508910

Oh it's so cute. I don't have a switch because I've been broke for a long time, I decided to wait for the animal crossing edition and I'm so glad I did. I'll probably get another copy if it comes with one, cause I like having multiple towns.

No. 508912

Going by 3ds, there will likely be cheats eventually to load save files so you may be able to have many towns with only one game copy. I don't follow switch hack scene closely because I don't have one but it seems to be doing well

No. 508913

lol christ take your meds you narc

No. 508914

Yeah, wtaf are they thinking trying to do a live action adaption of such an unrealistic, stylized series that also happens to be one of, if not the, the most popular, iconic manga of all time? They must be crazy, they will never live up to it. Imagine trying to cast a perfect Luffy? Fucking impossible.

No. 508919

>calls me a narc
predictable and boring

No. 508927

Your love for it is honestly so pure oml. Can we please go camping together?!

No. 508933

It's the first time in months that he doesn't reply to my messages, and of course I'm having an internal meltdown. Why do I have to be this insecure? :^]

No. 508939

I haven't worn underwear in months. I usually wear long/midi skirts with stockings and heels so I'm well dressed otherwise. When I get home I just wear a sleepgown and repeat the next day. Surprisingly my pussy smells alot better and I get wayyy less razor bumps there. I didn't intend on this lifestyle change, I just started wearing skirts and realized panties are a waste of time. And there's nothing like that winter airflow right up into the crotch.

Feel free to direct any questions at me.

No. 508946

You sound like a narc because you think we care about your departure from the site and are staying out of spite from another poster. Kek.

No. 508949

Everyone is a narc and everything is abuse nowadays lol

No. 508954

I know kids find poo hilarious but there's something off about the way this shit is presented. Reminds me of the elsagate shit.

No. 508968

File: 1580445071860.jpeg (26.73 KB, 400x400, 5a09a5ee941be707850523592ae85c…)

No questions, I just applaud you and wish I had the bravery to do the same myself. It's been observed quite often, actually, that vaginas do smell better with more fresh airflow (but of course, if someone wants that they run the risk of falling and showing themselves to everyone.) I wonder if maybe in the future we'll have burn-the-panties revolution like there was bras in the 70s.

No. 508970

this was weird as fuck. worse yet that it was supposed to be a ripoff of "my humps"

No. 508974

File: 1580446363872.gif (1.52 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

This is god awful, no exaggeration. The scene specifically from 1:03 to 1:06 (the gif attached) is just genuinely unnerving, and there's no reason for that to be in any commercial aimed at children. It's not a moral purity thing, it just makes no sense. It's a toy animal that poops glittering slime when squeezed - why does it need to have any sexual connotations, unless the people who made this video basically wanted children to see it and associate a pooping toy with sexual connotations?

The song this video is referencing, too, came out in 2005 and isn't even going to be known or well-remembered by the children of the target age of this product. What was the entire point of this? What child is going to see animated unicorns singing about their poop, and think "man, I really got have this toy!"?

It is, yeah. Directly from the Wikipedia page for that song: "The song sparked controversy because of its title and lyrics, which center on a woman who uses her breasts and buttocks to accomplish her goals." The song's subject, it being older than most of the kids buying that toy, just… such a weird choice.

No. 508988

I find the whole poop thing gross with kids these days, it used to be only coded for boys but now they're pushing it on little girls too. We should've stopped at slime, shit carries disease and is a real thing a kid could conceivably mess around with. its just nasty, pls discourage all children from playing with shit instead of opening it up to also be for girls, toy marketers.

No. 508993

With all the unmonitored internet access these days I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted kids to make videos copying it and put it online. Kinda sounding like a conspiracy nut here but I know that was some of the speculation around those creepy elsagate type videos.

No. 508996

Its wierd how many unintentional memes Steven Crowder has ended up creating, The Change My Mind meme, "This Is the Ideal Male Body" meme

No. 509000

File: 1580457710577.jpeg (856 KB, 1242x1786, 5EC598FD-340D-441B-860B-F3D8A6…)

With the way little girls are groomed into other fetishes, I would not at all consider it a reach that the toys have intentionally insidious undertones; grooming mass scale then pushing girls and women’s boundaries until they let men play with their bungholes seems to be all the rage these days

No. 509005

You can only have one island for each switch even if you have multiple copies.

No. 509012

I remember kind of fuming about that on Twitter once and like 4 mutuals of mine defended it going "but anon we NEED sex education! I'm so glad magazines are doing it because parents won't! Also, not all people reading this have a vagina!!" That was at the point I knew I was going to be walking on eggshells for a loooong loooong time.

No. 509014

So, like, where are the pearl-clutching parents to get mad about lyrics like "Gonna get loopy off my poopy", "Shitsnel and Fart Jacobs swag" and "Munch on my Poopitos"? We could really use them right now.
Also, at 1:25, one of them jiggles its chest, and you can hear a moaning sound effect. This is just really weird.

No. 509020

What the actual fuck? They're not even hiding the fact that they consider the male body the "default" one.
I really don't wanna bring daughters to this world just for them to be taught to serve mentally ill men.

No. 509027

you're a narc too for thinking anyone was even talking to you

No. 509032

File: 1580469545437.jpg (78.75 KB, 350x376, 1557520726848.jpg)

I thought the poopsies were the MLP parody that 4channers dreamt up to make fun of bronies, but it got twisted round on them and they started jacking off to the poopsies too?
I didn't realise it was an actual toy line???

They look like a cross between the MLP ponies and fucking Bratz dolls (which had their own controversy); the bellies seem weirdly sexual, and remind me of the way Shadman draws lolis, with those severely-malnourished-african-child distended bellies Fucking vom, I hate this timeline

No. 509035

I never wear underwear round home but I hate skirts and having my bare flaps touch jeans sounds vile. I applaud you sister and wish my flaps were as free.

No. 509055

they linked my post, retard

i posted in the dumbasd thread bc i didnt expect ppl to care but apparently u do

No. 509060

Braiding hair is so calming

No. 509062

Yes!! I used to love braiding other girls hair at school, it was such a relaxing way to bond was an easy way to wind down

No. 509065

Thanks for sharing this, anon! I preordered the switch, the game w/ the journal, and the case through target. I've never done a preorder before, so am I guaranteed my items once they're released? Do I have to pick them up, like a first come first serve sort of thing?

No. 509067

Wanna hang out and braid each other's hair?

No. 509077

You should be guaranteed! I think for Target, at least what I've seen about the game+journal bundle, is that it will only have the option to be shipped to your home, no pickup, so you'll definitely get it (worst case scenario, maybe a delay). I guess preorders items will allow for pickup option, some won't. There should have been an option when you were checking out to pick ship to your home or pick up in store!

As for pick up, I would assume they would have enough to fulfill all the orders placed, but I get the feeling there might be a limit imposed on how many consoles are in the store at any given time/how many are received in shipment and those will have to be dispersed first come/first serve between people just buying it day of/people picking up their preorder.

I haven't preordered things in a very long time so I might be wrong but this is just my best guess lol.

I saw that the EU version of the console is going to have a game download+console bundle, I'm really hoping they'll bring that to the US.

Now I have to go through the annoying process of trying to sell off my old switch lol. None of my friends want it (either want animal crossing console or a switch lite) but I also don't want to deal with listing it online because I've never sold anything online aaaaaaaaa

No. 509078

File: 1580482654473.png (117.14 KB, 801x700, 5366456.PNG)

I just read a list where a bunch of comedians complain about jokes they want to stop existing in 2020 and literately 80% of the jokes a just reddit tier jokes. it gives me joy professional comedians hate redditor humor.

No. 509082

How can I find out someones house address? (asking for a friend).

No. 509090

File: 1580485338912.jpg (146.36 KB, 1920x1080, Df5HoSNVQAAVy0g.jpg)

I would love to anon!!

I've never been camping but yurucamp has definitely ignited that fire in me! None of my friends want to do it but I have a friend who lives in Canada who posts about her weekend camping trips with her gf and friends all the time and I'm sooooooo envious that I can't go with her/be her…

No. 509091

File: 1580485954047.jpeg (266.37 KB, 1035x1413, F3295019-123F-473C-825A-35FB80…)

I’M getting tix to the MCR tour idgaf!!!

No. 509092

Hope you get those tickets anon!!!! I was never into MCR but a lot of my friends are trying to get tickets too. Good luck!!!

No. 509093

'Liking/doing X is not a personality' really triggers me because I have no idea what IS supposed to be a personality then… I get the point of the meme (basically stop constantly sperging about X) but if someone is autistically obsessed with Harry Potter, it sort of is part of their personality. Am I wrong?

No. 509094

Nihilistic hipsters have moved on from "i liked x before it was cool"/"ugh, you like x?" to "liking/doing x is not a personality trait" because they're angry and bitter and think being a soul sucking bore is cooler than expressing enthusiasm for literally anything ever.

Granted people who do nothing but sperg about their one special interest can get really grating, but they're usually more warm and open to the idea of fun, if you're willing and able to gently redirect them out of the sperg rabbitholes when necessary.

One note personalities > no note personalities

No. 509096

I find Hikikomori’s really interesting, reading about how people can shut themselves into their rooms for years on end is unfathomable to me.
I guess it’s because I can genuinely see parts of my personality in them though, the part that wants to shut out the world and not deal with people anymore. I’m really introverted, but I still go to university and work because the idea of living off my parents/family for the rest of my life and not being independent horrifies me. It’s along the same vein as learning how people become serial killers I guess, but on a much tamer level.

No. 509098

It's called agoraphobia, love

No. 509099

who you fuck/how you fuck is the most boring thing in the world, however, and is not a personality. that's the type of person i see most of the comments going to.

No. 509100

just want to add that for weirdo anons like myself deadly premonition 2 is still on the way!

No. 509101

very true, I was referring more to the "liking disney/harry potter/[media franchise] is not a personality trait" type shitposting, which is what I see a lot of. I just don't interact with or follow people who are grossly open about their sex lives or kinksters so I don't see any of that.

No. 509103

File: 1580490498566.gif (476.23 KB, 279x223, mehinestly.gif)

a few days ago they glued some anti-slide stripes on the stairs at work bc of safety reasons, which make of course sense, but the biggest downside of these are that they really rein your steps when you go up and down. Today after work I was in hurry and I already had really, really heavy legs due to walking all day long so it happened what I expected when they put those stripes there, I fallen up the stairs like an idiot. Thankfully at this point nobody was around but I'm pretty sure you could hear me drop on the floor and at least a hand full of people saw how I was still kneeing there lol This was probably the most unnecessary start into my working holiday


Wonder if Jill will get a second switch bc homegirl already got a customised one for the sake of playing animal crossing on it. It's cute but I think I will pass. Still mad that there wasn't a zelda one tho.

No. 509109

hikikomoris, neets, agoraphobia- all in all it’s about the same thing

No. 509122

This may be my last math class ever so I'm trying not to fuck it up
It's also the most advanced math I've ever done so my god I am struggling to hold this good grade

No. 509128

not at all. hikikkomori and agoraphobia are the closest, but still not the same. NEET doesn't imply any kind of isolation from the outside world other than not having a job or otherwise contributing to society. hikikkomori is distinct because of the japanese concept of mentsu which makes them shy away from venturing outside. while agoraphobia is just an irrational fear and doesn't have any outside causes. i think that hikikkomori is more explicitly japanese, but i'm sure it exists in other cultures in the same way.

No. 509132

i was waiting ages for this and surprise it’s fug. the 3ds pop tart was so cute i regretted getting a pink one. pink switch when nintendo??

No. 509138

File: 1580500504692.jpg (110.1 KB, 1000x585, 1lczp5ndhm2z.jpg)

What don't you like about this design? I was really hoping for the poptart design to come back, but the only glimpse of it is on the tote bag on amazonjp.

I like the white dock and pastel joycons a lot, but I wish it was Isabelle on the dock instead of Nook lol. I mean, I get it, it's Nook's getaway package, but Isabelle is so much cuter. Pretty much all of the accessories suck design wise. One of the travel pouches (the hawaiian leaf one I think it's called) is pretty much sold out already) but it's… mediocre looking imo. It's nice that those pouches have more space for cartridges, but the fact that there's no aluminium cases sucks. This fan design is a little ugly, but I love it playing on Isabelle and the derpy looking dog controller.

No. 509145

File: 1580501579625.jpg (60.98 KB, 750x634, H1beb4b10eb61410eb38b0cfd7cacf…)

i'm just getting the bootleg poptart replacement housing.

No. 509148

I don't understand why they can't even say the body of someone with 2 x chromosomes. Is that too female or something?

No. 509150


No. 509157

File: 1580503851010.jpg (110.74 KB, 1440x1368, 1559252469349.jpg)

>buy body sensor light for the appartment hallway that turns on and off when someone passes it, even pets
>it works flawlessly
>late evening
>light turns on and only turns off after about 2 minutes
>meanwhile I'm sitting in my bed, watching
>with all my cats
Thanks I hate it

No. 509168

I hate sounding like a weeb but being a hiki sounds like the closest descriptor to me and being a NEET is just a consequence of that isolation. I got some self help books from the library about 'agoraphobia' but they must've been outdated or just not applicable because they treated it like a fear of being in an outdoor space, like the opposite of claustrophobia, and/or a fear of having panic attacks from something outside (which doesn't fit me). I've been accused of being too lazy to help myself because I wouldn't read self help books, I don't read them because I know I need specific help for the experiences in my damned life that won't be found in a musty psych book written in the 90's. The reason why I shut myself in is because I'm trying to reject people as a whole. Based on past experiences and general life, I have a deep rooted mistrust and fear of people as a collective (whether it's the whole of humanity or the handful that work in a store I might be applying for). It's full retard being grown adult who still unironically thinks "I hate humanity", but that's how it is, "humanity was a mistake" and the walls of my home are what's between me and a very cruel world where people do fucked up shit every day.

My regret is going hiki before finishing high school; I was a very high achiever and this should've been my (and my family's) ticket out of poverty but I just couldn't stand the pressure and the social interaction with classmates I hated at the time, I would have killed myself and the only other option was running away from it all. Nobody helped me because no one saw any warning signs. It's a fucking pathological dislike of others, but here I am finally feeling the loneliness set in and also being aware that I am fucked once my only parent is too old and then dies. I should be the breadwinner making those 18 years worth it but I'm just a giant child-leech, my twenties are starting to roll by and all I can feel is the disappointment when I realized "wow, I thought this was over but adults still bully each other, they still hate and lie, now they even have the resources to make entire organizations (cults, pedo rings, whole industries, everywhere seems corrupt/incompetent) to destroy lives!" Fuck people. This probably sounds insane to you but yeah mental illness doesn't really make sense to well-adjusted individuals.

No. 509170

i don't think you sound like a weeb. i think agoraphobia is basically that, but also associated with the fear of public spaces. hikikomori is basically the fear of being around functioning members of society. the good news is that it's easier to rehabilitate yourself.

No. 509192

Yeah, those agoraphobia books sound really general. I had agoraphobia about 5 or 6 years ago and locked myself up in a room in a family member's house for half a year because of intense PTSD symptoms. I didn't fear being outside, but the outside felt really unfamiliar since I was in a state of fight or flight for that long. I could handle being in the room because it was easier to ground myself if I did go into fight or flight, it was me finding the comfortable in the uncomfortable. Eventually, I started going on walks and taking my younger cousin to the park. My aunt pushed me to try riding my bike around the neighborhood. I had an old coworker who used to be agoraphobic like me when she was younger and she helped me stay reassured I was gonna be okay and I'll be out and about if I keep taking baby steps farther away from the house. I flaked on my best friend a few times during that phase and I do regret it, but she was sympathetic to the situation. It's tough to get out of that, but do remember it's not going to be easy. We wouldn't recover if things were easy.

No. 509202