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File: 1587294025704.jpg (89.7 KB, 690x747, meet-leo-the-angry-cat-who-loo…)

No. 543190

Vent your heart out, ladies!

Previous one:

No. 543193

It's uncomfortable to watch my aunts favor other cousins over me. In the sense where they will only see me twice a year yet still show more enthusiasm and interest when greeting my cousins who they see more frequently. I know it has to do with the fact that my aunts spend more time with their sisters vs brothers so any of the nieces who are related through our dads are just secondary….

No. 543213

File: 1587302155920.jpg (50.22 KB, 316x565, ff07470d-4a6e-4f07-b99b-a0955e…)

The fact that my ex thought he could cheer me up with a dickpic, while in a serious relationship for almost a year now, is telling.

He knows I've been through some shit the last few years and some more serious stuff in the last few months. The he decided to kick me out of his life like 2 months ago, and came back today with a dickpick and "I decided to forget all the bad things" kind of speech. NO! Fuck you! You don't get to just "forget" you hurt me and pretend like nothing happened AND get upset when I tell you it's not fine and not how it works. I was VERY clear on how his actions made me feel and this fucker thinks he can just… idk, decide he didn't hurt me? I know he doesn't care about me and all that crap but the AUDACITY.

There were a hundred ways to mend this relationship and yet he picked the worst one.

No. 543221

I'm everything men make fun of in women. The reason this upsets me so much is because I wanna have a family one day.
I cry easily, I'm emotional, I have a small dog I treat like a baby, I'm into astrology, I lie about the number of men I've slept with because I'm ashamed of a one night stand, I'm submissive, I eat chocolate when I'm sad, I wear too much make up, I'm not funny, I'm not interesting.

No. 543224

Sorry Anon but I kek’d. How can he be that out of touch?
I’m glad he’s out of your life now.

No. 543226

I just feel sorry for his current gf.

No. 543230

Bitch stop the whining, I am 100% sure you have interests you can talk about ages and everyone can be funny at least sometimes. I fucking refuse to let you talk shit about yourself like this, wow some cunty funi men think the stuff you enjoy are shit? Who gives a shit, you wouldn't wanna be with a man like that anyways, I am sure you will find someone who will love you for you and even your dog. Stop this nonsense at once, bitch. Love ya.

No. 543233

Anon said it best here, stop the 'woe-is-me' whining. Girl men will make fun of you no matter WHAT, so embrace it all. Fuck yeah you're into astrology, what, you're going to let some limp dick make you feel bad about something you enjoy? And fuck yeah you love your dog, and fuck yeah you had casual sex with a guy you didn't know, who cares, it's your body! Eat chocolate, wear make up, don't give any of your time to a guy who belittles you for it, guys like that are beneath you.

No. 543234

What a creep, hope you blocked him for good.

When my exes used to come crawling back I would actually explain to them why it was wrong and how much it hurt me. But you know what? They know damn right from wrong and they know what they're doing. So now I just block straight away or ignore, it must make their egos seethe for exposing themselves and getting no pussy crumbs in return for it lmao.
Feels good throwing their game back in their face.

Also make sure you screencap the convo where he sent the nudes and send it to his girl then block her too.

No. 543235

Those are normal things, congrats on beating yourself up over fairly average and common traits

No. 543236

I used my right hand all my life, until I realized my dominant hand is the left. That explains why I'm bad at make up, rolling joints, my handwriting looks nasty.

I'm exceptional angry at all the people that were around me when I was a kid. They treated me so bad, because I couldn't concentrate at all in class and such things… That my parents didn't realize it. That they didn't care.

I had so many problems all my life, was in psych wards, couldn't finish schools, were so awkward and slow.

Now I want to transition, but its hard. I do it with baby steps.

I'm afraid of how this affacted my brain.

No. 543240

I honestly feel like I've had a run in with every mental disorder in the book and that scares me to no end. I've dealt with social anxiety, depression, ocd, excessive daydreaming, extreme delusions. Why is my brain so susceptible to all this fucked up shit?

No. 543260

Mom's family is seething at me because true to my word I'm not talking to her, despite COVID. Oh well, maybe that's what she gets for being a nasty unstable bitch to me for years? For saying and doing unforgivable and awful things that have traumatized me and won't go away just cause she wants the status quo back? For saying anyone else would be a better alternative than her relationship with me? For thinking her guilt tripping would be enough to shame me into tolerating her repeat offenses? She got what she wished for and now she's having buyer's remorse and playing like she's the victim. She went as far as blaming men in her life as the reason why she's behaved as she did to me. I think anger, and how that person decides to take it out on others, reveals true character and she's frightened that I've seen her plenty. She tries to downplay her awfulness as standard mother-daughter "butting heads" and whinging to anyone who listens as if I'm acting out of childishness. In reality it's self-preservation, mentally I'm much better off. I refuse to have a """"parent"""" in my life like her. These people act like I can't properly discern abuse even though my biological father was abusive and why he lost his custody of me at 13. It's not a typical mother daughter quarrel, she's crazy, I'm not about to put up with whatever putridity she feels like throwing at me because she thinks she's all I've got. She doesn't know me, and doesn't realize that due to the fucked up circumstances she sent me through as a child I am quite adept at having a small circle and being independent otherwise. So the joke's on her.
Although I will give her accolade for her treachery and acting. Because people were so drawn by her outward appearance of buying me stuff, they're absolutely flummoxed by the assertion that she could be such a performative insufferable cunt behind closed doors. Cause what abusive parent would ever leverage money and gifts to be abusive amirite? Oh but she acted so sweet to me in public at family dinners at restaurants tho! Yeah guys, and that all felt unnatural because she was never motherly at home unless she was trying to manipulate me after a fight or right before one.
I'm so jealous of people who have normal parental figures and not messes. They tend to be the people who can't fathom a situation like this because their family relationships are so healthy, they can't conceptualize abuse or why adult children wouldn't want to contact their parents.

No. 543263

the cat in the thread pic looks like amanda baggs

No. 543266

apologize to the cat now

No. 543268

Does anyone know what her cause of death was? I know she was made fun of for making up her autism but it always seemed like there was something medically wrong with her, no healthy woman looks like how she did.

No. 543294

Amanda didn't die, the original anon is using "rip" as an expression.

No. 543296

Huh? She literally just died anon wtf are you on about.

No. 543297

File: 1587317542760.png (361.79 KB, 1177x679, rip.png)

No anon she dead, someone else mentioned this the other day and I looked it up myself to verify. The rip is a double entendre in this case, sadly.

No. 543298

i am the original anon and i am using RIP to say she is fucking gone

honestly have no idea
even tried looking on the kiwifarms site but no one knows

No. 543341

I hate that I've had to deal with scammy online sellers twice just in the past couple of weeks. It's the most I've ever seen in such a short span and it's definitely due to covid. A lot of them are using covid to hide behind hoping people will give up, forget, or expire out their payment protection or opportunity to open a claim. They're making a killing.

No. 543352

>>542711 (came from old thread)
From the bottom of my heart, anon, I must thank you for this, for making me believe something can change. Thank you.

No. 543363

Got into an argument with my friend because i said that i do not respect asexuals, i do not like them and never will …

No. 543366

Sounds kinda dumb, you just dislike EVERY asexual then? They can be cowish dont get me wrong but holy shit thats dumb

No. 543368

You heard me from the first time: i cannot stand the sight of them and will never change my opinion

No. 543369

So not just the cringy internet community? Weird.

No. 543374

you're just reinforcing their victim mentality, good job!

No. 543401

Be careful anon, they could be anywhere!!!

No. 543442

As a straight women who very much likes dick, I find this kind of strange. The only Asexuals I dislike are the ones who will randomly tweet about sex being gross or that they don't need to rely on someone else to define their self worth or whatever the fuck.

No. 543448

>be messing around on picrew (character creator website thing) with bf
>we both make cute girls
>the girls he makes kind of look like his ex gf
>none of them look similar to me

Maybe I'm too sensitive, and I'm not THAT hurt, but I feel like I can just never compare to her in his mind. She's his ideal in every way, although he insists I'm 'the prettiest girl he's ever seen' , of course any boyfriend would say that. He's into taller, older and Slavic girls. I'm small, younger and british. Lol. Superficial things don't matter in love and I know he still loves me, I just can't achieve self-confidence, it seems.

No. 543450

lmao that's pretty telling of him. rip you

No. 543451

File: 1587342564898.jpeg (145.46 KB, 1400x1050, Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_12.3…)

If one more person tells my almost 24 year old ass that I look 18……………

No. 543452

Yeah, It's completely normal to dislike people cause they ain't gettin' laid.

No. 543454

and that's a problem bc?

No. 543467

Sick of getting posted randomly on 4chan holy shit I'm neither popular nor pedobait and I cover my face in my (few) selfies and have <500 followers on private social media and yet I still get linked to random instances of people posting my pics

where the fuck am I going wrong I feel so gross thinking about stupid channers saving my normal ass outfit pictures and I'm terrified to reverse image search myself

No. 543471

The only explanation is that someone who follows you is taking your shit, so figure out who the creepo is. Post on your private social media that you know about it and they'll probably stop.

No. 543475

Thought about doing that but I don't want to seem like I'm humblebragging about my imagined popularity for dark internet coolgirl points. I guess it's worth a shot though

No. 543479

as much as i love this website it opened me up to a lot of the fucked up shit that goes on in the world. an anon posted the hillary duff video with the picture of her naked son in it, someone posted about tom hanks being a pedo, i ended up falling down the rabbithole of r/pedogate. someone posted a twitter hastag that a CP ring is using now and thankfully i didn't see any actual child porn, just seeing children's faces and links is going to stay with me for a while.

i am so fucking sickened and i'm seconds away from bursting into tears. i have no doubt that any of this is true and child sexual abuse is so rampant in the world it's fucked up. when i was younger i used to think my parents were so paranoid not letting me out by myself, now i understand.

i also think there needs to be way more awareness of human trafficking in general. the first time i truly recalled hearing about it was college.

No. 543482

Lmfao you're late as fuck on all of this, welcome to reality

No. 543483

walked all the way to 7/11 for a pack of cigarettes in soft rain and lots of wind….. my tiny retard brain forgot my ID at home. guess i'll just be drinking instead.

No. 543486

All it takes is one obsessed orbiter, believe me. Also, try not to care because it's really unimportant, 4channers get a new flavor of the month every week. Lay low.

No. 543490

tinfoil fags talking about this on every thread….except for the containment thread.
Here is the tinfoil thread you can speculate about tom hanks senpai being a pedo as much as you like >>>/ot/542988

No. 543491

I hate it when people can't let me enjoy a gift. Like every time I use or wear a gift they have to be all in my face about it "You like it? Hua? I see you're wearing it today! Hey everyone look at OP's NICE shirt that I got them!"
At that point it makes me never want to use the gift again

Same with TV shows. Like let me enjoy things in peace

No. 543492

Lol those replies. Ily anon and bless your ♥

No. 543523

That would make me feel bad, too. My bf holds his last crush on a pedestal and obviously still thinks she's number one. Sounds like your bf still thinks of his ex as the ideal woman. Did you say anything to him?

No. 543531

File: 1587358293019.png (55.18 KB, 300x270, 68B9B42B-3BEA-4AA3-AC0D-938EE8…)

I think my 20’s are over. I don’t really think I get to be a young adult anymore, or have a future when I can build a career. I don’t really feel like I have a future no matter how hard I may work or improve myself. I have literally graduated from college into possibly the worst economic depression ever. I’m not STEM so it’s not like I’d be in a growing industry. I probably won’t even have retail to fall back on. Fuck I hate this.

No. 543534

I did and he said that although she may seem his type more on the outside, I'm his type more on the inside and he thinks I'm prettier or somethin. He listed all the reasons why he likes me more and they were all personality-centred, which I guess is good? He said I had a better nose and facial features than her and that even though he prefers longer hair on girls, he knows mine will grow. I'm still not sure how to feel. I feel kind of mean to her honestly, I'm sure this all sounds rather petty. I think that deep-rooted insecurities, especially appearance related ones, are very hard to get over and compliments from other people won't get rid of them. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling similar things to me, anon! I don't know what I could say to make you feel better because we're both in the same boat, lol, but I do really empathise with you.

No. 543559

I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have this impending feeling that I will never be happy, I'll never find someone, and that my 20s will only get worse and worse. part of me wants to sulk in my room and never get out of bed again, but another part of me thinks that if I don't that I will only be taking part in a self-fulfilling prophecy. I just feel stupid trying.

No. 543567

I can sympathize with you. I'm graduating this year and I had a bunch of fun stuff planned and I had all my finances on track but now that's just all gone. I was so busy that I put things off until after school was over. I never got an internship or anything so I feel way behind everyone else and idk how hard it'll be to find work now. I hope the government decides to stop giving all the money to retirees so actual working people can have help

No. 543569

Why do I have so many embarrassing moments I wish there was a way they could just surgically remove certain memories so I stop thinking about them

No. 543581

Wow, I could've written that. I'm in the exact same position.

No. 543582

I’ve been hating my job for a while now, I started drinking partially due to the stress and then spiraled into something less controllable. I live at home so I’ve hidden it, but during quarantine I have weaned off and connected with myself. I let my boss (dad) know that in 6 weeks I’d like to be done, and he said it was fine. Now I’m wondering where to even start looking for a job. My current job is in the medical field, but it’s aesthetic which doesn’t interest me, it makes me feel spoiled for getting such a good job because of my dad. But I’m also not wanting to work in aesthetics, I’m rough around the edges and have never had much interest, so I’ve felt like an outsider. I want to move out and change jobs because I feel like I’ve been hiding my disinterest and not giving myself what I need, but at the same time I’ve had this arrangement for about 2 years. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I just want my space from family.

No. 543584

I have been doing dedicated cardio for 6 months now, 5 days a week, 30-45 minutes each session, because I want to be healthier before I turn 30 next year. When my country went on lockdown a couple months ago I took the exercise indoors and kept the same amount of intensity. I've even lost 15lbs, which wasn't the goal of exercising, but I won't complain. I look and feel way better.

What's frustrating is that my heart health seemingly hasn't changed at all. My resting heart rate hasn't gone down from being like 85-90 and after exercising it takes hours for it to even dip back under 100, according to my heart rate monitor. I don't understand how I can be physically fitter in every way except the one thing I'm targeting. On top of that sometimes I get a weird arrhythmia after exercise where my heart pauses for a moment, then take a big huge beat, then resume normally. I see my doctor soon so I'm going to ask about at that. Hopefully it's nothing and I just need to work harder or something.

No. 543596

I just want everything to close for like a week. All day I read online about how people hate working from home and about the quarentine protests and how things are going to get better or worse or blah blah blah. I have to scrape myself out of bed every morning and force myself to go to work while the world is burning because the government doesn't know what an essential business looks like. Just shut it all down!

No. 543603

I got stressed and banged my forehead on the table repeatedly. I now have a big red spot on my forehead and my head feels a bit weird. Should I be worried?

No. 543604

I'm so alone it's not even bearable anymore. The few friends that I have have a ton of friends themselves, and I know I'm the weakest link to all of them. Not sure why it's so hard for me to form connections when it seems like second nature to everyone else.

No. 543605

Your head feels weird because you somehow managed to lose what little brain cells you had. Idiot.

No. 543607

I already knew I'm an idiot, thats why I banged my head.

No. 543610

What's causing you that much stress?

No. 543615

Lol I hope it doesn't bruise anon. It'll go away, that's just your skull cussing you out.

No. 543623

My roommate stinks sometimes and she says it’s cause of a hormone imbalance or something but she also just doesn’t keep good hygiene or shave her armpits…and I’ve seen her go several days without showering or brushing her teeth. I’ve known her for almost 8 years so her hygiene has improved SOMEWHAT but it just bothers me to have to open it windows all the time and spray air freshener, especially when we share a room. I’m not sure how to broach the subject without coming off as insensitive.

No. 543636

>even though he prefers longer hair on girls, he knows mine will grow
Awful! while literally underweight I asked my ex if he'd be more attracted to me if I kept losing weight and he very calmly said yes. Your post makes me feel like that. I'm not saying dump him but I do want to smack him around, boys need to learn that sometimes it's more tactful to lie a bit. It's good that he was willing to talk things through with you, and you're absolutely not petty at all for feeling this way.

No. 543638

Yumi King pisses me off. While she signed up to be with a bad man who she thinks a baby will change, the child she's going to have had no say in the stacked deck she's setting up for them both. I can't believe there's people out there who think she's nice just because she plays retard for the youtube views, aside from the other selfish act of getting pregnant during a pandemic. Good thing she's housebound under normal circumstances.

No. 543639

Send a screenchot of the convo to his new gf show him what the lil rat is doing. Fuck that guy he ruined now you ruin his relationship, it's only fair anon

No. 543642

Some people just have a higher resting heart rate for reasons we don't fully understand but I would speak to your Dr about it in case you have some sort of underlying heart condition, especially considering you are doing so much cardio and putting your heart under stress (not that cardio is bad it's just it can trigger cardiac events in people with heart problems).

No. 543647

Started thinking about how fucking stupid and unfair it was for my grandma to get so offended and annoyed whenever I asked to go to the swings in the front yard of her building. There were other kids and I spent most of my mornings before school and after school time at her place, yea would've been cool to idk go outside sometime. She got all "if you come here, you come HERE and not for the swing!!". Loved her but she was so damn nervous and somehow controlling. This was a lame ass safe ass neighbourhood too and I had never been "bad", why so aggro over me not spending every second in the house for fucks sake. This is fucking dumb but this always made me confused.

No. 543648

Agreed, I'd the same in that situation. Maybe even spread the pic around if he's got a tiny dick

No. 543649

Anon, I just want to say that that was most likely on purpose. You're not too sensitive.
Not a single one looked like you? Like…You already know.

>He listed all the reasons why he likes me more and they were all personality-centred, which I guess is good? He said I had a better nose and facial features than her and that even though he prefers longer hair on girls, he knows mine will grow
This shit is so backhanded.
I wish girls would stop taking fucked up comments from men as "accidents" and "lack of tact". I might be wrong on this, but chances are if you did or said things like this, he wouldn't be happy. He probably knows, he just doesn't care. Worst case scenario, it's some shady attempt to keep you "on your toes" (insecure and vying for his approval, mentally in competition with his ex and every other girl he might find attractive).

No. 543650

i just posted ITT but i wish people would stop saying how smart she secretly is. she did well in school, that's it. her business skills weren't ever that good (she was never a super popular youtuber) she just got noticed cause of her bad lolita dresses and was posted to ita threads. other than her going to school, she seems pretty uneducated and her desire to be a housewife above all else shows she has bad judgement. i liked the petty drama before, but now it's just sad. i know she'll eventually make a video "moving back with my parents with their grandchild" and it will all be over.

No. 543653

Oh yeah she's definitely not that smart at all, sorry if the way I worded my post came off like I think she secretly is. I just think she plays up the 'aloof naive asian housewife' stereotype for the image is all I meant.

No. 543657

Do you monitor your heart rate while you exercise? Also what kind of cardio are you doing and how intense?

No. 543660

oh no, sorry for implying you said that! i meant i agreed with you, but also wanted to mention that. i have a feeling it's one wk, they always say "much more intelligent than she lets on" (they also had issues with people calling her yuhan). she definitely plays her image up more tho. i hate to think what will happen to her kid. she likely has some romanticized and childish view of relationships and thinks splenda will come around and it will all be happy anime family or something.

No. 543671

File: 1587396765208.jpg (51.74 KB, 600x338, 1446955223985.jpg)

>tfw a project for work is due tomorrow and I've got 1200 more lines of work to do and have only done 300 since 8 and it's already 11

No. 543677

We both literally have the same boyfriends
i am so sorry

No. 543679

Well clearly he wants to be able to ignore you for hours or else he wouldn't deflect like that. Someone who didn't know or didn't intend to hurt you would've just apologized and said that they'd try more. Yall really wanna deal with this game of grab ass during covid?

No. 543687

I often get this at work, I think its the stress, low confidence, botteling up my feelings and panicking about stupid things. I realise they're stupid afterwards.
Thank you for asking, thats really nice of your.

awh thanks anon, I'm really gonna try not to do this anymore. It's not healthy.

No. 543688

I've come to terms with the fact that my dad is a bona fide LVM. I've tried to rationalize and make excuses for him because he had an abusive childhood but he holds so much aggression and hostility towards my mother and me that I simply can't respect him anymore. I know deep down he has a good heart but it is buried under layers and layers of hostility and bitterness. It's not worth trying to be understanding towards him anymore. All of his other children avoid talking to him and he has been in a failed marriage before my mother. We are really his only family left, and of course, he treats us like shit. He is also very bitter that he has had to provide for us and always holds it over our heads. I've stopped talking to him. The only thing I can't stand is when he is arguing with my mother, screaming and yelling and mocking her. I have yelled at my dad for messing with her and tried to protect her but things get very heated because we both have bad tempers.

When all this is over I want to get a full-time job, move out, and have my mother live with me. She doesn't deserve this at all.

No. 543693

Pretty much any time I read the relationship advice thread I get flashbacks to my last bf. Three miserable years where I had no friends to talk to about things, and no idea how abnormal shit was with him. Sad how much someone can blind you.

No. 543696

Im sorry anon what is an LVM?

No. 543697

I don't wanna know, see or hear anyone who knew me before i turned 21. It's not even enough to get rid of your family, the drunks that made your life shit, now that I can just larp as a normal ass person, never mention about my past to anyone new, there's a goddamn town that has people who knew me back then. UNFAIR. I want a memory eraser thingy.

No. 543699

two things to vent about. (1) I accidentally left my purse in the breakroom at work yesterday. it's not a huge deal because it didn't have anything valuable in it, but I just feel stupid. (2) I realized I'm pretty sure I have been accidentally giving people free grapes at work (I'm a cashier) because the way they scan is weird. I'm not even afraid of being fired because honestly I hate this job, but I just don't want to get in trouble for it because I hate confrontation. I'm honestly so fucking bad at this job

No. 543700

I hate having horrible eyesight. My contacts have been making my eyes irritated lately and this whole covid thing makes it impossible for me to wear my glasses at work because face masks make my glasses fog up to the point where I can’t see a damn thing.
My eyesight is super fucked, I’m near sighted but I can’t see anything unless it’s super close to me. I’m afraid of being kidnapped and having my glasses broken or taken by my kidnapper because then I won’t be able to identify anyone or even where I am. Also I’m terrified about the idea of lasik

No. 543706

LVM=Low value male

My condolences anon. Similar thing happened to me when I found out the dirt on my stepfather who I idealized and put on a pedestal for years. Turns out he was just masterful at triangulation and hiding the heat on his ass. Cheater, history of drug addiction, failed marriage, hypocrite, power tripper, gaslighter, etc. you name it. I was actually stanning men and questioning hardline radfem ideologies up to that point because I saw my stepdad on a pedestal and said to myself #notallmen. Boy, was I wrong-o.
I guess the difference between me and you is that my mom is a bitch and I don't feel sorry for her, but still, it doesn't make it a warrant for my stepdad to be how he is. I wish we both had better male examples and I hope we can both heal in time.

No. 543712

I know quarantine is important but I’m literally counting down the days till it ends because my family is fucking annoying and spending time with them constantly makes me want to kill myself. They done a bunch of fucked up shit to me in the past and they refused to owe up to it. They also won’t tell me anything directly but then act all passive aggressive and bitchy about it. This was over a presentation for class I had to do over a Zoom call.

Luckily I’m saving up money so I can move out by June but I want this shit to end.

No. 543714

I fucking hate the way Bretman rock treats his sister, and then his dumb-shit fans get surprised when they see other people(nikita) disrespecting his sister when Bretman rocks disrespects her in videos for millions to see.
Oh yeah bretman is also overrated and not funny like the last time he made good content was like 2017?? lol

No. 543723

I feel like my friends aren't interacting with me as much because I'm not virtue signaling or pontificating about idiots during covid, but that's mostly because I don't want my social media polluted with the stupid shit stupid people are doing during covid, not that I don't care that I share air with morons. Besides, some good posting on social media does for preventing these idiots from coughing on each other in the street as they protest their lack of haircuts at the salons. If anything it just makes them feel vilified in their victimhood.

No. 543741

>new flavor of the month
That's why it bothers me, it's been going on since 2014 or so. It has to be one obsessed person at this point, but I have no idea how to track them down. I even have this tinfoil that it's my sibling larping as me

No. 543753

I was THIS fucking close to get a new job, and of course the world is ending. While I want the lockdown to end, I'm dreading the day when I'll have to come back to my shitty retail job. At least the new job would be with somebody I've known for a few years, so it's not dead yet, but I'm still pissed off.
I also fear that the Chinese government will never get sanctioned despite ruining literally everybody's life. Fuck you Xi Jinping, may you rot in hell.

No. 543754

I'm so close to getting my first car but I feel like I'm fucking stupid when it comes to navigating all the paperwork.

I bought a car off a friend, only had to pay for some repairs it needed and it was mine. Now it's done but I'm trying to figure out how to register it/get the title transferred, figuring out all the info I need, etc. My friend lives 40 minutes away so I don't know if I can get it from them right away and I don't want to be super annoying by asking tons of questions. The tax offices are also closed except for mail/drop offs so I don't know how that will work. To top it off, I bought insurance for the vehicle but I accidentally put the start date as May 1. So unless I can change that I'm not sure I can even register it for a bit.

Another thing that's getting to me right now is driving anxiety. I'm still getting comfortable driving and I figured having a car would at least let me practice more. But I keep getting anxiety thinking about picking it up and driving it the 40 minutes home and what if I have to get on the highway. It's all dumb stuff but it's still new to me.

No. 543770

I'm stuck in a house with my abusive father with no way out for the foreseeable future. I was doing great in life until this retarded lockdown, now I have less will to live every day. I wish there was a way to easily kill myself, or for him to fuck off.

No. 543778

>my sibling larping as me
I hope to god that's not the case. That can only mean your sibling also takes part in incest threads.

No. 543793

I have to beg my husband to shower with me. Why! I just wanna be comfy like we used to, and use every type of soap and smoke a joint that eventually gets soggy.

I begged and it worked, but I shouldn't have to beg! It used to just be something we did.

No. 543796

I do HIIT and I do monitor my heart rate during it. So during high intensity phases I aim for 160 (though it does spike up to 180 sometimes depending on what I'm doing), and then low intensity phases I try to aim for at least 100, but since it takes such a long time for my heart rate to slow, it usually only goes down to 130-140 before it's time to pick up the intensity again.

Yeah that's what I'm worried about, I was told as a kid I had a heart murmur but that it wasn't a bit deal, now I'm concerned it is one. Heart disease and diabetes runs in my family which is the whole reason I wanted to get fit in the first place.

No. 543799

That's really sad anon, I hope you had a comfy 420 anyway.

No. 543810

thanks, I hate it

No. 543818

As time goes on I feel a further disconnect from modern day western civilisation. Most women I seem to come across nowadays is involved in some sort of sex work - stripping or onlyfans and are very overly vocal about sex work is real work. I’m not too sure whether this just happens to be people I am surrounded by on the internet through Instagram and Facebook but the more time goes on the more normalised this is becoming and the more alienated I’m beginning to feel because I am not? I know things like this have always happened, but it was a bit different when it was a low percentage of women and I understand it’s none of my business and women should do what they want with themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone… but I honestly wonder if this is actually hurting society and will have a massive long term effect in the future. Is this actually empowering women or will this cause detrimental effects. I wonder what will also happen when every single woman is doing this, will I start to appear to be odd and a prude for not engaging in this. I feel I just want to fly out to Saudi Arabia at this point.

No. 543820

Petty vent but… Ugh! I watch a bunch of kids in my home. I have two babies under 3 yo. I watch a few older kids and everytime they come over they break something, lose something, or are totally annoying and disrespectful! Today they lost MY tv remote… They all left and got picked up. Nobody knows where its at. Ive looked everywhere and i just want to scream! My 3 year old is crying cuz she wants to watch her show. I dont hit my kids but damn sometimes i wish i could beat other peoples older kids when theyre mouthy little fucks!!!!

No. 543821

I’ve been taking advantage of the quarantine to properly start tracking my calories and exercise, but my Mum noticed and keeps warning that my body will go into starvation mode, and starts lecturing on about the fasting of hunter-gatherers and !!! shhhHH!! She literally never commented on anything when I was eating well over my daily limit, but now she’s all concerned because I’m on 1400kcal a day. I know she’s saying it out of love and concern but it’s getting on my nerves.

No. 543823

It was surprisingly nice <3
Thank you so much, I hope you had a nice day too.

No. 543826

~Starvation mode~ is the dumbest fucking shit. Have people who go on about it ever actually seen what a starved person looks like? Not fat, that's for sure.

No offense to your mum but is she overweight at all? People tend to try and sabotage other's weight loss if it makes them feel bad about themselves.

No. 543833

File: 1587426932921.png (1.48 MB, 636x962, mummiye.png)

I miss my cat. It's been two days since we got the body back. She was such a perfect companion.
I hate how she died, someone has been leaving poison baits for the wildlife that hang around the supermarket bins down the road and we guess she wandered there and ate one since she showed no external injury. The man who found her put her in a pillowcase a day or two before I was even aware she had died, and seeing the patches of dried blood on it right where her little mouth and nose were underneath was a weird feeling. At least I got to bury her in my backyard.

I'm heartbroken but so much more glad I ever got to know her and took pictures while I could. And I've still got the rest of her family to look after at least. It's dumb as fuck but I like to imagine we had our group mourning session, because a bit later after burial they all came out and sat near me being especially loving and gentle for a long while. I really wish I could house all of them securely and comfortably but the logistics are too much with so many cats and so little money, and every damn cat rescue has a waiting list of months (not that I can see myself willingly giving any one of them up now). At least they're all long de-sexed at this point.

No. 543838

She is overweight herself, but in every other regard she is so lovely and the best Mum. I’m hoping it’s just the case that she doesn’t realise the comments she’s making are unappreciated. I’ll take some time to properly talk to her about this soon if she keeps going on.

No. 543843

I use tumblr to look at art/fan art and holy shit are people idiotic sometimes. I thought the mentality behind everything being problematic and people being "canceled" would have changed over the years after that dumb steven universe suicide bullying shit but boy was i wrong.

I got a message from someone saying "you know artist is problematic right :/ you shouldn't reblog her art"

I asked what they meant and cue some spiel about how the artist is transmisogynistic and draws suggestive art of underaged characters or w/e

I replied that i didn't know. Then the person told me i should have done a background check on the artist.

A fucking background check. I just want to look at some art, not hire them to work at a bank or a school. And if we canceled every artist for being "problematic", art museums would be empty. I could care less if an artist is problematic unless they are a literal pedophile or a racist nazi.
I just want to look at art and get tips but now i have to deal with this shit? Jesus christ i'm an adult why do i have to deal with this drama between high schoolers.

No. 543869

when i still used tumblr id get message like that too and i found out what helps is just shutting them down and telling them straight up that expecting people to know everything about every person you reblog from is ridiculous. especially helps if you can do it in public. if not, just turn off any means of messaging you. makes the site more pleasant in general

No. 543872

That is truly awful anon. Can only imagine feeling betrayed in that situation. I just don't know what goes on in men's minds to think it's ok to hurt their family. To treat them terribly and then act like the victim. I don't hate all men or anything, but I hate the behaviors I see in my dad and I see them in so many men I encounter from day to day. It makes me sick.

No. 543897

I've gotten messages like that before. The first time, I listened, but now I just ignore it. Who has that kind of energy? Like hell I'm going to do a "background check" on random blogs, especially when the unpopular/"problematic" ones are posting most of the good content, and the self-proclaimed "unproblematic" ones literally have to take posts from them and tag them as "#stolen from (bad person's URL)". I've never understood that, either. If you're going to "steal" a post, what's the point of tagging the person you stole from? You're just going to make people want to follow them to get the original.
I sometimes notice I've been blocked by blogs I don't even remember interacting with or seeing in my life. I probably reblogged from someone they had beef with, then reblogged from them without knowing/caring about their drama, and they got mad.
Some people take Tumblr far too personally, really. We're all there to share images, text posts and music we like, lmao.

No. 543900

There's a mole on the nape of my neck and lately it's been really fucking disgusting to me. It just protrudes more than ever, it's not a flat round cute mole. I've thought about tying some string around it to try to pop it off but I'm more afraid of how it will heal and what the scar will look like. I might wind up regretting not keeping the fleck of shit on my skin who knows.
I can't believe my cunt mom never took this thing off as I remember as a child doctors and derms bringing it up. She's got it too, fucking nasty. It's the only gross mole on my body and of course it's gotta be someplace noticeable. Guys I can pinch it between my fingers and tug it FUCKING END ME

No. 543903

Don't touch it. Can you afford removing it by a specialist?

No. 543906

God I had a friend whos close to 30 still stuck in that mindset. when I showed interest in a cute game I was told that I shouldnt because of the artist or game dev. Turns out one of them had a suggestive rape image in the game and after getting flamed took down all social media.
Expecting people to dig that deep on content theyve just found is beyond me. I've even seen twitter and fb users fight about someone liking a musician or actor who has differing politics they weren't even aware of.

No. 543916

Maybe, although I have no idea who's open for an elective procedure during covid though. Are derms even open right now? Could a physician do it?

No. 543923

I have seen those posts too, someone from 4chan started claiming they were close friends with my family.

Eceleb culture is rampant on the internet now so the only option is to stay offline

No. 543926

>Eceleb culture is rampant on the internet now so the only option is to stay offline

Which isn't hard to do at all unless you fucked up by making being an egirl your day job, which was really on borrowed time anyway.

No. 543933

10 years later and I'm suddenly now realizing that I was straight up bullied in middle school. I was in denial while it happening, but I was straight up picked on for my race, appearance, and shyness on a daily basis. All while I had just lost a sibling and came from a family that couldn't afford to buy me nice clothes. I've been crying about it all day and I'm not sure why I'm reverting back to a little kid and feeling so much pain over this.

No. 543949

I can't stop twirling/pulling out my pubic hair. I go through periods where I don't do it all. Right now though, I can't stop no matter how hard I try. I tell myself to stop and put my hands away but I only last like 30 seconds before I start doing it again. I don't want to search this for similar experiences because I don't want that on my search history.

No. 543950

Shit like this is why I never post pictures of myself online, selfies or not. Even if that means having less followers online who could become potential friends I know too many people irl who browse all sorts of forums, social media and maybe image boards who could find me this way.

No. 543956

anon i thought i was the only one who did that! i used to do that when my pubic hair was long cuz i didn't shave. tbh i think it bothered me and i wanted to get rid of it so i've been shaving it all off since then. feels nice

No. 543975

I had 2 on my neck and they were small but fucking ugly. Got in the way of everything, people stared, like no matter what anyone says, protruding brown moles are not pretty or "what makes you you".

I cut them off with nail clippers. They healed very fast, for some reason mole skin heals faster. Zero regrets, I finally look normal.

No. 543978

File: 1587459602273.png (93.69 KB, 901x590, lol.png)

do people never get tired of doing this? I'm not even turkish but damn this is so fucking annoying I am just trying to watch a cat video wtf

No. 543982

File: 1587460940626.jpg (20.94 KB, 250x250, francis-bacon.jpg)

I feel like a fucking failure.

I promised myself I would try and make the most out of the quarantine and learn new skills so I could switch careers and also pick up old hobbies but I've been literally doing nothing but eating a lot and watching stupid videos.
The virus will peak soon and things are returning to normal and I'm going to come out of this as just useless as I was before

No. 543985

I, like many anons here, am stuck at home with my abusive family. After a week of constant arguments now they're ignoring me completely and not even acknowledging my presence. Which is good, but at the same time I can't even spend time outside my room because they'll just stare me down with hate and watch my every step to make sure I'm not eating their food or using their shit.
They refuse to pay any bills or buy basic shit like toilet paper or washing up liquid.
On top of this they keep inviting their friends in the middle of quarantine.

I fucking hope they move away soon. I overheard them talking about it. I've money saved up to pay the rent and I've a stable job unlike those lazy fucks. Now I'm just waiting until they do something crazy so I can get the landlord to evict them.

No. 543986

File: 1587462226587.jpeg (136.93 KB, 500x584, 45057F8E-8FE0-457D-BC8E-E628C4…)

The semester will be over in less than a month. 24 days. My motivation keeps dwindling and I want to give up. Every facet of my life feels like shit right now. I truly don’t know how people studying for degrees don’t drop out from stress. My motivation took a huge dive after less than 4 months of taking a few (easy) college classes. Even if the classes are on a topic I find interesting, I will have no motivation to study.

No. 543988

Chill. It's not a race. You have intrinsic worth. The only way to fail at life is by dying.
Who told you time was not well spent indulging in food and videos? They were lying.

If you want to feel "useful" just become an "essential worker" in a supermarket. See how quickly those lies fall apart?

Resist any urge that tells you you must do something because you're "not good enough" without it. They come from bad intentions. Follow only those urges that come from genuine interest, enjoyment and love.

No. 544029

No. 544038

I was never diagnosed with anything so I don't what's wrong specifically, but I know that acting normally never got me the support and validation I have when I act weird. They say "just act normal" but in a threatening tone and I don't react well to that, and as I said, I get results by acting my own way so why stop? Normal life is fucking miserable for anyone, I've never seen people being rewarded for being rewarded, everyone is being exploited and they still pretending to have the high ground because they are "normal" and not like the mentally ill weirdos. Also, I admire narcissists in a kind of weird way.

No. 544041

Sadly no. I wish I knew why people have such a strong hate boner for Turkey because I really doubt it's about politics.

No. 544046

>but I know that acting normally never got me the support and validation I have when I act weird

Sounds like you're talking about maladaptive behaviours picked up in childhood, yeah they work to get attention as a kid/teen but they fuck up your adult life if you don't get behavioural therapy.

No. 544051

They're still working in my adult life, that's the thing

No. 544056

When it stops working seek out CBT or DBT

No. 544073

I'm >>543467 and I can't speak for other people this happens to but I definitely don't have egirl tendencies, and most of my followers are women who speak my native language. The most recent instance was a screenshot of an outfit photo I had posted to my story and then deleted quickly, it was posted on /pol/ for some reason. I mean, there's also the possibility that the person doing it just saves a bunch of random girls' pics and posts them as filler for their replies?

I've also had the misfortune of getting teens on kik using my pictures to catfish and then randos adding my social media and being confused that I'm a different person, and once found a profile on a sugar daddy site that was using my picture and a name close to mine. I want to reiterate that I am objectively not very pretty or fashionable (plus I'm old by chan standards, 25) and I stopped posting pictures of myself frequently when this all started years ago.

Does anyone else deal with so much of this kind of shit too? I would understand if I was a hot girl with an onlyfans or an interesting wardrobe, but I'm not even close. I just want to be able to have a quiet presence online and make friends without having to worry about this. I know the solution is to stop caring but it really freaks me out and pisses me off

No. 544076

Kinda bummed that people backhand me about having resting bitch face. Makes me feel that if I'm not consciously always producing a half smile on my face that people think I'm unfriendly. I'm quiet and keep to myself but it's not enough, if I'm not verbally emoting that I'm happy and not bothered people assume the opposite because I look like a Disney villain.
>get questions like 'what's wrong?' when nothing is the matter
>friends say 'omg when I first met you I thought you were such a bitch/mean' spoiler: I wasn't ever bitchy to them
>if I'm too nice it comes off as forced and people assume I have an ulterior motive instead of being selfless
>in high school was accused of being a bully when I was the one being bullied, and if I retaliated against my bullies it was confirmation of my bulliness
>was in a charity musical and my superlative was 'quietly plotting the deaths of those around her'
>someone made an awkward comment on my facemask selfie saying I don't need to worry about my RBF now, I've never talked about RBF, so she was embarrassed bc she thought I had but really she was just saying what she was thinking obviously
>if I ask someone politely to do something in my normal tone sometimes they react as if I've yelled at them and insulted their abuelita, have to force a singsong mommy tone to avoid this
>when I was little was told to 'smile more' all the fucking time
Feels like I'm passed up for opportunities too because of it. Everyone wants to pretend that this happens to men too, but it really doesn't. They cite Kanye West as an example but he's a popular douchebag that's why everyone nitpicks his face. When someone is said to have RBF nine times outta ten they're referencing a woman.

No. 544078

4chan doesn't know you're 25 and most women in their 20s look pretty young. For whatever reason people have decided that you're the perfect girl next door to use as catfishing profiles and shitposts. The only way to deal is to cut down your social media circle or stop posting completely. Having thousands of social media connections on multiple platforms isn't low profile even though that's normie.

No. 544083

Girl you browse pol frequently enough to know when and if people are using your pictures, and you're on sugar daddy websites checking if your pictures are there too. I think you know what you're doing lmao.

No. 544087

I'm fucking tired of my boyfriend judging every single thing I do / think / say when he knows well I won’t listen to him anyways.
If I don’t know how to cook, bad. If I try to learn, bad. If I do something, bad. If I don’t do it, bad.
I wish he wouldn’t say anything because even when it doesn’t hurt me anymore, I feel like he’s lecturing me just because of his inferiority complex. I used to be so pissed about it and tried to complain but nowadays I don’t ever answer to him so I don’t get what his point.
Right now he’s trying to argue with me again about something I can’t even grasp and what am I doing? Writing this.
I wish I was alone most of the time. Anons who are afraid of not having a partner…trust me, I wish I was you right now.

No. 544091

Nta, but dude, that was a really nice thing to read, since I feel similarly to the anon. Thank you <3

No. 544092

Nooo stop you've got it all wrong, that's the reason this bothers me so much, because I know what image it gives off. I don't browse any board other than here, as I said in my op my brother and friends who browse are the ones who find it and show me. The pol one was totally on accident, my friend said he was reverse image searching an actually popular girl he saw posted on another board and came upon that post.

As for the sugar daddy thing, no offense to anyone who partakes in that but I want nothing to do with it. I found that one because when some teen was catfishing as me (2015-16) my irl friends went on a crusade to track down the catfish and found a bunch of unrelated accounts. I really don't want to attract this stuff and It's not like an "uwu im so antisocial but look at meee!!!" type of thing either, I'm too old for that. I'm pissed off that I have bad luck and can't enjoy a normie social media experience and I just wanted to vent for a while, but I'll stop blogging now.

No. 544096

That was kind advice, but I disagree. You can't just waste your life and ruin your health by binge eating junk because you have worth aside from that or enjoyed it or whatever. Let yourself feel sad from time to time, treat yourself, but sitting on your ass and eating, ignoring your goals and not doing anything of use is destructive and should not be celebrated.

No. 544114

>check on some mtg site i used to go to when i played
>check my old profile
>see i still have ex added
>"hehe being nosy isn't going to hurt lets see if he's still alive"
>surprisingly alive
>he just has a weird message on his profile description saying "Nice to see you still think about me, I guess"
>hes been active as of this month
>shit my pants and close the tab
Now I know for sure he doesn't have any keylogger or spyware because I use a different OS than him so I don't think he put that there intentionally, but god that was a fucking weird moment. Guys been offline for years after some police encounter.
I wish I wasn't a slave to impulses so I didn't have to see that.
Weirdo groomer.

No. 544121

File: 1587485880284.jpg (392.89 KB, 1080x2003, Screenshot2.jpg)

I feel there is something really wrong and creepy with this.

No. 544122

Kinda ot but I'm getting tired of kids parroting what's clearly their parent's narratives on either side. What happened to kids being rebellious, asking questions, and not wanting to be like mom and dad because they're uncool? I feel like the parents are holding a gun to them behind a curtain whenever I see a kid wax politics into a video.

No. 544126

oh i remember this weirdo this was the man who believed in that weird humanoid reptile kind of stuff and believed that all celebs are satanists and would call female celebs really derogatory names.
I guess after the Illuminati stuff lost popularity he went on to make right-wing stuff.

No. 544127

Parents have always done this to some extent, but it's more visible with the internet. They don't have to be forceful, they just raise them in a bubble where everyone who aligns with their values is right and everyone else is wrong/stupid.

Children don't care about "liberal brainwashing," but they agree with their mom and dad because they want their approval and praise. It's gross when parents take advantage of that for fucking youtube videos.

No. 544129

Isn't 12 too young for a YouTube channel? I honestly don't think it should even be legal for children to be on YouTube period.

Also, I remember a hilarious situation happening years ago where some 13yo became a big hit for right wingers then ended up switching to the left by the time he finished high school.

No. 544134

I'm a leftist and the fact it's not my ideology doesn't matter to what I'll say, it pisses me off to see kids involved with politics. Go play and be a kid while you can, gee. I don't even like to see kids in LGBT parades because I feel like they can't even understand fully what they're supporting yet.

No. 544141

File: 1587488083359.jpg (116.01 KB, 800x540, tumblr_ns5rxilVrc1qds7nko1_128…)

Tomorrow is my birthday ( the 22nd ) and it seems like my mom never remembers. Even though i fucking hate my birthday because i always had the worst of luck during my birthday week, its like the universe way of telling me my birth was a mistake lol. I just kinda wish she remembers though, when i dont remember her birthday she kept reminding me of hers but when its mine she doesnt even care or notice anything but yesterday she did remember to give my cousins gifts out of the blue though. Its kinda sad when people you care the most doesnt even remember a single detail about you…

No. 544143

Children don't care about about politics are gender identity. Let them care about what they want for Christmas and the latest Disney channel show. This is really gross and opens her up to be groom by some disgusting male fans.

No. 544148

I remember when I was 12 I hated gays just cos my dad ranted about them a couple times, I sure wouldn't want to be filmed parroting my dads ignorance while still that young.

No. 544157

Agree, my family is eastern euro and my dad has some pretty radical ideas about anyone that isn't "normal". Though he does sometimes cave and agree that we shouldn't be so judgemental. Then he falls back to his old thoughts lol. I'm embarrassed at some of the things I used to believe because of him.

No. 544161

Same. Those of us who grew up before the "woke kids" era hit are really lucky.

No. 544168

maybe she does remember but knows you hate it?

No. 544171

i think the issue is the social media aspect. parents of course raise their kids like they want, but before only a select few were able to use them to platform for their causes and get media attention. now any idiot on youtube who can work reddit can use their kid for media attention and praise. i think the internet in general is dangerous because it connects all kinds of people with eachother and turns collective sparks that would have burnt out on their own into flames of stupidity.

No. 544185

yes wasn't there this little girl who was making videos catering to the alt-right and her comments were filled with pedophiles.

No. 544192

I can think of Lt. Corbis? She had all these grown ass men picking on her for being a misguided child as well. Fucking creepy, everyone involved.

No. 544199

Ntayrt but hell, men target young girls left and right no matter what. Reminds me of all the disgusting shit they said about Greta Thunberg, it was like they wanted to hatefuck that child.

Tbh I find most parents self centered and irresponsible to be exposing their girls to the public knowing how dangerous and gross these pedos are.

No. 544205

Yes thats who i meant but i forgot her name. Also due to the types of video's she would make she basically had the most disgusting bottom of the barrel men (white supermacist,stormfront,nazi,pro-pedophile) watching her videos either grooming her or just openly talking about wanting to molest her.
Yeah thats sad but thats not comparable to what im talking about.
Ltcorbis had her own audience be creeps towards her, meanwhile with greta its the opposite.

No. 544206

File: 1587496916049.jpg (149.02 KB, 750x747, 1553285852782.jpg)

I'm starting to see the effects that quarantine and lockdown is having on my friend group; I live in a Baltic country where the infection rate has ben relatively low, but a lot of people have resorted to alcoholism, and among my friends, speed and ecstasy on a regular basis (doesn't help that a lot of people around us are drug dealers). It's really depressing and self defeating, just makes me feel hollow and cynical about my social life. Really puts things into perspective for me, now I really am ready to become a hermit and accept my new shut-in life

No. 544210

She also has a Twitter account and when you see the tweets she likes it's conservative, white supremacist, Nazi stuff.

No. 544212

I've always been a bit depressed but now I'm downright suicidal. I can cope like this for a few weeks, but not being able to travel, go to the gym, interact as normal and see the world behaving as normal, for months, will kill me and a lot of people.

Say what you want but lockdowns are a mistake. And we're gonna see that soon.

No. 544221

This covid quarantine sucks, but i hate people who call themselves empaths and act like it's affecting only them and no one else.

>muh anxiety

>muh stress
Gods, shut up

No. 544226

I don't think anyone is acting like it's only affecting them. It's normal to feel shit, and just because someone might have it worse doesn't diminish your pain

No. 544227

Something I hate about this website is that it's painfully clear a lot of the time people will just dislike a cow so they then just project everything they hate about them on any mundane statement they make and think that's milk, which results in post after post writing dissertations picking apart some meaningless tweet or something. You see this in pretty much every thread in snow, like in the left thots thread people are complaining someone isn't a ~true~ anime fan as if anime fan's are some oppressed group that people are culturally appropriating or something like literally who cares. I wish nitpicking rules were actually enforced, so many many posts in snow and pt now just seem like unhinged nitpicking, vendetta posts or obvious projection

No. 544228

Same for Kf. It comes off as to me as desperate for drama? Or desperate to demonize someone. I'm not sure how to define it. Power tripping people who want threads on someone.

No. 544229

I was going to post this in the dumbass questions thread but I dont think it fits.
So I got recommended this video on onlyfans I assume because I watched a video about the whole idubbz situation (cant remember which) anyway this video is pretty sympathetic to incels-but why? The video paints guys who use onlyfans as lonely and isolated because "we live in a society" but one of the incels towards the end gets a girlfriend when he actually makes the effort to ask a girl out. Why do people baby these men like they are victims? This is coming from someone who used to be pretty sympathetic to incels too.

No. 544230

Exactly like not every public figure is milky? I think people just want a place to discuss how much they hate someone which…okay, but I wish they would do it somewhere else. I feel like for someone to have a thread here they should actually have some kind of milk and be considered a 'lolcow'

No. 544231

because sad lonely boys are victims of bad luck and just need a girl in their life to transform everything forever, meanwhile sad lonely women obviously did something to deserve it and deserve to be laughed at and ridiculed. just your average double standard bullshit

No. 544242

Poooor men. If women had just had sex with them, none of this would happen. If women had just had sex with them, they wouldn’t be cumbrain degenerates and homicidal maniacs. Evil women taking advantage of lonely men waaaahh evil women literally forcing men to objectify, harass, and harm others.

No. 544248

Nta and I know it may be just my case but one of my friends is doing this since day 1 and I can’t take him seriously anymore. He’s young and healthy (while his parents are people of the risk group) and he’s complaining about them infecting him, that he feels like his life is over for him…basically he thinks he prefers to die than to live this situation. He left therapy before it all started and refuses to take his medication.

No. 544249

File: 1587504810368.jpg (24.55 KB, 494x494, 1581134881730.jpg)

Saw a twitter thread ppl talking about their covid symptoms and i get more weieded out by sudden, about 2 week long heart rate issues, i couldn't eat, could barely go to the bathroom, had shortness of breath and nausea. I keep telling myself that was JUST STRESS but it was so fucking odd, i feel fine now, only crackling in my ear due to allergies. I sound like a fucking hypocondriac.

No. 544250

True, not everyone has constant drama in their lives and we cant expect that for "cows" either

No. 544256

>he thinks he prefers to die than to live this situation
tbh so do I. this is no way to live and I'm going to move to a country not on lockdown if this goes on for much longer.

No. 544257

Lmao how are you people so fucking soft

No. 544259

Same, I've been thinking about doing this a lot too

No. 544261

they really are pathetic and selfish. i hope they truly kill themselves.

No. 544263

Not really, i never mention anyone that i hate my birthday though, just here.

No. 544281

Lol, how did we get here? People wanting to die because we have to sit safe in our houses while having access to food, clean water, and entertainment? The only way I could think this situation would be in any way unbearable is if you're at risk for getting the virus (maybe you work low wage at a grocery store, but you'd WANT lockdown to be strict for that reason) or you've run out of money/been laid off that you can't afford to do anything at home and you're at risk for not being able to pay bills. Most people I've seen threaten suicide and act like the world has ended are those with families to fall back on who would never let them be homeless or starve.
It's like boredom and spiraling has hijacked their emotions. At least I can kind of understand the typical Trump supporter with a small business who's a month away from necking themselves due to bankruptcy. They don't wanna become part of the poors whom they've voted to make more miserable. That's why they're all #reopenUSA or bust, but otherwise? Grow up people, you'll live regardless if you can't go to the gym or not see your friends for a few months. Your ancestors ran down prey, roamed practically naked, and slept on the hard ground. You. will. be. okay.

No. 544289

First world problem in its purest form

No. 544290

Bwwuhh muhh clubbing and muhh riiiggghhhttsss, seriously how the fuck are the people staying so whiny? Why would people go out to demonstrate this, some of them muricans are so beyond cringe

No. 544292

why are you dismissing boredom as a cause of stress lol. yeah it may sound silly if you prefer solo hobbies inside but i mean there are people who enjoy going out and hanging out with friends and idk doing group sports you know. agreed on people who are from well off families whinging about how they are gonna starve kek but like i do understand the desperation that comes form feeling trapped like this.

No. 544293

I mean I get what you're saying but the reality is staying inside and not being able to have in person contact with people would cause genuine mental harm to the majority of the human race, I wouldn't dismiss it as just people whining, people are facing potentially months and years of this, unless you're literally a neet most people would come out with severe mental health effects from that

No. 544302

Everything I enjoyed has shut down, I can't get close to any human being and this will go on for at least a few more months. Anything I had to manage my depression is fucked. So, sorry if I seem soft. I'm not gonna bend over and get fucked by the govt trying to protect 90 year old that would have died anyway.

Stockholm seems neat. Other countries might open in May or June too. Crete is talking about opening for summer, and is cheap and wam.

No. 544305

maybe it's fine for you if you spend your entire life indoors. humans are social creatures, we can't sit indoors 24/7 and pretend netflix and junk food is a brilliant replacement for genuine human connection.

No. 544309

> unless you're literally a neet most people would come out with severe mental health effects from that
Turns out my whiniest friends are the ones who act like being at home rn is an insufferable pain when we couldn’t meet with them for three weeks at some points. Not they need to go out? To do things they wouldn’t do with us because they were lazy?

No. 544310

>I'm not gonna bend over and get fucked by the govt trying to protect 90 year old that would have died anyway
Wow. Their lives are worth more than of a depressive cunt like yourself.

You people are pathetic, omg.

No. 544311

>Why are you dismissing boredom as a cause of stress?
Because it's incredibly petty, and curable if someone has adapted healthy coping mechanisms to alleviate the boredom solo.
>But isolation is bad.
I agree that it's not ideal, but it's very untrue that humans won't survive without socialization. It's unhealthy that people can't handle being alone (just in the physical sense) for a few months, scary even.

No. 544312

Yall really out here acting like you've been put in prison solitary box for months. Fucking cope like a normal person, facetime your mom, talk to your friends, you realize you can still hug and hold hands with people you're in quarantine with.

No. 544313

I have so little sympathy for people who still get to go on walks, enjoy the sun and all that. Yea, the surrounding stress and pending doom aside, I have no sympathy for the people acting like a few months doing less stuff is gonna kill them, I am not talking about the money stress, just staying inside. I was in an accident that forced me to stay inside way before this, I feel like an absolute dick for thinking "it's not that bad, YOU CAN GO OUTSIDE, BITCH YOU JUST WENT ON A WALK W FRIENDS?" while no one ever thought that yea, it wasn't fun for me to be alone stuck inside in pain for over a year. Now people tell me shit like "ugh now i get you" the fuck you do? I was in pain, alone and lost basically everything and even now i can't handle my own shit, like go to the shops and shit. I get that people are scared but the staying in part whilst still being able to go out, chill and have a stroll, that should not be the thing you whine about. Martyr hours, sorry.

No. 544314

People who live alone are being asked to spend potentially months without any human contact, or even being able to be around people in a social setting. This isn't just 'not being okay with being alone', this objectively will would be traumatic to many people, and potentially devastating to those with mental health conditions. Most people are not even saying there is a better alternative or they should just end the lockdown, but what is the point in dismissing the fact that many people will suffer greatly from this?

No. 544317

To add to this, some countries don't even let you leave your apartment for a walk. You are literally locked inside for months, no human contact, no sun or anything. I'd rather the virus just rip through the population.

No. 544318

you do realise not everyone lives with their family/so/7 roommates right, am kinda happy i am an essential worker for the social relief angle over monetary even as i love talking to my boomer coworkers even if it is 2m apart. can't imagine what it is like being proper alone 24/7, those days i am off work (can't do any overtime because busses are fucked and my work is far away) i feel like climbing up the wall for a human interaction crumb. i guess it is fine if like online stuff passes as irl shit but not everyone is like that, me included.

No. 544319

>not being okay with being alone
This is, by definition, not okay with being alone though. You're talking about months like it's years, mate it just isn't.
>What about mentally unwell people?
Assuming someone doesn't have a mental health condition, I don't see the excuse. I'd still say mentally unwell people will generally be okay as long as they have access to their medications and can telecommunicate with their respective therapists. Not to downplay their struggles of course if that's how they feel at the end of the day.
Besides, are we gonna use the same logic as this anon >>544302? "I'm not gonna get fucked to save some 90 year old," well, why should anyone else risk their lives and catch a virus so Suzie Q can go socialize for their mental betterment which isn't going to kill her?
No one is saying this situation doesn't suck, but you shouldn't feel it's so unbearable that you wanna die. Nah.

No. 544321

You’re talking with us right now.I know it’s not the same as the usual day by day but it could be so much worse.

No. 544326

I hate when people throw the "but the mentally unwell will suffer!!!" card. No one gives a shit about us. I was suffering before this due to loneliness and I'm still suffering. Exactly nothing in my routine has changed because I have no friends and no social life. And many other people I know live in this exact situation because that's what mental illness does. Serious mental illness pushes you into an eternal quarantine because no one wants to be with a loony anyway.

No. 544328

You're right no one cares about us, they treat mental illness like it doesn't exist, like we just fake it for fun.

But I was in a great place before this. After a decade of anxiety and depression I was finally okay. Now I want to kill myself again.

No. 544330

I'm sorry about that. Do you live alone? Have you been getting some kind of online therapy?

No. 544331

>Do you live alone?
Worse, with my abusive family.

>Have you been getting some kind of online therapy?

What kind? No. I used to get CBT and it didn't do anything. The only thing that helped was socialising more but we all know that's shot to hell now. Besides if my family heard me getting therapy online they'd laugh me to suicide

No. 544339

Being a female sucks. I wish I hadn't read about radical feminism. I've always hated the shit we dealt with, but witnessing is on such a whole different scale/view hurts so much. We can't never win, and it upsets me.
I want to save us from the shit we deal with. It's so hard. I can't quit crying

No. 544346


No. 544347

>We can't never win, and it upsets me.
I want to save us from the shit we deal with. It's so hard. I can't quit crying
omg fuck not another one of you nutjobs.
what is this in reference to, anon?

No. 544348

>omg fuck not another one of you nutjobs.
waddya mean

No. 544350

File: 1587517429910.gif (2.18 MB, 480x270, 6CFAEF6C-69C4-4515-91B5-8B5C78…)

People will have those views and be on lolcow, stay mad about it.

No. 544354

The few times i want to be vulnerable my parents ignore me.

No. 544360

god each sentence of this just gets progressively more and more embarrassing

No. 544367

The only problem we face constantly is prolifers trying to force us into being traditional moms, and men being upset that we used birth control. But other than those I dont see any problem

No. 544369

Where you live, maybe, but some women aren't as privileged as you.

Why did it suddenly hit you?

No. 544370

Don’t forget being murdered or sexually assaulted.

No. 544372

I do agree with that too, most murder cases are a men killing a woman. And the Lolicon trend which targets young girls

No. 544376

are you male?

No. 544385

It's okay don't despair, this feeling is part of the process. It gets better. The world may not get better but you'll find a way to deal with it and come out stronger than if you didn't learn about these things.

No. 544387

For the past week my brain has been reminding me of every little embarrassing thing I've ever said and done. And while that sounds #relatable and funny, It's actually driving me insane and I feel like I am the most inadequate, unlovable, piece of failure fuck on earth.

No. 544391

no? we just get crazy anons freaking out from time to time about this kind of thing. one of them a few months ago would go into every thread talking about how everyone in the world hates women, including other women she knows and that's why she can't get a good job and that she wanted to kill herself.

No. 544392

meant to include you in >>544391. i'm not upset about her views idiot, but the "i can't stop crying" shit is pretty manic.

No. 544425

File: 1587534309818.png (486.86 KB, 617x656, 1487717789938.png)

No. 544437

File: 1587539651526.jpg (186.39 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20200422-162044__01…)

Reading this gave me actual fucking cancer. I don't have much to say aside from this better be bait… but this creature is playing the part so well… even down to the display picture. I don't know whether to laugh or cry as this point.

No. 544438

File: 1587539703191.jpg (174.65 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20200422-162223__01…)

No. 544446

What? You don’t think these faggots really believe what they say? Lol they do, dudes just be like this when given internet anonymity.

No. 544487

Fucking sick of my boyfriend telling me I need to communicate more, when he doesn't fucking listen. If you keep doing the same shit every single time, and I keep telling you what to do every single time, its not me who isn't communicating my needs. Its you who refuse to listen or care. Don't tell me "you should have just told me", when I have probably told you the same shit a thousand times.

No. 544489

File: 1587554364821.png (177.67 KB, 276x286, bob.PNG)

>the profile pic
>weebs knowing anything about social shit

kek if it isn't bait then I genuinely feel sorry for the poor thing

No. 544493

He just doesn't care, anon. Stop wasting time on him when you deserve better.

No. 544510

I woke up in a pretty foul mood. Anyway, the weather has been really nice and warm where I live for the first time in ages. So I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go for a walk. He replies with "movie night". We sit inside and watch movies and stuff so often - especially in these times. I'm just gonna go for a walk on my own. It's not like we can't watch movies this weekend when the weather won't be as nice. Idk I'm just annoyed.

No. 544540

File: 1587564890855.jpg (879.89 KB, 1813x2111, itme.jpg)

>cook delicious food
>I never want to eat the leftovers and instead wanna cook new food

No. 544555

Very strange and kind of depressing to see so many 30+ year old celebrities, 'activists' and politicians have the exact same surface level takes (and be praised for it) that 15 year olds on Tumblr did in 2014, who themselves have for the most part now significantly evolved from. I really hate the mainstream discourse around social issues currently, it feels so inconsequential and hollow, and like nothing will ever really change

No. 544556

Yeah without their PR agents to constantly cover for them and tell them what to say publicly, they're pretty out of touch and dead in the water.

No. 544568

File: 1587572562142.jpg (64.29 KB, 540x442, EMgXenqWkAIySAV.jpg)

i'm kind of sad and lowkey pissed about how the mods combined the kpop threads just to let them turn into containment threads. i mean i understand why on their end, but it just sucks that now there's no real place to criticize kpop without stans chiming in as well…

No. 544574

Completely agree, it became such a cringefest.
It came to a point where anons are discussing if idols fuck white girls and it's so fucking obvious.

No. 544612

my sister is due next month and i've had 2 dreams so far where she miscarried. she's going to have to have a c section (again) and i'm ignorant and don't know if miscarriages even occur in c sections.
other than that, she works as a nurse in a children's hospital, while extremely pregnant, and there are 4 known cases of covid there recently. she says she doesn't interact with those babies so i hope that's enough for her to stay safe

No. 544633

dreams are just a reflection of your worries. i'm sure she'll be fine :)

No. 544645

You can do it on twitter. I don't get why you fags insist that's not an option. Go make some friends, you pathetic kboos.

No. 544697

damn, self harm is so stupid and self sabotaging and ridiculous and yet for the life of me i’ll never be able to stop

No. 544713

I've been struggling with my breakup.I felt like I had to break up with him- he was not allowing me to recover from my ED (he would physically try to stop me from eating and wouldn't want to spend time with me when I was eating), he didn't want to spend time with me, and he only wanted me for my emotional support (I would comfort him for hours every day).

We were together for a year and a half, and he already found someone new. Even though I know it was for the best, and I did break up with him, I still feel sad about things. Because he found someone so soon, it makes me feel like I'm not good enough. I've been waking up crying, and have to force myself to stop compulsively checking his social media. Any advice? (and yes, I am going to therapy for my low self esteem)

No. 544714

realize that it's totally normal to feel sad about a break up even if it was a toxic relationship. you still had a bond or sorts and it's not easy to stop caring no matter how bad the situation is.

maybe make a list of all his bad features and behaviors. that's how I got my brain to realize how retarded my ex is and how my energy is not worth wasting on him.

No. 544716

>(I would comfort him for hours every day)
Now you have all that time to work on yourself instead, that's a lot for him to expect given you obvs have your own issues going on too. You'll be glad in the long run anon.

No. 544725

my mom is doing her stupid arabic lessons daily and even with my door closed i can hear her going over lessons and sounding like a fucking seal

No. 544727

lmao. why is she learning arabic?

I'm learning Greek and Russian and everyone around me is just like…why are you doing this?

No. 544813

I don't care if you're a single dad and somehow raised/raising your kid all on your own boohooo you're just doing what any normal GOOD person would do, which is take responsibility over your own actions. Sorry I'm not into thinking you're some special king who deserves to be showered with praise and thirst just cuz you fucked a bitch and are doing what millions of single moms have done since the beginning of time. All the dumb cunts who sit there going boohoo you youre such a Go0ooo00ooo00od guy can fuck off you thirsty cunts have fun taking care of someone elses mistake have some self respect

just stop using your single dad status as some sort of martyrdom and a reason for women to like you. its not a fucking personality trait and stop trying to shove pictures of your kid in my face it doesnt make me want to fuck you you dumb bitch

No. 544816

My ex (who is now engaged) still hates my guts and he cruises through my apartment complex and they smear cat shit on my windshield while laughing at me

No. 544824

Not sure if odd bait but call the fucking cops dummy

No. 544826

what did u do

No. 544833

My burning question is how do you know it's cat shit and not some other animal's or, god forbid, human shit?

No. 544848

English is not my first language, please bare with me:

my employer retired. They left their business to be ran by myself and their children.

Coronavirus happens, lots of time off work and life is strange.

son tells me to go home or not bother to come in to the office.

later tells father I just "didn't show up"

son has huge drug problem dad knows about, but dad has huge soft spot for rere son.

son gave me strange lecture at work yesterday, one he had no place coming from because he is a liar.

I felt incredibly uncomfortable all day, all evening. triggered IBS all day today, I couldn't go to work and the dad was going to go in today (he doesn't come much these days) I just feel like it made things worst that I stayed at home.

Dreading tomorrow, dreading returning. I just feel too embarassed at this point to show my face there. I am already getting unemployment, maybe I should just never go back and find a new job.

dad had such a high opinion of me I worry his son tarnished that and worry he thinks I'm an unreliable retard.

No. 544861

File: 1587603105745.jpg (24.18 KB, 480x528, 1567902849301.jpg)

Have to spend a few nights sleeping in the same room my dad died and rotted in a few months ago, i fkn can't sleep i bet i'll see a fucking ghost

No. 544863

I feel like a lot of farmer type sites try too hard? Like its manufactured drama done on purpose just to milk. And it's not milky since it was planned and robotic. like short internet arguments turned into a lifestyle and a hobby. And obviously you can't have that constantly and even both sides will get bored of baiting/responding

No. 544864

File: 1587604146255.jpg (19.69 KB, 275x264, 1583364579046.jpg)

eeeughhughg jesus christ anon I'm sorry, wishing you a peaceful nights rest.

No. 544866

Thanks, i am stress eating bagels in here as we speak

No. 544869

Got some ritalin off the web. I'ts keeping me awake but not more focused or anything. Just awake and still procrastinating hard on urgent work.
I've been upping the dose but I don't want to end up with a heart attack or something.

Why do I do this to myself, ffs. I really am my own worst ennemy.

No. 544888

My bf got sent to hospital with severe symptoms of Corona virus and I'm slowly losing my shit, my grandma who I was extremely close to died last month. I couldn't see her in hospital and there was no funeral. If the same happens to my bf I honestly don't know if I'll be able to continue. I'm crushed and so close to my breaking point.

No. 544891

One of my friends is pretty toxic himself. It used to be less annoying and kind of sassy when we were 14/15 but nowadays everyone in our group friend can see how much he’s projecting because he’s always one step behind us. For example, when it comes to relationships he always (and I mean every single time) has a thing to say (usually nothing good), it’s not like he does a constructive remark or something, he just complains because he thinks we’re doing this this and that wrong or he would do it differently and blah blah blah. Truth is he never got a serious relationship in almost 30 years. And it’s not bad by any means! We couldn’t care less! Everyone’s happy and we carry on with our lives! But sometimes I wonder how he can’t see his toxicity. I (amongst other people in our group friend, at least 5 people out of 10 and I didn’t even talk about this with the other 5) think he’s acting as if we were 16 again and he’s stuck on those years because maybe relationships (or works, studies…) weren’t that serious back then but it is serious right now! Instead of trying to improve his life or search for ways to make it better, he just complains about everyone’s life and sure, one joke can be funny, maybe two but we all see his resentment and kind of jealousy there. Of course he’s too vain and egocentric to admit it, so he just comes across as someone self-centred and not in a good way. He’s too much idk

No. 544896

File: 1587618975523.jpg (53.76 KB, 701x374, Aggretsuko.jpg)

i have to choose between two job opportunities and it's been keeping me awake eughhh

job 1 is a cushy office position for a huge consulting firm. guaranteed promotions, at least 80k starting salary, fantastic benefits, unlimited sick days, etc. it's like the glorious OL job i've dreamed of since forever.

job 2 is… strange. basically if i accept a full-ride scholarship from the gov't (with a steep 20k extra stipend semesterly) i have to work for them for two years. i don't know what pay i'll have, i don't even know what job i'll be doing, but the stipend is more than enough for me to move out and get going with my life. plus, the benefits are probably good because government. in addition i'd have a lot of clearances and extra certifications that i'd never be able to get otherwise.

i worked hard for these opportunities but now i'm stuck between them and it's too much to compute. i mean i'm choosing how to sell my soul for wages but i don't want to choose wrong…

No. 544906

Try to keep hope, anon. I'm so sorry.

No. 544916

File: 1587622577688.jpeg (95.5 KB, 1241x694, C24FFB76-692D-48AA-9C9A-02D0BA…)

>don’t believe in hearts and flowers type relationshippy stuff because men don’t know how monogamy works and even if they don’t act on it they still gonna be cheating on you in they’re damn minds
>terrifyingly high sex drive
>can’t fuck anybody because I feel uncomfy when someone I’m fucking is fucking somebody else and who the fuck wants to be exclusive friends with benefits?
I’m probably never gonna have sex again in my life am I?

No. 544923

First one sounds good to me! Government jobs can be good but it sounds like the office job is a better fit especially if it’s your dream. In these situations I would go with what I know best

No. 544935

As someone who has worked governmental jobs and private sector jobs (currently for a big consulting firm too), I feel like I could offer some insight.

Governmental jobs are pretty secure which is definitely the most tempting thing about them, but they're often stuck in a bureaucratic hell and the office dynamics are based on politics, so you need to be prepared for a lot of petty fighting and drama. Everything moves very slowly and things tend to be stuck in regulations. The salary development is very linear and doesn't give you a lot of room to negotiate. But on the other hand it's also a pretty solid position that will last for the rest of your life, but your career advancement will be stuck in the mud at some point and you might stagnate.

As for the private company, your position might be more unpredictable but your pay is based on what you want yourself. The tempo might be a bit faster but so will be your career advancement and salary development. You'll learn new things and skills constantly because the job is based on markets instead of solid governmental business, and you have a lot more freedom to act upon because you don't have to fill out a billion forms to get your job done. There's a bigger chance that the company hierarchy is based on merits instead of how many boots you lick, and the people around you change often enough to help you keep the work environment fresh. Due to the company funds being private-owned they can offer you greater benefits with no worries about how you're spending the public money like with governmental jobs which is a huge bonus and totally worth it. You also get to grow your network on a way bigger scale.

But however, you never know when an economic crisis hits and you might be laid off, and the office might still be filled with politics depending on the company and you might need to kiss ass to climb the ranks, but all in all personally I've felt that working the private sector is much more stimulating and rewarding than being a public worker. It all boils down to what you value more, stability or advancement. Like if you had a family and you want your job to be just a stable income of average money and nothing else, governmental jobs might be a better bet. But if you want to become a professional and secure your back in case the time comes to jump ship, private sector is a better place to start.

No. 544944

File: 1587632790194.jpeg (12.08 KB, 424x426, 66CA8B0C-89B9-456A-B80D-D67978…)

Psychology is apparently one of the most common majors and it makes me sad. I find psychology pretty interesting but don’t feel a degree in it is worth pursuing since the field is so oversaturated. I’d just have tons of competition against other psych majors to try to find a job afterwards. I’m depressed and it’s one of the only things that even slightly interests me because I don’t really have any real passions or interests.

No. 544945

Psychology is kind of a meme, oversaturated, being a soft science, crazy popular. If you really love it I guess you can study beyond the basic bachelor level and go to med school?

No. 544946

>If you really love it I guess you can study beyond the basic bachelor level and go to med school?
It’s okay, I don’t even love it that much. I definitely would not make it through med school either. I guess I’m just sad because I have struggled for years with what I want to do with my life

No. 544947

become a psychiatrist with medschool instead then? will take more effort and time though.

No. 544952

>lost id card a couple of months ago
>didn't go to get it replaced because corona and i didn't need it anyway
>decide to do it today because my temporary id card runs out in a couple of weeks
>have to book appointment online
>online interface is literally impossible to navigate and buggy
>i can't book an appointment and can't get a new id and i wont have an id card in the end

No. 544957

I've never had a relationship and I don't think I want to, because I know it will end badly. Whoever I end up with will take advantage of me, and someone who wouldn't is too good for me and would resent me.

No. 544960

Could literally have been written by me. I can't tell whether it has to do with my overly sensitive and anxious personality, the male figures I grew up around and how they treated women, or just my views on men in general. Maybe it's all of the above. All I know is that I'm too insecure and not suitable for a relationship. I'd rather be depressed and miserable without the help of a man..

No. 544965

I had a miscarriage 5 days ago and I didn't even know I was pregnant until it started happening.
I don't know I just needed to say it. I feel numb.

No. 544978

are you sure you're not just anxious to experience a relationship for the first time and trying to talk yourself out of it?

No. 544979

As a potential mother myself, I wouldn't care if I had a miscarriage. It was only a potential baby like all potential
other situations.
Its okay to feel bad about it

No. 544980

I kinda have a … superiority complex? I mean it's not as severe as it used to be but it still kicks in from time to time, especially when people try to explain things to me that I already know. It makes me feel like they're looking down on me and assuming that I am stupid and that I don't know anything and it angers me so much too, but before I can act out on it I always end up controlling myself and act neutral because people don't deserve my stupid egotistical wrath over things like these. I tend to have a very big ego too even though most of the time I am very self aware and know the things I do and say are very hypocritical and stupid. I know I am the one to blame for this behavior but I also cannot help blaming my difficult childhood and my dad's anger issues and short temper that ended up on me too.

No. 544988

I don’t doubt that people have had awful experiences with people with mental illnesses or personality disorders and I don’t think these things excuse people’s bad behaviour in anyway, but the way some people on this website talk about their experiences seems strange to me. Like people will talk about having ‘multiple traumatic experiences’ with people with x disorder but when they describe things like ‘I hate x group because they all do …’ they do it in such a shallow and cartoonish way that it sounds like they just read the Wikipedia page for x personality disorder and are listing symptoms, sometimes it’s almost direct quotes and there’s no nuance or personal details and it just seems weird - I find it hard to genuinely believe so many people are just constantly meeting and having close relationships with people with severe personality disorders and if you are attracting these people to this extent I feel like that’s maybe something you should get introspective about?

No. 544992

>men don’t know how monogamy works and even if they don’t act on it they still gonna be cheating on you in they’re damn minds
Anon, that's called having fantasies and everyone does it. You have incredibly unrealistic standards. It's one thing to be wary of men after traumatic experiences, or because it would be hard to find one who shares your views, but not pursuing a relationship because you can't handle that your partner will inevitably fantasize about someone other than you is pathetic.

No. 545010

Wasn't ruining the mental illnesses you can't deal with thread enough for you, BPD-chan? You need to fish for asspats here too?

No. 545012

I’ve never posted in that thread, and BPD is actually one I could kind of see people having more experiences with because it’s more common. But just some of the posts people make I just find it hard to believe this is such a frequent problem in people’s lives and if it really is to the point you keep getting involved with people with severe personality disorders (a pretty small % of the population) I do think that’s somewhat on you?

No. 545018

Yeah I agree with you, it's like they just use "mental disorder" to describe it when in reality the person just is quirky or behaves differently.

No. 545019

My fucking cunt of a mother in law claimed him on her taxes and now he's not getting a stimulus check. He wasn't able to file his 2019 taxes and we've been trying to figure out why and lo and behold! We're fixing it and it'll take time, but this bitch is gonna get audited so hard and I can't fucking wait! She had no remorse and didn't even apologize? "Well, I had to pay for him his whole life, so I think it evens out," bitch you shouldn't have had a kid then! What the fuck!?!?

No. 545023

You know how those rich people always tweet on their accounts how they're doing money giveaways and you only need to follow them and tweet them your problems and they'll pick some people and send them the money via PayPal? This person I know is rich as fuck: she's literally spoiled, owns the newest iPhone and will get another one in another color in a few weeks because "she's sick of it and the new color is prettier", has multiple Apple products and basically enough money to do whatever the fuck she wants. Her relatives are also loaded too.
She always participates in those giveaways like a greedy bitch and always acts like she doesn't have any money and she desperately needs it so bad. Once even used videos of her sick dog limping in pain with the caption "I need to pay for his vet bills please I need it so bad" despite the fact that her dog is already dead. She will always participate in them and come up with captions where it looks like she's some unfortunate poor girl living with broke parents and in a bad apartment despite bragging about her rich life all over Snapchat and other social media.
How can you even sink this low? I believe that those giveaways are a scam most of the time because the people never announce a winner or give anyone money but she already has so much money, why does she need even more?

No. 545026

Hate how racist, animal abusing, child neglecting white trash acacia can make big money doing nothing but taking pics of her family on insta with fake positive captions while I have a loving father that has to work his fucking ass off to make a living. This is the type of shit that keeps me up at night.

No. 545032

I have to make a big decision literally this week and my husbands only advice was “no matter what you decide, you’re gonna feel like you’ve made the wrong decision so just go with your gut and don’t give up when it gets hard” and like… he’s right but damn that doesn’t help. I’m literally so scared of failing, which is a very real possibility, but if I don’t commit now it will be a couple years before I’m able to try again so….. uggghhh

No. 545033

lmao what bad advice. better advice would be you'll always wonder what would have happened if you'd taken the other route, but you won't necessarily feel like you've made a wrong decision.

what is this decision? maybe we can help.

No. 545041

(lol couldn’t decide if I wanted to just go ahead and say it, but fuck it if anyone somehow connects the dots between this post and who I actually am.. idc)
I got accepted into fire academy, which I didn’t think I would be, and my career goal is to be a firefighter. But my physical fitness isn’t currently up to par with academy standards and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get there before it starts. I was going to just take a paramedic course first, because I’m confident in my academic ability and it’s something I want to do to not only get paid more, but to be the best I can be since strength will never be where I excel in firefighting lol. It’s a matter of… do I make the jump and go to academy, even if failure is a possibility? or do I postpone it for 2 years to finish paramedic?
If I make it through academy, I can start my career as early as next year and maybe even have my paramedic course payed for by the department. But if I fail out, I’ll still have to pay for it and I’ll have pushed my timeline back a few weeks/months.

No. 545043

i always assume those "giveaways" are absolutely 100% scams

No. 545045

I have a big ~100lbs male swiss shepherd dog who I love, he was a bit aggressive in the past because I was inexperienced with more dominant breeds but I got training and learned how to handle him. So my boyfriend heard quite a few "bad" stories from me in the past, but he never even bit me.

Anyways, the trainer said it would be good for when I move to take the dog with me instead of leaving him to leave with my mom. My mom's house has a big backyard but he doens't really care much and I'll probably live on an apartment. The trainer said that as long as I walk him and tire him early in the morning it's okay.

My mom would take care of him just right but the dog likes me more and she's afraid of him too so I'm afraid he'd be lonely.

Problem is my boyfriend is super terrified of him. It's a long distance relationship so he has spent about 50 days total in my house and never once he tried to meet the dog (who I keep in the backyard in his proper space). I don't know what to do. My mom is also afraid of the dog but takes care of him if it's needed to. I want to take him with me. I'll try to show my boyfriend he's not as bad as he thinks he is. Now that I can properly walk him, next time my BF visits I'll invite him over to walk with us and stuff. I hope it helps. :(

Boyfriend is more of a "cat person" so has no experience with large dogs at all. I don't want things to be bad in the relationship or for my dog. I understand fears can be very intense

No. 545047

It doesn't matter how hard I try not to, but I can't stop comparing myself to my friend. She's more successful than me in every way and always will be.

No. 545049

Does anyone experience EXTREMEEEEEE anxiety when they are sleep deprived? I haven't gone to sleep since 9 am yesterday (it's noon now). I just couldn't sleep at all and now I'm trying not to sleep until later tonight so my sleep schedule isn't ruined. But I'm so anxious to the point where I'd rather choose death .

No. 545074

Do most people actually do this? I mean, fantasizing about themselves with someone else when they're in a relationship. When I was in a relationship I always thought about my partner. Kinda makes me not want to be in another one if it's that common. At least I think the whole point of monogamy is only holding those feelings for your partner.

I'm not talking about just finding someone attractive since I understand that can happen, but going out of your way to fantasize about them.

No. 545088

Agreed. I think a lot of anons armchair diagnose randos in their lives to make themselves feel better about how many of them routinely just happen to have experiences with multiple people with ______ disorder of the day.

The way I see it is: if they have a pattern of attracting those people, the problem is a hesitancy to set boundaries and cutting these obviously toxic people off at the first red flag. They yell at other people to do even five minutes of introspective work or go to therapy while neglecting to do so themselves. Ironically, they're terrified to work on why they allow these awful people to take up space rent-free in their heads. They don't want to heal from the abuse – they want to retraumatize themselves by bringing it up any chance they get and stew in the anger.

No. 545090

i don't think people mean literally deciding to do so, but when you see someone you find attractive it might pop into your head, that's all.

No. 545096


No. 545125

okay but it's your fault if you get involved with a bpdfag, everyone else can tell that they're no good but you're weak enough to get suckered in

No. 545143

It's really not that malicious - sometimes you think about what it would be like to have sex with someone other than your partner and that's that, especially when you've been together for a long time. You never thought about hooking up with your fave or anything?

No. 545147

What the fuck? So you see someone attractive and you immediately jump into fantasizing about having sex with them? How does that not feel wrong? I feel like you are the same type of people who would cheat if there were no repercussions or chance of your partner finding out

No. 545152

nta but isn't it like… really common? i have like a roster of roughly 10 people i think about interchangably. i fantasise about friends, colleagues, managers, professors it's normal

No. 545154

chill, most often it isn't like consciously trying to conjure up a scenario, it is just a lil blip that just pops into your head and then leaves, like oh I wonder what that person would look like doing XYZ.

No. 545156

i guess my brain is broken.

No. 545165

I have a celeb crush that really does it for me, if I want to get myself off he's my way of getting there. Dating someone doesn't stop that for me.

No. 545219

I have nothing to add other than 'same'

No. 545235

I was bored and looking thru different chan boards and someone literally spammed so much CP on one of them and I didn't even realize what I was looking at until I saw that girl's face and I clicked out of it so fast but I still cannot forget what I just saw oh my god I'm literally shaking I am going to bash my head in what the actual fuck oh my god

No. 545240

File: 1587692194601.jpg (297.27 KB, 1271x1920, F88JAlsfIK.jpg)

sry you had to see this

No. 545241

Thank you I love you

No. 545244

File: 1587694085024.gif (886.54 KB, 245x196, giphy (8).gif)

also very sorry, think of yawning kitty

No. 545245

NTA but thank you for blessing my eyes

No. 545246

Thank you and I love you too!
I just cried a little because it reminded me of those creepy men messaging me on Kik when I was around 12 and one of them also sent me CP back then and I tried so hard to forget all of that but :,) life is hard

No. 545251

that's awful anon! i don't see hentai anymore but i remember searching for it and clicking in a title out of curiosity… god, i wouldn't event call that loli porn because the drawings were so realistic. i don't it's as bad as what you saw but things like that make me wanna stay forever at home. i wish that shit was banned

No. 545254

I'm so sorry, I remember how scared I got when I first saw it.
Dont worry, most of them escape their abuser and live happy and normal lives separated from them

No. 545267

My boyfriend and I live with his parents, he has a compromised immune system, and now all of us are having breathing difficulties and sore throats. His parents are the only ones who have left the house. I am so fucking upset. And terrified. I want to scream.

No. 545276

File: 1587701901867.jpg (146.73 KB, 1280x1280, SDSETajd.jpg)

Not going to be super specific in case of raceb8, but i'm kinda sad that my ethnicity is the most hated one out there. At this point, i wish we at least had _aboos kek. I'm proud of my culture (except for the sexism, homophobia, etc.) but, damn, feels bad to see all these people think I have the same values as my shitty country and assume i'm a bad person. I mean, i'm pretty much white passing so i have that going for me but my last name is fucking me over

No. 545285

ngl but you sound like an insufferable b, bet you probably go to /pol/ boards and pretend to be white. Seriously who fucking cares? if your last name is such a bother just change it.

No. 545288

File: 1587707861112.gif (958.71 KB, 220x220, pianow.gif)

>tfw you can't complain about racism in the VENT THREAD bc that makes you a self hating ~poc~ whos jealous of white people
and 'who fucking cares' lmao. racism doesn't exist anymore in current year, thank you for this revelation

No. 545313

I've been in my room for 4 days because my mental health is shit and not a single member of my family has knocked on my door to see if I'm okay. I'm not asking for attention, but this doesn't help when one of my main issues is that I believe no one cares.

No. 545315

what race are you, out of curiosity?

No. 545317

I'm showing all signs of melanoma and I can't even go and get tested because of corona aaaaa

No. 545319


That's very sad for you, anon. Men's cruelty knows no bounds. Expose him to his new gf, she deserves to know.

No. 545320

File: 1587716328310.png (83.71 KB, 910x996, computer-programming-anime-pro…)

>be me, computer science major
>have semester long software engineering project
>in a group with two guys
>one is a capable worker and at least kind of knows his stuff
>the other is dumb but could hopefully get through it with some spoonfeeding
>neither of them do their fucking work
>the work they do turn in is shit
>give them feedback and get ignored
>end up needing to complete all frontend, backend, implementation, and documentation without them

i even gave them easy peasy baby tasks but they still couldn't be assed. i was civil the whole time but little do they know i gave them both 0's on their peer evals and i've been exchanging emails with the professor.

i hope they fail this senior level course and have to postpone their graduation a year, bastards.

No. 545322

I love my boyfriend very much but he weaponizes his moodswings and will say very, very cruel things to me for no reason i.e. 'I've just been using you, I don't really like you, what we had was never real, I'm just acting like things are good between us even though they're not' and then when I cry, he'll say that my crying is abusive/manipulative.

I'm stuck with him in quarantine and can't leave. I love him very much but I live in constant fear of him saying these things and then when I react badly i.e. crying I'll be gaslit and called BPD/abusive.I tell him he's being mean but he pleads 'honesty' in defence.

Like, what? I know this sounds fucked up but I'm totally lovestruck and want to marry him, he is my soulmate, there is no one else like him.

No. 545324

you want to get married to somebody who's abusing you, then turning around and calling you abusive? he's your soulmate?

anon even if you don't listen now i can absolutely promise you that, yes, there are other people like him minus the abusing you part. sure, we're stuck in quarantine right now so rocking the boat isn't a great idea–but this is clearly taking a toll on your health and if you marry that you're stuck with it. seriously. value yourself more than that.

No. 545328

Gather evidence and document EVERYTHING. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would have tried their hardest to get you to fail the entire class let alone give 0s for their evaluations. I fucking hate people like that. It’s not fair to you.

No. 545330

Good on you. In college I busted my ass over a presentation I had to do (they put us in groups of FIVE despite the fact that we all had different majors in that class meaning our schedules didn't match at all and we were only a week into the course). I, along with one other girl ended up doing EVERY SLIDE. During the presentation, the three other assholes presented slides that were my ideas/words as if they were their own, and they tried to take over the entire presentation bc they were on weird fucking power trips. After class I snitched on their asses so hard.

No. 545331

Sorry keep repeating how much you love him won’t stop him from being garbage. He certainly doesn’t love you. Stop being a dumb fucking bitch and grow a spine.

No. 545333


when its bad oh god its bad when its good its so so fucking good. pure ecstasy

i did a not so good prank on him this morning and im afraid of when he wakes up so currently drugging myself to sleep and avoid the consequences

No. 545334

I did a presentation recently in a group and I couldn't believe how weak the male team member's slides where. No theory, no references, nothing, just summarising what me and the other girl did.

I know this isn't as important, but the actual slides weren't shit either, just plain Arial, black on white.

No. 545335

sister that's the cycle of an abusive relationship, unbelievably bad then heavenly good. that's how they keep you on the hook. this isn't a special case. he's not different from other abusers. if you don't figure it out now you'll figure it out in time.

No. 545337

What country are you in, anon? I changed my surname because I did dumb e girl shit when I was 13 and don't want my students unearthing that shit and ruining my career. It was pretty easy.

If you're in UK let me know and I'll walk you through how I managed to avoid paying for a lawyer, which btw is a total scam.

No. 545338

how can i leave if im in quarantine? plus, when he is good, i feel like i'm on top of the world. like, nothing is better. he is heroin

No. 545339

girl i've been in an intensely abusive relationship too stop lying to yourself it's not even that good when it's good it's just normal. stop being so fucking dumb and bragging about how you're self harming through this absolutely unremarkable man. yiz arent joker and harley quinn. get your shit together and work on yourself because there's a reason you dont wanna try and find a healthy relationship and go for weird abusers instead. grow the hell up you're not 14 anymore

No. 545340

thank u for this tough love anon

i am trying to be strong enough to leave. hes addictive

No. 545341

my fiancé never wants to have sex, I have two week long periods and if there’s even the slightest bit of blood he’s put off. Doesn’t like my natural smell, nothing I can really do about that? Doctor confirmed everything is normal. Weird obsession with tomboys and prefers a/b cups, tanned girls with muscles who are super skinny. Why is he with me, I’m the embodiment of thick pale goth gf. Gained a bit during quarantine (so did he) and he barely touches me anymore. Fucking hell I hate it.

No. 545342

the action of leaving itself is what makes you stronger. every woman and their mother has either been in or witnessed a similar relationship. the reason we're being tough is because we know when we see it and we've heard the excuses before. think about what you're missing from yourself that you're seeking in that loser.

No. 545343

literally same. my bf has a very low sex drive and we havent had sex in months. im just holding out, confident that we will again soon. he has been open about his low sex drive and about this being what killed his last relationship.

No. 545344

that's so strange anon, he doesn't even like how you smell and you're going to get married to him? also you sound cute lmao get you a man who appreciates the thickness

No. 545346

He sounds gay………………………..

No. 545347

You can have a low sex drive without being gay, anon

No. 545348

I was with a guy who was bisexual/closeted gay who fucked way, way more often than my current bf (who is established in his sexuality) who simply has a low sex drive after being raped by his exes.

No. 545350

can I just say, what is with the overwhelming amount of girls that settle for a guy who is barely into them? Anon why? Why would you waste your time with a guy who makes you feels insecure and unsexy? You know this is going to be your life once you marry him, like he's not going to change? You're okay with that? I would bail out of that relationship, you can find so many guys who are attracted to the chubby pale goth look, sexual attraction and compatibility are AS important as being compatibility in personality and values, what the FUCK is with women dismissing this aspect??

No. 545351

I don't think he's gay for having a low sex drive. I think he's gay because of his preferences in women. It sounds exactly like my gay friend who was in denial for years.

No. 545352

Good shit, anon. When I was still a CS student I ended up in this same situation but I was too much of a pussy to snitch on them, glad you took it further to the professor. Make the bastards suffer.

No. 545353

Yep he broke up with his ex because she was borderline a nympho. I pretty much am too, so it’s very weird he would seek out that type. He outright said stress kills his sex drive, so my counter offer was to not fap or look at porn, a little extreme but he agreed to it. He broke that promise a few times and lied about deleting porn folders. The smell stuff is whatever, I know he’s a fucking autist (I have my own mental issues) so there’s things he’s weird about but this is really putting a strain on our relationship.

No. 545354

Our chemistry was explosive when we first met. Like we could not get enough of each other. He is still incredibly affectionate, wants to cuddle a lot, does sweet/romantic things and panics if he thinks something might have happened to me. He’s also invested in my family unlike my ex and likes to do dumb wholesome shit. I’m not perfect, I’m shit with money and I have issues trusting others. I’ve just come to realize even though my ex wasn’t as well endowed, he really loved the way I looked and it showed. I feel like the only way I can get him to be like that is if I lose 30-40 lbs (working on it).

No. 545356

well there's the problem, it's not that he has no sex drive at all, he'd just rather coom to porn than save his sexual energy for you

No. 545357

I have thought he might be closeted. He says he has trouble getting off and only certain angles work. Claims to be completely comfortable in his sexuality but also told me “don’t ever do anything to my butthole”(lol) I am just sick of every guy my age and younger being completely porn sick.

No. 545367

My husband has decided to give up porn. I wasn't aware he thought it was that much of a problem but he thinks so.

He's just basically charged downstairs and after a while told me that the urge was so strong even after doing pushups that he physically had to leave the room he was in. Then he was fine and went back to what he was doing.

I'm unnerved. Mostly because I've had no libido for over a year since we've had a lot of issues and I am exhausted from being the primary caretaker of our young daughter. Sex is never on my mind these days, so to have my husband be so aggressive when he's denying himself gratification via porn (he's not giving up masturbation, which makes the aggression even more concerning) is something that is gravely concerning me.

Plus he dropped this on me this morning out of nowhere while I was trying to tell him how I'm struggling right now.

I know how everyone here feels about porn sickness et al. And I know it's a good thing that he's trying to give it up. But I don't feel okay right now and I just needed to let it out.

No. 545369

No one in my family cares that my brother is actually drug addict. Today, I came home and he was so fucked up, he couldn't even speak. Sitting up, head to the ceiling, mouth agape, trying to speak but couldn't. It was so fucking sad but no one is taking it seriously. I'm worried he's gonna take too much and stop breathing. I keep telling my dad that he is actually a full blown drug addict now but he makes a million excuses and is such a pushover that whenever he 'confronts' him he just agrees and coddles him. And he goes out to buy his drugs for him.

No. 545371

The whole idea of being married and having a young daughter with a man who is struggling that much with staying away from porn is a little sickening, god knows why he thought burdening you with that was ok. Talk about a way to further kill your desire for him! I'm sorry anon.

No. 545373

I am so frustrated
Last night I went to bed at a reasonable time, because I have class this morning at 8am. My boyfriend stayed up and played video games—no big deal. Except that he preceded to get on discord and yell /talk loudly enough to wake me up a few times. Okay fine, he’s having a good time. I move to the living room to sleep on the couch. I must have been asleep for 1-2 hours, it’s about 4am now , when he decides to go to bed. So he cuddles up on the couch and wakes me up so I can scoot over. At this point I’m exhausted and a little frustrated, no I say let’s go to the bedroom. We get into bed, I fall asleep for maybe another hour until the cats start freaking out at a stray outside the window. So I get up and close the window. It’s now 5:50 am, and I’m exhausted yet wide awake.
I need to figure out a soloution to the computer problem, maybe Moving it to the living room for the rest of quarantine ? I also need to find a way to ask my boyfriend to be quieter on discord and have him understand it’s not me being unreasonable because he’s woken me up quite a few nights similarly. Maybe I could record how Lloyd he is and show him? Idk I need to think about a diplomatic way of communicating that idea, preferably on more than 3 hours of sleep.

No. 545385

I'm glad some cow threads never took off, not because I stan them or whatever but because some people went full creepo and got their siblings or offspring involved

No. 545393

i hate how anxious i get over work. i guess i'm thankful to be working, but i'm so anxious i'm on the verge of tears and i'm having trouble breathing for no reason.
i can't even pinpoint why i'm having this anxiety. is it work? is it because i didn't hear from my hook-up today? ugh…
thankfully the anxiety goes away by the afternoon but man. right now all i can focus on is how to breathe

No. 545400

I just read the rules again and the owner of the site doesnt want to be contacted by cows? Isn't the purpose of this site is to get their information? The owner sure loves making other people do his dirty work

No. 545401

Post it here and I'll send it.

No. 545414

File: 1587740399741.jpg (260.81 KB, 561x401, 1585902502148.jpg)

I can't take the amount of speedreading and terrible reading comprehension on /cgl/ anymore.

No. 545419

Yeah, a lot of the users here get really stalkerish and creepy. I wish there was a rule against crossing those lines.

No. 545423

that's female psychology i guess, reminds me of PULL and the fanart and shit there. some farmers seem to hate cows so much they let them live rent-free in their heads and obsess over them which is cow behaviour in itself

No. 545426

Damn I came here to vent about the exact same thing.
My company furloughed almost everyone and now I have to do their work as well. I hate it.
Let's put on some relaxing music and meditate together after work.

No. 545431

>Plus he dropped this on me this morning out of nowhere while I was trying to tell him how I'm struggling right now.

Don't you think it's a bit of a coincidence that he decides to being up this super specific porn problem right as you're trying to air your completely legitimate problem? He made your problem about him, don't know if you noticed that. Has he yet to pitch in with the childcare?

No. 545461

What lines? Like cowtipping? Because that is a rule.
>female psychology
Lmao okay retard because /b/ wasn’t lolcow ground 0, ED didn’t exist, and Kiwifarms? Never heard of them.

No. 545464

NTA but come on lmao. Of course there will always be some exceptions but all those things are pretty small niche subcultures, do you honestly not think girls tend to get obsessed with celebrities and public figures more than boys, that girls are more likely to be obsessive with just even random other girls in their school or on social media than boys are with other boys

No. 545469

you're a retard if you don't think most users on KF aren't women. most men who follow cows are there to wk or fap, period. that's how it was on /cgl/ and ED is full of a lot of cows that were on /cgl/ anyway.

No. 545473

Surejan. Males dead ass stalk celebrities AND girls they walked by in the grocery store. Males save your selfies and fap to them for years. Males post revenge porn, doxx, harass and condone harassment family of lolcows, actively try to get them to commit suicide. But suuure lolcow and faggot PULL are so much more obsessed for capping twitter threads lol

No. 545475

Trannies aren’t women sorry

No. 545476

and as a woman you've never saved a picture of someone you're into for those same purposes? come on now

No. 545484

nta. I cannot say that I've ever downloaded a picture of someone I know to fap to, no.

No. 545496

Seconded. That's just odd and creepy imo

No. 545497

begone scrote bait

No. 545499

No. 545502

Ugh some of the shit my bf wants to talk to me about is just not in my interest, like I would like to discuss the things… but like some depressive one thing after another? Today it was dog skeletons and him just dragging on about it going, "Oh my god, I didn't think they belong to dogs at first, they looked like tiny horses. Isn't that weird? They don't look like dogs. If I saw that IRL I wouldn't think that would be a dog skeleton. Maybe a deer, but not a dog." And I would say, "Yeah, most of the parts of the dog are cartilage like the ears and fur, so you wouldn't see that on a skeleton." And he'd respond, "You're right, but still it's so weird. Like cat skeletons look like cats but not dog skeletons. Even rabbit skeletons look like rabbits. But dog skeletons, man, those are horses with claws…"

No. 545513

watch some anon now respond to this with "anon please leave him he clearly wants to use your skeleton that's why he keeps talking about it he wants to murder you and he's manipulating you he's a piece of shit"

No. 545516

omg yes. I don't get why people post about their boyfriends or ask for advice here when every response is exactly like that

No. 545517

it's not scrote bait? i can't believe you guys don't do that lmao? if you like someone enough their lewds/a rlly good pic of them will turn you on how is that in any way far fetched

No. 545523

I have a folder on Insta with saved Joji pics, not even lewd or undressed, just pics of his face that get me wet

No. 545530

NTA but I am weirdly strongly attracted to him all of a sudden. I've been watching videos of him all day.

No. 545538

Making him smoke less weed or smoke some more yourself.

No. 545540

I feel like my life is ruined. I was in the last year of uni and had take a year interruption due to a debilitating health problem that I was supposed to start treatment for in April so I could return to uni in September of next year. Now all healthcare procedures are postponed for potentially a year + I wont get treatment, and I'm not allowed to start uni until they sign that I'm healthy to study which obviously they won't now…. So my degree if I ever get it will be so late and I'm just here doing nothing. I can't even get unemployment because I'm still technically considered a full time student and will be until I either finish my degree or just drop out and ruin all the years of work I did which I was doing extremely well at. I'm going to try and get a job at a supermarket or something in the mean time but there's so much competition. I'm so sad and just don't see how things could ever get better

No. 545541

* September of this year

No. 545549

I hate that society in general thinks that its sad or pathetic if i want to go shopping or eat or watch movies alone. Like?? The reaction would always be bUt wHyYyy? Because i like doing it dumbass. And your judgy little ass aint going to stop me and my lifetime me time.

No. 545550

I wish my boyfriend was better with words. We talk constantly and he's very affectionate in person but since it's a LDR I feel lonely and unsatisfied because over text he treats me more like a friend. I used to have a partner that would write poems and about his love for me a lot, I miss that. I feel like the relationship is worth it, though, we'll be moving together anytime in the next years.

No. 545575

I'll make him smoke less cuz I ain't gonna smoke. I didn't even think that would be the case lmao but you're more likely than not right.

No. 545583

"but all those things are pretty small niche subcultures" uh /b/ literally has had millions and millions of visits… newfaggotry

No. 545585

Every friendship I have it's like they always prefer another friend. Like I'm just someone to be around. And when I feel like they like me and much as I like them something always happens where it proves me wrong and it shows me how they don't consider me a close friend. Like I sound like a fucking crazy bitch but I swear it's true and it bums me out. I mean there was one time a "close" friend was with me and another person and was on the phone and said "I'm just here with [person's name]" and didn't even mention me. I just feel like the same thing happens with a lot of friendships and I don't know how to crawl out of this hole. That's the only example I'm willing to share because I'm also a bit scared that I'll be found out from this post lmao.

No. 545588

a small niche subculture in regards to the standard normie person. The average male has probably never become obsessed with someone (maybe in some creepy sexual way) to the point the average normie girl does with her female peers/celebrities etc. Anyone can see this, I don't get what the point in arguing this is

No. 545607

File: 1587761353742.png (93.79 KB, 320x228, 1486813313613.png)

Today is the first day of fasting in my country and on the same day Netflix decided to release this show where they have a gay couple. My country is already filled to the brim with religious bigots so they all decided to shit their pants over this and now want to sue Netflix for "releasing stuff like that in the first day of Ramadan".

It's funny because one of the actively homophobic people was caught liking and watching gay porn on his secret account.

No. 545610

He should be more considerate. Moving the computer to the living room sounds like a good idea, esp if he's playing at night. why does he need to use voice chat for discord? i know people who dont use it in the early morning or late night because their spouse is sleeping and he should give you the benefit too. Hope it goes well

No. 545628

File: 1587766301920.jpg (50.38 KB, 960x586, e7bz3la725l41.jpg)

I miss the pinkpilll thread

No. 545630

i was just in a discord server and did nothing but express concern over why a 27 year old man was spending his time there (it's majority teenage girls) and got absolutely screamed at by every member. turns out he words for manyvids.com and had hit on a 17 year old girl BUT HE OPENLY ADMITS TO IT AND TOOK IT BACK AS SOON AS HE KNEW so it's okay. i'm just sick and tired of being pinkpilled while everyone else seems to be in the dark like there is absolutely no good reason why he should be there

No. 545633

someone very close to fiance told him our kids would be ugly and retarded and its concerning to me that this person will probably meet our kids at some stage and

i'll be made to feel crazy for not wanting them to be alone this person, who has a vendetta against them years before they've even been conceived/born

im so glad she lives out of the country. shes his bff but still on some jilted ex lover type shit and is scrambling for reasons to turn him against me

No. 545634

Why is your fiance even talking to this chick?

No. 545635

i get being friends with an ex but the fact that they're best friends and she's saying degrading things about the two of you is worrying. what does your fiance think about what she said?

No. 545637

Me too

No. 545638


Okay, bear with me guys. She is his best and arguably only true friend in the whole world. He is autistic and finds it very difficult to connect with others. She is also in another continent and is not a major part of his life because of this - this is the only reason I can put up with it honestly.

However, he is taking advantage of the validation she gives him by lovebombing him. She is nice to my face, but says very disparaging things about me to him, and he doesn't challenge it because he feels their friendship is fragile.

Honestly, I can't wait for him to go to therapy and find new friends in this country so that he finally fucking drops her.

I don't wish her any harm and I don't know her background or what she's been through, or why her emotional maturity is so devastatingly and profoundly hindered. She uses schoolyard tactics, meangirl attacks, and will find anything I post online and use it to defame me, she's utterly relentless.

No. 545639

** Also I'm nice to her and we chat every few weeks about neutral topics and she seems intelligent/good to talk to, I see why he likes her honestly, she can carry a convo.

I just pretend that I have no knowledge of her batshittery and delusional hope that he'll become available. It's better that way. There is no need to hate her, I'm sure he will phase her out to a degree.

No. 545640

* He is also not at all into her despite her flirtations, and as I understand it, they broke up because he didn't feel sexually attracted to her and couldn't satisfy her sexually. He is also forthcoming about her catty communications with him.

No. 545641

>getting engaged with an autistic dude
See that was your first mistake

No. 545642


I just. I feel like me and her called a truce by becoming friends, and she isn't honoring it by finding any reason to crucify me, despite probably knowing quite well that I'm a better match for him

No. 545658

I can't stand seeing BDSM shit everywhere even in normie stuff. Stop with this degeneracy. I have paraphilias myself and I keep those to myself instead of spreading them everywhere and normalizing it.

No. 545660

Join us in asherahsgarden, it's really comfy right now.

No. 545671

i wish my mom could handle her anger without resorting to insults and screaming. she's been yelling at my dad for hours. my dad isn't perfect but i feel bad for him when this happens. i'm tired of hearing her yelling.

No. 545673

Pretty sure I have hemorrhoids or something. My asshole itches all the time and when I wipe or wash it with the showerhead it hurts like hell and I keep seeing streaks of blood on my toilet paper. Can this just heal on it's own? I REALLY don't want to have a doctor touch my asshole.

No. 545674

yes it can

No. 545675

thank fuck

No. 545735

Talk went well! We’re going to move furniture around tomorrow so the PC can be put in the living room, and he’s acknowledged that discord past 1am isn’t okay on the week days. Feeling pretty validated and happy with this compromise.

No. 545745

Is it pathetic to flirt with guys off 4chan? Obviously I take none of them seriously but like the validation feels really good.

No. 545750

yes, very much

No. 545751

I wish more people in my country had died, but only those who treated it like a joke. We needed something to weed the hobos out of the art crowd without being "mean".

No. 545753

im failing a course and i cant even drop out due to being “late” on the withdrawal date. i was already depressed before thanks to covid taking away the only small semblance of a normal life i had and now with online classes and my own isolation i dont feel like doing anything with my life anymore. i just wanna pay someone to infect me with covid so that i can basically kill myself without having to bring shame to my family for being the first fuck up to try suicide

No. 545755

File: 1587788592098.jpg (31.3 KB, 400x400, 687456a8MDzuD5_.jpg)

"Validation" from 4chan is like "validation" from those dudes standing outside the gas station. But if that's your only option…

No. 545757

File: 1587788921544.jpeg (86.55 KB, 680x680, 412.jpeg)

i love my boyfriend immensely but i think he is a closet furry and im deeply disgusted ughhhh

makes all the times i made dead furry jokes a little funnier tho cant lie

No. 545764

That's not even that bad, anon. Who cares.
It's not like hes a closet zoophile.

No. 545766

ok furfag

No. 545767

haha nah fuck that. furfags are nasty. ty for sticking up for him tho because hes pretty awesome otherwise

No. 545772

Sounds like you'd know enough about both, are the gas station dudes are better?

No. 545779

I hate having type 1 diabetes. I've had it since I was very young and I pretty much can't remember a life without it. I hate how it's a part of me. I hate how I either have to lug around a blood tester everywhere I go or choose to have a pump attached to my body in some discreet place. I hate how it fucks up my teeth so I'm more prone to decay and cavities. I hate how it gives me nerve pain. I hate the fact that there's no fucking pros to it. I hate how hard it is to lose some weight. I hate how the word is a funny meme word and people don't understand how it basically kills you slowly and painfully. Makes you go blind and deaf and makes you lose your feet. All it does is fuck you up. My one wish would be to never have this stupid fucking disease.

No. 545794

I believe in god and practice a religion, but I'm sick of working up the courage to share that I'm not ok only to be told to "have faith" and "to pray". I've tried that, it hasn't helped. The people telling me to do this also have had privileged lives and haven't had to deal with the shit I have.

No. 545798

ignore this cause of my weeb faggery and using caps like a cuck but I was having a panic attack so I wrote a cope fan fiction to calm down and it had a lot of really dark and gross themes but I published it on ao3 and someone commented "this is hot, can you do a 2nd chapter?"

NO. PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO FIND IT HOT AND IT WAS DISGUSTING AND FILTHY AND PEOPLE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DISTURBED!!! I posted it in hopes of finding people who could relate to my pain and how I was feeling, not people who would fetishize it!!!! Its not even a normal fetish its extremely taboo and illegal and uncommon and gross!!!!!! what the fuck!! I literally put that I wrote the fic to come down from a panic attack in the tags and authors note and that I myself didn't like or usually write that kind of stuff. im so ashamed of myself for unknowingly catering to those kinds of people… im really naive huh…

this just really gets my blood pumping. cope fics are common on ao3 so I wasn't expecting this kind of response.

No. 545812

anon it's not your fault that a pervert read your story but ao3 is known for that shit? i really don't think it's the best place to post cope. like doesn't it have a check box if you want to read stories about rape? post it on a private blog maybe

No. 545814

I understand that everyone has a different experience in life that makes them act a certain way and that it affects how we interact with each other. That being said, I also have had a human experience and I don't deal well with someone who turns me into the bad guy every time they need to have a Karen TM moment so they can brag to their grillfriends later. I'm here to help to the best of my ability, not sacrifice my personhood to turn into a doormat.

No. 545821

A friend Ive known since I was a teenager suddenly ghosted me, this month.

After they ghosted me, I finally asked them what was wrong. Why did they block me on their socials? Then they told me how awful I am. How I abused them. But refused to even explain what they meant, then unfriended me on our final communication site.

Im sad because we grew up together. We were as thick as thieves. When people in the circle found out what my friend (former?) Did, they were in shock. No one knew why my friend suddenly went no contact with me.

I keep looking back these past few months, and Im still struggling to see what I did wrong. I even asked mutuals from the circle if they had a clue… They didnt know either.

I feel sad about the whole thing, but angry at the same time? 10ish Years together, I feel as if I deserve to know. but at the same time, I dont want to force my former friend to tell me why they refuse to talk to me. It sucks.

No. 545823

it doesn't matter. they're clearly a pretty shitty person and to accuse you of abuse and then ghost you is textbook bpdfag. i wouldnt lose sleep

No. 545824

I'm so angry one act of drunkard sunken depression now causes me to have to wear arm sleeves and long t-shirts at all times. I've never been a full on cutter, did some cat scratch stuff a few times at some low points that left small nearly invisible white scars but a couple of years ago I was at rock bottom and cut very deep but only a few slashes so I look like a fuckhead with just like 4 big deep red scars on a pretty blank arm. Fucking idiot.

No. 545827

Are you diagnosed with anything that could cloud your perceptions when it comes to relationships? Like do either of you have a mental health diagnosis that could explain the mismatched versions of events?

No. 545836

Try not to tag it at all to avoid degenerates fetishits like your commenter, anon. I'm sorry that happened to you. You could also try disabling comments for your cope fics but I can't remember if they allowed that at ao3.

No. 545839

I swear to god this website is completely overrun by tumblr, twitter and underage by now. Thanks admin

No. 545840

I'm sorry, that sounds very confusing and frustrating. You have any idea if they have some mental health issues that have popped up as of late, times are kinda tough as fuck right now. Also mimicking the other anon, do you have some underlying stuff that may impair the way you see this? Not blaming you, it's just that 2 way street and all.

No. 545842

If you want to start throwing around baseless diagnosis… maybe anon is the bpdfag and her friend finally had enough of her shit. Ghosting and no contact is common strategy for breaking off with narc/borderline after all.
Kek it was so cringe

No. 545861

Sorry if this should’ve gone into the Covid-19 thread, but since it’s more of a personal struggle than anything else, I figured I’d post it here.

My country has made it mandatory to wear face masks while shopping or using public transport.
I‘m actually in favor of this decision. It should not be mandatory, but especially where I live people are either extremely stubborn and go out of their way to find a loophole, or are buying hardcore into all the conspiracy theories. The only people that would wear them voluntarily are ones that are being considerate and careful already.

However, it’s a huge bummer because now I’m basically incapable of buying my own groceries. And I’m kinda fucked.
I have a screwed up septum and allergies so I’m already struggling to breathe most of the time and I also have really low blood pressure and issues with fainting and stuff. On top of all of this, I’m struggling with severe agoraphobia, so consistently being able to buy my own groceries has been a huge, huge accomplishment.
Well, guess all this work goes down the drain now. As soon as I’m wearing a face mask, I struggle breathing properly, I start feeling faint, I’ll panick, which makes everything 1000x worse. So yeah. Great.
Wouldn’t be as big of a deal if I didn’t live on my own and had literally zero friends or family around.

I’m obviously aware that this is some serious first world problem shit and I am incredibly lucky for how little infections there are so far.
I just don’t know how to cope right now. I’ve been quite suicidal as it is but losing this last bit of independence really doesn’t help. I’m worried.

No. 545865

This is not a first world problem, i'm.sure you've looked into it already but is there any groups or people who might do some shopping services? Even in my bumfuck hometown some taxi driver started to do grocery deliveries for people like you and well lol me, i can't do my own shopping either.

No. 545866

I am going to kill myself. I ruined the only good thing to ever happen to me. My life is a joke and I’m tired of trying to make it work when I don’t even want to be here. It’s 9 am, I'm getting drunk, and I'm finally doing it.

No. 545868

anon, it's okay. if one action "ruined" whatever it was, then it was never really going to work out. regardless, it is absolutely pointless to think about throwing your life away over one situation. it seems that way now because you're very upset but i'm sure there have been other good things/moments in your life, however small, and you won't have a chance to find something even better if you end it now. please stop drinking/don't drink when you're like this, you'll just get very messy. you don't deserve to die. your emotions are heightened because this happened recently and you're in isolation. it's okay. instead of alcohol, could you find something in the house that you like to eat like some chocolate or ice cream? could you watch something that cheers you up, maybe something like an old cartoon you used to watch? it's important to look after yourself when you're like this. try to treat yourself like you would your own daughter. it's weird to say but that helps me a lot. if your daughter was very upset over a loss like you are, you wouldn't want her to do any damage to herself! likewise, i don't want you to do any damage to yourself. this despair is temporary, please try not to dig yourself further into this hole - don't send out any goodbye texts or lash out at anyone "for the last time". you simply need to take a step back and look after yourself right now

No. 545870

I had a panic attack, I'm so worried fuck. My clit started hurting out of nowhere at like 5am and it still hasn't stopped. Even a little touch sends such sharp pain. I wonder if it is serious? I don't wanma go outside and to a fucking hospital rn. I hope maybe I just scratched it with my nail and it goes away soon.

No. 545872

You seriously don't have the intelligence and determination to find an alternative solution?
You're just going to stop thinking and give up, yet you can still use a computer and convey this information to us?
Come on.

No. 545875

Try to wait for a bit and worry if it doesn't hurt less after a couple days. Something very similar happened to me a couple months ago, suddenly my clit stung like hell whenever I touched it or whenever my underwear slightly moved past it.
It just went away on its own after a few days, I think it was just a microscopic cut which can happen quite easily but is usually not a big deal.

No. 545904

I didn't know ao3 was specifically known for that kind of stuff. I thought it was just like wattpad but for fan fics exclusively. ill try deleting the comment and removing tags, thanks
damn bro sorry i /vented/ in the vent thread but maybe just ignore and move on? theres plenty other vents on here if mine doesnt entertain you enough kek

No. 545942


I have depression, anxiety and PTSD. But, Ive been doing extremely well for the past year or so because of the support of my friends (like talking to people if I have an issue with them or asking jf everything is alright to open communications to work on issues I or the other party have). That being said, I feel i mustve done something horrible to the friend without realizing it. The frustrating part is I dont know what. A few weeks ago, I joked how horny they were for this character (I wont say who because its a very popular but kinda niche character).. But im just not sure if thats what caused them to ghost me. I would be.. Really surprised if it was.

Im just so upset because I actually did reach out to the person because they got really passive aggressive in the group chat, and they said everything is fine. Theyre just stressed about the outbreak. A few days after, they ghosted.

In regards of my ghosted friend, they are diagnosed with something but told me it was hidden from them when they were a minor? (They were institutionalized). It could had been BPD, but I never pushed them to tell me because obviously the whole thing was traumatic to them.

After we ended things, the friend sent a few messages to our mutual friends, and it was along the lines of 'me and op may not be friends anymore but I love you' and the friend started blocking them as well.. Im really concerned if he is having some sort of episode, but I cant do anything about it to help them.

No. 545956

please don't. please reply to this saying you didn't.
life is a joke for everyone, stay with us please.

No. 545961

Minors can't be diagnosed with BPD

No. 545962

I was always lonely all my life but later in life I coped with it quite well. I was thinking that I would live alone like that.
But I managed to befriend someone, unfortunately that doesn't work at all and I tried to make new friendships. These didn't work out either, they get bored with me or I became bored with them.
So I'm lonely again, but god damn, it's really hard to cope with it this time.

I start to lose hope with finding people, the worst thing is that I only want deeper friendships, where I could feel that connection.
I don't really know where I should find friends because I'm neet. And I have a hard time with connecting with others, it doesn't help that I'm a weeb.
Also, I feel like people lost interest when I see that I struggle with some problems.

Where people find friends? Is that normal that me or someone would get bored and drop contact? (yes dumb questions but I didn't have normal life sorry)

Also, I feel all this shit is still a cope and down deep I search for love relationship.
I think I'm losing my sanity.
Or maybe I just have worse day…

No. 545971

I see, thank you for letting me know. Im not really knowledgeable about BPD. However, I will admit >>545823 is not the first person to suggest my friend having it. We are in our mid 20s as a reference.

No. 545984

I’m sick of people smugly comparing themselves to the most universally condemned, lowest common denominator of person and genuinely gloating about how superior they are. Like people are virtue signalling about these conspiracy theorist hicks and how uneducated they are etc and ‘dunking’ on them or whatever but it’s just the lowest hanging fruit. Like you really do not deserve to be so proud of this. People think they are genuinely super smart ‘logical and rational’ geniuses for ‘following the science’ or whatever but most of these people have zero understanding or science or why they have the beliefs they do other than scientists say it (which I’m not saying is wrong and is obviously better than the alternative but it’s just a very low bar). Like some people genuinely come off like they think they’re an astrophysicist for saying 5G isn’t causing corona or some other equally milquetoast statement

No. 545992

>iggnoer this ,caus..se of my weeb faggery ,an;d using caps like a cuck buut;;t II w;;ass havinng a panic attack so II wrrtte a ccoppe ffaan fiction nto calm doownn;; and ;;itt h..Ad a lot of really, dark and gross thhemes. but I publishedi t o n a,,o3 and somene coommmented "this is hott, can you do a 2ngd chaapter?""

NO. PEPOLE AE NOT SSUPPOSSED TO FIND IT T HOT AND ITT W AS DISGSTING ANDF ILTHY AND ..PEOPLE WERRE SUPPPOOSED TO BE DISTURBE!!! I posotEd it in ho pes ofo findign peoop..le who could.. relatte to my pain and how I was feeling, noT people who wolud ffeetish;;ize it!!!! Its noot even a normmal fetish it..s extreemely taboo ,and illegal and uncommomn annd gross!!!!!!! whhat the fuck!! I literall,y put tha..t uI wrote the fic t oc om eedo wn from na pnaci attack in the ta..gs annd authorrs notee aannd thhat I;;I yse..fl didn''t li,,ke or ussually write that kind of stuuff. im just so asham;ed of myself ffor unknowingly c..ap,tering to those kkinds oof people…… imm , just reaally na.ivee h uh…

this just re eally gets my blood ppuummping. cope fics ..are comm,,mon on ao3 so I wasn'tt expcetiing thi;s k,,kinddx of respponse.

No. 545996

thank you for the laugh
i really needed it rn

No. 545999

File: 1587849368978.png (96.26 KB, 218x265, cba.png)

>reddit bots on lolcow
We've become full circle.

No. 546004

I'm half Japanese and half White but I honestly look more Asian than White and now that I'm all grown up, I cannot help but feel some sort of bitterness towards my dad for never bothering to teach me any Japanese because I honestly feel very disconnected and excluded from my culture and its language so learning it as a kid would've been way better for me than trying to learn it now because I cannot focus for shit and it's very hard.

No. 546006

I had a very bad year last year and my friends ended up abandoning me.

I did a very similar thing to what >>545821's friend did but in my case I've dealing with a heavy depression derivated from suffering very bad physical abuse at home and due to other people lying and decieving me I've developed severe trust issues, and I've really felt they didn't give a fuck, apart from them not being not very good people and sort of personal cows, but those were things I wanted to forgive.

I can understand them wanting to keep distance from me to a point, but they switched friends after maybe 2 months and acting like bff's with them when they didn't barely know eachother. They became completely different people in a very short span of time and I felt frightened because I saw that happen before but I never would have thought I see them pulling one like this as soon as I seemed to be gone. They also didn't reach out for me immediately like >>545821 which only reafirmed my fears.

At that point I wanted to really believe they didn't care for me at the beginning of last year so I could move on quickly, but turns out they sort of did, and they really did an effort to reconnect with me; but it failed because my life was still a mess and I had no actual support so I kept following random bad advice as I didn't have access to professional help in desperate attempts of fixing everything while I was panicking. Then they abandoned me for real, and now all they do is lash out and yell at me whenever I try to reach out for them again. I've been told really nasty stuff by my male friend specifically, and my other friend just ghosted me.

I tried looking for new friends and connecting with new people but it just doesn't work. I feel I'm forcing myself to be nice and just faking it. It feels like shit. I just want my friends back even if they are not the best people; I used to have a safe space with them where I just could relax and laugh at silly stuff together. I just can't believe after a decade of friendship and knowing all I've been throught and how stressed I've been from work they aren't even giving me the chance to redeem myself. I've literally been told they have nothing to talk about. I just feel like shit. They did many objectively bad stuff but I'm starting to wonder if I deserve this after all, if I've been the worst here.

No. 546011

I'm bordering on if that fucking post was actually bait or not.
>Write a darkfic b-b-because of m-muh panic attack;w;;;;;
>get offended when people find it hot
Zoomers really can't understand that they can't control how their audience sees and interprets their product.

No. 546030

…why the fuck did i do that?

No. 546038

Every time I see an anon on here claim to be half Japanese I just assume they're lying

No. 546041

lol same, it always feels like a larp

No. 546057

File: 1587862777717.png (21.08 KB, 275x205, DFE69DE0-AC3D-407E-9CD1-478A14…)

On Tuesday my college teachers want to call all of their students to talk about work and such but, ugh, I'm really dreading it. I have nothing to say to them and I already hate calling as it is. It's to give support and answer questions or whatever, but I find it very stupid to be mandatory since I have no questions to ask and I already really hate talking to them. I feel so awkward talking to them as it is, it'll be even more awkward at home. I wish I wouldn't worry about this like a normal person. I really just want to be a NEET for a while, honestly. And then get a very unsocial job. Quarantine has been very good for me until now. I really don't see why the fuck I have to call them.

No. 546061

nah its the same as any guy online. Just be picky. Theres a few gems on /soc/ with nice bodies. dont give em your details and delete them all after a week max

No. 546062

Why? Do you assume every anon claiming that is trying to pass as a uwu kawaii girl?

Hi there anon, my mom wasn't born in Japan but she has full japanese blood and my father's of german descent. I totally understand how you feel. I've lashed out at my mom a few times for never teaching me either even tho she's perfectly fluent. I was taking Japanese classes before corona but it's so hard and I have a heavy accent as well. Since this is the vent thread: the whole reason I was learning it was to get over my complex about being ostracized as a child. It never came to my mind they actually just didn't like a girl being around boys, but to this day I still think it was about me 'looking different'. Don't give up anon, I'm sure we can learn it if we apply ourselves

No. 546074

Hey, this has really given me a new perspective if what had happened between mt friend and I. Their life is eeriely similar to yours.

When I first realized that I got ghosted, I didnt reach out immediately either. I had assumed my friend wanted space, and that they would contact me later. It wasnt until a while til I realized I was actually being ghosted.

Looking back, I do agree there mustve been some sort of miscommunication between my friend and I. I am still worried about them and whether this behavior is some sort of breakdown because of whats happening at home and in the world.

Im sorry your old friends no longer want to be with you. They dont seem very kind in the first place if they were aware what happened (assuming you communicated about your breakdown).

Sometimes, I feel like my ghosted friend will reach out to me later. That 'haha, I was in a bad place when I said all of this.'

I genuinely loved my ghosted friend (platonically). We were dreaming about running away from our family so we could be together and finally flourish. I cant say Im not hurt and confused of what happened… But I do wonder if his mental health was at a tipping point, and I failed him by not realizing it til now.

No. 546103

Yeah same here, I just assume it's a obsessive weeb. It's a bad mentality to have though. For example I assumed theanimeman was just a weeb but his mom actually is Japanese

No. 546132

this is so fucking stupid but i'm about 5mo into a new relationship and me and my s/o have a sort of "aesthetic" on social media with matching each other, as well as on messengers and stuff, and my friend has recently started using really similar styles with her s/o

i know she's always been a bit jealous and i'm not socially retarded enough to bring it up like "ur copying me!!!1" but it's making me cringe to see it. oh well. copycats never last anyway

No. 546136

I'm pissed off for you. That's retarded

No. 546137

File: 1587877483757.png (54.45 KB, 360x383, rember.png)

i have such a hard time maintaining friendships and talking to people consistently. i've had a lot of opportunities to become really close with people but… it just feels like i'm too busy to keep friends, and then i spend my free time alone doing my own things. i've ghosted people unintentionally because i got caught up in work and studies.

i've always had this problem but after being physically attacked ~3 years ago it just got worse. i hate going out so constant friend dates are a no-go, and i don't like letting people get close to me emotionally. i have the energy to go out and see friends maybe once or twice a year, and even then it's because they invite me… even chatting online can be too much

it makes me feel like such a shit person. people probably think i don't care about them but it's not true, i think about them all the time but i feel so tired. some people persist and ask me out but others have given up, which i totally understand. i've been diagnosed with social anxiety but i forget that a lot, mostly because i see it as a personal failure instead of some kind of brain imbalance

No. 546140

do you take medication or go to therapy? that sounds like serious depression and could use one or both of those things.

No. 546142

currently on antiaxiety and antidepressants, been to therapy on and off for years but my last few bouts have been pretty successful ptsd therapies (successful enough to leave the house, not get scared by noises, etc)

the official labels for me are cptsd/ptsd, depression, and anxiety–i've really wrangled all of them down to the point where i can live with them but i guess it still affects me more than i want to believe

No. 546185

am I bpdfag if I desperately want to kill myself after every negative interaction I have? that's mostly a joke and I never have and probably never will express or act on this desire. but my bf and I will have a minor spat, he'll go to bed, and I'll stand on the balcony and look over the side and will myself to have the guts to climb over. I never do. it's not his fault, he'e reasonable. I feel like such a drain on everyone I know. I dunno, I figure it's harmless if i never do anything. anyway, thanks for listening.

No. 546247

my friend's boyfriend seems like a huge asshole. i feel like half of the time she talks about him its a story where he's belittling her, refusing to do something she wants to do, or just being annoying. it makes me so uncomfortable to hear these things and i think she can do so much better. they've been together 5-6 years and she's living with him and his parents rent free. he also has a huge gambling problem and has lost tens of thousands of dollars in savings…….
i've only met him a handful of times in passing so i don't really know who he is or how they interact when they're together or anything outside of what she tells me. i would love to bring up that from what she tells me, i don't think he's treating her as he should be, but since i don't know their relationship dynamic i don't feel it's my place to say anything. i also only see her once every 2-3 months so i don't want to make our friendship awkward if i insert my opinion into her business.
we have a mutual friend that is my friend's best friend. they are extremely close and the mutual friend knows the boyfriend well, so i feel if something was off the friend would be saying something, which makes me hesitant to reach out to her about it too. again, i don't wanna seem judge-y about someone's relationship or insert my business where it doesn't belong.

i'm concerned for my friend. i was in an emotionally abusive relationship before, but i would never tell anyone the mean things my ex did because i knew what they would say and i didn't want to hear it. so the fact that she's saying these mean things he says puts me at a mental disconnect with whether there is an issue or not.

No. 546254

Whenever I check old emails I've sent I'm cringing, I was so stupid. I think I should delete them.

No. 546267

File: 1587914392319.jpg (71.3 KB, 564x705, aes.jpg)

Anyone else with maladaptive daydreaming disorder?

I have been literally daydreaming my life away since I was like 9. Reality just doesn't feel good enough. I have friends, go out, socialize, but these don't satisfy me, I always feel like something's missing. I am happiest when I am alone, listening to music and imagining different - completely unlikely - scenarios in my head. The problem is that the more time I spend alone, fantasizing, the more alienated I've become from reality and the more socially awkward I act when I'm with people.
I have to stop this but I have no motivation to do so. Reality will never live up to my imagination

No. 546272

I told my mom that I'm depressed and she called me weak. She also told me not to make my problems everyone else's, suggesting that she hasn't aired every thing she was ever upset about onto the rest of us growing up.

No. 546276

Yes, It's become second nature to me and I can't turn it off. It's also going to ruin any chance I have of happiness because any guy I'll ever meet will just seem like a lot of work to deal with and won't live up to the ideas I have in my head. I have about 3 different worlds that I just keep rotating around and although it's partly fun, it's really frustrating to deal with. It feels like I'm not investing in my own life.

No. 546280

I spend a decent time of the day doing it. Doing ot for years now. I had a time were I completely stopped with it. A few years… and then it came back.

Mind telling what u r imagine?

No. 546281

Fuck her, she's obviously broken inside. Hope you can find someone that can help you, depression doesn't mean you're weak, it means you're feeling a deep sadness.

No. 546285

You're not weak, but i think you know that already. Fuck that bitch, she's a weak one for saying vile shit like that. All the best, anon!

No. 546289

Having most of my family die, nearly feeling like there's some curse over my dad's side of the family, I have realised how little material means. Yea wow you have a house, cars and stuff yet you refused to be a decent person? Once you're dead, your siblings are dead and your parents are dead, there's maybe a few relatives left, stuck with all the crap. With a house that now feels somehow filthy, it kinda looks the same from your childhood memories, you now have all the power yet you just feel cheated. All these fucking years of pure fear and now all i see is a slightly messy, eerie house. Lots of taxes to pay. I can't explain but once all the people are dead, it all feels like it was for nothing, I almost feel sick to think about selling the house and shit to someone else, the whole place feels beyond cursed.

No. 546293

When I was a kid, they usually were about me having some sort of superpower, fighting monsters, discovering secret societies, and having other grand adventures lol, as I grew, they became more centered around relationships, like having a secret, passionate affair with an actor from my favourite tv show or movie or even game. Tv shows, movies and music are the biggest triggers for me.

It is so fucking frustrating because I feel like I really have no control over it, like an addiction. It affects my relationships, my work and it also makes me procrastinate doing everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, etc.

How did you manage to stop doing it for years?

No. 546311

I am so sorry anon. Your post broke something in me

No. 546320

Sorry to break something in you anon, I just haven't yet found how to describe how off everything feels. If someone would have found how to describe how dirty, dumb and small you'll feel, they'd be a millionare.

No. 546322

Kinda reminds of mine, but not as bad. She's frustrated because I never talk to her, but that's because I feel that when I do, she either doesn't listen or she mocks me. I told her once I was worried because I was seemingly losing weight for no reason, she answered "oh, how your sister and I wish we could lose weight just like that!" (stop drinking ffs), another time I said I was anxious "but not as much as your sister", like hell, just let me express myself. I remember being mocked for my interests and hobbies for a long time, so I keep everything to myself, then she's angry because I don't tell her what gifts I'd like for Christmas and my birthday.

No. 546324

I thought I was coping well and grieving appropriately since my granddad's death in December, but since quarantine started I've had days where I spend hours crying over it. His is the first loss I've experienced of someone so close to me in my life. I don't know if I'm taking it hard or grieving normally, and I don't want to ask my family to confirm or deny because I was only really close with him. I don't pray but I talk to him in my head all the time, like asking if he can make sure I have a safe drive, thanking him for ___ thing he did/taught me while alive, etc.

No. 546335

Your words were so powerful. I am terribly sorry you are in that situation

No. 546337

been struggling with OCD for years and this quarantine is just making it so much worse. I've spent every waking moment for weeks going over past events in my head and questioning my memory

it sucks because my obsessions/ intrusive thoughts usually revolve around harm to others (as well as all sorts of other fucked up shit) and lately I have been seeking reassurance from people that I haven't hurt them horribly somehow by messaging them under the guise of just wanting to catch up. in my head the logic goes that if they want to talk to me, I haven't done some horrific crime to them.

I hate acting this way, I feel disgusting, selfish for trying to ease my consciensce and like I'm deceiving them but I have no other ways to distract myself at the moment and I know that seeking reassurance is self defeating in the end as it will just eventually move onto something else

No. 546349

I've been getting through by writing a lot actually! Never knew it could actually help, but thank you. Even lolcow and anons have been a huge help to me, lots of hugs to you all

No. 546358

File: 1587926104144.gif (1.54 MB, 360x234, a942d1dd-34cc-4185-a7c9-f02872…)

I'm fine with being single but whenever I remember that I'm from a shitty third world country that's highly christian and with a population of only 4mil and I don't ever want to have children… yea, I'll die alone.

I mean it's okay but fuck I want someone to cuddle with too.

No. 546364

that's perfectly normal. you were probably distracted by other things since december but the quarantine makes you focus on your grief again.
there's no wrong or right way to grieve, all you can do is be kind to yourself and try to keep moving forward.

No. 546385

I (23f) recently broke up with a very twisted and abusive individual (28m). He cheated on me with a crackhead (46?f) and we actually got back together for a while after that(dont ask i know it was dumb, worst mistake of my life but i was in a very dark place and dont want to get into that, but basically alone in a bad enviroment and desperate for affection and someone to talk to).

We broke up again in early september last year, basically i told him to stop contacting me and get out of my life, also deleted him as a friend on fb. He has since then liked and commented on my siblings posts on fb, posts i have shared on my siblings walls and pictures and posts others have tagged me in.

Fast forward to this month. I went over to my mums(46f) place to cook dinner together and spend some quality time. Her laptop was on the kitchen table logged into her facebook and i sit down on a chair facing the laptop. i glanced randomly since it was facing me and I see her recent contacts and that my ex was high up on that list, this freaked me out and in panic i asked her why that was while i clicked on him. They have been chatting and playing a facebook game together all day long since early April.

I looked at their whole convo and saw that it started with him congratulating her parents(my grandparents) anniversary and asked her not to tell me about it, then some time after that another message congratulating my siblings on their birthday(days apart), a few days after that she initiated a game on fb with him and they have been playing and chatting since then….

I feel so torn and betrayed. She knew he cheated on me, abused me verbally and mentally, gaslit me and many other horrible things… I wonder if they would have ended up meeting or something in the future, she might have thought that since he cheated with a woman her age.

Im so torn, some support or advice would maybe help collect my thoughts and calm me down, im so devastated… i blocked him on her account and texted and messaged him on fb and phone to stop hitting on my mum because its weird.

More info: My mum i suspect is a narcissist, she has always put me down for looks, talents(or lack therof), and personality, opinions. My parents broke up when i was 10 and she has since made ir her life mission to get me to hate my dad and his whole family, everytime we meet its about my dad how horrible he is, how horrible his family is, how they dont love me or my siblings. Have pretty much been her therapist since age 10, with long car rides when she hurls abuse at my dad and his family constantly, when i had a personal issue in my life i was dumb and she reverted the convo back to herself. She has also gotten physical a few times.

No. 546387

is this a reddit copypasta

No. 546388

Yes lol, just copied it and posted it here too, im seriously freaking out and posting it everywhere

No. 546389

Ruin your mums reputation online that's what'd I do. Does she look after you in anyway are you dependent on her? If not become that bitch's enemy.

No. 546392

I would've 100% deleted your moms facebook to get back at her

No. 546393

I dont live with her but she lives with my grandparents whom adore(they are on vacation atm) and we work together so she could probably get me fired or talk bad about me to coworkers, she LOVES drama.
Should have done that…. Did block my ex though, feom her account.

No. 546396

Meant to reply to

No. 546414

why is it everytime i get myself super drunk i throw up? fucks sake i hate myself. btw anyone got advice for cleaning vomit out of sheets/blankets? thanks

No. 546436

same, but i actually like having all that shit out of my body. i just don't like when my friend think i'm too weak for throwing up

No. 546464


No. 546468

File: 1587943992337.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

I'm pissed off because i'm working what is considered an essential job (starbucks) but i wish we'd close. I hate it!! I'm stuck there 8 or more hours a day serving lemonade, teas and shitty frapps because people dont want to stay home. Someone once came for a cake pop– that's it!

I dont even run into any nurses or police. it's just moms and dads in their giant trucks and vans, along with bored teens. I wish starbucks would close during this pandemic, but they are even talking about opening the full cafes next month. So we'd be face to face with people again. I want to quit

No. 546475

File: 1587946825173.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.27 KB, 598x817, 77B2EFF9-B86F-4917-88A4-1E98B1…)

mfw when people with jobs lament about having to work while I have to answer 250 calls a day from people who are laid off and trying to apply for unemployment but our system is bogged down by all the requests and constantly crashing and I have no way to help them get their money while they can’t make rent or buy groceries to feed their kids

No. 546479

Dang really? All the Starbucks near me have been closed for weeks.

No. 546482

AGREED! I work at a bank and we're drive through only right now, but they're talking about opening up next week. Someone cashed a 27 ¢ check the other day and I wanted to scream at them. Is that how much my life is worth to these old fucks?! Stay home!

No. 546485


Can't you get that catastrophe pay? I work at a licensed Starbucks in a grocery store, so we're still essential. We already weren't a busy location and now it's even worse. We're not even offering food items because we just throw out 90% of what we pull. People are actually risking their lives by going to work and actually contributing to society, while we're bored out of our minds waiting for someone to come order a caramel macchiato.

No. 546510

i want to leave this fucking country

No. 546537

hey me too. i feel like all my friends hate me or i've pissed them off or done something wrong but i don't want to bother them by asking because i figure i'm being irrational, and i also don't want to annoy anyone since we're all stressed out rn. but at the same time, isolating myself is making it worse. all of this stuff sucks so much.

No. 546552

why doesn't anything ever work out for me? I try and try but everything just fails. for fuck's sake I just needed this ONE little thing done but it fucking falls apart like everything else. fuck my life. just want to die already.

No. 546559

File: 1587965251406.jpg (95.46 KB, 792x1024, 43dd6f5db12b2350816411ec6694c3…)

I hate that I can't be enthusiastic of one thing that goes well because someone will be like "oh it's just a coincidence, it doesn't mean anything in the long run, loser!!". Yes maybe it doesn't mean anything but let me have this one thing, I need this shit to motivate myself. You don't want me to improve, you want to kick me down and weed competition out. This gets me back to my old mood of not wanting to try again, ever.

No. 546588

can someone tell me I'm just being a stupid insecure bitch?
My friends were gaming yesterday and I wanted to join but there wasnt a spot left for me because there were two strangers (to me) in their team.
In my head those were two random people they'd just met because they hate me and don't want me to play with.

No. 546592

If you think they hate you then you're overthinking it

No. 546617

It's been 10 days that my mother has been angry towards my brother and me over some perceived offense (we didn't do anything wrong), and it's really getting on my nerves. She doesn't talk to us anymore, if we ask if she needs help she'll answer that we shouldn't pretend that we care about her, and then she whines that nobody is helping her with domestic tasks and that we are all selfish. Weird thing is that she still cooks for the whole family and wants us to eat together despite not talking.
I know she's waiting for us to say sorry first, but there's no way in hell we are going to do it this time, we are so sick of her getting offended over dumb shit and then playing the victim as if the whole world is out to get her. She never says sorry for anything she does and she refuses to self examine herself as to why she reacts like that. I'm sure her mood swings are even worse because of the lockdown, but that's no reason to be so damn angry.

No. 546651

but how would you know? I'm really annoying.
(thank you anon)

No. 546660

She’s cooking for you guys? Is she doing other household-y stuff that includes you guys like doing the dishes, cleaning shared spaces, your laundry? Suck it up, take over some of those tasks instead of asking her if she needs help.

You’re not helping her by making your own food or cleaning your own space. You’re taking part in a shared household.

Bonus points she may run out of reasons to be angry with you if you’re actually putting in effort to be nice.

No. 546666

Yall should have a family meeting where you plan and divvy out the household chores, or expect her acting out to continue because right now she feels unappreciated and like she has to do it or else. Don't say sorry and don't reach for an apology from her, but do figure out the chores situation because it is unfair for her to domestically manage everything. It counts as mental labor to have to think of things to do and delegate tasks when people offer to help. It's annoying because one would just expect that adults see when things need to be done, but at least with a schedule and assigned duties there is no question.

No. 546675

The thing is that usually the chores are equally divided and we all do our fair share, but with the current situation, she has taken upon herself to do everything and makes a snide remark if we want to do it (like "don't try to make yourself useful").
It's not like she cooks specially for us, it's that she makes a big meal for the dinner when my dad is here (he's the only one who still works like usual despite lockdown) and we have to all eat together, otherwise we are on our own.

I'm not even aggressive or vindictive towards her, I still greet her every morning (at least she answers), she's just in full DNI mode.

No. 546686

Mine has a drive thru, so only that is open, but the line is so long, it's divided into two lines at the parking lot. It's insane.

Catastrophe pay ends in a few days and it was only 20 hours per week, which i cant live on. Not sure what's going to happen may 4th, but i really really hope the cafes remain closed for now.

No. 546690

it's ruining my life but I can't stop. I can't even talk about it because it sounds so stupid.

No. 546691

I hate how incompetence i am as a group leader, i almost feel like i wasnt respected behind the scene at all no matter how hard i tried to keep them out of deadlines and try my best to update them with assignments. We're going to have a nation wide holiday this week and the deadline is extended till next week for this particular assignment, even though i extended the usual deadline but i really dont want us to be at the actual deadline and panic!!!
This is one of the first time ive been a leader so im superrr scared, i know that i have the most power but im still sacred every time my own group member texted me…It always feel so weird communicating online with people though, especially for me cuz sometimes when i talk to pp face to face i usually let things slide quickly but when i talk to pp online, i tend to exaggerate what they meant entirely…I just wish this semester will be over already, the damn uni work got me all stressed out every week.

No. 546694

My friends have been acting really weird towards me for a couple years now. When I first met them I was a fresh college grad and in shape, but over the course of living with someone not right and being in a miserable job I gained weight and stopped caring about myself. About two years ago I made a turnaround and started to style and dress like I cared again. I relearned how to style myself from my hair, makeup, clothes, to picture taking. Ditched my ex and left the miserable job, then got an office job where I used my degrees. In short I did a lot of "glowing up" from being in a slump where I had no self-esteem. I've gotten a lot of compliments, and while I'm not the hottest I still feel confident knowing that I'm doing my best.
My friends have developed a different attitude towards me. One of them always implies I'm constantly wearing makeup just because I wear some when we all hang out together like they also do. One time when I slept over she made a big deal of "seeing me without makeup" after I washed my face when we all were ready for bed. It was super backhanded, and it's funny because they never used to say anything back when I hung out w/o makeup during my slump. Her husband was kind of in on it too so I figured she talks shit when I'm not around. Note that this is a girl who wears makeup, gets botox, circle lenses, and is a bottle blonde so it's not like she's a no-makeup natural to be implying I'm less authentic than everyone else. Another thing I do that I think annoys them is taking flattering pictures of myself. Whenever we hang out and take group photos I get the impression that they're trying to gotcha me since they're the ones typically in control of the pics and editing. For one thing they never not use a facetune app, but if they don't like how they look in our photos we'll retake and retake until we get it just right for them. If I don't really like how I look they just brush me aside as long as they look okay, and of course they'd never post photos where they look derpy and I look good. One time I didn't like how my double chin was showing and one piped up "It's not like it makes a difference!" implying I looked fat either way, but they would never have that attitude if their double chins were showing up in the picture and they'd retake immediately. The bottle blonde friend I mentioned once got miffed bc I didn't want to tag her candid picture of me that she took while I was playing beer pong because it was blurry, I looked like shit, and wasn't even aware she was taking a photo. Whereas I got really cool shots of her because I got her to pose and made sure she knew what I was doing. I even show them the photos before (after I edited them to make them look good) and not post if they ask me not to. Even figuring that the pic wasn't blurry it still made me feel bad because I always take care to make sure my friends not look like shit in theirs. Yet they don't care how I feel and insinuate I'm some kind of fake if I want my pictures to look as good as theirs. For example another friend in our group also wears makeup and does a lot of selfies where she doesn't much look like her candids, but they all support her and don't try to make her feel bad. So why is it only me that gets this treatment?

It sounds to me like they're jealous, not in a "i'M sOooOO mUcH PrEtTiErr!1!!" type of way. I just think they were used to me being the ugly token fatty in the group that they could look down on for awhile, so now that I've shaken up the status quo a little they want things to go back to how they were when I was severely depressed. They think putting on a bit of makeup and posting a decent picture are things I'm not entitled to as a true uggo. It's like they see me getting dressed up and taking nice photos and think they're humbling me to remind me that they don't think I'm all that attractive and they're better than me. Like I can't feel pretty, because they think I'm ugly so that's a threat. It's hard to make a case that they're good friends who want me to be happy when they try to subtly undercut me like that at every turn. The job thing especially pissed them off when I got it. I think they forgot that I have college degrees because I never bring them up and I don't flex my intellectual dick when we hang. They patronized me before during my hunt when I wasn't having luck, because I wasn't settling for retail. One even offered to graciously hire me to be a desk slave for her dad's company for minimum wage. Well when I finally got hired they all wanted me to suddenly care about their resumes and basically get them in on what I got. Except there's only so much advice I could have given because they had no degrees nor any kind of credentials outside of retail, another detail I'm sure they also downplay about me. Sorry if I'm making anyone feel bad but I feel so attacked by their passive aggressive bullshit sometimes.

No. 546697

File: 1588001280280.jpeg (23.67 KB, 400x216, 9644EE71-8EBD-4C02-AF35-EB2D43…)

Apparently some guy has been shoplifting every week where I work but he’s never in during my shift. When my coworkers ask about the item he steals he pretends to be hard of hearing so I think if I ever have to engage with him I’m just going to talk as obnoxiously loud as possible to embarrass him in front of the other customers

No. 546703

I had my second job interview today and probably won't find out if I got the position until Friday. It's a position I really want and I feel like the interviews went ok although I was more nervous for the second one for some reason. I'm just dying to find out if I got it or if I have to keep jobhunting

No. 546710

USPS just called my apartment from the front door to say I had a package (a family member picked up the call), so I went downstairs to get my package. I don’t see it, check outside the front door, and instead see a “sorry we missed you” slip. Excuse me? Not only do you know 90% of people are home, your dumb ass JUST CALLED MY APARTMENT AND SOMEONE PICKED UP YOUR CALL? WHERE DO YOU GET OFF PUTTING A “WE MISSED YOU” SLIP FOR AN APARTMENT WHERE YOU JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE FROM THAT UNIT????????

No. 546726

Let him.

No. 546728

Go and hunt for friendship who values you equal, anon. Good luck!

No. 546744

pretty fuckin pissed off i was rejected from joining a discord because i dont really have social media, like for fucks sake social media makes me want to kill myself, made a twitter and will request to join again at the end of the week i guess. fuckin over this shit

No. 546746

I’m so sick and tired of men commenting on my hair since I cut it short. I don’t need to hear how you don’t find me attractive anymore or how I look like a boy now and girls should have long hair. Just shut the fuck up. I’m not here to please you so keep your shitty comments to yourself.

No. 546759

I feel you anon. I cut my long hair to a short bob last year and almost every guy in my office stopped to ask what was wrong with me, why would you do that, etc., as if there has to be some traumatic reason or mental instability for a haircut. One guy would fake cry every time he saw me and another one said he was going to hold a funeral for my hair. Exhausting.

No. 546764

When I was 15 I shaved my head (very damaged bleached, already boy short hair) and my best friends uncle said to me “why would you choose to be ugly?” He is like 50 talking to a young kid. Lots of men had smart ass remarks.

No. 546792

Most men think girls looks more masculine with short hair and I don't get, absolutely love it and think it's cute. Men are shit

No. 546793

Seeing dudes on the internet capping their checking accounts with their unemployment and stimulus monies then boasting about how they're going to spend it on camwhores.
I fucking hate them, they don't deserve that money.

No. 546800

kek ngl one of the high points of working a shit retail job is embarrassing or bullying shoplifters, particularly if they're stealing some dumb shit.

No. 546802

The camwhores are just going to spend it on their local economy, with delivery foods, street or legal drugs, booze and ill-fitting mail-order clothing. In the end, money runs like water through them and only muddies a little. It's kind of nice to know those types can't save or hold onto money very well, either.

No. 546825

I need to talk about something, where tf do I go

No. 546828

So unnecessary. I’m glad there are people who can relate. It’s like these men have a deeper connection to my hair than I do and I don’t get it. It’s weird and uncomfortable.
Thanks anon! I might be biased but I think it’s really cute as well.

No. 546829

talk about what, anon?

No. 546840

File: 1588030830526.png (364.85 KB, 702x637, 1535220036520.png)

This is fucking shit, the so-called pharyngitis/otitis/tonsillitis/??? (they don't even know wtf it is) that supposedly should have healed by this time it hasn't, my ears itch/hurt like crazy, the right side of my throat is swollen kinda like a ball, i still have swollen lymph nodes and it hurts to swallow, i did everything they wanted, i took antibiotics day and night, antiinflammatories too and nothing happened, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? I already have 3 MONTHS like this and still all doctors refuse to check my throat despite the fact that obviously something is wrong, and not only that, two months ago i had an intestinal obstruction caused by constipation, i went to the doctor and he sent me some medications but they didn't do shit and since then the left side of my abdomen hurts and the pain is unbearable (if it's only that side, because sometimes my whole abdomen hurst). It has been like this for 2 months too but nobody gave a shit, now today i had a lactose intollerance related- diarrhea since that's the only way i can poop and i don't have money for laxatives and i found a literal white ball in my feces??? i know what yall thinking: "that's just milk you retard" but i drink milk almost daily and this didn't happen before, this is truly strange and i would go mental but i'm just too tired.

My parents are blaming me with no reason for getting sick and my sister is being a blunt bitch to me when i need her most, i just want to kill myself i'm sick of this, i have enough with probably suffering from something horrible i don't want to feel guilty and to be yelled at when i can barely move from the pain, i don't want to expose my family to get corona but i can no longer ignore it it hurst alot. I don't even want to see what yall will say about this, i know what you think and i know it looks bad, i don't know why i was born only to experience this.

No. 546845

bitch you sure it isn't rona? sounds awful tho, hope you feel better soon

No. 546856

Fucking hell I hate my shithead friend group, its more like I'm a part of a friends friends group and they all fucking hate me.
It's been like this for years now where I just get made fun constantly. Not in a joking way but in actual "you're a retard overdose on lithium already schizo" way.
Basically if I do something it's bad, but when they do it it's fine. I tell my friend (my actual friend, not the rest of them) about it and asked him to talk to them, but he's indifferent to it. He probably thinks the same about me too.
I decided to pretend to be offline for a while, just to see how they'd react, yeah it's shady of me so what but all they did was talk shit about me. Hell they even made the same jokes I did when I was talking with them but instead of being insulted for dare attempting to be funny like them all they did was have fun.
I don't know what it is about me. I think I just have this cursed aura about me unironically. Either that or I'm the only female in a all male group. It's probably the latter.
I've drawn for them, offered to host websites for them, taught them about it even. Even let them vent to me, because I still wanted to be on good terms with them. All I get in return is a "kill yourself" or other death threats.
Sorry for the ramble and thanks for reading my blog!

No. 546858

Since yesterday, I've been disgusted by food. I can't eat anything, except eggs even if I can barely tolerate the taste. I was eating a lot a few days ago but now I can't even eat a bite of bread because I feel so nauseated.

No. 546860

No? Are you dumb?

No. 546862

idk why but i get so mad when i lose in videogames, even more when it's a multiplayer. today no matter if i was the best or worst in the team the result'd be the same, defeat. it's just a dumb mobile game but i'm so mad my friend surpassed my rank already when he was behind me until now. thinking about moving to a good PC online game, any suggestions?

No. 546870

>I'm the only female in a all male group.
why do you hate yourself so much, anon.

No. 546878

If I wasn't invited by the first friend I wouldn't have joined it in the first place honestly.
Thinking about it more I don't want to lose that friend, so I'm sitting here suffering in college boy shitpost hell and I feel like if I leave then my friend will hate me. Don't want to lose them because childhood friends yatta yatta stuck in a hard place.

No. 546881

sounds like he doesn't like you already so it isn't that big of a loss.

No. 546904

How do you cope with,living a life with no real direction? My only goal in life is to move out and live on my own. But i ruined it by fucking around with university because i allowed myself to be pressured to make decisions that make my parents happy and not what would make me happy or would be realistic for me. University makes me so horribly miserable and i hate that i need to degree to achieve my one and only goal in life.

No. 546909

File: 1588050934593.jpg (37.22 KB, 567x624, 1563849785566.jpg)

>tfw have that childhood trauma high voice thing
>been told by other women i'm doing it for attention/putting on a "loli" voice
>there's no way you talk like that right

fuck off fuck off fuck off not everything is related to anime i'm not trying to compete with you why are you so mad about it fuck off

No. 546911

I see this excuse being used by so many people doing weird and disgusting shit, aka ddlg, that i dont give a fuck anymore. Yeah no shit people dont know your baby voice is because of your uwu childhood abwuse uwu. Move on with your life

No. 546912

anon why tf are you so hostile, you're just proving my point

>uwu childhood abuse uwu

i don't expect people to know, it's just rude as hell and shouldn't have to be questioned

No. 546913

nta but reading her post I didn't imagine a kawaii desu ne loli waifu voice but the standard high costumer service voice. And I don't get how you're associating a high voice with something as trashy as ddlg

No. 546914

I bet most people think youre retarded anyway so youll be fine.

You wont be getting any pussy around here.

No. 546915

Good, I don't want any pussy anywhere in general

No. 546920

>Childhood trauma high voice thing
Man anon Googling this sent me down a rabbit hole. I had no idea this happened. It explains a lot about Michael Jackson though lmao

No. 546939

I HATE astrology, I think it has no scientific basis yet some people treat it like some kind of gospel, I can't help but roll my eyes when they say "it's working super well between us because we are Cancer and Sagittarius!" or "we have some trouble dating because we are both Virgo". I especially can't stand when I say or do something, one of my coworkers will go "that's such an Aquarius thing!", like no? That's just me.

No. 546943

> I especially can't stand when I say or do something, one of my coworkers will go "that's such an Aquarius thing!", like no? That's just me.

That really is such an Aquarius thing to say though

No. 546947

I feel like such a shitty friend. Any time my friend posts their art in our friend group everyone is immediately praising them for how amazing it looks but when I post mine it feels like they purposely go out of their way to avoid saying anything about it and it's such a blow to my confidence. I'm not saying it's GOOD but I feel like I'm on the caliber of my friend and yet we get such different reactions and it makes me so bitter. Ot feels like I have to put in 5x the effort to get even remotely similar reactions as her in anything I do and it sucks. I know it's because she's a good person and she deserves the praise and reward she receives but also knowing I will never be at her tier no matter how hard I try is a terrible feeling.

No. 546950

File: 1588059316469.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 437.72 KB, 1125x1049, A31F7429-16D2-423D-93C5-612005…)


No. 546952

How does that make you a bad friend tho? I think it's normal to feel insecurity if you see someone doing the same thing getting more praise. As long as you're not projecting your feeling onto anyone else or saying she doesn't deserve it, it doesn't make you a bad friend.

Perhaps the subject matter of her art appeals to a broader audience, even if your skill level is the same as her. Or she has more clout, or has more friends in your group, so they feel more inclined to praise her.

No. 546955

I suppose because when people used to look at my work compared to hers they would always say I did a better job than her, and I used to defend it tooth and nail because it was rude. Now I'm finding myself agreeing and it's just become a thing of jealousy and it's ugly.
I'd never openly say this to her or anyone else, but it feels like a shitty thing to feel, and the only reason I feel she gets the attention and clout that she does is because she can get things out faster.

And you're right. We're all fairly good friends but at the end of the day they will always pick her so it makes sense.

No. 546960

Do I have very intense feelings or are other people better at dealing with it being taboo?
I honestly wish I could send those old timey letters where you told how much you's miss someone and how it made you feel.
Now it feels like if you ever show anything that isn't lukewarm or very shallow, people will flee with horror.
Like wtf, we're friend, i'm just telling you I cherish old memories of us hanging out. What's so bizarre about it?

No. 546965

This is overflowing with manipulative vibes.

No. 546968

My bf kicked me out and now my simping ass is meeting him and continuing getting my heart broken.

Why am I such a spineless cuck.

No. 546969

do NOT be this stupid. he doesn't love you anymore. if you've arranged to meet (why? it's quarantine) then simply ghost him. Have a sense of pride ffs

No. 546970

Probably because you are a loser that has nothing else really going on for them.

Would an animal keep going back to a place with predators if it had a better spot?

No. 546974

something deep inside me reacts with anger and frustration when women put on a cute girly act, but now that I've read about what you described I'm more sympathetic about it. There's putting on a loli voice to get pedo simps and there's the pattern you described from abuse. Made me think.

No. 546987

Stop being so self deprecating, anon. You're art is not worse than hers just because more people praise her. There are tons of artists who make wonderful art, but get overshadowed but mediocre artists. That doesn't mean her art is trash tho. I think you should try to get into some art discords. It won't be the same as having real life friends, but it can be a supportive space for artists. Also, maybe you should evaluate if your friends actually don't really like you, or if it's just you being insecure (no offense).

No. 546993

I feel that so much, anon.

I got my own artstyle while being great at anatomy, I also post my animations that I am proud of (with over 100 frames), and I am experiencing the same thing… Normie people foreshadow me, they like pretend to avoid any comments towards my work, too, while praising everytime other girl posts her medicore portraits that u can see on every 'inspiring' artblogs where they post the same crap w/ celebrities. It really bums me down and I hate it so much, but the only thing that helped me is to stop posting at all and start posting on small (!) discord art commmunities. Or art channels of small servers.

No. 546995

I’m really in a venting mood about poorfags/myself again because I really hate how I can’t afford a single thing.

No. 546997

Friend groups like this where everyone is subtly competing with each other and choose one person to gang up on are exhausting. Once they realize you’re not putting up with their shit anymore they’ll find a new victim in the group to become the butt of the joke. I hope you can find better friends and move on, it’s better to be alone than be in a friend group that doesn’t appreciate you.

No. 546999

Does she do more fanart or have a leaning anime style? I find people with realism, western, or cartoon will be ignored for those. Same thing with basic coloring (grayed
shadows) vs someone who adds more hue to their shadows and light that gives it more life.

Damn 100+ frames that's amazing anon

No. 547003

I already know that my boss will give me shit because I have to keep working from home despite public transport working again partially.

The thing is, I DO want to get back to the office but the bus scehedule is dumb as fuck right now and I don't want to be stuck in another city afyer work for 3 and a half fucking hours with nothing to do AND having to give 1/3 of my paycheck for traveling.

No. 547014

Thank you. I am a really hardworking person (thanks to my guardians supporting whatever I do) and passionate about creating animation. I tend to overwork way too much cause I don't know when to chill, but its fine by me. Just wish social media never affected me and the things that I make. I get good praise from many places, but all i care about is those people because they are, in fact, really nice ones. But I guess I can't please men and women who prefer praising medicore Adventure Time (!!!) Artworks and boring portraits. There's always audience for everyone.

I still think they also stopped commenting on it because I would post A LOT of my works…Not a lot, 3 times a week at best (while she posts once per 2 months or so) but they were never "half-assed". People are really difficult to understand. But I am still glad that such thing doesn't bother me as much.

No. 547044

this is exactly why i dont have female friends anymore. Heck im still suffering over what my abusive piece of shit so called ''best friend'' put me through.

No. 547048

I try not to be, but it's difficult when you put a lot of self-worth into your work only to have it be ignored. It's not healthy and I know this, but it's something a lot of artists do and that I'm trying to break myself from.
And there are other reasons to make me feel like they don't like me, some of them at least, it just has happened so many times that it makes me feel terrible sharing my work with them anymore. (No offense taken, I do need to work on my insecurities)
I'll look into some new art discords to join, thank you for the suggestion!

100 frames is incredible, anon. I'm definitely opening up to the idea of joining new servers to branch out. I'm glad to hear that it's helped you!

She does, yeah. She's got a simple style but it works with fanart really well and can be done quickly which is why so many people enjoy it, so I understand. It just sucks trying to 'compete' when you know you can't match it type of thing.

No. 547057

Not a vent important enough to post in the covid thread, and I'm aware this sounds like whining anyway: My mental health towards work was already shit before this pandemic went down. I'm a demoralized contract hire and I feel like I'm always getting dicked out of pay and benefits, and after a time I feel that there is no real incentive for me to try that hard and yet working hard gives me a sense of pride. I've tried recruiters and consultation services to get a better direction in my life (I have two degrees and a decade of work) but the truth is, it benefits the people in power to pay me the least for doing the most. I'm well aware that employment operates like an abusive relationship at times but I don't have anyone to support me so I often settle because the alternative is to go broke and homeless.
The latest shenanigans was that my contract w/ my current company was set to expire shortly after the official stay at home orders for covid were mandated. I'd been with this current company for a half year up to that point. My employment here has been easy but annoying, I basically was assigned to do all the shit that other people in the office don't wanna do. It's easy work but tedious as all hell, and I often felt that I was making a nuisance out of myself by asking people for work There are good cop/bad cop operational managers where one would tell me how he wanted to keep me on but said the decision was ultimately on the other manager who would say really strange things insinuating that I wasn't going to be kept around. After covid, they sent me home with my office desktop for remote work, but the question about my contract renewal was still up in the air despite the expiration being within weeks (I know it's generally a good sign to be sent home with a computer but I needed a guarantee in writing). Then the good cop manager said how he wanted me back in the office for half a week for training for a new function that takes months to be qualified for. I agreed even though I didn't WANT to due to covid, because I thought if I said 'no' to them it would cause them to deny my renewal. So I go in on the aforementioned days. Yet the people meant to be training me are often busy which causes me to wait aimlessly inside the building for hours (and remember I still technically have work to be doing remotely while this time wasting is happening). No one can ever say to me "I will be available at 0800 meet me here." It's meant to be up to me to go in, beg for the attention, and cool my ass if they're not ready. I need to check my work email throughout the day but I could only access it through a shared computer lab as my desktop was at home. I sent out an email or two illustrating what I've been doing in my time and trying to ask questions about the process, but generally I was met with dismissal. It pissed me off that not only was I exposing myself to covid just on the basis of going into a populated building, but that I was being blown off because people can't simply agree to a time to get me trained! And then I have to use gross shared computers while I wait? No thanks.
The result was that I felt frustrated and dejected. Yet I tolerated it because I thought this all would amount to something and be worth it for me.
After all this, a different contractee who was hired shortly after me (but got trained for this apparently important function off the bat) was offered direct hire. My contract was renewed for 2 more months (I thought they said another year but I misheard and was corrected). How tf do they only renew a contract for 2 months?! Fucking FIRE ME so I can collect fucking unemployment (which pays more than my wage !!!!!) within the safety of my god damn apartment, and that way you don't have to deal with my ass! Nut no, now I have to worry about job hunting again in basically another month instead while I juggle this stupid ass training issue. Why not just shit in my mouth and make me swallow?

I'm absolutely demotivated to go in. I know I'm bitch-faced but I've been nothing but polite and professional when corresponding with them, like I've literally never done anything to them and if they ever had a major issue with me I've never been made aware of it. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest in my office and the only one not married or have kids, but my life isn't less important because of that.
I don't care if I'm self-fulfilling their prophecy about me, I don't want to really try anymore. There was no reward for my good faith attempts, so if I can skirt by with half assing then why not at this point? I made up an excuse to not do that pathetic shift at the office today, I told god cop manager I was speaking to a remote mental health social worker and that I'd sign in FROM HOME later if they needed me. I wish there was a way to make them feel so small and disposable like how they make people like me feel.

No. 547059

Ok first things first, I do sympathize with you and I know that it’s this autistic reflex that you can’t do anything about, but you/we aren’t allowed to enable ourselves like this. If you’re over the age of 18 I suggest you to stop excusing yourself, I suffered from this too and I worked my hardest to get rid of it. We’re not harming anyone else by doing this voice but ourselves. This is not how we normally speak.
t. 6 months free of goo goo gaa gaa ‘ing unironically

No. 547069

Fully agree.

No. 547072

Playing Ace Attorney has made my paranoia worse. I haven't been sleep normally and I can't be alone. I'm afraid someone's out to kill me. Needless to say, I've stopped playing the game.

No. 547075

Holy shit anon like a falsetto kind of voice? I had to scroll up to see what this was about because I thought people were just shitting on when women use higher voices in customer service or when trying to be polite but oh shit did you mean like ddlg little tiny girl voice and mannerisms? Yikes. Really try to work on that, it's changeable with practice.

No. 547085

i swipe left when someone has their astrological sign on dating apps kek

No. 547115

I’m feeling awful and schizo/paranoid/anxious. Can I please just get a big bottle of booze? I hope you sleep well.

No. 547131

Are there any discord servers that aren't degenerate as fuck? Trying to find a server that's just filled with cool, normal people is like wading through shit. Maybe I should just delete this fucking app, but it feels like the only major chatting platform to easily meet new people now.

No. 547137

I feel the same as you two anons. I post on a small art discord and one artist gets a ton of praise and my work hardly gets any feedback. It’s frustrating because there’s a few people who get all the praise but when I talk on voice chat or ask for help I’m ignored. I don’t get it and I wonder if I’ve done something wrong. It sucks because I thought we were good friends before Covid went down but now that we’re all on Discord it really seems like the ones who were popular on IG are getting all the praise while everyone else is ignored.

I realize I have insecurities and I’m also competitive so I’m trying to temper it, but I get down a lot when I’m in the group.

No. 547143

someone told me animal crossing is problematic because it promotes colonialism and romanticizes migrant work and shits on immigrants because of a bunch of dumbass shit. why are people like this?

No. 547144

no fuck anon. she should grow up and get therapy instead of acting like some ageplay freak.

No. 547146

Hey I want to see your animations!I want to be an aspiring animator even though I don't have the cash to afford one yet in order to animate

No. 547149

Someone deleted me as a friend from facebook and I'm a little disappointed about it. She was one of the first connections I made through a hobby group when I moved to a new city. Over the past couple years I've been more casual and hadn't been interacting with her as much cause I haven't been as involved in the hobby. She was very nice, like I would try to hang out with her but she'd always flake which I chalked up to anxiety or something personal because she didn't seem malicious. I guess I could understand if she did a general friend's list sweep and just got rid of people she doesn't frequently talk to. But then again, there are others from our group that she kept so it was just me and maybe other specific people perhaps. Maybe it's because I'm not popular and get brushed aside because I have no clout. I feel like I don't even have the right to be disappointed about it because I didn't even notice she deleted me until she commented on a mutual's post and I realized we weren't friends. Facebook doesn't show me everyone's updates because the feed is rigged so it's not like I think there's anything suspicious about not seeing updates from friends. There are definitely friends who aren't 'active' in my life right now but I keep them around because I figure we do inevitably pick up and interact again if not just to catch up. Maybe I just don't feel like I made "the cut" and that's what I'm disappointed about but oh well. Petty stuff.

No. 547153

Quarantine has made my mental health hit an all time low and with all this talk about not putting more pressure on the healthcare system and staying home if you haven't been like beheaded, I feel really apprehensive about trying to get help. It's never worked out in the past either since my country's healthcare system isn't the greatest even if it is free. I'm not sure if I'll make it through the night.

No. 547160

I hope you do make it. I'm going through the same thing, down to the fact that I feel guilty getting help.

No. 547167

My hotel job is starting to bring back people even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic and there’s hardly anyone even traveling anyway?? I’m so irritated, I would rather just stay home where I’m safe and not waste my time doing bullshit things.

No. 547169

I hope you make it too, anon. Your reply made me feel better for some reason, I don't know anything about your situation but I hope things get easier for you. You deserve help!

No. 547172

File: 1588115372064.png (279.89 KB, 455x500, 1527552850008.png)

Wasn't that an article written by Peta or Kotaku? Jesus, I didn't know there's people out there that actually parrot the toxic garbage they froth up.

I don't want to pull those '>tfw too intelligent muh million IQ'
shit but is it just me or is the majority of youngsters losing common sense. Yes, even college students will still be dumb as they were in grade school, but its turning into a unicorn hunt to find a single one who has the patience and attention span to pause and think about the situations around. It gets especially annoying when they parrot the same strawman buzzwords instead of being willing to listen and talk it out or trying to "win" or "look good" in front of others. Fuck I saw a steep decline when I entered college- there used to at least be a handful of understanding classmates, and it was reduced to one after.
Sometimes I think banning the internet for children will do wonders for society. Have mandatory parental control so they won't be manipulated by stupid shit, and to have better life experiences. So when they become adults they'll understand the value of things like privacy or know how to take things at face value (until proven by actions than pretty-sounding speeches).

No. 547174

I feel like I'm not going to find love. To put it simply, I'm a very annoying person with few good traits and I think I've got some fairly high standards. On top of that, every other lesbian I know is either taken or a troon supporter. Wish I could have been born straight or at the very least bi, fuck.

No. 547212

File: 1588126651304.jpg (605.53 KB, 1263x1920, e024744876de490a1c67cdcb534a8b…)

Since my dad's health has been getting progressively worse im getting more and more nervous about finally meeting my younger half-sister, basically to just sort out inheritance shit. Yes im in my twenties and I never met my sister, she doesn't want to either.

From what i've heard of family gossip she's an asshole and overachiever and hates me for being the main monetary benifeciary in the inheritance stuff and being the only kid that was sort of raised by our dad, spoiler alert he's an alcoholic and being raised by him was more traumatizing than being fatherless.

Im genuinely anxious she will give me a hard time when i will already have to deal with funerals and the whole wazoo, I really don't want to have to take legal action against my own sister on top of that, but it looks it will be the only option I will have.

No. 547213

bring a lawyer.

No. 547223

I started a new job (working from home), and the first day was crazy. I had no appetite all day and at one point my heart was beating super fast. I sounded calm on the outside, but on the inside I was exhausted since it was a 10 hour shift and my breaks kept being interrupted. It's just a customer service job, but the training didn't really prepare us and there was so much to remember. Plus, the site is hard to navigate. I'm going to stick with it since the pay isn't bad, but I hope it gets easier soon. This is one of the few jobs I've had and I honestly don't know what else I would be doing besides grocery clerk work in this pandemic anyway. I'm anxious to see how the rest of my week goes.

No. 547227

all i can say from working these jobs, they will basically overlook any mistakes as long as you are on the phone during your shift

No. 547249

Thanks for that reassurance! I need to keep telling myself that and not be anxious lol

No. 547257

If she's the overachieving pathetic dipshit that she sounds like, a lawyer would be your best bet. These people hate it when someone they believe to be "undeserving" gets anything at all, and will fight tooth and nail to get it taken away from you. Even if you don't full on bring a lawyer into the picture, even some paid legal advice would benefit you, fuck her and fuck people like her.

No. 547264

that developmental issue can be physical, not just neurological. like certainly seek therapy but not everyone can just switch it off. i'm confused why other women tend to get unreasonably pissed about this kind of thing–aside from it obviously sounding annoying, it seems to go deeper than that. idg the weird pornsick projection

No. 547270

yea it sucks because these places always go on about customer service and all that but in the end they could care less. there's a high turnover because people quit, no one really gets fired.

No. 547271

my coworkers bought a pie yesterday, ate it all, didnt leave me a piece and left the dishes in the sink for me.
I don't even like that particular pie but it feels like a smack in the face that they didnt leave me a piece.
I ignored the dishes but my boss is probably gonna give me shit about this later…

No. 547275

this is such bullshit, no it's not physical, that's not how that works, tics are not physical. people are getting upset about it because historically women have been shat on about their voice pitches. also weebs and ageplayers fake their voices a lot so it's understandable. another thing is that it's a huge fad right now to like ageplay shit and cry about being a CSA survivor and using it to cope, even though that's not how you use that to cope…you sound like you don't go on the internet much outside of here if you don't get it.

No. 547277

When I was 11 years old I remember laying in bed thinking "Fuck, I think I'm going to be one of those people who has no friends"
11 years later and nothing's changed lmao.

No. 547284

Feeling awful and like bawling today.
I can't even call off work and just crawl in bed while it passes.
I work from home during quarantine so I would feel guilty about the loss of money.
My bf is working from home too, I don't want him to see me cry like a bitch about literally nothing.

No. 547287

>it's not physical
learn2read, it can be physical and/or mental. a quick google search will lead you to articles and papers.
>upset because woman have been shat on about their voice pitches
kind of like how y'all are lmao. this reeks of being insecure of your own femininity and projecting it on others

No. 547289

I have to make an appointment to put my cat down as he's getting old and in the state of not returning to good health. I never thought it'd hurt this much. It annoys me when people say the phrase "It's just animal."

My heart feels so broken. I'm holding him now sobbing. This is the first time I'll lose someone so dearly to me and holy fuck it hurts.

No. 547298

Sorry if this gets long.

I'd had 2 long-term relationships and I was always living with someone ever since I moved out of my mom's place, which was the size of a hotel room and I never had any privacy. My first bf was nice but very sloppy and lazy. The second one was the exact opposite and constantly badgered me about not cleaning well enough.

I got out of that second relationship in early February 2020 and moved into my own apartment. This is the first apartment I've ever had on my own, and I like it very much.

On leap day, a coworker of mine confessed to me. We started dating, and he hasn't left my place since. He's been sleeping over every day except rare occasions when he went to visit his family (even during the lockdown) and then he'd come back.

Thing is, I haven't been living alone for even a month and someone already "moves in" with me. I live in a small studio apartment the size of one room + bathroom so they're always around. They get to listen to me piss and shit from day 1 of our relationship, I can't work out with him around because I get self-conscious, I can't learn to play the guitar because I'm a beginner and I suck whilst he already knows how to play and always shows off and tries to "teach me". He plays the same 5 songs over and over every morning and evening, like clockwork. It's becoming annoying as hell because I can't practice with him around.

I like to pace around when I'm thinking and he always gets up and starts imitating me to make fun of me. I told him to stop and he said "no no but it's cute! I'm not trying to make fun of you, I'm just joking!"

I asked him if I could have some time to myself and he got butthurt. I am his first ever girlfriend and he wants to spend every waking moment with me. I used to get bullied as a kid a LOT for doing anything, both by my mom and my peers, so I like the privacy and even if someone insists on "noooo I won't judge, you can practice, it's okay", I still feel uncomfortable.

Am I a dick for wanting him to go to his own house for a little while? We both live alone and close by so it wouldn't be breaking quarantine. I just feel like at this rate I'll die with someone always breathing down my neck and commenting what I do.

No. 547300

wtf, tell him to get the fuck out of your place. You're not a dick, everyone deserve some alone time.

He's a dick however. You've told him what you needed (something pretty reasonnable considering this is a new relationship and your flat is tiny) and he dismissed you. He can't even go spend a day at his own place? That's really selfish.

No. 547301

So sorry for you and your kitty <3 I know it's really hard but please just know you gave him a good life and it's for the best now. Give him a loving last day, he will be grateful that he was able to be cared for by you

No. 547302

One of my only friends from high school just stopped talking to me last year and idk why. I see her connecting with other ppl that didn't like me so I'm thinking they told her some shit about me being "not woke" or some other dumb shit. Ironically, my whole "friend" group in HS consisted of trans people and feminists and they were some of the most hateful to me and ruined my self esteem. Sux to not have any friends to support me now hahaaaa

No. 547303

wtf, what you described sounds like a nightmare.

No. 547304


He needs to respect your completely reasonable request for alone time.

No. 547309

Someone I was best friends with in high school passed away the other day and it makes me feel bad for making fun of her behind her back since we graduated. I basically described her as a munchie because every other week,
it seemed like, something new would come up with her health condition. I mean, you can't really fake heart issues and I don't doubt she had an autoimmune disease, but I do feel like she made up shit about being autistic and non-binary. I guess it was her way of coping with an actual underlying issue.
My boyfriend called me while he was at work and asked me who passed away and I said her name and he sort of made me feel guilty by asking, "Was she the one you said was a hypochondriac?" "Yeah, her." "It turns out she wasn't, I guess."
I don't know what else to say besides apologize to her for doubting her these past few years.

No. 547310

how'd you stay 11 for 11 years

No. 547313

No. 547321

File: 1588156521543.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 400x225, AD85E714-634E-4856-B8B7-55943A…)


So let’s recap

make fun of me. I told him to stop and he said "no no but it's cute! I'm not trying to make fun of you, I'm just joking!"

> he makes fun of you and ignores you when you have pointed out he’s joke isn’t funny

asked him if I could have some time to myself and he got butthurt.

>red flag codependency

I am his first ever girlfriend and he wants to spend every waking moment with me.

>It sounds like you are the first one to say yes to him

I used to get bullied as a kid a LOT for doing anything, both by my mom and my peers, so I like the privacy and even if someone insists on "noooo I won't judge, you can practice, it's okay", I still feel uncomfortable.

> he doesn’t respect your boundaries

He plays the same 5 songs over and over every morning and evening, like clockwork.


No. 547322

Lmao anon what

No. 547323


Sounds like you were the autist all along. I mean she was as well, but at least she understood that before she died.

No. 547326

Peak pickmesha behaviour

No. 547328

File: 1588158239168.jpeg (6.92 KB, 282x179, images.jpeg)

No. 547329

Male, female, whoever disrespected me in my low days can die a slow painful death that consists of AIDs, rape, and physical beatings. And nah I never claimed to be nice or whatever, but if you’re the cause of making me sad I can only wish you sorrow.

No. 547330

Beautifully said anon. Now I hope for OP to feel misery for the rest of her life. Dogs who are introvert enough to browse imageboards and then have the nerves to look low on people they perceive as being better than them need to have chronic pain.

No. 547339

I'm so sorry, anon. It's never easy to let go of a loved one. Just hold on to those memories of him and remember that he lived a good life with you.

No. 547344

>I guess it was her way of coping with an actual underlying issue.
and yet you still made fun of her. i hope you die of covid, bitch.

No. 547354

Based. I hope people like her drown in misery.
t. Butthurt beta

No. 547358

I don't wanna lecture you anon, just be cautious of these codependent types of men who weasel into your apartment and don't leave. It happened to me when I was in grad school, took my ex home with me from the bar the first night we met and he NEVER left my townhouse and proceeded to bung up my life for the next 4 years. They move quickly into your life because they need to secure the bond before you notice their red flags to dump them. Sounds like you're already seeing that he's an asshole. Trust your gut. Don't let him start bringing over his clothes and toothbrush whatever you do lol.

I won't tell you what to do anon but I suspect you'll get too sick and tired of being treated like dirt and ditch him on your own accord. How many punches to the gut will you endure?

No. 547364

Wow you know you fucked up when even your bf thinks you're a piece of shit. Chronic illnesses are often comorbid and autism is frequently linked with gender specialness. Next time try to have a little compassion instead of assuming everyone's an internet retard.

>best friends in high school

lol that's the cherry on the shitty person cake right there. At least send the family some flowers or a small donation or something. It won't make you a less shit person but it's the least you can do.

No. 547373

My boyfriend ghosted me. He left the country more than a week ago and never text me back. I went on a date today with some rando and now i'm crying thinking about my ex. I was hoping i could forget about him but going on a bad date just reminded me of all the great dates i had with my ex. I was just wishing that there might be some reason why he won't talk to me but i know its all bullshit.

He received my text but never opened it , he left and he just doesn't care about me anymore i guess i was nothing special to him.

No. 547374

File: 1588167042284.jpeg (15.31 KB, 400x293, images - 2020-04-29T230035.571…)

im so fucking horny and lonely all the time but im a stupid kissless virgin in my 20s who only wants to experience things with another first timer. im never going to have a fucking boyfriend i just need to accept that im dying alone already

No. 547377

I don't get why everybody wishes death on you. Yes, it's not a nice thing to do, but hypochondriacs and genderspecials are so common nowadays and it's not like you told her to her face that you think she lies.

No. 547378

I read this thread to remind myself that none of us are farmers. We are all cows. Some merely calves.
Some? Full grown honkers with big old milkers. That’s the beauty of this website.

Also, in bed with husband thinking about ex boyfriend again.

No. 547383

I just broke up with my boyfriend and even though I'm the one who pulled the plug I can't stop crying. We weren't even together for that long, five months, but maybe it hurts so bad because he was my first. I don't hate him, we had some great times together, but we'd fight so much, and he'd constantly do things to set me off without thinking. He'd promise to change but wouldn't, and I gave him so many chances, I just couldn't take it anymore. He loved me so much, maybe to a point that it wasn't healthy, but he'd always say such rude things and act like a dick, probably because it's just part of who he is, something that he just couldn't change. I know it's best for both of us that we broke up. This relationship was off to a bad start anyway, we made it official way too soon, and I didn't love him when it first started either, I was just lonely and too much of a pussy to say no. I tried to break up once before, but he cried and I caved. If I did it back then, I could've saved both of us from a lot of heartbreak. Even now, I don't think I can say I really loved him, maybe i just don't know what that feels like, but I know I got really attached to him. I didn't cry throughout the day, it seemed so easy not to when we were arguing, but once I saw that last goodbye text my whole world just crumbled. I don't regret what I did, but it's so hard to accept that someone who's been a huge part of your life is now completely gone.

No. 547396

I love you anon. Try not to say the wrong name during sex!

No. 547397

I basically believed she was a munchie because she followed a bunch of well known munchies on Instagram and like you said the genderspecial shit is so common. I was briefly a genderspecial, I expected her to fall out of it as well.

No. 547403

the whole munchie deal is deceiving people and it sounds like they deceived her. Not everyone looks closely into the people they follow on social media.

No. 547431

Still an attention seeker so i mean i get why you felt that way, esp w how common munchies are nowadays in gender special sjw circles. Feels bad in the kokoro i guess but also it is not like you confronted her about how you think she is a big fat phony so no actual harm done in my eyes? I don't think you are a particularly bad person, am sure all of us have made wrong assumptions about people before in our lives and while it may feel more consequential than idk, assuming someone is posh when they are not, it rly is not unless she was a tinkerbell.

No. 547451

Imagine him shitting.
It helps I promise.

No. 547457

I feel like BDSM shit is everywhere and it makes me so damn angry. Yeah hun sure your relationship is suuuuper special because of the bond you two have. I'm sure it's wonderful to have a boyfriend who gets off on causing you pain!

No. 547461

Why are obnoxious people who curse like a sailor and type walls of text the most ignorant people?

No. 547463

Right? It's incredible how people are open about the private/sexual aspects of their life on social media. They're proud of some embarrassing shit.

No. 547465

Woke up today feeling happy after a week long depression episode and actually had a good morning, then took a short nap and woke up to my mom sobbing over the phone that my grandma passed away. It honestly doesn’t even feel real. My grandmother is in another country and we had plans to visit this month and couldn’t go see her and i hadn’t spoke to her in a few weeks. We always talked about her wanting to meet her great grandchildren and wanting to travel more with my mom and I. She raised me and it feels unreal that she’s gone and I can’t even be there. She also had plans to visit late summer and we’d go to her favorite restaurant together and i’d find other good ones to take her to.I don’t know how to deal with grief and i’m just worried about how my mom is going to deal with this.

No. 547467

No she said it behind her back, being a backstabber is one of the worst things someone can do….
t. Gossip imageboard
…to a best friend.

No. 547478

I’m so sorry anon, this is such a strange time to be grieving in. I hope you and your mom can find some support from each other right now, I’m praying for you and your family.

No. 547499

My condolences to you, your family and of course your mother. I hope you all will support each other in being able to grief.

No. 547511

I was born with small heart and now, once again, i feel heart ache.
I'm always afraid that because my heart is small, something might happen…

No. 547528

oh fuck, same anon same

No. 547529

>in my 20s
>im dying alone

No. 547533

I hate how dependent I am of the clown/shock value role in my friends' group. I haven't really anything else going for myself, I'm not smart enough to participate in their debates after a certain point and even when I do I pretty much get ignored because I have zero eloquence, I'm socially incompetent, I never had a relationship (though they don't make fun of me for it) so I feel much more immature than they are, and everyone feels such good friends with each other while I don't even talk to them in private chats anymore. I don't even feel like I'm really funny either, more like something I exaggerate to make up for my shortcomings and that isn't refined at all.
They are amazing, they really are. I don't know what I would do without them, I have so much fun with them. I just wish I was more and didn't feel so behind them and all people my age, really.

No. 547534

I know this seems like such a non issue to many but I got immensely disappointed with the current naughty dog drama, the studio behind the uncharted series and last of us. I found TLoU fun and as a lesbian myself, I liked the idea of a main character that was cool and that also happened to be lesbian. Not that it's the most important aspect of a game character but I rarely get to see non sexualised lesbians in the media. Well, in the current sociopolitical climate you apparently can't have lesbians without throwing in trans women, and the fact that they deliberately made biological women look more masculine and men more feminine looking in order to be more trans friendly is absolutely ridiculous. I feel conned and I regret buying the first game. I'm glad that I didn't preorder. But really, why?

No. 547537

because it's 2020. troons good, women bad

No. 547539

Yeah, that seems to be the current state of affairs sadly enough. I was looking forward to the game but now I've definitely crossed it off my list.

No. 547540

I agree that it's sad when a gamer cant even get excited over the fact we finally have a cool female character in a long line of male centered action games. I really liked TLOU part 1 and loved that they were going on on making Ellie an actual canon lesbian. It seems like such a small victory to see non sexualized lesbian romance. I loved the DLC with her friend Riley and i wanted more of that. It's pure sadness being a gamer who is also a lesbian and having to deal with this tr00n shit when you just want to be represented AT ALL.

No. 547541

Wait what– there's gonna be a tranny in the new Last of Us game 2 game? Fuck, just fuck everything. Women can never just live their lives.

No. 547543

Precisely! She was human with a developed character and her being lesbian was just a part of her. In the media you either have overly sexualised lesbians created with the male audience in mind or lesbians that make it their entire identity which is completely unnatural.
You play as the tranny the entire second half of the game.
Who also kills Joel and is after Ellie and wants to kill her.
If the leaks are correct, the story is absolute garbage.

No. 547544

I also wanted to add I know it's just a game and there are more pressing matters when it comes to rights, women's rights, lesbians and so on. Yet when you're attached to a character or better said, characters, and you see them getting butchered in the nastiest way, it gets disheartening. I'll get over it soon, it's just a minor nuisance.

No. 547547

Is it even confirmed that Abby is trans?
I thought that was just 4chan autists shitting their pants because the character is turbo buff to go after and destroy Joel and Ellie and because she doesn't have juicy female form and tiddy to fap to. Abby's design wasn't going to be a winnable situation for this plot because gamurs would've ripped on her design regardless of being masc or fem because she's gonna kill their favorite characters.

In a post-apocalyptic world where there are corrupt institutions, people betraying each other to survive, and literal zombies chasing people down I'd imagine many women in this game universe wouldn't give a shit about being feminine anymore and would want to be as strong-masc as possible in order to survive. It's never directly addressed in the game but it's insinuated that being perceived as a woman will absolutely make them a target. Is it really so unbelievable that the daughter of the surgeon that Joel murdered at the end of the game after going back on his decision to surrender Ellie would know how to medically enhance herself and perhaps have access to medical supplies to beef herself up for revenge?

Imo these leaks are out of context and what most people are saying is conjecture. ND is doing something different with their games, and I can have some appreciation for that as long as the full game displays good writing and gives me a reason to question characters while having empathy for others.

No. 547550

There are interviews (non 4chan sources) with ND employees that confirm that ND wanted to make characters in the game trans friendly by making the women look intentionally more masculine and men more feminine in order to pander to trans people. So, Abby being trans wouldn't surprise me. Even if Abby is actually a biological woman, it doesn't change the fact that they "nerfed" women (their expression not mine) so that transpeople but let's be honest, it's transwomen mostly, don't feel excluded.
I don't mind women not looking conventionally beautiful or not having a perfectly oval face with a button nose and plump lips. I'd welcome that change. However making them look way more androgynous with the only intention to appease trannies is disgusting to say the least.

No. 547555

I get what you're saying but even if they "nerfed" her femininity how is that necessarily a disservice to women? Who gets lost in the conversation are biological women who are either athletic or were just born masculine-looking who might identify with someone like Abby. If it so happens to appease the trans base then kumbaya and more power to them for making this character marketable. What they're doing is no more disgusting than how other developers have been exploiting female bodies in unrealistic proportions and damaging the self-esteem of average women for the sake of male gaze and fan service for years, imo. It's nothing new, people are just mad that it's something they don't like for once.

No. 547557

>ugly tranny wants to kill a lesbian and biological woman

pretty accurate tbh.

No. 547561

Because even unfeminine women are still feminine looking. The most masculine looking woman will never be as masculine as a "passable" tranny unless the tranny underwent lots of surgeries and even then.
It reminds me of those nasty threads I used to see on /lgbt/ where trannies cherry pick the most unflattering photos of women and call them hons. I don't like the media trying to blur the line between what's actually female and male. There are ways to celebrate and promote women that are not conventionally attractive, athletic and so on, but ND's game is not the way. I just can't agree to that.
Though I do agree with you about other devs exploiting female bodies, oversexualising them and so on. I don't like that either and refuse to buy or promote content that's blatantly doing just that.
My thoughts exactly.

No. 547564

fugg, I meant to say masculine women.

No. 547569

I'm just saying that the outrage is disproportionate for this one game while people ignore the broader scope of what's been happening to women in games for years. And this time it's so blatantly obvious that the backlash is largely because this "woman" isn't hot.
While we're on the topic of passable/nonpassable, do you believe anyone would care if ND designed Abby to be a 'passable' MtF with feminine characteristics and then later confirmed the trans status?

No. 547587

i'm sick of this person

they keep being passive aggressive, keep bottling things up and then exploding on me, expect me to read their mind and immediately know what's wrong, want me to do things for them that they wouldn't even do for me, are just extremely ungrateful and spoiled

when i told them to please talk to me next time and not bottle things up and to also get a grip with their behavior and stop being passive aggressive because i do not appreciate them exploding on me like this, their response was "this is how i am, i cope with this and i know it's bad but i cannot fix it"

yes you fucking can fix it you cunt, you just don't want to because it will make you responsible for your actions and you want to be babied like a retard 24/7 so that everyone thinks you are just uwu small and cannot do anything w-wrong

so fucking glad i cut them off today lol good riddance you bitch

No. 547598

YAAAY gotta have my whole ass ovary taken out and I am a fatfuck and scared shitless, I fucking hate this I just wanna be Okay you know haha fuck me

No. 547609

File: 1588196379201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.42 KB, 640x1200, EWpFQW_UEAA1fjV.jpg)

That's 100% a male frame though, it's not even a "gamers whining because she isn't hot" situation anymore, not even roided up women look like that. I don't know if they wanted to make her a true and honest troon, but seeing her beat up two much smaller and obvious females is very uncomfortable.

No. 547618

I keep having full on flip outs over stuff, like crying uncontrollably and/or wanting self-harm level or just not exist level freaking out. Some of it made sense to be upset over but was just disproportionate. I feel like I'm having to repress emotions or I get punished and then I just have meltdowns because I've been bottling it up. Other times it feels like something just sets me off and I'm not sure why it does. I took my xanax, which is something I don't really do habitually, but realized maybe this is one of those time where I need it, and now it feels like my head is clear and I'm just really concerned about myself. I don't know if being in lockdown is making my mental health get worse. My boyfriend is stuck in another country and at this rate I'm not sure when I'll see him again. I'm trying to make it in school but my inability to focus and the nervous breakdowns are making it really hard. Every time I fuck up it adds something else for me to hate myself over and my mom brings up all the things I never did that I was supposed to do, and it makes me even more upset. I feel exhausted or like there's no time to do anything and I have no control over my time or a lot of my life. I don't know what to do, I just want this shit to stop…

No. 547628

One of my friends doesn't really like to put up with overly degen shit and she said that the most chill discords are for female-dominated hobbies or games like the sims, crafts, and stuff. I think she may have found it through a subreddit so ymmv but that's probably an alright place to start, look for drama-free places that don't seem too spergy, ik that's hard on reddit but heard there are pockets like that.

No. 547640

I wish I was into video games. That's all anyone seems to be doing now a days. Every guy I like is ignoring me to play video games for 8 hours. Every female friend I have is a gamer. I just cant get into em. At this point I wanna start playing games just to fit in.

No. 547643

Maybe you just haven't found the right game? What genres are you most interested in?

No. 547644


What kind of other hobbies do you have anon, what subjects do you like? That way I could give you some recommendations, since I tend to play various stuff!

No. 547648

I just dont have the attention span to sit and play em. I like watching other people play tho.

No. 547657

I think that's valid. Do you have the same problem when playing with friends?
ADHD af I hop around single player games constantly, a chunk of them I wasted all my time doing unimportant side quests and got too burnt out to finish the story lol

No. 547662

File: 1588204280973.jpg (65.61 KB, 1018x1024, DklCszOV4AAaDoc.jpg)

This is embarrassing and something I could never talk about with people I know IRL but it annoys me irrationally when people I dislike have the same interests and tastes that I have. I feel like an autist for letting stupid shit like this bother me.

No. 547663

i'm literally the same and i heard someone say before that it apparently means "you've never liked that thing to begin with" if that happens but tbh i call bullshit

No. 547668

I did magic mushrooms at a way higher dose than I’ve ever done before and there were so many things that in the moment seemed so important and meaningful and I felt like I realised so many things about myself and connected the dots with certain things from my childhood that I had forgotten but the next day looking back at it I kind of don’t know what to make of it. It all seemed so important and like ‘obvious’ at the time but now I feel like…maybe it’s actually not actually that deep… and that maybe it’s dumb to read much into it. Like you know when you dream something and it makes sense in the context of the dream but when you wake up it doesn’t? It feels kind of like that. And I just feel weird and don’t know what I’m supposed think or do about certain things (if anything)

No. 547672

Do you write when you're tripping? On mushrooms (I always take a pretty low dose though, like 1.5g) I can usually write a few pages and I really like looking back on it, usually it feels more profound and "Concrete" than feelings that I'm having at fleeting moments when I'm super fucked up and having a lot of feelings at once. But I totally feel you, the day after is always hard physically and mentally trying to make sense of it. I hope you find peace with whatever you figured out soon!

No. 547676

File: 1588208590540.jpg (18.71 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)

This is a huge mood. When I was in high school I would be privately annoyed by the fact that whenever I posted about something new I just got into, my bully/stalker/former friend would post about it for the first time a few hours later. She even did it back when we were friends. She would never actually invest the time to watch/read/play the things I like. She would just read the Wikipedia article and pretend to enjoy it, a lot like what Moo does.

It got to the point that I just decided to get into really obscure things just so she would stop skinwalking me. I'm actually glad I branched out into those things, too. I've found some things I really enjoy off the beaten path.

I think the thing that pissed me off the most is the fact that Queen was my favorite band in high school, and then when the movie about them came out a few years later, she suddenly started acting like she was this huge Queen stan. She literally used to make fun of me for liking "old white guy" music, now she's all about it. Fake bitch.

No. 547688

I usually do but this time I would get too disoriented whenever I tried to write, thankyou so much though!♥

No. 547701

>bully/stalker/former friend
It's funny because the person that inspired me to write the original post could be described exactly the same way. She used to skinwalk me and always try to copy or one-up everything I did, it was so fucking frustrating especially since our mutual friends refused to call her out on it.
Now we don't talk anymore but I still occasionally look at her social media because she's kind of lulzy and likes to overshare online. One specific post that infuriated me was her going, "Oh, in high school I was obsessed with (popular series) and I was totally in love with (side character) it was so funny!" Except that was ME. I was obsessed with that series and that particular character in high school. I fucking knew her throughout all of high school and we were close friends at the time of my obsession with that series. I would've fucking known if she liked that show, I know for a goddamn fact she never watched it, not while we were in high school. It's such a minor thing but it drives me nuts. Why would you lie about something that stupid? And why would you take my experience and pretend it happened to you when it's something as mundane as liking a TV show?

Ugh, I'm sorry you had to put up with your own version of this chick. I know it's petty but I hate people who act like this. Get your own damn identity!

No. 547707

Paid my CC off. I feel really happy. Tbf, it was only 600$ but, still good.

No. 547709

The girl I knew would follow me in her car and honk at me when I was walking to the grocery store. Then she would text "honk" or "beep" to me. Fucking psycho. I considered getting a restraining order, but luckily she stopped following me about a year ago. She also made an angry blog post last year about how she thinks I broke her project in middle school (I didn't.) Mind you, we're in our early twenties. I've exchanged like four sentences with her over the last seven years.

When I was in high school, I tried to make new friends to get away from her, but every time she'd try to glom on to my new friends and make them hate me. She tried to tell my best friend to stop inviting me to things. Luckily my friend did the exact opposite and stopped associating with the bully lmfao. Basically this crazy bitch and I had a falling out when we were fourteen and ever since she's stalked me and blamed me for all of her problems. I'm glad I haven't seen her in like a year.

No. 547712

My disgusting ass boyfriend doesn't wash his hands when he shits, and when I brought it up and told him to wash his hands and lysol down fucking everything he touched, he told me I was "absolutely no fun to be with."

I solved where my recurrent UTIs are from, everyone.

Holy fuck I am fuming.

No. 547721

File: 1588217594324.jpeg (977.02 KB, 1431x1125, C2543678-83B9-4E13-8836-759190…)

Breakups suck

Breakups when you dated down suck even more

Why did I defend that trash

No. 547756

gurl, throw the whole boyfriend out. i had the same lazy trash that would give me infections and styes. you can't a fix disgusting manchild like that

No. 547757

i'm going to fail half my classes because of my anxiety and constant procrastination i want to kms except tmw i'm literally going to do the same thing. i just sit all day on my phone instead and keep telling myself i'll stop i'm so retarded and anxious i feel bad i sit in my room all day but my stupid fucking family fuck my parents for giving birth to my worthless ass!! i was doing fine in one class but it's fucking over now. i have an exam today and this class was supposed to be fucking easy but i zoned out of the lectures and was too retarded to catch up.

this is a petty as fuck reason but fuck this corona shit if it didn't get so bad then i wouldn't be back at home and revert to being a worthless, spineless piece of shit who won't even think of doing anything and only does shit too late. i'd actually be able to have meds because i don't know if my mother would shit herself (not like she doesn't do that as is) and i'm too much of a fucking retard to understand how to be independent. i'm probably still going to spend 12 hours online tomorrow because i'm retarded and keep forgetting my parents are shovelling money for my expensive ass american education but their retarded culture makes me want to fucking seppuku and no amount of money can just fucking fix that.

yes i felt like in high school if i didn't do well in school they wouldn't love me in anymore and all i did was fucking procrastinate and now i'm just back to that. except i can't just suddenly pull As out of my ass because these aren't fucking high school classes. this shit is always unavoidable but i don't know why i'm so undisciplined and retarded and just fuck i don't want to pull all nighters and have my parents nag me even like a little bit so i'll lie and throw their money down the drain instead and read people argue online like the retard i am!

No. 547763

File: 1588227420673.gif (1.39 MB, 320x222, waiD6.gif)

i hate being a flat lump. im the definition of skinny fat but i have no ass and it makes me so insecure that thats all people talk about. im just a rectangle. fuck even shayna has more curves than me. i dont even want an ass but it makes me so mad at myself that im just kind of a flat plane

No. 547766

One of my former friends is a z list celebrity. He used and manipulated me and people around him to create a narrative. He has changed his name multiple times.

I have been talking to former associates and found out he tried to turn someone into a troon. And he admitted he ignored me on purpose until I confronted him with screenshots of details of him lying and manipulating.

I would have left it alone but he put my name in a song that's on multiple platforms. It's some sappy apologetic bullshit and it makes me angry because if he wanted to apologize he could have. Fuck the bitch could have sent me a link to the song dropping my name.

Don't say you're fucking sorry when your not. You can blame depression all you want but you hurt several people and everyone I have spoken to is worse off for having known you.

No. 547767

same here, anon. I'm built like an iphone. I don't really want an ass either, just having a narrow waist would be nice.

No. 547769

I don't blame you for not saying who but can you give hints? What genre does he sing?

No. 547771

i'm going to continue sperging because i feel bad but don't care enough to fix this by god forbid studying. fuck, i'm literally tired. i think i just might be a complete fucking retard and tell my parents i no longer believe in islam today. it'd be more entertaining than being an overdramatic bitch and fantasizing about killing myself is. God, the idea of being a complete head ass and telling my parents i don't believe in their retarded religion anymore during ramadhan when i'll be stuck under their roof for months due to rona and am financially dependent because i'm a lazy retard sounds spicy and fun!

anyways when i wake up later today right before my exam and panicking i'll realize this is a stupid fucking idea. but then again, finally pulling the curtains and giving myself the opportunity to really fucking hate my parents might be hella.

god i'm just really going to fail these stupid classes and have to beg the last prof not to, love how i bitch and moan then stop thinking the minute i don't have to.

No. 547773

Like I said he's z list but he's a rapper. He dropped my name and a couple others in an apology song last year, with a few other names.

It isn't anything big, but it pisses me off. He used people to get where he is and lied and manipulated people. When I looked into it, he manipulated me to fight against people who had no beef with me. He's a literal psychopath and I'm dealing with the fact I enabled him.

No. 547775


I'm intrigued but I don't know shit about soundcloud rappers so I won't figure it out anyway kek

No. 547781

yea if i could just have my waist pinched in a little more maybe it wouldnt be so bad but im just a straight line up and down

No. 547795

This, and the trend of wide hips is so wild to me. Since I was like 13 I developed this crazy complex with my hips. I always wanted to be straight because I felt like I looked fat with wide hips (I am 115, and it just looks really weird on my frame)

It’s crazy that women are going through hell to get hips.

Just know they suck.

No. 547798

I have to wait seven days to find out if I have cancer. Got swollen rubbery lymph nodes left side of my neck, left side of my groin, and left supraclavicular. All the B symptoms you can get, plus early satiety, crazy fatigue, and maybe hepatosplenomegaly. Waiting on ultrasound results.

If it’s cancer it’s most likely chronic leukemia or lymphoma, stage 3 or more.
What the fuuuuck this is going to be the longest week

No. 547799

Out of morbid curiosity anon, how did you figure this out? Just touching it? Weird symptoms you saw a doctor for and they probed you?

Either way, I hope you are ok.
I do.

No. 547802

Went to scrub my face and neck and felt the lump. Feels like a piece of a rubber ball. Painless, skin is normal, just a firm lump.
Had been feeling pretty rundown but that’s sort of normal. Started getting nightsweats and now wake up wet and have drenching sweats and chills during the day.
The lump got a little bigger over a few weeks so had the doc have a look, he said to keep an eye on it.
six months later and two more superficial lymph nodes swelled up and the original one got bigger, appetite went to shit and usually feel full after five mouthfuls. Lost 5 kilos which is juuuuust a touch off 10% of my weight. Told the doctor about it two days ago and he ordered the tests as urgent.

Sorry for the massive info dump. Apparently it’s a really easy cancer group to miss until it’s symptomatic. Get yourself checked out if anything similar is going on.

No. 547805

Anon, that is just horrible. And scary, I am sure. I would assume that you’re not super old judging by you posting on here (though I could be wrong) which hopefully means you will make a recovery.
Recently got a CT scan because I lost my vision, and the doctor was scared. Nothing wrong in the brain that they could see, but scared the living shit out of me.
I am sending you e-love. I am sure you’re scared/upset right now.
If I could post emojis here, I would post lots of hearts.

No. 547808

I am in a server about something unrelated to politics and there has been - surprise - "transphobia" drama. It's just incredible.

No. 547809

I’m so sorry anon. I hope you find a miracle, whether that’s a negative test result, or an amazing team of medical workers. Praying for you <3

No. 547810

I don't have a strong opinion on western women who do digital sex work, yet it rubs me the wrong way when they call women who don't do sex work "civilians."
Like bitch, do you think you're not a civilian? Sex work doesn't put you in like a military category lmao.

No. 547815

They believe what they are doing is ~Real Sex Work~ while being nestled all comfortably in their own corner, no one's pressuring them into doing what they're doing, it's all fine and dandy, and then they act like they can speak over the experiences of millions of young women and victims of sex work who aren't in that business willingly or had to go as low as that because they simply had no other option.

No. 547816

I just saw someone use this term for the first time yesterday, it struck me as SO odd. (It was actually a former cow from here). She was complaining about “civs” making onlyfans during quarantine + complaining about people telling 18 year olds not to make OF,, and was going on the “some people have no choice but to do SW” when I clearly remember her working in a restaurant for 3 years before doing sw. literally so strange.

No. 547825

Keep us updated please.

No. 547826

Also how often do you venters go to the GP?

No. 547830

They are often extremely arrogant and smug people who have a superiority complex over selling nudes and masturbation videos, but at the same time they cry about how dangerous sex work is and they could be murdered at any time. They don't give a fuck about the women trafficked and forced into prostitution, they only care that paypal is whorephobic for not wanting to take their transactions.

I've seen them justifying the use of "civilians" as "people who do not work in the same field as yours" (that's so dumb, I'm not going to call people who are not watchmakers civilians lmao). I feel there's a lot of class contempt when they use this word, the vast majority of them are upper middle class who have no idea how real prostitution happens.

No. 547836

Does anyone else feel like no one really knows who they are because you don't know how to let your personality show? I think everyone thinks I'm boring, but I'm not I'm just extremely in my own head.

No. 547859

Tw but my dumb ass finally decided to explain to a friend of my abusive ex the reason why I don't want to have anything to do with their friendship group.
I really wish I hadn't done it, but I was so sick of just ghosting. I don't want to be silent, I don't want to have removed myself from a whole group of people just because of what some asshole did to me years ago and has probably forgotten.
But now I feel so sick and awful, the guy is messaging me back and I wish he just wouldn't because what was the point? I don't want to have to remember all these emotions again when I'm locked down in my house without friends. I don't actually want to start talking to the friends my ex has, I was just sick of having to silently ghost or make polite excuses. Fuck.
Victim shit fucking sucks. Fuck survivor rhetoric.

No. 547861

Once a month, but that's because of brain tumour issues, uterus issues and mental shit.

No. 547863

I take issue with the word "sex work" because it lumps middle class girls doing camshows in with women who were trafficked into prostitution. Being a cammer is fine if that's what you want to do, but I don't like when they act oppressed. Oh wow, you lay on your soft bed in your safe home and play video games with your tits out, poor you.

I've never heard of this "civilians" shit before, but just the idea of it pisses me off. My dad is disabled veteran, and he doesn't even talk like that. Even ironically it's cringey as hell to imply that titty streaming is on the same level of difficulty and trauma as being in the military lmao fuck off.

No. 547911

if you're cool with your managers like that anon, do it. it's such a good feeling to publicly blast shitty customers (but do be careful cuz i know some places they'll write you up for shit like that)

No. 547917

lmao same here. i tried "just squat sis" and all i got was disporportionately jacked thighs and maybe 1 cm bigger ass. it's all genes and fat distribution smh.

No. 547918

I think small waist is more trendy than wide hips tbh. It's the Ratio people are sperging out over.

No. 547919

You're not doing anything wrong as long as you still treat her well. I noticed i started caring less about my cat when i got my dog, he's still a cool little dude but i dont do much besides giving him food & water, cuddles, and let him outside (dont start another outside vs inside kitty catfight pls). I was obsessed with him before but now he's just my cute but annoying cat. Sounds cynical ik.

No. 547930

File: 1588280387203.gif (283.34 KB, 500x255, 4958585.gif)

I'm getting gut instincts about someone I met online and going forward with the relationship as we've planned it. Our plans got pushed back due to covid so I'm just seeing more of what he's like from a distance now. He's been very up front and honest with me, and I don't want to discourage that per se. I just suspect he's maybe unstable or immature, even though there's concrete proof he is working towards self-improvement (therapy+meds that I see him take). And why? Eh, it's the more I find out. We had a chat earlier and he sounded really bummed. Apparently he's on his parent's cell phone plan (not necessarily a neg as long as he gives them money) but the creepy part is that his mom looked through the phone records and saw his call and text history with me and so they got into an argument over it. He told me his mom is super critical of women he dates from being burned fairly badly in the past. Even though I understand cause my mom is like that as well, it is also the reason why I don't have contact with her because I'm my own adult with boundaries. He's 30 and I'm late 20s. Why is a grown ass man taking shit like that about his own business and then telling me about it like there's nothing he could have done? Does he wanna marry me or is he married to his mom? He claims his entire family is pretty critical (again, something I understand bc my family are a bunch of hypercritical narcs too) but at some point I do expect a man to grow a spine. If I grew one and went temporarily homeless for it, then so can he.

Other things aren't quite adding up either. He's a freelance editor but the clients and projects he describes are pretty amateur. Like one of the things he does is edit essays for college students. While it's legit work at the same time it doesn't seem super successful and luxurious income. I did the same thing in college and I could probably do it right now, but the money tends to be garbo. It's all sus because he keeps flexing this ability to want to buy a house in my state (and he's boasted about being able to throw down a few hundred thousands) and yet he wants a mortgage. Maybe it's not so sus because he claims to be economical and I am aware investment-wise to the downsides of paying all cash on a house, but my question is: Where does a freelance editor come upon all this money? He tells me he used to be a streamer, but there's no way he was that popular. My suspicion is that he's some kind of trust fund child to a rich family who's being overprotective of their son bc of the financial risk, or he's got an inheritance and they're overprotective blahblahblah. For all I know, maybe his exes did take him for a ride and his family is right to be wary of his choices. Why else would they give a fuck about who he dates and calls? One thing I was looking forward to in my next serious relationship was having the guy's side of the family love me (bc my own family doesn't), and yet now I'm put off because I'm already being pegged as some she-demon trying to get at their son. And that pisses me off because I'm an adult with my shit together, and do not deserve that kind of pre-judgment from people who don't even know me. I hope I'm not overreacting, but this can't be right, no? Whatever they said and yelled at him about it must've been pretty bad bc he avoided telling me what exactly they said, which I'm sure whatever they did was very unfair and baseless. He even felt criticized too.
Lolcow, I'm just so exasperated. I'm trying to be really choosy and picky this time about who I'm going to have a long term and meaningful relationship with and it's just been hot garbage. Luckily I've gotten better at spotting red flags, but this one is particularly upsetting because he has truly been very nice, communicative, and kind to me the likes of which I've never experienced before even in the many dates and relationships I've had. I'm not asking for perfection from anybody, but it's like unless women lower their standards and open themselves for potential pain, most relationships with men really can't work. I feel like I'm forced to constantly accept risks and take compromises, and from my history it has rarely ended well for me so I just don't. I'm really disappointed.

If you feel like I'm overreacting please talk me down with some reason because believe me I don't want to feel this way.

No. 547942

I'm actually making a face after reading half of that post. Ok, why the frick is his mom going through his call records at 30 years old? Whatt??

Yeah I don't think you should pursue a relationship with him unless he is able to move away from his mom because this sounds unhealthy.

(reads the rest)
Unless you have any real confirmation of his supposed money (yes, wanting a mortgage while also apparently having 100,000s saved is supicious) I wouldn't assume the weird family has any real justification. If they are so rich he should have paired up with a fellow rich chick by now, why is he picking up women on the internet?
It seems likely there is some spare money from his parents, definitely not himself, but you will never see any of that money based on the controlling parents aspect - meaning if you bought a house together it would be a mortgage and your own savings and whatever small amount he has. The parents are controlling him with the money as the carrot.

It sounds like a bit of a garbage fire but it could be rescued if he is willing to extract himself from the parental assistance. It seems a lil creepy to me though and I suspect there's a lot he isn't telling you. Being left guessing is not a good start to a relationship.

No. 547949

File: 1588285298336.jpg (15.53 KB, 300x226, concept5-300x226.jpg)

Because of the pandemic, I had to move back in with my mom. She has three dogs, and they really annoy and overwhelm me. I feel bad because I don't necessarily dislike dogs. But living with three big dogs fucking sucks. They slobber all over me, I'm constantly tripping over them because of how closely they follow, they're constantly sticking their noses up my ass, and they always mob doorways so you can't get through. I'm also allergic to dogs, so their scratches give me hives. Then when I get angry at the dogs for being obnoxious, my mom gives me a dirty look or goes "aww, poor dogs." Why am I the bad guy when she can't keep her animals under control? I like dogs, but I'm realizing that I hate living with them.

Okay, I know people hate this sort of discussion, but I don't want to Necro the containment thread.

No. 547951

sounds wonderful to me

No. 547952

Mate just because you’ve never been with someone who’s nice to you before doesn’t mean they won’t lie or fuck you over sooner or later. I’m sorry but frankly I’d guess he has no money at all and from what it sounds like still lives at home(?), because what kind of have their shit together-adult let’s their parents pay for their phone?

If your gut tells you something is wrong, it’s probably right. Please look out for yourself.

No. 547954

desperately trying to buy a new phone (mine is beyond smashed and is very old, camera sucks, i genuinely need an upgrade lmao) and these sellers are fucking CUNTS. waited in a hot parking lot 2 FUCKING DAYS IN A ROW and this bitch stood me up TWICE. yesterday she made excuses and i chose to believe her because she acted apologetic and offered to come to my area today and so here i am, baking in a hot car for 45 mins trying to give this cunt 800$ and she just flat out ignores me and its been hours, no text, no call back, nothing. Kijiji is fucking trash (canadafags will know..)

wish i could afford a 90$+ monthly phone bill so i could just get a contract phone but it'll end up being so expensive.

No. 547956

Well my gut is telling me to tell you to listen to your own intincts and move on. Don't just ignore shit and pretend like you have to settle for this.
>but it's like unless women lower their standards and open themselves for potential pain, most relationships with men really can't work. I feel like I'm forced to constantly accept risks and take compromises
You maybe need to stay single for a while and clear your mind of this. You sound way too desperate for a relationship, in a mental state like this you'll cling to any crappy relationship for too long and only end up wasting your own time and energy

No. 547959

Are you buying a stolen phone? People selling stolen goods act like that to avoid being set up

No. 547960

it seemed like a legit ad, seemingly middle aged woman (they also have other ads up), lots of photos of the thing, she was fairly firm on the price but accepted a reasonable offer, etc. but then.. i just checked facebook market place, nd some fucking indian guy is using the same pics claiming he's selling it too for an extra 100$.. so yeah i guess this is some annoying scam. but it's really weird because the seller i contacted was friendly like a woman and had ads up about how shes an inhouse nurse/caregiver so i thought it seemed like a solid thing. but now seeing the same pics on fb is very suspicious.

No. 547961

>The parents are controlling him with the money as the carrot.
Exactly, they sound like the controlling in-laws from hell. Anyways, I wound up texting him about some of the feelings I discussed in my OP and he's reassuring me that his parents are only being so protective because he did have shit exes that sent him into a mental spiral which explains the meds and therapy. But still, I just expect certain behaviors from adult men. It's not like I've made giant sacrifices and huge emotional investment from having this little relationship, but I certainly wouldn't want to set myself up for failure if I choose to go through with it. I encouraged him to have firmer boundaries (and I think it's fair coming from me because my parents would have continued to be control freaks and nasty to my partners as well) and he agreed to that.

He's giving them money but I agree the situation is off so unless I see some drastic moves for independence I think I'll peace out tbh.

Promise I'm not going to ignore or settle for any kind of mistreatment. I've been single for almost two years now. I've been on numerous dates however and none of them have turned out for me for the fact that I wasn't chasing, settling, and ignoring red flags.
At this point if I did feel like I was getting the short end I would legitimately dip. It's not necessarily hurting me to tell him what's up to see if he'll get his shit together. What with quarantine it's not like we're going to be meeting up and closing on a house anytime soon anyway. I don't have anything to physically lose and I haven't sunken any costs into this. I'd just hate to have hurt feelings if it did turn out to be a shitshow. We'll see I guess.

No. 547963

I'd say it isnt that a big deal but if you're allergic that shit sucks and your mom should sympathize more with you.

No. 547966

I know of people being robbed at knifepoint in these kind of meet ups

No. 547969

Even if he has controlling parents, at 30 that's totally on him if he's still that tied to them by needing them in those ways. If he was 20 and in that situation I'd cut him some slack but not at 30. Also consider that he's quick to highlight his parents faults, his exes faults etc.. but look at his position in life right now. He might just be one those guys who blames everyone around him for his own lack of acheivement at 30..40. You date him and you'll be next at taking the blame.
>he's reassuring me that his parents are only being so protective because he did have shit exes that sent him into a mental spiral which explains the meds and therapy

>It's all sus because he keeps flexing this ability to want to buy a house in my state (and he's boasted about being able to throw down a few hundred thousands) and yet he wants a mortgage. Maybe it's not so sus because he claims to be economical and I am aware investment-wise to the downsides of paying all cash on a house, but my question is: Where does a freelance editor come upon all this money?

He's feeding you shit

No. 547978

I don't understand people's obsession with that Karen meme.
It's really not that funny.

No. 547979

> their scratches give me hives.
i've never heard of that being associated with dog allergies before…

No. 547980

memes in general aren't funny when you're not 12 anymore

No. 547990

karen + simp = most retarded overused illogical "memes" of all time.

No. 547992

don't forget the infamous "ok boomer"

No. 547994

Once a meme has a subreddit purely dedicated to that singular meme it's dead. I felt like the whole 'Karen' thing was dying then the dumbass who tweeted about it being a slur gave it a second wind.

I don't give a shit about whether or not 'Karen' or 'ok boomer' are mean I'm just so sick of people thinking they're hilarious by using them as gotchas after anytime some old person says something stupid.

No. 548001

File: 1588299371943.jpg (38.24 KB, 500x750, b3834c7d5e297c9ad570204e441def…)

i resent my parents for letting cats go outside whenever they want and roam freely. i know that we had some stray cats before and they're used to staying outside but every cat turns into an outside cat here. they tell me that cats should be free and that's their nature but a lot of them have disappeared or died. every time i see one of them i feel the need to bring them back in and they get annoyed at me. i had one of most beautiful tuxedo cats ever and he was very tame, his name was Hiro. me and my mom found him on the streets. one afternoon he disappeared and we even put up missing cat posters we didn't find him. idk if it's true but a guy said he might have been killed by dogs. i remember crying and feeling angry at everyone. now i have two cats that stay together all the time and get along very well but i still fear something might happen to them. i hate this.
pic related is a cat that looks like Hiro but he was cuter and had a little 'mole' under his mouth. i miss him.

No. 548003

the fact that people still let their cats free roam is beyond me. the mental retardation and selfishness of lots of cat owners and the simple brained low iq is insane. my area has way too many fucking free roamers too. there is no excuse to throw your cat outside to make it travel the city streets every day. then these same morons go "boo hoo my free roaming cat still isn't back after 3 days, usually they always come back eventually!!" like…. yeah mr fluffy probably got hit by a car or they wandered into the wrong backyard and got torn apart by dogs after destroying the eco system and mercilessly killing native bird species. what did you think would happen, tiny brain?

No. 548004

people who say this about animals are so stupid. like, if it's supposed to be "free", don't keep it as a pet. domesticated animals are bred to be stupid compared to the wild equivalent, and even if cats can become arguably more feral than other animals it doesn't mean we haven't bred them to be needy for human care. they're dumb, they're made to be dumb and they need to be confined to stay safe. just don't get "pets" if you don't want that.

No. 548014

File: 1588302046269.jpg (108.65 KB, 967x966, 1557978586687.jpg)

God, I feel the fucking same. Thought I was the only one, for some reason. I guess I can't get into "vidya" because I see it as a huge waste of time for the most part, especially when I KNOW i have 10 more hobbies I have more fun with and that evolve a skill/create something. EVERYONE I meet plays at least 5 games, and most of the time, about 60% of it, my friends will start talking about them incessantly and I'll have nothing to add. It's like half of all social interactions you have nowadays require you to play at least Siege or Dead By Daylight, or whatever - like I said, i don't know diddly squat.
Thing is, I know I'm a bothersome killjoy when I talk about games in this manner, and most of the time, I don't care about my friends talking about something that brings them happiness. But MAN, people can talk a LOT about stuff that, honestly, I don't find a lot of use in. These thoughts probably stem from a feeling that the humanities, which i guess i associate my interests with, are becoming less and less relevant in modern society and I'm scared of being the stereotyped "actually pretty educated philosophy student who works minimum wage" character, or anything like that.

If someone's willing to convert me into someone who enjoys vidya, at least, in good measure, I'd be glad. I actually enjoy some video essays on the medium, I just fucking hate not being part of the conversation because im a sour bitch.

I'll take a chill pill now.

No. 548023

Honestly, men can fuck off anyway. You are too good for them.

No. 548035

burgers who want to keep their cats locked up usually say the stupidest fucking things but that's the first kinda good argument in favour of keeping your cat inside I've seen so far.

No. 548064

the world makes me so sad. i hate knowing that awful things happen all the time, and even if i can forget about it for a while or tell myself nice lies about the bad people being a small percentage, terrible things are still happening. it brings this kind of paralyzing despair that i wish i could snap myself out of, and i know it sounds like a very basic and stupid thing to be upset about, but god i hate how cruel people can be.

No. 548067

>see it as a huge waste of time for the most part
It really is. I can't relate to adult men spending hours everyday to play some rpg or shooter and then argue about waifus or whatever they argue about.
Which is weird, cause im fine with wasting time watching tv series I like, or reading trashy novels, but gaming is so pointless, idk

No. 548071

GIRL… He needs to be arrested immediately.

No. 548074

> I'm scared of being the stereotyped "actually pretty educated philosophy student who works minimum wage" character, or anything like that.

As a fellow humanities nerd, I urge you to make an effort and get over your aversion to games, anon. They're a bona fide form of art, even academic circles study them (although it's still niche). Same goes for anime. Try to think of it as a variation of literature (because it is, there's a lot of titles that draw inspiration from it and dialogue with it and with philosophy, psychology, etc) and steer away from the more popular normie titles. Not to mention the fact that it's still an unexplored area so there's a lot of opportunity to write really unique works rather than being the billionth person to write about Goethe.

No. 548076

One of my close friends is so toxic…she’s always prying on vulnerable people to make them feel awful about every single thing in their lives, always judging them and even laughing at them with other people as if we were still in hs. Today I checked up her social media and she couldn’t be more hypocrite, sharing things about accepting people and being mature and understanding when actually every time I’m around her I feel like I’m talking to some 13 years old addicted to drama.
I wish we could tell her off because everyone in our group feels exactly the same but we’ve know her for more than 15 years now so it feels kind of pointless to correct her behaviour…we go on with our lives, partners, jobs, studies…while she’s stuck at the same point, she never had a rl partner, passed her degrees like it was a miracle and she didn’t even had a real job that lasted more than half a year. But do we tell her how she should try and improve her life because she’s 30 at this point? Nooo, because we’re not judgemental assholes like her.

No. 548083

Everything I say seems so embarrassing literally like 10 minutes after I say it

No. 548091


No. 548096

>explosive chemistry with someone who doesn’t even want to touch you
Are you autistic?

No. 548100

i agree with examining games as an art form but if a billionth person writes about goethe it really does mean that there are a billion and more things to say about his work and that there will be a billion more to say when society evolves and our point of view does too.

No. 548105

I find it so extremely rude when people can’t answer one fucking text but then keep posting on social media when they know you can clearly see it. I know it’s petty but if you have two seconds to post about something irrelevant, you have two seconds to reply like a decent person instead of making people feel ignored.

No. 548107

Maybe they're too tired or don't know what to reply? Or just don't want to text? No one is required to answer messages instantly. I get the frustration but come on

No. 548111

i'am really overly friendly, courteous and constantly terrified of offending people so I'm the worst push over imaginable but I still can't get anyone to like me. People openly treat me back with contempt and I just don't know why… I'm running around doing favours for everyone and can't even get even make one friend that could use me to make themselves feel better.

No. 548112

I do this all of the time. I am emotionally exhausted, especially given the current state of the world.
It doesn’t take effort to shitpost. It takes effort to respond to texts, even if it’s small.

I don’t owe you all of my free time. Easy.

No. 548115

i think the people who demand everyone to reply to them are the extremely rude ones lol

No. 548123

File: 1588336783182.png (247.97 KB, 580x502, 1587638011210.png)

My appearance is so tremendously upsetting to me. I wish everyone I know could forget what I look like. I just want to have pictures taken of myself when I'm having fun to post on Instagram but I look so disgusting.
I feel like I have genuinely deluded myself into believing what I look like in my inner world is what others see, and when I'm shown pictures of myself, the reality of my appearance, I'm shattered.
No amount of weight loss, skin care, or styling can save me. I wish I could care less about it.

No. 548125

>“don’t ever do anything to my butthole”(lol)
lmao dude is clearly a homo in denial

No. 548127

>I feel like I have genuinely deluded myself into believing what I look like in my inner world is what others see
yeah… I have a different version of me in my head. A whole different face and aesthetic.

No. 548128

I didn’t know my workplace was striking today (thought it was just amazon/whole foods), hadn’t read about it in the news, I don’t use social media, no one at my job talked about it/organized. I just found out about it from a customer, and when I texted my friend about it it seems like they all know about it cause they’re unemployed and on social media and is jokingly calling me a scab and making it seem like I should’ve known about it.. I’m too busy fucking working to know about a strike I’m supposed to be participating in. Anyway, now I do feel like a scab for accidentally crossing a picket line I didn’t even know was there, but at the same time, it’s not my fault for not knowing about it.

No. 548130

File: 1588338529330.gif (4.2 MB, 638x360, 280CC68A-01FB-4BC2-8FF7-0D9D02…)

Running on little sleep. Paranoia soon hitting on a 8/10. Whenever I close my eyes, I see eyes staring at me. Really want to get help but then if I get help, they'll also come for my ass and I can't escape. They're going to get past security.

Perhaps I'm not even paranoid, just anxious. Either way, people are probs gonna kill me. Have this quirky meme to dance with.

No. 548133

Exactly what I've been feeling anon, it's like so much awful shit is happening right this second, should I really feel happiness?

No. 548134

Welp, I asked him dead on where the money is coming from because I knew he wasn't making that kind of money with freelance. He fessed up that it was indeed an inheritance (siblings all each getting 20% from a rich family member so ~$600K per). Explains why he's sheltered. This is totally believable to me btw because I dated an ex years ago who inherited $80k, but he blew through it in less than two years. Men are fucking stupid with money, especially the money they didn't earn themselves.

I'm gonna really vet because I don't think he knows how to make it stretch, and in post-covid economy I'm sure investing will be an even more complicated shitshow. He didn't even know that the more money put down on a house, the less the monthly mortgage will be for a certain percentage . And if he didn't know the basics like that then it's no wonder he thought not putting down more is a-ok, but at least he admit he didn't really know what he was doing house hunting.

So here's the thing, I'm okay with knowing all this and I'm okay with a small mortgage. Right now I'm paying almost $1k to live in a shit ass apartment and that's after splitting it with a roommate, whereas a house mortgage around here unsplit (for a very nice home might I add) rarely goes over $1.5k but obviously most people don't have over a half million as a down so it could be cheaper than that. Split between both of us if both of our names would be on property, it would be cheaper for me to live and I'd get a better quality of life. I do want a house, I just have no rich family who would ever give me dick.
But he'd have to get better job prospects than freelance if I'm going to take him seriously. It's all well and good to buy a house but I think the reason why he wanted to take out such a big mortgage to begin with it because he wanted more spending money in his pocket (maybe I'm projecting but the same thoughts would've crossed my mind too). Thing is, I wouldn't agree to slave away more at my job just so he can have the spending money. The worst mistake I've seen anyone do with an inheritance is live underemployed and beyond their means, and I wouldn't want to have to slave away in order to support this guy even if the house would be theoretically paid off. Living is expensive in general.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my suitor problems.

No. 548137

So you'd be ok with living under his mortgage, but not ok helping him out with it? Ok.

No. 548139

How'd you read it like that? No. I'm saying I'm okay with splitting the mortgage but beyond that he needs reasonable employment. Copy editing freelance doesn't pay squat and I know that because it's what I used to do too. There's still such things as utilities, household maintenance, groceries, etc. and if he wants things like children as he's said then the reality is a couple hundred thousand dollars isn't going to go a long way if he intends to live on it while being underemployed.
What happens when his money runs out and he's still underemployed? I pick up the slack, and I'm not doing that for a man, especially if kids are in the picture because we all know women are more burdened in domestic management already.

No. 548140

Does anyone here have a problem letting go of their high school and middle school past. Like i still think about the stuff my teachers and classmates put me through even though its been years.
I also decided to even message two people from school that i knew.

No. 548143

File: 1588341910937.jpg (29.76 KB, 642x644, 1585173099750.jpg)

My mother is so annoying. Fuck. I've been working 11 hour shifts all week, barely getting any sleep, and now she is having a mental breakdown because ~I'm cooped up in my room and don't get enough fresh air~. C'mon, it's my day off, just let me rest. I'm considering moving out, especially because I pay all the bills and I pay for all groceries anyway. I would save so much money if I didn't have to pay for her. She literally comes to my room every 30 minutes complaining about me. Fuck.

No. 548144

File: 1588341950499.jpg (207.8 KB, 1122x938, 1583195203948.jpg)

my mother be like: our daughters are gonna take care of my husband and i when we are old and cannot barely speak and are shitting our adult diapers due poor age and if they don't then they will burn in the deepest depths of hell for mistreating us and they're the worst children to ever exist and a huge disappointment to the family but if my son wants to do whatever he wants then he can because my son is such a good person and i love him No matter what !!!1!!111!!1!!1!!!!111

then she wants to get fucking offended when my sister calls her sexist and that she favors her son over us because he's a man and we're a bunch of women who need to be wed and birth her grandchildren, that's literally our only purpose in her eyes

also made this shitty low quality meme while crying my eyes out from anger

No. 548151

Ugh, this is why I'm glad my mother never had children after me because had she had a son, the favoritism for males would've really been brought out of her. She was the eldest of my grandparent's trio of children and the only girl, so her mentality was largely shaped by the way my sexist grandparents made her the nannyslavemaid to my slovenly spoilt uncles.
Thankfully she never pushed me for children or marriage because she didn't want me to fall back on her for financial support like she had to with her parents–and let's face it that's her own selfish reason and not because she actually cares about me there lol. Still she's always been incredibly sexist from the way I dressed to the way I conducted myself in public. Tons of outdated dating adages, the worst one was when she'd compare me to a cow if she knew I was having premarital sex. She'd say "Why buy the cow when you could get the milk for free?" I just can't imagine saying something so disgusting to my own daughter as if she's a barnyard animal to be bid and sold. And then she'd yell at me for having low self-esteem as if I didn't see her nitpick herself and other women but never men for years. Reminds me of mormons and how they compare non-virgin women to used gum and ask the males if they'd want to chew used gum or new gum.
Oh and of course my mom expects me to wipe her poopy old ass but she should've thought about that before she was a bitch to me all my life.

No. 548157

>They're a bona fide form of art
You know, on an intellectual level, I think I know that, too. But i've rarely seen any indie titles that really get me interested. I like the concept of Papers, Please, for example. I've seen Hbomberguy's review on Pathologic an i've really enjoyed it, but i'd never play it myself. I did like the overall concept though, and might even get Pathologic 2. Because it's not like video games are bad in themselves, I just haven't seen any that I really think are… good?

Half of the rant I was complaining about not fitting in because i cant into videogame, lmao. It's more like I'm a little salty at the fact you almost HAVE to play some vidya to fit in with my peers. It's a childish complex I really need to get over.

>Which is weird, cause im fine with wasting time watching tv series I like, or reading trashy novels, but gaming is so pointless, idk
Yeah, that's also a contradiction I found in myself.

No. 548160

So many anons clearly have brainrot from spending too much time online obsessing over degeneracy and anime.

No. 548169

Why do you think that

No. 548170

You should not feel bad, we are all worried and exhausted, especially with the current situation, so we don't necessary want to check social media after a hard day of work. Also, it's a bit hypocritical to be called a scab by somebody who's unemployed, like the people who protest the loudest about the lockdown and muh rights are the turbo neets.

No. 548174

Anon, you’re on lolcow. You’re not any better than anime anons.

No. 548176

File: 1588348438625.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.49 KB, 1674x941, 49f.jpg)

I just learned about the Last of Us 2 leaks and holy shit it's such a glorious shitshow.
>Disgruntled employee leaks the upcoming game's plot complete with video footage
>The game was heavily marketed with a woke lesbian couple last fall, one of the women being the protagonist of the game
>Turns out an extremely masculine female character (rumored to be a MTF but not confirmed because the character model is 100% male not even in an ironic sense) brutally kills the lesbian couple and takes over the main protagonist role, the villains are a group strongly implied to be the stand-in for homophobic christians
>People get mad over abusing the "bury the gay" trope yet again despite relying so much on a lesbian couple for the initial marketing while trannies are mad about how muh representation of trans wymmyn is transphobic even though the character isn't even confirmed to be trans
>Naughty Dog (the developer) confirms the leaks are legit
>The lead developer of the game starts blocking everyone on Twitter who berates them for the plot choices
>As an additional bonus there are more leaks that Naughty Dog made the female characters masculine on purpose in order not to hurt snowflake feelings and one of the voice actors who had worked for the studio (Troy Baker?) said that "knowing the studio he could believe that this is the case" or something along those lines, also 70% of the dev team quit

Pic related, it's the implied tranny. I love reading about shitty game studios imploding by desperate pandering after years of treating their employees like expendable work horses.

No. 548177

As someone who has no interest in that franchise and doesn't care at all if studios want to pander with poorly written snowflakey characters, this situation has been particularly fascinating to watch. Like the pandering finally got so out of control that it came full circle. Both ends of the political correctness-in-media spectrum are so absurd, I hope this makes everyone fucking relax already

No. 548178

File: 1588349481175.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.29 KB, 998x748, EWpXqbQXsAI7Ize.jpg)

The rabbit hole just goes deeper. Neil Druckmann, the creative director and lead writer of tLoU2 apparently bullied Amy Hennig, one of the most celebrated female writers of the industry, out of the company while abusing its workers. How woke!

No. 548179

Why do they always kill off the lesbians specifically???

No. 548181

I made a joke to my boyfriend about how he should be lucky he doesn't have to get pregnant and carry a child and he went on a rant about how getting kicked in the balls is worse. I literally had to have a blood transfusion after birth, how the hell can he see me almost die from birth and claim getting kicked in the balls is worse???

No. 548184

This was discussed in the /m/ vidya thread >>>/m/39880 fyi but yeah.

No. 548186

File: 1588350335336.jpg (139.88 KB, 1300x866, impliedtrannyaccordingtogamurs…)

I'm sick of people shitting themselves because that girl character isn't fappable.
Like say what you will about the writing of what happens to the main cast but let's not pretend like if they made that character hot with confirmed lady dick status that any one of those cucked gamer faggots would care. Big fucking tantrums about what's basically storytime. Idiots.

No. 548188

i dont understand how people even liked this overrated game. And dont get me started on how the fanbase are a bunch of creepy men and that there is tons of porn made about those two girls who are aged 12-14…..ew

No. 548189

File: 1588350751285.png (410.31 KB, 442x750, c825e3cc599d434ae965c3c9d6abfa…)

That's obviously not a girl. Kaine in Nier Gersalt is intersex with confirmed dick. Game still has a amazing storyline. Heather from Silent Hill 3 isn't fappable either. They made women masculine because they're trying to normalize that trannies don't pass. Why are feminine features offensive?

No. 548190

Anon that character model has a male structure no matter which way you look at it. It's one thing to throw a tantrum about a female character for being too mannish because of small tits and shaved head but that thing is just very, very male right down to the gynecomastia chest.

No. 548192

Does the pain from getting kicked in the balls last 20 hours and include getting stitches at the end?

No. 548193

I've been on lockdown/working from home with my boyfriend for a month and he is so relentlessly over-considerate and loving and doting that it's actually driving me up the wall. I wasn't raised in a very touchy-feely family, so I know that's something I have to work on, but jeez he really doesn't need to ask if I'm okay every time I make any sound, or grab my face/arm/leg and tell me how cute I am when I'm trying to get work done, or follow me around the apartment even if it's a joke. It's very sweet but I am losing it!!! It would be such a cunty move to be like, "can you love me less?" so I'm just going to laugh and act like an idiot with him.

No. 548196

question for all - how do you feel about the word 'cunt' being used as an insult. I can't seem to solidify my feelings on it, I flip between being pisses off my genitals are used as such a 'bad' insult, and thinking that it should be used more to demote it from being such a 'bad' insult. Hmm.

No. 548197

I wouldn't read that deep into it, dickhead is an insult too

No. 548199

File: 1588351327942.jpg (117.72 KB, 972x1390, Impliedtrannyelectricboogaloo.…)

>that's obviously not a girl
I have multiple examples of athletic women with buzz cuts. Why can't you accept that some women actually do look like this and are very masculine?

STOP assuming cumbrain males are offended for the same reasons you are. It's not that they're opposed to trannies and worry about feminine representation like you do, they're angry because this character isn't hot and they won't cum to it. That's why other canon trannies in games get no shit, because they're designed like hot women with gravity tits and feminine faces. There's tons of representation of women with feminine features in games because that also is what gets the most dicks to tingle. You're acting like they're in short supply. In reality you're threatened by a woman character who looks masculine.


So there's zero chance for anything but soft feminine uwus characters now because anything else is gonna be said to be tranny pandering. Got it. What a great leap forward for women!

No. 548201

You're clearly misunderstanding the point intentionally just to stir shit. Get out.

No. 548203

You can't articulate yourself and you know I'm right, no I won't leave your safe space.

No. 548204

It pisses me off too that game characters, even tomboys, always have to look small and petite. Designing female characters with broad shoulders or more masculine jaw makes people screech like nothing else.

No. 548205

File: 1588351590157.png (270.15 KB, 639x679, stop.png)

>Why can't you accept that some women actually do look like this and are very masculine?
lmao anon the character is literally a mtf troon son of the surgeon from the first game that was killed but keep sperging about shit you obviously know nothing about, considering what the leakers, former directors, and development team have shown us.
>In reality you're threatened by a woman character

No. 548206

Not to sound like a "devil's advocate" guy but I feel like either way they would catch shit for any design of a trans character. Regardless of how you feel about trans people it seems like an experience unique to each person and there is really no one way to look or be "trans," all memes aside. If they just made it look like a woman, non-"passing" trans people might find it harder to identify with but others might consider her an unclockable trans queen icon or whatever the hell. Making a trans woman who looks masculine could be a statement about how women, including trans women, don't HAVE to look feminine, but I doubt this is what the people behind it were going for. So

No. 548211

Explain how a woman in a post-apocalyptic setting is going to be buffed the fuck out. Please. Also explain how a man is going to transition to female in a post-apocalyptic setting.

No. 548214

>no I insist this character is MtF lmao!!!!!!
Okay. Point still stands and you hate this: Cumbrain males don't care about your precious tranny opposition and feminine representation. They are pissed because they will not cum to this character who also happens to fuck up their idealistic macho-buff ragtag main character from the first game, and their all grown up pedobait.

But sure, this is actually about game dev politics and marketing because companies neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr pander for money. You tart.

No. 548218

makes no sense
apparently her dad was a surgeon so maybe that's how? it's still retarded and a stretch and nagl considering abby liveleaks the two lesbians

No. 548220

File: 1588352407847.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 854x480, 1588271458596.webm)

>They are pissed because they will not cum to this character who also happens to fuck up their idealistic macho-buff ragtag main character from the first game
Because people totally jerked off to Joel? Damn you're really reaching.
>and their all grown up pedobait.
None of the backlash about the leaks is about Ellie, but rather the direction of the plotline and the fact it isn't actually focusing on the virus, retard.
>because companies neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr pander for money.
So you genuinely think they're pandering to swole buff butch women? Keep on with the delusion.

No. 548223

what in the ever loving fuck is this straw grasping anon

No. 548224

sure, but all my male friends throw the word cunt around like confetti, never a male term. It pisses me off.

No. 548225

>Because people totally jerked off to Joel?
No, they identified with Joel which fed their ego.
They jerked off to Ellie who was a little girl and also a lesbian who would never want anything to do with disgusting make gamers if she were a real person.
It's okay that Ellie was a cute lesbian and not an ugly one so they could still have fantasies about wanting to force themselves on her and rape her which happens in game as you ought to be aware.

>what do you think game devs actually care to represent butch women?

Lmao I am under no such delusion, companies HATE unconventional and unfeminine women.
This is precisely why the tyranny pandering didn't work in this case, because they should have made the tranny stupidly hot (as if tiddy implants and fillers exist in a post-zombie world lelelel) instead of trying to blur the lines trying to market for unpassing trannies and unfeminine women because conventionally ugly doesn't sell and it upsets people. Get it? Which is why greasebeards tolerate hot feminine trannies in their animus and porn but not masculine ones ever.

No. 548226

You sound overly sensitive tbh

No. 548229

you sound like a cunt tbh

No. 548231

>This is precisely why the tyranny pandering didn't work in this case
So you admit you don't actually know what you're talking about and now you're doubling down because you look dumb as hell. Thanks for owning up to this being a troon tho.
It really depends on the context, the word itself doesn't offend me.

No. 548232

Good thing I'm not offended by that word then lol

No. 548233

Lol, gamers are totally right to be angry at the character that butchered the characters they've grown attached to, and aside from /tttt/ 4chan really hates trannies.
The backlash is more against the company that made their employees suffer anyway, not against "ugly women" or whatever.

No. 548234

I think your reasoning for disliking it is solid, but it's kind of a case-by-case basis thing. If your male friends using it makes you uncomfortable, maybe it's because you know they're actually misogynistic in other ways. I think it's an ugly word but can't bring myself to care if women or normal guys say it, but if a man of questionable character calls his mom a cunt in a casual convo, it's over for me.

No. 548237

I hope you get banned for "hi troon" to me, if not in addition for being one of those "IMRIGHTYERWRONG!!!" little shits.

No. 548240

Didn’t read the rest of the convo but the fuck you talking about? Heather is conventionally attractive, and the way she dresses just makes her look more young. If you think dudes don’t fap to her you’re naive as hell

No. 548241

Where the fuck are these cumbrains you're talking about? The ones I've seen so far were just cheering at the man beating them up >>548220

No. 548275

You weren't called a troon, they're talking about the character. Stop being retarded and learn to read.
Maybe she's just worried about you. I get it though, seems rough.

No. 548287

I love video games and play them most days but I agree that they're a waste of time to a degree. My brother plays hours of CS:GO every day and I don't see how that can be fun. When I play an RPG or a horror game or something, I feel like I'm actually experiencing something, whereas most shooters (unless you play them with friends) seem like you're just investing time into a completely useless skill. I went through a phase when I was 19 where I wanted to get really good at FPS's and I actually started training (putting aside time every day to practice flick shots, etc.) and I genuinely started getting better but after a week of that I was like…what the fuck am I doing lmfao I have books I could be reading.

No. 548292

but watching tv shows is equally pointless…

anyway imo it's not wrong to waste your time on watching tv or gaming but keep it to an hour or so max. a day. Don't waste hours on a daily base on it. Unfortunately most people can't do that. Of course they're made to be addicting..

No. 548306

I dunno why but it bothers me when people have kids with huge age gaps. I have a younger sibling 4 years younger than me and i feel the difference, but it isn't too bad.

I spoke to a mother recently whose kids are 19 and 9 years old. I always feel bad for the older one because they wont be able to really bond with their sibling and usually end up taking care of the kid half the time. That's just my opinion but it just always bothered me.

No. 548309

I feel like most guys who use the term are sexist to begin with (not that anon) but that's how it usually comes off to me.

No. 548313

>Men being pandered to yet again
>males bullying woman out of the company to keep tranny bucks

I definitely will not be buying this game or supporting this company anymore. This is awful

No. 548315

The tranny shoehorned in side story makes no sense and anyone with half a working brain knows it.

No. 548328

>I have a younger sibling 4 years younger than me and i feel the difference, but it isn't too bad
My one brother is 5 years older than me and was always a fairly independant kid and out of the house most of the time. I felt more like an only child growing up but I'm embarrassed telling people that cos 5 years shouldn't really cause all that distance? We're strangers as adults

Someone in my family had her first baby at 19, her next at 29 and her next at 40.. all different dads too so I often wonder how they'll be affected

No. 548332

>an hour or so max. a day.
anon that doesn't make any sense, that's shorter than most movies kek. Plus there's no way I can properly unwind while playing a game if I only put an hour into it. Though I agree hours a day is unhealthy. I usually play for several hours a couple times a week. Occasionally I spend almost an entire day off playing games but that's like once a month.

No. 548338

>Someone in my family had her first baby at 19, her next at 29 and her next at 40.. all different dads too so I often wonder how they'll be affected

Probably will be fucked up tbh. It seems like that person has an addiction to having kids or doesnt know what birth control is. It's sad because the kids are always the ones who suffer

No. 548345

Holy shit, you are not brave and special for liking traditionally feminine things while slapping on they/he labels. I swear to god I only see this with girls who could afford to be themselves to begin with. This chick ain’t even trooning out and that goes to show how attention seeking she is.

No. 548346

that makes perfect sense? Most episodes of tv shows don't last an hour and you shouldn't be watching movies every night. No one needs several hours to wind down.

No. 548351

I secretly discriminate against white TiMs tbh. Idk why but I peaked when I saw a handful of them compare their experience to a black woman’s centuries of abuse. trannies that didn’t drink the tumblr kool aid I’m fine with.

No. 548354

same, I have no problem with trannies when its like, gay black men or even gay white men who want nothing to do with women in the first place cause they usually dont call oppression as often, it just seems like part of gay culture to me. Its the tumblr transbians who really put me into terf mode.

No. 548363

I work with the most unprofessional cunty shits in the world. Like high schoolers trapped in mid 30 to 50 year old bodies.
Right as I'm about to log my hours and sign out, a tertiary sup messages me over Skype. Little did I know, but she was pretending to be incompetent about a function in order to pop quiz me.
She said "Anon can you help me? It's been such a long time…" Apparently she was inputting a unit number into the function but it wasn't pulling.
So I tell her two different ways I knew to perform the function. "Oh gee anon it still doesn't work." I asked her the unit number. Okay, so I ran a query on the unit she wanted me to put into the function to get more info. Nothing was working, it would pull other units from the same group but not the specific one. I saw removal codes in the history which I thought might affect the ability to perform the function, but I didn't say anything because 1) I've never been trained or made aware that I couldn't reverse the code from just doing the function and 2) I ASSUMED SHE ALREADY TRIED EVERYTHING I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS PRETENDING TO BE INCOMPETENT TO TRICK ME!
So after telling her I tried different things but don't have a solution at the moment, she basically pointed to the removal codes while playing dumb and that's when I pretty much knew. So I asked her then that the codes meant the function can't be performed? "Oh I'm asking director at the other facility coast :)"

Am I the only one who thinks this is the most passive aggressive shit? Would it have been so hard to say "Anon, I just want to test your knowledge on something" so I wouldn't assume a supervisor had tried everything already and it still wasn't working? What cunts, I'm sorry.

No. 548387

File: 1588375665890.jpeg (10.28 KB, 299x299, T6RXEue.jpeg)

Addendum: She just messaged back and said it was the reject code. This is either some 4D chess tier mindfuck shit to throw me off their trail, or she was actually incompetent the entire time.

What an emotional rollercoaster. I clearly overestimate the wit and intelligence of my superiors. I'm going to have a drink and submit a few job applications. Maybe they're not cunts after all, just idiots.

No. 548450

cats should go free, they love that shit. my cat is swinging dick little fucker with a heart of gold, I bring him in every afternoon.

No. 548455

Ntayrt, but you are reducing the span of your cat's life by around half. Cars, dogs, and sadistic people exist. Not to mention the ecological detriment outdoor cats create by killing native species for fun. Who gives a fuck if your cat "loves it", you're it's owner and you're supposed to make good choices for it because it's too stupid to make them by itself.

No. 548458

cats are here for a good time, not a long time

No. 548506


>ripped apart by dogs

>burned, cut, beaten, generally tortured by people
>contracting feline aids/luekiema from strays
>eating rat poison
>swooped and eaten by large birds of prey
>hit by cars
>absolutely decimating local bird populations, driving many to extinction
>overpopulating and euthanized in shelters

Such a good time though right? Fuck, if I was a cat I'd sure trade my safe, warm window perch and disease free meals for gutter water and an excruciating and violent death.

No. 548516

i stg every bitch on this site was sexually abused as a child, had a boyfriend with bpd or their mom is a narc. like i swear i read the same posts everytime i come on this site. yall are definitely lying or exaggerating.

No. 548522

1 in 4 women are sexually abused, all men are deranged psychos, and most mothers have kids just to stroke their egos. I’d say it’s not far from the truth, we all have shit lives in some form.

No. 548561

this is a sign that you are not happy with your current life. if you were, you would feel fulfilled and your thoughts would be more future-oriented. instead you're stuck in the past, maybe you're searching the reason why you're unhappy today. i would definitely advise against texting those friends too, if you have not spoken to them in a long time. chances are they have moved on and have their own lives, therefore they're not going to think of you as anything more than a random schoolmate. you're just going to end up feeling sadder and more insecure.
sorry if i made too many assumptions but yeah, i sometimes feel exactly like you do and this is my reasoning to stop myself from doing the same.

No. 548573

actually you're right, idk why but I read anon's post as being you shouldn't spend more than an hour watching tv or playing video games, ever.

No. 548574

I can see people lying or exaggerating boyfriend or mom issues. idk who would lie about being sexually abused as a child though. I'm probably just biased because it happened to me but fuck it actually ruined my life. although does it really seem unlikely that broken bitches would congregate on image boards?

No. 548580

i agree and to be honest even if it is true at this point I'm so sick of hearing about it

No. 548583

The narc parent posts have really increased, annoying thing is alot of them are more than old enough to move out but they don't. Like is your mom 'a narc' or are you fighting all the time because you're way too old to still be living the teen life at home?

No. 548584

Maybe chans just attract a type

No. 548586

File: 1588406308405.jpeg (39.53 KB, 521x428, F1C9477F-1DDC-4DE0-9412-75995E…)

I really wish I could buy a pet like a bunny or fish (I’ve cared for them in the past) but I’m already overwhelmed with schoolwork and constantly tired so I know it wouldn’t be a good idea. Maybe one day or if I get into a better place…

No. 548594

I feel personally called out cuz my ex had BPD lol. But like >>548584
said, it's probably because our imageboard just attracts a type.

No. 548597

A lot of it seems to come down to 'I can't get along with people in general, I love to hold a grudge and I live in the past reliving the same handful of bad memories because I can't move on'

No. 548605

File: 1588410957518.png (374.81 KB, 500x479, 5074114E-380F-47D2-AEB6-50E84F…)

I'm struggling with self love
All of that advice telling you to focus on your small achievements, or times you felt happy, or what you love in yourself, but I cannot manage to conjure this love out of nothing. How can i start respecting and loving myself if i was never loved and respected by anyone else? I can tell myself that i love myself, but don't believe it, it's a foreign concept to me, i can't imagine feeling it
I've been trying to fit in for so long, but i only end up as a third wheel, or left out and ignored. Shit gave me paranoia tier abandonment and trust issues, i know that i probably act inadequate if people react this way, but i can't tell where i am wrong, i'm so lost lol. it feels unironically scary, like how out of touch i am? i'm trying to understand then why i still am the clown?
i hate beautiful and successful popular people so much, if in the past i could look at them and say, hey i could try being more like them, now i can only seethe at how easy they get the attention i have to beg for. I want someone to reach out to me too, i want someone to care, i want to be able to be picky with people, i want to be able to hurt them or to uplift them, i want to have friends, parties, messy dramas, i want people to listen to me, instead i'm just here alone and it's been going for years i'm losing it, i hate everyone so much, how do i snap out of it? how do i feel like im worth anything, i just want to be in control like a normal person for once
Yeah maybe that is an overdramatic post, but i'm so frustrated, i'm trying to improve, where are the results?

No. 548609

if you're not worthy you're not worthy. move on.

No. 548612

quit your self-pity party anon. Do you know how to start respecting yourself? By taking steps and achieving goals in self-improvement. Whatever that is, maybe it's socializing more, or excersising or reading a fucking book. Set small goals and achieve them. When you achieve something, you'll slowly restore your own sense of self-worth and respect because you're showing yourself you can do it and you'll be motivated to keep on going and reach bigger goals. Don't focus in past small achievemnts or past times you felt happy, focus on creating new achievements. Stop expecting things from other people, stop expecting them to love you or respect you or for them to care or to befriend you. You need to reach out yourself, don't wait for other people to reach out to you. Take charge of your own future.

No. 548623

That's my main issue, i do all of that and it doesn't work. I see people progress, but i'm stuck, despite the goals i achieve, and hobbies or skills i improve, and that i constantly reach out to people and act nice to them, but i get zero feedback, and it makes me mad. I care about people and validate them and interact with them and make the first steps, why won't they fucking care back? cant believe it, everyone out making money off tiktok with their hundreds of insta followers willing to simp for them and i cant get a fucking text? after ages of investing in relationships? why not ask how i'm doing or idk invite me somewhere? i reach out to people, when will they reach out to me

No. 548628

When said person is leaving me on read while answering other people's texts on mutual groups (and I mean, every single one), shit posting on social media, taking selfies, editing and posting them, also posting screenshots of Skype calls with other people (all of this without answering me, of course)…Can I get mad then? Can I take it personally THEN?

No. 548629

no, maybe your message requires more energy or something or they just don't feel like talking to you for whatever reason

No. 548632

You won't ever feel good with yourself if you base your worth on what other people will think of you. Being moppy and stuck in the plot of "nobody loves me” will get you nowhere. Trust me, I was like you years ago. The moment I convinced myself nobody would care a damn about me and tried to think more about me and not the people around me, it worked well.

No. 548636

Thanks, I'll do this, hope it works for me as well

No. 548637

Different anon. It would be easy to accept that "nobody loves me" if I had something material to base my self-worth on. But the reality is that it will never happen. So I turn to people for "mental" validation - which I can't obtain because I lack the material. It's a cycle I can't break because of my own incompetence. Does self-worth just come out of nowhere? I don't see a solution other than suicide.

No. 548639

I think we seek validation from other people because even when we know we do this or that right, it’s not the same when someone tells you how good it is, it’s fake but it feels you more empowered.
The main problem I see is your insecurity about yourself, you think you’re not good at anything and you search validation on other people but deep down you must be projecting your insecurities hence that’s why people can’t “appreciate” you.
I think you should change your POV about yourself first and start from there.

No. 548649

Maybe more people come from abusive circumstances than what they would openly admit irl, but because this place is anonymous it's easier to write out the truth.

No. 548650

maybe but I feel like most of the anons here kind of seem like they are the abusive circumstance…idk a lot of posts here, especially to the extent they are seem unbelievable and I feel like it's just statistically impossible everyone in your life has a severe personality disorder and/or is a paedophile and you are simply the innocent victim

No. 548661

Looking back at how britney spears was treated when she was younger.
She was pretty, white and blonde yet society still hated her….is it possible not to be hated as a woman?

Interviewers talked to her like she was pure evil back then and like shes not a girl in her early 20s with no life experience…I didnt notice when i was young now I see how gross people were. In both of these videos she wasnt older than 25 lol. In the second video the interviewer had the nerve to imply shes old at 24 lmao

No. 548664

Picking out engagement ring ideas are harder than I thought.
Only because I'm liking multiple styles and can't even settle on one, and don't get me started on the price guilt.
I wish I could necro the ring thread on /g/ but some good that would do me anyway.

No. 548665

this seems like a fun problem to have though. What styles are your favourite?

No. 548667

I'm sick of people calling themselves "goth" just because they wear black clothes, dark lipstick ad vaguely occult symbols. I see this a lot in egirl and troon circles, they are not even darkly inclined as they only consume harmless stuff like Animal Crossing and capeshit, I don't thik they are aware that goth is its own subculture.

No. 548668

File: 1588426722500.png (184.67 KB, 640x511, 1581289830168.png)

parents gave me up for adoption when i was thirteen but im still in contact with them and see them regularly (after years of difficult bullshit). Today is my mom's birthday and I'm going up to see her and I just do not want to. Im a grown-ass adult and should be able to put aside how she treated me as a kid but i just don't want to. Now that i've been in therapy I feel like Im never going to be able to believe that what happened was my fault. and it makes everything about our relationship that much harder.

No. 548670

File: 1588427398340.png (265.05 KB, 442x435, vineinspired.png)

The main thing is finding a style that flatters my fingers. I have tiny hands with short fingers so they're really chubby looking. I grow out my fingernails just to give them a bit of taper. While I love the look of halo rings, I don't think they would serve me well besides adding bulk to my already stubby digits. So I'm staying away from those and opting for more simple stone centers, maybe a detailed band perhaps? Although I'm not sure if the size of the ring would flatter my fingers one way or another at this point so maybe I should get what I want lel.
For gem cuts I would consider either oval, pear, or marquise. For some reason I feel a tapered gem like marquise cut might do my fingers a favor. I mean at least moreso than bulky cuts like emerald or cushion.

For band metal I was going to go with either platinum or white gold, as I don't think rose gold or yellow gold would flatter my skintone and they're not what I like at that. For band style I bounce between classic, vintage, and a natural or floral theme.

I have a preference for gems over diamonds. In part to not support the diamond industry but also because I think gems are more unique. Although I'm not opposed to ethically sourced diamond accents. So I was going to aim for a gem engagement ring and then perhaps my wedding band could be a diamond shadow contour to give it some flair.

Example, I loooooooooove pic related. But for a platinum band they're already asking for a lot of money. I found an oval cut gemstone that I would want on the ring instead of a diamond. Already that makes this ring awful close to $10k, but then to add a wedding band would absolutely make the set $10k. While he insists money is no object I still don't want to be perceived as greedy. Plus I don't know what wedding band style to settle on for this example. And again, I might face a bulkiness issue.

No. 548671

File: 1588427768194.png (240.15 KB, 441x441, marquise.png)

Then I found pic related which is much more realistic in both price-already half the cost of the first ring-and imo the style may flatter my fingers more. I do like the little hydrangea flowers on it, and I can see myself having an easier time picking out a wedding band for this one.

No. 548673

People are just annoyed at how cheap Joel's death was and how fundamentally unsympathetic Abby's character is. The fireflies in general were incompetent idiots who wanted to cut a teenage girl's brain open after performing the same botched, useless surgery on another few people they killed beforehand. Screw them.I'm really mad about the spoilers, Joel was the ultimate fictional father figure.

No. 548675

You don't have to go see her if you don't want to anon.
What kind of parent even gives up a fucking teen for adoption? Did she say it was your fault?

No. 548678

I want a marquise cut too! They're so beautiful, dainty but still show off a little.
Imo a gem is kinda tacky but I'm pretty traditional on this topic. Lab grown diamonds are less expensive and almost indistinguishable from real ones tho, and of course way more ethical and eco-friendly.

I feel like $10k is the exact amount of not too much and not too little for engagement ring + wedding band, if your fiance says it's no problem go for it girl.

No. 548691

I want to tattoo this on my forehead, Anon.
They are all doing this for obvious big tiddy goth gf memes. People with no personality would pick up anything vaguely alternative and brag about being whatever happens to be trendy. Emos, punks, codplay, goths, etc

No. 548694

File: 1588430750534.gif (1.24 MB, 480x270, gothkids.gif)

No. 548696

Still as cringey as 'real goths'

No. 548702

Imagine being so privileged you can't believe people have trauma

No. 548715


Anon, I totally get you. I'm in the same boat too. I have never fit in anywhere or I'm always the third wheel. I'm always ignored in large friend groups and even at work I'm mostly ignored. I once tried being like the popular and friendly people around me; like being super nice, kind and tried to please everyone around me, but it didn't work. Only ended up getting used and disposed off once I'm no longer useful. In the end I gave up trying to seek validation and love from people because it's just so goddamn tiring, painful and a waste of time. Not gonna lie, I still crave validation from others but I too don't know how to improve myself anymore. Ended up just learning to bury the feeling down and accept the fact that I'll be alone for most of my life. Just swallow the feeling and move on with life. However, I hope one day you'll find someone you can connect with Anon. I'm sure there's someone out there that will understand you and give you all the love and support you need.

No. 548766

My friend suggested the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" which might help you. I got the "for Teen Girls" version so I could refer back to the "modern" references (although the book is a little dated from the early 2000s but obviously more updated than the original). I believe you will improve if you continue to work on yourself, anon

No. 548791

im stuck in a unhappy relationship with a guy, but im such a fucking people pleaser that i dont know how to end it without hurting his feelings. he is a nice guy, but i just dont feel like we work well together as a couple. he is looking for something else than what i am and im tired of having to skirt around things with him since he gets offended/annoyed easily

No. 548794

>why do you come to vent about your problems in a vent thread i am sick of hearing about it!

No. 548796

I wouldn't care if stayed in this thread honestly even though I still think most of those posters are probably themselves a huge part of their problems

No. 548801

surely you only mean the boyfriend/mom problems?

No. 548802

yes obviously

No. 548810

How does it feel to have no empathy anon?

No. 548812

are you that disconnected from actual reality you blindly take every anonymous poster complaining about their tenth bpd boyfriend/bestfriend who literally ruined their life at total face value as if this is a normal thing that so many anons are seemingly experiencing regularly? You can have empathy for these people but it's obviously not the full story and they need to look inward if this was true (which it isn't)

No. 548820

I cant believe this woman is 30 lol

No. 548822

Maybe anons are just venting their raw, unfiltered thoughts that they can't say out loud or to anyone irl so to us it just sounds worse than it probably is? If anons have focus on something negative currently, then of course they're probably not going to make their post into a novel by including all the positive so it balances. It's a natural bias when they're writing an issue.

Like I've definitely posted bf problems here before, and sometimes a few anons have replied as if they're the worst when in reality I think anons read a bit too hard into the details at times and can only consider the bad as how I presented it–which I don't blame them for.

I stress this because I have irl friends like this who seem normal bit have confessed secrets to me about their relationships and families so wild that you'd think they'd get their own thread here on lolcow. People are prone to say more shit as anonymous, that's why it seems more common here.

No. 548824

I understand and agree with you but this isn't what I'm talking about, I'm not even talking about this thread. I'm talking solely about the sudden flood of anons constantly posting how everyone in their life has a severe personality disorder and is abusing them. This is literally impossible and even if it wasn't if you are attracting these people to this extent and forming intimate relationships with them that would be somewhat on you, but realistically that's not what's happening and they are just armchair diagnosing everyone in their life as having NPD or BPD or some other uncommon personality disorder which isn't normal either and long posts sperging about how x personality disorder is ruining their life are becoming increasingly common in all threads in OT

No. 548827

I disagree that there's been a flood but consider that maybe people are posting relationship problems more on account of being stuck inside with them for covid? Seems like their situations would be more tensed and stressed than usual. Not sure about the personality disorders, maybe some anons exaggerate but I do think many people have some kind of disordered personality, which may explain the anon's hangups in itself.

No. 548841

This is a valid point but so are the effects of narcissistic abuse. Narc moms try to stunt their children's maturity to the level of a teen (Eugenia for example) so they can continue to manipulate you and make it harder to obtain the skills necessary to be self-sufficient. But at some point you have to take accountability and leave the nest because 80% of parent problems can be solved by moving out lol

No. 548849

Youtube vids like '5 signs you know a narcissist' have become weirdly popular. And the people making them often have no training. I get that the intent is to educate people but 'educating' people on complicated mental disorders with a 5 min clip doesn't create great results.. reddit is full of those armchair posts too.

I mean I grew up feeling like the black sheep of my family but I see people watching these vids and reaching the conclusion that being the black sheep..equals coming from a whole family of covert narcs.

No. 548872

i keep on thinking about something that happened in january.

i was (and still am) depressed and i vented a little to a male online friend i had for years about how life is awful and i feel like a hedious monster and he said that im cute or some bullshit then in the same day/the day after he did a headshot drawing of me and said nothing other than 'i drew you', i was happy that he did it but it felt so backhanded because the drawing was so fucking ugly, it had all my flaws drawn in detail but everything else was half-assed, he drew my nose so horribly, and made sure all my blemishes are drawn he made me look like a literal 40 year old… i never knew other people noticed these flaws as well, i became even more insecure of taking selfies, and what boggles my mind is that the last time he drew me (which was in 2017) he made me look actually cute and it was out of nowhere and he uploaded it on his art account and titled it something nice but this year's is so different.

i don't think i've grown in an ogre in three years but it still made me sad that he probably looks at me that way.

No. 548907

I bought fabric to make fabric masks for my family and myself (4 of us) and spent a good chunk of yesterday patterning, cutting out the pieces, and started sewing a bunch. This entire time, since my mom saw the fabric came in earlier this week, my mom has been asking me like once or twice a day “are you making them? are you done yet?” and as I was making them yesterday asked “so I can give some to my friend right?” Today I did some other house chores and decided to take a break after I finished and eat a snack because my back was aching, and she comes in and asks AGAIN where the masks are. Well I was going to start in a couple of minutes but fuck that now.

I know I’m being petty and spiteful, but I wish she would chill the fuck out. No one in our family needs to go outside more than once or twice a week (though my parents sometimes do for god knows fucking what) and we still have disposable masks, so I wish she’d stop fucking rushing me!!! She got mad when I told I didn’t want to give her friend any because I hate her bitch of a friend, like do I look like some fucking sweatshop?!? I’m an amateur seamstress just doing something to be nice and to pass the time. I’m so peeved about being bothered about them CONSTANTLY. When I stopped for the day last night, I felt stressed but thought it was probably because I normally sew under stressful conditions (used to cosplay lol) but NO, it’s because my mom will not stop looming over me and hounding me about this shit.

No. 548909

I can see how people can exaggerate how bad their parents/boyfriends can be. However, I don't see the benefit of lying about it on an anonymous platform, considering many of those posts get over looked. I know for sure i haven't replied to a single one of those comments.

On a related note, how the fuck do some people just manage to run into hordes of scrotes all the time in fucking discord servers. I don't understand why they don't just immediately leave after seeing the one "huh duh i hate women" post, but instead they enage and get upset that scrotes behave like scrotes. I've personally joined a couple of discord servers and I have never seen scrote behaviour. Idk, maybe it's because i play games that inherently have larger female game bases. I also can never ever understand how people can bare to be in relationships with such people for extended periods of times, even the their partners scrote tendencies show themselves early in the relationship. I can't imagine feeling obligated to engage with scrotes at all. I strongly believe they are easy to avoid and if you enrage in them, i honestly believe you're honestly just looking for some sort of negative attention.

on an irrelevant point, I fucking hate people who rub in that they sleep in their makeup and shower themselves with dish soap and never get acne whenever you discuss your skin routine/ in skincare videos. They only do this to flex and make people feel bad. I really wish acne was truly caused by not washing your face.

No. 548911

File: 1588458005234.jpg (85.61 KB, 450x291, 1832287-bigthumbnail.jpg)

I gained so much weight over quarantine. My body doesn't look as chubby as it usually does at this weight, but I still feel disgusting and fat. I can tell my legs have blown up along with my chest and arms. I guess it could be worse, but I feel really sad because I had worked so hard to lose weight and got to my lowest weight, then the virus hit. I'm starting a diet tomorrow and I'm hoping it will end up working for me. I've done it before so I'm sure I can do it again. But I'm also nervous that I won't lose weight and I'm too far gone and am stuck being a chubby little pig. I think I'm roughly the size of pic related but with a lot more flab and I hate it, but I know most people would still view me as thin. It sucks that I can't exercise due to health issues so it feels like this flab will never go away unless I'm nothing but skin and bones.. I hate it. After growing up a fat kid and bullied by my mother my whole life it's hard to view myself as even remotely thin. I'm seriously hoping I can get this quarantine weight off. I want to wear cute clothes for the summer..

No. 548919

so what kind of video games are goths allowed to play? I'm thinking about converting but i really enjoy animal crossing and pokemon.

No. 548920

are you being for real rn

No. 548926

Cringe post but bloodbourne.

No. 548940

>on an irrelevant point, I fucking hate people who rub in that they sleep in their makeup and shower themselves with dish soap and never get acne whenever you discuss your skin routine/ in skincare videos. They only do this to flex and make people feel bad. I really wish acne was truly caused by not washing your face.
It'll come back to bite them when anti-aging becomes more of a priority than anti acne and they aren't in the habit of maintaining a skincare routine.

No. 548942

i keep thinking about this fucking post i really want to bully you anon

No. 548990

>people moving like anon isn't fucking correct.
People can wear what they like, but pretending to be a representative of a subculture that you don't even attempt to engage in and don't understand is blatantly going to rub people the wrong way, especially when those people are like toxictears and start calling everyone meanie elitists when they get called out on it.

No. 549006

I hate the branch of feminism that seems to chastise and demean any woman for having an interest in men, or ‘doing thing to pander to men’ etc. There are definitely elements that go into those things that can and should be unpacked and critiqued but these people seem to not be able to empathise at all and view it as something to criticise women over when it’s a very normal human emotion for either gender to want to be desired or to crave romantic relationships, every woman isn’t going to be a lesbian separatist or whatever and to act otherwise makes me think they don’t care about the happiness of women at all. Going out of your way to make sure all your hobbies, fashion choices, interests are things that couldn’t possibly be sexualised and viewed as ‘pandering’ to men (which is illogical anyway because almost everything can and has been sexualised) ends up just going full circle and centring men in everything about you and making the male gaze the dictator of how you live your life

No. 549010

This isn’t meant to be a comment on the validity or invalidity of cultural appropriation as a sociological concept, but I have seen multiple people who are unable to understand the concept of cultural appropriation or hate hearing people talk about it then in the same breath be the kind of people who earnestly complain about people being ‘not true anime fans’ or not representing their subculture correctly as if it’s some kind of genuinely distressing personal erasure and gate keep various labels accusing people who casually claim an interest in it as LARPing or whatever. I feel like I see this a lot and find the lack of self awareness strange.

No. 549018

THIS. so hard.

No. 549020

it's funny you say that because the concept of cultural appropriation as a negative "colonialism" issue that tumblr makes it out to be is just an example of dumbass gatekeeping shit.

No. 549065

My freeloading dirtbag boyfriend refuses to do housework. I spend 40 hours a week doing strenuous yard work and at least half of my remaining waking hours cleaning the house. He does… nothing. Literally nothing. Not an exaggeration.

So the dishes piled and piled until they were all dirty while I've been too busy doing actual work between asking him for help. He's just sat on his ass playing Bannerlord, freshly unemployed from this pandemic bullshit. Last night he kept me awake banging things around the kitchen. Was he washing the dishes for once in his life? No, he was putting every single piece of kitchenware both clean and dirty on the floor like a child. His way of saying "you're my housewife and slave, now bend over and clean up my mess".

I rolled my ankle really bad today. Standing is hell. But I just got done loading all of the largest, most rarely used and useless pieces of kitchenware in the dishwasher. Not a single fork or plate or cup. It will be running for the next 4 hours and there will be no hot water. He's going to wake up soon and take a cold shower, then he will go to grab breakfast and see a running dishwasher but nothing to eat out of.

Is this a toxic and passive aggressive waste of my time? Yes. Am I smiling for the first time this week? Also yes. Be miserable and eat off the floor you fucking manbaby. No wonder most of his exes cheated on him. I can't wait until my lease is over so I can move my ass three states away and never speak to him or any worthless males ever again.

No. 549071

My inner voice can't be controlled lately and brings up random weird words. Its so distracting when I'm reading, and it's always something annoying as fuck and embarrassing. I wonder if I'm feeling anxious without realizing it.

No. 549072

anxietyfag here. sounds like anxiety to me

No. 549075

sometimes reading these posts I kinda scare myself because I'm pretty sure in your situation I would just kill him. Either that or destroy all his things. I'd definitely wind up in jail somehow.

No. 549077

I don't know what the fuck happened to the term "introvert" within the past 5 or so years, but suddenly, everyone and their fucking grandmother thinks that they're an introvert and claims that literally ANYTHING involving interacting with other people that they don't want to do/don't like to do, is due to them being an introvert.

One of my professors, who is extremely talkative, loud and has a super bubbly personality, said the other day that she gets nervous giving presentations at conferences where she doesn't know anybody "because I'm an introvert." So…being nervous in a high-pressure situation makes you an introvert and not just, you know, a normal fucking person. Okay.

Had another professor claim that he doesn't easily relate to other people and that he doesn't like most people "because I'm an introvert." No, you're a fucking elitist misanthropist. Anyone can be that. It has nothing to do with extroversion/introversion.

Best one I heard recently was "I learn better from textbooks as opposed to lectures because I'm an introvert." I don't even know where to start with this except what in the fuck does ANY OF THAT HAVE TO BE WITH BEING A RESERVED AND GENERALLY QUIET PERSON WHO LOSES ENERGY FROM BEING AROUND PEOPLE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.

Ffs, I'm not an introvert myself and this shit still annoys the piss out of me. Literally EVERYONE needs some form of downtime regardless of whether they're introverted or extroverted. EVERYONE can get nervous around people given the appropriate context. Hell, you can REGULARLY be nervous in social situations and still not necessarily be an introvert. Fun fact: extroverts can suffer from generalized anxiety, which can be applied to virtually every context in their lives! Extroverts can also have shitty upbringings, be abused, be bullied, etc, which can color their perception of other people and make them misanthropic. Having trauma, anxiety, depression, etc, does not magically make you an introvert.

Tbh, if you're going around finding arbitrary reasons to tell people why you're an introvert, I'm gonna say the chances of you actually being an introvert are pretty slim, given that you're basically just finding any fucking excuse to talk about your damn self which, shockingly, is NOT something actual introverts make a habit of doing.

No. 549078

>Best one I heard recently was "I learn better from textbooks as opposed to lectures because I'm an introvert." I don't even know where to start with this except what in the fuck does ANY OF THAT HAVE TO BE WITH BEING A RESERVED AND GENERALLY QUIET PERSON WHO LOSES ENERGY FROM BEING AROUND PEOPLE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.

I don't get how this doesn't make sense. If you're an introvert who gets drained being around people for long periods of time and is quiet, it makes sense that you would learn better from a textbook in the quiet of your own home than in a hours long lecture surrounded by hundreds of people where the format often involves q/a or talking with people around you etc

No. 549082

Having quoted the person out of context, I see how that could make sense. That quote was taken from a longer conversation where the person was essentially saying that it was their purported learning style that somehow made them an introvert. They got distracted easily while the professor was talking, didn't like reading off of power points, etc, which was why they preferred to learn from the text book. I guess maybe just being in the classroom if it's a really long lecture could be difficult for an introvert and lead to an inability to focus, but there's any number of other reasons why that could be the case that have nothing to do with introversion.

No. 549163

I feel bad for this girl I know. She's been through roughly 2 miscarriages and handfuls of shots in order to get this baby. She's one month from due date and her original super happy husband has gone full reverse depression after probably realizing the commitment he's made. Her side of the family tried to get him out to feel better but he just stayed inside. This man out here throwing a fit because the babies almost here yet after offering him support he's refusing. She's really gone through the hell of pregnancy on top of the failed ones but he's making it that because of her carrying it's been hard on him. Men who claim pregnancy is such a burden on them all for helping around the house more and making foods are ridiculous man children. Godspeed to straight anons who want kids.

No. 549225

Anon wtf, nearly every girl fucks up their hair at some point. Seeing it as some suicide inducing failure that means everybody will sick of you is insane. Just dye it dark like the rest of us and see a therapist for whatever is causing you to overreact so badly.

No. 549231

Aw anon I’m sure you can go over it with a darker color and smooth it out. I’d normally suggest going to a salon to get it fixed but I don’t know if any are even open near you or if it would be a good idea to go to one. Everything will be okay. The sun will rise in the morning.

Also, some insane anon in the PULL thread is copy and pasting your post over and over for some reason.