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File: 1445352047152.jpeg (104.01 KB, 469x700, image.jpeg)

No. 52638

Previous thread reached reply limit >>36116

Let's continue discussing all the fatass snowflakes, HAES, and other fatty bullshit.

Starting with our most notorious whale, Becca Bae! If you know of any obscure fatties, maybe ones you know personally, please share! Spread the fat hate!

No. 52639

File: 1445352221489.jpeg (71.12 KB, 600x480, image.jpeg)

Also, please share greentext stories about fatties being disgusting and delusional. Love those.

No. 52640

File: 1445352817071.jpg (159.61 KB, 941x510, burlap-bag-with-potatoes.jpg)

This is what that looks like.

No. 52641

How old is that picture? She looks far less obese than the more recent pics I have seen of her.

You can tell EXACTLY where they stopped with the Photoshop. They smoothed out her face and cleavage almost ridiculously, and lol at dat shadow/whatever it's supposed to be under her gut. But at least they kept the most of the skin realistic, I guess?

No. 52642

That photo of Becca Bae is so weird, like half of her left leg has been shooped off: a flat hamstring with that massive lump on the front of her thigh? It looks like a fucking tumour, ugh.

No. 52643

No. 52644

File: 1445355691742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.87 KB, 800x1067, 800px-Advanced_lipolymphedema.…)

Relevant pic

No. 52645

How does she stand??? Her joints must be on fire.

No. 52646

File: 1445356591912.jpeg (122.26 KB, 1012x1024, 1445137052742.jpeg)

This is Super Taruko, created by Santa Tsuji (creater of Super Sonico and Pochaco). She's even fatter than Pochaco. I'm honestly surprised he didn't give her stupidly huge tits since that's popular with 2D chubby chasers.
Do you think she'll be popular with fat cosplayers? I'm both excited and afraid to see any cosplays of her.

No. 52647

File: 1445356865275.jpg (243.29 KB, 1920x1080, 1411214729104.jpg)

Hooray it's my fav thread!

No. 52648

she has really unrealistic proportions. A fatty would not have calves this small.

No. 52649


fattie dancers are my favorite

No. 52650

aw hell no. I don't want to see fatties cosplaying that

No. 52651

>jiggle jiggle
Anon her carpet triggers me

No. 52652

File: 1445358595325.gif (1.16 MB, 225x400, 1442959470338.gif)

No. 52653

File: 1445358645055.gif (1.66 MB, 225x400, 1442959512745.gif)

No. 52654

File: 1445358679294.png (722.96 KB, 688x768, 1443018549676.png)

No. 52655

File: 1445358720809.jpg (81.9 KB, 1138x640, mom omg.jpg)

No. 52656

What is her Tumblr url. I already know she has one no sane person dresses like that pls give

No. 52657

File: 1445359260642.jpg (49.37 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nwhli34BOn1r997kko1_540…)

No. 52658

File: 1445359348684.jpg (120.28 KB, 500x669, tumblr_nlhb6lBezy1r997kko1_500…)

No. 52659

For some reason this image just reminds me of the words "potato princess"

It could almost be cute if you forgot she was of the human species and instead some kind of gremlin is a pseudo fantasy setting

No. 52660

Her body just looks…painful…
stretched to the max. ouch. them nips.

No. 52661

it's kinda sad :'(

No. 52662

She was probably made to cater to chubby chasers who love obese pears, like Becca Bae's fanboys. Her tits are still really big, just not as big as Pochaco's.

Hopefully they give her some cute outfits so fatties stop using "b-b-but Sonico's clothes are so cute! Pochaco's are ugly," as their excuse for not cosplaying the fatty.

No. 52663

File: 1445372781509.jpg (888.49 KB, 780x825, foxy_roxxie_ssbbw_06_by_theduk…)

No. 52664

I've been craving fried chicken for a couple days.

But after seeing this pic, I want to throw up thinking about it.

No. 52665

File: 1445373830027.jpg (152.55 KB, 640x426, 4008244-2123365652-jabba.jpg)

Those potatoes look delicious though.

I think this is the picture you meant to post.

No. 52666

second from the left looks like she's regretting her life choices thus far.

No. 52667

HA you beat me to it! Her face was the first thing that struck me about this picture. Then her legs - they seem decent compared to the rest of her, and that irks me for some reason; like it's a waste, I guess?

No. 52668

No. 52669

File: 1445384848093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 72.05 KB, 1024x576, image.jpeg)

That poor man.

No. 52670

File: 1445385424315.jpg (54.11 KB, 540x960, Cranksta.jpg)


When you see some skinny fat like this, who's just 19, you know she'll turn into a crazy hambeast dependa by the time she hits 30.

No. 52671

Fuck off with your personal vendetta

No. 52672

where did you get this photo from? also, this girl may be overweight but she isn't an obese fatty sooo what gives?

No. 52673

>eating food by daylight
>eating more by moonlight
>always having just another bite
>she is the one name sailor moo~

No. 52674


The only people who would get mad at that post are insecure skinnyfats. What's your body fat percentage, girls? How often do you work out? :^) Skinnyfats are no better than hambeasts.

No. 52675

"It's okay if you gave yourself that thur diabeetus, you did nothing wrong"

No. 52676

look at this tryhard

No. 52677

>replying to bait
Your first mistake.

No. 52678

File: 1445389083156.png (170.84 KB, 335x358, 1444103085686.png)

It seems more likely that you're the bitter fatty here, looking for any excuse to hate on people thinner than you because you're butthurt about this thread.

No. 52679

I think she's cute. Could be thinner, but not fat enough to be posted in this thread. Her weight doesn't look dangerous or unsightly.

No. 52680

this should be illegal. and anon you shouldve spoilered it. im legit triggered by this……mess

No. 52681

File: 1445389462013.jpg (56.69 KB, 640x640, tumblr_mxem3jy2RP1re1m2po1_128…)

What do you guys think of Ivy Doomtitty?

No. 52682

Do you bully this girl, anon? Is she a loser at your school or something? Do you have a telephone pole up your ass?

No. 52683

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, 5'3 115lbs-chan.

No. 52684

File: 1445390029541.png (87.69 KB, 300x256, nick-young-confused-face-300x2…)

holy fucking shit, quit replying to bait for the love of fuck, you can obviously tell she isn't fat, so why do you guys reply

No. 52685

Go choke on your McDonald's hamburger or post real fatties. No one cares about your asspained vendetta.

5'6" 110 lbs btw. Nice try though.

No. 52686

>5'6 110 lbs
Mediocre. Why would you mention this?

No. 52687

File: 1445391095942.gif (32.62 KB, 200x200, 1429032174778.gif)

You're making it even more obvious that you're a mad hamplanet because you're trying to troll skinny people in a fatty bashing thread.

I'll give you a generous -10/10, just because I feel sorry you. Now go for a run and try not to choke on your tears.

No. 52688

5'6 and 110 lbs is not skinny, it's completely average. Are you American?

No. 52689

Anyway, ignoring the jealous fatty trying to derail the thread, this video got posted in a /cgl/ cringe thread not long ago. What do you guys think?

No. 52690

Judge Judy is wrong for once. This girl weighs like 400 pounds. She broke the toilet!

No. 52691

File: 1445393187705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2448x1836, prepareyourselves.jpg)

Now you're just shoehorning in memes, Ember.

No. 52692

I can feel my dinner coming back up

No. 52693

I can't believe I never noticed that her nipples were three different sizes in this fucking picture

No. 52694

fuck, why do I always click the spoilers?

No. 52695

Stop asking users for their weight or posting your own weight.

No. 52696

this is just atrocious

No. 52697

File: 1445441184625.jpg (160.07 KB, 375x500, Miss Hamerica 2015 in traditio…)

No. 52698

File: 1445441283525.jpg (33.74 KB, 407x405, Butthurt_7e4df3_2540939.jpg)

In spite of all the delish seacows tubblr blesses us with, let us be reminded that men are even fatter on average.

No. 52699

File: 1445441309169.jpg (53.37 KB, 720x720, d7ced22e.jpg)

No. 52700

File: 1445441776891.jpg (75.49 KB, 610x498, Ms. Ryan Murphy.jpg)

Her forearms are larger than his thighs.

No. 52701

Jesus Christ, her twat has its own cave. How does he even get his dick anywhere near it? So much wtf…

No. 52702

Fat women are more disgusting and more into "muh fatshaming/oppreshun/genetics" than men on average though.

No. 52703

Shut up chubby chaser. Fat men are equally disgusting, smelly, and their penis are completly useless, if not reverting back due to fatty hormones. They might not be as voal on tumblr but there are tons of delusional fat men who think being fat it totally alright, but their gf should never weight over 100 pound, has to have large boobs and basically be a 10/10.

No. 52704

They said fat women were disgusting you goof.

No. 52705

There's a reason why fat women are more ostracized than fat men, anon.

>inb4 muh patriarchy

No. 52706

i agree tbh. their dicks are good for nothing and they always fucking smell.

lets be honest, your avg fat woman (not tumblrina) is too scared/self conscious/lazy to go out in public so they usually become shutins (at least the normal ones, in my experience). fat men are retarded and think they are the most bewtiful burly lumberjacks in the world, when in reality they look like fat overgrown babies

No. 52707

File: 1445449926886.jpg (149.36 KB, 386x1086, image.jpg)

>fatass men actually believe this

No. 52708

i just vomited.

at least the chances a woman will lose weight are high. look at how many fatties we have on lolcow - both lolcows themselves and posters on /g/ who are desperate to lose weight because society pressures women to be size 0 (which idc as long as people stay healthy.)

but men? once they are fat they stay fat forever because they live in an echochamber of people saying "hurr hurr fat men aren't THAT gross!! hashtag dadbod ^_^ hashtag strong-fat"

No. 52709

Which is funny because men lose fat and weight easier than women because of their biology. But because men don't get as much pressure to look a certain way then women do many prefer to moan about how hot women are shallow for not sleeping with them, ignoring their own hyprocrisy.

No. 52710

She's as much of an attention seeker as other "famous" cosplay whores (see jnig)

No. 52711

File: 1445451347906.jpg (58.96 KB, 540x720, tumblr_np6ucbi9aj1utt0qio1_540…)

Yeah ok anon. How's your anime waifu doing btw?

No. 52712

Oh no believe me, they are plenty vocal on tumblr, the gay ones and the genderbent ones no exception. One guy who used have a huge following under another name reblogs pics of sexy men and moans about how boring they look. Seems a lot of effort for someone who, apparently doesn't care.

No. 52713

>skinny guy has straight edge X on hands

No. 52714

Learn to read, goof.

No. 52715

Wow I didn't know about that, ty for the info!

No. 52716

File: 1445455237945.jpeg (214.07 KB, 811x608, fat-people-amurika-bridge-5890…)

No. 52717


No. 52718

File: 1445455335270.jpg (36.57 KB, 358x405, TCKKTKg.jpg)

No. 52719

File: 1445455360616.jpg (213.81 KB, 1280x1024, h.jpg)

No. 52720

File: 1445461294969.jpg (57.33 KB, 640x361, https://40.media.tumblr.com/cb…)

Why is she eating his dick

No. 52721

>dat FUPA game ridicolous

No. 52722

Yeah they probably just didnt want to deal with her fat ass trying to buy a bike that doesnt ride up her vagin.

No. 52723

Last spring I took a health 101 class. Everyone in the classroom was normal/thin except for one obese girl. I always sat behind her in the next row over, and got a nice view of the fat folds on the back of her neck.

Our instructor was a big muscly guy who would bring up obesity in every one of his lectures, saying how it can cause all kinds of health problems, and not just physical health.

Noticed after 5 weeks the whale dropped the class. She couldn't handle the easiest, most basic single credit class that is required for every major at our school just because she got triggered by fat shaming. What a cunt.

No. 52724


not to mention 'sure this happened'.. sometimes employees are busy. or maybe she mistook people for employees. or maybe anything.. people lie anon.

No. 52725

File: 1445499232086.jpg (23.91 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

how did she get those around those mounds of fat?

No. 52726

What makes you think that's the reason she dropped the class?
Maybe there was some other circumstances going on that made her change.
Not even involved here, but you should try to be less hateful, anon. Not everyone on earth is a disgusting freak like the lolcows.

No. 52727

It's literally only because men aren't as pressured to look a certain way as women are tbh.
At least some fat women can actually have nice faces and be cute up to a certain point (like Pear-chan, though she's completely disgusting now).
If a guy is fat or even chubby, he's completely fucked aesthetically. No maybe about it.

No. 52728

File: 1445504739645.jpg (189.6 KB, 1080x1080, 12135411_608664645940070_90941…)

>When you feel like a dress was made specifically for you ???

No. 52729

File: 1445505131576.jpg (814.77 KB, 1280x1858, tumblr_nwi4ttBOIi1r2i62wo1_128…)

Someone looked in the mirror, thought this was an acceptable outfit and made the decision to go out like that

No. 52730

File: 1445505586544.jpg (492.34 KB, 1000x1217, tumblr_nwg737H6t51qzbo6fo1_128…)

No. 52731

lmfao what? bitch didn't think of actually talking to one of the employees?

No. 52732

She's a hambeast but that guy was a piece of shit

No. 52733

File: 1445508241719.jpg (160.12 KB, 540x540, disgust.jpg)

if my mum dressed like that i would refuse to be seen anywhere with her and would just lock myself up in my room. what the hell

No. 52734

What the fuck is going on with her shape? How skinny would her legs be if she lost weight? Idgi, I'm at a ~normal weight~ for my hight and my ankles seem bigger than hers

Fuck this

No. 52735


Kids aren't judgmental cunts over their parents at the age of six unless that behavior is taught to them. Are you seriously wishing a kid hated her mom because of the way she looks? Wow.

No. 52736

i never said she should hate her mum wtf you on about. all i said is I WOULDNT LIKE MY OWN MUM TO LOOK LIKE THAT. cool your boots fatty

No. 52737

File: 1445511011701.jpg (254.25 KB, 1000x890, skeltal says no.jpg)


No. 52738

File: 1445523404287.jpg (68.46 KB, 736x518, trash.jpg)

Don't worry anon, your mom looks like this and not like that. At least she ain't a fattie :^)

No. 52739

Stop, this is a fatties thread. Make a white trash thread if you want.

No. 52740

At least her kid isn't fat. That's the one thing that bothers me about fat parents, they usually let their kids get obese before they can walk properly.

No. 52741

I was scrolling through and thought this was Nicole Arbour lmao

No. 52742

File: 1445529701184.jpg (157.09 KB, 827x1200, tumblr_n0m007GgdW1rdm5vdo1_128…)

I have SO MANY of those, mainly because my bf's parents friends are not only fat, but filled to the brim with fatlogic. I've probably already told you guys this one, but whatever

>Be me, kinda skinnyfat, but getting into fitness with the help of my fitness nut bf.

>Don't be Cheese mountain and beta orbiter. A husband and wife duo that are 30 and 31 respectively but look about 50 because of fatness and bad eating habits.
>Chilling at his parents place one evening, they're pretty awesome. Find out beta orbiter and cheese mountain are coming that day and decide to stick around for fondue.
>Cheese mountain proceeds to eat a mountain of cheese and talk like only an insecure tumblerina can, taking centre stage in every conversation. Her beta orbiter husband whimpers in shyness on the side, content with eating the dips they brought, which were literally mayonnaise with flavours.
>Cheese mountain makes a sly remark about me being too skinny in (awful) english (I'm eastern european, and this takes place in a non-english speaking country)
>I shock her by actually understanding and hand her fat ass to her on a plate.
>MFW her ass is probably 600000 calories

No. 52743

File: 1445530942808.png (652.02 KB, 990x1118, UpJuiYg.png)

Another awkward dinner, another story

>Fondue night again. It's ok in moderation. Turns out cheese mountain eats it several times a month and sometimes more.

>Like the troll he is my Bf keeps asking her questions to which she's more than happy to provide the answers. Her maw is quite adept at eating and talking about herself.
>We learn she eats extremely heavy meals like this every day. Stuff like creme brulee and heavy chocolate cake are a daily affair.
>She's into size acceptance, which is not even a thing where we live. I was surprised and had to stifle a giggle.
>She attributes her weight to her "age". Keep in mind this fat bitch is 32, but looks old as shit, and probably feels old too with all the pressure on her joints. She's around 140 kg at LEAST, that's nearly 300 pounds. I feel bad for her legs, I really do. I'm scared they'll break. She's very tall too.
>So, she attributes her weight to her grand old age of 31, and makes a quip to my bf/fiance (who is 34) that "you young people wouldn't understand".
>Now, she must know that he's her friend's son, and that logically he can't be that young since they themselves are in their 50s. The sad thing is that because she has deformed herself for so long with a horrible diet and no exercise, she really does look like a matronly molten mountain of cheese. We look and feel like greek gods in comparison.
>My bf responded that he's actually older than her. She said she couldn't believe it. His mother assured her he is. An awkward silence ensued, but was soon dispersed by more insecurity posing as extroversion on her part, as she told us shit you don't tell a stranger you hardly know.
>MFW within the 2nd instance of gracing her cheesy presence she was already telling me that her father had molested her, what medication she was on, her HAES health issues like pre-diabetes and other highly personal things.

No. 52744

File: 1445531121940.jpeg (17.14 KB, 262x350, barf.jpeg)

>fat families legit have dinner nights where their "meal" is dipping things into cheese sauce and nothing else
>fatties go on the internet to make fun of other fat family members who are only slightly fatter than them

No. 52745

File: 1445531575322.jpg (43.33 KB, 500x749, ce04791ab059bd03bec507a15df948…)

Hey friend, Fondue is actually a traditional meal that can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. It's meant to be eaten once every few months, and only during winter time. The point is also to share the pot with friends, so you're not supposed to eat all of it yourself.

Also, she's not my family member.

She's my bf's parent's friend.

No. 52746

This board is getting weirdly aggressive. Is it pull? Is it proanas? Not the cool cosy environment we used to have here.

No. 52747

File: 1445531832619.png (353.78 KB, 757x664, Fat_b2549e_5387344.png)

No. 52748

File: 1445531940475.png (376.8 KB, 513x675, lol.png)

No. 52749

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a huge influx of people from MPA. They've really been branching out a lot lately. Specifically the 'beach' type, or the really bitchy Tumblr-y ones that have on their profiles their entire long-ass 'ana' story and some kind of 'agender demisexual' thing.
I admit I use that site, and that's how I can tell that those are the people that are here now. Casually dropping lolcow knowledge is a daily affair. I see posts here that are shamelessly ripped off over there. Some even flat-out mention this site. It's pretty bad.
So yeah, looks like 'ana-chan' is real. The funny thing is that the people I'm referring to barely even have eating disorders, they look normal as fuck. Just more pity card shit.

No. 52750

File: 1445533283781.jpg (153.44 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nowffpvCxI1unxvopo1_128…)

It's not really a story, but my mom used to always point out the "flaws" of healthy or pretty women even though she herself weighs 200 lbs. Actually she still does this, but not as much

>before Opera retired

>"Opera looks good in that outfit, but she has fat thighs"
>"Wow Beyonce has chunky thighs."
>"Why are people in Mississippi so fat? Just look at all of your dad's relatives anon. They need to stop eating."
>"lol anon when I was 25 I was thinner than you. But stop trying to losew weight you're acting like an anorexic."

At least she's aware that she's fat and has tried to lose weight I guess

No. 52751

File: 1445533932481.png (43.87 KB, 837x611, tumblr_nqm88nRiXR1qztb7do1_128…)

I thought lolcow was always aggressive. You are right that there are probably more ana-chans here though. It's kind of annoying watching a thread get derailed instantly by weight comments and shit

Also I'm glad that there's anti-HAES blogs on tumblr. Finally something to balance out the bullshit I see on my dashboard sometimes

No. 52752

Wtf is a beach type of ana? Sage for off topic

No. 52753

>Be me
Stopped reading there.
Who the fuck else could you be?

No. 52754

who the fuck is opera oh my god

No. 52755

My mom does the same thing. One time she pointed out an obese woman on TV and said ”At least I'm not that fat. You agree, right anon?". I just said "Well, we're all trying to get healthier" and she literally screamed "TELL ME I'M NOT THAT FAT!".
Another time we were at a nightwear/lingerie shop and she was complaining that none of the bras were big enough for her, and told the cashier "Tell your manager fat people can be sexy, too". It was fucking cringy.

No. 52756

>pro anas
>in the thread dedicated to shitposting fat people


No. 52757

>I post on pro ana forums
>b-but I'm not like those other anas I swear!
>they're not even spoopy like me, I bet they have less than 90 Ana Points, stupid fat bitches

Pls go.

No. 52758

File: 1445539899149.png (716.32 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_2015-10-22-14-50-14…)

day pose..

No. 52759

File: 1445542130417.jpg (38.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nsewkmOcp61rrczq6o1_500…)

Shit my bad I meant Oprah. I need to sleep

Tagged as:
#me #effyourbeautystandards #fatshion #bigandblunt #fatspo #honormycurves #honoryourcurves #bodypositive

No. 52760

File: 1445542198444.jpg (477.85 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ns6c86BpYy1qf37w9o1_128…)

>This for y'all mother fuckers who say fat girls shouldn’t wear crop tops!

You sure showed them

No. 52761

File: 1445542334123.png (1.4 MB, 1454x645, ds89sd.png)

That's probably where all the SJW shit is coming from too. They're like sharks with this shit.

No. 52762

File: 1445542844450.jpg (64.65 KB, 744x960, tumblr_n9cyrdfrIx1qzdx7co1_128…)

I googled that and found a blog containing "fatshion" or whatever they call it and found this

No. 52763

the #bigandblunt tag has me wanting a big blunt

No. 52764

File: 1445546149554.png (479.71 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_2015-10-22-16-31-56…)

>>#body positive #body posi #body image #bodypositive #bodyposi #bodyimage #feminism #love your body #love your curves #endangered bodies (??????) #fat positive #radical #self love #radical self esteem #radical self acceptance #self esteem

No. 52765

the left one's feet

No. 52766

File: 1445562641719.jpg (556.54 KB, 960x1280, 15-10-22-19-32-00-835_deco.jpg)

This man gave his opinion of this article, He just said the true without insulting anyone and this is how fatties respond

No. 52767

how do these fatties have such confidence to wear this shit in public? im a chubbers myself and id rather get hit by a bus than wear a crop-top or shorts out in public.

No. 52768

Men like this are such scumbags tho, do you actually care about their opinions not being heard?
>old unattractive man with an equally unattractive wife thinking he's body police for strippers

No. 52769

Of course they made the fat one have a cute face, and the skinny one ugly. no shame.

No. 52770

Sailor hamplanet

No. 52771

The guy was a cunt.

No. 52772

all "thick" (aka fat) girls on instagram make this same stupid pose lmao.

No. 52773

File: 1445602504477.jpg (307.59 KB, 960x1280, shitty.jpg)

You only have one body. Why ruin it by stuffing it full of crap?

No. 52774

Fat unnatractive men are as bad as women, just in a different way. Obese women will try to go all PC and muh curves and don' body shame me bro!!! on you, and men generally think everyone asked for their opinion on attractiveness and if they would hit it even though n1 cares if a sad neckbeard doesn't find them attractive. Both are cancer.

No. 52775

Yeah I don't get this either. Why is it ok to settle for being a hamgalaxy but it's offensive to lose weight and take care of yourself? That one body isn't going to be around to enjoy much longer if you keep stuffing it full of pie and fast food. Plus you look gross.

I can't be convinced that women like this don't look at thin pretty women and wish they at least looked half that good.

No. 52776

I say it is easier to be an unattractive fat woman than it is to be an unattractive fat guy.

Like not that it's easier to live life as them, it's just easier for a fat chick to be deemed ugly than it is a fat dude. If that makes sense.

No. 52777

surely those shorts being that tight must hurt????
fuck you gotta have some space down there

No. 52778

File: 1445612273646.jpg (267.05 KB, 908x541, 0nwZb2g (1).jpg)

No. 52779

File: 1445612378179.jpg (74.56 KB, 937x590, IeAgS0M.jpg)

No. 52780

So, any more stories of fatties in your lives? Or are these fatties all confined to tumblr?

No. 52781

File: 1445612418753.png (239.18 KB, 1050x313, aYBzcr3.png)

No. 52782

This isn't a horrible story, but I used to have one friend who wasn't even hamplanet-tier who took anything anyone said about their own weight personally.

>venting to friends about weight gain after an injury made me unable to play sports

>say something along the lines of "I feel so fat"
>chubby friend gets offended
>Anon you can't say you're fat because if you're fat what does that make me???
>None of my other friends had a problem with it
>Shrug it off, recover from injury, lose weight
>Chubby friend glares at me when I triumphantly tell friends about my weight loss
>She starts dropping not-so-subtle hints in unrelated conversations about how she thinks I'm anorexic
>Other friends and I eventually just give up sharing weight loss tips/talking about weight at all

No. 52783

that is mean but I don't feel bad for her

No. 52784

You're surprised an insecure person got their feelings hurt?
>have small nose
>got a massive pimple on it
>"ugh my nose feels so huge"
>best friend at the time got offended bc she has a bigger nose
>"You think you have it bad anon?! Look at mineeee!!!"
Insecure people are insecure.

And anyway, what did you expect from saying you feel fat to your friends? Literally the only thing they could do was acknowledge your statement by saying "Oh no anon, it's just bc of your injury" or try to shift the subject. Nobody is going to agree with your negative feelings. It makes friends feel uncomfortable, or like they have to say something negative about themselves i.e. "I feel fat today too" to feel like part of the awkward conversation.

No. 52785

Sorry, I probably should have mentioned this was in a conversation about weight/exercise and not just random complaining.

No. 52786

Fuck off with this embarrassing, pretentious bullshit. Don't post here again.

No. 52787

wat are you people that fucking stupid that you feel the need to insult somebody heavier than you.


No. 52788

File: 1445622381708.gif (1.48 MB, 516x283, tumblr_nwoltxNf3G1r83d7lo5_r1_…)

No. 52789

fecies lmao

No. 52790

jesus christ that muffin top wobbling around

No. 52791

were u born ignorant and afriad or did you become it after intense bullieng

No. 52792

I used to work at a clothing atore with a larger woman. She was a really nice lady but every single time a customer would ask where the plus sized women's clothes were she'd always go "You mean the REAL WOMENS section? REAL WOMENS is over that way. REAL. WOMENS." She made a huge show of saying it as much and loud as she could and it would make me so uncomfortable. I almost felt like asking her one day if she thought I was a fake woman then.

No. 52793

sindy pls go
don't you have a handler to keep you from tard raging like this

No. 52794

wow, this is really heartbreaking. she needs to get away from her husband asap. that's so fucked up.

No. 52795

If she's your friend and she's chubby, yeah, you don't say things like "I feel so fat" infront of her

With the people I know, the average girls are usually always picking to complain about their weight when they're around the chubbier girls. For example my sis in law was losing a ton of weight, she had to mention how fat she looked(she looked really good and slender) only infront of her super fat friend. I was so embarrassed for her.. idk why people do that

No. 52796

What a piece of shit SO she has. She needs to leave him and take the kid.
If he's so sneaky and manipulative that he'd pull that shit, who knows what else he could get up to? I really hope she got away from him.

No. 52797

actualy you stupid shit. this body is perfectly healthy. nothing to cusion her organs XD maybe her rib cage you fucking fool. also look at her toned stomach. she falls all those muscles will keep her good.

somebody who wieghs 200lbs will do less damage to there organs, falling over.
than somebody who wieghs 500 will do on there own by putting preasure on there organs to function.

i suggest you get a fucking class in biology

No. 52798

Born 2 Be wild~~

also ur fucking pathetic for being on this place.

No. 52799

RIP that runner's knees

No. 52800

muh metabolism

No. 52801

ew what the fuck why didn't you

No. 52802

File: 1445647405452.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_2015-10-23-20-33-10…)

I like how this fitspo picture also applies to alcoholism kek

No. 52803

You sound fat. Who are you anyway?

No. 52804

Do yoga, snap some legs, make some gains on their joints by running. Get heart attacks from treadmills.

No. 52805

File: 1445648031753.gif (2.7 MB, 359x202, 1440392649661.gif)

No. 52806

File: 1445648059087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.22 KB, 540x543, tumblr_inline_nnzc1qy4DQ1tpeij…)


No. 52807

File: 1445648228471.jpg (81.28 KB, 489x753, 1413416117173-0.jpg)

No. 52808

File: 1445648294468.png (2.06 MB, 2048x1257, PhotoGrid_1445648132034-1.png)

No. 52809

File: 1445648302252.jpg (46.5 KB, 540x960, rp6USQM.jpg)

No. 52810

If your thighs touch that doesn't necessarily mean you're fat though.

No. 52811

She sounds like a self absorbed bitch.

No. 52812

bitch is trying. being fat kills the lower back.

No. 52813

idk where that reference is from but it doesn't say anything about being fat.

isn't it true that some people can't get a thigh gap due to their body shape

No. 52814

I think everyone can get a thigh gap if they lose enough weight. But people with narrow hips have a harder time and have to lose a lot more than people with wide hips. Some people wear size 00 and their thighs still touch.

No. 52815

Well it doesn't mean you're hambeast tier, but you are still probably chubby. The only exception is if you have a VERY bottom heavy body type.

No. 52816

Holy shit, shut up. Thigh gaps are a matter of bone structure, not weight. There are extremely thin people who do not and never will have a thigh gap.

No. 52817

Forgot to add saying "if you don't have a thigh gap you must be chubby" is almost like saying someone must be chubby or not thin because their cheekbones don't stick out. No bitch, some people just don't have a bone structure that allows for pronounced cheekbones unless they're like 80 years old or approaching death.

No. 52818

File: 1445650178031.jpeg (19.32 KB, 224x299, image.jpeg)

I agree with you. Sadly there are a lot of insecure girls on this website who actually believe anything above and 18.5 BMI is fat/chubby.

Now can we stfu about this before the anas come in and start sperging?

No. 52819

lol my thighs touch unless my BMI is in the 15s or lower, pls kill me

and yes I exercise, my hips are just like 28" at the widest part

No. 52820


Pretty sure this was the plot of a Malcolm in the Middle episode???

No. 52821

show me a pic of a stick skinny girl without a thigh gap because ive never seen one

but i have seen a fat girl with a thigh gap, surprisingly

No. 52822

File: 1445663313397.jpg (235.17 KB, 756x977, image.jpg)

I typed in >skinny girl no thigh gap
This is what I got

No. 52823

is that kooter in the 3rd row

No. 52824

Fucking kek she's everywhere

No. 52825

I've been 90lbs 5'6" in the past and still no thigh gap.

It really doesn't have to do with weight. Ain't got no selfies for you but it's true. I'm sure it'd be easier and more informative if you just googled for some reputable resources, though.

No. 52826

I'm 5'5 and 118 with a thigh gap
I'm pretty sure it all has to do with how your hips and legs are place/shaped

I dont understand why people do t understand that?

No. 52827

Don't know if there are any parent farmers, but if you have small kids, you wouldn't leave them with a drug user, an alcoholic, or a chain smoker. For the same reason (addiction issues, irresponsibility, lack of self control), do not leave them with a fatty. 9 out of 10 times, when there's news about small children being abused, the perp is a certified landwhale.


No. 52828

all the skinny bitches in the pic has a thigh gap.. sooo pointless

No. 52829

Not pointless, literally what Google gave me
So what does that tell you, it's kinda hard to be skinny in the legs and not have a thigh gap?
Notice all the fit girls with little to no thigh gap? Wonder why;oh right they have muscle

No. 52830

File: 1445668617583.png (71.46 KB, 588x761, OH GOD THE SMELL!.png)

Any of you in nursing or training to be a nurse?

No. 52831

File: 1445668633607.png (128.78 KB, 577x1391, spelunking in hell.png)

No. 52832

> decides to go into profession dealing with bodies
>"Ew bodies!!!"

No. 52833

No. 52834

File: 1445681321057.jpg (199.43 KB, 631x898, QdRlITw.jpg)

No. 52835

File: 1445681338157.jpg (107.96 KB, 765x1024, K3C0Dnp.jpg)

No. 52836

File: 1445681357480.png (936.33 KB, 1205x661, uhh.png)

No. 52837

File: 1445681373677.jpg (16.19 KB, 356x244, ZJqPFsO.jpg)

No. 52838

File: 1445681439352.jpg (485.43 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nec91212ML1r8wthuo1_128…)

No. 52839

File: 1445681463295.gif (37.46 KB, 860x498, fbQf5ly.gif)

No. 52840

File: 1445681524017.png (333.82 KB, 557x515, Picture 16.png)

No. 52841

File: 1445681540462.jpg (261.49 KB, 354x2154, OA8D31V.jpg)

No. 52842

File: 1445681563027.jpg (75.2 KB, 540x300, tumblr_nhcqf1oNAV1rsjrs1o1_128…)

No. 52843

File: 1445681643822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.69 KB, 533x1119, 1443208678585.jpg)

No. 52844

oh god not again

No. 52845

Gbt tubblr

No. 52846

File: 1445684246790.jpg (425.37 KB, 1040x3499, AM42JIE.jpg)

No. 52847

File: 1445684262732.jpg (46.51 KB, 453x271, MUL457q.jpg)

No. 52848

File: 1445684274293.jpg (82.16 KB, 786x659, tumblr_n5zivpUfje1qbmzy3o4_128…)

No. 52849

Not having a high gap is fine, it depends on your bone structure. I'm sure very few people actually believe everyone who doesn't have a thigh gap is fat. (I hit BMI of 14.5? and still had chubby cheeks tbh)
Yeah, idgi, if you're gonna go with the only one body excuse at least, y'know, work out and eat healthy :))))

No. 52850

File: 1445690703387.jpg (74.54 KB, 400x534, tumblr_nwp02nDgiJ1us8op7o1_400…)

Does anyone else hate former fatties? I think it's inexcusable to gain that much weight in the first place. The only exception is if you had fat parents and grew up as a fat kid, because you can't control that. Everyone sucks their dick when they lose weight, but you don't deserve asspats just for doing the bare minimum to look like a human being.

No. 52851

No. Because at least former fatties actually did something about their lives instead of wallowing in self-pity like people who stay deathfat their entire lives.

You sound insecure.

No. 52852

File: 1445691462438.jpg (132.17 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nwovcrmIbT1uy5os4o1_128…)

You sound fat. Once a fatty, always a fatty.

No. 52853


>genes determine da saiz of muh fupa

>diets ruined muhtablism and caused da saiz of muh fupa

Choose one, fatties. Ugh

No. 52854

You're one bitter asshat. Feels good that I lost weight and am probably more attractive than you even though you think that's cheating somehow :^)

No. 52855

Why did you get fat in the first place? Because you lack self-control. You will probably gain it all back eventually.

No. 52856

File: 1445694203888.jpg (125.75 KB, 500x504, hh5GId2.jpg)

Except that when you lose weight and become thin you are no longer fat..?

Looks like you're just looking for an excuse to hate on people who have changed themselves for the better. I fucking love laughing at delusional fatasses, but I would be a lot happier if they lost weight instead.

No. 52857

File: 1445694302132.jpg (4.22 KB, 267x200, 5531604 _9f73eba7f31a9f99e6dbb…)

No. 52858

File: 1445694458657.jpg (103.17 KB, 595x798, tumblr_nwov2godQV1qjvup1o6_128…)

Like I said, it's inexcusable to get fat in the first place. It means that you are a glutton with no self-control. You can lose the weight but you'll always have the fatty mindset.

No. 52859

>ana bait

No. 52860

File: 1445694838761.jpg (228.59 KB, 540x809, tumblr_nwbljfpiFN1u4n6b9o4_540…)

Why do fatties think anyone who criticizes them is anorexic? You know there's a middle ground between being a spoopy skeleton and a hungry hambeast, right?

No. 52861

You sound like a fat person who hates themselves and doesn't want to lose weight because of that, so they attack fatties who actually found motivation to look decent out of bitterness.
Pls go

No. 52862

>Does anyone else hate former fatties?
No. Ideally all fatties should become former fatties, so I think it's illogical to hate them. I like to share my hate to things that actually deserve it, like weebs and fat cunts.

No. 52863

That's some grade A projection there, tubby. It seems like this thread is just full of fatties who want to make fun of 500lb freaks to feel better about their 200lb body. You guys lose your shit whenever someone criticizes former fatties or posts someone who's "just" 50lbs overweight instead of deathfat.

No. 52864

File: 1445695601536.jpg (82.07 KB, 352x701, d3GyBwW.jpg)

No. 52865

File: 1445695639905.jpg (66.56 KB, 528x637, Fat_423685_5387344.jpg)

r u ok

No. 52866

>You will probably gain it all back eventually.
Lots of people lose weight and keep it off. Are you actually interested in facts or do you want to justify to yourself why you should stay fat?

No. 52867

File: 1445695818820.jpg (324.27 KB, 1368x1280, kAl3YBF.jpg)

No. 52868

If you allow yourself to get fat, you are naturally gluttonous and deficient in self-control. I have known some people who are a bit overweight and have kept it off, but huge, 200 lb fatties never do.

No. 52869

File: 1445696043603.png (1.18 MB, 1429x627, nooo.png)

No. 52870

i don't "hate" them but i think it's gross to get fat at all. i dont understand how people do it. you would have to eat nonstop

No. 52871

>200 lb fatties never do
That's illogical. There are plenty of 200lb fatties that lose weight and keep it off. Plenty of people who get over eating disorders, whether it's anorexia, overeating or bulimia and never relapse again. Same with cocaine alcoholism etc

why am I even talking to you, you're a fatty baing and/or sin

btw is sin a fatty? that would explain why she's so buttblasted by this thread's existance

No. 52872

File: 1445696229322.png (812.66 KB, 802x613, hfjhkgoh.png)

No. 52873

File: 1445696308284.jpg (126.12 KB, 780x997, Fat people story time_6b25a4_3…)

No. 52874

File: 1445696384118.png (328.37 KB, 478x665, oikl.png)

>fatty baing

sorry about the typo

No. 52875

File: 1445696461466.png (Spoiler Image, 177.78 KB, 1032x761, 1420491626874.png)

No. 52876

File: 1445696745187.jpg (109.79 KB, 500x645, tumblr_n765rdH3Al1r3d4ako1_500…)

worst swimsuit ever

No. 52877

File: 1445696957431.jpg (123.99 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nbks8vijxU1t1cfk5o7_500…)

No. 52878

File: 1445696992329.png (55.68 KB, 648x557, fG8oJoY.png)

No. 52879

If Grandma's couch was a human being

No. 52880

How so? I'm not fat and I don't hate fat people who lost weight because I'm not a bitter bitch.
Stay mad, hamlady/ana-chan

No. 52881

File: 1445698326599.jpg (56.54 KB, 600x600, 600px-Deathwontcome.jpg)


that's a good one anon, i'll have to start using it.

No. 52882

oh i want that blouse so bad

No. 52883

that outfit and her face are cute as fuck, why would she let herself get that big!

No. 52884

File: 1445709780404.jpg (216.49 KB, 1280x720, https://41.media.tumblr.com/0a…)

No. 52885

Formerly fat people know how to look at themselves and see what they're doing wrong/not blame others and then make a change. So no

No. 52886

it's like those ham hocks in nets at the supermarket

No. 52887

this pic of quirky never ceases to enrage me

No. 52888

The spelling is too good for Sin plus by the admin comment above I think she's banned. Just look at her thread (Sindy Pop) and you'll see she's not a fatty but still an absolutely hideous beast

No. 52889

Her arms are mangled. Those elbows….the forearm look like Popeye

No. 52890

What the hell is going on with her arms?

No. 52891

Bro my hip bones are 12cm apart. That little diamond of space under my butt is all the gap I can get.

No. 52892

>Bro my hip bones are 12cm apart.
Are you literally a midget?

No. 52893

ikr? It's literally one of the most disgusting photos I've ever seen, including gross medical stuff like pus-oozing anal fistulas. It makes me feel physically ill.

No. 52894

Yeah it was. Lois starts gaining weight while pregnant and Hal gets a fatty fetish. So he secretly puts sugar in all her food.

If someone really did this it could be dangerous. I hope it's really a troll post and no one copied it from the episode for real.

No. 52895

>scifi inspired
>superhero shit

jesus christ i had to stop and just get over my anger real quick. I'm not an elitest about this crap but the whole 'teehee I'm such a nerd, I like star wars/skyrim/lord of the rings/game of thrones/superhero movies' always gets me.

No. 52896

Same. It just fills me with this violent burning rage, as edgy as that sounds.

No. 52897

File: 1445756391574.png (182.83 KB, 238x530, herpes.png)

No. 52898

This is depressing.

No. 52899


I thought those loaves were her hairy arms, but they're a pelt.

No. 52900

i love how you guys caught onto this whale i posted that one time <3 <3 <3

No. 52901

File: 1445780931876.jpg (70.84 KB, 540x540, why.jpg)

No. 52902

How come nobody ever posts neckbeards in these threads?

No. 52903

because they rarely self advertise in tumblr fatspo groups

No. 52904


What is it with everyone dressing up as Wednesday this year tho?

its boring af

No. 52905


It's funny because Christina Ricci is a tiny size 0. Oh heifers of tubblr, you can never measure up.

No. 52906

Well post some neckbeards if you like to see them. Usually though, fatty threads tend to mostly tumblr/SJW content, and women are far ore vocal in this scene. Neckbeards are equally disgusting, just in another way.

No. 52907

This guy has a major fat fetish and it's so funny how she constantly denies it lol.

No. 52908

Not gonna lie … the goth dresses these fatties have make me pissed. I'm poor as fuck and want nothing more than cute dresses…. these fats can go out and buy my favorite dress that id double the size, ripping it and chaffing it down to bear thread by the end of the day …

those poor dresses :c

No. 52909

No. 52910

File: 1445793960373.jpg (187.07 KB, 720x1280, pcos.jpg)

No. 52911

File: 1445793977373.png (14.46 KB, 515x193, X3UZquH.png)

No. 52912

File: 1445793989350.png (436.29 KB, 403x572, gf.png)

No. 52913

File: 1445794041651.jpg (106.78 KB, 800x800, 716_orig.jpg)

No. 52914

File: 1445794056214.jpg (99.21 KB, 450x600, img_2927.jpg)

No. 52915

File: 1445794101175.png (173.35 KB, 1184x754, bIddvrL.png)

No. 52916

File: 1445794158953.jpg (758.33 KB, 1280x1705, tumblr_mkrf5dqazg1reyml7o1_128…)

No. 52917

File: 1445794207220.jpg (216.34 KB, 720x1280, JA6rE8x.jpg)

No. 52918

File: 1445794218167.jpg (133.83 KB, 598x823, 1440499311105.jpg)

No. 52919

File: 1445794570679.png (122.69 KB, 943x932, 6464LM2.png)

No. 52920

File: 1445794613385.png (617.84 KB, 1192x725, ysfN1nB.png)

No. 52921

File: 1445794639117.png (38.59 KB, 610x384, tumblr_moee05sJPZ1run9beo1_128…)

No. 52922

File: 1445794660109.png (226.82 KB, 580x661, UFxGGcn.png)

No. 52923

File: 1445794704187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.86 KB, 391x487, MhoWtHG.jpg)

No. 52924

File: 1445794792604.jpg (140.05 KB, 736x960, 1415570051522-0.jpg)

No. 52925

File: 1445794828160.jpg (230.74 KB, 960x1280, MJhOXgC.jpg)

No. 52926

File: 1445794852834.jpg (326.35 KB, 2048x1366, 1974347_1401499346783822_11936…)

No. 52927

File: 1445794875849.jpg (35.54 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_mrlp0akgQE1qz4rg…)

No. 52928

File: 1445795024256.jpg (291.99 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mqbb0cfVwF1symmvdo1_128…)

No. 52929

>being jelly because someone else has more money than you

Get out, you fucking newfag.

No. 52930

File: 1445802028334.jpg (322 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mqbb02vm2E1symmvdo1_128…)

No. 52931


No. 52932

No. 52933

File: 1445807495582.jpg (78.95 KB, 547x741, ew.jpg)

This is the worst picture I have seen on this thread seriously looks like she has four titties wtf
I can't stand it when hambeasts try to cosplay.

pic totally related.

No. 52934

Pearchan <3

No. 52935

No. 52936

i hate to be that guy but can anyone explain the "32" waist-chan" thing that keeps popping up (WITHOUT getting into an argument about which farmers are skinnier and posting stats and shit?) I've been here for ~2 years and i've never figured it out

No. 52937

she actually makes a good point but
>feel subconcious

No. 52938

And you never once tried googling it?
Try it; you will find your answer.

No. 52939

jesus christ i feel so stupid why did that literally never occur to me THANK YOUUU

No. 52940

No. 52941


She seems like a giant bitch jesus. Why would you marry such a self absorbed count who won't even let you have a differing opinion to hers?

No. 52942

It's a reference to this >>52940 but the sticker is just used to make fun of people who derail threads by posting their stats.

No. 52943

Of course she's a giant bitch. She's an obese snacktivist. Any guy who marries a hangry pile of adipose tissue only has himself to blame.

No. 52944

iono man I'd marry a count, they tend to be pretty rich.

No. 52945

File: 1445818810164.jpg (234.52 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mq9mx2x3761symmvdo1_128…)

No. 52946

60% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

No. 52947

Is that a guy or a girl with a beard?

No. 52948

Weird, she has the face/neck of someone at least twice her size.

No. 52949

i have this dress, and just because its stretchy, doesnt mean its made for fatties. gross

No. 52950

File: 1445827622556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.61 KB, 496x750, tumblr_n5vuc4Bnv81sbtpk9o1_500…)

No. 52951

File: 1445830843907.jpg (12.08 KB, 201x250, Shumer.jpg)

No. 52952

File: 1445830886953.jpg (71.93 KB, 720x405, shumer2.jpg)

No. 52953

All fat, no tits.

No. 52954

went to london comicon on saturday. there was somebody cosplaying jessie from pokemon there who was letting her fupa out. there was jiggling and fresh stretch marks and everything.

No. 52955

England in one picture

No. 52956

weight is something we can change and former fatties did that while your personality and face will stay ugly. Stay jelly, bitter-chan.

No. 52957

pls no

No. 52958

Oh believe me she's gonna expand. This isn't even her final form.

No. 52959

File: 1445854490373.png (191.41 KB, 1727x855, 1445817636146.png)


farmers, I found their final form.

No. 52960

this made me cringe terribly. Can you fucking imagine having fucking maggots living inside of you? For fucking real?

additionally, I'm terrified of my family/loved ones dying in car accidents, so that top story scared me shitless as well.

No. 52961

File: 1445855198108.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x253, 1445839094609.jpg)

No. 52962

holy fuck

No. 52963

lol, this is the reverse of some /r9k/ shit I swear

No. 52964

>being so obese that you just barely notice when you're being eaten alive by maggots
Jesus Christ, what kind of hellish existence is that?
EMT trauma aside, imagine being the woman in this scenario. I think that would be the final straw and I'd just commit suicide.

No. 52965

File: 1445858086694.jpg (240.67 KB, 1200x1600, 017.JPG)

It's a guy, but you're right, fat people look pretty gender neutral in general.

No. 52966

ugh those moobs

let's play guess the gender

No. 52967

File: 1445858170229.jpeg (54.18 KB, 640x657, Funniest_Memes_who-wants-to-go…)

No. 52968

File: 1445858236504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.9 KB, 1979x1319, my-600lb-life-chuck-after.jpg)

No. 52969

Not only is she fat, she's shaped like a brick.

No. 52970

File: 1445858289727.png (54.54 KB, 1117x331, sddssd.png)

No. 52971

I'm sure this classifies as diabetes shaming on tumblr

No. 52972

File: 1445859145342.jpg (210.8 KB, 600x350, holley-beach.jpg)

No. 52973

File: 1445859234075.jpg (855.49 KB, 877x6193, FyaoB1Y.jpg)

No. 52974


No. 52975

No. 52976

File: 1445860923915.png (1.06 MB, 1422x603, ds99sd99999.png)

No. 52977

Quadruple boob.

No. 52978


No. 52979

i want to cry

No. 52980

File: 1445863020520.jpg (89.53 KB, 540x448, tumblr_inline_nwg0m2IaKf1taru1…)

No. 52981

File: 1445863368385.png (329.28 KB, 540x548, tumblr_nutsd4VZSt1ueu660o1_540…)

No. 52982

Holy shit, 3 years old and she only weighs 5kg less than me. Those parents should be in jail.

No. 52983

thank god that ended with the kid losing 75% of the weight and reversing the diabetes. i just can't understand how that's not classed as child abuse.

No. 52984

>fat revolution
Waht even is this. Are we all supposed to blow up to 300+ pounds and celebrating our constant overating, joint pain and diabetes???

I know I sound like tumblr but this is like an epitome of privilege abuse.
>I live in a first world country where I can afford all the calories I want, and I can afford to continue to stuff my face well over my daily need to a size that is beyond obese
>food is constantly available to me, even overproduced to the point where we throw overproductions it away
>I willingly risk my own health for overeating
Absolutley disgusting. I know people always want to send the anas to poor starving African children, but we should really put the fatties in front of all the starving children, or maybe some of the war refugees in Europe, and let them say their bullshit fat acceptance agenda. I'd pay to see that.

No. 52985

>child abuse
Are you fatshaming me anon??? I feel triggered. We should celebrate fat children, there's nothing wrong with being a fat chold and if you are skinny that really really triggers me too.
#glorify obesity #tw

No. 52986

And when she grows into a diabetic, likely fat, teenager people won't remember her back story so they'll judge her as another indulgent fatty and get posted on fat hate forums none the wiser about her early environment that she never stood a chance in.

No. 52987

I hope that there's a backlash against this shit soon, by people who are genuinely disabled - as in people who are born with things like cerebral palsy, physical deformities and epilepsy, or people such as injured military vets. Because if I were one of those people, I'd be mightily pissed off at some motherfucking lardarse who dares to think that they should be afforded the same recognition as me.
Example: I need a specially adapted car and wheelchair and a parking space close to the shops because I HAVE NO FUCKING LEGS whereas you can't put the fucking quadruple supersized KFC megabucket down??!!
I find this "fat revolution" bollocks seriously offensive, is what I'm trying to say, I guess.

No. 52988

i have an invisible disability and, rarely, i have to use a mobility scooter - usually when i need to get somewhere and can't drive, take public transport, or dont have someone to push me in my wheelchair. if i dont put on a joint brace or a bandage or something, i have fatties say im just lazy and they need my (very small) scooter more than me and my dislocating legs. makes me mad, man.

No. 52989

File: 1445874307034.jpeg (324.71 KB, 660x1311, hgfh.jpeg)

Bitch has no neck. Sleep apnea is a horrible thing.

No. 52990

That's child abuse…

No. 52991

File: 1445874356940.png (1.25 MB, 1118x3099, tODq0xq.png)

No. 52992

gracious she is ridiculously annoying. And she has a clown voice

No. 52993

That fucking sucks, and makes me sick. I think there should be a law in place where you're allowed to, like, chop off one of their fingers or something (or just give them a slap or something similar if you aren't as bloody-minded as me).

No. 52994

Good god, that close up of their hands linked with her rings looking like they're cutting off circulation.

No. 52995

aw, how would she like it if someone told her to overeat until she died of a heart attack?

No. 52996


A whale carrying a harpoon. Verily, mateys, we ar doomed!

No. 52997


you know why people judge a thin/fit person eating unhealthily less than a fat person?
because the thin person isn't eating themselves to death.

No. 52998

>insecurity posing as extroversion

No. 52999


No. 53000

Lol you soudn just as dumb as the cunts that bitch about fat lolitas in their fav brando dress. Dave money you poor fag.

No. 53001

Its a really simple last minute costume that most people can pull together last minute.

No. 53002

Fatty spotted. Man the harpoons.

No. 53003

Nope it's Sindy

No. 53004

>fat people have jobs and evidently can budget to save for dresses on the side of their responsibilities

You sound like a lazy NEET whose only claim to anything is being not fat, which isn't saying much.

No. 53005

File: 1445908794409.jpg (164.11 KB, 600x800, bait.jpg)

No. 53006

people who are miserable and jealous (most fat bitches) always gotta be the ones putting on a show. yes even in social gatherings.

No. 53007

Oh boy, do I anon. I went to a small Texas high school, and we had one hambeast that lives on in infamy. Growing up, I was with a small group of somewhat nerdy/slightly weeby group. I say group because they weren't all my friends, rather people who hung out with me because I was nice and usually somewhat into the same stuff as them. My story is about the only hambeast, and boy was she a thing. She liked to hang around me when we had class together, and let me tell you she had little, if any, redeeming qualities. Her weight distribution was similar to >>52657 . She was just the stinkiest of fujoshi too, rumor has it that she never showered on the senior trip to New York and smelt similar to a dead body. She acted like those ~nerdy girls for life~ before they were increasingly popular, and she would constantly be reading erotic fanfiction in class. Once there was a time when, during lunch, she laid on her back on one of the benches and perched her poor laptop between her massive folds to read. When wanting to unplug her laptop during class, rather then get up, she would forcibly yank the cord from the outlet (the /g/ part of me shudders from that thought). She had the general ~fat queen~ attitude, and would constantly be trying to show off her quirky knowledge, especially about 'edgy' or mythological stuff. Sometimes when she would laugh, she would throw her head back and do the cringiest 'evil' laugh. She claimed to be Wiccan. During prom she would find her 'friends' dancing with their dates and cut them off and force, usually the girls, to dance with her. I don't usually call people fat as an insult, but she was the worst. Her yaoi fangirl attitude, the way she spoke to people, her greater than thou outlook, all of it was just so terrible.

No. 53008

File: 1445944430753.png (122.19 KB, 1029x366, fit.png)

No. 53009

Woah woah woah, you have to post the rest of this story, farmer.

No. 53010

File: 1445949182495.png (175.63 KB, 952x567, dirty fat hog in the house.png)

No. 53011

File: 1445949445861.png (168.07 KB, 1213x518, tubblr sistas 4 lyfe.png)

No. 53012

File: 1445949628426.png (169.33 KB, 996x503, baiting the massive cunt with …)

No. 53013

File: 1445949882753.png (118.18 KB, 1189x392, THEY'RE SHITTIN' ER'ERE!!! IN …)


Never never ever room with a fatty, farmers. Once it starts to expand, run as fast as you can!

No. 53014

File: 1445950039778.png (89.79 KB, 1201x272, muh w8 iz none of yu business.…)

No. 53015

File: 1445950191725.png (284.63 KB, 984x315, HAES & cundishuns go together …)

No. 53016

File: 1445950336807.png (148.23 KB, 944x483, GET INTO MUH CURVES!.png)

No. 53017

File: 1445951777604.png (18.2 KB, 538x261, AybBANs.png)

smallfat vs. deathfat, there can be only one!

No. 53018

File: 1445952699875.png (Spoiler Image, 552.41 KB, 792x568, q4pIZHS.png)

No. 53019

File: 1445954563134.png (47.95 KB, 499x198, tumblr_inline_nvxw0iNDpX1rvt0e…)

No. 53020


No. 53021

What a turbo cunt. If you don't care about dead baby month (I didn't even know this was a thing), then don't fucking bring it up.

No. 53022

Holy fucking shit. I've read some greentext about fatties but this one takes the cake. Only the most extreme ER stories could top this. Grrrroosss.

No. 53023


Stories like this motivated me to lose weight.
>>Gayle Laverne Grinds, died at 40, after surgeons failed at a six-hour attempt to dislodge her from her couch.
>>Removing Grinds from the couch turned into a painful ordeal since her body had become one with the chair’s fabric after years of staying put on it
>>Trash was scattered all over the floor and the walls were matted with feces
>>Workers who entered the house had to wear protective gear. They blast in fresh air into the house to reduce the stench that was so powerful

No. 53024

File: 1445970855922.png (221.2 KB, 699x435, sendhelp.png)

invading tumblr

No. 53025

It's their prime audience. If I had a fatty brand I'd make sure to advertise it on tumblr to all the fat activists as well.

No. 53026

File: 1445975684579.jpg (164.47 KB, 1080x1080, 11372265_1608021589443567_6021…)

found this beast on tumblr

No. 53027

dude her face is beautiful!! :/

No. 53028


too bad her body is so unfortunate

No. 53029

Very pretty face. Honestly she's more attractive than me and I'm like less than half her size.

No. 53030

Damn…she'd be so stunning at a normal weight. She can't not be aware of that, right? Or do people actually legitimately think they look better as deathfats? That body is just unreal, and not in a good way. I want to know what her circumference is at the widest point. Ugh. Humans look so weird when they become morbidly obese.

No. 53031

If she were to lose 40 lbs she might be able to appeal to chubby chasers. If she tried to get to normal weight, there would be too much depressing sag. Once you go fat you can't go back.

No. 53032


OT, but in case anyone is wondering, I made a new Tess Holliday here >>194506 which is so far a bit empty even with her new call out blog.

No. 53033

True. I was thinking she'd be attractive at a normal weight if she hadn't gotten so huge, not if she started from where she actually is right now and lost weight.

No. 53034

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because it looks like an average face that is fat (moonface with squished eyes is beautiful now?). The only remarkable thing is that her face is only regular fat sized and she's a super huge fatso.

No. 53035

This is from Elliot Roger's manifesto, just from the pov of a fat woman.

No. 53036

So I guess beccabaes sister is a "legit" plus size model. It'd be interesting to find out who. Can't believe after all these years of being pear Chan her name hasn't come out ?

No. 53037

When no one is looking, you should go unplug the vending machine. Hams can't bend over or reach that shit. Sit back and enjoy their suffering.

No. 53038

Looks like a smallfat chick I know. This will be her if she doesn't stop her ways.

No. 53039

She has a nice nose and plump lips. You can't really tell much about her face shape because of all the fat tho. No doubt she'd be atleast above average if she lost weight.

No. 53040

File: 1446070767933.jpg (156.03 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nwov7viQKx1qd3la9o6_500…)

hey ya'll they're making art now.

No. 53041

Lol her head looks like an actual thumb wtf

No. 53042

File: 1446122311381.jpg (69.83 KB, 640x426, fattie1.jpg)

For anons requesting men.

No. 53043

File: 1446122339886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.42 KB, 640x360, fattie2.jpg)

No. 53044

File: 1446122356018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.77 KB, 640x360, fattie3.jpg)

No. 53045

File: 1446122394570.jpg (Spoiler Image, 822.2 KB, 2890x3269, fattie4.jpg)

No. 53046

File: 1446122413864.png (345.97 KB, 771x575, fattie5.png)

No. 53047

File: 1446122457501.jpg (1.39 MB, 2448x3264, fattie6.jpg)

No. 53048

File: 1446122494302.jpg (1.66 MB, 2592x1936, fattie7.jpg)

No. 53049

File: 1446124920957.jpeg (31.02 KB, 500x263, image.jpeg)

Man, I miss the old Pear-chan. Yeah she was fat but she was still cute, especially her face which didn't even look like it belonged on a fat girl. Now look at what she's become…a bloated, beached whale. And her face is starting to get even more swollen, forming a large double chin that she didn't have before.

No. 53050

File: 1446125032938.jpeg (212.42 KB, 864x1152, image.jpeg)

Here's the most recent pic of her. Disgusting. Just look at her face, all that cuteness has been swallowed by fat.

No. 53051

File: 1446172990595.png (3.33 MB, 1879x1526, PhotoGrid_1446172700670-1.png)

No. 53052

A little OT, but I do not understand how a single person (not a household) can go through a box of cereal in less than 3 days. One person. A serving should be no bigger than your fist, yet people fill (and refill) their huge bowls with cereal.

No. 53053

There's definitely more than 150 calories in that lump of ham.

No. 53054

This is disgusting. A girl would get lost in those fat rolls. His moobs look like buldging eyes that are watching your every move.

No. 53055

Creative costume suited to a fatty at least

No. 53056


That actress legit grosses me the fuck out. She looks like she smells so bad.

No. 53057

What am I looking at exactly? Aside from scans of brains.

No. 53058

The term 'real women' is so damn hurtful to all women and very anti-progressive. This is the worst bullshit. I'm not gonna feel bad for going to the gym 2-3 days a week and eating right.

No. 53059

fat women are obnoxious as fuck and vocal, but fat men are always sick weirdos and perverts.

No. 53060

I eat a lot of cereal, but then again, I don't sit around all day.

No. 53061

Presumably you never had teenage brothers

No. 53062

I can go through a box of cereal in 3 days and not get fat. That's because I run 8 miles a day and don't sit on my ass for extended periods of time ever.

Only people who are inactive would feel like they need to eat 150 calories worth of cereal and milk for a whole meal.

No. 53063

Mom stopped buying cereal for us because my brother liked eating the whole box at once.

He wasn't even fat, either. Just a growing boy who was really active with all the sports he played.

No. 53064


Fatlogic, everyone.

No. 53065

Says the lazy, inactive ana. Opinion disregarded.

No. 53066

Why do the fat people in this thread call anyone who eats healthy anorexic? It's hilarious.

No. 53067

File: 1446209771077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.61 KB, 339x600, tumblr_nx0xyg5OK71uxlg4to1_400…)

Ummm I eat a big bowl of cereal every day and I'm thin and healthy, you must be a fucking ANOREXIC if you think I should reduce my portion size!!!

No. 53068

How does someone saying they run 8 miles a day and eat more than 150 calories per meal strike you as "fat"? That's ana logic right there, I'm sorry.

And it's funny you called the anon who said teenage boys eat a lot fat. They really do, especially ones involved in sports.

No. 53069

File: 1446218205881.png (55.08 KB, 481x901, real women.png)


Preach, farmer!

No. 53070

This. I don't understand why anons on this board think you have to eat <1000 calories per day or else you're a fatty. Women who are active (do lots of cardio, lift weights, etc.) are supposed to eat between 1600-2200 calories a day to maintain their muscle mass, and still remain lean. Eating more than a cup of cereal when you bust ass at the gym 4-5 days a week and don't sit around for long periods of time will not make you fatter. Obviously the people who think we're fat for that don't exercise very often if at all. Which is their choice, but still.

No. 53071

man, we grow like a foot or two in height and gain a shit-load of muscle mass in only a handful of years which is not a lot of time. thus, teenaged boys require more food than teenaged girls. it's not fatlogic - it's fact.

No. 53072

My brother probably ate 2500-3000 calories per day when he was in his teens, and only weighed 150 lbs when he was over 6 feet tall, a lot of which was muscle. He was one of the slimmest kids on his team.

Fatlogic my ass.

No. 53073

I just started crossfit a month ago and eat around 2400 calories a day, and it's all turning into muscle (which is great because I was a female Auschwitz before with absolutely no ass or resemblance of curves). It's probably because I'm tall though, I doubt a 5'3" girlet could eat as much as me and stay lean, she'd probably need 2000 or slightly less to bulk muscle.

As for the cereal, I could probably eat half a box at once. But I try to stick to a mostly Paleo diet so that's pretty rare.

My baby brother is 15 rn and going through his first growth spurt. Apparently he likes to come home from school and eat an entire loaf of bread's worth of peanut butter sandwiches. He's lanky af though, and seems to be getting taller and skinnier every time I see him. My Dad says he was the same way when he was a teenager. So I have to agree with all of you on that.

No. 53074

most cereal isnt very filling so i cant see why people eat so much. also it doesnt help that a serving (calorie wise) is <1 cup but typical cereal bowls are several cups worth

No. 53075

Eating 150 calories for breakfast is not "healthy", especially when it consists of only cereal and a small amount of milk. People who eat that little at breakfast tend to be the overweight ones, because they crash around mid-morning and stuff their faces the rest of the day.

You're supposed to eat 300-500 calories for breakfast every morning with lots of protein and good fats with only a small amount of whole grains. Breakfast is the one meal that gets burned off the most throughout the day so you need to eat enough to keep you energized.

I don't understand why people eat cereal at all, it's not filling and spikes your blood sugar so you end up starving only a couple hours later. Unless you eat a protein source along with it, it's worthless.

No. 53076

I agree. I honestly don't know why people eat any carb heavy shit, especially for breakfast. I can't even stand to eat cereal, bread/tortillas, pasta or rice etc. because of how heavy and unhealthy it feels… Most people I know who eat this stuff all the time, are fat or at least really flabby and skinnyfat.

No. 53077

A small amount is fine as long as it doesn't take up most of your meal. A big plate of beef fried rice at a Chinese restaurant is horrible for you, but a half cup of steamed brown rice on the side of skinless chicken breast and broccoli is fine. It's good to have a small amount of whole grains in your diet, especially if you're active.

No. 53078

Pretty much. If I'm going to eat nothing but cereal for a meal, I'm certainly going to eat more than a fist full. There's no way it'll fill me up otherwise.

That being said, I never eat the heavily sweetened kinds. When I eat cereal it's always either plain cheerios or plain Special K.

No. 53079

you should be eating higher fiber cereals. they will fill you up more and you will stay full for longer.

like all-bran or weet-bix (breakfast of champions!!)

No. 53080

When I studied abroad in France, there was an extremely obese American girl in one of my classes who, when we were asked to introduce ourselves to the class, claimed she was a HAES supporter and a body positivity activist. No joke.

I have never been more embarrassed for my country. I wish the fatties would stfu and stay at home.

No. 53081


But I only eat cereal when I stay at my grandparents' house. They don't buy eggs or any of the things I normally eat, so it's either English muffins with peanut butter or Cheerios, and I hate peanut butter. I don't care for it otherwise.

No. 53082

Because only wannarexic fatties and anas have your mentality.

There is a thing called exercise that lets us eat a normal amount of food without getting fat. You should try it sometime.

The serving sizes you're referring to are only there to trick people into thinking the cereal is low-cal, btw. No one actually measures out and eats 3/4 cup of cereal.

No. 53083

File: 1446244699455.jpg (44.63 KB, 720x540, 164307_10150155160379167_98785…)

omg i was on exchange in japan. there were 3 of us aussies in one town. my and my friend, both love the language and the japan-ness of real japan. and then this she beast sperging about giving australia a bad name.

this other girl however, was just the hugest, fattest fucking grotty weeaboo ever. im talking naruto, yaoi and being in love vic "man-gina".

i think the time she made me cringe/vomit the most was when she got in an onsen without puttng her hair up. just imagine this doughy face swimming towards you with long, thin, oily hair just floating in the water all around her. yuck. all the other people were trying to keep a straight face but you could tell they were disgusted.

she was actually such a failure that she threw her passport in the bin when she was packing, and didnt realise until the passport check at the airport.
she had to spend an extra 2 days in japan while her family retrieved it and got it to her.

but in all seriousness i was super jelly because she got to go to a private girls school with the cutest seifuku and live out every japanophiles dream of being a kawaii schoolgirl.

No. 53084

Pics of her being a kawaii schoolgirl pls.

No. 53085

im not that much of a stalker, sorry. shes pretty harmless and her japanese was really good.

ill see what i can do…

No. 53086

I agree tho.
Women who wail on about their miscarriages five years later and do tacky shit like write their 3 month old fetus's name on a balloon screams attention whore.

No. 53087

>what is coping with the loss of your unborn child


Agaim with these fucking piercings oh my god. And that shitty fried hair, too.

No. 53088


Different Anon but mourning for the loss of a random assortment of cells? I mean, that's all a foetus is in the early stages.
May as well start mourning your earwax or the endometrial lining of your womb. It's all the same really.

No. 53089

I think they are more in mourning for the child they fantasized the fetus would become. If it was a wanted pregnancy they're grieving the child they thought they would have. They've given that lump of nothing a human identity because they want the babby, and feel as though they have lost an actual babby.

No. 53090

committing to a child is a big change, losing that and your whole family plan is huge. a baby means a whole person is possible, a child that will grow into a new member of your family and have their own loved ones and a possible family of their own.. people probably do assign too much to it but it's a big thing.
Other big things, not all of them bad - moving, death of friends and family, getting fired, even getting a new job, they freak people out. Especially the death ones.

No. 53091

File: 1446351703360.jpg (46.86 KB, 317x429, 150227093938-amy-schumer-fat-s…)


Amy Schumer actually has somewhat of a nice butt and thighs, but all of her weight goes to her stomach and and boobs. Her body is an upside down triangle shape.

She used to be quite slimmer though(pic related)

No. 53092

File: 1446351757725.jpg (414.3 KB, 650x1506, amy.jpg)

Amy Schumer trying to pretend like she has prominent cheekbones (I hate this dumb facial expression)

No. 53093

fucking KEK

No. 53094

ikr, dem heelstrikes

No. 53095


She looks like a pug. Without make up she'd look like an ugly dude.

No. 53096


Whitney Thore is diabetic and has sleep apnea, and all she cares about is getting the D from a fat fetishist. For her parents' sake, I hope she croaks fast.

No. 53097

I don't think even at this weight that she looks bad. the swimsuit is unflattering, but her body isn't gross-fat to me, it's still cute here.

No. 53098

i still can't believe we're in the day and age, where just because a fatass woman can dance (not at all an unusual feat honestly) , she can get her own tv show.
that bitch is insufferable.

No. 53099

Doesn't she have an actual problem that causes weight gain?

No. 53100

I fucking love Weetabix. And Oatibix.
I might try this recipe at Christmas: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/539512/weetabix-cake
sage for OT I hope

No. 53101


No. For the love of God, Victoria Beckham, Jillian Michaels, and my boss have PCOS. It does not turn you into a hambeast.

This Whitney cunt is stealing her mom's favorite yogurts and hiding them in the trunk of her junkyard car, that's how desperate she is for nosh.

No. 53102

Jillian Michaels used to be fat, but yeah there are very few illnesses that will turn you into a perma-fatty and PCOS isn't one of them.

Even permanently disabled people who are confided to wheelchairs can stay thin and even get fit. Some entitled fat bitch with a condishun has no excuse.

No. 53103

What do you guys think of skinnyfats/fatties who use bipolar meds as their excuse for being overweight?

I know that some of them cause increased appetite and weight gain, but I know a girl who weighs 400 lbs and says her "meds" make her that way.

No. 53104


Once every month or two I have a big portion of pork fried rice. It's a vice of mine. But I know it's bad for me so I try to keep it limited. Sometimes months go by without me having any. So I really enjoy it when I get it. If I ate it every day it wouldn't be as special and I'd be a whale and a half by now.

I just don't get how people can eat nasty fried stuff daily and not feel like fryer grease is about to burst out of they fat folds and flood the house.

No. 53105

Fried rice is my guilty pleasure too, anon. On the rare occasion that I eat Chinese takeout, I always get the beef fried rice. But if I ate it every god damn day I'd feel like a bloated greaseball. I find myself guzzling a fuckload water right after because of all the salt and oil, which makes me feel crummy.

No. 53106

Lol, according to Whitney, PCOS made her a fatty :(

No. 53107

There is no condition or medication that will magically make you balloon up to 300lbs while eating a normal amount of food. You might put on 10-15 lbs until you figure out what's going on and reduce your calorie intake. But anything more is just fatties looking for an excuse to be fat.

No. 53108

I take seroquel to sleep if I'm really desperate to get at least a couple hours. The next day I am lazy as fuck and I eat all the food I brought for work before 10am. I actually feel bad for them and it's the only excuse I give credit to.

No. 53109


i take quetiapine/seroquel every night and it does make me want to eat a lot (along with mirtazapine) but it's not that bad really. i usually counteract it by eating something when i take the pills and making sure i dont get too hungry and that i have distractions on hand.

prednisone though…

that shit is nasty and you will gain weight on it, even if it's just water.

No. 53110

also im the anon who uses a wheelchair (>>50838 ) and have lost 40lbs+ just through changing my diet, and now im starting to do very light exercise in ways i can manage.

people still ask me what my secret is.

No. 53111

It's only a reasonable excuse if you're 15-20 pounds overweight (maximum). You can still monitor what kinds of food you put in your mouth and exercise enough to keep from getting obese, even if you're stuffing your face more than usual.

I can see hamplanets using "muh meds" as an excuse for being mornidly obese, too. I mean, there are plenty of skinny girls who fake being mentally ill for no reason, and fatties actually have a reason.

No. 53112

File: 1446403432769.jpg (463.84 KB, 960x1280, the legends were tru.jpg)


No. 53113

File: 1446403723110.png (365.38 KB, 543x356, hjshf.png)

No. 53114

sometimes we made chicken fried rice, fried with an egg all mixed in. it's not as oily though but I like the crunch.

No. 53115

File: 1446404287011.jpg (60.92 KB, 400x533, beauty and grace.jpg)

No. 53116

i read crossfit and stopped

No. 53117

fried tofu, fried shrimp…most any other fried seafood is where I fuck up. I cant get enough of it grilled or baked just isn't the same.

No. 53118

Many fat people could look good if they lost the weight.

This is not one of them.

>fried tofu, fried shrimp…most any other fried seafood is where I fuck up. I cant get enough of it

Source on this?

No. 53119

Both my aunt and uncle do crossfit, and they are ripped as fuck. What's your problem?

No. 53120

Crossfit is just a fad with no scientific backing. Most people I know who are into it are fat. Same with any other fad exercise, diet, etc

No. 53121

File: 1446406311354.jpeg (99.12 KB, 734x1042, image.jpeg)

It depends on how you define "fat". Do you mean fat as in actually having an unhealthy body fat percentage, or do you have the pro-ana mentality that a lot of farmers seem to have?

Anyway, meet Grace. She's one of the girls at my uncle's gym. She can deadlift 300 lbs and do some crazy shit that one wouldn't think was physically possible for a short Asian girl. Problem?

No. 53122

crossfit is annoying because people don't shut up about it, yeah you can drag a car but it's not great for your joints for example.
problem? yes, I guess my problem is that you don't have to do crossfit to be strong.

No. 53123

>you don't have to do crossfit to be strong
While this is true, what does it matter to you that people want to do it? It's like one big group workout, I don't do it myself but I visited that gym and it looks like a lot of fun.

I think it's more annoying when people don't shut up about how they hate crossfit, but w/e.

No. 53124

to me, it's like annoying christians vs annoying atheists. no one really cares, but they want to talk about their beliefs anyway. personally, i got sick of people telling me to stop doing standard weightlifting and jiu jitsu and do crossfit instead because it's "cool" and safer than bjj somehow.

the blood sugar spike thing is so real. i do much better when i skip breakfast entirely, to be honest. you don't have to eat breakfast, but it definitely shouldn't be sugary carbs. i seriously have to stay away from cereal at any time of the day, though. i WILL eat at least half the box.

>tfw i ate fried rice every day for 6 months

i feel similarly about people who are super passionate about marathon running, because that shit is bad for your joints. sure, you have great lungs, but your knees are going to explode soon.

No. 53125

I can't skip breakfast. If I don't eat first thing in the morning, I throw up. It's really weird, but I think my body is trying to tell me I need to refuel after running at night.

No. 53126

File: 1446414574832.jpg (19.44 KB, 260x260, zantac 150 mint 8.jpg)

I used to be like this until I started taking zantac!! Like I eat dinner around 6-8pm, exercise afterward then go to sleep around 10pm. Sometimes I would wake up at 5am, feeling super hungry and sick at the same time. I would vomit and then try to eat some beard which would help ease my stomach.

My problem was a build up acid in my stomach, mimicking extreme hunger pains, which would make me feel nauseous when I woke up in the morning.

I now skip breakfast everyday, eat lunch around 4pm then dinner a couple hours later. Also wanna add that when I do eat breakfast, I end up feeling much hungrier throughout the day. It sucks.

No. 53127

It varies. Some of the people first getting started are overweight, because obviously, and some who have been in it a while are still kinda chubby because they probably care more about lifting for strength rather than aesthetic, or they're still in the process of losing fat. Who knows?

Most of the girls at my gym look like >>53121 though, with a healthy amount of fat covering big muscly arms. Then there's girls like me and one other pregnant woman who are like toothpicks, but we're both just starting out too. I hope to look like the girl in that pic eventually.

Anyway, good for you not reading my post because I mentioned crossfit. I was only pointing out that I can eat a lot of cereal because of my activity level, I wasn't trying to convert anyone to the crossfit cult FFS.

No. 53128

Huh, interesting.

I still think it's a good idea to eat in the morning, though.

No. 53129

Sorry, deleted my post >>53126
and posted it again because there was a typo and I wanted to add something else

No. 53130

How many calories do you eat a day? I have to eat 4 meals evenly spaced out every day in order to stay alert and energized.

I suppose everyone's different.

No. 53131

I don't really pay attention to my calorie intake tbh.

Typically, lunch is a salad with spinach, peppers, carrots, and a few other mixed veggies. Along with 30oz-45oz of water (my water bottle measures the water I drink) and my fill of fruits (apples, bananas, strawberries, etc).

And dinner various greatly. Sometimes I eat a nice bowl of soup, with toast, and another salad and other's I eat up to 800 calories in pizza in one go.

This is why I exercise lol. (I lift weights and do several different kinds of legs/arm exercises at home and when the weather/my schedule permits, I go for a 4 mile walks/jogs.)

No. 53132

File: 1446416834454.jpg (69.58 KB, 634x481, article-2480491-19165777000005…)

Also, I try to drink anywhere between 66oz of water to 99oz of water a day.

I was inspired by this artcle http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2480491/How-drinking-litres-water-day-took-years-face.html and the lady in the pic i attached

No. 53133

File: 1446417347413.png (2.29 MB, 790x1458, elbowfat.png)

How do you get rid of elbow fat

No. 53134

Head too small for her body.

Head too big for her body.

The two need to trade.

No. 53135

File: 1446418650587.gif (322.79 KB, 500x626, headswap.gif)

for the lulz

No. 53136

To be fair, the before shot is taken under overhead lighting which accentuates lines by creating shadows and the after is with frontal lighting which is a lot more flattering for obvious reasons.
I do think drinking water is good for your skin and health, though. It's just that picture is deceiving.

No. 53137

Why does it look like he has three belly buttons?

No. 53138

File: 1446422760789.jpg (63.28 KB, 670x333, e0639920-95c1-0132-4438-0ebc4e…)

True, I didn't even think about the lightening and how it makes shadows on your face. But I found an article by someone else who also drunk over 96oz of water a day for a week


>>There wasn't a huge change in my skin over the course of the week

I only drink water so it really blows my mind when someone says they almost never drink it. In my opinion, she may have noticed an improvement in her skin if she did it for longer than 7 days. But I don't know.

No. 53139


Not by stealing candy. Look at this fat hog! In a "sexy" rabbit costume, really terrifying. Fat cunts really do think slim people are "suckers" because we don't take every single opportunity to steal other people's foods. They are so base and disgusting.

No. 53140

I know, I've heard people say "yeah, I just don't really ever drink water" and I'm like WHAT HOW WHY? I love water…

The only other thing I drink with any regularity is tea. I don't remember the last time I had regular soda. For some unknown reason, I decided to try some Coke Zero on a plane ride last year, and I couldn't even finish a can of it. How do some people drink literally liters of soda, diet or otherwise, a day? I have heard multiple people try to argue that liquid calories (esp. alcohol) "don't count" or won't make you gain weight. I think that failing to factor in the liquid calories they consume is a big reason why a lot of people are fat and/or "can't lose weight."

No. 53141

Too much sugar affects fat distribution, too, with sugar lovers ending up with a gaunt appearance because their face loses the fat that should keep it looking plump.

This is why many hams have surprisingly and treacherously small faces. Tess Dumpster is one of them. This is also why so many hams look over forty (looking at you, hams of tumblr) but are really only eighteen or twenty.

No. 53142

This happens to "normal" sized people too. So many skinnyfat girls with huge guts and droopy faces who think they're hot shit because their BMI isn't in the obese range. Stop eating carbs and lift a weight once in a while

No. 53143


Haha, I agree! Gorging on pastel-colored cupcakes and all kinds of shit may look cute & girly on tubblr, but that shit will come back to haunt you. Once you pass 18, eat like an adult for fuck's sake.

No. 53144


What bothers me most about stinking fat wastes of space is that they think they are entitled to literally all the things.

Food, because they are starving, handicapped spaces because they can barely move.

And the worst is that they are NEVER considerate of old people, pregnant women, and cripples who aren't fat. They even yell at them because in their minds you can only be handicapped if you're over 350 lbs.


No. 53145

File: 1446431348013.png (859.5 KB, 550x880, ew.PNG)

No. 53146

When i see someone like this all I can think about is how a penis gets anywhere near her vag

No. 53147

File: 1446432004402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nx1k866Mea1uq5pjoo5_540…)

inb4 the fatties in this thread get mad because you posted someone who's merely 200lbs instead of 400

No. 53148

If this wasn't another tumblr slut posting near naked nudes on the internet, this girl would actually be kinda cute. Her body isn't bad.

No. 53149

No. 53150

How is that post "mad"?
>grr someone said something I don't like!

No. 53151

That woman is hideously fat. You must be a hambeast yourself if you think her body "isn't bad".

No. 53152

I hope you are baiting. Her pimply ass and veiny gullet haunt me.

No. 53153

I hope you are baiting. Her pimply ass and veiny gullet haunt me. >>53152

No. 53154

>I could see how someone might find her attractive
>"RAWR u fat!"
Calm down you mad hammy.

No. 53155

>getting this mad about an ignorance opinion
Hm, maybe you keep like-company with these tumblr types. Sorry I triggered you.

No. 53156

Lol phone.

No. 53157

No. 53158

You shouldn't be this pious when you're acting a hypocrite.

No. 53159

File: 1446439554768.jpg (59 KB, 500x670, 3079d9d92365e82f470548dbce398f…)

Dis my favorite fatty

No. 53160

remember when fat monica was obscenely huge and barely anybody could be as big as her

No. 53161

Antonio Convit, MD, professor of psychiatry and medicine, and director of BODyLab, and colleagues are quantifying physiologic brain changes seen on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of obese children with metabolic syndrome. So far, they have noted hippocampal shrinkage and changes in the white matter, which may be associated with the cognitive impairments that they have documented in this population.

Dr. Convit’s research, recently published in Pediatrics, found that such children perform worse on memory and spelling tasks and on tests of their overall intellectual functioning. “Their brains are not firing on all pistons,” Dr. Convit says. “The more overweight that youth are, the more they experience the medical consequences of obesity, and the greater the difficulties they have in all these areas of cognitive functioning.”

No. 53162

Makes sense - most fatties AND former fatties that I know seem borderline retarded

No. 53163


Only borderline? Sometimes I get the sense that they're an entirely different species. But occasionally you have the white elephant fatty who's accomplished and talks in full sentences.

No. 53164

I like how none of the clothes fit her

No. 53165

I dont know what you mean by source but here's some fried tofu

No. 53166

where are you from that you dont have fried seafood?

No. 53167

File: 1446494082515.jpeg (577.42 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Spotted this whale at my school. The two Snapples, white mocha, sandwich, chips, and burger are all hers.

No. 53168

Besides the two snapples, it's a pretty common combo meal.

No. 53169


Sandwich AND a burger??? Really?

No. 53170

where the fuck do you live where this is the standard? that chick has a meal for two. a standard combo meal for one person would be 1 drink, 1 sandwich (or burger), and the chips.

No. 53171


Damn calm down, I didn't read about the burger.

No. 53172

Ahh I fucking hate quetiapine, I didn't even have that much of a sweet tooth but when I was first taking it I would wake up in the middle of the night and go on a sugar rampage.

No. 53173

It's still not normal to have 3 different sugary drinks with your meal

No. 53174

Even if she only had one sandwich/burger and one drink, it wouldn't be a normal lunch…. A bag of chips + sandwich + juice is like ~850 calories if you're being conservative.

No. 53175

A sandwhich, chips and drinks is pretty much a standard everywhere. Have you heard of Subway?

Almost as everyday as burger and fries, doesn't mean it's healthy but it's not absurd.

No. 53176

Well, I guess it's "normal" because everyone is so fucking fat. It's gluttonous and disgusting though.

No. 53177

No it's fat because people get and finish eating 12' subs with giant sugary drinks and a bag of potato chips. You can eat that daily if you're smart about it, ie controling portion size. There are other factors like lifestyle, but a sandwich, or even a burger, is hardly evil.

No. 53178

How much do you weigh and what is your body fat percentage?

No. 53179

Not that poster, but are you going to do the whole "you're a disgusting obeast because you eat X" (without knowing any other variables, like how much they eat total or how many calories they're burning off) thing? Because it's really stupid. It fails to take the big picture into account. Eating an 850-calorie meal isn't "fat" if you're not a sedentary midget and your other meals are lighter.

Would you say that a person is a fatty if they go and work out for hours and then eat that 850-calorie "gluttonous and disgusting" meal as part of their total daily intake of like 1600 calories? Or, if a person eats a donut in the midmorning, and they eat lightly and healthily for the rest of the day, does that make them fat, even if they end up eating less than their TDEE?

Actually, don't answer that, you (or others here) probably would. Inb4 butthurt fatty, there's no way I can prove that I'm not, so I'm not even going to get into it.

No. 53180

I imagine these are just wannarexic skinnyfats who think that to be thin you have to eat <500 calories daily of only salad. Forget exercise and moderation, if you eat an English muffin with your breakfast then you are a whale. I say this because I went to high school with a girl who felt this way and she wasn't skinny, kept failing at her "diet" and had to dump her insecurities on everyone else.

Best to let it go.

No. 53181


Or could it be that more children who are subject to obesity are products of
>low-income households feeding them shitty food
>parents who don't really give a fuck about raising them or are obese themselves

Look in the education system. It's proven that dumber students come from low-income households with parents who don't give a fuck.

No. 53182

Why are you so hypersensitive about your eating habits tho? If you trade your XL sub, chips and coke for a glass of water and some real food you'll feel better, I promise. :)

No. 53183

I'm >>53179 and I literally never eat subs or chips or drink soda, but thanks for being worried about my health :)

Yeah, you might be right. It just bugs the hell out of me, because you can work literally ANY food or drink into a healthy diet, you just might not be able to eat it in large quantities every single day. Like, if you sit down and eat an entire pint of ice cream once a year, you aren't going to get fat. If you do that every day on top of your normal caloric intake, you're going to get fat.

No. 53184

It's just hard to believe there are people out there as oblivious as you.

Live your life, don't be the girl who nibbles on the celery when your friends order takeout. We're not fucking lying when we say eating a SMALL portion of unhealthy food once in a blue moon will not put an ounce of fat on you, so long as you don't lay in bed all day. Hopefully one day you will grasp that instead of trying to drag people down to your level, even if it's not now.

No. 53185

OP of >>53167 here. I just found out she takes the same train home as me too. She's that rude bitch who doesn't let people get off the train first and pushes her way into the car instead. She's currently sitting in the seat reserved for handicapped people while an old woman with a cane is standing in front of her.
She had the guts to tell me to eat more after I took the picture of her. I'm not anywhere near ana-chan skinny. I'm considered petite in America but I was in Japan several months back and I was average, maybe a little above average there.

I forgot to add that she consumes 3-4 white mochas every day so this one is just one of many.

No. 53186

I feel like creepshots are crossing a line even for here.

No. 53187

Brows on fleek, though

No. 53188

File: 1446543688849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.2 KB, 640x480, fattie8.jpg)

Micropenises everywhere

No. 53189

File: 1446544065960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.8 KB, 337x454, fattie20.jpg)

No. 53190


Have you guys ever been with a dude who had a two inch dick like this? I've unfortunately encountered two of them. And they were the most emotionally unstable, insecure dudes I've ever met. Small cocks = crazy insecure clingy psychos

No. 53191


it's so wee! i wanna knit it a cozy to protect it from the harsh winter.

No. 53192


I dated this obese guy who had a dick this small. He was crazy insecure, rude, and pretty much like hated all women it was so weird (hated his mom and sister for no reason and would shit talk all past gfs). oh, and he was also a lolicon lmfao

No. 53193

Why were you dating an obese loser with a tiny dick though lmao

No. 53194

A guy like that makes me want to throw up.

Everyone knows the number one rule is, "If I can reach the base, get that dick out my face."

No. 53195

well, we seemed really nice at first and I didn't really care what he looked like too much. I found all this out later into the relationship

No. 53196

No. 53197



I'll gnaw off my own foot if Whitney Thore can do a cartwheel. Bitch is so bottom heavy she'll break her arms, and then her neck.

No. 53198


If they're obese it's a given that they're losers. Why date a guy without self control?

No. 53199


>Bellies, “Guts” and the Colonial Anxiety Surrounding Non-Empirical Knowledge

wtf am i reading

No. 53200


She looks like a toad. Fatties often have unfortunate faces, but hers really takes the cake. If that isn't a manifestation of serious, chronic illness, I'll eat a few hats.

No. 53201

File: 1446623127261.png (699.43 KB, 535x1380, wat.PNG)

No. 53202

>nap time
Top kek

No. 53203

OK, 1) Ew, obviously; 2) why are they touching each others' arses? What a weird and unnatural pose.

No. 53204

Because they are sexy, curvaceous butter-elves and how can anybody keep their hands off those luscious, real-woman booties? (Unless there is something cheesy or fried nearby. Then you need those hands to eat.)

No. 53205

>butter elves

At least the one on the far left has something resembling an ass. The ret of them are flat, crusty pancakes.

No. 53206

calm down

No. 53207

Come on. I've seen tons of women at my gym and local park with better bodies than these hambeasts. Ew… Let's be real, no one wants to look at fat or flabby naked people.

No. 53208

Victoria Secret models are real women too. They actually just work out and eat right. Stupid bitch. I'm sick of this 'real women' campaign bullshit.

No. 53209

Seriously, they're assholes to handicapped people, temporary and full time. I broke my foot and struggled using crutches so I needed the scooters when I went grocery shopping. Even though I CLEARLY had a broken foot, I was getting fatties tut-tutting at me and giving me death glares and grumbling at me when I was near because I was thinner than them using a scooter. After a few times I felt so embarassed using them I'd just hobble around the store on crutches and try to shop that way.

No. 53210

Question: What the FUCK is a zbaby? Is it a new term? Oh god I hope she's not doing anything harmful for the child.

No. 53211

I searched zbaby on Google, apparently it's a clothes site or something for kids ig

No. 53212

Maaaybe. Just maybe. It was asked to be taken down because the models are buttass naked? Newsflash, VS models aren't visibly naked in their ads. Also NO kid is going to see this in a mall and think "Wow! This picture of 4 chunky naked asses has suddenly made me realize I'm beautiful!" A kid seeing this would probably be incredibly embarassed and avert their eyes as fast as possible. (Or point and laugh at the nake people.)

No. 53213

That's awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Fatties are the worst kind of hypocrites. they're so bitter because no one truly finds them attractive except for incredibly desperate beta males. And they truly believe anyone woman who isn't a size 18 must be starving herself because there's no such thing as eating right and working out.

No. 53214

She even convinced her kid to take more. Wow.

No. 53215



No. 53216

I'm not upset?

No. 53217

File: 1446710669349.jpg (270.73 KB, 800x536, 1221115873_hahahaha-hahahaha.j…)

>teenagers will walk past this poster and realize that this is what beauty is

No. 53218


Male teenagers will walk past that poster and right into a gay bar:

No. 53219

File: 1446731072997.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.85 KB, 960x1280, 1413411543415-4.jpg)

Feederism really gets to me. There's just something so grotesque about a hamplant funneling 2 litres of a concoction of butter, oil, chocolate and peanut butter into their gullet.

No. 53220

File: 1446731099227.png (4.7 KB, 533x157, OryiuS8.png)

No. 53221

File: 1446731199436.png (54.33 KB, 540x376, SSuWN4p.png)

No. 53222

File: 1446731334068.jpg (622.74 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_mupbgcZgTf1qk1qi0o1_128…)

No. 53223

File: 1446731636128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.31 KB, 800x1191, sum_prev53_ff.jpg)

No. 53224

File: 1446731684031.png (803.21 KB, 1411x652, sfd7zh.png)

No. 53225

Where the hell did she get tights that big???

No. 53226

File: 1446731831643.png (457.58 KB, 522x642, Fat_3d84ee_5387344.png)

No. 53227

File: 1446731906460.png (231.66 KB, 1080x1920, It7DuJy.png)

No. 53228

File: 1446732681757.jpg (69.31 KB, 800x800, OA201_zps2d988eeb.jpg)

No. 53229

File: 1446732728880.png (42.25 KB, 833x701, ewnoooo.png)

No. 53230

wow, that was pretty sexist lol
aren't these people supposed to be "progressive"?

No. 53231

How do I English?

No. 53232

File: 1446755654457.png (267.46 KB, 480x477, Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 5.31.…)

No. 53233

Yeah… I seriously doubt that.

No. 53234

obv not the gym

No. 53235

*rascal scooter

Clearly, legs is a typo.

No. 53236

No. 53237

File: 1446757417896.jpg (533.45 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nxbv2oEZh11qdjjl9o2_128…)

No. 53238

File: 1446757554107.jpg (97.09 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nxbh4apGg81qagyajo1_540…)

No. 53239

File: 1446757658326.jpg (308.89 KB, 1082x1920, tumblr_nx76mdlYw91slz2pio2_128…)

what the everliving fuck has she done with her fucking hair oh my goD

No. 53240

Looks like a birds nest, is her hair fried or just frizzy? It could be a mixture of both lol

No. 53241

OMG at first glance i thought this was the front view with underboob and a belly button holy fuck disgusting

No. 53242


At first I wondered if she had uncombable hair syndrome but I'm pretty sure it's just bleached and fried to fuck lmao

No. 53243

File: 1446766027069.gif (124.76 KB, 317x231, family_guy_barfing.gif)

No. 53244


At first I thought it was a Russian bear hat, and then I just lelled.

No. 53245

File: 1446766625787.jpg (395.91 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nw8ns7GvGR1uvaszno4_128…)

No. 53246

File: 1446766674122.jpg (184.41 KB, 826x1280, tumblr_nxblilvA8m1tu812do1_128…)

wake me up inside (cant wake up)

No. 53247

File: 1446766878038.jpg (85.05 KB, 465x810, tumblr_nvx657j7dr1qgmo6xo1_540…)

"Love yourself. Even if your belly hangs out." i would rather not

No. 53248

File: 1446767734365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.5 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nr9d2fZFbA1uawy7wo2_128…)

No. 53249

oh my god barf

No. 53250

omg no they're like teats on an actual pig and that fupa oh god why

No. 53251

her rib cage fat is bigger than her actual boobs, ugh

No. 53252

this woman is actually an african american with albinism, I've stumbled onto her blog before and her hair has always looked like this.

No. 53253


lol no dude, those are 100% white features and she had blue eyes not red/violet.

If she says on her blog she is black she's fucking lying.

No. 53254

File: 1446818886891.jpeg (176.09 KB, 698x548, toonhole-comics-run-race-97658…)

They're only fat loving SJW because they're fat themselves. If they were thin they probably wouldn't even be so deep into SJ. These people tend to stand behind whatever agenda makes them feel better, and don't actually entirely care for their cause, or about helping others, as evidenced by their stances on weightloss, being healthy and generally slimmer women

No. 53255

dem eyebags holy shit

how can fat people be happy when they're so tired and sickly, I mean she looks like an alcoholic that can't be good for you

No. 53256

omg what is that underboob even supposed to be

No. 53257

File: 1446819111363.png (28.58 KB, 501x438, K5wwgCq.png)

No. 53258

Those don't look like white features to me. She has a big nose and big lips. Also albinos can and do have blue eyes. Albinos come in a variety of colours actually, some have freckles, or reddish hair, or even splotches of darker skin. ome have brown eyes, red eyes, pinkish eyes or light blue. No such thing as violet eyes tho that's a myth

No. 53259


The first comment is actually physiologically correct.

The second one is in denial about how much they're eating.

No. 53260

File: 1446835758202.jpg (1.53 MB, 2417x2069, 15-11-06-13-37-42-466_deco-1.j…)

Did anyone know that this is apparently a thing? The description gave me an aneurysm. This would be so disgusting to watch, just a bunch of sagging whales flopping around in leotards.

No. 53261

It makes me wonder if they have to eat like a ridiculous amount of food to keep the weight on so they don't lose it while dancing or else they'll be kicked out of the troupe?

No. 53262

No. 53263

But these people exercise a lot, and unlike regular fatties more of their body weight is probably muscles.

Still, I don't ounderstand why this needs to be a thing.

No. 53264

Lolo no. This bitch is white as fuck. She's just fat and big ass facial features come with being a big ass pig.

No. 53265

File: 1446902882366.jpg (242.11 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nxdtxfX3gN1ul55e9o1_128…)

No. 53266

File: 1446912058962.png (116.91 KB, 238x295, J4kkH.png)

sweet fuck

No. 53267

File: 1446912242572.png (451.27 KB, 517x615, Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.01…)

I have no back fat therefore I have no character. It's this shit from fatties that makes me rage. The only story your back fat tells is that you're a lazy shithead with no self control and a penchant for fried chicken.

No. 53268

in the most shallow meaning of the word, yes. Ironically a number of the fat bi girls claim to dislike muscular or even just fit girls. if it was the reverse they'd cry DISCRIMINATION

No. 53269

File: 1446918412829.jpeg (18.96 KB, 400x400, MKaCWP1B_400x400[1].jpeg)

Albinos don't always have violet eyes, and no white person has that hair texture.

No. 53270

Her skin actually still has pigmentation? Try again. Girl is mayo.

No. 53271

File: 1446921232189.jpg (28.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Bleach damage.

No. 53272

File: 1446924562009.jpg (158.28 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nsh10gLuiO1slz2pio1_128…)

looks beyond the point of damage due to overprocessing tbh

No. 53273

File: 1446924763521.jpg (373.63 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nmyqsaWJur1slz2pio1_128…)

No. 53274

Jesus Christ that lipstick feathering…

No. 53275

File: 1446930012354.jpg (120.73 KB, 800x480, SHEVA-Ashley-Tipton.jpg)

idk if anyone watches project runway,
but the girl that won these season is a typical obese tumblr looking chick.
her collection was plus sized & typical tumblr style, complete with flower crowns lol.

No. 53276

That's a prop perm. It's intentionally over processed to look like that. It used to be a popular of getting dreads in the 90s. If they'd used thinner rods shed have dreads.

Excuse hairfaggery.

No. 53277

TBH, I thought all the four collections were mediocre. I had some hopes for Candice's collection, but she copped out all of her most interesting pieces.

Kelly fell short in the finale and Edmond's collection was garbage. Pure fucking garbage.

Ashley's collection is like 2 springs ago. We've moved on from pastels. We're in winter now, now way spring shades will sell and by spring she would have been forgotten.

I'm a disspointed because I liked her concept in general.

No. 53278

>the girl who made these is overweight
and? No shit she would be interested in making clothes geared toward larger women in that case.
Also why are you projecting anger against "tumblr" chicks? Have you stalked every "typical" tumblr girl?

No. 53279


Shut up, fatty.

Larger women are women who play basketball. She made clothes for fatties. I can't have been the only one who saw how the fatty models' asses were already eating those shorts she put them in.

It's not a good look.

Fatties shouldn't wear pastels, those clothes will be covered in food stains in no time anyway.

No. 53280


The Deep Stories Muh Backtits Tell

I hate muhself, I wanna die, but I don't have the energy to off muhself, so I'm just gonna sit here, whine on tubblr, and eat another box of 24 donuts by muhself.

No. 53281

I have looked at them all and they are in fact all you.
Fuck off butter-chan, go be bitter to your feminazi fatspo followers.

No. 53282

File: 1446944440404.jpeg (173.9 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

There are disabled people who do crossfit and seem to be fine. Like these two for starters. One is missing legs and the other came down with an illness that shut down his nervous system and he could hardly move for a while. Doing crossfit helped him gain some of his strength back so he can walk by himself with a walker. That's pretty impressive imo.

No. 53283

>wanna have your back fat photographed

why would anyone want that…?

No. 53284

File: 1446946319601.jpg (104.59 KB, 435x580, ashley-tipton-2-435.jpg)

Its not horrible but I look at the fat first and the clothing second. All together its just like…okay. I mean even if the clothing is cute, no one pictures themselves looking like this.
Everyone wants to push it on us that "omg fat wimminz are STUNNING." lmao no the fuck they aren't. they all look exhausted after a day of baby sitting the kids.

No. 53285

A disabled dadbod and skinnyfat is still a just a dadbod and skinny fat. I dont know why you're hyping up crossfit knowing full and well disabled people and amputees can get miles better results doing damn near anything else besides crossfit.

No. 53286

Black people who are albino also look black. Her being a fat white girl does not make her an albino black girl.

It has nothing to do with her eye color but the fact she has a nose bridge higher than the Golden Gate Bridge and and her complete lack of lips.

No. 53287

If you're fat and you think you're beautiful and pretend to be confident, ok.
But don't go apeshit if most people arent interested in you and find your body gross.
Fatties who act like theyre confident when they wish they were skinny inside are hilarious

No. 53288

>to all the fuckboys from my past
she's so insecure she wouldnt say shit like this to people to insult her face to face lmao

No. 53289

File: 1446955051476.png (17.59 KB, 702x184, butyousaidyouwereblack.png)

This girl confuses me. One minute "DONT DENY MY BLACK HERITAGE" But now she's Mexican? Now all of a sudden she's a black Mexican albino lmao?

No. 53290

>fat ass
so basically, she prefers saggy butts compared to youthful tight bubble butts?
bitch be crazy

No. 53291

I think her niece and nephew are mixed black mexican?? if you go far enough back into her posts she's all "i'm PROUD OF BEING PALE #paleskin is beautiful #i'm not like those ORANGE bitches"

No. 53292

is she talking about brownskin girls or tan white girls?

No. 53293

Ew I did lol in the tags she says "interracial couple" which probably means she's saying she's black and Mexican now. Those kids are probably just Mexican though She does love her pale skin lmao, she brags about it all the time like you said "sexy & pale! i love my pale skin unlike the orange dark bitches!!" some shit like that

No. 53294

File: 1446960736753.png (1.37 MB, 697x879, white.PNG)


you know mexican is a nationality and black is race? there are many black mexicans

also don't get how you guys deny this girl is albino, look at her younger pics

No. 53295

I know that. And I never said she wasn't albino, I just think it's pretty weird she's saying she's in an interracial relationship when she's black and the guy is black too lol

No. 53296

File: 1446964061771.jpg (54.71 KB, 400x533, over9000chin.jpg)


No. 53297

ooh ok. Well maybe she is saying she is a mixed black race wise and Mexican like native Mexican mixed?

also, I know, I was just referencing to other posters calling her a white girl :)

No. 53298

tan white girls

No. 53299

what's going on here? Like I get she's fat but does she also have some kind of condition how are her hands like this it's freaking me out

No. 53300

this pic makes me strangely sad

No. 53301

No. 53302

Anyone feel like photoshopping her black?

No. 53303

File: 1446990666548.png (86.59 KB, 206x275, nnn.png)

No. 53304

File: 1446992691871.png (77.38 KB, 1875x231, HAESon4chan.PNG)

/cgl/ fatties are hilarious

No. 53305

File: 1446992941042.png (28.54 KB, 1826x263, haes 2.PNG)

Their response to 30+ replies

No. 53306

This has to be bait.
>after the plan is over I always gain most of it back if not more
No shit, it's not supposed to "end" at any point. Too dumb to be real.

No. 53307

When they said "plan" they were probably referring to something like Atkins or Slim-Fast.

But I don't doubt it could be bait. If it was a troll they did a pretty good job with getting all those replies.

No. 53308

naafa seems like a big fat joke.. my god.
oh, she followed diet plans, nice. it's not like you could limit your sugar and fat intake forever. no, that'd be too hard. and also, everyone eats sweets almost daily, right?

I've watched a super fat person at my school how she followed a "diet plan": vegan and pure food, sounds good so far.
But she prepared ridiculously big portions, like… a lunch that's enough for 5 persons and I'm not kidding.

fatties won't become slim when eating 10 bananas and 10 breads on a daily basis.

No. 53309

Don't raw vegans eat like 35 bananas a day though

No. 53310

>a lunch that's enough for 5 persons and I'm not kidding.
I don't want to derail too much but I think this idea that you can eat however much you want and still lose weight/be healthy and the reason why there are so many fat vegans is because of Freelee and Durianrider and all the other vegan vloggers who have made themselves the "face of veganism" and claim to eat 3000-5000 calories a day and still be thin or healthy. I saw a vlog of one skinny girl who ate 3 whole melons for breakfast. ONE MEAL. I'm pretty sure all of them purposely over eat for a day and film it to be like LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF I ATE!! I DO THIS EVERY DAY THIS IS A TOTALLY RANDOM DAY!! but then eat normal on every other day. And what is the endgame there?

I feel bad because they are being so mislead but on the other hand, how can you be so stupid to think you could eat that much and still lose weight?

No. 53311

>And what is the endgame there?
I've wondered this myself. The only thing I can think of is to "trick" other people into gaining weight, which seems like something a really malicious person with an eating disorder might do. I don't know…

No. 53312

I mean, so that they can gloat about it and be like "lol I'm still skinny and look at all these retards who followed my shitty advice and got fat, now I can tell them that they were ~just doing it wrong~ and it's all their fault because it totally worked for me!" The people I've seen like Freelee seem to be so obsessed with their fucking bodies and food and it just seems really disordered. They film themselves binging on fruit. WHYYY.

No. 53313


Not true.
Elizabeth Taylor was famed for her violet eyes.

No. 53314


Huh, well I'll be dammed, I was wrong.

No. 53315

not necessarily but if they do they have a lot of free time I guess. And they'll need to workout.

A fat person doesn't even have to do sports (it'd be best, of course) to lose weight. Portion control and less sugar would do a lot but yeah. Some will never learn what portion control really is.

No. 53316

holy fucking shit

No. 53317

File: 1447131880289.gif (838.07 KB, 500x279, tumblr_nxk8yn3qoE1qa4l1ko6_500…)

No. 53318

I don't know what the fuck is up with me tonight but I actually think this girl is kind of cute. Not in the traditional sense of course, but the way some people find pugs or bulldogs or persian cats cute. Like ugly but somehow charming.

No. 53319

Is this lumpy space princess?

No. 53320

I'm kind of very jealous of this location

No. 53321

What is it with fat chicks and crop tops?

She makes a point about being able to cosplay whoever you want except she ruined it by talking about scrawny anorexic and skinny bitches. Equalisme goes both ways, bitch.

No. 53322

File: 1447169406922.gif (667.08 KB, 500x279, tumblr_nxk8yn3qoE1qa4l1ko4_500…)

You can't have a BMI below 25.

No. 53323

File: 1447182843464.jpg (65.5 KB, 435x580, beetus.jpg)

Guess i know what you mean but this one…the feet, oh god her fat feet, she can't even stand properly. Usually find fatties feel hilarious cause they can be so small compared to their bodies…

No. 53324

ha *feet obvs

No. 53325

>She makes a point about being able to cosplay whoever you want except she ruined it by talking about scrawny anorexic and skinny bitches. Equalisme goes both ways, bitch.

Fat whales don't care about equality. They care about labeling obesity as a disability and being able to eat and wear whatever they want without judgment while judging others who actually care about their appearance.

No. 53326

Those fruit-eating freaks have to eat a LOT each meal. She wouldn't have been faking that.

No. 53327

File: 1447244317738.gif (847.91 KB, 665x662, REEEEEEEEEEE.gif)

>labeling obesity as a disability

I'm sorry, but I don't believe that fruit is some kind of magic that lets you sneak calories through your body without gaining weight. There's something really wrong with the idea of binging on 5000 calories of fruit in a day and thinking it'll make you ~lean and toned~ or whatever. No one HAS to eat that much in one sitting/meal. I said it above and I'll say it again - it seems really disordered.

No. 53328

File: 1447251776250.jpg (58.44 KB, 1280x620, YWVjZWY3ZWUxYSMvZGRfOWFzWEFGVE…)

Have you guys heard about this?


Somebody made a comic book about a "plus size" superhero because of "unattainable" body types shown in most superhero comics.

Well obviously super heroine bodies are unattainable, but so are the male's with their unnaturally huge muscles. Comic book authors make the bodies look exaggerated because that's just the art style. It's not because they're fat shaming or promoting unattainable figures.

So I mean, I get wanting to make a super heroine with a more realistic body, but why make her fucking obese???? They could have AT LEAST given her like a more curvy or thick body with visible muscle and natural anatomy, not lard and rolls spilling all over the page.

Good lord. Political correctness has taken a step to far. I love comics but I won't be purchasing this one, even if it is well written.

No. 53329


Yes, because vegans are retards.

No. 53330

File: 1447252450572.jpg (908.86 KB, 1047x1078, FURXxCV.jpg)

And before anyone gets on my case for saying curvy and thick, I meant a body like pic related.

Yeah she's thick, she's got a big butt, but she still looks like she could kick ass like a real superhero. If they absolutely HAVE to cater to body positivity losers and whatever "real women" means, this is the kind of body they should have chosen.

Obese women would be out of breath before they even made the first punch.

No. 53331

File: 1447252833887.gif (936.15 KB, 340x230, haes.gif)

To be honest I think most of it is exaggerated by the people who eat that way. Like the infamous Freelee actually only recommends that people trying to follow her diet eat 2000-2500 calories and be active on top of it, which is pretty average as a long-term food intake rather than a quick weight loss thing. I don't follow that whole diet because I would rather just eat whatever I want (like, seriously, it's not the end of the world if I want some avocado or to put salt on my dinner, WTF) but in reality the actual guidelines are much more feasible than people make them out to be. It's almost like a lot of these people are just competing in videos to see who can eat the most calories for show and act like it's an everyday thing for them when it's not. Here's a fatty to make up for this being OT

No. 53332

File: 1447253238655.jpg (765.88 KB, 1271x1920, overalls.jpg)

No. 53333

superheroes AREN'T ordinary people… they're extraordinary. so they shouldn't be fat. why are people so fucking stupid?

No. 53334

i don't know, as a comic enthusiastic and artist i think it's cool to see new things in "old" genres. it's really boring to see the same muscular worm man or whatever in every single story, so these kinds of things are cool. like the one muslim superhero and stuff. but the "my HAES!!!1" thing attached to it is irritating. they should just have made the fucking comic and be done with it, not spew bullshit about unattainable bodies. also that outfit design is pure trash.

No. 53335

I was in some group presentation in a BS gen ed college course about Health (boyfriend was the only male in the class, btw) and our topic was obesity, so I chose to talk about skinny shaming in media as a poor way to promote women's health. This was 2008, I think.

Part of my talk was on how words like curvy are misleading, and some idiot raised her hand and said, "well, i'm an ATHLETE and people call me curvy, so are you saying I'm fat?!"
> "No, you're obviously fit, but the word is grouping your physique and strength with someone who is clinically obese in the name of positive reinforcement".

Too stupid to get my point, but don't worry, she'll be sticking you next time you need your blood drawn.

Teacher gave me a B despite having the best looking presentation and material, with a comment that my shirt was too revealing to be professional. The absent 40 year old mom in my group who couldn't use a computer got an A : )

No. 53336

googled her and the pics range from green to blue to steely gray none of them looked very violet tbh, probably just lighting effects.

No. 53337

I don't care if someone makes a fat superhero, I think you should have stories about all sorts of people. But I wish they wouldn't act so fucking pretentious about it and like this was the one thing we all needed. There are far more important issues with female superheroes than the lack of fat ones. Sage for salt.

No. 53338

>with a comment that my shirt was too revealing to be professional
should've lit your bra on fire right there and call him a sexist pig

No. 53339

File: 1447374577928.png (46.71 KB, 564x514, 2.png)

No. 53340

Man, call me fat, but I actually really liked her, dudes. Her designs were nice, and her, erm, agenda is admirable.

She was so insecure throughout the entire show, though. It seeped out during her talk sessions, I felt so bad for her.

It doesn't cling to their folds, it's easy to move it.

D-don't bully her, anon, she was really endearing this season. And think she might have to lose a bit of weight given her environment.

lol Ms Marvel has a pretty normal bodytype. Not everyone has to be Power Girl.

>So I mean, I get wanting to make a super heroine with a more realistic body, but why make her fucking obese????
And she's everything SJWs would usually whine about, too. White female, probably has blue eyes. If she was thin, she'd be a supergirl clone. Yawn. If her claim to fame is that she's fat, that's pretty shitty writing.

>reclaiming curvy to mean thick, fit girls/larger, muscular thighs
Nice. I'd take her boobs down to an A cup to actually be body pos and have an unusual body type that we don't usually see in comics.

No. 53341

How is it even possible for people to be his self absorbed? They must sit around doing nothing but thinking about themselves and new ways to get offended.

No. 53342

Funny when you consider all that time bitching and moaning could have been spent working out and becoming less of a fat victim.

No. 53343

>Teacher gave me a B despite having the best looking presentation and material, with a comment that my shirt was too revealing to be professional.
Is that even allowed?? That sounds sexist as hell. holyshit

No. 53344

A thin woman in an oversized sweater will always be sexy though or cute/adorable.

Fatties always gonna be mad. rofl

No. 53345


When you see a thin girl in sloppy clothes you know that she cares about what really matters, which is eating properly. If it makes that girl feel any better - I often see a fat woman with nice clothing, over done make up and still think she's lazy because she doesn't mind spending money on expensive superficial shit instead of taking care of what she puts into her body.

No. 53346

Regardless of her being a hambeast, wtf is this outfit? It's a dress on top of a skirt on top of tights? This looks so unbelievably stupid.

No. 53347

>When you see a thin girl in sloppy clothes you know that she cares about what really matters, which is eating properly.

I… I…

No. 53348

File: 1447707565273.jpg (202.28 KB, 554x626, hamplanet.jpg)

No. 53349

File: 1447708022188.jpg (52.1 KB, 731x261, cPSlbw2.jpg)

I hate parents of fat children. This poor kid has autism on top of it, so he's probably doomed to be a fatty for the rest of his life.

No. 53350

I dunno, I think if you are going out in public you should at least put on jeans. The only time its ok to dress so shitty is if you are sick or doing dirty work like farming.

No. 53351

"sneeking up no me" illiterate AND repulsive: the whole package! Get the dog to safety, then kill that landwhale thing with fire.

No. 53352

When you have to lie down to eat. I'd just kill myself if I ever got this fat.

No. 53353

File: 1447710815441.jpg (57.5 KB, 600x600, https://41.media.tumblr.com/b8…)

just gonna leave this here….


No. 53354

But fatties ARE sloppy, lazy, unattractive and don't take care of themselves. I don't see the point she's trying to make…

No. 53355

She is pretty but her ass makes her look deformed :( it's sad.

No. 53356

What was the point of posting this in the thread?

No. 53357

You haven't noticed the trend of fat girls getting fake asses and acting like they're hot shit (e.g. Amber Rose)?

No. 53358

File: 1447715094116.jpg (92.75 KB, 640x839, glwo.jpg)

No. 53359

>Amber Rose

Idk anon, her stomach is flat af.

No. 53360

File: 1447716952098.jpg (93.05 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-150327085534-634-a…)

Uh, no.

No. 53361

I was waiting for an unflattering picture to be posted, I actually googled Amber Rose bikini before posting in anticipation.

Glorious predictability, anon.

No. 53362

Wow, you sure got me for posting a picture of a fat person looking fat.

Out of curiosity, what would you consider a flattering picture of her? The only pics where she looks good are the ones that don't show her body.

No. 53363

File: 1447717634556.png (493.94 KB, 550x550, Amber-Rose-21.png)

Amber's stomach isn't flat, but it's not super sloppy. Maybe it has something to do with her surgeries or what have you, but who know. That said this thread is for landwhales, not Instagram famous people.

No. 53364

She also getting old and had a kid, she does work out but that cellulite is creeping.

No. 53365

only when they're not thinking about food

No. 53366

Can you people please stop posting this ugly bald woman everywhere.

No. 53367

File: 1447752639461.jpg (28.9 KB, 480x480, 12049254_1035196339834135_4180…)

This popped up on my news feed. Just when did BBW go from being a term for fat women to something referring to "thick" women? Do you think this would piss off tumblr?

No. 53368

This thread and subsequent Fatty Generals will be the only general fat people threads allowed in /snow/ from here on out. >>56004 has been locked but discussion about the topics can continue in this thread. Thanks!

No. 53369

Both of these are fat though.

No. 53370

>when your fat is glowing
more like when youre greasy a f

No. 53371

File: 1447785864358.jpg (78.76 KB, 640x613, image.jpg)

I enjoy looking through hashtags for wraps to see exactly what delusional fats think of as 'progress'.

No. 53372

File: 1447793590852.jpeg (57.24 KB, 650x365, slack-imgs.com.jpeg)

>being this defensive
>projecting your projecting onto others
>Creating projecting inception
>being this fat

No. 53373

>getting so mad that you reply to a month-old post

Butthurt fatty confirmed.

No. 53374

I wouldn't call Amber Rose "fat" but she's not super fit or toned either.

No. 53375

but a plus size superhero is unattainable for naturally skinny people!
man people nowadays are so fucking insecure they want to make average seem pretty
it'll never happen

No. 53376

why do they hate feminity so much? is it because they know they can't look and be feminine so they look like a bunch of ugly fat guys? :^)

No. 53377

Ah, that old "so fat it's made me look retarded" state.

No. 53378

Tbh, most fat people I've met literally act like they're mentally deficient. Former fat people too. I think that you have to be very unintelligent or mentally ill to let yourself get fat in the first place.

No. 53379

anas can be retards too.

No. 53380

You sound fat. Are you fat?

No. 53381

>lotion has calories

No. 53382

>I cooked the calories out of it

No. 53383

>anyone who thinks being fat is bad is anorexic ;_;

No. 53384

Yeah a bit, but I'm not a hambeast. I'm not here to defend these women.

Used the word 'too' deliberately. There's something really infantile going on with these HAES chicks. It seems to be a thing with anas too (being infantile). Either fat or starvation, it throttles the brain.

No. 53385

File: 1447885620628.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.78 KB, 500x750, fatgirlopinions.jpg)

Has anyone mentioned fatgirlopinions.tumblr.com yet? I sort of know her IRL. She's on disability from the state for mental health problems and denies it being because of her weight, yet she's also claimed that she has a bad knee or ankle or some shit that never healed properly (no doubt because of her weight). She blogs her nasty sexcapades a lot and thinks she's a model. Her newest foray into hambeasting is trying to set up a cam site so that she can make money by shaking her rolls for horny dudes in their moms' basements.

No. 53386

Fat people do tend to be dumb tho. I guess someone who lacks self control would find it difficult to exercise it when it comes to reading and such.

No. 53387

File: 1447890164415.jpg (357.63 KB, 1280x1539, image.jpg)

No. 53388

File: 1447890189566.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x1463, image.jpg)

No. 53389

That red "dress"… Who the fuck thought that was a good idea

No. 53390

I guess a lot of gradual weight gain comes from mindless eating, and when do people tend to do that? When they're not doing much of anything and get bored and eat snacks.

No. 53391

It never ceases to baffle me when someone that fat has tiny tits.

No. 53392

It actually looks like she ate something in the after pic

No. 53393

Oh god, she looks like a tent.

No. 53394


Jumbo bells jumbo bells

No. 53395

File: 1447948323621.png (360.8 KB, 500x493, nodont.png)

that dress

No. 53396

File: 1447960026818.jpg (61.37 KB, 794x600, 27VU_H.jpg)

No. 53397

Bless you anon. Readytostare is my favorite fatty. I might start a thread on her, there's so much lulz

No. 53398

File: 1447963134292.png (315.37 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_2015-11-19-11-55-27…)

Forgot pic

No. 53399

File: 1447963421566.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-19-12-00-29…)

Which outfit would you wear from this collection? I wouldn't be able to just pick one. They're all so unique.kek

No. 53400


>Which outfit would you wear from this collection?

>Implying I wouldn't kill myself if those "outfits" fit me in the first place

No. 53401

the chick on the right… her legs are fucking revolting.

No. 53402

they look like fried chicken top kek

No. 53403

File: 1447965810823.png (32.83 KB, 324x533, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.37…)

According to this chart, her kid is almost double the weight he should be…

>60 min on the treadmill every day

Send that fatass outside to run around with some other kids or something. I'm only 23, but when I was a kid we would be outside almost every day for hours on end.
This type of parenting is akin to child abuse, in my opinion. She's probably a hambeast as well.

No. 53404

you are what you eat lmao

No. 53405

This could almost be a parody photoshoot of stupid trashy fat bitches… too bad this is reality these days…

No. 53406

>a belly chain that just looks like a bum bag

No. 53407

File: 1447967178173.jpg (24.3 KB, 396x222, f18a03f63dd704e145839b1c875108…)

Bless you. That's exactly what I thought too.

No. 53408

You must not have a kid with autism. Some autistic children have meltdowns if they are forced to socialize with other children.

They may also have meltdowns if their routine is disturbed. While I agree that the kid needs help, it's easier said than done with autistic children.

No. 53409

yeah that thing is weird. Is it like a clever joke because she cant fit a fanny pack?

No. 53410

So edge. Can't handle.

No. 53411

File: 1448078357413.png (265.98 KB, 1280x936, tumblr_nxqhkjQeTY1rewxiwo1_r1_…)

No. 53412

>but if I did choose to be unhealthy, that would be my business
I guess she must already know she's unhealthy then lmao

No. 53413

It baffles me how fat people think every person who is at a normal weight is counting calories and stressing about what we eat all the time.

No. 53414

>I don't have to stress about calories
>I listen to my body instead
>I'm soo healthy you guys I sometimes drink tea and eat fruits!!!!

Absolutley disgusting attitude.

No. 53415


>hurr if im unhealthy then its my business!

I hate this fucking logic so much.
No, it's no longer just your business if we have to treat your fat fucking arse for diabetes, heart disease, cancers or you have to roll around in your little rascals scooter, or if you end up on welfare because you are clinically obese.

Fuck these selfish fat retards.

No. 53416

the same people who whine 'the us needs socialized healthcare!' are the same ones who cant be bothered to read a nutrition label.

No. 53417

File: 1448140488867.png (66.65 KB, 965x610, foot.png)

dont forget the EMTs, firemen/women, and nurses who risk serious personal injury hauling them out of wherever they end up having their cheesy-poof fueled heart attack.

No. 53418

Is this real? A large part of me doesn't want to believe it is.

No. 53419

"A lot of vegetables and tea" oh yeah I'm sure pretty much every deathfat is living off oil-free raw salads and sugar-free loose leaf tea.

No. 53420


The wages of rampant beetus are real, and we see this happen more and more. They deserve it. Sloth, avarice…

No. 53421

A diet meal of arizona iced tea and a kfc fried chicken salad…ranch on the side ofc

No. 53422

Not true at all. I watch what I eat and think we need better healthcare. Usually the people I see that are fine with shitty healthcare are fat redneck fucks. Probably because I live in a shitty fat redneck fuck area.

No. 53423

nigga moon
im sorry

No. 53424

Freelee is insane.
I'm seriously shocked that nobody made a thread about her yet

No. 53425

someone did. it died though.

No. 53426

i agree we need health reform too but it doesn't do much good for someone who refuses to change their habits or insists that personal health isn't a social concern. its within everyones interest that people are at least somewhat healthy.

No. 53427

I totally agree with you on that.

No. 53428

>that would be my business
>except in america where it's become such an epidemic that it's now considered a disease
>but fuck all the misogynist fatphobic pigs

>i listen to my body and do what it wants
>i have no self control

fatties gonna fat

No. 53429

I was in hospital for something the day before yesterday, and had time to think about all kinds of things. Like I imagine the special training the staff have to have to deal with stuff like terrorist attacks but also obese patients. You can't find a vein in an obese person so easily for example. Plus the special equipment and extra staff needed to move an obese person etc.

> I live in a country with free health care and this shit affects every one of us because it takes resources from places it shouldn't.

No. 53430

You occasionally hear in the news about how an insanely fat person had a medical emergency but responders couldn't get them down the stairs so they had lift them out the window with a crane.


It'd be pretty hard to save a 600 pounder in the event of a terrorist attack.

No. 53431


>It'd be pretty hard to save a 600 pounder in the event of a terrorist attack.

Fucking hilarious that they think they'd survive longer. I weight about 115 lbs and am pretty sure I could drag two anorexics, a tiny old lady, or two kids along with me while running away, but anyone approaching 300 lbs?

That is literally dead weight. They can shield us from a spray of terrorist bullets, that's about all they're good for.

No. 53432

File: 1448258064305.png (230.18 KB, 1000x682, hamerica.png)


Why are Americans so gung ho about eating like shit? It's as if they're proud of it.

No. 53433

File: 1448258208585.png (191.09 KB, 800x600, big goddamn needles.png)


My bro is a firefighter & emt, I've heard some stories.

Biggest they've seen was a thousand pounder. Or they think so, cause that's where the fucking scale maxes out.

When they can't find a vein on a fatty they use these motherfuckers. they go into the bone. Sometimes they use a power drill, sometimes they just jam them in by hand.

>actual thin privilege


No. 53434

when they can't find a vein they 'use a power drill'… yeah sounds legit.

No. 53435

No. 53436

This reminds me of What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

No. 53437


You're right though, there are a great portion of Americans that enjoy eating like shit. But in some of the states where obesity isn't a problem, most of us really enjoy our veggies, fruits, quinoa and lean meats.

There are just unfortunately not many of us.

No. 53438

that's like a needle gun, not a drill. not saying it isn't crazy these have to be used, but a power drill would just rip someone's veins to shreds.
anyways I'm getting ot / fatties gonna fat

No. 53439

America is a meat + wheat society and most people dont really cook for themselves. Americans aren't all HUGE exactly but our perception of health and nutrition in this country is all out of whack.

No. 53440

Can't find the thread for this fatty, where did we put it? https://instagram.com/phoenixrosee/

No. 53441

Stuck in the library writing a paper and thought it might be interesting to mention historic politicized fashion…so was searching and found this and now I'm raging…

Title: Revolting bodies? : the struggle to redefine fat identity

Description: Introduction: The discourse of revolt – Organization and embodiment: politicizing and historicizing fatness – Antidotes to medical discourse about fatness – Sexy/beautiful/fat – Citizen profane: consumerism, class, race, and body – Revolution on a rack: fatness, fashion, and commodification – Framing fatness: popular representations of obesity as disability – The queerness of fat – The resignification of fat in cyberspace – Fat politics and the will to innocence.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 125-152) and index.

At least it got me to put away the chocolate I'm stress eating…

No. 53442

File: 1448415810327.jpg (28.85 KB, 650x370, kelly-clarkson.jpg)

When did Kelly Clarkson turn into a landwhale?

No. 53443


No. 53444

File: 1448418170927.jpg (43.34 KB, 433x378, 1394336815284.jpg)


I can actually imagine her singing this.
Fucking apex kek

No. 53445

Seriously what the actual fuck happened to her

No. 53446

I don't even know what happened. I just spent ten minutes comparing pictures of 2010 Kelly to 2015 Kelly. she literally doesn't even look like the same person anymore.

No. 53447

File: 1448424518749.jpg (101.32 KB, 800x1238, 800-kelly-clarkson-skinny-1835…)

Wtf happened

No. 53448

File: 1448425767558.jpg (64.53 KB, 642x890, 1445768114667.jpg)

>Even warpigs can get chad! Evil feminist anti-male matriarchal gynocracy! REEEE

No. 53449

She looks like she's about to eat his entire face

No. 53450

File: 1448426879593.jpg (1.04 MB, 1596x2400, kelly clarkson why.jpg)

I just did the same thing too, anon. Couldn't help but notice how tiny they photoshopped one arm but not the other in this picture kek

No. 53451

This fat lump of mayonnaise can get a 9/10 and I can't get a bf at all. God damn

No. 53452

this is one of the worst "professional" photoshops I have ever seen lmao

No. 53453

worry not, that was proven to be a male escort

No. 53454

I have seen many say this but never any proof.

No. 53455

that's because the claim came from fatpeoplehate who are notorious for never having proof since they can't doxx

No. 53456

I saw her on the news months ago when she was a little smaller, but still approaching whale status. She said she was pregnant, but nobody gonna bring her down for her weight and she embraces it. Cue the cheer of fat women in the audience.

No. 53457

If he wasn't an escort, he's probably a feeder. You don't want a feeder.

No. 53458

Yeah honestly I can imagine some weirdo who is incredibly into fitness, strength and health being into how degrading they know it is for someone to be that much of an unhealthy trainwreck.

No. 53459

h-hugs you
it'll be okay anon :c

No. 53460

Sad that most of the US thinks that the fat Kelly Clarkson is the thick and sexy version when it was really the first.

No. 53461

Damn, Kelly. I remember people giving her shit for her weight for years, but she's really getting fat this time.

No. 53462


If I were a hamplanet and could only have feeders attracted to me I wouldn't mind being with him tbh. He's pretty attractive for a feeder.

No. 53463

File: 1448531630924.jpg (119.32 KB, 720x1004, _20151126_044958.JPG)

I know this one personally. I know the caption cuts off, but you see where it's going. The kicker is she calls other people fat all the time, and bitches on other social media about being too fat. But oh in the next breath she luvvvvs her fat rolls.

No. 53464

File: 1448555920254.jpg (860.89 KB, 1719x1076, PhotoGrid_1448555590862-1.jpg)

I am the dog.

No. 53465

File: 1448556282310.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_2015-11-26-11-42-58…)

If you look closely at her right arm, you can see that they colored over her arm fat and pinky.

So, I wouldn't say that they tried to make her look skinnier, but I will say that whoever photoshopped this image does not know what the fuck they're doing. She looks deformed.

No. 53466

I like how it looks like she is wearing a fat hand glove

No. 53467

File: 1448639514560.jpg (44 KB, 666x488, not even human.jpg)

Look at this sexy dadbod.

No. 53468

File: 1448690633518.png (460.1 KB, 762x755, non human garbage.png)

No. 53469

Wors can't describe how much I hate it when fat people are drawn with cute tiny faces and slim necks

No. 53470

It's almost as if having multiple chins isn't cute or something?

No. 53471

No. 53472

this really pisses me off.

No. 53473

>wanting to be with someone who only wants to be with you for a sick fetish of slowly killing you
you got issues, girl

No. 53474

File: 1448826930608.jpg (108.55 KB, 742x960, tumblr_nhcyrk8pOg1qba3iuo1_128…)

i feel like jessica luxery and majestic legay/fleetwood/whatever the fuck they change their name every couple of months are really interesting and could warrant a thread of their own if they still uploaded content. they're run of the mill tumblrinas now since they've been married but back in the day they were really something else. they're really into ~self love~ and taking care of yourself emotionally, even if it means eating an entire plate of cookies or six corndogs. they had a project a while ago called hungry virgins but it's dead now, the idea behind that was that fat people are sexually unattractive and therefore forever virgins or something. most of their youtube videos are private now but they had a video where majestic lost their "virgini-T" and took a shot of testosterone to the ass in the back of a car, and a video about intuitive eating, which is basically just eating whenever you want and not giving a shit.


their informational video on fisting-

No. 53475

>It'd be pretty hard to save a 600 pounder in the event of a terrorist attack.
That reminds me of an older news story about a woman who died while traveling with her husband in Europe. She was severely obese, wheelchair bound and had a bunch of other issues related to diabetes/kidney failure like an amputated limb. They were able to get her on a plane in the US (ofc), but when they were trying to leave Europe when she was having a medical emergency there were no airports that could move someone that was her size. They weren't willing to go to a hospital in the area and one airport tried to refuse them in the event that she would die mid-flight or be an obstacle in other emergency situations.

No. 53476

File: 1448912015292.jpg (115.31 KB, 634x845, 2EEE4CB000000578-3339679-image…)

I saw this trending on Twitter: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3339679/Commuter-handed-card-Overweight-Haters-Ltd.html

Now obviously there's no shortage of people who literally hate fat people these days, but if you had one of these cards printed wouldn't you have 100+ of them? Why has no-one else been given a card?

>cue hundreds of copycats tomorrow

No. 53477

Holy shit, does she really think anyone will believe this? Yes, someone just handed you a card saying that you are disgusting, because that's how social interactions work. Definitely happened. The language is so over the top too.

No. 53478

the mustached one used to work in this healthy veg restaurant…could barely fit behind the counter. so confusing. are they still begging for donations for whatever…cheese and such i'm assuming. annoying that being fit means you can't whine and ask for handouts.

No. 53479

>The language is so over the top too.
Not really though, have you been in these threads? That card says exactly the same thing some folks here say. I'm not here to defend fatties or some shit, but lets not pretend it's unrealistic for someone to say that to someone else when that's literally the same things being posted in the thread.

No. 53480


This is the same tier as those stories that appear every now and then where a black waitress will show Tumblr/Twitter/FB a receipt someone handed her with "LOL FUCK YOU NIGGER" written on it, but then it turns out pretty much all of the time to have been the waitress herself.

Don't look too deeply into these things.

No. 53481

File: 1448925808602.jpg (83.15 KB, 704x504, Penny-Arcade-Internet-Dickwad-…)

Yes, but there's a huge difference between making anonymous internet posts and actually printing shit like that out and handing it to a random fat person on the bus. People don't act like they do on the internet in real life.

No. 53482

It's so easy to spot these autists irl.

No. 53483

Did he fall or he is sleeping? either way rofl

No. 53484

Kelly Clarkson is legit disgusting now a days. I don't even know how she could allow herself to get so big when she was pretty average before.

No. 53485

I believe there's a video about Kelly's documented fatness via all her interviews on Ellen. She just ballooned the fuck up in less than 5 years.

No. 53486

It does seem very fishy… though it is possible that other people were perhaps too embarrassed to speak up?

No. 53487

File: 1448986727894.png (388.91 KB, 754x605, 1407898677145.png)

my fave

No. 53488

I wonder if any of you anons can help me out. There were these greentext screenshots of some thin girl repeatedly sabotaging her fat friends by eating a lot of food in front of them/convincing one to shoplift/scaring the shit out of them by having her brother mess with their campsite, does anyone have these?

I saw them in some fat/haes or something thread on /snow/ iirc but after searching 4 of them i just can't seem to find it.

(maybe they weren't screenshots?)

No. 53489

File: 1449175485443.png (382.58 KB, 534x866, 55dd7d4a51630285549b8d71c854da…)

Where does one even start with this?

I'm an artist and I know how challenging art is but jesus FUCK, $75 for this? At that skill level you really shouldn't be taking commissions, much less for $75.

And what the fuck is a body positive perfume? Do fat people need their own perfumes now too? I'm legitimately confused.

No. 53490

I've read it, it was amazing. I'm trying to dig them up but /fit is just hoarding stories like that, there's a lot to dig through.

No. 53491

that art is fucking horrid. though tumblr artists who always draw cutesy smooth idealized "fat girls" should use "body positive portraits at only $75" to sell more of their shit and make some money off of these cows lol

No. 53492

Is it just me or does this looks traced? The proportions are correct which is really rare for an artist of such shit level lining and shading. I think they just drew over a real fat person's photo and then went at it with their elementary school level knowledge of art

No. 53493

File: 1449204999520.jpg (95.96 KB, 592x791, tmagArticle.jpg)

That's totally taken from a picture of Beth Ditto

No. 53494

I do not associate being an obese lazy ass with body positivity and I never will.

No. 53495

Why would someone be proud of this?!

No. 53496


$75 for a piss-poor trace job? Haha, "Lovebug & Snapdragon" can get fucked.

No. 53497

File: 1449272760380.png (527.29 KB, 1255x4381, 1442506964107.png)

Is this it anon?

No. 53498

Wow those are like the fakest stories ever

No. 53499

File: 1449280993376.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x382, 1408085685181.jpg)

No. 53500

I'm terrified to know what bottle she's opening. Is she gonna add ranch dressing?

They just look like rats in a gratification experiment.

I do think genetics can fuck with impulse control. But you have to learn your weaknesses and get them under control. If it takes more effort, so be it.

This looks suicidal.

No. 53501

ranch on pizza is delicious anon

but it makes me sick knowing shes going to have half the bottle

No. 53502

ranch on pizza is disgusting why do you hate yourself so

No. 53503

Ew that shit is disgusting what is wrong with you
Ranch in general is nasty as fuck

No. 53504


Ranch with pizza is delicious, imho. Please don't let this be another fucking fruit thing.

No. 53505

File: 1449293011603.jpg (13.3 KB, 185x236, hayden_shocked_face_resized.jp…)

Wow, it's almost as if people have differing taste buds!

No. 53506

>>53505 ikr I posted the pic in the first place and I'm sitting here like ???
Personally I think ranch is gross on pretty much everything but it's not going to make anyone a fattie just because they like it

damn we all have our vices haha

No. 53507

Only fat people eat that shit, I don't know a single person that eats like that and isn't a disgusting fatty

No. 53508

File: 1449296991151.jpg (541.39 KB, 1450x2048, 1410815667966.jpg)

No. 53509

Same. Ranch is the juice of the obese.

No. 53510

Some people have actual self control and can eat whatever they want in reasonable quantities.

No. 53511

We get it, anas have an inferiority complex. Hence your fixation on food, it's a way to feel superior to people who eat normally. That is so very sad.
I don't actually like ranch sauce but I like mayonnaise for example. Shame on me.

No. 53512

File: 1449298691947.jpg (16.52 KB, 399x388, 2bc.jpg)

No. 53513


My thoughts exactly haha. I'm sitting here like
who seriously judges someone by the condiments they like
even my health nut grandfather doesn't give that much of a damn

No. 53514

>juice of the obese
10/10 would lol again

No. 53515

Just like mayonnaise… gags

No. 53516

No no no no no how is it possible to eat all this?

No. 53517

my scrawny kid sister loves ranch. she will eat it with pretty much anything.

No. 53518

kids are still growing and don't have well-developed tastebuds. they will eat anything. if you're an adult and still like to cover your food with a slurry of fat and salt then you are fucking disgusting and if you aren't obese at the moment you will be in a few years

No. 53519


I loved ranch with everything ehen i was a kid too, i even put it on rice and chicken lol. She'll probably grow out of it, like I did.

No. 53520

File: 1449348198403.gif (1.63 MB, 400x251, xIRC9vk.gif)

yes! thanks anon

No. 53521

File: 1449393847823.jpg (1.03 MB, 1876x948, deception.jpg)

I saw this ham on my facebook feed and there was such disparity between her selfies and how she actually looks.

No. 53522

look the same to me. ugly bitch in both pic.

No. 53523

File: 1449419937583.jpg (74.48 KB, 500x500, 1411763567956.jpg)

found on tumblr lmao
yes, bc being thin totally doesnt mean self control or anything!!

No. 53524

File: 1449473624363.png (743.34 KB, 585x514, what.png)

The bodypositive tag on Instagram is a goldmine of ugly bitches.

No. 53525

how many times are you gonna repost this.

No. 53526

that dark crack is a gateway to hell's jungle. i can smell it from here

No. 53527

wtf is that thing around her armpit? a boob? an infection?

No. 53528

I assumed it was pit hair but now I'm not so sure.

No. 53529

That's the first time I've ever posted it, I'm sorry tho.

No. 53530

Assuming shes 34 she doesn't look bad.

No. 53531

Positive video. Because I love when people actually work hard to lose weight.

No. 53532

Aw that video made me choke up a little bit. Thanks for sharing that, anon.

No. 53533

Boogie's videos are always pretty great. He's very real about his issues and the fact that he does want to change and get better.

No. 53534

I'm glad he's honest too. It's not just "I tried and it didn't work." It's just, "I started to lose motivation and want to give up." I think it's that kind of honesty that helps people actually become healthier. When it comes to losing weight, you're the only thing stopping yourself.

No. 53535

>tfw you're 110 lbs at 5'6" but still have cellulite

Fuck this life and world…

No. 53536

Cellulite isn't directly linked to obesity. Over 90% of women have cellulite, it has more to do with the way our skin/fat distribution and genetics is built than being overweight. Of course being overweight worsens cellutlite, but even skinny girls have it.

Also the harsh stigma against it is more of a modern day invention. A few hundred years back no one gave any fucks, and women were simply painted with cellulite as it was seens as a part of a body rather than a nuisance that you have to fight with useless expensive creams and treatments.

No. 53537

I have cellulite since I was 14 (average weight back then) and it was one of the main reasons for me to develop an eating disorder. even at a BMI of 15 it was still there. I hate it. haven't been swimming with friends since 10 years, haha…

sage for OT and diary

No. 53538

I feel you guys - including the not going swimming thing. Fucking sucks.

No. 53539

I've had cellulite since I was an underweight 13-year-old. As a result I'm just totally past giving a fuck. I know it's never gonna go away, and most other girls have it too, so I just gotta roll with it. Life is short, I figure if I don't wear shorts and swimsuits while I'm young and slim I'll probably regret it later.

No. 53540

>I remember doing exchange with this fat fuck from my uni..
>We were both walking back to the dorms and the landscape of the campus was hella hill-y
>She was so out of breath, I felt bad so I pretended to be equally exhausted despite being in the military and working out 5 days a week for 2~3 hours
>Hambeast tells me "you're out of shape"
>mfw kek
Like this chick was HUGE, and people asked me if she had elephantiasis, her thighs were HUGE and gross but she swore that every guy had a crush on her

No. 53541

File: 1450065276555.png (675.5 KB, 934x597, aydiosmio3.png)

I've found this girl: https://www.instagram.com/alyssapandaeyes/
Seeing her legs makes my joints hurt

No. 53542

Also, her make up…

No. 53543

File: 1450065332520.png (853.23 KB, 940x598, aydiosmio.png)

No. 53544


mesotherapy did wonders to me, from orange peel to balloon surface

No. 53545


She has a thread here:

No. 53546

is cellulite genetic? I dont know too many people with that shit

No. 53547

File: 1450212093059.jpg (80.42 KB, 610x407, monkey what has a red bottom.j…)

No. 53548

Why do you guys eat into Boogie's facade? He has been trying to lose weight since 2011. He is all talk and no action. Losing 25 pounds with a personal trainer and diet plan in that amount of time at his weight is not impressive at all. I think he's a nice guy but he will die at this weight.

No. 53549

The only good thing is that he isn't one of those assholes who goes around proclaiming "It's muh genetics! I'm beautiful this way!"

No. 53550

Same. I don't really get what the hold up is. I do like Boogie as a person - he seems pretty genuine. But I just wish he would actually do the work to lose weight. It's really obvious that he has the desire to.

No. 53551


just looking at how dry her lips are makes me want to take a bath in moisturiser

No. 53552

it usually has to do with the way someone's fat is deposited and it's more common with female people due to how their skin and connective tissue has more space between it where lumps of fat can squeeze through, creating cellulite.

No. 53553

In the last townhall, we decided to merge the HAES and "fatty general" threads and move it to /b/. The HAES thread ( >>>/pt/156624 ) was locked and is now redirected to this thread.

Also, I do understand that there is a difference between HAES and general discussion of fat people. But since both threads often end up discussing the same topics anyway, it makes sense to merge them.

Rule of thumb: if a general thread is about a large group, subculture, community, or website (like a thread for all of Tumblr), with many different people mentioned, it should go in /b/. If a thread primarily focusses on a small number of specific people, it should probably go in /snow/.

General threads like those frequently lead to lots of discussion and debate around broad issues; often sociological and political ones. They tend to derail easily and not focus so much on specific people. The key theme of /pt/ and /snow/ is that threads should be about specific people.

Please read >>>/meta/1909 for more details.

No. 53558

File: 1450597173738.png (32.02 KB, 256x256, 1386473871617.png)

>if a general thread is about a large group, subculture, community, or website

>large group

No. 53559

File: 1450597562397.png (306.14 KB, 593x540, 130.png)

No. 53570

File: 1450615596657.jpg (172.29 KB, 1024x678, todd & adam are figments of im…)

Are Todd and Adam part of her multi-kin verse?

No. 53571

File: 1450615661255.jpg (224.14 KB, 1071x788, 1450567018305.jpg)

antidote for "muh monroo!" posts.

No. 53576

File: 1450618847518.jpg (313.41 KB, 1278x1486, tumblr_nywsa30xx01uw2m35o1_128…)

Even by Tumblr standards… these fucking brows.

No. 53580

As someone who works in retail this drives me nuts. Just go up and fucking ask for help. It's our job to help you and we aren't judging you because we just wanna get paid and go home

No. 53590

I think these brows are supposed to look like Amanda Palmer but jesus christ how will she ever get a job again

No. 53644

I'm generally pretty bad with remembering faces in general, but fatties' faces are the absolute worst. They all look the same.

Same round face.
Pig nose.
Bloated and grey skin from all of the sugar and wheat and little vitamins.

When someone is slim, you should be able to see the unique features in their face, such as jaw line, cheekbones etc. But when it's hidden under a layer of fat, their faces are all the same shape (round) it gets hard to differentiate one fatty from the next.

No. 53685

File: 1450675354087.jpg (91.02 KB, 634x566, 29C75BE400000578-3129991-image…)

lmao thats not even right.
this is her mesures.
and i think when people say that is that before, women had a hourglass figure.
but now it seems that the inverted triangle which makes you look like an ugly blow up doll is popular nowadays with stick-thin legs.

No. 53687

i agree.
i dont get why fat women think their bodies are hot because they have big tits.
the most important thing in the hourglass body is the tiny waist. and fat girls have saggy tits so

No. 53708

File: 1450683400605.jpg (57.96 KB, 459x700, fatdeng.jpg)

"Meet the heaviest man in China. Deng Guiliang, 33, is called "Fat Deng" by fellow villagers for a reason. Weighing over 261 kilograms, he is the heaviest man in the country."

Funny how the fattest guy in China looks the same as a run of the mill tumblr fattie here in Murrica.

No. 53722


What are you wailing about, whale? The measurement are about an inch (1 inch, one!) off here and there. An inch is not a fupa, it's still retarded for fatties to use her as their "roll model".

Anyone here watching Mess Dumpster implode? She says she's deleting her social media, but Beth Ditto, another fat sack of shit, is supporting her.

No. 53728

The reason why I have respect for Monroe is because she was actually a very intelligent woman despite being mostly known for being a sex icon.

IMO fatties relate to her for the wrong reasons. Monroe was constantly put on a pedestal about her weight, especially when she got into acting, even thought she was never technically overweight even at her heaviest at 140 pounds. It's a known fact that she abused barbiturates (as many women did at the time) to curb her appetite. My grandmother was a young woman during Monroe's time and she was prescribed speed by her doctor in order to have more "energy" for household chores and to lose weight.
Monroe also had disordered eating habits as well.

If anything, tumblrinas can relate because Monroe was constantly pigeonholed into society's mainstream ideal of sex appeal, which was to be a thin yet 'womanly' figure. Her agent also had her get a rhinoplasty and a chin implant right before the end of her life.

No. 53730

She took barbiturates for her severe insomnia and possibly depression. She didnt have any disordered eating habits. the hell?

No. 53731

And also, she fit perfecy the body standards which were to be curvy aka hourglass figure (NOT thin. thin is like high fashion modeling)

No. 53734

Anon didn't say thin as in high fashion modeling. Anon said thin yet womanly, which is to imply curvy.

No. 53739

File: 1450721891730.jpg (225.22 KB, 1280x960, flat.jpg)

When you're so fat you look like you are wearing a flesh colored suit when you're naked.

No. 53765

No. 53766

People who are naturally thin have very bad self-control and eat a shit ton of junk food or sweets.
the only reason they dont get shit at is because they can't gain weight and they're stick-thin which is "kawaii" to some of you.
however, if a fat person would eat healthy then she wouldnt be fat.

No. 53777

Bed next to kitchen.
Turns on fan to talk for the video.

No. 53786

jfc her nipples aren't the size of pepperonis they're the size of a pepperoni pizza

No. 53794

Hey that's Koot on the third row!!
She also has a slight muffin top on that first outfit video ever. I-I actually think it's really cute
>before anyone calls me a fatty my BMI is 19.
(no one asked)

No. 53795

nobody gives a shit about your bmi

No. 53804

Why do fat girls act like their bodies is their bussiness and much confidence!!!!
bitch, you wear makeup and try to have a good skincare so why not investing time for your body?

No. 53805


the study's trending on facebook. can't wait for HAES bullshit reaction, if any of them even acknowledge it

No. 53813

>the largest study of its kind

No. 53840

My boyfriend turned out to be a chubby chaser and left me for a chick who's at least double my size (I'm 105 lbs for ref). I don't want to mess either of them because she looks like she could swallow me whole or kill me by sitting on me.

No. 53843


You dodged a bullet. How long were you dating?

No. 53870

Speaking from experience you really did dodge a bullet. I'm curious to know how long you two were dating as well.

No. 53884

yo be glad that he left you for a fat chick and didn't try to turn you into the fat chick

No. 53992

File: 1450846814863.png (729.14 KB, 1080x1920, 1450829864692.png)


It's funny how they say they're 21, but then look 61 going on 81 in the thumbnail.

No. 53994

File: 1450846890449.png (1.92 MB, 1657x830, juhneticks, processed.png)


You could have easily turned into more juhnetics & cundishuns, shiver

No. 54080

File: 1450896020074.jpg (100.47 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nzpyxuFjSq1r5o6vko1_540…)

No. 54650

>national threat alongside terrorism
2dramatic4me but its the truth

No. 54661

I wish we could send these fatties off to a lab to be experimented on. they do nothing else for society.

No. 54678

Are you joking or are you really that stupid?

No. 54694

Meh, I have no problem with that image it's funny. They're making fun of themselves and being honest instead of going all muh genetics… that's more than 99% of fatasses would dare to do. Good for them.

No. 54705

>being honest instead of going all muh genetics
How do you get all of that from one photo of a fatty guzzling down empty calories?

I mean, one could also say >>53994 was being honest too, since all of the junk is laid out in plain sight.
But it doesn't matter. We are just here to make fun of fatties. Who cares which one is honest?

>it's funny

Diabeetus isn't funny, anon.

No. 54956

>Diabeetus isn't funny, anon.

It is when Rob Kardashian gets it.

No. 54957


Type-2 beetus is hilarious.

No. 54958

File: 1451482764751.png (691.03 KB, 705x664, diabeetusisfunny.png)

>We are just here to make fun of fatties.
>Diabeetus isn't funny, anon.

Make up your mind will you?

No. 54965

It's pathetic because they could make an effort to become normal productive human beings, but they won't.

No. 54968


>opt-in beetus

No. 55003

File: 1451508699884.jpg (108.59 KB, 600x777, tumblr_mlv76sogMT1rjxjv0o1_128…)

No. 55005

why the fuck would those chads be at a museum. honestly, this is triggering me.

No. 55011

File: 1451512349662.jpg (183.56 KB, 705x779, image.jpg)

WTF. The women in that painting aren't even nearly as large as that woman in the museum, or as fat as people are today.

So because one artist painted women sort of voluptuous, that now makes morbid obesity okay.

No. 55014

File: 1451513079827.jpg (212.42 KB, 840x1024, 840px-The_Three_Graces,_by_Pet…)

Rubens was never entirely consistent with the size of his women, but yeah by today's standards most of them would be on the smaller end of plus. A size 18 at most imo. You can also tell they have some muscle definition in places (mostly arms). These bodies weren't based on women who sat on their butts all day.

No. 55015

lmao. They drew her so much fatter in the comic to try and bring the point home.

No. 55018

she's admiring a painting displaying rape.

No. 55021

Wasn't the original comic done by a dude? And probably not one well versed on art history regardless of gender.

No. 55024

look at what they're wearing
bitches were clearly asking for it.

No. 55036

but they were tho. the whole attraction to the idea of being fat was the fact that it was assumed they didn't have to work, so they could afford to sit and do nothing.

No. 55217


No. 55354

File: 1451590754396.png (52.61 KB, 165x165, Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.34…)

No. 55531

File: 1451699794932.jpeg (457.5 KB, 640x3904, 539b9f.jpeg)

No. 55533

That guy is hot

No. 55536

File: 1451703589493.png (3.62 KB, 72x72, Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 9.49.…)

holy shit this is hilarious

No. 55537

yeah from draggin all that fuckin weight around

No. 55543

one of my favorite things to watch is fat people getting mad at pointless shit.

No. 55546

File: 1451706952201.jpg (13.9 KB, 236x352, 14668383ad4ce7a858ffa5e7c46151…)

it makes me pissed off to see fat girls like this size and up with disgusting cellulite, oversized forearms and thighs and gross legs dressed in nice clothes such as >>52877 like. What is the point in buying expensive clothes if you look like utter shit anyways. It just enrages me when I see a fatty on my dash say things like "just spent 400$" and their fit is utter fucking trash and on top of it they are hamplanets. It makes me heated that I could look 100x better in their clothes too but I have no money because I'm a poorfag uni student. It also makes me angry that fat girls who literally do nothing but gorge themselves get attention in the media just because they are "plus sized uwu" it fucking pisses me off that I run six miles a day to be thin like I am and be fit when pigs dressed in expensive fabrics are put on a pedestal in media and told they are beautiful. FUCK that. Fat models are what keep my hatred fueled to someday be a piece of human perfection and become a model myself. I might not get big (see muh joke durr) like them but at least I'll know I've tried. Fuck do I hate these fat, stuck-up cunts that think because they were born they deserve validation.

Being a poor skeleton in the city sucks and fat people contribute greatly to my edgy angst

No. 55547

there is no ass there it's a pancake ass

No. 55548

wow so edge

i think your brain might need some nutrition, you seem very hungry or very retarded.

No. 55549

see >>52781 hamplanet

No. 55551

File: 1451709323250.jpg (60.72 KB, 634x415, article-2293846-18ADAC38000005…)

Squeal moar piggy!

No. 55851

Found the fatty

No. 56017

File: 1451875863712.jpg (128.22 KB, 1047x599, hamsbelievethis.jpg)

Been noticing lately on FB that this seems to be the new(er) 'Big girls are better' type graphic fatties keep liking.

No. 56031


Going by that yardstick, slim chicks must be awesome because their boobs stick out more than their stomachs too.

No. 56033

That's an average sized girl with big tits. When fatties post pictures like that, do they really think that's what they look like? Is it like the reverse of anorexics thinking they're fat?

No. 56034

Yes. A lot of fatties are delusional about their size. I had an obese friend who genuinely thought she was "chubby" when she had her stomach hanging over her jeans.

No. 56102

File: 1451918429154.jpg (39.16 KB, 586x586, 11149252_356533141202603_74038…)

Verena is probably my fav fatty. She spent years shooping herself thinner instead of actually losing weight

No. 56597

File: 1451986562019.png (145.7 KB, 357x414, ugh.PNG)

This fugly bitch …


I've just discovered her, she's something of a goldmine, imo. Seems to think she's an 80lb Tumblr fashionista???

No. 56612

>Seems to think she's an 80lb Tumblr fashionista

Please be a typo.

No. 56614

That's a pretty normal weight if you're short.

No. 56617

File: 1452005510060.png (407.21 KB, 1177x623, wq435kkda.png)

Nigga how fucking short do you think she is? Look at her height standing next a light switch. There's no way she's 80 lbs. She's not a hambeast but if she's going around saying she's only 80 lbs she's got some serious delusions.

No. 56619

>>seems to think she's 80lbs

does not equal she is 80 lbs

No. 56620

Oh. Anon was saying that she acts like she's a tiny tumblr model, not that she literally thinks she's 80 lbs

No. 56621

Her boobs don't even stick out more than her stomach lol

No. 56630

>hey, hey, heeeey! it's faaat deng!

No. 56631

>tfw i knew a guy back in middle school who chugged at least two 2 liter bottles of soda after someone bet he couldn't
he was loudly farting every few minutes on the walk back to our neighborhood

No. 57241

No. 57244


I was just reading this this morning and shaking my head at how her argument appeared to be that they weren't all for her but 4 people… 6 burgerd for 4 people? So who's getting the extra two?

No. 57245

Well it is Daily Mail.

And seriously the daughter looks at least 10 years older then her age, making her look like her mom's younger sister. One of her other daughter's is also over weight looking.

There is something wrong with your home cooking if 2 out of 4 of your kids look like that. I can only hope the other two kids don't start to pack on pounds.

No. 57252

File: 1452271183470.jpg (53.52 KB, 306x479, 2FE7DB5600000578-0-image-a-9_1…)

It's fairly normal for workers at restaurants and fast food places to crack a harmless joke if someone comes alone and orders a fuckton of food. I've had it happen to me when picking up food for family/friends and I'm just an average weight for my age so it happens regardless of weight. If she's so self-conscious then maybe she should stop loading up on McDonald's for dinner and just buy some cheap produce instead.

No. 57253

I wouldn't go to the newspaper with it, but it certainly is unprofessional.

No. 57260

The only one who doesn't look overweight is the son, who the mother claims she has issues getting to eat. Wonder if he just doesn't like being overfed?

No. 57265

Or maybe he doesn't like what is essentially spam on a bun.

No. 57279

I love this thread, I just fucking feed off fat hate

Actually, it's the only thing I feed on, that's why I'm skinny
I no longer get any periods and my hair is falling out, send help

No. 57289

Nobody asked.

No. 57381

>bulldog faces

I think it's absolutely wonderful that fatties start to look as if they're in their forties while they're in their teens. It makes slim women more attractive without having to do anything.

No. 57382


Why does the mom dress younger than the teen whale? Teen whale's clothes look like she's in her forties, goes to the bingo every weekend, but still has delusions of becoming a WAG some day.

No. 57403

We should arrest all parents that let their kids get fat. It really is child abuse.

Ive suggested that idea to some liberal friends. At first they said no they are free to eat what they want. I then made them admit that most kids are in fact not free to eat what they want. And given the guarantee of health problems it is actually a form of child abuse.

They were all so confused after they agreed with me. Pure empty dumbfounded looks on their formerly smug faces.

I do enjoy a good face-to-face redpilling

The best way to truly redpill people is to start them with things that are not something they care about. Keep changing their minds on seemingly unrelated ideas and eventually they will come around on their own for the actual stuff.

I stopped every one of my good friends from voting DUDE WEED by using a similar framework.

The strategic thinking that jews have done for thousands of years needs to be utilized for the truth

No. 57415


>The shocked teenager claims the cashier then openly mocked her, calling to colleagues: “Six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers.” Corinna says she was left embarrassed and in tears, claiming other staff members laughed at her.

Hahaha my sides!

>Stay-at-home mum Sabrina alleges that when her partner went into the restaurant later the same day, the manager called the police.


No. 57419

File: 1452333468212.jpg (234.83 KB, 652x972, 1452312704757.jpg)

No. 57424

File: 1452336681617.jpg (70.32 KB, 500x747, tumblr_m17o7blEm01r6ofspo1_500…)

Abigail Vernon aka darthcunt aka fat-feminist very notorious in Portland

No. 57426


I hope she dies in pain.

No. 57433

File: 1452346446166.jpg (113.77 KB, 525x630, fatfood.jpg)

No. 58054

lift up the rolls of fat covering your earholes and you could maybe hear she's probably saying "austria"

the jealousy is strong with this one

No. 58268

Lmao imagine her roommate coming back in like "why the hell are you taking a photo of my food"

No. 58273

Imagine being so paranoid that people can't even leave food near you without you thinking it's a scheme to trigger you

No. 58300

No. 58303

honestly, i have no hate for fatties trying to get fit. i don't know her deal if she's lost weight or whatever or even trying but i always wonder how you can be so large while still exercising at all.

No. 58325

File: 1452475432377.jpg (86.64 KB, 750x563, Best_4cc7e3_751509.jpg)

>moral obligation for people to be healthy

You have an obligation to yourself to be healthy, holy shit i am so full of rage.

holy a-logging, batman


No. 58329

Her couch is fucking disgusting. An unraveling roll of toilet paper sitting there, why? Clearly she is a lazy sack of lard and doing no legitimate exercise routine if she can't even bring herself to spend 1 minute clearing all that hideous junk off her couch.

No. 58338

File: 1452477168809.png (389.12 KB, 573x594, Screenshot (482).png)

Horrible burpee form and it says a lot how slow and loud she is while doing just this short video. She is going to injure herself if she actually continues to do this sort of thing regularly. I'm no professional trainer but as an athlete I would say at that weight she should mainly be going on long walks for cardio along with lifting free weights or doing machines, not doing high-impact exercises with an already over-strained skeletal system. Save high-impact exercise for when your body can actually support your weight slamming into the ground. Microfractures, tendon and joint damage galore…

No. 58339

Post some juicy deets anon. Why is she a lolcow?

No. 58342

Reminds me of those morbidly obese people doing yoga and marathons. They're doing it to be healthy and often take lots of pics to prove their HAES point…with lots of condescending remarks about how they're just as fit as the twigs and #fatpeoplearefittoo #fiercefatty #fatfit

I've seen morbidly obese women doing headstands and all sorts of taxing yoga poses…and all I can think of is that poor neck…those microtears…your joints if you're running this much…

It's worse for them that sitting their fat asses on the couch and eating less most of the time

No. 58349

So true. There are kids out there getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with obesity related health issues, with inflamed joints or even bowed legs from being so fat. It's messed up.

No. 58352

I have a friend that doesn't want to work out too much or she'll lose her curves. Bitch is not only a literal square shape, but visibly overweight

No. 58500

6 cheeseburgers and 4 small portions of fries for 4 people? That's fucking pathetic, I'm never buying fatties are gonna eat that little at mcdo. My friend and I are thin and even we take a big menu and extra hamburger when at mcdo.

No. 58501

forgot to mention we're pretty tall though but still….

No. 58502


What's with fatties and their obsession with yoga? Do they just do yoga all the time or do they actually combine it with other exercises?

No. 59036

File: 1452638815516.png (255.13 KB, 309x407, Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-12 um 2…)


Anyone heard of Amber Rachid? she’s been featured on my 600b life. she has a strikingly beautiful face and in the youtube comment section everybody is complementing her about it. tbh i always find it worse when fatties have a pretty face because it’s such a waste…

No. 59038

Yeah but most of the time when you gain a significant amount of weight you look ugly as fuck. I'm discounting this pic because angles and contouring makeup/makeup in general.

No. 59046

seems like she is losing weight? I can tell by some of the pics she post on twitter but idk man

No. 59053

Yeah, seems like she's trying to lose weight, so she's not a proud fatty or anything.

No. 59058

not saying she's a proud fatty. but she'll never look as good as she could have and I think that's kind of sad.
she did well on the show.

No. 59060

File: 1452642405832.gif (841.3 KB, 320x180, 1444536188561.gif)

Yes I saw her on that show and thought she was so cute in the face despite her disgusting 600lb body. I'm glad to see that now she's more of a normal tier fatty who can actually walk around and is still working on losing weight. Pic related, her before losing weight.

No. 59061

Holy shit I went to high school with this girl. She was always morbidly obese but never that fat.

No. 59062


I gained three pounds this winter and got on top of that real quick. I don't understand how you can let yourself go to the point of having to wash with a toilet brush.

No. 59063

let her try, give her a chance, at least she knows that she needs to get rid of that fat instead of being delusional

No. 59069

I think I'm actually going to throw up. I saw it for like two loops and I'm still feeling queasy. That's more fucked up than any gore I've ever seen.

No. 59071

Wait what's so gross about this? It's just stomach skin folds?

No. 59079

Are you sure? Look how far away her arm. I think it's a leg.

No. 59086

Was looking at videos on youtube and stumbled upon this. Sad that her moth let her get so big but I'm amazed that she lost all the weight without surgery.

No. 59096

What's wrong with it? What's NOT wrong with it anon?

This waste of resources has eaten herself to a state where she has to shove toilet brushes into foot deep crevices between her infected, dying rolls of fat and skin and filth because she is such a failure of evolution that she is incapable of independence, mobility, basic hygiene or fucking homeostasis.

She was born with a body capable of anything and through her own shitty attitude and babyish demands for instant gratification, she's made herself a disgusting, rancid smelling burden.

The fact that any one of these beasts has the audacity to cry and complain and clutch their weak excuses on national tv or to act like decent people owe them anything is mind boggling.

No. 59944

nah anon it's a LEG

No. 60893

am I am idiot and just can't find the new fatty thread or did this really end up on page 5? anyway I found this repulsive woman today: http://sadie-summers.tumblr.com

No. 60894

an* idiot, even.

No. 60898

File: 1453255741887.gif (1.95 MB, 280x143, tumblr_nh5o3sZqBk1r88ju6o4_400…)

Holy hell. It's even worse in motion. Doesn't even look human, more like some type of Silent Hill monster.

No. 60899

Dear god. This is disgusting.