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No. 527839

Previous threads

Share tips, local updates, vent about people coughing on each other, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D

No. 527860

She said in the other thread she did it on purpose cause the threads "get slow" for her and she assumed that it happens to everyone. I don't know how 100 less posts will make any difference tho.

No. 527861

How could she when Corona-chan won't?

No. 527863

at least the pic isn't as cringy as the last one.

No. 527864

thank you. i fucking hate edgy 4chan /a/ faggotry.

No. 527873

File: 1584578307033.jpeg (336.31 KB, 750x840, F4D4CFBF-36AB-4920-8C28-6E765C…)

Here’s to not acting like hysterical women in this thread. Try to not be a bitch and try to not race-sperg.

No. 527875

too bad this thread was started by that crazy disabled bitch in the other thread. hopefully she will fuck off.

No. 527879

let's not bring that up again because the infighting is unbearable.

No. 527881

she is still causing issues in the other thread. i was defending her originally, but she's getting so defensive about basically nothing. she was really snarky to someone pointing out that not many people experience site lag when threads are full, they didn't even know it was her. i've worked with that kind of person before, and she is probably a current/former druggie.

No. 527882

Do you guys think it's true that the virus does badly in warmer climates? I'm considering if I should move closer to the equator line.

Lmao anon, calm down.

No. 527885

sorry i just got really annoyed by her awful responses when i started out defending her intially. she seems entitled and mean.

No. 527886

there's no evidence of that, and it's currently thriving in places that are experiencing mild winters. plus if the theory that it came from bats is correct, definitely not, since bats have much higher body temps than humans.

No. 527887

I'm so bored at home and too anxious to do any work in the meantime

No. 527889

Also MERS came out of Saudi Arabia in the middle of summer, so yeah, that's looking really unlikely.

No. 527891

forgot about that, thanks anon!

No. 527897

No. 527902

I hate how the guidelines in the US are changing to be more stringent every day without going so far as a shut down. I wish they'd just get it over with. Going from banning gatherings of 500, to 100, to 50, to 10 with people standing 6 feet away from each other is asinine.

No. 527908

People are absolutely not following the guidelines either. I was in some stores today and saw tons of people standing near each other in line, groups of store workers in little cliques chatting, none of the workers wearing gloves or any sort of PPE (did see some customers with masks though.) Honestly I'm kind of wishing their was stronger enforcement of the guidelines. Don't even get me started on the spring break situation…..I think the US is in for a very rough couple of weeks/months ahead.

No. 527909

*there not their sorry I'm dumb

No. 527912

it's times like these that i feel really glad to be in an asian community. everyone started prepping really early so food shortages aren't a thing right now, and we all had masks and stuff already, hell, most asian grocery store workers already wore gloves because of how dirty money is.

No. 527914

You're lucky anon. I'm very curious if years down the line this generation is going to become like the "older" generations that were just kinda preppers by nature. Like the stereotype of old folks who lived through world wars, the great depression ect who became very resourceful, thrifty, and could make a lot from a little. Huuu….one can hope.

No. 527922

I've noticed this too. People are still standing obnoxiously close in supermarkets, no one is cleaning the shopping carts, no one is using gloves, etc.

My job has barely changed anything, and absolutely no one is working 6 feet apart (small office). I watched two different people sneeze into their hands and continue working. I don't see how this is going to improve without a mandatory shutdown.

No. 527933

I think people will talk about this event as milestone in history; aka "before coronavirus" and "after coronavirus"

I started prepping back in January, but my anxiety got worse and worse as our local cases grew and my bosses had no inclination to change how we're doing anything.

It's wrong, but a part of me is glad the Governor Newsom shut down all of SF bay area allowing me to work from home (Not that anyone is following the quarantine)

No. 527937


Apologies for saying something that appeared to be attacking you.


I replied to snark with snark.

Not a druggie. I have OCPD.

I'll not reply to any further attacks or bait.

No. 527949

Younger Adults Comprise Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S.

New C.D.C. data showed that nearly 40 percent of patients sick enough to be hospitalized were aged 20 to 54. But the risk of dying was significantly higher in older people.



A person's blood type could affect how vulnerable they are to developing COVID-19—the disease caused by the new coronavirus—scientists believe.

>study from China


No. 527950

Me too I mean
Who doesn't?

No. 527951

We're just at the beginning and I'm already sick of this. Fuck prepping food I think I'm just gonna prep liquor.

No. 527952

Longer threads get laggy on mobile for me too.

>acting like hysterical women
Ok fellow sister.

No. 527955

File: 1584583740433.png (97.94 KB, 1024x512, 52.png)

No. 527956

>Ok fellow sister.
Kek, I thought the exact same thing.

No. 527957

I can cope and not be insane all day by watching those priceless absurd videos where mericans and even Australians are fighting over toilet paper and other stupid crap such as a shopping cart being pushed around

No. 527968

do you really think this is going to be the new 9/11? my mom is convinced this will change the way we work, go to school, travel, etc. god, i hope not.

No. 527969

if it does change things, i hope we get to have less meetings and the ability to work at home for some

No. 527983

For any anon who wants to channel all their negative feelings into something, please consider helping people by joining brand new covid project communities. They are just springing up. This is relevant to 3D printer anons especially:

There is simply not enough medical equipment and the manufacturers are being slow and shitty, so people people are starting to look into 3D printing to help. There's already been two people that have successfully 3D printed $11,000 valves for only $1:

A new community that helps with Covid problems. See if your skills can be useful there!

No. 527985

I ordered my printer as a graduation present back in January but it was already on backorder until June. I really wish I had it right now and I could help. I’d highly encourage anons who can help to do so, especially since these printed valves are one-time use only.

No. 527987

Those guys are being sued by the company that holds the original blueprints for the valves which is shitty. They requested them through proper channels but were rebuffed so they created their own using modelling and pictures of the originals. The pair said they had no interest in profit and would discard their blueprints after there was no more demand for it, but they're still getting pursued so just be aware

No. 527988

So um, how is everyone coping with a quarantine or isolation with parents or other family? I'm that anon who rents with my stepdad and he's been acting weird. We live in a city that's getting new cases by the day and we're both still working. I think he's been upset because his company has been really incompetent in handling this and hasn't given him any news. It doesn't help that televised news about corona gets worse and worse by the day.
Either way he's been taking his aggression out on household items. The other day he asked me how to use my rice cooker, he pulled it out from the cabinet and the power lever and light panel plastic was busted right off it. Told me he had broken it trying to steam something. He must've hulk smashed it for it to have done that. I go over to the kitchen sink to wash my hands and he yanked on the sink hose so hard the metal flange where the tubing feeds through got yanked out of the socket. Busted that too, he admitted.
Today I went to go use the microwave, and the plastic handle that you use to open the door? He broke it by busting open the lower part of the handle from grabbing and pulling it so hard.

Are any guys in your life exhibiting this stress and aggression?

No. 527990

Anon you need to get away from your stepdad asap. Those reactions are not normal and from your previous posts he sounds toxic and maybe emotionally abusive

No. 527995

Ugh, hold me anon. There's literally no place for me to go. Fortunately I use social distancing as an excuse to steer clear and avoid him, and I think it's been a good idea at night to lock my door. I only emerge to cook food when I know he's asleep or too sunken into the couch to be a threat.

No. 528005

Got laid off today. Saw it coming when I suddenly lost access to the program I was using to work from home. Not too upset because I fucking hated that place but how/when the hell am I gonna find a new job amidst this chaos?!

No. 528024

So I am a store manager for Walgreens (fml) and we have daily conference calls for covid updates
Today they told us we cam temp hire anyone who applies. However they are skipping the drug amd background tests out of desperation
I would rather work open to close myself during this shit storm than hire a potentially pedophile, sezx offending, rapist. Like wtf are they thinking

No. 528028

this is much worse than 9/11. it's global, and more people have died. 9/11 was scary, but it was just one day. this is like planes crashing into buildings day after day after day. a psychiatrist said that for people with even healthy coping systems in place, it's like walking around with a loaded gun to your head.

No. 528030

>crazy disabled bitch
lol it's okay anon. Take a deep breath, everything will be fine. I hope you don't have anything against the disabled.

No. 528032

wtf is standing 6ft apart supposed to do anyway? Just observe basic hygiene and sanitation, disposable gloves and masks are common sense. Some of the extra regulations by the govt (6ft etc.) don't even make any sense.

No. 528035

Last I heard the only place this hasn't been detected is Antarctica.
No because there's weed where I am. Not joking. Sorry to hear about your situation anon. Hope your fam will learn to relax a little and put things into perspective/stop chimping out.

No. 528038

But it is similar to 9/11 in that we're all being lied to. Human society is a house of cards, I don't know why people were expecting something different. Here's hoping something better will be built on the ashes.

Bioweapons labs, wet markets, for profit "medicine", wealth disparity ("The world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet’s population") https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/worlds-billionaires-have-more-wealth-46-billion-people

These problems aren't new. There are a lot of aspects of human society (not just looking at the Chinese) that need to change, an overhaul if we want to survive and thrive, if we want a future for our children and grandchildren. What's going on right now should be a wakeup call for everyone. I want something better than this for future generations.

No. 528046

Italian town's experiment leads to no new coronavirus cases in almost a week

Vò, a town of 3,300 just outside Venice, was part of an experiment that involved aggressive testing and quarantine measures. Every single resident was tested for coronavirus in late February when Northern Italy was first rocked by the outbreak, and three percent of inhabitants were found to be carrying the virus.

Anyone who tested positive was placed under quarantine, as were individuals that came into recent contact with the infected. The town's residents were then tested again 10 days later, and just .3 percent of the population was found to be carrying the virus. However, at least six infected individuals were asymptomatic and would not have been tested in most other countries.


No. 528049

Dude read the other thread the SSI anon is absolutely nuts.

No. 528051


Unrelated, but is Walgreens still defrauding the federal govt and cheating customers by applying non-food coupons to their SNAP total?

No. 528055

"The health officer for Solano County, one of the few Bay Area counties that have not issued shelter-in-place orders, says cubicles protect workers from the spread of the novel coronavirus in an office setting."

Fucking idiot.

No. 528059

Moat likely if I had to guess. I'm about 15 mins from corporate headquarters outside of Chicago so all of the bosses just feed us lies down our throat. I've had a few honest DMs bit its been a while. Otherwise I am 0 social media for about a decade and my heart hurts for my peers when I read the walgreens reddit so I stay away from literally all news unless it personally affects me

No. 528061

File: 1584601337036.jpg (774.33 KB, 1440x2038, 20200319_015455.jpg)

If anyone cares some more of my Walgreens ranting. Everyone is proud that our president shook hands with trump amd said we would offer testing in our parking lots however they are not imposing any capacity limits or contact limits. We were told today to pit painters tape across the floors today yto mark ever 6 feet so customers can practice social distancing however if you go to the pharmacy (outside of drivetheu) or checkout anywhere, you are less than two feet from the pharmacist and cashiers so what good does any of this do? Lile o treat my team like my own children so if they want to self quarantine I'll support them without questions but I'm personally fucked in the grand scheme because I take pride I'm my job and want to make sure patients get their meds and shit

Anyway if yours a convict come work for Walgreens for $10 an hour we dont care

Also sorry for ranting like I know I should be happy my job is perfected during this time but I know my health ismt so I'm pissed amd telling

No. 528064

It 100% will be anon, but don’t be afraid. A lot of it will be scary and uncertain but ultimately I think a lot of good things will come out of it. One thing I’m looking forward to is empty headed influencers who don’t offer anything but endless photo shoots on the beach, music festivals or eating at expensive restaurants getting absolutely rekt because the fast fashion, travel and scam wellness industries that employ them will massively contract.

No. 528068

File: 1584603617125.png (253.33 KB, 2093x1441, Everlywell-COVID-19-coronaviru…)



Thanks for the reply. I got the run around when I called the toll free number (they even tried to blame EBT), but I persisted and started using the words "fraud" and said "I reported this issue to my local welfare office; perhaps I should contact the feds?" and was told Walgreens had opened an investigation. I didn't even notice the issue for a long time until one day I had like $5 in coupons off non-food and the balance owed after paying for SNAP items was $5 over what it should have been. More recently I was charged $0.06 in tax on a SNAP eligible purchase. Um, 0 x anything is 0.

I would transfer my Rx to CVS (I already get one inhaler filled there since Walgreens is frequently out of stock) but the walk home from the closest one is uphill. It's already a small store and they barely keep the shelves stocked due to constant theft which is a PITA but prevents me from making impulse purchases.


Thanks for being such a conscientious manager. Min wage employees generally lack the training to know when corp is putting them in danger.

An example of how bad crime is in SF and how corp is endangering employees and customers: In January the security guard was attacked by a group of thieves who used his head to batter open the plastic security cabinets. I was checking out while the staff were calling 911 because the group was verbally harassing him. Just as I grabbed my receipt from the register they attacked. I exited the check out and saw him lying in a quickly enlarging pool of blood while the employees all stood around like deer in headlights. I have first aid and OSHA bloodborne pathogen training from previous jobs in the medical field, no open wounds on my hands and no fear so I rushed to him and stopped the arterial bleed with my bare hands and assessed his condition while we waited a long minute for EMS. I have never been so covered in blood, mine or someone else's.

When I returned to the store a couple weeks later they were locking the roll down security gates while customers were in the store in violation of fire code and not allowing in customers who looked "sketchy". The manager straight up boasted with a laugh that they knew that they were violating fire code and gave no shits. The "security guards" they have since the incident are baby faced teens.


See >>527952


I'm flattered that you're so obsessed with me that you eagerly waited for me to awaken from my 2-hour boomer nap to troll me again!

No. 528074

What a scary situation to be in. I've seen videos of people shoplifting amd mugging customers, while Walg employees video tape amd stand back
Unfortunately die to issues in Chicago there was a lot of racial profiling and lawsuits so Wag made is all go to bias training and threaten out jobs. Essentially in medical emergencies the pharmacist can help as they deem fit, but there are asterisks in said policy that say no touching. A cashier can be stabbed in the gut, bit if they try to slap a knife put of someone's hands they get fired no questions asked. Unfortunately a lot of this was put into place for a lot of kids being tough guys and trying to fight in some of the crazier cities but the fear that your job is on the line can really cause people to act helpless

No. 528076

To add to your snap concerns I have seen some crazy bad coding in out register systems. If a wine beer or alcohol is on a markdown price it will be tax free and pay for the whole thing soo a lot of smart people abuse it for "free" booze. Our tech is really from the 70s ap thinking a lot of it gets overlooked!

Also sorry anons I forgot to sage my last post forgive me!

No. 528079


I assume pharmacists have first aid training and all the rest comparable to an LPN but are unable to leave the pharmacy unattended while the store is being ransacked.

Oh, and the day they were violating fire code? As I was standing outside trying to read the store hours sign to see if they reduced their hours as it was just after 6pm a group of 4 SFPD officers exited the store which required an employee roll up the gate, so the police were complicit. I was planning to bypass reporting the incident to anyone in the govt and go to the media but they stopped rolling down both gates.

Dunno what happened to the battered security guard or if the robbers were caught. This shit happens in SF so frequently it didn't even make the news.



No. 528083

>i won't respond to bait anymore
>responds to something she admits is bait

fuck you're obnoxious where is your ban?

No. 528093

Sooooo I think I had it? Even before this madness begun, about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was talking to my bf and we were listing all the symptoms and it sounds like a bad cold he had at the end of February. I remember feeling ill at the same time but I assumed it was because of my period.
We didn't travel but we work with coworkers/customers who did. There's no way we can test for antibodies rn since they test only people who feel sick and it's understandable.
Thank god I wasn't in contact with any old/immunocompromised people because I'd feel guilty as hell.

No. 528096

Has anyone seen discussion of how our fucked up microbiomes may play into being more susceptible to viruses?

The blood type theory is intriguing, but I need to see more evidence that's not sourced from China.

No. 528102

There needs to be loans for small businesses. These loans will allow them to pay their employees while remaining closed. After this is over, if they can prove it is for payroll, they become grants. If the money was spent on other stuff, they become bridge loans and they have 1 year to pay them.

If you think you have COVID-19, take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. If you cough upon exhalation, you have fibrosis in you lungs.

Purchase zinc drops.

No. 528108


>take a deep breath and hold it

Is this legit?

No. 528112

Sources anon? I tried to fact check this and all I am seeing is that this is a social media "simple self-check" to see if you have it and medical professionals are debunking this. False or not, pretty sure I have it either way.

No. 528114

File: 1584614952836.jpg (63.95 KB, 851x404, bs.jpg)

stop spreading bullshit anon please

No. 528118

DNR's, living wills, and post-death SM account management?

You know how when a neet whose life was lived anonymously or pseudonymously online dies and it takes months or even years for their online friends to confirm that they've died? Even knowing someone's legal name doesn't guarantee being able to confirm suspicions about their well-being. What a graveyard SM will soon be.

With my existing chronic respiratory illnesses, not to mention the stress on my immune system from having been on repeated courses of prednisone from November through mid-February, and being on Medicare, I think I'm being realistic when I say I will die within the next few months. I'm contemplating giving a few friends, a couple I know online and a couple I know IRL, my log-ins to update my various accounts when I no longer can.

And I'm a lazy sod who never filed their DNR and living will. Is there a way to do that now despite being on lockdown?

No. 528126

Beware of infectoids
Go near them at your own risk

No. 528132


>notarize online

Thanks, wasn't aware. What a time to be ali…dying!

Included in my belongings that disappeared from my friend's storage during my homelessness shuffle was the box that contained everything needed to steal my identity: notarized birth certificate, expired passport and new passport app with photos and signature, two SS cards with both of my legal names, divorce settlement paperwork, car registration and insurance paperwork, tax returns, etc. And there's some evidence pointing to it having been stolen; when I tried to set-up an account on the SSA website last year I was unable to due to a security hold - not the exact verbiage which I don't recall right now but it's the type that can only be initiated and terminated by me. And when I renewed my benefits six months ago the worker told me that my SSN "no longer exists" when he tried to run a soft credit check. He pushed my renewal through anyway. I was looking forward to finding out if that's still the case, but the social services department cancelled all appointments for the forseeable.

No. 528134

haven't eaten red meat in almost two years now but might say fuck it and get a burger today. if the world is ending and we're going into a global recession/crisis, might as well go out with a bang.

No. 528138

Kek treat yourself anon

No. 528142

Hello fellow Walgang anon

>I've seen videos of people shoplifting amd mugging customers, while Walg employees video tape amd stand back
That’s because Walgreens policy is to not engage with shoplifters. There was a training class last year that specifically told emoloyees that we’re not allowed to profile anyone suspicious who walks into the store or accuse them of shoplifting. We can politely offer them a basket to put their stuff in or stare at them until they leave with all their pillages in a carriage.

No. 528144

This explains why my DM was looking for “extra” shift leads before they went on vacation. They need enough available SFLs once everyone starts dropping from COVID-19, or when the ones with common sense quit. This company (and CVS too from the sound of it) took absolutely no precautions to protect their employees whatsoever.

The email about limiting sanitizer/mask/glove purchases was the icing on the cake - we ran out of those weeks before they even asked for that!

No. 528168

will Coronavirus finally kill meme/Irony culture

No. 528170

God I hope so

No. 528171


I know it's ot but I'm living for this dirt on Walgreens.

No. 528173

I wonder if the coming recession will be as bad as the one in 2008

No. 528175

I agree with the other replies, those responses are not normal..I hope you know how to deal with that kind of stuff with him, stay safe.

No aggression from men in my life yet, but yesterday my boyfriend had what sounded like a nervous breakdown while he was working from home. It was extremely bizarre as he typically is very level-headed and able to describe his feelings, but he was acting like a different person. His roommate is acting quite moody too…I wonder if men are just worse at handling stress?

No. 528177

File: 1584626483359.png (655.03 KB, 800x1128, Screenshot_2020-03-19-06-56-20…)

No. 528180


>More than 2,700 new cases were reported in the US in the 24 hours from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning. In total, nearly 9,000 people across the country have tested positive for the virus. At least 149 have died.

No. 528181

Reading these threads just… It’s pure retardation that corona is affecting our world this much. Even if it does get any worse than this. There’s literally no reason this should be a big deal. Like god damn what a noob ass mistake to be making in 2020.

No. 528182

honestly, 9,000 isn't that high. i'm surprised it's not much higher already, though until the tests are really rolled out, guess we won't know. it's a country of 330 million and most of them are earth-shatteringly stupid and have been trained since birth to be devilishly selfish, so. i'm genuinely surprised more fatal car wrecks don't happen in a day in america given how crazy they are.

No. 528188

File: 1584627517849.png (70.83 KB, 275x224, misato.png)

all the young healthy people should just intentionally get corona at the same time, take two weeks in quarantine to recover, bam herd immunity. i just solved the world's problem from my bedroom. you're welcome. i accept credit card.

No. 528190

should i go volunteer? im studying in a medical field, and students from my course have been called upon to volunteer at the hospital to take the pressure off of healthcare workers. i would like to do it, but i live with my elderly grandma who is in a high risk group, and i wouldnt like to bring the virus back to her. i could also live with other family members temporarily, but i would hate to leave her to live alone. what should i do?

No. 528193

Why are you asking us? Ask your grandma.

No. 528194

It’s already worse…

No. 528201

Well my bf just went home and hung out with his very large family of 8 without telling me. He stayed all day. His family is basically a gang of rednecks who live in absolute filth and never clean, not even cleaning cat piss and dog shit off the floor. His dad actually was laughing about coronavirus saying it's just a flu so who cares haha liberals muh Trump. I know they aren't cleaning anything or washing their hands enough or keeping distance from large groups. Now he's been in their little house with 2 bedrooms full of people crammed together and he's going to come home soon and I honestly just want to tell him not to come back. I don't care if I'm overreacting. I have a compromised immune system and have been on around a dozen courses of antibiotics in the last year and I don't want to get pneumonia just because his family is disgusting and unhygienic. I know I'm probably being paranoid but I'm so sick of having to deal with careless people who have the attitude that they'll be fine so who cares? Fuck them.

No. 528202

Oh boy, is it time for Lolcow’s twice-hourly anti-US pissbaby tantrum?

No. 528206

File: 1584629459055.png (9.28 KB, 224x420, c.png)

Italy did this gradually and it was a mistake because they could have banned gatherings and closed pubs and bars starting on February 22 after 70 confirmed cases were reported, instead of thinking "people will do the right thing", then seeing that people were gathering anyway in bars and discos, and having to start locking down things on March 8.
People tend to underestimate these problems.
Americans still feel like Italy and China are far away and things won't affect them.
But they'll have to lock down bars, pubs, discos just like it happened in Italy. Better do that now, rather than waiting at the beginning of April.

No. 528209

File: 1584629886093.png (224.79 KB, 525x641, c.png)

Would that actually work?

No. 528210


Your not overreacting, paranoid, or any of that shit. He is an inconsiderate, ignorant troglodyte. Apple, tree.

No. 528218

i'm an american. living around their recklessness and selfishness makes me more than entitled to speak about how frustrating their actions are and how often they endanger others without thought.

No. 528221

File: 1584630375132.png (81.16 KB, 640x401, df26ee36f79f85f57ad0137d3bf12c…)

No. 528224

Thank you, anon. It makes me feel better reading that. I feel borderline abusive asking him not to see his family and I know if I push it he'll throw that in my face at a later date.

No. 528227

File: 1584630739574.png (364.25 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2020-03-19-08-09-22…)



Pandemics: avoiding the mistakes of 1918
Published: 20 May 2009

As bodies piled up, the United States' response to the 'Spanish flu' was to tell the public that there was no cause for alarm. The authority figures who glossed over the truth lost their credibility, says John M. Barry.


No. 528228

YES, buy my 2022 the markets will revover The DOW has really fallen hard whicj inturm effects the FTSE. People need stop panioc selling. If you have spare momey imveest om pharma biomed and plastics? These shares are long term investments. Before Trump annoinced the policy plan, I picked bought from the panicking sellers and made close to 5k in one day. Obviously, if you don't have money saved up then do not risk shares shares if you are a UK Fag, them invest in ISA's eiher cash or shares. ONLY if you are not paying off CC debt.

No. 528243

People reading my FB, are wishing and my Mother well MLM " Hunbots" are trying to get me yo join their illegal scheme. I went om one " private invitation and some Mothers were using the laughing emoji when references those that declined their scams. It is despicable, I had one MLM hun who said I am sorry about your mother hun I don't usually do this, but I can make sure your mum gets in top of the que for out all natural healing shakes. WTF is wrong with these people. My mother is being fed IV. after that she will be on the liverpool system, where doctors do not intervene , so there is no acts of commison, but they are allowed ommision.
When you have the Covid you do not feel hungry.

No. 528250

I am same fagging but how many LC's have the virus how many are being in comtact with those that are elderly? PLEASE, get yourself tested and if you have covid PLEASE do all you can to avoid given it to them. I think the person who passed it on to my mother is MR as my Lazy family left all the acting duties to me when I was sick, they did not know I had the Covid, but they knew I had the flu. Oh and people you think are nice good people including your family may not ne so nice to you and any loved ones. I asked my negative Brother to go to the store and gave him a long list, he dropped of 2 parcels.

No. 528253

The US are NOT testng people in the way that they should hence the low numbers.

No. 528254

File: 1584633138928.jpg (53.33 KB, 586x559, lol.JPG)

No. 528256

This is already happened ( in the IK).

No. 528269

No. 528273

I hope he dies.

No. 528293

File: 1584634941794.png (351.21 KB, 800x1090, Screenshot_2020-03-19-08-24-19…)

No. 528304

gina should have researched better instead of an opinion piece.
cant recommend.

No. 528308

people have been acting like they've had cabin fever since day 2 of their quarantine. Even bloggers who normally work from home all day are acting like they're restless.

the absolute state of normies. like they literally have no idea what to do. what happened to everyone talking about how they love binge watching netflix

No. 528309

I think its gong to kill a lot of things anon
and im not being crude and referencing humans, i just mean culturally. I think this is gonna be a turning point for capitalism and human tolerance. I expect to see a surge of union formations, protests, boycotting etc. Buckle up.

No. 528317

File: 1584638125158.png (254.12 KB, 514x561, Screenshot (811).png)

its literally unreal how much i hate celebrities.


No. 528318

I’m going to the hospital soon for Coronavirus testing, wish me luck!

No. 528319

File: 1584638173607.jpeg (817.42 KB, 1050x1369, DDC63518-8B6F-4925-9578-FEB3C4…)

No. 528320

File: 1584638187795.png (735 KB, 800x1068, Screenshot_2020-03-19-10-11-51…)

The advisory would instruct all Americans abroad to either return to the United States or prepare to shelter in place, given the global threat of the coronavirus outbreak. Americans also would be instructed not to travel abroad.


No. 528323

File: 1584639217883.jpg (55.96 KB, 606x696, cbs.JPG)

everybody looks diseased af in this video


No. 528324

looks like justin bieber with clown makeup

No. 528326

are you ok? Your post is hard to comprehend.

No. 528328

I guess closing the airports didn't stop anyone from getting infected,first case where I am,he came from Italy.we still aren't allowed to leave…oh great

No. 528330

>Italy is on track to surpass China in deaths from corona
>China reports no new cases of local corona infection

Why is mainstream media trusting a GOD DAMN THING Chinese government reports about itself?! They fucking LIE. They are NOT testing, they are NOT reporting deaths appropriately, and they are burning or otherwise disposing of the bodies. We will never know the extent of devastation outside of firsthand accounts by whistleblowers who will continue to get disappeared and rumors.
I cannot believe the world is entertaining this bullshit.

No. 528332

Thats why Im so suspicious of everything right now. Theres no way all the governments can be this fucking stupid. No way whatsoever. All the decades and decades, at least two centuries, put into the development of medicine, science, technology, and knowing that China was a human rights nightmare and practically a dictatorship with mass censorship, mass production of fake goods, mass murder of all people who protest or speak out about literally anything, yet we basically started giving them all the power over us, even our medicines and medical equipment are sourced from them. They control all of it now. And we're pretending to believe their lies about what could potentially be one of the greatest threats to mankind. This has GOT to be a joke.

No. 528333

>India’s confirmed cases only 184

Bitch, how

No. 528334

By being a poor shithole with not enough test kits and hospitals.
Poor people don't even use toilets there, I'm pretty sure they also don't go to doctors.

No. 528338

Just start a blog already, christ.

No. 528341

there's a video going around of 4 indian men literally bathing in cow shit, thinking it'll somehow clean them (despite everyone screeching into each other's faces to stay as clean as possible)
i bet they have many more cases than that

No. 528343

File: 1584643234729.jpg (46.21 KB, 464x504, ETbV9yBWAAEFKv9.jpg)

Here is a pic that shows some of the 70 (!) military trucks carrying corpses from Bergamo to nearby crematoria bc the town is running out of place to bury or burn them.



remember when I heard about the very first cases of the virus and they said something about 300 cases, then somebody commented with "If china says 300, the truth is probably 3,000 and more". They will just stop reporting and pretend everything is ok again.

No. 528344


I doubt they believe a word of the bullshit coming from China but are agreeing/choosing to try to keep a lid on panic.

Italy is the real model of what's going to happen and nobody should be surprised that they 'apparently' have more deaths than the lying cunts in China.

No. 528364

File: 1584646323262.jpg (193.13 KB, 984x1045, 1584645654431.jpg)


No. 528375

So according to Tump he's moving forward with attempts to get the FDA to approve the antimalarial medication for use in our hospitals. If this is true and hes not just bullshitting, im really hopeful it will slow this stuff down a bit. But it does have side effects like blindness and such so it needs to be used sparingly and carefully.

No. 528381

File: 1584647924441.png (84.39 KB, 422x300, 9zouS.png)

I'm scared guys

No. 528384

Drink water, go sit outside, read a book or watch a movie to distract yourself. Idk where you are and what its like where you are, but when i went outside today I noticed that it really is the first day of Spring. Out of nowhere it seems, lots of bumblebees and flower blooms, tons of birds chirping. It made me feel really positive and accepting that whatever will happen will happen. Appreciate the life you have and the things you can still partake in and enjoy.

No. 528386

i realise there's no need to be scared now, that a collapse of society can only be a good thing, that already a lot of flaws about our economy have been adressed and awknoledged, that you don't get infected if you follow the guides and aren't daft, and now i'm just enjoying the vacation doing things i always wanted to do but never got around to. life is good.

No. 528387

Word is going around that my city (US) might put us on lockdown tonight, Italy-style. I'm scared, anons

No. 528388

Lock down is a good thing for now though? Make sure you have everything you need, preferably for 2 months. Thats the longest timeline Im seeing being proposed.

No. 528390

Not to speculate, but could this virus be similar to HIV in that while you "recover" from an infection, the virus stays in your system waiting for the next opportunity when your immune system becomes overtaxed? That's a scary thought along with the fact that it's contagious through aerosol and mutates…

No. 528391

File: 1584648846635.jpg (67.62 KB, 1001x945, gotta grab it all.jpg)

Yes, about that…

No. 528392

Yep because he is late. Other countries have already been using this. Its the main thing South Korea was treating people with apparently.

No. 528393

Anything's possible, but this isn't very likely. AFAIK the only family of viruses that show true latency are the herpes viruses (the ones that cause chickenpox and cold sores and so on, which is why you get cold sores for no reason - the virus never actually left after the first one), I've never heard of a coronavirus working that way. The bigger worry will be if it mutates quickly enough to reinfect people the way common colds do.

No. 528398

If it mutates, the strain will surely weaken as thats usually what happens with a virus. But the problem is if having this particular strain and recovering from it does lasting damage in the first place. If it weakens your organs, especially your lungs. THEN the thought of reinfection is potentially disastrous especially for people with other health issues. We're just not at a point where we can fully understand or make many predictions right now.

No. 528399

people are freaking out because they're having the option of going outside taken away
i think many people would prefer to stay inside out of their own will versus the government forcing it upon them

No. 528400


>> you don't get infected if you follow the guides and aren't daft

I've got bad news for you, anon. I went out for 10 fucking minutes about 10 days ago and I've got the fucking covid19 (though not tested) and washed the fuck out of my hands.

No. 528401

Mte. It rubs me the wrong way that people think just washing your hands protects you. Does it help? A little. But that's implying entire fucking countries of people have bad hygiene when this shit is literally airborne. WHO has confirmed it. It doesnt mean you shouldnt wash your hands, it just means that if it were that simple they wouldnt be fucking quarantining people.

No. 528405

Are you going to get tested?

No. 528407


They're not doing it here (UK) but once it's possible I will get the antibody(?) test to confirm I definitely had it. It's 99.9% sure it is it because I live in a hotspot with idiots who went on holiday to Italy and I had a fever and now have a very annoying dry cough and chest tightness.

No. 528412

>collapse of society can only be a good thing
>life is good
You are really ignorant. If society collapses, there goes our food and medication.

No. 528413

today i built a mini greenhouse with my dad. we're going to grow crops in case there are food shortages and flowers for fun. my heart goes out to everyone living with assholes, this quarantine must be really unbearable for you

No. 528415

ok, so… what’s happened in Italy is basically happening in my region right now. We just got access to testing and ~3,000 people have been tested and I watched the count of cases go up almost 100% since yesterday. Was under 50 yesterday and is now over 100. I’m wondering exactly how much of it ive potentially come into contact with. City shut down all bars and restaurants are take out only. Only things open are gas stations and grocery stores and retail stores (but most retail has closed except like Walmart and places you can buy groceries). Malls are shut down. Basically all service industry workers in my town are out of work and I live in a heavy tourism town (I am service industry lol)

i even have tried to pick up a shift at work but I’m scared to go outside tbh. especially since people are testing positive with no symptoms??? Also annoyed because before bars were closed people were literally CROWDING bars and strip clubs like fucking morons. People are panic buying groceries and toiletries and WONT STOP our shelves are empty of most essentials.
Yikes, anons.

No. 528416

i understand the psychology behind it but it's still brain dead sheep behavior

No. 528417

and human rights

No. 528418

Helped an old lady at the bus stop today and afterwards she launched into a whole 'Oh it's so nice the city is quiet, this whole thing is just nature sorting the balance of the world out!' speech.
I think she clocked my face so she hastily added 'I mean it's sooo terrible for the people who died!!… but this is just what happens to make the world keep going!'. God, fuck off. Yeah, it's fine for a whole load of people's lives to be lost or ruined - I'm totally sure we'll come out the other side with a lovely harmonious world with no more greed etc.

No. 528421

File: 1584652878073.jpg (73.11 KB, 1024x1000, ERKuAheX0AMQV9W.jpg)

I think both good things and bad things will come out of this. I think we'll see the world for what it really is. Finally understanding that a lot of things are worthless, like the value of a peice of paper. cause the govt can just make a machine to shit out a trillion more. We'll have more initiative to better our lives and that we can start heading towards healthier directions of the world. Not every country will follow suit, but this is a wake up call for everyone to at least have a good cause to believe in. The worst thing about it is that a lot of people will suffer, but I know people will do their part to end the suffering. My heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs, are immunocompromised and are losing loved ones. It looks bleak and it's okay to be scared. Talking and venting is essential to coping with it. It's okay to be sad and angry too. Noone is expecting anyone to handle it well. Not even therapists.

No. 528432

your optimism is kinda endearing even though i can't relate

No. 528433

All the internet people who lied about "having no friends", being introverts who'd "rather stay home than go partying", and "basically live off Netflix and pizza" just to be quirky and "relatable" are finally being tested, kek.

No. 528436

File: 1584654146087.jpg (510.68 KB, 1917x1080, IMG_20200314_235550.jpg)

Deaths in Italy surpassed China's (supposedly…)

I took this screenshot on Saturday, here are the new numbers in comparison https://youtu.be/qgylp3Td1Bw
>Italy: +20.000 infected, +2.000 dead
>China: -46 infected, +56 dead

No. 528439

I feel bad for Italy, they were totally caught off-guard. At least they're doing the most to prevent further damage (unlike my country…)

No. 528440

File: 1584654438257.jpeg (84.42 KB, 744x735, 6AC584E7-C4B0-44A2-AA0F-5C3119…)

>Still working job 40 hrs/week because we deliver medical supplies among other things

>Scared I might be cut from job instead of given option to telework due to performance

>Seeing all these people come online and whine about social distancing when that has been my DAY TO DAY LIFE FOR ROUGHLY EIGHT YEARS NOW is not helping my mental state

>This shit is supposed to last for /months/ and everything I was hoping to see released is cancelled or delayed.

>Both parents are 60+, on top of that

Everything about this plague situation is terrible and I hate it.

No. 528441

File: 1584654497739.jpg (488.68 KB, 1280x1280, 5.jpg)

It's time

No. 528442

I can only relate to unknown shitposter.

No. 528444


i can't imagine saying that while being old. what a dropkick

No. 528445

honest question anon why are you with someone with a family like that, like how did he come out even marginally ok

No. 528446

i miss my girlfriend and i'm horny all the time. can't wait for the quarantine to end so i can get down on my knees and worship her. can't stop thinking about her clit in my mouth. want her to wrap her thighs around my head. help

No. 528447

File: 1584655213411.jpg (23.76 KB, 500x281, 1467072996836.jpg)

So i had an allergic reaction last week and know i'm having these random allergic attacks similar to an asthma even though i have never suffered from it or been asmathic, i'm at risk? My chest hurts a lot but it won't go away no matter how many anti-allergics i take. I have approx 1 week left to get over this until Corona potentially catching me. Please answer i don't want to die, any tip or advice is welcome.

No. 528449

File: 1584655322594.jpg (391.53 KB, 1080x1700, IMG_20200319_230015.jpg)

>hundreds of cosplayers met up in a park
Weebs will be the death of us.

No. 528450

It's just a flu sis
Everything will be well sis

No. 528455

P.D: FUCK YOU KERATINE YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT CHEMICAL, not only it didn't straight my hair at all but it also fucked me just in timing for this corona shit when im trapped on a third world country, i was literally super healthy a week ago but now i have to worry even though i'm young, I can't believe it, all this bs caused by a shitty allergy. I would be relaxed and calm, taking care of my parents but NO I GUESS.

No. 528463

FT her and jill off.

No. 528464

Weebs are selfish cunts so I'm thoroughly unsurprised.

No. 528467

I’m without income for the next 2 weeks (aka it’ll be a whole month before I get a paycheck again) because I’m sick and my doctor says it’s just a cold… but I should still self quarantine. My husband has also been sick, but his doctor said it’s a vague “viral infection” since he tested negative for the flu and strep. He was also told to stay home, but he’s not since we literally need that income lmao. My college is doing online classes the rest of the spring semester, which I’m still not sure how I’m gonna finish my classes since they’re lab heavy? I’m so mad lol.
I don’t really think I have it, but I want to know because we live with people who could actually suffer if they catch it. Also so I can return to work because I really don’t know how I’m gonna manage my bills and everything at this rate. The US is SHIT at dealing with this.

No. 528468

t. Hikikomori with no empathy

No. 528470


No. 528471


>husband sick

>not tested
>continues to work

I honestly can't decide if I want to reply, "You're part of the problem, not the solution" or, "We're fucked; do what makes you happy while you still can."

No. 528472

Illinois going on lockdown soon, Oak Park "shelter in place" ordinance already in effect until April 4th. National Guard is bringing in vehicles via train.

No. 528476

He’s used up all his paid time off (sick/vacation).. and without a positive test, his job won’t give him more PTO. We basically live paycheck to paycheck so it’s not like we have much of a choice lmao he is going to start working different hours to minimize customer contact, as he’s not retail and is allowed to do that at least.

No. 528478

File: 1584659418199.jpg (119.63 KB, 1200x630, 000012108834.jpg)

any other amerifats fucking pissed at the lackadaisical response from our government? apparently young people here need hospitalization at higher rates than in other countries. which means obese zoomers raised on a steady diet of hot pockets, diet coke and poptarts are going to strain our resources and possibly take beds away from the sick/elderly. not to mention we're not even testing?? at all??? i know i'm just shouting into the void here but goddamn, america is so fucked it's not even funny.

No. 528480

I work at Starbucks (SARSbucks) and it's revolting.
We're only doing Drive Thru but it's JUST as dirty! I'm handing out drinks and shit and customers don't hesitate to touch my hand as I give them out, no matter how I try to hold the cup. I'm watching sniffling people pull out their cash.. behind the bar we're only a foot apart from each other, no distance really from customers coming in for pick up. We have no hand sanitizer and we're not allowed to walk away from busy rush to wash our hands, considering our hand washing sink is across the building. Our store is NOT essential!! Apparently official word is that we need to be open for hospitals and the real essential places to get coffee but guess what?? Our hospitals have coffee!! Other starbucks around me are closing and all their employees are getting sent to mine, which makes no fucking sense, shut it all down.
I'm sick of all these selfish people coming up with their "Oh THANK GOD! You're open! I just need to get out of the house and enjoy something!" Fuck off. Instant coffee is still at stores, get that, and sit down.

No. 528482

>implying our sick and elderly aren't fucking fatasses too which is part of the problem
Plenty of skinny bitches and fitbruhs gathered on that Florida beach in the thousands recently too, hm. Almost like our society is fucking stupid and won't listen until people are dropping dead in their homes and on the streets. Just wait.

No. 528485

File: 1584660310284.png (316.34 KB, 480x600, 888636BE-57F3-407E-B7ED-1CBF19…)

Why the fuck is produce being cleared out??? Are people retarded? Yall never even eat no damn vegetables, it will all go in the bin in a week while you eat your mac n cheese. I’m just trying to get some cabbage man.

No. 528487

Same reason why people are buying a shitton of milk. Panic buying. God the store was disgusting when I went, perishables like strawberries next to cereal because they realized last minute they weren't gonna eat it.

No. 528488


Really hoping coronavirus takes out a lot of retardchads on that beach, sorry not sorry. More jobs for my non retarded zoomer friends

No. 528489

Americans have been so brainwashed with individualism that we completely lack empathy. My boyfriends roommate miraculously canceled his Spring Break trip to Florida, but is still bitching aged seeing all those jackasses on the news. I still have to go to work tomorrow despite being a non-essential business and the way the store is set up we can’t have lessened contact. Also we’re refusing to reduce hours despite the fact that everyone else in the city is doing it AND people have stopped coming after 3 anyways.

No. 528493

America never ceases to amaze me
Heard you guys are gonna get given the vaccine before it's ready too

No. 528495

unknown shitposter/user1488
I don't get why people are shitting on joggers rn. If you're just going out for a run, I don't see how you could spread/catch the virus. It's not like you interact with other people while jogging. It seems like a good idea to get exercise so you can keep your immune system up rn.

No. 528496

I always knew a happening would happen, I just didn’t think it’d be so soon. I didn’t think I’d have to live through it.

No. 528497

File: 1584662594479.jpg (25.46 KB, 249x270, 18308952_1482758515129760_1983…)

I wish people would stop hoarding all the damn eggs

No. 528498

Is this actually gonna happen, though? I've been hearing the same lockdown rumors all day but the IL covid website is still nothing burger

No. 528500

Same anon I just want eggs in the morning or for baking on my birthday.

No. 528503

The problem arises because many people are going out for a run.
Same goes for peoeple going out for a walk.
On plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one and Milan's Naviglio Martesana is full of people who are not helping contain the infectious agent.
It may work for small towns but it doesn't work in big cities.

No. 528505

One thing that is actually giving me a little hope is seeing the collapse of celebrity worship. In a situation like this it's obvious that celebrities don't like the same way us common folk do, and I'm already seeing people wake up to the fact that these are the last kind of people who deserve not only the massive paychecks they get but the society wide idolization they recieve. I just hope the trend continues if/when things return more or less to normal.

No. 528507

The sooner they decide to lock down cities the better, because people won't be convinced easily to stay at home and therefore more strict measures will have to be taken, and that's especially important for big cities and crowded places.

No. 528508

File: 1584664804828.png (161.16 KB, 800x1024, Screenshot_2020-03-19-17-27-34…)


Here are some hard stats for you, anon.




No gloves, not even the cheapo poly food service gloves?


If you're locality is under mandatory shelter in place etc and you feel your employer is in violation, report it to your Dept of Public Health and state OSHA office.

No. 528510

Do you guys find it more scary if nothing changes or if everything changes after this?

No. 528511

If you're in the US, unless you live in a huge city like NYC, I doubt you will see many people outside while running. Most of the US lives in suburbs or less densely populated cities. As long as you can personally maintain distances I don't see a problem in running.

No. 528512



Change for the better or for the worse (while subjective one hopes most people can agree on, in the least, basic human rights being preserved, but tribalism) or any change at all?

No. 528518

Not to sound crazy but has this made anyone else feel extremely detached from reality…like I can't process whats happening and feel like I'm in a dream or like watching my life from some other dimension and that my life was never real or something. I live alone so I think maybe I'm just going slightly stir crazy

No. 528519


No. 528520

I really hope it makes at least some people actively do something about the way we live. Even if it means just taking themselves out of it.
I think the recession will be bad, but I doubt it will change the structure of society much.
I also hope they stop having borders open fucking constantly so diseases (of all kinds) spread and mutate worldwide like a fucking free for all, but alas, money is far too important.

It's also funny to see how dependant our society is on consuming shit, I hope people realise how little they truly need to live happily

No. 528521

Ye lol, I've been watching documentaries about ice age man, the black death etc and it's very grounding. We are in a fortunate position in many ways

No. 528524

Mainly that as humans, we have lived through much, much harder things and come out the other side.
It's very normal to feel detached from reality though, it's all so uncertain and has happened so fast. At least we are all in this together, not that it helps much in some ways, but at least we aren't alone.

No. 528525

Have you got any hobbies you can pick up to kinda distract yourself? Art and sewing have been keeping me normal atm

No. 528527

All pharmaceutical "medicine" has side effects. Then you have to take more pills just to treat the side effects, it's a joke.

No. 528528

My state is being wishy washy as fuck right now so unless you’re a big box business that doesn’t sell groceries or a fucking spa, you don’t have to close. Other businesses that are small are taking the lead but we’re still fucking open and I have to pretend like a give a shit about how “happy” it makes our customers. We’re only at 35 cases so far so they keep using that as an excuse despite the fact that all of the US is under testing. We’re poor as shit and have a kinda small population anyways so we’re going to get fucked real hard.

No. 528529

So I know this will make me sound kookydooks, but I actually had a near death experience a few weeks ago, before corona came to my country, and ever since then my life has felt vague and odd like a dream. Then, when corona hit, came to my county, and started affecting my life my heart sank. It was like that sudden turn of tone in dreams when some real bad shit starts to happen and you just get that anxious feeling.

It all feels very purgatorial. So many people have died and are going to die.

No. 528530

We really are. We've been thrown many pandemics and two world wars. Not trying to down play the current virus, but we can get through this if people stop acting a fool and follow orders to protect each other

No. 528533

this. I was expressing this to my bf, that we're on a strange timeline. feels like 1Q84 and I'm trippin hard
the scariest thing is seeing the boomers react. the strange panic some places, the lack of panic others.

No. 528534

To any anons in San Antonio I've been told the city is gonna put out shelter in place in 36hrs, just a heads up. Brothers boss works for the city and called to tell us. Not trying to fearmonger, just letting y'all know in case anyone needs to get things done beforehand!

No. 528535

>they also don't go to doctors.
In the United States the 3rd leading cause of death is medical malpractice. Been that way for a long time.

No. 528536

>So many people have died and are going to die
I mean, in a global population of 7.77 billion, there's been 245,532 COVID-19 cases. That's only 0.003% of the world's population. Out of that 0.003%, just 10,048 have died, meaning on average only 4% of the people who get COVID-19 actually die from it. Keep in mind, this is over the span of four months.

In these four months, less people have died globally than people who die every winter from the standard flu in the US alone - and the standard flu has medication and vaccines made for it.

Media exaggeration and sensationalizing of COVID-19 is taking an extremely fatalistic approach to the situation, and wants every regular citizen to as well, even when a majority of people who have COVID-19 are being properly and successfully treated. I think a lot of people are forgetting this.

No. 528537

Exactly, like I feel unable to gauge the correct level of panic, the correct response, the way I should be processing it etc because there is such different and extreme reactions, it makes me feel so out of sync with everyone and everything which I think is partly what's making me feel like I'm not real

No. 528538

I totally agree that the media is sensationalising a lot, but I can't find these numbers comforting because the reality is sooo many cases won't be reported. Even in developed countries like the UK/USA people who are showing symptoms aren't getting tested

No. 528539

Just got an email today from the eye doctor that the day before I got my eye exam there 9 days ago someone had tested positive for COVID-19. Also before this shit had hit the fan I had ordered a lot of packages and in general I've gone outside a lot and have interacted with a lot of people. I'll probably get it and it will infect my boomer, asthmatic mother who also has GERD I'm screwed y'all.

No. 528540

Wait you really think there's only 245k cases? The dark number is HUGE. Some people don't show symptoms so don't even get tested. Most countries have testing on hold right now because they have to prioritize people in risk groups and health personnel while others don't test at all aside from celebrities (burgerland). Don't be such a smooth brain

No. 528543

can you self isolate in the house at least from now you know? You must feel so worried try not to panic prematurely I hope you're both okay

No. 528544

UK is said to have at least 55,000 unreported cases

No. 528545

I had a similar convo with an elderly lady today except she was saying this was God's punishment for abortion or something. lol

No. 528547

> Out of that 0.003%, just 10,048 have died, meaning on average only 4% of the people who get COVID-19 actually die from it. Keep in mind, this is over the span of four months.

Anon that number is huge for a virus like this. It’s the perfect storm for capitalist societies. Not as deadly or severe symptoms as SARS or MERS so people don’t take it seriously because “Rise and Grind’, but way more lethal and transmissible than the common cold. EVERY single country is under testing right now and burgerland is going to be exactly like Italy within the coming weeks.

No. 528548

Hopefully they'll catch it and rid the earth of their nonsense

No. 528549

Yeah I'll self-isolate, probably until Monday or Tuesdayish. I'll see how I start to feel. I wish I could get tested but I'm having no symptoms/fever except some sinus/allergy issues.

No. 528550

Of course there will inevitably be more cases than there are currently, and there's always the group of people who've just become infected or are infected and are asymptomatic. The point is that both the number of those already proven to be infected and the number of ~potential~ unreported cases (question; if a case is unreported, how do they know it exists? what standards are they using to estimate the number of unreported cases, if they're unreported?) is being shown in a light which makes the virus look far more common and widespread than it actually is. The media is focusing on certain numbers - for example, focusing on the number of deaths while ignoring the number of those who've successfully recovered, which is the majority of those who get infected - to construe a narrative based on fear-mongering.

I live in the US and many of my family members work in the health department. A health worker in my town got infected just a few days ago and tested positive. There's a problem here with people being given test kits for practically any symptom of anything, virus-related or not, which is causing us to have a shortage of kits. The media has caused people to think if someone has literally any sensation out of the ordinary, such as a bit of snot, the sniffles, a sore throat, any kind of common winter illness symptoms, they must definitely have COVID-19, because it's allegedly everywhere and inescapable. The panic alone, caused by media outlets, has weighed terribly on healthcare systems around the globe.

No. 528551

It's also highly mutable and incredibly transmissible

No. 528552

Also thanks for the kind words anon <3

No. 528553

I’m definitely a leonard, soon to be a user1488 or helen if the US enforces a lockdown

No. 528554

Nobody here disagrees that the media is fear mongering but acting like this virus isn't dangerous especially since we know so little about it is just stupid. The whole "the flu kills more people than this" argument is dumb. We know nothing about this virus. We know the flu.

No. 528555

It's true that the current data is nowhere near apocalyptic, but covid's death rate is still far greater that the average flu, and apparently comparable to the Spanish flu in severity. It's not an overreaction that governments are taking standard safety measures to protects its citizens, but the lack of any economic planning for a pandemic is contributing to the hysteria when people begin to lose their jobs. I just hope our leaders learn from this. Jesus I hate how crazy everyone is acting.

No. 528556

california's on shelter-in-place lockdown baby! at least after tonight. hope all my cali farmers make it through this good

No. 528557

I hate to be the one to tell you this anon, but I've yet to find a government that doesn't lie.

No. 528558

We’ve been following Italy’s path pretty consistently regarding cases per day but the USA cases jumped up quite a lot recently. What’s keeping this from being too scary for me is that the illness itself isn’t all that severe or fatal compared to shit like Ebola which I freaked out about when I was in high school.

No. 528559

Don't do cocaine, folks.

No. 528560

Why only 36hrs?

No. 528561

It is dangerous, and we don't know much about this specific kind of coronavirus, however we do know about other kinds of coronavirus (like SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV which had their pandemics respectively in 2002 and 2012) and how they tend to function. COVID-19 is actually classified as SARS-CoV-2 (link below for evidence.) In the four months that COVID-19 has been known we've already discovered a lot about how it functions, developed test kits, and have used many different kids of medications and proto-vaccines to treat it, some of which are working with almost 100% accuracy on infected patients.


No. 528562

Samefag; Basically what I'm saying is that, yes, COVID-19 is dangerous and is a pandemic. Is it more dangerous or more of a pandemic than the standard flu, the SARS pandemic in 2002/2003, or the MERS pandemic in 2012? No. This is simply this type's time to shine.

No. 528563

do you think people being in quarantine will increase or decrease the birthrate?

No. 528564

How do we know these stats are even accurate when the test itself yields false positives >>525497? Any false positives should render the resulting data worthless. They THINK x amount of people MIGHT have died from the virus, but there's no way to know for sure what they've actually died from.

No. 528565

anon stop she's got it all figured out okay her aunt's a nurse. we know so much about this virus already according to her the italians should just pack up and the mass grave tanks

No. 528566

I miss being able to just look at other women. I recently came out and I've been spoiled by being able to put myself out there- I feel so strangely cold without a girlfriend in my bed now.
It's only been like two weeks since I've stopped going out. I've lost immunity to femceldom, please send help

The transmissibility is going to be BAD. People are taking this as an opportunity to have end-of-the-world/pre-quarantine parties en masse. All that on top of shit not closing down hard enough and people still pursuing "essential" activities outdoors instead of being literally forced to stay put is going to make this so ugly.

No. 528567

i personally cant imagine thinking about sex right now
but it is common for people to have sex when quarantined during a crisis i guess, and if people dont have access to their methods of birth control or whatever, im sure it will lead to a "boom" so to speak
just depends on how much of society survives this

No. 528568

Even if you ignore the fact that most cases won't be recorded, the risk of death isn't just from the actual disease but indirect deaths that will happen if too much strain is put on the health system and people die preventable deaths due to not being able to get access to ventilators etc

No. 528569

This. The media has convinced everyone that if they get any common winter sickness, it must be COVID-19. If you get sick, do what you always do when you're sick - stay home. Don't seek medical attention unless you can actually feel your conditioning worsening in a way that a cold/flu wouldn't. Rushing to the hospital and begging them to use their resources to test/treat you as if you have COVID-19, especially when hordes of people are already doing this, is putting so much strain on healthcare systems and depleting resources.

No. 528570

Anon where do you live? I think it’s different in different places. I live in New York and after 500-800 cases was announced people VANISHED off the streets at least where I live

No. 528573

lol. Who knows how many people have been told they have it when they actually don't? These tests are meaningless. They don't even know what they're testing for.

No. 528576

Yep. Not to mention, going to the hospital and NOT having it, exposes you not only to Covid, but to whatever other diseases are floating around the inevitably cramped enclosed spaces which can lead to complications for ANY sickness.

No. 528579

do you think the concept (in the way it exists now) of celebrity will survive this? I feel like the bubble of celebrity has begun to burst over the last few years and this could (hopefully) be the finishing blow

No. 528582

They're gonna announce it sometime Saturday, not that its gonna last for 36hrs sorry I should've been more clear lol

No. 528586

So is the government "giving every working American $2000?" Anyone have details on this?

No. 528588

California. I saw elementary-ish kids chasing each other around and coughing on each other on the local park's basketball court the other day. Good times. Fortunately, that should change with the new order that apparently got put out, but I'm still on the concerned side…

No. 528589

People on twitter were completely believing the Oprah arrest stuff and not questioning it or calling it fake so I definitely think it’s about to crumble. I wish we could scrub the parents who put being internet famous into their kids heads though. (The whole tiktok teen dancing shit that’s popular right now) It really needs to stop, the powerful and rich people are in power and rich largely at others’ expense.

I know this person who is an absolute celebrity worshipper even for any d list celebrity she meets at a con gets them tattooed on her body etc. believes they are better and nicer than like all people in the world. Shit needs to END I’m so tired of it.

No. 528590

i hope so, the backlash against that smug ass celebrity cover of "imagine" gives me hope

No. 528591

Does that mean people on disability won't get it?

No. 528592

Sage for absolute no relation to the thread, butI know a couple of people like what you described. One was a coworker and obsessed with The Walking Dead and Supernatural and she basically stalked all the cast members. Anything they appeared at she was there spending thousands of dollars. Went on the cruises every year and everything. She took me one year because she had free tickets and acted offended that I wasnt fawning over the same people she was, proceeded to insinuate I was boring and never talked to me again after(we both had quit the company we worked at together by this time). I actually did get to meet a few people I liked, and got Ted Raimi's autograph which was cool. But she kept making remarks like >um i dont know who that is lol, but acted like i was crazy for not knowing or particularly caring about random super hero movie actors, to the point where it was pretty apparent that we would never be able to hang out with one another because i wasnt on her level of obsessing over every and any modern actor from netflix or marvel.

No. 528593

im trying to figure out whats going on anon, apparently they are using taxes from 2019? a lot of people are gonna get excluded if so

No. 528599

ty anon check your paypal

No. 528601

No they would be using tax information from 2018

No. 528603

i meant 2018, sorry

No. 528604

Based on 2018 tax return info (can use 2019). It's now a one-time payment up to $1,200 and phased out at a certain income. Funny thing is it says if you have little or no income tax liability and make qualified income of 2,500, then it might only be $600 per person. Not sure about all those details but I'll be pissed if I only get $600 and some middle-class people making 70k get the full amount.
Anyway, this is definitely not a lot at all so maybe the amounts will be negotiated as time passes.

No. 528605

Some sanity if anyone's interested.

No. 528606

> one-time payment
how did they go from a plan to do a monthly 1-2k stipend, to a one time only payment of 600?

No. 528607

any other california anons freaked out by the shelter-in-place order? i'm a little spooked, a little pissed and a little sad

No. 528610

The people in charge are completely useless lmao. This is like giving bread crumbs. We cant even protest either cause large groups spread the virus around. Very convenient of them.

No. 528611

Cali anon here, it feels pretty much the same from days ago when the governor asked this of us.. but now its like.. legally mandated I guess? But yeah, I am not super spooked but just kinda worried of running out of food/supplies if this lasts longer than we expect.

No. 528612

i'm also worried about supplies, but moreso that my boyfriend might not have a job. originally, his hours were just cut this week, and were going to go back to normal next week… with this order now, i don't know. are jobs going to pay employees when they're not working? how does this work?

No. 528614

Yeah they literally said yesterday that it would be two payments, one in April and one in May. But today, Mitch McConnell had his proposal and it's basically just a rebate based on the lesser of your income tax liability or the $1,200 so actually fuck me I might not be getting anything LOL I hate America

No. 528615

Absolutely insane. I thought this situation was going to crack the capitalist veneer, at least a little. Seems like business as usual for the people up top though.

No. 528618

Taken straight from the proposal…

“(a) In General.—
In the case of an eligible individual, there shall be allowed as a credit against the tax imposed by subtitle A for the first taxable year beginning in 2020 an amount equal to the lesser of

“(1) net income tax liability, or

“(2) $1,200 ($2,400 in the case of a joint

“(b) Special Rules.—

“(A) the amount determined under subsection (a) shall not be less than $600 ($1,200 in the case of a joint return)

So because I'm poor and get a tax refund I only get half of the amount. Makes no sense at all but I guess the corporate bailouts are more important than the lives of struggling humans.

No. 528624

Well that's great. The people who would need it the most like low income workers and people who are disabled will get screwed. Wonderful.

No. 528626

Their willing to create 1.7 trillion out of thin air to calm stocks but wont even shell out some billions for struggling low income americans. Really hope they all catch coronavirus and drop dead.

No. 528629

File: 1584682869220.jpg (28.34 KB, 542x395, original.jpg)

I feel so bad for my mom right now. She's a RN at a level 2 trauma center hospital in southern California and it's starting to become a shit show there. Not enough gloves or masks. Nurses having panic attacks as people suddenly test positive in the ICU/CCU. Doctors aren't even going into patient's rooms on her floor because they're scared, they're writing fake notes saying they've inspected patients and hiding in other parts of the hospital where they won't be bothered. Nurses, CNAs, and other staff are just walking out. Just this week they FINALLy set up a quarantine tent to test people before sending them in the hospital. Who knows how many other people who are positive have slipped through the cracks? They're going to start running out of beds and equipment fast. This is one of the two level 2 trauma centers in the area… I'm honestly trying to get her to not come into work anymore. She's a primary caregiver for our grandmother who has terminal liver cancer… If they aren't going to offer her the proper protection and safety why should she go back..m

No. 528634

Right? Thats why this is all so surreal for me. How the fuck are countries not prepared for ANY sort of pandemic style illness in 2020? How is this even happening right now. Most of the deaths are going to come from the lack of preparedness, lack of funding for medical facilities and medication, and outright panic thats going to cause people to go into hospitals en masse that dont even have Covid, but are risking exposing themselves to it and other diseases when they could have been fine just staying home and resting/staying hydrated.

No. 528640

because our existence is more resource intensive than anyone wants to admit. ignoring consumerism and capitalist mismanagement or whatever people claim to ignore the larger problem at hand, so much medical waste is created that needs to be safely handled and disposed of properly to avoid reinfection and spread, so much more is needed to care for people. communities can't be as crowded as they are because of the simple fact that disease spreads much quicker, and much easier. there's a lot of medical need for this many people and people (and consequently, governments) are deluded and insist on denying how resource intensive a healthy and safe existence is, just for one person, let alone as many as there are on the planet. plus, a lot of people just don't give a shit about their welfare. there are just too many people in general and no one wants to admit it. if they at least admitted how resource intensive it is to have this many people, we'd be better prepared though. and obviously it becomes more difficult to contain disease when you have more and more potential vectors and flying, taking a cruise, etc, is so easy and accessible.

No. 528641


why would they store machines when they are required daily? you do realize that not everyone is young and healthy like you are, a lot of countries have aging populations, and other people have preexisting conditions that require them to go ICU apart from the pandemic of a century.

also capitalism. there's a reason why the OG manufacturers of those respirators that are getting so much press are suing over this. the government doesn't have enough money in their budget to prepare for something like this, their budget is already stretched thin thanks to all the money that goes into military funding (US) and social welfare(UK and AU) . it's not very real for the western world because they only had to deal with the H1N1 which isn't anything like this. Even for the better prepared Asian countries, it's not even their medical system that is massive leagues ahead of ours, it's because for their people, the reality of SARS is still very fresh in their mind. it also helps that their governments are very autocratic and aren't scared of infringing upon human rights (looking at you netherlands…)

there are already national stockpiles that are in the process of being released for medical equipment but once that runs out, we will be doubly fucked because of the drongos who stockpiled supplies just to make a profit.

No. 528643

File: 1584684858635.png (35.45 KB, 598x243, Screenshot_2020-03-20 John Mye…)


>"We will have social pressure that will encourage people to do the right thing,"

tf is that supposed to mean? Will they have drones following you around like they do in China, or will the cops just glare at you really hard?

No. 528647

I guess it's meant to make other states do it too. Like for example gamestop is refusing to close so now everyone is giving them shit for it, making it an example to other non-essential services. If a lot of states do it, states that are being passive will feel pressure to do something so they wont get shit. Can we do this to Florida tho? Their beaches are staying open lmao.

No. 528648

I'm with you on this one. I don't trust min wage workers to not give me Corona through delivery, take out or getting stuff at the grocery store. I have what I have at home and I'm not going anywhere until this is over.

No. 528651

> All for what? To save lengthen the lives of retired wealthy people who only have a few years to live anyway??
Honestly yes. Because those wealthy people are not actually retiring as much anymore and are running all the major companies and systems. They dont care about the older and sick people dying that are normies just trying to get by every day. This could affect people who are in power. Thats what they're scared of and why they're shutting everything down.

No. 528652

>Live in Finland
>Everyone is already naturally antisocial and avoiding physical contact the best they can
>The government shuts down the schools and tells everyone to stay home
>The whole country is deserted as everyone is enjoying their time in self-quarantine
>Over the past 3 weeks: Only 400 diagnosed infections, 0 deaths, only around ~1-2% of the infected have required hospital care, only 4 cases have required intensive care
Italy deserves to go.


> All for what? To save lengthen the lives of retired wealthy people who only have a few years to live anyway??
Well, that's the gist of it. Imagine giving an intensive care unit bed to a 85-year old Corona patient who already has three chronic illnesses and emphysema while some 30-year old with a life-threatening but treatable condition has nowhere to go. The thing is that this has been happening everywhere for the past 10 years, Corona is simply speeding things up.

No. 528657

>Or do they die in hospital but don't take up ICU beds, and this is the real issue here?
i don't know about italy, but i know most deaths in the us are DOA or in die in the ER. lot of nursing home and hospice deaths, etc.

No. 528659

Stupid question, but why didn't any currently infected countries seem to instate travel bans or general lockdowns before it started spreading to them? Did they really think they'd be exempt? Is there some international law that a country's government can only take action when there's a certain amount of cases of a disease?
I get that it could strain relationships with the countries that have it, and put a damper on the economy, but in the end, we don't need to share disease, and the latter would've happened anyway.

No. 528660

probably because so many people travel internationally and it would have been hard to get everyone to their native countries

there are still people trapped in countries because they were there for work or school etc

No. 528662

>Stupid question, but why didn't any currently infected countries seem to instate travel bans or general lockdowns before it started spreading to them? Did they really think they'd be exempt?
Locking down borders isn't as easy as just making one phone call and shutting everything down in two minutes. It can be a long process because people are always traveling internationally, you can't just suddenly tell every tourist and commuter that they can't get back into their own countries because the borders are closed. There are multiple diplomatic and logistical arrangements to be made before you can actually put a country in lockdown mode. It's not a goddamn war situation or a zombie apocalypse anyway.

No. 528670

>Italy deserves to go.

No. 528671

File: 1584693511804.jpg (67.81 KB, 592x594, 1583904448648.jpg)

>tfw we will become the new boomers

No. 528672

>Is it more dangerous or more of a pandemic than the standard flu, the SARS pandemic in 2002/2003, or the MERS pandemic in 2012? No.
Oh for fucks sake, yes it is. What more needs to happen for people like you to stop massively downplaying it?

No. 528674

File: 1584694710306.png (1.46 MB, 1470x1874, Screenshot_2020-03-20 ITALY.pn…)

I don't know where Reuters is getting their stats from but I thought this article (pic related) was interesting:


>Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths.

The President of Italy's Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, as of March 13th 2020 said there are only TWO confirmed deaths in Italy from Covid-19. Any Italy anons have any hard data to add to that?

No. 528675

There's not enough empirical evidence to support all the hype. The media creating panic and hysteria doesn't help get us closer to the truth.

No. 528678

that makes sense though? most people are dying because of the complications due to comorbid illnesses. only 2 deaths in otherwise healthy people.

No. 528679

>those who've successfully recovered, which is the majority of those who get infected
Lmao ok

No. 528680

It's already been said many times but some people still aren't getting it apparently: What's used to test for covid has shown to be unreliable, making the results of the test incredibly dubious. How the hell do you treat something when it can't even be properly diagnosed? Real medicine doesn't work that way.
Immune-compromised and those with severe preexisting conditions appear to be the most vulnerable group - the same holds true for basically any flu strain.

No. 528681

It also says there are only two confirmed deaths from covid, meaning they're not sure about the others unless I'm reading it wrong.

No. 528682

File: 1584695659647.jpg (36.08 KB, 800x450, tumblr_inline_n2x5dbJkjv1ql4a7…)

my mom has a slight fever…99.3 and she's been coughing somewhat but she went to the emergency room a couple days ago and her temperature was normal before but said that she was ok and didn't need to be tested and it was a normal cold. now i have two thermometers and they;re kind of old but both of them are reading between 99.2-99.4. she recently had her root canal redone halp so idk if the temperature change is from that or if she's possibly covid-19 affected/or has a flu but im taking her to the hospital tomorrow

No. 528683

Your media has been trying their best to downplay it just like you do now up until the last 1-2 weeks. But yes, it's all hysteria and you know better than anyone in the higher ranks.

No. 528686

because most of them are still infected… italy is seeing huge spikes where many, many people are being diagnosed and/or infected at one time. many people are actively going through the illness, and even otherwise healthy people it can remain an active infection for like, 3 weeks. that's not to say it's not dangerous and that people don't need to take it seriously and try to flatten the curve. they absolutely do, but it's not hugely lethal for most people. still, no one should want to play it fast and loose and spread it to others or end up with permanent lung damage.

No. 528688

I don't know what media you're referring to but MSM has been fueling fear and panic, hence empty store shelves and people punching each other over toilet paper.

Why would the President of Italy's Higher Institute of Health say there are ONLY TWO confirmed covid deaths in that country so far >>528674?

No. 528689

that does happen, you're right, but the bush administration knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. that was not a mistake in any sense. it was entirely manufactured.

No. 528691

>Satanic Ritual Abuse panic
SRA is real. Fiona Barnett and Paul Bonacci are but two victims who've stepped forward. Paul's case is extensive and he testified in court. There are psychologists who've gone on record talking about SRA and treating victims.

No. 528692

Oh nevermind, it's you again.

No. 528693

Governments lie and deceive. Who knew.

No. 528694

K. You didn't answer the question because you can't. Oh well.

No. 528695

Because your source is shit and reports news from late january as today.

No. 528696

but the issue is that people don't operate on the basis of caution and consideration without it being enforced. if people were generally less short-sighted and selfish, governments wouldn't need to take these steps. it's not an overreaction because of the fact that people are assholes. if they weren't assholes, it would be an overreaction.

No. 528697

This >>528674 is from March, not January. Learn to read.

No. 528698

No. 528699

this is an article about 2 cases of coronavirus in italy, not 2 deaths. anon's article was about deaths.

No. 528700

File: 1584697198647.png (63.42 KB, 683x505, italy study.PNG)

No. 528701

LOL. If you actually read the article >>528674 you'd have known that it was published in March. What you link to has zero relation.

No. 528702

No. 528703

What part if "their date is wrong" do you not understand? Nevermind the shitty layout and random arabic.

No. 528704

And they're still wrong citing a totally unrelated article LMAO.

No. 528707

are you just pretending to be this retarded? the article anon posted is specifically about deaths from corona that they've confirmed to be solely due to corona, not just any deaths from corona. look at the study from a few days ago, jesus christ. those are the only ones confirmed so far, there are probably more, but it takes time to compile and determine etc. so far it doesn't look to be anywhere near as lethal for people without underlying conditions.

No. 528708

remember how the us tried to get in bed with the german curevac company for their in trial drugs?
well, the german customs seized medical equipment that was apparently supposed to be exported (the government banned medical equipment from leaving the country weeks ago). the company doing this is american 3m.
why are americans so massively corrupt?

No. 528709

Are you? The weirdass article in the screenshot contradicts itself several times if it's not some translation error. It also states that those who had respiratory issues are not counted as corona deaths? How else are they supposed to die, other organ failure?

No. 528710

NTA but like 20-30% of the Corona deaths in Italy had cancerous tumors and the rest of them had other serious health issues brought on by age because most of them were 80+. Again, you're absolutely not going to die simply of Corona if you're a healthy 20-40 year old unless you're morbidly obese, a diabetic and an asthmatic all at once and even then you still most likely won't die, you'll just have a really nasty pneumonia.

This but unironically. I'm sick and tired of everything being shut down just because old coots with their other foot in the grave already get 6 months of extra time.

No. 528711

File: 1584699766808.png (28.57 KB, 487x231, rep.PNG)

where did it say respiratory issues were not counted? it said the onset of respiratory issues in patients with complicated medical histories more often leads to death.

anyways, that article aside, it's all over the newspapers in italy (afaik these are some of the most popular ones):




No. 528712

that's a terrible idea, younger people can still develop potentially irreversible lung damage. it's not particularly lethal for people without underlying issues, but people really need to avoid catching it at all costs.

No. 528713

>potentially irreversible lung damage
Not this meme again

How the fuck can you say it's "irreversible" when the recovered cases have been under study for barely a month? If you suffer a bad bout of pneumonia of course your lungs will take time to recover but it doesn't mean it's "irreversible". I've had lowered lung capacity due to pneumonia and it took me around 2 months to make a full recovery.

No. 528714

>irreversible lung damage
That's speculation. Where's the evidence to prove that assertion? They can't even test for covid properly! lol. Last I read, China's testing for Covid using CT scans ONLY. People are running around treating symptoms and not the cause, which is largely the hallmark of western medicine.

No. 528715

samefag. CT scans of the lungs, I mean.

No. 528716

Fairly sure people are comparing its effects to similar diseases, it can also possibly make men infertile

No. 528722

The only problem I have with this >>528188 is that the youngs would need mandatory isolation from the olds until they're no longer infectious. Unlike some people I like my elders, most of the time.

No. 528729

not about the dumb "50% fibrosis" meme. love how i specifically put "potentially irreversible" and you still insist on being dishonest by leaving out "potentially". lowered lung capacity isn't necessarily fibrosis, retard. pulmonary fibrosis doesn't resolve itself and respiratory illness can cause it. there's literally no reason to downplay its ability to cause damage given that we don't know enough yet. better to err on the side of caution if you're over here insisting that it's a good idea for people to catch it purposefully. damage doesn't necessarily mean you'll die, but who the fuck wants to gamble with their health and be left with complications?

yes, the totally smart thing to do is to assume people definitely won't develop scarring or any complications from a disease we don't know all that much about (though it's seemingly not often lethal in otherwise healthy patients).

>“Some patients might have around a drop of 20 to 30 per cent in lung function [after recovery].” Tsang, who also heads an authority task force on the clinical management of infection, said these patients would undergo tests to determine how much lung function they still had. Physiotherapy would also be arranged to strengthen their lungs.

>A review of lung scans of nine infected patients at Princess Margaret found patterns similar to frosted glass in all of them, suggesting there was organ damage. But Tsang said the long-term effect on recovered patients, such as whether they would develop pulmonary fibrosis, a condition where lung tissue hardened and the organ could not function properly, had yet to be ascertained.



>Alwalid and his colleagues have been assessing CT lung scans of people in Wuhan who have caught the virus. In the first week of infection, before symptoms start to show, signs of inflammation become apparent in the lungs. This spreads from one site in one lung to multiple areas of both lungs in the first few weeks of becoming infected, before it starts to improve. “We found some fibrosis [scarring] in the lungs, but we don’t know if that is reversible,” he says. “Is it something that will resolve, or will it stay in the lungs? And what might the consequences be?”


it makes no sense to play around with the risk when doctors are saying there is potential for damage that may or may not be reversible.

No. 528736

You have worms for brains

No. 528765

I kinda agree with you. So many young people will lose their jobs over this. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, without any savings. Thousands of ppl die when unemployment goes up even 1%. But ofc rich boomers can't get a virus with 4% death rate.

No. 528779

I also agree. At some point the whole world is just going to give up on this quarantine thing anyway, just let the boomers die already. Keeping a bunch of drains on society alive for 3 or 4 more years isn't worth the literal decades worth of desperation and poverty the rest of the world will have to suffer as a result of this shit.

No. 528781


4% of everyone. When a boomer gets covid19 they seem to have a high chance of dying from it.

No. 528787

I can tell you're American just by this post alone. That's not a good thing, btw.

No. 528792

>drains on society

Watching people who think like this get old is both hilarious and pathetic.
Hope you don’t live long enough to see yourself become the villain, anon.

No. 528794

i believe boomer is used for someone who is BORN after a major crisis like ww2 right?
so our babies would be the new boomers, kek

No. 528796

What about the permanent effects? I don't want my lungs to be fucked at the age of 24 already

No. 528800

Lung fibrosis and complications similar to asthma attacks could be possible

No. 528803

> just let the boomers die already. Keeping a bunch of drains on society alive for 3 or 4 more years isn't worth

This site has its share of neets still living with mom and dad and being supported by older relatives.. kek

No. 528807

First day of online classes. Our profesor had to make a "no life streaming naked" rule

No. 528815

kek, sad

No. 528818

> Now all the normies coming onto welfare are suddenly going to have sympathy for being on welfare for once, and so they'll likely increase my payments

That's not how that works, it'll cripple systems so they'll have to reduce payments eventually. That and they'll strive to get those social welfare numbers down again by making it harder to claim disability or forcing people into work placements

No. 528824

>I'll inherit a house so I'm set
So? Unless they're leaving your spoilt ass a hefty inheritance or trust fund you'll still need money to pay the bills, the taxes, and all the labor that goes into upkeep for a house unless you're one of those trashy people who just let their homes rot around them.
>I'll get a welfare increase
No you won't, if anything it's gonna diminish for you. If everyone's on welfare then there's less to go around.

You're still a scumbag for implying it's okay for others to die as long as you got yours. Funny how the people who've worked the least for what they have tend to feel the most entitled towards what others give them out of charity…

No. 528825

I cant imagine being gleeful about losing my parents. I am worried to death about mine right now jesus…

No. 528827

how would you pay taxes on a house like that? a shitbox in australia is like a $1,000,000, let alone with a pool… are your property taxes like nothing if you're neet or on disability? even when homesteaded, our property taxes even for the elderly, disabled, unemployed are still unaffordable for those people if your home is worth anything.

No. 528828

This reeks of insecurity, like all of the other smug NEET posts in this thread. You're still a greasy haired basement dweller and you'll die alone.

No. 528829

Where I live they do everything to make sure that without a permenent disability you can't stay on welfare forever.

When numbers on welfare increase they create new ways to push them back off of it.

If you inherit a house doesn't your country means test you? Some take away all your payments based on the value of the house. They treat it the same as having huge savings in the bank.

No. 528833

not surprising.

No. 528834

Wow you seem really unhinged anon. Maybe you need psychiatric help, rather than just money.

No. 528836

You will miss them when it all goes wrong

No. 528837

Can we keep this thread on topic

No. 528839

Stop shitting up the thread with your life story

No. 528841

File: 1584721373531.jpeg (25.35 KB, 750x592, 5e67b19a54f25c32e320ef33.jpeg)

Tbh I don't think "let the boomers die" is a viable solution. But they should be put in quarantine instead of forcing the entrie system to stop. I work in a bank and 60% of ppl in my department are going to get fired over this according to our boss. And we don't even have any Corona cases in my city. Yet he (a 65yo boomer) refuses to step down and still comes to work every day. My parents are older, but they are also completely healthy and on paid leave rn (gov workers). That's how it should be, boomers should just stay inside and stop going to markets every damn day.

See the graph. I don't think it's THAT high.

No. 528844

damn why did the posts get deleted, i wanted to laugh too

No. 528847

wonder if it has to do with the fact that these young people in china are breathing in pm 2.5 particles every day of their lives. surely that can't help.

No. 528848

> The government can afford to pay practically anything. It creates money out of thin air

Best troll

No. 528850

Saging for blogpost and autistic request

I agree with everyone about how dumb it is that "introvert" normies are suddenly losing their minds in quarantine, but…I'm a bit of a train sperg and I really miss riding the train. I get a bit teary when I realize I have no idea when I'll get to ride the train again, I can't explain why. If any anons know of POV train riding videos/channels/sites (especially from non-US countries) I would really appreciate a link! They're really relaxing and nice

No. 528852

pluto tv has an entire channel of POV trains and stuff!

No. 528859

I feel like it's the lack of choice, being forced to stay in vs choosing too feels different. Also isn't being an introvert more about needing time alone? You don't necessarily have to be constantly inside to do that - I'm an introvert but I miss being able to sit alone at parks/coffee shops

No. 528863

I think it is true that this quarantine thing can't and won't last forever. The at risk groups be the ones in isolation when society eventually has to continue, even though its morbid to think of it like that.

No. 528873

Search for "bergensbanen" on youtube. There's a really nice, hours-long train video from Norway which is quite nice.

No. 528878

Anons is feeling lightheaded and weak a side effect of staying in your room all day/not moving? I'm starting to get worried.

No. 528880


or not drinking/eating enough

No. 528881

The virus is spreading rapidly.
People need to be more responsible and stop going out on walks without strong reasons.
One of the reasons the contagion is moving rapidly is because too many people are behaving irresponsibly.
20% of the total population in Naples is still moving around the metropolitan area.
It's like having a ticking bomb of contagion which could explode in a matter of days.
If this doesn't change, people will have to count more dead people as hospitals can't manage the load of inpatients.

No. 528883

It's not official, but it's possible that the quarantine period in Italy will last until the end of May, possibly the end of June, considering that more people are getting infected and showing symptoms.

No. 528886

Let's talk about big cities like New York and San Francisco: what measures are being taken in order to limit the spread of the virus?

No. 528888

No. 528890

Train videos are a big genre that regulatory gain millions of views. Search up "train Front Window View"

No. 528891

Experts uncover

No. 528892

File: 1584728189349.jpg (98.01 KB, 679x960, 90258412_1055143144860620_4944…)

>The whole country is deserted as everyone is enjoying their time in self-quarantine
Not in Turku, anon

For non-finns, pic says "Finns in normal conditions" and "Finns in a pandemic">>528652

No. 528893

but how ? how can they still get +5000 people infected/day when they are all under quarantine now, i get it some people still go out despite that fact but there can't be that many people outside ? and the risk of getting infected would be lower anyway as most people don't go outside?
sure the incubation period can be long and maybe that's it but according to the internet it's typically 5-6 days before the first symproms or something, sure some of them must infect their family/whoever they're confined with but no, i dont get it
sorry if whati wrote doesn't make any sense but i cant really rationnalize what's happening there

No. 528895

Slow TV is possibly Norway's greatest invention

No. 528896

they have no idea how long people are actually infectious or will have severe side effects even after recovery, and how long its going to take to have a legitimate cure/treatment that works long term

No. 528898

My bf is already taking the medication they're thinking of using to treat Corona. Good thing too cos the fucker would die if he got it.

No. 528899

'let boomers die' because fuck our parents and grandparents right?

No. 528900

What medication is that?

No. 528902

the asymptomatic incubation period could last up to 37 days, anon.

No. 528903

fuck you. You arent immune to old age either. I'm sick of seeing all these edgelords with their 'who cares about the older gen' mentality

No. 528904

Exactly, also 'boomer' extends to people in their 40's and 50's. I don't understand how people can lack empathy so much

No. 528908

Tbh it sill hasn't hit me fully… the whole thing we are going through right now. It all seems surreal and distant and I'm worried how I'll react once it really hits home that shit will not be the same for a very long time if ever. Hold me, anons.

No. 528910

I feel split because boomers created this problem, but Not All Boomers

No. 528911


No. 528912

how? the chinks did

No. 528913

Try not to hold it back too much, I think it's easy to disconnect when you're at home alone and all you see is the news and videos online. Just try and keep your head above water

No. 528914

Edgy or not, denying that we can't just keep boomers alive well into their 90s is literally destroying the earth. We're already seeing it destroy the economy, in order for the world to advance the circle of life needs to go through, we need to allow boomers to die and younger people to thrive or the human race will quite literally go extinct, younger people are already having less and less children thanks to boomers overpopulating and destroying the economy. Cry "edgy" all you want, keep funneling your money for people who will just scream at you for being lazy if you have none, it won't erase this

No. 528915

Globalism did this. Take me back to 10,000 BC so I can die of a broken leg at 20

No. 528916

The general population of boomers isn't the reason people are having less kids tbh
Keeping people alive where possible is reasonable, but it can go too far, you're correct. However, who the fuck decides when it's time to stop providing someone treatment because of their age

No. 528918

Elderly abuse is already a non-issue in social justice circles. I don't mind the criticism of the boomer mentality,but cheering on the deaths of older people is just gross.

No. 528920

How can some of you be so crass? Are you expecting large inheritances from your dead parents and grandparents or something? What's wrong with you saying that older people deserve to die? People who are in their sixties are dying from this; that's not even that old. That's the same age as some of our parents. I can't believe some of the things I am reading.

No. 528921


No. 528922

File: 1584731066839.jpg (96.67 KB, 512x398, naviglio Martesana.jpg)

>there can't be that many people outside ?
Big cities like Milan are full of people who are still going out for walking and jogging.
About 40% of the people in Milan were found out to be moving around in the city just today.
I'd expect to see similar numbers for cities like London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco.
It's hard to keep people level-headed about the actual problem, which is the severe overloading of hospitals and the need to flatten the infection curve and mortality rate.

No. 528923

Yes but it can be used to treat chronic autoimmune conditions, I'm not entirely sure how it works. It's not an immunosuppressant

No. 528924

The US is gonna have to do something about these major companies and the way they're treating their workforces because the greed and abuse are OUT OF CONTROL.

Just got an email from my fortune 500 multi-million dollar pharma company that we have been given the gracious option of "donating" any accrued PTO towards people affected by COVID and who have exhausted their paid and sick time off.
WE? US? THE EMPLOYEES?! No! How about your greedy ass company share the fucking profit and pay these people if they cannot work right now. This isn't some mom n pop, brick and mortar shop. They're a major source, production, and supply of life saving products which means they will never short money anytime soon.
They can fucking afford to help their employees, they just don't want to. Doesn't stop their audacity to see what they can get away with.

No. 528927

>how can they still get +5000 people infected/day
People from the South of Italy, which were working in northern cities like Milan, Cremona, and Brescia, came back to their hometowns in the South (Naples and the region of Campania).
In fact, the infection spike in Campania is now expected to be extreme around the first days of April.

No. 528929

Idk, it’s literally always mid 50s+ people telling me I deserve to die for being disabled. It’s kind of hard to feel bad when the tables have turned kek

No. 528930

Kinda annoyed at all the Asian girls on tiktok who are telling people to come to their parents restaurant during a freaking pandemic.

No. 528931

If they're smart they'll advertise carry out and curbside delivery options. Since that will be a national reality soon as places of gathering will be shut down.

No. 528932

What happens when the restaurant workers get it from being in contact with so many people? Keeping in mind this shit is spread asymptomatically. People need to be responsible and stay at home unless their is no food or essential items.left in their house.

No. 528933

The boomers made the job standards insane because they have so much experience and it barely allows most people in their 20s to even get a chance, they won't even retire from the job market and even fast food restaurants are run by boomers, which is why young people cannot get decent jobs anywhere. Overpopulation ruined the price of living and inflation so it's impossible for people to even move out, get married and have kids. They are most of the population. They made is impossible to get married and have babies because they jacked up prices on everything and then just gave it to the younger people expecting us to clean up the shit factory they left for us

They refuse to take care of the environment, they leave messes everywhere, a lot of them have this weird thing with shitting and pissing places that they aren't meant to shit in, they drive horribly and get away with everything, they're given jobs they can't do right and just drain the tax payers and scream their damn heads off anytime a younger person dare wants help. Let nature take in and let the boomers die, the world will thank you

No. 528937

Close all restaurants and deliver food near the doorsteps of people who order it

No. 528938

While I don't wish death on anyone, a lot of millenials and zoomers don't have good relationships with their family, parents, grandparents, etc. I can understand why it would be hard to empathize with the plights of an older generation who has always been a thorn in your side in every regard… politically, economically, the job market, bad at parenting etc. Not saying it makes it right, but the logic is there.

No. 528940

I’m in Brooklyn and things are eerily quiet. I was laid off two days ago. I went on a (solo) walk to calm down and to try to remember that it’s spring time now and this will be over some day but it was distributed by a chopper loudly flying overhead. I’m glad people are taking this seriously but I’m also really scared and stressed the fuck out.

No. 528941

This. Boomer parents are the absolute worse, abusive, can't even admit to the effects of the abuse on their children, fucked up the job market and basic human care like medical care

No. 528942

If people only accept card pay, this might work. because no contact is the best way to stay safe with all people in this time. i still think it's better to stock up on your own groceries and cook from home though.

No. 528943

*disturbed not distributed, my bad

No. 528945

So i guess that youtube video of all the young people (21 years old majority) partying in florida for spring break are a non issue?

No. 528946

they had it coming.

No. 528947

A lot of people regardless of age are going to be evil and selfish. The only people I blame are rich people because they screw us most of all and that's a fact!

No. 528948

NTA but they can die too kek

No. 528950

File: 1584733578061.jpg (50.56 KB, 600x600, hGPgUd4.jpg)

My local markets are all running out of rice and beans, it's awful. I've never seen the markets so jam packed either.
I went out to get some stuff for my mom earlier and was horrified to witness an older woman lick her fingers to open those plastic baggies for vegetables. I understand those things are slippery but Jesus Christ people don't touch shit then stick your fingers in your mouth. Not just because of the virus but god knows what else you've been touching.

No. 528951

Opposite here. I live in Munich and everyone is outside enjoying the weather, no wonder they put us on a lockdown. I wish the streets would be empty.

No. 528952

I agree that most boomers are awful but guys there are some good eggs who are going to die with them in excruciating pain, and that isn't fair. This virus doesn't distinguish boomers that are due for some reckoning from boomers who honestly haven't done anything egregious to anybody.

No. 528955

We should all agree on that. Amen

No. 528956

Agreed but most rich people are boomers. Idiots who keep flocking to supermarkets daily have it coming.

No. 528957

…I can’t tell if people are being edgy or you actually want people to die. By all means criticise boomers on a societal level but on an individual level there are innocent people who will die painful deaths over this, maybe avoidably. Plus, these things don’t happen in isolation, there are many people who rely on grandparents, especially in already disenfranchised communities. These things have a ripple effect that can last generations.

No. 528959

when i say i hope they die i don't mean the good ones

No. 528960

That's crazy, I guess people who donate their PTO are fucked if they get sick.

No. 528961

Who are you to say who deserves to die.. Who are you to say who is good. There are alot of shit people out there, but a lot of 'good' is based on opinion and beliefs. I think wishing die on anyone is really awful. We should be a better humanity because of this virus, not a worse one.

No. 528964

>I think wishing die on anyone is really awful.

No. 528965

>Plus, these things don’t happen in isolation, there are many people who rely on grandparents, especially in already disenfranchised communities. These things have a ripple effect that can last generations.
That's the point.

No. 528966

Why not go cry that to the boomers who voted to let children, poor, and disabled die. It’s not like anyone voted for corona virus like boomers voted for the legislation that literally kills us

No. 528967

I have a feeling a lot of the people saying this are very young and still have an us against them mentality about their parents. Or they have this weird fantasy that all of life's problems are because of older people and younger generation has nothing to do with it. I guess all of these evil boomers that let their children live at home until they are in their 30s deserve to die for being so cruel.

No. 528968

It's more an issue with the wealth gap then, because i see plenty of people 50+ working dead end part time jobs to survive in this shit economy. Then there are young youtubers buying cars and mansions because they can. it's more a wealth issue imo than an age one

No. 528969

I also have a feeling these are very young people, living at home and not paying major bills saying this bullshit as well.

No. 528971

not sure if i have just a regular flu or what but i feel like fuckin shit. its not so bad im willing to risk getting out and going to a hospital but im so grumpy

No. 528972

Partially, but young rich people are just playing the game that boomers set up. Even less well off boomers are for this shit and hateful of younger gens. The fact that corona virus is getting this out of hand and becoming a threat to them is their own damn fault. If they weren’t mostly complete retards, it wouldn’t get this far.

Maybe if boomers weren’t such selfish assholes who hate everyone and destroyed the country and planet then everyone wouldn’t hate boomers?

No. 528973

Agreed. Boomers don't deserve to get defended. They quickly turn their cheeks to starving college kids, starving immigrant children who are getting sick and raped, ignore everyone who isn't them pretty much and now expect to be treated like royalty during this outbreak.

No. 528974

well yeah we can't do much because we're young so idk why you expect us not to rant online

No. 528976

Is this a joke? Most young people are literally on their knees begging to be able to move out, a lot of 25+ yr old I know live at home, have curfews and have to deal with their parents abuse because nobody is able to move out. It's not evil mooching young people, it's just that even young people who have 2+ jobs I know aren't able to move out because of the inflation in apartments, housing and just living expenses in general combined with low wages and low hours

No. 528977

We could almost do with having a boomer thread just to help keep this thread on topic at this rate

No. 528980

>Overpopulation has been destroying the economy and killing people
>Why do you want useless people who are going to die in a few years die?????

Anon…. Sorry you don't live in a paradise where nobody dies, but in order for the world to thrive people need to die.

No. 528981

>Circle Of Life
I'm gonna listen to this for hours on repeat now, thank you anon.

No. 528982

Do you think this will cause the downfall of capitalism, or at least vastly alter it in the Western world?

No. 528983

Here's for something on topic, US heavenly Lord trump just threw a tantrum over a reporter saying that people are reasonably frightened by the virus. Is it still dumb to go doomer mode yet?

No. 528984

I think because I come from a community where the elderly and extended family are an integral part of family functioning, and most people I know are in a similar position, I just don’t view these people as useless, I guess a lot of people feel very differently and have had different experiences. Obviously I know people will die, but people dying on a grand scale in a short period of time is what I was talking about.

No. 528985

I don’t think it will destroy capitalism, but hopefully it at least makes everyone question capitalism in pharma and medical care

No. 528987

File: 1584736017816.jpg (254.23 KB, 1080x1577, killmenow.jpg)

A very minor thing that's bothering me is how porn is now being advertised as an "immune system booster" and a way to spend time in quarantine. This is literally promoting porn addiction.

No. 528988

Family yes but if the world is where it's at right now people need to die, we need a great population decrease if we want young people to keep living, yes it's a hard pill to swallow but it needs to happen and it is inevitable

No. 528989

We live in a sad world

No. 528991

Do you not think that veers into eco fascism though? I feel like a lot of the scarcity in our world is artificial and could be alleviated with a restructuring of our society

No. 528993

Proof that capitalism won’t die bc of corona

No. 528995

even better

No. 528996

And their parents were even worse than they are so what is your point? Boomers were beaten by their parents when it was legal. Most have improved and voted for things to be changed. Are you forgetting boomers are responsible for a lot of social changes like women's and children's rights? Do they all deserve to die because some people are dicks to their kids? I wish some of you would be more sensible about it. Just because you hate your parents and think you'll never be old one day doesn't mean it's good when an illness starts killing large numbers of people.

No. 528997

Read an equally depressing article today about how quarantine situations make domestic violence rates shoot up and how services are ready for an influx of abuse victims likely seek out help after quarantine is lifted

No. 529001

I agree anon. Even though I hate my parents and would feel nothing except relief if they died, not every boomer is my mom and dad. Not every boomer abused kids and shit on people beneath them.

No. 529008

ITT: let's genocide an entire generation because old people hurt my feelings

No. 529009

>have curfews and have to deal with their parents abuse because nobody is able to move out.
Well I don't know any 25+ year olds with home situations like that, most still live at home because it's a good way to save money for a deposit on a house. If they moved out, they could afford rent but wouldn't save anything. Whose anecdotal evidence wins between you and me?

I'm sure there are lots of people who want to move out but just can't afford it, and some parents might be terrible people, but that doesn't automatically mean all parents are abusive or controlling with their grown kids. They're already doing them a favour by alleviating some financial pressure, on the other hand parents who kick their kids out when they're still young and not ready are 100% assholes.

No. 529011

> And their parents were even worse than they are so what is your point? Boomers were beaten by their parents when it was legal

Yeah my dad was beaten black and blue both at home and at school back when that was acceptable. He spanked me in a much more controlled way as a kid but I've had a partner call that abuse just because he wasn't spanked as a kid. You have to consider that say my dad has his own childhood affecting who he is. He gave what he thought was tame discipline.

No. 529017

It’s more like ‘boomers made their bed, now they can lie in it’

No. 529018

What exactly do you think would come if we somehow kept boomers alive forever and people just kept over populating this already overpopulated planet?

No. 529019

children will get to listen to their grandparents tell stories from their youth and learn a lot and also have a happy childhood.

No. 529020

It seems like we hurt your feelings too, grandma

No. 529021

Yeah but now with enough psychological findings and studies came out saying and proving that beating your kids actually fucks them up mentally boomers just want to play all kinds of dumb cards instead of growing up and admitting to their faults, they can't even let millennials and gen z be human ffs

No. 529022

yeah i would love to listen to my grandparents bitching about black and asian people all day lmao.

No. 529023

> if we somehow kept boomers alive forever

Getting into some pointless 'what ifs' here

No. 529024

More data

No. 529025

thank you jesus christ can we go back to the happenings

No. 529026

A relevant post at last, thank you anon

No. 529027

Honey. Leave your house. This world isn't puppies and rainbows, letting the world overpopulate because you think the circle of life is evil is only going to cause worse shit, making young people go broke just so they can keep old people alive won't "give children stories of happy childhood" it will put them on the streets and the 200 yr old elders will be so fucked in the head they won't be able to tell an asshole from a hole in the ground. Please educate yourself and face reality. You sound unfortunately young and sheltered

No. 529029

No, anons are bitching about anons who want boomers to die already as if they weren't going to do so in 2 years or so. If that's so evil and we lived in a perfect world for you and boomers to live forever, what would happen? You know since boomers dying would be so useless why not just keep people alive?

No. 529030

Literally no one is saying that

No. 529032

> and the 200 yr old elders will be so fucked in the head they won't be able to tell an asshole from a hole in the ground

Nta but can we stfu with these loony posts

No. 529033

Accepting the inevitability of death is not the same as literally cheering on the deaths of strangers, you fucking moron.

No. 529035

lmao that was a good one

No. 529037

>You don't agree with me so you MUST be in that group of people I wanna kill off
You're retarded. I'm in my early 20s.

No. 529040

This is kind of off topic but has anyone who does or did struggle with binge eating find it has gone so much worse during this? I think it's a combination of food uncertainty plus having large quantities of food at home and being in the house so much but does anyone have any advice on how to stop? It's never been a significant problem to me but it's gotten out of control the past few days

No. 529041

how come when the virus was just in China people were allegedly collapsing in the street from it but that hasn't happened anywhere else since it's spread

No. 529042

yeah this triggered a bulimia relapse for me sad to say. my advice is to omad for a while, youre not moving anyway. get gum and (maybe decaffinated) instant coffee.

No. 529044

File: 1584739897942.png (86.78 KB, 397x588, 445f9e006e823c46b40966d3eee871…)

No. 529045

Is anyone else being affected by shops imposing eldery hours where only pensioners are allowed in? I'm stuggling given my long working hours and living so far from any other store (only have that lidl and I don't drive or have family here) I don't begrudge them the hours but my circumstances all add up in such a perfect way that I'm screwed by the hours that were chosen for it

Mainly wondering how long these restricted hours are likely to stay in place? Are other countries even doing it? Haven't seen it mentioned by anyone else

No. 529046

File: 1584740689228.jpg (148.47 KB, 1080x614, IMG_20200320_223515.jpg)

I just vented about this today. I usually eat secretly but now that I'm with my family 24/7 I can't do that and as a result, feel more cravings than ever. I ate as much as possible during normal meals the past couple days but still feel super stressed because I can't binge like I used to. I don't wanna go shopping every day to not risk infection but of course I also don't want to (or rather I can't) eat what we prepped.

No. 529048

I'm >>529042, just prep in your room and eat that. i recommend bags of oatmeal and a huge bowl of bootleg nutella, it lasts forever and isnt expensive. discount sweets, stuff like that. might not get your hands on oatmeal anymore now that i think about it.

No. 529049

>the totally smart thing to do is to assume people definitely won't develop scarring
nta. You missed the point though. How can you treat something if you don't pinpoint the cause? The Chinese are using CT scans, that's looking at symptoms only, not the cause.

What other countries are using to test for Covid (PCR) is unreliable, it's shown false positives.

No. 529051

They're giving them three hours in the morning (7-9) here. Most working people start work at 8 or 9, and finish at 5. So we can't stop before work, and by the time we finish work the hoarders have already taken everything for themselves.

No. 529052

anyway, fuck boomers.

No. 529053

I’m working at Whole Foods in a metro area in Massachusetts where there’s some of the most infections. Whole Foods is doing pretty much nothing to keep workers safe lol, it’s mainly about making the customer think they’re safe. Not sure if it’s all stores, but mine has started imposing limits on milk, beef, butter, eggs, potatoes, and I think some other things. If I have to deal with another old person bitching because they can’t buy 15 gallons of milk I’ll lose it. Also, if you guys are gonna be hoarding food and buying 1k worth of groceries, please bring reusable bags? The paper bags we use are absolute garbage and rip so easily. Or even better, bag the groceries yourself if you don’t want us touching all your food. This pandemic thing is making people crazy, you can see the fear in a lot of customers eyes, especially the ones who you see wearing masks and gloves and whatnot. Oh and anons, if you’re going to be hoarding and stocking up, don’t buy 50 pounds of perishable fruits that are gonna go bad in a week?? God I don’t get paid enough to be risking death and infecting my sick elderly mom for these dumb customers.

No. 529054

Yes, exactly. Before the "outbreak", citizens in Wuhan were protesting over all the pollution - which apparently the govt wasn't helping them clean - because it was causing among other things, respiratory problems. Pretty sure it was the Chinese gov who started the "Covid has respiratory symptoms" meme, a lot of things cause respiratory problems, including pollution.

No. 529055

File: 1584741477759.png (249.89 KB, 1200x628, v8vn6mlhgr701.png)

>laid off job
>probably exposed to corona-chan since half of my idiot office was working sick
>try to file unemployment but website is overloaded
>older, at-risk family members all harp about conspiracy and how it's all overblown and keep going outside
>country is probably heading for a recession at best
How to not go insane right now?

No. 529056

Similar hours here, I leave work at a time when they are already closed. Haven't managed to shop since they started the hours and they didn't announce it in advance. I appreciate them having good reasons for it but fuck I'm not able to shop at all now

No. 529057

Not surprising. I've been seeing posts on both 4chan and reddit for weeks saying insert random fake internet doctor here said that masturbation protects you from the virus!!!11

No. 529058

No one's proven the test for Covid actually works though. Anything that gives false positives, which the PCR test has, is junk. It's garbage.

No. 529061

Where's the evidence? No one knows enough about this to make such a determination.

I see speculation all over the news, online, people creating numbers out of thin air. A lot what's going on doesn't make sense to a lot of people because there's so much going on that defies reason and logic.

Some people have suspended their critical thinking and just accept whatever they hear from whomever. Even the "experts" should be questioned.

No. 529062

Funny you posted this… I’m also a WFM employee (Texas) and was wondering the same thing when I saw a bunch of customers hoarding fresh produce. Then I realized that they are probably going to chop it up & freeze it, or start canning it. I work as a prime now shopper at my store and everyone who uses the service is always baffled by the fact that their order is missing bottled water & TP, even though we’ve been out for a week now… Also, speaking of worker vs. customer safety, did your store recently have those plastic shields added to registers to “block” transmission of the virus or whatever?

No. 529063

Yeah they just added the plastic things today! Pretty pointless IMO, they’re not big enough to cover what would spray out if a customer coughed or sneezed. Plus the bagging area doesn’t have them, only the fingers and they’re not even standing behind them at all times. That’s one of the things I mean by making customers think they’re safe when they’re not at all. Stay safe anon, is working in a grocery store are probably super at risk because we can’t choose to stay at home. And I’m absolutely certain that the entitled customer base of Whole Foods would still go grocery shopping even if they were having symptoms.

No. 529065

It's going into effect tomorrow, Saturday. My boyfriend got handed a paper from his job to show the cops in case they try to stop him from driving around.

No. 529070

File: 1584743681306.jpg (41.88 KB, 459x500, issamood.jpg)

anons, sage for kinda-blogpost and i'm sorry, i know a bunch of people already said this in this thread but it's been getting harder and harder for me to keep it together lately. i'm in day 10 of self quarantine/social distancing/whatever and there are still many more to come because my town could go into full-on lock down any day now because both zoomers and boomers are retarded and keep roaming the streets even though we were all asked to stay inside
my country is already a dirt poor eastern european one and will be hit so bad by the recession. i was supposed to go to college this autumn but even if this covid ordeal is done by then, i don't think i could blow all my parents' money on college in good conscience, as they'll most likely need it during the economic crisis
times are bleak my dudes

No. 529071

people who blame all boomers for being privileged assholes only show that they had rich parents who they hate and think every old person is like their rich parent.

like poor people did exist before there are black boomers gay boomers etc who have gone through their own hardships for their own generations.

people my age whining how we've had it sooo hard as if wars and oppression didn't happen before

No. 529072

NTA but they most likely WON'T die from the virus. If you're a healthy 21-year old you'll probably just get rid of it with a few days of bedrest and develop an immunity to the virus. It's nature doing its course.

I agree with you 100%. I was bordering on being neutral with the Fuck Boomers attitude before but now that they're willing to fuck up the economy and the job market for young people even more than they already have just so they can hog up all the health care reserves because they know they'll have a larger chance of dying makes me mad as hell. Most people aged 20-40 are already struggling to make ends meet and now they're supposed to pick up the pieces left by all these futile efforts to save old folks who don't even give a shit about their own offspring's future.

No. 529074

i'm helen but instead of cleaning the house i've wandered around it and watched the same movies over and over while sleeping in to 2pm

No. 529077

>supports depopulation
>sounds like a eugenicist.
Fuck all the people who think they can play God, they can drop dead first.
It IS artificial. It's not the amount of people that's the problem it's the fucking system itself. It's a machine that just grinds people into the ground. Some retards are acting like we all want immortality. The only ones gunning for that are the technocrats.

No. 529078

Are you gonna coof?

No. 529083

Its alarming that people are coming out as eco fascists and that they think 'actually, eugenics is a good thing' is a good opinion to have. All this 'humans are the real problem', 'this what older people deserve', 'this is nature paying us back' etc is very frustrating to listen too. Even just seeing the slight improvements in the environment we've seen during the lock down should suggest it isnt people but the systems and exploitative corporations that are the ones actually creating those situations

No. 529084

And who are the ones running the exploitative corporations?

No. 529087

do you not see this argument could be made for so many groups if you look at people as a collective? that racial minorities could easly argue how white people have constantly as a collective subjugated them and voted against their interests, that women could make this case about men, disabled people with the abled bodied etc…like what are you actually advocating here?

No. 529088

Most companies are owned by like the same 5 corporations, they are run by a very small number of people

No. 529091

I had poor parents and they supported all the same stupid bullshit rich boomers did, so now what? I bet it’s middle class people who always make these accusations kek

No. 529092

I'm not one of those people saying the elderly should just die, but boomers (and you) pulling the "we've gone through hardships while you're spoiled"-card are disgusting. Both euro and murican boomers have been born long after the war, their parents suffered, while they already got handed shit. Most of them lead pretty easy lifes without thinking about the consequences for the later generations but they never acknowledge that because they love pulling the victim card just as much as the "snowflakes" they shit on.
>Black and gay boomers exist!
Stop. That's embarrassing.

No. 529095

How do we know that COVID-19 was not already here in the UK in 2019? In the last quarter of 2019 I had what I assume was flu. Along with runny nose and a cough I had a fever and stayed in bed, for several days the sheets were soaked with sweat from the fever and I could not get comfortable at all, tossing and turning all night unable to sleep properly until I took some codeine tablets. Went through several packs of Ricola/Jakeman's cough sweets, drunk ice cold Jaegermeister from the freezer at night to cool down, sooth my throat and help me sleep. Although the cough didn't seem that bad the fever was insane, the worst I ever had. I went for a brisk walk a few weeks ago and felt out of breath, maybe it was just the coldness of the air, combined with walking fast to keep warm.

Also, tin foil, but I have read that the unusual "vaping" deaths reported in America last summer were actually caused by undiagnosed (or covered up) COVID-19, so it might have already been widespread in the West by summer 2019.

I live with my parents and my they didn't get ill at the time. Although earlier this year my mum had a bad cough for several weeks, at the same time also had friends who had a similar bad cough, not sure if it was the same illness I had because we were ill at different times. I am trying to comfort my mum by telling her that cough she had was probably coronavirus and she is already immune because she is freaking out. I hope we already had it because I am absolutely dreading waking up with a sore throat.

No. 529097

It's going to pour petrol on the already burning fire of nationalist populism. I fully expect the world to get a lot more right wing when this is over.

This is beyond retarded. Zinc is required for semen production and it's also necessary for the immune system to function, so any male thinking that he can wank the virus away is about to discover the meaning of natural selection.

No. 529098

Anon don’t be a fool. I started vaping for a month in 2019 to replace smoking weed with a pipe and I immediately developed severe bronchitis with a cough that lasted a month. If it was corona both my 80+ grandparents would be dead now cause all I did was go to their house and eat my grandmas delicious dumplings.

No. 529101

Parasites who thrive on exploitation of women continue to do this. gotta love this absolutely trash world we live in

No. 529102

Maybe it's because they're aware that govts lie literally all the time? lol stop being so naive.

As a US fag, when I look at the economy right now, I think back to the last govt shut down: people were losing their jobs, getting laid off, running out of unemployment $. Meanwhile the asshats in gov were busy bickering with each other over NOTHING, playing politics with people's livelihoods. A lot of people are still struggling because of what happened then, and now this current bullshit is tanking the economy even more.

No. 529103

They don’t see any of that because they’re bitter brats exercising their own short-sighted selfishness.
In 20 years when gen z finally turns on them, they’ll be just the same as the boomers they hated in their youth.
Stupidity, callousness and the desire to be contrary and edgy as fuck knows no generational divide.

No. 529104

There are similar posts in this thread and the last. I've yet to see solid proof that we're dealing with anything other than a bad flu strain right now, one that can be dealt with using common sense and logic, not fearmongering and nonsensical bullshit like keeping 6ft away from each other.

Don't cough into each others mouths, don't hold hands, it's not complicated.

No. 529105

I've been thinking about this for a while and I fully believe that COVID-19 has been around for months before it was first spotted. I don't believe for a second that it only started spreading after some Chinese doctor discovered it by chance in January. In 99% of the cases the symptoms are so mild that it's barely distinguishable from a regular flu and seeing how much the Chinese travel all over the world visiting populous attractions, it's unquestionable that a lot of people have already caught it months beforehand without ever knowing.

No. 529106

I tried to file too but that website and phone doesn't work. it's so frustrating.

No. 529108

It's basically keeping your hands clean and dont swap spit with strangers. i dont see anything worse about this virus other than no bad human contact and keeping cleaning. i'm getting tired of the media and fear mongering.. i am actually really scared they are using fear to control people and make this a police state

No. 529109

It was circulating in China by Octorber and November 2019 and it was identified at the end of December 2019
Mutating viruses in China are always circulating in poultry and bat populations; when the viruses first jump species in a spillover they infect a few people, then if the mutation is efficient at replicating in the new hosts it slowly spreads
(H6N1 subtype)

No. 529112

Honestly this. I dont think the actual virus itself is what most people have to be scared of, its the speed of the spread, and the perceived lack of symptoms for possibly weeks once infected but still being able to spread it, which can infect others who may have underlying health issues. They're also overblowing the number of so called "healthy" people who are dying, which is already a a small number anyway. A lot of them are smokers or fat and those are…literally conditions that can aggravate ANY sickness. But its not politically correct to say someone who is fat is unhealthy anymore, so especially in the US you're going to see a lot of people presented as ~healthy~ that die when thats not the case.

No. 529117

This post sums it up better than I ever could. Thanks anon.

I work a job in a very well-off field and even our positions are compromised because every industry is suffering of these quarantines. I worked unbelievably hard to get myself where I am at the moment and having it taken away just to have the world bow down to boomers yet again is driving me to the brink of insanity.

No. 529119

Not really. The overpopulation meme is just that.
There's more than enough food on earth to feed people, and enough money for everyone to live a middle class lifestyle, too.
A small amount of people just like to hoard wealth, take ownership of swathes of land that don't really belong to them in various countries (and could feed/home lots of people if used rightfully), poison the environment to mine resources, purposely block any drive to push for more sustainable, eco-friendly ways of getting energy/resources so they can keep hoarding wealth, deliberately waste food, dump their toxic waste in other parts of the world, and then turn around to pretend there's "not enough" of everything. By claiming there's "too many people", they're essentially gaslighting.
It's not people in general that need to go. It's certain people who want to keep a wasteful, greedy lifestyle, on top of encouraging (and enforcing) those less powerful than themselves to do the same. The moment said people are gone, we can all move on and live healthier, less wasteful lives.
Aside from that, a lot of the time, the "overpopulation" argument is pretty much a dogwhistle for /pol/tard "nuke africa, gas indians xDDD" bullshit, so it's always surprising to see people unironically spout it in the wild.

All that said, most of the people who have been abusing their power are boomers. I agree that grandparents should be considered an important part of the family, so if there was a way for it to directly infect them while leaving alone innocent old people, that'd be great. Too bad that's not really possible.

No. 529120

Jfc because the economy hasn’t just been shut down to protect boomers, it’s been done to flatten the curve, to prevent our health systems from becoming too strained which would also have potentially worse financial impacts lead to indirect deaths of EVERYBODY as essential health care wouldn’t be available? Also it is not just old people at risk, it is the immunocompromised which is a lot more people than you may thing and are of all different age groups, if you’re not a sociopath, these people should not be viewed as disposable

No. 529124

if governments cared about citizens they would have been monitoring the situation and closing borders and stopping flights with the exception of citizens in fucking february at the LATEST
they also didnt care to go ahead with buying supplies, they literally turned them away despite what was going on in china

the reality is, they want to protect the top 2%, which are all pretty much old as fuck CEO's and government officials, all of which hoard wealth and mistreat employees and staffers and barely pay livable wages to anybody who isnt related to them

if flattening the curve was a thing, lockdown would have been enforced long ago

No. 529128

and you're whining right back about how your life is soooooooo difficult

fuck off

No. 529129

I'm not ignoring it I just don't live in the US, most other countries have a nationalised health care system. If all those people you're talking about kept going to work this illness would spread even more rapidly and it absolutely would result in more indirect deaths due to lack of access to medical resources, I've already had necessary healthcare appointments cancelled (nothing life threatening but still worrying) it could be so much worse without any attempts to delay, no government can ethically just let millions of people get infected at once and do nothing to prevent it

No. 529131

all these zoomers screaming about old people being the evil over lord opressors gotta get over their teenage phase before they give themselves too many embarrassing memories to think about when they're old themselves

No. 529133

Boo fucking hoo my parents didn’t hand me gibs. I didn’t ask to born waaaah
Just accept that thinking all your world problems gonna get solved just by boomers dying is peak magical thinking.

No. 529135

We just want them to stay home instead of shutting down economy. That's it. Most people I saw in market today were boomers buying non-essential products (cookies, chocolate, tea, knick-knacks).

No. 529136

muh corona fucking boomers :(((

> what is aids crisis

muh 11/9 terrorist attacks fucking boomers :(((

> what were the troubles or chernobyl exploding

muh wars fucking boomers :(((

> what were the cold war rwanda genocide etc

muh oppression and poverty fucking privileged boomers :(((

> what were the prison camps for japanese what was the apartheid

No. 529139

Pull yourself together Boomer-chan, you're embarrassing yourself with this spergout.

No. 529142

you're not that clever as you think you retarded zoomer lmao

No. 529143

Zoomers rise up!!! Everyone go catch corona-chan and bring her home RIGHT NOW!!
World peace incoming!!!

No. 529145

ppl posting on this thread are the kind of ppl who retweet shit like "listening to 19-year-olds changed my life most teenagers today are smarter than adult uwu!" on twitter and add YASSS SLAYY comments on them

No. 529146

I live next to a park on the second floor and even though our city has issued a stay at home order there a bunch of smoothbrain genx parents are still bringing their annoying kids for softball play dates and shit under my window. I’m thinking of taping a sign with something to freak them out like “ your parents went outside so they’re going to die” or something like that. I get wanting to take your kids outside solo but fucking group sports? Playdates?

No. 529147

go out and cough and yell that you have corona


No. 529150

File: 1584748471437.jpeg (76.32 KB, 745x606, 98816C11-6DA8-44D2-9982-5CDEB1…)


World fertility rates are nosediving anyways in every place on earth except sub Saharan Africa, show this chart to everyone freaking out about overpopulation in the future. the problem of overpopulation is happening now, not in some soylent green esque scenario.

No. 529151

Honestly the median age in Sub-Saharan Africa is like 19 years old (compare to the USA where it's 38), it's not like they're the ones living far into their old age. A lot of them die before they turn 40 so the overpopulation there isn't really an issue.

No. 529152

Most of it is to stop people from panicking. Normies were already picking supermarkets clean after only 10K deaths because they saw memes about toilet paper. If they check their phones and see millions of people have died from corona, even if they're mostly useless retired boomers, then it's bye bye economy and hi food riots.

No. 529159

File: 1584749670276.png (1.94 MB, 680x1800, 1583789842606.png)

>first China-sperging
>now Boomer-sperging
Is someone having an episode or what? Is it the few days of isolation? Are we already searching scapegoats?

No. 529174

If it was first noticed in October as the weather was becoming colder, if it is mostly seasonal could it have been circulating for months prior to that and spread around the world at a low level under the radar, indistinguishable from common colds and flu?

No. 529175

Anons please don't lull yourselves into a false sense of security by thinking you might've already had it months ago because you had a cough/runny nose. If community spread was happening way back in the fall, the hospitals would've already been overrun by december and we would've been in chaos by january, before china even reported anything about the virus.

Don't worry about what you had months ago and focus on the state of your health today.

No. 529179

Eh thats not necessarily true. People werent flooding the hospitals because they thought it was just the same old same old, which most people recover from. Flooding of hospitals actually typically happens during PANIC situations. People start believing they have symptoms of a DEADLY FATAL disease that the media is telling them to be deathly afraid of, despite it having little to no symptoms at all until its practically too late to save them, or symptoms they have with a standard upper respiratory infection or something similar, so of course they're going to rush in a panic and take up space in the hospital. Have you ever had a panic attack? You can experience the SAME symptoms in a standard severe panic attack as you can Covid. Shortness of breath, migraines, tightness in the chest, body aches, vomiting etc. Now add a panic attack to a condition you might already have such as an upper respiratory infection, flu etc. Boom you've got Covid. Im all for being cautious in the moment, but theres no reason at all to believe this wasnt already floating around with the amount of travel taking place in the world daily.

No. 529180


If they live paycheck to paycheck and haven't saved up enough to deal with this crisis, then they shouldn't have used their money to buy anything unnecessary or for the simple enjoyment of life before the crisis!

(did I do that right, trolls?)

No. 529182

So far it looks like the Northern Hemisphere has the vast majority of cases, it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and it appears to be spreading less which suggests it is a seasonal thing, the Southern Hemisphere could be in the same position the North was in summer 2019, it is spreading but only very slowly and sparsely, as soon as the seasons change and the weather gets colder the numbers explode.

No. 529184

Yeah you did, you fucking lolcow

No. 529187

Bat SARS-like coronavirus WIV1 (Bat SL-CoV-WIV1), also sometimes called SARS-like coronavirus WIV1, is a strain of Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus isolated from Chinese rufous horseshoe bats.
The discovery confirms that bats are the natural reservoir of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

Any opinions from microbiologist-anon?

No. 529189

No, thats not how this works. Our reaction to the virus, whether or not we panic or are aware of it wouldn't magically change the death rate. If we were having mass community spread, our hospitals would be overrun like Italy. You'd have secret COVID19 deaths happening alongside your normal flu deaths.

Now, some areas did report some small increases in "flu-like illness" with negative flu tests, but it wasn't in numbers that caused alarm. If there already was community spread across all of the US we would see more nursing homes devastated, and more deaths in big cities like NYC.

There are warmer countries sill seeing spread of the virus, and studies are inconclusive on whether or not heat will kill this thing. But we shouldn't think once summer comes we are safe. The Spanish Flu came back with a vengeance in the fall after a mild summer.

No. 529190

>Are we already searching scapegoats?
Definitely. It's the most easy coping mechanism for any fucked up situation. Also, there are many parties that can be blamed for the current state of things.
I wonder who'll be blamed after anti-boomerism is done. Maybe doctors. I know some doctors were literally telling people to stop buying masks and claiming they're "ineffective", but it was kind of obvious they only said that so it'd be easier to get them for themselves. In at least one country, several doctors decided now was the perfect time to go on strike over not receiving pay, bogging down the healthcare process.
Besides them, it'll probably be zoomers for being super-spreaders and getting everyone sick to begin with. The people in >>528323 sounded pretty dumb.

No. 529193

Around 80% of people in Madrid are expected to get infected

No. 529195

I read that the reason why Italy was so hard hit was because it was already spreading among the hospital staff there, perhaps asymptomatically, or almost asymptomatically, which if true could be further evidence that it was already spreading around the world throughout 2019 before it was officially noticed. Which would suggest it is far less deadly than the media hype alleges it is.

No. 529196

You said hospitals would have been overrun from Covid patients if it had already been spreading. Most people literally recover from this whether or not they go to the hospital. And a lot of people are going to hospitals NOW because they're being told by the media that this is a spanish flu end of the world scenario type disease. That doesnt mean dont be cautious that it could have mutated into a more severe strain that we are seeing now, but it very well could mean the less severe strain was already floating around. The symptoms are literally flu like and panic attacks and hysteria worsen symptoms somebody could already have from numerous other viruses. They arent even testing people until they are almost dead in most places and they still arent even clear on why some people are testing both positive and negative at different times, and the numbers arent accurate at all. Actual scientists believe most people already have it or will have it in the next two months, and most will recover from it. Its up in the air on whether or not people are getting scarred lungs and diminished lung capacity after recovery. Why are people acting dense about this. Its not a conspiracy its just science.

No. 529198

Exactly. And it still stands that their population is mostly comprised of people who are older, have a history of health issues already, and are smokers etc.

No. 529200

Do you think there will be any good that will come out of this? I’m trying to find a silver lining to think about…

No. 529205

And it stands to reason, it is actually much LESS deadly than it is being hyped as, which is why it seems to spread so fast, because it rarely ever kills it's host, or even give the host any symptoms at all, except perhaps an occasional cough or sneeze, in Italy there must be doctors and surgeons that travel the country working in various hospitals, unknowingly infecting the other doctors and nurses there.

The best parasites in nature are those that live in their hosts unnoticed or almost unnoticed, this is what allows them to spread to so many other hosts. A parasite that is lethally deadly and kills it's host almost instantly would be self-defeating.

No. 529206

I know the virus is making a negative impact of many people's lives but a small part of me really hopes that virus gets so bad that it kills alt-right, SJW and Incel cultures

No. 529208

The emissions for the the first semester will definitely be in the lower side.

No. 529209

>The best parasites in nature are those that live in their hosts unnoticed or almost unnoticed, this is what allows them to spread to so many other hosts. A parasite that is lethally deadly and kills it's host almost instantly would be self-defeating.

Bingo. Thats how nature works. Viruses can have multiple mutating strains that start out semi benign, then mutate into a more severe strain at its peak, then taper off and reinfect at slower paces while literally ensuring the body of the host develops an immunity to its severity so it can spread more for longer periods of time. Thats why flu mutates yearly but still kills relatively low in comparison to its infection rate, and the fatalities are usually people who have a harder time fighting off things attacking their immune system. Are schools not teaching these things anymore?

No. 529210

More welfare and even UBI might become the norm, if you support that. Even the conservative party in the UK are paying peoples wages who cant work.

No. 529214

I was thinking about this and I doubt anything will change, at least in the US. Ideally, it would be nice if we got health care and some kind of law mandating all workers get PTO to not have to work when they're sick. There's no federal law mandating paid leave.

I used to work at a restaurant/coffee shop. Cooks, servers, baristas, etc. work with cold/flu symptoms all the fucking time. It gets other workers sick for sure, and almost certainly gets customers sick. It's almost impossible to call out without repercussions. I wish companies would acknowledge it's better to be short-staffed than spread illnesses.

No. 529215

To piggy back on this I want to add that the lack of knowledge about what this does to people who recover is important as well and Im not downplaying that. If it DOES scar lungs and diminish lung capacity with this strain, then it is essentially a super virus, if you will. But there are literally super flus that do this same thing. And ofc those are more dangerous. That means when the virus has incubated long enough to leave the "gift" in your system, you basically now have an autoimmune disease wheother you live or not. But the media isnt focusing on this which imo is the real danger. Instead, they're trying to convince everyone this is sweeping through the world like a fucking scarlet fever taking out healthy people immediately in mass numbers. Thus people are panicking, they are using up tests that could be for actual sick people, and they are going to flood hospitals which is the REAL reason hospitals are going to be overrun over their capacity.

No. 529216

If it cripples it's victims to the point where they can hardly walk without gasping for air, it is going to be self-limiting as those victims aren't going to be be going out and working, partying, etc.

No. 529221

Agreed, but the virus will die out if it cannot spread. We need to focus more on what this is doing to the body before, during and after the illness. We cant trust China to do literally fuck all or not lie about anything, so Italy, once this calms down, is going to be a good place for people to look at the cases and pick them apart to see the dynamics of the diseases itself. South Korea is already trying, hence why their cases have pretty much started to slow. Its not over for them, but its slowing because they were able to catch on to the strains DNA and able to form the conclusion that anti malarial drugs are potential treatments that at least slow the virus down once its inside a host, and makes the respiratory aspect less severe. I trust they are working hard to figure this out. It doesnt mean its over, it just means that we are closer to a vaccine that can at LEAST lessen the severity of this strain, and hopefully cause all future mutations of the strain to be more benign.

No. 529224


Excellent point re living with pollution making people more susceptible.


Yesterday California gov Newsom said it may last for months.

I just woke up and haven't checked the news yet tho.


Context re genetic variants?



>people over 40
>"greatest generation"

No, the so-called "greatest generation" was born post-WW2. Their children are Gen X.

I understand that colloquially "boomer" now refers to the parents of adults, but don't confuse it with the "greatest generation" because that is your grandparent's generation.

No. 529229

University becomes less anal about mandatory attendance

No. 529230

Yea, you people took all the masks back in January so many people didn't even have a chance. And many of you resell it on ebay

No. 529233

File: 1584756118940.jpg (87.84 KB, 1024x553, 1584752208171m.jpg)

No. 529239

I don't think any good will come out of this.

There is already talk not just of a recession but a depression. This event is potentially going to be the most polarizing event in recent history.

If it turns out that very few people actually die from this and that it was no worse than regular seasonal flu the mainstream media will be totally discredited among millions of right-wingers, especially if this causes Trump lose his reelection bid and the media will be blamed for spreading panic and causing a recession/depression for nothing. They may even turn against Trump himself for capitulating to the media.

In this scenario the mainstream media will double-down and claim some sort of deux ex machina, that the only reason why millions more didn't die is exactly because they spread panic and encouraged people to take precautions such as social distancing, etc.

This is going to one of the most significant historical events since JFK and 9/11.

No. 529241

I had no idea SARS and MERS had such low fatality rates. Thanks anon!

No. 529242


You're forgetting about the lengthy period of contagion during incubation.

No. 529243

In your opinion, do you think the government response where you live has been good? What would you like see happen? I'm curious if people in other countries feel differently because where I live I don't think I've met anyone who feels the government acted appropriately/sufficiently

No. 529246

Im in America, and definitely not. The response has been super slow, and the dumbass in charge doesnt know his head from his ass. He's literally like a child mentally so I dont forsee this going as well as SK for instance. Our government cant even decide on a fucking stimulus package but its sure eager to print paper to bail out all the people at the top that are losing money. Nevermind the fact that we are a nation of consumers and could probably build the economy back up(which would make them more money if they were smart) if we were given a proper stimulus, given leeway on bills and utility and rent payments, job security and such to do so while this is going on.

No. 529248

Obviously when people blame boomers they are referring to the white ones anon.

They are the ones that were given everything. No shit.

No. 529249

File: 1584757422769.png (91.64 KB, 800x367, Screenshot_2020-03-20-19-15-49…)


I read an article last night that presented figures on how many masks the US federal govt has stockpiled for an emergency (I believe it was 500 million) and that the number is but a fraction of the number of masks used during a certain period of this crisis. One nurse was quoted as using the same mask over and over, spraying it with alcohol between patients until it disintegrated.

In trying to find the article I saw this

>please help by sewing masks at home for us

>making masks is an exacting process

No. 529254

right? but unbelievably, polls are saying pretty consistently that around 55% approve of his handling. he called it a dem hoax for like 7 weeks. they fired our pandemic response team in 2018. like… i know it's too "low hanging fruit" to talk about about how stupid americans are, but what the fuck is this?

No. 529255

>If it turns out that very few people actually die from this and that it was no worse than regular seasonal flu the mainstream media will be totally discredited among millions of right-wingers, especially if this causes Trump lose his reelection bid and the media will be blamed for spreading panic and causing a recession/depression for nothing.
This is exactly how every 50+ year old member of my family thinks. It's exhausting.

Even if social distancing and shutting down the infected areas produces results, they'll just think they were right along and it's a mainstream media conspiracy against Trump.

No. 529256

It sucks. Between that and people not taking it seriously at all, its gonna be a rough couple of months for us. Even if there arent a massive amount of deaths. And then after, the economy is gonna be ruined and a lot of people are going to be having to start all over in regards to schooling and careers and finances.

No. 529266

At Walmart the old people are allowed in early so they can come in when it's been freshly sanitized and there's less people. They are doing this to try to save lives.

Instead of respecting those hours people are gathering outside the doors and glaring and bitching at me when I come out from my nightshift job. The also started bitching at me for having a couple of jugs of water like I'm the one making the policies. Just go when the store is in operation and be glad it's open to the public, period. If you really need something so bad you can't wait until the weekend maybe you should have stocked up ahead of time. I can guarantee all of these retards at the door do not NEED their massive amounts of product. They are also implementing a buy only one of important items thing, most places are doing that so if you are patient soon you will be able to get what you need after work. Sorry if this sounds bitchy I just hate customers. It's like they have one brain between them.

No. 529268

samefag I'm sorry I didn't mean you are an idiot I just turned my response into a work related rant, I was also having trouble getting things because of my work hours and people taking things. I didn't mean you when I was complaining about customers.

No. 529271


My numbers from memory were off.

>The federal government’s Strategic National Stockpile of medical supplies includes 12 million medical-grade N95 masks and 30 million surgical masks — only about 1% of the 3.5 billion masks that the Department of Health and Human Services estimates would be needed over the course of a year.


No. 529275

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said that while UN health experts are investigating the matter, “we recommend using rather paracetamol [acetaminophen], and do not use ibuprofen as a self-medication.”

But a day later, WHO reversed itself.

"Based on currently available information, WHO does not recommend against the use of ibuprofen,” the organization tweeted.


No. 529276

gee its almost as if they want people to die

No. 529278

Or they've done studies and their information has improved like real science and not just never changing to seem right to idiots.

No. 529279

Maybe Biden and Trump will die so Bernie can make some shit happen.

No. 529282

God, I thought I was the only one. I've purged 3 times this week after being solidly in recovery for several months. I think it's more anxiety than anything but I'm not sure what to do.

No. 529283

This isn't an Us vs Them situation, unless the Them you're referring to are the actual people setting the policies that are screwing you over.
>A small amount of people just like to hoard wealth, take ownership of swathes of land
Anon it's literally been this way for centuries, going back to when the nobility owned everything while the poor surfs/slaves toiled on their land. Little has changed. Modern society has given humanity the illusion of freedom.

No. 529284

File: 1584762136044.png (273.65 KB, 800x950, Screenshot_2020-03-20-20-38-04…)

LATEST, March 20, 8:20 p.m. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Friday night that California National Guard members will be deployed to help with distribution at food banks.


No. 529286

Hmm… temporarily less carbon output? We've already seen how quarantines have improved the environment with animals coming back to the canals in Venice and the amount of flights that have been cancelled can only be a good thing for the planet. If someone out there is recording the environmental impact this is having it could be a clear example to show that people must change their behaviour to benefit the planet we're all taking and taking from.

Countries may also strive to be more self-sufficient in the future at the cost of globalism, giving more work to the average citizen at home rather than having it outsourced to places that will do it for cheaper.

Possibly tighter border controls, if you care about how lax your countries immigration policy is. Everyone was fighting over how immigration would be handled during Brexit, now nobody is batting an eye at multiple countries shutting down entirely for their own protection.

No. 529287

>Are schools not teaching these things anymore?
If all the slack jawed ignorance I've seen on sm is any indication, no.

No. 529291


Trichotillomania and former binge anon here. Yup, it's the anxiety. I swept up a lovely pile of hair last night. Last week I was stress eating. Better to pull out my hair than eat my rations, I guess.

I fell asleep with my head on my comforter that admittedly needs a wash after I and friends have been sitting on it in street clothes. I woke up with a nasty, weeping stye and a huge zit on the back of my head near my hairline. Hot compressing constantly so I can avoid seeking medical.

>need to wash comforter

>laundromat with other people

Maybe I'll just burn it instead.

No. 529292

Recession was already in motion before all of this. This is just being used as a cover for that and several other 'inconvenient things' they don't want the public focusing on.

No. 529295

It's ok to vent a little anon. Sorry you're having a hard time with all the panic buyer monkeys.

No. 529297

So mods are censoring this thread now?



Let the archiving begin


No. 529298

Do you have any advice for how to control binge eating? I’ve never had it this bad and always been able to manage it but this has made it go out of control. I’m so worried I don’t have the money or access to food to keep going on like this

No. 529299

>we are closer to a vaccine that can at LEAST lessen the severity of this strain
I don't understand why some people keep insisting a vaccine will work? As you know, these viruses are always mutating, which makes vaccinating for them (as a preventative measure) pointless. People need to focus on strengthening their immune systems (which are weakened by fear and stress) and taking preventative measures that will actually work. Vaccines are not preventative when the virus strains are constantly mutating. They can't predict what the next strain will be.

No. 529301

Weren't those posts just pointless bickering? Look at the replies.

No. 529303

tbf the China sperging happened because corona-chan allegedly
started in China. At first I thought it could've been a bioweapon because of the weapons lab in Wuhan but for now there's just not enough evidence to say one way or the other. Neither have i seen enough evidence to say conclusively that this virus jumped from animals.

No. 529304

File: 1584764653274.png (180.79 KB, 800x915, Screenshot_2020-03-20-21-18-33…)


>Newsom also formally launched the Neighbor-to-Neighbor campaign, a government partnership with Nextdoor.com and California Volunteers intended to help deliver food to individuals facing an elevated risk of complications due to the coronavirus.

>"The collaboration will allow the state to reach more than 22,000 neighborhoods using the platform," the release reads. "Neighbors use Nextdoor to exchange helpful information and California Volunteers will use this site to share ways residents can safely check on each other during the COVID-19 outbreak. The platform will also be used to share ways to safely ensure community members have the basic necessities they may need during periods of home isolation."

Since sfgate.com is shit at reporting:




I am using archive.today to archive all of the links I post just in case servers begin to become unreachable.

No. 529305

Maybe this timeline will give us this. But I don't know anon, who knows what can happen next.

No. 529306

Because it protects people from existing strains. This lowers the number of cases even if it doesn't actually prevent it. It's not black and white.

No. 529307

>control people and make this a police state
With Denmark of all govts trying to make a covid vaccine mandatory - and it doesn't even exist yet -, you don't sound too far off. Have to raise an eyebrow at them bringing in the National Guard >>529284 because to repeat what's been said several times already, what they're using to test for Covid hasn't proven reliable, yields false positives etc. Not something a thinking person would count on for accurate data collection. They're bringing in the national guard over something they can't even properly test for. Makes sense.

No. 529309


I feel your pain, and I don't what to suggest since my methods are contrary to social distancing, ie only keeping enough food on hand for the next day. If I still had food stamps left I would undoubtedly have my face buried in two pints of B&J. Being poor has been the greatest deterrent of binging.

Do you have other anxiety-driven behaviors that you could use when you feel the urge to binge? Like I try to pull my hair rather than pick my skin.


If so, then why not delete all of the bickering and racist posts like >>528912 ?

No. 529311

>lowers the number of cases
>doesn't actually prevent it
>doesn't prevent it
How can you lower the number of cases if you're not preventing them in the first place? Doesn't make sense. Instead of getting injected with a vaccine, why not just get infected naturally and let your immune system build antibodies that way?

No. 529313

because you dont become contagious with a vaccine?? that's a huge plus

No. 529314


And as has been demonstrated by the flu vaccine, it will offer some protection against new strains ie you will contract the new strain not included in the vaccine but your symptoms will not be as bad.

No. 529315

I haven't seen evidence to support that. The vaccinated still shed the virus.

No. 529316

>it will offer some protection against new strains
I haven't seen evidence to support that either.

No. 529317

most vaccines don't cause shedding and if they do, iirc it's usually stool shedding. idk about the vaccine for corona but i figure that's going to be one of the selling points. even if it stool sheds, it's preferable to getting sick and shedding through everything

No. 529318

You are preventing people from getting sick from the known strains. New strains will infect people but they will be protected from the already existing ones. This would make less cases. Also why get infected with the flu just for antibodies? That's what a vaccine does and it doesn't make you miss work the way getting sick would. Besides, if I have antibodies from the flu this year I can still be infected with a new strain next year. What's the difference?

No. 529319

>thinking all your world problems gonna get solved just by boomers dying is peak magical thinking
It's almost as if some people don't know that psychotic, worthless assholes exist in other generations too, including their own.

No. 529320

>most vaccines don't cause shedding
Ok, so some of them do, meaning some of them are contagious. Admittedly it is rather nice of the vaccine companies to put that nifty list of horrible side effects on all their package inserts. Vaccine injury court exists for a reason.
>You are preventing people from getting sick from the known strains
No. Vaccine (in this case) doesn't prevent illness. People have gotten flu and/or flu-like symptoms from the vaccines. It's supposed to build antibodies. If that's the case, I'll just get it naturally and build antibodies that way.

No. 529322


It's true in the case of the flu, so hopefully it will be true in the case of this coronavirus.


A San Francisco telehealth startup has launched an at-home COVID-19 test for people experiencing symptoms of the disease.

Nurx, which is known for its birth control and sexually transmitted infection testing, devoted all its resources in the last two weeks to ramping up production of the test after the federal Food and Drug Administration cleared the way for certified labs to provide testing for the novel coronavirus.

The service currently costs $181, including shipping charges. Hoffman said Nurx does not bill insurance for the test but encourages patients to submit receipts to their insurance plan for partial reimbursement.

The extent of COVID-19 infection in the United States remains unknown in the wake of the Trump’s administration’s failure to roll out widespread and accessible testing. The nation has lagged behind every other country with a high proportion of coronavirus cases, testing fewer than 28,000 people as recently as Sunday. That number has improved through the week. On Friday afternoon, the COVID-19 Tracking Project reported that 138,500 people had been tested.



No. 529323

when they shed they're rarely contagious because they're weakened, and seem to primarily only infect people who are severely, severely immunocompromised, unlike actually getting sick. they're usually nowhere near as transmittable. as i said, very few vaccines shed and their shedding is nothing like getting sick. most vaccines aren't even live vaccines, so. stop with your antivax nonsense.

No. 529324

Maybe if we're lucky they'll start using drones to follow us around with loud speakers reminding everyone to wear a mask like they do in China. Because if we want to emulate anyone, it's the Chinese government.

No. 529328

It's incredibly sad how ever willing people are to treat "The Others" as disposable.

As soon as you label people as "Other", the dehumanization starts. And then people start treating other people monstrously. Have we learned nothing from what happened to blacks, women, Jews…?

The virus is not killing "The Others". There are no "Others". It's killing US.

No. 529329


He's mobilizing the NG for food distribution. Are you suspicious of governments using this premise to get their foot in the door, so to speak?


>People have gotten flu

Because they contract a strain not included in the vaccine. Contracting the flu from the vaccine is impossible.

>and/or flu-like symptoms from the vaccines.

Those symptoms are the body's immune inflammatory response to the vaccine and indicate that your immune system is functioning well.

>It's supposed to build antibodies.

Technically it's your immune system that builds antibodies.

>If that's the case, I'll just get it naturally and build antibodies that way.

I don't think you understand how vaccines work.

No. 529330

File: 1584767377209.png (66.34 KB, 1287x591, Screenshot_2020-03-21 U S cour…)

>stop with your antivax nonsense.
I knew you'd say that. I'm not antivax, I'm pro informed consent, primarily because of things like pic related. Nice guess though, even though you totally blew off the very real vaccine injury court.

I'm sure the covid vaccine will also have questions surrounding its safety, as it should. In a free society, people are allowed to decide what they put in their own bodies.


No. 529332

Why has quarantine seemingly made every celebrity turn into the most insufferable, attention seeking person ever the past few days. I know they’ve always been like that but they’re being so blatant about it. Can they really not go a few days without attention that they would rather make themselves into this cringeworthy spectacle..

No. 529333

>Because they contract a strain not included in the vaccine.
Ok. So you get 'a strain' of flu whether you take the vaccine or not lol, so how does this prevent you from getting the flu again?
>Contracting the flu from the vaccine is impossible.
Where's the evidence?
>Those symptoms are the body's immune inflammatory response
If you say so.
>it's your immune system that builds antibodies.
I know that, hence getting the flu naturally w/o vaccine.
>I don't think you understand how vaccines work.
Apparently you don't either.

No. 529335

>A San Francisco telehealth startup has launched an at-home COVID-19 test
And these tests (PCR) have yielded false positives. Its accuracy and efficacy hasn't been proven without a doubt.

No. 529336

The strains of flu that cycle every year are different. Sometimes they can predict them, sometimes they don't. The vaccine is an estimate based on what they think the 3 most common strains are.

the flu vaccine can protect you from getting a severe version that leads to death. vaccinated, you might just be down for a couple days. you might not get it at all. without it and you could end up hospitalized or dead.

No. 529337

>Sometimes they can predict them
Where's the evidence?
>The vaccine is an estimate
Meaning they take a wild guess, they can't predict any strain, period.

>a severe version that leads to death.

Tell that to some of the people who died from this >>529330

No. 529339


Yes, I know, but keeping up with the news about it is worthwhile. That $181 price tag and not submitting it to insurance is what gets me.


Don't waste your time on this one, anon.

No. 529343

File: 1584768630295.jpg (638.52 KB, 1440x2096, 20200321_002718.jpg)

Walgreens anon from a few days ago. Here's another update from a Walgreens store manager that has to work through this through a shut down. I've downed a half a bottle of vodka in the last 30 mins so I will respond as needed but pre emotive apologies for any incoming typos

No. 529346

I'm sorry anon. The way this whole thing has been handled by the authorities defies logic and reason, it's full blown incompetence. There's no good reason for things to get this drastic. There's so much hype and hysteria over what looks like nothing more than a flu that's a little worse than usual.

No. 529347

Interesting. I don't see a source for the data though?

No. 529349


SF Walgreens customer anon here. Hang in there (non-ironically*).

>24 toilet papers

Is that cases of multipacks? How many rolls? I usually get the Angel Soft 6 pack of fat rolls with the $1 off coupon. When I went to Walgreens two weeks ago I grabbed the last pack in the entire store of a more expensive brand but put it back when the Walgreens website refused to load the coupons because it was outside of my budget. Fuck that website for being so over-engineered that it won't run on anything but a current OS device on a fast and fat connection.

On Monday night I noticed at least one of the corner stores had finally jacked up the prices on TP and way beyond my budget. Washcloth for pee it is! I've got baby wipes for #2.

Have anons noticed if prices on feminine hygiene products been increased? The wipes and pads/pantyliners can be used in lieu of TP. What a sad state of affairs when fucking fem hygiene products are cheaper than TP.

* Does anyone think that the toll this crisis will take will move us out of the age of irony and 4chan memes? I mean, I have had plenty of laughs at Pepe Clown World memes and have a dark humor streak a mile wide, but this crisis is beyond everything that has been mocked in the last few years.

Soz for stoned ramble. Neighbor got his trust fund check today and picked up weed for us as well as food and water for me so I don't have to leave my room. So thankful for my good neighbors!

No. 529350

Regardless of how serious covid is you cant argue the general public is acting faster than the government and that's where these issues are coming

I am not in a hot zone by any means, but let me break down what I am going through
-my daily sales are about 6500 a day. I'm doing 1400+ eight now. More so than xmas. With 140 less staff hours
-my pharmacy does average 250-300 scripts a day. We did over 500 the last 4 days.
-I am working 15 hours a day. I have had maybe 6 hours of sleep since mondays. I have nightmares that people ask me for hand sanitizer and I wake up. Had a dream I was murdered last night

My location has not had:
- masks since January 18th
- hand sanitizer in 9 weeks
- isopropyl alcohol in 8 weeks
- disinfects in 6 weeks
- toilet paper in 4 weeks
- ANY pain relief in 3 weeks. Including baby and infant
- Water in 2 weeks

Like I said, REGARDLESS of the true severity of anything (government. Virus. Media.) People are reacting and we are fucked for a while

I am supposed to be off work tomorrow but I am literally going in to keep my team and my family safe

No. 529352

File: 1584771243228.png (179.43 KB, 800x695, Screenshot_2020-03-20-23-07-14…)

No. 529353

I appreciate your questions!!! Bare with me as I'm doing this mobile
I am sorry for what you are dealing with in cali, from what I hear walgreens stores are making up their own rules as they go. The things I am saying reflect someone right next to HQ in Illinois (not to say I havent established my own rules either to protect my team)

>> paper

When I say packs, I mean pieces showing they are sold. So 1 single roll and one 24 pack counts as 2 pieces if that makes sense.

Fem products" illinois has a rule in place no tax in lady products. This means we have ""officials"" coming in all the time to enforce no prove gauging or the fine will be more than whatever profit you ripped off. I assume mom and pop stops are doing this

To add to the above if you have a "state of emergency: walgreens blocked ALL price maitenence so for the last month or so nothing had changed. I'd you to into our system to over ride it gets reported and you're fired essentially. The stock condition is a different story unfortunately

No. 529354

No. 529355

Also a hint fuck the app unless you're doing mobile orders or refilling a script

Coupons are dumb through the app. We always have a weekly ad and a monthly ad. Lots of coupons within them. The app is literally those copy and pasted 85% of the time. Just go old school ad ask the cashier to scan them for you.

The other 15% are manufacturers cups that you can get from the Sunday paper

No. 529356

I don't know about Walgreens but I've read that grocery stores in general have enough stock/supplies, the problem is people are buying shit up before stores have time to restock. This is primarily why they're closing earlier.

What youre describing sounds like something bordering on pandemonium. You're in Illinois? I'm on the east coast and haven't seen anything quite that severe yet.

If you really feel like your safety is threatened, consider taking precautionary/preventative measures. Whether or not going into work is worth risking your life/safety for is your call. Hope you stay safe anon.

No. 529359

File: 1584772027299.png (167.36 KB, 795x977, Screenshot_2020-03-19-19-54-07…)

Anons trying to save $ during this crisis:

Don't pay your phone and Internet bill until May [pic related]. Check with your carrier/ISP to verify they signed on to the agreement.


And I appreciate your answers!

>no tax on fem products in Illinois

Congrats! Our ordinance went into effect Jan 1 but it's limited to 2 years. I wasn't even aware of this happening until I looked it up just now (no longer menstruating since I was neutered for cancer treatment).


Under the new law, also known as Senate Bill 92, the sale and use of “diapers for infants, toddlers, and children, and menstrual hygiene products, defined as tampons, specified sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups” are now exempt from sales taxes as well as use taxes, the bill's text states.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) green-lighted the legislation in June. At the time, The Associated Press reported that the move could subtract up to $55 million from the state’s budget, which totaled more than $200 billion.

No. 529361

Idk if you have been following my posts sporadically the last few days. You are 100% right and true.

Let me explain– my store is about 1 hour outside of corporate walgreens. I'm afraid to use buzz words as I piloted a lot of weird shit at my store so I an gonna do my best here without giving locations etc ad I am risking my job. I have been there 10-15 years to keep it vaugish

Prior to the world frak freak out, Corp determined my location was 75% pharmacy 25% shopping.they ripped out display pieces so the majority of the store is typically big cardboard blocks advertising out services m. The staff focuses "where " they need to be rather than shelf maitenence and sto king etc etc

This means labor budget is bare. The "system" thinks might sell 1 of a certain product a year so wont get it for 4 months lots of issues

My facility is very high income bracket. Literally 2 people have grown up here to be on Laguna beach or some dumbass show. My customers DONT shop here cuz they dont need to. They are actually probably all bffs with trump if I guessed

Suddenly panic
System is ordering ZERO cuz it doesnt know what to do. Know I gotta bunch of rich people wuarenting themselves and their children's.

Ensue panic. Maybe bot yours your the typical anon. But mine

No. 529362

Pretty sure anon just deleted those themselves you paranoid idiot

No. 529363


I only use the website version and clip the coupons to my rewards card before I leave the house so I can budget accordingly. No one I know of in my building has a newspaper subscription.

I've stuck with Walgreens because Rx (I'm on 8 daily meds) and for the rewards points without which I would not be able to survive.

Tip: If you have a complaint about almost anything related to your receipt and call customer service the nice ladies with the Southern drawl will give you a slew of points. One time I was given 20K. That's $20!

No. 529364

I like you, Walgreens anon. I hope you get some sleep and stay safe. And keep bringin’ the dirt.

No. 529365


Check the timestamps of replies to them, idiot.

No. 529366

Oh shit I swear I proofed that. Please read through my drunk typing
I am literally just in a panic I said it a few days ago my teamismy familyand I am so scared literally drunk
Are you the same anon from cali that was talking to me a few nights ago??

If not bless you all I hate Illinois and the corrupt for real look at our governmentprison dudes.cali is pretty and liberal nice but not enough, I'll send you my love ir whatever

Alsoum drunk I think I earned so dont fire me for fucking up sagez

No. 529367

Care to elaborate because I don't get it

No. 529368

Forgive me for this post I cant even text my fa.ily sober because i am so upset lmao

No. 529370

Walgreens anon here! Like I said at the start of my posting tonight, I am drinking in excess out of fear for myself and fear for my team. If you have questions I'll try to answer tomorrow but I lost my ability to type.i love you ladies and appreciate you <3

No. 529372

Don't sweat the typos. It's good to take the edge off, just don't over do it. I don't know if you have any methods to help you relax but I'll sometimes listen to 'meditative' stuff on yt. Though if you're drunk rn idk if it would make a difference lol.

No. 529373

stay safe anon, enjoy your night.

No. 529374

>they still arent even clear on why some people are testing both positive and negative at different times
Because the PCR test isn't worth a shit, that's why, which means the stats/data coming from these tests is equally worthless. Evidently this is a difficult concept for some people to grasp.

No. 529376

Fucking hell my internet connection is getting flakier and flakier. It started blipping out a couple times a day Wednesday. And not only during peak hours, either. Like 4am last night and it's midnight now.

Wondering if I can somehow use >>529359 to add to my data plan without paying for it now.


Yup, the boomer SF anon whom anons want bad things to happen to because I had the audacity to buy concert tickets 6 months ago with welfare $ I had saved for 6 months prior kek

>my team is my family

Bless you, Walgreens anon.

>cali is not liberal enough

As a transplant from the south/east coast during the mid-90s I couldn't wait to move to the American mecca of liberalism. Once I got here I began to see cases of extreme liberalism run amok to the point of being fascist. And don't get me started on how badly run the city, county, and state governments are. Prime example, ballot measures that are clearly unconstitutional but tax $ is wasted on including them anyway.

SF has a fine tradition of corruption dating back to its founding, and it's not about to change. I don't trust the new mayor for various reasons. The head of the Planning Dept was arrested by the FBI last month for accepting bribes; turns out the mayor dated him. The feds shut down a department under I believe Human Services last year for losing a huge amount of $ that was supposed to go to homelessness and supportive housing (and the media was so hush hush about it).


Look at the timestamps of the replies to the deleted posts. Anons cannot delete posts after 1 hour.

No. 529377

I don't really understand binge eating but would more filling food help? I've been eating colon blow fiber cereal to keep the stress snacking down.

No. 529378


Samefag, good luck getting through to AT&T to ask for >>529359. The recording says their offices have reduced hours due to reduced staff.

It begins…

No. 529379

Re China using CT to dx, here is the actual study


Re PCR tests


SARS-CoV-2, is an RNA virus, which means it uses ribonucleic acid as its genetic material. It requires a process called reverse transcription, or RT, to transcribe its RNA into DNA.

Because there’s not very much material in one sample, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to rapidly make billions of copies so it can be analyzed. The DNA is dyed a fluorescent color, which glows if SARS-CoV-2 is present. Most of the available Covid-19 tests use this process. The virus has about 32,000 nucleotides, so there’s a variety of tests, each looking for different parts of the virus’s genome, and they use different chemicals — there’s not one test every country is using.

In the US, the CDC chose not to follow WHO protocol and made its own test, shipping it to states in early February. (The CDC has not made a public statement on why it didn’t follow WHO protocol.) The kit was actually designed to run three tests: two for SARS-CoV-2 and one for other known coronaviruses, which cause many common colds. But laboratories around the country soon reported that the tests didn’t work.

Despite a nationwide shortage, the need for FDA approval kept local, state, private, or academic institutions from developing or producing their own tests. Although in a crisis the FDA can use something called emergency use authorization to allow unapproved medical tests, the agency waited until February 29 before actually doing so.

Laboratories in the US all have different equipment from academic research institutions, which are different from those used in hospitals, so Covid-19 tests have to be independently verified in each lab to make sure they’re working right.

Finally, PCR technology has been around for a long time, but it’s time-consuming and complicated to perform, and it’s very easy to contaminate samples. The RT-PCR test itself only takes about a day, but with shortages and the need to ship samples to labs, it’s taking most patients days, or even weeks, to get their results back.

PCR is generally considered to be very accurate, but one study suggests that RT-PCR accuracy varies depending on how samples from your nose, throat, or lungs are collected and when you are tested. Only 3 percent of the patients in this study ended up with false negatives — meaning they had Covid-19 but were told they didn’t — but even missing a small number of cases could have deadly consequences.

PCR testing is also slow; under the best of circumstances, it can take a day to get results. Dozens of companies have announced plans to develop a “point of care” test, which a nurse or doctor can use right in their office and get results back in as little as 15 minutes. Some of these tests will also rely on nose and throat swabs and PCR, while others will look for antibodies to the virus in patients’ blood, known as a serological test. This approach could also tell if someone had been previously infected, even if they’re not currently sick. Serological tests are thought to perhaps be less accurate than PCR but are less complicated to perform and easier to automate.

There were no serological tests for Covid-19 until this week when BioAmerica started shipping a new, $10 test to government agencies. Others, like Mammoth Biosciences, plan to use CRISPR to develop a test that works with paper test strips. Still others plan to roll out a $135 at-home PCR test by March 23, with results back in 72 hours.

No. 529380

File: 1584777377410.png (109.72 KB, 444x341, The Coronavirus Hoax.png)

>Are you suspicious of governments using this premise to get their foot in the door, so to speak?

Isn't that what the Chinese government is doing?

Here's another critic and skeptic [pic related], but he's just a retired doctor/former senator/libertarian boomer, so he must be some know nothing asshole I guess.


>Governments love crises because when the people are fearful they are more willing to give up freedoms for promises that the government will take care of them. After 9/11, for example, Americans accepted the near-total destruction of their civil liberties in the PATRIOT Act’s hollow promises of security.

>Declaring a pandemic emergency on Friday, President Trump now claims the power to quarantine individuals suspected of being infected by the virus

>State and local authoritarians love panic as well. The mayor of Champaign, Illinois, signed an executive order declaring the power to ban the sale of guns and alcohol and cut off gas, water, or electricity to any citizen. The governor of Ohio just essentially closed his entire state.

>The chief fearmonger of the Trump Administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. He testified to Congress that the death rate for the coronavirus is ten times that of the seasonal flu, a claim without any scientific basis.

>The madness over the coronavirus is not limited to politicians and the medical community. The head of the neoconservative Atlantic Council wrote an editorial this week urging NATO to pass an Article 5 declaration of war against the COVID-19 virus! Are they going to send in tanks and drones to wipe out these microscopic enemies?

>People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus “pandemic” could be a big hoax, with the actual danger of the disease massively exaggerated by those who seek to profit – financially or politically – from the ensuing panic.

>we have seen this movie before. Government over-hypes a threat as an excuse to grab more of our freedoms. When the “threat” is over, however, they never give us our freedoms back.

I feel safer already.

No. 529383


[despite knowing whom I'm replying to I'll bite]

The Chinese authorities don't have to use subterfuge to get their foot in the door; they're already inside.

>defensive sarcastic comment re Ron Paul

Calm down. Have I voiced an opinion about him?

>coronavirus “pandemic” could be a big hoax

But people are actually critically ill and dying.

No. 529386

The Chinese govt is using this "pandemic" to further its totalitarian ambitions. Stop acting dense.

>But people are actually critically ill and dying.

Well apparently you missed the point of the article then.

I don't know who you are nor do I care.

No. 529389

Why can't /pol/acks ever stay on their containment board, let alone website. This is lolcow, there are no shills and staff doesn't give a damn about your dumb opinions.

No. 529392


It doesn't need to further them. It's already totalitarian.

I know you're the antivax anon.


lol wut

No. 529393

ron paul is genuinely an unironic know-nothing tho

No. 529398

Washington state is prepping to be the new Italy.

Chilling' Plans: Who Gets Care When Washington State Hospitals Reach Their Max?



No. 529400

Ok boomer

No. 529401

They are talking about putting the city I live in on lockdown. I know grocery stores stay open and stuff but what about laundromats? Should I be rushing out to wash my clothes now and start wearing my socks twice or what?

No. 529404

File: 1584781851045.png (120.47 KB, 800x805, Screenshot_2020-03-21-02-05-20…)


Here is the list of essential businesses in SF.


In looking for this list I found this page of resources for businesses and workers. I was pleasantly surprised to see the many financial assistance already being extended to small businesses and workers.


No. 529406


lol you are so absolutely wrong!

No. 529409

File: 1584782411600.png (347.05 KB, 1074x544, scrote.png)

He's mad about his posts getting deleted. He's the self-admitted vegan wizardchan scrote who's been shitting up the pink pill thread, and also the early COVID-19 threads. He's also an actual /pol/tard, you're right about that.
You can tell it's him by the obnoxious, tryhard typing style. He's also the "fellow sisters" poster in >>526678. Once I put two and two together, I haven't been able to stop IDing his garbage posts. He just keeps ban evading.
He already outed himself as male in the pink pill thread, and I wish he'd stop blogging here just so he can get drops of female interaction. It's pathetic, and he only brings arguments and narc bullshit.
Reposting because I dropped my screenshot. I have/had a tab of the PP thread with his posts undeleted, so I can also provide proof of him admitting to being one of the vegan posters in the Coronavirus threads.
He was screeching at multiple anons in that thread for saying rapists should be hung, just to be clear. He is also "pro-porn", and bizarrely felt the need to proclaim his exploits as a dominatrix.
He replied to me now typing in all-lowercase because he thinks that sounds more "girly". I really hope the mods ban him, he's annoying as shit.

No. 529411

File: 1584782582430.png (105.81 KB, 800x373, Screenshot_2020-03-21-02-19-11…)

No. 529412


You're still wrong.

No. 529413


>He replied to me now typing in all-lowercase because he thinks that sounds more "girly".

No, I replied in all lowercase because I started my sentence with "lol" which I always type in lowercase.

I don't have ovaries, tho, I'll grant you that.

No. 529415

i wouldn't. get yourself a basin and just hand wash and dry. i wouldn't want to be in a laundromat and have my clothes around the people there tbh right now, personally. i know the dryer heat is supposed to kill anything but still

No. 529416

was he the one who was complaining about accidentally turning his boyfriends into cucks etc?

No. 529418


Don't bother deleting your post, either.



I'm still not who >>529409 thinks I am.

No. 529419

>coronavirus thread has turned into cancer thread

No. 529421

You raging autist she literally said she deleted and reposted because she forgot the image. This isn't a Gotcha! moment. Stop shitting up the thread, it's not about you.

No. 529423


Hi! I'm the vegan Wizard. I haven't posted since the ban in the pink pill thread, and I didn't intend to post again. I only came here for the coronadrama and shared a few positive messages elsewhere. I'm not a poltard, just went there the check out the news. If it helps you with your paranoia, I don't intend on returning, i'll be gone shortly. I'm sure a mod could confirm for you, because I posted from only two IP addresses. This being the third. Have a good day!

No. 529425


This. Not only sharing the machines but having to touch so many common objects and having to wait there for an hour+ in the presence of others.

I did a load in my building's laundry room late last week before shit really hit the fan, and I've been hand washing underwear, bras, socks, and tank tops since then. I find washing anything but my smalls easier to do in the shower while I'm showering.


The site would not let me delete >>529411.

And how is it not about me when she's accusing me of being some /pol/ scrote?

No. 529426


Nor am I the "vegan Wizard", whoever the fuck that is.

No. 529427

Thank you for the help, glad to see laundry will still be open although after reading the other replies now I feel kind of nervous to do my laundry there.

Last time I went it was early in the morning with no people and I wiped down the folding table and the dryer and washer handles plus anything else I had to touch. I'm hoping that's being cautious enough but now I'm starting to think maybe it's not enough.

No. 529429


Samefag as >>529425 and >>529426, why the fuck are you replying to >>529129 ?

Just goes to demonstrate to the mods that I am not "vegan Wizard". I never quote the wrong post accidentally cuz OCPD.


You'll be sharing the air with other people. And god forbid someone cough or sneeze near you!

No. 529430

I think he's doing this on purpose, hoping people will respond to him.
He already admitted to being "the vegan wizard" like 5 seconds after being called out and trying to argue about it, but thinks he can trick people and continue evading bans by insisting he'll "never post again" and probably switching his IP, thinking the mods here are as retarded as the ones on his home board.
In any case, "not vegan wizard" admitted to being male, so he should get banned "too".
This reminds me of the Ham-chan shit, except male, down to the handposting.

No. 529431


Saying I don't have ovaries is not admitting I have testes, Sherlock.

No. 529438

File: 1584786616282.jpg (420.15 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200321_031747.jpg)


Since you like handposts so much, merry fucking Christmas! I left the exif data intact and included a doxable 27 year old tattoo. Have fun!

Admin and mods and fellow anons, apologies for derailing, but this bitch needs to be shut the fuck down before more anons pile on and I get banned as a result.

No. 529441

But what did he say that was untrue or off the mark? I mean if you're going to shit on him and can't back it up with anything then your criticism is meaningless.

No. 529442

Your hand is gross.

No. 529443

>doesn't realize this is an anonymous board and no one but mods can confirm what's what
How sharp.

No. 529444

wtf is happening in this thread? Gross hand anon has escaped convict vibes.

No. 529445

The latest on the relief checks versus unemployment benefits. They're gonna debate this for fucking ever. And both sides completely disregard people who have applied for SSDI or SSI who did not work in 2018 / recently lost their job and are not eligible for unemployment and people who recently lost their job but their employers lied about the circumstances (I suspect there will be a lot of that happening as business owners scramble to cut losses).


No. 529446

File: 1584787595397.jpg (19.5 KB, 633x376, tsipras is not sure if its a j…)

Where do I even start with unpacking this…
>is like 50
>broken screen
>screen time is 3.20am
>yellow bitten down nails
>sweaty hands
>posting this combo on an imageboard on a thread about a pandemic, while screeching autistically

Do you have any self awareness?

No. 529449

File: 1584787849436.jpg (26.19 KB, 600x399, hands.jpg)

No. 529450

File: 1584787921406.jpg (423.42 KB, 1168x2048, i6t85scu5rn41.jpg)

her hands aren't sweaty, it's the flash. her nails aren't yellow either, it's the cast from the flash.

god i pray maxine waters' proposal (see: bernie's, really) gets pushed through. is there literally any chance this'll happen? they really need to step it up and make the gop look like a joke or trump is going to absolutely smoke biden. he's done fuckall but downplay this nightmare and he's already getting rave reviews

looks like a standard middle age woman's hand to me

No. 529451

Frustrating that poor people will probably get half as much as people who earn more. It's so illogical.

No. 529452


Sweat? That's glare off of overly dry skin from frequent hand washing. My nails are fucked due to estrogen deficiency. And with luck, you'll be 50 some day, too.

Tell me, then, what would you do if some bitch launched a crusade to get you banned because she thinks you are another anon who has been banned repeatedly and who could be using a vpn to fool the mods into thinking you are he?

No. 529453

So sharp they don't know the difference between being antivax and supporting informed consent. Big brain energy.

No. 529454

File: 1584788229598.gif (1.79 MB, 282x150, a04038648ee0310af731fc2a75f593…)

See this is where you're making the mistake. You are assuming I am as autistic as you and would give a fuck about what someone thinks about me in an Italian pizza and corona bingo enthusiast club.

No. 529455

Can everyone just ignore the obvious troll until the mods handle it? It's shitting up the thread.

No. 529456

So you're not the Wizard, you're the 49yo woman. Right?

No. 529459


And the income cut offs seem really low to me.

>The rebate checks would begin phasing out for individuals who earned more than $75,000 in 2018 and married couples who made more than $150,000.

>People who pay little to nothing in income taxes but earned at least $2,500 would get a minimum rebate of $600.


What? Are you implying flipped image trickery?

Glad I could provide some entertainment and distraction from the crisis to you lot before I die!

No. 529463


>The lawsuit also mentions a letter sent by the FDA to Gojo in January, which plaintiffs' claim describes Purell as "nothing more than a topical antiseptic," which was not safe and effective in preventing infection.

A reminder of the discussion in the last thread re what to use in lieu of isopropyl alcohol based sanitizer >>>/ot/527818


The analysis of 22 studies reveals that human coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus or endemic human coronaviruses (HCoV) can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute. Other biocidal agents such as 0.05-0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective.

No. 529465

My thought exactly.

Alright, anon. I apologize, I believe you on the notion that most scrotes wouldn't go as far as to put on their mom or sister's jewelry and apply a temporary tattoo just to "verify" themselves on an anonymous imageboard when they can just ban evade.
It's probably safe to assume you're just the 49 or 50-year old female anon from SF who dragged an argument out for days and extended it to /meta/ instead.
Honest mistake. Unless you're are some kind of autism boomer power couple tag-teaming this place, I guess it was naive of me to think we couldn't have two weird-ass people who can't integrate, have similar ways of typing, and post long essays at the exact same time.
Either way, please stop spamming the thread with /pol/-sounding shit about "censorship", pointless archive links and general autism. I thought you were just a little weird before, but now I'm slightly disturbed. This doesn't seem healthy.

No. 529467

File: 1584789501633.jpg (41.37 KB, 679x388, 7.jpg)

Are people going on Spring Break right now?

No. 529468

>you're are
*you are

No. 529472



>Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite disinfectants are more effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms than quaternary ammonium compounds

I fucking love HP now!

When I was a piercer back in the Stone Age, Madacide was invented. This shit is THE BOMB.


Functions of the MadaCide-1 Hospital Disinfectant and Cleaner:

* Kills Hepatitis A, B & C, Mycobacterium TB, MRSA, Canine Parvovirus, Poliovirus, HIV plus Fungicidal.
* Now kills SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
* Human Coronavirus
* Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVDV)



Long-winded backhanded apology accepted. And you criticize me for my verbosity? kek

>/pol/-sounding shit about "censorship", pointless archive links

How is it not an issue when Admin claims posts are not deleted unless they are particularly egregious? And why so selective?

I started archiving the thread in case more are deleted. I do this for a lot of threads and many of the links I post throughout the site. Keeping up with Raven for the OPs taught me that.

>a little weird

No, just manic from anxiety about my impending death and caffeine. I mean, all the reasons I was teased as being "weird" during the 80s became cool in the eyes of you millennials…(Lolcow is not your personal blog. You keep on using multiple threads to post totally offtopic ramblings about your personal life, lolcow is an ANONYMOUS imageboard and not your personal blog.)

No. 529478

>in UK
>predicted deaths if public space closures/social distancing are properly enacted: 20 THOUSAND!!
>go to work to pick up hardware
>people walking around everywhere???
this is bad boys

No. 529479

File: 1584792141608.png (257.86 KB, 800x1167, Screenshot_2020-03-21-04-52-08…)

College Board tells students AP tests will be taken from home due to coronavirus



>broken screen

I use my decrepit tablet when I'm lolling (kek) around in bed rather than the MacBook Air it's sitting on because I have an annoying boomer habit of falling asleep reading.

No. 529480

>retarded dad went out to drink and party with his friends the neighbors last night

I don't know if they went out-out because all types of restaurant/bar businesses aren't supposed to be seating customers, but I just read on a community page that people were seen sitting outside a popular bar downtown last night because the bar was serving alcohol "to go" and weren't taking responsibility for people congregating outside the establishment since it was "their choice" to do so.
Even if they didn't do that I'm still upset at my dad for hanging out with people when we're supposed to be isolating. I've met them a few times and they're nice, but they could be passing around anything. If shit goes down because of them there's nothing they can or will do for me.

This is why leisurely quarantines aren't working. I'm sorry but the United States need military-enforced lockdowns like what Italy is doing or people will keep making exceptions for themselves to keep doing what they want and spreading the virus.

No. 529481


I honestly thought we were all sheltering-in-place (depending on how bad one's boss was) for the past two weeks.

No. 529482

Every country that isn't on a total lockdown seems to be thinking that they won't be next, for some reason. Like how the fuck can you see Italy, Spain, France etc get fucked and think 'huh, must be just the flu'?

No. 529487

The celebrities in that 'Imagine' video don't truly believe they have it bad in isolation or that the video will make a difference in any of our lives. They did it because to them having to confine in their mansions and not be in the spotlight of the news anymore is worse than death in their narcissistic views. Because they're so used to making front page news over what they ate for lunch, or jetsetting to someplace exotic. It's really driving them nuts that people aren't thinking about them right now–who don't care what they're up to–and even negative attention is better than none. They can't handle it.
I fucking love it. I hope post-COVID we will have a world where celebrity worship disappears.

No. 529489


NTAYRT, so I'm not going to specifically claim that "younger people can still develop potentially irreversible lung damage." It's not an insane claim, though. Plenty of people who had bouts of polio as children died as a direct result, despite living several decades in between. Relax.

No. 529490

No. 529496

Pubs all over my country were ordered to close starting lastnight.. walking through the main street today I see all the usual vomit puddles right outside the bars, loads of them, actually more than usual.

So it looks like pubs are having 'lock-ins' to secretly keep running. Letting people in the back door early in the evening and then locking all doors til the early hours of the morning to appear closed, genius.

No. 529497

sounds a lot like the roaring 20s lmao
kinda ironic i guess

No. 529498

The people that jump on the opportunity to become influencers by claiming they have covid-19 without any proof, SMH…

No. 529501

This video feels more like a prophesy now

No. 529507


Most of the people who "got the flu from the vaccine" had the flu before they were innoculated. It takes ~2 weeks for influenza to show symptoms.

No. 529508


Deleted posts are shown for as long as the tab's been open. Lots of us keep tabs to our most-read threads open for awhile. As a result, yes, sometimes we respond to deleted posts and don't know it until we refresh the page.

No. 529513

I live in Washington state, which has the highest deaths in America from COVID-19 (83, goes up by 10 everyday.) and we are NOT on lockdown. While cities like New York with 1 death are currently on lockdown. I understand New York, there’s so many people there, but I cannot understand what’s happening in my area right now. I just can’t believe how many deaths I am seeing everyday here and so many people, like every single person I know, has lost their job. Wtf Washington you’re supposed to be progressive, save us!

No. 529515

>This is why leisurely quarantines aren't working.
The Italian government has been quite clear on saying that violators of the quarantine rules will be fined and will face a lawsuit.
There's that 10% of people who are still not feeling the virus poses a significant problem to hospitals.
Those people should be made to respect the terms and be told that they need to stay at home, since their irresponsibility is causing problems to those who are strictly following the quarantine terms.

No. 529517

wait new york city has only had one death?

No. 529519


Nah, fam. My first post was >>529224. I read all of the posts that I noted as having been deleted.

No. 529520

Okay so I just checked and it says 43 and literally just yesterday it was 23. So I totally get why they are lockdown, but why the fuck isn’t Seattle? Our governors dumb idk

No. 529521

>boohoo muh stonks
>boohoo muh attention

God i sure hope one of the boomer politicians or celebrity dies just to slap the shit out of their entitlement away. These leech has never experienced a genuine fear in their lives.

No. 529522

It means the state needs to take measures as soon as possible, like California has done, because if things keep going like this, the whose United States will plunge into an unmanageable situation.

No. 529524

It's going to happen if the US (and many other developed countries) doesn't start taking this shit more seriously and real fucking soon. The virus doesn't discriminate and when you get it you better hope you're not one of the people who gets double pneumonia and ground glass opacities in your dying lungs. All they can do at that point is put you on a ventilator and hope it works and there's no guarantee it will.

No. 529525

Has anyone else experienced this virus making you carefree and impulsive? This is the time I should be budgeting but I have been frivolously spending, and craving one time hookups which I never do.

No. 529526

What are you spending on anon? If you're in quarantine i mean? Im not hungry so I dont feel like buying foods, and amazon and other sites are so overloaded that getting stuff shipped is gonna take forever/possibly wont happen, so im spending a lot less than usual.

No. 529529

The new cases and deaths are people who were infected before the lockdown.

No. 529530

Anyone else work for a company that is desperately trying to evade lockdown and stay open as an "essential" business? I don't understand why rich boomer business owners/execs are reacting this way. The government is telling you it's safer to stay home, why would your immediate response be "how can I ignore this and endanger my workforce?? how can I still make a profit?" what the FUCK

No. 529531

Rich business owners know they will tank and then gasp !NOT PROFIT! gasp So their goal is to stay open for as long as they can. Pure greed motivates that.

No. 529535

My dad and stepmom have been at the hospital the past two weeks tending to a family member for something unrelated supposedly. My grandpa is having symptoms of coughing, fluid in lungs, and organ failure. Im hoping mandatory quarantine hits soon otherwise they're bringing it back to me.

No. 529539

File: 1584804781093.png (16.92 KB, 742x103, 21553154.PNG)

Same anon said 'uwu im so special' introverts are going insane from the isolation and I hope thats true. If I see another one of these jokes I will fucking snap

No. 529544

I tried on clothes I ordered from H&M 5 days ago today. I didn't wash the clothes before I tried them on. Should I take another shower?

No. 529545

Were they not in plastic? If they were, you probably dont have to worry about it anon. The outside of the package is more likely to have bacteria than the actual clothing. But as someone who works in a semi popular retail store im just gonna let you know, you should wash your clothes that you get even if its an order. Not because of sickness, but because they could have been samples/ zero'd out store stock that may have been tried on or even bought and returned.

No. 529546

I got "laid off" the other day, but yes. My company has completely disregarded every state advisory. All I've heard the owners talk about is how much money they're going to lose, even though the company as a whole has been extremely profitable for years with their shady accounting practices. Several people have been working sick for weeks with Corona symptoms. It's pretty disgusting how nothing will happen to these companies who deliberately endanger their employees.

No. 529548

This annoys me but I'm also annoyed by my social media feed which atm is being spammed with everyone's iteration of their animal crossing characters.

No. 529552

You're right, I'm just being naive. My boss wants me to get tested so I can still work (I've been exposed to someone who now has it), I told him it's hard for normal people to get tests, and he basically acknowledged that only rich people can get tested and that he "has connections" with "the right people" and got his son tested. I want to puke

"Laid off" ? I hope your employer isn't pulling anything shady so you can't collect unemployment or something. A lot of people have been throwing around misinformation about labor laws but I think these companies know exactly how to do shady things legally. Your company sound like mine, except my delusional boss is convinced more people will buy our shit online because they're stuck at home.

No. 529559

hate animal crossing so much. sorry for off topic

No. 529565

SAME i'm so sick of seeing this and people posting 7,000 jokes about "my new excuse to not hang out is that i'm social distancing" … literally nobody was trying to hang out with you

No. 529575

during this pandemic no one is buying sushi so that means i can actually buy it for once. it gives me a couple days of lunch and dinner with no mess. the rest of my day is shit and i’m so worried for my old ass family, but at least there’s one kinda highlight of my day

No. 529577

Should you really be eating raw fish in these times, anon?

No. 529578

nta but i doubt sushi chefs arent washing their hands anymore than any other prepared food chefs

No. 529581

i'm sorry for you

No. 529583


No. 529585

President Trump: This is a medical crisis NOT a financial crisis.

The Stock Market: Hold my beer…

No. 529586

any italian anons here? please stay safe and update us if you can

No. 529587

So was this thread actually invaded by some assmad boomer being hurt that people were calling out their generation or did I miss something?

No. 529591

It gets invaded every hour by a different kind of sperg. Thanks to the quarantines

No. 529596

>I hope post-COVID we will have a world where celebrity worship disappears.

Me too anon. Celebrities are awful and boring.

Ngl I'd rather look at those than a bunch of shitty corona virus memes and conspiracy theories. But y'know to each their own

No. 529603

There are some people in here that bought so much toilet paper, they had to return it because they were left with no money to buy food.

No. 529616

That's what happens when you have worms for brains, I have to laugh. I hope they all felt embarassed and ashamed going back.

No. 529618

File: 1584815332039.jpg (10 KB, 330x173, de-luca.jpg)

Total cases in Italy as of today: 53578
People who recovered: 6072
People in Intensive Care Unit: 2857

The number of people being infected is now expected to reach its peak around the first week of April.

People in the UK, USA, Spain, France, Germany:
We would like to remind you to be RESPONSIBLE and to adopt RESPONSIBLE behaviors, according to local restrictions, but even more so by staying at home as much as possibile. Avoid walking leisurely around the neighborhood and avoid jogging altogether. Do as if bars and pubs and restaurants were completely closed.
Even more important to remind that hospitals in larger metropolitan areas are at severe risk of overloading.

Avoid contact with other people altogether and stay at least seven feet away from anyone you might encounter.
Just go out for grocery shopping and essential medicines.

Just having 10% of people in a big city walking around is making everyone's efforts to contain the contagion less effective.
It is important to reduce that number to one percent or less.
Because the number of infected people is expected to rise up until the first week of April, it is important to be RESPONSIBLE, and to remember that this situation could go on for weeks if not months, if people don't take the necessary measures.

No. 529628

File: 1584816795539.jpg (69.08 KB, 950x633, white room.jpg)

Anyone sort of going nuts from being in quarantine??

My mental health is shit since i can't go out and do anything, plus my physical space inside the home is pretty minimal since were have structural renovations prior to this whole pandemic.

I had a pretty bad panic attack this morning and only calmed down after lunch, i feel like im going insane from isolation and boredom.

No. 529631

Ive been on almost a daily dose of xanax. I need to get a refill and while I am grateful enough to stay home and work, that doesn't help my fears and anxiety over this. Im with you anon, but if you have a chance where you are, some places allowyou to go for a walk and stuff. Maybe see if you can use PokemonGo or something to be occupied.

No. 529642

Do you like reading books?
How about composing some music?

No. 529646

Are the celebrities who are claiming to have coronavirus lying for PR or just have access to better medical treatment and testing? Because it seems a little excessive

No. 529647

No. 529649

I don’t think that many celebrities have come out to say that they have it. Only Tom Hanks and his wife, Idris Elba, Daniel Dae Kim, and that guy who played Tommund from GOT. Am I missing anyone?

No. 529650

I certainly am. I live in a small apartment with minimal movement space and because I'm single and live alone, I feel like the walls are coming down on me. I'm not personally afraid of the virus at all and only staying inside out of courtesy but all my friends are freaking the fuck out and in turn I'm freaking out because my friends are not listening to reason. I can't handle this, I wish I had a way to just lose consciousness until it's all over. I was already in a pretty bad place mentally before this happened and now I feel like I'm about to snap completely. I'm jealous of people who live with their families or partners and at least have someone keeping them company so they stay sane.

No. 529653

Andy Cohen

No. 529656

Something will happen if we (the workers) rise up and do something kek

That’s my like underlying guilty hope right now because I feel like 80% of the working population of most countries right now are getting completely fucked over. People are either being forced to work in shitty conditions or laid off with no pay or being forced to use sick time in a fucking pandemic… like can corporations act like they’re run by actual humans for fucking ONCE. I just feel like this is only the beginning.

No. 529661


I live side by side a wooded area that kinda spooks me out so i don't walk around alot, but slightly creeped is better than losing my marbles. I will get some steps in when it stops raining.


I wanted to buy some books on amazon but delivery was going to take two weeks so i gave up lmao, composing sounds nice but i don't play anything.


Im so sorry anon, right now all i wish is that my mother had married a chinese millionaire so i could be chilling in a spacious NY apartment with an actor/model boyfriend and shopping my worries away on the internet.

No. 529662

File: 1584820221763.png (39.91 KB, 1058x571, c.png)

Spain isn't faring too well either

No. 529664

I don't know how I should feel about this anymore.

Ever since the outbreak I've been staying home, ordering groceries from home, doing all the things I'm supposed to. But almost everyone around me shits on the stay-at-home order. My mother (65) just called me, telling me that she just came back from shopping and she bought this and that and the almond milk was on sale and by the way, when am I coming to visit her? Oh? Not anytime soon? Well, my cousin came to visit her yesterday and brought her cookies and she was so nice!!!! Oh, sorry she has to go now, gotta go to the post office and pay the bills!!!

And I'm listening to all this and I feel ridiculous. An it's not just just her, it's my roommate too, she's away all day long and when she asks me where I've been all day long, and I'm like…home??? And she gives this condescending smile like, oh, I'm one of those overreacting idiots.
I'm tired.

No. 529668

It's the opposite over in my country, people instantly berate you if you leave your apartment at the moment. I feel guilt over even going to get my necessary groceries.

No. 529669

Does anyone have any elderly at risk family members who are for some reason not following the advice/ abiding by the lockdown? My grandma is 80 and just recovered from lung cancer and she sent me a text today that she’s not staying in (despite us being on lockdown) or making any changes at all, like she won’t even wash her hands more often what can I say to her? I’ve had a doctor speak to her and obviously she’s seen the news..

No. 529674

OpenMPT is a popular tracker software for Windows. OpenMPT (short hand for Open ModPlug Tracker) is completely free and allows you to create and play back some great music on your computer.
Fairly easy to use with a variety of commands and effects.

No. 529679


I've been looking for a job during the last few months and my mental state was not great. These two weeks though… oh boy. Never thought that it can get worse, but I'm really suffering because I feel so lonely and scared that my job chances are even lower now. I have a lot of hobbies but can't focus at all

No. 529685


No. 529687

Oh right. Forgot about him lol. Still don’t think that’s a whole lot. Unless you wanna count athletes.

No. 529695

Same anon. It's extremely frustrating. I called a lot of older family members yesterday to check in and they were all so condescending about it. Basically acted like I'm an idiot for following CDC guidelines, and arguing whenever I mentioned a statistic. They won't stay inside unless the national guard is physically outside holding the door shut.

No. 529701

Just came back from work and was ready to cry. The majority of my costumers were seemingly 90+ year olds wheeling around with their rollators. There are so many offers in the newspaper every day for old people to get their stuff delivered for free yet they just don't get it. The amount of times people tell me "Everybody is going crazy!". Why can't they just listen, why do they think they're smarter?
Also parents taking all their kids with them shopping, instead of leaving them safely at home. And of course also some little kids who still think buying beer and snacks is a necessity.
I was finally allowed to wear gloves but disinfecting those and all the surfaces takes so much time. And there's also still people who don't leave enough distance and want to put their dirty money into my hand although there's a sign saying "Please place your money here!->"
I'm just worried that I get infected and thus infect my family too if I'm not super rigorous when it comes to washing and disinfecting…

No. 529707


I understand taking kids with them, sometimes there's no else to take care of them and leaving them alone is yknow, illegal.

No. 529710

Don’t feel guilty about hoping for this anon, that’s what our capitalist overlords want us to feel. Too guilty to demand equity, hell no.

No. 529713

That's why I wrote parents and not single mom, anon…
If there's two of you (or if one of your kids is already like 18) then only one person is supposed to go shopping while the rest stays home with the kids.

No. 529716

File: 1584826835018.jpeg (119.95 KB, 784x649, E871B37A-5E8F-4640-9885-9D2FD5…)

Can't believe it's the homestuck number.

No. 529718

Serious question, is rehab an essential? Only employees are allowed in and the residents only going out for a daily walk. Sending them home would fuck their treatment up, but I’m worried it’s only a matter of time before a coworker comes in infected but pre symptomatic.

No. 529719


It's far from good but this shit got personal. My irl friend came back from two weeks in Aus last Saturday. Sunday she called me saying she felt so fucking ill. Yesterday her test came back confirmed covid19.

Fortunately she's generally healthy but describing how she feels it sounds horrendous. On day 6 she's still panicking because her breathing and lungs are so painful. I have to keep reassuring her she's not going to die because she's so panicked.

No fucking way do I want this thing so I'd rather get worse mentally right now. It's horrible looking back at her holiday pics and thinking her friends and mutual friends are going to have developed it.

Sorry for long post. It's made it all more real.

No. 529729

Italy has imposed stricter quarantine measures across the country, according to a new order issued by the Italian Health Minister and obtained by CNN.

Access to parks, play areas, and public gardens will be prohibited starting Saturday.

The order also bans jogging and other "outdoor physical and leisure activities," which will now only be allowed in the "vicinity of the people's homes." They must maintain a distance of one meter (3 feet) from each other.

People are also prohibited from moving from one residence to the other including holiday homes.

The new order lasts until at least March 25.


No. 529731

My mom has banned me from leaving the house because she's more at risk. I barely go out as it is but I hate feeling like i have no freedom. I obsessively use hand sanitizer as it is, but she doesn't think that's enough.
It's really hurting my mental health, I'm thankful I'm able to work from home but I'm having a bulimia relapse because of all the anxiety and feeling out of control.

No. 529734

Grow some ez herbs since there’s starting to be produce shortage so you aren’t just eating salt flavored food all month

No. 529739

You're obsessively using hand sanitizer while locked at home? That's not necessary unless you live with someone who is infected or if you go out and touch things in public. You should save it for when you need it.

No. 529740

I meant when I go outside/in public. When I said "as it is" I meant I did it even before coronavirus.

No. 529747

Respect your mom and stay home. No one has control right now, find an online support group.

No. 529748


It is not enough. Stay home.

Related to vid, may you all hoarders and fucking doomers burn in hell.

No. 529759

File: 1584831175543.png (232.32 KB, 500x337, 9bGU3TA.png)

Me right now waiting when this whole pandemic shit is going to be over

No. 529768

To clarify, I wasn't planning on going out. It just feels restrictive. The only thing I've gone out for in the past several weeks is work (which is now from home) and groceries.

No. 529771

Hi fellow Masshole.

No. 529788

Hi coofer

No. 529831

Yes it’s restrictive, that’s the point.

No. 529832

There is staying in and people being dicks and then there is going out to get some food, walking around. We aren't confined to our homes right now. Just dont be out longer than needed to do those things, stay away from people, sanitized anything you touch when coming home… Just normal shit. People going balistic, I understand their worries, butyelling at people to go home and acting like anyone outside is spreading shit is a lot.

No. 529834

I just wanted to say fuck small businesses because I'm still constantly being put at risk as my work STILL REFUSES to close and we are NOT ESSENTIAL. I don't give a shit anymore, my health is more important. It's been busy and I'm so sick of it! I had three shithead college freshmen girls come in and spend twenty minutes just touching all of these products which I had to then disinfect. People keep touching shit, opening our products because all of our testers have been rightly pulled. Putting their grimy faces right against consumables they might not even buy. We had some face masks in the garage and I've been wearing them, if only for some peace of mind. I'm so on edge and desperate for SOMEONE to stop dragging their feet and put us on full lockdown. All I get day in and day out is shit about numbers and sales, my manager fucking told us to stay open later?!?! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. I lost a big over the phone order right in front of her and get berated for it but I couldn't give less of a shit. She refuses to read the news because it's 'too negative' but doesn't listen to me when I say it's bad. Every other store around us is closed but we're still letting jackasses run around in ours! We have a curbside pickup option but are STILL letting people inside. I want to fucking quit.

No. 529839


Id call my appropriate goverment person and complain. Like tell everyone to complain who works there. If you guys dont feel safe working right now they shouldnt force you. Thats a lawsuit. In fact, see how that works.

No. 529842

wtf are people supposed to do though, stop living their lives completely? This social distancing shit is retarded, 6ft or whatever the fuck, what difference does it make? All people can do is take reasonable precautions like washing their hands, wearing mask, cover your fucking mouth when you sneeze. Basic shit.

No. 529845

Unfortunately my state is just in limbo right now. They closed different types of businesses like gyms, salons the mall, etc. but since we're a singular retail store so we're in a grey area. A bunch of other small businesses around us have closed but whenever I bring it up I just get "We're small and can't afford it uwu". Even my parents who are virulent Trump-loving capitalists are starting to turn on them and see that they're going too far. I don't give a shit about being paid right now-I want to protect my health. I'm the Assistant Manager and even then they're not listening to me. All I get in our group chats are screenshots of dumbass customer notes from online orders and saccharine 'happy' news. They're still planning on being open this entire next week? It's fucking ridiculous.

No. 529847

>Italy Deaths: 4,825

If this is the case then why did this official say there were only two confirmed deaths as of this month >>528674?

I keep seeing wildly different numbers according to the source. Because that fucking PCR test is faulty and unreliable, for now I'm more inclined to go with corona fatalities being on the lower end EVERYWHERE, not just in Italy.

It's peak idiocy relying on an unreliable test to base the statistics around.

No. 529850

They said "two confirmed deaths" meaning two people died because of the virus without having other health problems at the same time.
Meaning that the majority of those 4000 and counting deaths are old people (over 70 years of age) with chronic health problems.
If an old person, or young person, with asthma, diabetes, and other health problems is infected with this virus, there's a high chance they are not making it out alive, much higher than in the case of a typical seasonal influenza infection.

No. 529856

No. Quoting the article:
>authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who…were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who therefore would not have died from Covid-19.

>Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths.

Yes, a lot of people dying have serious medical issues, but Brusaferro made it clear they don't know whether those who've died actually died from Covid or not. Only TWO are confirmed dead from Covid according to him. You have read the article.

No. 529858

samefag. And this still doesn't explain where they're actually getting their stats from given the fact that what's used to test for Covid has reported false positives, meaning it can't be relied on.

No. 529861

"Only 0,8% of the victims didn't have other health problems - says Bernabei - while a quarter (25%) had one health problem, another quarter (25%) had two, and 48% had three. Only 10% of dead patients was younger than 60."
This is the study of the ISS on 355 medical records related to the first victims of the virus.
"The real risk factor is being older than a certain age, having other health issues, hypertension, heart problems, and diabetes. This explains how more people are dying".
This means that if a person has some chronic health problems and gets infected, then there is a serious possibility they are not going to survive.

No. 529863

fuck i'm never going to eat meat again after this

No. 529865

Its their market practices which is why there is another coronavirus outbreak. Meat is fine. Just don't get it from dirty places. Anywhere in the world.

No. 529866

>they don't know whether those who've died actually died from Covid or not
People who, so far, are generally healthy and not too old and get infected, tend to either show no symptoms, develop flu-like symptoms, or end up at the hospital with lung problems and then recover after some days.

People who have recovered so far: 5.129
Current number of infected patients: 37.860


No. 529870

>This means that if a person has some chronic health problems and gets infected, then there is a serious possibility they are not going to survive.

Yes, I understand that. This holds true for any communicable disease, the most vulnerable will be people with underlying health issues, not disputing that.

Bernabei is not Brusaferro >>528674, these are two different officials giving two different stats. The reason for this has not been made clear. How can you say for certain that 4,000 people have died from Covid specifically when we know for a FACT that the PCR test used to diagnose Covid gives false positives? The stats are at best, unreliable.

No. 529875

Delicious cat meat.

No. 529876


Lovely. Go full vegan and you will be loved.


Deaths from food poisoning (primarily from meat, fish and animal products) = 3000 pear year in US.
Deaths from choking (primarily from meat, fish and animal products = 5000 per year in US.

Already more people per year than are likely to die from coronavirus in the US, and the spread over age is wider. Not to mention the workplace deaths and injury in slaughterhouses or factory farming, transporting animals, or violent murders committed by slaughterhouse workers who've become desensitized to extreme violence. Not to mention the unimaginable suffering you're imposing on innocent sentient beings - the primary issue.

No. 529878

You have so much misinformation. You can get food poisoning from plants and you can die from choking on water or crackers, bread.


No. 529879

President Conte (Italy) has spoken again and has declared that non-essential activities shall be closed down, only supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open.


No. 529880

What about all of the vast swaths of land needed for growing crops then? Considering meat is far more nutrient dense compared to majority of plant foods - also majority of things you need to sustain a 'healthy' vegan diet aren't bioavailable in a single country so you need to ship that shit in.
Buy local food and support local farmers and you won't have that issue

No. 529882

As they should be aside from, to be honest, maybe repair shops but only on call and only for extremely essential things like car if you need to travel or work in an essential and have to travel, fridges, water [pipes]..etc.

No. 529883

do animals not eat crops

No. 529884

i've got corona symptoms after contact with a confirmed case at work, guess it was inevitable working in healthcare

minimum 7 days of animal crossing time tho

No. 529885

minimum? Thats what they are making you guys do and not the 14?

No. 529886

yeah, UK guidelines are 7 days if you live alone which i do

No. 529888


I did not say you can't get food poisoning or choke on vegan foods, but the vast majority of cases of food poisoning and choking are on animal products. Fact. Also in almost all cases of food poisoning or contamination of vegan foods, those foods were contaminated by animal products.


If you studied basic biology and ecology in high school, you'd remember about trophic levels, food webs, and energy loss. Basically - to produce a cow (something you can't eat all of anyway) that cow will end up consuming 10x times the the resources it would have taken to produce plant materials. There is energy loss throughout the entire system. Yes, animal flesh is nutrient dense - but the amount of energy wasted JUST RAISING the animal is immense, this is BEFORE all the costs of sanitation, transport, refrigeration, etc. In other words it's actually more ecologically efficient and good for the world to consume what we're adapted to consume - a diet that's primarily vegan. Yes, humans and all our closest primate relatives prefer to consume a primarily vegan diet, and that's what our digestive systems and bodies thrive on.

>also majority of things you need to sustain a 'healthy' vegan diet aren't bioavailable in a single country so you need to ship that shit in.

This is a complex issue, but think of all the animal products trucked, shipped, even flown every day - and imagine replacing that with vegan foods so that everyone could get adequate nutrition and be happy, without causing immense suffering to other sentient beings.

No. 529891

Best you can do is report it anon. They sperged this shit in the last thread too.

No. 529897

Report from a hospital in Cremona, Lombardy.

No. 529898

Went yesterday to a hanami party in one of the main parks in Tokyo and the place was almost full. Not many masks around . Also I walked around for a bit and I never heard one cough/sneeze/anything that indicated that a virus was going around to the scale that some people are saying is going on here (meaning some people are saying that the govt is hiding the amount of people that have it).

Today the weather is also beautiful so I predict even bigger crowds in the parks.

No. 529899


People not at risk are outside. Thats why you heard nothing.

No. 529901

Literally no. I'm allergic to grains and my boyfriend is on a completely restricted diet because of health issues, there's no 'imagining being vegan' for us because it can't happen. I don't wanna eat processed shit either and the only local whole foods we can get are potatoes, onions and carrots.
Stop pushing veganism on people as if it's correct, when it's quite literally not at all accessible for some

No. 529903

Hmm not really, I've seen a lot of old people around too. This is Japan after all.

No. 529904

'immense suffering to sentient beings' are the farmers who are being exploited for quinoa and avocado not sentient?
Is it not more fair to reform slaughter houses are rearing standards for animals (though many of those are incredibly high on smaller farms, cos suprise, if people spend their entire lives working with animals, they probably care about them)
There is no adequate vegan diet, you will always need to supplement b12 and many nutrients you cannot access in plant foods.
A quick death and use of the entire animal is not unnecessary suffering, it's what every other carnivore/omnivore does in the world, it's about how to survive best. And for some that includes animal food

No. 529905

Our closest relatives that we are separated from by a few million years and have now literally started fashioning weapons to hunt monkeys ? Hm it's almost like evolution happens and we were so successful because we ate everything ! Because we're fucking omnivores.

No. 529907

File: 1584841724753.jpg (1.05 MB, 2172x1202, fsdfsd.jpg)


Even assuming you both have extremely restricted diets, there would be no REAL reason to limit yourself to animal flesh. You could be a gluten-free vegan, I don't eat that many grains myself and there are also sorts of foods that you can substitute, for example buckwheat. I won't pressure you, but it IS possible - and its certainly possible that considering the amount of resources spent slaughtering and torturing animals and cleaning up the mess to make Big Macs, society could instead invest that in developing better ways to deliver a nutritionally diverse diet to everyone, so that even people with special needs could get everything they need, and never feel bored.


Being vegan doesn't mean dismissing the justified complaints of farmers or anyone who works producing vegan foods.

>if people spend their entire lives working with animals, they probably care about them

People spend their whole lives imprisoning other people in their immediate vicinity. Executioners often befriend those they are executing. If someone truly cared about an animal, they wouldn't use that animal as a resource and wouldn't claim to have a right to shorten its life (significantly) by selling its flesh. The suffering is INTRINSIC to the use of animals for food.

>There is no adequate vegan diet, you will always need to supplement b12 and many nutrients you cannot access in plant foods.

Every national or international nutritional organisation on Earth agrees that an adequately planned vegan diet is more than sufficient. Cattle are injected with B12 because they don't get enough in their diets, and this is often carried through to humans, however many people can't even absorb B12 through diet. A B12 pill once a week is hardly significantly more 'artificial' than slaughtering animals with state of the art technology, chemically treating the flesh, packing it in plastic, refrigerating it, and transporting it.

>A quick death and use of the entire animal is not unnecessary suffering

Their entire lives are suffering, and a quick death is not assured, that's a myth. Even with the best bolt guns, abattoir workers are frequently forced to attempt to stun many times before death occurs. Would you agree to having someone bolt gun your coronavirus infected grandmother because it's "quick and humane"? I doubt it.


I don't know what you're referring to, maybe a handful of incidents of chimps being observed hunting? But these are SOCIAL behaviours which are very complex, all of our closest primate relatives PREFER a predominantly vegan diet when possible (pic related).(offtopic)

No. 529908

god i hope every single one of you sperging unsaged in this autistic debate on veganism gets covid

No. 529910

We're both on AIP, I just am weaning off dairy. Pls tell me how I would do that lol,
Grain free means no fucking grains at all, not buck(wheat) or any of it

No. 529912

Just throwing that in here for you anon, but what about potato flour? I can't have nightshades, so that's an option for you maybe.

No. 529913

El Salvador suspends electricity, water, mortgage, personal loan, credit card, telephone, cable, internet payments for 3 months


No. 529914

why do vegans always use fat peoples pictures in their propaganda

No. 529915



Is this a meme diet? I can't find any sources talking about this diet as a medical recommendation. Everything I find associates it with 'Paleo' dieting, which is as meme as you get.

Buckwheat doesn't contain gluten, it's not a grain. The 'wheat' is just part of the name, it's not wheat.

I can't solve your specific dietary needs, all I can say is that it's very likely that you're either excluding things unnecessarily, that it's likely possible to find alternatives. I seriously doubt that anyone 'needs' to be on an animal flesh-based diet. That makes no sense.

No. 529916

Many vegan foods/plant milks are fortified with B12 anyway so that's barely an issue. Just do your research beforehand and don't be one of those people who "tried going vegan" by eating fries for every meal and then saying it made you sick and weak so it can't possibly be healthy lol
Try watching Earthlings or Dominion to see how necessary animal torture is on a mass scale just so people can eat processed fast foods.
Being defensive is normal when you learn new things!

No. 529917

We cant have potato, or really sweet potato either tbh.
I really don't mind the diet tho, if it means I won't be constantly having ai responses then I'm happy !

No. 529919

File: 1584842617961.webm (1.78 MB, 717x404, 1582916994525.webm)

No. 529920

Thats good to hear. Keep yourself and your digestive safe. Working around non-packaged foods and cooking all the time wears me out tbh, but its better than eating something I don't like without nightshades or other food triggers. Dietary anons here. 10/10

No. 529921


Get a slow cooker! We have one and it's really good for chucking shit together and leaving it all day, you can also make really nice coconut milk Curry's in it (if you can have coconut)
Stay safe too xx

No. 529929

No. 529930

I think what I hate the most about work right now is that (Walgreens) is considered an essential business and we’re getting so many people coming in that just browse or buy junk food while waiting for takeout from the business next door. Our sales have been really high for the last two weeks, which sucks when people are supposed to be staying home.

My coworkers are mortified about getting sick and nobody in the neighborhood gives a shit about the virus. I hope the state forces us to shut down the front end so we can only sell prescriptions or OTC meds.

No. 529931

I really hate gatekeeping when it comes to what people are allowed to buy. Limit who comes in the store, but I agree Walgreens is essential. You unforunately stock other items. People are allowed to get stuff they want even if you don't see it as something you need personally. Junk food: maybe they got kids at home and who knows how long they will be and junk food calms kids usually and comforts adults. Tell your manager to limit entry like other places. If the ones coming in annoy you, that sucks, but maybe thats the last time they will be out of the house for a few days, some weeks. I get that people can be carriers, but its stupid to tell people they can only buy what you deem they are allowed to. Walgreens is essential. Its not like a subway or starbucks because you can get actual grocery items there. Sorry about your job. Just stay safe and clean.

No. 529937

oh wow

No. 529941

i woke up with a slight cough and scratchiness/tightness in my chest

i dont have insurance and wouldnt be able to get tested if i do
its probably nothing but i fucking hate this

No. 529947

File: 1584849125224.jpg (13.27 KB, 236x282, 1671094abb5fc7703470fa50811311…)

I don't think I'm going to see the sun ever again

No. 529955

File: 1584850315389.png (297.25 KB, 956x728, 89011.png)

To no one's surprise, China seems to have been lying about its figures.
I thought the real numbers would be bad, but I didn't want to believe it was 8 million people bad.

No. 529957

No. 529958

what…the fuck

No. 529961

How do you know the virus killed them and not their own government? Or "disappeared" them in forced quarantine. It's an Orwellian shithole over there, anything's possible.

It's pointless looking at the stats from the government because you know they're not going to tell the truth in any case.

No. 529962

This can’t be fucking true. Jesus Christ.

No. 529963


No. 529964

>Only 3 percent of the patients in this study ended up with false negatives
Right, the test isn't 100% and yet they act like it is? If there's at least a 3% margin of error, is that accounted for at all in these massive deaths that are being reported by some outlets? Doubtful.

The Coronavirus family of viruses contain over a hundred different strains, seven of which cause the common cold - some exist naturally within the human virome and never express themselves pathogenically but will potentially cause false positives through the many different COVID-19 testing methods, including PCR.

The origins of COVID-19 have not been positively identified, as with the testing methods, it's mainly guess work. There are still questions as to whether this virus is naturally occurring or manmade (bioweapon).

In the meantime, people should work on strengthening their immune systems by reducing stress, improving diet, etc.

No. 529965

Same anon, I work at a pet store. People are either buying 6 or 7 30/40# bags of dog food or just slowly meandering around coughing in everything. We also have an online store and don’t get me started on the dumb fucking shit people are buying there… I’m mostly worried about returns we get from all over the country.

No. 529968

And just come off as completely condescending and shitty in every absolute way they can… eyeroll.jpg


No. 529973

That happens everywhere though. There are not enough test kits to get an accurate number. Some say that real numbers are even 30 fold.

No. 529974

File: 1584853063836.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, 1403604924682.png)

The next time you see the vegan tantrums or anything similar, refer back to >>529423. Compare the subject matter (veganism), and the way the person in >>529907 types.
I'm deliberately being vague about what sets their posts apart for obvious reasons, but most users here don't structure their posts that way. It's like they're new to using a keyboard or something.
Even 5k post anon's posts are kind of different.
I don't really want to derail the thread over this, but it's irritating how this person won't fuck off. Someone like that categorically doesn't belong here.

No. 529975

I think that people in China don't pay for data they don't use. If they're quarantined in their homes, they'll use their laptops, obviously, they won't need cell phones.

No. 529980

Holy fuck. I know it's partly deaths but I'm hoping it's also a lot of censorship. That's being an optimist though.

I honestly have no idea about daily life in China but from what I've gathered from both the comments and everything else I know is that apparently in China your phone is basically your wallet. Everything is digital and you need a National ID number in order to register for a phone number.

No. 529996

I’ve never seen such sensationalist bullshit in my life. I worked in mobile so I’m very familiar with number fluctuations in any given month. Granted, from an outsider perspective, those numbers are “bad”. Sure, some might be attributed to death, obviously. There is a multitude of reasons for that drop that you can consider before jumping straight to “omg guys they’re all dead”. For one, how many of those millions do you think were business lines? Thats just one of many possibilities here. I’m not saying it’s negligible, the number is huge obviously, but there could be a multitude of reasons for the drop. It’s not beyond reason that it has something to do with the virus, but it is beyond reason to take info from a cellphone company as a death toll. Please relax.

No. 529999

I agree. People are still dying from other things as well. People havent stopped dying from other diseases because Covid exists.

No. 530002

i genuinely feel bad for anyone who believes 8 million people died just because they didn’t renew their phone contract like you can’t be that stupid

No. 530018

File: 1584863950056.jpg (19.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I'm starting to have doubts about the Corona craze.

The swine flu pandemic in 2009-2010 had between 150,000–575,000 deaths but didn't lead to any lockdowns or hysteria.

This time countries are in full panic mode and governments are quickly creating new laws to combat the virus, such as Denmark implementing forced vaccinations.

Meanwhile we have Bill Gates briefly mention a new "medical certificate" in his Reddit AmA, which connects with his identity2020 project where WHO, the Rockefeller Foundation, credit card companies and governments are going together to create a new ID system in which they implant microchips into all humans that will hold data regarding identity, medical history, transactions and so on. A most Orwellian invention.

I'm not usually one to tinfoil but for the first time I feel like Corona could be a "false flag operation" to create enough panic for people to accept being microchipped to be protected from the virus; the same way we came to accept x-rays at airports after 9/11.

Now some might think the microchips are harmless, but I'm personally worried about how they could be exploited by governments and dictatorships.





No. 530021

Oh hell no, that microchip shit is the mark of the beast.

No. 530022

It isn't that far fetched if you think about it, considering China's size. My country has about 80 million people and our main virologist and politicans say about 70% will get it over an unknown timeframe. If we play with the 3% death rate that's 1.68 million deaths.

No. 530024

lol this sounds like bullshit. makes no sense either. if it was that lethal, we'd be seeing it around the world at that level of lethality, and we're just not. this could be explained by literally anything.

No. 530025

He's become so obnoxious, I noticed it too.

No. 530026

Btw they are already microchipping homeless people in Austin:


And the population of Bangladesh:


A thought on their motivation for this may be that they can't tax people that doesn't own a bank account or identity docs. I live in a third world country and poor people make business in cash, by providing freelance services such as cleaning/gardening/parking guards/building and so on. They earn like 20 dollars per day in cash, that they use to buy food and other essentials. I guess they want to start taxing these people by implementing a digital transaction system inside the implants, so they can't make transactions without the government's knowledge. That's one theory at least.

It's going to be interesting to see how many countries will enforce "forced vaccinations + microchip" laws this year.

No. 530027

take conspiracy shit to the conspiracy thread.

No. 530028

it has a 1% deathrate though, and china has taken pretty serious precautions, so i'd expect it would even be below that, and all of china isn't infected, etc

No. 530029

1,4% according to China lol, but their earlier estimates said 2-3% which is why I still remembered it. 1% would be 560.000 in my country (with 80 million) and China has a population of 1.435 billion.

No. 530030

No one in my household is working for to the lockdown and I personally won't qualify for unemployment. I'm really trying to find a way to make some money, but I can't think of anything.
Yes I can look for a job but where at everything is closed.

No. 530033

>wtf are people supposed to do though, stop living their lives completely?
um, yes? this is an emergency pandemic, not a freaking cold thats going around. the whole point is that people are supposed to stop living their lives for a few weeks. and they certainly shouldnt be popping to the local shop to buy soda.

No. 530035

all of China isnt infected tho… even if they were lying, their situation is so particular that I couldn't care to try to draw data from it to predict our outcomes. like, everyone is in cramped quarters constantly, the smog is suffocating their lungs every single day of their lives, etc. if many of them do die, I'm sure it won't be just from covid. their quality of living is abysmal, even if they have many luxuries, live in luxury high rises, etc.

No. 530036

Why aren't boomers taking this seriously? It's infuriating. My dad thinks we are exaggerating it when we ask him to wash his hands for fucks sake. He's refusing to cough into a tissue, like why? Why do boomers think diseases/illnesses don't exist??? It's beyond frustrating.

No. 530045

Not sure if I'm too late for you to read this, but there's small apartment washers on Amazon that you hook up to the bathroom sink
I don't have personal experience with one but it has good reviews.


No. 530047

>our main virologist and politicans say about 70% will get it over an unknown timeframe
And this is my large european country which factor I calculated with, I figure it's worse in China. And just like anons above said, just because 3% of the tests have a false outcome (including false negatives too btw) that doesn't mean the test results are completely worthless. You can make estimates with it.

No. 530050

The 1% deathrate is based on current diagnosed cases and skewed by Italy where deaths that would've been labeled as complications of lung cancer/blood pressure have been marked as Coronavirus caused deaths. WHO has already admitted that the amount of infections might be 20-30 times larger because 99% of the cases only get mild symptoms, so a lot of people might unknowingly already have suffered through the virus. If we have 300 000 reported infections, that means the realistic amount would actually be closer to anywhere between 6-9 million.

This brings the death rate much lower than 1%, around 0.16%. Which is the exact number being reported as the reported mortality rate in many regions already, such as in every other Chinese province besides Wuhan which is already known for extreme pollution issues. In the entire country the mortality rate has been 0.7%. Germany has 22364 confirmed cases and only 84 deaths (0,38%) because they test a stupid amount of people while other countries focus on testing only those with severe symptoms (due to insufficient resources), thus supporting this theory. Other flu pandemics have always had an initial high death rate but as time goes by it's always calculated to be much lower than predicted.

No. 530051

It's coping. If an issue is too much or thinking about it makes them too anxious, they start completely ignoring it and carry on with their comforting normal routine. I have this problem with my ex-cancer patient, diabetic, heart diseased grand-parents right now and it's insufferable. They asked me what to do and where to call in case one gets corona, asked me where it came from and other information but then they go shopping and grabbing everything with no protection, go strolling through the markets, visiting their garden and my grand-grand-mothers grave all within the next day. I am already asking them almost every day to do errands for them, tell them how much they mean to me and how terrible it would be if they'd get it but despite their faces showing understanding, it's still like I'm talking to walls. The most I could talk into them was using sterilizer. But still, they absolutely have to go out and get themselves killed.

No. 530053

excellent post, anon. exactly what i was thinking.

No. 530056

They really need to just count them all together. It's the same damn thing. They wouldnt have died immediately from diabetes or cancer but because of that and the virus, they do but iTs nOt AcTuallY due tO tHe ViRUs. Then idiots go out all day being normal because it's supposedly only killed 2 in Italy so far

No. 530058

I don't think it's a false flag operation, the virus outbreak is probably very real, but I do believe that a lot of organizations are already exploiting it because that's what they always do. German officials already confirmed the rumors that the US big pharma was offering to buy the rights to the medication against Coronavirus they were developing. People need to be vigilant about the hysteria that's being stirred in a big pot of ample opportunities to profit off scared citizens or to take further measures to control them in the future.

No. 530059

I don't know where you live but in my country there's a lot of opportunities right now, supermarkets need more workers (e.g. I even read that McDonald's lends its workers to Aldi), people need home deliveries and since most field workers usually always travel here from other (poorer) countries but the borders are closed now they're desperately searching for somebody else to do that. Certainly not nice and easy work but better than having no money at all. I think this crisis could actually be a chance for the unemployed to find something.

No. 530070

hey fellow bulimiafag. buy coffee and some gum and go nuts thats how i avoid the relapse. i know its hard. i just hope that this relapse is as temporary as the situation and things go back to normal soon.

No. 530073

Literally sitting here with my first coffee of the day kek. I'm an ana-chan and I have pretty much none of my safe foods right now (I don't eat a lot of processed food fml) so I'm been living off caffeine and protein powder.

No. 530076

yeah i'm sad to admit i've fallen into the save unsave foods dichtomy too, so my recovery is nothing but solid anymore. eggs are my save foods and i had them for breakfast, and yesterday i did omad, i'm planing on fasting most days anyway because i need to save money and you dont do much you just lie in bed with a laptop anyway, what do you need calories for. not to promote EDs tho and sage for offtopic. pandemic got us relapsing.

No. 530081

can confirm. the grocer i work for has half of their people at home because they've felt sick. they are desperate for people

No. 530085

it seems like a terrible idea to start calorie restricting at the beginning of a pandemic. just saying.

No. 530087

i don't get hoarding. if i'm out of food i'll just fat just saying.

No. 530089

No. 530096

i think the anon's point was that calorie restricting when you could eat might not be smart during a pandemic because you're making yourself weaker

No. 530108

just dont go outside and get infected
yeah i guess his point is valid

No. 530118

i mean yeah i guess an autistic anachan wouldn't have enough social life to even go anywhere, how inconsiderate of that anon to suggest people take care of their health lmaoo

No. 530121

social life is cancelled doing an exceptional pandemic period anon

No. 530144


The coughing part I could maybe understand because if a boomer is coughing out covid19 they'd better do it into clasped hands of prayer.

No. 530145


No. 530148

Boomers are idiots and I hope they get whatever is coming to them. My local Walmart and other supermarkets was stacked with boomers since martial law even begin from open to close, on top of that they're causing traffic to be even worse and get in wrecks all because somehow in their pea brains "don't leave your house unless you need to" translates to "let's go to Walmart"

Fucking pitiful, natural selection will take its place very soon

No. 530149

Am I the only one who's had flu recently? It was of no comfort to me even before we knew this virus was worse that people were saying it's no different than the flu.
I'm young and besides being fat the flu decimated me for at least a week and a half and after the worst was over, I had a terrible cough that persisted for a month after. My fever and body pains were unreal. I did nothing but laid on the couch, wrapped my agonizing body in several layers of blankets, and cried to myself knowing that the pain wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Some guy I knew from high school who was young and fit went blind. Technically he went blind due to hospital malpractice trying to do surgery for something affected by flu, but this was before corona when the doctors were less stressed and should have been more focused. Who wants to be hospitalized now when we know medical staff are losing their ape and can't spend much time on individuals because they gotta treat as many as possible?
Young people die from regular flu. Instead of using the comparison to downplay corona, we should have asked ourselves if we really want another as-bad-as-flu virus floating in our society just to make us more miserable and kill more of us.

No. 530153

I don't want to jump to conclusions here but this specific post gives me the same feeling as whoever keeps spamming those unfunny coughing videos despite getting ignored

No. 530155

>being fat

This is why the flu affected you so much. Being young won't save you when you're abusing your body so much already. God I hope all the fat fucks in America get what's coming to them.

No. 530157

Here we go again with the edgelords.

No. 530158

I am seriously frsutrated and worried: My grandmother does not give one fuck about this entire situation. She is 88, has issues with her heart, and her allover condition makes it quite clear that, should she become infected, she would not be able to survive. But she just keeps right on doing what she´s always done, taking zero precautions. She walks around outside amongst people, she doesn´t wash her hands more often than usual, she touches her face, all that stuff. She lives in this complex for old people, not a nursing home though, I don´t know the English word. All the people who live there have their own apartment and can basically do their own thing, but they can get help for a bunch of things. There is a dining room where people can eat three times a day, everyday there are activites being organized, and all the people who live there have an emergency bracelet that they can call for help with at any time. Because of the virus they have to follow special rules now, too, and many of the activites were cancelled and people are only allowed to sit in groups of 5 or less when they eat in the dining room. When the announced these rules my grandma called my parents, all surprised about what is happening. She does watch the news and all, but she really does not seems to be able to understand how serious this whole situation is, especially for someone of her age, and this worries me a lot. My parents tried to make her understand the situation by telling her very directly that she will die if she becomes infected, but she either does no understand or does not care - she continues to live like nothing out of the ordinary is happening and she said to my parents that she can´t stay inside alone all the time, period. I do understand that she doesn´t want to be alone, but for fuck´s sakes, she could at least try to be a little less active out there. I really wish I could stop her from going outside all the time but unfortunately nothing is coming through to her and I already fear that the worst is going to happen. At least my parents, who are both just about 70, understand how serious this all is and are very careful. But my grandma… oh God, WHY??

Considering the amount of people below 30 who don´t just act irresponsibly because they genuinely think it´s not a serious situation, but understand the situation quite well and still celebrate spring break or even "corona parties", I don´t think the boomers are all that bad.

No. 530160

This is autism at its finest. Fucking microchips kek

No. 530161

You can hoard toilet paper but not prep your body to survive? No edgelord here, just coming in with the facts.

No. 530169


I don´t think that this whole corona situation is some special plan to get people chipped, but what I do believe is that many countries are going to make the most out of it by pushing laws and changing society in ways that they could not have otherwise. look at what is happening in Denmark, for example. and who knows, maybe you will end up chipped. it is however questionable, what an implanted chip could do that a mandatory piece of ID could not. After all, a chip within your body can only be read when you are already personally present, it´s not like it could be used to track you down from a distance.

No. 530171

Tell me anon how being skinny will help people survive the virus? And how can someone lose weight in a week? Don't forget your references.

No. 530178

I have no sympathy for boomers during this time.

They're told not to leave their house and what do they do? Immediately flock to the supermarkets several times every week. Natural selection will eventually take place, just sick and tired of boomers who have delusions of grandeur and think this virus will affect everyone but them

No. 530179

Tfw your dad’s retarded rants from 10 years ago about how ‘soon the government will be forcing microchip implants’ is becoming reality

No. 530181

Nice job strawmanning them
Being HEALTHY helps with the virus, not being skinny. Being fat is not healthy. And if you wanna try to argue that being healthy won't help then good fucking luck with that

No. 530182

The word is “assisted living”! We have those in the states too. My grandmother is 89 and still lives in her house, and she WONT STOP GOING OUT GROCERY SHOPPING. She has 2 kids under 60 who are perfectly capable of doing it for her, she even told my mom that all of her friend’s kids/grandkids are grocery shopping for them but she’s so stubborn about giving up her independence which I get but this is special circumstances! I’m glad everybody else’s “greatest generation” grandparents are all acting the same way, I hate how this gets reduced to just a boomer thing.

No. 530185

Maybe all that lead exposure back then really fucked up their minds.
Also think they've been spoiled by being able to live this long that they can disregard dangers either because "nothing will happen, it's not the end of the world" or "even if it was the end, I had a good long life anyways"
My father was actually gloating that my generation and beyond are fucked so he's glad he most likely won't experience it [for much longer]

No. 530187

>My father was actually gloating that my generation and beyond are fucked so he's glad he most likely won't experience it [for much longer]
your dad is pure trash

No. 530188

let people have fun Karen

No. 530189

because she has lived enough and doesnt fear death

No. 530190

truly plebbit tier. both that post and your post are unfunny and annoying

No. 530192


No. 530194

/r9k/ tier

No. 530198

File: 1584892687883.png (362.91 KB, 599x430, expert virologist.png)

The swine flu (H1N1) of 2009 infected about 16% (between 11% and 21%) of the world population in 1 year and 6 months, causing around three hundred and fifty thousand deaths at the time

Using this data on a population of 7 billion and 800 million people (right now) yields a result of about 1 billion and 250 million infected people

- Case fatality 9,6% (2003 SARS): 125 million deaths
- Case fatality 30% (2012 MERS): 375 milion deaths
- Case fatality 12% (Covid-2019 up to March 22): 150 million deaths
- Case fatality 0.2% (H1N2 and H3N2): 2.5 million deaths

Hopefully the total case fatality for this virus will go down to 1% and then approach 0.2% as time passes by

No. 530202

Exactly what I was implying with >>530153. It's just blatantly out of place, reeks of desperate male

No. 530203

you're obsessed sweaty, i love that. i just cope by having fun in these times. if you call me male thats only a compliment.

No. 530204

>if you call me male thats only a compliment.
Ntayrt but fuck off.

No. 530206

You'll have to let me know what being such a massive bitch online does for you. Hope you feel superior for the evening.

No. 530210

>God I hope all the fat fucks in America get what's coming to them.
ik most of y'all are anachans but lmao are you rly going to defend this. what a mess

No. 530212

Absolutely agreed.
I try to be opportunistic and use this newly gained freetime for exercising tons and improving my skin care. Restricting your food intake and therefore weakening yourselves in times like this is dumb af, if you really fall ill then you'll need every pound.
Good hygiene, enough sleep and moving your body is the key to staying fit and sane.

No. 530213

I don't really care what you do, I just think you're shilling your videos to the wrong audience and it's a bit embarrassing. Have a nice day, hope you get lots of (You)s

Nayrt and I don't wish death on anyone (especially not fat people) but it's kind of hard not to develop intense disdain for Americans when you live in America, I think

No. 530215

theyre not my videos and i never posted them here but they don't bother me and i don't understand why they would get anyone assblasted.

No. 530224

Yeah. I'm not saying its good to be fat either, but definitely eat three meals a day with a variety of veg/beans and protein sources (whatever you can get canned/long-life). if you get it bad, and people who get corona bad seem to get it REALLY bad, you'll struggle to eat properly anyway, so you need to nourish yourself now

No. 530226

File: 1584895086623.jpeg (72.03 KB, 620x452, DDC1C1BC-AEF8-45EC-A852-7FBA1F…)

This thread is poppin

No. 530229

File: 1584895400113.jpg (53.05 KB, 680x960, 2.jpg)

No. 530231

File: 1584895573070.png (622.04 KB, 713x531, fuck this shit.png)


and all that because some pieces of shit of all ages insisted on going outside and travelling en masse instead of sitting fucking inside.fuck you all irresponsible assholes

No. 530233

File: 1584895691836.png (242.29 KB, 559x460, 1444167087030.png)

A little assblasted but not assblasted enough to sit here responding instantly, kek

No. 530239

No. 530240

I actually saw a boomer writing that Corona should kill more young people so that "people would take this more seriously" and it really made me realize how ridiculously entitled they are.

Additionally I saw another bitching about her Corona symptoms which were really mild (fever around 100f/38c, headache) yet still visiting the doctor numerous times. Why the fuck do you need to go to the doctor for symptoms that you have to deal with a basic seasonal flu? It's no wonder hospitals are overworked and exceeding their capacity when people overreact like this. You wouldn't have to stay in the hospital for a regular flu which can cause you to have much higher fever, you'd stay in bed until you got better in a week or so. Unless you're having severe respiratory issues or very high fever then don't overclock the hospitals even more than they alrea