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No. 583139

Feel like shit? So does everyone in this thread. Vent to your heart's content.

Last thread: >>>/ot/577270

No. 583148

I hate that I always want friends to talk to but when someone talks to me, it feels like a chore. I'm a worthless lil bitch

No. 583156

File: 1594563924512.gif (991.14 KB, 500x255, 1355702973148.gif)

I had about a few hours of sleep, feel like shit, and I'm about to go get my armpits lasered. Then I have to buy groceries. I just want to stay in bed.

No. 583164

I feel so fucking retarded lol. recently in my attempts to escape my shitty life and mental health and just ignore all my problems, I’ve developed some kind of addiction to app games? And I can’t stop making micro transactions in them and ignoring real life work stuff to play these games? And I can feel myself wasting both time and money but I can’t stop lol, last night I spent about $100 in one sitting and I don’t have the money to be doing this at all….why am I so stupid and continue allowing myself to do this when I know it’s bad

No. 583166


Delete them anon!!! Seriously, they're not worth it, esp if you don't have the money rn.

I dated someone who spent $500+ on candy crush & it spiraled way out of control

don't feel too bad tho, these games are designed to make you feel good.

No. 583169

I would but I feel kind of guilty deleting them after I’ve invested so much time and money into them :( I’ll really feel like all that money was wasted. But it’s really spiraling out of control, I was never the kind of person who bought into the micro transaction thing before now, idk I wish there was a way for me to just stop without feeling guilty over how much I’ve wasted

No. 583171

I know what you mean anon, but none of it is real you know? It's the kind of thing you just have to cut off. If it's tied to your acc maybe you'll be able to redownload it in a few years when you're more financially stable.

or, the next time you feel the urge to spend $2 or $5 or however much on your game, think about what you could use that money for - towards rent, internet, maybe a snack, something tangible.

i know addiction like this is hard, but i believe in you.

have you also considered trying to find the cracked version of the game, so you can just play normally instead of spending money? if it's an otome for example, there's lots of those online iirc. Just be careful not to download anything shady. what kind of games are they?

No. 583172

No. 583175

So, my ex had made that acc to circumvent the block and tried to sneak into my dms for the second time. It was called something with Jon Snow (barf) and he asked me how it was going and sent cutesy emojis….. (barf)

I removed him twice from my followers, then blocked him again and privated my acc again.

Since he has a past of stalking exes (had a stalking app on an ex's phone, was controlling, jealous and obsessive), I felt uncomfortable especially since he knows my address.

I realised since he is a manipulative spineless little bitch and a brainlet with brainrot, I just need to come off strong to nip his obsession in the butt. He needs to know that I detest him and that I will fight tooth and nail for my freedom if he gets ideas about stalking me. Since he is a weak little bitch and I'm way tougher and smarter, this is an easy job. When he provoked me into breaking up, I insulted him like three times and he was seriously upset LOL

So, I sent him a text message tonight (he has no money for his phone, so he couldn't respond if he tried).

It went like this:

I don't wanna talk to you. I'd have unblocked you if I did. Don't try to circumvent the block. I don't wanna talk to you today or tomorrow or in a year or in ten years. I wanna die someday as peaceful as possible without having talked to you again. If you try to contact me and circumvent the block again until X date I will spill on our drug test fraud (I'm a retarded bitch and helped him cheat a drug test at the hospital). I only found your number in the first place because it shows up in my blocked contacts.
Don't try to contact me again.
No hard feelings.

Ladies, I'm growing a backbone

No. 583178

Thank you for replying to me and helping me to not feel like such a loser :(

They’re pretty standard games like animal crossing pocket camp, klondike, and EverMerge. I usually allow myself to spend monthly on pocket camp (around $30 usually, but I’ve binged and spent more than that if there were in game items I wanted that month, bc theres exclusive limited time gachas and furniture and stuff), I don’t spend any money on evermerge and it’s the game I can control myself with most, but the Klondike game is becoming a huge issue. I’ve downloaded it recently and it’s one of those games that’s super slow to progress through without spending money on “energy” and the wait time to craft things makes it hard for me to be satisfied with the amount of progress I can make in a sitting. That’s the one I spent so much on last night, and last nights purchases weren’t even my only ones since getting the app :( theres also a word game that allows you to renovate houses and stuff, and I’ve spent a lot on that just to get furniture that I like. All of this isn’t real or necessary but since it helps my anxiety and allows me to escape, I keep doing it

No. 583181

I'm the same anon, it's because being alone is the default and in your comfort zone. The more you hold conversations and connect with people, the easier it gets and you'll enjoy it. You can do it!

No. 583182

You're not a loser at all! The fact that you even posted about your problem here means that there's at least some part of you that's brave enough to acknowledge your problem and want to change. So that's the first step. But you have to actively work on the issue. Are you in therapy for your anxiety? (The games are a crutch and provide instant gratification, but I'm sure you understand that. They won't help the root of the issue.)

Try baby steps.

1. Delete the game that's your biggest money sink. Sounds like it's that Klondike game or that furniture game.

2. If you really think you can't let go of the games right now, research cracked apks online but be mindful.

3. Start a budget spreadsheet if you haven't. You have to be brutally honest with this. Every time you spend money on a game, add to the spreadsheet and check at the end of week/month. When you have real numbers in front of you, it can help you stop spending as much. But you have to make sure you log every expense, even if it's only 99c or what have you.

No. 583186

I've been feeling the same as late, I still talk to the other person but it really does feel like a chore.

No. 583190

I want to quit the job I have had for two months now but I live with my parents and I think they'll be really disappointed in me. I have to make a decision one way or the other soon though, as remote work ends in August and I would need to drive halfway across the country

No. 583191

Social anxiety is ruining my life. I’m a functioning member of society and actually work in a field that relies heavily on socializing and I’m pretty good when I have a specific topic I need to discuss. However in just normal every day conversation I leave every interaction feeling soooo bad at myself. Even as I’m speaking I sometimes can feel myself bombing it. I’m tired of getting a call from a friend and feeling like I’m going to puke . I’ve been called weird for being quiet , I’ve been called weird for opening up. I don’t know what to do anymore.

No. 583193

I pluck my bikini zone because I'm addicted to skin picking and thought that would be better. I don't pick my skin anymore but damn I'm obsessed with plucking the hair now

No. 583197

File: 1594571342492.png (350.06 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200712-091102.png)

I did a hate crime last night apparently and woke up to this. No matter that it was on a post calling for violence towards women, amongst comments calling all women sluts and whores, saying women need to learn to cook or they're failures as women.

I know I'd heard of this happening on Facebook, and I guess i shouldn't be surprised since insta is owned by them. It's just fucking pathetic. Imagine if men had to take the abuse women did daily? I'm so sick of men I don't want to interact with them at all anymore.

You literally cant say anything to men without them getting emotional. If you bring up the high crime statistics they just chimp out. They won't even recognize men have a problem as a whole, they're sure as fuck not going to band together and start fixing it.

And the worst thing is I keep seeing dumb ass comments on other sites I visit saying shit like this is a white man's problem which is just as fucking bad. Like black/asian/latino women aren't getting the same treatment from men in their communities. There was a post a few days ago saying misogny and sexism DIDN'T EXIST until white men introduced it to native Americans/aboriginals in Australia.They said before white people these communities worshipped women lmao. So it's not like we can even tackle it from a liberal stand point.

Fuck me. I just don't care anymore. They are useless.

No. 583199

File: 1594571549382.jpg (11.44 KB, 282x282, 1489027218288.jpg)

last night I was using my vibrator gettin all juiced up and then the motor died. It'll be hard to discreetly order a new one because I live with my parents

No. 583200


Oh anon I know that feel so well. I was a whale on a game a few years ago. Outrageous amounts of money that make me cringe and feel sick just thinking about it now. Be better then me, stop spending on them.
The only reason I stopped was because the app went under and was deleted. I lost everything I spent a lot to acquire in seconds! I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

My best suggestion is to delete the games. If it’s so easy to lose everything by that simple act alone it’s going to happen regardless. A lot of anons have good advice for taking baby steps. But remember: non of its real, the second they delete the app off the store, the second you can’t update your phone high enough or something technical goes wrong, everything’s gone anyway.

Another idea might be to invest in an actual game system. There are games with the same kind of vibe that don’t require further purchases once you have the game. Animal Crossing New horizons comes to mind. Save for a switch system or purchase older sim games for your computer if you have one.

Cracked game apps are also an option. I wish I could point you to a community for such a thing but most of the games with in app purchases I play these days don’t really require the purchases to complete the game, they’re just for aesthetics.

In the meantime maybe you need to set a hard limit? Can you make privacy cards? I believe they allow you to set a limit of what can come out in a certain time frame. Also print off your bank statements and confront yourself with how much you’ve spent. Was it worth it? Could that money have been used for something else you needed or heck, something else you really wanted?

Good luck anon.

No. 583202

After stressing about it for a while,I managed to tell my father I'm going on vacation on my own.Considering his unpredictable temper,this was an extremely difficult thing to do,yet his response was pretty calm compared to what I expected which annoys me because I never know what to fucking expect

The reason I go on vacation alone is due to the fact I'm tired of everyone around me and I truly need some piece of mind to thing about my life clearly.My father doesn't realise how negatively he affects my family,I and even himself with his behaviour. He keeps complaining about getting sick and dying, yet I'm the one who has ended up in the hospital due to physically manifested anxiety.I have tried explaining it to him,but he is very difficult to talk to and twists the conversations or gives up on them and leaves so there's no rational way to solve family problems.

This travel is a big step for me as I was even afraid to use busses in the past,but lately I had been so tired of this situation feeling sick again that I can't handle more "family" time anymore.I had been feeling continiously ill,tired,stressed,had no appetite,suicidal and all of that nice shit and my father keeps having no idea it's mostly due to him.He can't accept it.He keeps saying he wants me to become independent,but doesn't want me to let me go and keep doing things for him.I'm pretty fucking sure he will lowkey start trash talking about me/my decision,since it affects our work life too.

Oh it would be so easy if he only used his ears and some compassion.But he can't so I gotta look like a shithead doing stunts like this

No. 583204

I’m native Latina and it’s been prevalent in history that the men “owned” us so to speak, and especially in modern history and Latino culture, the men are way more sexist than white men can ever dream. Since I’m indigenous Latina and not indigenous North American, I can’t say how modern history treats its women but I don’t hear very good things. My best friend is also a black girl and she hates black men because of how they treat black women, and any time on black twitter you will see that many black women share this sentiment. Asian culture may have some of the worst sexism and gender disparity, rivaling laities culture, and I think it has something to do with both cultures being rooted in traditional virtues. I have no idea why the wokies only speak out against white men when it’s not just white men, it’s all men. They talk about how good white women have it compared to men of color, when men of color are as violent and horrible toward women as white men are, ive actually experienced better treatment from white men than any man of color that I’ve dated. Not marginally better, because they’re still men, but American culture kind of cultivated a sentiment in white men where they know they can’t be extremely vocal about how much they hate women anymore. Men of color will say they own their women and want to keep them and, when criticized for it, say it’s their culture and it’s racist to speak out against tradition. It’s all a load of shit.

No. 583207

I was thinking about some baby steps in that I shouldn’t play games while on adderall because I will hyper focus on them and try to sink hours into playing them, and when I can’t progress…..spending money lol, and then giving myself a monthly allowance to start out with before lessening they amount until I wean off. Unless it’s better just to do it cold turkey?

The last part about budgeting is so useful, I’ve been meaning to track all my budget things. I haven’t been going without paying my share of rent and credit building, but other than that I don’t spend a lot of my money. I’m a chronic saver, but because of the corona virus, I’ve had to dig way into my savings without recovering so I really can’t afford the addiction anymore, especially if it gets any worse. Last night was the worst night so far and I never thought I would spend that much in one sitting. Usually I can justify the transactions because they’re small amounts, like $5 or $10 daily or weekly, or the $30 for pocket camp. But uncontrollably binging and spending $100 just like that was a new low….

I also started playing pocket camp because I couldn’t afford the switch, but I’ve realized I’ve now probably spent enough on that game for two or more switches, it’s embarrassing and regretful to think about…..

I have a playstation with games but after final fantasy 7 remake, I’ve had no desire for “real” gaming, because video games can be stressful and these app games are so easy and mindless.

Hearing stories about people becoming addicted to micro transaction spending though is so scary, I’m going to try to not become like that. I need to stop spending all my time and savings on these games and grow up a little to at least accomplish some work! Thank you guys for talking to me and sharing your advice and encouragement, I’m going to try to kick this!

No. 583208

I've had symptoms of being prediabetic since I was about 12 (always thirsty and hungry, lethargic, always need to pee, skin wounds heal slowly, etc) and I found out yesterday from an oral glucose tolerance test that I'm just over the border of being prediabetic. im 20.

how did my grandma decide to "celebrate" this? she brought me a whole ass giant bag full of premade sugary pastries from the grocery store, and she got offended when i said i wouldnt eat them. i know she was trying to be nice and im aware that im quite bitchy and spoiled, but it just really fucks me off that im on the way to being a type 2 diabetic if i dont change my habits and she decides to "celebrate" this by trying to get me to eat the shit that got me into this in the first place.

i know im responsible for my health since im an adult, and by this point its mostly my fault for not looking after my health properly, but when i was a kid my grandma and some of my other older family members used to do shit like sneak me mountains of sweets and pastries when my parents werent looking and i even had an aunty who used to feed me sugar with a table spoon pretty much every day for some reason. and like i said, ive had the symptoms since i was about 12, and yet shes still not alarmed and trying to get me to eat mountains upon mountains of sweets.

No. 583209

Thank you for your input. You're right, it's an issue across all men, it doesn't matter the culture. The culture is usually formed around misogyny in part, though, because every culture has misogny engrained into it to an extent.

I've heard from a lot of asian/black women that men can violent with them for dating white men because they think they're entitled to women from their own community. There's an entire subreddit run by asian men for the sole purpose of shitting over asian women dating white men and calling them traitors.

No. 583211

File: 1594573922924.jpeg (43.04 KB, 500x358, 1525498417574.jpeg)

You got this anon. You can always come back and post when you need encouragement! You can do this!!

No. 583213


(Stupid whale anon) You can do it! If you think you can cold turkey it highly recommend. Just be vigilante for relapses, know your triggers! I can’t stop with dress up games so I just don’t play them any more lol. And if you still plan to keep playing make sure you take away the ability to purchase in game or give yourself a hard limit that you can’t get around if you’re worried about spending sprees.

Also check your PlayStation for cheap or free games. You might find something chilled out to play.

No. 583221

File: 1594575075041.jpg (286.45 KB, 1600x1700, depositphotos_186273014-stock-…)

was ana chan for three years. currently on the early stages of obesity. i think i might have a thyroid problem because ive literally been gaining like 5 kg in a month… no joke… I dont know whats happening. I track my calories. I do cardio. Things i used to do while ana chaning but now im trying to do them for health reasons. and i suck at it. i know it must be that im undercounting or something. but it still sucks. cause i keep trying and trying and failing. just keep gaining and gaining like crazy. i remember when i was skinny and pretty and my ex would literally brag about dating me on social media. currently so fat, and current partner goes "well, you have a gorgeous face yknow. some people are ugly and no matter how much they lose theyll still be ugly. your face is pretty so your weight doesnt matter". they promise they dont mind but i fucking mind. im losing my mind. i dont want to go back to my ana chan ways but doing this the "healthy way" is not working cause im clearly undercounting or something cause im so damn stupid.

theyre going to put me on lithium too soon so… more weight gain probably. im losing my mind… im so unhappy… i keep having nightmares and so much stress from this. none of my clothes fit. ive never felt so ugly in my entire life. and its all my fault. and it fucking hurt anons, thats the issue, that i know its me, and it hurts

i just see old pics of myself, healthy weight, anachan, overweight, and it all seems fine compared to know and i cry. but, even though i feel like im eating less and exercising more, weeks go by and nope… not trying hard enough…

No. 583222


Make them check ALL your thyroid numbers. It vaguely sounds like hashimotos.

No. 583234


last time they checked my thyroid numbers they told me i was at the very edge of having a thyroid issue. this was about six to seven months ago. i think you might be up to something

hopefully with this corona shit its not impossible to check myself

No. 583256

I hate my smile. It's not even that my teeth are fucked or crooked, I just think it looks so weird in proportion to my face. My gums show too, and I hate it.

No. 583260

Does anyone else just feel like shit is getting harder to deal with? I'm 23, almost 24, and have this overwhelming feeling lately that my life is over. I really think nothing new or exciting will happen again in my life and that from this point on things are about to get real sad.

No. 583265

My boyfriend's friend came over a couple nights ago and I hung out in the kitchen playing a video game/perusing the web while they hung out and drank in another room. He would come to the kitchen periodically to get a beer from the fridge and sometimes asked what I was doing. At one point he came in and inquired while I was practicing spanish by watching netflix and writing down new words and phrases, at which point he made some remarks that were just like 'spanish is a waste of time..jk!' and took the notebook i was writing on and looked at it without asking or anything. Later on I was just looking at reddit and he asked once again what I was doing and I said 'why do you keep asking? you're so nosy..' in a friendly tone even though I was finding him a bit too much at this point, then he pressed alt+tab on the laptop to see all the tabs I had open. In hindsight I regret not making myself known this point and telling him that I didn't appreciate what he did. Later on he randomly asked me to translate some spanish caption he came across on his instagram and I kinda had to make an educated guess then he said 'oh…your spanish sucks!! haha jk'. When he left my bf even remarked that he was glad because he was finding him annoying as well but said he only was like that because he was really drunk.

I've only met this person three times, each time he would just come over to drink. Last time he visited I told my bf that I didn't really vibe with him and the way he joked around with me, to which he said he saw my point and said that since they joke around with each other like that he probably assumes it's ok to be the same way with me which is not correct, and that they have been friends since their teens and that his friend also has social anxiety. Even though he remarked that he found him annoying this time, he didn't react so much when I told him about my encounter with him. This was two days ago and I'm still triggered that I didn't just tell him to mind his business and not touch my shit

No. 583266

not necessarily that my life is over, but I'm 23, been out of college for a year now and have immense anxiety over what comes next. the idea that it's just 40+ years of work from here on out feels grim. I don't like the job I have right now, but looking for something else given how awful the US has been at slowing COVID seems like a suicide mission. I don't want to go to grad/law school enough to justify taking on even more debt

No. 583267

Juice WRLD's new album just made me ugly cry kek… shit is real sad

No. 583272

My "best friend" makes fun of me regularly for being pessimistic and being without many friends, but she has no idea that I'm extremely depressed and anxious and have been since we were little. I don't feel comfortable telling her this because I don't think she would take it seriously, and I also don't want her pitying me either. I just wish I wasn't being made of while simultaneously struggling to stay alive and love myself.

No. 583280

If you’re in your early 20s thats what was happening to me. You can overcome it with medication, diet and exercise! You’ll be ok if that’s what it is, sometimes our bodies just need a kick in the ass and medical intervention. If there are known thyroid issues in your family I highly recommend checking your thyroid (all numbers including T4) every year until they take you seriously. It took me 10yrs to find a doctor who actually checked the right numbers and surprise it was really bad.

This may not be what’s happening to you but if you know what you’re eating and you are exercising there is clearly something else going on. Look into hashimotos and thyroid issues and see what people recommend getting checked because I remember being 20 and just ballooning and being unable to stay awake. It was terrible! Good luck and hang in there, try not to punish yourself about something that sounds likely to be out of your control.

No. 583285

gay men wanna be oppressed by yaoi so bad lol

No. 583288

Isn't it just trannies and fake boys that have issues with yaoi.

No. 583292

Yes. And this homophobe-chan has been sperging out about gay men in multiple threads now, jesus.

No. 583297

Gay either don't know about yaoi, don't care, think it's just kinda dumb in a funny way or they're fans. It's just fakebois and maybe male trannies who are offended.

No. 583306

You're not alone, anon, my teeth have been fucked up my entire life. Before I got braces, my canines were growing over my baby teeth in my gums, I had a giant gap tooth, all my teeth were crooked, and I had a crowded palette. I got horribly bullied for it so I learned to smile with my mouth closed and cover my mouth when I laugh. I know you said your's wasn't teeth related but mine was. I have adult braces now and they look much better but I still hate my smile because of how fat it makes my face look, and how masculine and old too, I'm in my early 20s??? It should not be this way

No. 583308

It boggles my mind that people choose to associate with someone after it's been proven they have done something insanely shitty. (Abuse, assault, rape) If my dearest friend was convicted of any of those things I would bail 100%. Maybe I've just been burned too many times.

No. 583311

I feel abandoned

No. 583312

By who, anon?

No. 583318

I feel this. I have a jaw problem, but not bad enough for any jaw surgeries, it ruins the shape of my smile with my teeth. My smile is more like a straight line across and only curves upwards if I smile with lips only. I'm jealous of people without jaw problems as well as a nice upward curved smile. Also sick of family telling me to smile with teeth when it looks worse that way.

No. 583340

God, same, I am pessimistic as well (less than before though) and people are so insensitive, like "omg why are you always so negative", do you think I'm choosing to be like this.

No. 583373

>an aunty who used to feed me sugar with a table spoon

You can not convince me that they're not trying to kill you for life insurance money or something

No. 583395

File: 1594597855228.jpg (10.49 KB, 236x257, ad81f150dfd3339c35e143a2ee8b15…)

My life currently feels like an episode of skins except not in the cool edgy way 14 year old me would have thought

No. 583406

Anons I'm such an idiot…I tried to cook dinner for myself tonight and thought I was following the recipe I found online perfectly, but when I went to eat the food it tasted absolutely awful. Couldn't figure out what I did wrong until I realized the recipe said "baking powder" and I used baking SODA. No wonder this shit tasted like bitter ass. Ugh being absent-minded fucking sucks.

No. 583409

easy slip up, I've done it 5 times at least. Sure, I am stupid, but it's an easy slip up for anyone.

No. 583412

if it makes you feel better i was making carrot cake cupcakes (carrot cupcakes? idk) about a week ago and put the batter in the oven and forgot to add the carrots lmao

my dumb ass saw them on the counter and it still took like 2 mins for the dots to connect

No. 583413

I may try to self-harm again by eating hot chips and vomiting (I have gastritis).

I have resentment and abandonment issues

No. 583417

File: 1594600707023.png (126.06 KB, 428x421, idgi.png)

I guess I just can't play the social media game. I'm an artist and since I lost my irl job due to covid, I've been thinking about how I really wish i could take online commission work. Over the years I've tried to open social media accounts for my art and have only been met with failure. The only account I was able to break 20 followers (yes, twenty) was an instagram account that got permanently shadowbanned for reasons I was never able to figure out. I guess maybe I was using too many repetitive hashtags? My facebook also got locked for being a suspected bot and won't let me in unless i upload a state ID (lolno)
I opened a new instagram a few weeks ago and have been unable to get a single like on any post. It depresses me so much because I try so hard and I see so many people who are able to make livings doing this with less skills than me. What in the god damn am i missing?

I'm not trying to humblebrag, but I know that I'm a pretty decent artist, so the quality can't be the issue. pic attached is just an unfinished underpainting I did like a year ago that fits the mood. Am I being delusional about my skills? I feel like im going insane I'm honestly so close to kms

No. 583425

You're very good but social media is exactly that - social. Tagging your art is good to get it out there, but you also have to go that extra mile and interact with audiences. the art tags on insta move quickly, refreshing them after ten seconds will give you a whole new feed to scroll through. If you want to stand out, you have to do more.

IRL, you can be an absolutely amazing artist but it's still networking and business savvy that gets you in galleries and gets you money, despite what people may tell you about it being all about the art and creativity.

Your new instagram is going to work for you. Use about six tags on each post - half general and popular like #art and half sorta specific like #digitalartist. Change up the tags you use on each post. Like and follow other artists, especially smaller ones that will reciprocate support. Comment on posts, react to stories and DM people sincere messages about mutual interests and genuine admiration. Instagram doesn't order posts chronologically, it goes by interaction. You have to interact to stay in a feed. Change up the time of day you post to find out which days/times offer the biggest audience with the smallest competition. Post regularly, at least once a week. Caption your pictures something that shows you're talented and professional - for example, don't post anything like "I don't like this piece but here you go" as some artist do. Instead caption it with something like "learned so much from this piece".

Selling art also requires you to sell yourself. There's a reason great products still have marketing departments.

No. 583439

Earlier I foolishly locked myself out of my apartment, so I had to pay $120 for someone to pick it. However, the more upsetting part was that it only took him like 60 seconds to pick my lock. I'm glad he got me back in but it also makes me wonder how safe my apartment is, even though I do have a deadbolt as well.

No. 583455

As >>583425 said you need to be social on social media so that people notice you. That means commenting on other people's posts, following them, etc. You might be able to get noticed on discord servers or reddit, depending on where your target audience is. I'm not exactly a social marketing guru but I know how other people got to 3k followers on IG in a year or 1k followers in a week.

If you want more help with social media you can join my discord server (made only to talk to lolcow artists)

No. 583463

Have you thought about getting a portable door lock for when you're at home? I don't have one myself but I've seen other women, mainly those who travel and have to stay in hotels, say good things about them. I don't think they're that expensive either.

No. 583466

You seem very talented anon, I would love to see your finished work! I wish I could give you advice on how to build a bigger audience, but I don’t really use social media. Maybe you could try doing fan art for some fandoms you’re interested in (if don’t already), that always seems to get artists a decent amount of followers.

No. 583471

Holy fuck I’m watching Sierra on Intervention and I really have no words/ besides I fucking hope she got better. She’s smoking fuck tonnes of meth and I’ve never seen a meth OD like that ever in my sheltered Internet based life. How the fuck can they just put her in jail. To what, ride out that horrible long term fucking trip? She needs serious medical intervention like ASAP… my heart hurts so bad. Fuck California. Fuck America.

No. 583475

I was accidentally really rude to a customer's ~12 year old daughter at work and I feel like fucking dogshit, her mom complained about me in a survey and I got talked to by my boss but I honestly wish she'd gone full Karen and yelled at me for making her kid uncomfortable, I would have deserved it. I'm usually able to mask my depression and bad attitude pretty well it's getting harder to put on a happy or even neutral face. The kid didn't even do anything wrong, I was just asking her to not take anything from a cart of things that had already been paid for by other customers, it was an innocent mistake.

No. 583477

i hate people like you who assume kids aren't up to the worst shit.

No. 583487

Anon, this isn't the Childfree subreddit
The only thing you can do is move on. At least you admitted you made a mistake. It's not worth to wallow in it.

No. 583495

That’s way harder in today’s culture of self-flagellation being the only valid way to apologize.

No. 583500

Living in a first world country and seeing it get worse with chaotic immigration + spending too much time on 4chan has made me start thinking racist stuff, though I only feel that way about males…

No. 583508

Lmao same. The "us vs. them" shit I'm bombarding myself with is rotting my brain and I can't make it stop.

No. 583511

no anon I fucking hate kids usually especially ones who make my job harder but this girl was genuinely just saying "look, mom, can I get this one?" while picking up an item from a cart of fulfilled online orders and I basically asked her to put it down but in a really harsh tone/wording that was completely unwarranted. I realize that in my first post I made it sound like she was stealing from another customers cart but we use different carts for online order fulfillment, and there was no signage or anything that said not to touch it, she thought it was just merchandise she could buy like anything else. if she had any situational awareness she would have realized it was obviously not for sale but it still didn't warrant my tone. she immediately said "oh sorry sorry" really quietly and put it down. I was really shy as a kid, I know how she felt, and I know the difference between "oop I got caught, time to play dumb" and an awkward kid feeling genuinely chastised and confused.

thanks anon.

No. 583513

Glad to know I'm not alone tbh
Let's hope we both get over it

No. 583514

Poland is fucked, Duda most likely won. He is that dude that was calling LGBT a ideologii and he is 100% anty abortion welp we are done

No. 583519

This basically sums up my thoughts. Thanks for posting this, anon. I relate hard.

No. 583522

As the daughter of immigrants (like brown immigrants from a "third world shithole"), I can see why people get scared and turn into racists. Not saying it is okay but it is an easy rabbit hole to fall into.

The countries we come from are not the best places and that is why we fled them. There are so many reasons why disrupted communities have many issues and it is not as simple as painting us snowflakes who can do no harm as some liberals do. We need actual solutions but the next best thing isn't scapegoating us to hell and back.

I can't say whether or not you will get out of that pipeline, it's up to you. Most racists I have met are sheltered in a way, they don't have productive conversations nor do they really know anyone belonging to the people they hate/are scared of. If you don't want to be racist then do something about it. Learn about the issues minority groups face in your country. Learn about the issues they tell you immigrants are ruining and often times you will find it is way more complex than that.

I doubt that you don't have peers or coworkers who are minorities, actually talk to us instead of listening to some weird-ass 4chan scrotes who probably won't even look a black guy in the eye lmao. I don't mean tokenize your friends to justify why you're not racist but actually try and see the world they see it. It goes both ways, don't be friends with people who don't respect you.

I've had to fight my own prejudices, especially towards white people and men lol. It's not easy and it doesn't go away overnight but you will be a happier person as a result.

(had to delete and revise because of redundant sentences.)

No. 583527

Thanks for the thought-out response. I'm somewhat naive and pretty open to ideas, which doesn't serve me when around harmful ideology.

Some of it definitely comes from me growing up sheltered and then having to fare alone in a scary society. We want a scapegoat. When crime has gone up severely you feel let down and frustrated, and want to blame the "responsible group" instead of the shitty leadership that sold the country out. Who can blame people for coming here?

Sitting inside during COVID19 and rotting my brain with the internet isn't exactly going to make me more open-minded.

No. 583534

Today mom told me she believes that COVID is all just a lie made up by the government to test us and that having to wear a mask is akin to having to wear a hijab.

I don’t know when she became so batshit conspiracy theorist. It’s so weird. Thank god I don’t live with her. I don’t even know what to say to her honestly.

No. 583540

Ok tranny

No. 583542

NTA but rights to abortion being taken away isn't really a tranny issue. They can declare transgenderism a mental illness for all I care but messing with women's bodies is fucked up.

No. 583543

I dont care about the lgbt but they are ppl too so let them do what they wanna, bit abortion? Let me do what i want with my body and they wanna bank in vitro. U get it? How fucked are we..

No. 583545


No. 583548

i am so tired of having endometriosis. i had an experimental surgery a few years ago that helped get rid of the pain for 6 months and i felt like i got my life back. since then i have barely slogged through life (i finished graduate school at least) but i live at home with no job and i am in pain all the time. my area offers medical marijuana but for my ideal career path, i would need to be weed-free. im currently on a new medication that makes the pain worse for the first few weeks and i am lowkey suicidal from the pain levels. i am also overweight and I binge eat to cope, and extra weight does not help symptoms. when I was pain free I exercised and ate better and lost a ton of weight. i just feel so stuck and hopeless. I’m getting close to just getting a full hysterectomy already. any other anons have endometriosis? is there an endometriosis thread here?

No. 583556

File: 1594630912326.jpg (59.59 KB, 473x455, Eav2lNgXYAEBSfO.jpg)

>add and start talking to a girl from friend finger thread
>after a few messages she blocks me

No. 583557

samefag, can't believe i wrote finger instead of finder. kek

No. 583558

she looks for friends on lolcow. its mental illness central, lmao.

No. 583560

I wish I could just have a lot of nice but interesting and open-minded female friends. Like a friend group consisting of only women who are nothing but supportive of each other at all times.

No. 583562

same anon i want one of those diverse loving anime friend groups but i can’t even make one friend irl oops

No. 583568

I get less than 5 hours of sleep per night just from worrying about my future and regretting my lost opportunities

I don't remember the last time I had a good dream

No. 583571

I have genital herpes and I'm scared no one will ever want to be with me again or give me a chance because of this. I don't even get outbreaks but I still have to tell all potential partners and I'm afraid everyone will just reject me now.

No. 583573

I have a friend with genital herpes but hasn't had lesions in years. She tells her partners she has labial herpes as it is more common and less scary, and no one gives a shit. Doesn't prevent dudes from wanting oral so if they get herpes she has a plausible explanation.

No. 583574

I don’t get the meme that men can’t express emotions. Whenever someone is being entitled and irate it’s usually a male. As a woman you can’t say or do shit without being labeled as crazy.

No. 583577

Oh, gosh, yes.

Makes me think of my boyfriend. He gets insecure and angry, shouts, and I would never call him crazy during an argument, even though he does it to me all the time. I cry during arguments sometimes, but I don't resort to name-calling. I only get angry outbursts when he calls me crazy or insane, which only makes me feel even more crazy even though he's the one who's being an asshole. Ugh. Needed to vent too.

No. 583579

Yeah and men sperg out and act entitled to women they barely know. A woman could be fucking a man for 3 years and gets called crazy if she asks for a text once a day.

No. 583583

Ugh I did so poorly on my exam I'm probably gonna fail there was not enough time, whyyyy I really studied hard now I'm gonna have to do it again in fall and I'm probably gonna have to find a new place to live and I don't have money I'm such a failure anons I'm sorry
My dude let me tell you about one time I was making popcorn. I put vinegar instead of oil in the popcorn maker and then I was wondering why they weren't popping 5 minutes later. Can you imagine the smell when I opened the popcorn maker

No. 583584

I’ve been selling my panties and thongs online for extra cash. I wish I could get more sales. So far I’ve made £600 doing this but I’m tired of men always wanting to have meets when the Ad specified it’s just for panty sales only. Why are they so fucking deaf

No. 583586

Because they do not respect you on any way, shape, or form.

No. 583588

Would you yourself fit into that group?

No. 583589

Never lie for sex.

No. 583590

What did you expect from losers that buy used panties?

No. 583591


Well I still get plenty of sales, so I’m not complaining.

But I wish people just read and processed things.

No. 583594


Doesn’t matter when you’re getting paid. It’s a sale.

No. 583598

Definitely. I've been close to having a group like this before, but unfortunately we all ended up moving to different countries.

No. 583600

Why not

No. 583601

yeah whatever make your money, I was only commenting on why men seem deaf to boundaries.

No. 583605

It's very predatory

No. 583608

File: 1594641276841.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, 2045BD12-02AF-455D-8AB3-4F2320…)

>sells dirty underwear to creeps on the internet
>why won't they "process" my wishes?!

No. 583609


Y'all take everything too serious lol

No. 583610

It's very transparent you only wanted to humble brag about your 600 pounds you got from losers with sleazy work.

No. 583613

Not that anon, but what about that are you bothered by?

No. 583616

Same. I can’t even be sexually attracted to men anymore because I just think that they’re probably douchebags anyway. I’m repulsed by men.I don’t even want to be, it just is what it is.

No. 583617

Men disgust me physically and mentally. I hate that I’m like this. Even when I see a really cute one I imagine that he’s probably abusive, overly sexual or mean. I don’t hate males I just find them gross. I guess I give up, I’ll just get a damn cat and call it a day. Thinking about all the sexual experiences I’ve had I just feel disgusted by every single one. I wish I would’ve stayed a Virgin, I feel disgusting.

No. 583618

Even the really pretty angel face men are gross. Every single pretty boy seemed like he was working overtime for me to hate him or find him disgusting.

I got super drunk with a blonde pretty boy thinking becuz he’s small and girly he wouldn’t be interested in taking advantage of me. Guess what? We had sex. I don’t even remember doing it! He didn’t even respect me enough to let me spend the night.

No. 583619

you can't trust people based on appearance alone.

No. 583625

>Even the really pretty angel face men are gross

Why would you think that pretty people would automatically be less jerks? If anything, pretty faced men can get away with a lost of shit without ending up alone.

No. 583627

>I got drunk with a scrote and we had sex but I don't remember it. It's 100% his fault

No. 583631

I never said it was his fault or that I trusted him. I’m just saying, the pretty ones are just as bad as the ugly ones. I can’t even make myself be attracted to the cute ones because I imagine he’s probably a dick.

No. 583641

If it's not his fault, why is he bad and you are good?

No. 583643

I hate when my boyfriend screams. Even if he's not screaming at me but screaming about something else that's bothering him. I just hate screaming in general. It makes me feel intimidated. I just wish he'd calm down.

No. 583647

I feel like screaming without warning (except when really frightened or in some kind of disaster) is uncalled for in all circumstances, regardless of who's doing it. My husband knows sounds like that, as well as sounds like slamming doors, upset me on a emotional level and it's kind of unspoken that we don't do those things around one another. Maybe speak to your boyfriend about that? I don't think someone who screams that often is in a healthy mindset.

No. 583654

I relate to this 10000%

No. 583655

What is the process of selling panties? What website do you sell them on?

No. 583657

My friend constantly makes passive aggressive comments and implies that she finds me childish and it is soo annoying. But I feel like she is right because I am quite insecure and clingy. I hate myself

No. 583675

File: 1594650214958.png (14.47 KB, 598x126, punchdown.PNG)

When people say this shit but instead of women they mean adult white men in dresses.

No. 583684

File: 1594651924564.jpg (977.63 KB, 1800x2093, merlin_165914931_c2646176-cf37…)

>mfw imagining what me and my crush's children would look like
I'm in my late 20s and too old for this whimsy nonsense. Setting myself up for disappointment in more ways than one anyway, kek.

No. 583685

Talk to him about how it makes you uncomfortable. My boyfriend used to hit furniture and walls and yell when he lost games. But when I told him how it made me feel he has stopped.

No. 583694

Unfortunately, men always feel entitled to any woman they spend money on. Especially since they're purchasing an item that previously belonged to you.

No. 583707

I don't have any friends, because of a lot of insecurity and a lot of pickiness in regards to friends… but this one person at work always liked me. She would come speak to me, and though I didn't like her all too much it made me happy that somebody liked me enough to want to speak to me.

For the past month or so though, she wouldn't come speak to me, and when I went to speak to her she would hardly look at me or respond. I asked her what the issue is, and she flat out said that she doesn't want to speak to me anymore, and she doesn't know why. It makes me feel very bad, and I told her as much, and she asked that I not mention it again.

I don't really have a right to feel bad, considering I didn't like her all too much in the first place, and I only feel bad because of the lack of validation. Still sucks though. Thanks for listening.
I'm someone who has been in your shoes, and in a way still is.. If you have the self awareness to know that you are insecure and clingy, then you're in a better place than most. If your'e actively keeping yourself in check, then you're golden, and you shouldn't let people like that bring you down. And even if she is right, a true friend wouldn't treat you the way she is. They would tell you straight up.

I'm also a big retard though, so listen to my words with caution (this is insecurity speaking haha)

No. 583714

>pikachu meme
Just accept you got called out and go.

No. 583717

What the fuck is it with people who I've had horrible falling outs with years ago suddenly trying to "reconnect" or "reconcile"? I don't want to be your friend. Our friendship ended once, if not twice, and ended horribly. Don't send me a fucking facebook friend request. That email with "Reconciliation" in the title goes right into the fucking trash, unread. I don't care. I don't want your abusive, grooming, narcissistic asses in my life ever again. What blows my mind is that these are two completely unrelated people who don't know each other but I got facebook friend requests/"apology" emails from in the past two month.

Fuck you!!! Leave me alone!

No. 583718

>Just accept you got called out and go.
>in response to a post from 5 hours ago

No. 583724

They're trying to make themselves feel better about being shitty.

They want your forgiveness so that they can move on. But you don't owe it to them, don't worry, let them seethe. I really hate shit like this, so I get where you're coming from.

You'll get people in your life telling you "oh you should forgive them/they're different now/be the bigger person" but honestly, fuck em. The people who love you will understand that those who legitimately hurt you don't deserve your attention, least of all your forgiveness.

No. 583739

I feel like the world ended when the pandemic began. All of the shit after it is just death rattles. Here in my country the numbers just climb, no matter how much we pretend that life is going back to normal. I try to numb myself with work and chores and hobbies, but I think life as we know it is coming to an end.

No. 583772

My niece is 11 and just asked her mom if she can shave her arms, so I started thinking about all the bullshit beauty standards in regards to hair and it just pisses me off. Teenage me thought I had some kind of hormone problem because I had (barely visible) arm hair, god forbid.

No. 583798

In my country stuff is pretty normal again. We even get lots of tourists from the neighboring countries.

No. 583817

My friend from high school who still lives with my parents (even after I moved out) whines about how the neighborhood my parents live in judges her constantly (she's an immature genderspecial and they moved to the suburbs). She deliberately tries to look different and then constantly whines about it. Then fucking move then. But then again, no one else is gonna put up with your hoarding tendencies while only charging you $250 a rent a month. God I fucking hate my family and how they enable her bullshit. We're almost 30 for fuck's sake.

No. 583834

almost 30? jesus, your family must be patient…to a fault

No. 583835

It’s nice of your family to take her in, I guess, but this is really an odd situation. How do you feel about the fact that your friends lives with your parents?

No. 583836

I feel like my brain is frozen. It's like an old computer that can't do anything but boot up and play minesweeper for 20 minutes. I wish I could take my brain out of my head and dust it off and do a full reset or something lol

No. 583838

I'm starting to feel an identity crisis about being online, particularly imageboards after turning 26 last month. I never felt too old to be online and I assumed that people who used imageboards were aging up with me. I also had been going to college until recently, so I was constantly surrounded by people younger than me.

Now looking around, I noticed that the average age of people who used imageboards has been college-aged since forever. I feel like a lot of the people who used imageboards have stopped. For example, since this board started up six years ago in 2014, I would expect there to be a lot more people in their 30s browsing but it turns out everyone here is in their early 20s. I used to be younger than the average person browsing this board and already I'm older.

Now I wonder if I'm supposed to be doing something else other than spending my life online. I had a lot of plans, but coronavirus has forced me inside doing nothing all of the time.

Does everyone just turn into a normie when they hit their mid 20s to spend time with their gf/bf instead?

No. 583839

Honestly, that's what psychedelics are for. Having a good trip is like rebooting your brain.

No. 583846

People really need to grow out of this outdated "after you hit 25 you'll magically start a family and become a boring normie mom" mentality. That was the case back when the world didn't offer you many other options, it was just the path everyone had to go through because everything else was seen as a perverted, sinful life style. The reason why there are so many 20somethings browsing imageboards and partaking in the online culture is that the technology is so new that it's mostly late millenials and everyone past them who are comfortable with using them, plus a lot of them also have a young userbase they don't have the patience for. Older nerds still prefer IRC, forums and imageboards other than the ones populated by zoomers who they have nothing in common with. When you're 30+ you just don't want to deal with teenagers and college kids.

No. 583847

I'm 29, there's dozens of us anon, dozens.

Maybe if you have 3 kids and a job you wouldn't have time for the intrnet but imo everyone has their own way of killing time online whether that's scrolling through a Facebook timeline, following instragram meme pages or reading reddit. If you think you're wasting too much time here then maybe look into other hobbies, it's well accepted that spending too much time here isn't good for you, but I don't see why any age is too old for a little shitposting whilst you wait for a lasagna to bake.

No. 583848

I fucking hate it honestly. My parents always simply ignore any unpleasant shit that goes on, like the depression I had starting when I was a kid. It was nice to take her in at first (her mom was a drug addict) but they enable her bad behavior so much that she almost 28 and still acts like a teenager. She's a giant Kpop/anime sperg with hardly an interest in anything else. She gets mad whenever someone refers to her as a girl. She tries so hard to appear as woke but won't do anything beyond posting shit online (like going to a prostest). We really don't have anything in common anymore. Don't get me started on the time where they let her cunt of a little sister and her newborn stay with us. That was honestly my boiling point.

No. 583851

I'm 27 I just come here to bide my time idk I don't use any other media

No. 583855

Of course I don't believe in that mentality. But the numbers speak for themselves in terms of showing how people are actually choosing to spend their time.

Your explanation doesn't really make sense. 4chan started in 2004 and was definitely a millennial thing. I thought there would be plenty of people in their 30s who have stuck around, but nope, the average age is still people in their early 20s. Of course there are oldfags that have stuck around but a lot of them have left. I'm trying to figure out where they left to.

The only site that seems to have consistently a high average age is Something Awful, but it's a shithole to use if you're not down with trannies. Forums and IRC seem to be dead or not open to new users, so it's not as if I could go there.

I guess what makes me unhappy right now is that it seemed really easy for other people to move on to another stage of their life, but I kinda feel stuck? Especially due to the coronavirus. Like what is so great about other people's lives they completely lost the need to shitpost? I guess it's fomo.

I also do use reddit a lot, though I don't post as much anymore (due to my main account being banned, kek). But now what bothers me is that there are so many teens using the site now that it's becoming worse to use, especially as I'm growing older. I can't tell if that's because a lot of the older users have left (to what, hacker news or ycombinator?) or if the site is growing in popularity.

And contrary to how I might be coming off, I have had a fairly active life that involved partying/traveling, but internet use was always an (excessive) part of it. Now that I've been stuck at home due to the coronavirus, I've been stressed and basically browsing online 24/7 at the expense of everything else. I thought this could be a good time to work on other stuff, I just feel really lost.

Another thing that makes me upset is that as I've been using this site for 6 years, I thought there would be plenty of people who would have stuck around for so long. It does make me upset that while I've been critical of this site, it turns out other people were way less attached and could move on easier than I ever would.

No. 583856

Another 29 here, this place is great to pass time at work. Also the anonymity here is amazing for a person with not a lot free time; on the forums where you have an account and identity, you have to always deal with cliques formed over the years and a newbie voice would often be ignored in interactions. Here I have far more chance to interact and receive advice or answer because we're all equal and I don't need to waste time socializing with specific group and proving myself first.

No. 583857

Watched a Will & Grace episode where Grace is telling about her sexual assault experience to her dad, then got hit with a deep buried memory of my elementary school teacher who would constantly slap girls butts, like we're talking 3rd graders. I remember carrying stacks of books downstairs with other girls and this ugly ass, racist ass rat looking motherfucker gROPED and slapped my classmates butts. He also had a tendency to be unbeliavably racist to a kid I knew so I went and complained about him to the principle like, multiple times, everytime I got shot down because at the time I was a mess. I can't believe I had forgotten about all this, and he did the slapping and groping in front of basically any number of students, I don't wanna imagine what the fuck he did behind closed doors. Wish I remembered his last name so I could, I don't know, throw cat shit to his windows or something.

No. 583858

Which boards are you even browsing? The ones I do have plenty of 30+ posters, even to the point they often tell zoomers to shut up and fuck off.

Also I'm pretty sure the anons who have passed the 25 mark don't take part in the cringy "meet the anon" memes or other threads where you basically plaster all your personal information for everyone to see because older people have jobs and reputations to lose if they were outed for posting on imageboards centering around drama and other content considered problematic by normies. Lolcow has a lot of 30+ farmers but they barely have the need to bring up their age.

No. 583882

How do you guys re-sensitize yourself again anons? Nothing makes me happy anymore, I just want to cry out and feel better. Now I just overeat and sleep my problems away…

No. 583889

My friend drowned.
And now this celebrity has drowned and it's all coming back to me. Shit sucks

No. 583891

So I picked up a fighting game a lot of my friends online are playing/good at and I am loving learning it and getting better. It's the first fighting game I've played and actually understand that to do concerning the buttons and mechanics.

BUT; Someone recently joined the group and while they can be nice, man they love shitting on me in the game to the point where I'm avoiding playing them. Because I still don't know all the mechanics not matchups and they're just saying how I'm bad at the game when I've only been playing a couple of weeks tops on top of being new to the whole thing. Like they're legit saying they're joking but it's like constant. Everyone else I play with, they don't hold back either but they at least let me know what I did wrong/could do better. So what I truly hate is, I don't learn shit when I play against that person and they act like I'm trash when yeah I am trash but I have a reasons to be, and to act like you're so much better for it is just grating.

No. 583892

sorry about your friend anon, that's awful, hope you got to talk about it and process it at the time.

No. 583893

My boyfriend thinks i should see a therapist but i'm afraid because what if nothing's wrong with me and it's all just me and my personality, then that means i'm irredeemable and also I would've wasted an appointment somebody else could've had who really needed it, thus making me an even shittier person, but not going to a therapist is going to make my boyfriend hate me, but in the end that is good because i should keep a far distance from everyone and i don't want him to think it's his fault when our relationship gets fucked up because of me

No. 583898

My bf suggested for months that I see a therapist and on his pushing I finally went and already I've learned a lot of coping tools.

Stop thinking of it as "wasting an appointment". I used to think that way too until I actually sat down and talked to a professional and realized there were things that were fucked up in my brain that they could help me with. Your bf sounds like he at least wants you to feel better. What have you got to lose by going to a therapist? You could approach the first appointment by explaining that you feel like you're irredeemable and then go into why you feel that way. It may be cathartic to actually verbally say it in front of a professional (at least it was for me)

No. 583901


Honestly Anon therapy is good. Just go see a therapist and talk to them. Just talking to one isn't going to hurt anything. I waited going to see mine for a similarish reason (didn't think I was bad off enough to see one, just thought that's how I was. On top of a bad previous experience with mental health professionals) But now I'm seeing someone and it's working out well. All it takes is finding a therapist that clicks with you and understands.

Also let me clarify why I didn't go to a therapist for like two years after I previously tried to get help. The previous time was a shitshow and the therapist told me it seemed like I wanted to be coddled after I told her some of the techniques she had me doing to manage my anxiety weren't really working.

My newest therapist is really kind and laughed and told me that my previous therapist was full of shit when I told her what happened during that time period. So legit, just gotta find someone you feel comfortable with. If you don't like the one you see, ask for a different person.

No. 583910

I can never shake the feeling that nobody actually likes me and it's really not good! even as a kid I always had the sense that my friends just hung out with me out of pity and it was all part of some joke that went too far. I'm always severely anxious in my relationships with others and whenever someone does something that could be interpreted as rude my thought process is literally this. "oh god did I do something wrong? what did I do? do they hate me? I messed up and now they hate me i'm the worst." I KNOW I'm just overreacting and they (probably) don't hate me and didn't mean to act that way but I can't help the way I think and it's really really upsetting. also I'm not even aware of the fact that I bottle my emotions up anymore, my friend called me annoying today as a joke and I almost burst into tears in front of her… God I feel like I'm such an emotionally draining person to be around

No. 583917

I convinced myself for the past 15 years that I don’t have social anxiety and that I’m just a wallflower and an introvert, but the truth is that I’m an introvert who also has social anxiety. I always thought that I couldn’t have SA because I don’t get a racing heart or the sweats or a stutter when speaking to people. I work in a social job, do great with presentations and interviews, and can fake my way a lot. With that being said. I can’t make or keep friends. When I’m on my way to meet friends I feel like I’m going to puke. After I meet friends and I’m driving home, I end up crying or feeling legit suicidal because all I can think is that they think I’m boring or that Im a loser compared to them. When I’m with people, a lot of the times my mind just goes completely blank. It’s like my brain stops producing any thought. That specific issue is what makes me certain that I have SA. I have a sense of humor and a personality but it never shows when I’m out with people. People have called me weird to my face for how quiet I get. The fact that socializing makes me anxious and the fact that I’m also an introvert who prefers to be alone is a horrible combination that caused me to isolate myself 80% of the time growing up. I only felt comfortable around certain friends but those friends have tons of their own friends now. Now that I’m no longer in denial, I don’t know what to do with this information. I feel like the damage is done. I can’t afford therapy. I literally think if it wasn’t for the fact that my parents would pay the price, I would have killed myself like a week ago.

No. 583919

I don't like admitting this but I have been having suicidal thoughts again after thinking I was pretty good. Shit with the world has been really getting to me and here I am trying to keep other's spirits up, but this past week or so I have been having an existential crisis. I had a Seventh Seal-tier meltdown Friday, thinking about all the shitty things that have happened in my life and wondering where the fuck god has been in all this.

And then today I had this autistic meltdown because I caught a glimpse of a WHO doomsday-ish headline and I started thinking, is anything worth it anymore? What point is there in living when other people have control and I have no say?

I regret everything. I regret not trying to do more and letting fear and other people hold me back from doing shit. I look back on my past and all the time I wasted fighting with assholes/toxic mofos and trying to be Joan of Arc and I wish I could slap myself in the face. Why was I so stupid? And now I don't know when I will ever be able to do anything I want to do. I feel like all my dreams were a lie and that maybe the darkness I see when I close my eyes at night is the fact that there is nothing. That there is no future. And it scares me.

I wish I could turn back time one year and do one thing right that I always wanted to do, like move to Europe, write a book, or whatever. Just anything that I said I would do but didn't. If I put as much passion and energy as I do into being angry and fighting intellectual battles with my enemies, I could have done something else and been more productive. But instead I haven't done anything and I am so ashamed of my own ineptitude. I am really, really fucking dumb sometimes and I wish I knew how to walk away from toxic people instead of letting them hurt me and draw me into their bullshit. And my family believes in me and it makes me even more ashamed because they're all really well accomplished and I am just this bumbling ball of angst and fire who more enemies than friends, a dismal bank account, and nothing to show for it. Fuck.

No. 583928

Now that I'm getting serious about finding a dr to get my tubes tied, the people who supported me want to question me and give me fake scenarios to play through. What a bunch of fuck shit. I've always been serious, I've always known I would do anything to stop a pregnancy if I ever did become pregnant, I know I can't handle it and I don't want to be a parent or ever give birth. Now I understand what their stance is. They're going to wait till they have an accident and accept it like everyone else does. They won't have surgery because "what if one day". Agreed with me for years on the shit I've said only to project their worries onto me as I get closer to being child free. Fuck off and let me make my life better and happier.

No. 583937

How is armpit laser? I have dark hair, was considering this.

No. 583951

I also have dark hair! This was my 2/6 session, it literally lasted two minutes and it felt like cold water splashed my pits the entire time. A week after the first session the hair pushed out of my skin. It was so satisfying.

I also did a Brazilian three years ago and it's just now starting to show hair under the skin again (laser is rarely permanent fyi), but it's very worth it especially if you get blemishes from hair growth.

No. 583972

File: 1594694128203.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, 1457039183077.png)

I've been working 13 hour days but only because both my jobs are giving me terrible shifts. My main job hasnt gotten back to my about if they're open or not. i want to quick these shit part time jobs. I'm exhausted

No. 583980

I spent all day crying because I'm on vacation and I have nothing to do, I had all these plans but I'm single now and have no friends at all. I see my coworkers all doing fun things and I just want to die.

No. 583990

File: 1594697794281.jpg (70.16 KB, 680x680, IMG_20200527_180715.jpg)

My long term boyfriend broke uo with me out of the blue 3 months ago and to this day I'm sticking by his side, through the horrible things he said and how he treated me, because I'm still in love with who he once were.
I feel worthless, alone, unwanted. He says there's a possibility of us coming back together. I don't know if I want it anymore. Everyday I still wake up and act the part of the cheery loving girlfriend, waiting for him to come back because by now that's all I know.
I just want to be loved.

No. 583995

File: 1594699010589.jpg (43.82 KB, 692x374, Eb-dmIqWkAEgIef.jpg)

Get fucking angry anon, don't be so agreeable! He's just stringing you along with a shaky promise bc he probably likes having you as a call girl. Coming from someone who experienced your exact situation, leave or if not physically possible emotionally leave, call up your girlfriends (heck even your female coworkers??), watch Legally Blonde, do a makeover, have solo dates, and when he realizes you're not coming back and hits up your DMs say NO because you found that life is actually great without him.

I believe in you and I love you, bitch. You're going to find much better dick that will appreciate you, that's a guarantee.

Pic related, it's you

No. 584004

Thanks, anon. I can't believe a reply on the farms made me cry. You seem like a hell of a gentle friend to have.

No. 584017

Ladies gotta stick together. c:

I know it'll be hard but loving yourself and looking out for number one (hint: it's you!) are invaluable. Step one: Drop 100+lbs of dead weight lol. I'm looking forward to your next post in the Positivity thread, anon.

No. 584025

File: 1594705434860.jpg (185.87 KB, 1400x1400, 1549827893481.jpg)

Recently I've been trying to post my art on social media, initially it didn't bother me that I had no following, but now it's getting to me. I see so many good artists, compare myself to them and feel like what I do is so disposable . I know drawing is something I genuinely love doing , regardeless of external approval, and I'm not bad at it, but now I feel like it's such pointless thing for me to show my stuff. To me, finding new artists I like is such a joy, I love seeing people's creations and expressions, I guess part of me wants to be able to give someone this experience too, but now I'm just feeling worthless.

I feel bad even posting this here lol, like I am taking some space that I shouldn't.

No. 584027

Post art, I'm asking you to so you needn't feel guilty

No. 584034

Now I wanna see it. Also art of anything that’s better than sonchiu is not a waste of space, especially the board where all all compete to see who can piss higher.

No. 584062

My boyfriend doesn't do enough for our relationship when it comes to dating.
I know he loves me a lot, and his love seems to be growing more and more, and I love him too, and he's very gentle, kind and patient.
But there's nothing outside of that. I feel like if I spent a whole month never telling him "Ok next date we should go to x" he would simply never notice and be ok just staying at home. I asked if he'd be down to go somewhere cute this week but I'm tempted to say nothing about it and see how long it takes him to realize.
He's like that with his friends too. Whenever he does go out it's always "X wanted to go so I went". His own plans never work out unless someone else takes the reigns.
Staying at home is fine, I don't need to be outside all the time, but he doesn't cook, and is shit at planning. He also doesn't clean his place even though he knows I like to come over to play video games from time to time.
He doesn't shave unless I tell him to, and a lot of the time he shaves poorly, even though he knows his beard isn't worth keeping (he's self conscious about it) and I like clean shaved men.

I feel like an asshole for saying this, but he got me a sorta pricey (for our respective budgets) but very practical birthday present and at first I was simply happy to have it and I use it often. But looking at all those times he has failed to properly date me, I feel disappointed that he didn't wrap it in gift wrap, didn't write me at least a little card, didn't get me a couple of flowers… I normally wouldn't care but it's just that everything combined, it's more like I'm trying to "win him over" like someone in love would and he just follows along.

Sorry for long vent. I ignored it for the past couple of months pretending I wasn't the only one doing things for him/us but the realization hit me.

No. 584069

I have this one 'friend' and honestly the only person who considers me her friend but fucking hell, whenever she talks to me it is ALWAYS about her. Always. I know she knows absolutely nothing about me because she just talks to me about what has been happening with her and what she is thinking and expects me to reply with great detail about every single thing and that is always how our conversations go and it is so exhausting, I am so tired of listening to her 20 min voice memos of just talking about herself. I really cannot stand it. She has been my friend for 4 years and found out yesterday that I have a parrot. Only because I uploaded a pic of the parrot on IG. And she thinks it's great convos we have when it is just het droning on and on about herself. I don't know if I should bring it up to her or just absentmindedly listen to her and reply generically. I don't even bother replying a lot because the story she tells me, she has already told 3 of her other friends in great detail and I'm the last person she is telling it to because she can't help not talk about herself. If I have to listen to another voice message of her detailing every specific thing about a fucking dream she had, I will off myself.

No. 584072

tell her. she needs to know exactly what kind of behavior drives people away and you deserve to stand up for yourself. that's not a friendship, you're just an irl equivalent to an anon on a board reacting to her walls of text.

No. 584073

You're right anon, but she is really the only friend I have and I don't wanna lose her even if I get absolutely nothing out of our friendship. One time I didn't reply for a few days because well, my sis tried to kill herself and my home was a mess and I was with my sis for the while, and she got pissed at me that I didn't reply and I had to apologize a whole ass day for her to return back to normal and start talking about herself. I know I'm such a doormat anon but I just don't wanna come across as rude

No. 584074

If you feel stuck you could always try discords and find other friends to talk to before you tell her about her behavior and how it affects you. That way if she tries to ditch you and have you grovel for her attention again it won’t work because you’ll have others to fall back on

No. 584075

please stop this is so fucking embarrassing. I have 1 friend too and I would never fucking tolerate this bullshit. I once told my friend that I was sick of her showing up half an hour late and guess what….she stopped showing up late. If you're scared that she's going to stop being your friend because you're upset that she made your shitty day about her lack of "me" time, you have bigger issues than possibly becoming friendless. I mean this as tough love.

No. 584077

i understand. but she's the one being rude. being pissed because you didn't reply? that's wrong, and entitled. if she really was your friend, you wouldn't even have to justify yourself. she'd ask you if everything was ok and not hold it against you.
you're better off alone. if you're alone, you'll at least have the incentive to find new friends, even if through a discord like anon above suggested. you'll also find out normal human friendships between people who respect each other is less time consuming and doesn't feel like labor.

No. 584080

I just cannot deal with my mother. I have never liked her and do not really have too many fond memories with her, even though I really do try to see the good in her. She's a religious narcissist who has always belittled me and then expects me to fawn over her. She is a violent and jealous person who did have to deal with some tough things during her life, but why does she think that gives her the right to always treat me badly? Ever since I was a child, her and my father have convinced me that I am inherently bad and that my nature is evil (I love my siblings, boyfriends and even my parents very much and I don't think I am evil but IDEK). The other day I overheard her on the phone talking about me, calling me a bad, bitter, ungrateful person to my sister (who defended me) but at that moment, I just lost hope. She expects me to call her everyday but she is just a bored housewife who doesn't even look after her kids- she literally has a maid. Her life consists of watching gossip channels on youtube, cooking a couple times a week and hating the way her life turned out (even though my dad would buy her pretty much anything she wants within reason). I just landed a new job and got a 2:1 in a respectable degree, and all she could say is "Well done. Well, now you're in the real world! Let me tell you, it's not nice!". She's even secretly spoken to my sister and told her she think's I got the job based on my looks and because the hiring manager is a creep. She acts like she does and says these things out of concern, but I can so clearly see it's her way of slyly belittling me. I am just getting so tired of her mean, controlling ways. I don't know if this is normal or not? Does anyone else deal with a mother like this? If so, how?

No. 584082

I see what you're saying anon, and honestly I get nothing out of our friendship that I think I would barely care if she just stops talking to me at all. it's her birthday this month and I'll be going to her home and give her a thoughtful gift I prepared a while ago and then I'll just become increasingly less available. I'm just tired of being a dumping ground for her. I know she gives no fucks about me because she has many more friends. But I cannot muster up enough courage to have a conversation about this because I am really uncomfortable with talking about myself now because I never do it so it feels weird.
I honestly think I'd be better off alone than keep this up for more years to come. Whenever she has messaged me, it has been to talk about her. I'm fine being alone because I don't feel any less lonely with her being here so it makes no difference. I will try discord.
Thank you anons for listening

No. 584087

https://www.autostraddle.com/how-to-have-trans-woman-lesbian-sex-with-a-penis-414839/ This article makes me want to heave. This is literal conversion therapy and trying to play it off as a "fun, playful article" teaching about "awesome sex with trans women" is disgusting when the subject matter is basically coercing lesbian women to pleasure men. The amount of graphic detail and how it's written like a POV sex novel just makes it feel like the author is masturbating while writing this shit.

No. 584095

An 8 year old girl raped and murdered in my country today. Her rapist is on the loose. No outrage of course. I hate this world. I hate it. Wish I could do something, anything but I don't think I can. I'm sorry to that child, sorry the world failed her

No. 584096

I’m tired of being alive. I was abused by my family and then when I reached out to others I became the victim of CSA at the hands of several people who saw my family situation and took advantage. It’s been six years but I’m miserable. I have been rejected from so many jobs lately, not even in my field but jobs like call centers, and I thought my field was lucrative but those jobs didn’t even call me back after the interview to reject me. I did well in school but I feel like everything is going wrong because there is something inherently wrong with me. I have to beg my parents for financial help because I’ve exhausted my savings and I don’t qualify for unemployment because I worked at my college for work study, not a real job. I don’t have health insurance and can’t see a therapist, even when I saw one I couldn’t bring up my childhood because it makes me suicidal to even think about it. I feel like all I can do is kill myself and then at least my best friend who is basically the only one I talk to now can move on.

No. 584108

I hate, hate, hate, the way some women talk on social media in this extremely infantilizing way. "I have brain worms", "dumb baby juice", etc etc. It's so unattractive.

No. 584110

Yes! Just type like a regular adult ffs. The 'im baby' shit is exhausting coming from grown ass people. And ending sentences with tons of exclaimations like a retard, eg: 'i just i love these thigh highs???????'. Just stop it.

No. 584111

It always reminds me of how much media would portray girls as nothing but submissive and weak, while saying how wise and strong men are…

I may understand such act if its a teenager, but when an adult is being all uwu sanwio aeshethic im baby I see nothing but issues. Ain't even cute.

No. 584125

I bought one of my friends who I met through graduate studies years ago a customized birthday present. She seemed genuinely sad on her social media for mental health and ED reasons so I thought a surprise might cheer her up. Since purchasing the gift, while it's in transit, she keeps attacking Rowling for transphobia on facebook and it makes me cringe how she wouldn't be nice to me if she knew I agreed with her. She should have excellent reading comprehension, so she must be purposefully misinterpreting Rowling, but it doesn't even make sense because I've never seen her with trans friends. She's upsetting herself and I think it's very silly when it appears she doesn't have a dog in the race other than to virtue signal.

Unrelated but I hate it when men are in niche hobbies and try to lord their experience over everyone.
I posted in a wild foraging group after finding a plant that looked edible but smelled funny, so I just asked for the identification and if it was edible. It's a highly active group, I gave up after scrolling through about a hundred pics and didn't find it. Hundreds of pics are posted a day and my keyword search didn't help so it was easier to ask.
Straight away an experienced dude identified and confirmed it was not edible. Okay, thank you!
Then this second lady had to chime in with the same identification and joked that the plant smelled like cat pee. Hah. Alright. Thanks! Then some jerk replies to her and was all "AND STILL PEOPLE ASK IF IT IS EDIBLE HERE LOL." Fuck you dude, this group posts edible shit that's colored red, bleeds indigo, and basically looks and smells like something you shouldn't fucking eat. Yeah I'm gonna ask questions because I'm learning! Fucking a.

No. 584133

I have so many thoughts watching laverne cox' netflix docu thing, for one l-word was indeed a mess now that I think of it

No. 584149

File: 1594735349506.gif (1.76 MB, 320x256, tumblr_o26ja9wvY91tbcweeo1_400…)

My grandfather on my wife's side of the family is sick and there's no way to get to him because of covid travel restrictions. We cant take a direct flight because the air lines are a mess and my wife even bought a ticket to go but they wont allow non direct flights so they refunded her $11 out of $900. i'm crying and she's so stressed. he's sick from old age , not covid and he's alone and this is horrible. i feel so awful for her. i'm tired and trying to figure out a way to get over seas for her to see him. America is the only country not taking this seriously and now we are all paying for it. I hope he will be okay but we're terrified he'll die in the hospital with no family there. he isnt even sick with covid

No. 584151

The L word was such a shit show and felt like almost a mockumentary of lesbians more than anything else.

Carmen was the only good thing about that show.

No. 584160

If I would break up with him, I know exactly who he would get together with. 2 weeks after it tops.

No. 584166

I am so sorry about your grandma. Now is literally the worst time to fly or have sick relatives out of country…
>they wont allow non direct flights so they refunded her $11 out of $900
I am trying to figure out what happened here.
I assume the flights were not canceled?
Sounds like you guys bought a non refundable ticket, canceled due to transit permit reasons and therefore only got some tax refund. It's weird though cause most airlines are a bit more lax with rescheduling because of all this covid mess. What airline have you bought the ticket with?

No. 584171

File: 1594739768666.jpeg (36.69 KB, 640x412, A95B8A9E-6068-411D-8D49-7DC59E…)

Ate so much food the last week out of depression but now there isn’t much left and I don’t have the money to replace it and people want to eat but I ate it. AaahhhHhH! I want to bury myself and K word so hard.

No. 584173

do it then.

No. 584184

I started posting on 4chan aged 25 and then have been using chans since then, now I use them a lot less but still use them

No. 584185

I looked in the mirror just now and literally just stared for a solid 30 seconds in shock at how ugly I am. Yesterday I thought I was cute and was taking pictures of myself. Wtf… I don't even know where I stand.

No. 584188

I don't want to get all race-war about it but white people will never understand how it feels to walk into an affluent area that is predominately white and get stared down as an arab or hispanic person. It's not even in my head, I walked into a restaurant to pick up an order and at least 10 people's eyes were on me and some people wouldn't stop despite making eye contact with them. I really want to ask them what the fuck they're looking at. It's like I'm invading their territory despite working in the area. It's even happened at a westernized middle eastern restaurant which I find fucking hilarious.

No. 584196

I'm a brown person and it happens. Ask them why they're staring, give them a glare back or just keep walking. It's really not that deep. Arabs are extremely racist against almost anyone non-Arab. It is what it is.

No. 584198

My depression is getting really scary. I randomly feel extremely angry, then extremely hopeless and suicidal. I would never kill myself for multiple reasons, but I'm scared about what could come next. I feel sick to my stomach.

No. 584205

I think some people too deep in TRA ideology might experience cognitive dissonance when reading the letter, so they lash out towards Rowling afterwards. It really can be cult-like.

Kek, my brown family once stopped at a rest station in Quebec and someone literally pointed out we were Indian (we're not).

No. 584206

this also happens to white people in non-white areas/countries too though, they just are too stupid to notice it or probably attribute it to the stares being positive/jealous lmao.

No. 584207

Mmm why do you think you’re that important or that people eating care? If anything they probably ogled you because you’re a woman. It would happen in whatever country your ethnic group is from, nothing surprising about that.

No. 584209

It's pretty normal, the same way you walk down the street in China if you are from Europe and everyone is staring at you.

No. 584211

File: 1594745446238.gif (1.88 MB, 250x308, 9f90e29d6488e.gif)

I'm sick of going on the internet and finding people on social media talking as if they are the fucking expert on whatever subject they are talking about at the time when they only read a few buzzfeed articles and a Huffpo opinion piece.

I mean it's fine to have an opinion, but often people are acting like they are the doctorate candidate who is the be all end all authority on something. It's fucking excruciating

No. 584212

I'm black and I used to work in rural Iowa. In January a co-worker and I were at a small restaurant and an Amish family walked in and this little boy, couldn't have been older than 4, was looking at me the entire time. He was so young, I doubt there was racial intent behind it (plus the mother was clearly trying to get him to stop), I think I was literally the first non-white person he ever saw.

No. 584215

File: 1594747032593.jpeg (50.44 KB, 300x375, E06197D7-C04E-4E5A-9B65-40C660…)

Just ordered in some junk food, gave the delivery guy a cash tip, 15 minutes later i get a notifications… this same guy added me on facebook and wants to send me a message??? We didnt even talk man, am i gonna be killed just cuz i didnt feel like making dinner…

No. 584219

Thank you so much anons. I feel a lot less burdened now. Just reading your replies helped me to feel less guilty about what I do. I wish you guys the best.

No. 584221

if you’re a girl then i relate. a few years ago a taxi driver got my number cuz i ordered it through an app and wouldn’t stop texting me. why do men have to be such fucking creeps

No. 584223

Yeah im a lady but now i wish i weren’t … Please i just wanna eat my junk in peace

No. 584225

this is why I stopped having food delivered, a delivery guy showed up the next day asking to "hang out" and I had to call the cops on him

No. 584231

missed my fucking interview because it was scheduled using a different timezone wtf? the place i was interviewing for is literally a 5 minute walk from where i live. im so pissed. im gonna attempt to reschedule. i need this job so so bad.

No. 584235

One of my male friends who I have never had a disagreement with just vehemently defended ProJared and his actions and argued with me and now I am crying cause I legitimately feel like every male on the planet is a dumb creep who can’t tell basic right from wrong. Dramatic response to talking about someone on the internet I don’t know, but I feel like I’ve been betrayed by someone I am close friends with defending this type of behavior.

No. 584238

Ring up his employer and tell them

No. 584240

kekkkkkkkkk you're dumb if you think anon thinks they're important for wondering why they're being stared down. it happens, if you want to deny it fine but don't come up with a corny narrative.

No. 584241

Well if he was a fan or a watcher then he probably got defensive because some men take criticism of the things they enjoy as a personal attack.
I remember dating a manchild who acted like I insulted his mother when I told him I wasn't interested in binge watching an anime with him due to the genre. He took it extremely personal, whereas women would be called psychos for having those kinds of reactions to being criticized.

No. 584242

Except I'm assuming anon is in America…and is not a tourist. So it's not even comparable. People shouldn't look at you like you fell from the sky just because their neighborhood doesn't have a lot of non-white people.

No. 584244

I hate when I like a male celeb and they turn out to be creeps in some way. I've completely stopped looking up info about male celebs so that I can just admire them in their roles and not be disappointed by their irl selves. Handsome men are already such a rarity, feels like a waste when they are bad people. Lol, I know this sounds really shallow and stupid.

No. 584247

I moved to a city before covid hit and everytime I go to the shop men come up to me trying to talk and I've had ENOUGH we are in a fucking pandemic get the fuck away from me scrote AGHHHHHHHHHGG!!!!!!!!!

No. 584250

What country are you in? This is weird because I feel like whites don't have the same prejudice against arabs that they would black or Hispanic people? I am arab btw and not white passing, if anything it's lower class whites that are more racist towards arabs/asians. Maybe you just look unusual/pretty to them rather than them thinking you don't belong there.

No. 584256

File: 1594750861571.png (165.26 KB, 953x930, dumb.png)

Everything is a womans fault. Even when discussing men and how they fuck up, it's suddenly about the fact 53% of women that voted, voted for Trump. No matter more men voted for him, no matter they're discussing a man, no matter more men than women are breaking COVID rules, OF COURSE it's actually the fault of women for "stanning" him. If those dumb bitches didn't enable this fully grown male things would be fine. And you can't call out the outright misogny without getting shit, of course.

I need to take a big step back from leftist spaces because they're just 99% identity politics. No one talks about the shit that matters.

In fact, has anyone ever trotted out % stats for men that voted for Trump? Why exactly is it down to women to do "the right thing"? Do people really not see the fucking sexism in this shit? Expecting women to vote in a particular way JUST because they're women?

No. 584258

I'm gonna fail my online internship because learning stuff from home is so hard and I have nobody to ask help for. I asked someone to do it for me (from internet) and they wanted 300 dollars ffs

No. 584260

This was about Chris Evans breaking covid quarantine btw.

No. 584264

ONTD always has been pretty misogynistic. But since it’s against ~*white women, it’s okay now apparently.

No. 584268

>don't make fun of women's appearances this is a safe space for women xoxo
>haha her teeth are FUCKED she must be BRITISH hahaha DUMB CHAV

yeah ONTD is all about slinging shit at women as long as they're white

No. 584270

It’s my birthday (26) and rather than being happy I have been crying secretly because I feel like a fucking failure, my life isn’t anywhere close to where I want to be and rona keeps ruining shit. I just want a hug and weep, I am mourning what I am not and I could have been.

No. 584271

Halfway through an 8 hour car trip to stay with my family, I started getting body aches and chills. Mother FUCK if I have corona and it rears its ugly head just at the point of no return

No. 584272

File: 1594751919617.jpeg (210.94 KB, 400x534, 2F361CA7-E45D-4BF1-9DDB-5ECF61…)

E-hug. Looking back and beating yourself up is a difficult cycle to break but it's a habit you can unlearn. I know it's a cliche platitude but there truly is no point in comparing your life with others'. You're young too. Happy birthday btw!

No. 584276

I’m bitter towards my parents for having me and not being rich and financially stable. They would’ve been better off aborting me or using protection. Broke people should never have kids.

No. 584277

Agree with the addition that emotionally unstable narcissists who can't maintain relationships and cheap out on their kids should be added to that list.
I'd rather have been aborted than treated like I owed my mom something all my life tbqh.

No. 584300

I seriously get so mad sometimes when I think about how stupid and arrogant my parents were for thinking that they deserved kids or were ready for them or that their shitty fucked up genetics would make a cute baby lmfao. Especially since they mentally, physically, and sexually abused me. I wish I was an abortion one million percent.

No. 584307

My boyfriend is so fucking messy it irritates the hell out of me. I’m not the tidiest person myself, but I’ve become much more conscious of that since being with him because of we both are messy then we’d be living in trash.
Every other day I clean our room, bathroom, kitchen, the living room and do the dishes. When he comes in it’s like a fucking tornado and suddenly his clothes are everywhere, the couch is covered with crumbs, food is left everywhere, his fucking nicotine patch wrappers are all over the ground.
The worst part is we have roommates who are a very organized and tidy couple and while I am resentful that I have to clean up after this manchild, it’s embarrassing as hell and makes me feel even worse when they wind up cleaning his mess.
I’ve talked to him about it and make comments regarding his messiness daily, he’s aware of it and claims he wants to be cleaner but there is never any damn effort.

No. 584318

Kek, I remember Mara Wilson rightfully calling them out a long ass time ago for trying to rebrand itself as a feminist community despite the fact that they always been shitty towards women in regards to how they look and a bunch of the comments were basically “O-oh yeah?!? Well…you’re a WHITE FEMINIST!!! PWNED!”

They can dish it but they sure can not take it

No. 584322

yup especially the ones who go on and on with pseudo psychological lingo like feeding the narc monster and sociopaths etc.
those are insufferable.

No. 584340

File: 1594758409904.jpg (67.67 KB, 400x400, IMG_3953.JPG)

I feel disgusted with myself for spending so much of my life/time online. I spent most of my late years of my childhood and all of my teenagehood online. Whenever I try to get into a new hobby I inevitably lose interest in it in 3 months or less.

No. 584351

I am about to lose my ABSOLUTE SHIT on my roommates

they left for a holiday (not like there's a pandemic or anything going on rn…) and left the common areas of our house DISGUSTING… food, trash, dishes left out. i hardly ever even use the common areas bc of the state they're usually left in and was so excited to have the house to myself… only to go downstairs and see that they didn't have the common fucking courtesy to clean up after themselves before they left. like it's disrespectful at this point especially when i keep my mess contained to my bedroom

i fucking WISH i wasn't so broke and I could just live by myself… i'm so tired of making chore charts and having important conversations and buying cleaning supplies and tidying up after myself to set an example for them to clearly just not give a fuck about how their behaviour is affecting others. ugh.

No. 584364

File: 1594761372882.gif (Spoiler Image,494.31 KB, 352x208, 5678865.gif)

Put all their shit in a black bag and leave it on their bed. Text them to let them know what you've done.

No. 584368

I miss my husband so, so much. I just want to hold him again.

No. 584373

File: 1594763350883.jpg (242.52 KB, 1452x1936, Xj6SKKB.jpg)

I know it's kinda narc-y and there are completely valid reasons for not doing it, but I feel a bit sad when I get my friends a gift and they don't post about it on social media. I know they don't have to, but it always makes me feel like what I got them isn't nice enough worth mentioning. I know it's not really true and there are other reasons, but I can't help my feels fam.

No. 584375

File: 1594763736329.jpg (277 KB, 488x520, pr.jpg)

I miss my older brother more than anything.
I wish I could show him how far I've come. After all the things that happened to me, how I'm still going, that I won't give up. Sometimes I think, maybe he sees it from above.. but the fact that he's not here, that he can't speak to me directly, makes it so difficult. If only I could have stopped him from going like that.. but there was nothing anyone could do. There will forever be a hole in my heart where he was, and I don't think I, or anyone, can ever fill it up again.
I wish I were the one to go instead.

No. 584376

Jealousy is so stupid!! I wish I could never feel jealous again! Honestly when I’m feeling annoyed and bothered and jealous about things, I just have to sit back and realise that things could be so much worse in my life. I need to learn to put things into perspective more often, it’s difficult and takes practice to constantly keep that mindset though.
When I start thinking negatively, the downward spiral I go down is horrible. Any motivated I have dries up, and I just stop doing things because what’s the point. I need to get out of it.

No. 584381

I really feel like I'll never find a job and I'm almost completely broke since I haven't been working after I left school this semester. I can't get unemployment because I had work study and our school still made everyone work through the start of the pandemic stuff so I literally flew back to work there full time after classes were cancelled. Now I'm graduated and have to live in a small house with my family and I feel like if I even get a job at this point I'll be risking their lives. So that's cool meanwhile everyone else is perfectly content with their 600 a week which I never even got while working full time during the pandemic lol I actually fucking regret going to college and putting in all this work only to be fucked over now for who knows how long

No. 584394

maybe people become passive aggressive BECAUSE communicating like an adult didnt work.

Maybe they tried telling someone that they were getting tired of taking on all of the house maintenance, but got treated like a typical straight naggy wife and laughed/shrugged off. Maybe both partners work but theyre left to take care of all the chores( including the ONE that was asked of their partner, to take care of twice a week in less than 3 minutes ,but will still forget to do anyway) deserves to angrily complete the task since the partner has spent the entire day doing jack shit even though they are exhausted from working and will now have to clean the entire house by themselves because the partner doesnt know how trashcans work, doesnt know that there is a spot for dirty dishes that will literally wash the dishes automatically without worrying about unloading/starting so that the partner doesnt have to leave plates full of old stinky food everwhere, and idk what im even typing anymore im just mad that i have spent the whole day working just to come home to a filthy house that ive got to clean before company gets here tomorrow

No. 584417

maybe people become passive aggressive BECAUSE communicating like an adult didnt work.

Maybe they tried telling someone that they were getting tired of taking on all of the house maintenance, but got treated like a typical straight naggy wife and laughed/shrugged off. Maybe both partners work but theyre left to take care of all the chores( including the ONE that was asked of their partner, to take care of twice a week in less than 3 minutes ,but will still forget to do anyway) deserves to angrily complete the task since the partner has spent the entire day doing jack shit even though they are exhausted from working and will now have to clean the entire house by themselves because the partner doesnt know how trashcans work, doesnt know that there is a spot for dirty dishes that will literally wash the dishes automatically without worrying about unloading/starting so that the partner doesnt have to leave plates full of old stinky food everwhere, and idk what im even typing anymore im just mad that i have spent the whole day working just to come home to a filthy house that ive got to clean before company gets here tomorrow

No. 584434

People pretending Glee was good is doing my head in.

No. 584440

Agree, that show made me barf

No. 584445

It was a terrible show with terrible actors. Literally none of the actors have went on to do anthing decent that I'm aware of. People are so bored during this pandemic

No. 584450

IDK it was pretty good in the first few seasons when they actually made it to be very over the top and parodic. Song covers were great for sure. When the writers started treating the show too seriously it definitely gotten bad though.

No. 584480

One of my biggest insecurities was being unable to secure an internship before I graduated. I did everything people recommend (going to my college's career center, reaching out to alumni, going on linkedin, consulting with my advisor, usajobs, etc.) but still was shit out of luck even though I started searching since sophomore year. I even applied somewhere my family member worked, but you needed like 90 credit hours at the time of application and I was a junior who would have more than enough hours once the internship started. I still applied but of course got rejected. I still feel burning jealousy when I look at other people's LinkedIn and see their list of internships and accomplishments. It really all comes down to who you know and just pure luck. It doesn't help that my location sucks and I didn't have money to move to DC or anywhere with more opportunities.

No. 584488

I know you're venting, but I find this reassuring. I'm in the same boat and as well as my insecurities with my peers, my family and friends keep implying I'm useless too. Hopefully we get something soon, I know we've both worked hard.

No. 584494

At least it was entertainingly bad. Also I think most of it was just nostalgiaposting by people who were teens when it was on.

I do think what happened to Naya is awful and my heart goes out to her family. RIP

No. 584504

I wish lesbian strip clubs were a thing. I wanna party and take my clothes off but only for other women

No. 584511

same, if i live to be old i'm going to feel so disgusted with myself for escaping into the internet and not living in the real world. my attention span is also destroyed.

No. 584513

Sometimes I want to cackle in my male acquaintances faces when they tell me how chill and laid back I am compared to other girls. I want to shove them and get in their face and ask them "is this chill????"

They are nice guys for the most part, and I know them through either work or hobbies but I get so peeved when a man who isn't family or my bf acts like they know anything about me because I shared a couple miniscule personal things.

No. 584528

thinking about my future makes me want to vomit. i try not to do it but i still get intrusive thoughts, just wish i could be in a coma forever.
the matrix shit of living in a simulation would be my personal heaven tbh

No. 584535

Oh god imagine how quickly "transbians" would ruin this

No. 584537

lmaoooo I fucking hate myself so much I have such a terrible personality and am such a shitty person, I'm straight up damaged goods, the only reason I'm still alive is bc I finally lost weight and put on muscle and my arms and shoulders look really good now…I'm finally hot I guess I should enjoy it for a bit.

No. 584541

File: 1594782888160.jpg (101.66 KB, 720x960, 1535666468367.jpg)

girk!!!! i bet you look amazing!!! i wish i was muscular but my fault is that i'm lazy… pls flex in the mirror for me

strong girls make me feel inside the way this pic makes me feel… so good. so powerful. ilu anon, okay?

No. 584544

lmao girl not girk

No. 584553

jesus christ i didn't even think of that

No. 584564

File: 1594785128409.jpg (7.21 KB, 275x236, 1580609077533.jpg)

anon…i'm flexin and cryin rn thank you bitch I love you too

No. 584572

I’m terrified of criticism and I get so caught up in trying to be perfect that I find myself afraid to do or say…anything. The world is so fucking hostile if you take a single step out of line and it makes me want to just run away. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive. I just want to exist around people without feeling afraid all the time.

No. 584577

I'm so fucking frustrated with the idiots in this country who can't fucking wear masks or not party for a few months, it feels like this shit is never going to end. And apparently herd immunity is unlikely since antibodies only last a few months and so a vaccine might not even work.
Fuck the CCP and their attempts to hide this while they let their people infect the world.
I seriously feel suicidal every day because everything feels hopeless. I have stayed home for 4 months, only going out to get food and such, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer etc. But because dumb fucks who think wearing a mask is a political statement, we're stuck like this for the foreseeable future. What is the point of being alive?

No. 584597

I've been playing mad victim lately in my head and I hate it so much. I feel so gross and so much of a baby.

> I have close to no friends. thats because of my social anxiety, which went ignored by my parents who didn't socialize me or allow me to go places on my own to lean to feel confident

> I'm kind of dumb. It's because my parents allowed me to stay on the computer all day long growing up and never checked to see if I did my homework and only cared when report cards came around because it gave the m an opportunity to make a comment about me being lazy

I want to punch myself grow up bitch.

No. 584603

Me including all my siblings have some physical or mental disorder (nothing extreme) but I know, I KNOWWWWWWWW It's because my parents of first cousins and I think they're beginning to acknowledge that. Bro like why did they feel the need to marry each other I get that it's common in our culture but both my parent's families have bad genes you mean to tell me I was destined to fail??!?!?!?!?!? Why couldn't you just choose literally anyone else dad you were a handsome, successful, and decent young man. Couldn't be bothered I guess.

No. 584610

How did you find the motivation? I wish i had a good body but i feel like weights/sports are not for me, i've never done it as a child so it's hard.

No. 584619

File: 1594801894850.png (605.09 KB, 583x559, 79706A59-076A-44DB-B0D8-FFC3DF…)

i recently lost my best friend of 5 years over some stupid shit and i'm in a lot of pain. im spiraling really hard and lashing out at people and losing weight and sleep i keep bursting into sobs with no warning and cycling between blaming myself and hating her. there's never going to be any coming back from what happened and my heart is completely broken. we had kind of a fucked up dynamic where she was always in and out of psych wards and i was always pushing down my problems and prioritizing her. i just couldn't prioritize her anymore and she flipped out and started blaming me for shit that didn't even sense. she went ballistic in the street and got the cops called on her and everything. it broke my heart so much. this whole thing is just really painful. the last text i sent her before blocking her everywhere said "fuck you." it was deserved, but it's just so jarring to me, i'd never said a single mean thing to her before that no matter what she threw at me

i'm getting a therapist though finally i'm kind of nervous bc ive been thru two others and they were both morons

No. 584627

I sort of know that situation myself and it’s very painful, 20 months later and I still find myself missing her but whatever you do please don’t go back to her, save yourself. I’m sure you will be happier, some people never change and people like that will always try to drag you to their level, they will take advantage of you as much as they can and never offer anything back. Please look out for you only.

No. 584632

Are you South Asian/Pakistani? I am too but my parents aren't related at all and I really feel my family look way less dysgenic than other Pakistani's in this country because the vast majority of them marry their cousins.

No. 584638


I’ve been in a similar situation, anon. I was close friends for about a decade with someone who was very troubled; CSA and DV survivor with unresolved trauma. She eventually got more and more unstable to the point that our friendship blew up and dissolved. It was painful at first but the cliché of time being the biggest healer really is true. It’s been about 3/4 years now and I don’t miss her; i actually realised how calm my life is now without her. The only weird thing is I heard recently she had it a kid and gave it the same (pretty rare) name as me, so that’s weird. I really feel for you anon, I’m sorry.

No. 584639

NTAYRT but the amount of first cousin marriages in Paksitan is insane. Literally half of the people I know are children of first cousins. Almost every marriage I have attended has been between cousins. The only reason my mom married someone outside her family is because she didn't have any cousins she could marry kek, she told me if she had a cousin her age then she would've married him. Well, I'm glad there wasn't.
I know a couple who literally look like siblings in appearance and everyone mistakes them as brother and sister and they have to correct them, like jfc.

No. 584640

honestly it's mostly because of my job, I work in shipping and have to haul heavy boxes/stacks of boxes/pallets around all day so I put on muscle in my arms and lost weight just as a side effect of that. The only thing I do besides that is pushups. I also have broad shoulders and put on muscle in my arms pretty easily. I wish I had a more helpful answer lol sorry anon.

No. 584642

I'm middle eastern. It's becoming less common among Arab americans.

No. 584644

I live in the UK and more than half the Pakistani's here are inbred. I think I read somewhere that around 70% of Pakistani's here marry their cousins too. My dads entire extended family have all (bar three) gotten arranged marriages to their cousins. My dad was forcefully engaged to his cousin but stood up to his parents and married my mom instead. I love flexing the fact I am not inbred on other Pakistani's here because it gets them mad. The way people our parents age STILL don't see cousin marriage as disgusting is shocking.

No. 584647

File: 1594806040315.png (1.34 MB, 1504x2048, kill me.png)

i think my bf is going to break up with me soon. even if he comes back, he'll break up with me once i move away in a month and a half.

this is my first relationship and i did so many things for him hoping he'll eventually return it. early on he even admitted he should and that he would learn to be more thoughtful. i was being very patient as he's not naturally inclined to plan and be thoughtful. i do believe that he loves me more than anything, but he revealed that me moving away soon makes it hard for him to give his all in the relationship.

it hurts so fucking bad. it's like he was just chilling, accepting my unconditional love and attention for months, while knowing he would never make it up to me before our relationship eventually explodes due to distance (according to him).

he swears it's not like that and that he doesn't want to break up but he keeps flip flopping between "it's who i am", "i should but i can't" and "we have different expectations". how am i supposed to believe that he doesn't want to give up on us when he sees no future for us and thinks he inherently cannot meet the basic requirements for a boyfriend?

i wish i could be all bad-bitch "THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER SINGLE MEN/WOMEN OUT THERE READY TO SPOIL ME ANYWAY!!! I DON'T EVEN NEED HIM" and say fuck it but i'm a retard who can't have sex so every relationship is bound to implode when the other person realizes they can't spend an indefinite amount of time with someone who never reciprocates any sexual feelings.

i feel like shit looking at the past, i feel like shit being in the present and i feel like shit thinking about the future. shoot me

No. 584649


That sucks, but it seems he is not the right person for you. You want your romantic life to be a solved problem so you are putting your expectations on him to be the one.

Don't worry, it will hurt for a while but you will find someone else. Don't ever be with someone that loves you less than you love them. It's a recipe for humiliation and disaster.

No. 584654


i knew he wouldn't be The One because we have different life paths but i thought we could have something special for as long as it could last.

it double sucks because until a couple of years ago, i stopped myself from living because i couldn't deal with the fact that everything eventually comes to an end. i thought there was no point building human relationships when i was supposed to move away in a semester, a year, two years. (i'm often between continents since starting university)

while i was abroad for a year i learned that if you give your all for even just 5 months, those 5 months will be forever valuable to you and there's nothing that can replace that. a relationship wasn't a failure just because it didn't last 5 years.

ut now i'm met with my old mindset in the form of a different person. was i suppose to treat him like a pet i use for cuddles while watching netflix and nothing else?

maybe you're right. it just wasn't meant to be. but i wish he would have simply broken up with me instead of accepting all my love and time knowing he wouldn't do more than the very bare minimum.

sorry for rant it just went downhill so fast yesterday lmao.

No. 584655

today i saw a lady strung out on drugs (i think heroin) passed out in a parking lot as her boyfriend screamed at her and a made up person and flung shit everywhere, breaking bottles and taking her limp hand and smacking him across the face. ive seen plenty of druggies before but theyve never seemed to have overdosed and it was so frightening to watch her barely able to open her mouth to respond to the police… and to witness her be abused by what im assuming is a paranoid schizophrenic was awful. she seemed so sweet from what i could tell and she couldn't even move on her own. i think im actually somewhat traumatized by it because i honestly thought she was going to die and i still dont know if shes going to be okay but they still took her to the hospital. it just really upsets me i guess that drugs have to exist and people can just get caught in it so easily as well as what seems to be a toxic, abusive relationship with another drug addict who i think has been supplying her because the officer could only find over the counter pills in her bag. the boyfriend fled the scene too because in his daze he could tell he was fucked up and i know he has problems but im just so fucking mad at him and i dont even know this man.

No. 584666

File: 1594808863339.jpg (55.67 KB, 300x300, 3a7ce188755bcce47bab6f7016c061…)

I hung out with a group of frens for years in my early twenties. We used to hang out once or twice a week and go watch movies, watch comedy stuff on youtube, go out to eat, do activities like bowling, etc. It was pretty normie tier stuff, it was all good.

Around two to three years ago though, they started changing to be more and more on the computer and doing less outside. They wanted to do less and less, not go to movies, we didn't really play boardgames anymore. It literally involved me meeting up with them and them being content to continue play computah, even the simple walk to the shop became rare.

Tbh I'm kinda hurt because it was the most comfy time of my life with them. I don't know if they're sick of me or they just hang out with new people. But I have a feeling they don't, they don't play board games anymore, they don't watch movies, they don't seem to go out and do things. They even appear to be seeing each other less and less.

Am I wrong in feeling frustrated with how they live their life and with how I'm judging them? I just wanted better for them than to remain playing the same games everyday after work, I feel bad because they're smart and capable men and they're going to be that way their entire lives, literally regressing into soy shit.

No. 584667

Right?! That would be great. But only if it's by women, for women. No fucking male pimp strip club owner.

No. 584668

File: 1594809023378.jpg (47.33 KB, 730x746, a6a226772c2cdb53a716ca4f1b9971…)

NTAYRT but I love you, anon. Best and cutest response ever, I'm literally crying.

No. 584679

My grandma died and to me it was sudden but it turns out she'd been sick for 3 months and no one in the family told us. I'd just talked to my grandma too, not even two weeks ago and she didn't hint at being terminal in any way even though she'd apparently been in the process of selling her house she was so sure she was on deaths doorstep. There is no excuse for what they all did, me and my sister are gutted and can't even grieve because we're so angry we were kept out of the loop.

No. 584681

i'm so sorry anon. do you know why they hid it from you and your sister?

No. 584712

I'm so fucking mad and I hate how I automatically get sad and anxious anytime I'm angry. Oh you gonna cry? Yeah I'm gonna cry, there's nothing else I can do!

No. 584714

My condolences to you and your sister, anon. That's a horrible thing your family did to you. I hope you can find out why and eventually come to peace. Losing a grandparent is a pain like no other.

No. 584725

I'm trading in my 7 edge for an s20 through samsung but I don't know if the third party service they use will credit me anything past $25 cause of how severely cracked this phone is. I even selected that the phone doesn't meet all qualifications because of cracks but I still think they highballed the discount. Meaning I'll likely owe more money after I send it in, ughhh.

Not only multiple cracks on the front, but back as well.
I smashed the front with an axe point (stupid story) and while it's somehow functional, I'm not sure what constitutes a "dead pixel." It looks like the phone might've picked up moisture and gunk from the big cracks and now there's an off green cloudiness. Even though the image behind isn't dead in any way. It somehow being able to function through all this has been the reason why I've held onto my phone for as long as I have. So who knows, I doubt they'll give me anything for this broken fossil.
I can't wait for my new phone.

No. 584728

I’m a mixed person, half and half and honestly I’m tired of being involved or talking about black lives matter and black issues.

I’m not even attracted to black men or women. I’m bi

And I feel like I never have been but on a friend level I get in with anyone. Sexually, no.

But I don’t want kids with a black guy or girls (different situation I’m aware).

Being tied down into a depressing history, I struggle enough with my own hair let alone having a kid with probably even coarser hair. It’s a nightmare. And I just don’t think black babies are cute anyway. I don’t even find mixed babies that cute and I can’t understand what the hype is. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t hate being half black or black people. It’s just the drama it all comes with. The history, the arguments, the envy, the harassment.

I think I’ve always known I’ve never wanted to be with someone fully black. After being bullied by misty black people and Pakistanis in my school as a kid. That put me off the most and all this reverse racism shit annoys me.

Black people get shit and I understand but it annoys me when people say they can’t be racist. They’re racist as fuck. Don’t get me started about what they say to Asians. Asians are and can be as bad. Whites - as bad. But I’m tired of black people being excused due to the fucking movement.

I just roll my eyes now and I pray my future kids don’t have to put up with the same shit like I had to. No wonder black people are breeding out.

Everyone hates each other and it’ll only get worse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584730

A scrote pretending to be a mixed girl?

No. 584736

Seems like it. The way they added in the whine about being friendzoned, kek.

No. 584737



Another british chav using the word “scrote” when the majority of people that used this site aren’t british and are probably wondering what the fuck that word even means…

No. 584738


You need to reread. Lol because in no way shape or form have I stated being friend zoned. Especially from black people.

No. 584741

I was empathetic with the being mixed and not wanting to be with black men or guilted into participating in low IQ BLM shit.
>Another british chav using the word “scrote” when the majority of people that used this site aren’t british and are probably wondering what the fuck that word even means
But turns out it's a retarded LARP. Get permabanned faggot.

No. 584742

>no sage
>thinks "scrote" in the context of this site is British slang
>thinks they know what the majority of the people that use this site think
>"btw I dont like blacks, and did i mention i dont like blacks, also i dont like blacks"
Newfag bait, kek. First the tranny, now this.

No. 584753

File: 1594825227833.gif (1.49 MB, 320x240, 1590652209845.gif)

My mother is so disgusting. There's this disgusting smell coming from her, it's all sour and nasty and whenever she's around I hold my breath and hope that she'll quickly leave me alone. She doesn't wear any underwear, pees and takes a shit with the bathroom door open (despite everyone literally yelling at her for so many years now to close it but she gets mad every time someone tells her to), walks around with her tits out in front of everyone (and sometimes even half naked), doesn't take a shower when she needs to and then has the GUTS to get mad at everyone in the family who dares to criticize her and then starts legit screeching (not screaming, she seriously screeches) over how we are disrespecting her and don't know how to treat our precious mother right, and then runs to my father and starts telling him about how we attacked her again for the nth time today (even though she is always the one who starts the fights). Go take a shower you disgusting smelly fuck, it's not that deep. Us telling you to take a shower has nothing to do with being a bunch of "disrespectful children" or whatever the fuck you're deluding yourself into thinking. I swear I hate her so much. She's the perfect example of a mentally ill abusive mother. Throughout my entire life she's always been insisting on being right and you're wrong, literally fights with everyone everyday, always resorts to violence and insulting her children instead of acting like a normal parent, everyone is out to get her, everyone wants to attack her, everyone is jealous of her, they want to be her so bad, they want her life so bad,… yadda yadda. The only tolerable thing back then was that she changed her clothes regularly and took a shower. Now that's not even the case anymore, she changes her top but then wears the same sweatpants with no underwear that already smell so fucking bad. I want to lose my ability to smell.

No. 584754

>I’m not even attracted to black men or women. I’m bi


No. 584758

At least yours is outright psycho so you can feel good in knowing anyone would think she's psycho.
Mine is a great actress from having a theater degree and being a teacher so she knows the right things to say and how to behave around the right people. Meanwhile behind closed doors her smug and high horse mask slips for an occasional screechout. Same shit with not being able to close the bathroom door and walking around naked. She fancied herself the center of the universe when I lived with her, yet also a selfless martyr whenever we had company.

No. 584767

File: 1594827665724.jpg (106.74 KB, 960x720, 1535243114783.jpg)

why would you out yourself like this

No. 584771

File: 1594828053187.jpg (21.56 KB, 645x773, 1449012061595.jpg)

tired of having ED related thoughts everyday. I didn't get any sort of help recovering from anorexia (just angry outbursts from my mother), few years later i'm at normal weight and eat whatever usually but every single day i think about how many calories some of the things i eat/drink have,feel guilty, eat my feelings in safe sweet foods, still feel like some foods are safe,freak out if i find out some food i ate had more fat than i was told at first, wont buy myself snacks over 200 calories, too scared to eat dinner early.
i just want to start feeling like i know these things don't matter. jfc it's been almost three years.

No. 584775

I want a girlfriend so bad. I haven't dated for six years and those relationships were in high school so idk if you can even call them actual serious relationships.
I vaguely remember what it felt like to look at someone and think "I'm so lucky, I never want to be anywhere but here". How good it felt.

But I'm too much of a mess to even create a tinder profile or even talk to people online to just make friends. Not to mention in real life. I'm too scared of liking someone again and them breaking my heart or finding my ADHD ass annoying and ghosting me. At this rate I'll be lonely forever as all my friends get married and live their perfect little married suburban lives while I'm that one person who reluctantly attends their kids birthday parties and brings vodka because what are you supposed to bring to kids birthday parties really? And eventually I'm 49 and end up in an unhappy sham marriage with some potbellied white guy named Gary who has a receding hairline and who wears cargo shorts and who thinks Seinfeld is a pinnacle of comedy.

No. 584780

File: 1594829760572.png (138.25 KB, 540x405, 132F2D0E-F1D2-49EC-AA65-D2A0D5…)

I quit smoking in February, after 8 years of being a smoker. While i love being able to breathe, I’ve also put on like 25 lbs, and just ripped my last pair of jeans. I feel so ugly, but at least I don’t smell like a cigarette butt.

No. 584781

File: 1594830351926.png (327.73 KB, 727x490, 1458507372025.png)

I quit over a year ago and I still think about smoking every single day

No. 584787

File: 1594831868853.gif (1.38 MB, 400x225, tumblr_mhclk7kdJv1rasi8do1_400…)

Just found out a butch lesbian I used to know trooned out and now identifies as a man. I was not close to her, I only met her a few times (she was the girlfriend of a friend) but she was part of the group of lesbian and bi women in university who helped me figure out my bisexuality, we even went at the local pride and hung out near the lesbian float, it was awesome. I don't get it, she was super out and her parents supported her. I'm so upset, no matter what TRAs say, the troon epidemic is real (and I don't even live in the US).

No. 584790

My grandfather quit smoking in the 80s and there are still times when he wants to go back to it

it's a really tough addiction but you got this!

No. 584792

I have to go to a game night at my best friend's bf's house and i fucking hate him, he's so trash and doesn't deserve her. I'd rather ditch and be spending time with MY ain't shit bf, but I love her, ugh.

No. 584796

This dude I was feeling pretty good with said he can't see a future with me because I'm not a virgin. I told him that I regret it, it was years worth of grooming and I was very young while the man I had sex with was very old. He insulted me a little for being 'so easy' and then went on a spiel about 'I want to be a girls first everything. You've already done so much and I'm disappointed yada yada' and I hate to say this anons, but his words made me cry.
I'm giving up on dating at this point

No. 584797

Anon, fuck that guy. He's trash lol, what a piece of shit and poor excuse to break things off with someone in this day and age. I'm sorry that those words resonated with and hurt you, but that doesn't make them right. It doesn't sound like it was a sexual experience/experiences that were healthy for you, and you deserve those from someone who won't shame you and loves and supports you fully. You'll find that! And it won't be from this clown!

No. 584800

Lol block him and say nothing else. He will be back and when he comes back reject him.

No. 584801

My mom is a dumbass who spews out dumb ass fake gay shit to her students and it gives me such second hand embarassment to listen to her doing it specially because she puts off this fake ass strong persona in front of them but that's so freaking dumb and stupid
I'm sure my aspergers comes from her and dunno she's just so naive and gullible and assuming, like she asumes things and talks baseless stuff and just interrupts always

I know I will rustle someone's jammies saying my mom is dumb and likes repeating too many fake news but idc tbh lol
Worst offender so far was that she started saying that covid is just a bacteria instead of a virus because she saw it on a fake gay ass youtube video god RIP my life was better when I didn't had to see her all day everyday and I'm slowly losing my mind being in my room all day trying not to hear how she gives class to normie 20-somethings trying to assert her dominance

I just want to move out so badly but idk life sucks

No. 584802

it's the internalised misogyny anon

No. 584809

You're so kind anon. Thank you so much. I usually try not to let stuff like this get to me but I was really liking this boy so I was crushed that even after I told him something so personal he insulted me. Hope I do find someone worthwhile. Your words made me feel very warm.

You got it anon, i blocked him

No. 584810

I need to sperg out more about my mom sorry lol
Worst thign about my mom is that she made us grow up fat and malnourished (worst fucking combo and thanks I have the lowest self esteem ever) and thanks to my fucking aspergers and ED-like mind thinking I'm so fucking picky and stupid with food
Like tbh she might not be the worst parent ever but she was always so uncaring? Even though she basically says that isn't true
She never went to therapy even though she should had, like she just sleeps all day and always has to mention how tired she is
But worst thing ever is that she always always always only makes 1 single dish for us to eat ALL DAY like ok, she for example makes one piece of meat for me and my crazy ass brother (he's a legit diagnosed schizo) and calls it a day, like, that's all your meal for the day kek, not gonna bother doing more I guess

My ex always for some reason got mad at me for not knowing what eating a true meal is but can you blame me? sometimes we would only eat chips for lunch and that's it lmao kill me please
And then I figured out that a meal for normal families is like, one piece of meat, a serving of vegetables, and a serving of carbs, I literally just grew up eating one of those things a day and then scavenging for whatever food was on the fridge
Sometimes she would just buy 3 large pizzas and give us the equivalent of one to each person in the family lol and since I'm literally stupid I thought this was normal

I'm trying to learn how to cook but I'm literally so STUPID I can't cook for shit and it's not like I can use her food because she gets angryyyyyy and I don't have money to buy my own atm but god

sorry for this shit vent I'm just tired

No. 584812

You’re annoying, if you want to vent make your own post and don’t downplay someone else’s with your “you think that’s bad, mine is even worse!” narrative

No. 584813

I feel you. My high school friend group all trooned out like a stack of dominos falling over, and now several years on, half are on T, the sister of one of them also got roped in and is on T, and one of them is dead from suicide and at the funeral it was surreal having to use a new name I never knew her by. Shit sucks

No. 584814

i just had my dress lifted by some sicko who proceeded to take a picture of my ass and run away.
i really didn't need this.

No. 584815

You're annoying.

Is there some BPDchan getting extra bootyblasted at posts for no reason lately?

No. 584818

I'm really sorry anon. Fuck that gross creep, hope he chokes.

No. 584819

Jesus that is horrible. I’m sorry you had to experience that anon, scrotes are the worst.

No. 584822

All of my high school friends trooned out also or they’ve become some violently up the ass tra ‘kweer’, although they only participate in hetero relationships while constantly sperging about how attractive they find girls.
My best friend was the first who trooned out and got on T for almost a year, but then came to her senses and detransitioned.
It was horrible for her because all of the others in the group cheered her on and held her on a pedestal for being the first to take hormones, but then when she came out about the detrans they all took it as a personal attack for some reason, dropped her like a rock and now talk nothing but shit about her. At least now I have an irl friend who I can talk gender critical with and not get my ass chewed out. Fuck tra

No. 584823

Nta, you are annoying. You hijacked that anon's post to whine about how it's worse for you. Sounds like you picked up a page or two in your mom's book of narcissism.

No. 584825

thank you anons.i'm thinking it's more of a spur of the moment decision he made and that he won't try to identify me or find me again but it's still…stomach-churning.
i know about up-skirts and all the "classic" kinds of sexual assault/harassment but i never even considered someone lifting my tightly fitting dress to take a picture of me and run away. are we just never safe?

No. 584829

Someone who would shame you for getting taken advantage of when you were younger is not someone you want to have a future with either. Guys obsessed with virginity have issues, you dodged a bullet anon.

No. 584832

It's an anonymous post on lolcow. You'll recover.

No. 584834

File: 1594839580931.jpg (48.74 KB, 720x400, pooh-confused.jpg)

>always the fallback and second choice in friend group
>decide to start making my own fun
>do my research and travel to super cool places solo
>post pictures to social media
>friends: omg this is so cool we wanna go take us with you next time!

I hate it when people make it so obvious they have no interest in you, just the shit you can offer them.

No. 584836

I am sorry for you, anon-chan. I hope you will meet nice people that will treat you better.

No. 584838

i hope you can find friends outside of your friend group who see you as the first choice.

No. 584843

File: 1594840373452.jpg (58.22 KB, 452x1201, 1526676283606.jpg)

I hope you feel better today <3

Ilu2 anon, pic is me kissin both of u

my vent for today is my company is gonna bring us back from WFH part-time to being onsite full-time next week and I'm not ready to go back to that commute….at least i have time to get used to the idea, i guess!

No. 584849

I got a dog a couple months ago and now the previous owner is threatening to get a lawyer and wants it back and I'm freaking out

No. 584850

did you get it through a rescue?

No. 584851

what the fuck aren't there laws against this? that you can't claim a dog if you abandoned it/haven't claimed it? also many people threaten legal action to scare people off. unless they're uber rich i doubt a lawyer is going to help sue you for your dog.

No. 584852

I got it through craigslist. She gave me her vet papers but I'm sure the dog is still microchipped under the previous owner's name

No. 584855

Lol she can't do shit especially if you have a paper trail of the transaction or agreement over email or text. Block her on all mediums.

No. 584856

I doubt she will actually hire a lawyer. Did you exchange money for the dog?

No. 584857

She mentioned a rehoming fee but when we met up, she waived it and said it was just to scare off people who would get the dog for dog fights

No. 584858

At my practice, if you have an animal for 30+ days you are legally the owner. Call the microchip company ASAP to change the information. If you're unsure of the MC company, see if you can bring it to a clinic to get it scanned.

Do the vet papers have the MC information? You can generally figure out which company it is by googling the first couple of numbers + microchip. But you need to do this like yesterday

No. 584859

Well that's not ideal but basically proof that she's just trying to intimidate you. Dogs are property, even if it was a gift of sorts with no money exchange, this is basically like suing someone to get a Christmas present back. I doubt any good attorney would even take on the case. In the meantime, get the microchip changed/removed, gather any receipts of vet visits, food, and toys you've bought for the dog, if you want to be on the safe side. She would have to prove that you stole the dog to claim legal ownership basically, but she can still be a psycho and try to steal it from you or something so be careful.

No. 584860

a bitch giving dogs away on craigslist isn't hiring a lawyer. do you think this could be a scam to get the dog back with all its vaccines/spayed/etc without having to spend the money herself or something?

No. 584861

I'm out of town and don't have her papers on me. Looking at my dog's collar, I see a rabies tag but not a microchip one (though I don't know if they give tags for microchips)

I can try taking her to a local vet to see what they say though.

No. 584862

I remember when I got her, she asked if I could take care of the dog until she got a new place and give it back.

I of course said no.

No. 584864

Clinic anon here, they don't usually give tags for MC, but some MC will come with a card that has the MC information on it. Local vet will be able to scan her for a chip, and sometimes if you're nice to the front desk, front desk can trace the chip for you, or at the very least inform you what company it's registered to. Then all you have to do is call the company and tell them you need to update the information.

Rabies tag is good identifying info also, they are unique, so write that number down somewhere just in case.

You'll be fine anon, I promise. Thank you for giving this pup a good life!!

I would make a google drive where you upload any pertinent pup info - screenshots/pdfs of email/text exchange, medical hx, up-to-date pup pictures, etc.

Also, when vet scans the microchip, take a picture with your phone, and upload that to the Google drive too so you have it somewhere!

No. 584865

I’ve seen this on legal advice reddit before. If she asks for money at this point it’s 100% a scam, she doesn’t care about the animal.

No. 584868

Same anon, I blanked, there are MC tags - like the HomeAgain ones look like little yellow houses, but I find a lot of the time people throw em out.

I'm sure the clinic will be okay with doing a free MC scan btw. Just call them ahead and ask if they're okay with it. (Depending on how their social distancing is going). Let them know the situation if you feel comfortable, but that you would like to get her MC info changed ASAP to give yourself peace of mind.

No. 584888

I wish I had a friend or even friends. I feel so lonely. The people who currently talk to me (like once a month) do so out of necessity, I can tell were not really friends at the end of the day.

No. 584895

different anon but still curious about laser. do you think its worth going to a salon for it or get an at-home machine and save money? Ive seen so many at home ipls it makes me curious since I hate my body hair

No. 584910

Don't waste your money on home laser, it's bunk. I tried it about ten times in my armpits and it never killed any hair. All it did was zap my skin, which I guess made people think it worked but all the signs (hair pushing out, smell of hair burning, etc) weren't there.

Get a deal on groupon. I paid 524USD total for my brazillian years ago (I feel like I could've gotten it cheaper though), and recently 145USD total for my armpits. I figured it would be worth it since waxes cost like 50-70 per.

No. 584915

Watching the newest video essay from The Take on female friendships made me feel so lonely, I miss having female friends so bad… after college I moved out not only away from the only female friend I had left but also into a job environments that are predominantly male and I've never managed to connect with any of these few other women I worked with; and that only friendship deteriorated unfortunately. High school times of having a group of girl friends feel almost surreal, like it wasn't me. I wish I can have anything like that in the future.

So I guess in a way I feel you, >>584888 anon.

No. 584920

I got into my top choice med school after being waitlisted for like 7 months which I am so so grateful for. But now I am on the other side of the country from all my friends and family and I am just so lonely. I'm trying to make friends but I live alone and it doesn't seem appropriate to ask people to hang out now. My socialization is mainly doing group work in class where we all have to distance and wear masks. I want a dog to cheer me up but im single and live in an apartment. Ugh I just wanna hug someone.

No. 584922

Have you considered fostering kittens? It's kitten season rn and a lot of shelters are getting full. I would recommend if you could foster kittens on the older side (4-7 weeks, generally they're adoptable at 8wks), as the younger ones need to be fed and stimulated around the clock. It's really wonderful to see them grow up and learn to do things! I could watch young kittens for hours tbh.

Although, if you think your prof would be okay with you bringing a baby to class [1-3weeks], all you would need is a hot pad (microwaveable kind that stays warm for ~8hrs) and KMR (kitten milk replacement). You could keep the kitten in a soft carrier with a towel on top of the hot pad, and just take it out to feed/stimulate every 2 hours. Stimulating is easy, you just take a tissue or toilet paper, wet it a little bit, and rub it on their genitals/butthole, and that helps them go.

Only downside for these babies is you have to do it at night too! So that's why I usually recommend the slightly older kittens that can wait a little longer between feedings/stimulating. (4+ weeks).

Sorry, I went into a bit of a kitten rant there, but I think they're fascinating little creatures and a wholesome distraction to bleakness. Plus, you'd be the most popular kid in class - just, uh, clear it with your profs first, I guess!

Congratulations on med school! I'm proud of you!

No. 584942

I’m so sick of these reddit posts (yes I know Reddit is the problem) about how women get complimented 240000000 times a day and men survive mentally on 1 compliment every leap year. It’s so fucking stupid. First off, gee, I wonder how many “compliments” are just disgusting comments on women’s bodies. Second, shut the fuck up about your pathetic self pity about how many compliments you get. Men acting like they’re so neglected because women aren’t going “ooh nice bulge” 24/7. On average how many people actually get compliments daily that aren’t creepy? From strangers? It’s a weird embarrassing trend I hope dies down.

No. 584945

I feel you, anon.

I honestly wonder how would the even react if they got to experience the dirty old men telling them they have a nice ass or the wonders of creepy ass teenagers telling them they got a nice bulge and that they can’t wait to get in their pants.

The majority of those fucking idiots wouldn’t be able to handle the first “compliment” and would probably freak out.

No. 584946

Agree. Also, why do these dumbass men put the burden on women to compliment their ugly asses? A large portion of the compliments women get are from other women. If these guys think men not getting complimented is such a major issue, how about they make a change and start complimenting their fellow male friends, family, coworkers, etc.? Nah, let's blame it all on women.

No. 584951

Not accounting how women get compliments from other women, literally at least 2/3 of any selfie comment sections are girls. Men can’t even look another man in the eyes let alone compliment on his attractiveness. They’re so fucking weak.

No. 584953

so imagine your bf follows someone on twitter who is literally their perfect match to a T, appearance, personality, hobbies, sense of humour, everything. you express that it bugs you, due to your own insecurities. he gets upset but seems to slow down on the likes of his twin. one day it’s really bad, you get upset and leave to cool off. then by some WEIRD coincidence the twins account doesn’t exist anymore. What the actual FUCK….I wasn’t blocked, I never followed her and her account was active a few hours ago. You ask him to tell you the truth and there’s just silence on his end. My gut is telling me something is off.

No. 584955

Maybe if they put in 0.1% of the effort women put into being attractive, they would get compliments too. But no, most of them are hideous and would take a compliment as proof of your interest in them, and the ones who are actually attractive have such huge egos they don't deserve compliments.

Men compliment us to try get it in, women compliment each other because we're all constantly pressured to look perfect and want to be kind. Not our problem if they don't have the same goodwill towards each other.

No. 584956

Thanks for your advice!! I've definitely been thinking about it, I've never had a cat before but maybe I should take the plunge this week and apply for fostering. A lot of my classmates are doing it, it's definitely a great COVID activity, especially for busy students. Thanks for replying!

No. 584960

Men get complimented all the fucking time for doing the bare minimum. I don't understand this meme. Also men will be downright cruel to a girl they don't deem hot enough that pays them any sort of attention. Pick a struggle.

No. 584962

I can only say, I feel for you anon and I hope it will soon turn out to be nothing to worry about. Was your bf and that person ever even communicating directly or was it just public likes / comments / retweets? I tend to project my bf's preferences onto other people just for it to turn out that I cared about these other people far more than he ever did, I hope it's a similar case here and it will be all fine for you.

No. 584963

I'm confused do you think he was larping as the girl? Does he actually speak to the girl on twitter and she's remade a new account what are you insinuating

No. 584964

THANK YOU. 99% of men's problems could be solved by MEN.

I've seen this with other shit too, like "Waaah men never get hugged or physical affection!" Then start hugging each other. Start playing with each other's hair. It's not women's job to coddle you. "Waaah men can't hide their ugliness with makeup!" Yes you can, start wearing makeup. (Also beards are low-key makeup. Men can hide their weak jaw and double chin with a good beard. Women can't do that.)

99% of the men who complain about needing more compliments will lose it if a gay man, a trans woman, a fat woman, a non-virgin woman, etc compliment them.

No. 584965

anon these are your issues. If you don't trust your bf to not cheat on you with some twitter girl, dump him. He probably told her you're stalking her and she blocked you. He's alrady chosen her over you.

No. 584966

>Also men will be downright cruel to a girl they don't deem hot enough that pays them any sort of attention.
You just know that when they're imagining being complimented, it's by an attractive woman they hope is secretly into them. Ugly, fat, older women are all invisible to them, and their compliments aren't what they want.

No. 584967

Why do men on reddit think being a woman is some sunny walk in the park?

Can I exchange my Female ExperienceTM of 2,000,000 compliments for a Male ExperienceTM where I'm not at risk for sexual harassment, rape, violence, stalking, or murder by simpling existing as a woman? Thanks.

No. 584970

Because they are projecting. They think because we can get sex easier and can fuck for money that life is easier because these are things THEY want. They want to have meaningless nsa sex anytime they want.

No. 584975

yknow, he’s got a history of larping online. But she had pictures, video…another account she hung out with would post pics, if it was a larp it was pretty goddamn elaborate. I don’t think I’m blocked considering her followers are saying “fuck, she’s gone”. Just very suspicious timing, sorry if I sound paranoid but the dude is a hyper autist…so am I, with many of my own problems due to childhood molestation and low self esteem. But, I’m always honest and always put everything out on the table. If he breaks my heart I’m just gonna stay single forever, not worth the grief and I feel a bit like I’m too damaged to be with another person. I do hope we can work it out because he’s been a very good positive influence on me, fake or not.

No. 584979

talk to him about it! anon even the worst response is better than being left in the dark and living in your own anxieties, believe me. just sit down with him and discuss the discomfort in the timing of her account deletion and your upset. just try to express more about the feelings you get and maybe put emphasis on you feeling irrational and confused because men can be babies when a woman is confident.

No. 584981

thanks anon, I’m heading home now to talk about it. I’ll update on how it goes. It very well could be just a coincidence and terrible timing.

No. 584983

I'm so glad you're considering it! Fostering is a really great experience. I hope if you do go ahead with it, the rest of your summer is full of cute animal memories

No. 585003

Because women dont treat men they way they treat us. Men need men to harass them on the daily and then those harassed men will maybe feel 1 percent of what it's like to be a woman. denied rights. paid less for the same job, etc etc…

No. 585004

That's honestly so upsetting. I knew a butch lesbian way back who is now NON-BINARY, but i fear she'll troon out soon. This is an attack on lesbians. I hate the tranny agenda.

No. 585007

Most, if not all sex toy shops are really discreet and ship under a different name. I order from babes in toyland and they have really legit non-sus packaging.

No. 585018

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and PTSD in 2012(?) and sent to a hospital psych ward for three months due to my behaviour on haloperidol. I went off the medication cold turkey in November 2014 and never had an episode of anyshit ever again. I constantly live with the fear that I'm totally gonna chimp out again and be locked up. Sometimes I wish it would happen sooner than later if it's going to, just so I can get it all over with. I refuse to be medicated but I'm paranoid and the things I do aren't normal, but I didn't think I was crazy back then, either. Confuses the fuck out of me so I never think about it until something reminds me of it.
Goddamn I just wish things were easy and relaxing

No. 585024

I hate that the US acts like it is at the center of the universe. Stop dragging me into your shit, I am leaving.

No. 585026

My parents have never really been invested in me. My interests, goals, grades, nothing. It makes me wonder if they just had me so that they wouldn't have to be alone with each other.

No. 585034

My apartment is really dark and depressing. It's awkward opening the windows because I'm on the first floor and there's a walkway right outside. People always look in and make eye contact with me.

I wish I could live in a fancy high rise with floor to ceiling windows. I always watch those on youtube and feel jealous.

No. 585036

File: 1594871378738.png (626.84 KB, 656x556, pretty.png)

My neighbour is a pill popping dumbass that ties her dog up to the tree right outside my bedroom window often. She would always look in my bedroom while out there so I got pic related from amazon. You put it up with water and it hasn't got a sticky side to it at all so it's fine for a rental.

It's called rabbitgoo on amazon but there are a bunch of different designs. I paid $9 to cover 2 x 34" x 17" windows and now I have 100% privacy and it let's through a pretty rainbow. Maybe it could help? People defintely wouldn't be able to see you through it (beyond random dark shapes) and you can always just do one window at first to see if you like it

No. 585037

I used to be a huge cokehead but I stopped doing it when quarantine happened. It's been four months since I last did it. Ultimately, it was for the best but damn if I don't miss it at times.

No. 585047

I hate having to wake up and leave before the sun rises. Today I got in my car and started driving and one block over from my house I saw a guy just walking in the dark at like 4:30 AM. I live in a safe neighborhood but lately I've been seeing some sketchy people and now I don't even feel safe leaving my house when the sun isn't out.

No. 585050

Congrats, anon! I'm proud of you. I'm a recovering alcoholic and know the feel of missing it even though it's for the best. Keep pushing forward though. I believe in you.

No. 585055

I was only able to find a remote job for the next year and I want to kms at the thought of having to work from home. The job isn't remote because of quarantine it's just a stay at home job and BLEHHGHGHGHGHH I'm going to be so socially stunted and depressed and probably will end up spending tons of money on fast food and coffee just to have a reason to leave the house.

No. 585063

File: 1594878479241.png (986.81 KB, 568x764, rainbow.png)

Yooo I have this too and it's beautiful. Can confirm it's easy to apply and comes off without residue. Aside from giving you more privacy it will definitely make your apartment feel a bit more lively. Looks great when direct sunlight hits it (pic related isn't edited) and subtle when it doesn't

No. 585064

File: 1594878584763.png (1.18 MB, 1006x723, rainbow2.png)

I only added it to the top parts of my window so I can still see shit. It's not completely opaque, you wouldn't want it on a bathroom window, but people outside won't see anything but silhouettes.

No. 585072

lmao I keep raving about this stuff to anyone that will listen. It leaves little rainbows all over my bedroom and it looks so good. i feel like pictures I take don't do it justice. In real life it looks like it's part of the glass

No. 585073

Not my mom, but my aunt also leaves the bathroom door open while pissing. What's up with that? She's very manipulative and unsufferable too. But I wonder if it's because she has a cat and doesn't want to part from it even one second.

No. 585079

somehow I simultaneously have no sex drive at all but am such a cumbrain that I've lost all motivation to eat healthy because I know it's gonna be a looooooong time until I get fucked again. this country clearly isn't going to get its act together on covid so I'm stuck at home with my conservative parents for who knows how long

No. 585083

I’m kind of pissed off, why am I racist for not wanting to date dark skinned guys? I don’t want to date a guy that basically looks like my dad, what’s with people constantly pretending to see couples looking like they share the same blood? Isn’t that fucking weird?
I want a cute pale boyfriend, I’m pretty sure men with darker skin still have plenty of pretty women that are actually into them, they don’t need me to save some rare genes that only dark skinned people have.

No. 585088

Recently someone told me they like the way I do my hair now and that lifted my spirits for a whole week. Do you really think dudes get these kinda non creepy compliments at all?

No. 585089

File: 1594885323856.jpg (339.77 KB, 1000x1232, IMG_20200706_062950.jpg)

It definitely looks like it's some sort of fancy glass. I've been recommending it to everyone too. For the decent price it really spruced up my sad bedroom, it was enough for both of my windows and I had enough leftovers to give to a friend who cut them into geometric shapes for her window. I don't hate mornings as much anymore because now at least the morning sun brings some novelty. I know I'm being tacky kek but it's OK if it convinces anon upthread to try it

No. 585090

Most men don't put a single thought into their hair style, do you think they're likely to earn compliments like that? Do you think they bother complimenting or even noticing each other's hair? The answer is fuck no so why cape for them?

No. 585098

You're not racist anon lmao, literally live your life. No one cares who you fuck except weird woke idiots and racists

No. 585121

I can't deal with woke people calling me a racist because I say I don't think about people's skin colour. That's just the truth. I have never treated anyone differently because of their skin colour and I don't think about it except when it's relevant like when talking about origins.

I would understand people calling me Islamophobic because I am very critical of Islam, but I have Muslim origins so they don't dare kek

No. 585131

>won’t somebody PLEASE think of the men!

No. 585132

File: 1594895196825.jpg (15.48 KB, 360x359, IMG_20200716_102310.jpg)

I've finally escaped two and a half years of abusive household that involved narcissistic mother and cut off the contacts with her completely, even though she still tries to find me through my grandmother but I am really far away.

I can't believe it that i still have to encounter other family member, a sister in law who actually turned out to be the exact same nutjob as my mother.
I feel like as if I am a weak person because everytime there'd be a family meet up that includes this womanchild (who is trying to compete with me while being 7 years older than me. Ironically enough kins MyMelody on internet…) I end up having panic attacks and after each meeting I'd spend time crying alone in a shower and feeling like shit for a week. I just want to have a friend. I am so lonely. Can't even afford a therapist anytime soon.

No. 585146

Don't be so dramatic

No. 585148

why do you go to family meets with a toxic family

No. 585152

>this is a joke-free zone

No. 585165

Narcissistic parents are the wooorst. Congrats on getting away, I truly hope you can heal in whatever way you need to and start your own good life. But it really is terrible losing a family member, especially a parent.

I also have a narcissistic mom. I cut contact with her for a few years when my dad, siblings and I moved to a new state. She'd fly out to where we lived just to stalk us. She'd try to show up at our schools unannounced, or we'd see her peeking over our backyard fence trying to look into our house. We were always worried she'd try to poison our dogs. No one in the USA takes child abuse or stalking seriously if it's from mothers, which is shitty.

No. 585167

Fuck anons fuck i found out there was a chan for a specific country as i thought id look it up to see whats up and fuck i saw cp like actual cp posted there and i want to absolurely fucking kill myself i feel fucking awful god i had been successfully avoiding scrote raids and cp and gore spams here by checking meta always at first but fuck i feel so bad on the verge of a panic attack, fuck this, as someone who got molested and raped as a kid there is absolurely nothing else that fills me with suicidal thoughts as much as this i wanna die fuck i shouldnt have opened that chan im so sorry to the kid fuck i feel so bad i hate pedos i hate them all im sorry im being so dramatic saged for sperging out so bad

No. 585180

Saw my first and only explicit cp when I was 15 on chat roulette, I'm now 24 and that shit still makes me feel sick. I'm not a CSA survivor either so I can't imagine how you're feeling anon. I'm so sorry that happened to you, I wish I could help besides just sympathising.

No. 585188

To anon who encouraged me to be a cat foster, thank you. I applied last night and the shelter is so full that they already called me this morning. I'm going to pick up my kitten in 15 minutes. I'm so happy I don't have to live alone anymore!

No. 585189

I am so sorry anon. You are not being overdramatic. It is horrible that child abuse exists, and it's horrifying that you had to witness it. I hope you can do something that helps you relax - listen to some music, watch a favorite TV show, take a shower, whatever you gotta do to feel okay again. Sending love <3

No. 585194

jesus christ. I just got told staright up that i 'wasn't allowed' to my mom's bday party because she wants to have a good time and she cant i'f im there. this was after dropping $90 bucks on it. its not like i can just take back that money or use the gift on my self either. i got used by my own mother

No. 585197

I'm sorry you had to see something so sick, at 15 too. I'm so sorry. It never leaves you. I'm 18, and a total pussy it seems. Puked my guts out, I couldn't take it. I remember a few months ago I found an old sd card and excitedly put it in a reader to see what was in there only to see so, so many of my own pictures as a kid that I used to send to pedos, because it was so normalized to kid me. I destroyed the sd card but I cannot possibly get rid of everything that could be online, in someones cloud or whatever. It's dreadful to think about and honestly I just wanna move on. Thank you for your sympathies anon, I really treasure it.

Thank you for your kind words anon. Wish I had a friend I could talk to rn but oh well, it's fine. I'm making some food to take my mind off it. Thank you, again. You are very kind and sweet.

No. 585204

my biggest fear is ever coming across CP. I watched a speech blake lively did on how people on her team who are working to stop it have to watch it (obviously) and the examples she gave made me nauseous. I don't think I could ever be the same if it ever happened. I'm sorry.

No. 585212

I am such a sensitive ass bitch. I get a couple of random kind of mean responses to a few posts I made and of course it makes me anxious. I don’t know why I take this shit to heart, it is fucking lolcow for Christ’s sake, and maybe it was justified. I have my moments. But it kind of hurts, too, because I usually get on with you guys more than I am used to online.

No. 585215

File: 1594911680081.png (113.15 KB, 515x570, i have no words. i dont know w…)

>be me
>huge fan of this band that's existed since 2003
>search band's name
>their wikipedia article(s) are incredibly bare and not researched
>decide to work on them
>finish three album articles
>finish two EP articles
>"alright, that went well, looks good! maybe i can tackle the main article now."
>spend two days working on band's main article
>fix every spelling error
>fix every grammar error
>attach citations, sometimes multiple, to every piece of information i add
>add headers and subheaders to organize the article
>add track lengths, album layout graphic design credits, recording locations, shit no one cares about
>editing some minor information in the infobox
>"You have a new message." appears in top left corner
>i check it
>a user with rollback privileges removed literally everything i added to the band's main article
>the reason given is just one word


No. 585219

I’m sorry that happened to you, what an ass. Wikipedia is shit.

No. 585222

Thanks, anon. I was a seething ball for rage for a moment there. I left a message on the user's Talk page, but they haven't responded yet. I'm inclined to think they may have meant to remove one faulty edit, rather than all of my edits, because they removed 11,659 bytes of information off of the article in one go…

No. 585231


Ffffffuuuuu- that’s frustrating. It might be a member of the band that doesn’t want that information collated and out there tho…?

No. 585233

I hadn't considered that. The band's still active, though, so I wouldn't think that'd be the case? A Wikipedia user also has to be pretty active/reputable to get rollback privileges, so I assume the person who removed the info isn't just an average editor like me. It's also odd how they removed my edits on that article, but not the others.

No. 585234

Lmao fuck, that reminds me of a school project I had to do for German class. We had to try and choose something significant from our country and write a wiki article on it im German. My partner and I did pretty good research for a week or two, got grammar checks from our teacher, and uploaded it only to be removed later because it wasn't "important"… If the English wiki had a wiki article uploaded for our subject, why not in German??? Some of my classmates had smaller, more obscure subjects than ours be uploaded. Made my blood boil. Wikipedia can be such fucking gatekeepers.

No. 585235

Forget her anon, remember this whenever she's old and needs someone to take care of her.

No. 585240

File: 1594916183718.gif (472.19 KB, 508x270, aj4.gif)

>chat roulette
God, that fucking website. So many shitheads filming themselves jerking off.And so many kids on there at the time too!
I was also 15 when I went on there and had some dude try super hard to talk to me. He was obviously an older adult man and was really adamant about wanting me to send nudes and tell him where I lived lmao. Fuck that piece of shit.

No. 585241

I passed a major professional exam yesterday and now I can actually get a job in my field, but I'm depressed about my score

I've always done extremely well in school and even though all that matters on this test is getting above a 50% my brain just keeps telling me that I got a 65% and I should have studied more. It's the dumbest thing to fixate on because no one will ever see this score, I'm just insecure

No. 585248

am i an asshole for losing my attraction to someone after they told me their sexual history?

So I met this guy a bit ago. We really clicked and bonded over the fact that we are both entering Orthodox Christianity despite not being born into it. I told him my story about how my suicide attempt led me to find God and turn my life around.

He related to me and told me his story as well. He told me that he used to be a sex addict and a drug user and was going down a really bad path in life, but then recently discovered Orthodox Christianity. Not a pretty past, but I accepted it at the time and we started talking more. We have had so many good conversations and I do enjoy talking to him a lot.

Suddenly he told me he wanted to pursue something romantic with me. I told him I am interested but I am not ready because I still have a lot of work to do on myself since my suicide attempt wasn’t that long ago, he agreed and we kept talking.

Gradually he started to get into more details about his past without me asking. I told him I would never judge him and I still don’t but what he told me made me lose interest in him romantically. He would constantly tell me these graphic stories about girls he’s dated or slept with and specific things they’d do sexually, but then always tie it into some irrelevant story later. There’s no point to tell me those things but somehow he felt the need to.

It almost felt like he was bragging sometimes. That his ex girlfriend was beautiful and a japanese model, that he got oral sex from a girl in the Philippines on a highschool trip, his neighbor growing up with had huge boobs, etc…. Not things that I wanted to know, very off topic stuff.

Then he told me more and more. That his body count is at least above 60, that he has slept with both genders, participated in group sex, and even had sex with older women.

Again I do not judge him for these things and I don’t see myself any better than him. But with this knowledge I do not think someone with that sort of past is who I want to be romantically involved with. He swears he’s a different person now and it really seems like it but I know sexual addiction isn’t an easy thing to beat and his problems could always come back. That’s not something I’m prepared to deal with.

I just feel less attracted to him altogether. I’m not a person who sleeps around a lot, and I have jealousy due to my insecurities that will eat at me if I pursue him. We have lived very different lives. I just don’t want to deal with the baggage that comes from knowing these things.

If I am the asshole please explain. If i’m not then does anyone have an idea on how I can tell him what I’m feeling without hurting him?

No. 585250

Not the asshole

No. 585253

Anon you haven't said anything about him that's worth pursuing besides the fact that he's Christian and I'm pretty fucking sure Christian men are a dime a dozen who won't be ex drug users and sex addicts. You don't owe him anything. Men drop women for body counts all the time.
You're allowed to have preferences, cut it off now before this creep gets too attached to you.

No. 585258

File: 1594919594466.jpeg (307.31 KB, 828x912, 29187C0A-C829-4D76-A9B8-74DAB9…)

No problem. I’ve wanted to post on there but I’ve heard so many horror stories similar to yours, I know better. Some of those wiki editors are so hard core that there were write ups about it in the media.


No. 585259

For me it seems like it's not even that much of a body count issue - though it's important too - but more so of him claiming to be a recovered sex addict and yet brag in details about his past experiences. Even if he wouldn't have this many partners in the past, going into details of his past sexual experiences unprompted is a big red flag.

No. 585262

I have a similar body count but I sure as hell don't feel the need to make people listen to in depth descriptions of all the weird and wonderful sex I've had… doesn't seem right that he would think that's ok. He has to realise that he's crossing a boundary there and that's a shitty thing to do to someone under the guise of 'I'm just opening up/offloading some of my past'

He sounds sketchy, like he's getting off to the fact that he's making to listen to all that shit. You're not the asshole, if anything you are letting this guy trample all over normal healthy boundaries.

No. 585269

same anon. i reported the sexual assault (tho it wasn't classified as that) and the cops were actually very nice to me. i was afraid they'd downplay what happened or convince me i don't have enough of a case…however they weren't like that at all.
if any anons have to report on anything that happened to them, please give it a shot. you might help stop a dangerous individual. at least i know i did what i could to report on what happened…

No. 585271

anon, the fact that he constantly overshares his past like this shows he's not actually recovered. he's ashamed and was saved by christianity but also you HAVE to know about this colombian chick's tits…what even is that?
you are vulnerable, do not get into a relationship with someone who is potentially this destructive. drug addiction ain't pretty and he's already oversharing about his sex addiction.

No. 585285

I would really love the Rowling stuff to go away forever I don't care about Harry Potter and I never will

No. 585294

I got a sunburn for the first time in years. I was just waiting outside to enter a grocery store because of the Covid lines, not even doing anything fun. I've been putting aloe on it but this shit itches and my skin looks awful.

Wear sunscreen every day, don't be like my dumbfuck self.

No. 585296

that's cool anon but when i made a report to the cops at 17 that i had been being groomed by a pedo for over 3 years they didn't even write it down and just told me they'd be in touch (they never were). 7 years later he was found with cp on his computer and they cleared him of charges because he didn't have a record. When I called them they basically told me to fuck off and called me hysterical.

No. 585299

I have a similar story, my former best friend was extremely abrasive, but she had a hard life and tons of trauma, so I saw why she was the way she was and made excuses for it for 8 years. Every time we fought, I'd apologize to keep the peace, or she'd start talking to me again without apologizing but being a little nicer and I recognized it as her way of trying to show that she was sorry, but she couldn't say it. One day I was the one in crisis and had just gotten out of the hospital, I responded only sporadically for 2 weeks because I was at the lowest point of my life (which she knew) and she unfriended me on FB where all our online communication took place, which broke my heart but I accepted it as the end of our friendship. So after that she messaged me on a different platform she had never talked to me on, just to tell me how disappointed she was that I had dropped her friendship, when she was the one to symbolically cut ties. I was too exhausted to argue with her about it anymore. The truth was that I often felt like ending our friendship because of her behavior, but I had a really hard time doing it. So in a way I'm relieved, but I still miss her. She was the only person I could talk to about certain shit and she left a hole in my life.

No. 585301

i hate when eurofags willingly expose themselves to american tv/movies/celebrities and then complain about america based on those depictions. they really are no better than hicks who think all french people only eat baguettes or that all japanese people constantly wear kimonos

inb4 muh cultural imperialism. stop watching so much fucking tv

No. 585302

i'm so sorry you went through this anon…i wish you could have been treated fairly, especially at such a young age…
when the cop told me "well the problem we might run into is that if there are no surveillance cameras there we won't be able to find him" i was so afraid he was gonna tell me to report without pressing charges (useless basically)…thankfully he was just warning me that i shouldn't get my hopes up too high.

No. 585303

Just had a guy tell me they were a "Male Feminist" and I went on their twitter & all I saw was them talking down to women (mainly Gender Critical women) for talking about feminism in a way his male ass didn't see fit.

Needless to say, I hope most male feminist, proudly say that shit so I can aviod them.

Some men use that shit to shut down/bully women who don't think how THEY think a woman should be thinking.

No. 585305

i'm glad you got good treatment anon. I hope they catch the piece of shit that did this to you.

No. 585309

Reddit's go-to male feminist subreddit (I forget its name) has a rule in the sidebar that second wave feminism is "the wrong feminism" and only third wave is correct.

Men need to be reminded that feminism isn't for them and they have no place in it. It doesn't matter what they think or their opinions about it.

I wish peoplew would stop with the "feminism helps men, too!" bullshit. Feminism isn't meant to help men, it's meant to dismantle the system that gives them their power that they use over us. The system that lets them rape/beat/murder us and get away with it. No male can be an actual feminist because to do so would make him complicit in his own downfall

No. 585310

this isn't actually my problem but it bummed me out

so, i report car accidents for a really shit insurance company. well, in todays accident… a man had two pregnant women in the vehicle. some asshole did a right turn in front of them when it wasnt his turn. they had a huge collision, my insured vehicle was completely destroyed and not driveable. then the asshole tries to escape and hits another vehicle. he injured everyone involved. and in innocents man vehicle apparently BOTH pregnant ladies lost their babies. its probably my period but this shit made me want to cry.

i actually like my job cause every accident is kinda different but this shit was gruesome

No. 585313

First time relationships almost never last. Dont sweat it. you'll be fine, anon

No. 585324

Men always want to be involved in everything. Feminism has no place for men and that's why when a man calls himself a feminist, i get massive red flags.

No. 585329

I should've fucking known better than to go wedding dress shopping with my mom. She has no concept of how much wedding expenses actually cost and it's so embarrassing. I'm already trying to be as frugal as possible which is why I wasn't interested in going to a boutique but she wanted to "just check" and while I was trying the first dress on I heard her asking for mother of the bride dresses. I found a dress that looked good on me but was way too fucking expensive for something I'm wearing to a micro-wedding that is outdoors. And it's not "me" at all - too much sparkles and heavy. I wanted something flowy and minimalistic and this was the exact opposite but it did look good. Now she wants me to get it and is pressuring me to get it… but the $700 dream dress of mine is "too expensive" which actually just means she doesn't like it. No problem shelling out money for something she wants though. Typical.

No. 585330

I've found men who call themselves feminists are trying to say: 'I don't hate women or mistreat them personally, but I also don't care about these issues.'

They label themselves as feminists for their own gain, with absolutely no connection to the movement. Pisses me off.

No. 585337

For me it's the opposite, if a guy walks around proclaiming I'M NOT A FEMINIST is a huge red flag, because what then, you really think it makes you seem cool to make sure everyone knows you don't support genders equality? It's usually a sign that the guy knows NOTHING about the issues feminism faces and all he consumes is patriarchal propaganda that says feminists are "unfuckable stupid dykes".

No. 585342

That's exactly how male feminists feel, too. They're just way more sneaky about it. A lot of women won't waste time with a male walkikng about calling women bitches and saying he's anti-feminism. They will with a "harmless" male feminist though. A huge portion turn out to be rapists, too. I know of a handful that have suddenly transitioned after being called out on it, too.

No. 585343

In my experience men who call themselves feminists think that it absolves them of any crime against women now and forever - that they’ve done all the hard work of “respecting” women already and now they can do no wrong. Describing themselves as a feminist is such a brave (read: humiliating for a man) act that they’re obviously made of that good stuff, no question - and if you dare question it, they’re going to get angry.
This type of man also sees it as a tool for getting women to let their guards down, sort of like a gay best friend, oh he wouldn’t hurt me, he cares about women, he’s for us. No, he’s not.
My ex was a “feminist” and he was a shitty, woman-hating rapist. He would insult me in front of strangers (like cashiers) or our friends, he really enjoyed calling me a bitch in a “jokey” way, and he’d force himself on me and the next day be all “I feel like I went too far… I’m sorry… please tell me if I did wrong, I don’t want you to feel disrespected…” and I would assure him it was okay, it was no issue etc, because I was an idiot and didn’t want him to be upset (or get angry), when it was plain and simple garden-variety rape that an imbecile could have recognised as such. But if a mutual friend brought up some guy being creepy towards her - not excusable, but sometimes just a bit weird - he would pile on as if this guy were the most disgusting human who ever lived. Current bf would never call himself a feminist but I’ve never been happier.
Stay away from “feminist” men, honestly.

No. 585345

Hmm I see your point, I think I'm finding myself in this middle ground - if a guy claims he is not a feminist he's most likely brainwashed by male-centric internet communities, but then if a man goes out of his way to make sure everyone hears he IS a feminist, it's most likely a way to stay undercover and get brownie points for nothing. Ideally I feel it would be to have the man be educated and support feminism, so - when asked - admit to being a feminist without some weird shame or weird pride, but not make his stance on it part of his personality.
Also I'm so happy for you to be with someone good now, your ex was just AWFUL.

No. 585347

Being a girl on discord is terrible, the only servers I ever join that are interesting are filled with mostly men and trannies who talk about me and the other female members like we’re dumb as fuck

No. 585348

personally it would be ideal for a guy not to scream about being anti-feminist nor being a feminist, but act in a way that shows they support feminism
not that I think any man like this exists

No. 585352

Soooo I failed a semester of college due to coronavirus. I was so excited because I'm 26 and I've been going through hell to get my degree. Also my financial aid ran out, kek. But I refuse to go back to school until things get better and I can see people in person again, because I'm so worried about not being able to concentrate and failing another semester.

I think I'm going to take a year off and volunteer for a year, which I think will be good for me. But I don't think I'm going to be able to finish undergrad until I'm at least 27. Damn I feel like such a womanchild for not having a college degree yet when literally everyone I know graduated after four years. Any other older students out there?

No. 585353

Ayrt, that seems like a good, balanced way of looking at it - my view on these things is biased lmao. I’ve just encountered more of these feminist types than stridently anti-feminist, but both ends of the spectrum are gross. Men will just be hard work, I suppose.
Thank you anon!! Life goes on!

No. 585356

If this is your standard for a man then you might as well not date men at all.

No. 585362

interesting that that post got a reply now when he just broke up with me. i’m not as bitter as i was in the post anymore and i can’t blame him for wanting to avoid the pain of distance. he knows it too well and i was optimistic because i hadn’t experienced it but didn’t want to break up.
it fucking sucks but i guess it had to be done.

No. 585368

Any anons who escaped a controlling and abusive family willing to share their stories? I’ve been struggling really hard with being with mine over this whole quarantine, I am genuinely considering skipping uni and joining the army so I can leave earlier and become financially independent, that’s how bad it’s gotten. I don’t know if I can cope any longer with my life so out of my control.

No. 585386

File: 1594943268987.jpg (789.33 KB, 2822x2117, mR3BxYB.jpg)

I'm visiting family and my father thought it would be hilarious to poke my arms and tell me they're full of jelly. I told him to stop and that I have weight problems and was blown off and had to endure some more of the joke. It sounds dramatic but it made me wanna do something stupid to feel better.

No. 585389

my flatmate has been back at home this month, leaving me to my own devices in our shared flat and fuck man, I love it. Now I so badly wish I lived alone, but I can't afford to do that. Goddamn I just want a tiny flat to myself to live completely comfortably in my own space.

No. 585391

I'm so sick of people in my apartment complex who have poorly behaved, under socialized dogs that they bring to the dog park anyway. They always end up cornering my dog and she ends up screaming at them to get them to leave her the fuck alone, I feel so bad for her. She has a birth defect which makes it difficult for her to run fast enough to get away from them so she can't even get away from them and they're always too stupid to know that her literally screaming in their face means to leave her alone. 99.9% of the time it's people who own male huskies, german shepherds, and australian shepherds who got them bc ~trendy~, are too lazy to train them or exercise them enough, and refuse to get them neutered. If your dog comes into the park and immediately starts trying to mount my dog who was spayed 2 years ago before she even had her first heat, maybe consider neutering jfc. And then they sit there on their phone the whole time and don't even pay attention.

No. 585397

File: 1594944779916.jpg (8.45 KB, 225x225, anger, its whats for dinner.jp…)

My dad's a petty little bitch.
>makes hotdogs for himself and doesn't put anything away and doesn't put condiments back
>I go to make meatloaf
>discard his leftover shit he ain't gonna eat like always
>take the remaining ketchup that he left on the counter
>check the pantry, check the fridge, we are out of ketchup
>mention how we need to get more ketchup
>I generally have command of the groceries and know that we don't, so I irritatingly open the fridge again, look, and still no ketchup appears
>"No, we're out of ketchup."
>he's arguing with me like I'm a fucking moron like himself and I have no eyes
>"Look, did you mean the ketchup you DIDN'T PUT AWAY AND ISN'T IN THE FRIDGE?! Because YES, that ketchup is GONE! WE. NEED. MORE."

I can't stand this moron. He can never just admit he's a fuckhead, he's GOT to make inconsequential shit my fault so he doesn't have to feel like a jackass for a split fucking minute of his life.

No. 585399

be more subtle with how you present yourself - in your username, pfp and referring to yourself and people around you (like partner instead of bf, if you're straight) next time you join servers like this.

No. 585400

I chose to tough it out for a few months while I worked and saved money. It fucking sucked and I was scared every day but in the end it was worth it. I told my parents that I earned less money than I did and put as much as I could in savings every month until I was able to find a place. I didn't mention it to them. I found a night shift job and slept from 9 to 6pm every day so I barely saw them. Best of luck Anon.

No. 585403

File: 1594946175071.jpeg (37.45 KB, 425x501, images - 2020-07-16T213352.167…)

What a shitty fucking day, no one in my family cares to listen to me.

Not even my boyfriend listen to me venting about it without making little sarcastic remarks.

It's the third time today that I am crying in secret out of stress, I am so tired.

Pic related, it's me

No. 585423

It's beyond autistic how often blackface is brought up in /w/ because of innocent self tanner or mixed cosplayers. It's sad people can't be themselves without being accused of being racially insensitive, even here of all places on an imageboard. I get we've nothing of value to discuss over there, but still. Why are we so heavily focusing on other people's fucking skin colour? This shit is bordering on actual racism.

No. 585440

File: 1594951905120.jpg (575.14 KB, 1100x1280, 1526721321955.jpg)

Foster anon here! I'm so glad!! You're going to make a big difference in that kitten's life!

No. 585442

Try joining one of the discords in the friend finder thread in g. You will feel more welcomed.

No. 585444

My mother in law is disappointed in me. Strangely enough the thing that bothers her the most is my plan to pursue a PHD in child development. It shouldn't bother me, but I have a horrible relationship with my own mother and the fact that she is disappointed in me makes me feel terrible. She thinks it is a waste because I am a fairly intelligent person, and she wants me to pursue something more prestigious, but I can't help what I feel passionate about. The reason why I even want to get into the field is to change the education system in whatever way I can through more research oriented work. I know I can defend it, but I still feel a sense of shame that I am not doing something that is more sensible. Everytime my husband calls her she asks what my educational plans are as if they have changed and she just sighs. I know she isn't trying to be mean, and my husband reassures me that she just wants what is best for me and to pay her no mind, but it hurts me in ways I can't really explain.

No. 585448

So…am I a bitch for getting mad or just feeling grossed out by men just fetishizing muscle girls or lesbians? This has been annoying the shit out of me for days. I have been posting dragons fucking cars to spite fetishizers on a discord.

No. 585449

Perfectly justifiable to get repulsed by fetishism

No. 585455

That's disgusting, men are evil.

Totally justifiable. Pornsickness is an epidemic.
>This has been annoying the shit out of me for days.
For days? That sounds unhealthy, leave or block the scrotes. Men in those spaces are beyond hope; piss them off for your own amusement but don't let it consume you. I hope you can find some cool ladies to chat with.
> I have been posting dragons fucking cars to spite fetishizers on a discord.
Kek. Those are the degenerates who'd be into that.

No. 585463

Anon, if it helps, I went through a lot of what you are dealing with with my grandfather. I am getting my Associates in French and looking at a BA in Comparative Literature; the first two years of my education my grandfather was incredibly abusive towards me because I didn't want to be an engineer like him. I used to get screamed at by him constantly and it's only been recently that he's kind of less of an asswipe about it as I am an honors student, but he still insists that anything to do with reading/literature/culture isn't as "important" as him diddling around with satellites and drones. He constantly tries to pull the "I made a ton of money" card on me like that is somehow more important, when our family is fucking dysfunctional as fuck. And most of his wealth he made with the help of my grandmother.

The funny thing is…he has shit reading comprehension skills. Like so bad even when he was working at Boeing, he had to get a hooked on phonics type program to help expand his vocabulary because his reports were utter fucking shit.

Get your phd anon, because you don't know what wonderful things you may do with it. You may become head of a university or something. Your MIL isn't god, she can't see the future, and we need people like you working in the education system who have passion for what they do. She needs to suck it up and accept who you are and stop trying to passive aggressively bully you into being what she wants. Fuck anyone who tells you otherwise and do what makes YOU happy, life is too goddamn short. Don't waste it on idiots, like I did anon.

No. 585479

Thanks! I used to have a drinking problem as well, but I cut back on it much more recently. I feel a lot more clear headed and hopeful but I do miss the fun alcohol and coke brought at times.

Glad to hear about your recovery and I wish you all the luck in the future.

No. 585487

File: 1594961766577.jpeg (7.73 KB, 299x168, download.jpeg)

>post crush
>anon calls me a scrote
>implying he's not remotely cute and it could only be a selfpost
Fuck, is my taste in men really that ugly? I feel like shit.

No. 585494

It's okay anon, to me he looks pretty average.
Thought it was philosophy tube at first glance. Take that as you will.

Who is he?

No. 585498

I saw that and cackled, he's alright but it's a bad photo.

No. 585503

Yesterday I hung out with my friends and their boyfriends, and I sort of realized that I found their boyfriends more interesting to talk to and I feel weird about this. Like, with the guys I could discuss many subjects like politics, history, social issues, albums, movie analyses, etc. With my female friends the topics are relationships and planning children which usually makes me feel left out because I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want children. They don't follow politics and not interested in theoretical discussions in general. I'm not sure if I have a bit of internalized misogyny going on and that's why I find men more relatable or I should just find more friends with varied interests. It doesn't help that my best friend - one of the girs I hung out with yesterday - constantly tells me that I'm like a guy (which, for her, is the same category as children. She has this worldview that men and children are helpless little things who need to be taken care of by women)

No. 585510

I miss him so much but I'm so embarrassed of even feeling that. How do I stop feeling stupid just because I feel things? It's so frustrating and holds me back a lot in general, not just romantic wise.
I'm just so tired of myself.

No. 585512

You just need childless female friends. You've got to understand that family is the single most important thing in people's lives, and compared to it, all other topics are trivial. This is why your friend considers you childish from her point of view. You're just not on the same level, and to her you seem immature.
You won't be able to stay friends with them for long because your priorities are so different. Find someone on your own level to be friends with, female friends not interested in making a family that you can grow old with.

No. 585515

every nofap dude i’ve ever encountered turns out to be a complete creep. they’re so obsessed with vain productivity and snap easily and get so angry. they just replaced a porn addiction (and sometimes didn’t even get that far in the first place) with a weird complex that they’re some impressive monk with an aura that women can feel radiating off them. i hate that they’re the big alternative to pornsick men, they’re just the nice guy version to the porn addicted incel

No. 585518

Get some less shallow female friends, can't tell you much else. My friends and I talk about anything, not just children and relationships, and it's not internalized misogyny to not want friends who are dumbasses only interested in topics they can personally benefit from.

No. 585522

Prioritising family and family-talk is not shallow, and it's internalized misogyny if you think it is. Talk about whatever you want, don't shit on other people talking about the most important and fulfilling thing in their lives.

No. 585523

What the fuck kind of lacklustre normie women do you hang out with? I talk plenty of politics and ~deep~ topics with my female friends and none of us have kids so no family talk.

No. 585524

Wow, you're so superior and ~not like the other girls~

No. 585525

Discord is a hellhole full of alt right memester dudes and pickmeshas. Avoid it at all cost.

No. 585534

it's not because i saw it coming and that i thought about breaking up myself that it doesn't hurt.
he said there's probably an alternate universe where neither of us had to move and we're still together.
i hope we're happy if that's the case.

No. 585542

Doesn't it depend on what discord you are on? Most of the discord servers I'm on seem to be full of SJWs and genderspecials more than anything else

No. 585544

True, there's also that flavor of hellhole on there.

No. 585545

Or even worse, there are these 'uwu' aesthetic server that claim to be ~ super supportive, soft and positive ~ that actually end up having the most drama and the most toxic, fake leechers out there. That with a huge amount of fake high-pitched voiced women, thristy incels, 'im baby' types of people who are actually 25yo, etc. Everytime I would join that server it'd always end up having a ton of inner drama.

No. 585559

Holy fuck, I have bottled this up for so long but I can't take it anymore. I cannot tolerate the samefags in the Venus thread, at all. They do nothing but make bullshit tinfoils over the tiniest shit and they're clearly cows themselves.
I found the instagram of a couple of them months ago because they're terrible at keeping anonymous and flood the same bullshit from the thread onto her instagram comments and one is genuinely just Lillee Jean but with a extremely strange vendetta against Amazon.
She photoshopped herself into a British court to pretend she's suing Amazon for people on their forum picking on her, I wish I was joking.
Her 10k+ followers are all so fake they comment how to buy followers on her pictures. I was saving that info for a cowtipper thread but it's become obvious anons like her will just enjoy the negative attention and encourage them further.
I think lolcow can't be saved at this point, we would really be better off if /w/ as a whole was nuked because nothing I've read on there has ever been worthwhile and not many people would miss it.
It's mostly full of vendetta nitpicky horseshit.

No. 585562

You need some distance from this place, sis

No. 585563

being this invested in weenus thread drama can't be healthy.

No. 585569

It’s so shitty when they do that, a discord server gets ruined the moment it has a vent channel, it usually means the vents will go everywhere and people will sperg out more often. Also, they will be like

>Help me!!! I’m depresso!! No one cares about me!!!

And so you help them, and they get mad because they didn’t get the answer they wanted, thus making the chat awkward and starting some stupid ass drama.

No. 585570

You did this to yourself. /w/ literally snorts chalk water and think it's milk.

No. 585572

A child rapist teacher in our country got arrested and motherfuckers are uploading badly censored screencaps of him raping a child on fucking twitter and instagram, what the fuck? I reported one, could barely glance at it. Screamed at a friend for sharing it on her ig story for 'awareness'. She listened to me though, and deleted and reported it. These fucking retards are circulating cp. God, first I came across cp on a chan board yesterday and now this. I'm really close to a breakdown. Only thing keeping me calm is making myself puke till I see blood. Feels grounding.

No. 585573

Yeah, I gave up on that thread. The British pedo, the racist rubber lips man and other assorted spergs have made it unreadable.
>I found the instagram of a couple of them months ago because they're terrible at keeping anonymous and flood the same bullshit from the thread onto her instagram comments and one is genuinely just Lillee Jean but with a extremely strange vendetta against Amazon.
>She photoshopped herself into a British court to pretend she's suing Amazon for people on their forum picking on her, I wish I was joking.
Fucking kek. Now I'm really curious to know which poster that is. That sounds so autisttic.

No. 585576

I see this shit all the time on third world facebook, just normal people sharing animal/child abuse while boohooing about it. Sharing gore of traffic accidents and ask for donations… Zucc doesn't give a damn about them I guess.
>She photoshopped herself into a British court to pretend she's suing Amazon for people on their forum picking on her
What?? Out the co/w/s lol give that board some type of content.

No. 585577

File: 1594985350757.jpg (852.3 KB, 2780x3373, r4uicqnlara51.jpg)

I'm a poorfag, I live alone and support myself barely through shitty freelance work. A few years ago I was sexually assaulted by a bus driver while coming home from a late night shift and I ended up leaving everything related to the police report and stuff like that to my parents because I was in a really bad state. I just recently won the lawsuit that was made against the bus company that I wasn't even aware of, and I won some good money that I'll get soon.
My mum wants to control the money and how it'd be used, and she wants to put it towards buying a home for my sister, because she's 32 with a young kid and still living with her.
I don't even know how I'm gonna approach my mum about it, because while I'd love helping my sister, she has a much better job than I do and she even recently got implants and a tummy tuck and shit like that, so I'm sure she didn't move out because of financial issues.
I really need braces and jaw surgery not only for aesthetic reasons but also because my ugly ass goblin jaw is starting to affect my eating, and tbh I also don't wanna spend my early 20s looking like the indian jokar. Those procedures are costly and if I were to save money with my shitty job and paying for studies and bills I'd get it by the time I'm late 30s. This is the only chance I have to get it, but I think my mum will be pissed.
Good lord, sometimes I wish I was born in a different family.

No. 585580

Thirdworld facebook is a whole different universe jesus. Once saw an infant baby girl thrown in a toilet and people commenting 'rip' and debating in the comments. Insanity.

No. 585581

I saw some post saying Facebook is literally just a less moderated imageboard, and I agree.

No. 585584

Anon its ur money, just tell her(mom) how you feel and that you need that money. She cant get it from you if u are not ok with that? Or is there a law that she can have it? Sorry i dont know much about law but be strong anon fight for the money!

No. 585591

The craziest thing to me is that there are people using their real names and pictures to debate gore and child porn. They don't even realize it's wrong? What the fuck is wrong with those people?

No. 585593

Some of the things I’ve seen on Facebook have traumatised me more than anything I’ve seen on 4chan. When I was in high school some of my classmates were sharing an “article” about an infant being molested by their uncle and the headline image you see when scrolling through Facebook was hardcore child pornography. smoothbrains somehow did not understand how this was wrong to share. They thought they were “raising awareness”

No. 585596

They are just simply desensitised to stuff like that.

No. 585600

It's the same here anon. I've deleted my fb for years now but back when I was like 13 and browsed it a lot, saw some fucked up ass shit. So much gore. Never cp unless you count that infant in the toilet, thank god. It's just a complete wasteland. I'm sorry you had to see that. The same happened today too with the rapist teacher, tards sharing the pictures 'for awareness'. Like, that boy who got raped wouldn't want that shared so people can 'thats so sad' in the comments. Grown ass people too, it's fucking ridiculous. My mom browses facebook and like a week ago she showed me a man being eaten by a lion in a zoo and was like 'look at this anon' like girl. I mean, I once saw a man get shot to death in front of me so I'm mostly desensitized by gore but sexual assault is especially triggering

No. 585608

Wild how Facebook really is mad max wastelands in parts of the world. People in my country deadass sell drugs, fake bills and sex up on here with their faces attached. Decidedly not some fabled shady honeypots on the d4rkw3b, our government just doesn’t give a fuck. It’s amusing tbh to see people casually leave comments reviewing the cocaine they had purchased like it’s a completely normal thing.

No. 585610

File: 1594992818377.jpg (3.66 MB, 4128x3096, 20200717_185751.jpg)

>Cousin's birthday.
>Went out for hotpot w our family.
>My parents cant come, only me w my cunt of a human being older brother.
>Dunno why but our stove wont start.
>Cunt of a human being started to throw a fit cuz hes hungry, being rude to the staff as much as possible.
>My aunt and uncle went out to talk and calm him down but cant find him.
> He left me there alone, my mom had to come and pick me up cuz i cant drive.
> I had to apologized to the staff.
>Hes 31.
I really want to beat the shit out off him.

No. 585612

what the fuck kinda people are you fb friends with

No. 585617

Working class city boys

No. 585618

Middle school dropouts

No. 585620

That picture is doing things to me anon hnnn
I hate your brother, imagine going into autist rage and abandon your sister over having to wait for food; I hope that bitch goes bald with limp dick

No. 585624

Oh my god the amount of people selling sex, jesus istg. So many male and female prostitutes advertising their services. I messaged one woman and asked if she'd be willing to go down on a woman as a joke and she said she would but I'll have to pay more. It was wild talking to her since I was like 13 and she was totally fine with a 13 year old girl. What country are you from?

No. 585630

This is one tasty photo anon. Also, fuck your brother. He sounds like an entitled autist who was told he's special from and young age because of his disability and he legitimately believed it. (Obviously don't know if that's the case, but the only entitlement I've seen as egregious was that exact scenario).

Idk whether I should be proud or ashamed my 15 year old mind thought it would be hilarious to dress my boyfriend up like a trap to ~le epic troll~ those coomers. We were mostly successful until one creature intensified his fapping. You can imagine it ended pretty quickly after that, the mood was ruined kek.

No. 585658

I feel like my friends look down on me a lot because I'm the fattest in the group, and so they feel anything I do fitness-wise they could do too. To an extent it's true, but most of them are girly girls who don't really like to sweat and expend a lot of effort.
Knowing this I did a mountain hike but I went solo. Personally, I like doing hikes solo so I don't have to worry about someone else's pace and I can take my time if I need breaks or if I want to sightsee, and my friends are impatient and don't really care about nature to begin with. So it was best to had gone alone. Grabbed my camelbak and off I went. I had a great time but the hike to the mountain summit was indeed extremely strenuous, which is deceiving. Even old people and young kids who went to the destination with the same impression I had did not make it to the very top. I hustled and made it after a few breaks, there were times when I felt dizzy. The other hikers there were very encouraging, and I got great pics of myself at the top even though I was a sweaty hot mess. A couple was nice enough to take a picture for me. The pictures at the top were gorgeous imo. I posted the pics to my social media and my friends seemed irritated that I didn't invite them, as if I kept a big secret away from them. They're just not the sweaty hiking types tho. Despite that they said they wanted to come along next time. One friend was so impatient that a few days later she went to the same mountain hike with a friend to attempt it. I hate to say it, but she had this air like "Oh my fat friend did it, so can I!" I warned her about the trail difficultly but told her to have fun and take lots of pics.
I don't think her and the friend actually made it to the very top. She only posted one picture to our group of the mountain range but it looks taken from a vantage point that wasn't the summit. Usually she's the type to post a bajillion pictures and selfies on public whenever she does something. So based on her message exalting how difficult it was, and how she and the other girl had to walk back, I don't think they made it all the way. It would have been too cool to not post if they had. Which must have been really disappointing because it's a big drive one way just to go out in the middle of nowhere to do that one thing.
Yeah I'm a little smug but maybe they shouldn't underestimate me so much. I don't quit.

No. 585662

You sound like a shit friend to have. You consistently assume the worst of your own friends.

No. 585664

They're just my inner thoughts based on the way they treat me. I think I treat my friends well and I certainly don't make them feel bad based on the way I perceive that they treat me.
You seem upset.

No. 585665

This bitch gave me the "ahem" fake cough and side-eyed me then a second later cheerfully greeted someone. Fuck you too, bitch.

No. 585666

My boss called me on Monday asking me if he could use the computer I use in the office (I work on a laptop, but once a week I have to go in the office and I work from there). I thought nothing of it, but I have recently realized he did this so he could monitor my e-mail and Skype conversations from there. The problem is, I have been massively shitting on my responsibilities lately and I'm pretty sure someone complanied about me and that's why he's gotten suspicious. I am now half-panicky, half-excited because I absolutely detest this place and I have been wanting to resign for a while.

No. 585667

Maybe you deserved it.

No. 585668

i just want my boyfriend to break up with me cuz i'm a horrible person with no redeeming qualities and i do not deserve him but i also don't want to break his heart because he's such a sweetheart and should be with someone who isn't damaged goods or a psychopath who thinks about killing herself all the time and if he's the one to end it it'll at least be on his terms and that means all of our mutual friends will side with him so it means these people who deserve better than to associate with a nasty bitch like me can be free of my miserable existence and truly thrive and focus on themselves rather than try to help me or make me feel better

No. 585669

Tell him you need a break from the relationship to work on your mental health.

It's not rocket surgery.

No. 585693

Go to therapy and stop wallowing in self pity.

Reference: me

No. 585697

Are you me anon
Also go get a therapy instead hurting yourself by getting rid of a person that cares for you - you said it yourself, he is trying to help you, this is what kind of person you should have around, not push away.
I'm seeing a therapist regularly, it's a work but there's noticeable progress, you can have that too.

No. 585699

Have you considered you're the problem? I've noticed women that complain about other women only talking about babies etc usually have a "cool grl" mentality and aren't giving them the chance. A girl said the same shit you have about my friend group once, but the actual issue was she was standoffish because she hated other women, latched onto one thing one of my friends said about her baby and decided that's all we talked about, and spent the entire time irritating the guys by trying super hard.

"This entire group of girls are shallow apart from me" isn't as likely as either A) you're the issue, or B) Your bf and his friends are shallow assholes that only date women for how they look.

Either way, let them fucking live. It doesn't make them vapid because they want to discuss children and makeup, the exact things society TELLS THEM they should care about.

No. 585703

File: 1595004165857.jpeg (134.93 KB, 640x516, 428E5DFD-CC34-4183-9995-0A48DB…)

i despise this website

No. 585705

>be me a few years ago, in high school
>not doing well in one of my subjects
>my mom goes to parents evening and berates and insults teachers for this even though it's my fault, including calling them names
>comes home and brags about it while laughing to me as if this is something i should be finding funny
>literally wanted to die
>current year, im now at uni
>mom does the exact same shit with my professors, except tones it down a little
>finds their contact information from the university website and then sends them emails
>still makes me want to die, especially now because she just told me she is going to send an angry email to the head of one of the departments

and it's not like i can stop her because the email adresses of the professors are completely public and a 2 minute google search away.

No. 585709

Maybe you should message the head of your department in advance to let them know she's a crazy narc, they'll appreciate the heads up and they will at least know it's not your fault.

If professors think that you're causing this then they will avoid you, it's best to denounce her whenever you can and also give her less information that she might use as ammo.

No. 585711

NOFAP is a movement for damaged men recovering from porn addiction. Sorry to be harsh, but what did you expect? If you want a well adjusted man, just look for someone with a stable lifestyle and career or schooling. Chances are, if a man is successful and has strong interests unrelated to women, they are far less likely to be a porn-addict.

No. 585718

OP. As I have expressed, yes, I did consider that I might have some sort of internalized misogyny and I absolutely do feel like something is wrong with me. I am not entirely sure where you and some other anons got this idea that I'm shaming them for talking about traditionally feminine topics or that I'm deriving a narcissistic pleasure out of 'not being like the other girls' - I was simply expressing my frustration over the fact that I cannot connect with them. I guess what I was looking for by writing that post was just wanting feedback whether others have also experienced this. I think expanding my social circle definitely couldn't hurt. Thank you for the input y'all

No. 585720

oh god anon. Please contact your head of department and explain like the other anon said. If you don't they might think you told her to email them. Just aplogize and explan you haven't given her the info and she got it herself. I'm sure they've dealt with parents like this before. i'm so sorry though this is awful i think i would die. also if you have an advisor make them aware of the issue incase anyone approaches them about it.

No. 585722

how does your mother even know who your professors are..

No. 585725

Um dudes who have salaried jobs and workout and like sports, aka normalfags, are porn addicts too

No. 585728

please speak out. otherwise they'll think like you're badmouthing them so bad your mom feels the need to yell at them. this can't be good for your time in university.

No. 585731

Yeah, I totally deserved it because I waited to see if a forklift was going to go before crossing the path and backed up because I didn't want to get run over. But whatever.

No. 585733

Depends on what you consider a porn addict. The estimates for people who spend 11 hours a week on porn are around 200000 men in the US, whereas a much larger percentage (at least 70%) of 18-24 year old men view porn at least once a month. Some estimate about 17% of users are compulsive too. In any case, I think it's a big issue today, and porn usage/addiction is getting worse, but it isn't hopeless yet.

No. 585734

I have "dead eyes". Like my eyes just make me look sad or pissed and it's only fixed if I consciously widen them..

No. 585746

With your attitude you totally deserved it.

No. 585764

maybe download one of those apps that tracks whatever program/app is used and when on your laptop. So you can check after what he's opened while on your computer and know for sure.

No. 585773

Lmao yeah sure. Whatever you say.

No. 585776

>I am not entirely sure where you and some other anons got this idea that I'm shaming them for talking about traditionally feminine topics or that I'm deriving a narcissistic pleasure out of 'not being like the other girls
it's probably triggered mombies tbh

No. 585784

anon where do you think you are? lolcow isn't exactly swarming with mombies that shit would go unchecked. Especally in /ot/
i wasn't going to reply by ops post comes across as very cool girl. saying you have to talk to the men because all the women talk about is babies is fucking stupid and sounds like it was written on reddit by a larping scrote

No. 585788

I'm so, so sick of every day the goalposts of wokeness being moved further. Something that's mundane and neutral today will be racist/transphobic tomorrow. It will fucking never end and keeping up with the discourse is exhausting, but you need to do it in order to avoid being called out by some salty mentally stunted basement dweller who's still powerful enough to conduct a stalking campaign against anyone they want to. Cancel culture needs to die, how do people upholding it even keep up with the everchanging narrative? It's no fucking wonder so many people have resorted to just retweeting social justice shit, that's basically the only thing you can post now without being put under the microscope.

No. 585794

I get what you mean anon but this seems like a normie issue. I relate to not connecting, I get labeled nerdy and stuff but oh well. Better than just talking about weed or makeup.

No. 585795

some of you need serious help with your self-esteem issues that you turn on other women.

No. 585799

I've drifted apart from a couple of female friends as well who married and got kids whereas I do not want that kind of life for myself. There's nothing wrong with either of our choices for our lifes/interests, we just follow(ed) very different paths in life and no longer connected much. I guess we just couldn't relate much to each others lifes anymore. It happens and it's fine. If I where you I'd expand my circle of friends with people who share your line of thinking/lifestyle.

No. 585800

It's not the most important thing in everyone's lives, and if you think that just because OP is a woman she has to talk about babies and having a family you're the one with internalized misogyny here.

You can show some interest in your friend's life and have opinions without redirecting the conversation to topics only you care about. Some women I'm friends with are also mothers but their life doesn't revolve around it and they don't shove their baby and family issues into people's faces in every single conversation. If your only interest in life is being a mother I feel very sorry for you.

No. 585803

the official university website has a ridiculous amount of details on it, inclusing which professors teach which subjects and which groups, so she uses this to track them down. their email adresses are also readily accessible through this website.

and thank you everyone for all the advice, i think ill email the head of the department just in case.

No. 585810

I was so nice to dudes I had absolutely no interest in growing up. I was too polite to tell them to fuck off and would end up being their emotional support and putting up with them complimenting me even if nothing romantic/sexual happened. I regret all that wasted energy holy shit.

No. 585819

Yeah, fuck that shit. I refuse to coddle dudes feelings anymore, I don't owe them that energy and effort just because they refuse to take a hint. I'll just straight up ignore them.

No. 585826

I'm leaving the house tomorrow to meet people for the first time since early march. But thanks to my anorexic-ass brain, i wont be able to enjoy it. Fuck i only gained like a pound why does my dumb brain think im a 600 lb woman

No. 585840

anon do you really believe these women are just sitting around talking about babies and refusing to discuss politics/anything deeper, so she has no choice but to hang around with the males? these men, who can apparently have long deep convos with her but are all married to complete dolts? ok.

No. 585842

years ago I was in an abusive relationship in which I got whored out. literally. I was made to feel like I should contribute. I could not legally get a proper job, any job, so no one hired me. I ended up hooking. It was at a time when a look of these jobs became extreme, I attribute this to the increasing extremities of porn. So for example people wanted you to drink piss and chew on shit. Or they wanted to take videos. In the place I'm in I felt no option but to agree to do porn. This was years ago but I forever am anxious that it's online and that family view it r even people in my community. I feel so much shame and I hate myself for not being stronger to say no I won't. Instead I wanted to keep the peace and said ok no I'm find. I now live everyday waking up with the nott in my chest. Is this the day someone I know funds it? I'm scared and have been for years. I tried to numb it with alcohol and drugs. But it comes back. I'm so scared I think of how to look different. I just don't want to be scared anymore. I'm scared of my family fusing out. I never wanted to do it. It wasn't actually my choice.

No. 585847

Well do you have a proper job now and are off drugs and alcohol? If so, then even if someone does happen to recognize you from a porn video it's none of their business. If they shame you then you bring up how you were a trafficked woman and what they're watching supports criminal behavior. If they think you're scum for having been coerced into it, then they're equally scum for supplying the demand for it by having watched it.

I wouldn't worry, turn it around on them if they bring it up.

No. 585850

A band I like called The Buttertones was dropped by their record label for multiple allegations of sexual assault of minors. The three creeps that had these allegations apparently coerced minors into having sex with them by using drugs and their status. They posted a feeble attempt at an apology, before disappearing off the face of the internet since they were obviously guilty. The band straight up died today. All the accounts are deleted and the band is now defunct.
I'm pretty in shock, I enjoyed a lot of their music. I feel so sorry for those girls that they abused.

No. 585853

I still self medicate. This is the first place I've ever spoken about it. I'm currently under the influence and for whatever reason decided to talk about it for the first time. I'm surprised I got a response so soon and truly appreciative. I don't do that anymore but years later it's tainted my days. Day in, day out. Your words have been encouraging. I can't talk about the trafficking part to people so if they see it, I'm just a whore. It's scary to be nothing.

No. 585854

My heart hurts for you; this anon >>585847 is based. Perhaps find a away to turn the fear into productive anger? Live well to spite the subhumans that hurt you. Easier said than done of course. Perhaps seek some trauma counseling?
Rest in piss. Sorry fam.

No. 585856

File: 1595026877417.png (406.3 KB, 502x364, hbugiubi.PNG)

My fiancee's mom died early this week and I have to say its been a wild ride.
Obviously I am very sad, she was a wonderful woman, beloved by her community and by family alike. I am an immigrant in the country I live in and she has made me feel welcome more than any other person ever has, and I am truly happy to have met her.
For background my man and his sister are sort of black sheep in their conservative family, him being a quiet sort of bookish guy and her being a soft-all-over-triggered-by-birds-in-2016-tumblr sort of girl if you get my drift. (It does come in later I swear). I also need to point out the family does not believe in mental illness.

At the family gathering (30 people in a tiny room with 7 dogs) after the horrible news my fiancees grandmother ended up having a massive shitfit at his sister for crying too much that her mom has died. I thought that was pretty messed like I know it is pretty sheltered of me but jesus baby christ my grandmother would never do me dirty like that. My fiancee got into a row with his grandma and the rest of the family defending his sister, it was insane, I thought they were going to literally kill each other.

The sister as a result didn't want any of the extended family to clean out her mom's house and asked her brother (my financee), myself and her boyfriend to help her clean it all out. I was more than happy to help. It turned out that the mom was a bit of a hoarder, and liked cats. Upon walking in it was obvious that she had some sort of depression as the place was in very bad shape with trash, cat piss/shit everywhere along with massive amounts of useless purchased goods.

Anyway we got cleaning, buying all the supplies and stuff. I started sorting it all out, cleaning the poop and other bits. The place is absolutley stuffed with stuff, like 5000 allen keys in a box sort of hoarding. This lasted the past few days. Just my fiancee, me and the sister's boyfriend cleaning out the house. The thing is his sister has not done anything at all, like the entire time.She usually stood around watching me clean and and sort things away with this sort of venomous snooty glare, making snide comments about throwing out anything vulnerable. I thought that maybe she was mourning so I just brushed it aside.

However, today, I had heard her have a hushed conversation with her boyfriend about how "The 'insert nationality' girl needs to be watched so she doesn't steal anything important."
In all honesty it really hurt me. I had been going neck deep in a place I have never been before, for someone I care for nonetheless, but still I am absolutely fucked from playing maid. I feel terrible for feeling resentment in this situation.

On top of that today my fiancee found some bank statements that show that his mom had stolen money of his bank account and used his student loans to fuel her online bingo addiction. She has stolen over £6000 in his first year of uni. He has been broken up over it and on top of his grief for his sister, grandmother and his late mom I have no idea how to help him get better. Like I am here but it does not feel like enough, it is too insane for me to be the straight man in this but god dammit I am trying. Feels rough.

No. 585859

Thank you for acknowledging.

No. 585866

I've been regretting all of my life choices lately. I studied what I liked in college and graduated, but I regret not studying bio or chemistry because I'm seriously considering going to med school and being a radiologist. Lol but that would be 4 years of school then residency I don't have money for, plus I didn't study the right major to get into med school. I actually wish my family had put pressure on me to study something useful. I'm 22 and feel too old to go back now even though it's really young. My plans for the future change on a daily basis, fuck.

No. 585868

I'm a cherry glazerr fan and equally disturbed. fuck imagine getting hpv at 14, the first time you ever have sex, from a 20 yr old

No. 585876

Me and my boyfriend need to move out from our current house because our neighbours are really annoying and my bf can't deal with them. Plus, our house is so humid everything molds super quickly, my bf even had mushrooms growing on his neck.

The neighbours are two old alcoholics who just shout every nights, try to start shit by mocking us in front of our door etc, my bf really wants to beat the shit out of them

It really stresses me out to look for a new place as my salary is pretty low (and I'm soon in an apprenticeship so it's only going to be pennies more) and my bf has a decent salary but since it's a contract that has an end date, it makes us less trustworthy to agencies of us being able to pay in the long run.

I really wanted to enjoy my holidays but I have this thing over my head + my bf being depressed + me starting to feel really low and feeling hopeless.

I know I just need a little push to actively research, but I'm afraid rejection and endless search is going to burn me out fast and I really don't need that right now. I just wish it was easier, and I feel like such a little bitch for even wanting this to be easier.

No. 585882

This was such a wild read. Your sister in law law is a raging bitch though, you really have to talk about what she said with your fiancé because wether or not she’s “in mourning”, there’s no excuse to be treating you like that. The fucking audacity, after rejecting any help clearing the hoard from her other family members and relying on you to take the time out of your day todo it instead. I feel so pissed for you, hope you sort through this soon anon.

No. 585885

File: 1595031896582.jpg (33.81 KB, 600x705, tumblr_inline_o58r6dmSfe1suaed…)

My manipulative ex made these accounts to circumvent a block on social media. It was so fucking rude and awful and unnecessary. I just want no contact because he is insane and untrustworthy and a liar and extremely pushy (with sex, too).
It ended with him making an attempt to fake a legit acc to request me again before I deactivated both my accounts. That was so creepy. I just had to deactivate. There was also a "porn bot" that might have been him. He had to charge up his phone again and sent me text messages today. The first one was manipulative that he really loved me and how little I appreciated him and that the block was proof. The second was that he appreciates me.
That gives me some warm feelings again.
I almost fantasised about him today. I don't see myself slipping but he's in my head for now.
I'll go back to feeling disgusted and violated soon.

No. 585888

I'm sorry, that whole situation sounds shitty as hell BUT ON HIS NECK????

No. 585890

when I get tired, i get paranoid. I'm freaking the fuck out over the fact that my father has an unlocked gun out with unlocked bullets. he leaves these out 24/7, when this isnt legal in my country. if anyone broke in, they have that just lying around in plain sight. that's so dangerous. no one cares apart from me but i'm so paranoid about it.

No. 585893

I don't know where you live or if you just didn't do any research, but in the US you can major in anything as long as you take the required courses for med school. post-bacc is an option. but honestly it doesn't seem like you're serious about it

No. 585895

My bpd pickme roommate is so annoying, I wish she would kill herself. I bet she will do it soon since the pandemic showss that she has no friends.

No. 585899

Don't fall for that, anon. He sounds creepy and like someone who can't respect boundaries

No. 585904

Consider being a radiology technician, anon. Education depends on where you're from, but it can range from a certificate class to an associate's degree. Quarantine right now is the best time to do it cause aside from all the time you have, the courses are all online and probably discounted.

No. 585909

Gonna go on a little moral fag rant.

I dont hang out here nearly as much as i did a few years ago and, to be honest, I havent even looked at /pt/ in months because it just started making me feel kind of sad. Watching people desperately clawing and grasping for milk that had already turned to stale powder makes me wonder how much some people must feel about themselves to be stalking these lolcows’ social media accounts just to be the first to post a screenshot of them being cringy… but its just some update of them being kind of boring? i mean these lolcows have done “cringy” things or were straight up terrible and Im here for calling that out, but sometimes its just a mundane status update just as vacant and shallow as your friends or even your own, or some anons pointing out a flaw in their photo like a stretch mark or peach fuzz that theyve had to zoom in 10x to find

its worse considering that a lot of them just seem mentally unwell. Its almost cringy watching people picking very obviously troubled people apart for laughs.

Gonna abandon thread after this one, but the TERFs are something else entirely. There could be a pic of the most Eurocentric ideal image of femininity and they’ll still get accused of being a man because they dont like their jawline. It makes me wonder how many regular women and teens are going through these threads, watching these other women getting picked apart because theyre so obsessed with hating trans women that theyve gone on to scrutinize the normal ones too, are here and probably internalizing all of that. Like even if you’re cis, if anyone judged you the way that TERFs judged anyone they suspected of being a trans woman, you just wouldnt pass. I honestly doubt that anyone here, like you if you’re here reading this, would actually pass.

I guess thats why TERFs are so intense? I get not wanting to date dick (Ive been with my wife before being trans was a big thing and the ones that I did know where into guys so idk how big of an issue pushy trans women in lesbian dating scenes is sorry) or wanting men to use being trans to prey on us in our private spaces, but when your community is picking apart women so meticulously that they cant even trust cis women anymore, its easier to uplift yourself by stepping on those trans women who arent as good as you, the real cis woman. You pick can trans women apart because theyre proof that you are feminine enough

Idk I just remember coming here from a thread I saw on /r9k/ thinking I could escape all of that misogynistic and extreme scrutiny of women, but its still here in a different flavor

No. 585911

i think i'm fucking depersonalizating or what ever the fuck, my face and selfies just look so foreign to me and i can't grasp that i've always had this face. feels like i'm on a shit trip, tf am i gonna do

No. 585912

I get what you're saying with women randomly accusing women of being trans all of the time here becauses they have a masculine jawline. Isn't that sexist?

No. 585916

Yeah, looked like birth marks. He has a cream for it now, and it's not contagious or harmful but shit. A house that makes you become Toad.

No. 585917

Your poor bf but your Toad comment made me cackle. I lived in a damp house once too, it really sucked and I felt it affected my health. I hope you can get out of there soon!

No. 585919

For a bit I felt like I was a mean person because while I don't straight up enjoy telling men to fuck off it does make me feel good. Turns out that feeling was just feeling pride in standing up for myself and setting boundaries

No. 585923

File: 1595037668563.png (598.22 KB, 540x960, 319823FC-4448-4C37-AFBB-76C4F3…)

Fuck I wish I could stop being horny, I feel like a disgusting cumbrain all the time.

No. 585927

Same anon, I even have a higher drive than my boyfriend and it really sucks.

No. 585940

thank you for the reminder, anon, means a lot. I will stay strong for sure!

No. 585942

Sometimes when my period comes a few weeks late, my body gives me a "mega period" where all the stocked up blood comes spewing out at once. I always get stomach aches, head aches, and feel very tired. Even if i wear a heavy duty pad sometimes it overflows during the night.

I also hate how period = women feel sick several days out of the month, but are expected to go about business as normal. In fact, we have to hide our periods to make men feel comfortable. I've always had to do crap like sneak a crunchy loud pad in my pocket around male classmates or coworkers.

No. 585944

fem coomer squad

No. 585947

When I first got my period I was literally appalled that I was expected to go to school and deal with it. My period has only got worse as I get older and it has affected my work either with absences or distractions. My pain was constantly dismissed even by women I trusted growing up. It made me think my excruciating periods were normal for so long.

No. 585948

>I've always had to do crap like sneak a crunchy loud pad in my pocket around male classmates or coworkers.
Just visibly hold that shit on your hand sis no one cares. I do that nowadays and it's liberating. I also just fucking pull panties out from between the butt cheeks in public when they bother me and shit like that, it's surprising just how little people care

No. 585951

>not ashamed to carry your pad
>picks at your butt in public
what the HECK

No. 585953

im so tired of being jealous of people younger than me, how am i in my mid twenties and still have never kissed anyone before? i need to kill myself

No. 585954

You don't need suicide you just need a kiss. Lets go for the kiss.

No. 585957

I work at dome hepot and I am so frustrated and appalled by the current covid measures in place. It’s no surprise my county is at the top of the hot list. There are big signs outside the door saying masks are required, but per management we are not allowed to ask or confront a customer about wearing their mask. And don’t get me started on the customers who then YELL at me ability people not wearing masks, as if I have the ability to enforce it. The anti-maskers are just as bad but fuck at least they’re just potentially infecting me instead of cursing me out. We’re also supposed to be sanitizing the registers after each transaction, but only give us water and a reusable rag that hasn’t been washed or changed out in the last month to do so with. Now we have to take our temperature at work before we’re allowed to clock in, and if it’s too high have to go home but that counts as a call out and 3 of those will result in termination. It makes no fucking sense. I don’t want to get people sick but they are genuinely fostering an environment where people who are knowingly sick and can’t afford to lose their job have no choice but to go into work. All the whole portraying themselves as extremely health conscious and responsible to the mainstream media. It’s just so frustrating because I don’t want to get sick, I don’t want anyone who comes through my line to get sick from my register but at this rate it’s inevitable.

No. 585959

The main takeaway is just "if you're natural about it people just don't fucking notice", hesitating and acting like you're hiding something is usually what makes them pay attention. You can probably pick your nose while looking someone straight in the eye and they'll still not notice. Video related

No. 585960

File: 1595048406914.jpg (30.83 KB, 512x384, 786744498.jpg)

So I vowed to stay single after an extremely messy ending to a relationship that I jumped into way too fast. In the time since I've had a few companions that I have known for awhile but have overall been pretty damn reclusive.

Finally decided to meet up with someone, we met twice within the same week, things were going well… butterflies n stuff, and then he fucking ghosted me after I made plans to stay the night. He said he was feeling really sick and had fallen asleep. We talked back and forth a tiny bit the day after but now he hasn't talked to me in 3 days.

Wouldn't concern me normally but he was previously so eager and seemed to really be into me.

So here I am, worried that I ruined any chances with him because I said I've been thinking about fucking him nonstop, while simultaneously paranoid that I'm doing exactly what I've done before. Damn my brain that only shuts up when I can distract myself with another human. Damn my brain that gets so anxious I become a non-functioning ball of disassociating emptiness

No. 585961

>He said he was feeling really sick then ghosted me

He has COVID-19 and ran away from you to evade trouble. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

No. 585963

Good riddance. You whine like a kpop stan. The fact you're using "cis" shows you haven't been here that long anyway.

No. 585967

File: 1595051016556.png (12.92 KB, 240x240, main.png)

I've vented about this previously. I joined a foraging group on facebook and I just don't understand how the 'regulars' there can be such pretentious pricks when people come to that identification group specifically meant for people to ask questions.

You know I've been in a lot of different hobbies like j fashion and gaming, but at least elitism made sense in those hobbies because most of that shit followed around money and readily available knowledge that didn't have any real bearing in regards to life or death.
Foraging is fucking free. It's a bunch of broke ass people bumbling about in a woods looking for shit to eat. Asking questions about the shit makes fucking sense because mistaken identity could actually injure someone or get themselves killed if something's poisonous. Imo there's way more at stake there than someone foolishly coordinating a dress or getting owned at a game cause they're a noob.
Like jfc, I HATE the people in this group even though it's been really helpful in my learning. It sucks when I think there's valuable discussion in the replies to certain posts only for these 'regulars' to be ribbing the OP over something retarded. They circlejerk themselves for thinking they're clever for being more knowledgeable than literal beginners and OFC one of the admins most guilty of this is some homely bitch whose only power is being in charge of this stupid group. I wish they'd all fuck off.

No. 585971

I haven’t had a guy fuck me in 10 months and I’m fucking horny, I’m watching a tv series and I imagine fucking all of the male characters. I was going out with a guy back in March and we were close to getting on a relationship and corona fucking pussyblocked me.

No. 585978

my neighbor is such a dumb bitch i fucking hate her. she has this old ass dog she just leaves tied to a tree all day and night. I got her to start bringing it inside sometimes by raising a huge stink but she still leaves it tied up for hours and hours sometimes.

i tried telling the police because it's against state law to leave a dog tied up without water (it would kick over its bowl after 5 minutes everytime she tied it up)and it has no shade but they told me to contact animal services. animal services will not respond to me and i've been trying since before march, so before covid. they're just not interested.

she has it tied up on this shitty wire thing, it's like braided metal with a plastic coating? anyway the dog has wrapped itelf around the tree with the wire several times and got stuck. i don't know what the fuck to do. i cant help it because its vicious as fuck and she just ignores it. i can't go up to her door and tell her because she ties the dog at the front of the house and i'm scaed it would break free and attack me. so i have to make a bunch of noise out my window so this dumb bitch will come and rescue her dog. which makes me paranoid so now i'm always checking this dog hasn't accidentally hanged itself.

The thing is she ties it up right under my bedroom window and it just woke me up freaking out. she waddles her fat ass out after 10+ mins to bring it in. I flung the window open and told her im calling the cops and that she's a selfish bitch. i fucking HATE having shit with neighbours but i hate seeing this dog neglected right outside my fucking window.

No. 585992


I don't think you are too old to go back to school, there are numerous people going back to college in their thirties, forties and fifties.

However, try doing some research or talk to a radiologist before choosing your specialisation. Automation is said to replace a bunch of jobs, including radiology. I know some experts state that radiologists will still be needed, but to what capacity, I don't know. You might be another surplus on the market when you finish your studies, so be careful.

Good luck!

No. 585998

I need to vacuum again. I don't even use half of the rooms, but my cat does and he sheds everywhere.
I feel like my cat's maid, sigh.

No. 586008

Just turn off your pc or delete social media apps and the issue vanishes

No. 586009

Close the doors of those rooms.

No. 586018

This pandemic is making me feel mute. I live with my boyfriend and his mom, but I feel like I'm talking to them at most for one hour a day. I feel so lonely, I want to socialize, but I can't. I can't talk to my online friends unless there's no one in the house/sleeping and someone has the time to join voice chat. How do I feel more social? I need to open my mouth. I feel like I haven't done anything since March even though I'm still working, but I'm working by myself.

No. 586028

I think my friend is a narc, retarded or obnoxious but they are annoying. They are an alcoholic and when they get drunk the entire night turns into them dominating the conversation with the same repeated stories from their "wild" youth. Doesn't matter who else is present and if we've all had the exact same conversation before about their past they always just want to talk about themselves. They're about 4 years older than me and in their 30s. I'll be turning 30 this year and with all the time in quarantine I've been reflecting over my past with myself. I've even shared a few, literally a few, stories with my friend thinking hey they never fuck about their life maybe they'd like to hear about me? No! The last two weekends I can admit more than usual for me I spoke about my past but I always try to do it in a lighthearted manner since I'm aware people can easily become bored with stories they're not in. I don't know. Feels like shit though I remember when my friend was turning 30 they basically spent the year going off the rails and making sure their 20s went out with a bang. I even arranged a trip to Dublin for it since they were crying about their parents not giving a fuck or doing anything. My last year of my 20s has fucking sucked due to covid and I'm not even expecting anyone to even remember it's my 30th and to do anything because of the state of the world but to get knocked back for even talking about my life. Just makes me feel like a piece of shit that one of my closest friends doesn't want to know shit about me. I'm basically only good for adding value to their life. To them I may as well spend my free time in a coma and their only use from me is when I validate their existence.

No. 586056

Brush your cat often.

No. 586063

Exactly, that's what I did. I only have an IG with zero posts just to follow my friends and family and honestly it's been relaxing. Social media posting just isn't for some people

No. 586070

I have been using the same phone for the past 5 years (note 4) and I feel left behind sometimes. I just don't got the money to get a new phone so I gotta make do.

No. 586076

Might be schizo of me to say but I always had a feeling that I would be someone important. Like a public figure of some sorts or someone with a job that would make a big difference. I guess I thought the world would pay me back for having a shitty childhood and being a fairly good person. Spoiler, I'm not an important person and don't have an important job.

No. 586084

Lol, I could have wrote this. I feel you anon. Maybe we'll get the recognition when we're older

No. 586096

I feel like I want to cheat on my boyfriend. I wish I would never even consider this. I can't leave this relationship for now because I am financially dependent. He has been emotionally abusive and I am just not happy for so long. I want to share moments of love with someone. It seems like the only option. However, I think something would break inside me if I would do it. I just don't have the guts. I don't even know how to go about it, and if he found out it would be a shitstorm. So I just won't, but I keep fantasizing about some stranger that would actually enjoy a day with me and not just play videogames all day rotting in his computer.

No. 586101

It's ok anon. As long as it works, who cares? I had my old ass iphone for 6 years until it was unusable and everyone had an iphone x around me…not everyone has a brand new phone dw

No. 586102

My mother sucks the life out of me. She's the kind of miserable old lady who never smiles and if I get my hair done or something, the only thing out of her mouth is criticism. I've never taken drugs, commited crimes or anything and she constantly talks about how much she regrets having me. We're from a different culture and I'm supposed to take care of her and let her live with me forever but she makes me miserable. It's hard to meet anyone because of her, as she will always demand to come along wherever I go (she doesn't drive) and goes batshit if I try to stay somewhere overnight. We're immigrants and she doesn't speak English so I know she gets irritated being in the American suburbs but I've offered to get her an apartment in the capital of our home country but she refuses to consider it. I don't know what to do as whenever I ask her what she wants she just starts silently crying and saying she despises me and my father. I feel a weight lifted from me whenever I'm alone but that's so rare. It's gotten to the point where I just truly want to be alone forever without having to carry anyone else's misery and problems.

No. 586103


No. 586106


Uh ditto I need to hear back from the anon whose bf had mushrooms growing out of his neck wtf

No. 586107

Same. I think it's just a coping mechanism cause we're thinking that life will finally pay us back for all the shit we had to go through. But this isn't how life works, sadly.
I'm trying to unlearn that life doesn't owe me anything cause if i keep expecting some kinda compensation i will just become even more miserable.
Wish you the best, still.

No. 586123

Sorry if this is a weird request, but does someone know if there's somewhere we can discuss child abuse and pedophilia? Is there a good website for that or can I make a thread on here?

I was sexually abused as a child and it seems like a lot of other anons here have been as well. I just want a place where we can vent about it and talk about issues regarding pedos and stuff like that. I have a lot to say but I dont feel comfortable sharing it with friends or family members.

No. 586126

I'd like that to be me too; anon. If not to compensate for my shitty childhood it'd be to compensate for my narcissism and awful mentally fucked brain to help others. Although I do think I actually want to help others underneath me both loving and hating myself

No. 586127

There’s a trauma thread on /g/ I think

No. 586129

No. 586131

Thank you both, this is the kind of thing I needed!

No. 586133

Seconded. Get one of those furminator things, even the knockoffs are effective. Go at it on your cat's fur for 10 minutes, repeat every week. Less hair, less vacuuming, and your cat will feel soft too.

No. 586139

I just ordered a vaginal dilator set because every sex toy I own has become too sore to insert. The set that I bought consists of three silicone rods that are barely bigger than fucking pencils. I was abused as a kid, I know it's vaginismus related to that but I'm in a cycle where I make so much progress only to return to this point again.

My last bf had a fetish for fisting and despite knowing my issues he would pressure me to try and fulfill that kink for him?? I was at a point where I could comfortably take a small penis and the guy couldn't even appreciate normal sex. Now I'm back to pencil sized dilators again. I hate this cycle. I hate that I wasted my time with someone who couldn't even value regular sex in the way I value it. I just want a small dicked, kink free bf to be supportive and appreciate the progress when I get there again.

No. 586143

anon i'm so sorry and i just want to say you deserve a small dicked kid bf and more. please don't let dumb moids pressure you into things that hurt you. most women couldn't accomodate an entire fist, your ex was a porn sick freak and i'm glad you're away from him

No. 586144

omg i didnt mean to type kid i meant KIND you deserve an ADULY bf

No. 586147

Sorry anon but I kek'd. Watch some scrote screencap that first post and blast it everywhere saying "This is from a women's imageboard".

No. 586150

isn't all of this just way too much pain and suffering? why not just rub your clit, orgasm multiple times, then move on to more fun, important things? i haven't had sex/inserted anything besides my own finger or a tampon in over 4 years and i don't miss it at all, it was just so boring (i do not have vaginismus so it wasn't painful either, was just okay, fine, good but nothing special)

KEK. a scrote will absolutely screenshot and post it saying "SEE?? womens imageboards are full of literal pedophiles too!!!"

No. 586153

My best friend mostly vents to me and I don’t talk about myself a whole lot anymore, but I’m kinda fine with it. I’m just not fine with my life being boring.

No. 586156

File: 1595104766410.jpg (7.42 KB, 300x240, c189c2a4-3765-40f4-9461-7681f4…)

I love my natural hair but I am just so exhausted from having to tackle it every day. Thinking about shaving it all off since it is a little damaged from all the sjw danger hair dying. My hesitation rests in no longer having a big afro and the length of time it will take to grow back to it's current length. I love black hair I really do but this is such a chore without being able to go to beauty salons.

I'm pretty muscular for a woman so I'm also worried about reading as male to others without my long hair. The pressure of always looking good as a black woman is so annoying I swear to god

No. 586162

>worried about reading as male to others without my long hair

Do it, anon, I'm sure it'll look fire. One of my girl friends with a guy-ish body shaved her head and it looks so good, she gives off a cool vibe like Professor X or something lol. As long as you have the confidence, I'm sure you'll get a lot of admiring looks.

No. 586167

I still crave penetration, even at times when my body won't cooperate. Though tbh if I can manage a finger or two that's more satisfying than sex itself.

No. 586172

PLEASE anon just say "this is money for my assault and not for her house"
I have had thousands of dollars stolen from my mother and still am in debt, I wish everyday that I had said no when I could! be adamant about it. do not let her have your cards or anything, your sister does NOT deserve that money especially if shed rather buy herself new boobs rather than a house that she apparently needs.
please be a fighter and just say no.
this is for you and you only, get your jaw fixed and get your teeth in order!

No. 586176

This anon is saying what I couldn't. It's your money, girl

No. 586179

File: 1595107852809.jpg (10 KB, 236x234, 4423e3df1873b94bf1829c1c554ad4…)

missing my asshole bpd ex. I wish I could make him well but I can't. I feel for him. Kinda wish I could nurture him into a healthy boy/man. But that feeling is misplaced. My heart goes out to him today. I have to stay strong and keep the distance and no contact. The stages of grief be hitting different

No. 586180

Anyone 20 and younger won't understand this, but I miss when the internet was almost a secret club of sorts. Being almost 24, I grew up on the cusp of the internet being widespread and easily accessible on phones and up until highschool, the only way to do shit on the internet was to literally go on a desktop computer and dedicate time to it. I miss mentioning things like addictinggames and omegle and the “cursed blue eyed girl” to my classmates and them not knowing wtf I was talking about. I miss when only a handful of students , even from different groups/cliques, knew about a certain video on youtube, or game, or sites to illegally download movies. The internet used to feel like a separate world from real life and now everyone knows about everything and there's so much of it that consequently nothing  feels exciting.

No. 586182

Sometimes being single is a blessing with bpd. Relationships, exes getting back in touch.. it all sets off the worst of it

No. 586187

I've ordered things from 3 different well known websites 15 days ago and nothing has shipped yet. Idk what the fuck is going on but at this point I just want my money back.

No. 586195

do it do it do it. you'll feel so much better and lighter. also the few months after shaving where the hair is cropped but your scalp is no longer completely visible are the best, because you look great and don't have to spend any time on it. it's the best period of hair growth imo and so easy to maintain.

No. 586202

Covid? I ordered stuff from Japan back in march and wonder if it'll arrive before xmas at this rate

No. 586208

shave it! short hair looks great on black women. video is from a fashion youtube who rocks it. if you're worried about looking masculine, maybe wear some cute earrings?

No. 586211

22 is still young, what are you on about?

No. 586215

Do it anon! I had the same problem as you and I shaved my entire head. Honestly, I haven't been taking care of my hair like I should, dyed it twice in the span of 5-6 months after shaving, haven't been styling it, etc… but I grew ~5 inches of hair in about 7-8 months.

Anyone can look good with a shaved head tbh, especially black women. Also, people won't read you as male unless you wear "male" clothes. If you dress pretty feminine it shouldn't be an issue.

No. 586222

Sometimes i look back at my estranged relationships w/any one (friends, coworkers,acquaintances,etc…) and wonder how things should've end up differently. Even though they stabbed me in my back, try to come up with shitty excuses to paint me in a bad light but i always thought that we could at least have a quiet break up instead of any kind of nasty online fight. I just want to talk to them again but some things are better left unsaid.
People come and go but it seems like i should get use to it by now…

No. 586227

Thank you kind anons, reading your replies made me feel wayyyy better haha.

No. 586228

I don't know…I just feel like I lost my grip in art, it's not that I forgot all of my fundies. But when I picked up a pen or anything to draw, the feeling's not there anymore and the emptiness just grew bigger and bigger every day.
I choose to study a different major that doesn't revolve around art because the art education scene in my country is very limited. Everyone seems to settle with being a designer because it's the only way to make money here using ''art''.
I always thought I could balance my time between art and uni work but sometimes uni work can be too much and I can't even draw properly.
Stuck with very basics sketches and never learn to draw anything new.
I'm lost…

No. 586262

i'm 20 and started using the internet at age 8 lol and as fucked up as it is, i was barely 11 when i would get deep into the chan boards, random outdated but still very populated chat rooms etc so i definitely feel all of this. up until about 2015 there were shreds of the "old internet" left over, now there's almost nothing. all my fav illegal movie sites are long gone and all the weird hard to find chatrooms are non existent, the internet is gone now (but lolcow helps a bit)
i don't know if it's cringy or not but i'm so nostalgic for the way being online used to be, i never imagined it would all die out but it turns out only pretty much 2 generations ever got to "experience" that era and nobody else will ever know (or maybe 3? because older people who used it in the 2000s.. anywho)

No. 586270

When I was in 6th grade I stumbled upon some CP pictures that my older brother had downloaded onto the family computer. The way my parents handled it was very poor. All that was done was a little bit of counseling for my brother. Not long enough for it to provide any actual help. I’m suppose to believe that he is a changed person and that he’s a good person, in fact, he always has been a good person. But good people don’t do anything like he did and he has done. I’m the one that’s a piece of shit for thinking my brother is scum. Do people that look into shit like that even change? I’ve heard conflicting things. I know it has been many years later, but I’ve only began to really deal with it emotionally. They excuse it. “He was molested as a kid.” Okay, but so was my mom and so was I and we both didn’t do any of those things so being molested is an excuse when the reality is that he is continuing the cycle of abuse by even going down that route. The fact that he is 31 and is dating a girl that’s 20 and that he also has friends that are fresh out of high school makes me feel skeptical about him. How does a grown ass dude have friends that are so young? Tf? Why would you even want friends that young?

Sorry, I just don’t know how to feel. My parents make me feel like I’m wrong for thinking poorly of him, but (again) I don’t know if people that do that actually change for the good?

No. 586271

File: 1595123816053.jpeg (1.89 MB, 2048x1396, 618E6B01-FFA9-4A1F-9486-60BAA7…)

Last night I saw a badger get killed by a car, right in front of me and I couldn’t have done anything to help.
Me and my bf were driving back home from a day trip, around 11 pm, on a shitty two lane rural road, when we saw something we thought was a dog laying in the middle of the road, clearly hit by a car. My bf stopped and got out to check if it was still alive and it turned out to be a large badger, indeed still alive. He had a wound on his back and was bleeding from the mouth, but he was still trying hard to breathe and move his legs, so we couldn’t just leave him there to die. We wanted to move our car and turn on the hazard lights to shield the badger from the oncoming traffic, but there was not enough time for that, as there were cars coming from the opposite lane pretty fast.
So my bf is standing on the roadside waving at the cars, trying to get them to slow down and drive around the badger, while I’m frantically searching for a phone number to call the local police station (in my country, when you find a wounded wild animal you’re supposed to call a non-emergency line and inform the police, so they can contact people qualified to deal with a situation like this, usually a designated local veterinarian and/or a person from the hunters association).Three cars slow down and pass us safely, but then, right when I’m in the middle of dialing the number, fourth car comes, ignores my bf and HITS THE BADGER, full speed. Bf starts cursing, jumps back in the car and follows the guy, flashing his headlights, signaling him to stop, while I’m standing on the road bawling my eyes out, completely fucking useless.
The other driver actually stopped and was very apologetic, claiming he didn’t see my bf or the badger laying there (clearly didn’t pay attention to the fucking road but ok). In the end he even helped us carry him off the road so he wouldn’t get run over by any more cars, which was all we could have done at this point, as he was obviously dead.
Sorry if this was long and rambling, I guess I had to write this whole ordeal out to take it off my mind. I know this was “just” a badger, but the way he was struggling and the sound the car made when it struck him… I don’t know, it just hit me really hard and I’m still not over it. Especially since this was the first time I’ve ever watched a beautiful wild animal die, let alone in such a senseless way, and I know there might’ve been a chance to save him.

No. 586272

My last relationship left me insecure because he was cold towards me when I tried to give him affection. My current bf is great and he loves me but he is not the touchy feely, lovey dovey type and I am. That’s perfectly okay but my insecurities are making me need constant affection and validation from him and I hate how annoying and needy I’m being. I’ve figured out his love language is “acts of service” and he shows it through that but I can’t stop myself from feeling down when he doesn’t love me the way that I want and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t love me or want me around. It’s really silly and I want to stop feeling like this

No. 586274

Don't come to Australia anon. Any road trip in regional Australia you're presented with a slew of roadkill and kangaroos actively try to kill themselves and you when you're driving (they're not that smart). It's the depressing, stinky reality here and I hate it. So glad I've never seen a death in action tbh, I've been pretty lucky.

No. 586278

I got a 4/5 star description rating on Ebay for one of my sales and I have no idea why. I sold a brand new journal with no damage and it was listed that way. There was no description really, and the item was only $1. I lost money on it. Wasn't even worth tanking my ratings on my account over. Shoulda kept the item instead of selling it. If there was a problem, tell me. Why do people suck so much?

No. 586291

Trust your gut instincts anon. He doesn't sound good to me either. I dated a 35 year old at 19 (Yes I am a dumbass). Your brother, at worst, is predatory, at best, extremely emotionally immature. CP means he's either into it sexually or found it funny; some degree of sociopathy. Either way, mental issues going on there. One could grow out of it, but there would be no way of knowing, he could also be better at hiding it. Combine that with a girl fresh out of high school when he's been on his own 10 years, equivalent to half his girlfriend's life on earth, you have a functioning fucking brain for noticing predatory behavior.
I'm so sorry anon. I can understand your pain. It seems silly, but I accidentally killed a lizard trying to get it out of my house (my mother hates them). I didn't realize my own strength when I came down with a plastic tub trying to capture the lizard, it ran away the same time my hand came down and decapitated it. I'm still mortified I did that. I've also seen a bunny and dog get run over in front of me. Lots of dead animals on the street in Cali. Drivers are worse than the stereotypes.
I can relate anon. Sorry to "CoMMuNiCAtION" you, but perhaps voice you would like him to make an effort to be more physically affectionate. He probably can't force it to the degree you would like, but knowing he's trying is the important part. Also consider your needs in a relationship. Compatibility of affectionate displays are a valid reason to end a relationship. I grew up in a narcissistic household, so when I'm not being love bombed by a potential partner, I feel like they aren't really interested. I didn't get touched as a kid either, and no siblings, so I am exceptionally physically clingy. Perhaps there is an anxiety lurking from earlier experiences.

No. 586297

At that point, I'd message them and find out.what have you got to lose just do it.
Old people that don't understand online ratings often think that full stars means something that wows them more than usual so that could be it

No. 586298

Bless u sweet empath please have a nice shower and go to bed

No. 586321

File: 1595130836616.gif (690.05 KB, 500x280, c6cebdacc795aaf3a8f2ffd79a2076…)

My bridezilla friend has been driving me nuts with making her wedding plans work. Despite switching to courthouse eloping due to covid (which I and a few others aren't invited to), and wants a fancy dinner afterward (where I & others are invited to but we pay for ourselves), she still wants a full shebang wedding next year just to have a ceremony too. I'm in the bridal party so I'm stuck.

A few of our friends said they don't want to go to the dinner, so I asked her if it was okay to bring a plus one since they weren't going. She totally just said no cause "she doesn't know who I'm bringing." Bitch, what the fuck? I don't know some of the people she's inviting to this dinner but I'm p sure she'd be offended if I said I wasn't going for that reason. It's not like she's paying for us, so. I feel like doing something petty and setting up a separate reservation for me and the plus one nearby so we can 'be there' but it's technically my separate reservation that she doesn't get a say in.

I don't feel like she values my feelings as a friend, she's done fucked up shit to me recently that kind of proves she doesn't really give a rat's ass about my life. It's rubbed me in such a wrong way that I feel like making an excuse to not go at all.
Especially if I have to Groundhog Day this shit next year regardless. I wish people who throw weddings and want people to devote multiple days of their time realize that it's as much a gift from their friends to do this for them as it is an 'honor' to participate.

No. 586333

God anon I feel you. It's the reason why I started visiting forums and anon boards last year, it felt so secret and secluded. I think the more modern social media website that isn't so public where you can form little cliques and inside jokes now are in smaller Discord groups.

No. 586348

>I don't know some of the people she's inviting to this dinner but I'm p sure she'd be offended if I said I wasn't going for that reason
The dinner seems like it would be like a reception, so it makes perfect sense why she wouldn't want you to invite a friend. A wedding is something that's shared with family and friends, so why would you want a stranger there? It literally doesn't matter who you know there tbh

And if she hasn't been a good friend to you recently, then why are you still apart of the bridal party? You should honestly either try to resolve your issues or cut her out instead of trying to make the dinner about you because she won't let you invite a stranger.

No. 586349

Anon I feel you. I have the same problem where I over hype someone in my head and it feels like you’re doing the same thing honestly. There’s no reason for you to be so infatuated with someone that you could potentially not mesh with because you don’t know them well enough.

My experience with men that ghosted me early on is: you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Maybe they had an old ex resurface. Maybe they were going on mutlple dates and decided to prioritise one person. Maybe they decided they don’t like you that much. Maybe they felt like you moved on too fast. Who knows. Sometimes it’s awkward to spell it out to someone.

Forget it. I got into a relationship with a guy that seemed perfect on paper, and he was equally into me, only to realise a month later that I couldn’t stand him after all.

No. 586351

oh my god THIS. i overhyped this one guy for weeks and long stiry short he ghosted me after we hung out and it has been like 14 days since he left me on read lmao. never ever falling into this trap again

No. 586369

probably thinks shipping delays (due to covid) are bc of you

No. 586370

become financially stable and leave him.

No. 586371

there's a lot of people that will give 4/5 when the item's completely good and as expected but they still don't feel like it deserved a 5/5 because I guess that implies something fantastic

No. 586372

>I don't feel like she values my feelings as a friend, she's done fucked up shit to me recently that kind of proves she doesn't really give a rat's ass about my life.

I'd just not go then. No point in sticking around and shelling out your resources for someone who doesn't care about you.

No. 586380

shave it anon! there's always a huge amount of fun in trying different wigs and makeup looks. hair is just an accessory, and it sounds like it's weighing you down. also shaving will get rid of your fried/dyed ends and have a fresh start.
also side note, muscular black woman with a shaved head? fuck yes you sound like a dream
update us if you do it, good luck anon!

No. 586396

I don't understand why my neighbours have to bu such massive cunts.
They're two girls, probably starting college next year, that live with their aunt and uncle or grandparents idk, on the upper floor that they have for themselves. Which is fine, good for them. But jesus fucking christ, EVERY night from 10pm until 1am they screech like banshees, listen to loud music and talk/yell so fucking loud not even closing the windows helps.

I'm so tired of their shit but I don't see them at all during the day or the adults so I could tell them to shut the fuck up. I have to get up at 4am for work so yea they're fucking killing me.

No. 586399

I used to hate-stalk this one scrote on fb from my city that I had no connection because he was just so awfully smug. His header photo was of a text message his girlfriend sent him and his reply to it, it went a little like this,
>gf: oh wow big deal if you're the worlds most perfect bf ever
>scrote: haha what if i put this as my fb header pic
Annoying. Anyways the thing that bugged me the most was this one post of his where he pondered over how hilarious it was to see people recieve nudes in public as he described seeing a woman open a dickpic in a mall and was so shocked that she dropped her phone. Some woman commented something like 'ugh yes unwanted dic pix are so gross' and he replied 'how do you it was unwanted?' like, you fucking retard, what else could it be? He was so obnoxious. He also had a habit of compartmentalizing women based on internet tropes like 'egirls' 'art hoes' 'normie women' and described his gf as an arthoe. Dyed his hair a bad orange which clashed horribly with his skintone the last time I checked up on him which was a half a year ago. So glad I stopped being a obsessive tard and stopped hate-stalking him though.

No. 586407

my boyfriend is literally perfect for me in almost every way, and our relationship is totally healthy and fulfilling in ways i couldn’t ever really imagine.
i just can’t help but shake the feeling i’m gay and i’d rather be with a woman and i won’t ever be totally happy with my romantic life unless i’m living it out with another woman.
i don’t know what to do because my boyfriend is perfect! almost perfect! literally the answer to pretty much all of my prayers!!!! he’s just no woman
and i’m so heartbroken

No. 586408

Are you me anon? I don't want this to be the second dude I leave.

No. 586413

god i hate my ex so fucking much. i love how he has to prove what an amazing person he is by giving a bunch of homeless people free shit after taking all the money in the savings of his ex girlfriend who got beaten and sodomized by a homeless man she let stay with her for free because she deeply loved him. i hope something really bad comes his way for being such a fake fucking stupid stoner """buddhist""" """"spiritually enlightened"""" bitch boy. fuck him fuck PTSD and fuck therapy. i'm taking the left hand path!!!

vid related is the sound of me fully relishing in my insane drunken mental breakdown while i laugh my ass off.

fuck this gay earth hahahahaha!

No. 586417

File: 1595159181001.jpeg (13.5 KB, 275x232, 1591453664685.jpeg)

this is unironically what i see in my mind's eye whenever i think of him.

No. 586428

My depressed monkey brain does this thing where I online shop and I literally convince myself that "once I own these clothes, I will be happy and things will get better" and drop 100 bucks rather impulsively. The logic sounds so stupid when I write it out yet I do this all the time. I'm slowly trying to stop myself from behaving like this. I have 2 packages coming in the mail next week that I'm excited about (Was way more excited at self-checkout) and I already know for a fact that when they arrive I will try them on, put them in my closet, and go back to feeling nothing.

No. 586429

Bizarrely i paid far less for shipping from japan than from The US but by the time the us package had been shipped out my japan package had already arrived

No. 586438

My brain likes to do the same shit, it truly helps if you can wrangle your excitement to hold on until after a good nights sleep cause that's the prime "oh wow i didn't need that" time. And if you still really want it by then at least it's less of an impulse. Good luck with it though, what an all-around crap habit.

No. 586440

File: 1595163994890.jpeg (59.12 KB, 798x444, 69F82B71-ABBC-4550-8FC6-0D62E4…)

You described my shopping habits to a t. Worst part is when the thing I want sells out before I can get it and I’m bitter about it for days afterwards, to the point I’m pretty sure it counts as intrusive thoughts, kek.

No. 586447

>A wedding is something that's shared with family and friends, so why would you want a stranger there?
Eh, yes and no. Weddings are usually allowed a plus one and even if it were a true reception, it's unusual because the couple isn't paying for their guest's meals so it really shouldn't matter in this case as they're not paying for anyone who they don't know.
Customs are different everywhere but this girl getting married sounds like she's got a stick up her ass, especially because she wants another ceremony next year just because.

No. 586453

I don't think i've ever told anyone about this, because i only recently realised it was wrong. I've had asthma since i was a small child. my mom would rarely pick up my inhalers because it was an inconvenience for her. i couldn't go and pick them up when i was a child, because the pharmacy was like 3 miles from our house and it was a dangerous walk. she would come home from work and say stuff like 'this is my time to relax now, and the last thing i want to do is waste any of my time on you.' at the time i didn't think denying me my inhalers was that bad, since she is in charge and it's her right to do whatever she wants. now i realise how fucked up that was, and how i could have easily died. my symptoms were worse because of the lack of inhalers btw, but it never got to an emergency level.

No. 586454

>>586440 i'm the same anons. i'm getting a lot of free packages and stuff rn, and i thought that would make me so happy. I get my shopping fix without dropping any money. but no, i'm happy waiting for it in the mail, and for a few minutes after opening it and then its back to wanting more.

No. 586466

I finally -after many years of being too socially anxious to do so- managed to go on vacation on my own.The thing is that even now,at a time I supposedly should be RELAXING,I keep thinking about how socially inept and distant I am from people.I'm better at small talk than I used to but still not good enough not to seem somewhat weird and this causes me small stress at times.It doesn't help that I'm alone at a pretty remote place with not much to do.And even tho I know it's partly in my head, I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.I hate that even now I get into the process of thinking what OTHERS think of me and my choices.Can't I leave worry free? Even for a little?

No. 586469

Japan post is so cheap even for the faster shippings, it's a blessing when you're a weeb.

No. 586479

You’ll get use to it. Like most things it’s practice and exposure. I went to the movies, restaurants and hotels a lot on my own (my friends were always busy and my partner was long distance at the time). I often found outings with others more anxiety inducing then just going out on my own. It’s doubtful anyone will say anything other then maybe a passing “are you waiting for anyone else” or “here on your own” queries. Just try to relax and enjoy the experience as best you can.

No. 586497

Wow anon I'm sorry your mother is like that. She sounds like a severely maladjusted person because that's a whole new level of narcissism to me. I think normal, empathetic people would put their children before themselves particularly in regards to health. I know I would and I'm not saint.

No. 586524

How do I move on from a huge mistake, that’s hurt a lot of people? Some have forgiven me, some haven’t, but I don’t know how to begin forgiving myself and lifting some of the guilt.

No. 586551

decide that you'll take this as a learning experience and that, moving forward, you'll be better

No. 586552

Are you comfortable giving context? I feel like it really depends on what the mistake was.

No. 586567

I'm not, but basically I lied for months about something I promised I wouldn't do, but was doing the entire time. I was given so many opportunities to come clean, but I was a coward. Now that it's in the open, I feel like I've betrayed a lot of peoples trust in me, and I'm horrified at how elaborate my lies got.

I want so badly to make personal changes. I clearly have some underlying issues that I can't deflect from anymore. I want to go to therapy, or at least counselling, to understand what I was even trying to accomplish through all my mistakes. I think the hole just kept getting deeper and deeper for me until I saw no way out. I don't want to act how I have done ever again, I don't want to lie to the people who trusted me. I just feel so ashamed.

No. 586625

>>586567 i'm assuming so sorta addictive behaviour? As long as you better yourself in the future, i feel like forgiveness will come with time.

No. 586635

I just feel so ashamed and disgusted with myself, it's hard to see a way out

No. 586654

I hate myself so much sometimes I think It'd be better to off myself. I never get anything done. I promised myself I would start looking for a job today but instead all I did was browse the internet and listen to music. I want to be more social but I never go out. I always decide to get new hobbies but I'm too lazy. And it hit me today that this has been my life for YEARS. My entire existence consists of planning a shitton of things and then daydream about them and never carry out anything. I am a failure. I really want to cut myself even though I haven't done it in years

No. 586666

i met this guy through a whatsapp group (dont know him in real life) and after a while we started chatting in private. we had so much in common in terms of interests. after a while he started being flirty and saying shit like "you're so cute"/"i wish we had met before corona so we could spend time together"/"i have nobody to cuddle with" etc. we started talking about meeting in real life jsut to talk, like not only us but with a few other people.
BUT AS SOON AS WE ACTUALLY START PLANNING SHIT, he started sounding uninterested. we were supposed to meet today but the guy cancelled 4 hours prior. this happened 2 times before too - i suggest a date and he just says shit like he doesn't know if he'll be busy so can't say 100% yes. he also hasn't been talking to me as much as he used to. hell, he doesn't even message me unless i do first - and i stopped doing that since he doesn't seem as enthusiastic as he was when we first started talking.

today i also saw that he liked a meme on instagram that was about DMing 8 people at the same time. I feel like such a dumb bitch for emotionally investing in him. He isn't even cute enough to be a fuckboy, i think he just dms everyone to get a reaction and some girl hotter than me responded back so now he's done with me.
fuck, maybe im just overanalysing.

No. 586704

>>586635 the way out is to stop whatever you're doing. imagine how proud of yourself you'll be when you stop. instead of feeling digust, you'll feel pride.

if i may ask, what behaviour is it? i've managed to break my xan, purging and self harm addiction so i may be able to help. if you want, you could add me on discord or something?

No. 586707

I think you're spot on but don't blame yourself. Just be glad he revealed his true colors before you sank any of your time into him.

No. 586708

i just went through a break up and am about to start a new chapter in my life, so it's probably related, but i've been questioning everything in my life.

what's happiness? where do i want to be in the future? is the path i'm taking the right one?

i used to childishly think happiness lied in being in a huge city, having access to all the cool stuff i wanted to consume (clothes, food, exotic stuff, etc). hell, i imagined happiness being all the way abroad, no questions asked.

however my ex loves his home, which is the countryside with famous touristic spots, and most of all, loves his family, his culture. he sees his future at home, not in a big city or abroad. at first i thought he was foolish, the countryside's boring, i can't wait to move to the capital, yadda yadda.

but i progressively understood what he felt. i don't have all of that. i don't have a home where the generations before me were born, and for all of my life, up until very recently, my only family was my mom. then, i had no friends. so maybe i overcompensated by daydreaming about other places, about things i couldn't get my hands on, things that had nothing to do with the ordinary for me.

i know i have to go; the one thing i feel like doing in life right now is in the biggest city in this country. but after that…do i want to move to the even bigger city of my dreams?

not gonna lie, all i wish for rn is to settle and create strong bonds with a large group of people. but i keep moving. it's so frustrating.

i don't know where i'll be in the future so i'm not gonna quit everything in under 5 minutes just to be faced with the consequences and unable to fix anything for a whole year…but i wish this feeling could be fixed.

No. 586712

me too, anon. Everything just sucks.
At least you're not over 30, right?

No. 586716

I'm about to graduate next month and just realized that I missed the deadline for a project by 5 fucking days.
We were supposed to test some kind of online program, upload our result and then later on put together a portfolio, a part of it being that project. Should I just include it into the portfolio and then act dumb if they question why I didn't upload it online? Or should I email the professor and admit to it, begging her to be leniant because otherwise I can't graduate? But what if she says no?
We're nearly 300 students in that class, so keeping count is more difficult, plus technical difficulties could always happen (as an excuse for why they didn't get mine) and the thought of her saying no scares me to death, but on the other hand isn't being honest always the best options?
I'm seriously such a mess, I constantly fuck up such important things, what should I do now anons (other than offing myself)?

No. 586717

No, I'm not. But being the fucking idiot that I am, I can see myself doing this until I die, unless some sort of fucking miracle happens

No. 586723

Listening to my sister trying to justify polygamy and actual child marriage is killing me I hate living here it is hell it is hell it is hell and I’ll never be able to leave even though I’m fucking grown

No. 586728

Why won’t you ever be able to leave?

No. 586736

They’ll disown me and I have no money and live in a shithole muslim country so I can’t just move out

No. 586744

Fellow Ex-muzzie here and I feel so bad for you. I’m lucky I at least live in the West so I am able to get away from the insanity. Is there no way you could ever get a job and just risk being disowned for moving away?

No. 586745

I can't stand it when my parents are away for a few days or weeks and my little sister just keeps bringing her bf at home everyday, makes him cook shit I don't particularly want to eat with our food, and after a while I have to go buy more food because there's not enough food for three people.

No. 586754

My best chance at having a normal life is marrying a guy who lives in a western country and leaving here but that kind of makes me want to gouge my eyes out considering my options

No. 586759

I having Celexa withdrawals rn (because I misplaced my prescription) and I fucking hate it.

No. 586763

I just finished a placement year at a top company for my subject, and I'm miserable.

I thought this year was going to be fun, I managed to find a house with another girl who seem similar minded but she turned out to be so antisocial. Telling me off for laughing or having my door open. Then stealing my food and making me clean the house on my own. Living in that environment made the whole year a struggle for me and ruined my experience with the company I worked for. I was so excited to move in with her as well since I thought we could become close friends. I just feel my confidence has been crushed.

No. 586768

What sort of collection did you have anon? I'm really sorry, I always find it messed up when I read about parents throwing out their children possessions without permission.

No. 586770

I hate that I'm so thoughtful and empathetic. That sounds like a humble brag but it's not, I fucking hate it about me. When someone is going through shit that I know of, I make sure to check up on them, do nice things for them, etc. When someone's loved one dies, I will spend money on flowers. A girl who I went to school with that wasn't even close to me's father died. The day of his funeral I showed up despite knowing this girl has at one point talked shit about me, and I didn't feel right posting anything silly on social media that day even though some of her best friends posted them partying later that night. I don't know where this comes from. I really just have a mindset to do to others what I would like if I was in their shoes. No one gives me the same energy, not even close. I hate me kek.

No. 586772

that sounds not only taxing but if someone i hardly was friends with would've turned up to my dad's funeral, I would've been weirded out. maybe it's cultural.

No. 586774

I went to a high school with only 18 people in our graduating class. I also live in a small religious community and I didn't show up to the actual funeral but the gathering after at a local building, she posted it. Should have probably clarified.

No. 586778

that makes more sense, maybe try to focus a little bit on your needs as well.

No. 586788

File: 1595207567149.jpeg (137.21 KB, 486x633, 7174F7A9-A167-47FE-A7F4-730344…)

I want to improve my life so bad. Just wish I had that inspiring drive to actually implement permanent changes . I know if I make an effort towards my goals I will be infinitely happier, but I just…… don’t. It’s actually laughable, most of the time I feel like I’m having an out of body experience where my mind is screaming ‘JUST DO IT!! DO SOMETHING!’ and my body is just limp. It’s so so stupid, stupid procrastination, stupid bad attention span, and stupid fear of failure.

No. 586811

Ive had a history of mental health issues that might be under control now (and Im still getting help with it) This history has made me quit or ruin all education Ive attended since I started high school. In total 5 wasted years and almost another if I would have been able to.

This fall Im going to do a little soft reboot before starting University the year after that (hopefully). However I am so scared that I'll ruin everything again and that my grades wont be good enough to get into the studies I want to. Or that they ruin the Bachelor I want to take.

I know with my new medication that it will be a lot easier to prevent relapse, but I still cant stop being scared. Last fall I had to quit school so I could get better, so I havent done anything since then. So ever since I got confirmation that I've gotten into my study, Ive had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I'll fuck up everything again.

Im going to talk to my therapist about it, but I just needed to vent. When people say they dont want to be "normal" they mean it in a positive way. But for many people, wanting to be normal just entails being able to have a job. My personality can be exciting, let my life be normal.

No. 586812

> Visiting family overseas that I haven’t seen in EIGHT YEARS
> an hour within me getting off the plane and greeting everyone I get asked what my weight is and I’m told I’m so much cuter now then when I was younger because now I’m lighter skinned…..

Kill me now anons I can’t do this for 2 months

No. 586821

My cousin had a pretty fucked up life and now she’s really into dog shows and seems to devote a lot of love and time to her dogs. I don’t know a lot about them besides the time and energy that must go into it. But she posted a picture about how she glued her dogs ears and I’m just like… wtf? You glued your dogs ears? She shit on chewy.com for donating to animal rights groups and I just side stepped it because I support those causes and now I’m just flabbergasted. Maybe it just shows how naive I am. You glue your dogs ears? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 586822

I don't really know what's going on but I'm starting to get really annoyed with a lot of my friends and its beginning to dawn on me that perhaps it's just ME being the bad friend??

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but in each friend group I'm in I'm always the odd one out. One has an SO in our friend group and they CONSTANTLY ignore my comments over theirs and gets extremely jealous if they're not paying attention to them. It doesn't seem to be just me either, its with everyone but since we're such a tight knit group its definitely more noticeable and its beginning to wear on me to the point where I don't want to talk to them much anymore because I hate being ignored.
Same in my other group, they're not SOs but its two friends that I'm close with and yet am constantly acknowledged last or just overlooked completely and it hurts.

Part of me is trying to convince myself that I just have some unfortunate friends but the other half is just finding it easier to realize that maybe its just me, maybe I'm so unbearable that they just prefer to keep me along out of pity or something but I just hate feeling like this, my life has been such a shitshow that I'm ready to just distance myself completely because at least I'm willingly ignoring than being flatout ignored.

No. 586823

you better report that bitch.

No. 586825

Not to discount your feelings anon but it doesn’t hurt them when it’s done early. There’s bigger fish to fry like when idiots clip their pitbull’s ears for absolutely no reason. In showing some breeds need to have tipped ears and if it’s done as a puppy there’s absolutely no pain or discomfort as the ears are usually still flopped at that point and you are not stressing or damaging the ear by gluing/taping. Now if it’s a grown dog whose ears were allowed to stand up, that’s cruel. The muscles have already fully formed and I imagine it’s very uncomfortable for the dog

No. 586828

I'm going to throw up. I start a new job tomorrow and it's in my field, but I actually overqualify for it. You would think that would make me more confident but it doesn't, I'm so sick of feeling like I'm going to fail in every new job. Being out of college is hard because the first few positions you get are very temporary. You have to learn all this new shit, learn to adapt, only to leave in a few months and have to do the same thing over again. My imposter syndrome is sooo bad.

No. 586844

Something has shifted in me. I used to love cooking and baking and sharing it with my family and friends and now I literally have no interest in doing so and can't see the point in taking the time to make french toast in the morning or homemade alfredo when I could literally just pop two frozen hashbrowns in the toaster for breakfast and a frozen butter chicken meal from trader joes in the oven for dinner.

No. 586864

Big same anon. Something just snapped and now I cant cook or bake without being extremely annoyed or discouraged.

No. 586897

File: 1595226809119.jpg (106.91 KB, 1200x1200, tumblr_inline_pdzndjFQ6A1r515o…)

I feel like I royally fucked up on a piece I was doing for a friend but they're so nice that I think they just gave up on me trying to fix it how they wanted and I'm so embarrassed and angry at myself that I couldn't understand what they wanted.

No. 586917

Misophonia literally puts me in fucking suicidal rage. God, I seriously just want to put a knife through my ears right now. The sound fucking keeps repeating in my brain and I will seriously rather get shot in my leg than hear it again. I've banged my head against the wall and I'm feeling real dizzy, theres gonna be a bump there so that's great. Fucking neanderthals cannot talk without making disgusting fucking saliva noises every time they open their mouth.

No. 586919

What's the weather like where you're at? I always lose enthusiasm for cooking when it gets too hot outside (even when it's nicely air-conditioned inside). I just spend the summer eating salads, microwaving easy meals and ordering delivery. The rest of the year and on occasional chill summer days, I enjoy cooking elaborate meals.

No. 586924

File: 1595231819828.jpg (285.25 KB, 1091x1089, 1589428610091.jpg)

my friend introduced me to his roommate, we finally hung out one on one today after several group hangouts and we HELD HANDS and SMOOCHED. i just want to brag on him, he's the tall shy skinny goth cyberpunk /fa/ boy of my dreams. we both work in computers and his nose is cute and his eyes and oh god i smooched him

call it puppy love but i've never felt this way, like once i get to know him more he could be husbando

No. 586931

File: 1595233634511.jpeg (42.3 KB, 639x667, 0EAD7B05-52F9-4F2A-AE8F-40A732…)

I just want friends.This is so fucking stupid but everytime I go to TikTok,I immediately get off the app whenever I see a group of young people hang out carefree.They always look so happy and I’m glad they’re having a good but I always start crying.Ive never had any kind of friend since I was a kid and would just be cooped up in the house because i was afraid no one would want to bother with me.I just wish I didn’t have anxiety or the social skills of sidewalk
gum and chat with people.I just wanna be part of a friend group.

No. 586934

ugghh anon I'm so happy for you! I have a tall skinny boy in my life I'd like to smooch too, hoping the energy in your post rubs off on me lol.

No. 586937

Why do you space your post like that? It's annoying to read.

No. 586939

my health anxiety is so out of control and i'm driving everyone in my life crazy needing constant reassurance that i'm not dying. i ended up with a diagnosis at the beginning of the year that was really scary and uncommon for someone my age and with my history, and doctors still haven't identified the cause. none of my scans have showed anything dangerous like cancer, but i'm still terrified that they've missed something and i've got like 3 months left to live

No. 586941

File: 1595236013760.jpg (15.71 KB, 250x217, hm.jpg)

Reading an anons post here about neglected children I was halfway through typing a long ass sperg about how 'my mom wasn't neglectful tard!' But I'm wondering if that was a little true in my case? I mean, mostly because my mom had no knowledge about the internet so she didn't know what I was doing except watching anime and playing dress up. She didn't, and still doesn't, have much of an interest in my life. Doesn't know the name of the uni I'm in, doesn't know my friends' names, what has been going on in my life etc. But I still don't think she is neglectful because she really does love me a lot and me and my sister are the most important to her so how can she neglect us?
I remember as a kid when I told her my personal religious tutor molests me and she just gave him a stern talking to and still made him teach me, which I kind of resent her for because it didn't stop him from having his hands under my pants. And when I was a young teen and was talking to pedos online and sending them videos, which made me uncomfortable, I didn't tell my mom because I thought it wasn't anything serious, just like before. I don't know where I'm going with this, just writing down my thoughts I guess. I do love my mother a lot. She did all she could as a single mom living in a deeply backwards country, I just have some confusing feelings.

No. 586943

anon ilu for having good taste and i'm sending you gangly boy smooch energy. he told me my hands are soft and patted me on the butt how am i supposed to sleep like this

No. 586944

I'm almost 30 and just recently moved into my own place after 6 years of renting; so I've invited my parents and sure as hell, when I wasn't there they went through all of my stuff, including notebooks with private notes. I'm so tired of them treating me like their property and never respecting my privacy.

No. 586945

that sucks, i'm sorry anon. don't hold that against yourself, rather make sure you put up boundaries and stick to them next time. it'll be tough but worth it

No. 586946

File: 1595237141731.jpg (14.33 KB, 222x266, 1572049256510.jpg)

I'm a dumb bitch and decided to look at what kind of porn my boyfriend has on his computer and now I'm confused. He has claimed the whole time we've been dating that he only likes thicc/chubby girls and that skinny women aren't attractive to him at all. He even has begged me not to lose weight because he didn't want to lose attraction to me if I became thin. Then I see on his computer that the only kind of women he masturbates to are thin ones,not a single one that's even remotely close to being "thicc." I just am confused as to why he would claim his disgust for thin women so much but that's all he jerks off to. I wouldnt even had cared if he found thin women attractive because even I think they are and I told him this before. Well I guess I'll continue to lose weight again because it's apparent it wouldn't matter regardless.

No. 586948

File: 1595237927440.jpeg (70.9 KB, 555x469, 96874F9C-D7C1-4DDC-BA3F-1CD039…)


No. 586949

Thank you, I'll talk with them as many times as it will be required for them to finally understand, hope we can reach that point someday.

No. 586954

Yeah, that was probably a bad idea for you to do anon. Though, what people like in porn is sometimes not what they like in real life. Watching porn is extremely different to actually having sex and a lot of it doesn't translate. You should really be a bit thankful you didn't find any horrible or disgusting kinks that he was scared to share.

No. 586964

men are trash. why did he hide it from you? who knows what else he's hiding if he's lying about something so weird and unimportant.

No. 586973

fuck. happened to me with prune juice. you can't drink that shit ever unless you've been constipated for days on end. remember to stay hydrated. don't die!

No. 586979

>dating a man who still watches porn
Get some self respect.

No. 586980

>so weird and unimportant


No. 586983

i worded that weirdly. it's just weird he would even lie about that? couldn't he just say he likes skinny and chubby girls?

No. 587005

He might want to keep you fat so that you have 'less options' and get less male attention

No. 587013

File: 1595256214531.jpg (92.86 KB, 600x400, sushi_seasoned_tobiko.jpg)

I genuinely want to kill myself but then I remember the beauty of sushi and how much I love fish egg nigri. Then I realize the world sucks and I want to kill myself again but then I don't, you know what I mean?

I don't think I am going to live past 40. I want to be like aaron schwartz but like a woman. Yes

No. 587014

I feel the same way but with mackerel

No. 587021

File: 1595257194839.jpg (553.22 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200720-095627_Pin…)


Thank you all so much for the love and support! I finally chopped it all off and I am beyond ecstatic with how it came out. Close to the picture above, just with blonde tips and slightly shorter. I don't think I would have ever gone through with it without y'all; I'm so happy about the outcome! My bf is completely obsessed with my new hairstyle too surprisingly, I don't think I want to grow it out now lol!

No. 587027

what made you love art to begin with? why does it matter if you forgot (which is unlikely btw lol) the fundamentals? draw the way you did when you first started. make yourself smile with something nostalgic, dont worry about how it looks. this is how you regain the flame.. its ok to focus on university, but do not treat art like a chore.

No. 587036

Men lie to seek better options so their women won't do the same.
Anon he's denying his attraction to skinny women so you'll stay, do you really want to be with a man who views you as second best?
Secondly, thicc and fat women who stylize themselves and who are confident get men these days. Women are the choosers, don't let men talk you into getting it twisted, they are the beggars and we are the prize. You can pull a man who genuinely thinks you're attractive and likes women who look like you.
Lastly, don't date men who watch porn or at least are unashamed of it.

>you should be thankful his porn habit doesn't include scat or cp
Anon if you set the bar any lower for her, we're gonna have to hire a team to excavate it.
Why is this acceptable? So she should have taken this shit seriously if she found disturbing porn, but since it's only fantasies about women who look nothing like her, she should be happy? Bad news: the only thing that separates a man from his fantasy is lack of opportunity. If he thought he could get skinny models he'd be out doing it. He's pulling anon along until he can monkey branch to the next best he can get. Men like that don't deserve any women.

No. 587052

I wish weed worked on me or was fun and enjoyable enough to outweigh the side effects. I know plenty of women who partake and have fun and also have had more than a few tell me they also suffer adverse reactions. For me the #1 killer is that it gives me awful motion sickness. I've tried smoking vaping and edibles from super small doses to average doses and without fail it makes me feel seasick nauseous plus the horrible dry mouth feeling. Average dose triggers full on vertigo. Shit sucks I just wanna relax.

No. 587060

i'm a hoe at heart but too shy to actually be a hoe. god i cant even wear crop tops without feeling insecure.

No. 587086

File: 1595266099415.jpeg (22.31 KB, 225x225, 8C8CA016-57F6-4499-ACBE-921496…)

That's great, I'm glad to hear it turned out well!

No. 587104

My boyfriend was texting me all day about how when he got home he was going to go down on me, but he immediately fell asleep and now he's not in the mood anymore
I'm acting normal so that I don't guilt trip him but I wasted most of my day fantasizing in the shower and putting on makeup for him that it's hard not to be disappointed. The times when I make an effort I never get laid kek

No. 587112

File: 1595268542408.jpg (167.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_20200717_153213.jpg)

Had to reject a moid today and he reacted way worse than i expected,ughh. This guy had 5+ years on me but he spoke like a edgy teen in RL, it honestly gave me 2nd hand emberassment… Men don't know how terrifying it is when you have to reject someone and risk their unpredictable reactions. Mostly I'm okay with being single, I'm never bored, but goddamn do I miss the sex.

No. 587114

I think you dodged a bullet there, anon. There'll be someone better out there as a sex partner.

No. 587115

Did u ever take mdma or lsd or so? Because it was the same for me until I took mdma and ever since I love weed. Weed feels different after lsd too

No. 587117

Same here. I want to try another strain, but I don't want to blow $55 each round (minimum purchase) to find on that works.
Same. I'm built like a damn fridge, otherwise I'd wear cute crop tops and those bodycon dresses.

No. 587118

anon, i feel you. it's really hard as a woman to feel disappointed re: sex, and it happens a lot. i hope you get slurped soon.

No. 587123

You may never reach that point. You are a grown adult and shouldn't have to explain to another adult to respect your privacy, at least not more than once. Sounds like you're dealing with narcissists.

No. 587126

File: 1595269645506.jpg (64.95 KB, 790x900, IMG_20200714_111930.jpg)

Thanks anon, your totally right. Past me probably would've continued dating and then also had sex with this person that I don't even like out of pity /fear of saying no and I'm glad that's not who I am anymore. On the other hand my cat just swallowed a large-ish bone piece and I hope he's not gonna get hurt (even if he'll probably just poop it out).

No. 587129

File: 1595269921776.gif (262.01 KB, 500x607, tumblr_mvhvhoTzKq1rb06tgo1_500…)

I've been trying to move my boyfriend into a consumerist-minimalistic line of thinking. He's been depressed lately about being in his late 30s and not finding success with writing. He's really good at it and he's had articles in magazines, but the industry is tough to make a decent living off of. He really wants to finally get a novel published but everything bad keeps happening. I'm naturally unambitious because I've found contentment with striving to be a good person and indulging in life's pleasures (ie reparations for this painful existence lol), but understandably he's discontent with just that. We've had a few talks and I try to lead by example but it's slow progress.

I don't know how to express these thoughts without sounding like I'm asking him to give up on his dreams! I just want to make him content with himself. Suggestions welcome, anon-chans.

No. 587135


What does being consumerist-minimalistic have to do with his writing setbacks?

No. 587136

Thank you anon, I hope you get the leg shaking good sex soon too without letting yourself go through the one sided hassle of womanly prep

No. 587138

I don't know how else to describe it. He feels like he needs to "give" or leave a mark in the world, I want him to write because he wants to (ie consume pleasure). He wants something grand in life, I want him to live simply.

No. 587142


Maybe you feel like his ambition is dragging him down and you think he'd be better off he was content with what he already has. That's a hard problem to resolve for someone and I don't think there is an easy way to convince him to change his ambition.

No. 587152

I know this might seem like a bizarre question but how many novels has he written?

No. 587158

Exactly it, I feel like he needs to be "set free" from his ambitions. I keep reminding him that life isn't one-track and he can change it at any time, and it'll be okay because he's still young. I think it cheers him up a little every time so I'll keep at it. Thanks for your thoughts!

He's on his third, iirc. The first one was self-published, the second is in revision. He's got other short stories and stuff which got more success since they appeal to magazines. Recently he got cut a check for this story for $200, yes I'm humblebragging cause I adore him!

No. 587159

>he wants something grand in life

Not to insult your little bitch, but being a novelist is the most counterproductive way to lead a "grand" life. Most authors don't wind up famous until they're dead if their works get any attention at all. I'm sure many authors would love to be the next Rowling but that isn't going to be how it pans out for the majority. Until he proves it he's no more special than any other writer out there with the same struggles he has.

He needs a reality check so you're not suffering and bringing down your quality of life. You need a man who can hold and carry his own. Why doesn't he get a real job in writing that's not freelance? There's technical writing, journalism, underwriting, grants, etc.
He's not going to gain confidence by people indulging in his slump. He'll be confident when he starts making money using his talents, maybe not in the way he originally wanted, but too bad. That's reality.

No. 587160

my boyfriend thinks belle delphine is attractive and i havent seen him the same since

No. 587162

>Recently he got cut a check for this story for $200
If he put more than 20 hours of work into writing that piece then he made less money than what part times cashiers make at stores. Anon I'm glad you're not bragging because this is extremely mediocre and inconsistent pay.

No. 587163


I agree with >>587159 . Creative works should be hobbies and if something happens, you go for it. He needs a reality check so he can figure out the best way to succeed and thrive in his environment.

No. 587165

I'll suggest some jobs like that, thanks. (We have jobs that pay well atm.) I used to encourage him to go for submissions and such, but I think it makes him more depressed afterwards– his other friends also encourage him but I don't think having a bubble is good– and so now I just tell him to do what he wants to do. He's getting that realty check now, I think, and he's starting to put his energy towards other things like volunteering.

No. 587167

why is he not an ex boyfriend ffs. drop the loser

No. 587174

Guys literally have zero standards and will fuck anything, don't take it personally. Your Nigel isn't any different. At least he was honest

No. 587177

I recently started taking antibiotics and lo and behold, my pussy became a cottage cheese factory overnight. I'm just in awe because of all of the stuff that's coming out of me. It's not all that itchy unless I start scratching it, so at least that's good. Tonight I'm gonna start inserting vaginal pills, using a antifungal cream and eating yogurt so I am pretty confident I should be able to fix it fairly easily. Tho I fucking hate the long ass applicator that comes with the pills, it feels like… A huge invasion of privacy? If that makes sense? It's just so freaky because you basically have to shove a straw inside of you. I can handle dick and fingers just fine, but for whatever reason that pencil thin piece of plastic is the bane of my existence.
Well, lesson learned, the next time I'm just gonna ask my doctor for some flucazone (I think that's how it's called, honestly I can't be arsed to check, but it's basically an antifungal pill you take orally and prevents you from getting a yeast infction) so I don't have to deal with the devil's stick again.

No. 587179

I hate work I work in comms and most likely on the spectrum and I have social anxiety how the fuck am I supposed to interpret this ridiculous PR speak????

No. 587183

I'm about to lose my mind under quarantine I am so ridiculously bored everyday. Doesn't help Abbott is headstrong on killing everyone in the fucking state by flip flopping between opening up the state. Why did I choose to live in this shitty conservative state?

No. 587185

I think I killed my chili plant by overcaring. I feel like poo…

No. 587188

>>587158 He has invested so much time into making it big, he probably feels ashamed and doesn't want to "give up". I've been there.

If you want to help him out, support the work that is actually meaningful to him (presumably novels?, you know the one!).

He doesn't have to spend time writing dumb stuff just to impress others or network. Unless you enjoy the process or the result, never do it unless it pays the bills.

That's the whole point of art. He spends too much time writing sht he doesn't enjoy in any way shape or form. He can be happier with his work and life if he does it for himself. Encourage that.

I don't know if he is making his money exclusively from freelance writing but if he is not happy with the process, he should just find a non creative job and do it on the side. No shame on that and it's very liberating.

Sorry for the block of text. Hopefully it makes sense, I rambled too much.

No. 587196

I have diabetes and it's just another thing on the list of things that make me want to kill myself, I think I might actually because I have nothing worth living for
seriously, Maybe even a month from now, like on the 18th or something
no significance, just a date

No. 587207

My dad was rude to me today it made me cry. I moved back in as an adult bc I couldnt afford after my roommate left and he just pays all the bills now but maybe its not worth it. Id be broke again but i dont want this to happen ever again

No. 587208

Im in love with a guy who will never love me back

No. 587209

what type of diabetes do you have? per my understanding, studies have actually shown that type 2 is reversible, but i actually know someone personally who claimed to have reversed their diabetes type 1 through diet. my former supervisor who was a former pre-med explained to me from a very technical standpoint why diabetes of all types are reversible. of course, i don't actually remember any of what she said because i didn't understand basically any of the terminology she was using, but my point being that diabetes is apparently curable despite what doctors may tell you.

No. 587223

That's very normal but you should delete him from your life if he's that unattainable.

No. 587226

why are women so hated? why is there so much anger and disgust toward women? not to be a tinfoil but even in the Bible the first story contains hatred against women. when men tell the narrative, women are evil. always

No. 587229

My lifelong best friend started dating my little brother and almost immediately started skinwalking me. It creeps me out but when I bring it up she brushes me off.
It’s been over a year and It’s just gotten worse over time. I don’t know what to do but I feel like I’ve completely lost my identity. No matter what I do she copies it and passes it off as her own thing. I could probably look past it if she wasn’t dating my brother.

No. 587231

Yep i basically told him ill stop bothering him.
shit hurts tho i keep crying over and over again. hes such a sweet and kind guy but i guess when he saw i liked him he became cold and distant. Ill cherish our memories

No. 587233

So they can control what’s inbetween your legs. That’s all we are to them when it comes down to it.

No. 587234

my dad has 6 months to a year. i've never lost someone before, anons, let alone someone so dear to me. my heart is aching.

No. 587235

i developed an automatic response that when I remember something embarrassing I make a random cringy noise to distract myself with something cringier and lately I've been meowing randomly for that reason a lot and I hate it I wanna KMS

No. 587237

I'm sorry anon, enjoy your remaining time with him and don't regret anything later, we all gonna die at some point.

No. 587242

Aaa I’m sorry, it makes me sad too when my plant dies from that. I’d see two yellow leaves and go full retard.

No. 587248

I'd suggest thinking about big questions, big feelings and thought you want to share and know of your father. Don't be embarrassed to enjoy whatever time you do have together, I bet you have little seeminglu insignificant memories of him you find the most precious to you, tell him about those so he knows. I don't know about his state but I wish I had recorded the voices of my loved ones, conversations or anything really. So sorry about your dad, anon.

No. 587251

>be pregnant
>Get lactose intolerancy everytime pregnant
>Crave ice cream and chocolate milk
>Hate pooping in public restrooms
>Can't resist ice cream

So sorry whole foods bathroom in Santa Monica

No. 587255

File: 1595291224522.jpg (111.91 KB, 1242x1197, zl54ksmxbmt21.jpg)

No. 587257

thats ok, if you did it at the one in westwood we would have had a problem though

No. 587259

I'm very depressed and soothe myself with suicidal thoughts (far from any plans). I've been cancelling appointments left and right. I'm lucky I live in a welfare state or I'd be in serious trouble right now. Don't know when I'll be getting out of this hole

No. 587261

A keto diet will reverse type 2 diabetes in months but I've never heard of anything that will reverse type 1. I've only ever heard of keto being used to manage type 2 and reduce insulin use. I'd be interested to know what reverses it if you ever remember.

I've read The Bible and I honestly didn't see what was so bad about it in regards to women. Woman were treated like shit in that time period but this wasn't unique to the ancient hebrews or early christians. There's plenty of positive portrayals of women in both the old and new testaments. Jesus and Paul both spoke about how women need to be treated with respect and how violence towards them is not acceptable.

You can buy lactase supplements that will stop you from shitting your insides out even time you eat dairy.

No. 587270

File: 1595294879430.jpeg (15.35 KB, 183x276, images (4).jpeg)

Joan of Arc would be disappointed in me. Even if she wouldn't be, she should be.

No. 587271

Dude, Abrahamic religion may have made sexism worse as it created a system to hold a standard of violence to. I remember reading a verse just last week about how if a man suspects a woman of cheating, a priest should induce an abortion, and if the fetus dies/she miscarries, then she's a worthless cheating hoe. Pure insanity. Even in Scandinavian cultures they had outlier warrior women and goddesses with high status like Freya. Bible treats women extra shitty.

No. 587277

Hoping I don't have the beginning of a wound infection at the moment. It's not red or painful at all, just been leaking and smells a bit weird so hopefully it's just taking longer to heal than normal since it's a deep cut. I did it to myself so I just feel slapped with the reality of how much of a clown I am.

No. 587286

File: 1595297682236.jpeg (102.7 KB, 1080x1080, 304619C0-5941-43CE-BAE3-A3C166…)

>finally decide to try trusting men because the world is going to shit and think maybe it would be a little less shitty with someone to care about
>match with guy on bumble
>it’s been less than 24 hours but i feel extremely drawn to this dude, really can’t explain it but i’m already a little attached to him
>we share all the same interests, all the same values, all the same morals, have the same sense of humor, and he’s my exact physical type - he’s perfect
>”wow, i can’t believe this perfect guy was out here all this time and all i had to do was trust men - i shouldn’t have been so cynical”
>can’t help myself, decide to do a deep dive and google the shit out of him before i grow even more weirdly attached
>he’s perfect, surely nothing bad will pop up anyway, this is just to be on the safe side
>find normal results, everything’s looking good, knew i had nothing to worry about, keep scrolling
>wait a minute… what the fuck was that
>scroll back up
>it’s a fucking furry account with all his personal info - name, age, location, interests, everything - attached to it
>no question that it’s his
>reminded of how enthusiastic he was talking about his dogs, begin to feel nauseous
>attraction and weird instant attachment vanish, HE’S A FUCKING FURRY
>unironically cry, why did he have to be a furry, he was perfect
this shit just isn’t fair.

No. 587291

Maybe you guys could be cute furries together, and run on all fours into the sunset.

No. 587307

People who get deeply hurt and/or angry if you don't get a text back from your friend within the hour. People who get extreme butthurt when you find out your friend has hung out with someone else without telling you. People who get insulted, or anxious, at small natural changes in someone's tone of voice and get paranoid that they don't like you anymore, just in the middle of a regular conversation. Fragile, clingy people who experience imaginary rejection from others who genuinely like you – like you very, very much, in fact, and think you're cool – but are genuinely busy, doing their own thing, chillin with family, or just enjoying alone time. I do not understand you, and I wish I did.

I have never taken it personally when someone has to cancel on me. I just find something else to do, and I know we'll see each other again when circumstances permit. I love it when my friends have other friendships!

Why – WHY – do you have to be angry with me when you find out I texted another friend? WHHYYY do I have to comfort you when I tell you that today I'm gonna hang out with my mom and not you? It seems like you're making your life much harder and less enjoyable on purpose by trying to hold onto others in a vise grip.

OK, done.

No. 587308

>I'd be interested to know what reverses it if you ever remember.

I'd never in a million years remember, unfortunately. The woman who told me literally has a background in medicine and actually understands how organs function. I didn't understand more than half of what she told me because I'm completely unfamiliar with the terminology, but her overall point was that diabetes is reversible because of how organs work.

From what I recall, the person who reversed their type 1 diabetes also did the keto diet. Tbh cutting out grains, dairy, sugar and soy, as well as managing stress will do wonders for pretty much any health condition, often to the point of curing it or going into remission.

No. 587310

Is this a friend of yours? It sounds like they have an anxious attachment and don't recognize that the issue is with them and not you. It might take them some time to accept this. In the meantime, you're going to have to get used to setting boundaries with them if you want to maintain the relationship.

No. 587312

Lowkey agree with >>587291
Not all furries are pervs, many are just your regular cartoon loving dork or weeb but with an animal twist. And it's a pretty creative fursuit pursuit.

t. not a true furry but my best friend is

No. 587346

idk know much about furries but if what >>587312 says is true, maybe there's something to be salvaged there? No one's truly perfect, sooner or later you would've found something less ideal anyway.

No. 587368

I just self harmed for the first time in over a decade and im not even entirely sure why I did it. I feel even worse now because I dont have the excuse of being a dumb teenager anymore. Now im just a dumb adult.

No. 587371

Someone broke into my garage, trashed everything but the shelving unit. Went inside my apartment turned on all the lights, stole all my fucking panties and bras, my vibrator, and my bfs clean underwear and nothing else. Left my cats alone and dipped with the span of an hour. Wtf. I told my apartment manager who reviewed Camera video and told us it was someone in our complex, then told us their apartment number and told us that due to covid they weren’t able to evicted herself. Wtf this entire explanation seems unusual and suspicious to me, I want to request a viewing of the footage but my bf says no.

No. 587372

???????? Trust your gut and pursue this further??

No. 587388

Huh? Call the cops and get it arrested. Wtf are you doing???

No. 587393

maybe this person won't do anything to you ever again, maybe they will. soon. please call the police, do something.
(but, yes, in my country evictions are illegal during quarantine and winter, though i'm not sure if actual criminals also fall under that law).

No. 587403

I genuinely try to follow the Epstein case but almost all of the modern discussion is mostly filled with Qanon retards. Or other conspiratards who write elaborate fanfiction

No. 587404

First day of periods and my back hurts so much and I've got shitton of physical work to do today. Rip.

No. 587408

File: 1595321227292.png (116.16 KB, 792x228, i am so fucking mad.png)

People who ask you to hang out with them and then change their mind without telling you, while proceeding to act petty(especially once you're 5 mins into the outing) until you call them out on their behaviour/decide to cut it short are the worst. Especially when they attempt to blame you for the fact that you don't want to hang out with them while they're in a shitty mood, as if you were the one who ruined everything.
Blaming someone by manipulating them into doing the exact thing you were hoping for is evil.

No. 587416

Being an immigrant fucking sucks unless you have rich parents. I'm tired of being refused opportunities because my id shows a different birthplace. I'm tired of people boasting about inheriting their parents/grandparents homes (Europe so no shitty prefabricated houses) meanwhile all I will inherit is my parents lease for a place in bumfuck nowhere because that's all they could afford, while I spend half my wage on renting shitty places because no one will rent a decent place to a filthy immigrant.
>inb4 go back to your shithole
My parents dragged me here when I was a child and I can barely speak the language anymore, I know shit about surviving there.

No. 587421

God, I can relate to this. idk if you're white, but it's both entertaining and sad to see how quickly a person's expression will change as soon as they hear your accent or read your last name.
Being a poor immigrant and hearing my friends talk about their massive family events makes me want to die lol
It can be felt even more when you're attempting to find a white collar job(or set up your own business, since you're unable to receive any financial support from your family), as connections are hard to create nowadays.

No. 587423

Yes I am white and while my first name is an international one my last name is a dead giveaway. If you're white as well you got to love how SJWs change their rethoric depending if you agree with them or not.
I don't care as much for family reunions but damn, I'm tired of living in hard mode. I worked hard for my education only to land a basic office job which pays in peanuts.

No. 587424

I live with my boyfriend and his friend who is our roommate, I posted my gripes about this living situation before.

I have a dumb crush on my roommate that I'm trying to get rid of, he's not even my type. I feel bad because I act like sort of weird and aloof around him and he didn't do anything wrong. Our apartment is super small so it's hard to work around him and he sleeps on a bed in the living room so I feel confined to the bedroom all night, it doesn't help that I'm nocturnal lately.

I wish he would just move out, I think he has enough money but he is scared. He also has a baby on the way but is a bit uncertain if the baby is his cause he and the girl both sleep around.

No. 587428

Pulling the immigrant card when SJWs start to act up is entertaining for sure! I'm mostly jealous of their family reunions due to the presents and other benefits lo
>I worked hard for my education only to land a basic office job which pays in peanuts.
Godspeed. I'm in a similar position, but hopefully both of us will climb up the corporate ladder.

No. 587431

sucks to see people act like they knew someone I actually did just because they got murdered, I don't wanna see that shit.

No. 587435

im going out on my first date ever with a girl this sunday and im already having panic attacks about it. i dont even want to go. first i thought i was straight, then gay, but turns out im none. im just way too afraid of talking to anyone in a romantic manner. and i hate myself for letting everyone get to me by saying "oh you SHOULD date, even if its casual. you'll like someone eventually."
cant tell if im asexual or just socially inept, but the anxiety i feel isnt worth it.

No. 587438

Apartment hunting in low-key towns in red states have been
>Waiting lists waiting lists waiting lists
>Almost every apartment I've been interested in has been rented out hours after I turned in the application (almost hours after it was posted mind you)
>Apartments being posted with "ready to move in" with waiting lists of 8 months to a year
>Realtors still encouraging shit tons of people to apply to a single house for rent despite 12 other people being on the waiting list, with application fees being like 100 a person
>Crack houses and crammed studios being well into the thousands

I've been living in a tent in the woods with once a week showers and no clean clothes while I work in a hospital. I honestly get so pissed off when people bitch about millennials living in places like LA or Seattle where they actually want to live. The housing market in America is fucked so you might as well go wherever makes you happy and that actually has apartments available

No. 587440

Same, sis. My family is not very rich but at least I'll inherit a few apartments in my hometown (sounds fancier than it is, both are in old commieblock buildings in a small place). I'm not concerned about that though since I don't care what I'll have 20 years down the line, I'm salty that I don't have my family with me. All the locals are rich as fuck and travel all the time, buy big houses and give their kids everything they want, but those kids are so fucking useless despite having an amazing passport, money to do whatever they like, they come from a country with a great reputation and are respected just for this reason, they speak the local language much better than I ever will, and they still manage to whine and whine about how hard their life is, it drives me up the fucking wall.

Especially when it's young men doing this, you have all these opportunities and people have spent so much on you growing up and all you do is take and take and consoom video games, still manage to look like shit and give nothing back, and then you have the neck to complain how your life has no purpose and how you can't get laid/can't get a gf when lord knows that even if you did, you'd pay her no mind and treat her like garbage.
So not only do you consume resources some poor women in rural Ukraine would kill to have and could do so much with, you actively shit up other people's lives too by making them miserable and then you wonder why your life has no purpose when all you do is spend on yourself and your consumerist hobbies, then get upset that nothing fills the gaping void in your sad existence.

Imagine how much better off we'd be as a species if these wastes of space managed to donate even a third of their income to a local environmental charity, consume less, and actually went to volunteer somewhere instead of showing their unfortunate dick to strangers online and sitting indoors all day. Someone might even respect them enough to date them.

I'm so pissed because so many women in my country manage to do a lot more with so much less and we're still seen as just "whores" and "mail order brides" by rich western scrotes.

No. 587441

JFC anon, what a horrible situation.

No. 587443

Oh my god anon, that's really fucking awful. I genuinely hope you stay safe and you get out of this situation. I think i remember you saying something similar about this not to long ago or maybe it was a different anon. I'll keep you in my prays.

No. 587454

God I feel you so much. I'm not from Ukraine but my ex was and his sister was often telling me horror stories. She came here already married and never pursued another man but everyone thought she was here to whore herself and scrotes made passes at her despite her obvious ring.
I don't have an accent so my favorite game is listening to these SJWs talking shit about my country and their people then telling them I'm from there. The look on their faces is priceless but I won't lie, it hurts.

No. 587466

Jfc I'm so sorry. My situation was never so bad that I was literally homeless, but I somewhat feel your pain. My bf and I shared a 200 sqft "studio" for two years with no kitchen, no shower, no parking, and washer/dryers that were constantly broken. I would literally spend up to 40 minutes trying to find parking. The building had showers, but they were shared with everyone else on the floor. The building was full of ants. We were paying almost a grand a month for this place.

Before that, I lived in what was basically a shed for a year on my own. It was like 5x10 ft and could only fit my clothes and a bed. It wasn't insulated and leaked so badly whenever it rained that I'd have to come crash in the living room of the people renting it to me.

All the while, I'd try to look for better options, but they were about as limited as yours. Nothing available was typically much better than my current situation. You'd find somewhere that was bigger and had like, an actual bathroom, but still no kitchen and no parking, plus it was $400 more expensive. Rental companies also loooove to take your money for applications, and then the place is conveniently rented to someone else two hours later.

Thankfully, we got lucky that a friend of ours bought a property in a nearby city and is letting us rent a unit for dirt cheap. The move was so worth it. I know things will get better for you, too. I hope it's sooner rather than later.

No. 587471

did you know this girl beforehand, or is she a complete stranger to you? if it's the latter, it seems pretty reasonable that you're feeling this anxious about it. dating isn't fun if you feel pressured to do so.

No. 587482

I'm not technically an immigrant myself but I'm obviously not white and I'm second generation, so my situation is kinda similar. I really felt the difference compared to my peers in terms of cultural differences and connections. Even worse since I'm the first in my direct family to have a high school degree and the second one among my cousins, so I had to learn and discover a lot of things by myself that a lot of people take for granted thanks to their family teaching them about how to get a job, what to study and where, telling them which family and family friends could get them an internship or job just for being related, etc., meanwhile, I'm actually the one giving this type of advice to my other younger family members now while struggling to get a job for all these reasons and the pandemic.

No. 587547

I really love my sister, but she cannot think for herself. She's honestly such a sheep, like any time we have a debate on something, either serious or casual, she rarely gives her own opinion, like it's so obvious she's parroting whatever she's read on Twitter or whatever. She has this annoying habit of stating something so confidently and smugly, then asking her boyfriend or friend "it's true right?" asking for approval or to see if she's correct, lol it's pathetic. And she's way too much of a people pleaser, she just cannot say no to anybody even if she's constantly complaining about how much she hates them. For example she puts way too much time and effort for this one horrible friend she always bitches about, any time I say to her to just stand up for herself she's like nah I don't want her to think bad about me. What do I expect from an Instagram selfie addict though. It literally takes her two hours to post something because she freaks out about her right filter and the exact wording of the post and asks me a million questions about which hashtags to use sigh

No. 587563

It is type 2, but I have literally 0 reason to try, I hate being alive holy fucking shit
Honestly I wouldn't have diabetes if my life wasn't so awful–when I get sad I eat and don't cook for myself so I always end up eating garbage
what would even be the point

No. 587587

>and don't cook for myself
How about changing that?

No. 587597

This is such a dumb thing to say but I thought of it as my baby. I feel so terrible and I keep crying between moments. Pathetic right? I hope our plant babies are in a better place.

No. 587619

You know he's fucking those dogs right? Wait until the pampers come out.

No. 587646

I am so lonely that I am willing to try befriending a woman who is 27yo, never worked a day in life, is a rightwing trad pickme who also calls herself baby on internet and associates herself with MyMelody. She also started copycatting me which is weird.

Someone please tell me its not worth it.

No. 587647

I use natural dye powders to color my hair and last night I accidentally used too much indigo, I think. My hair turned out this dark, muted shade of red. My natural hair was already brunette so it wouldn't have taken much. It's disappointing to do all that work and wait just to come out with a mediocre result. I wanted vibrant hair, and instead I look mousey. Dare I say, matronly.
The big sad is that I wanted to record myself in years doing something tonight, but I'll have to do it while pretending like I think I look my best when I really don't.
Why wasn't I just brave and added the bright color I wanted without caring if it came out too bright? I could've just darkened it. God I'm stupid.

No. 587651

I feel like I am a huge disappointment and failure right now because I can't find a job. Even though I used to work when I was a teenager, yet I haven't had a part time job ever since I finished HS because i was busy with moving out of country.

I just hate feeling like I can't offer anything to my bf and he has to be a breadmaker.

It's so hard finding a job when you are an immigrant.

No. 587653

I think the first anon was joking about running into the sunset. It's not worth it, it's like dating someone of the complete opposite political side to yourself in that sure if you really tried you could make it work but why are you setting yourself with an uphill struggle and red flags right at the beginning of a relationship.
She could bring it up to him just in case it's a dark past that he's over, but there are plenty more fish in the sea.

No. 587693

Anon it is NOT worth it! Never befriend pickmes. I'll be your friend -heart emoji-

No. 587702

Tbh I wouldn't write her off immediately. She's clearly a mess but that doesn't necessarily mean she isn't redeemable. The copy catting thing is probably because she admires you and doesn't necessarily realize that this is something that makes you uncomfortable. Hell, she may not even realize she's doing it at all. It's actually pretty common to mimic the traits of others without meaning to. Sometimes that just happens after you spend a lot of time around someone.

Honestly, I think people like this actually really need female friends. Women sometimes exhibit pickme trad behaviors because they assume that it's only men who want anything to do with them. It seems really common of pickme women to report feeling like they didn't didn't fit in with other women, or that other women didn't like them, growing up. It's really easy to judge someone for that, but it is actually coming from a place of hurt.

If all of these traits are something you don't think you'll be able to look past, don't befriend her. Alternatively, if she has already shown signs of being rude and/or abusive toward you, don't befriend her.

No. 587705

I understand where you're coming from, but dude…we're in the middle of a historic pandemic. The job market is absolute crap right pretty much everywhere. Ffs I just applied to a wage slave-tier gig that had over 300 other applicants. You're definitely not to blame for not being able to find a job right now.

No. 587724

I unironically hope that men who joke on the internet under serious discussions about women's issues get terminal ball cancer. May they rot slowly and painfully for as long as they're consciously able to feel it.

No. 587727

Thank you so much anons, reading this encouraged me a lot. I'm gonna call her today and hope for the best. Thanks again, hope you guys have a great week!

No. 587731

Kek'd. Also I agree.

No. 587739

I am extremely self-conscious about having like almost no definitive jawline whatsoever, and I feel like this just gets worse as I get older and my skin looses elasticity. I don't really know if it's like, a bunch of loose skin or fat under my chin, but I feel like it almost looks like my face belongs on someone else's body. I'm pretty skinny but my face looks fat, almost? I'm probably not describing any of this well, but the bottom line is I hate my chin and jawline. I want surgery or botox to correct it but I can't afford that and don't even know which would be the proper way of going about it tbh.

No. 587745

Same this is the one reason I hate my profile. My face is quite chubby and even when I lose a lot of weight it just stays there so I can’t really do much about it. Plus my nose is more prominent which makes it look worse. I just try to avoid pictures from the side and I will literally have a breakdown if I see myself like that lol

No. 587750

I hate having a heart shaped face and big cheeks because despite having a pointy chin shit makes my face look mooney

No. 587756

A bunch of threads I like here on LC feel like they're being infested with animefags and degenerates, and it's really fucking annoying. Please…. leave.

No. 587757

shoe0nhead is that you?

Yep this is pretty much exactly me. I've gotten super mad at my boyfriend for taking pictures of me from the side without my knowledge and later shoving them in my face like lOoK hOw BeAuTiFuL yOu ArE. I look fucking horrendous shut up lmao.

I really liked how my face looked when I lost a bunch of weight a few years back because I was so stressed out that I could barely eat, but I was literally skelly-mode and the rest of me didn't look good, so I've never tried to get back to that weight.

No. 587763

I don't like how a lot of people treat people who aren't pretty/healthy/intelligent like some kind of fucking animal. I know I may sound like one of those people on Twitter, but it's what I think and I don't understand how acting so disrespectful is accepted. Like, sorry I'm not a model, don't have an outstanding carrer and feel like shit most of the days. Guess I'm boring trash not worth talking to.

No. 587765

Is the issue really that you aren't "pretty/healthy/intelligent" enough, or are you just unable to carry a conversation?

No. 587767

You're extremely naive to think that any imageboard isn't inevitably going to become infested with animefags and degenerates, sorry fam.

No. 587769

i still want to murder the ugly troon-looking bitch that my ex of like 4 years ago cheated on me with

No. 587770

forgot to add, i know she lurks a bunch of chan sites and i wouldn't be surprised if she posts here too

No. 587772

File: 1595363699941.jpg (8.64 KB, 263x191, idiot.jpg)

Ugh, you're right. No rebuttal.

No. 587773

full offense but this post sure makes you sound like it

No. 587777

where else am i supposed to go anon???? 4chan?! there's barely any anime on that website. i would be ostracized.

No. 587780

Fine, be an animefag, but if you're a degenerate……thin fuckin' ice, babes.

No. 587806

Whenever I see the waifu generator thread on /m/ at the first glance I always think we're being raided by scrotes, but then I read that apparantly farmers like that too…

No. 587810

I do, at least in a way an average person can. I keep myself informed on various things, look into things my friends are into to have something to talk about, I try to be kind and listen to their problems and go out of my way to help people who will be ungrateful anyway.

Full offense but I don't care and I said what I wanted to say.

No. 587814

My last semester of undergrad was online and my graduation was virtual. Obviously there's bigger issues in the world, but it was a real issue to me. I was finally starting to make friends after 4 years and now I've moved far away.

Anyways, that's not the point. The point is that boomers were being assholes about my generation being sad over missing graduations. "Whyyyy? Its just a dumb ceremony. People are dying. Your generation is dumb crybabies" etc etc

Well, looks like Corona is gonna cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't wait for the "its just a dumb ceremony you crybabies" boomers to bawl their eyes out over the loss of holidays that happen literally every year. Their tears will be so sweet to me.

No. 587818

What about my post has triggered you?

No. 587831

>comes to lolcow, an imageboard that originally had an userbase of /cgl/ refugees and has multiple weeb cows
>complains about "animefags"
No, you leave and head straight back to gurugossip or whatever hellsite you came from.

No. 587848

Ehh, I just think it's an interesting and fun website. Some of the characters it comes up with are cool and don't look like stupid harem/loli shit.

No. 587851

dress up game dolls and internet generated girls take up 80% of my computer hard drive and i need an intervention

No. 587856

Enjoy your degenerate cartoons.

No. 587860

It’s okay anon, they’re cute.

No. 587907

I go between wanting biological kids and not wanting them. My boyfriend is adopted so he's pretty set on adoption if we decide to have children at all and I am too. I don't mean to body shame moms but a lot of aspects of childbirth put me off greatly.

However some dumb part of me wants to have a little baby to nurture and take care of. I don't plan to have kids until I'm financially stable and solid in my career so maybe my biological clock will be done for by then anyway.

No. 587908

Being at home with family because of the pandemic is really starting to get on my nerves. I know that there are people at home with actual abusive family members and that my situation is much, much better in comparison, but I am so tired and just need to rant. I'm the youngest and my mom and my brother pretty much still treat me like a child even though I'm twenty-two years old. My dad doesn't live at home because he's been married to his job since I was a kid and has checked out from being a father/husband (something my mom complains about a lot), so my brother (who's a lot older than me) has kind of stepped in as the "male figure of the house" role.

Them treating me like a child isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's the fact that they expect me to be the most normal, bland person ever or else they infantilize me. All they do is sit around the table and talk about politics, work, and their social lives. While they were talking about Chinese politics and criticizing the Chinese government, I stepped in to talk about a friend I have who has bought in pretty hard to Chinese propaganda. I guess it turned into a bit of a rant, but when I finished my brother simply responded "Okay anon, I think we get it." And then they just discredited my story and kept talking. Like, way to make me feel like my opinion is completely worthless in conversation. I don't have a problem with just checking out and not participating in family talks, but then when I do that my mom guilttrips me about how hard she tries to make our family perfect with an absent father and how I'm being ungrateful because I don't care about our family. I literally can't win. To be honest, I like being on my own so much that I'd rather live by myself right now than be with my family. I used to feel guilty about that because I felt like my mom and my brother do their best to provide for me, but after realizing that they also treat me like I'm stupid and am not allowed to have an opinion I realize why I feel that way now. At least when I'm living alone I can have interests and opinions without having someone laugh it off like I'm a kid talking about show and tell.

No. 587911

i just want to move out so bad but cuz of rona no one is replying to my emails and interest checks for a place… i don't know how much longer i can cope living here

No. 587921

TW disordered eating and restriction

I’ve struggled with disordered eating before but I don’t have and have never had anorexia. This past week I have been on a health kick to finally take control of my weight again but I can feel myself starting to restrict again. These past couple days I’ve only been letting myself eat 1000 calories because I get super anxious otherwise.

I was at healthy weight once before but I only did that by legitimately starving myself like less than 700 cals a day or no food at all.

Any other overweight anons struggle with counting calories like this or am I being a crybaby?

No. 587922

My Fiancé is a severe alcoholic and drinks a litre of vodka a day, the past few months have been a nightmare. He's Vomiting multiple times a day constantly confused, and talks in word salad most of the time, I'm pretty sure he has alcohol induced dementia, he can barely do anything for himself and it is killing me watching someone I love disappear, sometimes I get angry with him because he won'teat but it's like getting mad with a child, you just can't. Spent the past few weeks trying to get help from doctors and the rehab clinic but it's like going on a wild goose chase. The worst thing is no one but me knows. I'm watching him die and having to put on a happy face for my family/friends.

No. 587925

Please tell me you're not considering marrying him without recovery being a prerequisite… alcoholism is very sad but that doesn't mean you should let yourself be dragged down with him.

No. 587929

I'm so sorry anon. Your fiance is literally killing himself and I think you need professional help at this point. If his family isn't supportive, then you might consider calling a crisis line, or a nurse's hotline, and explaining the situation to see if they can point you in the right direction. His mental and physical symptoms are very concerning.

No. 587933

Don't fucking marry him. I know what it's like to live with an alcoholic who drinks that 1L of vodka and then some, you will only end up hating life and somehow yourself.

No. 587934

Please get someone else involved. That's a huge burden to live with. If you love him get him help even if he hates you for it.

No. 587957

I wish my parents were invested in me growing up. They were good parents, they raised me in a safe and stable environment. They didn't hit me or verbally abuse me, but my mom specifically just wasn't invested. Never asked about school, showed concerns over my grades, didn't bother to ask why I never showered, played games on the internet all day, had no friends. I just got yelled at for not doing enough chores or having an "attitude" . They also Didn't realize that putting me in a school with rich kids when my allowance was 5 dollars a week and I had no opportunity to get a job was just shitty. I really think I would be okay right now if I just had someone growing up who made me feel valid and loved.

No. 587965

I don’t deserve the pain my ex caused me. I did so much for the relationship and now i am alone, unloved, and miserable. I don’t fucking deserve to be going through this

No. 587983

I can feel the dislike my bf family has for me and it's making me more and more anxious. I feel like they are still peeved he broke up with his last long term gf who was very beautiful and successful in her small business. Now he's with this fat toad who only works part time due to mental health issues kek. They will even mention her (and her looks!!!!!) while I am in the same room. It makes seeing them so daunting which makes me flake on events which makes them hate me more.

I don't want to go out of my way to please them. I haven't done anything wrong to them. My boyfriend has told me they complained about my lack of career, not wanting babies, not particularly caring about a wedding… All things my boyfriend is completely fine with. He stands up for me and doesn't make me feel guilty for flaking on events but still.

Last time we saw them my boyfriend made a huge deal about how accommodating and nice my family is to him and they seemed really annoyed at that lol

No. 587995

I'm trying to get a doctor out to see him asap but it's really hard atm with covid, they just prescribed him b vitamins, I think i'm just going to get him to a&e but I can't drive and idk if you call an ambulance for this sort of thing (i'm in the UK) I rang the emergency number tonight they just sent an urgent letter to his gp, he definitely needs professional care. It might sound ridiculous but I've never been in a situation with a sick person, it's all completely new to me.

Also I know it's going to sound like a cliche but he really isn't a bad drunk, I know some alcoholics can be awful to be around but he just gets drunk and sleeps it off, hid it VERY well though always open about it with me. I feel like because he was so functional I just brushed it off which is bad of me tbh. He was trying to get into rehab before the pandemic but then the past few months he's gone downhill so suddenly i'm just lost with it all. Thanks for the advice guys.

No. 587999

File: 1595388852141.jpg (1.7 MB, 2048x3997, a5ocokr359f41.jpg)

>>587739 >>587745

have you tried mewing

No. 588001

I feel like I'm dying from my eating disorder and no one cares. My parents either don't notice, are in denial, or are ignoring it for some reason. My therapist doesn't seem to know a lot about the subject and doesn't seem overly concerned about me. I lost 60 lbs in a little over 6 months and am now below 100 lbs. My resting heart rate is in the 50s. I really need help but no one cares about me. I don't have any friends or a support system. COVID has basically taken away all chance I have of improving my life. There's only one ED treatment place where I live and they don't take my insurance. I'm out of options.

No. 588026

If you're in the UK the best thing to do in this situation is take him to see his GP. I had to do the same when my mother when she decided to stop being an alcoholic. It probably won't be possible to have a face to face consultation due the covid restrictions, so ask for a phone call. The GP will then coordinate between the different services that he will need to recover.

No. 588076

I want to ghost my friend so bad…She's the most negative and bitter person I’ve ever met, always complaining and never having anything positive to say. Even if she’s depressed and her life’s a mess, she won’t do anything to change it because she has nothing else to excuse her poor social skills and her shitty attitude with everyone. I used to feel guilty for letting her down but I realised you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and nowadays I actually don’t care about her at all.

No. 588077

Honestly, do it. It'll be worth it in the long run. I have stopped talking to my friends who would do nothing about their mental issues but make up excuses and guilttrip into staying friends, and I've never felt better ever since. I am sure you will find a nice, new friend. At the end of the day it won't be your fault but only theirs, you can't help a person who doesn't want to be saved.

No. 588078

The issue is why I started ghosting her is because right a day before she started trying to be a knock-off version of me, our last conversation was her asking about one of my 'quirks'. I explained the reason behind them and right after that she said that now 'she knows the secret of my cuteness and she is going to steal it'. And literally started doing that thing. And keeps doing. Very embarrassing of 27yo obese woman who also does rude and immature things that I've done when i was 15yo going through puberty. I was really patient towards her up until she started acting like a kid and started (and keeps doing that) trying to copy my dressing ups like in that /w/ thread and is literally trying to cut me off of bf's dad family side. Would also green-eye me all the time. All of her excuses on rude behavior would be her being 'shy' or 'muh mental illness' while I always hear her screaming on discord VC upstairs in VCs with 10+ people. Idk. I don't think it's worth it at all but my loneliness is going to drive me crazy at some point.

No. 588088

I am super bloated after weeks of meaningless overeating. Now I'm trying to do the Chloe Ting Challenge and I am half way through the first video. But I can't get through it because I need to vomit so fucking bad. Whhhyyy.

No. 588095

I'm tired of my dumbass friend constantly bringing up this fuckboy who she got into a situationship with every time I hang out with her. Bitch we all WARNED you! And yet you continued to sleep with him while he fed you shit about being unable to commit to you. He was playing you and we all been knew that he was in talks with the other woman who, guess what, he wound up committing to!! We all felt sorry that you got used like that but you also played yourself AND CONTINUE TO PLAY YOURSELF! If you blocked him like you said you did, then block these shitty mutual friends who keep bringing him up to trigger you. Obviously they're baiting you on purpose because they find your CLEARLY not-moved-on reactions to him entertaining.
Bitch it's been over a year and you were on and off before the official chop anyway. The next time you bring him up in any capacity I'm gonna start being mean to you because you don't fucking get it. You're derailing your mental health over a man who you were never in a relationship with and who never even said that he loved you. It's PATHETIC at this point!

No. 588113

Anons, so I got in the uni I wanted to go to but… the campus is… too small. It's like a huge ass house rather than a fucking college like what the hell? I honestly wanna apply somewhere else because of this.

No. 588118

You say this like it came as a surprise to you? I mean how small can it be

No. 588124

I mean, I did look at the building before but not closely enough, it's seriously pretty small for a university. I applied for sociology which the uni is considered really reputable for but just… the campus is so disappointing. It's makin' me doubt my choice lel.

No. 588127

So you'd prefer a bad uni with a big campus? Odd priorities but ok.

No. 588128

You're right that it's a pretty stupid reason but I can just imagine the hoard of students in a small place… shudders. But then last date to 'confirm' your seat is 5th Aug and if I let it go, who knows if I can get accepted somewhere else. Not many colleges offerin' sociology in my city.

No. 588134

Bigger picture anon, go get that degree. This is kek worthy though.

No. 588167

I hate people that still use lel and kek in 2020.

No. 588170

lol and haha look weird here, kek belongs on imageboards but it shouldn't be on other platforms

No. 588180

I can't fucking stand "package deal" couples and next time someone tries to force me to be close to their significant other, I'm jumping ship immediately. It's so unhealthy for everyone involved for a laundry list of reasons. Every time it's been done to me, the context has been the same; one of my close guy friends has a girlfriend too insufferable to have her own friends, so he tries to force her upon all his female friends and it's a bad time.

No. 588183

I'm pretty introverted and only have one good female friend, I love her but I think I let her get away with too much.
She's a very chaotic and inconsistent person in general, which I'm fine with but shit like being late or not paying for as much as I do happens a bit too often. Last time I saw her she didn't respond at all when I rang the doorbell nor to any of my texts or calls. I ended up waiting for 1,5 hours before she finally called explaining that she'd fallen asleep. She felt bad about it and I reassured her that shit happens and it was fine, but it did get me thinking about how nervous I am about bringing up stuff I don't like to her. I'm afraid to lose her so I basically let anything slide.
I know the problem is me but I'm not sure how to be better at this.

No. 588190

then stop having friends

No. 588191

Gaming has become far too mainstream.

Each and every spot I see normies flooding my most loved subreddits and broken into my preferred side interest ever. I give myself in any event 10 hours out of each day to gaming and gaming just; gaming is the most centrical perspective to my vocation.