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File: 1598524835965.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg.jpg)

No. 616586

Things annoy you? Let it out, anons!

Previous annoyances:

No. 616713

Waiting in a queue to talk to an Ikea agent. I have a quick question to ask about a refund that I'm due. I have moved 3 places down the queue in one hour.. are other people getting step by step instructions on putting their furniture together?

No. 616732

Samefag lol, total two hours wait to get through 6 in the queue. My query took 20 seconds.. I really do think they were getting step by step instructions

No. 616743

i work in a fabric store, and most of our customer base is older women. for what ever reason, these are the most entitled women ive had to serve across jobs. constant bitching about sales, prices, stock and availability.. when we are in the middle of a pandemic? i wasnt anticipating it being busy when i started due to quarantine, but apparently thats not stopping these women. if i have to explain one more time that were out of a lot of fabrics because the manufacturers are shut down because of COVID, they huff and expect me to put in a special word for them. fucking tired of it. the masks and shit are to help elderly people like them, yet they risk it every fuckin day for another 2 yards of fabric. especially when we have an online order/delivery system. GO THE FUCK HOME

No. 616801


Foam Adventure 2040

No. 616917

is it weird that i thought the foam adventure video was endearing? lmfao they look like fun people

No. 617545


No, I liked that cringefest too and they weren't hurting anyone. Maybe taking the piss using the disabled parking, that's about it.

No. 618607

Why do I go stir crazy every time I have to wait in on a delivery? There's a 12 hour delivery slot and any other saturday I'd be relaxing at home anyway.

But because I know I have to stay in..I'm dying to go out.

No. 618610

File: 1598701391508.jpg (79.93 KB, 640x593, 03ce1bb2d870bfbf40ee47c77e07d3…)

One thing I wish that would make a comeback and more flattering workwear
Laborers, nurses, cashier's, waitresses, chefs, etc all had flattering and more clean and professional looking workwear. Now it just seems 9/10 times people just get unflattering uniforms (looking at you chain restaurants) or just wear their pajamas to work. Scrubs are also a massive joke. On top of that people who dress better typically act better. Oh and fashion shows were actual fashion shows with models and flattering fashion and not some weird challenge to put on something ridiculous and see if people still like it

No. 618623

All of these outfits are not flattering but are actually comfortable (in case of nurses / laborers / chefs) or cheap to produce so the company (or employee!) will not have to spend ridiculous money on producing well fitted fashionable job uniform for someone that's gonna work for minimum wage for 3 months and go away.

No. 618631

12 hour time slot got updated to 'your ikea delivery will arrive between 12:15 and 1:15… at 1:12 I got a call saying the van broke down.. well I'm heading out!

No. 618851

Most of the time people have to buy their own workwear, and I've worn scrub dresses before and they're not uncomfortable. But customer service jobs could do a bit better than trashy cheap t shirts with the company's logo on it and a snapback

No. 618926

File: 1598736705659.png (386.38 KB, 658x861, wow.PNG)

I'm sick of all online media/culture analysis. It's always done by the most uneducated dolts who come to conclusions that would be obvious if they read a single book in their field or so off base and full of buzzwords you know they get all their critical theory from tweets. This makes me so angry because most critical theory on social media is done by these dolts because anyone good is to old to get youtube.

No. 618944

Huh? Where are these well payed librarians hiding?

No. 618961

lmao Spoken like a true dumbass who doesn't know shit about Library Science. "Exploiting authors labor" HAHAHAHA

No. 618969

Theres a pretty big difference between being a Librarian and working as a creative. Obviously authors get paid less. Can't blame librarians for that though.

No. 618986

File: 1598742977694.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x816, curly-hair-types.jpg)

it irritates me how all non straight hair is labeled "curly". "Curly hair" groups always fall apart or splinter into offshoots because 'curly' hair is so broad and different most users can't relate to each other. I've seen products labeled as "curly" that are clearly meant for Kinky or coily hair, but they advertise themselves like they're for all "curly" hair. Whenever someone says they have curly hair and need help online they could be referring to 5 different 'curly' hair types, all with extremely different treatment methods.
Literally no one likes how curly means 5 different things.

The word curly doesn't irritate me, but the fact its a catch all were you always have to guess what it mean annoys me to no end. Just say coily, kinky, etc.

No. 619042

i'm so mad that lesbian musicians are all soft and twinkly or whatever. people will put on king princess or girl in red and be like "heh you like it right!!??" no, absolutely not. nothing against the artists but it annoys the fuck out of me that people think i like them just because i'm a dyke. first world problems i guess.

No. 619067

This anon reminded me of what I call "fake" curly girls. So many videos or posts saying "I didn't know I was curly!" when they have straight hair. Scrunching is bound to make your hair curl eventually, it's almost like putting rollers in your hair while wet or braiding it.
I watch the videos when they use curly girl products and their hair looks SO greasy and weighted because they aren't actually curly.

No. 619080

I go to r/curly specifically to laugh at those posts kek.

No. 619099

It’s kind of tricky because a lot of people with curly hair have a range as opposed to one specific hair type. Mine can range from 2B to 3C depending on length, humidity , products used or how I combed it.

No. 619102

IDK. I have straight hair, but use curly hair shampoo/conditioner because for some reason my hair is naturally super dry and needs the moisture. Doesn't change the texture, just makes it a bit less like straw. I saw those posts and wondered if something might happen but nah. I don't do the scrunch thing or the gel though.

No. 619116

I fucking hate gnats so much. You can fly and dont have to pay taxes, you could be anywhere in the world, and you want to be here, crawling all over my strawberry jam toast? Fuck you.

No. 619121

File: 1598767233942.jpg (112.53 KB, 866x1390, tasbapauni-nicaragua-flies-on-…)

Yum yum

No. 619124

I've accidentally eaten gnats before and it's kind of like eating sprinkles or something, the sensation isn't terrible if you didn't know what it was that you are eating

No. 619150

This dude keeps calling me object and ddlg names as a "joke", it's really annoying but i don't want to show him that it annoys me because he will start with the "women have no sense of humor" crap.

No. 619152

>as a joke
no he’s trying to get you used to it

No. 619154

can you imagine putting your own comfort aside for the sake of a male lmao

No. 619156

Do the silent blank glare reaction. You don't react at all and let some silence pass before you completely change subject. If it's unbearable, from now on, just up and leave, no explication, when he does it.
2nd one : if he does it, tell it to stop that shit. He will tell you it's funny and you're humourless, ask why it's funny. Don't let him change, and ask relentlessly until it's obvious it's bs. You can either do it agressively or very candidely (Like, but I just don't get it, explain me, please ??? - this one works better because they can't accuse you of being mad, you're just very confused).
Do it every fucking time he does it.
I do these things since I started getting tired of these veiled bs to people I just can't cut off my life. Both work if you're prepared to look like a fucking bitch making a fuss (people will mess less with you though).

No. 619162

It's his way to cope i will never be his cringy bby gurl egirl gf.
Don't get me wrong, i absolutely despise him and i hate talking to him, he's not only annoying but also boring. But his mother is friend's of mine and he is the only person i talk to, only because i don't want my mother to think i have no friends. He's kinda of my personal cow though, it's funny to see him rant because a girl rejected him. I should post him on the personal cow thread someday.
I say thing that i know will annoy him when he does that and in response i get called object again. I know he's been in love with me for over 7 years now and i like to tell him about how i like twinks and really cute guys (it annoys him because he is the total opposite and will never be my type).

No. 619181

This, fucking run, don't talk to him anymore
You don't want your own thread here

No. 619183

It's not a joke, it's him being so pornsick that all his fantasies are just spilling out of his head unfiltered, then he covers up by saying it's totally just a joke and turning his shame into your shame cos 'I'm not a creep, you're uptight'

No. 619185

It’s fucking weird for a man to refer to you as object. Have a backbone.

No. 619197

Better to be alone than hanging out with him. I would never, ever voluntarily spend time with someone whose sense of humor was like that. Especially one that has affections for you that are frequently shut down. That's actually dangerous. I've had male friends who joke about being misogynistic, but the misogynist is clearly the butt of the joke in those cases. They frequently bring up frankly pink pilled stuff when serious, and that's the difference.
Do you like the attention or something? STOP. How about you "joke" that you only hang with him out of obligation because your mothers are friends and let the charade die?

No. 619202

I know i should cut ties with him but my mother will ask me why and i don't want to tell her he's awful and even tried to cut my throat once. I feel bad for his mother, she has no friends other than my mom and has an abusive husband. I have been trying for him to change but i feel like he's getting worse, he used to at least fake to be kind to me but now he says gross things to me everytime we talk. I just wanna try to make him change but he doesn't want to, and i don't want his mother to suffer thanks to him.

No. 619208

It's sad when you see that intergenerational cycle of men abusing women, boys growing up in that environment and going on to do the same..but you willingly putting yourself in his company and becoming his punching bag doesn't help anyone.

He sounds like such a loser that most women will know to avoid him.. Good! Let him live a life starved of female company because he'll only abuse them if he can reach them.

No. 619215

Are you 16 or something? You can't change him. You can't help. The moms friend is in an abusive relationship, and their dynamic is what the boy has had modeled to him, and he's attracted…to you. No fucking wonder he's so threatening. Stop provoking him for laughs.
Also hate to be harsh but it's your moms friends mistake, which you're not responsible for dealing with. Hell, pretending it's all fine isn't even a noble cause. How do you think your mom would feel if you did come to harm because of her friends son? Then how would she feel if there were signs of it the while time but you would rather cover it up? They'd think you're a fucking dumbass.

Tell your mom, then have her tell her friend about. Best case scenario the mom stops bringing her kid and the moms stay friends, worst case your mom loses a friend and is just glad you're safe (or gaslights you tbf).
What would your mom rather? You having a friend or not having someone close physically threaten you?

And his mother is fucking suffering anyway? I hate to sound unsympathetic but most people are aware that if you bring a baby up in a fucked up dynamic they'll bring those traits on too. Boys will become beligerent and disrespectful, girls will have negative self worth. You're not doing anything but helping to facilitate and accept the boys behavior by trying to "fix" him on your own. If you REALLY wanted change you'd out his behavior and encourage the mom to leave the family and get their son in therapy. But you'd rather act as the silent punching bag, how easy and convenient for everyone.

No. 619349

File: 1598806749897.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.43 KB, 1440x1277, 4DFE482B-4947-44BE-A43B-22E1F1…)

Having big boobs is so annoying

No. 619368

i wish “don’t do _________ dirty, anon” was a bannable offence

No. 619385

My personality is to push over to relate to most movie protags. Don't know how to explain it exactly, but I grew up thinking it's not worth putting up a fuss unless you're in danger, none of your dreams will come true, and it's better to go with the status quo. That's the exact opposite of the average movie protagonist so when I watch movies I just can't relate. I even find most protags annoying because they always choose the most troublesome to other methods to achieve their goals. I know it's fiction, but why are so many protags so confident? Strong willed? I dunno

No. 619388

I fucking wish i looked that flat with a bra on
Instead I look fat and frumpy in everything that's not skin tight despite bordering on skelly underneath that fabric and boobage

No. 619473

If game of thrones gets good after season 1 and each episode is one hour that means I have to sit through 10 hours of shit, at least 1 waking day, to get to the good stuff. Fuck that.

Who enjoys these insanely long episode run times?

No. 619494

>it's not worth putting up a fuss unless you're in danger, none of your dreams will come true, and it's better to go with the status quo.
tbh a protagonist like this just isn't interesting, or they end up being like shinji from NGE. if the protag doesn't seem to care that much about anything, then the audience won't have a reason to care about them either. also the plot/story might not go anywhere if they're too weak willed or passive.

No. 619623

Not only that but the series starts going to shit sometime in the middle of season 4, that's such a small window of time to enjoy it

I think as a show it deserves respect for pushing boundaries and affecting the tv industry (not to mention that adapting those books is super ambitious, even for a talented group of writers), but it is pretty overrated and will probably not age very well

No. 619627

>pushing boundaries
It's just a 13 year old's idea of "mature"

No. 619628

I agree that it's cheap but all the violence and sex was pretty difficult to get away with before it existed so

No. 619631

Eh, character studies can deal with protagonists of this nature and still be interesting to watch. It won't make a neat 3-act structure though.

No. 619766

My neighbors twenty something year old son works in a nearby store and I grab a coffee there a couple times a week on my way to work. Any time the guy happens to serve me it is like he goes out of his way to not look at me. No joke he'll stare upwards while my card is taking a second to go through. Or I'll ask whether my loyalty card scanned ok and he'll barely grunt out a yes still staring at something on the fucking ceiling. Autism crossed my mind but staring at the actual ceiling to avoid eye contact..I would think autistic people find a more subtle way to avoid it.

I don't know if he has decided to dislike me randomly or if everyone gets that no eye contact 'feels like he's dying to get away from you' treatment. It's a fucking small town. I get on real well with his dad and the other staff in the store are great, greet me by name and when I go in early most of em will joke around about us all desperately needing our coffee that morning. Normal small talk. I hate how awkward I feel going in there now.

No. 619929

As someone who acts similar to that, it could be anxiety/shyness

No. 619997

File: 1598892879120.png (99.09 KB, 932x707, 3obxc4mqdo751.png)

I've noticed people in art discords/subreddits, when ever someone ask for how to grow or why their arts bad, will just brush away their complaints and blame their issues on some third factor. I've seen so many crappy artist who are begging for help get replies like "it's the algorithm" or "you just have imposter syndrome!" when that's simply not true.

No. 620166

File: 1598904503939.png (45.91 KB, 706x954, 3455566.PNG)


No. 620511

My sister is listening to contrapoints at full volume on her laptop and christ, I never realized how grating his voice is. It's fucking intolerable

No. 620516

God 2020 is NOT the year for music. The songs that go number one are all trash. First WAP and now that bts song.

No. 620517

i think he likes you! he's just shy. be nice :)

No. 620586

What the fuck is this video and why is it everywhere on my feed??

No. 620595

I was talking with my sibling about the job I was let go from and they did the boomer “you should have walked in and talked to your manager in person!” argument after I said I was communicating with them by email

No. 620597

File: 1598974773574.jpg (39.14 KB, 640x480, 165564.jpg)

>Our site does not use ⌃ for "to the power of"
>We prefer ** for powers
they also have a bunch of dumbass rules, no 5(7) always 5*7. I thought I was going nuts becuase I kept submitting the right answer, but the wrong syntax

No. 620753

I use capslock for my job a lot to keep things looking uniform, and I know plenty of other people do as well, but turn it the fuck off when you're IMing somebody. Old bitches, I swear.

No. 620774

what language is that for?

>tfw I can't code

No. 620802

I don't get it

No. 620831

File: 1598992777965.jpg (76.17 KB, 850x606, thefuck.jpg)

I want to bully the person who made it

No. 620839

I wish I could leave my house without covering my claves. I live in a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood, and I get stared at by men who've long since hit the wall and I don't even dress in a slutty way. dammit

No. 620842

python (maybe some others but python for sure)

No. 620855

Clearly they are feeding input into a Python interpreter.

No. 620858

THe most annoying thing to me is the trend in decorating to put words on everything, especially when they're in that cursive font. Fuck no I don't want to see another pillow with "dream" or "imagine" printed on it. This is the cheapest, ugliest, least creative trend ever and I hope it dies in a hole but it's been here for like 10 years

No. 620870

omg right? there are so many nice things that are fucking ruined by dumb words.

No. 620885

Yeah, and I wish I knew how to remove them. I know heating it with an iron over wax paper or other cloth works sometimes but not always. I have a perfectly nice white breathable t shirt perfect for summer and of course it has "always" printed in red cursive, and it's some kinda rubber print and I can't remove it… anyone have any ideas? What even is a message like "always" supposed to mean? Is it cause they wanted some detail but were too cheap to hire an illustrator to make some nice design for them cause that would have been infinitely better

No. 620928

It's actually my schools online homework.

No. 622118

File: 1599142714853.jpeg (90.24 KB, 576x399, F40C25CD-77ED-44D2-BFB9-1D157A…)

chinese light novels are pretty retarded, they’re usually rip offs of Korean light novels and it’s actually getting really annoying, sometimes you might think “this plot might be decent!”
But no
because the main character is either a bag of dicks that ends up having a happy ending for no fucking reason or a retarded woman who has a tiny bit of happiness in the story, but then the plot tweest comes and she herself fucks everything up because suddenly she has some sort of remorse? For no reason?
Of course, she also falls in love desperately with a guy who is willing to spit on her face -and who probably did so-.
Also, I feel like they’re way too obsessed with the whole “ugly girl” turns into “beautiful woman” because the girl isn’t ugly to begin with, and the woman she ends up as isn’t that beautiful after all.
I don’t know, I feel like I’ve only seen shit Chinese light novels. I think I’ve only got to read a nice one “cheating men must die” and it’s probably the only reason why I keep on hoping to find another good light novel.

No. 622125

Yesterday had my online art club class,we were told to design a character to later show to class, so we could discuss it, then it was the turn of my friend's boyfriend whose an incredible awkward, insecure (probably) autistic type of guy. Wasted 15 mins of the class because "he didn't know how to draw", "can't even draw a stick figure" and proceeded to sperg out about it.

No. 622158

I hate people like that so much. Most of the time they want attention and to be told that it's not true, that they're good!! They should be ignored.

No. 622180

I’ve been reading a Chinese one called Beauty and The Beast faithfully because it’s absolutely surreal but the male harem has names like Curtis, Harvey, Parker which are viscerally ugly but I can’t quit it. Its literally got a half man half snake with two penises, it’s so weird. (I agree tho, it seems like that with a lot of things as far as China goes.)

No. 622211

I mean I think he genuinely has problems, but it's just annoying to deal with his bullshit after his lil' sperg mini-breakdown (embarassing)his gf literally fucking went "asgdskfkldslñ" and muted her mic kek

No. 622235

Two of my coworkers keep dogging a colleague because she edits all of her headshots pasty as fuck. All they talk about is her looking like a photoshop horror yet they use Snow to look white as possible even though they're tan East Asians. So much catty bs is in this fucking lab. Just do your work and shut up oh my god.

No. 622242

I have catty labmates as well. People are so unhappy with themselves they have to make others feel bad.

No. 622271

File: 1599156568933.png (674.78 KB, 700x641, uzzdvz7l20c41.png)

Anons. Don't ever feel jealous or trust what people post on their social media about their relationships. I guarantee if they were actually happy they would spend more time actually being happy together rather than being online trying to convince others that they are happy.

>friend gets married to her scrote of several years after he gets goaded by pressure

>I hate him, he's a controlling little dick and oh yeah he thought it was appropriate to wait several years to marry my friend
>constantly helping friend after their rollercoaster fallouts
>she almost left him a couple years back but is such a co-dependent that she didn't want to put in the effort to be a functioning adult alone so she went back to him after like a month
>not even a week after the wedding and she's already complaining in our friend discord about a huge argument they had over something small
>wrote passive aggressive statuses about it on her social media
>this after all their bullshit picture posts and making memes out of their couple pics and not shutting up about the ceremony no one gives a shit about because they were trying to convince everyone they are so happy when they are not

It disgusts me.

No. 622275

This guy in one of my classes keeps dming me on Instagram and never shuts the fuck about how he “works out” yet he’s built like a tweaking out red neck. Even sounds like one. Can’t emphasize enough how often he brings it up. Just today he brought it up five times and we weren’t even talking about working out wtf. Someone yell at me to tell his boring ass off cause my god he is painful to talk to. I’ve been trying to end a conversation with him for two hours, every time the conversation is near death he always has to grave dig it back up fml.

No. 622283

Yeah honestly I've been wondering why my friend posts explicit details about her partner, intimate ones, obvious humblebrags, but after seeing how bad it's been before it's probably just idealistic coronachan honeymoon or there are already simmering problems beneath the surface.

No. 622285

He wants you

No. 622304

I had a friend like this and it was exhausting. Always posting pictures of him with heart eye captions, "my whole world, love him so much uwu," then texting me to complain that he was in some girl's DMs again. He cheated at least once, would openly flirt with other women. He flirted with me once, I told her, she told me not to steal her man and blocked me kek.

No. 622335


Jeez, this could be my friend a couple years from now. Has the most trash boyfriend but refuses to leave him, then comes crying to me whenever they fight (which is a lot). Then during the weeks they’re not fighting she talks about him as if she’s considering spending the rest of her life with him.

Girls: if your friends and family unanimously say your boyfriend is terrible and you should break up, it’s because your boyfriend is terrible and you should break up.

No. 622337

When are women gonna grow a backbone
Leave scrotes to rot goddammit

No. 622361

I relate to this. She has never blocked me but her pervert now husband is on dating apps trying to find their "third" in bed. A couple years ago he ha-ha 'ironically' matched me on Tinder, and later she asked if I wanted to threesome. Obviously I said no. It was the hot gossip a few weeks ago between us friends that they were trying to groom a new girl to ask if she wanted a threesome with them, thankfully she says she isn't interest in sex.
No one wants to be in a threesome with them because he's ugly and has a tiny pee pee. I feel sorry for her because I know she's traditional, but she strikes me as the type to be going along with his bullshit because she'd rather be in the know about who he wants to cheat with. Rather than her voicing disapproval and him going behind her back. Not that I think she should fear too greatly, he's ugly as I said and isn't charming in the faintest.

If they don't divorce first they're going to be that unhappy couple who always fight and then have a band aid baby together who they put through hell. Maybe if he's shitty to her child too, that's when she might decide it's bad enough to leave but I dunno. She doesn't want to take any control of her own life so it's difficult to see her mustering the gumption to go.

No. 623139

I get really mildly but consistently annoyed with the way that every single unfunny bad shoop/drawing of a cow is met with "kEK OMG NEXT THREAD PIC KEK !!1!"

No. 623143

Same. I've yet to see a genuinely funny cow thread pic.

No. 623525

>she'd rather be in the know about who he wants to cheat with
kek what a pathetic cuck

No. 623536

I'm annoyed by farmers who
>say "kek" more than one time in a post
>make multiple posts in a row that all say "kek"
>make posts that say nothing but "kek"

I know it's fairly common on imageboards, but I see it far more here than on 4chan, even. I sincerely prefer "lol" or "lmao".

No. 624196

getting real tired of anons that are like:
>uwu she can't be a cow because she's a victim of abuse/mentally ill!!1
>only BAD people are the true cows
and other general moralfaggotry. as long as they're milky who gives a shit. as if being a victim gives you a pass to do whatever you want

No. 624565

I think Hozier is ok and I even like some of his songs a lot but the cult around him being such a wholesome uwu little baby is so annoying. Just another case of a man being worshipped only because he's not totally awful.

No. 624570

The constant spergs about appearance in the Venus thread give me aids. That being said the total contents of that thread is disease inducing in general.

No. 624571

Honestly. And I hated the whole 'Hozier is a lesbian icon' shit

No. 624613

I think Lol and lmao are more annoying but only because when I see people use them it’s replying to someone in a passive aggressive way. Especially on twitter.

No. 624615

It might not necessarily be the same anons. I’ve noticed lately that when I post things, every 10 posts or so the anon directly under me will use the same intro or outro I used, like if I started with “yeah” or end with “kek” they’ll do the exact same thing, sometimes even with more specific phrases. Now when I see it in other places I don’t automatically assume it’s a samefag because it’s happened to me too often to not be frequent mixup. That said of course not defending the obvious sameposts.

No. 624702

Nta but I smell Twitterfags too when I see those words. I do occasionally use lmao but I try to keep it to a minimum due to my own bias.

No. 625922

It's so fucking annoying whenever I click on a plastic surgery video or something and people are in the comments preaching about how they are against surgery and how people look so much better without it. Like jfc I'm all for self love, but why did you come here if you are against ps. Nobody asked you, so stop being annoying and go the fuck away

No. 625952


yeah, i don't even know where that came from. it's really annoying how you can't even bring him up without some retard crying about how woke he is about lesbianism or some shit

No. 625955

File: 1599646525884.jpg (57.31 KB, 640x784, 14pmnqebj0g51.jpg)

Men being "lesbian icons" is annoying AF overall. The worst though would be all of the drag race fans calling Trixie Mattel "dyke queen" and "lesbian icon". No hate on drag as an art form but that unfunny caricature has nothing to do with lesbian women.

No. 625957

man, this may be petty but it is my bffs birthday in a few days and I wake up to a huge thing of texts in our group and I had nice things planned for what we have going (small gathering like 6 of us) and she was like "look I want decorations for my birthday and it is sad I am the only one trying to make it festive why am I the only one doing planning?? I find it really sad I am doing this for myself"

when I had already gotten cute decorations to surprise her and I had gotten together an elaborate gift and I bought the majority of the alcohol for us like damn let it be a surprise lol when I was like I guess just act shocked when I bring them and she didn't even say anything …btw this girl is 27 so calm down pls

our other friend also ordered a cake for her as a surprise but she complains how stressful her life is, we too have lives and school and whatnot. the world must stop turning.

I am not a birthday person anymore but try to make it nice for my friends at least

am I being ridiculous ??

No. 625958

> drag as an art form
don’t make me laff

No. 625959

she sounds so exhausting, I am glad none of my friends cares about birthdays like that.

You aren't being ridiculous, she just sounds like a brat.

No. 625974


That reminds me of gay men always calling every single female artist a "gay icon" for the simple fact that they're just women. Like most of them haven't really interacted or gotten involved in the lgbt community but for some reason all of them have to be gay icons all the time? It just pisses me off. Everything they do has to be responded with embarrassing shit like "yasss queen slay". Why can't they just be normal female artists, what about them makes them pander to gay guys? Shit makes no sense

No. 625975

God I'm just done with this shit. Lesbian and especially GNC lesbian women have absolutely zero role models and are constantly the target of ridicule and disgust, and now we get men appropriating the fuck out of the whole sexuality. I'm so exhausted with this world, jesus.

No. 625980

By the age of 27 you really need to just sit back and accept whatever gifts or surprises you happen to get on the day itself. That's way too old to be reminding people in advance and trying to make sure there's enough fuss coming your way..

No. 625989

I can understand Madonna and Lady Gaga being "gay icons" since Madonna apparently used to perform in gay bars and was outspoken about gay rights back in her day and Gaga is pretty outspoken at least in her lyrics.
I'll never understand why anyone would see someone like Beyonce or Mariah Carey as gay icons though

No. 625995

Mariah Carey has the rainbow album and I think she has spoken out about gay rights not sure though. I just know I stan

No. 626002

Lady gaga is bisexual, til

No. 626007

Starting to get real tired of drag queens and the drag community tbh

No. 626012


They always have to infiltrate everything it seems, with their annoying ass phrases and culture. And if it's not them it has to be twelvies imitating how they talk, which is even more cringey. It's all so fucking exhausting

No. 626021

It wouldn't be like this if rupaul's drag race didn't tone itself down to get mainstream success. Without it becoming mainstream we wouldn't have teenage girls being abused by their drag queen idols (https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/118297601.html) or little boys doing drag (Queen Lactacia, Desmond is Amazing). Before drag race, drag shows were limited to clubs to enter which you were supposed to be an adult, now we have "family friendly" drag cruises and dragcon.

No. 626116

The whole concept of “family friendly” drag is stupid too. The commercialization of drag has completely ruined it and it’s just sad. I wish Rupauls Drag Race never happened. Rupaul is a total dickhead anyway.

No. 626203

File: 1599673982314.png (41.09 KB, 858x324, slack.PNG)

God I hate reddits entire attitude toward the CCP shit. It is peak slacktivism, but they like to act like they're the next MLK.

No. 626206

I don’t see any issue with boycotting disney shit

No. 626208

something something Adrian Zenz

No. 626213

it's more the fact the dude thinks he's doing shit by deleting his pirated copy of Mulan.

No. 626232

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm, anon.

No. 626383

It always bugs me when some people who make a big deal over edgy female characters and cringy ocs proceed to make a million excuses for the male versions of these characters (which are often more annoying and unlikable) because "he's hot", "he's just misunderstood" "he's a canon character, so it's okay if he's written like that." I wouldn't even care that much if they weren't so hypocritical about it.

No. 626603

File: 1599697285060.jpg (45.8 KB, 563x554, 5ff02128d94bd4ab2be7e8d8866430…)

I'm starting to give up on most online interactions. Maybe it's because lolcow has given me a biased view of the e-webs, but I feel most people who are active online, their activity making them the dominant user base, often are online because they simply have nothing better to do. They either have no aspirations beyond consuming the most basic shit, have a 'hobby' they barely do or suck at because they post to much, or they are slightly unhinged so every irl group has rejected them forcing them to communicate online. I know this is a generalization, but I this is true most of the case imo. It's not the fact they exist, but they post so much they drown out anything of quality.

No. 626607

u r 2deep5me i guess. what's a pick me but for doomers called?

No. 626615

What's with Serial Experiments Lain and people who think no one understands them? I see that exact image at least 5 times a day on 4chan.

No. 626616

God an old friend of mine became a camgirl onlyfans cow and went from a cutie girl to a ~neurodivergent~ enbee and she chose her online name to be Lain, those weebs are lost to the world

No. 626635

She isn't. I remember specifically on one episode of drag race she was on where she stated she was a straight woman.

No. 626657

I always heard most drag race fans were women, does anyone know if that’s true?

No. 626659

During the early seasons it was definitely more gay men but now I think it’s probably like 50/50

No. 626665

Go into any comment section on a Drag Race queen's or fanpage's social media and you'll see that gay men are still very vocal in the community. Women, specifically straight ones, are definitely becoming a rising demographic for the show though. I feel like I see lesbians supporting certain Rugirls (Trixie being the most obvious answer), but normally they stick to local queens or the performers who appear on Dragula.

No. 626787

I started volunteer teaching for an older friend's English school online and she's such a pain in the ass. She makes a bunch of unnecessary rules, uses Excel for making lesson plans but the format is shit, makes unhelpful/useless suggestions, and makes us waste more time after class reporting to her. Because of the time difference I have to get up really early before my full time job just to teach one class, but I can tell she wants me to teach another. She'll also call me just to make sure I'm awake even though I've never been a no show. I'm about to tell her to shove it and that this is the last month I'm teaching for her.

No. 626798

It's not just about artists being allies or LGBT, it's also about their work being heavily influential in queer circles. So if you make music that gay people vibe with and/or appropriate in memes, dances, art, etc. you're a gay icon.

No. 626909

I fucking hate people judging my taste in movies/series without ever watching a goddamn minute of that show. Yesterday my bff was negging me about watching a show she loves (I stopped at 3rd season) and I told her I'm keeping it on hold right now because it's the same as the first two seasons. She blurted "oh just like your favorite show" which she never watched. I got a little mad and told her at least I watched her show with its inbred actors so I can judge it.
I know I have shit taste but ffs don't judge what you don't wanna watch.

No. 626934

File: 1599743630804.png (179.92 KB, 392x309, anon obviously....png)

No. 626960

I hate when I hire a professional for a job and they proceed to talk down to me the whole time they're on the job. It's really rude and also doesn't make sense. Yes, I'm not a plumber. I can only tell you what the problem is, what I have done to try to mitigate it, and how old everything is. This guy was treating me like I was an idiot, and also disagreed with me about things that I know for a fact. For instance, my water main under my sink and in my back room are seized, he wasn't able to get them completely turned off, and I'll need a new valve under my sink. I told him, well, I'll contact my townhouse management about it, thanks for letting me know. Then he starts talking about "well, it's YOUR unit, so it's your responsibility." and started mansplaining to me how the water is connected through the units. I'm like dude- I live in a cooperative, there are certain things they have to cover, I'll check my contract and contact management, don't worry about it. He then repeated what he just said basically and looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about. At the end of the installation, he told me to "make sure these documents go in a safe place" and I'm like uhh yeah… my filing cabinet..? And then he repeated it again, several times, and suggested I clip the manual for the sink and his invoice together and put them somewhere safe. I'm like ok, get the fuck out of my house LOL. What the fuck was his problem?

No. 626963

He is just a man, unfortunately.

No. 626966

i actually like lain, but it's not like deep. it's just a psychedelic anime about chat rooms.

No. 627007

Entitled and shameless NEETs are so annoying. Like, everyone hates being a worker but these people think they should be exempt from working just because they’re not cut out for it and they act like they’re disrupting the system by draining their parents’ retirement fund

No. 627020

What I don't get is, where I live you see plenty of NEETS but our benefits/social welfare sytem is actually pretty generous. So even if you have 'bad anxiety' you can get financial assistance for a couple years and still live independantly in practically free housing while getting mental help (which is also paid for)

I did that and by now I've paid so much back in taxes that I have no guilt over it. I didn't use my parents, I got two years of government help and now I've worked for ten. In countries that offer that you really have no excuse. They allow you take those baby steps into adulthood. I still see 28 year olds living in their childhood bedrooms rather than taking a free apartment and finally learning how other bills work.

No. 627026

If you were able to obtain a degree, had jobs in the past, and/or have a relationship, you can't get shit in my country. They just shrug their shoulders at you and tell you to try harder. I tried to utilize my state's rehabilitation services to help people with mental problems get jobs and I didn't qualify. I'm a 26 year old neet with a bachelor of science, relevant internship experience, but nobody wants me because when I show up to the interview I am an ugly woman with poor social skills. Honestly? Most hiring decisions are feelings-based. I can be overqualified, on paper, but when they meet me they realize they don't want a person like me around spoiling the mood. I've basically given up. I'm applying to stocking jobs at home depot and shit. The dream doesn't happen for all of us

No. 627041

I wouldn't even call you a neet tbh. Difference is you are trying, you have gone to school and interviewed for jobs.

Where I am some kids just leave school at 18, sign up for their government cheque and ten years later they're still spending those cheques on games for their switch instead of moving out and buying their own groceries with it. The choice is there and they still won't be gently nudged into it.

NEETs are the ones doing it by choice, imo

No. 627049

>spending those cheques on games for their switch instead of moving out
what's wrong with that? if they're not bothering anyone they can do what they want with it

No. 627058

Do you like it when you give money to beggars asking for food and they immediately run to buy booze?
That's the feel.

No. 627060

That's what I don't get. Why move out if you aren't kicked out?

No. 627062

>reeeeeee my taxes

No. 627064

Because no one really likes takers and users because they're useless to everyone and yes resources should go to people who actually try.

No. 627065

That government assistance is paid because they are expected to buy their own food and give their parents a cut of the bills, I know people spending 900 euro a month on that type of shit while mom buys their food. In a country where you are given 900 euros a month you should give your parents your share of bills. That's just nuts, imo

No. 627075

I'm nervous about getting ripped off by these types. I know single women who make up a fake husband just so they don't get scammed by plumbers

No. 627094

My dad didn't kick us out but defnitely 'encouraged' all his kids to move out by 19. I had the kind of anxiety where I probably would've stagnanted if given the chance to.

Been living in shared houses or with partners for ten years and finally got a mortgage on my own lately. I'm living far away from where I grew up but I'm doing well here. I checked in on an ex (after we broke up he moved back home) Dude is still there at 33. I thought his move back was temporary but he just gave up and did nothing these last few years. I feel like it's sometimes a blessing to be gently pushed out of the nest. Obvs depends on the individual circumstances.

No. 627115


I was memeing.people truly make it deeper than it is and act like pseudo-intellectuals

No. 627125

'We tried to deliver your parcel but you weren't home'

No I was home, I was sitting in my front room waiting for you and you didn't even try so now I have to go collect it from miles away tomorrow. I don't drive, it's an awkward spot to fucking walk to but sure you totally tried to deliver it so no biggie

No. 627133

People need to stop using they/them pronouns for animals they don't know the sex of, there's already it/its for that, we learn it in first year of english as ESL, it's not fucking complicated.

No. 627145

I hate that I can't even tell if this is serious

No. 627146

it's insulting for ppl who go by it/its pronouns

No. 627147

File: 1599761272066.jpg (42.26 KB, 720x892, EVeLVWYWoAA69GV.jpg)

Nope I love using singular they and you grammar nazis and wokeshits can have it back when I'm dead.

No. 627148

I'm getting flashbacks to an old job where one old lady would consistantly call me 'it' because I'm gay and I guess my hair is kind of short. Good times

No. 627155

File: 1599762311494.jpeg (127.8 KB, 640x649, angry cat.jpeg)

I hate how I ,for some reason can't post pics or log into reddit. I know the site is shit but I just wanna post on r/kibbe and get typed

No. 627175

I'm not wokeshit and I know about the singular they, it's people who use it for animals are usually the same who believe in gender stupidity.

No. 627201

Who uses "it" for animals? Weirdo.

No. 627218

If you call someones beloved pet an 'it' they can take offense. I'm not even an animal lover but I still say they if it's a pet I'm referring to. A wild animal is more of an 'it' but a pet is a they.

No. 628189

Can people really be like this?
We are currently working on a paper, my job is to write and edit shit together so we can have at least a decent product.
>Fixed her wording and typos so it looks more professional.
>"Anon, you are fixing very minor things. You don't have to do that.''
>Told her to add more to this idea because it's still a little unclear.
>''I'm lazy anon, i don't wanna do it."
Ok miss independent, don't look at me when your part is shit.

No. 628208

I can’t fucking stand when people compare two works of art and act like they’re similar just because they share one tiny little detail. For example so many movie fans were comparing Burning to Parasite when they have absolutely zero things in common other than the fact they were both popular Korean movies. It’s so fucking lazy and retarded, and in this case it makes it look like those are the only Korean movies ever

No. 628372

Does anyone else really hate, hate, hate anime and video game stans? I think they're one of the most toxic fandoms ever and I've been in many. Anime stans especially are just completely toxic, especially those smug retards on Twitter who think they know everything because they're constantly contrarian. They're some of the most arrogant but also out of touch of reality people ever. They're just simply vile and disgusting. That's not mentioning how much of pedophilie apologetics and rampant misogynists many of them are. Unfortunately I have some "geekier" interests and I always end up dipping out of fandoms because the people there really disgust me after awhile.

Also, I noticed every time I give my opinion on something fiction media based there's always some retard screeching at me for "taking things too seriously" (all the while being unhinged and taking things too seriously themselves) no matter what my explanation is. I swear to god I don't care about it beyond a surface level like that but the retards in the community always do this insane gaslighting tactic that makes no sense whatsoever. Honest to god gossip websites and stan twitter is less toxic and unhinged than these "people".

No. 628375

Why the fuck does junk food get sweeter every year?

No. 628403

It's because it is lazy. that would annoy me too, anon

No. 628405

I worked with two dudes into capeshit mcu/dc crap and they legit spent 4 out of our 6 hour shift talking about Green lantern and Hal jordan and i wanted to stick my hand into a blender as an excuse to leave.

No. 628423

I hate the channer types/twitter contrarians and the perverts with discourse sideblogs, but everyone who's not them is harmless imo.

No. 628430

>and in this case it makes it look like those are the only Korean movies ever
lol there are way too many hit korean movies for people to be acting like that

No. 628467

i am hanging out with a guys’ friends and I don’t find his friend group compelling at all. They are from a really different background than me. They act like they’re in high school and only seem interested in playing games. I have been living in the city and studying while they have been living in the ssme small town while working in the grocery store. I probably sound like such a snob kek. I was looking forward to this meet up all week but I can’t imagine hanging out with these people all of the time if i ever got together with him

No. 628825

File: 1599934171769.png (69.77 KB, 259x271, pddr5y3qIJ1r4o0aqo2_400.png)

It annoys me when I see /pt/, /snow/, and /w/ posts where the anon talks as if they're personally addressing the cow, calling them by their name and saying "you" and stuff. It's incredibly spergy, like… the cow doesn't know you, they have no relation to you, it's obvious that something about them really gets under your skin if you act like you're speaking to their face. You are way too emotionally invested in a cow if you post in their thread like that.

No. 628830

I'm sure a lot of cows do. But even then, what's going through the minds of anons who type like that? Are they hoping the cow will see it and feel ~hurt~ and ~defeated~ by an anonymous stranger on an imageboard? Is there some kind of power struggle for them? Are they constantly comparing themselves to that cow offline and online and mentally feel like they need to "win" against them? I don't personally get it.

No. 628834

your rant over such a small detail is just as spergy

No. 628838

Idk just read that ‘rant’ and it was like three sentences and what they’re saying seems really plausible and true rather than spergy. But I guess everything seems spergy when you disagree with it!

No. 628848

Unrelated, but where~s your pic from? Cool drawing style.

No. 628851

Comic artist Clair Gunter (or Gunther, can't remember), found it on her Tumblr.

No. 628927

“Female-bodied folk” Christ just kill me now

No. 628933

I agree this is weird and also definitely something people did on PULL

No. 629033

I really hate that, it's cringe af even if the cow DOES read the thread. Most of the time anons are addressing cows write a wall of text of advice on how to improve themselves/their life. Acting so self important is embarrassing af and makes them sound overly invested and spergy.

No. 629052

Exactly. So many anons overestimate their own importance and this website's importance, kek.

No. 629084

I hate how many female gaming youtubers use/have annoying and cutesy voice.
I want to support them and watch their content but they sound like a fucking anime characters on crack. It's not even their natural voice, grown women don't naturally sound like Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls when they laugh.
Just why?

No. 629202

man i hate zara's website. why are the images so damn big? it is so awful to navigate

No. 629209

Omg omg I JUST said this out loud to a family member while browsing the site half an hour ago. I hate in store shopping but I have to when it comes to zara because the website is trashhhhh

No. 629243

Anons here seem to constantly try to infight like it's their job, I've literally stated common opinions being repeated throughout the site and still got infight baiters always looking to start something. Or the anons who come in and point at a random anon and tell them to shut up. Cabin fever is really showing.

No. 629254

I get deja vu seeing the same arguments repeat

No. 629263

Same, I swear it's the same few people sometimes. IMO routine infighter's should be permabanned

No. 629453

it’s so annoying. half of the threads i enjoy here are constantly ruined by people constantly sperging about the exact same shit that has absolutely no impact on the threads. like got damb get a job

No. 629715

Unless I know the specific keywords (like "tweed blazer") that I want to search on there then trying to use the website to make a purchase is a nightmare

No. 629831

God huge, massive agree.

No. 631645

I fucking hate being focused on my work and my boss interrupting me to ask if I sent some shit document to a customer.
Like check it yourself you huge manbaby, I always put you in copy and an outlook search is the easiest thing in the world.

No. 631785

>bishits in the lesbian thread
>straights in the bi thread
get a life oh my god

No. 632091

I find it so annoying when people say their hair is "dead" or talk about their "dead ends" usually after its bleached to shit. cos bitch literally all hair outside your damn scalp is dead. even if they know that (which a lot of people don't) and are just using it as an expression it's still annoying

No. 632213

Seen a bunch of different posts lately where if you reply to a vent by relating to that person and sharing your own similar experience… someone will tell you off because 'your advice isn't helpful' It's not advice! It's not even an advice thread.

Anons are relating to each other and sharing similar pain. That's sometimes a helpful thing in itself. Even if it's not.. let people post without needing to be super helpful all the time. We're all just here passing the time.

No. 632215

Ordered a fridge ten days ago and when ordering it I was told that the transport company delivering it will get in touch with a delivery date. I'm trying to be patient because in fairness the site states that large appliances aren't delivered all that quick.

Finally woke up to an email about my fridge…click on it and it's one of those surveys asking me if I'd recommend the fridge to others.. I don't know. I'll tell you if it ever arrives.

No. 632216

This is a recent thing, I blame coronavirus for creating an endless summer. Always remember to tell weak ass nonintegrated users to put up or gtfo

No. 632223

>endless summer
You mean "Eternal September".

No. 632246

I hate taking care of my hair, I hate how anything I do, the smell winds up in my hair. If I could pull off short hair I totally would get a pixie cut. I've had it twice tho and pretty privilege a real thing I could not pull it off, curse my manly ass bone structure!

No. 632247

I hate getting e-mails saying things like "check out our autumn booksale" or "fifty per cent off on autumn clothing"….like bitch I live in Australia it's not autumn anymore….go away you annoying American

No. 632250

I had a pretty short bob cut for all of my childhood and went on to a pixie cut as soon as I was an adult and allowed to pick my own hair. Over ten years later I still have it. I don't think I have the prettiest face, I know a long bob would probably look best but I just can't be arsed with hair

No. 632272

I got an undercut and shaved off literally the bottom half of my hair, and I still have way too much. It's like I still have a full head of hair. Sure, what's left I keep long, but missing 1/2 of the volume should make a difference, but it feels like it doesn't. How the hell did I manage it all before I shaved it off? I hate washing it, I hate styling it, and I can't do "effortless" ponytails or buns. Hair is so fucking stupid.

No. 632276

I won prizes from an online claw machine game back in march. I'm in europe and the prizes are shipped from japan so covid meant that there would be delays in shipping. No biggie. I continued playing (and winning) thinking that the delays wouldn't be all that long. I spent way too much money because of quarantine boredom! I just wanted some nice plushies to look forward to.

It's now been seven months and it doesn't look like the postal restrictions are about to lift anytime soon. Will I even get my parcels this year? Will all 15 boxes come at once? Will that screw me over in terms of customs fees?? Fuck

No. 632279

I appreciate this cultured reference anon. Applies perfectly to the situation too.

No. 632280

File: 1600351139397.jpg (81.87 KB, 960x353, SmartSelect_20200917-100015_Ch…)

>only America has the fall season

No. 632290


The e-mails I get are all from American websites so…..? Nice try tho lmao

No. 632292

I think I ruined one of my all time favourite perfumes for myself. Last night when I was wearing it I got such bad vertigo as a side effect of some medication and it felt like the room was spinning and all I could focus on was the smell of the perfume which had became so disorienting and overpowering. I smelled it this morning and it made me feel like I was going to throw up, I can’t smell it the same way now and think it’s always going to remind me of that.

No. 632327

Nevermind I'm retarded anyway. I thought you were implying Australian didn't have fall at all, and that America was the only country with fall

No. 632337

File: 1600355894938.jpeg (77.33 KB, 700x562, 7687FEE9-8264-45B6-B70E-A845F4…)

When I’m getting ready to go somewhere and my fiancé’s dad says “be safe!” it makes me go absolutely nuclear. I could be taking a 5 minute drive somewhere and this
doofus still says it. I commute 2 hours one way to my job and I kick ass in general, shut up old man.

No. 632340

Maybe give it some time. A few years ago I got woozy and passed out while my dad was smoking a cigar near me. I remember the smell hitting me in such a weird way.. and then blacking out. Took a while for me to shake that odd feeling around smoke

No. 632343

But he's keeping you safe anon!

No. 632350

Kek aw if he's trying to be sweet and not a condescending asshole that's kinda cute, but I can see how that'd get annoying. I do this to all of my friends, and I get responses varying from, "I'll do my best," to "I'm gonna crash my car," in response every time. Stay safe, anon ♥

No. 632356

I saw this to pretty much anyone in most situations. I just think cars are fucking psycho machines and people will murder you with them for no reason. Coming from an old man, maybe he's being sexist but tbh anywhere with car traffic is unsafe for people.

No. 632363

Genuinely asking and not trying to infight but how would saying stay safe be sexist?

No. 632370

Assuming someone’s incompetence/inability to “stay safe” for the sole reason of being a woman

No. 632405

I always hit them with the "You too!"

No. 632435

When my dad visits me and then gets on the train to go home I always ask him to let me know he got home safe. Trains are pretty safe but I always feel better when I get that text. It's like my brain feels responsible for him til he's back in his own state…after that I don't worry about any of his other bus trips that don't involve visiting me. It's weird.

No. 632528

My last ex cheated on me and left me for that other woman. Lots of time has passed and I'm doing okay now but I have to admit it's annoying that they're still together this long afterwards.. the pain they put me through and they've just been appearing blissfully happy the whole time.

It sucks to think that an affair could pay off like that. Two and a half years as a happy couple (Three years together technically) ugh..

No. 632580

And I'm sure whoever he's dating now spends a hell of a lot of time wondering about his loyalty now. They could be miserable anon, you'd never know lol

No. 632617

That's wholesome anon.

No. 632637

Once a cheat always a cheat. It’ll happen again and the other woman lives in constant fear of that. No idea why a woman would knowingly stay with a man who has a history of cheating and vice versa.

No. 632687

Massive pickme tendencies. The guy probably spins some story about being so uwu sensitive and paints his gf as such a meanie. New girl thinks she can ~be there for him~ and they'll live happily ever after, while also feeling satisfaction at being more "desirable" than the other girl.

No. 632998

Every time I date someone new it's always the same shit about my acne.
>Maybe it's your diet anon.
Why do men think they have the answers?

Yeah okay fucko, you caught me.
I get hormonal acne because of diet. My 65 year old mother has adult acne because of diet. My dermatologists have put me on antibiotics and gave me topical medications because the true answer is actually about my diet. You eat the same things I do and yet aren't covered with acne, so it must be the acne just selectively chooses me for breakouts because of my diet.
DIETO! God I hate stupid privileged dumbfucks who've never had to deal with chronic superficial issues and all the ignorant bullshit people spout because they think what works for them applies to every single other person.

No. 633000

I feel this anon, I struggled with cystic hormonal acne for years and always had to listen to shit like "well maybe there's too much sugar in your diet?" etc. all the time. Or "just wash your face." People are so ignorant about hormonal imbalances in women's health.

No. 633068

Sometimes I think these guys are bringing up "diet" as a way to neg a woman's food consumption. The implication is that the woman isn't eating clean so her eating cleaner would cause her to get rid of the acne and maybe even lean up for the man's benefit. They never say "Have you been to a dermatologist?" nope, whenever I hear a man criticize a woman about her skin problems it's always her diet that's the issue. This is the severalth time a man with a kind of sexual tension has said this to me and I don't think it's a coincidence any longer.

No. 633312

People who want to talk to strangers are annoying. I often assume strangers who want to talk to me have autism because they have no filter.

No. 633321

Just @ the girl in the Positivity Thread, anon.

No. 633327

NTA best thing about being confident enough to talk to strangers is not caring whether they find you annoying or not. If their do, it's fine, you just move on, talk to someone else, learn new things, met a new cool person, quickly forget the one that wasn't approachable.

No. 633328

I hate this when I'm stuck somewhere and can't walk away. Waiting for a train or standing in a certain spot because I've arranged to meet a friend there… I can't move and my replies are all very short, please take the hint! It's usually old guys. I'd be way less bothered by a woman doing it..but it's rarely women.

No. 633336

This reminds me, I was distressed once and visibly upset and this old geezer came over and started telling me I had a yoga body and he was a yoga teacher. I'm pretty sure he was just retired drunk. He wouldn't leave me alone until my lift showed up. I never felt so exposed lol

No. 633338

You sound autistic anon. Want to get that checked out?

No. 633343

The worse my day is going the more I attract similarly retarded men. It's like they smell weakness? At this stage I've learnt to play deaf, it seems to stun them when you don't at least give them short polite responses

No. 633344

My acne was awful as a teenager and this used to annoy the shit out of me. “It’s because you eat too much oily/sugary food” or “you don’t wash your face enough.”

Yeah I only eat pizza and ice cream and I wash my face bi-monthly, you caught me, thanks for the cure.

No. 633347

Most people I know who talk to strangers are bubbly extroverts, and yeah they don't have boundaries. But they don't really have the "no filter autism" vibe, more like "manic and off meds".

No. 633392

File: 1600465943253.png (185.91 KB, 720x870, If-she-doesnt-get-me-PS5-to-pl…)

The amount of "treating the gf who brought you a ps5 badly" and "men are the oppressed ones in relationships" posts on Twitter really makes you think

No. 633401

there are a couple of people i consistently try to be nice to and talk to, both other women who are high energy and sociable, like me. we are always nice to each other and yet i feel like we're talking through a glass wall or a Chinese Room or something. it bugs me that i will never truly get along with certain people even if we "get along". on the wrong wavelength i guess

No. 633403

File: 1600466433522.jpg (113.72 KB, 750x901, 6084ba4c9791_30e92f13_1280.jpg)

Social media should just be banned

No. 633407

File: 1600466611169.gif (560.84 KB, 320x200, 87403275436.gif)

No. 633410

Do you live in a rural area? Where I live I always get random old people that will start a conversation with me. There's even a bench in a public park called the "talk to me bench" that you can sit on if you want strangers to come and talk to you. I know that these people don't mean any harm, most of them are just lonely old women but as someone how grew up in a city, I find it creepy and annoying as fuck.

No. 633411

File: 1600467139317.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, 2EE8CB52-55D5-4E21-9376-F00A4D…)

People should get money taken off their bank accounts for every stupid shit they post with their usernames, like a dollar per retarded post.

No. 633413

Retard tax, I like it.

No. 633420

twitter/facebook/all social media need to up the minimum age to like 16 and start banning kids lmao.

No. 633435

Nta but similarly I moved from a city to a rural area. I've had that too and for the first while I honestly thought it was something about me that attracted weirdos.

I'm introverted and I live a fairly isolated life..by choice. I had one older/single neighbor who got to the point of never letting me pass by his house without forcing a convo out of me. That's at least twice a day! When it started to drain me and I found myself dreading leaving the house.. I got very short with my chats. I explained I was having an anxious day once when I just wanted to walk past without a conversation, the old man very loudly shouted after me about 'womens moods' and I wasn't in a mood but my god did that one sentence ruin my mood and leave me fuming all day while I had way more important things that I needed to concentrate on.

Some of his recent behaviour since I've been talking less has really opened my eyes. I'm sorry to any other old people that happen to try and talk to me but after dealing with him I'm less approachable.

No. 633607

Not like enraged at this thing but i just realized why it bothers me. there's a male character in a series i like thats cute and wears a skirt, i was reading this mostly great fanfic but they.. they made him a trans girl I think? I was confused tbh. But i just realized it bothers me because why can't he just be.. a cutie guy in a skirt.. why does that have to make him girl.. annoying how ppeople can't see how thats just enforcing gender roles

No. 633608

twitter sucks ass it's like MRAs 2 back in business and yet they would all deny it since they're woke

No. 633662

I intensely hate the style of art of the borderline personality disorder thread pic. It's so ugly, it looks like 2000s highschooler art with those muddy colours and boring shapes

No. 634002

If that's meant to represent how it feels then I'm glad I don't fucking have it. Such a weirdly uncomfortable image, which I guess makes sense

No. 634007

It looks like a kind of painting you'd find on the wall at your dentist.

No. 634011

my dentist is actually a painter so she has nice paintings, do dentists really usually have random cheap paintings on the wall?

No. 634017

I'm in a country where the weather is drizzly or miserable most of the time. Got an unusually nice day today, the kind that we maybe get in june but not september… holy shit every kid within a mile of my house has been screaming all fuckin day. Every house has a lawn mower or hedge trimmer going. Not a moment of peace since I woke up.

Are hot countries like that all the time or do kids calm down when they're used to the sun?

No. 634018

No I think kids yell all the time but you block them out very easily if you're used to it. Can't blame them, the sun does make you a little batshit.

No. 634022

Started feeling a bit batshit myself lol, just headed out for a coffee to get away from it ..and spotted one neighbor has a bouncy castle. Makes more sense now.

No. 634056

There's two grocery stores in my town and one of them always seems to have special offers advertised on the shelf.. but when you go through the till the offer must be over already. I add shit up in my head as I shop and in probably the last 6/7 shops there I've paid more than expected. It's consistant at this point.

I pick stuff up thinking I'm getting a bargain and end up paying twice what I thought.. when will I learn to stop shopping there. Doesn't happen in the other store.

No. 634069

all my dentists growing up usually had cheap cute posters (think along the lines of the "hang in there" kitty). my current dentist has a very ostentatious office with like fake molded columns and elaborate crown molding all in shades of gold, with nothing but blown-up photographs of former patients with veneers up on the walls.

No. 634072

do the offers have expiration dates written on them? most stores have dates on the ad (though it depends on if the stores is corporate or locally owned and has print vs. handwritten ads I guess).

No. 634080

They sometimes put a leaflet through my door with current offers so I could stick to only buying offers listed on that if I wanted to be real sure. The prices displayed on the shelves themselves are the unreliable part.

No. 634089

That sounds really bizarre thanks anon

No. 634349

My mom's cousin is so cringe inducing, she's one of those peaked in high school types, she's like 42 but dresses and acts like she's 19, dates men who are one or two decades younger then her and only wants to hangout with women who are old enough to be her daughter and no one near her actual age range

No. 634368

That sounds like my mom. She's so goddamn immature and parties every weekend with girls younger than me.

No. 634373

No. 634374

You'd think so but it's really pathetic. It's good to have goals though!

No. 634378

What be a hasbin who peaked in high school and brings it up every conversation, never maturing and getting fucked by men young enough to be your son

No. 634518

>getting fucked by men young enough to be your son
NTA but that sounds pretty neat, I'd love to be over 40 but still get hot sex from much younger men

No. 634522

Men start looking tragic at 27. I cant imagine the gremlins women in their 40s have to fuck. I'm not looking forward to it lmao

No. 634543

I keep getting intense feelings of needing to DO something interesting and new, like starting a one man band and making a song or making a machine learning program or building a sculpture and right now I SOOOOOO want to make a comic, I don't even have a story idea but I just wanna draw and make characters and tell a random story but I am so angry because I have no time right now. I have so much work to do. I hate how life is so full of wonders that I'm afraid I won't be able to experience half of the wonderful things I want before I die.

No. 634580

File: 1600621058434.png (267.52 KB, 800x973, PicsArt_09-20-09.58.36.png)

No. 634611

I'm not the type to be annoyed by baby noises of any kind but I specifically hate child screaming. Kids shriek when they play which is really just dumb but I don't hate it, its kids that scream like they're being physically hacked open any time they get slightly hurt that makes me want to shove forks in my ears. It's usually a result of overbearing parenting (fussing over every tiny cut and bruise, etc) resulting in the kid thinking that feeling pain is the worst thing that can happen to you. I saw a kid at the store the other day who tripped and started losing his fucking shit. I should not have to hear a child SCREAMING his throat raw for his mother like a murder victim while I'm in public, it's fucking harrowing.

No. 634617

what do you expect a baby to do when they are hurt or confused? ask for a xanax?

No. 634640

I hate it when kids go insane and scream as if they got stung by a huge ass wasp when they just fell or bumped against so random non-threatening object.
Nta, but I’ve taken care of kids and the majority are taught to not scream like a banshee when they trip on their feet or when they have a minor injury like a bump on their arm or something.

No. 634648

There's a kid near my house that screams like she's getting murdered and that's just her normal everyday play sounds. I have no idea how she has any voice left. It's the type of scream you'd let out if your life absolutely depended on someone hearing you…blood curdling

I know kids are kids but I was sitting here regretting my whole mortgage these last couple days lol

No. 634657

yeah no any child shriek noises make my blood boil. i have no motherly instinct and it just pisses me off and makes me want to get rid of my uterus more everyday

No. 634691

File: 1600631534948.jpg (33.46 KB, 500x500, artworks-000578633798-vo3flr-t…)

This but for dogs. My sis's dog has a really bad habit of crying like he's being killed when he just sees another dog. It's fucking embarrassing, especially when we walk him.

No. 634693

I'm detrans. Only took hormones for about 8 months before coming to my senses. That was 5 years ago but I still have very short hair and probably a lesbian vibe because I'm still a bit androgynous seeming. Cool, I'm confortable with where I am. I'm glad I didn't go too far down that rabbit hole

But even now, years later, my reaction to any random creepy fucker coming onto me is to want to return to those few months where I looked like a teen boy and got to walk around invisible. Unwanted male attention drives me absolutely nuts. I can't deal with it. I fully think it's the only reason why I tried to transition in the first place. Leave me the fuck alone. Let me be female without being harassed.

No. 635063

I really hate this recent tumblr/Twitter-fag trend of interpreting people of the past who didn't live up to the current standards of hetrosexuality as being gay, like seriously it's just kinda plain offensive some times,
Like there will be this picture of 2 Victorian men holding hands and some caption above like "there's no heterosexual explanation for this", because people just cant be friends, they all have to be romantically involved, or not in any kind if relationship at all

Stuffy historians were all wrong and a man or woman who preffered to be alone was actually a gaywad the whole time

No. 635098

I don't have barking dogs, I don't have kids, I have my garden set up so that I don't need to mow it or use strimmers etc. My neighbors never have to hear a peep out of me..

Obviously there's a certain amount of noise that's just reasonable but combine all those things, fuck. Working from home sounded chill at first but now I feel like I need anxiety meds.

No. 635102

Ordered a fridge 16 days ago, was told that delivery was 5 to 7 days and I'd get a call the day before to confirm the time. I was assured a few days ago that it'd be arriving soon but seeing as I still haven't got that 'day before' call, I am looking at 17 days minimum…

Emailed them looking to cancel the order. Why oh why is it always the big purchases that fuck you over? If I order a 5 euro item it'll get here safe and on time. Any time I fork out 200 euro on something I get the run around and then stress the fuck out about getting my money back

No. 635121

I'm so happy the weather is getting colder and flights are being cancelled due to corona.
I moved into a newly built neighborhood before the lockdown started, they billed it as ideal for students, young people and families.
Except I can't study at all because there's a playground under my window and there's kids constantly screeching in the courtyard. And I don't mean normal amounts of kids yelling when they play, I mean literal blood-curdling screams because they like having competitions to see who can scream the loudest and their parents do fuck all to stop them. Even with the windows closed it was a constant barrage of children screaming, throwing tantrums, riding their noisy little electric cars and planes whizzing above your head.
People my age threw parties on Saturdays sure, but this was every fucking day, and the preschool they all go to is right next door so even when they went back they still screamed anyway.

Recently they started enforcing mask-wearing in my country and now there's little child-sized (and some adult-sized) masks just thrown all over the courtyard and my whole neighborhood.

If I weren't a woman of God I'd fucking strangle them all like baby chicks, they piss me off so much.

No. 635142

Sorry, but you cannot deny there's a hetero filter on everything. You'll have a discovery of two male skeletons buried in an embrace and everyone is like, ah yes, good friends, maybe brothers; while if it was a female and male skeleton you'll not see any other narrative than lovers sharing a last romantic embrace in death. People going like "there's no heterosexual explanation for this" are going into extremity to the other side but this is just a tumblr post, not sciencists publishing their analysis and interpretations of new findings. If we don't start pushing alternative narratives we will never start seeing it and will have everything interpreted through hetero bias forever.

No. 635148

File: 1600695351559.jpeg (409.53 KB, 1125x1117, 28ABA5FB-C8CA-45D6-9CDA-E27C1A…)

This was the only blusher I would buy from their line but it’s unavailable now because sjws needed something else to bitch about. It’s such a pretty shade… The line was named after influential and inspiring women. Why are they like this

No. 635149

tbh it was rather easy to predict. it's their own fault, come on.

No. 635150

That's like my area except because the schools were closed it was just screaming families or people flouting lockdown and landlords renting out student housing as air bnbs. Weird that all the students are back now and screaming and singing all hours into the night running about the streets in and out of each others places. Hate where I live lol there is never any peace. I swear this years freshers are going insane due to being cooped up for months no wonder the infection rate is spreading like wildfire again

No. 635153

Were all of the colors named after monumental women/girls? It might make more sense if the whole line was to honor women in history. I can see how this would be insensitive if all the other colors were called "apricot", "rosy", "peach" and then a random shade called "Dream Like Anne". Makes no sense.

No. 635154

I'm a recovering ED fag and have been for years, and all my close friends know that yet still think it's cute to talk to me about their weight, send me body checks that totally aren't body checks, brag about eating under cals, and it's been triggering the fuck out of me and pissing me off. These aren't friends I made in ED communities bc I never participated in them, they're my irl friends and I don't know what the fuck is going on with them, but you'd think they'd be not retarded enough to do this shit. The fact that it's two different people just pisses me off even more, too. I need new friends lol.

No. 635155

i think using anne frank's image to market overpriced chemical crap that women are pressured to put on their face from adolescence is…well…shitty

No. 635156

Hey anons, I think the best temporary solution would be wearing noise canceling earphones or earplugs, i use my earphones during the days I have to exist next to a really fucking annoying neighbor and her kid, and they’re great for keeping me calm and focused.
They don’t even need to be expensive, so it’s nice, I hope it helps.

No. 635202

it's fine if a baby screams because it doesn't know what else to do. this kid was probably ~3 years old and not just crying, I mean full, ragged screaming. like he would scream "MOOOOOOOM" at his full lung capacity, stop, inhale loudly, and then do it again.

No. 635574

Imagine expecting toddlers to be quiet. They’re the loudest of them all.

Noise cancelling headphones, you naive weirdo.

No. 635988

Nta but maybe just let people vent about certain noises being annoying? These defensive replies of
>dogs can't help barking!
>kids can't help screaming!
> what do you want them to do, be silent alll the time???!
They're predictable replies and in themselves pretty annoying. Well done.

No. 636285

jameela jamil got praised for saying "instagram bad, beauty expectations unrealistic" (ok true) and now she won't shut the fuck up. can one of her many life threatening illnesses (allegedly) stop her from tweeting or something

No. 636300

She is literally Tahani

No. 636413

I hate narrative based podcasts where the hosts act like bffs and someone has to add in random wacky commentary all the time. I am listening to a podcast about Versace and it would be so much better without the co-host who only adds inane comments about how much she loves Madonna or wishes she could be Donatella's friend or something. Do normies think this is great chemistry? I don't care about friends making random jokes. I wish the co-host was someone who actually knew about fashion instead.

No. 636423

dude I said I don't mind baby noises or crying and I certainly don't expect toddlers to be quiet, I work around kids all day at a store that sells toys and baby supplies and am accustomed to their noises. I specifically don't like when kids haven't been taught not to overreact to pain because the screams are upsetting to listen to. Crying is a normal reaction. Shrieking over and over for your mom when she's standing right there isn't. I remember teaching my little brother about staying calm while in pain when he was that age and he understood just fine despite being a massive pansy to this day lol.

No. 636448

File: 1600807833695.jpg (85.85 KB, 1052x1052, 27ed2f1c65ab1f50.jpg)

Why are second/third language learners so fucking annoying and arrogant? I just had to suffer through three hours of three kraut girls talking french non-stop and being so uppity about it. All my bilingual friends don't have a stick up their ass about being fluent in two, three, four languages…

Fuck, they were complaining about some former high school mate releasing a song in french even though he didn't learn it in school. What exactly is the problem with that? I really don't get it. Is it about feeling special? Is it just a flex? Anyone experience the same?

No. 636451

>Why are second/third language learners so fucking annoying and arrogant?
>All my bilingual friends don't have a stick up their ass about being fluent in two, three, four languages…
Huh, what's the difference?

No. 636456

I'm an ESL-chan - I thought bilingual was two native languages. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 636460

There’s many ways to define bilingual: some think it means 2 native languages, some think it means 2 fluent languages, and others think it just means 2 advanced languages. Meh, who cares.
I don’t know, I’ve never experienced what you’re describing. I only know people whose foreign language of choice is English and their 3rd language was a compulsory school subject rather than something they’re extremely proud of.
I know so many people who currently feel like they can’t learn a 4th language yet because they’re not advanced enough in their 3rd.

No. 636470

People who are obsessed with drugs are some of the more annoying people there are. I have a friend in my circle who loves to constantly bring up drugs and how much she's done them because she does acid once a year but always raves about how much it changes her life. She has a huge superiority complex over me because she thinks she is so cool.

No. 636487

And you sound like you have a superiority complex for not doing drugs, you two are perfect for each other

No. 636490

I have other friends who do drugs who are actually chill and cool. This friend is annoying because she would basically be considered shut-in otherwise if it weren't for doing drugs sometimes. Also she is really insecure and needs to bring drugs up for a good self-image.

No. 636494

Then why are you friends with her anon? You aren’t required to listen to her psychobabble! Rid yourself of it lol

No. 636498

>And you sound like you have a superiority complex for not doing drugs
Rightfully, as she should kek

No. 636501

I don’t do drugs but I don’t have a stick up my ass over them either. Life isn’t exactly paradise, you know? Who am I to give a fuck

No. 636507

She shows up in the same parties that I do and starts bothering me because she thinks we are bffs. She's only invited because she has drugs of course.

No. 636588

We had immigrant scrotes at our school once sexually assaulting my fellow classmates and looking up and down on them, its pretty disgusting.

Whenever we told the school counselor about it, all this bitch could say is "dont wear revealing clothing" and even called us Xenophobic for telling her that.

My point is here, that i find people annoying who defend obvious immigrants who are sexual offenders, and call women who speak up about it xenophobic and dont even try to see past the immigrant shit. Instead they try to label women and be fucking oblivious to the fact that immigrants (mostly men) sexually assault and rape women due to them wearing revealing clothing or clothing showing just a bit of skin.

Sorry karen, not my fault that pieces of shits like these cant keep their limp sausage in their pants like normal socially functioning human beings.

No. 636590

Where was this and what immigrants was it. Was it the EU and they were MENA? i'm in southern US and the asian/african/middle eastern/indian immigrants are always more high classed and well behaved than the natives here sadly

No. 636601


This was in the EU, sadly krautland, since immigrants were granted access here because of merkel they started so much shit, its literally ridiculous, it was mostly men coming into the country but a few women with children and an actual family.

I honestly wish that immigrants here could learn to have some decency and see they aren't in an islamic country, and they have to try to fit in with our society and rules.

But we also have turkish and asian immigrants here, they are chill and well behaved people. Just the muslim immigrants is what i have a problem with.

No. 636657

When I used to walk to and from school I would get immigrant men from a certain religion driving past and shouting "whore" at me because part of my uniform was a knee length skirt. I told my teacher about it and she said me that they're just being men and I shouldn't judge people from another culture. I was 12.

I'm so glad I live somewhere else now.

No. 636788

Ot but turkish immigrants usually always have such good behaviour and work ethic, i wonder if they're the most appreciated eu immigrant of yester years

No. 636800

A big difference between MENA immigrants in the US and EU is that they are almost all in the US because their families were wealthy and high functioning enough to legally immigrate there, they were usually upper middle class professionals in their homeland to get through America's high standards, while in the EU about 1 in 5 muslims is there illegally because their families walked and/or paid people smugglers to bring them there because they couldn't get through a legal immigration process.

No. 636834


that's what i do

No. 639170

To the girl that let their phone rang during the listening test, and absolutely refuses to turn it off. Your moms a whore and you deserve to get your test taken away before finishing half of it. Enjoy the shit grade cunt.

No. 639206

why do men act like theyre so funny i literally never want to hear a mans joke again all they talk about is jojo, reddit, and inceldom omg shut up i need to bring earplugs in my purse

No. 639208

Tbh I hate them because they don't live in Turkey but they are the reason the current Turkish government is in power. They're insanely racist and nationalistic despite being immigrants in a foreign country and never shut up about how they do things better than Germans.

No. 639211

don’t get me started on that. the worst is their taste in movies, jfc it’s abysmal

No. 639336

read a book or article if you want info. podcasts are parasocial fluff for lonely people.

No. 639674

mom's not self-aware that she's a hypocrite and i hate that she refers to herself as kind or the likes, like "i'm kind or i'm honest."

a super catholic lady that curses a baby when she hasn't been born, says they're the devil and the reason she easily gets sick is cause her parents are living together without the thought of marriage… when she's going to do that with her new boyfriend, lol, and she wants me to live her.

No. 639675

I feel your pain, that sounds fuckin rough. Why are catholic moms such hypocrites and unhinged. It takes so much effort for her to apologize for her shit. Even then it's followed up with ways she "meant well" so it's not even real. She views herself as some saintly martyr. I do love her though but wtf… the cognitive dissonance…

oh, and thinking wives should "serve their husbands," yet I doubt she could handle him actually ignoring her opinion and taking over and shit. My dad enables her, that's not the relationship she thinks it is

anyway sorry you are dealing with one too. Hellish truly hellish

No. 639676

Fucking zoomers and their educational tiktoks with badly researched or just flat out made up facts. I wish tiktok would hire a fact checking team just so the kids had to put in a little effort.

No. 639680

i should also be sorry that you're also dealing with a similar situation such as mine, anon.

i love her too but i can't stand her bullshit and i am the only one that calls her out for it, really. I hate that her ego went fucking high because her new boyfriend wrote in his dating profile that says along the lines of wanting "wanting only educated or college graduate women" as if college is the highest measure of success and intelligence, lol. she now insults people who haven't finished college due to financial or other reasons that are acceptable and a sad reality of poverty from where I'm from.

and same, my mom fucking sucks at apology. she laughs, just says it casually when there are times when the things she did could affect me seriously. but fucking shouts at me and says im stupid or other similar things (which she says she doesn't say to people) when i did something wrong.

i already told her that i'd rather live with my dad, permanently if she goes to live with her boyfriend. i don't think my brother wants to go with her as well.

No. 639692

she sounds insufferable. Well good on you for calling her out and holding your ground. I admire that, it's something i find difficult. I hope the living situation works out soon, and that living with your dad is at least better than her. you are perfectly justified to refuse going with

No. 639797

I often lament how the Internet turned out because nowadays dumbass kids like the ones you mentioned can gain so much traction and influence for their dumbass opinions.

No. 640556

File: 1601296659095.jpg (5.08 KB, 250x140, 1600978598708s.jpg)

there's this catty girl in one of my classes. she refuses to let me join the (informal) class discord because "she's the only girl allowed in there" and has actively told people in the group to not let me join. it's so fucking stupid and immature, and i don't want to start drama with the only other girl on the course, especially because i'm a few years older than her and it just seems pathetic. i just want to talk to the other guys in my class who mostly seem pretty chill. i thought it might be about male attention, but i'm a lesbian and she has a boyfriend, so idk. it's just really annoying considering i havent been in education for a while and i saw going back to college as a way to meet like-minded people and yet i'm missing out on a part of socialising with my peers because of her. she's really getting on my nerves and i don't know what to do because she doesn't seem like she'd be willing to have a civil conversation about it.

No. 640566

File: 1601297703730.jpeg (21.63 KB, 280x280, AEA8E7F9-AFF2-447D-8F95-31DFF6…)

>Make a list with everyone’s discord.
> Add them all
>kick her out saying she already talks to them anyway, so it’s not like she’s losing anything from your group.
>If anyone leaves because they think you’re a cunt, ban them.
>Befriend the cool kidz.

No. 640605


sounds like your classic garden-variety pickme anon, sorry to hear it. Maybe later down the line some of the guys will see how immature and self-centered she is and you can bond with them. At least you can weed out the scrotes.

No. 640610

How old is that girl, she is acting like a child. I understand that you dont want to make any drama but >>640566 idea is pretty good. Just make your own server add some of the guys you want to be friends with and socialize with them.

No. 640611

File: 1601304024302.jpg (59.18 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

Does this girl have the mental age of a 6 year old? How can you be so impudent that you go around actively telling other people that a classmate can't join because you want to be the only girl in the group. Isn't she ashamed of herself? God what a shit situation anon, I hope you can fix it.

No. 640668

She’s obviously dumb as fuck but who are these cowards who won’t invite you? The whole class can’t be in on it.
Find one who isn’t an idiot and make them send you an invite.

You don’t have to do shit except interact with everyone else like you would normally. Let her destroy herself.

No. 641243

File: 1601379029255.jpg (12.39 KB, 292x294, 1599453699481.jpg)

this is a good idea, thanks anon!! i'll probably just add people who seem fun and not everyone so it doesn't seem like im purposefully excluding her, because i know if i did she would start drama and i really cant be bothered to deal with it

tbh anon this wouldnt be as big of a problem if covid hadn't happened, as i'm not able to be physically in college therefore most communication amongst peers is online so even if someone did send me an invite (which someone was going to) she or her boyfriend would tell them not to and the pair of them are massive dickheads who would probably make classes worse for that person so i don't really blame them. i'm just going to try and ignore her bs, we're not far into the course and i can already sense people getting tired of her.

No. 641771

Sometimes I recognize anons (not that it's the same person from a different thread but that I know exactly who they are). Some posts just stand out to me.

No. 641784

You just increased everyones paranoia, thanks.

No. 641866

Like… from real life?

No. 642006

My father is an anti conspiracy theorist.
Let's take the q anon theory. I just know what my father told me about it btw. So the theory says that Jews eat babies? That sounds whack af, so naturally I told him yeah I guess that's bull but there are rich people who get babies and kids to abuse them (see the Belgian case with all the dead witnesses and just one arrest) and he kept talking about the Jews and sure that rich people abuse kids like everyone else. But nothing else. That rich people don't stay above the law see the one German footballer that was arrested because of child porn.
How tf can someone be so blind?
I feel like they bring out those crazy theories so everyone dismisses the real cases.
He is 100 percent sure that the media always tells the truth. (Living in Europe, where the media seems to be trustworthy)
I decided to just not talk about with him because there is no winning but be keeps bringing it up. Honestly he sounds as crazy as the qanon people

No. 642064

thats interesting, it reminds me how theres a meta-conspiracy theory that governments and powerful people make wacky and unbelievable conspiracy theories in order order to devalue any conspiracy theorists points and prevent the public from believing the 'truth' kek

No. 642068

Tbh even though the middle ground is the best, I'd still prefer anti-conspiracy theorist to a conspiracy theorist. Though I totally can see how it may be annoying sometimes too.

No. 642141

File: 1601465740641.jpeg (117.61 KB, 631x562, B8CC8E04-74C3-4252-AF29-65F1D6…)

I don’t get why are people playing games they don’t like. It’s annoying how I would be playing a fun game and then you have retards going
>I’m wasting my time
>this game succs
>the company that created the game succs and I h8 them
>this FREE to play game wants MONEY HOW FUCKING DARE THEY
>I-I don’t want to spend money on this game but I do so anyway and I complain about my lack of priorities
>political stuff in a cute game about dressing up
Bitch, delete the game if you can’t just enjoy it.

No. 642171

i 100% agree, and this shit is so bad in nintendo circles. it feels like every game i like has little piss babies always fucking ruining the vibe for someone else, and then me feeling annoyed about it makes me feel autistic, lmao. but honestly, you can’t say how cool the new animal crossing update is without some nerd ass bitch whining about how the game has no content, can’t say how fun you find the new mario stuff because it’s a scam and old games were better, can’t say you like the new pokemon because literal 35 year old grown ass men will harass you about it. it’s lame as fuck. deleting twitter helped a little bit but now i feel like i’m missing out on the community aspects of enjoying these games, so it’s annoying either way.

No. 642179

File: 1601470559456.jpg (33.2 KB, 352x550, 197351648-352-k759177.jpg)

Is this about Love Nikki lol?

If anyone complains about dark skintones one more fucking time im going to slap them.

No. 642250

There's at least two or three posts every month about wanting more DST makeups in the love nikki reddit and it's so annoying. Same with V0 players humble bragging about never spending real money in the game.

No. 642301

Aw i wish we had somewhere to talk about this game, but theres only 3 of us here i think

No. 642407

i used to love this game but the repetitive nature was lost on me after a few months. first game i actually spent real life money on kek. never again

No. 642440

Samefag, but I can't stand most love nikki youtubers too. Viv screams all the time about her pOoR dIaMoNdS despite recharging all the time, And Effie has this fake high-pitched voice that becomes useless the moment she tries to stir up drama over petty stuff like starry corridor rankings.
Iri and Sei on the other hand are pretty chill.

There was a love nikki thread somewhere iirc.

No. 642472

It does have a bunch of autists, but actually, it’s about cocoppaplay.
There’s just a bit of everything:
>American politics bullshit
>religious nutjobs
>troons getting mad at people for no reason
>people thinking that the game is a dating app
>people thinking that the game is some marketplace app
>people complaining about how the game makes no sense to them
>people unironically saying that they should boycott the game but they keep on playing
It’s so retarded, i avoid reading people’s bios and boards of comments, those sections used to be for recruiting people for your club and talking about your show and such, but now it’s just a bunch of nobodies shitting their hot takes as if anyone wanted to read about that stuff.
It caught my attention because the game actually released some announcement to basically tell them to shut the fuck up mostly about scamming others and shitting on the app and developers.

No. 642481

Oh thats true, but iris voice is even more grating to me than effies. Effie tries to be cutesy but iri is just straight up fake loli voice. I didn't know about sei but yeah she seems chill, ill check her out, thanks anon.

I also wish people would just use the search function before asking for the 19239th time why the devs cant just make the makeup transparent.

No. 642889

the personal finance subreddit annoys the hell out of me. i see people on there acting asking about how much rent they can afford, and the replies act like you need to live with your parents or need 3 roommates even if you make like $80k. sure, maybe if you live in NYC. the OP might even say they are trying to move to get out of a horrible home life and the replies STILL say things like "it can't be that bad, continue living with your parents because saving money is the most important thing in life." get real. i can't even articulate why this annoys me so much. they also act like you're destitute even if you make $60k

No. 642911

That sub is mostly straight young guys in their 20s/30s who don't have bigger problems like kids or elderly parents to provide for, health issues or bad family and have the goal of financial independence as early as possible so they will defend being insanely frugal and stingy. Just look at this shit: https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/comments/69evwg/we_decided_not_to_buy_a_bearded_dragon

Most of them are removed from reality, so their methods tend to be non appliable. Personally i browse povertyfinance from time to time, its a bit better and more diverse in their advice.

No. 642912

Not that anon but LMAO @ those fags bringing up "return on investment" when talking about giving a child a low maintenance pet like a lizard. What a bunch of joyless cocks, the type to not do anything for their wife, kids, or loved ones unless there's something in it for them.

No. 642918

Right?? i wonder if they view the kids as a retirement investment too lmao

>the type to not do anything for their wife, kids, or loved ones unless there's something in it for them.

90% of that sub tbh they love to go on and on about how valetines and mothers day are cash grabs and how you should never splurge on flowers, cards or eating out.

No. 642951

File: 1601513890145.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.51 KB, 828x807, 039a429_634437d8_1280.jpg)


No. 644456

File: 1601658737716.png (183.92 KB, 249x308, 002FD011-1893-42CC-BDE9-A74DF2…)

my neighbor wakes up at 7 am and uses an electric circular saw on his porch and blasts madonna and sings along until at least 9 every day. what the fuck could he possibly be making? id be less annoyed if it was something cool, but I have a feeling it’s not, considering he does nothing but bitch on the phone to his mom and whine about his roommate (?) all the time. JUST

No. 650895

Depression isn't an excuse for everything, and certainly not one for shitty actions and just being an asshole.

I've been depressed for a good half of my life yet I have never used that (nor my traumas) as an excuse of being an asshole towards someone who did no wrong to me, nor honestly I ever used it as a way to get attention through pity points. But its different for everyone.

During depression I used to do shitty things myself, but I never blamed my depression for that, I did some mistakes but I would have enough guts to apologize without making myself a victim, because I am responsible for myself and my own actions weather with depression or not.

I keep seeing depression as an excuse for others on trying to turn IRLs life into hell by being an ass towards them, hell even today I saw an artist being called out as a scammer because they would take money but never draw nor even talk to others for a long time without any update, which they excused with depression and so many people are buying it.

No. 650899

Samefagging, but just to add: same said artist ignores all her commissioners while spamdrawing art for clout.

No. 650903

Reminds me of a friend who always avoids every issue and problem by taking overdose of sleeping meds and sleeping. She is not just depressed but it's ridiculous to see her gain thousands of followers through spamming certain hashtags, take tons of commissions with uwu my rent captions and just not do them. Posting apologies every other week, then posting about some shit new anime, going on private to whine how she can't do the submissions and that she has no guts to just tell them to either take back the money or wait more. She also almost always spends the money on kboo clothes or figurines, rich kids larping as poor people always gets to me, especially the weeb artists.

No. 650925

One of my former friends does the "depression as a way to get attention through pity points thing" and it was incredibly grating seeing all the "i have depwession i am baby uwu" Tumblr-brand humor on my feed, lol. I have major depression, too, but I don't go around making it a personality quirk or identifier.

No. 650928

I'm rather embarrassed to have depression. It's just like those commercials. It comes with a sense of shame because you feel absolutely useless sometimes. I haven't told anyone at all because I don't want to have a stigma or them to expect anything of me.

Anyone that lists off depression really truly does want a sense of attention or an excuse. At the very least, an excuse (artists that are weeks late on commissions). TBH, why did you agree to draw 20 commissions or make 20 plush dolls if you knew you were going to not do it or waste peoples' time?

No. 650929

Is there any way to deal with this or stop being annoyed? I got a family member like that. I had to even drive for 2 hours just to water her mother's small plant (mother was at vacation) because she was 'too depressed', when said plant was literally on a way to her room.

I wish it was a teenager or someone who just turned 20, I would have understand, but this 'sanrio aesthetic, 11 hours of videogames a day, play-pretend pity attention on her discord filled with simps that never seen her' woman is older than me. So tiring.

No. 650950

Shit like that is passable for some because they know they're surrounded by people who won't ever challenge them on it or judge them negatively for it.
That's fine for people who genuinely need the support while they work on their issues, but not so much for the types of people who just want a self-masturbatory pity parade around themselves constantly.

Case in point:
You should just not do it. Say sorry but you're busy and you can't drop what you're doing to go drive to water a plant. If the plant dies without you, then it's not your fault, it's the consequence of someone not willing to take any baby steps to treat their depression while pushing their responsibilities on others. Half of the issue is that people enable self-destructive behaviors because they think they're being kind, but kindness isn't always kind.

No. 651254

My partners coworker keeps staring at me whenever i see her in thr parking lot and she makes weird anime peace sign poses at me when we do make eye contact. All she does is just stare when i see her. I have to pretend to be busy on my phone so she eventually stops. She also tried to add him on facebook. Wtf is happening

No. 651423

Maybe she is just friendly? (and a little odd with the staring) Also I think it's very normal to add your coworkers on facebook, you don't do that?

No. 651441

The friend request was weird to him and he ignored it. Honestly i have never added my coworkers on fb and he only added the ones he enjoys talking to. The staring was also frankly unnerving and lasted a long time. I feel like shes making fun of me lol

No. 651464

Do you have weeb shit on your vehicle.

No. 651491

nope i dont like broadcasting that kinda stuff

No. 652318

I'm sick of my friend who keeps complaining about her self-inflicted problems even though she had many chances to improve her situation, was given incredible opportunities out of nowhere and rejected all of them to play more vidya with people she actually dislikes, and doesn't have to worry about the future because she comes from a very rich family that can give her very interesting and well-paying jobs just for existing, in a country where a shit ton of people her age are poor as fuck and living in horrible conditions.

The worst part here is that she complains about her "shitty" life to me and other friends who had way worse situations since birth but she's so sensitive we gave up on giving her advice because she thinks they're personal attacks. She asked us to do illegal shit for her recently and we all refused because fuck that shit. She legit thinks her older brother offering her a job in his company and giving her awkward advice is emotional abuse, at this rate I'm seeing her less as a friend and more as a personal cow.

No. 652687

My boobs have went from 30b to 32dd because of late puberty and I hate it. Grrr none of my clothes fit me properly anymore and they hurt all the time. My body is so disproportionate now, I'd 100% get a reduction if I had the money but I'm a poor fag that's struggling to pay rent as it is.

No. 652690

I got the same person… the only difference is that she never wants to work, quit her first time job in the middle of pandemic that was offered by her family.

No. 652854

How did you react when your friend did this? I hope she wasn't bragging about quitting when others were ruined because of the pandemic.

Mine is a bit weird in that she doesn't want to work because "muh (self-inflicted) anxiety uwu" even though her internship wasn't very stressful compared to mine (we worked in the same company but in very different departments and teams) and her manager was adorable and asked her if she wanted to stay in the team with an actual job and a more than decent salary. She refused because, again, "muh anxiety" and after that she realized that she fucked up because nobody else wanted to hire her for that salary and she had a deadline after which if she didn't get a job paying at least 2300€ before taxes she would have to go back to her country. She only told me about the job opportunity she had when it was too late and I was looking for a job even though I indirectly knew her boss and could have at least tried to apply if she really didn't want it.

She didn't even apply to this internship to begin with, her manager just found her on linkedin and asked her if she wanted the internship, meanwhile, since I didn't slack off like her I didn't need to redo some of my semesters to pass finals and had to look for mine for the year before, but nobody wanted to hire me because of stupid reasons out of my control. All of this because she wanted to play some shitty mmo and was too lazy to look up criteria that would allow her to stay in my country online. A mutual friend is even more sick of her and is implying that she might be jealous of me because I recently got a job even though I'm only going to earn minimum wage and all my plans for life has been ruined by the pandemic. I'm sure she's jealous of all of us in general despite all of us being in some deep shit these days. And my cow friend would often complain about her internship to her when she couldn't get hired for reasons out of her control too so I'm sure she's been frustrated with her for even longer than me. Sorry if my post is long, I feel like venting.

No. 655913

God I hate when the lesbians and the ex muslims post. Consistently awful posters.

No. 655930

God I hate when the straighties post about yet another Nigel

No. 655934

Isn’t the lc lesbo populace fairly high. Maybe you should go to lipstick alley.

No. 655935

File: 1602722367388.jpeg (17.05 KB, 292x153, 8C554B79-6E91-449E-9A14-1EB828…)

No. 655983

Wow you sure came back at me hard

No. 655997

Many anons: "She's a grown-ass woman of 22, she should know better." I dunno, last time I checked, 22 is typically an age where all people make incredibly shitty decisions and are mentally still very juvenile. The early 20s are prime time for people to act a fool; it's expected and normal. (Past 25, though, there's more room to criticize because you're approaching 30 and pretty soon ain't nobody gonna have time for that.)

But I kind of hate it when ppl are shocked and disgusted when 18 - 24 yos do childish things. It's like, yeah, fucking DUH

No. 656073

dude I remember turning 25, and basically overnight feeling like I hit a second bout of puberty
I can still remember how appalling it was to realize how much you still change as you get older

No. 656179

File: 1602743220784.jpg (198.96 KB, 1011x940, IMG_20201015_070721.jpg)

It's just cringe

No. 656189

The tweet is cringe, doing this is hot though. I sucked my bf off while he was streaming once (to like 30 people) it was rad

No. 656193


This prompted one thing I find annoying in general with video game streamers. So many of them seem to have these mouse-voiced, younger girlfriends interrupting the stream to bring them food and be all lovey-dovey in front of their viewers. Then the chat goes crazy with their "yaaas couple's goals!" comments - just because a woman brought her boyfriend a sandwich and kissed him on the head?

Her little moment of fame being the perfect doting girlfriend to a gamer must be the only time she gets any attention from them at all.

No. 656219

when older men do their ''i'm so old hehehhehee'' shtick
>oh what do i know i'm just an old guy XD
>well guess i'm not young anymore haha!
>when i was your age (if you can imagine that!!)

etc etc. yes you are old. and usually ugly. Shut Up

No. 656224

>must be the only time she gets any attention from them at all.
I've never thought of it that way, interrupting without an act of service just gets them shouted at too
Maybe some girls even desperately hope their slob bfs will appreciate her better if their twitch buddies praise her to him

No. 656228


No. 656229

Hopefully I can do that with mine too

No. 656230

This is just as cringe kek

No. 656231

because theyre insecure about being old

No. 656276

Infighting is a daily occurence here but I feel like /ot is worse than ever latest few days, why is everyone so riled up lately?

No. 656279

It's not only /ot/ but the world in general is more tense

No. 656302

I definitely contributed to that a bit but anyway, I feel like we need some wholesome times @ lolcow again. Some days anons are just less prone to infighting.

No. 656345

this scrote is like a little mosquito that wont fuck off lol, i hope his dick rots off

No. 658397

>Imagine X
When will this meme die out and people start talking in normal sentences again? I hate it. Worst Internet speak since Reddit prefaced everything with "Le".

No. 658399

Ikr he's bumped a bunch of old threads and it's really retarded of him. You can even tell it's him by how brutish and caveman-ish all of his posts sound.

No. 658443

Wait, what does this mean? What imagine thing?

No. 658456

oh god, yes

"imagine thinking that X is Y, lol couldn't be me" or something like that, it's so annoying. dumb bitch being woke on twitter-vibe.

No. 658459

only thing worse than male coomers are coomer girls who say shit like this for cool girl points. This "sucking dick while gaming" meme is so annoing on twitter. Would any man be so obsessed with eating out a gaming girl? Lol never

No. 658468

I hate that one, the “we stan a XY queen” and the “we love to see it” one. They’re all usually used by annoying twitter/kpop fags.

>Would any man be so obsessed with eating out a gaming girl? Lol never
I think they’re too busy wanting to drink her piss…

No. 658471

If i meet someone who speaks that way again, especially irl, I'll immediately choose to avoid them at all costs
>imagine only speaking in meme format from your stupid internet community. couldn't be me

No. 658570

I don't wanna come across as like overly intelligent, hell I don't even consider myself particularity intelligent, but it pains me seeing so many people(American's, Arabs, Europeans, Whites, Blacks e.t.c) discuss religion and politics without having the least bit of research, I see this on twitter and even so called political podcasts

even 30 Minutes on Wikipedia add something to a conversation, like I read books, blogs and various news sites about geopolitcs and current affairs and now whenever I'm conversation with the vast majority of people it becomes an insufferable experience cause of how little people know, the only person I can talk to about geopoltics is my aging gen-x ex-Army officer Uncle

No. 658623

>imagine being this triggered over dumb internet meme

No. 658674

Its the personality that comes with

No. 659403

This video popped up in my recommended and reminded me why I can’t stand English majors

No. 659406

Film majors too. Bonus that Ashley, outside of being a film major, is annoying as fuck.

No. 659407

i’m starting an english degree next year and people like this make me regret my choice

No. 659420

English Teachers as well, like they're always the fucking worst and you know they probably cause drama in the teachers lounge

No. 659423

They're either the best teachers or the absolute hell on earth worst.

No. 659436

What was so annoying about these?

No. 659459

>They're either the best teachers or the absolute hell on earth worst.
I will concede to that, they're not good in the way a traditional sense, what they offer is entertainment and novelty

No. 659464

Lately I've been pissed off at people who walk in the middle of the street. I feel awkward ringing the bell of my bicycle behind them, seriously just pick one side and stick to it.

No. 659469

My best friend is so negative and complains constantly, yet says that other people complain too much. I don't know how to tell her that she complains more than literally anyone I know.

No. 659470

It's that they're subversively toting their favorites as more valuable because they're English and Film majors.

No. 659478

File: 1603127876736.gif (160.43 KB, 400x267, 3VrqT0k.gif)

I just want the US election to be over. I'm so sick of president politics blasted all over the fucking news, and igaf what that orange turd in chief tweets about. I don't care about his drama.
Please just elect someone who serves the interests of the people at large and can keep his mouth shut long enough so I don't have to hear about the stupid shit that's not important treated like it's headline news anymore.
How there hasn't been a fucking assassination attempt is beyond my understanding. Please just get this shit over with.

No. 659481

People being mad that people with expertise have opinions.

No. 659483

Wow, the audacity of pedestrians to walk on roads made for them. I'm sure they should be brushing up against walls or trees just in case there might be some cyclists around.

No. 659495

Nta, but why are you pressed, because I'm pretty sure OP is suggesting that people exercise some spatial awareness and either stick to the sidewalk or at least to one side of the road to correspond the logical flow of traffic

No. 659498

i don’t look at the news or go outside more than necessary and it’s great

No. 659505

>How there hasn't been a fucking assassination attempt is beyond my understanding.
Unironically same considering how hated he is.

No. 659515

but there has been one?

No. 659518

Wish it had been more effective yeah

No. 659519

kek like undergrads are experts

No. 659526

Huh, news to me! Thanks for the info, anons, I didn't know that.

No. 659537

Because they're way too many entitled cyclists on the sidewalks in my city (even where there are designated bikepaths). You're traveling at a higher speed, ringing your bell in advance shouldn't be a favor, it should be standard as people won't always notice what's behind them.

No. 659544

English degree is worth jack shit in the real world

No. 659545

Nta but cyclists don't belong on sidewalks at all, and that's a very different situation than being on the road. I get why you're pressed that being the case for you, though.

No. 659550

Except when they're not.

No. 659556

People who brag about their food habits and always make sure to mention that even though they are not allergic or anything.

I got a woman at work who always makes sure to have five minute long speeches on how she doesn't drink soda and alcohol, proudly sipping a sugary juice. Every. Fucking. Time. Is that because she's single? She also keeps bragging about having male friends.

No. 659853

The constant bait has made the ProJared thread insufferable

No. 659857

That one crazy Heidi hater who is CONSTANTLY mad that anons are generally on her side and doesn't waste time nitpicking her lmao. They need to get a fucking life.

No. 659860

Exactly, like if Heidi does something milky anon can just post it and otherwise stop bringing her up every other post just to be contrarian. Instead the anon fixates on the fact that others in the thread don't feel the same way about Heidi, and tries to "convince" everyone over to their side, which never works and just devolves into bait and bad faith arguments. It's just beating a dead horse at this point, the same shit repeated over again every time someone posts a single thing in the thread that isn't about Heidi.

No. 659863

I won't post this in the thread because no doubt they would sperg out and we do have plenty of anons who keep insisting they don't think Heidi is perfect, but I genuinely think she did nothing wrong. Nothing that's worth posting about on internet gossip forums anyway. She's just a normal, generally boring person who generated a tonne of milk by publicly exposing a couple of milky e-celebs for doing her wrong. Her personality or online presence was never a source of milk in itself, and she's always extremely reasonable when she talks about the situation.

No. 659877

Having ever married Jared Knobbenfluffer is enough to cope with.

No. 659879

what fucking retard is bumping all these old ass threads jesus christ. can we get hellweek now

No. 659882

Yeah, I just wanted to come here to bitch about it because I didn't want to engage them anymore in the thread. I agree with you anon, I don't think Heidi is milky herself. It was her revealing the details of the affair that brought milk and that was ages ago.

No. 659945

they're the only based posters here tbh, along with fujos

No. 659956

I hate this degenerate so fucking much. I hate male "feminists". They're just as bad as right wing men.

No. 659961

His girlfriend seems like she’s genuinely afraid of him. He abuses her 100%

No. 660002

Men claiming that open relationships are either something that should be second nature or are a gift from God, until the second they find out that open relationships involve the woman participating too and not just them being able to sleep around and come home to some poor marriage slave to care for the house and kids

Hence all the men who make fun of the "my wife's boyfriend" people even though those relationships are the only decent open relationships I've seen

No. 660012

ily anon, spoiler made me grin
all 3 are the most honest posters.

No. 660017

>men who make fun of the "my wife's boyfriend" people
the men who make those jokes are often the woke type yet the mentality is just like that of the past, where men's wives were their property. For your property to cheat is the greatest hit to your manhood, and you know that's the joke here as well. Just like cuckoldry where it's about wounded masculinity instead of, you know, genuine betrayal taking place

No. 660459

My roommate keeps the light on all day and all night. All. Fucking. Day. And All. Night.

Then has the nerve to autistically say "Yeah, it's to help me cope. You can charge me more for utilities" goddamn right i fucking am

No. 660479

If she's offering to pay and she sleeps in another room why exactly does it affect you? It's fucking weird but…

No. 660486

It's the hallway bathroom light. Not even her own light. It's weird and even if she is offering to pay more, it still raises the bill more than it needs to be.

No. 660489

I mean that's not as weird as it being her room. I sleep in pitch darkness but wanting a light on outside in the hallway seems acceptable. Having it on during the day makes no sense though.

No. 660498

weird. tell her to walk around with a flashlight instead lol. this is one of those things that people should disclose about themselves before they move into a flatshare. sorry about your weird roommate anon, i've had plenty of them myself so i empathize.

No. 660508

I leave a light on all the time since it helps keep creeps away from the house at night. Maybe she can get a lamp and put it in her room instead.

No. 660514

If it makes you feel any better, most modern lightbulbs don’t use a lot of electricity. Leaving a light on all day probably only costs around 8-12 cents a day, depending on the bulb/electricity costs in your area.

You could tell her to get an energy saving lightbulb and bring the cost down even less. She should buy one with a low wattage and it costs next to nothing to keep them on.

No. 660522

That actually does make me feel a lot better! Thanks anon.

No. 660528

Agreeing with this. Tell her to get one of the new LED bulbs. They cost pennies to run and you can get ones that enable you to change the colour and brightness with a remote control.

No. 662655

My boyfriend does this thing where he makes a dumb joke and continues it for too long. It makes it impossible to have a conversation, but when I ignore him, he'll double text me JUST to either start another dumb joke string or be like "I'm so abandoned." I love him, but pls, I'm working. If you're going to say stupid shit then just leave me alone until after.

No. 662944

I'm not even that into astrology but I don't know why I find it so irritating when people say "she's an aquarian" or "that's a sagitarrian trait" instead of just "aquarius" or "sagitarrius". It's always those two.

No. 662962

Because it’s pretentious

No. 662995

im just wondering why using slightly more grammatical correct words in english is now considered pretentious? not that i use aquarian or sagittarian but this is just a pattern im noticing with anlgophones

No. 663007

i notice it too as someone whose second language is english. words that have a latin root are considered more pretentious than the germanic/whatever synonym, even when the synonym isn't that far-fetched or has as many syllables. also most of the words in english come from latin already and there's been jokes that english is a romance language from a vocab perspective, so that's kinda surprising actually.

No. 663032

So mute the manchild while you are working? Put your phone away while you're working?? If you need a phone to work, you should have a separate work phone for that purpose and that purpose alone. This is not a difficult concept.

Your boyfriend is acting like a literal child because you keep indulging that shit. Put a stop to it, just like you would with an actual child.

No. 665747

I'm bi myself but I hate this whole trend of calling everything gay or bi culture, like "tucking your shirt in is bi culture," or literally any other normal thing most humans do being lumped into this stupid term. It's childish and embarrassing and annoying. I wish the lgbt community wasn't like this online, it's almost impossible to get away from

No. 665751

I think it's just kids being stupid.

No. 665762

idk i'm bi too and it's pretty fun as long as it's just a joke

No. 665772

I blame Tumblr.

No. 665785

Bisexuals don't really have a culture to speak of, I can't picture anything in my head that sums up or connects to being bi, fashion wise or anything else

No. 665862

It's all just jokes you fucking retard.

No. 665884

Okay calm down lmao, I know it's a joke, but that doesn't make it any less annoying to me. I mean that's what the thread is all about isn't it

No. 665890

true, my bad. As a bi person, I just genuinely don't care about whatever silly thing is said like that. It's all intentionally silly and something that everyone does. It's the same joke as "fellas is it gay…?" because the joke is that ANYTHING could be gay (like anything could be bi) and you're pointing the finger like "if you do this! you're bi! teehhee" yeah it's retarded but honestly all in good fun and I don't think anyone actually believes that shit to be a true attribute of being bi.

No. 665891

samefag, ugh, i said by person but I'm a bi woman. Too used to trying to remain gender neutral online

No. 665892

File: 1604416150520.jpeg (113.37 KB, 700x878, 97A58A37-5271-4C6B-B240-D7AE06…)

Yes I posted this picture a few months ago complaining about the same thing

No. 665911

it's true though

No. 665942

driver anon-stans are annoying, but the anon that has a hate boner for him and his anon-stans is ever more annoying!

No. 665951

parents of sons ae some of the most annoying people alive

No. 665957

Weirdly true

No. 665972

Those moms that keep popping out boys and then three sons deep they declare 'oh well boys are easier anyway' How would they even know? lol

No. 665976

>boys are easier anyway
nope, not by looong shot! they are the absolute worst to raise and educate

No. 666464

They say this because they don'r raise those boys as strict as girls. They don't even bother. Boys will be boys.

No. 666466

This shit starts incredibly early, too. In my pregnancy group all the mothers with boys said that they were so happy because boys cry less, but every single post birth meeting it was the minority of male babies who were fussing nonstop. We were all first-time mothers so how would they even know? Who were they comparing to?

No. 666522

wow, I guess I am gay too. These jokes are dumb but I get this one because "they can't sit straight".

No. 666534

Hard agree. I often feel like moms with sons only are coping with not having daughters by constantly putting girls down and trashing them, the constant tirades about how "boys are easier" and "boys don't have drama" and "I'd much rather play football with my sons than with dolls with a daughter". God with an attitude like that I'm glad you didn't birth girls. These are the parents who raise incel manchildren who have no respect for women and are only looking for a mommy girlfriend to take care of them. Their entitled, spoiled little shits always underperform in school too and both parents blame the teachers, or even the whole school system for "favoring girls".

No. 666542

lmao the school system favoring girls screeching is one of the most annoying thing they do, also if you see some dumb ass kid being annoying little shit in public in most cases it is a boy.

and those incel raising parents always blame women and girls when their stinky social maladjust of a son can'r find a girlfriend and feed on their delusions about how women are just dumb sluts who don't know what they are losing for not settling with the mouth breathing apes.

No. 666644

And if he does manage to find a gf, she will become the default scapegoat for "corrupting" her baby boy.
She will be blamed for his lack of success, the fact he doesn't have a career, his shitty sense of fashion and inability to keep up with personal hygiene (even though that's something YOU are supposed to teach your child and he shouldn't need a mommy gf to remind him to brush his teeth), the fact you don't have children yet (who would, with a scrotoid like that)… They just breed and raise societal leeches and wastes of space that make other people's lives worse.

t. was the gf in this scenario

No. 667167

Italian girls are always so obsessed with being uwu smol what's the deal with that? It's so fucking annoying like holy shit you're 5'3 you're a totally average woman like the rest of us! Inspired by Ariana Grande, sh0e, and all the Italian girls I went to school with.

No. 667169

Same with insecure asian girls tbh. I met a lot of single girls in uni from Singapore who would make their height the entire personality, talking about it for 10mins a day.

Ironically enough the ones that were acting like that were also Arianna Grande stans.

No. 667689

feel like this is a universal experience anon, short girls of every race seem to always insert height into convos, going "i cant reach cupboards uwu~ have to get my bf to do it, oh and look at our height difference in this pic uwu~, haha everyone thinks im a 10 yr old"

No. 667693

It’s the new “I’m dumb I don’t know even what science is, tee hee”. 2020 and women are still out there acting vulnerable and submissive for male attention

No. 668656

I’m in a discord with this girl who posts 50 times a day and every single goddamn post is riddled with typos. Even single-word posts have typos. Occasionally she’ll post a full sentence where every word is misspelled. It’s incredibly annoying but also kind of impressive, in a way.

No. 668668

Those are Americans though

No. 669017

I find it unsettling how obsessed parents are with the gender of their child. I undestand why, but it makes me understand the lgbt community and all their gender bs, because it means that our sexuality is an integral part of our personality and identity, and society accepts that.

What I mean is, you wouldn't judge someone for your height or your race. They're part of you, but it's not something you decide on, so to say that these attributes you were born with define you more than your actions, it seems wrong. Yet, people are so eager to attribute good and bad qualities to both genders. What if their kids could hear them? How would they feel knowing that the affection they get is a product of something they had no control of?

No. 669018

I hate it when people type "yea" (pronounce "yay", as in yea or nay or in the antiquated usage of the word, also pronounced "yay") when they intend to write "yeah". There's a YouTube video by jacksfilms, and it's about your vs you're, but in the video, in his hardsubs, he writes "yea".

It's incredibly petty, but it bugs the fuck out of me, because I assume everyone's read Shakespeare in highschool, so how do they not know the difference?

No. 669019

I mean to a degree yes, it's annoying when they prefer to have a son or daughter then to box them into stereotypes based on gender. At the same time there is biology traits that women and men have more than the other side and also traits like basic strength differ entirely. It is also annoying to ignore these things that separate men from women, vice versa

No. 669148

The things we hate thread. Infighting really, like what is the actual point?

No. 669176

For discord anons to high five their sweet dunks on one another and literally take up for posts pretending to be the anons they originally argued with, just to argue some more.
Ever seen kids trying to play pretend by themselves after other kids on the playground got sick of their shit and left? Yeah, that.

No. 669200

Most people on this website are mentally ill and have no friends. This was their idea of having fun on a Saturday night.

No. 669409

it was an extremely good time. no ragrets.

No. 670942

fetishes you're ashamed of thread is one of my fav threads because of the weirder posts, but I think I'll have to stop checking it because of all the scat posts. I want to have a laff not get into the nitty gritty of your mental issues.

No. 670944

It’s one of my favorites too bc it’s so weird and wild, I wish it moved faster. The scat stuff is genuinely awful but fascinating because I cannot wrap my mind around it, and I like to know what turns people that insane.

No. 671702

VEGANS. annoying self righteous cunts… yes i come from that other thread where veganon is sperging like an autist about MuH hIGh MOrALS AnD SuPeRiOrItY cOMpLeX… fuck off, go back to twitter

No. 671729

People who feel the need to sperg in the advice threads of all threads.. are arses

No. 671750

I saw that too and pretty much called what was going to happen, I knew when they started to accuse OP for wanting to "change" the vegan all cause she aired legit concerns about their lifestyles clashing.
Vegans need to accept that their diets are not normal, require supplementation to work, and cause major inconveniences for people around them. No one likes vegans.

No. 671780

Not to mention the insane ammounts of plastic most of their food is packaged in and I don't even know for what reason, quinoa farming being wasteful, almond farming being wasteful, so many things really. I don't even eat meat that much but this recent spergout and the previous one with farmanon and baby chickens really made me see them in a new light.
I never believed in the preachy vegan stereotype but damn those cunts just can't have a normal conversation.

No. 671873


These posts just ooze of projection and insecurity. Do you really care what other people eat?

No. 671896

no, idgaf about what they eat/dont eat but most of them have a nasty attitude and wont shut up about how better than everyone else they are, that's what makes them annoying

No. 671915

I just texted my dad a question and he responds with "I'm in a meeting."
Just don't respond then! There was no urgency to my text whatsoever.
Whenever someone says that I feel like their chastising me for being annoying.

No. 671916

They're referring to some dick derailing the advice thread just to sperg their views. 'projection and insecurity' ok lol

No. 673490

I've been on a lost media kick recently fell into the Go for a Punch rabbit hole, and everytime I see shit like Armin Meiwes footage or the basement tapes classified as lost films, I want to scream. These are criminal evidences meant to stay locked in a vault, not diffused to the masses for entertainment! Silent era movies or that Green Day album are lost pieces of media, snuff footage is not. I was watching the Grizzly Man documentary, and some people in the comments were saying "damn Werner Herzog is an asshole for not letting us listen to the tape" like wtf.

No. 673606

Okay i know this post is a month old but i want to know youre guys opinion and i dont see a love nikki thread on /m/. Players complained that the last contest theme was racist? The theme name was Primitive Beauty and they changed it later to ancient animals. English is not my first language so when i saw the theme i just assumed it had to do with the recent dino event. Suddenly people started calling the devs and the people who used wasteland clothing or dark skin color racist? The official discord was full of people being triggered and i guess the complaining worked since they did change the naming in the end. I want to know if the naming was really offensive or were the players just overreacting?

No. 675027

File: 1605506886320.jpg (37.3 KB, 640x621, KN0RmBC.jpg)

I'm so tired of people over explaining "I-I like this story/character… but I don't agree with like t-their actions a-and this should never be seeing as healthy a-and is bad representation" Oh god, we get it! You don't have to be the smartest human on this earth to understand that x thing is inmoral, just talk about the actual story instead of justify yourself in the comments.

If you want to read a FICTIONAL story about a killer, just read it, don't go over and over again on "T-this is very problematic and like stuff but I like it but I know is wrong" You are not saying anything that we don't know already, we all know that murder is not okay, you don't have to say this like if you just galaxy-brained and we don't.

The worse thing is that I can't scape these people, not even in porn, not even a very strange over the top porn, but seriously, unless is a coffeeshop fluffy thing, I don't get why every crossdressing doujin I came a cross there's always an obvious kid commenting on how "T-this harms the LGBT+++ community" Is just porn! I'm sorry if the Koreans or Japaneses don't put "Twans wights!" on their porn but save your 10 minutes Youtuber cry apology to somewhere else, I want to see funny comments about the doujin.

No. 675050

Ignore them. I've blocked/unfollowed/muted everyone on Twitter who starts with this shit and I've created a nice little bubble for myself. However I agree that they're everywhere, even the Artist salt thread starts this retarded discourse every week because it's filled with twitterfags who can't tell fiction from reality.

No. 675859

It annoys me whenever I report some sexist asshole comment on facebook, facebook is like "lol nothing wrong with this"
Or am I wrong that this is sexist?
>post about those awful pendants to put over cats butts
>asshole guy: and for the women there's buttplugs hurrr!!!

Am I being too feminist for finding this offensive?

No. 675862

Nope. Other anons have talked about this, FB is a shithole.
Try posting about men and see what happens to your account, kek.

No. 675864

Instagram is the same, you report random sexist shit being voiced out of nowhere on peoples otherwise normal posts.. and then they get back to saying it's fine

Saw a 16 year old girl being told to shave her arms and a bunch of men chimed in with walls of puke face emojis. We're talking about blonde arm hairs..

No. 675867

File: 1605610408195.jpg (73.14 KB, 600x800, twinkletush.jpg)

If it makes you feel any better, these are intended as a gag gift

Men online CONSTANTLY bring up porn/their dicks in otherwise benign contexts though and it's fucking exhausting

No. 675898

I'm seeing more anons post about their husbands lately, feel like we didn't see that too often up until lately? but any time they post in a sex thread it's always about them partaking in their husbands outlandish fetishes. Basically them saying how they bend over backwards for their husband and expecting us to not point out that their hub is a freak and they're a doormat.

It reads like someones creative writing hobby. 'getting defensive on nigels behalf, part 5'

No. 675911

Idk if she does it by accident or on purpose but my boss often puts ellipsis at the end of her texts and emails and it makes it seem like I asked a stupid question or something.
One time she was sick so I texted her “ get well soon ” in the group chat and she replied “ thank you anon… ”. Yesterday day I asked her a question about something for work and she basically said “ no anon you don’t need one… ”. Like I said could be accidental but if not she’s a jerk for adding something so unnecessary.

No. 675915

I reported a profile for targeted harassment of an elderly family member as in this profile will share photos from that profiles and slander them publically making up stuff. It doesn't violate community standards apparently. Although fb itself seems like a dumpster fire of shite these days, I never see intelligent people update anymore just seems to be mentally deranged people.

No. 675916

An older lady I know uses ellipses after everything I think she thinks it gives her depth.

No. 675922

Yeah it's a boomer thing

No. 675927

I have an aunt who types like that too, always, every.single.sentence ends with elipsis for some really, fucking, annoying reason.
I think they do that because it’s just how they decided they wanted to type, maybe it’s a way to show their idea has not ended yet? I’m not sure, but I’m sure as hell it’s fucking annoying.

No. 676134

> it makes it seem like I asked a stupid question or something.
Sounds like she just doesn't know what … after everything conveys over text/emails. Annoying but I wouldn't think too much of it.

No. 680616

I know you're not supposed to pop zits but I had such a nasty one on the cheek, it was hurting me just by talking. At least I managed to pop it without making it bleed, it will heal fast hopefully.

No. 680619

>it makes it seem like I asked a stupid question or something
>she’s a jerk for adding something so unnecessary
It's not that deep lmao. Don't take it so personally.

No. 680620

I'm tired of gay influencers being so stuck up about doing things a certain way, like Hyram or Brad Mondo.

No. 680623

I mean doesn't mondo watch people fuck up their hair and then he tries to spin it as 'oh you still looks super pretty but this wouldn't helped make it even better' I've definitely seen him walk on eggshells when women do just look like shit

No. 680628

>I'm tired of gay influencers
could've just stopped there

No. 680630


>I'm tired of gay

>I'm tired

No. 680665

Yeah I think hyram is a lot more annoying for this reason, I can't stand hearing him talk

No. 680686

I hate hyram and I think he’s completely clueless

No. 680700

File: 1606229757534.png (339.88 KB, 771x893, image.png)

I can't stand women who complain about their baby's daddy on FB like this.

Maybe vet a man before you let him creampie you and ruin your life.

No. 680701

i feel like being a hair stylist and 'doing things a certain way' is different than an influencer getting into skincare.

at least with mondo, he's telling you what they're doing wrong and how to go about it, hyram is like "okay well this works for ME and if your skin isn't reacting the same you're doing it WRONG"

No. 680704

It's strange they don't see how embarrassing it is. It doesn't make them look better, and you can fairly ask if they were blind or something

No. 680716

You'd think they could figure it out without someone having to tell them first. I feel bad for their kids, having both parents be retarded.
>how i feel about my first one

No. 680758

These women need to realize those men already won by nutting in them and not needing to do any of the work in raising their kids. Women like this are insecure cuckqueans who think they're being boss babes.
The smarter ones got abortions.

No. 680764

The construction racket at work gets more and more obnoxious every day. I'm going nuts.

No. 680766

I hate when people like James Charles, Jeffree Starr and Nikita Dragun give makeup advice or come for people about makeup as though they have any real training or can do more than one look. Ask any of them to do a look without false eyelashes and contour and they're fucked. Even when they do makeup on other people, it's all the same, regardless of their facial features. And it's extra annoying that the stuff they complain about (using fingertips for concealer/foundations, not baking the underye, etc) is stuff that actual professionals tell you is okay to do.

No. 680775

Someone always trying to sell me a fucking product.

Youtube channel? Needs a sponsorship plug to sell me a product on top of (blocked) ads also trying to sell me a product.
Hobby group? Must link shops so I can buy related product.
Spend time with friends? Hey let's go out and consume product and go on sprees where we buy more product!
Add a supposed women's networking group on social media? It's actually a shill for a company trying to sell their resume and promotion services with the moderators being the company owners because, you guessed it, they're trying to sell their service products.

I can't escape and it's driving me crazy.

No. 680787

People that double or triple message (sometimes more even) i have a friend who has understandably been lonely during lockdown but she constantly blows up my phone even when im at work. Even if I just give a simple 'lol' she comes back with a whole wall of text. Im the kind of person who likes to be left alone and doesn't like to text all day and its soooooo annoying. I guess I just don't say anything because I should just be grateful people still want to be my friend.

No. 680789

Oh my god, same anon. Like, I feel your pain exactly.

No. 680793

Remember when James Charles filmed himself trying dozens of different foundations and he didn't even notice he's actually pale as fuck and has a pink undertone so he was covered in different shades of orange? Never take advice from this type of guys.

No. 680799

agreed. maybe my tinfoil belongs in a different thread but hyram always seemed like a plant to me, he came out of nowhere and blew up suspiciously quick
also brad mondo obviously knows nothing about hair if you watch that vid he did with snitchery

No. 680851

I attribute that more so them being men, rather than being gay tbh. Can't stand Hyram and his big brace face. Dude you worked at Kiel's, get over yourself. My problem is that he talks from a place of authority and not that of a place of an enthusiast.

No. 680856

These men don't actually have to be good at make up, people will stan becuase they are gay men wearing make up and they are sassy.
Same goes for Nikita, people just see them as cartoon characters, everyone loves the sassy gay dude.
But when women are overly confident and think they know it all everyone even those same people upping gay men and troons, have a issue with it.

Sort of like how the same people who have a issue with fake beauty and photoshop, stan gay men and trannies who are the kings of fake beauty and photoshop.

No. 680864

i have no idea how james can be so good at doing bold/detailed eyeshadow looks…and then fuck it all up by intentionally painting his face orange.

i actually like watching his videos on mute but his approach to foundation drives me nuts

No. 680867

His channel blew up at 900k or 1mil followers I think because that was when I found him a few months ago when all youtube gives me is music. He reminds me of the van life girl who blew up janet and alfredo or something. I will say that his recommendations on unscented product cleared my face that hasn't been clear in years.

No. 680911

Omg, Brad Mondo reacting to home hair color videos always expecting the shittiest result and being surprised when it looks good…then reacting to people following his own tutorial and they usually looked pretty shit.

No. 682496

People who Facetime you out of nowhere. Phone calls, I can understand, because I don't need to be presentable for those. Facetime calls though? Dude, take a hike.

No. 683262

not sure if this is even the correct thread for this but dude i'm friends with/who wants to date me is on a fucking tirade right now crying over how i said i thought dragon ball z was aimed towards kids, apparently that translates into me mocking his entire life, claiming his precious anime sucks and is horrible, and i'm closed minded and condescending. my phone is still blowing up to this minute with unread chats. why are weebs like this? and he's legitimately not even that weeby, he doesn't like any new anime or any of the really gay ones like with high pitch voiced 13 year old girl characters. he's so triggered that i implied i thought DBZ was for kids since i watched it as a kid. i guess my point is, guys who are way too obsessed and oversensitive over fucking basic animes are insufferable. sort of like dealing with a The Big Bang Theory character in real life only worse because it's a tantrum over a tv show.

No. 683266

The fact that he has a crush on you… You do know the even bigger tirades are coming over that, right?

No. 683267

I mean you’re not wrong. DBZ is shonen shit which is made to appeal to teen boys. DBZ male fans and weebs are pretty nuts in general and get autisticly defensive if you shit on the things they like.
You gotta ditch that retard.

No. 683268

Lol how embarrassing. Don't give this manchild any more attention.

No. 683271

sorry forgot to add: ever since that cat got out of the bag.. oh boy. if he doesn't calm down soon he might not even get much of my attention despite what a push over i can be. and he really thinks i'm going to date an overly defensive, overdramatic neet with no drivers license? i feel like shit sying this but fuck. all this over a cartoon. and he's STILL TYPING!!!!!!!! ANOTHER NEW ESSAY!!!

No. 683273

if anyone cares: he is now barking at me to "stand by it, explain your point don't try to backtrack. if you're gonna talk shit, own it." what is this

No. 683274

Lmaooaoaoaoooo just try to be as civil and innocent as possible he will go mad

No. 683276

just block the autist already, reading what he has to say only shows that you do weirdly care

No. 683277

what can i say, he is an irl friend. and i'm glad i now know just how terrible weebs truly are even when they act generally normal. a wake up call

No. 683293

I don't mind nitpicking since we might as well go all the way in with criticising cows, but the way some anons describe cows as horrible little gremlins when in reality they look like average people is so funny.

No. 683295

Weheartit blocked my ip adress because i liked more than 200 images in less than an hour, lol wtf. They also put watermarks on images that don't even belong to them.

No. 683542

Why do retards take the most retarded, most cherry-picked, likely a joke screenshots from Twitter and post it in the Twitter thread. It's like they are just wanting to show us their stupid ass finds as if they don't already know what our reaction is going to be.
>this sjw just posted the expected sjw stuff and it sounds retarded, here's the screenshot
>"Omg this is so retarded aaaa"

Happens every day. Fucking low effort bullshit.

No. 683554

Isn’t that just every thread? You post some retarded shit and we all get together and make some retarded comments about it

No. 683642

I'm trying to order something from beauty bay and the page is just not responding at the end where I'm trying to pay.

No. 683689

Adults who describe their personality through astrology/mbti. Dabbling in it for fun and realizing that your personality is mutable is fine, but it is not when you base your personality on those 4 letters and the sign you happened to get because of when you were born. I have to hide the astrology and mbti threads for this reason.

No. 683703

I'm not big into the whole mbti thing either but it's at least slightly less retarded than thinking your date of birth rules over you forever and that alone makes you totally incompatible with certain people

Like declaring that you hate all scorpios or all leos .. that shit's too much

No. 683707

I knew a guy who was into the whole mbti and took it as an actual science and it was super annoying. He always tried to predict my behaviors or emotions towards things based on what a stereotypical infj would do and when he was wrong and I didn't act a particular way or didn't feel something he tried to claim I was acting or lying because that's totally what an infj would do. Like dude seriously?

No. 683708

I'm not on twitter so at times I find it hard to tell if people tweeting that shit are self aware and joking.. or not. I usually just stare at the screenshot for 2 straight mins and then move on without comment

No. 683712

Of course it was a guy doing the whole 'let me get into your brain' shite.

No. 683723


to be honest I felt like no one has understood me and my values until I took the test a month ago. I had taken it other times just to get the letters for the lulz and never took the time to read it and it made me feel accepted. i don't think i base my whole personality around it but i do find it interesting how this girl who joined a discord group i was in seemed really interesting, had a lot of similar thought processes, opinions and hobbies and turns out they're the same personality type as me.

I think mbti and astrology is an interesting and useful tool to dissect yourself, learn and understand parts of yourself and get to self reflect on certain actions you do or things you'd like to change. that's just my perspective though and im a bit too lazy to get deep into astrology currently

No. 683729

>to be honest I felt like no one has understood me and my values until I took the test
This was me after my autism assessment lol

No. 684222


All of his bold/detailed eyeshadow looks are heavily filtered and facetuned anon. In candids his looks are not at all bold or very pigmented.

Also i will never understand his obsession with using foundation with yellow undertones. He is pale with pink undertones, its very easy to see and in the foundation match video he did, the only shades that were a perfect match were the ones with the fair shades with pink undertones but he insisted the medium with yellow was his match.

No. 684223

It's cause James wants to be tan and a lot of tan/brown women have a golden undertone.

No. 684227

Tan skin with warm undertones is generally prefered over fair skin with cool undertones. That doesn't excuse purposely paiting your face with the wrong color but I get wanting to be warm and tan over cool and fair.

No. 684232

When youtubers claim to be "unbiased" because they're rich and don't care about money. I immediately turn the video off when i hear that because its an obvious lie. One thing about rich people is that they love staying rich and none of them are as rich as they pretend they are.

If they are rich, they blow all of their money on rented mansions, cars and luxury items for the sake of "flexing".

No. 684236

File: 1606678986932.png (592.29 KB, 855x1436, Screenshot_20201129-144152.png)

I hate that r/badwomensanatomy stopped being about people who have a bad understanding of women's anatomy and just any discussion pertaining to women's anatomy is wrong

No. 684241

Isn't this wrong though? A lot of girls get their period that young whether or not they eat healthy. I started mine at 9.

No. 684244

Yeah some can start it early if they eat healthy but even healthy food nowadays is filled with hormones, girls who do eat sugar filled diets start their periods earlier and there's tons of research about it, but that's not saying for sure every single girl who eats healthy is going to not start their period young

No. 684246

File: 1606679794864.jpg (83.34 KB, 640x1138, 5ioiie433x501.jpg)

Samefag, but that comment reminded me of shit like pic related.

No. 684257

People who traumadump on posts that are positive/optimistic. I'm not sure if this transcends generations or if it's just a product of being on the Internet, but whenever someone posts about a good relationship with their parent(s) or being in a happy relationship, you've got like 10 people interjecting with "Wow, I wish I had a good parent. Mine abuses me" or "TW: happy couple. I'm going to kms." Do that on your own account, don't ruin someone else's post with that shit.

No. 684269

Saying hormones can affect your period =/= saying women aren't supposed to have periods

No. 684745

People who always have a "whatabout"ism argument for everything. It's usually used to shift the blame off of oneself.

No. 684799

Holy shit the Belle Delphine thread. About a third of all replies were made in the past three or so days and each and everyone consist of nothing but nitpicking her appearance and meme-posting instead of actual milk, and if you complain about that you're BD herself or a wk.

No. 684801

I think the posters in that thread are kind of delusional with the photoshopping thing. Belle very obviously photoshops her pics, but she doesn't looks unrecognizable irl. Anons are acting like she looks like a ogre.

No. 684806

Yeah, I see this under ig comment sections all the time when someone posts about their mother or father doing something nice. Kind of obnoxious.

No. 684810

I know this is not a hot take, but the anons posting in that thread are all insanely jealous of her looks and career. It’s just the truth, and so obvious. I can’t help but laugh whenever I see the absurd nitpicks. Lots of threads in pt and snow are like this tbh. Kinda what makes this place go round.

No. 684813

excuse the newfaggotry and so, but where do we have Belle Delphine thread? I've never seen it anywhere, just scrolled /w catalogue and still nothing, I guess I'm just stupid but now knowing it actually exists it will bother me until I know where it actually is.

No. 684817

It's autosaged >>>/w/69238

No. 684821

That explains it, thanks!

No. 684822

Well if everyone could make a decent living off their looks then they would, and even then attractive and beautiful women haven't had the amount of luck Belle has on account of not having a management team to help market them to an audience (gamers and other assorted losers who pay for e porn) combined with an opportune point in history to make it successful (e girl culture).

People are envious at the ease of the money flow, but that said, not everyone finds her line of work particularly meaningful and dignified.

No. 684830

It would be nice to get simpbux for being an attractive walking shitpost. I'll commend her for figuring out how to wrestle money out of them without much effort. Her personality was relatably awkward in that Cold Ones vid, and I kinda liked all of the shit she made too and the terrarium thing struck back up an interest in wanting to make things again. I don't expect people to agree with me. There's just a lot of better sources of drama than her.

No. 684833

I don't respect her for her pedo-pandering, but I can see what you mean about her personality. I only watched a little of the happy hour podcast, but she didn't seem like a bad person. I expected her to be pick me-ish. I think the only reason anons are interested in her is just cause she happens to be the hottest sw e-girl right now.

No. 684838

she doesn't need to be a terrible human like moo, but she is dangerous and a danger to other women. she's also too young to realize the ramifications of her work. and she's extremely unsafe with her personal info with a high likelihood of getting murdered.

anyone empowering disgusting incels like she does is a huge danger.

No. 684870

I'll agree there, certainly not defending her on that aspect of it.
I understand the "part of the problem" argument. I agree that it's not smart, and that she's putting herself in a vulnerable position to be potentially hurt. In that vein, women can't even carry on political work or any position where what they do or speak for is considered controversial in any capacity. Do I appreciate her going with the status quo and riding the ddlg appearance thing? No, it sets up shitty standards for other women and for scrote expectations. I consider sex positive hook up culture to be worse in that regard. The problem is that none of the culture around the ethot phase is going to change until legalities around it change, events happen that make it less safe/easy/palatable to be, or repercussions start being widely obvious

No. 684930

File: 1606767850338.jpg (4.71 KB, 226x223, gsfasdkj.jpg)

I told my boyfriend I'm in a bad mood and that I wasn't in the mood to entertain his dumb jokes and approximately 10 minutes after saying as much, he proceeds to make another dumb joke at my expense.

No. 684943

Me. I'm so fucking annoying. I think everyone dislikes me and pities me yet I cut short every interaction people try to make with me and never reach out, comment on people's insta posts, or anything like that because I'm scared of again.. being disliked or pity responded to. Someone could literally text me, I text back, they text back and I think "omgggg they're sick of me I can feel it".

No. 684948

The scrote onslaught that happens in the twitch thread whenever pokimane is even tangentially relevant. If I have to hear “b b but the sexual predator said she led him on!!!” or “yeah yeah he’s bad but you have to admit she’s just as bad as he is!!!” I’m gonna snap. Almost wish they’d just autosage the thread.

No. 684970

chipotle forgot to put my tortilla on the side into the bag

not worth calling them to get it brought to me/refund the 0.25 but I'm annoyed

No. 685003

File: 1606773308255.jpg (67.81 KB, 960x544, B14LSmbCIAACCBa.jpg)

Scrotes are annoying. I hate them. They're ugly and smelly.
I wish they'd all get replaced with cute handsome robots.

that's a lot of threads on here tbh

No. 685012

He’s still at it anons would it be petty to just not talk to him for the rest of the night bc I’m tired of being nice but don’t want to fucking fight ugh

No. 685056

do it. say your going to bed or something like that

No. 686787

I hate searching for anything fitness related because it's all "oH My gOd your shape is NORMAL and BEAUTIFUL and it's IMPOSSIBLE to change" shut the fuck up and just tell me if hip abductions worked for you goddamnit

No. 686792

Don't we all want a hot robot boyfriend in an apron anon.
Also Clear best boy.

No. 686814

I'm training this new hire at our company in how to use our software. We work from home, so I'm on call with her most of the day while assisting her with her tasks.

She eats food all the fucking time and it's infuriating. I keep hearing scrapes of her fork against a plate and then the dreaded sound of her chewing her food in between sentences or while she's watching me instruct her on a task. I've suggested that maybe she should eat during lunch and break hours, and she said she would, but I keep hearing her very quietly and slowly arrange her food and chew it even slower to seem like she's not making a sound. Like, can't she mute herself at least while listening to me?

She's lovely and efficient and learns well, but hearing the sound of someone eating, especially through headphones, puts me in rage mode and makes me instantly dislike the person. I feel even more awkward now asking her to put her fork down because she somehow thinks I don't hear her if she chews slowly.

No. 686867

Anon, she needs to know that it's easily audible and that it's unprofessional as fuck. Please find a way to carefully mention this.

No. 686869

The people that say that almost always dont want to give up their routine kek

No. 686871

say you're picking up 'room noise' and can she pwease mute her microphone? I have been training new people recently as well and they all need to keep their mic muted at all times reeeee

No. 686880

my boss does this on calls and it makes me laugh because he always gets complaints and comments but doesn't give a shit, I feel your pain

No. 686974

I can't tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic, kek. It's really not that much to ask someone to mute their mic while they eat. Nobody wants to hear chewing sounds while they're working.

No. 686979

Women that try to act woke while they're in relationships with alt right bros.

No. 687001

File: 1607027628810.jpeg (584.58 KB, 1242x707, 831316E5-0F0D-4C7B-B8DE-E16CD8…)

No. 687013

People who always gotta bring up logical fallacies while having an argument or even just a normal conversation. Dawg, this is not debate class. You are not giving a public speech.

No. 687019

>I hate when people explain why a certain argument is unreasonable

No. 687021

The autoflushing toilet at my work. It works TOO well, you barely move and it flushes. Ridiculous.

No. 687030

It's been co-opted by a certain demographic of people. They don't do it because they actually want to correct anyone. It's used as a means to leave someone with egg on their face and to be right. Especially when you're just having a casual conversation. It automatically escalates things to be serious.

No. 687036

the people in the apartment downstairs who play their TV so loud my floors are vibrating and I can understand every single word. I took a video this time so at least my landlords know I'm not exaggerating this shit, why did you mount your TV right next to the ceiling. more importantly why did you advertise yourselves as quiet people

No. 687043

I don't like when scrote dudebros do this in a dickish way but there's nothing wrong with pointing out logical inconsistencies. Nobody has to be confrontational about it

No. 687072

File: 1607035178274.gif (1.66 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


No. 687073

basically what I find annoying is people who don't switch characters in OW. Ty for listening.

No. 687083

Cats whining and scratching at doors is fucking annoying.

No. 687093

Yeah they treat it like some top secret thing or keep it really vague for no reason

No. 687140

File: 1607043890861.jpeg (67.53 KB, 500x500, B82A1382-03FF-4E88-AB70-F006A0…)

No. 687154

Cooking videos and people coming out the woodwork saying the person didn't make it aUtHeNTicAlLY. Italians, sorry you guys are especially annoying about this. So what a person added butter to their Cacio e Pepe calm down it's not gonna kill your granny.

No. 687184

update, I texted him and asked him to turn it down because I had a final presentation to give and didn't want his TV coming across to the class over my microphone. it was that loud. he apologized, turned it down, and wished me luck. I was nice, he was nice, I thought that was that.

they just came home a little while ago. I'm already in bed. I think they'd been out drinking because they and their girlfriends all came back in one car and were talking/laughing loudly, dropping shit, and being generally rowdy. then one of them walks into the room directly under my bedroom and shouts loud enough for me to hear crystal clear: "now you're making demands. Listen kid, I don't know what kind of house you thought you were renting, but it's not a nice one." They all laughed, and quieted down a bit a few minutes later.

I've been here for over a year, they moved in less than three months ago. I'm a female in her early 20s, they're two men in their mid 30s. This has officially gone from annoying to concerning.

How could they be shouting at anyone other than me? Nothing else they said was loud enough for me to make out. That one thing was shouted twice as loud as anything else. What the fuck

No. 687190

File: 1607051837237.jpeg (207.13 KB, 828x1327, 35D67440-F438-42F0-92B8-960BA3…)

i was looking through some art on twitter and of course i fucking stumble upon loli/shota drawings by the artist. I genuinely don’t understand what goes through these peoples minds to think like this. I will never have respect for these people.

No. 687194

For some reason, I get really annoyed when people try to sell their used or damaged items for a premium price in online marketplace forums. By my understanding, it's common sense to look up what the going rate of an item is before you price it and post it online, and very few people are so naive that they will pay for example the full retail price for a common second-hand commodity. This is something I've noticed happens a lot more in the city where I'm currently based than in other places I've lived. It just seems scammy and it rubs me the wrong way.

No. 687241

I hate that reflex people have when they explicitly read or see you are having an awful time or are feeling terrible and they nessage you "Are you okay?" Like, god damn it i clearly am not, what the fuck kind of question is that! I understand wanting to aproach but that "u ok?" Kills me and annoys me to no end, ask something else like "wanna talk?" i dont know.

No. 687258

To be fair if someone said "you look depressed" I'd feel shit. "are you ok" gives the person freedom to say they're fine if they want to be left alone.

No. 687273

I’m annoyed by the obvious scrotes in the vtuber thread trying to use it as a place to find dirt on people. Go back to 4chan.

No. 687919

I've struggled with people asking me this for years. I loathe this question when I'm upset about something and if someone asks me this when I'm already in a bad mood it's often the thing that sends me over the edge and makes me cry. Then it's this awkward cycle of me being even more emotional and them wanting to help and me really wanting to be left alone, but I don't have the energy to explain this to them.

No. 688160

I don't know if it's a condition or something, but I feel like my brain goes too fast when I'm thinking, everytime I write a post I forget words because I'm already planning the next phrase. I usually manage to catch it before sending the reply, but I sometimes delete and repost just for one word, and there's even moments where I reread old posts and I see important words missing, I get embarrassed everytime I see it.

No. 688195

Same, I just write on autopilot and skip one word sometimes

No. 689216

GC anons bleeding into the rest of /ot/ and not being able to retort without getting a ban but also not being able to share my opinions without getting called a handmaiden

No. 689376

oh golly gee anon, I don't know how you can take it! I guess you would just have to go to literally any other website to get away from all these big gc meanies. What a shame.

No. 689397

With that logic…couldn't GC anons outside of the MtF and FtM threads also go to the several other sites that facilitate those discussions? If they can complain about "muh censorship" in /meta/ then I think I should be able to complain about how annoying they are as well.

No. 693209

Oh my God the koreaboos in the comments are so fucking annoying

No. 693215

File: 1607811549366.jpg (36.29 KB, 307x445, 51CGJ3W38lL._AC_SY445_.jpg)

this stupid show. hate it.

No. 693217

is this some quebecois shit usually they better cartoons then us anglos

No. 693224

>mfw people constantly baiting discussion about this topic with "god i hate those annoying terf spergs!!!" all the time and then going to cry to meta about how /ot/ is ruined forever because someone replied to them
So tiring

No. 693231

>mfw anons can never believe people are genuinely just tired of GC conversations ending up in every /ot/ thread, meanwhile anyone in support of/indifferent toward trans people in the same threads are immediately railroaded or called bait
Yeah. Sucks.

No. 693250

sounds like someone can't handle the bants on lolcow of all places

No. 693268

Ayrt and unfortunately, I've been banned before for trying to do some harmless banter so…

No. 693312

Same, I just have to believe my sense of humour sucks but its still sad that I can't indulge my bantsy side

No. 693538

Iirc, yeah. I would watch both English and French, and I hated it. Mainly due to the reruns being played non fucking stop.

No. 693576

Ever since a friend of mine decided to start fishing for an autism diagnosis she’s been really playing up all these stereotypical traits that she never had before. She’ll walk up to random store clerks and overshare about her life, bought a bunch of gimmicky accessories to stim with, started sitting with her legs in weird positions in a way that’s clearly not comfortable for her, complains about the textures of clothing she’s worn for years without issue, declaring everything she’s vaguely into her special interest, telling people “I’m sorry I didn’t do that thing like I promised I would, it’s my executive dysfunction!”, purposefully knocking things over and saying “oops haha weak spatial awareness in action am I right?”, and of course constantly telling everyone she has autism even though she hasn’t been diagnosed with anything yet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s legitimately on the spectrum but it’s like she found a checklist online and is using it as a guide on how she ought to behave. I’m autistic too and frankly, it’s kind of insulting. She wasn’t like this half a year ago.

No. 693794

this is hilarious anon, I'm sorry it must also be obnoxious but lmfao

No. 693994

Ironically, hamming things up so badly with no self awareness of how obviously fake it is is a compelling symptom of autism. She's living the dream.

No. 694184

For some reasons I get so anxious over listening voicemails, even from people I know like my mom.

No. 694209

Why don't you call her out for it? Say "You didn't have a problem with your clothes a few months ago, why are you uncomfortable now?"

No. 694393

>started sitting with her legs in weird positions in a way that’s clearly not comfortable for her,

lol I didn't even know sitting in certain positions was an autism thing? Why does she want to be uber autistic anyway? Seems like she's fallen into neurodivergent Twitter and thinks all these things are cute and trendy now

No. 694699

when you're part of a marginalized group and other people who are not part of it get offended on your behalf over the most retarded shit. when you're accused of faking being part of said group for not being offended enough by said retarded shit…

i was accused by a bunch of white kids on discord of lying about being (half) black because i'm not particularly bothered by a certain japanese video game character's hair style. i don't even remember seeing any other actual black person complaining about this anyway. will delete if racebait

No. 694726

This makes me think of a time my (Asian) boyfriend and a mutual (black) friend went out together. They were talking about virtue signaling, cancel culture, how people just want to be victims and get outraged over stupid shit that has no bearing on real racism. Some white lady turned around in her seat outraged and ready to lecture them but when she saw they weren't white she just kind of grumbled to herself and settled back in kek. Guess she at least had the sensibility to not engage after that but it's pathetic that people are so self absorbed that they co-opt problems that aren't theirs in order to feel more important. Even at the expense of the people who actually have to deal with those problems.

No. 695617

non-americans online with no ties to the US who care more about US politics than about stuff going on in their own countries

No. 695628

It's so annoying seeing people fake being black on the internet. Redditors invading black spaces to engage in racism like they're not obvious. Other people saying they're black before going onto say the most vile shit while butchering aave. We live in peoples head rent free it's sad

No. 695632

Fug, am I autistic? I can't sit at a chair without putting at least one leg up

No. 695692

I've seen memes that sitting in weird ways is a gay thing and memes that this is a ADHD thing, I'm sure anons will have seen it claimed by other communities
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, groups of people just like to claim things

No. 695698

File: 1608162243367.png (553.29 KB, 640x480, tenor.png)

I live in a pretty humid place and right now humidity is super low and I feel like shit, my face feels all dry (it may be allergies too)

No. 695725

File: 1608163219743.gif (35.98 KB, 397x361, 1576851463398.gif)

Switch keeps signing me out of my device and the fucking downloads are so slow, I just wanna play a little among us

No. 695766

why is everyone in this game so concerned about making money reeee i just want to have fun with friends and kill bosses and not be guilt tripped for having a good time

playing virtual economies is super lame. congrats bitch, you're dominating anime tiddy wall street. want a prize?

No. 695894

i play a similar game (where you can make money) and i've seen the same type of people. annoying, they don't seem to enjoy the game.

No. 695896

i'm assuming you're murican. this is why this country needs better healthcare so tards like her can actually get a diagnosis and not pull this self-diagnosis shit.

Many of these people self-diagnosising may be trying to compensate for other issues but I'm sure plenty of them actually do and could benefit from one.

No. 696185

File: 1608232683696.png (859.62 KB, 1242x2208, D019607B-D086-449A-94AE-7A16F3…)

This kind of shit, for some reason. It feels empty/self-serving. I’m sure it helps some people, but when I read it, I immediately roll my eyes and think, “oh shut up.”

No. 696188

It was cute at first, but now it’s just overused like how the keep calm meme got wanked to death.

No. 696301

I am so sick of the majority (or what feels like it) of my IG feed being things I don't fucking follow.

No. 696329

this bothers me because it's disingenuous. how do they know i am loved? by who? and the other things are a given, if someone doesn't actually think being sad/angry/tired is okay they have problems this shitty post can't fix.

No. 696344

Exactly. This person (and the type of person is comes from tbh) wants asspats and “Becky, you’re so strong and kind uwu,” stuff, but it’s all incredibly performative. Everything she does is, it’s very tiring.

No. 696610

File: 1608269578581.gif (2.77 MB, 350x200, 38a7a50dc545dd1ec491ec8e3f849c…)

When you're told the creator of something is a girl, and you find out they're just some troon

No. 698635

File: 1608523490242.jpg (28.64 KB, 478x479, gzJE621.jpg)

I don't get why, but Youtube doesn't stop recomending me a lot of these very annoying channels of girls (And one guy, but I'm sure there's more) that made videos of "ArE THe StrAigHts OkaY?" while reacting to circlejerking Tik Toks or leftist "memes".
I hate how condecedent and smug those people seem, and besides, there was one girl who cannot stop putting on the titles how gay she is, on a "I'm not like others girl" way. I haven't given myself the bother to watch those videos, but none of those people give me a good vibe, they seem like the type of people who sooner or later would get caught for a grooming atempt.

I got another video recomendation from that girl called "Queer Kiwi" or something, I don't know but no matter how much I tried to fix the Youtube setting so they could stop getting notification about her color-puke videos, Youtube won't stop with her, and I hate it.

No. 698885

There's this YouTuber I've been watching for probably about four or five years, and while he's always been the kinda screamy random type of person (pls don't judge, I was like 14 when I started watching him lmao), his videos were still entertaining enough. I don't know if I just became more sensitive to these jokes or it really got a lot worse, but all his sexual jokes and innuendo became unbearable. You can't watch more than two minutes straight without hearing again and again how his nipples are hard and his "you know what i'm saying?? that's what she said hahahahaha" type of humour. Even if he's doing it self ironic, I swear it wasn't as bad before…

No. 699193

File: 1608593153548.jpg (40.4 KB, 750x750, 305b0f7771bc39488b6e6ac00aa1a0…)

>looking up sexeh fanart of husbando of the week
>this one looks nice from the thumbnail
>artist gave him top surgery scars

oh well, at least there is still pixiv

No. 699200

Been there, your pic sums up that feeling accurately

No. 699509

is there a way to photoshop them out? cant be that hard

No. 700191

File: 1608664831896.jpg (255.7 KB, 540x433, kngRp6L.jpg)


No. 700194


kek i'd do it but what if the artist catches me and yells at me for aRt ThEfT

No. 700197

Imagine someone making a video on the troons not being ok. We'd never hear the end of it and they would suicide bait immediately lmao

I don't normally advocate for art theft but I've seen quite a few people edit out trans bullshit off character art kek. If you post anonymously they can't do shit.
Especially on "Gay" troon art. Gay male autists have no mercy and sometimes do it out of spite.

No. 700202

>Imagine someone making a video on the troons not being ok
I hope someone does it, that'd be hilarious

No. 700215

you could edit it and keep it for personal use. i do that whenever people draw characters i like as fatties

No. 700308

But that meme looks like a generic parenting meme, most likely made by cis people? Yes it’s mocking other cis people but spend five minutes on a parenting forum and you’ll see loads of cis people sperging about newborn baby girls having massive bows shoved on there heads, etc. The type that are die-hard about gender norms are the mocked minority.

Are the trans/enbies okay? Do they really think that people who do this to their baby’s hair are considered normal among cis people?

No. 700323

I'm 99% sure that if the meme was about ~When my boy tells me he feels like a girl~ that dude and others of the same species would be praising it.

No. 700844

We have a single room/stall bathroom at work, and I went to wash my hands first thing at work this morning. Seat was left up and there was visible piss on the rim. Men are so fucking gross, we are ADULTS. If you don't want to clean your piss, no one else does!!!!

No. 702449

I wish my mom would stop denying that my brother is her golden child, even he acknowledges it. I was not raised badly or neglected but it's painfully obvious she's more invested in his life and more interested by his stories.

No. 702598

File: 1608920635138.gif (543.04 KB, 443x918, gif.gif)

I hate these two synchronized snowflakes. This isn't artistic swimming, go be individual or some shit…

No. 702610

the snowlfakes are classiq stop bitchin, its temp and adorable. let people enjoy things

No. 702612

I thought it was raining double and it was a gif kek

No. 702616

I'm not bitching about the snow flakes, I love them, I just hate those two that keep mirroring each other.

No. 702953

fuck why did I have to read this I'll never stop looking for the twins now

okay actually it's kind of cozy, I worry they won't come back and then I see them again and everything is fine

Merry Christmas anon

No. 747444

I hate doubleposts, it's always people who have nothing good to say who make them. I just scrolled past your post retard, I don't want to see you come back after 2 seconds!!

No. 747463

I'm in a discord server full of scrotes and it's both annoying and hilarious how they go into the venting channel and sperg about how sad they are that their crushes don't love them back and then proceed to post porn actresses and hentai several times a day in the nsfw channel.

No. 747753

I follow a bunch of youtubers that mainly do reactions to a couple of my fave cows. Some of the reactors go all out mean and others have a gentler style of delivering the criticism. There's one out there to suit every level of bitchiness from tame to intense. Pick your style.

What I hate is people who choose to watch the gentler approach ones and then start moaning and whinging about how they aren't cut-throat enough… I mean they never were. You knew what you were watching from day one. Why should they now change and skate the thin line between youtube terminating them or not? There's plenty of channels risking that or taking the namecalling approach that you like. They always pull this shit of commenting
> I don't know if I can stick around and enjoy your streams anymore, your mods deleted my comment saying she's a fat cow who'll die soon and the pig deserves it. Sort your mods out and I may just stick around. I'm not here to give ass pats or sugar coat things!
Quick, change your whole channel before they leave lol. I swear these people watch every last reaction channel out there and can't have much time left over to do anything in their own lives. I see the same usernames all the time, pushing for harsher reactions. God forbid they have one less channel to enjoy if their threats aren't listened to.

No. 759716

File: 1615542102474.jpeg (459.78 KB, 828x1321, A74DA034-52D9-40F0-A85F-EE28FD…)

>know the dangers of this world
>still decide to get pregnant

No. 759832

File: 1615564068026.gif (223.53 KB, 220x220, tenor (5) (2).gif)

I despise it when you ask someone to help out and they feign ignorance on how to do the basic task and ask a million questions on how to do it. As if the tasks weren't obvious. As if they don't have a handheld supercomputer in their pockets to Google anything on that crossed their mind.
You don't know how to put dishes away? You don't know how to cut meat and put away leftovers? How do you think I found out how to do the shit I wasn't explicitly taught by my parents? Just do it!

I wish they'd just say they don't want to help so I can proper be mad at them for being lazy or selfish, instead of trying to hide behind faux ignorance that paints me into the bad guy for being annoyed when they fucking know better.

No. 759841

do you expect her to not have children because of the existence of scrotes?

No. 759858

File: 1615567315762.jpg (47.07 KB, 500x667, a30.jpg)

Do you ever see a post on a thread you know will derail it for 3 hours to day so you ignore it until the infighting goes down because no one can talk over the sound of 4 autists fighting?

No. 759880

I feel like people my age are so behind. Which is weird because for the longest time I’ve felt like I was the one behind. Watching former college / high school friends post shit on Facebook like “a much needed break after taking care of a puppy! and working! Omg so tired…”

I work, have a 4 story home to clean and maintain, cook every night, take care of pets and another person, have a side business, and volunteer for a youth organization. I don’t post shit or tell anyone about my problems.

People who need to assert how busy or stressed they are all the time really have no clue. Then again, I here I am broadcastIng my own inner monologue here on lolcow instead of social media, so maybe I’m not one to talk.

No. 759891


I feel this so much. Some people are just helpless and it pisses me off. No one taught me explicitly how to do certain things and I hate this air of helplessness some people have but they will get all uppity and offended if you suggest otherwise.

No. 759892

I know, right? It’s so hard to keep my five room beachfront house clean, volunteer at the homeless center AND get good grades in high school. Why are people so annoying about their lives? Idgi

No. 759921

I'm a lot more understanding if teenagers have that attitude or kids, but if a full grown adult is coming at me with first grade tier questions I'm gonna get heaps mad if they don't even attempt to find an answer themselves first.

No. 759923

Love the brief moment of self-awareness at the end.

No. 759980

I wonder which scorned out transbien or resident 8ch lurker scrote is posting his gore fap dump right now. All the necrophilia and pedophilia image posting does is prove the pp/radfem/gc anons right

No. 760260

File: 1615603210877.jpg (486.81 KB, 1181x845, Six_Stages_of_Mending_a_Face_s…)

80% of the dues who post their nudes online are legit hideous. It's because most do it for their own pleasure, so they don't give a fuck how sexy they look. I know most dudes are delusional about their looks, but I've seen people who look like the glasses kid from superbad post with the confidence of Chad thundercock

My specific fetish, judge me all you want, is super prone to this because I like fat/chubby guys and they think liking fat=liking ugly. They have to be cute under all of their lard goddamn it

No. 760288

There’s a legit psychochan in the Royal Drama thread having a meltdown over Megs and it’s annoying me to no end. The thread started off well and now they’re fucking it up with their retarded hyper obsession with this silly woman and her cross eyed husband, please someone exorcise them and send them back to Tattle.life kek.

No. 760350

Meghan Markle is a cow. It’s not psycho or obsessive to admit that. It’s annoying as fuck having to hear and see her on the news all the goddamn time when there is more important things going on. I don’t understand why she has so many retarded white knights.

No. 760403

Those posters who say "anon" all the time. It's the imageboard equivalent of a creepy middle aged woman calling you "sweetie" or whatever the fuck. You don't have to do that.

No. 760408

why are there so many shock image posters nowadays? like how bored can you be

No. 760413

They probably realized this is a female imageboard who hates men and troons so they went off in the deep end as we all know moids cannot handle rejection of any kind

No. 760417

shock images, not stock images, anon…

No. 760418

People who whiteknight the shit out of her are obsessed with wokeism or hatred for royal family, when BOTH her and royal family are huge cows. I don't understand why people feel the need to wk a couple that are begging other countries for money and do clickbait interviews just to stay relevant

No. 760419

People who get mad at sweetie or dear are fucking autistic. Why, are you mad because someone is making some kind of connection with you outside of bland cynicism?

No. 760438

Nta but 'sweetie' is the number one thing I see butthurt scrotes saying any time they disagree with a woman online. I don't often see women calling other women sweetie so in my mind it's too associated with that.

I remember a few years ago hun was one of those terms people fought over, I knew women who called absolutely everyone hun in a friendly way but every now and then a man would go batshit over it. So they love to call us all sorts of sickly sweet condescending terms and can't take it back in any way whether it's meant to insult or be a term of endearment? Cool.

A woman in a nearby store calls me darling all the time and I kinda love it. All depends on who is saying and reading their intention behind it

No. 760440

I always associated it with older women in the south and general southern jargon but im not surprised scrotes use it to yet again belittle women

No. 760493

Who in the hell is whiteknighting her? Neither of you are making sense. No one in the royal drama thread is complimenting her, I don’t have any issues discussing her behavior or her family. But she’s not the only one who is acting retarded, and the thread is not just for her.

No. 760687

File: 1615662552601.jpg (776.64 KB, 1440x2242, 20210313_190718.jpg)

Fucking "woke" scrotes on twitter make me absolutely fucking SEEETTHHHHHE. I mean men in general, period.

No. 760691

Glad he lost his job, hopefully he will also rope himself.

No. 760702

Even when they are claiming do be doing shit for women… they have to whine about themselves and demand that women do more. There's no difference between woke men and just plainly shitty men, slightly different versions of the same old mind games.

No. 760963

File: 1615687511757.png (91.99 KB, 500x281, D098214A-DCC6-43A0-8BCB-4D9C09…)

The absolutely retarded anon in the art salt thread posting random coomer art to ask anons itt if we think it counts as degenerate pedo art. Use your brain for once so the thread doesn’t have to have the same argument over and over. Everyone itt agreed it’s unfortunate for the traumatized artists who make vent pieces but that’s how it is. Why do you keep asking. Shut the fuck up or seek help.

No. 760966

kek honestly if she thinks it's so degenerate why must she keep finding and posting more

No. 760976

Motherfucker is like "yeah I do nice shit to help women" but then when a woman talks he's like "SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M THE ONE SPEAKING I HELP WOMEN DON'T YOU SEE?????"

No. 760978

NTA I didn't see everyone agreeing though, I think it's fair to ask if they're confused

No. 760984

That’s the thing though, she can just come to her own conclusion. Why does she need the judgement of random anons to decide for herself? Or just read the previous threads to get the idea instead of making multiple unsaged posts to ask for a unanimous consensus on something anons will never agree on.

all coomers are degenerates so I don’t get why she can’t make her own fucking conclusion instead of subtly begging anons to agree with her multiple times.

>be anon

>post pedo shit in art salt
>anons is this pedo? a random male coomer made it can you tell me if this is degenerative? I know he’s a sexual deviant but I don’t think it’s sexual. btw he is a known pedo

Just why.

No. 760990

Some people are confused, don't know things, and not artist themselves.

No. 761007

Everything my mom says and does annoys me even when I agree with her or she did nothing wrong. I wish it was as simple as internalized misogyny I could work on but I just don't like her for other reasons

No. 761029

>making some kind of connection
Half the time I hear it being used in a sarcastic or patronizing way (same with "hun")

No. 761074

Thank you for summing up whatever the fuck is happening in that thread because I'm not going near it. I dipped out after the first two uguuu pastel guro~ pieces and came back to all the blatant pedo art being dumped. Fuck whoever is posting that garbage here, especially considering the illegal shit that's being spammed on every board, all the god damn time lately. I honestly wonder if there's a correlation. The mods should just lock that thread now that its full of shit you can't even post on 4chan. Sorry for sperging but seeing that shit along with the image posted again in /m/ today really fucked up my whole evening. I need to stop coming to this entire godforsaken site but I can't quit you bitches. Pedos get reckt.

No. 761115

She’s literally giving him the solution he’s asking for: telling him how to change without “staying away from women for all eternity” (which btw, is completely healthy, we would thrive without them) and she’s doing it in a completely neutral way.

No. 761397

I went out shopping early thismorning and like most Sunday mornings in my lazy town there was barely anyone on the streets.

At one point a man was approaching and he had one of those breeds of dog that rough men in my country love to own as if they're a macho status symbol or an intimidation thing. I like dogs but I don't trust men who are drawn to those breeds. Seeing as nobody else was around I crossed over the street to avoid the man. A min or two down the road I went to cross back over again and the guy had stopped, turned around and was just watching me? I've no idea why he was watching or if he just thought I was dumb for crossing over, but again I'm not scared of your dog. It's men. If a woman was walking that same dog I would've stayed on that path.

The day that I first moved here I was standing with my phone out looking at google maps because I didn't know the area at all. I'm shit with directions so I was fully concentrating on the screen when a man loudly shouted at me something like "oh don't be scared of the dog, he doesn't bite! ha!" I hadn't even been aware of a dog before that. I hate men who walk around with big dogs and either want to see you scared or they try to force an interaction with you using the dog to start it.

No. 763956

People with the shittiest opinions are the loudest about them and can't wait to share them. Even if it's not the topic at hand, they have to at least mention it in passing, just so that everybody knows what they think.

No. 764027

Maybe you just notice opinions you don't like more than opinions you agree with.

No. 764084

This is such a tumblrina thing to be annoyed over but I'm a single, gay woman in my 30's and my coworkers and family keep saying shit like "When you find a husband" and I'm too much of a pussy to straight out tell them that I'm not into men. Why can't they just say "When you find a partner" if they have to assume that my life needs to be complete only when I'm dating.

No. 764087

Yup, still happens to me too, but now I stopped giving a fuck and told them I'm never getting married. Pretty sure they've already figured out that I'm a lesbian, so I think this is how they're asking me to formally come out to them, which is dumb. None of them disclosed their sexual lives with me, lol

No. 764089

i can't fucking stand people oversharing sex stuff at parties, it really fucking kills the vibe for me but no one else seems to agree

No. 764092

a few weeks ago my sister came over yelling about how nobody can make her take the vaccine and making a stink. yesterday she took me aside and asked how i felt about the vaccine "no judgement", then told me about how her workplace had offered her the pfizer variant and started discussing which would be best to take and i just. what bitch? considering you intersect with all of the risk groups i'm real glad you got over your little facebook spell of bullshit but does that whiplash hurt?!

No. 764110


OMG Anon!! I'm dealing with a co-worker like this too. We're all in 1A so the company sent out emails in groups to schedule the doses and she legit told me she wasnt going to get it because 'Something something Lyme disease' in Teams. Then acted all squirrely when I mentioned I scheduled mine. (I had a medical emergency in 2019 in the office and since then its been 'Chronically Ill Opression Olympics' with her, its fucking annoying as fuck) and started to guilt me for doing so. I told her off cause quiet frankly I'm sick of her whiny shit.

Week finishes out and we have a team meeting the following week. Everyone in the team is talking about getting the vaccine, how they've been feeling,and my boss made a very generic 'If you don't feel safe getting the vaccine no harm no foul speech.'

Suddenly she starts squawking in our Teams chat that she never got her schedule email. And 'How dare HR forget about me! I have lymes/Lupus/or whatever the fuck' I'm like, 'You said you got it last week and didnt want to get it cause of safety, which is fine'
Her: 'No anon, I just checked my email and noticed I never got it.'

The schedule link was only live for 24 hours, they literally sent an email telling everyone that. So, surejan.jpg. She got her email after bitching out some poor HR Pleb and is now complaining about Vaccine pain as I type this up. God help me, I just can be rid of this fucking cow.

No. 764148

The end of baguettes have no business being so hard and sharp

No. 765066

File: 1616182721516.gif (2.4 MB, 480x270, C9641CCA-68F5-459A-991E-209837…)

People saying “folks”. You say it because you’re saying something fucked and saying “_ people” is too offensive so you use “folks” to lighten the blow and feign a sense of kinship with whomever you’re talking about. Shut the fuck up and say “people” like a normal person you cretin. It didn’t bother me before but in the past year it’s like the default term for a group of people by this generation of autists and it’s even more retarded when “folx” is used instead. It’s genuinely annoying and when people use it I assume they’re a pandering loser who cries at the first instance of criticism.

No. 765078

oh god yes I hate this shit too. I feel like it is a twitter/tumblr SJW-libfag thing and i feel my toenails rolling up everytime i have to read "……folx is oppressed and you are wrong!!1!"

No. 765082

I say folks sometimes. Idk if it's because I'm Southern American, but I really like it.

No. 765107

Those are the words that make me think of aspergers. If older people use them alot it make sense but young people using those words a lil too much makes me think they have the tism.

Like you already explained, the word for folks is just people. With hence..who the fuck says hence? And when it comes to them saying 'nowadays' all the time…they're usually 20 year olds obsessed with comparing 'nowadays' to other times when they werent even around to know what it was like. Pensioner talk coming out of young people is either autists trying to sound smarter than they are or them just grasping language in a way that's void of age appropriate social skills.

I feel a lil autistic reading my own post back but fuck it lol

No. 765112

or maybe they just say hence and nowadays because the people around them said it while they were growing up? Geez, even you said it yourself that older people say it

No. 765114

south asian anon who constantly spergs about black people and group black people with troons is a fucking bitch. im tired of seeing her shitty rants in every thread because she cant contain herself not to project her bad experiences with social media autists on an entire group of people. dumbass teenager

No. 765123

What other threads has she appeared in? And why the fuck would she come back.

No. 765128

to the list lol

No. 765135

Yes. The only people who have a pass to ever use the word 'folks' are people who grew up hearing it from their parents. The white liberals who collectively adopted it into their vocabulary, I guess in an attempt to sound like 20th century labor organizers or something, need a slap in the mouth. I recently saw a plebbitor use both 'white folks' and 'POC' in the same sentence and it gave me hives. Add to this the extreme pretension of ever saying 'we must', or saying 'we can not' instead of 'we can't', 'folks' instead of people, 'bodies' instead of people, especially combined with all the deranged initialisms. The worst thing is that retarded online conservatives are starting to adopt this in their own way, also constantly insisting that 'we must' and throwing around words like 'countrymen' in the hopes that they'll sound like Mel Gibson from Braveheart or something. I may be autistic for caring this much about internet language trends, but at least I'll never sound like someone who uses Twitter.

No. 765162

MtF thread and Unpopular Opinions off the top of my head. I have a suspicion they're the one constantly baiting Art Thread too.
Cannot agree more it's fucking annoying. Bitch needs some Lithium and an ass beating in that order

No. 765225

oh no people talk like the generations did before them that raised them kek. actually autism.

No. 771036

I don't get people who refuse to look at recipes and are shocked when their food sucks. My roommate normally doesn't cook but the other day she tried to panfry an unseasoned chicken thigh in milk (?). It looked so gross, like she cooked it in vomit, and she ended up throwing half of it out. There's plenty of simple recipes you can find online that will tell you how to cook chicken properly. What a waste of food when you won't take the most basic steps to prepare your food.

No. 771047

Meat is literally the easiest thing to cook. You just warm it until it looks cooked lol. I always laugh when men try and boast about being chefs and they talk about cooking meat only. Bravo. You can rotate food.

No. 771352

Me neither! I think everybody should know how to cook at least three different dishes initially, once you have the hang of a few basic cooking methods it's so easy to freestyle it. But when people just mix and heat up random food items it just feels wasteful.

No. 771378

learn the basics. steamed greens. salads. sauté chicken/beef, potatos, ramen, rice, pasta.
then the biscuits, cakes, scones, slice.
sticky date pudding, banana custard, golden syrup dumplings
roast duck, duck fat potatos, crisp greens with vinaigrette .
beginners course

No. 771440

Nta but these are basics? I've never in my life even eaten sticky date pudding, golden syrup dumplings or duck. Is this specifically American or something?

No. 771448

I don't get all the ins and outs of youtube and how much it cares or punishes certain actions from uploaders but every now and then I'll find a channel with 1 or 2 thousand subs, run by a young male and he'll be in his own comment sections harassing anyone who disagrees with the opinions shared in the vid. Especially women, especially when it's him shitting on all women as being cheating whores. Sure people love arguing in youtube comment sections… that's a well known thing but channel owners doing it seems particularly retarded.

Then when anyone points that out "it's my channel I'll do what I want" Yeah I don't think that's how that works.

No. 771494

When men have non existent eyebrows it annoys the shit out of me. they should learn to use makeup for it.

No. 771500

I hate it when men with bad eyebrows or unibrows think they're suddenly beauty critics and start ragging on women for their eyebrows. If you have amazing brows yourself and you keep them looking good and know what that takes..then critique away but who do these unibrow sporting no effort straight guys think they are to bash someone?

I have pretty non existant brows myself and I don't own make up either, but then I would never come for someones brows knowing I don't do shit with mine.

No. 771558

those are some very definitively British basics actually lol. Am american and have never had those desserts, and duck is mostly holidays only. An actual dessert basic i would say is apple crumble. chop 4 apples (leave skin on, its healthy), mix apples with their seasonings, mix dry ingredients, mush butter into dry mix with fingers until lumpy-clumpy like wet sand, dump dry mix on apples, bake, done. I have it down to about 10 minutes prep and that's mostly apple chopping. Really hard to get wrong and any recipe will do, unlike strange british puddings and cakes which are quite difficult imo…

No. 771841

It's NAVEL piercing not NAVAL. You have a NAVEL not a fucking naval jesus FUCKING christ

No. 771865

Thank you for this post, it's cathartic
Also might I add, it's JEALOUSY and not JEALOUSLY
She's jealously saying something, and she's doing it out of jealousy bitch it ain't hard

No. 771893

Tyrone isn't a county, it's a cunt factory.

No. 771897

Is that where you're from?

No. 771898

Definitely not.

No. 771919

I live near there, close but not quite a cunt

No. 771937

My condolences.

No. 772085

File: 1617038447281.png (486.34 KB, 627x454, not shen yufei.png)

I found out that this book I really liked (The Three Body Problem) has a comic version too and sadly it kinda sucks but what really annoyed me is when they showed this character who in the book is described as an unfeminine woman who doesn't care about her looks! I'm angry, why are comic artists perfectly capable of drawing plain men but not plain women

No. 773113

It really bothers me when I see women, especially GC/radfems, claim that no woman could ever find anal sex pleasurable and anyone who does is just trying to please men.
I know from my own personal experience that this isn't true, anal sex can absolutely be physically pleasurable to some women, and it bothers me most when radfems say this because I feel like it's denying that women have just as diverse and varied sexualities as men. I'm not trying to oppose criticism of violence and pain in sex either, the idea that anal is inherently degrading or violent to women is also just not true.

I understand why women say stuff like this, no one should be pressured or expected to do anal and obviously the way it's portrayed in porn and culture is really bad, but you can discuss these things without making stupid and inaccurate claims.

No. 773142

Like many things, it's usually okay if the woman is the one who suggests it because it physically feels good for her. You can be sure scrotes who are into anal and ask their girlfriend's to do it don't care about her pleasure, lmao, they just get off on how degrading and taboo it is.

No. 773842

File: 1617226611718.jpeg (168.44 KB, 1260x1260, 74C8BF1D-4AE9-430D-8AC7-BFF973…)

I like Alexisparade’s art but tbh I find her personality very obnoxious.

No. 773854

This art reminds me of nemu so much wth?

No. 773884

Mostly agree with this. It is clearly possible for anal sex to be physically pleasure to women. But I think you have to also examine it like any other male oriented kink (like BDSM and DDGL). Would women be as in to anal sex if they weren’t exposed to the idea that cool and fun girls do it and that guys will eventually come to expect it? As a woman who actually does enjoy anal immensely, I’m still asking myself those questions.

No. 773894

Looks like if you handed the Big Mouth art direction to a random Tumblr user. Also those eyebrows are abysmal

No. 773899

I'm stoned & this is so funny

No. 773904

>Would women be as in to anal sex if they weren’t exposed to the idea that cool and fun girls do it
I like anal because my yaoi husbands do it, so whenever I fuck myself in the ass I always think "ah yes,just like a real life uke" and I try to moan like junjo romantica

No. 773909

Genuinely off yourself anonita

No. 773910

Yeah I definitely agree with this, I think those sorts of questions deserve serious consideration.
I've just seen people claiming that no woman can actually enjoy anal because we don't have prostates and it's that reductive view of sexuality that bothers me. But I also understand that women want to push back against the portrayal in porn that it's this ecstatic experience for everyone.

No. 774226

File: 1617292849397.gif (925.82 KB, 498x460, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I have never met any one sane who likes 'hasbin hotel' and 'hell of a boss'. It's either literal children or adults with mental complexes. Never have I seen a fanbase be so horrid on launch.

No. 774229

I know right, the pilots were okayish, but i can’t even try to watch the series, they’re just annoying to the senses.

No. 774256

The only Hazbin fan that I met was a 15yo tranny…

No. 774277

it's meh. I don't hate or like it tbh

No. 774283

Hazbin is unbridled autism and I suppose I can stomach the other one because of the voice acting. Vizipop the creator or whatever her name is has an overall style that can only be described as “2005 deviant forum RP”

No. 774290

I liked the Hasbin pilot, but I hate the other cartoon with the zoobait character and that annoying ass VA Horvitz.

Both are basically zoomer Invader Zim with swearing, but at least Hasbin had a female lead character who seemed to be interesting.

No. 774315

File: 1617301371780.jpg (3.43 MB, 4648x3440, 5a7bb8440fadbfe18cf86a8df83fc6…)

These fucking convoluted reading charts 4channers make. They're just "we're so smart" self wankery. I doubt anyone who finished this list would stick to their brain dead red pilled beliefs.
To add on their read this than that order is often wrong or over looks a lot.

No. 774684

File: 1617351602365.jpeg (54.47 KB, 500x363, 0E05F011-8DAF-46AA-B121-7E7091…)

nonnette posting victoria in the cute girls thread on /m/. Fuck you and fuck off. I hope you just randomly found those images not knowing who she was and unfortunately decided to share.

No. 775992

Starting to find madokafags annoying tbh. I've noticed not only here, but also on other sites too, they act weirdly insecure whenever someone criticizes the series or even has a neutral opinion on it and think that it's the same as outright hating it. It's such a black-and-white way of thinking. They can't handle anyone who doesn't praise it as the most bestest best super best anime ever.

No. 786062

An obnoxious male is playing guitar and singing on a long-distance train ride as if everyone wants to hear. What an attention whore.

No. 788536

File: 1619051215370.jpeg (329.05 KB, 1242x2208, DD28A019-F263-4849-94E9-02140D…)

It’s so annoying when there are some interesting comments getting pushed down by shitty kinnies roleplaying as the character in whatever stuff is posted about it.
I just get not only secondhand embarrassment but also extremely annoyed, if those retards want to roleplay, they can do so in their DMs, not somewhere in which no one truly gives a fuck.
Then you have the other retards liking the comments for god knows what stupid ass reason and it’s so retarded.
Just shut the fuck up already, Jesus Christ.

No. 788538

I'd love a list like this but made by farmers to become a cultured, educated person reading good books written by women

No. 788588

When nonettes post ugly ass art in the threads not pertaining to ugly art. I know art is subjective but god, sometimes I think some anons are shilling their own art cause who else would be saving these fuggo art and posting it.

No. 788594

I could possibly start something like this but I'm not sure where it would be best to post it.

No. 788613

I'd maybe start with a general tier list thread on /m/?

No. 788676

File: 1619080439799.jpg (1.08 MB, 2011x2000, 1597815174944.jpg)

I would love also one with movie ! Any movie anon interested ?

No. 788679

Their little side note on fascism and ‘national socialism’, tragic

No. 788683

File: 1619081715104.jpg (7.9 KB, 264x191, 5560-3-4208.jpg)

Just because your horizons of understanding what's a good art are so limited, doesn't mean everybody else's are

No. 788701

File: 1619087166063.gif (456.43 KB, 498x280, 599ad04e40d457ba86eb1c019af3a4…)

No. 788729

Seriously? Palo Alto aka James Franco's filmed faptasy? Also I have mixed feelings on The Virgin Suicides though I do have to admit that the film's whole point is that scrotes will never understand

No. 788735

>Right Wing Socialism

No. 788737

That's a really great list!
I wish the ending in Piano was different.

No. 788758

I HATE heels! I hate wearing them and I hate when others wear them. I can hear your footsteps from a mile away it's so obnoxious CLACK CLACK CLACK!!

No. 788766

I feel so self conscious in heels because of the noise. I live in a first floor apartment with wooden floors and I have tried breaking in heels twice before feeling over whelmingly anxious about the noise and quitting lol.

No. 788771

File: 1619094644518.png (1.26 MB, 744x988, new collection from the skyfor…)

You'll never hear me coming

No. 788827

I kneel…

No. 792438

I experience an intense hatred of internet dog language. 'Goodest boi', 'doggo', 'hecko', 'am doing a boop', kys I hate you

No. 818283

File: 1622226237426.jpeg (49.08 KB, 375x500, 147D1293-F84D-4BD5-A794-F1BF8F…)

Annoyed by the retarded twitter trogs transplanted in /snow/ and /ot/ that are insanely autistic and cannot integrate. You must be 18 to post here, and if any of them are older than that then I’m embarrassed for them. Their retorts are messy, ugly, and draining. Please relax.
The one using LMAO like she has a disease is the most embarrassing. But they are all equally unbased and annoying.

No. 818286

File: 1622226412440.jpg (51.39 KB, 650x471, 47320958430584306456.jpg)

Having long hair is fun except for the fact that I am constantly shedding worse than any pet I've ever had and always having to pick one gazillion hairs off of my shirts halfway through the day

No. 818291

They're annoying but I wish people would just ignore them, that's becoming more annoying. Although they've been samefagging their own infights to shit up threads too. One's been confirmed as an ugly incel from KF so statistically they'll be dead soon.

No. 818296

I can't read any of the 'lmao' anons posts, they sound like as if this anon smashes her head against the keyboard without thinking

No. 818529

Like goddamn can I get a podcast of women talking about videogames or nostalgic/forgotten cartoons? I'm sick of mushy mouthed, over-corrective man children talking!

No. 818542

Does anyone else wonder how they’re not bald? I keep checking my scalp and expecting to see a giant bald spot with how much I shed kek.

No. 818555

I want that too. So bad. no smegmaids like Olivia Munn and Felicia Day

No. 820896

People who reply to "yes or no" questions with opinions, experiences, non-asked for condescending advice or further questions about why you ask or start a discussion.
Just answer the damn question.

No. 820912

Employers that bitch about being understaffed but horribly manage their hiring system and never took the time to go through resumes manually instead of having a bot automatically reject it or refuse to hire qualified people/pay them enough

No. 821016

Gonna piggyback off of this and say it’s annoying af being employed by these retards too

No. 821130

I literally am too. They'll overwork their employees and bitch about employees not being able to come in at their every whim and then it's like why not hire the guy you interviewed last week he did good and they'll be like well he was asking for 12/hr after we advertised on indeed for 12/hr

No. 821184

So for Memorial Day (burgerland) my city planted thousands of flags in the park to represent all of the veterans in the state who had passed away or whatever and while I was passing by I saw at least three different groups of girls taking their instathot pictures in front of the flags kek. I'm not super patriotic or anything, but it just seemed sort of tasteless to me to be taking 'hot' pics in front of a memorial for people who died lol. I just don't really get people who feel the need to insert themselves in every picture they take. If you see something cool or worth documenting, why is it important for you to make sure that you're also in the photo (while posing to make sure you look attractive and happy)? I've never really liked being in pictures though, so maybe it's just a personal thing. It's not that I think that taking photos of yourself is bad, just in some cases it seems really unnecessary.

No. 821222

dear god I fucking hate that, and I hate when you ask a simple question and someone starts telling you a bunch of stuff you don't need to know before actually getting to the answer. like, a while ago I was trying to sell my car to this guy and every time I would ask him "do you want to look at the car today/what time?" he would take hours to reply and when he finally did it would be long winded messages about how he was fighting with his estranged wife, or something. like, just answer the fucking question please.

No. 822349

I am so fucking tired of ~kweer~ youtubers

this channel just got recommended to me, it's a woman who looks like if bernadette banner and laci green had a child, and judging by her content apparently that's what her content is like too. her videos looked like they might be fun so I started watching her video about "six myths you still believe about the middle ages" and only 3 minutes in she goes "judging the hygiene of people in the middle ages comes from a place of privilege"

do leftists get paid every time they use the word privilege?

No. 822366

it annoys me that having pent up aggression is seen as some kind of major flaw instead of something that needs help. People make fictional villains based on people who are angry about other people hurting them. Why the hell is it such a bad thing to be mad about what hurt you? Why do people just call you bitter instead of sympathising/empathising?

Imagine someone burns your house down and when you're still angry a decade later people are like "wow anon wtf you need to learn to let go of the past because hurting makes you evil uwu"

No. 822381

Just my speculation, but it's to do with the fact that people are aware they have hurt someone horribly in some fashion. Intentionally or unintentionally. It makes them uncomfortable that the consequences of their actions could be felt for so long by someone else after the fact. So they push for people to hide or get over those emotions because they don't want to feel bad about themselves with shame. Alternatively, they could also lack the empathy that someone else could possess such strong feelings about what happened–they have trouble conceptualizing that other people are real and feel at all, and remember things that they've forgotten about for years.

Imo being angry is a great and healthy emotion. Anger allows you to recognize flaws in how you are treated, process what happens to you, and is a way to advocate for yourself when necessary. Although I will agree that there is a difference between productive anger and unproductive anger. Obviously no one would want to stick around if one was angry just for the sake of being angry and just repeated the same angry shit over and over. Like acting unhinged and whatnot. It just seems to depend on what you intend to do with your anger once you've let it out. Perhaps if you've reached some kind of insight or conclusion about it. The problem with most villains is that they tend to act out their anger illogically on people who haven't done anything to them, instead of addressing the specific individual or system that turned them into what they are.

No. 822384

Maybe it's because angry people are scary, it's harder to sympathize with someone who could potentially have a violent outburst? Excessive anger IS an issue that people should work out. If I see someone that looks like they're about to pull a mass shooting because they were bullied in highschool the last thing I'm concerned about is if it's a trauma response or if they are at an elevated risk of stomach ulcers or heart damage, I'm just scared of them. Everyone has some baggage but there's a line between that and holding on to grudges in a way that benefits noone

That said there are still a lot of sympathetic angry man characters in films, like John Wick, but a less positive angry female characters and even then their revenge usually revolves around a sexual assault.

Btw I'm talking about emotional dysregulation, but if you actually mean that you're angry that we live in a society where we're expected to forgive our abusers? Fuck that, that's a scam

No. 822385

Agree for the most part but sometimes people twist that to mean someone who was abused as a child isn't responsible for his or her actions, like i have legit seen people make excuses for ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer and carl panzram by saying stuff like "poor guy was abused as a kid:( he just had mental issues and needed therapy/medication:("

No. 822393

Nta but I agree with what you wrote about anger being a healthy emotion. It’s stupid how the common approach is either treating it as a negative thing to be repressed or outright mocking people for getting mad. I wish dealing with anger in a healthy way was talked about as much as coping with anxiety. Putting emphasis on mental health while not properly addressing an emotion (that everyone feels) which can be damaging if not processed doesn’t make sense.

No. 822512

Friends who ask to hang out and then expect you to organize plans for the hangout ie. deciding on meet-up times, making reservations, etc. How about, ummmmmmm, if it's your idea then fucking contribute???

No. 822639

Seeing the Yuji Naka's Balan Wonderworld drama makes me realize how much the current culture takes video games way too seriously. Like yeah, it was a fucking embarassing blunder but at the same time who gives a fuck?
A cartoony colorful video game for children is getting everyone (I say "everyone" but it mostly means North American/Anglophone adults) in a tizzy, making dramatic videos about it and shit? Honestly, this is more cringe than anything a video game failure could've done. Ultimately its a dumb game for kids so im not sure why the current manchildren larp like its on the same culturally impactful level like other forms of entertainment. I find that people on the internet either seriously overreact or underreact in unusual emotionally extreme ways like a band of Schizophrenic Autistic BPD retards. What else annoys me is that music isnt taken much seriously at all, or art, or writing, and you get called an "eltist" for criticizing it (except in music if its shitty gay stan wars) while its ok to sperg on a high horse about cartoon games for kids flopping.

No. 822640

Also say what you want, but the VAST MAJORITY of these people getting autistically mad and butthurt over video games and cartoons are scrotes which is the saddest shit ever.

No. 822648

Yuji Naka is mostly responsible for the Sonic games so you can already guess why.

No. 822651

Funnily enough I also think the "internet" (nerdy scrotes) overreacted to 3d Sonic games being shit. Like yeah it was bad but who cares? For some reason a flip switched in the 2000s where people started taking video games like masterpieces of civilized man and either praised them like the second coming or bashed them like the spawn of Satan. Autism either way.

No. 822656

Yeah what I meant wasn't that Sonic games are shit, but that th fanbase will obviously follow the news about the devs' other projects and they'll bring their usual autism with them.

No. 822684

I was reading local news online and I saw a title out of the corner of my eye like
> My date ordered this drink and so I left, here's why
I wish these women wouldn't rush to magazines and newspapers to share this dumb shit and rile men up with it. Did he order a girly drink so you left…cool that's allowed but it's not news worthy.

Stop giving ammunition to men who bitch and whine about our standards. They love it when one woman shares something as retarded as that because they can then quote the article til the end of time.
> Women and their stupidly high standards!! You can't please them, see!!

No. 822689

Indeed, but theres a difference between murdering random people because you abused as a child, and being angry that you were hurt and people calling you spiteful just because you feel that anger.

I hate the sentiment that anger somehow turns your heart black so you have to let go of pain immediately and be uwu pure vibes.

Let's actually take the child abuse scenario you mentioned. I read a post once where a girl was abused by her mum, but years on the mum had mellowed out and was a great mum to the girls younger siblings. She slowly became the black sheep of the family because they couldn't understand why being beat and neglected as a child and then spending your teen years watching the sibling get all the love she deserved would make her angry. It was a heartbreaking read because her cousins would confront her with "why are you still mad? Shes different know. You're just a bitter bitch"

Anger in all its (reasonable) forms should not be demonized

No. 822692

File: 1622814514276.jpg (9.53 KB, 236x236, 0e0a7bc933f36ee342b7f04003a2db…)

Anime is way too often set in high schools, but maybe that's a sign that anime is aimed at high schoolers, and seeing as I'm graduating soon, I should stop watching it. But I wish there were more with adult women I could find, or in different/historical settings!

No. 822716

Scrotes will complain about women's standards being too high even if we are just like "I want a man who has a job, isn't obese, showers regularly, and doesn't play video games for 10 hours a day" because even that is apparently "unattainable" (for bottom of the barrel incels with literally nothing going for them, that is).

No. 822722

File: 1622819461463.jpeg (173.88 KB, 1024x576, CB382933-46DA-4C86-B747-5CB8C1…)

Josei and general sci-fi or fantasy seinen shit are usually set with adults, because the target demo is adult. Emma is a good Josei romance anime and manga about adults.

No. 822724

There are a bunch though, there are also universtiy-centered anime. Also fantasy shoujos like Akatsuki no Yona, or shows about specific professions like Psycho-Pass (even though that's sci-fi). Just don't watch seasonal trash or anything that gets picked by communities like r/anime.

No. 822732


Thanks girls, really looking forwards to trying these <3

No. 822740

I'm not signing up for a rewards card. I'm not giving you my email or phone number. You can frame it like I'm "missing out" on rewards but I don't care. I doubt you have a quota and if you do, sucks to be you wagie, shut up and give me my items like a good dog

No. 824043

Everyone in snow is being a little more retarded and cagey than usual lately. Did the creepshow thread bring this blight?

No. 824046

Profound, don't let them tread on you queen <3

No. 824059

Maybe it's the time of year, I think it's summer for most anons right now?

No. 824388

File: 1623022134158.jpg (37.02 KB, 720x1280, download.jpg)

whenever i'm feeling down or bored i like to watch tiktok compilations of cats on youtube. pic related comes up really often so i assume he must be popular but all he does is put random hats and props on his cat before laughing in a super forced, hysterical way and it really bugs me. his cat is cute, but most of the video is just focused on the guy bugging his cat who really could care less. when i want to watch videos of cute pets, i don't want to see their annoying-ass owners taking up half of the screen time. i'm sure there are others who do this too. it's annoying when pet videos are so obviously forced by the owner especially when it just consists of the owner repetitively bothering their pets.

No. 824398

I don’t want to sound like an ana-chan but I’m annoyed with how normalized being fat is in the US. There are people I went to school with that are barely recognizable now because they went from being average sized to obese

Recently I saw a lady use donotreply for her email and I’m gonna do that from now on

No. 824414

What I hate even more are the apps. If you want to collect points or use a coupon at a restaurant they force you to download their shitty corporate app. I don't want all that crap on my phone.

No. 824424

I hate this too. I actually fear instances of abuse where the owner has harassed their pet into responding in an angry, fearful or stressed way just to get an extreme reaction so people think it's more amusing. I know that's not always the case and some animals really are just more fussy in general, but considering how far people are willing to go for internet popularity (which is pathetic) it's still a concern.

No. 824717

People who constantly complain that they're not receiving enough validation and attention on social media meanwhile they're literally the LAST people to be seen trying to hype up others.
This is what happens when people are given unwarranted importance, they start believing they're entitled to shit they've never earned.

No. 825132

File: 1623114728919.jpg (243.92 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20210607-201026__01…)

can't stand pro obesity retardation like this

No. 825134

"If anyone knows more on this stuff than me don't hesitate to correct me!" unless you're an evil fatphobic doctor who refuses to enable my cope by denying scientific facts(absolute newfag)

No. 825138

Saying BMI is based off of eugenics just because it was originally based off of only Western European men's bodies is fucking retarded. BMI isn't the most reliable tool and doesn't take into account muscle composition but it doesn't mean it's Hitler.

No. 825171

stop namefagging retard.

No. 826065

Yeah, BMI is a useless, rough metric intended for statistics. FFMI is better but not perfect - measuring bodyfat is difficult.
Calories are a useful metric but do not actually say anything about how they are metabolized. A diet high in protein will reduce bodyfat more than a calorically indentical high carb diet (assuming deficit). Calculating calories is only so effective - even bodybuilders have to compensate by doing regular measurements and tweaking diet accordingly. Look up studies on whey vs pea protein for one extremely stark example of how the same macros can result in extremely different outcomes when it comes to diet.

"Fatness" (not a real term) is unhealthy. However, there seems to be a BMI span that falls under overweight (not obese!) that is associated with lowered health risks. As a rule, though, being overweight is at best risk free, and being obese is invariably a risk factor for poor health.

Dietary science is young, and these people are trying to use the latest findings to cope. But we need to stop pushing back against the latest findings to take the wind out of their sails so that maybe the generation after alpha can start to be more healthy. FWIW I'm normal weight and stronger than every single one of you.

No. 826083

Is this the body Building anon who left their ig icon showing on some thread?

No. 826085

Nta, but when was that?

No. 826100

It's been ages, I can't even remember which thread it was in, possibly the ana ones or kpop ones, something kinda unexpected? She posted an ig screenshot that had her icon showing and it was dead easy to find her profile and some anons, myself included clowned on her about it.

No. 826156

when your long hair gets stuck under your arm, like in your armpit. fucking hate that. and I can't figure out a way to keep it from doing it when I'm drenched in sweat.

No. 826157

but I mean was she muscle mommy af or nah?

No. 826410

Zara has about the least browsable webstore I've ever seen. Who thought that was a good idea

No. 826419

For some reason I feel like this anon meant to type sage and made a typo lol

No. 826428

Was reading amazon reviews today and a beauty/medical device had either 1 or 5 star reviews, no inbetween. Even the 1 stars were divided between people saying the device does nothing at all..and others saying it's actually so powerful and so effective that it can unfortunately also burn your skin.

Then I was reading reviews for a local service and again all 1 or 5 stars. Either the best experience of someones life or the worst. That's helpful.

No. 826433

It could be fake/bought reviews, from both sides. 5 stars are from the company itself and 1 stars are from the competitors trying to push their listing down the search results.

No. 826440

kek this is why I never buy anything. Conflicting reviews short circuit my brain.

No. 826455

Could be fake like other anon said but also could be that people are more likely to write a review if their experience was either amazing or really bad. If something is just fine, you’ll probably be less likely to feel motivated to write a review.

No. 826675

File: 1623282027563.png (33.82 KB, 465x190, da.png)

I swear this "eldest daughter" thing is becoming the new "former gifted kids" thing. Why do people have to beat everything into the ground.

No. 826729

I'm so annoyed at these newfags thinking they're radfems after they've read the mtf thread. Literally hating on trannies isn't a unique experience. Everyone except the little clique you came from knows trannies are going to be hated in 5 years.

No. 826865

>trannies are going to be hated in 5 years
God I hope so.

No. 826994

sorry to tell you that you're seeing ghosts, cumboy, but post that insta, please

No. 827025

>gatekeeping radical feminism
There's so few vocal radfems on the internet already. So many people regard being a terf as the worst thing you can be.
If we want more people to take a genuine interest in radical feminism and its views, openly identifying as a radfem should be encouraged regardless of how deep in the ideological rabbithole they are. If being a terf or a radfem stays as fringe or unpopular as it is now, many people won't take it seriously and will never be exposed to valuable viewpoints that they might otherwise agree with.

No. 827027

nta but that will only lead to people being "ex-radfems" in the end. anyway it's an ideology that is destined to be unpopular because it's radical. the anti-trans radfem phase is common for women who peaked and for most it is just that, a phase. went through it myself (still not pro trans)

No. 827033

I get what you mean, but would people becoming ex-radfems really be a bad thing? If it's a phase that'll at least allow more people to gain some understanding of the ideology, instead of blindly demonizing/disregarding it.
I don't regret any ideological phases I've been through even if I don't agree with them anymore, because it's been valuable in allowing me to understand both sides better. More knowledge of different points of view, be it a fringe group or not, is always a good thing imo.

No. 827140

I was talking about how so many newfags just hate trannies but still follow libfem ideas, majority of them are still libfem in practice. I just hope that this will open more opportunities for following radical feminism ideas.

No. 827236

Isn't this how we ended up with men in feminism and trannies in LGB in the first place

No. 829878

I couldn't embed this for some reason but i just NEED somewhere to sperg about this video it's so fucking bad. I absolutely cannot stand this lumpy faggot. His entire profile makes me want to slam a car door on my head. He is a she/they go figure so I wanted to post in the mtf thread, not sure if it fits though. The absolute state of smegmoids and their shit level takes

No. 829882

top kek, poor gays not ever realizing they're misogynistic, evil women can't possibly understand the struggle, go cry me a river

No. 830054

>yall are just as bad as the men you complain about
lol what

No. 830608


No. 832230

What's the bloody point of posting YouTube drama channel recaps of stuff we literally saw go down in person a few days ago from people who haven't seen it go down themselves? What the fuck.

No. 832303

I can't stand people who are loud. It's so hot to me when people are soft-spoken and it's an absolute requirement for being my friend. Everyone please, just quiet down

No. 832470

why the fuck did this woman take her son into the women's bathroom while her husband was right there waiting outside? couldn't he have taken the boy to the men's restroom?

No. 832562

How is that an issue, did he piss on you or something?

No. 833135

When my hair dries, one side always curls outward while the other curls in and it looks fucking stupid. I have thin, pin straight hair, so when my hair is airdrying after the shower, I’ll use my fingers to curl the ends inward towards my face. Without fail, the hair on the right side of my head will slowly drift somehow so its curling forward and then eventually outward, but the left side never does this? I don’t get it. No matter how still I sit so the hair won’t brush over my shoulders and have the shape messed up, it still happens. I’m so peeved about it that I’m about to trim my hair lol

inb4 just use a hair straightener/hair dryer
Since my hair is so thin, I try not to apply heat unless I absolutely have to

No. 833189

Use Velcro curlers but don't curl it all the way up, just a bit.

No. 833508

What's the big deal? Maybe they just both needed to pee at the same time. Don't some mother's take their young sons in the women's bathroom anyway?

No. 833514

Yea it’s not weird unless the kid is like 10+. Little kids usually feel more comfortable with their moms when it comes to unfamiliar environments. Especially gross public bathrooms.

No. 833657

I fucking hate autistic moid internet "humor" that shit isn't funny just cringe

No. 835513

I like having crafting videos on in the background when I’m making something myself and I came across this local designer who makes interesting stuff, but her voiceovers are insufferable. They’re clearly recorded after the fact but she apparently can’t be bothered with a script or any kind of editing so every video is full of
>uhhh um so yeah
>uh I don’t know what I was doing there haha
>dum dee dum dum, la la la
There’s half a dozen videos like this on her channel and I don’t understand how a professional in her 30s? Early 40s? Can keep producing these without realising how annoying it is. At least edit out the “bla idk what to say here la dee da” shit, or just stay quiet!

No. 835631

That stupid 'Part of Your World' commercial that keeps playing over and over again.


No. 835722

File: 1624334195817.png (68.56 KB, 1455x132, pedo mod.PNG)

just reported a discord server where the admin literally told 18+ people NOT to interact with the nsfw channel because minors were posting porn there and I… ended up writing a massive essay with a million links to discord support. I hope they do something about it immediately, I provided a ton of evidence.

the admin is 18+ himself, facilitating that shit. like holy shit.

No. 835734

What the FUCK is this logic?

No. 835751

Groomer logic. "No boop let the kids do their thing, it's natural but Don't wink you wink interact with them, okay adults?!" Some of them as young as 13.

No. 835777

Idk if it’s just from all the newfags but I feel like I keep seeing posts like
>unsaged autistic nitpicking about a cow
>sage this shit, also that’s autistic
>do you know where you are? this is a hate forum, posts like this are normal!!
It always feels like twitter users slide to the opposite extreme when they can be anonymous by saying retard, fatty, etc. as much as possible because they think lolcow is the darkest most evil place on the net but it’s always really obvious. I swear I’ve seen lc called a “hate forum” on three separate threads.

No. 835784

Fuck reporting it to Discord, report it to the fucking FBI, dude, what the fuck are you doing

No. 835809

File: 1624346365643.jpeg (1022.27 KB, 3171x2828, 1624222547145.jpeg)

This is such a low-effort outline. The shoop is already painfully obvious so its pathetic to exaggerate it even more. I don't know or care who this is, but cmon.

Also this thread header with it's Impact font is obnoxiously 2010s

No. 835997

They're not posting child porn, it's teens posting porn. You can't really report that, can you? (No, I googled it). As long as there are no adults actually interacting with them, then there are no laws broken. What it does do is break discord TOS so that's who I reported to.

No. 836048

File: 1624375724335.png (66.72 KB, 994x386, update.PNG)

nice. Stupid morons. Now I can leave knowing they deleted the channel.

No. 836059

imo any server that has NSFW channel / role is a major red flag.

No. 836061

Nta but yes, any server with a NSFW channel is just a front for the grooming operations. It’s better to just only use discord with close friends and not to meet anyone because there’s always some groomed kid that wants to be friends with 25 years olds.

No. 836067

Lip sync videos. Caption might be funny but once you unmute it's some retarded rap. I hope the trend dies soon.

No. 836069

When my mother starts ranting about irrelevant shit in great details
>X just had a baby!! They are both okay albeit it was a difficult birth. Her sister is also coming to see the baby, she lives in France now and works at the UN
>You know, X. You met her at Z's party 10 years ago, she is Y's daughter
>Sure (I have idea who this person is)

No. 836094

I'm your mother and I'll never stop kek

No. 836102

watching josh of the other farms's stream on june and josh's voice is so nasal and irritating

No. 836142

File: 1624387685280.jpg (30.15 KB, 564x564, 89696f47fae56776d2b7ea7ba1be7d…)

I hate my neigbour so much. She has two ex husbands that she constantly brings into her home, they argue a lot and it always ends up in screaming and fighting while their kids watch. It's always at night and always at a time where i have to sleep. I can't stand this shit anymore, i can't sleep and i get constant headaches. I pity her kids who have to listen to this shit and watch it as well, im surprised CPS wasn't called on that fat lard. Can't have shit in this "quiet" apartment. I'm so close to losing my mind.
If you have children and you argue with your ex partners whenever you bring one of them home, maybe it's a wake up call to not have children if thats what you gonna put them through.

No. 836155

> im surprised CPS wasn't called on that fat lard.
Be the change you wish to see, nona.

No. 836249

File: 1624396307141.jpg (75.13 KB, 720x788, 20210622_230931.jpg)

Shit like this, or any similar video/comment where a woman drags other women down for dressing differently.

Eg I hate wearing long skirts and dresses, and each clothing can look flattering or unflattering depending on a body type. But no, if you are not wearing something that's long that means you are a slut! (Girl on this video called a basic short black dress tacky, her figure is boxed)

No. 836259

>you’re not leaving anything to the imagination
I find this phrase weird as fuck, are we supposed to dress with scrotes fantasies in mind even if we’re wearing more “conservative” clothes? Bizarre.

No. 836263

Right, she's the one making it sexual. Maybe I just like a short dress because it looks cool and not because I am thinking of what men are gonna imagine about me (yuck)

No. 836285

I show very little skin in general, every option in my wardrobe covers my shoulders even. Don't know why but that's my style. I still don't get these women who moan about short skirts or crop tops though. Cover yourself up if that's your thing but you'll always have people wearing less than you. Teens in particular. Let them be without being creepily affected by the sight of it.

No. 836300

I've never watched Rick and Morty and was bored enough to check out the ep they uploaded to youtube. This is the most scrote-y shit I have ever seen and no wonder I avoid watching so much shit.

No. 836413

Rick and Morty is probably one of the worst shows I've ever seen. It makes me sad when people I know enjoy it. There's nothing funny about it. I watched like 4 episodes with a stupid scrote. The funniest thing was in the intro where it says "3+3=6".
Thank you for the reminder that liking that show is on my hard limit list for a boyfriend.

No. 836478

As a woman who enjoys Rick and Morty I'm willing to say the only reason I probably like it is because I'm incredibly vulgar and have a sometimes scrotey sense of humor. My gateway drug into adult cartoons was Futurama years ago and it remains my fav adult cartoon so I wonder now if that's considered scrotey… I marathoned R&M last year expecting to hate it and I liked it, ugh

Meanwhile I can't stand Steven Universe and couldn't get past three episodes, but a lot of women like SU… I'd say it's something wrong with me

No. 836493

Rick and Morty was never a mind-blowingly good show, it was decent and funny at best, and it's so weird how it's been heralded as one of the best groundbreaking cartoons of the new century. It's just another one of those "we're an ADULT ANIMATION SHOW so we can be super sexual and violent and make drug jokes because that's what being an adult is about amiright kids" but they wanna have it both ways so they're also super duper serious and talk about "real issues". But really it's just a dumb fantasy turn your brain off kinda show, nothing less or more

No. 836497

I watched SU and Rick&Morty a lot
when I was in my early college days. I think I liked them both just because of the hype, because after 3-ish years of watching every new released episode I just got bored of it. They aren't groundbreaking or anything.

No. 836501


Rick and Morty got better when they added more female writers, the earlier episodes are pretty unwatchable. Ironically scrotes blame the female writers for the shows decline in quality.

No. 836506

Tbh the only episode/storyarc that I liked in this show was Rick's depression where his love moved on long time ago, and he tried to kill himself. Still the only song that slaps in this show.

Anons who watched further, does it get any better? I quickly dropped it cause I lost interest while it was ongoing.

No. 836509


I honestly like it, season three is really good and if you like sci fi theres lots of wacky concepts to enjoy. The fans take the show more seriously than the creators.

No. 836814

Just arandom gripe of mine, but I wish scrotes would come up with jokes that aren't wom*n bad. I know you're pissed that some chick turned you down but can't you put that energy into getting a hobby or something? Am I expecting too much out of them?

Saging just to be safe.

No. 836979

That one pakistani anon that derails threads every time to sperg about misogynistic Muslims. I feel sorry for her but on the other hand girl you gotta stop blog posting

No. 837005

File: 1624483507638.png (1.99 MB, 608x2284, okretard.png)

>look up film reviews
>scrote reviewer insults the beauty of the perfectly cute and gorgeous main actress
>look him up and he's a literal rat
Like fucking clockwork, i'm surprised he's not a fatass but it's always 50/50 between that and a stick. How the fuck did she 'let herself go'? She's pretty, thin, has fitting (for her) clothes. The fuck do you want? Is it about the single imperfection on the actress' face?
Also i recommend this movie if you want to see a lesbian yandere Mars Agro (watch the movie before you assume it's homophobic or misogynist to have a psycho lesbian).
If someone wants to recommend me more movies with attractive psycho women in love, I will be forever in debt

No. 837047

She has skin texture and a little wrinkles around her mouth, that's a sin apparently. Christ Knight should post his closeup.

No. 837088

Kinda reminds me of when that scrote was shitting on Carey Mulligans looks in his Promising Young Woman review

No. 837115

The fuck? This woman looks completely normal. I'm torn between thinking this is a cope because men age like milk, or he's really just that delusional. They need to start casting ugly women for movie roles, imagine the male seething

No. 837129

Men are just delusional, entitled, and even if they're ugly no one tells them so they think they're hot shit lol

No. 837156

Type of guy who spends 5 hours a day rating beautiful models and actresses 4/10 on Reddit kek. They're absolutely retarded and projecting their own inadequacy and utter uselessness. Movie looks interesting though.

No. 837631

why are youtube's recommendations so shit? stop recommending me 50 videos from the channel i'm currently watching and actually suggest other channels and not corporate ones you idiots.

No. 837635

I like to binge watch a channel when I find it.. I binge and then only move on to something else days later. Sorry if I'm affecting the algorithm with my tistic viewing habits

No. 837640

damn it anon! i like to find lifestyle/vlog channels so binging those feels weird, i only watch the most recent few videos. if it's video essays or a channel about media then i like binging myself as well.

No. 837666

I haven't heard any kids playing football near my house since covid started. Now that I have something hanging out the front of my house and I'm waiting for someone to come properly install it… of course that's the one day that the football starts up again. I hope he doesn't break it before the guy can come out tomorrow. It's 9pm, I just need nothing to hit this thing in the next 12 hours. You have to be kidding me with that timing lol

Why do parents think it's ok for their kids to play football in areas where there's no grass at all? A road that's already annoyingly dense with houses and cars and no spare land or space to even turn a car is not a football pitch. Y'know what is a football pitch…the nearby football pitch that's within walking distance.

No. 837687

not to sound like a bonerattler but I'm so sick of seeing fatties in the comments of fashion videos like 'UM, IF A FAT GIRL WORE THIS Y'ALL WOULD SAY IT'S UGLY!!!!' or 'THIS AIN'T FASHION SHE'S JUST SKINNY!!!!' like? yes it does indeed turn out that even the stupidest outfits look better on skinny girls than they do on people with pounds of extra loose flesh and fat. and yes, candle jenner sure does look dumb in this outfit, so why would a fatty not look even worse? lose some weight and then maybe you would look cute too, but until then, stop randomly dumping your 'i totally don't despise myself for being fat' trauma on every skinny bitch you see, good lord.

No. 837718

Same thing annoys me, but for a different reason. Being a slimmer woman I hate seeing that kind of accusatory shit because no, I actually wouldn't say it was ugly if it was on a fat girl, I like fat girls but I loathe this specific fat girl attitude. It's so ugly to whinge about not getting compliments in a completely imaginary scenario. Like you didn't even give me a chance, because you didn't fucking wear it and show it to me, but supposedly I'm a bad person based on your own self hatred that you've projected onto me because of my body type. Like damn girl go eat a Snickers no one said anything about the body of the person wearing the thing, they just said the thing was cute.

No. 837725

I've been reading fanfiction (stupid thing to do I know) but the amount of
>this character is ecksdee trans!!!
is getting to me. Also the
>male character hugs another male character
>hmmmm it feels really good I wonder why??
>having a girlfriend or preferred type of woman is brought up for some reason
>characters start acting awkward
For god's sake it's a middle aged man, if you want him to be gay just say he's gay and move on, this middle schooler shit is embarrassing

No. 837745

People who stand on the side of the escalator for walking! Bitch if you want to stand, take one step to the other side! What is wrong with people? If it’s a couple I’ll aggressively push pass the one standing on the wrong side, stop being dumb you can hold hands with someone standing in front/behind you.

No. 837755

I agree, the "is this fashion or is she just skinny" phenomenon is definitely real imo but if anything it makes me admire the girl's body not hate the outfit

No. 837827

I'm so tired of being dragged into "girl" conversations. I couldn't care less about weight, bfs, fashion, etc. And it seems to never go away, even the 70 year olds at my work talk about this stuff. Leave me alone to be a boring autist.

No. 837828

This video. Not because she's fat but this attitude.

No. 838807

idk anon, I have the feeling you are too generalizing and base your idea of 'men' on the worst examples you can find (with a good heap of confirmation bias) and compare that to your own good moments and/or the best of other women. This fuels a we-vs-them attitude and negatively impacts how you go through life. idk tho

This shit is what I find annoying. Some nuance doesn't kill anyone

No. 838808

>awesome sauce
>manly tears

No. 838820

Going to add

No. 838822

my issue with this is that it reveals so much shit about you if you do choose to "share" and it's usually used against you. why even join in? I stopped doing it and now I just get ostracized

No. 839459

>wanna get rid of my old laptop
>finds an organisation that advertises itself in recycling old electronic material
>sends a mail
>"thank you for contacting us but we don't taking this kind of material anymore"
Then change your website instead of wasting my time like that, what the fuck are they even recycling now if they refuse laptop?

No. 839497

Oof and yikes makes me feel homicidal. Keep that retarded shit on twitter lol

No. 839520

File: 1624800413584.gif (980.25 KB, 500x282, 1543860476183.gif)

All celebrity reaction gifs make me cringe, but ones like this with smug, old men acting Epically make me rage. This was in the Shay thread and should have been redtexted imo

No. 839528

File: 1624801411034.gif (488.52 KB, 350x197, U9YN.gif)

It screams Buzzfeed

No. 839538

I love looking at art so I follow many artists on twitter, but it's so annoying that most of the time they're tweeting about random shit and posting selfies. I wish a site like deviantart would get popular again between artists, so I could just see their art and not be forced to read their hot takes or random shit about their life, things I have no interest.

No. 839542

If you cannot write a book review without sticking those in every two sentences, you don't deserve any books. Yes, even those shitty YA romances that are the only stories that you ara able to process

No. 839564

>highly compressed
Exquisitely awful

No. 842318

File: 1625067410203.jpg (277.17 KB, 1080x1337, IMG_20210630_172013.jpg)

Who gives a shit

No. 842326

Religions don’t deserve getting so gatekept, it’s so dumb, let people wear what they want to wear as long as they’re not trying to be outright offensive.

No. 842327

We've gone full circle, good job zillennials.

No. 842333

I live in a country that has only recently started recovering from Christianity induced brainrot. In a way, it's my culture even though i never wanted to participate since it's been shoved down my throat since i was born. so i will appropriate christian aesthetics as much as i will like. no retard zillenial (most likely from usa to boot) will tell me what to do. anyway if you wanna be sensitive about such meaningless things, become a muslim and blow yourself up over a muhammed drawing. all of those people SUCK

No. 842342

I bought a candle with St Michael on it because he looks like a cute twink with a sword.

No. 842354

File: 1625070571554.jpg (97.59 KB, 715x881, 2581e6ab451156d7aca4b7199dac5c…)

Saint Michael has always been drawn hot, I would trade places with the demon btw

No. 842366

tbh I kind of agree with her, it's always rubbed me the wrong way even when I was an edgelord teenage atheist. I don't care enough to argue about it though

No. 842370

I'm not even a christfag but even I think it's lame as fuck not to mention poser as hell to wear something that's heavily associated with certain religions if you yourself don't practice it just because
>muh aesthetic
To wear something so popularized by and heavily associated with religion should be handled with a little more thoughtfulness and tact.

No. 842376

I agree anon it's kinda cringy to me. I kinda get why some people freak out over band t-shirt shit kek. But crying muh disrespekhtful like >>842318 seems equally silly cause sacrilege and disrespecting authority is kind of the point of that scene… kind of moot to point it out.

No. 842386

File: 1625073042053.jpg (83.51 KB, 720x502, girl squad.jpg)

lmao do they really? what aesthetic are they going for, rural italian grandma core? Using them as a quirky alt accessories is so cringe, idk about other people from catholic countries but i cant imagine not automatically associating rosaries with picrel

No. 842392

Those slippers and dresses combo!! On the other hand, my grandma is #notliketheothergrandmas and is barely religious but yeah the association is that

No. 842400

I thought the alt teens wearing these things were doing so not so much out of rebellion/anarchy but moreso for the sake of image. Isn't this the generation with ze/zim pronouns and shit that's all about embracing diversity and inclusivity? I get that religion has some shitty history, but there's still a lot of good people who practice and take offense to these things.

No. 842407

File: 1625074235204.png (549.59 KB, 750x731, imagen_2021-06-30_123045.png)

blablabla more shit zoomers want to be offended by
kek girl squad
also I'd imagine it's something more like nicole dollanganger shit like pic rel

No. 842408

I really don't get gen z and their obsession with pronouns, yet they want to cancel and gatekeep everything. They're so bothersome

No. 842412

Christians can cry harder, my heirloom rosary looks extremely swag and i wear it solely because it looks beautiful.

No. 842413

There's a specific subset of alt girls who use it as an edgy accessory, Luna has a few of them iirc. They are generally not real church rosaries though, mostly cheap jewelry from AliExpressand the likes.

No. 842418

Based and hereticpilled

No. 842419

at least that's not literally a rosary lol (though I imagine it was meant to look like one) but the outfit is still super nonnacore

No. 842422

Growing up gay in a catholic country I feel no need to show any tact or respect to that shitty religion. Besides catholicism is cultural as much as it is religious so christfags can suck it up over a few edgelords incorporating it into their outfits

No. 842425

File: 1625075601917.jpg (401.69 KB, 1000x1500, NK-2018-09-09-002-002-Harajuku…)

I agree, I was raised super Christian and I love "appropriating" Christian imagery for cool points in fashion. Sexist homophobic religions can eat a turd.

No. 842429

I was never even raised Christian and I think Christian "aesthetics" are cool as fuck, specifically Latin American and Southern European Catholicism, combine that with a minor alt or Punk aesthetic and its chef's kiss

No. 842431

Oh bet you have something to say about appropriating Hindu or Muslim aesthetic though lol

No. 842435

tbf as someone raised Muslim, Islamic aesthetics suck, Hindu aesthetics are also awful
Men wearing long Tunics and having barely grown pube beards is never gonna look cool, and women dressed like trash bags is never gonna be appealing

No. 842441

i dont know why you people insist on disrespecting people "just because i dont wike it" meanwhile youre usually the same people overreacting and getting hypersensitive as soon as someone points out some bad trait you have. i dont like islam and other shit but im not gonna tell someone "get over it" if they feel disrespected
always the same people passionate about hating christianity the same retards who honestly and truly believe its on the same level of islam lmao

No. 842443

Yeah you are right, the most radical Christians are probably not even moderates by most Muslim country standards
the Arab worshippers are a sad bunch

No. 842447

Would you tell a person who was previously hindu but became atheist later in life they can't use their religious symbols anymore? It's a part of their culture they can do whatever the fuck they want with it, same as people who grew up christian or around christians. Again, who gives a shit

No. 842448

>oh I bet you are the strawman cliche of a triggered sjw liberal that I love to project onto anonymous image board users though lol
do you know what site you're on?

No. 842451

>always the same people passionate about hating christianity the same retards who honestly and truly believe its on the same level of islam lmao
Learn to read
>Yeah you are right, the most radical Christians are probably not even moderates by most Muslim country standards
That was the point. If you care about 'appropriation' of Christian imagery, maybe fuck off to the Muslim side since thankfully Christianity as a whole has moved on from this kind of insanity. Sperging about appropriation seems to me like a step toward the times where people could be prosecuted for offending whiny Christians (and guess what? To be fair, in my country THEY STILL CAN BE, except not murdered for that. Google Nergal's case. He's a dumb fuck but 100% right that people shouldn't be sewed for that).

No. 842453

I said sexist homophobic religions can eat a turd and I meant it. Islam is even worse than Christianity in that regard so I'm not really sure why you brought it up.

No. 842454

Women in the Middle ages had more rights and less restrictions then in Modern day Muslim nations, I would rather live in Latin American then well my country, where I will be murdered by the state for even criticizing against Islam, Everyday I wish the communist's had won the cold war
Religious freedom can exist under Islam, it is the worst Peace of shit on the planet

No. 842459

I just find it lousy and hypocritical to say "lol shut up retard" just because someone doesnt like to see a part of their culture used in shit they dont want. Not persecution or threatened, but "doesnt like". oh how daaare they
tbf half of you sound like twitter fags most of the time so

No. 842460

i forgot the only non sexist religions are the totally equaliatarian new age religions lol

No. 842464

There's Christians in Africa and Asia being raped/forceably married/murdered by radical Islamists but yeah, anons can go ahead and sperg about a big white Christian boogeyman and culturally religious South American fucktards oppressing them just because they "might" dislike Catholic imagery being used in gothic fashion.

No. 842465

I never implied that new age religions aren't sexist. Stop huffing glue anon I need to use it to add more crosses to my Castlevania themed rosary.

No. 842466

Oh I thought you were too busy crying because you thought christians "might" say that they dislike you putting their religion's aesthetic in your tacky alt fashion or are you done pretending it has some bigger usage other than you having ugly fashion taste?

No. 842468

Kek why are you so dramatic literally the whole point of the post was that it's stupid to get offended at goth kids of all people wearing some crosses, your post literally proves there are bigger issues to worry about and yet people are shitting their pants over a bunch of emos you can go cry to your child molesting priests over it

No. 842469

Christ is not gonna fuck you.

No. 842471

kek you are the one who sounds like a crybaby twitterfag, bringing up genocide in Africa because some zoomer white girl wore a rosary without saying ten hail Marys first.

No. 842472


No. 842478

I was replying to a specific anon you disingenuous goalpost moving retards, but then again being retarded during religious discussion is guaranteed for the internet. I personally DONT CARE if gothic kids wear crosses but I think its stupid to act personally attacked because some religious people might take offense to it and pretend its for some deeper moral reasoning when you just like it because it looks pretty.

No. 842482

Another day, another child porn raid FFS

No. 842485

Who is acting personally attacked though? You're just mad because no one cares about christfag feefees.

No. 842488

Nobody in this thread is acting like they've been personally attacked except for you.

No. 842496

ok sure lmao

No. 842498

Anon please go outside you're popping your hemorrhoids over a tiktok screenshot

No. 842510

No one gives a fuck about Islam unless they're getting rid of the religion. And argueing about christianity was early 2000's. Take your sperging back to twitter.

No. 842514

If you really care, wash the feet of a beggar

No. 842527

I hate how some some anons on here reply to playful banter or light, stupid internet-teasing. Like someone on the husbando thread on /m/ posted and said something like: "All these (insert random anime boy)fags on here,.. let me post the superior character". And some anon replied and literally said they were shitting on the other anons' opinions. I get that this one anon does not encompass the whole site, and this is just one example, but I've seen this type of reaction so much on this site and this just made me want to post about it here.

No. 842529

I rather doubt those oppressed African and Asian Christians are the ones whining about kids on Tiktok wearing rosaries.

No. 842903

It’s autism nonny.

No. 843119

Pharmacies near me lately all have these big advertisements for a new type of Viagra that you can get without prescription now. Right at the entrances, massive ads for it. They also sell condoms, lube, cocks rings. But when it comes to female toys you can maybe buy a bullet. There's nothing insertable in any pharmacy in my entire country (based on looking online too) Why?

You already sell very adult things. Why is insertable stuff still too tabboo for a pharmacy? There's cock rings and boner pills in every pharmacy and no classic vibes. It's that old mentality of toys only being okay if they directly aid you having PIV with a partner.

No. 843120

I hate how everything is so focused on PIV/penetration anyway. I know that some women can really get off on it, but it's easily the worst part of physical intimacy for me.

No. 843121

I like toys with the option to insert them or not. I just think it's funny how the insertion of objects is taboo when a whole section caters to the inserting of a dick. It's all sexual health related at the end of the day so cater to more tastes and you'll profit more.

No. 843123

This reminds me of the people being shocked when they started selling vibrators at this supermarket chain. Like, you sell condoms, lube and stuff, how is this so shocking?

No. 843139

File: 1625151047791.png (522.05 KB, 2048x665, Screenshot_20210701-093129.png)

This smug, dishonest Gotcha to defend KF. I know it's bait but it still makes me rage.

No. 843147

Does anyone actually buy those? Now I wanna look up a kroger vibrator review

No. 843158

Ok troon

No. 843167

No idea what a kroger is but this was in finland kek

No. 843237

I just hate that disingenuous "Actually, we're bringing people together! And helping point out abusers uwu". I hate it when I see it here too. If you're gonna be a bitch, own it. Don't pretend to be morally pure.

No. 843247

samefag, it reminds me of wokescolds who skate past the "no body-shaming" rule by making their insults some bullshit like "racism makes you ugly".

No. 843537

everyone in that thread is so autistic

No. 844057

When people assume I have a boyfriend. Not even asking if I have one, just directly saying stuff like "do you live with your boyfriend?".

No. 844062

The Jim Carrey avatarfag in /g/. I feel like it's one person trying to force a meme, but maybe I missed something. He's just such a shithead that it triggers me seeing his rubber face everywhere. At least AD is endearing enough that I can sort of understand the all the driverposting, but I didn't think Carrey was even remotely popular on here because of his misogynistic ways.

No. 844063

Did you miss where she made hundreds of faceapp "babies" combining her own and Carrie's pics? She's just nuts, don't be so hard on her.

No. 844068

When someone buys a lot of products then goes online and asks if they're any good.

No. 844070

my dad is annoying as hell

he walks around in his slippers, dragging his feet and it makes a sandpapery sound that makes me cringe. he will do it in the middle of the night, sometimes just aimlessly pacing, and it wakes me up. he also fucking talks to himself and it's so creepy, because it's not actual words, it's just incoherent mumbling and the worst thing is that if you call him out on it he has no idea that he was even doing it (or at least that's what he says). oh and did I mention I can hear people pissing and shitting in the bathroom from my bedroom? I hate living here

No. 844071

Yeah it's not cute or funny, he's a legit bad person and not even remotely attractive. She makes the driverfags seem like women of culture and refined tastes.

No. 844073

OK but it's still avatarfagging.
I don't think I'm being hard on her for saying that, or for saying that I find it annoying.

No. 844081

samefag, but yeah. If it were funny it would be a different story, but it's not.
The more deranged/horny driverfags and husbandofags are at least entertaining, and even then they have the good grace to stick to their containment zones.

No. 844128

the only thread on /snow/ that I actually care about keeps getting posted in by unsaged retards with reddit spacing. I keep reporting them but new ones keep coming. fuck shannon for ruining everything

No. 844736

You sound like me during the end of my stay with my parents. I hope you can move out soon, anon.

No. 850922

One thing I cannot stand is when people say shit like "Xyz has chemicals in it" or "You're putting a ton of chemicals in/on your body". It just bothers me so much because "chemical" isn't a bad word, and saying stuff like that doesn't scare me. Like, water is a chemical. I feel like half of the time these people don't even actually know what chemicals they're talking about, just that it is a chemical. I'm dumb so this isn't even coming from someone who's into science or anything.

No. 850955

hey it's okay I know I'm not healthy, maybe one day it'll go away. I didn't ask to be driven this crazy by quarantine and there's a part of me that feels held hostage. In other words a part of me actually hates and resents him and knows he's not a good person, and then I know I'm a bad person too, just not on that level, maybe that's it

I'm sorry, I'm the main one, I've tried to dial it back, I really have overtime

No. 850975

you're fine, anon. i doubt the people who say chemicals & shit have barely looked up stuff either. like, there are obviously a couple ingredients in stuff people should avoid or consume or use in moderation, but they make unspecific claims and act like they know exactly what they're talking about. They're nearing anti-vaxer territory.

No. 850981

As an English graduate, I can tell you it's so much worse than it looks at first glance. One of the girls in my capstone class as an undergraduate wrote her final thesis on why the Ron/Hermione ship from Harry Potter is shite.

No. 850987

it's okay nonny, you're not a bad person for your taste. you should tone it back but the only bad person is him. you're not doing anything morally wrong it's just a lot of thirst posts for a strange choice of man kek. I like that you brought it to the irl husbando thread, just keep it contained that's all.

No. 851012

>They're nearing anti-vaxer territory
Anti vaxxers are actually what made me so annoyed by people saying this, actually. They always say there's chemicals in vaccines (obviously?) but they never say what exactly those chemicals are or what makes them bad. I'm American, so maybe that just has to do with scientific illiteracy here.

No. 851020

>b-but wAtEr iS a cHeMiCaL!!!!
Obviously dumbass, they mean toxic chemicals. This is just simpler and easier to say and you know what they mean, so they got their point across.
I'm not an anti-vaxxer but I hate it when I warn someone not to use certain cosmetics because they're not good for you and they slap me with this and call me anti-science or a hippie.
I don't want to have to explain for hours and cite ten studies about why your AliExpress eyeshadow is bad, people act as if all these companies are 100% trustworthy and all these safety regulations are there for no reason, as if people wouldn't sell rat poison to women if it was legal and call it a youth cream.
You know exactly what they mean when they say you're putting a ton of chemicals in your body, you're just being a pedant on purpose.

No. 851021

I think you're being the pedant, anon obviously isn't talking about well informed people who take issue with specific chemicals in specific products that are proven to be harmful. They're the types who think anything 'natural' is good and anything that seems toxic to them is bad whether there's science to back it up or not, they probably shill essential oils and put baking soda on their face and shit like that.

No. 851025

I'm not saying all companies are trustworthy, or that there are no toxic chemicals. I'm just saying that people should stop turning "chemicals" into a bad word, and saying that something has chemicals is vague as fuck. That's not even arguing semantics or anything. If you want people to be mindful of what exactly they're putting on/in their body, then it shouldn't bother you so much when they ask you to backup what you say.