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File: 1611709640852.png (397.7 KB, 426x640, imageonline-co-overlayed-image…)

No. 723449

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Continuing the tradition of making OP pic that of a borzoi, but with one that's wearing cute space buns

Previous thread: >>692468

No. 723451

had some trouble with making this thread but now it has been created finally

No. 723462

I hate borzoi dogs andninhate the spacebun meme but seeing them together brings me a giggling joy for some reason hahaha it's so retarded I love it

No. 723465

File: 1611710918407.jpeg (53.12 KB, 327x500, download.jpeg)

Lifeless, flat ironed hair

No. 723474

people who make new threads before the old thread reached 1200 posts

No. 723511

File: 1611715088755.png (366.77 KB, 738x622, 894156.png)

conservative women

No. 723520

remember the trend in middle school when people straightened their hair? I'm so glad that shit died

No. 723530

It looks fine on attractive people

No. 723534

File: 1611719299091.jpg (68.2 KB, 1091x720, Untitled.jpg)

i hate this baby

No. 723535

this used to be my ideal hairstyle but i have slowly learned to love my crazy curls

No. 723536


Gross and the democrats still have a peado ring of kids

No. 723538


No. 723541

I hate her falsies

No. 723603

when unattractive men are called himbos just because they're stupid

No. 723648

kek cant unsee

No. 723649

I hate when tranners call themselves himbos because they're stupid and on a low dose

No. 723651

samefag, imagine writing an entire article calling yakuza characters himbos with no reference to their bara tiddies and washboard abs. i hate game journalists

kek every single self-identified himbo is a dumpy fakeboi

No. 723655

File: 1611736783903.gif (2.12 MB, 364x356, 4A12FAA9-DE25-46CE-B4E5-A10D64…)

Marmite smells like dehydrated piss

No. 723664

when anime boys don't have nipples

No. 723724

Straight youtubers having a whole section in their movie, show, or book review about the alphabet soup of tqqia from lgb. They had all the chance to be oblivious and have no opinion on something they have null experience with or understand but they still had to do it for the social points.

No. 723735

I'm watching Jujutsu Kaisen it has a big budget, frequently nude men, and yet no nipples. Why.

No. 723766

File: 1611744566773.jpeg (176.87 KB, 1242x917, ACBBD8D7-D5CC-460E-991C-336B4C…)

I hate when girls are like omg don’t take my pic uwu then proceed to post their photos. The internet will take them if they’re aesthetically pleasing or cool. If you don’t want that don’t post them? And they always get upset if you don’t give them credit like their selfie is a piece of art or something idk that bothers me

No. 723767

File: 1611744590109.jpeg (257.8 KB, 1242x1091, 1F2AA6B4-8272-48A0-A8AE-7FB3D4…)

Their @ in case you want to cyber bully them or something idk(a-logging, not your personal army, cowtipping)

No. 723807

"if you don't want your stuff stolen, don't have stuff".

No. 723885

have you ever heard of copyright laws?

No. 723937

the "teritorial smurfette" trope, aka a fictional team having a token woman among a bunch of men, and the woman gets catty when another woman is introduced to the team or gets otherwise too close to the guys

No. 723949

In some circles (especially gamers or Twitch) it's not a trope, it's reality.

No. 723969

Maybe I'm just old but what kind of skinwalker no-life is reposting somebody else's selfies?

No. 724001

I hate touchy-feely people soooo much. Especially people who are still that way during a pandemic. Randos that think its okay to casually touch your arm, leg, or even hug you just because "tee hee I'm a hugger" deserve to be smacked.

No. 724024

File: 1611768391146.png (7.13 KB, 219x230, sad.png)

i hate my tits i think they are deformed,ugly and not feminine enough and im too scared to go to the doc because what if they assume im dysphoric and i want to be male? i like being woman but not my tits and my hip dips.

No. 724040

Hip dips are usually on lean and skinny people. Embrace them, anon. Besides, a lot of women with perfectly round hips are edited or had PS.

No. 724050

I didn’t even know what hip dips were until recently. I’m sure you look great, anon!

No. 724063

Your tits are based and your hip dips are redpilled

No. 724070

File: 1611771158291.jpg (40.83 KB, 467x700, 1611749552388.jpg)

Gray dye:
it never looks good
it's too complicated to achieve
it's too complicated to mantain
it ages you up
could be good in theory, but even wigs look bad 60% of the time

No. 724073

this is not the vent thread
but I understand you. I bet your tiddies are fine nonnie

No. 724084

After years of having a babyface (that makes people talk down to my old ass) I'm going slightly gray now. It's currently just the odd hair that stands out amongst my otherwise dark head.. so I was tempted to dye in some gray streaks but it never looks anything like natural gray hair.

No. 724085

go away boomer

No. 724099

Please don't be mean to her zoomie, it'll happen to you too
Why don't you try dying it a crazy color? You'll look kinda cool like that

No. 724123

Come here and say that to my babyface..

No. 724126

Most places on the internet now. Everything feels up is down and down is up. I legitimately dont relate to the majority of internet posters like I used to when I first started using it and it scares me. All of their thinking feels inverted and counterintuitive. I wonder if any Gen Z or Millennial feels the same way I do.

No. 724129

samefagging to say i dont feel that way on lolcow which is why i post here. but twitter, ig, discord, reddit, ect yes

No. 724541

Old people on lolcow. There were 3 users IIRC that were confirmed boomers and they were all crazy and stupid. The cool old people stay away from the site, kek.

No. 724546

Any specific posts you have in mind? I remember there was like a 80 year old lady in the 20+ thread, but she seemed ok. Idk if I want to keep using this site after a certain age. I'd be unhappy with myself, knowing the type of people this site attracts and knowing that I'm one of those people. That's just a personal thing though, I guess.

No. 724551

Samefagging, it's kinda hard for me to imagine a old person making shitposts and infighting on this site. Not saying you can't do certain things after a certain age, it's just funny lol.

No. 724561

eh i would rather have boomers post here than the obvious 18 and under newfags that have been showing up a lot lately

No. 724584

You are here forever

No. 724593

I actually find an 80 year old lady posting here to be really wholesome and cute. Do you remember what she posted?

No. 724596

Ayrt, she was actually 50, sorry! Here's the thread. Just scroll to the bottom cause her post was one of the more recent ones >>>/ot/601371. Reading her post over, some of how she types doesn't seem very boomer-ish, but maybe that's just integration.

No. 724597

Anon I got a breast reduction in 2019, I was so unhappy and sooo self conscious as they were heavy and big in comparison to my frame. I was in no was dysphoric or want to be a man, I feel more feminine now as I can wear more girly and fitted clothes with confidence! I don’t want to blog post but I understand how you feel, do what makes you happy!!

No. 724598

The only place I don't get is discord. It feels like a place where only 14yo hang out. When my classmates asked why can't we just use Discord for online learning instead of Zoom I felt like I was around a bunch of babies. For me Discord is associated with childgrooming and furry porn.

No. 724599

IMO I don’t think it is always the sites, more the people using them, like years ago I made a Reddit account to read and contribute in the unresolvedmysteries sub as people are genuinely into true crime like me and not retarded like 98% of people on other subs.

No. 724722

I can't stand when people use 'comfy' to describe an emotional state. Or a describe a thread as comfy.

No. 724748

>For me Discord is associated with childgrooming and furry porn.
kek.. same

No. 724772

I actively avoid using that word now. God, c*mfy now reminds me of greasy hair, sweaty man stink, and soggy chicken tenders–ugh. I now use 'cozy' tyvm.

No. 724834

Cookie pop-ups that say WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY and then try to bait you into thoughtlessly and automatically accepting all cookies by highlighting that button and putting it on the right. You value my privacy my ass. Even worse: when it won't let you just reject all non-essential cookies and you have to switch like 20 buttons manually. Even worse worse: websites that won't work without cookies.

No. 724836

Oh yeah that is so fucking annoying. I'm ashamed to say that 98% of the time I automatically hit accept.

No. 724844

It's an imageboard thing so I guess the association is valid kek. I like it, it reminds me of slow obscure boards.

No. 724929

File: 1611870440262.jpg (49.68 KB, 700x673, pixar-we-give-every-mom-an-abs…)

The pixar mom meme and how everyone thinks it's hilarious. It just makes me uncomfortable, along with the female character sameface issue why can't they design female characters properly?

No. 724938

I agree and I hate these normie memes in general, I don't know how else to describe them. They're made to appeal to everyone and to get reposted. I've seen this one a few times.

No. 724941

File: 1611871930379.jpg (89.96 KB, 474x705, original.jpg)

Anything rose gold, the coppery undertones remind me of tarnished jewelery. I feel like this is an unpopular opinion though.

No. 724950

Same, it's really gross and intentionally pervy with the ways they present them sometimes, but if you criticize it everyone (every man) has the perfect excuse to be all, "They're just movies for children! Why are you overanalyzing it, you're the one making it pRoBlEmAtIc~"

Gaslighting fucks.

No. 724988

I hate airpods they die so fast! and collect earwax… its the worst.

No. 725001

I hate anyone who uses the word bigot. If you use it I'll just think you're a special snowflake that uses too much twitter.

I hate that being critical of gender idology gets you labeles a biggot.

I hate that people critizice radfems without even reading about their ideology.

>inb4 gc ban

No. 725005

But some people are bigots. What do you call them?

No. 725024

She calls them "people I agree with."

No. 725027

racists, sexists, homophobes etc

No. 725029

>racists, sexists, homophobes
…those are bigots

No. 725042

yes exactly but it'd rather use those specific words rather than a vague generalizing one like "bigot" that lumps in actually progressive people like jk rowling with whole ass nazis

No. 725351

File: 1611940540325.jpg (229.06 KB, 1290x776, 1611865648541.jpg)

I hate this greasy look trend whether it's on makeup, anime, etc. No it doesn't look "healthy", if anything it looks like you have a sweating problem and/or stink.

No. 725354

Samefagging but it also looks like zits half the time, especially on anime characters.

No. 725355

Gamers, especially male gamers

No. 725475

File: 1611951342080.jpeg (428.26 KB, 729x925, 953354FC-87D1-4B16-B6B5-26B9B2…)


people who constantly hype and think disney is the epitome of quality in animation and media, it gets on my nerves. every film they make is superficial and stale which means marketable to children, family, and international fans
legacy does not equal good, authority does not equal good manbabies

No. 725519

countering this by saying i hate the look of matte makeup. it looks so lifeless compared to dewy looks

No. 725560


No. 725811

Agreed. Disney makes some damn good looking films but disneyfags dont appreciate Disney for its artistic craftmanship, theyre obnoxious braindead consumers with no real meaning in their lives.

No. 725884

right-wingers hate for the "elite" because what they really mean is liberal/democrat 1 percenters. They had always thought the free market was best until a bunch of corporations started pandering to progressives jfl

No. 726104

disney adults are the biggest weirdos to me. i usually hate the mindset that once you reach a certain age you can't enjoy X or Y hobbies bc that's bs, but disneyfags are obnoxiously consumerist and half the time their only personality is liking movies made for children and nothing else.

No. 726492

When anons post family guy clips from YouTube? I don't understand why but I've seen this in quite a few threads, it's just annoying and I don't think a fucking family guy clip will ever be relevant to a thread kek

No. 726506

Clips? Never seen clips posted, what threads is this prevalent in?

No. 726510

discord is literally just a convenient IM service

No. 726514

File: 1612055252611.jpg (88 KB, 848x910, 20210130_200558.jpg)

This was posted in the MtF thread, I've also seen it a few times in the Shayna thread and maybe once in PnP's thread. I guess I shouldn't have said it was in quite a few threads, now I'm thinking it's the same anon

No. 726525

I frequent those threads and never noticed, you may be onto something. Same anon most likely, but also maybe of certain gender.

No. 726829

File: 1612087120066.jpeg (72.84 KB, 1200x799, 568C1DF8-2612-4E69-95AD-AC6333…)

This youtuber’s teeth, smile, and the way he talks. They’re too big for his mouth and in general, and he chooses white bands for his braces which makes his teeth look off-white and dirty. The way he talks replaces all ‘s’ sounds with a “Sh” because his teeth are fucking massive.

No. 728225

When people shit on characters/series solely because of the fans instead of thinking for themselves and judging it on it's own merits. I just think it's dumb how often people let fandoms influence their decisions like that when the fans usually have no impact on the series itself, like they're not gonna put their shitty headcanons in the story or anything. At that rate you won't be able to enjoy anything in fiction because it all has annoying fans, even good series/games/etc.

No. 728694

the one aggressive anon in /pt

No. 728700


i doubt its the same anon but there was a rude anon on the luna thread complaining cause someone didnt know who roger was. which yeah, lurk more for sure, but damn dont get bitchy about it just dont respond. then nice anon comes along to explain who roger is and bitchy anon gets even angrier. and they kept being bitchy for no reason complaining about new faggotry and spoonfeeding and integrate more and lurk like yeah thats valid but maybe let the mod do their thing? if it really is newfaggotry or integrate issue or things like that and its very transparent, they WILL get banned. thats… pt is very serious about that type of things. if its truly that bad, i promise theyll get banned. you dont have to rule the damn thread and be a dick to random people for no reason. take a xanax its a luna thread who gives a shit!

No. 728709

Tinfoil: the aggressive anon is the same one who shilled meth in the Luna thread. She was dopesick back then, but now she snorted/shot a bunch of it and is violently methposting

No. 728715

high-value man/sugar hating anon in ot also. That chick is had aspergers, no doubt.

No. 728724


i love this tinfoil lmao. i want to add to the lore that meth anon is probably someone who lives in conditions as shitty as luna but thinks shes better than her cause she doesnt have corpse lips. girl, listen to your family and try rehab… if youre a normal functioning adult and youre shilling for meth use to get "better", you need to reevaluate… several things…

like, yeah, sure, luna would lose weight and stuff like that lmao. but its funny to me like, anon was trying to be helpful, but instead of saying, she should go to rehab! shes like, she should try meth! the fuck you're talking about lol. if thats the best advice you can give to a junkie than maybe youre not that much better than them.

No. 728728

Honestly I thought the same thing long ago, but then there are works that rely a lot on fans' feedbacks or suggestions, and they tend to ruin the next chapters or sequels. The homestuck fans were awful at some point and iirc some plot points were suggested by the autistic fans, and according to some thread on /snow/ the sequel is trash because of them.

No. 728750

Was one of the newfag anons, but I shut up. Sorry for shitting up the thread. I admit I was in the wrong. I remember when asking dumb questions was against the rules and frowned upon, but now I see it's not (?). Maybe I'm blind or cannot ctrl+f.
Anyway not the meth anon, in fact I was annoyed by the crap and I don't know why mods didn't stop it. Shit was insane. I think mods slept on the Luna thread since a lot of posters deserved a ban (probably including me) and didn't get it.
As mentioned, there was another person bitching than me, so your tinfoil may still be true kek
Anyway I still think people shouldn't waste time with questions like "whos roger", might as well ask who is Luna kek. Either you are interested in cow or not, just google

No. 728755


interesting. and yeah, you can get banned for asking dumb shit. i was actually curious and read the OP of the luna thread and it does explain who roger is, so you were right anon… sorry about that i just checked it a second ago, i dont read the op on luna threads cause i dont need recap for her. so i had not noticed that anon could literally ctrl+f that shit.

if its in the OP, then yeah, you should check that shit first before asking anything about cow. i always check the OP of cows im not familiar with so that im caught up. just seems like the smart thing to do.

anyways, we dont know who the other anon was and i still want to believe shes a methhead. we can only dream… i want to believe

No. 728821

File: 1612295914261.png (1.01 MB, 1200x600, Persian.png)

They're the feline pugs. I don't hate them, but looking at their faces makes me feel unbearable pain, not sure if it's pity or because their ugly-cuteness makes me uncomfortable.

No. 728829

It's the first time I see someone saying that ugly-cuteness makes them uncomfortable.

No. 728864

If that cat was a woman standing in public.. some old scrote would come along and tell it to smile

No. 728881

I hate it when an anon gets weirdly possessive (obsessive? maybe is better) of a particular cow.

No. 728885

Cats with flat faces like those also have the same breathing issues that pugs have, so I honestly feel sad when I see them knowing that they could probably be suffering.

No. 728889


a common example you see anon?

i find people in jill threads getting mad at very stupid shit. shes a boring cow. literally all you can do is nitpick and project. so whenever an anon there gets to passionate im like… shes not worth getting pressed, like ever, unless you see yourself in her or something idk i just find jill anons odd

No. 728898

I really hate Venus's threads, they are so dry and there's no milk other than Margo's sperging and she has her own thread (which is also dry as fuck, they should both just merge into one thread)

No. 729170

Anons who post random screenshots of tweets and go "this reminds me so much of [cow]". Like cool a person I don't know talking about narcissism/cancel culture/whatever slightly relevant bullshit, sick contribution to the conversation dog thanks

No. 729360

I hate the emergence of "internet accents". In England at least, the way people speak hasn't changed, but online they all type in a strange concoction of what I think is drag queen speak crossed with AAVE. It's like it's become the Lingua Franca of the internet. I want to show people their own posts and bellow "YOU ARE FROM DONCASTER, BORN AND BRED" but it's inexorable at this point.

No. 729371

I partially like cats more because we haven't absolutely destroyed their facial structure for aesthetics, so cats like your pic and munchkin cats make me sad

No. 729382

File: 1612372551499.jpg (91.65 KB, 904x1024, EiJ7UvRWoAAn0em.jpg)

The gifted kid meme was funny at first, but now I'm fucking sick of it. It's like the zoomer version of a mid life crisis

No. 729398

It usually reads like a weird humblebrag to me, which is stupid because being a child genius stops being impressive when you’re no longer a child.

No. 729409

Fucking hate pin up aesthetics and everything around 50s style

No. 729430

Me too. When I see that youtube vid "woman that lives like it's the 50's" I feel violent

No. 729431

Imagine peaking in elementary school.

No. 729438

Hard agree. People who harp on that peaked in grade school.
People have to learn how to deal and cope with anxiety and depression rather than tweeting about it and thinking it's ~uwu quirky~ and expect people to tiptoe around them in case they get triggered.

No. 729451

File: 1612376500355.jpg (111.49 KB, 940x625, 51ad39e3-77d6-4f17-beaf-26b27c…)

Me too except I like the colorful kitchens

No. 729469

No. 729518

File: 1612381763666.jpg (3.59 MB, 4032x3024, 20210203_144832.jpg)

Welllllllllllllll shiiiiiit.

That's how I feel about the 70s I'm but sure some of you love it.

No. 729530

A lot of the time these twitter users who humblebrag about being "underperforming ex-gifted children" were the ones who weren't really gifted but instead got above average grades (which honestly isn't hard in elementary school) without any proof of exceptional intelligence but were put on a pedestal to the point they thought they would fly through everything in their lives until they came across an actual challenge. I've noticed that they often lack persistence and devotion required for highly demanding positions because they never learned how to handle disappointment and failure.

No. 729540

I could've written these posts, anons. I usually don't judge people for liking stuff past whatever arbitrary age limit society puts on it but adult Disney fans are beyond autistic, I can't help it. They spend heaps of money on shitty consoomer merch just because it has Ariel's face on it, publicly talk about crying hysterically during a Disney cartoon movie and get massive fucking tattoos of Disney characters.

They never have a "normal" relationship with the franchise, they need to go all out Disney World traveling, collaboration crap buying and cosplaying route over literal children's movies that aren't even that enjoyable to anyone past the age of 12. It's not like they analyze the movies, characters, soundtrack etc. or care about the production in any way, it's a very shallow level of "I bought the collector's edition because oohh shiny cover eeeee" interest overall.

I'm sperging because some of my friends are the worst Disney womanchildren I know and I hate it

No. 729597

I hate that this website made me aware of the phrase "nonbinary finery." I don't know where it came from but I have never felt so violently angry at a pair of words

No. 729646

The word “meatspace”. If I see somebody using that word in their post I instantly discard their opinion.

No. 729652

File: 1612392539877.jpg (98.04 KB, 578x906, hotttt.jpg)

I love the 70s. They were unironically tacky as fuck and completely shameless, but they were fun. I especially love men's fashion in the 70s, it was ridiculous as hell but still better than what men look like today. Most importantly, clothes were fun and expressive rather than overtly sexed up even on kids.

Just look at this absolute Chad.

No. 729653

What the hell does that even mean, never in my life have i read that word before

No. 729656

File: 1612393021338.jpg (136.32 KB, 660x792, Funny-Men-Fashion-Ads-From-70s…)

> I especially love men's fashion in the 70s

TAYRT, okay, that's the one thing I agree on. It was silly and tacky, but tight fitting and really looked good on the male physique.

No. 729660

i hate how we treat severely autistic people, like why even keep them alive? they will never contribute anything to society, they live in constant pain and suffering and have violent outbursts where they attack or try to kill people, why don't we just mercy kill them

No. 729661

My younger brother dresses like this every day and he’s really popular because of it and his girlfriend loves it cause he’s the only guy in high school who can actually take aesthetic insta pictures kek

No. 729672

File: 1612394853024.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1239, 44561704-E491-4482-9A8D-3EBD28…)

Polo shirts. Especially flabby men in too tight polos with the little sleeves riding up from arm fat.

Seeing another persons pimples being popped or their pus makes me physically nauseous. Actually just seeing gross body things on others like drool, stains on mouth etc. I’m a fussy piece of shit

Annoying ass weebs talking in that stupid way that’s like a blend of role play / tumblr lingo and anime dialogue on Twitter

Troon / genderspecial worship invading every fandom in existence.

No. 729676

File: 1612395469791.jpg (39.15 KB, 680x645, 154.jpg)

Out of all mainstreamed 4chan memes I hate this one the most. Maybe I have rose tinted glasses, but the older version of the meme you had to have them say 10 lines bare minimum and maybe give the wojak his own costume. The modern one you just put one line.

No. 729705

I think every severe (and maybe not that severe) mentally ill person should get free euthanasia. They and their families suffer so fucking much. And it's not until you have a family member like this that you understand how painful it is for them to live, and how they can ruin the lives of the family itself.

Example… My dad had a mentally ill brother. And because of the severity, my dad was left alone most of the time, and whenever my uncle had violent outbursts, my dad couldn't do anything to defend himself. This made my dad develop a lot of trauma. and I know of another case that is just like this.

The fact that twitter keeps this narrative of "EVERY SINGLE MENTALLY ILL PERSON MATTERS" and "SOCIETY IS THE ONE THAT IS WRONG!" pisses me off. They really don't know how sad this shit is.

No. 729706

I like the old version better too, zoomies are just lazy with shit humor

No. 729714

Aw I'm not normally one to grumble about kids these days, but I do feel sad at how lazy the new version is. I have fond memories of lurking threads full of them and cackling at the ones that were so extremely niche they became incomprehensible nonsense. Complete with hyper-specific outfits, of course

No. 729741

File: 1612402626885.png (66.31 KB, 671x673, 913EF74E-C405-4E56-B8B1-0A0466…)

This sleazecore one is my favorite for some reason, I love this meme

No. 729744

How etsy shows the reviews for ALL items instead of only the reviews for the item you're looking at

No. 729774

Annoying nerd way of saying real life/off the internet.

No. 729846

the fuck, why are kinnies calling real life "the meatspace"
Got it sounds like they didn't complete elementary education

No. 729847

nta but oh it's kinnies? I assumed it was cringy lefty twitter lingo because it totally sounds like that
when it comes to kinnies I think that one big problem gen z is having is spending too much time in a fantasy world in our heads

No. 729848

samefag to add… or rather, fantasy world plus being consoomers. if they made the fantasy up themselves at least it could be flexing creativity

No. 729925

It's so annoying and impractical, I don't understand why they haven't fixed that yet.

Glad I'm not the only one, so ugly. Tbh I hate pretty much anything vintage.

No. 730002

I hate anons that have scrote-like taste in media. I don't know why I expected anything better here compared to other imageboards.

No. 730005


No. 730027

Rick & Morty, It's Always Sunny, Family Guy, John Wick, Big Mouth

No. 730030

Some ecchi trash and waifubait characters ranked highly in the tier thread, the fact that there's even ecchifags at all, that unfunny "manly" mecha anime that every weeb on the planet keeps pushing and dumbasses who think the redhead's tits is a high work of art, some KLK fans although at least they don't pretend it's "feminist" like the others, that one anon who shilled that BDSM piss manga for several posts and unironically pulling a "it's ackshuyally deep" tier excuse, and probably some other shit I'm forgetting. Not saying it's every poster but still. Just sick of people pretending action titty shows, sexualized designs, and objectifying women are "good". It's almost more depressing seeing other women defend it.

No. 730045

I guess some women just have terrible taste, but there are also larpers around.

No. 730099

I know slang morphs over time but I hate seeing people use the word "stan" casually. I was under the impression that it specifically meant a crazy stalker fan, so I don't get why people say things like "omg your outfit is great, we stan!!"

No. 730129

Madoka is not for scrotes.

No. 730160

File: 1612455724132.jpg (103.94 KB, 683x654, inb4reddit.JPG)

No. 730170

I initially liked Prison School but not even halfway in I lost interest due to how utterly inane and coomer it was. Also fuck Kiyo beta ass bitch faggot

No. 730173

It's seinen so technically it is, but that's not what I was thinking of.

I'm not the poster in the 'rate my taste' thread by the way, pretty sure that anon is baiting. Made in Abyss is genuinely disgusting though.

No. 730228

I love Rick and Morty.
Ever since bronies took over My Little Pony I don't give a fuck what isn't "for women" anymore. I like what I like.

Why screencap a bad argument?
>the hour during which something airs means there is a demographic that the producers are aiming for
Everyone knows this. It doesn't mean that every aspect of the show will appeal or not appeal to a specific gender.
>no matter what the international audience consists of
Because it would destroy this argument and prove my point above, the OP knows this and wants people to discard international reception because he knows female audiences are different elsewhere. I CAN appreciate that this show aired during Otaku hour and why it was enjoyed by males, but the fact is a lot of women picked it up who aren't necessarily a Japanese audience for reasons that appealed to them so it's fair to say it's not as "male oriented" as OP would like to argue.

"How to tell it is aimed at men:"
>no fleshed out male characters
Plenty of anime aimed at males has fleshed out male characters.
>no fleshed out het romances
1. Madoka literally has the most fleshed out love triangle between Sayaka/Hitomi/Kyousuke. Saying "it doesn't count cause plot device" for no reason will not change this fact? A plot device can be fleshed out, it's not like they're mutually exclusive.
2. Don't most male oriented animes have fleshed out male characters? Why would not having good male characters mean an anime is for men? This is an argument that could go either way. It's like saying a female oriented anime wouldn't have fleshed out woman characters. Unless the anime would be using men to pander to women (as if this is popular…), would we not expect fleshed out female characters? It doesn't make sense because this argument fucking doesn't. Men get everything, OP might as well say anime is all for men.
>mainstream female audiences don't like yuri
Lots of women are fucking gay and/or tired of het romances. Yuri is pretty popular with women, as is most gay shit.
>intense focus of conflict of ideologies
Women don't care about ideologies amirite?
>why don't they talk about gorl things though?!
I mean, they do but obviously the extent is limited by the fact that it's an anime where they're dealing with timelines and fucking dying.
Examples of "girly" things Madoka talks about:
>every morning teeth brushing session with her mom talking about hot goss
>Madoka showing off her magical girl fashion concept
Like does OP expect them to be talking about painting nails and shit? Why do they have to be constantly talking about girl things for it to qualify?
>madoka having a one on one coming of age convo with her mom can't count because coming of age discussions are only for men
Is anything for women?

No. 730245

This and your sperging in that thread is basically troon tier gender role shitposting

No. 730259

People acting like they can taste the miniscule amounts of sugar in savory foods like a fucking human bloodhound is delving into some orthorexic territory. Clearly getting that kind of information from the label/memes about the food item and not cause they actually taste it. Sugar in small amounts is fine anyway and necessary for human function.

No. 730260

I'm not that poster. My complaints aren't about the taste thead (except for MiA)

No. 730729

calling masturbation polishing the pearl. disgusting and sleazy

No. 730738

still better than "fapping"

No. 730745

NTA but holy shit this has got to be the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen.

>only men like stories with conflicting ideologies, plus the girls don’t talk about periods and hair, it’s totally for men!

And who cares about the supposed demographic for anime/manga that much anyway? Kino’s Journey is seinen, guess only men can like it. The LoGH manga is shounen, guess the fanbase must be mostly 13 year old boys. FMA/Inuyasha are shounen, definitely no female fans for those. What a shit take.

No. 730747

Or "shlicking". UGH.

No. 730752

most euphemisms are cringe and disgusting, should call it what it is or be less weird about it

No. 730754

Oh my god I just remembered one I saw with Atsuo from Boris but I didn't save it

No. 730776

the argument isn't that women cannot like seinen, just that the series is seinen in the first place

No. 730783

People that call themselves egalitarian not feminist

No. 730784

I mean Madoka ticks off boxes that spell out scrote pandering because it's cute girls doing cute things but in a grimdark environment, and then they went full on disturbing lesbian sexual lust in the movie with Madoka and Homura but it's not aimed towards men. It's a unisex seinen series first and foremost.

In theme of the thread I hate the Homura x Madoka ship and how many thots take scrote pandering yuri cosplay shots of them because uwu lesbians. Homura has an unhealthy BPDcunt tier obsession with her Favourite Person and it's not cute.

No. 730787

>unisex seinen series
you know that the seinen demographics means men around 20 years old or so?

No. 730835

movie bad, agree
but nothing wrong with doing whatever it takes to stop your best friend from being killed by a magic storm
she had no way of knowing she was making madoka that powerful, and she was stunted at middle school age the whole time she was time traveling, it's not like she ever got to go to college or had to get a job, she never matured in all that time

No. 730847

>unisex seinen
Just admit you like something that was made for males.

No. 730861

File: 1612532585422.jpg (32.51 KB, 400x400, s-l400 (1).jpg)

I hate these shitty kpop baby plushies stans are obsessed with. The fact some people think it's healthy to own a naked plush of a real person to dress up as a baby is so disgusting

Also even when they are based on fictional characters they are still so fucking ugly kek

No. 730880

Death, taxes, and kpop stans being of unsound mind.

No. 730885

Not into kpop at all but I think those are cute. Clearly meant to be chibis rather than babies, so like a mascot of the singer rather than a child version of them. That makes all the difference in my eyes (yes, chibis kind of look like babies because they are meant to be cute, but that's it).
It must suck twice when the idol whose plushie you own turns out to be s rapist.

No. 730897

they look like retarded fat babies anon

No. 730918

I hate when I'm watching YouTube vids that are either calling out a rare female sexual predator or talking about a female murderer… And the comment section is hundreds of men parroting the same lines of
>if the gender roles were reversed there'd be a bigger fuss!
>this isn't getting enough attention because people let women off the hook
>meanwhile men can't even look at a woman anymore! Double standards!
It's always under a vid where I've literally just binged dozens of other vids covering the exact same case… There is a big fuss. She is being called out. People are caring and talking about it. The proof is right in front of you.

No. 730922

This is not the place for radfems

No. 730927

File: 1612541449413.jpg (70.77 KB, 345x512, unnamed.jpg)

I see why you may think so and you are 100% entitled to your opinion, but I wanted to say that they look super nostalgic to me! They remind me of 90's chibi art, mostly from shoujo manga. I remember there being a trend of portraying chibis as naked angels/babies, though I cannot google examples for some reason.

No. 730928

Really? Are you going to call her a radfem? Out of saying something that has common sense? wow. That's fucking stupid nonnie. If she's a radfem or not, she's saying something that is true. Maybe you're not a nonnie, maybe you're a scrote.

No. 730936

jesus, read a fucking book

No. 730961

How was anon being a radfem???

No. 730964

I barely even know what a radfem is tbh. Just tired of seeing the same comments under vids that are addressing the very situation that they claim 'everyone is ignoring' Like here's a whole playlist of other vids where people are racking up millions of views addressing it.
>Why is nobody talking about this!?
They are lol

No. 730965

the words radfem and terf have lost all meaning

No. 730968

Isn't that a good thing on here? To be fair, slurs and "taboo" words are used on lc to the point where they're considered run of the mill board culture, but ultimately you'd still get eyebrow raises and side-eyes if you used them in a lot of public settings.

No. 730973

File: 1612545928242.jpg (18.21 KB, 425x620, 514ihfFNR4L._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Plush anon here, they literally get dressed into baby outfits, this has to be some kind of weird breeding fetish

I love retro styles too but these are just ugly, not cute at all

No. 730978

I love plushies like those sanrio characters that wear diapers and have pacifiers (the ones out atm that come in lil plastic baby bottles! Love) but when it comes to these human looking plush dolls… stuff of nightmares

No. 730989

File: 1612547383360.jpg (377.69 KB, 2048x2048, grahhhh.jpg)

I always hated it how the musical community online has like 5-15 musicals. 90% all made after the 2000's, they wont stop talking about while everything else exists exists in obscurity. Pretty weird how in the community a musical is either super big or no one gives a shit

No. 730995

>not a place for radfems
Well actually…

No. 731024

You wish pussy ho

No. 731032

Oh honey

No. 731075

File: 1612554126112.jpg (21.91 KB, 158x188, imagjjne0.jpg)

I swear "Begone radfem" is the biggest, easiest bait on /ot/ these days. Now everybody's a fucking radfem.
Think pedophilia is wrong? Radfem. Don't agree with rape? Radfem. Have a vagina? Radfem. Don't like corn? Radfem.

No. 731085

This image makes me crack up way too hard

No. 731098

Dude yes! Fucking 100% agreed. It's because most of the outspoken "musical fans" in that community are just annoying teens who aren't truly musical fans. They think the musicals listed are the best things ever and are deep as fuck when they're not. There are still true musical fans out there and not the Tik Tok/Twitter/Tumblr trash teens. Sage for musical sperging.

No. 731155

No. 731166

there's this anon telling anyone to "cope" in every thread. They don't sage. I'm sure they're a newfag.

No. 731363

When someone hasn't bothered doing any research into a hobby, like books, paid courses, or even simple googling, and they cream their pants when a zoomer influencer gives them the most basic tips. Bonus points if they think they're mid tier at the hobby and not a total beginner.

The comments on this video for example. The video isn't bad, but the info isn't ground breaking. I've seen this exact shit in the intro of every serious art book, but everyones acting like he gave them some secret key.

No. 731791

I hate the fact that this generation uses aesthetics for a replacement of personalities, and now all the internet spaces have become a big highschool and everyone has to fit in inside a certain niche down to who's a chad and who's a stacy etc.

Oh you like pink shit and videogames? You must be a gamer girl with a game battle station! Oh you have nostalgia for the early 2000's because you're a sad zoomer? You must be kidcore! Oh you like my melody and kuromi? Oh then you're an egirl! etc.

But the thing that PISSES ME is how they use -core with everything. The sufflix core is something you would always find in music. Example: breakcore. So then I find this "weirdcore" video, and since I am into EDM and looking up obscure music I listened to it and it's complete garbage. There's trap, hyperpop, and whatever else. The only good song I got out of it was moment - lil death (a DNB track) like why not do your research on actual music generes first so you save yourself the shame of saying "I listen to weirdcore "XDD""

I tried explaining to some zoomies what Horrorcore and Noisecore is inside a discord server and they were like "OMG they're turning EVERYTHING into an aesthetic". And I was like. No you little bitch! They're music generes! Horrorcore is a rap genere and Noisecore is a metal genere. No it doesn't have to do with your fucking kinnie tumblr. Stop.

No. 731793

Here's another example. There's sounds I think "wow this could be an interesting new take on music generes by zoomies" but then everything is mixed. You have mid 2000s eurodance, MSI, Grimes, and Rico Nasty in the same playlist that you call "glitchcore"? Bitch this isn't even glitch music. Do your research bitches.

No. 731794

Imagine hating people for giving art advice for free. Sucks to be you to have wasted money on serious art books but come on.

No. 731798

Nta but although I understand your frustration and knowing good artists giving free art advice is something we all need and something I'm very thankful for, you know those books are also online right? There's nothing wrong with paying for courses either, teachers can give personalized advice too and can see what you're doing wrong and help you correct it. Some people just plain need the atmosphere of an art class, and some people aren't so good studying on their own. You can't really say "sucks to be you" in this case imo

I think I understand where you're coming from, but I think everyone needs a solid grasp of the basic stuff or to refresh their knowledge from time to time. There's a reason why so many artists repeat the basic stuff all the time, plus can you blame them? They're doing it for free

Now when you say zoomie influencer though I think of lavendertowne or whatever her name is. Now that's something I would never take the advice from, or any tumblrish artist for that matter, but the video you linked seems fine?

No. 731799

If there's one thing to be said about Gen Z, it's that they love categories. Categories for personality, gender, interests. Your entire identity must be categorises, how else will they know which people they should or should not 'interact' with.

No. 731821

This is so true.

No. 731867

I said the videos fine, but it's just the comments worshiping it

No. 731873

"I'm a woman and I like ecchi/henti/lolis too! I'm cool and different and not like those SJW prudes!"
"lesbians can objectify women too!"
"I'm a woman and I like [coomer waifu garbage] therefore it's not male-pandering and it's actually good!"

No. 731878

And Bayonetta is feminist because I like it and I'm a girl!!

No. 731882

File: 1612642504632.png (106.07 KB, 1640x351, SS.PNG)

Quick hipster sperg, but the playlist is laughably bad at being the weird and obscure vibe it's claiming to be. Most of the artist have 1M+ views and the low end is 100K, when compared to most obscure music is super large. Most are also 'babies first X' artists. Why are these playlist youtube videos always so trash? I frequently browse youtube playlists, not vidoes actual playlists people make, and they always have pretty good picks.

I've also noticed them using aesthetics to replace personality, but I'm also seeing it in a more sinister "replace hard work" way. Not sure how to explain this, but you know how in the dark academia aesthetic everyone wants to do academic stuff, read, draw, and write? Instead of striving to do that, do academic things, the people in the culture strive to copy the symbols, the stereotype view of "What makes you academic".

Aesthetics have filled the void of doing thing to achieve a look instead try to make you imitate symbols to achieve a look. It's a simulacrum and we're on stage 2 right now I think

No. 731894

I want to do something like the last one, but to confiscate certain series from men (not necessarily cooomer waifu shit, just things that might have coomer elements), gatekeep it from them and basically ruin it for them so it becomes a "girl" thing.
They do that to us all the time.

No. 731897

thats basically what happened with golden kamuy, right? middle aged housewives became the dominant demographic lmao

No. 731899

File: 1612643981008.jpg (406.58 KB, 1600x1131, Sengoku-Basara-anime-25493865-…)

The Capcom samurai action franchise Sengoku Basara originally had young men as the target audience but the biggest fans turned out to be women age 18-30.

That's funny! Surely some gay men read it too, the author is gay as fuck.

No. 731905

The author has a wife and child, actually. Shocked me too.

No. 731909

File: 1612644484982.jpg (571.34 KB, 2067x1378, 8e3b84168757c6c434564942eff86d…)

any time I read the series name I just think that pic related is the only 'golden eyed kamuy' that I will ever give a fuck about and I hate that most people don't even know wtf X is

No. 731912

That series was a fucking mess though. And no ending.

No. 731916

iirc isn't the Japanese Yakuza fandom mostly women? despite the fact that the games were originally aimed at young men

No. 731925

i fucking love X (mostly manga tho) and yes, I'm very mad about lack of canon ending. Both movie and the TV series had one, but Clamp clearly had something else in mind.
I pray that the new TB anime revives interest and we will get those final X volumes after all these years

No. 731927

I don't know why that's especially the case with Capcom franchises but that's also the case for Ace Attorney and DMC. I think RE is also kinda popular with fujoshi but it seems big enough to appeal to everyone equally. Well, for Ace Attorney it's obviously because of the fujoshi character designer who made all the other developers and maybe also Hideki Kamiya read trashy BL manga for inspiration for the GBA trilogy. As for Sengoku Basara the games are dead but there's a lot of merchandises available and from when I was in Shibuya's Capcom store it's almost only women buy them.

No. 731936

File: 1612646436478.jpg (56.6 KB, 384x540, 7d2d0e49572172f7b8ba17a4bb53a0…)

Isn't that what's happening with sports shonen mangas/animes? Stuff like Free! or Yuri on Ice has definitely been made with women in mind but I'm convinced Prince of Tennis was supposed to be for boys, and I don't know a single male interested in it; all the merch right now seems to be made for women, the musicals are not boy thing at all too.

No. 731937

File: 1612646554557.jpg (6.03 MB, 2972x4599, 646372.jpg)

I love how Capcom ended up making more and more cute male designs in SB because of this, it made the scrotes furious, raging about those evil fangirls ruining games.

No. 731942

File: 1612646982853.jpg (13.1 KB, 236x346, a704a9725bb39c186ef744e746a0f8…)

I actually think we've reached stage 3 or 4 with some things. Like, when you see something tagged as "dark academia", you know in your heart it's not really going to be anything academic, just someone's moodboard, lmao.
>even claims to reality are expected to be phrased in artificial, hyperreal terms
It's not really out of place to hear things like "That's so x-core!" among some types of people. Pic related, it even dates back to when pastel goth was popular. This is tongue in cheek, but it reflects that outlook.
>Any naive pretension to reality as such is perceived as bereft of critical self-awareness, and thus as oversentimental
I swear it'll only be a little while longer until posts saying shit like this:
>"You guys who are like 'Omg it's not anything-core, I just like all these things that happen to fit this particular aesthetic. I have never read a single tag on a post, I don't even know what a Pinterest is. I'm the most uniquest flower in the room' need to grow up. You were not born in a vacuum lol"
go viral.

No. 731964

File: 1612648974506.png (314.48 KB, 1200x630, 579db2ea-6962-426f-91a3-185349…)

I've never read Prince of Tennis, but I stumbled over picrel (or something similar) a while back and thought about how obviously it's geared towards women when I had always thought the manga/anime was made for boys.

No. 731966

Yeah it was definitely made for boys and then adjusted to it's new, female audience.

No. 732005

As someone who's read most of CLAMP manga titles they really have messy plots. Tsubasa for instance was a god damn mess but that didn't stop people from liking it lol. Only a few series were ever decent.

No. 732209

File: 1612669684777.jpg (45.31 KB, 640x640, f02pelel9wf61.jpg)

Imagine having a hot body on the left and yet feeling you have to shoop yourself a baboon ass like what's on the right. We're so fucking fucked.

No. 732224

It was obvious what kind of audience Prince of Tennis would get when there is probably exactly two female characters and the cast is full of prodigy bishonen types. Either they were baiting or not thinking it through when it was made.

No. 732266

Literally every shonen has barely any female character that matters, do you think their target audience are girls too?

No. 732280

The difference is that most shonen characters are ugly.

No. 732705

Kaneoya Sachiko and her smelly hobo men

No. 732706

I hate anons who shit up threads with their desperate need to defend their opinion against anyone who disagrees with them. Most of the time the replies aren't worth replying to but I guess they just have to get the last word in, even if that takes days.

No. 732718

File: 1612720620907.jpg (474.18 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210207-115055_You…)

The youtube comment section is the most mind numbing and repetitive thing and yet I still scroll through them
Why do people think this shit is funny? Every comment section is just a caption contest, but instead of being creative, they all use the same set up with slightly different variables.
Im fuckin stoned lol insert the tyler the creator cyberbullying tweet cause I should not be this pressed about text on a screen. Saged for shame

No. 732730

File: 1612722420994.jpeg (41.81 KB, 720x689, 2D7803CB-C939-4E9F-B8AF-9E95D0…)

i hate when this happens

>someone starts discussion on a thread

>i respond
>another anon responds
>another anon responds to the anon below me, completely ignoring me although we are talking about the same thing
>sometimes anon below me is literally just saying what i said in other words
>anons still ignore me and respond to the other anon instead
>anons start talking to each other and even though i try to stay in the discussion and keep replying i almost never get a response

No. 732740

I'll talk to you, anon! What else do you hate?

No. 732741

imagine how much worse would that shit be if lolcow wasn't anon

No. 732748

people who still think iq is the objective reliable measurement of intelligence

No. 732749

File: 1612723473376.gif (513.71 KB, 607x609, 14b.gif)

Happens to me sometimes too. It'll be ok bb.

No. 732753

Calling real people (or celebrities) 'vintage' is so funny to me

No. 732771

Same, I really don't get her appeal, maybe it's because I'm not into femdom, but everytime I see anons salivating over her guys I find them so boring, they look lazy and dirty.

No. 732785

Men with big square heads being shilled as "attractive"

No. 732886

I will never forgive CLAMP for what they did to xxxholic.

No. 732912

pretty sure we have one obsessed anon that kept sperging about her artbooks and stuff and maybe like one or two occasional spergs kek.
Anyway if I never again see those uggos or hear about kAnEoYa SaChIkO, it will be still too soon.
She would be based for objectifying males if she had some goddamn taste in them. Sad!

No. 733175


No. 733176


Use it to protect you in oncoming battle anon

No. 733177

That the lolcow discord isnt accepting anyone new

No. 733178

File: 1612764527240.png (132.38 KB, 694x303, ok eva braun.PNG)

If you're wondering what you're missing, this is it

No. 733179

File: 1612764563177.png (9.54 KB, 329x79, ok armie.PNG)

No. 733180


Honestly this is milky af

No. 733181

File: 1612764636038.png (50.85 KB, 666x359, what the hell..PNG)

Sorry for spamming but what the fuck lmao

No. 733184


Oh my god i think one of these loons is in another discord group or at least they have the same user

No. 733185

File: 1612764878958.jpg (18.33 KB, 300x300, 300px-Let_Me_In.jpg)

No. 733186

File: 1612764899756.png (57.58 KB, 626x453, what nazi thirst will to do yo…)

Ok ok last one but wtf. I barely go in the lc discord but I didn't think this caping for nazis was what the girls were up to. I don't even thnk German people would say shit like this lmao

Ok, I'll stop posting screencaps now, unless you guys want more

No. 733189

File: 1612765017272.jpg (206.55 KB, 869x1390, cows-who-are-dressed-like-cowb…)


Kinda do this is pure milk. Sometimes the farmers are cows themselves.

There's often like…

No. 733190


> Confusing peer pressure for social conditioning


No. 733194

File: 1612765313954.png (75.14 KB, 722x593, invading 4chan nazi servers.PN…)

Ok, here you go I guess. I'll scroll back and see what they were talking about earlier. What thread would be better to post this in? I just don't wanna shit up this thread and idk if the lc screencaps is the right place for this.

No. 733195

File: 1612765371865.png (84.29 KB, 643x524, what.PNG)

Samefag, wtf is a copt?

No. 733197


Coptic is egyptian

No. 733199


Also top kek of Nefell thinking she found her dream aryan man to realize only he's a fat chincel manlet. they all are at least internally

Tinfoil one of these girls is the anon who fell in love with a /pol tard

No. 733200

File: 1612765673095.jpg (34.66 KB, 155x275, 1612751074786.jpg)

Pic from >>>/snow/1155445
If this is the lolcow discord, wouldn't that mean babivampire/fake babivampire from the egirls thread is in it

No. 733201

the lolcow discord is very milky, starting by that time admin said she has chorrillo stress

No. 733202


An amazingly milky connection… This is exciting to me I feel like these two cows deserve their own thread

No. 733203


There really needs to be a thread for lolcow discord caps

No. 733204

Then make one? lol

No. 733205

OH MY FUCKING GOD you're right

No. 733206

File: 1612765971885.png (217.34 KB, 635x502, illegal.PNG)

I guess this is why they were talking about fetus feet. Someone shared some horror channel video.
Weren't those screenshots confirmed to be fake

No. 733207

File: 1612766014306.png (9.24 KB, 312x66, papi hitler.PNG)

No. 733209

Would be funny if these are true, but I'm just kind of suspicious. It's weird that the person in most of these (Nefeli) is also supposed to be babivampire, and I also don't know if I believe these are actually screenshots. All my devices automatically say something about it being a screenshot in the file name, their stuff could be different I guess but if these are involved in some twitter egirl drama, it sounds like they could have been pulled from elsewhere.

No. 733212

File: 1612766325583.png (34.6 KB, 408x248, interestingly wild.PNG)

What is up with this one girl???

Google translate says
>my sister, you rely.
>i was already grounded
I translated it from greek and I have no idea if that's the actual language
Yes these are real and from the lc discord! Idk how to confirm but anyone else who's also in the discord can also see them. I can post a screenshot of the full page if that proves anything? I am using the snipping tool to take these screenshots so maybe that's why your device says that.

No. 733214

Would you be able to post a picture of the icon and name of the server included?

No. 733216

File: 1612766995486.png (468.51 KB, 1080x1080, hit me babi.png)

They talked about this yesterday. I think Nefeli is a fake babivampire, the way they're joking about it makes me think so. Also, eldritch is claiming to be related to a famous Greek musician.

If anyone is still interested in this, I'll just make a discord caps thread so the derailing can stop

No. 733217

File: 1612767070370.png (164.05 KB, 1280x521, disc.PNG)

No. 733219

Made a thread for lolcow discord retards >>1155598 please repost the milk there

No. 733221

Thank you! Sorry for being so suspicious

No. 733240


No. 733243

No. 733257

American music fans claiming every artist who doesn't sing about explicit sex as "corny". I don't even like K pop much at all but it's no wonder so many Westerners feel drawn to it when a lot of American pop fans are of the mentality you can't be light hearted or just fun without making it some occult or hypersexual shit

No. 733259

File: 1612771221486.png (686.83 KB, 910x510, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.57…)

I can't stand spoony, munchy, "chronic illness" fakers and I know that once Covid is no longer a hot topic it's going to be CONSTANT with this type of woman. Already all the retarded articles about Covid "long haulers", and wouldn't you know? The people who are going to be living with this forever, who doctors mysteriously just cannot help, happen to be the exact demographic that also claims chronic lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and Morgellon's. We barely got anybody vaccinated and already bored hausfraus who miss attention are claiming to be too exhausted to work ever again. I got bit by a tick too and feel tired a lot, where's my disability and takeout?!

No. 733261

I actually do think this flatters the male body really well and I find it boring/gross how plain 21st century male clothing is. I hate current male beauty standards in general kek

No. 733268

there's people, mostly zoomers, who ironically get very defensive when you criticize something and reply either the following: let people like what they like or as long as it's making X money. I'm not talking sperging full on ranting but any expression of displeasure triggers this response out of people like they're trying to simp for the officials who created their source of entertainment. It's mostly in video game interest circles I notice this mentality in or predominately social media. I heavily dislike it because it's like they're telling you to shut up for just not necessarily liking something and it's only been a thing as long as the current wave of internet culture came in. I really don't know why people expect you to like everything as long as it's a trend or making people money?

No. 733277

That's because zoomers have been conditioned into thinking that them disliking something means that the thing is somehow immoral and needs to be eradicated. You can't simply "dislike" something because that would be mean and shallow minded.

So you can't just "let someone like something" because that means you're letting literal crimes happen. Twitter user gamerdude1998 can't simp for Mario Kart since it encourages a toxic, competitive environment and violence, we need to call him out!

No. 733471

File: 1612790375273.jpg (129.26 KB, 534x688, granny mad.jpg)

i hate gurugossiper and youtalktrash though its mostly dead. i like the cows they have since its mostly youtube focused and i think those are fun. like i can read a sex worker or instathot thread here and be entertained. but i enjoy watching the cringe in action. but the userbase is so fucking bad there. i cant read that shit, even on slow days in lolcow.

Gurugossiper: they get genuinely offended by their cows. instead of here where we point and laugh at their stupidity. but there, internet is serious business. so much pearl clutching. long ass texts of pure autism, literally walls of texts that could be copypasta. its so autistic. and they will be like "oh i told my SO about cow and they thought"… like ma'am they dont give a shit about petty internet drama cause they dont know the context like you do. its fun when you know about cow but imagine these autists explaining cow lore to their significant others. i cringe and they do it very often. like, some anon linked to a gurugossiper thread and i was curious. im following but then this bitch had a wall of text saying she talked about some irrelevant youtuber to their doctor and had his thoughts. girl what the fuck.
Youtalktrash: They are just people who were too edgy for gurugossiper. they do say insane shit sometimes like pic related. but its mostly the same thing as gurugossiper about sperging about nothing.

the thing i hate the most about this shit drama communities is that they all blogpost and mods allow it. i hate it so much. i do not give a shit about your life. im here to laugh about cows. i truly do not give a shit about how youre better than cow. i dont care that you have a better figure, that youre smarter, that you did this and they didnt. i am not reading the threads to know about your amazing life. WHY WONT THEY BAN THIS PEOPLE WHO GIVES A SHIT. this includes r/beautyguruchatter but their main crime is just being boring people.

lolcow supremacy. kiwifarms is also better than those sites but lolcow is still the superior cow place.

No. 733475

have you ever been on tattle? it's a gossip site but mostly about uk youtubers/influencers. they blogpost even more than gurugossip and the majority of the userbase is 40 year old mums lol

No. 733481


that literally sounds like hell! like i cant understand being that self centered and attention whorey. why would you go on a site for cows to talk about your life? its literally not about you. every social media site you have your profile and its about you. why go to a site specifically dedicated to other people to talk about yourself? start a tumblr sis (although if theyre 40 and probably would be terrified of it lol).

No. 733492

I used to read tattle for mrs hinch drama and everyone on there is insane, i love it

No. 733509

I fucking hate how "Oh this female media wasn't that bad it was just disliked for being feminine", boy bands and twilight were picked on more for the fact girls liked them than their quality, caught on the past 1-2 years.
My first irk is that it's a super basic take. Any person versed in basic sociology or feminism should know that a cultures ranking on society is very closely connected to the ranking of their art. I have seen published notes on this ranging all the way to 2005. The fact that anyone thinks this a new radical take is kind of stating they know jack about feminism 101.
The second part is that it's been appropriated by libfems who through out all nuance in the debate and just decided "Liking cheesy girl stuff is now radical!", never mind some of the media was pretty sexist and had some really weird attitudes toward abuse. I'm just sick of it

I also experience this when I vent about people I dislike online, thats why I mostly vent on lc because I wont get a "who cares?" unless I really sperg out. A lot of the time "who cares?" is used as a way to avoid acknowledging something.

I also want to put "Oh this is just a stepping stone for them!" under this umbrella. Can't make fun of people for liking main stream crappy version of a genre because "It's a stepping stone for them discovering older better stuff". 90% of the time they don't find more obscure stuff and they just simp Sewerslvt

No. 733514

I mean… at no point she claims to have a fresh take on this, just provides an overview of Twilight history.

No. 733561

Watanuki becomes so obsessed with Yuko that he becomes the shop owner and refuses to leave until Yuko returns. Even when she comes to him in a dream to tell him to stop that and move on, he refuses and continues his shitty habit. It's revealed in the end that the Doumeki in the shop around its ending is Doumeki's great grandson. Doumeki marries Kohane (yeah the little girl) when she's older so they can find a way to watch over Watanuki for generations. The egg is never used. They tried to revive the series, but those cunts always go on hiatus and start newer, shittier projects no one cares about. This is why no one cares about those hacks anymore. All they do is live in the past and think their outdated and hiatus shit is "cute" or good or whatever. I hate their obsession with CCS too. It wasn't even THAT good. Fuck CLAMP.

No. 733636

Sorry, nta but what happened with doumeki, did you typo something or what

No. 733647

I just want X and Drug and Drop to end already. I'm sick of my favorite manga being on eternal hiatus or slow as fuck.

No. 733834

I didn't typo. Around the end after Watanuki chimps out and has the Yuko dream, it's revealed that he remained in the shop as its owner for almost 100 years, and now Doumeki's descendent (who looks exactly like Doumeki) is at the shop watching over Watanuki and has the egg. Watanuki ruined everyone's lives with his selfishness. Doumeki and that little girl marry just to make sure Watanuki doesn't run into a door knob because they "love" him so much.

Also Watanuki is the child of the Sakura and Syaoran clone from TRC, except he is supposedly a split from the actual kid so there are two halves running around. I wish I was lying.

Never ever, sis.
>Drug and Drop
If only but they're so riddled with ADHD that they may never come back to that one.

No. 733857

when some anons refer to cows as "it."
doesn't happen very often, but when it does
it gives me major gross scrote vibes
something about it seems inherently a-loggy and violent
i sometimes wanna infight about it but never to
that's all

No. 734006

What the fuck, that shit makes no sense, watanuki was a fucking idiot but wow. Thanks for rewording it so i got it but sorry for making you relive that shit

No. 734017

He learned anything. And the series ended with him never learning a damn thing. CLAMP deserves to crash and burn.
And it's okay. People need to know the sort of tripe they're about to get into when attempting to read CLAMP.

No. 734083

I used to buy the manga but stopped for whatever reason so i never finished it, just reread shit like volume 7 and 8 or something, i am actually laughing outloud due to the stupidity of this goddamit i hate this. Fuck clamp for this.

No. 734093

I think all cosplay is cringe territory honestly even when it's objectively good. There's something about it that just makes it milky

No. 734099

i LOVE rick and morty the slut dragon episode fucking sent me.

I love a lot of scrote media like Konosuba, MLP, Berserk, Runescape, Coolmathgames dot com…. but the thing is women view it differently we don't identify with Rick or any of the charas as a self insert because we're built different. When girls are edgelords they don't project the same way scrotes do

No. 734100

File: 1612828817033.jpg (49.32 KB, 596x446, 7797744-4x3-large.jpg)

No. 734101

i hate that scrotes ruined atheism

No. 734103

Hard agree, this is my parameter though:

If you're a hambeast or a tranny = cringe
If you make cosplay your job = cringe (unless you are a prop maker, big respect to those, everyone else = cringe)
If you want to be cosplay famous or call yourself a cosplayer = cringe
If you make cosplay your main hobby or your entire personality = cringe
If you want to cash in any way uploading thotty pics of yourself in cosplay = super cringe

When is it not cringe? When…
>You're having fun!
>You do it because you like the character or the show
>You do it only at cons
>You don't do it in an autistic way
>You don't care about fame and just like sharing your silly cosplay stuff with people
>You're not toxic or competitive
>You have a life out of dressing up

No. 734105

>the slut dragon episode fucking sent me.
you sound like a tumblr cow I know

No. 734111

ayrt and I can agree with this. But I think it's always milky until proven otherwise

No. 734114

ayrt post the cow or link it in snow

No. 734120

also adding to cringe

> poc or genderfag cosplayer who makes a huge fucking deal over it and expects asspats for it and naturally anyone who disagrees is racist/terfy/etc.

> people who post YOU CAN STILL COSPLAY IF UR _____/ validity sperging
> cosplayers who won't let you kek at cosplay cringe because 2srs about it

No. 734242

I'm in the discord but that doesn't match her account or the mods

Even then I feel like being into cosplay and genuinely getting a rush out of it is cringey.

No. 734429

The boring, overly cynical, satirical edgelord humor in 90s and 2000s media. I always found it borderline whiny and plain unfunny. Also the jokes strangely centered around misogynistic jokes, jokes about gay people, and self aware inside jokes about Jews. I like edgy and satirical humor in the latter 20th century but the 2000s was very unfunny and cringe to me.

No. 734567

The humor in the 90s was largely based on anti-authoritarian views, gross-out humor and snarky nihilism due to Gen X being largely responsible for the writing in that era, it's the early 00's that's mostly based on misogyny and gay people because being a dumb shallow normie bitch was the in thing to be back then.

No. 734738

I mean there is those raunchy movies too that are very bad. The jokes are around grossness and sex jokes, I didn't even ever enjoy them yet a lot of guys seem to love series like American pie. It reminds me of that when you mentioned this

No. 734742

>gross-out humor
I will never not despise Ren and Stimpy

No. 735350

File: 1612948351777.png (431.74 KB, 1000x562, 1611928482415.png)

I hate twitterfags and tiktokers so much why are they trying to make gringo a fucking slur. Twitter please PLEASE let me block entire countries from interacting with me

No. 735400

I hate the faces tiktokkers make. They can't just look normal nooooo they HAVE to make a face. I don't even have tiktok and I'm still being confronted with their stupid videos elsewhere.

No. 735445

Millenial naming conventions. They're so unoriginal and pretentious.

>hipster stores that are trying to be rustic

Ace & Tate
Wolf & Whistle
Sheep & Stitch

>convenience product or service that tries really hard to be relatable

Hello Sunshine
Hello Health

>dumb web 2.0 names for companies that try to seem quirky

I don't fucking know they all end in -ly or .io or -r with the last vowel taken off

No. 735514


that is so fucking annoying i don't even want to believe it. i'm going to pretend it's a trolling attempt (by them not you). no way in hell.

No. 735549

When sandwich shops want to make their subs more appealing so they put all the stuffing in the part you can see. Half of the sandwich is overstuffed and keeps falling out, other half is empty, and you have to take a left bite and a right bite in order to have both bread and filling. Is it even a sandwich amymore if half the filling isn't in between the bread? So inconvenient.

No. 735551

I wish it was a slur! These gringos deserve it

No. 735553

File: 1612969166506.png (22.22 KB, 847x69, Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 8.56…)

i hate people who say shit like this. imagine thinking this highly of yourself over something as insignificant as your music taste. literally no personality trait people. they have to cope by listening to shitty music.

No. 735595

kek is music anon /ot/'s meme of the day?

No. 735627

I love finding out I'm not the only petty bitch since it seems multiple anons find cult classic anon pretentious

No. 735648

These are the same assholes appropriating Spanish and pushing the "Latinx" babosada.

No. 735655

Nobody in Mexico will stop saying gringo thankfully or I hope so

No. 735669

What? All I see is a handful of people claiming it’s a slur and literally everyone else saying it’s not and laughing at them, as they should. For once twitter and tiktok are right about something.

No. 735675

Anons on this website will see a zoomer say something stupid on twitter with 3 likes and think it represents the whole website/generation.

No. 735680

agree and would add 23andMe as particularly hateful to me

however I have to defend Etsy a little since it's actually from like 2005 and is just eBay + artsy I think lol, and I feel like all of the -sy crap after that (tradesy, for one) is imitating Etsy.

No. 735742

File: 1612981879673.jpeg (136.56 KB, 828x445, 7C4B2AF4-70A6-482C-BB1A-20E8D5…)

scrotes describing women like this in books

No. 735751

'depressed breasts'?? kek I can't with men

No. 735767

So they like… absorbed into her torso? The fuck does it mean for breasts to be "withdrawn?" What is this even from?

No. 735784

kek do men really think breasts work like scrotums?

No. 735791

Assessing your own breasts mid-cry.. just gurly things.

No. 735793

Pretentious for saying I like my taste in music lmao stay pressed. I like that my shit posting whilst high sparked discussion tho.

No. 735840

File: 1612991273698.png (31.87 KB, 1231x167, 46757787.PNG)

4 months in and I'm already sick of the quirky playlist title and "playlist to pretend you're x to/in x movie" trend. First is just a normal playlist with an irritating title and the second is just kind of cringy and sad. The latter one most likely arose because people are stuck inside and without anything to do so they use music to LARP their ideal life. it'd be a fun silly thing, but a depressing amount of people take the LARP to seriously. I think it's mostly children, but I can see a couple of sad adults. It also doesn't help that most of the people who make playlists like this have the most basic taste
Overall it's harmless. Just cringy

No. 735846

maybe I'm being too charitable, but maybe this is a way of saying that she's hunched in and put forward her shoulders?
It's shit either way, but I think that's maybe the image the author is trying to communicate.

No. 735870

The best joke about this kind of stuff was years ago in peep show when Mark corrigan was going to put on bond music and pretend he wa data entering for mi6. Just shit to make life a little bit more pleasant

No. 735918

lmao what the actua fuck

No. 735924

based music anon secure of her own tastes and likes, she should be proud of her musical collection

No. 735929

God, hard agree. These pieces of shit think they invented fiction and playlists just because they're like "playlist to pretend you're a videogame hero on a rainy day and your boyfriend comes and gives you a kiss while you study for your wizard test finals in the middle of the forest inside a serial killer's wood cabin" god shut the fuck up you're all so fucking autistic and larpers

No. 735933

then he should had said "she slouched over", not "her boobs morphed inside her chest"

No. 735948

I haven't seen those. Thankfully. But I have seen so many -cores, there was a yugocore which is just pop music from former yugoslavia. Just call it what it is god damn it. It doesn't become cooler or more mysterious if you give it a different name, it's still just pop music.

No. 736178

that's embarrassing. just make normal playlists ffs

No. 736269

>click a "folk vibes" type playlist
>its just hozier & indie

No. 736377

I'm wary of people who can't stop raving about The Last of Us 2, especially leftist men.

No. 736393

As in praising it or hating on it? I hate both. But I dislike the game too, even though it has some interesting stuff in it and looks very pretty. Only awesome thing about it was dina x ellie's relationship and the part where they have a baby. But otherwise… meh. I wish they followed something more like the first game, although killing joel was going to happen and I'm okay with it.

No. 736422

What the absolute fuck? So teens are making anorexia and eating disorders trendy and "haha relatable memes" on tik tok now. Jesus christ I fucking hate this

No. 736430

I got this exact video recommended to me just the other day (and I don't search for/like anything related to stuff like this, so not sure why.) Amazing how thinly-veiled it is and comfortable YT's algorithm is with plugging it so hard.

No. 736458

sadly this isn't a new thing, teenagers have been glorifying anorexia on the internet for years

No. 736468

Its always been a thing, but the worrying part it that how its basically mainstream and easily accessible. At least before with the tumblr "proana" days and forums, it was a hidden niche that wasnt as known. Unlike now, how you can stumble on it on twitter or tiktok easily. Just another thing for attention seeking teens to add to their ~valid~ mental health issues.

No. 736483

The fuck, I also got this recommended to me

No. 736554

Autists like the scrotes on 4chan, reddit, or twitter who very clearly have no life experience or knowledge of anything outside their fixated interest (war, a certain part of history, video games, ect) but act like know it all's and combat you on something that is common sense to the rest of the population. It honestly amazes me how the usual sheltered scrote is just completely dissociated from everything but still arrogant while a woman can have any kind of mental or social maladjustment but still know basic shit.

No. 736559

Praising it, especially when they get overly defensive over it and its shitty creator. Abby fans are automatically suspicious in my eye.

No. 736591

i hate shopping on websites that tell you how many other people have the same item in their cart. it's repelled me from buying from a lot of places

No. 736598

I know a sex shop that does this thing of saying 'someone from this county bought this toy in the last 24 hours' It's weird. Like am I meant to be impressed by that?

No. 736603

>It's weird. Like am I meant to be impressed by that
Pretty sure there is an marketing explanation that basically boils to 'it gets people to buy more' but I'm not gonna google that for you

No. 736613

It was a rhetorical question tbh.

No. 736621

The only way I find it kinda useful is when there is limited quantity left of the item and seeing how many people have it in their cart might make you want to decide to get it or not. Otherwise I don't really see the point of it.

No. 736664

File: 1613071548486.jpeg (412.59 KB, 1009x768, 429A53A1-2768-422C-AA4D-32ED4C…)

God I fucking HATE acrylic yarn, I can fucking hear this picture. And the goddamn fibre community has the gall to claim that saying acrylic obviously sucks dick is RACIST. Goddamn these they/them straight women have ruined the community. Same with the BBIWOC people who just look like tanned white people and complain about "fibre racism" I fucking hate them. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried and was given a heroic dose of mushrooms. Identifying as any singular word or group is fucking weird.

No. 736667

I'm not a part of the knitting/handicraft community so I can't help but find this funny. How to is there drama in a community build around something so…normal?

No. 736668

I hate seeing troons in vintage clothing and beauty groups I'm in. I fucking hate their smug faces and Adam's apples. I hate that they just grow their hair out and slap a lipstick on. I hate that they get off on invading a primarily female space. They're so fucking vile.

No. 736674

Sorry what? Yarn drama? I've been knitting for the last 18 years and I've never heard anything so retarded in my life. Acrylic yarn can be utter shite, I'll give you that, but I wouldn't crusade against people who don't like it. People just need to stfu and use what they like and keep out of everyone else's business. jfc.

No. 736679

File: 1613072600624.png (325.31 KB, 750x1334, A8A85DF5-B6E3-46A1-B885-7B70D2…)

This is the lunacy of the instagram fibre community currently. I didn't have to search very hard or long so find a sea of ranting about it, kek. It's a horribly trimmed screenshot but the important part is there. Enjoy!

No. 736684

Oh fuck right off. That is beyond stupid. I am so glad I stay out of shit like that. I kinda get the size thing, but if you're so fat you're having to fork out loads to knit, then maybe lose the weight and pay less or just suck it up and be proud of something you've spent time and money on. Also 'folx'? Fuck me.

No. 736700

I miss the time when the "yarn/knitting/crocheting community" meant facebook groups filled with old ladies making mismatched afghan blankets

>It disproportionately affects fat folx because larger sizes means more yarn means more money

I refuse to believe this is not satire. What the fuck can the person who made the pattern do if you need more yarn than the average person? That's how materials work you numbskull

If you don't give a shit about the quality of the yarn and you're not willing to invest into good materials for your clothing then enjoy your smelly plastic sweaters. Jesus this made me angry

No. 736717

I wish it were satire, her account is @yelleyknits she doesn't have a very big audience but her shit is reshared by wokies constantly, so even without following her I see her stuff.

She blows up and calls people out who block her though, and suddenly you're swamped with hatred from people with xe/they in their bios.

Goddamn I miss old ladies. They need to replace these weakwilled losers and reclaim their rightful thrones.

No. 736749

File: 1613076887239.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 2vuc0z.png)

People who think they're cool hipsters when they only listen to youtube-core music. You know Japanese city pop, that caretaker album, electroswing, hyperpop, Ryo Fukui, and vaporwave are all things that got big off of the biggest SS media sites in the world mass recommending them yet people act like it's the most obscure shit ever. Liking plastic love online is no different that liking queen at this point
It's not that I hate them, but no one has ever mocked or knocked them down a peg. I have a feeling no one has acknowledge how basic it is to make your entire playlist out of algorithms recs because most people online are into youtube core and any meme on it would cut to deep

No. 736751

I find it both shocking and hilarious in a tragic way to learn that even the knitting community is overrun by the Discourse and debating if acrylic yarn is racist or not. Holy shit.

No. 736777

File: 1613079436687.png (298.12 KB, 1024x1024, NONE.png)

anons who show this site to their boyfriends, male friends, coworkers, or any scrote in general
>bb-but they don't post!
so? they still need to fuck off. they shouldn't even know about lolcow to begin with.

No. 736784

I only found lc because my ex showed it to me.

He was trying to harrass some girl and he submitted her here hoping she'd become a cow. Instead she disappeared from the internet. Funniest part is he was harrassing her for being a pity-me munchie with chronic fatigue/fibro. Now his current gf has all of those and her fb page is her sympathy baiting all day every day. Strange twist lol

No. 736803

File: 1613081497828.png (184.34 KB, 294x306, 1534406444554.png)

>mfw every time anons post "I showed this to my boyfriend and he said this lmaoooo" like anyone gives a fuck

No. 736806

Seriously. I remember when the YouTube algorithm was actually decent and everyone would find something different tailored to their interests. I found some of my favorite singers/bands just clicking on random shit on YT back in like 2012.
Now it's "Everybody, here's this exact same video/album that only would've been obscure if you had found it 7 years ago", and so many people are tricked into thinking they've cracked some sort of code and have great taste.

No. 736824

Assuming that people of color can't afford better yarn is ironically kind of racist in itself kek.

No. 737008

File: 1613093959024.jpeg (35.46 KB, 610x674, 36712A34-13E9-4045-B8CD-41676D…)

I fucking hate — no, I absolutely DESPISE podcast banter. Why the fuck do they have to go completely off topic for an entire 5 minutes right in the middle? Why do in charismatic people and their mediocre friends think their boring conversations are interesting to anyone? I want to learn about the fucking topic!

Then I have to skip forward and end up accidentally skipping past the content. Jesus chriiiiiiist just shut the fuck up

No. 737012

Hey that's my husbando robo messiah. Podcasts tahat are too frigid and hosts that try to sound so formal while they are talking about shit like tacos is so grating to me as well.

No. 737020

when anons go
>kek kekkkkkkk kek
>kek anon my sides
over something and then i look at the post and it's the unfunniest shit i've ever fucking seen in my life. the humor in this site is so awful sometimes, some anon writes a cringy roast and then has a bunch of anons being all KEK KEKEKEKEKKEKE KEKEKEKEKEKKEK ANON MY SIDESSSSSSSS KEKEKKEKE

No. 737021

File: 1613095038566.jpeg (36.7 KB, 523x620, 59CE8F9F-D7DA-4CA4-91B9-3800C0…)

Kind of a random example but the only podcast I’ve ever listened to that struck a good balance is “Hey Do You Remember?” Just enough banter, the hosts have good chemistry, and they move right back to topic before the banter gets too drawn out

and yes this game is a reaction image goldmine

No. 737022

I usually just end up listening to crummy youtuber podcasts I already watch so it's more like listening to a video if that makes sense? I also like to listen to stuff like unpopular culture podcast which is very based around the one topic at hand.

No. 737028

I’m going to assume if the host is entertaining enough to have a YouTube following at least, they’re probably entertaining enough to carry a podcast, I just hate listening to randos and their friends go off on tangents and share in jokes. It’s about the level of seething hatred I have for late night hosts that keep talking over their guests

No. 737034

Yeah it's more of an extension of the channel for me in that case. The fucking overtalking is so annoying, I hate that being done to me irl so it's extra aggravating to hear in an otherwise kinda okay podcast all the time.

No. 737061

File: 1613097873300.png (165.2 KB, 450x300, 4C3E1214-844A-40AF-8521-0F2436…)

Damn what no keks does to a mf. Heres some anon, feel better.

No. 737065

anyone know if this is a real product and where i can buy some?

No. 737066

it's turkish cake that's usually very cheap to buy. they sell it for 3 lira here, which makes 0,43 dollars lol. you might find some on amazon

No. 737090

Ikr, I’ve seen it posted so much that I crave it, are topkeks tasty?

No. 737108

they're tasty depending on the flavor. the chocolate and cherry ones are really good, especially with a filling

No. 737187

File: 1613112099997.gif (18.27 MB, 600x600, touchscreen.gif)

Touchscreens. Fuck touchscreens.

I don't think there is a single other thing that works so poorly but is in such widespread use.

No. 737188

my god one of my dreams is literally going to turkey and eat a topkek, I hope one day I can achieve it

No. 737212

Can you please explain? I feel like I never had any issues with touchscreens until I smashed them, but I often overlook tech issues like bad controls in vidya and blame myself instead. I'm curious about your experience.

No. 737214

Too imprecise. Doesn't register my finger touching when I want to, registers a drop of water falling onto it. It keeps missing stuff I want to click, clicking stuff I never intended to. Glides randomly. So many tiny inconvenient things like that. If any other product failed to do what you intend it to do so often, it would be rightfully called bad design.

No. 737216

Anon are you sure you don't just have a crappy phone

No. 737218

Yes, this is a problem across all devices. And it's not just me, I see you fumbling with your phones and tablets, you've just been using a shitty product all your life and it doesn't occur to you that it can be better.

No. 737219

Oh man, I hate them too. I can admit that tablets are super convenient and smartphones are a massive upgrade over older phones, there are big benefits to touch screens. But I HATE typing on them and I HATE having to actually look at a screen to press buttons. I miss full keyboards like on my beloved sidekick from highschool, I still use an ipod classic because I want physical buttons for when it's not convenient to stare at my screen, I'll always have a desktop pc because it's so much more comfortable to use than any sort of touch screen device.

No. 737226

NTAYRT but I agree so fucking much about this. I love touch controls in general but jesus I hate typing on touch screens. It literally drives me to the brink of insanity. I constantly misspell words and it takes me forever to write the same shit I would speedtype on a keyboard and the screen is so small proofreading long texts or editing paragraphs is a nightmare. I simply don't understand people who prefer their phone 100% of the time and only post and message from it.

No. 737231

While we're on the subject of touchscreens, let me express my visceral hatred of people who don't clean their phone screens. Which is almost everybody. Look, I love you, but I am not touching that filthy thing, if you want to show me the photos of your cat/niece/trip, you'll have to hold the phone up for me.

No. 737235

In response let me hate on how easily and quickly they get dirty. I don't want the brightness turned right up so any smudge is visible, sf annoying. I have use my cleaning cloth all the time, I carry one in my bag.

No. 737252

I happen to enjoy maxxing my germ resistance. You on the other hand will die in the wild.

No. 737262

Artists who
>Never improve, repeat the same fundie mistakes from year to year, produce mediocre art that's the equivalent of white toast with no condiments - inoffensive but ungodly boring
>Regardless consider themselves the end-all authority on making "Oh my GOD I can't believe all these weebs not knowing basic anatomy, SIGH!" tweets despite their own broken limb messes
>A steady stream of other snarky tweets bitching about how things they don't like are objectively bad and how incompetent everyone else is
>But in the midst of all this they still cry about their crippling impostor syndrome and how low their self confidence is, begging for compliments from their hug box and desperately clout chasing by making flavour of the month trend art and dropping ~woke~ takes
Is there even a word for people like this? If there isn't, there needs to be. It seems to happen outside of artist circles as well.

No. 737269

Anglosphere socialisation personality disorder

No. 737270

the word is 'hypocrites'

No. 737298

>hygiene bad
this post was written by a germ. you don't fool me, gb2 your Petri dish

No. 737305

I'm not going to live in the wild, so

No. 737310

File: 1613123327264.png (25.86 KB, 512x384, 259749BE-83F4-41F5-8D0D-4FF9A4…)

You mean your mums pussy
You will when it all comes crashing down

No. 737311

I will not, if the power goes down globally, I only have 3-6 days left to live
I don't have to worry about none of that shit lmao

No. 737312

samefagging, I'm gonna melt a credit card over my quesadilla right now, I can eat as much plastic as I want, get jealous

No. 737316

Sport subreddits are so fucking toxic. I know it's reddit so it's to mostly be expected lol but for some reason the sport communities attract the absolute worst kind of people. I'm on the tennis one for example and everyone is immature and petty as fuck, I swear nobody over the age of 18 is on there

No. 737355

i fucking HATE the scrote posting gore. whats funny about it you piece of shit? what the funny part about spamming gore? please show me i cannot find it. find a job or kys.

No. 737370

its not about because of how funny it is inherently but about eliciting reactions like that. its supposed to make you mad and grossed out and get under your skin.

No. 737386

Sounds like most men tbh… Don't get why mods don't just delete spammers, they are pissing to mark their territory and keeping up their posts only gives them more thrills.

No. 737387

>Don't get why mods don't just delete spammers
I don't see it anymore, refresh page maybe?

No. 737389

im so used to raiders gore spamming over the years that I scrolled right past it, only double taked when you mentioned it. Either way yes, scrotes need to get a life.

No. 737433

I miss the old ladies too. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky but most online communities I’ve tried are overrun with they/thems who spend all their time virtue signalling and barely even make anything. Being ‘inclusive’ takes precedent over anything else and people who have the time, skill and materials to produce impressive work need to sit down and check their privilege. The US-centric race virtue signalling is especially silly because these local (tiny European country) fiber groups are even whiter than the rest of the population, which is saying something.
>in honour of BLM all white creators should refrain from posting for a week so the spotlight can be on our amazing BIPOC creator(s)!
>nothing is posted that week

Sewing communities are similar. Slightly less identity politics (I have yet to see an overhyped post about poorly sewn trans/NB/asexual pride flag Nintendo Switch cozies which is more than I can say for crochet) but the same crab bucket mentality, where people who barely put in any time or effort and never improve are so valid uwu and people who’ve spent decades developing their skills are just lucky they’re talented. Just like in knitting and crochet though, preferring higher quality natural fibres over cheap synthetics makes you an elitist and hell, probably racist and fatphobic too because why not.

No. 737523

God yes I hate that. Just delete their stupid threads from existence. Do mods only keep them up because they put sick burns in the redtext?That’s giving them free attention.
Same I have specifically trained to not give them the reaction they want. Thanks 4chan.

No. 737527

I think some mods may be unable to delete threads? That's the only explanation. I think once The Big Mod comes, those shitty threads get deleted. Need to keep an eye on one of those next time.

No. 737614

jannies aren't allowed to delete anything but advertisements, gore and cp

No. 737693

File: 1613160333501.png (766.59 KB, 673x803, gh.PNG)

That 30% of memes at this point are just undercover advertisements. Advertising may be run by incompetent suits, but those suits are the same people who made the Wendy's twitter meme take off. That was like 4-5 years so ago they've had plenty of time to improve and grow. There might even be scenes in shows that just exist to be memed at this point. I legit predict in 2-4 years 70% of memes will be created by companies.
I have a hard time believing grubhub made their "bad advertisement" unintentionally or that the "Home depot theme" came naturally

No. 737697

I started seeing a huge influx of Hinge memes on instagram about a year or two ago and something about them felt really off, later I realised it was probably product placement

No. 737698

I would say it's about eighty now. I hate the modern internet and everything about it

No. 737716

>the Wendy's shit was 4-5 years ago
please just let me die already

No. 737820

> the Wendy's twitter meme take off. That was like 4-5 years

Please do not remind me of that damn capitalist redhead piece of shit looking to get more sales from retarded nerds who wanna draw everything they see as an anime girl with balloon tits

No. 737822

File: 1613169081367.png (171.19 KB, 694x575, CC5CAA04-150C-4574-B35C-14BF90…)

The alegria art style, just makes me wanna throw up

No. 737824

It has a name???? Bless you anon! I've had to quietly cursed at this design for some years now, because I didn't know what to label it as and couldn't openly voice my hate.

No. 737826

Ah, the hip and cool corporation design

No. 737833

god yeah i fucking hate it, people really are such sheep it's insane. and the fact that they think their taste is so unique when it's literally just algorithm-core pisses me off like no other.
it enrages me just as much as these youtube "essayists" who are, frankly, not intelligent people, yet they continue to get millions/billions of views on their shitty videos because these sheep cannot formulate opinions/have critical analysis thinking skills of their own.

however, i also think, we, as individuals with knowledge of this, should be inclined to taking advantage of these people. it's truly so easy to set up and adsense account with youtube and start making money off of these morons. once you understand the algorithm, the catchy "tunes" that people like, media ppl are interested in, you can make bank off of youtube advertising revenue.

No. 737846

The only thing I like about it are the colours but it's just so ubiquitous now… big agree, not a fan of this style.

No. 737849

Ironically a YouTube algorithm tried to get me to click on a video about this very subject. Did you watch the same video anon?

No. 737870

File: 1613172498814.jpg (125.79 KB, 1024x704, 1613170580332.jpg)

Social Media starting to ban actual women because they won't bow to "Women".
For instance, Vanessa Vokey. Who was calling out women's sports being forced to accept troons.

Let's look at all the women who reported her- oh.(this thread is not a pass for gc/pp )

No. 737877

I think viral marketing became a thing a long time ago and enough young people have now grown up to be paid to pretend to be hip, and it's terrifying.

No. 737880

File: 1613173204716.png (371.96 KB, 660x999, ae4.png)

When companies pander to scrotes like this or pander to weebs
I mean this is just too moronic
I'm still surprised it wasn't a fake tweet

No. 737913

Actually yes, it’s really interesting

No. 737914

GODDD I hate fast food chains doing “waifus” of their mascots for retarded nerds and virgins who wanna stick their dick in everything. Wendy’s was bad enough “roasting” people with the shittiest comebacks and the weeks were all over the brand not knowing that they’re tools and their hornyness for a mascot is being used to get profit, hope the losers who run these twitters have a horrible day

No. 737947

this was recc to me 3 days ago wtf

No. 738001

I think this is kind of creative. Chibi doesn’t mean child porn but of course scrotes will sexualize it like they do with every one. I like when fast food chains so dumb shit like when Wendy’s dropped a diss track album on other fast food restaurants idk I’m dumb

No. 738056

Modern day scrotes literally wanna fuck a god damn fast food mascot, who was based on a little girl. Imagine sexualizing something just because it has a girl on it. You cannot convince me that there has been a time where men have been collectively as delusional in fantasy lands with coomer obsession as theyve been now

No. 738125

It’s cute but why the hell would they call a little girl a “waifu” if not to cater to degenerates…?

No. 738198

Shirley Temple and Colette would like to talk to have a word with you

No. 738250

The term "BIPOC"
Not only does it feel exclusionary to the other POC, but it feels like it's going to turn into another alphabet soup like LGBTQAAXYZBBQ

No. 738301


No. 738309

SWs shoving themselves into every community possible. Not every post has to be "subtly" about your cunt or tits

No. 738331

>Not only does it feel exclusionary to the other POC,
Isn't that the point though? To talk about issues that specifically affect black and indigenous people but may not affect other groups of POC as much/at all?

No. 738344

NTA but yeah lmao. If other POC want a term, make it. APOC (asian ppl of color) and HPOC (hispanic ppl of color) can be a thing. The whole point of BIPOC is to narrow down things specifically.

No. 738351


No. 738364

The indigenous struggle is not even remotely close to the black one so it just feels disingenuous to me

No. 738378

except the whole BIPOC thing is entirely american-centric in the first place, and it’s a very obvious ‘oppression olympics’ phrase that literally only exists to point out yet again how much harder XYZ community has it than absolutely anybody else. it’s also rarely if ever used to even discuss racism against indigenous communities from what i’ve seen, and like another anon says, the black experience and indigenous experience really aren’t the same when you actually look at the specifics. i’ve never even seen canadians or australians or any other country with an indigenous community use the phrase because it’s that out of touch

also i have to laugh at your idea to just ‘make your own phrase like APOC!!!’ as though freaks on twitter wouldn’t start crying about appropriation and anti-blackness and whatever other buzzword is trendy this week, lmao

No. 738388

One of the ayrt, I get that I guess. I also have seen people use BIPOC to address indigenous communities in other countries but, idk.

No. 738400

At that point why even use the "B" in BIPOC if you are specifically talking about other indigenous groups?

No. 738421

Didn't shirley's sexualization mainly get contained to the creepy Hollywood execs and wasn't colette an adult woman ? Still different to me

No. 738425

nta but Because it's possible that other indigenous groups in other countries are also black?

No. 738442

she was sexualized in movies too
she played a prostitute at 5 years old

No. 738466

Yes. There's no need to localise something when a hard translation works just fine. What's up with subs using first names when dub is using last names? I hate that reeee

No. 738488

in what movie? never heard about it

No. 738568

No. 738721

File: 1613256853404.jpg (31.31 KB, 1200x600, C6MYLIEZINDINNMGXOPP4OYVSA.jpg)

If there's one thing I hate about Summer it's those bitches flying in through my window at night while I'm just trying to chill with my bedside lamp on.
>inb4 they're harmless
I know. I still think they're one of the most disgusting insects ever because of how weirdly big they are, their gross long legs, the hideous buzzing sound they make and most of all the way they spaz around like absolute retards, bumping into everything, me included. I have general fear of insects coming near me but none of them trigger the intense hatred the way crane flies do. I can't tell you how many times I had to get up at 1 AM and throw slippers at my walls until I finally managed to kill the piece of shit that decided to invite itself into my room and ruin my mood (I've since found out that the best way to eliminate them is with a blowtorch though).

No. 738745

Some people mentioned podcasts on here which reminded me of that podcast CallHerDaddy - I couldn't listen to more than about a minute of it. I don't know what it is or if there's a name for it, but I fucking can't stand their shrill, loud voices and their accents, and their sense of humour is dry as fuck, like a lot of typical american dry sitcom comedy. They also just seem really juvenile for some reason and I don't know why that podcast ever got any hype.

No. 738752

Every single broke adult I know has been blowing money on every single holiday lately. they'll be making like 20k a year, live with their parents and go to cancun or florida then go out and spend hundreds of dollars on gifts. I make 3k a week and fully support myself and haven't spent a dime on Valentine's

No. 738756

Ugh anon. I had a college roommate who loved that podcast and would recount it to the rest of us whenever she heard an episode as advice to take seriously. She seemed to think it was very sexually empowering and ‘feminist.’ It was the worst.

No. 738761

EXACTLY. I have a friend who basically "discovered" feminism and mental health on tiktok, including this podcast, and its so frustrating how she repeats everything as if she expects us to gasp at how groundbreaking this information is when its really not.

No. 738803

No it's not,chibis are not creative in any way,food mascot or not.

No. 738824

Penny pinching won’t delay the inevitable.

No. 738839

We call them daddy long legs kek

No. 738861

I absolutely hate the whole "visual archive" trend on twitter. I just fucking hate how fake it is, like none of these accounts cultivate any actual interest in the things they post. Nor do they even do their own searching on the internet for stuff to post. Most is just reposted shit from popular tumblr blogs and pinterest, without even linking back to the source. Not to mention how shit of a platform twitter is for image hosting in the first place, like no you cannot fucking archive anything of value on twitter because it's simply not designed for that.

The fact that all the accounts follow each other too, god I hate it. But at the same time I know they're all probably 16 year-olds, so I really try to just ignore it.

No. 738925

I fucking hate loud human noise. Coughing, snoring, chewing, mouth sounds of any kind. When people repeatedly “clear” their throat. The sound when someone scratches their skin makes me want to die. People are repulsive. Especially men.

No. 738939

File: 1613285221102.jpg (69.69 KB, 512x474, unnamed.jpg)

Are you British, anon? In the Burgerland, we call pic related daddy long legs.

No. 738976

The fact that men growing out their hair long means theyre likely trooned out these days. Like holy fucking shit, you know how many old school stars used to grow their hair super long but still identify as MEN? Having long hair doesnt make you a woman. Gender roles are more restrictive than they fucking used to be and thats saying a lot. I wonder if the girls who have short hair and dress boyish a la Sailor Uranus are considered transmen/fakebois too?

Anyways, I hate everything about this current era and as far as im concerned everything has been regressing back to its pre 1950s state.

No. 738981

I hate how obviously full of immature zoomers the internet is right now, if they only were more mature and less genderspecialqueeruwu they're so weird

No. 739012

> People who whine every Valentines day that they are single

It's a day about love, not just about couples. Go give your cat or a friend a gift or something.

No. 739016

I’m British and I’ve always called those flying daddy long legs, or cranefly.

No. 739021

same anon, always referred to >>738721 as daddy log legs. Though to be fair, >>738939 is giving him a run for his money.

No. 739026

I dont understand how people get seriously attracted to fictional characters. Like yeah i get being turned on by the idea they represent or even finding their design good looking, but cooming and losing your mind over them like they're real people is fucking strange to me. The way ppl, mostly or exclusively scrotes, talk about fictional characters is as if they "see" them in real life and can register the lines on paper like actual flesh as opposed to being more aroused at just the idea or thing it represents. I just dont understand it at all and find it one of the most mentally ill things ever tbh

No. 739028

Same. In all honesty I have more understanding for that chick in /g/ that is sexually attracted to a flowering plant. At least it's a thing that, you know, exists. And it's got all the dimensions.

No. 739030

I mean at the point of people trying to manifest tulpas (bring characters into reality), it's literal mental illness. Like anyone who actually hallucinates their waifu into their room must actually be schizo.
Also, hotgluing disgusts me.

No. 739032

Yeah, I wonder the same thing. I mean I've been attracted to actors before, but they're at least real people? Though admittedly I've never been obsessed with one to the point of delusion, like thinking they're my soulmate or something.

No. 739034

File: 1613301264075.jpg (26.87 KB, 800x533, close-up-daddy-long-leg-spider…)

Yo their leggies can get even longer than that. Look at this one.

No. 739091

Am I the only one who sees the smiley face on his body

No. 739106

Bugs are so cute. I wish that I was small enough to make friends with them, even though they'd probably eat me immediately.

No. 739124

Penny pinching is good if you have plans for investing into the future, which is what I'm doing. I'm also not single but I don't buy gifts on Valentine's because it's men who should be wooing women

No. 739126

File: 1613315000562.jpeg (108.67 KB, 800x600, 1C1EDFA9-FF33-4314-9160-D955A6…)

hi trypofags
love you be safe

this is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen make this stop make this stop make this stop

No. 739168

I hate the type of light snow that gets blown around everywhere and I hate having to drive in it. If it could stop snowing where I live that would be great.

No. 739190

I always associate these lotus things with potpourri. Seems like potpourri is always like, one of these things, some pinecones, some cinnamon sticks, and rose petals.

No. 739216

I agree, it comes across as bitter. No problem with making a few light-hearted jokes about it, but if you're taking it further than that it's cringe.

No. 739332

Tbh I don't see how an actor is better. It's not like you can actually talk to them, touch them, or be with them and they create an image/persona so they might as well be fake. Plus most of them are already taken.

No. 739468

File: 1613349302026.png (21.4 KB, 807x111, he has a name.png)

The fact that no one refers to the Aquabats, a band were they pretend to be super heros, by their actual names. Like their wikipedia page lists the band members under their pseudo names, they at least mention normal names at a certain point. The most irritating part is people use the pseudo names when real ones would be a lot more appropriate.
Super spergy, but it irritates me

No. 739526

Wait so what are their names again? I'm curious, I wanted to check the Aquabats at some point

No. 739579

Tell me why you didn’t spoiler this

No. 739640

The feeling of emptiness after finishing a vidya game

No. 739802

I hate using the bathroom outside of my home even if it's super clean, it probably stems from the disgusting toilets at school.

No. 739821

File: 1613394120373.jpeg (31.72 KB, 615x409, 2805B7AB-D137-4CF4-8C86-A9C655…)

I fucking despise the sound of a motherfucking phone ringing at any time, even if I’m already surrounded by other sounds I hate it so much.
I also hate the people that can’t live without doing a phone call more than 4 times a day i get calling at certain times to make sure your loved ones are okay, specially when you live with elderly people and such, that’s really nice and comforting.
But calling someone 5 to 9 times a day to resolve something that could be made clear by text messages? Why? Just stop and if you’re not even a family member of that person, learn to send texts you fucking moronic asshole or just don’t communicate you retard, who the fuck needs to call someone at fucking 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and fucking 8 and 10 pm? Shut the fuck up, retard.

No. 739822

IKR anon, what did you finish?

No. 739830

I hate hate hate when people call celebrities by their real name.
You're not impressing anyone by calling Hozier Andrew, he's not your friend. You don't call Lady Gaga Stefani or Jessie J Jessica. It always happens with indie-ish artists (or those who have that vibe), the fans are extra slimy for some reason.

No. 739833

Samefag but I literally just saw this lmao sorry anon I'm the complete opposite

No. 739866

Every aiden/ftm I’ve seen IRL so far has been like 5’ tall with no male characteristics whatsoever besides he/him pronoun tags. What convinces these womanlets that they could possibly pass as guys?

No. 739869

they know that they don't look like guys but they don't care in most cases

No. 739917

I almost completely forgot about the Aquabats. I mainly knew them for the Aquabats supershow and only learned that they were originally magicians a few years ago

No. 739956

Passing isn’t what they’re after, looking like a cutesy BL “pretty boy” is (or just for the novelty?)

No. 739963

I love the Aquabats so much thank you for this blessed nostalgia

No. 739965

Like what >>739956 said, 99.9% of FtMs don't want to look like normal adult men. They don't mind having predominately feminine features or exhibiting behaviors characteristic of female socialization (even when taking testosterone, or getting a mastectomy) because they want to look like the ~soft enby femmeboy shota yaoi prince~ they idealized in their Tumblr days, not pass as a human male.

No. 740013

Agree anon, it seems so fake. Most of those accounts only pander to the most popular ~aesthetics~ and people retweet them for omg uwu so aesthetic points

another one for the modern day internet culture collection

No. 740350

Sick of the "YT did something we didn't like" cycle. YT does something bad, everyone gets mad and makes videos reacting like the rule was made to attack them personally (the rule was just a cruel bottom line), they make shitty change.org protests and hollow "I'm finally quitting YT" claims, in the end they do nothing and forget, and finally YT does another bad thing because they learned no matter how badly they treat their content creators and audience people will still visit their site.
I know YT is bad and all, but I'm sick of people re-remembering that every few months and making grand claims about how "They'll kill YT this time" which always end up as nothing. Like do they get sick of making grand claims they can't follow up on? Don't they ever learn YT is a cynical organization? Who has the energy to get mad at YT so much?

No. 740390

File: 1613433701437.jpeg (65.64 KB, 640x480, 06C51451-E349-4545-A49E-8CCD19…)

that one anon who went on /pt/ to "bump" threads she likes when /pt/ has had the same threads in the first page since forever. i hope you see this, read the rules for fucks sake. i hate people trying to join communities without reading fuck all to know how to use them. it's not that hard. they literally all have rules in places you can see easily.

No. 740419

File: 1613437398704.jpeg (136.02 KB, 720x550, 481DB218-CC07-4674-8539-CB337B…)

My old roommate was like this and it was super weird. On one hand I appreciate that level of technological naivety but I don't want to talk on the phone if I can avoid it. It is really infuriating.

No. 740849

When online shops don't put the tracking number in the email they send you after shipping and you need to go to your account to get it, Etsy is the biggest offender.

No. 740909

4chans web format. I know, I know, the entire site is trash, I swear I only go on it to check one thread on a webcomic I read, but holy shit the site is so goddamn ugly. Fucking hideous with the post headers, banners and available color schemes. lolcow is 1000% better, proving once again women have a better eye for aesthetics then men, shocker.

No. 740949

File: 1613501223547.jpeg (176.87 KB, 1242x696, 967E75F2-4A0B-4473-BC92-84C51C…)

I hate hearing the sounds of people constantly grunting, moaning or huffing, I makes me want to stab my eardrums, I wish I could put them out of their misery so I don’t have to hear them anymore, it’s so fucking annoying, specially if they moan while shitting or peeing, I get that it’s a relief if you hold it for too long, but don’t fucking do it all of the fucking time, just die in a ditch already.

No. 740991

Oh my god this, this is is so right, this is the best post on this website, preach
My brother always does these "Aaaaahhhh" sigh sounds in the most aggressive manner, I've been abused by him so whenever he does that I feel like a thing that wants to die. I hate these people

No. 741003

File: 1613505276943.webm (2.23 MB, 360x294, lain.webm)

Is it me or has 4chan gone down hill recently? It's been shit for a long time, but I could at least browse it a bit and find 1 thing of worth. Now it's such a miss of 5 word responses you can't find anything. It truly suffered from "If they did the hobby they wouldn't have time to post on an online forum" the worst. 80% of them sound like uninformed dolts or spammers

I also hate how 4chan has melted into popular internet culture. The amount of reacting to popular e-celeb and current events posts along with the 4chan to reddit meme pipeline, how popular wojacks, "they don't know..", nordic dude, etc memes became out of the blue, means the site gives the same content as a big 5. 4chans a bit edgier, but not by much anymore. Seems most of the good users went onto smaller imagebaords

Maybe it's my add block glitching out, but have you seen the new community adds on that site? They mock companies for pandering, but their adds are all "Alt-right based and redpilled t-shirt brand!". Half the adverts feel like a boomer pretending to be a channer.

No. 741355

File: 1613521773145.jpg (147.3 KB, 1080x1350, 60675e04f9883f922c7cfcfd6b2bdb…)

whatever this is… it looks psychotic to me, idg the appeal of this styling

No. 741358

lol you would hate my coworker, im not even normally annoyed by these sounds but shes this fatass who literally waddles around panting and making weird "ohh" pained noises as if shes dying just from existing. she needs to retire or smth

No. 741365

File: 1613523198124.jpg (147.63 KB, 1200x1008, EmvNLo3VgAIze8_.jpg)

everything to do with these assholes, this fanfiction, and the person who writes the twitter blurbs for every fart one of these chucklefucks squeezes out on stream

i could write a thesis on how much and why i hate them, without even delving into dumb shady shit theyve done. i just hate them, and i desperately wish teenage girls had higher standards

No. 741375

I also dislike how 4chan keeps becoming more mainstream, but as for it going downhill.. what boards do you browse?
On one hand I agree that it's gotten worse, but on the other I remember people saying 4chan had turned to shit as far back as 2011. At this point I think it's mostly looking at the past through rose tinted glasses. In 2012 they were saying it was shit compared to a few years before, in 2015 people were nostalgic towards 2012 4chan, and nowadays people claim that 2014-2016 were the glory years. While I do think the quality declined as a result of userbase growth (especially during/after the 2016 elections), the site has always been shit and it's not all that shittier now than it was a decade ago.

No. 741386

I have no idea what this is but I can tell from the classic tumblr nose that it's shit

No. 741390

File: 1613526730212.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.21 KB, 1515x696, fuck.jpg)

i wish i was you. god i wish i was you

its minecraft youtubers

No. 741397

Lmao I have no idea who they are but jesus christ, I guess obsessive teenage girls drawing youtubers being gay for eachother is a phenomenon that transcends generations. It's one of those very specific things that they think is super hot but to everyone outside of their little group is incredibly cringe. Brings back nostalgia I didn't even know I had. The word 'smexy' comes to mind.
(I don't doubt that these particular people are awful if you hate them that much, just commenting on the phenomenon as a whole)

No. 741569

I know this is gonna make me sound mentally ill, but anyway.

I reallllly fucking hate this youtuber, like I genuinely hate her and get so pissed off watching her, everything about her pisses me off and she just seems so fucking fake. I don't even remember how I came upon her channel because I don't watch makeup channels, but I just fucking hate her.

No. 741573

I dont understand the appeal of trying to look like a cartoon/anime character and think natural human porportion is much more interesting

No. 741601

>I reallllly fucking hate [her]
>I genuinely hate her
>[she] pisses me off
>I just faking hate her
…But why? You said she's fake, but how so? Not a whiteknight/stan, just genuinely curious.

No. 741604

This is snitchery or whatever, right?
I'm not a huge fan of her because of the photoshop and all that, but she doesn't seem much faker than your average influencer. Maybe I'm wrong tho

No. 741636

Idk, I guess it depends on what you mean by fake, but she is jacked full of fillers, has a boob job, is always wearing 10 layers of makeup and a wig. oh and she makes a living as an influencer which is pretty much enough to make me hate anyone. but it's also her voice, it just comes off as super artificially high pitched and fake

No. 741637

She just comes across as a generic American influencer, even her voice sounds standard to me (I’m not a burger though). They’re all fake, have fillers/surgery, loads of make up, fake personality. I don’t like any of them, but couldn’t hate on one in particular unless she was tied to bigger drama. Couldn’t pick one out to stan either.

No. 741672

Wasn't her boob job just to fix sagging?

Idk anon. It's probably just me but I don't personally care if someone has ps and wears makeup/a wig. It's kind of weird to hate her specifically for that kind of stuff. Anyway, Snitchery isn't even big enough to where you can't avoid her content.

No. 741895

i hate spam callers and i want to track every last one of them down and beat them with an umbrella

No. 741907

File: 1613586382342.jpg (528.49 KB, 800x1200, matcha_milktea_1.jpg)

I liked milk tea long before becoming a weeb. When I was growing up, my dad always mixed milk in with tea. I've always preferred drinks cold, so the idea of iced milk tea is naturally appealing to me. There's a really cute locally owned teahouse near where I live, and they have so many flavors to choose from. The also make their boba pearls from scratch in house, and you can definitely taste the difference.

No. 741987

i'm interested anon, how would you describe the difference between home-made/fresh pearls and mass-produced ones? are they chewier? that's how i imagine they would be for some reason, but i think it's just because i really love pearls that are chewy but still properly 'cooked'

No. 743616

Referring to people as 'high quality' or 'low-quality'. You're talking about humans, not a clothing item you bought in a store

No. 743686

File: 1613764384299.jpg (135.43 KB, 1242x828, l0m4gal2mi061.jpg)

Is there a single cartoon reviewer who isn't a flaming autist or trend chaser? I just wanna watch someone go over a semi nitch cartoon and riff on it, but no it's always some dude who has to nitpick every single thing or the same 5 cartoons.
I also hate how little everyone in the cartoon community has no clue how the animation industry even works.
I just want mars review to upload again bro.

No. 743694

File: 1613764882465.jpg (176.09 KB, 1468x826, jlsdoumv11c41.jpg)

>Isn't it amazing how Gen-z can't talk on the phone yet they're protesting?!
They're two separate groups moron.

No. 743713

I hate that “feminine washes” are a thing. Women have been memed into thinking there’s something wrong with them if their pussy doesn’t smell like literal flowers, wtf. Most men don’t even wash their asses properly but lord have mercy if my pee hole doesn’t smell like lavender.

No. 743714

I suppose you’d have to be pretty fucking autistic in the first place to make a job I out of reviewing kiddie cartoons

No. 743715

Cranberry pills took care of my odor for some reason.

No. 743717

Men aren't human.

No. 743719

Pretty fucking autistic or pretty fucking smart? Being able to make a living out of sitting at home, watching cartoons and editing some videos sound pretty fucking good to me.

No. 743722

Doesn't mean it's not autistic

No. 743725

That's fair

No. 743735

Male rappers. I'm trying to get into listening to Nicki Minaj but the male features ruin every song.

Also torrents stuck on 95-99%.

No. 743842

People who center their entire personalities around what a good parent they are, or just being a parent in general. People who are "mommy bloggers," or only post pictures of their children and families on their social media accounts, going on and on about what a blessing it is to be a mother, etc (not saying men don't do this too, I've just only seen it with women). These people seem so overbearing and creepy to me. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that their kids actually feel really smothered and annoyed by them.

No. 743850

i fucking hate millennials who exploit their children on the internet. making instagram accounts for their infants/child modeling shit/youtube channels with these kids lives constantly on video.
these kids are 100% going to grow up completely messed up.

i have no doubt pedophiles are having a field day with all this disgusting content that parents THEMSELVES are producing. what even are the child labor laws regarding this kind of monetization? fucking nasty fucking gross.

No. 743868

i just want you anons to know that there's parents out there that 100% agree with you. i've got a kid and i barely ever even post them to facebook–i have a group chat for IMMEDIATE family and that's it. i get really weirded out seeing other mom's post their kids on twitter and their public instagrams (esp when they post their onlyfans on the same SM handles)

No. 743878

I can't believe how cheap blood on the dance floor really was. Every album cover is indescribable from some 5-dollar indie band, even after their fame, and all their music is them talking over a shitty fl studio beat that took 30 minutes to make. It wasn't ironic at all because they existed way before irony culture and most of their fans unironically loved them. It feels unreal something so shit got so big

No. 743898

Thank you, this was validating to read lmao. I am also pretty sure I want kids someday, but I have no plans of posting them all over social media, or centering my entire life around them. This may be a harsh opinion, but I really think that people who do the latter are mentally deranged. Like you just know they're emotionally abusive as shit behind the scenes, and their kids are probably terrified to go against this obsessive image they have of themselves as being perfectly loving, wonderful parents.

No. 743912

Some of them are abusive and compensating.

No. 744066

File: 1613817707461.jpg (310.64 KB, 1200x1200, passion-fruit-half-102951784.j…)

I hate when they don't remove the black seeds in passion fruit flavored desserts or jams, it might look cute as a decoration but they bring nothing to the taste, they are way too crunchy and the fragments always get stuck in the teeth and stay lodged for weeks because they are so fucking hard to remove.

No. 744162

when anons make new threads before the old one hits 1200 and some dumbass happens to come necro it after months or even years

No. 744171

File: 1613832072226.jpg (169.18 KB, 1200x630, what-is-okra-s.jpg)


No. 744206

File: 1613837230428.jpg (82.96 KB, 1372x2058, Fried-Okra-2.jpg)

Take that back

No. 744212

Love okra

No. 744214

File: 1613837822158.webm (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 1612342589300.webm)

I want to make a startpage that looks like this, but I'd feel like an autist having LC or the 15 other imageboards I visit on there. No one will look at my computer, but theres still a chance

No. 744220

NTA but okra looks like it tastes like vomit.

No. 744221

Snow tha Product is great. If you don't mind less conventional hip hop, Dälek is also great, but the rapper is male.

No. 744222

Maybe you can make an icon instead of spelling out the name or use an emoji of a cow

No. 744231

This is looking very nice. What have you used to make it/ be able to use it?

No. 744254

This looks gorgeous. What is it a startpage for exactly? Your desktop or browser or what?

No. 744262

File: 1613843256609.png (755.88 KB, 1448x800, 1613496119879.png)

I didn't make it, it's just an example from the thread on start pages on /wg/, but it's a HTML and CSS file.
It's for whenever I open up the browser. It's like the news pages or most used sites a browser starts up on expect the user has more control

No. 744279

4chan /wg/? Sorry I don't get out from muh favorite woman space a lot.
Thanks for the tip anyway, nonnie.

No. 744292

Anon, these are very pretty! I wish one of these could be my start page. I especially like the organization of the second one.

No. 744296

File: 1613844521536.jpeg (195.99 KB, 1170x1127, 2FEB3256-B3FC-41D3-BFEA-AD4EDC…)

The chalky lingering taste and texture of toothpaste.
Mules …even worse, sneaker mules
And fucking FaceID, that shit works like 1/2 the time

No. 744298

This is really cute. Kinda looks like the start screen of a video game

No. 744342

piggybacking off this to add that I hate touchid

No. 744345

I mean, since I'm technically a zoomer, my mom would post me to her FB/instagram in late elementary/middle school. Her accs were always on private and content was simply first day of school/soccer games/birthday etc. benign life events.

I asked her recently if I had been a baby growing up now would she post pics of me on social media all the time, and she didn't give me a straight answer at first, but said probably not. which is honestly weird because she hammered me over the head as a kid about stranger danger on the internet.

I'm so sickened by parents today who are social media "savvy" and purposely use their child to make money. It is plainly exploitation. But I'm happy you've told me that there are parents against this, because if/when I ever have kids I will absolutely not be posting anything on social media.

No. 744377

The fucking Hayloft song. Everything about it is awful, even the obnoxious music video. I hate the shitty band for existing.

No. 744544

oh please the song is really catchy! it's just been ruined by tiktok
and the whole band is great now im angry

No. 744546

That stupid "oh no" song
Just let it die

No. 744548

File: 1613870019819.png (81.81 KB, 694x801, 1412626224514.png)

How clunky java is. It takes me 5 lines of code to achieve what C++ can do in 1 line. The over explaining has a place, but holly shit sometimes I just wanna write "cin >> x;" instead of "Import scanner, New scanner object, new int". At least this will be over once I finish this specific CS class

No. 744585

File: 1613871891857.jpg (120.8 KB, 1080x1080, 1613721768167.jpg)

This might be kind of a weird post, but when I see pics like pic related, I automatically assume it's an adult woman taking it of herself. Even if everything about the photo is child-like (the colors, the clothes, the accessories/toys, etc.),… it feels like someone mimicking a kid. I'm not saying adult women can't like cutesy things and take photos of it, but there are some photos that just feel like the person is TRYING to be a child, and it almost always backfires (imo). It almost feels like they're fetishizing the things kids like, but they're missing completely why. This might not be the case but it's just how it feels to me, at least when I just see the photos.

No. 744597

I know what you mean, I think. I think it's just meant to be based on cute anime pictures, which are childlike/inspired by childish things, but not actually aimed at children.
They're mimicking anime characters and a weeby aesthetic that mostly adults/teens like, so that might be why you get that vibe.
Like, I don't think most kids give a fuck about the things in that picture, they like Fortnite and other "normal" things, so it makes sense that it'd make you think of the adults with those interests.

No. 744599

You're right, they're ddgl shit

No. 744620

speaking from personal experience; it's mental illness and cope
not necessarily fetish shit, but always mental illness and cope
no one content is into this

No. 744627

Speaking of kid things

Tell me farmers, why is there a man at 40 reviewing little girl's toys?

I know he's reviewing but isn't it just weird?

No. 744637

I've seen a few men's channels like this before and I think reviews of Barbie and similar dolls are pretty innocent, some men honestly just like Barbie especially gay ones. Or they could just be doing this as a way to make money since kids toys reviews get tons of views. What freaked me out though was when I came across a channel where a man was reviewing different models of baby dolls.

No. 744656

Oh my god I used to want that my size Barbie so bad as a kid. Kinda jelly kek.

Honestly, I know there are some doll collectors here, but most adults who collect children’s toys seem a bit unhinged to me. Dude’s entire room is Disney and dolls. He sorta feels like a more organized Chris-chan.

No. 744790

I hate the comment sections on commentary vids, even the most balanced vids by people handling a topic in a mature way will attract mostly incels sounding guys screaming in support of males (the male is always right in all situations) and shitting on women/calling any woman with claims of domestic violence/sexual assault a clout chasing bitch. They automatically jump to that every time.

I've always been picky about who'll I'll sub to in that category because some are obviously out to be biased.. but still the audience doesn't change or act more mature under those balanced vids. Someone can spend half their vid stating that we need to hold back judgement til a proper investigation has happened but scrotes will still spam 'nah those women are all making it up, I hope their lives are ruined and he sues all their asses' Every time!

No. 744800

They really always have their backs for each other. Women rarely do that except when it comes to handmaidening for troons or being a pickme for some scrote in my experience. Maybe it exists in fringe sites but on a mainstream level? Nope it's always moids defending each other's bullshit while girls stay silent. We are half of the population so why can't we fight those annoying fuckers back!

No. 744815

I hate clothing sizes! They are never consistent, I have an xxl tshirt that fits just right, size 34, 36 and 38 pants that fit well, size M skirt that I can't get over my butt, size M pants that are so big they fall off of me, size xs shirt that fits great, 75A bra that fits perfectly and a 75A bra that sticks out an inch from my breasts, Goddamn it wouldn't it be better if they listed waist and hip circumference or something

No. 744821

My pet peeve is when stores list a useless measurement as a "guide". Like using waist measurements alone for women's jeans. Why would you use what is likely the smallest measurement on women's jeans when you know for a fact their hips will be bigger??? Include both cowards

No. 744822

Right, what's the point if only one measurement matches, tell me both

No. 744827

I have no hips and I still find jeans are the single hardest thing to buy and have fit nicely, I can only imagine that having full hips complicates that even more

No. 744839

It's a game of picking 3 to 4 sizes in the hope one will fit and ending up chocking up tears in the mirror because none of them fit and you're having a very nasty look at your cellulite under fluorescent light.
Fun times all around.

No. 744927

it's annoying as fuck. And the lyrics are shit. I hate the american obsession with the trope of daddy protecting his daughter's sexuality with his trusty shotgun. Gross as fuck.

No. 745011

God ok, I'm glad I'm not alone. I hate the way most pants/jeans look on me and it's not due to weight but that they never fit my shape right. It's a guessing game because all women have different measurements and shape even if they're of the same size/weight. Especially if you're taller. I have to buy larger for my hips but then it's too wide at the waist and slides down to be baggy. Seriously considering going to skirts. They're more comfortable to me but it sucks cause I like the style of wearing pants

No. 745237

File: 1613945481061.jpg (33.39 KB, 500x555, bogdanoff-dump-it-meme-3.jpg)

I like learning about plastic surgery and how to do it, as a fun little hobby, but whenever I google videos on it to play in the background it's always some influencer talking about how they got fillers at 20. I can't even gleam anything from their videos because it's just them using shitty choice feminism arguments to say "I mean whats wrong with botox at 16".
Guess it's just pirated textbooks for me

No. 745719

I hate the most common canvas format, 40x50 cm. They are the most available ones and I have a dozen at home so that's what I usually paint on but it's so boring and there's so few paintings that will look best in that format I wish I could buy narrower canvases more cheaply (I bought a few for cheap but their quality is cheap too) I'm gonna go buy wood boards so I can cut them however big I want

No. 746225

I fucking hate the thong bikinis and how everyone wears them over their hips. I also hate how almost every girl who wears them takes photos where it looks like they are adjusting their underwear.
I'm not slut shaming because there's so many other risque outfits I dig, but the bikini g-strings piss me off and the way they are hiked up over their hips reminds me of ugly 80's pornstar vibes. I know I'm alone in this so I probs should have posted it in unpopular opinions.

No. 746295

God I hate poketubers so much. I think they're the bottom of the barrel when it comes to game analysis channels, worse than game hypotesis/theories channels. They always say the most uninteresting, run of the mill shit and they act like they're hot shit. My biggest pet peeve: the stupid youtube voice and the "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE MOST OF MY VIEWERS ARENT SUBSCRIBED" shit. I just hate these kinds of channels where a scrote flaunts his basic knowledge on a subject and expects to be heard (aka most manga/anime/anti-sjw/scrote drama channels)

Also the most popular poketuber is a furry faggot that wears dog collars irl, even other stupid poketubers hate him

No. 746464

File: 1614083617962.png (73.2 KB, 500x665, ackshually.png)

I hate when you put a bit of effort into posting an opinion on here or elsewhere online and you word it well because the subject matters to you or it's a personal story, then someone comes along to correct you on a point that you never even made and often one you wouldn't ever make anyway. A lot of the time it's on par with those bland PC reminder tweets like
>Friendly reminder, All pain is valid.
Like cool. I never said or implied otherwise so that's just fuckin random. People are reading others words through this personal lense where you don't know what hidden meaning they'll find and tell you off for.

I used to only ever see it on reddit and I'd laugh at mostly scrotes screeching "check your reading comprehension!" at each other but it's spreading now and not so fun anymore lol

No. 746471

This is why the internet is becoming more pointless especially for discussion

No. 746485

I mean I agree a lot of PokeTubers are cringy, but the YouTuber you're referring to (Verlisify) is far from the most popular in terms of subscribes, viewership or reputation. He is infamous for being such an autistic furry, and as you mentioned, is greatly disliked and mocked by everyone else.

No. 746568

thiiiiis holy shit

No. 746592

The following words:
- tummy
- belly
- veggies
- sexy time (gag)

No. 746624

>The first three
Just say you hate brits

No. 746625

those three have nothing to do with brits

No. 746631

File: 1614095505767.jpg (514.55 KB, 1230x1845, facfae4d57c5fe6beafb7de30445.j…)

I hate how common massive age gaps in shoujo and sometimes josei series are.

No. 746633

Well I hate the whole older boring man x big eye girl thing.
Is there any josei/shojo about middle-aged women dating young moe blob guys?

No. 746636

idc about the age gaps, but picrelated josei is between a cousin and her own uncle which is pretty weird

No. 746646

Any adult that uses the word "tummy" gives me severe ABDL ageplay vibes. It's so gross and I can't help it.

No. 746687

They absolutely do, especially in tabloids and shitty magazines or talk shows
Your experience might not be the same as mine but you can't just tell me my experiences don't exist

No. 746696

I stumbled across one called We Swore to Meet in the Next Life and That’s When Things Got Weird! which is a josei about a 40 year old woman dating a 18 year old boy but I stopped reading it the moment I learnt his age because that level of age gap is paedophilic and gross. I would like to read something where they are both adults.

No. 746891

File: 1614109431970.jpg (36.5 KB, 700x368, dishes.jpg)

I hate washing dishes.

No. 746893

File: 1614109633449.png (36.02 KB, 967x374, American_dadLover101 has edite…)

I've been growing more and more irritated by wikipedia because it's slowly becoming obvious the site is run by autists
Like if a show has a big or autistic fandom you can bet wikipedia has one to many pages on it. I know Undertale and Naruto are big, but they are not big enough to the point were every character needs their own wikipedia page, which could just be a subset of their main page.
Wikipedia also has no standard outline when it comes to explaining things so some pages will have in detail plot summaries and pointless details while others are sparse. Like one show has episode by episode summaries while another has nothing.
Also wiki works bets for STEM subjects. Trying to get a small liberal arts text or philosophical summary means you find no page or a badly summarized one

No. 746895

I feel this in the art community. If someone says "practice as much as you can" or "learn your fundies" someone comes out of the woodworks and says "BUT… Avoid burnout and not everyone wants to be a professional artists". No shit, anyone with a smidge of reading comprehension would know it has exceptions and you apply advice as you see fit. I've seen this little effect make people put giant ass wall of texts saying "You don't have to do this…" before giving the most weak sauce advice
The fact beginners do this the most makes me think it's some type of defense mechanism

No. 746951

I hate when people don't care about the video or audio quality while watching a movie.

No. 747000

All the fake boobs in "natural" sections of reddit, porn, etc

No. 747019

i don't blame them, i blame scrotes, who are too retarded to realize that implants can look good
this is so weird to say but the truth always comes out when they post videos and you can notice that their boobs don't jiggle or move at all.

No. 747046

I'm shocked by the alarming amount of under 25s who have tit implants, unless they're lying about their age. I find it really sad.

No. 747051

File: 1614120705981.png (158.12 KB, 1619x463, 24565746475.PNG)

How the mainstream internet failed to be anything countercultural in the end. I know small sites in the corners are doing something, but the big 7 conglomerate sites should give up saying how their different from mainstream culture or how they're doing anything.
I think YT got hit the hardest because it fell right into Chomsky's mass media propaganda theory. Everytime a YT get's demontized from a touchy subject I can only think of step 2 of Chomsky propaganda machine

No. 747065

not just that but the amount of people fooled by 'natural' makeup and decent photo editing. its all really embarrassing

No. 747067

Roombas - I fucking hate those bastards. Every single time someone said it was going to go around me it just hits me

No. 747069

Maybe it just likes u

No. 747417

Same. I’ve known several young women that were scraping by but managed to save up a nice little nest egg that they then proceeded to use on fake tits. Such a shame to see women throwing their resources at things that will make them more coomable to scrotes (they were all perfectly pretty before them) rather than actually investing in their own education/futures/financial stability.

No. 747475

I probably sound like a cynical bitch but blissfully optimistic people are so exhausting, it feels like they live in their little bubble of happiness and are too naive to realize that the world is actually a bad place. I have a coworker like that and she always says stuff like "everything happens for a reason", and everytime I have a negative thought she goes "omg don't say this kind of stuff!" (not even morbid jokes, just saying I feel down).

No. 747512

I'm pretty sure "it happened for a reason" isn't supposed to mean "they deserved it". I've always looked at it as a way to make people feel better about something they've gone through.

No. 747543


old posts but i agree and i am bothered by this as well. i think the cause of this is the advancement of the internet. everyone has internet access at any age nowadays and it has completely killed the "subculture" phenomena because everything is easily accessible to anyone online. for example, you see some "metal" person on youtube/social media and decide you want to become a "metalhead". scroll various forums and wikipedia pages, join a ton of facebook groups and pages, order a shit ton of vinyls, band merch, clothes from amazon and you've now become a part of the "metal scene" in less than a full day. anyone can do this with any niche whatsoever, metal is just an example. and so the meaning of subcultures is completely diluted and kind of gentrified in a weird way.

couldn't agree more. i know several girls like this irl. maybe the reason you're suddenly experiencing more health issues is because you're inside all fucking day long, don't exercise or get enough nutrients, don't sleep well and on top of that you already were a sedentary fatty for years before getting hit with covid and quarantine life. some people will just not accept that their lifestyle is harming them, and it's always some mystical uncurable disease (which relieves them of all responsibility to improve their health by themselves) instead. and i also hate how people think vague terms like "tired" or "depressed" or "brain fog" are actual indicators of illness. and then they spread this mindset by validated each others delusions in facebook groups. and influencers spread this bullshit as well for pity points and relatableness or whatever.

anon are you me? i haven't had any sound or vibration on my phone turned on in years.

No. 747568

>i haven't had any sound or vibration on my phone turned on in years
Me neither! People always complain about me never picking up the phone when they call or being hard to reach but I don't give two shits. I fucking love being able to put my phone aside and decide for myself when I want to pick it back up and check for messages or calls. Getting startled by a noise or vibration instantly after receiving a message seems so stress-inducing to me.
Idk if this is just a boomer thing but my parents, especially my mom, always have their ringtone volume set to max and their phone going 'ting' loud enough to hear from another room whenever they get a text, which is a billion times a day. I can feel my cortisol levels spiking when I'm with them and their phone goes off and assaults my ears. I can't understand how they're not even phased by it. It's not even that they're hard of hearing or I'm particularly autistic or anything.

No. 747573

Anons are just as bad if not worse than porn sick scrotes when it comes to judging bodies
>All boobs are apparently saggy and bad
>All women who don't have boobs bigger than their head are A cups
>Everyone is box shaped
>All vaginas "look weird"
>Body hair is wrong
>Imperfect skin is a literal disease

No. 747608

It's just insecurity and jealousy really. An alarming number of farmers on /pt/, /snow/ and /w/ are obsessed with perfect looks, more often than not propelled by anachan tendencies.
It's actually really weird and kind of funny to me how big the contrast is between how cows are nitpicked and how accepting and positive anons on /g/ are when discussing eachothers bodies and physical flaws. Annoyance about how bizarre the nitpicking and judging gets also seems to be commonplace on this board and /g/, so I have this theory that it's a divide in userbase. Like, most super nitpicky posts coming from anons who only use lolcow for the threads about cows and never go to the other boards. It's either that or every other farmer being super hypocritical and twofaced, idk.

No. 747627

A lot of anons chase their own "demons" in threads. Like anons posting they have "only fans experience" in ethot threads and the very obvious anachans in the ana threads. But I guess activity would converge near zero if the no nitpick rule was really heavily enforced.

No. 747631

There's a weird divide. I can post in ot or g saying that I haven't shaved in months and I quite like my body hair when it's grown out, I'll quickly get anons chiming in that they're the same way. That womens shaving and body hair standards are bullshit and so on. Even anons that say they personally stay shaved will say they resent it and are jealous of anyone who can brave going against the convention. You wont get called gross.

Meanwhile in snow someone will point out 2 day old stubble on a cows leg and say they're gross. They'll get a bunch of posts in agreeance.

No. 747651

You are fucking gross.

No. 747660

Maybe I should've worded that as 'I could post' instead of 'I can' but I was giving that as an example of discussions I've often witnessed…

Was not talking about myself there anon, chill lol

No. 747715

I once got here for /snow/ but I outgrew it. Now I hang around for /ot/ and /g/. I totally buy that a large part of the userbase frequents either only the lolcowside or the offtopic side.

Maybe anons are right when they say /ot/ needs to be nuked or become it's own seperate imageboard. I'd browse it.

No. 747834

I agree with you. I think the /ot population tend to be older than the one in /pt and /snow. I would be curious about a breakdown survey about this.

No. 747856

I frequent here, /g and /pt the most. Snow definitely feels like the discussions are more regressive.

No. 747863

I hate the piano song that plays throughout Utena.

No. 747866

Well I haven't shaved in months, it's been winter in lockdown motherfuckers. Anons who care about other's armpits under sweaters are weirdos.

No. 747887

I'm >>747660 and I don't get it either. I shave because I have trich, it's a type of ocd where you feel a compulsion to pull out hair. If I don't shave I'll end up in bed at night pulling at it.

Without that I don't know if I'd be inclined to shave.

No. 747902

99% of the time people I hear saying this shit irl say it a way where it's implied, even if they don't believe it themselves entirely, or the people who say it try to give some horrible tragic events some positive results. It's usually this reasoning with them:
>something terrible and traumatizing happened to me out of nowhere but maybe I've done something to deserve it
>maybe it's god's punishment, no idea why but I must have done something bad somehow
>oh I heard someone I know died from a disease/accident/murder, that sucks and they didn't deserve that but that's god's plan anyway
>that person I know was born with a painful disability but that taught them humility, empathy and respect towards other people so that's lowkey a good thing

Maybe anon meant something else but that's what people say to me and people I know sometimes and it's super weird or straight up offensive. I've been told the same shit for things that happened to me that were out of my control and it never managed to make me feel better, and usually it's either insane religious people or people who get super awkward when they learn something about you and have no idea how to answer and change the topic.

No. 747923

I grew up hearing that stuff so much that it took me a long time to fully unlearn that way of rationalising events. I was never the type to preach it at others but I thought my ex beat me because in a previous relationship I was a bit of an emotional nightmare. I thought I was being beat by a man because I used to shout at another one. I was raised to look for that reasoning when bad things happened. The lack of common sense I had didn't set me up well for life.

No. 747990

File: 1614207256313.jpg (74.11 KB, 440x960, y62pxzlr2mw41.jpg)

The trend of trying the squeeze information into smaller in smaller chunks and the people who think it's a good idea. The internet is amazing when it comes to short overviews, but when it comes to in depth educational topics it starts to falter. An educational audio book at its shortest is 2 hours, 10 on the longer side. I know most of it is fluff, but once you start cutting 80% of a 2 hour topic so it can fit into a 25 minute video you lose a lot, this is even more brutal on a 10 hour video. Even a 1 hour video, which is considered ultra long on YT, is simply not enough to be anything except a more in depth general overview.
This irritates me because you can't find any in depth content on YT any more because of how much it leans towards the "summarize big events. No indepth videos on small ones". I know they do it because it's cheaper and attracts more people and I don't really hate them for that. I just feel a bit irritated no good in depth videos exist, most in-depth videos are made by PHD students with the shitiest mics. I do think a few indepth videos exist, but they're often made with the backing of a college or apart of a company, khan academy as an example.
My main irate is when it comes to people who preach the simplifications as a replacement for an actually education. The amount of times I've seen a person think art tiktoks and lavendertowne videos are the art education they need are way to high. Or the "I just need school of life and some random person interpreting a philosophy in their insane ideology for philosophy". Etc.

No. 748001

I hate how whenever my co worker acts like a total bitch she comes in the next day saying she was on her period and wants instant forgiveness. Like bitch, are you on your period every week?

No. 748043

My mom does this too. Whenever it's her period or PMS she makes a big announcement to everyone, yes she told me and my brother every time she had a period starting at age 6, and we have to treat her super nice. The fact she includes her 2 week PMS means we have to be ultra nice half the month instead of 2-3 days. She also used 'muh period' as an excuse to neglect me and my brother.
>Anon my PMS means I can't make you guys food this week OK?

I actually think she wasn't faking because she had dises that made her period worse, but wouldn't take meds because ~natural healing~ and she always leaned a bit BPD so the cycle must have hit her hard

No. 748136

I hate furry art
Yes…all of it

No. 748154

i hate how I've never had a boyfriend that was proud to show me off. I hate people who are ashamed of me. My old friend used to tell her bf whenever she was with me that she was with her family instead of me. I think there is something wrong with me. I dunno. hurts. Anyone else?

No. 748157

Go wax your shit in peace and bleed, no one cares lmao

I feel so bad for the anons who replied to your bait who are trying to explain themselves on why they don’t shave and they become clearly insecure about their body hair because of you, bleh you’re a total bitch.

No. 748189

The fuck, that sounds really hurtful and not okay. Have you asked your bfs why they seemed ashamed of you before?
As for the old friend, my first assumption is that she might have had a very jealous boyfriend that possibly would give her shit if she would hang out with people besides her family. That's just because I've had similar experiences, but it's still not ok to treat a friend like that.

No. 748200

NTA but if anyone is getting insecure because of one random anon comment then you need to close the tab lmfao.

No. 748418

Anon you're replying to their bait too

No. 748504

I hate nothing more than shirts with any kind of logo on it or shoes with really flat soles.

No. 748900

Most celebrities twitters unironically extremely boring. Besides the random breakdown or cancel-able moment it's just "Hey look at this media I was in. Consume it". I don't think it's because they're scared of being cancelled, but they just have lazy ass SM managers.
Digital content creators are no good either because they retweet hundreds of unfunny loons so it takes you half an hour to find one original tweet of theirs.
Finally I hate all tweets trying to make a point. The word limit constrains and simplifies every argument to the point were it can be refuted just having the ability to type a long form paragraph they brinks up nuance.
All those "X out of context" or dedicated twitter accounts aren't funny either

No. 748902

Also fuck
>This tweet blew up follow
I tried twitter for 20 minutes and I'm already sick of it

No. 748926

All social media is basically advertisement now. I think people are moving away from twitter or not being as personable on it except being retards about political opinions. I also think a lot of millenials are jaded by online now, after everyone started migrating off fb and Instagram became shit, a lot of people don't keep active accounts apart from extremely online people

No. 748935

highkey disagree

No. 748972

I think its hideous too

No. 749025

It's weird to think how often young people were updating and communicating on fb a mere like, 6 years ago. It feels like a barren wasteland that's been taken over by boomers who broadcast way too much of their personal life and opinions online. I kind of wish that social media would die off or something. Sometimes I think it brings out the worst in people (of all ages, not just zoomers and whatever). This reminds me of a joke that Zizek says where we wishes that there was some sort of secret police that tracks how much time ppl spend on social media, and if you're on twitter for an hour they force you go clean public toilets or something lol.

No. 749028

>a mere like, 6 years ago
That's almost a decade.

No. 749031

Do you think there are 7 years in a decade? Lol

No. 749036

>young people were updating and communicating on fb a mere like, 6 years ago
….in 2015?

No. 749054

This whole channel

No. 749102

People were already updating less in 2015, but still using it for creating and following public events.

No. 749174

File: 1614294827994.png (983.2 KB, 2155x1600, dumbass pickme.png)

Stuff like this (green is a white woman).

No. 749175

I can't stop laughing whenever i watch any of the videos on this channel, especially the psycho mantis ones kek

No. 749651

File: 1614350001793.png (199.67 KB, 573x720, Screenshot_20210226-191042_1.p…)

This is a character archetype I dispise, I'm sure anons have seen this in one form or another on tumblr and twitter, the ambiguously brown hujabi Muslim girl, now I'm an ex-Muslim so I have my issues with Islam but even when I still had my faith this character cliche always made me sorta mad, usually made by some western lib for the Sake of inclucivity, now her identify is just that she's a woke Muslim, not Sunni or Shia or Whabbhi or Hanafi or Twelver just a Muslim, this shows that they have as little an idea about actual Islam then the right wingers they claim are all ignorant

Its just another thing I see with American leftist who have this bizzare obsession with defending Islam, while condoing Christianity, like its the ultimate hypocrisy

No. 749742

File: 1614358861146.png (175.3 KB, 645x589, 94LyLm1000.png)

When nature documentaries show people in it. It makes me irrationally angry. I don't want to see fucking disgusting humans and I wish the narrator would shut the fuck up sometimes.

No. 749746

But that british guy is the best

No. 749754

From an exmuslim to another: THANK YOU. I despise how westerners portray Muslims. They're either terrorist immigrants who want to take over the west or they're poor little victims who can do no wrong and the hijab is great and empowering actually you phobe. It's all so tiresome

No. 749767

Again they literally have no idea about the massive theological differences, Most people in my home country despise Shia Muslims and wanto declare them non-Muslims, ISIS considers the Taliban to be kafirs cause the Taliban follow the Deobandi school of Islam, While ISIS follows the Takfiri school which is an off shoot/sub-sect of the Whaabi sect of Islam, Most Hanafis would never marry a Brelvi and a Brevli would never marry a Deobandi

I mean Islam is fucking convulated of a religion that you need interpertations for it function, like the Quran literally only ever Says to bow before Allah five times a day, not complicated Islamic prayers

No. 749774

I just don't want to see his face >:(

No. 749781


No. 749810

Man, Planet Earth & Blue Planet are the greatest nature documentary series ever made. Thanks for reminding me they exist with this post anon, gonna rewatch tonight.

No. 750173

File: 1614396274080.jpg (158.81 KB, 1024x739, 27xRK6yYv9kOBIi6Imr87b.jpg)

i hate how often trans positivity includes making death threats

No. 750182

I swear gay people were never this aggressive while fighting for their rights.

No. 750221

The unrepentant grammar nazi in me makes me fucking hate shit like that

No. 750339

Despite the fact that this subject has become forbidden fruit on here I'm just going to say it. I hate tranny positivity period. I hate how we live in a world where you're looked at as being a man if you like "man" things or work in "man" professions or are even mildly attracted to women, even though you own a natural pair of boobs and a vagina and are puny. It's stupid and backwards and extremely autistic. Why is being a woman not good enough for me to be a woman why do I have to act like a stereotype to avoid people thinking I am a man even though I look, sound, and move like a woman. It is so backwards that we prioritize these fuckers over people who live in reality instead of delusion. It is literal torture for people to think you have a penis or want a penis or something because you "act male" after a whole life of scrotes saying this shit to you to get under your skin, now people unironically believe it and think it makes them a good person to believe it. I hate that we live in a world where you can't just be yourself, you have to be some fucked up, fun house mirror, warped, made up ass version of a person in order to just live your fucking life. We don't need tranny positivity right now period. We need to stop being so goddamn delusional as a society. What makes defective, insane people who cut up their bodies and pump toxic chemicals into themselves any more strong and worthy of life than people who are capable of simply existing without forcing themselves into some autistic fun house mirror version of the sexes. Why do we reward weakness over strength. Why do we demand that strong women infertilize themselves to become weaker versions of men, why do we reward compassionate men to fuck their bodies and minds up in order to become inferior versions of women when just letting these people exist as they are would make society better. This is so fucked up and it unironically deserves to be looked down upon. Fuck trannies and fuck the pedophiles making little 12 year old kids think this is just the best thing ever.

No. 750346

ily anon

No. 750349

That's because those are completely different issues, gay people want to legally be with the same sex and troons want everyone to play along with their alternative reality where sex isn't real.

No. 750354

I hate men with deep and loud voices.

No. 750355

Also the power of the internet. Gay people had to actually physically be present and look at their opposition and argue in their face. Troons fight their wars on twitter behind anime avatars, or make heavily scripter and edited videos with strawmen arguments.

No. 750357

People making posts on social media that sound like something really bad happened to them or their family while in reality something minor happened. I came accross someone saying that they "had the most difficult night of their lives" and then they go on to say that they just had some sad thoughts and everything's fine. They just want attention and sympathy.

No. 750371

People who say 'we must' in their Twitter rants, like they're a world leader adressing the citizenry or something. Like, 'We must elevate the voices of [insert insufferable group here]!' Also when people use the word 'whilst' instead of 'while' at every opportunity. I hate you.

No. 750418

can you imagine if people made actual memes like that one but pro-women? i mean, they're already made fun of. "all women are queens" has become sexist rhetoric. imagine someone unironically saying "you better respect women or i'll murder you" or something to that degree. it'd be mocked and the creator would be called a soyboy whiteknight faggot or a stupid cunt who needs to go back to the kitchen, because women aren't people i guess.

No. 750420

fake laughs that men who try to seem tougher than they are do in that forced deep voice

No. 750507

>"you better respect women or i'll murder you"
then maybe we should start doing them
>People who say 'we must' in their Twitter rants, like they're a world leader adressing the citizenry or something.
Holy fuck I fucking hate this too… the internet gave power to the wrong people. I don't want to be corrected by a furry with a troon avatar that thinks his voice is as important as the new christ incarnate

No. 750530

You can't even say shit to them cos if you do you get
>All pain is valid!

No. 750551

Remember first time I heard saw my friends brother laughing while he was watching some YouTube videos(and he's a pretty big guy with a average male voice) but he has a very high pictched joker like laugh and it's honestly more creppier then if he faked a deep voice laugh

No. 750613

>Piccrew me avatar
>Opinion instantly disregarded

No. 750617

File: 1614452121841.gif (2.24 MB, 220x124, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Never saw a funny version of this meme along with the bee movie lawyer one.

No. 750834

i hate when my friend tries to invite me to her friend group discord servers… i feel like such a fucking bitch but i am really picky about who i socialize with and i really just don't care to make friends most of the time, these days. if i want to be someone's friend i will find them myself

No. 750920

No. 750924

This show was written by a liberal white woman BTW, cause of course it was


No. 750927

Kek you know it's bad when even sjw/woke Twitter says you lost the vision.

No. 750928

File: 1614482932685.jpeg (202.2 KB, 750x484, 1853EDDA-3FDD-4535-8F0A-A4C340…)

scrote replying to lauren chen repost of that tweet

No. 750929

But that episode was written by a black woman though

No. 750935

The oppression Olympics bit was written by a biracial black woman, the book one by a liberal white woman

No. 750940

who fucking cares what race, it fucking sucks ass

No. 751003

when the "next page" button/link is left to the "previous page" button/link. it just feel wrong.

No. 751024

I irrationally hate the word "comfy." I think it's because I associate it with people trying too hard to sound cutesy/"wholesome." Just say cozy or comfortable, it sounds way less retarded.

No. 751028

Pardon my autism but "was" is a fucking helping verb, not a pronoun. Then again these are the same people who think "they" is singular, so I guess this is on brand.

No. 751038

I hate how people on social media are now censoring/coding words with symbols like *, !, @, 3, etc. again. It's messy and difficult to read.

No. 751042

stan twitter retards and people on twt in general saying "don't use fonts in your bio, people with screen readers can't read them"? waht a random thing to be offended over kek

although pretty much anyone who has a carrd with a byf page is guaranteed cringe, imagine trying to gatekeep your following that hard enough to care about every person who fucking follows you

No. 751055

quirky fonts in twitter do suck, but it's not necessarily about "ableism!!!" some of us just have crappy phones.

No. 751077

File: 1614508342233.jpeg (63.95 KB, 1280x720, 471514F5-C5D8-4055-9D9D-261C2C…)

Jerma. Not only is he ugly, he’s fucking boring. And the humor, if you can even call it that, between him and his fans is mind numbingly retarded at best. I have never laughed at a meme about or relating to him. I have nothing but ill wishes for him and his supporters. I can’t wait for his internet presence to die out into nothing, like those before him.

No. 751079

i don't dislike jerma at all but i almost respect your level of burning hatred for this man

No. 751110

>I have nothing but ill wishes for him and his supporters.
honestly same and I don't even know this man

No. 751124

I HATE whoever decided to put perfume on panty liners and, out of all other fucking things, BABY OIL! Why in the world would someone ever want to have their baby smelling like a menstrual product?

And it’s so overpowering too. I’m kicking myself for not reading the product list more carefully. Didn’t even cross my mind that there’d be scented baby products!

No. 751130

is this meant to be a joke? I'm being serious

No. 751135

lel, I like the voiced version of that pic too: https://twitter.com/VoicesByZane/status/1346144358215639041

No. 751143

I despise everything around video game culture and weeb culture. Druggy culture and stan twitter culture legit makes me less sick than weeb/gamer culture does. Something about weeb/gamer scrotes is so innately pathetic and disgusting

No. 751144

I hate it when Americans talk about muh mixing like their societies havent been multicultural and they havent stole it from Natives

No. 751149

I absolutely hate the obsessions with social media algorithms.
People on instagram be sharing their own post on instastories and then cry and weep about "INSTA HAS CHANGED ALGORITHM PLEASE HELP!!!"
Bruh, chill. It's not healthy to be so much social media focused.
I get that some people work with social media reach but it's still deteriorating, if you want more people to check on your feed just share your post without that one hell of a cry of help.

No. 751150

I still have zero clue on who that dude is aside from being a streamer and I keep seeing a shitton of jokes and memes about him on Tumblr, why is he supposed to be so goddamn funny? I never see this kind of post about any other streamer.

No. 751156

Latin America is basically a big mixing pot of cultures, with black, indigenous, white, asian etc and nobody is as insufferable as Americans are lol

No. 751157

I hate when characters have a theme naming, like all the RWBY characters are named after colors or the Winx Club after their powers, I find this so stupid, it's on the same level as "I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name)".

No. 751162

Dude, same. It makes me want to interact with them less. Funnily enough I never see any whining about algorithms or engaging from actually successful people. Maybe, idk, get good?

No. 751199

File: 1614525203094.jpg (5.71 KB, 247x204, index.jpg)

>I never see any whining about algorithms or engaging from actually successful people
If we replace successful with 'Good artists' it makes sense. SM has made blaming all art problems on algorithms the trending diagnoses. I know the alg can be bad, but to be brutally honest 90% of the time someone says 'how do I beat the algorithm?' their art is always shit. It's beyond /artist salt/ drama level shit; it's person who just picked up drawing shit. I've seen "It's the algorithm suppressing my shitty anime doodles" so many times I'm surprised it hasn't become an artist meme to mock newbs.
I've actually seen people mock this trend, but they get flamed to hell and back by salty artists.
I'm not saying the algorithm isn't bad, but some of the people who say that should look at themselves first

No. 751221

You said it. I’m sick and tired of costhots and subpar artists trying to increase their engagement by guilt tripping their followers. TikTokkers are the worst! I like the app and a lot of the creators there, but the endless moaning about ”the algorithm” makes me wanna throw my phone in the river.

No. 751295

did i post this?

No. 751310

I get not liking his content but please don't insult my husband's beautiful face

No. 751330

there is nothing more irritating than whiteknights.

No. 751339

People online who constantly complain about how PC/sjw/woke the internet has become.

No. 751400

I love how he's white Canadian complaining about mixing but doesn't realize our people killed native roots and unironically uses the word Canuck. What a retard.

No. 751530

File: 1614556018973.png (671.61 KB, 620x686, Screenshot_20210228-184043~2.p…)

I hate the look of damaged hair that's really thinned out in the mids and ends like pic rel. From a purely aesthetic perspective, there's no good reason to hold onto the length if your hair looks this empty

No. 751533

This is why I never have long hair even though it grows super fast, shit looks ratty as fuck even without bleaching.

No. 751583

I tried growing my hair out for a decade and recently just gave up and cut it shoulder length and it's such a relief. Maybe my long hair looked good when it was clean and blow dried and styled, but maintaining healthy hair means you can't wash and use heat on it constantly, so half the time it just looked meh. Now that it's short it looks healthier and thicker and overall I just feel more put together.

No. 751602

Hair like this makes me wince, I just want to cut that shit off.

Idk why short hair is such a sin, I’d much rather have healthy short hair than damaged long hair. It reminds me of people who keep their nails way too long, they start getting yellow and gross after a certain point.

No. 751619

I'm tired of seeing his face everywhere on Tumblr

No. 751632

Use products without heat

No. 751738

What product is gonna give you the same result as blow-drying and straightening…? I can curl without heat but products can't force your hair to straighten out afaik.

No. 751749

File: 1614581687714.png (436.72 KB, 667x500, 1605331405175.png)

I hate tall fat men, specifically Quinton reviews and Moviebob who are 6'3 and 6'7 respectively
I don't think anons here realize how much of a factor height can be gaining any form of mass, like I'm 5'9 and I have to work like twice as hard to gain the least bit of muscle but its much easier for me to lose weight then other women, and when you're super tall you have to eat a ridiculous caloric diet to gain even an ounce of mass
I can't even imagine how much food these lard ases consume to get thas fat

No. 751751

Yeah fuck them, they live life on easy mode (physique-wise) and still screw it up. You have to be insanely gluttonous to get fat while burning 4000 calories a day just existing. Honestly, even short guys have no excuse for getting fat because men in general burn a lot more than us even if we're the same height.

No. 751756

This makes my midget ass so salty lmao. When I look at fitness forums, I can’t believe how fast these tall men can go from average chubby couch potato to fit with regular exercise/barely any diet change.

No. 751759

I hate how forums related to parenting and family always use those acronyms like DH, STBX, AP, etc. It makes it unreadable for me.

No. 751763

I hate how all the normies and moms joined tiktok during the pandemic. It used to be way more fun.

No. 751764

lmao yes I can never remember which is which because I only occasionally read those forums out of curiosity. It's confusing and excessive, and since it's always in the context of families I associate it with boring old boomer types.

No. 751766

Dont be discouraged anon, The strongest women of pretty much every gym I have gone to were womanlets between 5'0-5'4 whose strength could rival and even outclass most men

No. 751783

I hate when the name Maya is spelled "Myah" because I just read it as "Nya" with an 'M' instead of an 'N'.

No. 751802

white americans and canadians calling themselves "settlers" thinking this is in any meaningful way helpful to indigenous people

No. 751824

File: 1614596714891.jpg (89.83 KB, 854x480, 1612037845331.jpg)

Quinton reviews is another fat bastard, he's a chubby incel who even the left wing consumers make fun of despite being 6'7

No. 751865

Nah, nitpicking spergs are pretty annoying too.

No. 751929

> When people gift me makeup that doesn't fit me (eg. lipstick set that I will never use because it's not for my skin colour, etc). Rather just give me a gift card if you can't come up with an idea or something.

No. 751934

Assuming your hair is straight to the root (naturally or chemically treated), use a wrap setting mousse and wrap the hair around your head and let it air dry while held in place with a satin scarf or wrapping strips after washing. This is a heatless way to have straight hair after washing it.

No. 751938

Loud slurping and chewing sounds used in music or ads makes me so irrationally angry. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 751939

Asmr candy commercials on tv nearly made me start a lynching against asmrfags, so i agree

No. 751996

That /ot/ became a whiny safe space for whiny people. I swear every thread is the vent thread for these people.

No. 752036

>complaining about /ot/ in /ot/
>'these people'
the call is coming from inside the house

No. 752076

File: 1614627266284.jpg (29.16 KB, 414x504, fuckyou.JPG)

I irrationally hate this fucking 'ship dynamic' meme so fucking much. There is something that irks me about the way these incredibly specific 'dynamics' are pictured by these ugly fucking bald cockwomble blobs with their early 2010s DeviantArt base facial expressions.
Its just:
Step 1: Pick your favorite/popular ship.
Step 2: Remove all character features.

No. 752081

thought the "A" on the blue character was a boner lol

No. 752205

I guess they look like that so that it's easier to project any character on them? like faceless self-inserts but for other characters

No. 752311

I'm pretty sure the point of them being blank is so people can redraw them with their ship
I think that is a boner? Why would there be an A on that character but no B on the other one? Why would the second character in the pic even have an A

No. 752316

File: 1614652728411.jpeg (158.88 KB, 1587x1815, EsHwcYAXMAIECfQ.jpeg)

Here's the first panel. I had to reverse image search to solve this mystery.

No. 752319

This anon is right. The dialogue in that show is so shallow and trendy that it doesn't even sound like it was crafted by a person, it sounds like it was written by AI using stat analysis from twitter and whatever other cesspool where ID pol gathers

No. 752526

Consoomfags who "defend" any precious thing you DARE to criticize. Since its a product it can be anything from a video game to a musical artist. Usually, its the most commercial thing you can find but sometimes its products made by indie or fan creators.

Their favorite lines:
>You shouldnt judge, they worked hard on it!
>You should be grateful!
>they can do whatever they wanna do, if you dont like it just ignore
>Why dont you do it yourself
>At least its making them MONEY
>But people like it
>Stop being stuck in the past
>Wow youre obsessive (while also obsessing over you disliking something kek)

I didnt use to see this on the internet much at all before but its gotten really common since the late 2010s. Before then it was commonplace to voice out any criticism you have of anything, damned if its mainstream or not. Getting used to that shift in internet culture and how quickly normalized it was was very hard for me to digest, tbh. I really am tired of the mentality that you cant dislike something because other people like it or because people are making money off of it. Its funny how Capitalistic this mentality is but I bet you half of the fags saying this are anti capitalist on their social medias

No. 752557

latinos online thinking they acheive something by "sassing" at non-spanish speakers in spanish when they can't come up with a real argument. particularly egregious with white latinos who think being latin american makes them inherently non-white and that spanish is somehow any less of a white colonizer language than english and french. and no, i'm neither white nor american before anyone assumes anything.(global rule #7)

No. 752559

File: 1614700931084.jpg (94.13 KB, 828x812, 7c38c93d3943ce39daa76eb46216fb…)

I have an unspeakeble disgust for this "aesthetic" or whatever it is of filling their faces with random stickers.
It so disgusting to me it actually makes me gag. Hatred
I generally don't like stickers very much so that's why it's so gross to me

No. 752563

I hate everything in this picture, the stickers, the brows with the tails shaved off to be straight, the blush and highlighter on the nose, the fucking benzodiazepine stare. Thank you anon for choosing a picture the encapsulates everything I hate about gen-z ~alt~ beauty.

No. 752565

it's like if you poorly told an american grade schooler about decora

No. 752570

I hate pictures like this because it feels so try-hard.

No. 752588

This looks so cute I love it

No. 752590

File: 1614704183422.jpg (74.29 KB, 800x1200, candyken.jpg)

Same. It always reads to me as "messy child", like a relative's hyperactive kid who has sticky hands and always something smudged on their face. It doesn't really elevate any aesthetic. picrel

No. 752591

Same. I think the girl in the pic looks adorable

No. 752592

I just checked her ig and honestly, I love her aesthetic sm. The "alt" fashion to come from gen z is one of my favorite iterations because it recycles so many things from past styles.

No. 752596

Cute. Reminds me of certain art styles in manga, and the whole Superflat movement.

No. 752598

Yeah, she doesn't look like she's trying to be "japanese decora kawaii" or anything, so this is why I like it too.
What's her insta?

No. 752604


No. 752671

"feminist" comedies that still rely on racial and homophobic stereotypes and gross-out humor because "women should be allowed to be just as raunchy as men!!!"

No. 752693

I have never enjoyed Stand up, back when it was made primarily straight black and white men it was never funny and now with women and ethnic minorities its still not funny
The lowest and unfunniest form of comedy

No. 752854

This is why I hated Bridesmaids. I don't want to see anyone of any sex shitting themselves but people acted like it was revolutionary with this movie and tried to make it a "sexism" issue if you criticized it.

No. 753066

People who pick their nose and eat it
People who pick their lips and eat the skin flake
Finally, people who wear their mask under their nose. It's not so much as the covid, but the fact you look stupid.

No. 753103

There's this trend in recent women's memoirs too. I want to read about interesting moments in their lives and what they learned, not about the pathetic men they had failed casual sex with and gross bathroom moments.

No. 753124

The BLEH BLAH sound Megan Thee Stallion makes in her songs
I hate her lyrics too

No. 753126


omg killua and gon best friends forever

No. 753149

File: 1614767079038.jpeg (23.65 KB, 601x510, Spongebobbus.jpeg)

I hate the Amogus Meme

No. 753166

Hate how in snow and pt male cows obviously dont get the same vitrol as female cows, at least most of the time. Its fucking pathetic

No. 753308

I kind of hate we don't have many male cows threads and I have to go read kiwifarms for them

No. 753398

File: 1614796412751.jpg (104.39 KB, 748x859, coomers.jpg)

'CoomerspostingtheirLs'-type blogs. You can tell that they're run by men who are anti-porn, not because of basic ethics, but because they have a limp dick

No. 753483

funny, my cat used to always eat the marmite off my toast!

No. 753489

ah finally someone said it

No. 753557

They're all nazis too

No. 753817

I hate people who beg on Twitter for things that they CAN afford and don't really need them (eg not some important reason that would actually make you sit there with gofundme).

I saw a twittertard begging for money to get a computer while having a good working (that also runs videogames and lets you both livestream any kind of shit and play) laptop, without even telling WHY they need it, only throwing 'uhuuu i cant work right now, but i wont tell you why' (lets not forget that barely anyone can find a job atm). Same retard literally said 'I refuse to e-beg' while doing that on public discord servers and throwing gofundme links here and there withot giving people anything in return.

Why are people like this.. No one owes you anything.

No. 753848

That's the only way you will get men to turn against porn tho. They will never not jerk off to it just cause of morals or sex trafficing. Only once it affects their own pp.

Better than being a coomer still.

No. 753860


Millennials and Zoomers are paypigs.

No. 754352

I hate videos like this where these people don’t even understand the core aspect around the story, they probably have not and never will watch Winx or their little nostalgia bait but then claim to be an authority that can magically fix anything in their eyes, yuck. They don’t even realize it’s a fantasy children’s show, so most of the costumes if they were ever done in the accordance of the original show are going to borderline look like Genshin-tier, Lord of the Rings clothing no matter how much you try to “y2k/internet subgenre fashion” style it, it begins to look very tasteless. I’m so sick of these social studies/communication and speech bitches stepping out of their lane and thinking they are creative enough to do character design out of all things. Pisses me off

No. 754360

File: 1614905447806.png (1.74 MB, 1554x1775, 41c3795c1e9a2f9caba0e0bf6514c2…)

>most of the costumes if they were ever done in the accordance of the original show are going to borderline look like Lord of the Rings clothing no matter how much you try to “y2k/internet subgenre fashion” style it
What the fuck? In what way does Winx club clothing look like Lord of the rings clothing? Winx club does already have a y2k-ish style in the show.

No. 754362

File: 1614905549062.png (208.39 KB, 1024x1024, Aishas-Style-1024x1024.png)

Samefag, you can look at some of the civilian outfits and see where people are getting the y2k idea from

No. 754393

Nta but I love their clothes so much.

No. 754404

me too. me as a kid and me as a young adult.

No. 754406

I want commentary and media analysis channels to die. Idgaf about your opinion and most of the content is super lazy. Go find friends irl to go yak to.

No. 754407

File: 1614910129422.jpeg (101.25 KB, 600x600, 224B6229-4524-4B98-BD85-2378D3…)


I was giving examples, it’s not similar but it’s fantasy-like and costumey, it has the same vibes from other fantasy-like shows or webs series like Monster High or Ever Acter High. None of it is really y2k, and as the series evolved their fashion choices also became even more modernized. It shouldn’t be solely restrictive to early 2000s fashion trends, that’s just how the show started and what I’m trying to say is that they’re restricting their knowledge of the show from only season 1. As the characters developed, so did their appearances especially around season 3-season 4. Why should the Winx Club live action start off from the beginning instead of being its own thing? There is plenty of ideas and plot lines that they left out from the decent parts of the series, they could have made the show more centric around their adult lives (they did that around season 6? season 7?)

Basically, no one would wear their clothes in real life, that’s the point, their style is incredibly restrictive or even more indicative of the world that the characters live in, completely cartoonish, fictional, and playful. Adding realistic garments or styles from our reality to their reality isn’t going to translate well. Learn to pick up fucking social cues and comparisons, you autistic.

No. 754412

File: 1614910819482.jpg (68.93 KB, 500x710, f24492bdaae09b4e52deb434f82b1a…)

Honestly, the clothes in the Winx reboot are fuck-ugly regardless, and the casting decisions are awful. From any standpoint, it's a fucking failure. Even if they were to be toned down for real life, take inspo from the iconic outfits from Mean Girls, Jennifer's Body, even the werewolf sister from Ginger Snaps if they wanted to go for a darker vibe. Even Riverdale did a better job regarding design in some regards, honestly. Don't be boring, bland and shitty.
Also, that particular YTer makes tons of videos about fashion, design, the accuracy of the clothing in period pieces, etc down to the tiniest details. I don't know her major, but she definitely doesn't seem like some random girl complaining. Don't know what that anon's problem is.

No. 754418

Her vids are shit, I’m tired of other girls getting popular for being passive vanilla speech types, and her eyebrows are nonexistent and she’s trying to give style advice? Kek, please

No. 754420

>Her vids are shit
Why you think this? genuinely curious

No. 754421

>Learn to pick up fucking social cues and comparisons, you autistic.
Oh wow, you're really mad huh? You compared the fashion of Winx Club and Lord of The Rings, so obviously I read it as you saying that the clothing in both shows are similar. Also,
>social cues
…on the internet?
But anyway, the clothes of the Winx reboot are still trash in comparison to the clothing in the later seasons.
Yep. I've only seen screenshots of the show, but the clothes are just gross, dreary and boring as fuck. I don't understand how you can take the fashion from a show like Winx Club and turn it into that mess. They could've still been interesting, and even colorful, while still being "realistic"

No. 754432

Samefag, but I also want to add that more people are familiar with the designs of the girls in the first couple of seasons, because those first seasons are more "iconic" and when the show was really popular (atleast imo). If netflix wants to promote their show and make it clear to potential watchers that this show is about Winx Club, then it would make sense to make the reboot clothing a little similar to the clothing in the first couple of seasons, even if they were teenagers. A lot of people didn't watch up to the later seasons. The real issue is the reboot clothing isn't similar to any clothing from any season

No. 754450

Honestly considering that Netflix is so into nostalgia baiting I'm surprised they didn't deliberately keep an early-mid 00s setting to pander to sentimental 20-somethings even more. That way they could keep the kinda OTT y2k clothing style that makes Winx so recognizable.

No. 754470

fucken luv you bitches arguing about my fav childhood cartoon. god i luv the internet

No. 754566

when beauty standard for men seem to become even slightly harsher and pick-mes come out in droves to defend men. i've seen way more social media posts about "normalizing dad bods" than post actually "shaming" men for having "dad bods". or women talking about how men should never wear form-fitting or slightly revealing clothes even if they are attractive enough to pull it off, but women can and should wear skimpy clothes because the female body is "objectively nicer". the weird thing is that this almost always comes from self-identified straight women.

No. 754567

>dad bod
Hate that term. It's beer belly. You got it from drinking beer, not from being pregnant.

No. 754590

What I probably hate most about the word "dad bod" is that it's somehow justified by being a father, but a woman giving literal birth isn't allowed to have a "mom bod".

No. 754593

File: 1614939468117.jpg (377.82 KB, 2048x1389, fantano.jpg)

Hate this smug bald headed motherfucker. Even just the sight of him sends me in a rage lmao. His fans are the absolute worst

Same, it's just getting boring and repetitive at this point. Those "we need to talk about blah blah blah" video """essays""" are so formulaic and usually made by self righteous twitterfags

No. 754597

lol remember when he misinterpreted a Fiona Apple song about domestic abuse as being about a love triangle and when a woman called him out on it he called her a terf

No. 754598

That’s the thing isn’t it, a woman’s body will typically go through far more extreme changes than a man’s ever will yet she is the one who is held to high standards. And “normalizing dad bods” is extra bullshit because they are considered normal. Countless times I’ve seen articles, YouTube videos, products and so on aimed at women “losing the baby weight”, praising women who do it rapidly, disregard for if the means are unhealthy. Shit aimed at their insecurities which are less easily changed without surgical intervention, like loose skin. Where’s this shaming of dad bods supposed to be happening, because I don’t see it.

No. 754614

See post >>751751 men's metabolism is insane compared to women, I have seen fatty males become reasonably fit with minimal effort, especially compared to women
Any fatass 40 year old man could lose his gut with just 3-4 months of healthy eating, jogging and moderate exercise
At least in the 2000s they were rightfully made fun for their laziness but now its men's feelings and whatever(like I do have some sympathy for any skinny teenage pretty boy who gets bullied by other men, but none for these lazy old scrotes)

No. 754617

Same, they are so lame and shallow. It's better to read articles or books about what you're interested in, such as film studies books. Honestly the internet isn't really a good place to learn a lot of things past high school level.

No. 754649

was that when he called a trans woman a terf or was it a different time? i hate baldy fucking ugly scrote dickwipes like him that pick up on whatever woke language they can to demean whoever they think is a woman who dares to disagree with them

No. 754651

They work amazing as background noise when I work though, plz never die commentary channels.

No. 754669

I hate when a record gets remastered and they add a bunch of crap at the end like radio edits or random live performances, it completely ruins the mood of the album, especially if it's a concept album.

No. 754674

Lmao remember when he started crying at a fucking Mac Miller song, people started making memes of him being a little bitch and he made a video in return being pissy about it. He also made a video awhile ago with Sam Hyde, someone if he were to make a video with today would get him fucking canceled.

No. 754685

I do that too, but the video essays I watch/listen too are about history, linguistics or religious sects, not a 40 plus minute video analyzing some film that's not really that deep or some woke bullshit about trannies

No. 754689

>I'm 5'9 and I have to work like twice as hard to gain the least bit of muscle but its much easier for me to lose weight then other women
Shout out to the salty anon who tried to gaslight me on this like months ago when I said I dislike being short for this same reason.
Also, I agree with everything you said. To be male, fat and tall, you've got to be working hard on being a food-addicted fuck.

No. 754694

File: 1614953981191.png (564.74 KB, 1384x604, chad vs virgin.PNG)

I hate tiffanyferg's content. All her videos are very agreed upon opinions it feels less like she's making an essay with a point and more like she regurgitating opinions from twitter and reddit. I can't tell the difference between her content and a reddit thread at times. I think my real hatred of her is disappointment. She has a degree in media analysis from a good school, but her opinions have the depth of a twitter leftist who's never read theory.
Also I hate twitter/reddit culture so thats mostly why I hate her content. You haven't seen cringe till you watched her 'being GIFTED RUINED MY LIFE!1!' video.

No. 754699

She’s a white girl in the worst way

No. 754710

I think she makes good, palatable videos, but I agree—I used to watch her, but got bored and stopped watching when I realized that her opinions are normal and boring to anyone with common sense. Which took maybe 3 videos kek.

No. 754736

idk but if it was then that's even funnier

No. 754807

Nta but her vids are shit because she wants pass herself off as an expert even though she's new to fashion history. She seems to lift all of her analysis from other fashion history yt channels, and her style of presenting information isn't particularly captivating. She comes across as really disingenuous and just out of her depth.

No. 754826

im not trying to start anything really. I see often blacks, usually black Americans and some Africans claim Egypt is there culture and history and it's annoying. They think there the ones who ancestors were a part of ancient Egypt and part of the build of civilization.
Egyptians were not black but I'm definitely not saying they were white either.
Ik blacks hate it when people appropriate or steal their culture but some of them do the same thing with Egypt. Not all, but I see a lot really think "we were kingz and shit". They really seem ignorant about there history.

Like there were some blacks in ancient Egypt course but they were most likely taken in as slaves and killed. They were seen as less.
Idk why people from Africa get this idea but I kind of understand black Americans. Idk how to explain well but it's like black Americans culture is young and was made anew.
They also have this dumb argument that whites destroyed the statues noses so the wide noses/black features are not shown. But thats obviously happen to all statues because the nose protrudes so its an easy target for vandalism, erosion or damage. All the arguments are ignorant and false, if you ever meet one they'll show these images of the statues and the don't know we're edited or they show the paintings with really dark skin. When in reality it cause the image is low quality,old and or saturation changed. The Egyptians knew what they were doing, they portray the races differently in those paintings.(racebait is racebait)

No. 754827

File: 1614963747646.jpeg (43.6 KB, 425x586, C94B676F-D732-4555-9929-88981E…)

She’s one of those commentary channels that like to orbit and suck hontra’s sweaty cock because sadly she isn’t aggressive or confident enough to stand out from the crowd. She’s honestly just another rebranded blonde trendy Lindsay Ellis for twitterfags.

No. 754837

Actually, a lot of black people don't believe this. A lot the ones who do are "hoteps".
>if you ever meet one they'll show these images of the statues and the don't know we're edited or they show the paintings with really dark skin.
I kinda want to know how many people you have met irl that have done this

No. 754840

Is it racebait week or something? One or two conversations about race in different threads was whatever, but why is it popping up in nearly all the threads in /ot/ now? While this is going on, anons are also arguing about whether or not Kurds are white in the confessions thread, and some other anon in the unpopular opinions thread was shitting on black women earlier for some reason.
What is going on? An invasion? The Egyptian thing is such an inane, boring bait topic too. Literally only /pol/tards think it's relevant, and for some reason, they're permanently buttblasted and obsessed about it, even more than the "wewuz" people they complain about.

No. 754891

File: 1614967191245.jpg (138.52 KB, 691x1280, c3d86458f35f37b0eb423ae0b4bece…)

I kind of hate how eurobeat just became a meme genre. At this point no one see's the genre as a dance movement originating from Italian disco and Hi-NRG, but as "that race car anime", "fast driving music", or "music to put over something going fast". It's also a shame that no one gives a crap about an eurobeat artist unless they appeared on initial D.
I've actually grown fond of smaller eurobeaters and I'm getting sick of "OMG IS THAT INITIAL D" sperging on all their comments

No. 754913


As someone who loves house music, post disco, dance, eurodance, especially disco and funk where all of that orignated from, it makes me sad to see dumbasses online attribute that to weeb shit. It somewhat reminds me of the city pop, while not bad, weebs were acting like it was some sphusical anime Tokyo nostalgia vibe, when its just rnb eighties music in Japanese lmao. I kinda hate this gen (sound like a boomer but am a zoomer) in how they dont actually live the aesthetics/lifestyle theyre interested in but keep it mostly confined to pretty pics and sperging online. Its also annoying how dance and physical activity averse zoomers are so im not surprised theyre saying its some animated or video game race car shit instead of discotheque music. But for some reason cartoons and video games is all many really give a shit about which bores me

No. 754965

Ugh I feel you. This same thing happened to breakcore, techno and trance, but on a smaller scale

No. 754966

Nah they all should die, espcially anime ones

No. 754970

there's always people who love baiting in here, and there's also shitty racist people in here too (like Nefeli), for some reason I've seen them both combined more recently, fucking hate that

No. 754980

Nta but this post was like an arrow shooting straight to my heart because I couldn't agree with you more

No. 754988

File: 1614975079245.png (72.68 KB, 686x580, 3536375352.png)

Fuck has this one suffered a lot the past year. A bunch of hyper-pop, kidcore, and Sewerslvt kids sometimes find themselves on smaller breakcore videos and they stick out like sore thumbs.
Not to be some elitist boomer, I'm a zoomer like the rest of them, but they infest videos with "Wow major X inspiration" (even though they preceded X by years), their annoying slang, and their misrepresentations of a subcultures history.
I feel kind of liked the breakcore scene would die soon once I saw a bunch of zoomers being amazed how Lain and breakcore mix, even when they've been together for a long time. I think the worst part is they wont fully like breakcore because earlier artists had a strong association with the lolicore movement and doing edgy stunts/samples. They'll probably say they like breakcore, but only listen to some new wave PC version of it.

No. 754989

Haha thank you anon

No. 754997

vegans who say it's more than just a diet.

No. 755027

File: 1614976845851.jpg (199.58 KB, 1000x1000, ace.jpg)

This post will evolve into a days long debate wont it

No. 755238

Woah anon I didnt knew that, to me eurobeat is forever linked to para para and gyaru, so weird some people use it to race lol. Also I didnt knew it came from Italy, I think eurobeat is a fun genre idk why it isnt that widely know.

No. 755312

File: 1615004682905.png (41.72 KB, 399x322, 150875260265.png)

They look like hookers.

No. 755314

a lot of cartoons in that era looked like hookers. the fashion trend was to look like a hooker and a crackhead anachan. Of course this is why gen z is now obsessed with being hookers, they grew up with it.

No. 755315

File: 1615005200879.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.74 KB, 533x800, 800px_COLOURBOX11933251.jpg)

talk shit about them again anon

No. 755319

File: 1615005471122.jpeg (134.02 KB, 768x576, F812CCEF-427D-4B0F-8951-D990FC…)

no shit anon, the show was made by an italian scrote obsessed with le fashion~
now retro pixie “bbys” can identify with it because all their life they felt pretty for dressing like a glamorized hooker because women can do what they want

honestly w.i.t.c.h deserves a reboot rather than winx, the clothes that the w.i.t.c.h cast wears mirrors a lot from the winx live action show

No. 755395

oh my god imma rewatch this… thx anon.

No. 755435

File: 1615018320731.jpg (535.55 KB, 1797x2560, 91tTV4FjPeL.jpg)

>honestly w.i.t.c.h deserves a reboot rather than winx
Yessss this. I sometimes get so nostalgic for the comics and want to read them again but I threw them out when I was 14 because I felt it was embarrassing to read comics at that elderly age

No. 755451

This is why the 2000s is trash and the fashion was hideous. Groomed a whole generation of boys and girls to think the whole purpose of women is to be thots

No. 755456

I loved Witch the most but in all fairness, Winx had a good potential to become a decent fairy cartoon in its first gen (back when they still looked heavily anime inspired), but creators making a huge bank out of the show ruined it. Winx comics and winx TV show are two different world.

No. 755470

I grew up with the first seasons of Winx Club and I never realised how slutty the outfits were. I really don't think it has that much of an impact on kids who have next to no concept of sexuality.

No. 755471

I said the aughties in general

No. 755475

Yeah and I meant my last sentence in general.

No. 755476

The fact spazzes into fictional media cant help but to see a girl character and only think of TITS, ASS! I know theyre just projecting how they think of women in RL (good for holes and as a object, nothing else) but its still disgusting to witness. Im tired of being introduced to an interesting female character who has really unique character traits but when I look up online discourse about her all I get is shitty fanart that turns her into a generic waifu or porn. How the fuck are you gonna ignore the nuance and variety of a character just because only it makes your dick hard?

No. 755478

File: 1615024559300.jpg (208.44 KB, 1600x900, lal.jpg)

thinking media has no impact on childrens development is ridiculous especially when many kids were just put in front of the tv/computer and not much else. do you think every social trend just comes out of the blue? I have a feeling you know this tho and are just trying to rope me into a stupid strawmanning argument

No. 755495

I was talking about skimpy clothes in children's tv-shows, not about children spending all of their free time in front of screens, stop twisting it.

No. 755501

bruh you must think im this anon >>755314 and not this one who just replied to vent about my hate for the 2000s in general >>755451 im not sure how ur argument applies to my post but ok

No. 755503

NTA, but children don't normally have a concept of what counts as sexual gaze regarding aesthetics and what doesn't.
Like anon, I didn't really understand what made clothes "slutty" when I was a kid, because I didn't see bodies as sexual objects. I just saw "pretty girl, colorful outfit".
If Winx Club had actually included sexual content or the girls being hookers (or low-key pushing pro-SW talking points somehow), it would've been a different story, but the clothes themselves don't really mean shit.
Also, I actually was one of those kids that were basically just placed in front of the screen. I saw tons of inappropriate content, I'm just saying it was more than just some crop tops and mini skirts, lmao (and I still don't really see those kinds of clothes as sexual, to be honest). You don't get groomed by clothes, but by social structures, knee-jerk reactions to certain things and taught behaviors.

No. 755508

I agree! Watched Winx as a kid and I never thought of their outfits as slutty or whatever. It was nothing but bright, colourful designs to me. I never wanted to wear their stuff either, cause I found their cartoonish anatomy weird (so I couldn't imagine myself in their clothing), nor, I ever wanted to have their body. I was way more interested in clothing in shows that had more realistic anatomy such as Totally Spies.

No. 755845

People who use the word 'literally' as an intensifier, or when they literally mean fucking figuratively. I saw a reddit post where this fucker said "I was so scared that my heart literally fell out of my ass!" It made me homicidal. Everyone needs to stop using the word literally, seriously just fucking stop.

No. 755853

Come look, everyone! This anon has never heard of hyperbole. No one tell her.

No. 755857

Weirdos who randomly spam trans right hearts with ZERO context. Jerma had to somewhat address it, he called it "Spam" and people were saying he was more so annoyed with the reactions to the spam. Which I get, when you randomly start posting trans rights hearts in chat, there's tards who'll be like, "Stop posting that shit" and people going,"Oh my god, this has nothing to do with anything, now chat is going to be in shambles"

They try to say it's randoms posting it to start shit, but I just left the stream where the spam started and when I popped into pre-chat first thing I saw was, "Is this the streamer who said trans rights?"
Like shut the fuck up. It makes shit uncomfortable for everyone. Jerma doesn't want to deal with that SPAM.
Nobody does and it's 70% troons/tras doing it, I'm not buying it's bigots mind fucking people into spamming.

No. 755864

SA- The thing is EVERYONE is annoyed with it except for the troons who probably start squealing and shit. People who are pro-trans know the emotes will cause people to talk shit, people who don't care get sick of the random emote that has shit to do with whats happening on stream and the troons love it because they love getting attention for existing no matter what.
It's spam and it's retarded.

No. 755867

This, I found winx club more interesting than w.i.t.c.h simply because I was entranced by the sparkly, colourful outfits and long shiny hairdos while w.i.t.c.h's aesthetic was bland and boring to me. The fact that they're revealing is in line with them being fairies tbh, and like you mentioned they never acted slutty or sexually suggestive, most of winx club was about their friendship and growing as a person. Even the male love interests were nonthreatening and respectful of the girls for the most part. Also I'm very conscious of the series being created by a moid but it was produced by women as far as I know.

No. 755868

No bitch that is not hyperbole, just a retarded misunderstanding of a word definition. Saying "I was so scared my heart fell out of my ass" is hyperbole or humorous exaggeration. The word 'literally' is meant to be used when something LITERALLY happens, like "I was so scared I literally shit myself", as in the opposite of figuratively, metaphorically, hyperbolically. And you absolutely do sound like a moron every time you use the word literally in place of basic intensifier words like seriously, completely, honestly, etc. Yes I will die on this hill and everyone who opposes me can go fuck themselves. Literally.

No. 755870

File: 1615068257373.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.48 KB, 450x450, WashBeholder_5X5_shop.jpg)

I was looking for miniatures. I hate coomers. This is why I never play ttg with men.

No. 755876

Imagine caring so much about "spam" that it annoys you more than the fact that it's trannies doing the "spam"

No. 755882

File: 1615068982842.jpg (18.82 KB, 651x191, Image1.jpg)

Are you ESL? 'Literally' and 'hyperbole' are mutually exclusive by definition.

No. 755883

Are you opposed to oxymorons as well? What a weird thing to be stomping mad about. I guess I'll just say "figuratively" or "metaphorically" every single time I want to emphasize my point. It's similar to people using "like" as a filler word.

No. 755885

The word "literally" has been used as a figure of speech and in hyperbolic sentences within literature for centuries, so no.

No. 755990

Books with small fonts. I noticed that Penguin in particular is bad about publishing books with small fonts.

No. 756021

File: 1615088996515.jpg (48.69 KB, 600x546, joel.jpg)

i hate this guy. i don't know why, he just deeply annoys me as a person and he looks smelly.

No. 756026

its cuz he's a man

No. 756073

File: 1615100958773.jpg (170.55 KB, 600x546, FaceApp_1615100911857.jpg)

>its cuz he's a man

No. 756077

i want to be her friend

No. 756091

she looks dirty like shayna

No. 756096

Quirky jewish theater kid that is still not sure if she also likes girls that way or if she just got infatuated with Amanda because they were rehearsing "Take me or leave me" from Rent

No. 756126

That Artist Salt thread and how its so obviously filled with twitterfags. Cant say shit in there without a twitterbitch getting in their feefees and trying to start a fight as is customary for their subhuman culture

No. 756169

i agree, it’s so tedious. they bait and then once people react in a way they don’t like they start reeing and pretending everybody but them is nasty and evil. they really can’t deal with being outside of their own little echo chambers.

No. 756226

File: 1615134325445.png (18.59 KB, 611x190, Untitled.png)

people who describe bare labia as "clean"

No. 756228

>Go find friends irl to go yak to.
they have none

No. 756233

do you know where you are

No. 756261

How would we be able to recognize them having no friends without being experts on the subject? Hmm?

No. 756263

I mean yeah using it as a descriptor for labia is kinda weird but I get that not getting hair between your teeth/in your mouth while giving oral feels 'cleaner'.

No. 756265

File: 1615138786656.jpg (184.35 KB, 702x642, 1597715815101.jpg)

lmao anon that's so spot on

No. 756275

i don't understand this? you aren't supposed to be licking around the outer labia. use your fingers like a normal person instead of expecting women to conform to this often painful and expensive process

No. 756295

>you aren't supposed to be licking around the outer labia.
Excuse me if I'm missing something here but, hell no? Lick the clit or gtfo

No. 756299

I'm not saying women should adhere to any kind of expectation like that. I don't even shave myself and I think pressuring women into removing their pubic hair is stupid and harmful. But there's a lot of different ways labia can be shaped and if the hair is long or is very close to the inner labia or clit it's not that weird for a hair to get in your mouth. Not saying that that's terrible or has to detract from anything, just that it happens and for some people it probably feels cleaner without hair.

No. 756302

File: 1615141735113.png (40.39 KB, 542x511, what.PNG)

I hate the people on quora with obvious fetishes clearly making shit up for spank material but they still get serious answers. I also hate that I get emails containing this content from quora.

No. 756314

He irks me because all his critiques are just taking an overly literal approach, often on things that are metaphorical, and pointing out 'plot holes'. It's Nostalgia critic tier and super easy to rebuke, but no one points that out because they agree with him or are to uneducated on the subject to disagree.
His good place video showed how his "literal" approach is a god awful way to look at media. It's a shame he has a stupid analysis style because his topics are somewhat interesting, the school of life and Dr.Phil ones.
I'm still supper mad at his god is weird video because of how shit it was. All his god is weird points are fedora atheist tier and most of them have been answered by ancient christian scholars. I'm not saying this as a christian, but as someone who's read about Chrisitnties theological history.
Looking back he's had multiple videos with shit conclusions, small content creators video is a notable one. Don't even know why I watched him

No. 756345

Oh my god me too anon, the way he speaks gives me spergy vibes. His points are so confusing and obscure he tries way too hard to be like Jordan Peterson, the way that he speaks

No. 756349

File: 1615144267990.png (113.82 KB, 951x702, ihhnl9kup6b41.png)

I hate what short form media has done to debate. You can't stuff a good argument into twitters size limit or what an adhd kid considers long, so the internet is stuck with basic debates or barely points.
The basic posts are when someone is constrained by a size limit, so they can't explore complex ideas and are stuck using basic 'if group do X, if group do C, X contradicts with C so group wrong". It's a good argument, but I get sick when every argument is this surface level dribble. It's basicness also ruins debate because nothing nuanced can exist.
The second barely points argument is just when they don't say anything, but combine a bunch of buzzwords. The amount of tweets that have no logical conclusions or steps that get retweeted, but have popular words that allude to a point is to goddamn high.

No. 756352

File: 1615144596021.jpeg (161.81 KB, 750x392, F1A590DA-C91C-47F6-9C18-E800D9…)

Tf anon you think internet debates should be high art or something? Internet arguments remind me of animals fighting for territory, that’s all it is. Animals trying to maintain their echo chambers or to impress others for destroying another animal’s ego. It’s a cringy analogy but it’s true

No. 756358

i guess, it's just that pubes are associated with being "dirty" and calling it "clean" is gross to me. it has nothing to do with hygiene. men like to pretend it does.


No. 756685

People who rhetorically ask “are u okay?” or “who hurt you?” when someone expresses emotional investment and passion on a topic. Not even when they seem irrational. God forbid anyone care about their beliefs and give a genuine response only for some asshole to try and discredit them because you’re only allowed to speak in pithy sarcasm on the internet. That’s cool you’re dead inside bro, but some of us appreciate real conversation and if you don’t want to add to it then fuck off.
>inb4 “are u okay?” and “who hurt you?” you unimaginative edge lords

No. 756686

"Emotional investment" more like a nice way of saying "obsession"

No. 756687

I agree. I also hate the term “x lives rent free in your head.” Sorry I’m knowledgeable about things I disagree with kek.

No. 756786

Slightly butting in; people that deflect your criticism of their repeatedly horrible and or abusive behavior with "why are you so obsessed with me?" It's like a self absorbed deflection to boot.

No. 756876

Fucking yes. This happened to me too. >>756685
Anti intellectual and retarded culture reigns supreme now. Emotional investment and knowledge bad and intimidating so u must be mentally ill even though all of the fucks browsing the internet all day are crazy anyways

No. 756945

I hate when in the sims I visit a friend and my sim gets super hungry and tries to cook some food in their kitchen they will stop me and yell at me! If you offered me some food yourself this wouldn't have happened! Stupid 2d bitches

No. 756987

exactly, but they can come in my sim's house and eat the food from my sim's fridge and that's fine. but taking a shower or making a meal is bad and they'll try to tell my sim to leave

No. 757579

File: 1615299191273.jpg (71.04 KB, 735x921, d60b2a9d4948760e804406bc0704b5…)

I never liked motivational pictures but this type straight up bothers me

No. 757603

These are motivational only to those whose entire family lives in a small, rented townhouse with crap thrown all over the front lawn. I hate them too.

No. 757741

File: 1615316626875.jpeg (44.64 KB, 477x643, images (5).jpeg)

The term Homonationalism, for those who don't know Homonationalism is an SJW liberal term used for gay men and lesbians who have gasp issues with Islam, it began being used when many lesbians and gay people in Europe started objecting towards the increase of Muslim refugees who had an incredibly homophobic views, and objected towards Islam so neo-liberals started calling them Homonationalists

Recently in France a lesbian activist was egged for being "Islamaphobic"

No. 757742

I mean it's true that when you get very invested in your goals you tend to see your friends less but this "motivational" shit is plain retarded

No. 757744

This, so much. It's the number one current trend I hate the most. If you're actually invested in a subject you're talking about and are debating issues related to it and gain the upper hand because - surprise, you're smart enough to challenge someone when you're educated on the subject - the other party just retorts with "ok but literally who cares??? u ok????". Bitch you cared enough to be bothered to rope me into this stupid fucking discussion so don't try to play all cool. Don't think I can't see how seething you are.

No. 757745

File: 1615317110332.jpg (83.13 KB, 800x450, cover1.jpg)

How due to bookstores making less and less money they've slowly stopped selling books and sell more geek related merch. I would be fine if they used this to support their other services, but most book stores seem intent on replacing everything with reddit/tumblr tier works.
I'm mad because I just discovered my local B&N got rid of their pretty big nonfiction section in exchange for a gameboard and and anime figure section. Now the only non fiction stuff left is 'I fucking love science'-tier or YA fiction tier

No. 757747

>I just discovered my local B&N got rid of their pretty big nonfiction section in exchange for a gameboard and and anime figure section.

wtfffff hell world

No. 757821

Reminds me of this comic book store in my city who basically turned into a Funko Pop retailer. I don't care about capeshit but Disney has done so much damage to pop culture, it's a real shame.

No. 758143

File: 1615349324757.png (243.29 KB, 626x592, unknown.png)


No. 758149

What the fuck is that real?

No. 758151

This may be more of an unpopular opinion than anything, but I instantly recoil when I see someone say "normie".

No. 758155

This is evil

No. 758162

I hate OF and sex workers.

No. 758163

My friend recently became an onlyfans whore after starting to do tiddie gaming streams on facebook. She announced it as "I need money, here's my onlyfans". She's the kind of girl that loves using men for money and is a narcissit. I hate what Onlyfans has done to society.

No. 758172

>She's the kind of girl that loves using men for money
Take solace in the fact that the guys who'd give her OF money are the kind of boys that love using women for holes.

No. 758184

I also hate only fans, but men deserve to be used, so don't feel bad for them
I don't feel bad for any grown man that sticks his dick in an electrical socket either, he knew what was going to happen

No. 758191

It's interesting that both parties use each other. Men will say it's women using them for money and women that men use us for sex, I kinda see now it's both. This shit is a mutually parasitic relationship (though I understand arguing who is worse and I think men too, it still sucks all around and that's why no one should live like this)

No. 758224

I know many girls in lolcow think using men for money is super cool and all, but I honestly find it super degrading. Just being a money hungry person is disgusting to me. This is why I can't stand my friend anymore, she's in a toxic relationship with a shitty scrote only because she wants to get a boob job with his money at some point. This is some degrading shit, so disgusting. I'm not suprised she started an onlyfans after showing her tiddies on stream anymore. She always was a big cow, I just felt bad for her because she had no friends. Her drama goes far back as 2010-ish because she was a drama hungry cosplayer. Oh yeah and she's a lolita. IDK how she expects people not to notice she's selling her nudes online if people know her from her cosplay and lolita stuff.

No. 758227

The thing is, it’s not like you or anyone else feels sorry for the poor widdle scrote for being used for his money. He deserves it. It’s how degrading it is for your friend that matters. At the end of the day, the person engaging in sex work doesn’t need to e service to survive, whereas the sex workers NEED money to survive. So who has the upper hand? It’s whore copium to suggest that the sex workers have any semblance of control of their clients.

No. 758242

Agreed anon. I'm so sorry about your friend. You're right to feel weird about it. Degrading ourselves for men doesn't become the opposite of what it is just because we get paid. I think there is a real problem right now of people only caring for "getting the bag" so it makes any action okay. That's what causes 99% of the world's problems in the first place, god damn! Sucks to see lower class people show the same attitudes behind what they hate in the upper. I don't believe money can buy happiness either. It's true that poverty creates despair but it doesn't mean money gained from harmful means replaces the void. It doesn't mean we should all sell our souls and become the way rich people are. I don't think they are truly happy, just far too comfortable at other's expense. Sorry to go OT but you hit on my Thing I Hate currently. This whole focus on "as long as she's getting paid" enables horrible shit just like what your friend's fallen into

No. 758252

Idk how to reply to this really. I just think being as money hungry as she is makes me sick. She had a good decent paying job but she keeps pushing the idea she's better doing onlyfans. Last time we spoke she said she got like $350 a month… very little if your dignity is on the line.
I don't care about her scrote, no. But I still don't think what she's doing is right.

I totally get you, and I totally understand you. I hate the "as long as you get paid" mentality too.

No. 758316

I've just wasted half an hour reading the shitty NES Godzilla creepypasta because three months ago I heard it's pretty good.
It's crap. It's like hearing an autistic child ramble about a video game you give no fucks about. 'And then a monster came out, and it had six legs, and it was shooting lasers and it attacked me like WHAM! but I jumped, there was a fire pit, I jumped over it, but he hit me and….' And he keeps doing it on and on and on and on… How the fuck is that crap supposed to be scary? It wasn't at all, it was boring and retarded. Of course it was written in the same tone as all the other copypastas: "when I was a child, I played game X and it was fun. Years later I decided to play it again, on a whim. You may think it's weird that I wanted to when I had the newest Playstation, but blablabla". JESUS! The resolution was predictable as well.
Never touching creepypastas ever again. Especially ones about ~haunted~ video games. This shit can only work on legitimate autists.

No. 758348

That's creepypastas for you tbh, it's been probably a decade since I read one that actually got under my skin and didn't just make me roll my eyes. It's always predictable, reads like a shitty young adult horror story and never has any creativity to it. I don't know at which point creepypasta became synonymous with "amateur creative writing exercise horror fanfic" instead of something that's faked to sound like an urban legend circulating around the internet, hence the name "creepypasta".

No. 758375

File: 1615391261889.jpg (141.45 KB, 883x730, shit.JPG)

>It's always predictable, reads like a shitty young adult horror story and never has any creativity to it
That perfectly describes the NES Godzilla fanfic. Except the author thought that autistically describing game stages and how he got through them by going right, jumping and attacking will be interesting.
I would say that pasta was a waste of time of the person responsible for the fake screenshots, but that's the same autists who probably got orgasms writing passages like above.

>something that's faked to sound like an urban legend circulating around the internet, hence the name "creepypasta".

I miss actual creepypastas. I know I'm contradicting myself but do you remember some actual good ones that you read in the past? I need some brain bleach

No. 758376

kek I liked the art and the vibe but holy fuck is the writing style cringy. Then with the whole "muh dead gf" thing… Oh boy. Most disappointing part

No. 758512

The Tik Tok “alt” community. Entirely just failed normies who think they’re special and misunderstood by society. The most they’ve been through is getting weird looks from middle aged women.

No. 758522

File: 1615405484464.jpg (20.88 KB, 239x383, autism_mystery.jpg)

It really annoys me when some people talk about autism and refuse to call it a disorder or a disability, avoid saying that autistic people have "difficulties" or "issues" with certain things, think that the term "low functioning" is offensive etc. Basically filing off anything that could have even the slightest negative connotations and sugarcoating it into just some "different way to be normal uwu" instead of an actual neurological condition. It feels patronizing to autists, like they need to be protected from reality with this fluffy cotton candy language, and also slightly insulting to me with my ADHD, like what makes autism so much more special and better that you can't treat it the same way as any other disorder, and it has to be rolled up in sparkly bubble wrap while the rest have to face harsh reality? My ADHD is not a personality trait, I'm not "experiencing the world in a different way~", my brain just simply does not work like it should. And that's fine, it doesn't make me any better or worse than neurotypical people, but I do have to learn to navigate around it as best as I can. And the same goes for every other disorder, including autism. I don't know why some people insist that it's somehow an exception. Autists are not some magical alien fairies from another planet, they're just people. Also I've known some who are closer to the low functioning end of the spectrum, and you just cannot convince me that it's not a disability, or that the term "low functioning" is completely useless.

Just to clarify this is not aimed at autistic people in general, just people (especially neurotypical ones) who think that autists will crumble down to pixie dust if you use the wrong words.

No. 758601

tbh nobody should sugarcoat autistic shit.
We have terms like low functioning for a reason. Tell me, is this another way to be normal? lmao

No. 758603

File: 1615411111968.png (384.71 KB, 588x455, unknown.png)

I hate the absolute state of the animal crossing franchise

No. 758691

ot but i abhor this bitch's face, she looks hideous and bloated

No. 758756

she face kinda looks 40 pounds heavier than the rest of her body. it's genuinely freaky

No. 758927

I hate when someone says a person “looks dead inside” or has “no spark in their eyes” or similar comments just because they’re making a blank/unhappy expression in a picture. What the hell is a spark anyway? Happy people just have glowing eyes?

No. 758929

>looks dead inside
>unhappy expression

you answered your own question lol

No. 758933

I’m pretty sure there is something between happy and dead inside. Idk why not smiling means the person must be clinically depressed.

No. 758937

I hate youtubers and the anon(s) who keep asking how to become a youtuber over and over and over in the stupid questions thread. Fuck youtube.

No. 758950

Unfortunately it is just a reflection of the market. Less people are buying books, more people are buying anime figures and funkos. It's depressing. Even New Yorks most famous bookstore, The Strand, has half of the first floor dedicated to cringey tote bags, socks, and keychains

No. 758986

There is nothing unfortunate about it, sales of paper books are bound to go down as more and more people read digital books. We didn't stop reading and start buying funko pops lol, we've just switched to digital so bookstores had to diversify for their business survive. Digital books are better for the environment, it's good that less trees are being chopped down.

No. 758987

Fewer trees*
Sorry, ESL

No. 759001

I never managed to get into creepy pastas, they always sounded so fake and predictable, maybe at 14 I would have been into them but I was already too old at 18 to enjoy them. Reminds of the time my normie classmates read me aloud the Russian sleep experiment (which I had never heard of at the time) and believed it was totally real, I checked the website they were using, saw it was a creepy pasta website and told them laughing it was fake, they still couldn't believe me.

No. 759010

File: 1615449739059.jpg (258.61 KB, 650x488, 5341278312934120451426.jpg)

I hate Elon Musk and all his dick sucking fanboys. While he is a somewhat intelligent and creative person, the level of idol worship and obsession surrounding him is entirely unwarranted. He's lauded as this benevolent entrepreneur, a scrappy startup bro who became richer than god yet still looks out for the little guy and wants to make the world a better place. Seriously? Outside of the tech world he's an absolute retard and tweets out of his ass like Trump did. He was one of the first people to call the coronavirus "dumb" then later forced his workers back to their jobs amid the CA lockdown. His employees have passed out and experienced seizures at his factory while other workers are told to ignore it and keep slaving away. They're paid poorly and he's extremely anti union, firing anyone that tried to organize one. He's not some tenacious poor boy who came from nothing to make something of himself, he was born with a platinum spoon in his malformed mouth. His father owns half of a fucking Zambian emerald mine and said, “We were very wealthy. We had so much money at times we couldn't even close our safe.” Oh, the struggle! What a self-made genius! He hasn't accomplished anything particularly useful, and in fact his Hyperloop design which he never intended to build himself and is entirely unproven, requiring a brand new, expensive and time-consuming infrastruture, only stalled the far more feasible high-speed rail. The Boring Company, indeed. He's been quoted saying such charming things to his first wife who bore him five children as, "I am the the alpha in this relationship" and "If you were my employee, I would fire you."

He's no fucking hero. He's a selfish, capitalist, masturbatory asshole just like all the rest. On top of all that he's fuck ugly and looks like a bloated, misshapen drunkard who's either had too much botox or is just a fatass. Likely both.

No. 759032

don't worry anon, even non-ESL people say less trees and nobody bats an eye.

but i'm not as optimistic as you are, it's becoming more and more accepted to basically never grow out of children's media and explore actual quality books for adults. i feel like people read way less overall.
idk about audio books though, maybe that's where the future is.

No. 759036

File: 1615454178468.jpg (134.12 KB, 1080x871, IMG_20210311_094529.jpg)


I hate everything in this thread, from the scrotes who pretend they're being the most helpful by "supporting the small creators" against the exploitative professional porn industry (as if the big influx of new girls on OF wasn't prompted by the massive loss of jobs during the pandemic, which mainly affected women) in nutting to women in need but then say shit like the comment in the screenshot; to the ones who say they just wanted to coom to a woman they knew IRL and paid a month of subscription, like the top comments say.

Moids are so fucking primitive.

No. 759053

God it's so fucking exhausting and obnoxious. These sacks of shit feeling self congratulatory and giving each other asspats for exploiting women. "It's cool bro, I didn't pay to fuck a trafficked woman, I paid to jerk off to a brainwashed, desperate woman who chose to degrade herself!" They're still paying for access to a woman's nude body who wouldn't have shown it to them otherwise. Coercion is not consent. If they really wanted to support these women maybe they should've just given them some obligation-free lunch money over contributing to them whoring themselves out online. There are mentally ill hobos who will let you stab them for a fiver too, but you wouldn't say you're "supporting" someone by paying to hurt them, would you? (Unfortunately, yes men would and do. Just look at some of the gross Youtube videos of them abusing the homeless for laughs.) Scrotes truly are subhuman.

No. 759059

> Digital books are better for the environment, it's good that less trees are being chopped down
Sure, but replacing them with plastic crap that people are encouraged to consoom is fucking up the environment too.

No. 759122

I hate Dr. Todd Grande, he’s such money-grubbing e-shrink. No offense to my own therapist but it’s like psychologists have absolutely no soul at all, they’re always monotone to hide from the fact that they’re just using use for monetary gain like this peanut head ass. I remember speaking to my therapist who always speaks calmly and in the same tone and I remember having a phone session with her and her little exterior broke when I heard her raise her voice at me while hilariously and quickly putting on the mask. He takes popular issues and tries to get to them first and does his lame and lackluster “psychoanalyzing” using the OCEAN method.

No. 759129

Exactly, I always see spergs and autists always praising themselves for being more “elevated” than neurotypicals and obsessing over “geniuses from history” who supposedly had autism. There’s a lot more widespread conversation of muh autistic superior high IQ brain and their amazing creative magic more than those who are supposedly mean towards autistic people. Why is it now rude to point out that autistic people don’t have the same developmental/brain functions and that sometimes it’s no good and makes their life and everyone else’s life incredibly difficult? I hate the word politically correct but it’s just blind super coating. Having a mental illness isn’t fucking fun or anything to celebrate and I’m sure neither is having autism which I’m glad I don’t have.

No. 759136

I always use his old SPSS (statistics software) tutorial videos, I guess making actually useful content didn't pay much so he resorted to these low effort "psychoanalysis" videos a.k.a. glorified reaction videos. Another anon here said he gives off mgtow vibes and I agree with that, I feel uncomfortable watching his newer videos.

No. 759317

thrift stores are your friend anon you'd be surprised how much good shit you can find and most do buy such n such get 2 or more free

No. 759462

File: 1615507433105.png (28.89 KB, 393x480, gross.png)

pickmes who do shit like this in servers with a lot of males

No. 759466

the problem is autism IS a spectrum, so you can have one person who's totally normal beyond being kind of an awkward nerd, and then another person who literally can't communicate and wears adult diapers and screams and attacks everyone like a chimpanzee when they get mad. i feel so fucking bad for parents of severely autistic children. not only do they have to pretend they're ok with it but society judges them so fucking hard if they DON'T act like they're ok with it. i'd abort my child if i knew they were going to be severely autistic. everyone would. NO ONE WANTS a severely autistic child. it is absolutely a fucking disability on the far end like that. even if you can deal with the hardships of raising them, imagine the terror and despair of knowing they have no future. they cannot live on their own. there will be no money to keep them forever homed. they will die on the streets at the end of their lives. what an nightmare for any parent.

No. 759469

Asexuals. They don’t exist.

No. 759471

true. it's all sexual anxiety of some kind. i was going to say "or low libido" but most people with low libido don't actually consider themselves asexual. i barely have sex and i sure as fuck am not.

No. 759472

Asexual scrotes are just predators

No. 759474

>ace men are pedos ace women are kinkster whores
They’re hypersexual freaks.

No. 759475

File: 1615508711564.png (550.9 KB, 1012x507, comeonnow.png)

Are we just sharing 2 brain cells on this website now or what?

No. 759479

What if someone just genuinely doesn't enjoy sex? Not due to anxiety or anything else. I don't get what the big deal is.

No. 759482

Same. Imo, there's no issue with some people not experiencing sexuality

No. 759483

Anon…this post makes absolutely no sense

No. 759488

Where the fuck in my post did I say anything about women, you freak?

No. 759490

i still don't think you're asexual. you're still attracted to certain types of people, right?

No. 759491

I do think asexuals exist, but those who are like "I'm asexual but I masturbate :)", "I have kinks but that doesn't mean I'm not asexual! :3", "I, an asexual, am having sex with my scrotelet for the connection! ♥" and the like are talking out of their asses.

No. 759497

Not really

No. 759508

do you masturbate? feel sexual arousal?

No. 759511

No. 759623

i don't trust any therapist that has a youtube channel. they shouldn't be doing that.

No. 759654

I was able to look up the price of the two homes I grew up in during my childhood.

In the 90s when my mom was single, she bought a 3bed home for $20k. She got it as a single parent working as a teacher. She sold in in the early 2000s for $65k. She bought our next home also 3bed with a decent chunk of land for $68k, and then sold it at $130k in the mid 2010s.

She routinely shamed me to "just save money" for a house on $15/hr with a $900/month rent, student loan debt, and other bills. Home prices in my area start at $250k for a fixer-upper townhome with no yard and maybe a kitchen upgrade if lucky.
Boomers are fucking delusional shits and I hate them. They had shit so fucking easy. What I wouldn't give to find a home in a decent area worth only $20k ($40k today if adjusted for inflation). Even in the 90s that was a steal, it was next to a school too.

No. 759657

File: 1615529512923.jpg (34.7 KB, 450x450, 555.jpg)

No. 759670

This sounds exactly like my parents and it makes me so bitter kek. My mom’s parents were also super supportive and helped her buy a house, car, furniture, etc., but my siblings and I have never gotten anything from either of our parents. Imagine getting everything handed to you and not even helping your own kids. I’m so jelly of people with decent parents, ugh.

No. 759684

Not ace, but why does everyone need to fuck or care about fucking?
>hating something that doesn't exist

No. 759689

I hate it too. My parents were dumb so they waited decades to buy a place while hoping prices would decrease, so instead of getting a really good place for cheap back then they bought a nice flat in the worst part of our city by far for way more money. Since my siblings and I were kids they wouldnt stop complaining about their lack of money but they'd make horrible deals all the time on top of that, and we've been told over and over again that if we're not happy about our shitty life and abuse we can just get a job and gtfo. They've only realized now that getting even a shitty part time job is super difficult and straight up impossible as a teen or inexperienced young adult because of competition and rent prices skyrocketed since they've been 20 so their "advice" won't work.

No. 759743

> My mom’s parents were also super supportive and helped her buy a house, car, furniture
Fucking this. I have to pay rent to my parents who have no mortgage and even own several real estate while these fuckers have the audacity to demand personal responsability. Their parents gave them so much, helped them buy most of their first major purchases. I give 4/7 of my paycheck to them. I know if I asked my parents about helping me with my first home they would just laugh in my face. Fuck boomers with a hot iron rod in their hemorrhoid ridden anus.

No. 759767

I hate seeing pics of me, it sends me hard into depersonalization mode.

No. 759778

When people say x song sounds like y song just to start shit knowing well it doesn't sound shit alike beyond having the same genre and maybe the same instrument being played.

No. 759804

File: 1615560796379.jpg (23.74 KB, 680x425, OK.jpg)

God I feel the same. The house my parents bought for 60K is legit worth 250K now.
The price boost is more than normal millennial woes because my city is going through insane gentrification, so each year everything doubles in price. My parents don't get why I want to move because they don't get how 1,500 apartments and 300k houses are the market baseline. Anything lower is a legit crackden.

No. 759819

File: 1615563122583.jpg (169.5 KB, 710x540, average-neckbeard-at-a-party.j…)

When ever woman talk about how sexism made them develop confidence issues in STEM some fucking dude always chimes in with "I'm a dude who feels insecure too. A STEM degree is hard for everyone". It's not the "What about MeN!1!" logic, but the assumption that their feelings of dread are as bad or anything simaleer to that of a woman in STEM.
To be honest some of the dudes who post 'STEM hard' only do it because self deprecation is in and they spend to much time on reddit.

No. 759828

Like comparing their goldfish dying to your child

No. 759833

File: 1615564174389.png (71.4 KB, 275x206, 1609266438046.png)

The housing market is extremely overheated in my region too, like white collar professionals are priced out of the market. It's totally absurd, the state and the banks are telling us that our generation doesn't deserve affordable housing or to live a life without sky high debts. It's like some kind of a sick twisted joke made even more ridiculous by how little pressure there is to regulate these institutions

No. 759865

Imagine being where I live, a small square feet single family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (if you’re lucky) will run you to about 500k+. My nearest city is currently building a trendy little hipster area with luxury apartments, shopping area, movie theatre, in hopes to finally drive out the poors by the increasing price. I can’t stand burgerland

No. 759931

Self-pitying, 'woe is me' behavior, especially when adults do it.

No. 760016

File: 1615585218535.png (549.05 KB, 597x594, 8d265dc633efc7ffc053dc90b89b96…)

I hate people who breed munchkin cats! Poor deformed things can't live their life and do the cat things they want to do. Giving an athletic animal a disability is not cute and I'd expect someone who breeds an animal to care about it more than it's "cuteness".

No. 760201

File: 1615598486140.jpeg (405.88 KB, 750x724, 21547688-6C15-40B3-BB85-9D68A6…)

I hate this comic, bubble gum areola blobfish character and the other characters that look like they came out of a curious george book

No. 760202


No. 760204

File: 1615598771939.jpeg (61.55 KB, 247x240, 3516258A-C416-4399-B0E0-D559A7…)

No. 760223

Seriously, fuck whoever engineered these poor little bastards. Stop breeding animals for mutations you monsters! Apparently Scottish folds also have chronic health issues.

No. 760227

File: 1615600092851.jpg (504.69 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_fa32d6816ef1e847e40b0e1…)

The comic was funny at first with the juxtaposition of the blobfish and the cute design. The artist must have saw money in it or got to attached to the characters because they're dragging it out. The comics at doodle 100(?) and all the jokes are Garfield tier. It's only living off the blobfish, even though blobfishes stopped being funny in 2010. It reminds me of the Jock and nerd comics. 3 strips would be funny, but 20+? You're dragging the joke out
Also the writer wont stop shoving their political views into the blobfish comic. Apparently the blobfish is an expert on BLM, immigration, wage gaps, and beauty standards, these are legit things blobby talked about.

No. 760232

I love everything about this. The concept is so egregious. I can understand how the gimmick could get tired though. It certainly isn't Calvin and Hobbes.

No. 760234

File: 1615600381149.png (217.93 KB, 415x430, Screenshot 2021-03-12 205158.p…)

Samefag, but I legit thought some of the political comics were troll edits because they were such a tonal whiplash.

No. 760237

The blobfish is so cute, oh my god! Look at him doing his lil arts and crafts. Areola baby.

No. 760238

You must have children, you definitely have children

No. 760239

I don't but I want them lmao

No. 760246

I fucking hate the word "folx". It sends me to another plane of existence where the only emotion is hatred.

I also hate when people make commitments to do something "later" but don't specify if they're going to be late, and don't give me estimates of when they'll be done. It's a waste of my time, which is incredibly valuable to me.

No. 760379

I unfollowed her today. I didn't mind the slightly cheesy humor when I first followed because blobby was cute but the strip she posted today was such early 10's tumblr cringe I couldn't stand it anymore.

No. 760432

File: 1615638553173.jpg (58.67 KB, 666x374, 2021-03-13.jpg)

When people insist "This show has realistic characters and is therefore better because they're all drier-than-crispbread cynical assholes who critizice society and recognize they're a piece of shit themselves". No!!! Sucks for you, but nice people exist!!! Nice people who are nice to everyone at 99.9% of the time!!! I've met more people who are nice to everyone (or at least have the decency to pretend to be) than people who sit smoking on their balcony while complaining that humanity fucking sucks!!! Fuck you!!!

No. 760433

>than people who sit smoking on their balcony while complaining that humanity fucking sucks

French people be like

No. 760436

No. 760442

You just reminded me that as soon as I can I'm leaving this shithole. It's a stereotype for a reason, believe me. The other accurate stereotype is the absurd number of smokers in France.

No. 760443

Why so many smokers in France but not Belgium? Belgian cigs are cheaper and more readily available.
It perplexes me to no end.

No. 760445

I think statistically there are more smokers in Belgium? But idk I dont believe that

No. 760448

No idea, I never went to Belgium and don't know the stats for smokers so I can't guess why. A lot of smokers over here start very young and when they try hard to stop smoking when they're young they have a really hard time doing so. In university it was straight up impossible for me to socialize with most people in my class because they'd just hang out outside to smoke and the smell is nauseating.

No. 760563

They tried to warn us, but did we listen?

No. 760571

File: 1615653749805.webm (2.22 MB, 360x360, 1613993426797.webm)

The 'Reject wojacks and embrace troll face' was funny at first, but now that people are unironically embracing troll face it's grating. I have a feeling it's pure nostalgia pushing this movement because legit 80% of the troll face memes were extremely unfunny. Most of the troll face revival memes are shit and reek of 15 year old 'reject degeneracy. Based and red pilled'

No. 760576

anon you’re very late, everyone knew this. meme culture is mostly catered to men and not women, so you’ll see a lot more shitty and unfunny garbage memes

No. 760604

I hate when professors assign projects and make you present it in a video or website format. It just adds so much extra work for no benefit. Especially group video projects.

No. 760619

nta but that anon that said that men are unfunny might be onto something.

No. 760684

People who think that because they're offended about something that it means they're right about it.

No. 760736

I hate how the internet tries to nostalgia-fy everything, even trends that barely just peaked in popularity a year or two years ago. I even frequently see people posting about how much they miss playing Among Us like the game didn't just blow up in October. Like you know the game is still there right…? You can still play it with your friends.

No. 760752

The word "skinnyfat" being over-applied to women to shame them, it definitely is a real thing but women naturally have a bit more fat and gain muscle slower than men. Personally I don't think all of us should have to be muscular to be considered healthy and the alternative is just anachans

No. 760766

How people looking bad or getting fat if they're over 30 is always explained away as "aging" or "their looks fading".
Unless you're heavily pregnant, you have a choice to lose weight, you're just lazy. You don't have to dress frumpy, have bad hair, or anything of the sort but people will really go on and say someone aged badly anyway.
I also hate how getting older is treated as the ultimate gotcha or an insult in response to a woman's argument as if it's a bad thing and not something that literally happens from the moment you're born.

And no, I'm not even close to 30, I'm just tired of people screeching "lololol old" at Lana del Rey. I don't even like her music but jfc let the woman be fat in peace.

No. 760769

That 90-2010's trend were unfunny comedians would play multiple characters in a single movie. Bonus points if they have a cheap fat suit on or do asian/black face.
It's weird how popular the trend was considering how 80% of the movies that did it were box office failures.

No. 760900

This is different but I'm kind of curious as to people's opinion about when David Byrne did that. He interviewed himself in various costumes and one of them was in blackface (also one as a woman). There were no bigoted jokes I think but it's uncomfortable looking back even though I like him… Should I not like him? kek

No. 760907

I mean, it wasn't a good thing to do then and it's not good now but he's also apologized for it. I try not to cape for dumb white men but I fucking love Talking Heads so I might be biased. I find it hard to discuss these things because I don't want to write off things that seem innocuous but really aren't; but at the same time it was almost 40 years ago at this point and is a negative instance in a very long career.

I think it's important to be consciously consume media and recognize when a certain joke or use of a word is bad but also not base the extent of any activism on bitching about irredeemable media. Especially stuff that was made decades ago.

I recently reread Scott Pilgrim and while I had completely forgotten just how much they used 'retard', and recognize that doing that isn't great and shouldn't be continued today, I'm not going to worry about my own moral failings in not speaking up about a comic that was written in 2004 on Twitter.

No. 761025

Hey this was a super informative response. Thanks nonny

No. 761734

File: 1615788031674.jpg (408.32 KB, 1079x1485, 1615777411853.jpg)

I hate bimbofication shit and I hate "aesthetic goals" lists. This shit is so disgusting and pathetic

No. 761846

i detest how it's been made out to be some "feminist" thing, too, when there's absolutely ZERO real feminist rationale in putting this much time + effort into your looks and literally looking like a caricature of a dumb, airheaded sex doll. it matters nothing that these women delude themselves into thinking it's just "for them" or that somehow men will find them LESS desirable for being feminine (??????), because that's a big ass alienated lie. you're not an empowered #girlboss for spending hours and money on make up, nails, fake lashes and trashy clothes that were trashy even in their prime.

god i fucking hate libfems, they're a parody of themselves

No. 761850

Me too, this shit is not "empowering".

No. 761854

File: 1615804266503.jpg (12.67 KB, 480x360, FUCK-YOU.jpg)

I hate whoever is posting that fucking image!!!!!!! Die!!!! Nobody go to /m/ or /meta/, it's all over the place. God damn it how many fucking times is that image going to get sent to my ISP before I stop using this fucking website. God damn ittttttttttt I guess I really have to go back to tumblr, I can't take this shit.

No. 761855

Shut the fuck up, anon, you're just feeding into his need for the AtTensSHuun

No. 761862


>I hate whoever is posting that fucking image!

which one??

No. 761863

The CP, probably

No. 761866

Yeah you're right but fuck it stresses me out. Idgaf about gore but the other thing is too much. I'd delete my sperg but it's not letting me for some reason. Oh well.

No. 761868

No you don't have to delete it but I guess the best we all can do whenever this shit happens is to report it, hide it and not engage because you're basically cheering him on by getting triggered